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V ' jji i i m - , v . • " S- .:: . rtir «i aJkuwi VawaKi? Ilit l ' Iii? i ual ' wis a rmmbr ttc ? af $ttkn . ui mW p,z Kinlil Pit t w: mad atill - ■| ' 3 ' i .;Dea ' a C?- 7 ' ir M DICAL ' S ' c; .ocL.;. .|k ;;•(! - ' ' ' iWA !ti„ss;,;;iii;;i ' :? ' J® . ki ow aoa lo, . . honor., A IK, (?„,, ,|,v. ro vv. basa n)ucb of our f - - vol,,, , fi " ' i ,- -.= «» ; s. l . PREFACE It is the editor ' s idea that this book reproduce the atmosphere of Louisiana and New Orleans, which is called the " most interesting American city. " New Or- leans is unusually rich in romantic traditions and places of historical interest. The editors have tried to trace the history of Louis- iana by portraying periods, prominent events and local color. From the first view, the Indians, to the last, the oldest cemetery in New Orleans, the theme of Louisiana history has been consistently maintained. The periods — Indian, Spanish, French, Colonial and Modern — are rep- resented in the Beauty Section and throughout the book. Of especial interest are the reproductions of the early buildings of the three colleges of the university. Others of note are the transfer of Louisiana, the Mardi Gras parade. Duelling under the famous oaks, and the re- nowned French Opera. In each case the pictures adhere to the true historical facts. Even the border is a touch of local color — the Creole mammy and the chimney sweep. The editors hope that in this way they have succeeded in combining a memory of the university with an appre- ciation of its unique locality. . fc— R. M „ jAAraum l ' l. ' m ::m5: ca :l :B m : v:B :,m : » f c .m dkga Pt arl , 7 ' A 1923 aJ . . J.MJ M. p- fl -n -. l s . N - ' ,ovt Va V T ilRITOJ Y f ( - - _ . „ „ ■ ' I (( [ • ' COLLtGC r MEDICIN ' t- ' V t)X J TliTSY • ffi UPTOW,M CAMPOS ' AET? ?Clf. Ct: , LAW ENi3!fJUBI,NG , COMMCBCf 12 ¥ ■ GEKECLAL ACTIVITIES HI :N ATHLCTiCS 131 ) .!NGDOn , . — ,,, ' ■■|?A pegii«rr B-.. , fo ».- S ! %-Cg-- . 1 J OfBlHXA t :ixi si :s ::! :K ii. jfL : ' ' 4 y. 11923 .- ' As-JSi rz S ALBERT BLEDSOE DINWIDDIE, Ph.D., LL.D. President of the University £11 ' .„,«: . - ' ! ' ■ JAMBiUSXA t " ' m ;:gx :a 3c :B m ' •g :gvg: m 6 9 j PIERCE BUTLER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of Newcomb College ]1923 14 5j Q " y 3 z Pi .i li. S Q Ui K k4 a. z : z Q K « of z " 5 H a " teT 2; H s b: i-i -J 2 o ■ o CO Pi 1 z ' O O z 55 ' u: w O w S o 5: z " Q l-l n 55 s " U o 53 Q H 5 z : fTi 1 i D H z O a fK Q oT u H P (J w UJ z i z 1 S u of bj X n z ■ W OS PS li. ' ffi qT z Q is D D 0: n (5 CO m Z U FY- z S • cj Q n is a:; u Q 1-1 sT H uT Z 2 CO PS en s H - Q 1-1 g § H a " -J UJ 1 Be; 72 X a S ■«. « JMBUaSA l ljL ll ' ms3L Jl JS 3 :1 :g 3 7i. m y Edward A. Bechtel, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of t ic College of Arts and Sciences Douglas Smith Anderson, B.E., M.E. Dean of the College of Engineering Judge Rufus Edward Foster, LL.B. Dean of tlie College of Law Morton Arnold Aldrich, B.A., Ph.D. Dean of ilie College of Commerce and Business Administration 13 31923 w cq D U : 2 O a- o o Pi O o s f- ' a s : o s p 2 O p X oi a: c 5 a: o 2 Q 2-. D 2; 2 en u § 8 s5 a S ;2 5 1 . .OH i?- J J O •a o c S H O r 1 « o O 14 i:i.: -ft. .A. m ' m J »IRIim -- a: - O 3 a: 2 S Co o m 1 ' 7. V W v. A , K 5 « O IS 19231 ■-,.jg- J- ? - :;3 S-A ' H i ¥5, t MJ. K s Medical Faculty Drs. Allen, Bass, Bayon, Bethea, Blackshear Drs. Clark, Cohn, Duval, Dowling, De Boys Drs. Daspit, Feincold, Fenner, Garrey, Gessner, Lemann Drs. Lewis, Maes, Matas, Menage, Miller Drs. Newman, V. Smith, J. Smith, Strong, Weis IXXim K ' i6 w- t Ai..: 11 JAMBimA Officers of Instructions, 1922-1923 Albert Bledsoe Dinvviddie, Ph.D., LL.D. President of the University Edmond Souchon, M.D., Emeritus Ernest Sydney Lewis, B.Sc, M.D., LL.D., Emeritus WiLLLVM Benj.amin Smith, Ph.D., LL.D., Emeritus Frederick Wespy, Ph.D., Emeritus Robert Sharp, Ph.D., LL.D. President Emeritus Henry Dickson Bruns, M.D., Emeritus Brandt V ' an J.larcom Di.xon, A.M., LL.D., Emeritus Abraham Louis Metz, M.Ph., M.D., Emer- itus George Farrar Patton, M.D., Emeritus Charles Bayne Aiken Morton Arnold Aldrich, Ph.D. Carroll Woolsey Allen, M.D. Kotz Allen, M.D. May Alice Allen, Ph.D. Ernest Emile Allceyer, M.D. Douglas Smith Anderson, M.A. William Pifer Angel, A.M. Richard Ashman, Lit.B., M.S. Vincent A.vford, B.S. Gabriel Aznar Clara Gregory Baer Charles Adolph Bahn, M.D. Henrietta Davidson Bailey Bruce Baird James Monroe Bamber, M.D. Charles Cassedy Bass, M.D., D.Sc. Mary Elizabeth Bass, M.D. George Clarence Battalora, M.D. Henry Bayon, A.M., M.D. Edward Ambrose Bechtel, Ph.D. George Sam Bel, M.D. Robert Bernhard, M.D. Oscar Walter Eethea, M.D., Ph.G. Stephen Mertle Blackshear, M.D. Archie Button Bland, D.D.S. Homer Raymond Blincof., M.S., M.D. Emile Bloch, M.D. Charles James Bloom, B.S., M.D. Harold Abel Bloom, B.S., M.D. Henry Nathan Blum, M.D. Clarence Elmore Bonnett, Ph.D. Parry Borcstrom, Ph.D. Walter Christian Bosch Irvin James Boulet, M.D. Margaret Pauline Harrison Eowden, M.D. Eleazar Robinson Bowie, B.S., M.D. MuiR Bradburn, B.S., M.D. William Plummer Bradburn, Jr., B.S., M.D. Joseph Eugene Brierre, M.D. Lawrence Arthur Jamks Bren- NAN, M. D. Charles Lafayette Brown, B.S., M.D. Frederick Temple Brown, M.D. George Stewart Brown, M.Ph., M.D. William Prentiss Brown, A.M. Felix Reville Erunot, B.S., M.D. Herbert Earle Buchanan, Ph.D. Wiley Ross Buffington, M.D. Albert Frank Burgis, M.D. Mary Williams Butler Pierce Butler, Ph.D. Ansel Marion Cainf, A.B., M.D. Nicholas Callan, A.B., LL.B. Octave Charles Cassegrain, M.D. Lionel Louis Cazenavette, M.D. Victor Cefalu, M.D. Charles Louis Chassaignac, M.D. Mildred Christian, A.B. William John Christian Samuel Marmaduke Dinwid- die Clark, B.Sc, M.D. Cassius Lovelace Clay, B.S. Reginald So.mers Cox, A.M. HlNRY SULA COCRAM, B.Sc, M.D. Isidore Cohn, B.Sc, M.D. James Clifton Cole, M.D. Maurice John Couret, A.M., M.D. Albert Brooks Co.x, A.B., J.D. Rena Crawford, M.D.- John Thomson Crebbin, M.D. William Henry Creighton, IT. S. N. George Bernard Crozat, D.D.S. Harold Cummins, A.B. Geoffrey Everett Cunningham Nathaniel Courtland Cur- tis, Ph.B., B.S. William Campbell Dalzell, A.B., J.D. John Dane John Martin Danneker, Ph.G. Henry Daspit, M.D. Joseph Rigney D ' Aunoy, B.S., M.D. Laurence Richard DeBuys, B.S., M.D. Marie Byrd Dees, A.B., B.S., M.D. Sidney Philip DeLaup, B.Sc, M.D. Clara Del Valle Del Marmol WiLLEY Denis, Ph.D. Donald Derickson, C.E. Charles Barber Dicks, Jr., B.E., M.S. H11923 ' X7 jfe--: -- ' jfl -- ' 1- i ' i Ch m v: John Fleming Dicks, M.D. Albert Bledsoe Dixwiddie, Ph.D., LL.D. Oscar Dowling, M.D. Herbert L. Dozier, Ph.D. Louis Joseph Dubos, Jr., A.B., M.D. Edward Bernard Ducasse, D.D.S. Lemuel Gibs on ' Duke, D.D.S. Charles Edward Dunbar, Jr., A.B., LL.D. Arnott Kell Duncan, M.D. Lionel Charles Durel, A.M. Wallace Joseph Durel, M.D. Clement Quitman Durham, A.B. Charles AVarren Duval, A.M., M.D. John Lynn Ebaugh, Jr., B.E. Daniel Stanley Elliott, Ph.D. Charles Leverich Eshleman, A.B., M.D. Allan Chotard Eustis, B.S., M.D. Edmond Lawrence Faust, M.D. Marcus Feingold, M.D. Erasmus Darwin Fenner, A.B., M.D. Frederick Leonard Fenno, M.D. Felipe Fernandez, A.B. Manuel Fernandez Giuseppe Ferrata, Mus.Doc. Hazel Elizabeth Field, M.S. John Madison Fletcher, Ph.D. Eugene Louis Fortier, D.D.S. Albert Emilf Fossier, A.M., M.D. Mary Charlotte Foster, Ph.C. RuFus Edward Foster, LL.B. Frederick Hewitt Fox, B.E. Louis Theodore Frantz, E.E. Andrew Vallois Friedrichs, B.S., M.D. Lydia Elizabeth Frotscher, Ph.D. Idys Mims Gage, M.D. Frank Gallo, M.D. Walter Eugene Garrey, Ph.D., M.D. LuciEN Sidney Gaudet, M.D. Simon Geismar, M.D. Paul Joseph Gelpi, A.M., M.D. Hermann Bertram Gessner, A.M., M.D. Cyril Guy Giffin, M.B.A. Upton Wright Giles, B.L., B.Sc, M.D. Arthur Scott Gilson, Jr., A.M. Addley Hogan Gladden, Jr., A.B., M.D. Walter Louis Goldstein, A.B. Frank Raymond Gomila, M.D. Harold Joseph Gondolf, M.D. Samuel Davis Gore, D.D.S. Harley Nathan Gould, Ph.D. John Daniel Grace Peter Graffacnino, M.D. Amedee Granger, M.D. William Benjamin Gregory, M.M.E. James Birney Guthrie, B.Sc, M.D. John Taylor Halsey, M.D. Irving Hardesty, Ph.D., D.Sc. Charles Robert Harris, B.S. Dorothea Harris, A.B. William Herbert Harris, A.B., M.D. Roy Bertrand Harriso;;, M.D. Esther Fixlay Harvey, A.B. Francis Chavigny Hava, M.D. Walter Chavigny Hava, D.D.S. Julian Hawthorne, M.D. Augustus Washington Haves, Ph.D. Aynaud Foster Hebert, B.S., M.D. Joseph Second Hebert, M.D. Ma.x Heller, M.L. Ben Rufus Heninger, M.D. Adolph DeCampus Henriquls, M.D. Sam Hobson, Jr., M.D. Earl Aden Hogan, M.D. Charles Shute Holbrook, B.S., M.D. Margaret Brown Holder, A.B. James Wallace Hopkins, A.M. Ralph Hopkins, A.B., M.D. Anna Mayme Howe, Ph.D. Roy Edward de la Houssave, M.D. Park Howell, M.D. John Raymond Hu.me, M.D. Joseph Hume, Ph.B., M.D. Herman Fair Hustedt Raoul Stanislaus Hymel, D.D.S. E.mmett Lee Irwin, A.B., M.D. John Joseph Irwin, B.S., M.D. Felix Morris Isaacson, D.D.S. Stanford Chaille Jamison, M.D. Clothilde Jauquet, M.Ph., M.D. Frances Keen J.ay Foster Matthew Johns, M.D. Hamilton Polk Jones, M.D. Will O ' Daniel Jones, M.D. William Ellie Jones, B.S., M.D. Sloan Bruce Jordan, A.B. Austen Louis Joyner Theodore August Jung, Jr., A.B., M.D. Pierre Jorda Kahle, B.S., M.D. Alfred Montifiore Kahn, M.D. Arthur Ordway Kastler, B.E. Ruth Ordway Kastler, A.B. John Smith Kendall, A.M. James Henry Kepper Bradford Fisher Kimball, A.M. Frank James Kinberger, M.D. Alfred Clinton King, M.D. Edward Lacy King, A.B., M.D. Ric hard Ray Kirk, A.M. Paul George Lacroix, B.S., M.D. Clara Lewis Landry, A.B. Jerome Landry, M.D. LuciAN HvroLiTE Landry, M.D. Saul Francis Landry, A.B. John Alexander Lanford, Ph.G., M.D. Felix Alphonse Larue, A.M., M.D. 18 r f .. . . jMBMm Bertha Latane, A.M. Rov Samuel Leadincham, M.D. Wii.i.iAM Stone Leake Marie Louise Leautier Ed.viund Lawrence Leckert, M.D. Alfred Archixard Leefe, D.D.S. William Pendleton Emile Lehde, B.E. Henry Leidenheimer, M.D. Francis Ernest Lejeune, M.D. Isaac Ivan Lemann, A.B., M.D. Monte Mordecai Lemann, A.B., LL.B. John Benjamin Lescale, D.D.S. Joseph Levy, M.D. Walier Edmund Levy, B.S., M.D. James Leon Lewis, M.D. John Aden Lewis, M.D. Henry John Lindner, M.D. James Otis Lisenby, M.D. James Louis Locascio, Ph.C, M.D. Maud Loeber, A.M., M.D. George King Logan, B.Sc, M.D. Louis Vyasa James Lopez, M .D. Raymond Anthony- Loughney William Alvin Love, A.B., M.Ph., M.D. Chandler Clement Luzen- berg, B.S., LL.B. Guy Van Winkle Lyman, C.P.A. Robert Clyde Lynch, M.D. James Adair Lyon, A.M., D.Sc. Randolph Lyons, Ph.B., M.D. Douglas Culpepper McBride, M.D. John McLaren McBr-ide, Jr., Ph.D., Litt.D. Irene Agnes McCulloch, Ph.D. Paul Avery McIlhenny, M.D. Alice Reynolds McM.ister Urban Maes, M.D. Augustin Logan Macrud. ' r, D.D.S. Annie Aldea Maher, A.M., M.D. Samuel Arthur Mahood, Ph.D. Roger John Mailhes, M.D. Ivor Orin Mall, M.E. Anna Estelle Many, A.M. Sumter Davis Marks, Jr., A.B., LL.B. Edmund Denegre Martin, M.D. Joseph Denegre Mariin, M.D. Rudolph Matas, M.D., LL.D. Leon Ryder Maxwell, A.M. George Alfred Mayer, M.D. Harold Tupper Mead, A.B., M.S. Henry Edward Menage, M.Ph., M.D. Robert Leonval Menuet, B.E. Leon John Menville, M.D. Monte Fiore Meyer, M.D. Fred Ivan Meyers Alphonse Charles Bernard Meynier, D.D.S. Carl Ludo von Meysenbug, A.B., M.D. Paul Michinard, M.D. Charles Jefferson Miller, M.D. Hilliard Eve Miller, M.D. Clara Marie DeMilt, M.S. Juan M. Ortis Monastorio Joseph Chandler Morris, Ji;., B.S. Hal Walters Moseley, M.Sc, M.A. Edmund Moss, M.D. Andrew Dominic Mouledous, Ph.G., M.D. Emile Fidel Naef, M.D. Arthur Joseph Naquin, Jr. Jacob Warren Newman, Ph.D., M.D. Ann Hero Northrup, A.M. Elliott Judd Northrup, A.M. LL.B. Stafford Henry Nothacker, M.D., D.P.H. James Piiares O ' Kelley, M.D. John Frederick Oechsner, M.D. Henry ' John Otto, M.D. Carroll Davis Overton Allison Owen DoMiNicK Andrew Palmisano, M.D. Frederick William Parham, M.D. Victor H. Pelz, A.M. William David Phillips, B. Sc, M.Ph., M.D. Albert Baldwin Pitkin, M.D. James Ernest Pollock, M.D. Robert Hollingsworth Potts, M.D. John Galbraith Pratt, M.D. Percy Lennard Querens, M.D. Eleanor Elmire Reames, Ph.D. Joseph William Reddoch Gladys Ann Renshaw, A.B. George Joseph DeReyna, Jr., M.D. Benjamin Johnson Chapman Reynolds, B.S. Eda Floite-Ricau Henry Cook Richard.s, B.S., Ph.G. Caroline Francis Richardson, A.M. Harlow Thomas Richardson LiLLiE Richardson, A.M. Lucy Richardson Ernest Henry- Riedel, 1 ' h.D. James Davidson Rives, B.S., M.D. James Marshall Robert, B.E. Myra Clare Rogers, A.M. Wynne Grey- Rogers, LL.B. Amelie Roman Edgar George Roos, A.M. Jonas William Rosenthal, B.S. M.D. Rene Salomon Ernest Charles Samuel, M.D. Georce Edmond Schneider Ralph Jacob Schwarz, A.M., LL.B. Leonard Case Scott, Ph.D., M.D. William Henry- Seemann, M.D. Thomas Benton Sellers, Ph.C, M.D. Mary Given Sheerer Lillian Shelley 19 119230 VMJMJMJM M M M M ' XMJMJMJmsyMZWA gl» ' %] p M ,Jt: ZX ■% Daniel Nathan Silverman, M.D. Sidney Kohn Simon, A.B., M.D. Claude Simons Harry Vernon Sims, A.B., M.D. Florence Ambrose Smith, B.S. Gertrude Roberts Smith John Frank Smith, A.B. John Holmes Smith, Jr., M.D. Victor Conway Smith, M.D. Wilbur Cleveland Smith, A.B., M.D. John Smyth, M.D. Isabelle Stirling Snojgrass, A.B., B.Lit.Sc. SiMONE DE LA SOUCHERE, B.L. Marion Sims Souchon, M.D. Adelin Elam Spencer, A.M., M.S. Mary Cass Spencer, M.Sc. V ' illiam Philip Spratling Roland Carl Francis Steib, D.D.S. Reinhard August Steinmayer, B.S. Will Henry Stevens Herbert King Stone, A.B. Imogen Stone, A.M. Jacob Ambrose Storck, M.Ph., M.D. Robert Alexander Strong, M.D. Dagny Sunne, Ph.D. Archibald Magill Sutiion, A.B., LL.B. Walter Joseph Suthon, Jr., LL.B. Carl Frederick Taeusch, Ph.D. Aravilla Meek Taylor, Ph.D. Susan Dinsmore Tew, Ph.D. Delvaille Henry Theard, A.B., LL.B. Albert Richard Thomas, M.D. Alva Guy Thomas, B.S., M.D. John Herndon Thomson, B.S., B.Arch. Mildred Tonge, A.B. Lota Lee Troy, B.S. Charles Virginius Unsworih, M.D. George Hampden Upton, M.D. Miner Howard Vallas, B.E. Jay Calvin Van Kirk, B.S. Martin Thomas Van Studpi- FORD, Jr., B.S., M.D. Roy McLean Van Wart, A.B., M.D. Rene Adams Viosca, A.B., LL.B. Charles Arthur Wallbillich, M.D. Edward Henry Walsdorf Genevra Washburn Maude Virginia Westbrook Melvin Johnson White, Ph.D. Charles Carroll Wiggin, Jr. Alice Weddell Wilkinson Hardy Slms Williams Herbert Daniel Williams, A.M. Charles Samuel Williamson, Jr., M.S. Gladys Richarda Williamson, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. Louis Estes Williford James Edward Winston, Ph.D. Justin Volmer Wolff, A.B., LL.B. Ellsworth Woodward Garrett Polhemus Wyckoff, A.B. Norma Arbo John Andrew Bacon Oswald Cadogan Belfield Minnie Marie Bell Richard Kearny Bruff Victor Buerckle James Doyle Byrne James Clifton Cole, M.D. Lilian Alice Collens WiLHELMINA BOGART CoNCER Marjorie Agnes Crane Laura Lee Cummings Lawrence Charles Daigre Albert Jeff. Dickerson Edna Louise Doll Elisabeth Ducros Omcers of AJministrat FOUERT Florence Marie SiDONIA GlNGRY Marie Brickell Glascock Tudor Tucker Hall Esther Finlay Harvey, A.B. Joseph Norman Hedrick Herman Fair Hustedt Susan Benton Keane Maude Margaret Kennedy Bernard Conrad Kolm, n Alexander St. John Labry Daniel Frank Layman Florence Eettis Layman Theodoric Cecil Lyon Anna Estelle Many, A.M. University Council ion Joseph Meyer Ed.mund Moss, M.D. Raymond Philip Myer, B. S. Agnes Pollock Jeanie Balfour Raymond Bettie Whitlow Rennie Edith Claire Richardjon May Robert Jane Grey Rogers Nancy Shepard Snyder, B.S. Irma Sporl Wenonah Marie Stewart Catherine Rucker Turnbull Lewis Farrington Wakeman, A.B., B.B.A. Lawrence Andre Wogan The Council considers all scholastic questions relating to university administration or policy which in its opinion are of general university concern, and has Jurisdiction to decide all such questions. Matters of dissent by any faculty from action by the Council are referred to the Board of Adminis- trators for decision. Members of the University Council for 1922-1923: President Dinwiddle, President Emeritus Sharp, Deans Aldrich, Anderson, Bass, Bechtel, Butler, Chassaignac, Fletcher, Foster, Leefe (acting), and Professors Crozat, Gessner. Lyon, McBryde, A. H. Northrup, E. J. Northrup, E. D. Martin, Pelz, C. S. Williamson and Miss Carmelite Janvier and Mr. Gustaf R. Westfeldt, of the Alumni Advisory Com- mittee. -- „-R. M.::. m smsmsk smu -1 -- ' 1 1 ' The icillciv hangs with sheltering grace And jenedirtion o ' er their sod. Crammond Kennedy J Wh ere stars arise in Southern And loyal love m laughter lies. Fannie Heaslip Lea First the high paline-trees with brmiches faire Shoot up their heads into the skies. Edmund Spencer Together intertivined and traininell ' d fresh The vine of glossy sprout; the ivy mesh. John Keats Hail thcc. Alma Mater, to You O Glorious Tulane. TuLANE Alma Mater The distant pr aspect pleases us. Samuel Garth Within the sober realms of leafless trees The Russet Year inhaled the balmy air. Thomas B. Read Originally the ante-bellum mansion of James Robb. Site of Newcomb College, 1891-1918. SkN Rw i . g»A.X,.aBefe, Z . -j; - .iSa ,,»agfec itg -, -fe a! Jx .. DSENIORQ 3 ' - - ' j— - ' .;ii- - - " ■ ? ( Senior Class Officers Genevra Washburn President IRMA Moses Vice-President Maria Boudreaux Secretary Martha Dickson Treasurer Class Play Committee Emma Douglass, Chairman Virginia Butler Alice DeBuys Genevra Washburn Danelle Yates Mascots AiMEE Hyman Miller Owen- 32 X ' - -.- ' m ' ' JAMBimA i .m. ' ' m :ss:i:.gN: 2 mssv:gvi Senior CI ass Helen Fiske Aldrich, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K K r Helen ' s easy groing — deliberate Is her way, But slie always leads the seniors, her name begins with A. Class Treasurer (2); Club (4). N. (1, 3) ; Science May Asbury, B.Des. MILLEDCEVILLE, GEORGIA As an artist she ' s a wonder, all her praises sing. Sure we ' ll never forget her — just think of the under- grad. ring. Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3, 4): V. W. C. A, fl, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3, 4); N. A. A. (4); Student Council (3, 4); Basketball (2); Baseball (2); Designer of Neweomb Undergraduate Ring (3). Leah Louise Aschaffenburg, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E Leah can dance, and Leah can play. And Leah can make this Year Book pay. History Club (1); French Circle (1. 2, 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Science Club (4); Dramatic Club (2, 4); Debating Club (1, 2); May Day Committee (3); Mando- lin-Guitar Club (4); Business Manager Jambalaya (4); Chairman Student Body Dance (4); Inter-Class De- bate (4). IvA Juliet Bailey, B.A. Educ. UNEEDUS, LOUISIANA Iva ' s quite an interesting lass, She shines in Economics class. Leah Eugenie Bertel, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA In English and Latin, Miss B. ia a sharlt. And, singing all day, shows she ' s gay as a lark. Glee Club (2. 3, 4); Latin Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secre- tary (4); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (3). EZRENE FiSK BOUCHELLE, B.A. BOLIGEE, ALABAMA A n Ezrene is the president of the dorm ' s West W ' ing, Such big power in the hands of such a little thing. House Council (3, 4); West Wing President (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). y 33 1923 3 )enior CI ass Maria Boudreaux, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA ASS Maria ' s a darling — our plus cherie petite. Everybody loves her. for she ' s so good and sweet. French Circle (1. 2. 3. 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Latin Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Presi- dent (4); Arrow winner for archery (3); Class Secre- tary (4). Cornelia Evans Brandon, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA I have never seen anything quite so fair As the golden glow of Cornelia ' s hair. French Circle (1. 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Spanish Club (4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Basketball (1); Newcomb Ball (1, 4). Marion Brehm, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA B K Greek books we are sure Marion knows by heart — For learning and for friendliness we ' ve loved her from t he start. N. A. A. (4); Greek Club (4). Mary Ellen Buie, B.A. Educ. rORT NECESSITY; LOUISIANA A A n Mary ' s a heart-breaker, that no one will deny, But some say it ' s in the kitchen that her talents really lie. N. A. A. (1, 2, Club (1); Y. W. 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2. 4); Dramatic C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (4). Rose Clagett Burgess, B.A. ORANGE, VIRGINIA n B ; ! B K With Rose ' s good looks, wliat more could we want Than her cute little way of saying " Really I cawn t. " Glee Club (3); N. A. A. (4). Georgie F. Burke B.M. (not in panel) NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A talented maiden is Georgie Burke, Her music career she never should shirk. Virginia Waldo Butler, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA n B Debating is a strong point — she ' s a Webster, in fact, But best of all, we love her for the way that she can act. (Did you see her in Wurzel — Flummery?) Class Treasurer (1); Chapel Monitor (1, 2. 3); Bas- ketball (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Plays (3), Vice-President and Business Manager (4) ; Class Play Committee (4) ; Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Carnot Debate (4); " Varsity Debate (4). 3 JAMBMSSA Senior Class Amy Marietta Byrnes, B.Dcs. ETHEL, LOUISIANA In her compositions oft appear fine moonlit scenes. But is it only on the canvas that she ' s fond of Luna ' s beams? Marjorie Bruce Callender, B.Des. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K K r We ' re glad that she returned to us from her year across the sea. For with her art and cliarming ways we like our Marjorie. Hockey (4); Tennis (1. 2. 4); Winner (1); Honorable Mention Neal Contest (2). Isabel Carre, B.M. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K K r We love her for her winning way, her eyes and friendly smile. And to hear this girlie sing is really worth your while. Glee Club (2, 3. 4). Secretary-Treasurer (4); Repre- sentative Music School (4); Executive Committee (4); Student Council (4). LuciLE Cassedy, B.A. BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI A n Her name is quite fitting, we can ' t help but feel That she looks like a model of the famous Lucille. T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); De- hating Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Latin Club (1); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 4); Rotarettes (4). Lena Cohn, B.A. ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA Lena is a dancer, of that we have no doubt. Whether it be aesthetic or just a plain fox-trot. French Circle (2, 3, 4); Science Club (4). Frances Louise Comey, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K A e Fran is the kind of girl we can count on any day. And she is bright and attractive in every little way. Debating Club (3, 4); N. A. A. (3, 4); Glee Club (3); Science Club (4); French Circle (2); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 4); Spanish Club (4); Inter-Class Debate (4). 35 ]i923 K Senior CI ass Mildred Daniel, B.A. Educ. COLUMBUS, GEORGIA K K r I wonder if her training: in athletic sports and games Helped her in being graceful — goddess of the Persian flames. Basketball (1, 2); Hockey (3, 4): N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Helen Darrough, B.Des. MISSOURI CITY, TEXAS n B Helen ' s very clever in her art work, so you ' ll find, She ' s won a lot of fame (and cash) for the dolls that she designed. Alice Olga DeBuys, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA n B , A 2 2 Alice can do so many things, her repertoire ' s complete. And of her many honors quite a few come from her feet. Class Vice-President (3); Class Secretary (2); Ten- nis (1, 3); Class Baseball (3); Town Baseball (3); Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2. 3), Var- sity (2. 3); Hockey (3, 4), Varsity (3); Latin Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1); Summer Committee (1); Dra- matic Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Plays (2, 4). Secretary (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); French Circle (1, 2-, 3, 4), Plays (1, 3). Vice-President (2), President (3); Executive Committee (3, 4): Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); May Day Committee (3); Serbian Committee (1, 2, 3. 4), Chairman (4): N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Finance Committee (3, 4); Hullabaloo Staff (4); Class Play Comniittee (4), Rose Beatrice Cosgrove, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA English and CTiemistry, eyes like the sea, Which shall I choose when I want to praise Bea. Latin Club (1); French Circle (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2): Arcade Board (4); Spanish Club (4), Secretary (4); Science Club (4), Vice-President (4). Elizabeth Craig, B.M. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA n B Craigie — how she hates that name. But she ' s a dear little Craigie just the same. Basketball (1, 2, 3); Volley Ball (4); Hockey (3) Varsity 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Y. " W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Hullabaloo Staff (1, 2, 3) Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3). Elizabeth Crisler, B.A. BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA M We feel for a long time she has been here, Though, in reality, ' tis but a year. Millsaps College (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C, A. (4); Sky Pilots (4), 36 JAMBUSSA iV Senior CI ass Carmen Delgado, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA She always has a smile, she ' s a friend both true and steady. And to lend her class a helping hand. Carmen ' s ever ready. French Circle fl. Spanish Club (4). 3. 4); N. (1. 3, 4); ViviA Barnard deMilt, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Vivia never fails to come so well prepared for class. We ' d like to copy her pages — then more of us would pass. Science Club (4). Secretary-Treasurer (4). Anna Elizabeth Dicks, B.Des. NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI Anna E. Dicks is so sweet and quiet. " We ' d like to suggest that some others try it. N. A. A. (3. 4); T. " W. C. A. (3. 4). Martha Lx)uisa Dickson, B.A. DIXIE, LOUISIANA A A n Mattie is our treasurer, of our money bags she ' s king. But she ' s the sort of girl that you could trust with anything, French Circle (1. 2. 3. 4); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3. 4): T. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4). Cabinet (4): Dramatic Club (3, 4). Secretary (4); House Council (4); Class Treas- urer (4). Carmel Veronica Discon, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Carmel is a bright girl, much math, this child doth know. And she really knows more Latin than our old friend, Cicero. French Circle (1. 2); N. A. A. (3. 4); Latin Club (1, 2. 3, 4), President (3). Esther Virginia Donaldson, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Of Esther, we may say. she ' s a true and loyal friend. And those of us who know her will praise her without end. Glee Club (3); Dramatic Club (4). Play (41: Base- ball (3): Volley Ball, Captain (4); Hockey (4); Science Club (4); N. A. A. (2, 3, 4). 94 i J 37 £: »-- .-?_- ja Kl Senior CI ass Emma Marie Douglass, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA M, ASS Emma ' s histrionic — she acts better every year, Not only does she act it, but she really is a dear. Debating- Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (1); Debates (1, 2. 3, 4); Debating Council (4); Dramatic Club (1, a, 3, 4). Plays (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2), Vice- President (3). President (4); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4), Stag-e Manager (3); N. A. A. (4); Spanish Club (4); Dramatic Club Play Prize (3); Sub-Editor Arcade (4); Executive Committee (4); Class Play Committee (4). Ruth Dreyfous, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E Ruth is quite the strong one — for much teasing she ' s to blame, But she is such a good old sport that we love her just the same. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Debating Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Serbian Committee (1); Newcomb Ball (1, 3, 4). Cap- tain (4); Town Baseball (2); Hockey (3, 4), Captain (3, 4), Varsity (4); Basketball (4). Charlotte Hortense Elliott, B.A. AMITE, LOUISIANA Charlotte ' s specializing in philosophy profound, Still she is just full of pep and fun to have around. Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (1) ; Newcomb- Tulane C. E. (3). Dorothy Malinda Felker, B.A. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA nB4 , ASS, ' I ' BK Some girls have stood out since our freshman year. And that Dorothy led them is perfectly clear. History Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1); Class Poet (2) Hullabaloo Staff (2, 3, 4); Sub-Editor Jambalaya (3) Newcomb Editor (4); Secretary Student Body (3) Executive Committee (3, 4), Secretary (3); Extension Committee (4); Science Club (4); Student Council (4). Marion McKenzie Font, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Marion is an orator, and she can also write, Her proper use of English Is the faculty ' s delight. Glee Club (4); Dramatic Club (3, 4); N. A. A. (4); Greek Club (4). Gertrude Emma Forshag, B.A. Educ. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Gertrude ' s quite intelligent, but doesn ' t like to show it. But those who ' ve been in class with her — well, they can ' t help but know it. 38 • JiMBMSKA l % ' -il :jlks xjslsj v-%: Senior Class Alice Catherine Foster, B.Des. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K K r Tbe Newcomb Art School Alice simply could not spare. Still she ' s just as valued at a debutante affair. Ethel Ruby Gastrell, B.Des. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA X n Ethel is an artist in every little way. And then there is her music — did you ever hear her play? Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Student Council (1); Man- ager Basketball (1). Josephine Hayes Gessner, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA " With such a bright eye. and such a bright smile. None doubt that Joe Gessner is quite a bright chile ' . Glee Club (1); T. W. C. A. (1); N. A. A. (1, 4); Volley Ball (4). Evelyn Ruth Gl.4dney, B.Des. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K K r Evelyn has spirit, and paints good compositions, And furthermore we love her for her best of dispo- sitions. N. A. A. (1. 2. 3, 4). Vice-President (4); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3, 4): Newcomb Ball (1. 2. 3. 4). Captain (2); Basketball (1. 2. 3); Hockey (3. 4). Varsity (3); Class Cheer Leader (1. 3. 4); Jambalaya Representa- tive (1. 4); May Dav Committee (3); Hullabaloo Staff (4). Fannve Gonsenheim, B.A. (withdrawn) (not in panel) NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E Lois Madeline Gravois, B,A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Lois is so tiny that she leads the senior crew. And the funny part about it. she leads her classes, too. N. A. A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Science Club (4); Mandolin- Guitar Club (4); French Circle (1. 2. 3, 4). Nat.alie L.ancaster Guthrie, B.M. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K K r Natalie ' s face and manner are truly very sweet. And she has a voice that makes her sweetness quite complete. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club {1, 41. ' 2 3. 39 11923 ' Jj 1 M m Senior CI ass DoLLiE Grey Harrison, B.A. MOBILE, ALABAMA Dollie ' a an example for which we often seek. That, a sense of humor isn ' t spoilt by taking Greek. Latin Club (1, 2. 3, 4); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2), Mabel Lewis Hawthorn, B.A. ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA To a gay young heart like Mabel ' s everything is fun. She ' s always in good humor, we ' ve never seen her glum. House Council (3, 4), East Wing President (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Marjorie Hildegarde Hillman, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA M A good earnest worker, and also most bright. And the type that will always do just what is right. N. A. A. (2. 3); T. W. C. A, (1, 2. 3, 4), Chairman Finance Committee (3), President (4). Katharine Higinbotham Homan, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA X Q As a political leader, I think she ' d be great. Her talk ' s so convincing, as shown by debate. Jennie C. Nixon Debate (2, 3). Interclass Debate (2, 3), Varsity Debate (2), Debating Club (1. 2, 3, 4), Council (1. 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), Chairman Debate (4); Glee Club (2): T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Mandolin- Guitar Club (2, 3, 4); Serbian Committee (4): Science Club (4); N. A. A, (1, 2, 3, 4); Mathematics Club (3); Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4); Volley Ball (4). Frances Elizabeth Hupman, BlDes. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA n B Frances is an art student, but it doesn ' t tie her down. For she is ever willing to play, or to dash with you to town. N. A. A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Basketball (1. 2, 3); Volley Ball (4); Newcomb Ball (1, 2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 3. 4). Merle Johnston, B.A. ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA Merle ' s a jolly member of that well-known jolly set Known throughout the Newcomb dorm, as the Alex Quartette. House Council (3, 4). 40 i:i.:-: ' K x- ii: ' -.x ' JMBUXCk Senior CI ass Fanny Dennery Kahn, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E " The class stole a prize and away it ran, " The prize I speak of is Fanny Kahn. T-.atin Club (1); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debating Club (1); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Mary Evelyn Kay, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA M I ' m sure some day she ' ll win great fame. For a biology theory bearing her name. Y. W. C. A. (1. 3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 4); Science Club (4); Latin Club (1, 2, 4). Clifford Louise Kitchen, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K A e The red rose is for love, so that ' s the reason why People love our Clifford, in whose cheeks red roses lie. N. A. A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Basketball (1. Ii, 3); Glee Club (1); French Circle (1); Y. W. C. A. (1 2, 3, 4). Dorothy Helaine Kohlman, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E ■! , A Z S She has grace, she has wit. she has claarm, she has knowledge. And she ' s done a lot of things for her class and college. Latin Club (1, 2. 3. 4); French Circle (1. 2, 3, 4), President (4), Plays (2. 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3. 4); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Debating Club (3. 4); Student Body Vice-President (4); Student Council (3, 4). Vice-President (4). Secretary (3); Class Treasurer (3); May Day Committee, Chairman (3); Chairman Ring Committee (4) ; Basketball Manager (3). Odessa Roane Lastrapes, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A A n, B K Odessa is the girl who knows science, math and psych. Some dav she ' ll be a William James, or Einstein or the like. Science Club (4), President (4); T. W, C. A. (4); Spanish Club (4), Flora Agnes LeBlanc, B.A. Educ. HOUMA, LOUISIANA Flora ' s eyes are lovely, and her disposition ' s sweet,. And for these and other reasons, none dare with her compete. French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (4); Spanish Club (4). 1923 E 4t ..u. )enior CI ass Stella Marie Leche, B.S. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA B K Stella should get a degree of D.C. Standing for Doctor of Chemistry. Glee Club (1, 2, 4); Science Club (4). Muriel Jeannette Lee, B.A. baragua, cuba B K Though nightly she burns the midnight oil, The results that she gets encourage such toll. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Latin Club (1, 2, 3. 4), Sec- retary (3); French Circle (3, 4); Science Club (4); Tulane Mathematical Club (3, 4); N. A. A. (3, 4). Elsa Barbara Lemle, B.M. NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI A E £]1sa ' s very little — one inch she cannot spare. But, somehow or other, she lets us know she ' s there. Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3, 4), Plays (1); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Flora Florence Levine, B.A. Educ. PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS Flora ' s literary — she ' s really quite well read. She has opinions of her own. clever things she ' s said. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Latin Club (2, 3); Dramatic Club (4); French Circle (3, 4). Adeline Lucille Levy B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E Adeline has a disposition alway-s bright and sunny. And she has the gift of being really truly funny. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4): Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Latin Club (1); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); French Circle (3, 4). Evelyn Kahn Levy B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E Evelyn is a lovely lass, and Evelyn can write, Her head is quite reversible, both in and out it ' s bright. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (3, 4); French Circle (2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Hullabaloo Staff (4). Selby Noel Mayfield, B.A. (withdrawn) (not in panel) NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 42 vmv jAnmum i - ' %s:a aN:s :2.S3JJKgN:g jiv:y-:Rv:iA:g: m: 3? Senior Class Caroline Dover Meyer, B.A. zwolle, louisiana Winsome and bright, and yet something more. The best sort of sport, with spirit galore. Freneh Cirele (2); History Club (1); Debating Club (1, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Plays (3, 4). Treas- urLM- (4); Little Sister Committee, Chairman (3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Dormitory Baseball (1, 2, 3); Class Baseball (3), Varsity (3); Basketball (3), Varsity (3); Varsity Manager Basketball (3); Newcomb Ball (3, 4); Field Day Captain (3); Chairman Bulletin Board (4). Mary Victoria Mills, B.M. TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI Eight-thirty classes don ' t suit Vic just right. She has so many dates — quite a few every night. Y. " W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), Undergraduate Representative (4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (3), Business Manager (3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (3, 4): Assistant Cheer Leader (3): Manager Newcomb Basketball (2); Class Cheer Leader (1); Mistress of Revels (3). Irma R. Moses, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E For class and for college she does more than her share, Such ability and intellect are really quite rare. French Circle (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Plays (1, 3, 4); Field Day (1, 2 ' , 3); Class Vice-Presi- dent (4): Senior Editor Jambalaya (4); Hullabaloo Staff (4). Marjorie May Moss, B.A. Educ. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K ic r Margie, though a poet, is no less than what we say — A friend, good company, ever ready for play. Hockey (3. 4): Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3, 4); Basket- ball (1, 2); Class Poet (1. 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (3, 4). Caroline Sophie Mulhearn, B.A. MONROE, LOUISIANA In the lib ' ry so much. Miss Mulhearn, no doubt. Knows much about books, both inside and out. Sarah Cooper Nabors, B.A. MANSFIELD, LOUISIANA A A n By the copious notes that Sarah does take • We know bobbed hair a flapper doesn ' t make. Y. W. C. A. (2. 3. 4), Finance Committee (3), Cabi- net (4) : Assistant Business Manager Arcade (3), Busi- ness Manager t4}. 43 1923 Va T )enior CI ass Alma Meertief Nachman, B.A. montgomery, alabama Alma is a staunch friend, ever willing, ever true. She ' ll do whatever thing she can to be of help to you. N. A. A. (3): Latin Club (1); Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (3). SiMONE Netter, B.Des. FAYETTE, MISSISSIPPI A E With the soul of its artist her work is replete, Like Monie, herself, it is dainty and neat. Louise Newton, B.A. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI X n Ouida has a large share of life ' s great joys. She has so many girl friends, and also many boys. T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4 , Cabinet (3. 4); Debating Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Dramatic Club (4); N. A. A. (1, 2); Rotarettes (4). Eleanor Marie O ' Shee, B.A. ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA K A e Eleanor is a chatter-box, she talks an awful lot. But we like to hear the things she says, so it really matters not. Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4), Manager (4); Dining Hall Monitor (4); Mistress of Revels (4); Latin Club (1). Marcelle Martinet Peret, B.Des. (not in panel) NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA While most are content to get one degree, Marcelle is aspiring to two or three. B.A., ' 18; Winner of Adele Bolden Prize (2). Katherine Elizabeth Price, B.M. new orleans, louisiana Katherine is one of the gods ' favored choice, For hers is the gift of a beautiful voice. Glee Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Secretary-Treasurer (3), Presi- dent (4); Operetta " Patience " (3); Dramatic Club (4); Student Council (3). Myrtle A. Pujol, B.Des. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Besides being an artist with talent so rare, Myrtle ' s an athlete — many things she ' d dare. Newcomb Ball (3. 4); Varsity Baseball (3); Glee Club (4); N. A. A. (3, 4); Basketball (4); Hockey (4). 44 I 0- ■ JAMBlim t " Senior Class Grace Leffingwell Quinette, B.A. NINE MILE POINT, LOUISIANA The success of the Spanish Club was largely due. you see. To the efforts of its president and her personality. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2. 3. 4); N. A. A. (4): Glee Club (4); Dramatic Club (4); Spanish Club (4), President (4). Id.a Anna Riordan, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA ' I B K A good student and an ever loyal friend. Ida will stick by you until the bitter end. Science Club (4). Edna Rosalynde Riseman, B.A. OPELOUSAS, LOUISIANA With Edna ' s disposition there ' s not a thing that ' s wrong. And she will do most anything to help her class along. Newcomb Ball (1. 3); Basketball (1, 3); N. A, A. {1. 2, 3, 4); Latin Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 4); Glee Club (1. 4). Mary Randolph Roberts, B.A. ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA K K r Mary. Mary, quite contrai ' y. does not this case fit, For this wary little Mary isn ' t contrary a bit. Glee Club (1. 2 ' . 3, 4); House Council (1. 2. 3. 4). Fire Chief (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Mandolin- Guitar Club (3, 4); French Circle (1, 2). Carrie Gillis Rogers, B.A. Educ. FRANKLIN, LOUISIANA A A n Carrie makes such an adorable cook. Not long for a job would she have to look. T. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); N. A. A, (1. 2); Glee Club (4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Plays (4). Georgie Rayne Russ, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Georgie ' s very learned, but two things she does not know. One is the meaning of flunk, the other — a grade that ' s low. T. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4), Cabinet (4): Latin Club (1, 2, 4), Vice-President (4); Interclass Debate (2) 2 J 14 i,0j. 45 1923 €d Si Senior CI ass Bertha Elise Scheuermann, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K A e As a basketball player quite a rep she has made. But her own good nature makes all other honors fade. N. A. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Basketball (3). Varsity (3); Hockey (3); Newcomb Ball (4); Y. W. C. A. (S). Lydia M. Schuler, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K A e, A 2 2 Lydia ' s really wonderful in all she ' s ever done. And yet with all her seriousness she never turns down fun. N. A. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Basketball (1. 2. 3). Captain (1); Baseball (1. 2. 3). Varsity (1. 2); Hockey (3), Varsity (3); Newcomb Ball (1. 3, 3, 4); Spalding Bas- ketball (4), Captain (4); Class President (2); Student Body Treasurer (3); Student Council (2. 3, 4). Presi- dent (4); y. " W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Cabinet (3); French Circle (1, 2); Glee Club (1); Executive Committee (2, 3, 4). Edna Seeliger, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Edna is so modest that she hides her worth under cover. But knowing: her for these four years, we ' re sure that we do love her. Y. W. C. A. (4); Science Club (4); N. A. A. (4). Lillian Elizabeth Sellers, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K A e Though Betty runs the Arcade, she ' s going to prove ' tis true That it just gave her practice to run a husband, too. Glee Club (2, 3); Dramatic Club (2. 3); Arcade Board (3. 4). Edltor-ln-Chiet (4). Ellenor Owen Shannon, B.A. MACON, MISSISSIPPI K A e She ' s head of the dorin. and that ' s just her right stand. All like her so much they ' ll obey each command. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4), Cabinet (3): N. A. A. (1. 2. 3. 4); House Council (2. 3. 4). Treasurer (2). Fire Captain (3), President (4); Student Council (2. 4); Delegate to W. I. A, S. G. (4); Tennis (2. 3. 4). Varsity (2. 3); Newcomb Ball (2. 3). Captain (3); Hockey (3. 4). Captain (4); Dormitory Baseball (1. 2, 3). Cap- tain (3); Class Baseball (3), Captain (3), Varsity (1, 2. 3). WiLMER Shields, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA n B , A 2 2, ! B K Wilmer ' s done so many things, two lines are far too few To tell how much we honor her — how much we love her, too. Class Vice-President (2); Class Cheer Ijcader (2); Student Body Secretary (2); Class President (3); French Circle (1. 2, 3, 4), Play (1); Debating Club (1, 3. 4); Varsity Debate (2. 3. 4); Class Debate (3); Jennie C. Ni,xon Debate (1. 2K Winner (2); Carnot Debate (3. 4); Finance Committee (3. 4); Student Body President (4); N. A. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (3 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Latin Club (1. 2); Newcomb Cap and Gown (3); Basketball (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Ball (4); Executive Committee (2. 3, 4), Secretary (2 ); Student Council (3, 4); Delegate to W. I. A. S. G. (4). 46 JAMBUm i vms: 5:i. :gs3.v: s.m ■• g ' Senior CI ass Rebkcca Cr.AiRE Shwartz, R.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E I ' A lot of sociology elected little Pat. It made her quite a social hit, now. what do you think of that? Doris Regina Simon, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A E None wonder why Doris has so many fi-iends, For to sweetness and goodness her character tends. Newcomb Ball (4): N. A. A. (4); French Circle (4). AiLEEN Neal S.MITH, B.A. TCIIULA, MISSISSIPPI X fi One of the talents that is Aileen ' s Is that of attracting- the jelly-beans. Ann Stevens, B.A. Educ. DRANDON, MISSISSIPPI X n Class Foreign Correspondent fl); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 4); N. A. A. (1. 2); Glee Club (4); Rotarettes (4). Edw.a Stewart, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA n B It ' s for the friendly feeling that she always seems to sliow That Edwa has so many friends we all should like to know. Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 4). Cabinet (3. 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3. 4), Plays (2. 4). Treasurer (3); French Circle (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Executive Committee (4); Chairman Junior Prom (3); Archery (3). Anna Louise Stille, B.A. Educ. MANY, LOUISIANA None could imagine Anna L. tearful. For she is ever so smilingly cheerful. Gleel Club (2. 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, S. 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3); N. A. A. (4); Head Monitor West Wing (4). y. A 4-7 11923 Senior CI ass Suzanne Trawick, B.A. Educ. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A A n Here ' s to the girl that can cook and can mend. And to other varied interests she ' s well able to attend. Student Council (4); Executive Committee (4); " Vol- ley Ball (4); Y. W. C. A. (4); N. A. A. (4); Glee Club (41. Angeline Eagen Tucker, B.A. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI How literary and original is our class mate, Angrline T . That she has a reputation is plain enough to see. Sub Editor Arcade (2, 3, 4); Debating Club (2. 3). Secretary (2). Council (2, 3). Beverley Warner Vallas, B.A. Educ. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA To keep up her good work. Beverley needs no " warner, " In getting the high gi-ades she has quite a corner. Verna Valerie Viddu, B.Des. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA I wish this were the time and the place To rave about Verna ' s remarkable " grace. Sarah Elizabeth Wakeman, B.M. new orleans, louisiana Upon Elizabeth ' s music we ' re really quite depen.lent. . ' Vt every Glee Club concert, she shines with fame resplendent. N. A. A. (3 4 ; Glee Club Accompanist (2. 3. 4). Genevra Washburn, B.A. MONROE, LOUISIANA A n, A 2 2, B K Here ' s to the good old president of good old twenty- three. None better than Genevra could there ever be. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2, 3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3). President (3): House Council (1); Debating Club (1, 2. 3, 4), Council (1, 3); Student Council (4); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (2. 3); Serbian Committee (1. 2, 3. 4); Class " Vice-President (1): Class President (4); Sub Editor Jambalaya (3); Field Day (2); Ex- ecutive Committee (3, 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 4), Play (4 1; N, A. A. (1, 2); Latin Club (1); Rotarettes (4); Inter-Class Debate (4). 48 JAMBUSSA ivEviv m :SV35M Senior Class Elizabeth Washington, B.A. Educ. NEW OKLI-ANS, LOUISIANA X Q Betty is so lovable, and an able athlete. In anythiner she undertakes she simp ' .y can ' t be beat. Basketball (1. 2. 3); Newcomb Ball (2. 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Y. W. C, A. (1, 2. 3, 4). Elizabeth Chase Whitisiire, B.D s. (withdrawn) NEW 0:lLEANS, LOUISIANA Clara Mims Wright, B.M. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ! JI Clara knows music, and the talent that she has Makes us like her lovely lyrics in prefei ' ence to .iazz. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 4); Y. W. C. A. (4). Danelle Deupree Yate3, B.A. MACON, MISSISSIPPI JI, A 2 2 Dan. the Newcomb editor, is one reason why we say " When we get the weekly — Hullabaloo, hooray, hooray. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 4); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Latin Club (1. 2); French Circle (1. 2); Debating Club (3. 4). Council (4); Class Secretary (3); May Day Committee (3); House Council (4). Secretary (4): Hullabaloo Staff (3. 4). Newcomb Editor (4); Executive Commit- tee (4); Class Play Committee (4). Grace Agl ilar Zelnicker, B.Des. MOBILE, ALABAMA A E , A :s s Grace is an artist — in two ways her talent tends. She draws not only pictures, but many, man - friends. Jambalaya Representative (1): Assistant Art Editor Jambalaya (3), Art Editor (4); President Art School (4). Julia Clar.a Zoeller, B.A. (not in panel) NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA If we had more students like Julia C. Just think what a very bright class we ' d be. 2; 49 ° .id 1923 ly. %: m ' 5° 1.-, . Si , -s sz ,. : JAMBIKIA t iL ix s3S3: M : s:BS ' :%. nssri . J SJ Ky. • i 51 1 1923 tJMjMiMji 1 LBLISllED WEEKLY AT TULANE UNIVERSITY STUDENT CflUNCIl WELCOMES CLASS ' 23 Vic MiJls Is Lucky FreiKmao, Cliches Bouquet FRESHMEN ESCAPE WITH SOPHOMORE BANNER AT GAME Hair PolllnE And H O t p i R FisKi EnwM SERBIAN Gllll COMES TO NEWCOMB Lepowva Payi F.isl Vnil To He. Fuluce Atnva Malci FRESH-SOPH DRAG NOTDRAGGYATALL! FRESHMEN PROVE THEY HAVE HEARTS VoUnl.nr Pa.ly To Big SUlri. Enioyed By All WILD TIMES AT NEWCOMB Junjo.g Enlertain Fteihmen Al ■Peppy Cabaret NIX DEBATE M,., WJImc, Skicldi. 152). Carrie. Off ICE CREAM AND STICK CANDY IS HEAVEN TO NEWCOMB FRESHIES SOPHOMORE DAY TRADITION KEPT WITH PEP AM GUSTO BY ' 23 Yellow And While Bailor Give Campuj Gala Ail " Tlie Three Trees " Proves Most Amusing Stunt WDen Newcomb Celebrates Arbor Day VICTORY BAIL ATJEWCOMB JuoioTi Entetlam Fr shid -QbJ Armistice Day. NEWCOMB GOES WILD SIMPLY WILD OVEL LEIBER Shakespearean Srar S w e c p t Audience OK li. Feci— And To TuUnc W,ih Him ' ■ ARIS-TODDLE AND PLATO-SOUP FEATURE AT PHILOSOPHY HOP FOOD AND GOOD WILL GALORE AT lUNCHEON " 23 Treata Lillle Slilera On Campus RED BUTIER SCORES DIG HIT IN WURZEIFLUHHERY emm- DourIos-i Not So Dumb A. The Dumi. Wife UNDERGRADUATE RINGS AT LAST SLANG AND GUM BIG FEATURE OF CAJPUS NIGHT " Cerlic " and ' Lizzie ' Put Ovm Some Good Comedy In The Junior Cta» Stunt ARE SCHOOL-MARMS AND PROFS A DOWN- TRODDEN RACE ? Answer To Be Found Ir Pl.ylet Newcomb Faculty Gives Student Body LET US BE SENIORS JUSHOR TODAY Cry 0( The Newcomb Juniors As TTiey Proudly Flaunt Caps And Gown Newcomb Juniors Transport Enthusiastic Spectators To Land Ot Myths Mill Either Kuu Is Queen May Day. Newcomb ' s Most Bee- tiful Tradition Was Poet Thinks With His Neck! U Newcomb ' s VerdKt Or caVinE Vochel Undsay For Second Time RESPECT F-OR SUPERIOR ACE AND EXPERIENCE WILL BE SHOWN AT NEWCOMB Senior Precedence Goes Into Largest Senior Class Yet MEirches Into Chapel Cms of ' 2 3 Solemnly Enter. Into T ieir Lost Year A I Newcomb FIRST NEWCOMB ASSEMBLYCROWDED Dr. Dinwiddie Gives Interesting And InspirinE Talk NEWCOMB REPRESENTED AT W. I. A, S. G. Misses Shields, Shannon And DRAMATIC CLUB PRE- SENTS " GHOST STORIT " As Anna W,th Her Incessant ' Yes CcorBc " , MiM Cenevra Wash- bum Was Adorable Old Newcomb Acquires New Meaning For Studes Dr. Dixon Deliehti Student Body With History 0( " HAPPY BIRTH- DAY TO YOU " Newcomb Seniors Entertain Fac- ulty At Birthday Forty. HoRO Cake Containing Gills And Vencs For All Present Newcomb Gym Now Open Class Exercises. Hockey Game. Alumnae March Features At Dedication Newcomb Bursts Forth In Song Seniors Easily Acclaimed Win ners Of Inler-Clasa Song SENIOR CLASS HISTORY 52 % JAMBMKA i ii. iL i s:ixE EHMiM % k . 53 ,- - ' -j SS ■ i 4 1 k: Junior Class Officers Annola Priestley Prcsidcni Haydee Brickell Vice-President Lucille Points Secretary Virginia Roes Treasurer Big Sister Committee Annola Priestley Executi-ve Chairman Katherine Thomas Acting C iairman Miriam Kernan Lucille Reed Virginia Ross Yvonne Sonneman May Day Committee (General) Dorothy Weston, Cliairman Annola Priesixey, Ex-Officio Perrine Dixon Miriam Kernan L..f 54 JAMBUSfiV Junior Class Mai CiiARLts Alexander West, Miss. B.A. Couiso. N. A. A. (2. 3), Marguerite Odette Barre .... New Orleans, La. (not in panel) B.A. in Educalion Course. Elizabeth Bethea, A n . . . . Birmingham, Ala B.Des. Course. Glee Cluli 12, 3): N. A. A. (3); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3). Dorothy Blewett Citrnnelle, Ala. B.A. Course. French Circle (1. 2, 3); Spanish Club (3); House Council (2, 3); Glee Club (31. Mary Elizabeih Bolton, A II . . Alexandria, La. B.A. Course. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Cabinet (3); N. A. A. (1, 2): House Council (3); Hockey (3). Haydee deBautte Brickell . . . Ne v Orleans, La. B.A. Course. French Circle (1. 2. 3); Debating Club (2. 3); Glee Club (2); Hockey (2. 3): Latin Club (1. 2, 3); Baseball (2); Volley Ball (3): Basketball (2); Football (3). Nellie L. Britton, K A 9 . . . . New Orleans, L.i. B.A. Course. Bertha Louise Brown A E I . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Sub Editor Arcade (2); Literary Editor of Arcade (3); Hullabaloo Staff (3). Florence Stewart Brown, M . . New Orleans, Lo. B.Des. Course. Basketball (11; N. A. A. (1, 2. 3); Glee Club (11; Mandolin-Guitar Club (1); Dramatic Club (1); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Class Poet (1. 2, ;)). Leona Cahn New Orleans, La. (not in panel) B.A. Course. Olive Carriere New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Dramatic Club (1); French Circle (2, 3); Glee Club (2, 3); Newcomb Ball (2, 3); Basketball (2); Hockey (3); Football (3). Lucille Marie Cherbonnier Gretna, La. (not in panel) B.A. Course. Science Club (3). Louise Church, A n New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (2); French Circle (2); Science Club (31. Helen Clopton New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Irma Cousins New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. ' 7 55 11923 f " 1 ,X1 k; Junior Class Bettv Davis, X S New Orleans, La, B.Des. Course. Nc?wcomb Ball (1. 2); Basketball (1, 2). Varsity (21; Volley Ball (3); Glee Club (1. 2. 31; N. A. A. (1. 2, 3). Perrine Carson Dixon, n B . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Class President (1. 2); Student Council (1. 2. 3). -Secretary (3); Junior Delegate to W. I. A. S. G. (3); Newcomb Ball (1, 2, 3); Football (3); New- comb Chairman Campus Night (3); Y. W, C. A. (1, 2, 3), Cabinet (3); May Day Committee (3); Hullabaloo Staff (3). Marion Dow, X fi New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. French Circle (1. 