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The 1926 Jambalaya Board LOUIS B. CLAVERIE Editor-iii-Chlef WALTER W. POIMBOEUF Business Manager-in-Chief FRANCES B. BUSH Newcomb Editor EVELYN CAMPBELL Newcomb Business Manager WEBB W. JORDAN Medical Editor GAYLE SMITH Uptown Business Manager li i -f - JL A JSL — F H !?-r-- ofLCoulsmsia I _ iiJrA IF IT T 4 D M l j n u A v- Ca C3 d: A=J f 1 o zt,cti.P _ THE U:NiyElIiSlTY THE CLASSES TO THE LAOIES ATTHIETIO HUMOJR. ?ii w pgC " ! ' p A 1 B E B 11 CMl01 i TO Alfred ArchikArd LEEFJE imMM JECfimJULY .. I 5— - — TET-lf IF OREWOlPyD TUfc CJaeOrTEST UNWERIITY IN TH£ yov»TH , ilTl i-TED IH TWE- O S T iNTtREJTlKq CITY HA AU€R.IC ,- T«. i HAJAfFORD- eo TWE. BtvCKQ? OOHD FOR THt i int VE.EM -n»E.nTY s» f WEB.E WE KVE t, l t VOR- ED TO pfe.ESE« T A T» vi-Y KfeS ' E«4T6TlV£ AH N V UJ- ArMNVfcL TMAt E-MBODicr tHt SP»R. ' T OF Otfl?. Cfte. lUST ITUTION, THA.T PAI-K WELL THE PiCTUe E OF HE ACMliVEWEl TS ,THtSTUDti BODY f ' i TH-E MY;11M 6CT V iTlEi OF HFEOWTHt,C MPfi pot OUR. D£COfl.ftTlV6 fHEWE i» V( )t T V-t«N t VfE.TTm(; LKMC - M iK.S FflOM T »L OLD Qp FILTER., - -THt,T iCCTIOiH OPJKEwORL.EAJ ir 4-4 UWVEEJIT tr e 4 ' t7 •a " :r ;. -C ,. ■ ' ImjJ1 jL U J l2, w Jt. JL ..6 jl - -Jfe . FWA ai O " H K gEH 5 — ■ ' " IT IT " k 4 jk. Jl A. _ . A -i -J DF7 V-l ; i o, h;! T " IT ' W-v fe $ a a sssi " " 5 k ■ fit r?cx 7. -k. .._6l. faW4 y vj [-Wg) . :_- 4_ -s A - - _4 , MM tr- fi 4 i stft l 5 " " - ; -s -- : — a o Committees of the University Faculty The President of the University is ex-officio member of all committees. Committee on Admission and Advanced Standiyig — Professors Bechtel, Menuet, Anderson, Lyon, Tew, Durel, E. J. Northrup, Bass, Leefe. Committee on Athletics — Professors White, Anderson, Buchanan, W. C. Smith, Elliott. Committee on Bookstore — Professors Anderson, Riedel, Lyon. Committee on CoTnmencement, 1926 — Professors Frotcher, Crozat, Gessner, Max- well, Robert, Eliott, GrifRn, Rogers, Mr. Bruff, Mr. Parker. Committee on Debating — Professors McBryde, Bonnett, Kirk, A. M. Suthon. Committee on Dormitories — Professors Bechtel, Hardesty, Anderson. Cormnittee on Fraternities — Professors White, Moseley, Derickson, Hardesty. Committee on Grounds and Buildings, Tulane Campus — Professors Anderson, Cocks, Roberts, Derickson. Com,mittee on Grounds, Newcomb Campus — Professors Woodward, Butler, and Mr. Paul Andry. Committee on University Library — Professors Cocks, White, Bechtel, McBryde, Kendall, Elliott, Buchanan, Miss Bell. Cominittee on Strident Publications — Professors McBryde, Menuet, Butler, Hardesty. Conmnittee on Tulane Y. M. C. A. — Professors Mahood, Lyon, Hardesty, Bethea, Sellers, Dunlap, Giffin, Latimer. »9 ifl Q_ m MnyG Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, Ph.D., LL.D. President of the Uni ' versity t li a Pierce Butler, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Ncwcotnb College Edward A. Bechtel, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with an enrollment of some 400 Students, a faculty of about 50 members, and twenty-five separate departments, is the largest subdivision of the University. Besides the very wide opportunity for thorough train- ing in the humanities and sciences both for graduate students and undergraduates, it includes studies in chemistry, philosophy and theology. Under the present depart- mental organization of the University, this college provides instruction needed for the students registered in the other colleges of the University in subjects like English, modern languages, chemistry, and mathematics. More than one-half of the total energy devoted to teaching by the staff of the College of Arts and Sciences is spent upon students enrolled in other colleges. 22 a o Douglas Smith Anderson, B.E., M.E. Dean of the College of Engineering The College of Engineering The College of Engineering offers courses of professional training in the funda- mental principles underlying the various branches of Engineering and Architecture. The formulation of these courses is the outgrowth of the best thought of educators and the engineering profession and of our own experience during the last two decades. The technical studies in the College of Engineering are contained in four divisions called schools. The schools are divided into departments. A department includes subjects, or groups of subjects, which are similar in nature. The Schools are: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Architecture. No candidate for a degree is allowed to restrict himself to the narrow training which might be imparted by any one school. Work in the technical departments of one of the above schools is made the backbone or principal part of a four years ' course, and supplemental work is required in other schools in the college. 23 Morton Arnold Aldrich, B.A.. Ph.D. Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration The College of Commerce The purpose of this College has been since its establishment in 1914, to offer sub- stantial professional training preparatory to a business career. The instruction offered is planned for students sufficiently able and mature to do work of university grade, and no student is received unless prepared to do work of this character. It is essential also to the permanent success of the College that its students approach their work in an earnest professional spirit. Students failing to do so may expect to be asked to withdraw. In order to make the courses available for business men and women, classes are also held at night from 8 to 9 :45. These classes meet in the Association of Commerce building, each course being held one night in each week. By thus devoting only one night, a student may take any of the night courses ofifered. 24 Judge Rufus Edward Foster, LL.B. Dean of the College of Law Tne College of Law The Tulane College of Law has been in existence since 1847, when it was known as the Law Department of the University of Louisiana, which subsequently became Tulane University. The purpose of the College of Law is to educate men for successful practice in the courts of Louisiana and in the Federal courts. In all courses special attention is paid to the Louisiana statutes and decisions, but this in no way lessens the value of such courses for students who come from other states. The aim of the College is, through the study and analysis of cases, to develop a legal mind and to ground it in legal princi- ples. To this end the college has selected instructors for their fitness to teach and to train and for their willingness to devote themselves enthusiastically to these objects. The college provides a large and well selected law library by the use of which students become familiar with the extensive sources of the law and learn " how to find the law. " Its courses cover every important topic, and a period of three years ' study of law is required for graduation, enabling the student to become thorough in discipline and knowledge. Beginning with the 1925-1926 session, credits of two years ' study in the College of Arts and Sciences will be required before entering the College of Law. 25 The Graduate School The Graduate School offers to men and women the opportunity of extending and rendering more thorough the scholarship obtained in the undergraduate courses, and of advancing the boundaries of knowledge by specialized work and original research. Properly prepared students who have obtained a baccalaureate degree and who are not candidates for a degree may be admitted, it being understood that the work under- taken by them must be all of a grade higher than that required for the baccalaureate degree. The admission of such students will be upon sanction of the professors under whom they are to study and of the Committee on Graduate Studies. The Graduate work done by this class of special students shall in no case count toward the acquisition of an advanced degree. 26 ' A A Charles Cassidy Bass, M.D. Dean of tlie Scliool of Medicine and Pharmacy Tne College of Medicine Emerson once said, and very truly, " The first wealth is health. " It is more precious to a people than good roads ; the improvements of rivers and harbors ; the enlargement of army or navy ; the extension of commerce ; the fostering of agriculture, or the con- servation of natural resources. Upon good health depends efficiency and happiness. The line between efficiency and inefficiency is drawn upon the ability of the individual to go to work today; that between happiness and unhappiness upon the ability to enjoy the work of today. Health is the great problem of life. In the past health has been dependent largely upon curative medicine. In t he future it will be largely dependent upon preventive medicine. Statistics show that every fifty seconds a life is lost to our country through preventable diseases. Medical science believes that the known preventable diseases con- stitute only a fraction of those that can be prevented. Ever since its establishment in 1834, the Medical College of Tulane University has been doing its utmost to raise a standard of medical education throughout the country. Now, after ninety years of active existence, it has taken its place with the leading medi- cal colleges, not only of the state and country, but of the whole world. 37 Alfred Archinard Leefe, D.D.S. Dean of the School of Dentistry The College of Dentistry The School of Dentistry was organized twenty-six years ago as the New Orleans College of Dentistry, and in October, 1909, became the Dental Department of Tulane University of Louisiana. With this consolidation the equipment was largely added to, increasing materially the facilities for instruction. Additions to the equipment will be made each season as the progress of modern dentistry demands. Beginning with the session of 191 3- 19 14, the title of the Dental Department was changed to the School of Dentistry of the College of Medicine. The school is a member of the American Association of Dental Schools, and is recognized by the National Association of Dental Examiners. Beeginning with the session of 1917-1918, the School of Dentistry has offered a four year course, leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. The School of Dentistry, beginning with the 1925-1926 session, requires a student to have successfully completed one year ' s study in the College of Arts and Sciences before enrolling in the Freshman class, thus making the study of dentistry a five-year course. It is for this reason that no Freshman class was enrolled this year. 28 George Stuart Brown, M.Ph., M.D. C iairman of the Faculty of the School of Pharmacy The School of Pharmacy This school was estabh ' shed in 1838. In 1908, the Pharmaceutical School of the Medical Department became the Department of Pharmacy of the Tidane University of Louisiana, and in 1913, with the reorganization of the divisions of the University related to Medicine, the School of Pharmacy became a part of the reconstituted Col- lege of Medicine. The school holds membership in the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties, organized to promote the interests of pharmaceutical education. 29 a a UPTOWN TULANE FACULTY Morris, Harris, Aikens, Pelz, Griffin, Cunningham, Suthon, Mahood, Kastler, Jovner, Baugh Thompson, Van Kirk, Dean Aldrich, Dean Northrup, Roos, Taeusch, Steinmaver HusTED, Cox, Dalzell, Vallas, Dicks, Naquin, Mall, White Spratling, Elliott, Dean Anderson, Cocks, Dean Bechtel, Creighton, Kendall 30 NEWCOMB FACULTY KoHLMANj Raymond, Fulham, Spen ' cer, Ducros, Burson, Wilkensox, Wyckoff, Hays Ferxa.vdez, Stevens, Winston Field, Allen, Ma y, Tew, Smith, Renshaw, Martin Butler, Roman, Durel, Hawe, Touge, DiMilt, Peckham, Snodgrass Troy, Richardson, Frotscher, Dean Butler, Lyon 3« Officers of Instruction, 1925-26 Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University. Robert Sharp, Ph.D., LL.D., President, Emeritus. Ernest Sidney Lewis, B.Sc, M.D., LL.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emeritus, William Benjamin Smith. Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus. Frederick Wespy, Ph.D., Professor of German, Emeritus. Henry Dickson Bruns, M.D., Professor of Diseases of the Eye, Emeritus. Brandt Van Blarcom Dixon, A.M., LL.D., President of Newcomb College, Emeritus. Abraham Louis Metz, M.Ph., M.D., Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology. Emeritus. George Farrar Patton, M.D., Professor of Practice of Medicine, Emeritus. William Woodward, Professor of Drawing, Emeritus. Henry Sula Cocram, B.S., M.D., Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Emeritus. George Sam Bel, M.D.. Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, and of Clinical Medicine, Emeritus. Filix Alphonse Larue, A.M., M.D., Professor of Operative and Clinical Surgery, Emei-itus. St. Clair Adams, LL.B. Professor of Law. Elizabeth Worthington Aldrich, A.B. Fellow in Chemistry. Morton Arnold Aldrich, Ph.D. Dean of College of Commerce and Busi- ness Administration, and Professor of Economics and Employment Management. Carroll Woolsey Allen, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Surgery. KOTZ Allen, M.D. Associate Professor of Oto-Laryngology. Mary Bernard Allen, Ph.D. Instructor in History. May Alice Allen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Classical Lan- guages. Ernest Emile Allgeyer. M.D. Instructor in Clinical Medicine, and As- sistant in Anesthesia. Henry Bernis Alsobrook,, B.S., M.D. Clinical Assistant in Gynecology. Douglas Smith Anderson, M.A. Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering. William Pifer Angel, A.M. Assistant Professor o Physics. Richard Ashman, Litt.B., M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physiology. George Sherman Avery, Jr. Instructor in Botany. Vincent Axford, B.S. Instructor in Chemistry and Ceramic Chemist. Clara Gregory Baer Professor of Physical Education. Wilmer Baker, M.D. Assistant in Anesthesia. James Monroe Bamber, M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine. Charles Cassedy Bass, M.D., D.Sc. Dean of the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Professor of Experimen- tal Medicine and Director of the Labora- tories of Clinical Medicine. Mary Elizabeth Bass, M.D. Professor of Clinical Laboratory Diag- nosis, and Instructor in the Laboratories of Clinical Medicine. George Clarence Battalora, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children. Henry Bayon, A.M., M.D. Professor of Applied Anatomy. Robert Bernhard, M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, and Instructor in Medicine. Edward Ambrose Bechtel, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of Classical Languages and of Roman Law. Oscar Walter Bethea, Ph.G., M.D. Professor of Clinical Therapeutics. Stephen Mertle Blackshear, M.D. Professor of Clinical Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology. Archie Button Bland, D.D.S. Professor of Operative Dentistry and of Operative Technics. Emile Bloch, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Surgery. Frans Ferdinand Blom, Ph.B., A.M. Associate in Archaeology, Department of Middle American Research. 32 Harold Abel Bloom, B.S, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Medicine, and As- sistant in Medi cine. Clarence Elmore Bonnett, Ph.D. Professor of Economics. Parry Borgstrom, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Industrial Chem- istry. Walter Christian Bosch, B.S. Instructor in Physics. Ralph Walton Bost, A.M. Instructor in Chemistry. Maria Boudreaux, A.M. Substitute Instructor in French. Eleazar Robinson Bowie, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Radiology and As- sistant in Medicine. MuiR Bradburn, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Surgery. William Plummer Bradburn, Jr., B.S,, M.D., F.A.C.S. Instructor in Clinical Surgery. Lawrence Arthur James Brennan, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Surgery. Walter Rogers Brewster, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Surerery, Joseph Eugene Brierre, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Surgery. Camille Peter Brown, M.D. Instructor in Gynecology. Charles Lafayette Brown, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology. Edward Joseph Brown, D.D.S. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry. Frederick Temple Brown, M.D. Instructor in Gynecology. William Prentiss Brown, A.M. Associate Professor of English. Donovan Clarence Browne, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Pathology and Bacteriology, and Clinical Assistant in Gastro-Enter- ology. Herbert Earle Buchanan, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics. Wiley Ross Buffington, M.D. Associate Professor of Ophthalmology. Caroline Maude Burson, A.M. Assistant Professor of Spanish. Hull Wesley Butler, Pharm.B., M.D. Instructor in Medicine and in the Labora- tories of Clinical Medicine. Mary Williams Butler Assistant Professor of Drawing and De- sign. Arthur Anthony Caire, Jr., A.B., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Obstetrics. Philips John Carter, B.S., M.D. Assistant Profesosr of Operative Gyne- cology. Octave Charles Cassegrain, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Minor Surgery. Aldo Castellani, M.D., F.R.C.P. Professor of Tropical Medicine. Frank Leo Cato, Jr., M.D. Medical Officer of the University. Lionel Louis Cazenavette, M.D. Professor of Neurology. Mildred Gayler Christian, A.M. Instructor in English. Cassius Lovelace Clay, B.S. Assistant in Hygiene. Robert Henry Cobb, A.B. Fellow in English. Reginald Somers Cocks, A.M., Ph.G. [Richardson Professor of Botany and Pharmacognosy. Isidore Cohn, B.Sc, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Surgery. John Ashby Colclough, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Medicine. James Clifton Cole, A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Laboratory Diag- nosis, and Instructor in Medicine. Irene Farnham Conrad, A.M. Assistant Professor of Sociology. Robert Adwood Corbin, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Oto-Laryngology. Ralph Connor Corley, M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Bio-Chemistry. Maurice John Couret, A.M., M.D. Assistant Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. Albert Brooks Cox, A.B., J.D. Professor of Law and Acting Secretary of the College of Law. Rena Crawford, A.M., M.D. Assistant in Pediatrics. Alexander Ramsay Crebbin, M.D., F.A.C.S. Instructor in Ophthalmology. John Thomson Crebbin, M.D. Professor of Clinical Oto-Laryngology. William Henry Creighton, U.S.N. Professor of Mechanical Engineering. George Bernard Crozat, D.D.S. Professor of Orthodontia. Harold Cummins, A.B., Ph.D. Assistant ProfeBsor of Gross Anatomy, 33 William Campbell Dalzell, A.B., J,D. Professor of Law. The Thomas E. Pickles Professorship. John Dane Lecturer in charge of instruction in In- vestments. Henry Daspit, M.D. Professor of Neurology and of Psy- chiatry. Emile Arthur Davison, D.D.S. Assistant in Clinical Dentistry. Laurence Richard DeBuys, B.S., M.D. Professor of Pediatrics. SiMONE DE la SOUCHERE DeLERY, B.L. Instructor in French. Willey Denis. Ph.D. Professor of Bio-Chemistry. Donald Derickson, C.E. Professor of Civil Engineering. Walttcr Clarence DeRouen, D.D.S. instructor in Clinical Dentistry and in Radiology. John Alexander Devron, A.M., M.D. Assistant in Clinical Dermatology. Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, Ph.D., LL.D. Professor of Mathematics. William McMaster Dixon, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Technics. Oscar Dowling, M.D. Professor of Public Health. Louis Joseph Dubos, Jr., A.B., M.D. Instructor in Medicine. Edward Bernard Ducasse, D.D.S. Professor of Crown and Bridge Work and Ceramics. Charles Edward Dunbar, Jr., A.B., ll.b. Professor of Law. Arnott Kell Duncan, M.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Surgrery. Archibald Lee Dunlap, B.S. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering:. Lionel Charles Durel, A.M. Associate Professor of French. Wallace Joseph Eugene Durel, M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine. Charles Warren Duval, A.M., M.D. Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. Daniel Stanley Elliott, Ph.D. Professor of Physics. Charles Levbrich Eshleman, A.B. M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine. Erasmus Darwin Fenner, A.B., M.D., P.A.C.S. Professor of Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children. Frederick Leonard Fenno, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Neurology. Felipe Fernandez, A.B. Instructor in Spanish. Manuel Fernandez Instructor in Commercial Spanish. Giuseppe Ferrata, Mus.Doc. Professor of Piano and Composition. William Adrian Feuillan Lecturer in charge of instruction in Business Correspondence. James Owen Foley, Ph.D. Instructor in Anatomy. Eugene Louis Fortier, D.D.S. Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. RuFUS Edward Foster, LL.B. Detm of the College of Law, and Professor of Law. Frederick Hewitt Fox, B.E. Associate Professor of Civil Engineering. Louis Theodore Frantz, E.E. Instructor in Electrical Engineering, Night Classes. Andrew Vallois Friedrichs, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Pathology. Lydia Elizabeth Frotscher, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English. Idys Mims Gage, M.D. Instructor in Surgery. Frank Gallo, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Surgery. Walter Peters Gardiner, B.S.. M.D. Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics. William Gates, A.B. Director of the Department of Middle American Research. Simon Geismar, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Surgery. Maurice Joseph Gelpi, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery. Hermann Bertram Gessner, A.M., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Surgery. Cyril Guy Giffin, M.B.A. Associate Professor of Banking and Business Finance. Upton Wright Giles, B.S., A.B., M.D. Assistant Profsesor of Metabolism and Dietetics, and Assistant in Medicine. Euclid Borland Gill, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Pediatrics. 34 Walter Louis Golstein, A.B. Instructor in JIarmony and Piano. JuANiTA Louisa Gonzalez, B.Des. Assistant in Design Class. Samuex Davis Gore, D.D.S. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry and Orthodontia. Harley Nathan Gould, Ph.D. Professor of Biolotry. John Daniel Grace Professor of Law. Peter Graffagnino, M.D. Assistant Professor in Clinical Gynecology. Carl Ellis Granberry, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Oto-Laryneolocy. Amedee Granger, M.D., F.A.C.R. Professor of Radiology. George Bass Grant, M.D. Clinical Assistant in Surgery. William Benjamin Gregory, M.M.E. Professor of Experimental Engineering and Hydraulics. Benjamin Harris Gunter, D.D.S. Instructor in Clinical Dentistry, Oral Hygiene and Prophylaxic. James Birney Guthrie, B.Sc, M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine. Hazel Roberta Hafkesbring, M.S. Instructor in Physiology. John Taylor Halsey, M.D. Professor of Materia Medica, Pharma- .::clogy, and Therapeuticr.. Irving Hardsty, Ph.D., D.Sc. Professor of Anatomy. George Leon Hardin, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Clinical Ophthalmology. Lester Hargett, A.B. Instructor in Latin and English. William Herbert Harris, A.B., M.D. . Professor of Pathology. Esther Finlay Harvey, A.B. Instructor in Library Work. Edward Sparhaw k Hatch, M.D. F.A.C.S. Associate Professor of Orthopedics. Edward Sturtevant Hathaway, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Zooloffy. Francis Chavigny Hava, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Surgery. Walter Chavigny Hava, D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Dental Surgery. Marjorie Hay, B.Des. Instructor in Physical Training. Aynaud Foster Herbert, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics. Ben Rufus Heninger, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Medicine. Adolph deCampus Henbiques, M.D. Assistant Professor of Radiology. George Rudolph Hermann, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine. Rodger James Blanchard Hiebard, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Pathology and Bacteriology. Abraham Adler Hirsch, B.E. Graduate Assistlnt in Chemistry. Sam Hobson, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Medicine and in Physical Diagnosis. Earl Aden Hogan, M.D. Assistant Professor of Medical Aspects of Life Insurance. Charles Shute Holbrook, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor in Clinical Psy- chiatry. Albert Elliot Holleman, B.B.A. Assistant Athletic Director. Ralph Hopkins. A.B., M.D. Associate Professor of Dermatology. Roy Edward de la Houssaye, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. Anna Mayme Howe, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Park Howell, M.D., Assistant Professor of Ophthalmol ogy. John Davis Humber, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Anatomy. John Raymond Hume, M.D. Assistant Professor of Oto-Laryngology. Joseph Hume, Ph.B., M.D. F.A.C.S. Professor of Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases. Herman Fair Hustedt Instructor in Mechanic Arts. Raoul Stanislaus Hymel, D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry. Emmett Lee Irwin, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Surgery. John Joseph Irwin, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology. Stanford Chaille Jamison, M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Clotilde Clemence Jauquet, M.Ph. M.D. Instructor in Ophthalmology. Foster Matthew Johns, M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine Laboratories of Clinical Medicine. Hamilton Polk Jones, M.D. in the Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine. 35 Pierre Jorda Kahle, B.S.. M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Urology. Arthur Ordway Kastler, B.E., M.S. Instructor in Bio-Chemistry. Harold, Leslie Kearney, A.M., M.D. Instructor in Oto-Laryngology. John Smith Kendall, A.M. Associate Professor of Spanish. Francis James Kinberger, M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics. Alfred Clinton King, M.D. Professor of Clinical Surgery. Edward Lacy King, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Obstetrics. Max Oscar King, B.S. Instructor in Biology. Richard Ray Kirk, A.M. Associate Professor of Englisli. Wilkes Adams Knolle, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Surgery. Hiram Watkins Kostmayer, A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and of Clinical Gynecology. Paul George Lacroix, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Charge of the Laboratory of Minor Surgery and Clinical Assistant in Surgery. Oliver LaFarge, IL, A.B. Assistant in Ethnology in Department of Middle American Research. Rene Lamar, A.M. Agrege de I ' Universite, (Sorbonne). Professor of French. Clara Lewis Landry, A.B. Instructor in French. Jerome Emanuel Landry, M.D. Assistant Professor of Operative Surgery. Lucian Hypolite Landry, M.D., F.A.C.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical and Opera- tive Surgery, in Charge of the Miles Laboratory of Operative Surgery. John Alexander Lanford, Ph.G., M.D. Assistant Professor of Surgical Pathology and Bacteriology. Bertha Allen Latane, A.M. Instructor in History and Government. Claiborne Green Latimer, B.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. John Phillips Leake, M.D. Associate Professor of Oto-Laryngology. Dagmar Renshaw LeBreton, B.Des., A.M. Instructor in French. Alfred Archinard Leefe, D.D.S. Dean of the School of Dentistry, and Pro- fessor of Dental Pathology and Thera- peutics. Francis Ernest LeJeune, A.M., M.D. Assistant Professor of Oto-Laryngology. Isaac Ivan Lemann, A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine. MoNTE Mordecai Lemann, A.B., LL.B. Professor of Law. Abraham Louis Levin, M.D. Assistant Professor of Gastro-Enterology. Walter Edmond Levy, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics. James Leon Lewis, M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine. RoYALL Thomas Liles, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Medicine. Henry John Lindner, M.D. Assistant Professor of Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases. Maud Loeber, A.M., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics. George King Logan, B.Sc, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children. Dewey Maurice Long, D.D.S. Assistant in Operative Technics. Louis Vyasa James Lopez, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Psychiatry. Frank Leo Loria, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Clinical Surgery. William Alvin Love, A.B., M.Ph., M.D. Instructor in Medicine. Robert Clyde Lynch, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Oto-Laryngology. James Adair Lyon, A.M., D.Sc. Professor of Physics and Chairman of Committee on Courses for Teachers (Extension). Marcy Joseph Lyons, M.D. Clinical Assistant in Gynecology. Randolph Lyons, A.B.. M.D. Professor of the Practice of Medicine. Shirley Carlton Lyons, M.D. Assistant in Anatomy, and Clinical As- sistant in Operative Surgery. Edward Phillip McCormac, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases. John MacLaren McBryde, Ph.D., Litt.D. Dean of the Graduate Department, and Professor of English. RobeiR Philip McCutcheon, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of English. 36 Henry Austin Macheca, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Gynecology. Urban Maes, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Surgery. Henry Cone Magee, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Medicine. Samuel Arthur Mahood, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry. Roger John Mailhes, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Geni to-Urinary and Venereal Diseases. Anna Estelle Many, A.M. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Sumter Davis Marks, Jr., A.B., LL.B. Lecturer on Insurance and Conflict of Laws, and on Contracts and Specifica- tions. Clara del Valle del Marmol Instructor in Voice. Robert Harden Marr, A.M., LL.B. Porfessor of Law. Edmund Denegre Martin, M.D., F.A.C.S. Dean of the Graduate School of Medicine, and Professor of General Surgery. Joseph Denegre Martin, M.D. Instructor in Oto-Laryngology. Meilvin Albert Martin, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology. Rudolph Matas, M.D., LL.D., D.Sc, F.A.C.S. Professor of General and Clinical Surffery. Catherine Mathews, A.M. Assistant Professor of Sociology. Marie Byrd De:es Mattingly, A.B., B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Anatomy. Leon Ryder Maxwell, A.M. Director of the School of Music, and Professor of Voice and Composition. Thomas Andrew Maxwell, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Dermatology. George Alfred Mayer, M.D., F.A.C.S. Instructor in Clinical Obstetrics. Henry Edward Menage, M.Ph., M.D. Professor of Dermatology. Anthony Manuel Menendez, M.D. Assistant in Medicine. Robert Leonval Menuet, B.E. Associate Professor of Mathematics. Leon John Menville, M.D. Instructor in Medicine and in Radiology. Fred Ivan Meyers Lecturer in charge of Instruction in Advertising. Charles Midlo, Assistant in Anatomy. Charles Jefferson Miller, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Gynecology and of Obstetrics. Hillard Eve Miller, M.D., F.A.C.S. Assistant Professor of Gynecology. Clara Marie deMilt, M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry. ViviA Bernard deMilt, A.B. Acting Instructor in Chemistry. Anees Mogaegab, M.D. Clinical Assistant in Metabolism and Dietetics. Edgar Molitar, Lecturer in charge of instruction in Foreign Trade and Exchange. Bessie Moline Monroe, A.B. Fellow in Classical Languages. Rose C. LeDieu Mooney, A.B. Instructor in Physics. Hal Walters Moseley, M.Sc, M.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry. Edmund Moss, M.D. Associate Professor of Pediatrics, and Medical Officer of Newcomb College. Andre Dominique Mouledous, Ph.G., M.D. Assistant in Clinical Surgery. John Herr Musser, M.D. Professor of Medicine. Jacob Warren Newman, Ph.D., M.D.. F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Obstetrics. Ellis Leo Noble, A.M., M.D. Instructor in Physiology. Stuart Grayson Noble, Ph.D. Professor of Education. John Tolson O ' Ferrall, M.D. Assistant Professor of Orthopedics. James Phares O ' Kelley, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology. Hilaire du Bertrand Ogden, Jr., M.D. Instructor in Urology. John Frederick Oechsner, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children. Walter Joseph Otis, M.D. Assistant Professor of Neurology. Dominick Andrew Palmisano, M.D. Assistant in Medicine. 37 Russell Clarke Pigford, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Medicine and in the Labora- torie-; of Clinical Medicine. Albert Baldwin Pitkin, M.D. Assistant in the Laboratory of Minor Surgery. James Ernest Pollock, M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics. Nathan Hirsch Polmer, B.S., M.D. Clinical Assistant in Medicine. Elizabeth Lane Porter, A.M. Acting Instructor in Sociology. Robert Hollingsworth Potts, M.D. Instructor in Pharmacology, Materia Medica, and Clinical Therapeutics. John Galbraith Pratt, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases. Frank Williams Prescott, A.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History and Politi- cal Science. William Allen Prout, Ph.C, B.S. Assistant Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacology. Percy Lennard Querenes, M.D. Instructor in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Jules Brunet Rateau, Ph.G., M.D. Clinical Assistant in Surgery. Ruth Harvey Reboul, A.B. Instructor in French. Francis Santry Reed, A.B., M.B.A. Associate Professor of Marketing. William Arthur Reed, M.D. Instructor in Urology. Gladys Anne Renshaw, A.M. Instructor in Fl-ench and Spanish. George Joseph deReyna, Jr., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics. Benjamin Johnson Chapman Reynolds B.S. Instructor in Materia Medica and Pharmacology. Gerald Lee Rhodes, B.E. Graduate Assistant in Electrical Engi- neering. Eda Flotte-Ricau Instructor in Pianoforte. Carolina Francis Richardson, A.M. Assistant Professor of English. Lucy Richardson Instructor in Physical Training. Ernest Henry Riedel, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Classical Lan- guages. James Davidson Rives, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Surgery and Assistant in the Miles Laboratory of Operative Sur- gery. Amelie Roman Assistant Professor of Drawing and Design. Jonas William Rosenthal, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Clinical Ophthalmology. Joseph Numa Roussel, M.D. Associate Professor of Dermatology. Ralph L. Roys, Ph.B. Associate in Maya Language in Depart- ment of Middle American Research. Rene Salomon Instructor in Violin. Ernest Charles Samuel, M.D. Associate Professor of Radiology, and Instructor in Medicine. George Edmond Schneider Lecturer in charge of Instruction in Office and Business Management. Ralph Jacob Schwartz, A.M., LL.B. Professor of Commercial Law. Henry Bell Scott, B.S. Instructor in Chemistry. Leonard Case Scott, Ph.D., M.D. Instructor in the Laboratories of Hygiene and Public Health. William Henry Seeman, A.M., Ph.M., M.D. Professor of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Thomas Benton Sellers, Ph.G., M.D., F.A.C.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Gyne- cology. Robert Douglass Seward, A.M. Instructor in French and Spanish. Clark Daniel Shaughnessy, A.B. Professor of Athletic Training. Mary Given Sheerer Assistant Director of tlie Pottery, and Professor of Pottery and China Decora- tion. Daniel Nathan Silverman, M.D. Assistant Professor of Gastro-Enterology, and Instructor in Medicine. Henry Theodore Simon, M.D. Assistant Professor of Orthopedics. John Felicien Simon, M.Pharm., Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacy. Sidney Kohn Simon, A.B., M.D. Professor of Gastro-Enterology, and As- sistant Proessor of Clinical Medicine. Claude Simons Physical Instructor and Trainer. Harry Vernon Sims, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Gynecology. Samuel Maitland Smallpage, B.S. In Commerce, Associate Professor of Business Management. 38 Irene Dixon Smith, A.B. Assistant in Enelish. James Lennard Smith, M.D. Assistant in Pathology and Bacteriology. John Holmes Smith, Jr., M.D. Instructor in Medicine and in Gastro- Enterologit. Victor Conway Smith, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical OphthaImoloj, y. Wilbur Cleveland Smith, A.B., M.D. Professor of Gross Anatomy, and Direc- tor of Athletics. John Smyth, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Surgery. Edwin Aughst Socola, M.D. Assistant in Pediatrics. Marion Sims Souchon, M.D., F.A.C.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery. Adelin Elam Spencer, A.M., M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Geology. Lewis Cass Spencer, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Orhtopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children. Mary Cass Spencer, M.S. Professor of Mathematics. William Philip Spratling Instructor in Architecture. Roland Carl Francis Steib, D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry. Reinhard August Steinmayer, B.S. Assistant Profe ' ssor of Geology, and Curator of the Tulane Museum. Winafrid Arthur-Stephens, A.B. Instructor in Solfeggio and Public School Music. Will Henry Stevens Instructor in Art. Imogens Stone, A.M. Professor of English Literature, Jacob Ambrose Storck, M.Ph.. M.D. Professor of Gastro-Enterology. Dagny Sunne, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology. Archibald Magill Suthon, A.B., LL.B. Assistant Professor of Business English. Walter Joseph Suthon, Jr., LL.B. Professor of Civil Law. Paul Tilman Talbot, M.D. Instructor in Gynecology. Marten tenHoor, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy. Susan Dinsmore Tew, Ph.D. Professor of Classical Languages. Delvaille Henry Theard, A.B., LL.B. Professor of Law. Mildred Tonge, A.M. Instructor in English. Lota Lee Troy, B.S. Assistant Professor of Art. Talbot Austin Tumbleson, M.D. Assistant in Medicine and in Physiology. Roy Hope Turner, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Medicine. Curtis Hartman Tyrone, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Obstetrics. Charles Virginius Unsworth, M.D. Assistant in Clinical Psychiatry. George Hampden Upton, M.D. Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology. Miner Howard Vallas, B.E. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engi- neering. Jay Calvin Van Kirk, B.S., M.B.A. Associate Professor of Accounting. Martin Thomas Van Studdiford, B.S., A.B., M.D. Instructor in Clinical Dermatology. Paul Percy Viosca, Jr., M.S. Assistant in Hygiene. Rene Adams Viosca, A.B., LL.B. Professor of Civil Law. William Alfred Wagner, M.D. Instructor in Oto-Laryngology. Stuart Allen Wallace, M.D. Instructor in Pathology and Bacteriology. Charles Arthur Wallbillich, M.D. Professor of Clinical Gynecology. Edward Henry Walsdorf Professor of Administrative Pharmacy. Arthur Irving Weil, M.D. Associate Professor of Oto-Laryngoloey. Maude Virginia Westbrook Instructor in Voice William Weeks Westerfield, LL.B. Professor of Louisiana Practice. Melvin Johnson White. Ph.D. Professor of History. Alice Wieddell Wilkinson Instructor in Piano. Charles Samuel Williamson, Jr., M.S. Professor of Industrial Chemistry. Gladys Richarda Williamson, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. Instructor in Pediatrics. Thomas Joseph Wingrave, D.D.S. Assistant in Clinical Dentistry. James Edward Winston, Ph.D. Professor of History. Justin Volmer Wolff, A.B., LL.B. Lecture on Contracts. 39 The University Council The University Council consists of the President of the University, as chairman, the Deans of the several schools or colleges who are members ex-ofScio, and one mem- ber elected by the Faculty of each of the schools or colleges from its own number to serve for two years, and two members of the Alumni Advisory Committee. The Council considers all scholastic questions relating to university administration or policy which in its opinion are of general university concern, and has jurisdiction to decide all such questions. Matters of dissent by any faculty from action by the Council are referred to the Board of Administrators for decision. Members of the University Council for 1925-1926: President Dinwiddie; President Sharp, Emeritus; Deans Aldrich, Anderson, Bass, Bechtel, Butler, Foster, Leefe, McBryde, E. D. Martin, and Professors Bland, Duval, Frotscher, Hardesty, Lyon, R. Lyons, Moseley, Thompson, VanKirk, and Miss Carmelite Janvier and Mr. Gustaf R. Westfelt, of the Alumni Advisory Committee. The Tulane Student Council Virgil A. A. Robinson, President Dentistry WiLMER H. Rogers, Vice-President Arts and Sciences George Walne, Secretary Commerce Wallace Hay Engineering Benjamin Horace Talbot Law John Lansing Beven Medicine D. J. Norman Pharmacy Ethel Bauer Newcomh 40 a %., Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Aaron, Mary Ellen, B.Des Natchitoches, La. Alpha Delta Pi. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 4); Dormitory Council (4); Y. W. C. A. (3). Small but gracious. One remembers Ellen for the charming hostess she makes as well as for a vivacious laugh. Alderson, Mary Elizabeth, B.A Houston, Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma. Glee Club (3, 4) : Y. W. C. A. (4). " Mary Lib " has not been with us but two years, but it has been long enough to make us apperciate a " real friend. " Aronson, Margaret, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi. Margaret is a quiet little person. Perhaps it is because her best friend is such a chatter-box. At any rate, she has the gift of being a good listener. Bass, Corinne B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Pd Beta Phi. Corinne lives just across the way from school, but she strolls into clats ten minutes late with an assurance that checks any professor ' s rebuke. 45 Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Bauer, Ethel Chamberlain, B.A. . New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Sigma Sigma. student Body Secretary (3); Student Body President (4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Dra- matic Club (2, 3, 4); Class Vice-President (2, 3): Varsity Debate (2, 3); Carnot De- bate (2, 3, 4): Arcade Board (2); Class Baseball (2, 3): Captain (3). There were many talents griven to Ethel by the Kood fairies ; she can dance and she can sinj? — why she can do most anything: for instance, be a most efficient student jody president. Bayle, Evelyn, B.A , New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. Glee Club (1) ; French Circle ( 1, 3, 4 ) ; N. A. A. (1. 2) ; Hockey Captain (1) ; Newcomb Basketball Captain (3); Spanish Chib (1, 2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (b). Evelyn has a fast, Frenchy way of talking that is charming. Bechtel, Ortoll Josephine, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Science Club (1, 2). Ortell is a quiet little person, but there is a twinkle in ncr eye that says a lot. Behrend, Elsa Louise, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Science Club (1. 2). Elsa is a learned lady — she seems made for a cap and gown. 46 Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Bisso, AuRELiA Mary, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana :Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3): Nowcomb Basketball Team (1, 2); Spalding Basketball Team (1, 2); Hockey Team CD: Baseball Team (1, 2, 3). Aside from beins an excellent athlete and a jolly p.ood friend to all Aurelia plays the piano as no one else can. Bleakley, Eveline Marie, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) French Circle (1, 2): Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Secretary-Treasurer of Glee Club (3). Eveline always looks interested in her classes, but then she has the faculty of being interested in almost anything. Burns, ] Iabel Logan, B.A Bogalusa, Louisiana Miss Burns has a serious air, but those who know Mabel well love her well. too. Burton, Edith, B.Mus Sulphur, Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi. President Music School (4): Glee Club (1, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 3, 4). Such a pretty and gifted blonde shouid be a success on any concert stage. Bush, Frances Buckner, B.A Franklin, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma. Class Secretary (2); Sub-Editor of Arcade (2): Y. W. C. A. (3): French Circle (3); Sub-Editor of Jambalaya (3): College Editor of Arcade (4); Newcomb Editor of Jambalaya. The girl who is always in a desperate hurry. We wonder what so much rushing around can lead to. Byrne, Helen Alice, B.Des New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi. (Not in panel) French Circle (1); Dramatic Club (4); Student Council (4): Holly Prize (3). Helen is one of those exclusive " senior artists, " but if we could do the work that she does we would act the same way. +7 Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Campbell, Natoma, B.A Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu. Y. W. C. A. Council (1, 2); Arcade Board (4); Glee Club (4); Newcomb Dramatic Club (3, 4) : Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). Natoma has much temperament, but, like her hair, is of the most attractive kind. Campbell, Evelyn, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Sigma Sigma. Manager of Jambalaya (4): Student Council Rep. (3, 4): Business Manager Clee Club (4); Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Evelyn has been an awfully good manager of various organizations for four years. Now there are rumors of a diamond ring. We wonder if she will keep on managing. Carbine, Catherine Teresa, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Catherine writes lovely verse. We expect much of her in the future. Chalaron, Odette Marie, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Odette is the light weight champion of many sports — yes, exceedingly light weight. Cherbonnier, Claire Therese, B.A Gretna, Louisiana (Not in panel) Claire has brains as well as beauty. Philosophy seems to be her forte. We wonder if she will ever teach it. Cier, Elise Jeanne, B.A Welsh, Louisiana We have always thought Elsie very lovely to look at. Cohen, Estelle (Not in panel) Estelle is a newcomer. We are very glad that she came. 48 m Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE CoRNELSON, Rose Bailey, B.A Ne Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. There are few people in this world so sweet, so pretty and so full of charm. DoRM.- N, Justine D.a lton, B.Mus Bastrop, Louisiana Glee Club (4): Y. W. C. A. (4); N. A. A. (2). Justine is a talented person. You know it as soon as you look at her. DucROS, Marcel Theodore, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) We all like Marcel in spite of the fact that she must have a " pull " in the library. Early, Bernard Peyton, B.A Esmond, Louisiana Chi Omega. (Not in panel) Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); French Circle (4). You could always tell Bernard ' s birthplace by the way she pronounces certain words. She comes " about of old Virginia. " Elliott, Sarah Rice, B.A , . . New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. Secretary Y. W. C. A. (4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3): Arcade Board (4). We always thought of Sadie as a " darling little gtirl, " but when she bobbed her hair we wanted to put her in rompers. Fenner, Virginia, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. (Not in panel) Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Cabinet (3, 4); Vice-President of Y. W. C. A. (4). Virginia is an authority on chemistry, or, if it is not chemistry, it is some other science. Some one said she might go on with her work at Tulane. We name her one of our brightest stars. Fentress, j L ry Martin, B.A Memphis, Tennessee Alpha Sigma Sigma; Kappa Kappa Gamma President of Club Dormitory (4) ; Dormitory Council (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Business Manager (3); Vice-President (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (4); Student Body Efecording Secretary (4); Spalding Basketiball (2); Baseball (2); Hockey (1, 2). Mary Martin, our nominee for the best " ail round girl on the campus. " 49 a a Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Feilschmidt, Louise, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Sigma Sigma. Class Vice-President (1): Class Treasurer (2); N. A. A. Treasurer (2); Finance Committee (1, 2. 3); Athletic Council (3, 4); Student Body President (4): Dormitory Second Vice-President (4); Dormitory Council (2. 3, 4). Louise may be called one of the Big Four of the Class of 1926. We change our kinds frequently as to the other three, but we are always positive about Louise. Ford, Beatrice Weldon, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma. Varsity Debating Team (1): Hockey (1): Secretary of Debating Club (1): Class Cheer Leader (2); Dra;matic Club (2, 3). Bea is loved for having made many a stupid hour amusing by a single remark. GnssNER, Barbara, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta. Volley Ball (4) ; Class Treasurer (4). Barbara always fitted into our pigeon-holeB labeled " nice " and " natural. " GoDCHAUX, Adele, B.Des New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Art Editor of Arcade (4). The ' genius " of the Art School — What a responsibility, but Adele lives up to it. Goodman, Jeanne, B.A , New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi. (Not in panel) French Oircle (1, 2, 3, 4): Chairman of Assemblies (4). Jeanne is a book-worm and there is very little that she can ' t tell you about books. GooD " wiLL, Dorothy Dillon B.A Minden, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); House Council (4); Chairman of Chnpel Committee. Dot has been the first girl in chapel all year, and she is always pretty and bright, even in the early morning. 