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£?v m 4Jihn QUff 1924 iamltalaya g ' taff FRANK J. MATTHEW. JR. Editor-in-Chief TALBOT A. TUMDLESON Buziness Manager-in-Chief DOROTHY WESTON Ncivcomb Editor KATHLRINE TALMACE Nenicomb Business Alanager JOSEPH R. RICHARDSON Dorvntoivn Editor MACNUS M. MOODY Uptown Business Manager msj Ohe 1924 JAMDALAYA Published by the Students TULANE UNIVERSITY New Orleans, La. With this foreword we present our best efforts for the an- nual Tulane Jambalaya. It has been our earnest endeavor to achieve a representative annual, a strictly Tulane produc- tion, which is at the same time both unique and picturesque in character. We have introduced several noteworthy de- partures and have also designed the general scheme of the work with the purpose of furnishing as much of the atmos- phere and charm of this lovable old campus and university as possible. The romantic pirateer and buccaneer, his dar- ing fantastic exploits, comprising the most colorful period in Louisiana history, has been selected as the decorative plan of this book, and an effort made to convey that loveliness and beauty of the Southern clime which permeates its very life. We deem it not too extravagant to hope that our efforts to please you will not go unrewarded, and that you will close this volume with an inspired memory of days past which may make the distant prospect of life much more ple asant to view. If you do this we hope for no more. Our utmost aspira- tions have been attained and heartily thank you for your consideration. I . . . . University II Classes III Beauty IV . . . . Athletics V . . . Fraternities VI Activities iHnrtDu A. Alhrtdt DKAN OF THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, WE RE- SPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF THE Slain lialaya I By Way of Explanation UE to several unfortunate and unforseen accidents, including the loss of practically all the copy of the book here assembled, the 1924 JambaLAYA makes its appearance practically four months late and filled with a vast multitude of errors. For these and also any- thing else untoward in the book, the editors make humble apology. When the loss of the above-mentioned copy was discov- ered school had already closed and in the heat of midsummer it was impossible to find anyone who could supply the missing information and as a consequence in certain places, especially in the Pharmacy section, there are painful gaps, which the editors regret but were unable to avoid. To all those persons who assisted in any way in finally producing the JaMBALAYA, the editors make grateful acknowl- incnL ., 1 . G UNIVE RS ITY RiCHARDSOX Mi ' MORlAL Gibson Hall TiLTON Memorial Library Fountain, Al in hox Entraxcr. Addubon Park Newcomb Art Building ZMl Newcomr DoRMiTijin St. Gkorgi.. . i: Ln. in t Wii ' us i ' y. THE J A. M B A. L A. Y A. ALBERT BLEDSOE DINWIDDIE, Ph.D., LL.D. President nf llie Vniversity 19 r- - s m THE 1 9 2- Mil J A Nl B A. L A.Y A. PIERCE BUTLER, H.A., M.A., Ph.n. Drari nf Nrz -i(iinh ( ' (illi ' ijr — THE 1 9 2- •4- J A. IVI B A. I_ A. Y A. New comb College Faculty Being the picture a{ the hidies and gentlemen who h ' ad the fair sisters of Tulane to the spring of knowledge. . E THE 1 9 2. -4- J A. Nl B A. L A.V A. Edward A. Bechtel, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Diiiii of llie Cotteye of Arts ciiut Sciences Douglas Smith Anderso . B.E., M.E. Dean of the Collet e of En nneerinij Judge Rufus Edward Foster, LL.B. Dean of lite C.olleye of Law Morton Arnold Aldrich, B.A., Ph.D. Dean of llie Cotleye of Commerce anj Business .Idminislralion - THE 1 9 2- •4- J A. M B A. L A.Y A. Upto n Tulane Faculty MoKKis. Harris, Aikens, Pfi, , t,iin , (rwiNciiAM, Sl thon, Mahood, Kasti.kr, Jen nkk, EnAicn. ■J ' }inMPsov, ' a Kirk, Phan Ai.dricii, Dkan Northrub, Rods, Takusch, Stkinm am ' r. HvsTEi), Cox, IIai. ii I., N ' am.as, Dicks, Naquix, Mam,, W ' lnii. Si ' R Mr.iso, Ei,Lini, Okan Am)i:ks(i , Cocks, Ofan- Bechtel, Ceicihov, Kemiaii.. 23 ri 3 THE 1 9 2. ■4- J A. Nt B A. L A. Y A. ' ' " 5 5 O ;j THE J A-iyi B A 1. A.VA. Officers of Instructions, 1923-1924 Alfred Blf.dsoe Dinwidoik, Ph.D., LL.D., Prrs ' idriit of ihr I ' nivrrstly RoBHKT Sn. RF, Pii.O., LL.D., Piesuieiil Emeritus Edmond Souchon ' , M.D., Emeritus Ernest Sydney Lewis, B.Sc, M.D., LL.O., Emeritus WiLLi.AM Besj. mi - Smith, Ph.D., LL.D., Emeritus FrfdilRick. Wespy, Ph.D., Emeritus 1Ienr Dickson Bruxs, M.D., Emeritus Charles Bavxe Aiken Clarence Elmore Morton Arkolu Aldrich, Ph.D. Ph.D. Carroll Woolsey Allen, M.D. Parry Borgstrom, Ph.D. Brandt Van Blarcom Di.xon, A.M., LL.D. Emeritus Abraham Louis Mkiz. LPii., M.D., Emer- itus George Farrar Paiton, M.D., Emeritus William Woodward, Emeritus Bonn FT Kotz Allen, M.D. May Alice Allen, Ph.D. Ernest Emile Allceyer, M.D. Douglas Smith Anderson, M.A. William Piffr . ngel, A.M. Richard Ashman, Lir.B., M.S. Vincent Axford, B.S. Gabriel Aznar Clara Gregor Bafr Charles Adolph Bahn, M.D. Henrietta Davidson Bailey Bruce Baird James Monroe Ba.mber, M.D. Charles Cassedy Bass, M.D., D.Sc. Mary Elizabeth Bass, M.D. George Clarence Battalora, M.D. Henry Bayon, A.M., M.D. Edward .Ambrose Bechtel, Ph.D. George Sam Bfl, M.D. Robert Bernhard, M.D. Oscar Wai.ier Bi iim , M.D., Ph.G. Stephen .Mekiii Biackshear, M.D. .Archie Bliion Bland, D.D.S. Homer Raymond Blincoe, LS., M.D. E.MiLE Bloch, i LD. Charles L .vifs Bloom, B.S., M.D. H AROi I) .Abu, Bloom. li.S., LD. Hv R N ' miias Bi I m, M.D. Walter Christian Bosch Irvin James Boulet, M.D. Mildred Gayi.or Christian, A.B. William John Christman Samuel Marmadukf Dinwiddie Clark, B.Sc, M.D. Margaret Pauline Harrison Cassius Lovelace Clay, B.S. BOWDEN, M.D. Eleazar Robinson Bowie, B.S. M.D. MuiR Bradburn, B.S., LD. Wh.IIAM Pi.UM.VIEK liRAIiniRN Jr., B.S., M.D. Joseph Eugene Brierre, M.D. Lawrence .Arthur James Bren- a, np,,., NAN, M.D. Charles Lafaiklih Brown, B.S., M.D. Frederick Temple Brown, M.D. George Stewart Brown, M.Ph., M.D. William Prentiss Brown, A.KL Feli.v Reville Brl ' not, B.S., M.D. Herbert Earle Buchanan, Ph.D. Wiley Ross Buffingion, M.D. .Albert Frank Burgis, M.D. Mary Williams Butler Pierce Biti.er, Ph.D. .Ansel Marion Caisf, .A.B.. M.D. Reginald Somers Cocks, A.M. Henry Sula Cocram, B.Sc, . M.D. Isidore Cohn, B.Sc, LD. James Clhion Cole, M.D. Maurice John Coirfi, .A.M., M.D. ' ikooKS Cdx, .A.B., J.D. Rena Crawford, M.D. John Thomson Crebbin, M.D. William Henry Creighion, r. s. N. George Bernard Crozat, D.D.S. Harold Cummins, .A.B. Geoffrey Evereii Cunning- ham NaFHANIKI. CnURIFAM) Clrtis, PiiB., B.S. Wili.ia.m Cami ' Iui.l Dalzell, A.B., j.n. John ])ane John Mariin Dannekfr, Ph.C!. Henry Daspit, M.D. Nicholas Callan, A.B., LL.D. Joseph Rigney D ' .Aunoy, B.S., Octave Charles Cassecrain, M.D. Lionel Loi is Ca i navfite, M.D. ' icioR Cki ai I . M.D. Charles Loits Chassignac, NED. M.D. Laurence Richard DfBiys, B.S.. M.D. Marie Bird Dees, A.B., B.S., M.D. SiDNF " ! I ' ini IP Di i.M P. B.Sc, NED. 26 THE 1 9 2. 4- J A. M B A. L A. V A. Clara Del Valle Del Marmol WiLLEV Denis, Ph.D. Donald Derickson, C.E. Charles Barber Dicks, Jr., B.E., M.S. John Fleming Dicks, M.D. Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, Ph.D., LL.D. Oscar Dowling, M.D. Herbert L. Dozier, Ph.D. Louis Joseph Dubos, Jr., A.B., M.D. Edward Bernard Ducasse, D.D.S. Lemuel Gibson Duke, D.D.S. Charles Edward Dunbar, Jr., A.B., LL.D. Arnot Kell Duncan, M.LI. Lionel Charles Durel, A.M. Wallace Joseph Durel, M.D. Clement Quitman Durham, A.B. Charles Warrfn Duval, A.M., M.D. John Lvnn Ebauch, Jr., B.E. Daniel Stanley Elliott, Ph.D. Charles Leverich Eshle.mas, A.B., M.D. Allan Chotard Eustis, B.S., M.D. Edmond Lawrence Faust, M.D. Marcus Feincold, M.D. Erasmus Darwin Fenner, AM., M.D. Frederick Leonard Fenno, M.D. Felipe Fernandez, A.B. Manuel Fernandez Giuseppe Ferrata, Mus.Doc. Hazel Elizabeth Field, M.S. John Madison Fletcher, Ph.D. Eugene Louis Fortier, D.D.S. Albert Emile Fossier, A.M., M.D. Marv CHARi.orrE Foster, Pii.C. RuFus Edward Foster, LL.B. Frederick Hewitt Fox, B.E. Louis Thedore Frantz, E.E. Andrew Vam.ois Fredrichs, B.S., M.D. LvDiA Elizabeth Frotscher, Ph.D. Idvs Mims Gage, M.D. Frank Gallo, M.D. Walter Eugene Garry, Ph.D., M.D. LuciEN Sidney Gaudet, M.D. Simon Geismar, M.D. Paul Joseph Gelpi, . ' .M., M.D. Hermann Bertram Gessneii, A.M., M.D. Cyril Guy Giffin, M.B.A. Upton Wright Giles. B.L., B.Sc, M.D. . rtiiur Sco ' it Gilson, Jr., AM. . i)i)i,EV HoGAN Gladden, Jr., A.B., M.D. Walter Lo-jis Goldstein, A.B. Frank Raymond Gomila, M.D. Harold Joseph Gondolf, M.D. Samuel Davis Gore, D.D.S. ILxRLEY Nathan Gould, Ph.D. John Daniel Grace Peter Graffacnino, M.D. Amedee Granger, M.D. William Benjamin Gregory, M.M.E. James Birney CJuthrie, B.Sc, M.D. John Taylor Halsey, M.D. Irving Hardesty, Ph.D., D.Sc. Charles Robert Harris, B.S. Dorothea Harris, A.B. William Herbert Harris, . .B., M.D. Roy Bertrand Harrison, M.D. Esther Finlay Harvey, A.B. Francis Chavicny Hava, M.D. Walter Chavigny Hava, D.D.S. .Augustus Washington Hayes, Ph.D. Joseph Second Hhberi, M.D. Max Heller, M.L. }!en Rufus Heninger, M.D. . ' Df)LPH De Campus Henriques, M.D. Sam Hobson, Jr., LD. Reuben Louis Hock Earl Aden Hogan, M.D. Charles Shute Hoi.brook, B.S., M.D. Margaret Brown Holder, A.B. James Wallace Hopkins, A.M. Ralph Hopkins, A.B., M.D. Anna Mayme Hmvc, Ph.D. Roy Edward De La Houssaye, M.D. Park Hovvi;i.i., NLP. John Raymond Hume, M.D. Joseph Hume, Pii.B., M.D. Herman Fair Hustedt Raoul Stanilaus H mei,, D.D.S. John Joseph Irwin, B.S., M.D. Felix Morris Isaacson, D.D.S. Stanfo:!d Chaii.i.e Jamison, M.D. Clothilde Jauquei, M.Ph., M.D. Foster Matthew Johns, M.D. Hamilton Polk Jones, M.D. Will O ' Daniel Jones, M.D. William Ellie Jones, B.S., M.D. Sloan Bruce Jordan, A.B. Auste n Louis Joyner Theodore August Jung, Jr., A.B., M.D. Pierre Jorda Kahle, B.S., M.D. Alfred Monthtore Kahn, M.D. . rthur Okdway Kasti.er, B.E. Ruth Ordwa Kastler, A.B. John Smiiu Kendall, A.M. James Henry Kepper Bradford Fisher Kimball, -A.M. Frank James Kinbercer, M.D. Alfred Clinton King, M.D. Edward Lacy Kin ;, . . i.. M.D. Richard Ray Kirk, . ' .M. Pail (;eok(;e Lackoiv, B.S., M.D. Clara Lewis LANDR . . .H. Jerome Landki, M.D. lucian hvpoi.iie i.andki, m.d. Saul Francis Landry, . .H. John .Alexander Lamord, Ph.G., M.D. Felix ; lpiionse Laruk, .A.M., M.D. 27 THE 1 9 2, 4 Bertha Latane, A.M. Roy Samuel Leadincham, M.D. EnMONn Lawrence I.eckeri, M.n. Alfred . rcminard I.ekfe, D.n.s. William Pendleton ' Emile Lehde, B.E. Henry Leidinheimer, M.I " ). Francis Ernest Lejkline, M.D. Isaac Ivan Lemann, A.B., M.D. Monte Mordecai Lemann, A.B., LL.B. John Benjamin Lescale, D.D.S. Joseph Lew, M.D. Walter Edmund Lew, B.S., M.D. James Leon Lewis, M.D. John Aden Lewis, M.D. Henry John Lindner, M.D. James Otis Lisenby James Louis Locascio, Ph.C, M.D. Maud Loeber, A.M., M.D. George King Logan, B.Sc, M.D. Louis ' yasa James Lopez, M.D. Raymond Anthony Loughney William Alvin Love, A.B., M.Ph., M.D. Chandler Clement Luzen- BERG, B.S., LL.B. Guy Van Winkle Lyman, C.P.A. Robert Clyde Lynch, M.D. James Adair Lyon, A.M., D.Sc. Randolph Lyons, Ph.B., M.D. Douglas Culpepper McBride, M.D. John MacLaren McBrm)E, Jr., Ph.D., Litt.D. Irene Agnes McCui.loch, Ph.D. Paul Avery McIlhenny, M.D. Alice Reynolds McMaster Urban Maes, M.D. Augustin Logan Magruder, D.D.S. Annie Aldea Maher, .A.M., Roger John Mailhes, M.D. Ivor Orin Mall, M.E. Anna Estelle Many, A.M. Sumter Davis Marks, Jr., A.K. LL.B. Edmun Denegre Mariin, M.D. Joseph Denegre Martin, M.D. Rudolph Matas, M.D., LL.D. Leon Ryder Ma.xwell, .A.M. George Alfred Mayer, M.D. Harold Tupper Mead, .A.B., M.S. Henry Edward Menage, M.Ph., M.D. Robert Leonval Menuet, B.E. Leon John Menville, M.D. Monte Fiore Meyer, M.D. Fred Ivan Meyers Alphonse Charles Bernard Meynier, D.D.S. Carl Ludo ' on Meysenbug, A.B., M.D. Paul Michinard, M.D. Charles Jefferson Miller, M.D. HiLLiARD Eve Miller, M.D. Clara Marie deMilt, M.S. Juan M. Ortis Monasterio Joseph Chandler Morris, Jr. B.S. Hal Walters Moselev, M.Sc, M.A. Edmund Moss, M.D. .Andrew Dominic Mouledous, Ph.G., M.D. E.viiLE Fidel Naef, M.D. .Arthur Joseph Naquin, Jr. Jacob Warren Newman, Ph.D., M.D. .Ann Hero Norimrup, .A.M. Elliot Judd Northrup, .A.B., LL.B. Stafford Henry Nothacker, M.D., D.P.H. James Phares O ' Kelley, M.D. John Frederick Oechsner, M.D. Henry John Ono, M.D. Carroll Davis Overton .Allison Owen DoMiNicK .Andrew Palmisano, M.D. Frederick William Parham, M.D. ' icinR H. Pelz, A.M. W ' lMiAM David Phillips, B.Sc, M.Ph., M.D. .Albert Baldwin Pijkin, LD. James Ernest Pollock, M.D. Roberi Hoi i.ingsworth Potts, M.D. John CJalbraith Prat, M.D. Percy Lennard Querens, M.D. Eleanor Elmire Reames, Ph.D. Joseph William Reddoch Gladys .Ann Renshaw, A.B. George Joseph DeRevna, Jr., M.D. Kfnjamin Johnson Chapman Reynolds, B.S. Eda Flotte-Ricau Henry Cook Richards, B.S., Ph.G. Caroline Frances Richardson, .A.m. Harlow I ' homas Richardson Lii.LiE Richardson, .A.M. Lucy Richardson Ernest Henry Riedel, Ph.D. James Davidson Rives, B.S., M.D. James Marshall Robert, B.E. Myra Clare Rogers, .A.M. ' VNNE Grey Rogers, LL.B. .Amei.ie Ro. l n Edgar George Roos, .A.M. Jonas William Rosenthal, B.S., M.D. Rene Salomon Ernest Charles Samuel, M.D. George Edmond Schneider Ralph Jacob Schwarz, .A.M., LL.B. Leonard Case Scott, Ph.D., M.D. William Henry Seemann, M.D. Thomas Benton Sellers, Ph.C. M.D. Mary Given Sheerer Lillian Shelley ' " d THE 1 9 X 4 J A. t»I B A. L A.V A. Daniel Nathan Silverman, M.D. SlDNRV KOHN SiMO-V, A.B., M.D. Claude Slmoks Harry Verxon Sims, A.B., M.D. Florence Ambrose Smith, B.S. Gertrude Roberts Smith John Frank Smith, A.B. John Holmes Smith, Jr., M.D. Victor Conway Smith, M.D. Wilbur Cleveland Smith, A.B., M.D. John Smyth, M.D. SiMONE de la Souchere, B.L. Marion Sims Souchon, M.D. AdELIN ElAM SlENCER, A.M., M.S. Mary Cass Spencer, M.Sc. William Philip Spratling Roland Carl Francis Steib, D.D.S. Reinhard August Stein.mayer, B.S. Will Henry Stevens Imogen Stone, A.M. Jacob Ambrose Storck, M.Ph., M.D. Robert Ai.e.vander Strong, M.D. Dacney Sunne, Ph.D. Archibald Magill Suthon, A.B., LL.B. Walter Joseph Suthon, Jr., LL.B. Aravilla Meek Taylor, Ph.D. Susan Dinsmore Tew, Ph.D. Delvaille Henry Theard, A.B., LL.B. Albert Richard Tho.mas, M.D. Alva Guy Thomas, B.S., M.D. John Herndon Thompson, B.S., B.Arch. Mildred Tonge, A.B. Lota Lee Troy, B.S. Charles ' irginius Unsworth, M.D. George Hampden Cpton, M.D. Miner Howard V ' allas, B.E. Martin Thomas Van Studdi- FORD, Jr., B.S., M.D. Jay Clavin Van Kirk, B.S. Roy McLean Van Wart, A.H., M.D. Rene Adams Viosca, A.B., LL.B. Charles Arthur Wallibillich, M.D. Edward Henry Walsdorf Genevra Washburn Maude Virginia Westbrook Mei.vin Johnson White, Ph. I " ). Charles Carroll Wicgin, Jr. Alice Weddell Wilkinson Hardy Sims Williams Charles Samuel Williamson, Jr., M.S. Gladys Richarda Williamson, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. Louis Estes Williford James Edward Winston, Ph.D. Justin Volmer Wolff, A.B., LL.B. Ellsworth Woodward Garret Polhemus Wyckoff, A.B. Zachary Taylor Young, M.D. Omcers of Administration Norma Arbo John Andrew Bacon Oswald Cadocan Belfield Minnie Marie Bell Richard Kearney Bruff Victor Buerckle James Doyle Byrne James Clifton Cole, M.D. LiLi IAN Alice Collens WiLHEMA BoGART ConGER Marjorie Agnes Crane Clementine Crump Laura Lee Cummings Lawrence Charles Daigre Albert Jeff. Dickerson Enda Louise Doll Elizabeth Ducros Florence Marie Fouert Anthony Percy (Jeneres SlDONIA GiNGRV Marie Brickell Glascock Tudor Tucker Hall Esther Fini.ay Harvey, . .B. Leonard Haueser Joseph Norman Hkdrick Herman Fair Hustedt Clay Jackson Elizabeth Benton Keane Susan Benton Keane Maude Margaret Kennedy- Bernard Conrad Koi.man Alexander St. John Labrv Daniel Frank Layman Florence Bettis Lay.man Theodoric Cecil Lyon Eoi.A Theodosia McManus Sarah Magill Anna Esielle Many, A.M. Joseph Meyer Edmund Moss, M.D. Raymond Philip Myer, B.S. Acnes Pollock Jeanie Balfour Raymond Thomas Henry Reagan Betiie Whitlow Rennie Edith Claire Richardson May Robert Jane Gre Rogers Desiree Roman IsABELLE Stirling Snodgrass, A.B., B.Lib.Sc. Nancy Shepard Snvder, B.S. Irma Sporl Wenonah Marie Siewart Lewis Farrington Wakeman, A.B., B.B.A. Lawrence Andre W(k:an 29 ' M ' THE 1 9 2. ■ ' I ' S StJt J A. M B A. L A. Y A. Committees of tke University Faculty The President of the Uiii eisity is ex-officio ineiiiber of all committees. ( ' .oniinitlif on Jdiiiission (iiiil Aihanccd Stiinduii] — Professors Bechtel, Meiiuet, Anderson, Lyon, Tew, Durel, E. J. Northru[5, Pass, Leefe. Crjiniiiiitec on A ffiliattil Schools — Professors Bechtel, Lyon, Butler, E. J. North- rup. Cocks, C. F. Richardson, White. (jOinniitttc on Jthlftics — Professors White, Anderson, Buchanan, Halsey, W. C. Smith. Committee on Bookstore — Professors Anderson, Riedel, Lyon. Committee on Commencement — Professors Frotscher, Elliott, ALi.wvell, E. J. Northrup, Pelz, Robert, Mr. Bruff. C iiinnittee on Courses for Teachers — Professors Lyon, Tew, Fletcher, White, Bechtel, Butler, Buchanan. Conuuitlee on Debating — Professors McBryde, Taeusch, Bounett, Kirk, A. AL Suthon. Conunittcc on Dormitories — Professors Bechtel, Hardesty, Anderson. Committee on Fraternities — Professors White, iVIosely, Derickson, Hardesty. Committee on Cradiiate Studies — Professors Fletcher, Butler, Creighton, Bechtel, Tew, Hardesty, Anderson. ConiNiittee on Cionnds and Buihlint s . Tnlane (Jamf iis — Professors Anderson, Cocks, Robert, Derickson. Committee on Grounds, Neu ' comh Camfius — Professors E. V oodward, Butler, Mr. Paul Andry. Committee on Library — Professors Cocks, Wliite, Bechtel, McBryde, Kendall, Elliott, Buchanan, Miss Bell. Committee on Student Publications — Professors McBryde, Menuet, Butler, Har- desty. University Council The LTniversity Council considers all scholastic questions relating to University Administration or policy, which, in its opinion, are of general University concern, and has jurisdiction to decide all such questions. Members of the University Council — President Dinwiddie, President Emeritus Sharp, Deans Aldrich, Anderson, Bass, Bechtel, Butler, Chassaigne, Fletcher, Foster, Leefe (acting), and Professors Crozat, Gessner, Lyon, McBryde, A. H. Northrup, E. J. Northrup, E. D. Martin, Pelz, C. S. Williamson, and Miss Carmelite Janvier and Mr. G. R. Westfeldt. C L A. S S ES S E TM I O RS THE 192-4 Syi %. J A. M B A. L A.Y A. Mai Cee Alexander, B.A West, Miss. S ie ' s a conscientious crealiirr. her fulelily is rare; She ' s al ivays at our History class when we go there. y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4): Vice-President Tulane-Newcomb C. E. (3). Marguerite Odette Barre, R.A. ix Ed. . . . New Orleans, La. Marc uerite is capable. Marguerite is quiet: Marguerite is amiable, no one can deny it. Betty Bethea, B. Des Birmingham, Ala. A II Site dames, nh, so lightly, in a manner most entrancing ; Pavloixa has retired in shame since Belly look to dancing. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); N. A. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Gloe Club (3. 4); Tulane Dramatic Club (4); Art Editor cjf Jamljalaya (4); Climlicrs (4). Elizabeth Winstox Blaix, B.A New Orleans, La. A A II Tliough a liaikneyed expression, I ' m sure ' twould be meet, In speaking of " Ibby, " to say that she ' s sweet. Volley nail (3); (ilcc club (3); French Circle (2); Sijanisli club (2, 3, 4)-, N. A. A. (1. 2, 3, 4). DoRinin ' Bi.EWHTT, B.A Citrnncllc, . ' Xla. ■!■ i; K Dorothy gets many " .I ' s " ; she knows no other mark. No matter what the subject, she proves herself a shark. House Council (2. 3. 4); Glee Club (3): Y. W. C. A. (4); DcbatiuK Club (1); Latin Club (1); Spanish Club (3). Senior Class Netvcomb College J A. tyl B A. L. A.V A. enior CI ass NeU ' comb College Mary Bolton, R.A • Alexandria, La. A o 11 Mary is llir { r,sidinl nj tin- tlorm ' s ix:csl winij. From chuns and Jisordrr, rjuirt shr ' ll hrinij. Y. W. ' . A. (1. -. ;:. Jl; I ' iibinet ( :J ) : N. A. A. (1. 2); House Coun- cil (3, 4). Bett - BoNviLLAiN, B.A Houiiia, La. Tliouyli quirt Iirrsrlf, Betty ' s always as ' iriiu To he nice to people iv io are sliy and retiriny. Fiihl Diiy (2); Freii.h cirri,, d, 2. 3, 1); luaniati.- iMul, d, 2. 3). Havdee Brickell, B.A ■ New Orleans, La. The part of a (jay Spanish caiHilier, Ilaydee played in May Day last year. Debating: Clul) (3, 4); Glee Cluli (1. 2); Latin Club (2, 3. 4); Frent-h Clrrle (1, 2. 3, 4); Ba.sl eti)all (3, 4); Hocl ey (2. 3): Ba-selmll (2. 3, 4); Volley Ball (3, 4): Secretary Latin Club (3, 4); Vice-President (3); Science Club (3. 4). Nellie Brittox, B.A New Orlean.s, La. K A H To any i lass of any l;nid she ' d be an aer n-silinn. She ' s amiahle to ei ' eryone — it ' s just her disposition ! (_:iee Club (I, 2); N. A. .A. (1. 2, 3). P ' lorence Brown, B. Des. New Orleans, La. ' I M IV hen you liear of artists of i reat renoivn, I ' m sure you ' ll hear of " Flonnie " Brown. Mandolin l.luilar Club (1). luamatic Club (1); CUisti I ' oct (1). THE 1 9 2. •4 ' ' niibX J A. M B A L A. Y A. Leon A Cahx, 1?.A New Orleans, La. « (■ oulsiilr li.oiiJ slif foils lo makr a namr, Her wonderful red hair is hound In britiij her fame. Debating ( ouniil (2). Olive Carrikre. R.A • . . New Orleans, La. On all Ihe trams is jolly Olii ' e. She ' s rjuite alhlelir, tital you ran helie ' ve. Dramatic- Club (1): French Cin-Ie (1, 2. 3. 4); Vice-President (4); Glee t ' luh (2. 3, 4); Newcomli Ball (2. 3); Basketball (2, 3. 4); Volley Ball (4); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3, 4). Lucille Cherhonnirr, B.A New Orleans, La. Site ' s liny, Frenili, and tres pelt!e; Oh, Lueille C. is very sweet. .Science Club (3. 4). Louise Chlrch, B.A New Orleans, La. A o II Jl ' hen there ' s work to do and you need someone handy, Just take a look around and you ' ll find " Randy. " Glee Club (2|; French Circle (2); Science Club (3. 4). Irma Cousixs, B.A. ix f " n New Orleans, La. Irmn studies history anil ei oniimits, too ; In faet, she icorks as hard as a little ijirl tan do. Senior CI ass Nen comh College -S ' v t THE 19 2-4 J A. N4 B A. 1_ A.V A. fcillfc lteiiiii T ra iiiiB Senior Glass NeU ' comh College Betty Davis, B. Des New Orleans, La. X Si Trip it lighlly as you go, from ilic art school to and fro; Skilled in art and dancing too; say, ir ial more things can you do? Glee Cluh (1, 2. 3. 4); N. A. A. (2. 3, 4); Newcomb Ball (1. 2); Basketball (1. 2. 3); Varsity (2); Ai ' t Editor Arcade (4); President Art Hchool (4); Student L ' ouncll (4); Executive (4). Perrine Dixon, B.A New Orleans, La. n B , A 2 i; Pcrrinr ' s tall and stately, she ' s cahable and siveet. And she is alivays gracious to all that she may meet. Class President (1, 2): Student Council (1. 2, 4); Campus Nii;lit Chairman (3); W. I. A. S. G. (3. 4); Newcomb Ball (21; Student Body President (4); Tulane Student t ' ouncil (4). Eda Doi.hoxde, B.A. ix Ed. . . . IiuleixMuk ' iice, La. Not too serious nor gay. But a jolly good girl in ivork or play. lub (4); Spanish Club (3); La Latin Club (3); N. A. A. (3, 4); Gl President .Spanish club (4). Marion Dow. B.A New Orleans, X U .1 girl mure able, cahahle and truly fine. You ' ll search in z ' ain and never find. French Cirile (1. 2, 3. II; I ' lays tl, 2, 3); Secretary CI I ; I ' rcsi.lcnt (4); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Plays (2, 3); Pcbalirii,- I ' lub (1, 2, 3, 4); Debating ' Couni-il (3); Glee Clul) (1, 2. 3. 41; I ' hap.l i ' ommiltee (3); Executive Committee (4). Felice Eagan. B.A. in Ed New Orleans, La. Felice ' s clothes are stylish; she ahvays looks " just right ' ' But her very prettiest jealure is her golden liead so bright. ■ 7.-. ■ - • T H K 1 9 2. -4- y % - — I iilflfflMbe- J A. IvI B A. I_ A. Y A. — ■— - — ' ' Annie Stuart Ellis, B. Dus. Atlanta, Ga. A n She drags dnivn prizes every day, Oil, this fair artist has a " way. " Glee Club Ci): N. A. A. CD; Y. W. A. (HI; Climliers (4). Maud Ellis, B.A. in Ed Amite, La. K A e Maud is so alhlelir, she is 711 err y, too, If ' ilhoiil her merry r riii, ii ' liat ivoiild old ' 24. do? Alice Ferrata, B.A. . . New Orleans, La. Alice is as briijlil as her dislinijuished father. JVould you like tliat said of you? If ell, rather. ' Spanish Club (3); French Cirile (1); Sc-ielli-f Club (4). Catherine Fitzi ' Atrick, B.A • . New Orleans, La. Catherine studies so hard and so luell, That her marks are always somethine " swell. " Vieu-PresUlent Latin Club (.■?). Sarah Fosthr, B.A. ix Ed Franklin, f-a. Sarah Foster is a i irl that is liked by all, In fuel, the total of her friends would fill a real hit hall. N. A. A. {2, 3, i); Y. W. C. A. (I . Jenior Class Newcomb College . -m - ??- ' - ' • HE 1 9 2, 4 M i! J A. Nl B A. L A. Y A. Rlth Gaixskl rgh, B.A. ix Ed • . New Ork-aiis, La. liutli is a sliitliril of Math., sii hriijlil. II ' I all (Id III hrr lo ijcl ansiatrs riiilit. Glee Club (2. i). Grace (jEremx, l .A. . Garyville, La. Grill e, llir li ' niory siliolar; Criiic. the ij ' iddy ijriiid : .7 hrit htrr, lazirr pi ' isiin luiiiilJ hi ' diffintlt to find. Spanish ( " lub (2. :!l; l ;itin club (1. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3). II: S.i.Ti. ,• Club (2. 3); Ethelvn Gelrke, B.A. ix Ed Gretna, La. don ' t knot!;, hut it lias hi ' i ' i said, Etiielyn ijraduatis only to wrd. Spanish club (4); ! ' " rin ' h Club I -1 1 ; Science Club (4). Merle Gesell, B.A. . New Orleans, La. Mcrlr, our drhalrr, is tiny, ' tis Irur, But site yets the derisions, and that ' s more tlian ii.-e ran do. French Circle H, 2. 3. 41; Hcbalinb ' Club (1. 2. 3. 4); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Debating Council (2, 3, 4); Winner of Interclass Debates (1): Winner Nixon Debate (3); Secre- tary Debatint ' Council (3); Prcsi.b-nt D.-balins club (4). )enior Class Newcomh College Ethel Giles, B.A • Adeline, La. X 9. A hit of rhanninij femininity is Ethel Giles: She has a lot of knoirledffe — and feminine vjiles. Hou.se Council (3, 4); French Circle (1. 2. 3, 4); Latin Club (4). T H K 1 9 2. •4 ' Lucille GonELPHHR, B.A New Orleans, La. do n ' t kriO ' Zi. ' rnuth about hrr. hut one tinntf ' s -vrry true: If you ivani lo like sninchody, she is the tjir! for you. French Circle (1. 2. 3. -1); Set rctai Club (3. 4); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3. 41; Basketball (4); Field Day (3). .■ (4 ; (.;lee club (1); Science Xewconib Ball (4); N ' ewconib Arthemise CiOErtz. B.A. . New Orleans, L l 15 K .-Irthemise is eahable, and she is very smart. II ' hy mention that noivf She ' s been that from the start. Interclass Debate (2); Class Secretary (2); Sub-Editor Arcade (2. 3. 4); Debating Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Debating Council (1, 2. 3); Sei-re- tary (3); Secretary Debating Club (2); Spanish Club (3. 4.); Latin Club (3, 4); Hullabaloo (3). W ' lXNIE (JORUON. 15. A. IN ' El). Ocala, Fla. Here ' s a student meek and mild, She mujht he tertned an ant el ihild. Dora Greenlaw, B.A. New Orleans, La. Dora is respeeted. and adored, too. For there ' s nothing in the liiorld she can ' t do. HoUins College (1); Glee Club (2); N. . . A. (2): Y. W. c. A. (2, 3, 4); Cabinet (3); Executive (4); Student Council (4); Debating club 141; Climbers (4); Faculty-Student Committee (4); S. r. A. S. (!. (3); House Council (3. 4); President (4). Margieritk C ii e mari), H.A. Dainty little Manjuerite, In every -way is hard to heat. Glee Club (1); l ' rcllch (■ir.lc (I). Carville, La enior CI ass NeU ' conih College - ii3=? THE tm II nihi 1 9 i 4- 5= U fj( J A-IVI B A. L. A.YA. ■««i Ethel Haix, B.A. ix Eix . . Sell Ala. Senior Class Nervcomh College A Jk n If ' io is conscii ' iitinus. anJ iKorks ivil : miijlit and main? It ' s the East lining President, fine ole Ethel Hain. Vice-Presitlent (4): Dormitory Vic-e-President (4); House Council (2, 3, 4); ClimlH-rs (4); Glee Clul) (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Cabinet (4); Volley Ball (3, 4); Ho. key (3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Virginia H. ll, B.S • . • New Orleans, La. i. j[ The sili ' er-tonyued orator of our class Is I ' irginia Hall, that clever lass. Class Treasurer (4); Dramatic Club (3. 4); French Circle (3. 4); Science Club (3. 4); Debating Club (3. 4); Interclass Debate (3); Debating Council (4); Varsity Debating Team (4); Volley Ball (3, 4); Crochet Team (3); Archery (3); Baseball (3); Varsity (3). Virginia Hamilton ' , B.A New Orleans, La. A i -1 Virginia ' s been with us only a year or two, But we must say now, she ' s seeing us through. Westhampton College (1); Stetson University (2); Spalding Basket- ball (3). Amelia Hardestv, B.A. New Orleans, La. !• li K IFe can give you lots of proof of successes she has made, For proof is .Imelia ' s business when she edits the " Arcade. " Debating Club (2. 3. 4); Archery (2); Extension Committee (3, 4); Arcade Sub-Editor (3); Editor-in-Chief (4); Executive (4). Almahelle Harrell, B.A McComb City, Miss. K a e " Hunt " is a girl we like so well. Her many virtues take too long to tell. T. W. a. A. (1, 2, 3, 4): N. A. A. (1, 2): Latin Club (2, 4); Serbian Committee (3. 4); House Council (4); Climbers (4). Elizabrth Harris. B.A. New Orleans, La. EUzaln ' tli docs atlilrlus of almnst I ' vrry kind: And a more agreeable person you ' ll seldom find. Serhian Committee (1. 2, 3. 4); Chairman (4); HocK-ey (2. 3. 41; Captain (3); Varsity (2, 3); Newcomb Baslsetljall (2, 3, 4); Newcomb Ball (3); Field Day (2, 3); Latin Club (1. 2, 3, 4); President (4): Treasurer (2); French Circle (1, 2. 3, 4); Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Lillian Hartson, B.A. in Ed New Orleans, La. Lillian ' s our cheer leader, ive couldn ' t yell wil ioul lier, But that ' s not the only thincj ive find nice about her. Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (3. 4): French Circle (1, 2. 3); Latin Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Science Club (3, 4); President (4): Cheer Leader (3. 4); Newcomb Ball (3, 4); Captain (4): Hockey (3); Executive Committee (4); Cliairman Ring Committee (4). Florexck Havne, B.A. in Ed. . . K A e Boyce, La. Florence is an artist, a costume desir ner; llcr o tsn clothes shoiv that none louUi he finer. Shirlky Heichi-lheim Jennings, La. (Willulrawn) Zelda Hlckins, B.Mus New Orleans, La. Piano is her study, her playim is dii ' ine, .Ind some day, in tite halts of fame. Iter name ivill shine. ' Senior Class NeH ' conib College THE 1 9 2, 4 Elizabeth Kastler, ]i.A New Orleans, La A l[ Elizahclh docs all tliat she sliouhl, In fait, I ihinh she is wry good. II. 2. ?., 4 ); N. A. V. w. c. ; Lalin rlut (1. llcy Ball ::. I I ; Basketball (3): Varsity (3); 4i; Siianisli I ' luli i:i. 4); French Circle (1, 2); 4(; GU-H Clul. il. 2): Debating Club (1, 2). Sylvia Kal ' fman, B.A. . Alexandria, La. A i : i Syl-vui nr-vi ' y lirr task dors slink; I think shr should do soiial lurlfarr vork. Elizaheth Ki:ll, B.A. ix Ed Tallulah, La K K r Hriijhl. hill lazy Eiizahrlh Krll. J list laii ' l li-ait for Ihr sound of thr hrll. MiRIA.M Kern ' ax, B.A. New Orleans, La. X Si, A i; r Comedy ' s luerpinij, Tragedy ' s sad, Dramalii Cluh is griei ' ing. If ' ial is the cause of it all, you askf Why, Miriam ' s leaving. Glee Club (1. 2, , 4): Vii-e-Presiiient (31 ; Operetta (2. 31: Dramatic Club (2. 3. 4); President (4); Tulane Dramatic Club (4): Debating Club (1. 2, 3, 4): Nixon Deliate (3); French Circle (1, 2. 3. 4); Stude ' il Council (2, 3. 4); Vice-President (4); College Song Leader (3); Chairman Song Book Committee (3. 4): Finance Committee (3, 4); May Day Commitee (3); Executive (4); chairman Play Committee (4). Senior Class Newcomb College Mary Kitchex, B.A. ix Ed New Orleans, La. K H Mary makes one think of " Linger a While, " IV hen she shows her teeth in her endearing smile. Club I u. Ill: . . A. A. (1, 4); Newcomli Ball (2); Debating THE 1 9 2. - a A. 1.1 B A. 1_ A.Y A. Carlotta Kraft, B.A. . New Orleans, La. A i: i: Lottie is our editor of the Hullabaloo : You can alivays hear Iter asking, " Any neivs today from you? " Newconib Hullabaloo Editor (4); Art-ade Board (2. 3. 4); College Kditor (4); Student Body Vice-President (4); French Circle Secretary (2); Treasurer (3); Science Club (3. 4); Latin Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Debating Club (3. 4); Newcomb Ball (3. 4); Captain (3); Hockey (3); Basketball (3): N. A. A. (1, 2. 3, 4). Louise Lacroix, B.A. ix Ed. ■ Colfax, La. Louise makes her clothes so pretty and so neat, ll ' e ' ll say that her seivincj is quite some feat. May Laxfhier, B.Des New Orleans, La. ! ' .M you visit the art school and look around for May, You ' ll find her ivorking hard almost every day. Newcomb Ball (2. 3. 4): Newcomb Basketball (1, 2. 3. 4); Varsity UJ; Basketball (3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. . . (2. 3, 41; Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (4); Student Council (4). Lady Margaret Lester, B.A New Orleans, La. .7 more cheerful, joyous person, the ' world has lever found Than Lady Lester, she ' s t ood all ' round. Latin Club (1. 2. 3. 4J: Glee Club (1); Uramntb- Club (1, 2); French Circle (4): N. A. A. (I. 4); Science club (41; Bask.tball (2. 3. 4); Varsity |4); Volley Ball (3. 4); CaritaiTi (41. Flora Lev -, B.A. ix En • I,afayette, La. Flora is innservalive, she ' ll he so all her days, I ' or she ' s the sort of person that ' s set in all her iiays. Madei.aixe Livaldais, B.Des Nt (.Sot 111 Panel I Here and there she makes a line, .Ind, lo, slic has a picture fine. Or s, La. Senior Class Ncrvcomb College i P THE 1 9 2. 4- a A. M B A. L A.Y A. Ri TH I IcAlei£r, B.A. in Ed Mobile, Ala. A Jk ir Though slic ' s hmt sitk ruilr a ivhilr IVe ' re glad to sec she ' s back icilh thai ivonJirJul smile. Lalra McDonald, B.Des. New Orleans, La. Laura n ' orketi so hard on the Jamb last fall, It ' s a wonder to mc she is here at all. Jambalaya .Staff (3); Latin Clulj (4); Science Cluli (1). Ula MiLNER, H.Des New Orleans, La. II 1! ' i , a :: i; The iniompatibihiy oj i::ork and genius, too. Is quite disproved hy I ' la, for there ' s nothing she can ' t do. Basltethall (1, 2); Managci- (1); Varsity (1); Baseball (2); Hockey (2. 3); Newcomb Ball (3); Interclass Debate (2): Winner Nixon De- bate (2); Varsity Debate (2. 3. 4); George Debate Prize (2, 3) Carnot Medal (3); Debating Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Council (1, 2, 3) President (3); Class Vice-President (2); Sub-Editor Jambalaya (3) Student Council (3, 4); President (4): Executive (4). (Mrs.) Rose MooNEv, B.A. IN Ed New Orleans, La. She hasn ' t been iL-i. ' h us a very long time, So 1 fear I ea i ' l make very iriuih of a rhyme. Senior Class NeTvcon b College Georgia Mdrrison, B.A. in Ed. . A () n Sclnia, Ala. On her luay to classes, to and fro. Dainty little Georgia always looks " just so. " winner Archery Contest (3); Executive (4); Student ' onnciI (4); President Home Economics Department (4); Glee club (2, 3J ; Climbers (4). -s jb THE 1 9 2. - mI?!! ' J A I B A. I_ A.V A. Lucille Ogden, B.A Crowley, La. A -1 II This pretty little yay brunette Has a way with lier, you bet! Latin dull (1); Inamatic- cluli (2. 3); House l. ' ouiu-il (3). Vera PALFRE •. B.A. ix Ed. Franklin, La. X ! Last year our " M-G " Club lais the finest in the land. And its suceess •was surely Jiie to I ' era ' s guidinij hand. Mantlolin-Guitar C ' liili M, ?,, 4); I rosident (1). Helen Pease, B.A Memphis, Tenn. X 9. Helen Robertson t.ivermore Pease Does all her ivorli ivitli utmost ease. Y. W. c. A. (1. Climbers (4). i ) ; X. A. A. II. I) ; French Clrele (2, 3) ; LiLAH Fhu.i.ii ' s, V .. . in Ei). Lake! and, La. II 1! ' !• .Inother of our students, anil a butterfly as ivell : If ' e (an elearly see her future — a ijiddy sodat belle. Lucille Points, B.A New Orleans, La. I ' V. K Lucille can act, site can sing ; She can do ' most anything. nramatlc CMul) (1. 2. 3, 4); Vice-President (4); Student Council (4); Class .Secretary (3); Science Club (3, 4); Vice-Presiclcnt (4); Latin Club (1, 2. 3. 4): French Circle (1, 2, 3): N. A. A. (2, 3, 4); New- comb Bali (3); Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4). enior CI ass Newcomh College THE 1 9 2. 4 Qk J A. Nl B A. 1_ A. V A. AxNOLA Priestley. H.Mls New ' orlc City X v.. as:: To .hiiiolti U. t if hist lomplimint I pay, I would like to be like Iter some sweet day! Class President (3); Winner Field Day (1. 3); Seeond Plaee (2); Var- sity Basketball (2. 3); Varsity Volley Ball (3): Basketliall (1. 2. 3. 4); Volley Ball (3): faptain (3); Newcoml. Ball (11; Executive (3); Stu- dent Council (3); N. A. A. (1. 3, 3. 41; Glee Cluli (2, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (3); House Coun.il 131. Lucille Reed, B.A ■ New Orleans, La. X S2, A 2 i: Lutille is president of i ood old ' J- .. She makes a very fine one and is loyal to the core. Newromb Basketball (1, 2); Baseball (2); class Seiretary (1); Class Treasurer (2); Class President (4); Treasurer Student Government (3); Executive (3, 4); Student Council (4); Faculty Student Com- mittee (4): Finance Committee (3. 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Plays (2. 3. 4); N. A. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Debating Club (1. 2); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Serbian Committee (1. 2. 3). Phylis Reeves, B.Des. . New Orleans, La. X Ji Senior Class Netvcornb College Phylis f iunls as well as she draws. In faet, her ivork is L-ithout fiaivs. Mathilde Ross, H.A • . . New Orleans, La. X n Mathilde will make her debut luhen she ' s finislied knowledije ; There she ' ll be as popular as she ' s been at colleye. French circle (1. 2. 3. 4); Spanish cluli (2, 3); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3. 4). ViRCiiN ' iA Ross, R.A. IN El) New Orleans, La. Tlie Siamese Iwinsf This is one. Who is the other? IVhy, Yvonne Sonneman! Class Treasurer (3»: Secretary (4); Big Sister Committee (3); Science Club (4); Latin Club(3,4); Debating Club (4); Newcomb Sport Editor Hullabaloo (3. 4); Glee Club (2); Newcomb Ball (1. 2. 4); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Captain (2); Varsity (2. 3, 4); Captain (4); Baseball (1, 2. 3, 4); Captain (2); Varsity (1, 2); Spaulding Basketball 3, 4); Hockey (2, 3, 4); Varsity (3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Secretary (3); Vice-President (4). THE I 9 2. 4f M ' ' 4 ' J A. M B A. 1, A.Y A. Fannie Russ, B.A New Orleans, La. B K Fannic ' s so nuiel, you never knoiv she ' s ' round, Till ' ] B K ' j announced, then she ' s found. Alice Saunders. B.A New Orleans, La. II B ' I Alice is a hit reserved, li-e only knoiv her sliijhtly. But I am sure she ' s aivf ' ly sweet, that ' s why she smites so brightly. French Circle (3, 4); Spanish CIulj (3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 4). Christine Simpson, B.A Smithville, Ga. Christine ' s not so noisy, and never makes a fuss. But everybody likes Iter, and lue ' re glad she ' s one of us. Dramatic Club (2. 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 4); French Circle (2); Debating Club (4); Spanish Club (4); Tulane Dramatic Club (3). Eleanor Sheely, B.Des Gulfport, Miss. X a " P. D. " may not mean much to you, each one a simple letter. But just ask Sheely ' bout " P. D., " and she will tell you better. Y. W. C. A. (1, 4); N. A. A. (1); Climbers (4). Emily Slack, B.A. in Ed Alexandria, La. A o ri Emily ' s ijood to look upon, so follow my direction, Turn a page and see her grace our envied Beauty Section. Class Treasurer (1); Glee Club (3. 4); y. w. C. A. (I, 2, 3, 4). Senior Class NcTvcomb College - THE 1 9 2. •4- J A. Ivl B A. I_ A.Y A. Yv ' ONXE SoNKRMAN, B.A. IN Ei) New ( )rli ' ans, La. A i; i; E-viiylnuly on tlif lampus kno L ' s about Yvonne, For this rjirl and atlitetics are " tivo just same as one. " N. A. A. (1. 2, 3. 4): Secretary (2); Treasurer (3); President (4); Interclass Debate (3); Varsity Debating Squad (4); Extension Com- mittee (3, 4); Big Sister Committee (3); Assisant Business Manager Arcade (3); Nevviomb Ball (1. 2. 3, 4): Captain (2): Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4); (-•aptaln (I); Varsity (1, 2, 3, 4); Hockey (2. 3, 4); Varsity (2, 3, 4); Varsity Baseball (1, 2. 3, 4); Field Day (1, 2, 3. 4); Latin Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Debating Club (1, 2, 3, ' 4); Science Club (4). Erma Stich, B.A New (Orleans, La. A !•: i Erma ' s mat. and Erma ' s nttr, and Ernia ' s smart, as ivfll ; And she tan do a lot of tliini s, as anyone icill tell. N. A. A. (1. 2l; FrcTi, h Circle (1. 2, 3 1 ; liebatins Club U. 2); Ai-.-ade Board (2. 3. 4); Dramatic Club (4). Helen Stiefvater, B.A. in Ed. . New Orleans, La. Here ' s another ijood one, this girl wliose name is Helen, tf ' onder what her life ivork isf There ' s not a bit of tellin ' . Isabel St. AL rtin, B.A. in Ed • . New Orleans, La. you want to iet out of elass before it ' s time for the bell. Gel Saint to make uf the reason — site does it extremely ixjell. Glee Club ll, 12. :: l ; . ' . A. A. (1. 2. ; ' ., 4); Business Manager Arcade (4); Science Club (4). Senior Class Ncrvcotnb College MiLLicENT Stor -, B.Des Stiteveport, La. A A II If you ' re lookinij for a i ood old s_t orl, you ' ve found your i irl in Millieent; Just ' watch her s ' wat that old baseball ; she surely is bellicjerent! Ba.seball (2): Hockey (3); Volley Ball Captain (3); N. A. A. (3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). T H K 1 9 2. 4 ' l JAMBA L A.YA. Claire Stral ss, B.A. ix Ed New Orleans, La. Claire is l ir kind nf i irl nnr is hound to likr, Thourili ifc hold hir in mir for makinij " our " in " Psyi h. " Alice TAXKERSLE-i-, B.Mis Montgomery, Ala. A J, II " Tank " should nrvir cjo lo school, il ruins her disposition. Shr hatrs to do irrrr ular vrrhs. or do a loni iosiliou. K.ATHERIXE TaLMAGE, H.A K A e New (Orleans, La. Here ' s a person cjond all ' round, icherevrr you may put her, U e ' re not surprised she ijot Jamb ads — =vjhat man could have icithstood lier? I-atIn Club (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Hockey (2. 3, 4); Varsity Hoi-key (2, 3); Basketball (1, 2. 3. 4); Spaukling (4); Volley Ball (3, 4); N. A. . (1, 2. 3. 4): Business Manager Jambalaya (4). Katherixe Thomas, .. . . New Orleans, La. K K r Campus Niijhts were aiuj ' lty ijood, llie reason ' s Kitty Thomas; She always has a ready smile, and she ' ll make good, I promise. N. A. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Basketball Manager (2); Neweomh Ball (3); Captain Field Day (3); Debating Club (4); Chairman (■anii us Night Committee (4). Senior Class Nexvcomh College . Sib . , s CL enior -jlass Newcomb College M.ARin Uhrv, B.A New Orleans, La. (Nut ill Panel) Linn ' l knoTj.- Iii-r so -vny ivcll, cxrrpi lifr namr ' s Marie, But ' J4 ' s ytad lo have her, ask them and you ' ll see. Elise Ujffv New Orleans, La. She is rjuite the busy one, and known to all around; She ' s helped in guile a lot of different things, as ive have found. Ninvromli Baskcthall (1. 41: Glep Club (1. 2): N. A. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Latin I ' liil, (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Science Club (2. 3. 4); New- foiiil. Ball (4 1; Field Day (3). Virginia Vhith, H.A. . . New Orleans, La. riri inia didn ' t Jiave to eome to cnlleije, For she already had a store of knoivledt e. Carrie Vixvard, B.Mls. . . • Ponchatoula, La. . student in the music school, and very cjood is Carrie: She does so ij ell, I hope she ' ll leach, and not run off and marry. Glee Club (3, 4). DoROTH WhSTON, B.A. IX Ed. ... A () II, A i; i; Logtown, Miss. 7 7 0 is there nrho doesn ' t knoiv. and doesn ' t like " Dot " Jl ' estonf .It all originality she ' s just the very best one. Cla.ss Viee-President (1); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Secre- tary Student Government (3); Jambalaya Representative (3): New- comb Janibalaya Editor (4 ; Executive (3, 4): Extension Committee (3); May Day Committee Chairman (3); Realization Day Commit- tee (4); Carnot Debate Committee (4): class Play Committee (4); Debatini,- Club (4); Dramatic Club (4): Mouse ( •ouncil (4); Tulanc Dramatic Club (4). THE I 9 2- 4- 1 J A. I t B A L A. Y A. Edna Louise White, B.Mus New Orleans, La. K A o Here ' s anotlier music student. Edna Louise U ' liile; And she can make the music, ton, I ' m tctlinij you ii-liat ' s riijht. Class President (1); Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 4); MaiiJolin-GuiUir Clul.. Eleanor Wilson, B.A. ix Ed • . Riverside, Cal. Eleanor comes from far-off " Cal. " In spite of the distance, she maizes a i ood " pal. " Y. V. O. A. (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (41: N. A. A. (?.. 4); Volley Ball (4); Climbers (1); Dormitory (Council (4). EoLA WooLEV, B.A New Orleans, La. ! 15 K Remember last year ' s May Day, and a certain Eota Claire? tVhen it comes to danciny, Eola ' s certainly tliere. Anna Wooten, B.A ■ Monroe, La. II I! ' I ' It ' e ' d hate to lose fair lima, and so li-e ' rc lad she tarried, Until she finished witli ' .? , before she went and married. Glee Club (2); House Counell (2); Draniatle Clul. (2, :l ) ; llebiitilif Club (3). Senior Class Nexvcomb College HE 1 9 2. 