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m g g gi© gg-gg-g;ggggg;g®g g-:g;ggig-:g-:e- ' ' ' , ttiirarg jl (fitonhs Su Vec v e- ? © © §•:©§;§ ,t6 ' ' t.© ?,rb ' f . l 0 lliLANEUNlVERSlT L UBRftRV mm ynivEiisicY iE3C ICJiaJ 3EMSON1 YEAR The Tulane Univawrty Of Loobianai 19Z0 I1I|I!IIIIBIII1I!IIIIP!IIIPIIII!1!III1II lieilllBlllllllllilllll SIHlllllllllIlillilllllllll m-iM.MjLi iM iJ!i iA U i mMMiMMM iiJU UMMMM . FOREWORD Y HE Board of Editors of the 19 20 Jarrihalaya has attempted to maJ e this volume a mirror of the stu- dent activities at Tulane. How rvell rve have suc- ceeded n e leave the reader to judge. If some errors or omissions have occurred, it is hoped that you mill not he too harsh in your criticisms. mmim m MlMOIg. ' Y @1F STPPEMTS AN® AUFMIMI ' ©I TOE TULAME II1M1¥E1IS11¥Y ©F LOUESrAm Wn© (SAVE THlili LIVES M TME SlWICl OIF ITL-llaliLl C 0Ulf«TliY IIM irlHlE (SL IAT X ' ' ©1L® WAI Ji)114-ili)ll@ Mrs. Elizabeth Ansley Dr. Jos. F. Baldwin Miss Adele Belden , Henry O. Bisset Dr. Hugh Z. Browne Alvin a. Callender David J. Chaille Dr. Claude Dean Arthur K. Diettel Dr. L. B. Faulk Everett S. Fick Dr. William K. Field L. G. Fleming E. A. Free Dr. Ralph W. Humpihreys Dr. Samuel D. Henderson John W. A. Insinger ' Gosta N. Johnson Dr. Mortimer H. Jordan A. C. Jones, Jr. S. P. Kerne W. F. MlLTENBERGER Dr. H. I. Moore ■ Robert J. Munn Dr. Samuel F. Neal Dr. Ray R. Niblack, R. W. NOLTE E. S. OCDEN W. Miller Owen M. J. PicHELOup, Jr. P. J. Rupp W. J. Sherwood J. F. Ward David Wiedman Dr. Joseph J. Wilson mmmmmmsji ' M mM mim Dr. Melvin Johnson White B.A., M.A., Ph.D. t4 it. Pf %; ===;:srr?= jr— ' i. -n . nr.— m :til. xl jj. r_ii_ xi. ._ii DEDICATION Melvin Johnson PROFESSOR OF HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, AN ABLE PROFESSOR, A FRIEND OF THE STUDENT. AN ARDENT SUPPORTER OF ALL COLLEGE ACTIV- ITIES, AND ABOVE ALL A MAN. THIS, THE TWENTY- FOURTH VOLUME OF THE JAMBALATA IS AFFECTIO.NATELY DEDICATED 1 ffi i|i|iii falliiillii liiiaSiiiiliiil Faculty -STEPHEN I) I , XV " lao «JAM BALAYA Oai mw llV 0 n LL D n Q Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. President of the University [IQ«SXH,01 fv IDJO cJAM BALAYAOOE lOv vfi n ffll W UJ CQ z -2 Q CD CQ o O s ° g u D i OI I10«S »201 i- - U i ' viB L. t l ' i ' -- J i ID Cu, • c CQ - 3 Q E -J E i ° 13 Q CQ O n Q S u U ; 19 K£?» 20.1 D y (- |Di:§-N lOO JAM B ALAYA Oai I Pierce Butler, B.A., M.A.. PTi.D. Chairman of the Facullv of Nemcomb College P i ' QI [10»g »201 lO l Officers of Instruction 10 Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, A.M., Ph.D., Ll.D. President of the University Robert Sharp, A.M., Ph.D., Ll.D. President Emeritus Selma Abrams Morton Arnold Aldrich, Ph.D. George Octave Allain, Jr. Viola Murphy Allee, A.M. Douglas Smith Anderson, M.A. Clara Gregory Baer Bruce Baird Rosa Jackson Baxter, A.M. Edward Ambrose Bechtel, Ph.D. Ellinor Helene Behre Chas. William Bein, B.Arch. Homer W. Borst Harriet Amelia Boyer George Stewart Brown, M.D. William Prentiss Brown, A.B., A.M. Cuthbert Buckner Mary Williams Butler Pierce Butler, Ph.D. A. H. Butts Nicholas Callan, A.B., LL.B. Joseph Walter Carroll J. Harry Clo, Ph.D. Reginald Sommers Cocks, A.M. Joseph Collins William Henry Creichton, U. S. N. Winnifred Davis Daly, A.B. Clara Del Valle Donald Derrickson, C.E. Charles Barber Dicks, Jr. Charles Edward Dunbar, Jr., A.B., LL.B. Lionel Charles Durel, M.A. John Lynn Ebaugh, Jr. Meyer Eiseman Charles Payne Fenner, B.S., LL.D. Felipe Fernandez, A.B. Giuseppe Ferrata, Doc.Mus. Elizabeth Victoria Fischer, A.B. Otto Finck John Madison Fletcher, Ph.D. RuFus Edward Foster, LL.D. Raymond Freas, Ph.D. Lydia Elizabeth Frotscher, A.M., Ph.D. Walter Louis Goldstein, A.B. Jennie Alney Gore Eleanor McMain Alphonse Marin LaMeslee, B.L. A.M. Leon Ryder Maxwell, A.M. Robert Leonval Menuet, B.E. Fred I. Meyers Clara Marie DeMilt, A.B. Hal Walters Moseley, M.Sc, M.A. Edmund Moss, M.D. Ann Hero Northrup, A.M. Elliott Judd Northrup, A.B., Ll.B. Lillian Florence Parker, Ph.D. William Parkerson Carl E. Parry, A.B., Ph.D. Beauregard Perkins, Jr., A.B., B.S. Portia Pierce Randolph, A.B. John Christian Ransmeier, A.M., Ph.D. John Eblen Rau, B.E. Mary Raymond, A.B. Eleanor Elmire Reames, Ph.D. Ruth Harney Reboul, A.B. George W. Reese Edna Flotte-Ricau Caroline Francis Richardson, A.M. Lillie Richardson, .A.M. Lucy Richardson Ernest Henry Riedel, A.M., Ph.D. James Marshall Robert, B.E. Myra Clare Rogers. A.B., A.M. Amelie Roman Rene Salomon Adolph Kaufman Scharff Lester Daniel Scharff Ralph Jacob Schwartz, A.M., LL.B. Leonard Case Scott, Ph.D., M.D. Mary Mallard Seago, A.B. Granville Clark Sewell Mary Given Sheerer Lillian Shelley Gertrude Roberts Smith Isabella Stirling Snodgrass, A.B. P (15) Mary Cass Spencer, M.Sc. Percival Stern, B.E. Imocene Stone, A.M. Dacney Sunne, Ph.D. John Daniel Grace William Benjamin Gregory, M.M.E. Carl Andrews Hanson Mary Leal Harkness, Ph.D., Lit.D. Esther Finlay Harvey, A.B. Max Heller, M.L. Herman Fair Hustedt Edward David Jones, A.M., Ph.D. John Smith Kendall, A.M. Clara Lewis Landry, A.B ., A.M. Emily Langham, B.Des. Stephen Ivan Langmaid, A.M., LL.B. Monte Mordecai Lemann, A.B., LL.B. William Alvin Love, A.B., M.Ph., M.D. Chandler Clement Luzenberg, B.S., LL.B. Guy Van Winkle Lymann, C.P.A. James Adair Lyon, A.M., D.Sc. John MacLaren McBryde, Ph.D. Matthew T. McClure, Jr.,, M.A. Ph.D. Exclusive of instructors in the Medicaid Colleges. Irene Agnes McCulloch, Ph.D. Elizabeth May McFetridce, A.B. Archibald Magill Suthon, A.B. AuGusTE Joseph Tete, B.E. Susan Dinsmore Tew, Ph.D. Delvaille Henry Theard, LL.B. Joseph Jean Torre, B.E. Lota Lee Troy Charles Joseph Turck, A.M., LL.B. Edward Henry Walsdorf Alice Weddell Walter C. Weidler, A.M. Samuel W. Weis Maude Virginia Westbrook Melvin Johnson White, Ph.D. Philip H. Wilkinson Charles Samuel Williamson, Jr., M.S. James Edward Winston, M.A., Ph.D. Virginia Reese Withers, A.B. Annie Miriam Wood Ellsworth Woodward William Woodward (16) GIBSON HALL (18) (19) TILTON MEMORIAL LIBRARY s eii (20) RICHARDSON CHEMISTRY BUILDING (21) PHYSICS BUILDING AND REFECTORY (22) NEWCOMB COLLEGE DORMITORY S 1to (23) GYMNASIUM (24) Newcomb Senior Class History HE Historian, pen in hand, sits down to write her class history in the time- honored fashion. And this is how she goes about it: She gathers together old Jambalayas from years past, and anxiously and dutifully reads all the other class histories that have gone before hers. She decides to be original, but, upon due reflection, comes to the conclusion that her predeces- sors have stolen her thunder. It remams for her to be truthful, modest and exact. Moreover, she must hasten to complete the history before it is fin- ished — which may sound like one of Oscar Wilde ' s parodoxes, but merely means that the Jambalaya, in its haste to go to press, cannot wait until the Senior Class has properly commenced and thus completed the most important part of its history. The Historian, then, is confronted with various problems. Dare she affirm that 1 920 ' s invincible basketball team accomplished the unheard-of feat of winning the cup for three successive years, when the last victory is yet to come? Shall she boast of performances in dramatics, debating, and the like, when the story is yet in the making? Were it not safer to return to our Freshman year and, after a careful study of statistics, prove that we already showed signs of unusual promise; to meditate upon the glories of our Sopho- more year, when we first won the basketball cup, had more people in Dramatic Club play, and every other activity, than any other class; and, finally, to rehearse the glories of last year? That, surely, is the accepted method of procedure. Still, statistics are boring, and 1920, no matter though we should like to believe it, is not the first class to achieve these things. We maintain that it is an exceptionally good class, but then there liave been others, many others, and, of course, there vAW be still many more whose trail of glory will be as wide as ours. What we have done, we have done well; but, after all, the things we have done are not the things that count the most. It is what we have been. And that is where I 920 comes into her own. It is a good class because the girls are unusually fine. And there you have it. There ' s nothing the matter with the Senior Class. It ' s all right. (27) ...... J 0)0 O.A.M Newcomb Seniors CONSEULO D. AbAUNZA New Orleans, La. Alpha Delta Pi; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Latin Club (1, 2); Debating Club 3). " To any class of any kind she ' d be an acquisition; She ' s amiable to everyone — it ' s just her disposition. " Imogene Barrett New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4), Stage Manager (2); Y. W. C. A. (1-4); Field Day (2, 3); N. A, A. (2, 3, 4); Debating Club (2, 3, 4); History Club (4); Latin Club (4); Class Secretary (4 . " Quiet and serene is our friend Imogene ; A more studious person you scarcely have seen. Dorothy Amelie Becnel New Orleans, La. " In the wmter when she ' s working, " Becky ' s " very mild. But when the winter ' s over, she ' s quite a different child. " Freda Bourdette New Orleans, La. " Though a hackneyed expression, I ' m sure ' twould be meet In speaking of Freda to say that she ' s sweet. " M Mill — 9r— ID 0 cJAM BALAYA OC iMfittWtffilSSfflM N b Seni( ewcomb oeniors Andrina E. G. Bradford New Orleans, La. " Andrina ' s very quiet, and Andrlna ' s also quile . . , Well, if we only knew her better, then we ' d know just what to write. " Marion Brown New Orleans, La. Kappa Alplia Theta: Theta Delta Alplia; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (3, 4); N. A. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Gtee Club. " ' Brownie ' s " very peaceful, no excitement she ' ll create; Her walk through life will ever be demure and e ' en sedate. " Edna Fannie Burkenroad . ■ New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi; N. A. A.; French Circle; Class Treasurer (21; Varsity Bas " ket- ball (3l; Tennis Team i?,); President N. A. A. {41. " Basketball and tennis cups bear witness to her fame, For ' Burkie ' s ' always victor, no matter what the game. " Bethia Caffery New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Class Treasurer (1); Basketball Team (3, 4); Newcomb Ball; Radi- cal; N. A. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Debating Club (2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1, 2. ,3, 4). " Th e ' Fighting Irish ' always win whatever scrap they enter; We ' re always sure of victory if Bethia ' s playing center. " i_i (29) gvQE []Q»g »20I SOr X.! fy ai r ID 0 «JAM BALAYA OOE T Newcomb Seniors Ml LuLA Mae Campbell Morgan City, La. Alpha Delta Pi. " One of our class beauties is the lovely Lula Mae, And her right to this title no one can gainsay. " CORINNE M. Chalaron New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron Pi; Vice-President French Circle (4). " Corinne ' s a quiet artist, not the temperamental kind, A more agreeable person you very seldom find. " Julia Josephine Chopin • Derry, La. " Julia as an artist will win her way to fame, And give an added lustre to her justly famous name. " Dorothy Aileen Clymer Goodland, Ind. Kappa Kappa Gamma. " Although her stay at Newcomb was very short, we know. We ' re glad she came and all of us are sad to see her go. " (30) T OJOd Odl N ewcom b s eniors ■ u Kathleen Cook • Grand Cane, La. Phi Mu: Class Truasurer (3, 4); Class Basketball 1 1. 2. 3. 4): Varsity Basket- ball (2, 3); Dormitory Council (3. 4); Student Council (4): N. A. A. (1, 2, 3. 4) : T. " W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Assistant Newcomb Editor Tulane Weekly (3); Glee Club (2, 3). " Whenever it comes to playing you ' ll find her ready for fun, But ' Cookie ' s ' also ready whenever there ' s work to be done. " Irma Louise DeMilt New Orleans, La. French Circle; History Club; Y. W. C. A.; Vice-Chairman I. C. S. S. " Doc DeMilt impressed us as being very staid. But she has become Bohemian by joining the ' Bobbed Brigade ' . " Frances Louise Diboll New Orleans, La. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (2, 3); Winner Newcomb Song Prize (2); Jlan- Solin-Guitar Club (2. 3, 4). " Piano is her study, her playing is divine. And some day in the halls of fame her name — and hair — will shme. ' Dorothy Douglas New Orleans, La. Phi Mu: Class Manager Field Day (o); Varsity Basketball (3); Class President (4); Debating- Club (4): Dramatic Club (4): Carnot Debate Finals (4). " I ' m more than fond of Dorothy, But gushing ' s not my line. So you ' ll know that I ' m in earnest When I say she ' s truly fine. " ' 6 (31) 10« f10 or 3D)0 JAM BALAYA «0 ai 10 li ' l 11 i Ne wcom b Seni mors Martina Hamilton Ellis Amite, La. Latin Club (1, 2. 4); N. A. A. (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1). " Marlina always seemed to find Psychology a treat, She ' ll found a home for mental deficients in Amite. " Olive Ermine Ellsworth • McComb, Miss. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). " Ohve ' s our musician; we couldn ' t sing without her; But music ' s not the only thing that we find nice about her. " Martha Elizabeth Fenner New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Class Basketball (2, 3); Class Newcomb Ball (4); French Circle President (4). " Here you have one of our beauties, An artist and debutante, too; She can work and play in a nonchalant way. Which is more than we others can do. " ij Sallie Gillespie Fort Worth, Texa Pi Beta Phi; Junior Water Color Prize; Art Editor Jambalaya (4); Art Student Body President (4); Student Council (3, 4); Dormitory Council (3, 4); Executive Committee (4); Y. V. C. A. (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Phi Phi. " When there ' s a commillee appointed — there ' s a new one every minute — It isn ' t a real committee if SalHe isn ' t in it. " (32) n b © . !. Ot IIQ«S 201 D l 1D 0 JAM BALAYA OOO a n N ewcom b S eniors Marjorie Goodwine • Locust Ridge, La. Alpha Delta Pi; N. Committee (3, 4); A. A. (3. 4); T. W. C. A. (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Executive Y. W. C. A. Vice-President (4); President Glee Club (4). t " Marjorie is capable, Marjorie Is quiet; Marjorie is amiable, no one can deny it. " Dorothy Graner New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball Team (1); Dramatic Club Play (1). " The Plcken-Chup stole from the willow tree To bring a message here. It wants the whole wide world to know That Dottie is a dear. " Elizabeth Gregory • New Orleans, La. Class Basketball ll. 2. 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Varsity Basketball (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. 4); Summer Comrriittee (1, 2, 3); Student Council (2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1. 2. 3); Basketball Captain (2); Class Presi- dent (3); President Student Council (4); Vice-President Student Body (4). " She ' s extremely conscientious, and when there ' s work to do, If Betty has a hand in it she ' s sure to put it through. " Jeanne Gueydan Gueyda Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (1, 2, 3. 4); Dramatic Club (1); Junior Representative on Newcomb ' Wa.v Service Committee; Debating Club (.3, 4); Dormitory Council (4); Field Day (2, 3). " We need not consult the Digest to get the current news, For Jeanne is so well posted we can get it whenever we choose. " La. (33) - u -Jo ■ Q :iO»£ »201 ffiT-fmffr+mi N ewcom b S eniors JM Emily Bondurant Harrison Birminghar I II Kappa Alpha Theta; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 31; N. A. A. (3); Class Vice-President (2); Dormitory Council (3, 4); Student Council (4); Dor- mitory President (4); Delegate to Southern Association of Student Goyernment 3); President of Southern Association of Student Goyernmi-nt (4); Student Body Treasurer (3); Executive Committee (3, 4). " The Dorm girls regard her with awe and dread. The Dorm girls worship her — she is iheir head. " Ala. Dorothy Alice Hay . New Orl eans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta; Radical; Phi Delta Alpha: Latin Club (1, 2); Mandolin- Guitar Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Class Secretary (2); Dramatic Club Treasurer (3); Class Cheer Leader (3); Finance Committee (3); Class Vice-President (4); Newcomb Jambalaya Editor (4); N. A. A.; Y. " W. C. A.; Glee Club Ci). " Do you hke this Jambalaya, do you think it pretty fair? Then thank the Newcomb Editor, for she has done her share. " Ruth Ordway Kastler • New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron Pi; Debating Club (1, 2, 3, 4); T. W. C. -A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1-4); Dramatic Club (2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1-4); Captain Basketball Team (1); Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Varsity Baseball (1, 2. 3); Second Place Field Day (1); Field Day Winner (2, 3); Class President (2); History Club (4); Social Committee (3); Student Body Secretary ' (3); Town Baseball Captain (3); Execu- tive Committee (2, S); Senior Tree Committee; Summer Committee; Y. W. C. A. Delegate to National Student Conference; Tennis Captain (4); Newcomb Ball Captain (4). " When ' Meenie ' s ' finished college she will have to hire a hall — She has won so many trophies it will scarcely hold them all. " Laura Buckner Kearny New Orleans, La. ■J Pi Beta Phi; History Club; Y. (1, 2); Debating Club (1, 2). V. C. A. (3); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club " Laura will make her debut when she ' s finished knowledge. Then she will be as popular as she has been at college. " (34) ii-i ' - ■ J AM BALAYA OOl 1 ,1 N ewcom b S eniors Esther Kent • Kentwood, La. Pi Beta Phi; Mandolin-Guitar Clul) (1, 2, 3, 4); Gleo CIulj (1); Y. W. C. A. (3. 3, 4): Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Class Secretary (3); Managing Ertitor of the Arcade (2, 3); Radical. " ' Peelie ' s an aristocral, she ' s cultured and refined, And ' Peelie ' s ' the possessor of a most amazing mind. " Christine Kerlin Ho La Alpha Delta Pi; Radical; Y. V. C. A. (3, 4); Dormitory Council (4); Phi phi; HuUabatoo Staff (4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); French Circle (3. 4). " Another of our artists, and a butterfly as well ; We can see her future clearly — a giddy social belle. " ViDA LeNoir McComb, Miss. J.:ap|ja . Iplia Theta; T. D. A.; Y. W. C. A.; N. A. A. " There are lots of people think her shy, And lots who think her quiet. But those of us who know her well, We surely must deny it. " Irma Gladys Levi New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi, " The reason why we call her ' Lamps ' is very much disputed, But if you ' d known her long ago you ' d see the nickname suited. " (35) lllll x lao JAM BALAYA OOI -mi I « ! r [I ' VA ' W Vn " Ji ' ' £V niJi ' vU ' 4 l «oV« « VM BA«i VW. " %. |l- ' ' li ' " — uillllll liUU ' .WUl.TJIJ ' iuJk ' lll BlMMMiMiL. ....,„. N b Se ewcomb oemors Lillian Levy New Orleans, La. N. A. A. ri-4); Debating Club (1 . " Lillian makes a lol of noise about the work that she will do, But when she ' s finished we admit that what she said was true, " Bertha Lindenfield Lexington, Tenn. " 1 don ' t know much about her, but one thing ' s very true — ■ We have a bond between us; she took Old English, too. " Katherine Hardy Luzenberg . . . • New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Class Poet (2); Class Basketball (2, 3); Varsity Basket- ball (2); Dramatic Club Play (2, 4), Secretary (4); Class Basketball Manager (4l; Editor-in-Chiet of Arcade (4), Literary Editor (3), Sub-Editor (2). " We can give you lots of proof of successes she has made. For proof is Kitty ' s business when she edits the Arcade " Isabel McCown Lyman New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball Team C3); Varsity Team (3); Dramatic Club Play (2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4i; N. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. " Comedy ' s weeping. Tragedy ' s sad, Dramatic Club is grieving. What is the cause of it all, you ask? Why, Isabel is leaving. " (36) I I • ' QE [19»S »2Q} 5 la ,; D 0 cJAM BALAYA OQI ID L-: - :• N. b Senic ewcomb oeniors Tess Barbara Mayer New Orleans, La. Alpha Bpsilon Phi; N. A. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Class Basketball (1, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3, 4), Vice-President (3), President (4); " Winner 1903 Shakespeare Prize, Debating Club (2. 3. 4); Chairman ot Debate (4); Summer Committee (3); Sub- Editor Arcade (4); Senior Class Play Committee (4); Executive Committee (4); Dramatic Club Play (2, 4); Class Poet and Historian (4). " Will she rival Sarah Bernhardt? Will she write sarcastic books, Or will she calmly marry and join ihe League of Cooks? " Margaret Neilson McConnell New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi: President Debating Club (4); Winner Jennie Nixon Debate (3): Freshman Debating Team (1); Newcomb Business Manager of Jambala, -a (1). " Margaret is an idealist, Margaret is a dear; And the world is a whole lot better for having Margaret here. " Evelyn Lowry Moore New Orleans, La. T. W. C. A.; N. A. A. " If in the artistic world she fails to make a name. That wonderful red hair of hers is bound to bring her fame. " Fay Morgan . , Knoxville, Tenn. Alpha Omicron Pi; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club; Class Cheer Leader (1); Class Tennis Team (1, 3, 4); Varsity Tennis (1, 3); Tennis Champion (1); Dor- mitory Baseball Team (1, 2, 3), Captain (2); Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3); Class Basketball (2); Varsity Basketball Manager (3 . " If Fay is sunk in depths of gloom and you would bring her back To realize the joys of life, just talk to her of Mac. " 7% (37) . ' ' Avnr 3AQ XS 20B -i : :..„ ..-. -.! : ...-i? o r " •■ ' . ' ni lax::: a a m r a laYA ?c " :;: r-i ;= - Newcomb Seniors Jessie Barclay Morse New Orle " Though Jessie had to leave us for quite a while last year. She ' s back at last — we needn ' t say how glad we are she ' s here. " Viola Lee Nielson • New Orleans, La. Alpha Delpa Pi; History Club; Y. W. C. A. " Piggy is strong for History, and Economics, loo. We think that there ' s a reason, don ' t it seem that way to you? " Marion North Lake Charles, La. Ohi Omega; Hailical; T. W. C. A. (3, S, i); Dramatic Clul) (2, 3, 4); Mandolin- Guitar Clul (2, 3. 4). President (4 ; French Circle (3. 4 ; Finance Committee (4); Chairman Student Body IJance (4); Executive Committee (4); House Coun- cil (4); Field Day tl, 2, 3 I. " Our Mandolin-Guitar Club is the finest in the land. And its success is surely due to Marion s guiding hand. " Georgie Mae Perkins . . . . • Norwood, La. " She ' s a conscientious creature, her fidelity is rare. She ' s always at our Spanish Class whenever we go there. " (38) i iCDr IDOJAM L. »;?- t-.l.:i.l.i . ji; : r xi 4 te j ju Mfv » » e. rv7«.MA? B;wyaJ Jl- J ' . iJm jlillllllilllli rii?iT ' ' f n f] I rsTT7tTE 1 1 1 ■ hHiNl; ,J!!tffiiilliliiiliiiil!i! .-rf mM:;;l!iiiH iryiiiiiiiiiiiiooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis •« «»» - -»- ' ' W W hW . l. i1- . . »VF- .1. . . . ' V. -«.— V-.».-«- .» lcv».,; a»«»«»lW» . o N ewcom b Seni eniors Ophelia Hardesty Perkins Limmesport, La. Alpha Omicron Pi; N. A. A. (1, 2); Y. -W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2. 4): Sub-Editor Arcade (2); Editor Arcade College Department (3, 4); Student Coun- cil (4); Executive Committee (4) ' . J. U. G. (2). " Ophelia ' s skilled in music, she ' s a literary light, And anything Ophelia does she ' s sure to do it right. " Olga Peters New Orleans, La. Dramatic Club; Frencti Circle; Y. W. C. A. " Trip it lightly as you go from the Art School to and fro. Skilled m art and dancing, too — Say! what more things can you doV Nan Conner Randolph Bayou Goula, La. Phi Mu; Radical; Y. " W. C. . . (1. 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dormitory Council (3); Debating Club rS); Finance Committee (4). " Nan is tall and stately, she ' s very kind and sweet. And Nan is always gracious to whomever she may meet. " Bert Elise Richard New Orleans, La. Alpha Delta Pi; N. A. . . (1, 2, 3, 4); Latin Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); History Club (4); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1). " She IS such a merry soul ; whatever mood you ' re in, Bert Elise can cheer you with her big, infectious grin. ' (39) ■ oi 1Q« »20 ID ? lOO cJAM BALAYA Oai ' mi! p m Newcomb Seniors Lelia Marguerite Rightor New Orleans, La. " ' Mugs, ' the Spanish scholar; ' Mugs, ' the giddy grind; A brighter, lazier person would be difficult to find. " Jessie Bryce Roane . New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron PI; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (1, 4); T. W. C. A. (1, 4); French Circle (3, 4). " Here ' s an artist meek and mild. She might easily be styled a really, truly angel child. " Marian Rock Lake Charles, La. Chi Omega; N. President (4) ; A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Mandolin-Guitar Club; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Field Day (1, 2, 3); Class Basketball Manager (2); Executive Committee (4); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); play (4); Dormitory Council. " You ' ve heard of the Rock of Gibraltar, Which is very well known in its way; But Marion ' s equally famous As the Rock of the Y. ' W. C. A. " Fannie Vera Scherck • New O rleans, Alpha Bpsilon Phi; Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Debating Club (1, 2, 3. 4); N. A. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Debating- Council (S); Basketball Team (2, 3); Varsity Manager (2); Tennis Team (2); Dramatic Play (2); Class Vice-President (2); Tulane Weekly Staff (3); Big Sister Committee (3); Varsity Tennis (2); Tree Committee (3); President Student Body (4). " Vera suffered a handicap by missing a lot at the start. But that didn ' t trouble Vera — our president is smart. " (40) i I I I i Q U i a 20i _J4 y W IPO cJAM BALAYA 0O Qt IQV i re«i pi S i imu «i.»m«mt«»a( ' « u»mTKmiin i wm o i wiMa u»m.j«»wi«ww» ■ ' i " VM " w v r ' w» llJillllli{liilJ!llili!|illllll!!llilllli!lli ' iiiji ' . ' H!!t ' ;iM:n; ' ' ' ' ! ; ' iii!iiij!iiii ' " " " ii ' ' N. ewcom b S eniors Irma Sarah Scooler New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi; N. A. A. (2, 3, 4); Basketball Team (2, 3); Dramatic Club (4), Play (4); History Club (4); Glee Club (4). " Who are the best dancers at Newcomb? The faculty all agree That one is Laura Kearney and her partner here, you see. " Dorothy Wilson Seago • New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Council (1. 2. 3), Secretary (3); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3, 4); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Business Manager Arcade (3). " Dorothy gets many " A ' s " ; she knows no other mark. No matter what the subject, she proves herself a ' shark ' . " Dana Sexton Hazelhurst, Miss. Chi Omega; Phi Phi; Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Finance Committee (4). " Of musicians and artists the public to please, We have quite a few, and she ' s one of these. " Daisy Belle Smith Franklin, La. Chi Omega; Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Sophomore Band (2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Dormitory House Council (3); Tulane Weekly Staff (3); Hullabaloo Newcomb Editor (4); Debating Club (1, 2); Radical; Executive Committee (3, 4); Field Day (1, 2). " Most of us have troubles, we meet them here and there. But Daisy Belle ' s come PVeelih, which really isn ' t fair. " ' A Ql (41) [10«£X201 JO N. ewconi h S eniors Irma Sompayrac Natchitoches, La. Alpha Omicron Pi; Arcade Sub-Editor (3), Editor (•!); Dramatic Clulj (4); Pub- licity Manager (4); Mandolin-Gui tar Club (4). " The incompatibility of work and genius, too. Is quite disproved by Irma, for there ' s nothing she can ' t do. " Matilda Hall Stillwell . Se Ala Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Radical; Dor- mitory House Council (3). " As one ofi 20 ' s models, Matilda is renowned, A more stylish, vogue-ish person is scarcely to be found. " u Bernice Marie Thrall Lake Charles, La Alpha Delta Pi; N. A, A. (1, 2, 3. 4|; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (4); J. U. G. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dramatic Club (4). " Bernice is an artist, a costume designer. Her own clothes show that none could be finer. " Irma Unruh Mobile, Ala. Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club (3, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (3, 4); J. U. G. (1, 2, 3, 4). " The Book Store is her special charge, and Irma guards it well. You couldn ' t gel a pencil before the second bell. " (42) IDXOtJA.M ' L Xin-tJl -- t-riT- f ' 9. — -- Ifi l T I -Tit •-■v;-TK4 " iff H ewcom b S eniors Martha Bruce Vairin New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (3. -1); Baslietljall (3): Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); History Club; Radical. " ' If you ain ' t pretty, you got to be smart, ' said Hatlie to Emmie Lou; So Martha need never worry, for she ' s surely both of the two. " Marie Louise VanHorn New Orle La Phi Mu; N. A. A. (1. 2, S laya Representative (4). ■i); Y. W. C. A. (1, 3, 4 ; Glee Club (2. 3); Jamba- " If you visit English Class and look around for Mae, You ' ll find her sleeping peacefully almost every day. " Emma Elizabeth Wall New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (1. 2. ?., 4); Dramatic Club (2, 3. 4 ; Basketball Toam (1); Latin r nh (3); Y. W. C. A. (4». " She dances, oh, so lightly, in a manner most entrancing. Pavlowa has retired in shame since Betty took to dancing. " Mary Octavie Wallace Sinclare. La. Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. " In these days of servant troubles It IS well to be a cook. So Octavie shovk ' ed rare judgment In the course Octavie took. " (43) fvS 1Q 0 JAM BALAYA «0 ai Newcomb Seniors Florence Hilda Ware New Orleans, La. " Though Hilda ' s hke the rest of us, and no one calls us bright, In Clinical Psychology she ' s quite a shining light. " Helen Watson New Orleans, La. PI Beta Phi; Glee Club (1. S, 4); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); French Circle (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Field Day (1, 2, 3). " Helen is conservative, she ' ll be so all her days, For she ' s the sort of person who is set in all her ways. " Lula Davis Wetzel Monroe, La. " A shy, demure young person with a quiet, mouse-like air — Unless you hear her name called you scarcely know she ' s there. " Isabel Wile Shreveport, La. French Circle (3, 4); N. A. A. (3, 4). " Though quiet herself, ' Zip ' s ' always aspiring To be nice to people who are shy and retiring. " ITt :D !n n (44) in ' ' ™ E [ iqt«S»20l Mi lO Sj . - u ewcom b s eniors Virginia Wilkins X ennings, " If you want to get out of Spanish Before it ' s time for the bell. Get Virginia to make up a reason- She does It extremely well. " Margaret Rathell Wilkinson Montgomery, Ala. Phi JIu: Dramatic Club; Latin Club; French Circle; Y. TT. C. A. " Although she joined us rather late, We love her just the same; For Peggy ' s such a genial soul We ' re mighty glad she came. E. Genevieve Wilson New Orleans, La. Phi Mu: Latin Club (1, 21; Play (1, 2); N. A. A. (1. Journal Club (4». 3, 4); T. W. C. A. (3, 4); " Genevieve says it ' s Chemistry that she is wild about. She dotes on working problems — just think who helps her out. " (45) ' Ji ' ll ' « ' M ' J ' «;«.« ' itxa w w ' ' it ' ' « ' 4 !» ' 4; ' J iU;- !AUj| ' A ' ' A; ' :i ' ' JiX ' i at ' ; ' stV4 .j.jtf w AJ» " " ' ' il ' liihli Hi Ml. . ' t|pl| ' iilMJJt „....„.,....tiiiiiiijM 111. .|!1|- " " ' " ■■ la ! .if ,.4 -. .• . irf HilliftlT rnfiil! iliif iiiiliili Newcomb Seniors Blanche LeSassier Young - Waterproof, La. Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4); N. A. A. (2, 3, 4). " Miss Lucy ' s only rival in an acrobatic line — She ' ll invent some new gymnastics that will simply be divme. " Adelaide Mary Zoeller . . ' New Orleans, La. Journal Club; Mandolin-Guitar Club. " Biology ' s her specialty, the ' Lab ' s ' her second home; About this fascinating place it ' s her delight to roam. " Willie Zuber • Auburn. Ala. Latin Club (2. 3, 4); French Circle (3); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); Executive Com- mittee (4); Latin Club President (4). " Cicero ' s her playmate — Cassar is her ' Dub, ' Willie ' s versed in Latin, and she runs the Latin Club. " lU! Muriel A. Kling New Iberia, La " A continuous gij That ' s Muriel ;Ie, a musical laugh- as a rule. Do you suppose she learned this At the Newcomb Music School? " (46) I ' j ii t fetii j ■■ ' S»20l Q ' s? ' CO Senior Arts and Sciences Class History HEN we came to Tulane four short years ago we wondered many times if we could ever master enough of our exams to be Seniors — and we wondered, too, if we would ever make a name for our class. But this slate of wonder and doubt did not last long, for as soon as we had our first fight with the " Sophs, " across that little lake in Audubon Park, we knew that we would in the end counsel Tulane to give us a place in her history which could not be forgotten. In our Sophomore year we were again victorious in the tug-o ' -war, and by virtue of that victory we have the distinction and honor of never having allowed " our end of the rope " to touch water. The beginning of our Junior year started with Camp Martin, most of the members of our class being first-class " rookies. " But Camp Martin and our duties as " kitchen police " did not last long, and we soon returned to finish our term as Juniors. We gave up the frivolities of our first two years and began to think of the time when we would say good-bye to dear old Tulane. And here we are at the gateway of life, ready to say farewell to our Alma Mater; and as we leave we hope we have left behind us a great record for the institution we all love. We go, but we shall never forget that we owe much to Tulane, and we shall always hold close to our hearts the fond memories of our college days and of Tulane. P. D. Greaves. Lj in (47) i ' e - ' Jtr:-- SQ)C cJAM BALAYA ooai D Arts and Sciences Seniors Richard Colbert Shreveport, La. Kappa Sigma; Tug-o -War (2); Class Basketball, Baseball antl Track; Inter- dt-partment Basketball. " Things are bound to happen — why worry? Everything comes to him who waits — why hurry? " Morris James Duffy New Orleans La. Delta Sigma Phi; Kappa Psi ; Class Basketball (1, 2). Baseball (1, 2); " Varsity Baseball O, 4), Captain (4), Manager Varsity Basketball (r ) ; Olive and Blue Sciciety ; Class Tiig-o " -War (2 . " An Irishman of features rare. Say, dont you hke his jelly-bean hair? " John Randolph Foote New Orleans, La. I ' i Kappa Alpha; Presiaent Y. M. C. A. (4) ; Class Vice-President (A) ; Tulane Weekly SlatY; Alanager Tennis Tournanunl (4); Cho.ss Club (4 . " Ye lucky maids who dream of ' Randy, ' Taxis, shows, and worlds of candy. " - fe John AlvIN GebELIN Garyville. La " Not Hell, with all its powers to damn, Can add a slain to the vile creature 1 am. " -J ' James Joseph Baron . ■ New Orleans, La. --Ai " A medical student of fame am I — If my pills can ' t cure, you surely will die. " (48) upi t gvOI iig 5 E5 20E= 30i0 JAM BALAYA Oai Arts and Sciences Seniors R. Lionel Gordon New Orleans, La. Chi Zeta Chi. " 1 slepl and dreamed that life was beauty, I woke and found that hfe was duty. " Jennie Abney Gore Bayou Sara, La. " H ence, man, thou vain deludmg joy! " Percy DuPre Greaves . . • Waterproof, La. Kapiia Sigma; Tug-o ' -War (1, :: I ; Tiihim- riyh (2); RiHc Club (3); Class Baseball i ' 2): Class Trea.surer- i: ' n: Hi.sluiian ami .liinil.ialaya Representative (4); Secretai, - Law Student Boily (4). : ji ' " Honorable Percy DuPre Greaves ' ' Knows all the facts in Law ' s many leaves. " William Bernard Hammett New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha: College of Comnierce; . Student Body President (4); Student Council (4); Jambalaya A. and S. Editor (4); Class Treasurer (4). " Although his college course was steep. Each day he took nine hours of sleep. " (49) .f ' .J i rC W jt - t.i ' v H " i i! [1Q KS»201 OE 30V Arts and Sciences Seniors John Raymond Hirigoyen • Salado, Honduras " Raymond hails from sunny France, He leads the ' profs ' and girls a dance. " Edward Hubert New Orleans, La. Rudolph Edward Krause ■ Lake Charles, La. Sig ma Alpha Epsilon; Junior Prom Committee (3), " Modest Rudolph, from the realms of science. Hath reached this position by diligent appliance. ' Diego Benigno Martinez New Orleans. La. Sigma Nu; Phi Chi; Tug-o ' -War (1): Class Football (1). " Whoever heard of Diego Benigno? The girls call him ' Benny, ' so by that name shall he go. " James Hill Monroe . . ■ New Orleans. La. Sigma Chi; Carnot Debating (2. 4); Class Secretary (4); Forum. Secretary (1. 2). President (3); Secretary Oratorical and Debating Council (3); Manager Tennis Team (3); A. and S. Student Body President (4). " Now, Jimmies a wise business student, Jovial and playful, but always prudent, " (50) . M BALACfjX QUI ii ;i Arts and Sciences Seniors Harold Weil Newman, Jr New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau; Class Wrestling (1); Class Debating (2); Winnei- Cai-not Debate (2); Varsity Debating (2); Oratorical and Debating Council (2, 3. 4); Glendy- Burke (1, 2. 3. 4). Sergeant-at-Arms (31, Speaker (4); Polity Club (3. 4); Tulane Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Winner Glcndy-Burke Debating Tournament (3); Class Jamba- laya Representative (3); Class Secretary (4); Business Manager Jambalaya (4). " Hail to our coming young barrister, The precepts of law he will easily master. " George Byron Setzler . . . ■ Crossett, Ark. Alpha Kappa Kappa; A. and S. Basketball Team (2). " Byron is an ambitious lad from Arkansas, And a harder worker, we ' re sure we never saw. " Granville Clark Sewell New Orle Sigma Upsilon. " Granville was forgotten by the maker of the rhymes. So Freddie had to rake his brains for this one many limes. ' Henry Williams Wallace, Jr • Poplarville, Miss. Class Basketball (1, 2) ; Football (2) ; Tug-o ' -War (2); Dormitory Football and Basketball (2); Dormitory Governing Board (3), Chail-man (4); Treasurer Y. M. C. A. (4); Jambalaya Board (3): Class President (4); Class Secretary (3); A. and S. Student Body Vice-President (4 , " Harry is a preacher ' s son, Harry is a scamp, ' Harry ' s sure a lot of fun, ' says the Newcomb vamp. " ' Sissm - (51) V. w-fj Mt-i- •«,- wt; 3D OcS : Senior Technology Poem Friends, we galher forth in gladness, we have toiled four years away. And the light upon the morrow heralds forth a greater day. Close the chapters of our struggle — close the toils the years have brought; Close and never ask the reason — you have known the anguish wrought. Oh, the wrath of warring nations, wrath of foe for warring foe. Oh, the vengeance of the sages: they have struck the fiercer blow. But we live, we breathe to say it, four long years have lived it through. And the light points to a freedom, a freedom and a life anew. Men, we laughed and drudged together, scorned together, you and I ; We perhaps have forced a triumph, mostly we have gotten by. Oh, the thought that we have wagered toward the winning of our plan, We ' ve converted into knowledge and a greater glimpse of man. Techs of ' 20, we have struggled, nor have bent beneath the strain; Rouse, O rouse your hearts in gladness, rouse your love for old Tulane. Techs of ' 20, we have struggled — toiled the road through bitter years; We have merged at length to harvest — we have merged as Engineers. James Sinclair. iii ! ! ii; (52) ._A.I Technology Seniors Robert L. Atkinson New Orleans, La. Class Football (1), Wrestling (1); Engineering Society (1. 2. :!, 4). " A Diely of Grace Our vulgar presences with glory heap: In class you took your beauty sleep; From Vogue, your beaming face. " Walter Jewitt Barnes New Orleans, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Class President 1 ; Engineering Society (1); Class Wres- tling (2); Tug-o ' -War (1, 2): Basketball (1. 2); Track (1. 2); Baseball (1, 2); Varsity Basketball (2); Varsity Football (1, 2, 4). ' ' A warrior by eye. You cross between an Atlas and a Pan; With increments of temperature you scan That tow ' ring form the distance span Beneath the earth and sky. " ' i ■■ ' ' ' ' George Shields Brandon New Orleans, La. Class AVresLiing (1. 2); Varsity Wrestling Team (1); Class Track (2 ; Football (2); Tug-o ' -War d, :• ) ; Class Vice-President (3); Summer Survey Camp (2, " ); Vice-President Technology Student Body (4) ; Y. M. C A. (1, 2, Z, 4 ». " George Brandon, you ' re an engineer, , ' .£( .j-j_ A closely-fibered thing of thought; .A- S You might have worn the garb of seer ' Were you less cynical, and wrought Of an equality of brain and heart. " Marcel Benoit Calongne New Orleans, La. Baseball (1. 2 ; Basketball (1); Fr,-nch Circle (1, 2). " To warble as a jay, Caruso-like, to sing (and never tire) The praises of himself whose breath were fire; Whose make-up, wood and clay. " (53) n V W IDO JAM BALAYA OOI I ' r Technology Seniors Charles Barber Dicks, Jr New Orleans, La Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Class Track (1. 2j, Historian (2); Tulane Rifle Team (3); Class President (3). " The certain of scientists, Dicks, Past-master of chemical tricks, By the power of his art Some ' " strange magic has wrought In density changing to Brix. " Beverly Ferguson New Orleans, La Pi Kappa Alpha; Engineering Society (1) ; Class W restling (1 ) ; Summer Survey Camp ( :; 1 ; commissary (3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Class Vice-President (2). " O splendid elfin-eyes, Of temperament artistic, strangely sage: A mascot, fashioned for a page; An able engineer and wise. " Clarence Leonard Jones Napoleonville, Tug-o ' -War (1); Class Football (1): Tulane Club; Rifle Club. " This is no sailor, though A Jones; well you and I agree That by that eye and waving hair This man should rove the lashing sea. " Arthur OrdwAY KastLER New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling (1, 2), Football (2), Representative; Hullabaloo Staff (4). Track (1. lM, Tug-o ' -War (2); Jambalaya " So Wisdom has assai led her might. Where Genius forlh has flashed in light; A brain which Euclid well might claim. Or deep-browed Homers snatch from fame Toward which da Vinci seems a blight. " (54) lD Oc)iAMii L i : WP -!) ' AU.A-i -. ..l.- .M J| . ■ w. ■ ' « ' ' « ' ' ' y ' i ' M -. . ' » ■ || " . ' it-f ' Jj » ' - ,■v ' Wl l % ' ■i,-l 4 -n ' Msmmmm B ■■ U ' ' • ' iiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiL l ' ' ' Mii» " ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ifBlli ' ' ' ' ' " iii Technology Seniors Forres McGraw New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Kappa Delta Phi; Sigma Omicron Pi; Class Wrestling (1. 2) ; Tug-o ' -War (1, 2) ; Class Vice-President (1) ; Class Football (1, 2), Captain (2); Class Basketball (1, 2); Track (1, 2 ; Varsity Football (3, 4, 5); Varsity Basketball (3, 4, 5); 3); Tulane Club 1, Varsity Track (2, 3, 4). Manager (2); University Night (2, 3, 4). Secretary-Treasurer (4). Mud-hog. work-hog, fighting-king, War-dog, steel-bound fighting thing; You ' re a man of many parts. Fool on books and fool o ' hearts. Mac! You grand old fighting king. Sam Kessler, II New Orleans, Zeta Beta Tau; Tulane Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Basketball (3); Tul -o ' - War (2); Engineering Society (1, 2). " You might have been the King of Hearts Were you not born a Bower; You might have charmed the Queen of Hearts, And gained her by your power: But Fate, she deemed you to be left, And Right was lucky in the theft. " Jean M. King Lake Charles. (1, 2, 3, 4 ; Rine Club 1, 2); Phi Kappa Sigma; Tug- T. U-. e. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); ) " -War (1); Tulane Club French Circle (1. 2). Rex E. Lothrop ' A little child Most fashioned for a lover or a king. What should he know of B. T. U. ' s, Or I» ' s, or Pop, or sordid flues, Or any olher thing? " New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Class Wrestling (1, 2), Captain (2); Featherweight Wrestling Champion (1, 2) ; Ali-Southern Champion (2) ; Tug-o ' -War (2) ; Class Football (2); Class President (2. 4); Class Secretary (o); Junior Prom Committee (3); Jambilaya Board (4). " Most worthy fellowman, we scorn To name you anything. How can you be our president And bow about a King? But you are of some strange device, A king and yet elected twice. " (55) 10)0 JAM BALAYA OUl Technology Seniors Ralph Hassler Mann Beaumont, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Fi-eshman Shield (1); Tug-o ' -War fl. 2); Class Wrestling (1), Track (1. 2); Rifle Club (1); Class President (1); Tulane Club (1, 2, 3). " More of voice than massive slrenglh, Though long in breadth and wide in length. A Mann whose voice that roar might quell. Whose strength the demon ' s conquest spell. " Walter Hynson Mercier New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma; Interclass Basketball (1); Radio Instructor Camp Martin. " The turbine in its speed Could hardly rival what my lines unfold. This demon that has faced the seas In all its horrors, bloody, hold; In all its gluttony of greed. " Richard Frotscher Muller New Orleans, La. Cki.s.s Vici-Pre.fident (41; Tug-n ' -War (1, -J); Class Football (1, 21; Baseball fl. J) ' : Hill. ' Club il. 2); Tulane Club (2i; Class Track (2); French Circle (2). " If engineers have normal brains (we ' ll never ask about il), This Frotchy Muller ' s bound to be (and you can never doubt it), An engineer of high degree, Commanding earth and air and sea. " James Louis Sinclair New Orleans, La. Class Track (1, 2); Class Historian (1. 2. 3. 