2. 3). Play (1. 2), Secretary (3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Debating Club (1. 2. 3,), Coun- cil (3); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3,); N. A. A. (1. 2). Felice Egan New Orleans, Lp. (not in panel) B.A. in Education Course. A.VNiE Stuart Ellis, A n . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course, Glee Club (3); N. A. A. (3). " Maud Addison Ellis, K A Amite, La. B.A. in Education Course. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Basketball (1); Volley Ball (31 ; Dramatic Club (1, 3), Alice M. Ferrata New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Catherine M, Fitzpatrick . , . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Latin Club (1, 2, 3). Sarah Ker Foster, K K r Franklin, La. B.A. in Education Course. N. A. A. (3); Glee Club (3); Y. W. C. A. (3). Ruth Gainsburgh New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Evelyn Gelbke Gretna, La. B.A. in Education Course. Merle Frances Gesell New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (1, 2, 3). Council (2, 3), Secretary (3); Jennie C. Nixon Debate (2, 3), " Winner (3); Winner Inter-Class Debating Cup (1). Ethel Giles, X fi Adeline, La. B.A. Course. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (2, 3); Latin Club (3). Florence Gilpin Eastondale, Mass. (not in panel) B.A. in Education (partial course). 56 MMBimA Junior Class Clara Belle Girard Lafayette, La. (withdrawn) B.A. in Education Course, LuciLi K GoDELFER Ne v Orleans, La. B.A. Course. N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); French Circle (1. 2. 3); Glee Club (1); Science Club 1 3); Football 13). Arthemise Anna Goertz .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Inter-Class Debate (1. 2); Winner Inter-Class De- bating- Cup (1); Class Secretary (2); Sub-Editor Arcade (2); College Editor Arcade (3); Debating Club (1. 2. 3), Council (1. 2, 3), Secretary (2); Spanish Club (3): Latin Club (3); Hullabaloo Staff (3). Winnie Davis Gordon Ocala, Fla. B.A. Course. Dora Elizabeth Greenlaw, M . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. House Council (3); T. W. C. A. (2, 3), Secre- tary (3). Marguerite Mary Guevmard .... Carville, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1); French Circle (2). Hatiie S. Guion New Orleans, La. (not in panel) B.,A.. in Education Course. Ethel Ha in, .4 A 11 Selma, Ala. B.A. in Education Course. House Council (2. 3): Y. W. c. A. (1. 2, 3); N. A. A. 12. 3); Glee Club (2. 3); Hockey (3): Volley Ball (3). Virginia Hall New Orleans, La. B.S. Course. ' omen ' s Professional and Scientific Organization of Tulane (1. 2): Dramatic Club (3); French Cir- cle (3); Debating Club (3); Science Club (3); N. A. A. (3); Volley Ball (31; Inter-Class De- bate (3). Virginia Belle Hamilton, A Z A . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Westhampton College (1); John B. Ctetson Uni- versity (2). Amelia Frances Hardesty .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Archery Ribbon (2); Baseball (2); Extension Com- mittee (3); Sub Editor Arcade (3); Debating Club (2, 3). Almabelle Harrell, K a . . . . McComb, Miss. B.A. in Education Course. r. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); N. A. A. (1, 2); Latin Club (2, 3): Serbian Committee (3). Elizabeth P. Harris New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Serbian Committee (1. 2, 3): Hockey (2, 3), Cap- tain (3): Varsity (2); Newcomb Ball (3); Basket- ball (2); Field Day (21: Football (3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (1, 2. 3); Latin Club (1, 2. 3). Treasurer (2): Glee Club (1. 2. 3); French Circle (1. 2, 3); Dramatic Club (3); Science Club (3); Inter-Class Debate (3). (Oi ■r J 57 T Junior Class Lillian Hartson New Orleans, La. E.A. in Education Course. Glee Club (1); Latin Clul) (1. 3, 3); Debating Club (1. 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2. 3); N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Science Club (3); Newcomb Ball (3); Football (3); Hockey (3); Class Cheer Leader (3). Florence A. Hayne Boyce, Ln. (not in panel) B.A. in Education Coui ' se. Shirley M. Heichelheim Jennings, L;i. (not in panel) B.M. Course. Glee Club (1, 2); Prize in Music Reading: (1); French Circle (2, 3). Lucille Jacoey New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Lessie Jay (withdrawn) New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Bessie M. Johnson, K K r . . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education (partial course). Elizabeth Kastler, A II . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Latin Club (1, 2, 3); Dra- matic Club (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (1). Sylvia Kaufman Alexandria, La. B.A. Course. Elizabeth Phares Kell, K K r . . . Tallulah, La. B.A. in Education Course. Tennis (3): N. A. A. (2. 3); Glee Club (2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3), Cabinet (3). Miriam K ernan, X fi New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Vice-President (3); Operetta (2); Debating Club (1, 2, 3): Jennie C. Nixon Debate (3); French Circle (1, 2, 3); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2, 3), Play (3); Student Coun- cil 2, 3); Chairman Song Book Committee (3); Finance Committee (3); College Song Leader (3); May Day Committee (3). Mary Kitchen, K A 9 New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Glee Club (1); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Newcomb Ball (2). Carlotta Kraft New Orleans, La. E.A. Course. Sub Editor . rcade (2, 3): Glee Club (1, 2); French Circle 1. 2. 3). Secretary (2), Treasurer (3); Hockey (3); Newcomb Ball, Captain (3); Basketball (2); Football (3); Latin Club (1, 2, 3); Science Club (3); Hullabaloo Staff (3). Louise LaCroix Colfax, La. B.A. in Education Course. May Robinson Lanphier, M . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Glee Club (1, 2, 3); N. A. A. (1, 3, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Secretary (2), Treasurer (3); Basketball (1, 2); Newcomb Ball (3). S8 i .,, . .. . J MBUm Junior Class Lali MAKCiiRiiT Li:sTUR New Orleans, La. B.A. Coui-so. I nlin Club (2, S); Dramatic Club (2); Basketball (2); Volley Ball (3). Flora Lew Lafayette, La. B.A. in Education Course. Madeleine Livaudais, X fi . . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Glee Club (1, 2, 3); N. A. A. (1. 2. 3); Newcomb Ball (1, 2. 3). Captain (1); Basketball (1. 2); Tennis (2. 31; Hockey (3). Anna Laura McDonald .... New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Sub Art Editor Jambalaya (3). Ula MiLNER, n B $ New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Basketball Manager (1): Basketball (1. 2), Var- sity (1); Baseball (2); Hockey (2, 3); Newcomb Ball (3): Football (3): Inter-Class Debate (2); Jennie C. Nixon Deba.te. Winner (2); Varsity De- bate (2. 3); Georg-e Debate Prize (2. 3); Carnot Debate Medal (3); Debating: Club (1, 2. 3); Coun- cil (1. 2, 3). President (3): Class Vice-President (2); Clieer Leader (2); Student Council (3); Sub Editor Jambalaya (3). Georgia Morrison, A n Selma, Ala. B.A. in Education Course. Glee Club (1, 2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3): N. A. A. (1, 2. 3). Mary Renaud Owen New Orleans, La. (not in panel) B.A. Course. Vera Palfrey, X Q Franklin, La. B.A. in Education Course. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2, 3). President (3). Helen R. L. Pease, X f2 Memphis, Tenn. B.A. Course. Y ' . W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (2, 3). Lilah M. Phillips, II B Lakeland, La. B.A. in Educjition Coui ' se. Lucille Points New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3); Debating Club (1, 2. 3); French Circle (2. 3): Latin Club (1, 2. 3); Class Secretary (3): N. A. A. (3); Newcomb Ball (3); Football (3); Science Club (3). Lilian Graham Polk Shreveport, ' La, (not in panel) B.A. Course. Sub Editor Arcade (2, 3). Annola B. Priestley, X n . . . . Yazoo City, Miss. B.M. Course. Class President (3); Newcomb Ball (1); Basket- ball (1. 2). Varsity (2); Volley Ball (3); Individual Winner Field Day (1); Executive Committee (3): Student Council (3); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Cabinet (2): N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Glee Club (2); House Coun- cil (3). Lucille Lyman Reed, X n . . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Class Secretary (1); Class Treasurer (2): Basket- ball (1, 2); Baseball (2); Treasurer Student Body (3); Finance Committee t3) : Executive Commit- tee (3); Serbian Committee (1. 2. 3): French Circle (1, 2. 3); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1); Football Cheer Leader (3); Dramatic Club (2, 3), Plays (2, 3), Stage Manager (3). 7 59 R? 11923 v ' s K. V Junior Class Phyllis Evelyn Reeves, X n . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Spanish Club (3). Matilde Herbert Ross, X f2 . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1); French Circle (1. 2. 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Spanish Club (3). A. Virginia Ross, K K New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Newcomb Ball (1. 2, 3); Hockey (2, 3), Varsity (2): Basketball (1, 2), Captain (2), Varsity (2); Baseball (1, 2). Captain (2). Varsity (1, 2); Foot- ball (3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3), Secretary (3); Glee Club (2): Newcomb Sporting " Editor Hullabaloo (3); Spalding Basketball (3), Captain (3); Class Treasurer (3). Elise Roussel, n B I New Orleans, La. (not in panel) B.Des. Course. Fannie Rayne Russ New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Y. W. C. A. (3); French Circle (3); Latin Club (3). Isabel St. Martin New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Glee Club (2); N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Football (3). Alice Watts Saunders, IT B . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1, 2. 3); French Circle (1); N. A. A. (1) ; Spanish Club (3). AuRELiA Schmidt New Orleans, La, (not in panel) B.A. in Education Course. Eleanor R. Sheely, X n Gulfport, Miss. B.Des. Course. Christine Simpson Smithville, Ga. B.A. Course. Dramatic Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3). Emily ' Slack A n Alexandria, La. B.A. in Education Course. Class Treasurer (1): N. A. A. (3); T. W. C. A. 3); Glee Club (3); Song Committee (3); Sky Pilots (3). Yvonne A. Sonnemann, K K . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3), Secretary (2), Treasurer (3); Assistant Business Manager Arcade (3); New- comb Ball (1, 2, 3). Captain (2); Basketball (1, 2), Captain (1), Varsity (1, 21; Baseball (1. 2). Varsity (1, 2); Hockey (2. 3), Varsity (2. 3): Football (3), Captain (3); Glee Club (1. 2); Latin Club (3); Debating Club (1. 2. 3); Field Day Cap- tain (2); Inter-Class Debate (3). Erma B. Stitch, A E New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Sub Editor Arcade (2, 3); Hullabaloo Staff (3). Helen Lucile Stiefvater .... New Orleans, La. (not in panel) B.A. in Education Course. Millicent Bradford Story, A A n . . Shreveport, La. B.Des. Course. Baseball (2); Hockey (3): Volley Ball Captain (3); Spanish Club (3 ; Y. W. C. A. (3); N. A. A. (3). £o jmmsssk iV Junior Class Katuakinf. Talmace, K a e . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Ba.sketball (1. 2): Volley Ball (3); Gleo Clul) (1); Hockey (2. 3). Varsity (2); N. A. . . il. 2. 31; Foolball (3). Alice Tankerslev, A A II . . . . Hope Hull, Ala. B.M. Course. Katiirrine Anna Thomas, K K r . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. . ' . . . . . (1. 2. 3); Basketball Manager (21; New- comb Ball (3). Marie Uhrv New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. EnsE Rennyson Ujffy, t M . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Basketball (2); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3); Glee Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); Debating Club (2. 31; Science Club (2. 3); Football (3); Latin Club (3). Virginia Violet Veith New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Carrie Ansox Vinvard Ponchatoula. La. (not in panel) B.M. Course. Glee Club (3). Dorothy Louise Weston, A n . . Logtown, Miss. B.A. in Education Course. N. A. A. (1. 2. 3); Class Vice-President (1); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2. 3); French Circle (1); Executive Comvnittee (3). Secretary (3); Jam- balaya Representative (3); Sub Editor Jambalaya (3); Secretary Student Body |3 1; Rotarettes (3); Extension Committee (3); May Day Committee tS). Edna Louise White, K A 6 . . . New Orleans, La. B.M. Course. Glee Club (1. 2. 3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (2 1; Class President (11. Manie Hatton White, A n . . . Alexandria, La. B.A. Course. N. .A. A. (1. 2. 3); T. T C. A. (1. 2. 3); French Circle (11; Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (3). Eleanor N. Wilson Riverside, Cal. B.. . in Education Course. N. . A. (3); Volley Ball (31; Y. W. C. . . (3). Mae Y. Wilzin New Orleans, La. B..A. Course. EoLA C. WooLEY New Orleans, La. (not in panel) B..A. Course. Anna L. Wooten, II B Monroe, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (2): House Council (2); French Circle (1. 2); Dramatic Club (2. 3); Debating Club (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); N. A. A. (1, 2); Jambalaya Representative (2). z 7 ■ 6i I ' ii 1923 62 ».,- f-«-.--gK: . JAMBUm i - v xgN:-B.v: Nm s ' g.v:Hvg7 f} 11923 63 V ■ ■. ...SJi.,..KC Sopnomore Class Officers Beatrice Adams President Marion Thompson Secretary Ernestine Bass Vice-President Maxine DeBuys Treasurer Members Beatrice Adams .... New Orleans, La. Lula Brown New Orleans, La. n B M B.A. Course. B.A. Course. Class Treasurer (1); Class President Latin Club (1. 2); Debating Club (1. (2); Debating Club (1, 2), Council (2); 2): Glee Club (1); N. A. A. (2); Man- Newcomb Ball (1. 2): Basketball (1); dolin-Guitar Club (2). Dramatic Club (1. 2). Play (1, 2); Mary Easton BuCK . . . Independence, La. French Circle 1. 2). Play (1): Foot- rPartiil Course) ban ( 2): Summer Com mittee (2); Base- , l ' iVrSpanlsh C?ub (2). ' ' ■■,. XT 1 T Muriel Burdine Armory, Miss. Elizabeth W. Aldrich . . New Orleans, La. ,, ,, „ „ M K K r x ,T B.M. Course. B.. . Course. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2): Glee Club Odile Ashford New Orleans, La. - ' : y. w. c. a (i, 2). B.A. Course. ' ' " BuRPEE Montgomery, Ala. Odessa Babin Houma, La. BA Course S- ' - Course. „ », 1 T HuTsoN Carre New Orleans, La. Kathrvn Barincer . . . New Orleans, La. t r- r B.A. {Partial Course). , „ XT -» 1 T B.A. Course. Virginia Barlow .... New Orleans, La. jj. A. A. d, 2); Newcomb Bail (i); j£ Mandolin-Guitar Club (2); Glee Club DebatingCiu?T ' r2)?T. ' w. C. A. (1. 2). Bess Cartledge Clarksdale, Miss. Rachael Ernestine Bass . New Orleans, La. X fl H B $ B.A. Course. _ , „ „„ Rose Caruso New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (2); Latin Club B.S. Course. (1. 2); Basketball (1); N. A. A. (1. 2); French Circle (2); Science Club (2). Y. w. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (2): De- Mary Chaffe Minden, La. bating Club (1, 2); Newcomb Ball (1, n„,,r 2). Captain (1); Field Day (1); Hockey ' = ' ■ ■ ' - " " rse (2) Helen Christenberry ' . . New Orleans, La. Marie Becker New Orleans, La. Latin Club at) ; ' ' T " enni-s (l); VoUev B.Des. Course. Ball (2); Hockey Captain (2); French Tennis (2). Circle (2); Science -Club (2). Gertrude Beekman . . . New Orleans, La. Dorothy Collins. . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. $ M Ursula Bernstein . . . New Orleans, La. b.a. Course. , . , J , Newcomb Ball (1. 2); Baseball, Varsity (withdrawn) (D; Dramatic Club (1): Hockey (1): „ ., „ XT -v 1 T Latin Club (1. 2): T. " W. C. A. (1. 2). Elizabeth Hamlin Black, New Orleans, La. Covington . Hazelhurst, Miss. B.Des, Course. Hockey Captain (1): N. A. A. (1. 2). M Elizabeth Winston Blain, New Orleans, La. .j Course. . , „ Emilie Barksdale Craig . New Orleans, La. A A n n B 4 B.A. Course. n. ± f N. A. A. (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); B.Des. Course. Glee Club (2); Spanish Club (2); Vol- N. A. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (2): Hockey ley Ball (2). 1. 2): Football (2): Volley Ball (2). Nellie Bloodworth . . . New Orleans, La. Sydney Crawford . . . .New Orleans, La. -y ( B.A. Course. Cherry Davis New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Elizabeth Bonvillain .... Houma, La. Latin ciub i. 2); Glee ciub (i, 2); De- B.-A. Course. bating Club (1. 2). Edith Bradley Winnsboro, La. Miriam Davis Shreveport, La. » rt TT B.A. Course. A J . " • . Glee Club (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (2); N. B.A. Course. A. A. (2): Debating Club (2); French Class Secretary (1). Circle (2). 64 iL iL i!S3 ' : :ms i! Maxine DeBuys .... New Orleans, La. n B I B.A. Course. Student Council (1); Tennis (1): New- comb Ball (1. 2); Basketball Captain (11; Baseball (1): French Cli-cle (1. 2). Play (1); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Class Treasurer (2); Dramatic Club (2); Football (2); Hockey (2). Worth Dinwiddie . . . New Orleans, La. B.S. Course, . " cknce Club (2); N. A. . . (1, 2). M.VRV Louise Doods .... Gulfport, Miss. X n B.. . Course. Glee Club (1. 2); Debating- Club (2); N, A. A. (1, 2). M.VRiE Eda Dolhon ' DE . . Independence, La. B.. . in Education Cours ' . Justine Dorman Bastrop, La. B.Des. Course. Constance Marie du Quesnav, New Orleans K A e B..A.. Course. House Council (1. 2); Student Council (2); French Circle (1. 2). Katherine Easterling . . Beaumont, Texas B.Des. Course. Hazel Ellis Quincy, Fla. M B.A. Course. Lilian Nunn Evans . . . Shuqualak, Miss. K A e B..A. in Education Course. Ann Farnsworth . . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Newcomb Ball (1, 2): Basketball Cap- tain (1): N. A. A. (1, 2); Science Club (2). Katharine Ferguson . . Yazoo City, Miss. B.A. in Education Course. Robbie Leigh Fitzner . . Moss Point, Miss. B.JI. Course. Clara Fitzpatrick . . . New Orleans, La. K K r B..A. Course. Mary Elizabeth Floyd . New Orleans, La. B..A. Course. Hockey (2); Glee Club (21; Latin Club (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2); N. A. A. (1. 2). Renair Forgotston .... Gonzales, Texas B.A. in Education Course. Katharine Forsyth Esmont, Va. B.A. Course. Y, W. C. A. 2); N. A. A. (2); Science Club (2). Belle Friedman .... New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Eugenie Friedricks . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Marcelle Garic .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (2); French Circle (1. 2). Amoret Donelson Gates . . Franklin, La. X fi B.A. in Education Course. Glee Cnub (1, 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1, 2); Newcomb Ball (2); Hockey (2); Serbian Committee (2). Grace Elizabeth Gebelin . . Garyville, La. li. A. Cnurse. N. A. A. 1. 2); l.alin Club (1. 2 ' ; Spanisli Club (1, 2); Science Club (2 1. Laura Geiser New Orleans, La. B.A. Coui ' sc. Rosemary Gerson .... New Orleans, La. B.M. Course. Margaret Elford Golson . . Bessemer, Ala. B.M. Course. Glee Club (1, 2). Juanita Gonzalez . . . New Orleans, La. A A n B.Des. Course. N. A. A. (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); fpanish Club (2); Dramatic Club 11. 2). Plays (1). Margaret Go:dman . . . New Orleans, La. K A e B.Des. Course. Mandolin-Guitar Club (2); N. A. A. (1, 2). Josephine Goodwin . . . New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Margaret Graham . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Angela Gregory .... New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Dramatic Club (1. 2); French Cii-cle (1. 2). Olive Guthrie Bastrop, La. n B B.A. Course. Annie Gwin Lexington, Miss. X n B.A. Course. Y. W. C. . . (1. 2); N. A. A. (1. 2 ' . Dorothy- Hainer McComb, Miss. B. M. Course. Mandolin-Guitar Club (2); Glee Club (21; N. A. A. (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2(. Elsie Hanley- Atlanta, Ga. M B.Des. Course. Debating Club (1); Y. Vf. C. A. (1. 2); Glee Club (1. 2). Ernestine Hardtner . . . Alexandria, La. A n B.A. in Education Course. Glee Club (1, 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Y ' . W. C. A. (1. 2). Lucie Elizabeth Harris . . El Paso, Texas B.Des. Course. Dramatic Club (1. 2); N. A. . . (1, 2); Hockey (1, 2); Volley Ball (2); Clasa Poet (2). Frances Hebard .... New Orleans, La, B..-V. Course. Bertie Hirsch : Alexandria, La. B.. . Course. Edith Hohn New Orleans, La. JI B.Des. Course. Miriam Hopkins .... New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Zelda Huckins New Orleans, La. B.M. Course. ■ ' 7. 65 11923 Adams, Aldrich, Ashford, Babin, Barlow, Bass, Becker, Beekman Black, Blain, Bloodworth, Bradley, Brown, Burdine, Burpee Carre, Cartledge, Christenberry, Collins, Covington, Craig, C. Davis M. Davis, DeBuvs, Dinwiddie, Dodds, DuQuesnay, Ellis, Evans, Farnsworth FiTZNER, FlTZPATRICK, FORSYTH, FRIEDMAN, FRIEDRICHS, GATES, GEBELIN Gonzalez, Goodman ' , Guthrie, Gwin, Haiker, Hanley, Hardtner Hebard, Hohn, Hopkins, Huckins, E. Hughes, H. Hughes, Joffrion, A. Johnson 66 gf-r-s® ' ' ' • ' % JAMBMSKA Ei.lZAnF.Tii IIucilES . . . New Orleans, I.a. X n B.Dss. Course. Man.l " lln-Gultttr Club (1, 2); Drainallc Clul) ll. - ' ); Glut- riub (1. 2); N. A. A. (1. 2); BilsebiUI (II: Football (2). Helen Hughes Shreveport, La. n B I B.A. Coul-se. Class President (1): Dramatic Club (1. 2), Plays (1, 2); Frencb Circle (1. 2); Intcr-Class Debate (1. 2); Carnot De- bate Committee (2); N. A. A. (1, 2): Chairman Freshman-Sophomore Drag (2) : Hullabaloo Start (2). Mary Hun ' TKR New Orleatis, La. B.. . in Education Course. Alice Jofkrion Lecompte, La. (withdrawn) Alice Toy Johnson. . . . McComb, Miss. B.A. Cour-se. Dramatic Club (1. 2), Plays (2): De- bating Club (21: Y W. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (2): Hullabaloo Staff (2). Stella Bostick Johnson . . Sylvester, Ga. A A H B.A. Course. Latin Club (1); French Circle (2 : N. A. A. (21; Glee Club (2): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2): House Council (2). Thelma Johnson Tallulah, La. B.. . in Education Course. Margaret Jones Lecompte, La. A A n B.M. Course. Margaret Jordan . . . New Orleans, Lu. B. . . Course. Georgette Joubert . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. IsABELLE Keesler .... Greenwood, Miss. X a B.Des. Course. Dramatic Club (1. 2): N. A. A. (1, 2); Y ' . W. C. A. (1. 2). Ethel Agnes Kehoe . . . New Orleans, La. B.S. Course. Dramatic Club (2). Bertha Keller (withdrawn) . . Slidell, La. Rosalind Kemp Hazelhurst, Miss. B.ll. Course. Edwina Kohlman . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. N. A. A. (1. 2): Hockey (1. 2): Basket- ball Captain (2): French Circle (1. 2); Dramatic Club (1. 2); Debating Club (1. 2): Football (2). Eleanor Kohlmeyer . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. N. A. A. (II; Mandclin-Guitar Club (2). Aline Lazard New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. French Circle (1, 2): N. A. A. (1. 2): Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debating Club (1. 2). Edith Levy New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Glee Club (2): N. A. A. (1. 2); Spanish Club (21: Debating Club (1). Louise Levy (withdrawn). New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. AiiELE Livaudais .... New Orleans, La. X n B.Des. Cour-si-. N. A. A. (1. 2): Glee Club (2); . W. C, . . (2); Debating Club (I); French Circle (2). Catharine Lively . B..A. Course. Debating Club (1, 2). Council (2); Var- sity Debate (II; Dramatic Club (1. 2); N. . . (1. 2): French Circh ' (1. 2). JACINTA LOBRANO .... New Orleans La. A n B.A. in Education Course. Glee Club (1, 2): N. A. A. (21; New- comb Ball (2). Janice Meredith Loeb . . New Orleans, La. B.A.. Course. Debating Club (1. 2). Treasurer (2); French Circle (1, 21: Latin Club ll. 2); Vai-sit.v Debate (21. Frances Marcrum .... Columbus, Ga. M B.Des. Course. N. A. A. (1, 2); . W. C. A. (1. 2). Ruth McAleer Mobile, Ala. B.. . in Education Course. Elizabeth McKnight .... Colfax, La. (B..-V. in Education (parMal cou ' se ' . Beth McLeod New Orleans, La. K K I ' B.Des. Course. N. A. A. (1, 2); Hockey (1. 2); New- comb Ball (2); Glee Club (1, 2): X. W. C. A. (1, 2). Cora Miltenbercer . . . New Orleans, La. n B B.A. in Education Course. N. .A. A. (1. 2): Debating Club (1, 2); French Circle (2). Bessie Monroe New Orleans, La. M B A. Course. Glee Club (1, 21; Debating Club (1. 2), Council (1. 21; Dramatic Club (1, 2): N. A. A. (2); Volley Ball (2): Jamba- laya Representative (21; Serbian Com- niittee (2). Louise Moore Monroe, La. B.A. in Education Course. Gleo Club (2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Hockey (1); Volley Ball (2); Dormitory Base- ball (1). Minnie Murphy ' Alexandria, La. B..V. Course. Latin Club (1. 2): Y ' . W. C. ,V. (2); Do- bating Club ll, 2); N. A. A. (1). Katherine Lindsey- Negus, Greenville, Miss. B.A. Course. Y ' . W. C. .K. (1, 2); N. A. A. (2): Glee Club (2). Marshall Norton Rome, Ga. X f2 B.A. Course. French Circle (1. 2); Y ' . W.-C. A. (1. 21. Lucille Ogden Crowley, La. A A n B..A.. Course. Nora Creina O ' Niell .... Franklin, La. A n B.Des. Course. Mandolin-Guitar Club (2); Glee Club (2). " A 4 A M M 67 11923 A ;-i«5f- - " S: i Wi Ji fu lff= - ' S. JoHN ' soN ' , Jones, Johdan, Joubert, Keesler, Kohlmax, Kohlmeyer, Lazard Lew, Livaudais, Lobrano, Loeb, McLeod, Marcrum, Miltenbercer Mo.vROE, Moore, Murphv, Negus, Norton, Ogden, O ' Niell PANNILL, PeTEET, PfEIFER, PhARR, PiLKlNGTON, POWE, PRICE, RiCHTER RiDGWAY, Roberts, Roes, Roy, St. Martin, Saunders, Savant SCHARFF, SCHREIBER, ScOTT, SeACO, SiMON, SmITH, StONE Streiffer, Subat, M. Thompson, W. Thompson, VanHook, Womack, Wood, Woodward 68 ! ,,.=S l s fi JAMBUSSil % iLy ' ii : ss :ms ' K» Margarkt Pan ' Mli, . . . New Orleans, La. I M H.Des. Cciursf. DebatiM),- Club (1, 2); Gleu Club (1, 2). Almena Perkins Lewisport, La. (witlidiawn) Charlotte Peteet . . . Greenwood, Miss. B,A. ( ' nurse. Marion Pfeifer .... New Orleans, La. A E I B.A. Course. Sub Editor Arcade (2); Debating Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1. 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Krencli Cir- cle (2). Elizabeth Pharr Ber YIck, La. n B I B.Des. Course. Hockey (1, 2); Football (2); Mandolin- Guitar Club (2); Glee Club (2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1). Marie McDowell Pilkington, Ne v Orleans B.A. Course. French Circle (1, 2): Dramatic Club (2:; Glee Club (2); Science Club (2). Helen Powe New Orleans, La. K A e B.A. in Education Course. Charlotte C. Price . . . New Orleans, La. K A B.M. Course. Tennis (1, 2); Glee Club (2); N. A. A. (1, 2). Ruth Reinauer Lake Charles, La. B.A. Course. Elton Reynolds .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Ethel Aline Richter . . New Orleans.Ta. B.Des. Course. Glee Club (2); Dramatic Club (1. 2). Elizabeth Ridgwav .... Elkton, Tenn. B.M. Course. Y. W. C. A. (2). Olive Goodwill Roberts . . . Minden, La. K A 9 B.A. Course. N. A. A. (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Latin Club (1, 2). Bertha Roes Morgan City, La. B.A. in Education Course. Margaret Rourke . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Inter-Class Debate (2). Rose Aimee Roy .... New Orleans, La. A A n B.M. Course. Ruth St. Martin .... New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Y. W. C. A. (1); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2); Debating Club (1); N. .-V. A. (1, 2); Baseball (1); Hockev (1. 2), Varsity (2); Volley Ball (2); College Cheer Leader (2); Field Day (1). Natalie Saunders . . . New Orleans, La. n B B.A. Course. Beatrice Savant Whiteville, La. B.A. in Education Course. Janice Babette Sciiarff . New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Basketball (1); Debating Club (1, 2); Newcomb Ball Captain (1); Hockey (2); N. A. A. (1, 2): French Circle (2); Base- ball (1). Sylvia Dora Schreiber . . Marksville, La. B.A. Course. Diamatle Club (1. 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Debating Club (2); French Circle (2); Hockey (1, 2); Basketball Sub (1). Mary Monica Hope Scott . . Ripley, Tenn. B.A. Course. Glee Club (2); Diamatic Club (2): Science Club {2); Debating Club (2). Georgia M. Seaco . . . New Orleans, La. K K r B.Des. Course. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); N. A. A. (1, 21. Ruth Merz Si.mon . • . . New Orleans, La. A E ■! B.A. Course. Dramatic Club (1); Latin Club (1); Newcomb Ball (1); Hockey (1), Varsity (1); N. A. A. (1, 2). Mary Smith Monroe, La. n B ' I " B.A. Course. Class Vice-President (1). Mabel Stein Marshall, Texas B.A. in Education Course. Lisbeth B. Stone .... New Orleans, La. A A n B.A. Course. Volley Ball (2). Yetty Streiffer .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Science Club (21; Spanish Club (2); Dramatic Club (1, 2): Latin Club (1). Enola Subat New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Agnes Swan New Orleans, La. B.A. in Education Course. Marion Thompson . . . New Orleans, La. K A e B.Des. Course. Jambalaya Representative (1): Class Secretary (2); Mandolin-Guitai- Club (1, 2): Baseball (1); Football (2). Winifred S. Thompson . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Newcomb Ball (2): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2): N. . . A. (1, 2); Greek Club (2). Mary Lorraine Tillotson . . . Gretna, La. B.S. Course. Nancy Van Hook .... Shreveport, La. n B I ' B..-V. Course. Fanny Wise . . . . . Yazoo City, Miss. B.A. Course. Edna Wcviack Sherman, Texas B.A. Course ' . Glee Club (1, 2). Letitia D.- vis Wood . . . Brunswick, Miss. ' B.A. Course. Y. W. C. A. (1. 2): N. A. A. (1, 2); Spanish Club (2). Gertrude Woodward . . New Orleans, La. A n B.Des. Course. Glee Club (2); T. " W. C. A. (2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Debating Club (1). . tA 69 119231 N. pf . -,-- - m wMim ' IS. % " " % ' " ' 70 JAMBUSXA v ' g ' mKm5 B 3 :a m: cg J ' ' a FRESHMAN ' 7 4 k0A 71 1923 Ht % M W f i 0 Ok %1 ■ ' • " ' ilC i " — ' Fresn resninan CI ass Officers Helen Dalzell President Louise Feilschmidt Vice-President Sedlev Hayward Secretary Peggy Fox Treasurer Members Ellen Aaron Natchitoches, La. B.Des. Course. Manflolin-Guitar Cluh (1). Margaret Allen .... Asheville, N. C. (withdrawn) Aline Alltmont .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Margaret Aronson . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Virginia Arrington . . . Clarksdale, Miss. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club (1). Margaret Asper .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Corinne Bass New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Ethel Bauer New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Evelyn Bayle New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1); French Circle (1); N. A. A. (1); Hockey Captain (1). Ortell Bechtell .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Elsa Behrend New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. AuRELiA Bisso New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. MiNETTE Black .... New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Mary Alice Blakemore . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Eveline Bleakley . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1); French Circle (1); N. A. A. (1). TiLLE BoRCHARDT .... New Orleans, La. B.M. Course. Helen Bovard New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Amelia Brewer Arcadia, La. B.A. Course. Carlotta Brigman Valdosta, Ga. (withdrawn) Mabel Burns Bogalusa, La. B.A. Course. Edith Burton Sulfur, La. B.M. Course. Cora Bush (withdrawn) . New Orleans, La. Frances Bush New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Helen Byrne New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Evelyn Campbell . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1); N. A. A. (1). Amelia Castanera Biloxi, Miss. B.A. Course. Odette Chalaron . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Lucille Charbonnet . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Claire Cherbonnier Gretna, La. B.S. Course. Elsie Cier New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Virginia Clark Clarksdale, Miss. B.A. Course. Estelle Cohen Lexington, Miss. B.A. Coui ' se. Rose Cornei.son .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Genevieve Craven . . . New Orleans, La. ' (withdrawn) Mayo Crew Memphis, Tenn. B.Des. Course. Ida Love Crutcher . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Inter-Class Debate (1). Jenera Crutcher . . . New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Eileen Culpepper (withdrawn), Ozark, Ark. Helen Dalzell Shreveport, La. B.A. Course. Class President (1). Veronica de la Houssaye . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Elizabeth Drew .... New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Marcelle Ducros . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Virginia Dunham . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Elisabeth Dunwoody. . . . Pineville, La. B.Des. Course. Bernard Early Roanoke, Va. B.A. Course. Sarah Elliott New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Barbara Eskrigge .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. 72 A.., ,...R. M.. jmmsik .iL ' : i!i :ss3sm ' m ' : ' Louise Feilschmiut . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course, t ' lasa VIce-Prosldent 11); Volley B-UI (1): Hockey (1): DebathiK Club (1); Ititor-Class Debate (1): French Circle (1); Dramatic Club (1); N. A. A. (1); Hullabaloo Staff (1). Virginia Fenner .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Hockey (1); Y. W. c. A. (1): N. A. A. (1). Mary M. Fentress .... Memphis, Tenn. B.M. (partial course). Newcomb Ball (1); Hockey (1); Serbian Committee (1); Glee Club (1). Beatrice Ford New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Blanche Foster .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Peggy Fo.k New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Class Treasurer (1); French Circle U). Dramatic Club (1). Lou Gahagan Castor, La. B.A. Course. Bessie Ganong Memphis, Tenn. (withdrawn) B.A. Course. Bab Gassenheimer . . . Montgomery, Ala. B.A. Course. Di-amatic Club (1). Dorothy Gehl New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Barbara Gessner .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Katherine Glenny . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Odele Godchaux .... New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. French Circle (1); N. A. A. (1). Jeanne Goodman .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. French Circle (1); N. A. A. (1). Dorothy Goodwill Minden, La. B.A. Course. Rai Graner New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Alice Grima New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1). Corinne Grima .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. French Circle (1); Dramatic Club (1). Ruth Guyton Whitecastle, La. B.A. Course. Irene Gwin Lexington, Miss. B.Des. Course. Susie Hains Rayne, La. B.A. Course. Dorothy Hall Roanoke, Va. B.A. Course. Elizabeth Hall Roanoke, Va. B.S. Course. Ruth Hallam Clinton, La. B.A. Course. AzELiE Handlin .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Katmryn Hardesty . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Mary Hardesty .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. French Circle (1); Latin Club (1); N. A. A. (1); Y. W. C. A. (1). Evelyn Hardie New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Virgil Hardon Gainesville, Ga. B.A. Course. Margaret Harnett . . . New Orleans, La. ( vithdrawn) Sedley Havwari) .... New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Class Secretary (1). Mildred Heptinc . . . McDonoghville, La. B.A. Course. Aline Hoefield .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Lena Hotze (withdrawn) . Mer Rouge, La. Harriet Hughes Shreveport, La. B.A. Course. Marion Hughes .... New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Anna Hyman New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Marie Ivey Ruston, La. B.A. Course. Maud Jackson .... New Boston, Texas (withdrawn) Bernice Jones (withdrawn) . . Monroe, La. Dorothea Jones Monroe, La. (withdrawn) B.A. Course. Adele Katz New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. French Circle (1): N. A. A. (1). Margaret Kemper Schrieder, La. B.A. Course. Thelma Kendall .... New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Beatrice King Hopkinsville, Ky. B.A. Course. Mary Kirby Louisville, Ky. B.Des. Course. Caroline Kory . . . . . Vicksburg, Miss. B.A. Course. Alice Lambert New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Elizabeth Land .... New Orleans, La. B.. . Course. Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club (1). Hilda L.atino New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) LuciLE Legier New Orleans, La. IJ.. . Course. N. A. A. (1). Fane Lester .New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Glee Club (1). Lucille Lewis Bainbridge, Ga. B.A. Course. A ■y. 73 11923 - ■ ' -jT .. y a- . i ' Aaron, Allen, Aronson, Arrincton, Bass, Bauer, Bavle, Behrend Elakemore, Bleakley, Bovard, Brewer, Brigman, Burton, Bush, Campbell Castanera, Chalaron, Charbonnet, Clark, Cohen, Cornelson, Dalzell, Drew Ducros, Dunham, Dunwoodv, Elliot, Eskridge, Feilschmidt, Fenner, Fentress Foster, Fox, Ganong, Gassenheimer, Gessner, Glenny, Godchaux Goodman, A. Grima, C. Grima, Guyton, E. Hall, Handlin, K. Hardesty, M. Hardesty Harime, Hardon, Harnett, Hoeeem), M. Hughes, Ivey, Jackson, B. Jones D. Jones, Katz, Kemper, Kikby, Ivory, Lambert, Land, Latine Lester, Lu. Lewis, R. Lewis, McChesney, Maestri, Maloney, Mars, Mayer 74 •!...l:i....f;C . ,K. smssssk k is :jLs: ss sK ' : :sM. , . g5 ;v, ' ' a.. LvDiA Lewis New Orleans, La. n. A. Course-. Ruth Currev Lewis .... Crowley, La. B.A. Course. Angelena Lota .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Gertrude Madison Bastrop, La. B.M. Course. Lucii.LF. Maestri .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Science Club (1); French Circle (11; N. A. A. (II. Margaret Maloney . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. .lambalava Representative; N. A. A. (1); Y. W. C, A. (11. Anita Mars New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Dramatic Club (1); Debating ( " luh (1); hatin Club (11; N. A, A. (II; Inter- Class Debate (1). Daisy Marshall Amite, La. B.A. Course. Frank Mayer New Orleans, La. B.. . Course. Frencli Circle (1); N. A. A. (1). Marcia Mayfield .... New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Lucile McChesney . . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Helen McLellan . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Hockey (1): French Circle (1); Mando- lin-Guitar Club (1); N. A. A. (1). Marjorie Meyer .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course Anna M. Meyers .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Neweomb Ball (ll; Hockey (1). Lillian Meyers .... New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club (1). Josephine Miceli .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Elise Mileurn Barbiick, La. B.A. Course. Muriel Milburn Barbuck, La. B.-A.. Course. Acnes Miller New Orleans, La. B.M. Course. LoRiNA Miller .... Grand Chenier, La. (withdrawn) Treeby Miller Minden, La. B.A. Couise. Alice Mmse (withdrawn), New Orleans, La. Alice Montgomery . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Hockey (II; Latin Club (1); Y. W. C. A. Ill ; N. A. A. (II. Caroline Mooc .... Montgomery, Ala. B.A. Course. Dramatic Club (1); N. A. A. (1). Rose Mooney New Orleans, La. B.S. Course. Margaret Morgan .... Okolona, Miss. B.Des. Course. Kate Morrison .... New Orleans, La. B.M. Cour.se, Mii.DKia) MuitRAv .... New Orleans, La. (xvitlulrawn) Evelyn S. M ers .... Vicksburg, Miss. B.. ' V. Course. Marie Nh-Tiolls .... New Orleans, La. . . Course. UUili Club (1) ; N. A. A. (1). Mildred Norman .... Morgan City, La. B.JI. Course, Elizabeth O ' Kelly . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Frances Paine Mandeville, La. (withdrawn) Isabella Patterson . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Helen Pearlstone .... Dallas, Texas B.M. Course. French Circle II ' , Mary Perkins .... Bay St. Louis, Miss. B,M. Course, Hester Perl Beaumont, Texas B,M. Course. IvAi.ENA Pettet .... Thomdale, Texas B.Des. Course. Mildred Pickard Bagdad, Fla. B.A, Course. Class Poet (3); Glee Club (1). Sara Pierce . ... Union Springs, Ala. B..A., Course. Elizabeth Pilcher . . . Memphis, Tenn. B,M:. Course, Ruth Pitrc (withdra vn) . . Westwego, La. Helen Polack New Orleans, La. B,.A. Course, TiiELMA PoPOViCH .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Dramatic Club (1); Glee Club (1); Latin Club (1); N. A. A. (11. Beatrice Posner Alexandria, La. B.A. Course. French Circle (1). Alma Potts Monroe, La. B.Des. Course. Amelie Prescott Lutcher, La. (withdrawn) Margaret Pugh Mobile, Ala. B.Des. Course. Elizabeth Raymond. . . New Orleans, La. B.Des. Course. EsTELLE Redding Biloxi, Miss. B..A. Course. Jane Reeves Ne v Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1). Katherine Reid Amite, La. B..-V. Course. Bella Rhine Hot Springs, Ark. B..A, r ' ourse. Glee Club (ll; Diamatic Club (II; French Circle (1); N. A. A. (1). Claudia Richards Selina, Ala. B.A. Course. A 75 11923 a- i:r b McLiiLLA.v, Meyer, A. Meyers, L. Meyers, E. Milburn ' , M. Milburn, A. Miller, 1 ' . Miller MoisE, Montgomery, Mooc, Morgan, Morrison, Nicholls, Norman, Pearlstone Perl, Pettit, Pickard, Pierce, Pilcher, Pitre, Popovitch, Potts Prescott, Raymond, Reeves, Rhine, L. Richards, Robin, Robinson Ro. Rogers, Ru. Rogers, Rosenberg, Rothenberg, Safferstone, Salomon, Sanford, Savage SCHAEFER, SCHMITT, SCHREIBER, SEIB, SeLIG, SHARP, ShORT Shumway, Shutts, Sienkxecht, Simmons, Smith, Spooner, Stallworth, Stein Sterkx, E. Stern, L. Stern, Talmage, Thomas, Tujacque, Turner, Voss Wallace, Walshe, Waters, Weil, Wilzin, Wrrr, Wood, Woodville 76 s..;i: Ob. Sj - h i-.S-g J ii S JA9IBIKXA y ; yw y:igiK;il LouiSK Richards Shieveport, La. TJ.A. Courso. Di-iimatlc Club (1); N. A. A. rl). CoRiN ' NE Robin New Orleans, La. H.A. I ' liurso. Froiuh Cirik ' (II. Lynn Robinson .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Rosa Rogers Tupelo, Miss. B.. . Course. Ruth A. Rogers (withdrawn), Tupelo, Miss. Dorothea Rosenburg . . New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Selma Rothenberg . . . Kansas City, Mo. B.Des. Course. Sarah Rudisill Anniston, Ala. B.A. Course. Esterle Safferstone . . . Little Rock, Ark. B.A. Course. Ruth Saloman .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Ruth Sanford New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Elisabeth Savage Gadsden, Ala. B.A. Course. Helen Schaefer .... Yazoo City, Miss. B.A. Course. Helen Schmitt .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Katinka Schreiber . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Latin Club (1). Helen Seib Hammond, La. B.A. Course. Louise Selig Farmerville, La. (withdrawn) Thelma Sharp New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Anne Sherman .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. MvRA Short Bro Ynsville, Tenn. B.M. (partial course). Mae Kyle Shumway .... Waco, Texas B.Des. Course. Glee Club (1); Dramatic Club (1). Ruth Shutts Lake Charles, La. B.A. Course. Mamie Sienknecht . . . . Alexandria, La. B.A. Course. Volley Ball (1); Glee Club (1). NiTA Silverstein .... New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Etolia Simmons .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Volley Ball (1); Hockey (1). LiDA May Smith .... Poplarville, Miss. B.A. Course. Glee Club (1). Jennie Spooner Westlake, La. B.A. Course. Mandolin-Guitar Club (1); N. A. A. (1). Geline Stallworth . . . . Springhill, Ala. B.A. Course. Mary Stayer New Orleans, La. B.S. Course, Maiile Stein Marshall, Texas B.A. Course. Helen Sterk.x Alexandria, La. (withdrawn) Emma Stern New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Lois Stern New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Annie Stiefvater. . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Matilda Talmage . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Volley Ball (1). Marjorie Thomas . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Debating Club (1); N. A. A. (1); T. W. C. A. (1). Lucille Tujague .... New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Alletta Turner Mobile, Ala. (withdrawn) Elena Valenzuela . . . New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Janet Van Tassel .... Bayonne, N. Y. B.A. Course. Mary M. Voorhies Lafayette, La. B.M. Course. Charlotte Voss Columbia, Tenn. B.S. (partial course). N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Virginia Wallace .... Woodville, Miss. B.A. Course. Stella Walshe .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. Marjorie Ward .... New Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Ethel Waters Brundige, Ala. B.A. Course. Mathilde Weil .... New Orleans, La. B.A. Course. VoUev Ball (1); French Circle (1): N. A. A. (1). Martha Wilder Homer, La. B.A. Course. Sara Wilkins Jackson, Miss. B.Des. Course. Ruth Wilzin New ' Orleans, La. (withdrawn) Carolyn B. Winkler . . Birmingham, -Ala. (withdrawn) Catherine Witt Tupelo, Miss. B..A-. Course. Jessilea Wolfe .... San Antonio, Texas (withdrawn) Catherine Wood .... Birmingham, Ala. B.A. Course. Newcomb Ball (1); Dramatic Club (1); Debating Club (1); N. A. A. (1). Fannie Woodville . . . New Orleans, La. B.S. Course. A 77 ]1923 78 » ' " -« : m ' K ' m v ' -c vi JAMBMSKA BOOK II College of Medicine College of Dentistry College of Pharmacy V-r k ' iLvi si : ' 3xm :s ' A ' } Si 31923 ' ' U =79 " 3 1 ? l - ' ii ' - — - i i -liP- ' n , . . % a N i -J - Q O H O W o i.:i.:. JAMRUm lg. m :gJ :l :H ::g l! s:g J v:g: : ? ' ? 4 ' A 83 M ;gSi- S :i =tfr -.■ C ;3 fe-- fc " iSit st a ; r -tfg Senior Medical Class Officers M. D. Hargrove President W. L. Fitzgerald Vke-Fresident G. S. Ham Secretary-Treasurer C. C. Rudolph Histoiian K. A. Morris Editor-in-Cliief Medical Section Jambalaya J. F. Alison Business Managcr-in-Cliief Medical Section Jambalaya Committees executive M. D. Hargrove, Chm. J. R. Evans C. V. Perkier Z. L. Mf.rritt L. J. Clark INVITATION W. M. Scott, Chm. Tom Sims E. B. Gill CAP AND GOWN J. F. Shuffield, Clirn. P. M. Girard D. Brannin IVY DAY T. P. Frizzell, Chin. M. S. Ledoux Mrs. M. R. Gould L. D. Gremmillion J. A. Hart CLASS NIGHT C. C. Rudolph, Chm. R. E. Henderson L. T. Pruit K. C. Reese C. O. LoRio J. R. Horn 84 K«i -t r .. jytMBum L l ' l s:JL ' JlLs K ' K l Jamks Fairly Alison, i: A E, I X, K 15 «1 KINGS LANDING, ALABAMA B.S.. University of Alabama; Owls; AsslsLant Busi- ness Manager Jambalaya, " 21-22; Manager-in-ChU ' l ' , ' 22-23; Pan-Hellenic Council; Varsity Football. ' 22. All of us love goocl ole Jim. How could we help it? When fate was deal in g out personalities, Jim came in for more than his share. A man of genuine good nature, thoroughly dept.-ndable and with a scholastic record to be proud of, he will surely carve a name deep into the tablets of fame and leave deep foot- piints on the sands of time. His quiet, unassuming, dignified poise plus attentiveness to duties has won him a high place in tlie estimation of fellow students. Jim is our largest contribution to the Rolling Greon Wave. John Calvin Allen, A K K TATUM, TEXAS University of Texas; Square and Compass. An open face, but Greek to the ladles. J. C. is one of the few who has the honor of mastering the four years without being subjected to that awful liumiliation of conditional examinations. Being a man of many accomplishments. Alien was not satisfied with the study of medicine alone, but spent some of his time delving into the deptlis of French, in which he attained a wonderful degree of efficiency. He is that rare type of man endowed with the ability of making friends of all he meets. He has a high sense of honor and justice, and a frank expression, which is the criterion of the inner man. Henery B. Alsobrook, I B II manning, ARKANSAS Square and Compass; Vice-President Class, ' 21-22; Honor Committee, ' 20-21. Here is a man who has been from Arkansas for several years, but has not yet learned not to tell about it — not that he is inapt — it ' s loyalty — and he is that way about every tiling else — just politician enough to get popular and stay that way, modest, unassuming and sineoie in his work, and no social failure either. That smile that didn ' t weaken over a foundation of years not spent in vain will put him over strong " . HOBART StATON AwtREY, X Z X STEELE CITY, ALABAMA University of Mississippi. " Framed to make women false. " Many years ago up in the mountains of Alabama this lad was fired with an ambition to become a great physician. He first entered the University of Mississippi, where he mastered the entire curriculum in four years and entered Tulane in the junior year. He has recently been wounded by one of Cupid ' s darts, but his re- sistance is good and we believe he will survive for a long and successful practice with an amiable conr- panion up in the hills of his native state. James Joseph Baron new orleans, louisiana B.S., A.B., Tulane; Vice-President Senior A. S., ' 21. Joe is a Frenchman and suffers from that disease with which all Frenchmen are afflicted — insanity (apologies to Dr. Van Wart). He is not dangerous, however, if you rub him the r ight way. but if you step on his corns, the only way to quiet him is with a brick. His condition underwent an acute exacerba- tion, complicated with matrimony, a year ago. from which he has not yet recovered, hence he is deserv- ing of our sympathies. Clara Bimms Barrett, A E I, A fi A MACON, GEORGIA A.B., Shorter College; Stars and Bars; Class His- torian, ' 19-20-21-22; President of Women ' s Medical As- sociation. When in doubt, ask Clara — she always knows — but then, she must, she tells us because she may some day be the only doctor within reach in the oiiental part of the world where she has chosen to make her future home. A good student and justly rewarded, for she has all the honors given by the medical school. y. ' A 8s 11923 RoswELL C. Basinger, a K E, N 2 N MOBILE, ALABAMA B.S., University of Mississippi. " Wherefore art thou, Romeo? " " The Wee One " blew in last year with a cheerful smile and a healthy line of bull. Some of the smile has worn off, but the line has improved. He follows Aescuylapius too cheerily to ever do much research work, but will be a healthy practitioner. His mydriatic pupils coupled with the " String: " will be sufficient to insure his suc- cess. His only handicap is his first name. Harold Joseph Battalora, X Z X NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA B.S.. ' 21. " Batt " says he is Swiss, Dr. Hopkins says he is hopeless; on inspection it would seem that the latter, at least, is true. We hate to hold him up as a bad example, for he has some redeeming qualities; he is handsome (when he keeps his lips together) and the boy possesses speed. Harold is the kind of a fellow, who, if a fair looker happened to glance at him hard, would run up and seize her hand and convince her they had met. And the funny part is — he gets away with it. Mareus Edward Bizzell, K S, X GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA B.S., University of North Carolina. Eddy joined us in the junior year, and has won a place in the hearts of all his classmates by his genial disposition and honest efforts. Though a hard worker, he did not neglect his social duties, as can be sur- mised by a mere glance at this very likable chap. It is rumored that he intends doing some research work on arsenical preparation; Dr. Menage thinks there is a great future for Eddy in this field. Be it said that it is the honest opinion of all that Eddy will undoubtedly be a successful M.D., and an honor to Tulane. Gill W. Blackshear, 2 N, X PANAMA CIT ' , FLORIDA A.B. ; Class President, ' lS-19; Varsity Football. ' 18- 19-22-23; Honor Committee, ' lS-19. Blackshear, our standby, hails from everywhere. Those of us who have been closely associated with him are extremely fortunate, because he is that rare type of man who possesses all the cardinal virtues which characterize the true chivalrous and typical Southern gentleman. Like a Spartan of old, " Black " has been an active participant in athletics, especially in foot- ball, where he has proven liimself one of the best tackles who ever wore the " Olive and Blue. " When it comes to scientific endeavor, " Black " is there, too, as he has been one of the most consistent students in the class. Daniel Brannin, A 6, $ A 2 DALLAS, TEXAS University of Texas; Owls ; Honor Committee, ' 22-23. Biannin came to us two years ago from Texas. His pleasing personality and intellectual ability have won for him the highest esteem of his many friends. He is a man of high ideals, unselfish, and a gentleman, and a scliolar. He is one with whom we all would like to be associated in the future. He will certainly attain a success that will not only make us proud to have been his classmates, but one that will make Tulane proud to have graduated sucli a man. Otis Winfield Britt, X Z X ANDALUSIA ALABAMA Wull versed, well liked, and that well enough. A man who meets obstacles as they arise, and conquers them with the coolness and calmness of a warrior. His path has been rocky and his lights have been dim, but he has stuck by the ship with the gridiron de- termination to push forward, and well now has he proven his worth. In future years he will undoubtedly attain the highest honors as he will well deserve. His patients will be lucky. 