4 M ' i J A. N4 B A. I_ A.V A. — I - I 111 Senior Class School of Medicine Jack Harrisox Avers, A.I? ■ . . . Hartwell, Ga. K A, X " Why should a man whose blood is warm within. Sit liku hi.s grandsire cut in alaliastcr ? " Owl Club. " Sidney. " from " Gawga, " is one of the few who has weathii-red tlie storm with us from the beginning to the end. He is a hard working boy. loves a good time, and is well liked by the class. Alexander James Azar. A.B New Orleans, La. ' p i:. i: K ::: " Life. ' is a jest, aiu.l all thin-gs show it ; 1 thought so onif, hut now I know it. " Editor If utlalialoo, Medieal Section, ' 24 ; Jambalaya Representative, ' 24. " Alex " made thu notes wi- passed our " Exams " on last year. Industry, that ' s his middle name. The road may In; rough, but they cannot bounce the smile off of his face. EiMMAXLEL P RANK AzzARA, H.S Broo klyn, N. Y. " I have bought golden oitinloiis from all sorts of people. " Tulane Band, •21- " 22. Works hard, says little. It is his ambition to become a great surgeon. Some day. surely, he will realize this ambition, if he keeps up the good work that he has begun here at Tulane. John Mintox Bi:ali. New Orleans, La. ' i p :i: " Whate ' ei- be did was done with so much ease, In, him nbnie it was natural to please. " Member of Honor Council, ■21- ' 22. FJeall came to us from " Ole Miss, " and for the jjast four years has suf- fered with the rest of us. from the days in the " Anatomy Ijaborator ' y " to the Amphitheater at Charity. In his quiet and friendly manner he has won the love and respect of the entire class. Oscar Joseph Bienvenl ' , B.S Opelousas, La. B e n, N 2 N, E K ;;, K B 4 " Alas, poor Yorick ! T knew him, Horatio: A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. " Owl Club; Olive and Blue Club; Glee Club, ' 22, ' 23, " 24; Jambalaya Representative. ' 23. And here we have Oscar. " Roy, have you heard this one? " If anything exitpt " Urticaria " e er liothererl him. we couldn ' t find it out. We predict a monopoly in " Kar, Nose aufi Throat " practice in a few years. THE 1 9 i 4 ' i a A.iyi B A. 1_ A.YA. BnRXA Thomas Bowers Indiana " Behind a frowiiiiiK providciK e, He hides a shining face. " Garland Greene Brown Greenville, N. C. K A, N 2 N " Why. then, the worid ' .s mine oy. ' iter. Which I witli sword will open. " " Sailor " i.s extremely interested in two thins.s — a certain youns lady and, of course, medicine. John Edward Brown Blue Mountain, Miss. A K K " The atrocious crime of being a young man! " " Buster " is little but loud. He thinks fast and acts ciuickly. Nothing sluggish about him. He is always in the center of a jolly party. " Buster " is a mighty good student, and some day the Magnolia State will be proud of him. Donovan Clarence Brown, A.B Conway, Ark. A K K, i; II " A proi)er man as one shall see in a summer ' s day. " Class Secretary, ' 21, ' 22. Brown has the distinction of not only passing his course with honors, but of having " worked " his way through school at the same time. He is the kind of a man that will succeed. Good luck, Brown. Kosciusko, Miss. Karl Zollicoffer Browne A e, a o A " Hts life is gentle; and the elements So mix ' d in him, that Nature might stand up And say to all the world. ' This is a man! " ' Stars and Bars; Honor Council, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24. As his nickname implies, " Preacher " ' was a Presbyterian minister in Itta Bena. Miss., when he felt the call to become a medical missionary. He has been very successful in his worlt at Tulane, and has achieved the two honor fra- ternities. His good inrtuence, while felt, was not oppressive, but rather his pleasant smile has cheered up many a gloomy day for us. " Preacher ' s " perse- verance, high grade of intelligence and his desire to serve will make him a wonderful missionary. Though he goes to far-off China, we expect to hear great " things from him. Senior Class School of Medicine RoHFRT High Bri , iin:i.i) . IVIagnolia, Miss. X, 4 X " He oouUl diMthiK " i«Ii. Ji " (l di i(le A hair, ' twixt south and south-west side. " Owl Club; Class President, ' 24. " Bob " is as fine a fellow as you ' ll meet. Clear uut and handsome. Many are the hearts that he has shattered. Ie numbers his friends by his aiquaintanees, and is equally prominent in so( ial affairs, class activities and in srholastic ability. He is our class president and has si-rvi-d us well in this capacity. Maurice Campagna New Orleans, La. " The world is a whetl. and everything will conit- Around all rie:ht. " Campat na is a local boy, ambitious and full of work. He puts out little effort and gains much. Maurice taught school once. We wonder what made him drift to medicine. He has done well, however, and somi (. ' harity Hospital will have a prominent " Visiting Man. " George Alexander Cami ' Hell Kosciusko, Miss. " Give me again iii - hollow tree, A crust of bread, and liberty. " George came to us from " Ole Miss " two years ago and has been a consistent worker since his arrival here. He has made many friends at Tulane who wish liim all the success in the world. Warren William Chamberlain, B.S. . . Malvern, Ark. " We grant, although he had much wit. He was very shy of using it. " Chamberlain is the kind of a fellow that likes very much to mind his own business, and do his work as best he can. He goes about in his unassuming way. gaining knowledge, making friends, and spreading cheerfulness al out lilm. The " Razorback State " sent us a good lioy when we got Warren. )enior CI ass School of Medicine John Leslie Carmichahl. A.H Alabama K M ' , ' I ' 11 K. A o A " I. thus neglecting worldly ends, all dedicated To closeness, and the liettering of my mind. " Stars and Bars. The quietest and yet one of the most popular men in our class. John Is a " sure nuff " student, and very naturally made Stars and Bars and A. O. A., but we knew he would, way back yonder in thi- fn-shman year. We are sure that his future will be a bright one. J A. ivl B A L_ A. V A. Richard Hi-xrv Clark Jasper, Ark. rr K A, B X E, K V, A O A " He knew what ' s what, and that ' s as hit h As nietaphysic- wit can fly. " Quo Vadis; Square and Compass; Stars and Bars; Owl i. ' lub; Class President. ' 22, ' 23. A gentleman and a scholar! In the classroom or at " I-Colb ' s " it is all the same with " Al " — he is the shining light, a good time. lots of friends, and the two lionorary fraternities were his natural lot. ' e can ' t say too much in praise of ■■Al. " Hymen Leon Cohen, B.S Coahoma, Miss. " Come one, come all ! This rock shall fl - Fi mi its ' firm base as soon as [, " Janibalaya Rejtresentative, " 21, ' 22. " Fatty " has been at Tulane s ' o long that he is quite as muih a fixture as " Alfred. " Six long years of hard work has at last enabled him to realize his ambition, and now he is soon to be Dr. Cohen. If you don ' t know " Fatty, " you haven ' t been to Tulane. If you don ' t like him — you ' re worse. Go to it, " Fatty. " John Alexander Colealan. B.S . Plant City, Ha. K A, N i: N, A O A " If the heart of a man is dei ressed with cares. The mist is disi elled when a woman ajipears. " Owl Club; Stars and Bars. We thought " Bo " was going to be a pessimist until the end, Imt be. has brightened up so of late that he doesn ' t seem the same " Bo. " WC won ' t prophesy, but there must be a lady in the case. W ' ' ll find out in June. John is one of our hon ir students, and makes friends as easily us honors. John P. Ci ' lpepper, [r.. 15. S. opi;ir I If, Mis X Z X " Why, then the world ' s mine oyster, Whirh 1 with sword will upon. " " I don ' t know how 1 lived through il, fellows. " We know. Culpepper has dug for his " Ktuff and has pullef! up niMny a jewel of knowledge. He keeps going when the others slop, and diu.snt kimw what " (Hiif means. The wr)rUI is. indeed, his oyster. GfLRiTH nvRRixcTON ' a oo City, Miss. A T A, ' 1 ' X " Be plain in dresK, and sober in your diet; In shuii, [ii ilearie. kiss nn- and hi- |uiet. " Owl Club. " CMly " liki ' S the girls, but not for lun . He used to send dut quarts of " lloubigant. " but not any more. ' ■(lilly " is oiie of the best rinii in ihe rlass. all around, :i giMxi student and a gocid fellow. We .ill like biiu. Senior Class School of Medicine THE 1 9 2- a A. M B A. L A- V A. Pii ' RRE Armaxo DoxAr.nsoN Rescr ' c, I a. A K K " For iniiu ' own i art, it was Givt-k to me. " Pierre says that he and Dr. Mat as came from Reserve. Some town that, to give us such great men. Donaldson is a mighty nice fellow; not too good to be irksome, not too bad to be a sheik — a regular fellow. Donaldson gets his matter without much i-ffort. We are sure that time will bring out a Dr. Donaldson, loved and respet-ted by evei ' yone. as is the i.-hief. Stacy Allen Duncan, A.H Dunn, N. C. X ' X " Would ' at wander to yon shady nook with me? " Duncan joined us in our third year. He has been a bright spot in our lives. Never a frown, no matter how the ship rocked. Full of smiles. Always ready to crack a joke, and enjoy a hearty laugh. Not much theory about him, but what it takes to practice medicine he has plenty of. Keep up your cheerful mood, Duncan. Otto Charlh.s Egdorf, R.S Sedalia, Mo. K A, «i B n " A logical mind knows no error. " Otto is strictly business, and his business is medicine. However, he has had time to make many friends during his four years at Tulane. He is a man in every sense of the word, and w; predict that he will go far in his profession. Andres Roman Ferro . Havana, Cuba " Along the cool sequestered vale of life. He Ivcpt the noiseless tenor of his way. " ' Good worlc consistently has earned for Ferro the respect of both instructors and students. Well liked by .nil, h ' leaves carrying witli bini our sincere good wishes for his future success. Senior Class School of Medicine WlLLLAM Wli SON Fl.OWERS Dyersburg, Tenn. ' I ' li n " A l in Tier lubricates business. " " Bill " — we all love him. If a good nature and many friends spell success, he will never fail. " Bill " is always around to lend a helping hand when necessary. He has gone through his four years at Tulane without a failure — an enviable record. We are sorry that he will leave us. We regret that he will not be with us longer. However, we have reached the " cross-road " ' and we must part. Good luck. Bill. THE 1 9 2- •4- a A. 4 B A- L- A-Y A. Atilio Fl N ' G FiGL eroa .... - Baranca, Peru " O sleep: It is ;i fe ' entle thinK, Beloved from jjole to pole. " Fung, though handicapped by his English, has gotten by pretty well in his work. How he can sleep on the front row of the lecture room, is more than we can understand; but he does it. He hasn ' t filed a subject. And Peru might well be jjroud of Dr. Fung. Sydney Herbert Glass Mississippi A K K " And he is oft tlie wisest num. Who is not wise at all. " Sidney has been in and out of school for many years, l)Ut at last is com- pleting his medical course. He came to us two years ago fi-oin " Ole Miss. " and ably represents that institution. His perse verance and ;ibili(. - in medicine will land him a i rominent place in the medical world. Edwaru Glazer Connecticut " The power of Thought . . . the magic of tlie Mind. " This studious looking gentleman from Connecticut attends so strictly to his own business that it has been difficult to learn much about him. However, in classes, his answers to questions show him to be an excellent student, and we wish him success. William James Grarer Rrcnhani. Texas A K K " In the spring a young man ' s faniy lightly turns To thoughts of love. " " Willie " is always in a great humor and always on time for classes. Cases of " Diaphragmatic F ' leurisy " should always be referred to Dr. Graber, in after years. Graber indulges in tennis and a semiannual date, but aside from these indiscretions is a thoroughly capal le man. Thomas Qi incy Harbour Keener, Ala. K , A o A " A violet, by mossy stone. Half hidden from the eye. " Stars and Bars. " Tom " isn ' t a jelly -bean, he ' s just a hard working Idlow whose hump of knowledge is most pronounced. He has lieen duly rewarded with the two honor fraternities, and we feel confident that he will be a great success in his chosen profession. Senior Class School of Medicine « . 2 - J A Nl B A. 1- A.Y A. Jesse Ti:rr k H akimr . Mi illc, Ala. K I ' " Man is liis own staf. and that soul that can Be honest is the only penect man. " Square and t ' onipass; Owl Club. " Speck ' s " sunny smile is prominent on all occasions. With this accomplish- ment it is easy to see that he could not be a " woman-hater. " Few men in the class are as popular as " SpecU. " and few men have as good a scholastic record. Wo know he will succeed In his profession, and we hope to meet liini often in after years. Birniiii ;hani, Ala. Walter Hoiisox III- ad. H.S II Iv A, X Z X " Let ' s talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs. " Quiet and perseverinjir. This boy has now successfully reached the end of his medical course. His willingnes.s to tackle hard work and his ability to do it. will make Head a place in ih.- nu-dii al profession. Perry Ellingtox H()lmi)a Mississippi Things don ' t liother " A lei " niu h — bui who would be bothered with grades averaging around eighty- five? He likes a good time occasionally, but not often enough to interfere with his work. Kveryone likes him, and his happy- go-lucky smile will b e missed next year. William Coghlax Hol.mi-s. H.S. . Foley, Ala. ■■Where tlurcs life, there ' s hoi " ' - " Holmes tried Alabama long enougli to actjuire a B.s., and two years medicine there. Then he came to Tulane to finish it up. E(iuall r.ady for a joke or for work, he has made many friends here at Tulane. Ma - bis life ' s wi»rk be as successful as it has been here at Tulanr. Senior Class School of Medicine AAiiis Michael Hol lahan. A.H. . i; N, X Mt. Vt-nion, N. ' , " Variety ' s the veiy spice of life. That gives it all its flavor. " The boy from the Bowery! Taking life as it comes is " •liapiiy ' s " idea of li ing. His perpetual smile and his Irlsli wit have endeared bini ti.» all of us during his years at Tulane. We are well satisfied to have " lia iip " represent Tulane in New York. THE IQi- M ' i i MM W% a A. Nl B A. L- A.Y A. William Ambrose Hitchinsox K vk, O ' X " Dost thou love life? Then do not squander For that is the stuff life is made of. " Owl Club. Nashville, Ark. " Hutch " is an industrious, hard working fellow. a good time. But he does not believe in wasting tini We know " Hutch " is all right. So go to it! He just can ' t help loving He says life is too short. Earl Hyman, B.S ■ New Orleans, La. A E, K N " Something between a hindrance and a help. " Square and Compass; Varsity Basketball. ' 24. Earl is one of the local boys, and is proud of it. There is one thing we are sure of. that Hyman will not have his office hours before 11 a. m. It is amazing how Earl gets his stuff with so little effort. He is one of the best students in the class, however. We wish you luck. Earl. Henry Jack Jexsex Walter, Okla. ! H II " When jet was ever found a mother Who ' d give her baby for another? " This -is the " Swede. " One has to go beneath the surface Superficially, he doesn ' t seem to take anything seriously; there is a humorous side in everything for him. But Jensen is a deep-thinking fellow and believes that his troubles are his own. He has seen more of this world than anyone in the class, from the coast of Maine to the coast of Spain. We all love " Swede. " and wish him success a thousand fold. Robert Hays Johnson Hamilton, Ala. A E, p 2 " 1 )on t i-arry all your eggs in one bask ' t. " ' Stjuare and Compass. " Johnny " hails from Alabama and says he is proud of it. He takes his work very seriously and has wasted littlt- of his time here, as his grades will . ' liow. Here ' s luck to you, " Johnny. " " Hello, fellows to know Jensen. Mrs. Irma Scott Jones New Orleans, La, A E I, A O A " Here ' s to Irma, the most loved. And best student of the r-lass. " Stars and Rars; Woman ' s Medical Soritty ; Class Vice- Tresi dent, ' 19, ' 20; Honor f ' ommittee, " 20, ' 21. Mrs. Jones enteri-d medicine as Miss Scott, but soon derldi-d that " connubial bliss " was preferable In ■■singb- bbsserlucss. " VW know that the combination of " Drs. Jones and Jones " will be heard from in the medical world. s enior CI ass Sclwol of Medicine % THK 192-4- H ' t a A. ]yi B A. t- A.Y A. Senior Class School of Medk ' me Miss LiAX KosiTZA. A.B California A E I " Sh ' is i»r«4ty to walk with. And witty to talk with. And pleasant, too, to think on. " Woman ' s Medical Society. " Sunny California " came to us in the sophomore year, all the trials and tribulations that the medical course offers. We will miss her when she leaves us, and we can only wish her a happy and prosperous voyage on the " Iliver of Life. " This fair lady from and has stuck through Edwin Hugh Lawsow R.S Nashville, Ark. i; A 10, i X " Ask me no questions and I ' ll tell you no fibs. " Hugh came to us from Arkansas, but has successfully lived it down. Ho now wears shoes, smokes cigars, and is on the staff of Touro. The word glonm isn ' t in his vocabulary. Hugh will ho on the pathological staff of Touro n -xt year, and in after years will, most likely, be a pathologist of great renown. JuLiAX HoBSON Lo.MHARD . . . • New Orleans, La. N :: X " Words, words, my kingdom for more words. " Class President. ' 19- " 20; Class Vice-President, ' 20- ' 21; Wrestling, ' 19- ' 20; Track, ■l9- ' 20. Julian is a member of Bel. Duval and Lombard. Inc. Despite that he is a good boy, a good student, and well liked by the class. Some day Julian will be dean — we know it. Dr. Duval ' s right-hand man and. of course, Julian knows all of the doctors personally, especially the instructors. Julian has worked conscientiously in his medical course, and has done well. Touro will have a capable interne in Dr. Lombard next year. Here ' s success to you. Lombard. William Harold Lount Ph. oenix, Ariz. A i: 4 , K His digliiHcd h tbat " all worli " Back and side go bare, go bare. Both foot and hand go cold; But. belly. God send thee good ale enough. Whether it be new or old. " Square and Compass. uring belies the love of life in this young man. rid no play makes Jack a dull boy Lount believes and lives accordingly. He has been a success at Tulane and will be so in the years out of school. - Norwallc, Miss. Lester McGarv. B.S ' I ' X • ' Ht ' draweth out the thread of his verbosity Finer than the staple of his argument. " Works hard. " Mac " is one of the serious boys of the class. Howi cracks a good one once in a while. All his time goes on his work, succeeded? We ' ll say he has. ' cr, lie H as he =. ii T H K 1 9 2L 4 IT " - " .ay J A. ivl B A. L A.V A- Danihl Ro ' Mcl ■T RF. Mississippi " Mac " canif to us from " Ole Miss " two years ago. Jind has shown himself to he a cai)able man in his short stay here. We feel that he will always do his work as efficiently as lie has done it here at Tulane. Manly Mason North Carolina Tall and handsome, and just as studious ; retiring- sort of f el low. Iiut is well lilvnl by he justly proud to turn out men lilce this. he is handsome. Mason is a ver. ' ■cry one in the class. Tulane can IVIiss Jessie Mauney Mississippi •■Hen Will come. ' ? a lady, O so light of foot, ne ' er wear out the everlasting flint. " Here ' s the kind of a girl medical student that boys like in the class. Quiet and capable, she has won the respect and friendship of us all. Her medical career will l e a useful as well as a successful oiie, and we regret that her path must lead in a different direction from ours. Edwin Albert Moers, B.A. . . Houston, Texas K " If you want anything done right, do it yourself. " Moers has only been with us two years, but has won many friends in that time. He believes in standing up for his opinion, and does it ably. He is thor- ough In his work and will make good. Go to it, Moers, get Houston by the ears. Aaron Moore Connecticut The Moore brothei-s came to us from Yale last year, and Iiavc shown them- selves to be a cretiit to their Alma Mater. Keeping mn h to themselves, we know little about them, except of theti- Jiigh grarh- »! c|assi(jom wotk. Of suc- cess we wish them Moore Moore. Senior Class School of Medicine THE 1 9 2. ■ J A. l»I B A I_ A.V A. r.5i=- = J= Si.Mox MooRi-. A.B Connecticut Berxard Earl Nelken • . Natchitoches, La. ' P A E " I had. rather have a fool to make me merry, Than experience to make me sad. " Square and Compass. Well, gang, here ' s " Ike. " Though he was one of our teachers in the early iljiys of our freshman year, we all love him just " the same. He loves the open, flee life. The fly lod is his hobby. He has been very act ive in student affairs, and is one of the " wjird bosses " for the " Old Regular Party. " We are not pre- dicting a bright future for him. because we are sure he will have one. Gosh I " live, " we wish you well — the world. Jacksonville, Texas Walter Leron Newhlrn A T A, N 2 N Owls; Vice-President Class, ' 20- ' 21; Honor Committee, ' 20- ' 21; Vice- President Senior A. and S., ' 21 - ' 2 2. The " Sarge " is known far and wide for his prowess in the " Battle of San Jacinto " ! " Sarge " mixes his work and play, but so carefully does he mix them that there is a proper amount of eadi. With liis personality and ability, he will make us all proud of him. SaloiMAN y Regalado Paredes, B.S. . . Trinidad, Honduras, C. A. Having acquired his Bachelor ' s Degree at the National Institute of Honduras, Paredes came to the United States in search of medical knowledge. At Tulane, during the course of his work, he became a happy married man, and now he is " papa. " Next year he goes liack to Hontluras. and our best wishes follow him. Palestine, Texas Senior Class ScJwol of Medicine Alfred Morris Parsons ......... A e, ! A E, T N E " The people ' s prayer, the glad diviner ' s theme. The young girl ' s vision, her everlasting dream. " Owls. The pride of Texas is now before you! With a smile that radiates like a Colorado sunrise. Parsons has nonchalantly broken many a heart. We wish to inform you that he is called " Preacher " because of his name. He ' s called " Ivy, " too. but we won ' t tell you why. At least we wish we could. He can wrest I ' , he plays golf, and pours tea like a movie hero. " Preacher " likes the ladies oc- ' casionally, Iiut only with the proper environment. In the classroom he Is one of our best students, and his grades are well above the average. With his per- sonality and knowledge of medicine, " Preacher " will be one of the best men Tulane has ever turned out, and his friends, the entire class, will be justly proud of him. THE Henry Wynne Pearce Orange, Texas K 2, 4 X Owls. " Papa " PearcG, the pride of Kappa Sigma, the joy of Newoomb, and the Adonis of the class. Wynne has been in a good humor ever since we have known him, and this, added to an already wonderful personality, has won for him a host of friends here at Tulane. We believe he is going to be a real honest-to- goodness do -tor and. a little later, when he becomes a famous pediatrician. we expect to hear of him as an authority on tIiH subject. RussEL Clarke Pigforo, B.S Mississippi " Piggy " began to take life seriously after he came to Tulane. and is one of the hardest working men in the class. For the past year he has been a junior in- terne at " Hotel Dieu, " and next year he goes to Touro. Few men in our class are more popular than " Piggy, " and we regret that this is our last year together. Nathan Hirsch Pulmer Louisiana Charles Glen Poole North Carolina Going along in his quiet, unassuming way, Poole has endeared himself to us all. His work here at Tulane has been excellent, and North Carolina will gain a competent pliysiciaii when he In-gins his practice there. Irving Nathaniel Rattner, B.S. . A E New York, N. Y. Rattner hafls from New York, and though he has been with us only two years, you can always depend upon him to give a good account of himself. He is a real student and. with such a cheerful disposition, we predict a most suc- cessful ( nicer Ifji- l_ir. Kattiier. Senior Class School of Medicine r.- Joseph Raoll Richardson Mississippi Senior CI ass School of Medicine You can ' t keep a good man down, and ' is one of those rare personalities that you down. What he derides to do is usually " Richie " has a most enviable record, and our quiz sections to stop the onslaught. In untiring, and as editor of the medical secti of this section, except this unworthy article, are other things niiout him, too — several real friend ;intl luiddii-, for he is fond of many. Richie, " as he is known to most of us, can ' t even get down, much less keep done, and done well. As a student, we were always glad to have him in student activities his efforts have been on of the " Jambalaya, " practically all is the result of " Richie ' s " toil. There hunting trips, where he has been a ,11 K ' iiids of sports, and quite good in Hi-RER C. R[KE Dyersburg, Tcnii. A T il, X X Owls; Class Historian. ■20- 21; Class Vi.e-President, ' 22- ' 23; Class Secretary and Treasurer. ' 23- ' 24. " Shorty " has been with us all through our many trying years. In our aca- demic days he was our leader and orator and, Indeed, he filled both places nobly. Since our freshman year in medicine only two things have worried him — class histories and the weather — but " Shorty " has braved the storms, and we expect a great deal of our buildie from " Tenn. " Miss May Clarh Rorhrtson Mississippi " He saw her charming, but he saw not half The charms her downcast modesty concealed. " Another " Ole Miss " student. Miss Robertson came to us two years ago and brought with her a wholesome stock of good common sense and medical ability. We hear that she is going to Texas next year, and we hope that they appreciate her worth as we do. Warrex Leucht Rosen, B.S New Orleans, La. " What shall I do to be forever known. And make the age to come my own? " Another of the " local boys. " Warren is bound to succeed, because he has such high ideals. We can only hope that he realizes them. " Aim high " is his motto; even if you fall short you are still high up in the world. That ' s the spirit, Rosen; we admire you for it. You have our best wishes. Oil, boy! Listen to that harmony. Besides being a good student and reading the " Journal " every Monday morning, Warren is quite some musician. When it comes to courting — well. Warren lias it on us three ways there. William Kkxt Ri heh, A.B Wagner, Okla. i; A K, i X " Whatever skiiitic could iiir|uire for, For every why he had wherefore. " Kent is the man of the hour — sportsman, orator, statesman, and student — ■ known and liked by all. He is always busy and right up to the maik. We often wonder how lie does so many things and so wi-U. We wish you the best, Kent. J A. Nl B A. L- A. V A. Newton Loomis Sebastian • . . . . Norwood, La. " Often the cockloft is empty, in those whom Nature hath built many stories high. " Owls. " Shorty " has a disposition that is worth a fortune to him. His laugh alone is better than a circus. His pleasing personality and friendliness to everyone have won the hearts of us all. We hate to lose him. We know that his success in medicine is assurred. Edward Franklin Shavfr Tampa, Fla. A T , K ( ' " An honest man, close- but tons to the chin. Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within. " Owl Club; Honor Committee, ' 2? - ' 24, Samuel Charlton Shepard Texas George Slaoczyk. Lagrange, Texas 4- n IT " And if his name be George. I ' ll call him Doctor, For new-made honor doth forget men ' s names. " Yes, it ' s his real name, and he ' s not a Russian Bolshevik — just a Texan. George decided he wanted to learn something about medicine, so he left Gal- veston two years ago and came to Tulane. His work here has been exemplary, and we are all justly proud of having had George in our class. He is a fine fellow, and we all wish him success in his medic-al venture. James Leonard Smith, B.S • Columbus, Ga. 1 II, a k k " Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, As self -neglecting. ■• Senior Class School of Medicine ■ ■ J A. lyl B A. 1_ A.V A. John (jarrisox Snelling. Jr.. A.I . . K A, N i; N New Orleans, La. " I must havF lilierty Withal, as lary:e a charter as tlie wind, To blow on whom I please. " Owls; Pan-Hellenic ( " ounfil. We would not attempt to write " Johnny " up if it were not to fill this space, because we are sure that our words cannot do him justice. However, Snelling is one of the best students of the class and is well liked by all. Excuse our French, " Johnny, " " Bon oyage. " LlON ' liL ll-RO.ME StOOKE ' S ' Utah When you jjcnetrnte his seemin;;l - retif-ent air. . uu lind that he is really a very jovial chart, and we have all rown to like him. An cxiellent student, he stands amoii} the favori-d few in uur class. Joseph Cosaio Tardo. A.H New Orleans, La. A Q A " Great contest follows, and much learned dust. " Stars and Rars. Erasml ' s Hervev Evans TA ■u)R, A.H. • A T o, X i: N Morjjanton, N. C. Senior CI ass School of Medicine Fred Fi etox Ticker Nacogdoches, Texas «l r A, A K Iv The oiiI. - retiuisite for likin;, " Tommy " is niakiiiK his acquaintance. He care.-, little for leminine society and social affairs in general, so devotes most of his time to his work. Occasionally, he imagines he is back on the plains of Texas, and shows a freat desire to whoop ' em up a bit. but, as a rule, he is content to stay out of dipartment stores and pursue a quiet unruffled existence. When he finishes his year at Charity next year, " Tommy " will be one of the prominent physicians oi " the lione Star State. J A. N4 B A I- A. Y A. i; Norfolk, Va. Talbot Austin Tlmbleson A X p, X " A Corinthian, a lad of mettle, a good boy. " Owls; Square and Compass: Class President, ' 20- ' 21 ; Business Man- ager-in-Chief " Jambalaya, " 24. " Tummy " comes froni Virginia, but he doesn ' t say " hoose " for " house. " He has been most active in student affairs and has held most all of the offices in his classes. All kinds of sports interest " Tummy. " particularly hunting, baseball, and golf. Lack of time has prevented him from showing his real ability at baseball, but at golf he has become quite an expert. " Tummy ' s " personality and willingness to help someone else make him easily the best known and best liked man in the class. We wish for him a brilliant future, and feel confident that our wish will be granted. May our paths cross often. Carlos y Fernandez Urrutia Texas This handsome son of Spain comes from Texas. Carlos is following in the footsteps of his father, who is a celebrated physician in San Antonio, and we hope that he will profit much by the example set him. His work, at Tulane has been excellent and we feel that his success is assurred. Frank Earl Werkheiser Philadelphia, Miss. X Z X Frank is another Mississippian and docs his lull part toward maintaining the excellent standards of that state at Tulane. both in a scholastic way and in the way of personal likeableness. Always jjrompt and attentive in his classes. Frank has won the respect of his instructors and classmates, and we feel that our confidence in his future success is well deserved. Lexington, Ky. Charles Tarleton Willlams t X, A a " He who would search for pearls must dive below. " President Soi)homore (Mass; Member Council of Medical Fraternities; Chairman Honor Committee Senior Class; Stars and Bars. " Charlie " is one of our best offerings. A man amongst men, and also among women. An unusual combination of serious personality and real comprehension of medicine. " Charlie " puts his whole soul in his work and has been very suc- cessful in his studies. He has made a personal friend of every man in the class, and we will all be happy over the success that will be his in future years. Leonard I ivixgston W ilson Aloinit Olive, N. C. " (_;od tt-min thi- ! P ::; ind lo I hi. ' shorn lamb. " Leonard joined us In the junior year. He has done well in his studies, but. oh! he has done better elsewhere — at the Nurse ' s Home. Rumors have it that he is in love. If he can love as he can study, we congratulate the lucky girl. enior CI ass School of Medicine THE 1 9 2. -4- ■.4 i5 §1 M( J A. M B A 1- A.Y A. Harr Hall Wintkrs, A.H New Iberia, La. II K A, A K K Owls. Ralph Willard Virth, B.S New Orleans, La. K 2, ! X, A n A ■ ' [ dare do all that may become a man; A ' h(i dar ' f.s do more, is none. " Owls; Stars and Bars. Charles Si ' excer Wood, B.S. ........ Batesville, Miss. i: A E, f X, A E Owls Club. ALariox Alhert ' ol ng, Jr Abbeville, La. K vl ' Marlon is as quiet and yet as likable a man as we have in our class. We can ' t say too much in jiraise of his constantly briglit disposition and his schol- arly and e:ontlf?nianly tiearing. His record is an enviable one and Louisiana has iTi him a worthy representative. Senior Class School of Medicine ■ S |2». T H K 1 9 2. S 1 % ■a MiJiBadM %. sJ Alvl B A. I- A.V-A. Josi-i ' H KniTH Acton Shrcveport, La. 3: i ' i ' Assistant Editor 1923 " Jambalaya " ; Vice-President Class, ' 24. Keith is young in appearance, but has an old head. He is one of the " old regulars " of our four-year bunch, having started with us in 1920. His wonderful mind, practical ability and social standing (with the gentler sex, of course) will ever be remembered. His success in the future is inevitable. " Yes, 1 am up, Gurvais, are you up? " Lazard Louis Bailev New Orleans, La. r f ci, Assistant Busiiu-ss Manager " Jambalaya. " 192,1. Now we have a man who has pro en himself to be nothing but true blue. He was one of the boys who made the Kaiser hunt a hole. When he came bade to the Crescent City from " over there, " he waded into dentistry, his chosen profession, with his sleeves rolled up. Not different from the drive he made against the enemy, of course he will succeed. He never fails. But he gives juniors " Hail. Columbia. " John Emil Battle Barcelona, Spain Square and Compass. Our good friend from Spain is the wizard. Old " J. E. " makes excellent marks under the jjrofessors, because they have to take so much for granted when he attempts to inform them of his learning. He is bound for Paris, so he says. Good-bye. boys, look out. mademoiselle! Best of luck, old boy, and the great- est of success. SoDus Alexander Collins Winnfield, La. n, n K Class President. ' 23- " 24; Class Secretary, ' 22- ' 23; Class Basketball. ' 20. ' 21, ' 22; Honor Council, ' 23- ' 24; Hullabaloo Representative, ■23- ' 24. Those who know Sodus freely predict that the world will beat a pathway to his office door, for he is possessed of those sterling qualities which make suc- cess a certainty. Sodus ' pojjularity is shown by the honors he has acquired. He Is what wt ' term a " good fellow, " and one with whoni it lias been a pleasure to associate this past four years. Our big friend only has lady patients. Emile Arthur Davidson . . New Orleans, La. -V ' P, APS A man of ft-w words and few actions, specializing in prize fights, rotten cigars, and women, lie took up dentistry as a side line. As for his personal appearance, he could h ' readily mistaken for a deacon or a judge, or. if seen at a prize fight, a red agitator. " Davy " was the pride of the army and still has tales to tell of his experiences la the S. A. T. C. Although naturally slow, he is bound to arrive. Senior Class School of Dcnliilr ) " HE 1 9 i 4 M ' ' t ' a A. M B A L A.V A. Senior Class School of Dentistry Walter Ci-ARnxcn DkRolex New Orleans, La. S Class President, ' 22- ' 23; Honor Council, ' 21- ' 22; Class Poet. ' 23- ' 24. " Cajan " is a nian versatile and talented — a glolie-trotter, a student, a dii lo- niat, and everything. He is small of body, but big of mind and, above al!, thoroughly dependable. " Cajan, " in the early part of last year, t-onvineed him- self that it is not good for a man to live alone, therefore we list him as a brother benedict. On him who is justly entitled Dame Fortune will confer that lasting degree, " Success. " Every night of prize fights he goes to Dave ' s house to study. RuDOLFfi AIarion Dozn-R ■ . . . . Winiisboro, La. Z ' V Class Basketball, ' 20. ' 21, ' 22; Glee Club. ' 21- ' 22; Arkansas Club. " Satchel, " another hard-hitting little fellow, deserves all the credit in the world for his consistent strive toward the goal. Yes, Rudolph has just about reached the top. We are afraid our outstanding dental operator will not con- tinue his splendid work as a tlentist, as " Aunt Lou " has a good hold on him. Rudolph, I feel sui-e the ladies will miss their little " sheik " about as much as your true fellow classmatt-s. Here ' s hoping for the best. Edward Larstox Farrar . Birmingham, Ala. A Glee (. ' lub. ' 22; Football. ' 23. " Uncle Ed. " well known in Tulane as a man of high ideals, a natural leader, wonderful personality, and loved by all. Even his patients love " my doctor. " He took the lead in the beginning and. after four years, is found still leading, but going stronger all the time. Biruiingham. we are sure, will rejoice to see him come baclt again. Tt grieves us classmates to have to i art from our good big-hearted " Uncle Ed. " Norman Ferguson • Ellisville, Miss. S vp Class Secretiiry and Treasurer. ■22- ' 23. ' 23- ' 24. " Fergie " long since gave up the idea that " herpicide will save it, " and ac- cepts, witii characteristic philosophy, the loss of his crowning glory. It (s not often we meet a combination of dental student, poker player, and ladies ' delight, and yet to hold certain ideals which characterize the man wherever he is. Al- though he devotes half his energy to answering telephone calls from the victims of his charms, he has enough left to enable him to overcome all the impedimenta in the way of a seeker alter knowledge. Benjamin Major Gentry New Orleans, La. " B. M.. " synonym for " Old Kcliable. " Gentry is the Bolshevik of our class; his social delight seems to be In starting an argument. However, he is a con- .scienlious worker and will do the profession justice. He will be a victim to the salesmen of dental apparatus, as he answers all advertisements. ■Mrito Rex Harris (jLNTER ■ . Blue Mountain. AIIss. y f O Associate Editor of " Jambala a, " ' 2()- ' 21 ; Mem her Honor Coun- cil. ' 20, ' 21. ' 22, ' 23. After a few ears of school - teach in g , " Professor " decided to enter the field of dentistry, and since his arrival at Tulane has set the pace for the class in grades. Popular among his classmates and respected by his instructois. Gunter will leave us with his success assured and our best wishes following him. James Porter Hollers r allas, Texas II K 4 , ! ' n Square and Comi)ass. Here is a representative from the Lone Star State. It behooves us to say that Texas has been well represented by Hollers. Though he has spent but three years with us, he has worked his way into the heart of every one of his class- mates. We need more men like you. James. Just anyone can handle a " " nut " like this — a big, pleasant friend. Erxest Rirkett Jordan . . - Purvis, Miss. A , y n Square and Compass; Honor Council. ' 24. " E. B. " is purely the type of man to make some fair one happy. His chief ambition has been to grow some hair on his head, which is filled with brains. Pleasant, congenial, efficient. Three-fifths genius, two-fifths bull. A combination that cannot be beaten. We predict for him a smiling future. Here ' s to your success; may it be as great as the record you leave behind you. We trust you will not get your two professions mixed up. James Fraxk Kilpatrick Noxapater, Miss. 2 ' , H V Assistant Editor Square and ( ' ompass. " Pat " hails from " Ole Mississippi, " the town of Noxai)ater. Honest, sincere, and scholarly. A true friend to us all. He joined us in our sophomore year. and we immediately saw his worth. " Pat " was a pharmacy student in his senior year before he heard the suffering call of humanity. H is expericn.e makes him a reliable source of information to his c-lassmates. Frank, youi- host nf friends will watch for you, for your future success is guaranteed. Metz Carlton Love DfRidtU-r, La. Vice-President Junior t ' iass; U.S. DcKiee L. S. U. Metz Is the gay Lothario of the class. Few are the feminine wish( s he cannot gratify. He has a How of words and a liquid smoothness that would have turne l Cicero green with envy. Somewhere In tlie state of Louisiana Is :i town called DeKidder, waiting patiently for thi.s brilliant and gifted young man to reli - e its toothache. Hut what of the ladies, when he leave. ? Senior Glass School of Dculhtr - . J A. M B A. L A. V A. Chorgi: Dewey McAnally Ricl Senior Class School of Dcnlisiry iinond, Va. " Mac " has Ijeen a grfat influence amont? liis associates, l)oth in school and out. to do the right thing. His strong- determination is characteristic of " Old Mac. " His technique and operative will always bear inspection. He has been a credit to us, and will show those aristocrats back in Oie Virginia our modern and well- established knowledge of dentistry. " Old Mac " cannot run at all without taking off those shoes, though. Hebert Ha es Martin Ozark, Ala. II K 1 M ' Si Square and Conipass; Honor Council, Class of " 22; Assistant Business Manager " Janibalaya. " ' 24; Honor Council, ' 24. No one in our class can boast of a greater number of friends than the big " Sheik. " Quiet, unassuming, pleasant, good-natured, Martin is truly a prini_e. In the city wherein he chooses to reside, we feel doubly safe in saying that there will be one excellent d»ntist. God speed you. " Sheik, " we feel proud to say we know you. Otho Messer Sumrall, Miss. Otho possesses that inherent quality of " dry Irish wit, " and makes us happy when we are blue. From his knowledge, ability, and willingness he has helped us nil. He is a friend indeed. We may well say of him: " In the doctor we have a friend indeed. We certainly predict that he will succeed. His duties he manifests that he enjoys; In life, for him, are but few decoys; And from the character of work that he has performed. We may say that in dentistry he is well informed. " Sedgie Lamar Newso.me . , . ■4 ' n 2 Columbia, Miss. n, A r 2 Sedgie, the boy from Columbia. His departure from New Orleans ' bright lights will be accompanied with many regrets. Our little friend should be com- plimented on the efficientry of his " quill. " Of course, he will be among the first to finish his practical work, being one of the shining stars of our class, both practically and theoretically. Just how th«-. - will keep him back is beyond us to prophesy. SoLiGXY Pai L ()i HRE New Iberia, La. S. p. Oubre. The " S " stands for Soligny. My. what a namel But, as the ancients say, " What is in a name? " Soligny is the hardest worker of the class, slow but sure, and we all take our hats off to the " doctor " who has worked so hard and loves his profession so dearly. Oubre, old pal, we are with you to the man. trv S THE 1 9 2, 4 vJ A.M B A. I_ A.YA. I Af f Eugene Lucian Paysee . . New Orleans, La. A local boy. but a good boy. His jirevious experience in pharmacy has made a great deal of his work easy for him. Everyone knows Paysee as the dependable, consistent friend. This gentleman and scholar will have no trouble making good, although he has a competition in Davy, DeRouen, and other local boys. Now here ' s to you, pal. Leroy Pixchback FuIIerton, Miss. S " " Pinch " was our vice-i resident of the student body last year. His knowdedge, experience, and practical ability will make him a " tip-topper " in dentistry. He has a learning of frankness, and has made friends all the way through school. Yes, he is married. His wonderful success in New Orleans may be the cause of his remaining here, although DeRidder is expecting the great come-back. Elliot Saml el Phillips New Orleans, La. Elliot is one of the chosen jieople, as even a casual glance at his likeness shows. While Elliot is by nature a cheerful and easy-going gentleman, it is only necessary to mention bacteriology and pathology to see the clouds of wrath darken his brow. But, everything considered, " E. S. " is pretty good for a home product. Vergil Hardie Reitzell Riverton, La. Class Basketball, ' 21- 2; Glc Club, 21. " Shine. " which we recognize as V. H. Reitzell, hails from the municipality of Riverton, La. Lord knows where that is. " Shine " is the song bird of our class and a social bear. He is a " shining light " in our professional ranks, and we expect great things from him in the gas fields of Louisiana, gas being his greatest asset. The boys of the barnyard understand his brogue. Selcvr BiRDETTE R0BIX.SOX . Lake Charles, La. A :;; A Baseball Team, " 23; Football. ' 23; Assistant Business Manager " Jam- balaya, " ' 22; Class Poet, ' 23. In " Robby " true worth is exemplified, and it is all too seldom that we meet a man who shows such constant and zealous attention to duty. Robinson is a synonym for thoroughness. " Robby " brought an inevitable record with him from Neltraska, and will leave Tulane with another equally as good. " Robby s " specialty is the care of children ' s teeth, though he intends to live and die a bachclor(?). In other ways we find him a good friend and companion to every- one, lie is an all-round man and one of our best. Senior Class School of Dentistry THE 1 9 2- 4- wT A. Nl D A. U A. V A. Fames CjERVAIS Roberts DeRiddcr, La. Senior Class Scliool of Dcntibir 21- S i ' 12; Class Historian, ' 22- 23; Class Treas- Class Basketball, •2U- ' 21, urer. •23- ' 24. " J. G., " the baby of (lur ilass, but watch out. fair ladies, he is some pooil- looking baby. Gervais does not seem to grasp the signifieanee of his presence in this world, but we have hopes of the final understanding. All joking aside, Gervais is one of the brightest prospects of the elass for a successful future in his chosen profession. Thomas Jefferson Rl ' shint, Mt. Meigs, Ala. H K i , vk u, A V " Tom " came to us in his sophomort- year from Atlanta Southern. He is a typical son of Alabama, who could not resist the lure of the ladies of the Creole state. Personality plus his auburn hair knocks ' em dead. But " Tom " is not the tj-pe who cannot stand jiopularily. His record as a student is worthy of the best consideration. Fred Poole Setzler Crossett, Ark. H M ' ' 1 ' , 1 i ' , A r :;: Class Historian, -24; Class Basketball, ' 20. ' 21, ' 22; Fraternity Bas- ketball. ' 21- ' 22; Kratornity Baseball. ' 21- ' 22. When " Setz " returns to the " ra .orba k " state with his modern ideas of den- tistry ' , those good dentists will sit up and take notice. (Five dollars ' reward to anyone who catches Fred working oti anything but a sixteen or seventeen-yeai ' - old good-locking ilappt r t Pendleton Jett Slai ghter Tuscaloosa, Ala. Honor f ' ouncil. ' 20. H M ' i ' , A r i: Square and ' umi)ass; T rH ' sidetU ( " lass, ' 22 •21. ' 22, ' 23, ' 24, " Doctor P. J.. " as everyone calls him. is the biggest " little man " of our class. In addition to a punch like Oempsey ' s, he is blessed with a congenial manner, a vigorous mind and, aliove all, a wonderful personality. The doctor is also a member of the Benedict Club. Bo, fair readers, " Still your heai ' ts. " " P. J., " through thick and thin, we are behind you. May your sui-cess in the future be the greatest. " Yes, that ' s right, Dr. Ben. " Charles Lamar Smith Vo I)lar ilK% He, Miss. v , :;: n, a r z: SfjUHre ;ind " ompass; Vice-Presid ' nt Class, " 20; Fraternifv Haseball. ■22- ' 23; Fraternity Basketball, ■22- ' 23: Honor Council. ' 21, ' 22. ' 23; President Dental Student Body. ' 23- ' 24; Vice-President Studmt Coun- cil, ' 23- ' 24; Delegate Student Midway Conference, ■23- ' 24. Liamar hails from Poplarville. the Mississippi town of politi s. If politics will Itlay any part, we will predict that lie is soon to become presidi-nt of the Mis- sissippi slate board. There is a big opportunity for dentists of his type. — = THE I 9 2. 4 ' ■Hi iir i • - — - Qtaa 1 a A. Nl B A L A.V A. EuGFNE J. Bergeret New Orleans, La. n K 4- " Gene ' s " graduation leaves a big gap in the line of the Gre ; ' n Wave that wiil be hard to fill. He has always been reckoned as one ot the best guards Tulane has ever turned out. |. M. Daxxerer New Orleans, La. One of the hardest workers of the class, it is not hard to prophesy sure success for this youngster in the battle of life. H. S. Williams New Orleans, This man worked hard to get through, and now that he has atlainud his diidonia, we expect to see him woik iven harder. Senior Class Third Year Pharmacy « D. (JoMi-z (v ToRRHs) San Aiulres, Cuba Another shining light from the land of sugar cam ' . A favuritc with members of both sexes —especially the weaker. J. T. Baltar. Jr New Orleans, La. B 4 i; The big siH-ial ;i .m i " isit inn of the Pharmacy Chiss. Divided his time into two parts, sclmol and dances. L. H. Ha m v Lockcsburg, Ark. The man li oni Ihc i lold. ii W ' isl . i ' luw .s; (nbiuro and carries five fingers on each hand. A. W. Brown New Orleans, La. A K E One of the best I ' m d ball nu-u south. " Brotliei " is one of tlic most popular men on t h( campus. One consolation in his giaduation is that he will be nu-k next year in a new course, ready to chase the pigskin again. John A. CAMiMii-Li Kosciusko, Miss. i Z When " Jawn " tolls the n:inic of his htniie tnwn one begin.s to look for the long whisker. . Hnwivi r. he is (fi ' i ' c h irmU-ss and niiTely comes from Mississipi)i. Senior Class Third Year Pharmacy F. L. Cooi ' RR Robeliiie, La. B 2 The man with the student stare. Fools his piol ' s with it. Conse- quence — graduation and diploma. T. F. Curtis Robeliiie, La, S N Hnnii- town Imy ol " tile aliii ' i ' . No otli r imints of ri ' sembl.inie. T. R. Durham. Jr Verda, La. No rulation lu th- ' laiiious bull ol " tlir last iianir. Rcallj- quite a nice boy. Favorite with ohl ladii-s and oliihlien. C. R. Farmer Pearl River, La. n t i; The son of the soil ii oiii upstate, stuilyint; iiliarmacy and then in- tends to go back honiu and get nianied. Education hasn ' t lielped. A. R. Jimenez San Jose, Costa Rica The Ramon Navarro of Iho Senior Class. Goes over I-is wilh the ladies. Threatens to become king of Costa Rica. Senior Class Third Year Pharmacy - 3 THE 1 9 2. - J A-Ki B A. 1. A.YA. kai A. H. Goodrich Baton Rouge, La. Although coming from the home town of I-i. S. U., " Goodie " is all Tulane. even down to his " materia medica. " J. A. Badia Cainajuaiii, Santa Claia, Cuba We all envy the senor Ills vacations at home. Why? Be yourself skags. G. Randolph Lea New Orleans, La. B 2 A home l)oy and one of the most consistent men in the college. Carl Lino New Orleans, La. A 2 •! . n A " Hoolis " might not be al)le to stop a pig. l)ut he don ' t miss stopping anything that comes his way on the ball tii Id. Senior Class Third Year Phmmacy Ernest L. M.asson New Orleans, La. B 2 Instead of developing into u rival of Koliert Mantell. " Ernie " seems determined to follow in liis father ' s footsteps. -. THE 1 9 2, 4 y «f J A. t»1 B A I- A. Y A. Robert R. Fixl.wson St. Louis, Mo. 2 A E The boy fi ' om Missouri — always wants to bp sliown. Anr)ther favorite with the lair sex. W. S. O ' Shea Alexaiuiria, La. A good boy and a hard worker. Sure to grnsp oltl tiinu o| |M.rtuiiil y Willi a strangle hold. C an ' t niisa out. P. A. Parrixo Cheneyville, La. B S The tall man of the Senior Class, Stands four feet five in his boots. Big in intellect, small in stature. C. L. SiMMuxs Dinton, La. Won fame by having tin same name as Monk. Promises to di-velop into a great pharmacist. Watch his smoke. Senior Class Third Year Pharmacy . yM THE 1 9 2. - J A. IvI B A L. A.Y A. CL senior Vjlass College of Alii and Sciences JoHX JosEi ' H Archin ' ari), Jr New Orleans, La. K A, N 2 N In Johnny we find a rare combination — a glutton toi ' woric. a iirinre lor fel- lowship, an Adonis for looks, and a bear with the ladies. Class Football (1): Class Track (2); Secretary Art.s and Science Student Body: Student Council; Student Senate. DoN ' ovAN RoRiNsox Ar.mstrong Welsh, La. i; A E Don was popular at Tulanc. but more popular at Ncwconib. White Elephants; Tug-o-War (2); Class Basketball (1): Class Secretary (2); Pan-Hcllcnic Ilepresentative (S, 4); Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4). George Sherman Aver . Jr New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) George knows so much about stoi ' ks and bonds that he ought to specialize in investments. James Keith Baker New Orleans, La. lie will never " Icnci ' d dou h " with his intelligence. Henry Joseph Bavon, Jr New Orleans, La. " Whoever knows Henry caiini t helji Hiving him. Putting it mildly, he ' s a wrestler of no mean ability, a clean ?i)ort and a good one, a congenial and oldiging classmate, a loyal, sincere and lovable friend. John Lansing Beven New Orleans, La. K The same smiling " .lack. " yestei- lay, today, and tomorrow. As a gentleman, a .student, and a clean-rut man, he holds our .admiration and respect. Class Wrestling; Class Track; S. A. . . V. Wrestling; S. A. A. V. Boxing (1); Varsity Cross-Count i-y (2); t ' lass Vice-President CI); Track Manager (4). Joseph Dewey Billeaudeaix Eunice, La. B n, E K s However bewildering his name appears to be. He knows but contentment and tranquility. J A. lyl B A. L A.Y A. Walter Christian ' Bosch New Orleans, La. B K A future ph -su-i.st. Hopes to snare an atom some day. Secretary Shield and Scimitar (3); Student A.s.sistant in Pliysics (S. 4). Ralph James Christmax Crowley, La. (Not in Panel) 2 n Glee Olul) (2): Student Assistant in ( ' lieniistry (tl; Ilonur t ' oun.il (3): Dormitory GoverninK Boai-d (2). Wallace Alexander Clyde Selma, Ala. (Not in Panel) K 2, X Can attend more social functions and get aloUK better in spite of it than anyone else in the class — the pride of Newcomli. White Elephants; O. O. S. ; The Pathogens; Janjlialaya Class Rep- resentative (4). Marvel Leaman Crawford Denver, Col. (Not in Panel) X 2 X O music, sphere descended maid. Fi ' iend of jjleasure, wisdom ' s aid. Glee ( " lull (1. 