4); Tulane ■Weekly Staff (1, 2, 3); Editor-in-Chiel; Hullabaloo (4); Class Wrestling (2); Tug-o ' -War (2). " That deep relief map of his brow, those con-volutions well portray An engineer to whom we bow, to whom might well the asses bray. " Louis John Wyler New Orleans, La. Chief Engineering Summer Survey Camp (3); Engineering Society (2); Tug-o ' -War (1); Wrestling (1); Basketball (2); Track (21; Football (2); Baseball (31; Technology Basketball (3), Captain (3). " No god of ancient song In manly beauty vie; No poet wrote in flaming words Of hero wrought with fiercer eye. Aye, ye have this god to see. Of giant brawn and savagery. ' (56) l| n o Senior L aw Class History ND so it came to pass, in the sultry days of October ol " 1917, that this class began to bow before, worship at, and work in the lovely shrine of the " Jealous Mistress, " the LAW. Four long years have the shoulders of its members been at the wheel, pushing ahead, and hoping thereby to conquer the task set before them. Sad to say, our great country entered the war; but we are proud to say that large numbers of our class and faculty answered the call of their country, throwing away their legal duties to uphold the swords of right and justice. There is consolation in reflecting that diffi- culties were overcome, and with dogged perseverance we have only done what our brothers have been required to do before us. We have only passed our preliminary study of the law, and are now entering upon the practical side of it. The devotion of the most ardent worshipers of jurisprudence is passionate and envious; in the main, the men who win favors of our jealous mistress are they whom difficulties only brace to resolution. Given a certain amount of good sense, force and education, and — accident apart — the rest is a matter of perseverance, industry and courage. It may not be today, nor tomoy- row — it perhaps may never be. We witness too many shipwrecks to endeavor to foretell a prosperous voyage. Still, we have the happiness to know that sooner or later, and with reasonable certainty, success comes when it is deserved. We have been given the torch of legal light by men who have blazed the trail before us. Let us take it up with a vengeance and " carry on. " Jack Kraemer. (57) ' A OOE |ii )enior .aw CI ass P. R. Bowers Gulfport, Miss. Alpha Tau Omega. " Ring around a rosey, The Law School can ' t lose Posey. " Percy Edgerton Brown Arcadia, La. Law Debating- Club; Class Historian (1911); Varsity Track (1909). " Percy ' s old, so very old, we do not know his age; He entered school in nineteen-eight his legal fight to wage. " Walter Carroll New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Class President (1); Forum President (1); Tennis Manager (21; Junior Prom Committee Chairman (3); Tulane Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Moot Court (2. 3, 4); A.B. Tulane (lOlS); Olive and Blue Society; President Junior A. and S. Class. " Girls and boys, he ' s dead in love With a wonderful girl from heaven above. " Lois Dale . . . , Texarkana, Ark Sigma Iota Chi; President Woman ' s Professional Organization of Tulane. " Little Lois, small in size, large in brains, will surely rise; She needn ' t wink at judges grown to win her case or hold her own. (58) UJ nl 1D 0 dAM BALAYA oO ai lC3 -; :( in Senior Law Class Charles C. Farrell New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. " We see him once a week or so. Therefore, his faults we do not know. Maurice Frank • Lake Charles. La. " A pohtician he will be. That is easy, plain to see. " (j Harry Fuller Be Kappa Sigma; Class President (3); 1 ulane Night Committee (3 -. " Harry Fuller, cigar fiend, seldom seems to study, But when it comes lo exam time he ' s always there and ready. " • X Manning Wright Heard New Orlea Delta Kappa Bpsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Class Vice-President (1); Class President (2); Freshman A. and S. President (1,914); Glendy-Burke; Law Debating Club; Tulane Club; Olive and Blue Society. ' ' Deke conventions, wine and beer Bring to Manning worlds of cheer. " La.. (59) Senior Law Class Emile Edward Joachim New Orleans, La, Moot Court. " Joe ' s a model student, he has never missed a case; He ' ll have no trouble with the law when the world he starts lo face. " Jack KraemeR New Orleans, La. Forum; President Law Student Body ( " ; Class Historian (4). " Jack Kraemer ' s brand of argument Is famous far and wide; But, Jack, why don ' t you argue Sometimes on the winning side. " ( : Edwin F. Marx Z«.ta BetH T;iu; A.B. Tulane (1! 1S); Editor Tulane Weekly (1); Moot Court f2r ;;, 4), President (2. 3); Southern Intt-rsclioiastic Games Committee (2); Tulane Clul) il, 2, 3), President (3); Class Vice-President and Treasurer (3); Polity Club; Interfraternity Council (3).. Treasurer (3); Olive and Blue Society. " A jelly bean of rare design, Who parts his hair in a perfect line. The ladies fall, not one but all; They come and go at his beck and call. " D Morris Paul LeCompte • Ho La. Kappa Sigma; Moot Court (2, 3, 4); Gleiuly-Buike (2. " With his real sharp tongue and his ready wit. As a lawyer he can ' t keep from making a hit. " j Jt, (60) ■ti ' .Tam-fiafjDtaxatasaaa. K-JKl - " O ' AiVt iiiJALAYA. OCXOfc ' i, ' iiii.f.iinil!., nil ' ' " ' " " " ' liyiiiiiiitiiiiii t f d t Senior Law Class Ledoux Roger Provosty . ■ New Roads, La. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Dt-lta Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Jambalaya Manager (1917); Basketball Assistant Manager (1917), Manager (191S) ; President Law Student Body (-1). " A brilliant record this man has — so bright it hurls the eyes; In politics he beats the best; therein his success lies. " John Diether Schmidt, Jr New Orleans, La. Vaisity Track (3); Class Track (3); Moot Court. " Johnny has a little pet, Estoppel is its name; It follows him to school always, ' twill surely bring him fame. ' David Grove Stafford - . . . Alexandria, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Track PootbaM. " His goggles make him look so wise. But they ' re just a part of his disguise. " Daniel Webster Stewart, Jr Minden, La. Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Varsity Football Manager (4 ) Chairman Dormitory Governing Board (1, 2, 3). " Lazy, slow and unconcerned, He went to class and he sometimes learned. But inspiration he bespied. For Little Lois sat at his side. " (61) IDO JAM BALAYA OUl " 1D. V Senior Law Class Joseph Louis Watkins . ■ . Houma, La. Tug-o ' -War (1); Class Football (1): Tulane Club (2. 3, 4); French Circle (1); Dormitory Football and Basketball Teams; Rifle Club (2); Varsity Squad (2); Vice-President and Treasurer of Class (3); Glendy-Burlce (3, 4), Vice-Spealver (4); Dormitory Governing Board (4). " Three years from now he says he ' ll make Five thousand bucks or more. He ' s dreaming, boys, he ' ll soon wake up. And then won ' t he be sore? William A. West, Jr Norwood, La. Plii Delta Theta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Football Manager (19151; Varsity Debating Team (l!illi); Kappa Delta Phi Medal (191(i); Editor Jambalaya (1!I15I; Jambalaya Manager (1914); Editor Tulane Weekly (1914). " His honors are honors thai speak for themselves; Just look at his record, then let ' s judge for ourselves. " Jasper Kohn Wright • Houma, La. Kappa Sigma; President Senior Law Class. " Martin Behrman ' s aide-de-camp in politics is he. His aspirations run as high as governor, you see. " Fred A. Wulff, Jr New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; Class W restling (1); Feather- weight Champion (3); Interfraternity Council (3. 4); Polity Club (3. 4); Tulane Chess Club (4); Moot Court (2, 3, 4); Jambalaya Editor-in-Chiet (4); Forum (4); Tulane Club (3, 4); Olive and Blue Society (4); Moot Court Murder (3). " Youthful is his middle name, he never will grow up. He ' s always full of pep and play, just like a baby pup. " (62) I19»3«20I lO Xj Senior Law Class Murray Hudson Mc La. " A home, a pipe, a dutiful wife; His must be a wonderful life. " Thomas Bayne DenegRE New Orleans, La, Psi Upsilon; Phi Delta Tlieta; Tale A.B. (1915). " A specimen of manhood rare. We ' d hate to pay for his bill of fare. " Mrs. Judith Hyams Douglas New Orleans, La. " ' My land, my land, ' the lady sighed; ' They have my land, she loudly cried, To get it back she studied law; Her recompense is not off far. ' ' . ) s«» .„„_. I. D. S. Farrar : r. ' New Orleans, Sigma Chi. " WKen the Opera burned down, ' Stamps ' Farrar was sad; Says he to himself, ' Now, ain ' t that too bad. ' " (63) ifjiSigai2ff isx)ZSSi -:±kii.A.iij :19« S »2Q] 0£3 ' im College of Commerce Seniors John Randolph Foote . New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Candidate for A.B. Degree. J. Alvin Gebelin Garyville, La. Ca ' ndidate for B.S. Degree. William Bernard Hammett New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Candidate for A.B. Degree. James H. Monroe New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi; Candidate for A.B. Degree. Henry William Wallace, Jr Poplarville, La. Candidate for A.B. Degiee. ; . ¥ -A •■; ' •■■ W Adolph K. Scharff New Iberia, La. Zeta Beta Tau; Varsitv Debate (3); Baseball Manager (3); Kappa Delta Phi; A and S. Student Body Secretary (3); Class Vice-President f3); Glendy-Burke (1 ■ ' 3)- Editor-in-Chief Tulane Weekly (3); Tulane Club; Class Football (2); Tug-iv-War (1, 2); Wrestling (2): Basketball (2); Track (2); Debating (2); Menorah Society (1, 2); Spanish Circle (1, 2). Lester D. Scharff New Iberia, La. Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Debate (3); Tulane Club (1. 2, 3); Menorah Society (1. 2); Glendv-Burke (1, 2, 3); Class Football (2); Tug-o ' -War (1. 2); Basketball f2); Track (I, 21; Baseball (2); Spanish Circle (1, 2); Managing Editor Tulane Weekly (3). (64) JUNIORS Newcomb Junior Class Poem ' sing you a song of the classes — Of the best and the rvorsl of the classes! Of those thai have gone their way — Of those that are here today. I ' ll sing xiou a song of their deeds — Of the good and the bad of their deeds! Of the struggles they ' ve fought and Tvon- Of what unfinished, of what undone. But mostly I ' ll sing of the Juniors, The Juniors of ' 21 . I ' ll write you an ode to the classes — To the best and the worst of the classes! To those that have reached the height — To those that Were lost in the fight. And at the end of my ode to the classes — To those odds and evens in classes — ' write of a race well run. And of numberless deeds well done — Of the highest place in the sun. And the name that I write will be Juniors — The Juniors of ' 21 . (67) x ai !D 0 cJAM BALAYA «0 0 u (68) [l p»3 »20] u cc o z D QQ s o u z iQ)0 cJAM BALAYA OQ riF = - n = Newcomb Junior Class Roll Officers Rosa Hart President Betty Rock Vice-President Sarah Davis Treasurer Ursula Cooper ............ Secrelar j Members Helen Adler New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi; Basketball (1); Class Cheer Leader (1); Mandolin-Guitar Club: Class Finance Committee (2); Tulane Weekly Staff (2). Louise Elizabeth Andrews New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (3. 3); Debating Club (2, 3); Dramatic Club; Glee Club: Student Council Secretary: Finance Committee: Tulane Weekly Cartoonist; Jambalaya Sub-Art Editor. Dorothy Terrell Baird Columbus, Miss. Kappa Kappa Gamma. LuciLt Taylor Baumgartner New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (2, 3); Latin Club (1, 2, 3); T. W. C. A. (2). Emily M. Bein New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball (2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1. 2, 3); N. A. A. loNE Brady New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3), Secretary (2); Basketball (1, 2). Harriet Mathews Butler St. Franclsville, La. PI Beta Phi; Basketball (1): Dramatic Club (1); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Frencli Circle (1, 2). Amelia Bynum Monroe, La. Latin Club (1, 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Edna Lyllion Clay Selma, Ala. Alpha Delta Pi: N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Myra Ettelson Cohen Mobile, Ala. Debating Club (1, 2. 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3): Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); Historv Club (2, 3). Rebekah Cohen Coahoma, Miss. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (2, 3); History Club (3). Ursula Cary Cooper New Orleans, La. U N. A. A. (1, 2. 3): Latin Club (1, 2, 3), Secretary (2), Vice-President (3); His- tory Club (2, 3), Secretary (3); Y. AV. c. A. (3); Class Secretary (3); Field (1. 2). Frances Daniel Columbus, Ga. f Kappa Kappa Gamma; Class President (1): Student Council (1): Executive b = Committee (1); N. A. A. (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Debating Club (2). Gladys Louise Davenport Halliesburg, Miss. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); French Circle (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1). Sarah Davis New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2. 3); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); History Club 2, 3); Glee Club (3); Class Treasurer (3); Class Basketball (1, 2, 3): Field Day (1. 2, 3). Virginia M. Davis Ausley, La. Phi Mu; Phi Phi; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Field Day (1); History Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); J. U. G. (1). Nellie Burbank Dodge New Orleans. La. Frances Roma Evans San Antonio, Texas Pi Beta Phi; Radical; Y. W. C. A. (2, 3), Cabinet (3); N. A. A. (2, 3); Dramatic Club (3); French Circle (2, 3); History Club (2, 3); Student Body Secretary (3); Executive Committee Secretary (3); Dormitory Council (3); West Wing Presi- dent (3). (69) ijj D IQ« »10 Elizabeth Louise Faulk Monroe, La. Phi Mu; J. U. G. (1); Latin Club (1, 21, Play (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 31: Phi Phi; History Club (2, 31; Dormitory Council (2, 3); Chapel Com- mittee (31; Field Day (1, 2); Baseball (1, 2). Grace Fischer New Orleans, La. Latin Club (1, 21; Y. " W. C. A. (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2, 31, Treasurer 21, Play (11; Debating Club (1, 2, 31; Debating Council (2, 31, Secretary (2, 31; History Club (31; Glee Club (31; Arcade Sub-Editor (2), Managing Editor (31; Hullabaloo Staff (2, 31; Jambalaya Assistant Newcomb Editor (3); Student Body Treasurer (3); Executive Committee (3). Constance Coin Foster . Vicksburg, Miss. Beatrice R. Frey New Orleans, La. I atin Club; French Circle. Caroline Friend New Orleans, La. Debating Club (31; N. A. A. (1, 3); Dramatic Club (3); History Club (31; Dra- matic t iub Stage Manager (31. Mary Eleanor Gould Shreveport, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Y. W. C. A. (2, 31, Treasurer (31, House Council (31; Latin Club (21. Sarah Hall Newman, Ga, Rosa Lucille Hart Lake Charles, La. Class President (3): Newcomb Cheer Leader (3); Arcade Board (3); Latin Club (1, 2, 31; French Circle (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 21; Hullabaloo Staff (3). Mary Hatch Buckner, La. Mary Alice Herbert New Orleans, La. .lambalava Representative (21; Va,rsity Baseball (1, 2); Town Team (1, 21; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); History Club (21; Y, W. C, A. (31. Alice Milicent Hess , New Orleans, La. Alpha Delta Pi; Radical; N. A. A. (1, 2, 31; French Circle (11; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 31; Journal Club. Corinne Hopkins New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Radical; Basketball (11; Baseball fll; Varsity Baseball (11; His- tory Club Secretary; N. A. A. (1, 2, 31; Dramatic Club (2, 31; French Circle (2, 31. Eva Lou Joffrion LeCompte, La. Y. W. C. A. ; N. A. A. Sadie May Joffrion Marksville, La. Chi Omega; French Circle (2, 31; Mandolin-Guitar Club (2, 31; Basketball (21; Varsity Team (21; N. A. A. (2, 31, Treasurer (31; Y. W. C. A. (2, 31; Radical; Baseball (21. Christine L. Johnston New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Council (21. Mildred Pauline Johnson Boyce, La. Chi Omega Pledge; Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); N. A. A. (2, 31; Phi Phi; Dramatic Club (21. Sadie Ethel Kahn Rayne, La. N. A. A. (31. Julia Allie Kirkwood N ew Orleans, La. Y. " W. C. A. (1, 2, 31; N. A. A. (1, 2, 31; Latin Club (31; Glee Club (1, 31; French Circle (21; Dramatic Club (1, 2. 31. Berthe Martin Lathrop New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; History Club President (2); Glee Club (21; N. A. A. (1, 2, 31; Dramatic Club (31; Tennis Tournament (11. Ruth Curry Lawler Bryan, Texas Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Inez H. Lepine Lafourche, La. Glee Club; Y, W, C. A.; N. A. A. Ida Emily Levy New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (1, 2, 31; Debating Club (2); Dramatic Club (2); French Circle (21; History Club (31. (70) : ai Marguerite Eloise Luria New Orleans, La. N. A. A. ; Glee Club. Bessie Magruder New Orleans, La. K. A. A. (2); Y. W. C. A. (2): History Club (2. 3); French Circle (2,. Katherine French Maher New Orleans, La. Debating Club (1. 2, 3); Fi-ench Circle (1, 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Executive Com- mittee (2. 3); Cbairman Summer Committee (2, 3): Student Council (2, 3); Debating Club Treasurer (2); Field Day Marshal; History Club President (3); Class President (2). Horace Miller (Star) Marshall Vicksburg, Miss. Chi Omega; Latin Club (1. 2): Dramatic Club (1, 2); French Circle (2); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); T. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Ruth Auguste Martyn New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (1); Latin Club (1, 2), Play (11; Debating Club (1. 2); French Circle (2); Assistant Business Manager Arcade (2, 3); Glee Club (3). Emma Bieber Matthew New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (1. 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2); French Circle (1, 2); Y. " W. C. A. (3). Nellie Flower Pierpont New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta; Radical; Manager Basketball Team (2); Jambalaya Repre- sentative tl); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3). Pearl C. Fool New Orleans, La. Chi Omega; Student Council (1); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Glee C ' lub (1); Art Repre- sentative (1, 2). Georgiana Reaney New Orleans, La. Latin Club (1. 2. 3); Debating Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2); IM. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (3). Lucy Webb Renaud New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron Pi; Dramatic Club (1. 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Glee Club; Sub-Editor Arcade (2, 3). Adele Marie Rexach Bay St. Louis, Miss. Alpha Delta Pi; Phi phi; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); J. U. G. (1, 2, 3). Fanny Victoria Rives Mansfield, La. Alpha Delta Pi; Radical; Varsity Baseball (1). Lyda Roberts New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Basketball (1, 2), Captain (2); Field Day Captain (1, 21; Y. TV. C. A. Kathleen Elizabeth Roberts Alexandria, La. Pi Beta Phi: Radical; Phi Phi; Class Treasurer (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3); Latin Club (1); House Council (1); Dormitory Baseball Team (2). Betty Rock Lake Charles, La. Chi Omega; Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3); Y. " W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); Dramatic Club (1. 3); Latin Club (1, 2); N. A. A. (1, 2, 3), Vice-President (3). Dorothy Davis Small Elwood, Ind. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mary Josephine Snoddy Gueydan, La. Glee Club; Latin Club; Y. W. C. A. Minnie Stewart Lake Charles, La. Chi Omega; Glee Club (1); Latin Club (1. 2, 3); French Circle (2, 3); Mandolin- Guitar Club (1, 2, 3), Secretary (2); Dormitory Club (1, 2, 3); Field Day (1, 2); Y. TV. C. A. (1, 2, 3); J. U. G. (1). Flora Henry Stratton New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma ; N. A. A. (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Latin Club (1); Dramatic Club (3); Basketball (1); Field Day. Mildred Florence Wells New Orleans, La. ; Deba (71) Kappa Kappa Gamma; N. A. A. (1, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Latin Club (1); Dramatic Club (3); Basketball (1); Field Day. Florence Wells Dramatic Club (2, 3); Glee Club (3); Debating Club (2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (2 3); French Circle (3). lD c D IRVING ALLEE NcTvcomb Junior Mascot (72) Z- iQI -ue iD)0 cJAM BALAYA OOt in Junior Arts and Science Class History ULANE did not realize on September 23, 1917, the day we affixed our names to the pink slips, that the class with th e greatest amount of " pep " and life ever known to the university had been enrolled. Just like the hibernating bear, we kept quiet until that eventful day in May, 1918, when we kidnapped the president of the class supposed (?) to enforce the Freshmen regulations, namely, the Sophomores. So united and so well planned were our actions that serious trouble was encountered in locating the prisoner. However, for the sake of Tulane Night, and in order to permit him to see his class out-yelled, out-classed and out-fought, the captive was permitted to go free. During the interclass contests we met with a few setbacks, but, like, the Allied Armies, we stuck out the fight gamely. Although the interclass contests of 1918 resulted in a tie, the Class of 1922 entered Tulane and beheld 1921 shining forth brilliantly amidst the glory of Tulane ' s pride and joy. Camp Martin. So convinced was the Class of 1 920 that we were the better class, that they made no attempt to remove our numerals. However, later in the year, due to our respect of dignity and right, the flag of 1921 was proudly lowered (alas, for only a short time), and the numerals of our sister class, 1919, graced the tank in their stead. Undaunted by the hardships of Camp Martin, the class returned to the University diminished in numbers, but more than doubled in fighting strength and spirit. So strict was the enforcement of the Freshman regulations that the Freshmen appealed to the faculty to take the enforcement of them out of our hands. This only made matters worse. We were a determined bunch, and Freshmanism to us was intolerable. Dur- ing the year more than one hundred and fifty Freshmen were compelled to turn over their hats and replace them in our presence with the " Greenie. " There was no such Fresh- man motto as " We wear gr een caps when we want to; " it was, " We wear green caps always because the Sophomores make us do so. " Tulane Night of April 3, 1919, will long be remembered in the heart of every undergraduate Tulanian. The Class of 1921 dashed forth in its full fury, armed with moustaches and goatees, surrounded by unsurpassable ingenuity, its fighting spirit keyed up to the highest pitch, their numbers overflowing with pep and enthusiasm, and swept the class of 1 922 before them like mere pigmies amidst an atmosphere dignified by the presence of gowned Seniors and alumni. The glory and supremacy of the " Green and White " on that eventful night should and could never be questioned. During these eventful months two members of the class journeyed to Atlanta and brought back the tennis championship of the S. I. A. A. In other sports we have always been to the front. In our Freshman year we furnished six men to the football varsity, one to basketball, and five varsity wrestlers. In our Sophomore year we furnished nine men to the major sports who earned the much-cherished " T. " The Class of ' 2 1 showed its real stamina in April and May of 1919. After losing three interclass contests in a row, it came back and won the last three, thereby placing its numerals on the tank amidst a different Tulane; a Tulane with more pep and life than ever ; a 7 ulane with the best football team in its history ; a Tulane graced with the liveliest class in its history, the Class of 1 92 1 . S. Cahlman Polmer, Hislorian. [) (73) LU IQ)0 JAMR (74) I1CM-S " ID 0«JA1 Junior Arts and Sciences Class Roll Officers James J. Morse President Tandy Q. Foote Vice-President Harold Ziejgler Secreta ) Members Harold J. Battalora New Orleans. La. LD. and B.S.; Treasurer Pre-Medicals (1): Mu Si§rma. Rohm H. Bierhorst New Orleans, La. M.D. ana B.S.; Secretary Pre-Medicals (2); Mu Sigma. Maurice Camagna New Orleans, La. ilu Sigma; Vice-President Pre-Medicals (2): B.S. Peter Cochiara New Orleans, La. Mu Sigma; M.D. Henry O. Colomb Romeville, Ga. Beta Theta Pi; Glendy-Burke (1 Emile a. Davidson New Orleans, La. Mu Sigma; Pre-Medieal Class President (1, 2). Cyril G. Devron New Oi leans. La. Delta Sigma Phi; Class " Wrestling (1. 2); Class Football (1, 2); Varsity Wrestling Team; Tulane Niglit Committee (1, 2); Captain Arts and Science Basketball Team (2); Tulane Weekly 3). Wm. M. Dixon Columbus. Ohio Alpha Kappa Kappa; Sigma Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon. Tandy Q. Foote New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Class Football (1); Class Track (1, 2); Tug-o ' -War (2); Class Secre- tary-Treasurer (2); Class ' ice-President (3). Robert McDonald Garrett Versailles, Ky. B.A. ; Varsity Wrestling. Euclid Borland Gill New Orleans, La. B.S.; Class Wrestling (1, 2). Percy Merritt Girard Lafayette. La. Nu Sigma Nu. David Rhea Graham, Jr ' New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma; Chemistry Fello vsllip (2, 3). John Wells Harrell, Jr Ruston, La. B.A. Roy Earl Henderson Longview, Texas B.S. ; M.D. (75) lOO JA.M BALAYA OaH IC Henry Edward Hubert New Orleans, La. Zoology Fellowship (2, 3). Robert Louis Kennedy Melter, Ga. B.S. Louis K. Levy New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling (1. 2); B.A. Louis C. Lob New Orleans, La. Zete. Beta Tau; Tug-o ' - " War (1, 2); Class Wrestling- (1); I ' ulane Club (1, 2, 3); Glendy- Burke: Interfraternity Tennis: Business Manager Tulane Weekly (3). Frank Leo Loria New Orleans, La. B.S. and M.D. Cecil O. Lorio Lakeland, La. B.S. and M.D. : Tug-o ' -War (2). William Hutchinson McClendon Amile, La. Kappa Alpha: Phi Delta Phi: Class Football and Basketball (1. 2): Class Wrestling (1, 2): Track (1, 2): Class Vice-President (2): Secretary-Treasurer Student Body (2). James Johnston Morse New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi; Class President (3); Varsity Tennis (2): Y. M. C. A. E. ecutive Council (3); Class Vice-President (2); Captain Class Tennis Team (2). Samuel Cahlman Polmer ' Schriever, La. Class Wrestling; Football; Tug-o ' -War; Track (1, 2); Glendy-Burke (1, 2, 3); Secretary- Treasurer (3): College of Commeice Student Body Secretary: Circulation Manager Tulane Weekly (3): Oratorical and Debating Council (3); Tulane Club (1, 2, 3): Jam- balaya Representative (3): Class Historian (3): Dormitory Governing Board (3). Irwin W. Rosenthal New Orleans, La. Tau Delta Chi; B.S.; M.D. E. Earl Sparling Oklahoma City, Okla. Kappa Alpha; Winner Glendy-Burke Essay Medal (1); A ice-President Forum (2); As- sistant Basketball Manager (2); Editor Tulane AVeekly (3); Y. M. C. A. Board (3); Tulane Club (1, 2. 3); Ho Hum Hoose. William Stewart New Orleans, La. B.S.; Class Wrestling. Allen L. Vories, Jr New Orleans, La. B.S. Harold F. Ziegler New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta; Class Secretary-Treasurer (], 21. ( 6) :]Q £ »20 ' — - , - lO ' VI 3D 0, Junior Technology Class History jj HE Junior Technology students entered Tulane three years ago and began to make themrelves known. They looked forward to the time when they would be able to call themselves Juniors and would have " Pop " and all the other big profs teaching them. Gee! They thought that they would know a lot and be awfully sm.art — . How true is the old saying, ' " Tis folly to be wise when Ignorance is bliss " (Or " Where ignorance is bliss, ' tis wise to be foolish. — Ed.) Of course, the names have been sadly depleted, but those who are left can now begin to see the outline of a goal standing against the horizon. As they wrestle with the problems of beams, mechanics and other things which occupy their spare time, they realize that they have set foot upon the doorstep of their professional careers. They have started that part of their lives which has long been looked forward to and which will in the future be looked back upon, we hope, only with the most pleasant memories. Each member of the class possesses sterling qualities, all of which should be mentioned, but on account of limited space the reader will have to content himself with the statement that they are a line bunch of fellows working hard to fit themselves for life ' s battles. Just keep your eye on 1921, and we prophesy that you will see great things come of these boys. (77) .i i o o J o z X o H Di o z D (78) IDO d -. OQE Junior Technology Class Roll Officers Harry H. Hustedt President Alexander Berea Vice-Presidcnl John M. Middleton Secrelar -Treasurer RuFUS U. Lea jamhala a Representalive Members Alfonso Alvarado Port Limon, Costa Rica Class TS ' iestling (1, 2). Alexander Berea, Jr New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma; Tug-o ' -War (1. 2 ; Class Track and Football (1. 2): Class Treasure!- (2); Class Vice-President (3). George Richard Blum Donaldsonville, La. Mechanical and Electrical. Louis Marcus Buja New Orleans, La. C.E.. Class Football (2). John H. Carter, Jr New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega; B.E. Clarence Anthony Cohen New Orleans, La. Class Football (1); Class Wrestling and Tug-o ' -War (2). Henry Bell Cooley New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling and Tug-o ' -War (1. 2). Carroll S. Crawford Gretna, La. Mechanical and Electrical. John Reginald Dykers New Orleans, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tug-o ' -War and Tennis Teams (2). John L. Ebaugh, Jr New Orleans, La. Class Secretary (1); Varsity Track (2); Class Vice-President (2). Frank P. Elizardi New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Mechanical and Electrical. Charles S. Foster New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering. William B. Gregory, Jr New Orleans, La. Class Football (1); Tug-o ' - ' War (1, 2). L. B. Grentz McDonoghville, La. Mechanical and Electrical. Douglas Marshall Haas Bunkie, La. Mechanical and Electrical. (79) ■ )T Harold Ruse Harper New Orleans, La. Meclianical and Engineering: Tug-o ' -War (2). Harry H. Hustedt New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Class President (3); Var ' sity Track (2); Class Wrestling (1. 2); Class Football: Baseball: Basketball: Track, and Tug-o ' -AVar (1. 2). Interfraternity Basket- ball (2). Calvin N. Joyner New Orleans, La. Tulane Club (1. 2, 3): Class Wrestling and Tug-o ' -Wa]- (2): Tulane Weekly (1, 2, 3); Rifle Club Trophy (1, 2): Class Secretary-Treasurer (2): Secretary Dormitory Governing Board (3): Y. M. C. A. Vice-President (2); T. M. C. A. Council (3); Chess Club (3); O. O. S. (3). RuFUs Upton Lea New Orleans, La. Quartermaster Summer Survey Camp (2); Jambalaya Representative (1, 3). McLean Jos. LeDoux New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha: Class President (1, 2): Varsity Football (1); Class Basketball; Wrest- ling: Foollmll: Baseball (1, 2). George Richard W. Lewis New Orleans, La. Mechanical and Electrical. John M. Middleton New Orleans, La. Class Basketball; Football; Track Baseball; Tug-o ' -War (1, 2); Class Vice-President t2J ; Class Secretary-Treasurer (3); Y. M. C. A. (2). Frederick J. K. Nungesser New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Chemical Engineering. Edward D. Parkhouse •. New Orleans, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; B.E. John Benj. Richardson New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta; Class Baseball; Basketball; Track, and Tug-o ' -War (1, 2). Henry Edward Rodriquez New Orleans, La. Bantam Wrestling Champion (2); S. S. A. U. Wrestling; Captain Junior League Basket- ball Team (2): Class AVrestling; Basketball: Baseball, and Tug-o ' -War (1, 2). ■ Simon B. Schwartz ■ New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling and Tug-o ' -War (1, 2) ; Summer Survey Camp. WlCKLiFFE Black Vennard New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha; Class Wrestling; Football; Tug-o ' -War; Basketball; Baseball (1, 2); Second Footba ll Team (2). Milton A. Voorhies Broussard, La. Kappa Sigma; Class Football (1). j || Helmuth Carlyle Voss Bogalusa, La. Class Wrestling and Tug-o ' - ' War (1, 2). ArMAND L. Willoz New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering: Class Wrestling (1). (80) • U.c ID)0 JAM BALAYA oOai The History of the Law Class of 1921 Ma}} It Please the Honorable Court: HE JAMBALAYA BOARD, having duly presented its petition that the history of the Law Class of 1921 be set forth, and that petition having been granted and an indorsement thereon signed by the proper authority, we now commence an impossible task. The history of our class is not a thing in esse, but a thing in fuluro, and therefore not capable of reduction to writing save in broadest outline. However, it i; not that which we have learned that may, in the State of Louisiana, be made the subject of a valid sale — a mere hope; nor is it, indeed, salable. It is an inalienable right of inheritance to which we, the forced heirs of Tulane ' s legal atmosphere, and our own association, one with another, have succeeded. The fountain heads of all Louisiana jurisprudence — The Roman Law and the Com- mon Law — are institutions sprung from the very bed-rock of antiquity; yet the stream lives and grows. For the brief instant that is given us in the pageant of legal history, we are to shape the course of this stream ' s waters, that it may make productive and pleasant the otherwise arid plains of the business of life. A justice of the Supreme Court, a learned jurisconsult, a famous public prosecutor, able advocates, cunning counsellors, shrewd solicitors — there you see us. " Ah! " you would remark, " this is a new day, indeed; there are three women in your band. " There ycu see, there in the broadest illus- trious outline you read our history. Its binding tie is cur as:ociation in Old Tulane, a tie of sweet recollection and indissoluble friendship. And, in closing, may it please the court, we defy such trifles as " cuts, " lack of preparation for this or that day ' s class hour, and even a condit on in a subject or two, ta mar our history in juturo. A. M. SUTHON. (81) [19 »£ F ' SToi iD)C: JAM BALAYA «001i u J a: Q 2 O o (82) ll « S »20I 3C Second Year Law Class Roll Officers ; I F. McLoucHLIN 1 . . . . President J. C. McGee Vice-President Margaret Wooster Secrelars Zed H. Hawkins Treasurer A. M. SuTHON ]amhalaX)a Representative Members J. C. Blouin New Orleans, La. Chas. Elliott Amite, La. A.B., Tulane University. Gus A. Fritchie Slidell, La. Phi Gamma Delta: Moot Court. Roy D. Fuller Bernice, La. Kappa Sigma Edward Lee Gladney . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Vice- President (2); Vice-President Student Body (3); Basketball Manager (3). Zed Harold Hawkins . . . Gross Tete, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Tug-o ' -War (1, 2); Captain Wrestling Team (11; Secretary- Treasurer {1. 2 ; Tulane Night Commit- tee (1); Forum President (3); Treasurer Junior Class; Runner Up S. A. A. U. Wrestling Championships (1). Carl F. Helmecke . . . New Orleans, La. Michael M. Irwin . . . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi: aioot Court. Delaware Kemper . . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Moot Court (2. 3): Professional Woman ' s Club of Tulane University (2, 3). Robert S. Kline Mangham, La. Phi Kappa Sigma; Moot Court. Nelvil L. Lebeuf . . . New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Leon Levitan New Orleans, La. Glendy-Burke Society. Lloyd M. Lowy .... New Orleans, La. Forum. W. H. McClendon Amite, La. Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Football (1); Class Football (1, 2); Class Basket- ball (1, 2); Wrestling (1, 2); Track (1); Tug-o ' -War (1, 2): Captain Class Basketball (2); Class Vice-President (3); Secretary-Treasurer Student Body (3). Jesse C. McGee .... New Orleans, La. Class Vice-President (3). James Frank McLoughlin . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Class (2); Polity President (3); Wrestling Club; Class Secretaiy-Treasurer (2). George Thomas Madison Bastrop, La. Sigma Chi; A.B.. Washington and Lee; Glendy-Burke; Tulane Club. Henry H. Martin Lake Charles, La. Kappa Sigma; Secretary Law Student Body (2): Law School Representative to Oratorical and Debating Council (3). Thomas Joseph Martin . St. Martinville. La. Tug-o ' -War Team (1); President French Circle (2); Forum; Moot Court. New Orleans, La. Professional Woman ' s Club of Tulane (2, 3) ; Moot Court. Johanna M. Palermo Archibald M. Suthon . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; A.B., Tulane; LL.B., Chattanooga College of Law; Forum (2, 3. 4); Chess Club Treas- urer (3); Oratorical and Debating Coun- cil, Jambalaya Representative (3). Isaac Wahlder Alexandria, Glendy-Burke (1, 2); Historian (2); Tu- lane Club; Moot Court (1, 2). Margaret Wooster Centreville, La. Alpha Delta Phi: Class Secretary (2); Moot Court; Professional Woman ' s Club of Tulane (1, 2). (83) fs i ID 0 JAM BALAYA OOOE ' D i fe . JUNIOR AND SOPHOMORE ART CLASSES (84) Z- ll 0«£?»201 SOPHOMORES ALAYA, )0 Q! Newcomb Sophomore Class Poem Had to the Brown and Blue, AH ye good folk and Irue. Honor where honor ' s due! Hail to our college! Oh, ye of twenty-two, Shout for the Brown and Blue! Join ye of twenty-two, All for the college! ; - 1. First in work as in play, No one can say us nay, None our ends gainsay! This is our story! Then hail the Blue and Gold! High our heads we hold. Twenty-two, brave and bold! Twenty-two ' s glory ! -A. V. L. D (87) L [19_«O 20J lO V .LAYA «I e . Newcomb Sophomore Class Roll Officers Aucz Odenheimer President Elizabeth Van der Veer Vice-President Ellen Kearney Secretary Rita F. Camors Jamhalapa Representative Members Cassie JUANITA Bass New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Basketball Team; Glee Club (1, 2); Newcomb Ball Team (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. Muriel Alston Bate New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta Pledge; Debating Club (1); N. A. A. (1, 2); French Circle 1, 2). Malvin Rita Boudreaux Houma, La. Martha Helena F. Bradford New Orleans, La. Beulah p. Brown Shreveporl, La. GeoRCIE F. Burke New Orleans, La. Rita F. Camors New Orleans, La, Phi Mu; N. A. A. (1. 2): Debating Club (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A.; Jambalaya Representative (2); Tennis (1, 2); Glee Club (1). Mildred Gayler Christian New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Council (1); Latin Club; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Annetta Cohen Mobile, Ala Sara W. Colcord New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; N. A. A. (1, 2); Phi Phi; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club; Phi Epsilon Phi. Dorothy Covington Hazelhurst, Miss. Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Latin Club (1); Phi Phi. Suzanne E. de Graffenfried Monroe, La. (89) O] il! ' a i I O Oc AMBA LAYA «0 C I ' - ' ' I I ' Til Carmen M. de Laureal Broussard, La. Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Frances Dreyfuss Shreveport, La. Helen Dymond New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club (1); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2); Captain Class Basketball (1); Captain Newcomb Ball (2); Varsity Basketball (1). Mae East New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball (1); Glee Club (1); French Circle (1, 2); Y. -W. C. A. (1, 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2); Pi Upsilon; History Club (1). Edith Ellsworth McComb, Miss. Glee Club; Y. " W. C. A.; Dormitory Council. Gladys Catherine Engler New Orleans, La. Latin Club; Dramatic Club; Debating Club. Adair Humphries Ewin Biloxi, Miss. Kappa Kappa Ganrma; N. A, A. (1, 2). Olc.a Fernandez New Orleans, La. Helen C. Flanagan Laurel, Miss EsTELLE Flaspoller New Orleans, La D Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball (1); Varsity Basketball (1); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. {1, 2); Glte Club (1, 2); Pi Upsilon Pi. Ellen Graves Frankenbush . . . . , New Orleans, La. Phi Mu; Debating- Club; N. A. A. Louise Whitney Frederic New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; N. A. A. Joe May W. Fulham New Orleans, La. Helen Raimer Gibbs Spokane, Wash, Julia Goddard New Orleans, La Y. ,W. C. A. (2); N. A. A. (2); Debating and Glee Clubs (1, 2). Freida Goldberg Alexandria, La. Debating Club; Dramatic Club; N. A. A. Helene Blanche Goldsmith New Orleans, La Alpha Epsilon Phi; French Circle; Glee Club; N. A. A. Marie Rosamond Gurley New Orleans, La. French Circle; N. A. A. (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (2); Basketball (1). Ethel May Gutman New Orleans, La. History Club; Latin Club. Everall Burdon HaRDWICK New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta. Ruth Harper New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; N. A. A.; Glee Club; French Circle; Phi Epsilon Phi. MarJORIE Hay New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A.; N. A. A.; Class Vice- jj | President (1); Radical ; Pi Upsilon. (90) Jo _, m i v fisOt= 3::::::::::::::::: -. . .j ir ;; ; ;;;;:::;;:;; . ' ' ' — (Dt :,l 1D 0 «JAM BALAVA «Oa Josephine Holcombe Gadsden, Ala. Pi Beta Phi. Ethel B. Jackson Miami, Fla. Ella Johnson Tallulah, La N. A. A. Ellen Lee Sloo Kearny New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball (1): Varsity (1); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (1. 2); Class Secretary (2); N. A. A. Secretary (2); Pi Epsilon Pi. Maude Wiley Kemper New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball (1); N. A. A. (1, 2); Mandolin-Guitar Club (1, 2); tree Committee; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Frances A. Keyer Natchez. Miss. Margery Mayfield Kidd Ruslon. La. Pi Beta Phi; Phi Phi; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (1. 2); N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Class Cheer Leader (1); Latin Club (1); Baseball, Varsity Team (1). Lydia B. Koerner New Orleans, La. Clem KohlmaN New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi; N. A. A.; Dramatic Club (1, 2). Esther Anna Kuss New Orleans, La. Phi Mii; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Finals, Carnot Debate. Camille Lanphier New Orleans, La. N. A. A. (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Glee Club (1); French Circle (11; History Club (1). Mary Nell Latta Marianna, Ark. Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; D. A. D. Elinor Barron LeBlanc New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Thet a; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Class Historian (1); N. A. A. (1) Eleanor J. Leipziger New Orleans, La. MarjORIE LeVERT Mark, La. N. A. A. (1, 2). Alice M. Lewis New Orleans, La. Alice V. Lewis New Orleans, La. Clara Davis Lewis New Orleans, La. French Circle (1, 2); Latin Club (1); Dramatic Club (2). Dorothy Vories Lyle New Orleans, La. Margaret Blair Lyon New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron Pi; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Field Day Basket- ball Team (Sub) (11; N. A. A. (1, 2); Baseball Team (2). Julia Mae Magruder New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta; Radical; N. A. A. (1, 2); T. W. C. A. (1. 2); Glee Club. (91) i D Mil llO»3?»20 l . - — i o S;i ' " O ' ' IP 0 JAMBALAYA OOf SociA Macruder New Orleans, La. Ameue Longer May New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; N. A. A. 1. 2): T. W. C. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (2); Phi Bpsilon Phi. Kathleen McKnight Augusta, Ark. Alpha Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A.; N. A. A. Louise Learned Metcalfe Natchez, Miss. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dixie Cherry Milling New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma: N. A. A. (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2|; T. W. C. A.; Arcade Substitute Editor; Phi Epsilou Phi. Alice Moreton Brookhaven, Miss. Gamma Phi Beta. Alice Batclay Moses New Orleans, La. Irma Moses New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Marguerite P. Murphy Washington, D. C. GwiN MuRRELL Bayou Goula, La. Pi Beta Phi; YT. W. C. A.; N. A. A.; Glee Club. Marjorie Newell Chattanooga, Tenn. Chi Omega; Student Council; Dor " mitory Ccanc: ' ; T. W. C. A.; N. A. A.; Dra- matic Club. Nanon Newman New Orleans, La. LuciLE May Nickerson Franklin, La. Fannie Ochs New Orleans, La. Alice OdenheiMER New Orleans, La. Alpha Epsilon Phi; N. A. A.; Debating; Club (1, 2); Jambalaya Representative (1 ; Field Day Class Captain (1); Class Basketball Manager (1); Vai-sity Base- ball (1); Class President (2); Debating Council (2); Class Cheer Leader (2); Winner Jambalaya Popularity Contest (2). Julia Dorothy Oeschner New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; Class Treasurer (1, 2); Mandolin and Guitar Club; Dramatic Club (1, 2); N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; History Club; Glee Club (1). Elizabeth A. Paterson San Antonio, Texas y. " W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Alistine Phillips New Orleans, La. Josephine Pitner Chattanooga, Tenn. Chi Omega; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Mildred Lakewood Pool New Oi leans, La. Chi Omega: Mandolin and Guitar Club; Newcomb Ball Team (2); Field Day: Gke Club; N. A. A.; French Circle. Frances Helen Powe New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Theta. (92) ' ' = 201 IDO cJAM BALAYA 0 0t EvABELLE Prague . New Orleans, La. Phi Mu; N. A. A. Kathleen Pugh Mahile, Ala. Byrne F chard New Orleans, La. Alpha Delta Pi; Latin Club; Y. W. C. A.; N. A. A.; Glee Club. Edna Marie Rossner Gretna, La. Cecelia B. Slack Alexandria, La. Alice Childress Smith Bryan, Texas Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Dramatic Club. loNE Frances Sonnemann New Orleans, La. Eugenia Layton Speed Monroe, La. Julia Lois Stafford Housion, Texas Helen B. Stern New Orleans, La N. A. A.; Debating Club; French Circle. Bert Thompson Boyce, La. Margaret Faye Townsend St. Mary ' s, Ga. Mary Elizabeth VanderVeer New Orleans, La. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball Team (1); N. A. A. (1, 2); Class Vice-Presi- dent (31; Y. W. C. A.; Mandolin and Guitar Club (1, 2); Glee Club; Pi Upsilon; Basketball Captain (2); Newcomb Ball Team (2), Merle Van Horn New Orleans, La. Phi Mu; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2). Madeline Villere New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi; French Circle; N. A. A.; Glee Club. Cecelia Amy Wallbillich New Orleans, La. Y. ' W. C. A.; Glee Club;, Latin Club; N. A. A.; Dramatic Club. Miriam B. Watson Locust Ridge, La. N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club. Jessie Marco Weil Alexandria, La. LiLLlE W. Wellborn New Orleans, La. N. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. Borodel Denison Wheeler Natchez, Miss. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dramatic Club. Elizabeth Wilby Selma, Ala. Alpha Delta Pi; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Claire Marie Wogan New Orleans, La. Julia Malone Wyche New Iberia, La. Latin Club; French Circle. Mary Lanier Yancey Monroe, La. Julia Clara Zoeller New Orleans, La. (93) m a. iiiii []Q»a »2oi lao OAM BALAYA oOOf " A . D (=54) I i! The Sophomore Arts and Sciences Class History N allusion to the Class of 1 922 is an expression of pep. Every great movement originates in its midst. It stands supreme, its nearest and dearest rivals being, of course, the Class of 1 92 1 . It controls the membership in the " Back-Steps " Club, especially the Arts and Science division. More sleepless nights for the upper classmen have been caused by its activities than any other class that has ever entered Tulane. But really speaking seriously on our greatness, we have left a glorious record behind us, and foresee an even greater one before us. As Fresh- men we won the major contests of the Freshman-Soph contests, namely, basketball, irack, and baseball. Wrestling, which should always be an easy victory for the Sophs, was lost by only one match. We just missed being the first even numbered class to have its numerals on the tank for many years by just one contest. Just watch for them there the next year. Again we proved our fighting prowess by winning one of the most glorious free-for-alls that has ever graced Tulane ' s campus. We also tried our best to put some pep in Tulane by taking a holiday on Tulane Night, but unfortunately we ere worsted in this attempt and took the count from the faculty. Looking to the future, I see 1 922 as the coming class of the University. We lave had rather an easy time with the Freshmen of this year, having won wrestling with no serious effort, tug-o ' -war, and football. We hardly think, at the present lime, that the contest will need to proceed any further than the fourth, as it is quite certain that the Class of 1 922 will win that contest. D !19 O»201 lO Xj iQ 0 «JAM BALAVA O rf] u W u z Q z H u n: o o I o Q B « ' «- ' M«»!»»«« (95) il9»S »20] JAM B ALAYA OOOE The Sophomore Arts and Sciences Class Roll Officers Harry F. Stiles Presldenl Richard B. Montgomery Vice-President Malcolm Dinwiddie Secreiar ) WiLLARD R. WlRTH Treasurer Members Joseph S. Bannon . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta; B.A. Charles G. Coyle . . . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta; Class Vice-President (1), Class Secretary-Treasurer (2); :-o ' -War (1, 2). Tug George D. Feldner . B.S. Richard A. Fraser . B.A. Hyman Karnofsky . B.S. John Lynton Madden Alplia Tau Omega; New Orleans, La. . . Mansfield, La. New Orleans, La. . Homer, La . B.S. R. B. Montgomery, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha; Class Vice-President (2); Jambalaya Representative (2); Class Secretary-Treasurer (1); Class Tennis (1); Debating (1); Track (1); Glendy-Burlce (1). August W. Mysinc . B.S. New Orleans, La. Nathan H. Polmer . . B.S. Prentice Lanier Smith New Orleans, La Minden, Class President (1); Polity Club (1, 2); Chess Club (2); Tulane Club (1, 2); T. M. C. A. Cabinet (1. 2); Assistant T. M. C. A. Secretary (2); Tulane Weekly Staff (2); Secretary Forum (2). MuRDocK M. Snelling New Orleans, La Class President (1); Class Wrestling, Track. Football, Tug-o ' - " War (1, 2); Varsity Track Team, Varsity " x " ; Tulane Club; O. O. S. ; Tulane Orches- tra (2). Harry F. Stiles New Orleans, La. Class President (2): Class Vice-Presi- dent (1); Glendy-Burke (1); Forum (2); Oratorical and Debating Council: Class Tug-o ' -War, Baseball, Debating (1. 2). E. Fay Walter Winnsboro, La Delta Tau Delta; B.A. Willard Ralph Wirth . New Orleans, La Phi Kappa Sigma; Class Treasurer (2). n (96) llQ g?»201 [D 0«JAM BALAYA OOE The Sophomore Technology Class History iD HE Technology Class of 1922 first began to make its presence felt on the campus after the signing of the armistice and the subsequent demobilization of the S. A. T. C. Our class has been one of the leading factors in bringing back to Tulane that spirit and pep which had been partly stifled during the period when we were in uniform. We did not win the mterclass contests of last year, but we were vic- torious in baseball, basketball, and track, the three most important of the seven events. In the early part of our Freshman year the Sophomores found that our class was composed of men who were loyal to their class and ready to support it even against odds. This year we have profited by the experience gained during the past season, and we are perfectly capable of regulating the conduct of the Freshmen on the campus. Since November 1 st we have expelled all Freshmen from the exclusive middle steps of Gibson Hall, and we have caused them to walk only on the con- crete walks of the campus. With the determination to put an even numeral on the tank this year we have started off with a rush. The Freshmen were defeated in wrestling, tug-o ' -war, and football, the only events which have taken place up to the writing of this history. Although the " Freshies " have a larger number of men to choose from, they are unable to stand up against the Class of ' 22. The Technology Sophomores are proud of the Class of 1922, and are forever ready to uphold its honor, but never will we make the mistake of placing class spirit before Tulane spirit. We are here as a part of Tulane, and in the future, as engineers, we hope to be a source of great pride for our university. n (97) [1Q«CS »201 " B.Al m o - o o J o z X o u H u OS o s o I o r- (98) - lOl »D : UAM BALAYA oOai Sophomore Technology Class Roll Officers Harold F. Legem Presidenl VoLNEY H. Kyle Vice-President Robert H. Fine Secrciary-Treasurer James Fulmer Jamhalaya Represenlalive Members New Orleans, La. Lake Charles, La. Wallace Frank Abadie Chemical Engineei-ing. Maud S. Abreco .... Architecture. Jules Caesar Alciatore Mechanical and Electrical lins (1. 2). Lewis S. Alcus .... Mechanical and Electrical. Paul Brady Alker . . . New Orleans Harold George Legeai New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Class Wrest- New Orleans, La. La. Delta Kappa Epsilon: Tus Interfraternity Tennis (1) o ' -War (1. 21 ; Newton E. Beauvais . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineei ' ing:. Sol Bloodworth, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma; Civ ' il Engineering. Frank P. Broussard . . Breaux Bridge, La. Mechanical and Electrical; Tug-o ' -War. DoNELSON Caffery, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon Electrical ; Mechanical and Tug-o ' -War (1, 2); Boxing. New Orleans, La. Tug-o ' -War Philip Campbell, Jr. Mechanical and Electrical; (2). Joseph Saul Cohen . . New Orleans, La. Mechanical and Electrical; Tug-o ' -War (1); Class Wrestling (1). Henry Harreld Dinkins, Jr. . . Scoit, La. Kappa Alpha; Class President (1); Tug- o ' -War (1, 2); Class Wrestling (1. 2); S. A. A. U. Wrestling. Charles Nolte DeRussy, Belle Alliance, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tug-o ' -War (1, 2) ; Tulane Club. Donald A. DuPlantier . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering; Tug-o ' -War (1). Newell Chandler Erwin . Charlotte. Texas Mechanical and Electrical.. Delta Sigma Phi; Class Basketball (1); Tug-o ' -War (1. 2); Class Track and Football (1); Class Pi-esident (2); Inter- fraternity Basketball and Tennis. Bernard Maurice Levy . . . Patterson, La. Mechanical and Electrical; Class Base- ball (1). Marcel Livaudais . . . New Orleans. La. Kappa Sigma; Chemical Engineering. Junior Ludlow .... New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi; Tug-o ' -War (1. 2). C. Byrne Lynch .... New Orleans, La. Tug-o ' - " War (1, 2); Class Baseball (1). Otto Theodore Maier . . New Orleans, La. Mechanical and Electrical. Ernest Edwin McCollough . Fullerton, La. Chemical Engineering. HoLMAN Louis Michaelis . New Orleans, La. Tug-o ' -War (1. 21; Mechanical and Elec- trical. Arthur Gayle Monette . . Tallulah, La. Ci ' il Engineering. J. A. Milton Monlezun . New Orleans, La. Tug-o ' -Ti ar f2); Second Football Team. Joseph Chandler Morris . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering. Oscar N. Morton . . . San Antonio, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma; Mechanical Engineei ' - ing. Edward Mitchell Naberschnig .... New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering. Isidore Leon Pesses . . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering. Coulter Ball Prescott New Orleans, La, Alpha Tau Omega; Tug-o ' -War (1). (99) llO »20] of !T1 !D 0 JAM BALAYA OCXOI D Thomas Prince Farrar New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi; Arcliitecture. Robert Hewson Fine . . Birmingham, Ala. Beta Theta Pi; Tug-o ' -War (1, 2); Class Treasurer (2). Charles Julius Fritchie . . . Slidell, La. Basketball; Baseball (1); Tug-o ' -War (1); Wrestling (1, 2); Tulane Wrestling, 145-pound champion (1). James Lee Fulmer . . . New Orleans, La. Tug-o ' -War (2); Class Jambalaya Rep- resentative (2). Fernand C. Gandolfo, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi; Tug-o ' -War (1, 2); Class Football (2). Cecil Alfred Hallam .... Clinton, La. Mechanical and Electrical. William Talman Hess . . New Orleans, La. Ivappa Sigma; Jambalaya Representative (1); Tug-o ' -War (1. 2); Class Track (1); Class Wrestling (1. 2). Julian Richard Hiller New Orleans, La. Mechanical and Electrical. Frederick John Hoffman . New Orleans, La. Class Baseball (1); Class Football (2). William James Kearney, Jr., New Orleans, La. Mechanical and Electrical. E. Neivton Kearny . . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tug-o ' -War (2). Claude J. Kelly .... New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering, Volney Howard Kyle, Jr. . . Houma, La. Sigma Chi; Tug-o ' -War (1. 2); Assistant Basketball Manager President (2). (2) ; Class Vice- W. L. Richeson, Jr. . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Captain Freshman Wrestling Team {!); Class President (1); Varsity Football (1, 2); Second Basketball Team (1); Class Basketball (1); Tulane Night Committee (1). Charles Lewis Rittenberg, New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering. Joseph J. Ruffo .... New Orleans, La. Class Basketball and Eo.xing. Andrew K. Schwartz . . . Savannah, Ga. Chemical Engineering. W. Hobson Sparr . . . New Orleans, La. Tug-o ' -War (1); Class Baseball (1). H. Olga Teberne . . . New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering; Professional and Scientific Woman ' s Organization. Rudolph A. Todd . . . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Class Secretary ' (1): Manager Freshman Track Team; " Varsity Track (1): Basketball Second Team; Sub on Varsity Football Squad (1, 2); Class Football (1, 2); Man- ager (2). Haney H. Truxillio . . . New Orleans, La. Ci%il Engineering. Albert Wachenheim, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Zcta Beta Tau ; Ci -il Engineering. Oliver Perry Walker . . New Orleans, La. Civil Engineering. Peter S. Winchester, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Mechanical and Electrical. Robert Sawtelle Wynn . Ruston, La. Tulane Heavyweight Wrestling Cham- pion (1); Class Basketball (1); Class Football (2). iiJ " 1 (100) !lQtfC S »201 M ll! D io History of the Freshman Law Class NDAUNTED by the cold, hard facts that " most lawyers starve to death, " and that four-fifths of the 1918-19 first year law class were victims of the faculty slogan, " Thou shalt not pass, " September 29, 1919 witnessed the scene of a notable group of future greats, including war heroes, athletes, and ex-aviators, registering for the work of the Freshman Law Class. One naturally asks, " Why, then, in spite of the above stated facts, did so many promising young men begin the study of law? " I can only give some prob- able answers, since the registration blanks failed to contain the question. Perhaps it was because of the desire to become members of the only existing bar since July 1 , 1919; perhaps there was the inspiration to plead for justice ; or there may have existed the ambition to become statesmen among some of the members of the class. Nevertheless, for one reason or another, we began to prepare for the honorable profession of a barrister on October 1 , 1919. Although only four months old, the class has already brought distinction on itself. So many of its members made the varsity football team that on a certain Saturday that the team was filling an out-of-town engagement one of the professors sincerely asked, " Do all the members of this class belong to the football team? " Of course, the answer was in the negative, but it may be said that the embryo lawyers who were not on the team were back of it, heart, soul and purse. The football season was still fresh in the memories of the class when the first obstacle, the final examination on the history of Roman law, on the path to the coveted LL.B., caused many to stumble. However, with strong courage, the stumblers soon rose to their feet and worked hard right up to the day the university calendar said, " Christmas holi- days begin. " The gay Yuletide season saw the society pages of the local newspapers covered with lists of names that resembled the class roll. The holidays were over only too soon, and without even the formal New Year greetings the class started back to work with a vim. Long hours were spent in the library in the diligent pursuit of that jealous mistress, the Law. And before anyone could fully realize it, the dreaded examination days were at hand with questions ending, " What would you, as the district attorney, do in this case? " ; " A comes to you for your counsel as an attorney-at-law. What would you advise him to do? " Our answers were scrutinized by the professors and the term grades posted, in full public view, on the bulletin board. Heavy black mourning crepe served as a suitable frame for the board, which explains the sad fate of the aspiring would-be lawyers. This is our past. Who can prophesy our future? Shall we, in the future years, guide the ship of state, sit on the benches of the highest courts, gowned in solemn black robes, and hold the sc-.I i: of justice; or shall we sink into oblivion? Time alone will tell. Herman Winsberg. (101) PO cJAM BALAYA conF Jj D D (102) u -J g E L QI I19»g »20] ilU ID 0 cJAM BALAVA Oai IQ The First Year Law Class Roll Officers Bernard Williams President Albin Provosty Vice-PresiJenl Harold W. Newman, Jr Secretary-Treasurer Eddie Reed Jambala a Representative Members Joseph Louis Bourdette . New Orleans, La. Benjamin Temple Brown . New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tech Vice- President (1), Tech President (2): Varsity Football ; Track Team. New Orleans, La. New Orleans, La. Abraham Bruchis William P. Burke. Jr. Phi Delta Theta. James Thompson Burns . . Covinglon, La Delta Kappa Epsilon: Tulane Club. John William Canby . . Fall River, Mass Phi Delta Theta. Roy Robert Carver . . Giffard, Ark. New Orleans, La. . Homer, La. Benjamin Cohen .... Benjamin Essig Coleman Alpha Tau Omega. Oliver H. Dabezies . . . New Orleans, La. Football; Varsity Delta Sigma Phi; Basketball. La. Arthur A. Delahoussaye . . Franklii Beta Theta Pi; Tug-o ' -AVar Team. William Dalton Dwyer . . St. Paul, Minn. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Football (1. 2). Perry Selig Feldman . . New Orleans, La. Chester J. Ford .... New Orleans, La. William J. B. Fournet . St. Martinville, La. . Slidell, La. Gus Alexander Fritchie Phi Gamma Delta. Denis Paul Gaudet . . . LaFourche, La Eddie Grace .... Phi Delta Theta. Percy Dupre Greaves New Orleans. La . Waterproof, La. Kappa Sigma; Secretary Law Student Body. John Wells Harrell, Jr. . . . Rusion, La. William Nash Johnson . . . Homer, La. Alpha Tau Omega; Masonic Club; Interfraternity Council; Olive and Blue Club. New Orleans, La. Tulane Club; Lloyd M. Lowy . . . Glendy-Burke; Forum; Moot Court. Chandler C. Luzenberg . New Orleans, La, Phi Delta Theta. John Alban Nacle .... St. Paul, Minn. Varsity Football. Harold W. Newman, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau, Class Secretary (1). Cornelius Wm. O ' Leary . New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta; Cheer Leader (1). DosiTE Hugh Perkins Phi Kappa Sigma. Wm. a. Porteous, Jr. Alpha Tau Omega. Albin a. Provosty . . . Sulphur, La. New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta; dent (1). James Edwin Reed Delta Sigma Phi; . New Roads, La. Class Vice-Presi- . New Orleans, L a. Varsity Football; Oli ' e and Blue Club; Class Historian. Cassius Richard .... New Orleans, La. Jim Warren Richardson Bogalusa, La. (103) [1Q«S » 201 m io . Mangham, La. New Orleans, La. New Or: La William S. Sayre, Jr. Sam p. S. Schwinc . Phi Delta Theta. John A. Smith . . . Phi Delta Theta. Edmond E. Talbot Ruston, La. Sigma Nu; A.B. Tulane ' 17; Varsity Football (1, 2); Olive and Blue Club. Samuel J. Tennant, Jr. . New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling and Football. Joe Atkinson Wakeman . . Alexandria, La. Kappa Sigma; Moot Court. William Green Wiecand Sigma Alpha Epsilon. New Orleans, La. Eugene B. Williams New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Class President (3); Varsity Football (1, 2, 3); Tug-o ' - War (1); Heavyweight Wrestling Champion (1); Class Basketball. Base- ball. Track. Wrestling (1. 2); Basket- ball, Second Team; Varsity Track (1, 2); Glendy-Burke: Tulane Oratorical and Debating Council; Tulane Club. Hi»R?ER F. Willis Shreveporl, La Herman Winsberg Thibodaux, La. President Tulane Intercollegiate Meno- rab ; Class Wrestling (1); Manager Class Debate (1); Tulane Club (1, 2); Glendy-Burke (1); Moot Court. lU (104) Newcomb Freshman Class Poem AVhat puts pep inlo college life. What delights uppei -classmen? What makes a Soph say, " Lei me show you the way? — Why, jusl a green little Freshman. All hail, then, to the Freshman, Wi ' h her colors of white and gold, Who loves ' 23 As a prof loves his fee, And swears, tho ' young, to be bold. You ask me, ' Have these Freshmen spirit? Are they all jolly fellows well met? Do they lake the girls ' chaff With a whole-hearted laugh, And say, ' Oh, our goat ' s hard to get ' ? " It ' s a thousand to one that they do, And here is the reason why — They ' re the best to be found On Newcomb s ground- — They pass any other class by. On the famous fifth of November Green caps for (he first time they wore. Then snake-danced, of course. And yelled themselves hoarse, To prove to the Sophs they weren ' t sore. Then the Juniors gave them a parly, A rare celebration, I ' ll say; From begmning to end All wild women and men. You see, ' twas a real cabaret. Next a party from Freshmen to Juniors The day before Valentine Day, With a kna- e of hearts, And a tray of tarts. And a court with queens and maids gay. So you see they ' ve had plenty of fun. And love Newcomb as much as they can. They ' ve never been shy. Nor have wanted to die — It ' s the result of the " big sister ' plan. (107) f I0 0 UAM BALAYA Oai r T , I X3 (108) u z oi u. o z L - QI I1Q»C3S 2Q] iLU 3D)0 «JAM BALAYA cQOE Newcomb Freshman Class Roll Officers Edna Louise White FreslJent Genevra Washburn Vice-Presidenl Virginia Butler Treasurer Burt Newell Secretary Members a Helen Aldrich New Orleans Esther Altfield Jackson, Tenn. May AsbURY New Orleans Leah Aschaffenburg . . . New Orleans Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledge; Historj ' Club; Dramatic Club. Hazel M. Babin .... While Caslle, La. Sallie L. Banks Raines, Tenn. Mandolin-Guitar Club. Catherine Barbour . . Yazoo Cily, Miss. Emily H. Barnwell . . . Clarksdale, Miss. Chi Omega Pledge; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Bellinger .... New Orleans Gladys Benedic New Orleans Edna Berk Magnolia, Ark. Leah Bertel New Orleans Latin and Glee Clubs. Hazel Amelia Bienvenu . . . Houma, La. Elsie M. Bonvielain .... Houma, La. Latin Club: French Circle. Fannie M. Bonvillain .... Houma, La. Latin Club. Ezrene Bouchelle Bolizie, Ala. Maria BondreauX New Orleans Grace Bradshaw .... Birmingham, Ala. Pi Beta Phi Pledge; Phi Phi; Y. W. C. A. Cornelia E. Brandon Frenoh Circle; Y. W. C. A.; N. A. A.; Newcomb Ball. Marion Brehm New Orleans Myrtle Bridgeman Homer, La. Susie Briggs .... Bay Si. Louis, Miss. Glee Club: Latin Club: French Circle; Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge; T. W. C. A. Hallie Brown Oakdale, La. Y. W. C. A. Mary E. Buie .... Fort Neccssily, La. Alpha Delta Pi Pledge: N. A. A.; Glee Club. Annelle Bullock Tyler. Texas Virginia Butler .... New Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha Thcta Pledge. Amy M. Byrnes Ethel, La. Dramatic Club; N. A. A. Ardis E. Caffall Jennings, La. MaRJORIE B. CaLLENDER . . . New Orleans Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge; Dra- matic Club; N. A. A. Marguerite Campbell . . Morgan City, La. Alpha Delta Pi Pledge. Nanette Carnahan . . Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Isabel Carre New Orleans Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge. Janice J. Cashman Mobile, Ala. .Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledge. Ethel L. Cassedy . . . Brookhaven, Miss. T. W. C. A.: Latin Club; Dramatic Club; N. A. A. Teresa H. Champlin .... Biloxi, Miss. Alice Chapman . . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge: N. A. A,; DramaLic Chib. (109) n,Q«s»:ioi Mil io J DXZ Elizabeth F. Chase .... New Orleans Dramatic Club; N. A. A. ; T. W. C. A.; Glee Club; Mandolin-Guitar Club. Josephine Clymer .... Goodland, Ind. Lena Cohn N. A. A.; French Circle. Emily Cook New Orleans Rose B. Coscrove New Orleans Fay Cowley Amory, Miss. Phi Mu Pledge; Dramatic Club. Christine Cox LeComple, La. Elizabeth Craig New Orleans Pi Beta Phi Pledge; Ncwcomb Ball; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; French Circle; Dramatic Club. Mildred Daniel Columbus, Ga. Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge. Helen B. Dante Dumas, Ark. Marjorie M. Darby . Loreanville, La. Alverne M. Davis Ansley, La. Phi Mu Pledge; Phi Phi; Y. W. C. A. Vivian B. de Milt New Orleans Alice O. DeBuys .... New Orleans, La. Pi Beta Phi Pledge; Newcomb Ball; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. ; French Circle. Anna E. Dicks Natchez, Miss. N. A. A. Lucy Dickson New Orleans Martha Dickson Dixie, La. Alpha Delta Pi Pledge; N. A. A.; T. -W. C. A. MeTA S. DinkINS . . . . . Canton, Miss. Alpha Delta Pi Pledge; Dramatic Club; T. W. C. A. ; N. A. A. Carmel v. Discone .... New Orleans Latin Club. Mattie J. Dochterman . . Vicksburg, Miss. Esther V. Donaldson . . . New Orleans Emma M. Douglas New Orleans French Circle; Dramatic Club. Marguerite Dow New Orleans Kathleen Dowling .... Eufaula, Ala. Latin Club; French Circle. Ruth Dreyfous New Orleans Newcomb Ball; N. A. A. Sadie DrEYFUSS Shreveport, La. Catherine S. Dunbar . . . New Orleans Pi Beta Phi Pledge. Virginia M. Dunn . . . CoUierville, Tenn. Charlotte H. Elliott .... Amite, La. Dramatic Club; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A,; Glee Club. Frances M. Farrell .... New Orleans Dorothy M. Felker . . . Shreveport, La. Y. W. C. A.; History Club. Roberta H. Ferguson .... Monroe, La. Pi Beta Phi Pledge; Phi Phi; N. A. A.; T. W. C. A. Emily Flonacher Zachary, La. Laura L. Fluker Monroe, La. Marion Font New Orleans Gertrude E. Forshag .... Amile, La. Alice C. Foster New Orleans Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge; N. A. A.; Dramatic Club. Katie W. Foster .... Vicksburg, Miss. Suzanne Franeck New Orleans Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Maud E. Fox New Orleans Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge; Dra- matic Club; N. A. A.; French Circle. Lillian Friedman New Orleans Eugenie M. Fredericks . . . New Orleans Evelyn E. Fillilove . . . Shreveport, La. Y. W. C. A.; History Club; French Circle. Ethel R. Gastrell .... New Orleans Chi Omega Pledge; Student Councillor; Y. " W " . C. A.; Mandolin-Guitar Club; Dramatic Club; Tennis. Josephine Gessner New Orleans Florence R. Gilpin . Charlestown, Mass. Evelyn R. Gladney .... New Orleans Kappa Kappa Ganrma Pledge; Captain Newcomb Ball Team; Dramatic Club; N. A. A. Fannie Mae Goldman . . Morgan City, La. FannYE GonsENHEIM .... New Orleans .A.lpha Epsilon Phi Pledge. Inez Goodwin Montgomery, Ala. Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Latin Club; French Circle; Y. W. C. A. Lois M. GravOIS New Orleans N. A. A. Natalie Guthrie New Orleans Olive R. Guyton . . . White Castle, La. Thelma A. Harris .... McComb, Miss. Phi Mu Pledge; French Circle. Dollie Grey Harrison . . . Mobile, Ala. Dramatic Club; Latin Club; History Club; French Circle. Gladys Hartz New Orleans Elizabeth J. Harvey .... New Orleans (110) IDOcJ. Mabel L. Hawthorne . . Alexandria, La. French Circle: Latin Club. Florence Hayne Boyce, La. Phi Phi. Kathleen Hayne Boyce, La. Marjorie Hillman T. W. C. A. Mrs. Dessie W. Holland . . New Orleans KaTHERINE Homan New Orleans N. A. A. Helen Horan Oakdale, La. Y. w. c. A. Zelda E. HucKlNS New Orleans Cora A. Hughes Hammond, La. Blanche Hunter .... Versailles, Ky. Frances E. Hupman .... New Orleans Pi Beta Phi Pledge; Dramatic Club; X. A. A.; Xewcomb Ball Team. Velma Johnson Sulphur, La. Merle Johnson Alexandria, La. Latin Club. Margaret A. Jordan .... New Orleans Fanny D. Kahn New Orleans X. A. A.: French Circle; Latin r iub. Janice Kahn Pensacola, Fla. Euzabeth O. Kastler . . . New Orleans Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge: Glee Club; Latin Club: N. A. A.; T. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club; Xewcomb Ball. Lady Margaret Lester . . . New Orleans Alpha Delta Pi Pledge; Latin Club; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; N. A. A. Louise Levi New Orleans Flora F. Levine .... Pine Bluff, Ark. -Arkansas Club; N. A. A. Hannah S. Levine . . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Arkansas Club : X " . A. A. Rosa Lexington Indianola, Mass. Adeline L. Levy New Orleans Latin Club; Dramatic Club. Evelyn K. Levy New Orleans Latin Club; Dramatic Club; Mandolin- Guitar Club; X. A. A. Frances B. Levy Lafayette, La. Mildred R. Levy New Orleans Marie B. Links ....... New Orleans Teresa C. Loggins . . . Greenwood, Miss. Mary W. Lucas .... Greenwood, Miss. Edith Luecke . . . Wichita Falls, Texas Velma Lyons Sulphur, La. Kappa Alpha Theta Pledge. Bertha Manson New Orleans Pi Beta Phi Pledge. Leah M. Martin Shreveport, La. Dramatic Club; T. W. C. A. L. Margaret Martin . . . Shreveport, La. Dramatic Club: T. " W. C. A. Andrea H. Martinez . . New Orleans, La. N. A. A.: Dramatic Club. Selby N. MayFIELD New Orleans DoLLYE Belle McClain . Greenville, Miss. Chi Omoga Pledge; T. W. C. A. Eleanor B. McCormiCK . . Senatobia, Miss. Glee Club; Latin Club. Minnie Lou McKnight . . . Augusta, Ark. Alpha Delta Pi Pledge: Xewcomb Ball; X. A. A. Sara E. McReynolds . . Clarksville, Tenn. Caroline Dover Meyer . . ■ . . ZwoUe, La. Dramatic Club; French Circle; N. A. A. Mildred Meyer New Orleans Amanda H. Miller . . . Hot Springs, Ark. Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge; Y. •« ' . C. A. Margaret B. Miller .... New Orleans Mary V. Mills McComb, Miss. N. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. Rebecca A. Morrison .... Earle, Ark. Alpha Delta Pi Pledge. Irma R. Moses New Orleans Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledge: Dramatic Club. Margie M. Moss New Orleans Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge; X. A. A.; Xewcomb Ball; Dramatic Club; Class Poet. Caroline S. Mulhearn . . . Monroe, La. Mary Munholland Monroe, La. X. A. A. Alma M. Nachman . . . Montgomery, Ala. Latin Club; French Circle; Dramatic Club. Semonie B. Netter .... Fayette, Miss. Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledge: X. A. A. Bert M. Newell . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Chi Omega Pledge: Class Secretar ' : Phi Phi: N. A. A.; T. W. C. . . Bessie Y. Newell .... Newellton. La. Louise Newton Jackson, Miss. LuciLE May Nickerson . . . Lafayette, La. Kathleen O ' Brien New Orleans Eleanor O ' Shee Alexandria, La. Kappa Alpha Theta Pledge: Latin Club; Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Vera L. Palfrey Franklin, La. Chi Omega Pledge: Mandolin-Guitar Club. Claire B. Parkhouse .... New Orleans Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge: Dra- matic Club: X. A. A. Marie L. P ' arra New Orleans Carmelite Passafume . . . New Orleans Mary Perkins .... Bay St. Louis, Miss. Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge; X. A. A.: Dramatic Club. Dolly Ann Pittman .... Oakdale, La. Phi Mu Pledge; N. A. A. Lillian G. Polk Shreveport, La. Katherine Price New Orleans Myrtle A. Pujol New Orleans (111) ID)0 cJAM BALAYA OOF iSl Grace Quintette New Orleans Dramatic Club. Anna D. Ransdell . . Lake Providence, La. Alice Rayner Lexington, Miss. Ida Rjordan New Orleans N. A. A. Edna R. Riseman Opelousas, La. Dramatic Club; Latin Club; French Circle; History Club; N. A. A. Mary Randolph Roberts Alexandria, La. Sybil Rodick New Orleans Phi Mu Pledge. Carrie G. Rogers Franklin, La. Alpha Delta Pi Pledge; Dramatic Ctub; N. A. A.; y. W. C, A. Edith Roseborough . . . Senatobia, Miss. Regina Rosenberg New Orleans Sybil K. Ross Pioneer, La. Josephine P. Roy .... Marksville, La. Alpha Delta Pi Pledge; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. Georgie R. Russ New Orleans Y. W. C. A.; Latin Club. Henrietta A. Russell . . . New Orleans Sarah E. Sallee Jennings, La. Maria Sanders Koscuisko, Miss. Mary Ruth Sanford Mi. Pleasani, Mich. Bertha Schuermann .... New Orleans Kappa Alpha Theta Pledge. Lydia M. Schuler New Orleans N. A. A.; Glee Club; Y. W. C, A.; Dramatic Club; Tennis; French Circle; Newcomb Ball. Elsa Schwartz ... Hempstead, Texas Rebecca Schwartz New Orleans Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledge. Edna Seeliger New Orleans Elizabeth Sellers .... New Orleans Kai pa Alpha Theta Pledge. Elienor O. Shannon . . . Macon, Miss. Lillian Shatz Kenlon, Tenn. EsTELLE Sherman .... Texarkana, Ark. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Y. W. C. A. WiLMER Shields New Orleans Pi Beta Phi Pledge; French Circle; N. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Latin Club. Doris R. Simon New Orleans Glee Club; N. A. A.; French Circle. Miriam Simon New Orleans Camille B. Singleton . . . Mansfield, La. Eunice p. Smith . . . West Monroe, La. Minnie L. Stein .... Demopolis, Ala. Ann Stevens Brandon, Miss. Edwa Stewart New Orleans Pi Beta Phi Pledge; Y. W. C. A.; Dra- matic Club; French Circle; N. A. A. Anna L. Still Many, La. Frances L. Stroud Monroe, La. Tau Delta. Mercedes Supple . . . Bayou Goula, La. Margie B. Swoop New Orleans Pearly Taylor Covington, Ga. Louise Thomas New Orleans Nathalee O. Thompson . . Ciironelle, Ala. Sarah E. Thompson .... New Orleans Phi Mu Pledge; N. A. A.; Glee Club; Dramatic Club. Gertrude E. Thrall . . Lake Charles, La. .- lpha Delta Pi Pledge; Y. W. C. A ; N. A. A. ; J. U. G. Susan D. Townsend . . . St. Mary ' s, Ga. Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge. Ruth Troth .... San Francisco, Cal. Angeline E. Tucker . . . Jackson, Miss. Margaret Tutwiler .... Dothan, Ala. Alpha Di ' lta Pi Pledge; Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club. Zema E. Unruh Mobile, Ala. Kappa Alpha Theta Pledge. Beverly W. Vallas .... New Orleans Walerie V. ViDON New Orleans Helen WaDEL Tyler, Texas Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledge; Mandolin- Guitar Club. Sarah E. Wakeman .... New Orleans Allene E. Walker .... Marlin, Texas Genevra Washburn .... Monroe, La. Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge; Latin Club; N. A. A.; Glee Club; Class Vice-Presi- dent; Y. W. C. A.; Mandolin-Guitar Club; History Club. Elizabeth Washington . . . New Orleans Chi Omega Pledge. Jeannette Weil Alexandria, La. Edna Louise White . . . . ' New Orleans Kappa Alpha Theta Pledge; Class President; Dramatic Club; N. A. A. Gloria R. Wilson .... Hammond. La. Mildred A. Wilson .... New Orleans Phi Mu Pledge; N. A. A. Elise W. Wolfe New Orleans Clara Mims Wright .... Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu Pledge; Glee Club; Mandolin- Guitar Club. Edith E. Wright .... FairmounI, Ind. Kappa Alpha Theta Pledge; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Althea Emily Wuerpel . . New Orleans Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge. Danelle Yates Macon, Miss. Phi Mu Pledge; HJstory Club; N. A. A.; y. TV. C. A.; Latin Club. Juliet D. Zaerincer .... New Orleans Grace A. Zelnicker .... Mobile, Ala. Dramatic Club; Jambalflya Representa- tive. (112) llQ g »20i io 3DO«J. . AYA C Helene C. Kaufman .... New Orleans Ne vcomb Ball; N. A. .V. Clifford L. Kitchen .... New Orleans Glee Club: French Circle; N. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Dramatic Club. Dorothy N. Knolle . . San Antonio, Texas Willie Mae Knolle . , . Brenham, Texas Dorothy H. Kohlman . . . New Orleans N. A. A.; Dramatic Club; French Cir- cle; I atin Club. Kathleen Koonce .... Columbus, Ga . Flora LeBlanc Houma, La Emma P. LeBlanc Franklin, La. Stella M. Leche New Orleans Muriel J. Lee New Orleans Latin Club; Glee Club. Elsa B. Lemle Natchez, Miss. .Alpha Epsilon Phi Pledge; Dramatic Club; N. A. A.; French Circle. (113) :L y ai !v) Di z s X m U ji-J n -j.a (114) =rrac 20] Freshman Arts and Sciences Class History HERE is an essential difference between being a Senior at high school and a Freshman at college. If any incredulous ones wish to doubt that state- ment, I refer them to two hundred Freshmen of the Class of ' 23. In our last year at " High " we were wont to rule; NOW, others are wont to " over " rule us. Still I think I express the sentiment of the entire class when I say that the Class of 1923 has met with creditable success in studies as well as in athletics. We hope to continue the good work. All the efforts of ' 22 to subdue us have failed beyond the enforcement of faculty regula- tions. During the first month we defeated the Sophs in hand-to-hand encounters resulting fiom the futile attempts to break up our class meeting. The victory of the Sophomores in the tug-o ' -war and the method in which it was won are known to all. We point with pride to the resistance that we, an unorganized class, were able to offer our organized rivals, and promise only that after the last interclass event will we acknowledge ourselves as beaten. With three or four members of the Freshman Class on the varsity eleven, we feel that our class is not to be scorned at, especially when said football team proved itself to be one of the best that has ever represented the university. We would not be content, however, to allow anyone to say that four Freshmen alone helped fight the battles of the university on the gridiron. Two hundred and twenty Tulane students — Freshmen — were conspicuous by their presence at all football meetings and contests. The first year we entered the university an unusual amount of much-needed college spirit was instilled into the student body, a spirit which characterized all the activities of the year. We of the Class of ' 23 claim our share of the glory of arousing this enthusiasm. In concluding this short history of the Freshman Class, 1923, the largest class yet to be enrolled at Tulane, we can best use the maxim of one of Harvard ' s Freshman Classes, " Tulane has waited eighty-five years for us. " ill D A (115) i I [1Q«CS 0 201 Ml - u Id U Z Q Z H z I q: (116) 0 JLUfc IDO cJAM BALAYA OZDl Freshman Arts and Sciences Class Roll Officers Walter M. Barnett, Jr President Harvey Hebert Vice-Pres!Jenl Ted Carter Secretary-Treasure Members William B. Abbott Natchez, Miss. Roy Louis Alciatore New Orleans, La. Walter M. Barnett, Jr New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau ; Class President: Associate Editor oC Tulane ' tt eekly: Glencly-Burke; Winner Carnot Debate; Tulane Club. William Hill Benaugh Athens, Ala. Sydney Johnson Besthoff New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau; Tulane Club. Haydon Lemaire Boatner New Orleans, La. Leon Solis Cahn New Orleans, La. Glendy-Burke; Tulane Club. Thomas H. Campbell Morganza, La. Harold B. Carter New Orleans, La. Ted Carter Cincinnati, Ohio Delta Tau Delta; Class Secretary; Glendy-BurUe; Tug-o ' -War; Tulane Club. Sims Chapman Oakdale, La. Frank S. Constantine Donaldsonville, La. Leonhard E. Devron New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi. James B. Davis Portordale, Ga. A. A. Delahoussaye Franklin, La. Beta Theta Pi. Edward B. Dodge New Orleans, La. James E. Edmonds, Jr New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Thomas Langdon Fort Mlnden, La. Milham R. Eraser Mansfield, La. (117) [19»3?0 2OI 1 D)0 tJAM B AL AYA «0 William Calhoun Frue New Orleans, La. Delia Tau Delta; Jambaiaya Representative; Glendy-Burke; Tulane Club. Paul J. Gelpi, Jr New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Tulane Club. Harvey H. Hebert New ©rleans, La. Delta Gamma Sigma; Class Vice-President. Walter G. Jones Franklinton, La. Robert E. Kerrigan Hammond, La. Harry J. Kuhn Monroe, La. Todd R. deLaureal New Orleans, La. John Morris Lecendre . . ' New Orleans, La. .Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Football; Capt.ain Class Wrestling: Team; Class Football Coaeh Basketball. Robert J. Levy New Orleans, La. Class Wrestling; Class Football Manager; Class Historian; Glendy-Burke; Tulane Club. Simon K. Marx New Orleans, La. Tulane Club. Geo. C. Miramon New Orleans, La. Wilbur B. Payne Covington, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. William Franklin Prosser T Bunkie, La. Reding Putnam New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta; Class Football. Jules Victor Roule, Jr Mansieva, La. Jules L. Saizan Opelousas, La. William Schulze Monroe, La. Roy Maas Schwartz New Orleans, La. Glendy-Burke; Tulane Club. Wallace P. Sheely Gulfport, La. Albert Silverstein Franklin, La. Hampton R. Singleton Ruston, La. Cornelius Sternberg New Orleans, La. Samuel J. Tennant New Orleans, La. Clifford Joseph Vedrenne New Orleans, La. William G. Wiegand New Orleans, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Christopher Wilkins Minden, La. (118) [10 C£ 0 201 :} 0 UAM B ALAYA OOni 1 Freshman Technology Class History HE Freshman Tech Class, comprising seventy-five per cent of the entire Freshman Class, is the largest that has ever entered the university, and it is therefore fitting that some sort of history be written about it. As Tug-o ' -Warmen, the Sophs proved themselves adept politicians. It was a war, but one more in the form of words. It is evident that the Fresh- men would have been easy victors had they placed their debating team on the ropes instead of their regular tug-o ' -war team. We won two pulls, the Sophs one; yet the Sophs won (Good logic. — Ed.). Apparently the first two pulls were considered as setting-up exercises or as practice, while the last one, which the Sophs won, was the real tug-o ' -war. Of course, the Sophs did not hear the signal whistle in one of our victories, but, as we said before, the Sophs were accompanied by their Ciceros and Websters, and the judges were finally convinced that they did not hear it, although it was audible to everyone else within seventy-five yards. We are compelled to wear green caps by the faculty, but this does not signify that we are green. At any rate, the Sophs must have thought so at the taking of the Jam- BALAYA class picture, when they attempted to give some members their Saturday nighl bath on Tuesday. (They must have tried to convince you that that day was Saturday. — Ed.) As a result, a meeting of protest o f the Freshman Class was held, which meeting the Sophs made a feeble attempt to break up. Upon the discarding of coats and glasses, the Sophs soon washed that they had net started what they had, for the stormers suddenly became the stormed. Our first months at Tulane were such as to even remove the Sophomores from our thoughts. The schedules invariably followed the routine of arriving at school at eight- thirty and leaving at four-thirty, and then study half of the night. Besides, there was the class attendance on Saturday, an entirely new thing, to add to our misery. Test-less weeks were indeed scarce articles. Now, however, we have become accustomed to the college routine. The mechanical drawing sheet no longer has to be remade a dozen times before acceptance, nor does the " graft " paper have the tendency of grafting our marks downward. The future of the Freshman Class is ent rely a matter of conjecture, but, having overcome the obstacles so far, the survivors have gained sufficient courage to keep them to their determination of becom:ng Sophomcr;, Junor, and, ultimately. Senior Techs. Calvin Glass. (119) nQ XS»20l lO ! v I 1D 0 UAM BALAYA Oai 30 1 5 (120) u o o J o z I u H Z a: u. 11Q»CS 0 201 IO 0»jJ(AMBALAYA «XDl lO f iW Freshman Technology Class Roll Earl George Adams Garden City, La. Charles Bayne Aiken New Orleans, La. Henry Alcus Jr New Orleans, La. Paul Brady Alker New Orleans, La. Eduardo a. Alvo Vera Cruz, Mexico " Walter James Amos New Orleans, La. Freshman Football, Kappa Alpha, Captain Yannigans Ada Isabelle Arnold New Orleans, La. Charles Flody Attaway Leeds, Ala. Kenneth McGrath Bailey Fordoche, La. Sigma Nu. Henry Drane Barnes New Orleans, La. William D. Beck New Orleans, La. Eugene J. Berceret New Orleans, La. Lee Garrison Bird New Orleans, La. Sol Bloodworth Jr New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma. Walter Bodenheimer New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Charles Earle Brakenridge Hammond, La. William V. Brierre New Orleans, La. Edward L. Butler ; Baines, La. Lee Carder New Orleans, La. Max Cohen New Orleans, La. James H. Collins New Orleans, La. Jeffrey Herbert Collins New Orleans, La. Thomas F. Cope New Orleans, La. William Joseph Curren New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta Stephen V. D ' Amico New Orleans, La. Jambalaja Staff Artist Jesse E Daniel Angle, La. Walter E. Davis New Orleans, La. (121) Dl i Qt [ ' IQ XS»20: o : IDJO UAM BALAYAOC Joseph Walter De Blanc New Orleans, La. Charles N. De Russy Belle Alliance, La. Elmer F. Dickens Minden, La. Ferdinand H Dietz New Orleans, La. Frank Wright Ebaugh New Orleans, La. Class Secretary-Treasurer. James W. Elizardi, Jr New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha George S. Farnsworth New Orleans, La. Henry B. Fox New Orleans, La. Edwin Frank New Orleans, La. Charles J. Fritchie Slidell, La. Claude C. Fuqua Pineville, La. Harold A. Gaidry Hornna, La. John V. Gaudet Hornna, La. Roy B. Gerard New Orleans, La. Lloyd J. GlscH ' Slidell, La. Calvin C. Glass , New Orleans, La. Louis K. Good New Orleans, La. Edward K. Grant New Orleans, La. James B. Gueno New Orleans, La. Nathan L. Haas Opelousas, La. Zeta Beta Tau Daniel Hallaron, Jr New Orleans, La. William C. Hartwell New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi Carroll L. Hayden New Orleans, La. Douglas L. Hays Clinton, La. Diego D. Hernandez Havana, Cuba Leo HeyMANN New Orleans, La. Reuben L. Hock Gretna, La. Walter Halloway Ocean Springs, Miss. Forrest G. Hunt Paducah, Ky. Phi Kappa Sigma (122) Jh 1100E?«2Q I ' 0 ' iw z j A «oaE James Lawson Kemper New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon William Julian King New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma, Olive and Blue Club. Robert James Kuhn New Orleans, La. Harry M. Laufer Algiers, La. George V. Le Gardeur New Orleans, La. Beta TKeta Pi Luke J. L " Heureux New Orleans, La. David F. Lombard New Orleans, La. Junior Basketball Team William T. McCay New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon Wm, CaMORS McFarlaND New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta, Class President Gordon J. McLean New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon Simon B. Mansberc New Orleans, La. Harold E. Meade Lake Charles, La. Charles E. Meriwether New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. Olive and Blue Oscar William Morton San Antonio, Texas Harold Moses New Orleans, La. Glendy-Burke George M. Murrell Bayou Goula, La. Beta Theta Pi, Boxing Clayton Ludlow Nairne New Orleans, La. Sigma Chi Philip N . Nott New Orleans, La. j I ] Sigma Chi p Victor S. Ouilliber Madisonville, La. Wm. Percy Parkhouse, Jr New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega Elliot Samuels Phillips New Orleans, La. Coulter B. Prescott New Orleans, La. Alpha Tau Omega William Lloyd Rau New Orleans, La. phi Kappa Sigma H. Thomas Richardson New Orleans, La. John H. Ryan New Orleans, La. (123) ; AM BALAYA OOOE Joseph H. Saucier, Jr New Orleans, La. Charles Andrew Schillin New Orleans, La. Edwin O. SchULTZ New Orleans, La. George A. Schwegmann New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi Willie Campbell Scott Cheneyville, La. Kappa Alpha, Tug-o ' -War Albert W. Silverman Franklin, La. Benedict C. Smith New Orleans, La. Lester L Smythe Hammond, La. Claude H. Solanas New Orleans, La. Basketball Thomas G. Terrell Camden, Ark. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tng-o ' -War, Football, Tulane Club, Glendy-Burke Francisco del Valle Mexico Cily, Mexico Judge Smith Waldrup Hugo, Okla. Israel Weinstein New Orleans, La. Richard Castleman Werner New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi William Coyle Wharton New Orleans, La. Thomas Haywood Wheelock New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi Alfred M. White New Orleans, La. Delta Tau Delta Charles Carroll Wiccin New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma Robert S. Wynn Rusion, La. { ) Wrestling Team, Basketball D (124) DO cJAM B ALAYA OOE ICt ' -iA- o J o o X o m S o z L D (125) |10 XS?»201 ■■J D D Z o DC H Z in D m Q Z u o c: s o u u. O u o u J J o o I A (126) College of Commerce Class Roll Juniors George Michael Baccich New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta. Richard Colbert New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma: Candidate for A.B. Degree. Leonard Gessner New Orleans, La. Plii Delta Theta, John R. HirIGOYEN Salado, Honduras Candidate for A.B. Degree. Louis K. Levy New Orleans, La. James J. Morse New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi. Samuel Cohlman Polmer Schriever, La. Granville C. Sewell New Orleans, La. P. B. Thornton, Jr Houston, Texas Beta Theta Pi. Sophomores Richard A. Fraser Mansfield, La. Louis Lob . New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Jacques P. Marks New Orleans, La. WesTERFIELD MohlE Lockhart, Texas Simon Shlenker, Jr Monroe, La. Zeta Beta Tau; Tulane Club; Polity Club. Prentice L. Smith Minden, La. Edward F. Walter . Winnsboro, La. Delta Tau Delta. John Alfred Wight Hugo, Okla. Delta Tau Delta; Vice-President College of Commerce; " Varsity Football (1, 2); Varsity Baseball (2), Basketball (1. 2), Track (1, 2), Wrestling (1, 2); Middle- weight Southern Wrestling Champion. (127) ID 0 JAM BALAYA OOC Fresh men Jules C. Alciatore New Orleans, La. Albert R. Alker New Orleans, La Delta Kappa Epsilon. Arthur Caron Ball New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Kappa Delta Phi Alexander Blackman St. Joseph, La. Edwin H. Beck Texarkana, Texas Frank James Brown New Orleans, La. Delta Kappa Epsilon: Tulane Club; TLig-o ' - ' V ar. William B. Burkenroad New Orleans, La. Zeta Beta Tau. Don V. Caylor Hugo, Okla. Delta Tau Delta. Henry P. Chenoweth New Orleans, La. Nathaniel R. Clark Ensley, Ala. Lester Fine New Orleans, La. William R. Eraser Mansfield, La. Paul Gelpi New Orleans, La. Pi Kappa Alpha. Nevin Clawney Hathorn • Columbia, Miss. George F. Kelly Lake Charles, La. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football; Tug-o -War. Thomas C. King Brownsville, Texas Harry J. Kuhn Monroe, La. Edward A. Littell Opelousas, La. Simon Kronacher Mark New Orleans, La. Tulane Club. D. Emmett McInnis, Jr Hattiesburg, Miss. Delta Tau Delta. Magnus Martin Moody Poplarville, Miss. Ivappa Sigma. Marx A. Raymond Rockdale, Texas Karl D. Samuels New Orleans, La. Roy Maas Schwartz New Orleans, La. Glendy-Burke; Tulane Club. Maurice M. Silverstein New Orleans, La. Jack H. Stewart Graham, Texas Malcolm Harold Sutter New Orleans, La. Varsity Football. George H. Terrett, Jr St. Paul, Minn. Stephen Voelker Lake Providence, La. Phi Delta Theta. James H. Yeager Lake Charles, La. (128) ; ri¥=== ( io g£?»20 i ■ - o. lAl !D 0 UAM B ALAYA «0 ai ■ Sl 111 n X Specials Robert Paul Augusiin New Orleans, La. RONOLA J. BarRILEAUX Donner, La. Roy a. Barlow Natchitoches, La. Carl S. Bauman, Jr New Orleans, La. Kappa Sigma. Wilfred Brundrett Lake Charles, La. Oliver H. Burke New Iberia, La. Charles C. Chauvannes New Orleans, La. Clarence Laughter Ruleville, Miss. George D. Dalton Slocomb, Ala. Roy B. Faulk Crowley, La. John PorTEVENT HayNE New Orleans, La. Phi Delta Theta Pledge. Hosea L. Hughes Lincoln, Ala. William A. King Porter, Ala. Ferdinand Chester Kobila New Orleans, La. Samuel E: Lane Bessemer, La. John P. Leverett Tunica, Miss. Arthur Martin Hester, La. John Clayton Mullen . . . • New Orleans, La. William W. Oser New Orleans, La. Robert J. Ouiso New Orleans, La. Byron R. PaTTON Montgomery, Ala. Leland E. Ray Koscuisko, Ala. Henry D. Priester Chapman, Ala. Charles E. Walker Jonesboro, La. Edmond J. ZlMMER Mobile, Ala. liJ a (129) [1Q«S 20I SD 0 cJAM BALAYA OOOE Ov I f« " " 0 I D IN MEMORIAM i I In Loving Memory of the Medical College of Tulane University After a useful life covering over three-quarters of the past century, M.D. entered into happines5 everlasting November 1, 1919. It is hard to write an obituary. It is hard, in any case, because the warm friendship and hearty admiration, sentiments which grip one ' s heart and lock the muscles of the throat, come out j just cold trite phrases when on paper. How hard is it in the case of M.D., whose bright and i. S cheerful smile and careless chuckle were so long the guiding light and star of Tulane campus, whose ever-ready hand was at the heart of every student enterprise — tears welling up and words choking in the throat forbid us continuing. Born in 1839, the Medical College of Tulane University became great beyond all expectations, coming to rank among the very foremost medical institutions of the country It reached the Height of service during the Great War, when one of the most complete medical units ever assembled in America was sent overseas to serve on the battle fronts. Ah, what wailing and gnashing of teeth was there when it became known at the beginning of the 1919-20 school session that a jvanton and foreign hand was doing to death such an institution; when it became known that after all these years M.D. was to turn Bolshevik, red and radical, and withdraw from the Jambalaya to put out a year book all of his very own. We will not rehearse the struggle of the other colleges to save M.D. — suffice that everything possible was done to " keep the Medical College in the University. " But, though death and oblivion have taken his loving face from our midst, it will live ever green in our memory. Amen. LJ LJ I (130) 6,f y. -SOI amsoTz (132) e tty oc (133) (134) enrietTner (135) aosevatne Jjo comoe ep (136) (137) Jambalaya Contests IN the fall of 1919, in spite of the warning afforded by history that " beauty contests " brought trouble, the 1 920 Jambalaya Board set about the task of discovering the prettiest, the most popular, and the wittiest of Newcombites. A spirited ballot contest was carried on for a period of two months, the winners of which you have no doubt already cast your eyes upon — perhaps several times. (The Jambalaya Board does not blame you in the least for this.) The final standing of the contestants is submitted below: Beauty Contest Elinor Adamson Betty Rock Martha Vairin Margaret McConnell LuLA Mae Campbell Grace Bradshaw Amelie May Betty Fenner Popularity Contest Alice Odenheimer Josephine Holcombe Dorothy Graner Betty Gregory Maud Fox Wit Contest Rosa Hart Tess Mayer Louis Andrews Fay Morgan (138) Fraternities of Tulane University Kappa Alpha Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Alpha Tau Omega Delta Tau Delta Academic Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Delta Theta Kappa Sigma Law Phi Delta Phi Honorary Phi Beta Kappa Kappa Delta Phi Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Theta F ' i Zeta Beta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Newcomb College Academic Pi Beta Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Alpha Theta Honorary Phi Beta Kappa Cap and Gown (141) fx ID 0 c?AM BALAVA oOC mauuMti.ii- ' - x se- ' May, Dymond, Roberts, Kearney, Bass Watson, Kent, Fenner, Vairin, Murrel Felker, Hopkins, Caffery, Gillespie, Harper KiDD, Hay, Evans Oeschner, McConnel, Butler, Colcord, Villere (142) M. ' A Qi nQ«S?0 2Ol iCDi : 1D 0» clAMBALAVA «XD Pi Beta Phi Founded 1867 Louisiana Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi Established 1891 In Faculty Mary Butler Marguerite Ellis Fanny Eshleman Craig Viola Allain n Bethia Caffery Elizabeth Fenner Harriet Butler JuANiTA Bass Sarah Colcord Helen Dymond Seniors Sallie Gillespie Laura Kearny Esther Kent Margaret McConnell Juniors Frances Evans Ccrinne Hopkins Sophomores Ruth Harper Marjorie Hay MaRJORIE KlDD Amelie May Martha Vairin Helen Watson Kathleen Roberts gwinne murrell Dorothy Oeschner Madeline Villere I Elizabeth Craig Alice DeBuys Grace Bradshaw Pledges Katherine Dunbar Frances Hupmann Adine Lampton Bertha Manson Edwa Stewart Roberta Ferguson (143) _ l Roane, Lyon, Renaud Perkins, Overall, Chalaron GOODWINE, SOMPAYRAC, SlACK, KaSTLER (144) Alpha Omicron Pi Founded 1897 Pi Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi Established 1898 In Faculty Mary Raymond Seniors CORINNE M. ChaLARON Ruth Kastler Ophelia H. Perkins Marjorie Goodwine Mary Overall Irma Sompayrac Jessie B. Roane I Juniors Lucy Webb Renaud Sophomores Margaret B. Lyon Cecelia B. Slack Pledges Susan Briccs Alice Chapman Genevia Washburn Elizabeth O. Kastler Amanda Miller (145) fy ai 1Q 0 JAM BALAYA oOC lO t ' iQi Stewart, M. Rock, P. Pool PiTTNER, Newell, Johnson JoFFRioN, Smith, M. Pool North, B. Rock, Sexton, Marshall (146) ' b ' -» E »20I I III ai iD 0 cJAM BALAYA «0 ai Chi Omega Founded in 1895 at ihe University of Arkansas Rho Chapter of Chi Omega Established 1900 In Faculty Clara Landry Anna Parsons Marion North Seniors Marian Rock Dana Sexton Daisy Belle Smith Sadie Joffrion Juniors Star Marshall Pearl Pool Betty Rock Minnie Stewart Elinor Johnson Sophomores Mabjorie Newell Josephine Pitner Emily H. Barnwell Ethel Gastrel Pledges Mildred Johnson Dolly McLean Bert Newell Vera Palfrey Mildred Pool Elizabeth Washington (147) {lQ i(S»10l lo ' -:-} MiA ' Clymer, East, Kearny, Lyman, Baird Hackenyos, Kemper, Lathrop, Gould, Flaspoller, Metcalfe Small, Milling, Kemper, Bein, Roberts, Wheeler Guthrie, Vanderveer, Graner, Townsend, Ewin, Seago Brady, Stratton, Daniels, Luzenberg, Frederic (148) m Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded 1870 Beta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Established 1904 In Faculty Mary Cass Spencer Adeline K. Spencer Dorothy Clymer Dorothy Graner Seniors Katherine Luzenberg Isabel Lyma n Dorothy Seago Agnes Guthrie Dorothy Baird loNE Brady Emily Bein Juniors Frances Daniel Madeline Hakenyos Berthe Lathrop Lyda Roberts Dorothy Small Flora Stratton Delaware Kemper Adair Ewin ESTELLE FlaSPOLLER Louise Frederic Eleanor Gould Sophomores Nell Kearny Maude Kemper Louise Metcalf Dixie Milling Faye Townsend Borodel Wheeler Elizabeth VanderVeer Mae East Helen Aldrich Marjorie Callender Isabel Carre Mildred Daniel Pledges Alice Foster Maud Fox Evelyn Gladney Margie Moss Claire Parkhouse Mary Perkins Mary Roberts Susan Townsend Althea Wuerple (149) - r— — aO JAM BALAYAOOt Randolph, Camors, Wilson, Frankenbush Van Horn, Douglas, Gibbs, Van Horn Faulk, Prague, Boudreaux, Covington Hatch, Cook, Kuss, Perkins, Wilkinson (150) V |1Q»»SX 201 lO Si I0 O«JAMBAL Phi Mu Founded 1852 Delta Chapter of Phi Mu Established 1906 Kathleen Cook Dorothy Douglas Seniors May VanHorn Georgia Perkins Nan Randolph Genevieve Wilson Margaret Wilkinson Q Juniors Louise Falk Mary Hatch Malvin Boudreaux Rita F. Camors Dorothy Covington Sophomores Ellen Frankenbush Helen Gibbs Ethel Jackson Esther Kuss Eva Bella Prague Merle Van Horn Elise Camors Alverne Davis Virginia Davis Pledges Marguerite Murphey Dolly Pitman Sybil Rodick Sarah Thompson Mildred Wilson Danelle Yates (151) .. ' ai [1O« »20! Wallace, Lyle, K. McKnicht, Wilby M. L. McKnight, N:elson, Thompson, Clay, Abaunza Kerlin, Hess, Stillwell, B. Richard, Rexach Rives, Wooster, B. E. Richard, Campbell, Thrall (152) Alpha Delta Pi Founded 1851 Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Deha Pi Established 1906 In Faculty Mrs. Gertrude Robert Smith Miss Emily Langham CONSUELO AbaUNZA LuLA Mae Campbell Seniors Christine Kerlin Viola Neilson Bert Elise Richard Matilda Stillwell Bernice Thrall Octavie Wallace Edna Clay Juniors Adele Rexach Alice Hess Fanny Rives Dorothy Lyle Kathleen McKnight Sophomores Minnie Lou McKnight Byrne Richard Bert Thompson Elizabeth Wilby Mary Buie Margaret Campbell Mattie Dickson Pledges Meta Dinkins Lady Margaret Lester Rebecca Morrison Carrie Rogers Josephine Roy Gertrude Thrall Margaret Tutwiler (153) ll9 S»20i jOAMBAL - Leipziger, Dreyfuss, Moses, Burkenroad Odenheimei , Kohlman, Levi, Adler Scooler, Scherck, Goldsmith, Mayer 1; ' ! (154) - - --r--r:.--:=i 1 Q «Sc. ' 2U h lOO cJAM BALAYA OOf Alpha Epsilon Phi Founded al Barnard College Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi Established 1916 Active Members Edna Burkenroad Irma Levi Seniors Tess Mayer X ' era Scherck Irma Scooler Muriel Kling Juniors Helen Adler Frances Dreyfuss Helene Goldsmith Sophomores Clemence Kohlmann Eleanor Leipziger Irma Moses Alice Odenheimer Jesse Weil Leah Aschaffenburc Janice Cashman Ruth Dreyfous Pledges Kitty Friend Fannye Gonsenheim Fanny Kahn Elsa Lemle Evelyn Levy Irma Moses SiMONE Netter Rebecca Schwartz 055) [19 X5 »2Qi lOO JAM BALAYA liffl DeLaurial, Magruder, LeBlanc PowE, Christian, Browne, Johnston LeNoir, Harrison, Hardwick Magruder, Unruh, Pierpont, Hay (156) !10 KSy lQl =?(- " Kappa Alpha Theta Founded 1870 Alpha Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Established 1914 Marion Brown Emily Harrison Seniors Dorothy Hay ViDA Lenoir Eve Macruder Irma Unruh Juniors Christine Johnston Nellie Pierpont Mildred Christian Carmen de Laureal Sophomores EVERALL HaRDWICK Eleanor LeBlanc Julia Mae Macruder Helen Powe Muriel Bate Velma Lyons Pledges Eleanor O ' Shee Bertha Schuermann Nathalie Thompson Zema Unruh Edna Louise White Edith Wright Virginia Butler (157) T ai tw a)0 JAM BALAYA 0 OE D m The Tulane Council of Fraternities HE Interfraternity Council of Tulane University is the outgrowth of the old Pan-Hellenic Societies and is a result of the desire on the part of the fraternities and university authorities for a medium through which the various chapters in the university might come into closer contact for the discussion of all matters conducive to the best interest of the fraternities and the university. It is composed of two men from each fraternity rep- resented at Tulane, and a Chairman, the last named being a member of the faculty. Its main objects are to fix rules and regulations relative to fraternity activities and conduct, to promote inter-fraternity activities and contests, and to foster a better student spirit in the university. Officers Frof. Hal Walters Moseley, r A Chmrman Manning W. Heard Secrelar ) Edwin Marx Treasurer Fred A. Wulff, Jr Reporter Delegates Alpha Tau Omega W. Nash Johnson William N. Porteous Pi Kappa Alpha John R. Foote Tandy Q. Foote Delia Tau Delta John A. Wight Harold J. Quinn Sigma Chi James H. Monroe Volney H. Kyle Sigma Nu D. Benigno Martinez E. Edwin Talbot Delia Sigma Phi Fred A. Wulff, Jr. Morris Duffy Phi Kappa Sigma C. L. Brown Robert M. Pool Beta Theta Pi J. H. Cassity George LeGardeur Phi Delta Theta William A. West Lecoux R. Provosty Kappa Sigma E. Harold Beck Percy Greaves Delia Kappa Epsilon Manning W. Heard Stafford O ' Shee Ze a Beta Tau Edwin F. Marx Harold W. Newman, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Grove Stafford John R. Dykers Kappa Alpha William H. McClencon E. Earl Sparling (158) iHii tr Qt M [iQ« S »201 lOA lOO «JAM BALAYA « ai lO V J " - tj i j - , av-V 1 1! iil:! (159) Ui D m I19 S »201 IQ " DiNKiNS, Scott, Littell, Vennard, W. Payne Wright, Gill, Lutterloh, Irwin, Brown V. Payne, Hawthorne, Blackmar, Sparks, L. Scott Gilmer, Thorpe, Sparling, Rudolph, Amos Anderson, Elder, McClendon, Tankersley, Mysenheimer (160) Kappa Alpha Founded 1865 Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Established 1882 Chapter House, 1537 Calhoun Street In Faculty Chandler C. Luzenburc, A.B., LL.B. Robert Sharp, A.M., Ph.D. L. A. SCARBROUG Chas. Payne Fenner, A.B., Chas. E. Von Gelden, A.B., M.D. Clarence P. May, M.D. W. L. Love, A.B., M.D. LL.B. Seniors Francis B. Blackmar Julian Hawthorne Thomas Anderson S. F. Elder W. J. Gill William H. McClendon, Jr. ToMAs P. Sparks Juniors P. R. Gilmer Chas. H. Lutterloh L. H. Scott Eugene Thorpe Roy Wright E. E. Sparling W. B. Vennard Chas. Walton Sophomores H. H. Dinkins, Jr. R. B. Montgomery James Amos Garland G. Brown Thomas Conway Ferdinand Dietz Freshmen Kernan Irwin Thomas Misenheimer William Payne Eddie Powell Council C. Rudolph William Scott Felix Tankersley 1 :! f !! I (161) |Q 0» cJAM BALAYA Oai Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Roll of Chapters Washington and Lee University University of Georgia Emory College Randolph- Macon College Richmond College University of Kentucky Mercer University University of Virginia Alabama Polytechnic Institute University of Texas Southwestern University University of Tennessee Davidson College University of North Carolina Vanderbilt University Tulane University Central University of Kentucky University of the South University of Alabama Louisiana State University William Jew ell College William and Mary College Maryland Agricultural College Westminster College Transylvania University University of Missouri Milhaps College George Washington University University of California University of Arkansas Leland Stanford, Jr., University West Virginia University Georgia School of Technology Hampden-Sidney College Trinity College North Carolina A. and M. College Missouri School of Mines Bethany College College of Charleston Georgetown College Delaware College University of Florida University of Oklahoma Washington University Drury College Oglethorpe University (162) j fev Z sQi llQ|iO £X20i _ 4i if II V Carroll, Nairne, Chenault, Warren Crutsinger, S. Field, Ludlow, Farmer, Madison Kyle, Nott, R. Field, Sanders Briere, Gravlee, Monroe, Bradshear, Farrar (164) .0 34 5 1 0)0 «JAM BALAYA Oai )igma Chi Founded 1856 Alpha Omicron Pi of Sigma Chi Dr. S. L. Logan Dr. E. D. Fenner Dr. V. C. Smith In Faculty Dr. L. B. Crawford Dr. E. p. a. FicKLEN Dr. p. a. McIlhennv Dr. Cook Jos. W. Carroll R. J. Field Seniors I. M. Gravlee S. E. Field J. H. Monroe Walter Carroll J. T. Sanders Juniors P. Crutsincer G. T. Madison H. Farmer C. L. Warner Sophomores V. H. Kyle, Jr. W. P. Brierre P. N. NOTT J. Ludlow T. P. Farrar C. L. Nairne Freshmen H. C. Chenault O. E. Bradshear (165) 11Q X£»201 m ID nr= OO dAM BALAYA OOI Alpha Omicron Chapter of Sigma Chi Roll of Chapters Pennsylvania College Bucknell University Dickinson College Lafayette College Lehigh University Central University of Kentucky Stale University of Kentucky University of Texas West Virginia University University of Alabama Pennsylvania Slate College University of Pittsburg George Washington University Washington and Lee Univ. University of Virgmia Trinity College North Carolina Univ. Miami University Denison University Northwestern University Beloil College Illinois Wesleyan Univ. University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of North Dako ' .a University of Illinois University of Chicago University of Nebraska State Univ. of Iowa University of Kansas Brown University Michigan Univer3;ly Albion College Univ. of Wooster Ohio Wesleyan Uni Ohio State University University of Cincinnati Western Reserve Univ. University of Oklahoma University of Arkansas Indiana University DePauw University Butler College Hanover College Purdue University Wabash College Case School of Applied Science University of Missouri Washington University Colorado College Massachusetts. Inst, of Technology Tulane University Hobart College Vanderbill University University of Georgia University of California Univ. of Sou. California University of Montana Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. University of Washington Cornell University University of Oregon University of U aS University of Colorado Oregon State College University of Tennessee University of Pennsylvania Columbia University University of Maine Syracuse University ■ Dartmouth College University of New Mexico (166) lO M IQO cf AM BALAYA«OC I (167) llO» Fy5 IO 0»c)AMBAL Garrett Woodruff, Gillespie, Young, Palmer, Porteous Cleveland, Stewart, King, Parkhouse, Bowers, Burkhead Brewster, Gladney, Johnson, Prescott, LeBeuf Davis, Coleman, Rike, Madden, Carter (168) [lO CSX201 Jo Alpha Tau Omega Founded 1865 Beta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Established 1887 In Faculty Wm. Alexander Bell, LL.B. Nathan C. Curtis, Ph.B., B.S. Charles B. Elliot, M.A., M.D. Lawrence DeBuys, M.D. Randolph Lyons, A.B., M.D. Chas. L. Eshleman, A.B., MD. James M. Thurincer, M.D. Allan C. Eustis, M.D. D. W. Stewart, Jr. Seniors G. G. Woodruff J. D. BURKHEAD J. H. Carter, Jr. N. L. LeBeuf G, Cleveland Juniors Donald Garrett Roger Brewster E. L. Gladney, Jr. R. J. Young L. Butler W. N. Johnson H. C. RiKE Sophomores J. Southard J. L. Madcen R. R. Gillespie C. B. Prescott J. B. Davis J. G. Palmer Freshmen T. C. Coleman W. A. Porteous, Jr. W. P. Parkhouse, Jr. T. C. King (169) [IQ KS»201 iBAL ::xaE Beta Epsiloii Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Roll of Chapters Georgia School of Technology Worcester Polytechnic Institute Washinglon and Lee University University of Florida University of Georgia University of Illinois University of Chicago University of Kansas Emory College Trinity College Mercer University Purdue University University of Wisconsin Adiian College Hillsdale College University of Michigan Albion College University of Colorado Simpson College University of Minnesota University of Nebraska University of Wyoming University of Maine Colby College Mass. Inst, of Technology Brown University University of Vermont St. Lawrence Univ. Cornell University Tufts College Colgate University Wa5hi;iglon Slale College University of Washington Alabama Polytechnic Institute University of Alabama Washington University Miihlenburg College Lehig ' i University Washington and Je If erson Pennsylvania College University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State College University of North Carolina University of Virginia College of Charleston Wittenburg College Ohio State University Kentucky State University Union University Sou ' .hwestern Presbyterian Univ. Vanderbilt University University of the South University of Tennessee University of California Southern University Tulane University Iowa State University University of Missouri Mount Union College University of Oregon University of Texas University of Indiana Western Reserve University Ohio Wesley an University Leland Stanford University Rose Polytechnic Institute New Hampshire State College Oregon Agricultural College Birmmgham-Southern College Southern Methodist University uLli (170) iiQ-»SX2Ql IDO JAM BALAYA OO UO cJAM BALAYA Slji Evans, Maxwell, Whiteside, E. Talbot, Kennedy Burke, Crews, H. Talbot, Carter, Rabb HoRNE, McMahon, Lloyd, Simpson, Hargrove LeBourgeois, Bailey, Cook, Martinez, Broomfield (172) IDJO )igma Nu Founded 1867 Beta Phi Chapter of Sigma Nu Established 1888 Seniors M. S. Whiteside T. Simpson Juniors W. K. LOYD R. G. McMahon A. LeBourceois D. B. Martinez Sophomores R. Y. Rabb R. H. Brumfield J. R. Horn, Jr. R. L. Kennedy J. R. Evans Wm. Cook Freshmen B. R. Maxwell C. S. Carter W. D. Crews, Jr. E. E. Talbot M. D. Hargrove H. Talbot K. Bailey O. H. Burke (173) Beta Phi Chapter of Sigma Nu Roll of Chapters L ' niversity of Virginia Washington and Lee University University of North Carohna North Carolina College Delaware College Vanderbilt University Howard College North Ca. Agricultural College Mercer University Emory College Stetson University Bethany College Ml. Union College Lombard University Western Reserve University Albion College University of Illinois Universily of Iowa Iowa State College University of Nebraska Universily of Kansas University of Missouri William Jewell College Missouri School of Mines Washington Universily Univ. of Oklahoma Univ. of Texas Tulane Universily Kansas State Agricultural College Auburn Polytechnic Institute University of Virginia University of Kentucky Universily of Georgia Universily of Alabama Ohio Stale University University of Chicago Northwestern University University of Wisconsin Universily of Michigan University of Minnesota- Georgia School of Technology Case School of Applied Science Brown University La. State University University of Arkansas Colorado School of Mines University of Colorado University of Nevada University of " Washington Universily of Oregon University of Montana University of Maine Washington Slate College Leland Stanford Universily Lehigh University Lafayette College Cornel] University Syracuse University Pennsylvania State College DePauw University Purdue University University of Indiana Rose Polytechnic Institute Universily of Vermont Stevens Inst, of Technology Dartmouth College University of California Universily of Pennsylvania Columbia College (174) (175) OJ =Tr b g u £ z m 2 p - w o y z S o CQ Z Kq Q S K 2 ' i.i (176) Delta Tau Delta Founded 1859 Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Established 1889 Pierce Butler In Faculty Chaille Jamison Dr. J. P. OKeli.y Seniors J. A. K. Birchett, Jr. J. B. Richardson John A. Wight Juniors J. W. Neely W. R. May Harold Quinn Jessie Armstrong Bennett Wight Sophomores Willie Wharton E. Fay Walter Phares O ' Kelley G. B. Grant Ted Carter Emmet McInnis Freshmen Tod DeLaureal William Frue Alfred White Harry McQuistion R. S. Roberts (177) Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Roll of Chapters Kansas A. M. University of Pittsburg Washington and Jefferson College Vanderbill University University of Georgia Emory College University of the South University of Virginia Tulane University George Washington University University of Texas University of Iowa University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota ' University of Colorado Northwestern University Stanford University University of Illinois University of Nebraska University of California University of Chicago Armour Inst, of Technology Baker University L niversity of Missouri University of Washington Iowa Slate College University of Oregon University of Kansas Ohio University Univ. of Michigan Washington and University Pennsylvania State College Albion College Hillsdale College Western Reserve Univ. Ohio Wesleyan University Kenyon College Indiana University DePauw University University of Indianapolis Ohio Sta ' .e University Wabash College West Virginia University Purdue University University of Cincinnati Allegheny College Lafayette College Stevens Inst, of Technology Rensselaer Inst, of Technology University of Pennsylvania Lehigh University Tufts College Syracuse University Mass. Inst, of Technology Cornell University Brown University Dartmouth College Columbia University Wesleyan University Lee University of Maine Miami University Amherst College (178) .1. o. Beck, Heath, Campbell, Rozier, Phillips Harrell, Fuller, Voohries, Abbott, Hess Colbert, Pearce, Sticklev, Greaves, McBp.ide Graham, Wakeman, Ogden Bloodworth, Denman, Berea, Martin, Wright (180) Kappa Sigma Founded in 1867 at the University of Virginia Sigma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Established 1899 In Faculty Wm. Prentiss Brown Samuel M. D. Clark Ralph Hopkins Pierre L. Thibault Ephriam D. Friedricks Charles A. Wallbillich George J. Crozart, D.D.S. Melvin Johnson White John Smyth, Jr. Generes Dufour Ed King, M.D. J. Favre Baldwin, M.D. li ' il Percy D. Greaves Richard Colbert, Jr. Harry Fuller Seniors J. K. Wright Guy Heath Milton A. Vohries Forrest Harrel H. D. Ogden, Jr. L. M. RoziER Sol Bloodworth David R. Graham Marcel Livaudais Juniors Alexander Berea H. H. Martin- S. J. Phillips Charles Abbott Earl Campbell R. D. Fuller n W. T. Hess Sophomores J. A. Wakeman Wm. M. McBride E. H. Beck Chas. Wiggins Freshmen H. W. Pierce C. T. Smith B. H. Denman W. D. Steckley D. Pollock C. S. Bauman, Jr. (181) lao JAM BALAYAOOI Sigma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Roll of Chapters I I University of Maine Bowdoin College New Hampshire Slate College Dartmouth College University of Vermont Brown University Massachu3eHs State College Harvard University Masiachuselts Insl. of Technology Cornell University University of Pennsylvania Lehigh University Syracuse University University of Maryland George Washington University Washington and Jefferson College Pennsylvania State College Bucknell Univers ' ty Dickson College University of Virginia Washington and Lee University William and Mary College Randolph-Macon College Richmond College Hampden-Sydney College Davidson College University of North Carolina Trinity College North Carolina A. M. University of Alabama Georgia School of Technology Mercer University University of Georgia Alabama Polytechnic Institute Tulane University Louisiana State University Millsaps College Cumberland University University of Tennessee Vanderbill University Swathmore College University of South University of Kentucky University of Michigan Case School of Applied Science Ohio State University Denlson College Purdue University Wabash University University of Wisconsin University of Illinois Lake Forest University University of Indiana University of Chicago University of Nebraska University of Iowa University of Minnesota Iowa Stale College William Jewell College Washington University Missouri School of Mines University of Missouri Baker University Washburn College University of Arkansas University of Oklahoma Southwestern University University of Texas University of Denver Colorado College Colorado School of Mines Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California University of Washington University of Idaho University of Oregon Washington State College Boston Institute of Technology Oregon A. C. University of Arizona (182) [W«S»1.0l ICDQy c)AM BALAVA CCXOF .... , .,.. i.a ' ■ .. ' ' - ' . -J ' . . 1 t " - - v ? ' ■iiiTT-. . ;■ ' ,■■■■ ' " " " %• ' .- . " • A " " ■ ' ■ , -c c X •« ' " V f 1 ! - ' -.. ' ikt M ,-v ' ■i ' %ii. ' «-. ■. a V " ■■ • tni-.M vv }- (183) 19«S »20I lij .n CuRRAN, Provosty, Haley, Farrell, McFarland Grace, Canby, West, Haynes, Voelker Putnam, Ziegler, Smith, A. Provosty, O ' Leary, Cox Stiles, Baccich, Gess.ner, Carter, Coyle ScHwiNc, Bannon, Dudley, Cato, Unswcrth Sebastian, Burke, McLoughlin, Luzenberg, Christopher (184) Phi Delta Theta Founded al Miami Universily, December 26 1848 Louisiana Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta Charlered 1889 Chapter House, 2614 Slate Street Dr H. B. Gessner HiLLiARD E. Miller Chas. C. Farrel, Jr. Ledoux R. Provosty Leonard E. Gessner J. Stephen Voelker Albin L. Provosty Jack W. Canby Wm. p. Burke, Jr. Sam p. Schwinc Redding Putnam W. Camors McFarland In Faculty Pedro Miller Seniors William A. West, Jr. Randolph H. Unsworth Juniors Harold F. Ziegler Charles L. Cox Sophomores Chandler C. Luzenberg, Jr. Cornelius W. O ' Leary John A. Smith, Jr. Newton S. Sebastian Freshmen William J. Curren Robert H. Haley Harold C. Carter Chas. Warren Duval James B. Gutherie J. Hooper Stiles Oscar J. Christopher Jas. Frank McLouchlin Edwin H. Grace Frank L. Cato Charles C. Coyle Joseph S. Bannan George Baccich John P. Hayne William B. Dudley (185) Louisiana Alpha Chapter of Phi Deha Theta Roll of Chapters Lombard College University of Colorado Colorado College University of Georgia Emory College Mercer University Georgia School of Technology University of Idaho Northwestern University University of Idaho Knox College University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Inst. Indiana University Wabash College Butler University Franklin College Hanover College DePauw University Purdue University Whitman College University of California Leland Stanford, Jr., University Univ. of Illinois Westminster College Washington University University of Texas Oregon State College Colgate University Allegheny College Iowa Wesleyan Col Univ. of Iowa Washington and Jefferson College Iowa Slate College Dickinson College University of Kansas Washburn College Central Univ. of Kentucky Kentucky State University Tulane University Colby College University of Nebraska Dartmouth College Cornell University Union College Columbia University Syracuse University University of North Carolina University of North Dakota Miami University University of Pennsylvania Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio University Ohio Slate University Case School of Applied Science University of Cincinnati Denison University University of Toronto University of Oregon Lafayette College Pennsylvania College Williams College Amherst College University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Missouri University of Wisconsin University of Washington Washington State College Washington and Lee University University of Pennsylvania Randolph-Macon College University of Pittsburg University of Oklahoma Lehigh University Pa. State College McGlll University Brown University Univ. of South Dakota Vanderbilt University Swavlhmore College Southwestern University University of Utah University of Vermont University of Virginia (186) 3D!0 c (!87) WiLKiNs, Wilson, Richardson, Grant, Wiegand, Johnson Dykers, Payne, Bell, Barnes, Jordan, Dicks Brunot, Bookout, Stafford, Legendre, Dawkins, McLean Pitts, Moss. Jones, Kittrell, Frere, Krause Mann, Parkhouse, Durfey, Gilder, Allen, Chenoworth (188) lOO cJAM BALAYA OOI Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded March 9, 1859, at Universily of Alabama Louisiana Tau Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Established 1897 Charles Bein Donald Derickson Walter J. Barnes Felix R. Brunot Charles B. Dicks Allen Percy Durfey Julian Allen Bertram E. Bookout John D. Bell Henry Chenoworth Frank Dawkins In Faculty James A. Lyons Christian G. Coyle John Dicks Seniors John Mareh Frere Wayne Gilder John M. Kittrell Rudolph E. Krause Ralph H. Mann Juniors John R. Dykers George Francis Kelly E. D. McLean Sophomores Chas. I. Johnson Edley H. Jones Freshmen Edward K. Grant Morris Lecendre Byron G. Patton Wilbur B. Payne (189) George K. Pratt, Jr. John Pratt Olin W. Moss D. Grove Stafford Frank C. Wilson Edward D. Parkkouse W. W. Jordan Wilton G. Pitts Jos. Raoul Richardson William Weicand Chris Wilkins [IQ XS»201 2 l Louisana Tau Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Roll of Chapters University of Maine Boston University Harvard University Mass. Institute of Technology Dartmouth College New Hampshire College Cornell University Syracuse University Columbia University St. Stephens College St. Lawrence University Pennsylvania State College Pennsyl . ania College Bucknell University University of Pennsylvania Dickinson College University of Pittsburgh Allegheny College Lafayette College Carnegie Institute of Technology Davidson College University of North Carolina University of Virginia Washington and Lee University George Washington University University oi Illinois Millikin University University of Chicago Northwestern University Franklin College Purdue University Indiana University Adrian College University of Michigan University of Mmnesola Ohio Wesleyan University University of Cincinnati Ohio Stale University Case School of Applied Science Mt. Union College Denison University University of Idaho Miami University University of Wisconsin Beloit College Birmingham Southern University University of Alabama University of Florida University of Georgia Emory University Georgia School of Technology Mercer University University of Arkansas University of Iowa Iowa Stale College Kansas State College Kansas Slate University University of Missouri Washington University University of Nebraska University of South Dakota Colorado Agricultural College University of Denver Colorado School of Mines University of Colorado University of Wyoming University of Mississippi Louisiana State University Tulane University University of Oklahoma University of Texas Kentucky State University Bethel College Central University Southwestern Presbyterian Univ. Union University University of Tennessee Cumberland University Vanderbill University University of the South University of Arizona Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California Oregon Slate College University of Oregon University of Washington Washington State College University of Montana (190) (191) 111 ID)0 dIAM BALAYA «0 ai lOV Heard, Burns, Williams, Richeson McGee, McCay, McLain, Terrell, Todd P. Alker, a. Alker, O ' Shee, Edmonds Dougherty, Kearney, F. Brown, Caffery, B. Brown McGraw, Kemper, Dwyer, DeRussy (192) lo j ai I10«0 2X201 e lUO JAM BALAVA «Oai Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded 1884 Tau Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon Chartered 1899 In Faculty Dr. T. Patten Dr. C. N. Chavicny J. B. Elliot, Sr. Nicholas Callan Dr. H. Daspit B. T. Brown W. D. Dwyer E. B. Williams J. T. Burns J. Edmonds I i Seniors M. W. Heard F. McGraw Junior D. S. O ' Shee Sophomores A. R. Alker D. Caffery, Jr. L. Richardson R. Todd N. DeRussy Freshmen M Edmonds T. Terrell G. McHain N. Kearney P. B. Alker F. J. Brown H. McGee J. Kemper D (193) [19JO0201 ID 4 JQ£ ! Tau Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon Roll of Chapters u Yale University Bowdoln College Colby University Amherst College Vanderbill University University of Alabama Brown University University of North Carolina University of Virginia Miami University Kenyon College Dartmouth College Central University of Kentucky Middlebury College University of Michigan Williams College Lafayette College Hamilton College Colgate University College of the City of New York University of Rochester Rutgers College DePauw University Wesleyan University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Western Reserve University Cornell University Syracuse University Columbia University University of California Trinity College University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Chicago University of Toronto Tulane University University of Pennsylvania McGill University Leiand Stanford University University of Illinois University of Wisconsin Washington University University of Texas Q rn (194) x OI D 30 JAM B AL AYA Oai la i i fev PucKETT, Warren, Dawes, King, Kline Mercier, T. Moore, Wirth, Brown, Perkins Crockett, J. King, Talbot, Hobson, Pool Macee, Gooch, E. Rau, Meriweather, Kerlin Hunt, Huggins, L. Rau, Townsend, D. Moore (196) L ' iQl IW XS?0201 ID AJ to I DO cJAM BALAYA OOOI va ' A n D D w Ph i Kappa Sigma Founded 1850 m Mu Chap ter of Phi Kappa S igma Chapter House, 1586 Calhoun Street Seniors 1 Charles L. Brown Louis M. Couch Samuel Hobson Isaac C. Hugcins Douglas L. Kerlin Juniors Jean M. King Walter H. Mercier Robert S. Kline Henry C. Macee Robert M. Pool Sophomores Forrest Puckett John A. Crockett V. KiRBY Henderson DosiTE H. Perkins Ernest M. Townsend Freshmen Willard R. Wirth t Walter E. Dawse Forrest E. Hunt William J. King Charles E. Meriweather David W. Moore Theodore T. Moore (197) William L. Rau FoRNO M. Talbot Daniel D. Warren %%. uf .ry I19« S »20I 3D50 cJy Mu Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma I. •! Roll of Chapters University of Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson College Dickinson College Franklin and Marshall College University of Virginia Columbia University Tulane University University of Illinois Randolph-Macon College Northvifeslern University Richmond College Pennsylvania State College , Washington and Lee University University of West Virginia Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of Mame Armour Institute of Technology University of Maryland University of Wisconsin Vanderbilt University University of Alabama University of California Massachusetts Institute of Technology Georgia School of Technology Purdue University University of Michigan University of Chicago Cornell University University of Minnesota University of Washmgton Alumni Chapters Philadelphia Richmond Chicago New York Pittsburg Baltimore New Orleans Southern California Boston Harrisburg Detroit San Francisco (198) , iy» £ 0 2Ql mli y Ml OA.M B ALAYA «0 ai 3Dv; ' -: in u 1 Gelpi, J. Elizardi, Brown F. Elizardi, Ball, J. R. Foote Hammett, T. Q. Foote, Ledoux, Ferguson i ' r (200) g 10] D 0 1D 0» cJAM BALAYA OOQI !o rn Pi Kappa Alpha Founaed 1868 Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Installed 1878 Dr. John A. Langford Dr. Octave Cassecrain John R. Foote A. Caron Ball Paul Gelpi In Faculty Dr. Robert A. Strong Seniors William B. Hammett Joseph C. Bruner Juniors McLean Ledoux Frank P. Elizardi Sophomore C. F. Attaway Freshmen James W. Elizardi D. J. Farlay James Roberts C. S. Williamson, Jr. Beverly Ferguson Tandy Q. Foote Cecil Brown (201) D l OI llO«gE »20] IP i Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Roll of Chapters n Davidson College Tulane University Richmond College Southern University University of Virginia William and Mary College University of Tennessee Hampden-Sydney College Transylvania University Southwestern Presbyterian University University of North Carolina University of Cincinnati " Washington and Lee University Southwestern North Georgia Agricultural College North Carolina A. M. College Georgia School of Technology Alabama Polytechnic College Louisiana State University Kentucky State University Missouri School of Mines University of Arkansas Millsaps College Trinity College Beloit College Rutgers College Georgetown College University of Utah Syracuse Univers ity Ohio State University New York University University of Missouri University of Florida University of California Southern Methodist University Western Reserve University University of New Mexico University of Illinois Pennsylvania Stale College University of Washington K. S. A. C. " Manhattan " University of Kansas Cornell University Howard College I. S. C. " Ames " University (202) -t. J,UJ ino cJAM BALAYA OOOE Werner, Oldham, Simmons, O. Bienvenu, Suthon Morse, Wheelock, Taylor, Smith, McIntosh, J. Bienvenu SoucHON, Fine, Gardiner, Love, LeGardeur, Linfield O. CoLOMB, Fox, Cassity, Saizan. A. Delahoussaye, L. Colomb Parkerson. LeJeune, R. Delahoussaye, Thornton, Murrell (204) IIQ XS»20] iO M 1D)0» dIAM BALAYA ooai ia i W Beta Theta Pi Founded 1839 1,! Beta Xi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Installed 1903 Ui Chapter House, 1040 Audubon Street In Faculty Dr. Charles J. B co:j Dr. Marcy Joseph Lyons William Parkerson Dr. Mum Bradburn Archibald M. Suthon Dr. Wm. p. Bradburn Francis E. LeJeune J. Leslie Taylor Seniors Brcoscs a. Colomb E. H. LiNFIELD V. p. Gardiner R. E. Delahoussaye T. Stafford Love Archibald M. Sutkon S. F. McIntoch B. G. Smith Juniors Edmond Souchon, II Jack H. Cassity Fisher E. S.mmons Lionel J. Bienvenu Sophomores R. Hewson Fine George M. Murrell James J. Morse H. O. Colomb George Vergnes LeGardeur Oscar J. Bienvenu Arthur A. Delahoussaye Freshmen H. B. Fox Ira B. Oldham, Jr. James L. Saizan Penn B. Thornton, Jr. Richard C. Werner Thomas H. Wheelock (205) . I1000»20l i O Vf OXC Beta Xi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Roll of Chapters Bowdoin Brown Maine Amherst Dartmouth Wesleyan WilMams Yal Colgate Cornell St. Ohi Ohio Slale Wittenberg DePauw Hanover Purdu Lawrence Syracuse Toronto Union Columbia Mass. Inst, of Technology Pennsylvania State College Washington and Jefferson West Virginia North Carolina Virginia Case Denison Kenyon Ohio Wesleyan Western Reserve Centre Cincinnati Miami Dickinson South Dakota Kansas Kansas State Missouri Vanderbilt Washington, Mo. Westminster Colorado Colorado College Colorado Mines Denver Idaho Oregon University of Washington California Centre Georgia Tech Indiana Wabash Beloit Rutgers Stevens Johns Hopkins Lehigh Chicago Illinois Knox Michigan Northwestern Wisconsin Oklahoma Pennsylvania Bethany Davidson Texas Tulane Iowa Washington and Lee Leland Stanford, Jr. Whitman Iowa State Minnesota Nebraska Utah (206) fs i 5a?0 JAM BALAYA 0 DI u D Haas, Lob, Bodenheimer, Coleman Wachenheim, Bauer, Schlenker, Newman Kessler, Sternberg, A. K. Scharff, Marx BuRKENROAD, Tow, Barnett, Besthoff, L. D. Scharff (208) if] 10 D I OI [] 0 S 2Oi ID 0» cJAM BALAYA OCXDI O " " Zeta Beta Tau Founded 1898 Sigma Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau Established 1909 5 R. Conrad Bauer Samuel Kessler, Jr. Seniors Edwin F. Marx Harold W. Newman, Jr. Lester D. Scharff Adolph K. Scharff DeNZ L COIEMAN Juniors Louis C. Lob Abraham Tow Sam Sternberg d D Nathan L. Haas Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Sophomores Albert Wachenheim, Jr. Freshmen Sidney J. Besthoff, Jr. William Burkenroad Simon Schlenker Walter Bodenheimer a (209) J Mi II9»g »20] ID Zeta Beta Tau Roll of Chapters College of the City of New York New York University Columbia University University of Michigan University of Pennsylvania Cornell University Boston University Western Reserve University Case School of Applied Science Tulane University Union University Brooklyn Polytechnic University Ohio Stale University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Syracuse University Louisiana State University University of Alabama Harvard University I University of Virginia University of Illinois ly University of Missouri Mc iH University in (210) (211) r ) y i IDO cJAM B ALAYA «Cxai Robinson, Hustedt, Hawkins, Gondolfo Duffy, Wulff, Boulet, C. Devron, Mouton G. LoTHROP, Lescale, Schwegman, Irwin, Miller R. LoTHROP, Legeai, Russell, Brown, Hartwell Fears, Dabezies, L. Devron, Nungesser, Marsalis (212) m ■s. I19 CS?»201 D i ' ? ai m ID 0» cJAM BALAYA oOOE ID II a Delta Sigma Phi Founded in 1899 al ihe College of the City of New York Chi Chapter of Deha Sigma Phi Established 1916 Irwin Boulet Morris Duffy Seniors James Fears Rex Lothrop Don S. Marsailis Martin Miller Roger Sharp Fred A. Wulff, Jr. D Fred Nuncesser Harry Hustedt Juniors Zed Hawkins Michael Irwin Maurice Lescale Carroll Mouton Davis Robinson (0 Edeie Brown Oliver Dabezies Cyril Devron Leonard Devron Sophomores Fernan Gondolfo Edward Reed Freshmen William C. Hartwell Guy Lothrop William H. Lount Richard Russell Harold Legeai Khyllis C. Reese Georce Schwegman a ill (213) j£- i . Q)C_ Chi Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Roll of Chapters College of the City of New York University of Pennsylvania New York University St. Louis University University of Texas Tulane University University of Pittsburg North Carolina A. M. University of California Wofford College University of Chicago Waynesburg College Thiel College Hillsdale College Franklin and Marshall College Cumberland University Southern Methodist University Albion College University of Illinois Georgia Tech. Alumni Chapters Dallas Baltimore New York Chicago Philadelphia Pittsburg New Orleans (214) [IQ cS 0 2Ql 3050cIAMBy COOE Phi Beta Kappa Alpha of Louisiana Members in the Faculty Morton A. Alrich Viola M. Allee Douglas S. Anderson Edward A. Bechtei. Pierce Butler R. S. Cocks A. B. DlNWIDDIE B. V. B. Dixon Charles E. Dunbar Marguerite B. Ellis John M. Fletcher Lydia E. Frotscher Dr. H. B. Gessner Mary L. Harkness Max Heller Dr. p. J. Kayle John S. Kendall A. Marin LaMeslee Dr. Isaac Lemann Monte M. Lemann Dr. Ernest L. Lewis Leon R. Maxwell John M. McBryde Jr. Mathew T. McClure Ann H. Northrup Caroline F. Richardson Ernest Riedel Ralph J. Schwartz Robert Sharp William B. Smith Imogen Stone Dagny C. Sunne Archibald M. Suthon Susan D. Tew Charles J. Turck Frederick Wespy Dorothy Douglas Martina Ellis Ruth Kastler Lorenzo M. Dantzler, Jr. Elizabeth V. Fischer M. Chalaron H. S. Chenet, Jr. A. M. Drouet J. Hoffman J. S. Kendall E. a. Becker E. F. Humphries L. Q. Campbell Recent Elections 1920 Esther Kent Tess Mayer Margaret McConnell 1919 Louis G. Lemle 1918 M. R. Delchamps M. B. Ellis J. R. Moore 1917 Y. KOBAYASHI L. B. Urban 1916 J. R. Reid J. C. Snyder 1915 R. Simmons R. K. MuNN, Jr. (died, 1918) James H. Monroe Harold W. Newman, Jr. Dorothy Seaco LuciLE Richardson Georgejean Lund R. Heller Ida Jungle F. O. Wintz h. e. wurzlow L. Westfeldt W. A. West, Jr. G. N. Johnson (died, 1918) A. M. SUTHRON ii : u (215) ■ " 1 f j TT ■ i B ALAYA oOxQi 1 !i i il Stewart, Bauer, A. Scharff PaRKERSON, WuLFF, LlNFIELD Provosty, West, L. Scharff D U: j ' ff, f (216) diy K£ »20] IIJ aO «JAM BALAYA OOi iosS !0 D Kappa Delta Phi Members Conrad Bauer Edward Linfield William Parkerson Ledoux Provostv acolph k. scharff Lester D. Scharff Daniel W. Stewart, Jr. Wm. a. West, Jr. Fred A. Wulff, Jr. a Kappa Delta Phi is a Junior-Senior Society organized for the promotion of college spirit at Tulane University. It seeks lo obtain its object in two ways: First, by holding forth membership as a reward to those wno have done more than the average man for their University; and, secondly, by binding together those who have made unusual effort, thus becommg a force for great good by securing unity of action. .J i)Mv (217) ! QE [10 KS?»201 lO M .ho. Provosty, Denegre, LeBeuf Heard, Wulff. Stewart Gladney, West, McLoughlin Carroll, Stafford, McClendon (218) «ta ? ID 0 UAM BALAY.