50 ' A A Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Graner, Rose Rainold, B.Des New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2):Tulane Players (3). Petite and pretty, sometime ago a teacher called her " a ray of sunshine, " and the tlitle has stuck. Handlin, Azelie Mader, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Y. W. C. A. (4); Newcomb Dramatic Club (4). Azelie will always be an interesting person because she has such a variety of interests. Hardesty, Mary, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi. Y. W. C. A, (1, 2, 3, 4); Secretary Y. W. C. A. (3): President Y. V . C. A. (4); Assistant Editor of Jambalaya (3); Sub-Editor of Arcade (2); French Circle (1 2 3, 4) ; Science Club (1, 2) : L,ltin Club (1, 2) : N. A. A. (1, 2). Mary is probably the most respected girl at Newcomb — could there be higher praise? Hayward, Mary Sedley, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. Debating Glut (1, 2, 3, 4): Class Secretary (1); Class Treasurer (2): Fijiance Com- mittee (3). Sedley is one of our beauties, and we admire especially the natural way she wears all of her graces. Hefting, Mildred Ursul.a, B.A McDonoghville, Louisiana (Not in panel) It is hard to tell Mildred from the class mascot, she is such a pretty little hlonde. Hoefeld, Aline Maud, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Glee Club (4); Dramatic Club (4): Apes. Aline is a good student — we wonder if she plans to be a teacher? She will be good at that, too. SI ' A A Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Holder, Margaret Brown, B.A Bagdad, Florida Kappa Kappa Gamma. A cheerful little " bit " with full intention cf y:ettiny an M.A. We think that she should fut away her books for a little while — she can be a playful child but once. Hyman, Anna Evelyn, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi. French Circle (2, 3, 4); Debating Club (4). One can usually find Anna in the psychology library — it seems to bo her hobby. IvEY, Marie Emma, B.A Ruston, Louisiana (Not in panel) Dramatic Club (1); Debating Club (2, 3). Marie ought to be another MfUlburn sister — she is always with them. She would have to change her yellow hair though, and we could not let her do that. KfcMP, RosELYN Abrams, B.Mus Hazlehurst, Mississippi (Not in panel) IRoselyn always has an armful of music, and it is a treat to hear her perform. Land, Mary Elizabeth, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana EJizabeth has so many accomplishments that it is hard to prophecy for her, but we should like to name her a writer of best sellers. Lester, Fane, B.Des New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Fajne is thd artist in speech, dress and personality as well as in her work. She should Kvo in Greenwich Village or in Le Vieux Carre. Lewis, Lydia Fenton, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Lydia is an ideal senior— calm, quiet, .serene. 52 p n O ' l lJ " ' % } p V 1? p o D O V Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Lota, Angelena Lucy, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Winning: medals and prizes for mathematics is mere play for Angeleua. We prophesy great things for her. Madison, Gertrude Nell, B.Mus Bastrop, Louisiana Glee Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (4). Gertrude is well-known for her gracious and cordial manner. Maestri, Lucille, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Sigma Sigma. I,e Blanc Medal: Class Secretary (3, 4): Debating Club (1. 2, 3, 4): President (4); Athletic; Council (4): French Circle (1. 2, 3. 4); Chairman of Debate (4): Dramatic Club (4) : Executive (4). Lucille will not leave us this year. So fond is she of her studies in French that she plans to get an M.A. To hear her " parlez-vous, " one would think she knew it all already. Maloney, Margaret Delap, B.Des New Orleans, Louisiana Jambalaya Rep. (1): Y. W. C. A. (1): Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Margaret has decided that art is all light, but that married life is better than a career. Talent, like charity, can be used at home. Mars, Anita Louise, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Theta Alpha Phi. Dramatic Club Secretary (3); President (4): Debating Council (1, 2): Executive Com- mittee (4); French Circle (4): Debating Club (1, 2). Anita is a good actress and she has other more academic accomplishments. 53 t: : £ -_-.■... . . -a- Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Mayer, Rebecca Frank, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi. French Circle (1, 2, 3. 4); Debating (1, 2, 3, 4). " Frankie " is another " engaged " senior. At :chooI she has always had a wealth of friendr.. Mayfield, Marie Marcia, B.Des New Orlenas, Louisiana (Not in panel) Maroia is so quiet that one has to ask others of all of her accomplishments. McEnery, Margurite Dow New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Margurite makes the word " sweet " sound new again. McLellan, Helen De Grange, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Chi Omega; Alpha Sigma Sigma. French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Drrjmatic Club (1, 2, 3. 4): Class Vice- President (4); Extension Committee (2, 3); Executive Committee (3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2, 3, 4); President (3); Debating Council (4); Literary Eddtor Arcade (4). Helen is always one step ahead of everyone in any sort of mental contest. Meyers, Lillian L., B.Des New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Lillian is a very excellent " Newcombite. " Miceli, Josephine, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana " Jo " speaks many languages and can act the charming heroine with any one. Milburn, Elise Nannie, B.A Barbreck, Louisiana (Not in panel) Debating ' Club (2, 3); French Circle (1, 2): Latin Club (1). The two Miillburns are lovely brunettes; therefore, Elise is very pretty. Milburn, Muriel Olive, B.A Barbreck, Louisiana (Not in panel) French Circle (1, 2); Debating Club (2, 3); Latin Club (1). We think Muriel is the one with bobbed hair, but these nice sisters are hard to tell apart. Miller, Treeby Elise, B.A Minden, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma. Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4) ; House Council (3, 4) : First Vice-President Dormitory (4). Always with a cheery greeting — always with a smile. Treeby is a friend to everyone. 54 Q Q %M| Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE MiLNER, Ula, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. (Not in panel) A " B.Des. " was not enoiig:h for Ula. She wants to tack a " B.A. ' to her name too. Montgomery, Alice Spencer, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Latin Club (1) ; Y. W. 0. A. (1, 2. 3, 4) : Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Hockey (2, 3) It always seems contradictory for small blondes to be so good in sports. Myers, Evelyn Sophie, B.A Vicksburg, Mississippi (Not in panel) Evelyn has so much dignity and voisc t!iat we like to point her out as one of us. P.atterson, Innis, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Debating Council (1): Arcade (2, 3, 4); Literary Editor (2); Editor-in-Chief (4). If underclassmen think Innis awe inspiring it is ' only because they have never heard her fascinate a group of conversationalists. PiCKARD, Mildred Mignonne, B.A Carabelle, Florida (Not in panel) Mildred is grace itself, .nnd she is very sweet in her willingness to dance. PoLACH, Helen, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi. Class Vice-President (4); French Circle (1, 2, 3. 4). Helen is a belle as well as a good student. Her greatest charm lies in a lovely voice. Quarles, Elizabeth Cleveland, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Omicron Pi. French Circle (3, 4): Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (2. 3. 4). Betty is one of the moi=t popular girls at school. 55 a a Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Raymond Elizabeth Balfour, B.Des. . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma. New Orleans, Louisiana Art School President (4): Mandolin-Guitar Club (2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2); Student Council (3): Dormitory Council (3). Betty is of the Dresden China type — dainty and charming. Richards, Gertrude, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Gertrude knows so much about the library that she makes a " simple book-searching senior " feel very small. Richards, Louise Ray, B.A Shreveport, Louisiana Phi Mu. Y. W. C. a. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4): N. A. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1); Volley Ball (3); Hockey Captain (3): Debating Club (3); House Council (4); Cheer Leader (4). Though we often feared that the wind would blow her away, Louise made a wonderful cheer leader. Her school spirit is of the sincerest kind. Robin, Corinne Marie, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gamma. Newcomb Ball Caplaim (1); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3, 4). " Co " has done a lot in four years; besides a " B.A. " she can list a trip to Europe and a debut. The latest news is of a diamond ring. 56 ' mm . ' O ' A A 3 a Alt Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE RouRKE, Margaret Alice, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Dramatic Club (-1): Debating Club (4). Dramatics and debating are only two of the many things she can do well. Rogers, Rosa Lorinne, B.A Tupelo, Mississippi Alpha Omicron Pi. (Not in panel) House Council (3, 4): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4): Debating Club (3). Rosa has a most attractive speaking voice. RuDisiLL, Sarah, B.A Anniston, Alabama Chi Omega. Y. W. C. A. (4): Glee Club (4). Sarah ie quiet and demure, and because she chatters so seldom one often has to ask for her ever valuable opinion. Sanford, Ruth Agnes, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta. Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3, 4): President (4): Jambalaya Representative (4). A musical girl with lots of executive ability. Savage, Elizabeth, B.A Gadsden, Alabama Phi Mu. Tulane Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (3). Elizabeth is quiet in spite of her name and sweet, too. 57 Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE ScHMiTT Helen Clara, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Dramatic Club (3. 4)): Mandolin-Guitar Club (4). Helen is one of the beauties of the class. ScHREiBER, Katinka Koelle, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Debating Club (l. 2. 3, 4); Latin Club (1): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (4). Katinka has been active in many activities. What will they do without her? Sharp, Thelma Clair, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Plii Mu. Tulane Dramatic Club (3); Newcomb Dramatic Club (4): Y. W. C. A. (4). Thelma likes dramatics and so do we, when she is acting. Sherman, Arme, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana , . Advertising Manager of Arcade (4). Arme is pretty and smart too, another exception to prove that old rule. Simmons, Etolia Moore, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. Class President (1, 2): French Circle (2, 3, 4); Vice-President of French Circle (4): Student Council (2, 3, 4); Vice-President of Student Council (4); Debating Club (4); Volley Ball Captain (1. 4); Baseball Captain (2). " Toto " de:-:erves mention for many things but most of all we admire her loyalty. 58 Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Spooner, Jennie, B.A Westluke, Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi. Jennie is one of our dancers — she might get a little fatter if everyone did not like to dance with her so much. Stallworth, Gelene Armor, B.A Mobile, Alabama Phi Mu. Glee Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1): Dramatic Club (1): Tulane Dramatic Build (3). Gelene may seem a bit irresponsible, butt she has always been reliable about campus activities. Stern, Lois Bernice, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana DaTjating Club (1, 2, 3. 4): French Circle (1, 2. 3, 4); Spanish Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (4). Lois is one of the " nicest " eirls in the class — and " nicest " here means a lot. Talmadge, Matilda, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha Theta. Student Council Representative (2): President (4): Student Body T: " easurer (3): Varsity Tennis (1, 2); Baseball (2); Basketball (2). Matilda is a wonderful Student Council President — but the nicest thing about her is that she does not take her work too seriously. Thomas, Marjorie Maud, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Kappa Gam ma. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4): Debating Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Neweomb Editor of Hullabaloo (4). " Biddie " has the enviable faculty of accomplishing a great dea! of work with no apparent effort. 59 Senior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Valenzuela, Elena Maria, B.A. . . New Orleans, Louisiana Spanish Club (1. 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3. 4); Louis Bush French Medal. Sunny Mediterranean i hores seem a more fitting: background for Elena, than a severe Newcomb classroom. VooRHEES, Mary Margaret, B.Mus Lafayette, Louisiana Alpha Delta Pi. Glee Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). Mary Margaret has been showing everyone a lovely ring. " He " is very lucky, everyone thinks her so lovely, Voss, Charlotte, B.S Columbia, Tennessee Alpha OTnicron Pi; Alpha Sigma Sigma. Dramatic Club (2, 3. 4): Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); President (3); Council (2, 3, 4); Carnot Debating Committee (3, 4); Winner Nixon Debate (3); Class President (4); Assembly Committee (3). Charlotte makes class meetings a joy. In fact, we think that she would win any popularity contest, Walsh E, Stella, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Beta Phi. (Not in panel) Stella is seldom seen without Rose, Together or apart their company is always sought, Weil, Mathilde, B.A New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Phi. French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Debating Club (1, 2. 3, 4). Mathilde has the happy faculty of seeing the funny side of everything, Witt, Catherine Hall, B,A Tupelo, Mississippi Phi Mu; Alpha Sigma Sigma. House Council (2, 3, 4); Arcade Board (2, 3, 4); Secretary House (4); Y, W, C. A. Cabinet (4); House President (4): Executive Committee (3); Extension Committee (3). Catherine has lots of executive ability — but she is also a good mixer. 6o Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Archinard, John Joseph New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha; Nu Sig-ma Nu; Owls Club. B.S.. Interclass football ' 22; Secretary Arts and Sciences Student Body 24; Honor Council ' 25- ' 26. John has had the load upon his shoulders of upholding the name of Archinard as it has been built by the illustrious doctors of that name who have gone before him, and we are very proud to say that if our Johnnie continues in the future as he has since he has been witTi us, the name of Dr. Archinard will mean as much to those with whom he comes in contact as it has meant to the associates of the doctori who bore that name ahead of John J., Jr. Barber, Dorm an Bruister Butler, Alabama Theta Kappa Psi A man with a pleasing personality, conservative and with all the ambition to succeed in his chosen profession. His broad smile and ready wit has won for him many a fair maiden ' s friendship. Baumhauer Jaques Henry Whistler, Alabama Theta Kappa Psi. (Picture on page 79) B.S. (Alabama). Alnbama sent us another good man when she sent her son Jack to us. He came to us with the reputation of being a good student and we have only to look at his records as recorded in the office of the Dean to see that he has kept the ball rolling. With his good looks and his winning ways we very long. New Orleans, l ouisiana fear that he will become a benedict ere he has been gone from Bayon, Henry J., Jr Alpha ' Kappa Kappa. B.S. Tulane; Honor Council. ' 23; Interclass Wrestling. ' 23. ' 24. ' 25: A. A. U. Wrestling, ' 24 : Olympic Tryouts ' 24 ; S. A. A. U. Wrestling Championship ' 25. Another jewel placed in our crown by New Orleans, nor was it a Hot Springs diamond, but rather a name revered, a character respected, a man held in the highest esteem by one and all of us. Our good wishes be with you, Henry ; we know you are going to succeed in your chosen field. Beavers George Herbert Benjamin, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. Owls; Honor Council ' 24; Junior Class President ' 25; Senior Class President ' 26; Hall of Fame " 26; A. O. A. 26. " Daddy " Beavers, the pilot of our ship, twice president of his class, elected to the Honorary Medical Fraternity, and everybody ' s friend. A personality unsurpassed and a heart of enormous proportions. Held by his classmates in highest esteem because he is a gentleman and a scholar and an all around " cowboy. " Unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame. Bell, John Dupre Pensacola, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Nu Sigma Nu. John hails from Florida. He is conscientious, reliable, and always on the job. A disposition that makes friends, and a personality that keeps them. All of which means that he will surely be a credit to his profession. 6i a a ZWT ' hS! . ,«±i- ..- . ' Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Beven, John Lansing New Orleans, Louisiana Theta Ksppa Psi. •21; S. A. A. U. Interclass Track ' 21; Interclass Wrestling ' 21; S. A. A. U. Boxing __ , _. -_. -_. _. Wrestlins ' 21; Varsity Cross Country ' 22; Class Vice-President ' 23; Honor Council ' 23; Track Manager, ' 24; Medical Editor Jambalaya. ' 25; President Medical Stduent Body. ' 26. Indeed may God bless his Irish Soul and keep him as dear in the hearts of his patients as he is in the hearts of his fellow students. Many are the sad hearts that will be soothed by his gracious smile and his pleasing personality. BiLLEAUDEAuX, JosEPH Dewey Eunice, Louisiana B.S.; Phi Beta Pi; Epsilon Ka.ppa Sigma Pan-Hellenic Council ' 23. " 24. A ' la Has ' Dewey. iHe is one of the best liked men in the class. Hi-s ever present pleasant smile, unassuming manner and gentlemanly conduct has made him a favorite with everyone with whom he has come in contact. This, with a practical knowledge of his subject should go far on the highroad of success. Fight ' em, Cajan. Blakeney, Cecil Carlos Newtonville, Alabama Chi Zeta Chi. Pan-Hellenic Council ' 25, ' 26. " Doc, " another Alabama product, quiet, conservative and unassuming. Works hard, but still finds time to attend all the dances. His future is destined to be one of the best in his profession. Brown, James Richard Charlotte, North Carolina Theta Kappa Psi. Dick, a real " Tarheel. " joined us in our Junior year after spending two years at North Carolina. With the code of a Southern gentleman, a cheerful smile, and a charming personality he has won the esteem of all his classmates during his sojourn I ' e e. Dick loves his work too, as proven by his use of the midnight oil and we are sure that he is bound to succeed. 62 a o Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Bullock John Kavanough, B.S Montgomery, Alabama Sig-ma Phi Epsilon; Theta Kappa Psi. Class President. ' 24; President Med. Fan-Hellenic Council, ' 26; Honor Council, ' 23, ' 25; Pathogens, Owls. John is a conservative, dependable fellow, who has made many staunch friendships among his fellow- classmates. He is eager to meet every one on a fifty-fifty basis, even to pitching a wicked horseshoe. The class is grateful for his rare judgment and splendid executive ability while president of the sophomore class. Noting his personal magnetism, his earnestness, his thoroughness, predict a brilliant future for him. Childers, Leland a Santa Cruz, California Phi Epsilon Kappa; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Square and Compass. All of this blah about the native sons is the bunk, don ' t we know, for has not Lonnie been over the rough spots with us? We ' ll say he has, and we will go one step more and say that he has ever been a loyal Son of Tulane. ever ready to stretch forth a helping hand to those needing his as- siotance. As for his future, California is going to get a real honest to goodness Doctor when he hangs out his shingle. Christman Ralph James Crowley, Louisiana Sigma Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Honor Council " 23 ; Glee Club ' 22 ; Student Assistant in Physiological Chemistry ' 23 ; Chairman Dormitory Board ' 23 ; President Medical Dormitory ' 24. Alpha Omega Alpha. Clements, Thomas Oberlin, Louisiana Theta Kappa Psi. Tom is one of those fortunate f:?Ilows who makes and holds many friends. With this back of him and with his knowledge of medicine I am sure he will be a great success in the profession. 63 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Clyde, Wallace Alexander Selma, Alabama Kappa Sigrna; Phi Chi. Pathogens; O. O. S. : White Elephants: Owls Club; Jamhalaya Reresentative ' 24; Medical Pan-Hellenic Council. When he came here from Alabama six years ago we called him Wallace but now we feel that we wish to take the second name Alexander — Yes. Alexander the Great. Wallace has that kind of a disposition, that is easy for him to make friends and a personality to hold them. He has that distinction of being at the head of every social organization of which he was a member. It may be said that every man who knows Clyde would like to have him for a brother. As for his future, we will say that any city will be proud to have his name on its social register now, and the medical profession will some day be greatly benefited by his choice. Collier, Eric Knox Tipton, Oklahoma (Picture on page 79) Alpha Kappa Kappa. Eric transferred from the University of Oklahoma. He is a serious and conscientious worker, though at all times ready to come to the aid of his fellow students. In his short stay here, he has made many friends who wish him success. CoNWiLL, Gralton Bradley Lawley, Alabama Phi Beta Pi Square and Compass. B.S. Degree University of Alabama. For his last two years of medicine Conwill has continued the good work with us that he began at Alabama. While a consistent student he has found time for social affairs. Being a conscientious, practical man with plenty of common sense, an eminently successful career in his chosen profession is predicted for him. Cunningham, Robert B Booneville, Mississippi Nu Sigma Nu. B.S. Degree University of Mississippi. As an M.D. Bob serves as an excellent example. His beginning came during the World War when he served in a Naval Hospital Corps. He entered Ole Miss and his ability was proven. In Tulane he weighed his problems with coolness and has emerged with an excellent record which spells for him success in his beloved, chosen profession. EcKFORD, John Featherston Starkville, Mississippi Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu. B.S. Degree : Pathogens : Owls Club. Jimmie is one of those who believed that fun is as essential as books to a successful college course.- He has always been an excellent students and therefore has had plenty of time to get around. Though Sam Jowl hasn ' t picked him yet, we choose him as a winner in the handicap of life. When the barrier is raised in June, we expect him to get out in an early lead and make every post a winning one. 64 a Ci .r Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Edgar, Clarence D., Jr Forest Hill, Louisiana Sigma Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. " Ed " ' is the quietest and one of the most popular boys in our class. True to his work, his word, and his friends. With his energy, personality and determinations his success is inevitable. Efron, Bernard Gelfand Baltimore, Maryland Phi Delta Ep ilon. Bernie hails from Maryland, but he is " one of the boys, " and " smokes herrings. " He is a small package that contains many things. He has a real comprehension of medicine, and has made an excellent record. Bless his big heart, we predict a brilliant success for him. Falletta, Pasqualino Tony Birmingham, Alabama Phi Rho .Sigma; Epsilon Kappa Sigma. " A good student, a real friend, a whip among the ladies. " We wish him success which we are sure he will attain. Feingold, Philip P Brooklyn, New York (Not in panel) For Phil Feingold the road has been laid. But Prof. Feingold has made his task very great. Tulane caTis for an heir to this name So, Doc, go out into the world and add to its fame. Floyd, Cyril Franklin Phoenix City, Theta Kapp a Psi. Square and Compass. Baseball ' 24; Honor Board ' 24; President Senior Class Arts and Science ' 24: President Senior Class Med. ' 26; Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class of Medicin As we come to the parting of our ways we look with fond rememibrance back upon the spent in the company of Red, and we look with sorrow to the future in which we sha from him. One of the best known and best liked men on the entire campus because Red. " One man ' s loss is another ' s gain, and we can only say in losing him " Ye who him, are getting one of our few, and we are better by having known him. " Alabama Vice- e ' 25. happy days 11 be parted he is " Juat are getting 65 ' A a (3 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE FusELiER, Julius Dixie Mamou, Louisiana Phi Beta Pi. " Fuse " by his consistent and diligent work in school has won the respect and admiration of all his fellow students and is expected to make a ereat success in the practice of Medicine. Geddie, Nolen Dawson Canton, Texas Just as still water runs deep so does our quiet, unassuming " Geddy " register unmeasurablf depth. But behind that silence lui ks indefinite wisdom, patience, and sympathy. In short, he is the kind of a fellow the world and the medical profession needs to make this old place a bigger, better place in which to live. Gill, Erwin Lowe Monticello, Arkansas Sigma Pi; Phi Chi. Owl Club. Chairman of Dormitory, ' 24, ' 25; Historian of Class, ' 2G. " Amos " hails from Monticello, Aik., and seems to be proud of the fact. He came to us during our pre-med. days and is one of the few who have been six years at Tulane. None of us liave more friends than Lowe, and he ' s held in the highest esteem as a friend, student, and all around fellow. Since the advent of his " big black motor car " we understand he is bound to locate for his outside O.B. calls. All the luck in the world to you, Lowe, we are sure you will make a great success in the practice of medicine. GooDE, James Henry Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phi Beta Pi. B.S. University of Alabama. " Henry " is a man with the old Alabama spirit. A. steady, foncientions worker bnf not a book- worm. When it comes to practical material he invariably delivers the goods. " Doc " went to Alabama where he lead an active life and received his B.S. degree. He did not care to desert his Alma Mater so he accepted a position on the staff. Henry is sure to be a credit to the Tulane Class of " 26 and the leading physician of Tuscaloosa. 66 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Cranberry, Howard Baldwin, Jr Austin, Texas Kappa Alpha; Nu Sig-ma Nu. Pathogens: Interfraternity Medical Council ' 24- ' 25. Indisputably a good, handsome, man is among the best of cieated things. " Doc " is a proud son of that State where men are men and women are governors. A friend, a scholar, and a gentleman. " Doc, " a man with your personality, determination, and fighting spirit and with only half of your ability could easily make a success in any line. Great things are expected of you in your profession. Graves, Zebulon Butler Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Picture on page 79) Theta Kappa Psi, B.S. Degree University of Alabama. As we search in our crystal we see our noble Butler mixing herbs that will heal the sick, and in his spare moments cast spells over the hearts of fair damsels who will be struck with a stranpre malady that only the attention of Dr. Z. B. Graves will heal. As he receives his long worked for sheepskin, it will merely be opening the door of a long life of service to suffering humanity, and the suffering will be alleviated. Grayson, Richard Joseph Selma, Alabama Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. Class President ' 22; Honor Council ' 23, ' 24; Pathogens; Varsity Track; Varsity Cross Country, ' 21; Owls; Class Night Committee; Jambalaya Representative, ' 25. Dick, one of our honored ex-presidents, is one of those good fellows who combines society with in- dustry. In spite of the fact that he is handsome and a favorite with the ladies we hold out great things for him in the medical world. GuEYMARD, Thaddeus Honore Carville, Louisiana Phi Rho Sigrma. " Tully " hails from St. Gabriel, wherever that is. Ho is one who is sincere. hon-B t and enerjretie, liked by the ladies and loved by the babies. From what we hear, he gives promise of being one of the leading Pediatricians in this section of the country in the next few years. What will the ladies do when he leaves New Orleans ? Oh. well, good luck ' " Tully. " Hale, Douglas McCardell Camilla, Texas (Picture on page 79) p} j Beta PI. " Doug " is one of the boys that has been with us since pre-med. days. Before many years have passed we all expect to read Hale ' s " Psychiatry. " Hall, Edwin Press Albertville, Alabama Chi Zeta Chi. B.S. University of Alabama, ' 22; Delegate International Student Convention. ' 24; Member New York College Summer Service Group, ' 25. " Press " places another Alabama post office on the map and becomes known to us at the University of Alabama where he took his pre-medic al work and won distinction as soldier, being number one in the rear rank. Entered Tulane and made a doctor. Out every night and we know not where, but, oh boy. how he does the Charleston. " Press " is an all around, genuine, good fellow and a better one is hard to find. 67 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Havard, Charles Augustus Big Cane, Louisiana Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Class Vice-President, ' 22 ; Class Football, Pathogens ; Owls Club ; Representative, ' 24. ' 22 ; Jambalaya " Man is his own star. And that soul that can Be honest in the only perfect man. " " Charlie " is as fine a fellow as you will ever meet. He came to us from the romantic heart of Louisiana. Clear cut ideas, an amiable personality, handsome appearance. He more than merits the honorable title of Doctor. Hawkins, Isaac Forman Bayou Chicot, Louisiana Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi, B.S. University of Alabama ; Pathogens ; Owls. From the marshes of Bayou Chicot comes Ike. There will never be another just like him. A good, practical mind coupled with spasmodic fits of studying have given him a high average in his class. And at Newcomb his average can ' t be beat. With his smile, he ' s bound to succeed. Henry, Sidney Robert Morse, Louisiana Epsilon Kappa Sigma (The Columbians) ; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Winner of Physical Condition and Weight Gaining Contest, 20; Ph.G. Amongst the ladies he far surpasses. Any man of all classes, Tho medicine be his goal. Admiration of the ladies he still holdE. For his mode of articulation. Brings on this admiration. Herring, Preston Street Tnnis, Louisiana (Picture on page 79) Alpha Kappa Kappa. " Fish. " although suffering from an " inhibitory complex, ' has with his wonderful personality, dignity, k -en sense of humor, and gift of " bull " made a fine record at Tulane. His host of friends are proof enough of his popularity. Hull, John Claude San Antonio, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. PathoKens ; Owl Club. " Behold, " the eyes of Texas as well a,s Newcomb are upon him. " Jake. " as he is known by all at Tulane as well as Newcomb. hails from the Rreat open spaces, Texas, where men are men and Jelly- beans not tolerated. Besides being one of the most popular in his class, h« has a eood scholastic record. If a pleasing peirsonality and many friends spell success, we predict for him a glowine future. 68 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Johnson, Johny Rufus Cohay, Mississippi (Picture on page 79) Chi Zeta Chi. A man of sound knowledge, succeed. gquaie and Compass. B.S. University of Mississippi, keen judgment, and a rare wit with a free tongue. He is sure to Jones, Guy Richard Remy, Louisiana Phi Rho SigTiia. Glee Club. ' 22 ; Wrestling, ' 21. Some men garner money aplenty. Others cast their fortune in love. But His Mouth brilliantly utters, " Far above is a real entity. " KiMBROUGH, Cecil Emmett Linden, Alabama B.S. University of Alabama. " Bud " come;; from Alabama, and was one of the many to recognize the greatness of what Tulane has to offer. He has given to us a friendship that is wholehearted. He is a prince of a fellow, has great social ability, studies a bit. and combines all in just the right proportion. The community where Cecil locates will indeed be fortunate to have him as their Doctor and friend. Kogan, Benjamin Brooklyn, New York Alpha Mu Sigma. When King Arthur into the world a knight did send He would approach him with this salutation. Respect the ways of God, Oh Knight Do honor unto your king. Be gentle with the opposite sex. Do justice to everything. Unto you I say. Oh! Ben! Kespect the ways of nature. Do honor unto your profession. Live up to the name of your new title. With the fair sex maintain your impression. Langston Manly Frost Birmingham, Alabama Sig-ma Nu; Phi Chi; Alpha Omeg-a Alpha. Pathogens ; Owls. Behold yon Cassius ! He hath a lean and hungry look. Beware of him he thinketh too much. Such men are dangerous. " Snow, " the leader of his class in scholarship, has a true and sincere love for his chosen profession. With his high ideals, outstanding personality, and lovable disposition, he is bound to be a leader also in the medical world. 69 ' vi ' ' " ' Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Lee, Mike, Jr., B.A Kir.ston, North Carolina And Murphy said to O ' Hara " Faith and I believe he is Irish. " If he was speaking of Milie he made no mistake. The quick wit and the sharp intelliBence of this mite of humanity makes Mike the out- standing Irishman of the senior class. Orrville, Alabama Locke, William Walter, B.S Pi Kappa Alpha; Theta Kappa Psi. After obtaining a B.S. Degree at Birmingham Southe-n, Bill decided to become one of Hypocrate ' s followers at Tulane. He is a hard worker, a good student, and possesses a fine determination. So we all know that he will succeed in his profession. Long, Walter James Liberty, South Carolina Omega Upsilon Phi. Known to us as Jimmie he was found at Liberty, S. C. He took his prn-med. at Furman and Emory, his first two years of med. at Jefferson. Then finding that the Sunny South was more compatible with his disposition he decided to be one of Tulane ' s honor graduates. He is a con- noiscur of good towns and admits that Biloxi is one. We are sure many successes are in store for this handsome son of Carolina. LoNGO, DoMiNiCK ViTO New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Beta Pi. It has been said that only when there is doubt of existing circumstances can progress occur. If that be true then Don will see to it that there is everlasting progress, in truth there will be only progress. He is a real son of Tulane, having had all of his college work here, and he has always been one of the leaders in his class work as well as being the Rudolph of the University. La Nasa, Joseph Aloysius New Orleans, Louisiana (Picture on Page 80) Class Secretary, ' 24: Honor Council, ' 24. ' 25. We have been waiting for the last five years for an invitation to Joe ' s wedding but we have waited in vain. But he has shown us that he wants to win a name for himself before he presents it to someone else. He has been one of the friends of every man in the class for these long years, and we pass along a real true friend to those whose good fortune it shall be to count him thus in the future. 70 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Maines, John E., Jr Lake Butler, Florida Alpha Kappa Kappa B.S. University of Florida. A perfect gentleman from Florida. John is a hard working student, or a jolly good fellow, as occasion demands. Of course he ' s well liked by everyone. Mann, Albert Howell Te.xarkana, Arkansas Sig-ma Nu; Theta Kappa Psi. A. O. A. Albert hails from Texarkana. He is a good student and a likeable fellow, being always ready to take his part and do that which is right by his fellow man. His personality, ambition, and ability assure him of success in the medical world. Martin, Thomas Willis Belton, South Carolina Theta Kappa Psi. B.S. Degree Citadel: B.S. Degree Tulane. Willis Martin arrived in America in Anderson County. S. C. which is considered to be God ' s country. He went through the high schools of his state and received his bachelor ' s degree from The Citadel at Charleston. Later he received a B.S. from Tulane. Willis ' beauty lies in character, friendship, and sincerity. New Orleans could not ruin him, and he survived Tulane so his future seems assure. Mattingly, Charles Walter White Castle, Louisiana He iG one of Louisiana ' s noble sons. His honesty, fairness, sincerity of purpose, studiwus habits, and splendid ability are certain to make him a most useful citizen and an honor to his profession. Those who know him best admire him most. 71 ' ' TTrwa-- ' ' - ' TW ' ' ' ' ' Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE McCoMiSKEY, Arthur J New Orleans, Louisiana B.S. Degree : Class Vice-President, ' 24 ; Class Secretary and Treasurer, ' 23. A man among men. " Mc " is a conscientious worker with high ideals, who is possessed of a per- sonality and broad mind that can only spell success. He is a true son of Tulane. and we have no doubt that he will bring glory both to his Alma Mater and himself. McIntosh, James Robert Colfax, Illinois Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu. B.A. Degree ; Pathogens, Owls Club. Bob sailed down the Mississippi three years ago from Northwestern. He has a rare combination of personality and practical knowledge of medicine which will surely carry him far in his pro- fession. He spent much time in original research of " Iodine Test. " Merchant Harry McCreary Gainesville, Florida Phi Chi; Sigma Nu. B.S. Degree. Giving up the prospects that Florida real estate has to offer is only one of the many proofs of how much Harry is in love with his profession. If persistence, conscientiousness, and personality have anything to do with it, his future is already an assured success. Miangolarra, Charles Joseph New Orleans, Louisiana B.S.; Alpha Omega Alpha Interclass Wrestling, ' 20, ' 21; Southern A. A. U. Wrestling Championship, ' 20; Varsity Wrestling. ' 23 ; Class Secretary and Treasurer. ' 25. Valuables come in small packages, so it is with Charlie. Though he is small he is powerful. A stick of giant powder is not very large. But the best part of the story lies in the fact that he differs from most strong men in that the most of his strength lies above his neck, nolw that is saying a great deal, for is he not one of the best wrestlers of his weight in the entire south. Nelson, Mrs. A. B Shreveport, Louisiana (Not in panel) She says that only when she has been cured of some uncurable malady by a patent medicine will her picture be printed, and as our book is no advertisement for patent medicine, we can not have a picture of Mrs. Nelson for our book. She is loyal to her class in all respects except this one. 72 ' : Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Neville Cecil Howell Whitakers, North Carolina Theta Kappa Psi. Class Vice-President, ' 25. Cecil has been with us four years, and in every way has shown himself a worthy representative of the Tarheel state. He is a man among men. and a sheik among women: if you don ' t believe this, just follow him around some dark nig:ht. However, he ' s a true friend and a hard worker, and w believe will make his mark in the medical profession. Pace, Paul T Guide Rock, Nebraska (Picture on pat e SO) Sigma Chi; Nu Sig-ma Nu. A.B.; B.Sc. quite studious, serious minded, but can see the humor of life. as his profession. When others are wrong we bank on Affectionately known as " Herman, A gentleman who has chosen medicine " Herman " to be right. Peavy, Charles Dreury, Jr. - Cuero, Texas Pi Kappa Phi; Chi Zeta Chi; Alpha Phi Phi. Pathogens; Interfraternity Council, ' 25, ' 26. Another one from the state of Spanish athletes, and of which he is about the greatest. A good stu- dent, a quick thinker, who is sure to make his mark in the medical world. Poimboeuf, Walter Wallace Leesville, Louisiana President Arts and Sciences Student Body, ' 24 ; First Medical Student President of Arts and Sciences Student Body ; Secretary and Treasurer Student Council, ' 24 ; Representative Mid- West Student Conference, ' 24 ; Elected Business Manager Hulla- baloo. ' 25; Business Manager in Chief Jambalaya, ' 26; President Old ReEulars, ' 26. I ' m a Tulane man and I ' ll tell you on the square For five long years I ' ve worked with Walter there. And at the beginning as at the end I ' ll say that there was never a truer friend. And now in the future, I hope to always be Just the man he ever was to me. RoELiNG, William Henry New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Beta Pi. B.S. Degre e Tulane, ' 24; President Junior Arts and Science, ' 23; Academic Honor Board, ' 23. " Bill, " a quiet, industrious student, placing always the success of his work above everything else. Always willing to assist or aid bin fellow classmates in any diffi-culty. We predict a wonderful future fur him in the practice of Medicine in his home city of New Oi leans. 73 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Saiewitz, Sam Bloom Tallulah, Louisiana. Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon. Ph. G. Tulane; B.S. Tiilane: Assistant M-enager Jambalaya, ' 21. Sam is a man of many degrees. He possesses not only the Ph. G., B.S. and M.D., but also the ultimate in degrees of sincerity, will power, and determination. With his keen knowledge of medicine and resourceful initiative, we predict a elorious future for him. ScHAEFERj Suzanne Evanston, Illinois B.S. Northwestern University A reputation fo- good judprment, fair dealing, truth, and rectitude is in itself a fortune. Miss Schaefer came to us four years ago with one of the beiit records ever made at Nor tliwes tern and is leavinjr with one of the best made at Tulane. Sue was just the type of girl who made an ideal classmate — always pleasant, never got offended, never too busy to help you, and was always looking: out for the other fellows. Do you wonder that we all love and respect her ? Dr. Schaefer will some day be listed among the great women of America. ScoFiELD, Theodore Francis Dade City, Florida Phi Rho Sigma. Glee Club, ' 22, ' 23. 25. Better known as " Teddy. " Is proud to be a representative of the peninsula state. Like all other fat men he is good-natured, has a word and a smile for everyone, especially the girls. With his ability to sing and medicine as a side line he can ' t fall short of success. Shackelford, John W., Jr Carrolton, Mississippi Chi Zeta Chi. B.S. University of Mississippi Everyone knows that when a judge has an important decision to render and has need for deep thought he becomes silent and from this silence rare judgment is born. Thus from his rare silence and pensiveness we see mature thought come from our Shack. 74 ' A A V w Senior Class COLLEGE Of MEDICINE Sims, Alphonso R Richland, Georgia Pi Kappa Phi; Chi Zeta Chi. Winner of Checkor Tournament (1-2). Class Baseball (1-2), Class Basketball (1-2). Ad; LofuG ; Admiral Sims is a men of many names, as is easily seen. But his capabilities as a good student are not outnumbered by his numerous cognomens. Thou?:h not prone to manifest physical exertion of any marked degree he possesses a keen analytical and practical mind that %vin assure him unlimited success in his chosen profession. His genial nature and prevailing smile has made him one of the most popular boys in the class. Smith, Prentiss Edward New Augusta, Mississippi (Picture on page SO) B.S. Degree University of Mississippi. P. E. brought a reputation to us from Ole Miss and this reputation has not suffered in the trans- ference. He has an ingrained love for his profession as his father is a doctor ahead of him. Here again the transferring has not wiought havoc with the transferred, for he is going to carry on the profession as it was carried on before being handed down to him. Smith, Reynolds Darden Birmingham, Alabama Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Square and Compass. B. S. Tulane: Pathogens; Owl ' s Club: Assistant Basketball Manager, ' 25; Basketball Manager, ' 26; Hullabaloo Representative. ' 23; Class Vice-President, ' 25; Vice-President Medical Student Body, ' 26; Interclass Track; Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3). True to his work. hie. word, his friends — with ever a helping hand for others — such has made " Smitty " a friend of all. In six brief years his accomplishments have become innumerable — -two trips to Europe, a tour of the U. S., two degrees, a wife and a son. He ' s bound to make a name in medicine. Smith, Thomas Julian Davidson, North Carolina Theta Kappa Psi; Delta Sigma Phi. One day a sleek, sly, sheik folded his tent and silently stole away from the Old North State and came to the land where the Creoles live. And in this far land, with his sublime and jocund ways, he has stole their hearts and loves. T. J. has likewise shown the same characteristics for the acquisition of medical learning, and when he embarks upon the sea of life and struggle we feel sure he will sheik his way to success. Spencer, Leon Opal Goshen, Alabama (Picture on pags 80) Chi Zeta Chi. Dear old " Spencer " came to us from Alabama. Ambitious, yet sympathetic and kind, courteous, never failing in his obligations to others: fortunate indeed is the man who can call him friend. Blonde, good looking and of sterling character, we are sure he will make his mark in the world and wish him all the success possible in his profession. Story, Joseph R Marion, North Carolina Theta Kappa Psi. A.B. Davidson College, " Joe, " a wily Scotchman, came to us from the hills of North Carolina. His ever ready good natured smile soon gained for him a goodly circle of friends who respect him for his high code of morala, keen judgment and rare insight of human nature. Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE SuMMiTT, Robert Elmer Orlando, Florida Alpha Kappa Kappa, A Solomon come to judgrnent. Bob has a maturo mind which has the? rare ability to give weiKhty problems the consideration which they should have. Coupled with this is a personality that de- mands true friendship from all, and gives true friendship in return. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and such he may always be counted. SwANN, Cecil Collins Marlon, Alabama Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Pathogens; Owl Club. " Dunk " has been with us during our entire four years of battle, ever conscientious in his work but never too busy to throw a bit of " good fellowship " into his makeup. With his natural ability, sincerity, and enviable personality we know he will do great things for his chosen profession. Taylor, Rives William Oxford, North Carolina Theta Kappa Psi. Better known as " Here, " not from his strength physically but rather his mental qualities. His entire makeup embodies those essentials necessary for a true follower of Aesculapius. Sincerity, the keynote of success, is his " creed. " He is sincere of purpose towards his fellowmen, but the most striking part (even while in New Orleans) is his sincerity towards his girl back in Carolina. Boyce, Louisiana Texada, Blanchard Hickman Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. Here is a man who has proven himself to be the morning, evening, and all-time star. He stormed down upon us with a fury that rocked the very foundation of Newcomb and the other institutions. His indifference and blase attitude toward the weaker sex has resulted in hi? being the pinnacle for which more than one poor girl has reached in vain. Long live the goodly name of Texada. 76 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Wallis, Thomas Henry Ocala, Florida Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. Pathogens ; Owl ' s Club. To know Tom is to know one of the " finest Castillian " strain and one who is a gentleman at all times, even to the point of joketelling. He appeals to the stronger and weaker sex alike, with friends galore among both. In his studies, he was diligent, though questioning those things not practical. Keen observation, clear thinking and strong personality are some of Tom ' s attributes. He possesses fully those qualities which are necessary to achieve greatness in the medical profession. Walls, Edward Garland New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Sigma Phi; Nu Sig-ma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha. Pathogens; Owl ' s Club; White Elephants; Class Basketball. (2); Interfraternity Basketball and Tennis, (2, 3); Olive and Blue; Jambalaya Staff. (2); Hullabaloo Staff, (2, 3); Class Historian. (2); Class Secretary and Treasurer, (4). Sound judgment and infallible logic have won for Garland an enviable record at Tulane. He i3 one of those rare persons who can mix his fun with his work and yet finish at the top of his class. He enjoys the distinction of being the youngest member in his class and Hippocrates might well be proud to claim this son who is not yet a man. With his energy and ability to apply himself we predict for him a bright success in his chosen profession. Waltrip, Oliver Harold Fort Worth, Texas (Picture on Page SO) Q i Phi; Phi Chi. No introduction is necessary — everyone knows that good looking man from Fort Worth, especially the ladies. That is not by far the only reason why he is so well known, liked, and admired. A man with a strong character, a wonderful personality, and keen mind. The type of man that will be an asset to the medical profession. A faithful friend to all his friends and to his enemies — he has none. Weinberger, Herbert Leon Laurel, Mississippi Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Epsilon. Vice-President Interfraternity Medical Council, ' 25, " 26; Senior Invitation Committee: A.B. Columbia University ; A. O. A. Herbert hails from " Ye Oldc Mississippi. " After obtaining an A.B. at Columbia he decided to return to his native heath and follow the calling of Escalapius. His sincerity, ready sympathy, and untiring willingness to help a fellow student will surely gain for him the same honorable place in the world that has in our class. Weiner, Elias New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Delta Epsilon. B.S. ' 24; Class Wrestling (1. 