2. r . 4); V. M. c A. Caliinet; Newconili-Tuhine Operetta (I, 2, .■!). Cyril Franklin Flo-sd Phenix City, Ala. K He came to us from Aubur ' u with hi.s i|uiet(?) ways and no one reali .ed that he was a second Wilson until his class w.as in need of a leader, then — Here ' s to the President of our Senior Class. Honor Counc-il (4); Class President (4); Square and Compass. Thaddeus Honore Gueymard Carville, La. P 2 Fully claims " MediciTie Fir.st. " but " t. ' ollef e Life " runs a close second. Willi. .M .Mi mfouh II ii.k. Jr iNew Rhodes, La. 2 It There never was a river without its mist of gr.ay. There never was a " Halle " that failed to save the day. Junior Prom Committee (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Vl e-Presi- ilent Student Body (4); Gym Dance Committee (4). )enior CI ass College of Alts and Sciences J A. I B A. I_ A.Y A. enior CI ass College of Arts and Sciences Charles Alglstls Havaro Rig Cane, La. (Xot in Panel) i: n, X The Pathogeans; Vire-President (2); Ilonni- ( " unTiril (2); ( ' lass Foot- ball (2): Janibalaya Class Represi-ntalix e (4). Sidney Robert Henry . Marse, La. Gl ' y Richard Jones Remy, La. {Not in Panel) P 2 He is not very tall, but he has sueh long waj ' s. Glee Club (1. 2); Class Wrestling (1). Joseph Aloysius Lanasa New Orleans, La. Aeadeniic Board (-1); Class Secretary (4); Honor Board (4); Jutiior Prom Coniniitee (3). DoMiNiCK Joseph Longo New Orleans, La. B n A bright seholai-. answeiing to the name of ' Ttoin. " The Kuilolph of the .Senior Class. Arthur James McComiskey New Orleans, La. " Mc, " alias " Murphy. " has real Irish blood, ir you don ' t believe it. just tell him that the North of Ireland is all wrong — and he won ' t treat you like he does his patients, either. Albert Howard Mann Texarkana, Ark. (Not in Panel) 2 N, K True to his name, he has shown what it is to be a man in Medicine. He may he slow in speech, but he ' s fast otherwise. ' (lEORGE Pratt L rtin New Orleans, La. 2 X, II A , K A Pratt sui ' ely can throw the leather tliioui, ' !! the hoop, especially when he pl.ays versus L. S. U. 01i -e and Blue: White Elephants: Sphinx: Class Baseball (1): Varsity Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4); Captain (4); Varsity Baseball (3, 4); Academic Board (2); Class President (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3. 4). Lawrence Forstall Martin New Orleans, La. The little man with the giant ' s intellect. A .hard worker if there ever was one. Varsity Debating (1. 3. 4): Alternate (2); Carnot Medal (2); Oratorical Council (2, 3. 4); Glendy Burke (1); Chemical Adviser (4); Student Assistant in Chemistry (4), THE 1 9 2. 4 iiiiini — " ' -- J A. M B A. L A. V A. Thomas Willis Martix Belton, S. C. (Not ill Pani ' i) K I ' Martin rlainis to be a ladies ' man. I ut he surely treats ' em right. (Miss) Doroth- ' Hertha Martinez New Orleans, La. " Dot " a.spires to a career as a chemist. Jambalaya Class Representative (2); P, S. W. Charles Joseph Miangolarra New Orleans, La. A true son of France is li ' l ' Charlie, but in his soul must be a bit of Iri-sh to give such a depth of vision, a regard of justice, a personality so pleasing. Class AVrestling (2); A. A. U. Champion (2); Varsity Wrestling (3). (Mrs.) Jli.ia Johnson Nelson Shreveport, La. The " Mothfr " of oui- class. Afraid of no " prof, " and always read ' to light for " her lioys. " Carroll Davis C vertox Pine Bluff, Ark. N i; N An all- ' round man — studious and active in student affairs. His researches will reach the four corners of the earth. Clarence Pierson, Jr Alexandria, La. 2 A E An artist. ILses prof-s :is modi-l.s while listoning to tiieir lectures. Art Editor 1921 Jambalaya (4). Walter Wallace Poimbuelf Leesville, La. He was a wise man who said. " The hardest workers are married men. " Wal- ter has led a varied life here at the ITniversity, beiny, alternately, a student, a politician, but always a gentleman. President Arts and Science Student I ody (I); Secretary-Treasurer •.Student Council (4). Robert Goodhart Polack New Orleans, La. " Boliby " was al wa ' s ther( ' with I he school spirit. Class Wrestling (2, n) ; S. A. A. V. Wrestling ' (2); Band (2, li. 4): Orchestra (3): Glendy Burke (2. 3. 4); Glendy Burke Medal for Eng- lish Essay (3); Manager Band (4); Student Senate (4); Glendy Burke Historian. Frederick Howard Rohni New Orleans, La. K A " Though lost to sight, to moinry dear Tliou c er wilL remain. " enior CI ass College of Alts and Sciences « S 2 J A. M: B A I. A.V A. CL jenior uiass College of Arts and Sciences William Hi ' NRV Rolling = , . . New Orleans, La. (Not in Paufl) B n The fiei-y politician from thp ninth ward. Class President (3 ; Honor t ' oniniittee (3); Junior Prom Committee (. " J). Sam Bloom Saiewitz Talliilah, La, (Nut in Panel) :s A : i, i ' A E His unassuming exterior hides an aeute, (|uestioning mind. His is a kindly . ' soul. v hiili requires no test to bring out its excellent (lualities. Assi.stant Business Manager Janibalaya, 1921. Garvin Shands Salnolrs New C)rleans, La. A T S A lad with lots ol iM ' rsf erame. One of the li- v students who i-ead more L ' lan three i)aguK of " Money iind Banking " at one time. Class Baseball (1): White Elephants; Tug-o-W;ir: (Hive and Blue; Sphinx; Tennis Team (4). Reynolds Daroen Smith Okolona, Miss. K 2, X Behold— a man whose actions none can foretell, Nor fathom the thoughts that in his mind do dwell. Jamlialaya Class Representative (2); Class Vice-President (3). Richard Taylor Stephenson Washington, La. Looks and talks like a piolessor. A ' ants to hn one. Will he one undoulitedty. Dramatic Club; Olendy Burke; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; .Student Assist- ant ill English. Edward Garland Walls New Orleans, La. A i; , N N, A P l a potential dcxtor, who will some day spread ;il.in;iit the Mayos ' fame. Though he is little, he will do I)ig things. White Elephants; Olive and Blue; Jarnbalaya Staff (2) ; Tulane Promotion Force (2); Class Historian (2); The Pathogens; CMass Basketball (2); Chairman Junior Prom (3); Hullabaloo Staff (2, 3); Interfraternity Basketball; Interfraternity Tennis; Class Secretary- Treasurer (4). Ellas Weixer New Orleans, La. " His lilie was gentle; and the elements So mixed in him. tliat Nature might stand up And say to all the world, " This is a man. ' " THE 1 9 2. A. M B A. L A. V A. Mkhhai, Chari,i:s Ahrahm . St. Joseph, La. First conies Mike, a real engineer. Heads the list, but that ' s not queer. S. A. A. U. Wrestling (3); Viee-President Engineering Society; Treasurer: Class Secretary-Treasurer (4); Committee on Student Af- fairs. Pall Lol is As ' iiR-i " , Jr New Orleans, La. A K K, A I .M Next in line is studious Paul. ■ ' hen it comes to brains, he l)eals us all. Class Track (1. 2. 3): Varsity Track (3); class Basketball (2); Scrub Basketball (2, 3); Sphinx; Engineering Society (3. 4); Stu- dent Senate; Class President (4); Chairman Intercollege Senior Committee on Student Affairs. Eugene Blocker Diboll New Orleans, La. 2 A E " Jinks " Diboll, of the ( ' ivil Clan, Kond of the ladies, and a real he-man. Olive and Blue. EuwiN Frank New Orleans, La. A n-al line rcll ,w, tills Kdwin I ' rank, l ' ' (ir inan - rides, ' tis him we ' ll thank. Engineering .Society. Arthi R Middleton Hill Hammond, La. An industrious youth, and self-reliant. His answers are .short, and sometimes defiant. Secretary Engineering Society; Jambalaya and flullabab lass Uepresentative (4l; llullabalno Kililni- of lOnglneering (1). enior CI ass College of Engineering .- . THE 1 9 2. 4 1 a A I B A L- A.V A. Abraham Adler Hirsch New Orleans, La. A. A. Hirsrh, of ihf (. ' hemicul Srhool. He tail argue and argue, and still keep cool. Engineering Society; Class Track (1). Mariox h ' icHiEvicH New Orleans, La. A bright lad, this, and a happy one, too, The handsomest one we ever knew. Engineering Society; Track (3); Cross-Country (3). Pall Krl mplealan New Orleans, n K A Another good man, and a Civil besides, In a wagon hitched to a star he rides. Class Wrestling (2); Class Track (2); Varsity Track (3); Engineering Societs ' ; Executive Committee (4). Leon Lassem Atlanta, Ga. Ijpon Lassen, of sheik renown, Looks real handsome in cap and gown. Engineering Society. Jenior CI ass College of Engineering William Stoxe Leake Beaumont, Texas ATS! Here ' s the pilot ol " our Junior days. William says that good looks pays. Siihinx; Varsity Track (1. S); Class Footliall (1. 2); Pan-HellHUic Representative (2. 3. 4); Class President (3); " T " Club: Engineering Society (3. 1); Advisoi-y Board (4); Class K. ecuti c Coniniittee (4). . . Benjamin Francis Leepfr . . Union, S. C. A modest stude, and a poet, too. His wit is good, and always new. Engineering Society; Assistant Athletic Director. Richard Blaxd McCoxnell New Orleans, La. A Iv E Captain Di k, with a lo able grin, Always runs when the girls come in. Class Vice-President (1); Hullabaloo Class Representative (2); Glass Secretary (3); Student Body Vice-President (4); Captain Var- sity Wrestling Team (2); Varsity Boxing Team (1); Cheer Leader (4); Thirteen Club; Sphinx; Engineering Society. Eugene Beall Mabson New Orleans, La. A 4» JI a miyhty flne chap, with a great liroad smile. He will make his mark in a very short while. Class Baseball (1. 2); Class Secretary-Treasurer (2); Hullabaloo Class Representative (3); Class Vice-President (4); Engineering So- ciety. Simon Berkson Mansberg Nt Or La. 2; A i " Carre and Heartstrings, " that ' s the name. Will soon enjoy a world-wide fame. Architectural Society; Engineering Society; Jambalaya Board (2); Class Wrestling (3); Class Track (3); Interfraternity Basketball; Hullabaloo (2). Albert Eowin ALarks New Orleans, La. AlbiTt Marks, with those serious eyes, Has ambitions that reach the skies. Enghieerlng Society. enior Class College of Engineering = NathaniI ' L L. Marks, Jr New Orleans, La. Brother N:it. who dotes nn voi " l(. An engineef wlio doesn ' t shirk. Varsity Tr.Tck (1, 2, 3. 4): Varsity Footlmll Manager (2); . ' itudint Rei)resentati e Tulane Athletic Council; Tulane Senate. Lawrexcr F()R.stai,l Martin ' New (Oileaiis, I a. Lawrence Martin, tliat gicat deliater. An instructor, too. in liis . lnia Mater. Vansity Deliating Team (1. 3, 4); .Alternate (2); Carnot Medal (2); Oratorical and Debating Council (2. 3, 4); Glendy Burke (1. 2. 3. 4); Secretary (2); Speaker (4); Engineering Society (3); Chemical Ad- viser (4): American Cheniii-al Society: Student .Assistant in chemistry (4). C[,A ■T()x Li ' iiLow Nairn ' h, Jr. . . i; X . . New Orleans, I a. Clayton Nairne. that terrible man, Goes to Paris whenever he can. Class Basketball; Class Baseball; Sphinx; Olive and Blue; Engineer- ing Society; Student Body Secretary. Arthi R Jo.sEi ' H Naquin, Jr Alexainlria, La. Liked by all. and a prof at that, A likeable head is beneath that cap. University Band (2); Tug-o-War (2); Square and Compass; En- gineering Society (3): President (41; Y. M. c. A. Cal.iii. ' t |3. 4); Tulane Senate (4); Glee Club (4). enior CI ass College of Engineering Harold Fraxci.s Orioi New Orleans, La. Canary Bird, the radio fan, Six feet tall, and a re.al cave man. Engineering Society. THE 1 9 i 4. ■Ql J A. Ivl B A. t_ A.V A. — CKAiiioRxi-: Pi:rri[.liat . New ( rlfans, La, A social light, and man -about -town, He has a nature you can ' t keep down. TuK-o-War ( 1 ) : Wrestling : t ' lass Set-ret ary; Thirteen i ' luh ; ' lass Vic = ' - President ; Quartermaster; Representative Pan-I hlleiiii ' ( ' ouncil ; Olive and Blue; Engineering Society. (iFRAi.j) Li-R Rhodes New Orleans, La. Billy Rhodes, with his iionderous mind. Something of worth will sur -l - rtn l. Engineering Soiiet ' . Harlow I momas Richardson New Orleans, La. Our lab instructor of electrical fame, Whatever his work, he ' ll make a name. Engineering Society. Emerson Ai.frrd Rogan New (Orleans, La. o T A Emerson Kogan, of world renown, A real good fellow, all around. f ' las-s Track (1); Class Wrestling (1); Ja tnl.alaya (2); Engineering Society, Senior Class College of Engineering mammMss. ' .. Walter James Rothschild New Orleans, La. P.aron dp Rothschild, the name ' s quite befittiiiLV. For Waltor keeps on when others are quitting. Engineering Society. Edwin Wilson Vennard . New Chileans, La. K A The President of the Engineers, For " Red " let ' s give three lusty i ■heers. Engineering Kociety; Class Vir-e-Presidont (3); Glee Club (3. 4); Vice-President (4); President Engineering Student Body (4); Student Body Representative on Tulane Athletic Council; Chairman Class Executive Committee (4) ; Tulane Senate. Ji ncE Scott Waldrep Hugo, Okla. ( T A A judge, in sooth, and of excellent standing, More knowledge of law he is always demanding. Tug-o-War (1, 2); Class Football (2); Class Secretary-Treasurer (S); Engineering Society. Charles Wiggin, Jr New Orleans, La. eiiior ci ass The last on the list, and long may he live. Pointers on baseball and ])hy.sics he ' ll give. Baseball Manager (3); Assistant Baseball Manager (2); Represent- ative Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Class Games (1. 2). College of Engineering J A. lyt B A. 1, A.Y A. ' iw f Neil Alglst Ar.mstroxg, Jr Aleraux, La. For three long years has Armstrong Led onr class to fray; The reason ' s simple, qu can ' t go wrong ' . His name begins with " A. " Square and Comjiass; Glendy Burlio (3, 4) ; Si-rgeant-at-ArniH ( " ) ; Moot Court (2, 3, 4); Jambalaya Reiin-sentativi ' and Class His- torian (4). Llovd Joseph Cobb New Orleans, La. A confidence man in livii h, wh ow, Not on the streets or lumlcv aids to prowl. But " I am right, who ' ll dispute nie now. " " I can ' t be wrong " — his eternal howl. Class President (4) ; S. A. A. U. Wrestling Chani|:iion (1) : Tulane Wrestling Champion (1) ; Interclass Debate (1) ; Varsity Orator (2) ; Varsity Debating Alternate (2i; Varsity Deltater (3, 4); Glendy Burke (1. 2. 3. 4); Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3. 4); Moot Court (2, 3. 4); Tulane Club (3. 4); Dramatic Society (3); Tennis Manager (4); Interclass Track (1. 2); Varsity Track (3, 4); Advertising Man- ager Jambalaya (3); Student Senate (4). James Coxdox Winnsboro, La. Young James, our siMri ' t;ii ' , Thought his job would easy Ijl- ; But this was only momentary. All our meetings he didn ' t foresee. Secretary Class (4); Glendy Burke (3. 4). John Lynton IVLaddex Homer, La. A T il, ' I A ' I ' , i; T To John we bid good-bye in more ways Hum ont ' , Approaching nuptinls cloud the sun; The code defines his futurtr state- John, read it quick, before too late. A.B. Tulane; Sphinx Club; Olive and Blue Secretary Cliiss (3) ; President Class (5) ; Tulane I ' romotion Force. Forum ; Glee ( ' lub; M. C. A. Cabinet; AxNA Coxxi-:r McCav New Orleans, La. Wi- 1 all not keep tra k dI this lady ui- iy. ( f the manner she d«K ' S up lu-i ' hair. If one day it ' s long, it ' ll be bol bed next day — So the whole class gave i:p in despair. Jamalaya KepreHenlatlve (3); Class Hlstorhm (3); Vice-President V. S. W. A. (3). Senior Class College of Law THE 1 9 2. ■4- a A. lyl B A. 1_ A.V A. Jenior Class College of Law Charles Hastier Morton Bcrnicc, La. n K A AlthouKli a lawyer Charles will be, He " s taUing extra training At selling, which he ' ll use, you see. If law is not sustaining. Olive anrl Blue; White Elephants; Jambalaya .Staff (IM; Glee Club. Harold Moses New Orleans, La. 3 A M, K A , 2 T Hail to our Footl)all Team! Our Carnival Ball ! Here ' s " J-lanio. " who coneeived them all. Under his name we shouldn ' t put more; He ' s got enough for three or four. Glendy Burke (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Oratorical and Debating Council Rep- resentative (2) ; Speaker (3) ; Varsity Deltating Alternate (2) ; Inter- class Debating (2) ; Varsity Deliater (3) ; Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3. 4, 5) ; Secretary-Treasurer (2, 3) ; Chairman (4) ; Class Secretary-Treasurer (3) ; Assistant Editor Jambalaya (3) ; Editor Uptown Campus Section (4); Editor-in-Chief Jambalaj-a (4); Editor 1923 Tulane Handbook (4); Editor 1924 Tulane Handbook {5): Hulla- baloo Staff (3, 4. 5): Literary Editor (5); Secretary Tulane Promo- tion Force (S); Student Activities Class (2); Moot Court (3); Pan- Hellenic Council (3. 4. 5); Reporter (4); Tulane Club (1. 2. 3, 4, 5); Chess Club (1. 4. 5); Vice-President (4); President (5); Dramatic So- ciety (4): Student Senate (4, 5); Editor-in-Chief Pickaninny (5). Leslie Moses New Orleans, La. SAM " The case is wrong, " says Dalzell strong. And the class as a whole agrees; But Moses long doth the case prolong. As an overlooked fact he sees. Glendy Burke (1. 2. 3, 4); Oratorical and Debating Council Rep- resentative (2. 3. 4); Tulane Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Dramatic Club (3); Oratorical and Debating Council (2); Moot I ' ourt (2, 3. 4). Clement Murphy Moss Lake Charles, La. K s. A , i; T We feel a little hesitant In Clement ' s praise to chant ; For although he ' s been our Presidt nt, He ' .s abetted in our merriment. Student Council ; President Law Student Body; Vic —President Y. M. C. A.; Managing Editor Hullabaloo; Sphinx; Olivo and Blue; Glendy Burke; Interfraternity Council ; .Student Senate. Albert John Pere New Orleans, Nathaxiel Pope i fiii.i.ii ' s Torras, K A, a A From L. S. U. he ' s got a degree, Now Tulane gives him an LL.B., So. like Alexander, of Macedon, He ' s seeking more laurels to be won. La. La. i- i 2 . E 1 9 2. 4. =5 Ml w% vJ A NI B A. L A.Y A. Claire Ernest Loeb Savoy New Orleans, La. A rakish roadster plus a Pegg. ' Shop hat, A Lucille gown trininit?d with tuUe, Bobbed hair, lipstick and all that, Mrs. Savoy has come to school. Janibalaya fteprest-ntathc i ' l); Secretary-Treasurei- Class i3). Daniel Stel ' er New Orleans, La, Our Captain and King is Stcuer, In size he is immense; He goes to sleep in every class. But mainly in E ' idence. Henry Farrar Stiles New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) B e n, K A Harry quotes froni Willistoii. He states what Minor said; The reason ' s very obvious. ' Tis ' cause Harry is well read. Sphinx; Business Manager Pickaninny. Walter Carnot Vetsch Fort Necessity, La. President for a day, the honor was, But then it couldn ' t last; For further particulars we advise you to see The grandfather of our class. Square and Compass; Moot 1 " nurt ; Glendy Burke. Richard Hrinker Williams Colfax, La. The dwarf that carried Helnrich ' s brew Has here a consumer always true; His dreams defy instructor ' s look. His sleep outlasts the fabled brook. Alexander Minor Wilson New Orleans, La. Tb.- iKill b.ll t ills th.- Uu. -11 nf parting hour. Whili- one more la.ss of Partnership slowly iMuis; But Wilson shakes his head with aspect dour. " Contra to Penneyer versus Neff, " he still contimds. Class Vice-President (1); Clmdy Burke; Moot Court. Abe Melville Wolfson New Orleans, La. K N As a clarinet player Mel is a wang. He always enters after class Is began. And opens and closes the door with a bang. Thus disturbing Mr. Lemann. University Band (2, :!, -1); Intenlass Wrestling (1); Moot Ci uit (,1. 1). Senior Class College of Larv Senior CI ass College of Commerce and Business Adminislralion William Buhxstori-i-. Jr New Orleans, La. " Biir Still so joung he I ' oi- ets liis lay when he yoes out at night. But wc lielieve he will grow up to bi- ;l l ' it man in the business worUl. Chairman Workroom Committee (4). Chester M. Carrr New Orleans, La. A T fi " Chester " Modest and quiet, quite reserved in all his actions. Fond of Texas and Tennessee, Chester has many friends, and we are sure of his sueeess. TTniversity of Illinois. " 20; Assistant Manager Cafe Brulo (2); Class President (3); Glee Club (4); Interfraternity Basketball (3); Tulane Promotion Force (2) ; Commerce Academic Board (S). Hooim:r p. Carter New Orleans, La. A T o " Hooper " A mischief- maker wlio tuiin-ii s.-rii us. Hooper was a leader in nil the devil- ment, but nnw in si-rious niattirs. With the help of alarm clocks his success is assured. Class President (1) ; Vice-Prcsi.l.n i 1 2.1 ; Thirteen Club; Olive and Blue; Vice-President ( ). Robert L. Culo.mh New Orleans, La. II K A " Lynn " lie grew up on a ranch in California, hajjpy and friendly, and stayed that waj ' . lie is out to show Harvard and the world what a Tulane man can do. White Elephants: Olive and Blue; Class Baseliall (2); Vice-Presi- dent College of Commerce (3); Sphinx; Pan-Hellenic Representative (-1). JoH A. Davenport, Jr Mer Rouge, La. K 2 " Joe " A hea y student of humanity, who ne er misses an evening class at Broad- way. A Math shark of great repute. A friend who will be missed by many. Class Secretary -Treasurer (4). ■ Josni ' H C. Dl Pont, Jr. . . Hour La. A Iv E ' •J. C. " A regular fellow, always happy. A heart- breaker who. like niost men, has found the " only girl. " Ve are awaiting tho announcement. Hi.s many friends i. ' jh him success. Class President ( 1 ) ; Pi-esident Tulane Cluh : Captain Tulane Crew; Varsity Football {?.): Thirti-.-ii iMiili: Pan- H. ' ll. ni.- Kepi " f«f " tative (4). Gl ' S a. Elgutter New Orleans, La. " Gus " A good fellow and a hard workei-. AVe expect to meet him again. i)os.siI)ly with St. Peter, taking up a i-olleetion lor some worthy Commerce cause. A ' (n-krooni Commit tee (2 ) ; S(iuare and Compass. David M. Evslen Wettinipka, Ala. The Music Master of the Commerce Sihool. A man whose energy Is divided between tliree things — Music, Commei-ee. and a Commerce student of the fair se. . He will coniliine music and business, and we wish him success. Tulane Rand (1. 4). (Miss) Florexci- B. Fowler New Orleans, La. ' •Flo " The first girl to graduate from Commerce, Popular with everyone, as shown by the fact that she has always had a class olHce. We wish you success, Plorenc-e. Secretary Architectural Society (1) ; Scientific and Professional Women ' s Club (I, 2, 3); Vice-President (3); Jambalaya ( ' lass Uepre- .sentative (31; Diamatic Club (3, 4); Vice-President Student Body (4), Louis F. (Jarrari). Jr. . New Orleans, La. i: A I-: " Louis " The head of the Soviet government at Tulane. who will handle tin- luture business of the Standard Oil in China, He undertakes everythiuR whole-heartedly. Has a way with the latlies. We wish you success. Louis. Pan-Hellenic Representative (1, 2) ; Serretary-Treasur Student Body (2. 3) ; -Mullabaloo (2, 3). ■r I ' omtncrce CL Oenior uiass College of Commerce and Business Adminislialion ' ' " .. THE 1 9 2- ■4- J A M; B A. L A. Y A. enior CI ass College of Commerce and Business Adminisiraiion P. i r. J. Hoi.sKN AUtMulale, 111. ■■Paur ' We don ' t know what made Paul ro lni of China, but he is goins into govern- ment service there. He is quiet and re-ser ed, and we feel sure he will get along fine witll the " Chinlts. " P. BARXin Hoi ' Kixs Marion, La. K A " Hop " A wood student. :i Iiard fnotliall player, and a true friend. Bound to malie a su ' ie.ss witii tliat coniliinal itiu. We are glad to have known you. " Hiii). ' " Varsity Football (4). High H. Kohi.mevrr New Orleans, La. Z B T " Hooi ' ji " We wonder wli ' " Hooey " always stojis in St. I.ouis on his way to f ' hieago. We know he won ' t make a salesman, but we feel sure of his sueeess in other line.s. Jambalaya t ' lass Representative Ci): Secretary Tulane Club Ci): President Tulane Club (4); Scrub Basketball (3); Interfraternity Basketliall (2. 3. 4); Tennis (2. 3): Baseball (2); Student Senate (4); Pan-Hellenic itepresentative (4); Chairman " T " Day Commit tee (4). W. Rappleve Lawes New Orleans, La. II K A " Rafi " When we buy that " suberban " lot, we will deal with " Rap " Lawes and Father. That shows " Rap ' s " attitude, and we are sure of his success. Olive and Blue; Jambalaya Class Representative (2) ; T ' lass His- torian (2); Junior Prom Committee (3); Glee Club (3, 4). HiLLMAX W. Madisox Bastrop, La. X Isn ' t it enough to say that Broadway nearly became Madison boulevard ? ' b ' n his mind is not on " Bugs " in sunny Florida, he is planning the Madison National Bank. 01i e and Blue; Sphinx; Ser-retary -Treasurer Commerce Student Body (4) ; Jambalaya Class Representative (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Rep- resent at i ' e (4). .— « 2 Frank J. IMatthi-w. Jr New Orleans, La. 2 A K " Frank " Quiet and conservative and a hard worker. Frank made the best Jambalaya Tulane ever had. And we wish him as niur-h success in business as he had with it. University of Virginia (1, 2); Editor-in-Chit f Janibnlaya (4). JoHX F. McCloskey Johnstown, Pa. OTA " Mac " Statistician and law-maker. To " Mac " we are indebted for the Commerce Constitution. Now we understand why France made him a Legion bf Honor man. Secretary (Commerce Student Honor Board (4). Body (2) ; President (3) ; President Thomas D. Mingledorff Savannah, Ga. ' •Dan " A busy man. interested in investments. We expect to read where he has been taken in as a junior partner to J. P. Morgan in a few years. Class Vice-President (1) ; Columbians. Macnhs l. Aroom- Popl. ' ir ilIc, Miss. K i; " AIa{ { ir " One of our deep thinking old- timers. Politician and friend of everyone. Starting late. Ijut look out. He has already had enough experience to assure his success. Southwestern Presbyterian University. ' 07; Forestry. Unlverslte de l ljon. ' 19; Mason-Shriner- Square and Compass; Vice-President Com- merce Student Body (2); Business Manager Dramatic Club (3); Business Manager Hullabaloo (O; Business Manager Jambalaya (4). enior ci ass College of Continerce and Business Adrniiiislialion § T H K 1 9 2. - § gl 4 = oKten araiMai J A. Ivl B A I_ AuY A M ii aa DoLGLAss E. O ' Krllkv New Orleans, La. ATA " Doug " Our shining example of athletic satellite. Our Don Juan and our H. C. Wit- wer all in one. " Popularity " his middle name. His many honors prove his worth. Class Treasurer (1); Vice-President (2); President (3): Class Foot- ball (2): Basketball (1, 2. 3); Baseball (1. 2. 3); Track (1. 3); .Scrub Football (3); Ba.sketball (2); Varsity Football (4); Basketball (3, 4); Track ManaKer (3); Interfraternity Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4); Baseball (2); Tennis (1. 2); Varsity Tennis Team ' (4); White Ele])hants; Olive and Blue; .Sphinx; r ' ;in-llclleni - Ilepresentative (4). Felix McWii.lie Rives Shreveport, La. K A " Cutie " The eternal optimist, who fan ovon see the humorous side of a Business Policy Report. His " What ho. men I " is the characteristic herald of his sanguine ap- proach. Assistant Ba.skctl aU Manager (I?); Manager (4); World ' s War Veteran; Square anil ' ' onipa.s.-;: Int.rlrMternity Basketliall (1. 2. 3); Scrub Baseball { ). Archie L. Robim-tth New Verda, La. o T A ' ' Roby " " Roby " came to us from the Engineering School to avoid work, but became converted to his disappointment. He says, by hard work, he is going to put the furniture business on a sound footing. College of Engineering (1); Glendy Burke (3); Square and Compass. enior CI ass College of Commerce and Business Administration Robert L. Si.mi ' sox New Orleans, La. A e " Bob " Dinner parties for the ladii-s are his specialty. A good fellow with many friends. " Bob " is going to be a rival fur Judge Gary by running the steel liusi- ness as it ought to be run. Olive and Blue; Class I ' rcsident (4); Keijresentative Pan-Hellenic H). JUN I O RS J A. I B A. 1_ A.Y A. Junior Class NEWCOMB rOLLEGE Heatrick Adams New Orleans, La. II B 4 Class Treasurer (1); Class President (2); Cor- responding Secretary of Student Body (3); Basket- ball (1, 2. 3); Varsity (3); Newcomh Ball (1, 2, 3); French CMrcle (1. 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Debating Club (1, 2. 3); Debating Coun- cil (2. 3). ELlZAniriii Ai.DRiCH New Orleans, La. K K r Odessa Babi.v Houma, La. French Circle (1. 2. .T ) : Spanish Club (2. r. ) : N. A. A, (1. 2, 3): .Newcomh Ball (3); . c v- comb Baski ' tball (31. Kaiukrine Barkingkr New Orleans, La. IiramaUc Club Ci ) ; Fremh Circle (3). Ernestive Bass ■ . New Orleans, La. II li •!- Class Vice-President (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3): Cabinet (2, 3): Latin Club (1, 2. 3): Assistant Business Manager Jami alaya (3); Newconilj Ball (I, 2. 3); Captain (3): Newcomb Basketball (1. 2. 3): Hockey (1. 2): Basketball (2); Debat- ing Club (1. 2. 3): Science Ciub (2); X. A. A. (1. 2, 3). Nellie Hloodvvorth N ew Orleans, La. X n Edith 1■!RADI.E New Orleans, La. A O n Clas.s .Secretary (1); Clce club (3); Dramatb ' club (3); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3). LuLA Brown- New Orleans, La. •I .M Debating club (2); l.alhi I ' lub (2. 3); Mandolin- Guitar Club (1, 2. 3); Clec Club (1). Mary Beck Irulepemlenre, La. Leah Cii.Eyx Burpee iVIontgnniery, .Ala. ■ -M Y. V. C. A. (1. 2. 31; Kleni;ll Circle (1, 3); N. A. A. {2, 3); Climbers (i). H E 19 2-4- Ji J A IvI B A. I- A. V A. ■■fc fc— — i ■ «l Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Hltson " Caure New Orleans, La. K K r Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3); Newcomb Ball (1); Latin Club (1); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3); Glee Club (2). Bess Cartlegde Clarksdale, Miss. X n Npwconili Basketball (1, 21; Basketball (2); Glee Club (2, 3); Treasurer (3); N. A. A. (2, 3K Rose Caruso Ne v Orleans, La. Mandolin-Guitar Club (3 1 ; French Circle (2. 3); .Science Club (2. 3); N ' ewcnnib Basketball (3). M RV Chaffe Minden, La. (Nut in Panil) Helen Christenberrv Nc v Orleans, La. A A n N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Secretary (3): Spanish Clul) (3): Latin Club (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (1. 2, 3); Tennis 1. 31; Volley Ball (1. 3); Basketball (2); Hockey (2); Captain (2); Varsity Baseball (2). DoRoiHV CoLLivs New Orleans, La. JI Newcomb Ball (1. 2, 3): Varsity Baseball (1); Basketball (2, 3); Hockey (I); Dramatic l. ' lub II. 2, 3); Cheer Leader (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); Debating Club (1, 2, 3). . nme George Covington .... Ha lehurst, Miss. iN.rmi ' ory Coum il (4); V. V. C. . . (3. 4); Treas- uier (4). Emu, IE Craig New Orleans, La. 11 B SvnNEV Crawforb New Orleans, La. ( Not in Panel ) Sub-Editor " Arcade " (3); Gl.-c Club (31; French Circle (3). Chfrrv Davis New Orleans, La. MiKnM Davis Shreveport, La. i;iee Club (1, 2); Y. V. C. A. (1. 2. 31; N. A. A. (2, 3); Volley Ball (3); Climbers (3); Debating CMub (2. 3); French Circle (2). Mamne De Buys New Orleans, La. II 15 ' I- student Council (1); Tennis (1); Class Treas- urer (2); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Basketball (1, 2); Captain (1); Baseball (2); Hockey (2); French Circle (1, 2. 3); Mandolin-Guitar Cluli (1, 2. 31; Dramatic Club (1. 2. 31. 104 T H K 1 9 2. 4- J A. IVI B A. L A. Y A. «M Junior Class NEWCOMB ( OLLEGE W ' oKiii DiwviDRiF New Orleans, La. Sciin.c Cluli (1. 2, 3). Marv Louise Donos (iultport, Miss. X n Glee Club (1, 2); N. A .A. (I. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3): House Council (2, 3); Exti-nsioii i_ " uni- mittee (3); W. I. A. S. G. (3). Justine Dorman Bastrnp, La. Constance du Queskav New Orleans, La. K A e House Council (1. 2. 3): Student Council (2); Arcade (2, 3; French Circle (1. 2. 3): Secretary of House (3). Lillian Nunx Evaks Shuqualak, Miss. K A e N. A. A. (1. 2. 3): Climbers (3 1. Katiifrine Fergus : Yazoo City, Miss. Robbie Fitzner Moss Point, Miss. Y. w. c. A. (3). Clara Fitzpatri;k New Orleans, La. K K r N. A. A. (1, 2. 3); Debating Club (3); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Hockey (1. 2); Varsity (1. 2); Base- ball (1. 2) ; Varsity CI. 2). Mary Flovu Birmingham, .Ma. (Nut in Panel) Hockey (1, 2); Latin Club (1. 2. 3); Glee Club (2. 3). Katheryn Forsyth Esmont, ' a. n B •! T. V. G. A. (2. 3); Science Club (2. 3): Treas- urer (3); N. A. A. (2. 3). Marcelle Garic New Orleans, La. French Circle (1. 3); Glee Club (2, 3); K. A. A. (1). Amoret Gates Franklin, La. X P. Glee Club (2); N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Ball (2, 3): Basketball (2); Hockey (2): Varsity (2); Class President (3); E.xecutive (3); Student Council (3); Student Fac- ulty Committee (3); Serbian Committee (31. Laura Geiser New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Rosemary Gerson New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Margaret Goi.son ' Bessemer, Ala. (Not in Panel) Glee Club (1, 2, 3). jAUNiTA Gonzalez New Orleans, La. A n N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Dramatic Club (2, 3): Spanish Club (3). 105 J A. IVI B A. L A. Y A. Junior Class NF.WCOMB COLLEGE KLarcarft CJrauam New Orleans, La. Tulaiii ' l n niatir cluli (2. 3); Secretary (3); l tl.atini, ' I ' lub (1. 2): French Circle 3); Spanish i ' lul (3); Newcnmli Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3). AxGKi.A CiREcnRV New Orleans, La. Siil.ian Cimmittec (1. 2); Archery (1, 2); Nell Water c.lor Prize (2). Oi.iVK (a TiiRiK Monroe, La. II 1! ■]• AxMi; Gvvix Lexington, Miss. X n N. A. A. (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Cabinet (3); Cla. ' i. ' i Vice-r.esidint (3). DnRoiiiv IIainer McComb, Miss. CI. I Club 12, 3); llandolin-Gultar Club (2); ■i . V. c. A. II, 21. EisiE Ham.ev Atlanta, Ga. Iirhatiliu Club (1. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3) LcciK Harris El Paso, Tex. Frances Hebard New Orleans, La. r ' rench t Irclt ' (1, 2) Debating Club (1. 2); S ' pan- ish Club (3); Newrouib Basketball (21. F niTii llnux New Orleans, La. Ei.izAnETii Hughes New Orleans, La. X 9. Tennis (1): Baseball (1. 2); Glee Club (t. 2. 3): Mamlolin-iluitar ' lub (1, 2, 3). Helen ' Hcghes Shreveport, La. n li ■! ' President (1); Student Council (1); Class Debates (1. 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2, 3); Treasurer (3); Sub-Editor of " .Ianibala a " ' (3): Arcade Board (3); Nixon Debate (3): Chairman Freshman- Sophomore Drag (2): Varsity Debating Squad (3). Mary Hcmer New Orleans, La. Spauisli Club (1. 2, 31; N. A. A. (1. 2. 31; Glee I ' lub (1. 21; Winner SjianLsli Medal (2. 31. Alice Tov Joiinsok McCoinb, Miss. luauiati. ' CInb (1. 2, 3); Debating Club (2. 3): Y, Y. C. A. tl, 2, 31; Cabinet (2): President (3); •■Hullabaloo " Staff (21; House Council (3); Cla.ss Treasurer (3). io6 THE 1 9 J A. [vl B A. L A.V A. Junior Class NEWCOMB C0LLE(;E Margaret Jo.ves Lccompte, La. A A n Wimipr Music Prize (2); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3); Fri-mli Circle (1. 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3). Margaret Jordan Ne v Orleans, La. IsABELLE Keesler Greenwood, Miss. X n Newcoinh Dramatic Club (2, 3); Secretary (3): V. W. C. -A. (1, 2, 3); Secretary (3); Mistress of Kevels (3): N. A. A. (1. 2. 3); Tulane Dramatic Club (2. 3); Volley Ball (2). Edwina Kohlmak New Orleans, La. A E student Body Treasurer (3); Dramatic Club (2, 3); Stage Manager (3); Hockey (2); Basketball (2); Newcomb Basketball (3); Xewconib Ball (31; Dra- matic Club (2, 3). Eleanor Kohlmever New Orleans, La. A E N. A. A. (1. 21; Manrtolin-Ouitar Club (2. 3). Ai.iXE LazarR New Orleans, La. A E ■! Sub-Editor Arcade 13): N. A. A. II. 2. 3); Fremh Circle (2, 3); Debating Club (1. 2); Draniatl. club (2, 3). Louise Levy New Orleans, La. Edith Levy New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Spanish Cluli (1. 2); Glee Club (2. 3); Debating Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (3). -AnEi.E LivAunAis New Orleans, La. :x n Clee Club (1, 2); X. . . A. (J, 2, 3); Y. V. C. A. 2, 3); Krench Circle l2l; Debating Club (1). Katiierine Lively New Orleans, La. Var.sity L ebating (1); Hockey (2); Newcomb Bas- ketball (2, 3): Newcoml) Ball (3); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3): Dramatic Club (2. 3); Debating- club (1, 2, 3); Debating Council (2). Jaxick Loeb New Orleans, La. Debating Club (1, 2); Treasurer (2): Varsity De- bater (2. 3); Winner Nixon Debate (3); Newcomb Sub-Editor of " Jambalaya. " Hktii McLEOn New Orleans, La. K K 1 ' N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Cabinet (2); Newcomb Basketball (2); Hockey 11, 3). Bessie Monroe New Orleans, La. I ' .M Basketball (3); Volley Ball (2); Serbian I ' oinniit- tee (2); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3); Glee Club (1. 2); Chairman of Debate (3): Debating Club (1. 2. 3); Debating Council (1, 2, 3): Nixon Debate (1. 3): Dr.imatlc Club (2); " Jambalaya " Representatlye (2). 107 .. THE 1 9 2. 4- i J A. Nt B A L A. V A. Junior Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Louise Moore Monrue, La. Olefi Club (21; N. A. A. (1. 2); ilockcy (!, 2l; Volley Ball (2. 3); Dormitory Bascliall (1); Climbers (3). Minnie Murphv C ' hciiyville, La. V. W. C. - . (1, 2, 3): Latin Club (1, 2, 3); (. ' limbers (3i. Katiierine Negus Greenville, Miss. Y. V. C. A. (1. 2, 3); N. A. A. (2, 3); Glee Club 12); Hou.se (_ ' ouiu-iI (3); Secretary Student Coun- eil (3). Marsh. ll Norton Rmne, Ga. X V. Freni ' J Cirtle (2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3). Nora O ' Niem Franklin, La. A O II Glee Club (I, 2l; Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3); Climbers (3). M R(; REr Panvh New Orleans, La. Debalini, ' (. ' lub (1. 2); Glee Club (1. 2) Charlotte Peteet Greeinvood, Miss. Y. V. C. A. (1. 2. 3j: Climbers (3); N. A. A. ( I. 2, 31. .Marion Pfeifer New Orleans, La. A E !■ Glee Club (1, 2): Dramati c (■lub (1, 2. 3); Mall- .b,lin-(5uit.ir Club (3); Debating Club (I. 2. 3); l- ' rench Circle (3); . rcade Board (2. 3); .Assembly Committee (3): N. A. A. tl. 2. 3). F.LlZAr.ETii Phauk Berwick, La. II B I Glee Club 1 2. 3); Mandolin?Gu(tar Club (2, 3): Hockey (I, 21; Basketball (2); Dramatic Club (1). Marie Pii.kincton New Orleans, La. Glee Club (I, 2, 3): French Circle (1. 2. 3i; .■ ii.nc lub (3. i); Tulanc Dramatic Club (3. i); . c v ( iiib liramatic Club (3). lo8 a A. Nl B A. L. A. Y A. Junior Class NEWCOMB (X)LLEGE Charioite Price Ne v Orleans, La. K A e Glee Club (2. 3); President (3); Tennis (1. 2); N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Executive (3). Rum Reinaur Lake Charles, La. A E Dramatic Club (3); Science Club (3). Aline Richter New Orleans, La. Tulane Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3). Elizabeth Ridgway Elkton, Tenn. (Not in Panel) Y. W. C. A. (2. 3); Climbers (3). Sara Rives Mansfield, La. Volley Ball (3); Y. V. C. A. (3); Climbers (3); N. A. A. (3). Olive Roberts Minden, La. K A e House Council (3); Latin Club (1. 2); Glee Club (3). Eertiia Roes Morgan City, La. (Not in Panel) Rose Aimee Rov Ne v Orleans, La. (.Not i.i Panel) A A n Rl ' t:i St. Martik New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2, 3); Debating Club (1); N. A. A. (1, 2); Baseball (1); Hockey (1. 2); Varsity (2); College Cheer Leader 2, 3); Field Day (1). Natalie Saukders New Orleans, La. n B ! Janice Scharff New Orleans, La. A E Class Secretary (3); Debating Club (1. 2. 3); Newcomb Ball (2); Captain (3); Baseball (1, 2); Hockey (2); Newcomb Basketball (1. 2. 3); Cap- tain (3); Varsity (3); Spanish Club (3); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3): Assistant Business Manager -Arcade (3). Sylvia Schreiber Marksville, La. Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); .N " . A. A. (I, 2. 3); De- batliig Club (2, 3): French Circle (2, 3); New- comb Basketball (1, 2. 3); Varsity (3); Hockey (1, 2); Varsity (2); Spaulding Basketball (2, 3): Baseball (2); Newcomb Ball (3). Georcia Seaco New Orleans, La. K K r Mandolin-Guitar Club (2. 3): Trca.-iurei- (3): Y. V. C. A. (1. 2. 3); N. A. A. (1). 109 THE 1 9 2, 4- - M |? ' J A. M B A. L A.Y A. j fci.._jMii i iii ff-iirar ■ " II — — n« Junior Class NEWC ' OMH Ct)I.l.K(;F. -J SS " E ' V B Rlih Simov New Orleans, La. M ith(lra vn i A E ' I " b ' FTTV Streiffer New Orleans, I. a. I,;itiil I ' luh (1): Spanish CIuli (2); ] ianinti. cluh (2. 3); Seieni-e Club (2, 3); Ilfl.atini; Club (2, 3); X. A. A. (3). , | _ Enoi.a Subat New Orleans, La. 1 J " i N- A. A. (1. 2, 3): Spanish Club (2. 3); Newoomb i E M H Baski ' tball (1. 2. 3): Basketball (2): Varsity (3); - H Voll. ' V Bull (2. 3): Baseball (1): N ' ewcomb Ball B 0 Cai tain Field Day (3). Marion 1 ikimpson ' New Orleans, La. K A e ■•Janibala -a " Kejire.sentative (1); Class Seei ' etary )| - " ! ' ' Maudolin-Guitai- Club (1. 2. 3); Secretary (2): 4k a. ' ' Xjtffl President (3); Student Council (3); Baseball •I IPB i ' ' ' ' ■k !■ 2); May Day Committee (3). ■| ' pi Bt Winifred Thompson New Orleans, La. V. W. c. A. (1. 2. 3); Cabinet |3); Basketball (2); ;«:_» OiV New onib Basketball (2, 3): Newcomb Ball 12. 3) MHV dfSr N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Indianapolis Club (31. - - Ha —■ LoRRAiN- TiLLOTSON Gretna, La. X. A. A. (2. 3); Science Club (2. 31: Spanish Chill (2. 31. MARCAREr ToMi.ixsoN ' Gulfpcirt, Miss. ' . Hl I ' limbers (31. L Fannie Wise Yazoo City, Miss. A E 4 dec cliil. (3l: Dramatic Club (3); . . A. A. (2. 3); Vollc) ll.ill 13 1; French Circle (21; Science Club (21. ll.iusc (■ ' luncil (3): Secretary. Letiiia Wood Brunswick, Miss. n B ! ' ' ' tr ' . ' 9 ' ' jy i V. V. c. a. (1. 2. 3); Climbers (31; N " . A. A. -, - : .1. 2. 3,. - m 4 WBm ' Gertrude Woodward New Orleans, La. r A n Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3). THE 1 9 2, •4 ' ' ' --, , 2 1 a A Nt B A. L, A.Y A. Junior Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE George Lamak Arrinctox. X Z X . Mnmicelln, Miss. Egbert James Bailev, X S N Orange, N. J. Honor Council. ' 24; Serret:ir - Tuhiiu- Inter- Medical Fraternit - (, ' ounril; 1 1. ' . cluh. Samord Lamar Bailev, B.S X Z X . Kosciusk " , Miss. Frank Joseph Bevi, T K 15 . . . St. Martiiiville, La. Terrv Bird, i: n, A K K Headland, Ala. M. x Bi.LM, i A K New Haven, Conn. Ho.viER F. KoLDlNG, B.S., K 1 ' . . Cnintcrsville, Ala. Tulane Undergraduate Medi al .Soi-iet " . RoBERi Edward Bratton, A K K . Ruuiui Rock, Texas Alexander F. Brock, Jr., K I ' . . Montgomery, Ala. Owl Club; D. V. Cluh; Tulane Undergraduate Medieal Society. Jas. S. Brown, Jr., B.S., A K K . Ilenderxnu ille. N. C. Ii. V. (Tul.. Joseph Lef Camp, B.S., X Z X . . . Mnnford, Ala. Kelso H. Carrington, K »! ' , •! X . . Magnolia, .Ark. Owl (Tub- " ' vo.n -iiror Medical Student Hody; Var- sity Ba.selmll, ' 24. Murrav S. Calskv, B.S., X, X . . I.ibcrtv, Miss. Otis Leon Chason, B.S., K i;, ' ! X . . . ClKiti rn, .Ma. THE 192-4 Ill ' l ' s dtesi fa J A. t B A. L A.V A. — — ' - Junior Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE IIerndon Hosmer Clarke, X Z X . . . Mobile, Ala. Tulane Undergraduate Medical Society, •23- ' 24. John F.ari.e Claytok, " t B n . . . Paragould, Ark. Honor Committee. ■22- " 23. Nicholas Baloassare Colombo . . New Orleans, La. Harold Kr av Cook Iowa ViLLL M Jesse Craig, X Z X . . . . ShetReUl, Ala. Herman Perry Dohrmiere Curiis, K M ' . Roheliiie, La. F. J. Decesare, B.S., n T . . . Roselle Park, N. J. Tulane Undergraduate Medical Soeiet.w Ernest L. Devron, B.S., A :; , K I ' . New Orleans, La. Joseph Marion Donald, B.S., ! X . Pine -Apple, .Ala. Wm. James Donald, B.S., X . . . Pine .Apple, .Ala. Pal ' l S. Dougherty, .A.B., K A, ■! ' X . Los .Angeles, Cal. John Fredericks Drew, .A.B., 4 ' X . San Francisco, Cal Morris James DLihY, A i; 1 , K ! ' . New Orleans, La. B THE 1 9 2, 4- W ' t J A. M B A. L A. Y A. Junior Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Dean Hume Duncan. B.S., n K A . . For aTi, Okln. pREnERiCK Y. DuRRANCE, B.S., X Z X . ArcHili:!, Fla. Square and Compass. Miss Ruby Louise Easteri.inc, B.S. . . Jackwin, Miss. Oscar J. Emery. B.A., B.S., 2: N . Lewisville, Texas Class Vice-President. ' 22- ' 23: Honor Council, ' 2? - •24; Band. •22- ' 23. George Diedrich Feldner. ■! B IT . New Orleans, La. Squaro and Compass. Vance Wem,s Fletcher, B.S., ' I ' P i) . Greensboro, Fla. Seth Jordon Fi.oyd, B.S., K ■ ' . . . . Phoenix, Ala. Square and Compass. Milton Sidney Freiman. A.B. . . Brooklyn. N. Y. Vm. p. Garhner, B.S., K 2, X . . Tupelo, Miss. Class President. ■2t- " 22: Glee clult. " i: 1 . " 22. " 2:!; Varsity Football. ■22--23. Wm. Victor (iArnier, A 2 if, K " V . New Orleans, La. RonERT Elrridke Gay, K Wadley, Ala. Sfiuare and Comjiass. Harolu W. Golorerc, F :c A, 1 A E . New " l)rk, N. ' ' . Ben Goldsmith, 2 A M, A E . . . . Welch, La. .Secre•n■■ ■ Student Counril. 22- " 23; Varsitv I- ' oot- ball. •23- ' 2-J. Julian (jRAunARTH. 1 A M, ! A E . Las Wjjas, N. M. Henry Edward (iuERRiERo, B.S Monroe, La. THE 1 9 2. ■4 ' is ' gl t JA.NlBiVI_i MJJHMiwMiM—i «— BHiimi ■■-■ J A. Nl B iV I_ A. V A. Junior Class SCIIOOI, OF MEDICINE Daniix LaSai.i.i; II r;ooi), A K K . . . Brcwtoii, Ala. Joseph Jalou Hams. |k Ennis, Texas ' I ' ulalH ' l ' liili rm-:iilu;iti- Medical Society. Frank F. II rkis, li.S., II K ■! , K ' V . Ilnnt villf, . l:i. Lixiii.FV O. H ams, U.S., !■ li II . . . Oentoii, Texas Gaston A. Hki!i:ri, K A, A K K . . Hot Springs, Ark. Class President. ■2:?- ' 24: Interfraternity Medical Council. ' il- ' Sl; nwl cluli; D. V. t ' luh. RoiiKRT Cari. Hii.i,, ' I ' B II Bellamy, Ala. Honor Committee-. ' ■23- ' 24. John Franklin Howki.i., B.S lloiilka. Miss. PiRWARi) . ' . H •CKA A , K - . . . Shrevepcirt, I.a. Mbl.vii.i.fi W. HiiNTPR, B.S., I 15 II . New Orleans, La. I . V. iMul.. Norman Kli.i.v, X . . . . . Walnut Cirove, Miss. NoAii W. IvuiiNcswiiRiij, H.S., I X . . . Froy, Ala. Saul Franlis Lwdrv, A.B., A K K . . . Morse, La. 11 + «V THE 1 9 2, J A. M B A. L A.V A. Junior Class SCHOOL OK Ml.niCINE H. N. Leopold, B.S., A .M, ' I ' A E . San Antonio, Tex. Class Historian. ' 19- ' 2(); I liillalialoo l; iJi-f s, " iit- atlve, •22- ' 23. James Otis Lisenhv, B.S., H X, K l ' . . Llothan, Ala. Honoi- Commitee. •21- ' 22: Class PresideJlt. ' 22- ' 23; President Council of Medical Fraternities. ' 23- ' 24; President Tulane Undert ratluate Medical Society. ' 23- ' 24. JoHx Fair Lucas, - X, I X . . Owl I ' lul.. Moorhead, Miss. Spencer B. McNair, K McComb, Miss. Square and Conipass: President of Student Coun- cil. President of Medical Student Body. •23- " 24: Vice-President Class. ■20- ' 21; Honor Committee. •22- ' 23. DWIGHT LOKTIX MVHRS, ' I ' X Jennings, N. C. M. V. Mii.i.ER. B.S., 4 A e, A K K . Aliliottstown, Pa. Owl ' lul., Edwin Rogers Nodine, A.B., B IT . New York, N. V. I). V. Clul.. Thos. H. Omphant. B.S., A T A, :i X . Jackson, Miss. Owl Clnh. B. G. Owens, B.S., A T (), X Z X . . llnrtshoro, Ala. CMass Historian. ■22- ' 2;{; Cuun. il nl Medical Fi-a- ternities, ■23- ' 24. Hark ' i Wkai Porter, A.B., X Z X . Neiv Orleans. La. Benjamin Jomnson Chapman Km noi.ds . . Lotiisiana Mrs. Fi.orena G. Rich, B.S., M.. . . Xasliville, Tenn. AAA, ■!■ li K Cla. ' is ili. tiiriiui. ' 21 -•22. RiEE R. RdiiiNs. B.S., :: ir. ■!■ x . Ozan, Ark. Howard I). Roginson. B.S., Z X . . Canton, MIsv. Wli.l.iA.M Jami;s Rosser, ■!