85 t . M .. massssk 1 1L 1L 1 :SSJL JS Clarence Strouse Carter, 2 N, A K K BUNKIE, LOUISIANA Owls. Old Swanee, a product of The Old Home Town, is one of those fellows who always has a gooil word to say about everybody. He apparently neviT has a care and never works very hard, but the fellows say, " He knows his stuff. " During the past two years he has developed a decided interest in the New Orleans Medical Society Library, but we are unable to de- termine what particular subject requires his presence there. Charles Evans Catchings, A T A, N 2 N WOODVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Mississippi A. M. ; University of Mississippi; B.S. " Chas " arrived here last year and readily made for himself a place in the ranks of the tried and true. He is a conscientious worker, a true student and a gentle- man, never failing in his obligations, and steadfast in his friendships. Being a worshiper of the gun and rod, he will probably locate in the country, where the products of these are readily accessible. He would rather hunt than ply his books. Jerome C. Chapman, K 2, K ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA B.S., University of Alabama. Jerry naturally became imbibed with the spirit of Hippocrates, and possessing traits of a genius which have been cultivated by his industrious efforts to the extent of burning midnight oil while his fellow stu- dents played bridge. He intends to return to Anda- lusia or Opp, Ala., where he contemplates on relaxing in a swivel chair and limiting his practice to the eye, ear, nose and throat. Laurance James Clark, X Z X CLINTON, MISSISSIPPI Mississippi College. Quiet, unassuming and free-hearted, seeking knowl- edge wherever it may be, and determined to succeed. Laurance joined the followers of Hippocrates, He is an ideal gentleman in every sense of the word, and is liked by all — because he is a friend to all. With a scholastic record that anyone should be proud of, he will leave our midst duly and truly prepared. John Ashby Colclough, K l DALZELL, south CAROLINA B.S., Presbyterian College of S. C. John Ashby is preparing to become an oil magnate to judge from his work with John D. ' s firm after school hours. Our hat is off to a man who finds the time to work, even though attending school. " Cokes ' , " ambition and incentive certainly should make him realize his fondest dreams. Henry Octave Colomb, B 9 n, N 2 N ROMEVILLE, LOUISIANA Owls; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 21-22. " Sunbeam. " thusly dubbed in his freshman year, still runs true to form. He is one of the few men who can compound two incompatible ingredients — so- ciety and medicine — without a precipitation. This is evidenced by the fact that he frequently makes an " Eight Thirty " in spite of heavy eyelids and ballroom snow on his brow. He already has many traits of a good doctor, namely, running " Sunbeams " end of -the business; letting others run their ' s; knowing what to say; when to say it. and what to leave unsaid. With these characteristics, we feel sure that he will make some community a good doctor. ' J 87 11923 V rm- m William Hays Cook, A K K, 2 N, K B BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA Louisiana State University; Olive and Blue; Owls. Coming from the city on the bluff, Bill has stuck to the job of studying medicine with a determination Sf Idom seen. He has Improved each year, and each year has impressed us more and more with his ability. Once a decided ladies ' man, he seems to have sworn off during the past two years, but we predict that once having received the old diploma, he will again be playing for their smiles. Cyril Gustavus Devron, A 2 , K , A fi A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA B.S. ; Tulane Weekly Staff. ' 19; Hullabaloo Repre- sentative, ' 20 ; Secretary Senior A. S., " 21. Cyril Gustavus are the baptismal cognominal bur- dens that were bestowed by his infatuated parents (it is rumored that he slept during the bestowal). But he will succeed, in spite of this handicap, for his ability to disperse (during his waking moments) an attenuated stream of asphyxiated thought, that would make Dr. Johnson and Walter Scott look like rookies, will overcome all obstacles. Furthermore, his ability to do and say nothing in the most intricate fashion and to slumber under any condition has hitherto never been surpassed. Nolan S. Dickson, A T A, N 2 N WOODVILLE, MISSISSIPPI B.S., University of Mississippi. " Dick " came to us in the junior year suffering from two things for which we take no blame: One. baldness; the other, the yoke of the Benedict. His leisure hours have been spent in the pursuit of knowledge, and suc- cess will some day crown his brow — in place of hair. Like his friend, Charley, he is small in stature, but, at meal times, when the conversation is thick and fast, he towers far above his friends, a veritable Anak in the fields of contemporaneous fiction. How he and Charley are both going to make a living in Wood-- ville, nobody seems to know. Hal C, Douglas, K 2, O X BUSSEVILLE, ALABAMA University of Alabama, " Let not size be thy barrier. " After his freshman year in Mobile, Hal was admitted to our Sophomore Class with a clean slate, which is yet as spotless as any. " Little Shad. " though gifted w ith a vampish way, as yet has kept his heart his own. " With a dis- position so friendly and cheerful and his determination to succeed, we have no fear for his future. The medi- cal profession will be proud of oun blonde. James P. Dyar, B n BOAS, ALABAMA Valparaiso LTni versify; Honor Committee, " 2 0-21. Dyar is from Alabama, and possesses the qualities that generally distinguish the sons of Alabama. He is a deep thinker, a hard worker, and lais friends like him. for his good nature and faithfulness. He is one of those who believe that it is not good for a man to live alone. He learned early that a physician should not talk too much, for " By their fruits ye shall know them. " Wherever he may go, Dyar is destined to stand out as one of medicine ' s best and most capable men. John Rufus Evans, 2 N, A K K CORDELE, GEORGIA Ph.G.. Auburn; Owls; Class President, ' 20. Georgia has sent Tulane quite a few good men. but we believe Rufus is the best. He led us through our freshman year as class president, but has consistently refused to again enter the political arena. When not working, he can always be found trying to intice a bet from someone on a football game. If his Insight into the future of his patients proves to be as canny as his predictions on football games are, his success as a doctor Is assured. smmssk i :EVi ' ,2 ,SK:x " Bvm :Kv;Bvx!N«: mv: D. J, Farlev, (I ' K A. N 2 N IROXDALE, ALABAMA A.B., Howard College; Sqimie and Compass. " What a silent thinff is dynamite — and yet how potent. Quiet and unassuming, D. J. is one of those men who can liave all friends, and few. or no enemies. His natui ' al tact, urbane deportment and thorough knowl- edge of medicine are sure to make for him a place in the world, as it has among liis fellow students. The great are not always heralded by trumpets. James Vance Ferguson, X Z X MARSHALL, ARKANSAS B.S.. LTniversity of Arkansas. Vance is his name and ad-vance seems to be his motto. He came to us two years ago from the Uni- versity of Arkansas, and If there are any more be- hind like him. they have a hearty welcome to Tulane. A tall, handsome blonde with an abundance of golden curls; girls fall for liim ; boys admire him. and all the patients rejoice at his approach. He is quiet, modest and considerate, a hard worker and a true and loyal friend. He has all the essentials of a great physician, and we are sure he will be lieard from in a few years. WiLLARD L. Fitzgerald, ATA, A K K BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA St. Laurence University; Owls; Vice-President Senior Class. " Fitz " has always contended that grass cannot grow- on a busy street, thus his explanation for a bald head. In " Fitz " true worth is exemnlified, and it is all loo seldom that we meet a man who shows such constant and zealous attention to duty. His attention to de- tails, his orderly, exact and at times verbatim notes, and his persistence and technic have been in a scho- lastic sense, the outstanding features of his whole college life. Fitzgerald is a synonym for thoroughness. In other ways we find him a good companion, to every- one — an all-round man, one of our best. John Robert Flowers, A K K ANDRINS, SOUTH CAROLINA B.A., " U ' offord College; Square and Compnss. Bob came to us in the sophomore year as a disciple of Aesculapius and a worthy student of medicine. Robert has a jovial and fun-loving disposition and has made fiiends of all his classmates. Struggling through difliculties and hardships, he now hails the golden gate, and, when once upon the open sea. his voyage will be smooth and pleasant. He claims to be a woman-hater, but one never knows where he spends his Saturday nights. ThOxMas Paul Frizzell. N 2 X, A fi A KNOX CITY, TEXAS A.B., T. G. U. ; M.A.. Rice Institute; Stars and Bars. A partially reformed West Texan who thinks a six and a nine on a grade book are alike except the way you look at them. This " Man of the big outdoors " knows .iust how much to work and how and when to play, and does both. The past is settled with. " Well, that ' s that. " and " That ' s alright, " and the future is present in an original creative imagination, which, behind an ability and less than a normal aversion to work will easily put him over the big things and make the little necessary details, ordinarily troublesome, a pleasant diversion for him. George G. Garrett, K grove hill, alabama B.S., University of Alabama. George hails from the University of Alabama with a B.S. degree. He is a shy, modest chap with pruten- tious desires, namely, to emulate Dr. Matas. Like the other Grove Hill boys, he desires to exert a Valentino Intluence over the fair sex. His silence has won many friends for him, and if you don ' t believe he has a sense of humor ask him to imitate a certain nasal - voiced member of the faculty. He will surely succeed. a 89 31923 i ' Euclid Borland Gill, A fi A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA B.S., Tulane. " The shrimp that ' s a little crab " started his career at Tulane in the fall of ' 16, and a very successful one it has been. Although some of us have accused him of following: " the path of least resistance, " the fact that he has been elected a member of Alpha Omega Alpha indicates otherwise. We feel certain that from now on he need fear no one when he de- sires to read the newspaper. Possessing a high type of intelligence, and with the knowledge he has stored, we predict a very successful career for him. P. Merritt Girard, N 2 N LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA Georgia Tech. Fellow of the pre-med days. His even temper and consistent end eavor have placed him higli in the esteem of class and faculty. He is both serious and fun-lov- ing, and smokes a pipe like a typical countryman. As in all other things he is moderate in the cup. There are two . . . awaiting his return home. One of them is the good town of Lafayette — perhaps you can guess the other. William Hendon Gordon, A K K MARION, ALABAMA E.S., University of Virginia. " Once seen, never forgotten. " That shining coun- tenance has graced this institution for four years. He is a hard worker and a good niixer, and a chip of the old Bush block of ' 96. This chap hails from the good state of Alabama, and since he is a married man no complimentary bouquets need be thrown at his good looks. We sincerely hope that his future will be as promising as his past, and support the reputation of his father. Mrs. Mary Raymond Gould, A II, A E I NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A.B., Newcomb College. We are often asked why we study medicine. Mary has wanted to study ever since she can remember. She tried it in small doses for a year or two under the label of working towards a M.A. degree. She finally decided to take a full dose and become a freshman with us. Medicine " was not enough, however, so at the end of her junior year she acquired a husband. Mary is a Jolly good fellow, and liked by all. Leonard D, Gremillion, K alexandria, louisiana A.E., St. Charles College; Loyola University. Gremillion succeeds sometimes in looking like one of those " Stern, Silent Men. " His stern profile and piercing eyes may have given rise to his nickname, " The Black Sheik. " Whether it is natural or whetlier it is being cultivated to impress his future patients, is hard to tell. However, he fails to impress us. for we know his true friendliness and cheerfulness, and, al- though not succeptible to masculine wiles, admit his charm. His conscientiousness and determination will aid him in a profession where the temptation to weak- en is great. Goldie Suttle Ham, A A n, A E r, A fi A GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI A.B., Agnes Scott; Stars and Bars; Class Historian, ' 20-21; Secretary and Treasurer, ' 22-23. Goldie possesses the rare quality of being intellectual without allowing it to interfere with her good sports- manship, for she is truly a good sport. Her wonder- ful personality and her thoroughness in the class room have won for her the admiration of every classmate. She has the gentleness of a woman and the ability of a man. These virtues, combined with her thorough knowledge of medicine, will assure her a great suc- cess wherever she may go. go JAMBUm i ' lL ' Bxm ::l.v]gL 3 .l!Lvm -:: vgvg: ' ROBFRT TlIEODORn HAMnRICK, I» X, 2 I» E, G N E ROXBORO, NORIII CAROLINA A.B.. Trinity Collegro. N. C. " Bob " comes to us as a Junior from North Carolina, a bit late in arriving, but at once finding- worlc his constant companion, lie is nearine his goal. As big In heart as in stature: knows everyone and liked by everyone. Bob brings together soul, intelligence, and a feeling for others, the combination upon which is written " Relief for those who need it " and " Future Success. " Marion Douglas Hargrove, 2 N, •I X, A fi A NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Louisiana State University ; Stars and Bars; Owls; Class President. ' 20-21-22-23; ' ice-P esident Y. M. C. A.. ' 21-22; Member of Student Council, ' 22-23. A man whose lofty ideals of honesty, truth, service and diligence have brought him the highest honors of any man in the class, having reached the peaks of fame in being elected to Stars and Bars and Alplia Omega Alpha, and, in addition, having been honored by liis fellow students in being elected president of the Senior Class. A man ' s man. a scholar and a gentle- man, and of such men Tulane is justly proud. John Alexander Hart, X Z X SOUR LAKE, TEXAS University of Texas. The subject of this sketch came to Tulane four years ago fired with a determination to learn something of the science of medicine. He is of the fittest, be- cause he has survived, and even triumphed, in every friendly encounter during the entire four years. He numbers his friends by his acquaintances, and his rec- ord is a bright page in the history of the class. He hails from the heart of Texas whence he shall re- turn shortly, and we believe he will immediately take his place among the leading medical men of that great state. Roy Earl Henderson, X Z X LONGVIEW, TEXAS B.S. ; Square and Compass; Honor Committee. ' 20-21. " Pop, " as he is familiarly known, is anotlier one of the noble band " ho hails from the Lone Star state. Since the days of Camp Martin this big Texan has gone his way with his ever-ready smile and hearty hand shake, creating a sense of warmth and good fel- lowship wherever he chanced to be. Those who have been lucky enough to be closely associated with Roy are, indeed, fortunate. To his friends intensely loyal, and possessing gentleness, and real strength of char- acter, he is a friend worth while. As he travels along the paths not yet attempted, practicing the ideals and doctrines of Hippocrates, our best wishes go with him. J. Shirley Hodges, A K E, N S N DENTON, TEXAS University of Texas; Owls. " Schizo. " is the best known exponent of the many virtues of the noble state of Texas, and particularly of Big D on Hickory Creek. Arriving in the fall of 1920. he has continued with us over many rugged spots of oui " student career, always doubting, always looking for the hidden causes, he will undoubtedly reach high in the realm of his profession. Equally high, he has already reached in the heart of a certain young lady, if the length of telephone calls is any criterion. Luck to you. " Schizo, " and may your future patients be as numerous as your present friends. Joseph Robert Horn, 2 N, X LUVERNE, ALABAMA University of Alabama. Joe. an Alabamian. tlirough and through, is always ready to expound the wonders of his state. Early in his medical career, he took unto himself a bride, and since then has been studying like the deuce — we won- der if Mrs. Horn has held the watch on him. We doubt if Alabama could be quite as wonderful as Joe has pictured it, but we know Alabam.a will have a splendii-i doctor when he gets back. ' 7 Ml 19231 91 . K Mrs. Edna Huckaby, A fi A NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA A.B., Louisiana State University; Stars and Bars; Secretary and Treasurer Class, ' 20-21. Diligent application always brings its reward, and so it has, as Mis. Huckaby has all the honors possi- ble. A good student, not bashful about getting addi- tional information from the professors, and, although she has her favorites, she is aUvays ready to lend a helping hand and be a good friend to everyone. Marcus Crew Hunt, A K K RIVERVIEW, ALABAMA Auburn ; Square and Compass. Crew is one of the most persistent workers we have in both love and medicine. He attends to his own af- fairs and envies no man his good fortune. Possessing the traits of honesty, character and deterinination, we predict great success for him in the future. Guy Edmond Knolle, A T A, A K IC BRENHAM, TEXAS Texas A. M.; Owls. The latest of a long line of " Knolles " who have graduated from Tulane in medicine. His four years here have been characterized by steady work and steady progress and there is no reason why his efforts should not be crowned with success. His father will ha ' e some one to make those long calls for him in the " zero hour " — but why refuse to make a night call when one can so soon reap the benefits of a very desirable partnership. Also, hurry. Guy, and send Tulane some more " Knolles. " Morris Sterling LeDoux, B II, A 12 A INDIAN BAYOU, LOUISIANA B.S., Tulane; Owls; Honor Committee, ' 21-22; Stars- and Bars. A son of Louisiana and a noble example of her manliood. During his pre-med days he not only led his class, but he excelled in K. 1 . duty at Camp Marion. Never did Tulane boast of student with a better record, a liigher sense of honor and justice, and a more perfect endowment of manhood. His worth and ability have been proven by the honors con- ferred upon him. His future success is certain. Clyde James Lewis, A T A, A K K AMORY, MISSISSIPPI University of Mississippi. " Dub, " like all other good " Die Miss " boys, came to the greatest medical school in the South to take his last two years in preparing for his advent into the practice of medicine. He has made a score of friends during his time in Tulane, and, unquestionably, suc- cess is his. We predict his specialty in psychiatry because he is interested and adept in that line. AsHFORD Hunter Little, 2 X, N S N WESSON, MISSISSIPPI B.S., University of Mississippi. During his four years ' stay at " Ole Miss " his per- sonal appearance and professional air won him the name of " Doc, " which he justly deserves. He is a good student, but a butter fellow, numbering his fritnds by those who know him. This we know will win him much success and renown in the medical world, and we hope will change his name from " Doc " to " Doctor. " 92 ' : x:miX::MM : JAMBimA i i. ms: 5s vm ;i.v ' B.vm rgv:m ' SSL James Nicholas Lockard, 2 X, N 2 N OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI B.S., University of Mississippi. Fivo years at " Ole Miss " has given Jimmy many ups and downs with the ladies, those at the University of Mississippi in particular. Coming to Tulane for his junior and senior years, Jimmy has cast aside " the bundles of rags and hanks of hair " and has plunged deeply into the sciencn of medicine. With his ability to make friends and his jovial disposition his success is inevitable. Frank Lea Loria, A Q. A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA B.S. ; Square and Compass; Stars and Bars. Lioria has a most enviable record at Tulane, having attained membership in both Stars and Bars, and A. O. A., our only honorary fraternities. That ho has good judgment, we know by observing his social ac- tivities. That he possesses the necessarj- knowledge, we know by the class record he has. Theiefore, wo predict that suffering- humanity in him will find a great benefactor — Quacks and Chiropractors, where he chooses to render his services, beware. Cecil Oliver Lorio, A K K LAKELAND, LOUISIANA B.S.; Stars and Bars; Vice-President Class, ' 20-21. This jovial, noisy, happy-go-lucky Frenchman, with his Marcel le wave and friendly smile, has endeared himself to all who know him. Lorio has been fortu- nate in that his affairs d ' amour have been limited and concentrated on one fair damsel from Mississippi. A perfect lover, a friend to all. and a niEin in the true sense of the word are his characteristics. He is such a deserving student of medical science that he has been rewarded with the honorary scholarship of " Stars and Bars. " He is an amazing " " Specialist. " Travis Pratt McGahey, X Z X OAKVALE, MISSISSIPPI B.S.. University of Mississippi ; Glee Club ; Tulane Quartet. Two years ago a little giant in personality and in- tellect " exploded " from the University of Mississippi, known to his fellow students as " Mac, " and to the ladies as the " little man with the winning ways. " Mac is incessantly full of " pep. " always ready to share his part in everything. His qualities are Innumerable, hence his friends by the score. His qualifications for a position are according to Hoyle, and he will do honor to old Tulane. Edward Harold Maurer new orleans, louisiana Loyola University. " Handsome Harold " is almost everything a man ad- mires. We don ' t know liow he stands with the alleged fair sex. but at least one of its number has exclaimed, " He ' s so handsome, but oh I what a butcher! " which after all is rather noncommittal. Ed is frank, even to the point of brutality sometimes, but we like him in spite of this. Speaking of faults, generosity is one of his greatest. His friends are fortunate in being so termed, and the community in whicli he locates will be fortunate in the acquisition of such a one to treat the ills of its members. Z. Lewis Merritt, K BOLTON, NORTH CAROLINA A.B., Trinity College; University of N. C. " Shorty " came to join us at the commencement of our junior year, and he is an acquisition of whom we are proud. He is quiet, and performs many acts of kindness in his quiet, unassuming way. His cheerful greeting and sunny disposition have done much to give him an eminent position in the esteem of his class- mates. Rumor has it that he has a girl who watches his progress from afar. J km. 93 11923 v. fv. Kf.nneth Alexaxder Morris, N 2 N, A Q A JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Litt.B., Pi ' inceton University; Owls; Stars and Bars; Editor-in-Chief Medical Section of Jambalaya, ' 22-23. " The longer you know him the better you like him, " men say; " To know him is to love him, " women say (it ' s been rumored). His eyes twinkle and his upper lip is long. Furthermore, ye Medical Editor of Ye Jambalaya, can do things besides medicine — well. Honesty of purpose, good nature, industry and scholar- ship — invaluable in the practice of medicine — are char- acteristic of the man, L. J. Neal, X Z X SHAWNEE, OKLAHOMA B.S. Endowed with the God-gifted power of reasoning, he slowly but surely will make a nanie in time to come, immortal in the medical world. Married, quiet and persistent, never saying unless knowing, for he knows of what he speaks. Neal joined us in the junior year, having taken his preliminary work in the Indian territory state. Oklahoma should be proud to have sucli a son, and we wish him God-speed. Julian Gary Palmer, A T fi, X OPELIKA, ALABAMA University of Virginia and Auburn; Owls; Assistant Editor Jambalaya. ' 21-22; Assistant Art Editor, ' 20- 21-22; Art Editor. Medical Section, " 22-23. Auburn sent him to us and we are proud to stamp our approval. " With his pleasing personality, adapt- ability, modesty, scholastic ability and high character he will make a man of whom the medical profession will be proud. Being one of the Beau Brummels of the class, fair Newcomb will bemoan her loss. One of our best examples of a gentleman and a scholar, wo predict the greatest success for this blue-blooded Ala- bamian. Claude Victor Perkier, K new orleans, louisiana A.B., Loyola University; Class Treasurer, ' 21-22. Vic has been variously termed the perfect lover, the answer to a maiden ' s prayer. Some call him " The Sheik, " others, " Lothario. " His activities along cer- tain lines make these applications not entirely un- merited. He is one of the most popular of our num- ber. His friendly manner, upright principals and ster- ling " character make all who know him like and ad- mire him. His friendships are acquired through the above qualities, and with these to guide him, his caraer will be a brilliant and successful one. Lee Tinkle Pruit, X JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS A.B.. Baylor University. Tinkle entered the Junior Class and made solid all around in no time. He has an amicable disposition, a rather peculiar sense of humor, and such a tendency towards blondes that he also prefers Marechal Niel roses and yellow taxis. He believes in his own opin- ions, and has a determination to back them that us- ually gets him what he starts after and wilU make him -hard to stop in his profession. Khyllis Cheeo Reese, A 2 I , K V OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA University of California. Hail the Greek from California, Khyllis Cheeo Reese. Had it nof been for Reese, the present Senior Class would certainly have not learned much about the Cali- fornia climate of which he loves to speak. Khyllis is a man of many loves — lie dearly loves to talk, to harangue the students, to speak to the professors to chat with the instructors, and to converse with mem- bers of the other sex. Continuing at the present gait, he will probably become a professor at some large medical school. 94 A-A.,.A M J JAMBUm L l . ' l. ' m :E5x :Bx v•B -: vmv: ¥J ,i . «., . Mattiieu James Rivenbark, X Z X WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA A.B.. Wakt ' Forest Colhgo. " Jimmie " Is another product of the old North State. He has had many predecessors at Tulano. and we be- lieve he lived up to their precedent. He has made great strides of progress dui ' ing " the last two years. He can adjust the spine, find malaria bugs, and do threshold percussion with equal facility. After his two years at Charity and three at the Mayo ' s, he will go back to North CaroUna and settle down. COUNCILL COURTLAN ' D RUDOLPH, K A, N 2 N JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA B.a, V, M. I.; Owls; Historian Class " 22-23. The " Count. " formerly a V. M. I. cadet, but now, with his winning smile and irrepressible good humor, a captain among the Debs, leaves Tulane with a scho- lastic record onyone should be proud of. The " smile " is so characteristic of the man that we need mention it again, and which, along with his frankness, courtesy and good judginent. will play no small part in the successful practice of medicine, whicli we feel sure will result from his endeavors. Mariano Salizar san jose, costa rica B.A., Tulane University. Mariano is a quiet, unassuming, hard working chap, who, in a strange land, has overcome tlie handicap of language and custonis. He is popular with the ladies because of his temperament. His perseverance has won for him the esteem of the faculty. Tulane would welcome more students of this calibre from Costa Rica. SCARDACCIONE NEW YORK CITV B.S., Columbia University. " Scar " came to us during the latter part of the sophomore year from the far eastern school of Co- lumbia. He has made a berth for himself in the class and the school, and whereas he is slow and easy going, he usually manages to reach his destination. With his knowledge of Einstein ' s theory, to say nothing of medi- cine, he is marked to take his place among the noted men of science. William Mastin Scott, 2 X ' , E X mobile, ALABAMA Alabama University; Pan-Hellenic; Owls. Scott came here a sophomore, hot from Alabama and showed right off he had come to stay. Both handsome and intellectual, his only care is to keep out of trouble, but if enough friends are not too many we can easily see for him a path of roses along life ' s way — if they don ' t happen to be orange blossoms — then we hope for the best. Serious in his work, true to his neighbor, honest with himself, and that ' s enough for any man. Joe F. Shuffield, A K K NASHVILLE, ARKANSAS Class President, ' 21-22; Honor Committee, ' 20-21-22-23. Joe is one of the most popular men we have. To know him is to like him. The respect and esteem of the students and faculty alike is the reward of his services to the class. Joe is happily married, and, with an M.D. from Tulane, success is only a matter of time. 3 4 m. ■ i . 9S Ch :%: Joseph Sicoma xew orleans, louisiana Tulane ; Stars and Bars. This poet hails from Sicily ' s sunny shores. Instead of the usual longr locks of the poet. Joe takes his out in sideburns. After instructing uptown for two years, Joe decided to get his M.D.. and therewith joined our class. His intellectual ability is evidenced by his making Stars and Bars. With his extensive knowledge of Anatomy he should go far in the fields of Surgery. Tom Sims, A K K ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Ph,G.. Auburn. In Tom we believe Alabama has sent us her best; convinced that still waters run deep, being very rarely seen or heard, but found conscientiously performing every task assigned him. Being popular and an earnest worker, his success as a doctor is assured. Clarexce T. Smith, K 2, A 2 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS S-W. University, Georgetown, Texas; Owls. Another good man from Texas — " Doc " has been with us four years, and during " that time, all who have met him have been his friends. In spite of being handi- capped by living with LeDoux and Palmer for the past two years, he still has a good record in every way. Generous even to a fault, a true friend and a loyal student, qualities which insure him success in any branch of medicine. Thomas Luther Smith, $ X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA B.S., Alabama; Square and Compass. Smith has been a quiet and considerate chap front the first day he joined us. It has been his policy to follow instructions to the very point without ever questioning. AVith constant, steady work and this " do as you are told " policy, he has become a well-liked fellow. We feel sure that, with this attractive and likable personality. T. L. ' s success is assured and Ala- bama will possess another valuable asset. A. Sternbach NEW YORK, N. Y, New York University. " Stern " hails from Hicktown on " the Hudson, and is imbued, in common with all other inhabitants of that village, with the idea that the civilized world ends at the city limits. He is ambitious and has three aims in life: to outshine Fritz Kreisler; to do more work than anybody else in class, and to weigh as much as Jim Alison. We wish him luck. William Downing Stickley, K 2, $ X STEPHENS city, VIRGINIA A.B.. Roanoke College; Owls; Olive and Blue. A gentleman from Virginia suhl — and one of whom that state should be justly proud because he has ail the attributes of a gentleman. " Stick " is another of the four-year Tulane men. and during his stay with us, we have all grown to admire and respect him for his manliness, diligence in his studies, magnetic per- sonality, gallantry and charm. His sterling traits of character and his gentleness of manner stamp him as a future leader in his profession. Ct„,.fU.„. t 96 JAMBimA i ixm ' m::: :-: aN : sm :g- George Herbut Sumner, K I ' franklinville, north carolina Unlvorsity of North Carolina. " Dup " embarked upon his sojoui-n to the metlical " Mecca of the South " in 1 21. Since his arrival he has proven himself one cf the faithful. Determination to suceeetl seems to be one of his marlietl traits. His unfailinfi- good nature has made him quite popular with his fellow-students. He seems to lean towards surgery, and In this field we expect to hear great things of him some day. Felix M, Tankersley, K A, $ X HOPE HULL, ALABAMA A.B., Alabama University; Owls; Olive and Blue. Some day Alabama will be as proud of Felix as he Is of his state today. For four years his unl ' aiiing determination to reach the top has won the respect and admiration of every classmate. He is a man of high ideals, unselfish ambitions, pleasing personality, a scholar and a gentleman. We expect to hear of him in the future as a man high in his profession, and doing great work to alleviate human suffering. Carl B. Tittle, X MT. VERNON, TEXAS B.S.. Texas Christian University. " By his gait ye shall know him. " It isn ' t ataxic, neither is it spastic. It isn ' t included in Dr. Cazana- vette ' s classification at all. Carl B. Tittle entered our class as a junior and was immediately administered the milk of human kindness Tulane accords ti ' ansfers. It wasn ' t long before his scholarship and ability be- came evident to all. His wit, and all the other quali- ties that have been enumerated in these little sketches — fore and aft — make us wish that four years had been spent in Tulane instead of two. Curtis Hartman Tyrone, X Z X PRENTISS, MISSISSIPPI Mississippi College. Tyrone joined the class in the fall of 1921. During his two years at Tulane he has made an enviable record and now enjoys the distinction of being recog- nized as one of the most promising men in the class. At present he is employed as resident pathologist at Hotel Dieu, which position he fills in addition to keep- ing up with his regular school work. We are not in- formed as to his intentions after graduation, but we predict a bright future for him. James Marvin Washam, $ X SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA B.S., University of Alabama; Square and Compass. Our tall and handsome, classmate is one of those in- dividuals we are always proud and glad to know. Since he joined us we have had the addition of a steady and faithful worker with unswerving perse- verance; the latter quality for which he must be con- gratulated. He brings to mind that little saying of " still waters run deep. " for he says little, but hears much, and only divulges his knowledge at the proper time and place. His native Sylacauga will be proud of him, fortunate to possess one of his type, and satis- fied with his consultations. Frank K. Williams, X TOWNLEY, ALABAMA B.S., University of Alabama, Hams joined us in the sophoniore j ' ear, his freshman year at the University of Illinois. During his stay here he has been a depend- able and steady worker. Though most of his time has been spent in the study of medicine, he has delved somewhat into the mysteries of Mosaic Law. In Wil- liams we find a man who is big physically, mentally and morally, and we predict that he will attain high honors in his profession. " Big " Wi having had K7 4 4 97 119230 V, Ye S enior D lary _5 fe) EPTEMBER 23d. Didst return after many wanderings in ye land of ye Pharisees to ye scene of former activities and soon hath been introduced into ye presence of all high one, Dr. Bass, whom ye shiftless students otherwise knoweth as " Malaria. " From thence didst repair to ye Comptroller of Currency where ye contents of ye pockets art skillfully evacuated. After attending to ye other perfunctory duties of ye pre-educational requirements and registering much disgust therewithal, didst meet with several merry fellows of former acquaintance and journeyeth forth into ye bright lights of ye city. Finding ye Grunewald still firmly fixed to ye ancient foundation, didst repair to several former taverns of good cheer where much merriment doth reign. September 24th. Waketh with few memories, but many resolutions for ye future. Taketh my way to ye ancient temple of learning where many rumors pervadeth ye atmosphere. Heareth with great disappointment of ye absence of ye great Chief and ye former mentor, Halsey, from association with whom ye disciple of knowledge gaineth much and repayeth with ye greatest respect and appreciation. Findeth ye chair of ye great man ably filled, but am sorrowed that ye great cardiac stimulant will no longer be ye sheet anchor in ye therapeutic quiz. September 27th. Early to ye wards where it seemeth like yesterday that ye student heareth ye sarcasm of one Lemann over ye total ignorance of ye conditions which confineth ye Ethiopian recumbent on his couch. One Bel soon wakeneth him from his dreams of yesteryear and teacheth him much concerning ye non-protein nitrogen, urea nitrogen and ye other blood chemistry findings, ' til ye brain whirl- eth. Truly ye patience and sympathy of ye head of ye Department of Medicine doth refresh and stimulate ye poor student. September 30th. Learneth much of ye skin lesion, though ye shirt stud of ye professor daz- zleth ye student ' til he no longer regardeth ye eruption. November 3d. Changeth sections and with ye section ye sex of ye patient. Heareth for ye first time of ye threshold percussion. Truly, alas, doth it seem that ye addled student must be musician as well as artist and scientist. Heareth also of ye fibrillating cerebrum and am much impressed thereby. December 6. Early to 8 :3o tea under chaperonage of ye crimson-topped mentor of pediatrics where ye young physician learneth much of ye aseptic technique of withdrawal of ye lacteal secretion of ye cow and meeteth with many undignified accidents with ye patients of ye early age. December 7th. Learneth with much joy of ye return of ye great Doctor Matas and imbibeth much knowledge under his tutelage. January 31st. Listeneth with interest to ye latest ideas concerning ye fractures and becometh both carpenter and plasterer to repair ye broken femur. April nth. Early to ye nose and throat clinic where much knowledge concerning yc deviated septum is imbibed. Also doth ye disciple laugh heartily at ye most excellent jokes of ye able head of department. April 15th. Truly impressed with ye brainy discussion of refraction though, alas, little doth sink into ye head of ye poor dumbell. April 17th. Up at ye early hour to observe ye forceps delivery. Truly ye infant should be more considerate of ye hard life of ye tired student. May 30th. Ye poor medic doth suffer ye tortures of ye damned. Ye night oil burneth and ye coffee magnates doth acquite fortunes. Alas, remorse doth assail ye benighted student as he thinketh of ye lectures spent in slumber and ye idle hours spent in merriment. June 2d. Ye seniors doth assemble from afar to meet in ye ancient rendezvous where pre- sideth in glad raiment " Dr. " Belfield, in whose hands for ye time being resideth yc fate of ye class. Methinketh, indeed, there abideth much merriment at such a time, but soon learneth ye reason therefor. June 8th. Ye Class of 1923 disperseth to all parts of ye globe to begin ye task of emblazoning its numerals upon ye rolls of medical history. Historian. — ' r. . i ? MMBM£k k lL ' l ' lSi: :J S3XB: :s :Esms: ' . . Senior Class Elections and Statistics Bi ' sl .lll-RounJ Man: Hargrove, 15; Frizzell, 10; Shuftield, 10; Devron, 6; Brannin, 6; Allison, 3. Most Popular: Sims, 36; ShuHield, 6; Rudolph, 5; Allison, 4; Palmei-, 4; Hargrove, 3. Most Sr inUirlji: LeDoux, 45; Barrett, 5; Frizzell, 4; Brannin, 3; Hargrove, 3. Most Likely to Succeed: Brannin, 7; Evans, 6; Sternback, 5; Morris, 4; Hargrove, 3; Shuffield, 3; Hodges, 3; LeDoux, 3; Alsobrook, 2. Done Most For tin- Class: Shuki-ield, 37; Hargrove, 19. Done the Class Most: Alsobrook, 29; Sicoma, 13; Sardacione, 4; Hargrove, 4; Miss Barrett, 2; Loria, 2. Favorite Professor: Dr. Mai as, 39; Dr. Bethea, 9; Dr. Dix, 5; Dr. Bamber, 4. Handsomest Man: Tankerslev, 10; Williams, 9; Stickley, 7; Sardacione, 5; Alsobrook, 4; Battalora, 4; Palmer, 4. Prettiest: Tankerslev, 12; Williams, 6; Garrett, S; Miss Barrett, 3; Sardacione, 5; Sicomo, 2. Laziest: Carter, 19; Hambrick, 17; Tankerslev, 8; Flo vers, 4. Wittiest: C. T. Smith, 30; Palmer, 10; Tittle, 6; McGahee, 4. Thinks He Is: LORio, 15; Flowers, 12; Palmer, 9; Loria, 5; Sicomo, 4; Maurer, 4. Best Natured: Si.MS, 15; Sumner, 11; Miss Ham, 8; Bizzell, 8; Allison, 5; Shuffield, 4; Ferguson, 3. Talks Most and Says Least: Loria, 37; Lorio, 8; Devron, 8; Sicomo, 4; Miss Barrett, 4. Most Likely Bachelor: Palmer, 10; Williams, 9; Washam, 9; Gremilion, 7; Gill, 6; Frizzell, 4; Morris, 4. Biggest Jelly Bean: Palmer, 23; Allison, 16; Stickley, 8; Basinger, 6; Salazar, 3; Lockard, 3. Thinks He Is: Allison, 18; Palmer, 9; Scott, 8; Stickley, 8; Britt, 5. Biggest Bluffer: Devron, 15; Dickson, 10; Sardacione, 7; Lorio, 6; Basinger, 6; Loria, 5. Biggest Drag With the Faculty: Shuffield, 24; Devron, 12; The Women, 9; Hargrove, 7; Lorio, 6. Tried Hardest To Get It: Loria, 28; Lorio, 8; Reese, 8; Miss Barrett, 6. Needs It Most: C. T. Smith, 16; Devron, 13; Maurer, 5; Gill, 5; Britt, 5. Big test Politician: Alsobrook, 16; Shuffield, 12; Hargrove, 10; Devron, 9; Allison, 5; A. K. K., 4; Phi Chi, 4. Class Baby: Allison, 27; Miss Barrett, 20; Garrett, 6; Basinger, 3; Battalora, 3; Mrs. Huckaby, 3. Favorite Course: Medicine, 15; Gynecology, 11; O. B., 11; Psychiatry, 6; Laboratory Clinical Medicine, 4; Surgery, 4. Favorite Amusement: Bridge, 8; Sleeping, 8; Bulling, 5; Golf, 4; Theater, 4; Tennis, 3; Hunting, 3; Petting, 3; Entertaining one man, i. Hardest Year: Junior, 30; Freshman, 17; Sophomore, 15; Senior, 4. Favorite Hangout: Masera ' s, 12; Broadway Pharmacy, 8; Grunewald Lobby, 6; Katz, 4; Mecca, 3; Oasis, 3; Three Feathers, 2; Newcomb, 2; Audubon Park, 2; Cadillac, 2; Library, 2; Charity, 2. Hardest Course: Neurology, 25; Anatomy, 15; Skin, 14; Hygiene, 7. Easiest Course: Hygiene, 33; Jurisprudence, 11; Emergency Surgery, 10. What Would You Do If You Ran the Medical School: Standardize " history taking, " classification of rales, the use of digitalis, and the limits of Psychiatry. Put elevators in Hutchinson, a trolley between Hutchinson and Charity, soft cushions on the upper three rows of the amphitheater, and start classes at 9:30 a. m. Give Dr. Halsey eight drachms of digitalis; Dr. Simons 1,000 pills of ipecac; Dr. DuBuys a red mark; and apply the Binet-Simon test to Dr. Van Wart. Do You Drinkf Yes — 45. No — 22. Eleven were doubtful. Do You Chevj Tobacco f No — 50. Yes — 16. Twelve were doubtful. Why Is ig2 tlic Greatest Class in the Medical School f Because quizzes have made us that way; the " Profs " can pronounce nearly all the names; more men who know how to make a good impression with little work; we lived through Psychiatry and — look at the others. In What Line Do You Expect to Specialize? Doubtful, 16; Surgery, 11; O. .B. and Gyn, 9; Medicine, 9; Gyn, 6; Fed, 3; Nose and Throat, 2; G. U., 2; None, 2; Psychiatry, i. IV here Do You Expect to Intern? Charity, 30; Doubtful, 16; Touro, 7 ; T. C. L, 6; Dallas, Texas, 2; Cook County Hospital, 2; I. C, i. Have You a Degree? Yes — 40. No — 22. 16 — ? 99 11923 E 7WJW7MIMjA :i ■ ? Day Dy Day A Tragedy in One Act Scene Place: Ward 43, Charity Hospital. Time: 8 a. m. (Morpheus reigns, as evidenced by variegated snores, emitted by colored female denizens) . 8:15 a. m. Enter Miss Barrett. (Takes chart from vall and wakes patient). 8:30 a. m. Enter Goldie, Mary, Julian, Scott and Cook. 9 a. m. Enter Pruit followed by Title, rub- bing his eyes. Scene Place: Miles ' Amphilheatcr. Time: 11 a. m. (Scene opens with Mrs. Huckaby, Stern- back, Salazar and Juniors occupying the front row. Seniors arrive, climbing over Scar Tissue and P. G. ' s) Enter Horn, Stickley and Evans, passing Williams, seated on end. (Each slaps the back of his neck). Williams (in broad Alabama brogue) : " What the h — 1 you birds think this is? " (Throws lighted cigar at Stickley, which lands in Carter ' s hair). Enter Rudolph, Frizzef Hodges I have I 9:30 a. m. and Morris. Hodges: " Where ' s Dr. Guthrie? four cases to be checked. " 9:45 a. m. Enter Washam, one elevator ahead of Dr. Guthrie. (There is a mad rush to be checked. Miss Barrett wins by a nose.) (Curtain) II Carter: " Who in (Thundering crash from above. All eyes turned in time to see Jim Alison falling down steps.) Palmer: " Oh meee-e! " (P. G. on second row gets excited and swallows toothpick. Uproar finally ceases. Goldie resumes letter writing). Scott (to Lorio on right) : " Tippity Witchet, me eye! " Lorio: " How about Sea Mint? " Enter Dr. Matas. (Momentary respectful silence broken by loud applause. (Tlie Chief is back from Europe). (Curtain) Scene III Time: 3 p. m. Place: Chamber of Inquisi- tion — Snappy quiz conducted by Dr. Bass. 3:03 p. m. Dr. Bass: " Well, now, Mr. Knolle, have you obtained any further data on your question? " Knolle: " I have a monograph from the sur- geon-general ' s library w ' ritten in Latin, but I haven ' t heard from the Swedish bureau of research, Tice, Nelson or the Siamese set of scientific statistics. " Dr. Bass: " Mr. Blackshear, will you please read the history. " Blackshear (to himself) : " Pretty soft. " (Aloud) : Name: Catcha Stein. Age: 23. White, male. Nationality: Denies it: Ad- dress: Pirat ' s Alley. Complaint: " Thirst. " Past history: Genu Valgum, Furunculosis when child. Present illness: Began at age 17 while student at prep, school. No relief obtained by drinking an unknown quantity of water. Roommate suggested a bottle of beer. This relieved thirst for two days, but it came back in more severe form, requiring two bottles. He states that this kept up until several bottles daily had no effect, but gastric symptoms developed, so he started complemen- tary treatment of Manhattan cocktails, taking one as often as indicated. This soon lost its effect, and dry Martinis, slow gin rickeys, and finally all brands of straight whiskey were added. For two years some relief was ob- tained. He suffered from intermittent attacks during the remainder of his academic years. In 1919, he entered Tulane Medical School. During this year his attacks again became fre- quent and have increased in frequency every year since and, except for rare elapses of two weeks when finances won ' t permit, he now has at least one attack a week, usually Sat- urday night or following an examination. The last attack was Mardi Gras — a very severe one which required three days of steady drinking to relieve. Since then he has been fairly free from symptoms, but thinks he is now in a pre-thrist state and is likely to have an acute flare-up any Saturday night. " Physical Exam: He .d: Exceedingly large and nearly normal in shape, and covered by hair which is supposed to be parted in the middle. Eyes: Pupils dilated Saturday nights, react to accommodation and sometimes to light. Nose: Typical. Abdomen: Liver: Palpable four fingers below costal margin. Extremities: Knee Jerks: All during sleep. Lab. Erythrocytes by the millions. Leucocytes: ' - — Ks 5 iv - mU..:JB» ,i: a. JAMBHSSA i iL -iL ' i Ki. aL 3.k vmN:B.vB .v Nuclei blue, chromatin purple. Neutrophlils most of the space. " Diagnosis (Abram ' s method) : Post-exam- initis and chronic Saturday nightis. " 3:20 p. m. Dr. Bass: " Mr. Basinger, how do you spell aneurism? " Basinger: " Aneur — A-n-e-u-r — Aneur — Aneur — " Dr. Bass (writing in his little book for three minutes) : " Mr. Basinger, will you look that up for next time? " 3:30 p. m. Dr. Bass: " Mr. Carter, do you think 8002 is a hypcrleucocytosis? " Carter; " Yes, Doctor. " Dr. Bass: " Where did you find that, Mr. Carter? " Carter: " In your book. Doctor. " Dr. Bass: " Well, I know my book has some errors, but — Mr. Tankersley, what do you think about that? " Tankersley (with a start): " Huh! — I mean ' yes, sir. ' What was the question. Doctor? " Dr. Bass (piercing glance in direction of Mr. Tankersley. Writes in little book for ten minutes) : " Mr. Hambrick, what do you think about that? " Hambrick: " Well, Doctor, I don ' t believe — Simons says that 8003 is not a hyperleucocy- tosls. " Dr. Bass: " Did you read that after you re- ceived the history? " Bell rings. (Curtain) X I m 4 - P Z ? place - 5r J. Kloo »- fl ' n p h ith e QTe •■ J r } r 1923 . a Scene IV Place: Hutchinson Memorial Amphitheatre. Time: 4:30 P. M. (Class Meeting.) Hargrove: " This meeting is called to set a date for the surgery exam. Are there any suggestions? " Voices: " Monday! Saturday, three weeks! Tuesday! Wednesday week! Sunday morning! Saturday night! " Hart (rising) : " Mr. President, I move that the date for the senior dance be set for June 3, 1923. " (Loud guffaws.) Hargrove (raps table) : " One at a time, please. " LORIA (rising) : " Whereas, in order that, as a matter of fact, however, on account of, notwith- standing, it certainly is, as a matter of course, upon which the subject is nevertheless based, brought me finally, therefore, after much mental labor, by many complicated conjunctions, to a definite conclusion, which you might call, to be sure, a fixed idea. Wherefore, I thank you, however. " Hargrove: " Gentlemen, that settles the question. The exam will be Saturday week. " (Curtain) I. One-half of three score years ago Dr. Rudolph Matas sat. With hypo needle beneath his hat. At the ghostly hour, when lights are low. Few men knew why he did this. But he did prepare. And he did ensnare Filaria sanguinis hominis. n. As the midnight hours approach near. In a later day and later year. There slips into Dr. Guthrie ' s ward, With oily motion of sliding lard Preparing to do the self same stunt. The embryo doctor Marcus Crew Hunt. Armed with his stop watch and needle, too. Here in the darkness, sits Marcus Crew, A sly little devil, yet he did miss, Filaria sanguinis hominis. £i.L jvycg::K :. c .0, - r . smmssk ' l: ' R R 3 3L g J ■ 3 J s 3£xg •z■vJ Jlv K :a: l wV Va 103 10251 Pli jWiM wymrwJwrw wrwjWiWJwywjw7M jpi Junior Medical Class Officers R. H. Clark President H. C. RiKE Vice-President J. R. Richardson . . Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. I. E. S. Jones Assistant Editor Jambalaya W. R. WiRTH Hullabaloo Represenlati ' ve W. J. Graber Historian Junior Medical Class History AIN would I call upon the Muses and make sacrifices unto the gods to endow me with the efficient fluency to pen the eulogies of the Class of ' 24. But of what use, for even the great Herodotus or Livy could hardly do justice to our worth or merit; and so, like Burns, " If my Muse, though homely in attire, may touch the heart, " I will feel that I have not labored in vain in chronicling the annals of ' 24. It would hardly be possible for me to tell this History without first going back to our beginning as freshmen three years ago. We started out one hundred and ten strong, and, true to Dr. Hardesty ' s prediction, at the end of our first year only eighty were left, and had it not been for a certain anatomist who, though small in stature, is mighty large in heart, the casualties would have been greater. We then entered into our next stage of development; wise sophomores bloomed forth in varied hue. How full of great things to be done, and how we did think to put a Matas, a Mayo or a Murphy in the shade. Tread lightly, gentle reader, on this part ; for we are reconciled now to be just what we may. And yet the mill did grind some more. Hence our motto is " Many are called, but few are chosen. " Some may say i? is the survival of the fittest, but we say it is the survival of the luckiest, for here we are in our junior year. Many strange faces were seen at the beginning of this year and they were received with a hearty welcome. With them our number has increased to ninety-six. This year we realize that medicine is, indeed, more than theory. Associated with hard work there are nevertheless many amusing happenings in the junior year. Who among us will ever forget Frank ' s little experi- ence — " Thank you, Doctor? " We could relate many more, but space prevents. How- ever, if luck is with us and we succeed in reaching that great historical day in June, 1924. we will, no matter how far from civilization, recall with pleasure — " See-See, " " Thirty pounds per body weight, " ' " You ' re all wrong, all wrong, " " You owe me an hour, " " Five per cent, for declaring a holiday, " " I ' ve been associated with the fac- ulty, " " Now, gentlemen, we were discussing the last time. " 104 £1,: ....xi ,:-X ' A . 1 JAMBIHXA i iL i. ' m aL oJL aL :i.k v: Junior Medical Class Jack Harrison Ayers, B.A., K A, J X HARTWELL, LOUISIANA Owls. After twelve M. — it ' s Doctor J:ick. James Alexander Azar, A.B., ' P 11 S CROWLEY, LOUISIANA It is easy to drift with the current and dream, But only the game flsh swim up stream. John Minton Beall new orleans, louisiana Honor Committee. ' 21-22. Another Mississippian with a friendly disposition. " Be prepared for the worst. " Garland Greene Brown, K A, N 2 N GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Owls; Olive and Blue. This " Sailor Man " has a ninety-horsepower " Come Back. ' Donovan C. Browne, A.B., A K K, 2 11 CONWAY, ARKANSAS Brains, not size, make men. Richard H. Clark, II K A, K JASPER, ARKANSAS Square and Compass; President Class, ' 22-23. " Whei ' e did you say you were from? " Hyman L. Cohen, B.S. coahcha, mississippi Jambalaya Representative. ' 22. " And the world looked upon him and smiled. " John Alexander Coleman, B.S., K A, N 2 N, K $ plant city, FLORIDA Owls. " Betcha five I busted. " J. P. Culpepper, Jr., B.S., X Z X POPLARVILLE, MISSISSIPPI No minute analysis is necessary to stamp this man a gentleman. GiLRUTH Darrington, A T A, I X YAZOO city, MISSISSIPPI Owls. " When the world rocks, rock with it. ' 2 n A tA 105 ]i923 v l A Junior Medical Class Pierre Armand Donaldson, A K K RESERVE, LOUISIANA Life is shoit. (ull ol ' tears and worry, Smile away the tears and laugh at the worry. Stacy A. Duncan, B.A., X Z X DUNN, NORTH CAROLINA " E. Pluribus LTnum " — Love her hard! Otto C. Ecdorf, B.S., K A, ■! B II SEDALIA, MISSOURI Square and Compass. Stork Chief. Help the little ones out. George D. Feldner, ■I ' B n NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Square and Compass. A good man is hard to find. Andres R. Ferro havana, cuba Another good man. William Wilson Flowers, I B n DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE Square and Compass. The idol of summer school girls. William J. Graber, A K K BRENHAM, TEXAS To be a friend to all and love the Sunkist products of California. Thomas Quincy Harbour, K ' I ' KEENER, ALABAMA " The world is a wheel, so everything will come around alright. " Jesse Terryl Harper, K ■ monroeville, alabama Square and Compass. " A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke. " Walter H. Head, B.S., n K A, X Z X BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Not large in stature, but he will make his mark. io6 ILl ' jt " KUi. mK .. M .M : M ::M : M .w JAMBimA sr9 - i By:E Junior Medical Class William C. Holmes, B.S., A i: , K A ' FOLEY, ALABAMA Kenneth L. Hood, B.S., N 2 N ELGIN, ILLINOIS " If you wfint anything clone i-ieht do it yourseir. " William A. Hutchinson, K 2, I X NASHVILLE, ARKANSAS Owls. " Wouldst wander down to yon shady nook with ms? " Earl Hyman, B.S., K N, A E NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Honor Committee. ' 22. A logical mind knows no error. Lillian Kasitza, A.B., A E I LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Be sure you are right, then go ahead. Julian Hobson Lombard, N 2 N NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA President Pre-Med, ' 19-20. Bel, Duval and Lombard (inc.) It ' s George, Charlie and Julian when these doctors meet. Daniel Roy McIntyre, B.S., X Z X JOHNS, MISSISSIPPI " Why worry, but do it anyway. " Spencer B. McNair, K I ' m ' cOMB, MISSISSIPPI Square and Compass; " Vice-President Class. ' 22; Honor Committee, ' 23-24. " Nothing like the dream of fair women. " Manly Mason, B.S., I P 2 ATLANTIC, NORTH CAROLINA " To never miss a show at the No-Name. " Walter Loren Newburn, A T A, N S N JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS 0 vls; Vice-President Class, ' 22. " Here ' s to love and unity. Dark corners and opportunity. " i% L A 2 ' f 107 ]Jd23 rr; jff i, J M . i . . kd y A. - %.jmja.j imj m Ji Y lj A. S-J TjfJH W. -- - «- -- --- ' --5 Junior Medical Class RussEL Clark Pigford, 2 A E, X MERIDIAN, MlSSISSlrPl Owls. " Damfino. " Nathan Hirsch Polmer, B.S., K N NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Schield and Scimitar; Pan-Hellenic Council. Charles Glenn Poole, B.A., X Z X CLAYTON, north CAROLINA " Love all. trust a few, do harm to none. " Heber C. Rike, a t n, X Z X DYERSBURC, TENNESSEE Historian. ' 20-21; Vice-President, ' 22-23. " Get ' em young, treat ' em rough, tell ' em nothing W. L. Rosen, B.S. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA William James Rosser, B n GOODWATER, ALABAMA " A good quiet boy — the girls like him. " William Kent Ruble, A.B., 2 A E, X WAGONER, OKLAHOMA Square and Compass. " How about that Jolly Boy? " Newton L. Sebastian, ! A 9 NORWOOD, LOUISIANA Owls. " A taste for wine, an eye for a maid. Never too bold, never afraid. " Edward Franklin Shaver, A T n, K TAMPA, FLORIDA " Marry the daughter of a millionaire and quit medicine. " H. M. Shuford, X Z X NORTH CAROLI.S ' A " A fair haii-ed ' Tarheel. ' but more than fair with the ladies. " io8 •f»„..Bs-,.. ).. ' . m .V . .- .-: ;% -.: ' » --. g xmiAoAVJ JAMBUSKA l lL ' m aiXlL :a 3. . vm -:g: JK :s: Junior MeJical Class James Lenward Smith, B.S., i; IT, A K K COLUMBUS, GEORGIA " He is persistent in his diagnosis, so says Dr. Bloom. " John Garrison Snelling, Jr., B.A., K A, N 2 N NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Owis; Hullabaloo Repi ' csentative, ' 20-21. " I love many. I trust few, I alwaj ' s paddle my own canoe. " CosMO Joseph Tardo, B.A. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Talbot Austin Tumbleson, B.S., A X I ' , I X NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Owls: Square and Compass; Class President. " A merry heart doeth good like medicine. " Carlos Urrutia, B.S. new orleans, louisiana Frank E. Werkheiser, X Z X PHILADELPHIA, MISSISSIPPI " Now, kiss me. Doctor, is what you hear when Frank completes his work. " Leonard Livingston Wilson, A.B., $ P S MOUNT olive " Not to miss a night court. " Harry Hall Winters, A.B., K A, A K K NEW IBERIA, LOUISIANA Owls. " This rock shall fly from its firm stand as scon as I " — Speaking of girls, not professors. WiLLARD Ralph Wirth, B.S., I X, T K 2 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA WiUard has been very sad since the sinking of the yacht, Albeit. Marion A. Young, Jr., K I ' ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA ,E X 3X£ J ' A A 1C9 1923 rr X M m 0Vf — ' I Ji K ' M Or " Even Gray Cats Look Black in the Dark " There was once a good Shepard who lived near a Harbour on the river Jordan, whose daugh- ter, Sebastian, was desperately in love with a Young man whose name was Richard McNair. McNair, formerly the village blacksmith, should have been AzAR on account of his Ayers, but was now a Coleman on the good ship, Parades. He was not Wirth much, but he had a little Mauney which he got from Cohen on his Car, " a Mitchael. " As Winters icy grasp loosened and the Brumfields and sweet Williams blossomed, he Tucker with him to the Parsons. As the Bealls were pealing they were joined midst spring Flowers, the Harper playing the wedding march (reTARDO). The brides Head was adorned charmingly in a Brown Hood. The groom did then Graber and Egdorf on their honeymoon to Lombardy by way of Donald- SONVILLE and BiscOE bay. He proved to be a Ferro daddy, for one morning he Rosen was told that there was a New- burn. This filled the old boy with joy, for this little Shaver was Richardson. Ere many years had passed, the little boy was kidnapped by Fung (the pirate) who thought his secret safe, but Bienvenu and told Mrs. Jones who told Miss Kasitiza who told Miss Robert- son who then told Sladczyk the great Sherlock Holmes of Werksheiser, who swore he Wood find her. A long and tedious search was started, from coast to coast, from Rome ' s Campagna to the land of the Moers, yea even to the heights of Mt. Wilson. Sherlock with Sneilinc his Chamberlain, together with Darrington the Taylor, Tumble- son the Mason, and Rike the Glazer formed the posse which was making this untiring search. Declaring a Holiday, after a swim in the Pool as clear as Glass ' neath the shady Bowers, the party entered Jensens to dine on Culpepper sauce and Duffy pudding. Then lo and behold! there sat the villian smoking a Campbell cigarette. Sherlock did Pearce him with his eagle eye and demanded the child. Whereupon, Fung cried out, " I can tell you nothing of the child, but Duncan, " who didn ' t. They then consulted Shuford the Polmer who said the child was hidden in LouNT and Feldner ' s dry goods store. There they found the little child surrounded by a gang of cut-throats: Stookey ' , Rattner, Kid Reynolds, Happy Houlahan, Ike Nelkin, Pug McGary, Battling Lawson and Fidgety Clark. They recovered the child who said he would Rosser go home than anywhere else he knew. So, after spending many Rubles they returned the child safely home. Loud cheers from the populace were heard as the once more united family received the blessings from good old Father Pigford and prepared to live happily forever after. Azzarra (meaning finis in Greek). jyofBum i K ll • JLV A a:v ' B J!l :gv3a g: mv:s JI.vls:. 