2): Class Historian. ' 25; A. O. A. A six year man and one of whom Tulane can feel justly proud, for Elias has gained his entire medical education with us, and taught us in turn the value of an honest, sincere friend. We can not but predict good of him for he holds the golden key to happiness and success as well as our honorary A. O. A. 77 Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE White E., Jr Colerian, North Carolina Theta Kappa Psi. B.A. Degree. Another of the Reds of our bunch standi) before you now for consideration. Think long before you give tongue to your opinion of this one for his true worth grows upon you as you know him. In his quiet unassuming way he gradually works his way into the inner circle of your friends and proves himself to be one of your best. WiGHT Bennett Allen Hugo, Oklahoma Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu. Football. ' 24, ' 25; Pathogens; Owl ' s Club; Olive and Blue Club; Hall of B.S., ' 24; Fame, ' 26. " Hayseed " hails from the Ku Klux Klan state. Where oil flows through every gate, Some now think he has a brain lesion. But we must remember he has played his last football season. And a wonderful football player is he. And a great Doctor we know he is going to be. Alachua, Florida Williams, Rabun Herbert Kappa Sig-ma; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Pathogens. Kabun not only has builded an excellent record at Tulane but has carefully conserved his energy for future circumstances. WiLLOUGHBY, RoBERT Madison Lysite, Wyoming (Not in panel) Si ma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. B.A. Degree. We shall remember " Bob " ' Willoughby, the " short boy " from Wyoming, who is always neat in appearance, congenial in his associations, and conservative in his speech. His admirable record for the past four years at Tulane and his already assumed professional air point toward his future success. ZoLLER, Adelaide Mary New Orleans, Louisiana (picture on Page 80) Alpha Epsilon Iota; Alpha Omega Alpha. Adelaide has helped to maintain the high scholastic standard of women medical students by mak- ing A. O. A. With the combination of good personality and superior intellect we are sure she will be successful in the future medical work which he will pursue. 78 a Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Baumhauer, Jacques Henry Whistler, Alabama Theta Kappa Psi. B.S. Degree, University of Alabama. Collier, Eric Knox Tipton, Oklahoma Alpha Kappa Kappa. Graves, Zebulan Butler Hattiesburg, Mississippi Theta Kappa Psi. B.S. Degree, University of Alabama. Hale, Douglass McCardell Camilla, Te.xas Phi Beta Pi. Herring, Preston Street Innis, Louisiana Alpha Kappa Kappa. Treasurer Medical Student Dody, " 24, ' 25. Johnson, John Rufus Cohay, Mississippi Chi Zeta Chi. B.S. Degree, University of Mississippi, ' 24; Square and Compass. 79 m m . AV " M ' A A m Senior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE LaNasa Joseph Aloysius New Orleans, Louisiana Secretary Senior Arts and Science Class, 25; Member Honor Council, ' 25. Pace, Paul T Guide Rock, Nebraska Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. A.B. and B.Sc. Degrees, University of Nebraska. Smith, Prentiss Edward New Augusta, Mississippi Pi Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. A.B. Degree, University of Mississippi. Spencer, Leon O Goshen, Alabama Chi Zeta Chi. Waltrip, Oliver Harold Fort Worth, Texas Phi Chi; Chi Phi. Honor Council, ' 23, ' 24; Owl ' s Club: Pathosens. Zoeller, Adelaide Mary New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Epsilon Iota; Alpha Omega Alpha. 8o (5 Senior Class COLLEGE OF LAW Beer, John S New Orleans, Louisiana Why girls leave home — and return immediately. BowsKY, Eltas New Orelans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Mu. Must be good ; he wrote this stuff. De la Vergne New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Sigma Nu. IjL.B. Degree, Notre Dame University, 25. Came from Notre Dame, Their loss; Tulane ' s gain. Ellison, David McQuown Crowley, Louisiana Phi Delta Theta. No matter where the wheels of fate cast Dave, he is sure to succeed, for he is loyal and trust- worthy. The legal profession should be proud to welcome into its midst a man of such high character and ability. IT -. A --r ty- aar-s-: .Y a w -yiai »rf- .- " »tty-jjy -ff fe kM riii Senior Class COLLEGE OP LAW Feist, Weiller Malcolm Shreveport, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau. A.B. Degree, Washington University, ' 23 : Phi Beta Kappa. Why he believes in Courts, I ' m at a loss. Probably he believes in Santa Claue. Flanders, Bert A., Jr New Orleans, Louisiana President Ateneo Espanol, ' 23; Student Assistant in Spanish, ' 24, ' 25; oot Court, ' 23, ' 24: President Senior Law Class. Diogenes extinguish thine light. Here ' s a prof, who rays copying ' s all right. Gamble, Harry P New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi. Thirteen Club: Olive and Blue; Sphinx; " T " Club; Varsity Football (2, 4, 5); Scrubs (1, 3): Class Tug-of-war (1): Class Basketball (1, 2); Class Football (1); Coach (2): Class Track (1, 2); Wrestling (1, 2); 158 lb. Chanipion (1); 145 lb. Runner-up (2); Wrestling and Boxing Manager (3). As a punt-blocking end, he had no peer. In the Law School he ' s far from end, have no fear. Guerriero, Joseph Salvador Monroe, Louisiana Scrub Football (2, 3); Eeserve Football (2, 4); Varsity Football (2, 5). In every block he had a beau. But now his cash is a little low. Heard, Wilbur Wright New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi. Class Treasurer (1); Thirteen Club; Class Vice-President (4). With Dunbar on the left, and Luzenberg on the right Wilbur agrees, " position ' s everything in life. " Henican, C. Ellis New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi. Thirteen Club; Freshman Football; Basketball; Baseball; Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); President (2) ; Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Football (2, 3. 4) ; Varsity Basket- ball (2, 3, 4); Captain (4); Hullabaloo Staff (2, 3); Porter Cup, ' 24; Pi Alpha Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Alpha Phi Phi. Athletic and a man of letters. At basketball he had no betters. 82 ' A A Senior Class COLLEGE OF LAW Irion, Valentine Egan Emad, Louisiana Phi Phi; Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; Theta Alpha Phi. Square and Compass: President Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4); Vice-President Glendy Burke (2, 3); President (4): Hullabaloo Staff (2. 3): Varsity Debater (3, 4, 5): Secretary Debating Council (3); Chairman (4); Vice-President Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4). The millennium shall arrive When Irion no more with a Prof, will strive. Kaufman, Harry S., Jr New Orleans, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau; Pi Alpha Phi; Theta Alpha Phi. Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Moot Court (2, 3): Dramatic Club (H; 2, 3, 4); Glendy Burke; Orchestra (1. Baseball (1). 2, 3); Director (1, 2); Tulane Band (1): Tulane Club Class Stop the universe, I am tbinkins! Pailet, Lester New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Nu. Freshman Football (1); Scrub Football (2, 3. 4); Interfraternity Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Moot Court (2) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4). Lester once made a class at eight o ' clock. Dean Elliot Judd nearly died from the shock. Roberts, William C Alexandria, Louisiana Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi. Hullabaloo Reporter (2); Law School Editor (3, 4): Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3); Presi- dent (4) ; Editor Student Handbook (3) ; Class President (2) ; Jambalaya Representa- tive (4); Glendy Burke (2, 3): Debating Council (3, 4); Honor Board (2); Moot Court (3, 4, 5): Student Senate (2, 3). Does his work and does it neat. He ' s the boy with the Charleston feet. Shevnin, Martin Alexandria, Louisiana Phi Kappa Sigma. ' Tis true that " still waters run deep, " and so with Martin. Although not given to superfluous conversation those who know him find a staunch friend and a diligent worker. 83 Senior Class COLLEGE OF LAW SiNGREEN, John Edmund New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Alpha Delta. White Elephants. When assigned six cases, Johnny has seven; That ' s why we all think he ' ll go to Heaven. Smith, James I New Orleans, Louisiana Square and Compass; Moot Court (1); Class President (2): Managing Editor Hull- abaloo (2); Chaiiman Student Fmployment Committee (3); Chairman University Publicity Committee (3); Legal Aid Committee (3): Director Red Cross Drive (3): Director Tulane-Newcomb Stadium Drive (3): Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3); Editor-in-Chief Hullabaloo (3). For the law school he has won fame. And doesn ' t he deserve it? And will always be the same. Talbot, Benjamin Horace, Jr Ruston, Louisiana Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi. Varsity Football (3, 4) ; President Law Student Body (4). Fine fellow, smart, and Law School president. Which shows one can be an athlete and student. Watkins, Robert Dyer Minden, Louisiana Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi. White Elephants. That he ' s a fine fellow no one will deny And when he leaves the Profs will surely cry. Watson, Philip B St. Joseph, Louisiana (Not in panel) Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Delta. Moot Court ' 25. The Library was his home. Hence, " the man who walked alone. " Wogan, Anna Spelman New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Pi Beta Phi. Class Secretary and Treasurer, ' 25. To do her best and then not worry, to be loyal and lovinK to her friends, but not dependent upon them, to be decidedly individualistic and correspondingly charming in personality — is Anna. Woods, N. Morgan, II New Orleans, Louisiana Jambalaya Representative (4); Glendy Burke (3, 4): Moot Court (2, 3. 4); Chess Club (2, 3); Class Basketball (1): Class Baseball (1). Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. 84. i Senior Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Besselman, Robert Raymond New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Tau Delta. Vice-President Junior Class (3): Vice-President Senior Class (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4): Freshman WrestlinR (1); White Elephants. Though a quiet fellow, " Bob " has convictions and will stand up for them in the face of any odds. As an all-around good fellow he is hard to beat. Burke, Thomas J New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Pi. A man whom you enjoy being around. When he comes into your presence it seems like just so much sunshine. The years may come and go, but there will never be another who can take the place of Tom. Capdevielle, Isabelle M New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Class Secretary (1): Academic Board (1): Jambalaya Eepreesntative (2, 4); Tulane University Players (3). " Our Co-ed. " She started out with us bock in our freshman days, and ha stayed right with the leaders ever since. She has worked hard a.s anyone, has been successful all the way, and stands out as the most popular member of the class of ' 26. We hope she will be as successful in her career as she has been in college activities. CoHN, Bennie Alexandria, Louisiana Commerce Key; Square and Compass; Tulane Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Asst. Band Manager (2); Band Manager (3, 4): Drum Major (4); University Orchestra (1); Symphony Orchestra (3); Glendy Burke (3. 4); EI Ateneo Espanol (3); Dormitory Governing Board (3); Realization Day Committee (2); Tulane University Players (3); Boiling Billows (4); Vice-President Commerce Key (4). Bennie has led and turned out the best band Tulane has ever had. He is as well versed in the knowledge of business as of handling a band. Watch him when he enters business. DiNKELSPiEL, Edward A New Orleans, Louisiana A quiet, unassuming senior, but a student high in the standards of scholarship and held in high esteem by all his friends. Farr, L. Leslie Natchez, Mississippi A hard worker, and a man with unusual latent ability. In his years with us, Leslie has made friends who wish him the heights of success. 85 Senior Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Heymann, J. Walter New Orleans, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau; Theta Alpha Phi. Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Stage Manager (3); Vice-President (3); President Dramatic Guild (4) : Class Secretary (3) ; Tulane Club (2, 3) ; Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3) ; Academic Board (3): Commerce Key (4). A man whom we all expect to hear from in the years to come. Taking the past as an example by which to judge his future, we see nothing in his pathway that will block his passage. HoFFPAUER, Sterling Clark Crowley, Louisiana Kappa Alpha When Crowley sent this boy to Tulane she oifered her very best. As a scholar, as a friend and as a gentleman, he is a sterling example of young manhood. He leaves us the losers, for he will become an inestimable asset to those with whom he comes in contact. Kell, David Mandeville Tallulah, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi. Class Wrestling (1, 2); Varsity Wrestling (1, 2); Pan Hellenic Council (3). Congenial in disposition and pleasant in manner. Mandy is a gentleman in all respects. We wish there were more of his calibre at the University. Lamprecht, George Frederick Cleveland, Ohio (Not in panel) Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Delta Phi. Varsity Football (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Eunner-up. Southern Interciillegiate Golf Tournament. " 23; Runner-up, Southern Intercollegiate Golf Tournament, ' 24: Winner, Southern Inter- collegiate Golf Championship, ' 25; Winner, National Intercollegiate Golf Champion- ship, ' 25. Fred is a hard fighter who never gives up. He has won in football and golf and we are sure that he will win in business as well. Mason, Ernest Bonner Winnsboro, Louisiana Sigma Pi. Commerce Key; Basketball, ' 25; Vice-President Student Body, ' 26; Class President. ' 23; Studtnt Senate, ' 23; Academic Board; Tug-of-war, ' 23, ' 24. " Ernie " as he is known to all, is a prince in every sense of the word. His aggressiveness in sports has won for him a coveted place with the Tulane cagers. No doubt it will win him a coveted place in the business world. Rayan, John Edward New Orleans, Louisiana Commerce Realization Day Committee (2); Asst. Business Manager Hullabaloo (3); Commerce Key (3); Business Manager Hullabaloo (4); Jambalaya Representative (3). Johnny has shown an unlimited amount of ability in managing the " Hullabaloo. " Here is looking to his success in greater things. S6 m Senior Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Stoutz, Henry Lewis, Jr New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega. Academic Board (3. 4); President Class (3): Class Secretary (4); Treasurer Pan- Hellenic Council (3, 4). A splendid student and a liekable man is ' " Heine. " He is quiet in disposition, conscientious in his work, and persistent in all his efforts. Thompson, James A Houston, Louisiana Pi Kappa Phi It has been a priceless privilege for us to have known Jimmie as a classmate and a friend and in whatever field he makes his attempt he carries with him the heartiest wishes of his class that success may be his. Walne, George T., Jr New Orleans, Louisiana Commerce Key; Secretary-Treasurer Student Council (4); President Student Body College of Commerce (4) : Chairman Academic Board (4) : Delegate Mid-West Student Conference (4); University Band (1, 2, 3. 4): Treasurer Y. M. C. A. (3): Cabinet Member (3, 4); Tulane University Players (3); Tulane Dramatic Guild (3, 4); Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Student Body (3) ; Delegate Indianapolis International Student Convention (2): Class Secretary (2): Realization Day Committee (2);. Interclass Baseball (1); Jambalaya Representative (1). George stands in front ranks of the class of ' 26. His stay has been filled with an earnest striving to better any activity with which he came in contact. Sincere, determined and level headed, he stands among those who serve to mould campus life and campus thought for the better. Watson, Richard Stanford New Orleans, Louisiana Omicron Tau Alpha. Vice-President, ' 22; P resident, ' 23: Tulane Dramatic Club, ' 22, ' 23; Tulane Guild, •24, ' 25: Tulane Y. M. C. A., ' 24, ' 25, ' 26; Honor Board. ' 22, ' 23. If throughout the world you roamed at random in any clime, or under any sky, a truer, nobler friend could ne ' er be found. WiGGiN, Jack, Jr New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha. Scrub Football (1, 2, 3, 4): Interfraternity Basketball M, 2, 3, 4): Scrub Basketball (3, 4); Senior Class President: Academic Board (4); Baseball (4). Jack is one of those fellows that knows everyone and who everyone knows. He has taken his work, his friends, his activities and the campus with his smile. Take good fellowship, leadership, and a eenial smile, and that ' s Jack. 87 W. C. Bayliss Senior Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Estabuchie, Mississippi Kappa Psi. Vice-President Pharmacy Student Body. ' 25, ' 26. Here is a man from our sister state. And we wish we had lots more. For he is the kind we would like to find In every " first class " drug store. BousQUET, Roland J Slidell, Louisiana Kappa Psi. We have had profes- ors and students, too. From Slidell across the lake, But Bousquet we like best of all. And we wish him much success. Campbell, Jewel Hilton Norfield, Mississippi Kappa Psi. Class Secretary, ' 25. " Handsome is as handsome does. " This motto is of old. For Campbell, worthy, honest, true. Is still as good as gold. Coleman, Herbert M Canton, IVIissIssippi Kappa Psi. Honor Council, ' 26. Coleman is the handy man. To the Rirls he is best of all. He likes to do whatever he can And is on hand for every call. Corcoran, LeRoy Slaughter, Louisiana Kappa Psi. " Slow and steady wins the race. " So Corcoran likes to think. In chemistry he set the pace That some find hard to keep. 8S Senior Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY D ' Amico, C. Stephen Monroe, Louisiana Epsilon Kappa Sigrna. D ' Amico is quite handsome, This we all admit. " The ladies " are his specialty. Fisher, Cectle New Orleans, Louisiana Hullabaloo Calss Representative (1, 2). A little maid from New Orleans, Who in her work is most thorough; She likes to study the plants and trees. And these she can surely learn with ease. Ford, B. H Detroit, Michigan (Not in panel) Sig nia Pi; Kappa Psi. Ford is a pal we can ' t do without. He is popular where e ' er he goes. The great man of fame who has the same name. May take notice! Beware! and look out! Friedman, Belle B New Orleans, Louisiana Class Historian (1, 2 ) . A bellf; she i£ in name and fame. So honest, sweet and fair. And when there ' s anythine to do. Our Belle is always there. Gaar, Aloah Eva Bodson, Louisiana A blonde she is and so petite. Her ways are very cunninpr. When registered and in Dad ' s store. She will keep things all a-humming. Haddad, Sam G McComb, Mississippi Kappa Psi. Secretary and Treasurer Pharmacy Student Body, ' 25. Sam seemed to like to constantly remind us Of our duties we had to perform. To him it was a pleasure To weigh out and to measure What seemed to us hardest of all. 89 Senior Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Harris, Kenneth Rupert Eagle Lake, Texas Sig ' ma Pi; Kappa Psi. Honor Council, ' 25, ' 26; President Senior Clas s, ' 26; Treasurer, 25 ; Student Instructor in Botany; ' 26. A Texas boy, and one of worth. His work is splendid, too- In social life he is a sheik And wins whom e ' er he woos. Martin, Mavis Clare Picayune, Mississippi Our Mavis is so cute and sweet. To us she is most precious. In her own drug: store She expects to work And to all she will be most gracious. Norman, Dave J Morgan City, Louisiana (Not in panel) Phi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Pi. Class President (1); Student Body President (2); Freshman Football (1); Basketball (1); Baseball (1); Varsity Football (2); Tennis Manager (2). Small in stature but not in fanie. Our football " Shorty " is surely game. In ovir Pharmacy student body ho stands at the head, And a better leader we could not have had. Rizzo, Anthony M Monroe, Louisiana " Precious things come in small packages " So we have often heard ; And this is the way he comes to us. Against him we can ' t say a word. Roberts, William John, Jr Kappa Psi; Sigma Pi. Class Vice-President 2 ) . Roberts has been with us only one year. We wish he had come long before : We hope he will linger awhile with us here, But we wish him good luck where he goes. Eagle Lake, Texas 90 i Senior Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Robertson, William Bishop McComb, Mississippi Kappa Psi. Class Secretary and Treasurer, ' 25, 26: Honor Committee. ' 25, ' 26. Another one from Mississippi, A kindly chap is he. With his work he is earnest and serious, too. And always accomplishes what He tries hard to do. Rochester, John Underwood New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Psi. Freshman Track Team, ' 25. Of science he is very fond. In physics he likes to tell How the earth ' s force is measured And the rare metals treasured And other things we know not of. Slipakoff, Bernard New Orleans, Louisiana " Slippy " never talks but little, But thinks a great deal more. We are sure he will be a great success. When he manages a great Drug Store. Spatafora, John J iMonroe, Louisiana Tulane University Band. He ' s so full of pep and fun, We like to have him near. He can play, he can sing, And can do most anything. As a member of the band His name appears. Stewart, D. L. {Not in pane]) Gr Tete, Lo Kappa Psi. " Baby Stewart. " so we like to call him. Of whom we are so fond. A phaimaeist, too, of real worth and merit. To any drug store he will surely do credit. 91 9 p Senior Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Tritico, Gyte James Lake Charles, Louisiana One of the quietest and best of the class. To all he remains the same. As a pharmacir-t, ref?istered, he ' ll not be the last, To bring: to " Old Tulane " much fame. Verret, Prescott Berwick, Louisiana Kappa Psi. Verret is so honest and whole-hearted, too. In all that he is j iven to do ; We wonder how long it will be ' fore he owns A chain of drug stores all alone. Wager, Oliver E Crowley, Louisiana Kappa Psi. Tulane Band (1, 2); Freshman Track (1); Scrub Football (2). A steady worker and a man who tries To do his best always. He ' s a member of the band, you see. The " Olive and Blue " is his favorite melody. Walter. A. J Berwick, Louisiana (Not in panel) Kappa Psi. Freshman Football, " 23. Walter is one of the sports of the town. In south Louisiana where he lives. In school he has found How to do things up brown. And to others much pleasure he gives. Werckley, George L Bogalusa, Louisiana (Not in panel) Kappa Psi. " No manlier chap can e ' er be found, " So all the professors repeated. When there ' s work to be done You will find him around. And he will stay there until its completed. Woodward, Willy Sicily Island, Louisiana Jambalaya Representative, ' 25. ' 26; Honor Committee. When the years have flown on the wings of time. And our College days have long passed. In our hearts there will always and ever shine Dear Willy, best loved in the class. 93 Senior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Andry, Charles Gilbert New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Kappa Epsilon. Class Vice-President, ' 21; Captain Freshman Track Team, 22; Captain Freshman Wrest- ling Team, ' 21; Frer-hman Track Team, ' 22; Varsity Track Team, 23 : Architectural Society. Charlie is such a princely chap. We ::ooner or later knew That Cupid would be in his tracks To shoot him through and through. Buchanan, Herbert T New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha. Vice-President, Engineering Student Body; Freshman Football, ' 22; Scrub Football. ' 23, 24, ' 25; Thirteen Club, ' 22; Engineering Society. The big:gest Sheik of the Senior Class, No girl who is sane will let him pass. Campbell, Philip Hope New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Kappa Alpha, White Elephants ; Jambalaya Rep ' escntative. ' 24 ; Engineering Editor. Jambalaya, ' 2 5, " 26 ; Engineering Society ; Pan-Hellenic Council. With lots of good humor — a perpetual smile. For a fellow like " Inky " I ' d walk a full mile. Chalaron, Corjnne New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Alpha Omicron Pi. Agricultural Society, ' 22, ' 23, " 24, 25. A rosi:e among thorns who will always pass ; One of the best two co-cds in the class. Chamberlain, Donald Liverman New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Sigma. Scrub Football (1. 2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Tennis Champion (1); Engineering Society (3, 4): Glee Club (3, 4); Jamtalaya Representative (4); Interfraternity Basketabll (2, 3); Interfraternity Track (3). A bird of a friend, who ' ll stick to the end. In tennis he ' ll soon land among the first ten. 93 Senior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Creihton, William Henry New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society Now here is a lad who has brains by the scad. He ' ll be a p:ofes;;or as s eat as his Dad. DeGarmo, George J., Jr Miami, Florida Chi Phi. Varsity Football, ' 23; Varsity Track. " 24. ' 25; Captain, ' 26. When Geore:e took to track he soon ro e to fame Making poor Nurmi retire in shame. DiBOLL, Collins C, Jr New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Class Football, ' 24; Scrub Football, ' 24, ' 25; Class Wrestlnigr, ' 24; White Elephants; Architectural Society; Class President, ' 24; Adytum, ' 25, ' 26. Collins Diboll in his masterful way. Will design us a brand now gym some day. Drueding Robert Joseph New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society (3, 4); Chess Club (1); Secretary and Treasurer (2). In gaining success Bob will never be late. It ' ll be just as easy as making a date. 94- Senior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Ebaugh, Irvin a Baltimore, Maryland Tau Chi Epsilon. Tug-of-War (1, 2); Class Wrestling (1); Cross Country (2). The finest of men — and he ' s not a work dodger. We can truthfully say that we ' ll miss our Will Roger Ensenat, Fernando Merida, Mexico Sigma Iota. Engineering Society To predict for Ensenat ' s no difficult feat. As a Mexican general he ' ll never be beat. Gerstner, Henry George New Orleans, Louisiana Tau Chi Epsilon. Engineering Society: Dramatic Guild. Here ' s Hy with his most sacrimonious look, You ' d never have dreamed that he ' s not cracked a book. Griffin, Harden Tho.mas, Jr Shreveport, l ouisiana Sigma Epsilon; Tau Chi Epsilon. Shield and Scimitar, ' 2.3; Dormitory Governing Board, ' 24: Cross Country, ' 24: Class Vice-Piesident, ' 26. 95 ' l TW A if- i j: — i-.jaE?S:u.;ii ., ■ ' »«_.. .« .- . " I . ,.4 " Ki. _ s ..f.ii..-4i-- ' .:i. ...:-i.i3S;-.. .. Senior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Hay, William Wallace New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Kappa Alpha. Class Wrestling:. ' 22; Class Track, ' 22; Class Secretary and Treasurer, ' 23; Class Foot- ball, ' 23 ; Varsity Track, ' 24, 25 : Commissary, Summer Survey Camp, ' 24 ; President, Engineering Student Body, ' 25; Engineering Society. Hay may be for horses but not for our Scotch, If you ' ll trace his career you ' ll have plenty to watch. HoRTMAN Antoinette L New Orleans, Louisiana Architectural Society, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25; Director. ' 25. The Venus of Tulane will hasten on to fame. Her pleasant disposition will be her speedy train. Jervey William T New Orleans, Louisiana When we think we must leave him our eye ' fill with tears. There ' s a lot of good fellow between those two ears. Johnson, Frank Emil New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society. Our Yonnie, who now is a great little vandal. Will always be dodging society scandal. Kastler, John Ordway New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) A Kastler again will now rise to fame. Bringing still greater glory to proud old Tulane. King, William J New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Dignified Julian, just like a king, Whose fame will soon make the old welkin ring. Lashl y, Latham J New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Delta Tau Delta; Tau Chi Epsilon. Basketball. " 24: Scrub Football, ' 23. 24; Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball: Thirteen Club. We predict some great things for our dear little Bottle: No business could fail with him at the throttle. 96 f ! 1® -o c ) % 3 C V P c e f ' A A Senior Class COLLEGE of: ENGINEERING Lemann, Bernard New Orleans, Louisiana Glee Club, ' 23; Dramatic Club. ' 24: Adytum, ' 25. ' 26; Architectural Society, ' 24, 25; Secretary, 26 ; Lftbouisse Prize, ' 25. This boy is a Lemann, but what ' s in a name? We ' re sure he ' ll achieve both fortune and fame. Leonard, William H New York, New York Tau Chi Epsilon. Interclass Wrestling (1, 2): Cross Country (2, 3, 4); Track (4); Dormitory Governing Board (2, 3); Secretary (3): Student Assistant in Industrial Chemistry (3); Student Assistant in General Chemistry (4, 5). Bill Leonard down life ' s rocky pathway will breeze, ' With the aid of his sumptuous car, Eloise. Levy, A. Herbert New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Adytum. ' 25, 26; 5 W ' s, ' 25, ' 26; Architectural Society; Labouisse Prize, ' 25. Levy, Milton Lambert New Orleans, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau. Freshman Football, ' 22,; Varsity Football, ' 23, " 24, •25; Varsity Wrestling ' 23- Tulane Club, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24, He looks very harmless in cap and in gown. But all through his life he ' ll be making first down. Linfield, Robert Paine Lumbertown, Mississippi Pi Kappa Alpha. Class Football (2); Assistant, Chief Summer Survey (2); Chief Summer Survey (3); Engineciing Society (3, 4). When we find wo must leave our dear little Bob We find it quite hard not to break down and sob. 97 ■ Senior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING McLean, Leal Carey Henry New Orleans, Louisiana Delta Kappa Epsilon. Freshman Football (1); Class Football (i); Class Basketball (1, 2); Varsity Football (2, 3): Manager Baseball (4); Class President (1, 3, 4); Thirteen Club; Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2). As a president Leal is really a prize. We are sure his success will quite match his size. Mascaro, William Ohler New Orleans, Louisiana Varsity Track, ' 22, ' 23; Cross Country. ' 23, 24 ; Engineering Society; Glee Club. ' 24, 25; Math Club, ' 25. No subject ' s too hard for William to broach. In math, strength, and physics, he makes a good coach. May, George Elmer New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society; Assistant, [Radio Research. Elmer May, or may not tie the world down with stays. But he ' ll stay in the minds of his class-mates always. Miazza, Eugene H New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Nu. Engineering Society. Unassuming and modest, but just let Gene talk For any old project — he ' ll win in a walk. Moore, David Wordlaw New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Engineering Society; Olive and Blue; Glee Club (4). The ladies all rave over diligent Dave, Who made a good scrub for the famous Green Wave. 98 mmr Senior Class COLLEGE OP ENGINEERING MuRRELL, Richard C Bayou Goula, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi. Glee Club, ' 21, ' 22, ' 23. ' 24; Business Manager, 25, ' 26; Architectural Society; Adytum. Dick will surely succeed — of that we ' ve no doubt. He knows architecture both inside and out. Oser, Walter K New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Engineering Society. Weenie over in physics will cut quite a figure. As the size of his classes grows bigger and bigger. Owen, Allison, Jr New Orleans, Louisiana Kappa Alpha. White Elephant; Architectural Society, 21, 2.4, ' 25, ' 26; Vice-President. ' 21; Secretary, " 25; Adytum, ' 26; Secretary, ' 26; Sphinx Club, 24. ' 25, ' 26; Five V ' s, ' 25, ' 2G. We feel quite at ease about Allison Owen, Before long, we know, he ' ll have buildings a-growing. Pareti, Paul Pascal New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Engineering Society. No doubt in the world he ' ll be happy in life. For Pareti has already found him a wife. RossoM, Hartwell John New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society. A jolly good fellow, just full of wild notions. And the probablr center of most social explosions. 99 ' " t: ■ ■ ■«??Ki.f ;:.-:■ -T ; . ' -T?i. r3rT-.. ' ? ' -.? " - ' " ise: .f! .;:j K. " , Senior Class COLLEGE OF ' ENGINEERING Segall Ben Zion New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society. We hope that siiccess will come quickly to Ben, Nobody could wish for a steadier friend. Stafford, James Ferdinand New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Kappa Sigma; Tau Chi Epsilon. Class Vice-President. 23, 24 ; Secretary, Engrinocrinp: Student Body, ' 2 5 ; Class Histo- rian. ' 26: Cross Country, ' 23; White Elephants; Dramatics, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26; Engineering Society. Our Ferd, whom we know as a careful technician Will likely do best as a ward politician. Stayer, David New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society. He ' s a good engineer, and he ' ll always play fair ; He ' ll succeed, wu are sure, for we know he ' s a Stayer. Town, A. Hays ' . Lafayette, Louisiana Sigma Pi. Adytum; President, ' 26; Architectural Society; Treasurer, ' 24, ' 25; Five W ' s, ' 25, ' 26. Hays certainly ought to achieve great renown. As the years go on by — just like all other towns. Vivien Lucien T., Jr New Orleans, Louisiana Tulane Engineering Society ; Louisiana Engineering Society. Now, concerning this lad, here ' s a wee little peep. He ' ll use most of his time just to eat, drink, and sleep. a Ci Senior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Wagner Allen R New Orleans, Louisiana You can see at a glance this is true about Allen — In the van of the famous he will bear the gonfalon. Wallbillich Stephen Joseph New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society. Speaking of future? It ' s hard to believe That aught but success will descend upon Steve. Wehrmann, Henry V New Orleans, Louisiana Engineering Society - Decameron Dizzy they call him at school, And wel ' ll tell ycu right now he ' s nobody " s fool. WiRTH, Charles, III New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Kappa Sigma; Tau Chi Epsilon. Engineering Society; Class Treasurer (2); Class Vice-President (3); Jambulaya Rep- resentative (1, 3 ) ; Secretary, Enj ineering Student Body (4 ) . To say what Charlie ' s worth is pretty hard to do. So we ' ll say that he ' s a Wirth — and a migthy good one, too. WoGAN, Edward J New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Kappa Alpha. You know, in his class, it ' s often been said. When the others can ' t get it. why, bring it to Ed. Wright, William James New Orleans, Louisiana Beta Theta Pi. Class Football, ' 24 ; Engineering Society ; Secretary-Treasurer ; Glee Club (3, 4 ) . The best sense of humor, and full of good cheer. With a saintly devotion for pretzels and beer. b isr ■-j.iS ' -ifci.aB Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Ane, J. N New Orleans, Louisiana Theta Kappa Psi. Secretary, Arts and Science Student Body. A medic gracing the Arts and Science School with his presence. Ayo, Thomas Benton Raceland, Louisiana Alpha Kappa Kappa. Tulane Band. ' 22, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26: Tulane Glee Club Orchestra. ' 22, ' 2i3 ; Tulane Dra- matic Club Orchestra, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24. M ' seu Ayo, if you see my cow by de bayou, push him in. A true product of Louisiana, a master with the so-ca lled gentler sex, and :i student by sheer necessity 1 Baginsky, Herman Michel New Orleans, Louisiana Varsity Debating Alternate (3). Along with his scholastic work Herman has bceome quite adept in the fine art of debating. Baird, Val Stamford, Texas Theta Kappa Psi. Jambalaya Representative, ' 2.5; President Senior Arts and Science Class, ' 26. " No man is free who is not master of himself. " Keenness of perception, power of co-ordination, aptitude for the scientific, ability to attract his fellow-students — in a word, Val Baird, a Q_ Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Bechtel, George New Orleans, Loui? ' »na Sigma Pi. " Y " Cabinet (3, 4); Dramatic Club (3): Dramatic Guild (4): Museum Assistant (3. 4): Hullabaloo Staff (4). A chip off the old block. Page Charles Lamb — another common fallacy disproven. Great me " do sometimes raise great sons. Our Georgq bids fair to ascend to scholastic heights worthy o ' his illustrious pater. Benedict, W. Sommer, III New Orelans, Louis- ma Sigma Nu. Class Basketball (1. 2) ; Tug-of-war (1, 2) ; Class Secretary (1) : Jambalaya Representa- tive (1. 2): Scrub Basketball (2, 3); Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3); Tennis (1. 3); Rho Phi (3). Sommer spends the first two weeks of each .session hidden in the attic of a certain mansion, an . to compensate for his seclusion he sings the praises of his lodge for the rest cf the year to any audi nee that will give him an ear. Bolton, George Washington Alexandria, Louisuna (Not in panel) Phi Kappa Sigma. Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 25. The fair ones of Alexandria are anticirating his graduation. Brickman, Isadore Chattanooga, Tenne .see (Not in panel) If genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration, Isadore is the original genius — without, we dare say, ever having been inspired. Cherry, Robert Herman New Orleans, Louisiana Sigma Nu. Freshman Tug-of-War, 21. " Ro-berc " need never depend upon medicine for a livelihood. Atwater-Kent have made a fortune broadcasting. Collins, Conrad G New Orleans, Louis-ana Alpha Kappa Kappa. Varsity Golf Team. ' 24; Scrub Football, ' 23, " ir,; Class Football, ' 24; Tug-of-war, ' 22, ■23. ' " Stop the world, I want to think! " The Great Conrad — he cf pugilistic fame, taking medicine for general knowledge — he says, bu all his classmates look forward to the results of the two beloved co-workers — C. G. Collins and J. E. Lander. 103 iA.— - — U ™ « Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DuREN, William Larkin New Orleans, Louisiana The qualities of unselfishness and good nature have won for him an ever-increasinp host of friends on the campuB, and his strong determination and self-reliance can only foretell future prosperity. Flourney, C. P New Orleans, Louis ' ina Beta Theta Pi. Thirteen Club; Football (2, 3. 4); Basketball (3, 4); Baseball (2, 3. 4). " . . . and the multitude Razed at him spellbound. " Once in a decade comes a Peggy. We hesitate with a commentary, lest son -2 unknowing person might think him a God — when he is only a demi-god. Forsyth, Harry Pugh , Checotah, Oklahoma Theta Kappa Psi. A gourmond for labor. Always in a hurry — he can ' t help succeeding. Foster, Mary Charlotte New Orleans, Louisiana President, Co-ed Student Body. Her loss will be felt. As Master Technician the succesB of a course is dependent upon her. Hanckes, Lloyd J New Orleans, Louisiana (Not in panel) Alpha Kappa Kappa. Lloyd also is taking medicine not for a profession, but for general knowledge — and does exceedirply well. 104. Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Hargrave, Robert Lee Wichita Falls, Texas Phi Rho Sigma. Jambalaya Representative, ' 25. When Colonel entered Tulane the major leagues suffered the loss of a great pitcher — but Science de- mands such sacrifices. Hayt)EL, Henry Lawrence Convent, Louisiana Phi Rho Sigma. Secretary. Senior Class; Tulane Band (2. 3, 4) ; Tulane Glee Club Orchestra (1. 2) : Tu- lane Dramatic Club Orchestra (1. 2, 3). A conscientious student, and a likeable fellow. Hurt, Charles S. L New Orleans, Louisiana Treasurer (2); Gendy-Burke (2, 3): Tulane University Players (3); Treasurer (3). Although possessing a rather quiet disposition, he has left a distinctive impress on the campus, in the form of a radiant and happy disposition. Kalif, George McComb, Mississippi Dramatic Club (1, 3): Sophomore Debating Team (2): Dramatic Guild (4); Treasurer (4) Glendy-Burke (1, 2, 3, 4): Secretary-Treasurer (4): Dormitory Governing Board (2, 3; Secrtary (3); Spanish Club (2, 3); President (3). In his Quiet manner. George has proven himself a good thinker, an excellent student, and a staunch friend. 105 Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Landry Jacob Segura New Iberia, Louisiana Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi. Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 23: Olive and Blue: Class Secretary. ' 24: Vice-President, ' 25: Glendy-Burke; Assistant Manager, Baseball, ' 25: Varsity Track, ' 23, ' 24. ' 25: Interclass Football, Basketball, Track and Wrestling, ' 22; Cross Country Team, ' 23; Scrub Football. ' 23, ' 24. ' 25. Jake possesses an ever-ready smile, .1 beaming countenance, a seriousness of purpose, and the other characteristics of success which lead us to the assurance that he will succeed in life. Leslie, Fred Lake City, Florida Freshman Football (2): Dramatic Club (1. 2): Florida Club (3): Honor Council (3): Dormitory Governing Board (4). The handsomest man in the uptown Medical School. Levy, Juhu.s Lazard New Orleans, Louisiana Class Wrestling, 23: Tug-of-war, " 23: Secretary, Shield and Scimitar. Perseverance is his middle name. Levy, Leonard B New Orleans, Louisiana Zeta Beta Tau. Glendy-Burke (1): Tulane Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 3); Assistant Business Manager, Dramatic Club (3). If fortune should at first refuse him success in life, he ' ll be bound sooner or later to argue her out of it and achieve his goal. Io6 ' A A .iX Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE LiNDER, John Eugene New Orleans, Louisiana John and Conrad — synonymous for Damon and Pythias. McCain, James I New Orleans, Louisiana Glendy-Burke (3); Class Basketball (1. 3); Class Baseball (2); Scrub Baseball (2, 3); Jambalaya Representative (3); Scrub Basketball (2, 3). Accurate work, an analytical mind, and a keen sense of humor will carry Jimmie far in his future lifework — law. Monte, Louis A New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Rho Sigma. Honor Council, ' 26; Wrestling Team, ' 24. " Laugh and the world laughs with you. " Monte has laughed off four years of college and feels the better for it. Phillips, Percy Albert New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Kappa Phi; Chi Zeta Chi. A. A. U. Wt-estling Champion, ' 22. In wrestling with his studies and with real wrestlers Percy has met with equal success. He has emerged from both contests — a champion. 107 M VF i ,.«iL-._ ;..-_ia„._s-.. Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE RoBBERTS, David C New Orleans, Louisiana Alpha Kappa Kappa " All the world loves a lover. " Dave is a rare combination — a student and sheik. He thinks nothing of batting in the A. O. A. bracket, breaking hearts and managing to get in eight hours of sleep nightly. Rogers, Wii.mer H St. Francisville, Louisiana Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Kappa Psi. President. Arts and Science Student Body, ' 26; Vice-Piesident Student Council, " 26: Varsity Track Team, ' 25. In " Dick " we find that rare combination — unusual scV elastic ability, practical common sense which refuses to be swayed by passion or prejudice and a good fellowship that is as lasting as it is genuine. Sacco, Allan Charles Houston. Texas Phi Rho Sigma. Tug-of-war, ' 22, ' 23. Sacco won fame and renown by virtue of his name. What is more triumphant than the clarion call of " Sacco! " Shpall, Leon New Orleans, Louisiana Dramatic Club: Tug-ot-war (1). Quiet and reserved in manner, Leon has become a sound thinker and an excellent student. io8 Q Q Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE ' Smith, Earl Conway Waldo, Arkansas Alpha Kappa Kappa. Tug-of-war, ' 22: Honor Council. ' 24. Earl has a frank friendliness and a remarkable disposition that makes him easy to know and hard to forget. Sullivan, Maurice Patrick New Orleans, Louisiana Pi Kappa Alpha; Nu Si ma Nu; Sigma Upsilon. Jambalaya Staff, ' 26: Art Editor, ' 26; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 26. Here is a man versatile and talented — a sage and a wit, an artist and a student. Medicine is the only profession broad enough to permit such a man to develop his possibilities. Some day we ex- pect to see him put his feet on the topmost rung. Thomas, Ford Alton Heflin, Louisiana Phi Rho Sigma. Ford possesses in abundance that quality to do well whatever he undertakes. His sunny disposition has enabled him to make friends readily, yet underneath his easy-going way are found sterling traits of character. Trazivuk, Jacob George New Orleans, Louisiana In the East was science born. Therefore Medicine is his birthright. 109 a a : ' ' f ' ' f7m% e- Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Trist, Nicholas Philip New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Rho Sigma. Tug-of-war; Interclass Wrestling; President. Sopliomore Medical Class. Nick makes more announcements per square week than all the other class presidents laid end to end and multiplied by a hundred. White, Robert Burnett Cadiz, Kentucky Phi Delta Theta. Glendy-Burke (1); Jambalaya Representative (2): Y. M. C. A. (2, 3. 4); Class Vice- President (2); Class President (.3): Member of Junior Prom Committee (3). " Bob " has won many friends through his cordial and pleasant manner, and has distinguished himself socially as well as scholastically during his college career. Yancey, Benjamin New Orleans, Louisiana Theta Alpha Phi. Tulane Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3): Stage Manager (2): Student Director (3): Glendy- Burkc {1. 2 3, 4); Sergcart-at-AVms (1); Censor (2); Vice-Speaker (3); Campus Night Chairman (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2. 3. 4); El Attneo Espanol, Secretary (2, 3); Hullabaloo Reporter (1. 2) : Tulane Dramatic Guild (3, 4) : Commitee on Amalgamation (3): Vice-President (4),- Director (4); Spanish Plays (2, 3); Rolling Billows (4); President (4). " A horse, a horse My kingdom for a horse! " When Ben came to Tulane both Broadway and Hollywood suffered. He is indeed blest in the subtle histrionic art. Young, David W Fayetteville, Tennessee Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu. His dignified bearing belies his love of life. A stanch believer in the saying that " all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, " Phike lives accordingly. But now his college career has been crowned with success, a forerunner of the success in life. Senior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Bautovich, Colenda Ferdinand New Orleans, Louisiana Psi Omega. C:a£3 Historian, ' 24, ' 25. New Orleans may well be proud To have given to our crowd One so studious as " Bauty. " Unassuming, never naughty. Bethea, Guy Dorridge New Augusta, Mississippi Sigma Pi; Psi Omega Honor Council. ' 23. ' 24, ' 25; Class Secretary. ' 24; Class President. ' 20. Hail, Columbia ' s gallant son. Our official chaperon ! ! With his " better half " as guide. Fortune ' s wave he ' s sure to ride. Caraway Leon William Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Psi Omega. Honor Council, ' 24 ; Class President, ' 25 ; Varsity Baseba Zealous, untiring, yet smiling and gay. Fond of the ladies — that ' s our Caraway. Kentwood, we ' re told, offers quite one attraction. When strenuous study demands a reaction. Shreveport, Louisiana Cornish Paul Armstrong Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Xi Psi Phi. He ' s all the way from Arkansaw. And loves a jolly time — Raw! Raw! Yet " Snuare D ?al Cornish " knows his stuff. And made a record — that ' s no bluff. Texarkana, Arkansas b Senior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY HiNES, Houston John Kosciusko, Mississippi Xi Psi Phi. Varsity Baseball, ' 23, ' 24. Behold the " Babe Ruth " of the dentistry bunch, " Babe " Hines, the Original! — we have a hunch That this jovial mimic, so ready of wit. In life ' s game is scheduled to make a great hit. Knighton, Holmes Tutt York, Alabama Xi Psi Phi. Honor Committee " 22. ' 23: Class Vice-P esident, ' 24, ' 25; Summer Scholarship, ' 25. When " King Tut " decided not to sail the raging main. His loss to Annapoli:; distinctly was our gain. Very conscientious, but if e ' er he starts to yelp. " All the native Yorkers will be forced to call for help. KuEBLER, Joe Russell Rockland, Texas Psi Omega. Class Vice-President, ' 25; Honor Council, ' 24, 25, ' 26. All the way from Goose Creek, Texas — Never does a thing to vex us. Smilingly thru life he ' ll go Just the same " big-hearted Joe. " Landridge, Melvin William Fort Arthur, Texas Psi Omega. Honor Council. ' 25; Class Secretary, ' 25, ' 26; Summer Scholarship. ' 25. Latitude and longitude he measure?, mile by mile. From Port Arthur, Texas, the only place worth while. Yet he does not overpraise, as he can prove by .Tack — Just a little girl to love is " Mel ' s " most striking lack. Lea, Rudolph Elmo . Leesville, Louisiana Psi Omega. Glee Club, ' 23, ' 24. ' 25, ' 26: Honor Council, ' 24; Jambalaya Representative, ' 25. With his " one string fiddle, " he will cha. ' -e your blues along. Or he ' ll charm and please you with mt lodious gift of song. Never linger near him if you want to nurse a grouch — He put the " Lea " in Leesville — for this his classmates vouch. a a Senior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Magee, Thomas C. William Franklinton, Louisiana Xi Psi Phi. Class President, ' 25; Honor Council, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25; Jambalaya Representative, ' 25; Hulla- baloo Staff. ' 25; Tulane Y Cabinet, ' 25; Historian, ' 26. " Twentieth Century William, " as his nickname would indicate. In his profession and life-work hopes to remain up-to-date — Take him for what he ' ;i worth, classmates — ever he hopes to be true To all our mutual ideals, to our Alma Mater, and you. MacLean, John Thomasville, Georgia Psi Omega. Our Mac, as a wee, canny lad. Roamed the braes dressed in kilties and plaid — Many countries he ' s seen; And to claim him, I ween, Tulanians should be " darn well " gflad. ] IiTCHELL, Louis Donald, Jr La Grange, Georgia Phi Delta Theta. We quote as our Louie ' s pet creed, " It doesn ' t take height to succeed. " In State Street ' s Study Club, Sure, he ' s not any dub — And Jack helps him. talk when there ' s need. Odom, Andrew Jackson Port Arthur, Texas Sigma Pi; Psi Omega. Class President, ' 23; Varsity Basketball, ' 23. ' 24. ' 25; Varsity Football, ' 23. ' 2-i •. Track Team, ' 23. ' 24, ' 25; Football Manager, ' 25; Flower Cup, ' 24, ' 25. An athlete, and fond of the gay social whirl, Newcomb ' s best bet. yet he ' s fond of one girl; Showing great prowess on team or on track ; Boosting the Lone Star State — thi3 is our Jack. Robinson, Virgil Austin Anderson Lake Charles, Louisiana Xi Psi Phi. Honor Council. ' 24; Vice-President of Dental Student Body. ' 25; President of Dental Stu- dent Body, ' 26; President of Tulane Student Council, ' 26; Hall of Fame. ' 26. Varsity Football, ' 21, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24. ' 25; Varsity Baseball, 24. ' 25. A member of the " wonder team, " that boosted Tulane ' s fame: A leader born. who. all through life will play an honest game. Our quiet, modest, Robbie, we are happy to acclaim. And know he ' ll live through future years in Tulane ' s Hall of Fame. " 3 Senior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY HISTORY In to the past da5 ' s and months have gone, And changes have come into school and home ; Soon, the grim problems that make up life Face us, and warn of turmoil and strife — Was it four years ago, or just yesterday That we started forth in youth ' s hopeful way To develop each wavering hope and plan For definite service to our fellowman ? Faster and faster Time seems to go ; Soon comes Life ' s ev ' ning; our step grows slow; Some day but few of us shall remain With fond recollection, to live again — As we wander backward thru Mem ' ry ' s hall. And glance at the pictures upon its wall — The scenes that, together, we ' re passing thru The glorious things each one hopes to do ; The struggles and trials ; the fun and tricks The career of the Class of ' 26 — O, may it not be in that future day Of one of our number the world shall say: " His was a mission of selfish greed ; He hearkened not to his neighbor ' s need. " Instead, as we go forth, O, may we be From ignominious motive free. True, valiant, sons of humanity. 