• I! II . . . (ioociwater . ' la. " 5 THE 1 9 2- 4 ' % tk J A. Nl B A 1_ A.Y A. Junior Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Kelibex S. Rn , B.A., K X, X . . Natchitoches, La. Varsity Baski ' tliall. Varsity Track, ' 23- ' 24; Owl Alfonso Salazar li. San Jose, Ctista Rica Jui.io Antoma Santos Aiiasco, Portn Rica Thomas Morkow Savri:, B.S., P - . . Mangan, La. S.|iialf ail.i 1 ' ollipass; i ' lass Vire-Prt?sidellt. ' 23- " 24. Henry Schwartze Breiihan, Texas Robert Flt.ton Sharp, i: X . . . . Chunkv, Miss. Wallace Polk Sheely, B.S., P 2 . Gulfpnrt, Miss. .laiulialaya Artist. John Fran Smith, H.A., ' ] X I Ienkv Rali ' II Smlhi, I -I ' Sidney Silas Smith, Jr., K Paris, Ark. . Biriniiijj;hain, .Ala. Fremont, N. C. MiiRDOCK MuRPii Sneli.ing, . . . Ne%v Orleans, La. K A, ! X, () O S •I ' la.-k, ■2II- ' 21; Class K.iol l.all. ' 20. ' 21; L . V. ■■|ul.. Luis Spiegel, I A IC Bronx, N. V. Vm. Lea Stallworth, B.S., e X, K I ' . Orrville, .Ma. Mul (.Muh, 1 . V. c ' luh; TuLii]. ' I ' ll.lrrmacluali- Mi ' diral S() ' irt ' ; Varsity l ' ' o.itli;ill. ' arsity Trai-U, I.iRURN Echoes Stanhher, ' I 11 IT . . Laniesa, Texas William Foran Siock, KM ' . . . . Ilarttoni, Conn. ii6 i r-ii i n- :.- ii S l l --» THE 1 9 2, •4 ' ■3 J A. r B A. I_ A.Y A. - - — — — " - I Junior Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Ambrose Howell Storck, B.S., . . New Orleans, La. A e, N 2 N Serretary Freshman C ' lass; Historian Krcshinan Pre-Medical. Miss SiisiE Bo-iD SuLHOFF Sati Jose, Cal. Vincent J. Thacker, A.B., A K K . Parralchin, Mex. Secretary-Treasurer Junior (_ ' lass. Clifford Jos. Vedrene, B.S. . . . New Orleans, La. Cam. McL. Vermillion, K i;, 1 li 11 . . Tescott, Kan. Ben.iamin W. Ward, B.S., B U . New Orleans, La. Davis D. Warren, K 2, X . HattieslnjrK, Miss, nwl Cluli; .I:inili:il:iya Relir.-s.-ntal i .-. ' 21, ■22, ' 23. Clarence H. Webb, B.S., B e II, N 2 N . . Lucas, La. Owl Cluli: Tulane L ndergraduate Medical Society; Glee ( ' lull; Y. M. C. A.; Cabinet, ' 22, ' 23, ' 24; Stu- dent Secretary of Y. M. C. A., ' 24; Var.sity Wrest- ling, ' 2l- ' 22; Interfraternity Basketball, •23- ' 24. Waldo S. Wehri.v, AM., X 2 X . . SarUa . ' na, Cal. IIirman .ALriRi-v WmiH, A.B., B.S. . .Mexandria, La. !• K 2, ]■; M ' ill. 111. r roniniitee. ■23- ' 24; D. V. club; Si crelnry ' I ' libiiir Undergraduate Medical Sncl.-ty. Seward IIaff Wills, N 2 N . . . Standlmpe, N. J. DwiGHT MooDV VouNG, B.S., l B II . . . Enid, Okla. 117 - ib THE wQlSmm J A IvI B A I_ A. Y A Junior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY (jEorce Samuel Acton, S 4 ' , K . Shreveport, La. Class Assistant Business Manager " Janilmlaya. " ■22- ' 23; Honiir I ' nmmittee, ■22- ' 23; Historian it Class, ■23- ' 24. Ralph Stewart Akers, S I ' ' t . . . Fairmont, VV. Va. class Pl-psidi ' llt, ■22- ' 23; Junior Class Manager " Jambalaya, " ' 23- ' 24. Wli.l.lAM Julian Apple, V n, 2 I E . . Chicota, Tex. Band, •21- ' 22; S.rub Football, ' 23; Passed Anat- omy, ' 23. Wii.LiA.M Gregorv Banks, I ' n . . Baton RouRe, La. Robert Bunion Benton, 2 N . . . Baton Rouge, La. HoBSON Darnev Brock McComb, Miss. Square and Compass: Assistant Baseball Man- ager, ' 23- ' 24: ' Viee-President Class, ' 22- ' 23; Honor Committee, ' 22- ' 23. Presion Ranki.in Brock Lexie, Miss. Square and Compass. Marsden CouviLi.lov, S ' ! , A 2 ' t . Marksville, La. Foster Clarke Fant, S ' . . . . Coahoma, Miss. Class President. ' 24; Class Editor " Jambalaya " : Pre-Med Tug-ot- ' War and ' Wrestling Team. ' 20- •21: Scrub Football, ' 20. ' 21, ' 22. ' 23, Cecil Floyd, S 1 ' I ' Phoenix, Ala. Sijuare and Comjiass; Secretary and Treasurer of Class; Hecording Secretary of Square and Com- pass. Fred Marcus Fridge New Orleans, La. Aristide Charles CJaulon .... New Orleans, La. Thomas Jesse Guy, S Macon, Miss. iig HE I 9 2, 4 " M t J A. Nl B A. C A.Y A. Junior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY James Mark Houston ' , i: n, n . . Meridian, Miiss. Pfrcv Chari.es Hudson Kosciusko, Miss. Henry Paul Hukham, S I ' I ' . . . Fitzpatrick, Ala. Richard Wynne Irving New Orleans, La. John Harvey Johnson, Jr., S I ' I . Krnokhaven, Miss. Philip Benton Koonce, K 2 . . . Beaiimnnt, Texas Varsity Footlinll. ' IS. Dewey Maurice Long. ! ' n, II II A . . Lowell, Ark. Charles T. McCarthy, S ' I ' ' I ' , A i: ! . Ennis, Texas Crawford Andes McMurray, n . . . Ennis, Texas " Jarnbalaya " Representative, •21- ' 22; Class Histo- rian. ' 22- ' 23; Passed Anatomy, ' 22; Member Shifter. " !, ' 23- ' 24. Silas Cjarner Maddox Ackerman, Miss. Hakdli) Adoli ' h Melanson . Gibson, La. Walier Thomas Miller, S ' 1 ' ' 1 ' . . Creenfielil, Miss. 119 THE 1 9 2, 4 iir ir ' a( ; J A. M B A. L, A. Y A. Junior Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Hen ' Rv Schortev Moncet, 2 N . . Baton Rouge, La. Varsity Football, ' -2. Homer Savders Neal Carrollton, Miss. Eligene Newton Fayette, Ala. Framk W. Phillips, A 9 Lewiston, Ida. Varsity Footliall, ' 21. ' 22. ' 23; Varsity Track, ' 21- ' 22. Hugo J. Popkin Franklin, La. " H iillahalou " Represelitatlvf Junior Class. Ll,o •l) Edwin Rich, 3 I ' P . . . . Poplarville, Miss, rlass rrrsliifiit, ■21- ' 22; H.nicir i ■.iMiiiiitl. ' .-, •21-22. Charles Duncan Victerv, l ' 42 . . Livingston, Texas William Davis Wall, I ' S2, i; N . . . Zachary, La. Jesse Lee Windham Merryville, La. Squatf aiul t ' onipass; Assistant Maiiai4Hr Tuiani ' KowliiK t ' ri ' W. ' 24. Guy W. Yaees, S . . . ■ Philadelphia, Miss. Secretary and Treasurer. ' 21- ' 22; Assistant Eilitor " Jamlialaya, " ' 23- ' 24. Miss Rosa R. Zucernikoff, II - X . . Bangkok, Siam Historian Class, ■21- ' 22. THE 1 9 2. 11 ' I ' = Junior Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY T. A. Allen Edna, Ala. H i; A. M. BiRDSONG Oak Crovc, La. 15 ' !■ i; C. W. Brown Cnliiiiiliia, La. Square and C ' oiupass Miss C. F. Fisher New OrIeaii , La. n X E. B. Hamilton, Jr W ' illH-rtim, Okla. H i ' :i; S. G. J.ACKSON Winliflcl, La. li ■]■ i; J. L. M.ARRV Wcitiiiiiistcr, S. C. J. G. Mariin Ohatchie, Ala. B X R. E. C. Miller Alexandria, La. B !• i; M. K. Monroe Oak (Jrove, La. B ■! ' i; N. L. MoRAN Bilcixi, Miss. B !• r W. L. RoiiERis Fullfrliiii, La. B ' !• i; J A IvI B A. I_ A. Y A. ■ ■Mkai —. fc- THE 1 9 2. 4 fM :_ J A IvI B A. I_ A.V A. Junior Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Charles F. Polk Slidell, La. B 2 Miss Thelma E. Popovich .... New Orleans, La. II i: X HuIIahalloo Representati e: Setri ' tary Junior f ' las.s. WiLLARD Lamar Roberts Fullerton, La. H ' I. 2 TiiEo. V. Schmidt, Jr Morgan City, La. B 2 J. J. Si ' ATAIora Monroe, La. R. E. SvLVERSTEiN, Jr Tvlertown, Miss. 1! 2 GvTE James Tritico Lake Charles, La. Ha.viilton Waglev Maringouin, La. I! 2 . . J. Walter Morgan City, La. B 2 S. Wolfe Cliathain, Miss. B 2 Miss W. L. WnonwAKn Sicilv Island, La. S J A. IS4 B A. I_ A. Y A. — Junior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES LoviNCV Joseph Adams, K 2 . . Morp;an City, La. (Not in Pniu-1) Charles Edgar Allev, Jr., t B IT . . . . Arabi, La. Joseph Warren Berwick, Jr., U O n . . Eunice, La. Hyder Ford Brewster, K 2, X . . . . Ruston, La. Class Treasurer A. S. (3); Cla.ss Secretary- Treasurer Medical (1); Y. M. C. A. Cahinet (3); Glendv Burke (2): Speaker (3); Dramatic Club (2). CuTHBERT Justin " Brown, B n . . New Orleans, La. Joseph Hyal Brown New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Ernest Celi.i New Orleans, La. Sims Atkins Chapman, ■f ' B IT . . New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Robert Herman Cherry New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel! Louis Harbot Ci.averie, " t A B . . New Orleans, La. Leroy Geach Cleverdon New Orleans, La. James Joseph Davidson, Jr Lafayette, La. Glendy Burke (3); Debating Team (3). Charles Louis Dufour, IT K A . . New Orleans, La. Class Baseball (1); Varsity Baseball (2): Class Kootball (1); Scrub P ' ootball (2); Hullabaloo Staff (3). Harry Nelson Ferguson New t)rleans. La. (Not in Panel) Newton Melbourne Fisk .... New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) S. A. A. U. Wrestling (1): Glendy Burke (2, 3); Hullabaloo Heporter (3). Herman Weil Frank Gadsden, .Ma. «23 SJ THE 1 9 2, -4- tMtQlSmm a A. ivl B A. L A. Y A. Junior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES John William Gladson Ringgold, La. Gh-iKly Burke (1. 2, 3); Ilraniiitk- Cluli (2. 3); Y. M. I ' . A. CaliiiU ' t (2. 31; Band (3); Hulla- lial.M. (2, 3). John Barr Gooch, X Z X . . . . New Orleans, La. Jainlialaya Class Rnprt ' sentative (3); Glendy Builti- (2): iM-arnatiL- (Mub (2); Indianapolis I ' luli (31. Edward Monriir Gordov, Jr., X Z X . Westwego, La. Oit h.-.stra (2 1. Marvix TARpm Grkex, i; {■ Hico, La. ( ' hairnian Junior Prom (3); Prpsident Y. M. (. ' . A.; Secretary-Treasurer (jlendy Burke (2); Sec- retar ' -Treasurer Dramatic Club (2). Kyle Hill New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) ' ARREN Alvin HlRSCH New Orleans, La. (Not in P.incl I Li.ovD Charles HnKFMAS " .... New Orleans, La. JdSiAii Meap Hull, X Z X . . . . Lawrence, Mass. (Not in Panel) William Trezevant Jervey, S A E . . Moliile, Ala. Leonel LiPPMAN Kahx Rayne, La. (Not in Panel) Lloyd John " Kuhn, X Z X . . . New Orleans, La. Class Secretary (3). James A. Leeper. II K $, X Z X . Lenoir City, Tenn. (Not in Panel) James Person Macruder New Orleans, La. (.Not in Panel) CiEORCE Charles Miramon .... New Orleans, La. Boxing; Vrestlin|?: Interclass Bascliall. Walter Olin Moss, K 2, X . . Lake Charles, La. Scrub Footl)aM; Class Football: Class Secretary (2); White Elephants; Class Vice-President (3); Olive and Blue; Sphinx; Toreadors Cinco. (Miss) Mary Sue T. Mullins, K A . Clanton, Ala. (Not in Panel) Joiix Lawrence Pitts, Jr., K i: . . Alexandria, La. ' hite Elephants; Crlendy Burke. JARVEY Thomas Raney Zwolle, La. (Not in Panel) 124 «=i r b . THE 1 9 2- 4 1j J A. lyl B A L A. Y A. II rn — il»i — n II II MMM Mi Junior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Joseph Wii.i.iam Reddoch, K . . Hope Hull, Ala. Y. M. C. A. Frank Pali, Rizzo . . . New Orleans, La. Henry Moreland Robinson, n K . New Orleans, La. Dramati.- cluli; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Cla.ss Wrest- ling (1. 2): I ' lass Football (1. 2); Class Tub-o- Wai- (1. 2); Glendy Burke. Robert Alexander Robinson, N 2 N . Gloster, Miss. (Not in Panel) Leonard Heyman Roes New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Philip John Saleeby New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Joseph Thompson Scott, K A . . . New Orleans, La. Willie Campbell Scott, Jr., K A . . Cheneyville, La. Tug-o- Var (II; Dramatie cluli C!); Class His- torian (3). Alonzo Hemry Seitzincer .... New Orleans, La. (Not in P.inell Leonard John Seitzinger .... New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Charles McDaniel Smith Paris, Ark. (Not in Panel) Clarence Haas Snelling, K A . . New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Class President (2); WrestlinK (2); .Seiub Football (2). John Fairfa.x Stafford, A 9 . . New Orleans, La. Sidney Louis Tabary New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Henry Ashton Thomas, AS . . New Orleans, La. Class President :{). Ernest Bertram Weinfield . . . New Orleans, La. (Not in Panel) Robert McLin White, K A . . . . .Alexandria, La. (Not in Panel) Class Football (2); Class B,asketball (2 1; S. nil. Football I2.:il; Wliite Elephants. James Wittenberg, Jr., Z B T . . New Orleans, La. Cla.ss Football (1); Class Basketball (2); Varsity Basketball .Sijuad (3). Maxwell Verger, A K E Mminds, La. Manager l raiiiatie (Tub. David Whiiitfi.d Young New Orleans, La. I2S THE 1 9 i 4 ? ET f J A M B A I_ A.Y A. Junior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING David Searcy Barrow, A Z ! . . New Orleans, La. Srrub Football (1. 2); Class Athletics (1. 2); Vnrsity Track (SI; Architectural Society (1. 2, 3); President (3); Engineering Society: Assistant Edi- tor Jambalaya (2); Art EtUtor (3); Cross-Coun- try Team (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3). - ■ _ «« _« Salvador Di Hkxkdktto New Orleans, La. WW JBh|4 H jjK EnKlneeriliy Society; R. A. C. " P ' • ' ' ' Percy Levy Bernstein, Z A M . . . Cnilfport, Miss. • Engineei-iufi Society: R. A. C. William Henry Besselman, ATA. New Orleans, La. Varsity Footliall (2. 3J; Engineering Society; Crew (1). E " Sm HP " ( - Lester Brown Clark New Orleans, La. James Murray Cracroft Alexandria, La. EngiiUM ' ring Society ' ; R. A. C. George Jay De Garmo, X ' I ' . Cocoanut Grove, Fla. Scrub Football (2); Cross-Country Team (2); S. A. A. IT. Cross-Country t ' hampion (3); Varsity Football Squatl (3): Cross-Country Team (4). » tf I ' jr K Edwin Esse.k Elam New Orleans, La. " m U Engineering Society: R. A. Charles Julius Fritchie Slidell, La. V ' lcTOR Frederick Hartel .... New Orleans, La. Engineering Society; Class Track (1, 2). Edmund Favre Hughes New Orleans, La. Engineel-ing Society; R. A. C. 126 S THE 1 9 2. 4 %. S. J A. lyl B A. 1. A.Y A. - — — — ■ — Junior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Elwell Lawes Ki-EiN ' PETER, K A . New Orleans, La. White Elephants: Olive and Blue; Sphinx; Glee (_ ' lub (2); Engineering Society. Joseph Stephen Kluchin .... New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (3); Track (2); BngineerinK Society. Fran-CIS Albert Lakdrieu .... New Orleans, La. Glee Club; R. A. C; Engineering Society; Wrest- ling Team (2). William Harold Leonard .... New Vnrk, N. V. Class Wrestling (2); Engineering Society; Dor- mitory Governing Board (3); Cross-Country Team (3). Leo Lew Lowentritt Winnslinrn, La. Engineering Society. Tim Lewis McNa.viara New Orleans, La. EuwARu James McShane .... New Orleans, La. Engineering Society. Ellie Earl Norwood New Orleans, La. Joseph Frank Nunenmacher . . . New Orleans, La. class r)eliating Team (2); Engineering Society; R. A. C; Glendy Burke. Paul Pascal Pareti, Jr., E K 2 . . New Orleans, La. C olumbians. Gerald Perkins New Orleans, La. Philip Phillips New Orleans, La. Engineering Society; H. A. C; Wrestling Team (2). Everett Gruner Roessle .... New Oi leans. La. Assistant Engineer Summer Survey Camp; Engi- neei-ing Society; R. A. C. 127 - ? — - — ■ ' ' %k. Junior Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Olio RiCHAKi) ScHUTT New Orleans, La. John- Kki.i. Schwarzenbach . . . New Orleans, La. Ent ' iilfeliny Suciet. . Lkwis MoxRot SiiELTOX New Orleans, La. Engineerinti Society. JosKPH Eraser Thompson .... New Orleans, La. Engineering Society. Joiix MoRT Walker, Jr., K - . . New Orleans, La. Ensineering Society; .Siruli FooIImH (1, 3, 3). Charles Wirth III, 4 K 2 . . . New Orleans, La. Engineering So ' -iety; Clji.s.s Treasurer (2); t ' la.s.s Vice-President (: ); Janibalaya Cla.ss Repre.sent- ative (3); Glenriy Burke. Edouard Joseph Woca , K A . . . New Orleans, La. Ariliitcctin ai .Societj " . Labert Glese Wvler New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (1): Class Wr »stling (3); Class Track (3); Class Tug-o-War (1); President (3); R. A. C; Engineering Society. 128 THE I 9 2, 4- ■ir»«ii nmr n ■ J A. Nl B A. L, A. Y A. Second Year Class COLLEGE OF LAW W. M. Barn-e-it, Jr., Z B T, t B K, K , 2 T . New Orleans A.B. Tulane ' SS: Kappti Uflta Phi Medal; Class Prcs. (1. 4); Vire-Pres. (2); Str. (3j; Winner Carnot liebate Medal (1); Var- sity Debater (1, 2. 3): Glendy Burlte Literary Society (1. 2); Si»eal er (2); Oratorical and Del)rtting ' ( ' ouncil (2, 3. 4, 5; Cliair- nian (3): Tulane Club (1. 2, 3. 4, 5); Pres. (3); Editor Tulane Hand-Book (3); Hullabaloo Staft (1. 2, 3. 4. 5); Managing Edi- tor (3); Editor-in-Chief (4. 5); Asst. Editor Jambalaya (4); I ' ' ounder Tulane Senate (4); Mgr. Varsity Wrestling Team (3); Capt. (4); Interfraternity Couni ' il (3, 4, 6); Reporter (5); Olive and Blue; Forum (3); Dramatic Society (4); Moot Court (4). Leon- Soi.is Cahn, Z B T, B K, 2 T New Orleans A.B. Tulane, ' 23; Tulane Club (1, 2. 3, 4, 5); Glendy Burke (1. 2); Varsity Alternate Debater (2); Interclass Debating (2)- Oratorical and Debatins Coumll (2, 3, 4, 5); Sec.-Treas. (4); Chairman (5); Jambalaya Class Representative (4); Scrub Foot- ball (4); Tulane Band (4, .1); Varsity Debater (4. 5): News Edi- tor Hullabaloo (4, .i); Business Mgr. Dramatic Society (4): Forum (4); Moot Court (4); Ernest T. George Prize (4); Student Senate 14, ,il. Joseph Merrick Jones, A K E, ' f A il New Orleans (Not in Panel) Class Football (1, 2); Scrub Football (1, 2. 3); Tulane Club; Interfraternity Council Representative; Sphinx. Robert Emmett Kerrigan, A 6, t A ! . . . Hammond, La. Sam Schwinc Kiblinger, i A 6 New Orleans (Not in Panel) Glendy Burke; Class Pre.s. (2, 3). Lester Joseph Lautenschlaeger, A K E . . . . New Orleans Varsity Football (2, 3); Varsity Baseball (2, 3); Varsity Bas- ketball (3); Winner of the Porter Cub (2); Omega Rho; Tulane Moot Court (2, 31; Vice-Pres. Law School; Alpha Phi Phi; Class Football (1); Cla.ss Baseball (1); Class Basketball (1); Class Tug-o-War (1); Thirteen Club; Class Vice-Pres. (1). Joseph Andrews Me ers, OTA New Orleans Columbians; Glendy Burke; Moot Court (1, 2); Scrub Football (1. 21. Charles Ford Currier, K A, A i Shreveport, La. Sphinx Club. Edward Apps Davidson, B 6 II, S A , . . . . New Orleans Sphinx Club; Thirteen Club; Olive and Blue; Class Secy. (1); ( ' lass Pres. (2); Class Vice-Pres. (3, 4); A.ssistant Football Mgr. (3); Basketball Squad (3); Scrub Football (3); Interclass Ac- tivities; Lightweight Boxing Champion (2). Waldo Howard Dugas. A K E Lafayette, La. Jambalaya Class Representative (2, 3); Glendy Burke (2); Moot Court (2, 3); Omega Rho. Carl Abram Fisher New Orleans (Not in Panel I James Valentine Egan Irion, II K ' P Emad, La. Hullabaloo Staff (1, 2); Glendy Burke (1); Speaker (2); Alter- nate Varsity Debater (1); Oratorical and Debating Council (1); Scc.-Treas. (2); Chmn. Stunts C ' ominittee 1923 Alumni-Senior Banquet; Pres. Dramatic Club (I, 2); Moot Court (1). Frederick Cable Oechsner, B e II, t A , 2 T . New Orleans t lass Track (1); Interfraternity Basketball (1); Glee Clulj (2, 3, 4); President (3); Glendy Burke (2); Interfraternity Council Representative (4); Thirteen Club; f)li e and Blue; Sidlinx club; Alpha Phi Phi. Joseph John Ruffo New Orleans (Not in Panel) Class Sec-. (3); Square and ( ' (inipass. Walker Branerd Spencer, Jr., B 9 II New Orleans (Not in Pani ' ll A.B. Princeton 1922. Frank Palmer Stubbs, Jr., A K E, ! A !•, i: T . . Monrue, La. sphinx Cluli. William Hale Wamsley, Jr., OTA Coiishatta, La. Square and Compass; Glendy Burke; Moot Court. 129 THE 1 9 2. ' 4- " i iiiini iii-TH A.N B A. L A.Y A. Junior Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION W ' .M ri-R J. Harn ' ks, n K a . CJkoroe King Bkadkord, Jr. . New Orleans, La. . Ra [le, La. . Texarkana, Texas Jack Braumii.i.er, K 2 . " Ias.s Pre.sidtMit i? ): Iiepre.st ' nt:itivf Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Shield and .Scimitar: . i-afieniic Board. RniiERT Baii.F!V Cato WiiKnia, Mis Janilialaya C ' la.s.s Repre.sentative (.1). Joseph P. Henicav, Jr., B 9 IT . . New Orleans, La. ( " Xc.t in Panel) Tliiiteen CIuli; Olive and Blue; Sphinx; ' las.s Vice-President (2, 3); Hullaluvloo Commerce Edi- tor 13); Val-slty Basketball (1, 2. 3); Varsity Football (2, 3). Albert E. Hollema.v Beaumont, Texas President Commerce Student Body (3); Director Tulane Dramatic Club (2, 3) ; Leader Tulane Band (3); " Y " Cabinet (3); Chairman " Cam- pus Service " (3); Chairman " Homecoming " (3). Wallace Clegg Kemper, K A . . New Orleans, La. Hullalialoo (1); White Elephants; Olive and Blue; Sphinx: Scrub Football (3); Interfraternity Haslictliall (3). Joseph Willard Kidd Ccilumbia, La. W ' li.KRED MoHR KuLLMAN, 2 A Ji . . Natchez, Miss. (Not in Panel) Daniel Kistker Murray, Jr., K - . New (JrJeans, La. Tennis Team (1, 2); Runner-up S. I. C. Singles (1); Winner S. I. C. Singles (2); Manager of Tennis (2); Scrub Football (1); Varsity Football (2); White Klcpliants; PI Alpha I ' hi; olive ai)d Blue. Charles Elgv Null Deniupulis, ,Ma. Square and l ompass. John B. Perkins, i) X BriMikliaveii, Miss. Class Se retat- -TieasuriT 13 1; Workroom Com- mincc t:!). Harri 1). I ' liURCiAU, OTA. . . (Not in Panel) New Rn;)(ls, La. 130 ■ — =. SOPMO MORES J A. ivl B A. 1_ A.Y A. tmm,m,mm SopKomore Class NEW ' COMB COLLEGE Ellex Aarom Nachitoclics, La. EniTH BuRinv Sulpluir, La. A n Glee Club (1): Mantloliii-Guitai ' Club Franl ' KS B. Busil . . . Frinklin la (1. 2) : Climbers (2). ' " ' K K r Class Seeretaiy (1, 2); Suli-Eilllnr Ar- NoRMA Al.l.T.vinNT . . . . New Orleans, La. racle u. 2|; Climb.-is Club (1, 2). Margaret Aronsox . . . New Orleans, La. " ' ' ■ ' " ' ' " ' - ' ' ' " ' O ' l nns, La. A K - T N. A. A. (1. 2); French Circle (1. 2). AuRELiA Brewer Arcadia, La. Helex Corixxe Bass . . . New Orleans, La. IX B EvEi.vx Campbem New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); N. A. . . (1. 2): French Circle (2). Amelia Castaxera Bil,.xi, Miss. Ethel B.WER New Orleans, La. Odette Charlarox , . , Neu Orleans I a Dramatic Club (2); N. A. A. (1. 2); De- ' bating Club (2): Carnot Debate (2); - ' ■ H Newcomh Basketball (2); Serbian Com- mittee (1. 2): Arcade Staff (2); Nixon C ' l.mre Cheriioxxier , . . New Orleans La Debate (2); Science (2). " ' „ M -v I T Elsie Cier New Orleans la Evelvxe Bayle .... New Orleans, La. nc.nis, i„i. r T r i T - I r Rust C ' ORXEi.sox .... Ne Orleans La. Ortelle J. Bechtei. . . . New Orleans, La. ..i..n,, 11 li I Ncwcomb Basketball (2); SpauUling CJertrude Beekmax . . . New Orleans. La. Bnsketball (2); Hockey (Varsity). Elsa Louise Beiiraxo . . New Orleans, La. ' • ' ' ' " Crewe Memphis, Tenn. A A II M.n, IJ.oe M ri 1 T Debating Club 111; X.- cinb Hall ID; AR Bisso New Orleans, La. Volley Ball (2i. Evelixe NL rie Bi.eaklev . New (.)rleans. La. Marcel Ducros .... New Orleans, La. French iTub 11, 2); N. A. A. (1. 2); N. .A. A. (2). Glee Club (1. 2.1; Spanish Club (2). ELizAnETii Olxwooiu ' .... I ' ineville, La. TiLLlE BoRCHARDT .... El Pasi), I ' exas H Glee Club (1); Class t ' heer Leader II); H..,..,. n„„,„„ M ,,1 T President (2); Volley Ball 121; F. - HfcLtX BoVARn . . New Orleans, La. ,„ .„ti,,„ Committee (2); Kiudc.it c„.iii- ( Withdrawn) ,.U 2). A II Sadie Eli.ioit New Orleans, La. Mabel Burxs New Orleans, La. II I! ■ ' . ' 133 -- S THE 1 9 2, 4 M ' 4 ' - J A. lyl B A. L A. Y A. i ww M !!■ I Wa l — i M Aaron, Akon ' scv, JJass, B.alkk, ]5avi,e, Bisso Hi.KAKLF.v, Burns, Burton ' , Bush, Castanera, Chalaron, Cherbonnier CoRXELsoN, Crewe, Ducros, Dunvvoodv, Early, Feilschmidt Fenxer, Fox. Fextriss, Gahacax, Glexnv, Goodwill, (Sessxer Graixer, Hains, Hallam, Hardesty, Hayward, Henderson Holder, Hyman, Ivey, Lambert, L. Lewis, R. Lewis, Madison 131 THE «( % JAM ■■I J A rvl B A. L A. V A. Sopkomore Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Barbara Eskrigge . . . New Orleans, La. Barbara CJessner . . . New Orleans, La. n H K A e Truck (31. Bernard Earlv Esmont, Va. X 9. Jeanne Goodmax .... New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (2); X. A. A. (2); Climljers (2). French Circle (2); N. ,A. A. (1); Span- ish Club (2). Louise Feilsch.viidt . . . New Orleans, La. A E i Rai Graner New Orleans, La. N. A. . . (t, 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2): K K V Volley Ball (1 2); Newcomb Bask-t- Newromb Ba.sketb.ill ,1, 2,: Dramatic ball (1 2): Hockey (1): Spauding (1): Baseball (1): yice-Pre.s.dent d : Trea.s- Dramatic Club (1, 2); N. A. A. U. 2). urer (1): N. A. A. Treasurer (2); Dor- mitory Council (1); Climbers (2). Alice Grima New Orleans, La. Virginia Fexner .... New Orleans, La. 11 B ! II B Ruin GuvTON Whitecastle, La. Peggy Fox New Orleans, La. ., ., , . T Susie Haixs Rayne, La. Marv Martin Fentress . . Memphis, T enn. . . , ,, 2) ■ cumbers d) K K r Recording Secretary Student Body (2): rt ij r i- t House Council (1. 2); Business Man- KUTH HALLAM t linton. La. ager Glee Club (2); Varsity Hockey j j y (1): Captain Spaulding (1); Newcomb .,,,„, Ball (1); Hockey (1). G ' ec ' ' " b (1. 2); . W. c. A. (1. 2). Beatrice Ford New Orleans, La. Azelie Haxdlix .... New Orleans, La. K K !■ Mary FLardestv .... New Orleans, La. Bi.AxcHE Foster .... New Orleans, La. sub-Bditor . rcade (2); y. w. c. a. 1.- 1.; ]• (1, 2); Latin Club (1, 2): French Circle (1. 2); Science Club (X. 2); N. A. A. (1, 2): Baseball (1); Croquet (1); Field Lou ' exIA GaHAGAN . . . Shreveport, La. Day (1); Newcomb Ball (2); Newcomb Y. V. C. A. (2); N. A. A. (2); Climb- Basketball (2); Indianapolis Club (2). ers (2). ' Seduey ILwwari) .... New Orleans, La. Katherine Gi.enny . . . New Orleans, La. ., ,, , II B I Newcomb Ba.sketball (I). Marion IIenderson . . . New Orleans, La. Adele Godcmaux .... New Orleans, La. Mildred Hepting Eunice, La. OoRoiin Goodwill Mirulen, La. j (.) Margarki Holder . . New Orleans, La. V. W. C. A. (2); (Timbers 12). K K I ' 135 THE 1 9 2- ; J A. N4 B A. I_ A.Y A. W W ' w y Maestri, Mai.onfv. Mavhki.ii, Maver, Ml ' Lei.i.an, A. Meyers L. Meyers, Milburx, Miller, Montgomery, Moog, Nicholls, M. Oakley M. F. Qaklev, Patterson ' , Perlstone, Phillips, Pilcher, Polack Polk, Puch, Rhine, Richards, Robin, Sanford, Sienknecht SiM.vioNs, Sharp, Shumway, Spooner, Stallworth, Stayer ' I ' aimace. Thomas, ' oss, Wallace, Walshe, Weil, Witt 136 — g Sopkomore Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE A -N Hv.iw Ne v Orleans, La. Hflev McCl.f.li.ax . . . Ni- v Orleans, La. A !• .1. X Q Frenrh Cir.lP (2); N. A. A. ( = ). French Cirele (1. 21; MalHlnlin-CluitHr riub (1. 2): HocUi.y (1); T)rnmatle Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (2): N. A. A. Veronica df. la Houssaye . New Orleans, Ln. " ■ 2 ' - Lucii.E Maestri . . . ■ New Orleans, La. Marie Ivev Anston, La. .,,. „,,_,„(_,,, p ,, 2,. Debating Club (11: T. V. r. A. (2); Freiiih (. ' irtle 1 ) ; Scluneu Club (1. 2). Draniatir Club (1). Margaret Mai.onev . . . New Orleans, La. Adei.e Katz New Orleans, La. n. a. a. (i, 2): Y. w. C. A. (1, 2): . P , Baslcetball (2); Janibalaya Ropresent- ative (2); Spanish Cluli (2). ROSEI.VN Kemp Hazlehnrst, Miss. ._ j j , Orleans, La. Xewiomh nramatic Club (2): Tulane AtmF T AV1RFRT New Orleans La Dramatic Club (2); Debating Club (2): ALICE LAMBERT . • • • INew iirieans, La. Debating Council (2): Interclass De- bate (1); Volley Ball (2); Latin Club Elizabeth Land . . New Orleans, La. - ' Daisy Marshali New Orleans, La. Debating Club (1, 2 ; Dramatic Club (1, 2); N. A. A. (1. 2), Frank Mayer New Orleans, La. Fane Lester New Orleans, La. A E ' Basketball (1. 2): Newcomh Ball (2): x, , 1 t Spanish Club (2): N. A. A. (1. 2): Marcia Mayfield . . . . New Orleans, La. T. W. C. A. (1, 2): Varsity Ba-skctball (2). LuciLE McChfsney . . . New Orleans, La. Lt ' CiLE Lewis Estherwnod, La. Climbers (2); Y. W. C. A. (2). Marjorie Myer .... New Orleans, La. Lyd.a Lewis New Orleans, La. Anna Myers New Orleans, La. n H r) ., T r .„ T- .1 IT Ncwcomb Ball (1); Hockey (1): Bas- RuTH Lewis Estherwood, La. ,. , ,i ,j,. Newcomh Basketball (1); A A II Volley Ball (2); Dramatic Club (2); N. A. A. (2). Jacinta Lobrano . . . New Orleans, La. ,, xi -. i t ■ ' , , Lillian Myers .... New Orleans, La. (Withdrawn) _ Glee Club (1); Dramatic club (1 . A n Josephine Micfli .... New Orleans, La. Lucy Lota New Orleans, La. Ei.lSE MiLBURN Harlireck, La. CJeRTRUDE MaHISON Bastrop, La. French Circle (1); Latin Club (I). 137 , M THE J A. In B A. U A.Y A. Sopnomore Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE MlRlF.l, Mii.BLRX Barlireck, La. Kama Phillips .... Germantonn, Tenn. I-r-..ii.Ii circle (U; Latin Club 111. T. W. C. .-i. (1); Climbers (1). Trkkbv Miller . Mindcn, La. Elizabeth Pilcher .... Louisville, Ky. K K r n B Climbers (2); Y. W. C. A. (2). Track (1). Alice Montgomery . New Orleans, La. Helen Polack New Orleans, La. L.itin Club (2); Uramatb- Club (2); A E 4 Hockey (It; Varsity Ho.key (1): Field Volley Ball (2); French Circle (1); Day (1): Volley Ball (2). j. ; jj,_ Caroline Moon .... Mnntsomery, Ala. Beairice Posner Alexandria, La. K N. A. A. (1. 2); Newconib E ramatic ,, „ «, ,., «, Club (1. 2): Tulane Dramatic Club (1. MARGARET PUGH Mobile, Ala. 2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (2); Baseball Basketball (1. 2 ; Newcomb Ball (2); (1): Climbers (2). Y ' . W. C. A. (2); Varsity Basketball (2); Evelyn Myers New Orleans, La. climbers (i). Marie Nicholls .... New Orleans, La. B ' " V Raymond .... New Orleans, La. n B .!. K K r Manilolin-Guitar Club (2); Climbers (2). Mildred Norman .... Morgan City, La. u . c • „ 4 ,.1. Belle V. Rhine .... Hot Springs, Ark. N. A. A. (1. 2); French Circle (1, 2); M RY F 0 KLEV .... Memphis. Tenn. Climbers (2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2). Mald B. Oakliv .... Memphis, Tenn. i.nvKf. Richards Shreveport, La. M Innis Patterson .... New Orleans, La. y . (. ,1 2); N. A. A. (1. 2): Arcade (1. 2): Debating Club (1. 2); French Circle (1, 2); Volley Ball (1): Debating: Council (2). Newcomb Basketball (1): Basketball (1): Field Day (1); Baseball (1); Dra- matic Club (1). Helen Pearlstone Dallas, Texas , ; c,ub V,f ' cii ;br,yr " ' ' ' Corinne ROBIN New Orleans, La. K K r Newc-omb Ball (1): Newcomb Basket- Hester Peri Beaumont, Texas i,,.i]i (i, o): French Circle (1. 2); Dra- matic Club (1. 2). Ivai.eva Pe run .... Thornclale, Texas . (Willi. ha«iii Sarah Ri disii.i Anniston, Ala. y. v. C. A. Sara Pierce t ' ninn Springs, Ala. Mandolin-Guitar Club. Lynv Robinson .... New Orleans, La. 138 THE J A. Nl B A. L A. V A. Sopn omore Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE John- J. Archinard. ]r. . Ncxv Orleans, La. K A, " X Z X Intel-class Football. ' 21; Interclass Track. ' 21; Secretary Arts and Sciences Student Body, ' 2:i- ' 24; Member Student Council, ' 23- ' 24; Member Student Sen- ate, ■23- ' 24. Henry Joseph B. yon, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Honor Committee. ' 24. Geo. Herbert Beavers, Jr. . Benjamin, Tex. 2 A E, X " Z X Honor Council, ' 24. John Lansing Beven . . New Orleans, La. K Interclass Track, Interclass " Wrestling:, S. A. A. U. ■Wrestling, S. A. A. U. Box- ing, ' 21; Varsity Cross-Country, " 22; Honor Commitee, ' 23: Track Manager, ■24. Joseph Dewey Billeaudeaux . . Eunice, La. B n, E K 2 John K. Bullock . . . Montgomery, Ala. 2 E, K I ' Honor Council. ' 23: Class President, ' 24. Leland Alon ' ZO Childers . Santa Cruz, Cal. A K K, S K Square and Compass. Ralph James Christman . . Crowley, La. Z n Glee Club (2): Dormitory Governing Board (2); Medic.-il Honor Committee (3). Thomas Edward Clements . . Oberlin, La. K t Wallace Alexander Clyde . . Selma, .Ma. K S, X White Elephants. " The Pathogens, " O. O. S., Jambalaya Representative. ' 24: Interclass Baseball. William Edward Colgin . New Orleans, La. 2 X, X 2 X Marvel Leaman Crawford . . Denver, Col. X Z X Tulane Glee Club. ' 21. ' 22, ' 23, ' 24 (So- loist); Tulane-Newcomb Operetta. ' 21. •22, -23; Tulane Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 22. ' 23; University of Colorado Glee Club, ' 19. ' 20. ' 21; University of Colo- rado Operetta, ' 19, ' 20. ' 21. Jno. Featherston Echford . Starkville, Miss. A T A, X 2 X " The Pathogens. " Clarence David Edgar, Jr. . Forest Hill, La. 2 n, A K K Honor Council. ' 23- ' 24. Bernard Gelfand Efron . . Baltimore, Md. Philip Paul Feincold . . New Orleans, La. CvRiL Fra ki,i Fi.nvi) . Plmeiux Cl; , .Ala K -I ' S(iuari- ;tnil Compass, John Eason Frazier . . . Trentnn, Tenn. A K E, X 2 Jli.ius Dixie Fusei.ier . , H IT Nolan Dawson Geddie . , Manion, La. . Canton, Texas Richard Joseph Grayson . . . Selma, Ala. K A, X, A I ■! Class President, ' 22, ' 23; Track Team. ' 21. ' 22; Cross-Country Tea m, ' 21- ' 22; Pathogen. Howard B. Granbkrrv, Jr. . Austin, Texas K A, X 2 X Pathogen. Thaddeus Honore Gueymard . Carville, La. P 2 Douglass McCardell Half. . Camilla, Texas B n Edwin Press Hall .... Albertville, Ala. X Z X Charles Augustus Havard . Big Cane, La. 2 N, X Pathogens: Jambalaya (4); Vice-Presi- dent (2); Interclass Football (2). Isaac Forman Hawkins . Bavou Chicot, La. K 2, X Pathogens. Sidney Roberi Henry .... Morse, La. A K K, E K 2 Winner of Physical Condition and Weight-Gaining Contest; Ph.G. Preston Street Herring . . , . Innis, La. A X A, A K K John Claude Hull, Jr. . San . ntonio, Texas 2 A E, J X Pathogens. Guv Richard Jones Rem , La. ! P 2 Glee Club, •21- ' 22; Interclass Wrestling. •20- ' 21. Coluniliia, La. Ralph Elijah King . . 2 II, A K Joseph Aloysius Lanasa . New Orleans, La. Secretary Senior Art.s and Sciences, ' 2 1, B,Sc. Degree. Manly Frost Langston . Birmingham, .Ma. 2 N, X Pathogens; A.B. Howard College. Fernando Llorens (y Duiiarte) . , . Santiago de Cuba, Cuba ATA, X A.B. ITniviM-.sity of North I ' arolina; Pathogens. 139 - THE 1 9 2- 4 mHism 1 J A.M B A. L A.VA. Akciiinard, Bamin, litvoN ' , Bui. lock, C ' iiildhks, C ' i,i:mi: " is, Ci.vdi;, Crawi-ord Edgar, Fam.kita, Fi.ovn, Fusii.ifiR, Grayson, Gueymard, Hale Havard, Hawkins, Henry, Herring, Jones, King, LaNasa Ll.ORENS, LOSKE, McCOMISKEY, MAINES, MaTTINCLY, MERCHANT, MlANGOLARRA Mii.no, Peavy, Poimboeui " , Roei.ing, Saiewitz, Scoheld, Smith Su.MMiiT, Swann, Wallis, Walls, Weixburger, Weiner, Williams, Zamora 140 - ' i THE I 9 2. 4- J A. M B A. L A. Y A. Sophomore v_jiass SCHOOL OF MEDICINE CL Belton, S. C. Wii.MAM Walter Locke . . Orrville, Ala. n K A, K vl ' DoMiN ' icic Joseph Lokco . New Orleans, La. i K n Arthur Jas. McCoiMiskev . New Orleans, La. Vife-President Arts and Sriences C ' hiss, ■2r - " 24: Secretary and Treasurer Arts and Sciences Class, ' 22- ' 2 " . James Robert McIntosh . New Orleans, La. A e, X 2 X A.B. AVestminster College: Tlic Tatho- f?ens, John " Elwooo Maines . . Lake Kntler, Fla. A K K B.Sc. University of l-Torida. Albert IIowev.l Manx . . Texarkana, Ark. K vl ' Thomas Willis Mariiv . K I ' B..S, Decree citadel, t ' liarleslon, S.t ' .; Senior Candidate for B.S. Deuree in Medicine. Charles W. Maiiivcia . White Castle, La. Harry McC. Mekchani . . (Gainesville, Fla. i: X, I ' X Chas. Jos. Miangolarra . New Orleans, La. Interclass W ' restlinu ' . ' 21 - " 22; Soutlierii . . A. V. Chanii ' liinsliip. ' 21: ' :n ' sit. ' W restlins. ' 2. ' . Charles Mirlo .... New Orleans, La. Cecil Howell Neville . . Whitakers, N. C. K ! ' Carroll Davis Overiov . . Pine Bluff, .Ark. X i; X Charles Dreirv Peavv, Jr. . ( ier(i, Texas A i: I , X Z X, A I 1 Pathogens. Walter Wallace Poimboeuf . Lessville, La. President Arts .and Scien es Student Body, •23- ' 2-t; Secretary and Tii-asuicr Student Council, ■23- ' 24. Kenneth Nichols Raver . . Kankakee, 111. II K A, A K K Secretary Medical Student i ' ..i.l . ■■l ' l- ' 2: . William Hekry Roelikc . New Orleans, La. li n President Junior -■ rts and Sciences. ' 23; Academic Honor Board, ' 23; Junior Proni Coniniit tee. ' 23. Sam Bloom Saiewitz .... Tallnlali, La. i; -M, •! A V. I ' h.i;. Tulalie, 21; As.sislalit Business Manager Janihala, a. ' 21. Suzanne Sophie Shaeeer . . Kvaiiston, III. B.S. I ' nivcrsity oT cliic.-igo. TiiEonoRE Francis Scokield . Dade CItv, Fla. P S Glee Club. .Ai.PHON ' so Radford Sims . . Rirhlancl Ga X , X Reynolds Darden Smith . Birmingham, Ala. !• X, K i; Pathog;ens: Jamlialaja liepresentative, ' 21, ' 22; Vice-President Class, ■23- ' 24; Interclass Track (2); Baseball, ' 23; mterfraternity Basketball (I. 2, 3). Leon Opal Spencer . X Z X Robert El.vier SuMMirr . A K K ■ Goshen, Ala. Orlanilci, Fla. . Marion, . ' Ma. Ocala, Fla. Cecil Collins Swann . i; X, A K K Patho.Lcens. Hector Crrutia (y Fernandez) . New Orleans, La. Thomas Henry Wallis . K A I ' bi c ' hi M,.,li.:il l- ' i-.iici-nitj-: I ' .-ithoKcns. Edward CIarland Walls . New Orleans, La. A 2 ! , X :; X, A ! ' ' I. Tbc PathoKens; White Elephants; olive and Blue; Jambalaya Staff (2); Hulla- baloo -Staff (2, 3); Cla.ss Historian (2); Class Secretary and Treasui-er (4); Sophomore Basketball (2); Chairman Junior Prom (31; Interfrat.rnity Bas- .l;etball (2, 3l; lut crfrat .-rnit . Ti-nnis ( 2 , : ' , I. Oliver Harold Wai.trip . Fun W(ntli, Fexas X , p X Tb.- Path. ..--ens; Hi. a., I- i-..uii.i], ■2:!- ' 24. Herbert Leon Weinberc:ek . . Laurel, Miss. S A .M, ' A K .A.B. I i.Ki ' ee fr..ni Colunibi.-i rni .rsii -. Ellas Weiner New Orleans, La. A i: Senior .Arts and Scien.-.-s (H,.s. Ii. i-.mO; Class AVrestling, ' 20; s. A. A. r. W i-.-st- lin;?. Bennett Allen ' i(;iri . . . Hn;;.!, Okla. A T A, . :i , , A .|. |. Oliv.. anil Hlui- .lllb; r:illiiiKcns. Rabun IIerbfrl Williams . . . lachua, Fla. K i:, . K K RiiiiERi Madison Wii.i.oucfibv . I.vsite, Wvo. i: X, A K K ' Edwin Rafael Zamora (v Seoura) . . San Jose, Costa Rica . dfi iin: Mar Zoki.lkr . New Orleans, La. A i.; I 141 ' . ' SsB T H K 1 9 2, - W ' = tm mc mm ttrnmOm J A. lyl B A. L A.Y A. Bautovich, BtiiiEA, Carkavvav, Hixes Knighton, Kuebler, Lanpridgf. Lea, Magee, McLeav MiTCHELi., Odom, Robinsos ' , W ' mwvright 142 THE 192,4 ' IJ - JAMBA.L A. Y A. - I Ti-u 1 - •-- -— - i - — — - - - 1 Sopnomore Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Bautovich, C. F. . New Orleans, Louisiana Bethea, G. D Columbia, Mississippi 2 n Class Secretary, " 24. Caraway. L. V Shreveport, Louisiana 2 A E, fi HlNES, H. J Kosciusko, Mississippi S Ki EBLER, J. R Rockland, Texas ' I ' 9. KxiGHTON, H. J " V ' ork, Alabama S Vice-President Class. ' 24. LAXGRincE, i L W Port Arthur, Texas Honor Council. Le.a, R. E Leesville, Louisiana - n Glee Club. MacLean, Johx Edinburgh, Scotland Q Class Historian. ' 24. ALagee, T. C. W Franklinton, Louisiana i ' I ' !• Tulune Y. M. C. A. Cal iiiet; J.anibalaya Representative. ' 24; IlulIal aIoo I ei)orter. ' 24; Honor Council. ' 24. Mitchell, L. D LaGrange, (yeorgia A O, ! ' 1 Odo.m, a. J Port Arthur, Texas i; IT P ' ootliall ami Batiketliall. ' 2 1; Honor Counril. ' 24; Class President. ' 21. Robinson, V. A. A Lake Charles, Louisiana Foutliall. ' 24. Wainright. L. L Hernice, Louisiana ' I ' v., It K A ■43 - iiS THE 192-4 - ' ' M 4 ' ' mmaa J A. N4 B A. I- A. Y A. AuAMS, Ane, Avo, Haginskv, Baiki), Haknkh, Ht;cniF.L Benedict, Bolton, Bouvier, Brown, Caiin, Collins Flournov, FoRSVTii, Foster, Frey, Havdel, Heffron Hurt, Kell, Knight, Landry, Levy, Lewis McKneely, Menefee, Phillips, Roberts, Rogers, Smith Sullivan, Vaught, Walsdorf, Weil, White, Williamson, Yancey 144 g feg THE 1 9 a A. Nt B A. L A. Y A. Sopno more CI ass COLLEGE OF ARTS ANP SCIENCES St. Clair Arams, Jr. . . New 0 1ean , La. i K F. Jambalaya Class Repi-fsmitativo (1); Class Vice-President (2) ; Cla.ss Basket- ball (1). Joseph Novell Ane . . . New Orleans, La. Thomas Benton Ayo .... Raceland, La. Tulane Band (1. 2): Dramatir Clulj Orchestra (1. 2); Glee Club Orchestra (1, 2). Herman Michel Baginskv, New Orleans La. Vallinat Clinton Baird . New Orleans, La. Charles Moss Bannerman, New Orleans, La. Norman Barnett .... New Orleans, La. K N Joseph Hamilton Basso . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke (1, 2 : Varsity Orator (2); Dramatic Society (1, 2): A.ssistant director (2): Hullabaloo (1. 2): Arts and Science Editor (1, 2); Jambalaya Staff (1): Secretary Student .Senate (1, 2): Picaninny Staff (2): Tulane Club. Georce Bechtel .... New Orleans, La. 2 n William S. BENEnicr . . New Orleans, La. 2 N Class Ba-sketball (1, : War (1. 2): Scrub CIa.ss Secretary (1). George W. Bolton . . ); Class Tug-o ' - Basketball (21: . New Orleans, . New Orleans, (Miss) BiLi.iE Bouvier . Ray Pierre Breaux . Philip Henry Brown . A K E Class Football (1). Charles Edward Burgis . New Orleans, Edmond Nathaniel Cahn . New Orleans, Walter W. Carre, Jr. . . New Orleans, A e Class Football (1); Varsity Football (2). Conrad Green Collins . . New Orleans, George Francis Coi.omh . New Orleans, James Bryant Cooper . . New Orleans, George Shackleford Daly, New Orleans, John Martin Danneker . New Orleans, William Larkin Duren John Dymock Entenza . Charles P. Flournoy . Ben Varsity l ' ' ootb.all La. La. New Orleans, La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Mangum Cecratus Fo.v . New Orleans, La. Langdom T. Frey. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Anthony Ja.mes Frisco . . New Orleans, La. Lloyd Joseph Hanckes . . New Orleans, La. Robert Lee Harcrave , Wichita Falls, Tex. " Henry Lawrence Haydei. . . Convent, La. Tulane Band {1. 2); Tulane Dramatic Club Orchestra (1, 2); Tulane Olee Club Orchestra (1). Walter Gordon Hekfkon . New Orleans, La. 2 N, n A Class President (1. 2); .A.ssistailt Busi- ness Manajrer Hullabaloo (2); Class Basketball Track (1, 2); Cros.s Country Team (1, 2): Scrub Basketball (2): Y. M. C. A. William Leslie Heiter . . . Mobile, Ala. 2 A ]•: Thirteen Club. Charles Stephen L. Hurt, New Orleans, La. Glend --Burke; Class Treasurer (2). George Kalif McComb, Miss. DAVin Mandevili.e Kell . . . Tallulah, La. 1! B n I ; A. A. U. . Dallas, Tex. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Merryville, La. . New Iberia, La. CIa.ss Football (1); (2) ; Thirteen Club. Henry Puch Forsyih . (Miss) Mary C. Foster . New Orleans, . New Orleans, La. La. Class Wrestling, ' (1. 1 Wrestlini; (1). Joseph Ray Kilman . . . 2 A E Warren Eihi.e Klein . . Wm. M. Kleinschmiot . . Max Knight Jacor Segura Landry . . 2 N Olive and Blue: Pan-llelleuic Council: Track Team (2): Scrub Football (2): Scrub Basketball (2): Interclass Bas- ketball (1. 2): Interclass Wrestling (1. 2): Interclass Track (1): Interclass Football (2): Interclass Baseball (I). Calme L. Lazard . . New Orleans, La. Tulane Band (2). Julius Lazard Levy . New Orleans, La. Shield and Sc-ic " -.r. Leonard Benjamin Levy . New Orleans, La. Z B T Albert D. Lewis, Jr. . . • Alexandria, La. I K 2 John Eugene Lindner . . New Orleans, La. James Irving McCain . . New Orleans, La. Thomas B. McKneelv . . . Haininoiul, La. 2 A E ALBERt Oi.lN Menefee . . New Orleans, La. Joseph Meyers New Orleans, La. Carlton Charles Miller . . . Sunset, La. 145 ■r.- ■ ■ THE 1 9 2, - 55 yv J A. Nl B A. L A.Y A. AvDRV, Besselman, Blake, Booksh, Brolgh, Cagle Camprei.i., Chari.ion ' , Dieoll, Ebal ' CH, Ehlert, Forman Freret, Gehr, Griffin, Hamilton, Hav, Hortman KiKG, Lashley, Linfield, McLean ' , Murrell, Oser Owen, Sargent, Stafford, Van Bexthuvsen, Villere, Williams 146 we S Hd mit. THE 1 9 J A. ivl B A. I_ A. Y J . ««■ Soplio more CI ass RocERT Edgar Mills . Louis AXTHOXV MOXTE . Isaac Clavex O ' Qlix . MiCHAKL PALMA . . . Percy Albert Phillips . Charles Spencer Powell Frank Ault Prather . William Joseph Reix . David Charles Roberts William H. Rogers . . A T n James Elsberrv Rushiv . . New Orleans, La. Anthonv Charles Sacco . . Houston, Tex. Tug-o ' -War (2). Leo Shpall New Orleans, La. Earl Coxwav Smith .... Waldo, Ark. Maurice P. Sullivax . . New Orleans, La. n K A William Henry Talbot Ford Alton- Thomas . Robert Thomas .... New Orleans, La. James A. Thompson . . . New Orleans, La. Jacob George Trazivuk . New Orleans, La. collix;e or arts and sciences . Groveton, Tex. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. St. Francisville, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Julian Scott Trezkvani . New Orleans, La. Nicholas P. Trust, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. William Levi Vauom i . . . ' innsliin ' o. La, 2 II Gl(.nily-Biuk. ILarold N. Walsdorf . . NeNv Orleans, La, Paul Lusty Warner . . New (Orleans, La, Theodore Albert Waiters . . Belcher, La, n K A Tulaiip Band (1. 2). Irving Kahn Weil . . . New Orleans, La Z B T Glee Club (2); Dramatic Club (1. 2); Assistant Business Manager Dramatic Cluh (2). Robert Burnett White .... Cadiz, Ky. A e Glendy-Burke; Class Jamlialaj ' a Repre- sentative (2). . lan S. Williams . . . New Orleans, La. ' n.LiAM B. Williamson . New Orleans, La. Charles Ocilvv Wilson . New Orleans, La. Winifred Julius Winsberg . Thibodaux, La. K N Tuff-o ' -Wai- (2); Class Wrestling (2). Benjamin W. Vancv . . New Orleans, La. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Charles Chlbert . st)RV . New Orleans, La. A K !•: Vice-President Class (11: Captain Freshman Track Teani (1); Captain Freshman Wrestling: Team (1); Track Team (1); Varsity Track (2); Archi- tectural Society (1, 2. 3). Arthur J. Besselman . . New Orleans, La. ATA Freshman Football (1); Scrub Football (2): Tug-o ' - Var (2): White Elephant.s. Marion Elmore Blake .... Moliile, -Ma. •I A Tiio.viAs ScHAi.iER BoOKSH . PI a(iuenii ne. La. 2 X Charles M. Brouch . . . ' ickslinrt;. Miss. Ben Class TUB-o ' -War (1. 2); Cla.ss Fi.nt- ball (2); Cilee Club (1. 2). Herbert T. Buchanan . . New Orleans, La. K A Class Football (1); Scrub Football (2): Thirteen Club. Edward Meredith Cagei. . . Jarkson, Miss. Glee Club (1, 2); Quartette (1. 2). Penis John Campbell, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Philip Hope Campbell . . New Orleans, La. ■ Wllite Elephants: Class Jamlialaya Rep- resentative (2 . (Miss) C. M. CiiAi.ARON . New (,)rleans. La. A O II . rchitectural Society (1. 2 ; Tulaue Or- iliestra (1, 2): Proressional and Scien- liti ' ' Women (1). PoNAiD L. Chamberlain . New Orleans, La. K 2 Fraternity Tennis Champiiinship Team (1); Scrub Football (1. 2l. tJEORGE Earl Charlan . . New Orleans, La. Edward W. Charlton, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Peter F. Coudrain, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Wm. H. Creighton, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. LuciEN Devall New Orleans, La. Collins Cerre ninoLi,, Jr. . . i: A K W ' hite Elephants; Architectural Society (1, 2); Scrub Football (2); Class Foot- ball (2): Class President (2). Robert Joseph Drueding . New Orleans, La. Chess Club (1): Secretary-Treasurer, Chess Club (2). ' 47 - L. m%. HE 1 9 2, " M ' ' t ' J A. IVI B A. I_ A. Y A. fc -» fc ii-u ' wi. I iiiigaa Heer, Comecvs, Ei.i.isON, Feist, C;race Hammond, Henican, Lew, Miramon, Owen Pailet, Rainold, Ramsey, Rau, Roberts SiNGREEN, Smith, Stovai.l, Talbot, Thompson- Van Hook, Watkins, Williamson, Wocan:, Woods 148 THE 1 9 J A. M B A. I_ A. Y A. Soph omore CI ass COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Irvin Atwood Ebauch . . . Baltimore, Md. Glee Club (1); Class Tug-o ' -W ar (1, 2); Class Wrestling (1); Class Track (1); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (1, 2). Charles Dirker Ehi.ert . . Waterproof, La. A T n Cross Country (1). Ai.iKEi) Hennen Forman, Jr. . . ' iiiton, La. 2 A E Douglas Vincent Freret . New Orleans, La. I- Mires Carl Gehr .... Alexandria, La. Z B T Arrhetirtural Society (1. 2); Orches- tra (2). Henry George Gerstxer . New Orleans, La. Harden T. Griffin, Jr. . . Slireveport, La. OTA Sliield and Scimitar. CiiARi Es II. Hamilton . . New Orleans, La. 2 A E tural Society. William Wallace Hav . . New Orleans, La. n K A Class Wrestling (1); Class Track (1); Class Football (2); Secretary-Treasurer Class (2). (MiSSQ A. N. Hortman . . New Orleans, La. Architectural Society. Frank Emil Johnson . . New Orleans, La. John Ordwav Kastler . . New Orleans, La. William Julian King . . New Orleans, La. Ernest C. Kleinpeter . . New Orleans, La. Latham James Lashley . . New Orleans, La. A T A, n A Freshman Football (1); Scrub Football (2): Class Basketball (1, 2); Class Base- ball (1): Tug-o ' -War (1): Thirteen Club. Bernard Lemann .... New Orleans, La. Herbert Sidney Levy .... Monroe, La. { E n Milton Lambert Levy . . Ntfw Orleans, La. Z B T Freshman Football (1); Varsity Foot- ball (2). Robert Paine Linfield . . . Giilfport, Miss. n K A C RiL IIarviv McCJuire . New Orleans, La. K A White Elephant. " !. Leal Carev II. McLean . New Orleans, l.a. A K E Class President (1): Freshman Football (1); Class Truck (2); Class Baseball (2): Class Basketball (2); Varsity Football (2). Charles J. MacMurdo, Jr., New Orleans, La. n K A William T. Magruder . . New Orleans, La. George Elmer May . . . New Orleans, La. President of Electric Class (2): Presi- dent of A. R. A.-O. N. A.: President of Swimming Meet (1): Assistant in Radio Research (2). Paul G. Merritt, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Eugene Herbert Miazza . New Orleans, La. Richard Conner Murrell . Bayou Goula, La. Ben Walter Kingslev Oser . . New Orleans, La. 2 A E Allison J. Owen, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. K A White Elephants: Architectural Society (1. 2); Secretary Architectural Society (2) ; Sphinx Club. Hartwell John Rosson . New Orleans, La. Henry Barry Sargent . . Vicksburg, Miss. 2 A E Ben Zion Secali New Orleans, La. Charles Magill Smith . . New Orleans, La. A e Architectural Society. James F. Stafford . . . New Orleans, La. K S Vice-President Class (2); White Ele- phants; Dramatic Club (2); Cross Coun- try (1). David Stayer New Orleans, La. Herbert Cecil Swan . . . New Orleans, La. . LBERT Havs Town . . . New Orleans, La. W. W. Van Benthuysen . New Orleans, La. A K E Ernest Caliste Villere . New Orleans, La. Ben Class Basketb.all (2); Tug-o ' -War (1, 2); Football Scrub (2). LuciEN Tertulien Vivien, New Orleans, La. Allen Rudolph Wagner . New Orleans, La. Stephen J. Wallillich . New Orleans, La. Henry V. Wehrmann . . New Orleans, La. Herschei. V. Williams . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Dramalic Cluli; Arcliilcctural Society. Thomas V. Wilson . . . New Orleans, I. a. ATA White BlcphanlK. William James Wright . Neiv Orleans, La. Ben Class Football (2). 149 THE 1 9 2- -4- id i a A-lvl B A. L A.YA. First Year Class COLLEGE OF LAW John Strauss Beer . . . New Orleans, La. Elihu Edward Berwald . . . Dallas, Tex. Elias Bowskv New Orleans, La. John Bruno New Orleans, La. Thomas M. Comecvs . . . Shrevcport, La. n K Glpiidy Burke L,iter;ir. - Society. David McQuown Ellison . . Crowley, La. A e Malcolm Wini.LiiR Feist . . Slirevcpurt, La. Z B T . .B.. Wasliiii ' tim L lliver.sity ; Phi Beta Kappa. Bert A. Flakders, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Eimiy Mu.roN Fraser Many, La. Harrv p. CJamble, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. ATA Thirteen Club; Olive and Blue: Sphinx: T Club; Varsity Football (2); Sirubs (1. 3); f ' la. ' ss TuK-o ' -War (1); Basl et- ball (1. 21; Traek (1); Football (1): I ' oach (2); Wrestling (1, 2); 158-|)ound Cllanip (1); 145 Runner-up (2); Wrest- ling and BoxinK Manager (3). Daniel H. Grace .... New Orleans, La. A e Joseph Salvador Guerriero . . Monroe, La. Hewin Ovvain Hammond . . Americus, Ga. Ben Fre.shniau Football (1); Varsity Stiuad (2); Serub Basketball (2, 3); Thirteen (Tub; Glee Club (2, 3). WiLRUR Wricht Heard . . New Orleans, La. A K !•: Thirteen club; Treasurer A. and S. (1). David Julius Heiman . . New Orleans, La. K N Tnterela.ss Wrestling. Caswell Ellis Henican . New Orleans, La. 15 e n Freshman Football (1); Basketball (1): Baseball (1); President Glee Club (1. 2); Pan-Hellenie Council (2); Dramatic Club (2i; Hullabaloo Reporter (2); Thirteen Club. Harrv S. Kaufman, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Z B T Pi . lpha Phi; Clas.s Baseball (1); Glee Club (2); Dramatic Club (2): Band (2); Director ot Orchestra (2); Tulane Club (2); Architectural Society (2); Student Senate. GuS Levy New Orleans, La. K N Michael Macheca . . . New Orleans, La. K A Otto Joseph Mestaver . . Loreauville, La. Charles Joseph Miramon . New Orleans, La. Edwin Lewis Owen .... Alexandria, La. K A White Elephants (1). Lester Pailel New Orleans, La. K N Freshman Football (ll. Ale. ' cander E. Rainold . . New Orleans, La. A T 12 Vice-President Freshman I aw. John II. Ramsey .... Pleasant Hill, La. A K K Herman Norman Rau . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Olive and Blue Club; Traik Team (1); Class Secretary and Treasurer (2). William Cullen Roberts . Alexandria, La. K S Cla.ss President (2); Glendy-Burke (2); Oratorical and Debating Council (2); Hullabaloo Reporter (1); Law School Editor of HullabaVoo (2); Moot Court (2) ; Honor Board (2). John E. Sincreen . . . New Orleans, La. White Ehphants 1 1 1. James Isham Smith .... W ' inntield, La. Wayne Soule Stovali Dodson, La. n K ! L ramatic ( ' tuli. Benja.viin Horace Talboi, Jr. . Rust;in, La. 2 N Captain Freshman i ' ootball il). Benjamin F. Thompson, Jr. . Alexandria, La. K A Glee Club (2). Nancy ' an Hook .... Slircvcport, La. n B Nathaniel Wallensiein . New York, N. Y. Robert Dyer Watkins .... Minden, La. K S White Elephants ( 1) Martha Wilder Homer, La. Eugene Weber Williamson . Stonewall, La. n K Dramatic Club. Anna Spelman Wocan . . New Orleans, La. 11 B Nicholas M. Woods, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Chesa Club (2); Basketball (1). ISO THE 1 9 2, 4 i i J A. Nl B A. L A. Y A. Barklkv, Bksselmak, Hnvi), Burke, Capdevile Chancellor, Cohn, Dinki.esimel, Farr, Hevman KiLi.EEN, Lvman, Mason, Mooney Pyburn, Richard, Salassi, Stoutz, Thompson TiCHENOR, Walne, Watson, Welsh, Wigcin IS ' .- is THE 1 9 2- 4- J A. M B A. L A. V A. Sopnomore Class COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BISINESS ADMINISTRATION Henderson Barklev, Jr. . New Orleans, La. K A Interclass Wrestling (1): Inteicla.ss Tug-o ' -War (1); Wrestling Team (1. 2. 3); Captain (3); S. A. A. U. " Wrestling (3); 01i e and Blue; i: ' lass Vice-Presi- dent (2). Robert R. Besselm. n . . New Orleans, La. ATA White Elephants; Wrestling (1). James Mei.vin Bnvi) . . . New Orleans, La. A e White Elephants (1). Thomas J. Burke .... New Orleans, La. (Miss) I. M. CApnrvii.LE . New Orleans, La. n 2 X Class Secretary (1): Jambalaya Cla.ss Representative (2). Robert P. Chancellor . . New Orleans, La. 2 n Bennie Cohn Alexandria, La. Band (1, 3); Orchestra (1, 2); Shield and Scimitar. Edward A. Dinkelspiel . . New Orleans, La. Lewis Leslie Farr Natchez, Miss. J. Walter Hevmann . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Dramatic Club (1. 2); Tulane Club (1, 2). Thomas E. Killeen . . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Class Football (II; Thirteen Club; Var- sity Football (2). Herbert S. Lea New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling (21; Tug-o ' -War (2); A. A. U. Wre.stling (1. 2). Joseph W. Lvman, Jr. . . . Jackson, Miss. Ben Tug-o ' -War (1. 2). Ernest Bonner Mason . . . Winnsboro, La. 2 n Tug-o ' -War (1, 2): student Senate (2); Class President (2); Class Vice-Presi- dent (1). Lrban D. Moonev, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. n K A Sphinx Club; t live and Blue. DWIGHT D. PVBURN . . 2 N Ikrv J. Richard . . Potlson, La. . Bristol, ' a. A K E Lacv D. RiCHESON .... New Orleans, La. A K E . sst.stant Baslcetlinll Manager (31: Thir- teen Club; Sphinx Club; Football (1); Basketball (2). John Edward Rvan . . . New Orleans, La. CJerard O. Salassi, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Shield and .Scimitar. Henry L. Stoutz, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. A T fi Class Basketball (1, 2); Cla.ss Track (1, 2); Tug o ' -War (2); Pan-Hellenic Represen- tative (3). James A. Thompson . . . UK Hnsston, La. John Calvert Ticiienor . Calvert Clt , Ky. George T. Walne, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. OTA Jambalaya Class Representative (1); Class Baseball (1); Shield and Scimitar (1); V. M. C. A. (1, 2): Class Secretary- Treasurer (2); Tulane Band (2); Indi- anapolis Club (2). Richard S. Watson . . . New Orleans, La. T A Cla.ss President (1); Ilramatic Club (2). John Edgar Welsh Victon, La. K 2 White Elephants (1 ). Jack Wicgin, Jr New Orleans, La. K A 152 - F R E S H Ivl E M " THE I 9 2, 4 a A. M B A L A. Y A. Fresninan Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Ruth Allen New Orleans, La. Olivia Bailey Waco, Tex. Fannie Baumgartner . . New Orleans, La. Freedeen Beard .... Yazoo City, Miss. Clara Beer New Orleans, La. Marv Beers New Orleans, La. Anna Berenson Bogalusa, La. Helen Bertell New Orleans, La. LouiSETTE Billeaud .... Broussard, La. Elizabeth Bloliin . . . New Orleans, La. Agnes Broussard Abbeville, La. Marion Brown New Orleans, La. Marcella Byrne .... New Orleans, La. Clara Bush Franklin, La. Catherine Carbine . . . New Orleans, La. Erine Carbine New Orleans, La. Mary Carden Munfordville, Ky. Leila Carre New Orleans, La. Volley Ball (1); Newcomb Ball (1): Freshman Honor Commission (1); Glee Club (1); N. A. A. (1). Claire Chalaron .... New Orleans, La. Irmine Charbonnet . . . New Orleans, La. Lucille Charbonnet . . New Orleans, La. Margaret Cheer Richmond, Va. Blick Byrne Chequelin . New Orleans, La. Estelle Cohen Lexington, Miss. Ruth Connelly .... New Orleans, La. Marie Crawford .... New Orleans, La. Evelyn Croom Mooringsport, La. Agnes Cross Harvey, La. Adele De La Barre . . Pass Christian, Miss. Willie Delchamps Mobile, Ala. Ernestine Desporte .... Biloxi, Miss. Clara Dinkelspiel . . . New Orleans, La. Shellie Dodds Gulfport, Miss. Winder Dudley .... Flemingsburg, Ky. Adelaide Dumestre . . . New Orleans, La. Adrienne Duffy .... New Orleans, La. Frances Dymond .... Wills Point, La. LiBBY Feinberg Beaumont, Tex. Lady Ferguson Gulfport, Miss. Helen Ferry New Orleans, La. Mildred Fly Summit, Miss. Dorothy Folse Oak Ridge, La. Frances Foote Gulfport, Miss. Helen Friedman Shreveport, La. ISS THE 1 9 2. 4- moMm J A. Nl B A. L A. Y A. O O u is w 156 - § THE a A. IVI B A. I_ A.Y A. Fresninan Class NF. V(X)MH COLLEGE Hii.i)A Fui.i.hK Bcriiicc, La. DOTTIE Gamble .... New Orleans, La. Stella Garic New Orleans, La. Eleanor Gerrard .... New Orleans, La. Kathleex Gaspard . . . New Orleans, La. (Mbs.) Elizabeth (Jeorge . New Orleans, La. Julia Gleaves San Antonio, Tex. Esther Goldberg .... New Orleans, La. Harriet Goldstein . . . New Orleans, La. Clara Guthrie Monroe, La. Naomi Hafkesbrinc Algiers, La. Marion Haile New Roads, La, OoRis Hands Shrcveporl, La. Mildred Harris Dallas, Tex. Elizabeth Heasi.ih . . . New Orleans, La. Rosemary Herold .... Shreveport, La. Edith Hibbard New Orleans, La. Frances Hirn New Orleans, La. Norma Hofheimer .... Richmond, a. Edith Honold New Orleans, La. Lillian Hoffpauer Crowley, La. Elizabeth Hopson Monroe, La. Elaine Hourgetie Gretna, La. Elizabeih LIovev .... New Orleans, La. Garneit Howell Nogales, Ariz. Louise Hume Miami, Fla. Samei.ia Isaacson Selma, Ala. Bertha Jacobson .... New Orleans, La. Olga Jeanfreau Garyville, La. Sadie Johnston Shreveport, La. Ethel Jones New Orleans, La. Sue Jov Nashville, Tenn. Miriam Kahn Pensacola, Fla. Rosalia Kaliski Monroe, La. Adei.e Kaufman .... New Orleans, La. Margaret Kendai.i New York Marion Kent Hammond, La. Lucille Knighi Merryville, La. Ottilie Lambert .... New Orleans, La. Lucille Lang New Orleans, La. Rose Lanier Forrest City, Ark. Edna Laporte New Orleans, La. Marguerite Libeuf . . . New Orleans, La. Flora Lew Whitecastle, La. Mildred Lew ■ . . Monroe, La. Lucille Lewis Estherwood, La. ' 57 -,-i? r THE 1 9 2, J A. M B A. L A. V A. Fresninan Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE LvDlA Lewis St. Bernard, La. Sabina Lowenberg . . . New Orleans, La. Joyce Ludeau Ville Platte, La. Elizabeth Lyon .... New Orleans, La. Katherine Lyon .... Greenville, Miss. Fannie Macee New Orleans, La. Grace Malter New Orleans, La. Bertha March New Orleans, La. Elsie Marice New Orleans, La. Lucille McChesney . . . New Orleans, La. Gaither McConnell . . New Orleans, La. Germain ' e McCraney .... Roseland, La. Edna McIlheky .... New Orleans, La. Winifred Misenheimer . New Orleans, La. Marcel Mellin .... New Orleans, La. Agnes Miller New Orleans, La. Virginia Mitchell .... Shreveport, La. Alice Moise New Orleans, La. Sybil Monday Lake Charles, La. Miriam Mooney .... New Orleans, La. Sallie Morrison Hammond, La. Elizabeth Mulqueeny . . New Orleans, La. Annie Murphy Vancleave, Miss. Betty Naili Memphis, Tenn. Clarence Neilson . . . New Orleans, La. Mildred Norman .... Morgan City, La. Lynne Northrup . . . Pass Christian, Miss. Mary Oakley Memphis, Tenn. Maud Oakley Memphis, Tenn. Eleanor O ' Brien Beaumont, Tex. Elizabeth Osborne .... Gulfport, Miss. Frances Pace Columbia, Tenn. Aleitha Parham Shreveport, La. Adrienne Parker .... New Orleans, La. Maud Parker Beaumont, Tex. Thelma Parker Beaumont, Tex. Maude Parsons .... New Orleans, La. GussiE Patton New Orleans, La. Hester Peri Beaumont, Tex. Irene Pettijean Rayne, La. Alice Pool New Orleans, La. Lucy Rainoi.d New Orleans, La. Jane Reeves New Orleans, La. Helen Rehorst Pontchatoula, La. Lucy Renaud New Orleans, La. 158 -= ; THE 1 9 2. •4 ' J A. M B A. L A. Y A. Freshman Class NEWCOMB COLLEGE Merle Richardson . . . New Orleans, La. Mildred Rittenderg . . . New Orleans, La. Rosalie Roos Opelousas, La. Alice Root New Orleans, La. Florence Rosenfiei.d . . . Jonesboro, Ark. Mary Sanders New Orleans, La. Florence Selser Alexandria, La. Fran ' Ces Shaw New Orleans, La. Caroline Sholars Monroe, La. Satchie Sholars Monroe, La. Esther Silvirman . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Priscilla Sim MS .... New Orleans, La. Alice Smith Lake Charles, La. Audrey Smith Lake Charles, La. Elizabeth Snyder . . . New Orleans, La. Mildred Solomon .... Greenville, Miss. Josephine Steinberg . . . Memphis, Tenn. Lucy Stickney Greensboro, Ala. Mary Stubbs New Orleans, La. Louise Svendson .... New Orleans, La. Ruth Taylor New Orleans, La. Evelyn Thibaut .... New Orleans, La. Georgette Thompson . . New Orleans, La. Dorothy Trimble .... Shreveport, La. Elizabeth Treux .... McComb, Miss. Lucille Tujague .... New Orleans, La. Yvonne Tujague .... New Orleans, La. Martha Tuten .... Lake Charles, La. Esther Vincent Sulphur, La. Ruth ' on Arx Houston, Tex. Dorothy Wagner .... Stephenson, Miss. Jane Wail New Orleans, La. Janet Wallace .... New Orleans, La. Marjorie Watson .... Memphis, Tenn. Stella Weil New Iberia, La. Katherine White Live Oak, Fla. Marjorie White .... New Orleans, La. Dorothy Wiity Winona, Miss. Babetie Wolf New Orleans, La. Caroline Wolf .... New Orleans, La. Anne Wright Jackson, Miss. Sydney Yenni New Orleans, La. Yvonne Yenni : . . . . New Orleans, La. Ethel Young Alexandria, La. ' 59 THE 1 9 2, 4 ir — — ' }m9am 1 J A. Ivl B A. I_ A. V A. An.tN, AiLtK. Arnold, Attawav, Ba-s nr Brandin, Brf.wstkr, Brows ' , Celi.i CowA , Frank, Fro iks, (iOOCH, (jordon CJrekk, CJlu.i.ait, IIkndricks, Hochieldkr Hoi. ' STOV, Ilrij, Kaiin. M m i o -, Marsiiai.i, i6o T H K 1 9 2- J A. NI B A. L A. Y A. Freshman Class SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Charles E. Ali.ev. Tr Arabi, La. I ' l? II Walter Frank Arnold . San Francisco, Cal. B n Curtis Lee Attawav . . . A ' ille Platte, La. A K K Hugo Alfred Auler .... Elgin, Texas A X A, N D N Grippprs Club. Rembert Dudley Bayne, Jr. . . Selma, .Ala. 2 A E, X, i: T Fei.lk Boizelle . New Orleans, La. ■I B n Ruston, La. HvDER Ford Brewster . . K 2, X First Vi.c-Prpsiiiiont T. M. f. A.. ' 2:!- ■:i; Ol.iuly BurUp Memlipr. •22- ' 2:!; Sppuker of Glpiuly Burkp (rpsiKnert). ' 23- ' 24: Trpasurpr Junior Art lUul Sci- enpe CTa.s.s. •23- ' 24: Spcretary and Trpa. ' - ui-pr T- ' rpshnian Mpiiifal I ' las.- , ' 23- " 24; Tulanp Dramatic- iTuli, ■22- ' 2:!. CuTHBERT Justin Brown . New Orleans, La. B n Morgan A. Brown .... Ragland, .Ma. Herbert E. Cannon . . Birminghain, .Ala. Ernest Celli New Orleans, La. Sims Atkins Chap.man . . New Orleans, La. B n John Massie Coleman . . Mineola, Texas X Z X CJus Wilson Colvin .... Lincoln, .Ala. X Gripper.s Clui). Miss Martha E. Cook . . Lake Charles, La. Oakland F. Coulton . . Los Angeles, Cal. Tulanp Univpryity Raiul. Gerald Randolph Cowan . Meinphis, Tcnn. ! K • ' V, ■! X John Robert Craig Ada, Okla. i; N Harold Caldwell Dilworth . Jasper, Ala. i; N, X Grippers Club. ' est ego, La. Andrew John Eck . . . New Orleans, La. Herman Weil Frank . . . Gadsden, Ala. James Wood Frazier . . . Greenville, Kv. Miss Julia Day Goddard . New Orleans, La. John Barr Gooch . . New Orleans, La. X Z X Edward M. Gordon, [k. . X . X John .Andre Gravtos . . White Castle, La. p :; Marvin Tarplev (.rREEN .... Hico, La. A i; { , K T rrpslclpnt Y. M. C. A., ' 23- " 24; Seero- lary and Ti-easurpr GIpndy Burke. ' 22- ' .■J: Spprptai-y and Trpasui-pr Prani; tlP Club. •22- ' 23; Junicjr Tnini i ' bauiiKi ii. ■24. John Viciok Hknurilks . . Shrevcport, La. K A Kyle Hili Temple, Texas Siiuaip and ' onip.-iss. Bernard Hockfelder . . New Orleans, La. Intercla.s.s ' Baseball. ' 2:5; I ntprila.s.s Tra -k, ' 22; Intprclas.s Wrp.stlin;;. ' 22. . Tucson, Ariz, Pascagnula, Miss. ,Arthi;r Nesbit Houston . K i:, ■! X Edgar Hull A K K Iosiah Hull Lawrence, Miss. Z X Lionel Lippman Kahn .... Rayne, La. Lester Ellsworth Ketner . Deerfield, Mo. X Lloyd. John Kuhn . . . New Orleans, La. X Z X Iames .Adair Lawrence . Tahleijuah, Okla. X 2 N, 2 X James Avery Leeper . . Lenoir Citv, Tenn. n K , X z X . I ' ' ufaiila, .Ala. . Fayette, Miss. Mannie Mallowitz .... Trenton, N. J. Seaborn Joseph Lewis . X Z X James George Logan . . P 2 i6i THE 1 9 2- - 1 J A. h B A. L A. Y A. Matthews, Il: ER, Miramon ' , Morris, Moss Mui.LiNS, Pearlsiein, Radb, Rav, Reddock Rizzo, Savage, Scott, Simmomis Stanskll, Thomas, Trahan, Warner, W ' aikins Welch, Williams, W ' illiiord, ' o.viack, Worihincton 1 62 vJ A. Ivi B A. L A.V A. al mm FresKman CI ass SCHOOL OF MHOICINE Martin ' Luther Mali.orv . . Eutaw, Ala. K I ' Rorhrt Bruce Marshal!. . New Orleans, La. Morgan Whitsht Matthews . Bunkie, La. ! X, S N Paul Relms Meyer . . Lafayette, La. Geo. Charles Miramon . New Orleans, La. Boxing-, ' SI; Traik, ' 21, Idell Paul Morris Athens, Ga. ! E n. t A K Walter Olix Moss . . . Lake Charles, La. K 2, X White Elephant; Secretarj- (_ " Ia.ss. ' 22- ' 23; Vice-President Class. ' 23- ' 24; Sphinx; Olive and Blue. Miss Marv Sue T. Mullin ' S . Clantun, .Ala. K A e Stuart E. Nolan . . San L uis Putosi, Mex. Jacob Pearlstein .... Brooklyn, N. V. James M. Pritchard . . Chapel Hill, N. C. K J ' , n K I Geo. Patrick Quin.m . . . Shreveport, La. ATA ViRG Sullivan Rabb, Jr. . Siiiithville, Texas N i X Elgin Amos Ray Leeds, Ala. Square and ' oniiiass. Robert Burris Ray .... Kosciusko, Miss. K vk Joseph W.vi. Rfddock . . . Hope Hull, . ' la. K Frani) Paul Rizzo . . . I P 22 . Monroe, La. . Bernicc, La. Geo. Hardy Robinson . . . A K K, II K A Philip John Saleeby . . New Orleans, La. Richard Stephen Savage . . St. Louis, Mo. 2 T 12, I X Jos. Tompson Scorr, Jr. . New Orltans, La. K A, I X Alonzo H. Seiizinger . . New Orleans, La. Leonard John Seitzinger . New Orleans, La. Noel Thomas Simmonds . . Alexandria, La. K 2, 4 ' X Benjamin Richard Slater . . Newport, Ky. X Z X Charles McDaniel Smith . . . Paris, Ark. Rugel Rierson Soweli. . . . Forney, Texas X Paul Quintin Stansei.i. . San Antonio, Tex. i H n Dudley Marcos Stewart . New Orleans, La. ! n 2 William C. Summer . . . Newsberry, S. C. 2 X Henry Ashton Thomas . New Orleans, La. A 2 Joseph Nichols Torretta . . Tampa, Fla. Henry Trahan Lafayette, La. Powhatan Merle Waltrip . Ft. Worth, Tex. X ! , X 2 N Eugene M. Warner . . .Ft. Smith, Ark. A K l LuciEN Minor Warner . . . Del Rio, Texas 2 X, N 2 N Janibalaya Representative. Lee Clifford Watkins . . . Llano, Texas Honor Couiuil, ■2. ' ?- ' 24. Ernest B. Weinfield . . New Orleans, La. Glee ciuh; Music Radio W. A. A. c. Carl Austin Weiss . . . Baton Roufje, La. I P 2 Ci. de Lionel Welsh . . Mandan, N. Dak. X 2 X Guy Davenport Williams . Mcr Rouge, La. 2 X, X 2 X Toreador Cinco. Lnuis EsTES Wn.LiFORi) . . Houston, Texas K 2, •[ ' X White Elephant; Picsi.l.Mit I ' hi.ss. ' 23- " 24; Toreador ( ' inco. David Ray Womack .... Dallas, Texas 2 A E, X 2 X S«iuare and (. ' onipass; Liaclielof ol ' .Arts. Tulane, ' 23; Janihala.va licpresentative, ' 23- ' 24. Wm. N. Wortiiington . . . Lexington, Kv. X 163 - . THE 1 9 2- J A. M B A. I- A. Y A. KOLKCHOIS, t ' KAIX, CkAVVHIKI), OAKIIV, D I.IJOL ClI 1.1. Deichman, Earnest, Easley, Landau Lanury, Lorio, Lyons Major, Norris, Orr, Richarbs Seelig, Soniat, Steet), Umstot, Walder 164 THE 1 9 2- •4 ' ■a »£iMmL J A. IVI B A. L A. V A. FresKinan Class SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY SoKiAT, Sidney L New Orleans, La. Ruffo, Anthokv L. . . . New Orleans, La. l (J Bourgeois, S. J., Jk. . . . Morgan City, La. Richards, Vernon L. . . . Vardanian, Miss. ! K 2, fJ Seelig, Joseph R New Orleans, La. Palermo, Pascal P. . . . New Orleans, La. CiiONATAiso, (Jerald J. . . . Elizabeth, N. J. Crain, Shei.i.ev E. . , . New Orleans, La. lvons, Norwood E Opel.nisas, La. 2 ' " S v .|. Earnest, Claude J Lecompte, La. easlev, D. C, |r McComh, Miss. LoRin, . " i.viN B Lakeland, La. i; IT, -] ' V. On, AZEL I Osvka, Miss. S M ' ■!■ SlEED, John H Dahnn, La. I . ' Molay. i; II - ' V. ' Morris, W. C Batcm Rmige, La. Maior, Robert S. . . . Hattieshurg, Miss. . ,. ' . n, ' ■ " • „ , X, II T Deichmann, Oliver B. . . New Orleans, La. LoMBARDO, S. J iNewellton, La. j, ,, BoLiAN, Geo. VV New Orleans, La. Ferguson, Jess S Marshall, Ark. Darbie, Marjorie, B.A. . . Baton Rouge, La. Walder, Sam Alexandria, La. Bowman. Robert L., Ir. . Knoxville, TeinL He Bouchel, S., Ph.C;. . New Orleans, La. ViJ n r X BoVETT, Rov, Ph.G. . . . New Orleans, La. Lmsiat. Ralph E. . . . New Orleans, La. S M ' ! Landry, P. A., Jr New Iheria, La. V t - ,j, II Smiih, J. M New Orleans, La. " ' " " UK A, -i ' ; Landau, .Arthur P. . . . Baton Rouge, La. jr ]{ -]■ Crawkird, C. L Carlisle, AtV. l iiilal Kdilor H iilLil.alo.i. Z ' 1 ' ■!• 165 T H K 1 9 2, 4 J A. Nl B A. L- A.Y A. a: o u J u i66 - THE J A Nl B A. L. A.Y A. Fresnman CI ass C()I.1.H(;K ()1 AKIS AM) SCIENCES Joseph West Allen- . . . New Orleans, L;i. Glendy- Burke; Tug-o ' -War. HoviTE W. Austin- . . . New Orleans, La. Class Poothiill (1). John Shearer Barker . . New Orleans, La. Clifford Hasting Barnett . El Dorado, Ark. Clas.s Football (1). Philip Joseph Bavo.n . . . New Orleans, La. Lawrence Kern Benson . . Hammond, La. white Elephants; Assistant Cheer Leader (2); Fraternity Basketball. Eldred Tracy Bird . . . New Orleans, La. HuGHER Mercer Blain, Jr., New Orleans, La. Arthur Edward Boles . . New Orleans, La. Charles Allen Born. Jr. MvER Paul Brickman . Thom.m Walker Burke . Henry Gustave Butker . Everette E. Caradine . Wilfred C. Carreras . . Frank Pascal Cerniglia . George Earl Charlan . Ernest Chavez, Jr. . . Theodore Contonio, Jr. . John Stephen Couret . John Oliver Cuevas . Pass Christian, Miss. Leon Frank Davison . . New Orleans, La. Walter Carl Day . Valentine K. Dell . Joseph James Donlon Jack Elmore Douglas Robert Fred Duffy . Tufe ' -o ' -War (1): Class Vice-President (1); White Elephants; Glendy-Burk Claude William Duke . White Elephants; Cia.ss Basketball (II. Joseph Nation Edwards . New Orleans, La. Laurens D. Fergus jn . William Dan Files . . Elmer Dean Flanders . James A: Flinn, Jr. . . Richard Farley Gates . Alton Francis Gaudin (Miss) Ethel C. Gautier . New Orleans, La. James George (Jibbons . . New Orleans I.;i. . Pensacola, Fla. New Orleans, La. . Lufkin, Tex. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Tallulah, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Stanton, Tenn. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. , . Oak Ridge, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . . Hammond, La. New Orleans, La. , New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. William A. Gii.laspik, Jr. . New Orleans, La. William C. Gilmer . . . Shreveport, La. Edwin Walter Goetz, Jr. . Shreveport, La. Vincent Jones Gracc, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Carroll Jules Granger . New Orleans, La. Allan Elli Green .... Mer Rouge, La. Ma. ' Mavo Green .... Mer Rouge, La. Leon Samuel Hass, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ralph Eloe Halliburt . John Henry Hammel . William L. Hanks . . . i)A.M Harmon Harper . Class Football 111; Class President (1); White Eleplmnts; Wrestling (1). Herbert Gre Harrei. . . New Orleans, La. Roy Lyman Heindkl, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Tulalle Band I 1 I. KiLi.iAN LoEw Hu ;!;r . . New Orleans, La. James Valentine Egan Irion . . Emad, La. Hullabaloo Staff (1); Moot Court (1); Illends ' -Burke V-Sjieakel ' (2); Alternate Varsitv Lieliatinc Team (1); Oratorical L ebating Council (1); Secretary-Treas- urer (2); L-)raniatic Club President (1. 2); Cliairnian Senior Stunt.s Committee, Alumni Senior Banquet (1). Frank Thomas Jensen . New Orleans, La. Tulane Band (1); Tulane Orchestra (II; Tulane Glee Club (1); Class Secretary (1); Tug-o ' -War (1); Y ' . M. C. A. Bertram Lamar Jeter . . . Mansfield, La. Fi.ouRNOY C. Johnson. Jr. . New Orleans, La. Class Football (II; Thirteen Club. SiGMOND Aaron Kahn Hoi.ivAR E. Kemp, Jr. DosALD B. Kemper . Marion Kessler . . Class Footb;ill I 1 ). Joe . ' Vl.iON Kilpaiuick . . New Orleans, La. James Edward Kmgmkin . . Slireveporl, La. Glee Club; Cla ' s lesl 1 Inn III; Tbir- l.-en Cluli. llARin Kreegek .... New Orleans, La. Clarence Kolsiah Kuiine, New Orleans, La. Paul Kolstad Kuhne . . New Orleans, La. Howard C. Lasseigne . . New Orleans, La. Sidney Franklin Latimer, Jr. . Geneva, Ala. John Gaspare Lipani . . New Orleans, La. . . . Rayne, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. 167 H E 1 9 2- •4- J A. N B A. I_ A. Y A. Freshman Class CULLliCiE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Wrestling (1). New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. , New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . ZwoUe, La. Noah Lotus Lord . . (Miss) ' er.a Lvnne . John M. McHRvnK, Jr. Anot.PHUs McCranii; . White Elephants; DoLGL. s M. McFarlakd . (Miss) C. C. McKeon . . E. N. Mansderg, Jr. . . Garrett Hudson Martin Richard C. Martin . . . IIenrv Solomon MincR . Class Foothall (1); Class Basketliall (1 . Thomas R. Meyers . . . New Orleans, La. Tuy-o ' -War (1)-, Class Football (1). Rene Picado Michalski . New Orleans, La. (Miss) A. E. Michelson . . Gonzalez, Texas Harold Edgar Miller . . New Orleans, La. DeWitte Farmer Morgan . Okolnna, Miss. Lord FL Morrison .... New Orleans, La. Roy MoKiiz Mueller . . New Orleans, La. Henry Newman .... New Orleans, La. Isidore New ' MAN .... Ne v Orleans, La. Tulane Band (1 i. CiKiL Aucusi NoLDE . . New Orleans, La. Tua:-o ' -Wai- (11. Maurice E. O ' Neill . . . Ne v Orleans, La. Joseph Clifford Oplaiek . . . CJretna, La. Tulane Orclipstra (1); Cla.ss Footl.all (1). Roland Clarence Page . . New Orleans, La. Tulane Band (1). (Miss) Marie L. Pareh . New Orleans, La. Philip Mason Erwin . . AnCELO PlRANIO ... Felly Anthony Planche Joe Polite, Jr I " )avtd Polmer New Orleans, La. RoBERi Sutton Pokier . . . Shreveport, La. Lloyd Anthony ' Ray . . . New Orleans, La. Marcus C. Reeves, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Maurice Ruddell Ries . . New Orleans, La. Tulane Band (1); Tulane Glee Clul) Or- eliestra, (1); Class Jainbalaya Represen- tative (1); PleUaninny Staff (1); Open Vtn-uni ' oniniittee; (llendy-Burke; Class TuK-o ' -War (I): Hullabaloo Staff (1); Tulane Universit.v Itepresentative, New Orleans Item. . New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . . Covington, La. . New Orleans, La. Ellis Frantz Robdert . . New Orleans, Tulane Band (1); Y. M. C. A. Ike Irving Salomon . . . New Orleans, Lemuel Move Sanders, Jr. . . Mobile, . Clyde V. Schilling Clretna, Marvi I. H. Schilling . . New Orleans, Aaron Maas Schwarz . . New Orleans, Tulane Band (1 1. Louis Mazerat Shepard . New Orleans, Morris Shushan .... New Orleans, Tulane Oriliestra (11. Frank C. Schute, Jr. . . . Opelonsas, Thirteen Club; Class Football (I); Class Baslcetball (1). Wilmer a. Simpson, Jr. . New Orleans, Louis Francis Sirera . . . New Orleans, CiAYLE Aiken Smith . . . New Orleans, White Elephants. Bennie Elsworth Spencer . . Spencer, Ellis L. St. Germain . . Breaux Bridge, Frederick Allen Steiner . New Orleans, Charles Leo Stewart . . . Grosse Late, Robert Browne Stili.e .... Many, Jack Alvin Stone . . . New Orleans, Class Football (1). Guy Lamar Tafia . . . New Orleans, Nicola Tessitore .... New Orleans, I ' oM Bond Thatcher . . New Orleans, Edward M. Toby, Jr. . . New Orleans, William J. Trepagnier . New Orleans, Carlo Joseph Tripoli . . New Orleans, Adolfo Urrutia .... New Orleans, Adris Orville Varnadq . New Orleans, Allen Vories New Orleans, Tut ' -o ' -War (1). Earl Howard Walker . . New Orleans, Albert Grun Werner . . New Orleans, Otha Kermit Whitfield . . . Suffolk, Harry Thomas Whitley,. . Shreveport, Waddy T. Wilkinson. Jr., New Orleans, Clifford M. Wilson . . . New Orleans, Joseph Lee Winkle . . . New Orleans, Madison Woodward, Jr. . New Orleans, Glendy-Rurke, Victor Albirt Wright . . New Orleans, La. La. Ala. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. La. Va. La. La. La. La. La. La. i6g THE 1 9 2. 4 J A. Nl B A. 1_ A. Y A. FresKman Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Warren Eugene Addison . . Uilnxi, Mi-s. Gerald Louis Andrus .... Crowley, La. Jno. Chalmers Baine, Jr. . New Orleans, La. ATA Dasketball (1). Oliver Victor Baldwin . . New Orleans, La. (■Ia. !.s Kootl.all (1); Clii.- s KcI.Ty (1). James Falvv Barr . . . New Orleans, La. OTA Jainbala a Class llt. i ri-Sfntativi ' (1). Daniel Calvin Blue . . . De RidJer, La. Ralph Ela.m Bodman .... Mnlille, . la. :i X While El. 1. hauls ill. L Rn Carbonell .... Havana, Cuba Joseph Jay Cerniglia Dcllii, La. Leonard C. Chamberlain . New Orleans, La. K 2 Gli ' c Club (1); Class BasUpthall (II. Arden Watson Chapman . New Orleans, La. Gli ' iidy BurUi ' ; Onheslra (li. Ivwnoi.rii Church . . . New Orleans, La. K :; Thirtui-u (Tub; class nasUi lball (I). Charles Neale Clarke . . New Orleans, L i. James Wm. Cleverdon . . Suinmerdale, .Ma. RocERT Green Crump, Jr. . New Orleans, La. EsLER Louis D ' Aquin . . New Orleans, La. Wm. Franklin Deadekilk . Marianna, .Ark. K i; Tulano Lianil lU; C.l.r Club (I). Ladd Augustine Dinkins .... Scott, La. K A Pierre A. Duquesne . . New Orleans, La. OTA Ann Louise Farnswokiii . New Orleans, La. Sidney Stone Field . . . New Orleans, La. Luther C. Fleming . . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Class Baikitball (11: Class TUK- " - Var (1). Vm. Arthur Foli.ansbee . New Orleans, La. A i; I Royal H.mwvood Frost, Jr. . Shreveport, La. A T ! Whit. ' El.-phaiits. Thomas Leander Gash . New Orleans, La. OTA Class Wn-slliiiK (1). Rene Francis Gilpi . - . New Orleans, La. 11 (I II OU ' f Clmi (II; Tulaii. ' nr. b. ' slia (11. George Francis ( .elpi . . New Orleans, La. II K 1 ' IIakiiid Oito Hai.i.er . . New Orleans, La. •i K :; Sheldon J. ?L ne.mann . . New Orleans, La. Elias Daniel Hargis, Jr. . . Riineville, La. David D. Harris . . .St. Francisville, La. loiiN Deizel Haverkamp . New Orleans, La. Cla. ' S Kondiall (1). Irving Klein New Orleans, La. 2 A M John Dujav Ki.orer . . . New Orleans, La. A i; ' ! Whiti ' EU ' nbams; Assislaul Sp.iilini; lOcIlfor Hullabaloo (1); .S|jortinK lOilit.ii- Hullabaloo (2). Samuel Pierre Lanimo ' . . Plaqneniiiie. T.a. Julius Rodney Le Blanc . . . I ' rankliii, I. a. A i; ' I ' Cla.ss Koolliall ( 1 I. (c H E 1 9 i 4 tfSl L J A M B A. I_ AV A. c 170 THE J A. M B A. L A.Y A. FresKman Class COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Maurice Wolf Lew . . . New Orleans, La. Class Foiitlnill (I). Jay Tums Liddle .... New Orleans, La. Charles Lob New Orleans, La. Z I! T James Frank McFarlakd . . Mansfield, La. TuLini Band (1). EnwARH Pench Maddex . New Orleans, La. Evans Witliam Mahonev . New Orleans, La. Chis.s Football ll. William Maier .... New Orleans, La. Ai.o zo Charles Meyer . . Thilindanx, La. Robert T. Mltersbauc;ii . Lake Charles, La. Walter G. Mlierbalcii . Lake ( harles. La. William Levar Myers, Jr. . Memphis , lenn. Lawrence K. Nelson . . New Orleans, La. Albert Kersey Nevvlin . New Orleans, La. { K :: mass Footl.all (II; i ' las.s I ' l esiil.-nl ill. Adloe Orr, Jr. . . . . New Orleans, La. William Peter Osier . . New Orleans, La. Edward James Patterson . New Orleans, La. i-Uis.s TUfe ' -n-War (I): iTa.ss Footl.all (II; class Baskftl.all III; Tulane Ban.l. John Jlles Porte . . . New Orleans, La. Walter Stewart Rainvii.le. Jr. . Gretna, La. Leon Myers Reinach . . New Orleans, La. 2 A SI Clas.; Baskpiball (ll. Rivi Hi- K Rkinal ' h . . New Orleans, I.;i. K r c.IcikU- Iturk.-; class E;nj,-im-iTin( . Hyrov L. Rincs . . Hot Sprliifis, .Ark. Tulan.- Biind II). Rodney Berhin Rougei.ot . New Orleans, La. Geo. Munford Saunders . New Orleans, La. Robert Mallard Seago . . New Orleans, La. K A George Jacob Segel . . . New Orleans, La. Gleiuiy Burke. Albert William Segen . . New Orleans, La. 2AM John Francis Seiler . . MlrininKhaiii, Ala. II K !■ Harold Forkesier Sicard . New Orleans, La. K 1 Waller Su.mner Si.mpson . New Orleans, La. b A B Richard .Allerek Stevens . New Orleans, La. II K A White Eleplnuils. Frank Gurley Stewari . New Orleans, La. Bernard J. Tortamesi . . New Orleans, La. Lawrence Claud Turner . New Orleans, La. OTA Cla.ss Vi -e-Presi lent (II. Alvin August Voss . . . New Orleans, L;i. Clement H. Watson . . New Orleans, La. OTA C.I.M- Clul. 111. Reginald Edw. Watson . New Orleans, La. James Evans Weed . . . New Orleans, La. Samuel R. Williamson . . . Bessemer, .Ma. Class Baslcetl.all 111. H K EY AsmoN Wilson . New {)rU:ins, La. ATA Class Footl.all (li; Tliirt.-.ii cluli; class Haski ' tl.all (II. Richard Clay Wuerfei. . New Orleans, La. Class Kelay (I); Class Tra.-I (I). 171 «V 3 THE 1 9 2, 4- " Sr « ' ' J A. M B A. L A.Y A. 172 THE 1 9 2. 4 J A. lyi B A. I_ A. Y A. iMMB Fresliman Class COLLEGE OF rOMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Wai.tcr p. Adlek . James G. Anderson Ne T Orleans, La. . . Neosho, Ml). n K A Jambalaya Class Representative (1); ' " llnlvilnn n ) ; T-ii,.pf.tnr of Pulilieity. Draiiiatii ' Club; White Elephants. Joseph H. Bocei Port Arthur, Tex. OTA William B. Carter . . . New Orleans, La. A T fi Football (1); Wrestling (1): Class President (1): Thirteen Club. HlI.LARIES L. ClIATELAIN . . Dc QllillCV, La. ■I- K 2 White Eleiihants. Nelson C. Chlirch . . . New Orleans, La. MiLLARi) Gensler .... New Orleans, La. K A Pavii) Groskino . , Nernakii a. R. Kean . . 2 n Holly Sprinss, Miss. . New Orleans, La. Sam L. Kleisdorf Natchez, Miss. 2 A JI Tulane Orebestra (1); Tulane Band (1). Claude S. Kohler . . . New Orleans, La. Herman S. Kohl.mever . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Tulane Orebestra (1); Tulane Banil (1). Robert A. Kottwitz . . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Sadika Loewenderg . . . Koscinsko, Miss. n 2 X EnoAR S. LowRV Ralph H. McCord . . . A T fi . W ' innslioro, La. Port . ' rthiir, Tex. Paul D. McCranev .... Roseland, La. Marvin S. Mincleoori f, Jr. . Savannah, Gra. CURIL A. NoLDE .... New Orleans, La. FREnERiCK B. Pantall . . . Ilannnnnd, La. ' I A O Will II. Pons Natchitoches, La. K 2 Charles H. Reeves . . . New Orleans, La. A K K Thirteen Club; Class Viee rre.siclent (t). Louis Stein New Orleans, La. Guv L. Tapia . A K E Albert V. ' iouerie . . A K E Richard M. Wihtnev . . Mobile, Ala. Montegut, La. St. Josepli, La. CioRDON F. Wilson . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Fre.shman Football (1); Basketball (1); Class Secretary (1); Thirteen Club. IIenr-i L. WlMr.ERI.V . . II K ' I- M. B. Wricht . Newellton, La. . Ihunnionil, La. 17J THE 1 9 2. - Special Students COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES (Mrs.) Roberta Holmes Alexander Abbeville, Louisiana Benjamin Drake Boswortm Knoxville, Tennessee Felix Peter Burn Belize, British Honduras Felix Edward Hebert New Orleans, Louisiana Anderson Franklin Hendricks New Orleans, Louisiana Joseph De Bergue Huddleston Shreveport, Louisiana (Miss) Astrid Linnea Johnson, 1 2X Good Pine, Louisiana LiLLARD Harold McGee Emporia, Kansas Perry Eldridge Matthews New Orleans, Louisiana (Miss) Margie May Moss New Orleans, Louisiana Harry Hansell Preston Port Barre, Louisiana Walter Conrad Schmidt New Orleans, Louisiana (Miss) Margaret VVhitseli. Scott Poplarville, Mississippi Robert S. Spiers McNeill, Mississippi COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BCSINESS ADMINISTRATION Donald E. Duncan Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Louis A. Faucheux New Orleans, Louisiana Clark Hofkpauer Crowley, Louisiana George J. Keisker, K r Memphis, Tennessee White Elephants. George F. Lamprecht Cleveland, Ohio Varsity Football (2. 3). John D. Lewelln New Orleans, Louisiana Cody Marshall New Orleans, Louisiana James M. Myatt, Jr., i: A E New Orleans, Louisiana John L. Nicholas - Chicago, Illinois Exo J. Price New Orleans, Louisiana Manship Smith New Orleans, Louisiana H. A. Taylor New Orleans, Louisiana K. : »il 174 1 m. THE 1 9 2. 4 IL. J A. Nt B A. L A. V A. DuN ' CAN, IIdi 1 f ' Avi:k. Ki;iskf:k I.AMi ' KEciiT, Miles, Mvajt, Nicholas. Price, Richardson ' , Svinn. 175 — - THE 1 9 2, •4 ' a A. M B A. L A. Y A. Special Students COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING CoN ' WAV Clii rnN Bari.ow New Orleans, Louisiana Godfrey Hugh Deixuze Gulfport, Mississippi Arthur Levy Herbert New Orleans, Louisiana Chari.es Henderson Ransom New Orleans, Louisiana Frank Kirov Richardson. Jr New Orleans, Louisiana COLLEGE OF LAW Clay Jackson BirminKham, Alahamn B.S. Alabama Polyl ' ' linii- Inslitu( ' . Garr De WriiE Long. II K A Neosho, Missouri l;as,-l.aU (:;. Si. jAMKs TiMOini W ' liiiE Shreveport, I.ouisiaiia 176 « c l aitty . V JAMBALAYA POPULARITY C0NTE5T BE5T ALL; AI OUi D ATHLETE ANGOLA PRIESTLY CUTE5T ELIZABETH PILCHLR. BIGGEST FLAPPER! LYN M ROJ3IA1S0N MOST POPULAR w;thst.martj M ' ■ ' ■v 4, MOST FASHIONABLE OLIVIA BAILEY «5TC ? OWKSSv ' Sr A.T H L E T I G S THE I 9 2, 4- J A. M B A. L A. Y A. 9 jm Wearers ot the 1 Barveit Garde HR Lautenschlaeger ROEHL Barklk Goldsmith Leake Rov Bkrgeret J. IIenican Levy V. Robinson HtSSI.EMAN E. Hemcan Lino S. Robinson Brown- IIlNES Martin Snelling Carrawav MnFEMAN Moses Stiles OUFOUR Hopkins O ' Kelley Talbot Flour»jo - KOONCK Phillips HUNSTALL Gamblk 1.AMPRRCHT Rives vrj- 189 THE 19X4 J A.M B A. L A.VA. McCoN ' XELL, St. Martin, Benson The Cheer Leaders " Dickie " McCoiiiiell, together with the able assistance of Hennie Heiisoii and Miss Ruth St. Martin ot e vcomb, devoted untiring ef- forts throughout the sea.son towards keeping the stands in one long yell, which did much toward keeping up the morale of the (ighting (Jreen ' a e on the field. ' ith the graduation of .McConnell, it seems appaient tliat Henson will lead Tulane ' s cheers next year. .Miss St. Martin will again serve tor Newcomb. 190 = vJ A Ivl B A. 1_ A.V A. 3-S MRS 5 " i 63! i o - ' 5 - ? ■« C 3 =- E n! +- a O U u _c H f ?S = 3 C i 3 n a-c " it i - s o-c; •0 = f w w A T H K 1 9 i •4- HL J A I B A. I_ A.Y A. CAl ' TAIX KVA TALBOT 192 THE I 9 2. 4- 0 % ik J A. Is4 B A. L A. Y A. The 1923 Green Wave No, Annabel, this is not a picture of the victorious American Army resting on top of Hunker Hill, but merely the Tulane Wave sojourning on Signal Mountain, during its invasion of Tennessee. Contrary to ex- pectations, the week ' s absence was not a holiday period. Coach Shaugh- ncssy had ' em working every day. ' 93 R evie w oi the S eason With six victories, three defeats, .iiui one tie game, the 1923 football team ex- perienced a most successful season. Capably coached and well trained, they displayed wonderful fifjhtintj spirit and gave a fine account of themselves, even when in defeat. The first game resulted in a decisive victory o er Southwestern, and the (Ireen Wave started off on the right foot. Mississippi College came next, and, after leading the (7rcenbncks 3-0 at the half, finally were defeated by the Shaughnees, 18-3. Tulane next in aded the Lone Star State, where the - met the Texas I onghorns and received a -o drubbing. Louisiana Polytech, from Rushton, then came down to New Orleans with the in- tention of beating Tulane, and they almo.st did, in a game replete with thrills. Coach Shaughnessy then took his charges to Tennessee, where, on successive Satur- days, they met Vanderbilt and Tennessee. In a battle of blocked punts, the Commo- dores downed the (ireenies, 17-0. Tennessee also won, 13-2. The next opponent was Auburn, and Tulane left town for its third consecutive road game. In an exciting game the Greenies fought the Tiger of the Plains to a standstdl, huhhng the score to a 6-h tie. 194 = S THE 1 9 2. ■•l ' A.Y A Back home again to meet Ole Mi.s.s, L. S. L ., and Washington L niversity of St. Louis, in the order named. Ole Mis.s proved easy, and Tulane walked off with a ig-o victory. Then came the " Hattle of the Centur , " with Tulane face to face with the Upstate Tiger — 6o minutes of thrills, crowded with action, resulted in a 2i)-() victory over Tulane ' s age-old and time-worn ri als. On Turkey Day, Tulane |ilayed host to Washington I ' ., and closed the season with a victory. .SCORKS OF THE CjAMES Tulane 20; Southwestern 2 I ' ulane 18; Mississippi College 3 Tulane o; Texas University 33 Tulane 13; Louisiana Polytech 7 Tulane o; Vanderbilt 17 Tulane 2; Tennessee 13 Tulane 6; Auburn 6 lulane 19; " Ole Miss " o Tulane 20; L. S. l ' .0 Tulane 19; Washington University 8 -- 195 THE 1 9 2, 4 a A-IVI B A. LA-VA. Cai ' TAix II. rr ' Talbot — The House of Talbot lias long been represented on Tiilane football teams, and from all indications the [lass- ing of Harr ' will not be the passing of the Tal- bots. Harr ' s " little " brother, Horace, is slated to come up from the freshmen next season, and if Horace is anything like Harry, then ve have no fear for the future of the Talbots in football. Captain " Little Eva " was handicapped through- out the season with a bad leg, but he roiuided to form at the close of the season like a true veteran, and jdayed the game of his life against the Tigers. EuGEN ' E Bi ' RGiTRET — Gene is the sort of fellow who responds just when one thinks that he is ready to blow. Last season he came through in the pinches admirably and played one of the best games on the line. Just a smooth, easy going sort of fellow, Gene is a veritable fighting tiger when aroused in a game. He is one of the fellows who trLily has worked his way from obscurity to one of the brightest spots in the firmament. Gene has another season with us also, if he cares to re- tuiii to school. liii.i. HissiJ .MAX — Coach Shaughnessy was iHjt foicfd to look around very much to lind a worthy man to fill the center ' s position when Kddie Reed graduated. Hill has filled the jiosi- tion well. He was handicapped by going into the hole left vacant by one of the greatest pivot men in the South. Hill set about his task with a de- termination that was to bring great success. Hill will return next season and we look for an even greater center than linisheil the year. Captain-elect Alfred Brown — " Brother " Brown has now become famous throughout the South. The name of Brown, like the name of Talbot, has long been synonymous with Tulane ' s football teams. " Brother " upheld the brilliant record set by his brother, " Benny, " and perhaps added even more laurel wreaths to the old name of Brown. It is said that there is a great contest on between the Browns, Smiths and Jones as to which name will reach the million mark first. If fame means anything, " Brother " will certainly do his share. His game last season was the most outstanding of the entire team, and the pigskin chasers certainly made no mistake when they elected Alfred to lead them next season. He will round out his fourth year with Tulane, and they indeed were four years well spent on the gridiron. Junior Hexican — " Lilj ' -of-the-Valley " did not allow a broken ankle his first year out to dis- courage him in football. He came back this sea- son and had the distinction of being credited with the most football sense on the field. Coach Shaughnessy felt such confidence in Junior that he allowed him to run the team at times, and once had him calling signals when he had never called a signal before in his life. " Bugs " will be back again and we look for a great year from him. Selzer Robinson — Wiu ' le not pulling teeth at his clinic, Selzer was pulling down would-be ground gainers on the opposition. Selzer played both in the backfield and the line, and played a consistent game at both positions. It is a source of regret that Selzer will not be back with us next season. We will certainly regret him. THE 1 9 2- - .di £iai § a| J A. M B A 1. A.Y A. ::)r:;?J?t: ; v Vf tfc Lester Lautenschlaeger — Here is thi- little big noise of the team. Lester was set back (luring his first year in school with a broken leg, hut he showed the stuff that he was made of by coming round like a real honest-to-goodness hero, and during his first year as quarterback was given honorable mention by Walter Camp on his All- American team. Lester is one of the hardest driving quarterbacks in this part of the woods. He is a real little field general, and much of Tu- lane ' s success during the past season has been due to the efforts of Lester. Howard Roehi. — Resides being the largest man on the team, " Hrute " was one of the hardest lighters. Howard took extreme pleasure in bLunping off the biggest man. The referee caught Howard trying to take a real big bird at Knox- ille, and both Howard and his friend were re- lieved of further playing responsibilities. Ellis Henic.an — just when you least expect it, this great equestrian football player is liable to pull it. " Red " Rountree, of anderbilt, did not expect Ellis to take the ball away from him in midfield, nor did anybody expect him to run from behind his own goal and save a touchdown on a fumble. As a matter of fact, Coach Shaughness ' did not expect Ellis to go out horseback riding on Signal Mountain, nor did Ellis expect to be intro- duced to the terra cotta. But the unexpected in Ellis ' life is his chief pleasure. He recovered a fumble in the L. S. U. game and scored the touchdown that took all the life out of the scared Hengal. Ellis also will have two years with us. Fred Hoffman — Freddie came to the var- sity with a reputation of being one of the best in- dependent players in New Orleans, and when he left he had added more color to the reputation. Freddie was one of the best all-round men on the entire squad. He played at fullback and end and pla ed both positions well. Freddie has two more seasons on the .squad, if he cares to return to it. It is said that he is going after rolling pills in- stead of footballs. Besides being a really good football player, Freddie was the leading baseball ]iitcher of the Southern Conference. THE 1 9 i, 4 J A IvI B A I_ A.V A. Priestley Flournoy — Here is the Adonis of the football team. Built of perfect proportions, Priestley has long been the center of many glances of admiration from the fair sex. How- ever, instead of devoting his time to the ladies fair, he gives everything to athletics, and is un- doubtedly one of the outstanding athletes at Tu- lane today. His punting in football won high praise from sport writers over the South. With two years more on the varsity, he is certain to develop into one of the greatest stars ever at Tu- lane. George Tlxstall — Bay Alinette claims George as one of its most illustrious sons, and George has done everything in his power to estab- lish his home town as one of the leading cities of the Southland. (lenrge never saw a football be- fore he came to Tulane, but by last season he was looked upon as one of the hardest plugging war- horses on the entire squad. Fr. xk Phillu ' S — " Hank " is Freddie Lani- precht ' s side-kick, though we do not hold that against him. Phillips has spread from one side of the line to the other, and has even had a fling at the pivot position. If there were just a few more men of the type of Phillips, Tulane would soon be in the Southern championship berth. " Hank " has another year with us, and we are ex- pecting great things from him and are taking his word for it. At Coach Shaughnessy ' s football party, " Hank " declared that next year would be his year, and we believe him. Barney Hopkins — Here is another product of hard work. " Hoppy " brought attention one (lay in scrimmage when he was smashing through and nailing the varsity players at will. Coach Shaughnessy immediately brought him around to the top .squad and he reniaineil there the rest of the season, and finally ended up by making his letter. a A. ivl B A. I_ A.Y A. •• f ' F " rei) Lami ' RECHT — Besides being tlu- Louisiana State and (jiilf States golf champion, Freddie is one of the most versatile footballers on the squad. He has played everything from w ater-boy to star fullback. " Limber " won his fame at Auburn two years ago when he tore the famous Plainsmen ' s line to shreils, and has lived up to the reputation ever since. Freildie, besides worrying about get- ting a letter every day, vvill have another season to put in at Tulane, and, judging from the past, he should be a real hummer in the future. ViRGil. RoHlxsDX — Virgil, the boy of the smile and few words, played one of the guards on the team, and he played it well. Virgil was on the squad a number of years ago, but he left school. He heard the call of the wild, though, and re- turned this season and brought- his big brotlier along with him. Both the Robinson boys are as conscientious players as ever played for Tulane. Virgil has two more years with us. Bex Goldsmith — Benny is one of the finds of the season. He went out on the field unheralded, but by the close of the year he was looked upon as one of the most consistent and fastest linemen on the entire squad. Benny is very adept and will he in there fighting again next season, between operations down at the clinic. Benny is said to be a direct descendant of the illustrious Oliver, and for that reason indulges in writing to a great ex- tent — no, not books. MiLTOX Levi- — Every team has its merry- maker, and the Tulane football team was no ex- ception. Milton could honestly see a joke in L. S. U. beating Tulane. His witty remarks and good natured smile kept the team in high spirits all the time, and especially when he espoused the cause of his native Ireland. So insistent was Mil- ton during the year on the freedom of Ireland that he has been dubbed " Irish " by his teammates. It is a source of satisfaction to realize that " Irish " has two more years on the squad. If there is a fellow who can rush Milton off his feet, we have tailed to see him. THE 1 9 2. ■4 ' JAMBA.!, A.Y A. Freshman Football ' YW- fiolimaii football team of 1923 was out for an farl .stait under Coaches Reed and Andrews, determined to outdo the freshman team of iqjj, the lirst one turned out in the history of the university. Although there were hut a few experi- enced men out for the squad, they soon developed into an aggressive and scrapp ' machine, as their record of one victory, three ties, and no defeats indicates. The first game was with the " Rockahaws " of the Bay City, which, despite, the freshies ' inexperience, ended with a 6-6 score. The second game was the freshies ' hcst offensi e game of the year, defeating the State Normal team 21-0. The hardest game of the season was at I ' oplarville, with the i ' oplar ille Aggies, which came near teminating in a defeat for tiie frosh. Hut their lightnig s]iirit once more earned them a tie. The score was 7-7. The final game of the year was witli tlie " Baby Tigers, " which. cles|iite the hardest efforts of both teams to score, ended in a 0-0 tie. As to whether the freshman season was a success will be decided next fall, wiien Coach Shaughnessy calls upon the freshies to iill the gaps acant on the varsity. J A. lyi B s. i_ yvY A. 1924 Basketball Review gVO say that Tulaiif ' s 1924 basketball tram had a very SLiccessful season would be haidl expressinn the glorx ' ami reputation that this season ' s qvuntette heaped on the Alma Mater. The Tulane cagers, led this year b ' Captain Pratt Alartiii, went tluijuiih the whole season and suf- fered but one defeat. It was not until .it the termination of this official sea.son that the (ireenies were beaten. This unfcjrtunate happening took place at the annual Southern Intercollegiate Conference meet, held in Arl.uita, (ia., on February 29 and March I, 3 and 4. The (ireenies were beaten by the jiowerful Mississippi A. and M. team to the tune of 38 to 30. It was a game in which the real science and strategy of basketball h.ad but little to do with the outcome, but where uncommon luck at long shots spelled defeat for the well-oiled Olive and Blue machine. In the qualifying game for the second round of the tournament, the (jreenies romped unmercifully over the University of South Carolina, .scoring a 611-23 victory over the Carolinians. Perhaps what Tulane points to with most pride in its cage team of the past sea- son is the fact that, for the .second time straight, T dane made a clean sweep of the four-game series with L. S. U. To beat the Tigers in the amivial basketball sea.son has always been the sign of a successful season, and the Martin cagers did this to tlv following scores: Tulane 41 ; L. S. U 21 Tulane 3S ; L. S. U 29 Tulane 39 ; L. S. U 13 Tulane 3(1 ; I . S. C 26 Fo]- the whole season ' Fulane played twenty-three games, wuuung all but the ill- fated twent -third. This is a record to he proud of by .my team of goal shooters. In individual .scoring the team was led by Captain Ellis Henicaii, F ' ddic Morgan, Junior Henican, Eddie David.son, and Hooks Lind, followed in the order written. An amusing light was cast on nearly all of the basketball games played at home, when Coach Simons v ' ould send in his .secoiul te.ani, lecl by Peggy Flourno ' and Lester Lautenschlaeger. This pair, with Wittenberg, ( )doni .ind Heiman, earned the well- apjilied appell.ition of " The Wrecking Ciew. " At the end of the sea.son, when th " final count came, Lester had a slight edge over Pegg ' in fouls calle l. THE 1 9 2. 