- Phi Delta Phi Established December 28, 191 I Judge Foster Charles Dunbar Walter Carroll Bayne Denegre Edward L. Gladney Manning Heard In Faculty Chas. p. Fenner Members Nelvil LeBeuf William McClendon Frank McLoughlin Ledoux Frovosty Roll of Chapters Elliot Judd Northrup Chas. J. Turck Grove Stafford Daniel W. Stewart, Jr. William A. West Fred A. Wulff, Jr. Ballinger — Law Department Washington Uni- versity, 1907. Beatty — Law Department University of South- ern California, 1907. Benjamin — Law DepaitmenI Illinois Wesleyan University, 1878. Booth — Law Department Northwestern Univer- sity, 1880. Brewer — Law Department Denver University, 1902. Chase — Law Department University of Oregon, 1891. Comstock — Law Department Syracuse Univer- sity, 1899. CoNKLINC — Law Department Cornell Univer- sity, 1888. Cooley — Law Department Washington Univer- sity, 1882. Daniels — Law Department Buffalo University, 1891. Dillon — Law Department University of Minne- sota, 1891. Douglas — Law Department University of Chi- cago, 1903. DwiGHT New York Law School, 1899. Evarts — Brooklyn Law School, St. Lawrence University, 1907. Field — Law Department New York University, 1887. Foster — Law Department Indiana University, 1900. Fuller — Chicago, Kent College of Law, 1896. Gibson — Law Department University of Penn- sylvania, 1886. Green — Law Department University of Kansas, 1897. Hamilton — Law Department University of Cin- cmnati, 1886. Harlan — Law Department University of Wis- consin, 1891. Jay — Albany Law School, Union University, 1884. Kent — Law Department University of Michi- gan, 1869. Langdell — Law Department Illinois Univer- sity, 1901. Lincoln — Law Department University of Ne- braska, 1895. McClaiN — Law Department University of Iowa, 1893. Malone — Law Department Vanderbill Univer- sity, 1907. Marshall— Law Department George Wash- ington University, 1884. Miller — Law Department Stanford University, 1897. Minor — Law Department University of Vir- ginia, 1890. Osgoode— Law School of Upper Canada, 1896. PoMEROy — Law Department University of Cali- fornia, 1883. Ranney — Law Depar;ment Western Reserve University, 1901. Reed — Law Department University of Maine, 1908. Roberts — Law Department University of Texas, 1909. Shiras — Law Department Pittsburgh Univer- sity, 1909. Story — Law Department Columbia University, 1881. Swan — Law Department Ohio Stale University, 1893. Thomas — Law Departmeat Universily of Colo- rado, 1907. Tiedeman — Law Department University of Mis- souri, 1890. Tucker — Law Department Washington and Lee University, 1908. WaiTE — Law Department Yale University, 1887. Webster — Law Department Boston University, 1885. White — Law Department Tulane Universily, 1911. (219) § I ! : JAM B ALAYA 0€ ia i mii Inter-Fraternity Activities Scholastic Standing Rank. 1918-1919. 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 831 2. Sigma Chi 816 3. Beta Theta Pi 802 4. Pi Kappa Alpha 794 5. Phi Delta Theta 791 6. Kappa Sigma 78o 7. Phi Kappa Sigma 784 8. Delta Sigma Phi . 782 9. Kappa Alpha 776 10. Sigma Nu .768 1 1 . Alpha Tau Omega . 767 12. Zeta Beta Tau 763 13. Delta Tau Delta 758 14. Delta Kappa Epsilon . ■ . ■ -745 1917 -1918. 1916-1917. 1 .826 5 .806 3 .816 7 .802 7 .807 3 .813 13 .76 6 .805 14 .75 13 .73 6 .808 11 .76 5 .8083 12 .74 2 .825 2 .816 8 .806 11 .76 12 .77 10 .763 4 .81 1 .83 10 .7943 4 .812 9 .7946 8 .78 11 .78 9 .775 u - I A T n— 10-8 1 A T n ( AS Basketball A 2 $—26-13 1 B T j A 2 .1 ' — 3-2 J K A— 20-9 ' ]. S A E— 25-8 1 A e j K A S N A K E ! K 2 K S n K A Ben ATA K A— 29-6 A K E— 32-0 K 2—16-6 B e n— 23-12 )■ K A— 21-12 . A K E— 30-6 ] A K E— 9-8 A K E— 16-12 a D Inter-fraternity Dance May 7, 1920— Country Club (220) ng «CE »2Q] lOO OA AYAOOi , I ■: 1 STUDENT BODY Newcomb Student Body Officers Vera Schepxk Presidail Elizabeth Gregory Vice-PresidenI Frances Evans Secretary) Grace Fischer Treasurer Newcomb Student Council Officers Elizabeth Gregory President Louis Andrews Secretary Members Vera SchERCK, ' 20 President Student Bod Emily Harrison, " 20 Dormitory Representative Sallie Gillespie, ' 20 Art School Representative Ophelia Perkins, ' 20 Music School Representative Kathleen Cook, ' 20 Household Economy Representative Dorothy Douglas, ' 20 Senior Class President ,. Ruth KastlER, ' 20 Senior Class Representative [J Dorothy Seaco, ' 20 Senior Class Representative p Rosa Hart, ' 21 Junior Class President Katherine Maher, ' 21 Junior Class Representative Alice Odenheimer, ' 22 Sophomore Class President Marjorie Newell, ' 22 Sophomore Class Representative Edna Louis White, ' 23 Freshman Class President Ethel Gastrell, ' 23 Freshman Class Representative Evangeline Magruder, ' 19 Alumnae Representative (22?) r pvOi D OcJ Monroe, Scherck, Provosty Parkerson Hammett, Danneker, Love (224) UWVERSITY jTudcritCound riiiiiuiiiiiiiniiininimuiiiiMiiiiiiiiffiiiiiiwnniiiiiniiiiiiiiw The Tulane University Student Council consists of the Presidents of the student bodies of the University. The council v ' as organized in March, 1915, for the purpose of direct- ing student activities, and regulating affairs common to the student bodies in general. The constitution provides that there shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treas- urer. The members are : Officers William Parkerson ■ President James Monroe Vice-President Vera Scherck Secretary-Treasurer Members Vera Scherck NeTucomb William Parkerson Technology William B. Hammett Commerce James H. Monroe Arts and Sciences Ledoux R. Provosty Law Thomas S. Love Medicine John M. Danneker . Pharmacy (225) N U t Q 050dAMBAF Dl . r. McCoNNELL, HaMMETT, FiSCHER WuLFF, Hay, Newman D ' Amico, Gillespie, Nott (226) lig xs;0 2Oi - " t in I a IQ ia)c: cFAM BALAYA «0 ai iO ' v W. " C JRMBRLnyR 1 ■ , Fred A. Wulff, Jr. . . . Edilor-in-Chief Harold W. Newman, Jr Business Manager Dorothy Hay Nemcomb Editor Grace Fischer Assislant Nemcomb Editor Sallie Gillespie Newcomb Staff Arlisl Steven D ' Amico Tulane Staff Artist Margaret McConnell Nemcomb Business Manager William B. Hammett Arts and Sciences Repr esentative Walter Carroll Law Representative Rex Lothrop Tech Representative Philip Nott Cartoonist Rosa Hart Snapshots Class Representatives Arts and Sciences Senior Percy Greaves Junior Cahlman Polmer Sophomore R. Montgomery Freshman Robert Levy Ne ' D comb Senior May Van Horn Junior Grace Fischer Sophomore RiTA CaMORS Freshman Grace Zelnicker Technology Senior James Sinclair Junior RuFus Lea Sophomore James Fulmer Freshman Calvin Glass La ji) Senior Jack Kraemer Junior Archie SuthON Sophomore Eddie Reed Commerce William B. Hammett JJ D (227) (SJii i llO»g?»201 lOt Si 1 IK •}■■ ' ' ' ■, : ■■ 1 V 1 ' ' H lif ■ -A, .• : H£n m m ' 2JM -■•■- .,,£!-. ;, , •■ - ' " -:■ ' -■; ' --- - " - •,-: -- -- - ■- - ' -■ BKfciSi; T ggBtes - X ' " ' Tulane Hullabaloo (Formerly The Tulane Weekly) Staff Jamf3 L. Sinclair EJilor-in-Chief E. Earl Sparling Managing Editor Daisy Belle Smith Nemcomb Editor Grace Fischer Assistant Ncwcomh Editor Louis C. Lob Business Manager S. Cahlman Polmer Circulation Manager Associate Editors Tulane " Newcomh Arthur O. Kastler Alice Odenheimer Prentice L. Smith FIelen Adler Calvin N. Joyner Rosa Hart W. B. Abbott Louis Andrews FIerman Winsberc Sarah Davis Walter M. Barnett, Jr. Christine Kerlin Cyril G. Devron Vera Palfrey Randolph R. Foote Gwin Murrel (228) Kent, Milling, Renaud, Martyn, Hart Fischer, Sompayrac, O. Perkins, Luzenberg, McConnell, Mayer, Levi Newcomb Arcade Staff Katherine Luzenberg. 1920 Edilor-in-Chief Grace Fischer, 1921 Managing Editor Irma Sompayrac, 1920 Art Editor Minna Koch, 1916 Alumnae Editor HEAD EDITORS Margaret McConnell, 1920 Literary Department Ophelia Perkins, 1920 College Department SUB-EDITORS Rosa Hart, 1921 Tess B. Mayer, 1920 Dixie Milling, 1922 Lucy Renaud, 1921 Irma Levi Business Manager Ruth Martyn Assistant Business Manager (229) rv§T3l lao JAM BALAYA oOO)[ w Tulane University Band After several years of inactivity, the University Band has been reorganized under the supervision of the Y. M. C. A. The Association is sponsoring the interests of the band financially and otherwise. M. A. Raymon, the first Manager of the band, and F. R. Guarento, L eader, deserve much credit for the reorganization. The officers and members follovkf : H. W. Wallace, Business Manager Alio Frank R. Guarento, Leader Cornel H. W. Jamieson Secretar )-Treasurer M. A. Raymon BarUonc F. P. Brussard Bass Chester Fcrd SUJe Trombone I. L. Pesses Cornet J. G. McBride Alio Gus A. Fritchie Valve Trombone C. J. Fritchie Cornel M. L. RosENEAUM Snare Drum Oscar Bienvenue Clarinel E. P. Yates Bass Drum p. J. Lord Suzaphone James J. Morse Snare Drum S. Wynn Secretary of Music (230) i k t vOI nQ A(s fj.o] y lao «JAM BALAYA OQI io : ■Y-r- The International Students ' Club of Tulane University The International Students ' Club of the Tulane University is organized with the view, first, to strengthen mutual acquaintance and fellowship among all foreign students in the Universities of Tulane and Loyola; second, to promote understanding and good-will between American students and profes- sors and all students from other countries; and, third, to bring about a closer study of American life and ideals. Officers R. EsTEVEZ Presldenl S. CeRDA Vicc-Presidenl J. R. HiRlGOYEN 5ecre ari; E. Peon Treasurer Honorary Members H. W. Jamieson SluJenl Secrelar}) J. R. FooTE Y. M. C. A. PrcsiJenl Charter Members A. DE LOS RiEs M. Sa ' _azar J. D. Capadia H. Ui(rutia R. S. Acuilera A. Salazar A. RouRE A. Urrutia C. A. Lupi E. E. Garcia A. Correa F. Contreras C. Urrutia J. A. Santos A. Irabien E. DEL Valle a. Fung R. Molina A. MuNiz (231) UJ C! IIQK- !DO JAM BALAYA 0 i The Tulane Engineering Society The society was organized on February 12, 1920, for the purpose of fostering an interest in the practical side of engineering among the Junior and Senior students of Tulane University. It also has as its object the development in its members of the capability of preparation and delivering of scien- tific papers. Officers and Governing Committee Ralph H. Mann PreslJenl R. F. MuLLER . Vice-Presidenl C. B. Dicks, Jr Secretar )-Treasurer John Dvkers W. B. Gregory, Jr. Rufus U. Lea Members J. J. Torre B.E. M. B. Caloncne M. and E.. R. F. MuLLER M. and E., J. M. King M. and E., W. J. Barnes M. and E., G. S. Brandon M. and E., Forres McGraw M. and E., Wm. Parkerson, M. and E., R. H. Mann C.E., B. P. Ferguson C.E., R. L. Atkinson, Jr C.E., L. J. Wyler C.E., C. L. Jones C.E., R. E. LoTHROP Ch.E., A. O. Kastler Ch.E., S. Kessler, Jr Ch.E., •20 ■20 •20 •20 ' 20 •20 •20 ' 20 •20 •20 •20 •20 •20 •20 •20 J. L. Sinclair Ch.E., 20 C. B. Dicks, Jr Ch.E., 20 W. B. Gregory, Jr M. and E., 21 E. D. Parkhouse M. and E., 21 L. B. Grentz M. and E., ' 21 C. E. Crawford M. and E., ' 21 J. H. Carter M. and E., ' 21 D. M. Haas M. and E., ' 21 J. B. Richardson M. and E., 21 H. E. Rodriguez C. E., 21 H. B. CooLY C. E., ' 21 R. U. Lea . . . . . . . . C. E., ' 21 A. L. -WiLLoz C. E., ' 21 L. M. BujA C. E., ' 21 S. B. Schwartz C. E., ' 21 Jno. Dykers Ch.E., ' 21 (232) M. [1 XS »2Q1 3D cJAMBAL 3ffiS?SSfi4»fe Tulane Architectural Society The Tulane Architectural Society was reorganized on March 4, 1 920, for the pur- poses of promoting the welfare of the Tulane School of Architecture by stimulating interest and increasing the usefulness of the school to the students and alumni, and to present its merits to the public. Officers Stephen D ' Amico President Richard A. Farnsworth ............. Vice-Presidan J. Harris Secretar i-Treasurer Members Maude Abrego " I ' m Frank and Ernest; are you Jake Ada Arnold " Wanted to know — what is a Soffit ' Stephen D ' Amico " That reminds me of that old song Richard A. Farnsworth " Rattling good chap with a Tatlting good car Thomas Farrar " Oh! this pubhcity is abominable Rhea Gazin " It ' s a wrong dame that has no yearning ' C. Gray " Truth hurts; youth flirts J Harris, D.S.C. " I love the ladies. " Deserves some cred G. Huddleston " A Miss is as good as her style Ed MurtAGH " Looks for the best; sometimes finds ' em J. Howard Ryan " That oughla fool ' em Roger Sharp " A lolling one rathers no boss (233) 201 AM B AL AYA oOQf BC 1! !l iji 1 Tulane University Masonic Club Organized 1909 Dr. a. L. Metz, Founder Reorganized April, 1919, by R. S. Roberts, D. R. Graham Officers Session 1919 R. S. Roberts Presidenl J. A. Lowe Vice-Pres ' idenl D. R. Graham, Jr Secretary H. A Miller Treasurer Session 19.19-1920 D. R. Graham, Jr President C. F. Lewis Vice-President J. E. Bell ' . Secretar ) H. A. Miller Treasurer P. E. Johnson Conductor T. C. Lyon Chairman Examining Committee Masonic Brothers Who Have Conferred Special Favors on the Organization Bro. J. J. Babin, P.m., Mount Moriah Lodge No. 59 New Orleans, La. Bro. R, H. Schaffnitt, P.M., MounI Moriah Lodge No. 59 New Orleans, La. Bro. E. H. Walsdorf, P.M., Mount Moriah Lodge No. 59 New Orleans, La. Bro. T. C. Lyon, S.W., Ocean Lodge No. 144 New Orleans, La. Bro. a. F. Godat, Louisiana Lodge No. 102 New Orleans, La. Members Wallace Abadie Dr. Samuel Boyce Percy E. Brown R. C. Bauer R. L. Bowlln W. G. Bailey J. E. Bell T. L. Bennett Paul Crutsincer Dr. T. B. Sellers Dr. C. W. Duval C. Q. Durham E. H. Edwards D. J. F " RLEY R. J. Field W. B. Grayson E. S. Garrett, Jr D. R. Graham, Jr. V. N. Hall Guy W. Heath Inactives Dr. R. S. Crichldw F. R. Shaw (234) J. V. Howell, Jr. Webb W. Jordan R. S. Roberts M. L. Rosenbaum J. D. Simpson P. E. Johnson R. D. Jackson J. J. Kazar C. H. Lutterloh Judge Lyle E. H. Linfeld C. F. Lewis T. R. Mellard R. H. Mann H. A. Miller J. M. Smith J. K. Wright J. E. Whittaicer P. E. Lehde Coach C. A. Hanson gyKSX20] fs i i " IDO cJAM BALAYA cOOf la Vi ID 111 1 1 iin! The Glendy-Burke Literary and Debating Society Officers H. W. Newman, Jr Speal er J. L. Watkins Vice-Spealier S. C. PoLMER Secrelar -TreasuraT B. Williams Sivgeanl-al-Arms I. Wahlder Hislorian PoLMER AND WiLLIAMS . . Debating Council Represenialives H. V. Newman, Jr. S. C. PoLMER W. M. Barnett R. Levy R. Schwartz T. S. Cahn T. Carter Members W. C. Frue B. Williams A. SCHARFF L. ScHARFF L. Levitan J. L. Watkins I. Wahlder H. Moses H. Winseerc W. Parkerson E. L. Gladney G. P. Madison T. Terrell R. Putnam J. Edmonds The war held back many college activities at Tulane, but not ths Glendy-Burke Society. Year before last, amidst an apparent indifference for debating among the stu- dents, and contrary to all expectations, the Glendy-Burke had a most successful season, which ended by Harold Newman, Jr., and James Monroe winning a bitterly fought debating tournament. But still greater was the past year ' s success. Never bef ore had there been such an eagerness on the part of the members to prove their merit in forensic skill, and never before had there been so many men craving to become part and parcel of the Glendy-Burke, whose name, when mentioned to many of the most prominent and influential men of our state, brings back fond recollections of their debating days at good old Tulane. The past reputation of the Glendy-Burke is known to many, and we propose to continue the present and future Glendy-Burke as the best known debating club at Tulane, so that (as it is now) anyone admitted to its membership will consider it a privilege and distinction conferred upon but a select few. 5 ni (235) t OE I10»SX201 !!;J Y. M. C. A. BUILDING (236) 3D C Young Men ' s Christian Association Cabinet J. R. FoOTE President H. W. Wallace Treasurer J. M. MiDDLETON Secretary H. W. Jamieson Student Secretary E. LiNFiELD p. E. Johnson J. J. Morse P. L. Smith T. Q. Foote C. N. Joyner Wm. Parkerson E. E. Sparling R. S. Roberts Advisory Board Faculty : Dr. E. A. Bechtel. Dr. Irving Hardesty Alumni: Lewis F. Wakeman Clergy : Revs. R. H. Harper, E. D. Solomon The Y. M. C. A. has long been in existence on Tulane campus. The moral, mental and physical needs of the student which are not cared for in the other phases of college life are the particular field of service of this student organization. It acts as a clearing house between the student and such vital matters as his church, living accommodations, employment in spare lime, and social life. It is the center of campus life, fostering those things of interest which too often are everybody ' s business and, therefore, nobody ' s business. The financial support of this organization comes from the student body and the faculty through voluntary subscription. (237) IPVO cJAM B ALAYA OOE icy A h. GooDwiNE, B. Thrall, Daniel, Lyman, Rock, Evans, Ellsworth Lawler, Kuss, Gould, Newell, Kastler Y. W. C. A. Officers Marian Rock President Marjorie Gcodwine Vice-President Edith Ellsworth Secretary Eleanor Gould Treasurer Miss Susan D. Tew Sponsor : ai (238) I1Q« S 0 20] u a D lao cJAM BALAYA «0 Q ixnN CLUB Officers Willie Zuber [ , President Ursula C. Cooper Vice-President Georgiana Reaney Secretary LuciLE Baumgartner Treasurer Members M. Harkness (Miss) A. Nachman A. Wallbilich M. H. Ellis G. Russ H. Flanagan E. Levy E. Kastler M. Christian M. BOUDREAUX C. DiSCON H. Dymond B. LiNDENFIELD L. Cassidy J. Bass M. Johnston S. GOODWINE G. Encler W. Shields G. Washburn M. Watson E. O ' Shee M. Lee F. Dreyfuss F. Kahn L. Baumgartner B. Richard D. G. Harrison B. Frey F. Keyer J. Snoddy U. C. Cooper D. KOHLMAN G. Reaney W. Zuber K. Maher A. Odenheimer E. M. GUTMAN A. Levy E. Riceman p. Taylor F. BOUVILLAIN J. Kirkwood E. Bonnelain (239) il9»3»20l a D 4 id£ v;j DEBATING •- CLUB -WruXltvo - Officers Margaret McConnell President Tess Mayer Chairman of Debate Irma Levi Treasurer Members I. Barrett G. Fischer I. Levi M. BOUDREAUX F. Goldberg K. Maker M. Christian R. Hart T. Mayer S. Davis J. Kahn A. Odenheimer D. Douglas R. Kastler E. Kuss G. Zelnicker Newcomb Debating Council Miss Lydia Frotscher, Chairman Dr. Pierce Butler Mr. Lionel Durel Miss Marguerite Ellis Miss Elizabeth Fischer Dr. John Fletcher Mrs. Elliot Northrup Members Miss Caroline Richardson Miss Imogene Stone Miss Susan Tew Mr. James Winston Dorothy Douglas Grace Fischer Esther Ku ss Irma Levi Katherine Maher Tess Mayer Margaret McConnell Alice Odenheimer (240) DWmiC CLUB Faculty Members Miss Frotscher Miss Stone Miss Richardson Dr. Butler Officers Tess Barbara Mayer PrcsiJenI Sarah Davis Vice-President Eleanor LeBlanc Secretar ) Louis Andrews Treasurer Caroline Friend Stage Manager Katherine Luzenberg Business Manager Members L. Andrews M. Font E. Lemle J. Morse I. Scooler L. Aschaffenburc M. Fox L. M. Lester L Moses C. Slack I. Barrett K. Friend L Levi A. Nachman I. Sompayrac M. BouDREAUX F. Goldberg A. Levy M. Newell L. Schuler R. Camors D. Graner E. Levy L. Newton L. Stafford L. Cassidy E. Gregory M. Levy M. North E. Stewart A. Chapman M. Hay C. Lewis A. Odenheimer F. Stratton M. Christian D. Harrison T. Loggins D. Oechsner A. Smith F. Cowle y C. Hopkins M. Lucas E. O ' Shee B. Thrall S. Davis F. Hupman K. Luzenberg C. Parkhouse S. Thompson A. DeBuys E. Kastler L Lyman B. Patterson E. Vanderveer R. Dekayne R. Kastler M, Lyon J. Ray G. Washburn D. Douglas M. Kidd B. Manson L. Renaud L. Welburn E. Douglas C. Kitchen L. Martin E. Right M. Wells H. Dymond J. KiRKwooD A. May J. Roane E. L. White G. Engler C. Kohlmann T. B. Mayer B. Rock G. Zelnicker F. Evans D. Kohlmann M. McConnell M. Rock G. Fischer E. Flaspoller E. LeBlanc M. V. Mills C. Rogers C. Meyer F. Morgan (241) Woi m OO «JAM BALAYA OOE la i W n MANDOJN AND GUTTER CLUB Officers Marion North . . . Dorothy Seaco President Secretary- Treasurer Mandolin Frances Diboll Ethel Gastrel Dorothy Hay Maude Kemper Mildred Pool Dorothy Seago Minnie Stewart Elizabeth VanderVeer Clara Wright Adelaide Zoeller Members Ukulele Helen Adler Evelyn Levy Thej esa Loggins Irma Moses Marion North Marian Rock Violin Sallie Love Banks Irma Sompayrac Helen Wadell Banjo Esther Kent Guitar Emily Bein Lucy Dinwiddie Naomi Hardee Sadie Joffrion Christine Kerlin Dorothy Oeschner Vera Palfrey Betty Rock Dana Sexton Daisy Belle Smith Genevra Washburn (242) L QE I1Q« 2X201 i iP M ID 0 JAM BALAYA OOI Officers MaRJORIE GoodwINE President Ruth Lawler Vice-President Olive Ellsworth Secretary) and Treasurer 51 Alice DeBuys Mildred Christian Sarah Colcord Caroline Creushan Olive Ellsworth Inez Goodwin Elaine de Graffenreid Betty Gregory Jeanne Gueydan Mary Nell Latta Ruth Lawler Ruth Martin Eleanor O ' Shea Members Cecilia Slack Irma Scooler Alice Smith Sarah Thompson Octavie Wallace Helen Watson Connelia Brandon Josephine Gessner MaRJORIE OOODWiNE Julia Kirkwood Muriel Lee Mary Roberts Josephine Snoddy Natalie Thompson Irma Unruh Mildred Wells Edith Ellsworth Ruth Harper Ruth Kastler Elizabeth Kastler Clifford Kitchen Muriel Klinc Ophelia Perkins Lydia Schuler Doris Lenion Geneva Washburn Edith Wright a I ! I (243) [IQO S»201 nCERCH IMCM5 ftNOCtjcoi Officers Betty Fenner President CoRINNE Chalaron Vice-PresiJenl Clara Lewis 5ecre(ari Martha Vairin . . , Treasurer Edna Burkenroad Caroline Dreyfous Marion Brown Florence Ware Margaret McConnell Ruth Harper Martha Vairin Louise Metcalfe R. GURLEY Mae East Mildred Pool Carmelite Passafume Jeanne Gueydan Mildred Christian Eleanor LeBlanc Dixie Milling Gladys Encler Dorothy Lyle Olca Fernandez Alice Hebert Helene Goldsmith Marjokie Newell Members Camille Lamphier Ruth Lawler Elenina Thebaut Ruth Martyn Nanon Newman Mildred Johnson Eleanor Adamson Sarah Davis Frieda Goodman Bessie Magruder Frances Daniels Ursula Cooper Georgiana Reaney Betty Rock Madeline Villere Elizabeth Craig Marion Font Sadie Joffrion Frances Evans Helen Powe Alice Rayner Beatrice Frey Amelia Bynum Grace Fischer Clara Lewis Katherine Maher Corinne Chalaron Jessie Roane H " :len Watson Harriet Butler Helen Adler Helen Flanagan Lucy Renaud Irma de Milt Emma Mathews Mary Nell Satta FVIargaret Lyon Julia Goddard Julia Zoeller Jessie Weil Dorothy Kohlman Josephine Holcombe Eleanor Leipziger Edith Ellsworth Georgiana Burke Christine Kerlin Irma Sompayrac Carrie Hatch Sallie Gillespi e Helen Stern Malvin Boudreaux Alma Nachman Louise Levy Fanny Kahn Dolly Harrison Emma Douglas E. Kastler Caroline Meyer Cornelia Brandon Maud Fox Marguerite Dow Isabel Wile Alice de Buys Edwa Stewart Irma Unruh Helen Watson (244) Officers Katherine Maker PresiJcnl Sarah Davis Vice-President Ursula Cooper Secrelary Honorary Members Miss Tew Mr. Winston Miss L. Richardson Mr. Beer Imogen Barrett Bethia Caffery Irma deMilt Dorothy Douglas Elizabeth Gregory Ruth Kastler Esther Kent Margaret McConnell Viola Neilson Irma Scooler Martha Vairin Helen Watson Members Adelaide Zoeller Eleanor Adamson Helen Ddler Lucille Baumgartner Hattie Butler Ursula Cooper Sarah Davis Nellie B Dodge Grace Fischer Rosa Hart Julia Kirkwood Katherine Maher Emma B. Matthew Betty Rock Josephine Snoddy Ethel May Gutmann Elinor LeBlanc Elizabeth Kastler Alma Nachman Leah Aschaffenburg Dorothy Felker Pharos Felker Barbara Links Naire Randolph Berthe Lathrop (245) lO I xS ' OI ID50 JAM BALAYA oCXOE The Olive and Blue Society Founded ]919 Officers Henry H. Martin President Edwin F. Marx 5ecre(arj) i fev Treasurer tf Charter Members Charles Abbott Nash Johnson DosiTE Perkins R. C. W. Bauer R. L. Kennedy Harold Quinn Lionel Bienvenu Douglas Kerlin Joseph Richardson Bertram E. Bookout Max LeDoux Fischer Simmons Walter Carroll Harold Legeai Edmond Souchon G. Cleveland Louis Lob Edmond Talbot Richard Colbert George Madison Felix Tankersley Morris Duffy Henry H. Martin Bennie Wight Frank Elizardi Ben Martinez Johnny Wight Harry Farmer Eddie Marx Bernie Williams Beverly Ferguson Charles E. Meriweather G. G. Woodruff ij ' ; Manning Heard Stafford O ' Shea Roy Wright ' Charles Johnson Virgil Payne Fred A. Wulff, Jr. i ( Goats Julian Allen Robert Gillespy William A. Porteous D Bennie Brown E. L. Gladney Jas. Ed. Reed Earl Campbell Louis Gooch J. B. Richardson Jack Cassity William B. Hammett E. Earl Sparling B. H. Denman Julian King Grove Stafford Bill Dwyer William Lloyd Daniel W. Stewart, Jr. Tom Farrar W. H. McClendon W. D. Steckley Sam Fields Jimmie Morse H. W. Pierce Penn Thornton (246) y ' Qt [iq) »a?»20i iOi:§ 1D)0 JAM BALAYA OOI y A m i D McAdoo, Monroe, Morgan, Newman, Glass Sparling, Vanderlip, Lob, Foote $ The Financiers Founded by Alexander Hamilton R, G. Dun Chapter (In)Stalled: Often, But Never Stopped Motto- Do Olhers As They Would Like lo Do You Song; Silver Dollars Among Ine Gold Sacred Animal: Fish (Helpless Without Them) Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Goldenrod Officers J. PiERPONT Morgan Chairman of the Board William Gibbs McAdoo Liberal Bunk Department Carter Glass Custodian of the Fish Frank A. W. S. S. Vanderlip Distributor of Dividends Prof. C. E. Parry Chief Statistician and Ps])cho-anal )sisl Board of Directors « Randolph F. Foote Louis C. Lob James H. Monroe Harold W. Newman, Jr. E. Earl Sparling (247) Jim. ilJ Jo 11 [10«g?»2Ql " -: ' aj 3D)0 JAM BALA Wallace, J. R. Foote, Joyner Smith, Wynn, T. Q. Foote, Swelling o. o. s. Members John R. Foote Tandy Q. Foote Calvin N. Joyner Prentice L. Smith MURPH M. Snellinc Harry W. Wallace Robert S. Wynn (248) il »S »2Ql ili J 2 iD c: (249) |10 } g »201 AM B ALAYA «0 01 IHI (250) _:_._ _: -■•!( ' ; OC£ »201 Ui Jd ' )§1 71 ' 21 ' 21 (252) ■■»a ' - ' .£m [D : Christmc Kerlm Josephine Hokolmo, ' Kallniecn Robarfe OiloraD Johnson Roberta Fareoson Dd i Campbal) fiWarnc Davis Haru Hatch V if ' Layton5p42D LouisafaulK Har arv Mioo Ekanoi Johnson Docothy Covington Josephine Pitnei ' floele Rewch ' KathlaanHayna ■ Vir inid Davis Grace BwDshau I ii .1 (253) K l 1D 0 cJAM BALAYA oO Qt D D n SUMMER SURVEY CAMP (254) !? aE llQ.«g »2Qi i DO JAM B AL AYA OaE i fe (257) ■■■■ ■■■■1 HI 1 1 H ' H H 1 M 1 H H m Abbott Barnes Brown, B. H Adam BlENVENU Brown, E. B Ball BoOKOUT Dabezies Cohen H Duffy H - DWYER MMj MMB H H Farnsworth H B 1 Field Gladney H H 1 Hammond H H HUSTEDT H Hl Legendre LiNFlELD H H Maloney H 1 McGraw H 1 Nacle Nail QuiNN RlCHESON H ■ Heed H H scharff, a. Smith Stewart 1 H Sutter 1 H Talbot, E. 1 H Talbot, H. Thornton Wight Williams I John J Sc tfnitif H 1 [ • s ! Qt |]Q»:SX 2Q1 Football at Tulane in 1919 LEST this be the only archive, outside the memories of a fleeting generation, to rest the record of a stalwart tribe during one open season for scalps, let this deviate from the tendency of local historians and go dov n free from bias and prejudice. Without any striking of flags to charity, the spoils of this rampage can be reckoned as the most delectable of all brought back to the village. These returns to be measured perhaps, not in the presence of complete victory, but in the recognition of the University as a factor in Southern football, the financial recoupment, the impetus given to the student support, and, ascendant over all, the hope held out of a team and a spirit that will bear the future fall athletic endeavors beyond a one-game season. Among the novel features to be remembered for the season are: the comparative abundance of material and earnest competition for the positions ; the presence of a scrap- ping, fighting aggregation of yannigans, and a student and faculty support hitherto unparal- lelled. All of this, construed as a confession, may reflect on the veracity of past guardians of Tulane ' s gridiron ; but be that as it may, future claims are now assured of a precedent. But to write of events in detail — it was the best baseball weather football has ever seen at Tulane. The initial games with Jefferson and Southwestern were disposed of with the ease anticipated. Springhill, the next opponent, was something else again. That game, in the minds of the players, was the hardest game of the entire schedule. " Ole Miss " was another team that did not run true to form, to the near-disaster of the Olive and Blue. The more " Ole Miss " played, the better she did it, but a big lead taken by (258) Ji » l» %s » ' ' ' lf " m % SHAUGHNEES IN ACTION Tulane at the contest ' s inception was too great to be overcome. Mississippi College was of little trouble, even as Florida, although the ' Gators came here with a confidence born of achievement. The Florida victory was the strategic victory of the year. Evidence of real merit was exhibited in the Georgia mill. Far from home and in a colder clime, the Georgia Smokehouse came near being devastated. Even though it was not a victory, it left the team ' s record unscathed. And now let this be prmted in black, for we deal with tragedy. Shades of Hamlet! On that day someone neglected to satiate Noridirg, the guardian of Tulane football destinies, in his craving for the encasements of the pig. His wrath was let loose and a good team lost. There is no place here for recounting the excitement, the vast throngs, or the fortunes of battle. But why all the tears? Another year and a sweeter memory! The final chapter came in a beautiful game with Washington and Lee, with the scoring ability on a par, and, but for a penalty, the score. The result was a vindication of Tulanian claims, even though not a balm to dashed pride. The season has passed away. Let its epitaph be read below: BORN- DIED- BURIED- October 4 October 1 1 October 18 October 25 November November November November -November Total . I 8 15 22 27 . Tulane, 27; Jefferson, 0. . Tulane, 73; S L. I. I., 0. . Tulane, 21 ; Springhill, 0. . Tulane, 27; " Ole Miss, " 12. . Tulane, 49; Mississippi College, 0. . Tulane, 14; Florida, 2. . Tulane, 7 ; Georgia, 7. . Tulane, 6; L S. U., 27. . Tulane, 0; Washington and Lee, 7. Tulane, 224; Opponents, 55. E. E. Talbot. (259) Sv lao cTAM BALAYA OQI O L fe Shaughnees Smith (Second Year) Right End " Bennie " passes and punts with perfection. Has admitted catching the ball in the South- western game on the 65-yard hne and runnmg ninety yards for a touchdown. He has been challenged as a " Tweet-Tweet. " LiNFiELD. Captain (Fourth Year) Right Guard " Toby " is as light as a cork and just about as useful when it comes to slopping up holes — especially in a Hne. Nagle (First Year) Quarterback " Pinkie bears out his sorrel-topped disposition in the game. He proved himself a marvel in speed and shiftiness throughout the season. His wingspread is restricted, but he turns up about 1,500 R. P. M. when wide open. His amorous inclinations are the only draw- back to his being a crack quarterback. Brown (Second Year) Quarter and Left Half " Bennie " works best at both places (B. T. and K. B.). Dust troubles his eyes on a slushy field. DWYER (Second Year) Left Half " Bill " was injured during the early part of the season. He swears he was born in the wrong lime of the moon. The other side swears when he gets going. (260) l y fisQt im«s o2.oi lOKPo «JAM BALAYA OO 6 Shaughnees Williams (Third Year) Fullback and Tackle " Bernie " is a bearcal in the line and a ramrod behind it. Has a degree in football math and honorable mention for debatmg — with McGraw — on questions of weight (foolball weights). McGraw (Fourth Year) Right Half " Forrest " is celebrated for his noise, rare form (under the showers), and all-around ability as a stellar grid performer. Wight (Third Year) Left End " Johnny " is captain-elect and is absent-mmded on getting down on punfs and passes. He is gentle with referees and cavish with the ladies. Most eloquent at the banquet board. Barnes (Fourth Year) Tackle and End " Shorty " handles any place in the line like a veteran. He claims his entitlements are General Utility and a sincere devotion lo " Pop " Creighton. Talbot (Second Year) Right Tackle " Doll " never saw a football — nor a cabaret — in Kis life until he came from the country. Rumored that he likes cauliflowers when he isn ' t sober. Would advise his sticking to football m preference to newspaper reporting. (261) [1Q KE 0 201 iQ£ !s! Shaughnees Legendre (First Year) Fullback " Hawlfbawk " inherits his brother ' s talent for the game. He is the blue ribbon winner in the squad " Baby Show. " Sutter (First Year) Left Tackle " Mac " played both tackles, so he says, with credit. He suffered bad injuries before the season was over and his ability was missed in the L. S. U. fracas. He has a criminal record, and is partial to Blossom as a fitting appellation for a youthful damsel. MaLONEY (First Year) Backfield " Mai " plays all over the backfield. He won his spurs in the Southwestern game. It is alleged that he has dimples in his knees. RiCHESON (Second Year) End and Half " Lyle " is said to be the best interference man on the squad. He is a member in good standing on the squad cradle roll. Talbot, H. (First Year) Left Guard " Little Eva " was the best the prep schools produced. He makes touchdowns down in Georgia, and owns a controlling stock m the Tulane Beef Trust. (262) Shaughnees Reed (First Year) Center " Eddie " is few in pounds for his job, but has a great inclination for disturbing All- Southern and Ail-American ambitions. Ninely-live dollar watches are nothing in his young life. He is a pronounced prohibitionist. Fields (Second Year) Left Half " Dick " is the acknowledged speed merchant of the squad and the best offensive man behind the line. For particulars, get in touch with Florida U. He is W. C. T. U. on the question of football banquets. QuiNN (Third Year) Fullback " Harold " was another to see much service on the bench, due to a fractured leg. He passes as pleasingly plump, and is the delight of Newcomb. BOOKOUT (First Year) Halfback " Bookie " once caplained " Ole Miss, " and did yeoman work for the Olive and Blue this season. He goes in ' .o trances if hit hard enough on the head. He is pugilistic at times. Stewart Manager " Lucy " proved to be the best of his species in many a day. He is learned in learning and fickle of heart. (263) vc ai iw ' A ai ID 0» JAM BALAYA OOf ■f " TiNitie R.«i vy„V,£ p„ 5 FOOTBALL SNAPS (264) i]g xs?o2Qi 1 J 4 D 0 JAM B ALAYA «0 aE Basketball of 1918 When the college year commenced " Peewee " Genlling ' s presence was missecJ, and as he was Captain-elect, his failure to appear left the good ship " Basketball " without a field helmsman. But little " Boots, " our manager, was not to be discouraged, and a call for candidates was issued, which resulted with but little response on the part of those men of varsity calibre. Johnny Wight was chosen Captain, and real serious practice was only begun about the first week of January. Things looked bad with this kind of a start, but we were not to be discouraged. When such men as McGraw, Dwyer, Farnsworth, Cohen, Nagle, and Legendre put in their appearance, the dark clouds hurried swiftly away. The road trip was extremely disastrous, we having won none of the major games. Sweet revenge was forthcoming, however, and when Alabama gave us its return game we defeated that team to the tune of 17 to 12. But the unkindest cut of all was the loss of four games out of the four played with our dear friends from up-state. We have no excuses to offer; they just had a better team. Our record follows: Tulan2. Opponents. Tulane vs. Jefferson 20 18 Tulane vs. Mississippi A. and M 14 30 Tulane vs. St. Stanislaus .28 2! Tulane vs. Spring f-Iill 20 II Tulane vs. L. S. U 18 35 Tulane vs. L. S. U 10 29 Tulane vs. Meridian 25 22 Tulane vs. Howard 19 13 Tulane vs. University of Georgia 19 46 Tulane vs. University of Alabama II 15 Tulane vs. Spring Hill 21 22 Tulane vs. University of Alabama 17 12 Tulane vs. L. S. U 12 37 Tulane vs. L. S. U 11 38 (265) i 3 ! [10 XS»2Q1 F: ' -S € r ' ID 0 JAM BALAYA oOOE: LJ P z t s- z K H t O S I m o (J CD Ci c« CQ d ii S o i4 o 5 J (J Z (266) m Jc OI 11Q»£)0 201 ir too «JAM BALAYA OOf Baseball Season of 1919 HE 1919 baseball season at Tulane was more a question of finances than anything else. The T. A. A., after being petitioned by the students, refused to support the sport financially, so Student Manager Adolph Scharff started to work up spirit enough to get a team. The result was that Tulana had a team, financed, however, at a lojs. The deficit was partly covered by contributions as follows: Tulane Alumni Association, $150.00; Tulane alumni, $95.00; and Tulane students, $90.00. The students failed to contribute as was expected, only one-lhird of the sum pler ' ged from this source having been collected. Aside from finances, the season was a great success. Ten games were played, of which seven were won and three lost. L. S. U., our most hated rival, was beaten two out of the three games Tulane played them. To Manager Scharff is due the credit of giving Tulane one of the best " nmes " it has ever had, and the first to play for the Olive and Blue in four years. Coach Gondolfi is greatly responsible for the great showing made, due to the earnest and hard work he put into the team. Several very good players were uncovered, especially noticeable among them being Leroy Schwartzkoff, who pitched four games, none of which he lost; and, besides, he led the team in batting. Captain Duffy played a star game at third base and saved many taps that ordinarily would have gone for hits. Others deserving mention are Abbott, Brown, Snow, Wight, and Campbell. The work of Landry and Gentling in the field is also commendable. The men who received their letters are: Abbott, catcher; Schwartzkoff, pitcher; Bienvenue, pitcher; Snow, first baseman; Campbell, second base- man: Wight, shortstop; Duffy (captain), third baseman; Landry, left fielder; Gentling, center fielder; Brown, right fielder; and A. Scharff, manager. The record of the games played follows : Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane Tulane 3; St. Stanislaus 1 ; L. S. U. . 4; Springhlll 4; Springhill 3; L. S. U. 1 Tulane . . 8; Alumni . . 2 D Tulane . . 5; Springhill . 3 Tulane . . 3; Springhill . . 1 12 Tulane . . 1; Springhill , . 3 2 Tulane . . 5; L. S. U. . , 1 The students have shown the T. A. A. that they want baseball, and if a team is not financed this coming year, the whole of last season will be considered unsuccessful, since the 1919 team was financed with a view to the future promotion of the sport. (267) nQ XS»20] fv l m 1Q 0 dAM BALAYA 0 0l 1919 Track Season Following closely the signing of the armistice, track at Tulane was subjected to the same havoc suffered by basketball as a result ofi the war. Intercollegiate athlelic relations were still estranged, and a normal track season could not be expected. The Greenbacks, however, were not to be deprived of the opportunity to humble the Tigers. An early call was issued for candidates, but it appeared as if Coach Shaughnessy would have insufficient material for building a team capable of taking the measure of L. S. U. The gloom which was expe- rienced by some was soon to be dispelled with the appearance of a number of former " T stars who were lardy in being released from the service. Simpson, Colee, Tycer, Marsalis, and O ' Reilly greatly augmented the chances of the Olive and Blue to down the Tiger. Among the newcomers to represent Tulane on the cinder path. Brown, Snelllng, Hustedt, Wight, and others began to display form and speed under the direction of Coach Shaughnessy. It was a pleasant surprise when the wearers of the Olive and Blue were re ' urned victors in a contest which was spirited, but never in doubt, after the first few events. O ReiUy, Colee, Simpson, Tycer, Marsalis, Todd, and Husledt were the principal point-gainers for Tulane. The relay team, composed of O ' Reilly, Snelling, Ebaugh, and Wight displayed so much form that it was decided that Tulane send a team to Philadelphia to lake part in the intercollegiate games to be held there in 1920. An intermural contest between the Law Department and the remainder of the university was the outcome of a bold challenge issued by certain promising young barristers, (the names of these men we have withheld for legal reasons.) With a number of " T " track men in their midst and several ineligibles, the lawyers promised a close meet. In a spirited contest, the result of which was in doubt until the final event, the Law Department was defeated by a few points. The track season was ushered to a close when Tulane became the host of a large and representative field of athleles from all over the South, who came to compete in the Southern Interscholastic Games. A number of future college track stars were to be seen among the contestants. Kramer, Troyer, Covington, Phillips, and Collins displayed excellent form. Edward Lee Gladney. (268) I ' Z ai llQ»g?»201 Svv GI IDO JAM BALAYA «: ai IQ 1 wd V u iVresiUng Teem (left to right) : CoACH Hanson, P ' erkins, Fritschie, K. Newman, Bryant, Wulff, Wynn, Dinkins. 