114 k - Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE De la Barre, Adele, B.Des. . Pass Christian, Miss. Phi Mu. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3). Baumgartner, Fannie T., B.A. . New Orleans, La. Beaird, Fredeen, B.A. . . . Yazoo City, Miss. Chi Omega. Cla ss Vice-President, Class president (2) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Cabinet (2): Glee Glub (1): Mandolin-Guitar Club (1): Executive Committee (2, 3); Student Council (2) : House Council (3) ; Debating Club (2, 3) ; President (3). Beer, Clara May, B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Sigma Phi. Class President (3) ; Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3) ; Debating Council (1, 2, 3): Athletic Council (2. 3): Arcade Board (3); Secretary Mandolin-Guitar Club (3): Executive Committee (2): Dramatic Club (2, 3); Student Council (2, 3). Berenson, Anna, B.M. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Broussard, Agnes P., B.A. . . . Abbeville, La. Alpha Omicron Pi. Tennis Team (1, 2): N. A. A. (1): Y. W. C. A. (2); Debating Club (2); Winner of Tennis Team (1). Brown, Marion, B.A New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Carbine, Erin M., B.Des. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Alpha Delta Pi Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Chalaron, Claire M.. B.A. . New Orleans, La. Chi Omega. French Circle (1. 2. 3); Debat-ng Circle (1, 2, 3): Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Secretary-Treasurer ot French Circle (3). Charbonnet, Irmine, B.A. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Kappa Gamma. Cier, Helen L, B.A New Orleans, La. Cleveland, Adele, B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Conneh y, Ruth, B.A Houma, La. Y. w. c. a. (3). Crawford, Alma M., B.A. . . New Orleans, La. Cruther, Ida L New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) sSs m ..- gs si -:jaasa» r Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Delchamps, Willie M Mobile, Ala. Kappa Alpha Theta. DoDDS, Sheldon A., B.A Gulfport, Miss. (Not in panel) Chi Omega. French Circle (1, 2. 3)); Student Council (1): Y. W. C. A. (2); Class Secretary (2); House Council (3). Dudley, Winder M., B.A. . . Flemingsburg, Ky. (Not in panel) Kappa Kappa Gamma. DuMESTKE, Adelaide G., B.Des. . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Mandolin-Guitar Club (3). Wells, Elizabeth D. (Mrs.), B.Des. . Pineville, La. Alpha Delta Pi. Class Cheer Leader (1): Glee Club (1. 3); Athletic Association (1, 3): Class President (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 3). Dymond, Frances, B.Des Wills Point, La. Pi Beta Phi. French Circle (1. 2): Y. W. C. A. (3). Ferguson, Lucy C, B.Des Gulfport, Miss. (Not in panel) FoLSE, Dorothy B., B.A. . . . Oak Ridge, La. Alpha Omicron Pi. Y. W. C. a. (1, 2, 3): Class Treasurer (2): House Council (3); Student Council (3). Fuller, Hilda C, B.M Bernice, La. (Not in panel) Gahagan, Low V Shreveport, La. Gamble, Dorothy S., B.A. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Gamma Gamma. DebatinK Club (1, 2): French Circle (1). Gaspard, Lucille K., B.A. . . New Orleans, La. Goldberg, Esther, B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Spanish Club (1); Tulane University Players (2): Debating Club (2); Newcomb Dramatic Club (3). Goldstein, Harriet J., B.A. . New Orleans, La. Latin Club (1); N. A. A. (1); Science Club (1); Debating Club (1. 2, 3). Goldstein, Natalie B., B.A. . . Shreveport, La. Guthrie, Clara B., B.A Bastrop, La. Pi Beta Phi. Halkensbring, Naomi L., B.A. . New Orleans, La. Assistrnt Business Manar.er Jambolaya (3): Fnni " e Committee (3) ; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3) ; Cabinet (2, 3) ; N. A. A. (1): French Circle (1, 2, 3): Latin Club (1) : Glee Club (2. 3) : Ma ndolin-Guitar Club (1. 2. 3). Hardesty, Kathryn S., B.A. . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Heaslip, Elizabeth W. W., B.A. . New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron Pi. Newcomb Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3); Tulane Dramatic Club (1); Tulane University Players (2); Board of Directors (2) ; Chairman Campus Night (3) ; Assistant Cheer Leader (3); Assistant Editor Jambalaya (3): Executive Committee (3). Il8 Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Henry, Modene, B.A Wennsboro, La. (Not in panel) HiBBARD, E. E. d ' Hemecourt, B.D. New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2, 3): Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3): Y. W. C. A. (2, 3). HiRN, Frances Barrus, B.A. . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Alpha Theta. HiRSCHBORN, Pearl St. Louis, Mo. (Not in panel) HoNOLD, Edith A., B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Y. W. C. A. (3 ). HopsoN, Elizabeth R.. B.A. . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Honey, Alice E., B.Des. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Hume, Emily L., B.Des Mismi, Fla. Chi Omega. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3) ; Dramatic Club (3). Jacobson, Bertha, B.A. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Jeanfrean, Olga M., B.A. . . . Garyville, La. Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2, 3). Jones, Ethel M., B.Des. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Johnston, Sadie V., B.A. . . . Shreveport, La. (Not in panel) Alpha Delta Pi. Joy, Sue P., B.Des Nashville, Tenn. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Kaliski, Rosalie, B.A Monroe, La. King, Jerry (Mrs.), B.A. . . New Orleans, La. Alph Delta Pi. Knight, Lucille, B.A Merryville, La. (Not in panel) Alph Delta Pi. Y. W. C. a. (1. 2, 3). Lang, Lucille G New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Lambert, Ottili M., B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Lee, Norma New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Levy, Flora, B.A White Castle, La. (Not in panel) Mandolin-Guitar Club (3). Levy, Mildred F., B.A Monroe, La. (Not in panel) Lyon, Elizabeth A., B.A. . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron Pi. French Circle (1, 2. 3): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Cabinet (3): Class Treasurer (3). Lyon, Katherine E., B.A. . . Greenville, Miss. Magee, Fannie A., B.D. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) pj Beta Phi. Marice, Elise J., B.D. . . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (3). 119 ' aT a a Junior Class NEWCOMB C OLLEGE McCoNNELL, Gaither, A., B.A. . New Orleans, La. Class Secretary (3); French Circle (1, 2); Latin Club (1): N. A. A. (I)-, Dramatic Club (2, 3); Tulane University Players (2); Debatine Club (3). Morgan, Margaret Oklahoma, Miss. Meisenheimer Winifred M., B.A. New Orleans, La Tulane Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3) ; Newcomb Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); N. A. A. (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Melun, Marcelle M., B.A. . .New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Theta Alpha Pi. French Circle (1, 2, 3): Glee Club (3). Meredith, Angie Monroe, La. Miller, Agnes C, B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Mooney, Miriam K., B.A. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Kappa Gamma. Glee Club (1. 2, 3): Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3,1; French Circle (2) ; Debatine (2). Morrison, Sallie P., B.M. . . . Hammond, La. (Not in panel) Mulqueeny, Mary E., B.Des. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (2. 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3) ; N. A. A. (1); Spalding Basketball (2). Neville, Havel McComb, Miss. (Not in panel) Northrop, Lynne W., B.Des. = Pass Christian, Miss. (Not in panel) Kappa Kappa Gamma. Osborne, Helen E., B.A. . . . Gulfport, Miss. Page, Frances M., B.A. . . . Columbia, Tenn. (Not in panel) Phi Mu. Class Secretary (1) : Varsity Hockey (1) : Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Class Vice-Presi- dent (2); Student Body Secretary (2): French Circle (2, 3) : Dormitory Council (2. 3) : Debating Council (2) : Student Council (3) ; Student Body Treasurer (3). Petitjean, Irene M., B.A Rayne, La. (Not in panel) Rainold, Lucy M., B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Kappa Gamma. Rainold, Marie L., B.A. . . . New Orleans. Le.. Glee Club (1. 2, 3): N. A. A. (1); French Circle (1, 3) : Y. W. C. a. (1, 2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3). Richardson, Merle M., B.A. . New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (1): French Circle (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (2. 3): Dramatic Club (3). Rebman, Ina R., B.A Courtland, Ala. RiECKE, Alice B New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Tulane University Players (2). Schlesinger, Dorothea, B.A. St. Francisville, La. (Not in panel) Alpha Epsilon Phi. Corresponding Secretary of Student Body (3); Dra- matic Club (3): Debating Club (3); French Circle (3) ; Tennis Team (2). Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Snyder, Elizabeth, B.Des. . . New Orleans, La. Chi Omega. French Circle (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (2): Cabinet (3): Dramatic Club (1. 3). Snyder, Zelma B Winnsboro, La. SoLOMAN, Mildred R., B.A. - . Greenville, Miss. (Not in panel) Stiefiater, Anne R., B.A. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Taylor, Ruth Adair .... New Orleans, La. Chi Omega. Treasurer (1). Thibaut, Evelyn, B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Kappa Gamma. Thompson, Georgette R., B.Des. . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Y. W. C. A. (1, 2) : N. A. A. (1) : Athletic Council (3). Tuten, Martha Armon, B.A. . Lake Charles, La. Alpha Delta Pi. Von Arx, Ruth R., B.Des. . . . Houston, Texas (Not in panel) Wagner, Dorothy M., B.M. . . Stephenson, Miss. President Glee Club (3); Vice-President Class (3): Executive Committee (3): French Circle (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3): Dramatic Club (2. 3); De- bating Club (3) ; Fine Chief in Dormitory (3). Wallace, Virginia Woodville, Miss. (Not in panel) Watson, Katherine, B.A. . . Milwaukee, Wis. Watson, Marjorie, B. Des. . . Memphis, Tenn. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Weeks, Diemey C Charleston, S. C. (Not in panel) White, Katherine W Live Oak, Fla. (Not in panel) White, Marjorie, B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Alpha Epsilon Phi. French Circle (1, 2. 3): Spanish Plays (2): Glee Club (3). Witty, Dorothy T., B.Des. . . . Winmna, Miss. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3) ; Dramatic Club (3). Wolf, Babette W., B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Athletic Council (3) : Jambalaya Board (3). Wright, Anne R., B.A Jackson, Miss. (Not in panel) Yenni, Sydney A., B.A. . . . New Orleans, La. Latin Club (1); Science Club (1).- N. A. A. (1): French Circle (1, 2. 3); Debating Club (3); Tulane University Players (2). Yenni, Yvonne F., B.A. . . New Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1): N. A. A. (1): French Circle (1. 3); Tulane University Players (2): Latin Club (1). Young, Ethel C, B.A. . . . Alexandria, La. (Not in panel) Alpha Omicron Pi. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3) ; Debating Club (1, 2) ; Elocution Committee (2). 121 Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Anderson, Wilson D. . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Chi. Arnold, Walter F San Francisco, Cal. Phi Beta Pi. Attaway, Curtis L Ville Platte, La. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Applewhite, Nornam E. . . . Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. B.S. Millsaps, ' 23. AULER, Hugo A Elgin, Texas Nu Sigma Nu ; Lambda Chi Alpha. Pathogens; Owls. Barnes, Walter L Seaboard, N. C. Theta Kappa Psi. B.A., ' 25 Wake Forest College. Bayne, Rembert D Selma, Ark. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. Pathogens; Owl Club; Medical Pan-Hellenic, ' 25; B.S. Degree. Beacham, H. T Hattiesburg, Miss. (Not in panel) B.S. University of Mississippi. BoiZELLE, Felix New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Phi Beta Pi. Honor Council, ' 25, ' 26. Boybtte, Ivy D Oxford, Miss. Phi Chi. B.S. University of Mississippi, ' 25. Brewster, Hyder F Ruston, La. Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Glendy Burke ' 22- ' 24; Vice-President Y. M. C. A., ' 23- ' 25; Treasurer A. S., ' 23- ' 24; Secretary and Treasurer Freshman Medical Class, ' 23- ' 24 ; Y. M. C. A., Cabinet, ' 23- ' 25: President A. S., ' 24- ' 25; Executive Committee Freshman and Sophomore Rela- tions A. S. ; Honor Committee A. S. ; Dramatic Club, ' 22- ' 23. Brown, CuTHBiniT J New Orleans, La. Phi Beta Pi. Class Historian, ' 25; Secretary A. S., ' 24. Brown, Morgan W Ragland, Ala. Phi Chi. B.S. Degree. m i Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Cannon, Herbert E Birmingham, Ala. Tau Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Square and Compass. Celli, Ernest New Orleans, La. Vice-President Junior Class, ' 26. Chapman, Sims A New Orleans, La. Phi Beta Pi.. Honor Council, ' 25. Clayton, Price Birmingham, Ala. (Not in panel) Theta Kappa Psi. B.S. Degree. COLVIN, Gus W Lincoln, Ala. Phi Chi. Cook, Miss Martha E. . . . Lake Charles, La. (Not in panel) CURRIE, M. O Magee, Miss. (Not in panel) Theta Kappa Psi. DeLaureal, Boni J Broussard, La. Kappa Sigma; Phi Rho Sigma. Pathogens ; Owls. Dilworth, Harold C Jasper, Ala. (Not in panel) Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Pathogens ; Owls. Eck, Andrew J New Orleans, La. Frank, Herman W Gadsden, Ala. Phi Delta Epsilon. B.S. Degree. GoDDARD, Julia D New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) GooCH, John B New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Chi Zeta Chi. Varsity Debating Team, ' 25. GoRDCN, Edward M Westwego, La. Chi Zeta Chi. B.S. Degree. Gravcis, John A., Jr. . . . White Castle, La. Phi Rho Sigma. Sec ' etary and Treasurer of Class, ' 26; Varsity Base- ball. ' 25; Varsity Baseball, ' 26. GREE •, Marvin T Hico, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Theta Kappa Psi. President Arts and Science Student Body, ' 25: Sec- retary Pan-Hellenic, ' 26; President Y. M. C. A.. ' 24; Secretary Dramatic Club, ' 2o ; Representative Mid- wesi Student Conference, ' 25. Hand, William F Barth, Miss. Phi Chi. B.S. University of Mississippi, ' 25, 123 5f ♦ ' iSiB Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Hatchette, Stanley F Marion, La. Alpha Chi Phi (A. X. P.) ; Phi Chi. B.S. Degree University of Virginia, ' 23. Hendrick, John V Shieveport, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. Owls Club. Hill, Kyle Temple, Texas (Not in panel) Alpha Kappa Kappa. HocHPELDER, Bernard .... New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling, ' 22; Interclass Baseball, ' 23- ' 24. Hollo WAY, Joseph C Durham, N. C. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Holland, Clell G Phi Chi. B.S. Degree University of Mississippi. Houston, Arthur N Tucson, Ariz. (Not in panel) Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Pathogens. Hull, Edgar Pascagoula, Miss. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Jones, William N Centerville, Ala. (Not in panel) phi Beta Pi. B.S. Degree University of Alabama. Kahn, Leonel L Rayne, La. (Not in Panel) B.S. Degree. Kuhn, Lloyd J New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Chi Zeta Chi. Leeper, James A Lenoir City, Tenn. (Not in panel) Pi Kappa Phi; Chi Zeta Chi. Lewis, Seaborn J Eufaula, Ala. (Not in panel) Chi Zeta Chi. Llorens, Fernando Santiago, Cuba Phi Chi, Delta Tau Delta. A.B. University of North Carolina: Pathogens. Logan, James G Natchez, Miss. Phi Rho Sigma. LucKiE, Kenneth E Pleasant Hill, Ala. Phi Chi; Phi Gamma Delia; Sigma Upsilon. A.B. University of Alabama. Malloy, Martin L Birmingham, Ala. Theta Kappa Psi. Mallowitz, Mannie Trenton, N. J. (Not in panel) Class Historian, ' 26. Marshall, R. B New Orleans, La. Phi Beta Pi. Matthews, Whitsitt M Bunkie, La. Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE McCoy, Cullen M Cove City, N. C. Alpha Kappa Kappa. McCuiSTioN, Hakry M Paris, Texas (Not in panel) Delta Tau Delta. Cheer Leader. Meyer, Paul R Lafayette, La. Phi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Mu. Pan-Hellenic Council. MiRAMON, George C New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Baseball, Track, Wrestling; BoxinB, ' 22. Moss, Walter O Lake Charles, La. Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Varsity Football Squad, ' 24- ' 25- ' 26: Assistant Basket- ball Manager. ■25- ' 26; Class Secretary, •22- ' 23 ; Class Vice-President, ' 23- ' 24: Scrub Football, •21- ' 22- ' 23- ' 24 ; White Elephants: Pathogens: Sphinx: Olive and Blue; Owls; Secretary Medical Student Body. ' 24- ' 25. MuLLiNS, Tipton Clanton, Ala. (Not in panel) Kappa Alpha Theta. B.A. Degree. MuRRELL, Walter L Colfax, La. (Not in panel) Sigma Pi; A. K. K. B.A. Degree; Student Honor Council, ' 24; Class Presi- dent, ' 215. Nolan, Stuart E. . . . San Louis Patosi, Mex. (Not in panel) Overton, Carrol D Pine Bluff, Ark. Parks, Thomas J Brooksville, Miss. Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. B.S. Die Miss, ' 24; White Elephants; Pathogens; Owls. Pearlstein, Jacob Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S. Degree. Peterson, Richard J Greenwood, Miss. Rabb, Virg S Smithville, Texas Nu Sigma Nu ; Square and Compass. Ramirez (y Santos), Rafael . Caquas, Porto Rico (Not in panel) B.S. Degree. Ray, Elgin A Bessemer, Ala. Alpha Kappa Kappa; Square and Compass. Ray, Robert B Koscuisko, Miss. (Not in panel) Theta Kappa Psi. C.S. Mississippi A. and M., ' 23; Honor Council, ' 26. Reddoch, Joseph W Hope Hull, Ala. (Not in panel) Theta Kappa Psi. B.S., ' 25: Honor Council, ' 25. Rayer, Kenneth N Kankakee, 111. Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Assistant Professor Anatomy, ' 25; Hall of Fame, ' 26. Rizzo, Frank P Monroe, La. Phi Rho Sigma. Jambalaya Hepresentative, ' 24. 125 Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Robinson, George H Bernice, La. (Not in panel) Alpha Kappa Kappa; Pi Kappa Alpha. Robinson, Robert A., Jr Gloster, Miss. Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. Pathogens. RocA, Julio C Yauco, Porto Rico (Not in panel) Phi Sigma Nu. B.S. West Virginia University, " 25. Rouse, Clyde Carlos .... Gulfport, Miss. Phi Beta Pi. B.S. University of Mississippi. Rush, Leslie Vaughn .... Meridian, Miss. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Chi. Saleeby, Philip J New Orleans, La. B.S. Degree. Savage, Richard S St. Louis, Mo. Phi Chi. Scott, Joseph T., Jr New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. SiMMONDS, Noel T Alexandria, La. Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Slater, Ben R Newport, Ky. (Not in panel) Chi Zeta Chi. chairman Honor Cbuncil, ' 25. Smit h, Charles McD Paris, Ark. B.S. Degree. Smith. William G Parson, N. C. (Not in panel) Theta Kappa Psi; Sigma Delta. B.S. Degree University of North Carolina. SowBLL, Rugel F Forney, Texas (Not in panel) B.A_ Degree, Stansell, Paul Q New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Phi Beta Pi. Stewart, Dudley Marcus . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Rho Sigma. B.S., ' 23: Medical Interfrattrnity Council, ' 26; Class Reporter, ' 26. Strange, Jack E Hammond, La. (Not in panel) Sigma NU. Summer, W. Carroll .... Newberry, S. C. Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. B.A. Newberry College, ' 23: Owls: Pathogens. Torretta, J. N Tampa, Fla. (Not in panel) TowNSEND, Robert G. . . . Lumberton, N. C. Theta Kappa Psi. B.A. Wake Forest College, ' 26. 126 Junior Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Trahan, Henky Lafayette, La. Phi Eho Sigma; Epsilon Kappa Sigma. Class Vice-President. ' 24. Ukrutia, Hzctor San Antonio, Texas tXot in panels Wade, Jack H Calhoun City, Miss. Phi CM. E-S. Universiiy of Alabama Waltrip, Powhatax M. . . Fort Worth, Texas (Not in psnel Chi Phi; Xu Sigma Xu. A H University of Texas. 23 : Secretary Pan-Hellenic Cooncil, ' 2-i- ' 25 ; Varsity Tennis Team, ' 24- ' 25 : Patii- ogens : Owls. Wabxer, Eugzxe JI Fort Smith, Ark. (Not in panelj X_ _ _ Warner, Lucien iL Del Rio, Texas (Not in panel) Sigma Chi; Nn Sigma Nn. Pathogens; Owls: Varsity Baseball, ' 25. Warner, Pattl L Nashville, Tenn. Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi ChL Pathosens- Watkins, James H Troy, -Ala. (Not ill panel I Sigma Xu; Phi Chi. Watkens, L. Clifford Llano, Texas A. K. K.; Square and Compass. Weinfield, Ernest B. . . . Xew Orleans, La. B.S. Degres. Weiss, Casl A Baton Eouge, La. Phi Rho Sigma. B.S. Degree; T. TJ. Band, ' 25: Secretary and Treajarer Class, ' 25. Welsh, Clyde L Mandan, X. D. Xn Sigma Xu. WiLLlAJMS, Gut D Mer Eouge, La. Sigma Chi; Xu Sigma Xu. Patlio ens. WnxiFORD, Lotus E Houston, Texas Kappa Sigma; Phi ChL (Tlass President. 24 : Student Instrtictor Zoology and Comparative Anatony. ' 22- ' 23 ; White Elepiiants : Path- ogens : Owls Clab ; Pan-Hellenic Coancil, ' 25. ' 26: Class FootbaU (1, 2) : Class Baseball (L). Womack, David E Xew Orleans, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; X n. Sigma Xu; S(iaare and Compass. B.A. Degree Tnlane. ' 2$: B.S. Degree Tolane, " 25; Jambalaya Representative, ' 23- ' 24: Assistant Easi- ness Manager Medical Jam ' jalaya. ' 26. WoRTHlNGTON, WiLLLAM X. . . Lexington, Ky. Phi ChL -•K ,, f Nli Junior Class COLLEGE OF LAW Adams, St. Clair, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. .Jambalaya Representative, ' 22 ; Class Vice-President. ' 23; Freshman Basketball. ' 22. Basso, J. Hamilton .... New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Sigma Upsilon; Kappa Delta Phi. Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3): Dramatic Society (1, 2); Assistant Director (2); Hullabaloo Staff (1. 2, 3); Arts and Science Editor (1, 2); News Editor (3); Tulane Senate (2, 3); Secretary (2); Picaninny Staff Tulane Club (1. 2): Jambalaya Class Representative (2); Varsity Orator (1); Varsity Debater (2): De- bating and Oratorical Council (2, 3): Jambalaya Staff (1, 2, 3); Editor-in-Chief (3); Secretary Freshman Law Class (3); Rho Phi (2). Benson, Lawrence K Hammond, La. (Not in panel) Omicron Tau Alpha. White Elephants, ' 22; Glendy Burke, ' 23; Assistant Cheer Leader, ' 23; Varsity Cheer Leader, ' 24- ' 25; Moot Court, " 24 ; Class Vice President, ' 24. Browne, Patrick W New Orleans, La. {Not in panel) Delta Kappa Epsilon. Cahn, Edmond N New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Varsity Debater (1) : Manager Freshman Debating (1): Dramatic Club (1): Varsity Debater C2, 3); Car- not Medal (2) ; Manager Sophomore Debating 2) ; Alcee Fortier Award (2); French Thesis Medal (2); Secre- tary-Treasurer Oratorical and Debating Council (3); Jambalaya Representative (3): Tulane Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Beta Kappa (3): Chairman Oratorical and Debating Council (4); Sigma Upsilon (4). Claverie, Louis B New Orlean.?, La. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma " Upsilon. Editor-in-Chief Jambalaya, ' 26; Assistant Editor Jam- balaya, ' 25: Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 25, ' 26. CoNTONio, Theodore, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi. Freshman Football. ' 24; Scrubs, ' 25; Track, ' 24; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 25. Davidson, James J., Jr Lafayette, La. Phi Alpha Delta. A. P.. DeKree Tulane UniverEity. ' 25: Speaker Glendy Burke; Secretary Y. M. C. A.; Debating Team: Ora- torical and Debating Council: Varsity Debater, ' 24- ' 25. Dinkelspiel, Clare .... New Orleans, La. Moot Court, ' 24, ' 25; Secretary-Treasurer Co-ed Stu- dent Body, ' 25- ' 26. Flanders, Elmer D. . . ■ . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Vice-President Law Student Body, ' 25; Glendy Burke; Moot Court. Gesell, Merle F New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Jambalaya Representative, ' 25. GoETZ, Edwin W., Jr Shreveport, La. Delta Tau Delta. White Elephants, ' 23; Glendy Burke, " 24. Hammel, John H New Orleans, La. Moot Court. 128 Junior Class COLLEGE OF LAW Hoffman, Lloyd C New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Phi Kappa Sigma. Vice-President Senior A. S. Class, ' 24: Freshman Tug-of-War, ' 21; Inteiclass Track, " 22; Moot Court, ' 25: Scrub Baseball. Johnson, Flournoy C, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. Freshman Football, ' 23: Thirteen Club, ' 23; Scrub Football, ' 24, ' 25; Jambalaya Representative, ' 25; Moot Court. Landry, Jacob S New Iberia, La. Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi. Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 23: Olive and Blue: Class Secre- tary, ' 24: Vice-President. ' 25; Glendy Burke; Assist- ant Manager Baseball. ' 25 : Varsity Track, ' 23 ; Cross Country Team, ' 23; Scrub Football, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25: Inter- class Football; Basketball; Track and Wrestling, ' 22. LeBlanc, Katherine F. M. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) A.B. Degree Newcomb College, ' 21. Levy, Gus New Orleans, La. Kappa Nu. Moot Court. Lord, Noah New Orleans, La. Band, ' 23, ' 24, 25; Glendy Burke, ' 25. LuNN, WiLBURN Shravcport, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Sigma. Marcus, David C De Ridder, La. (Not in panel) Delta Tau Delta. Mueller, Roy San Antonio, Texas MuNHOLLAND, CHARLES T Monroe, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Sigma. Pitts, John L Alexandria, La. Kappa Sigma. Raney, Jarvey ' T Zwolle, La. (Not in panel) Ray, Lloyd, A New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi. White Elephants, ' 24; Class President, ' 27; Pan- Hellenic Council. Simon, Warren M St. Martinville, La. Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. Moot Court. White, Robert McLin .... Alexandria, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. White Elephants; Scrub Football (2, 3, 4): Inter- class Football (2); Interclass Basketball (2); Scrub Basketball (4); President Freshman Law Class. Woodward. Madison T., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Phi. Glendy Burke, ' 23, ' 24, ' 25: Vice-President, ' 25; Dramatic Guild, ' 24, ' 25; Tulane Club, ' 25. 129 •JmH Junior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Abramson, Paul D Shreveport, La. (Not in panel) Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Delta Epsilon. Allums, Loraine Ringgold, La. (Not in fanel) Bayon, Philip J New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Barrera, Manuel, (y Guerra) . Brownsville, Tex. (Not in panel) Blanchard, Frederick H. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) BowEN, Wilfred P St. Martinsville, La. Phi Chi. Class Football, " 24. Born, Charles A., Jr Pensacola, Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Breaux, Ray P Carencro, La. (Not in panel) Burke, Thomas W Lufkin, Texas Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Carreras, Wilfred C Moron, Cuba (Not in panel) Chavez, Ernest, Jr New Orleans, Jr. Theta Kappa Psi. Class Football (1. 2); Wrestling Team (1. 2): Dormi- tory Governing Board (2); A. A. U. Wrestling. ' 24: Olympic Tryouts, ' 24. Clark, Edward .... San Augustine, Texas (Not in panel) Kappa Sigma. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Cooper, J. B Trenton, Tenn. (Not in panel) Delta Sigma Phi; Theta Kappa Psi. Copland, Sidney M New Orleans, La. (Not in pa,nel) Garces, Julio E San Germon, P. R. (Not in panel) Gardner, Thomas L Clarksville, Texas Gates, Richard F Hammond, La. (Not in panel) Phi Delta Theta. Green, Max M Mer Rouge, La. Phi Rho Sigma Haas, Leon S., Jr Opelousas, La. Interclass Football (1. 2): Tulane Band (1. 2, 3). 130 1 Junior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Hardy, William R Brewton, Ala. (Not in panel) Harper, Adam H New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Alpha Tau Omega. Class President (1); White Elephants: Freshman Football: Freshman Basketball; Scrub Football (2); TuB-of-War (1. 2): Glee Club (3): Freshman Base- ball: Honor Council (1): Interclass Football (1. 2). Harris, John B Ruston, La. (Not in panel) t)elta Sigma Phi; Theta Kappa Psi. Heindel, Roy L., Jr New Orleans, La. Band (1. 2. 3): Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3) Tulane Uni- versity Players (2); Jambalaya Representative (3). Hill, Luther L., Jr Montgomery, Ala. Chi Zeta Chi. Jensen, Frank T New Orleans, La. TuK-of-War, ■23, ' 24; Y. M. C. A., ' 23: Cabinet, ' 24: Vice-President, ' 25; Dramatic Club Orchestra, ' 23; Glee Club Orchestra, ' 23; Tulane Newcomb Orchestra, ' 24; Class Secretary, ' 23, ' 2.5; Jambalaya Representa- tive, ' 24; Tulane University Band, 23, ' 24; Librarian, •26. Kahn, Sigmond a Rayne, La. Sigma Alpha Mu. Kessler, Marion New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Class President (2, 3): Class Football (1, 2); Scrub Football (3): TuE-of-War (2): Class Basketball (2): Y. M. C. Cabinet (3) : Pan-Hellenic Council. Knighton, James E Shreveport, La. Beta Theta Pi. Class Secretary (2): Class Vice-President (3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3): Class Football (1, 2): Class Wrestling (1. 2) : Class Baseball (1, 2). LiPANi, John New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Lynch, Harry O Hot Springs, Ark. Sigma Chi. McKeon, Clementine C Algiers, La. (Not in panel) Mahony, Evan W New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Scrub Football (3). Matthews, Perry E Calico Rock, Ark. (Not in panel) Meyer, Henry S Zwolle, La. (Not in panel) Zeta Beta Tau. MiRAMON, Charles J New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Newman, Isadore New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Zeta Beta Tau. O ' Neil, Maurice E Morgan City, La. (Not in panel) Pareti, Louise M New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Partridge, Clarence V Mobile, Ala. (Not in panel) 131 Junior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Planche, Felix A Covington, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa. PoLMER, David New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Preston, Edwin Miami Beach, Pla. (Not in panel) phi Chi. RiES, Maurice R New Orleans, La, Omicron Tau Alpha. Class Vice-President (2); Hullabaloo Staff (1); Arts and Science Editor (2): Managing Editor (3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2): V ice-Pre- irlent (3 1; Band (1 2, 3 ) : Glee Club Orchestra (1); Tulane University Players (2) : Forum Committee (1. 2) ; Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3) ; Jambalaya Staff (1) ; Tulane Dramatic Guild (2) ; Tub- of-War (1, 2); Tenpens (2. 3); Oratorical and Debat- ing Council. Robbert, Ellis F New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi. Band (1, 2, 3). RozAS, Sidney J Chataignier, La. (Not in panel) Sanders, L. M Mobile, Ala. (Not in panel) Sigma Chi. White Elephants. St. Germain, E. L. . . . Breaux Bridge, La. (Not in pa,nel) Theta Kappa Psi. Tulane Band, ' 24, ' 25; El Aleneo Eapanol. ' 25. Shushan, Morris New Orleans, La. Kappa Nu. Tulane Orchestra, ' 23; Tulane Glee Club. " 24. Shute, Frank C Opelousas, La. Beta Theta Pi. Interclass Football (1, 2); Interclass Basketball (1); Tug-ot-War (1, 2): Scrub Football (2). Smith, Gayle A New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha. White Elephants; Hullabaloo (1, 2, 3); Jambalaya Business Manager (3); Acting Assistant Football Manager (2). Spencer, Bennib E Spencer, La. (Not in panel) Stewart, Charles L Grosse Tete, La. (Not in panel) Stille, RoBBajT B Many, La. (Not in panel) Tessitore, Nicola New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Toby, Edward M., Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Xau Chi Epsilon. Tug-of-War (1, 2); Dramatic Club (3); Asst. Direc- tor (3) : Asst. Bus-iness Manager (3) ; Tulane Dramatic Guild (3, 4): Secretary (3, 4): Member Executive Committee (3, 4); Glendy Burke (3. 4); Y. M. C. A. (3, 4). ToLER, Clovis S Clinton, La. (Not in panel) Alpha Kappa Kappa. Tripoli, Carlo T New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) WATTEaJS, Theodore A Belcher, La. 132 Junior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Baine, John C, Jr New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. Class President, ' 26, ' 26; Freshman Basketball. Blain, Hugh M., Jr New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. BooKSH, Thomas S Plaquemine, La. (Not in panel) Sigma Nu. Scrub Track Team. ' 24. Brough, Charles M Vicksburg, Miss. Beta Theta Pi. Tue-of-War (2); Class Football (2): Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Scrub Football (4): Engineerine Society (3, 4): Pan Hellenic Council (4). Brown, Charles W New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Scrub Football, ' 24; Class Football, ' 23. Bruns, Thomas N. C New Orleans, La, (Not in panel) Chi Phi. Carbonell. Martin Barcelona, Spain (Not in panel) Carre, Walter W., Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Fresliman Football; Varsity Football, ' 23, ' 25. Chamberlain, Leonard C, II . New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma; Tau Chi Epsilon. Tennis, ' 25; Glee Club. ' 23. ' 24, ' 25; White Elephants. •23. Chapman, Arden W New Orleans, La. Tau Chi Epsilon. Tenpens, ' 24; Glendy Burke, ' 24, ' 25; Tulane Uni- versity Players, ' 24; Tulane Dramatic Guild, ' 25; Class Secretary, ' 24; Interclass Debating, ' 23, ' 24; Hullabaloo Staff. ' 25 ; Oratorical and Debating Coun- cil, ' 24: Y. M. C. A., ' 24, ' 25; Tulane-Newcomb Christian Union, ' 25: Tulane Dramatic Club Orchestra, ' 23: American Chemical Society, ' 24. D ' Aquin, Esler L New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Devall, Lucien New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Forman, Alfred H., Jr Vinton, La. (Not in panel) Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fox, Charles W., Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Gelpi, Rene F New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) geta Theta Pi. Glee Club, ' 23, ' 24; Architectural Society, " 24, ' 25, Hamilton, Charles H. . . . New Orleans, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Architectural Society; Engineering Society; Glee Club, ' 26; Five W ' s. Hanemann, Sheldon J. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Xau Chi Epsilon. Hargis, Elias D., Jr Romeville, La. (Not in panel) Haverkamp, John D New Orleans, La. Interclass Football (1); Freshman Track (1); Class Secretary and Treasurer (3). 13 ' ii Junior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Letvy, Maurice W New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Interfraternity Basketball (4); Class Football (1, 2). LiDDLE, Jay T., Jr Meridian, Miss. (Not in panel) Lob, Charles New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Tulane Club (1, 2); Interfraternity Basketball (1. 2); Varsity Golf Squad (2); Assistant Commissary Sum- mer Survey Camp (2). Myers, William L Memphis, Tenn. (Not in panel) Nelson, Lawrence K New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Newlin, Albert K New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Phi Kappa Sigma. Class President (1); Fresliman Football (1); Sopho- more Football (2); Class Vice-President (3). OsTER, William P New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Patterson, Edward J. . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. Tug-of-War (2); Football (1); Basketball (1); Class Secretary-Treasurer (1); Band (1, 2, a): Assistant Track Manager (3). Rainville, Walter S., Jr Gretna, La. Tau Chi Epsilon. American Chemical Society. Reinach, Leon M New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Sigma Alpha Mu. Freshman Basketball (1); Jambalaya Representative (5): Pan-Hellenic Council (3. 4, 5); Scrub Track (4). Reixach, Rene H New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma. Class Debating (1): Historian (1); Jambalaya Rep- resentative (2); Glendy Burke (1, 2). Simpson, Walter S New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Swoop, J. Timothy New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Tortomasi, Bernard J. . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Tucker, Jay W., Jr Houston, Texas (Not in panel) Phi Delta Theta. Watson, Clement H New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketball: Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Tau Chi Epsilon, Watson, Reginald E. . . . San Diego. Calif. Interclass Football (4); Varsity Football (5): Chief Summer Camp (5); Assistant Summer Camp (4). Weed, James E New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Wilson, Harvey A New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Delta Tau Delta. Freshman Football; Basketball: Thirteen Club; Pi Alpha Phi; Varsity Football (2, 3). 134 m Junior Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Ayo, Charles E., Jr. . Morgan City, La. Pi Kappa Phi; Kappa Psi. Class Secretary; Fraternity Basketball Brown, William T. . . Picayune, Miss. (Not in panel) Kappa Psi. Cerniglia, Joseph J. . . . Delhi, La. Honor Council. De Grado, John, Jr. . Houston, Texas (Not in panel) HocHFELDER, JOSEPH . New Orleans, La. KiRCHMiER, Chilton B., Portsmouth, Va. (Not in panel) Kappa Psi. Levy, Milton S. . . Morgan City, La. Kappa Nu. Lizama, C New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Miller, Philip .... Westwego, La. Mizell, Emmett D. . Forest Hill, La. (Not in panel) Kappa Psi. Moore, Israella . . New Orleans, La. Walls, John L. . . New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Delta Sigma Phi. President, P ' lc hman Class. Wolfe, Marion J. . Bay St. Louis, Miss. (Not in paneO Kappa Psi. Cross Country Team, ' 26. Wright, George DeV. . . Crowley, La. Kappa Psi. Zimmerman, Theo. R., New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) 135 1 ' A A Junior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Bourgeois, S. J., Jr Morgan City, La. Phi Kappa Sigma; Psi Omega. Class President, ' 24. Bowman, Robert L Knoxville, Tenn. (Not in panel) No picture taken. Psi Omega. BoYETT, Roy New Orleans, La. Honor Council, ' 24: Secretary and Treasurer Student Body, ' 25. Craine, Shelley E New Orleans, La. CrawI ' ord, Charles L Carlisle, Ark. (Not in panel) No picture taken. Xi Psi Phi. Jambalaya Representative, ' 24; Honor Council, 25. Darby, Marjorie M Baton Rouge, La. B.A. Deprree Louisiana State University, ' 23 ; Clas Secretary and Treasurer, ' 25; Honor Council. ' 24. Deichman, Oliver B New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Psi Omega. Freshman Track; Varsity Tiack. ' 24; Assistant Man- ager Football. ' 25. Earnest, J. Claude Le Compte, La. Sigma Pi. Easley, David C McComb, Miss. Xi Psi Phi; Square and Compass. Class President, ' 25; Vice-President Dental Student Body, ' 26; Assistant Medical Editor Jambalaya, ' 26. Preund, Andrew J Austin, Texas Jordan, Webb W Autaugaville, Ala. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Square and Compass. Jambalaya Representative, ' 21; Medical Editor Jam- balaya, ' 26: Honor Council, ' 26. Landau, Arthur P Montgomery, Ala. Zeta Beta Tau. TuB-of-War, ' 22: Hullabaloo Staff, " 22, ' 26: Class His- torian, ' 26; Jambalaya Representative, ' 25; Class Poet. •26. 136 Junior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY LoMBARDO, Salvo J Newellton, La. LORIO, Alvin B Lakeland, La. Sigma Pi. Varsity Football, •2.I. -25. Lyons, Norwood E Opelousas, La. Xi Psi Phi. NoRRis, William C Baton Rouge, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Xi Psi Phi. Class Secretary. ' 24: Tug-of-War. " 23. Ott, Azel J Osyka, Miss. Xi Psi Phi. Honor Council. ' 26: Jambalaya Representative, ' 24, Palermo, Pascal P. . . New Orleans, La. Xi Psi Phi. Freshman Football ; Varsity Football. ' 24. ' 25 ; Honor Council. ' 24. ' 25 ; Class Historian. ' 24. RuFFO, Anthony L New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) No picture taken. Seelig, Joseph R New Orleans, La. Kappa Nu. Class Vice-President. ' 26; Jambalaya Representative, ' 26 : Interfraternity Basketball, ' 25. Smith, J. Melville, III . . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Psi Omega. Freshman Baseball; Track; Basketball; Baseball. ' 25; Honor Council, ' 26. SONIAT, Sidney L New Orleans, La. Sigma Pi; Psi Omega. Honor Council, ' 24, ' 25; Class President. ' 26; Wood- ward Prize for Scholarship, ' 25. Umstot, Ralph E New Orleans, La (Not in panel) No picture taken. Xi Psi Phi. Jambalaya Representative, ' 25. Wainwright, Laurin L Bernice, La. {Not in panel) No picture taken. Pi Kappa Alpha; Psi Omega. Interfraternity Baseball and Basketball, ' 22, ' 23. Waldeb, Sam New Orleans, La. 137 ' A A Junior Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE BoGEL, Joseph H Port Arthur, Texas Carter, William B New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Thirteen Club; Phi Alpha Phi: Class President, ' 23; ' 24; Glee Club, ' 24; Wrestling and Bo xing Team, ' 24; Manager, ' 25; Assistant Cheer Leader, ' 25. Chatelain, Hillaries L. . . . DeQuincy, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. Vice-President Sophomore Class; Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Student Body ; Interfraternity Basketball, ' 24, ' 26. Church, Nelson C New Orleans, lia. (Not in panel) Class Vice-President, ' 25; Class Secretary and Treas- urer, ' 24. DowLiNG, Robert N Gloster, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Forsyth, John F Mohile, Ala. (Not in panel) Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi. Groskind, David Holly Springs, Miss. Zeta Beta Tau. Halsey, Edwin P New Orleans, La. (Not in panel) Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Upsilon. A.B. Degree Princeton. T38 m Junior Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Kent, Warren D Fluker, La. Kappa Alpha. Secretary Junior Class, MiNGLEDORFF, Makvin S., Jr. . . Savannah, Ga. Jambalaya Class Representative, ' 25; Commerce Hulla- baloo Representative, ' 26; Class President, ' 26; Assist- ant Business Manager Jambalaya, " 26. Reeves, Charles H New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Class Vice-President (1): Thirteen Club; Tulane Dra- matic Club (2) ; Tulane University Dramatic Guild (3). Salassi, Gerard O New Orleans, La. Class Basketball, ' 22 ; Jambalaya Representative, " 25. Thompson, William H Hosston, La. Pi Kappa Phi. Whitley, Harry T Shreveport, La. Sigma Nu. Wright, Malcolm B Hammond, La. Phi Delta Theta; Square and Compass. 139 uo Sophomore Class ■ NEWCOMB COLLEGE Adams. Florence M. . New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi. AiTKENs, Attica . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta. Anderson, Dorothy E. . Ne ' w Orleans, La. Backer, Leola . . . New Orelans, La. Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2). Baird, Anne Baird, Miss. Bayley, Catherine . . . Atlanta, Ga. Baylor, Claudia . . . Gulfport, Miss Baxter, Elaine F. . New Orleans, La. Chauvanne, Rose N. New Orleans, La. Bayon, Lucille M. . Baxter, Kathleen . . Bearss, Katherine M. Beckley, Irma D. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Greenville, Miss. New Orleans, La. Newcomb Basketball (2). Bendersky, Anna .... Selma, Ala. Billeaud, Louisette a. . Broussard, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dramatic Club (1, 2): French Circle (1, 2). Blake, Mary B. . . New Orleans, La. Bodenheimer, Evelyn . New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Debating: Club (1, 2); Secretary-Treasurer (2): Debating Council (1, 2): Alternate Varsity Debater (1); French Circle (1, 2). BONART, B2RTHA . Bone, Ida M. . . Bowers, Myrtle G. Bradley, Camilla E Pi Beta Phi French Circle (1, 2) Brandao, Esther M. Brener, Fannie . Brent, Martha D. . Brown, Frances E. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. y. w. c. a. (2). New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Laurel, Miss. New Orleans, La. Bullock, Sara C. . . . Columbus, Ga. Kappa Ke.ppa Gamma Cantrelle, Josephine . . Houma, La. Carnahan, Cornelia . New Orleans, La. Caron, Delphine . . New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi. Carran, Vivien L . . New Orleans, La. Carre, Leila . . . New Orleans, La. Chi Omega. Chequelin, Y. Byrne. . New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi. Glee Club (1, 2) ; French Circle (1, 2). Clement, Katherine . New Orleans, La. Phi Mu. Cross, Agnes B Harvey, La. Dalton, Dorothy . . . Bentonia, Miss. Daspit, Dorothy .... Houma, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2): Debating Club (1. 2); Tulane Players (1). De Blieux, Emily L. . Natchitoches, La. Kappa Alpha Theta Devlin, Angela . . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta. iuiane Players (1). Devlin, Shirley A. . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta. iuiane Players (1). Dickson, Sallie K. New Orleans, La. DoDDS, DiCY Gulfport, Miss Chi Omega. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Debating Club (2); French Circle (2). Dulion, Effie . . . New Orleans, La. Dunn, Eleanor Arr;ite, La. East, Villa B Norwood, La. Ellis, Mary H Amite, La. Kappa Alpha Theta. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (2). P ' asterling, Sarah E. . New Orleans, La. Glee Cluh (1, 2). Ferry, Helen . . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta. Field, Beatrice . . . Lake Charles, La. Class Secretary (2): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); French Circle (1): Dramatic Club (1. 2); Debating Club (1. 2); Debating Council (2); Inter-CoUegiate Debating Team (1); Volley Ball Captain (2). Fisher, Enid P. . . . Greenville, Miss. Pi Beta Phi. Jambalaya Representative (1): House Coun- cil Treasurer (2): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1. 2) Fly, Mildred C Summit, Miss. Phi Mu. Glee Club (1, 2): French Circle (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2) ; Cabinet (2). b 6 ' A A Backer, Bavley, Baylor, Bodenheimer, Bowers Bradley, Brandao, Car.vahan, Carrau, Carre Fly, Chavaune, Chaquelin, Clement, Daspit, Devall DoDDS, East, Ellis, Field, Fisher, Foster Greaves, Hanley ' , Hayward, Heaslip, Holberg Johnson, Jordan, Kassel, King, Kundert 144 Sophomore Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE FowiLER, Florence R. . New Orleans, La. Keen, Katherine . . New Orleans, La. Fox, Susie MacD. . . . Columibus, Ga. Keeton, Marcella H. . Memphis, Tenn. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2). . -r-r , . , -.,. King, Kathleen . . Hattiesburg, Miss. Gabriel, Matilda C. . . Mobile, Ala. Alpha Delta Pi GoLL, Alice D. . . . New Orleans, La. y. w. c. a. (i, 2): Giee ciub (i ,2). Y. w. c. a. (1. 2); Glee Club (1. 2); De- Kaufman, Adele . . New Orleans, La. batini Club (1, 2). GOMILA, Madeline C. . New Orleans, La. Kundert, Salome .... Gretna, La. Goodman, Florence L. . Greenville, Miss, amb, Pat New Orleans, La. Gradwohl, Rose . . New Orleans, La. ang, Edith A. . . New Orleans, La. Greaves, Katherine . . Bolton, Miss. ang, Robbie G. . . New Orleans, La. - r ' r Dramatic Club. Chi Omega. Recording Secretary Student Body (2); LAW, EvELYN Franklin, La. House Council (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1). , „ _. . , ,, Lea, Eva L New Orleans, La. Hamilton, Helen B. . Bnmmgham, Ala. Glee Club (1. 2). Levine, Ronia . . . New Orleans, La. TT T m A J.1 i Debating Team (1, 2) ; Alternate on Jennie HANLEY, KaTHRYN T. . . Atlanta, Ga. C. Nixon Debate. Glee Club (1, 2): Dram " atic Club (I. 2); LiPSCOMB, VIRGINIA R. . Demopolis, Ala. Debating Club (2). McLaughlin, Betty K. . Forest, Miss. Hans, Nettie F. . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic ciub (i, 2); y. w. c. a. (i, 2). Hayward, Stella . . New Orleans, La. Martin, Dorothea . . New Orleans, La. TT i T ,- 1 T . Pi Beta Phi. Heaslip, Cora . . . New Orleans, La. French circle (2). Alpha Omicron Pi. ,, ,. _ ,t- » 1 Varsity Hockey (2): Dramatic Club (1, 2); MASSEY, NANCY D Vma, Ala. Class Treasurer (2). Chi Omega. Herold, Rosemary . . Shreveport, La. Deba ' J ng iub (2). ' " " ' ° ' " " ' " = Herring, Albena M. . New Orleans, La. Menville, Muriel M. . New Orleans, La. Heymann, May C. . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Delta Pi. Hills, Doris C. . . . New Orleans, La. Metcalfe, Jane R. . . Metcalfe, Miss. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Chi Omega. Dramatic Club (1, 2); French Circle (2); M. . . . New Orleans, La. Tulane University Players (1); Debatine ' ,„.,,,.„ i. i- , t ,„, Club (2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (2). French Circle (1); Debating Club (2). HoLBERY, Vera B. . . New Orelans, La. Meyer, Louise . . . New Orleans, La. HoGAN, Marion . . . New Orleans, La. Michaelis, Fay . . . New Orleans, La. Hopkins, Gladys . . New Orleans, La. Mu.ler, Merrill Osceola, Ark Pi Beta Phi. Pi Beta Phi. Glee Club (1, 2). De la Houssaye, S. . . Franklin, La. .. Moffett, Mary .... Monroe, La. Jay, Rosalie Lavinia . New Orleans, La. ,,„,„„ i r.