4 m ' MT " ! J A.h 1 B A 1. A.VA. glgsgii g j g 1924 Basketball Record Tulane . 31 Tulaiie . 40 I ' lilanc . 36 Tulane . +7 Tulane . 28 Tulane . 35 Tulane . 4 Tulaue . 32 Tulane . 27 Tulane . 30 Tulane . 34 1 ulane . 4 ' I ' ulane . 4- Tulane . 41 Mexico V. M St. Stanislaus Sprinj hill , Sprinj hill . r. of Miss. U. of Miss . Southwestern Auburn . Auiiurn . Sprin liill . SpriuKliill . letuiessee . Tennessee . I., s. r. . . c. A. 14 Tulane . . 30 Tulane . 19 Tulane . 29 Tulane . . 23 Tulane . ' 9 Tulane . 13 Tulane . 19 Tulane . 22 Tulane . 16 24 Tulane . 2+ 21 jS; L. S. r 29 31 ; Centeiuiry 27 40; Louisiana Colle e ... 27 39; Mississippi College ... 32 42; St. Stanislaus 21 39; L. S. U 13 30; L. S. r 26 ' )0 ; South Carolina . . .23 30; Miss. A. anil M. . . .38 854 ; Opponents 516 S. I. C. games pla eil at to iirruuneMt 203 THE 1 -I MaawL J A. M B A. L A.V A. «l« L 1924 Basketball Players Pratt ]VI.arti , ( nptnin One of the hardest workers on the stiuatl is the real veteran, having made his letter iour successive years in baskethall. Martin proved his ability as captain when he led his team in point scoring and piloted it through the most successful season in the histor ' of the institution. J. Henican Junior proved that it is possible for a foot- ball player to be a good basketball player. He is the most graceful man on the Tulane team, besides being one of the most aggressive men ever to wear a Tulane uniform. E. Morgan ' Eddie, who hails from Kenner, and is bet- ter known as " Sheik, " was the real hnd of the season. Eddie transformed from a mediocre player of last season into a real star. He is an excellent pivot man. Carl Lixd The elongated blond, better known as " Hooks, " has proven his worth as a basketball player more than once, and if he lives up to piesent predictions will be honored by an All- Southern next vear. E. Hexicax The youngest man on the squad has time and time again baffled the opponents by his scintillating speed in dribbling the ball. It i. a pleasure to know that Ellis has two more years to play for Tulane. A great future is predicted for him. 204 mmm 1924 Basketball Players Eddif I avidson ' Although Eddie has played basketball for several seasons, this will be the first time he has made his letter at Tulane. Eddie is always there with a smile, willing and ready tn work. Douglas O ' Kelley The most collegiate man on the s(|uail, luit hose dressing in no way hinders him from playing a consistent game of basketball, " Doug " has proven his value all season. However, his accomplishment at Atlanta " capped " the climax. Saxford Roy Is the smallest man to ever don a Tulane uniform and his stature has won for him the very appropriate name of " Skeeter. " Al- though " Skeeter " was hard pressed with his medical work, he managed to sacrifice suffi- cient time to aid Tulane in establishing the wonderful record she did. t . " Cutie " Rives, Mmuujer When one hears a voice say, " What ho, men! " you know that " Cutie " is around, anx- ious to do something for the team ' s welfare. " Cutie " is the ladies ' man of the team and is often found reposing on the Newcomb cam- pus. Monk Simoxs To Coach Simons goes most of the credit for Tulane ' s wonderful season. " Monk " al- ways kept his charges in condition, and not once during the whole season was a man ab- sent due to sickness. We feel sure that " Monk " will win the championship next year. o. 205 1923 Tennis Tulane ' s tenTli season of 1923 was a t;reat success from every angle. The team, ably cap- tained and maruatjed h Dan Murray, fought its way through three intercollegiate matches and ended the season with the singles championship of the Southern Intercollegiate Conference. The local touruanienl was begun April 4th, on the university courts. Thirty-two men com- peted for the cups and the local championships, and the finalists were Dan K. Murray and Ellis Henican, with Murray the victor. The matches with the University of Alabanui were played April 13 and 14, at the New- Orleans Lawn Tennis Club courts, and Tulanc easily emerged the victor. Murray and Harrett defeated the Alabama doubles team 5-7, 6-4, 6-3, 6-2; Marks and Saunders lost, 5-7, 5-7. In singles Saunders was defeated 6-1, 6-4. Marks won his inatch 6-3, 6-4; Harrett beat his opponent 6-2, 6-2, while Murray defeated his 10-8, 6-4. The second meet of the year, with Mississippi A. and M., was held . ' pril njth. Barrett and Murray won the doubles match; Murray won his singles 6-1, 6-4, 6-2. Barrett and Murray again represented Tuiane at the S. I. C. meet in Atlanta. I ' he doubles team was eliminated after a hard tight. Murray wciri the championship title when he de- feated Jcrnigen of North Carolina in straight sets, 6-4, 6-0, 6-4. The Tuiane team was composed of Dan Murray, captain and manager; Bill Harrett, (.Jarvin Saunders, and Sidney Marks. 206 THE 1 9 2, 4- J A. Nl B A. L A.Y A. 1923 Baseball X the spring of 1923, Tulaiie presented the first baseball team since 1920. During the three-year period there was no semblance of a baseball squad in evidence at all on th? campus, except in the annual interfraternity baseball series. However, last year the Tulane Athletic Association obtained the services of Bruce Hays, a well-known baseball coach, to bring back the national pastime at Tulane. This Coach Hays did; and, although the team turned out was not a championship nine, it reflect ed considerable credit on the university. Had not Coach Hays been compelled to pick his squad from a great number of inexperienced men, there remains no doubt that the Olive and Blue would have stood high in Southern intelcollegiate baseball circles. In the beginning of the season, after the squad had been chosen, the team elected Carl " Hooks " Lind to the captainship. With a leader chosen, the team began work. The season started with a bang when the Greenies trounced the powerful St. Stanis- laus team to the tune of 5-0. Then followed two defeats to the nationally famous Illinois team. Springhill then managed to slip over a flukey victory when in the ninth inning rally the Hillians came back and won the game 9-S. Th; following two games with Alabama ended victoriously for the " Thin Red Line. " It was just at this point that " Dutch " Hoffman, the star Tulane twirler, became ill and forced the greater part of the pitching burden on the shoulders of " Less " Lautenschlaeger. After the ' Bama games came the first two-game series with L. S. L . It was in the second game of this series that Tidane broke her losing streak by beating the Tigers 6-3. Then followed a series with Springhill, in which the Greenies broke even. The season ended with the final meeting with L. S. L ' . The Tigers won the first game, while the second contest resulted in a b-b tie. At the banquet tendered the squad at the close of the year, the choice for captain of the 1924 squad was presented to Ed Morgan. 1 he following men were awarded letters: Lind, Morgan, Baughman, Robinson, Hoffman, Lautenschlaeger, Williams, Dutour, Martin, Houtchins, Reed, and Man- ager Viggins. Svuiimary for the season : Tulane 5 ; St. Stani-Uul o Tulane o; Illinois 3 lulane 3; Illinois 14 I ' ulane 8; SprinRhill 9 Tulane 4; Alabama 6 14 4 3 I ' ulane i ; Alaliama 2; L. s. r, 6; L. S. r. Tulane Tulane Tulane o Tulane 1 1 Tulane 5 ; L. S. ' V. Tulane 6 ; I.. S. U. Springhill 2 Springhill 207 Tof loix-: Piiiii.ips, ScHWARTZExnACH, Lanorv, Coach Bikkman ' , Brown, Cnopf.R, Rodgers. Sillhuj: Cobb, Duren, Baldwin, Davi-json, Rov, Rocan. Track l ' " nr the first time in several years Tiilaiie put out, in 1 24, a rc|iresciitativc track team, under the able direction of Coach Bernie Hierman. Tlie Cireenie spikemen started tlie season witli a ictory i er the L ni rrsit ot Alabama. Joiirne iny: up to I aton Ronije, the (ireenies suffered ,1 defeat at the liands of L. S. L . Auburn next came to the home stadium and ekeii out a hi ' j-50j, 2 victory of Hier- nian ' s men. 1 ulane ' s next and last dual meet, witli " ( )le Miss, " resulted m a victory for the Green Wave. The following men made their letter in track this season: Brown, Cobb, Da idson, Duren, Hay, Roy, DeCJormo, Phillips, Lind. 2bg - THE 1 9 2, 4- J A. M B A. L A. Y A. Golf, 1924 ilOR the first time in Tulaiie ' s history a golf team was turned out at the institution. By an elimination tournament pro- cess, a foursome was selected to represent the University at Atlanta, and the following men were chosen : Fred Lam- precht, Junior Henican, Hough Kohlmeyer, and Irving Weil. With the single exception of Lamprecht the Tulane representatives all fell by the roadside. " Limber, " however, entered the finals for the second straight year and was nosed out of the championship by Cran- shaw, of Alabama. Wrestling Wrestling, in 1924, witnessed a great year at the University. The Tulane grapplers, ably led by Captain H. Barkley, gained second place in the Southern Olympic tryouts. Captain, who won the 145-pound championship, journeyed to New York city for the Olympic finals, but was defeated. 209 .- . THE 1 9 2. -4- U |J J A. M B A. L A.Y A. Lester, Carriere, Milner, Ellis, Gocelker SONNEMAN ' , LaNPHIER, RoSS Nev comb Basketball For the fourth time in their career the Seniors won Newcomb basketball. Again they played off finals with the juniors and only after a hard fought game were able to claim the right to hang their banner in the place of honor. The line-ups were : Sriiiors — Ellis, Sonneman, Ross, Lanphier, Lester, Carriere, Livaudais. Juniors — Adams, Scharff, Hass, Collins, (jates. SophoiiKjrcs — Cornelson, Lester, Lewis, Hardesty, Cherbonnier, Moog, Hayle. Freshnuii — Carre, Moise, Heaslip, Root, Parker, Hands, Beer. " .. THE 1 9 2- ■4- j i JAM J A. I B A I- A.V A. SuBAT, Moore, Russ, Davis MoxROE, Rives, Christenberrv Volley Ball Finals were played off by the Juniors and Seniors in a very close and exciting game. ' I ' he lirst halt called out every bit of energy on the part of both teams. The Seniors, laboring under the handicap of the absence of one of their stars, played their usual good game, and were in the lead at the end of the iirst half. The Juniors i;in up th; score in the second lialf ajzairist spleiuiid opposition and with nian hrdliant plays won the game. The line-ujis were : Seniors — Talmage, IJlain, Story, Hain, Lester, Da is, Kastler, Hall, nrickcll. Juniors — Wise, Davis, St. Martin, Reeves, Moore, Keesler, Harris. Sophomores — Simmons, Talmage, Mever, Pollack, C ' ornelson, Montgomery, .Mars. i ' rrshiiun — Carre, Ren.uid, Thompson. I ' ateen, kaulman, F.apcutc, Mulc|ueeny, Osborne, V olf. J A. N1 B A. I_ A. V A. Spaulding Basketball Spaiilding arouses, perhaps, the most interest of all Newconib ' s athletics. This season the finals were played by the Juniors and Seniors, and after the most thrilling game of the season, during which several of the stars fainted, the score resulted in a tie. In playing off the tie the audience went through equally as many thrills, for never have Priestley and Sonneman and Christeiiberry played a better game. When time was called on the last quarter the score stood 2S-27 in favor of th ' j Seniors. The line-ups were: Seniors — Ellis, Talmage, Ross, Sonneman, Priestley, Lanphier, Kastler. Juniors — Adams, St. Martin, Christenberry, Cartlege, (jates. Sofihomores — Talmage, Fentress, Eskrigge, Bisso, Cornelson, Meyers. Freshmen — Carre, Hands, Hafkesbring, Hesportr, Page, Thompson. T H K 1 9 i 4 ' ta if ' - J A. M B A L A. Y A. NcNvcomb Ball The Newconib atlik-tic season Q|iened with the Xewconib ball contests, the Sopho- mores playing the Seniors and the Freshmen pla ing the Juniors, according to custom. The Seniors won in the Hnals, for the first time in their college career, for the Class of 1923 had been victors for several years. Immediately after the game the Seniors rushed to the gym to put their banner in the coveted place of honor where the cham- pion ' s banner hangs. Thus started the 1923-1924 season. I he line-ups on the various teams were as follows: Senior!: — Livaudais, Kraft, Lanphiei ' , Sonnenian, Ujffy, Dixon, Ross, (lodeliiher, Hartson, Milner, Waters. Juniors — Adams, Thompson, Collins, Ciates, Scharff, Kohlman, Hass, Schreiber, Caruso, Lively, Babin. Sofihoiiiorcs — Bayle, Misse, Fentress, ( Jotfcn, jyewis, I.obrano, M ers, Robin, San- ford, Cherboniu ' er. FrrshiiKii — Heaslip, I ' aikcr, ' la l(ii-, .Moise, I ' .ige, Herenson, iM ' inbcrg, Kaliski, Shaw. 213 j-5fc= 3b . . THE 192,-4- M f4 ' J A M B A. L A. Y A. SCIIAKIT, Ross, S0 NFMA " Adams, Lester, Ellis Carrikre, Root, Schriedkr Varsity Ne ' comb Basketball The persomiel of tlie alumnae team made tlie varsity-alumnae game exciting and uncertain throughout, for some of 1923 ' s best players were on the team. The victory of the varsit |irfi es that e en a good alumnae team is nn match for our Hron .e and Hlue. I iu " line-ups were : I ' tini y — Ellis, Ross, Sonneman, Adams, Scharff, Lester, I ' ugh. Alumnae — Schuler, Sherman, Dreyfous, Debuys, Kastler, Odenheinier, Stratton. ' + M Page, Desporte, Haiijee, Brickell Schrieber, Scharff, Sonneman FlTZPA ' lRICK, RiVFS, CtlRlSTFVBERRV, HARRIS, ROSS Hockey Ali MNAF VS. Varsity The varsity again won against the alumnae in a memorable hockey game. Al- though the struggled bravely, and time and time again turned the opponent ' s ball tiiiin the goal, the varsity scored a big victory. 1 he liiK-ii[is were : I itrsity — Sonneman, Ross, Harris, Christenberry, (lates, Fitzpatriclc, Schreiber, Scharff, Desporte, Reeves, Story. Alumnae — Schuler, Shermaji, DreyfoLis, Debuxs, (Idenheimer, Ahlrich, Moses, Callindar, Craig, Odenheimer. 215 a I THE J A. N1 B A. I_ A.Y A. N e vcom b s vllnmln g Pool N May 5, at 4:31 ' o ' clock, there occurrcil tlu- formal oiieniiig of New- comb ' s newest and best recreational feature. Under the direction of Miss Hay every girl in Newcomb is to learn how to swim. Life guards are provided for every moment the pool will be in use, and all standard swimming tests will be given. Among the life guards are Eleanor Garrard, the South- ern champion ; Pat Thompson, Rose Cornelson, and Wirth Dinwiddie. Baseball The Juniors have won the baseball championship, after defeating the Freshmen and the Seniors. Never has a better balanced and organized baseball team been as- sembled on Newcomb campus. Especially has the work of Janice Scharff and Sara Rives stood out. They are good varsity material. The varsity-faculty game will be played as soon as varsity is chosen. It is hoped that the team can win, even against the handicap of Mr. Maxwell ' s long legs. 216 FRATERNITIES THE IQi " si - i- JA.ly1BA.I_ A.Y A. Fraternities Academic Tl LANE Phi Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Delta Sigma Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Tau Delta Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Epsiloii Kappa Nu Alpha Tau Omega Delta Kappa Epsilon Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Nu Beta Theta Pi Omicron Tau Alpha Zeta Beta Tau Newcomb Pi Beta Phi Phi Mu Alpha Omicroii Pi Alpha Delta Pi Chi Omega Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Epsilon Phi Professional Phi Delta Phi • Kappa Psi Psi Omega Phi Chi Nu Sigma Nu Xi Psi Phi Alpha Kappa Phi Rhn Sigma Beta Phi Sigma Chi Zeta Chi Alpha Epsilon Iota Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Beta Pi Epsilon Kappa Sigma Honorary Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Commerce Key Stars and Bars Sigma Upsilon Alpha Sigma Sigma • pecia Owls Pi Sigma Chi Square and Compass White Elephants 219 .—..- 2 « ' r. THE 1 9 2. -4- J A. IvI B A I_ A. Y A. M ahMifc— 1 111 ■■ Armstrong, liARVES, Barneit, Barrow, C ' iiarlios CoLOMB, DupONT, Henican, Irion " , Kemper Kerrigan, Kohlmeyer, Lamjry, Leake Madison, Martin, Moses, Moss, Oechsner ■ O ' Ket.t.ev, Richardson, Simpson, Wicciv, Wirth r rr THE 1 9 2. •4- J A.N1 B A. L A.YA. Tne Tulane Council of Fraternities Officers Pkoi. Hal W. Moselev Chainnan Wallace C. Kemper Secretary Walter Barneti Chairman Grievance dominillir Ellis Henican .... Chairman .Icliviiies Commillcc .llphd Tan Utiiiyu — W. Sio.se Leake lll; R Srourz lirla riirUi I ' i— Frederick Oechs.ser Pxi.is Hemcan- Kappa Nu — Nathan H. Polmer Earl Hvmav ' Kii ' p i Alpha — ■ R. LVNN " COLOMB Walter J. Barves ' Kappa Sn riiu — WlLLARD WiRTH Jack Braumiller Sit ma u — Jniiv F. Lucas jAcon S. Landrv Memhers Drlla Kappa Epsilon — Joseph Jones J. C. DUPONT Diltr. Sicimn Phi — David S. Barrow E. Garland Walls Kappa Siymu — Clement M. Moss C. C. ' IGGL - ' ;■ Kappa Phi— F. B. Richardson J. V. E. iRinv Siytnii Aiplia Kpsilon — Do.novan Armsirong Leslie Heiter Siyma Pi — ■ William M. Haile E. B. Mason Uilla Tail Uilla— Douglas O ' Kellkv Harvkv Wilson Kappa Alpha — Wallace C. Kemper J. CK WiGCIN Phi D,tta Thria— R. E. Kerrigan Robert Simpson Si ma. Alpha lu — ■ Harold Moses Ben Goldsmith Siinnti (An — Pkaii Martin Waii Madison ' .ila Hilii Tail — • W i 1 1 R Barneti WVI-.W B. KOHI.MEVER T H K 1 9 Z, 4. — li— — fciTii I I mmitmmt tm mL J A. M B A. L A.Y A. Austin ' , Boi.ton, Houkckois, Braumili.kr Chaielain, CtArdnkr, Hai.lkr, Hawkins Heiss, Koones, Lewis, Norman, Rah Simmons, Siae-eord, W ' arkkn, W ' ii.sh White, Winkle, ' ir]|i, ( ' ., W ' ikih, W. «ES T H K 1 9 2. -4- mtami 1 J A. IVI B A. L A.Y A. Phi Kappa Sigma Founded 1850 MU CHAPTER Established 1858 ; Faculty Dr. Andrew Vallois Freidrichs Dr. Samuel Hobson, Jr. Richard Rav Kirk Dr. Charles Bannister Dr. C. L. Brown Willard VVirth Seniors H. D. Barnes Carl L. Simmons J. L. Adams Jack Braumiller W. P. Gardner P. L. Warner George W. Bolton I. F. Hawkins H. Chatelain J II II tors il. A. White D. D. Warren Sophomores Norman Rau J. Edgar Welsh Freshmen Joseph L. Winkle Charles Wirth p. b. koonce Dave J. Norman J. Stafford Harold Haller A. D. Lewis S. J. BOLIRGEOIS 223 T H K 1 9 2. 4 miSk 1 % J A. M B A. L AY A. Anuersok, Lawes, Barnes, C ' ami ' i;i i.l Clark, Colomb, Dikiur, Feret . Head, Krumpei.masn, I.ixhei.d, Locke Long, Moonev, Morton, Smith SiEVENS, Sullivan, W ' vinwkiciit, W ' inurs " ' ™ ' -g-; lW ' jB E THE 1 9 2. 4. J A. Nl B A L A. V A. lir ' t ' -l: Pi K appa Alpli Founded 1868 Dr. Octave Cassecrais Max King Dr. John A. Lanford Robert Lynx Coi.omb W. lIoBSOK Head W ' ai.i f:k J. Barnes Douglas V. Freret I ' llll.l 11 ' 11. ( ' AMI ' IiEI.L R. H. Clark Wallace H ay- William H. Haxcroft James G. Ant)er,som ETA CHAPTER E t. bli hed 1S78 ;; Ftuiilty Dr. Lucien Le Dou.k Stuart G. Noble James M. Robert • Seniors Pajl Krumplemann W. Rappleve Lawes J uniurs Dewey M. Long . Carry D. Long T ' rbax D. Mooney Sopliomores Robert Linfield W. W. LOCHE Charles Mac.viurdo Kenneth M. R ek Frtsliiiun G. SU.VERSIEIN CiEORCE Robinson William Spratling Dr. Robert A. Strong C. S. WlLLIAMSO.N Charles H. Morten- Harry Winters Maurice Sulliva Charles L. Dufour J. Melville Smiui La URINE WainwAight Theodore A. Watiers Gale Smith Richard Stevens 225 THE 1 9 2, ■4- 1 J A. N B A. L A.Y A. Archinard, Ayers, Barkley, Blain, Coleman Currier, Dinkins, Egdorf, Gensler, Grayson Hendricks, Hoffpauer, Hopkins, Hucer, Kleinpeter, Kemper Macheca, McCraney, Owen, A.; Owen, E.; Phillips, Rives RoEHL, Seaco, Scott, J.; Scott, W.; Snelling Thompson, Vennard, Wallis, Wicgin, Wocan 226 J A. ivl B A. I- A.V A. K Alph appa mpna Founded i86fi H. E. Buchanan Charles P. Fennkr J. H. Avers Garlanj C. Brown Joseph T. Scott John A. Coleman Henderson Barclay Clark Hofepauer MuRPHV M. Snellinc John T. Archinard H. T. Buchanan C. Ford Currier I.add a. Dinkins Mallard Seaco PSI CHAPTER Established 1882 In Faculty C. C. Luzenberg RoRERT Sharp Seniors Wh.llam C. Scott P. Barney Hopkins Wallace C. Kemper Juniors Lawes Kleinpeter Edwin L. Owen Clarence H. Snei.ling Sophomores Millard A. Gensler C. B. McGuiRE r. H. Wai.lis Fri slum II KiLLIAN L. HUCER Hugh Blain James Winston David S. Blackshear N. P. Phillips E. B. Vennard Felix M. Rives John G. Snelling R. McLiN White Edouard Wocan B. D. BoswORTH, Jr. Jack Wiggin M. Macheca Allison Owen, Jr. B. F. Thompson J. ' . Hendricks 227 - : J A. ivl B A. I. A. Y A. KoDMAN ' , H KON ' , Files, Madison P. Mariiv, (;. Martin-, Nairne, Pf.rrii.i.ait Rav, RnRiiiKi, Warnkr, Williams 228 THE 1 9 2. nuiil a A. lyi B A. I_ A.Y A. Sigma Chi Fduiulecl 1S56 ALPHA OMICROX PI CHAPTER Establi!.lie(l 1S86 Dr. S. L. Logan I " )r. E. D. Fekner Dr. V. C. Smiih Pratt Martin Clayton- S. Nairke I.uciEN Warner JOHX B. Perkins Ralph Rodman Ellis Robbekt ; Faculty Ok. I.. B. Crawford Or. E. p. Ficklen Seniors , V. Madison Juniors CiUY WlI.I.LVMS J. Causev N. Robinson Sophomore Hansfll Preston Frcshtncn Dan Files Move Sanders B Riiv RicGS Dr. p. a. McIlhennv Dr. a. Cook Jos. W. Carroll C. C. Perrilliat Jerry Slade Chari es a. Farwell William Colgin Garrett H. Martin Lloyd Ray 229 K 19 2-4- :! M H J A. Nl B A. L A. Y A. Allen ' , Carre, H. Carthk, W. C ' ariek, Dolk.las Ehlert, Frost, Gilmer, Harper, Leake Madden, McCord, McCranie, Owens, Rainot.d Rike, Rogers, Saunders, Shaver, Stouiz 230 m THE 1 9 2. 4 J A. Nl B A. I_ yVV A. Nathan- B. Curtis Lawrence R. DeBuvs Chester Carre Hooper C. Carter Alpha Tau Omega Founded 1865 BETA UPSILON CHAPTER Estahlished 1887 Ftit ' illty C. L. ESHI.EVIAN Seniors V. Stone Leake John L. Madden Hehfr C. Rike Junior Bennet G. Owens Allan C. Eustis Randolph Lyons Garvin Saunders Edv« ' ard F. Shaver Charles D. Elhert Rolph H. McCord Sophomores Alexander E. Rainold WlLMER H. ROOERS Henry Stoutz Richard M. Whitney ' Joseph W. Allan William Carter Fresli nen Jack Douglas Royal H. Frost Wiii.iAM C. Gilmer Adam 1L 1L kpkr Adolphus R. McCrame 231 rv H THE 1 9 2, 4 lUllliii iTiii ' iiiiinl St ' A J J Wl -B S L. A. Y A. Beneuict, Bexion, Brumfield, Brooksh CiiARLiox, Heffron, Houlahav, J. Lakdrv, p. I.andrv Iacas, Matthews, Merchant, Mokget, Morgan P BUR.v, SwAVK, Talbot, Wall, Whitley ' THE 1 9 2- Ui J A. Nl B A L, A. Y A. Sigma Nu Founded i8fi9 15ETA PHI CHAPTER Established i888 In Faculty J. M. McBride J. R. Evans C. E. Dunbar E. E. Allcf.rver Seniors RoBRKT II. Hrumhei.I) Tiiomas Curtis C. A. Hananu V. 11. Talbot R. B. Benton W. 1). Wall Juniors h. s. moncet Iacob S. Landry John F. Lucas J. E. RusiiiN H. M. Merchant Oorpon IIeffron Sophoninrcs M. F. Lanoston ( ' . ( ' . SWAN ' N T. S. BooKsii W. S. Benedict, Jr. EnDiE Charlton D. F. Morgan P. A. Landry W. C. Summer I ' ll iluilt l n. n. Pybukn B. 11. Talbot J. M. MfBRiDi ' , Jk. II. T. Whitlev Morgan Matthews 233 . THE 1 9 2. 4. H J A. Nl B A. L A.Y A. Krewstkr, Kurke, Chamberlain, Clmie, Davenport, Peadekicfc Fleming, Houston, Hutchinson, Keisker, Killeen, Moody G. Moss, V. Moss, Murray, Pearce, Pitts Reixach, Roberts, Roy, Sicard, Simmonds, Smith Walker, Watkixs, Wiguin, Williams, Williamson, Williford 234 THE 1 9 2- ■4 ' ' ' ' ' ., iirTili vJ A. VI B A. L A.V A. IP Mei.vin- Jnnxsnx White C. M. Moss H. W. Pearce Kappa Sigma l ' " rnnu!e(f 1867 SUaiA CHAPTER Estahlislircl 1889 ; Fin III ty Frederick II. Fox Seniors J. A. Davenport W. A. Hutchinson Wii.i.iAM P. Brown C. C. WiGCiN, Jr. G. S. AvERV, Jr. Juniors J. L. Pitts, Jr. H. K. Carrincton D. K. Murray, Jr. J. M. Walker, Jr S ' lplio iiorcs T. E. Killeen W. B. Williamson H. V. WuLiAMS W. A. Clyde R. D. Smith D. L. Chamberlain W. C. Roberts R. D. Watkins L. E. WiLLlFORD N. C. SiMMONDS T. W. Burke Frcshintii W. O. Moss II. F. Brewster W. II. Potts L. G. Fleming R. Church G. J. Keisker R. H. Re.xach L. C. Chamderlain W. F. Deaderick H. F. SlCARO 235 -v THE 1 Q 2- ' ' , ai idJilXHM J Alvt B A. I_ A.YA. -— " — niim i H— M Barnes, A. Bessklman, R. Besselman, Besselmax Darkingtox, Goetz, Johnson Lasiilev, Llorens, Newburn O ' Kei.lv, Oliphant, H. Wilson, T. Wilson- 236 THE 1 9 2- •4 ' — — " M M a A N B A. L A. V A. Or. J. P. O ' Kkli.v II. M. Ki G. Darrincton ' T. H. Oliphant Fernando Llorens Delta Tau Delta Founded 1856 BETA Xl CHAPTKR E tallli l e l 1SS9 ; till iilty CiiAii.i.E Jamison Pierce Bvtler ' Seniors Walter Newblrn Juniors ' ILI,IAM BeSSELMAN J. F. ECKFORD Dan II) ( ' . Marcus Sophomores I ' . Ml 1. 1 Nake ( ' . F. Faeiscii Douglas O ' Kelly Bennet ii;irr Harry P. CJamble A. Besselman R. Besselman Thomas Wilson Harvey Wilson fnslti ii n Carter Johnson Edward Goetz EoKD II. Morrison [ohn Baine 237 - T H K 1 9 2. - - aj« a A. IS4 B A I_ A. Y A. BovD, Brow.v, Claverie, Ellison ' , Gates Grace, Kerrigan, Lamprecht, Miller, Mitchell Parsons, Sebastian, Shepard, R. Simpson, W. Simpson Stafford, Storck. White, ' right, Young 23S T H K 19 2-4- =SM ' 4 - ' - J A. M B A. L, A.V A. Phi Delta Theta I ' duiuled I S4S P. BORGSTROM C. W. Duval LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTKR Established 18S9 In Faculty H. E. Miller M. M. Souchon H. B. Gessner J. B. Guthrie Hamilton P. Jones Sciti N. L. Sebastian A. M. Parsons S. II. Siiim ' Aki) Robert Simpson R. E. Kerrigan M. W. Miller F. W. Phillips Melvin Bovn W. W. Carre Juniors Ambrose H. Storck David Young Dan Grace John Staeioro Sripli ' j iiorcs M. B. Wright Robert B. White Louis D. Mitchell, Ir. Louis B. Claverie G. F. Lamprecht Magii.l Smith James R. McIniosh ' alter Simpson Fred Pantall Fritz Steiner Frrsli nrn James Gibbons David Ellison Douglas McFarland Richard Gates Lawrence D. Ferguson 239 THE IQZ-- Sal J A. Ivl B A. L A.V A. Armstrong, Bavne, Carrawai, C. C. ninoi.i, E. B. DiBOLL, FoRMAX, CJarrard, Hamiliok, Hanks Jervev, Matthew, McKxeelv, Mvatt OsER, Pierson ' , Pigkori), RicnARnsoN " , Ruble Sargent, Sheparu, Womack, Woon 240 . d sii iW v,_, THE 19 2-4- 1 H rTW MfiJll 1t{ = J A.M B A. L A.-VA. Felix Bruno C. G. Cole Donovan R. Armstrong Eugene B. Diboll Robert B. Finlavson I.ouis F. Garrard Si ma Alpha Epsilon IciuiiiU ' il iSs ' i LOUISIANA TAU I PSILON CHAPTER Established 1897 ; F u-lilt ! Harold Cook John Dicks Donald Derickson James A. Lyons Seniors Frank J. Matthew, Jr. Clarence Pierson, Jr. RUSSKIL C. PlGlOKIl J u III or s 1 ' ' .I) vari) K. Grant (t. K. Prai T, Jr. Joii I ' rait Joseph R. Ricilardson Kent L. Ruble Spencer Wood , William 1. [ervi-v Softlioinores Leon Caraway Chas. H. Hamilton, Jk. Joskpii R. Kii.man Henry B. Sargent Collins C. Diboll Leslie Heiter Thomas B. McNeely Robert Thomas, Jr. A. Hennen Forman Jacob C. Hull Walier K. Oser Oscar P. ' ariiorougi[ Charles Horn llowLD Kemper Frrshnien Wai.ier G rkaki Louis Shepard Davi; R. Womack L MEs Myatt W. L, re ce Hanks 241 «r. R THE 1 9 2. ■4 ' Adams, C. Andkv, P. Anurv, A. Brown, P. Browk DuGAS, DupoxT, Jones, Kemp Lautenschlaeger, McConnell, McLean Miller, O ' Shee, Reeves, Richard Stone, Stubbs, Van Benthuysen, Vicuerie, Yercer 24.2 THE 1 9 2- I ' U J A. Nl B A. L A.V A. Delta Kappa Epsilon Foumlea 1S84 TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1899 Paul Andri ' , Jr. A. W. Brown C. G. Andrv W. H. Due; AS St. Clair Adams W. Heard Seniors J. C. DUPONT J UllirjIS L. Lautknschlaeger Lacv D. Richeson Soplioinorcs P. H. Brown L. H. McLean R. B. McConnell W. S. O ' Shee F. P. Stubbs, Jr. J. M. Jones I. J. Richard W. W. Van Benthuysen B. Kemp R. E. Miller C. H. Reeves Freshmen Jack Stone A. W. ViGURIE Guy Tapia G. A. Yerger G. A. Wilson 243 ■ - - ■ ' THE igz- i. a A.I« B A L A.YA Herwick, Bihnvknue, Bkough, Daviuso.v Flournov, Gelpi, Hammond, Henican Kell, Knighton, Lvman, Mukreli. Oechsner, Shute, V ' illere, Webb, Wright 244 - r " 5s L Beta Tketa Pi Fouiuleil 1839 BETA XI CHAPTER Established 1908 Dr. V. p. Bradblirn Dr. MuiR Bradburn Dr. Chas. J. Bloom In Faculty . Dr. Rov E. de la Houssaye Dr. F. E. LeJeune D. H. Theard Sumter D. Marks a. m. suthon Seniors Oscar J. Bienvenu Harr ' F. Stiles Juniors Edward A. Davidson ' Frederick ( ' . Oechsner Ellis Henican H. O. Hammond Priestly Flourxoy C. II. Webb J. Warren Berwick, Jr. Sophouiorrs Richard ( ' . Mukkel Joseph W. Lyman, Jr. Chas. M. Brough Joseph P. Henican, Jk. Braikerd Spencer David M. Kei.l William Wricht Ernest C. V ' illere Freshmen Edward Knighton Rene Gei.pi Conway Barlow Creighton Siilite, Jr. 245 THE 1 9 2. - ; J A. ivl B A. U A. V A. Barnett, E. Cahn, L. Cahn, Feist Gehr, Heyman, Kaufman, Keesler H. KOHLMEYER, H. B. KOHLMEVER, LeVV, LOB Meyer, Schwartz, Weil, WinESBERc 246 BS g SBj THE 1 9 2. 4- J A. M B A. L A. Y A. I r l595 Zeta Beta Tau FouEided 189S SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1909 In Faculty Justin V. Wolfe Senior Hugh B. Kohlmever Juniors Wai ier M. Harneit, Jr. Leo S. Cahv Saul Rubenstein James Wittenberg Edmon ' d N. Cahn Arthur S. Lakuau Walter Hevman So tlioinons Mires C. Gehr Leonard B. Lew Henry Mever Malcolm Feist ?L rry S. Kaufman, Jr. Milton L. Lew Irving K. Weil Marion S. Kessler Henrv Newman Freshmen Herman L. Kohlmeyer Isidore Newman III Charles L. Lob a. m. schwarz 247 THE 1 9 2. •4- ■r " i I 11- ' - rfiai 1 J A. IS4 B A. I- A.Y A. liARROW, DuFfV, Devron ' , Garmkr Green, Holmes, John ' son " , Lind McCarthy, Peavv, Thomas, Walls 248 2 . THE iirtiii III 1 9 2. 4 tffii %, J A.b4 B A. I_ A.YA. Sigma Alpha Mu Founded 1909 Harolu Moses Ben- CjOLdsmith Wilfred Kullman SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1920 Seniors Leslie Moses Juniors IIevrv N. Leopold Simon B. Mansberc Julian CJraubarth Percy L. Bern ' siein Soplio tiorcs Sam B. Saiewitz Herbert Weinberger Leonard H. Roes Ei.ias Bowskv Leon M. Reinach Irving Klein Fresh men Albert W. Segen SiCMON ' D A. Kah Samuel L. Kleisdorf Shawkev Wolfe E. N. Mansberg, Jr. 2S3 THE 1 9 2. - Barnett, Heiman, Hyman Lew, Pailet, Phillips polmer, sliushan, wolfson 254- « i THE 1 9 2, M ' J A. Nl B A. L A.Y A. mmmt Earl Hvman Melville Wolfson Kappa Nu Founded 1911 Sigma Cnapter Established 1922 Seniors Carl A. Fisiihk Juniors Dave Heiman Max Cohen Sophomores Norman Barnett Gus Lew Freshmen Nathan H. Polmer Elliot Philips Lester Pailet Maurice Shushan Joseph Seelig 2SS THE 1 9 2, 4- M ■» ' . J A. tvi B A. U A. Y A. Clarke, Coi-li s, Comkcvs, Hollers Trion, Martin ' , M. Phillips, P. Phillips Richardson, Robis ' son ' , Rushing, Seiler Stovall, Thompson ' , Walsdorf, Weimberlv, Williamson 256 THE 192-4 3? §M1[ i J A M B A. I_ A. V A. Pi Kappa Pki Founded 1904 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1923 Seniors Eugene Bergeret James P. Hollers SoDus A. Collins Thomas J. Rushing Juniors Guy Bovd Frank B. Richardson Hekry B. Robinson Sophomores Percy A. Phillips James A. Thompson Harold Walsdorf Frcslimen Thomas M. Comegys James ' . E. Irion Charles N. Clark James A. Leeper George F. Glover James M. Pritchard Mason E. Phillips John F. Seiler Wayne S. Stovall Eugene W. Williamson Henry L. Wimberly THE 192.-4- J ( J A. M B A L A.V A. Barneit, Barr, Beksok, Bogel, Duke Gash, Griffin, Hoffman, Latimer McCloskev, J. Meyers, R. Meyers rles, robixette, rogan ' , turner Walne, Wamsley, C. Watson, R. Watson, Waldrep 258 n r- STJ SIr W ' ■■ ' — iiii - THE 1 9 2- ' J. sm 1 J A. N B A U A- V A. Omicron Tau Alpha FoiMuled I 921 (Local) Louis Duci.os John Francis McCloskev (I ' l ' iith iitc S iii i lit Prrntice L. Smith Sfniors JunoE S. Wai.drkp A. Leonard Robinette Emerson A. Rogan J II IIOI s Llovd C. Hoffman Harry D. Pourciau Joseph A. Myers, Jr. W. H. VValmsley, Jr. JOSKPll H. HOGEI. Hardin T. (iRiFFiN Clifford H. Barnett James F. Barr Claude W. Duke Sophomores Lawrence K. Benson George T. Walne, Jr. Frcshiiicn Thomas L. Gash Sidney F. Latimer, Jr. 1 " . Russell Meyers Richard S. Watson Pierre A. Duquesnl Maurice T. Ries Lawrence C. Turner Clement H. Watson 259 . :. THE 192.-4- M - J A. Nt B A. L A.Y A. AuAMs, E. Bass, C. Bass, Craig, DeBuys. Fenker, Eskrirge, Dixok, Bavle, Guthrie, Haywood. Simmons, Grima, Corneilson, Hughes, Myers. Saunders, Phillips, Wootex, Wilxer, Pharr. Saunders, Nichols, Walsh, Plicher, Wood. 260 «- 2 H E 1 9 2- • ' I ' Pi Beta Phi Foiiiuied Monmouth ColleKe, 1867 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1891 Perrive Dixon Tla Milner Beatrice Apams Ernestine Bass Emii.ie Craig CoRiNNE Bass Virginia Fenner Barbara Eskricce Sadie Elliot Evelyn Bayle In Faculty Mary Butler Seniors Anna Wooten J II n Kirs Maxin ' e DeBlys Olive Glhtirie Sophomores Sedi.ey Havward Etulia Simmons Alice Grima Anna May Meyers Rose Cornelson Katiierine Glenny Alice Saunhers LiLAH Phillips Helen Hughes Elizabeth Piurr Natalie Saunders Marie Nicholls Stella Walsh Elizabeth Pilcher Letitia Wood Katheryn Forsyth 261 — s THE 192-4- i? M ' -»t J A. Nl B A. L A. V A. Beihea, Bolto.v, Hradi.ev Chalaron " , Church, Ellis Kastler, Morrison ' , O ' Niel Slack, Voss, Wooowarh, Weston ' 262 THE Alpha Omicron Pi Founded Barnard College, 1897 PI CHAPTER Established 1898 Betty Bethea Mary Bolton Louise Church Edith Bradley In Ftutil y Gladys Ann Renshaw Anna Many Seniors Annie Stuart Ellis Elizabeth Kastler Jiniiors Nora O ' Niell Georgia Morrison Emily Slack Dorothy Weston Gertrude Woodward Snphorno res Helen Bovard Odette Chalaron Elizabeth Land Charlotte Voss 263 i- ; THE 1 9 2, 4- § V a A. M B A L A. Y A. Ei.ooDVVoRrii, Cartlegk, Davis, Ooum Dow, Earlv, Gates, (Jiles, Gwinj Hughes, Keesler, Kernan, Livaudais, McLeixam Norton, Palfrey, Pease, Priestly, Reeo Reeves, Ross, Sheeley, Wallace 264 = THE 1 9 2. -J- Chi Ome a Founded University of Arkansas RHO CHAPTER Established 1900 1S95 In Fiici lty Clara Lewis Landry Beriha Latane Elizabeth Davis Marion Dow Ethel Giles Miriam Kersax Nellie Bloodworth Bess Cartlf.dce Mary Louise Dodds Seniors Madeline Livaudais Vera Palfrey Helen Pease Annola Priestley Juniors Amoret Gates Annie Gwin Elizabeth Hl ' GHLS Lucille Reeo Phyliss Reeves Mathilde Ross Eleanor Sheely Isabel Keesler Adele Livaudais Marshall Norton Bernard Early Sophomores Virginia Wallace Helen McLellan 26s THE I 9 2. 4 M ' i J A. M B A. L A.YA. Aldrich, Bush, Carre, Carsox, Fentriss Fiiz PATRICK, Foster, Fox, Ford Foster, Grainer, Hallam, Holder Kell, McLeod, Peymond, Miller RoBiv, Shumway, Seago, B. Thomas, M. Thomas 266 r i- ' T H K 1 9 2- 4- mSk ' ■%. J A. M B A. L A.V A. Florence Smith Sara Foster Elizabeth Carsom HuTSON ' Carre Frances Bush Marv Martin Fentress Beatrice Forr Blanche Foster Kappa Kappa Gamma Fouiicleil Moiiinouth College, 1870 BETA OAIICRON CHAPTER Established 1904 ; Fill iilty Addie Spencer Sftiiors Elizabeth Kell J uniors Clara Fitzpatrick Beth McLeod Sopho iiorts Pecgv Fox Rai CJraner Ruth Hallam Margaret Holder Treebv Miller Marv Spencer KATHERINE 7 ' llOMAS Georgia Seaco Elizabeth Alorich Bettv Ravmono CoRiNNE Robin Mae Kyle Shumwav Mar.torie Thomas 267 . T H K 1 9 2- 4 m m 1 J A. M B A. I_ A-V A. F. Brown, L. Brown, Burpee, Collins Covington, Greenlaw, Hall, Hanley HoHN, Lamphier, Monroe, Pannill Richards, Sharp, Ujffv, Witt, Stallworth 268 THE 1 9 2. ■4 ' J A. Nt B A. L A. Y A. Florkkcf. Brown Dora GRtEKLAW PhiMu Founded Wesleyan Collefce, 1S52 (National, 1904) DELTA CHAPTER Established 1906 Seniurs Virginia Hall May Lanpiiier Elise Ujffy J tin lors LuLA Brown Leah Burpee Dorothy Collins Annie George Covington Elsie Hanley Editfi Hohn •Bessie Monroe Margaret Pannill Sophomores Louise Richards Thelma Sharp Gelene Stallworth Catherine Witt 269 T H K 19 2-4 S( lf J A.N4 B A. L A.VA. McAleer, Aron, Blain, Burt ox CllRlSTEN-BERRV, CREW, DuNWOODV, GONZALEZ llAis, King, Lewis, Ogden SpOOVER, SiORV, Ta KERSLE ' , ' ATERS 270 THE 1 9 2, 4- ' S ' " % J A. Nl B A L A. V A. Alpha Delta Pi Founded Wesleyan College, 1851 (National, 1904) EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1906 ; Faciil y Mrs. Gertrude R. Smith Elizabeth Blaine Ethel Hain Seniors Ruth McAleer Millicent Story Alice Tankerslev Lucille Ogdex J unl lots Helen Christenberrv Margaret Jones Rose Aimee Rov Juanita Gonzalez Ellen Aaron Edith Burton Helen Byrnes SophoiiKires Jenny Spooner Maio Crew Spccitil Mrs. Ma.k O. King Elizabeth Dunwoody Ruth Lewis Ethel Waters 271 THE 19X4- -11 ' If - — winm J A. t B A. I_ A. Y A. — — — — - II I Britiok-, DuQuesnav, Ellis, Evaxs Gessner, Goodwill, IIarrell, Havxe Kitchen, Price, Roberts, Sanfori) SlESKNECHT, K. TaLMADCE, M. TaLMADGE, THOMPSON ' , W ' jIlJE THE 1 9 X -4- r — t Ml J A. lyi B A. 1_ A.Y A. Nellie Britton Maud Ellis Lillian Nunn Evans Charlotte Price Kappa Alpha Theta Fountieii at OePamv llniversit ' , 1870 ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Established 1914 ; F(U ' illty Mildred Christian FostyidiliKite Tipton Mui.lins Seniors Almabelle Harrell Florence Havne Maki Kitchen J laii ' ji s Olive Roherts Katiierine Talmadge Edna LouIse White Marion Thompson Constance du Quesnav Sopli ' j norcs Barbara Gessner Matilda Talmadge Mamie Sienknecht Ruth Sanford Pnn-Ilellenic Representatives Almabelle Harrell Marion Thompson 271 S rt THE 192-4 iJ J A. IvI B A I_ A.V A. ■ ■— — - — ' - Aronson, Fielschmidt, Hyman, Katz Kaufman, Kohlmever, Kohlman, Lazard, Mayer MooG, Pfiefer, Polack, Renauer, Scharf SiMOx, Stich, Weil, Wise 274 iP THE 1 9 2, 4. |JV vJ A-M B A. L A.YA. Alpha Epsilon Phi Founded at Harnard College, 1909 EPSILON CHAPTER Estalilished 191 6 Seniors Sylvia Kaufman Irma Stick Aline Lazard Edwina Kohlman Juniors Eleanor Kohlmeyer Ruth Reinaur Fannie Wise Marion Pfeiffer Janice Scharff Sophomores Louise Feilschmidt Margaret Aronson Anna Hyman Adele Katz Helen Polack Frank Meyer Caroline Moog Mathilde ' eil 275 i " HE 192-4 ll ' if J A. I B A. I_ A.V A. mmm Currier, Davidson, Kerrigan. Mecheca, Madden, Moss, Oesciiner. Phillips, RonEKTS, Siunns. 276 THE 192,4- - 9J -; ( ; ' ,_ J A. M B A. I_ A.Y A. Judge Rufus Foster JoilK LVNTOS- MaDOEN ' C. Ford Currier Edward A. Davidson " " V % " Phi Delta Phi Foiiiicleci 1869 WHITE ' S INN Estnblislied 191 1 Fiiiiit y Elliot Judd Noriukup Juniors Joseph M. Jones R. Emmett Kerrigan Charles Dunbar Seniors Clement MuKPin " Moss Nathaniel Pope Phillips Frederick C. Oeschner Frank P. Stubbs, Jr. Frcs i iK II Richard Hammovd Horace Talboi Mike Macheca Benjamin F. Thompson W. C. Robekis, Jr. R. n. Watkins Alexander Rainold 277 THE 192-4 5?|| J A. M B A. L A.Y A. ■■■■MIta Shaver, Wii.mams, Rike, Si.adczvk Nelkin, Graber, LisEKBv, Hebert Bailey, Savre, Owens, Clyde 278 J A. tvl B A. L A. Y A. The Tulane Council of Meaical Fraternities Organized April, 1923 The Tulane Council of Medical Fraternities was or ;anized for the |iurpose of secin ' ing co-operation anions; the se eral fraternities and preservin}; standards of mem- bership. Officers J. O. LiSE BV PrrsidrnI H. C. RlKE J ' ue-PresiJent E. J. Bailev Si ' crclary G. A. Hebert Tiiasiirrr J. G. Snelling Rcporlir Standing Committees hi terfratcrnity A ctlvitics E. F. Shaver, Chairman George Sladczyk E. J. Bailey Schnlarshlp C. T. Williams, Chairman T. M. Sayre B. G. Owens Griei ' ance H. C. Rike, Chairman B. E. Nelken G. A. Hebert Fraternities and Representatives .ll ha Kap ta Kappa— y. J. Graber, Jr. G. A. Hebert Phi Rho Si( ma — Manly Mason T. M. Sayre ' ;■ Chi— C. T. Williams W. A. Clyde Chi Zria Chi— H. C. Rike B. G. Owens Phi Beta Pi— George Sladczyk J. D. BiLLEAUDEAUX Kappa Psi— E. F. Shaver J. O. LlSENBY Nu Siijma Nu — J. G. Smelling E. J. Bailey Phi Delta Epsiloii— B. E. Nelken H. N. Leopold 279 THE 19X4- A-i KRs, Bi Ki.i.. Brumiiki.I), CiMiK, C ' nwAN, Oakkincion ' . Uriw, (lAniiiMK, (Ikwsds. 1Ia ki s, Iliiri.AiiAs, lIousTox, Hl;iciii:on-. I.a i;m(i , LA ;n , t;i.LeAs, Maiiii;ws, Mhrcmant, Moss. PiKRCK, I ' liiiciRi), Richardson, RonniNS, Ra , Rl-rle, Savage. ScoTi, SiRAsiLW, Simmons, J. ' V. Smimi, R. Smiiii, TuMiiLESON. ' ai.i.is, Warrin, Williams, W ' ii ikirh, W ' iriii, Wood, Wor ' hiincion. 280 -.. J A. Nt B A. L A.Y A. Phi Chi Eastern, Founded T iiiversity of X ' erniniit, 18S9; Soiithern. Fniiruied Louls lIle Meilical { )IIege, 1S94. Consolidated March 3, 1905. Dr. C. W. Allen Dr. E. E. Allgeyer Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. G. S. Bel Dr. S. M. Blackshear Dr. p. J. Carter Dr. S. M. D. Clark Dr. M. J. CouRET Dr. H. Daspit Dr. J. F. Dicks A ERS, J. H. Brumfieli), R. H. Darrixgton ' , C.iLRi in houlahan-, j. m. Lawson-, E. H. Carrington, II. K. Gardner, VV. P. Lucas, J. F. Clyde, W. A. Gill, E. K. Grayson, R. J. Havard, C. A. Baine, R. D. Brewster, H. F. Browv, J. H. Cherry, R. H. Cowan, G. R. OMICRON CHAPITER Established, 19C2 Pi Mu Merger, September 30, 192 ; i ' udilty Dr. L. R. Debuys Dr. a. C. Eustis Dr. E. D. Fenner Dr. a. V. Fridricks Dr. I. M. Gage Dr. a. H. Ciladden, Jr. Dr. J. T. Halsey Dr. W. H. Harris Dr. J. HiiME Dr. S. C. Jamison- Seniors Pearce, H. W. PiGFORI), R. C. Richardson, J. R. Ruble, W. K. .1 iiniors Robins, R. R. Roy, R. S. Smith, J. F. Sopho iiorcs Hawkins, I. F. Hull, J. C. Langston, M. F. Fit shiiii II DlLLWORlH, H. C. Hendricks, J. ' . HnusJoN, A. N. Matthews, M. W. Moss, W. (). Dr. W. O. D. Jones Dr. J. A. Landford Dr. C5. K. Logan Dr. Urban Maes Dr. C. p. May Dr. L. J. Menvili.e Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. W. D. Phillips Dr. J. D. Rives Dr. . C. Smith Tumbleson ' , T. . . Williams, C. T. WiRTH, V. R. Wood, C. S. Sebastian, N. L. Snelling, M. M. Warren, D. D. Drew, J. F. Merchani, II. M. Smith, R. I). Wallis, r. H. Wai.trip, O. II. Savage, R. S. ScoiT, J. ' r. Simmons, N. T. WlI.LIIORl), L. E. WORTllINGTON, W. N. . m s THE 1 9 2. •4- ' -C-, Ig la m J A. M B A. L A.V A. Allen, Bayon, Bird, Brown, Brown. Brown, Childers, Cowan, Edgar, Glass. Graber, Hagood, Hebert, Henry. Herring, Hull, King, Maines, Miller. Smith, Summitt, Swaxn, Williams, Winters. THE IQZ. S ' gi-af ' vJ A. VI B A. L A.Y A. Dr. Henry Bavon Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. M. Bradburn Dr. C. a. Bahv Dr. F. R. Brlnot D. C. Brovvx J. E. Brown, Jr. R. E. Bratton J. S. Browv, Jr. H. J. Bavon, Jr. L. A. Childers C. D. Edgar Alpha Kappa Kappa Fouiuled Dartmouth College, 1888 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established, 1903 In Faculty Dr Julian Irwin Dr. E. L. Irwin Dr. J. D. Lewis Dr. E. F. Naef Dr. E. L. King Dr. E. S. Lewis P. A. Donaldson W. J. Graber, Jr. D. H. Duncan D. L. Hacgood S. R. IIenrv P. S. Herring R. E. King Dr. J. C. Cole Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. B. R. Hennicer Dr. C. S. Hoi. brook Seniors S. H. Glass J. L. Smith Juniors G. . . Hebert S. I,. Landry Sophomores J. E. Maines K. N. Raver R. E. Summit Dr. R. Lyons Dr. a. E. Moise Dr. a. L. Metz Dr. M. S. Souchon Dr. W. C. Smith H. H. Winters M. W. Miller V. J. Thacker Terry Bird C. C. SWANN R. H. Williams R. M. Willoughby C. L. Attaway W. L. MuRRELL Frcshnuii J. H. Hull R. A. Robinson, Jr. E. M. Warner 283 Pi I J A. IVI B A. L A- Y A. Arrixgiox, Ai.DFv, Clark, Crai(;e, Crawford. Cui.FKPPER, Duncan, Durranle, CJnncii. CioRDOv, Head, Kuhn. Leslie, McIntvre, Owen, Peavv. Peale, Porter. Kike, W ' ii.i.akii, W ' erkiieiser. 284. THE 19 2-4 Clii Zeta Cki Fniiiuied r er ity cif ( edr ia, 1903 -ML CI 1 AFTER Established, 1906 III Ftu iilly Or. . A. Love Dk. V. E. Jones Ok. . J. Cefaler Dk. Sam Honsnv, Jr. J. P. Cllpepi ' ek, Jk. S. A. Duncan W. H. Head G. L. Arrin ' gion S. L. Bailey J. L. Camp H. H. Clark C. C. Blaknev J. B. Goocii J. U. Hull E. M. (ioRiiov, Jr. Seniors D. R. McIxnKE H. C. RiKE Juniors V. J. Crak; F. Y. DuRRANCE Norman Kelly Sop ioiiiorrs E. P. Hall L. O. Spencer f ri sliiiit II I. J. KUIIN J. M. Coleman C. li. (.■riJATE C. G. Poole L. J. SrooKEY F. E. Werkiieiser B. G. Owens H. W. Porter H. n. Robinson A. R. Sims Charles Peevy Frej) Leslie S. J. LlAMS H. 1, Slater 28s THE 1 9 2. 4 iaLiB J A. Nl B A. L A.Y A. Allen, Arnolo, Brown, Chamburlain. Clayton, Ecdorf, Flowers, Fuselier, Hale. Haves, Hill, Hunter, Roellinq, Rosser. Sladcvk, Standifer, Stencil, Vermillion, Young. 2S6 J A. Nl B A. L A.Y A. ammmt i k- • H - • P? m. ES! ipl - -t f Phi Beta Pi Founded Western Peiuis Ivniiia Medical College, 1S91 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Estalilished, 1907 Dr. J. M. Bailey Dr. S. F. Braud Dr. C. p. Brown Dr. Oscar Dowlixc Dr. H. Dupuv Dr. M. E. Brown W. W. Chamberlain O. C. Egdorf Geo. D. Feldner B. W. Ward C. M. Ver.viillion n. M. Hale W. II. ROELING S. A. Chapman W. F. Arnold ; Faculty Dr. J. E. DuPUY Dr. V. H. FucHs Dr. J- J. Irwin Dr. . A. Keller Dr. G. a. Mayer Siniors Wm. W. Flowers Juniors R. C. Hill W. M. Hunter J. E. Clayton W. J. Rosser Sopho nnrcs D. M. LoNGO Freshnieti C. J. Brown C. E. Allen, Jr. Dr. J. T. Ni.K Dr. J. M. Perrett Dr. J. F. Points Dr. a. R. Thomas Dr. H. W. Walther Dr. a. Caire, Jr. H. J. Jensen George Sladczyk D. M. Young L. O. Haves L. E. Stammi ER J. D. Fusilier J. I). BlI.I.EAllDEAU.K p. A. Stansell Felix Hoizelle 287 THE 1 9 2. 4 II It iiTi ■— diiaal mA m m J A.]yl B A. L A.YA. % iP - g S .1 THE J A. lyi B A. I_ ,. Y A. w V Dr. R. Bermiaru Dr. C. L. Brown Dr. W. M. Butterworth Dr. II. R. Fernandez Dr. F. M. Jniiss B. T. Bowers J. L. Carmichal R. H. Ci.ark H. F. BoLniNC A. F. Brock, Jr. H. P. Curtis L. E. Deveron M. J. DUFFV S. J. Flovd J. I.. Bevev J. K. Bui.i.ocK T. E. Clements M. T. Gkeev M. L. Mai.i.ov Kappa Psi FoumlttI M;i 30, 1S79 PI CHAPTER Established, iqoS ;; F iiiilty Dr. T. J. K.INBERGER Dr. p. E. Lacroi.x Dr. J. E. Lan ' orv Dr. p. . . McIi,iiE -NV Dr. II. F. MwACE Siniors T. Q. Harbour J. 1 ' . Harper V. C. Holmes J II III or s W. V. F ' armer R. E. Gav F. F. Harris A. A. HUCKABV J. O. LlSENRV Sijph ' iiiniris M. O. CURRIE C. F. Flovd W. W. I.OCKE A. II. Mann Fresh III en J. V. Reddock Dr. v.. Moss Dr. J. P. O ' Kelly Dr. R. H. Potts Dr. W. H. Seeman Dr. F. B. Sellers V. II. LOUNT F. F. Shaver M. . ' . ' ouNC, Jr. S. B. McNair II. R. Smith S. S. Smiih V. I.. SlALLUORJll W. I " . SlOCK II. A. White F. V. Martin C. H. Neville (). D. ARIIKOUUH U. II. Rav |. M. 1 ' rICH ARD :So P. ' - THE 1 9 2- ■4- rIE 192--4- § «( Archikard, Auler, Bailey, Biewexue, Brown. Catchings, Coleman, Emery, Girard, Lombard. Newburn, Oliphant, Sharp, Snelling. Stark, Walls, Warner, Welch, Worley. Welch, Williams, Wills, Womack, Young. 