5 31923 la 8 - A3a., ) . ,- K Mc Zji m K-- C-4 |M T Bailey, Craig, Curtis, DeCecca, DeCeasare, Devron Emory, Fletcher, Gardner, Garnier, Gay, Goldsmith Graubarth, Guerriero, Gueymard, Hill, Huckaby, Hunter Karnofsky, Lisenby, Lucas, Miller, Owens, Rabb ROBIN ' S, Roy, Sayre, Sharp, Sheely, Smith, H. R. Smith, J. F., Stallworth, Storck, Warren, Webb, White, Wills •i-ezi: .., .isrio. JMBimA i v " ' Bx:E3C N :i.K m -: v:mx " ' ' ¥S ' ' ' ' ■ " , Sopkomore Medical Class Ori ' icERS J. O. LisE JBV Prcs ' ulriit Oscar J. Emery Vice-President R. S. Ray Secrelary-Treasurer Benneit G. Oweks llislorian Dax ' iel D. Warren Jamhalaya Rcpresentati ' ve Henery Leopold Ilullahaloo Rcprcsenlalivc Members EcnERT James Bailey. . . . Orange, N. J. N 2 N Julius Dewey Benson .... BIythesville Joseph Frank Beyt . . St. Martinville, La. e K B M. Blum New Haven, Conn. I A K Robert Edward Bratton . Round Rock, Tex. A K K Chairman Honor Council (2. 3). Ale.xander F. Brock . . Montgomery, Ala. K yy J. S. Brown, Jr., B.S. . Hendersonville, N. C. A K K Honor Committee (2, .3). Powei. B. Cappel .... Alexandria, La. K I ' .Square and Conipas. . H. K. Carrincton .... Magnolia, Ark. K Z, ' I ' X Herndon H. Clarke .... Mobile, Ala. X Z X N. B. Colombo New Orleans, La. William Jesse Craic . . Landersville, Ala. X Z X Herman Perry Curtis . . . Robeline, La. K I ' Victor C. De Cecca . . White Plains, N. ]. J. F. De Cesare, B.S . . Roselle Park, N J. n T Leonard E. Devron . . New Orleans, La. K I ' , A 2 Paul S. Dougherty, A.B. . Los Angeles, Cal. K A, X John F. Drew, A.B. . . San Francisco, Cal. Frederick Y. Durrance, B.S. . Arcadia, Fla. X Z X Miss R. L. Esterlinc, B.S. . . Jackson, Miss. Oscar Jarrell Emery, B.A. . . Denton, Tex. N 2 N Vice-President Class (2. St. V. W. Fletcher . . . Greensborough, Fla, P 2 Seth Jordan Floyd, B.S. . . . Pheni.x, Ala. K - Square and Compass. William P. Gardner, B.S. . . Tupelo, Miss. Varsity Football (22); Glee Club (22. 23). William Victor Garnier . New Orleans, La. K I ' Robert Eldridge Gay, B.S. . . Roanoke, Ala. K 1 ' Square and Compass. H. W. Goldberg .... New York, N. Y. 2 A, ! A E Ben Goldsmith Welsh, La. 2 A M Julian H. Graubarth . Las Vegas, N. Mex. 2 A M Square and Compass. He.nerv E. Guerriero .... Monroe, La. ! P 2 T. H. Gueymard Carville, La. I P 2 Daniel LaSalle H. good . . Brewton, Ala. A K K J. G. Hamer Austin, .lex. X Z X Joe J. Hanus Ennis, Tex. Gaston A. Hebert . . . Hot Springs, Ark. K A, A K K Robert C. Hill, Ph.G. . . . Bellamv, Ala. B n Square and Compass; Honor C ' ommittec (2). DuRWARD Allison Huckabay, Shreveport, La. K -i ' Melville W. Hunter . . New Orleans, La. B n Hyman Karnofsky . . . New Orleans, La. Odey Francis Landry, B.A. . Delcambre, La. B n Saul Francis Landry, B.A. . . . Morse, La. A K K Henery N. Leopold . . . San Antonio, Tex. 2AM Hullabaloo Representative (2, 3). James Otis Lisenby .... Dothan, Ala. e X, K -i ' Honor Committee (2); President of Class (2, 3). John F. Lucas Moorhead, Miss. 2 N, X William R. Mallan . . Washington, D. C. A T A, N 2 N ' MoRELL W. Miller, B.S. . Abbottstown, Pa. A e, A K K Edwin Rogers Nodine, A.B., New York, N. Y. Ben 7, 113 1923 ■J A rj :. . jfe.: . . ' A Thomas Hillman Oliphant . Jackson, Miss. A T A, N 2 N Bennett G. Owens, B.S. . . Hurtshoro, Ala. A T n, X Z X Historian (2, 3). Robert Y. Rabb Marianna, Fla. S N, X Owls. Mrs. Florena Gates Rich . Nashville, Tenn. B.S., M.A. A A A, !• B K RuEL R. Robins, B.S Ozan, Ark. 2 n, X Square and Compass. W. L. Ross St. Jolin, Kan. X R. Sanford Roy, B.A. . . Natchitoches, La. K 2, X Y. B. Alfonso Salazar, San Jose, Costa Rica Thomas M. Sayre .... Mangham, La. P 2 Square and Compass. Henry Schwartze .... Brenham, Tex. Joseph L. Scianni . . . New Orleans, La. Robert F. Sharp Chunky, Miss. N 2 N W. P. Sheely Gulfport, Miss. P 2 Assistant Art Editor (2, 3). Alphonso R. Sims ..... Richland, Ga. X Z X Henry Ralph Smith . . Birmingham, Ala. K -I ' J. Frank Smith, A.B Paris, Ark. X M. M. Snellinc .... New Orleans, La. K A, X o. o. s. L. Spiegel New York, N. Y. William L. Stallworth, B.S., Orrville, Ala. e X, K i ' Varsity Football (2); Varsity Track (3). William Foran Stock, B.S., Hartford, Conn. K University Band (2. 3). Ambrose Howell Storck . New Orleans, La A e, N 2 N Vice-President Senior A. S. Class Miss S. B. Sulhoff, B.A. . New Orleans, La. Vincent J. Thacker, B.A, .... Mexico A K K Clifford J. Vedrenne . . New Orleans, La. Carl M. Vermillion .... Tescott, Kan. K 2, B n B. W. Ward New Orleans, La. B n Daniel Davis Warren .... Houma, La. K 2, X Square and Compass: Jambalaya Rep- resentative (2, 3). Clarence H. Webb Lucas, La. B n, N 2 N Class Track (2); Class Wrestling (2); Secretary-Treasurer (2) ; T. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Secre- tary (3, 4). Waldo S. Wehrly, A.B. . . Santa Ana, Cal. N 2 N Herman Aubrey White . . Alexandria, La. A.B., B.S. K Seward H. Wills .... Stanhope, N. J. N 2 N Sophomore Medical Class History The Class of 1925 has passed through the first stage in the strenuous process of becoming a medical person. Possibly it is egotism on our part, but we think that we made a A ' ery creditable showing last year — at least, until we began the study of Physiological Chemistry, the " Jonah " of the freshman " medic. " This, indeed, proved a terrible stumbling block whereon manj of our number tripped. However, with the beginning of the second stage of our struggle, we found a goodly number of our band on hand eager for the fray. We regretted the loss of some of our number through transfers and other causes, but we received our share of transfers and our enrollment was only three short of last year. We have had a most successful year so far, having been the recipients of numerous bouquets from the faculty — and a few lemons. Thanks to the faculty for their con- stant repetition of some things which will be with us always — for example, the definition of a polyvalent serum. Our year has been a most happy one, for it seems that at last we have begun the study of medicine. Our professors have been very nice and extremelj ' patient with us, and we appreciate it. We realize what yet lies before us to be mastered, and we have hopes of leaving behind us this year a record of which we shall be proud. 114 JAMBIISKA k yL ' iL i s:M : i :s :B: m. xs3SE :E m A " 5 31923 E , fc; l.. ? ' -.a ft .j=g-.r ifCjss s£ ' ' l. gl. - - =a= K, ' ■ X Archinard, Beven, Chambless, Childers, Clements, Clyde, Colgin, Coulter Crawford, Currie, Eckford, Edgar, Falletta, Floyd, C. F., Ford, Fuselier Gill, Grayson, Guillory, Hale, Havard, Hawkins, Hawkins, Jr., Hodges Hull, Jones, King, Knight, LaNasa, Langston, McComiskev, Merchant MlANGOLORRA, NEVILLE, PETERSON, RaY, ROOLING, SaIEWITZ, SCOFIELD, SiMS Spencer, Swann, Tabary, Truex, Urrutia, Wallis, Walls, Waltrip Warner, Weinberger, Weiner, Wight, Woolf, Young, Younger, Zamora ii6 •:».„ r .,..KE: JAMBHSKA i ii: ' i ' BXg 3.v%N::g.viivy - ' v:yv ' g: Fresn resnman Medical Class Officfrs R. J. Grayson President M. C. Hawkins, Jr I ' iee-Presidenl Miss A. M. Zoeller Seciclary-Treasurer M. H. El-Driny Uislarian Miss S. Schaefer Jamhataya Rejtiejenlalivc P. Yardorouch Jamh laya Repre3r:ilali ' ve Memrers Claude Heard Ford Winton, La. I K , X White Elephants; Class Wi-cstUnE. ' 21. John E. Frazier Trenton, Tenn. A K E, N S N Julius D. Fuselier Manioii, La. 1 B ' I ' John Joseph Archinard . New Orleans, La. K A, N i; N Henery Joseph Bavon . . Ne- v Orleans, La. A K K G. H. Beavers, Jr Benjamin, Te.x. 2 A E, N 2 N John Lansing Beven . . New Orleans, La. Honor Committee. ' 22-23; Cross- country, ' 2 2. J. Dewey Billeaudeau.x . . . Eunice, La. B n IiSADORE Brickman . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. John K. Bullock, B.S. . Montgomerv, Ala. 2 ! E, K I ' Honor Committee. ' 22-23. Jack Loyd Chambliss . . New Orleans, La. K A, A K K Leland A. Childers, A.B. . Santa Cruz, Cal. A K K Fquare and Compass. Ralph James Christman . . Crowlev, La. A K K Glee Club, ' 22; Honor Committee. ' 22-23; Dormitorj- Governing Boal ' d. Thomas Edwards Clements . . Oberlin, La. K I ' Wallace A. Clyde, B.S. . . Uniontown, Ala. K 2, I X white Elephants. William Edward Colgin, Jr.- • Waco, Tex. 2 X, X 2 " X Marvel Leaman Crawford . . Denver, Col. Glee Club, ' 22-23; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. M. O. Currie Mogee, Miss. K vl ' John F. Eckford, B.S. . . Starkville, Miss. A T A, X 2 X Clarence D. Edgar, Jr. . . Frost Hill, La. A K K, 2 n Mohamed H. El-Driny . . . Cairo, Egypt L. David Farragut Pascagotila 2 n Vincent J. Felitti, B.A. . New York, N. Y. A M Cyril Herman Floy ' d . . Lake Charles, Ala. K Square and Compass. Paul Herman Floyd . . Lake Charles, La. Track Team, ' 22; Cross-Country, ' 22; Football (Class), ' 22; A. A. U. Wrest- ling, ' 22. Nolan Dawson Geddie . . Canton, Tex. Erwin Lowe Gill .... Monticello, Ark. 2 n Richard Joseph Grayson . . . Selma, Ala. K A, I X President Freshman Class, ' 22-23; Track TeaiTi, ' 22; Cl-oss Country, ' 22. E. J. GuiLLORY ' Mamou, La. A K K Douglas M. Hale Camilla, Tex. B ri Charles A. Havard .... Big Cane, La. 2 X, X Isaac F. Hawkins . . . Bayou Chiest, La. K 2, X Martin C. Hawkins, Jr. . . Parkdale, Ark. A X A, X ' ice-PresidGnt Freshman Class. ' 22-23; Track Team. ' 22; Tulane Band, ' 22-23, David J. Heiman .... New Orleans, La. K X Sidney R. Henry, Ph.G Marse Preston Street Herring .... Innis, La. A X A, A K K DoLON Ernest Hodges . . New Orleans, La. B e n, N z X J. C. Hull San Antonio, Tex. 2 A E, X Guy Richard Jones Remv, La. I P 2 Glee Club. ' 22, Ralph E. King CoUimbIa, La. 2 N, A K K Julius Hurley ' K.night . Birmingham, Ala. X Z X Joseph A. La Nasa . . . New Orleans, La. Manly F. Langston, A.B., Birmingham, Ala. 2 X, I X . William Walter Locke, B.S. . Orville, Ala. DoMiNiCK J. LoNCO, B.S. . New Orleans, La. B n Authur J. McCoMiSKEY " , New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer A. S., ' 22. tA " 7 H1923E ' 0.% John E. Maines .... Lake Butler, Fla. A K K Albert H. Mann .... Texarkana, Ark. 2 N, K I ' Thomas Willis Martin, B.S., Belton, S. C. K I ' Charles W. Mattinglv . White Castle, La. Hary McM. Merchant, B.S., Gainesville, Fla. 2 N Charles J. Miangolorra . New Orleans, La. S. A. A. U. lOS-lbs. Wrestling Champion. ' 21. Charles Mildo, B.S. . . . New Orleans, La. Clifton T. Morris, B.A. . Baton Rouge, La. A T A, X Walter L. Murrell, B.A. . . . Colfas, La. A K K Mrs. Archibald Nelson . . Shreveport, La. Cecil H. Neville .... Whitakers, N. C. K Stuart E. Nolan ........ Mexico Carroll D. Overton, B.S. . Pine Bluff, Ark. N 2 N Marmaduke S. Pender. . . . Sneads, Fla. 2 A E, A K K Richard Jones Peterson . Greenwood, Miss. Walter W. Poimboeuf . . . Leesville, La. Robert B. Ray Kosciusko, Miss. K K. N. Rayer Kankakee, III. n K A, A K K William H. Roeling . . New Orleans, La. B n Sam Bloom Saiewitz, A.B. . . Tallulah, La. 2_A M, $ A E Suzaune Schaefer, B.S. . . . Evanston, 111. Jambalaya Representative, ' 22-23. T. F. ScoFiELD ..... Dade City, Fla. P 2 C. K. Sims Donaldsonville, La. n K A, N 2 N Olive and Blue. Reynolds D. Smith, B.S. . . Okolona, Miss. K 2, X Leon Opal Spencer .... Goshen, Ala. Z X z Robert Elmer Summitt . . . Orlando, Fla. Cecil C. Swann ...... Marion, Ala. A K K, 2 N Sidney Louis Tabary Slidel, La. B n Francis J. Tarantino, B.S., New Orleans, La. Robert Merrian Truex . San Antonio, Tex. P 2 Hector Urrutia .... San Antonio, Tex. Thomas H. Wallis Ocala, Fla. K A, X Edward G. Walls . . . New Orleans, La. A 2 , N 2 N White Elephants; Class Historian; Hul- labaloo Representative. ' 22-23. Oliver H. Waltrip . . .Ft. Worth, Tex. X , X Paul L. Warner .... Nashville, Tenn. K 2 Gene M. Warner .... Ft. Smith, Ark. K A, A K K Hullabaloo Representative. ' 22. Herbert L. Weinberger, A.B., Laurel, Miss. 2 A JI Elias Weiner New Orleans, La. Bennett A. Wight Hugo, Okla. A T A, N 2 N James O. Westbrook . . Buena Vista, Miss. P 2 R. H. Williams Alachua, Fla. K 2, A K K R. M. Willoughby . . . Lysite, Wyoming 2 N, A K K Joseph H. Woolf Piedmont, Ala. K Sr Pete Yarbrough Auburn, Ala. 2 A E, K i! Jambalaya Representative, ' 22. David W. Young . . . Fayetteville, Tenn. I A e, N 2 N John B. Younger Fisher, La. P 2 Football. ' 21. Edwin R. Zamora . . . San Jose, Costa Rica iig - -.-.fi«-...aC « fc.„, ..ii s.. J MBUSKA i i - i5Xgjxa sBN:j :mNmvE 3£ 3 v . m A ' k ' A 119 ' ki3 1923 ' W- " " l ■? - Senior Dental Class Officers M. L. RosENBAUM President J. H. BuRTis Vice-President Mrs. Myrtle Plaster Secretary J. T. Stinson Historian F. M. Talbot Assistant Editor Jambalaya J. G. Bourgeois Assistant Business Mana er Jambalaya Senior Dental Class History t HIS being the fourth and last year, I feel that each one has an individual history which should be written and it is a personal regret that there is not enough space allotted for this purpose; consequently I must men- tion the class as a whole. It was just after the war, in the fall of 1919, that we registered in the Tulane University School of Dentistry, some of us being ex-service men who had left college at the time of the declaration of war with Germanj ' . Unlike most preceding classes, many of our members are college graduates and this fact has helped in raising the standard of our class. We remember very well that in our fresh- man year we had a most " glorious " struggle with the study of the gross structure of the human body and congratulate each other upon having been so successful in completing this strenuous course. For the first year or two, our progress toward obtaining a degree was rather slow, it seemed, but now, as we gaze upon the past, it seems but yesterday that we registered as freshmen. From time to time our ranks have suffered casualties, but have been replenished by men and women transferring from other schools. There are, in our class, members from parts of the world far distant from here, and together we have struggled side by side as brothers. As historian, I wish to congratulate these class- mates upon the success attained by adapting themselves to their new environments. It scarcely seems that four years have elapsed since we entered school and it will be difficult for us to say good-bye to each other with a mere handshake for we liave stood together as brothers. There will come a time when we will look back with love and fond recollections upon the trials and triumphs of our days spent in Tulane, and we vi ' ill say, no doubt, that those were the most pleasant of our lives. Graduation day approaches for many, and we hope for all of us, for we owe this reat success to our loyal and worthy professors, who, through their intelligent and untiring instruction, have guided up to the goal we now approach ; and may we reflect credit upon them by standing for everything that promotes the welfare of humanity and the advancement of our chosen profession. To our Alma Mater, and to each other, we extend our true and sincere affection. HlSTORL N. H----f- -— Ca -Kfc.-;- JAMBimA k yL i -iL :s ' itSB sjL :s :K: KWsM Charles M. Bannisthr new orleans, louislvna ! K 2, ■ ' P. Charles, the most " paged " man In the cU ss. is also one to whom we take off our hats in recognition of his perseverence and ability to overcome obstacles. His personality and ability assure his success as a dental surgeon. Millard Lee Bland new orleans, louisiana Millard is the one member of our class who. we honestly believe, never has the blues. He enjoys life so much that we suspect him of being an optimist. The only thing that ever embarrassed him was to And his sock rolled down over his shoe while dancing with his girl. Here ' s luck to you. Millard, and we know you will have it. John Grant Bourgeois MORGAN CITY, LOUISIANA ' n Class Representative Jambalaya, ' 22-2;?. " Sam " is a studious looking fellow, and when his name is mentioned among the fair sex. a flutter of excitement is noticed. He is very modest about being interviewed, so we can learn nothing of interest con- cerning his past. We are certain of his success — at least we know he will have one patient in Morgan City, won ' t you. Sam ? John Horman Burtis DENISON, TEXAS •21- s $ Vice-President Class. ' 22-23; Honor Committee, 22; Class Business Manager Jambalaya, ' 21-22. " Brutas, " the quiet little fellow from Texas (can you imagine anyone from Texas being quiet? — but he is, really), is another example of what the " Crescent City " will do for one. Upon leaving the rancli. he decided on a professional career, coming to Tulane — and New Orleans — the combination resulting in Biutas becoming a dentist of no small ability, and- — well, we can ' t tell everything. Francis Michael Connell FARLEY, IOWA S ' " Mike " has been with us for two years and we all like hihi. He is capable, energetic and says that he is strong for Mr. Volstead. (?) He is a true friend and a good pal. May the future hold mucli for him. Anita Louise Crozat NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Tulane Women ' s Organization; Class Secretary, ' 19-20, Four years ago, when our labors began. Miss Crozat was our only girl ; she held this distinction for two yeai ' s. Idleness for her is an impossibility, and she can always be found where the work is hardest. Un- selfishness is one of her most predominating qualities, and whenever we have needed a helping hand slie has responded most willingly. ' 7. P ]1923 VA K ' - W Miguel Angel Correa Jr. PORTO RICO s " Mike " is a gentleman and an all-round good fellow. He never says much, but means lots when he speaks. He insists that " where there ' s a will there ' s a way, " and has almost convinced us that he is right; we hope that he is. Clement Quitman Durham WINNFIELD, LOUISIANA Square and Compass; A.B.. La. College; Class Presi- dent, ' 20-21; Class Representative Jambalaya, ' 19-20; Honor Committee, ' 20-21; Assistant Instructor Chemis- try, ■21-22-23. " Bull, " after having decided that an A.B, was not enough, came along with us in quest of a D.D.S., and he probably will be the first to find it. His every effort has been directed toward making the dental world a better place to live in, and if there were a few more of his kind it would be. no doubt. Lack of space prevents our saying anything about him, but you will hear from him in the near future. Victor N. Hall SHAMROCK, TEXAS Square and Compass. " ' Vic, ' the electrician, " wandered into Tulane Den- tal School four years ago and has been wondering ever since if there was a chance for him to become " Vic the Dentist. " Judging from his past, he will be there when the sheep is skinned. Honesty of purpose and action has been his record while with us, and we know there is a bright future in store for him. Eugene Perrien Holloman NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Q Unfortunately for us, " Gene " has been with us only two years. He is a most affable sort of fellow and can do a day ' s work wearing smiles. Here ' s wishing you every success. Gene. James Frank Johnston, Jr. GALVESTON, TEXAS Square and Compass; Class President, ' lS-19; Class Secretary, ' 19-20; Dorm. Committee, ' 19-20; Class Rep- resentative Jambalaya, " 19-20. Johnston, formerly the lad of yellow shirts — green tie fame, has long since discarded Texan dress for local attire, and by diligent study, has stepped into the front ranks of his class and will soon be a sure-enough, all-round dentist. If high grades count, Johnston should be famous some day. somewhere. Gehangir Dossabhoy Kapadia BOMBAY, INDIA Assistant Bacteriology Laboratory, ' 20-21. Gehangir. " The Sheik, " knows how to use his time to the best advantage. " We feel sure that India will be proud to greet him upon his return, and that the orient will have at least one good dentist. JAMBUSIA George Gkrald Kaufman SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Kaul ' miin is another one of those " quiet " boys from Texas, but having lived far from the in 11 u once of " BIG B, " he has developed into one of those hard- worlcing, steady fellows of whom ou often hear-, but seldom see, and, with the aid of his solid, firm, well fixed grasp, will be a success. Thomas J. Kivney, Jr. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Q " Klv, " after serving two years at Georgetown, joined us as a junior. He is the type of fellow one likes to know, and he will go the limit for a friend. Pros- thetics is his hobby and we expect to hear more from him along that line. Barney Kogen chicago, illinois Barney could not decide where he would receive the coveted hide of the sheep, but realizing the value of a good education, he came to Tulane, and, to our pleasant surprise, has stuck it out with us. Having spent most of his time in the " ' ' indy City, " around such well- known places as Friar ' s Inn, Moulin Rouge, etc., he finds our town a bit slow; anyway he is " one of the boys " and carries our best wishes for his success. Dewey Bryan Lantrip HOULKA, MISSISSIPPI 2 n, A Captain Varsity Basketball, ' 23; Captain Scrub Bas- ketball, ' 20 ; Interfraternity Basketball. Tennis, Base- ball, ■21-22-23; Class Editor Jambalaya. ' 22; Varsity Basketball, ' 21-22-23; Pan-Hellenic Council ' 23. Poor " Trip " ! How quickly the four years have slipped by and how sad it will be — farewell, ladies;, goodbye, old pals; adieu, basketball and baseball, and hello, Houlka Miss. ! WTiy not start all over. Trip ? you can ' t leave us now! He won ' t. You ' ll see Trip ' s shingle hanging around New Orleans before long. Paul Herbert Maloney, Jr. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Varsity Football. ' 19-20-21-212; Captain Football Team, ' 22; Basketball, ' 20; Baseball. ' 19. Paul, sometimes called " Ferocious. " is a popular and well-liked member of our class who became " fi. ced " early in his junior year. Being full of vim, vigor and vitality, we know that he will be as successful in his career as he has been on the gridiron. 7 r J 123 I. . George Dewey McAnally richmond, virginia " Mac " has been with us this year only. Upon being " persuaded he finally buckled down to work and is going to be a regular dentist some of these days. His genial nature and gentlemanly bearing have won for him the fiiendship and esteem of the entire class. Oui good wishes accompany him upon his return to Ol ' Virginia. Louis Rockwood Melze TEXARKANA, TEXAS ' 20-21; Pan- 2 n, fi Class Business Manager Jambalaya, Hellenic Council, ' 21-22. Another case of Texas being on the map. but being so close to another well-known state, he came to us entirely civilized. Me ' ze has always been a credit to us. and when it comes to dentistry, he is the real thing. We are solid for you, old boy, and expect great things of you. Theo T. Moore NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Clive and Blue; Tennis, ' 20-21. Theo is the Beau Brummel of our class, always Slabbing the good-looking vampire patients. Possess- ing high ideals and being an earnest worker, he will always be found at the top — and we have heard whis- pers to the effect that — it ' s funny how lucky some fel- lows are. ToMiicHi Nakahara JAPAN " Nak " insists that he is not- a Chinaman, and we know that he displayed rare judgment when he chose Tulane as a soft place to land when he blew in from the Orient. Altiiough he has been with us for only a short while, he has demonstrated his superior natural ability as a technician, and success is his in Japan. (Mrs.) Myrtle Procter Plaster houston, texas Class Secretary, ' 22-23. Having seen, dear reader, samples of the masculine inhabitants of Texas, you now behold our only mem- ber of the fair sex of the Lone Star State. She is a friend worth having, and during her two years in Tulane. she has been an influence upon all about lier. We are sure that her patients will be attracted to her, just as her classmates have been. T24 u:,..fA,,.. m :j,M r M A.: .w .-€k JAMBUSSA i iiv ' iL CR5c BS3:N:B.vm -:g.v:R g: Meyer Lewis Rosenbaum MERIDIAN ' , MISSISSIPPI S I ' t Square and Compass; Class Historian, ' li»-20; Vice- President Student Body, ' 21-22; Honor Committee. ' 20- 21; Class President, ' 22-23. Rosey Is just tlu- kind of man one would expect to be president or general manager of something:. A man of high ideals, with experience, knowledge and per- sonality that will carry him high in the profession. Since the day he wrote that Fresliman Class history, he has been recognized " Ipso Facto " as the class humorist. We predict that he will make as much noise in the profession as he does with the drum in the Shrine band. Angel Roure PORTO RICO Class Secretary. ' 21-22. Porto Rico has. in Roure. a worthy representative. It was not easy for him to attain the high standing that he now enjoys and credit is his for his conscientious and successful efforts. He bids fair to be numbered among those of dental fame in the future. Madison Lafayette Smith CHATOM, ALABAMA 2 n, fi Square and Compass; Honor Committee. ' 20-21. With such an illustrious combination for a name, one would expect wonders, and truly wonderful has been the advancement of M. L. since the day he ar- rived fresh from Chatom. Ala., wherever that is. The natives of that fair city won ' t recognize the distin- guished young doctor when M. L. goes home and demonstrates all the modern methods of scientific den- tistry. And how proud " She " will be, too. Jamie Tho; ipson Stinson JONESBORO, LOUISIANA S ' Fquare and Compass; Class Historian. ' 21-22-23; As- sistant Bacteriology Laboratory. " 21-22. Jamie hails from North Louisiana, where they grow ' em tali and handsome, and for the four years that we have known him, he has been the same big- hearted, joking Jamie. While taking care of two or three otlices and keeping a Ford in running order, he- has found time for work and play. Nothing is too hard for him to attempt, and once started, success is his. Robert E. L. Stuart POPLARVILLE, MISSISSIPPI S Representative Year Book, ' 19-20; Class Secretary. ' 20-21; Class President. ' 21-22; Honor Committee. ' 21- 22 ; President Dentistry Student liody, ' 22-23 ; Vice- President Student Council, ' 22-23. " Chubby " is one member of our class who is often heard, but seldom seen; however, he delivers the good ' s, even if he does have scA ' eral sidelines. We rather ex- pected him to star as an athlete this past year, but Chubby said that he had rather be a real live dentist, and we expect to hear of his being president of the Mississippi State Board in a year or two. A 125 11923 i j i, " --i 1 FoRNO M. Talbot BERNICE, LOUISIANA K 2, 12 Square and Compass; Olive and Blue; Class Presi- dent. ' 19-20; Class Historian, ' 20-21; Tan-Hellenic Coun- cil, ' 21-22; Honor Committee, ' 21-22-23; Student Ac- tivities Committee, ' 20-21; Interfraternity Baseball, ' 22; Assistant Editor Jambalaya, ' 22-23. " Red, " no doubt, is one of the most popular men in school. A glance at his achievements and honors proves his standing- in Tulane. and we are sorry that lack of space forbids us recording herein those at- tained at Newcomb._ A natural leader who leaves a record attained by only the few and envied by many. In the practice of Exodontia success awaits him, for he has " Some Pull. " Thomas B. Taylor, Jr. BASTROP, TEXAS A S . O Olive and Blue; Honor Committee, ' 21-22; Class His- torian Freshman Class, ' 20-21; University of Texas, ■16-19. " T. B. " hails from " Big ' B ' on the Colorado, " where- e ' er that is, and his pride of that fact is exceeded only by his good looks. Being a natural mixer and a bit of a politician, T. B. has made a friend of everyone with whom he has come in contact ; no doubt, he will have the big state of Texas " by the horns " within a few years. Bryant W. Thompson EUDORA, ARKANSAS S SE " Dummy " is the representative of that illustrious state, Arkansas. Having decided that life on the farm was a bit strenuous, he decided that to become a dentist was the only way out. His generous dispo- sition and perse verence have won the esteem of his classmates and we wish him luck when he returns to Eudora. Edwin Eugene White PLAQUEMINE, LOUISIANA 2 n, ir Q " Vice-President Class, ' 19-20; Assistant Business Man- ager Year Book, ' 19-20; Jambalaya, ' 20-21; Honor Committee. ' 21-22. Ah! here ' s the " Little General. " popularly known as " Preacher, " the clever little diplomat from up-country. Another case of Goodbye, Boys! — but college days can ' t last forever, though the memory of Edwin ' s friend- ship will ever remain in those of present, as well as by-gone classes. In choosing his profession, dentistry, he chose well as exemplified by his work in classroom and clinic. Rudolph Louis Zelenka, Jr. HOUMA, LOUISIANA n Honor Committee, ' 20-21; Assistant Editor Jamba- laya. ' 2 0-21. " Ru " is the man who put Houma on the map of Tulane Dental School, and when Annapolis lost him. Tulane made a big gain. His natural ability as a Prosthetist causes us to predict for him a successful future in that specialty. Frank Jerry Bourgeois (not in panel) WHITE CASTLE, LOUISIANA " Little Nell " failed to honor us with a picture, so you will never know what you are missing unless you should some day make his acquaintance. He denies that he is the " Sheik of Algiers, " so we will have to take his word. We wish you success, F. J. 126 JMMKKA .s ' m aExa: sg 3 k A Junior Dental Class Officers W. C. DeRouen President M. C. Love Vice-President Clyde Williams Secretary-Treasurer James Roberts Historian Keith Acton Issistant Editor Jambalaya L. Bailey Assistant Business Manager Jambalaya Junior Dental Class History I N giving the historj ' of the Class of ' 24, the historian would, indeed, find (■Z it a pleasure to enumerate some of the wonderful accomplishments of p = each and every one of his class-mates, but as my space is limited, a short Sfl i ' history must suffice. We entered the dental school in 1920, forty-eight strong, but by persistent attacks of the many " Ologies " and " Technics, " not neglecting to men- tion our course in Anatomy, our number has been reduced to thirty-four. These courses were presented to us by our ever patient professors of the uptown campus. We are grateful for the opportunity to express our gratitude to these professors for the skillful manner in which they conducted their respective subjects. The class this year appreciates the facilities of the clinic where we receive training and practical work. Our class boasts of having some real exodontists. One of our number tried to improve on the modern method of extracting teeth by removing two at once. We also have another who has distinguished himself as an exodontist by extracting the wrong teeth, claiming that this is the way to get more work. There are so many other interesting things about the class of ' 24 that we need not relate here, for we have another chance to appear. We are very glad to have the honor and privilege of being students of old Tulane. 127 T K: Junior Dental Class Joseph Keith Acton, S P shreveport, louisiana Assistant Editor Jambalaya. ' 2 3. Beauty did not miss him. " The women won ' t let me alone. " Lazard Louis Bailev, S ' new orleans, louisiana Assistant Business Manager Jambalaya. ' 23. His mustache is his only asset. " If it wasn ' t for examinations I might pass. ' ' John Emil Battle santiago, cuba Square and Compass. His thoughts are clear, but his tongue is tied. " My speed is my drawback. " Armando Cobo key west, florida Seeing operations never affect liim. " I never Bust. " SoDUS A. Collins, Q WINNFIELD, LOUISIANA Square and Compass ; Secretary-Treasurer Class, ' 22 ; Class Basketball. ' 21. I may have been a farmer, but I ain ' t now. " Oh, Dentistry, my trust is in thee. " Walter Clarence DeRouen, Jr., a ' new orleans, louisiana Honor Committee. ' 22 ; President Class, ' 23, The Hercules of the Junior Class. " I may be small, but my ideas are big. " Rudolph Marion Dozier, S " ' waldron, arkansas Class Basketball, ' 21; Arkansas Club- Rudolph — but Dozier spoils the combination. Ben Harris Gunter, Q BLUE mountain, MISSISSIPPI Honor Committee, ' 22 ; Assistant Editor Jambalaya, ' 21. His gift of speech predominates. " Let me tell you a new one. " James P. Hollers, ■ I ' fi DALLAS, TEXAS A man with the wrong name. " I crave silence. " James Frank Kilpatrick, S ■ ' ' I ' , B $ 2 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Square and Compass. I ' m good looking, take it from me. " Temperance always. " 128 JAMBUfflOl k iL %VBs:sL ' 3: Ms::E :ESW-:m :xK: ' K ' " a Junior Dental Class Mktz C. Love, 3 M ' 1 DE RIDl)F.O, LOUISIANA Vici?-Pr-esident Class. ' 23. The man with the riyht name. " nhinilfS and nruni ' lLos all Ifuik alikr tn nic. " HuBERi- II. Martin, 1 ' Q, U K OZARK, ALABAMA It takes a tall, hanclsonii- man to give tlieni a treat. " I tlun ' t .see why beds ean ' t be used in lecture I ' ooms. " SeUGIE I.AMAR NeWSOM, I ' fi, 22 II COLUiUBIA, MISSISSIPPI He ' s a good boy. but a counti-y boy. " I do the cai ' vins " for Garcia. " " Elliot S. Phillips new orleans, louisiana I treat them rough, but they still come. " E. tension Tor decay. " Vergil H. Reitzell riverton, louisiana Class Basketball. ' 21 ; Glee Club. ' 22. The song bird of the class. " I would make a hit in vaudeville. " James G. Roberts, S I ' I ' fullerton, louisiana Class Basketball, ' 21- ' 22; Class Historian. ' 23. A fugitive from Fulierton ' s fair sex. " To take other fellows ' gvirls. " Thomas Jeiferson Rushing, I ' fi MOUNT MEIGS, ALABAMA The man with the fast heart and slow actions. Fred P. Setzler, S I ' I ' , S N CROSSETT, ARKANSAS Basketball, ' 21. Accident insurance not needed — he wears a belt and su.s- penders. " Be it ever so humble there is no shape like your own. " Pendleton J. Slaughter, S ' J ' ' I ' TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Honor Committee. ' 21; Class President, ' 22. Little but loud. " I never worry about appointments. " Clyde Williams, S I ' , O T A DUITMAN, GEORGIA Square and Compass; Tract. ' 21; Class Treasurer, ' 23. Oo! la! la! Raw Oysters and Canal Street. " I ain some e.xodontist. One extraction and it the wrong one. " r-n J29 11923 J s.j:.:- - :s Acton, Akers, Brock, Congilio, Couvilion Fant, Flovd, C, Gallerano, Guy KooNCE, Miller, Moncet, Perkins, Phillips PopKiN, Reitzell, Talbot, Wall White, Wiley, Windham, Yates, Zucernikoff 130 f T ' ' ■ ' JMBUm i lL ' lL vE :l JL 3. 3 3 -:g : ss. - i ,.« ' . its .Xi . " Sopnomore Dental Class Officers Ralph Stewart Akers President HoBSON D. Brock Vice-President Guv A. Yatts •■ Secretary-Treasurer Cravvkord Andes McMurray Hislonan George Samuel Acton Class Jambalaya Manayer George Samuel Acton . . S , K Class Jambalaya Manager, ' 2 3, Ralph Stewart Akhi ' S , . Fairmont, W. Va. E -1 ' Class President, ' 1 ' 3. William J. Apple, Jr. . . , Chicots, Texas 2 E, I ' n Tulane Band, ■:i2-23. William G. Banks . . . Baton Rouge, La. Robert B. Benton . . . Baton Rouge, La. S N HoBSON Darnev Brock . . . McComb, Miss. Square and Compass; Vice-President, ' 23. Preston Franklin Brock . . . Lexie, Miss. S J Square and Compass. Rocco Joseph Coniglio . . New Orleans, La. Marsden C. CouviLLiON . . Marksville, La. A ! Foster Clark Fant. . . . Coahoma, Miss. S Class Jambalaya Editor, ' 23. Cecil Floyd Phenix, Ala. S Square and Compass. Fred M. Fridge , . , . New Orleans, La. A ' I ' Pasquale Gallerano . . San Antonio, Tex. A. C. Gaulon New Orleans, La. Richard L. Grimmer . . New Orleans, Ln. Laboratory Assistant Bacteriology. Thomas Jesse Guy Macon, Miss. Square and Compass. James M. Houston . , . , Meridian, Miss. fi, 2 II Percy C. Hudson . . . , Kosciusko, Miss. A H. P. HuFHAM Fitzpatrick, Ala. A R. Wynn Irvine . , . , New Orleans, La. John Henry Johnson, Jr., Brookhaven, Miss. M. L. KlDD Childersburg, Ala. A I ' Members Shreveport, La. Philip B. Koonce . . Beaumont, Tex. $ K S, n Varsity Football, ' 18. D. M. Long Arkansas n K A, I ' V. Silas G. Maddox .... Ackinnan, Miss. Charles T. McCarthy .... Ennis, Tex. S ]. Harold A. Melancon .... Gibson, La. Walter Thomas Miller . Greenfield, Tenn. A I ' Henry S. Monget. . . , Baton Rouge, La. 2 N Varsity Football, ' 22, Homer S. Neal New Orleans, La. Eugene Newton Fayette, Ala. Square and Compass. Frank W. Phillips. . . . Lewiston, Idaho A e, n Varsity Football, ' 22; Varsity Track, ' 21. Hugo J. Popkin Franklin, La. Lloyd Edwin Rich , . , Poplarville, Miss. A Class President, ' 22. John W. Russell Tampa, Fla. e X, n Killie Morris Saxford . . New Orleans, La. Shelley Morgan Talbot . . Jonesboro, La. 9. Charles D. Victery . . . Livingston, Tex. fi William Davis Wall .... Zacharv, L.i. 2 N, ' fi Tom White Foc keshurk, Ark. Ralph E. Wiley- Crane, Mo. 2 N J. Lee Windham Merryville, La. Square and Compass. GuY ' W. Yates .... Philadelphia, Miss. A 4- ■ Secretary and Treasurer Class, ' 23. Miss R. Zucerntkoff . . . Bangkok, Siam Class Historian, ' 22. 7 ri n ni E11923E] WJ IAJ . J M J -J A£MJM.J. ' J AJ I aJjO, Bethea, Ferguson, Irvin KUEBLER, LANCRIDCE, LeA Magee, Majcr, Odom Reed, Wheat, Young rr ' W ' " - t ,...f ..,..WU. Ma :. 132 A-S ..:. - , . J JAMBMKA %s:iL i :: ' 3:sm:s ' :s Fresnman Dental Class Officers T. C. W. Macee President L. P. BuiKSTRA Fice-PrcsiJent R. S. Major Secretary-Treasurer J. S. Irwin Hislorian J. M. Wheat lamhalaya Reprcsenlalive Miss Melba Carter Class Sponsor 7i r Members New Orleans, La. C. F. Bautovich . . Guy D. Bethea Columbia, Miss. :; ri Honor Committee, " 22-23. J. BoDAx New Orleans, La. LovD P. BuiKSTRA lonia, Kan. A ' n Vice-Pi-eslilent Class ' 22-23. Jess G. Ferguson, Jr. . . . Marshall, Ark. James S. Irwin, Jr. . ■ . Russellville, Ala. I ' fi, S N Class Historian. H. T. KiCHTON York, Ala. S Honor Committee. Joe Russell Kuebler . n Honor Committee. M. W. Landridge Rockland, Te.N;. e. Port Arthur, Tex. R. E. Lea Leesville, La. 9. Glee Club. T. C. W. Magee .... Franklinton, La. S Class President. R. S. Major Hattiesburg, Miss. 2 n, s n Secretary-Treasurer Class, ' 22-23. J. MacLean Thomasville, Ga. A. J. Odom Port Arthur, Tex. Aristide Picard Maurice, La. G. C. Reed Jacksonville, Fla. Glee Club. Laurin L. Wainwright . . . Bernice, La. -V 9. J. M. Wheat San Antonio, Tex. K 2 Jambalaya Representative, " 22-23. H. T. Young . St. Rose, La. t A Freskman Dental Class History On September 22, 1922, the Class of ' 26 started on its uphill and arduous career. The goal of the first lap in this four-year climb was a pass in Anatomy. However, we realized that there were other classes than Anatomy when Prof. Meade tried to persuade us that a pig knew as much about cube root as we did about the internal anatomy of a tapeworm. Our class is smaller than any Freshman Dental Class Tulane has had in the past two or three years. In the beginning we numbered twenty-two, but since then we have lost several of our men for various reasons. Although small, we admit that we are the best, for what we lack in quantity we make up in quality. Our past history is necessarily brief, but as time passes the Class of ' 26 will grow in deeds and discoveries. In spite of discouraging events which have occurred in the various classes, we look forward to the bright future that is before us. For the sake of progress and through loyalty to our professors we expect to upset all statistics in our diligent and ceaseless search after knowl- edge. We feel that we are destined to make history for our University, as well as for ourselves, but it is not in the province of this historian to prophesy, so I shall let the future unfold itself as we continue on our way rejoicing that we are the Freshman Dental Class of Old Tulane. 133 11923 ' j ».. , .J - : Jit u Roentograms of the Senior Dents Bannister doesn ' t get so many phone calls lately — wonder what ' s happened ? Boob Bland is suffering from another acute attack of " Boobitis. " " Little Nell " Bourgeois had a cinch in getting off his gold crowns — he has a large following among the midnight blondes. Sam Bourgeois may never drop anything, but he can certainly imitate a duck. Buddy Burtis smiles often now, thanks to Dr. Ducasse. After hearing one of Anita ' s extractions, we are glad that she is to be an Ortho- dontist. Mike Connell is half married — he has his consent. Since Correa has some new teeth, he wins the ladies by merely smiling. Bull Durham doesn ' t have so many dates since the parlor sofa burned last Tuesday. Judging by the questions Hall asks, one would think that Dentistry was a branch of electrical farming. Holloman is living at the Grunewald — in the lobby. Johnston came back to school after Christmas determined to leave the girls alone, but they won ' t let him. We have just learned that Dick Kaufman ' s real name is George. Kivney doesn ' t like Gym dances, they ' re too tame. It ' s too bad that Kogen can ' t smile any more — he has a sore ear. How late did Lantrip stay in the clinic one Saturday, and why? Maloney thinks his clinic card is a meal ticket — maybe that ' s why he ' s saving it. It seems that Moore would quit flirting since he has pledged his freedom. We would like to know just how Kapadia passed Bacteriology and Pathology. McAnally — synonym for " Dumbell of Pathology. " We wonder how Nakahara got by the emmigration officials. If Plaster ever passed a quiz, it must have been the day we were all absent. Here ' s hoping that Roure is made Cyclops, when he returns to Porto Rico. If Stuart would spend less time borrowing things and read Melze ' s quiz papers more, he might amount to something. T. B. Taylor hasn ' t been disturbed by any midnight phone calls lately. Red Talbot may have lost the popularity contest, but he ' s still King. Stinson shellaced his " Lizzie " and turned it in for technique before discovering that he had wrapped the wrong package. We are glad that Rosenbaum doesn ' t play a horn in the Shrine band — he might begin tooting it around school. It is generally understood that Melze is to conduct a special course in Pathology this summer for the benefit of a few downfallen seniors. Preacher White will feel lonesome without something to politic about. Everyone wonders how Zelenka obtained the nice little scar on his head. M. L. Smith is getting quite brave — he stays around when car conductors are present. We are sorry that we are graduating. 134 vc% w W W " F " W " W W " mmsssk im;: i. c 5c .a :a :s :H : ' " E T J 11923 E »3S Senior Pharmacy Class Officers J. G. Scott President J. L. Carpenter, Jr Vice-President J. R. Young Secretary-Treasurer J. B. Schmidt Historian H. H. Weldy Jajnbalaya Representati ' ve Senior Pnarmacy Class History HEN the slowly passing days of our summer vacation jcS came to a close and the calendar registered the 2ist of Sep- r? tember, familiar faces were again seen in the School of S ! Pharmacy. All but three responded to the roll call. The class was honored by the addition of three new students from other schools. It was a grand old feeling to be together once more, for when the class completed their junior work and departed for their respective homes, who would have thought that this j ' ear would find the same old classmates working side by side? We hear that the " three " who failed to return are in schools near their homes. To these we extend our sincere wishes for a successful year and a prosperous future. When the year comes to a close, the Class of ' 23 will depart once more, never to return as a class again. When we say good-bye to old Tulane, it will be in " body, " but not in " mind and spirit. " Tulane, we owe you everything and will always respond when you call. Historian. XIl.;. 136 JAMBUm i iBxgx3L jL j viL 3 : v:gv: Guy Hawkins Alford COLUMBIA, LOUISIANA B 2 Shield and Simitar. He was born hungry — " When do we eat? Oscar Baughman, Jr. FARNEVILLE, LOUISIANA B ■! 2 Shield and Simitar. Here is a lad from upstate — very studious, and he has a good word for everybody. David J. Callah.an VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI 2 A E J. L. Carpenter, Jr. KENTWOOD, LOUISIANA B 2 Vice-President Class. ' 21-22-23. J. L.. as the class knows him. is small in stature, but strong in mind. You would think it impossible for one of his frame to accomplisli so much. He spent most of his two years in Baton Rouge w-inning- a wife, and still intends to be a pharmacist. Clinton A. Davis LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI B 2 Even the " Skinny " spent all of his week-ends in Laurel. He has made good grades and stands in well with the " Profs. " Clyde F. D.avis B. TON ROUGE, LOUISIANA B 2 O. T. A.: Class Treasurer, ' 22-23. Very young, but old enough to be a Daddy to the fairer sex. t. 137 S 1 1923 ' ji ■ S- ..i -Z-jg " @ LJJli: ™J Miss Stella DeBouchel NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Secretary of Class, ' 21-22. One of the two flowers of the class — we don ' t think Stella will practice pharmacy lon . James F. Dodson crowville, louisiana B 2 Although he has been with us one year, it didn ' t take long for us to find out how anxious he was to complete his course and be a successful pharmacist. Enoch T. Dunn clintin, louisiana B S Missed his calling — which is journalism. His imagi- nation soars above the clouds. Joseph Fuentes y Obregon LUZ CATALLERO An amiable gentleman, liked by his fellowmen; he came here for a purpose and succeeded. Emanuel C. Harper crowville, louisiana B S Emanuel says some day he will have a chain of stores. We wish him luck — if dreams will get ' em we will all have ' em. Joseph Felix Hebert breaux bridge, louisiana Square and Compass. Young and unsophisticated — we are returning him to Breaux Bridge in all his innocence, which the city did not mar. 138 jyOIBIKKA lL •1 •m ag.5Cl .a 3 : s m : George Herman Jarrell CROWVILLF., LOUISIANA B I 2 Assistant Business Manager Jambala.ya. ' 21-22. Do what ' s compulsory: what ' s not, ilo not. Douglas Kent FLUKER, LOUISIANA K A From " Bloody Tongipohoa. " but not hostile by any means — just wants a little love and affection. Joseph Ray Maifield COLLINS, MISSISSIPPI B 2 shield and Simitar. " The king of Siam " made himself famous with his cornet. Social affairs take most of Ray ' s time, but he ' s always there with his work. Ott G. Milam DODSON, LOUISIANA B 2 Another Newcomb victim — but Ott doesn ' t mind. Orbie Ingram Parker PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS B 2 Orbie hails from Arkansas. He is a good student and liked by all. Miss Libby Robinowitz HOUSTON, TEXAS Treasurer Class, ' 21-22. Those who fail to meet her miss a treat, for she is a regular information bureau for the class; besides this, she carries the power of vamping that no other can exceed. Pi A 139 Joe Bond Schimidt MORGAN CITY, LOUISIANA ' I ' K 2 Class Historian; Scrub Football. ' 21. Joe frequents the cafes often, but Is always ready with his work. How do you do it, Joe? James Gordon Scott DUNDEE, MISSISSIPPI B 2, A S E President of Class, ' 22-23. The life of the party — to be in his company is as enjoyable as being present at any of the connic shows, so the Newcombites say. and it must be because he is a cave man. Lee B. Stall GIBSLAND, LOUISIANA B S The " Chickens " fly about hitn so thick knock ' em off with a stick. h e has to George Clay Tunstall TENSAW, ALABAMA B $ 2 Class President. ' 20-21; Varsity Football. ' 22-33. " The Sheik of Tulane " is great of voice and always heard. Among our class politicians, he ranks first. Homer H. Weldy m ' LAIN, MISSISSIPPI B 2 Jambalaya Representative, ' 22-23; Student Body President and Secretary-Treasurer of Student Council, ' 22-23. Homer says, " Why worry about such a thing as work? " H. Sims Williams NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA B 2 The ideal pharmacist of the class; we know he will rise. Jamie R. Young WINONA, MISSISSIPPI B 2 Secretary and Treasurer of Pharmacy Student Body, ' 22-23; Secretary of Class. ' 22-23. As honest as I incoln and as persistent as a book agent — see what he did Christmas. Emanuel Zivitz ENSLEY, ALABAMA 2AM Glee Club. ' 21-22; Business Manager, ' 22; Band, ' 22; Tulane-Newcomb Opera, ' 21. The Ladies ' " Midnight Serenader " that hailed from Alabama, and we give thanks, Alabama will take it back. Leon C. Schoenig VIC ' I ' ORIA, TEXAS A X 140 ) " ■«»■ ' ■ ' ■■ t... tA... M . " W " . ;» „ .ge — g j )MBiim i i ' ' B. C£jN: vas:: : m : vm K: i Junior Pnarmacy Class Officers G. R. Lea President T. B. Durham I ' ice-Presidenl J. T. Baltar, Jr Secretary-Treasurer A. E. Boles Historian R. B. Finlavson Jambalaya Representative Junior Pharmacy Class History X writing a history of a class, care must be talien to avoid an excess of praise, espe- cially if the author be a member of the class. Hence, I must confine myself to the truth, casting aside the unparalleled compliments given our class by those who are cj) qualified to judge. ? £ We, the Junior Pharmacy Class, have assembled from the greatest states in the Union, and also from Arkansas, to prepare ourselves in the marvelous art of pill- rolling. Well may we call it an art for it has been considered as such from the time of Tiglath- Pileser. Had a stranger come within our gates and, led on by curiosity, entered our laboratory, he would have been amazed at the wonderful work which, I might say, we w ' ere accomplishing. No doubt, from the delightful aroma which issued forth, he would have been reminded of the beau- tiful verse; " There is in Nature hidden, Far from the human eye. The mystic cause of aromas, ' Twill never be known ere we die. " It is alluring, but far more so to the artist vho can so deftly wield a pestle and spatula, and bring about such wonderful results. But to my subject again. After becoming acquainted with each other, we organized, electing IVrr. vji. R. Lea as the presiding officer, thereby making him useful. For the honorable post of vice-president we elected a gentleman with the cognomen of T. B. Durham, Jr. I say gentleman, for he is such, both at large and at leisure. Finding the need of a secretary to keep the records, we imposed on J. F. Baltar th.Tt duty, because he could take notes faster than the rest of us and, as he had never been in prison, we also gave him charge of our funds. The most honorable Mr. R. B. Finlayson was given the post of class representative for the book you are reading. I think you will agree in his success when you see our pictures and finally I, poor luckless chap, was given the task of writ- ing their histories, and not being a modern Gibbon, will leave much to your imagination. We worked faithfully, and our professors were continually telling us to get more books as we were going too fast for them. Until Xmas holidays everything went on smoothly, but strange to say when the day came for dismissing for the vacation, only one person was there, our splendid Dr. Brown. Just like him, faithful to the last. But revived by the vacation we began hard work once more and have continued to do so faithfully the remainder of the school year. We have many interesting characters in our class. One of us is going to be a la vyer, one a physiological chemist, one a sugar chemist, one a physician, one a soldier, and three phar- macists. I wonder how many of these will follow out his ideal. As for the rest, they say they are willing to be a secretary of state, governor, or president (if they can play golf) should duty call them to that field. We cordially invite any young man or woman to become one of us next year when we are in our new home, and we will gladly initiate him or her into the art, so ancient, of manu- facturing, preserving and dispensing drugs. Historian. 141 1923 i j Wi ib -,, ; hr M m m My NJ Ni Junior Pnarmacy Class J. Armand Badia camajuani st. clara, cuba Louis H. Bandy lackesburc, arkansas Joseph T. Baltar, Jr., B 2 new orleans, louisiana Square and Compass; Secretary-Treasurer, ' 22-23 Arthur E. Boles, B S miami, florida Historian, ' 22-23. ■• John A. Campbell, B S FLORA, MISSISSIPPI Fred L. Cooper, B 2 shamrock, louisiana Thomas F. Curtis, S X helena, arkansas Thomas B. Durham, Jr., B 2 verda, louisiana Square and Compass; Vice-President Class, Albert E. Embree slaughter, louisiana Clarence R. Farmer, B ' ! 2 pearl river, louisiana Robert B. Finlayson, 2 A E ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Jambalaya Representative, ' 22-23. 142 fc..,g .,„R . Sa .i. !ik VJS gg tfe- a g! . :K 2:ms!£:X2k JAMHMffi V %S.1 ' M - 3 :B S3! s:g s:i v3iNJK mv v% s:EX Aj Junior Pharmacy Class AiLi.iCH H. Goodrich, H ' I 2 BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA J. H. Haas OPELOUSASj LOUISIANA Robert G. Jarrell, B I crowville, louisiana Alfredo Rodolfo Jimenez san josl, costa rica George R. Lea, B I 2 new orleans, louisiana President of Class, ' 22-23. Henrv Carl Lind, A 2 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Varsity Basketball and Track. ' 22. Glenn E. Miles, 2 n SLIDELL, LOUISIANA William S. OShee, B I 2, A K E ALEXANDER, LOUISIANA Peter A. Parrino CHENEYVILLE, LOUISIANA Carl Leland Simmons, K 2, B 2 vinton, louisiana ft - vs 143 ]1923 ra J — " ■ ' K ' i P -A pi m ? ' B X -i ft ' n t iis.Cs. ' - %» 3 o a, 144 J MBUm Commerc l 1t ' SLVJS.V " 1iLKgL 3, 3MRV:a ' 0g. ' Vg: g 2 1 - i 11923 147 Ua t.y m,: " -aa-a, jfe-A - ' ,a .- iH v; College of Arts and Sciences Student Body Officers William C. Frue President Daniel D. Warren Vice-President Ben Goldsmith Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class Officers Walter M. Barnett, Jr President Ambrose Storck . Vice-President Simon K. Marx . Secretary-Treasurer Cornelius Steinberg Historian Leon S. Cahn Jambalaya Representative Junior Class Officers William H. Roeung President Jack L. Beven Vice-President Arthur J. McComiskey Secretary-Treasurer Carrol D. Overton Jambalaya Representati ' ve Sophomore Class Officers Henry A. Thomas President Warren Hirsch Vice-President Walter O. Moss Secretary David Cohn Jambalaya Representati ' ve Freshman Class Officers Gordon Heffron President Frank Woods Vice-President So.MMERS Benedict Secretary St. Clair Adams Jambalaya Representative 14S ,::XU.. .K JAMBUSKA L iL " ' m! : Senior Class college of arts and sciences Charles Bayne Aikens NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Tug-o ' -War (1): ' Wrestling Team (3). Follows in his father ' s footsteps. He is a big expense to the University, however, as he wears out all the punching-bags in the gym. Walter Michael Barnett, Jr. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Z B T, K A " I " Pelican Quill; Class President (1, 4); Vice-President (2); Secretary (3); Winner Carnot Debate Medal (1); Varsity Debater (1, 2, 3); Glendy-Burke Literary So- ciety (1, 2), Speaker (2): Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3, 4), Chairman (3); Tulane Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Editor Tulane Handbook (3); Hullabaloo Staff (1, 2. 3, 4), Managing Editor (3). Editor-in-Chief (4); Assistant Editor Jambalaya (4); Founder Tulane Senate (4); Manager Varsity Wrest- ling Team (3). Captain (4); Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Forum; (3. 4); Dramatic Society (4). His greatest ambition is that some day he will be able to take up a whole page in the Jambalaya by him- self, Joseph Anthony Sambola Barry NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Holds the peculiar distinction of having read every book the professors assigned, Leon Solis Cahn NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Z B T Tulane Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glendy-Burke (1, 2), Varsity Debating Alternate (2); Interclass Debating (2); Oratorical and Debating Council (3. 4), Secretary- Treasurer (4); Class Jambalaya Representative (4); Scrub Football (4); Tulane Band (4); Huilaboloo Staff (4); Dramatic Society (4). Business Manager (4); Forum (4); Varsity Debater (4). This young lawyer is as bright as his hair, but he would swap all his profound learning for a promotion from the scrub eleven to the Varsity, Edw.ard Randolph Carter covington, kentucky ATA Class Tug-o ' -War (1, 2); Class Football (2); Class Track (2); Class Secretary (1); " Class President (2); Olive and Blue; Sphinx, Having given his youth to the affairs of state, he spends his last years in rest and retirement. Thomas Freeman Cope NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Captain Class Wrestling Team (2); Tulane Wrestling Team (2). Is undecided whether to emulate Einstein or to strive for the crown now held by " Strangler " Lewis. A n 149 11923 Senior Class college of arts and sciences ' Geoffrey Everett Cunningham LITTLE. ROCK, ARKANSAS Tulane Band (2, 3); Class Historian (3): Chairnian Dormitory Governing Board (4). A hard worker, one of tlie few real students in the class. Leonhard Ernest Devron NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A 2 " Would probably learn more if he paid less atten- tion to the ladies. Vance Wells Fletcher GREENSBORO, FLORIDA When he starts carving he will make many a good butcher jealous. William Calhoun Frue NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA ATA Jambalaya Representative (1); Class Secretary- Treasurer (2); Varsity Crew (2. 3). Manager (3); Olive and Blue; Sphinx: Class President (3); Student Body President (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 3. 