„,..T a at rv i t Moise, Marian A. . . New Orleans, La. Johnson, Gertrude . . . Forest, Miss ht ™, ,,™ d „„, at r-i i t ' Montegut, Bernice . New Orleans, La. Jordan, Eleanor . . New Orleans, La. ,, ,, „ „„ at r. i r ' Mooney, Cecil . . . New Orleans, La. Julius, Elise B. . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Student Council (2) ; Athletic Representa- Debating Club (1, ) : French Circle (1, 2). t ' e (2) :Assistant Business Manager Ar- cade (2): Secretary Athletic Association Kahn, Hannah M. . Morgan City, La. (2): class President (i). Kahn, Ray F Jennings, La. Moreau, Modeste B. . New Orleans, La. Kassel, Myrtle . . New Orleans, La. Morrison, Edna E. . . . Brooks, La. a a m JUu LouvE, Martin, Massey, Menville, Miller, Moffett moise, mooney, morphy, morrison, mounget Niebergall, Nockton, O ' Leary, Packer Parsons, Pfeifer, Philbrick, Priestley, Rosenblatt Sanders, Saunders, Selser, Swift, Thomason Valenzuela, Vuncanon, Wadsworth, Westerfield, White, Wilson 14.6 c, Sophomore Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE MoRPHY, Helen . MouNGER, Cecilia Maccari, Doris . Neville, Ella . New Orleans, La. Columbia, Miss. New Orleans, La. . McComb, Miss. Chi Omega. Newburger, Martha . New Orleans, La. NOCKTON, Lena M. . . . Crowley, La. Alpha Delta Pi. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2).- Volley Ball (1, 2). Packer, Maxine L. Parham, Aletta . Parham, Louish . Parsons, Edward D Patten, Gusse . Alexandria, La. Shreveport, La. . Shreveport, La. New Orleans, La. . . . New Orleans, La. Chi Omega. Pfieper, Anna . . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2); French Circle (1. 2); Dramatic Club {1, 2). Philbrick, Vinette . . . Biloxi, Miss. Pi Beta Phi. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Priestley, Elizabeth L. . Rosedale. Miss. Ramage, Sarah . . . Gulfport, Miss. Class Vice-President (1); Glee Club (2); Jambalaya Representative (2). Redus, Xathryn . . Birmingham, Ala. Rollins, Mary L. . . New Orleans, La. Root, Alice Carol . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Rosenblatt, Mary L. . . Atlanta, Ga. Phi Mu. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Sanders, Mary . . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta. Y. W. C. a. (1); Class Vice-President (2). Saunders, Maridel . . New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi. Spalding Basketball (2); Baseball (2); Tennis (2); Class Treasurer (2); Student Council (2); Athletic Council (2); Stage Manager, French Circle (2). Seaward, Bertha M. . New Orleans, La. Selser, Florence . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta Staples, Daisy C. . . Alexandria, La. Sutcliffe, Pauline . New Orleans, La. Swift, Mary E. . . . New Orleans, La. Chi Omega. Debating Club (1, 2): Inter-Class Debate (1): Dramatic Club (1. 2); French Circle (1. 2). Thomason, Mary L. . New Orleans, La. Valenzuela, Sara . . New Orleans, La. Spanish Plays (1). Vuncanon, Martha . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1, 2): Tulane University Players (1); Dramatic Club (1, 2). Virtue, Ruth .... Cincinnati, Ohio Zeta Tau Alpha. Debating Club (1 ) ; Y. W. C. A. (2 ) ; Hulla- baloo .Stalf (2). WiADSWORTH, Selma A. . New Orleans, La. Waldmann, Eleanora . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2): Spanish Committee (2). Walker, Marion . . . Newbern, Ala. Chi Omega. Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2): French Circle (2): Varsity Basketball (1). Wallace, Janet L . . New Orleans, La. Webb, Gertrude . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron Pi. WtEBER, Stella . . . New Orleans, La. Westerfield, Elizabeth . New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2). Westheimer, Juline . Ai ' dmore, Okla. White, Ann M Cadiz, Ky. Kappa Kappa Gamma WiGLEY, Dorothy M. . New Orleans, La. Wilson, Mariah . . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (2); Debating Club (2). Wilson, Muriel . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Dramatic Club (2): French Circle (1. 2); Debating Club (1, 2). Wilson, Muriel H. . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta Wolfe, Fay Etta . . . Catham, Miss. WooDViLLE, Caroline E., New Orleans, La. Wooster, Alice L. . . Centerville, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma ZiNK, Arline V. . . . Cheiskee, Ala. 2 Pages 147 Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Aderhold, James P., Jr. . Del Rio, Texas Ellender. Stephen E. . . Bourg, La. Nu Sigma Nu. Phi Rho Sigma. Ane, Joseph N. . . . New Orleans, La. Ellender, Willard A. . . Houma, La. Theta Kappa Psi. Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Secretary Arts and Science Student Body. Fleming, Carlton A. . Baconton, Ga. Ayo, Thomas B Raceland, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. Alpha Kappa Kappa. , , , , Forsyth, Harry P. . . Checotah, Okla. AzAR, Georges J. . . New Orleans, La. Theta Kappa Psi. Phi Rho Sigma. Gandelman, Samuel F. New Haven, Conn. Baird, Val Stamrford, Texas pjjj j gj Epsilon. Theta Kappa Psi. President Arts and Science Senior ClasD, GiLPIN, FLORENCE R. . Eastondale, MasS. ' 2.5; Jambalaya Kepresentative, ' 25. A.B. Degree. Bayles, John G Chicago, IIJ. Graves, Amos M. . . San Antonio, Texas _ A 1IT -o 1 1 -NT V Phi Gamma Delta; Nu Sigma Nu. Blumberg, Abe W. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . Kappa Nu. Green, John L., Jr. . San Antonio, Texas Brickman, ISADORE . Chattanooga, Tenn. Phi Gamma Delta; Nu Sigma Nu. Broder, William J. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. GREEn, Morris .... Brooklyn. N. Y. „ T, , .., Guynes, William A. . . Calvert, Texas Bush, Leonard E . . Huntsville, Texas p ._ Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. .. , T Guyton, M., Jr. . . . Marianna, Fla. Cherry, Robert H . New Orleans, La. j appa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. „ Hanckes, Lloyd J. . . New Orleans, La. Coleman, John M. . . Mmeola, Texas Alpha Kappa Kappa. Chi Zeta Chi. Class Vice-President, " 24. Collins, Conrad G. . New Orleans, La. Hargrave, Robert L. . Wichita Falls, Tex. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Phi Rho Sigma. Tug-of-War, ' 22, 2b: Scrub Football, " ' .3, ' 25; Varsity Golf, ' 24; Class Football, ' 23. HOW, WiLLIAM H. . . . Benton, Mo. -, „ „ ,,r i n r T Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Pi. Coon, Henson S. . . West Monroe, La. g Degree. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Siiuare and Compass. HAYDEL, HENRY L. . . . Convent, La. „ TT T Tv r li. • Phi Rho Sigma. Cbowe, Henry D. . .Moultrie, Ga. . _, ,. , 3 . ,,g_ . , , Theta Kappa Psi. Glee Club Orchestra, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24; Tulane Dramatic Club Orchestra, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24. Cummings, Hatch W. . Hearne, Texas Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Gamma Delta. Henson, George G. . . . Miami, Fla. Delta Tau Delta; Phi Chi. Daly, George S. . . . Opelousas, La. Alpha Kappa Kappa Hollabaugh, Chas F. . Nashville, Tenn. Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. Davis, David R. . . . Emporia, Kans. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Kesler, R. C Spencer, N. C. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Donaldson, J. . . . Green Forest, Ark. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. Kilman, Joseph R. . . Dallas, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. Eaton, Wm. V., Jr. . . . Paducah, Ky. Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Chi. Klein, Warren E. . . New Orleans, La. 148 a a " prmi «iir%r«K- ' j ' V: Aderhold, Ane, Ayo, Baird, Bush, Cherry, Collins, Coon Crowe, Donaldson, S. E. Ellender, Ellender, Fleming, Forsyth, Gilpen, Graves Green, Haydel, Heiter, Henson, Kesler, Leslie, Levy, Linder MiGLioRE, Monte, Murray, Ferret, Phillips, Pierce, Powell, Price QuiNN, RicGS, D. C. Roberts, E. H. Roberts, Rogers, Rose, Rushin, Sacco Smith, Sullivan, Thomas, Trazivuk, Trist, Winn, Womack, Woodson 149 Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Knight, M. J. . . . Merryville, La . Pi Kappa Alpha; Theta Kappa Psi. Class President, ' 22. ' 23. Leslie, Fred Lake City, Fla. Levy, Julius L. . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Lambda Kappa. TuE-ot-War, " 23; Class Wrestlinc, ' 23. LiNDER, John E. . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Beta Pi. Monte, Louis A. . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Rho Sigma. Wrestling Team, ' 23, ' 24; Honor Council. •25, ' 26. Murray, Mildred L. . . Birmingham, Ala. A.B. Degree. Perret, Frank P. . . Jeanerette, La. Phi Rho Sigma; Epsilon Kappa Sigma. Phillips, Percy A. . . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Phi; Chi Zeta Chi. A. A. A. Wrestling Champion, ' 22. Pierce, Francis D. . . . Parrott, Ga. Nu Sigma Nu. B.S. Degree University of Georgia. Pincus, Eugene R. . . Alexandria, La. Phi Delta Epsilon. Powell, Charles S. . Benson, Arizona Theta Kappa Psi. Square and C ompass. Preston, Harry H. . Hot Springs, Ark. Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. vice-President Senior A. and S. Class. Price, Jsrry C. . . . Gainsville, Texas Phi Chi; Phi Kappa Psi. QuiNN, George P. . . Shreveport, La. Delta Tau Delta. Reed, Palmer H Paducah, Ky. Phi Chi. RiGGS, Ralph H. . . . Shreveport, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Chi Zeta Chi. Ripps, Isidore .... Brooklyn, N. Y. Lambda Mu. Roberts, Earl H. . . . Lowtry, Fla. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Rogers, Wimer H. . St. Prancisville, La. Theta Kappa Psi; Alpha Tau Omega. President Arts and Science Student Body: Vice-President Student Council; Varsity Track, ' 24, ' 25. Rose, James W. . . Goldsboro, N. C. Theta Kappa Psi. Ross, Thomas T. . . Arkadelphia, Ark. Alpha Kappa Kappa. RusHiN, James E. . . Montgomery, Ala. Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Alabama Poly. Tech., ' 21, ' 22, ' 23; Vander- bilt, ' 23; Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 25. ' 26. Sacco, Allan C. .. . Houston, Texas Phi Rho Sigma. Simmons, S. J., Jr. . . Arcadia, Fla. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Simpson, Wallace W. . Nashville, Tenn. Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. Smith, Earl C. . . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Student Honor Council, ' 24, ' 25. Sullivan, Maurice P. . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Upsilon. Jambalaya Staff, ' 24- ' 25, ' 25- ' 26; Pan- Hellenic Council. ' 25- ' 26. Teasley, Harry E. . . . Hartwell, Ga. Theta Kappa Psi; Pi Kappa Phi. Thomas, Ford A Heflin, La. Phi Rho Sigma. Jambalaya Representative Senior Arts and Science Class. Trazivuk, Jacob G. . Trist, p. Philip . . New Orleans, La. Phi Rho Sigma. Class Vice-President; President, ' 26- ' 26; Interclass Tug-ot-War, ' 23- ' 24; Interclass Wrestling, ' 23- ' 24. Winn, Fred C Columbus, Ga. Alpha Kappa Kappa. WoMACK, Robert K. . . Blakely, Ga. Theta Kappa Psi. B.S. Degree Mercer University; Class Sec- retary. ' 26- ' 26. New Orleans, La. 150 Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Arndt, Elmer . . . New Orleans, La. Varsity Debater, ' 25: Glendy Burke. Barham, J. Hamlin . . Norfolk, Va. Delta Sigma Phi. Baumgarten, John H. . New Orleans, La. Sigma Nu. Block, Ferdinand . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Nu. Freshman Basketball, ' 24. Cabibi, Carlo P. . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Basketball, ' 24. Charbonnet, Edward B. . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. White Elephants: Glee Club (1). Charbonnet, Numa J. . New Orleans, La. Clayton, Sherwood S. . New Orleans, La. Freshman-Sophomore Debate, ' 25 : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 25. COSTLEY, ussel W. . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. White Elephants; Freshman Football (1). DeBuys, Laurence Jr. . N w Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Glee Club (1). Dedeaux, Henry . . New Orleans, La. Ehlert, Charles D. . Waterproof, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Evans, Earl F. . . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta Varsity Football. ' 25: Freshman Football, ■24: Thirteen Club; Freshman Basketball, ■24. Evans, Hugh McC. . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. White Elephants. Fernan, Joseph G., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Freshman Baseball, ' 24; Tulane Band, ' 24. I ' owler, Henry W. . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1, 2): Dramatic Club (1); Dramatic Guild (1): Rolling Billows (2). Gardberg, Manuel New Orleans, La. Gelbke, C. F. . . . New Orleans, La. Tulane Band, ' 24, ' 26. Gessner, Edward H. . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. White Elephants; Class President (2): Class Wrestling {1, 2); Varsity Wrestling (1). Goodman, Samuel J. . New Orleans, La. Varsity Debater, ' 24, ' 25: Oratorical and Debating Council, ' 24, ' 25. Harp, Charles E. . . Huntsville, Ala. Alpha Tau Omega. White Elephants. Harris, Edwin C. . . New Orleans, La. Hebert, ■S arren . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Heidingsfelder, Max A., New Orleans, La. Sigma Alpha Mu. Henriques, Charles B. . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Freshman Track: Glendy Burke: Dramatic Club ; Y. M. C. A. Forum Committee. Higgins, Lawrence E. . New Orleans, La. Freshman Baseball, ' 24. 151 _t -- A ' xi. Barham, Baumgarten, Besse, Block, Bristow, Cabibi, Charboxxet Clayton ' , Davidson, DeBuvs, Feinberg, Fernon, Gessner, Goodman Gregory, Hagerty, Harp, Harrison, Hexriques, Blanc. Lilly, Lindy, Lowrey, Martin, Menville, Middleton Moore, Parroit, Pettigrew, Price, Puch, Ramsey Richard, Rosenhouse, Sentell, Setzler, Sokolsky, Stahl, Steckler Strack, Talbot, Talley, Ullman, Varino, Williams, Youman 152 Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES HOTH, Jacob .... New Orleans, La. Jacobs, Sydney . . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club, ' 24. Kaplan, Ben Bryan, Texas Kappa Nu. Interclass Football, ' 24 ; Freshman Track, ' 24. Kleinfeldt, Abraham . New Orleans, La. Lyter, James E., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. McDowell, Robert . . . Oakdale, La. Class Baseball. SoKOLSKY, Saul . . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Nu. Freshman Football, ' 24, Stahl, Leopold . . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke: Tulane Dramatic Guild; Hullabaloo Staff. Stolley, Carl H. . . New Orleans, La. Tenpens, ' 24: Tulane Dramatic Guild, ' 25; Tulane Players, ' 24: Glendy Burke. ' 25; Jajnbalaya Representative, ' 24, ' 25: Glee Club, ' 24. Stokes, Henry . . . New Orleans, La. Tenpens (1, 2): Hullabaloo Staff (1. 2); Tulane University Players (1): Publicity Director (1) ; Glendy Burke (1, 2) : Dramatic Guild (1). McShane, Rudolph M. . New Orleans, La. Strug, Lawrence . . New Orleans, La. Menville, John G. . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Freshman Football: Varsity Football, ' 25; Thirteen Club. O ' Connor, Henry F. . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Petron, Enrique . . New Orleans, La. Tulane Dramatic Guild, ' 25; Glendy Burke, •25. Talbot, Ralph .... Ruston, La. Sigma Nu. Terhune, Cornelius A. . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1, 2): Glee Club (2): Band (1, 2): Interclass Debating (1): Tue-of- War (1). Tichenor, Geo, H., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Vice-President Class, ' 24: Glendy Burke, ' 24: Baptist Student Union, ' 25; Hullabaloo Staff, ' 25. Rosenhouse, David L. . . Miami, Fla. Kappa Nu. Freshman Football, ' 24 ; Varsity Football. ' 25. Schaffner, Philippe V, . .New Orleans, La. Glee Club, ' 25; Tulane Band, ' 25: Assittant Manager, ' 26. Slipakoff, Leon . . . New Orleans, La. Ullman, J. Edmund . New Orleans, La. Tenpens; Tug-of-War (1): Forum Commit- tee (1, 2); Hullabaloo Staff (2). Varins, George V. . . . Monroe, La. Epsilon Kappa Sigma. Youman, J. D., Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi. 153 ' A A Burton, Dell, Duke, Franklin, Frederick, Geiser, Greenberc, Hamilton, Lowentritt, McKenzie, Monroe, Pittman, Rave, Ricgs, Ross, Salassi, Smith, Stout, Wimberly. 15+ Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Burton, Lucius K. New Orleans, La. Haspel, Leo A. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Bye, Louis .... New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. Class President, ' 21; Class Football. ' 24; Class Vice-President, ' 25. COSTLEY, RussEL W. . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. White Elephants. Cohen, Herbert D. . New Orleans, La. Beta Sigma Rho. Cohen, Joseph A. . . New Orleans, La. Beta Sigma Rho. Dell, Valentine K. . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha. Franklin, Benjamin R. . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. Tug-of-War; Wrestling Team. ' 25. Frederick, Thoivias J. . Covington, La. Pi Kappa Alpha. Scrub Football, ' 25. New Orleans, La. Geiser, John, Jr. New Orleans, La. Gibbons, James G. . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Hamilton, Stanley . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Freshman Track, ' 25; White Elephants. Hardie, Eben, Jr. . . New Orlean s, La. Kappa Alpha. Interfraternity Basketball, ' 24 : Freshman Football, ' 24: Interclass Basketball, ' 25; Scrub Football, ' 25. Zeta Beta Tau. Interfraternity Basketball ; Dramatic Club, ' 24; Jambalaya Representative, ' 25. Link, George H. . . . Houston, Texas Phi Delta Theta. Lowientritt, Louis L. Winnsboro, La. Homer, La. McKenzie, William A. Alpha Tau Omega Monroe, Harry A. . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Thirteen Club; Freshman Track; Interclass Football: Cross Country Team, ' 25; Pan- Hellenic Council. Pittman, Julius D. . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi. Tulane Band, ' 25, ' 26; Tulane Glee Club. ' 25, ' 26. Rayl, Elsa M. New Orleans, La. Riggs, Byron L. . . Hot Springs, Ark. Sigma Chi. Tulane Band. ' 24, ' 25, ' 26; Tulane Glee Club, ' 25, ' 26. Salassi, Edmond a. . New Orleans, La. Glee Club. ' 24, ' 25. ' 26: Tulane Band, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26. Sanford, John B. . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. Thirteen Club: President Sophomore Class; Vice-President Freshman Class. Smith, Evelyn F. New Orleans, La. 155 r, n u .o c . J .c % cocc (? :?QO Q m U A 1 Bristsch, Cerniclia, Fielschmidt Flynn, Henrv, Keacv kincaid, kochansky, rodriguez Strickland, Vaid, Williams, Wirth 156 A A Sophomore Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Britsch, L. Delphin . New Orleans, La. Psi Omega. Class Historian, ' 25- ' 26. Busby, Robert E. . . Hattiesburg, Miss Psi Omega. Gerniglia, Frank P. . . Tallulah, La. FlELSCHMiDT, HuGO . . New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Flinn, James A., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi. Floyd, Ashby, Jr. . . . Phoenix, Ala. GuiLBEAU, Robert F. . Baton Rouge, La. Harper, Albert . . . Shreveport, La. Sigma Nu. Henry, Vernon J. . . Port Arthur, Tex. Clasi Secretary, ' 24: Vice-President, ' 25. Keagy, William O. . Bever Falls, Penn. KiNCAlD, Robert C. . Pelanatchee, Miss. Tiilanc Band. KocHANSKY, Morris . . Bayonne, N. J. Kappa Nu. Lee, George, Jr. Magnolia, Miss. Rodriguez, Consuelo C. . San Antonio, Tex. Treasurer, ' 25; Secretary and Treasurer. " 26. Rosen, Isadore Miami, Fla. Schwartz, Bernard S, .Greenville, Miss. Kappa Nu Sigma. Strickland, D. A. . Harrisonburg, La. Class Vice-President, ' 25; Class President. ' 26. Vaid, Nariman F. . . . Bombay, India Wexler, David F. . . New Orleans, La. Wharton, Wyant C. . Gulfport, Miss. Psi Omega. Williams, Claude S., Jr. . Ellisville, Miss. Sigma Chi; Psi Omega. B.S. Degree Mississippi A. and M. ; Pan- Hellenic Council. Simon, Edward J. . St. Martinsville, La. Pi Kappa Alpha. Tulane Glee Club. WiRTH, F. Harold . . New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. Class President, ' 25. 157 ' A A Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Armstrong, Francis X. New Orleans, La. Ebaugh, Newton C. . . Baltimore, Md. Beta Theta Pi. Freshman Football (1); Thirteen Club. Captain and Instructor Tulane Life Savins Corps: TuE-of-War (1): Class Secretary (1) ,- Class Football (1). Barr, James .... New Orleans, La. j Thomas E. . . New Orleans, La. Jambalaya Representative (1): Interclass Football (1, 2, 3); Scrub Football (2, 3); Tulane Glee Club (3). Bender, Charles A., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. Freshman Football, ' 24. Beegeret, H. p. . . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. Bertram, George New Orleans, La. Church, Randolph . New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigrma. Thirteen Club: Class Track (1, 2); Class Basketball (1, 2): Class Football (1). EusTis, George F. . . Greenville, Miss. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Glendy Burke (1); Class Secretary (2); Dramatic Guild. Finley, Ridgely T. . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. White Elephants: Tus-of-War: Class Wrest- ling: Class Football; Class Vice-President, DeFraitis, Arthur A. . New Orleans, La. Follansbee, Wm. a. . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi. Claverie, Emile J. . New Orleans, La. Guillory, John M. . New Orleans, La. Jambalaya Representative, ' 24. Collins, John Biloxi, Miss. Conrad, Leonard H.. . New Orleans, La. Datz, Warren E. . . . St. Louis, Mo. Phi Kappa Sigma. White Elephants: Freshman Football, ' 24; Scrub Football, ' 25. Davis, Albert B., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Draper, Marian . . New Orleans, La. Assistant Cheer Leader: Dramatic Club. Duggan, Arthur B. . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. Heinberg, Max J., Jr. . Pensacola, Fla. Zeta Beta Tau. Freshman Basketball; Tulane Band: Tulane Glee Club. Hooper, Anrew J. . . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Johnson, Brent M. . Lake Charles, La. Jaquet, Harold H. . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi. KiRST, Leonard R. New Orleans, La. 158 m M m w Allen, Armstrong, Bender, Conrad DiArmas, DeFraites, Ebauch, Ernest EUSTIS, Fox, GUILLORY, KiRST Lazarone, Mabson, McGoire, Mysing 159 Sophomore Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING KuHNE, Clarence K. . New Orleans, La. Lazarone, Carl V. . . . Kenner, La. Stoessell, Alfred L., Jr. . Hammond, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Freshman Football. ' 24; Varsity Football, Mabson, Algernon A. . New Orleans, La. Hullabaloo Class Representative, ' 24. McFarland, James F. . . Mansfield, La. Tulane Band. MUTERSBAUGH, RoBT. T. . Lake Charles, La. Tug-of-War, ' 23, ' 24. Mysing, Herman D. . New Orleans, La. Jambalaya Representative, ' 25 ; Hullabaloo Reporter, ' 25. QuARLES, John E., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football, ' 24: Wrestling, ' 24. Saunders, George M. . New Orleans, La. Schmidt, C. Ernest . Ocean Springs, M iss. Seago, Robert M. . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. Tulane Glee Club, ' 25. ' 26. Thirteen Club. Swoop, J. Timony . . New Orleans, La. Tremblay, Nelson W. . New Orleans, La. Class President, ' 24; Tulane University Players: Inter-Class Football Manager. ' 24: Tulane Y. M. C. A.. ' 25; Sophomore Inter- Class Football, ' 25. Turner, Lawrence C. New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. Class Vice-President (1); Class Basketball (1); Tulane Glee Club (3); Honor Board (1). Wadsworth, Horace M. . Patterson, La. Phi Delta Theta. Weir, Lloyd D. . . . Baton Rouge, La. Willow, Clifford P. . New Orleans, La. Wyckoff, Edward H. . . Alton, Illinois Beta Theta Pi. i6o Freshman Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Aaron, Josie. . . . Natchitoches, La. Andrews, Nell ..... Columbus, Ga. Aronson, Virginia . New Orleans, La. Ash, Henrietta . . New Orleans, La. Atkins, Louise Monroe, La. Baker, Mildred C. . Baldwin, Arthe . Barclay, Kathryn . Barelli. Laura . . Barker, Shirley E. Barnoff, Sarah . . Barker, Virginia . Batte, Shelley . . Baumgartner, Mary Baylor, Dorothy . Bendersky, Anna . Bennet, Mary Davis New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Memphis, Tenn. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Roseland, La. . Jackson, Miss. New Orleans, La. . Gulfport, Miss. . . Selma, Ala. Lake Charles, La. Bergerson, Fannie M. . Napoleonville, La. Black, Helen . . Blacklock, Frances Blanchard, Virginia Blum, Carolin . . Booth, Rilla L. . Bourne, Milbrey . Brown, Alice L. . New Orleans, La. , New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Natchez, Miss. New Orleans, La. Washington, La. Burck, Elsa .... New Orleans, La. Burkenroad, Alice . New Orleans, La. Burt, Ruth .... New Orleans, La. Boatner, Charlotte . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1); Cheer Boehringek, Ella Dramatic Club (1) ; Leader (1). Bone, Phoebe Crowley, La. Bonodofsky, Julia . . Merigold, Miss. Brierre, Rosine . . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (1). Campbell, Margaret . New Orleans, La. Y. M. C. a. (1): Dramatic Club (1). Carnahan, Frances . Greenville, Miss. Carroll, Annette . . New Orleans, La. Chamberlain, Dorothy . New Orleans, La. Carroll, Dorothy V. . New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1): Glee Club (1); Circle (1) ; Y. M. C. A. (1). French Chappell, Cynthia . Clark, Pauline . . Cochran, Margaret . Combe, Adrienne Cooke, Frances Cook, Tolley L. CoRDiLL, Shirley Columbus, Ga. . Morfroe, La. . Atlanta, Ga. Bay St. Louis, Miss. . New Orleans, La. . Lake Charles, La. New Orleans, La. Cousins, Marion L. . New Orleans, La. French Circle (1). Crome, Catherine ... St. Louis, Mo. Cruickshank, Lucille . New Orleans, La. Crutcher, Mary L. . New Orleans, La. Daniel, Dorothy Daniel, Evelyn Davis, Batrice . Davis, Susan . . Birmlingham, Ala. Columbus, Ga. New Orleans, La. Brunswick, Miss. Dean, Mary Hermando, La. Dermody, Ruth . . . Houston, Texas Dexter, Edith " Dinglewood " Dinkelspiel, Sara . Drezinski, Ida . . Dromgool, Bessiei . DE QuESNEY, Yvonne Duncan, Juliet . Dunlap, Ruth . . . Dyson, Geraldine . Eden, Hyacinth . Ellington, Grace . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Athens, Ala. Philadelphia, Penn. . Kentwood, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. __I. Armstro g, Barclay, Blanchard, Boehrin-cer, Burton, Campbell Carn ' ahan, Carnahan, Carroll, Chamberlaix, Clark, Cochran Cook, Cousins, Daniel, Davis, Dromgool, DuQuesnay Eden, Ellis, Fitzenreiter, Flanders, Folse, Forshay Gastrell, Gehelin, Goff, Gonzalez, Harris, Heath 164 Freshman Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Elliot, Adelaide . . New Orleans, La. Ellis, Amalie . . . New Orleans, La. Levy, Alice Columbus, Ga. Ellsworth, Lois . Elster, Dorothy . EsKRiDGE, Edith . Evans, Hallie . . Fraucher, Ruth . Fernandez, Gladys Fitzenreites, Bessie Flanders, Kathryn FoLSE, Margaret New Orleans, La. . . Houma, La. New Orleans, La. ShugTilah, Miss. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Lake Charles, La. . Bogalusa, La. Oak Ridge, La. Y. W. C. A. (1). Forman, Helen Vinton, La. Forsher, Ada . . . . Fox, Susie MacD. . . Frey, Josephine . . Funkhouser, Littell Garland, Helen . . . Garsaud, Herminie . Gastrell, Myrtle . . Gotcher, Katherine M. Gay, Bonnie . . . . Gebelin, Norma . . Gerson, Beatrice . . Gerson, Rosemary . . Gladney, H ' BLEN . . Godchaux, Helen . . GoFF, Celejste . . . GoLDBURG, Elaine . . Gardner, Olive . . . V ' icksburg, Miss. . Columbus, Ga. New Orleans, La. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Opelousas, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Sherard, Miss. Blytheville, Ark. . . Garyville, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Rayville, L«. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Alexandria, La. Montgomery, Ala. Gonzalez, Carmelita . New Orleans, La. Oebatins Club (1): Council (1): Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1); Chairman of Class (1). Haas, Anna . Hardib, Betty Hardie, Helen New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Charlotte, N. C. Harris, Caroline . Junction City, Ark. Dramatic Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Heath, Winnifred . . New Orleans, La. Hiedereich, Johanna . . McComb, Miss. Herbert, Audrey . . New Orleans, La. Hern, Marian (Mrs.) . New Orleans, La. HiLLER, Helen . . Hodges, Annie . . Hoffa, Louise . . HoLLis, Elizabeth HooPEjR, Janet . . Hubert, Genevieve HuGER, Elizabeth New Orleans, La. . Memphis, Tenn. . Grenada, M ' iss. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (1): French Circle (1) . New Orleans, La. French Circle (1): New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, L«. Hymann, Helen . Dramatic Club (1) ; Debating Club (1). Ittmann, Dorothy . Israel, Amy . . . Inez, Margaret Ruston, La. Jennings, Edwarda . New Orleans, La. Johnson, Frances . . . Bogalusa, La. Jones, Dorothy . . New Orleans, La. Kaufman, Helen . . New Orleans, La. French Circle (1). Keesler, Mary GouGH, Helen . . Gubkriero, Corinne New Orleans, La. . . Monroe, La. Greenville, Miss. . . Tullulah, La. . New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1). . Columbia, Miss. New Orleans, La. Killebrew, Katherine . Nashville, Tenn. Kittredge, Frances . New Orleans, La. Knowles, Ann .... Shreveport, La. Katz, Bessie .... New Orleans, La. Kell, Cornelia Kendall, Elizabeth French Circle (1) ; Kemp, Virginia . . Killeen, Rosemary 6 m ' O x a a ' WW A HiLLERV, Hooper, Hubert, Hvman, Killeen, Knowles Lambiotte, Lea, Lea, Maestri, Mansberg, Marshall Martinez, McCarthy, Mysinc, Rainold, Rodriguez, St. Martin Sumner, Teunisson, Thomas, Treadway, Trim, Wallace Wayne, Weil, Wherritt, Wiley, Woods, Yochim 1 66 Freshman Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Laponta, Isabelle New Orleans, La. Lambriotte, Louise . . Shreveport, La. French Circle (1): Y. W. C. A. (1). Lazarus, Virginia . . New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club (1): Debat- ing Club (1); French Circle (1); Hulla- baloo Reporter (1). Lea, Janie .... New Orleans, La. Levy. Alice Columbus, Ga. LiVAUDAis, Hilda . . New Orleans, La. LoTZ, Violet .... New Orleans, La. Lyerly, Ida Meridian, Miss. Lynch, Helen . . Lynch, Viola . . Maas, Ruth . . . McAleer, Mildred McGeary, Ruth . . McKittrich, Grace . Memphis, Tenn. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Mobile, Ala. Winona, Miss. . Natchez, Miss. French Circle (1); Glee Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Maddox, I New Orleans, La. Maddox, Ruth . . . New Orleans, La. Maestri, Evelyn . . New Orleans, La. French Circle; Debating Club. Malarchee, Mildred . New Orleans, La. Mansberry, Bernice . New Orleans, La. Marsh, Mildred ..... Crowley, La. Marshall, Agnes . Marchbanks, M. . . Margolin, Bessie . Marquez, Hazel . . Marshall, Olive . , Martinez, Elizabeth New Orleans, La. Chattanooga, Tenn New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Mastin, Sara Huntsville, Ala. McCarty, Thelma . . New Orleans, La. Metcalfe, Anne .... Metcalfe, Miss. Micas, Thais . . . New Orleans, La. Miller, Bessie L Columbus, Ga. Mi LLEM, LUTIE . . Mitchener, Aline Mollere, Olive . . Mooney, Margaret Mooney, Clara . . . .Hlllsboro, Texas Sumner, Miss. Port Arthur, Texas New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Glee Club (1); French Circle. Moss, Ruth .... New Orleans, La. Mounger, Julia . . . Greenwood, Miss. Muse, Ethel ... St. Francisville, La. French Circle; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Neill, Mary Whaley, Miss. Mysing, Anna . . . New Orleans, La. French Circle. Newell, Lillian . Newieill, Margaret Nolan, Anita . . Norwood, Katherine O ' Beirne, Eleanor O ' Leary, Mary . . Orr, Rosalie . . . Pavy, Yvonne . . Parsons, Maude . . Pearce, Edith . . . Natchez, Miss. Natchez, Miss. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Atlanta, Ga. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Opelousas, La. New Orleans, La. Lake Charles, La. Perkins, Hermione . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Pehlman, Dora . . . New Orleans, La. Pierson, Florence . New Orleans, La. Class President. Plauche, Dorothy Plauche, Mildred . Powell, Medora . . PoPKiNS, Dora . . PoLACK, Katherine New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. , . DeRidder, La. Franklin, La. New Orleans, La. Prentiss, Emita Franklin, La. Rainold, Ruth . . . New Orleans, La. Redman, Ina .... Courtland, Ala. Roberts, Margaret . . Cleveland, Miss. RoDDis, Sara .... Marshfield, Wis. O 6 Freshman Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Rodriguez, Elivia . . Yaneo, Porto Rico Richardson, Bonner . Greenwood, Miss. Ramirez, M. . Spanish Honduras, C. A. Rosenberg, Lillie . Rosenstock, Morisse RuDisiLL, Mary . . RucKER, Elizabeth Ryckman, Mary . . Saer, Meriane . . St. Martin, Hilda . New Orleans, La. , Greenville, Miss. . Anniston, Ala. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Schwartz, Wilhelminia, New Orleans, La. Scott, Elizabeth . Sinclair, Lucy . . Singer, Elaine . . Smith, Gorilla . . Stearns, Dorothy . , Stevens, Eleanor . Stewart, Anna . . Streiffer, Cometa . Streiffer, Hannah SuMMEHi, Helena . Tomlinson, Nanette Tonsoneire, Sue . . Treadaway, Mary . Tetb, Virginia . . . . Atlanta, Ga. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Monroe, N. C. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Gulfport, Miss . . Biloxi, Miss. Meridian, Miss. New Orleans, La. Thompson, Catherine . New Orleans, La. Thomas, Madelyn . Dramatic Club: T UPPER, Mary H. . Upshaw, Willie A. Vaughn, Mary . . Vincent, Lois . . . Walne, Lucie. . . Ward, Stella . . Watson, Belle . . Watson, K. E. . . . Weil, Josephine . Weil, Mariis . . . Weiss, Gertrude . . Wells, Alice . . Westfeld, Ethel J. Wexler, Hulda . . Wiley, Florence . Wilson, Charlotte Wilson, Louise . . Wilson, Rena . . Y. w. C. A.; Wilzin, Alice . . Winn, Edith . . , Wolf, Daisy . . . Wright, Mary . . Wyatt, Ruth . . YocHiM, Rosemary . New Orleans, La. French Circle. . New Orleans, La. . . . Louise, Miss. . . . Monroe, La. . Marshall, Texas . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Milwaukee, Wis. . . Alexandria, La. Corpus Christi, Tex. Endora, Ark. New Orleans, La. . New Oreans, La. . . Monroe, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Dallas, Texas . New Orleans, La. French Circle. . New Orleans, La. . . Jennings, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. i68 _-n Freshman Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Abramson. Paul D. . . Shreveport, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Allum, Loraine L. . . . Ringgold, La. Phi Rho Sigma. Bailey, John S. . . . Mansfield, La. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Barnes, Moorman B. . . . Enid, Okla. Theta Kappa Psi. Barrera, Manuel G. . Brownsville, Texas Bayon, Philip J. . . New Orleans, La. Nu Sigma Nu. Belenky, Abe . . . New York, N. Y. Blanchard. F. H. . . El Paso, Texas Chi Zeta Chi. BOOKBINDER!, Murray W., Brooklyn, N. Y. Born, Charles A., Jr. . Pensacola, Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. Class President: Honor Council. Brewster, C. B., Jr., Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Kappa Kappa. Burke, Thomas W. . . Lufkin, Texas Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. BuTKER, Henry . . . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Theta Kappa Psi. Class Baseball. ' 23, ' 24. Casper, James B. . . . Trenton, Tenn. Delta Sigma Phi; Theta Kappa Psi. CatHART, D. F. . . . Montgomery, Ala. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi. Chavey, Ernest, Jr. . Mexico, City, Mex. Theta Kappa Psi. Secretary-Treasurer (1); Class Football, ' 23, •24: A. A. U. Wrestlinc. ' 23. ' 24; Runner- up S. A. A. U. WrestlinK Championship, 25 : Wrestline Olympic Tryouts. ' 24: Dor- mitory Governinff Board, ' 24. Cohen, Meyer J. . . . Newark, N. J. Phi Lambda Kappa. Cook, Edgar K Hilo, Hawaii Tfieta Alpha Phi B.S. Degree University of Hawaii. Cook, Henry G. . . Hattiesburg, Miss. COPP, Noll G. . . . Calico Rock, Ark. Davidson, James S. . Thomasville, Ala. Phi Rho Sigma. Deweiy, K. Carl . . . Santa Ana, Cal. Fredman, Jacob H. . New York, N. Y. Garces, Julio E. . . San German, P. R. Douglas, Jack E. . . . Stanton, Tenn. Alpha Tau Omega; Theta Kappa Psi. TuB-of-War (1, 2): Class Football (1, 2): Class Baseball (1); lnte:fraternity Basket- ball (1). Friend, Victor V. . . Houston, Texas Alpha Kappa Kappa. Gardner, Thomas L. . Clarksville, Texas Beta Theta Pi. Girardeau, I Thomaston, Ga. Gordon, Frederick . . New York, N. Y. Greenberg, Philip . Jersey City, N. J. Phi Kappa Delta. Green, Max M. . . . Mer Rouge, La. Phi Rho Sigma. Chairman Freshman Honor Council. GuLLEDGE, Euclid T. . . Tallassee, Ala. Hardy, William R. . . Brewton, Ala. Harris, John B Ruston, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Theta Kappa Psi. Hart, W. G Tulare, Calif. Alpha Psi. Helms, John S., Jr. . . . Tampa, Fla. Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. HiLD, Jack R Douglas, Ariz. Hill, Luther L.. Jr. . Montgomery, Ala. Chi Zeta Chi. Johnson, Vesey M. . . Key West, Fla. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi. Jones, Kenneth B. . . . Tampa, Fla. Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Kahn, Sigmond a Rayne, La. Phi Delta Epsilon. Kirkpatrick, Samuel McA., Selma, Ala. Kappa Alpha. Knighton, James E. . Shreveport, La. Nu Sigma Nu. Honor Council. Lacy, George W. . . Fort Worth. Texas Theta Kappa Psi. B.S. Degree Texas Christian University, ' 25. Lancaster, Lamar L . . . Bartow, Fla. Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. LeMay, Louis T. . . Corsicana, Texas Kappa Sigma. B. S. Degree University of the South, ' 25. Lipani, John . . . New Orleans, La. McCormick, Katharine . Collins, Miss. agt o BoNiN, Born, Burke, Butker, Chavez, Cooper Davidson, Gardner, Gates, Girardeau, Green, Hill Kahn, Knighton, Lynch, Macon, McMains, Miller Oplatek, Planche, Preston, Renkoff, Robbins, Schmidt Shushan, Shute, St. Germain, Thomas, Thompson, Waiters 170 Freshman Class COLLEGE OF MEDICINE McFatter, T. K Vernon, Fla. Schmidt, Frank O., Ocean Springs, Miss. Phi Chi; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Phi Rho Sigma. McKeon, Clementine C, New Orleans. La. Seal, Alfred Ensley, Ala. McMains, Vivienne E. . . Miami, Ariz. Kappa Nu. Zeta Chi Alpha. Shute, Frank C, Jr. . . Opelousas, La. Beta Theta Pi Macon, Ralph .... Witumpka, Ala. Thirteen Club: CUss Football ' d, 2) : Class Sigma Chi. Baseball (1, 2); Class Basketball (1. 2). Matthews, Perry . . Calico Rock, Ark. Simmons, D. C. . DeSuniat Springs, Fla. Chi Zeta Chi; Phi Beta Kappa. Delta Tau Delta. Miller, Morris M. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Spedale, Rhodes J. . . Plaquemine, La. Nowlin, S Georgetown, Texas Spencer, Bennie .... Spencer, La. Oakley, John F. . . Fayetteville, Ark. , Theta Kappa Psi. Tr All- T i ■ i ■ Class Baseball, 23, 24; Jambalaya Repre- Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. sentative, ' 25, ' 26. B.S. Degree, University oi Arkansas, ' 25. r ' XTr„rT i ;f.,„,r„ 17 nT r-i T Stephenson, Wm. G., ChattaRooga, Tenn. O ' Neill, Maurice E. . Morgan City, La. TV,pt-n Knnn» P=;i Alpha Kappa Kappa. Iheta Kappa i si. Pareti, Marie L. . . New Orleans, La. Stewart, Charles L„ Grosse Tete, La. Theta Kappa Psi. Partridge, CLARECE V., New Orleans, La. Tug-of-War (2): Interclass Baseball (2): Alpha Kappa Kappa. interclass Wrestling (1. 2) ; Varsity Wrest- t t ' f fi- jjj g 2); Interclass Basketball (2); Inter- Paterson, Elizabeth . . Austin, Texas ' = ' == Football (i, 2). Payne, Harry R. . Agujita Coah, Mex. St. Germain, Ellis L.. Breaux Bridge, La. Nu Sigma Nu. Theta Kappa Psi. Class Hostonan. Praglin, Daniel . . Los Angeles, Cal. „ r „ „„ r. T T„„,r t . Tji,- r uj -tj- Stille, Robert B Many, La. Phi Lambda Kappa. ' m j. ta d ■ Ph.G. Degree. Theta Kappa Psi. Preston, Edwin P. . Miami Beach, Fla. Sykes, Rufus P. . . . Conway, N. C. C ' - Taylor, Robert W. . . . Lufkin, Texas Razor, Sidney J. . . Chataignier, La. Phi Chi. Phi Rho Sigma. Tessitore, Nicola J. .. New Orleans, La. Renkoff, Herman . . New York, N. Y. Phi Rho Sigma. Gamma Kappa Phi. Thomas, Robert P. . San Antonio, Tex. RiGGALL, Cecil England Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. Roche, Buell F Vernon, Fla. Thompson, L. G. . . Greensboro, N. C. Chi Zeta Chi. Theta Kappa Psi. B.S. Degree University of Florida. _ -t.-r a t Tripoli, Carl T. . . New Orleans, La. Sachett, George L., St. Petersburg, Fla. Kappa Sigma. Tucker, E. J., Jr. . . Bellville, Texas ,, ..T , , T .,, Alpha Kappa Kappa. Samuel, N. C. . . . New York, N. Y. Phi Lambda Kappa. Wishnow, Hyman L. . Somerville, N. J. Scherfeld, Samuel . . New York, N. Y. Wright, Claude B., St. Petersburg, Fla. Phi Lambda Kappa, Phi Delta Theta. 171 l_ ' O ' A A Baginsky, Benedict, Dietlein ' , Levy McCain, Robinson, Seeberg Smith, Wilson, Yakcey, Yarborough 172 Freshman Class COLLEGE OF LAW Baginsky, Herman M. . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke. Benedict, W. S., II . New Orleans, La. Sigma Nu. DiETLEiN, Harold C. . New Iberia, La. Sigma Nu. Freshman Football (1). A.B. Degree, Springhill College, DuBuissoN, Edward . . Opelousas, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. A.B. Oxford. Leivy, Leonard B. . . New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Tulane Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Dramatic Club (2, 3); BuBiness Manager Dramatic Club (3): Treasurer Dramatic Club (3); Inter- Iraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4). McGee, Roy J. New Orleans, La. Provosty, OixrviER . . New Roads, La. Phi Delta Theta. A.B. Sprinehill Colleee. Roberts, James B. . New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. Secretary Law Student Body, ' 25. Robinson, Henry . . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Phi. Class Wrestling (1, 2): Class TuB-of-W»r (1. 2): Class Football (1, 2): Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Glendy Burke (1, 2); Rolling Billows (5); Indianapolis Club (3, 4, 5) ; B.S. Tulane. ' 25. Seeberg, Rolfe I. . . New Orleans, La. Lambda Chi Alpha. Wilson, Thomas F. . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. Sophomore Class Track Team. ' 24 ; Inter- fraternity Tennis. " 25; Basketball, ' 23. ' 24; White Elephants. Yancey, Benjamin W., New Orleans, La. Theta Alpha Phi. Rolling Billows: Tulane Dramatic Guild (4); Student Director (3. 4): Vice-President Freshman Class (4); Glendy Burke (1. 2. S, 4). Yarbrough, J. Burns . . Mansfield, La. Delta Tau Delta. ' 73 AssuNTO, Baker, Baquie, Billeaudeau, Blue, Boardmax Broussard, Dennett, Farrell, Harold, Howcott, Isaacs LaCoste, Logan, Macon, McInnis, McLean, Mercier Palmcren, Price, Pringle, Rankin, Reuning, Roberts Stafford, Stapp, Stewart, Upton, Wilmot, Willich 174 £i Cj Freshman Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AssuNTO, Jacinto A. . New Orleans, La. Gladney, William K. . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. White Elephants. Greenberg, Joseph M. . New Orleans, La. BoAKDMAN, C. P Corsett, Ark Sigma Pi. Baker, Robert A Homer, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Banta, Anita F. . . New Orleans, La. Baquie, Joseph Carl . New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi. White Elephants. Baumbach, Richard O. . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi. Freshman Football. Billeadeau, Hosea R. . Chataignier, La. Guerriero, George W. . . Monro e, La. Freshman Football; Scrubs. ' 25. Harold, Aldwyn E. . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. Hayward, William G. . New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma. HooLEY, Eugene F. . New Orleans, La. Tulane Glee Culb. Blue, Sheldon .... DeRidder, La. Howcott, Harley B. . New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma. I «lta Tau Delta. Freshman Football. ' ' " ' = Elephants. Broussard, Alfred . . . Abbeville, La. Isaacs, Marks L. . . New Orleans, La. Sigma Pi. Zeta Beta Tau. Tulane Glee Club. Hullabaloo Staff, ' 25. Chalaron, Henry T. . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Ivey, Daniel H. . . New Orleans, La. Class President (1); White Elephants. Freshman Football. Crawford, Chas. L., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Lewis, Arthur N., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Cropper, Nathaniel F. . Fernwood, Miss. CuMMlNGS, Joe H. . Oklahoma City, Okla. Pi Kappa Alpha. DeBlanc, Dennis J. . New Orleans, La. Duke, Edwin C. . . New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. Dulin, Harry H. New Orleans, La. Friedrichs, Carl C. . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha. White Elephants ; Jambalaya Representative (1). Logan, Dan P. . . . Shreveport, La. Pi Kappa Phi. Lowe, Melville L . . New Orleans, La. Mathes, Melvin W. . New Orleans, La. McInnis, Daniel K. . New Orleans, La. Sigma Pi. McLean, E. Price . . . Moultrie, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi. Mercier, Alfred, Jr. . New Orleans, La. 175 Freshman Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Price, John C. . . Morgan City, La. Stapp, David W. . . . Gulfport, Miss. Phi Kappa Sigma. Freshman Football. Stewart, Charles B. . New Orleans, La. Palmgren, Carl A., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Pringle, Enoch M., Jr. . Glenmare, La. Tarpey, James J. . . Teaxs City, Tex. Tessier, Charles J. . New Orleans, La. Rankin, Richard E. . New Orleans, La. _, . p ji Theta White Elephants. Rau, Charles A Gretna, La. Thibaut, Pierre L., Jr. . New Orleans, La. Beuning, Albert B. . New Orleans, La. phj Delta Theta. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Tulane Dramatic Club. Upton, John T. . . New Orleans, La. Roberts, Norris C. . . DeRidder, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Phi Kappa Sigma. Thirteen Club; Freshman Football. Seeman, Wm. H., Jr. . New Orleans, La. willich Albert Beta Theta Pi. Leonia, N. J. Sellers, Joseph R. . . New Orleans, La. Wilmot, Denton M. . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Delta Kappa Epsilon. White Elephants. Class Vice-President (1). 176 6 Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Aeernathy, Henry . New Orleans, La. Anderson, John . . New Orleans, La. Argalone, Joseph . . Independence, La. Armistead, William, Jr. . Colfax. La. Pi Kappa Phi. Arnum, Landon . Corpus Christie, Tex. Sigma Nu. Beck. Merrill . . . New Orleans, La. Berry, T., Jr. . . Lake Providence, La. Pi Kappa Phi. Bethea, Theodore . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Black, Fortier . . . New Orleans, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. White Elephants Blake, George Vernado, La. BoGRAD, Nathan . . New Orleans, La. BouLET, L. H. . . St. Martinsville, La. Delta Sigma Phi. Braman, William . . Asheville, N. C. Braqudt, Antoine . . Loreauville, La. Brierrb, Joseph . . . New Orleans, La. Broad, William . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Burt, Elmer Crossett, Ark. Butard, Russell . . . Liberty, Texas Sigma Pi. Calderoni, Francisco, Brownsville, Texas Campbell, Stephen . New Orleans, La. Charbonnet, Louis . New Orleans, La. Chauvin, Louis .... Abbeville, La. Churchill, Frank . Jacksonville, Tex. Delta Tau Delta. White Elephants. Clemmons, Bryan . . Baton Rouge, La. Sigma Pi. Cohn, Julius, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Cole, Joseph . . . Rutherford, Tenn. Cope, Reason . . . New Orleans, La. Costley, Russell . . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. Costley, Stanley . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. White Elephants. Crain, Losa Bogalousa, La. Sigma Pi. Cudlipp, William, Jr., New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. Danna, Pascal . . New Orleans, La. D ' Antonio, Anthony . New Orleans, La. Day, Redus .... Baton Rouge, La. Delta Tau Delta. Delery, Baldwin . . Donaldsonville, La. DoswELL, William. Jr., New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma. Dreher, Thomas . . Morgan City, La. Dreyfus, Clifton . . New Orleans, La. Drezinski, David . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Nu. DUMJ.ER, Ernest . . New Orleans, La. Sigma Pi. Duren, James . . . New Orleans, La. Edwards, John, Jr., Ocean Springs, Miss. Ehlert, Charles . . Waterproof, La. Epley, Marion, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigrma. White Elephants. Eskrigg, Robson . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Falk, Myron . . . New Orleans, La. Faller, Cyril .... Tangipahoa, La. Fienberg, Asher . . Beaumont, Texas Fenner, Darwin . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. White Elephants. Fisher, William . . Lake Charles, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fletcher, Richard . . . Ruston, La. FoLSE, Edward .... Tullulah, La. Ford, Herbert . . . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Frederick, Charles . . Covington, La. Pi Kappa Alpha. Freudenberger, Joseph, New Orleans, La. Freund, Paul, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Phi. Frierson, James . . New Orleans, La. Fridge, David Mobile, Ala. Frilot, George, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Garcia, Eugene . . . New Orleans, La. Genella, Louis, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Geradetti, Orlando . San Antonio, Tex. Gerrits, Charles, Jr., New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi. Giordano, Lucas . . New Orleans, La. Girod, Alwyn .... Jasper, Texas GiUFFRiA. Salvador . New Orleans, La. Glazer, Harry . . . New Orleans, La. Goldman, Adolph . . New Orleans, La. Guastella, Vincent, W. New York, N. Y. Armistead, Beck, Berry, Bethea, Black, Broad, Burt BuTARD, Charbonnet, Clemmon ' s, Costley, De la Houssaye, Delery, Dumler Eskridge, Fisher, Ford, Freun-d, Girod, Grace, Hartson ' , Hebert Hoefeld, Jacobs, Jarreau, Tohn ' son ' , John ' sox, Joxes, Kittredge, Kohlmeyer Levy, Mangham, Massony, Mattes, Maurerer, McCloskey, Moxroe, Montgomery MoxROE, O ' Brien, Ogden, Parloncue, Piper, Reed, Reynolds RoELiNG, Schnyder, Scoffield, Simpson, Sizeler, Tavan, Young 178 Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Grace, Milton . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Cordova. Mexico Shreveport, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Gutierrez, Joseph . Halliburton, Ralph Harrell, Herbert . Harris, Edward . . Harter, William . Hebert, Burton . . Phi Delta Theta. Hingle, Robert . . . New Orleans, La. Hoefield, Christian . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega. Tulane Glee Club. de la Houssaye, Malcolm, Franklin, La. Beta Theta Pi. Hughes, Robert . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Jacobs, Joseph . . New Orleans, La. Jahncke, Frederick . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Jarreau, Jack . . . New Orleans, La. Jeter, John Shreveport, La. Johnson, Chapman . New Orleans, La. Johnson, Gordon . . . Cherryville, La. Delta Tau Delta. Johnson, Robert . . New Orleans, La. Jones, Wilmer Holly, La. Kittridge, Eaton . . Napoleonville, La. Kleinpeter, Charles . Baton Rouge, La. KoHLMEYER, Chas., Jr., New Orleans, La. Koonce, Jefferson . New Orleans, La. Lee, Albert McComb, Miss. Lemann, Walter, Jr.. Donaldsonville, La. Levy, Jack .... New Orleans, La. Lobrano, Earhart . . New Orleans, La. McBryde, Felix . . New Orleans, La. McCloskey, Bernard . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Tulane Glee Club. McDougal, Roman . . . Clayton, La. McDowell, Robert . . . Oakdale, La. McGehee, Edward . . . Hammond, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. McKinney, Fred . . New Orleans, La. Mascalusa, John . McDonoughville, La. Mangham, Carlos . . . Phoenix, Ariz. Delta Tau Delta. Manning, Stephen . New Orleans, La. Massony, John . . . Waterproof, La. Mattes. Leo .... New Orleans, La. Mattingly, Lawrence, White Castle, La. Maurer, Theodore . . Shreveport, La. Mauterer, Oliver . . New Orleans, La. Menuet, Adolph . . Napoleonville, La. Messersmith, Wm., Jr., New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. White Elephants. Miller. John, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. Monceret, James, Jr. . New Roads, La. Monroe, Jules . . . New Orleans, La. Montgomery, Brainerd, New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha. Moore, Howell, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Morgan, Edward .... Kenner, La. Nickel. Dean .... Weslaco, Texas Kappa Alpha. Norwood, Ray . . . New Orleans, La. O ' Brian, Albert, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Ogden, Henry, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Phi. Ogden, Urial, Jr. . . Kirbyville, Texas O ' Rourke, Charles, Jr.. New Orleans, La. Pack, Samuel, Jr. . . . Laurel, Miss. Parlongue, Sydney . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha. White Elephants. Pettie, William . . New Orleans, La. Pizzano, John . . . Morristown, Penn. Reed, Gardner . . . Morgan City, La. Reynolds, Adolph . . New Orleans, La. Reynolds, Neal .... Monroe, La. Sigma Pi. Robertson, Arthur . New Orleans, La. Roeling, Jeanne . . New Orleans, La. Rosenberg, Nathaniel, New Orleans, La. Roy, Nelson .... Estherwood, La. Saxon, James Burnside, La. Schnyder, Eunice . . New Orleans, La. Scofield, George, Jr. . Inverness, Fla. Segen, Albert . . . New Orleans, La. Serio, Sam McComb, Miss. Sessions, Roy Atlanta, Ga. Phi Delta Theta. White Elephants: Freshman Cheer Leader (1). Sherman, Joseph . . New Orleans, La. Simpson, Thomas . . . Meridian, Miss. Abadie, Allsbrook, Chisty, Couloheras, Devall Dillon, Ehren ' sing, Gaidry, Gilmer, Gomila Hardy, Hart, Howell, Lantz, Lewis, Loeb McCarthy, Miazza, Ogden, Parker, Roy Seeuws, Snyder, Underwood, Walker, Whatley 1 80 SiZLER, Sydney . . . New Orleans, La. SoKOLSKY, Saul . . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Nu. Spiess, Albin, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Steiner, Samuel G., ,Ir., New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Th ta. Sternfels, Roy .... Klotzville, La. Stone, Leland Helena, Ark. Kappa Sigma. Tavin, Jeanne . . . New Orleans, La. Terry, Thomas .... Kentwood, La. Thornton, Samuel, Jr., New Orleans, La. ToMME, Joseph .... Ringgold. La. Torres, Jose . San German, Porto, Rico Urrutia, Adolfo . San Antonio, Texas Weber, William . . New Orleans, La. Wehrmann, Henry . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Tulane Glee Club. Weinstbin, Louis . . . Bogalousa, La. Weinstein, Robert . . New Orleans, La. Wharton, Edward . New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta. Wolfe, Sharkey . . . Chatham, Miss Woods, Robert . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Kappa A ' pha. Young, Samuel . . . Greenwood, Miss. Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Abadie, Jacques, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Allsbrook, Torrencb . Meridian, Miss. Armstrong, Francis X. . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Baringer, Frederick F. . New Orleans, La. Bierhorst, John W.. Jr., New Orleans, La. Black, Charles . . . Hammond, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Bowskey, Isaaz C. . New Orleans, La. Block, Moise B. . . New Orleans, La. Bbyson, Thomas J., Jr., New Orleans, La. Caron, Louis, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Christy, George . Cohen, Max . . . Couloheras, Ernest Craig, Howard . . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Datz, Warren Clayton, Mo. Phi Kappa Sigma. Davilla, John E. . . New Orleans. La. Dillon, Joseph H. . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Ehrensing, Henry A. . New Orleans, La. Estorge, Theodore L. . New Orleans, La. Eustis, Leeds, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Gaidry, Wilfred . . Geiger, John . . . Gerstnee, Merrill . , Giacona, Francis . Gidere, John J. . . . Gilmer, William . . Glover, John . . . GoMiLA, Joseph . . . Phi Delta Guidroz, Jules . . Hack, Phillip . . . Hanemann, Erick j. Hardy, Charles . . Hart, Henry . . . . Hertzberg, Rudolf . HoTARD, Alvin . . Howell, Anne . . Isaacs, Marx . . . Jackson, William, Jr Janssen, James . Jones, Carlton . Lantz, William . Levi, Irvine . . New Orleans, La. Gretna, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Shreveport, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Theta. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Pascagoula, Miss. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . . Gretna, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Waveland, Miss. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Beaumont, Texas . Thibodaux, La. Freshman Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Lewis, Sidney . . . New Orleans, La. LiPPMAN, Alfred, Jr. . New Orleans, La. LOEB, Mary .... New Orleans, La. Mahan, James . . . New Orleans, La. Mayer, John Amite, La. Meyn, George . . . New Orleans. La. MiAzzA, Edward . . . New Orleans, La. Ogden, Horatio . . . New Orleans, La. Olsen, Olaf .... New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. O ' Pry, Lee New Orleans, La. Parker, Herbert, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Planchard. Jerome . New Orleans, La. Price, Walter . . . New Orleans, La. Roy, John Natchitoches, La. Ryan, Elbridge . . . New Orleans, La. ScHULTZ, Eugene . . New Orleans, La. Seeuws, Thomas . . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Snyder, John, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Stinb. Joseph . Sullivan, Walter SuTER, Marion . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Underwood, Junius . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Walker, William Q. . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Welman, George A. Whatley, John . Wise, William . . Wren, Hayden, Jr. Conrad, Leonard . Grisaffi, Innocenti Hooper, Andrew . Mitchell, Thomas New Orleans, La. . Rayville, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. 182 i -J w MISS DOROTHY CHAMBERLAIN 6 ] ff ■ 2.«- «§i MISS RUTH RAINOLD T " ' " a e 4 igj - ' ,2 " ..i5 ' :A... iiMm s — S " ' MISS ELIZABETH RAYMOND w " " V — MISS ANN WHITE MISS DELPHINE CARON MISS CYNTHIA CHAPPELL fi i 6- A-— , jfe ft -J C2 JiV Ll x U LBxas MISS LOUISE ATKINS MISS BETTY O LEARY 6 ' ■ •-v - - — TIC « Wearers of tke " X " Bergeret Gamble Levy Setzler Blacklbdge Henican LORIO Talbot Brock HiNES Mason Menville Browne Hay Morgan Wilson, G. Carraway KiLLEEN Norman Wilson, H. DUFOUR Lamprecht Palermo Wight Flournoy Lautenschlaeger Robinson DeGarmo 195 1 1 b, o W 196 Football Review fVfl Shaughnessy W. C. Smith The Green Wave of ' em all! Year book editors are prone to wave the flag lustily when holding forth the glories of the grid season. Though Alma Mater ' s colors may often trail in the dust, eagle-eyed enthusiasts invariably note that the college eleven " established an enviable mark for future teams to shoot at, " that it might have been " outplayed, but never out-gamed, " and withal was " the greatest team in the history of the University. " The last cited bromide furnishes our keynote. The 1925 Green Wave luas the greatest Tulane eleven ever to pound upon the shores of gridiron fame. It carried the name of Tulane to the front pages of the newspapers of the country. It thrilled the South with a brilliant victory over Northwestern and won the acclaim of experts as one of the four greatest football machines of the year. It went through the season unbeaten, vieing with Alabama for foremost honors in the South, and far more important — It gave to Tulane its first All-American star — the " Peerless Peggy " Flournoy, sensational punter, passer, and plunger, great open field runner and the first all-round backfield man in Tulane history. Flournoy led the point sc orers of America with 129 points. Rivaling " Peggy " Flournoy in individual honors were Captain " Les " Lautenschlaeger and " Irish " Levy. Lautenschlaeger ' s brilliance in handling his Greenies prompted Chicago critics to call the doughty little field general the " best quarterback of the year, " and Clark D. Shaugh- nessy termed Lester " the finest quarterback in Tulane history. " " Irish ' ' Levy, playing the greatest game of his career as a Tulane lineman, with " Peggy, " v.-as awarded a place on the mythical All-Southern team, and Tulane had half a dozen others in " Doc " Wilson, Harry Gamble, Harvey Wilson, " Hoss " Talbot, and Johnny Menville, who gained much support among the sport scribes. To the genius of Clark D. Shaughnessy, the man with vision, the quiet, smiling builder, goes the credit of Tulane ' s success. The team in the main is a Shaughnessy product. More than half of the stars came up from local prep schools and under Shaughnessy developed to their full height. Ever since Shaughnessy returned to Tulane in 1922 the 1925 Green Wave was in the making. More and better material began to report to Shaughnessy and the ability of the former Minnesota star was making itself felt. In 1924 the Greenies lost but one game, that an upset by the Mississippi Aggies. The team was light, but fast. Its game was brilliant, its attack varied, and speed and brains were paramount. And thus was the stage set for the 1925 Wave, the greatest of ' em all. Hammond Simon 197 Lautenschlaecer " Who ' ll take ' Brother ' Brown ' s place " featured all queries about the Tulane team in the early fall of 1925. A couple of vvesks later " Peggy " Flour- noy stepped out and made ' em forget all about " Brother " Brown, brilliant back that the latter was. And " Peggy " Flournoy began at the start of the season to write grid history with his flying feet, to dodge and twist his way on the All-Southern, and boot, pass, and plunge into a position on the All- American eleven. r , Morgan The Green Wave Rolls Louisiana College 77-0 It was a splashing, slashing Green Wave that rocked a heavy Louisiana College eleven in its swells to open the 1925 season with a 77-0 victory. (September 26). The Greenies swept down the rain soaked field with irresistible force, filling the sixty minutes of sloppy football with spectacular runs. About 5,000 fans stood through the driving rain while Flournoy, Morgan, Menville, Browne, Lorlo and Norman snaked through broken fields for miscellaneous touchdowns. Despite the weak opponent the 77 points scored by Tulane caught the imagination of the enthusiasts and even then great things were predicted. The Tiger Ties Missouri 6 — Tulane 6 A burning sun — 8,500 frantic fans — a team of giants from Missouri — a thrilling, gruelling duel between two powerful teams — and Tulane ' s Green Wave made the Tiger from the " Show me " state stand In his tracks. (October 3). ' -- ' s?- 198 ! Lamprecht Fifteen pounds lighter than the Mizzoii Tigers, the Greenies fought doggedly through the first half and came back the second half to play the visitors off their feet. " Peggy " Flournoy, " Hoss " Talbot, Harry Gamble and " Doc " Wilson made football history against Missouri. It was " Peggy " vho plunged over with the tying touchdown. It was " Peggy ' s " good right foot that kept Missouri at a far distance when the Greenies had to give up the ball. " Doc " Wilson and Harry Gamble covered " Peggy ' s " punts like hawks, nailing the Mizzou safely in his tracks time after time. And " Hoss " Talbot it was who threw his huge form in the way of Whiteman ' s drop kick that saved Tulane from a 9 to 6 defeat. Missouri scored first after a 30 yard pass had placed the ball on Tulane ' s 3 yard line. Missouri made nine first downs, all in the first half. The Greenies made eight, six of which came in the final half. -If ' .■■ ' J 199 Norman Blackledge Before the half ended the Greenies tied the score on a long pass to Gamble, in vhich three Tigers interfered with Gamble ' s making the catch. Tulane got the ball at the point of inter- ference, on the two yard line, and " Peggy " crashed through to tie the score. The Wave Passes " Ole Miss " to Death TuLAXE 26 — " Ole Miss " 7 Homer Hazel ' s " Ole Miss " club came down billed as a dark horse. The color didn ' t clear after Tulane licked ' em with an assortment of fancy and staple forward passes and the Mississip- pians went down, 26 to 7. (October 10). The Greenies scored 20 points in the first half and then loafed. As usual " Peggy " Flournoy starred. So did the rest of the Wave. ' A (J. Wilson Talbot Revenge Is Sweet TuLANE 25 — Mississippi Aggies 3 Bernie Bierman ' s Aggies gave everybody another scare for awhile when " Lil " Stone booted a neat drop kick to give the Aggies a 3-0 advantage in the opening quarter. (October 17). Visions of 1924 swept before the Greenies and they overcame the slow start and swept on to cop the game and get revenge with a 25 to 3 decision, over the Starkeville lads. Following the ball, forcing the breaks, helped the Greenies materially to win. Harry Gamble played a stellar role, blocking a couple of kicks which turned into touchdowns. In the Limelight TuLANE 18 — Northwestern 7 The " Thin Green Line " from Dixie swept into Stagg field and showed the Big Ten sports followers some of the greatest football of the year. " Peggy " Flournoy was supreme. He tore the Northwestern Wildcat line to shreds, his punts recalled the great Pat O ' Dea to Big Ten writers, and his three touchdowns carried the Tulane colors to the first big Intersectional victory of all times. The Greenies played first half football — they didn ' t wait until the final periods to show their wares. Out upon the field the Greenies tore, and before many minutes " Peggy " was over with the first tally. 6 Northwestern took the lead for a brief moment on a beautiful long pass. But its scoring was over after that and the Green Wave continued to roll on. To the whole team too much praise cannot be given. Lautenschlaeger was great in his tactics. The interference was perfect, the defense tight. To Gamble and Wilson, to Lamprecht and Blackledge, much credit goes. So also to " Irish " Levy and " Hoss " Talbot, and all the rest — for the team played as a unit and as a unit won Tulane ' s greatest victory. Another Tiger Bites the Dust TuLANE 13 — Auburn o Another muddy day — thick, creamy, red Alabama clay — thicker than gumbo, more slippery than ice. Those were the conditions under which Tulane downed the Auburn Tigers 13 to o. (October 31 ). The reaction after the Northwestern game didn ' t find the C5reenies at their best. The play was ragged and the mud unendurable. But " Peggy " broke loose for one score and so did Lester, and the Auburnites couldn ' t score when " hits meant runs. " v Wight 202 vl. i Browne Easy Pickings TuLAXE 37 — Louisiana Polytechnic o " Peggy " scored nearly every one of Tulane ' s points in this semi-contest. He scored 31 points out of the total 37. The workout got the Greenies in shape for the Sewanee game which was to be the hardest of the year. The Third Tiger Drops by the Way TULANE 14 SeWANEE O The Sewanee Tigers presented a stubborn, strong team, yet " Peggy " got loose on his longest run of the year — a 68-yard dash off tackle — to score a touchdown. Sewanee threatened once and Tulane ' s great line held four times on the one yard line — as it had done at Auburn in 1924. And now we come to the big game of the year — of any year — with L. S. U. The Tiger Shrieks TuLANE 16 — L. S. U. O Beating L. S. U. has become a habit with Tulane. And with the great record of the Greenies a victory was expected by all. But L. S. U. wouldn ' t admit defeat and the game was a tough struggle throughout. In the first half several breaks kept the Greenies from showing any offense at all and the score was 0-0. Gamble 303 ' 4 Robinson KiLLEEN But in the final half Tulane scored twice on, their own accord, once on Lester ' s neat toss to Menville which netted 30 yards and a touchdown. " Peggy " scored the other six point tally. " Irish " Levy dropped the L. S. U. quarterback, Godfrey, behind his goal line for a safety to run Tulane ' s score to 16 points. The greatest crow-d to see a game in the State — 21,000 witnessed the contest. Centenary Is Stubborn Tulane 14 — Centenary o Coming as an anti-climax to the season which logically ends with the defeat of L. S. U., the Centenary game found Tulane stale and Centenary stubborn. Result: a hard fought game, which Tulane won only after a struggle. " Peggy " was closely watched in this game and the best he could do was show the North Louisiana fans the greatest kicking they ' ll ever see. Me scored once, however, and " Doc " Wilson did likewise on a pass. 204 u- Freshman Football The 1925 season for the Little Billow was not what one would call successful from the standpoint of games won and lost. In the larger games of the year the Greenies twice met defeat, although in their other contests they came through on the winning side. Journeying up to Tuscaloosa, the Little Wave fell in defeat before the Small Thin Red Line by a close score. Against the upstate Tigers at Baton Rouge, the Tulane Freshies also failed to chalk up a victory. Their victories over Gulfcoast Military Academy and the " Rocka- chaws " of the Bay City, however, even up the lost and won games for the season. Under the guidance of Coach Hammond the Freshman team showed itself to be the source of much good material for the coming 1926 football season at Tulane. From this standpoint its season may be termed a complete success, for from all indica- tions its membership will afford many men whose presence on the 1926 varsity will play a prominent part in the Green Wave ' s successes in the coming year. 205 Basketball It takes a long time to rebuild a great athletic machine when the organization is scattered. And when " Monk " Simons lost " Hooks " Lind, All-Southern guard; Junior Henican, and Eddie Davidson from his wonderful 1925 cage squad he had to start rebuilding in 1926. Although " Monk " had Eddie Morgan and Ellis Henican, All-Southern stars last year, in tow, the Greenie mentor had a problem finding a combination that would work smoothly, and as a result Tulane experienced a poor season as Tulane seasons go. Such has been " Monk ' s " record for the last half dozen years that a record of eleven victories and seven defeats is considered only fair. Pat Browne, " Peggy " Flournoy, and " Doc " Wilson rounded out the Tulane first five until Eddie Morgan ' s long illness caused his loss to the Greenies. " Bromo " Setzler took Morgan ' s place in the later games and in the tournament at Atlanta. 206 The Greenies just found themselves at the fag end of the season, and but for the loss of Morgan on the eve of the tournament, " Monk " might have made another big effort for the title. The Greenies felt they had a fifty-fifty chance of going good with the breaks, but Virginia put ' em out in the first round after Tulane had led most of the way. The score of the game was 29 to 25. Tulane ' s R Games played, 18 33 40 36 18 41 34 35 26 19 Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane ■. 33 Tulane 52 Tulane 23 Tulane 24 Tulane 20 Tulane 20 Tulane 31 Tulane 32 Tulane 22 ECORD FOR 1926 Won 1 1. Lost 7. Georgia Tech 18 Clemson 22 Clemson 15 Georgia Tech 31 Georgia 27 Mississippi A. M 32 Mississippi University 46 Mississippi University 51 Vanderbilt 18 Auburn 30 Auburn 31 Louisiana State University 30 Louisiana State University 25 Alabama 26 Alabama 27 Mississippi A. M 27 Louisiana State University 29 Louisiana State University 13 207 n Baseball HE nineteen twentj ' -five baseball season at Tulane was reasonably successful. Carrying one of the hardest schedules of any team in the diamond history of the University, the Greenies emerged a credit to the Olive and Blue and to themselves. The Green wave won five games and lost seven. The nineteen twenty-five team was composed of the following: Eddie Morgan, catcher; Gravois, Porter and Long, pitchers; E. Henican, L. Warner, C. Liiid, Flour- noy, Butker, infielders; Dufour, Lautenschlaeger, Robinson, Richeson, F. Warner, outfielders. The Greenies opened the season with a two-game series with the Mississippi Col- lege Choctaws. In the first contest the Green Wave proved far too strong for the Collegians and came out on the long end of a 16-4 score. It was in this opening game that the Tulane nine gave promises of being a hard hitting aggregation when Carl Lind led the attack with two home runs, closely followed by Flournoy and Morgan with three hits out of four trips to bat. In the second game the Choctaws placed a stronger nine on the diamond, but again the Greenies won by a 2 to i tally. The University of Iowa Hawkeyes were the next opponents of the Wave, in a two-game series. The invaders brought with them one of the strongest teams ever seen on the local diamond and chalked up a 5 to i victory in the first contest. Lau- tenschlaeger pitched excellent ball, but costly errors at inopportune times caused the Greenies to end on the short end of the score. In the second fray the Tulane nine battled for ten innings before conceding a 6 to 4 victory for the visitors. The Greenies took the lead in the first inning and main- tained it until the ninth when Iowa made the run that tied the score. However, the Hawkeyes rallied in the tenth and scored two rims for the second victory in the series. Journeying up to Starkeville the Green Wave engaged in a two-game tilt with Mississippi A. M., which resulted in a victory for each team. The Aggies were a hard hitting aggregation and got off to a three-run lead in the first two innings. In- creasing this lead, the game ended 1 1 to 4 in their favor. In the second game the Green Wave, with Lefty Long in the box, kept the Farmers down to two nuis while the Greenies registered four tallies. The Greenies battered the Aggie pitcher out of the box in the fifth inning by well placed short and long hits. Tulane next met " Ole Miss " on the local diamond and the Mississippi visitors won both games. In the first game each team made eleven hits, but loose playing on the part of the Greenies enabled the invaders to get an 8 to 6 decision. In the second contest Tulane got an early lead of three runs, but Ole Miss overcame the Greenies in the fourth never to be overtaken, the final tally being 7 to 4. 20S It was in the next two games that Tulane staged the unforgettable hair raising rallies in the ninth innings to tie the upstate Bengals and then cop both games by a final punch. The Tigers came with a strong team and great hope that they might win back what they had lost to the Greenies in football and basketball, but alas, they met a similar fate. In the first game the L. S. U. team scored in the first, sixth, seventh and ninth innings. It was the last half of the ninth — the score 5 to O — when the Green Wave made their memorable rally and tallied five runs to tie the score. In the tenth inning the Greenies chalked up the winning run and the game ended 6 to 5. In the next game the Tigers fought with equal vim until forced to admit defeat in the eleventh inning. Morgan ' s homer with Lind on base tied the score in the ninth stanza and Flournoy ' s drive brought Richeson across the plate for the winning run in the eleventh. The final score was 7-6. The season was closed with the next two games at the Tiger ' s lair in Baton Rouge. The upstate hosts won both games of the series. In the first contest the Tigers got off to a five-run lead in the premier inning and ended with a 7-4 margin. Piling up eleven runs in the seventh period, at which time Tulane had a 6-3 lead, the Tigers copped the last game of the series by a 14 to 7 tally. Tulane 16 Tulane 2 Tulane i Tulane 4 Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Mississippi College 4 Mississippi College i University of Iowa 5 University of Iowa 6 Mississippi A. M 11 Mississippi A. M 2 Mississippi University 8 Mississippi University 7 Louisiana State University 5 Louisiana State University 6 Louisiana State University 7 Louisiana State University 14 209 Golf ULANE sent a golf team to the Southern Intercollegiate Con- ference Golf Tournament last year for the second time in the history of the University, only to overshadow the remark- able showing made by the team in 1924 at Atlanta. A foursome was selected to represent Tulane at the Birmingham matches and the following men were chosen : Frederick Lamprecht, Captain and Manager; Louis Caron, Conrad Collins and C. B. Fox, Jr. In the tournament the members of the Tulane team, with the excep- tion of Lamprecht, were early eliminated. The Tulane captain and star golfer, however, fought his way to the finals and defeated Bobby Baugh of Alabama, winning the Southern Intercollegiate Championship. In the two previous years Lamprecht had been defeated only after getting into the final matches, but last 3 ' ear success crowned his efforts and he defeated the Alabama player one up on the thirty-sixth hole. It is to Lamprecht also that goes the credit and distinction of having won for Tulane her first and only national Intercollegiate champion- ship. He represented Tulane at the National Intercollegiate Tournament and won easily over Jack Westland of the LTniversity of Washington. a a Tennis Tulane witnessed a most successful 1925 season in this branch of activities. The Greenies met Louisiana College, University of Texas, Rice Institute, Louisiana State University, and the University of Alabama. The Tulane net men also entered the Southern Intercollegiate Tournament at Chapel Hill, N. C, and the National Inter- collegiate Tournament at Philadelphia. D. K. Murray, Captain; L. C. Chamberlain, Captain-Elect; P. J. Bayon, and P. AL Waltrip were the players chosen to represent Tulane for the 1925 season. Repeating the wonderful success of the 1924 team, the Greenie netmen walked away with honors in both the singles and doubles at the Southern Conference tourna- ment. Murray defeated Grant of Georgia Tech for championship honors in one of the most exciting matches of the season. Murray lost the first set 5-7. The second went to the Tulane star 6-4; the third, to Grant 7-9; the fourth, to Murray 6-4, and the deciding set fell a victory for Murray. In the doubles Murray and Chamberlain defeated Fuller and Solomon of North Carolina for championship place. In the National Intercollegiate Conference Tournament, Murray and Chamber- lain were both eliminated in the first round of the singles. In the doubles this pair fought their way to the round before the semi-finals. Tulane-Louisiana College matches: Murray defeated Allen, 6-3, 6-0. Chamberlain defeated Simmons, 6-1, 6-1. Murray and Chamberlain defeated Allen and Simmons, 6-1, 5-1. University of Texas : Thalheimer defeated Murray, 6-2, 2-6, 6-1. Funkhouser defeated Chamberlain, 6-3, 6-2. Moltier defeated Bayon, 7-5, 6-0. Brewster defeated Waltrip, 6-2, 6-3. Thalheimer and Funkhouser defeated Murray and Chamberlain, 7-5, 2-6, 6-4. Rice Institute: Fetch defeated Murray, 1-6, 7-5, 6-3. Chamberlain defeated Salone, 0-6, 6-1, 6-1. Murray and Chamberlain defeated Fetch and Salone, 6-2, 6-1. rill A Mr ' fm.t It 1 kl 4:„ i 1 A k •• ' -l—l Ofe Track The Tulane track team of 1925 experienced one of the most successful seasons in this branch of sports in the history of the University. Under the leadership of Coach Bierman the Greenies won three meets and lost two. The season was ushered in with a decisive victory over the " Ole Miss " spikemen. The well rounded team put in the field by Coach Bierman copped nine first places and emassed many points by scoring all places in several events. It was in this meet that " Skeeter " Roy showed himself to be an exceptional hurdler when he negotiated the high hurdle race in 15 3-5 seconds, equaling the Conference mark. De Garmo also displayed fine form in winning the mile and half-mile races. Deichman, Wilson, Hay, Phil- lips and Allen also won first places for the Tulanians. It was at Atlanta the following week that the event of the season took place when " Skeeter " Roy, captain of the team, broke the Southern record and tied the world ' s record in the high hurdles. In a classy field Roy stepped the sticks in 15 seconds flat. This was better than the old Southern mark by 2-5 of a second. The whole team made an excellent showing in the Georgia Tech Relay, never failing to score some points in the events in which they were entered. The Greenie team Invaded Tuscaloosa next (April 25), and walked away with a dual meet with the Uni- versity of Alabama by an 81 to 45 score. The feature of the meet was Roy ' s run over the high hurdles. The fast Tulane hurdler won the event in the old Southern record time of 15 2-5 seconds. Tulane won eleven first places and seven second places, Roy and Hay tying for high point scorer of the day. Killeen, Allen and DeGarmo also starred for the Greenies. The following week (May i) Coach Bierman took his spikemen to Auburn for the third dual meet of the season. Due to the preponderance of second places that the Auburn team captured the Tigers of the plains downed the Tulane fieldmen by a 65-47 score. The first places were equally divided, each team registering wins in seven events. Roy, Duren, Hay, DeGarmo, Wilson and Phillips were the scoring luminaries for the Greenies. Tulane next met the L. S. U. track team at the Stadium, May 9, and went down to defeat 67-45. The Old Gold and Purple fieldmen won seven first places and totaled many second places throughout the meet. DeGarmo won two first places, and Roy, Duren and Allen each captured the premier position in their re- spective fields. Hay tied with Hitchcock of L. S. U. for first place in the pole vault, and with East of L. S. U. in the high jump. This was the only event the Tigers captured from Tulane in the 1 924-1 925 session, the Greenies having won at football and basketball and the baseball series ending in an even break. The last meet of the year resulted in another vic- tory for the Olive and Blue when they won the South- ern A. A. U. contests by running up a total of forty- five points. DeGarmo, Roy, McNamara and Duren contributed first places to the Tulane score. V.I A Kll» - ' - 213 k i Jt__A n II i fl ¥ FaATERKITIES Wm !h 1? a y n { ! FRATERNITIES Academic Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Nu TULANE Kappa Sigma Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Beta Theta Pi Zeta Beta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Mu Kappa Nu Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Iota Sigma Epsilon Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Newcomb Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Phi Phi Delta Phi Phi Chi Alpha Kappa Kappa Chi Zeta Chi Phi Beta Pi Professional Theta Kappa Psi Nu Sigma Nu Phi Rho Sigma Alpha Epsilon Iota Tau Chi Epsilon Psi Omega Beta Phi Sigma Phi Delta Epsilon Epsilon Kappa Sigma Phi Alpha Delta Phi Beta Kappa Commerce Key Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Stars and Bars Alpha Sigma Sigma Kappa Delta Phi Sigma Upsilon Owls Special Pi Sigma Chi Square and Compass White Elephants Theta Alpha Phi 217 m . M m . Adams, Born, Brouch, Cahn. Campbell, Claverie, Cotonio, Green, Harris. Mason, Monroe, Pailet, Peavy, Robinson, Stoutz, Whitley, Williford, Wirth. p 3l8 n $ O LI IJ " ' i o ■ ■ c ■ p poo w p LJ ' f C] The Tulane Council of Fraternities Officers Dr. Melvin J. White Chairman Marvin Green Secretary Henry Stoutz Treasurer Louis E. Williford Chairman Activities Committee Henry Stoutz Chairman Grievance Committee Phi Kappa Sigma — Charles Wirth Albert Newlan Pi Kappa Alpha — Philip Campbell Maurice Sullivan Kappa Alpha — Allison Owten Michael Macheca Sigma Chi — Lloyd Ray Claude Williams Alpha Tail Omega — Henry Stoutz S. Hamilton Sigma Alpha Mu — Leon Reinach Herman Lindy Members of Council Kappa Nu — Lester Pailet Norman Barnett Sigma Nu — • Harry Whitley Horace. Talbot Kappa Sigma — Louis Williford Thomas Killeen Delta Tau Delta — David C. Marcus Robert Besselman Phi Delta Theta — Walter Simpson Louis B. Claverie Sigma Alpha EpAion — Leslie Heiter H. Forman Delta Kappa Epsilon — Leal C. McLean St. Clair Adams, Jr. Beta Theta Pi — Crawford Davidson Charles Rrough Zeta Beta Tau — Edmuno Cahn Marion Kessler Delta Sigma Phi — Theodore Cotonio Marvin Green Sigma Pi — Ernest B. Mason K. R. Harris Pi Kappa Phi — Charles D. Peavy, Jr. H. M. Robinson Sigma Iota — M. J. Rodriguez Rafael R. Muniz 219 Allen, Chatelain, Bolton ' , Bourgeois, DeArmas, C. Duke, E. Duke, Gaidry, Haller, Hardy, Hawkins, Martin, McCarthy, Ogden, Patterson, Price, Reed, Roberts, Shevnin, Stafford, Strack, Warner, C. Wirth, F. H. Wirth. 31 Chapters Phi Kappa Sigma Founded, University of Pennsylvania, 1850 Mu Chapter Established 1858 Membership, 8,067 Richard Ray Kirk C. Reynolds Dr. C. L. Brown Fratres in Facultate Dr. Andrew Vallais Freidricks Dr. Samuel Hobson, Jr. Dr. Charles Bonnister Martin Shevnin G. W. Bolton Fratres in Universitate Seniors Charles Wirth James Stafford Dave Norman I. F. Hawkins P. L. Warner Charles Boagni Claude Duke Juniors Sylvester Bourgeois Harold Haller Edward Patterson Bill Roberts Albert Newlin Lloyd Hoffman H. Chatelain Harold Wirth Edward Duke Sophoinores Lawrence Turner Louis Bye Roy Blackledge Carl J. Strack Carlos D ' Armas Warren Datz Raymond Allen Wilfred Gaidry Albin Spiess Freshmen Gardner Reed Horatio Ogden Dick Roberts Richard McCarthy Howard Martin Eric Price JuDsoN Hardy ' 4 Campbell, Charbonnet, Cummings, Dell, Ellender, Friedrichs, Hay, Linfield, Locke, Parlongoe, Planche, Rayer, G. Smith, J. M. Smith, Sullivan, Watters. 69 Chapters Pi Kappa Alpha Founded, University of Virginia, 1868 ETA CHAPTER Established 1878 Memhership, 8,268 Dr. Octave Cassegrain Max King Dr. John A. Lanford Fratres in Facultate Dr. Lucien LeDoux Stuart G. Noble James IVI. Robert William Spratling Dr. Robert A. Strong C. S. Williamson Max Knight Theodore Watters William Locke Steve Bowlings John Couret Felix Plaunche Clifford Mayes John Maher John Houck Sidney Chakbonnet Richard Hamilton Fratres in Universitate Senior ' s Prentice Smith Maurice P. Sullivan Wallace Hay Juniors Kenneth Rayer John Mullins Roland Carrol Sophomores Kitteredge V. Dell Charles Hollabaugh WiLARD C. ELLENDER Freshmen Karl Friedricks Gayle Aiken Smith Robert Linfield Philip Campbell Charles L. Dufour Melville Smith Laurin Wainwright Thomas Fredricks Steve Manning Sidney Parlongue Charles Fredricks 21 ' X 6 m m . Archinard, Barnett, Blain, Buchanan, COSTLEY, DiNKINS, FrANKLIN, GrAYSON, Hendrick, Hofkpauer, Kent, Montgomery, Owen, Scott, Wallis, Wiggin. 224 Lr Kappa Alpha Founded, Washington and Lee, 1865. 54 Chapters PSI CHAPTER Established 1882 Membership, 13,060 Dr. H. E. Buchanan Charles P. Fenner Fratres in Facultate Robert Sharp James Winston David S. Blackshear L. Hargrett Herbert T. Buchanan Clark D. Hoffpaueb Fr.atres in Universitate Seniors IMlCHAEL MaCHECA Allison Owen, Jr. Jack Wiggin Ben F. Thompson, Jr. Edouard Wogan Joseph T. Scott, Jr. Ladd a. Dinkins Chris Barnette Douglas Kent S. KiRKPATRICK Juniors Robert McL . White Millard A. Gensler John R. Getta John Oakley Hugh M. Blain John V. Hendricks Hunter How Alex Blanchard A. Mallard Seago Ridgley Finley Arthur Duggan Ben Franklin Sophomores Eben Hardie, Jr. John B. Sanford, Jr. John D. Miller, Jr. Forrest C. Buchanan Dean Nickel Stanley Costley Freshmen R. Chatham Woods Brainard Montgomery Darwin Fenner William Cudlipp 225 a m Its IAi£ IMi. Baquie, Bristow, Eustis, Hagerty, KiMBROUCH, Lynch, R. E. Macon, T. L. Macon, Martin, Ray, Robbert, Robbins, Riggs, Sanders, Warner, C. S. Williams, G. D. Williams, Youman. 226 a Q 77 Chapters Sigma Chi Founded, Miami University, 1855 ALPHA OMICRON PI CHAPTER Established 1886 Membership, 22,051 Dr. S. L. Logan Dr. p. a. McIlhenny Dr. V. C. Smith Fr.atres in Facultate Dr. L. B. Crawford Dr. E. D. P ' enner Dr. E. p. Ficklen Dr. a. Cook J. W. Carroll Fratres in Universit. te Seniors (None) B. RiGGS Moye Sanders Juniors L. Warner R. A. Robinson, Jr. Guy Williams Lloyd Ray H. Preston L. Eustis Sophomores C. Williams Garrett Martin W. P. Hagerty L. Bristow D. Youman R. Macon L. Macon Freshmen A. Robbins C. Baquie H. Lynch 227 Baker, Bennett, Carter, Chalaron, Charbonnet, Gilmer, Gladney, Gregory, Hamilton, Harp, Henriques, Hoefeld, MeKenzie, Monroe, Rogers, Stoutz. 228 78 Chapters Alpha Tau Omega Founded, Virginia Military Institute, 1865 BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1887 Membership, 17,950 J. P. Butler Nathan C. Curtis Lawrence R. DeBuys Fratres in Facultate c. l. eshelman Allan C. Eustis W. O ' Daniel Jones Randolph Lyons Emile Stouse Fratrks in Universitate John P. Graham Pete Menefee Wilmer Rogers Henry Stoutz J. W. Allen William. ' Carter Jack Douglas Adam Harper Thomas Bennett Adolph Hoefeldt E. B. Charbonnet Charles E. Harp Harry Monroe Sophomores William Gregory Charles Henriques William K. Gladney Stanley Hamilton W. A. McKenzie Henry Chalaron N. H. Stewart Freshmen Joseph ' Sellers Chris Hoefeldt Alvin Brent William Gilmer i m ' ' O Baumgarten, Benedict, Booksh, Cherry, Dietlein, Gilbert, Havard, Landrv, Lowrey, Matthews, Merchant, E. H. Miazza, Miazza, Rushin, Sentell, Summer, Swann, B. Talbot, R. Talbot, Whitley. 230 Sigma Nu Pounded, Virginia Military Institute, 1869 BETA PHI CHAPTER 88 Chapters Established 1888 Membership, 18,342 Dr. J. M. McBryde Fratres in Facultate E. E. Allgeyer C. E. Dunbar Fratres in Universitate W. SoMMER Benedict, III. Charles DeLa Vergne Jacob S. Landry Eugene Miazza B. Horace Talbot, Jr. Charles Havard Cecil Swann Gray Thatcher Thomas S. Booksh Carol Summers Juniors Evan L. Gilbert Morgan Matthews Harry Whitley Robert H. Cherry J. Elsberry Rushin Sophomores Albert J. Harper Charles S. Sentell Henry E. Lowry Murphy M. Sims Landon Arnum Edward L. Gilbert Edward Miazza Freshmen John H. Baumgarten AuBYN Bennett Webster McBryde Ralph Talbot Harold C. Dietlein John Gidiere Vernon Terrell 231 m ' O Blue, Brewster, Burke, Bush, D. Chamberlain, L. Chamberlain, Clyde, DeLaLreal, Houston, Lassiter, Mangham, Moss, Parks, Pitts, Reixach, Roberts, Roy, Simon, Simmonds, Smith, Talley ' , Watkins, Williams, Williford. 232 ' A A Kappa Sigma Founded, University of Virginia, 1869 SIGMA CHAPTER 92 Chapters Established 1889 Membership, 22,565 Melvin J. White Frederick Fenno Fratres in Facultate Fre derick H. Fox William P. Brown Edward King T. E. KiLLEEN H. V. Williams R. D. Watkins L. E. WiLLIFORD W. O. Moss Rene Reixach BoNi De Laureal W. R. Bradford Warren Simon L. E. Bush J. P. Talley Louis Le May Marion Epley Overton Roy Fratres in Universitate Seniors W. A. Clyde R. D. Smith W. C. Roberts Juniors N. T. Simmons Arthur Houston T. J. Parks E. A. Clark H. F. Brewster John Forsythe Sophomores M. D. Seldom Freshmen William Doswell Gordon Hayward Sheldon Blue D. L. Chamberlain R. H. Cobb Randolph Church L. C. Chamberlain T. W. Burke W. V. Lunn T. M. Munholland J. L. Pitts. Jr. G. Morris Carlos Mangham Leland Stone 233 a Q_ JT i_- - ..::.: i. . . Baine, Bender, Besselman, Eckford, Gamble, GoETz, Harold, Henson, Holland, Howcott, F. C. Johnson, Jr., C. G. Johnson, Kittredge, Llorens, Marcus, Moore, Quinn, Wight, Wilson, Yarbrough. 234 66 Chapters Delta Tau Delta Founded, Bethany College, 1858 BETA XI CHAPTER Established 1889 Membership, 19,275 Dr. J. P. O ' Kelly H. M. Blain Fratres in Facultate Chaille Jamison Pierce Butler Emile Nalf C. F. Taeusch Ben NET White R. Bessleman David C. Marcus Carter Johnson Patrick Quinn G. Henson Frank L. Churchill Edward B. Wharton C. Gordon Johnson J. Burns Yarbrough Fratres in Universitate Seniors Harry P. Gamble Thomas F. Wilson Juniors F. Llorens E. W. GoETZ, Jr. Sophomores E. Evans Freshmen A. Earle Moore Clell G. Holland William Messersmith Harley B. Howcott J. F. Eckford Harvey Wilson John Baine RUSSEL Costley Willoughby Kittredge Rbdus Day A. Harold 235 ' A - 0 Caron, Carre, Claverie, Ellison, Gates, Gessner, Gomila, Grace, Hebert, Lilly, Link, Mitchell, Provosti ' , Simpson, Steckler, Walker, Weed, White, Wright, Young. 236 90 Chapters Phi Delta Theta Founded, Miami University, 1848 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1889 Membership, 28,883 P. BORGSTROM C. W. Duval H. E. Miller Fratrls IX Facultate H. B. Gessner H. P. Jones M. M. Souchon J. B. Guthrie Frederick Lamprecht Louis Mitchell Louis Claverie Richard Gates Walter Simpson Hugh Evans Warren Hebert Roy Sessions Peter Tibaut G. Steiner Milton Grace Fratres in Universitate Seniors David Ellison David Young Juniors Malcolm Wright James Gibbons Jay Tucker Sophomores Milton Steckler EoVi ' ARD GeSSNER Freshmen Fritz Gomila George Lilly Charles Tessier Burton Hebert Robert White Hu Myers Walter Carre James Weed Louis Caron Henry O ' Connor Walter Guion Ollivier Provosty Quailey Walker 237 m Bayne, Beavers, Bell, Black, Born, Caraway, Cornish, Diboll, Donaldson, Dowling, Farrell, Fleming, Fisher, Hamilton, Heiter, Hull, Jervey, Jordan, Oser, Rush, Smith, Stafford, Texada, Thomas, Womack, Woodson. 238 m 1 94 Chapters Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded, University of Alabama, 1856 LOUISIANA TAU EPSILON CHAPTER Membership, 27,638 Established 1897 J. C. Hull Collins Diboll R. Bayne Herbert Hamilton j. b. holloman Leslie Heiter Jay K. Donaldson Charles A. Born, Jr. Max Spence Thomas Stafford FoRTiER Black Fratres in Universitate Seniors Blanchard Texada Juniors Heck Rush Henin Forman Dave Womack Sophomores W. B. Woodson Freshmen Allen L. Smith Frank Tangbehn Mason Farrel Robert Thomas Paul Cornish Walter Oser Robert Dowling J. R. KiLMAN William Fisher Jack McCraney 239 ft m h o Adams, Andry, Bethea, Broad, Burton, Devall, Eskrigge, Fox, Hughes, LaCoste, McCloskey, McLean, Monroe, Ramsey, Reeves, Reuning, Upton, Wilmot, Young. 240 Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded, Yale College, 1844 43 Chapters TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1899 Membership, 21.885 Charles Andry St. Clair Adams, Jr. James Sthvens Lucius Burton Wright Frierson Charles Black John Carter Robert Hughes Bernard IMcCloskey Wilmek Devall Albert Reuning Fratres in Universitate Seniors Wilbur Heard Juniors Patrick Browne Charles Reeves Sophomores George Eustis C. Bekesford Fox Freshmen Henry Broad Edward Dubuisson Stanton Jahncke John Upton Leonard Young Albert Lacoste Cicero Ramsey Leal McLean Gordon Wilson Alfred L. Stoessel Theodore Bethea Tatum Eskrigge Raburn Monroe Denton Wilmot Louis DeRouen Robert Wehrmann 241 m Armstrong, Brough, Brown, Davidson, DeBuys, De la Houssave, Flournoy, Ford, Fox, Gardner, Henican, Kell, Knighton, Menville, Murrell, Parker, Parrott, Seeuws Shute, Snyder, Underwood, Wright. 242 Lr- 83 Chapters Dr. W. p. Bradburn Dr. Muir Bradburn Dr. Charles Bloom Ellis Henican William J. Wright Edward J. Knighton Charles M. Brough Will ' iam Sebmann Andrew Hooper John Menville T. H. Halsey Olaf H. Olsen J. Roy Theriot Herbert C. Parker Beta Theta Pi Founded, Miami University, 1839 BETA XI CHAPTER Established, 1908 Fr,- tres in Facultate Dr. Roy de la Houssaye Dr. F. E. LeJeune W. A. Pkout Fratres in Universitate Seniors Richard C. Murrell David M. Kell Juniors F. Creighton Shute Rene F. Gelpi Sophomores Charles Fox H. Crawford Davidson Edward J. Lytle Freshmen Cha rles M. Smith James Y. Snyder, Jr. William Craig Herbert Ford Membership, 28,897 D. H. Theard a. m. suthon Sumter D. Marks Priestly Flournoy Lloyd T. Gardner Francis Armstrong Arthur Lewis Junius W. Underwood T. F. Seeuws Malcolm de la Houssaye L. R. DuBuYS, Jr. Cahn, Feist, Fieldschmidt, Groskind, Heymann, Isaacs, Jacobs, KOHLMEYER, KeSSLER, LanDAU, J. LeVY, L. Levy, M. Levy-, M. W. Levy, Lob. 244 31 Chapters Zeta Beta Tau Founded, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1898 SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1909 Membership, 2,649 Frater in Facultate Justin V. Wolff Edmond Cahn Milton Leyy Irving Weil Herman Kohlmeyer David Groskind Maurice Levy Leo Haspel Max Heinberg Nat Rosenberg Howard Jacobs Fratres in Universitate Seniors Leonard Levy Malcomb Feist Juniors Anthor Landau Marion Kessler Isidore Newman Sophomores Hugo Fiexdschmidt Freshmen Charles Kohlmeyer Jack Levy Harry Kaufman Walter Heymann Henry Meyer Charles Lob Julian Keller Irving Safferstone Marks Isaacs 245 ] n g 0 ] ) .J c 0 9 9C»C?OCOO c m m utD Barham, Butker, Cooper, CoTONio, Deichmann, Flynn, Green, LeBlanc, Norris, PiTTMAN, Porter, Smith, Walls. 246 m Delta Sigma Phi Fuunded, New York City College, 1899 35 Chapters CHI CHAPTER Established 191G ' Membership, 3,941 Dr. Edward Brown Lewis F. Wakeman Edward C. Morgan Marvin T. Green Henry G. Butker W. FOLLONSBEE James A. Flynn Manning Fletcher John Walls Richard Baumback Fratres in Facultate Dr. Benjamin Lescale Fratres in Universitate Seniors E. Garland Walls Juniors J. B. Cooper Theo. Cotonio L. T. Frey Sophomores Charles A. Leblanc Freshmen Julius D. Pittman J. B. Harris Lee O ' Pry Wynne G. Rogers T. J. Smith Oliver Deichmann W. C. Norris Hamlin Barham Charles Gerrits, Jr. LOYD H. Boulet Robert S. Porter 247 m m . Bechtel, Bethea, Broussard, Burke, BuTARD, Christman, Clemmons, Dumler, Earnest, Edgar, Gill, Harris, Lewis, Lorio, Mason, McInnis, Middleton, Reynolds, Roberts, Setzler, Soniat, Town, Wright. 248 17 Chapters Sigma Pi Founded, Vincennes University, 1897 OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1920 Fratres in Facultate Dr. Edward A. Bechtel Dr. S. D. Gore Dr. W. M. Dixon Fratres in Universitate Seniors Ralph J. Christman W. J. Roberts Kenneth R. Harris Bernard H. Ford Ernest B. Mason Thomas J. Burke Clarence D. Edgar E. Lowe Gill Gerald Andrus J. Claude Earnest Samuel P. Johnson Kenneth Setzler J. Dent Middleton Russell Butard Charles P. Boardman f. t. boudreau Alfred Broussard Juniors Walter L. Murrell Sidney Soniat Sophomores L. D. Farragut Freshmen Daniel K. McInnis 0. N. Reynolds George D. Wright Bryan Clemmons L. L. Grain 249 Membership, 2,323 Dr. D. C. Browne Albert H. Towne A. J. Odom Guy D. Bethea George Bechtel Alvin B. Lorio William C. Braman Ernest W. Dumler Sidney F. Lewis Russell S. Mecom m BowsKY, Kahn, Lindy, Meyer, Saiewitz, Weinberger. 250 m ' l CW A Sigma Alpha Mu Founded, College of the City of New York, 1909 SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER 28 Chapters Established 1920 Membership, 1,576 Fratres in Universitate Seniors Sam Saiewitz Herbert Weinberger Juniors Elias Bowsky Herman Lindy Albert W. Segen IVTax Heidingsfelder Leon Reinach Sophomores (None) Freshmen Irving Klein Paul Meyer Alfred Lippman Moise Block Clifton Dreyfous Julius Cohn 251 a ' 1 A O Block, Kochansky, G. Levy, M. S. Levy, Marx, Pailet, Rosenhouse, Seehg, Shushan, Sizeler, Sokolsky. 253 9 o a Q_ Kappa Nu Founded, Rochester University, 1911 SIGMA CHAPTER 18 Chapters Established 1922 Membership, 788 Frater in Facultate Dr. N. H. Polmer Norman Barnett Fratres in Universitate Seniors Gus Levy Lester Pailet William Blumberg Maurice Shushan Juniors Max Cohen Al Seals Joseph Seelig Ferdinand Block S. Fred Gandleman Sophomores Morris Kochansky David L. Rosenhouse Bernard Schw artz Saul Sokolsky Murray Dissich David Drezinski Freshmen Ben Kaplan Sidney Sizbler Milton Levy William Marx 253 i I Armistead, Ayo, Berry, Besse, Freund, Hunter, Irion, Jones, Logan, McCain, McLean, Ogden, Peavy, Phillips, RiGGs, Robinson, Sims, Thompson, Thompson, Watson, Williams, Williamson, Wimberly ' , Woodward. 254 Pi Kappa Phi Founded, Charleston College, 1904 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER 22 Chapters Established 1923 Membership, 2,000 Fratres in Universitate Val Irion James A. Thompson Charles D. Peavy A. R. Sims Phillip Watson Aver Leeper Eugene W. Williamson Juniors William Thompson Wayne S. Stovall M. Truman Woodward, Jr. Merlin Besse Percy B. Phillips Henry M. Robinson Sophomores James I. McCain Joseph R. Hunter Henry L. Wimberly Ralph H. Riggs Jesse B. Williams Charles E. Ayo, Jr. Paul Freund Daniel P. Logan Freshmen Henry Ogden W. WiLCHIA ArMISTEAD Grif Jones Thompson Berry George Christie William Edwards Price McClain 255 m M JUO Delchamps, Goodwill, McLellan PoLACK, Simmons, Wolf. 256 Newcomb Pan-Hellenic Association Officers Pebrine Dixon President Etolia M. Simmons Secretary Representatives Etolia M. Simmons Pi Beta Phi Rosa Rogers Alpha Omicroji Pi Dorothy Gamble Kappa Kappa Gamma Willie May Delcamps Kappa Alpha Theta Frances Page Phi Mil Martha Tuten Alpha Delta Pi Anne Wright Chi Omega Babette Wolf Alpha Epsilon Phi Alumnae Representatives Perrine Dixon Pi Beta Phi Louise Chucrh Alpha Omicron Pi Clara Fitzpatrick Kappa Kappa Gamma Mrs. Maud Wilde Phi Mu Mrs. Roger Brewster Alpha Delta Pi Lucille Reed Chi Omega Lydia Schuler Kappa Alpha Theta Dorothy Kohlman Alpha Epsilon Phi Sedley Hayward Pi Beta Pi Charlotte Voss Alpha Omdcran Pi Winder Dudley Kappa Kappa Gamma Louise Richards Phi Mu Members Ex-Officio Elizabeth Dunwoody Wells Alpha Delta Pi Helen McLellan Chi Omega Dorothy Goodwill Kappa Alpha Theta Helen Polock Alpha Epsilon Phi 257 O m m jug ' A A Bass, Bayle, Bayley, Bradley, Chequelin, Cornelson " , Dymon ' d, Elliott Fisher, S. Hayward, S. Hayward, MartIxV, Miller, Philbrick, Saunders, Simmons, Westerfield. 258 65 Chapters Pi Beta Phi Founded, Monmouth College, 1867 Louisiana Alpha Chapter Established 1891 In Facultate Membership, 13,655 Mary Butler Marjorie Hay CoRiNNE Bass Evelyn Baylbj Rose Cornelson Frances Dymond Florence Adams Catharine Bayley Camilla Bradley Delphine Caron YVETTE CheQUELIN In Universitate Seniors Sadie Elliott Virginia Fenneb Sedley Hayward Juniors Sophomores Enid Fisher Stella Hayward Gladys Hopkins Dorothea Martin Merrill Miller Etolia Simmons Stella Walshe Fanny Magee Venette Philbric MaRIDEL SAUNDE3RS Elizabeth Westb ifibld 259 m a a Broussard, Chavanne, Folse, Foster C. Heaslip, E. Heaslip, Land, Lyon, Meredith, Moffett, Moise, Morgan, Osborne, Packer, Quarles, Voss, Young. 