290 di Nu Sigma Nu Founded ' iver itv of Michigan, 1882 BETA IOTA CHAPTER Kstabjislifd, 1910. House, 6325 S. Franklin Dr. Charles J. Bi.oom Dr. H. a. Bloom Dr. O. C. Cassegrain Dr. Charles Eshleman- Dr. D. J. Farley Dr. Irving Hardestv In Fticiil y Dr. Clyde Lynch Dr. Lucie.v Ledoux Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. Waldemar Metz Dr. C. Von Mvsenburc Dr. a. B. Pitkin Dr. C. V. Duval Dr. John Pratt, Jr. Dr. C. H. Sharpe Dr. H. V. Sims Dr. John Smiih Dr. M. Van Studdiford O. J. BlEN ' VENU G. G. Brown J. A. COLE.MAN E. J. Bailey M. S. Causey O. J. Emery Siiiirjrs P. F. llOLLADAY ' J. H. Lombard Juniors r. H. Oliphant R. F. Sharp A. IL Siorck W. L. Nl;VVBURN J. G. Snelling, Jr. E. H. E. Tam.ok C. H. Webb W. S. Wehri.v S. H. Wills J. J. Arciiinakd, Jr. G. H. Beavers, Jr. W. E. CoLCiN, Jr. J. E. Frazier H. A. AuLER C. A. Farwell J. R. King J. A. Lawrence Sr pho norcs J. F. EcKKORi) IL H. Granberry, Jr. J. R. McIntosh • 1 1 sliini II . S. Kaih), Jr. R. . . Robinson P. M. Waijkip, Ik. C. D. UVERION E. G. Wall Ben Wigth D. W. Young L. M. Warner C. L. Welsh G. D. Williams D. R. Womack THE 192-4 ' l J Atyl B A L. A. Y A AzAK, HiiAi.i,, Fletcher, CJuevnakd. Johnson, Jones, Mason. RlZZO, SA KE, ScOKlEl.l), Wn.SON. 292 • J THE 1 9 2- - J A. M B A. L A.Y A. Phi Rho Sigma Foiimleil C ' hicapi Meilicnl Cnllene, October 51, 1890 DELTA OMICROX ALPHA CHAPTER K tahli llecl, 191 8 Or. a. F. Burgis Dr. J. F. Dunn Dr. G. W. Faivre Dr. R. B. Harrison Dr. (;. H. Hauser Dr. L. a. Hebert Dr. a. Henricqlks Dr. K. a. Sncni.v Alex J. Azar John M. Beall V. W. Fletcher H. E. ( l!h:rriero Gi ' v R. JONFS ; Faculty Dr. a. F. Hebert Dr. C. p. HoLDERinr Dr. H. C. Loch IE Dr. I.. ' . Lopez Dk. R. Mah.hes Dr. D. J. McRPHv Dk. I. MiKPHN Dr. F. L. JAliRKRl Dr. Ro !■ ' . Deli.ahaissw i Seniors RoiiKKi Ha s Iohnson J iniii is v. M. Savre D. M. Stewart J. A. Gravois, Jr. S ' ipho iiorcs Iriihiiii n I. (;. LO(,AK L F. Scoheli) Dr. J. F. MiRPHV Dr. R. a. Orlm. Dr. J. E. Pollock Dr. G. K. Pratt Dr. P. L. Querens Dr. H. T. Simon Dr. M. L. Smith Dr. R, a. Strono Leanori) L. Wilson Manly Mason W. P. SlIEEI.V ' I ' , n. (;i ' E MARi) F. p. Ri .zo Carl A. Weiss, Jr. 293 THE 192-4. Mi l ■Illl lfn ' ilii i iiii l i m ii ri ii mM J A. M B A. L A. Y A. tmmmmm Jones RonEKisnv Zoellkr 294 »K ; THE 1 9 2. - 1 tii mml mi 1 JAMBA. 1_ A.YA - ' ■■ - — - 33 iV ll M • ' , ' -? c r ' ' ' ,- ' ' , O " ' v p V k f Alpha Epsilon Iota I ' nuriiled I ' niversity (if MiihlKnii, 1890 MU CHAPTKR Established, iiji ' j In Faculty l K. ( " . RoL(jLi-:r ( ' - io Dk. Marie Hkks Dr. Maldk 1.oki!i:k (iidiliuUc M iiih( IS Or. M. I ' . II. HovvDKN Or. V,. S. Ham Or. NT. R. CiOLLii Or. Aldea Maher Dr. Clara Karkki 1 ; (Jo lif c Ir.ma Scott Jokes Lillian Kositza May Clare Robertson Adelaide Zoeller 295 ' - S t ' THE 1 9 2L. Mj Apple, Banks, Bolrceois, Caraway, Coi.i.ins. Oi-VTER, Hollers, Houstox, JordAv, Klebler. I.AxnRinnE, Lea, Lose, Majors. Makil , Mc ' Lea.v, McMl ' RRAv, Newsom, Rlshin ' G. Smith, Somat, ' icterv, Walwvright, Wall. 296 THE T 1 9 2. 4 J A. ivl B A I_ A. V A. Psi Omega A. A. Leeke G. B. Crozat W. C. Havas In Facully C. M. Bannisier E. B. DucAssE A. B. Bland A. C. B. Meunier E. L. FORTIER A. L. Magrudek S. D. Gore L. E. Dixon- S. A, Coi.i-iNS H. II. Martin Seniors B. H. GUNTER S. L. Newsom J. P. HOLLES T. J. Rushing E. B. JORUON C. L. Smith W. j. Apple W c;. Banks Juniors J. M. Houston ( ' . A. McMuRRA - I " ). M. Long C. n. VlCTERV W. n. Wall J. R. KUEBLER Sophomores W. V. Langridge J. McLean L. L. Wainwrighi Ferguson OlCUEMANN • rcilninn Majors Brownan SONIAT Smith 297 THE 1 9 2. 4. wQ m J A. M B A L A.V A. G. Aciov, K. AcTo.v, Akers, Lazaro, Colvilmov. Crawford, Davisom, Dazikr, Fant, Farrar. Ferguson ' , CJlv, Heinz, Hufham, Joiinsov, Kii.PATRicK, Love, Pikchback, Knightom, Magkr. McCarthy, Miller, Rorerts, Robinson, Vates. 298 -Jr. - i THE 1 9 2- Xl Psi Phi Fonmlt-cl riiixervity of Michigan, 1889 ALPHA N ' U CHAPTER Sponsor- Miss Makv Kuck, Uniima, La. J. K. AcioN- L. I.. Bam.ev M. Love E. L. Farrar Seniors R. M. DoziER j. F. KlI.PAIKlCK E. Davison- W. r. DeRouen-, Jr. N. Ferguson ' L. PiNCHBACK J. G. Roberts F. D. Setzi.er V. LL Rehzel G. S. Acton R. S. Akers M. C. Couvii.Liov A. CoBo J u mors F. C. Eant C. Floyd T. J. Guy H. P. HUFHAM J. IL Johnson C. T. McCarthy V. T. Miller L. E. Rich C. W. Yates LL T. Mines H. T. Knighton Sohlioinorcs v. V. W. Magei- ' . Robinson n. ( ' . Easle ( ' . Ckawioki) ■ rtsniin )i W. (_ ' . NOKRIS A. r. oiT 299 THE 1 9 2. 4 .4 " s? y 7 J A. N4 B A I_ A.Y A. Hai.tar, Bandy, Birdsong, Campeli., Cooper, Durham. Farmer, Goodrich, Hamilton, Jackso.v, Jarrei.l. Lea, Mobrv, Martin ' , Masson. Monroe, Moran, Roberts, Parrino, Polk. RoiiERis, Schmidt, Simmons, Silverstein, Waliers, Waci.ev. 300 THE 9 2. 4 -, a A. M B A L. A.Y A. BETA PHI SIGMA FRATERNITY Founded, 1878 DELTA CHAPTER Founded, 1919 ; Fdiiilly o. v. Bkihea, M.n., ph.c; G. S. Hrows, M.l), M.Ph. II. C. Richards, H.S., Pii.G. E. H. W ' ALsrWRK, Pii.G. J. M. Oasmkdkr J. T. Baltar, Jr. L. H. Bandy J. A. Campbkll F. I.. CnnpFR T. E. Alle.v W. C. Bayliss A. M. BiRDSONC R. J. BorsQUET F. W. lllPREF. I- . H, II Mn Kiv Ph ir iitu I ii ii III (. ' III lists G. C. ' FU NSTAI.L Si ii ' ii ' s T. B. PuRiiAM, Jr. C. R. Farmer A. H. Goodrich R. (. ' ,. J RRH 1, .1 l IKl s S. c;. Jackso.n ' J. L. Mabry J. G. Mart IK M. K. Monroe N. L. Morav n. K. Norman II. S) Williams E. L. Mason W. S. O ' Shee P. A. Parrino { ' , 1.. Simmons ( ' . F. Polk V. L. Roberts r. V. Schmidt R. F. SVLVERSIEIN, V. H. Wagley . . J. Wallers Othi ;■ I)i pill l i( its A. E. Boles H. P. Forsyth 301 g s; T H H 19 2-4 a MmL J Alyl B A. L. A. V A. (.i. i:R. GoLDBFRr;, Coi.nsMirii, (;rai bakth. HvMAX, Leopold, Mkvkr. Morris, Nelkev, Rattner, Saweitz. SpFICAL, VFI nERCER, W ' ei.ver. n n-i ' .:iJ ::j THE 1 9 2- 4- J A. Nl B A. L A. Y A. Dr. Emile Block Dr. Isidore Cohn Pki Delta Epsilon Founded 1903 Alpha Iota Chapter Estnlill hed 191S In F iciil y Dr. Dan Silverman v Dr. Marcus Feincold Dk. Momk Me er Dr. J. W. Newman Dr. S. K. Simon S( iiior.i Edward Glazer B. E. Nelken Early Hyma.v Irvint; N. Rattver J l IIIOI s Julian Graubari Hex Goldsmhk Harold Goldberc Henrv Leopold I.OUIS SpIKfiKI. Sam Saiewitz Paul Meyers Siif ' h ' iiiKii i HkkBKRJ- W ' KINBhRCER Fll s W ' einer Frcslinii II Fall Morris 303 THE 1 9 2- 4 J A. M B A U A. Y A. Epsilon Kappa Sigma Tne Columbians Foiiiuleil Tiilanc Univer ity, 1922. Blum, Georgi; Barry, J. A. S. Cravcroft, J. M. Delahoussavf, a. a. HiHWKMi, Oscar Charter Members BiLLEAUDEALX, J. 1). Duffy, Morris Fagerstrom, V. H. IIebert, F. F,. Meyers, Joseimi Henry, S. R. ( h ri I r n . I ' . 1. Collins, Jeff Paretj, p., Jr. LoRio, C. Reis, James J. AZAR, Al EX J. New Mhmhhrs MlN ' GLEDORFI, T. I " ). KlLLEEN, TllOS. F. McCloskey, J. F. LoRio, Alvin B. GuERRiRO, Henry F. Stewart, 1). M. (iRAVOlS, A. J. Trahan, Henry Falletta, p. I. 304 THE 192-4 =S M fjf i JAMBAL- A. Y A ■■dtf RKo Pki New Orleans. Foiiiulcd 1924. Tulaiie. This fraternit ' , the nu-ntal foetus of a group of serious-iiiinded students, was born overnight, the inevitable result of certain common ties which bound them together. Rho Phi elects each year thore students who by their efforts have carved for them- selves a niche in Tulane ' s hall of fame. Also it rewards with membership figures of national and facultorial import. Okfichrs George Pr. tt Martin Pnsidinl Clarence Snellikg l " ue-PnsiJ,nt Anna Wocan Si-rrrlaiy Nat ' iDnul Honorary hienihers Onizene De Bouchel Robert La Follette W. G. McAdoo Hiram Johnson e. l. dohenv Faculty Metnhfrs William Campbell Dalzell Edgar G. Rods Stiiihnt Mciithers Walter Barneii Harry Kaufman J. Hamilton Basso Pratt Martin William Frue Trban Moonev Gordon Heffron Harold Moses Buddy Roberts Clarence Snellinc Harold Stiles Anna Wocan 305 THE 19 2-4 a A. N4 B A. L A. V A. m Pni Beta Kappa Alpna Chapter oi Louisiana Morton A. Aldrich Douglas S. Anderson Edward A. Bechtel Pierce Butler R. S. Cocks A. B. DiNWIDDIK B. V. B. Dl on Charles E. Dunbar John M. Fletcher LvDiA E. Frotscher In Facli.tv H. B. Gessner Max Heller P. J. Kahle John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Isaac Lemann Monte M. Lemann Rudolph Matas Leon R. Maxwell John M. McBr i)e Ann H. Northrup Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Reidel Ralph J. Schwartz Robert Sharp Imogen Stone Dacnv G. Sunne Archibald M. Suthon Susan D. Tew Ellsworth Woodwarf) R« ecent Elections Dorothy Blewett Walter Christian Bosch Arthemise Anna Goetz Amelia Frances Hardestv 1924 Lawrence Forstall Mariin Marie Lucile Points Fannie Rayne Russ Eola Claire Woolley 1923 Charles Aikens Walter M. Barneh, Joseph A. S. Barry Marion Brehm Rose C. Burgess Leon S. Cahn Edgar R. Carter T. Freeman Cope G. E. Cunningham Dorothy Felker Odessa R. Lastrapes Stella M. Leche Muriel J. Lee Ida a. RiORDAN WiLMER Shields Cornelius Steinberg Genevra Washburn 1922 Mildred Christian Gladys Encler Margaret Lyon Dr. Rudolph Matas Dixie Milling Alice Odenheimer Byrne Richard H. Wynn Rickey Ellsworth Woodward 306 THK IQi- i4 JAMBAL A.Y A rtJjyi Tne Commerce Key Fmiiuleti 1924. A senior organization to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment along the lines (if business activity amotig students and graduates of the College of C ommerce and Business Atlininistration, Officers Robert L. Simpson ... Piisidenl Chester M . Carre I " u,--Prrsul nl Huot B. KoHL.vihVER Sicrrtary-Triiuiircr Louis F. (;.akk.ari) llislnriau J. C. DuPONT Sir i- ii:l- il-.hms SrMOR MnMRERS Chester M. C.xrre Hugh B. Kohlmever Hooper P. Carter H. Webb Madison J. C. DupON ' i, Jr. Frank J. Matthew, Jk. Gus A. Elgutikr Thomas D. Mincledorh Louis F. GARRARn A. Leonard Robineij P. IVarney Hopki s Robert L. Simpson Jl ' nior Members Albert E. Holleman Joseph W. Kidd Charles E. Null Lacv F). Richeson 307 -- l£ s THE 1 9 2- 4 g| a A Kl B A. 1_ A.Y A. Brown, Carmichall, Ci.akk. Coleman, Harbour, Jonks. ' I ' ARiin, Will r WIS, W ' lKTii. 308 - THE 1 9 2, 4- J A. Nl B A L A.Y A. A lpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternity, Founded by W. M. Root, M.D., University of Illinois, in 1902 ALPHA CHAPTER Hr. I. D. Rives . Dr. " f. M. Burke . I ' rn ' uinit I ' ice-Pifsidoil Dr. Marie Bvrd Dees . Dr. Walter E. Garrev Si ' irilary-Titasuri ' r . National Diitilor Dr. .1. T. Ualsoy Dr. Marcus FeingoM Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. F. W. Parham Dr. .s. Weavers Dr. B. Bashinsci Dr. W. Baker Dr. E. W. Levy Dr. W. R. Edison Dr. J. M. Singleton Dr. .r. D. Rives Dr. H. Bloom Dr. Vr. A. Knolle Dr. . klea Maher Dr. E. T. White Dr. J. C. Bruner Dr. r. H. Jones Dr. Marie B. Dees Dr. Melson Barfleld Dr. A. B. Harvey Dr. K. S. Zerfoss Dr. C. Uocquet Dr. J. E. Boll Dr. C. B. Barrett Dr. M. S. LeDoux Dr. T. I " . Frizzell Ml ' . .Tfilm Carnricli.-icl Mr. K. H. Clark . Ii. V. K. Wirlh Ch.arter Members Dr. .1. D. Weis llllXdR AR ' I- Me.MBERS Di-. Ir iny Hardesty Dr. . %V. Dnval Dr. C. .T. Miller Dr. «• . K . Carrev Dr. Rudolph aialas Dr. Ce org 1; liel Dr. C. W. Allen IM E.MBERS I916 Dr. E. M. Levy Dr. .T. R. Chis.ihn Dr. A. F. Hebert I917 Dr. A. V. Fegtly Dr. C. W, . Barrier Dr. .T. C. I fenendez Dr. E. D. Hardin I918 Dr. J. W. Rosenthal Dr. F. X. Black Dr. F. C. Hava Dr. 11. H. Potts I919 Dr. F. -V. Copp Dr. J. A. Beals Dr. M. P. H. Bowden Dr. H. L. Kitts Dr. B. S. Clay Dr. T. L. Rennie Dr. B. Manhoff Dr. t ' llian Maes Dr. II. Bayon Dr. !•]. .T. Bel-anger Dr. C. C. Randoll Dr. J. H. Park, Jr. Dr. D. N. Silverman Dr. 1. M. Gage Dr. E. L. Faust t r. A. Gage Dr. C. M. Pounders Dr. Dorf Bean Dr. W. R. Holladav Dr. C. M. Baker 1920 Dr. O. V, ' . JIoss Dr. F. R. Brnnot I 92 I Dr. J. B. Ratean Dr. W. P. Gardia.r Dr. I.. L. L)i.smuke Dr. C J. Us.serv Dr. K. R. Camphell Dr. S. E. League Dr. K. Este ' ez J922 Dr. H. C. Mag-ee Di-. E. W. Townsend I ir. I- ' . .M. Burke Dr. H. W. Butler Dr. II. Hint on Dr. E. H. Jones 1923 Dr. R. M. Br.-innfin Dr. M. D. Hargrove Dr. c. G. De ' roii Dr. s. E. Hnckabay 1924 Dr. K. A. Morris Mr. K. ■ .. Ilrowii Mr. ( ' . T. Villi.-iiii..i Mr. r ' . T;il-do .Mr. .V. I,. F ' oliiu-r Dr. C. JI. Clev.-land iJi-. R. G. McMahon Dr. 1 . E. Johnson Dr. S. O. Fulmer Dr. G. S. Ham Dr. F. L. Leo Dr. E. H. Gill All-. .T. c.ili-nian .Ml-. T. H. Harbour Mrs. L S. .Tones 309 ■Ti T H K 1 9 2, 4 UtaaMMhMai at MtL J A IVI B A. I_ AV A. — — • — BARNKII, iViARTIN, MOSFS Kappa Delta Phi Recent Elections 1924 Ai.KRHi) Brown Leov Cahm James Alison Olin Chamberlaln Dan Murra Carl Lisii Joseph Hemcav, Jr. Douglas O ' Kellv Fred Lamprel-ih Lester I.alienschlaeger Leonard Dahlmw P ' rali Mariin C ' i.akk Shai (.iiskssv Harvev Herberi Harold Moses Claude -lvions Marion Hargrove Edward Reed l()22 Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Stephen D ' Amico L-i le Richeson Alherj W ' acheniieim Richard Montgomer " . Harrv Talboe I 92 1 Harrv F. Siiles I 91 9 Morris Duffy Kappa Delta Phi is an honorary fraternity for the promotion of Tulane spirit. It selects each year fini i the Junior and Senior classes men who have been conspicuous for school spirit during their imivtrsity .-arcers. It seeks to obtain its object in two ways: First, by holding forth mem- bership as a reward to those who have done more than the average ' man for their university; and, secondly, by binding together those whii have nindc iinusu.il effort, thus hfrcmiing .t force for great good by seciniTig unity nf action. ;iio - -y ' l: THE 192. ?• : J A. Nl B A. L A. Y A. Alpha Sicfma Sigma Alpha Sigma Sigma is a senior society organized to promote college spirit anil fellow- ship. Election is based upon past work tor college and class, a certain scholarship being the prerequisite. This society is at present petitioning ] Iortar Hoard, national senior honorary society. Mhmbers Pf.rrim. 1)i. i) Annola Priestley Miriam Kernas ' Lucille Reed Carlotta Krait Yvonne Sonkeman I ' l.A MllAER OOROTHV VESI0 V ■« J THE m 1 9 2, 4 11 at iiiHiliA a A-M B A. L A.YA. Baknkit, C. h , Madden-, Mosks Moss, Oechs.ver, Stubbs Sigma Upsilon (National Honorary IJterary I rattrnitv) Officers Dk. Joun ' M. McBrvde PusiJiiil Frank P. Stubbs Sicr,laiy Dr. John M. McHr- de Prof. John S. Kendall Prof. R. G. Kirk Mewbhrs Walter M. Barnut, Jr. Frederick Oechsser Clement Moss Leon S. Cahn John L. Madden Frank P. Stubbs Harold Moses 312 THE 192-4 ' ■i a 7 t ?- Andry, Colomb, Currier, Davidson, Kleinpeter, Leake Nairne, Oechsner, O ' Kellev, Owen, Phillips, Stubbs, W. Moss Maddex, Madison, Martin, McConxell, Moonev, C. Moss Sphinx Club Junior Society fur the Proniotioii of Class Spirit Paul Andrv Lynn Colomb William C. Froe Clayton S. Nairne Frederick Oechsner Douglas O ' Keli.ey J. P. Henican, Jr. Ford Currier Lawes Kleinpeter Members Wallace Kemper Stone Leake Richard McConnell Allison Owen, Jr. Nathaniel Phillips Harry F. Stiles n. W. Madison Harry Gamble Walter Moss John L. Madden Pratt Martin Clement Moss Edward Davidson Urban Mooney Garvin S. Saunders Lacy D. Riciieson Frank Stubbs Joseph Jones A JHni(jr honorary society tniiiulcil in lu ' i l ' i ' the puriiose of rewarding tlie virtue of college spirit ami of filling tlie Noid that has existed as to its traditions. Klectioii to iiienihei ' ship is not only an expression of a|ipreciation, hut an ohUgation to future at- temiits. 3 ' 3 " -- Mti J A. Ivl B A. U A.-V A. AiHKs, Bk(ick, Urimiiku), Clark, Coi.km.w, Darringtov Harper, Mkbert, Hi tchinsox, Lucas, Mii.i.er, Newhurv Oliphant, Parsons, Pearce, Pickord, RicuARnsoN, Rike Serastiax, Shaver, Shepard, Snei.i.ing, Stallworth, Storck TuMBi.Esov, Warrex, Werb, Winters, Wirth, Wood 314 - J A )yl B A. L A.Y A. — — ' - I Owl Club An liitcrmeilical Fr;iternit Club, Founded I ' lilane ' niver it , ii;2i. Officers T. A. TUMBLESON " I ' lisUi-nl A. M. Parsons ritr-Presidi ' iit J. H. AvKRS Secretary . A. HuTCHiysoN Treasurer MFiMHERS Intel lies Dr. F. M. Tankkrsi.ev D:;. J. R. EvAvs Or. K. a. Morris Dr. Danii;i, Bran ' mn ' Dr. M. S. Lkdoli.k Pk. II. O. Coi.omij .1. 11. . KRS .1. A. Coleman (i. (; . Brown R. H. BrL MIIKLI) K. 11. Clakk (.. 1) RRi i;iii ' 1. K. Kk ' hard.son K. C. FlGlORI) Seniors A. M. Parsons N. L. Sebastian H. H. WlfCTERS W. L. Newburn 0. J. BlENVENU 1. G. Snellinc T. . . " Fumbleson J II III . . V. Brock 11. K. Carrington (;. A. Hebert J. F. Lucas T. H. Oliphant M. V. Miller W. A. Hutchinson H. W. Pierce J. T. Harper H. C. RiKE E. H. Shaver WiLLARD WiRTII S. C. Sheppari) Spencer Woo B. J. C. RKVNOLns R. S. Hov . . II. SlOKCK I). I). Wakrhn ( ' . H. Webb ' . I-. Stalxvoriii 3 " 5 THE 1 9 2- ' l ' wT A. lyl B A L A. Y A Armstrong, Battle, Brock, Brown, Clark, Clayton CiiiLDERS, Cohen, Collins, Durham, Durrance, Egdorf Elcuttkr, Flowers, Floyd, Gay, Graubarth, Hallers Harper, Hill, Hyman, Johnson, Jordan, Kilpatrick McNair, Moody, Naquin, Nelkin, Null, Polk Ray, Rives, Robinette, Robins, Sayre, Summitt TuMBLKSON, Vetsch, Wamsley, Warren, Wilson, Windham, Womack • SiifeiJ THE I 9 X •4- J A. tvi B A. L A. Y A. Squ are an a Co mpass Ati Iiilcrcollegiate Fraternity of Master Masons. FoimkIciI lyiy. Tulane Square Established 1920. Officers S. B. McNair Prisidnit H. D. Brock tiu-Prcsidcnl Cecil Flovd Riiordini Siurrtary A. J. Naquin, Jr. . . Confs oiuliiii Srcriiary CvRU. Flovd Treasurer W. H. W. ' VMSLEY Historian W. W. Flowers Inner Tyler Seth Flovd Chaplain J. A. Davili.a, Sk. V. J. Hugo H. V. Kaislk VV. A. Knight Dr. O. V. Bethea (F) Dr. W. C. Smith (F) Dr. H. C. Richards (F; Dr. H. a. Bloom (F) Honor. R MnMBERS P. L. Luck CJeorge POITII R. E. Ramsey R. H. Shaffnit Joseph Sinai Passive Memhers Dr. M. J. White (F) Dr. T. B. Sellers (F) Dr. V. C. Smith (F) Henrv Si rack T. D. Wharton W. A. Thari ' E, L. Jahncke A. M. Suthon (F R. K. Bruff T. C. Lyon Prof. C. S. Williamson ' , Jr. (F) L. F. Wakeman Active Members N. A. Armstrong J. T. Baltar, Jr. J. E. Battle H. D. Brock P. F. Brock C. W. Brown J. E. Clayton ' H. L. Cohen S. A. Collins R. H. Clark M. O. CURRIE L. A. ( " niLDERS F. ■. DURRANCE T. li. liuRHAM, Jr. (i. A. Ei.gutter O. C. ECDORF S. J. Floyd Cecil Floyd Cyril Floyd W. W. Flowers G. D. Feldner R. E. Gay J. H. Grairarth R. C. Hill J. T. Harper Kyle Hill J. P. Hollers P. J. Holsen Earl Hyman E. B. Jordan R. H. Johnson J. F. KlLPATRlCK W. H. Lount S. B. McNair M. M. Moody H. H. Martin B. E. Nelkin A. J. Naquin, Jr. C. E. Null C. H. Neville N. }L Polmer C. F. Polk E. A. Ray F. M. Rives R. R. Robins A. L. Robinett W. K. Ruble J. J. RUFFO T. M. Sayre C. L. Smith W. A. Simpson, Jr. R. E. SUMMITT T. A. TUMBLESON c. vetsch D. D. Warren W. H. Wamslky, Jr. J. L. Windham A. M. Wilson D. R. WOMACK 317 THE 1 9 2- - ■ ' .. am J A. M B A. 1_ A.V A. iillTl — f ii 11 -r m m Capdeville, DeBouchel, Gautier Fisher, Johnson, Lynn McKeom, Pareti, PnpovicH 3tX 11 . THE 1 9 2- 4 J A. Nl B A. 1_ A. Y A. Pi Sigma Cni Iriuiuied 191S (Local) ClXll.i: I ' lSHKK J I XIORS TllELMA HopOVlCli Rkcina Zl ' ckkmkoi i Sni ' HO.MORI ' S ISABHI.I.K Capdkvii.i.e Ahrikwe M|CKK1.S0 I ' RKSHAl l ' hini.v HkI ih. Clin. l.M)IA Cl.HSl Asl ' KII) JOHNSn KniEi. C;autiek- SaBIN ' A LOEWKMilCRC Clementine McKeon Marie Pareti Vera Lynn 5 ' 9 M THE 1 9 2. - I lO iiiiiri in It J A. M B A. L A. V A. muMmKm I M I im iiiwI t ii lMm) . i n i h„ , u iiiiw White Elephants Frf hiiKiii Iritcrtrateniit) Siifitty, Fouiukd Januaix, ic)2i Ori-ICKRS r.KORCf J. Keiskkr Citiiul Trunk Game A. SMirii Grand Tusk J. J. Amjersov John Baivh Hugh Blain Ralph Bodmav H. L. Chathlain- Leo.vard Chamberlain johx couret Ladd Dinkis ' s Robert Dlefv Ci.AinE Duke Little Tusks Lawrence Fercus.on James Flvxn Royal Frost Richard Gates En WIN GoETZ Walter Guerrard Adam Harper Gus Heitz George Keisker Donald Kemper Garic Mariin A. McCranie Paul McCranev James Mvatt Lloyd Ray MoYE Saunders Louis Shepard Harold Sicard Gayle Smith Fritz Steiner Richard Stevens 320 BStS m ACTIV ITIES T H K 1 9 2. 4 ' vJ A. Ivl B A. L A.Y A. nixnv, IIoLi.EMAN " , McNair, Moss. PoiMBLH ' , Smith, Vennard. Student Council The Student Council of Tul.uu- I iii ersit ' was organized in Maicli, iiji . Ir consists of the presidents of the student bodies of the several schools and colleges of the university. It is the highest student go erning body at Tulane. The officers i-, r the past school year were: Perrine Dixon ' NruKomh Albert Hoi,i.ema Commcra- Spencer McNair Mfduitu- Clement Moss l.aij W. W. PoiMBUFF Iris and Scirncrs VAtwis Vknnari) r.iidinn-nmi CiL RLES I,. Smith Dritlislry 3 3 «.- S fc « ' , THE 1 9 2- -t - — —itirlliM J A.lvl B A. 1. A.YA. - — - — - I Adam, Dixov, Fentriss, Koi.hman- Newcomb Student Government Association Perrine Dixov ...... Piisidiiil Carloita Kraft . ... I ' icr-PrcsiJiiii Beatrice Adams . C.orrfspondintj Si-ciilury Marv Martin- Fentress RrcorJin SrirrUii y Elizabeth Hughes Edwina Kohlma-V Tricuuii ' r Katherin ' e Thomas . Climn, Cam ' us Mijht I.iLLLW Hartsox C.limn. R ' inij Commitlcr Ruth St. Martin C.lirrr l.tadrr Snnij l.radir . i)AMs, Davis, Di.xon ' , Ounwoody, CSaiks, Cirkinlaw, Ki;rn. n l.ANPiiiKR, Mii.ner, MoKKisoN ' , Negus, Poinis, Reed, Tiio.vii ' sny Newcomb Student Council t " l.A Mil. NCR Prrsidiiil Miriam Kernax in c-Prrsidinl Katherine Negus S,ir,iiuy M E M I! i:r.s ( PLx-Oi-Ficio ) Perrhs ' 1)i. on ' Elizabeth Oavts Lucille Reed Dora Greenlaw (Georgia Morrison Amoret Gates Mk.mufrs (Elhctfd) Miss Frot.scher, Family Lucille Points Beatrice Adams Miriam Kkrnan May Lanphier Katherine Negus Elizabeth Duxwoody ' irgima Mitchell Marion " Thompson Es ' IERI.E SAFEERSrO K 324 - Bl.EWETT, BOLTON " , COVINGTON, DODDS, FeNTRISS, FiELSCHMIDT Cei.es, Greenlaw, Harrell, Hain, Johnson Negus, Roberts, Weston, Wilson, Wise, Witt J. L. House Council Dora Greenlaw Prrsuiinl Fannie Wise Scrntary Marv Bolton Trrasuri-r Ethel Hain Prrsulrnt East ll ' incj Marv Bolton Piisidrnl Jl ' rsI Il ' iiu Ethel Giles Senior Mnnlu-r Almabelle Harrell Senior Member Dorothy Weston Senior Mem her Eleanor Wilson Senior Mem her Mary Louise Doom lunior Memher Alice Toy Johnson lunior Memher Katherine Negus lunior Memher Dick Covington Junior Memher Olive Roberts Junior Memher Louise Fielschmidt opliomore Memher M.1RV Martin Fentress Sophomore Memher Katherine Wht Sophomore Memher Marjorie Watson Freshman Memher 325 Davis, llAKOhsn, Ulciii.s Kraft, St. Maiulv The Newcomb Arcade Staff Amelia Hardesty Editor-in-C iief iNNis Patterson Litrrary Editor Carlotta Kraft College Editor Helen- Hughes Exchan je Editor Bettv Davis let Editor Isabel St. Martin Business Manaijer Janice Scharff ' Issislant Business Manager Sun-EniTORS Arthemise Goertz Marion Pfeiffer Constance DuQuesnav Erma Stich Aline Lazard Sidney Crawford Frances Bush Catherine Carbine Mary Hadesty Ethel Bauer Catherine Witt FrESH.MI ' X RfI ' RFSRNTATIVFS Edna McElhiney Ruth Allen- Caroline Wolf Clara May Beer 326 THE 1 9 2. ' 4- li J A. M B A L A. V A. Cahn ' , Kraft Moody, Moss The Tulane Hullabaloo Staff Clkmext M. Moss EJilor-in-C nrf Macxus M. Moodv Ilusiiiiss Matuujcr Carlotta Craft Xariomh EJitor Leox S. Cahn iXfirs EJUnr JonNNV Ki.ori;k .... Sfioiliiuj Eiiilnr Dep. rt. ik t Editors J. Hamilton- Basso ' .( and Stir tec Al.K. AM)ER A. .■ zAR MiJicinc Arthur M. Hill Enijinciibiij William C. Roberts I ' lii: JosF.iMi P. Henican " , Jk Ciimmcrce Arthur Landau Diulislry A. H. Goodrich I ' harmiuy 3 7 ■cs t T H K 1 9 2- - _§af V i JAMBA. L A.VA. MaIIHKVVS, TUMBI.ESOX. Weston, Talmadge. RiCHARDEOS ' , Mnnnv. 32S s Qb THE 1 9 2- ••l- M ' ' J A.h 1 B A. 1. A.YA. Jamtalaya Staff The personnel of the 1924 Jambalava, year-hook of Tiilane University, was composed of the following: EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Frank Matthews Hdilor-in-C.liirj Joseph Raui, Richardson Dorothy Westox Medical Editor Ncwcomb Editor Clearance Peirson Staff Artist BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Talbot Austin Tumbleson Business Managcr-in-Cliicf Magnus Moody Advertisinij MaiKUjer Catherine Talmadge Neivcomh Business Manaijer To all persons who assisted in iielping to get the iy24 Jamhalaya out the editors make grateful acknowledgement. 329 , THE 192,- y J A. IvI B A. L A. Y A. Barnett, E. Cauk, L. Cahn, Cobb Irion, Martin, H. Mosrs, L. Moses Oratorica ,1 and De bating Council t)i KleliRS 1, HON S. Cahn Chan ntdit J. V. E. Irion . . . . S,;r. ' iiiiy- ' rn ' iisurrr ]•■ AC I l.l ' l M 1 MHIRS Dr. John M. M cBr i)K Or. Clarence C. Bonnet ' icrOR Pklz Archibald M. Slithon Kdgar G. Ro( )S RlCUARIl R. K IKK S ' riDHXT M i;. ii!i:k.s Walier M. Barmit, Jk. Lawrence F. Martin Harold Moses Eiimond Cahn I.OMi J. Curb Harry Stiles John Coocii J. HAMII.ION HASI-.0 Leslie Moses William Roberts 330 THE 1 9 2. 4- J A. M B A. I- VV A. — — •- ■MiM Debating, 1924 S each year passes debating is assuming more and more of an important position at Tulane and is gradually climbing to the position it held when Tulane debated luiiversities ot the calibre of I ' enn State and Harvard. The season ot 1924 was a most successful one from every debating standpoint. Tulane engaged in two triangular debates, one with North Carolina and Sewanee, and the other with Texas and Vanderbilt. Of these debates Tulane won two and lost two. J. Hamilton Basso and Leon Cahn completely submerged the repre- sentatives of Vanderbilt and came home bearing a unanimous victory over the Nashv ille school. At home Edmund Cahn and George Segel lost to Texas. In the second triangular Valentine Irion and Lawrence Martin kept up the winning streak of Tulane on the road by beating the exception- ally strong Sewanee team by a count of two to one. The same night, Lloyd Cobb and J. J. I)a idson, although present- ing an excellent argument, lost to North Carolina by the same score. Debating authorities on the campus have promised even a more suc- cessful year for forensic activities in 1925. T - T I : I THE 1 9 2. 4 J A. M B A L A. Y A. (.iESEl.L. MONROR, X ' OSS The Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club Officers Merle Gessell Presiiitnt Janice Loeb I ' ic-PnsiJinl Beatrice Ford Seiri-lary-Treasurer Beatrice Adams Odessa Babin Clara Beer Elizabeth Blain Mary Bolton Havdee Brickell Leah Blrpee Clara Bush Evelyn Bayle F. Baumgardner Ethel Bauer Fredeen Beard H. Brown M. Brown Ernestine Bass Olive Carriere Helen Christenberrv Dot Collins Elizabeih Carsov Rose Caruso Patsy Charbonnet Helen Clopton Claire Chalaron Sidney Crawford Mayo Crew Perrine Dixon Adele de la Barre Clara Dinkelspiel Mem Miriam Davis Marion Dow Maud Ellis Barbara Eskrigce Alice Ferrata Beatrice Ford Louise Fielschmidt M. E. Floyd Blanche Foster Arthemise Goertz Dora Greenlaw Lucille Godelpher Margaret Graham (Jrace Gebelin H. CjOLDSTEIN Merle Gesell ' iRGiNiA Hall Lillian Hartson Mary Hardesty Elizabeth Harris Ruth Hallam Ethel Hain Helen Hughes Amelia Hardesty Sedley Haywakd Virginia Hamilton Marie Ivey BERS Lessie Jay Alice Toy Johnson Margarei Jordan- Miriam Kernan Adele Kaiz Sylvia Kaufman Mary Kitchen Edwisa Kohlman Cari.oiia Kraft Katherine Lively Aline Lazard Edith Levy Edna Laporie Polly Le Beuf Lucille Lang Bessie Monroe I ' la Milner Caroline Moog Dorothy March Josephine Miceli M. MlLBURNE Frank Mayer Anita Mars Lucille Points Adrian Parker Alice Pool Marie Pilkington Marion Pfeifer Frances Paige Innis Patterson Mathilde Ross ' iRGiNiA Ross Alice Root Ruth Reinaur Christine Simpson Alice Saunders Natalie Saunders Veity Streiffer Sylvia Schreiber Yvonne Sonneman Frances Shaw Janice Scharff Katherine Schreiver Irma Stich Ruth St. Martin Isabel St. Martin Kitty Thomas Marjorie Thomas ElISE I ' jFFY Charlotte ' oss Anna Wooten Dorothy Weston Janet Wallace Mathilde Weil Fannie Wise 332 R 2S 2 . THK 192-4 $K i. vJ A. VI B A. I_ A.V A. Allen, Armstrong, Chapman, Cobb, COxMegvs, Condon Gladson, Hurt, Irion, Martin, Meyers, Moses NUNEMACHER, PiTTS, PrOF. R. R. KiRK, PoLACK, REIXACH RiES, Roberts, Secel, Stephenson, Stubbs, Wamslev ' ILL1AMS, WlI.I.IAMJ-TIN, WlI.SON, WonilWARII, W ' rIGHT, YaNCFV Tlie Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Lawrence F. Martin James V. E. Irion . Richard Stevenson N. Armstrong J. W. Allen Lloyd J. Cobb A. W. Chapman James Condon Newton M. Fisk J. W. Gladson Marvin T. Green James V. E. Trion C)ri ' icERS Spi-aki-r Robert G. Polack . . . . I ' iff-Sficakrr B. Yancey .... . . . . Srcrctary Proe. Richard R. Kirk. Diltr iitis III Oralnriiat and Dihathuj Couniil W. C. Roberts, Jr. Maurice Ries IHsldiian Siriii(i7il-al-.Iims . Cftisor S. S. Kiblincer Lawrence F. Martin Joseph Meyers Harold Moses George Kalif Lawrence Benson J. J. Davidson Calme Lazard Joseph F. Nunemacher Members Robert G. Polack John S. Pitts L. Reinach Rene Rei ach Maurice Ries W. C. Roberts, Jr. Joseph Ruffo Charles L. Dufour Richard Stephenson (Jeorge Segel Walter C. Vetsch Robert Vaught William Walmsey U. B. Williamson N. Morgan Woods, Jr. M. Truman Woodward Benjamin Yancey 333 . Keesler, Kernan, Points, Hughes N ewcom h Dr amatic Club Ol FICERS MiK[AM Kernan I ' nsidnil Lucille Points Vice-Presidrnt Isabel Keesler Secretary Margaret Roiirkk Treasurer Beatrice Adams Kathrvx Barincer Bettv Bonvillain Mary Burns Dot Collins Elizabeih Craig Maxine De Buys Perrine Dixon Marion Dow Louise Fielschmidt Blanche Foster Merle Gesell Margaret Graham Angela Gregory Virginia ILall Members Lucie Harris Elizabeth Hughes Helen Hughes Marie Inx Alice Toy Johnson Isabel Keesler Edwina Kohlman- Elizabeth Land May Lanphier Katherine Lively Anita Mars Lillian Meyers Bessie Monroe Caroline Moog Vera Palfrey Marion Pfeie er Elizabeth Pharr Marie Pilkincton Lucille Points Lucille Reed Belle Rhine Louise Richards Aline Richter Selma Rothenberg Margaret Rourki: Thelma Sharp Christine Simpson Emily Slack F.rma Stich DoR0•I ■ Weston Anna Wooten 334 T H E 1 9 2. ■4- a A. VI B A. L A.Y A. Bethea, Caruso, c;ladso ' , Graham, Henican, Hevman, Hoi,i,ema " , Irion Kavfmax, Keesler, Kernax, Moog, Pilkingtox, Richter, Sharp, Stafforii Stephexsox, Stovali,, Weil, Westox, Williams, WiLLr Msox, Yaxcev, Verger Tulane Dramatic Club Ofiici-rs Dr. John M. McHrvdu . . Fiuully .Llvisir Ai.iiiKi !•. II(ii,i,i:ma Diicdor James V. E. Iriox I ' lrsiilrnl Margakki CiKAHAM . Snrriaiy Harrv S. Kaufmax, Jr. . . I ' ici-Pn-sidinl I.i avis F. Waki.max rriusurci Ma « 11 I. ViRGFR Iliishiiss Maniiiiii ' Co.MMlTTHl ' .S luiully IJvisnry Comniillic — Miss Ln.i.L x Fkotscher, C.lininnan : Trdi. Richakd R, Kirk, Prof. Willum SpRAiLixci Comniitlir an Miriilnis iifi — A. E. HoLLEMAX, C iaiimitit ; Miss LiiiLW pRoisCHER, Or. J. M. McBrm)e, Miss Miriam Kerxax, J. V. E. Iriox ( ' umiiiilli ■ to Siliil I ' hiys — A. E. Hoi.lemax, Cliairnuin ; Kiciiakd Sikpiiensox, IIerschell Williams, Jr. ]VIe; ibers J. 11. Basso J. W. c;lai)sox Marc;aret CjRAHAm Wai.ier Hev.mas J. V. E. Iriox Harrv Kaii.max Irving Weil Bex Vaxcev . . v.. IIOII.IMAX Richard Siepiie so " Marie Pii.kixgiox ( ' rolixe Moog IllRSClIELL WlLLIA.MS Maxwell Verger IsABEi.LE Keesler Marceli.e Melux Dorothv Westox MiRiA.M Kernax Edxa Lapor I Y. Ei.izAnEiM I1easi.11 ' TiiELMA Sharp Freiidv WeISEMII-IMKK Harold Ram, WaVXE SlOVAl.I. I ' .i.Lis IIenicax Rose Cariso Hfitv Beiiiea I ' LRRINE DlXDX James Stafiokd 1 olise koppei. I ' l.oREXc ' E Fowler I ' .. W. W ' ll.l.lAM.SOX .AlINt RiCHlER 335 - ' S j J A t B A. I_ A. Y A. Fextriss, Price, White N ewcom b Glee Club Officers Charlotte Price President Marv Martin Fentress Business Manager Bess Cartledge Secretary-Treasurer TiLLIE 1:oRCHARDT Ethel Bauer Fredeen Beard Elizabeth Blaiv Evaline Bleaklev Edith Bradley ' Clara Bush Lula Brown Evelyn Campbell Leila Carre Olive Carriere Bess Cartledge Emily Craig Sidney Crawford Elizabeth Davis Marion Dow Eda Dolhonde Winder Dudley Mary M. Fentress Mildred Fly Memrers Marcelle Garic Ruth Gainsburgh Margaret Golson Olive Guthrie Clara Guthrie Dorothy Hainer Ruth Hallam Shirley Heichelheim Frances Hibbard Zelda Huckins Elizabeth Hughes Sue Joy Rosalia Kaliski Miriam Kernan Lucille Lang Fane Lester Edith Levy Sibyl Monday Miriam Mooney E. Mulqueeny Mary Oakley Helen Pearlstone Elizabeth Pharr Marie Pilkington Charlotte Price Annola Preistley Jane Reeves Ruth Reinaur Mary L. Renaud Belle F. Rhine Olive Roberts Alice Saunders Mamie Sienknecht Florence Selser Caroline Sholars Emily Slack Lida May Smith Alice Tankersley Ruth Taylor Carrie Vinyard Fannie Wise Edna Louise White 336 " ■ fii; THE 1 9 i 4 S JU JA.M B A L A.VA. Brough, Cagle, Carre, Chamberhin " , Deaderick, Gardner, Hammond, Havdel Hevican ' , Kaufman-, Kleinpeter, Knighton, Lea, Morton, Murrell, Naquin Oechsner, Reitzell, Schofield, Thompson, V ' ennard, Watson, Webb, Weil Tulane University Glee Club Henrv Wehrmanx, Diriilnr Officers Ellis Hevican ' I ' rrsuinii Edwin Vennard Vicc-Prisidcnt Harry Kaufman Secretary First Tenors — Sctoml leiiors — Baritones — Busses — Dedkick Carre Cagle Bienvenue Kaufman Chamberlain Knighton Brough Hull Henican Morton Gardner Landrieu Lawes Oechsner Lea Scofield Rietzel Thompson Nauuin Crawford Watson Vennard Warren Kleinpeter Murrel Webb Hammond Gelpi ( )iKlli;srR A Andrews . (.i Kaufman Havdel Keiss Murrel Jensen Newman Gelpi 337 ManJolin-Guitar Club Officers Marion Thompson Pi rs ' ulrnt Georgia Seago Sccnlaiy-rnasunr Mtuiiloli ' ii — Naoviie Hathersi ' kim; Kdna McElhekev Helen McI.ellan Nora O ' Ntn.i. Ruth Sanford Jewv Spooner DoROTHV Weston Yvonne Y i: ni Pinna — AUREI.IA Bisso Pi:r.s()nn 11, iriiitars — Maxine DeBuvs Ellen Aaron Caroline Mooi; ' irginia Mucheli. Sara Pearce Marion Pfeifer Marion Thomp;on ( ' kclclcs— LuLA Brown Hl ' tson Carre Rose Caruso Elizabeth Hlghes v.. KOHLMEVER E. Pharr Georgia Seago I " )) Hill — Rum Si. Makun riollns — - Fredeen Beard Acnes Miller -, 1 J A. IvI B A L. A. Y A. The Tul ane Band Officers Geo. a. Paoletti Dindor A. E. HOLLEMAN Drum Major Bennie Cohn Manatjir Tulane ' s great year of 1923-24 has nowhere a better example of its greatness than the Tnlaiie Band. With a half-dozen of last year ' s men as a nucleus, a musiral unit was formed this year that was well suited to carry on the traditions of Tulane l niversity. The largest hand in the history of the university; its uniformed musical organization; a hand representing Tulane in the carnival parades for the first time; and heing, in short, one of the most truly representative activities of the entire school, are a few of the distinctions of whiili not only the Hand, Inil the whole of Tulane as well, is proud. A t rip to Montgomery, for the Tulane-Auhurn foothall game, was made hy the full Hand as its first real activity. Heretofore, at the close of the football season, the previous Hands have gone out of existence; but, consistent with its program of being a better Tulaiic- I ' .and, the musicians performed upon various occasions throughout the ear. Under the able direction of Professor Paoletti, the Hand has made wonderful strides along musical lines, and the untiring efforts of .Mbert I ' " .. Ilolleman, drum-major, and both Manager Robert ( ». I olack and his su ' cessor, Hennie Colin, ha ' e ;issiired its success. 339 -r.- T H K 1 9 Z 4 aimm 1 a A.1 B A. L-A-VA. Amjrv, Barrow, Fkkht, Hamilion HORTMAK, MAN ' SBERC, MuRRELL, WoGAN. ' OwEv, RicirARDSoy, Town-, Williams 340 THE 1 9 2, 4 Ml J A NI B A. I_ A. V A. Tke Tulane Arckitectural Society Founded 1914 Officers David S. Barrow I ' nsUi-ni Douglas V. Freret P ' ice-l ' ns ' uteui Allison Owen Secretary Havs Town Trensurer Members ! lanurary Proi. J. Herndon Thomas, B.S.. R..lrcli. Prof. Vm. P. Sprati.inc, H.Irr i. Prof. N. C. Clrtis Herbert S. Levy Slvion B. Mansberg Sfiii Junior David S. Barrow Douglas V. Freret C. Herbert Hamilton C. H. Ransom C. Magill Smith Edouard Wogan F,. Ellis Norwood Frank B. Richardson Collins C. Diboll A. Herbert Lew Richard Murrell Bernard Lemann Soplio nores Charles G. Andrv Miss C. Chalaron Robert Crump Allison Owen Hays Town Hershel Williams Miss A. Hortman This Society was founded in tlie School of Architecture in the year nineteen fourteen, with Frederick Parham, ' 14, as president. Its constitution and by-laws were drawn up, in which were stated the ideals and standards to be set up and followed for the good of the school and university. In its ten years of existence, the Society has done wonders; it has not only helpe l the School of Architecture as a unit, but has tended to promote a more friendly and brotherly feeling among its members and faculty. With this idea foremost, many most enjoyable lectures and " get-togethers " were held during the past year. Looking forward to a few more activities yet to be held and back to those we have already so much enjoyed, the year 1923-24 can be called a most successful one. 341 THE 1 9 2. ■4 ' JlSa ar J A. Ivl B A. 1_ A.V A. ' ' 0 i % iP i i lk S|k • v y Oii J Abraham, Am)R ' , Hakkou, Bernstein, Besski.mas, Ci.ark, Cracroft, De Garmo, diBenedei-io Ki.AM, Frank, Hartel, Hill, Hirsch, Hughes, Ivichievich, Kleinpeter Ki iciriN, Krumpi.eman, Lassen, Leake, Leeper, Leonard, Lowentriit, Mabson, Mansberc Martin ' , Mascaro, McConnell, McShane, Nairne, Naquin, Nunemacher, Oriol, Pascal Perrili.ait, Phillips, Rhodes, Richardson, Roessi.e, Rocan, Roihschii.d, Schuit ScllWARZENBACK, SlIII.lON, Tl lOM PSON, ENNARI), W A 1 UK !■ I ' , W ' aIKIK, W ' ICCIN, W ' IKIH, W ' W.ER Tulane Engineering Society OiricnRs A. J. Naquin, Jr President A. M. Hil.l Secretary M. C. Abraham Treasurer 344 THE 1 9 2, 4- J A. M B A. L A. Y A. CARRn KK, POW, GODELFER Ne vcomD French Circle OlIICERS Marion Dow Prcsidint Olive Carriere Vice-President Lucille Godelpher Secretary-Treasurer Members Beatrice Adams Cokstanxe duQuesnay Lessie Jay M. Pilkincton Ruth Allen Sadie Elliott Adele Katz Lucille Points Margaret Aronson Louise Fielschmidt Adele Kaufman Helen Polack Odessa Babin Alice Ferrata Miriam Kernan Beatrice Posner Corinne Bass Virginia Fenner Carlotta Kraft Ruth Reinaur F,VELVN Bavle Helen Flanagan Ottillte Lambert M. L. Renaud Clara Beer Blanche Foster Edna Laporte B. F. Rhine Evelina Bleakley Dorothy Gamble Aline Lazard Merle Richardson Dorothy Blewett Marcelle Garic Lady Lester Corinne Robin Betty Bonvillain Ethelyn Gelbke Elizabeth Lyons Mathii.de Ross Hayuee Brickell Merle Gesell Hannah Malter Alice Saunders Mary Buck Ethel Giles D. March Samelia Isaacson Helen Byrne Adele Godchaux Edna McElheny Frances Shaw Leila Carre Lucille Godelpher Helen McLellan Caroline Sholars Olive Carriere Margaret Graham F. Meisenheimer Etoi.ia Simmons Rose Caruso Marguerite Gueymard Marcelle Melun Lucile Soniai Patsy Charbonnet Naomi Hafenspring Jose-phine Miceli Erma Sikh Claire Chai.aron Susie Hains I ' i.a Milner Ruth ' I ' avlor LuciiE Charbonnet ' irginia Hall Bessie Monroe Evelyn Thibaut Helen Christenberr ' Mary Harhestv Miriam Mooney Elizabeth Triiex Louise Church Lillian Hartson Katherine Negus Kaiherine White Helen Clopton Elizabeth Heasi.ip Marie Nicholls Mar.iorie W ' nni- Sidney- Crawford Marion Henderson Lynn Northrup Fannie Wise Miriam Davis Elizabeth Hovey Marshall Norton Catherine Witt Clara Dinkei.spiel Anna Hyman Adrian Parker B beite Wolf Shelly Dodds Hattie Jay Marian Pfeher Caroline Wolf 3+3 THE 1 9 2, 4 i- ' stm il J A. t B A. I_ A.Y A. BrICKEI.L, FiTZPAlRICK, HARRIS Latin Club Officers Elizabeth Harris President Catherine Fitzpatkick Vice-President Havdee Brickell Seeretary-Treasuri-r Ruth Allen Ernestine Bass Fannie Baumgardner Ethel Bauer Fredeen Beard Clara Beer Haydee Brickei.l Evelyn Campbell He len Clopton Alma Crawford Catherine Fitzpatrick Grace Gebelin Members Ethel Giles Arthemise Goertz Winnie Gordon Naomi Hafkesbrinc Mary Hardesty Almabelle Harrei.l Lillian Hartson Rosalia Kai.iski Sylvia Kaufman Ruth Reianur Carlotia Kraft Lady Lester Fane Lester Mildred Levy Alice MoNTnoMER Agnes Miller Minnie Murphy Evelyn Myles Lucille Points Virginia Ross Katinka Schreiber Yvonne Sonneman Elise Ujffy Sidney Yenni Yvonne Yenni 344 THE 1 9 2- ■4 ' J A. M B A L A. V A. Delhoxde, Hunter FdA OOI.HOKUE Marie Hunter .... J0SEPH1 ' E MiCELI Odessa Babis Evelyn Bayle Eveline Bleakley Mary ' Buck M. Brown Helen Christenberry Eda Dolhonde Miriam Davis Clara Dinkelspiel Spanish Club Officers Ml ' .MUliRS Grace Gebelin- Ethelyn Gelbke Arthemise Goertz M. Goldberg n. hofheimer Anna Hyman Marie Hunter Samelia Isaacson Lucille Maestri Helen McLellax fii siciriit .... lid-Prrsiclnil Siiriiiiry-Trrasiirir Josephine Miceli Marie Pilkincton Helen Polack LiLAH Phillips E. SiLVERMA.V Alice Saunders Mathilde Weil Fannie Wise Gertrude Woodward 345 - S ' ' H E 1 9 2- 4- a A. lyl B A. 1_ A.Y A. FORSVTH, HaRISON, POINTS )cience Club Ofiichrs Lillian- Harison Pn-sidiiit Lucille Points l " uc-l ' ns ' ulint Katiierine Forsyth Secii-lary-Tnasunr Members Elizabeth Aldrich Alice Ferrata Lady Lester Ruth Allen Catherine Fit Patrick Lucile Maestri Ernestine Hass Blanche Fosur Ula Milner Ethel Bauer Ruth Gainsburoii Marion Pfeifer Fannie Baumgari ner Marcelle Garic Marie Pilkington Ortell Bechtell Amoret Gates Lucile Poims Mary Beers tiRACE Gebelin Ruth Reinaur S. Behrend Lucie Godelpher Virginia Ross Haydee Brickell Harriet Goldstein Christine Simpson EvELY ' N Campbell Virginia IL ll Edna Sirere Leila Carre Mary Hardesty Frances Shaw Rose Caruso Elizabeth IL rris Yvonne Sonneman Lucile Chrrbonnier M. Henderson Mary Stayer Helen Christenberry Naomi Hofkesbrinc Claire Strauss Louise Church Marion Hunter Yetty Streiffer Helen Clopton Ethel Hain L. Tillotson Rose Cornelson Samelia Isaacson Marie Uhry Clara Dinkelspiel Hattie Jay Elise I ' iffy WiRTH DlNWIDDIE LeSSIE JAY SteLLA WaLSHE Mary Louise Dodds Miriam Kernan Katherine White Marion Dow Edwina Kohlman Marjorie White Louise Fielschmidt Carlotta Kraft Fannie Wise Virginia Fenner Lucile Lang Babette Wolf Polly Le Beuf Eola Wooley 34« rs?- THE 1 9 2- •4 ' J A. M B A. L A.V A. CllKlSTEN-nERRV, KoSS, SONNKMAKN VVONNi: SnS ' XKMAN ' IRGI,S " IA Ross . . Ne-wcomb Athletic Association Officrrs PrrsiJrnl Helen ' Chrlstenberrv . . . . r ' uc-Prrsuliiil l.dUiSE Fielscmmidt . Beatrice Adams Cl.ARA FnZPAlRICK Kathrvn Talmauce Lucille Reed Lucille Points Helen (Joldsiein Frances Baumgartner Evelyn Campbell LuciLE Maestri Charlotte Voss Caroline Siiolars Leila Carre Ann Wright Mathilde Weil Fannie Wise Havdee Brickell Elizabeth FLarris A.VNOLA PrEISTLEV Ruth Allen I.uciLE Lang F.IISE UjFFV LuCILE CiOLDEPHER F ' .lizabeth Kastlek I ' OLLV LeBeuF Alice Moise Catherine Carbine Ernestine Bass Mary Floyd Louise Hume Claire Chalaron Beih McLeod Sni.i.A Caric Members Rose Cornelson Si ELLA Walsh E Anna May Meyers DdkRis ILwDS Ma Lanphier Lillian Hartson Corinne Bass Mar.torie Thomas Lady Lester Margaret Maloney Fane Lester J WICE ScHARFF Ftiwtna Kohlman Ki_ iH St. Mariin F " ,ii;el Hain Sara Elliott ' ikginia Fenner Alice Montgomery ' I LA MlLNER Perrine Dixon Clara Oinkelspeu. Babeite Wolf Miriam Kernan Catherine Lively Adrienne Parker Helen McLeli.an Ruth Taylor Helen Poi.ack Edna Laporte Florence Rosenfield Ethel Waters Winder Dudtt:! ' Dot Collins Alma Crawford Winifred Thompson Mathilda Talmadge F ' l.IZABETH Bl.AIN Willie Delchamps Marcei.i.e Melum Miriam Davis Mary Stubbs Edith Levy Yetty Streiffer Frances Shaw Evelyn Bayle Helen Pease Sylvia Schreiber Enoi.a Subai Lucy 1L rris CjEOrgia Morrison Christine Simi ' son Lessie Jay Alice Root Olive Carriere F ' lizabeth Osborne Anna Berenson Thelma Sharp Mary L. Renaid Elizabeth Heaslip Clara Beer Mary IFardesty Anita Mars Adei.e de la Harre Merle Richardson Eioi.iA Simmons Kathr N ( ;i.ENN ' . Sfdiiiiry ■ Tiiasurrr Louise Fielschmidt Adele Kaufman Marion Brown RAI tjRANER Miriam Mooney Lucy Rainold Carolyn Wolf ELIZABEIH SN ' iDER Naomi Hafkesbring Helen Bertel Caroline Moog ' Virginia Hall Virginia Wallace Odessa Babin Julia CIotten Elizabeth Lyon Ermine Charboknet Dot Gamble Natalie Hofheimer GussiE Pattok ru1h flxllam Ruth Connely Jaunita Gonzalez MiLLicENT Story Sara Rives Letitia Wood Elizabeth Sirear Marcellr Byrne ' V0NNE ' N ' eNNI Frances Page LuciLE Knight Satcihe Sholars 347 - ;i THE 1 9 X ■4- ' % k a J A. IVI B A. I_ A.Y A. __A Bass, Boi.ton ' , Covington, Gwin Hain, Johnson, Keesler, Lanpiiier McLeod, Revmond, Russ, Thompson Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Alice Toy Johnson Piis ' utcnt May Lanphier I ' icr-Prfsidrnt Isabel Keesler Serreiary Annie Covington Treasurer Mary Bolton . Vndenjraduale Reprcsenlative Winifred Thompson .... Town Finance Beth McLeod .... lu.EANoK Wilson . . . Dormitory Finance Fannie Russ Town Froijram Ethel Hain Dormitory Program Ernestine Bass Social Service Betty Raymond Social Annie (jWIN ITorlJ Felloics iip Puhliiity Ruth Allen Mai Cee Alexander Freedeii Beard Betty Bethea Elizabeth Blain Mary Bolton Lelia Carre Elizabeth Carson Helen Cier Mary Chaflfe Dick Covington Evelyn Croom Miriam Davis Clara Dinkelspiel C. DuQuesnay Mary L. Dodds p.. Duinvood ' Bernard Earl ' Sarah Elliott Annie S. Ellis Dorothy Fnlse Virginia Fenner Mary M. Fcntriss Bobbie Fitzner Katherine Forsyth Sarah Foster Hilda Fuller Lou V. Gahagan . ' Vmoret Gates Julia Gleaves Margaret C5olson Juanita Cionzales Dorothy Goodwill Julia CSotten Dora CJreenlaw Clara CJuthrie Olive Guthrie Annie CJwin Naomi Hafkesbring Ethel Hain Dorothy Hainer Ruth Hallam ' irginia Hamilton Olliviene Hansen Mary Hardesty Almabelle Harrell Lucie Harris Elizabeth Hopson Elizabeth Hovey Louise Hume Hattie Jay Alice T. Johnson Sadie Johnston Ethel Jones Margaret Jones NLargaret Jordan Sue Joy Elizabeth Kastler Isabelle Keesler Lucille Knight May Lanphier Lucille Lewis Ruth Lewis Adele Livaudais Catherine Lively Elizabeth Lynn Gertrude Madison Ethel Maurice Beth McLeod Josephine Miceli Treeby Miller Rose Mooney Alice Montgomery Louise Moore Virginia Moore Minnie Murphy 348 Katherine Negus Lynne Northrup Marshall Norton Marv F. Oaklev Maud B. Oakley Kathleen O ' Brien Lucille Ogden Frances Page Helen Pease Charlotte Poteet Bania Phillips Lilah Phillips Annola Priestley Margaret Pugh Betty Raymond Jane Reeves Marv L. Reuaud Elizabeth Ridgway Sarah Rives Corinne Robin Olive Roberts Alice Root Rose Aimee Roy Fannie Russ Natalie Saunders Marv Stewart Ruth Shell Florence Selser Emily Slack Elizabeth Snyder Millicent Story Thelma Sharp Christine Simpson Alice Tankersley G. Thompson W. Thompson Martha Tuten Dorothy Wagiier ' irginia Wallace Marjorie Watson Dorothy Weston Eleanor Wilson Catherine Witt Dorothy Witty Letltia Wood K. Woodwhite G. W oodward Anna ' oolen Anne Wright Ethel Young T H K 1 9 2. ■4 ' J A. ivl B A. L A. " y A. - " - — — — ' ■ Brewster, Kbalch, Farmer, Green Moss, Naquin ' , RnniNsoy, Stephenson The Young Men s Christian Association Officers Marvin T. Green Pris ' iiicDt H. F. Brewster V ' lcc-Prrsidcnt Clement Moss V ' ne-Prfsident Clarence Farmer Secretary R. T. Stephenson Treasur,i Chairmen of CoiMMIttees UiiNRV Robinson Rrlii ious J. V. Gladson PuMicity C. D. Overton .Sofia A. E. Holleman Campus Service Irvin Ebauch House Commillee The Tri.Axi . .M. C. A. The Tulano " Y " -— or. as these who are more .