4). Our ward boss. The mantle cast down upon him sits nobly on his shoulders. William Preston Gardner TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI K 2 Glee Club (3, 4); Varsity Football (4). Our contribution to the Green Wave. We wish some more like him would come from " Ole Miss. " Ben Goldsmith welsh, LOUISIANA 2 A M Secretary Arts and Sciences Student Body (4) ; Scrub Football (4). Another handsome football player, the pride of the scrub team. Should have a green jersey next year. ISO JAMBMm i 18. lL vE. Senior Class college of arts and sciences Robert Care Hill BELL AMY, ALABAMA The class has never been able to find out who gave " Daddy " his grey hair. He ' ll make a fine doctor if he stays out of politics. HVMAN KaRNOFSKY NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Has the kind of handwriting that looks well on a doctor ' s prescription. Intends to go in for drawing as a side line. Robert Emmet Kerrigan HAMMON ' D, LOUISIANA A e The Beau Brummel of the class. He entered law so he could stay in school longer. Simon Kronacher M.arx NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA SAM Class wrestling (1. 2); Tulane Club (1. 2. 3. ■!); Treasurer Shield and Scimitar (4) ; Class Secretary- Treasurer (4). Is majoring in history. He tells us that he parts his hair in the middle so he won ' t look so tall, but we know that it is really for the ladies ' benefit. Joseph Andrew Meyers, Jr. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA OTA Scrub Football (4). It ' s not his fault. He ' s a law student. Thomas Hillman Oliphant JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ATA Tulane Band (4). Toots a mean bass horn. He hopes to graduate with the present Freshman Class. ■ ' 5 ' ]i923 A ■t: --- ' ..fe a Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Douglas Koy Porteous NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A e L. S. U. (1, 2, 3); Scrub Football (4); Scrub Basket- ball (4); Crew (4); " Varsity Football Squad (5). Is trying- hard to live down his earlier years at L. S. LT, His ambition is to put over a drop-kick from midfleld. Thomas Morrow Sayre MANGHAM, LOUISIANA Square and Compass. What would Kappa Kappa Mu be without him? He swears to take the L. S. U. Tig-er single-handed next year. Wallace Polk Sheely GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI Jambalaya Artist (4). Would like to take us all apart under a microscope. He will be a famous teacher of anatomy some day. Cornelius Streiffer Steinberg TAIVIPA, FLORIDA Class Historian (4), Here is our dean philosophic, who, skilled in the lore of the ancients, Learned in curious tongues, hopes soon to become a professor. Ambrose Howell Storck new orleans, louisiana A e Vice-President Class (4); Class Historian (1); retary-Treasurer Class (3). Another promising young politician, should win the ladies ' votes. His good looks -L..J,. 152 MMBII»Ok i iL iL ' msjL :E, :i.v3 3l :e oe vbl; Senior Class COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Carlos Urrutia SAhf ANTONIO, TEXAS Some hot tamale! When he goes home he will have all the senoritas for patients. Daniel David Warren HOUMA, LOUISIANA K S Square and Compass: Jambalava Representative (1, 2. 4); Vice-President Student Body (4); Glee Club (3). The champion ladies ' man. Gets his face slapped and everything. Clarence Hungerford Webb lucas, louisiana Ben Class Wrestling (1. 2); Class Track (2); Class Sec- retary-Treasurer (2); Dormitory Governing Board (2); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Secretary (3, 4). A rare specimen. The only Beta in captivity that isn ' t a tea hound. David Ray Womack DALLAS, TEXAS 2 A E They intended only to spend one year at Tulane. But they must have liked it since they ' re atill with us. W. B. Womack DALLAS, TEXAS 2 A E Ditto as above Henry Edward Guerrio MONROE, LOUISIANA Last, but not least, he was lost, but found himself. 153 H1923 " lA az .j . ' y ji m m Junior Arts and Sciences Class John Joseph Archinard, Jr., K A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Class Football (2); Class Track (2). Donovan Robinson Armstrong, 2 A E WELSH, LOUISIANA Cecretary-Treasurer Class (2); White Elephants. George Sherman Averv, K 2 BENTON harbor, MICHIGAN John Lansing Beven new orleans, louisiana S. A. A. U. Wrestling. Boxing, and Track; Interclass Wrestling (1); Varsity Cross-Country Team (2); Class Vice-President (3). Walter Christian Bosch new orleans, louisiana Secretary Shield and Scimitar (3); American Chemical. Society (2, 3). Wallace Ale.xanuer Clyde, K S UNIONTOWN, ALABAMA White Elephants; O. O. S. William Henry Fagerstro.m mobile, alabama ' Cyril Franklin Floyd phoenix city, alabama Square and Compass; Class Football (2). Paul Herman Floyd lake charles, louisiana Tug- ' o-War (1, 2); Class Track (1, 2); Class Wrestling (1. 21; Varsity Track (1. 2); Varsity Cross-Country Team (2). Erwin Lowe Gill, 2 n MONTICELLO, ARKANSAS 154 JAMBUm i Vl. 1 5JE Cl. v. vh:..s}: J Junior Arts and Sciences Class Richard Joseph Grayson, K A SELMA, ALABAMA William Mumford Hau.e, i; II NEW ROADS, L0U1SL NA Guy Richard Jones remy, louisiana Glee Club (2). Ralph E. King, 2 IT COLUMBIA, LOUISIANA Joseph Aloysius La Nasa new orleans, louisiana Arthur James McComiskey- new orleans, louisiana Class Secretary-Treasurer (3). George Pratt Martin, 2 X, 11 A i ' NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Class Football. Baseball: Varsity Basketball (1, 2. 3); Class Vice-President (1): Class President (2); Olive and Blue; White Elephants, Charles Joseph Miangolarra new orleans, louisiana Class Wrestling (1): S. A. A. U. Wrestling Champion- ship (2); School Championship (2). Richard Jones Peterson greenwood, mississippi Clarence Pierson, Jr.. 2 A E ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA % A l iSS 11923 " H % ' if " ' a % - iei feJ ir- S gl-fe--: " , J . i Junior Arts and Sciences Class Fred Howard Roehl, K A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Varsity Football (3). William Henry Roeling new orleans, louisiana Class President (3). Sam Saiewitz, 2 A M TALLULLAH, LOUISIANA Ph.G. ; Jambalaya Stall (2). Garvin Shands Saunders, A T fi NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Tug- ' o-War: Class Baseball (1, 2); Olive and Blue; White Elephants. Christian Kline Simms, II K A DONALDSONVILLE, LOUISIANA Olive and Blue. Reynolds Darden Smith okolona, mississippi Sidney Louis Tabatiy slidell, Louisiana Edward Garland Walls, A 2 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA White Elephants; Hullabaloo (2, 3); Class Historian (2); Jambalaya Staff (2); Class Basketball (2). Elias Weiner new orleans, louisiana Edwin Rafael Zamora san jose, costa rica 156 MMBy»[A i v;i ' ms:Es:E j s:i. : H r li p ' 4 i ' i p M 1 R i . K i ■ 1 , , ..k: . Sopkomore Arts and Sciences Class LoRiNCv J. Adams . . . Morgan City, La. Charles E. Allen Arabo, La. Seth Louis Baldwin . . . New Orleans, La. Z X Ralph Neal Baltzer. . . Clarksdale, Miss. Ben Glee Club (1. 2.); Glendy Burke Liter- ary and Debating Society (1); Circula- tion Manager Cafe Brule (2). Henderson Barkley . . . New Orleans, La. K A Joseph M. Barrier . . . Port Arthur, Tex. John Beer New Orleans, La. Joseph W. Berwick, Jr. . . . Eunice, La. Ben Elmer Harris Boals . . . New Orleans, La. Feli.x Boizelle New Orleans, La. H -der F. Brewster Ruston, La. Morgan Brian .... New Orleans, La. n K A Cuthbert J. Brown . . . New Orleans, La. Hugh L. Brown .... New Orleans, La. John Bruno New Orleans, La. Ralph R. Bvers Evansville, Ind. Ernest Celli New Orleans, La. Robert Herman Cherry . Garden Citv, La. :: N William B. Clark . . . Blountstown, Fla. David Cohn New Orleans, La. 2 A JI Andrew J. Eck New Orleans, La. Charles L. Dufour . . . New Orleans, La. Harry N. Ferguson .... Alexandria, La. Newton M. Fisk .... New Orleans, La. Herman Weil Frank . . . Gadsden, Ala. Anthony J. Frisco . . . New Orleans, La. Harry P. Gamble, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. ATA John W. Gladson Ringgold, La. John B. Gooch .... New Orleans, La. Edward M. Gordon, Jr. . . . Westwego, La. Claud B. Gullat, Jr. . . . Phoenix, Ala. Warren A. Hirsch . . . New Orleans, La. AS Lloyd Charles Hoffman . New Orleans, La. Clark Hoffpauer Crowlev, La. K A Loren W. Houchens . . . Fort Worth, Tex. Lemly L. Hubener . . . New Orleans, La. Kyle Hill Temple, Tex. Jess Heap Hull Ardmore, Okla. William T. Jervey Mobile, Ala. 2 A E Leonal L. Kahn Ryne, La. Charles E. Kennedy . . . . Bernice, La. Lloyd J. Kuhn .... New Orleans, La. IS7 K ' SJ V. Adams, Baldwin, Baltzer, Barklev, Beer, Berwick, C. Brown H. Brown, Celli, Cherry, Fisk, Frank, Gamble Gladson, Hochfelder, Hoffpauer, Hubener, Jervev, Kennedy Leeper, Leslie, Lucas, Lyman, Macruder, Miramon Moss, Owen, Pitts, Raney, Scott, Smith Stephenson, Talley, Thomas, White, Williams, Wittenberg, Wright 158 JAMBUm Sopnomore Arts and Sciences Class James A. Leeper . . . Lenon City, Term. Lawrenc e Liitle Calvin, La. Fred Leslie Lalie City, Fla. Harry J. Lucas Orange, Tex. Z B T Joseph W. Lvman Eunice, La. Ben Charles W. McVey . . . New Orleans, La. Michael Macheca . . . New Orleans, La. James P. Magruder . . . New Orleans, La. Joseph Meyer New Orleans, La. George Charles Miramon New Orleans, La. Walter Olin Moss . . . Lake Charles, La. K 2 White Elephants; Secretary Class (2); Scrub Football (1, 2); Interelass Foot- ball (1. 3). Edwi.v L. Owen Alexandria, La. Frank P. Perrett Jeanerette, La. Chester A. Peyronin . . New Orleans, La. John Lawrence Pitts, Jr. . Alexandria, La. K 2 Frank A. Prather Beeville, Tex. Robert G. Polack . . . New Orleans, La. James M. Pritchard . . Chapel Hill, N. C. Jervey T. Raney Zwolle, La. Joseph W. Reddoch .... Hope Hull, La. W illiam J. Rein .... New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . Gloster, Miss. Morgan City, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. Henry M. Robinson . . . Robert M. Robinson . . Leonard H. Roes .... SAM Philip John Saleeby . Joseph T. Scott, Jr. . Leonard J. Seitzinger Charles M. Smith Paris, Ark. Augustine M. Smith . . New Orleans, La. Clarence H. Swelling . . New Orleans, La. K A Richard T. Stephenson . . Washington, La. Glendy-Burke Censor; Dramatic Society. James P. Talley . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. K 2 Henry A. Thomas . . Jacob G. Trazivuk . . Richard Wagner . . . Robert McL. White . , K A John J. Williams. . . Louis E. Williford . . K S White Elephants; Class Football (1, 2); Class Baseball (1). James Wittenberg • . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Edwin G. Wright Monroe, La. S A E New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. . New Orleans, La. . Alexandria, La. . New Orleans, La. . . Houston, Tex. 7 11923 159 p - i : " ' M - " B 1 1 1 ■ , — - -h JA- j w Adams, Ayo, Baginsky, Barnett, Bechtel, Benedict, Benson Tlue, Boatner, Bolton, Born, Bouvier, Boyd, Branch Breaux, Brooks, Brown, Burke, Cabrera, Cahn, Callender Cox, CuEVAS, Dawson, Doswell, Frue, Gensler, Grace Grirling, Grondfest, Guerriero, Hammond, Heard, Hebert, Heffron Heiter, Hennican, Hurt, Kalif, Kell, Keys, Kilman i6o :., ag %. . JAMBamA L iL ' i ' ii : :xiS:suSM j a.S- g . N.. V Fresn reshman Arts and S ciences CI ass ' St. Clair Adams .... New Orleans, La. A K E Jambalaya Representative (1). Thomas Benton Avo. . . . Raceland, La. Herman M. Baginsky . . New Orleans, La. Norman Barnett .... New Orleans, La. K N J. H. Basso New Orleans, La. George Bechtel .... New Orleans, La. s n William S. Benedict . . New Orleans, La. 2 N Class Tug- ' o-War (1); SecretaiT Class (1); Class Basketball (1). Lawrence K. Benson . . . Hammond, La. OTA Daniel C. Blue De Ridder, La. ■I ' K 2 Dora L. Boatner . . . Carruthersville, Mo. Charles N. Bogart . . . Forrest City, Ark. George W. Bolton . . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Charles A. Born, Jr. . . . Pensacola, Fla. 2 A E Tug- ' o-War. Billie Bouvier New Orleans, La. Elias Bowsky New Orleans, La. James M. Boyd .... New Orleans, La. A e White Elephants. William G. Branch . . . Chenej ' ville, La. Ray p. Breaux Carencro, La. G. H. Brooks, Jr Crowley, La. Philip Brown New Orleans, La. A K E Class Football (1). Charles E. Burgis . . . New Orleans, La. Mary Ann Burke . . . New Orleans, La. LL G. Bush New Orleans, La. Joseph R. Cabrera, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. A 2 Freshman Football; White Elephants. Edmond N. Cahn . . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Varsity Debater. W. M. Callender .... Haynesville, La. A T fi Conrad G. Collins . . . New Orleans, La. G. F. Colomb New Orleans, La. C. K. Cox Camilla, La. Walter O. Cuevas . . Pass Christian, Miss. J. M. Danneker . . . New Orleans, La. Tucker E. Dawson Gary, Miss. A 2 E Freshman Football. Gray Doswell New Orleans, Lj. A T n Glee Club. W. L. DuREN New Orleans, La. Stephen E. Ellender Bourg, La. R. A. Flanders, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Priestly Flournoy . . . New Orleans, La. B e n Mary Charlotte Foster . New Orleans, La. Ph.G.; Ph.C. ; Professional and Scientific Woman ' s Organization. Alexander C. Frue . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Millard A. Gensler . . New Orleans, La. K A L. C. GisclARD .... Donaldsonvillc, La. R. G. W. Grirling . . . Holmesville, Miss. j i6i 1923 « ■ " W- ' W P ' 1 n- J i t M MJ , K " Knight, Landry, Lazard, G. Lew, J. Lew, L. Lew, Lewis McCain, McKneelv, Matthews, Menard, Menefee, Miller, Pailet Pantall, Potts, Poythress, Rau, Richard, Rizzo, Roberts Rogers, Schilling, Sincreen, E. Smith, J. Smith, Thatcher, Trepagner Van Horn, Vaught, Waller, Walsdorf, Watkins, Watters, Weil White, Whitney, Williams, Winsberg, Wolfe, Wood, Yancey 162 JAMBUSXA k yL ' iL ' i!i: : Rs: :xs:s Fresn reshman Art and Sciences Class AucusTiN V. Gomez . . San Antonio, Tex. Daniel H. Grace . . . New Orleans, La. A e Jack Grundfest Cary, Miss. Joseph L. Guerriero Monroe, La. H. O. Hammond Americus, Ga. Ben Thirteen Club; Freshman Football: Glee Club. Lloyd J. Hanckes . . . New Orleans, La. Robert L. Hargrove . . Wichita Falls, Tex. Henry L. Haydel . . . New Orleans, La. Wilbur W. Heard . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Class Treasurer (1); Thirteen Club. William J. Hebert .... Lafayette, La. W. Gordon Heffron . . New Orleans, La. 2 N President Class; Cross-Country Team; Class Wrestling. William L. Heiter Mobile, Ala. 2 A E Thirteen Club. C. Ellis Hennican . . . New Orleans, La. Ben Thirteen Club; Glee Club; Freshman Football. Charles S. L. Hurt . . New Orleans, La. Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society. George Kalif McComb, Miss. Shield and Scimitar. D. M. Kell Tallullah, La. Ben Cloris a. Kennedy ' Rajne, La. Mickey ' Keys ...... Cleveland, Ohio Joseph R. Kilman Dallas, Tex. S A E Glee Club; Freshman Football. J. C. KIRKWOOD Laurel, Miss. Shield and Scimitar. William M. Kleinschmidt, New Orleans, La. Max Knight Merryville, La. Jacob S. Landry ' .... New Orleans, La. 2 N Class Wrestling. Calme L. Lazard .... New Orleans, La. Gus Levy ' New Orleans, La. Shield and Scimitar. Julius L. Levy .... New Orleans, La. shield and Scimitar. Leonard B. Levy .... New Orleans, La. Z B T A. D. Lewis, Jr Alexandria, La. J. E. Lindner New Orleans, La. C. E. McArthur Walton, Kan. James L McCain .... New Orleans, La. Thomas B. McKneely ' . . . Hammond, La. 2 A E T. C. McVea Covington, La. John R. Matthews . . . New Orleans, La. K A Louis V. Menard, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. A 2 White Elephants; Freshman Tug- ' o-War. J. M. Menefee . Homer, La. A T n white Elephants. C. C. Miller Sunset, La. Robert E. Mills ..... Groveton, Tex. Charles J. Miramon . . New Orleans, La. Louis A. Monte .... New Orleans, La. Maurice E. O ' Neil . . . Morgan City, La. •p. •A ft i6j il923 ' ' Ja ri.;i jS , ' . -; K- N Fresh resninan Art ani Lester Pailet New Orleans, La. K N Freshman Football. F. B. Pantall Hammond, La. F. A. Planche Covington, La. Will H. Potts Natchitoches, La. K S W. E. PovTHRESS Roanoke, La. Norman Rau New Orleans, La. K S Eugene G. Richard .... Covington, La. A K E Frank P. Rizzo Monroe, La. D. C. Roberts New Orleans, La. James B. Roberts De Ridder, La. K S Glendy Burke. W. H. Rogers . . . .St. Francisville, La. A. C. Sacco Houston, Tex. Tug- ' o-War. Clyde W. Schilling Gretna, La. Stephen A. Schmedtje . . New Orleans, La. J. E. SiNCREEN . . . . . New Orleans, La. E. C. Smith Waldo, Ark. J. Mellville Smith . . . New Orleans, La. n K A W. S. Stovall Dodson, La. Tom B. Thatcher . . . New Orleans, La. William J. Trepagnier . New Orleans, La. Junius Trist New Orleans, La. Watson Van Benthuysen, New Orleans, La. A K E Tulane Band. d Sciences Class Herbert Van Horn . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Thirteen Club; Crew Squad; Wrestling Champion; A. A. U. Wrestling Cham- pion. William L. Vaught .... Winnsboro, La. 2 n Glendy Burke. Leroy T. Waller, Jr. . . Haynesville, La. A T fi Freshman Football. Harold N. Walsdorf . . New Orleans, La. Robert D. Watkins Minden, La. K 2 White Elephants. Theodore A. Watters .... Belcher, La. n K A - Band. Irving K. Weil .... New Orleans, La. Z B T W. Q. Wells Port Arthur, Tex. Robert B. White Cadiz, K . I A e Glendy Burke Literary Society. R. M. Whitney St. Joseph, La. Alan S. Williams . . . New Orleans, La. WiNFRED J. WiNSBERC . . . Thibodaux, La. K N Tujr- ' o-War; Class Wrestling. R. R. Wolfe New Orleans, La. Frank B. Woods .... New Orleans, La. A K E Freshman Football; Thirteen Club; Vice-President Class (1). N. Morgan Woods, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Victor A. Wright Miami, Fla. Tug- ' o-War. Benjamin W. Yancey . . New Orleans, La. 164 ■-t IJI 1K.A. JAMBIHXA k rjCK ' Ji: :MS3: :B: JL w ' " ' W " " St ' y iS. 165 1923 z ■ A H ■W ft ' g pe=v P ( 3 M , " ' U . «= ' , » " College of Engineering Student Body Officers Harold E. Meade President David Lombard Vice-President Reuben L. Hoch Secretary-Treasurer Calvin C. Glass Jambalaya Representative Senior Class Charles A. Schillin President William Barrett Vice-President Calvin C. Glass Secretary-Treasurer Henry Saucier Jambalaya Representative Junior Class W. Stone Leake President Edwin W. Vennard Vice-President Richard M. McConnell Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Martinez Jambalaya Representative Sophomore Class Edward M. Godat President Albert Wyler Vice-President L. B. Clark Secretary-Treasurer Charles Wirth Jambalaya Representative Freshman Class L. C. H. McLean President J. Stafford Vice-President H. Perrilliat Secretary J. D. Klorer Jambalaya Representative 4„. fA.-.m. 1 66 ' - " " " " k JAMBlim Senior Engineering Class Walter Jamhs Amoss NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K A, A I M Commissary Summer Survey Camp (2); Sphinx; Tulane Engineering: Society; Class President (2); Pan- Hillenic Council; Scrubs (1, 2, 3). Here ' s Jimmy, beloved of all C. E. ' s, His name, like him, leads all ol ' those; Although he upset the Editor ' s dope. The highest success to him — is our hope. Ada Isabelle Arnold NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA President Professional and Scientific Women ' s Or- ganization ; Secretary Architectural Society. Here ' s a flower blushing unseen. In this garden of Engineering ' greens. Kenneth McGrath Bailey FARDOCHE, LOUISIANA 2 N, A M Olive and Blue; Engineering Society; Quarter Master Summer Survey Camp (2). " Country Ken " is this lad ' s name. He ' s tall and winsome all the same; We understand this course is quite preliminary To becoming dean of Newcomb in 1927. Henry Drane Barnes new orleans, louisiana K S, A M Vice-President Class (2); Varsity Track (1. 2); Class Tug-o ' -War (2) ; Class Baseball Manager (2) ; Chief Engineer Summer Survey Camp (3) ; Engineering So- ciety. Sleepy ' s a gTjy whose only game Is to rival Rip Van Winkle ' s name. William Morris Barret shreveport, louisiana 2 A E Tennis Team (3); Class Vice-President (4); Tennis Manager (4) ; Engineering So ciety. There ' s our Prince Charming. Mr. Barret, too. " See you at the Vahsity " is the one thing he knew. The ladies tliink he has such divine hair, But we know that shoe polish puts that shine there. Lee Garison Bird NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Class Wrestling (1. 2); Wrestling Team (1); E neering Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3. 4). Skipper Bird of the Garison Lee Had a little trouble — his eyes wouldn ' t gee. He went into dry dock a while for repair And when he came out his sight was all there. % ' i ' A lA 167 E11923 s V Senior Engineering Class Charles E. Brakenridge HAMMOND, LOUISIANA Engineei ' ing- Society; Square and Compass. Faith, here ' s a man of great renown, He quotes the Bible from Genesis down. James Howard Collins NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering- Society. Jimniie Collins, that terrible man. His fame has spread all over the land, He got a letter the other day To replace " Atlas " while he ' s a vay. Jeffrey Herbert Collins NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A 2 $ Jeff ' s a boy with a great big chest, It sticks out so far he breaks all his vests. Paul Sidney Delaup NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering Society. A radio bug who ' s always late, A bear with the girls — his fate. Frank Wright Ebaugh WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA Glee Club (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2. 3. 4); En- gineering Society ; Class Secretary-Treasurer (1 ) ; Tulane Promotion Force ; Dormitory Governing Board (4); Scrub Football (4); Junior Prom Committee (3). Here ' s the second of the Ebaugh Clan — Can ask more questions than a questionnaire can. James Woods Elizardi NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA n K A, A t M Olive and Blue; Sphinx Club; Basketball Manager (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Tulane Senate; En- gineering Society. Since Capacity depends on height This boy " Eli " should be all right. i68 -,£ ,,„ . fe.,: J IIX-I Mmssk i ii iL i .v:m " . ' mx :% :BSJKgxg ' Senior Engineering Class Newell Chandler Erwin charlotte, texas 2 n Engineering Society. Erwin ' s only distraction is tlaat Ijit of attraction He talces to the footbali games, It ' s not nice to tail;. b it tlien this is no bark And we wisli we were he all the same. Harold Langdon Gaidry HOUMA, LOUISIANA Square and Compass: Pr- ' . ' ident Tuiane Engineering Society; Class Vice-President (3); Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net; Class TuK-o ' -War (2); Class Football (2); Class Baseball, Basketball (1, 2). He ' s president of the Society of Engineers, That bunch of guj-s who are so queer. Edmund Girault MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Engineering Society. He ' s the ' an of the ' ic and ' an. And above all, he ' s a movie fan. Manuel Girault MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Treasurer Engineering Socielj " . There ' s a certain word of Mexican tang. That makes him try to lick the whole gang. Calvin Clarence Glass NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Class Football (1); Class Track (2); Scrub Football (2); Class Historian (1, 2); Varsity Track (2), Our friend. Bud Glass, the ladies ' man, Fi ' om his picture you ' d think he was an old tin can; But lie runs the Green Lizard and Bud ' s Place, too, Vou must admit he ' s a tom cat, too. Louis Kaufman Good NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 2AM Tulane Engineering Society; Pan-Helle nic Council. Here ' s Louie who always stands the gaff And takes it good naturedly with a laff. The C. E. ' s would not know what to do If he left school before he ' s through. CA } A 11923 •J . 169 " X , S enior Engi ineerin i CI ass Danikl Hallaron, Jr. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering Society. There ' s Dumb Dan befoi ' e us now. He and " Red " can surely raise a row; He ' s a man of literary fame. But an Engineer " When the woods came to Dunsinane. ' Reuben Louis Hock GRETNA, LOUISIANA Class Tug-o ' -War (2); Class Wrestling (2); Secre- tary-Treasurer Student Body (4); Engineering Society. Greets the sun at early dawn. Catches the ferry every morn. Walter Holloway ocean springs, mississippi Engineering Society. In the case of Springs, we ' ll leave it to you, As to what in the world he ' ll ever do. He ' s travelled a half a million miles And all he can show for it is a great big smile. Gary Jeffres new orleans, louisiana Engineering Society. Class interlocutor — his great fame, Has put father Meade to shame. Claude John Kelly NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering Society. Lightnin ' Red from the eighth ward. Politics is his one strong card. James Lawson Kemper NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A K E, A ! ' M S_ ' rubs (2, 3) ; Varsity Squad (4) ; Sphinx; Engi- neering Society. Jimmie ' s our only Varsity man. And a rare good scrapper of the debutante clan ; He made the All -American of this society, His only disgrace is. he ' s a C. E. h:.f ...M . M 170 JAMBimA i ' ' mxss:i 3 msa :g :gA:g •j s . •■- -iit :. : js Senior Engineering Class Robert James Kuhn NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering Society. He ' s anotlier aspirant for Red ' s liantl. But he ' ll get the Old BrowTi Derby, says Dan. Bernard Maurice Levy PATTERSON, LOUISIANA Engineering Society. Our little tin soldier — so they say. We think he drills ,iust for the pay. Marcel Livaudais NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K S Of him we don ' t Icnow what to say, So all we ' ll say is ht:- ' ll make his way. David Fuqua Lombard NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Vicf-President Tech Student Body (4). " Cheese " Lombard of Audubon fame. His motto, and he makes it quite plain, " Sonne thing: for nothing. " you hardly can blame The boy, it ' s all in the same. William Thompson McCay NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A Iv E, A M In years to come he ' ll often hear Oh. mister, did any hair grow here. Gordon Joseph McLean NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A K E Here ' s a real reversal of form, Mac started off quite slow; It took him three years to warm up, But this year oh! bo! he did go! ? A m A 1923 171 Ja Senior Engineering Class Dave Byron Marcus NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Lefty Marcus from the old town We ' ve often heard, you can ' t keep a good man down. Harold Edward Meade LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA President Student Council (4); President Class (3); President Tech Student Body (4); Engineering Society. Old Man Meade from Kalkyshew, Was president of the Junior Class and the Student Council, too; He ' s a friend, indeed, to every maid. He may be old but he ' s got young ways. William Lloyd Rau NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K 2, A Jl Pan-Hellenic Council; Engineering Society. A close friend of Red ' s says That " He ' s the answer to a Maiden ' s prayer. " If this is really the case We ' ll have to admit that he ' s a bear. Harlow Thomas Richardson NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Grandpa Richardson, most dignified of us all. Who believes that work should be placed within call. George Peter Robbins Jr. garyville, louisiana II K A Engineering Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Square and Compass. Robbins, another report man of fame, Twelve pages is nothing, for they ' re all the same, AVith colors and hues his curves are bedewed. I f you read one quite thru you ' re sure to get stewed. Joseph Henry Saucier, Jr. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering Society; Jambalaya Representative (4). Here ' s the guy who is to blame If some one ' s defamed your name. -: .,- ,-,, ,..$ 172 JMBUm ivg ' i ' i s:mx :aN a.v.A. ., Senior Engineering Class Charles Schillin NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA President Class (4); Engineering Society. Old Duke Schillin, president of our class, And a real pilot with plenty of brass; When he ' s nobby he looks first rate. He ' ll surely make some girl an ideal mate. Edward Osborne Schultz NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering Society. He travels from West End all the way, He may be a chemist — some day. Frederick Rudolf Schutt NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AS No one can really understand Why Schutt can ' t be early like the rest of us can ; In the four years that he ' s been here He was late every day — each year. Albert Wachenheim, Jr. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Z B T, K A 4 ' Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Captain (3); Engineer- ing Society; Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3, 4) ; Quarter Master Summer Survey Camp (2) ; Class Track (1) ; Student Senate (4). W achy ' s a ball tosser above all, He tosses his marks high and doesn ' t let them fall. Robert Sawtelle Wynn SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA s n Heavyweight Wrestling Championship (1, 2, . 3); Class Events (1, 2); Varsity Baseball (1); Scrub Foot- ball (1. 2. 3); A. A. U. Wrestling Champion (2, 3); Tulane Boxing Champion (2). Here ' s a man with a great big build, I ' d hate to pay when he eats his fill. i3 19230 173 J-: jf.j - , ,-%y ' J A s:: h. Junior Engineering Class Paul L. Andry, Jr., A K E, A M NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Class Track (1. 2); Class Basketball (2); Scrub Basket- ball (2) Engineering Society. Guy Reece Boyd gretna, louisiana Class Track (1); Class Football (1). Max Cohen new orleans, louisiana Leonard Saul Dahlman, Z B T new orleans, louisiana Varsity Basketball (1, 2); Class Football (1, 2); Class Basketball (1, 2); Class Tug- ' o-War (1, 2). Arthur Middleton Hill hammond, louisiana Tulane Engineering Society. George Anthony Hillery new orleans, louisiana Class Tug- ' o-War (1. 2); Class Wrestling (1. 2); Class Football (1, 2); Wrestling Champion (1. 2); S. A. A. U. Champion (2l; Tulane Engineering Society. A. Adler Hirsch NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering Society. Leon Lassen new orleans, louisiana " Handsome Lassen, the Russian Sheik, But my! he ' s such a Bolshevik. " William Law, B n, A M MANSFIELD, LOUISIANA Engineering Society; Cafe " Brulo. William Stone Leake, A T fi, A M, HA BEAUMONT, TEXAS Varsity Track (1); Class Football (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council: Class President (3); Club. Engineering Society; Richard Bland McConnell, A K E, A I M NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Class Vice-President (1); Class Hullabaloo Representa- tive (2); Class Secretary; Interclass Tug- ' o-War (1); In- terclass Wrestling (1, 21; Interclass Football (1. 2); In- terclass Basketball (2); Interclass Track (1); Interclass Debating (2); Captain Varsity Wrestling (2); Thirteen Club; Engineering Society. Simon Berkson Mansberg, 2AM NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Varsity Boxing (1. 2); Architectural Society; Engineer- ing Society; Staff Cartoonist, Jambalaya (2, 3). 174 ! ,v . S? , : W ' ' JAMBUm Junior Engineering Class Nathanikl Levin Marks, Jr. new orleans, louisiana Eneini ' uring Society; Class Track (1, 2); Junior Prom. Committee (;{): Assistant Manager (3); Manager (4): Varsity Football Team; Student Body Representative on Tulane Atliletic Council. " He directs tlie football team ' s affairs, Has erirls in quartettes and in paii ' s. " Lawrence Forstall Martin new orleans, louisiana Engineerins; Society; Varsity Debating (1. 3). Alternate (2 ; Oratorical Council (2. 3); Carnot Medal (2); Glendy Burlve |1, 2, 3); Secretary (2). Dorothy Bertha Martinez new orleans, louisiana Clayton Ludlow Nairne, 2 X new ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Olive and Blue; Sphinx Club; Engineering Society; Class Basketball and Baseball. Claiborne Perrilliat, 2 X, A «£ M NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Class Tug- ' o-War (1, 2); Class Wrestling (1); Tliirteen Club; Class Secretary (1); Class Vice-President (2); En- gineering Society. Ashley Hurt Robinson new orleans, louisiana Emerson A. Rogan, OTA NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Class Track (1); Jambalaya (2); Engineering Society. Walter James Rothschild new orleans, louisiana John Henry Sharp new orleans, louisiana Scrub Football (1. 2); Tulane Engineering Society. Edwin W. Vennard, K A, A I) M NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Engineering Society; Glee Club; Vice-President Class (3). Specials Arthur Joseph Naquin, Jr. alexandria, louisiana Square and Compass; University Band (2); Tug- ' o-War (2); Engineerins Society 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4). Charles Carrol Wiggin, Jr., K S new orleans, louisiana Assistant Baseball Manager (3), Manager (4); Engi- neering Society. 175 11923 iwr miMJA T " ' " ' ; i tf ' % P ' % 0 % ' ?-t ( i ' OWn- ir ! v- . Barrow, Bernstein, Besselman, Brandon, Chamberlain Cracroft, DeGarmo, DePass, Godat, Kleinpeter Kluchin, Kramer, Lamprecht, Leonard, Macruder Norwood, Simpson, Walker, Wogan r ■ft... £4 „. i. ,M, 176 jMmsisiL ■ V taafc. 8 . -- Sophomore Engineering Class David Searcy Barrow . . New Orleans, La. A 2 Assistant Editor Jambalaya (1. 2); Scrub Football (1, 2); Architectural So- ciety. Percy L. Bernstein .... Gulfport, Miss. 3 A M Shield and Scimitar. William H. Besselman . New Orleans, La. Rowing Crew (1); Varsity Football (2). F. R. Bolton Alexandria, La. Henry W. Brandon . . Pinckneyville, Miss. Donald L. Chamberlain . New Orleans, La. K 2 L. B. Clark New Orleans, La. James M. CRACRorr .... Alexandria, La. George J. De Garmo, Jr. Coconut Grove, Fla. Scrub Football; Cross Country Team. William K. De Pass, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Ben Thirteen Club. Edwin E. Elam .... New- Orleans, La. Douglas V. Freret . . . New Orleans, La. n i: A Edward M. God. t . . . New Orleans, La. K 2 Class President (1. 2); White Elephants. B. X. Gremillion .... Alexandria, La. Gregory ' R. Grentz . . McDonoghville, La. J. E. Hart New Orleans, La. Vic F. Hartel New Orleans, La. S. D. Jastremski Houma, La. J. O. Kastler New Orleans, La. E. Lawes Kleinpeter . . New Orleans, La. K A ■white Elephants. Joseph S. Kluchin . . . New Orleans, La. Theodore F. Kramer . . New Orleans, La. K A A. L. Labbe New Orleans, La. George F. Lamprecht. . . Cleveland, Ohio A e Varsity Football (2). F. A. Landrieu .... New Orleans, La. William H. Leonard . . . Duluth, Minn. Interclass Wrestling (1, 2). H. S. Levy Monroe, La. Leo L. LowENTRiTT .... Winnsboro, La. Tim L. McNamara . . . New Orleans, La. Edward J. McShane . . New Orleans, La. Jambalaya Representative (1); Winner - lpha Phi Mu Prize (1). William T. Macruder . . New Orleans, La. William O. Mascaro . . New Orleans, La. Track Team (1); Cross-Country Team (1). D. W. Moore New Orleans, La. E. Earl Norwood .... Simmesport, La. Tulane Architectural Society. Jos. F. Nunemacher . . . New Orleans, La. Interclass Debating (1), Gerald Perkins .... New Orleans, La. Philip Phillips .... New Orleans, La. Interclass Wrestling (1. 2). Everett G. Roeselle . . New Orleans, La. Lewis M. Shelton . . . Wendell H. Simpson . . A e Chas. Magill Smith A e Tulane Architectural Society. David Stayer . . . . . New Orleans, La. Joseph F. Thompson . . New Orleans, La. John M. Walker .... New Orleans, La. K 2 Charles Wirth .... New Orleans, La. ! .K 2 Class Treasurer (1) ; Jambalaya Repre- sentative (2). Edouard Wogan .... New Orleans, La. K A Ben K. Wy.att .... New Orleans, La. K 2 Scrub Football (1. 2, 3); Class Foot- ball (1, 2); Tulane Architectural So- ciety; Class Track (1). Albert G. Wyler . . . New Orleans, La. Vice-President Class (1); Captain Class ■Wrestling Team (1); Class Track (1); Tug- ' o- " War (2). New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. P ' 7 J 2 k . 177 11923 K V l M. € .,g e jisC j ::! h -li i Andry, Besselman, Brouch, Buchanan, Campbell, Carre, Caven, Charlton Creichton, Crump, Diboll, Dykers, Eastham, Ebauch, Ehlert Eshleman, Field, Forman, Gaston, Gehr, Griffin, Haller Hay ' , Hoffman, Hortman, Kaufman, Kleinpeter, Klorer, Lashley Linfield, McLean, Macmurdo, Miazza, Moore, Murrel, O ' Neil OsER, Perrilliat, Rosson, Sargent, Secall, Seiley, Stafford Taylor, Town, Villere, Williams, Wilson, M. Wright, W. Wright, Zeicler .78 J iMBIKKA ivic ' i5kN:R5::m: gN:i i j .msj FresKman Engineering Class E. B. AiME, Jr New Orleans, La. Gerald L. Andrus Crowley, La. S n Tulane Band; Interclass Wrestling. Charles G. Andry . . . New Orleans, La. A K E O. V. Baldwin New Orleans, La. Salvador di Benidetto . . New Orleans, La. A. J. Besselman .... New Orleans, La. T. S. BooKSH Plaquemine, La. Charles M. Brough . . . Vicksburg, Miss. H. T. Buchanan .... New Orleans, La. K A D. J. Campbell Algiers, La. Philip H. Campbell . . . New Orleans, La. n K A " White Elephants. W. W. Carre, Jr New Orleans, La. W. R. Cassard New Orleans, La. C. A. Caven Okolo, Miss. C. M. Chalaron .... New Orleans, La. E. W. Charlton, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Charles N. Clarke . . . New Orleans, La. Freshman Football. P. F. CouDRAiN .... New Orleans, La. W. H. Creichton, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. R. G. Crump, Jr New Orleans, La. LuciEN Devall New Orleans, La. C. C. DiBOLL, Jr New Orleans, La. 2 A E Jos. J. DoNLON New Orleans, La. President Chess and Checker Club. R. J. Dreuding New Orleans, La. C. M. Duvic New Orleans, La. T. M. Dykers New Orleans, La. 2 A E J. D. Eastham New Orleans, La. Irving A. Ebaugh . . Winston-Salem, N. C. Y. ISI. C. A. Cabinet: Interclass Tug- ' o- War; Wrestling; Glee Club. J. N. Edwards New Orleans, La. C. D. Ehleri- Waterproof, La. S. St. J. EsHLEMAN, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. 2 X S. S. Fields New Orleans, La. Alfred H. Forman Vinton, La. 2 A E, 2 A N. G. Gaston New Orleans, La. R. B. Gaudin New Orleans, La. Mires C. Gehr Alexandria, La. Z B T H. Gerstner New Orleans, La. H. T. Griffen Shreveport, La. H. Gutierrez Merida, Mexico F. E. Haight Ponchatoula, La. Harold Haller New Orleans, La. ! K 2 Edward D. Harcis, Jr. . • . Romeville, La. MoiSE Harris . . . .St. Francisville, La. William W. Hay .... New Orleans, La. n K A Interclass Wrestling. George M. Hoffman . . New Orleans, La. A. L. Hortman .... New Orleans, La. Edmund F. Hughes . . . New Orleans, La. F. E. Johnson New Orleans, La. mi y. 1923 179 K g 3-f Mm ,«y .-■ -. ' m f VMJM. w X M i f I. Ki Fresn man Engineering Class Harrv S. Kaufman, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Z B T E. Cornelius Kleinpeter . . . Gretna, La. John D. Klorer .... New Orleans, La. AS White Elephants; Secretary-Treasurer Chess Club; Band. John D. Lambert. . . . New Orleans, La. Latham J. Lashley . . . New Orleans, La. ATA Thirteen Club; Freshman Football; Class Basketball. Bernard Lemann .... New Orleans, La. Milton L. Levy .... New Orleans, La. Z B T Freshman Football. Robert P. Linfield .... Gulfport, Miss. n K A C. H. McGuire .... New Orleans, La. Leal C. H. McLean . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Thirteen Club; President Class; Fresh- man Football. Charles J. Macmurdo . . New Orleans, La. n K A George E. May .... New Orleans, La. P. G. Merritt, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. Henry S. Meyer Zwolle, La. E. H. Miazza . . . . . New Orleans, La. K. H. Miller New Orleans, La. Lawrence D. Moore . . New Orleans, La. 2 n Freshman Football. Richard C. Murrel . . . Bayou Goula, La. Ben H. P. O ' Neil Franklin, La. W. K. OsER New Orleans, La. Howard A. K. Perrilliat . New Orleans, La. 2 X Thirteen Club; Secretary Class. A. B. PiERSON Ponchatoula, La. E. R. RoBBiNS New Orleans, La. H. J. RossON New Orleans, La. Rodney Rougelot .... New Orleans, La. H. B. Sargent Vicksburg, Miss. Edward L. Schafer, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ben Z. Segall New Orleans, La. J. H. Seiley Mamou, La. N. D. Simon New Orleans, La. J. F. Stafford New Orleans, La. H. C. Swan New Orleans, La. P. E. Taylor Franklin, La. A 2 E. M. Toby, Jr New Orleans, La. Andrew H. Town Lafayette, La. Ernest C. Villere . . . New Orleans, La. Ben Tug- ' o-War. L. T. Vivien New Orleans, La. A. A. Voss New Orleans, La. Allen R. Wagner . . . New Orlea ns, La. S. J. Wallbillich . . . New Orleans, La. H. V. Wehrman .... New Orleans, La. Hershal V. Williams . . New Orleans, La. T. F. Wilson New Orleans, La. Malcom B. Wright .... Hammond, La. W. J. Wright New Orleans, La. Ferd. F. Ziegler .... New Orleans, La. I So -:.„-ju„- h: . f JAMBimA ik i ' ' ' S xi S3:: :-m mmmmmmmmm mmmm s H1923 -fe- , ' 5 if . .:a »jAJ ,m ' ky .tS A s J tjmj .j :f..a -455 -:? jO " ' .«ta:3 College of Law Student Body Officers Harvey H. Hebert President Clement Moss Vice-President Lucille Wischam Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class Officers Clancy A. Latham President Edward Reed Vice-President A. A. Delahoussaye Secretary Junior Class Officers John L. Madden President Harold Rayl Vice-President Claire L. Savoy Secretary-Treasurer Anna C. McCay Jambalaya Representati ' ve Freshman Class Officers S. S. KiBLiNGER President Edward Davidson Vice-President Joseph Dayries Secretary Waldo Dugas Jambalaya Representative 1 82 1 JbUtfBMKA L iiL ' ii ' ms::E5aL v: v- v». ' -:mv. ' % -y. ' vm; Senior Law Class George Richard Blum DONALDSONVILLE, LOUISIANA A 2 E GlL-ndy Burke; Moot Court (2, 3). Political bootlepreer, strange torm Yet overnight I Di ' oam men famous and Awaking- — sell my dream — Alas. I nnd Kingdoms are not made overnight. Walton Porter Bondies DALLAS, TEXAS 2 n Lawyer or poet? a long unanswered question. Probably neither — in spite of his hair — Perhaps cowboy — Apple sauce and oleo-stearine. Benjamin Temple Brown NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A K E, K A Varsity Football (1. 2, 3. 4. 5); Varsity Track Team (2. 3, Club. 5); Manager (4); President Class (1); Sphinx Speed marvel and idol of debutantes. Runner of broken fields. Smasher of calic ' s hearts. Habitat? La Louisianne and other Similar haunts. Hugh Gordon Brunson EUNICE, LOUISIANA Varsity Orator (2 ; Vice-President Forum (3); Jam- balaya Representative (2, 3). He — Venus, with Willie Brine ' s capacity for running. An orator, and Willie-like, Long roads of politics I ' ll hike. Dotting them with victims of my strategy and cunning. John Olin Chamberlain new orleans, louisiana Ben Pelican Quill: Glee Club. President (3). Vice-Presi- dent (4); Editor-in-Chief Cafe Brulo (3. 4); Interfra- ternity Council (4) ; Student Senate (4) ; Moot Court (3, 4). Adventurer in many fields forbade Of entrance by the powers that be. Who say the mind is evil, yea, and bad, Of course these powers reek purity. 183 1923 ; y 7MjW7MyMy Sen lor aw CI ass Arthur Alexander Delahoussaye FRANKLIN, LOUISIANA Ben Tug:-o ' -War (1) ; Freshman Cheei ' Leader (1) ; Vice-President Class (2) ; Secretary-Treasurer Class (4); Varsity Crew (3); Glendy Burke (1. 2, 3); Inter- fraternity Council (3, 4), Secretary (3); Oratorical and Debating Council (3); Moot Court (2, 3). French, for magpie — A bird with beak forever in some Business other than his own, With knit brows we sigh, Wondering wearily how come — And also why. Perry Seelig Feldman NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA K N A staunch young Bolshevist am I, I ' m. anti-everything, and why? I ' m. owned and operated by a Ring, " To hell with liberty, the vote ' s the thing. " Harvey Hepler Hebert NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A 2 , A ! Olive and Blue; Vice-President Class (1); Secretary- Treasurer Class (2); President Law Student Body (4); Forum, Secretary-Treasurer (2), President (3); Varsity Debater (2, 3): Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3): Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3, 4); Student Senate (4); Student Council (4). Pooh-bah! Suave, politic, adaptable. Holder of many offices, including Taster to the King. I am down-trodden truth and yet Success. John Ernest Johnson HARRISONBURG, LOUISIANA A S E Square and Compass; Jambalaya, Assistant (3), Business Manager (4); Glendy Burke, Patient and stolid I trudge through daily grind Of work or play. Wherefore my fault — why blame my creaking mind? It ' s gone away. Clancy Abernathay Latham NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A 2 E Square and Compass; President Class (4), Silent benedict — Thy power o ' er the multitude. But proves again The g-Qlden value of quietude. 184 jMBum i iLVii. iJLViL ci :as:3 .: sm ::g.v:m Senior Law Class Vernis Morgan SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA President Class (3); Square and Compass. " Anti-KluN or pro-Klux? " ask Dummy ' s right hand, " Ray for Skip! What ' s on your hip? I am the Koo Koo Klan! " Sidney Louis Reynaud LUTCHER, LOUISIANA Ah! Ha! The Fox Now doth appear And doing so Now exits. Louis Leucht Rosen NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Interclass activities (1, 2) : Secretary Arts and Sciences Student Body (4). Objections — privileges of proving the Supreme Court wrong All conceived centuries ago against my coming. Well, then, I ' m here — I disagree — Do you mean to tell me? — etc., etc. William Harry- Talbot RUSTON, LOUISIANA 2 N, K A , A Olive and Blue; Varsity Pootball (1, 3, 4); Varsity Track (3): Moot Court: Secretary Law Student Body (1). A male of staggering proportions with an ancient female ' s name — Proponent of pet-parties, friend of bootleggers, he ' H in Newcomb ' s hall of fame. Samuel James Tennant, Jr. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A S E Track (1, 2); Assistant Sporting Editor Hullabaloo (3, 4): Oratorical and Debating Council; " T " Club Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3, 4); Interclass Activities (1, 2) Secretary-Treasurer Class (2); Moot Court (2. 3, 4) Promotion Force (3). A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse! i8s 1923 iMjA X Jun lor jaw CI ass Neil August Armstrong, Jr. meraux, louisiana Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (3). Sar- geant-at-Ai-ms (3); Moot Court (3); Dramatic Society (3). Apollo ' s ghost. Our only hope for the best looking man distinction. Lloyd Joseph Cobb new orleans, louisiana " Varsity Orator (2); Varsity Debating Alternate (2); ' Varsity Debater (3); S. A. A. U. Wrestling Champion (2); Tulane Wrestling Champion (2); Glendy Burke (1, 2, 3); Oratorical and Debating Council (3); Moot Court (2, 3); Tulane Club (3); Dramatic Society (3). Ambition ' s own son. Long live his high grades and collars. James Condon winnsboro, louisiana Straight from the country, but a true student and good friend to all. Carl Abram Fisher, K N new orleans, louisiana Interclass Wrestling (1, 2); Moot Court (2). The man of many cars. He must have backed " Comic Song " to the limit. John Lynton Madden, A T n, A ■I ' HOMER, LOUISIANA A.B., 1922; Pelican Quill; Sphinx Club; Olive and Blue; Glee Club; Square and Compass; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2. 3); Secretary Class (3); President Class (5); Foi-um. The nightingale of the law school and also the hon- orable (despite all objections and irregularities) president ' of the class. Anna Conner McCay new orleans, louisiana Class Historian (2); Jambalaya Representative (3). A sad case — mind at Tulane — heart at L. S. U. Charles Hester Morton, II K A BERNICE, LOUISIANA White Elephants; Olive and Blue; Jambalaya Staff (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (2. 3). The man without a country — he hails from Bernice. Harold Moses, SAM NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Pelican Quill; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating So- ciety (1, 2, 3. 4); Oratorical and Debating Council Rep- resentative (2), Speaker (3); Varsity Debating Alternate (2); Interclass Debating (2); Varsity Debater (3); Ora- torical and Debating Council (2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treas- urer (2, 3), Chairman (4); Secretary-Tre asurer Class (3); Assistant Editor Jambalaya (3); Editor Uptown Campus (4); Editor-in-Chief Jambalaya (4); Editor Tulane Hand- book (4); Hullabaloo Staff (3, 4); Secretary Tulane Pro- motion Force (3); Student Activities (2); Moot Court (3); Chess Club (1, 4); Tulane Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Pan- Hellenic Council (3. 4), Reporter (4); Dramatic Society (4); Student Senate (4). MR. JAMBALAY ' A, himself. Nut sed. Leslie Moses, 2 A M NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society (1. 2. 3) Oratorical and Debating Council Representative (2, 3) Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3); Wrestling (1, 2) Tulane Club (1, 2, 3); Moot Co irt (2, 3); Dramatic Club C3). The Bantam Rooster of the class. l86 jASffliim i l T ' B. 0£Sj NBN3. :BSJl :g. vx:mvA-:H:.xH; cx ; Junior La v Class Clement Murphy Moss, K i:, ' I ' A ! LAKE CHARL ES, LOUISIANA A.B., V. jr. I., 1921; Vice-Prtsklent Kaw .ftiulent Body (S); Moot Court (2. 3): Vice Speaker Gleiuly Burke lit- erary Society (3); Hullabaloo Staff (2, 3). Managing Rdi- tor (3): Treasurer Interfi ' aternity Council (3); Pelican Quill. Motto: " There is rest for the veary. " Rip Van AVinkle ' a only competitor. Nathaniel Pope Phillips, K A, I A i TORRAS, LOUISIANA B.S., L. S. U., 1921. The man with two Alma Maters. He will attend New- comb next year and be cheer leader. Harold James Rayl, A 2 E NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Glendy Burke (2. S), Speaker (3): Vice-President Class (3); Student Senate (3). Truth is stranger than fiction — but fiction is more in- teresting than class lectures. See 26 Short Stories. 3S and nil T. P. 12. Claire Ernest Loeb Savoy new orleans, louisiana Secretary-Treasurer Class (3); Jambalaya ReiJresenta- tive (2). A flapper type with a suffragette ' s ideals — incongruous to the last detail. Daniel Steuer new orleans, louisiana No — this isn ' t Judge Theard — only his understudy. Harry Farrar Styles, B 6 II, K A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA B.A.. 1922: Sphinx: Student Senate (4). Admirer of the style of Harriet Beecher Sto ve. His favorite story — " Uncle Tom ' s Cabin. " Walter Carnot Vetsch fort necessity, LOUISIANA Square and Compass. After his education we fear an untimely death. He will go back home to practice law. Richard Brinker Williams colfax, louisiana Another conscript from L. S. U. The class takes a day off when he starts to drawl out a case. Ale.xander Minor Wilson hammond, louisiana Square and Compass; Moot Court. The assistant professor of every subject. He never minds helping to teach the class. Abe Melville Wolfson, K N new orleans, louisiana Shield and Scimiter; Moot Court; Band. The " William Jennings Bryan of the class. He has an- nounced his candidacy for next year. 2 lA 187 119231 ' 1 Barnett, Brown, Caiin, Clay, Currier Davidson, Dayries, Dugas, Hebert, Irion Jones, Kerrigan, Kiblinger, Lautenschlaeger, Long Meyers, Oechsner, Stubbs, Wamsley, Wischan 188 JAMBUfflOl iVR -iLV ' m5:: 5aLNgN :2Lsa :gv:gvg: m Fresh resnman Vjdjw CI ass Walter M. Barnett, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Z B T, K A I Senior Literary; Moot Court. Alfred W. Brown . . . New Orleans, La. A K E Leon Solis Cahn .... New Orleans, La. Z B T Senioi ' Literary; Moot Court. Gordon Edward Clay . . New Orleans, La. Ben Class Baslietball (2); Scrub Football (2). Charles Ford Currier . . . Shreveport, La. K A, ! A Moot Court. Edward Apps Davidson . . New Orleans, La. B e n, A i Thirteen Club; Oliye and Blue; Light- weight Boxing: Champion (2); Class Vice-President (3); Secretary Class (1); President Class (2); Interclass Activi- ties. Joseph A. Davries, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. A K E, A M Jambalaya Representative (1); His- torian (1); Thirteen Club; Cheer Lead- er (2). Waldo Howard Dugas • . . Lafayette, La. A K E Glendy Burke (1); Jambalaya Repre- sentative (1). Edwin M. Eraser Many, La. Felix Edward Hebert . . New Orleans, La. A 2 , n A Class President (1, 2); Sporting Editor Hullabaloo (1, 2. .■!); Sporting Editor . Jambalaya (2); Varsity Debater (1, 2); " White Elephants; Oratorical and Debat- ing Council; Promotion Force (1) ; Inter- fraternity Council (2, 31. Reporter (2), Secretary (3); Secretary-Treasurer Law Student Body (2); Assistant Football Manager (3 ; Forum Literary Society (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club. James Valentine Eacan Irion . . Emad, La. A S E, 2 A Moot Court; Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society; President Dramatic Club; Varsity Debating Alternate; Hul- labaloo Staff (.1). Joseph Merrick Jones . . New Orleans, La. A K E, S A, A Thirteen Club; Interclass Football (1, 2); Scrubs (1, 2, 3); Moot Court; Glendy-Burke; Pan-Hellenic Council. Robert Emmet Kerrigan . . Hammond, La. A e, A Sam S. Kiblincer. . . . New Orleans, La. A e President Class 11). Lester Lautenschleaeger . New Orleans, La. A K E Secretary Class (1); Thirteen Club; Scrub Football (1); Varsity Football (2); Interclass Activities. Garry D. Long Neosha, Mo. n K A Joseph A. Meyers, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. OTA Scrub Football (1); Glendy Burke (1). Frederick C. Oechsner . . New Orleans, La. Ben Thirteen Club; Class Track (1. 2); Glendy Burke Debating Society (2); Olive and Blue; Glee Club Publicity Manager (2). President (3). Joseph J. Ruffo .... New Orleans, La. Sciiiare and Compass. Frank Palmer Stubbs, Jr. . . Monroe, La. A K E, A Pelican Quill; Glendy Burke (1). William H. Wamsley, Jr. . Coushatta, La. OTA Square and Compass. Lucille H. A. Wischan . New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer Law Student Body; " W omen ' s Professional and Scientific Or- ganization. 14 11923 189 M M V i K ixfmmkt ' A u c5 _ " wo Years Mc 2 iS o- c? n c) O 7C - f-he I, a vv O c A r n ' ' - O aw e Famous Sayings There will be no more roll call in the junior and senior classes for the rest of the year. Query ? I dunno. I haven ' t that case. Dean, may I ask a question? Well, what about it? Not prepared. Have you your cases? Mr. will not meet his class today. Take the next case. What ' s the difference between this case and the last? Then why were they both put in the book? Have you that case breifed? Don ' t you see Er-er-er- For other cases on the point see Oh, I read the dissenting opinion. Did he s ucceed ? That ' s all for today. r-w: «w- - 190 j ttffliim i iL i. ' B. :a. v:as:i jLvaL :g wm mmmm 2 y A 1923 n 191 :i ,: s:,Ji,,- y Asi- t .... " i? ? i H JA r s»- r ' s College of Commerce Student Body John F. McCloskey President Lynn Colomb Vice-President Louis Garrard Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class Parks B. Pedricks President Albert Silverman Jambalaya Representative Junior Class Chester Carre President T. D. MiNGLEDORF Fice-President E. C. Hanson Secretary-Treasurer Florence Fowler Jambalaya Representative Sophomore Class Douglas O ' Kelley President Junior Henican Vice-President Hooper Carter Secretary-Treasurer Hugh Kohlmeyer Jambalaya Representative Freshman Class W. A. Simpson, Jr President R. S. Watson Vice-President Isabelle Capdeville Secretary-Treasurer G. F. Walne Jambalaya Representative 192 JIMBlim l ll 5 ' JR J :a a l5 m . v3s a. g■ ' 2 k . Senior Co mmerce CI ass Parks B. Pedrick. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Glendy-Burke Literary Society (2, 3, 4); Vice Speak- er (2); Jambalaya Representative (3); President Class (4). Albert Weyl Silverman FRANKLIN, LOUISIANA Tulane Club; Glendy-Burke (3); Class Track (2); Class Baseball (2); Assistant Business Manager Jamba- laya (4): Jambalaya Repnesentative (4). Owing to the fact that this college started quite recently, the graduating class this year is quite small. Last year none were grad- uated, so that this year is a big improvement. From now on, though, it is probable that increasing numbers will distinguish themselves in the business world as graduates of this college. Neither of the two 1923 graduates, strange to say, began their college career in this college, but both entered in their sophomore year. This did not deter them, though, and it is expected that more distinctions will be brought to the College of Commerce when these young business men step into the commercial world. 193 1923 special Commerce Students LOWERY V. COLVIN DUBA ' CH, LOUISIANA John Francis McCloskey JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA OTA Secretary Student Body (1) : President Student Body (3): Student Council (3); Auditor and Secretary Jam- balaya (2). John L. Nicholas CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Jesse N. Perrett new orleans, louisiana Irby J. Richard BRISTOL, VIRGINIA A K E WiNFRED L. ROOS COUSHATTA, LOUISIANA W. J. D. Sharbrough NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA A K E 194 JAMBiraOl ■ V; , - , Juni lor iommerce CI ass Chester Morey Carre, A T fi NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Assistant Busim-as ManaffLM- Cafe Brulo (2); PrGsiilcnt Class (3); Y. M, C. A. (2. 3). A garrulous man Chester is not, But wht ' n he speaks it means a lot. Robert Lynn Cclomb, IT K A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA " White Rlephants; Olive and Blue; Vice-President Com- merce Student Body (3). Our Handsome Man from the Golden " West. As a deb ' s delight he lanlcs the best. Gus Adolph Elgutter NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Square and Compass. In tlie statistical world Gus will make his mark ' Cause in that subject he ' s a shark. Florence Braughn Fowler new orleans, louisiana Architectural Society Secretary (1) ; Scientific and Pro- fessional Women ' s Club (1. 