260 Alpha Omicron Pi 25 Chapters Founded, Barnard College, 1897 Membership, 3,232 Pi Chapter Established 1898 In Facultate Gladys Ann Renshaw Anna E. Many Mrs. E. L. LeBreton Odette Chalaron Elizabeth Land In Universitate Seniors Elizabeth Quarles Rosa Rogers Charlotte Voss Agnes Broussard Dorothy Folse Elizabeth Heaslip Juniors ■Elizabeth Osboen Elizabeth Lyon Angie Meredith Margaret Morgan Ethel Young Rose Chavanne Ruby Foster Cora Heaslip Sophomores Mary Moffett Marion Moise Ella Neiville Maxine Packer Gertrude Webb Margaret Folse Mannette Tomlinson Josephine Meredith Pauline Clarke Pledges Kathryn Barclay Katherine Gotcher Modene Henry Zelma Snydek Geraldine Dyson Lucie Walne 261 a a Baylor, Beaird, Carre, Chalaron ' , DoDDS, Early, Greaves, Hume, Massey, McLellan, Morphy, Patten, RuDisiLL, Sny ' der, Swift, Taylor, Witty. 262 Chi Omega Founded, University of Arkansas, 1895 60 Chapters Membership, 8,027 Rho Chapter Established 1900 In Facultate Bertha Latane In Univ ' ersitate Post Graduate Emily Lutrall Bernard Early Seniors Helen McLellan Sara Rudisill Fredeen Beaird Leila Carre Claire Chalaron Shellie Dodds Juniors Louise Hume Gusse Patten Elizabeth Snyder Ruth Taylor Virginia Wallace Dorothy Witty Anne R. Wright Claudia Baylor DicY Dodds Katherine Greaves Sophomores Nancy Massey Jane Metcalfe Helen Morphy Mary Swift Marion Walkek Milbrey Bourne Dorothy Chamberlain SiDOXiE de la Houssaye Harvey Faucher Pledges Gladys Fernandez L. Funkhouser Myrtle Gastrell Margaret Marchbanks Anne Metcalfe Bonner Richardson Madelyn Thomas 263 a a m ; o Alderson, Beauchamp, Billeaud, Bush, Cleveland, Fentress, Ford, Graner, Holder, Joy, Miller, Mooney, Raymond, Robin, Thomas, Watson, White. 364 a Kappa Kappa Gamma 48 Chapters Founded, Monmouth College, 1870 Membership, 11,696 Beta Omicron Chapter Established 1904 Florence Smith In Facultate Addie Spencer Mary Spencer In Universitate Seniors Mary Elizabeth Alderson Blanche M. Fostbk Frances Bush Rai Graner Mary Martin Fentress Margaret Holder Beatrice Ford Trbeby Miller Betty Raymond Corinne Robin Marjorie Thomas Hejlen Beauchamps Irmine Charbonnet Adele Cleveland Winder Dudley Juniors Dorothy Gamble Sue Joy Miriam Mooney Lynne Northrop Lucy Mae Rainold Priscilla Sims Evelyn Theibaut Marjorie Watson Ann Bajrd Louisette Billeaud Sara Bullock Sophomores Doris Hill Cecil Mooney Alice C. Root Ann White Alice Wooster 26s m ug a Qy£ P3«WSM«!WK¥a5»» Campbell, Fly, Clement, De la Barre, Hakley, Louve, Mounger, Richards, Rosenblatt, Savage, Sharp, Stallworth, Witt 266 38 Chapters Phi Mu Founded, Wesleyan College, 1852 (National 1904) Membership, 4,523 Delta Chapter Established 1906 Natoma Campbell Louise Richards Ruth Allen Adele de la Barre Katherine Hanley Cecilia Mounger Ada Forshay In Universitate Seniors Thelma Sharp Gelene Stallworth Juniors Mildred Fly Elizabeth Honey Sophomores Jamie Thompson Mary Rosenblatt Pledges Janie Lea Eva Lea Elizabeth Savage Catherine Witt Edna McIlhenney Frances Page Bess Louve Sub Tonsmiere 267 ' O Aaron ' , Burton, Dunwodv, Hardest ' , Ki c, King, Menville, NOCKTON, Spooner, Tuten ' , Voorhies. 268 a 35 Chapters Alpha Delta Pi Founded, Wesleyan Female College, 1851 (National 1904) Epsilon Chapter Established 1906 In Facultate Mrs. Gertrude R. Smith Membership, 4,314 Ellen Aaron Edith Burton Helen Byrne Erin Carbine Sadie V. Johnson Eleanor Dunn Kathleen King JosiE Aaron Fanny May Bergeron Charlotte Boatner In Universitate Seniors Mary Hardesty Jennie Spooner Juniors Lucille Knight Sophomores Muriel Menville Pledges Adelaide Elliott Ann Knowles Estelle Harris Mary Lulu Dean Mary Margaret Voorhies Elizabeth D. Wells Martha Tuten Lena May Nockton Mildred Marsh Yvonne Pavy Medora Powell 269 a a Delchamps, Ellis, Gessner, Goodwill, Sanders, Sanford, Selser, Talmage, Wilson, A. Devlin, S. Devlin. 270 50 Chapters Kappa Alpha Theta Founded, De Pauw University, 1870 Alpha Phi Chapter Established 1914 Membership, 11,026 In Facultate Mildred Christian Julia Mae Magruder Barbara Gessner Willie Mae Delchamps Attica Aitkens Audrey Bate LoTis DeBlieux Angela Devlin Ida Louise Lyerly In Universitate Post Graduates Bertha Scheuermann Seniors Ruth Sanford Dorothy Goodwill Juniors Frances Hirn Sophomores Shirley Devlin Heloise ' Ellis Helen Terry Louise Meyer Pledges Mary Treadaway Daisy Staples Tipton Mullins Matilda Talmage Frances Shaw Mary Sanders Florence G. Selser Muriel Wilson Rena Wilson 271 1 ' O ' A A .iX 4 - -- " 1. — «— -r " T Ap.onson, Beer, Bodenheimer, Feilschmidt, Kaliski, Mayer, Pfeifer, PoLACK, Weil, Wolf. 272 16 Chapters Alpha Epsilon Phi Founded, Barnard College, 1909 Epsilon Chapter Established 1916 Membership, 704 Margaret Aronson Louise Fieldschmidt Clara May Beer Bertha Jacobson Evelyn Bodenheimer Bethe Cahn Virginia Aronson Henrietta Ash In Universitate Seniors Anna Hyman Frank Mayer Jeanne Goodman Juniors EOSALIEJ KaLISKI Dorothy Schlesinger Sophomores Elise Julius Martha Newberger Pearl Hirshbokn Pledges Bessie Margblin Marie Weil Helen Polack Mathilde Weil Marjorie White Babette Wolf Anna Pfeifer Muriel Wilson Virginia Lazarus 273 o m Adams, Claverie, Landry, Provosty, Roberts, Talbot, Watkins. 274 L._., Phi Delta Phi (Legal) Founded, Michigan University, 1869 53 Chapters WHITE ' S INN Established 1911 Membership, 15,480 Fratres in Facultate Judge Rufus Foster Elliot Judd Northrop Fratres in Universitate Seniors B. F. Thompson R. D. Watkins M. Macheca W. Heard Charles Dunbar W. C. Roberts B. H. Talbot J. S. Landry Pat Browne Thomas Wilson Ollivier Provosty L. B. Claverib M. a. Gensler Freshmen Thomas Munholland E. W. GOETZ, Jr. St. Clair Adams R. McL. White Lawrence Benson 275 it Davidsok, Irion, Simon, Singreen, Smith, Watson, Williamson. 276 43 Chapters Phi Alpha Delta (Legal) Founded, Chicago-Kent College of Law, 1897 FRANCOIS XAVIER MARTIN CHAPTER Membership, 7,191 Established 1924 Rene A. Viosca Val E. Irion John E. Singreen J. J. Davidson, Jr. Lloyd C. Hoffmann W. S. Benedict Henry M. Robinson Fratres in Facultate Judge W. W. Westerfield Archibald M. Suthon Fratres in Universitate Seniors Phillip B. Watson Juniors Warren M. Simon E. W. Williamson Charles E. de la Vergne Wayne Stovall Freshmen Charles F. Boagni, Jr. James I. McCain Allen L. Smith J. B. Holloman, Jr. 277 a a Bayne, Blakeney Bullock, Clyde, Green SoMMiTT, Weinberger 278 The Tulane Council of Medical Fraternities Organized April, 1923 The Tulane Council of Medical Fraternities was organized for the pur- pose of securing co-operation among the several fraternities and preserv- ing standards of membership. Officers John K. Bullock President H. L. Weinberger Vice-President Edgar Hull Secretary Wallace A. Clyde Treasurer D. M. Stew art Reporter Representatives Alpha Kappa Kappa Phi Chi Wallace A. Clyde r. e. summitt Edgar Hull Chi Zeta Chi C. C. Blakeney S. J. Lewis Nu Sigma Nu B. A. Wight R. A. Robinson Phi Beta Pi P. Stansell D. R. Sack Rembert Bayne Phi Delta Epsilon H. L. Weinberger P. R. Meyer Phi Rho Sigma D. M. Stewart A. E. Bowles Theta Kappa Psi J. K. Bullock M. T. Green 279 m m . Its D Applewhite, Bayne, Bennett, Bonin, Born, Boyett, Brewster Brown, Burke, Bush, Cathcart, Cherry, Clyde, Donaldson Gill, Grayson, Hand, Havard, Hawkins, Hexdrick Henson, Holland, Houston, Kimeraugh, Langston, Llorens, Luckie Macon, Matthews, Merchant, Moss, Parks, Preston Price, Rush, Rushin, Savage, Scoit, Simmonds, Simpson Smith, Texada, Wade, Wallis, Warner, Williford, Worthington 280 Phi Chi Eastern, founded University of Vermont, 1889; Southern, Founded Louisville Medical College, 1894. Consolidated, March 3, 1905 53 Chapters OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1902. Pi Mu Merger, September 30, 1922 Membership, 9,792 Dr. C. Dr. E. Dr. C. Dr. G. Dr. S. Dr. p. Dr. J. Dr. H. Dr. J. W. Allen E. Allgeyer C. Bass S. Bell Blackshear J. Carter T. Halsey Daspit P. Dicks W. A. Clyde E. K. Gill R. J. Grayson R. D. Baynb H. F. Brewster J. V. Hendricks W. O. Moss A. N. Houston H. C. DiLLWORTH R. S. Savage L. E. Bush R. H. Cherry J. K. Donaldson D. F. Cathcart R. E. Mason T. L. Bernett W. P. Bornin T. K. McFatter Dr. Urban Maes Dr. C. p. May Dr. L. J. Menville Dr. M. J. Crouet Dr. W. D. Phillips Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. F. Ayers Dr. R. Pickford Dr. L. R. DeBuys Dr. Turner Dr. a. C. Eustis Dr. V. C. Smith Dr. E. D. Fenner Dr. J. Hume Dr. a. V. FriedricksDr. S. C. Jamison Dr. I. M. Gage Dr. T. A. TumblesonDr. J. D. Rives Dr. a. Gladney, Jr. Dr. W. 0. D. Jones Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. J. A. Langford Dr. W. H. Harris Dr. G. K. Logan Fratres in Universitate Seniors C. A. Havard M. F. Langston T. H. Wallis I. F. Hatfkins H. M. Merchant O. H. Waltrip J. C. Hull R. D. Smith B. H. Texada Juniors C. G. Holland L. E. Williford W. P. Hand M. W. Mathews J. I. Scott N. E. Applewhite N. T. Simmonds L. V. Rush W. N. WORTHINGTON J. H. WaTKINS P. L. Warner T. J. Parks F. Llorens W. D. Anderson Sophomores W. Eaton C. F. Hollabaugh G. G. Hersen J. Price Freshmen V. M. Johnson J. S. Helms, Jr. L. T. Lemay T. Burke E. P. Preston C. A. Born J. F. Oakley L. L. Lancaster S. A. KiRKPATRICK C. D. Simmons G. W. Calvin R. E. Sowell M. W. Brown K. Luckie I. D. Bayette S. F. Hatchette J. H. Wade P. H. Reed M. W. Simpson R. Taylor J. E. Strange L. Heiter c r o Attaway, Ayo, Bayon, Childers, Christman Collins, Coon, Davis, Edgar, Ellender, Henry Holland, Hull, Kesler, Maines, Planche Ray, Rayer, Roberts, Shute, Smith, Summer SUMMITT, WaTKINS, WaTTERS, WILLIAMS, WiNN 282 ' KATnTA " ' « " ' 45 Chapters Alpha Kappa Kappa Founded, Dartmouth College, 1888 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1903 Membership, 8,718 Dk. Henry Bayon Dr. R. Lyons Dr. J. C. Cole Dr. C. a. Bahn Fratres in Facultate Dr. Julian Irwin Dr. E. L. Erwin Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. J. D. Lewis Dr. a. E. Moise Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. M. S. Souchon Dr. E. L. King Dr. C. S. Holbrook Dr. W. C. Smith Dr. M. Bradburn Dr. a. L. Metz Dr. B. R. Henniger Dr. E. S. Lewis Dr. J. F. Oeschner Dr. Shirley C. Lyons Dr. Humber H. J. Bayon, Jr. S. S. Swan J. E. Maines C. L. Attaway Edgar Hull K. Hill T. B. Ayo W. H. Browning M. GUYTON H. S. Coon E. J. Tucker. Jr. C. R. MULLINS C. Partridge T. A. Watters Fratres in Universitate Seniors R. H. Williams R. E. SUMMITT R. J. Christman p. S. Herring C. D. Edgar L. A. Childers H. E. Cannon W. L. MURRELL G. H. Robinson E. Smith G. S. Daly D. R. Davis O. L. Denyes Juniors W. L. Summer E. A. Ray L. C. Watkins Sophomores C. G. Collins D. Roberts S. J. Simmons, Jr. T. T. Ross Freshmen K. B. Jones Knowland C. B. Brewster, Jr. J. O. Hawkins F. G. Blanche J. S. Bailey F. C. Shute, Jr. M. E. O ' Neil S. R. Henry E. K. Collier K. N. Rayer L. J. Hanckes W. A. Ellender R. C. Kesler F. C. Winn R. B. Carroll Wright 283 Blakenev, Gordon, Hall, Hill Leeper, Leslie, Oplatek, Peavv Phillips, Riggs, Shackleford, Sims 284 12 Chapters Dr. W. a. Lane Dr. W. E. Jones Chi Zeta Chi Founded, University of Georgia, 1903 MU CHAPTER Established 1906 Fratres in Facultate Dr. V. J. Ci ALER Fratres in Universitate Membership, 2,500 Dr. Sam Hobson, Jr. Seniors C. C. Blakeney Charles Peavy L. 0. Spencer E. P. Hall A. J. McComiskey A. R. Sims J. R. Johnson J. W. Shackelford Juniors H. T. Beacham B. J. Slater J. A. Leeper J. B. GOOCH S. J. Lewis L. J. KUHN E. M. Gordon Sophomores L. R. Bristol R. H. RiGGS Fred Leslie J. M. Coleman P. A. Phillips Freshmen F. H. Blanchard CD. Crock R. W. SCOTTEN L. L. Hill Pledges Matthews Roche 285 Chapman, Conwill, Billeaudeaux Brown, Fuselier, Goode, Lindner LoNGO, Marshall, Roeling 286 Q Q ' A A Phi Beta Pi Founded, West Pennsylvania Medical College, 1891 39 Chapters Membership, 7,248 Alpha Beta Chapter Established 1907 Dr. J. M. Bailey Dr. S. F. Braud Dr. C. p. Brown Dr. Aldo Castallani Dr. Oscar Dowling Dr. H. Dupuy Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. E. Dupuy Dr. V. H. FucHs Dr. J. J. Irwin Dr. a. a. Keller Dr. G. a. Mayer Dr. J. T. Nix Dr. J. M. Perrett Dr. J. F. Points Dr. a. R. Thomas Dr. H. W Walther Dr. a. Caire, Jr. J. D. Billeaudeaux G. B. Conwill J. H. GOODE W. F. Arnold C. E. Boizelle C. J. Brown Fratres in Universitate Seniors J. B. Fuselier D. M. Hale Juniors S. A. Chapman W. N. Jones R. B. Marshall D. J. Longo W. H. ROELING C. C. Rouse P. Q. Stansell W. M. Haw Sophomores 3. E. Linder D. R. Sacks 287 ' A sSal AsE, Baird, Barber, Brown, Bullock BuTKER, Chavez, Cooper, Crowe, Forsyth, Green Locke, Malloy, Mann, Martin, Neville, Powell Rogers, Rose, Smith, St. Germain, Story, Taylor Thompson, Townsend, White, Womack, Beven ' A A Theta Kappa Psi 59 Chapters Founded, Medical College of Virginia, 1897 PI CHAPTER Established 1908 Membership, 11,815 Dr. R. Bernhard Dr. C. L. Brown Dr. Butterworth Fratres in Facultate Dr. Foley Dr. H. R. Fernandez Dr. P. A. McIlhenny Dr. T. B. Sellers Dr. F. M. Johns Dr. H. E. Menage Dr. T. J. Kinberger Dr. E. Moss Dr. Wallace Dr. J. Caemichael Dr. P. E. Lacroix Dr. J. P. O ' Kelly Dr. W. H. Seeman Dr. J. E. Landry Dr. R. H. Potts Fratres in Universitate D. B. Barber J. H. Baumhauer J. L. Beven J. R. Brown M. O. CURRIE M. T. Green M. L. Malloy V. C. Baird H. D. Crow H. P. FORSEYTH J. p. Graham E. Chavez, Jr. R. B. Stille B. E. Spencer J. K. Bullock T. E. Clements Z. B. Graves W. W. Locke Seniors A. H. Mann C. H. Neville T. J. Smith C. F. Floyd Juniors J. M. Pritchard R. B. Ray J. W. Reddock W. G. Smith Sophomores W. H. Rogers C. S. Powell W. A. Guynes J. W. Rose C. H. Hbidleburg H. E. Teasley M. J. Knight R. K. Womack Freshmen E. L. St. Germain R. M. Barden H. G. Butker J. B. Harris M. B. Barnes L. G. Thompson J. R. Storey R. W. Taylor E. White, Jr. T. W. Martin R. G. TOWNSEND W. L. Barnes C. O. Lungenhausen J. N. Ane M. F. Blackwell G. W. Lacey 289 O M lJ ' C U Aderhold, Archinard, Beavers, Bell, Cunningham, EcKFORD, Fleming, Gates, Cranberry, Graves, Green, Knighton, Lynch, Overton, Pierce, Rabb, RoBBiNs, Sullivan, Thomas, Walls, Waltrip, Warner, Welsh, Williams, Womack, Woodson. 290 (t) ' 3l 4 % m |Bm m ■-I -X» M M pj 34 Chapters Nu Sigma Nu Founded, University of Michigan, 1882 BETA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1910 Membership, 7,348 Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. H. a. Bloom Dr. O. C. Cassegrain Dr. Charles Eshleman Dr. D. J. Farley Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. Clyde Lynch Fratres in Facultate Dr. Lucien Ledoux Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. G. L. Hardin Dr. Walbermar Metz Dr. C. von Mysenburg Dr. C. W. Duval Dr. a. B. Pitkin Dr. John Pratt, Jr. Dr. C. a. Sharp Dr. H. V. Sims Dr. John Smith Dr. M. Van Studdiford Carroll D. Overton H. B. Cranberry J. R. McIntosh Herbert Beavers Hugo Auler V. S. Rabb RoBT. a. Robinson Burbank Woodson F. DowDLE Pierce Hatch Cummings Philip J. Bayon Richard P. Gates Fratres in Universitate Seniors Herman T. Pace John J. Archinard Garland Walls John F. Eckford B. B. Cunningham Benjamin Wight Prentice E. Smith Juniors David R. Womack P. M. Waltrip Lucien Warner G. D. Williams Clyde Welsh Carroll D. Overton Sophomores Amos M. Graves J. L .Green C. A. Fleming J. P. Adehold Hansel H. Preston Joseph Kilman Maurice P. Sullivan Freshmen A. O. HoEFELD, Jr. Harry Lynch J. E. Knighton H. R. Payne Robert P. Thomas I. A. Robbins 291 m ' O ' A A ' mim ' ■ ' i AzAR, Davidson, Ellender, Falletta Gravois, Green, Gueymard, Haydel, Jones Monte, Ferret, Rizzo, Sacco, Schmidt ScoFiELD, Thomas, Trahan, Trist, Weiss lipoid 292 Phi Rho Sigma Founded, Northwestern Medical School, 1890 25 Chapters Membership, 5,298 DELTA OMICRON ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1918 Fratres in Facultate Adolph DeCampus Henriques James Ernest Pollock Georges Rudolph Herrmann Roger John Maihles John Raymond Hume Edwin August Socola Alexander James Azar Louis V. James Lopez P. F. Murphy Francis L. Jaubekt A. F. BuRGis G. H. Hauser H. Theodore Simon William Wagner Pasquale T. Falletta Thaddeus H. Gueymard John Andre Gravois James George Logan George Azar Arthur Edward Boles Robert Lee Hargrave Louis Anthony Monte Loraine Allums James S. Davidson, Jr. Henry Gallagbr Fratres in Universitate Seniors Theodore F. Scofield Juniors Frank Paul Rizzo Henry Trahan Sophomores James Balace Danibxs Ernest S. Ellender Henry Lawrence Haydel Allan Charles Sacco Freshmen Max M. Green Sidney J. Rozas George D. Sagrera Guy Richard Jones Dudley Marcus Stewart Carl Austin Weiss Ford Alton Thomas Nicholas P. Trist, Jr. Frank Placide Perret Frank Oliver Schmidt Nicola J. Tessitobe 293 m ■SilPI Frank, Kahn Meyer, Saiewitz Weinberger, Weiner 29+ Phi Delta Epsilon 29 Chapters Founded, Cornell University, 1904 Membership, 3,034 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1918 Dr. Isidore Cohn Dr. Daniel Silverman Fratres in Facultate Dr. J. M. Davidson Dr. J. W. Nevs man Dr. S. K. Simon Dr. Emile Bloch Dr. Monte Meyer Fratres in Universitate Bernard G. Efron Herbert L. Weinberger Sam B. Saiewitz Elias Weiner Paul Pincus Juniors HijRMAN Frank Eugene Pincus Sophomores Samuel Gandelman Irving Safferstone Abe Blumberg Henry MinfER Freshmen Paul D. Abramson Murray Shushan SiGMUND Kahn 295 m Blain, Chapman, Ebaugh, Gerstner, Griffin, Jervey, Leonard, Rainville, Stafford, Watson, Wirth. 296 Tau Chi Epsilon Founded to promote the science of chemistry, April, 1924 C. S. Williamson, Jr. Members Honorary Hal. W. Mosely Dr. S. a. Mahood Dr. Parry Borgstrom A. A. HiRSCH H. BOST Graduates H. B. Scott A. O. Kastler W. J. King W. H. Leonard Latham Lashley L A. Ebaugh beniors W. T. Jervey Charles Wirth III J. F. Stafford Edward Toby T. H. Griffin Henry Gerstner E. M. Cagle Leonard Chamberlain E. L. D ' Aquin Clement Watson Juniors A. Watson Chapman Sheldon Hanneman Walter Carre Walter Rainville Paul Kuhne Hugh Blain 297 Sr ' Sl Barber, Bethea, Childers, Cohn CoNWiLL, Coon, Davis, Green Irion, Jor dan, Knighton, Neville, Powell Rabb, Ray, J. Smith, R. Smith SUMMITT, Watkins, Womack, Wricht . iS sssSiii 298 d d 22 Squares Square and Compass An Intercollegiate Fraternity of Master Masons Founded, Washington and Lee, 1917 Membership, 1,124 TULANE SQUARE Established 1920 Officers J. I. Smith President D. R. WoMACK . . . Vice-President D. R. Davis . . Recording Secretary H. S. Coon . Corresponding Secretary M. B. Wright, Jr. I. B. Safferstone . Elgin A. Ray . . Prof. A. M. Suthon Treasurer Historian Innertyler Chaplain T. T. Ross J. A. Davilla, Sr. W. J. Hugo H. W. Kaiser P. L. Luck E. L. Jahncke Advisory Council J. L. Green, Jr. E. M. Eraser, Jr. Honorary Members George Poith H. R. Perez E. T. Price R. E. Ramsey Henry Strack Passive Members 0. L. Denyes R. H. SCHAFFINIT A. F. Suhling W. A. Tharp T. D. Wharton Dr. O. W. Bethea, (F) R. K. Bruff Dr. H. A. Bloom, (F) Dr. R. H. Clark S. V. Dc. Amico G. A. Elgutter Dr. Seth Floyd Dr. G. H. Feldner Dr. J. R. Flowers H. L. Gaidry Dr. R. C. Hill Dr. J. T. Harper Hugh Jamierson Dr. J. E. Clayton Dr. R. E. Henderson Dr. J. p. Hollers T. C. Lyon Dr. F. L. Loria C. A. Latham Dr. S. B. McNair Dr. N. H. Palmer Prof. F. W. Prescott J. J. Ruffo Dr. R. C. Richards A. L. Robinett Dr. M. L. Rosenbaum C. S. Williamson, Jr. Dr. T. B. Sellers, (F) W. A. Simpson E. M. Narersching, Jr. Dr. W. C. Smith, (F) Dr. J. F. Oeschner Dr. V. C. Smith, (F) J. S. Bailey G. B. Barber G. D. Bethea H. E. Cannon G. B. Conwell L. A. Childers Bennie Cohn R. S. Coon D. R. Davis O. L. Denyes Active D. C. Easley, Jr. Cyril Floyd E. M. Eraser, Jr. C. G. GiFFIN J. L. Green, Jr. W. R. Hardy Kyle Hill C. H. Heidleberg J. V. E. Irion J. R. Johnson Members W. W. Jordan H. L. Knighton P. E. Matthews C. H. Neville C. S. Powell V. S. Rabb E. A. Ray T. T. Ross Irving Safferstone J. I. Smith D. O. Smith Dr. P. j. Slaughtehs L. E. Standife R. A. Steinmeyer Dr. j. T. Stinson A. M. Suthon, (F) W. C. Vetch L. F. Wakeman Dr. M. j. White, (F) A. M. Wilson R. D. Smith P. Q. Sransell R. E. SUMMITT D. A. Strickland L. C. Watkins D. R. Womack M. B. Wright, Jr. 299 m . Bautovich, Bethea, Bourgeois Bristsch, Caraway, Deichmann KUEBLER, LANGRIDGE, LeA MacLean, Smith, Soniat, Williams 300 Psi Omega Founded, Baltimore College, 1892 39 Chapters Membership, 14,459 BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1903 Dr. a. B. Bland Dr. G. B. Crozat Dr. L. E. Dixon Dr. E. B. Ducasse Fratres in Facultate Dr. E. L. Fortier Dr. S. D. Gore Dr. B. H. Hunter Dr. W. C. Hava Dr. a. a. Leefe Dr. DEWEDf Long Dr. J. B. Lascau; Dr. a. B. Meunier C. F. Bautovitch G. D. Bethea L. W. Caraway S. J. Bourgeois R. L. Bowman, Jr. R. E. Busby Fratres in Universitate Seniors J. R. Kuebler M. W. Langridgb R. E. Lea Juniors O. B. Deichmann J. M. Smith Sophomores L. D. Britch W. C. Wharton J. McLean a. J. Odom s. l. soniat L. L. Wainwrjght C. S. Williams, Jr. 301 Bauer, Campbell, Feilschmidt, Maestri, McLellan, Simmons, Voss. Alpha Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma Sigma is a Senior society organized to promote College spirit and fellowship. Election is based on past work for college and class, a certain scholarship being the prerequisite. This society is at present petitioning Motar Board, national Senior honorary society. Ethel Bauer Evelyn Campbell Louise Fielschmidt Members Mary Martin Fentress Lucille Maestri Helen McLexlan Etolia M. Simmons Charlotte Voss Catherine Witt 302 a c m M JUO iFmr:7: ' ™Tr Tfr ' irr BiLLEAUDEAUX, D ' AmICO, FaLLETTA Gravois, Henry, Varino Epsilon Kappa Sigma A Knights of Columbus Intercollegiate Fraternity Founded, Tulane University, 1922 ALPHA CHAPTER J. D. BiLLEAUDEAUX C. Stephen D ' Amico P. T. Falletta Fratres in Universitate L. Austin Fontenot, Jr. J. Andre Gravois S. R. Henry Henry Trahan George V. Varino 303 Baquie, Black, Charbonnet, Costley, Farrell, Freidrichs, Gladney. GoMiLA, Hardy, Howcott, Macon, Ogden, Parloncue, Walker. White Elephants Freshman Inter-Fraternity Society, Founded January, 1921 Officers William Gladney Grand Trunk Roy Sessions Grand Tusk FoRTiER Black Carl Baquie Stanley Costley Sidney Charbonnet Henry Chalaron Frank Churchill Marion Epley Little Tusks Darwin Fenner Carl Friederichs Fritz Gomila Justin Hardie Hawlby Howcott T. L. Macon W. Messersmith Horatio Ogden Sidney Parlonge Irving Robbins Joseph Sellers Charles Tessier Quailey Walker John Walls Chat Woods The White Elephant Freshman Cup is awarded annually after Easter, to the Best Ail-Around Freshman in the University. 30+ ■m CoHN, Mason, Walne The Commerce Key Founded 1924 A senior organization to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishmenxs along the lines of business activity, as well as to recognize interest in university activities, among the students of the College of Commerce and Business Administration. The Key is petitioning the national honorary commerce fraternity, Beta Gamma Sigma. They expect favorable action on their petition before June of 1926. Officers Ernest B. Mason , Presidem Bennie Cohn Vice-President George T. Walne, Jr. . . Secretary John E. Ryan Historian Faculty Members Dean Morton A. Aldrich J. C. Van Kirk C. G. Giffin S. M. Smallpage 1926 Bennie Cohn Ernest B. Mason John E. Ryan J. Walter Heyman George T. Walne, Jr. Georgei K. Bradford Jack Braumiller 1925 Robert B. Cato Albert E. Holleman Lacy D. Richeson Charles E. Null Chester M. Carre Gus A. Elgutter Hugh B. Kohlmeyer Thomas D. Mingledorff 1924 Hooper P. Carter Louis P. Gerrard H. Webb Madison A. Leonard Robinett J. C. DuPONT, Jr. P. Barney Hopkins Frank J. Matthew, Jr. Robert L. Simpson 305 39 Chatpers Membership, 1,200 Theta Alpha Phi (Honorary Dramatic) Founded, Chicago, 1919 LOUISIANA BETA CHAPTER Established 1925 Frater in Facultate De. J. M. McBryde Fratres in Universitate Charter Members Miss Margaret N. Graham Mr. Val E. Irion Mr. Benjamin W. Yancey Mr. J. Walter Heyman Mr. Harry S. Kaufman, Jr.Miss Anita Louise Mars Miss Elizabeth Heaslip Miss Marcella Melun 1926 Elections Mr. James F. Stafford Miss Frances Shaw Mr. H. W. Fowler, Jr. 306 99 Chapters Phi Beta Kappa Founded, William and Mary, 1776 ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Established 1909 Membership, 57,000 Morton A. Aldrich Mary A. Allen Douglas S. Anderson Edward A. Bbchtel Caroline Burson Pierce Butler R. S. Cocks A. B. DlNWlDDIE B. V. B. Dixon Charles E. Dunbar Lydia E. Frotscher Ethel C. Bauer George Bechtel William L. Duren, Jr. Virginia Fenneb Mary Hardesty Mary Sedley Hayward Beatrice Adams Elizabeth W. Aldrich LuLA E. Brown Edmond N. Cahn Fratres in Facultate Walter E. Carrey H. B. Gessner Max Heller P. J. Kahle John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Isaac Lemann Monte M. Lemann Leon R. Maxwell John M. McBryde Caroline Richardson Recent Elections 1926 Charles S. Hurt Anna E. Hyman William T. Jervby George Kalif Angelena L. Lota Ula Milner Rose L. Mooney 1925 Helen E. Hughes Alice Toy Johnson Janice M. Loeb Edward J. McShane Ernest Riedex Imogen Stone Dagny G. Sunne Archibald M. Suthon Marten Ten Hoor Susan D. Tew Ellsworth Woodward Garret P. Wyckoff Ralph J. Schwartz Robert Sharp Innis Patterson Etolia M. Simmons Charles Taintor Robert B. White Catherine H. Wctt Benjamin W. Yancey Mary Renaud Owen Olive G. Roberts Lucille Sonlat Dorothy Blbwett Waltem Christian Bosch Arthemise Anna Goetz 1924 Amelia Frances Hardesty Fannie Russ Lawrence F. Martin Eola Wooley Marie Lucille Points 307 a o a ■ -iSSii . jas — i. jk.aw ' ., i« ---; Beven, Hay, Robinson ' . Rogers, Talbot, Walne. Tulane Student Council The Tulane University Student Council is an organization composed of the presi- dents of the various student bodies of the different colleges of the university. The council is supreme as a law-making body relative to all phases of student affairs which involve the university at large. The Student Council was organized with the incep- tion of student government at Tulane March, 1915. Members for the past year were as follows : Virgil Robinson. President Dentistry W. H. Rogers, Vice-President Arts and Sciences George Walne, Secretary Commerce John L. Bevan Medicine Benjamin Horace Talbot Latv Wallace Hay Engineering D. J. Norman Pharmacy Ethel C. Bauer Newcomb 311 m m ■ I Simmons, Talmage. Newcomb Student Council Officers Matilda Talmage President Etolia Simmons Vice-President Dorothy Folse Secretary Members Ex-Officio Ethel Bauer Clara May Beer Edith Burton Catherine Witt Ruby Foster Elizabeth Raymond Charlotte Voss Florence Pierson Members Elected Etolia Simmons Helen Byrne Marjorie Watson Evelyn Campbell Frances Page Cecil Mooney Dorothy Folse 312 _a a Alleman, Cahn, Davidson, Goodman, Irion. Debating and Oratorical Council Officers Edmond Cahn Chairman Benjamin Yancey Secretary Dr. J. M. McBryde Faculty Members Richard R. Kirk Dr. Clarence A. Bonnet J. Hamilton Basso Val Irion Student Members Samuel J. Goodman J. J. Davidson Elmer Arndt J. GOOCH 313 .iX Brough, Broussard, D. Chamberlain, L. Chamberlain, DeBuys, Hamilton, Henican, Hoefeld, Lea, Mascaro, McCain, McCloskey, McGuire, McLean, Murrell, Parker, Pittman, Riggs, Salassi, Scofield, Watson, Wright. Tulane Glee Club Henri Wehrmann . Musical Director R. C. Murrell President Leonard Chamberlain, Vice-President Edward Knighton, Secretary -Treasurer First Tenors e. r. hooley L. Turner M. Hbinberg A. Broussard J. McCain L. Chamberlain R. Theriot W. Mascako C. Ball B. Scofield W. Font Second Tenors J. Baer C. Watson C. Wicker G. Andrus B. Riggs P. Schaffner J. Pittman D. Fridge L. Chamberlain A. Harper L. DeBuys Russell R. McGuire, Business Manager Gerald Andrus, Assistant Business Mgr. Stephen C. Manning . Publicity Mgr. Max Heinberg Librarian First Basses W. Follansbee J. Houck R. Lea B. McCloskey P. McClean D. Moore R. Murrell H. Wehrmann H. Parker E. Salassi Second Basses C. Brough C. Terhune C. Hoefeld W. Wright M. Seago R. R. McGuire H. Kaufman D. Chamberlain H. Hamilton Brough, Buchanan ' , Campbell, Chamberlain, Creighton, DeGarmo, Druedixg, Ensenat, Gerstner, Hamilton, Hay, Johnson, Linfield, Mascaro, May, Miazza, Rossen, Secall, Vivien, Walleillich, Wehrmann, Wirth, Wright. Tulane Engineering Society George Elmer May , . . . . President William O. Mascaro Vice-President William J. Wright Secretary a,.d Treasurer Senior Members W. H. Creighton D. Campbell L. McLean H. G. Gerstner F. Ensenat Wm. Wright M. Levy Miss A. Hortman H. Wehrmann Wm. Mascaro J. Kaslter W. Hay B. E. May Ben Segall E. Miazza S. Wallibilich L. Vivien F. Johnson P. Campbell D. Chamberlain H. Rossen D. Stayer W. Oser Pabetti Junior Members L. K. Nelson A. W. Chapman A. K. Newlin L. Devall J. C. Baine E. J. Patterson B. J. Tortomasi P. B. Merbitt M. W. Levy J. D. Havercamp J. E. Weed L. Oster R. Reixach F. M. Reinach H. C. Swan R. Rougelot um Bush, E. Campbell, P. Campbell, Claverie, Easley, Jordan, Poimboeuf, Smith, Sullivan, Womack. 316 Jambalaya Staff Webb Jordan Medical Editor Maurice P. Sullivan Staff Artist Philip Campbell Engineering Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Louis B. Claverie Editor-in-Chief Frances Bush Newcomb Editress Marjorie Watson Newcomb Art Editress Charles Dufour Sports J. Hamilton Basso Advisory Editor MANAGERIAL STAFF Walter W. Poimboeuf Business Manager-in-Chief Gayle a. Smith Evelyn Cambell Uptown Business Manager Newcomb Business Manager ASSISTANTS M. S. Mingledorff Asst. Uptown Bicsiness Manager David C. Easley Asst. Medical Editor Naomi Hafkesbring Asst. Newcomb Business Manager Elizabeth Heaslip Asst. Newcomb Editress RussEL McGuiRE Asst. Staff Artist Babette Wolfe Asst. Newcomb Editress David R. Womack Asst. Medical Business Manager 317 m !h A Bechtel, Broad, Gerstner, Hart, Chapman, Henican, Henriques, Heyman, Irion, Kalif, LaCoste, Lindy, Ocden, Parker, Reeves, Reuning, Schnyder, Stafford, Stahl, Tavan, Underwood, Walne, Wilmot, Woodward, Yancey. 318 Tulane University Dramatic Guild Organized 1922 Officers Val E. Irion Presideyit Harry S. Kaufman, Jr Vice-President H. Waller Fowler, Jr Business Maiiager Edward M. Toby Asst. Business Manager Albert Holleman Director A. Watson Chapman Secretary George Kalif Treasurer James I. McCain Publicity Director Play Committee Merribership Committee Ben W. Yancey, Chairman C. Ellis Helican, Chaii man Miss Jeanne Tavan George Bechtel Calme L. Lazard Henry M. Robinson Faculty Advisory Committee Dr. John M. McBryde, Chairman Professor A. M. Southon Professor William Brown Members George Bechtel Val E. Irion Harry Sobel A. Watson Chapman George Kalif Leopold Stahl G. F. Eustis Harry S. Kaufman, Jr. Edward M. Toby H. Waller Fowler, Jr. Allen L. Smith Jeanne Tavan H. T. Hart Calme L. Lazard Junius Underwood C. Ellis Henican Albert Lee Allan Vories Charles Henriques James I. McCain Benjamin W. Yancey H. Walter Heyman Henry M. Robinson 319 Andry, DiArmas, Diboll, Haller, Hamilton. Lemann, Owen, Roy, Town. Architectural Society C. G. Andry Miss A. Hortman R. C. MURRELL Seniors Miss C. Chalaron C. Diboll B. Lemann A. Owen A. H. Levy Ed. Wogan A. H. Town H. O. Haller M. D. Almond Juniors Rene Gelpi J. T. LiDDLE I. Klein C. J. DiArmas M. Heinberg J. R. Stephens J. T. Collins Sophomores H. Bergeret Miss M. Draper R. R. McGuire L. D. Weir C. P. Willow W. E. Datz W. A .Follansbee G. A. Rolfs C. H. Wicker 320 CiER, De la Barre, Elliot, Fentress, Hafkesbring, Hardesty, Lyon, Schreiber. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Mary Hardesty President Virginia Fenner . . Vice-President Naomi Hafkesbring Sarah Rice Elliott . . . Secretary . . . Undergraduate Representative Fane Lester Treasurer Freshman Committee Belle Watson, Chr. Grace McKittrick Lucie Walne Rena Wilson Frances Blacklock Members Florence Adams CoRiNNE Bass Frances Blacklock RiLLA Lee Booth Myrtle Bowers Carmilla Bradley Ena Burns Edith Burton Leila Carre Margaret Campbell Natoma Campbell Annette Carrol Dorothy Carrol Elsie Cier Helen Cier Ruth Connelly Tolley Cook Catherine Crowe Anne Uevall Dorothy Daspit Adele db la Barre Bernard Early Hyacinth Eden Heloise Ellis Sarah R. Elliott Beatrice Field Mary M. Fentress Virginia Fenner Enid Fisher Bessie Fitzenreiter Ruby Foster Katherine Flande rs Margaret Folse Anna May Hodges AZELIE HaNDLIN Naomi Hafkesbring Mary Hardesty Margaret Holder Marion Hogan Edith Honald Carolyn E. Harris Louise Hume Alice Goll Dorothy Goodwill Clara B. Guthrie Carmelita Gonzalez Sue Joy Cornella Kell Ann Knowles Louise Lambbinette Robbie Lang Bess Larue Fane Lester Elizabeth Lyon Grace McKittrick Betty McLaughlin Alice Montgomery Ethel Muse Jane Metcalfe Edna Morrison Margaret Newell LlLl-IAN Neweill Lena May Nockton Frances Page Vinette Philbrick Mary Rosenblatt Mary F. Rudisill Sarah Rudisill Marie L. Reanaud Gertrude Richards Katinka Schreiber Bertha Seaward Elizabeth Snyder Mary L. Thomason Manette Tomlinson Martha Tuten Marjorie Thomas Ruth Virtue Elizabeth Wills Dorothy Witty Katherine White Belle Watson Marjorie Watson Rena Wilson Muriel Wilson Dewey Weeks Alice Wooster Virginia Wallace Janet Wallace Lucie Walne Kathryn Watson Ethel Young ' a ' T a Beaird, Bodenheimer, Maestri. The Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club Officers Fredeen Beaird President E. Bodenheimer Secretary-Treasurer Lucille Maestri Chairman of Debates Leola Backer Ethel Bauer F. Baumgartner Catherine Bayley Claudia Baylor Clara May Beer Helen Black Esther Brandao Bettie Cahn Evelyn Campbell Claire Chalaron Irmine Charbonnbt Dicy Dodds Dorothy Elster L. Feilschmidt Members B. Field Ruby Foster H. Goldstein Alice Goll Katherine Hanley Sedley Hayward Olga Jeanfreau Elsie Julius Virginia Lazarus Ronia Levine Nancy Massey G. McConnell M. Monroe Helen Morphy Edna Morrison Cecilia Mounger Prances Page Louise Parham Louise Richards Maridel Saunders D. Schlesinger E. M. Simmons Mary Swift Virginia Tete Marjorie Thomas Ruth Virtue Charlotte Voss Muriel Wilson Anne Wright Qi££j i ' y Mars, McLellan. The Newcomb Dramatic Club Officers Anita Mars President Helen McLellan Vice-President Marcelle Melun Secretary Louise Volmer Treasurer Natoma Campbell Stage Manager Members Ellen Aaron Adele Db la Barre Mary Marshbanks Gelene Stallworth Leola Backer S. de la Houssaye Lucille Maestri Katinka Schreiber Ethel Bauer Winder Dudley Mary McAleer Elizabeth Snyder Shirley Barker Audrey Faneber G. McConnell Frances Shaw Katherine Bearss Beatrice Ford F. Meisenheimek Priscilla Sims F. Baumgartner Beatrice Fields Alice Montgomery Esther Silverman Frances Blacklock Helen Gough Louise Meyers Elaine Singer Ella Bochringer Esther Goldberg Anita Mars Lois Stern RosiNE Brierre Carmelita Gonzalez Helen McLellan Patty Trim Clara M. Beer Kathryn Hanley Helen Morphy Elizabeth O ' Leary Audrey Bate Doris Hills Margaret Maloney Madelyn Thomas Marion Brown Cora Heaslip Betty McLaughlin Martha Vuncannon Helen Byrne Elizabeth Heaslip Marcelle Melun Louise Volmer Anna Berenson Edith Hibbard Ethel Muse Charlotte Voss LouisETTE Billeaud Aline Hoefeld Lynne Northrop Marion Walker Josie Cantrell Anna Hans Mildred Pickard Katherine Watson Claire Chalaron Estellb Harris Edwarda Parsons Dorothy Wagner Dorothy Carroll Louise Hume Florence Pierson Stella Weber Vivian Carron Elizabeth Huger .Hermib Perkins Ethel J. Westfeldt Cornelia Carnahan Helen Hyman Katherine Polack P(Iarie Weil Ursula Carnahan Marie Iuey Merle Richardson Muriel Wilson Natoma Campbell Olga Jeanfreau Anna Pfeiffer Louise Wilson Evelyn Campbell Mary N. Keesler Irene Petijean Dorothy Witty Margaret Campbell Ray Kahn Louise Richards Charlotte Wilson Margaret Cochran Rosalie Kaliski Margaret Rourke Billib Woods Irmine Charbonnbt Elizabeth Land D. Schlessinger E. Waldermann Alma Crawford Robbie Lang Helen Schmidt Elmene Welsch Anne Devall Louise Lameriotte Mary Swift Rosemary Yochim Daisy B. Dolan Virginia Lazarus Thelma Sharp 323 ' aT A McLellan, Patterson, Sherman. The Newcomb Arcade Staff iNNis Patterson Editor-in-Chief Helen McLellan Literary Editor Frances Bush College Editor Adelb Godchaux Art Editor Gatherine Witt Exchange Editor Rose Cornelson Business Manager Cecil Mooney Assistant Business Manager Anne Sherman Advertising Manager Sub-Editors Clara May Beer Sadie R. Elliott Ruby Foster Natoma Campbell 324 Campbell, Fentress, Wagner Newcomb Glee Club Officers Dorothy Wagner President Mary Martin Fentress Vice-President Eveline Bleakley Secretary-Treasurer Evelyn Campbell Business Manager Florence Adams Mary Lib Alderson Kathryn Bearss Ella Boehringer Myrtle Bovs ers Evelyn Campbell Frances Carnahan Anna Berenson Eveline Bleakley Marion Brovv ' n Edith Burton Dbxphine Caron Justine Dorman Mildred Fly Leola Backer Ethel Bauer Fannie Baumgartner Dorothy Carroll Members First Sopranos Dorothy Daniels Heloise Ellis Edith Fosterling Ada Forshey Beatrice Gerson Florence Goodman Edith Hibbard Gertrude Johnson Second Sopranos Anna Goll Naomi Hafkesbring Stella Hayward Aline Hoefeld Ottilie M. Lambe;rt Gertrude Madison Elsie Marice Actors Yvette Chequelin Mary Martin Fentress Kathryn Hanley Sue Joy Kathleen King Salome Kundert Hermia Perkins Sarah Ramagb Merle Richardson Sarah Rudisill Catherine Thompson Elmere Welsch Merrill Miller Miriam Mooney Marie Louise Renaud Mary Voorhies Marion Walker Virginia Wallace Marcelle Melun Clara Mooney Anita Nolan Dorothy Wagner 325 V 9 o Chalarox, Maestri, Saunders, Simmoxs. Newcomb French Circle Lucille Maestri Etolia Simmons Officers . . President Claire Chalaron, Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President Maridel Saunders . Stage Manager Members Florence Adams Margaret Aronson Virginia Aronson H. E. Ash Ann Baird Muriel Barlett Sarah Borkoff Elaine Baxter Evelyn Bayle Catherine Bayley Clara May Beer Louisette Billeaud Frances Blacklap Eveline Bleakley Shirley Cordill Marion Cousins Evelyn Daniel Beatrice Davis Anne Devall Dicy Dodds Shellie Dodds Enid Fisher Ruby Foster Jeanne Goodman Helen Gough Anita Mars Dorothea Martin Nancy Massey Helen McLellan Grace McKittrich Marcelle Melum Bessie Lee Miller Marian Moise Clara Mooney Edna Morrison Ruth Moss Naomi HafkesbringCecelia Mounger Mary Hardesty Helen Hiller Evalin BodenheimerDoris Hills Myrtle Bowers Esther Brandson Rosine Brierre Sara Bullock Ursula Carnahan Delphine Caron Annette Carroll Dorothy Carroll Claire Chalaron Odette Chalaron Rose Chevaune Yvette Chequelin Margaret Cochran Gladys Hopkins Elizabeth Huger Anna Hyman Helen Hyman Bertha Jacobson Olga Jeanfreau Helen Kaufman Ottilie Lambert Louise Lambroth Robbie Lang Hilda Livaudais Helen Lynch Elizabeth Lyon Evelyn Maestri Ethel Muse Anita Nolan Frances Page E. Passons Gussi Patten Dora Perlman Anna Pfeifer Florence Pierson Helen Polack Katrerine Polack Betty Quarles M. L. Reanaud Katherine Redus Corinne Robin Morrise RosenstockY. Yenni Maridel Saundeirs R. Yochim Hilda St. Martin D. Schlesinger Frances Shav? E. Simmons Lucy Sinclair Elenor Stevens H. Summe:r Mary Swift V. Tete Madelyn Thomas E. Valenzuela L. Volmer Celia Vizard Marion Walker Janet Wallace Stella Walshe D. Wagner K. Watson Alice Wells Matilde Weil Dolores Wendling Marie Whenitt Muriel Wilson Rena Wilson Marjorie White Babette Wolf S. Yenni 326 fMk Reis, Ryan, Smith. The Tulane Hullabaloo Staff James I. Smith Editor-in-Chief John E. Ryan Biisiriess Manager Maurice R. Ries Managing Editor Charles L. Dufour Sports Editor Marjorie Thomas Neivcomb Editor Departmental Editors DiLLARD Stokes Arts and Sciences James I. McCain Law Russell R. McGuire Engineering M. S. Mingledorf, Jr Commerce Reynolds Smith Medicine Arthur C. Landau Dentistry Cecile Fisher Pharmacy 327 m a iC7o .IX Ali.eman ' , Baginsky, Chapman, Cohn Davidson, Goodman, Gregory, Hurt, Kalif, Landry, Lindy, McGuire, Ogden, Robinson, SizELER, Stahl, Woods, Woodward, Yancey. :,28 Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Officers J. J. Davidson, Jr. Speaker Truman Woodward Vice-Speaker George Kalif Secretary-Treasurer Calme L. Lazard Historian William Gregory . , Sergeant-at-Arms Harry Kaufman Censor B. W. Yancey Oratorical and Debating Council Representative Watson Chapman Oratorical and Debating Council Representative Professor Kirk Critic Members H. C. Alleman Harry Kaufman Elmer Arndt Calme L. Lazard Herman Baginsky Heeman Lindy Watson Chapman Noah Lord Bennie Cohn J. I. McCain J. J. Davidson, Jr. Russell McGuire Waller Fowler C. A. Terhune William Gregory E. M. Toby C. B. Henriques Leopold Stahl George Kalif Truman Woodward B. W. Yancey 329 O Newcomb Mandolin-Guitar Club Officers Ruth Sanford . . . Clara May Beer President Secretarif -Treasurer Piano AUREXIA Bisso Ruby Fostek Ann White Ellen Aaron Evelyn Bayle Clara May Beek Personnel Guitar Elizabeth Quarles Ruby Foster Banjo a. dumstre M. Gastrell p. McAleer Frances Page Bones Margaret Roberts Helen Schmidt M. Wilson B. YOCHIM 33° a o The Tulane University Band Dr. Martin ten Hoor Director Bennie Cohn Drum Major and Manager P. V. L. Schaffner Assistant Manager Frank T. Jensen Librarian E. M. Cagle Property Man Jacinto A. Assunto John W. Bierhost A. E. Brent I. BOWSKY K. F. Dennett Joseph Fernon William T. Font Steadman Fridge C. F. Gelbke Leon S. Haas, Jr. Robert Halliburton Max Heinberg R. Lyman Heindel, Jr. Members John R. Jeter Herman Kohlmeyer C. L. Lazard Noah Lord J. F. McFarland Theo. a. Maurer J. K. Mayer Isidore NEfWMAN Edward J. Patterson Julius D. Pittman E. M. Pringle Maurice R. Ries Ellis F. Roberts B. L. RiGGS Leo Rosenblum E. A. Salassi M. H. Schilling Eugene C. Schultz J. Y. Snyder, Jr. John J. Spatafora Marion D. Suter Cornelius A. Terhune Oliver E. Wager George T. Walne, Jr. H. F. Wehrmann J. A. Mandel W. McBryde 331 fl o r Aaron, Beaird, Fentress, Fieldschmidt, Folse Goodwill, Miller, Richards, Watson, Witt o Josephine Louise House Council Officers Catherine Witt President Treeby Miller First Vice-President Louise Fieldschmidt Second Vice-President Mary Martin Fentress . Chib Dormitory President Marjorie Watson Secretary Seniors Ethel Bauer Rosa Rogers Louise Richards Ellen Aaron Dorothy Goowill Juniors Fredeen Beaird Dorothy Folse Anne Wright Shellie Dodds Frances Page Sophomores Enid Fisher Katherine Greaves Maxine Packer Freshman Mannette Tomlinson 332 — Bauer, Fieldschmidt, Greaves Ta lmage, Witt The Newcomb Student Government Association Executive Committee Ethel Bauer President Louise Fieldschmidt Vice-President Mathilda Talmage President, Student Council Dorothea Schlesinger Corresponding Secretary Katherine Greaves Recording Secretary Frances Page Treasurer Catherine Witt House President Charlotte Voss President, Senior Class Clara May Beer President, Junior Class Ruby Foster President, Sophomore Class Florence Pierson President, Freshman Class Elizabeth Raymond President, Art Student Body Edith Burton President, Music Student Body Fredeen Beaird Presideyit, Debating Club Anita Mars President, Dramatic Club Lucille Maestri President, Freyich Circle Dorothy Wagner President, Glee Club Ruth Sanford President, Mandolin-Guitar Club Mary Hardesty President, Y. W. C. A. Rose Cornelson Chairman, Athletic Council iNNis Patterson Editor, Arcade Marjorie Thomas Newcomb Editress, Tulane Hullabaloo Frances Bush Newcomb Editress, Jambalaya Elizabeth Heaslip Chairman, Campus Night 333 ' A C A Tulane Athletic Council Paul F. Jahncke President John Dymond, Jr. Douglas Anderson Judge Rufus E. Foster Vice-Pi-esideiit M. J. White Dr. L. H. Landry Dr. Wilbur C. Smith Richard Foster Secretary -Treasurer H. E. Buchanan George Westfeld Atheltic Director Albert E. Holleman Assistant Director Clark D. Shaughnessy Head Football Coach Jos. Killeen Arthur Hammond Freshman Coach Claude Simons Physical Director Director of Publicity Student Managers, 1926-1927 Oliver Deichmann Football Walter Moss Baseball David Norman Tennis Edwin Patterson Track Jake Landry Basketball William Carter Boxing and Wrestling 334 C Alumni Association of Tulane University of Louisiana Incorporated January 20, 1898 , Gibson Hall St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. Officers, 1926-1927 LuciAN H. Landry President 3523 Prytania Street S. Walter Stern Vice-President 840 Union Street Richard B. Montgomery Secretary 818 Whitney Central Building Henry F. Scherer Treasurer 721 Common Street J. Randolph Foots General Manager Gibson Hall, Tulane University Executive Committee, 1926-1927 College of Medicine Graduate School Edmund L. Faust Lionel C. Durel J. D. Rives Nicholas Bauer College of Law . Newcomb College Cuthbert S. Baldwin Jeanne Langhetee William H. Talbot Molly Palfrey College of Arts and Sciences School of Dentistry Lewis F. Wakeman E. L. Fortier Rudolph Weinmann S. D. Gore College of Engineering College of Commerce James P. Ewin " " n. W. Wallace, Jr. Paul Habans E. Davis McCutchon School of Pharmacy Adam Wirth John Danneker 335 o ' aT Missouri player illegally interferes with Gamble ' s catching a long pass over Missouri ' s goal line. The ball Yas placed at the point of in- terference, tsvo yards from the visitors ' goal. Flournoy fails in his at- tempt to kick goal after Tu- lane ' s touchdown against the Missouri eleven. The game ends a 6 to 6 tie. (October 3). r,Hlli Morgan about to catch a long pass from Lautenschlae- ger for a touchdown in the game against ' ' Ole Miss, " which resulted in a 26 to 7 victory for the wave. (Octo- ber 10). 336 " Lille Plunging " Mceks, of Mississippi A. M. making a small gain through the Tu- lane line. Tulane ' s greatest problem was stopping the Aggie quarterback, but the Greenie line was not found wanting. Tulane 14, Miss. A. M. 7. (October 17). W Mayor Arthur O ' Keefe, on behalf of the City of New Or eans, presents the Tulane Green Wave with a full- sized silver football in recog- nition of its triumphs of 1925, before the Tulane-Louisiana Polytech game. The team also received the large basket of roses as a gift from the New Orleans Cotton Exchange. The Wave rolls on for its first touchdown in the opening quarter of the game against Louisiana Polytech. Greenies crush the Ruston eleven by a score of 37 to o. (November 7). : ' s . 337 " Peggy " Flournoy punts from behind his own goal line, after the Green Wave held the Tennessee Tigers on the one-yard line for four downs. This was one of the most tense moments in the 1925 season. Tulane sweeps the Tigers for a 14 to o vic- tory. (November 14). L. S. U. battalion on the field just before the opening of the Tulane-Loiiisiana State clash at Baton Rouge. View of the thousands of Tulane supporters that filled the Olive and Blue section of the grand stand for the Wave-Tiger combat at the State capitol, November 21. 338 " Pat " Browne receiving a long pass in the annual battle of all battles, when the Green Wave downed the Upstate Tiger by a i6 to o score. « ' . ' f The Newcomb Mandolin- Guitar Club artistically draped about the large bus in which they toured the streets of the city during the Sta- dium drive. Frosh victim refreshing himself during the annual d ucking party given in Audu- bon Park under the auspices bf the Sophomore Class on March 31. 339 i t 6 The Tulane Glee Club Or- chestra which played such an important part in the Great successes of the 1925-1926 choristers. The Double Quartette of the Tulane Glee Club. This illustrious group, as- sembled on the steps of New- comb ' s temple of learning, is composed of the proud recip- ients of Phi Beta Kappa Keyes. .dx [7 1 Representatives to the Mid- West Student Conference as- sembled on the steps of Gib- son Hall after a busy morn- ing session. The Conference met in New Orleans with the ITulane Student Council act- ing as hosts. Jlil ' fl r Tit The Single Quartette of the Tulane G ' .ee Club. M ' Another group of Phi Beta Kappas photographed on that day set aside by Newcomb College in honor of those upon whom the greatly sought distinction is bestowed. 341 m Mid-West Student Conference SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION TuLANE University February 15-20, 1926 Purpose of the Conference [HE Mid-West Student Conference meets every year, not for the purpose of promoting extra-curricular activities, nor with the intention of formulating codes of action that might be applieo uniformly throughout the schools represented, but rather for the pur- pose of endeavoring to place these activities on a basis which will insure the most beneficial results to those participating and strike a sane balance between them and curricular work. The conference accomplishes this by the discussion of the various problems, and the exchange of ideas, and an attempt to arrive at a solution. Officers, 1926-1927 A. L. Spencer President Purdue University Lee B. Thompson .... Vice-President University of Oklahoma George T. Walne, Jr Secretary Tulane University Officers,, 1925-1926 Clarence N. Pearson .... President University of Minnesota John Hervey Vice-President University of Oklahoma Fred M. Shideler Secretary Kansas State College Entertainment Program February 17, Wednesday Afternoon — Newcomb Reception and " The Dansant " at La Cour du Marquis. February 18, Thursday Afternoon — Sightseeing four through the Vieux Carre ' and to the Chal- mette Battle Field. Trip through the harbor on the Dock Board Yacht " Alexandria " ; Tliursday Eveninci — Student Body Reception and Dance, Audubon Tea Room. February 19, Thursday Evening — Banquet and Dance at the Patio Royale. University of Alabama University of Arkansas Carnegie Tech University of Chicago University of Chicago University of Cincinnati University of Colorado Depauw University Emory University Georgia Tech. University of Georgia University of Illinois Illinois Wesleyan University University of Indiana Iowa State College University of Iowa Kansas State College University of Kansas University of Kentucky Louisiana State University Members University of Maryland Miami University Michigan State University of Michigan " University of Minnesota University of Missouri LTniversity of Nebraska University of North Carolina University of North Dakota Northwestern University University of Notre Dame Ohio Wesleyan University University of Oklahoma Penn State College Purdue LTniversity LTniversity of Tennessee University of Texas Tulane University University of Wisconsin University of Wyoming 3+2 „- 1 ■f.... WHO ' S WHO AND WHY i I I Mathilda Talmadge Because she has held the dif- ficult and responsible office of president of the Student Council with such success that Newcomb students have come to have implicit faith in their self-government. Be- cause she is a remarkable ten- nis player. Because she gives her enthusiastic support to all things working for the inter- est of Newcomb. Because she sticks to her opinion, and since she is almost ahvays right, has put over several things for the good of Newcomb. Charlotte Voss Because she is one of the best debaters Newcomb has ever had. Because of the ex- ecutive ability and tact she has shown in holding several important Student Body of- fices. Because she is president of the Senior class and has held that office with a charm- ing grace. Because there is no girl at Newcomb more re- spected, more admired and more genuinely liked than Charlotte. Elizabeth Heaslip Because she can always be relied upon to make any col- lege or campus stunt a suc- cess. Because her dramatic ability is remarkable. Be- cause she makes a splendid cheer leader. Because she is an energetic and reliable worker at tiresome tasks. Be- cause she is a loyal and en- thusiastic supporter of all campun activities. Because she is as pretty as she is at- tractive, and because we ex- pect her to be one of the most important figures on the campus during her senior year. 343 O WHO ' S WHO AND WHY I " Peggy " Flournoy " Because he is the best foot- ball back Tulane and the en- tire South has ever seen. Be- cause he was chosen All- Southern by a unanimous con- census of opinion — the only player to receive such an honor. Because he is captain of this mythical eleven. Be- cause he is high point scor- er of America for the 1925 season. Because he was named on many AIl-Ameri- can selections. Because his plunging, passing and punt- ing played a major part in Tulane ' s victories. And, fin- ally, because to his school- mates he is still just " Peg- gy. " Edmond Cahn Because he has distinguished himself by his forensic ability in the past and is now Tu- lane ' s foremost debater. Be- cause he has merited such honors as the Carnot and the Louis Bush medals and the Fortier memorial award. Be- cause his scholastic achieve- ments, of which his Phi Beta Kappa key is mute evidence, have always been the source of envy to his fellow class- mates. And finally, because he is not only a student, but a scholar and a keen anal yst. Eddie Morgan Because he has merited a lasting place of honor in Tu- lane ' s athletic achievements. Because he was an invaluable cog in the wonderful football machine of this year. Be- cause his playing was an out- standing feature of the bas- ketball contests for the two past seasons. Because he was selected All-Southern. Because he has shown himself to be a baseball player of no mean ability, and finally, be- cause he was awarded the Porter cup in 192s for being the best all-around athlete in the Universitj ' . 