-Ut.sely coniieeted with it.s management prefer to call it. the " ' T ' Hut " — .stands in a c-entrnl part of the eampus , between Stanley Thomas Hall and the arademie dormitories. In many respei-ts., it occupies, too. a central position in student life. Here is held, a few days after the be innini of every session, a reception for the university ' s " babies " — the Freshmen — of both Tulane and Neweomb. Here the " Pep " meetings of the football season are held and here the band generally meets for its practices. Then, again, the " Y " is. several times a session, the familiar scene of a friendly social evening for Neweomb and Tulane and their friends, when all who care to accept its invitation gather to enjoy a carefully prepared program of the university ' s musical and theatrical talent. The building is also used for many other purposes. There are games of several Itinds (including that aniient and intellectual sport Icnown as checl ers and that scientifically metaphysical occupation called by the ridiculously short name of chess), with which the stu dents may wliiie away pleasant recreation hours. The secr. ' tary. Mr. . ddison. is in his ollice regularly, ready with help and advice of all Icinds. i»articularly for students who want to earn money to help themselves through college. Who that has been to Tulane will not take away with him some pleasant memories of the " Y " — that big wooden building left us by Camp Martin? Newiomb. it is to be remembered, is a part of Tulane. and we believe the pleasant ■ memories and warm recollections are .shared by our Neweomb sisters. At least, we remember telephoning to several of theni on dilTeretit occasions — from the " Y. " Cai.vin Blue Joiiv B. Goocii Dclcyalci Id Studiiit I (ihinlrei (imivcnlinn iil I i liu iiipolis George T. W ' ai.m:, Jr. E. Preston Hall T. W. Martin John McBryde lIlAR ' M. ROIIISSON 3+9 THE igZ- ' = M = JA.MBi .I_ A. V A. Alumni Association of Tulane University of Louisiana HE AUiiniii Association of Tulane University of Louisiana is the general association of the Alumni of all departments of the University. The association is active in all things which work for the good of the University in any of its departments. The association, in recent years, has been particularly active in student affairs. The association prides itself in never having refused to aid, financially or otherwise, any worthy Tulane activity. Any graduate of the University, or any former student of the University, who with- drew in good standing after having attended during one session, is eligible for member- ship in the association. There are three forms of membership: Annual (dues $2.00 yearly) ; Life (dues $25.00 for life) ; Honorary. Every Tulane Alumnus ought to be a member. The business of the association is carried on through the Executive Committee, which is composed of the officers and two representatives from each department of the University. The Executive Committee for 1923-1924 is as follows: OlFICHRS Charles E. Dunbar Prtndtnt Monte M. Lemann V ' uc-Pres ' idenl LuciEN H. Landry Siarlary Henry F. Scherer Trcasuit-r Lewis F. Wakeman issislani Siinlary COMMITTEI-S Mcdiial — Lau ' — .Irts and Sciences — Marion H. McC;l:ire Eugene P. Saunders Charles E. Dunbar Edmund Moss Richard B. Montgomery Arthur E. Moreno Knyineerinij — N ewcomh — Robert G. Robinson Anna F. Koch Eads Johnson Jeanne Langhetee Graduate — William E. Walls Lionel C. Durel Dental — Joseph M. Garcia A. Louis Ducasse 350 THE 192- t 1 J A. M B A L A.V A. 351 T H K 19X4 m iw 1 ■ I ' I ■ ' ■MMUitfeL J A. M B A. L A. Y A. REALIZATION DAY 352 n b THE 1 9 2. 4 It J A. M B A. I_ AuV A. 353 « 3 S| THE 1 9 2- ■4- ' - ' ' ' . £ a A. Nt B A. L, A. Y A. 354 ' Ji T H K 1 9 2. M ' ' i ' MUtoMMHtaa a J A. Kl B A. 1_ A.V A. 355 !■■ ■■ n ■-- 1- T H K 1 9 2. 4 " M ' a A IvI B A. J_ A.V A. 356 THE 1 9 2. ■4 ' a A. lyl B A. L A.Y A. 357 THE 1 9 2. ■4- ViJ k J AM B A. I- A-V CAMPUS SCENES 3S8 " — THE 1 9 2. 4 a. J A-Nl a A. L A.VA. CAMPUS SCENES , ■ » T -- . 4 ' i L 359 t2 THE 192-4 |J M J A N B A. I_ A. V A. CAMPUS SCENES ' - ' ' k ' r v v- 360 - KV • THE I 9 2. 4 i. J A. M B A. U A. V A. THE 1 9 2- 4- - JAMBA. LAVA. CAMPUS SCENES 362 »= m- . THE 1 9 2. 4 rt jyL J A. M B A. I_ A.V A. I wa m;immmar. 363 THE 192,4- = M H. i JA.MBA.L A.Y A. A Model Love Letter EAR SUE: E fi tiim 1 think of i)u, my ht-ait flops up and down like a churn- daslu-r. Si ' nsations of unutti-rablf joy caper over it like ' oim}; ;oats on a yj stable roof, and thrill through it like Spanish needles through a pair of linen trousers. As a gosling swininieth in a mud puddle, so I swim in th-.- sea of glor . Visions of ecstatic rapture, thicker than the hairs of a blacking brush, brighter than the eyes of a humming bird, isit me in my slumber, and your image stands before me and I reach out to grasp it like a pointer snapping at a blue-bottle. W ' hen 1 first beheld your angelic perfections, I was bewildered, and my brain whirled around m; like a bumblebee under a glass tumbler. My eyes stood open like the cellar doors of a coiuitry town, and 1 lifted u|i my ears to catch the sihery accents of your ()ice. My tongue refused to wag, and in silent adoration 1 drank in the sweet infection of lo e as .i thirst) ' man swalloweth a tumbler of cold beer. Since the light of your face fell upon m life, 1 sometimes feel as if I could lift myself u|i b) my shoestrings to the toji ot the church steeple and pull the bell rope for singing .school. Da and night ()u are in m thoughts. Vhen Aurora, blushing like the bride, rises from hL-r saffron-colored couch; when the jaybird pipes liis tuneful lay in the apple tree by the spring-house ; when the awakening pig arises and grimteth ; w hen the drows beetle xheels his droning flight at sultry noon-ti le, and when the lowing herds come home at milking time, I think of thee, and like a piece of gum elastic, my heart seems stretched clear across m ' bosom. Your hair is like the mane of a sorrel horse powdeied with gold, and the graceful manner in which you catch your train on the fly fills me with unbounded awe. our forehead is smoother than the elbow of an old coat. our eyes are glorious to behoKl, and in their liquid ilepths I see legions of little Cupids b.ithing like a cohort of ants in a piece of old cheese. When their fire hit me upon my manly chest, it penetrated my whole anatomy like a load of buckshot through a rotten apple. our nose is like a chunk of Parian marble, and your mouth is jiuckeied with sweetness. Nectar lingers on vour lips like honey on a bear ' s paw, and myriads of unfledged kisses are there ready to fly out and light .somewhere like bluebirds out of their parents ' nest. our laugh rings in ni ears like the wild harp ' s strain or the bleat ot a lost nanny-goat. 1 he dimples in oiir cheeks are like bowers in beds of roses or holes in cakes ot home- made sugar. I am dying to pour out the burning eloquence of ni lo e as thrifty housewives |iour out hot coffee. Away from you, 1 am as melancholy as a sick rat. Sometimes, I hear the June-bugs of despondency buzzing in my ears, and feel the cold lizards of despair buzzing down my back. My lo e for ou is stronger than the smell of Lim- burger cheese or the kick of a young cow, and more unselfish than a kitten ' s first cater- waul. As the .songbird hankers for the light of day, the cautious mouse for the fresh bacon in the trap, as a mean pup hankers for new milk, so I long for thee. 3(5+ Yoli are fairer than the speckled pullet, sweeter than a Yankee doughnut fried in sorghum molasses. If these few remarks will enable you to see the inside of my soul and me to win our affection, I shall be as happy as a jay-bird in a cheery tree or a stage-horse in a green pasture. If ou caiuint reciprocate my thrilling; passion, I will pine away like a poisoned bedbug, and in coming years, when the philosophical frog sings his cheerful evening hymns, then may you, happy in another ' s love, coms and drop a tear and catch a cold on the last resting place of ours affectionately, 3«5 THE 1 9 2. 4 J A. M B A L A.V A. ' wr ' RH rack, of NOV , OI.I) liOV Doctor: " I say, dear lady, you have water on the knee. " Vouiig Lady: " Oh, Doctor, will it soil my new dress? " One Girl: " What do you think of Patricia? " Another (jirl : " Vell-er-she ' s a very nice girl. " First Girl: " No, but cat to cat, what do you think of her? " Effusive Lady: " And have you a little fairy in your home? " Irv Cobbtype: " No, lady, only a little nu ' ss in OLir engine — and, oh yes — a little made in our cellar. " " You ' re the breath of my life. Sweet Carolina, " the ardent lover cried. Then one long look from a .soulful eye. " Well, please hold your breath, " she sighed. " What ' s the matter here? " " Man broke his neck. " " What story did he fall from? " " Didn ' t fall — tried to see the top of the building? " il; " A telephone girl alwavs reminds me of a saint. " " Why? " " There is always a continual ' hello ' around her head. " ■ - " Here is an account of a hen which laid three eggs at once and then died. " " From over-eggsertion, probably. " » - " WHiat ' s the matter here, " asked the stranger of a small boy, as he noticed a large wedding party coming out of church. " Nawthin ' but the tied goin ' out. " " What is the difference between the admission to a dime show, and tiie adnu ' ssion to Sing Sing? " " Don ' t know, what is it? " " (3ne is ten cents and the other is sentence. " -» -» " ■ ' ou were thrown out? " remarked the barrel. " That ' s what you get for being crooked. " " The crookedness is not my fault, " saiil the nail. " I was driven to it by a woman. " 366 HE 1 g 2. 4- mSi J A. M B A. I_ A.Y A. AND THE RETAS GAVE THE ALL XIGHT DANCE! Secret oi Success " I ' ush, " said tile button. " Never be led, " said the jieiicil. " Take pains, " said the window. " Always keep cool, " said the ice. " Be up to date, " said the calcnchn ' . " Never lose your head, " said the barrel. " Make light of everything, " said the ire. " Do a driving business, " said the hammer. " Aspire to greater things, " said the nutmeg. " Be sharp in all your dealings, " .said the knife. " Find a good thing and stick to it, " said the glue. " Do the work you are suited for, " said the chimney. 367 THE 1 9 X 4 Greek MytKology Uacchus, the god of drink, fell des- perately in love with the fair Helen of Troy, and decided to have a date witli her. She gladly accepted and, shortly after leaving her home, Bacchus sug- gested a drink. " Vhat will we ha e? " said Helen. " Whisky, " replied Bacchus. " (3h, I couhhi ' t think of it, " returned Helen. " I am not that kind of a girl. " So Bacchus took her to one of the near-by soda fountains, and gave her san lwiches and nectar. ' hen you turn down yoLir glass it ' s a sign That you ' re not going to take an w ine. So turn down your plate When they serve you things you hate. And ()ii ' ll often be asked out to duie. She goes up to the mountain top. And great seclusion .seeks. She always dresses in the dark. Because the mount.iin jieeks. 1 here was a yoimg girlie naniL ' d .Mai Who the ' say was a .social fraud. In the ball room, I ' m told. She was haughty and cold. But on a sofa alone, oh, Gawd! Her name was Irene And she wore crepe de chene. ' ou could see more of Irene Then you could crepe de chene. ?it -:p riiere was a young man from .Amazon Who put nighties of his (rramazon. The reason was that. He was too fat To put his own -:s » Pajamazon. Ro.ses are red, Violets are blue. Horses neck. So .jo I. 36S - THE 1 9 2. 4 II «if a A.K1 B A. L A-V 369 ' SJ THE J A. M B A. L A. Y A. THE UAILI FRATRICIDE VOLUME I APRIL I, 1924. No. 1 Betas Attack All- Nignt Revelers An indignation meeting was held last night by the members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity to protest against the holding of all-night dances by some of the other academic fraterni- ties. The majority of the chapter supported Oscar Bienvenu, who ad- vocated avoidance of feminine com- pany. Efforts of Priestly Flournoy, avowed lady-killer, toward institut- ing daily teas, were almost unani- mously voted down. Kappa Sigmas To New House Ileal estate agents have chalked up the biggest sale of the year in the purchase of the Italian Hall by the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Dan Mur- ray (who was " traveled with " again this year) negotiated the deal in or- der that " Buddy " Roberts be given a permanent home from which ht would not be forced to leave sudden- ly. Several rooms will be used as beauty parlors for Clement Moss. Benedict Exposes Sigma Nu Secrets Sonier Benedict, chaplain of the Sigma Nu fraternity, has announced the completion of " The Frat. " a vol- ume dealing with all the secrets of his fraternity. The work w as writ- ten in order to reach, a larger public, after Benedict had disclosed the in- nermost workings of his chai)ter to all casual acquaintances. Pi K Alpk ' 1 ivappa ipnas Burn Down House All efforts to create some notice of their existence on the campus havin.L ' failed, the members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity deliberately set fire to their handsome home last winter. A shirt of Charlie Morton ' s, saturated in Garry Lon ' s hair pomade, was ig- nited by the young fire-bugs. Carron Ball and the Fire Department were ininicdiati ' ly summoned. 370 -e. ' - JA.h B A. L. A.VA. THE DAILY FRATRICIDE Dekes Will Not Run For Omce Louis Garrard, speaking officially for Delta Kappa Epsilon. has an- nounced that, due to the signal suc- cess of the Deke candidates in the student body presidential elections, the fraternity will not put up any men next year. The entire time of the chapter will be spent in maintain- ing their splendid scholastic record. O.T. A. To Become National in 1950 Word has been received by the old- est local on the campus that Sigma Phi Epsilon will consider granting a charter to O. T. A. as soon as the standard set by the national is reached. This, it was indicated, will not be until every one of the present members graduate. Sigma Cki Fraternity Graduates Tnis Year News has been received on the campus that the Sigma Chi frater- nity will receive his degree in June. Mr. Pratt Martin will then enter the insurance business. A. S. Man Pledged By Dental Fraternity Sigma Pi, Dental and Pharmaceut- ical fraternity, broke all precedent by pledging an Arts and Sciences stu- dent. The move is said to be an at- tempt to mollify their lone faculty member, who has stopped wearing his frat pin on his coat lapel and is threatening to oin Xi Psi Phi. P. D. T. Coack Calls Football Practice Robert Emmet Kerrigan, famous law athletic mentor, has called the State Street boys out for spring prac- tice daily in front of their beautiful house. " Hank " Phillips sells boots between halves. Lamprecht kicks goal with a niblick. Score 0-0. RIPPLES I4v HA I ) Does S. A. M. mean ' S All Moses? St. i H: . t that their chapter has gone down. M stands for two other things in the chapter: Mustaches and Medics. 37 ' THE 1 9 2- ' 4 ' J A. Ivi B A. L A.Y A. fc- i rii — —iafcM — THE DAILY FRATRICIDE K. A.s Entertain At Big Barn Dance The Kappa Alplia fralernity enter- tained at a barn dance in the chap- ter ' s home on State Street. No deco- rations were needed to carry out the desired effects. Murph Snelling en- deavored to Ket up an election among the Kuests. Clarence came in third. Kappa Nu s Year s Ackievements Sigma Chapter, Kappa Nu, takes pleasure in publishing the list of its achievements during the past year, as follows: 1. 2. • Finis. ' ' Muck " Less Heiter Is Finally Placed " Don ' t swap your horses in the middle of the stream, " is the motto by which " Much " Less Heiter, Sigma Alpha Kpsilon athlete, was tinalh placed on the winning ticket in the last election. Less is now a " regu- lar " fellow. Delta Tau Deltas Enter Politics! Tulane ' s campus was shocked to hear that the Delta Tau Delta fra- ternity had entered into a political combine, despite the untiring efforts of W. C. Frue, whose motto is " The Best Man for the Best Place. " Johnny Wight ' s little brother, decked out in Doug O ' Kelley ' s cap, was the first sacrifice on the altar of political ambition. D. S. P.s Subscribe To Daily States I ' erliaiis the greatest fraternal i)ub- licil move of the year was accom- plished by the shifting of " Moral Victory " Hebert from the T.-l ' . to the " States. " Keaders of tlie morn- ing paper having been informed of the athletic prowess of Lind, Morgan and Duffy, the Delta Sig bard now seeks to enlighten the readers of the evening sheet. 372 THE I 9 2. - Sli f THE DAILY FRATRICIDE Zetas Celebrate Holleman s Election " Drum-Major " Holleman was guest of honor at a lavish banquet given by the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity on his re-election. The speakers of the eve- ning stressed his good work for the " Hullabaloo " and band. Spencer Mc- Nair, another guest, laid emphasis on the friendly relations between the chapter and the student council. More Phi Kappa Sigs Make Varsity Teams Phi Kappa Sigma cut another notch in their campus fame when half a dozen of its members were awarded football letters. The frater- nity is the most prominent on the campus, having si.x football stars, basketball and baseball men, editors of the various college publications, and four varsity debaters. A. T. 0. Advocates Expedient Plan III oidiT thai the B ' reshmen may be given as Utile opportunity as jios- sible to learn the true nature of the chapter, the . lpha Tau Omegas are sponsoring a move to shorten the fra- ternity rushing season to one week. The members explained that if they could get a pledge pin on quickly the victims could hardly escape. Pi Kaps Establisn Several Chapters University officials expressed their salisfaction at Ihe splendid " coloniza- tion " work done by the newest fra- ternity on the campus. The Pi Kappa Phis have, in little over a year, found- ed their mother chapter and the now famous Sigma Delta, a creature of Ihe brain of the great I ' i Kapiia Phi leader. 373 THE 1 9 A A J Alvl B A.1, A.YA. To Willie You could tell poor Willie was dying By the color of his breath. And the Howers, they were drooping In the mud. So the doctors all agreed, Just to save poor Willie ' s life, That they ' d stop the circulation Of his blood. Then they gently laid his head In a pot of boiling lead ; Then we laid our Willie down to rest. But the burglars came that night, And they came without a light, And they stole the mustard plaster Off his chest. So they filled him up with glue Just to try to bring him to, But they found that all their efforts Were in vain. So he turned upon his side And he blew his nose and died. And sneezed and blew his nese And died again. It was on the third of May That poor Willie passed away. So the ' thought they ' d grant the last re- quest He made. So they took him to the barbers. Where he used to shoot the marbles, And they planted a bmich of whiskers on his grave. 374 ' - M THE 1 9 2. J A. N1 B A. L A.Y A. IV Half an inch, half an inch, Half an inch shorter — Whether the skirts Are for mother or daughter. Briefer the dresses grow, Fuller the ripples now. While the whisking glim|ises show More than they oughter. Forward the dress parade. Is there a man dismayed ? No, from the sight displayed None could be sundered. Theirs not to make remark. Clergyman, clubman, clerk, (laping from noon ' till dark At the four hundred. Short skirts to the right of them, Shorter to the left of them. Shortest in front of them, Flaunted and flirted. In hose of flesh and nude. Oh, most exceeding hued. Sporting in spats run mad. Come the short skirted. Flashed all their ankles there. Flashed as they turned in air. What will not woman dare? (Though the exhibits show Some of them blundered). All sorts of shapes and pegs. Broom-sticks and piano-legs. Here aird there fairy shapes Just built to walk on eggs, Come by the hundred. When can th ' jir glory fade; Oh, the wild show they made All the world wondered. Grande Dame and demoiselle, Show girl and Bowery belle. Four Hundred — oh, well. Any old hundred. 375 - THE 1 9 2. 4 ' a 4 ' J A Nt B A. 1_ A-Y A. Famous Sayings of Famous People Thomas Edison: " Goody! It works. " Miss Susan Tew: " Aw, that ' s bull. " Rodin ' s Thinkers " I really ought to powder my nose. " Lynn Robinson: " I ' d love to gi c you a date, but I ' m working so hard on the varsity debate. " Emily Post: " Glad to meet you. " JuDD Northrup: " Oh, sister, ain ' t that hot! ' JLDGE NORTHRLT STRUTTIN HIS DOG Faculty member making Realization I)a ' s|ieech : " Now, boys, we want to get behind Newcomb and push. " ( ne of our ardent fodthall supporters, at a game, as heaid to chirrup: " Ln a ant, erd,uit undulation. " Kuidlv onut flowers. Teachfr ' s Motto: " Ills ne passeront pas. " In view of the fact that our successful college magazine of humor seemed to have a har l time selecting a name, we submit the following ix-ppy titles: Absent Thoughts. The Twilight Hour. Moments of Jollihcation. Iiuiocent Jests The L ' luidreu ' s IIoim . 376 THE 192-4- 31 J A. Nl B A. L A. Y A. ffiU-AV t tSbRlfc, l a) • A bkieip it„ ,- - ' T 377 . ' ; M THE 19X4 ii J A. t 4 B A. L A.V A. 378 HE 1 9 2. Ml J A. IVI B A. I_ A. Y A. 379 THE 1 3 2. ■ %i f if - J A. lyl B A. L A.Y A. 1 1 — ii—iaa A Treat-is on Fasnionable Feminine Fraternities FOREWORDS 3=j ' |jHE writer, while thoroughly conscientious in the endeavor to sing the ft vj; ! praises ot the (}reek letter ladies ot Newcomb, craves pardon if the chant i ' ixr echoes any strain troni the anvil chorus. Punk punctuation, ot course, ' __ Jj will be attributed to the printer ' s de il. The following articles, though intended as a parody outline of sororities, may also reflect many truths, and so justify their excuse for being. Pi Beta Phi (Feminine B. P. O. E.) Founded at Moonsmouth College in 1K67. The Civil War just being over, and there being a dearth of excitement, the Neighborhood Sewing Circle and Chorus Girls ' Union consolidated to form the nucleus of Pi Beta Phi ( F. B. P. O. E.). From the growth of this organization one might term it " The Birth of a Nation. " This chap- ter W ' HS installed at Newcomb in 1891, and has been stalled ever since. The meaning of the Greek cognomen, translated into unintelligible French, is " Elles saient ses oeufs. " Colors : Old wine and morning-after blues. The chapter prides itself on the number of its initiates that conclude more than a year and a half of school work. This accounts for the number of " post-graduates " on the roster. The chapter is very much delighted that the honor of being selected " The Biggest Plapper " was bestowed on ' irginia Fenner. A splendid system of collecting back dues without establishing a banking system has been evolved b - the chapter. The more sprightly members are married off at a tender age, and their unfortunate grooms are compelled to come across with the cash. All treasurers interested in this may apply for further information. This chapter was awarded the Balfour cup for being the best jewelry customers (next to Woolworth and Kress). Of course, ordering in thirties does reduce the price of arrows! Alpha Omicron Pi This bogus bunch was founded at Barnyanl College, a couple of decades back. I he local chapter of Alpha Omi-Gawd Pi boasts of two of Newcomb ' s best, according to results of the recent campus selection. 380 Best liked, Betty Bethea. Best loving, Mary Bolton. Due to the untiring efforts of Emily Slack and Nora O ' Neill, this fraternity is fast becoming known on the campus for its representative and college-spirited girls. One wonders why the former wasn ' t this year ' s student body president and the latter next year ' s. It is said that Nora e er takes Paynes that the interests of the college be furthered. This religious fraternity is the only one at Newconib that has a Church of its own. We had a real feast of rare scandal, mostly roast, for A. O. Pi; however Dot Ves- ton censored the menu. Chi Omega Organized b - tlie Pharmaceutical Society of Arkansas for promoting sales of Omega nil — Ah! There ' s the rub! The local unit — Roe chapter — a collection of fish, hold meetings near the aquarium in Audubon Park. Seeking local color, no doubt. The future of this flock of frozen-faced flappers is now assured by their unexpected acquisition of a dark hor.se with a palatial yaclit and the ten promises gained surrep- tiously by Beans Snyder and Tippy Pool. Phyllis Reeves would have tied Betty Bethea in the popidarity contest had she been better known ; while the daint ' dentrifice dame, Mary Louise Dodds, has consented that her smiling picture be used b ' Pepsodent or Colgates in their advertisement puzzles of " Find the Missing Molars. " For a glance at the chapter as a whole, come to any election where a sister might siet an office and behold ! Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundlings at Do vn-in-Mouth College in 1870. High sign for non-members is •:he convex snoot. They stand high on the campus, as is evidenced by Bea Ford. The local lodge, " The March Wind Chapped-her, " specializes in debutantes and debu- fante-annoyers, such as Lynn Robuison. Every member carries a kew but judging from the avoirdupois of (leorgia Seago, hers doesn ' t tit the pantry lock. Advertised in all snappy journals, " Sweet Cajis — Ask Sweet Dadd)- — He Knows! " Phi Mu The faithful sisters were welded at Wesleyawn in iS a. After fifty e.irs of struggle on the ragged edge — upon the acceptance of the Vilsonian Doctrine of tlie THE self-determination of peoples they were made national in 1 904. Nevvcomb was Delta chapter in 1906. This little band is known for its well-balanced personnel. They ran ;e from the flipperest of flappers, such as Bessie Monroe, to sisters bowed down under the weifiht of grey mater, as Dot Collins; the other sex ' s last heart throb! Phi Mu has appropriated funds for the purchase of aromatic spirits of ammonia and smelling salts to revive any stricken sisters on day of announcement of I ' hi Heta Kappa election. Fie — Fie — Fie ! Mew — Mew — Mew ! Alpha Delta Pi For historical beginnings, refer to data on Phi Mu. The Epsom Salts chapter was corroded in 1 906. The prowess of the chapter was substantiated by the student body election of Alice Tankersley as best athlete. They can also boast of the best weeper in the state. Fair ( lonzalez is known to have changed a " 2 " report to a " l " simph ' by dissolving into a liquid stream of reproach, and most instructors, not knowing how to swim, follow the line of least resistance and xield to her pleas. Another attractive feature of the chapter is their room, where it is said that parties doing credit to " Flaming ' outh " are Hung. The motto blazoned on the shield of the order, " Live for Each Other, " is their only visible sign of support. The serenity of the chapter is ordered b ' the cool leadership of " Chill " Hlain. Kappa Alpha Theta These feline femmes were founded at De Paw L niversit) ' in 1870. Reasons not as- certainable. Fraternity song, " Has Anybody Seen My Kitty — Has Anybody Seen My K. A. T.? ' One member holds the ilistinction of being the best-dressed student in college, name- ly, Maude Ellis. Lucille, of London, has sent modistes to study her creations. The colors of the fraternity are Black and Blue — after rushing season. The chloratura soprano voice of Charlotte Price will probably call Alpha Fine chapter to order next year, unless Lillian " Some " Evans bring to bear superior weight. Mamie Sizzling Sinkit keeps the members posted onthe frills and foibles of the infra- fashionable set and the pseudo-select. They are training Mildred Christian to (ill a needed niche for concerning faculty representatives. K. A. T. has not .scratched yet. THE 192-4 ' MUf JA.lylBA.l_ A. Y A. HiTilh m._L Alpha Epsilon Phi Founded in Killarney for the purpose of breaking; up the Pork Trust. Emblem, Crossed Ham Bones. Judging from the number of initiates of this year it would seem as though they had found one of the lost tribes. They all seem to be in Arcadia. Lnfortunateh , the fair fabric of their fame will be marred next year when they drop a Stitch. Advice to Freshmen or rather Fresh-women : " (jo non-frat and make Phi Beta Kappa. " ¥ S83 THE 1 9 2, 4- irlfci — --■ " ■ - " J A. tvt B A. L A.Y A. PUZZLE PICTURE ;o PrtWf ; Here ? " That butcher is an awkward fellow. " " Yes, 1 noticed liis hands are always in the weigh. " -:if " What is the difference between an elephant and a mosquito? " " What is the difference? " " The shape. " " Do you know old Farmer Jones, from Dickens county? " " Very well. " " His son ran away from bun the other da , and came to the city and got a job shining shoes. Now, the old farmer makes hay while the son shines. " :- " I hate to use a towel on mv face. " " Why? " " It makes me so dry. " ■ Cattle stray into queer places. We once saw a cow hide in a shoemaker ' s shop. » " Feel this hat. " " Did you feel it? " " es, what is it? " " It is felt. " He: " I ' ll go tomorrow and buy a diamond engagement ring. " She: " Now, (leorge, for the first time, your talk has the true ring in it. " 1 went out (in the corner last night, looked across the street and saw the (ither side walk. 38+ i - THE iiiriTiM %. J A M B A. L. A. V A. " Sarge at the Battle of San Jacinto " The climate is pretty clain]i here, isn ' t it? " " I should say so. It is really so damp that the people can ' t raise anything but lunbrellas. " Chapter i — Maid one. Chapter 2 — Maid won. Chapter 3 — Made one. » -» Doctor: " I notice your daughter has an unusually large ' ocabulary. " Country: " Doc, I told that gal she should ha e taken more exercise. " Doctor: " What is A.S.203 ? " Student: " Vell-er-let ' s see — I have it on the end of m ' tongue. " Doctor: " Well, sjiit it out; it ' s ar- senic. " -» Sf " What ou got in that little black bag? " " Them ' s my instrLiments. I ' m a et- crinary. " " Quit yo ' kiddiu ' , m.in. " S o ' ain ' t w.di ! " » « " llere x alter, this brer is H.it. " " I hat IS oui " cue tn keep (|iiiel, sir; ne er abus; ' the dcul. " " He hasn ' t a dollar to his name. " " Guess that ' s why no woman will take it. " The landlady coming down the stairs one morning asked one of the young Latin students if he had eaten any eggs for breakfast. Still thinking of his les- sons, he answered: " Et tu Brutus. " W i " There is nothing like exercise. I take long walks every morning. " " I saw you quite early this morning — two o ' clock. ' ou were not walking for our health then, were you ? " " ' es, I was going for the doctor. " AVhy do people always :ipp the name of " she " to a city? " " I don ' t know, why? " " Because every city has outskirts. " 5; Si " W onder what we will wear in hea en ? " " I know wh.it I ' ll wear it 1 see ou there. " " What will you wear? " " A surprised look. " " Vhat do you think of the statement that there ai ' e three hundred haunted houses in the st;ite of New " SOrk? " " Oh ! that oidy ' ghost ' to show you how plentiful spirits arc there. " THE She Lisi ' ETH Somkthing Whenever a tliiiap dwajjon rliiiapth at me, Or thtickth nut ittli tontiue, iiuletliently, I thteltliily cweep up beliimi the thiiij;, Pick one of itth Howerth and then 1 thinj;: Thnap dwagon, thnap dwagon, nau}iht ' plant, ' ' ou think you can tlicare nie, but you can ' t. So This Is Why Frogs Hop Wii.Lin MaglirI ' This is the fate of Willie Maguire, Who ran down the street with his trousers on fire, He went to the doctor, and fainted with fright. When the doctor told him his end was in sight. " Are you a suitor for Miss Betty ' s hand? " " Yes, but I didn ' t. " " Didn ' t what? " " Didn ' t suiter. " c eneeK_j f ,Mlk,faM 386 THE 1 9 2. • $; U : J A. IvI B A I_ A.V A. NEWCOMH. THI- .MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE " How did she get along at the sea shore? " " Oh ! Ill fine shape. " « » « " I gave my girl a pair of bine garters, and she gave th Mn to h?r niothLT. I don ' t siipiiose I ' ll ever see them again. " • " I hear Smith, the sea captain, is in hard luck. He married a girl and she ran away from him. " " Yes, he took her for his mate, but she was his skipper. " • • " I Luuierstand they are going to change the name of Audubon Park tr Orchard Park. " " Why? " " Pecause there are so many jiairs found under the tr s. " • « " Kind Iad , " remarked the weary wayfarer, " can yon oblige me with something to eat? " " (lO to the woodshed and take a few chops, " replied tlu kind lady. 87 THE 1 9 2, 4 m MmL J Alyi B A L A.YA. THi; (JLL SWLM.MIXG HOLE 388 THE J A. N1 B A. L A.Y A. A I ' RESSIXG ENGAGEMENT A RIPPING GOOD TIME " May I be excused, teacher? " " No. Here, fill this ink well. " I decided to buy a fitty-cent handker- chief, but changed my mind as that was too much to blow in. The king of Siam, whose father had three hundred wives, has just his first. Seems as though he ' ll never be the hus- band his father was. Street Car Conductor: " What ' s this half fare for? " Passenger: " That ' s for my wife here. I know she looks older, but psychology test shows that she is only a child of seven years old. " " Are you a puzzle hound? " " Yes. " " Then what was it we saw a girl dancing instead of wearing? " " What a surprise to see you in full dress sm ' t. Did you rent it? " " No, but every time I stooped over I thought I would. " 389 ■ - ' ■ THE IQi- M ' ' 4 ' ■ m sJ A-Kl B A. 1_ A.YA. TH H NEWCOMUITES A l.lTTI.ir HLACK BEHIND " This is rou h, isn ' t it? " " What is rough ? " " An article in this paper says the island of Fea in South America is in- habiteii by a religious set of cannibals. " " What is rough about that? " " Why, every man there is a Fea- male. " «• » " That gill accepts rings from men slie does not know. " " How can she ? " " Has to; she is a telephone girl. " » He: " ou did wrong in wearing your stage dre.ss to the party. " She: " Indeed. " He: " es, in playing poker it is only necessary to show your hand. " - If Lee ' s circle is round, is Jackson square ? " What ales the jiorter? " " His young daughter wines all the time, and he is going hfjiiie to licjuor. " Doctor: " ' ou need a change and rest. Patient: " I can ' t afford it. I ' in- come is pretty well in demand already. My children get all the change, and my wife gets the rest. " » » " I saw a man fall from a roof on to a wagon of soda water yesterday. " " Killed, I suppose? " " No, he landed on soft stuff. " " What do vou think of wives to order? " " 1 would prefer one ready made. " -:i - i Steward on Steamsiup: " ' our lunch wdl he up m a niuiute. ' joe (seasick): " So uil! my break- fast. " - • " Tiiat is the kind of nuisic that moves the soul. " " Moves the soul, why there is nothing pathetic about it. " " I know, but it ' s Ja . , that always m ' ) ' es the sole. " 390 jbs , THE 1 9 2, •4- t m i. J A. M B A. L A. V A. " When was money first invented ? " " I don ' t know. When was it? " " Vhen the dove brought the green- back to Noah. " » " Vell, how are things over in Boston? Have the - named a new pie ' Aristotle ' yet? " " No, but I heard a man there ask for a Plato soup. " " What can you |iut into a barrel to make it lighter? " " Holes. " » « " How did you enjoy your African journe ? How did you like the sav- ages? " " Oh, they are kind people. They wanted to keep nie out there for dinner. " THE .MOON INFLUENCES THE TIED " Did you see the CatskiU Moun- tain.s? " " No, but I ' ve seen tliem kill mice. " ■ " There was a terrible murder in tlie hotel today. " " Was there? " " Yes, a paper hanger hung a border. " " It must have been a put-uji job. " ■ ■ " Vhy do all bank cashiers run to Can- ada? " " Don ' t know. Wh ? " " Because that is tin- oidy place Toronto. " First Doc: " Well, Doc, I had a pe- culiar case today. Second Doc: " What was it, please? " First Doc: " I attended a grass-widow « ho is afflicted with hav fever. " " AI ' bo ' , wha t are you going up those stairs three at the time for? " " To save my shoes, Fadder. " " Dat ' s right, son, but don ' t te.ir our pants. " 391 H E 1 9 2, •4- J A. M B A L. A.Y A. Sorority Dope I once knew a girl who went Kappa, A man-loving, gum-chewing flapper. She drank hkc a tool, And she was kicked out of school. If I were a Kappa I ' d slap her. I was crazy about a Pi Phi, With love and affection I ' d sigh. Thought I ' d marry her later, She eloped with a Heta. Oh misery. Oh misery, ( h my. The latest ' s a little Phi Mu, And, say, what that woman can do; Though she looks rather meek, She can outkiss the sheik, No girl for a yoiuig Sigma Nu. 1 fell for a Chi O, by heck ; That woman has made nie a wreck; I gave her my pin. And thought I would win. A giraffe took the prize by a neck. A. O. Pi ' s — all your money they seek. I kept one alive for a week. They want all your jack. And, perhajis, I ' ll go back, When K. A. ' s start rushing for Deke. An A. D. Pi ruined iiini, eth, yeth ; I knew he was wild about Beth. As he took off his pin. She said, with a grin: " That makes seven, but yours is the beth. " I ' ll tell you the truth, she ' s a Theta, And all of the other girls hate her. Through her hunger and wiles I ' ve been keeping up Child ' s; She ' ll probably marry a waiter. When the east and the west start to blend, When the frats all their differences mend, When the Pi Phis so snappy, Hope the Kappas are happy. You may safely conclude ' tis THE END 392 THE 1 9 2- ■4- ' „ J A. M B A. L A. Y A. TRESHMAX .Mi;i).S SEEING EIRST OPERATION 393 ' THE 19 2-4 J AVI B A. LAVA. Alpka Pki Pki (Aiicithcr Fciiili li Fr:iturnit ' , ) Colors: Pinks (the only color which has not yet been used nn the campus). Motlo: " Campus life is just one damn ribbnii after another. " Poem: Another frat pin ihi and tlun Is relished b the best ot men. This fraternity was organized in February, 1924, in -order to satisfy a long- felt need. Only men who already belong to two fraternities are eligible, the idea being that if a man is a member of two fraternities there is no reason - he should not belong to three. MlTAimiRS Pr.att Martim Eddie Davidson Ed Vennard Walter Barnett Joseph Jones Clayton Nairne John Madden D.w Murray CiARLAND WALLS SiONE Leake Leon Cahn Pali. Andry Ford Currier Lester Lautenschlaecer Clement Moss Ellis Henican Harold Moses Frederick Oechsner 394 THE 1 Q X 4 a A. IVI B A. U A.Y A. Vr.NrS AND APOI.l.C) II ii,l ill ihi- ( ' oniiiiii I r S1 00I 395 i H E 1 9 2- 4 i SMiiiMiiAiiiii i iSa J A. lyl B A. L A. " V A. The 1924 Janibalaya Staff wishes to make the following acknowledgments to those who have so materially aided us in the production of this volimie : The Benson Printing Company for their real friendship, advice, and co-operation, which was ever at our service. The Jahn and Oliver Engraving Compan , whose excellent workmanship was such an improvement to the book. The Student Council, whose authority expedited many phases of our work. The Class Representatives, who showed an active interest in the annual and com- piled their share of the data promptly. The Student Body as a whole for their encouragement. On the following pages we wish to introduce some of the most loyal supporters of Tulane. « ' . THE 1 9 2. ■4- mtoMmL vJ A. M B A. I_ A.-V A. S97 bi THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSO y ' •r ' ' ; ' ;« LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ensonI ' kPRINTINGCOJ NASHVILLE, COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS I QUALITY PREDOMINATE You ' re Out of Town— Write iS£fi| fF PF E£ ' ' I OPERATED BY COLLEGE MEN FOR COLLEGE MEN EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR Knox Hats, Boyden Shoes Hirsch Wickwire Hand Tailored Clothes Ederheimer Stein Clothes for Young Men Everything Men Wear CARONDELET AND GRAVIER STS. NEW ORLEANS BIRMINGHAM JACKSONVILLE NASHVILLE THE H. Sophie Newcomb MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS Offering a Training That Will Help Our Young Women TO Become Useful Citizens COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC FOR CATALOGS AND INFORMATION, ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. NEW ORLEANS Leading Jewelers Now consolidated and located at 728 Canal Street HAUSMANN, Inc. A. B. GRISWOLD CO. Manufacturing Jewelers New Orleans, Louisiana THE TULANE UNIVERSITY PRESS Albert J. Dickerson Manager Printers Engravers Binders Gibson Hall, Opposite Audubon Park Phone Walnut 82 COMPLIMENTS OF NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC SERVICE INCORPORATED MEDICAL BOOKS We take this opportunity to thank the students of TULANE for their valued patronage, and we hope we will be able to take care of their Medical Book orders for all time to come. J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS, LA. HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS SUPPLIES Microscopes DESsecting and Biology Supplies Surgical Instruments Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies I. L. LYONS AND COMPANY, LTD. CAMP AND GRAVIER STREETS ELIAS, Inc. DISTINCTIVE WOMEN ' S WEAR Casa Grande Apartments 4900 St. Charles Avenua at Upperline NEW ORLEANS TULANIANS! NEWCOMBITES! — the modern spirit (which is yours) is reflected in Adler displays of Jewels. Perhaps that is what makes this shop and its wares of an un- usual attractiveness. COLEMAN E. ADLER, Manufacturing Jeweler 722-724 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. for the Sign Oiange Disc. THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE SUPREME AUTO OIL THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE is clean and powerful, straight- run, free from mixtur es and foreign matter — its use insures a sweet-running engine and MORE POWER. Supreme Auto Oil Leaves Less Carbon GULF REFINING COMPANY OF LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA EVERYTHING FOR SUMMER SPORTS Golf Clubs, Bags, Shoes Baseball Equipment Tennis Racquets Balls, Nets Bathing Suits Caps, Slippers, Etc. Fishing Tackle Canoes Its Snorting Goods You ' ll Find it At Baldwin s BALDWIN ' S CAMP AT COMMON STREET COMPLIMENTS OF GUS MAYERS COMPLIMENTS OF W. G. COYLE COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1817 A. B. GRISWOLD COMPANY LIMITED 728 CANAL STREET JEWELERS NEW ORLEANS (( DIXIE » GREATEST HOMESTEAD SOUTH Authorized Capital $15,000,000.00 Let Us Buy or Build You a Home Interest 6 89-100 on Loans William J. Sonnemann Director- Manager ALBERT MACKIE COMPANY, Ltd. The Big Dependable WHOLESALE GROCERY AND SUPPLY HOUSE OF THE SOUTH Mackie Building New Orleans, La. New Accounts Solicited. Old Ones Retained Through Service Royal Billiard Hall WHERE GOOD FELLOWS MEET 18 TABLES 116 ROYAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. COMPLIMENTS OF THE UNITED FRUIT COMPANY THE NEW ORLEANS NEWS COMPANY WHOLESALE BOOKSELLERS News Dealers and Stationers Scnool Supplies a Specialty 214 DECATUR STREET NEW ORLEANS. LA. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF H. WESTON LUMBER COMPANY SURE WINNERS! m Toso COLLARS and [ i-!t -. TOB AND Kllb Stuks HABERDASHERY OF M£RIT AT POPULAR PRICES TOE- ' HEEJ. J FRED SHERER, Inc. ,_.„3 " THE COLLAR STORE " Common St. BROADWAY PHARMACY THE COLLEGE CORNER ' H. C. RICHARDS 800 BROADWAY ALL SCHOOL NECESSITIES ARE HANDLED BY THE TULANE CO-OPERATIVE BOOK STORE CIGARS CIGARETTES POST CARDS AND STATIONERY GIBSON HALL ST. CHARLES AVENUE, NEW ORLEANS WE MAKE IT OUR SPECIALTY TO SUPPLY EVERYTHING THE COLLEGIAN WANTS And Whether Your Home Is in Nen Orleans, or Elsewhere, the Service You Receive from Us Is Always the Same — Careful, Considerate — and Economical Wardrobe Specialties We are Master Crafts- men in Men ' s Wear, from head to foot — from under- wear to storm-coat. Always the latest, crispest styles — yet never at exorbitant prices. Men ' s Section, Main Floor. Sport Specialties The Sports of campus, field, links, stream and gulf — all are outfitted by our Sporting Goods Department. We not only follow the sea- sons closely, but we stock the standard trade-marks — at tlie best prices. Sporting Coods, Third Floor. Social Specialties We realize that quite out- side the personal and athletic needs of the Collegian, there are myriad demands upon him for recognition of special occasions — functions, " good times, " and occasional gift- giving. To all of these needs we are daily caterers. IVlaison Blanche THE GREATEST STORE SOUTH J. D. KITCHEN BROTHER FIRE INSURANCE MANAGERS NEW ORLEANS, LA, Extend Greetings to the Graduating Classes of Newcomb and Tulane Colleges FEIBLEMAN ' S THE STORE THAT MAKES A STUDY OF YOUR NEEDS AND PRICES THEM LOWER COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HANCOCK COUNTY BANK BAY ST. LOUIS, MISS. PASS CHRISTIAN, MISS. RESOURCES OVER One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars NO ACCOUNT TOO SMALL TO SERVE When visiting Bay St. Louis or Pass Christian, Miss., we would be pleased to have you make our Bank your financial home. Every privilege and accommodation consistent with sound banking will be gladly accorded you. A cordial invitation is extended to you to call on us in the event you have need for banking service. Whether it is merely to cash a check or draft, or to seek local information, you are just as welcome as though you were calling to open an account. DIRECTORS ERNEST J. LEONHARD E. VAN WHITFIELD R. C. ENGMAN J. ROLAND WESTON E. A. LANG CARTWRIGHT EUSTIS DR. A. R. ROBERTSON HORATIO S. WES TON A. BATISTELLA CARL MARSHALL LEO W. SEAL ATTENTION you tKB INVITED TO VISIT THIS ESTAB- LISHMENT AND REVIEW THE CLOTHES AND HABERDASHERY PRESENTED Br FINCHLEV DEVELOPED 4ND SELECTED TO MEET, PRECISELY THE DESIRES AND REQUIREMENTS OF COLLEGE MEN HEADY-TO-PUT ' OX 7AIL0lff-D TO MEASURE FORTY. FIVE DOLLARS A. 0 MOkE 5Wp:st 46th. Stroot NEW YORK Ye College Tea Roome Audubon and Zimple Sts. The Rendezvous of the College Girls UNDER MANAGEMENT OF THE MISSES PALFREY Phone Walnut 2656 Hours 8:30 A.M.— 5:30 P.M. BE COFFEE WISE— NOT COUPON FOOLISH UISJIOIM COFFEE THE NAME IS EASY TO REMEMBER THE QUALITY IS HARD TO FORGET Union Has Thai Most Convincing Argunienl in lis Favor — II Outsells All Olhers Everything in the Package Is Quality No Premiums, Coupons or Tickets TRY A POUND TODAY AT ALL GROCERS MERCHANTS COFFEE CO. OF NEW ORLEANS, Ltd. SCIENTIFIC BLENDERS OF HIGH-GRADE COFFEE B. C. Casanas, President C. H. Hamilton, Secretary-Treasurer THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOL- LOWING DEPARTMENTS The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Faculty of Graduate Studies The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The School of Dentistry The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Night School of Electrical Engineering The Night School of Architecture The Extension Courses for Teachers The Summer Schools for information, address Registrar of the Tulane University of Louisiana GIBSON HALL, NEW ORLEANS STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN Write for Catalogs and Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1551 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. ALL CLASSES OF INSURANCE WRITTEN Fire, Marine, Tornado, Explosion, Auto- mobile, Parcel Post, Tourist, Sprinkler Leakage, Use and Occupancy, Riot and Civil Commotion. THE LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE INSURANCE CO., LTD. SOUTHERN DEPARTMENT— NEW ORLEANS J. G. PEPPER. Manager R. H. COLCOCK, Jr., Assistant Manager LOCAL DIRECTORS D. D. Curran Hunt Henderson C. B. Fox R. H. Downman DAVIDSON DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED Dental Supplies Dental Laboratopiy Seventh Floor, Maison Blanche Bldg. New Orleans, La. Branch Depot, Hutchinson Building Shreveport, La. TULANE AND NEWCOMB STUDENTS APPRECIATE GOOD MERCHANDISE THEREFORE THEY WILL FIND SATISFACTION IN SHOPPING AT D. H. HOLMES COMPANY, Ltd. NEW ORLEANS, LA. •■a EQUIPPED WITH MANY YEARS ' EXPERIENCE FOR MAKING PHOTOGRAPHS OF ALL SORTS, DESIR- ABLE FOR ILLUSTRATING COLLEGE AN- NUALS. BEST OBTAINABLE ARTISTS, WORKMANSHIP AND THE CAPAC- ITY FOR PROMPT AND UN- EQUALLED SERVICE. PHOTOGRAPHERS TO 1924 JAMBALAYA " Executive Office, 1546 Broadway New York City B- ■■a J. B. Newton, President G. C. GridELL, Cashier J. A. Moody, Vice-President BANK OF COMMERCE POPLARVILLE, MISSISSIPPI RESOURCES OVER THREE-QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS TULANIANS We invite you to the Moael County oi Mississippi to share in tne aevelopment ana prosperity of our fertile lands. Tne Best Schools ana School System in the State. jyiake Our Bank Y our Business Home OUR RESOURCES AND FRIENDLY ADVICE ARE ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE PHONE MAIN 3614 STANDARD PHOTO SUPPLY COMPANY Eastman Kodak Company 213 BARONNE STREET NEW ORLEANS 30 Carondelel Street New Orleans, La. COMPLIMENTS OF FRANK J. MATTHEW FRESH PROVISIONS 911 Poydras St. TELEPHONES Main 1809 Main 1876 HERBERT H. RICH OFFICE AND LIBRARY FURNITURE 417-423 Camp Street New Orleans, La. TELEPHONE MAIN 6181 THE PEOPLES HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION Over Forty Years Doing Business Office: 327 St. Charles Street HAS MONEY ON HAND TO MAKE LOANS No Delays. No Premiums. Loans Made at Any Time. Large or Small Loans Made BUY YOUR HOME THROUGH THE PEOPLES NDESTRUCtQ The safe arrival of your Indc- structo Trunk is the surest in- cident of travel. The value of a trunk that will faithfully stand the jolts and jars for five long years of service cannot he measured in dollars. The Indestructo is just such a travel-friend. RAPP TRUNK STORE CORNER CAMP AND CANAL Tulanians Stickney Williams HEADQUARTERS FOR SPORTING GOODS New Stock Complete Line 736 Gravier TULANIANS-NEWCOMBITES WHIL VISiriNG THE FRENCH QUARTER, MAKE YOUR TRIP COMPLETE DINE AT VIEUX CARRE RESTAURANT 241 Bourbon Street MAURICE AMAVET, Proprietor Phone Main 5641 The Highest Conception of Com- fort, Cleanliness and Security in Garter-wear. MADE IN NEW ORLEANS TULANIANS NEWCOMBITES THE lONE Cleaning, Pressing and Dyeing Company Cleaning, Dyeing and Tailoring Ladies ' Garments a Specialty All Work Guaranteed. IS Years ' Experience 6320 Hurst Street Phone Up. 9187 P S apiif %: .v:; :v ' tj y;|

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