1919 Wrestling THE wrestling game, the baby sport of Tulane, has only recently taken on the aspect of a major athletic activity, due mostly to the excellent training and enthusiasm of our gym coach, Carl Hanson. Last year its only scope was the picking of the annual wrestling team by a series of elimination matches open to every Tulane student who had not already won a wrestling title in previous years, and the winning of more matches than all other athletic organizations put together in the annual Southern Amateur Athletic Union Tournament. For several years it has been the hope of Coach Hanson to arrange for intercollegiate matches, but, due partly to the indifference of the athletic association to the sport, this hope has not materialized. However, it is sincerely hoped that these matches will take place in the near future, so that Tulane will become known as the leader of the Southern colleges in the furtherance of the wrestling game — the finest in existence for the even development of the entire body. (269) t ot I1Q»3 »201 lO Vj in Gyi mnasium Notes Listen, all ye readers. To a lale of Freshman woe ; The Gym ' s the lasl place on this earth To which Freshmen like to go. All jokes aside, aren ' t they Tvondeaiul specimens of American manhood? Our little coach, Carl, has produced them all by himself by that secret muscle-developing formula of his. As far as we have been able to ascertain, it runs something like this: Spend half of every day in the gym ; skin up all your knees, arms, face, and body on the wrestling mat; let the other fellow knock the stuffln ' s out of you in a boxing match, etc. And to think that all of them were once muscleless. A pretty Newcombite was once heard to ejaculate, " Ain ' t he wonderful. " She was alludmg to the physique of one of the afore- mentioned Carl ' s pupils who was prancing around the floor clad in a gym suit during one of the Inter-Frat Basketball games. Just three months previous he was nothing but a bone, a few rags, and a small hank of hair. Now I ' ll say he deserves credit. Freshmen have received a greater amount of individual attention this year, due to the appointment of student assistants in such lines as wrestling, boxmg, basketball, calisthenics. The assistants this year were James J. Morse, T. W. Garrett, J. F. McLoughlin, J. R. Venza, W. B. Burkenroad, J. P. Marks. Keep up the good work, coach, they will become men some day. (270) 30 0 «JAI BIENVENU, LYMAN, HAY, HERBERT, MOSES DOUGLAS, KASTLER, BRADY, ROBERTS FLASPOLLER, DYMOND, BURKENROAD, KUSS, JOFFRION Newcomb Varsity Basketball Team Hazel Bienvenu Guard Melvin Boudreaux Guard loNE Brady Guard Edna Burkenroad Guard Dorothy Douglas Coal Helen Dymond . . . . . . . . Cenlar EsTELLE Flaspoller Goal Marjorie Hay Goal Alice Herbert jur ior Manager Sadie Joffrion Cenlcr Ruth Kastler Guard Nell Kearny Guard Esther Kuss Guard Isabel Lyman Goal Irma Moses Sophomore Manager Lyda Roberts Guard (271) llQ «e Fy !D 0 «JAM B ALAYA 0€ la i D D NEWCOMB SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM K. LuzENBERG (Mgr.). F. MoRGAN, I. Barrett, K. Cook, M. Rock L Lyman, D. Douglas, L Levi, B. Gregory, R. Kastler T. Mayer, L. Levy, B. Caffery (Capt.), E. Burkenroad, D. Graner ■■ne NEWCOMB JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM B. Rock (Mgr.), L. Faulk, R. Hart, K. Friend, G. Davenport A. Hebert, U. Cooper, S. Davis, I. Brady, F. Rives E. Adamson, E. Bien, S. Joffrion (Capi.), F. Stratton, L. Roberts (272) i ai 11Q X3»20] K lO ID)0» JAM BALAYA «Oaf 05 m NEWCOMB SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM L Moses (Mgr.) M. Lyon, A. Odenheimer, M. Kemper. M. Hay, M. Kidd, H. Dymond, J. Bass E. Kuss, M. East, E. VanderVeer (Capl ), N. Kearney, E. Flaspoller, M. Boudreaux NEWCOMB FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM E. Gastrell (Mgr.), M. Daniel. C. Parkhouse, M. Moss, E. Craig E. Gladney, C. Brandon, H. Bienvenu, M. Fox. C. Kitchen E. Washington, F. Hupman. L. Schuler (Capt.). A. deBuys. W. Shields (273) M u ai []Q»S »2Q1 ID Si 3Dvr Newcomb Athletic Association Officers Edna Fannie Burkenroad President Ruth Kastler Vice-Presldenl Sadie Joffrion Treasurer Nell Kearny Secretary The Wearers of the " N " Burkenroad, ' 20 Lyman, ' 20 Boudreaux, ' 21 Cook, " 20 Morgan, ' 20 Dymond, ' 22 Douglas, ' 20 Scherck, ' 20 Kearny, ' 22 Kastler, ' 20 Hopkins, ' 21 Kidd, ' 22 LuzENBERC, ' 20 Joffrion, ' 21 Odenheimer, ' 22 Roberts, ' 21 1919 Field Day Results, Won by Class of 1920 CLASS events Relay) Race Class Exercises 1st— 1920 1st— 1921 2nd— 1922 NeTi comb Game 1st— 1920 (274) Newcomb Athletic Association Vaulting 1st— Hay, 72 2nd — Pool, ' 22 Pulling Shot 1st — Odenheimeb, ' 22 2nd— Morgan, ' 20 Running High Jump 1st — Kuss, ' 22 2nd — ' Watson, ' 22 Hop, Step anil Jump 1st — Kastler, ' 20 2nd — Kuss, ' 22 Balance Beam 1st — McCoNNELL, ' 20 2nd — Lyons, ' 22 25-Yard Dash Isl — Kastler, ' 20 2nd — JOFFRION, ' 21 Standing Broad Isl — Kastler, ' 20 2nd— Morgan, ' 19 Throtving BasJ etball 1st — Kastler, ' 20 2nd— Black, ' 19 Borvling on Creen 1st — Seago, ' 20 2nd — Scherck, ' 20 Batting Baseball 1st — Morgan, ' 20 2nd — Scherck, ' 20 Senior Freshman Junior Sophomore 1919 Basketball Results, Won by Class of 1920 ) Junior " ) I Freshman Junior Freshman Senior Sophomore Junior Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Junior ) Sophomore Junior 1919 Tennis Results Singles Won by Edna Burkenroad, ' 20 ■Won by 1920 J. u ■ ' ( Burkenroad Doubles Morgan Alumnae ) Varsity [ Varsity n Newcomb Tournament Junior 1 Senior | Senior Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Senior Sophomore Sophomore, ' 22 (275) D)0 JAM B A «XDl io l :i y Hi ihl (276) i y al I1Q»g 9 2QI yi i lO M I0)0» cJAM BAL AVA »OcQt THEY MAKE THE WHEELS CO ROUND ' (279) 4 llQ«S i20l IO V (280) (281) vS IDO JAM BALAYA «Oai a (282) 4l ]x ai [m«s»20i ID Xi ;ii ' i (283) y ■;-, a F== ■ 3 D OcJAMBALAYA»0 0 - SO V: -y ) ■■ 1 ran ' fn Confidential Guide To The Faculty ALBERT BLEDSOE DINWIDDIE, A.B., B.A.. PhD., LL.D.. A.M., P.M., P.D.Q. President of the University, Chess Shark, and Lotto Champion. EDDIE AMBROSE BECHTEL Father of Georoe. He has great difficulty keeping servants, as he insists on ordering them around in Greek. CHARLES BEIN Prominent as the Premier Leap- Year Dodger of Society Circle Belles. Nickname, " Chelly-bean. " WILLIAM HENRY P. CREIGHTON, U. S. N. Alias Willie Horsepower, Velvet Joe. Pop, (Censored by Editor). Author of " Little Roosters Come Home to Roost. " ! Jj MINNIE MARIE BELL I . ' Objects to shirtsleeves, whistling, feel or heads on table, and annoying the statues in " Minnie ' s Mountains -. ■ of Mouldy Manuscripts. " (Ed ' s note: — When we asked what " Minnie " stood for, we were told " For no noise in the library. " ) HAL WALTERS MOSELY Ijj! The hesl chairman the Inter-Fraternity Council ever had. ELLIOTT JUDD NORTHRUP " Well fellers, I don ' t want to be dogmatic about it, but I can ' t see the distinction. " The Law School IS to give him a " Shower " on Saxie ' s tenth (?) birthday. AUGUSTE JOSEPH TETE Unsophisticated — just graduated from High School. MORTON ARNOLD ALDRICH Wait just a minute, this is very confidential. He is known for his efficiency (?), soup-strainer, smoke- screen, secretaries, and illustrious friends. WILLIAM WOODWARD Where is he when he isn ' t at Tulane — practicing up the latest steps in the new dances? He may look old, but he has young ideas. ' - i ,u MELVIN JOHNSON WHITE | , ' " ' :, The third man in the ring in the Freshman-Sophomore scraps — settles Tug-o ' -Wars according to Debating Rules. He thinks he works the Freshmen hard. STEPHEN I, LANGMAID We wonder what " I " stands for in his name. (Maybe " Me " .) The students call him " Daisy " because he is such a cracker-jack. LIONEL C. DUREL He felt at home on his first day at Newcomb — probably from Summer School experiences. Too bad he IS married. • FELIPE FERNANDEZ " Senor ' s " 1921 model moustache is setting the pace in jellybean circles. Charged with violating stu- dent regulations by compelling the co-eds to hand in their work. JAMES E. WINSTON Newcomb ' s unanimous candidate in the " Candy Kid " contest. Tea Room ' s best customer. Most eligible Leap-Year candidate. n i D == ' 319 XS »20i VO! IQ)0 JAM B ALA.YA OOP I (284) i Qv Opi IO( iQiOtJ. lul (285) nil! ;iO« S»2Ql AM BALAYAOC ihl! 1 :v ' l D OL (286) ' xS»1.0l ill Raisin ' Hell With Pan-Hellenic Kappa Kappa Caniwa — A key that fits ' most any door. " Variety is the spice of life. " They will be awarded the " Blue Ribbon " for numbers. Pi Beta Phi — Nobby and snobby. Social buds, but unfortunately bearing some thorns. If you want to get shot with an arrow, just look prosperous and talk about the Country Club. Kappa Alpha Tbeta — They won the five dollars for having their Jambalaya pic- tures finished first. How could they help it? " Kats " are all more or less homely, and any kind of picture would do. Alpha Delta Pi — Have you ever seen an Alpha Delt who was not good-looking? They pride themselves on the exclusiveness of their chapter. Their chapter is small because " beggars are not choosers. " Alpha Omicron Pi — A bunch of " bones. " They have kept Pan-Hellenic quiet this year — it is as inconspicuou s as their chapter. Phi Mu — Making is debut this year. Breaking right into society with dances ' n everything. They rush Freshmen until the poor things are foolish, and then they are not responsible for their actions. Chi Omega — Better known as the " Newcomb S. A. E. ' s. " They wear glad rags during the " rushing " season, but seem satisfied with bloomers the rest. Alpha Epsilon Phi — The " fashion-plates " of the college. Their pledges " scrub " for them. They bid you if you can support them sufficiently in a financial and social way. Pi Kappa Alpha — Formerly the Pi Kappa Hammetts. The smallest chapter in existence since its existence. Started by the four Hammetts. It will soon end by com- mon consent. Phi Delta Theta — Most prolific chapter on the campus. If you are a jelly bean, a society bum, or if you are " broke, " you can get permanent quarters with them out State Street. Alpha Tau Omega — Did you ever see such a bunch of retiring old maids? Nearly _ all of them own oil wells in North Louisiana, which explains (?) why so little is seen i [ of them on the campus. If we thought this was the real reason, we would give them a few more wells. Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Social (ists). There are some good fellows amongst them, but they keep quiet so as not to let anyone know they are S. A. E. ' s. Delta Sigma Phi — The Dollar-Sixty-Fives pride themselves on being athletically (?) inclined. They won the basketball cup last year. They gave a dance this year. What will they do next year? (Recuperate! ) Sigma Chi — If you are fair-complexioned, this bunch will get you; if you have a dimple, they will rush you to death. They bought a house this year, and it ' s telling awfully on their pockelbooks. We trust it will not bring wrinkles to their handsome brows. Kappa Alpha — They get so many transfers that they can ' t afford to pledge anyone. Probably it ' s a good thing, for who would want to slay in the same house with that crowd ? Kappa Sigma — If you are a bootlegger you had better steer clear of these fellows — they are all Secret Service men in disguise. Look at their jeweled police badge if you don ' t believe us. They try to be politicians, but they only smoke cigars. (288) i .1 -:J l ' ' «- 2Qi ID C» J. Delia Kappa Epsilon — Their banner bears a lion, but we think a donkey would be more appropriate. They are slippmg fast — scholarship rating not quite up to football ability. Sigma Nu — Transfers and conspicuous pledging saved these birds. About three men returned from last year. Bemg with that bunch is enough to keep anyone from returning. Z.eia Beta Tau — Composed of financiers, " would-be " jelly beans, Ed Marx, and the two Scharffs. If there ' s money in it, there ' s a Zeta at the head of it — baseball and the Jambalaya, for example. Phi Kappa Sigma — A few desei-ving country lads contaminated by a bunch of Medics. Blood pressure very low. Suggest as a remedy any obtainable stimulant, and then fewer Medics and more men. Beta Theta Pi — They showed the acme of foresight in the placing of their frat house — right in Newcomb ' s back yard. Bloomer girls are indeed a familiar sight to them; we wonder why they don ' t wear them themselves. Delta Tau Delta — Had their picture taken in a group so as to attract less attention to any individual — or, maybe, because it was cheaper. They rest on Johnny ' s laurels (bless his heart!). They are extremely quiet — they can ' t be otherwise. I!7 " TOfi cw ci Kiw ir-i There Wt, Wi ' m ' ■■ B ' (289) l!M l lao JAM BALAYA cOOi OV -Tf wd H J - ttOl)5t|ft1l|] , .A •1 j ai (290) I1Q»S»0 201 iO 34 !D 0 dAM BALAYA «OC A Lawyer ' s Lament A fool there was. and he studied law; He went to class, and he heard and he saw Arguments given without a flaw; And he asked fool questions that made " Judd " raw. Even as you and I. Oh, the marks he got in that awful rot Made Charlie sore and " Daisy " hot; But then with a slam came the final exam. And he took up his pen with many a damn, Even as you and I. And the next year he sal with the first year men. And when exams came by he took up his pen. But he couldn ' t ancwer the questions ten, So next year he ' ll lake it over agam, E-ven as you and I. -Frank McLoughlin. From a Law Student ' s Notebook Did you ever conceive of the impossible? Did you ever sit and wonder what would happen in the Law School — If Burke came on lime? If " Red ' McClendon was ever serious? If Suthon didn ' t fold his handkerchief? If Dan and Lois sat on opposite sides of the room ? If the ladies gave up their seats by the win- dow ? If Freddie forgot to cut up. If Levitan didn ' t know it all? If LeBeuf lost his sarcasm? If Lowy didn ' t ask questions? If Fritz got an LL.B.? If McLoughlin had all the paper he wanted? If Porteous ' eyes weren ' t red? If Kline remembered that he had a class? If Talbot agreed with Judd? If anybody understood Helmecke? Ifi Gladney didn ' t run for an office? If Langmaid didn ' t say " Sup-poose ' ? If Williams didn ' t chew gum? If Judd misled a class? If O ' Leary were as conspicuous in class as at a football game? If Judd bought a ntw hat? If Marx forgot to part his hair? If LeCompte and Fuller didn ' t have a cigar? If Newman kept quiet for a whole period? If Grace and Ford had a case (law case) ? If Winsberg didn ' t have a case? If the exams were corrected within three months? If the students siruck for less work and more rest? (291) !]9 X3 »20I IDO UAM BALAYA «0 a! J @V S o (292) Z- iQi HO»a 0 2Ol iD C dAM BALAVA Oai i! f fn (293) n []Q»3»20I 30tJAMB. U IT - iOi (294) ' ' ±KjH IQC " ==;Q oa XAVA OOt " ' i w (295) IIO«£ 0 201 Hitting ' em Hard GUESS WHO? Tall and good-looking (so he thinks). He charms her when he plays football; he " vamps " her on the street; he wins her heart, and then breaks it. The most conceited man on the campus. A Sophomore with a fishy name. Noted for her mdifference. She just learned her frat whistle. He is the tallest man in college, but he also carries the biggest feet. Rumored that a sweet little " Kidd " Tvas wearing his fraternity pin. Everywhere — always. Forever doing something; rarely anybody. Runs everything — :ome into the ground. Best space-killer the Hullabaloo has. Did you ever hear her being witty? Noted for his financeering projecls. His methods clearly indicate that he is not a new man at handling money. The Jambalaya is safe, financially. " Alexandria Joe, The Nickel Beer King, " has lost his crown. Joe, have you no aspirations in Bevo territory? One of the smallest Freshmen at Newcomb — a social lioness and popular pet— almost as cunning as her name. She made a beautiful style model. He used to love Lucy — he hails from Minden — he nearly starved the football team. Ed Talbot knows him and all his secrets well. He writes poetry as no one else at Tulane can; has amassed a great fortune selling motor stock; far-famed for his fighting prowess and funny necktie. Queer girls with queer pins, solemn procesj:ions, swimmmg parlies in the gym. They never know what you are talking about — they are blind. Willie! The last of the Hammetts! (Thank the Lord!) They wear olive and blue ribbons on their coat lapels — they do not wear shoes — they carry suit- cases — they push baby carriages — they wear full dress suits to class. Where did they get the idea? He made his debut on a house party last spring, and has been tr])ing to rush society ever since. He plays violin. Where did he get his line? (Maybe working for the Jambalaya.) A curly-haired blonde who is tall and somewhat heavy-set. Naturally a musician, but trying to become an artist. She is conceited and affected. As she is slill young, she has lots of chance — to reform. A nice little fat Tech jelly bean named after a prominent brand of automobile. " Making love " is about all he is good for. He makes a h — of a president. A Junior who is always " fishing " for some officious position— she has landed a few already. Very averse to secret societies; in fact, she ' s an authority on " how to destroy them. " Freshmen may come, and Seniors may go, but he stays here forever " — to see that the Jambalaya comes out on time. An Arts and Science Freshman noted for his dangerous ways with the ladies found himself lost in the football field of Loyola. He thought it was the way to Newcomb. Those Double O. S.s are certainly the school cut-ups. When gelatine salad was served at luncheon by the refectory they bought it every day and shook the dish to see it shimmy. The university ' s fat boy and Lothario from the Yazoo Valley is the very essence of conceit. He said himself that he was the answer to a maidens prayer. It was very nice of the maiden aunt of that young Bienville Hall cut-up to surprise him with a personal inspection of his room— but. then, that " Helene at the Bath " picture hanging on the wall demanded such an explanation. (296) Z :tQi 1D)0 JAM BALAYA «Cxai IP {) y ' III 0- (297) Jn ICD ' . Fv ai tf " lao cJAM B AL ATA Oai (2?8) i fev ty Qt ll « 2 »20i iaxz JAM BALAYA oOOf (299) 31C Fv oe: Ifwr mo iJAM B ALAYA OOEE Hill (300) H©»S»20] ID ,! ia 0 cJAM BA (301) [iQ«s»:ioi !D - 3D c: BAL QE i I (302) t 1 " : ' ;.■ ,::::. ' " ' ■ ii THE END n (304) lQ OdlAMBAL tQE Appreciation THE Board of Editors desires to take this opportunity to express its thanks and sincere gratitude to those students of Newcomb and Tulane, as well as to its many friends not in the University, for their wiUing assistance in the production of this volume. Especially do we wish to thank the advertisers, whose names appear below, and we trust that the students will show their appreciation in a more material way to those who made the production of this book possible. A. Baldwin 330 Bellamore 319 Benson Printing Co 329 Bradford ' s Furnilure Co 333 Central Auto Service 332 College Tea Room 326 Columbia Auto Service . 315 Cotrell Leonard 326 Crescent Coffee Mills 323 Dugan Piano Co . . . 316 Everett Supply Co 327 Godchaux ' s 303 Greenlaw Truck Co 326 Grunewald Hotel Co 313 Grunewald Music Store 312 D. H. Holmes Co 311 Imperial Shoe Store . . 320 Interstate Electric 332 Marks Isaacs Co. 333 Mayer Israel Co 307 National Shirt Shops Jacob ' s Candy Co 319 Jahn and Oilier Eng. Co 328 King Motor Co 312 Jos. Levy Bros 330 Linnenkohl 315 L. L. : G. Ins. Co 324 I. L. Lyons and Co 324 Luzianne Coffee 317 A. Mackie Co 314 Maison Blanche Co 317 Gus Mayer 314 Menge Marine Hdw. Co 323 Merchants ' Coffee Co 311 McDermott Supply Co 322 Frank B. Moore 331 Mormon Auto 334 Newcomb College 321 Newcomb Pharmacy 306 Oulliber Coffee Co 320 C. T. Patterson 314 Royal Billiard Hall 327 Fred Scherer 319 ■W. E. Seebold 317 Sinclair Motors, Inc 318 Southern Pine. Assn 325 Standard Photo Supply Co 314 Stickney and Williams 308 Tulane Book Store 326 Tulane Shop 320 Tulane University 309 Tulane Univ. Press 312 Walne ' s Grocery 320 Werlein ' s Music Store 306 ■Whitney Central Banks 310 (305) gi9« Werlein ' s For Music PHILIP WERLEIN, LTD. " LARGEST MUSIC HOUSE SOUTH " NEWCOMB PHARMACY INCORPORATED BROADWAY AND ST. CHARLES AVE. CONVENIENTLY LOCATED FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS Phones Walnut 91 77 and Walnut 91 78 HICKEY-FREEMAN CLOTHES Made for College Men Who Know How to Wear GOOD CLOTHES Quality Style Value )W idi (k TOGS FOR THE TWENTIES You fellows have your own ideas about clothes. So have we ! Let ' s get together ! Our clothes fit a chap mentally as well as physically. Come in and be con- vinced. NEW ORLEANS STICKNEY WILLIAMS Sporting Goods Specialists 232 Baronne Street NEW ORLEANS THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA New Orleans ALBERT B. DINWIDDIE, Ph. D., LL. D., President. The University, in all its departments, is located in the City of New Orleans, the metropolis of the South. There are twelve departments, with twenty-four buildings. M ' odern dormitories, extensive laboratories, libraries, and museums. THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, for men, offers full courses in Literature, History, Languages and Science. Many scholarships open to high school graduates. THE COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY offers unexcelled courses in the follow- ing schools: Mechanical-Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Architecture. THE NEWCOMB COLLEGE FOR WOMEN offers full courses in Literature, History, Languages, Science, Art, Music, Dome ' ;tic Science, and Domes- tic Art. Special training for prospective teachers of high and elemen- tary schools. THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES, open to graduates of approved colleges, offers advanced courses leading to the degrees of M. A., B. E., M. E.. C. E., M. Arch., Ch. E., and Ph. D. A number of Fellowships are awarded annually. THE COLLEGE OF LAW offers a complete course in the law of Louisiana leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws, to prepare students for practice in Louisiana. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, embracing: THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, established in 1834, with unexcelled labor- atory and clinical advantages. Women admitted on same terms as men. THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, established in 1888, as the New Orleans Polyclinic. Graduate courses offered in all fields of medi- cine, including research. THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY, established in 1838. Degrees of Ph. G., (2 years), Ph. C. (3 years), and Pharm. D. (4 years), offered. Women admitted on same terms as men. THE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY, established in 1899, as the N. 0. College of Dentistry, offers a full course leading to the degree of D. D. S., with practically unlimited clinical material. Women admitted on same terms as men. THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION of- fers substantial professional training preparing for a business career. Night classes for business n;en and a tour-year day course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. COURSES FOR TEACHERS offers a number of courses of full University grade. Non-teachers admitted. TULANE SUMMER NORMAL SCHOOL offers a great variety of college and educational courses. For special circulars or for detailed information, address the Deans of the respective departments. For General Register of the University, ad- dress, REGISTRAR OF THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA, Gibson Hall, New Orleans. Thrift habits should not he allowed to lapse in peace times. You cannot find an easier way to protect the financial fu- ture of your family than through a regular deposit of a small sum weekly. Success is no secret. Save systematically. Guard your savings jealously. Make a bank book on these Institutions your " Passport to the land of Happy Days. " Be among those who enjoy the benefits of a SAVINGS ACCOUNT. You can start one here with One Dollar. WHITNEY-CENTRAL BANKS Resources Over $60,000,000 Commercial — Savings — Trusts Tulane and Newcomb Students Appreciate Good Merchandise Therefore They Will Find Satisfaction In Shopping at D. H. HOLMES CO., LTD. New Orleans, La. YOU CAN ' T FEED PREMIUMS TO THE FAMILY UNION COFFEE t r,_ Doesn ' t Need a Coupon or rremium to Tempt You In the Green Package at Your Grocer PACKED BY UNION LABOR U. S. Government Licensed Roasting Plant Merchants ' Coffee Co. of New Orleans, Ltd. SCIENTIFIC BLENDERS OF HIGH-GRADE COFFEES B. C. CASANAS, President TELEPHONE MAIN 1765 KING OTOR CO., INC. WINTON AND REO 714 St. Charles Street NEW ORLEANS THE TULANE UNIVERSITY PRESS Gibscn Hall Opposite Audubon Park PRINTERS ENGRAVERS BOOKBINDERS GRUNEWALD ' S YOU GET THE BEST PIANOS PLAYER PIANOS MUSICAL GOODS STRINGS, ETC. AT GRUNEWALD ' S Everything in Music ' MMMJt niiiiW ' ffl iiiiNiinu iliillii! ilil )|| 11 nil •If II 1 11 II 11 II fill .1111 nil fiii iiiiiiM limWB " - THE HOTEL GRUNEWALD New Orleans HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE MEN The Giunewald is the center of college social activities; a hotel where college men always find a hearty welcome. A superior service insures careful attention to the need and comfort of every guest. Three restaurants in connection, including the world- famous Cave. " BEST HOTEL SOUTH " Gus Mayer Co., Ltd. " The Specialty Shop " LADIES ' AND MISSES ' READY-TO-WEAR 823-27 CANAL STREET C. T. Patterson Company Limited General Mill Supplies Saw Mill Machinery Machine Tools Boilers and Engines NEW ORLEANS KODAKS KODAK FINISHING Standard Photo Supply Co. Eastman Kodak Co. Albert Mackie Company Limited WHOLESALE GROCERS JOBBERS IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS " The House of Quality and Service " iVIACKIE BUILDING NEW ORLEANS NIGHT AND SUNDAY SERVICE A Columbia Rental Battery With Lots of Pep to Fit Any Make of Automobile Also, Full Line of Guaranteed COLUMBIA STORAGE BATTERIES Three Fast Service Wagons COLUMBIA SERVICE CO., INC. 621 St. Charles St. f Vf V ' i — . Vhoto raphs. Portraits in the Home A Specialty Commercial Photography and Enlargements COMPLETE STOCK OF VIEWS OF OLD NEW ORLEANS All Class Groups and Campus Views in This Book Done by Us Dugan EVERYTHING MUSICAL VICTROLA MUSIC OF THE HIGHEST TYPE IS WITHIN YOUR REACH —THE COST OF THE VICTROLA— A small down payment will be accepted by us on certain styles of Victrolas, the remainder to be paid in easily-met monthly payments. Surely every music- loving home can afford one. VICTROLAS RANGE IN PRICE $25 to $430 —THE COST OF THE RECORD— Man} ' Victrola Red Seal Records have been reduced in price one-half. This means that every one can now enjoy the voices of Caruso, Galli-Curci, McCormack, and other great operatic stars. We are prepared to assist you in selecting a library of superb numbers D Lt J Cc f f Company EVERYTHING MUSICAL 540 Baronne St. Phone M. 2508 DRINK LUZIANN COFFEE IT ' S GOOD ALL THE TIME W. E. SEEBOLD OFFICIAL ENGRAVERS FOR TULANE UNIVERSITY Specializers in Fraternity and Class Work, Dance Pro- grams and Invitations 140 Carondelet Street MAISON BLANCHE Greatest Store South Offers a Complete Assortment of WEARING APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES FOR COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN ' itiflair iintcrs, Snr. txpYtsB to tl|? iFamltn nnh t }t tu- hmtB of Sukti? Intufratly tta hnp Qvntxtttht anb stnr r? appr riatian for tljnr tutUtng support nnh rottttnurb 0OOb totU. plant (general nit (§tt ct Jfpw laain danal anii 209 g l. (EIiarlrB g-t. ADE NIGHT TOE-»HEEL COLLEGE MEN , , WEAR INTERWOVEN SOCKS uoh (pilars Oldest Brand fc— in America SOLD BY FRED SCHERER 721-723 Common Street Henry F. Scherer, Manager EVERY LENS FITTED HERE CONFORMS EXACTLY. WE GUARANTEE ABSOLUTE ACCURACY. EVERY DETAIL IS UNDER MY PERSONAL SUPER- VISION. N. BELLAMORE, Optician 707 CANAL STREET Standing alone among the better Dress Shops, just as " Old Tu- lane " holds the front of the stage with other great universities. 1012-14 CANAL ST. SHOES USE SUTEYU COFFEE Oulliber Coffee Co. Good Things To Eat and Drink WALNE ' S Broadway and Zimple Walnut 448 NEWCOMB ADMINISTRATION BUILDING H. SOPHIE NEWCOMB COLLEGE Newcomb College, of Tulane University, asks the sup- port of New Orleans, of Louisiana, of the South in order that the SERVICE of this SOUTHERN institution may be properly maintained. HELP US MAKE OUR ENDOWMENT WHAT IT SHOULD BE SEND YOUR DAUGHTERS TO NEWCOMB For further information, address the Registrar, Newcomb College, New Orleans The McDermott Surgical Instrument Co., Ltd. MANUFACTURERS DEALERS EXPORTERS Surgical Instruments Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies Students ' Supplies Microscopic and Laboratory Supplies Catalogues on Request NEW ORLEANS, U. S. A. YOU FELLOWS REALLY SET THE FOOT FASHIONS We know it. That ' s why IMPERIAL styles are always kept abreast of the requirements of Titlane men. Fellows who are young, and those who want to feel young, find at THE IMPERIAL the correct answer to their Shoe problems. IMPERIAL SHOE STORE LARGEST SOUTH Canal at Bourbon New Orleans, La. THE COFFEE OF EXCELLENCE JOCKEY CLUB " It Has a Smack That Others Lack " Crescent Coffee Mills, Inc. Menge Marine Hardware Supply Company Incorporated SHIP CHANDLERS 218-232 Canal Street " Menge Block " New Orleans, La., U. S. A. Deck, Engine and Cabin Stores Provisions The Liverpool London and Globe Insurance Co., Ltd. " As a Louisiana Institution " Has selected New Orleans as one of its foui- Departments for the man- agement of its American Business. Maintains a Local Board of Managers, comprising four of New Orleans ' Representative Merchants. Employs at its New Orleans OfHce 100 persons, consisting of Managers and Clerks. Has Invested in New Orleans Real Estate 3 office buildings at a cost of $366,000.00. Pays annually taxes to New Orleans and State of Louisiana on Real Estate, $10,147.50. Pays taxes on its -business operations, City of New Orleans and State of Louisiana, $8,241.55. Deposits its funds in four of New Orleans ' Banks from which Losses throughout the South are paid. Purchases all stationery and supplies necessary to its Southern Business from New Orleans Merchants and Dealers. These facts exhibit how this Company has become identified with Louis- iana, which should favorably commend It to the consideration of Louisiana Insurers. Young men desiring to enter business life are iniitvd to make application to us When You Think of Ant Riddance THINK OF " SCOOT " THE GREAT ANT CHASER 25c at All Drug Stores and Satisfaction Guaranteed by I. L. Lyons Co., Limited SOLE OWNERS AND MANUFACTURERS NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA The Floor Beautiful m FLOORS are the foundation of a successful interior both as to appear- ance and color scheme. A good floor is beautiful in itself and sup- plies the necessary background for the home furnishings. There is no better wood for flooring than— Southern Pine " The Wood of Service " The " dose, " compact grain of Southern Pine makes a smooth floor and one that s easily finished. The wood, although naturaUy light in color, may readily be stamed any desired color to harmonize with other woodwork. j « , .i, j e i,„ „,.o;r, ;= ov Edge-Grain. Southern Pine Flooring is quarter sawed. Only the edge of the gram is ex- posed to the tread, making it very durable under severe usage. It will not shver, buckle or curl; wears slowly and evenly; it is not affected by frequent wettings. , v,„,„ „„„t „f Edge-Grain and Flat-Sawed Southern Pine Flooring may be obtained anywhere east ot the Rocky Mountains. Its lower cost is due to the fact that the wood is so very plentitul. " Beauty Plus Service in Floors, " is the title of a handsomely illustrated booklet, sent free on request. If you are building, you should have this booklet. Address Dept. C-e . -■ 2 |. uuu UUU 7 iJT I J ■ 1 AUDUBON andZIMPIX STS THE MISSES PAI FREY Orders taken for Cakes and Sandwiches. Arrangements can be made for Luncheon Pa rties and Afternoon Teas. Phone Walnut 2656 Hours: 8:30 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M. Greenlaw Truck and Tractor Company, Inc. MOTOR TRUCKS 1525-31 Canal Street NEW ORLEANS ALL SCHOOL NECESSITIES ARE HANDLED BY The Tulane Co-Operative Book Store Cigars, Cigarettes, Post Cards and Stationery Gibson Hall, St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Cotrell Leonard Albany, N. Y. Manufacturers and Renters of Caps, Gowns, Hoods To Tulane and Hundreds of Other Institutions VEEDOL EVERETT SUPPLY CO. ROYAL BILLIARD HALL Where Good Fellows Meet » 1 18 TABLES 116 ROYAL ST Jahn Ollier c ENGRAVING COMPAN V -ANNUAL5 ' ) T v aKerJ of lllustra-lions. Desiaiis " - Photographs " Half-tones , Line sni DenDaV Zinc Etchings Three 3 ' " ' Four Color ' - ' Process Plates- ' fcic Blasl- Qualth Afain. O Yrce and P an- G) j rj -t f A - - Jlflanla -Davenbovf-KansasCfii S54- W. aTns J-fresi- K vXvK J J JXilu aukee-SouthBend-Toledo PRiMiiim NASHVILLE, " Tenn. Our 1920 Annuals University of Alabama, Vanderbilt University, Trinity College, University of Kentucky, Tulane University, Louisiana State University, Alabama Poly- technic Institute, University of South Carolina, Maryville College, North Carolina College for Women, Davidson College, Winthrop Normal In- dustrial College, Marion Institute, Dickinson College, Georgetown College, Wofford College, Furman University, Limestone College, University of the South, Ouachita College, Transylvania College, Wake Forest College, Holllns College, Woman ' s College of Alabama, Meridian College, Greensboro Col- lege for Women, Birmingham Southern College, Henderson-Brown College, Westhampton College, Blackstone College, Milsaps College, Mercer Univer- sity, Blue Mountain College, Centre College, Judson College, Elon College, Mississippi Woman ' s College, Richmond College, Converse College, Golds- boro High School, Kentucky College for Women, Lenoir College, Belhaven College, Presbyterian College, Hllman College, Hanover College, Barrett Manual Training High School, Roanoke College, Anderson College, Tennes- see College, Branham Hughes Military Academy, Asbury College, Trimble County High School, Central College. " College Annual Headquarters " RiflB ii Si CENTRAL AUTO SERVICE CO., Inc. Is now run on a co-operative basis. All auto- mobile owners taking stock at $10.00 a share are entitled to a rebate on all purchases, and tire, battery and road service. PHONE MAIN 5249 867 ST. CHARLES ST. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS INTERSTATE ELECTRIC CO. 356 Baronne St. STUDENTS ' LAMPS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT AJAX 5,000-MILE TIRES MRS. H. B. BRADFORD High-Grade FURNITURE For Cash See Us When In Need of Furniture CARONDELET STREET CORNER HOWARD AVENUE SNAPPY SPRING SUITS FOR YOUNG FELLOWS STEP OUT— DON ' T FOLLOW THE CROWDS THIS SUMMER IN HEAVY, STYLELESS CLOTHES, BUT STRIDE OUT ALONG THE HIGHWAYS OF CLEVER COMFORTABLE FASHIONS. WEAR OUR CLOTHES mi Cr ExLibriS ' - YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Oath of Hippocrates I swear by Ai ollo the Pliysician, and Aescailapius, and Health and All- Heal, and by all the Gods and Goddesses, that, according to my ahility and judgment, I will keep this oath and this stipulation, — to reckon him who tanght me this art equally dear to me as my parents; to share my substance with him, and relieve his necessities if reciuired ; to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation ; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of ray patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadl.y medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel ; and in like manner I will not give any woman a pessary to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass m.y life and practice my art. I will not cut any person laboring under the stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are practitioners of this work. Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every vol- untary act of mischief and corruption ; and, further, from tlie seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. " Whatever in connection with my professional practice, or not in connec- tion witii it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this oath unviolated may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men in all times. But should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot. 1 THE YEAR BOOK VOLUME I f Edited hy ffje Students of The College of Medicine TuUne University of Louisiana NEW ORLEANS, U.S.A. If - TULANE UNIVERSITY , PRESS ISSi TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA FOREWORD It has been said that there is but one excuse for the writing of a book, and that is that there be a message to deliver. The students of the Tulane College of Medicine feel that they have a message, one of such scope and im- portance that this modest volume can only suggest it in a general way. The message is of the great work that is being quietly and unobstrusively done bj our beloved Alma Mater. We believe that there are few colleges in the nation that have done as much to raise the standards of medical education and send out young men and women with an eciuipment of the highest degree of excellence. For almost a century these have gone out as missionaries over the land, and from the very nature of their high calling have been able to wield an untold influence for good. They have been a ' ble to establish such a reputa- tion for thorough professional trainin g and for a high standard of professional ethics and sense of personal obligation that the Tulane graduate commands respect wherever found. It is hoped that this volume will be the beginning of an endless series that will gradually unfold to the world some part of the multifold activities of this great institution. In presenting this book to the public the editors beg to acknowledge many shortcomings and plead for recognition of the fact tliat they are laboring against the handicap of inexperience, limited time, and a nudtiplicity of other denumds incident to preparing themselves to become worthy members of the great body of Tulane Alumni. The Editors. YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Rudolph Matas, M. D. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA To " ■Ri:tiol;ilT TOatas. TO. g., I L,- S-. F- it. (O- S. pnstlr in the TOinistry nf Hraling, tllustrtnixs Iratlrr tn thr progress of Srtrnrc, mighty prrrrptur iiutli the ability tn ansuirr Van ' s apiJfal uiith healing tinirh and hralthfnl rnnnsd. this honk is tirdiratrti, hdicuing his rarrrr has r. 7nn;ilrd thr ideal after whirh his riisriplcs shall rearh and in mhirh then may find inspiration. YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TABLE OF CONTENTS Book I- -The Faculty Book II- -Department of Medicine Book III- -Department dF Pharmacy Book IV- -Department of Dentistry Book V- —Fraternities Book VI- -Clubs Book VII- —Hospitals Book VIII- —Wit and Humor advertisements TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 10 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Albert Bledsoe Dinwiddie, Ph.D., LL.U., PreMideut of the University. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 11 Egbert Sharp, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D., Emeritus President of the University. 12 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ISADOKE Dtee, Ph.B., M.D., Deau of the Schools of Me.lic-iiie and Phaniiacy. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 13 CHARLES CiiASSA.GNAC, M.D., Ueau of the Ur d.ate .S.huol of MedieiBe. Cll 14 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Wallace Wcod, Jr., D.D.S., Dean of the School of Dentistry. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 15 George Stewart Brown, M.Ph., M.D., Chaiimaii of the Facnilty of Pharmacy. 16 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 17 THE FACULTY School of Medicine Note — Those names in Mcilical Faculty designated ( ) are also members of the Faculty of the Graduate School of Medicine; those designated (t) are also members of the Faculty of the School of Dentistry. ALBEBT BLEDSOE DINWIDDIE, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., President of the University University of Virginia B.A., 1889; M.A., 1890; Ph.D., 1892. University of Gottingen 1902-1903. LL.D., Southwestern Presbyterian University, 1911. Phi Beta Kappa. Pro- fessor of Mathematics Southwestern Presbyterian University, 1896-1906, Assistant Pro- fessor Mathematics and Astronomy, 1906-1908. Associate Professor, 1910; Dean of the College of Arts and Science, Tulane University. Member Southern Educational Asso- ciation; A.A.A.S. ; Tulane Economic Society; Fellow New Orleans Academy of Sciences; National Institute of Social Sciences; President Round Table Chib. EOBEET SHAEP, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., - - Emeritus President or the University Randolph Macon College, A.B., M.A. ; University of Leipsig, Ph.D.; Professor of Eng- lish, 1884-1913; President of Tulane University, 1913-1918. Emeritus President. Mem- ber Modern Language Association; American Editor of " Boewulf, " " The Fight at Finsburgh ; ' ' Author of various articles on Anglo-Saxon Literature. ISADOEE DYEE, Ph.B., M.D. De. n op the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, Professor of Diseases of Skin Yale, Ph.B., 1887; Tulane, M.D., 1889. Ex-President Orleans Parish Medical Society; Louisiana State Medical Society; Southern Medical Association; American Dermatolog- ical Association ; New Orleans Academy of Sciences ; Ex- Vice President American Med- ical Association; Ex-President Association American Medical Colleges; Member of Council A. M. A.; Member of National Board of Medical Examiners; President Stars and Bars of Tulane University; Colonel Medical Eeserve Corps; Editor New Orleans Medical Journal since 1896; Founder of the Louisiana Leper Home; Member American Society of Tropical Medicine; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Sciences; Author of " The Art of Medicine " and numerous other books and pamphlets; Member Berzelino Society at Yale and Ex-Eegent of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. JOHN BAENWELL ELLIOTT, A.B., M.D., Emeritus Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine EDMOND SOUCHON, M. D. - Emeritus Professor of Anatomy and Clinical Surgery Univer.sity of Louisiana, M.D., 1867 ; Honorary Fellow of the American College of Sur- geons; Former Vice President of American Surgical Association; Founder of Souchon Museum of Anatomy ; Founder Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association ; Mem- ber of Society of American Anatomists; Fellow American Surgical Association. LOUIS FAVEOT EEYNAUD, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Clinical Medicine EENEST SIDNEY LEWIS, B.S.. M.D., F.A.C.S., Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Louisiana, B.S., 1858; M.D., 1862; Professor of Materia Medica, Thera- peutics and Clinical Medicine, 1873-1876; Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1876- 1911; Emeritus Professor, 1911; Surgeon Third Ga. Cavl., C.S.A., Chief of Staff of Gen. Joe " Wheeler, C.S.A. ; Acting House Surgeon Charity Hospital, 1862-1863; Con- sulting Gynecologist Charity Hospital, 1911; Founder of International Obstetrical and Gynecological Association; Ex-President Southern Surgical and Gynecological Associa- tion; F.A.C.S. 18 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ABEAHAM LOUIS METZ, Ph.G., Ph.M., M.D., Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Medical Jurisprudence Ph.G., New York College of Pharmacy, 1887; Tiilan ' e Ph.M. (Hon.) 1889; M.D., 1893; One of Founders of Stars and Bars; Fellow A.A.A.S. ; Fellow American Geographical Society; Vice President National Institute of Social Science; Member National Council of Defense in Louisiana; Chemist City of New Orleans and New Orleans Board of Health. tEUDOLPH MATAS, M.D., LL.D., F.A.C.S., Professor of General and Clinical Surgery University of Louisiana, M.D., 1880; Washington University, St. Louis, LL.D.; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars; Senior Surgical Division, Touro Infirmary; Chief of Surgical Visiting Staff, Charity Hospital; Consulting Surgeon, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital; Major U. S. A. M. E. C. ; Fellow Surgical Association; Fellow and Ex-President American Surgical Association; Fellow Clinical Surgical Society; A.M.A. + JOHN TAYLOE HALSEY, M.D., Professor of Piiarjiacology, Therapeutics and Clinical Medicine Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn; Princeton University; College of Physicians and Sur- geons, M.D., 1893; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars; University of Masburg, As- sistant in Pharmacology, 1890-1899; M?Gill University, Assistant Professor of Phar- ■ ' macology, 1900-1904; Fellow A.M.A. ; Member Louisiana State Medical Society; American Society of Tropical Medicine; American Society of Physiologists; New Orleans Academy of Sciences; Major, U. S. A. M. C, Base Hospital Unit 24 (Tulane Unit); Translator of " Experimental Pharmacology " (Gottlieb Meyer). JOHN BAENWELL ELLIOTT, JK., B.Litt., B.A., M.A., M.D., Professor of Theory a-nd Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine University of South, B.Lt, 1889 ; B.A., 1888; M.A., 1891; Tulane, M.D., 1894; Com- mander Medical Post, American Legion, New Orleans; Member of American Society of Tropical Medicine; American Clinical and Climatological Society; A.M.A.-, Southern Medical Association ; Lt. Col. U. S. A. M. C;. ; Consultant-General Medicine, Vitel-Ba- zilles Base Hospital, France, 191 8-191 9; Visiting Ph.ysician Charity Hospital. EEASMUg DAEWIN FENNEE, A.B., M.D., ■-■■ Professor of Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children Tulane, A.B., 1888; M.D., 1892; Fellow A.M.A.; Louisiana State Medical Society; Orleans Parish Medical Society; Southern Medical Association; Formerly Lecturer and Later Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Chief ; Division 1, Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children, Charity Hospital; Assistant House Surgeon Charity Hospital, 1898- 1903; Maijor, M. C, U. S. A. MAECUS FEINGOLD, M.D., - Professor of Ophthalmology Vienna University, M.D.;. Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars; Author of various papers on Diseases of the Eye. tCHAELES WAEEEN DUVAL, M.A., M.D., - Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology St. Johns College, M.A.; Univer.sity of Pennsylvania, M.D.; Member American Asso- ciation of Physicians; Society of Experimental Histology and Medicine; American Fed- eration of Natural Science; Society of Experimental Pathology; Academy of Social Science; Association of American Pathologists and Bacteriologists; Society of American Bacteriologists; Society of Tropical Medicine; National Academy of Science; A.M.A., Alpha Omega Alpha ; Stars and Bars. tIEVING HAEDESTY, A.B., Ph.D., D.Sc, - - - - Professor of Anatomy Wake Forrest College, A.B. ; University of Chicago, Ph.D.; Wake Forrest College, D.Sc, F.A.A.A.S. ; Three books and several papers in Anatomical Journals dealing with Mi- croscopic Anatomy, especially that of the Nervous System and Organs of Special Sense. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 19 tHEEMANN BEETEAiX GESSNEE, A.B., M.A., M.D., Professor of Operative and Clinical Surgery Tiilane Universit}- of Louisiana, A.B., JM.A., M.D., P.A.C.S. ; Phi Beta Kappa; Presi- ilent Orleans Parish Medical Society, 1902; Chairman Visiting Staff, Charitj ' Hospital, 1913-1916; Member of Louisiana State Medical Society; Southern Surgical Association; Southern Medical Association; A.M.A. : First Lt. M. E. C, V. S. A., 1909-1917. ■•■GEOEGE SAM BEL, M.D., ..... Professor of Clinical Medicine SAMUEL MAEMADIIKE DINWIDDIE CLAEK, B.S., M.D,., Professor of Gynecology and Clinical Obstetrics Tnlane University of Louisiana, B. S., M.D.; Major, M. E. C, U. S. A. JAMES BIRNEY GUTHEIE, B.S., M.D., - - Professor of Clinical Medicine Tulane, B.S., 1896; M.D., 1900; Chief of Medical Service No. 7, Cliarity Hospital; Lt. Col., M. E. C, U. S. A. CHAELES JEFFERSON MILLEE, M.D., F.A.C.S., Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Gynecology University of Tennessee, M.D., 1 893 ; Stars and Bars ; Fellow American College of Surgeons ; A.M.A. ; Chief of Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Charity Hospital ; Chief of Gynecology Touro Infirmary; Secretary for four years of the Section of Obstet- rics, Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery of the A. M. A. ; Author of many Articles on Obstetrics, Gynecology and Surgery ; Major M. E. C, U. S. A. CHAELES CASSEDY BASS, M.D., Professor of E.xperimental Medicine and Director of the Laboratories of Clinical Medicine. Tulane University, M.D., 1899; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars; Visiting Physi- cian, Charity Hospital, 1906-1912; Ex-Pre.sident American Society of Tropical Medi- cine; Author of Extensive Writings on Malaria and other Scientific Subjects; First successful cultivation of Malaria Parasite, in association with Dr. F. M. Johns; Scienti- fic Director of Malaria Control Work in Mississippi Delta by International Health Board. JOSEPH DEUTSCH WEIS, M.D., - Professor of Tropical and Clinical Medicine ISAAC IVAN LEMANN, A.B., M.D., - - - Professor of Clinical Medicine Tulane, A.B., 189.5; Harvard, A.B., 1896; Tulane, M.D., 1900; Phi Beta Kappa; Stars and Bars; Visiting Physician Charity Hospital and Touro Infii-mary; Captain M. C, U. S. A. Base Ho.spital 24 (Tulane Unit); Chief Medical Service Base Hospital 76. EOY McLEAN VAN WAET, B.A., M.D., ..... Professor of Psychiatry University of New Brunswick, B.A. ; McGill Universitj ' , M.D. ; Fellow in Pathology Johns Hopkins University; American Medico-Psychological Association; American Psycho-Pathological Association; American Association of Pathologists and Bacterio- logists; Fellow Eoyal Society of Medicine, London; Major M. E. C, U. S. A. WALTEE EUGENE C4AEEEY, B.S., Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Physiology and Physiological Chemistry Laurence University, B. S. ; University of Chicago, Ph. D.; Eush Medical College, M.D. ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Omega Alpha ; Member of American Physiological Society ; American Society of Biological Chemists ; Fellow of American Medical Association ; American Association for the Advancement of Science; San Francisco Academy of .Medicine; Eesearch Work on Cardiac Physiology, Muscle Tonus, Saline Balance and General Ph3 ' siology. 20 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE STEPHEN MEETLE BLACKSHEAR, M.D., Clinical Professor of Otology, Ehi.nology and Laryngology Tulaiie University, M.D. ; Fellow, A.M.A. ; Member of Louisiana State and Orleans Parish Medical Society; Chief of Clinic in Ear, Nose and Throat, Charity Hospital; First Lt. M. B. C, U. S. A. JAMES PHABES O ' KELLEY, M.D., Clinical Professor of Otology, Khinology and Laryngology Tulaue University, M.D.; Member Orleans Parish and Louisiana State Medical Socie- ties, A.M.A. ; American Laryugologieal, Ehinological and Otological Society; Southern Medical Association; American College of Surgeons. HENBY EDWABD MENAGE, Ph.M., M.D., Clinical Professor Diseases of the Skin Acting Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A. (Spanish-American War). LAUBENCE EICHAED DeBUYS, B.S., M.D., . . - . Professor of Pediatrics Tulane University, B.S., 1899; M.D., 1904; Ex-President Tulane Athletic Association; Secretary and Treasurer Louisiana State Committee of National Defense; Member of Orleans Parish Medical Society and Louisiana State Medical Society ; A.M.A. ; South- ern Medical Association; American Pediatric Society; American Association for the Advancement of Science; Author of a large number of articles dealing with the subject of Diseases of Children. JACOB WABEEN NEWMAN, Ph.D., M.D., E.A.C.S., - Clinical Professor of Obstetrics Giessen, Germany, Ph.D.; Tulane University, M.D. ; Fellow American College of Sur- geons; President Louisiana Commission for the Blind; Founder and Owner Lying-in Dispensary for the Poor; Chief of Department of Obstetrics, Touro Infirmary; Visiting Surgeon, Charity Hospital. JOSEPH HUME, Ph.B., M.D., - Professor of Genito-TJrinary and Venereal Diseases University of Pennsylvania, Ph.B., 1897; University of South Carolina, M.D., 1901. WILLIAM HENBY SEEMANN, M.D., . . . . Professor of Hygiene HENEY BAYON, A.B., M.D., - - - Professor of Applied Anatomy ' Jesuits ' College, New Orleans, A.B. ; Tulane University, M.D. ; Acting Professor of Anatomy, 1908-1910. OSCAB DOWLING, M.D., Professor of Public Health Vanderbilt University, M.D., 1888; University of Nashville, Medical Department, 1892; A.M.A.; S.M.A., Shreveport Medical Society; Louisiana State Medical Society; Amer- ican Public Health Association ; Ex-Assistant Professor Ear, Nose and Throat, New Orleans Polyclinic; President Louisiana State Board of Health. t ' OSCAR WALTEB BETHEA, M.D., - Clinical Professor of Therapeutics Mississippi Medical College, M. D. ; Tulane University, M.D. ; Stars and Bars, Fellow Chemical Society of Great Britain; Orleans Parish and State Medical Societies; South- ern Medical Society; A.M.A.; New Orleans Academy of Sciences; Author of ' " Bethea ' s Materia Medica and Prescription Writing. ' ' tJOHN SMYTH, M.D., - - - Professor of Clinical Surgery and Oral Surgery Tulane University, M.D., A.M.A.; Louisiana State and Parish Medical Societies; Society for the Advancement of Sciences; American Association of Endocrinology; Lt. Col. M. C, U. S. A.; Cited for French Legion of Honor. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 21 " ' CARROLL WOOLSEY ALLEN, M.D., F.A.C.S., - Professor of Clinical Surgery Tulane Universitj ' , M.D., 1900; A.M. A.; Louisiana State and Parish Medical Societies; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars; P.A.C.S. ; American Surgical Association; South- ern Surgical Association; Lecturer and Instructor in Genito-Urinary and Rectal Dis- eases; A isiting Surgeon. Charity Hospital; Associate Visiting Surgeon, Touro Infirm- ary; Author Allen ' s " Local Anaesthesia; ' ' Research on Avascular Surgery in Associa- tion with Prof. Matas. URBAN MAES, M.D., Professor of Clinical Surgery Tulane University, M.D., 1900; Stars and Bars; A.M.A., S.M.A.; Southern Surgical. Association; American College of Surgeons; Society of Clinical Surgeons; Lt. Col. M. C, U. S. A., Chief Su rgeon, Base Hospital 24 (Tulane Unit) ; Consulting Surgeon, First Army Corps; Consulting Surgeon Second Army Corps. ISIDORE COHN, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S., - - - - Professor of Clinical Surgery L. S. U., B.S., 1903; Special Student Physical Chemistry, Harvard University, 1902; Tulane University, M.D., 1907; F.A.C.S. ; Annual Orator Academy of Medicine, Nash- ville, 1914; Secretary, Vice Chairman and Chairman, Surgical Section, Southern Med- ical Association, 1913-1914-1915; Assistant Demonstrator Laboratory of Minor Sur- gery; Assistant Professor minor surgery, 1914-1918; Research work on Regeneration of Bone, Repair and Fracture, 1910-1914; Papers on various Phases and Treatment of Fracture; Plastic Surgeiy, etc. Assistsutt Professors MAURICE JOHN COURET, AB., M.A., M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology Jesuits ' College, New Orleans, A.B., M.A. ; Tulane University, M.D.; Member American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists; Society of Tropical Medicine; Louis- iana State and Orleans Parish Medical Societies; Articles on Dysentery, Rabies, Leprosy, Balantidium Coli, Filterable Viruses, Hog Cholera; Major M. C, U. S. A., Expedi- tionary Forces in Italy. CHARLES LEVERICH ESHLEMAN, A.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine t FELIX PERCY CHILLINGWORTH, M.D., Assistant Professor Physiology and Ph.armacology Yale, M.D.; Member American Anatomical Society; Research in Pulmonary Circulation; Experimental Emphysema and Asthma and various other papers on the Physiology of the Lung. WILLIAM HERBERT HARRIS, A.B., M.D., - Assistant Professor of Pathology SIDNEY KOHN SIMON, A.B., M.D., - Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine A. B., Tulane, 1899; M.D., Tulane, 1903; President Southern Gastro-Enterological As- sociation; Member American Gastro-Enterological Association; Secretary and Treasurer American Society of Tropical Medicine; Visiting Gastro-Enterologist Touro Infirmary. JOHN ALEXANDER LANFORD,, Ph.G., M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgical Pathology Ph.G., Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1900; M.D., University of Alabama, 1905; As- sistant Physician Alabama Insane Hospitals, 1905-1911; Instructor of Surgical Path- ology, Tulane, 1911-1914; Post-Graduate Harvard, 1909; Pathology Department Touro, 1911; Assistant Professor Surgical Patliology, 1914; Major M. C, U. S. A. ■•■RANDOLPH LYONS, B.A., M.D., - - Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine B.A., Yale, 1903; M.D., Tulane, 1907; Stars and Bars; Senior Medical Stall ' at Touro; Medical Consultant U. S. Marine Hospital; Visiting Physician Charity Hospital; Mem- ber Louisiana State and Orleans Parish Medical Societies; Member Medical Advisory Board; Fellow A.M.A.; S.M.A 22 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MARION SIMS SOUGHON, B.S., M.D., - Assistant Professor or Clinical Surgery B. S., University of Virginia; M. D., Tiilane University; House Surgeon Hotel Dieu; Visiting Surgeon, Charity Hospital; Visiting Surgeon, French Hospital; Medical Di- rector Pan-American Life Insurance Co. VICTOR CONWAY SMITH, M.D., - - Assistant Professor or Ophthalmology Tulaue, 1899. ROBERT ALEXANDER STRONG, M.D., - - Assistant Professor of Pediatrics M.D., Tulaue; A.M. A., Southern Medical Association; Association of Military Surgeons; American Legion; American Association of Teachers of Diseases of Children, Lt. Col. M. R. C, U. S. A. PAUL AVERY McILHENNY, M.D., Assistant Professor of Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children tEALPH HOPKINS, A.B., M.D., - . - . Asistant Professor of Physiology A.B., Georgetown University; M.D., Tulane University; Fellow A.M.A. ; American Society of Tropical Medicine; American Society for Advancement of Science; Captain M. C, U. S. A. LUTHER SEXTON, M.D., - - Assistant Professor of Clinical Minor Surgery FOSTER MATTHEW JOHNS, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine in Laboratories of Clinical Medicine M.D., Tulane; Stars and Bars. tJOSEPH MARIA THURINGER, M.D., - - Assistant Professor of Anatomy M.D., Creighton Medical College; American Association of Anatomists; A.M.A. ; New Orleans Academy of Sciences; American Associatiou for the Advancement of Science; First Lt. M. C, " U. S. A. HENRY DASPIT, M.D., , Assistant Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System M.D., Tu lane, 1907; Medical Advisory Board; Aviation Examination Board; City Alienist; Superintendent City Hospital for Mental Diseases; Consultant Neurologist, U. S. Marine Hospital. STANFORD CHAILLE JAMISON, M.D., - Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine M. D., Tulane, 1912; A.M.A., Southern Medical Association; Louisiana State and Or- leans Parish Medical Societies; American Legion; Major, M. C, U. S. A. LUCIEN HYPOLITE LANDRY, M.D., P.A.C.S., Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery M.D., Tulane, 1907; F.A.C.S. ; Fellow Southern Surgical Association; Secretai-y Or- leans Parish Medical Society; Chairman Surgical Section Soutliern Medical Association; Demonstrator in Laboratory of Operative Surgery; Senior Associate in Surgery Touro Infirmary; Visiting Surgeon, Charity Hospital. EDMUND MOSS, M.D., ----- Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine M.D., Tulane, 189S; Post-Graduate, University of Vienna, Medical Director, Public Schools, New Orleans, La.; Lt. Col. M. C, U. S. A. WILMER BAKER, M.D.,- ------ Assistant Professor, of Anatomy M.D., Tulane; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars. LIONEL LOUIS CAZENAVETTE, M.D., Assistant Professor in Diseases of the Nervous System Demonstrators, Lecturers and Instructors WILLIAM MARTIN PERKINS, B.S., M.D., - - Instructor in Clinical Surgery HAMILTON POLK JONES, M.D., ------ Instructor in Anesthetics ANSEL MARION CAINE, M.D., ------- Instructor in Anesthetics GEORGE KING LOGAN, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Oktiiopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children JAMES CLIFTON COLE, M.D., Instructor in Medicine and in Laboratories of Clinical and Tropical Medicine ERNEST CHARLES SAMUEL, M.D., - Instructor in Clinical Medicine and Radiology TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 23 HENRY LEIDEXHEIMEB, M.D., ----- C ' Lixic.iL Assistant in Surgery EPHEAIJI DEXErFBOT ' BG FRIEDEICHS, M.D., - Instructor i.n Clinical Obstetrics WILLIAM DAVID PHILLIPS, B.S., i[.Phar., M.D., - Instructor in Clinical Obstetrics iIAEY ELIZABETH BASS, M.D., Instructor in Labor.vtory of Clinical Medicine and Instructor in Pathology and Bacteriology. MARION EAELE BROWN, M.D., ----- Clinical Assistant in Medicine adolph de campus HENRIQUES, M.D., Instructor in Phy ' siology, Clinical Medicine and Radiology ' ROBERT TROUSDALE PERKINS, A.B., M.D., - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery WILLIAM ALYIN LOYE, A.B,, M.Ph., M.D., Instructor in Clinical Medicine and Medical Officer of the University PRANK JAMES KINBEEGER, M.D., ------ Instructor in Pediatrics EDWARD LACY KING, A.B., M.D., ------ Instructor in Obstetrics JOHN FLEMING DICKS, M.D., - - - Lecturer and Instructor in CtYNecology PETEE FEANCIS MUEPHY, M.D., - - - - Clinical Assistant in Medicine ROY BEETEAND HAEEISON, M.D., - - - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery SIMON GEISMAR, M.D., ------- Instructor in Clinical Sukgery LUCIEN AMEDEE FORTIER, M.D., - - - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery WILL " DANIEL JONES, M.D., - - - - Clinical Instructor in Gynecology GEORGE BUNCH ADAMS, M.D., - - Instructor in Pathology and Bacteriology ■■ ' THOMAS BENTON SELLERS, M.D., - Instructor in Anatomy HENEY JOHN LINDNER, M.D., Instructor in Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases HAROLD JOSEPH GONDOLPH, M.D., Instructor in Laboratory ' of Clinical Medicine and Assistant in Medicine ROBERT BERNHAED, M.D., - - - - Lecturer and Instructor in Medicine HENRY CLAEENCE LOCHTE, M.D., Assistant Instructor in L.akor.atory op Clinical Medicine LOUIS VYASA JAMES LOPEZ, M.D., - - - Clinical Assistant in Psychiatry JAMES MONROE BAMBEE, M.D., ------- Lecturer in Medicine EDMUND LAWEENCE LECKEET, M.D., - - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery PAUL GE0RC4E LACEOIX, B.S., M.D., Demonstrator in Charge of Laboratory ' of Minor Surgery HENRY NATHAN BLUM, M.D., - Instructor in Ophthalmology LOUIS JOSEPH DUBOS, JR., A.B., M.D., - - - Instructor in Clinical Medicine MUIR BEADBUEN, B.S., M.D., - Assistant Demonstrator in 0per. tive Surgery HENEY THEODOEE SIMON, M.D., - - - - . Assistant in Clinical Medicine •COVINGTON HAEDY SHAEP, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Otology. Ehinology and Laryngology ' PETEE CtRAFFAGNINO, M.D., - - - - Assistant Instructor in Gynecology ADDLEY HOGAN GLADDEN, JR., A.B., M.D., - Clinical Assistant in Gynecology HILLIARD E. MILLER, M.D., - - - ■ - Assistant Instructor in Ob.stetrics OCTAVE CHARLES CASSEGEAIN, .M.D., - - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery HARRY EVERETT NelsON, M.D., - - - - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery ABRAHAM MATTES, M.D., - ■ Instructor in Laboratory op Clinical Medicine DOMINICK ANDREW PALMISANO, M.D., - Clinical Assistant in Medicine ROBERT ALFRED DAVIS, M.D., - - - Clinical Assistant in Ophthalmology JOSEPH SECOND HEBERT, M.D., ------ Instructor in Obstetrics ANDEEW YALLOIS FRIEDRICHS, B.S., M.D., Assist- nt Demonstrator in Pathology LAWRENCE ARTHUR JAMES BRENNAN, M.D., Assistant Demonstrator in Pathology MAUD LOEBER, A.B., M.A., M.D., ------ Instructor in Pedi.atrics RICHARD SMITH CRICHLOW, B.S., M.D., - - - - Instructor in An.a.tomy THEODORE FRANK KIRN, M.D., - - , ■ . - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery LEONARD C. SCOTT, B.S., Ph.D., M.D., Instructor in the Laboratories of Hygiene and Public Health CLAEENCE PRENTICE MAY, il.D., - - - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery LOUIS IRA TYLER, M.D., ------ Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics 24 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE EICHAED ASHMAN, Litt.B., Ixstbuctor in Physiology FRANK WILLIAM MOEGAN, Phar.D., - - - - Demonstrator in Physiology CHARLES SHUTE HOLBROOK, B.S., M.D.. - - Clinical Assistant in Psychiatry BEN RUFUS HENINGER, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine LEON JOHN MENVILLE, M.D., ----- Clinical Assistant in Medicine JOHN RAYMOND HUME, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Otology, Ehinology and Lary ' Ngology REYNOLDS CHRISTIAN VOSS, M.D., - - Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics ■■GEORGE JOSEPH DEEEYNA, JR., M.D., - - Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics CHARLES VIRGINIUS UNSWORTH, M.D., - - Clinical Assistant in Psychiatry HAROLD CUMMINS, A.B., - - - - Instructor in Anatomy CHARLES HENRY VOSS, A.B., M.D., Assistant in Anatomy JOHN GALBRAITH PRATT, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Genito-Urinary and A enereal Diseases LEWIS CASS SPENCER, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children ELEAZAB ROBINSON BOWIE, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Clinical Medicine and Radiology JOHN JOSEPH IRWIN, B.Sc, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Otology, Ehinology and L. ry ngology EMILE BLOCH, M.D., - - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery IDYS MIMS GAGE, M.D., ------- Clinical Assistant in Surgery ALBERT BALDWIN PITKIN, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Surgery ANDREW DOMINIC MOULEDOUS, Ph.G., M.D., - Clinical Assistant in Surgery MARCY JOSEPH LYONS, M.D., ------ Clinical Assistant in Surgery RANGIER BURT EHLINGER, B.Sc, M.D., - - - Demonstrator in Pathology JOSEPH RIGNEY D ' AUNOY, B.S., M.D., - - - - Demonstrator in Pathology EDWARD PORTER ALEXANDER FICKLEN, B.S., M.D., - Clinical Assistant in Surgery ROGER JOHN MAILHES, M.D., Assistant in Clinical Therapeutics JAMES DAVIDSON RIVES, B.S., M.D., - - - - Clinical Assistant in Surgery PRESLEY EWING WERLEIN, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology AYNAUD FOSTER HEBEET, B.S., M.D., - Instructor in Clinical Minor Surgery EMILE FIDEL NAEF, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Pedi. tbics G. EICHAEDA WILLIAMSON, M.D., Ch.B., D.P.H., - Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics HAEEY VEENON SIMS, A.B., M.D., . . - - Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics JOSEPH SICOMO - Student Assistant in Anatomy JOHN MARTIN DANNEKER Assistant in Chemistry HAROLD OLIVER ERNST, Student Assistant in Anatomy JAMES LEO CARLISLE - Student Assistant in Physiology FRANK LEE CATO, JR., - Volunteer Assistant in Physiological Chemistry CASSIUS L. clay Instructor in Hygiene Graduate School of Medicine CHARLES LOUIS CHASSIAGNAC, M.D., Dean and Proeessor op Genito-urinaky ' and Rectal Diseases First President of the New Orleans Sanitarium and Training School for Nurses; Editor Ne ' w Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal; Ex-President Louisiana State Medical and Orleans Parish Medical Societies; Author of numerous papers and text -books; Trans- lator of Touaters ' ' Yellow Fever. ' ' PAUL MICHINARD, M.D., - - - - Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology GEORGE FARRAR PATTON, M.D., - - • Professor of Practice of Medicine EDMUND D. MARTIN, M.D., - - Professor of General and Abdominal Surgery JACOB AMBROSE STORCK, M. Ph., M.D., Professor of Diseases op Digestive System FELIX ALPHONSE LARUE, A.M., M.D., Profes.sor of Operative and Clinical Surgery HENRY SULA COCRAM, B.S., M.D., - Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics ERNEST ALEXIS ROBIN, B.S., M.D., - - Professor of Diseases of the Eye JOHN F. OECHSNER, M.D., Professor of Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases of Children TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 25 SIDNEY PHILLIP DELAUP, B.S., M.D., PRorEssoR or Surgery or the Genito-Urinaky Organs and Eectum WILLIAM MARTIN PERKINS, B.S., M.D., - - Professor of Clinical Surgery ROBERT CLYDE LYNCH, M.D., - Professor of Diseases of the Eye, Nose and Throat FREDERICK WILLIAM PAEHAM, M.D., Professor op Geneeal and Abdominal Surgery ALLAN C. EUSTIS, M.D., ----- Professor of Dietetics and Nutrition WILLIAM DAVID PHILLIPS, M.D., - • - Professor op Operative Gynecology LIONEL L. CAZENAA ETTE, M.D., - - Professor of Diseases op Nervous System AMEDEE GRANGER, M.D., - ■ - Professor op Radiology WALLACE JOSEPH DUREL, M.D., Professor of Phthisiology PAUL JOSEPH GELPI, A.M., M.D., Professor of CJenito-Urinary Diseases and Cystoscopy ALBERT EMILE POSSIER, AM., M.D., - ■ - Professor of Medical Diagnosis JAMES LEON LEWIS, M.D., ..---. Professor of Physical Diagnosis CHARLES J. BLOOM, M.D., Professor of Diseases of Children JOHN T. CEEBBIN, M.D., Assistant Professor of the Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat FRANK RAYMOND GOMILA, M.D., Assistant Professor op Obstetrics and Gynecology JAMES CLIFTON COLE, M.D., Assistant Professor in Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis C. A. WALLBILLICH, M.D., - • .Assistan t Professor in Gynecology and Obstetrics A. G. KING, M.D., - - Assistant Professor in General and Abdominal Surgery JEROME LANDRY, M.D., - - - . Assistant Propesor in Operative Surgery CHARLES A. BAHN, M.D., - - - Assistant Professor of Diseases of the Eye F. T. BROWN, M.D., - . - - Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics and Gynecology JOS. LEVY, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Orthopedics and Surgical Diseases op Children P. J. KAHLE, M.D., Lecturer in Surgery " of the Genito-Urinary Organs and Rectum W. P. BRADBURN, M.D., • Clinical Assistant in General and Abdominal Surgery GEORGE H. UPTON, M.D., ------ Assistant in Operative Surgery H. J. OTTO, M.D., - Clinical Assistant in Genito-Urinaet and Rectal Diseases G. J. TAQUINO, M.D., - Clinical Assistant in Diseases op the Ear, Nose and Throat CAROLINE MIMS, M.D., ■ Clinical Assistant in Surgery op the Genitourinary Organs and Rectum A. DUNCAN, M.D., • • - Clinical Assistant in General and Abdominal Surgery J. A. LEWIS, M.D., ... - - Clinical Assistant in Dietetics and Nutrition UPTON GILES, M.D., - - - - Clinical Assistant in Dietetics and Nutrition J. D. MARTIN, M.D., - Cl inical Assistant in Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat P. L. QUERENS, M.D., - - ■ Clinical Assistant in Dietetics and Nutrition- School of Pharmacy GEORGE STEWART BROWN, M.Ph., M.D., Chairman op Faculty and Profes.sor of Pharmacy JOHN TAYLOR HALSEY, M.D., - Professor op Materia Medica and Pharmacology REGINALD SOMERS COCKS, A.M., Ph.G., Richardson Professor op Botany and Pharmacology " " CHARLES WARREN DUVAL, M.A., M.D., - - . . Professor of Bacteriology WALTER EUGENE GAEREY, Ph.G., M.D., - . - - Professor of Physiology OSCAR WALTER BETHEA, Ph.G., M.D., F.C.S., - - Professor of Materia Medica J. HARRY CLO, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., ----- Associate Professor of Physics RALPH HOPKINS, A.B., M.D., Associate Profes.sor op Physiology FELIX PERCY CHILLINGWORTH, M.D., Assistant Professor op Phy ' Siology and Pharmacology WILLIAM HERBERT HARRIS, A.B., M.D., - Assistant Professor of Bacteriology EDWARD HENRY WALSDORF, - Ad.iunct Professor of Commercial Ph.vrmacy HENRY COOK RICHARDS, B.S., Ph.G., - . - . Instructor in Materia Medica FRANK WILLIAM MORGAN, Phar.D., Instructor in Chemistry JOHN MARTIN DANNEKEE, .--.-- Student Assistant in Pharmacy 26 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE School of Dentistry WALLACE WOOD, JK., D.D.y., - - Deax axd Professor or Operative Dentistry EDWAED B. DUCASSE, D.D.S., - - Professor of Crown and Bridge and Ceramics EUGENE L. EOETIEB, D.D.S., ----- Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry WILLIAM WOODWAED - - Professor of Drawing ALFEED A. LEEFE, D.D.S., Professor of Dent.il Pathology and Therapeutics, Secretary of Faculty Chief of Clinic. BENJAMIN L. CtOEE, D.D.S., ------ Professor of Dental Surgery GEOEGE B. C EOZAT, D.D.S., Professor of Dental Anatomy, Lecturer and Instructor in Orthodontia WILLIAM L. HUGHES, LL.B., - - - - Professor of Dental Jurisprudence EALPH E. SHEEWOOD, D.D.S., Assistant Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry, Crown and Bridge Work WILLIAM P. BEOWN, M.A., ------ Associate Professor of English Demonstrators, Lecturers and Instructors EAOUL S. HYMEL, D.D.S., - - - JOSEPH MAEY GAECIA, D.D.S., LOUIS COGNEVICH, D.D.S., - ■ - JOHN J. COLOMB, D.D.S., - - - FEEDEEICK J. WOLFE, D.D.S., - - JAMES HENEY 0 ' EEILLY D.D.S., STEWAET P. DEAN, D.D.S., - - ■ MILDEED GAUCHE, M.S., Instructor and Laboratory Assistant Demonstrator of Prosthetic Dentistry - Demonstrator of Operative Technic Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry ' Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Demonstr-vtor of Clinical Dentistry " IN Bacteriology and Biology FELIX M. ISAACSON, D.D.S., - - CHABLES N. GIBBONS, D.D.S., - JOSEPH E. PSAYLA, D.D.S., - - A. C. B. MEYNIEE, D.D.S., - - A. LOGAN MAGEUDEE, D.D.S., - HABEY M. NOLAN, D.D.S., - - BOY WHITE, D.D.S., THEODOEE WILSON, D.D.S., - - J. CRIMEN ZEIDLEB, D.D.S., JAMES ELMORE CHENET, D.D.S., WALTEE CHAVIGNY HAVA, D.D.S., ALFEED K. BEOWN, D.D.S., JOSEPH FRANK BEETUCCI, D.D.S., EABLE GEOEGE EUSTIN, D.D.S., JOHN B. LESCALE, D.D.S., OSCAR ADRIAN WOLFE, D.D.S., GEORGE W. DUBISSON, D.D.S., JULIUS HERMAN QUINIUS, D.D.S., OSCAR JOSEPH TRAPPY, D.D.S., CHAELES GOULD HOUSE, D.D.S., - Instructor in Oral Hygiene and Prophylaxis - Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Assistant Demonstrator of Assistant Demonstrator of Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry ' Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstr. tor of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Assistant Demonstrator of Clinical Dentistry Clinical Dentistry Clinical Dentistry Clinical Dentistry Officers of Administration OSWALD CADOGAN BELPIELD Registrar and Secretary to the Faculty JOHN ANDREW BACON Clerk and Curator of Buildings JANE GREY ' EOGEES Librarian LILIAN ALICE COLLENS Secretary to the Dean MAUD MARGARET KENNEDY ' Stenographer, Richardson Memorial SABAH MAGILL Stenographer, Laboratories of Clinical Medicine AND Hygiene TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 27 °C.8,,fi. ' YEAR BOOK-SCHOOL FJVIEDICINE OSCAK W. Bethea, M.D., Faculty Editor TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 29 ■J.Hr.So ' - Editorial Staff 30 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Year Book Staff PiiLrx R. BRtiNOT. Ecliior in Chief John D. Htjmber, Business Manager Prof. Oscab W. Bethea, Faculty Editor Dean Isadore Dyer, Factilty Adviser ASSOCIATE EDITOES ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGEES E. G. McMahon Junior Medical W. T. Simpson Miss Corinne Eccquet Sophomore Medical P. M. Butler W. M. Dixon Freshman Medical Edmond Souchon, 2nd J. D. Norman Senior Dental Charles Davidson W. J. Gill Junior Dental W. L. Polse J. P. Johnston, Jr Sophomore Dental E. E. Garcia C. A. Durham Freshman Dental R. E. L. Stewart John Danneker Senior Pharmacy T. W. Garrett A. E. HoTARD Junior Pharmacy C. M. Coleman ART EDITOES S. O. MOSELET W. K. Lloyd P. L. Jaubert A. P. AucoiN COMMITTEES EDITORIAL FaciiHy and Hospital Statistics O. W. Moss P. H. Jones G. 6. Woodruff Organisations C. L. Brown J. H. Carter 0. C. RiGBY Senior Class Statistics E. W. Wright B. A. COLOMB P. Adams J. M. Prere J. Hawthorne J. A. K. BlRCHETT L. Mc. ECZIER H ' it and Humor 1. M. Gravlee J. L. Taylor C. U. Johnson J. M. Davidson Secretarial T. Anderson E. H. Jones I. C. Hoggins BUSINESS Advertisements E. L. Armstrong H. W. McAdoo H. D. Ogden A. R. Morgan C. J. WiCHSER Subscriptions H. R. Unsworth W. P. Gardiner T. A. Pears I. J. Boulet Pictures P. L. Jaubert S. HOBSON T. P. Sparks G. C. Battalora L. M. GoocH F. E. LeJeune Secretarial P. B. Blackmar E. L. J. Zander P. Gallo A. D. TiSDALE M. W. Williamson TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 31 Manager and Staff 32 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PI o -3 TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 33 WU-LlflM K. LLOyO. ' 1847-49- -A. J. AVedderburn 1849 - -James Jones 1850-53- -G. A. NoTT 1853-62- -Thomas Hunt 34 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Tulane School of Medicine In Tabloid 1834 Established as the Jledieal College of Louisiana. 1835 Incorporated. 1836 Eleven Graduates at First Commencement. 1838 School of Pharmac} ' added. 1847 Became the Medical Department of the University of Louisiana. 1884 Became the Medical Department of the Tulane University of Louisiana. 1913 Name changed to the School of jMedicine of the Tulane University of Louisiana. Deans of School 1835 —Thomas Hunt 1836 — c. a. luzenberg 1837 — E. H. Barton 1840 —I. H. Harrison 1841-43 — James Jones 1863-65 — No Sessions 1843-45—1. H. Harrison 1865-85— T. G. Richardson 1845 —A. A. Cenas 1885-08— S. E. Chaille 1846 — W. M. Carpenter 1908 — Isadore Dyer Students and Graduates by Decades Tear. 1835 1836 1846 1856 1866 1876 1886 1896 1906 1916 1919-20 333 87 (Est.) The degrees granted in i Iarch, 1836. were the first scientific degrees ever (conferred in Louisiana or the Southwest. Up to June, 1919, 4936 were graduated from the School of Medicine. The Tulane School of Medicine is the oldest medical school in the South- west, the fourth oldest in the South, and the fifteenth to be established in the United States. It has survived manv other schools of New Orleans and of the South. Tulane trains young men to be ready to practice medicine. Research is not neglected as the record of the Faculty in the past and present will show. Chaille and P. E. Archinard had much to do with the history of yellow fever, and Nott, sometime Professor at the iledical College of Louisiana, first an- novmced the moscjuito theoi ' y of this disease (1848). Riddell and Carpenter were botanists of note; Warren Stone, Richardson, Logan and Miles were surgeons of more than local repute. James Jones, Frank Hawthorne and S. M. Bemiss were mastei ' s in the theory and practice of medicine. More modernly, among the living- teachers at Tulane, Matas ' genius in surgery, and particularly with anuerisms, Students Graduates 11 00 16 14 100 19 223 67 185 35 120 50 266 78 379 92 516 102 230 (War Period) 75 333 87 (I TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 35 stands out. Bass has made history with his growth of the malaria organism, one among many achievements accomplished. AVith Johns he has published texts on hookworm and on laboratory technique. Souchon (E.) has created a great jMuseum of Anatomy and has standardized the solution for pre.serving specimens in anatomy. Allen has developed large interest in local anesthesia and has published an authoritative text on the subject. Bethea has presented a text on Materia IMediea which is standard in many medical schools in this country. Halsey has translated and expanded a text on Therapeutics. Duval and Couret, Gurd and Harris, of his staff have done large experimental work in leprosy and pellagra. D.yer is responsible for the legislation which created the Louisiana Leper Home and he has standardized the treatment for lepro.sy, so that it is no longer an incurable disease. Tulane furnished the personnel for the first Base Hospital Unit from the South and Base Hospital No. 24 was in the field before any other base hospital wa.s even organized. The Faculty of Tulane had in service 59. Of these there were at the time of the Armistice (or promoted since) — Colonel _ 1 Lieutenant Colonel 7 Majors 15 Captains 17 First Lieutenants 19 to which nuist be added those members of the Facult.y who served locally with the Red Cro.ss activities or in Board work, which included practically all of the faculty excepting those on active duty with the Army and NaAy. Tulane has received in the 85 years of its existence : From the State of Louisiana (prior to 1884) about $ 83,500 Endowments and bequests, about 985,000 With an outstanding bequest yet to mature of 60,000 $1,128,500 This is represented bj- real estate and securities totaling approximately : In College Buildings — Richardson Memorial Building with its equipment $ 180,000 Richardson Chemi.stry Building 50,000 Richardson Dormitory 40,000 Hutchinson JlemoriaL 280,000 Real Estate set down at cost, about 225,000 $ 775,000 On securities bearing interest, about 500,000 MakiiQg a total of $1,275,000 The net result is a first grade medical school with a potential Faculty. In the ten years ending June 1, 1918, the Tulane School of iledicine spent upon ecpiipment and the instruction of its students .$400,000 ' over and above what the students paid in that period. The Tulane School of iMedicine is a member of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Tidane is classed as an " A " School. The graduates of Tulane are eligible for the examination of the Royal Col- lege of Physicians and Surgeons in London and England. 36 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Graduate School of Medicine of the Tulane University of Louisiana First organized in 1888 as the New Orleans Polj clinic, and continued as an independent institution up to 1906. In that year l)y the action of the Board of Trustees of the University, it hecauie a department of Tulane, consequently it is now over thirty-one years old, wliile this is the thirteenth year that it has formed a part of the great southern University. Since its establishment there have been over three thousand physicians in attendance at the Polyclinic, and the sessions, originally of ten weeks dura- tion, have been graduallj ' extended until the.y are now lield during nearly nine months of the year. The course of instruction is intended, as the name of the school indicates, only for legal practitioners of medi cine, and physicians from nearly all States of the Union have attended at different times as well as matriculates from many foreign countries. No degrees are conferred by this school, but a certificate of attendance is awarded for the branches studied, specifying the length of time during which these studies have been followed. The courses are arranged so as to enable the physicians in attendance either to take up a general review in medicine or surgery, or to limit themselves to one branch in which tlie.y are particularly interested, thus facilitating those wlio desire to specialize or limit their practice to a given line. All instruction is entirely practical and the greater part of it is given at the bedside or in outdoor clinics. In addition to the Hutchinson Memorial in which laboratory and cadaveric work is done, as well as some didactic teach- ing, the wards and clinics of the Charity Hospital and the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital are utilized hy members of the Faculty, all of whom are con- nected with one or other of these well equipped hospitals where material is available to a very large extent. Lectures, clinics and laboratory work take place dail.y, except Sundays, from early morning until late in the afternoon, and physicians in attendance can utilize their entire time, during many of the hours they may even have their choice between the lectures or clinics of several different professors in various lines. About thirty of the younger and more progressive physicians of this city act as assistants to the Professors and Lecturers and in that manner increase the advantages to be derived by the matriculates of the school. While the majority of the physicians come from the surrounding States, the number coming from the North and Northwest is steadily increasing as the advantages available here become more generally known, and as it is better realized by doctors living in the cold sections that it is far more pleasant to be here in the winter, and that they can combine recreation with fruitful study in a region which gives them relief from their rigorous climate. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 37 Senior Class in Medicine — Clsiss Organization OFFICERS T. S. Love President C. J. WicnsEK Vice President P. II. Jones, Jr Secretary-Treasurer J. C. Brunee Historian F. R. Beunot Prophet 0. C. RiGBY Poet H. A. FoLSE Testator F. R. Brunot.; Editor-in-Chief Year Book J. D. HuMBER Business Manager Year Book T. A. Fears Sergeant-at-Arms COMMITTEES EXECUTIVE P. H. Jones T. S. Loto P. E. Bkunot J. C. Bruner F. E. LeJeune INVITATIONS E, J. Field, Chairman C. U. Johnson J. Hawthorne CAP AND GOWN F. B. Blackmar, Chairman E. L. Armstrong T. A. Fears IVY DAY S. HoBSON, Jr., Chairman E, E. Delahoussaye H. J. French J. M. Frere H. E. Unsworth CLASS NIGHT F. E. LE.IEUNE, Chairman J. H. Carter W. P. Gardiner J. D. Humber C. L. Brown JUNIOE-SENIOR HONOE COMMITTEE Senior j Iemhers Junior Members G. G. Woodruff, Chairman P. Crutsinger J. C. Bruner A. B. Harvey J. D. Gladnet F. Puckett T. S. Love W. B. Grayson 38 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Alfked Lewis Adaji New Orleans, La. Phi Eho Sigma. ' ' Red ' has that ' ' Lean ami hungry look ' ' of Cassius; the medical knowledge of Hippo- crates; a flow of words and liquid smoothness of delivery that would have turned Cicero green with envy, and above all he has an un- mistakable consciousness of those rare qual- ities of which he so unreservedly admits being possessed. He gladly enlightens the ignorant. Only a perfect realization of future responsi- liilities could have led him to amass his amaz- ing store of knowledge. Fred Adams Austin, Texas. University of Texas, ' ]6- ' 17; B.S., Universitj ' of Mississippi, ' 18; Kappa Psi, Texas Club, Statistics Committee Year Book. " Chief " has collected enough miscellaneous information from his various colleges to be ranked as one of our liberally educated mem- bers. While at ' ' Ole Miss ' ' he was a foot- ball player of repute and prominent in athle- tics generally. During his last two years with us he has done uniformly good work, but his technic in the laboratories, (never the " height of laboratory awkwardness " ) has been so much above par as to be noticeable. We have an idea that ' ' Chief ' s ' ' success in the future will be like so much of his work here — above the average. William Oscar Allen New Orleans, La. Ph.G., Atlanta School of Pharmacy, ' 12. After receiving his first degree in ' 12, this youth practiced his profession until 1916, but, thirsting for further knowledge, began the study of medicine. The possession of a marked propensity for attending class and answering roll calls on his off days may be mentioned as his one great asset. However, with his un- limited energy he should not fail to reap a big harvest of success. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 39 JOHX Alexander Kleix Birchett, Jr. Vicksburg, Miss. B.S., University of Mississippi; Statistics Com- mittee Year Book ; Mississippi Club ; Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu. ' ' Jew ' ' is not of the Chosen People, as even a casual glance at his likeness would lead one to believe. ' ' Jack ' ' is blessed with such a happy disposition and infectious laugh that unless one knew him well he might never get down to the second ore bearing stratum of his character, which is made up of the hard grit of enduring perseverance. Jack ' s specialty is Pediatrics, though he intends to live and die a bachelor ( ' ?). In spite of a weakness for the fair sex we predict for this pseudo-Hebrew a successful career. Fr. xcis Burton Bl. ckmar Columbus, Ga. Secretary Class ' 16 ; Secretarial Committee Y ' ' ear Book ; Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Kappa Alpha. In " Dilly " true worth is e.xemplified, and it is all too seldom that we meet a man who shows such constant and zealous attention to duty; Blaekmar is a synonym for thorough- ness. His attention to details, his orderly, exact and at time verbatim notes, and his un- failing regularity at lectures have been, in a scholastic sense, the outstanding features of his five years with us. In other ways we find him a good friend and companion to everyone — he is an all ' round man, one of our best. Homer Eaymond Blincoe Columbus, Kansas. A.B., and M.Sc, University of Kansas, ' 15- ' 16; Instructor Anatomy Tulane, ' 18; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Phi Chi. Blincoe brought an enviable record with him from Kansas, and will leave Tulane with an- other equally as good. After instructing our class in ' ' Tope ' ' for a year he decided that it would be impossible to find a better class to graduate with, so cast his lot with us. All Homer has to do to be sure of success is to keep traveling at his present gait. 40 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Eugene Lawson Armstrong New Orleans, La. University of Florida, ' 14- M5; Chi Zeta Chi; Advertisement Committee Year Book. One of ns who has the questionable advan- tage of going to school in his home town. ' ' Gene ' ' is the salesman of the class ; cigars, ' ' ads ' ' for the Year Book, anything, they all look alike to him when it comes to making a sale. Though a home product he is both well known anil well liked by the pilgrims to Tu- lane, and if he will but sell his ability as a practitioner as well as he disposes of ordinary n)erchandise he is sure to make a success of his venture in medicine. Geokge Clarence Battaloka New Orleans, La. Chi Zeta Chi; Picture Committee Year Book; S.O.S., What have we here? We lay no claim to being a split second watch or ultra rapid camera, and ' ' Red ' ' moves too fast for an ordinary description to keep up with him. His ability to write an examination paper while the ref-t of us are thinking about it is onlj ' an example of his speed, but this rapidity in no way detracts from his thoroughness. With his happy disposition and whirlwind methods he should go a long way in the ' ' City that Care Forgot. " Teeky Lee Bennett JonesviUe, La. St. Louis University, ' 15- ' 16; University of Mississippi, ' 18; Phi Eho Sigma. " Nucki, ' ' as his friends call him, came to Tulane in his Junior year, from JonesviUe, via University of Mississippi. When questioned as to his future he doesn ' t know where he is going, or why, illustrating thereby the famous line, ' ' He comes from nowhere, going nowhere, anil has nothing on his mind. " Slow in action and words, he has the endurance which counts ill the long run. Whether he hangs his shingle in JonesviUe or elsewhere, we can safely say that there resides a good doctor. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 41 Iravin James Boulet New Orleans, La. Subscription Committee Year Book ; Delta Sigma Phi; Kappa Psi. " Gash " has been with us four years, and has been pounding us in the " ribs " and tell- ing us to " cough " for the last two. One of tlie sort who always looks on the bright side of things and helps the rest of the world to do the same. Boulet has both brains and good looks, the latter much enhanced by a certain hirsute appendage, and it takes a lot to keep that combination away from the top rungs. EoBEKT Leslie Bowlin Nettleton, Miss. University of Mississippi, ' 16- ' 17; Mississippi Club; Kappa Psi. We are not sure, but think Bowlin was the man who discovered America, shortly after he had finished coaching Hippocrates for the State Board of Exams. At any rate his works on Digitalis at the Rowland Laboratories will insure him fame. Leslie has a mania for loud ties and pretty girls, but he is a diligent stu- dent and has the making of a scientist. Charles Lafayette Brown Delia, Texas. North Texas State Normal College; University of Chicago ; Tear Book ; Texas Club, Pres- ident ; Phi Kappa Sigma ; Kappa Psi. Through two years Brown drifted along in our midst creating scarcely a ripple, liut when the storm broke in our Junior year we came to Icnow him as he really is — a born Sergeant. It is said that " Mixed drinks will sink the ship, " hut in this ex-soldier we have an example of N-ersatility rarely equaled and never surpassed, in class, in the political arena, on the parade ground, Brown is always in the limelight, but we must admit that the calcium ray has often fallen on less deserving men than ' ' Sergeant I-li ' own. ' ' 42 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Joseph Clyde Bruner Eayne, La. A.B., University of Louisiana, ' ]5; Honor Com- mittee, ' 17- ' 19; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars; Instructor in Anatomy, ' 16- ' 18; President Class , ' 18; Historian, ' 19. President of the class, and ' ' Top ' ' of Com- pany 12 during the disastrous year of ' 18-19; he handled a trying situation in a way that won the respect of every man who knew him. Bru- ner sidestepped one year, serving on ' ' Bml- dy ' s " staff as instructor, joining our class in the Sophomore year. Bruner is a convincing speaker, a brilliant student, and a man in every sense of the word. Felix Eeville Brunot Pittsburg, Pa. Editor in Chief Year Book ; Class ProjAet, ' 19 ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kap- pa; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars. Felix -Eeville Brunot, better known to his many friends as the ' ' Count, ' ' a name that he .should be justly proud of, for not only does it designate his birthright, but that all hail him as a " Prince of a Fellow. ' ' Felix has been with our class since pre-medieal days and his unusual ability coupled with studiousness and sincerity have won the esteem of faculty and student body. This could have been shown in no better way than his election to both honorary societies and his unanimous selection as Editor-in-Chief of our first Medical Annual. Nothing but success could come to such a man and we may here prophecy that the med- ical world will hear from him both from a practical and scientific standpoint. Jesse De Witt Burkhead Opelika, Ala. University of Alabama, ' 14; University of Vir-- ginia. Club. ' 15; Alpha Tan Omega; Alabama Back in the State of Alabama there is a small town patiently awaiting the day when J. DeWitt Burkhead, M.D., or ' ' Burke ' ' alights from the train. With dignified and solemn mein he has gone about his preparation for Medicine. Burke takes life seriously, but will carry back with him a fund of hard-won knowl- edge to place at the disposal of those who are lucky enough to be among his clientele. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 43 John Hardin Garter Peusaeola, Fla. University of Florida, ' 15- ' 16; Organization Committee Year Book; Alplia Tau Omega. John eame to us from the sand-hills and la- goons of the Peninsular State, receiving his preliminary education in the University of Flor- ida. Steady, dependable, sure of purpose, he tackles things as they come, letting nothing worry him, and proving beyond a doubt that common sense and persistence, though less spec- tacular, are more to be desired than the most brilliant and erratic flashes of genius. Oscar Thoedore C ' hristofeer Mart, Texas. University of Texas, ]3- ' 16; Texas Club; Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Psi. " Chris " is the gay Lothario of the class. Few are the feminine wishes he caunot gratify, and many are the fluttering hearts that he has stimulated to a s3 ' mptomatie tachycardia. Whether at Katz ' s or the Louisiane we can al- ways be sure of finding " Chris " somewhere in the giddy throng. In spite of his multitu- dinous social obligations he has found enough odd moments to devote to work to enable him to keep well abreast of his fellows. Brooks Amedee Colomb Eomeville, La. Statistics Committee Year Book; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. For a good many years we all thought Brooks or " Amps " was just a good-natured, studious, not over-energetic member of the class. Later on his horrible secret came to light, and we dis- covered that Colomb is one of the Minor Poets. But he has ability in other lines, and even with this handicap we believe he will land on his feet wherever he falls. 