2, 3) , Vice-President (3) ; Jambalaya Representative (3). Here ' s to Florence, tried and true, We all love her — sure we do. Edward Clyde Hanson carrollton, alabama Hullabaloo Representative (2) ; Secretary-Treasurer Class {3 : Work Room Committee (2). He asks many questions, and good ones, too. But he ' s good in anything he tries to do. Paul J. Holsen ALLENDALE, ILLINOIS To know him is to Itnow a man That will do the best that e ' er he can. Percy Barney Hopkins, K A MARION, LOUISIANA A stellar student from North Louisiana, A popular man with a most engaging- manner. WiLLARD Rappleye Lawes, II K A NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Jamhalaj ' a Representative (2) ; Class Historian (2). Rappleye ' s the boy that everyone knows. Friends galore wherever he goes. Frank Joseph Matthew, Jr., 2 A E NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Ma.lors at Newcomb, Minors at Tulane, One ot the best fellows that to Tulane ever came. Thomas Daniel Mingledorff savannah, georgia Vice-President Class (3). A quiet chap of mien serene. Going his busy way he ' s never seen. Archie Leonard Robinette, OTA NEW VERDA, LOUISIANA Square and Compass; Engineering Society; Glendy Burke. He followed In the footsteps of some wlio ' d gone before. He used to be an engineer, but he isn ' t any more. Robert L. Simpson, A 9 NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA He ' s a sport, a good one at that, In most any game he ' ll " stand pat. " 195 11923 1. %i Barnes, Becnel, Braumiller, Chancellor, Davenport DupoNT, Garrard, Haas, Hartwell, Henican Hodges, Kemper, Kidd, Kohlmeyer Kullman, Madison, Marks, Murray, Null O ' Kelley, Owen, Perkins, Pierce, Rives B4,,K 196 JAMBMm k ' %yms3 ' : M :BsSZ Sopkomore G Walter J. Barnes . . . New Orleans, La. n K A Tug- ' o- Var (2). Roland J. Becnel . . . .St. Gabriel, La. George K. Bradford Rayiie, La. Jack Braumiller .... Texarkana, Tex. I K 2 Shield and Scimitar. Hooper Carter New Orleans, La. A T n President Class (1); Vice-President Class (2); Secretary-Treasurer Class (3); Thirteen Club; Olive and Blue. Robert B. Cato Einona, Miss. Robert P. Chancellor . . New Orleans, La. i; n Joe a. Davenport, Jr. . . . Mer Rouge, La. Joseph C. Dupont Houma, La. A K E Football Squad 131; Tulane Crew (2); Captain (3); Thirteen Club; President Tulane Club (3); President Class (1). Louis F. Garrard, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. S A E Secretary-Treasurer Commerce Student Body (2); Hullabaloo Staff (2); Pan- Hellenic Council (1, 2). John W. Gladson Ringgold, La. Nathan L. Haas .... New Orleans, La. Z B T William C. Hartwell . . New Orleans, La. A 2 " White Elephants. Joseph P. Henican, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Ben Thirteen Club; Tug- ' o-War (1); Class Basketball (1); Class Baseball (1); Class Vice-President (2); Varsity foot- ' ball (2); Varsity Basketball (2). Floyd R. Hodges, Jr. . . . Shreveport, La. A T fi Secretary-Treasurer Class (1); Jamba- laya Representative Class (1). Wallace C. Kemper . . New Orleans, La. K A " White Elephants; Olive and Blue; Hullabaloo (1). ommerce CI ass Joseph W. Kidd Columbia, La. Hugh B. Kohlmever . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Janrbalaya Representative (3); Secre- tary Tulane Club (3). Wilfred M. Kullman . . . Natchez, Miss. 2 A JI Herbert S. Lea .... New Orleans, La. Class " tt restling (2); Tug- ' o-War; A. A. V. " Rfrestling (1, 2 1. Sa.muel C. Luther Birmingham, Ala. . Bastrop, La. HiLLMAN W. Madison . . 2 X Sidney L. Marks .... New Orleans, La. Z B T Interclass " Wrestling (1, 2); Class Bas- ketball (1); Track (1). Daniel K. Murray, TR- ■ New Orleans, La. K 2, n A I Tennis Champion (2); Scrub Football (1. 2); " White Elephants; Tennis Man- ager (3); Varsity Squad (3). Clayton P. Nelson Vinton, La. Charles E. Null .... New Orleans, La. Square and Compass. Douglas E. O ' Kelley . . New Orleans, La. ATA Class Treasurer (1); Class Secretary (2); Class President (3); Class Activities (1. 2); Scrubs (2. 3); Assistant Track Man- ager (3). Allison Owen, Jr. . . . New Orleans, La. K A " U ' hite Elephants; Architectural Society (1). John B. Perkins . W. Dean Pierce . Brookhaven, Miss. 2 X . . . Union Springs, Ala. OTA Harry D. Pourciau .... New Roads, La. T A Felix M. Rives Shreveport, La. K A Israel Weinstein . . . . New Orleans, La. 1 5 197 ■ka 1923 rn " ■ f • ' - ' ty. - " y S N Besselman, Capdeville, Cohn, G. Davidson ' , M. Davidson, Dinkelspeil Farr, Field, Hanson, Kartell, Heyman HoGUE, Joubert, Killeen, McDonald, Mason MooNEv, Pitard, Powers, Reiss, Salassi Simpson, Sirera, Strauss, V ' ennard, Walne, Welsh »..- ;. -ga.. .. :., 198 JAMBiKKA i ' ' E ' B :R ::B. mv ' %. ' BNm ' ' gvg Fresh reshman commerce Gl ass 2i ROBi-RT R. Besselman . . New Orleans, La. ATA White Elephants; Class Wrestlins (1). Thomas J. Burke, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. ISABELLE M. Capdeville . New Orleans, La. Secretary Class (1 ). Nelson Church .... New Orleans, La. Bennie Cohn Alexandria, La. Band. George A. Davidson . . New Orleans, La. Ben Morris C. Davidson .... Houston, Tex. S A M Edward A. Dinkelspeil . New Orleans, La. Lewis L. Farr Natchez, Miss. Shield and Scimitar. H. Moylan Fields . • . New Orleans, La. K A Varsity Crew; Interclass Wreslliny; Glee Club; Tug- ' o-War. Merlin N. Hanson Mobile, Ala. OTA White Elephants. Carl O. Hartwell . . . New Orleans, La. A 2 I J. Walter Heyivian . . . New Orleans, La. Z B T Terrv M. Hogue .... Birmingham, Ala. n K A White Elephants; Cross-Country Team. Leon Joubert New Orleans, La. Ben Class Football (1). Thomas E. Killen . . . New Orleans, La. K S Thirteen Club; Freshman Football. James K. MacDonald . . . Ladsden, Ala. S A E Ernest B. Mason .... Winnsboro, La. 2 n Tug- ' o-War. Urban D. Mooney, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. n K A GusTAVE J. PiTARD. Jr. . . New Orleans, La. n K A White Elephants. J. McVay Powers .... New Orleans, La. K 2 Thirteen Club; Freshman Football. James J. Reiss New Orleans, La. Ben Guy a. Robicheaux . . Napoleonville, La. Gerard O. Salassi Slidell, La. Wilmer a. Simpson, Jr. . New Orleans, La. President Class (1): Square and Compass. Louis F. Sierera . . Laura Luella Smith Leander C. Stedman . New Orleans, La. . Marshall, Tex. . Versailles, Tex. H. Alvin Strauss .... New Orleans, La. Shield and Scimitar; Treasurer Class (1). Lawrence A. Vennard . . New Orleans, La. George T. Walne, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. 6 T A shield and Scimitar; Jambalaya Representative. Richard S. Watson . . . New Orleans, La. OTA Vice-President Class. John E. Welsh Vinton, La. K 2 White Elephants. Jack Wicgin, Jr Houston, Tex. K A Interclass Football (1). 199 ]1923 V H m - rAc 7 f Co j-A cPu-c u ' c r 3 JAMBUSSA WS MMi The Knights of the White Camehas, the Louisiana branch of the Ku Kkix Klan, in existence 1865. ,-HV L ' lL ' l ' Es::Bs: :B :K :E Fraternities Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha Tail Omega Sigma Nu ACADEMIC TULANE Kappa Sigma Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Beta Theta Pi Zeta Beta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Mu Kappa Nu Omicron Tau Alpha Lambda Sigma Epsilon 2 F ' 7 Newcomb f J: Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Phi PROFESSIONAL Phi Delta Phi Phi Beta Pi Alpha Epsilon Iota Phi Chi Kappa Psi Psi Omega Alpha Kappa Kappa Nu Sigma Nu Xi Psi Phi Chi Zeta Chi Phi Rho Sigma HONORARY Beta Phi Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha Pelican Quill Kappa Delta Phi Stars and Bars Alpha Sigma Sigma SPECIAL Pi Alpha Phi Owl 3 Square ar d Compass Sphinx Sigma Delta White Elephants 11923 203 ». • -m i " rm _„„„ , V IM Alison, Amoss, Barnett, Brown, Carter Chamberlain, Delahoussave, Elizardi, Fr.l " e, Haille Hargrove, E. Hebert, H. Hebert, Jones, Kekrican Leake, Martin, Miller, Morton, Moses Moss, Perrilliat, Rau, Wachenheim, Wvnn 204. JAMBMSKA l .m CR. Tke Tulane Council of Fraternities I S VIE Interfraternlty Council of Tulane University is the outgrowth of the old Pan- jsy B Q cS Hellenic Societies and is a result of the desire on the part of the fraternities and I S BV-i2y university authorities for a medium through which the various chapters in the irlr university might come into close contact for the discussion of all matters conducive L2)-i:=:rS fe!j to the best interest of the fraternities and the university. It is composed of two men from each national fraternity represented at Tulane, and a chairman, the last named being a member of the faculty. Its main objects are to fix rules and regulations rela- tive to fraternity activities and conduct, to prompt interfraternlty activities and contests, and to foster a better student spirit in the university. Officers Prof. Hal W. Moselev Chairman F. Edward Hebert Secretary Clement M. Moss Treasurer Harold Moses Reporter Alpha Tail Omega — W. Stone Leake Henry Stoutz Beta Theta Pi— Arthur A. Delahoussaye OuN Chamberlain Members Delta Kappa Epsilon — Benjamin Brown Joseph Jones Delta Sigma Phi — F. Edward Hebert Harvey H. Hebert Delta Tail Delta— ■ William Frue Edgar R. Carter Kappa Alpha— James Amoss Henderson Barclay- Kappa Nil — Max Roschefsky ' Nathan Polmer Kappa Sigma — Clement Moss Charles Wiggin Phi Delta Theta— MoRRELL Miller Robert Kerrigan Pi Kappa Alpha— James Elizardi Charles Morton Si gin a Alpha Mii— Harold Moses Dave Marcus Phi Kappa Sigma— Lloyd Rau Philip Koonce Sigma Alpha Epsilon — James Alison Don Armstrong Sigma Chi — Claiborne Perrilliat Pratt Martin Sigma Nu — Marion Hargrove John Lucas Sigma Pi — Robert Wynn William Haile Zela Beta Tan— Albert Wachenheim, Jr Walter M. Barnett, Jr 205 11923 Adams, Bannister, Barnes, Bolton, Braumiller Douglas, Ford, Gardner, Godat, Haller Hawkins, Koonce, Perkins, Powers L. Rau, N. Rau, Roberts, Schmidt, Simmons Stafford, Talbot, Warren, Welsh, Wirth 206 ejs.... ?r, . JAMBIHXA iMiMi ' B.K: 5:B.: ms: Phi Kappa Sigma Founded 1850 MU CHAPTER Established 1858 Seniors H. D. Barnes W. P. Gardner J. B. Schmirt Chas. Banister L. Rau F. M. Talbot H. Douglas D. D. Warren Juniors C. H. Ford " P. L. Warner I. F. Hawkins W. R. Wirth B. W. Wyatt L. J. Adams F. R. Bolton Sophomores J. Braumiller Ed Godat P. B. Koonce E. A. Perkins C. Wirth Freshmen G. W. Bolton H. Haller McV Powers Norman Rau B. Roberts C. L. Simmons J. Stafford J. E. Welsh 207 Barnes, Campdell, Clark, Coi.oMn, Elizarui Farley, Hay, Head, Hocue Lawes, LiNi ' iELD, Locke, Long Macmuruo, Moon ' ey, Morton, Pitard RoBBiNs, SiMMS, Smith, Watters, Winters 208 ... fA — M :M i.. JAMBUaSA i " ' ms: s: :m cR f ' 7 r J Pi Kappa llpha Founded U% ETA CHAPTER Established 1878 In Faculty O. Cassecrain James Roberts Seniors J. W. Elizardi D. J. Farlev G. P. ROBBINS C. S. Williamson ' , Jr. Juniors C. H. Campbell L. Colomb W. H. Head L. R. Lawes Walter Barnes Morgan Bryan P. Campbell R. H. Clark W. Hay H. M. HoGUE C. H. Morton C. K. SIMMS H. A. Ward H. Winters Sophomores M. Dewey D. Freret Freshmen R. P. LiNFIELD W. W. Locke Garry Long C. F. McMuRDO D. M. Long U. MOONEY G. J. PiTARD K. M. Rayner M. J. Smith J. A. Watters 1923 209 Amoss, Archinard, Ayers, Barklev, Brown, Buchanan Chambers, Coleman, Currier, Egdorf, Field, Gennsler Grayson, Hoffpauer, Hopkins, Kemper, Kent, Kleinpeter Kramer, Matthews, O ' Neil, A. Owen, E. Owen, Phillips Rives, Roehl, Rudolph, Snellinc, Scott, Tankersley E. Vennard, L. Vennard, Wallis, White, Wogan, Wolfe •;».., fjt.„. ■ t-ff ffit JAMRUm i 2vi :a 2.a :B 3. -Bxm - v;K ' m; x s A K Alph H. E. Buchanan Charles P. Fenner Walter J. Amoss J. H. Ayers Garland G. Brown John Coleman P. B. Hopkins Austin Joyner Wallace Kemper T. F. Kraemer appa mpi Fniiiided iS66 PSI CHAPTER Established 1882 In Faculty J. W. Hopkins C. C. LUZENBERG Seniors C. C. Rudolph Juniors Allison Owen N. P. Phillips Felix M. Rives Howard Roehl Robert ShaivP James Winston F. M. Tankersley Joseph T.. Scott John Snelling E. B. Vennard Henderson Barclay P. S. Daucherty C. C. Egdorf H. M. Fields John Archinard H. T. Buchanan Jack Chambers Lawrence Vennard McLiN White E. J. WOGAN Sophomores H. B. Cranberry L. Kleinpeter G. A. Herbert Edwin Owen Cl. rk Hoffpauer ' Clarence Snelling Douglas Kent M. M. Snelling Freshmen Ford Courier C. B. McGuire H. P. O ' Neil Jack Wiggin Millard Gensler John Matthews T. W. Wallis Robert Wolfe Richard Grayson Eugene Warner Jack Yarbrough 11923 = •% A1 t - — — 5 t J ' ft lA- V " ' " --nj a Baldwin, Colcin, Eshleman, Little LOCKARD, Marison, Martin, Nair e Perkins, C. Perrilliat, H. Perrilliat, Tvronne A.., J». .. s, ;; .v VJ JAMBUm i ii ' i ' m5:E -:m: :aNa : Nm :mgv;g -g s ::%.jm:E: :M. Sigma Chi Founded 1856 ALPHA OMICRON PI CHAPTER Established 1886 J. W. Carroll Dr. E. D. Fenner In Faculty Dr. p. a. McIliienney Dr. a. Cook Dr. E. p. Ficklen Dr. L. B. Crawford Dr. S. Logan Dr. V. C. Smith Seniors James Lockard A. H. Little Curtis Tvron Wallace Drennan Juniors C. L. Nair.ve Webb Madison G. P. Martin C. Perrilliat Sophomores Seth L. Baldwin John Perkins Freshmen H. Perrilliat Reuben Bush William Colgin ■ Lee Stedman S. S. Eshleman 213 11923 N Callesder, Carre, Creightov, Doswell Ehlert, Hodges, Leake Maddex, Me.vefee, Owess Palmer, Rike, Rogers Saunders, Sha% ' er, Waller, WHrrKEv 214 JAMBimA • ' : m 1 : xA.lplia Tau Omega Founded 1565 w BETA UPSILOX CHAPTER Established 1887 Xathan " C. Curtis Ix FACULTi ' LamTvEnxe DeBl-ys C. L. EsHELilAN- Allak C. Eusns Raxdolph Lyoss Chester Carre Hooper C. Carter W. Stone Leake Sexior Jlxlax Palmer Juniors J. Lvxtox Maddes Reilley Heeer C. Rike Garvix Sauxbers Edward Shaver Taylor Gkey Doswell Percy Ford Sophomores B. G. Owens Floyd Hodges Alex Raixold R- Whitxey W. Callesder W. Creightox Freshmex C. D. Ehlert M. Men " efee w. h. rodgers Leroy Waller 11923 : . i - " Xm 1 sssnss gjj-iij te g Bailey, Benedict, Blackshear, Carter, Charlton? Cherry, Cook, Curtis, Evans, Hargrove Havard, Heffron, Horke, Irwin, Landry Laughton, Lucas, Merchant, Monget, Rabb Scott, Swan, Talbot, Wall, Wiley 216 ■ -.. ,.€W JAMBimA iiM v ' ms: x:ENm CE 3 B5:gvj ■ A J. M. McBkide William H. Cook Clarence S. Carter Gill W. Blackshear Sigma Nu Founded 1867 BETA PHI CHAPTER Established 1888 In Faculty C. E. Dunbar Seniors J. K. HORXE W. H. Talbot- William M. Scott E. E. Allgever J. RuFus Evans, Jr. M. D. Hargrove Kenneth M. Bailey ' Juniors Robert H. Brumfielu Thomas Curtis James M. Houlehan Doc Jordan C. A. Havard Sophomores R. B. Benton Robert Y. Raeb Jacob S. Landry R. H. CuERRV W. D. Wall Ralph E. Wiley John F. Lucas H. S. Monget James Ikw ' in H. M. Merchant " Snow " Langston Freshmen Curtis Pettijean W. S. Benedict Gordon Heffron R. Mann c. c. svvann Eddie Charleton M. Williby id 1923 VA 217 : AVEKV, BiZZELL, Cavin, Chamberlain, Clvde Davenport, Hutchinson, Killeen, Kirksey LiVAUDAis, C. Moss, W. Moss, Murray, Pitts Potts, C. Smith, R. Smith, Stickley Talley, Walker, Watkins, Wheat, Wiggins 2lg JAMBIHSA k - -L is, sX - ,1: .B. . Ji Kappa Sigma Founded 1S67 SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1889 In Faculty Melvin Johnson White William P. Brown Se,niors M. E. BizzELL W. D. Stickley M. LiVAUDAIS G. S. Avery, Jr. C. M. Moss H. K. Carrington D. K. Murray J. P. Talley Charles Cavin W. H. Potts C. T. Smith C. C. WiGGiN, Jr. Juniors J. A. Davenport, Jr. T. A. KiRKSEY Sophomores D. Chamberlain J. L. Pitts, Jr. J. M. Walker, Jr. Freshmen W. A. Clyde R. D. Smith Jack Wheat W. A. Hutchinson H. W. Pearce Walter Moss Sanfqrd Roy L. E. WlLLIFORD Thomas Killeen R. Watkins % ' kA ■ : . - , k i 2 ■ 1 219 ' ,y 1923 E IMJMjm myAj " I J(i Mr A. BliSSELMAN, R. BESSliLMAN, CARTER, DarRINCTON Devereaux, Eckford, Fitzgerald, A. Frue W. Frue, Gamble, Knolle Lashley, Lewis, Newborn, O ' Kelly Oliphant, Wight, Williams, Wilson JAMBUm iVEVlVS. ' : ; :: Nm :KN:m ' KN v A.- ■. i k i ; t ' - Dr. J. P. O ' Kelley E. R. Carter W. C. Froe G. Darrington Delta Tau Delta Founded 1856 BETA XI CHAPTER Established 1889 In Faculty Chaille Jamison Pierce Butler Seniors W. M. Devereux Guy Knolle T. H. Oliphant Juniors j. f. eckford Walter Newburn Bennet a. Wight Sophomores Harry P. Gamble John Williams C. F. Taeusch W. L. Fitzgerald Clyde Lewis Douglas O ' Kelley A. Besselman Latham Lashley Freshmen R. Besselman Clifton Morris A. C. Frue Thomas Wilson 11923 x Boyd, Carre, Grace, Kerrigan Lamprecht, Miller, Pantall, Phillips Porteous, R. Simpson, W. Simpson, Smith Storck, White, Wright, Young JAMBimA LVEVmSv V ' -»K " C ' -% ' s KS W " -, ' " " ,. 7 p. BORGSTROM Dr. C. W. Duval Pki Delta Theta Founded 1S48 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1S89 In Faculty Dr. Pedro Miller Dr. H. B. Gessner Hamilton ' P. Jones Dr. J. B. Guthrie Dr. H. E. Miller Dr. M. M. Souchon Seniors R. E. Kerrigan C. C. Luzenberg Ambrose H. Storck D. K. Porteoos A. M. Parson S. H. Shepard Melvin Boyd Fred Pantall Juniors N. L. Sebastian Howard Simpson Marion Smith Robert Simpson Sophomores G. F. Lamprecht Magill Smith M. W. Miller Frank Phillips Freshmen W. W. Carre Daniel Grace Malcom Wright R. B. White David Young 11923 223 s Alison, Armstrong, Barrett, Born, Callahan DiBOLL, Dykers, Finlayson, Forman, Garrard Hester, Hull, Jervey, Killman, Lewis MacDonald, Matthews, Olser, Pierson, Pigford Ruble, Sargeant, D. Womack, W. Womack, Wright 224 •y wi st- ' " ■ ff .. v SjeSsv- •■ JAMBUm i " ' gMSXi 5C :aNjg :mN» « ' V £ 1 ,.r . Or c A«i 5 " C« Si ma Alpha Epsilon Founded 1859 LOUISIANA TAU UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1897 Felix Bruno C. G. Cole James F. Alison William Barket D. Armstrong Eugene Diboll William Jervey Charles Born C. C. Diboll T. Dykers R. FiNLAYSON H. Forman In Faculty Donald Derickson John Dicks James A. Lyons Seniors D. J. Callahan A. M. Taylor Juniors Louis Garraru Webb Jordan Clarence Pierson R. PiGFORD Sophomores K. McDonald Freshmen L. Heiter J. C. Hull Joe Kilman Albert Lewis G. K. Pratt, Jr. John Pratt D. R. WOMACK W. B. WOMACK J. R. Richardson Kent Ruble E. G. Wright F. Matthews T. McNeely Walter Oser H. Sargent O. Yarbrough 31923 225 cj,;? ,- jgs ; -:r -. g fl .ig5a :- - =!= 5g V 1 -m. 1 ? Adams, C. Andry, P. Andry, Basincer, A. Brown B. Brown, P. Brown, Dayries, Dugas, Dupont Heard, Hodges, Jones, Kemper, Lautenschlaeger, McCay McCoNNELL, L. McLean, G. McLean, O ' Shee, E. Richard . Richard, Scharborough, Stubbs, Van Horn, Wood 226 ; i jMBum L iR ' iL ' B. :Es:i .3Lv::iL .i!Lvm .: v:gvgj Benjamin Brown R. Basinger Paul A.vdry Charles Andry Alfred Brown Ben Dayries St. Clair Adams Philip Brown Waldo Dugas Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded 1S84. TAU LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1899 Seniors Shirley Hodges James Kemper Juniors R. McCONNELL Sophomores j. c. dupont Joseph Jones L. Lautensciilaeger Freshmen Wilbur Heard Leal McLean L Richard Thompson McCay Gordon McLean William O ' Shee Eugene Richard W. Van Benthuysen DeVan Sharborough Frank Stubbs H. Van Horn Frank Woods So J ' 4 ]1923 227 0 ' I i J W7 a£ s»s5»r. Baltzer, Berwick, Braugh, Brooks, Chamberlain, Clay CoLOMB, E. Davidson, G. Davidson, Delahoussaye, Depass Hammond, E. Henican, J. Henican, Hodges, Joubert Kell, Law, Lyman, Murrel, Oechsner Reiss, Stiles, Villere, Webb, C. Wright, W. Wright 228 ' " ' ' ' jmmssk i iL -iL ' B. -:m :i :BK: vik m: :gxa ' ? ' 7 ■ A Dr. W. p. Bradburn Dr. Muir Bradburn Dr. Chas. J. Bloom SuMPTER D. Marks A. M. SUTHON Beta Theta Pi Founded 1839 BETA XI CHAPTER Established 1908 In Faculty Dr. Rov E. Delahoussaye Dr. F. E. Le Jeune D. H. Theard Seniors J. O. Chamberlain h. o. colomb Juniors Oscar J. Bienvenu William Law Harry F. Stiles Richard Murrel Sophomores Edward A. Davidson Frederick E. Oechsner Ralph N. Baltzer Gordon E. Clay Ernest C. Villere Dolan E. Hodges Joseph W. Lyman, Jr.. Junior Henican Joseph W. Berwick, Jr. W. K. DePass, Jr. Arthur A. Delahoussaye C. H. Webb C. L. Wright, Jr. James J. Reiss Leon Joubert Ellis Henican Geo. a. Davidson Freshmen H. O. Hammond Priestley Flournoy Mandeville Kell Charles Brough Charles Brooks William Wright 1923 J A 229 . -.y A " m r " " T ' i M ' : rt S ' % ft ¥ " " X % % • 1 » lUi r? Mr • l: , in-« -- ' : . . ' - ' - ' - N N si Barnett, E. Cahn, L. Cahn, Dahlman Gehr, J. Haas, N. Haas, Heyman Kaufman, Kohlmeyer, Levy, Lucas Marks, Wachenheim, Weil, Wittenberg " ' ' ' ■ ' ' = f 230 JAUfBimA EES S UL iMf] xQx li ? J Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Leonard S. Dahlman Zeta Beta Tau Founded 1898 SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1909 In Faculty Justin Wolff Seniors Leon S. Cahn Juniors Hugh Kohlmever Harry Lucas Sophomores Albert Wachenheim, Jr. Nathan Haas Sidney Marks James Wittenberg Ed.mon-d N. Cahn Harry Kaufshan, Jr. Henry Meyer Freshmen Milton Gehr Leonard Levy Walter Heyman John Haas Milton Levy Irving Weil 11923 231 iii K ' V x; Barrow, Cabrera, Collins, C. Devron L. Devron, C. Hartwell, W. Hartwell, E. Hebert H. Hebert, Klorer, Lind, Menard Reese, Schutt, Taylor, Walls 232 H-. Ut fSi. mmssk i -i. iL :i. 3L ax :a m ' £v:g " v ri km. Si ma Pi Founded 1897 W. P. BOMDIES D. B. Lantrip E. E. White D. C. Browne S. L. Newsom W. M. Haile, Jr. OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1919 In Faculty Dr. Edward Ambrose Beciitel Seniors O. W. Britt L. R. Melze H. W. Rickey Juniors J. L. Smith A. E. Embree G. E. Miles .N. C. Irwin M. L. Smith R. S. Wynn F. P. Setzler Lamar Smith Sophomores R. P. Chancellor J. M. Houston C. B. Gullat R. R. Robins G. L. Andrus R. J. Christman E. L. Gill G. D. Bethea L. D. Farragut Freshmen E. B. Mason A. H. Town George Bechtel R. S. Major F. E. Schneider C. D. Edgar R. E. King L. D. Moore W. L. Vaught 11923 rr J A 23s T V m n Bernstfin, Davidson, Goldsmith, Good Graubarth, Kullman, Mansberg Marcus, Marx, H. Moses L. Moses, Saiewitz, Weinberger, Zivitz 236 JAMBiHSA j. l asa. 3l 3 KB m vg H. m avA g: S 3i ?j A Sigma Alpka Mu Fotnided 1909 SIGMA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1920 Ben Goldsmith Dave B. Marcus Seniors Louis K. Good Simon K. Marx Henry N. Leopold Emanuel Zivitz Simon B, Mansberg Juniors Sam B. Saiewitz ?L rold Moses Leslie Moses Herbert Weinberger Sophomores P. L. Bernstein David Cohn Leonard H. Roes W. M. Kullman Elias Bowsky Freshmen Morris Davidson Simon Minsky Julian Graubarth 237 17? 11923 iSii - ; Il Barneit, Feldman, Fisher Hyman, Pailet polmer, winsberg, wolfson .„ .Ei Ki. » Ss . 238 S3 JAMBimA k iL ' ' i :s:ES3:sBs:£s:BS Mal ' rik Borow Kappa Nu Founded 191 i Si ma Chapter Established 1923 Seniors Perry S. Feldman jy A Max RosiiEFSKV Juniors Carl A. Fisher Earl Hyman Dave Heimax A. L. Sporkin Elliot Phillips Nathan ' H. Polmer Melville A. Wolfson Freshmen Norman Barnett Lester Pailet WiN ' FRED WiNSBERG 139 11923 ■ ■ A s Benson, Davis, Griffin, Hanson McCloskey, Meyers, Pierce robine ' h ' e, rogan, smith Walne, Wamsley, Williams, Ziecler 240 JAMBUm t iLy- i ::! KKsm :K ' :Si ,- j rj J II Omicron Tau Alpha Founded 1921 (Local) Joseph A. Meyers, Jk. Seniors Clyde F. Davis P. L. Smith Louis Duclos W. H. Fagersikom John F. McCloskey Juniors M ' ' . Deaw Pierce Harry ' D. Pourciou Horace R. Reid A. Leonard Robinett Emerson A. Rocan Clyde Williams Freshmen Lawrence K. Benson . George T. Walne Harden Griffin William H. Wamsley Merlin Hanson William Q. Wells Ferdinand Ziegler 241 11923 •7, , -,3: - 3 ' Blum, Dawson, Irion Johnson, Latham Ravl, Scott, Tennant 242 l:l.;.X. Ka,;, . SK jaubusia •m ' ms:m 3l Ja :a :: ms:g 3ivg .y-: Lambda Sigma Epsilon Founded 1921 (Local) A George K. Blum Eugene Berceret Seniors John E. Johnson Clancy A. Latham J. G. Scott S. J. Tennant, Jr. Hubert Martin Juniors Harold Rayl Pierce Talbot Sophomores Frank B. Richardson Freshmen Tucker Dawson J. V. Irion ' v! 1923 ■ 343 - " ! NJ Adams, E. Bass, J. Bass, Burgess, Butler, El. Craig Em. Craig, Darrough, A. DeBuys, M. DeBuys, Dixon Felker, Guthrie, Hopkins, Hughes, Hupman MiLNER, MiLTENBERCER, PhARR, PHILLIPS, A. SauNDERS N. Saunders, Shields, Smith, Stewart, VanHook, Wooten 24+ JAMBUXiOl i iLML iL :E5v:i: :a : . v: ffikV Pi Beta Pki Founded Monmouth College, 1867 2 LOUISIANA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1891 In Faculty Miss Mary Butler Postgraduate JoANiTA Bass, ' 22 Rose Burgess Virginia Butler Elizabeth Craig Seniors Helen Darrough Alice DeBuys Dorothy Felker Frances Hupman Wilmer Shields Edwa Stewart Perrine Dixon Ula Milner Juniors Elise Roussel Alice Saunders Lilah Phillips Anna Wooten Beatrice Adams Ernestine Bass Emilie Craig Maxine DeBuys Sophomores Olive Guthrie Miriam Hopkins Helen Hughes Cora Miltenberger Elizabeth Ph rr Natalie Saunders Marv ' Smith Nancy Van Hook Pan-Hellenic Representatives Alice DeBuys Perrine Dixon k . ]1923 K 245 T ft;CaS bC S-- ' .a ji Betiiea, Eouchelle, Bolton, Bradley Cassedv, Church, Ellis HaRDTNER, KaSTLER, I.OBRANO Morrison, O ' Niell, Slack Washburn, Weston, White, Woodward H6 JAMBUm i • ' ' ms:s ::B. B -:l .v3 B. -::: v. B gL ± Alpha Omicron Pi Founded Barnard College, 1897 PI CHAPTER Established 1898 In Faculty Miss Ruth Kastler Miss Anna E. Many Miss Gladys Anne Renshaw ■J EZRENE BOUCHELLE Seniors LuciLE Cassedy Genevra Washburn Elizabeth B-;ihea Mary Bolton Louise Church Juniors Annie Stuart Ellis Elizabeth Kastler Georgia Morrison Emily Slack Dorothy Weston Manie White Edith Bradley Sophomores ■ Ernestine Hardtner Jacinta Lobrano Nora O ' Niell Gertrude Woodward Pan-Hellenic Representatives Elizabeth Bethea Genevra Washburn 247 li923 z i ,mj N Bloodworth, Cartledge, Davis, Dodds, Dow, Gastrell Gates, Giles, Gwin, Homan, Hughes Kernan, Keesler, a. Livaudais, M. Livaudais, Newton Norton, Palfrey, Pease, Priestley, Reed Reeves, Ross, Sheely, Smith, Stevens, Washington 248 MMMi JAMBUSXA %s:Ks:T i s:Si :K m :Es:BSW ms:ks:s ' j Chi Omega Founded University of Arkansas, 1895 RHO CHAPTER Established 1900 n Ethel Gastrell Katherine Homan In Faculty Miss Bertha Latane Seniors Louise Newton AiLEEN Smith Ann Stevens Elizabeth Washington Elizabeth Davis Marion Dow Ethel Giles Miriam Kernan Juniors Madeleine Livaudais Vera Palfrey Helen Pease Annola Priestley Lucille Reed Phyllis Reeves Mathilde Ross Eleanor Sheely Nellie Bloodworth Bess Cartledge Mary- Louise Dodds SoPHOiSIORES Amoret Gates Annie Gwin Elizabeth Hughes Isabel Keesler Adele Livaudais Marshal Norton Pan-Hellenic Representatives Ethel Gastrell . Lucille Reed 2+9 11923 - - .g— -S: m- ■ ' % ■ MJM. MJ, , H- ;-r -dSS!.Si ' J fe-JT Jii lir : E. Aldrich, H. Aldrich, Callender, H. Carre, I. Carre Daniel, Fitzpatrick, A. Foster, S. Foster Gladnev, Guthrie, Johnson, Kell McLeod, Moss, Roberts, Seago, Thomas ISO jyOfBIHKA %sr i is :yi :yb::::ms : Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded Monmouth College, 1870 BETA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1904 Miss Florence Smith In Faculty Miss Addie Spencer Miss Mary Spencer Postgraduate Flora Stratton, ' 21 Helen Aldrich Marjorie Callendar Isabel Carre Seniors Mildred Daniel Alice Foster Evelyn Gladney Natalie Guthrie Marjorie Moss Mary Roberts Juniors Sarah Foster Bessie Johnson Elizabeth Kell Katherine Thomas Sophomores Elizabeth Aldrich Clara Fitzpatrick HuTSON Carre Beth McLeod Georgia Seago Pan-Hellenic Representatives Evelyn Gladney Natalie Guthrie 251 ■kid 1923 K ' : - J . jf- i!BH - , -. Barlow, F. Brown, L. Brown, Burdine, Burpee Chrisler, Collins, Covington, Douglass Ellis, Greenlaw, Hanley, Hillman HoHN, Kay, Lanphie; , Marcrum Monroe, Pannill, Ujffy, Wright, Yates El.; 252 B« ». .J5a. j .«a JAMBIHSA ii ' % ' s :: iS3::m 32 ' : ' : :x. :E: Phi Mu Founded Wesleyan College, 1852 (National, 1904) DELTA CHAPTER Established 1906 ' " I ' i Elizabeth Crisler Emma Douglass Seniors Hildecarde Hillman Mary Evelyn Kay ' Clara Wright Danelle Yates Juniors Florence S. Brown May- R. Lanphier DoKA Greenlaw Elise Ujffy Virginia Barlow LuLA E. Brown Muriel Burdine Leah Burpee Sophomores Dorothy Collins Annie George Covington Hazel Ellis Elsie Hanley Edith Hohn Frances Marcrum Bessie Monroe Margaret Pannill. Pan-Hellenic Representatives Dora Greenlaw Hildegarde Hillman 253 11923 w @So-: jr— A - i.« L 5:: Elain, BuiE, Dickson, Gonzalez, Hain Ham, Hardon, Johnson, Jones Lastrapes, Nabors, Ocden, Rogers Roy, Stone, Story, Tankersley, Trawick 25+ I » .m . : ,:, %::sM :M :M W , jAAmym %siL -%s: :3 vxv: s] sxs: -,.» , m.. . ! .KS :m :. Alpha Delta Pi Founded Wesleyan College, 1851 (National, 1904) EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1906 In Faculty Mrs. Gertrude R. Smith Mary Buie Martha Dickson Seniors GoLDiE Ham Odessa Lastrapes Sarah Nabors Carrie Rogers Suzanne Trawick Ethel Hain Juniors MiLLicENT Story ■Alice Tankersley Elizabeth Blain JuANiTA Gonzalez Sophomores Stella Johnson Margaret Jones Lucille Ogden Rose Aimee Roy LisBETH Stone Freshman Virgil Hardon Pan-H ellenic Representatives Martha Dickson Odessa Lastrapes 25s 11923 ifr -- ' — ---«-««i Brixton, Comey, DuQuesnay, Ellis Evans, Goodman, Harrell, C. Kitchen M. Kitchen, Mullins, O ' Shee, Powe, Price Roberts, Shannon, Scheuermann, Schuler Sellers, Talmage, Thompson, White ■;».., j.,..k£:a 256 J BUSSA k iL : i sxs. Ms: :B: 3iL ' Kappa Alpha Theta Founded DePauw University, 1870 ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Established 1914 a F t 9. . Postgraduate Mildred Christian, ' 23 Tipton Mullins, ' 22 Frances Comey Clifford Kitchen Seniors Eleanor O ' Shee Bertha Scheuermann Lydia Schullr Elizabeth Sellers Ellenor Shannon Nellie Britto. ' I Maud Ellis Juniors Alma Belle Harrell Mary Kitchen Katharine Talmage Edna Louise White Constance DuQuesnay " Lillian Nunn Evans SoPHOiSIORES Margaret Goodman Helen Powe Charlotte Price Olive Roberts Marion Thovipson Pan-Hellenic Representatives Nellie Britton Ly ' dia Schuler 257 ly 1923 I A-; ASCHAFFENBURG, BrOWN, DREVFOUS, KaHN KOHLMAN, LeMLE, A. LEVY, E. LEVY Moses, Netter, Pfeifer, Shwartz D. Simon, R. Simon, Stich, Zelnicker I ' r s ' ' fi r 2i8 JAMBiHXA k iL ii ' s: :ss3:sasi!C ' iiSjK ' msiR W:m »4 AlpLa Epsilon Phi Founded Barnard College, 1909 EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1916 Leah Aschaffenburc Ruth Drevfous Faxnv D. Kahn Dorothy Kohlman Seniors Elsa Lemle Adeline Levy Evelyn Kahn Levy Irma R. Moses SiMONE Netter Rebecca Shwartz Doris Simon Grace Zelnicker Juniors Bertha Louise Brown Erma Stick Sophomores Marion Pfeifer Ruth Simon Pan-Hellenic Representatives Irma R. Moses Grace Zelnicker 259 1923 i M M K ' » « Currier, Davidson, Hebert Jones Kerrigan Madden, Moss Phillips, Stubbs, Talbot 260 i " ' ' . ' w ' .m msmssk k iL ' 7L iL :XiSi(u js:s va.,s H ' i " ' ■ i " " L.._ 2 Ki Judge Rufus Foster Harvev n. Hebert Pki Delta Pki Founded 1869 WHITE CHAPTER Established 1911 In Faculty Elliot Judd Northrup Seniors J. W. IIOIKINS W. Harry Talbot Charles Dunbar Chandler C. Lozenberc Juniors Clement Moss John Madden Nathaniel Phillips Archie Taylor Freshmen Ford Currier ' Robert Kerrigan Edward Davidson Frank Stubbs Joseph Jones 261 11923 LfC rf. fag J, Jf- ' J ty. S Alison, Ayers, Bizzell, Blackshear, Clyde, Darrincton, Douglas Ford, Gardner, Gill, Grayson, Hambrick, Hargrove, Havard Hawkins, M. C, Hawkins, J. F., Horn, Hull, Hutchinson, Kirksey, Lang Lucas, Merchant, Palmer, Picford, Pruitt, Rabb, Robins Roy, Ruble, Scott, Smith, R. D., Smith, T. L., Smith, J. T., Stickley Tankersley, Tittle, Tumbleson, Wallace, Waltrip, Warren, Washman, Wirth X:!.: 262 X : M JADfflUm i ii ' iL ' m. :i.NB :E :Bsm ' :sv:mvg3:g W- Phi Cki Eastern, Founded University of Vermont, 1889. Southern, Founded Louisville Medical College, 1894. Consolidated March 3, 1905. OxMlCRON CHAPTER Established 1903 In Faculty Dr. C. W. Allen Dr. E. E. Allgever Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. G. S. Bel Dr. S. M. Blackshear Dx. P. J. Carter Dr. S. M. D. Clark J. F. Alison H. C. Douglas J. H. Ayers R. n. Brumfielr G. Darrington H. K. Carrington W. P. Gardner W. Clyde C. H. Ford E. L. Gill D. Grayson Dr. M. J. CouRET Dr. H. Daspit Dr. J. F. Dicks Dr. L. R. DeBdvs Dr. a. C. Eustis Dr. E. D. Fenner Dr. a. V. Fridricks Dr. I. M. Gage Dr. a. H. Gladden, Jr. Dr. Urban Maes Dr. J. T. Halsey Dr. W. H. Harris Dr. J. Hume Dr. S. C. Jamison Dr. W. O. D. Jones Dr. J. A. Lanford Dr. G. K. Logan Seniors M. D. Hargrove J. G. Palmer J. R. Horn W. M. Scott Juniors W. A. Hutchinson R. C. Pigford W. W. Jordan J. R. Richardson E. H. Lawson W. K. Ruble J. F. Lucas R. R. Robins Sdphomdres R. S. Roy J. F. Smith Freshmen C. Havard M. F. Langston M. C. Hawkin ' s H. M. Merchant L F. Hawkins C. T. Morris J. C. Hull R. D. Smith Dr. C. p. May Dr. L. J. Menville Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. W. D. Phillips Dr. J. D. Rives Dr. V. C. Smith T. L. Smith F. M. Tankersley J. M. Washam T. A. Tumbleson C. T. Williams W. R. WiRTH M. M. Snelling D. D. Warren T. H. Wallis P. L. Warner H. Waltrip Y 4 ' A 1923 Ji 263 L . TW M ' m Allen, Brown, Carter, Chambers, Childers Cook, Donaldson, Edgas, Evans, Fitzgerald Flowers, Gordon, Graber, Guillory Hunt, King, Knolle, Lewis, Lorio Miller, Sims, Scheffield, Swann, Winters 264 .f...M. M .M. ft. JAMBUm m: ..:m:E :M. 7, A . Dr. Henry Bayon Dr. O. W. Bethea Dr. M. Bradburn Dx. C. A. Bahn Dr. F. R. Bruxot J. C. Allen W. H. Cook J. R. Evans D. C. Brown J. E. Brown, Jr. R. E. Bratton J. S. Brown, Jr. H. J. Ba on, Jr. L. A. Guilders C. Edgar E. J. Guillory Alpka Kappa Kappa Founded Dartmouth College, 1888 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1903 In Faculty Dr. E. L. Irwim Dr. Julian Irwin Dr. J. C. Cole Dr. H. B. Gessner Dr. B. R. Hennicer Dr. C. S. Holbkook Dr. J. D. Lewis Dr. E. F. Naef Dr. E. L. King Dr. E. S. Lewis Seniors W. L. Fitzgerald M. C. Hunt J. R. Flowers T. Sims W. H. Gordon . G. E. Knolle Juniors P. A. DoNALSON S. H. Glass W. J. Graber J. L. Smith Sophomores D. L. Haggood G. a. Hebert S. L. Landry M. W. Miller Freshmen S. R. Henry P. S. Herring R. E. King J. E. Maines W. L. Murrell M. S. Pender K. N. Rayer R. E. Summitt C. C. Swann Dr. R. Lyons Dr. a. E. Moise Dr. a. L. Metz Dr. M. S. Souchon Dr. W. C. Smith C. J. Lewis C. O. LoRio J. F. Shuffield H. H. Winters V. J. Thacker R. H. Williams R. M. WiLLOUGHBY P. L. Warner J. D. Yarborough 4 265 1923 E K. s AwTREY, Brut, Clark, Craig Crawford, Ferguson, Hart, Head Henderson, Knight, McGahey, McIntvre, Neal Owens, Poole, Rike, Rivenbark Shuford, Spenser, Tyrone, Werkheiser 266 iLyJW ' MM ' ' - m " - - x Ki. .Kgi.,ma. JSSSSSSSk l lL ' lL vE. C : Chi Zeta Chi Founded University of Georgia, 1903 MU CHAPTER Established 1906 In Faculty Dr. W. a. Love Dr. V. J. Cefaler Dr. W. E. Jones Dr. Sam Hobson, Jr. H. S. AWTREV H. J. Battalora O. W. Britt L. J. Clark J. P. Culpepper, Jr. S. A. Duncan W. H. Head Seniors J. V. Ferguson J. A. Hart R. E. Henderson Juniors D. R. McIntvre H. C. RiKE H. M. Shuford T. P. McGahey L. J. Neal M. J. Rivenbark C. H. Tyrone C. G. Poole L. J. SlOpKEY F. E. Werkheiser Sophomores H. H. Clark W. G. Craig F. Y. Durrance J. G. Hamer B. G. Owens R. R. Sims Freshmen M. L. Crawford E. P. Hall G. H. Knight L. O. Spencer 267 11923 jp w V w % ' 0,% rt ' • 1 ?M - " n ih... Alsobrook, Clayton, Dyar Egdorf, Flowers, Firchner Hale, Hill, Hunter LeDoux, Rooling, Rosser, Tabary 26S M :smsssssk m: : ci. jss3.k v; » -0. V W • W gVc -.- Sa. -v-few= ' -.J i-. . fe ' ' ' " ' W ' ' . ' K " ! " Pki Beta Pi Founded Western Pennsylvania Medical College, 1S91 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1907 Dr. J. M. Bailev Dr. S. F. Braud Dr. C. p. Brown Dr. M. E. Brown Dr. Oscar Dowling Dr. H. Dupuy In Faculty Dr. J. E. Dupuy Dr. Val H. Euchs Dr. J. J. Irwin Dr. a. a. Keller Dr. G. a. Mayer Dr. J. T. Nlx Dr. J. M. Perrett Dr. J. F. Points Dr. D. C. McBride Dr. a. R. Thomas Dr. H. W. Walthers Dr. a. Cairre, Jr. Seniors H. B. Alsobrook J. P. Dyar M. S. LeDoux P. BiSCOE J. E. Clayton W. W. Chamberlain Juniors C. C. Egdorf G. D. Feldner W. W. Flowers H. J. Jensen w. j. rosser Geo. Sladczyk Sophomores R. C. Hill W. M. Hunter O. F. Landry C. M. Vermillion B. W. Ward J. D. Billeaudeaux J. D. Fusilier Freshmen D. M. Hales D. M. LONCO W. H. Roeling S. L. Tabry 11923 r r •J - 369 i J(i --.. Bevin, Colclough, Chapman, Clark, Currie, Curtis Devron, C. G., Devron, L. E., Floyd, Garrett, Garner, Gremillio Gay, Harper, Harbour, Holmes, Huckaby ' , Lisenby Loelas, McNair, Merritt, Neville, Perrier, Reese Roy, Shaver, Smith, Stallworth, Sumner, Woolf, Young ' - — , ?- 270 JAMBimA » V Dr. R. Bernhard Dr. C. L. Brown Dr. W. M. Butterworth Dr. H. R. Fernandez Dr. F. M. Johns J. C. Chapman J. A. COLCLOUGH C. G. Devron D. T. Bowers J. L. Carmichael T. Q. Harbour M. J. DUI ' FY A. J. Broch, Jr. P. B. Cappel H. P. Curtis L. E. Devron J. L. Bevens J. K. Bullock J. E., Clements M. O. CURRIE • ' ' rn s . xii ' " yC:: 1 Kappa Psi Founded May 30, 1879 PI CHAPTER Established 190S In Faculty Dr. T. J. Kinberger Dr. p. G. Lacroix Dr. J. E. Lanurv Dk. p. a. McIlhenney Dr. II. E. Menage Dr. C. H. Voss Seniors G. G. Garrett L. D. Gremillion Z. L. Merritt Juniors J. J. Harper W. C. Holmes N. B. Kearley Sophomores S. J. Floyd R. E. Gay A. A. HUCKABY J. O. LiSENBY Freshmen C. F. Floyd W. V. Garnier W. W. LOCHE A. H. Mann O. D. Yarbrough ? ' 7 2 rf4 Dr. E. Moss Dr. J. P. O ' Kelley Dr. R. H. Potts Dr. W. H. Seemans Dr. T. B. Sellers C. V. Perrier K. C. Reese G. H. Sumner W. H. LOUNT S. B. McNair E. F. Shave r M. A. Young, Jr. H. R. Smith W. L. Stall WORTH W. F. Stock H. A. White T. W. Martin C. H. Neville R. B. Ray J. H. WOOLF 11923 Vj 271 rrrp %y $ Archinard, Bailey, Basin ' ger, Brown, Catchings, Coleman COLGIM, COLOMB, DiCKSON, EcKKORD, EmERV, FaRLEY Frizzell, Girard, Cranberry, Houces, J. S., Hodges Hood, Little, Lockard, Lombard, Morris Neweurn, Oliphant, Rudolph, Sims, Snelling, Sharp Storck, Wall, Webb, Wight, Wills, Young 273 Q3:jsx:gxi: ;:K: ' M: ' ? •«v x.x % MSSSiSSk v " « . " « Dr. Charles J. Bloov. Dr. H. a. Bloom Dr. O. C. Cassecrain Dr. Charles Eshleman Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. Clyde Lynch R. C. Basinger C. E. Catchings H. O. COLOMB N. S. Dickson O. J. BlENVENU G. G. Brown J. A. Coleman E. J. Bailey O. J. Emery H. B. Cranberry J. J. Archinard, Jr. C. H. Beavers, Jr. W. E. Colcin, Jr. In Faculty Dr. Lucien LeDoux Dk. Rudolph Matas Dr. Waldemar Metz Dr. C. L. VonMeysenbug Dr. a. B. Pitkin Seniors D. J. Farley T. P. Frizzell, Jr. P. M. Girard J. S. Hodges JUN.IORS P. E. Holladay K. L. Hood J. H. Lombard Sophomores T. H. Oliphant R. F. Sharp Freshmen Ernest Hodges J. E. Frazier J. F. ECKFORD C. D. Overton f? ' Nu Sigma Nu Founded University of Michigan, 1882 BETA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1910, House, 6325 S. Franklin A Dr. C. W. Duval Dr. John Pratt, Jr. Dr. C. H. Sharpe Dr. H. V. Sims Dr. John Smyth Dr. M. T. VanStuddiford A. H. Little J. N. Lockard K. A. Morris C. C. Rudolph W. L. NnwBURN J. G. Snelling, Jr. E. H. E. Taylor C. H. Webb A. H. Storck S. H. Wills E. G. Wall D. W. Young C. K. Sims ]1923 273 a» ..4ri ifr H ' S f AzAR, Beall, J. M., Fletcher guerriero, gueymard, jones, g. r. Mason, Savre, Scoeield Sheelv, Westbrook, Wilson, Younger 274 fs.., fA....K . : x..: . = . ' ' •-t. Ce - JAMBUSKA k WKl lL ' KK B. ' : 3L : MKm. ■. r PI Pki Rho Sigma Founded Chicago Medical College, October 31, 1890 DELTA OMICRON ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1918 Dr. a. F. Burcis Dr. J. F. Dunn Dr. G. W. Fairs Dr. R. B. Harrison Dr. G. H. Huaser Dr. L. a. Hebert Dr. a. Henriques In Faculty Dr. a. F. Herbert Dr. C. p. Holderith Dr. H. C. Lochte Dr. L. . Lopez Dr. R. Maihles Dr. D. J. Murphy Dr. J. MuRPHV Dr. J. F. Murphy Dr. R. a. Orial Dr. J. E. Pollack Dr. G. K. Pratt Dr. p. L. Querens Dr. H. T. Simon Dr. M. L. Smith Dr. R. a. Strong a. Z. Azar J. M. Beall N. W. Fletcher H. E. Guierriero G. R. Jones I. F. Scofield Juniors C. V. Beall Sophomores F. H. Gueymard Freshmen Robert Treux R. H. Johnson L. L. Wilson F. M. Sayre W. P. SllEELY James Westbrook John Younger 27s JH n Barrett, Gould Ham, Kasitza --sisgr — 476 J- .-Ma. K», JAMBUm k ' K i : : Bi 3k: BS 3 ' J ■ } Dr. M. p. H. Bowden Alpha Epsilon Iota Founded University of Michigan, 1890 MU CHAPTER Established 1919 In Faculty Dr. Marie Dees Dr. Maude Loeber Dr. Aldea Maker In College Clara Barrett Mrs. Mary Raymond Goold G. SuTTLE Ham Mrs. Irma Scott Jones Lillian Kasitza ni923 VA 277 j £ -B . € X - . ' J: .3»: . . j£, ts»= j . -! fi-jf- -.gSfcJ ' V -c - ' m ' p i " " ' -1 b= JL ::! s. Barrister, Bland, Bourgeois, Collins, Durham, Gunter Hollers, Holman, Irwin, Johnson, Kivney, Koonce KuEBLER, Lea, R. E., Major, Melze, Morton Newsome, Perkins, Phillips, Rushing, Smith, C. L., Smith Talbot, Taylor, Wall, Wheat, White, Zelenka - — R. « „ _ 278 .Ma. - .« » ■.. . JAMBUm i vmm, a.va. .aN:a. :B; ■4 mom 1 :M . ' : r Psi Omega ' 7 J ' : Founded Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, iS BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1903 Dr. a. B. Bland Dr. C. B. Crozat Dr. E. B. Ducasse In Faculty Dr. E. L. Fortier Dr. S. D. Gore Dr. W. C. Hava Dr. a. a. Leefe . Dr. J. B. Lescale Dr. a. C. Meynier C. M. Banister M. L. Bland J. G. Bourgeois C. Q. Durham Seniors E. E. HOLLERMAN J. F. Johnston, Jr. T. J. KlVNEY L. R. Melze M. L. Smith, Jr. F. M. Talbot T. B. Taylor, Jr. E. E. White R. L. Zolenka S. A. Collins B. H. Gunter J. P. Hollers Juniors T. W. Harris E. B. Jordan H. H. Martin S. L. Newsome T. J. Rushing C. L. Smith W. J. Apple R. B. Benton J. M. Houston P. B. Koonce Sophomores D. M. Long h. s. monget C. A. McMURRAY E. A. Perkins F. W. Phillips S. M. Talbot C. D. Victery ' W. D. Wall L. P. Buiskstra J. S. Irvin, Jr. Freshmen J. R. Kuebler R. E. Lea R. S. Majors L. L. Wainwright J. M. Wheat 11923 h . 279 S-f J- f, i .. ,£. y, . .A lir Acton, Acton, J. K., Akers, Bailey, Burtis, Couvillion CoNNELL, Culpepper, Curres, DeRouen, Dozier, Fant Floyd, Guy, Kilpatrick, Lantrip, Love Miller, Roberts, Rosenbaum, Setzler, Slaughter, Stuart, Stinson, Thompson, Williams, Yates, Young, J., Young, H. T. 280 JAMBUSKA k iL ' vB: :ss3:s:m :E :SiSMs:m k ' % ! Zi Xi Psi Phi Founded Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 4, 1889 ALPHA NU CHAPTER J. H. BURTIS D. B. Lantrip M. L. ROSENBAUM Seniors J. T. Stinson R. E. L. Stuart B. VV. Thompson J. O. Young F. M. CONNELL M. A. Correa J. K. Acton L. L. Bailey W. C. DeRouen R. M. DoziER Juniors N. Ferguson J. F. Kilpatrick M. C. Love O. Messer L. PlN ' CHBACK J. G. Roberts F. P. Setzler P. J. Slaughter E. L. Farrar G. S. Acton R. S. Akers P. F. Brock M. C. COUVILLION Sophomores F. C. Fant C. Floyd F. M. Fridge T. J. Guy J. W. Russell P. C. Hudson W. T. Miller L. E. Rich G. W. Yates Freshmen H. T. Knighton H. T. Young T. C. W. Macee Sponsor Miss Lucy Simmens, Americus, Ga. A. J. Ouem 281 11923 E WiMJ JM MyMj ,M:; -d jf.J Sfe p - 1 1 " -.= » . %, ; Alford, Baughman, Baltar, Boles, Campbell Carpenter, Cooper, Davis, C. F., Dodson, Durham Dunn, Farmer, Goodrich, Jarrell, Lea Mayfield, Milam, Parker, Scott, Simmons Stall, Tunstall, Weldy, Williams, Young ».,..s?:, i,K. JAMBimA k lL TL : SJ Bi JSLS:BSM. ' mSM S:. .. .Mi, ,.i ' i axi 3 BETA PHI SIGMA FRATERNITY A Founded iS Dr. O. VV. Bethea Dr. G. S. Brown G. H. Alford J. O. BOUGHMAN J. L. Carpenter C. A. Davis C. F. Davis J. F. Dodson J. T. Balter, Jr. A. E. Boles J. A. Campbell F. L. Cooper DELTA CHAPTER Established 191 9 In Faculty J. M. Danniker, Ph.G. SliNIORS E. T. Dunn E. C. Harper G. H. Jarrell J. R. Mavfield O. G. Milam O. I. Parker Juniors T. B. Durham, Jr. C. R. Farmer A. H. Goodrich G. R. Jarrell G. R. Lea H. C. Richards, B.S., Ph.C. E. H. Walsdorf L. B. Stall J. G. Scott G. C. Tunstall H. H. ' ELDY H. S. Williams J. R. Young E. L. Mason W. S. O ' Shee A. L. Presley C. L. Simmons ly 1923 s J 283 J M L g -? J, J ' - .feJS W " T " ' « ; i-t P P X M % ' ' 0 1 Wf I w f ' i: fs.3 AiKENS, Barnett, Barry, Brehm, Burgess, Cahn Carter, Cope, Cunningham, Felker, Lastrapes Leche, Lee, Riordan, Shields, Steinberg, Washburn Pki Beta Kappa ALPHA CHAPTER OF LOUISIANA Morton A. Aldrich Douglas S. Anderson Edward A. Bechtel Pierce Butler R. S. Cocks A. B. DiNWIDDIE B. V. B. Dixon Charles E. Dunbar John M. Fletcher Lydia E. Frotscher Charles Aikens Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Joseph A. S. Barry Marion Brehm Rose C. Burgess Leon S. Cahn Mildred Christian Gladys Encler Margaret Lyon In Faculty H. B. Gessner Max Heller P. J. Kahle John S. Kendall Richard R. Kirk Isaac Lemann Monte M. Lemann Rudolph Matas Leon R. Maxwell John M. McBryde Recent Elections 1923 Edgar R. Carter T. Freeman Cope G. E. Cunningham Dorothy Felker Odessa R. Lastrapes 1922 Dr. Rudolph Matas Dixie Milling Alice Ouenheimer Ann H. Northriip Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Reidel Ralph J. Schwartz Robert Sharp Imogen Stone Dacny G. Sunne Archibald M. Suthon Susan D. Tew Ellsworth Woodward Stella M. Leche Muriel J. Lee Ida a. Riordan Wilmer Shields Cornelius Steinberg Genevra Washburn Byrne Richard H. Wynn Rickey Ellsworth Woodward :•„, f.i....ST:A , 284 " M JAMBimA xcEsi : ' k ! ' 2 A Alison, Barnett, Brown ' , Chamberlain Dahlman, Hargrove, Hebert, Martin Moses, Stiles, Talbot, Wachenheim Kappa Delta Pki Recent Elections 1923 Leonard Dahlman Pratt Martin Marion Hargrove Harold Moses Harvey Hebert Edward Reed 1922 Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Richard Montgomery Stephen D ' Amico Lyle Richeson 1921 Harrey F. Stiles James Alison Olin Chamberlain Clark D. Shaughnessy Claude Simons W. Harry Talbot Albert V achenheim 1919 Morris Duffy Kappa Delta Phi is an honorary fraternity for the promotion of Tulane spirit. It selects each year from the junior and senior classes men who have been conspicuous for school spirit during their university careers. It seeks to obtain its object in two ways: First, by holding forth mem- bership as a reward to those who have done more than the average man for their university; and, secondly, by binding together those who have made unusual effort, thus becoming a force for great good by securing unity of action. x%S M 1923 K ' --s A- ' -fe-3 iif=- 1 C SS? . . Jf; ' ..,. i ' ,i -r Ji Barrett, Devron, Frizzell Gill, Ham Dr. W. E. Garrey Hargrove, Huckaby LeDoux, Loria, Morris 286 .-f .m M :3 Ms. .m A » ' m i JMBUSKA i iLVi. mKgxix va s:as vsv: : Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternity, Founded hy V. M. Root, M.D., University of Illinois, in 1902 ALPHA CHAPTER Dr. J. D. Rives President Dr. Marie Byrd Dees . Secretary-Treasurer Dr. F. M. Burke ..... Vice-President Dr. Walter E. Garrey . National Director Ch.4Rter Members Dr. J. T. Halsey Dr. J. D. Weis HoNOR.ARY Members Dr. Marcus Feingold Dr. C. W. Duval Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. W. E. Garrey Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. F. W. Parham Dr. George Bel Dr. C. W. Allen Members Dr. Irwing Hardesty Dr. Urban Maes Dr. H. Bayon Dr. S. We.wers Dr. B. Bashin ' SCI Dr. W. Baker Dr. E. W. Levy Dr. W. R. Edison Dr. J. M. Singleton Dr. J. D. Rives Dr. H. Bloom Dr. W. a. Knolle Dr. Aldea Maher Dr. E. T. White Dr. E. M. Levy Dr. a. F. Hebert Dr. C. W. Barrier Dr. E. D. Hardin Dr. F. N. Black Dr. R. H. Potts Dr. J. A. Beals Dr. H. L. Kitts Dr. T. L. Rennie Dr. J. C. Bruner Dr. p. H. Jones Dr. O Dr. F. Dr. Marie B. Dees Dr. L. L. Dismuke Dr. Melson Barfield Dr. E. R. Campbell Dr. a. B. Harvey Dr. R. Estevez Dk. K. S. Zerfoss Dr. C. Rocquet Dr. J. E. Bell Miss C. B. Barrett Mr. M. S. LeDoux Mr. T. p. Frizzell Dr. E. W. Townsend Dr. H. W. Butler Dr. E. H. Jones Mr. M. D. Hargrove Mrs. S. E. Huckabay 1916 Dr. J. R. Chisohn Dr. a. W. Fegtly 1917 Dr. J. C. Menendez Dr. J. W. Rosenthal 1918 Dr. F. C. Hava Dr. F. a. Copp 1919 Dr. M. p. H. Bowden Dr. B. S. Clay Dr. B. Manhoff 1920 W. Moss D?.. J. R. Brunot Dr. W. 1921 Dr. C. J. Ussery . Dr. S. E. League Dr. H. C. Magee 1922 Dr. F. M. Burke Dr. H. Hinton Dr. R. M. Brannon 1923 Mr. C. G. Devron Mr. K. a. Morris Dr. E. J. Beranger Dr. C. C. Randoll Dr. J. H. Park, Jr. Dr. D. N. Silverman Dr. L M. Gage Dr. E. L. Faust Dr. a. Gage Dr. C. M. Pounders Dr. Dorf Bean Dr. W. R. Holladay Dr. C. M. Baker B. Rateau P. Gardiner Dr. C. M. Cleveland Dr. R. G. McMahon Dr. p. E. Johnson Dr. S. C. Fulmer Miss G. S. Ham Mr. F. L. Leo Mr. E. B. Gill ' I fw 2S7 qjMJ %: Stars and Bars Society Founded in 1907 This society elects each year the ten highest grade students of the senior medical class who have attended this university for the full course, together with one alumnus and one member of the faculty who have done some particularly noteworthy work. Officers Dr. Marcus Feingold President Dr. Urban Maes Vice-President Dr. Wilkes Adams Knolle Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Isidore Cohn Dr. Joseph Hume Dr. Urban Maes Dr. Rudolph Matas Faculty Members Dr. Carroll Woolsey Allen Dr. Charles Cassedv Bass Dr. Oscar Walter Bethea Dr. Charles Warren Duval Dr. Erasmus Darwin Fenner Dr. Herman Bertram Gessner Dr. Isaac Ivan Lemann Dr. John Taylor Halsey Dr. Ernest Sydney Lewis Dr. Foster Matthew Johns Dr. Abraham Lewis Metz Dr. Marcus Feingold Dr. Charles Jefferson Miller Dr. Randolph Lyons Members Elected From Class of 1923 Miss Clara Binns Barrett Mr. Morris Stirling LeDoux Mr. Thomas Paul Frizzell Mr. Marion Douglas Hargrove Mrs. Sarah Edna Hockabay Mr. Kenneth Alexander Morris Mr. Joseph Sicomo Miss Goldie Suttle Ham Mr. Cecil Oliver Lorio Mr. Frank Leo Loria -;-,fe. gk JMBUSSA lL a JL 3L g JL a 3KS 3£ g. L vJt.v E. a I BouDREAux, De Buys, Douglass, Felker, Kohlman SCHULER, SHIELDS; WASHBURN, YaTES, ZeLNICKER Alplia Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma Sigma is a senior society organized to promote college spirit and fellowship. Election is honorary, based upon past work for college and class, a certain scholarship being the prerequisite. Members Maria Boudreaux Dorothy Felker Alice De Buys Dorothy Kohlman Emma Douglass Lydia Schuler Wilmer Shields Genevra Washburn Danelle Yates Grace Zelnicker ' 7. is«i 289 31923 a r .Aj ' a % M MJA J.MJMjM Mj- Ja M . Barnett, Chamberlain, Madden, Moses Moss, Smith, Stubbs Pelican Quill (Honorary Literary Fraternity) Officers Dr. John M. McBryde Austin Joyner . Dr. John M. McBryde Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Olin Chamberlain Austin Joyner Mer-ibers Prof. Richard R. Kirk Harold Moses John L. Madden . . President Secretary Dr. John S. Kendall Clement Moss Prentice L. Smith Frank P. Stubbs PELICAN QUILL was founded early in 1923 by several students interested in literary work. By thus binding themselves together into a society, they hoped to further advance their interest in and appreciation of literature. Only original manuscripts are read at the meetings held each month, at which different members submit their own productions. The society is petitioning SIGMA UPSILON, a national honorary lit- terary fraternity. 290 J OfBUm A Brown, Dahlman, Hebert, Leake LiND, Martin, Murray Pi Alpka Phi Recent Elections Prof. H. E. Buchanan Leonard Dahlman F. Edward Hebert Alfred Brown 1921 Stone Leake Sidney Legendre 1922 Warren Hirscii Carl Lind Pratt Martin John LTnswortii Hughes Walmsley Dan Murray Pi Alpha Phi is the highest honor vhich can be bestowed upon a freshman in the university. The Pi Alpha Phi key is awarded to the freshmen who during their fresman year have performed the greatest service for their class and school. The keys are awarded upon merit alone, the elec- tion to membership is unlimited, thereby giving every freshman in the university an opportunity to strive for the honor. 291 11923 Alison, Avf.rs, Brannin, Brown, Carter, Coleman CoLOMB, Cook, Darrincton, Evans, Fitzgerald Hargrove, Hodges, J. S., Hutchinson, Knolle, LeDoux, Morris Newburn, Palmer, Pigford, Rabb, Rudolph Scott, Sebastian, Snellinc, Smith, C. T., Tumbleson, Winters 292 i::Kjm.jg:::y[SJi€SJL o .- fe -.-t)e et. JMBUaSA i l ' 1 as. 3L sa cl :B :gA: vm Owls Club An Intermedical Fraternity Club, Founded Tulane University, 1921 Officers W. D. Sticklev President J. R. Richardson Vice-President J. L. Snelling Secretary J. S. Hodges Treasurer J. F. Alison O. J. Bienvenu G. G. Brown C. S. Carter H. O. COLOMB W. H. Cook J. R. Evans W. L. Fitzgerald Charter Members M. D. Hargrove J. S. Hodges W. K. Irwin R. L. Kennedy G. E. Knolle M. S. LeDoux T. M. Meisenheimer K. A. Morris J. G. Palmer H. W. Pearce C. C. Rudolph W. M. Scott C. T. Smith E. SoucHON, n W. D. Stickley F. M. Tankersley J. H. Ayers R. H. Brumfield J. A. Coleman G. Darrincton O. C. Egdorf Members, 1921-22 W. A. Hutchinson W. L. Newburn A. M. Parsons R. C. PiGFORD R. Y. Rabb J. R. Richardson N. L. Sebastian J. L. Snelling T. A. Tumbleson H. H. Winters 1923 293 AmOoS, Andry, Brown, Carter, Colomb, Elizardi, Frue J. Kemper, W. Kemper, Leake, McConnell, Madden, Martin, Moss Nairne, Oechsner, O ' Kelley, Owen, Phillips, Stiles, Talbot Sphinx Club (Junior Society for the Promotion of Class Spirit.) James Amoss Paul Andry Benjamin T. Brown Edgar R. Carter Lynn Colomb James Elizardi William C. Frue Members James Kemper Wallace Kemper Stone Leake Richard McConnell John L. Madden Pratt Martin Clement Moss Clayton Nairne Frederick Oechsner Douglas O ' Kelley Alison Owen, Jr. Nathaniel Phillips Harry F. Stiles W. Harry Talbot Archibald Taylor A junior honorary society founded in 1920 for the purpose of rewarding the virtue of college spirit and of filling the void that has existed as to its traditions. Election to membership is not only an expression of appreciation, but an obligation to future attempts. 294 1:,A JAMBUm k lL -l. ' l : aL MS3LS A. Besselman, R. Besselman, Benson, Bovd, Campbell, Diboll, Cabrera EsHLEMAN, Hanson ' , Hogue, Klorer, Menard, Matthews, Menefee O ' Neil, Pantall, Pitard, Rogers, Stafford, Stedman, Welsh, Wilson White Elephants Freshman Interfraternity Society Founded 1921 : 14 Officers Terry Hogue . . Gus Pitard Grand Trunk Grand Tusk A. Besselman R. Besselman L. Benson Melvin Boyd Phillip Campbell Collins Diboll John Cabrera Little Tusks S. Eshleman M. N. Hanson John Klorer Cyril McGuire Victor Menard John Matthews Malcom Menefee Patrick O ' Neil Fred Pantall Wilmer Rogers James Stafford Lee Stedman Edgar Wflsh Thomas Wilson 295 JAMBMSSA Allex, Alsobrook, Baltar, Battle, Braken ridge, Brock, Cappel, Childers Clark, Clavtox, Collins, Colvix, Currie, C. Durham, T. Durham, Egdorf Elgutter, Farley, Feldxer, J. Flowers, W. Flowers, C. Floyd, C. Floyd, Gaidry Gay, Graubarth, Hall, E. Harper, J. Harper, Hebert, Hexdersox, Hill HOLSEX, HUXT, HyMAX, J. E. JOHXSOX, J. F. JOHXSOX, KiLPATRICK, LATHAM, LoRIA Madden, McNair, Merriit, Morcax, Naquix, Null, Robbixs, Robinett RoBixs, Rosexbaum, Ross, Ruble, Sayre, Simpsox, C. Smith, T. Smith Stixsox, Talbot, Tumblesox, Vetsch, Warrex, Washmax, Williams, Wilson 296 i., ..M ,..i jms ssk i " ' a : : lv a: Square and Compass An Intercollegiate Fraternity of Master Masons Founded, 1917 TULANE SQUARE Established 1920 Officers S. B. McNair President C. A. Latham Treasurer P. C. Cappel rice-President J. C. Allen Historian W. W. Flowers . ■ • Recording Secretary V. Morgan Inner Tyler H. D. Brock . . . Corresponding Secretary M. O. Currie Chaplain Honorary Members J. A. Davilla, Sr. Percy L. Luck R. H. Shaffnit William Hugo R. E. Ramsey Henry Strack H. W. Kaiser Joseph Sinai T. D. Wharton Passive Members Oscar Bethea J. F. Oeschner V. C. Smith Melvin J. White Richard K. Bruff H. C. Richards Wilber C. Smith C. S. Williamson T. C. Lyons T. B. Sellers L. F. Wakeman Active Members J. C. Allen G. D. Feldner J. F. Johnson, Jr. M. L. Rosenbaum H. B. Alsobrook J. R. Flowers R. H. Johnson W. L. Ross J. T. Baltar W. W. 1 ' Lowers E. B. Jordan W. K. Ruble J. E. Battle Cecil Floyd W. W. Jordan J. J. Ruffo C. E. Brakenridge Cyril Floyd J. F. Kilpatrick T. M. Sayre H. D. Brock S. J. Floyd C. A. Latham W. A. Simpson P. F. Brock H. L. Gaidry F. L. Loria C. L. Smith P. B. Cappel Eldridge Gay W. H. Louns T. L. Smith L. a. Childers J. Graubarth J. L. Madden J. T. Stinson R. H. Clark V. N. Hall S. B. McNair R. E. Summit J. E. Clayton E. C. Harper Z. L. Merritt F. M. Talbot S. A. Collins J. T. Harper M. M. Moody T. A. Tumbleson L. V. CoLviN J. F. Hebert V. Morgan W. C. Vetsch M. O. Currie R. E. Henderson A. J. Naquin, Jr. W. H. Wamsley C. Q. Durham R. C. Hill B. E. Nelken D. D. Warren T. B. Durham, Jr. P. J. Holsen C. E. Null J. M. Was.iam O. C. EcDORF M. C. Hunt G. P. Robbixs, Jr. C. Williams G. a. Elgutter Earl Hyman R. R. Robins A. M. Wilson S. J. Farley J. E. Johnson A. L. Robinett C. K. L. Wright, Jr. r 7 A 297 i i - -- ' - Z .W K N4 IW Sigma Delta Founded 1923 A society composed of the Sons of Doctors. Organized for the purpose of promoting good feeling and brotherhood. Members C. Ford Currier James V. E. Irion Hennen Forman Joseph M. Jones Clark Hoffpaur Clarence Pierson Joseph Scott Harold Waltrip Edwin G. Wright ... :... 298 M. vA A,.M .: M .S. : M -.m. jmssMk Interior of the old French Opera, les premieres. Building erected 1859. v ' j fJ ' ' JI T Les Belles Demoiselles ,-HV 35 ■ -, — C t- mw KVLL BOOK V eneral Activities %, Frue, IIarcrove, IIeberi, McCloskev MeadEj Shields, Stuart, Weldy The Student Council of Tulane University The Student Council of Tulane University was organized in March, 1915. It consists of the presidents of the student bodies of the several schools and colleges of the university. It is the highest student governing body at Tulane. The officers and members for 1 922-1 923 are; Officers Harold Meade •. President Robert E. L. Stuart Vice-President Homer Weldy Secretary-Treasurer Members WiLMER Shields Newcomb Harvey H. Hebert . Law William C. Frue Arts and Sciences John F. McCloskey Commerce Marion Hargrove Medicine Harold Meade ■. . . . Engineering Robert E. L. Stuart Dentistry Homer Weldy Pharmacy 311 H1923H i fej f .jgs.,- ; ..y J 3JMJ.B j ' .