344 i WHO ' S WHO AND WHY James I. Smith Because, as editor-in-chief of the " Hullabaloo, " he is heir to one of the most responsible and difficult undertakings on the Tulane campus. Because he has endeavored by his un- tiring and persistent efforts to maintain the standard of the " Hullabaloo " as one of the best college weeklies in Amer- ica. Because these efforts have been crowned with a glorious success. Because he is a lead- er, and, finally, because he has never been found want- ing in anv case that was for the best interests of Tulane. Ellis Henican Because he has distinguished himself as the best basketball forward in the South. Be- cause he was chosen a mem- ber of the mythical All-South- ern team of nineteen twenty- five. Because, as captain, he led the 1926 quintette through a most successful season. Be- cause he has won for himself a place on the football squad as well as on the baseball team, and, finally, because he has always taken such ardent interest in all Tulane activ- ities. Fred Lamprecht Because he is the greatest golfer in collegiate circles of America. Because, as organ- izer and captain of the Tu- lane golf team, he has led it to a place of honor and prom- inence. Because he is the winner of the only national championship ever held by Tulane. Because he is City, Mississippi Gulf States, Southern Collegiate and Na- tional Intercollegiate cham- pion. And, finally, because he is also the most versatile play- er on the Tulane football team, filling each position as- signed him with equal skill and mastery. 345 I I B WHO ' S WHO AND WHY I Kenneth Rayer Because he is one of the out- standing men of his student body as a student. Being slight of build and with af- fected eyesight he has not gone in for athletics, but he has established a name for himself as a leader in the field of medicine. He was in- vited to drop his classwork after passing the Sophomore year of medicine and assist in the teaching of some of the vork which he had covered. He did this for one year and decided to cast his lot with one of the classes w-hich he helped to teach. This has not affected the part of his anat- omy which rests upon his neck but has rather tended to draw him more closely to his fel- low students. Because Ken is an outstanding student we nominate him for the Hall of Fame. J. Hamilton Basso Because, as editor-in-chief of the 1935 Jambalaya, he has given Tulane the greatest an- nual she has ever had. Be- cause his volume was the first in the history of the Jamba- laya to ever receive national recognition for excellence. Because he has already dis- tinguished himself as a writ- er by his great imaginative qualities and his distinctive style. And finally because he has been elected to Kappa Delta Phi, that honor than which there can be no great- er bestowed upon a Tulanian by his fellow students. Milton Levy Because his presence on the line of scrimmage was al- ways a determining factor in Tulane ' s victories — a bulwark to his opponents, a gateway for his own backs. Because he was chosen All-Southern guard for 1925. Because he may be seen at all times wearing the broad grin that has made him so well liked by his fellow students. And, fin- ally, because he has a good " word for everyone and there is none to say a harsh word against him. B WHO ' S WHO AND WHY I George H. Beavers Because he is the " Daddy of his Class, " not in age nor in- firmities, but in staunch sup- port of his classmates when their feet have faltered; in worthy advice when his class- mates have been facing a de- cision of any gravity; in fac- ing any situation squarely when it meant that his duty as class president called for decision or sacrifice on his part for the good of his class or his student body; in giving his best to his class whether it be to set an example of diligent attention to his studies or setting his personal pleasures and wishes to the side to serve, and lastly in at- taining the high honor of be- ing selected a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha in spite of the time and sacrifices to himself that he has given to his class. Virgil A. A. Robinson " Robbie, " the one who al- ways greets us with a smile and yet one who is conscien- tious in both work and play. He well deserves a place in Tulane ' s Hall of Fame be- cause he has for the past three years been a member of the famous Green Wave (both in football and baseball), be- cause he has been a leader in his class scholastically, and because, after having been chosen by his student body as their president he was exalt- ed to the highest honor of the entire student body — president of the Tulane Stu- dent Council. Benny Wight Because he has helped put the Green Wave to unheard- of heights. Because he has taken up where his illustrious brother Johnnie left off and carried on in entwining the name of Wight into the mem- ories of all loyal Tulanians by going out on the gridiron and giving the best that there was in him in order that the Olive and Blue might float on the mast of victory, and with his efforts he has not slighted his work as a medical stu- dent, but now comes the threshhold of graduation hav- ing engraved his name in the hearts of his fellow students as one of the most popular men in the class not only be- cause of his reputation as a football player, but also be- cause that in spite of his suc- cess therein he has always been just plain old " Ben " to us all and a prince of a good fellow. A (lusscl KM« i ' ' lli£ - Hydrocephalus: " Quo vadis, old chapf Myxcdcmia: " To find a joke suitable for tills illustration. " I. 2. 3- 6. 7- 9- 10. How TO Keep From Making Phi Beta Kappa Buy it by the gallon. Get a " girl. " Slap the Profs on the back and call them by their first names. Smoke in the classroom just before the lecture. Leave the correction marks on the problems you got from last year ' s class. Pad the alarm clock. Make wise cracks about the Dean ' s wearing apparel. Eat peanuts during lecture. Rest your feet on the Prof ' s desk. Flunk. What the Well Dressed Tulanian Will Wear This Summer: Hat Collar Tie Shirt Pants Coat Shoes Socks Underwear Belt 351 m The Hall of Shame We Nominate Bob Bessleman For Temperance J. Hamilton Basso For Religious Activity Benjamin Thompson For His Optimism Val Irion For His Persistency and Political Endurance Miss Bell (Honorary) For Popularity Norman Barnett For Scholarship and Retiring Attitude The University Council For Their One O ' Clock Dance Rule Charles Peavy For His Shyness With The Co-Eds. George Betchel For Athletic Fame The D. K. E. Chapter For Releasing the Scholarship Cup Albert E. Holleman For Flis Taciturnity Peggy Flournoy For Versatility in Amours Ethel Bauer For Co-operation With the Jambalaya Leo Shpall For Flandsomeness 352 a Questionnaire Willie B. Dumbe of the College of Commerce and Business Administration is send- ing out this questionnaire in order to determine the tastes and preferences of Tulane Stu- dents. Place a cross (X ) in the parentheses if it applies. 1. Name, when sober 2. Age, public 3 . Age, correct 4. Height, with collar and tie on 5. What are your approximate expenditures for? (a) Admission charges for the Delgado Museum $ (b) Tops, marbles and Jew ' s harps $ (c) Flowers for your Dean $ 6. Who killed Cock Robin? (Check two) ( ) " Peggy " Flournoy. ( ) Judd Northrup. ( ) Ben Yancey. 7. Was he related to " Cock " Roach ? 8. Do you know anybody who saves part of his allowance? 9. What other peculiarities does he have ? 10. Check which articles you read in the Hullabaloo: ( ) Those I have written. ( ) Those written about me. 11. Strength of materials is a ( ) Gripe; ( ) Severe pain. 12. Do you pay part of your college expenses? 13. How do you avoid paying the rest? 14. Which in your opinion will be completed first? ( ) Newcomb Music Building. ( ) Stone Mountain Memorial. 15. How many dates did you have last year? 16. Of these, how many did you try to neck? - 17. Of these, how many did jou neck on the first night? 18. In case of exceptions check reasons below: ( ) Girl had no neck. ( ) I had no neck. ( ) It wasn ' t at night. 19. Are you married ? 20. Who else supports you ? 21. Who wrote " Cleopatra " ? 22. Did she answer ? 23. Where do you keep your probation slips? (Check below). ( ) Front Hall stove. ( ) Wastepaper basket. 24. Who was the lady we saw you with jesterday ? After you have carefully filled this questionnaire out place it in the large green can just outside the Book Store marked " Waste Paper. " 353 if Cerebus: " Don ' t you knoiu it ' s against tlic law to spit? " Beelzebub: " It ' s against the wall I ' m spit- ting, not against the laiu. " We Nominate for tlie Hall of Fame J. Austen Bopp, after having run 91 yards for a touchdown in the big game of the year " Boppey " did not tell the girls it was a mere nothing that anyone could have done with the wonderful ten men interference he had, but admitted it was a remarkable piece of broken-field running on his part and such as has never been seen before on Bolton field. Albert Q. Turnipseed. Though living in Gretna, " Al " has never given as an excuse for being late " traffic jams, " or " delayed transportation, " but has always admitted that he overslept or that he threw the alarm clock out of the window. Donald R. I. McGee (M.A. Phi Beta Kappa). " Don " does not tell his class that while he was completing a six-year course in four years (with highest honors) he was also supporting himself and his aged mother and father. He admits that his parents were wealthy and supported him during the seven years it took him to complete the course, and that sometimes he ranked as low as third or fourth in the class. Oswald P. Houston. Oswald when requested to pose for his picture for this sec- tion, did not immediately run home to get his other fraternity pin, but managed to get along with the three he was wearing. 35+ THE JAMBALAYA PRESENTS A Russ7an Tragedy ENTITLED THE CAMPUS RUSH IN Eighteen Blood)) Acts 355 m ' O ' A A 7 INTRODUCING MR. WILLIE PERIQUE (The Much Desired Freshman) Our Hero 356 Act. I. Scene: Sigma Pi FRAT house. Time : Monday morning. Willie: " Good morning, Gents! " FRAT Boys: " Good morning, Fresh- man ! Do you know anything about fra- ternities? " Willie: " No. " F. B. ' s: " Well, then, let us inform you. You are now in the best FRAT on Tulane campus. Join us and you can ' t fail. Dean Becky is one of our boys. And socially, say, do you know anything about streets in New Orleans? " Willie: " No. " F. B. ' s: " Well, we have all the Elys- ian Fields and Dumaine Street debu- tantes at our parties. Join us and we ' ll guarantee you socially, also. Willie: " Awright, but I better write and ask Papa. " Act 2. Scene: Dr. Charles Bloom ' s Legacy. Time : Monday Afternoon. Willie: " What ho! Is this the col- lege of Music? " Anvil Chorus: " No, no, fellow, you are now in the Beta Theta Pi house. Stay awhile and we ' ll sing you the cutest song, " Oh, how ' d you like to be a Beta sweet- heart. " Owl : " Oogle ! Oogle ! Oogle ! Willie: " Oh, please refrain. Fd rather hear you talk. " A. C. : " We do not rush, (not much). Betas are born, not made. If you ' re Beta material we ' ll get you. Howabout join- ing? " Willie: " Awright, but I better write and ask Papa. " Act 3. Scene: Knights of America Tea Room. Time: Tuesday morning. Willie: " Ah! No doubt this is the Kingsley House Day Nursery. " Southern Gentleman: " Tush! This is the home of the Kappa Alpha ' s (So.), and these are our charming sub-deb K. A. gn-ls. Willie: " Oh! But they still have moist mastoids. Why? " S. G. : " Ah, that is why we use them to rush for us, since they are too young to appreciate the error of their ways. We ' ll make you a date who will tell you how good we are. " Willie: " Thank you, but I ' ll have to write home and ask Papa. " Act 4. Scene: Watering Place of the Sigma Nu herd. Time : Tuesday afternoon. Willie: " In what strange hallways do I find myself? " Dangerous Sigma Nu ' s: " Hands up, Freshman! Pledge or we ' ll kill you. All the doors are locked and you can ' t escape. Promise you ' ll go Sigma Nu or else — " Willie: " Sure, but I ' ll have to write home and ask Papa. " U s 358 Tin m Act 5. Scene: Delta Kappa Epsilon Lodge. Time: Wednesday morning. Willie: " Good morning! Why all the hammers? " Dashing D. K. E. ' s: " These hammers is to knock the other fraternities wit. We got so man} ' athletes we knows what true sportsmanship is. That ' s why we kin knock all de other fraternities, and our scholastic standin ' is so high we got a right to criticize anybody. We can tell you why you oughten join no other fra- ternity but dis one. " Willie (hesitatingly) : " Awright, but I better write home and ask Papa. " Act. 6 Scene :BM Hall. Time: Wednesday afternoon. Willie: " Good afternoon. Why all the little empty chairs? Is it a conven- tion? " Mournful Piker: " Alas! alas! Those are the empty places for all the younger brothers we might have pledged. We are the original big-hearted fraternity — we let all the other fraternities get our little brothers. So if you have a younger brother you ' d like to join another lodge, you had better go Pi Kappa Alpha. Willie: " Awright, but I better write home and ask Papa. " . U 11 I 359 Act 7. Scene: Patio of Broadway Pharmacy. Time : Thursday morning. Willie: " Good morning. " Last Survivor: " Good morning, young man. Sit down and let me read to you a list of our alumni. Honestly our alum- ni role reads like the history of Louis- iana. " Willie: " Yes, but I can ' t join your alumni club. Who is your active chap- ter? " L. S. (Hiding his face in shame) : " I ' d rather not say. What about joining us though. Our alumni might sometimes come around. " Willie : " Awright, but I better write home and ask Papa. " Act 8. Scene: State Street Social, Aid, and Pleasure Club; or The State Street Home for Wayward Boys. Time: Thursday afternoon. Willie: " Oh, good afternoon. " Phair Phi: " Oh, hello there! " Do have a cup of tea. " Willie: " O thank you no, no, I don ' t drink tea. " P. P.: " But you must learn to drink tea. We want you to join us, and we just bought a lovely new Baby Grand, so we ' ll have to give several thousand teas to pay for it. " Willie: " Awright, but I better write home and ask Papa. " 360 Act 9. Scene: Alpha Tau Omega Barn. Time: Friday morning. Willie: " Good morning. " Lone A. T. O.: Hello! How would you like to join this fraternity? " (Voices from below): " Let us out! For God ' s sake let us out! We can ' t last here two weeks! Please let us out. " Willie: " Who are locked in the cel- lar? " L. A. T. O. : " Ninety per cent of the chapter. I thought I ' d better ask you before you saw them. How about it ? You will most likely change your mind after you see them. " Willie : " Awright, but I better write home and ask Papa. " Act 10. Scene: Garages for rent. Time: Friday afternoon. Willie: " Good afternoon. " Menial : " Good afternoon. You ' ll pardon me, while I clean up the house and cook lunch. We have no servant, and don ' t mind the legions of bill col- lectors who come to the door. We don ' t mind them ourselves. Expenses don ' t bother us, we have plenty of them. Then let ' s look the globe over carefully and see if there isn ' t a fair chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma somewhere. You might be fortunate enough to transfer. We ' d like to have you old chap ! " Willie: " Thanks. " 361 Act 1 1 . Scene: Delta Tau Delta Dive. Time : Saturday morning. Willie: " Pardon me, am I in the Del—? " Delta Tau Delt: " Come in Fresh- man! Sit down and shut up! Have a drink. What, you don ' t drink? Well den maybe you dance. Next week we ' re having four big dances, one at the Mari- gold, one at the Fern, one at the Arcadia, and the best one at the Music Box Revue. After these I know you can ' t help going Delta. Willie: " Awright, but I better write home and ask Papa. " Act 12. Scene: Jahncke Wet Docks. Time: Saturday afternoon. Willie: " Hello! " Sig Alf (Epsilon variety) : Join the fairest, squarest, and most honest bunch at Tulane. An S. A. E. is a " Semper Fidelis. " We stand for uprightness and fair play in politics. As pure as a lily! We ' ll swear to anything (soliloquizing), with our fingers crossed. The reason we don ' t have many city chaps is because there are not many good ones. How about joining? Willie: " Awright, but I better write home and ask Papa. " 363 Act 13. Scene: Sent Cholls Avenoo. Time: Saturday evening. Zeta Beta Toi: " Oy he ' s a gentiles. " Sig Alf (Mu variety) : " Oy he ' s a gentiles. " . Keppa Noo: " Oy he ' s a gentiles. " Act 14. Scene: Kappa Sigma Hot Box. Time: Monday morning. W illie: " Let me out! Let me out! " Sweater: " Not until you promise to pledge. If you don ' t pledge we ' ll sweat you down to nothing! " Willie: " Awright, but I better write home and ask Papa. " 363 ' A A 4 Act 15. Scene: Dark Alley. Time: Monday afternoon. (Voices from the sidelines) : " Run! run, run for your life. The Delta Sigma Phi ' s will catch you if you don ' t look out! " Act 16. Scene: Dark Alley. Time : Tuesday. (More voices from the side lines) : " For Gawd ' s sake run! The Pi Kappa Phi ' s are after you. Run for life and liberty! " Willie: " And who are you kind ad- monishers? " Voices from the sidelines: " We are the hords of men your pursuers have not been able to suck in — and we ' d hate to see it happen to anyone. 364 a a Act 17. Scene: Co-operative Book Store. Ti?ne : Wednesday morning, 11 45 . Postman: " A letter for you, Fresh- man. (Willie opens letter and reads. Act 18. Scene :Y.M.C. A. Hut. Time: Noon hour. Willie: " Who are 5 ' ou, Stranger? " Stranger: " I am Rodolpho Cellini Cal- deroni de los Barcas. I want that you should join what all Spain is proud of — Sigma Iota. TnoMriee, sTTlivcM. 365 Mt Gf ec Pyramus: " Are you the only decent person lieref " Thisbe: " Certainly not, silly. " Pyramus: " JFlio is then ' ? " Is There Anyone Who Knows That Dr. McBryde teaches English? That there is a museum on the third floor of Gibson Hall? That the Tulane Library is open to the students? What a chance he is taking when he eats in the " Beanery? " What purpose Johnny Beer serves in the Co-operative Book Store? Why anybody insists on staying in the dormitories? Why anyone allows himself to be seen in the " Y " Hut? How to register ? What " Gimme " Black does to wile away the mornings and afternoons? Why the chicken crossed the street in the first place ? 366 a d a nca 5«Mwa _» Oliver LaFrog: " Jl ' lio ' was the lady I seen you with last niff ilf " Franz Bomb: " Tliat wasn ' t no lady. " Oliver LaFrog: " IFho was dat? " Franz Bomb: " Dat was my wife. " Is There Anyone Who Doesn ' t Know That Billie Brown teaches English? That Sommer Benedict is a Sigma Nu ? That Newcomb College is on Broadway and Oak? That the name of the soda dispenser at the Broadway Pharmacy is " Jeff? " That " Gimme " Black used to work ( ?) for the Chesterfield Tobacco Company? That " Gimme " Black now works (?) for Godchaux ' s? That Tulane beat Northwestern 18-7 ? " That Northwestern beat Michigan? That Michigan won the Big Ten Conference? That it cost $0.10 admission for the Interfraternity basketball games? That they weren ' t worth over a nickel ? Who that lady was that I saw you with last night? 367 ' A A A certain Freshman came to me the other day with parts of her diary. She wanted to know if they did not give true pictures of the various Newcomb sororities, and, after some discussion, consented to let me publish them. My idea of their value is apparent in my desire to print them in this book. The Newcomb Editress. November 15 — Dear Diary, these sorority problems are making a physical wreck of me. I really sometimes wish I weren ' t so popular. So far, I ' ve gotten a rush from every one of them. Lucky for me that Aunt Rebecca Gold- berg wrote down here about me or I would have missed one party. I can ' t wait to go to them all. November 16 — Oh, I ' m so thrilled I can hardly contain my feelings. I heard today that they are going to have mid-year pledg- ing this session. I ' m not supposed to know but Matilda Talmage told me. She asked me for all of the extra week day dates be- fore pledging time. Of course they are not supposed to ask me, but then, no one will know but you, dear Diary. I haven ' t told a soul but Winder Dudley and, of course, she won ' t tell. November 17 — I heard today that the K.A.T. ' s party is to be a hell of an affair. Quite appropriate for so many devils. If all the rumors that I have heard come true they will have to hire a number of cars to take their pledges around in on pledge day. Good- will has lieen the chief factor in the sorority this } ' ear, but, oh shaw, who will be next year. They tell me that one of the older members decided at the beginning of the session that the best thing she could do with her college career would be to sink it, so she married and the campus knows her no longer. November 20 — The Phi Mu ' s are the pep- piest bunch of girls I ' ve ever seen. With Louise Richards doing her remarkable lead- ing they ought to make a big sweep on pledge day. But she is not their only cheer leader. The honors go to this sorority for putting up one of the best cheer leaders Newcomb has ever had, who startled the entire University by her daring and original interpretation of the " Hullabaloo. " There ' s no doubt about there being Wit in this chapter, but it ' s too bad that some of it isn ' t distributed among sisters. Hush, the pun is the lowest form of Wit. They say this sorority was given the job of Page-ing the next Student Body president. We had another Campus Night last eve- ning and Gelene Stallworth made her debut before a select and hypercritical Tulane audi- ence. Her clear bird-like notes and wide range entranced the would-be critics, and she was forced to make many curtain calls. I hear she inflicts, many wounds in one Louis ' pulmonary organ. (I am trying. Diary, to accustom myself to using big words.) 368 pfmin November 22 — Red Letter Day. I had a date with Etolia Simmons. I guess I ' m pretty good — rating with the Administration Board. I also got an invitation to a sunset breakfast. Clever idea of theirs to make promises while the sun shines (or is it the Haj-). I adore all of the Pi Phi ' s. They have that infallible something called personal charm — sort of a specialty with them, I think. They take the Freshman in the crude state of barbarism and mould them into ladies of real poise and grace. I can ' t wait to see Maridel as a Senior. They are all such a high-class type of girls, all F.F.V. ' s. Sadie and Virginia are perhaps the most typical. Francis Dymond will have her hands full this spring and next year, with all of the customary Pi Phi senior offices. November 24 — Yesterday I bumped into Charlotte Voss in the main hall, and felt about as big as a peanut all day; but what could be expected — the president of the Senior Class is such a dignified person. I saw her later, though, and she was beam- ing at every angle. Perhaps she was going to propose something radical in Executive meeting. The A. D. Pi ' s are an awfully nice bunch, but I wish that someone would knock a cer- tain Young person off of her pedestal. She ' s a nice person, but she is too small to hold such a high place. Land is valuable this year, hut I hear the chapter is going to part with a valuable piece this spring. Agnes Broussard and Rosa Rogers are such enthusiastic supporters of all campus activities, we are all sure that their chapter must be proud of them. They are worried, though, because the secret has gotten out that there is a pair of Webb feet in the chapter. 269 February 28 — Pledge day and such excite- ment. Everyone sent out bids but the Pi Phi ' s and the Kappa ' s. I don ' t know exactly how many girls the Chi Omega ' s bid, but from the number they got, it must have been at least half of the Freshman Class. Of course, we all have our own disappointments, though, and Chi Omega had hers in a double dose — but it never helps to be sure. Honestly, it does seem too bad about the twins. Their family should have considered the case more carefully. This chapter has one perpetual nominee per annum — last year Helen Mac represented them in this line, and there ' s a rising young Junior that will follow in that intelligent per- son ' s footsteps. I turned down all five bids. I don ' t know why — except that I got so interested in what everyone else was going that I forgot to do anything myself. Now that I am narrowed down to going Kappa or Pi Phi, I feel rather at a loss. March i — In spite of the fact that the A. D. Pi ' s were scrupulously honest in their rushing this jear, they pulled in a large num- ber last Saturday, some of our most repre- sentative Freshmen. Speaking of representative, there is a rumor going around the campus that a cup will be awarded to the sorority that has done the most for Ne%vcomb. It is the concensus of opinion that A. D. Pi leads the list. It is also rumored that this sorority is plan- ning to in the immediate future a knock-out hit entitled: " How to give a sure-nuf rush- ing party on Forty Dollars. " 370 March 2 — As usual A. E. Phi bid five girls and got five, and there were many sighs of relief issuing from their Freshmen on Pledge Day. Virginia Lazarus was simply frightened to death that she wouldn ' t " make it. " I was not one of the chosen few in spite of Aunt Rebecca ' s letters. No wonder they call this chapter the " Exclusive few. " Anna Pfeifer still retains her fondness for sorority jewelry; she lost her pin, but it didn ' t phase her, she has so many substitutes. The Sophomores are such an active bunch that Clara May and Louise Lane had a hard time keeping up with them. Dorothea, however, can keep up with any- one. One weary officer told me that she could run an Executive meeting all by herself. March 3 — The Kappa ' s can ' t " do their stuff " until next year as far as pledging is con- cerned, and they always have a hard time " doing it " with elections, but they certainly have been slinging some mean parties this winter. They must be pretty sure of their Freshmen, for they took all of their pictures to show at future conventions. Nothing like self-confidence, and I ' ll have to admit it did make a good film. Yes, they must have some " pull " somewhere; they treated their Fresh- men so nicely (really too nicely for rushing rules), and yet Pan-Hellenic is allowing them to pledge a whole term before Pi Phi. I have been thinking of going Kappa, though. The only thing that worries me is the tough time they have with elections, I ' m almost afraid that if I honor them with my membership, I won ' t have a chance of getting Student Body president. Their hard luck is natural, though, bec ause they have so many un-aggressive people — like little Bea. March 4 — I ' ve come to the sad conclusion, dear Diary, that I must go non-frat, or start one of my own. Perhaps my taste has been spoiled by too much rushing. 371 Aegaeus: " My brother is an Aegaeum: " Honest? 1 d ' ldn here. " With One sweep of his Strong arms He lifted her From her feet And crushed her To his breast. His trembling and Nervous hands Encircled her silken Neck, She struggled close Against him And Felt the passionate Throb of his heart In the excitement Of the crucial moment. " Ah, Birdie! You are mine. " He cried as he Cooley placed her Neck across the Chopping block And signaled To the cook To let the Axe fall. Ruiiiit- 1 • CrUint- atheist. " ' t know they had a chapter It was a Wonderful night For driving And she was Just the girl To be driving with. He couldn ' t desist. And she wouldn ' t Resist — So by this time He was Driving with One arm. But, As is the way Of all women, She was soon Struck with qualms Of conscience. " Please, " She whispered, " I think you ' d Better use Both arras. " " Sorry, " Came the Mournful reply, " But I ' m afraid I can ' t drive With my knees! " Co: " Bui I don ' t think I deser-ve an absolute zero. " Dean: " Neither do I, but it is the lowest mark tliat I am alloived to give. " 372 9 o A New Yorker Who swallowed A collar Button Went to A high class Hospital And had an Operation Performed But alack And alas There could be Found Nary a trace Of the errant button They waited A few days And then decided To look for The missing button Again. In a few More days they Took another look. It couldn ' t be found. Really, old thing, If this sort of Business keeps up He ' ll jolly well Have to get A new button. Blacna: " Are you a collc jian? " Btacsus: " No, but I know iv icre you can get it. ' llUii£i.L R M=QI I(?f-. Remus: " See iliis new s iirt, ifs made out of a dress of my sister ' s. Romulus: " Broadcloth, eh tuJiat? " " Eugene Is getting Along fine At school, " Said the Fond mother, " Why he Wrote me Thit every Day or so The dean Phones him And they Go into the Longest conferences. It must Be fine To have a Big man At school Like the dean Interested in Your welfare. " 373 O m 3 . rii CY. .-jc«. xilUv ' tiin HHK " HIS HOUR " 374 Diopiihes: " 1 used to tlii ik — " Cteobnlus: " And wliy did you slop} Prometheus: " How do you like my new balloon trousers? " Unbound: " Well, there ' s lots of room for improvement. " Bala: " Does she paint? " Zabulus: " No. " Bala: " Powder? " Zabulus: " No. " Bala: " Smoke? " Zabulus: " No. " Bala: " Give me her name. My brother ' s studying for the ministry. The Dean: " Have you ever been on proba- tion before? " " Never, " replied the Freshman, bursting into tears. The Dean: " Well, well, don ' t cry. You ' re going to be put on now. " " I ' m afraid I cannot sell this poison without medical authority. " " Whv? Do I look like a man who would kill hirnself? " " I don ' t know. But if I looked like you I might be tempted. " He ' s never been passed on a race track I ' m speaking of autoist Feether. He got all his training in college; He never was passed therein either. " " Ho, Marimba, and if I ate my father and mother, what would I be? " " You ' d be a cannibal, Theodorus, of course. " " Tut, tut, thick one, I ' d be an orphan. " 375 LT Zant ia: " Been doing any exercise lately? " Baru: " I should julht i isy I lia-ve! And I ' m tho thiiuong now that I can Iiardly diuaw on a thigawetle wit tout inlialing it! " Father (coming unexpectedly to his son ' s fraternity house: " Does Mr. Brown live here? " Senior: " Yes, bring him in. " % Ermiduke: " What was the score? " Neopike: " Nothing to nothing. " Ermiduke: " Then I didn ' t miss anything. " Muriel: " The man I marry must be a hero. " Dora: " Oh, come, dear. You are not as bad looking as all that. ' Ermyntrude: " Do you find it hard meeting expenses? " Theocrastus: " Gosh, no! I meet them everywhere. " " ' Why do they paint battleships gray, Mimi? " " Forsooth, Ernest, and how should I know? " " So the fish can distinguish them from radishes, thou silly. He: " Shall we waltz? " It: " It ' s all the same to me. " He: " Yes, I ' ve noticed that. " 376 " IFliat does a professor of Greek getf " " Oil, about $ ,000.00 a year. " " And the football coaeli? " " About $12,000.00 a year. " " Quite a difference. " " IVell, did you ever hear forty thousand people clicering a Greek recitationf " " So you and Lou are all off each other? " " Uh-huh. " " Did she return your pin? " " She invited me to drop around at her apartment some night and pick it out. ' " I say, Esmeralda, doth know where little boys go who shoot craps on Sunday? " " Yes, verily, Agamemnon, they go in an alley. " One neighbor: " Your dog howled all night. " Another Ditto: " That ' s a sign of death. Whose, I wonder? " One neighbor: " Your dog ' s, if he howls again tonight. " " Don ' t have anything to do with Tom, Mildred, he knows some terrible songs. " " But I didn ' t know he could sing. " " Neither he can, dear. The beast just whistles them. " » Correct the sentence: " He is a college graduate, " said the man, " but does not feel competent to give advice on all subjects. " 377 1 ' O ' A A ■mcLkkOte sullwivi Jamhalaya Staff leaves before Co nmencement Exercises, or Jl ' liat Price Glory. Frightful Bore: " Hello, Brown! Fancy meeting you! " Brown (disgustedly) : " Yes, it ' s this cursed fog. " =i- He; " How late do you think I was out last night? " He: " Five-thirty? " He: " Gosh, your wife tells you everything. " Sol: " What did you get out of the services this morning? " Oraon: " Not a thing. I was sleeping when the offering was lifted. " His point was six. He rolled a seven. He grabbed the pot. He ' s now in heaven. Betty: " I ' m going to play in the park with Johnny, Mamma. " Mamma: " All right, dear, but don ' t get dirty. " " Look, Mamma, the circus is in town. " " Hush, darling, he ' s just in for the Christmas holidays. " 378 DR. AL. B. DID If IT HIT President of Toolane University. Founded, Gawd know ' s when, for the advancement of higher education and the livelihood of several hundred professors who would otherwise starve to death. Prior to Mr. A. Hollymann ' s entrance into the University, it was a losing proposition. Mr. Hol- lymann has shown Dr. Didwithit several thousand ways to cut down the budget, the greatest of which is the addition of his (Hollymann ' s) name to the payroll. President Didwithit gained universal fame last year by refusing the " Tournament of Roses " game and condemning any semblance of the mercenary in connection with education. That this Dr. Didwithit is more concerned with education than with the finances of the University is indeed edifying in these " dog eat dog " daj ' s. He is truly deserving of his place in Who ' s Who, because, like all great men. President Did- withit feels kindly toward those over whom he rules. His unconsciousness of self, his regard for students, have won him great popularity. Never has he been known to pass up a student without the very polite and prosaic " Good morning, " or " Good evening. " He is the soul of Democracy — our unmercenary, unselfish, clear-visioned educator — Dr. Didwithit. 379 DR. P. BUDLER Dean of Noocomc Dr. Budler is a gent of the old school. Gentleman and scholar. Dean Budler is the greatest of all our deans — lover of sports, exponent of large football games, big student affairs, newspaper publicity, modernity, et al. He is the antagonist of the ultra-conservatives. " Take a chance " is his motto. We all have different ideas concerning the purpose of Noocome. For the Pharmacy boys it is a convenient place to get a date. The 4:30-5:30 promenade down Broadway seems to prove that its main purpose is to buy up all the antiquated black silk stockings well dressed women will not wear. Another purpose is to supply a beauty section for the annual, which purpose it serves so well. The salient purpose, however, is to get together, elect a student council, and write ten thousand letters about Tulane activities, complaining about ten thousand things, concerning which their knowledge is just too cute for words. 380 DR. ED. ALBERT BECKIE Dr. Edwin Beckie, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Another member of Who ' s Who. Dr. Beckie gained prominence by virtue of being the father of George Curator of the Paleanto- logical Museum. Like all great men Dr. Beckie understands the ways of Youth and takes a very active part in all student hazings. Each Freshman-Sophomore ducking party, he personally supervises, rooting always for the faction in the fore. Down in history will go the never-to-be-forgotten serenade given Elliot Judd Northrup, played by Kid Harris ' Jazz Orchestra and led by the inimitable Dr. Beckie. Not satisfied with just deaning Dr. Beckie also dabbles in Latin. The purpose of the College of Arts and Sciences, no one, including Jim, the porter, has ever been able to discover. It is generally conceded, however, that next to the College of Commerce, it is the simplest possible way to spend four years and keep one ' s self-respect. It is also the only course in which one can make Phi Beta Kappa, which fact in itself is sufficient reason for its existence. 381 ' A A -XVVO.Vk ' WCfe. Yi t «-V Sal vv v u DR. MORTY ALLDRIQVE College of Commerce Dean Morty Alldrique has more taste in five minutes than all the other deans laid end to end might have in fifty years. He has distinguished himself by selecting t vo most attractive stenog- raphers. Such a noteworthy departure — the first in history. The purpose of the College of Commerce is a notorious one. No one ever claimed that it did more than afford a means of spending four years in College — without even allowing the student to keep h is self-respect. It is useful, however, in amassing sufficient hours to be initiated into a fra- ternity or to allow athletes to remain in school. Its faculty is an altruistic one. Men, who, were they in the business world would be very suc- cessful, very wealthy, have given up power and riches for the greater honor, glory and advance- ment of the science, or whatever it is, of Commerce. 382 i JUDGE RUFFUS FOYSTER College of Law The only College in the University in which the Student Body feels that it excels the faculty. It is, to be Arlenesque, the high hat, silk sock division of Toolane. The professors in the Law School have long since ceased trying to impress their blase hearers with the lavs ' , for if those same professors will step out on the front steps, the s tudents will " tell them the Law. " Ruffus Foyster is dean, but who cares — it is the Student Body that seems to count. 383 ' A A LT DEAN ANDYSOMME College of Enij ' uieering Dean Andysomme has endeared himself to the hearts of every Toolane student by his earnest and fervent assistance in the furtherance of college athletics. Never before has a college dean been as interested in athletics. Fifteen rah-rahs ' s for Deany Andysomme! If the College of Engineering has a purpose it must be to permit otherwise meticulous young men to appear on the avenue in dirty clothes and muddy leggins. Or it may be merely to expose these young men to the difficult and fatal strength of materials, than which there is no worse. 384 i I DK. B.IHSS Di ' iui 1 ;c College of Medieinc Among other things Dr. Bahss is directly responsible for concocting the most distasteful bev- erage kno vn to man. His time is divided into playing -ivith bugs, disciplining students, and posing for illustrations in his own text books. What great good fortune for the Medical School to have a dean learned enough to write a book and handsome enough to pose for the illustrations therein, thus running in accord with President Didwithit ' s policies of economy. The purpose of the Medical School is a noble one. To turn out neophhytic aesculapiuses on a suffering public. Each departmental head is blest with the idea that the sole purpose of a Medical College is to supply other secondary courses to his all-important subject. It is strange just how many most important subjects one may take. Indeed, as many as there are courses in the Medical School. There is one sure way of judging the importance of a course, and the greatness of one ' s professor- and that is by the word of the professor himself. We are therefore forced to concede that the Great Valdu, he of Pathological fame, is the primary reason for the Medical school ' s existence, and all other courses are secondary. 385 DR. JOHN N. McBYRRD Dean of the Graduate ScJiool Dr. John N. McByrrd is a bird, and his roost is over at the Library Building, where he and Miss Bell run a side-show to the Arts and Sciences sometimes called the Graduate Department. Dr. McByrrd knows many queer languages, as indeed every professor must, who has to instruct the Tulane student-body; and one of these is Gaelic. It is said that Dr. McByrrd takes a gay lick at the Gaelic every now and then in his classes, but none of the students know Gaelic when they see it — nobody knows whether it is really Gaelic or not. (Note — The report that it is Garlic is not founded on fact and is said to have originated in the Romance Department). The Graduate Department exists in order — say, what on earth does it exist for, anyway . Or does it exist? Every Saturday you see a lot of school teachers assembling in and around the de- partment, and it is understood that they have something to do with it; and it may be that the Graduate Department really exists in order to afford these ladies an excuse for coming up to the University and seeing if it is true that the masculine gender exists around there; and again it may not. Teachers in the public schools are said to teach the young idea how to shoot, but it is under- stood that Dr. McByrrd, with regard to the Graduate Classes, would rather shoot the young idea that he tries to teach. However, so far all he has done in that direction is to quote them Gaelic, but he has hopes! Note: Dr. McByrrd abhors publicity in any form and would not consent to pose for the staff artist. 386 n ... J -o o- ;; ' 7 p c 9 p c c SURE WINNERS! COLLARS and TO! Am ' o HISk $ttks HABERDASHEEY OF MERIT AT POPULAR PRICES FRED SCHERER, Inc. " THE COLLAR STORE " Phone Main 1050 X ' 3 721-723 Common St. Bystan der (to souse who is getting on horse backwards) : " Hey, you ! You ' re getting on backwards. Turn around toward the horse ' s head. " Souse : " Aw, go to ' ell, you ' sh don ' t know wish way I ' m going. " Mrs.: " Have you swept under the davenport? " Maid: " Yes, mum, everything. " HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES Microscopes Dissecting and Biology Supplies Surgical Instruments Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies L L. LYONS AND COMPANY, LTD. Camp and Gravier Streets " We Outiit Drug Stores " DAVIDSON DENTAL SUPPLY CO. Incorporated DENTAL SUPPLIES Dental Laboratory Seventh Floor, Maison Blanche Bldg., NEW ORLEANS, La. Branch Depot, Hutchinson Building ShreVEPORT, La. Boss: " Do vou know that vou have been late three mornings th s week? " Office Bov: " No, sir! I ain ' t one of these guys who watches the clock. " He: " I like Pollv, sh e ' s the sort of a girl that stands out in a crowd. " Him: " Personally Fm all for Bettv. She sits out. " Fond Mother: " Daug hter, vou were excee dingly foolish to go out riding in the rain with Dick last night after the dance. Were ' nt you cold? " Fair Daught er: " Yes, Mother- -good and cold. " EVERYTHING FOR SUMMER SPORTS GOLF CLUBS, BAGS, SHOES BASEBALL EQUIPMENT TENNIS RACQUETS BALLS, NETS BATHING SUITS CAPS, SLIPPERS, ETC. FISHING TACKLE CANOES It ' s Sporting Goods You ' ll Find It at Baldwin ' s DUNLOP TIRES AND TUBES BALDWIN ' S CAMP AT COMMON STREET ALBERT MACKIE COMPANY, Ltd. THE BIG DEPENDABLE WHOLESALE GROCERY AND SUPPLY HOUSE OF THE SOUTH Mackie Building, NEW ORLEANS, LA. New Accounts Solicited. Old Ones Retained Through Service Mrs. Brown (to new maid) " Well, Nora, I hope we shall get al ong very nice- .ly- I ' m not at all hard to please. " Nora: " No , mum That ' s just what I thou ght the very minute I set eyes on the master. " Wife: " I say, I ' ve lost my diamond necklace " Husband : Then ieep quiet about it; they ' re complaining that someone has put powdered glass on the floor. " MEDICAL BOOKS We take this opportunity to thank the student; 5 of Tulane for their valued patronage, and we hope we will be able to take care of their Medical Book orders for all time to come. J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 Tulane Avenue I NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA ALL SCHOOL NECESSITIES ARE HANDLED BY THE TULANE CO-OPERATIVE BOOK STORE Gibson Hall St. Charles Avenue, NEW ORLEANS As the dancer took his fair partner d own to supper she seemed to hypnotize the waiter told to serve them , for he seemed incaj- able of takin g his eyes off her. At last the dancer cou Id stand it no 1 onger " I sav. waiter, " he observed, " what makes you stare so rudely at the lady? " " It ain ' t rudeness, sir believe me, it ain ' t. replied the waiter. ■ ' It ' s genowine admiration This is the fifth time she ' s been down to supper tonight. " COMPLIMENTS OF THE UNITED FRUIT COMPANY FRESH PROVISIONS 9 1 1 POYDRAS Street Telephones Main 1809, Main 1876 HERBERT H. RUCH We Cater Specially to TULANE STUDENTS. Established 32 Years MOSS SHAVING PARLOR 1 1 BaroNNE Street Ed. Moss, Proprietor NEW ORLEANS. LA. Magistrate Prisoner : wouldn ' t have • " How is it you " As soon as the anything to do w haven ' t a lawyer to found out that I th my case. " defend you? " hadn ' t stolen the money they Street Orator: " Just look at me, friends! Two years ago I was a broken sot, a thing to be dropped in the gutter and tramped on, no use to anybody. what do you think wrought this change in me? " Still Small Voice: " Wot change, mister? " » down And Lady (in a Attendant: butcher shop) : " Is that the head-cheese over " No, ma ' m, the boss isn ' t in. " there? " BE COFFEE WISE— NOT COUPON FOOLISH UNION COFFEE THE NAME IS EASY TO REMEMBER THE QUALITY IS HARD TO FORGET Union Has That Most Convincing Argument in Its Favor — It Outsells All Others Everything in the Package Is Quality No Premiums, Coupons or Tickets TRY A POUND TODAY AT ALL GROCERS Merchants Coffee Company of New Orleans, Ltd SCIENTIFIC BLENDERS OF HIGH-GRADE COFFEE B. C. CASANAS, President C. H. HAMILTON, Secretary -Treasurer The Highest Conception of Comfort. Cleanliness and Security in Garter- wear. f RcsiSTmco U.S. H ifa a FoncieH. made mu,s.A.i MADE IN NEW ORLEANS Thoms-Pfisterer Dental Supply Co., Inc. DENTAL SUPPLIES Phone Main 3998 820-822-824 Audubon Bldg. 927 Canal Street New Orleans, La. DAVE FRANK DEALER IN SHEET MUSIC " Bank on Frank for Latest " 123 Carondelet Street NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA Audubon Dental Supply Co. " Quality Goods for Less " 3 22 Audubon Bldg. New Orleans, La. Two Happy Hang -outs For Tulanians The College Room One of the features of the new Godchaux Store. A con- genial meeting place for university men. Where you will hear plenty of campus chatter but never sales talk! The College Shop A chummy store with clothing and smart accessories direct from Eastern style centers. Drop In Either Place, Any Time — You ' re Always Welcome! College Shop 7534 Maple St. leXvci ux ' s 826 Canal Near Baronnc ROSE McCaffrey Multigraphing Addr essing of Envelopes 322 Balter Building Phone Main 2838 Formerly in the Masonic Temple Building Gus Mayer Co., Ltd. The Specialty Store SENDS THIS MESSAGE Congratulations to the Seniors! — one of many Newcomb classes this store has been privileged to serve, wit! 1 correct toggery. We Specialize in the Fine Art of Dress Stores IN NEW ORLEANS MOBILE MEMPHIS HOUSTON SHREVEPORT BIRMINGHAM The other day a man dashed into Gran d Central Station with just one minute to catch his Twentieth C enturv. He made the ticket window in a series of slides, skids and jerks. " Quick! Give me a round trip ticket! ' ' he gasped. " Where to? " " B-b-b-back here, you damfool " ' The College Man ' s Headquarters " THE KREEGER STORE, INC CORRECT COLLEGE TOGS FOR SMART MISS NEWCOMB Judge: " You say the defendant turned and whistled to the dog. What fol- lowed? " Witness: " The dog. " The inebriated passenger in the elevator lost all his self-control when the operator stopped the car with a jolt at the third floor. " Lemme out! " he demanded, " I ' m through with this damn machine! " " Oh, come now! " replied the boy, " we ' re almosib down. Surely you can stand just three more stories? " The polluted one paused. Then he subsided, suddenly giggling: " All right, as long as they ' re good snappy ones. " NEWCOMBITE and TULANIAN! REMEMBER THAT MAISON BLANCHE Is Ready to Serve You To supply you with the newest attire for classroom or vacation — the big games, frat dances, travel, or wherever you go or what- ever you do. The Greatest Store South is the Store for the South ' s College Men and Women TKe Tulane UniVersit)? of Louisiana NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS The College of Atts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Faculty of Graduate Studies The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The School of Dentistry The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Night School of Electrical Engineering The Night School of Architecture The Courses for Teachers The Summer Schools FOR INFORMATION, ADDRESS Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana GIBSON HALL. NEW ORLEANS STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN Write for Catalogues and Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1551 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS. LA. THE H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women ©ulanr Imupraitg nf IGmnaiana A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS OFFERING A TRAINING THAT WILL HELP OUR YOUNG WOMEN TO BECOME USEFUL CITIZENS COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC FOR CATALOGUES AND INFORMATION. ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUiPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ENSOfJ ' IPRINTINGCOJ NASHVILLE, COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS , Vv s

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Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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