£ShS Z. : - - j K Kernan, Weston, Shields, Kohlman, Reed, St. Martin NEWCOMB STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION WiLMER Shields President Miriam Kernan Soriff Leader Dorothy Kohlman .... Vice-President Ruth St. Martin Cheer Leader Dorothy Weston Secretary Alice DeBuys .... dim. Serbian Com. Lucille Reed Treasurer Perrine Dlxon . . Chin. Campus Night Corn. Dorothy Kohlman .... Chm. Ring Com. Asburv, Felker, Shields, Dixon, Schuler, Kohlman, Shannon, Zelnicker, Trawick Carre, Washburn, Priestley, Kernan, Milner, Adams, DuQuesnay, Dalzell, Cornelson NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL Lydia Schuler President Constance DuQuesnay . . Sophomore Rep. Dorothy Kohlman .... Vice-President Rose Cornelson Freshman Rep. Perrine Di.xon .... Secretary-Treasurer Wilmer Shields Ex-Officio Miss Mildred Tonge . . . Faculty Adviser Eli.enor Shan.von Ex-Ofjicio May Asbury .... Senior Representative Grace Zelnicker Ex-Officio Dorothy Felker . . Senior Representative Suzanne Trawick Ex-Officio Dorothy Kohlman . . Senior Representative Isabel Carre Ex-Officio Perrine Di.von . . . Junior Representative Genevra Washburn Ex-Officio Miriam Kernan . . . Junior Representative Annola Priestley Ex-Officio Ula Milner .... Junior Representative Beatrice Adams Ex-Officio Helen Dalzell Ex-Officio 312 011 -KiUxiixm: " m: . : ... s?53k. I»IBIim i iL ' i. ' msiLKi.vjLviL:v:B m :RV-m gj Johnston, Hawthorn, Yates, Shannon, Dickson, Bouchelle, Roberts Blewett, Greenlaw, Hain, Priestley, DuQuesnay, Johnson, Smith, Fentress a lA J. L. House Council Ellenor Shannon President Danelle Yates Secretary Mattie Dickson Treasurer Mabel Hawthorn President East If ' intj Ezrene Bouchelle . President Jl ' cst Wing Merle Johnston Senior Member Mary " Roberts Senior Member Dorothy ' Blewett Junior Member Dora Greenlaw Junior Member Ethel Hain Junior Member Annola Priestley ' Junior Member Constance DuQuesnay Sophomore Member Stella Johnson Sophomore Member Mary ' Smith Sophomore Member Marv Martin Fentress Freshman Member 313 E11923 KJ l— " 5 p;| t 1 JU rtOW= Mr 1, .JLc ' l GoERTZ, liKowN, Sellers, Cojckovi:, Nabors Douglas, Hardestv, Kraft, Pfeifer, Stich The Newcomb Arcade Staff Elizabeth Sellers Edilor-in-Cliief Bertha Louise Brown Literary Editor Arthemise Goertz College Editor Rosalie Preweit Art Editor Sarah Nabors Business Manager Yvonne Sonneman Assistant Business Manager Beatrice Cosgrove Sub-Editor Emma Douglass Sub-Editor Amelia Hardestv Sub-Editor Carlotta Kraft Sub-Editor Marion Pfeifer Sub-Editor Lillian Polk Sub-Editor Erma Stich . Sub-Editor Angeline Tucker Sub-Editor 314 .r ,.. «?; JAMBUm %sr9. ' i i!t::;: t 3 ' 5 ' V, Yates, Muss, Barkett, Smith, Rosen, Hebert Tne Tulane Hullabaloo Staff Prentice L. Smith Edllor-in-Chief (First Term) Walter M. Barnett, Jr Editor-in-Chirf (Second Tenn ' , Clement M. Moss Managin0 Editor Danelle Yates Newcomb Editor F. Edward Hebert .... Sporting Editoi Leon S. Cahn News Editor Louis Rosen Business Manager Reporters Spencer B. McNair Carlotta Kraft Harold Moses Evelyn Lew Austin L. Joyner Wilma Shields Sam J. Tennant Irma Moses James V. E. Irion Perinne Dixon Frank P. Stubbs Louise Fieldschmidi J. Hamilton Basso Dorothy Felker John W. Gladson Virginia Ross Louis Garrard Helen Hughes William Roberts Catherine Price 315 319230 7wn m sJ ASCHAFFEKBURG, MiLNER, FeLKER, WeSTON, ZeLNICKER, McDONALD Newcomt) Jambalaya Board Dorothy Felker Editor-in-Cliief Leah Aschaffenburg Business Manager Grace Zelnicker ' ' t Editor Ula Milner Assistant Editor Dorothy Weston Assistant Editor Laura McDonald Assistant Art Editor Irma Moses Senior Editor Class Representatives Evelyn Gladney ' Senior Dorothy Weston Junior Bessie Monroe Sophomore Margaret Maloney Freshman 316 »aaa .-; g!o. JAMBUSKA t ' i.v ' ms:i .xv:as: viivm ' s: v ' av:g: g Barrow Moses Johnson JarriDalaya Staff (jollegcs of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Laiv and Coinincrce Harold Moses Editor- ' m-Cliicf John E. Johnson Business Manager Dave Barrow ' irt Editor Simon Mansberc Staff Cartoonist Walter M. Barnett, Jr Assistant Editor Albert Silverman ludilor Sam Tennant Assistant Business Manager Lloyd J. Cobb Advertising Manager Representatives College of Art ' s and Sciences Leon S. Cahn C. D. Overton ])avid Cohn St. Clair Adams, Jr. College of Engineering HtNRV Saucilr Dorothy Martinez C. C. Glass Charles Wirtii John D. Klorer College of Laiv Olin Chamberlain Anna McCay Waldo Dugas College of Commerce Albert Silverman Louis Garrard Florence Fowler Hugh Kohlmeyer G. T. Walne 2 317 1923 E 9-J. . . . a .jiX- - . n m ■-, ' ' - -A Jambalaya Staff 318 «.,,. K4.„. K M .M M ., . :.M : m: -:y S:fe- - .l .-S gSfe.. JAMBMSKA %s:%y%sw:ESj sm :ssit.SM ' 1). R KIT, Cahx, Cobb, E. IltBERT H. Hebert, Martin, H. Moses, L. Moses The Oratorical and Debating Council The Oratorical and Debating Council is entrusted with the management of all intercollegiate debating and oratorical activities. It secures all contests, arranges for their financing and completes the arrangements of all details. The selection of teams and sides is reserved for the Faculty Committee on Debate. The Council is composed of all former varsity debaters and orators, two representatives from each literary and debating society, and the chairman of the Faculty Committee on Debate. The of- ficers and members for 1922-1923 are: Officers Harold Moses Chairman Leon S. Cahn Secretary-Treasurer Dr. John M. McBryde Faculty Representati ' ve Members Former Debaters and Orators Walter M. Barnett, Jk. Lloyd J. Cobb Harvev Hebert Gordon Brunson F. Edward Hebert Lawrence Martin Leon S. Cahn Harold Moses Glendv Burke Representatives Leslie Moses Joseph Nunemaciier 319 1923 i, ?L,- jt MiLNER, Shields, Butler, Loeb, Gesell Newcomb 1922-1923 Debates f Vanity Debate Ula MiLNER Winner George Debate Prize L winner Carnot Medal ,,. „ ( Varsity Debate W.LMER SHIELDS | J VIRGINIA Butler ' ' " ' ' " ' ' l " ' I Carnot Debate Janice Loeb • farsity Debate The Varsity Debating Team participates in a Triangular Debate held each year between Agnes-Scott, Randolph-Macon and Newcomb. This year Newcomb sent a team to Agnes-Scott, Agnes-Scott to Randolph-Macon, and Randolph-Macon to Newcomb. The subject was: Resolved, That the United States should cancel the debts owed it by the nations associated with it in the World War. The Triangular was won this year by Randolph-Macon. Merle Gesell IVinner Jennie C. Nixon Debate Marion McKenzie Font Jennie C. Nixon Debate Janice Loeb Jennie C. Nixon Debate Miriam Kernan Jennie C. Nixon Debate The Jennie C. Dixon debate prize is awarded each year to the best individual speakers at the public debate of the Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club. The subject this year was: Resol ' ved, That intelligence tests should be used as supplementary requirements for admission to college. Interclass Debates Frances Comey ) . Senior Team Helen Hughes ] Sopliomore Team Genevra Washburn J Margaret Rourke ) Virginia Hall I . . . Junior Team I " Love Crutcher . Freshman Team Yvonne Sonneman Anita Mars j A silver cup is awarded annually to the winning class in these debates. The subject this year was: Resolved. That the City of New Orleans should own all its public utilities. The cup was won by the Sophomore Class. 320 JAMBUm i lL l ' m as.50l ;a 3 :B l£ :•sv:% ' v mv„gA:%:x }3: j L. Cahn " , Martin, E. Cahn, Cobb M Tulane Varsity Debating Teams For 1923 Tulane ' s schedule this year was composed of a triangular debate with the Uni- versity of Texas and Vanderbilt University. Tulane ' s visiting team debated the University of Texas at Austin and the other team met Vanderbilt University here. Tulane debated in this same triangular last year and came out the winner. The teams chosen were as follows : To Debate the University of Texas Leon S. Cahn Lawrence Martin To Debate J ' anderbilt University Edmond N. Cahn Llovd J. Cobb The alternates were James Irion and John Gooch. The subject of the debates was: Resolved, That organized labor should enter politics as a separate political party. Tulane upheld the affirmative side of this question against Vanderbilt and the negative against Texas. 11923 l MJM iNi IIOMAN, MlLNER, GeSELL, LOEB Jennie C. Nixon Debating Club Officers Ula Milner . President. Katherine Homan Chairman of Debates Merle Gesell ... Secretary Janice Loeb Treasurer Mary Ellen Aaron Beatrice Adams Margaret Aronson Virginia Barlow Ernestine Bass Edith Bradley Haydee Brickell Virginia Butler Leona Cahn Lucille Cassedy Dorothy Collins Be,vtrice Cosgrove Maxine DeBuys Perrine Dixox Emma Douglass Marion Dow Beatrice Ford Blanche Foster Members Grace Geblin Merle Gesell Arthemise Goertz Amelia Hardesty Elizabeth Harris Lillian Hartson Sedley Hayward Katiiertne Homan Helen Hughes Margaret Jordan Miriam Kernan Dorothy Kohlman Edwina Kohlman Carlotta Kraft Catherine Lively Janice Loeb Caroline Meyer Ula Milner Cora Miltenberger Bessie Monroe Louise Newton Marion Pfeifer LuciLE Points Lucille Reed Dorothy Rosenberg Bertha Scheuerman Lydia Schuler Wilmer Shields Yvonne Sonneman Leposava Stankovitch Marjory Thomas Angeline Tucker Elise Ujffy Genevra Washbirn Anna Wooten Danelle Yates 322 i::e;. msssssk %s:%s: :i!i s:s:S3t: : ' B -: ' WV 7 Armstrong, Cobb, Fiske, Gladson, Irion Jones, Martin, H. Moses, L. Moses, Moss, Rayl Roberts, Smith, Stephenson, Stubbs, Vaught The Glendy Burke Literary and Debating Society Officers Harold Ravl Speaker Joseph Nunemacher Historian Clement Moss Vice-Speaker Neil Armstrong .... Scrgeani-at-Arms Marvin T. Green . . . Secretary-Treasurer Prof. William Brown Critic Richard T. Stephanson Censor Leslie Moses Debatimj Council Representative Joseph Nunemacher Debating Council Represcnlati ' ve St. Clair Adams Neil Armstronx. J. H. Basso George Blum H. F. Brewster Lloyd J. Cobb Newton Fisk J. W. Gladson John B. Gooch Marvin T. Green Members James V. Irion Joseph M. Jones Austin L. Jovner George Kalif Lawrence Martin Joe Meyers Harold Moses Leslie Moses Clement Moss J. Nunemacher Parks Pedrick Robert G. Polack Harold J. Ravl Byron Roberts Henry Robinson Prentice L. Smith R. T. Stephenson Frank P. Stubbs, Jr. W. Vaught W. C. Vetsch 1923 K 323 W ■■ m J m ' m7 ' ' % . . t P % p ■■? - V V % % t i i " " ' " ' s IK " . i -« -« 4i vi N. Butler, Dickson, Douglass, Meyer, Reed NevTComb Dramatic Club Emma Douglass President Virginia Butler Vice-President Lucille Reed . . Officers Martha Dickson Secretary Caroline Meyer Treasurer . . . Stage Manager Members Beatrice Adams Virginia Arrincton Kathryn Baringer Elizabeth Bonvillain Maria Boudreaux Mary Burns Virginia Butler Lucille Cassedy ' Virginia Clark Dorothy Collins Elizabeth Craig Alice DeBuys Maxine DeBuys Martha Dickson Perrine Dixon Esther Donaldson Emma Douglass Marion Dow Louise Feilschmidt Marion Font Blanche Foster Bab Gassenheimer Merle Gesell Evelyn Gladney- JuANiTA Gonzalez Margaret Graham Angela Gregory ' CORINNE GrIMA Virginia Hall LuciE Harris Zelda Huckins Elizabeth Hughes Helen Hughes Marie Ivey Alice Toy ' Johnson Isabel Keesler Ethel Kehoe Dorothy Kohlman Edwina Kohlman Elizabeth Land May ' Lanphier Elsa Lemle Flora Levine Evelyn Levy ' Katherine Lively ' Anita Mars Caroline Meyer Lillian Meyers Agnes Miller Bessie Monroe Caroline Moog Irma Moses Louise Newton Lucille Ogden Vera Palfrey ' Marion Pfeifer Elizabeth Pharr Marie Pilkington Lucille Points Lillian Polk Thelma Popovich Katherine Price Grace Quinette Lucille Reed Bella Rhine Louise Richards Aline Richter Carrie Rogers Selma Rothenberg Margaret Rourke Elise Roussel Thelma Sharp Wilmer Shields May Kyle Shumway Christine Simpson Emily- Slack Edwa Stewart Genevra Washburn Catherine Wood Anna Wooten 324 i:j.;,j ' ' j ' y ,:--M . . .. t .-A JMBUSXA i ii .ii, ' B m5: N Xjg. ' :B w. vm :g: .¥: = Jbs. ' - Satfltfc., , Armstrong, Barnett, Brown, Cahn, Cobb, Fowler, Gladson, Hebert Heyman, Irion, Jervey, Johnson, Kaufman, Martinez, Morgan, H. Moses L. Moses, Pierson, Rayl, Smith, Stephenson, Stubbs, Tennant, Wright Tulane Dramatic Club James V. E. Irion Austin L. Joyner . Marvin T. Green Officers . . . . President Leon S. Cahn Business Manager . . Vice-President Florence Fowler .... Jambalaya Rep. Secretary-Treasurer Albert E. Holleman Director Faculty Advisory Committee Miss Lillian Frotscher, Chin. Dr. Richard R. Kirk William Spratling Members Neil Armstrong Charles Ayo J. Hamilton Basso Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Hugh L. Brown George L. Blum S. S. Baldwin H. F. Brewster Leon S. Cahn Edmund N. Cahn Lloyd J. Cobb W. B. Clark Clifford Danna Charles Dufour Joseph A. Day-ries Florence Fowler William C. Frue Newton M. Fisk F. G. Facerstone Milton Frazer Charlotte Foster Marvin T. Green John B. Gooch Louis Garrard A. E. Holleman Edward Hebert Harvey Hebert Richard Haydel Walter Heyman James Irion Austin L. Joyner Willia.m T. Jervey John E. Johnson Harry Kaufman, Jr. George Kalif Joseph Kluchin Elsa Lemle Clancy L. Latham Bernard Lemmann Herbert S. Lea Herbert S. Levy John L. Madden Harold Moses Leslie Moses Dorothy Martinez Charles H. Morton Vernis Morgan Joseph Nunemacher Douglas Porteous Clarence Pierson, Jr. Robert G. Polack Harold J. Rayl Helen Schmidt Frank P. Stubbs, Jr. Prentice L. Smith George W. Schilling R. T. Stephanson H. Sargent ' alter C. Vetsch E. G. Wright Irving Weil Q. Wells HeRSCHELL yiLLIAMS, Jr. 11923 325 y -.j , :■ lir i h. Carre, Price, Kernan, O ' Shee N ewcom b Glee Club Officers Katherine Price President Miriam Kernan . Vice-President Isabel Carre Secretary Eleanor O ' Shee Treasurer MeMRI ' RS Margaret Aaron Ethel Bauer Elizabeth Bethea Elizabeth Blain EVALINE BleAKLEY Dorothy Blewett Tillie Eorchardt Mary Buie Edith Burton Evelyn Campbell Hutson Carre Isabel Carre Olive Carriers Bess Cartledge Elizabeth Craig Emilie Craig Helen Dalzell Cherry Davis Elizabeth Davis Miriam Davis Mary Louise Dodds Eda Dolhonde Esther Donaldson Justine Dorman Marion Dow Elizabeth Dunwoody Charlotte Elliott Mary Martin P ' entress Mary Elizabeth Floyd Marion Font Sarah Foster Marcelle Garic Amoret Gates Rosemary Gerson Margaret Golson Natalie Guthrie Olive Guthrie Ethel Hain Dorothy Hainer Ernestine Hardtner Margaret Harnett Zelda Huckins Elizabeth Hughes Marion Hughes Elizabeth Kell Miriam Kernan Mary Ellen Kirby May Lanphier Stella Leche Muriel L e Fane Lester Evelyn Levy Adele Livaudais Madeleine Livaudais Jacinta Lobrano Beth McLeod Lillian Meyers Agnes Miller Bessie Monroe Louise Moore Margaret Morgan Georgia Morrison Katherine Negus Nora O ' Neill Eleanor O ' Shee Frances Paine Mary Perkins Marion Pfeifer Elizabeth Pharr Mildred Pickard Sarah Pierce Elizabeth Pilcher Marie Pilkington Lillian Polk Charlotte Price Katherine Price Grace Quinette Jane Reeves Phyllis Reeves Bella Rhine Aline Richter Carrie Rogers Alice Saunders Monica Scott May Kyle Shumway Mamie Sienknecht Emily Slack LiDA May Smith Mary Smith Leposava Stankovitcii Ann Stevens Anna Stille Alice Tankersley Carrie Vinyard Virginia Wallace Edna Louise White Manie White Edna Womack Gertrude Woodward 326 K - Xf x ..m :: -x :. JAUfflySEA imivux-sxil ' ve: mv3.v vj!L :g.vg s , ; a6= . S . " . Sfe Baltzer, Brough, Chamberlain, Doswell, F. Ebaugh, I. Ebaugh, Fields Hebert, Henican, Kaufman, Kilman, Lea, Madden, MacDonald MuRREL, Oeschner, Reed, Reiss, Reitzel, Vennard, Zivitz Tulane Glee Club Officers Fredrick Oechsner I ' rcstdrnl Olin Chamberlain Vice-President Emanuel Zivitz ' Business Manager Malcom Williamson Supervising Director Julius Hartz Student Director R. C. Murrell Accompanist ' 7 m ' A Members First Tenors — M. Crawford M. Fields J. Hull H. Schofield H. Kaufmann G. C. Reed Second Tenors — R. Baltzer 0. Chamberlain E. Henican 1. Ebaugh First Basses — M. Doswell F. Ebaugh C. Brough J. J. Reiss J. R. Kilman E. Vennard E. Zivitz F. Oechsner B. Lemann Second Basses — O. Bienvenue J. MacDonald W. Gardiner R. E. Lea 327 19231 -- •, -. -• — - m mm ? ■ 1 B Nielli mIh tiAi " BEl f . " t , ««tffl , Mandolin-Guitar Club Officers Vera Palfrey President and Director Marion Thompson Secretary-Treasurer Personnel Mandolins — G uilars — Ukeleles— ' Ellen Aaron Leah Aschaffenburg HuTsoN Carre May Asbury Muriel Burdine Belle Friedman Ethel Gastrell Maxine DeBuys Margaret Goodman Helen McLellan Katherine Homan Lois Gravois Nora O ' Niell Frances Hupman Elizabeth Hughes Vera Palfrey Mary Roberts Marion Hughes Jennie Spooler Marion Thompson Elenor Kohlmeyer Dorothy Weston Manie White Evelyn Levy Clara Wright Elizabeth Pharr Georgia Seago Piano — Drum — Aurelia Bisso Ruth St M artin Xyloplione — Banjo — Victoria Mills Dorothy Hainer • ' olin — Grace Quinette 328 JAMBUSKA i ii: ' ix ' m5:: 53: Bs:a : s: Ensle.v, Coh.v, Zivitz, Embrv, Waters, Avo, Appel, Scoit, Richardson Mavfield, Havdel, Farmer, Gisclard, Hull, Wvatt, Cahn, Cohen ' , Polack Van Benthuysen The Tulane Band The Tulane Band has passed through one of the most successful seasons since its organization. Under the management of Frank Richardson, the bandsmen gathered early in October and played throughout the football season, accompanying the team on its trip to Baton Rouge. The band consists of twenty-eight members under the leadership of the Old Reliable Chester Ford, whose golden notes emanating from a silver cornet have for the last few years spurred the Green Wave on to victory. Valu- able assistance was rendered the band by Mr. H. C. Voorhies, of Werlein ' s Music Store, who, with several other local musicians, played with the band, and in many other ways assisted in making it what it was. The following are members of .the Tulane Band : Frank Richardson, manager and trombone; Mayfield, trumpet; Farmer, cornet; Haydel, cornet; Scott, cornet; Cohn, clarinet; Cahn, clarinet; Andrus, clarinet; Wolf- son, clarinet; Scott, trombone; Waters, saxophone; Ayo, saxophone; Appel, saxophone;- Emery, baritone; Enslen, alto; Cohn, alto; Zivitz, tenor; Van Benthuysen, picollo; Polack, flute; Gisclard, drum; Hull, drum; Hawkins, drum; Peyronin, cymbals; Wvatt, drum carrier. 329 ]1923 V f ' " • ' 5 K - J u . • ZCf V -» ; U " ; a .ea u " ; si ' M ' .■ t« ' c " ! ! : 330 JAMBimA Amoss, Anurv, Arnold, Bailey, Barnes, Barrett, Bird, Brakf.nridge Collins, Delaup, Ebaugh, Elizardi, Erwin, Gaidry, Girault Good, Hallaron, Hill, Hillery, Hirsch, Hock, Holloway Jeffres, Kelley, Kemper, Kuhn, Law, Leake, Livaudais Mansberg, Marcus, Marks, Martin, Martinez, McCay, McConnell Meade, Nairne, Naquin, Perrilliat, Rau, Robbins, Robinson RoGAN, Rothschild, Saucier, Schultz, Vennard, Wachenheim, Wiggins, Wright TuLANE Engineering Society Officers — H. L. Gaidry, President; M. Girault, Fice-President and Treasurer; A. J. Naquin, Jr., Secretary A r i 33 ' 011923 [a j v WJMJWJMjMJWJWJMJmMyMIMJA KoHLMAN, Dow, Kraft, Stewart N ewcom b Frenck Circle Officers Dorothy Kohlman President Edwa Stewar t Vice-President Marion Dow Secretary Carlotta Kraft Treasurer Beatrice Adams Margaret Aronson Evelyn Bayle Leah Bertel Dorothy Blewett Maria Boudreaux Haydee Brickell Mary- Buck Helen Byrne Leona Cahn Olive Carriere Lucille Charbonnet Lucille Cherbonnier Helen Ci-iristenberry Louise Church Frances Comey Alice DeBuys Maxixe DeBuys Carmen Delcado Martha Dickson Emma Douglass Mem Marion Dow Elizabeth Dunwoouy Constance DuQuesnay Louise Feilschmidt Catherine Fitzpairick Mary E. Floyd Peggy Fox Rosemary Gerson Merle Gesell Rai Graner Angela Gregory CoRiNNE Grima Lucille Godelfer Jeanne Goodman Elizabeth Harris Lillian Hartson Frances Hebard Mildred Hepting Helen Hughes Miriam Kernan Dorothy Kohlman BERS Edwina Kohlman Carlotta Kraft Flora LeBlanc Muriel Lee Flora Levine Adeline Levy Evelyn Levy Madeleine Livaudais Katherine Lively Janicf. Loeb Frank Mayer Helen McLellan Josephine Micheli Ula Milner Cora Miltenberger Irma Moses Alma Nachman Marshall Norton Helen Pearlstone Marion Pfeifer Ruth Pitre Lucille Points Helen Polack Beatrice Posner Ruth Reinauer Bella Rhine Louise Richards CoRiNNE Robin Mathilde Ross Rose Aimee Roy Fanny Russ Esterlene Saffersione Janice Scharff Elizabeth Sellers WiLMUR Shields Etolia Simmons Doris Simon Lucille Soniat Edwa Stewart Virginia Wallace EOLA Wooley Anna Wooten 332 • M . ,..Mo -». .. . J JAMBySKA i -R ' m. :m :g 3.k vm :gv:g ' f.% Bertel, Boudreaux, Russ, Brickell N ewcom b L atm Club Officers Maria Boudreaux President Georgia Russ Vice-President Leah Bertel Secretary Havdee Brickell Treasurer Ernestine Bass Leah Bertel Maria Boudreaux Haydee Brickell Hudson Carre Genevieve Craven Carmel Discon Eda Dulhonde Katherine Fitzpatrick Mary Elizabeth Floyd Ethelyn Edna Gelbkk Winnie Davis Gordon Mary Hardestv Almabelle Harrell Elizabeth Harris Members Dollie Gray Harrison Lilian Hartson Elizabeth Kastler Mary Evelyn Kay DOXOTHY KoHLMAN Carlotta Kraft Muriel Lee Lady Lester Angelena Lota Flora Levine Ruth Lewis Anita Mars Elise Milburn Muriel Milburn Alice Montgomery Caroline Mulhearn Evelyn Myers Marie Nicholls LvNEs Patterson Ruth Pitre Lucille Points Thelma Pgpovich Edna Riseman Virginia Ro?s Fannie Russ Georgie Russ Alice Saunders Yvonne Sonneman Agnes Swan KATRINKA SCHRhlBER Nancy Van Hook 333 119230 Fa " XM if w, ,- J K In COSGROVE Lastrapes deMilt N ewcom b s cience Club Officers Odessa Lastrapes President Beatrice Cosgrove Vice-President ViviA deMilt Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Aldrich Helen Aldrich Marjorie Callendei! Rose Caruso Lucille Cherbonnier Louise Church Beatrice Cosgrove Clara deMilt ViviA deMilt Worth Dinwiddie Esther Donaldson Members Ann Farnsworth Dorothy Felker Katherine Forsyth Laura Geiser Lois Gravois Virginia Hall Elizabeth Harris Lillian Hartson Carlotta Kraei Odessa Lastrapes Stella Leche Muriel Lee Lucille Points Ida Riordan Bertha Scheuerman Lydia Sciiuler Edna Seeliger Yetty Streiffer Lorraine Tillotsox Elise U.iffy Eola Wooley ;..... .„, i ?S 334 JAMBUm I i •• m : :g 3. :g 3! -:g.v:m ' - ' gj:g ».vi Ross, Ue Buys, Gladney, Sonneman 7 n ' ■ ' } N ewcom b Athletic Association Officers Alice De Buy " S President Virginia Ross Secretary Evelyn Gladney Vice-President Yvonne Sonneman Treasurer Beatrice Adams Iva Bailey Ernestine Bass Mary A. Blakemore Haydee Brickell Evelyn Campbell Isabel Carre Olive Carriere Bess Cartledge Lucille Charbonnet Helen Christenberry Frances Comey Rose Corni.lson Elizabeth Craig Emilie Craig Elizabeth Davis Alice De Buy ' s Maxine De Buys Worth Dinwiddie Perrine Dixon Marion Dow Ruth Dreytous Bernard Early ' Ann Farnsvvorih Members Louise Feilschmidt Lucile Points Clara Fitzpatrick Beatrice Ford Peggy Fox Amoret Gates EvELY ' N Gladney ' Rai Graner Lois Gravois CORINNE GrIMA Ethel Hain Virginia Hall Elizabeth Harris Lucie Harris Lillian Hartson Miriam Kernan Clifford Kitchen Edwina Kohlman May Lanphier Stella Leche Adele Livaudais Madeleine Livaudais Katherine Lively- Cora MiLTENBERGER Louise Moore Helen Polack Charlotte Price Annola Priestley Lucille Reed Phyllis Reeves Louise Richards Edna Riseman Mathilde Ross Virginia Ross Ruth Sanford Natalie Saunders Janice Scharff Bertha Scheuerman Sylvia Schreiber Lydia Schuler Ellenor Shannon WiLMER Shields Ruth Shutts Ruth Simon Doris Simon Yvonne Sonneman Gelene Stallworth Leposova Stankovitch Emma Stern Ruth St. Martin Katherine Talmace Mathilde Talmagf Katherine Thomas Marjorie Thomas Marion Thompson Lorraine Tillotson Suzanne Trawick Elise Ujffy Nancy ' Van Hook Virginia Wallace Elizabeth Washington Ethel Waters Mathilde Weil Dorothy ' Weston Manie White Eleanor Wilson Mae Wilzin Carolyn Winkler Fannie Wise Catherine Wood Gertrude Woodward Danelle Yates " Ka 1923 Ua 33S K-i Asr.i ici , IJANS, N ' Ar.oKs, IIii.i.mw, Greenlaw, Lanp?iier, Bolton Dickson, Johnson, Mills, Newton, Price, Russ, Stewart Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Hildegarde Hillman President Mattie Dickson . Dormitory Proz rarn Com. Sarah Nabors Fice-President Alice T. Johnson . Dormitory Finance Com. Dora Greenlaw Secretary Victoria Mills .... Undergraduate Rep. May Lanphier Treasurer Louise Newton Gift Shop May Asbury Publicity Com. Katherine Price .... Music Committee Ernestine Bass . . . Town Finance Com. Georgie Russ . . Town Program Committee Mary ' Bolton . . . World Fellowship Com. Edwa Stewart .... Entertainment Com. Members Mai C. Alexander Amoret Gates Adele Livaudais Fannie Russ May Asbury Juanita Gonzales Catherine Lively Georgie Russ IvA Bailey Julia Gotten Frances Marcrum Lydia Schuler CoRiNNE Bass Dora Greenlaw Beth McLeod Ellenor Shannon Ernestine Bass Olive Guthrie Josephine Miceli Christine Simpson Miriam Birner Annie Gwin Mary Victoria Mill;. Emily Slack Mary Bolton Ethel Hain Rosa Money Aileen Smith Muriel Burdine Virginia Hamilton Alice Montgomery Mary Smith Mary Buie Almabelle Harrell Louise Moore Leposova Stankovitch LuciLE Cassedy Mary- Hardesty Minnie Murphy- Edwa Stewart Mary Chaffe Lucie Harris Sarah Nabors Anna Stille, Annie Covington Dollie G. Harrison Catherine Negus Millicent Story Elizabe ' ih Crisler Mabel Hawthorn Louise Newton Winifred Thompson Mildred Daniel Dorothy Hainer Marshal Norton Alice Tankersley Anna Elizabeth Dicks Hildegarde Hillman Kathleen O ' Brien Suzanne Trawick Martha Dickson Alice Joffrion Lucille Ogden Virginia Wallace Perrine Di.xon Alice T. Johnson Mary Patsel Elisabeth Washingion Mary Louise Dodds Soratulia Johnson Helen Pease Genevra Washburn Elizabeth Dunwoody Merle Johns-ion Charlotte Peteet Dorothy Weston Constance du Quesnay Margaret Jones Lilah Phillips Manie White Bernard Early Margaret Jordan Katherine Price Eleanor Wilson Charlo ' ite Elliott Elizabeth Kastler Annola Priestley Catherine Witt Sarah Elliott Elizabeth Kell Elizabeth Ridgway- Gertrude Woodward Virginia Fenner Isabel Keesler Mary Roberts Anna Wooten Katherine Forsyth Odessa Lastrapes Olive Rober-fs Clara Wright Sarah Foster May Lanphier Edna Rossner Danelle Yates Bessie Ganong Advisers Miss May Allen Miss Lillie Richardson Mrs. Leon Maxwell 336 U...tj ....K . ..Rfe ■. JAMBimA i v ' ' ms:Es:i. :ftN:: v:a :K s.v:g :g; ' -J VC The Young Men ' s Christian Association =: !- ' 4M Ci - 4, i Y M , . -.kX StUDKNT OI ' FICERS Lawrence Little - President J. Leonard Smith Vice-Pres ' ulcnl C. D. Overton Second I ' ice-PrcsidenI Ci.ARExcE Webr Secretary Edward Davidson Treasurer General Officers H. E. Buchanan .... Faculty Chairman Lewis F. Wakeman . Mrs. G. H. Terriberrv . C ;m. Il ' omen ' s Com. John A. Addison . General Treasurer . General Secretary Carinet The Above Officers and Charles Breckenbridge, L. G. Bird, M. L. Crawford, A. J. Naquin, F. W. Ebauch, J. C. Morris, A. L. Jovner, an d J. W. Reddoch The Young Men ' s Christian Association at Tulane University has a creditable history. In the first years, directed only hy volunteer workers, with little more than a reading room, real results were achieved. The opening of Camp Martin brought in the Army Y. M. C. A. with its far-reaching program of activities and service, followed later by the special S. A. T. C. work. It waa in 1919 that the regular student " Y " work was reorganized, taking over the Army " Y " hut, with a part-time paid secretary in charge. The ensuing three years ' work enlisted the interest and support of an increasing number of students and faculty members, and resulted in a healthy enlargement of the association program. Religious meetings and Bible study groups, community service, social activities, such as the popular " Campus Nights, " general campus service to all students, and the securing of part-time employment for students obliged to earn some of their expenses — all these activities have been continued during the year just closing. Improvements have been possible in many directions, with a full-time secretary at work. Special emphasis has been placed on the formation of Re- ligious Discussion groups. Nearly fifteen of these were organized, including one for Jewish stu- dents and one for faculty members. Every year, the Women ' s Committee has been a large factor in making successful many features of the work, especially the " socials " and the visitation of sick students, as well as church co-operation. The Tulane " Y " is a student organization, under student leadership, with faculty members acting in an advisory capacity. The religious objective marks the association as an " arm of the Christian church, " truly interdenominational and non-sectarian in spirit and in action. The local churches are largely responsible for the support of the organization, and are in full sympathy with all the regular social and general service features of the program. The expenses of the association are met by voluntary contributions from students, faculty, the university, the churches, and friends in New Orleans. 337 11923 J :S .-i , ,-Si— - t JSSv£ . Si£,Uii -- ' 7 W W JW7 W f ' i a Alumni Association of Tulane University of Louisiana jHE Alumni Association of Tulane University of Louisiana is the general I association of the Alumni of all departments of the University. The association is active in all things w hich work for the good of the ; [ University in any of its departments. The association in recent years has been particularly active in student affairs. The association prides itself in never having refused to aid financially or otherwise any worthy Tulane activity. Any graduate of the University or any former student of the University who with- drew in good standing after having attended during one session is eligible for member- ship in the association. There are three forms of membership: Annual (dues $2.00 yearly) ; Life (dues $25.00 for life) ; Honorary. Every Tulane Alumnus ought to be a member. The business of the association is carried on through the Executive Committee which is composed of the officers and two representatives from each department of the Uni- versity. The Executive Committee for 1923- 1924 is as follows: Officers Charles E. Dunbar President Monte M. Lemann Vice-President LuciEN H. Landry Secretary Henrv F. Scherer Treasurer Lewis F. Wakeman Assistant Secretary Medical — Marion H. McGuire Edmund Moss Committees Laiu — Eugene D. Saunders Richard B. Montcomkry Arts and Sciences — Charles E. Dunbar Arthur E. Moreno En jineering — Robert G. Robinson Eads Johnson Neivcomb — Anna F. Koch Jeanne Langhetee Graduate — William E. Walls Lionel C. Durel Dental— Joseph M. Garcia A. Louis Ducasse 338 i::i-i JiMBiKSA iVEvivm a BN-x ' 11923 339 T . f , - . ' , A . jij , ,r:y :a w O U z I " to ■n 5 to B ■ O 34-0 nF ' " v www massssk l . L :axl:-::a ::g :a y:g :m Rv ' y " 1 s r 1 i 4,- 1 , €, ■ 1 J E11923 v 341 M :t... IJ,.... 3+3 -.,.m . -.Kk JAMBUm ixxvm ' mN N -a -:x :a ' • ' WV !nS«SBW» ' 343 ]ld23 ' r ' w ' ' % a % - y. CARRIE THE ' AMES " " " " DARK S©E " " ' " ' ' ' OF COLLEGE LITE SPASMS JIM THE PORTKR JOHN DOLLAR ALPREO JOHN r . « • 34+ JAMBUfflOl ivyvi. ' ms:ms: Bs: :: sm :gv:H ' g: SELDOM SEEN OM THE CAJvtPUS -5 ■■rX ' ' ' ? ' i 1923 345 X V yi . .% 3+6 JAMBUm I i ' m-Bx:E5:a :as:R m m : vi 1 % 347 ]1923 y A 348 jyHIBIISKA I BOOK VI Athletics wk. Ca. £ j.«A H.-«pe»- N.- «K:a iifea -- . rf -- ggt.. : gT: --fe a. ■--k .s . J v k,. W W " W , 2 1 Wearers of the ' ' T " m Alison Dahlman Lantrip Reed Barnes Dreifus Leake ROEHL Barnett • ' ih K- Gamble LiXD ' — -IS OY Bergeret i 0 Gardner M alone V - , , Snelling Besselman Hebert, E. Marks Stiles Bienvenu Hebert, H. Martin Talbot Blackshear Henican MiNSKV Tennant Brown, A. HiRSCH Monget Tunstall Brown, B. Lamprecht MoSES Wachenheim Dabezies Lautenschlaeger Phillips ]1923 351 V R eview of tke S eason Nothing that has not already been said can be said about Tulane ' s 1923 football season. All that is now past and we look forward to next year ' s contests. Starting out from practically nothing the team was shaped into a very presentable article for the first game. So much so, in fact, that every Olive and Blue follower looked forward with great expectation to the rest of the games. The most successful feat of the season was the securing again of Clark Shaughnessy ' s services. With practically every man on the team new to him, it was only with the super-human efforts he can call forth that welded him a team that got anything like the even break it did. The first game was a decisive victory for Tulane. Mississippi College was her opponent and the wave swept over her in fine style. The second game was with Springhill, another ancient rival. Although defeated, Springhill managed to tally the first score against the Olive and Blue. Camp Benning, old, experienced soldiers, was the next opponent. And though a tough proposition, Tulane finally downed them. Mississippi A. M., nearly as old a rival as the Tigers, again went down to defeat, swamped by the Green Wave, and Tulane felt victory for the last time of the season. North Carolina brought down one of the strongest teams ever seen on the local gridiron and in a hotly contested game finally defeated Tulane by one touchdown. This was one of the best gameg of the season, as up to the last minute of play it was charged with exciting moments. Going up to Auburn to play the next game, Tulane went down fighting to defeat, not even scoring on the Plainsmen. • m ir- • Florida next came here, bringing as an aggregation, one of the heaviest teams ever encountered by the Olive and Blue. Fight as she would, Tulane could not make headwaj- against the big fellows from the ' gator country and managed to score only one touchdown. Only a passing remark does the last game of the season deserve. What happened to Tulane the Lord will only know suffice to say her deadly and ancient enemy, L. S. U., walked away with the victory. Now, with Shaughnessy back at the helm, with " Monk " Simons, who deserves far more than passing notice, as it was his great work that kept the team fit throughout the season, assisting, and with the freshman team and the scrubs to recruit from, Tulane can look forward with brighter eyes and wait with pleased expectancy for next year ' s results. Score of the Games Tulane 30; Tulane 30; Tulane 18; Tulane Tulane 26; 12; Tulane o; Tulane 6; Tulane i + ; Mississippi College o Springhill 10 Camp Benning o Mississippi A. M o University of North Carolina 19 Auburn 19 University of Florida 27 Louisiana State University ..:... 25 K ' ■7-. m 3 Q u J U 7. z 1-1 K IJ UJ c 5 UJ w r ? M o 2; of s r ) EQ u id ■ UJ oJ 5 J u -J Bi 0, s hi , 1 [ 1 1- H -i 5i CQ s r ffi UJ is CJ J m CJ n ■ Pi 5-r i- " «: DS c 1 X « S w 354 JAMBUSSA Football ' T ' ' Men COACH CLARK I). SUAl (MINKSSY " AbsL nce makes the heurt luw iniKki ' ' has been attributed to some wise gi ' iitlL ' man. pcrhaiis of the time of old King Tunkanhamen, and wt 3.000 years later, heartily agree with the old gent when speak- ing " of Coach Shaughnessy. Clark D., as his inti- mate friends are privileged to call him. remained away from Tulane for a year and then he came back with a bang. If it were possible to run Shaughnessy for mayor of New Orleans he would have the backing of every Tulane man for the Job and he would cake-walk in if the Greenies had anything to do with the electing. Shaughnessy is a football coach par excellent if ever there was one. To those who saw the 1922 squad crawl out onto the gridiron for the first week ' s practice Coach ' s work alone is appreciated. That first outfit was about as pitiful a looking bunch as has ever turned out the first week. But what a change before the season had well started. If it would be possible to class Shaughnessy with an alchemist we would nominate him. From apparently useless metal he moulded a golden team, and a team that upheld Tulane honor in every manner, shape and form. " We will wager that Shaughnessy will not be al- lowed to slip the fold ever again. CAPTAIN PAUL MALONEY, Fulll)a k If there is on Tulane ' s campus a truer, stauncher, sturdier supporter of Tulane than Captain Paul Maloney then we have failed to have been honon H with his acquaintance. Tulane ' s fighting spirit is embodied in the plucky little field general who led the Olive and Blue this season on the gridiron. Although perhaps a bit erratic in some ways. Paul has never varied the infinitestimal degree from the path of what he thought to be right and .lust. Paul has been shifted considerably about the back field and line, and he has always responded with the same eagerness and the same classy brand of ball. His playing of end againPt the Florida team was the best defensive work of the season seen on the part of any terminal. Tulane lineups will, indeed, have a vacant stare without the familiar name of Maloney listed thereon. NAT MAKKS, Manager Perhaps the man on the football staff who gets the least amount of credit is the manager, and Nat Marks, this season, was no exception to tlie rule. Nat succeeded one of Tulane ' s best student managers, and to Nat ' s credit it must be said that he certainly did uphold the standard set by Gus Fritchie the year previous. Marks was an untiring, ever working manager who thought of the comfort of the players in every particular and of his own comforts last. That Nat did not forget the loyal supporters of the team was evidenced in the trip to r.lontgomery for the Auburn game. Many who saw that game owe the privilege to the fact that it was Nat who made it possible for them to get to Montgomery. HARRY TALBOT, Tackle " Little Eva, " the hero of more than one battle, who first came into prominence three years ago when he picked up a fumble and dashed through a broken field for a touchdown against Georgia, will be the Greenback ' s captain next season. Those who have seen Harry play, and tliose who know Harry are confident that the team did not err in selecting him as its leader next season. Eva is as plugging, fa ' thful and steady a pigskinner as has ever donned the spangles of the Olive and Blue, and much is expected of him. next season. 355 11923 Football ' T ' ' Men JEM ALISON, Tackle " Wee Jim " is one of the senior medics who will be lost to Tulane through graduation next season. With two huskies on the line in " Little Kva " and " Wee Jim, " Tulane had two men who greatly helped to make up the noted Greenback defense. Alison was one of those big boys who usually made up his mind just where he wanted to go and he usually got there. BENNY BROWN, Halfback Here is the real " papa " of the Tulane team. Benny played exactly fifty games in a Tulane uni- form and in every one of those fifty games the name of the Brown family was well upheld. Benny ' s is counted with five years ' service on the team owing to the fact that he was on the club during the S. A. T. C. year when America was at war. Benny has played with the stars of old who have car ' ed their names on th-- wall of gridiron history and who have given way to younger blood. In Brown, Tulane will lose, indeed, one of her most dependable backs and one of the speediest men to ever don the uniform of the Olive and Blue. EDDIE REED, Center " Tulane ' s All-Southern Candidate " is applicable to Eddie Reed, former captain of the Olive and Blue, and the greatest center who has ever stepped on a gridiron ' neath Southern skies. We admit that many have seen football games before we thought of lamping then., but Eddie is the best there is when it comes down to playing the pivot position. Eddie ' s game against the Auburn Plains- men was one of the most brilliant that we have ever witnessed. He is positively the only center to snap the ball back and then get down the gridiron in time to tackle the man receiving the punt. The sporting writers of the South certainly did not make any mistake when they placed Reed at the center rush. ALFRED BROWN, Halfback Tulane can well be proud of Benny ' s little brother. This sheik of Tulane stadium is the answer in person to a maiden ' s prayer. Besides sharing with Eddie Reed the honor of having more feminine admirers than any of the other well-known celeb- rites (not excepting Rudy Valentino) he is un- doubtedly one of the greatest halfbacks developed at Tulane in recent years. " Brother " showed speed and dazzling ability more than once and a football branti that is going to place him on the All-South- ern team before he leaves Tulane. The Olive and Blue is depending on the services of " Brother " a great deal for the next two years. 356 ,-i ,,--M , y m smmssk i lL 1L ' l s:m : :» :: •: :m :g.vmvgv¥ A.mvM;, Football ' T " Men EUGENE BERGERET, Guard ' Gene, the biff Fronohmaa of the cufly locks and Adonis like stature, got the idea from Coach Fuller that he could play football and learned how under Coach Shaug hnessy. But it took the Auburn game to fully determine and convince Guno that he was a real football player. In that granie some Auburn player accidentally smashed him in the nose, break- ing it, and reducing it to the size and shape of the well-known pancake. ' Gene, apparently for no other reason, lost his temper, got mad and proceeded to be, for the rest of the season, a tower of strength in the line. It is, indeed, a blessing that this is only Bergeret ' s second year because he has the size, weight and fight that it takes to make a good linesman and also an unholy desire to beat the upstate bengal next year. Gn.L BI.ACKSHEAR, Tackle Black comes from Auburn, but that didn ' t pre- vent him from giving them " what they came for " when Tulane played the Tigers at Cram ton Bowl. Although, exceedingly light. Blackshear is one of the best and pluckiest forwards on the squad. As the Florida boys said, he is " the best little man they ever saw. " After this season it will be Dr. Blackshear. T.ESTEK LATJTENSCHLAEGER, Quarterback Here is one of Coach Shaughnessy ' s real finds. When it was evident that the quarterback ' s po- sition would be left vacant many wondered just whom Tulane could depend upon for the vacancy. The candidates were scanntd by the grandstand coaches and no suitable person was found. Shaugh- nessy selected Lester, and the boys groaned, for they thought that he would not make good. How- ever, once again Shaughnessy proved his worth in seeing a good football player at a glance, and in I-.ester Joseph Lautenschlaeger. Tulane found " a dandy quarter. Cester ' s most brilliant feat of the season was a ninety-five-yard dash from a kick-ofC through the entire North Carolina team for a touchdown. FRANK PHILUPS, End This lanky, elongated youth was one of the few players who returned from last year ' s squad. Hank proved that his bright play of last season was no false alarm by playing another star game this sea- son. Phillips ' best game this season was. perhaps, the opening one of the year. Immediately after that game he had the misfortune to spring a Charley horse which slowed him up considerably. However, there was no quitting in Frank and be- fore the season had ended he again proved that he was every inch a real, honest- to -goodness football player. 357 11923 K- ' Football ' T ' ' Men GEORGE LAMPRECHT, Everj thing " Limber " unheralded, unsung-, and with no ad- ■ance pi-ess notices, walked into Dr. Smith ' s office at the beg " inning: of the season and announced that he wanted to play football and forthwith proceeded to show that it made no particular difference where he played. This big blonde bunch of loveliness is quite versatile and the world ' s champion utility player. It was alwa ' s a matter of conjecture be- tween g-ames as to where " Limber " would play next, for he played in the course of the season, end, guard, tackle and fullback. We do not know which of the positions he will finally specialize in, but the one he selects will be filled by a football artist. HARRY GAAIBLE, End " Smarty, " as he is dubbed by Coach Shaughnessy, looked as though swaddling clothes and safety pins would be better suited to him than a football outfit. However, we ' ll guarantee that Gamble has more fight, tire and energy per pound than any man in captivity. Although this is Harry ' s first year on the varsity, he has played almost every minute of every game and handled himself like a veteran. He is one of the most promising men on the squad and is surely the real find of the season. CARI. DREIFOUS, Halfback Here is Captain Paul Maloney ' s donation to the team, and if Paul has any more such donations it is our desire that he slip out mighty fast with them. When Dreifous was first trotted out the sport writers of New Orleans were advised to go lightly on Dreifous ' ability as then it was an un- known quantity. However, that certain thing re- mained unknown Inr only a short period of time. Before long spectators were marvelling at the speed of the newcomer and right now he is set down pat as the successor of Benny Brown in the back field. Dreifous played a great game against the Tigers and it is with anxiety that many are awaiting his performances of next season. VII,LIA3I BESSELMAN, Linesman Here is Harry Gamble ' s side kick or, as the old l ' ' rench saying runs along something like this, " Saint iiocque et son chien. " (We hope that French is liroper.) Bess is a husky chap who. like Gamble, f;i ' es all that is in him for the team. Bess is a ' ■apable chap and a plaj ' er who is going to develop into a real star before he ends up with the team. Some have touted him as Eddie Reed ' s successor and if the article of ball that he put up during I he past season is a criterion of the future then we must certainly agree with those prognosticators. 358 JAMBUm k yL :iLVBs: : M Football ' T ' ' Men GEOKGE TUNSTAI,L, I inesnian And still the nncls come along. Here is another one of them. Although Georgre has been touted as a politician, by some he is by far a better football I)la er. although last season was perhaps the first time that this formerly un-bekno vn star hart the opportunity of touching- a pigskin. A call was is- sued for all huskies, and George, realizing that he was no infant, trotted out for the team with no knowledge of the game except the will and de- termination to play it. Of course he went on the scrubs, but after he tumbled a. few of the varsity backs for a loss. George found his way onto the varsity to there remain. George has three more years on the team and we hope that everj- one of them will be as crowded with jewels as his first year was. WILLIAM G.ARDNEU, Linesman Although this was Bill ' s first year with the Tulane team, it will be his last, for before coming to Tulane, Bill put in some stellar years with the University of iVlississippi. where he was captain in his last year. It is, indeed, a shame that Gardner went to " Ole Miss " before coming to Tulane. for what was " Ole Miss " gain was certainly Tulane ' s loss. Bill filled more than one gap in the line this season and played quite a few bright games for the old Olive and Blue and gave the very best that was in him. HOWARD KOEHL, End Here is the best received terminal that Shaugh- nessy and the Green Wave boasted of this season. Although Howard did not play in all the games and in parts for very long periods, he was always willing and ready to try his hand when called up. and his receiving of lorw ard passes has been men- tioned considerably. Roehl is as game as they come and when he is not getting passes on the football field it is whispered that he is either try- ing to make passes in other quarters and even swapping passes with some of the well-known wait- ers in the still better kno vn Child ' s restaurant. HENRY iMONGET, Back EieUl Among the most promising men on whom the burden of building up for the» future will be placed is Monger, who displayed, during various practices, that he has the ability to play football. Durin-g some of the early workouts Monget displayed real ability while on the scrub team and it was not long that he was shifted over to the other side of the field with a green sweater ' n everything. Monget also showed something in the games that he participated in and his work will surely be watched in the future. 7, 359 11923 : ' S .i i !!: Jin- ' ' - r. - fe- ' S - j i ' . f -Ja-J? - ' . J, ji ' - Once more, this time under the leadership of Coach Benny Smith, ex-star end and punter, the well-known Scrubs did battle for old Tulane. They succeeded in their aim, which was making a first-class Varsity, but went through many difficulties in doing so, namely, injuries, drafting of men over to the first team, and the freshmen ruling. Another main drawback to the teamwork was the switching of signals every time the Varsity played. However, the Scrubs, throughout the season, presented a fairly for- midable aggregation, thanks to the luitiring efforts of Benny Smith. Those playing on the Scrub team were : Ends — Irvine, Meyer, Minsky, De Garmo, Houchins. Tackles — Wall, Hopkins, Goldsmith, Wight, Wyatt, Jones. Guards — Ebaugh, Cahn, Farrell, Walker. Centers — Barrow, Clay. Quarterbacks — O Kelley, Davidson. Halfbacks — Snelling, Moss, Monget, Schmidt, Rogers. Fullbacks — White, Dupont. Coach Smith also appeared in the lineup at times. 360 ■l—fA.,.. , S,---J5a. S JAMffiUm k VK w:jBS3: :ms.3.. V av - J fu iteai fc..V»aa . V- iiife. ' Hammond, Dawson, Woous, Hesselman, Gaston, Captain Flournoy, Lew, McLean, Clark Henican, Menard, Moore, Powers, Killeen, Lashley The Fresnman FootDall Team oi 1922 Due to the S. L A. A. ruling this past year the university organized a freshman team to develop the men who were ineligible this year, but who would one day be able to fight for Tulane. Early in the season the freshies were put under the direction of Coach " Monk " Simons, and after the usual training for the gridiron a team was moulded, and this squad of youngsters represented the first freshman team of Tulane University. The team was composed of Powers, Lashley, Killeen, Woods, Ilenican, Dawson, Killman, Besselman, Moore, Levy, Hammond, McLean, Carre, Gaston, Clarke, Duren, Brown, Menard, Buchanan, and led by Captain Flournoy. The first game was played with Southwestern in Lafayette, although the Greenies were de- feated, they did themselves justice by holding the powerful Lafayette aggregation to the score of 31-6. The second contest was with St. Stanislaus, and the Bay boys went down to a 7-0 defeat. For the next game Louisiana State Normal came to New Orleans, and due to injuries on the freshman squad the teachers managed to put over the winning touchdown in the last few minutes of play, defeating the Freshies to the tune of 7-0. Convent was the next scene of battle, where they played the Jefferson eleven. All that is known about the game is that the score, 14-6, said the freshmen lost. Then the big game of the season was at hand, and the outcome did no t look very bright, as the foe was in the shape of a Baby Tiger, a team that was touted to be the best freshman team in this section of the country. When the dust had cleared from the battlefield on which the " Little Billow " had done itself proud, it was found that the Tigers had been whipped and driven home to that immemorial score of 21-0. Although the season was not filled with victories, the first freshman football team can be called a great success. Not only did their defeat of L. S. U. make it that, but its development of material for next year ' s varsity was what counted the most. 361 ' 7 J- i M 11923 " X H fCl Tulane Basketball Te am Morgan, Wachenhrim, Dahlman, Dabezim, Coach Simons Hi:nican, Davidson, Captain Lantrip, Rov, Martin 362 a S? . : :smsBsssk I k lL ' l ' 1 :ES3:sB Basketball Review, 1923 I HE 1923 basketball season was one of the greatest in the history of the Olive and Blue. Firstly, the team avenged the football defeat by L. S. U. by taking four straight games from our upstate rival ; secondly, Tulane 1 only lost three games out of a total of nineteen played, and did not lose a single series. The team was unable to go to Atlanta for the South- ern Conference due to the fact that the two regular guards were unable to make the trip. This was indeed a bad break as the team was at the height of its form when the tournament was staged. However, we enjoyed an even break with the victors — Mis- sissippi A. and M., on our own court. " Monk " Simons was again in charge. The following men were awarded letters: Captain Lantrip, Ex-Captain Wachenheim, Dahlman, Dabezies, Lind, Roy, Martin, Henican and Manager Elizardi. Also on the squad were Morgan, Davidson, O ' Kelley and Wynn. Prospects for 1924 are quite encouraging as there is a lot of material in the school whicli was ineligible this year, thus Captain-Elect Martin should have another championship aggregation next year. The record of the season was as follows : Tulane 31 ; Tulane 44; Tulane 34; Tulane 32 ; Tulane 34; Tulane 45 ; Tulane 27; Tulane 33 ; Tulane 23 ; Tulane 41 ; Tulane 38; Tulane 40 ; Tulane 37; Tulane 20; Tulane 50; Tulane 33 ; Tulane 28 ; Tulane 40 ; Tulane 34; Marine Bank 17 V. M. H. A 17 St. Stanislaus 22 Spring Hill 16 Spring Hill 24 Mississippi A. and M 34 Mississippi A. and M .30 Centenary ig Centenary 29 Southwestern 14 Mississippi College 12 Mississippi College 19 Spring Hill 30 Spring Hill 29 St. Stanislaus 14 L. S. U. . . . 24 L. S. U ,8 L. S. U 23 L. S. U II 363 1923 w %j j_M K P 5 i 0 %;J ffl J P X % - rt 1 A, ' ' . " - i W 11 p ; i - .. s - - ' Ni Fields, Lawhorn, Manager Frue, Conover, King, Porteous, Dupont, Captain Fritchie Seated: Coxvvain McCann The Tulane Crew The second year of crew activities at Tulane proved very successful. The mighty Pontchatrain eight went down to defeat by half a length and the course record at Washington and Lee was shattered by several seconds. At the call of the manager and the captain early in the spring thirty-five candidates appeared to contest places on the varsity. This was cut down in a month to eleven, who practiced daily at the Pontchatrain Rowing Club. These quickly developed into a first-class aggregation, which was more remarkable, considering that no regular coach or trainer assisted them in any way. The annual race with Pontchatrain was held in April and was viewed by an enormous crowd. Getting off to a bad start the Tulane crew showed its spirit by making an uphill fight and win- ning by half a length. The exciting finish of this race sh owed Tulane ' s spirit and ability to win. Next came the trip to Washington and Lee. Our crew had the misfortune toi lose the serv- ices of Captain Fritchie through illness. Nevertheless the Greenbacks did themselves proud. Besides the disadvantage of rowing in a four-oar shell, with which they were not familiar, having used an eight-oar one all- the time, they were on a strange course. The victory was con- ceded the Greenbacks even though the races resulted in a tie, for in the first race, won by Tulane, they established a new record for the course and our winning time was best for the two races. This year they hope to duplicate, at least, if not surpass this record. Frank Richardson was elected manager, and J. C. Dupont, captain, both with the avowed intention of putting rowing in the foremost ranks of Tulane ' s activities. 364 %.i..m. 3smmk I ivEVEV " m aa »N:K :mNK l i Murray Barret Varsity Tennis, 1922 Nineteen hundred and twenty-two was a successful season for tennis at Tulane. The annual singles tournament was held in March and was won by D. K. Murray, with W. M. Barret runner-up. Murray and Barret represented the Olive and Blue at the S. I. A. A. tournament held in Atlanta, Ga., May nth. Murray was defeated by Blake of Georgia Tech in the final round of singles by the score 6-4, 6-0, 3-6, 6-4. In the doubles Murray and Barret were defeated in the finals by Williamson and Blake of Georgia Tech after a five-set match. Although the Tulane pair won more games than their opponents in this match, they lost by the score 7-5, 2-6, 0-6, 6-1, 6-4. 36s ]1923 . T w p ,„ " . tt f i V f ( ■ - sc 1 ■ ' i lrt.» = i Baseball 1923 , S OR the first time in three years Tulane again has a varsity baseball team. VS a Ii The reception it received on the campus amply repaid the time it took , to secure it. But now that it is here Olive and Blue supporters intend 5 ™] making baseball a permanent sport. One of the most advantageous moves was the securing of Brue Hayes, one of the best baseball men in the South, as coach. With this start Tulane is bound to turn out a good team. Those out for the team who have been given uniforms are : C. Lind, captain and s.s. ; S. Robertson, c. ; J. Williams, c. ; I. Hoffman, p.; D. Long, p.; J. Elizardi, p.; H. Newton, p.; L. Lautenschlaeger, p.; J. Baughman, ist; M. Duffy, and; E. Morgan, 3rd; H. Houlihan, l.f. ; B. Lantrip, c.f. ; E. Reed, r.f. Others out for the team are : P. Dufour, B. Carrington, P. Norton, G. Long, H. Wright, G. Tumbleson. Games are scheduled with the following teams: St. Stanislaus, Illinois, Spring Hill, Alabama, and L. S. U. Track, 1923 Tulane ' s track men will have ample opportunity to bring credit to themselves and the university as five track meets have been scheduled for this season. There are three dual meets and two championship affairs. It has formerly been the custom to prepare for only two or three meets, but this year Coach Simons intends to enter men in all meets and in all events. The meets scheduled are as follows: Tulane- " 01e " Miss at Tulane Stadium, Tulane-L. S. LT. at the stadium, Tulane-Miss. A. M. at Starks- ville, S. I. C. track and field championships at Montgomery, and the S. A. A. U. meet at Tulane Stadium. The S. A. A. U. held here this year is expected to draw a large crowd and will prove a fitting climax to Tulane ' s greatest season. I 366 !i, .Ml . S fis. JAMBUm i ' E ' ms:E: {y ' v: ' ' r -V W i j Wrestling Wrestling has always created interest at Xiilane, but due to unavoidable circum- stances the university has never been able to engage in any intercollegiate contest until this year. Just before the Jambalaya went to press, however, Captain Barnett was able to get an appropri ation from the student council which made the holding of several contests possible. At the date of, this writing Manager Robert Wynn had received favorable replies from the University of Alabama and L. S. U. regarding matches. The Tulane wrestlers will also enter the S. A. A. U. championships in which they won titles in five out of the eight classes in 1922. Coach Claude Simons, who has complete charge of the grapplers, will most probably use the following men: 118 pounds, Captain Barnett; 126 pounds, Phillips; 135 pounds, Ex-Captain McConnell; 146 pounds, Hillery and Barkley; 158 pounds, Gamble and Aiken; 175 pounds, Wynn and King; hsavyweight, Houchins. 367 H1923 MA :,®»-r J X « i-r m, y I!: !?;- . :i6 J OIBimDl i ' l. 1SXl. cl ■a :a. : J ' Pi PI 119231 3«9 »y ty C-i 370 JAMBUm - - -s — kVJ 1923 ' ' jii . -g, zf f - -if , i i SgU. — " i . iS sr lll.i ' : M. 372 « ;«». K», jmsBjm llV1L ' m :: 5 :m: m :3 :BS3!! :gs:g :R} ,g m. :x ss: :es1 FRICE 5AUNDERd LIVAUDAIS KELL otffiimu v L£vy TENNIS LYMAN DA ' is HAdTim somEMm mimEy smum w f M5rf f Wmm BASET BALL ALUMNAe VARSITY k ' J ' A w ]1923 ' , 4 373 " 1 " Ig ' A r% OPENING TH E NEW GYM JANUARY 19E3. . - ' j« ' i «L ' ' ■isi j:ai, .st : i;.. ' . ' A,«iiw, .,„ ia-mJsK NEWCOMB FOOTBALL 374 mmssk Wi gc AY, listen ! It sounds sort of incongruous to begin the © Wit and Humor section with a serious preface, but we {(( tj ' wsnt to prevent any misunderstanding on the part of our leaders. We have tried to make this section funny, and if it appeals to your sense of humor we shall feel that our efforts have not been in vain. If you find yourself unable to conjure up a single laugh just remember that the rest of the book is really good. One thing, however, we wish to make perfectly clear — nothing in this section is written in a mean, spiteful, or malicious spirit. We have taken care to exclude from the following pages those super- sensitive souls who shrink from the least bit of harmless fun-making, and have directed our shafts (or boomerangs) of wit at those whom we know are broad minded enough to join in the laugh on them- selves. We believe petty, vindictive, or vituperative remarks are dis- tinctly out of place in a college annual, and have refused to print anything that would actually redound to anyone ' s discredit. We are not out to hurt people ' s feelings, and we would rather scrap the JAMBALAYA than sully the moral character of a student or hold to light his real foib les. What we have done is simply to draw exaggerated pictures of campus conditions, organizations, and personages to a degree which will, we hope, make you smile. Please do not think we have writ- ten after the advice of Pope, who says (it is always excellent form to either begin or end with a quotation, especially one from such a first class versifier as Pope) : " Laugh at your friends; and if your friends are sore. So much the better, you may laugh the more. " 1 Medical Book; WE HANDLE THE PUBLICATIONS OF W. B. Saunders Company D. Appleton Company Lea Febiger P. Blakistons Sons Company J. B. LippiNCOTT Company Wm. Wood Company C. V. MosBY Company F. A. Davis Company Oxford University Press Rebman Company John Wiley Sons And Others J. A. MAJORS COMPANY 1301 TULANE AVENUE NEW ORLEANS Our Motto: " Always at Your Service " Jambalaya " Book Review I HE Jambalaya claims the enviable distinction of being the only publication of its kind on the face of the globe to run a book review. Not only is this literary achievement of inestimable interest and importani.e to the world at large, but it has a special appeal to Tulanians in that the books reviewed are all the works of Tulane students. Due to the lack of space the editors have been forced to condense this review, merely naming the book and giving the readers an idea of the subject matter, with an additional word or so of ex- planation in regard to the author. " The Successful Publication of a College Comic. " By J. Olin Chamberlain. Mr. Chamberlain needs no introduction to readers of the " Jawbalaya. " It is to his untir- ing effort s that " Cafe Brulo " is what it is today. In this little volume, Mr. Chamberlain not only explains how he succeeded in publishing this great magazine, but also how he won the ap- proval of the entire faculty (especially Dr. Pierce Butler) in so doing. The author has devoted an extra chapter to his novel ideas on politics. " Why Debaters Should Be Awarded T ' s. " By Nat Marks. Nat Marks, known affectionately all over the campus as " the Debaters ' Best Friend, " has pub- lished this stirring appeal for rewarding the ' varsity orators. Mr. Marks ' s style is at times a bit sentimental, even poetic, but this is due to his high sense of aesthetic values. So enthused has the author become in the subject, however, that the tenor of the book is in marked contra- distinction to his meek, submissive nature. " Principles of Punting. " By Alfred (Brother) Brown. This interesting work will be of great interest to all aspiring football players. The author is Tulane ' s star punter, having averaged three yards on his punts consistently throughout the season. It will be remembered how in the last game with Auburn it was Brown ' s record punt of ten yards which paved the way for Auburn ' s first touchdown. The author attributes his success in punting to the strict attention he pays his studies. He is now preparing a second book on " Forty Ways to Fumble. " " The Woman-Hater. " By Julian Palmer. This rather risque novel is based on the actual experiences of Julian Palmer, Tulane ' s recluse. Palmer ' s narrative deals with his untiring efforts to keep away from all members of the fairer sex. His tattered clothing, unkempt hair, and ill- shaven face are greatly instrumental in prevent- ing annoyances from the hated females. Palmer has never spoken a word to any woman for the last twenty years. " Engineering As a Preparation for Law. " By Joseph Ruffo. This book is really the autobiography of the young Turkish scholar, Ruffo. The author went about the study of law in the right manner by first preparing himself with a sound engineering foundation. " I found Elementary Thermody- namics and Kinematics excellent training for my courses in Torts and Common Law Pleadings, " writes Ruffo. The author says that he now feels that he will be prepared to enter the College of Pharmacy next year, if he finds the law too simple. " Money Hints for Student-Body Presi- dent. " By Harold Meade. The name of Harold Meade is a synonym for liberality on the campus. Due to his untiring ef- forts huge sums have been expended on every cam- pus activity. The author was instrumental in buying a drumstick for the Tulane band, and of- fered to defray half the expenses of a tennis ball for the tennis team. Mr. Meade was unanimously elected Honorary President of the Pan-Hellenic Council just previous to the publication of his helpful work. " Peck ' s Bad Boy, (Nick) Carter. Revised. " By Hooper This edition of the well-known old work was written as a satire on youthful mischievousness. The book is crowded with humorous situations. In one chapter the bad boys set alarm clocks ofi in the class-room, put itching powder on the poor professor, and hired an organ grinder to interrupt the lecture. The story is very amusing indeed, especially when the faculty joins in the fun. 1 he author was not able to attend college during the latter part of last year, due to his work on this book. Day by Day in Every Way " Page Shaw ' s Candies " Are Tasting Better and Better PAGE SHAW " The Candy of Excellence " DISTRIBUTORS NEWCOMB PHARMACY St. Charles at Broadway Phones: Walnut 9177 and 9178 BRISK SPRING STYLES IN YOUNG MEN ' S SUITS Reflect the Newness of the Season Without Attempting Any Foolish Extremes Fabrics combine beauty and service in their patterns and weaves, and the tailoring assures lasting good looks. And last, but not least, prices w ill interest young fellows who know the Economy of GOOD CLOTHES. i XmS S.. Uaaci ' t 711 TO Its CANAL STPEET ' " ' Jambalaya " Book Review (Continued) " The Bov Scout. " By Paul Maloney. This volume, bound in beautiful pig-skin, is to boys what the " Camp-Fire Girls " series is to lit- tle girls. The author, who has drawn entirely from his own e.xperience, tells us how as a foot- ball captain he scouted many games, while his team played in a different locality. While not scouting games the author wrote love lyrics to Mr. Clark Shaughnessy, and whenever he was lucky at the Y. M. G. C. he would buy a cor- sage for his loved coach. The aid of Mr. Eddie Reed was of invaluable assistance to the author in writing this book. " Secrets of the Success of a Great Musi- cian " or " How I Ru(i)n the Band. " By Frank Richardson. This truthful narrative is the work of a man who has built the university band up to such a splendid height, that when the Tulanians stop playing and let some of the members of Kolb ' s or- chestra, who are present, play, the result is ex- cellent. The author and musician confides that the band which originally could only play one piece can now play three. The entire work dis- plays the incalculable influence which personality plus a trombone can work upon the stolid un- impressionable musicians. " Anderson ' s Fairy Tales. " Written by the Dean of the College of Tech- nology, and are interesting to old and young alike. The stories deal chiefly with sports, and explain how intercollegiate athletics, in the future, are to be run by the faculties of the universities. Of course, it is all just the imaginativeness of the author, but it serves to pass an interesting even- ing for the patients of the psychopathic ward. " The Romance of the Gas Industry. " By F. Edward Hebert. This volume is an entertaining expository ex- hibition by the greatest authority on the subject. The author has met with great success in his line of endeavor, failing only to convince this year ' s debating judges of his ability. Other publica- tions of the writer are " Hot Air and Where It Gets One " and " Vocal Asphj-xiation. " " The Unpardonable Sin. " By Miss Minnie Bell. This novel has caused press and church to rise up in arms at its publication. The authoress, who learned the lesson of the novel in the school of bitter experience, preaches a tremendous ser- mon at this sin which she will never forgive. What the writer means by the unpardonable sin every Tulanian knows — it is talking in the library. " The Case of Rebellious Susan. " By Louis Garrard. This work deals with the activities of a naughty little girl who wanted to have everything her own way. Susan rebels against the work of the grown-ups, and she teases, and nags, and wor- ries them until they are all quite tired of her. The little minx leads her classmates into all sorts of mischief and the story closes by everyone con- cerned praying that she will grow up differently. " Vanity Fair. " By Louis Rogen. This enterprising work is published in serial form once every month in the Hullabaloo. It is much enjoyed by the subscribers who wait anx- iously for its appearance. The only regret the readers have is that only one full page is allotted to it. " Next to the jokes, " writes one subscriber, " I like the ' Vanity Fair ' page best. " The author is one of the best paid writers in the country. " Travels With a Donkey. " By William (Bill) Barrett. This interesting work tells of the author ' s trip to foreign lands and of happenings there. His stories are all filled with exciting incidents as he never went anywhere that he did not raise a racket. Barrett ' s greatest bit of writing appears when he describes a trip to Atlanta during an S. I. A. A. tournament there. Dan Murray traveled with the author. " The School for Scandal. " By Dr. Pierce Butler. In this volume the author relates how New- comb (the School for Scandal) is the proper sub- ject for scandalous gossip. Among other things Dr. Butler recounts with pride how it was due to his efforts that the system of " campusing " ' disobe- dient girls was abolished. " Let the young folks go out seven nights a week, " concludes Dr. But- ler in his last chapter, " I would rather see the girls have a good time than come to class. " HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE FOLK THE GRUNEWALD Baronne, Near Canal Street THE BIENVILLE St. Charles Avenue at Lee Circle m NEW ORLEANS ' NEWEST AND FINEST HOTELS Superior Service Attractive Rates Unsurpassed Cuisine The Hotel Grunewald Caterers, Inc. New Courses of Instruction The following courses will be offered at the university next year. Every one of the subjects is new and is ti ' eated in an advanced style. Alo lcrn Literature — Dr. J. 71 . MeBryde This is a course of lectures, discussions, and special studies. Particular emphasis will be placed on the following works. " The Sheik, " " Simon Called Peter, " " The Rover Boys in Korea, " and " The Sermons of Jonathan Edwards. " Banking and Finance — Prof. C. E. Bonnett An introductory course in how to bank and finance dice, poker, and roulette games. Proper methods of fading, and the advisability of carrying cards up one ' s sleeve are two of the subjects touched upon. Bonnett ' s " Employers ' Associations in Afghanistan " will be used entirely. Object-Draiiing — Prof. William Woodivard (Drawing is required throughout the four years at Tulane, both for its present necessity and as a training for the future.) Exercises in drawing money from parents, friends, strangers, etc., for the object of buying clothing, cigarettes, and liquor. Students failing this course will find it difficult to get along. Electrocution — Dean D. S. Anderson A Chair of Electrocution has been established at Tulane through the kindness of G?uy R. Moloney. Class meets Friday at 12 P. M. (Fish will be served.) This will enable our more serious students to gaze into the great unknown. Correct Dancing — Dr. E. A. Bechtel Class meets in basement on Saturdays at 3 A. M. This course is specially desio-ned for patrons of the Newcomb and Broadway Pharmacies and Capponi ' s. The shimmy will be thoroughly emphasized. Aesthetic dancing in charge of Prof. Peltz. This class will meet in the Tilton Memorial Library at the same hour each day. Very Advanced Chemistry — Prof. H. W . Moselv This subject open to candidates for an A.B. (Artful Boot-legger) degree. Lab- oratory work inludes the analysis, qualitative determination and chemical combinations of 98% proof. Stills have been moved from the dormitory to the Chemistry build- ing to facilitate the work. Newcomb Child Welfare— Prof. G. P. Wyckoff This subject has been added to the work of the Sociolog r Department. The work treats of the need for better conditions among the girls as brought to light by their weakness for restaurants, expensive theaters, candy, and perfume. The course aims to bring the mental attitude of Newcomb into a more logical conformity with the pocketbook of Tulane. Legal Ethics — Prof. E. J. Northrup The most advanced course on how to evade the law ever given. An excellent preparation for those who wish to take up burglary, blackmailing, bootlegging, stock manipulating, and other of the finer arts. What is an alibi and how to establish one given particular attention. An especially attractive course for those who intend prac- ticing in Louisiana. The Civil Code of Louisiana and Northrup ' s " Real Property " are used. THE LIVERPOOL LONDON GLOBE Strong Liberal Prompt SOUTHERN DEPARTMENT Company Building, Cor. Carondelet and Common Streets New Orleans " The House of Gifts " The Soulh ' s Most Famous Gift Shop ARTISTIC AND INDIVIDUAL GIFTS PRICED ' 50c UP Fine Furnishings, Lighting Fixtures Interior Decorators 213 Baronne Street PAINTS EVERYTHING FOR THE PAINTER EVERYTHING FOR THE ARTIST Dutch Boy White Lead Alabastine Wooster Brushes Du Pont Colors in Oil Prisma and Climax Prepared Paints MAISON d ' ART S. G. McEniry, Prop. 623 Royal Street New Orleans Phone Main 2897 Established 1881 Masera ' s Restaurant AND Cafe Joseph E. Masera CHICKEN AND SPAGHETTI OUR SPECIALTY 809 St. Louis St. New Orleans Phone Main 2524 MAKE EVERY DAY ONE OF PLEASURE FOR MOTHER A Rotarex Washing Machine — An Apex Cleaner. These will bring smiles of pleasure and provide hours of restful recreation. A Toaster — Percolator — Iron — Grill or any one of the many other household appliances will assist her greatly in minor tasks. INTERSTATE ELECTRIC COMPANY New Orleans Birmingham Shreveport BARED MANUAL OF FRATERNITIES DELTA TAU DELTA Join the Johnny Wight Memorial Society. These " Delias " have nothing to do with water. Chapter presidents not compelled to associate with former chapter presidents. BETA THETA PI Upperclassmen who have accomplished anything cheerfully taken in. Fine position in Glee Club or Y. M. C. A. guaranteed. We made Cafe Brulo what it is today. References : Kappa Alpha Fraternity. KAPPA ALPHA Blood brothers admitted in reverse order. Help win the schol- arship cup by not paying dues. Bump out State Street and see our new house. References: Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Lost — Conspicuous position on campus. Liberal reward for return of former prestige. Inducement: One athlete (We shouldn ' t throw Stones) . ZETA BETA TAU Be a campus figure (0) . Let our expert manage your political career. Positions on Hullabaloo furnished with pledge pin. Auto- mobile required. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Join the oldest frat on the campus — so old everybody has for- gotten it existed. Warranted harmless. Members can be found at either the Newcomb or Broadway Pharmacies. Royal Billiard Hall WHERE GOOD FELLOWS MEET 18 TABLES 116 ROYAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. THE PIANO IS A STEIN WAY It is a well-known fact that when a piano merchant in any locality represents the Steinway Piano his establishment at once has a distinct prestige. It becomes the rendezvous for people of the highest musical culture. PRICES $900.00 UP GRUNEWALD ' S Everylhing in Music THE TULANE UNIVERSITY PRESS Albert T. Dickerson Manager Printers Engravers Binders Gibson Hall, Opposite Audubon Park Phone Walnut 82 BARED MANUAL OF FRATERNITIES PHI DELTA THETA Pretty bungalow; convenient to Uisuline Convent and Claiborne Canal, on nicely paved (with bottles) street. Members having scholastic difficulties will be allowed to transfer to Loyola ' s line. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Big membership drive now going on. Two thousand members for our chapter by next September. No objection to outcasts from other colleges. SIGMA CHI Descendants of old French families accepted without regard to personal merit. Refugees from Mer Rouge and Bastrop kept safe from harm. SIGMA PI Join our Society for the Advancement of College Deans. Over- tures now being made to Deans Anderson, Aldrich, Northrup, Bass, and John the Porter. High social rating. SIGMA ALPHA MU 30-DAY FREE TRIAL of pledge pins. Buy your clothes through our college representatives on the campus. Our chapter motto: " My kingdom for a house. " KAPPA SIGMA We cater to Sunday school pupils. Members must never smoke, dance, drink, nor vote with the Tech Ring. Will exchange a tennis manager for a case of Scotch. THE H. Sophie Newcomb MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA A COLLEGE OF HIGH STANDARDS Offering a Training That Will Help Our Young Women TO Become Useful Citizens COMPLETE COURSES IN ARTS AND SCIENCES FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUS IC for CATALOGS AND INFORMATION, ADDRESS REGISTRAR, NEWCOMB COLLEGE NEW ORLEANS, LA. BARED MANUAL OF FRATERNITIES DELTA SIGMA PHI Join our ranks and Stamp the Rooster. Publicity gratis in ath- letic columns. Carnot Medal not guaranteed. Apres les Heberts — Bonne NuHe! PI KAPPA ALPHA Wanted — A suitable successor to Carron Ball or any of the Hammets. Will guarantee a football managership, or at any rate a baseball managership. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Become a Deke and meet the debutantes. Special inducements made for students who will bring our scholastic average up to 70 per cent. Football players our specialty. SIGMA NU Get in the most ambitious crowd in school. Always in the lime- light. Medical students positively not allowed. Will trade a ' varsity football captain-elect for his elder brother, or the rest of the frat for either. KAPPA NU Bargain sale. Cut-rate prices on frat pins and dues. Warranted third best frat of its kind on the campus. Good square meals and auto rides for Pan-Hellenic votes. OMICRON TAU ALPHA Announcement Extraordinary: Due to the loss of our great draw-back in February, it is now possible that we may be admitted into Sigma Phi Epsilon. LAMBDA SIGMA EPSILON Ex anti-fraternity men welcomed. Join us and help bust up the Dramatic Society (if we can ' t run it) . Pledgees allowed to vote against members. Established 1866 Incorporated 1897 Manufacturers — Exporters — Importers McDERMOTT SURGICAL INSTRUMENT COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF SPECIAL SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS ARTIFICIAL LIMBS ORTHOPEDIC APPLIANCES We Carry a Complete Stock of Hospital and Physician ' s Supplies X-RAY AND LABORATORY EQUIPMENT NEW ORLEANS, U. S. A. Catalogs on Request We Supply Stud ents and Physicians QUALITY — PRICE— SERVICE Microscopes, Surgical Instruments, Supplies, Sundries, Specialties, Accessories SCHROEDER SURGEON SUPPLIES COMPANY 1314 Canal Street New Orleans te IZ3 ' ' ? ?| ' W t ,- ■ p f 4 ' : ; ' i« yjaiK--L ' - - S«aaf»™-i: TULANIANS ! NEWCOMBITES ! — the modern spirit (which is yours) is reflected in Adler displays of Jewels. Perhaps that is what makes this shop and its wares of an un- usual attractiveness. COLEMAN E. ADLER, Manufacturing Jeweler 722-724 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. Chapter Letters D,ar Sisli-rs in Pi Hrla Phi: Having finally overcome the difficulties of our horrid rushing system, and through the hearty co-operation of the non-fraternity xvorld, we have just completed a most successful season. Although Sophomore pledging is the most recent system, accepted by everyone except the fraternities, an d «e cannot even accept promises from the Freshmen, we are encouraged to say that a small group of twenty-six have come to us and voluntrfrcd their desire to be 11 4 ' s. As a chapter we are specializing in class presidents and other major officers, and for this reason we regret that we had to drop several good prospects who were not candidates for office. However, we feel that our loss is compensated by the Freshman President — as long as we get one president a year, we can ' t complain. Of our active members, a few have reluctantly con- sented to run the student body, upon the unanimous petition of the other fraternities. Of these we wish to mention Rose Burgess, the last to leave the campus in the evening — our croquet champion. Also Edwa Stew- art, who has, in her work among the less fortunate, suc- ceeded in effacing herself and making herself as one with those whom she serves in the capacity of benefactor. With such material as this, and Elise Roussel, who is always unselfishly working for others, and (Y. W.) Ernestine Bass, we are looking forward to the most suc- cessful year in the history of the chapter. Dear Sisters in Chi Omega: Having finally overcome the difficulties of our horrid rushing system, and through the hearty co-operation of the non-fraternity world, we have just completed a most successful season. Although Sophomore pledging is the most recent system, accepted by everyone except the fraternities, and we cannot even accept promises from the Freshmen, we are encouraged to say that a small group have come to us and volunteered their desire to be X f2 ' s. Of these volunteers, including little sisters (98%), we wish to mention the elder Gwin, who, being a very thorough young person, turned down initiation this year in order to repeat her Freshman subjects. Also Amelie Prescott, a typical X f), whose departure to L. S. U. we regret so much. An amusng incident which might Interest the frater- nity happened last week at the student body meeting. We only needed ten more to make a quorum, so, hearing a loud noise in the hall, the president assumed that at least this number were approaching, and started the meeting, but the crowd proved to be only Elizabeth Hughes and her boon companion, the bobbed hair flap- per, H. R. L. P., so we had to go out and get five more. With such material as this, and our own private musi- cal organization, the Mandolin-Guitar Club; and Mathilde Ross, who is leader of the " Back-to-Nature Complexion Movement, " we are looking forward to the most successful year in the history of the chapter. Dear Sisters in .ll ha Omiiron Pi: Having finally overcome the difficulties of our horrid rushing system, and through the hearty co-operatio.i of the non-fraternity world, ve have just completed a most successful season. Although Sophomore pledging is the most recent system, accepted by everyone except the fra- ternities, and we cannot even accept promises from the Freshmen, we are encouraged to say that a small group have come to us and volunteered their desire to be A n ' s. Of these volunteers we wish to mention Totsey Mor- gan, for whom we had to work so hard ; also the ma- tron ' s daughter, who, having such a sweet and lovable disposition and being a little sister, was a cinch from the start. As a chapter we have been able to secure several Im- portant student offices, by the co-operation of Chi Omega, without the usual resort to politics. In fact, the good will between these two has grown to such an extent that a committee headed by Genevra Washburn and Anola Priestley, joint chairmen, is now working on plans for consolidation, with the purpose of forming one good chapter. With such material as this, and our church worker, Ernestine Hardtner, and with the help of Mary Bolton, who has turned over her flivver for the use of the chap- ter, we are looking forward to the most successful year In the history of the chapter. Dear Sisters in Kappa Kappa Gamma: Having finally overcome the difficulties of our horrid rushing system, and through the hearty co-operation of the non-fratcrnlty world, we have just completed a most successful season. Although Sophomore pledging is the most recent system, accepted by everyone except the fraternities, and we cannot even accept promises from the Freshmen, we are encouraged to say that a small group have come to us and volunteered their de- sire to be K K r ' s. Of these volunteers, we wish to mention Beatrice Ford, for whose very presence we must be thankful, even though her delicate constitution prevents her from ac- cepting any responsibility or position of leadership. An- other is the daughter of a " prominent judge of New Orleans, " who came in most handy during rushing sea- son, as with her elder sister, one of our most attractive actives and one of the staunchest supporters of Pan-Hel- lenic- regulations, they assisted In maintaining a high standard of honesty. To one of the actives, Evelyn Gladney, the college is deeply Indebted for a most constructive criticism as to the administration of the dormitory, her suggestion being that if the price of room and board were raised, a bet- ter class of girls would be drawn to the dorm. With such material as this, and our sister, Bessie John- son, who. In spite of her fatigue from the social world, makes her sweet, sincere presence felt on the campus, and peppy enthusiastic Mary Roberts, the life of the dormitory, we are looking forward to the most success- ful year in the history of the chapter. THE STREET OF PROGRESS On the street of progress, which is traveled at a rapid pace — individually or collect- ively — Maison Blanche takes first rank. Today there are more men and women trading at Maison Blanche than ever before in its entire history. Today is the age of wisdom, for no longer is the public gullible. Our colleges and universities give so complete an education, in every line, that values are recognized on their own merits. An institution is judged by its own standards. A store by the real quality of its merchandise. This means that for a strenuous decade Maison Blanche has withstood the severest tests of needful economy and enduring qualities. Wherefore it has become the " Crealesl Store South, " and is known far and wide as the outstanding trav- eler on the STREET OF PROGRESS And that important fact means much to you, for is it not the height of wisdom to join your forces with that which is a proven success? MAISON BLANCHE GREATEST STORE SOUTH TULANE AND NEWCOMB STUDENTS APPRECIATE GOOD MERCHANDISE THEREFORE THEY WILL FIND SATISFACTION IN SHOPPING AT D. H. HOLMES COMPANY, Ltd. NEW ORLEANS, LA. Cnapter Letters (Continued) Dear Sisters In P ii Mu: Having finally overcome the difficulties of our horrid rushing system, and through the hearty co-operation of the non-fraternity vorld, we have just completed a most successful season. Although Sophomore pledging i the most recent system, accepted by everyone except the fra- ternities, and we cannot even accept promises from the Freshmen, we are encouraged to say that a small group have come to us and volunteered their desire to be I ' M ' s. As usual, our chapter has completely mopped up, tak- ing the cream of the campus from Kappa, Pi Phi and Theta. They are a modest coterie — conspicuous for their inconspicuousness. Elizabeth Savage is already prom- ising, having gained much recognition in the dorm. Among our actives we very much regret to report that Hildegarde Hillman has been reprimanded by the authorities for unlady-like conduct, such as rolled stock- ings and outrageous flirting at the Cadillac. Frances Marcrum is aiding the Medical College in a drive against the poisoning of medics by lip-stick. With such material as this, and poetic (both in nature and appearance) Florence Brown, and Dorothy Collins, who has already bought her sweater for next year ' s dancing contest (though of course she ' s not going in to win), we are looking forward to the most successful year in the history of the chapter. Dear Sisters in Alpha Delta Pi: Having finally overcome the difficulties of our horrid rushing system, and through the hearty co-operation of the non-fraternity world, we have just completed a most successful season. Although Sophomore pledging is the most recent system, accepted by everyone except the fraternities, and we cannot even accept promises from the Freshmen, we are encouraged to say that a small group have come to us and volunteered their desire to be A A n ' s. Of these volunteers, we wish to mention Ethel Waters, whom we finally obtained in spite of the opposition of Bernice Thrall; also Mayo Crew, our most persevering debater. A decided addition to our chapter this year is Virgil Hardon ; our last year ' s transfer from Brenau did much to advertise the name of the fraternity, and we are glad to announce that the second sister is keeping up the good work. Another of the same type is Juanita Gon- zalez, who has bravely overcome her great stage-fright, and even consents to appear In public performances. With such material as this, and care-free Mattle Dickson, and our well-known public-spirited Rose Roy, we are looking forward to the most successful year in the history of the chapter. the non-fraternity world, we have just completed a most successful season. Although Sophomore pledging is the most recent system, accepted by everyone except the fra- ternities, and we cannot even accept promises from the Freshmen, we are encouraged to say that a small group have come to us and volunteered their desire to be A E ' s. Of these volunteers whom we obtained after intensive rushing against much competition, we wish to mention poor little Selma Rothenberg, whom we took for char- ity reasons; also Louise Feilschmidt, who is rapidly rising to a prominent position on the Hullabaloo, finan- cially speaking. Among the actives who postponed their weddings until after graduation, one of the most prominent is Adeline Levy, whose sweet, seductive voice reminds us of circus day music; another Is Elsa Lemle, whose even and submissive disposition promises future happiness to a certain Zeta Beta Tau. With such material as this, and Erma Stich, who, even though she is taking a very stiff course, has time to go out for all college activities ; and Marion Pfeifer, with her singular lack of conceit, -we are looking for- ward to the most successful year in the hisory of the chapter. Dear Sisters in Alpha Epsilon Phi: Having finally overcome the difficulties of our horrid rushing system, and through the hearty co-operation of Dear Sisters in Kappa Alpha Theta: Having finally overcome the difficulties of our horrid rushing system, and through the hearty co-operation of the non-fraternity world, we have just completed a most successful season. Although Sophomore pledging Is the most recent system, accepted by everyone except the fra- ternities, and we cannot even accept promises from the Freshmen, we are encouraged to say that a small group have come to us and volunteered their desire to be K A e ' s. Of these volunteers we wish to mention Barbara Gessner, whom we chose according to our custom of taking " little sisters. " Also Ruth Sanford and Mathllde Talmage — we could not pass these two over, as their beautiful devotion to each other showed such promising and typical Theta tendencies ; it has always been a strong point with our chapter that we have not had to go outside our own circles for our crushes, as do A II and X a We wish to take this opportunity of publicly thanking Margaret Montgomery, who though she did not give much time to our rushing, did help in a small way. One of our literary lights Is Elizabeth Sellers, who by her superior ability has made the Arcade %Yhat it Is to- day — her revolutionary step of changing the cover de- sign promises to make it yet a readable magazine. With such material as this and our energetic scion of a French family; and Nellie Britton, who is so broad- minded as to go with people besides Thetas, we are looking forward to the most successful year in the his- tory of the chapter, HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES Dissecting and Biology Supplies Surgical Instruments Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies I. L. LYONS AND COMPANY, Ltd. CAMP AND GRAVIER STREETS KODAKS KODAK FINISHING STANDARD PHOTO SUPPLY CO. t EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY DAVIDSON DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY rNCORPORATED Dental Supplies Dental Laboratory Seventh Floor, Maison Blanche Bldg. New Orleans, La. Branch Depot, Hutchinson Building Shreveport, La. New Pan-Hellenic Rulings furtherance of the motion passed by the Pan-Hellenic Council to ap- point a committee to investigate the affairs of the various academic fra- ternities, the following rules have been adopted by which all fraternities will henceforth be regulated : I. Pledging Regulations 1. July 4th shall be the pledging day of all academic fraternities. 2. Every student pledged must satisfy the following requirements: a. He shall have passed Freshman Chemistry. 1 M J) M »J i) ) ' » 1) » ' » n C. 3. No vocational student can be pledged without the approval of Miss Anna Many, Counsellor to Women at Newcomb. 4. Members of T. N. E. and Kappa Beta Phi need no further recommendation. 5. Students having more than one condition can be initiated if Mr. R. K. Bruff makes a mistake. Violation of these pledging regulations will be punished by forcing the wayward persons to have the words " Naughty, Naughty " tattooed on their foreheads by the Pan-Hellenic Punishment Committee. n. Chapter House Regulations 1. (a) No chapter will be allowed to put its letters outside its house unless they are tacked up by the official Pan-Hellenic Tacking Committee. (b) The letters must not exceed four inches in height. 2. All chapters must serve a uniform meal on Mondays and Saturdays. 3. No fraternity man can eat more than i lb. 7.2 ounces of food per day. 4. Talking will not be allowed in chapter houses after 7:19 P. M. 5. Members must be in chapter houses before 9:30 P. M., at which time all vin- dows and doors will be locked. A member of the Pan-Hellenic Vigilance Committee will be stationed at each house to report any violation of this rule. 6. Members must wear pajamas provided by the Pan-Hellenic Council. Violations of the above house rules will cause the refractory fraternity to be auto- matically barred from the inter-fraternity lacrosse tournament. HI. Rules for Social Functions 1. No fraternity can give more than one dance every six months. 2. Every student invited must present a certificate of approval from the dean of the college in which he is registered. 3. No fraternity can invite more than ten members from any other fraternity. 4. No fraternity can assess its members more than $3.78 per dance unless special permission is granted by a four-fifths vote of the Pan-Hellenic Council. 5. Decorations for the dance must be approved by the Pan-Hellenic Decoration Committee. 6. Newcomb Dormitory girls may attend all-night dances if they present a written excuse from Dr. Butler. 7. Fraternity members cannot break until first receiving the sanction of the mem- bers of the Breaking Committee who are present. 8. The Tulane University Band must provide the music for every dance. Violators of these rules must carry a banner on which is written " I disobeyed the Pan-Hellenic Council Dance Committee. " CENTRAL MEAT MARKET Meats, Fish, Fresh Vegetables and Fancy Groceries We Cater lo Fraternities A, P. LOYACANO BRO., Props. 1320 Canal Street Phone Main 4698 " THE POPULAR NEWCOMB GIRLS MEET AT THE POPULAR DRY GOODS STORE " B. COHN CO., Ltd. 727-729 Canal Street Qlnllpgp ilnmpn ' a Apparel The Metropolitan Character of the Kreeger Apparel Services for Women and Small Women Will Particularly Appeal to the Discriminating Tastes of the Modern Day of College Women " Personalized Service " 805 Canal Street ALL SCHOOL NECESSITIES ARE HANDLED BY THE TULANE GO-OPERATIVE BOOK STORE CIGARS CIGARETTES POST CARDS AND STATIONERY GIBSON HALL ST. CHARLES AVENUE, NEW ORLEANS Pki Alpha Pi SPHINX CHAPTER | ! 7 HIS IS an honorary Freshman-Postgraduate Fraternity for the recognition of those who have, by their unusual conduct, perspicacity, etc., etc., performed the greatest amount of work for no one in particular. The election to membership is limited to twice the total registration of Tulane Uni- versity. A beautiful fancy key is presented to every one of the unfortunates. HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Minnie Bell: For allowing " Freedom of Speech " in the library. Mr. Herman Fair Husted: For laying out a smooth roadway through the campus. Dr. D. S. Elliott: For beautifying the campus with radio poles. Miss J. B. Raymond: For making the J. L. House justify its name. ACTIVE MEMBERS Merlin Hanson: For making the best cheer-leader ever seen on the campus. Somers Benedict: For his unselfish advertisement of THE FRAT and our football captain-elect. Carl Lind: For being Tulane ' s most valuable athlete. (This honor bestowed upon him by Felix Edw. Hebert) . Walter Jimmie Amoss: For starting Kappa Delta Phi, the new Law fraternity. Spencer B. McNair: For the victory of the Medics in the Hul- labaloo popularity contest. Douglas Porteous: For his splendid work on the varsity football team. Charles Wiggins: For the successful Pan-Hellenic dance which he managed. Leal McLean: For being the personification of Uncle Walt of " Gasoline Alley. " Arthur Delahoussaye: For having discovered the presence of T. N. (C.) E. on the campus. " Sarge " Newburn: For his untiring efforts to down liquor. Howard Roehl: For his " Childish " endeavors. LOOK FOR GODCHAUX ' S WASH SUITS ON YOUR NEIGHBOR YOU CAN TELL ' EM BY THEIR FIT AND CONFINED FABRICS GODCHAUX ' S Induce Your Family to Modernize Their FAMILY WASHING HABIT We are prepared to do the fam- ily washing cheaper and more ef- ficiently than old-time methods. DIXIE LAUNDRY Cleaners and Dyers Tulane Avenue and Elk Place MAIN 75 ELIAS, Inc. The Little Shop Just Around a Few Corners from Newcomb With a Showing of Gowns, Millinery and Accessories All With a Distinct Appeal to the Discriminating College Girl 4900 St. Charles Avenue at Upperline S ' THAT ' S WHERE OUR MONEY GOES Grelle-Egerton Engraving Company ARTISTS - ENGRAVERS - ELECTROTYPERS 628-630 PoYDRAS St., New Orleans Phone MAIN 4185 - WKat Wouia You Do Witk Tkem? The People Who Say That: 1. Ula Miliier won the Carnegk medal for debating. 2. The golden gate is a gate painted yellow. 3. A barrister is a bartender. 4. The baby first makes ransom movements. 5. Confucius was the first Roman Emperor. 6. R. S. V. P. is a fraternity. 7. " Picking cherries " means to take cherries from the tree on which they grow. 8. Filet Mignon — an opera by Puccini. 9. Dorine is a French actress. 10. Brilliantine is used to dilate the pupils of the eyes. 11. " Annette " is an unmentionable garment. 12. " Satisfied with small profits " — Dan! 13. Will Rogers is a character in the Sir Roger de Coverley papers. 14. Jacobin is plural for ladder climbers. 15. Gallipoli is an Italian statesman. 16. A Mexican athlete is an athlete born of Mexican parentage. 17. Henry Cabot Lodge is a man in London who communicates with the dead. 18. Avocado is Spanish for advocate. 19. Al Jolson is a minister. 20. Francis Scott Key wrote " The Vortex of Veronica. " « • « Isn ' t it funny how the married people always take the single seats? w ( n STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY UNEXCELLED OPPORTUNITIES ALL SCHOOLS OPEN TO WOMEN ON SAME TERMS AS MEN Write for Catalogs and Particulars THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1551 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. Wky Tkere Are No More StraigKt Hairpins Just outside the south door of the dormitory there had gathered a host of hairpins, flung from the flurried, hurried heads of the few unbobbed students of Newcomb and probably of the facuhy. No, we have no bobbed-hair facuhy. How-the-soever, it was a motley bunch of hairpins, and one of the most gossipy imaginable. The crooked hairpins were the ones to tell the gossip and, while the straight ones drew themselves up still straighter, they listened as only straight-laced people do. " Yes, " one old tortoise-shelled pin cried out, " the Dormitory IS in a bad way this year. " " That Council! " uttered a little wiry fellow in disgust, " thinks it has only to campus nine people in one night to show that it is not holding meetings just to gossip. " " Oh, I adore gossip, " raptured a little hairpin with a sigh, " Now that girl who went to the Delta dance with one of their pledges, A MARRIED MAN! " " Who, who? " screamed the whole hairpin chorus, but their question remains unanswered. " Well, I know one girl they call Bopeep, whatever that means, who would not enioy the popularity she does, did her swains know of the submerged Pan-Hellenic in her jewelry box, " piped in a fat old guardian of the locks, just bent with age, " and while Margaret Kemper likes P. K. ' s, Alma Potts prefers P. K. A. ' s. " " That reduces me, " said a tall hairpin, secretly rejoicing in her own slim form, " and while I said reduce, let me tell you about that poor chile, Dorothy Jones. She starved herself so that she fell down from weer sheeriness and skinned both knees and her elbows. Fast- ing IS all right in its place, but that is taking it too far. " " But I ' ve the best scandal of all, " cried another hairpin, an old member of the Hump family, " I ' d just like to say that it seems to me that a certain Phi Mu sophomore, who takes the vamp parts ad- mirably in parties to Freshmen, and an S. A. E., who really belongs to Frances Marcrum, ought to find a better place to court than the little terrace to the east of the Dormitory. Everything they said and everything their did was heard! " Hereupon, without notice, every straight hairpin in all that as- sembly just curled up in disgust and — rusted. ALBERT MAGKIE COMPANY, Ltd. The Big Dependable WHOLESALE GROCERY AND SUPPLY HOUSE OF THE SOUTH Mackie Building New Orleans, La. New accounts solicited. Old ones re- tained through service. OFFICE AND LIBRARY FURNITURE 417-423 Camp Street New Orleans, La. TELEPHONE MAIN 6181 COMPLIMENTS OF THE UNITED FRUIT COMPANY WHERE STYLE AND QUALITY PREDOMINATE OPERATED BY COLLEGE MEN FOR COLLEGE MEN EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR Knox Hats Boyden Shoes Hirsh Wickwire Clothes Ederheimer Stein Clothes Everything Men Wear Ni ' W Ori.i-ans CARONDELET AND GRAVIER STS. Birmingham Jacksonvillk Nashville ■It » ' v M.G. OrJer oi Puissant Politicians Club Emblem: Large Unbreakable Ring Song: " Vote, Vote, the Gang ' s All Here " HoxoRARV Member Martin- Behrmax, O. D. A., B.A.. Honorary Prt ' sUcnt Alumni Member Carrox Ball Active Members Ed Hebert " Stamp the Rooster " Bill Frie " Curses on the Tech Ring " Prentice Smith " I ' m out of Politics " Harold Meade " Hurray for the Fraternities " X- t Marks " " " Harold Ravl " Frals aren ' t so bad after all " Robert Stuart " ' xv ffot a good pull in the Dental School " James Valentine E. can ' Irion " at first you don ' t succeed, join the other side " LOLIS GarR-Ard " represent the So -iet Government at Tuiane " Pledges J. W. Gladsox Gordok Heffrox Ch.arles Morton " Lloyd J. Cobb HOSIERY Wonderful Wearing Silk Hosiery W. B. KOHLMAN Wholesale Distributor 511-513-515 Iberville Street THE FROLICS AT THE COMUS 717 Common Street DANCING Begins at 10:30 O ' Clock Every Night ALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS YEARBOOK MADE BY REMBRANDT ' S STUDIO 918 CANAL STREET FEIBLEMAN ' S THE STORE THAT MAKES A STUDY OF YOUR NEEDS AND PRICES THEM LOWER H ere an a Tk ere " That settles you, your name is mud, " said the raindrop as it fell on a particle of dust. Mary: " How is your matrimonial race coming? " Jane: " I was on my fifth lap last night. " Tank ' s Lament (True story in poetry) They sat in the parlor That cold winter night. He boldly dared her To turn out the light. But father was listening And heard all, no doubt. The light never flickered But Tankersley went out. It Happened in Touro Pediatric Clinic Doctor (to mother of dusky patient, who is crying lustily) : " That boy is spoiled, isn ' t he, Auntie? " Mother: " Naw, sar, Doctor, all lit- tle nigger boys (censored) dat way. " Ever study a blotter? No, simple. Very absorbing thing. Rudolph : " We have three cases of coryza at our house now. " Alison: " How many bottles to the case? " Doc Granbury says the trouble with a taxi is that the driver stops every block or so and explains that he heard some- one tell him to. Dick Grayson (to Mastin Scott) : " When do you expect to graduate ? " Scott: " Every year. " Student (taking history) : " Have you drank all your life? " Patient: " Not quite, yet. " Student: " Do you drink excessively? " Patient: " Don ' t know, is it Scotch? " It may be that love is intoxicating — the honeymoon represents about the 1 6th drink, then comes the morning after. (Tittle tells this one, wonder how he knows ? ) Dr. Matas (in clinic) : " What ' s her temperature? " Interne (reading history): " Ninety- eight. " Sternback (waking) : " It ' s a bargain, I ' ll take it. " ili She: " Oh, Clarence, aren ' t you a medi- cal student? Then I can show you where I was vaccinated. " C. T. Smith (expectantly) : " Please do. " She: " Well, I ' ll drive by there in a few minutes. " -» Pruitt (to patient) : " Well, how are you today? " Patient: " Very much better, doctor, only my breathing worries me. " Pruitt: " Well — er — I ' ll give you something to stop that. " - -» Negro (visiting hospital) : " Doctor, how ' s my wife ? " Interne: " Fine, she ' s convalescing now. " Negro: " Well, I ' d like to see her when .she gets through. " Bugs: " Oh, Watt, I heard something cute about you today. " Watt: " What was it? " Bugs: " Francis said you had a-cute indigestion. " THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS THE UNIVERSITY EMBRACES THE FOL- LOWING DEPARTMENTS The College of Arts and Sciences The H. Sophie Newcomb College for Women The College of Engineering The Faculty of Graduate Studies The College of Law The School of Medicine The Graduate School of Medicine The School of Pharmacy The School of Dentistry The College of Commerce and Business Administration The Night School of Electrical Engineering The Night School of Architecture The Extension Courses for Teachers The Correspondence Courses for Teachers The Summer Schools for information, address Registrar of the Tulane University of Lousiana GIBSON HALL, NEW ORLEANS THAT REMINDS ME- COMPLIMENTS OF NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC SERVICE, Inc. BE COFFEE WISE NOT COUPON FOOLISH UIMIOIM COFFEE THE NAME IS EASY TO REMEMBER THE QUALITY IS HARD TO FORGET Union Has Thai Most Convincing Argument in lis Favor — Outsells All Others Everything in the Package Is Quality No Premiums, Coupons or Tickets TRY A POUND TODAY AT ALL GROCERS MERCHANTS COFFEE CO. OF NEW ORLEANS, Ltd. SCIENTIFIC BLENDERS OF HIGH-GRADE COFFEE B. C. Casa !as_, President C. H. HAMILTON, Secretary-Treasurer If I were a prof, at Newcomb College, Spending my days in imparting knowledge, I wouldn ' t wear socks of such brilliant hue As a certain young gent is wont to do. Nor would I talk of " my book, book, book, " ' Till all the studes wore a pitiful look ; I wouldn ' t laugh at my very own joke And keep on cracking it till they were ready to croak. You ' d never catch me wearing nine underskirts. I ' d never flunk people, ' cause it hurts. Do you think I ' d send scared frosh out o ' the room And cause their young faces to be clouded by gloom? I wouldn ' t mark quizzes with queer signs. I ' d never give Latin by the hundred lines. I ' d scorn asking girls, " Do you noiv you ' re you? " Like philosophers think it ' s their duty to do. Such daily expressions as these I ' d rout: " My, how pretty you look on the floor of the gym, " " We ' ll sing this morn the ninety-ninth hymn, " " This library ' s for quiet, young ladies, please hush, " " Not prepared this morn? Sick? — Pish tush, " " Do you vi ' ant it in change, or one bill please? " " You could have prepared this lesson with ease, " But if I were a prof, at Newcomb College I don ' t guess I ' d impart much knowledge. HP n SPALDING ATHLETIC GOODS To be well equipped is as satisfying as to be well dressed. There is no substitute for Spalding Quality. IF IT ' S SPALDINGS, IT ' S RIGHT! Catalogue Mailed on Request Sa ona i ' S oJ, dt 130 Carondelet Street New Orleans, La. m " DIXIE " GREATEST HOMESTEAD SOUTH CAPITAL $15,000,000.00 Let Us Buy or Build You a Home Interest 6 89-100 on Loans William J. Sonnemann Director-Manager THE PEOPLES HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION Over Forty Years Doing Business Office: 327 St. Charles Street HAS MONEY ON HAND TO MAKE LOANS No Delays. No Premiums. Loans Made at Any Time. Large or Small Loans Made BUY YOUR HOME THROUGH THE PEOPLES C ourses by Plagiarism I ' ve taken each course as I found it, I ' ve passed and I ' ve Hunked in my time, T ' ve had my pick of professors And four of the lot were prime. One was a doctor named Bechtel, Another was Hopkins the Shark, The third was called Durel ; he parled so well ; While Elliot comes in for a bark. Heard On a Rubber-Neck Guide: " And those are the famous Duelling Oaks. " Guided : " And how are they different from the ordinary oak? " For the Dormitory Only Palmer: " What is that statue I see out there in the dark? " Louise: " That ' s St. George. " Palmer: " Hm — looks more like Major Report to me! Mathematics I took under Hopkins, And strict as the devil he were. He ' d say, " Take these problems for home work. " And you meekly replied, " Yes, sir. " I took my French under Durel, But je ne peut pas talk at all. He could talk all the time without reason or rime ; And he had me backed to the wall. ' Twas Physics I took under Elliot, He could ramble on any old line. Though he talked like a Browning machine-gun. He was always cut short by the chime. He showed me the value of short-hand In taking his notes day by day. He had quizzes each week for the prompt and the meek. But the late he sent empty away. Tke All-College Letter ( Proposed printed form letter for students to send home. It can be filled out in a few seconds.) New Orleans, La. Sept. Oct. Dec. Jan. Feb. March April May June, 192 (Check one) Dad Dear Folks: (Check one) Mother I am — well — sick — dead — married. ( Check one) Please send — check — flowers — congratulations. (Check one) Math Gym will I flunked Chem; I passed Eng. ; so I Latin Hist will not be home this quarter. $25 Better make that check out for $50 $100 Love, Then Latin I took under Bechtel, It filled me with glorious thoughts. But the best one that ever he taught was. The plural of nothing is Nauts. So I bought me a cute Latin pony ; A pocket edition she were, She carried me through to a seventy-two, And I learned about Latin from her. You can talk of your going to college And getting your " dips " and degrees, But horses and jacks (if you cover your tracks) Are the weapons that leave you at ease. WHITESELL PHOTOGRAPHER 429 ROYAL STREET NEW ORLEANS FIREPROOF NEW Immaculate Cleanliness Courteous Service The House That Combines Pleasing Service with Genuine Hospitahty Ye College Tea Roome Audubon and Zimple Sts. The Rendezvous of the College Girls UNDER MANAGEMENT OF THE MISSES PALFREY Phone Walnut 2656 Hours 8:30 A.M.— 5:30 P.M. SALLY ANN BREAD The Bread with the Lasting Flavor First Aid to the Hungry At Your Grocers H. Weil Baking Company NEW ORLEANS My Idea of Heaven Where 1 will nol hear: I. " Day by day, in every way — . " 2. Don ' t forget there ' s a meeting at 12:45 today. 3. " Right dress " — especially when I am on the end. 4. ' ou are on the committee. 5. Next assembly is compulsory. 6. For Monday we will have a written lesson. 7. Now gurls — 1 want to read you another favorable review of my book on Em- ployers ' Associations. 8. Please wear white tomorrow. 9. I ask you like a friend. 10. (a) Lend me a nickel to phone, (b) Lend me a sheet of paper. Where I ivill hear: 1 . There will be no extra sport hour this week. 2. Prof. is ill, so the class will not meet today. 3. Due to the U. S. estrangement with England, English history will no longer be taught at Newcomb. 4. I am sending check for your contributions to Cafe Brulo. 5. At the Senior party to the faculty tomorrow the three other classes are cordially invited to come and eat all they want. 6. Due to your judicious expenditure in the past, your allowance has been increased 100 per cent. Signed, Father. 7. All those who have only one class on Saturday may leave Friday for t he house party. 8. You may pledge any time during the year. 9. Victrolas, kazoos, ukeleles and hurdy-gurdies are included in the three-mile limit — five-mile limit on Sunday. 7 0. Any color of stockings may be worn to gym. Song of Defeated Candidates Yes, we ' ve taken our fun where we ' ve found it. We ' ve had of publicity our taste. For a time we headlined the papers. All that printing was but a waste. We ' re convinced that in looks, brains, and charm. The " regulars " ain ' t in our class; But the " good " have no chance in politics. This world is so wicked, alas 1 We just want our dues, and we ' ll get ' em! If we have to sing our own praise, For though their pictures disfigure this book, Our song will lengthen its days. FRESHMEN SOPHS JUNIORS SENIORS Those Who Have " Swagger ' Usually Come Here for Their Footwear IMPERIAL SHOE STORE Canal at Bourbon COMPLIMENTS OF FUERST KRAMER If It ' s Sporting Goods You ' ll Find It at Baldwin ' s Everything for Summer Sports Tennis Racquets, Balls, Nets, Golf Clubs, Bags, Shoes, Baseball Equipment, Bathing Suits, Caps, Slippers, Fishing Tackle, Canoes, Etc. BALDWIN ' S Camp at Common Street ORLEANS SPORTING GOODS STORE Get Your Athletic Supplies FROM Us Common Street Between Camp and St. Charles FRED SCHERER INCORPORATED " The Collar Store ' MEN ' S FIXINGS SHIRTS AND HABERDASHERY 721 Common Street New Orleans C. C. Double L. Rolland LOCK TROUBLE Call Main 1824 303 CAMP ST. Any Lock Opened Any Key Made THE ONLY REAL LOCKSMITH MEN ' S CLOTHES SULLIVAN KRONHEIM INCORPORATED 400 St. Charles Street New Orleans Tke New Orleans News Company WHOLESALE BOOKSELLERS News Dealers and Stationers School Supplies a Specialty 214 Decatur St. New Orleans, La. HARRY S. KAUFMAN LIMITED INSURANCE In All Its Branches Phone Main 4800 3 1 4 Camp Street, New Orleans WEINFURTERS 139 Carondelet St. ' The Quality Je velers ' WATCHES AND DIAMONDS Fraternity Pins Rings and Emblems Made to Order THE EXCLUSIVE SHOP ' ' The Paris Shop of America " 838 Canal Street The Authorilalive Source of Artistic Styles. Fashions That Appeal lo Those Who Recognize Art Expressed in Terms of Dress Wraps, Suits, Sports Apparel, Frocks and Gowns, Millinery Accessories Phone Main 5042 Established 1909 MILLER BROS. " Square Deal Jev elers DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY FRATERNITY PINS RINGS EMBLEMS Of Every Description 832 Canal Street New Orleans GROUND FLOOR MACHECA BLDG. More than ninety universities, colleges and schools of the South favored us with their Annual printing contracts for the year 1923. ff This phenomenal record is the natural result of the high quality of workmanship displayed in all our publications, coupled with the very complete service rendered the Staff. From the beginning to the end we are your counselor and adviser in the financing, collecting, and editing of your book. Surely if " Experience is the best teacher, " as an old maxim says, then our service must be supreme. Decide right now to know more about our work and service. Simply write for our proposition. College Annual Headquarters " " tht: " , ._ " ■ ' ' If lE Joui C weWm ' - li::=-JggliJ,L .i , , :■? ' T •.5;V■•:v■ -i- • j.VV- ' V •■ -) :: .: , . • ■ ' ■■ . ■ ' -■ V;:5 ' l! • - ' ■■ ' ' ■. " ' ' ..i. - ' :■ ' ■ ' . ' ' . ' ' ■■ ' !.■ ■ ' I ■■ -:■ ■j :,:-i _L, I ■ » ' ; ..■ ■■

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