44 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Julius Meyer Davidson Greenwood, Miss. Wit anil Humor Committee Year Book; Missis- sippi Club. ' ' Laugh and grow fat ' ' Davy has been laughing and growing fatter every day since he came here a Pre-Med. five years ago. He is proficient in tennis, billiards (African) and in the regular course offered to students of medi- cine. In Davidson this year ' s class presents to the jirofession of Northern Mississippi one of their best products, and in the near future we expect to hear that more than the usual casual notice has been taken of the entrance of a new physician among them. KOY Edw. rd Delahoussaye Franklin, La. B.S., Springhill College; Historian, ' 17; Beta Theta Pi ; Phi Eho Sigma. ' ■ Daly ' ' is one of our valued acquisitions from the southern parishes. Throughout the past four years he has pursued his work with considerable attention and care, though, being from Franklin, he has been forced to maintain that city ' s reputation as the social center of tlie State with some loss of time from other du- ties. It is rumored that ' ' Daly " " can whip any man from any land with one foot or either hand, " and we feel certain that he will make a name for himself not only as a pugilist but as a doctor when he goes back to Bayou Teche. NeVIN J. DiEFFENBACH Tulsa, Oklahoma. B.S., University of Oklahoma; Phi Chi. Dieffenbach joined us in the last lap, so we have not had the pleasure of knowing him as intimately as we would like. The little we do know, however, is all good, for, in addition to having a ready and captivating smile he has ap- parently had no difficulty in adjusting himself to his new surroundings, and reflects no little credit on the Medical Department of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 45 Thaddeus Alvin Fears University of Texas, ' 14- ' 16: Pineland, Texas. Texas Club; Suli- scription Committee Year Book ; Sergeant at Arms, ' 17- ' 20; Chi Zeta Chi; Delta Sigma Phi. " Texas " had certain aspirations that coiilil not lie achieved by riding the plains of his na- tive State. He began his medical career at the University of Texas, where they smoothed over some of the rough spots, and sent him to Tiilaue in 1916, a promising looliing Freshman with plenty of determination and a wonderful Icnowl- edge of all games of cliance. Pears has been Sergeant at Arms of our class for four years, and it is a credit to his ability to remark that during that time no situation has ever arisen which he could not handle with perfect ease. EiciiARD Jennings Field CeutreviUe, Miss. Mississippi A. and M. University of Mississippi, ' 16- ' 18; Mississippi Club; Varsity Foot- hall; Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. Dick ' s early striving for the simple life of a farmer soon gave place to higher things, ami he left A. and M. to follow the steps of Galen. After two years at " Ole Miss " he came to us. The same courage and skill that made him a star at Mississippi put him in the front rank of football heroes here at Tulane. But Dick is more than an athlete, he is .just as good a man in the class-rooms as on the gridiron, and we can think of no higher praise. Samuel Eugene Field Centreville, Miss. University of Mississippi, ' 16- ' 18; Mississippi Club; Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. In a quiet village located in Southern Mis- sissippi, Sam received the fundamentals of his now extensive education. He is wise, having perused the books of learning at " Ole Miss; " he has absorbed what Tulane has to offer in Medicine; he has studied city life and accus- tomed himself to its diversification. Truly is he a man of the world. His reputation is un- assailable, his ideals are high and his friend- ship to be coveted. 46 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Henry Arthur Folse Klotzvillc, La. B.A., Jefferson College, ' 16; Phi Beta Pi. If you like puzzles, then look foi- Klotzville, which is ' ' somewhere in Louisiana, ' ' and his home town. While at Jefferson he made such a record that it would take a wheelbarrow to carry the medals he won. He has not only found time to study the Bed Book each month, but has kept up with his work as well, since he never gets caught napping. Even though he seems matrimonially inclined we predict great success for him in his chosen profession. Harry Joseph French Phi Eho Sigma. St. Martinville, La. French has that rarest of good qualities — Modesty, and his guiding principle is to avoid being conspicuous in any way. He is a worker, however, and is one of the small group who started together as Pre-Meds five years ago. We believe that modesty never hurts a doctor, and expect to see the death rate of St. Martin- ville go down rapidly after he gets located. .John Marsh Frere Franklin, La. University of Virginia, ' ]4- ' 16; Honor Com- mittee, ' 18- ' 19; Statistics Committee Year Book; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. This absent-minded and ever-toiling son of Franklin began his scholastic endeavors at the University of Virginia. After spending two years mingling with the residents of the Old Dominion he decided that he had acquired the necessary polish and entered Tulane in 191(3. Marsh is a very prominent follower of Terj)- sichore and is regularly at the Gym dances, a spectacle of uuconfined Jaz-Joy. Marsh is slated to be a good doctor, and the community in which he locates will be very fortunate. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 47 Frank Gallo New Orleans, La. Secretarial Committee of Year Book; Mu Alpha Mu. With such a name it is obvious that our friend comes from " Italia. " This is his fifth year at Tulane, and we can say that there is no harder worker in the class than Gallo. Al- though he is not married, we take pleasure in announcing that he is the Father of Mu Alpha Mu Medical Fraternity, born about November 5, 1919. His good nature and natural ability to make friends spells for him — Success. Walter Peters Gardiner New Orleans, La. B.S., Tulane, ' 17; Subscription Committee Year Book; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Stars and Bars. This lanky Neophyte, after having success- fully climbed ' ' over the top ' ' with all the knowledge of the Academic Department, began the study of the art of Aesculapius. His ef- forts in the latter were marked by his election to the two honorary fraternities in the College of Medicine. On those who are diligent in their work and serious in their attempts, Dame Fortune confers that lasting degree — Success. Ei ' HRATM Spencer Garrett, Jr. Mount Willing, Ala. Alabama Club; Phi Rho Sigma. Spencer, or ' ' Fuller " as he is more com- monly known pulled away from the uubroken ranks of the less fortunate, and became a real Benedict, taking advantage of that old ' ' Osier- ism, " " Marry Early. ' ' After settling the major portion of his affection on one, he is still big enough to be a friend to every man in the class. He is a good student, though a trifle reserved. 48 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Wayne Gilder Lindeu, Ala. A.B., Southern University; Alabama Club; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon ; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Wayne is abundantly supplied with that va- riety of sense commonly called " Horse. " He is practical to the end of his long and dexterous fingers. His presence in the clinics creates a feeling of confidence among the patients and nothing short of a riot among the nurses. Whether this is due to his winning smile, or whether it is just another " outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace ' ' we cannot definitely say. John Davidson Gladney Homer, La. L. S. U.; Honor Committee, ' 18- ' 19, ' 19- ' 20; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Beta Pi. Gladney is afflicted with a maliia for work; he contiaeted this disease while at L. S. U., and has never fully recovered. In the balmy summer days when the braiu-weary Medical student should do nothing more strenuous than sleep, our friend Gladney took up the real es- tate business and now has extensive business cares; as our old professor of " Things in Gen- eral ' ' used to say, he is a " glutton for work. " Lewis Melvin Gocch Paris, Texas. University of Texas; University of Virginia; Texas Club; Picture Committee Year Book; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Eho Sigma. A handsome Texan who is pleasing to gaze upon and who is endowed by nature with a hoek of straw-colored hair which naturally parts in the middle. Not satisfied with being a Medical Student he has joined that great fraternity of married men, who do so much to make a great nation greater. A man who ex- hibits his qualities is bound to hold through- out life a position in the profession as great as the one he holds in his class. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 49 Sam Vincent Granata Berwick, La. Mu Alpha Mu. Sam has hail pugilistic aspirations in addi- tion to his Medical ambitions, and carried off honors more than once during his staj ' at Tu- lane. We look for liis Medical attainments to make a second Rochester out of Berwick. Sam once said that his main reason tor studying medicine was because he wanted something dif- ferent. We wonder if he has been satisfied. Carl Ellis Granberrt Canton, Miss. B.S., University of Oklahoma, ' 14; University of Mississippi, ' 14- ' 16; Mississippi Club " ; Phi Eho Sigma. This neat, quiet and unassuming junior mem- ber of the firm of Bowlin Cranberry joined the class in our tliird or war year, proving the truth of that famous Sherman epigram, ' ' War is Hell. " The I. C. Hospital where Cranberry is serving as an undergraduate intern is to be congratulated on procuring the services of a man who combines hard work with the other qualities that add so much to the man who is marked for success. Ike Marion Gravlee Emory, Miss. University of Mississippi, ' 16- ' 18; Mississippi Club; Wit and Humor Committee Year Book; Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. " Ike " received his early college training at " Ole Miss " and entered here last year as a Junior Medic, just in time to participate in the pleasures of life at Camp Martin. With his bright face and loyal ways he has become one of the best liked men of the class. A man with his qualities cannot help but become promin- ent and as a physician his sympathetic nature will manifest itself in a never-emiing effort to I ' elieve his suffering brothers. 50 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE w w.. Julian Hawthorne New Orleans, La. President, ' 1(3, Statistics Committee Year Book; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Julian is a combination of Beau Brummel and Lord Chesterfield. His distinguished ap- pearance and suave manner are irresistible, es- pecially among the ladies. The excellent train- ing in " Squads Eight, Hump, " which he re- ceived at Staunton, was demonstrated on the bloody field at Camp Martin. Any man who can drill a company of his friends and still hold their friendship is bound to succeed. Gut Wilkeeson Heath Troy, Ala. Alabama Club; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi. Guy is one of the few who has traveled the whole long road here at Tulaue. Pie has al- ways been an ardent supporter of the Olive and Blue teams, and in his Freshman year took enough time from the serious business of pass- ing Buddy ' s anatomy to win the championship belt as a wrestler. Heath is a hard worker, and apparently has secured a ' ' scissors hold ' ' on medicine. Samuel Hobson, Jr. Brandon, Miss. Mississippi Club; Picture Committee Year Book; Vice President ' 18, Phi Kappa Sig- ma; Chi Zeta Chi. Sam is another one of our dignified members, but there is no camouflage about Hobson, and his calmness and confidence rest on the firm basis of knowledge. He has been a consistent performer since Pre-Med days, not only in or- dinary class work but in all activities connected with the college. Ailded to an excellent thinking apiiaratus he has a certain classic beauty of face and form which endears liini to all mem- bers of the gentler sex. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 51 James Mortimer Hoepman New Orleans, La. B.A., St. Aloysius, ' 15. Our infant prodigy. He received his first degree at the tender age of fifteen and now will graduate in Medicine while yet hardlj ' more than a babe in arms. Hoffman carries an old head on young, shoulders, however, and in the laboratory he makes his elders sit ujj ami take notice, for at the age when most children are playing with a rattle he handles the deadly bacilli with a faultless technic which is the pride and joy of " Malaria Bass. " James Ernest Howell Eoelbeingham, N. G. B.S., Davidson College, ' 15; Columbia Univer- sity, ' 15- ' 1S; Phi Bho Sigma. One of the five good men added to our roll in this last year. Howell would have made foot- ball history for Tulane had he come here ear- lier, for he was captain for two years of the best football team in the South — Davidson. Howell is a credit both to Columbia and his first Isaac Clifton Huggins Waynesboro, Miss. Secretarial Committee Year Book; Mississippi Club ; Phi Kappa Sigma ; Kappa Psi. ' ' Ike ' ' is certainly the neatest little pack- age to be found in these parts. He is the small- est man in the class by several inches, but is a giant in the class-room. While ' ' Ike " is by nature a cheerful and easy-going gentleman, with a sunny disposition, it is only necessary to mention Camp Martin to see the clouds of wrath darken his lirow, and hear the thunder of the Gods roll from his throat. 52 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE John D. Humber Greenville, N. C. B.S., Wake Forest College; Yale, ' 17- ' 18; Busi- ness Manager Year Book ; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Behold, the father of our Year Book and the man responsible for the business success of this first venture of the Medical College in the iield of literature. John has had a wide experience in his college training; after graduating at Wake Forest he took his tirst two years of Med- icine at Yale, joining us in his Junior year. Humber is an unusually capable man. good at anything he undertakes, and a natural leader. Sam Jaeggli Moulton, Texas. University of Texas; Texas Club; Phi Beta Pi. Though Sam hails from Southwest Texas, he is far from being wild and wooly. Even before he joined the Marrieil Men ' s Club he was as sedate and circumspect a Texan as one could wish to see, and now of course these traits are accentuated. Due to his name being unpro- nouncable he has been practically immune from quizes, but has never taken advantage of this and has the reputation of being one of our most diligent students. Francis Leon Jaubert New Orleans, La. Loyola University; Art Editor Year Book; Phi Eho Sigma. The most technical man we have. At times it IS almost impossible to understand him at all without reference to the text-book. In his capacity of Official Photographer for the class he is frequently . ' •een snap-shotting his victims when they least expect it. He presides at times over the projector in the lecture room and gets more of the slides upside down than either Alfred or " Alvino, " or both combined. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 53 Clifpord Uriah Johnson Monroe, La. Wit and Humor Committee Year Book; Chi Zeta Chi ; Stars and Bars. When Johnson was elected to the honorary fraternity, Stars and Bars, in his Senior yeai ' , he received exactly what was his due. For the past five years he has been a most indefatigna- ble student. Does he belong to the Katz Club, or the Green Room Gang? Emphatically not. Yet Johnson C. U. is no book -worm, and is always among those present when anything of a festive nature i.s in the wind. Curtis Whittemore Jones Little Rock, Ark. Arkansas Club; Leader Camp Martin Orches- tra; College Night Representative, ' 15; Cxlee Club, ' ]6; Chi Zeta Chi. If Jones had lived in Nero ' s age burning- Rome would have enjoyed a duet instead of a solo, for Curtis is an able and ubiquitous vio- linist. His musical tendencies have not inter- fered with his practical traits, for he was the first man in the class to see the wisdom of marrying early. Just how Jones manages to keep up his music, a wife, and still rank among the best in the class is a mystery yet to be solved. Philip Harold Jones Baton Rouge, La. A.B., Louisiana State University, ' 16; Faculty Statistics Committee Y ear Book ; Secre- tary and Treasurer ' 20, Nu Sigma Nu; Stars and Bars; Alpha Omega Alpha. This silver-tongued sage from L. S. U. has been with us four years. The record ' ' P.H. ' ' made at the State University is unsurpassed, his past at Tulane is without reproach, and when he enters upon his life as Rhodes Scholar to Oxford we feel that Louisiana will be well represented in the halls of learning in Eng- land, and that he will not only be a credit to his Alma Mater but an unr|uostionablo asset to the medical profession. 54 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Theo. August Jung, Jr. New Orleans, La. B.A., Loyola, ' 16 ; Stais aiul Bars. After Jung completed iis academic course at the Jesuits ' University he jumped the fence and started Medicine with us as a Freshman. During the four years he has been with us we have never heard him say a word outside the line of duty, but all this while he surely has been ' ' sawing wood ' ' and the end of his Senior year saw hini elected a member of the Stars and Bars. Douglas Ledbetter Kerlin Homer, La. Historian, ' ]8; Phi Kappa Sigma; Chi Zeta Chi. Not a shark, but the kind of man the pro- fessors call a good student. Kerlin is not a man of one idea only, however, and occasion- ally lets the lighter phases of existence lure him away from the bulky tomes which usurp the major portion of his time. John Moore KittreI;L Laurel, Miss. Washington and Lee, ' 14- ' 15; University of Mississippi, ' 15- ' 18; Mississippi Club; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon. John spends half his time in Biloxi, a quar- ter at the Sonthern Depot, and the rest attend- ing lectures. He is the best posted man on train schedules and Public Health work in the class, and is accounted the most handsome of our embr3 ' o doctors. In some mysterious man- ner he finds the time to do enough work to stand very near the top of his class, and we have every reason to expect great things of this liig, capal)le Mississippian. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 55 Fkancis Ernest Lejeune Thiboilaux, La. B.S.. Jefferson, ' ]4; Picture Committee Year Book; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. Emile August Pere Numa Fnstin Bobilo Le- oiice McDuff Bossarcl DeGrima Pollicarp Le- Jeuue, Duke de Thibodeaux, joined us after two unsuccessful attempts to make an engineer of himself. His physical beauty and winning ways have endeared him to the hearts of womenkind, and in spite of these natural ac- complishments he has come through with a level head and studious mind. The engineers loss has certainly been our gain in this case. Edwin Hakper Linfield Biloxi, Miss. Varsity Football, ' 17- ' 19; Captain, ' 19; Honor Committee, ' 18; President Y. M. C. A., Davidson College, ' 14- ' 16; Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. " Tobias " is a person that Biloxi might well be proud of, for it is not every man who is a combination of ladies ' delight, football hero and Medical student, and can yet hold to cer- tain ideals which cliaracterize the man wher- ever he is. His smile and good nature will go a long way in helping him cope with the many problems of the Medical Profession. Louis Bernard Long Appalachacola, Fla. B.A., Mount St. Mary, ' 16; Phi Beta Pi. The little city of Appalachacola in the land of the Everglades, gave him birth, but truly the Muses reared hinu Louis is the kind of man who will always be happy no matter under what circumstances you place him. However, we are sure his artistic temperament will in no way be to his disadvantage, but rather work to a fuller appreciation of the woes and plaints of his future numerous patients. 56 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Thomas STAri ' ORD Love Dallas, Texas. University of Texas, ' 14- ' ] 6; Washington Uni- versity, ' 16- ' ] 7; President ' 20, Honor Com- mittee, ' 20; Student Council; Texas Club; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Pi. A son of the Golden West, and of the type one expects to meet from ' ' God ' s Country ; ' ' straightforward, fearless, energetic, generous to a fault. In Stafford the Class of 1920 elect- ed to their biggest office their biggest man. Wherever he goes he will carry with him the he.st wii-hes of the entire class, and we feel con- fident that he is destined to become a shining light in modern medicine. HcsEA Webster McAdoo Texarkana, Ark. Advertisement Committee Year Book; Arkan- sas Club; Alpha Kappa Kappa. ' ' Mac ' ' has the seeds of Bolshevism in his soul, for in a political way, everything that is, is wrong. For a time we all though he was going to make a sepcialty of iliuor Surgery, but when last questioned in regard to this he refused to speak for publication. He is a hard worker, not afraid to fight for his couvictions, and we all wish him the best of luck when he goes back to the hog-haunted wilds of his na- tive State. Don S. Maesalis Eustou, La. Track Team ; Delta Sigma Phi ; Kappa Psi. It is with wonderful facilit} ' that the smooth and unceasing flow of the ' ' Bull ' ' artist falls from " The Crreek ' s " lips. His persistent en- counters with the Goddess of Chance and his surpassing knowledge of the technicalities of the art has done much to further his promi- nence. As osteologi.st or pole vaulter, " Greek " yields the palm to no man. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 57 Martin Owen Miller Grand Clienier, La. Vautlerbilt University, ' l-i- ' Jo; Delta Sigma Phi; Chi Zeta Chi, Miller comes from CamerOn Parish, where life pursues the even tenor of its way, unruf- fled by the locomotive, telephone or other mod- ern aids to nature ; where calmness and a be- lief that the future will take care of itself is so impressed that it becomes second nature among the inhabitants. Miller drifts along as smoothly as one of his native bayous, and as steadily. .John Morgan Moore Bartlette, Texas. Texas Club; Phi Eho Sigma. Moore joined us in our Sophomore year, but as far as we know he has never committed any crime since. He attends class-os, has very lit- tle to say in the ' ' Mass Meetings ' ' held be- tween times and retains the right to pass every- thing without apparently making any great ef- fort, at least we have never heard his voice lifted to high Heaven in the groan chorus so regularly heard from during tlie ' ' cramming f-eason. " Albert Eeynauld Morgan Crowley, La. A.B., L. S. II., ' 16 ; Advertisement Committee Year Book ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Phi Beta Pi. During the course in Medicine he has not only taken the preserited courses but has very dili- gently and capably looked into all the princi- ples and practices of nurses. Morgan is whole- hearted and genial and is without doubt one of the most popular men in the class. We feel assured that with these traits together with his marked natural ability, there is no cause fur worry regarding his future. 58 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Samuel Oliphant Moseley Moni ' oeviUe, Ala. A.B., -Furman University, ' 16 ; University of Mississippi, ' 16- ' 18. Though born a Tar Heel, ' ' Cuban ' ' has spent moHt of his life in the island from which he derives his name. For the past two years he has done much to relieve the tedium of lec- tures by covering the blackboards with draw- ings of laughable incidents and persons, includ- ing the faculty. To him the Year Book owes the major part of its cartoons, and the interest and activity he has shown in connection with this work accounts in a large measure for what- ever success it may have achieved. Olin Winn Moss Lake Cliarles, La. Vanderbilt University, ' 10; Honor Committee, ' 16- ' 19; Faculty Statistics Committee Year Book; President, ' 17; Historian, ' 16; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Stars and Bars; Alpha Omega Alpha. Olin is one of the Old Guard. His is an enviable record, and one based on more than his two most notable external characteristics — sartorial perfection and blondness. Moss is our most reserved and dignified member. The end of his Junior year saw him crowned with lau- rels for scholarship, and that he will leave Tu- lane as a doctor, to win laurels in a broader field, is beyond question. PIlLAIRE D. Ogden, Jr. New Orleans, La. Advertisement Committee Year Book; Kappa Sigma; Chi Zeta Chi. We were all afraid that marriage would change " Eed, ' ' and we wanted him just as he was. ' ' Eed ' ' is the only man in the class who can stand against Adam in an argument. This brilliant and loquatious product of Warren Easton is without the shadow of a doubt one of the brightest stars in that glittering con- stellation— the Class of 1920. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 59 Jules Brunei Eatbau Pouchatoiila, La. Chi Zeta Chi; Stars and Bars; Alpha Omega Alpha. " It is the constant dripping that wears away the stone, ' ' and the rocky heights of med- ical lore are not unattainable to those who have both faith and works. ' ' Eat ' ' is the kind of man who succeeds at anything he at- tempts, for he jjuts his whole soul into his work. Horatio Alger, Jr., will pardon iis if we say, " He is Bound to Rise. " Owen Compton Eigbt Beach, Miss. Organization Committee Year Book; President Mississippi Club ; Class Poet, ' 20 ; Phi Eho Sigma. Owen Compton began his search for a Med- ical education at the University of Mississippi, and did not give us a chance to know him un- til the Junior year. Since he has been with us we have found him to be a steady and hard worker in the class-rooms and clinics. He is not exactly what we would call a ' ' man about town, ' ' but in his own bucolic way manages to put up a very fair imitation of a politician. Eigby is one of those who will most surely ' ' get there ' ' and deserves to. Lauchlix McKinxon Eozier Opp, Ala. A.B., University of Alabama ; Statistics Com- mittee Year Book; Alabama Club; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi. A canny Scott, with all the good qualities and none of the bad ones of his Higliland an- cestors. During the past four years our sandy- haired class-mate has peered through his high power spectacles to such good i:)urpose that he will graduate close to the top, and we all con- gratulate him, for he has never been too busy with his own atfairs to refuse to l lay the Good Samaritan to his loss fortunate friends. 60 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FuANK Savoy Eunice, La. Louisiana State University; Phi Beta Pi. Frank is a sturdy son of South Louisiana who is emphatic in his beliefs, and exceptional- ly well qualifie l when it comes to maintaining them. His actions are decided, his application marked, and his movements swift, as more than one can testify. ' ' Savy ' ' was the pride of the Navy and still has tales to tell of his experi- ences on the " Boundless Blue " (Algiers Naval Station). Thomas Plowman Sparks Jackson, Miss. Millsaps College, ' 13- ' 16; University of Mis- sissippi, ' 16- ' 18; Mississippi Club; Picture Committee Year Book ; Kappa Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu. In tlie summer mouths " Tommy " has spent most of the time very profitably doing public health service ainong the denizens of the Delta, and if he wislied, we are sure he would have no difficulty lanuing- safely on those political coat-tails flapping about in Jackson. He has a bearing- of frankness, an air of deliberation and an attitude of studied calm that will go far in liel])ing him become one of our number known to fame. .HoLf.is Ansil STAPrORD Bogalusa, La. University of Tennessee ; Phi Eho Sigma. This distinguished son of a distinguished family began early in life to develops a Craving foi ' knowledge. For tlie past five years he has done nothing other than pursue his task of ab- sorbing all that lies between the covei ' s of un- numbered volumes. His perseverance and dig- nity have won for him both our confidence and esteem. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 61 James Hooper Stiles Amioiia, Texas. Texas Club; Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Psi. " Piggy ' ' started off as a wilil Preshmaii, but after a short time tameil down into a regu- lar Medical Student. No doubt the sleepy little village of Annona out in the desert wastes of the Lone Star State will be eager to recog- nize its son Avhen he returns a finished M.D., with the air of aplomb and " Savoir faire. " that is so eharaoteristic of " Piggy. " James Leslie Taylor Mobile, Ala. Wit and Hmnor Committee Year Book, Ala- bama Club; Ship Builders ' Union; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. James Leslie, known to an admiring circle of friends and acquaintances as " Shag, " started his early educational efforts at Mobile ' s West Point. He has been so successful in his efforts since that time that he is now about to step out into the world as a fuU-tledged Doctor. With his extremely pleasing and agreeable per- sonality, and his, if possible, even more pre- possessing appearance, the limit of his success will be marked only by the extent of the field he chooses. Eugene Davis Thorpe DeFuniak Springs, Pla. A.B., Southern University; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. A man of few words and large actions. As far as his personal appearance goes he could readily be mistaken for a Deacon or a Judge, but in this case looks are surely deceiving, for " Gene " is a regular fellow in every way. He has been known to attend classes, but has never let this thing become a habit or permitted it to interfere with the serious things of life. Whether he selects the turpentine forests of Florida or decides to cast his lot in some less dreary section, we do not doubt that he will come in winner, lengths ahead of his fiebl. 62 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Alfred Dent Tisdale EUisville, Miss. B.S., University of Mississii pi, ' ]8; Secreta- rial Committee Year Book; Chi Zeta Chi; Mississippi Club. Tisilale joined us in the Junior year. To hear " Tis " on the subject of Physical Diag- nosis is better than reading Cabot, but it is in Pediatries that he really shines; here the youth- ful patients of the Free Clinic bring him bou- quets each morning as a tribute of his skill, and care. We have heard rumors that Tisdale has another specialty, but we only know posi- tively that the class of ' 20 is proud to claim this attenuated Mississippian. E. RL B. TURNAGE New Hebron, Miss. Mississippi College, ' 09- ' 11; Millsaps College, ' 11- ' 12; Mississippi Club. Another of our last-lap additions. The only possible complaint we have to make of Turnage is that he failed to join us earlier in the game. Herbert Eandolfh Unsworth New Orleans, La. Subscription Committee Year Book; Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta. We thought Randolph would have joined the ranks of the Benedicts long before this, but he has managed to devote his attention to the ' ' Jealous Mistress. ' ' We are, however, mak- ing no predictions as to his actions in the near future. In any event it is a safe bet that lie will follow in the footsteps of his father and rank among the best of New Orleans ' medical men. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 63 William Alfred Wagner New Orleans, La. Phi Eho Sigma. Better known as ' ' Wee Willie, ' ' the name being applicable only to his size physically, as he has shown himself to be the mental equal of any man in the class. He is a good running mate for the two " Eeds " and will argue in- definitely on a point or will recite word for word the text-books view on any subject. We only hope he can put into practice even a frac- tion of his book knowledge of medicine. Charles Eoscoe Walton Benton, Ark. University of Ai-kansas, ' lo- ' 19; Kappa Alpha; Arkansas Club; Phi Chi. Walton joined us in our Senior year after three strenuous sessions at the University of Arkansas. Although he nia.y be considered more or less a stranger in our midst, his quiet, easy going manner has won him a place among the men of ' 20. The son of a doctor and hav- ing a natural bent for the profession, we be- lieve ourselves safe in saying that he wdl be a credit both to Arkansas and Tulane. Maurice S. Whiteside Anniston, Ala. Presbyterian College, ' 14- ' 16; Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Maurice has very little to , say for himself or anything else. If you did not know him you might think he was a pessimist, but this would be an entirely false impression, for the gloom that enwraps this favorite son of Annis- ton is not due to misanthropy but to love, and it only requires a letter from the North to dis- pell the clouds. In spite of this serious heart lesion Whiteside is one of the hard and con- sistent workers of the class, whose efforts are certain to carry him a long way forward. 64 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Bkyan Watkins Whitfield Demopolis, Ala. B.S., Auburn; Assistant in Chemistry, ' 17- ' 18; Alabama Club; Kappa Psi; Stars and Bars. " Whit " hails from the famous " Black Belt " known for its fighting cocks and fertile soil. In mediciue he has upheld the traditions of his section, for he is a hard tighter and has a well-tilled and fertile mind in which to sow tlie knowledge gleaned from books. For the past year ' ' Whit ' ' has been serving as intern at Presbyterian Hospital, going to school at the same time and doing justice to both tasks. Whitfield is characteristically in a hurry, and no doubt will be among the first of us to ' ' ar- rive. ' ' Clarence John Wichser New Orleans, La. B.S., College of the Immaculate Conception, ' 09; Secretary and Treasurer, ' 18; Vice President, ' 20 ; Advertisement Committee Year Book, Ph.G., N. O. G. P., ' 1.S; Phi Eho Sigma. As well as having several degrees already to his credit, Wichser also has the distinction of being the father of three robust children. In onr Sophomore year, due to the fact that he was familiar with the smell, taste and color of drugs, he was made instructor in Pharmacology. As a result of his activity and ability Wichser has been a consistent and able office-holder. Milton Wtatt Williamson Bremen, Ga. University of Georgia; Emorj ' University; Sec- retarial Committee Year Book; Phi Eho Sigma. Williamson came to ns fresh from the A. E. F., bringing with him an extensive medical knowledge and a fund of experience. He is the sort of man we ] ' egret failed to see the true light earlier. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 65 Frank Cunningham Wilson Birmingham, Ala. B.S., V.M.I., ' 12; Alabama Club; Phi Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsiloii ; Stars and Bars. Frank graduated from V. M. I. and was certainly one of the eivilest engineers they ever produced. But he never practiced his pro- fession, giving it up in favor of a position as President of one of Birmingham ' s largest bank- ing institutions. Even this was too narrow a field, so Frank brought his smile to Tulane and turned his attention to medicine. That he has succeeded here is no surprise to Frank or any- one else, for as lie often quotes ' ' you cannot keep a good man down. " Gerald Ginness Woodruff Anniston, Ala. A.B., University of Alabama, ' 16; Honor Com- mittee, ' 17- ' 20; Faculty Statistics Com- mittee Year Book; Alabama Club; Phi Chi; Alpha Tau Omega. Nobody ever knew what the " G. G. " stood for, but every man in the class knows ' ' Fuzzy. ' ' Generous, cheerful, warm-hearted, always ready to help, " Fuzzy " is one of our best. Although he devotes half of his energy to answering telephone calls from the victims of his charms, he has enough left to enable him to overcome all the impediments in the way of a seeker after knowledge. Wherever Woodruff goes we can guarantee his happiness; he carries it with him. Sam Bee Woodward Oxford, Miss. B.S., University of Mississippi; Mississippi Club; Phi Eho Sigma. The " Irishman " joined us in the third year after two sessions in medicine at ' ' Ole Miss. ' ' Sam is as big in heart as he is in body, and ha s a pleasant word for everyone, particularly the ladies. Woodward has surely kissed the Blarney Stone and will go back to Mississippi carrying the best wishes of the entire -class. 66 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Roy William Wright Winiifiolil, La. Louisiana State University, ' ]5- ' l(i; Senior Statistics Committee Year Boole; Honor Committee, M8; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Kappa Alpha. " Pop " long since gave up the idea that " Herpieide would save it " and accepts witli characteristic philosophy the lots of his crown- ing glory. Wright is one of the most popular men in the class, and in the clinics where theie is a constant demand for Dr. Wright. We be- lieve that his genial, friendly manner will share an eqnal victory with his prescriptions. Marion Nicholas York Nashville, Ark. University of Arkansas; Arkansas Club, Pres- ident; Phi Chi. York ' s passionate devotion to his native State and his red whiskers are the predominant features of his short stay among us. He is, however, a hard worker, and we expect to hear more of him in the near future. Edwin Lionel Joseph Zander New Orleans, La. Assistant in Physiology and Chemistry, ' 17- ' 18; Secretarial Chi Zeta Chi. Committee Year Book ; Zander has the good fortune to be the last man on the roll, and consequently has very little to worry him on quiz days. He was one of " Daddy Metz ' s " assistants but managed to survive the ordeal an l join our class, much to our advantage. ' ' The first shall be last, and the last shall be first, ' ' and we believe Zander will be far up on the list of good doc- tors in the Crescent City. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 67 Senior Medical Class History The path of the modern iledieal Student is by no means one strewn M ' itli roses. The journey is a long one and in the waj ' are numerous liills, rugged, steep and higli, which must be climbed ; many obstacles which must be overcome before progress can be made. Four years ago the Class of 1920 became a definite, organized unit, com- po.sed of individuals from various sections of our great country, all of whom flocked to this mighty center of Medical Learning seeking the knowledge which would enable them to live lives of service in accordance with the Oath of Hip- pocrates. The opening scene found the anxious, determined group gathered around the office of the Dean, who carefully scrutinized our entrance credits, and hav- ing found them sati.sfactory, pronounced us members of the most insignificant corps of human beings that ever inhabited the earth, viz : ' ' Freshmen Medical Students. ' ' We were then hurled into the Laboratory of Gross Anatomy, where we were introduced to the remains of those poor unfortunates who had fallen by the wayside and given up the ghost for one reason or another, and as it was too late to administer aid to them it became our task to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the minutest detailed .structure of their physical make-uj), in order that we might thus be enabled to more accurately locate diseased parts and to render relief to the sick and suffering in later years. This recjuired scores of agoniz- ing hours spent in the tedious technique of dissection, for we were expected to trace nerve filaments, blood capillaries, muscle fibers, lymphatics, etc., from their origin to their termination, even after they had become ultramicroscopie. This we earnestly endeavored to do to the best of our mediocre ability inspired with hope, energy and enthusiasm by daily ciuizzes which we seldom succeeded in passing. Next we were honored by an address from our Professor of Anatomy, who after carefi llj ' examining our countenances reminded us of the great demand for labor in the corn and cotton fields, barnyards and barber shops. But Dr. Hardesty is an excellent teacher and has at all times a helping hand to extend to the beginner in Medicine whose intentions are sincere. Under his able guid- ance we were thoroughly drilled in the minute microscopic struetvire of the human organism, and we soon learned what a wonderful piece of mechanism man rep- resented, far more beautiful in construction than the blending of the most deli- cate rays of a setting sun. We then swarmed into the Laboratory of Chemistry, where we enjoyed the privilege of personal association with our good friend and teacher — Prof. Metz, who familiarized us with various chemicals, their properties, compounds and reactions, the changing of water into wane and vice versa, etc. So often we were impressed with his words, " Chappies, use your God-given gift of rea- son, power of observation and discernment so that he who runs may read. " Eight fleeting months soon hurried by and we found ourselves entrenched for the most terrible wage of warfare that ever Paciflt y launched against Stu- dent — the tasks of the Sophomore Year. 68 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Bravely we marched into the engagement timing our steps and tuning our voices to standard selections from the Organ of Corti (accompaniment by Spinal Cords), keeping pace with the most rapid beating of the Ear Drum. Fiercely we charged into the Laboratory of Physiology, where we were greeted by loathsome reptiles, fowls, dogs and other forms of animal life; but armed with ether, gas masks, knives, saws, scissors, hemostats and forceps we success- fully ravaged these less fierce and more unfortunate individuals, and relieved them of their hearts whose final beats were recorded on cardiographs. Then we dashed ourselves against all the Micro-organisms that the Depart- ment of Bacteriologj ' had in captivity, and having gained immunity to these, we sought to decipher the various pathologic lesions that these mischievous little beings inflicted upon man. Next the cyclone swept us into the Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry, where hurry, confusion and tracing of crumbs of bread and bits of meat from the oral cavity to their formation of the most beautiful black hair and charm- ing brown eyes were the crowning features of the course. And so the battle raged on from daylight till dark, day after day. Then at night our recreation periods were spent in dancing on the Floor of the Fourth Ventricle (Music by the Ilio-Tibial Band) chasing nerve impulses in and out of the Foramen of Magendie and the Aqueductus Cerebrii, moonlight picnics and motor boat trips along the Central Canal, slumber parties on the Hippocampal Gyrus, and at bedtime taking the Internal Capsule, facilitating deglutition by the secre- tion of the Pacchionian Bodies. As months rolled by we became sufficiently trained in this type of warfare to a.ssume the obligations of the third degree. The opening of this stage of the game found us wearing the regulation Khaki Uniform, busily engaged in building cinder roads, digging ditches, peel- ing potatoes, scrambling eggs, washing dishes and all the other duties of the rest of the Soldiers in the U. S. Army. For more than two months the bloody Battle of Camp Martin, that great Decisive Battle of the recent World War, the tragic scenes of which shall never fade from our memories, raged without an intermission. But in the midst of all this turmoil never once did our mid- night oil cease to burn, never did our honest intention to become worthy to serve the sick lose its prime. Onward we marched shouldering two tremen- dous burdens. On the one hand, that of our bit in defeating the forces of the Kaiser; on the other hand, that of mastering the third stage of our chosen Profession. Here for the first time did we come in contact with sick and suf- fering humanity. Only then did we begin to realize what our duties in life would be. Our hearts began to grow big and tender for the sick and helpless just as a mother ' s heart does for her babe. We began to have a deeper insight into the nobleness of our Great Profession, and to develoj) iinlimited respect for its woi ' thy mission. With the coming of the new year peace had returned to the world and our undivided attention was given to the interest of our i ' led- ical work. Daily in the wards, clinics and lecture rooms we enjoyed personal contact with, and instruction from, some of the most eminent members of the Profession today. We were introduced to eveiy imaginable type of disease, thoroughly drilled in their symptoms, course, diagnosis, treatment and prog- TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 69 nosis, saw these actually demonstrated in the wards and were invited to read all the literature that has been published on these diseases since the days of IIipi ocrates — (450 B. C.)- But the work was so thoroughly fascinating and so intensely interesting that we eagerly devoured all phases of i,t. But when our noted Professor of Surgery would step into the operating room and find there, with outstretched arms pleading for help, some poor un- fortunate individual whose acoustic organs were already tuned to enjoy the music of the next world and with a masterly sweep of a keen-edged knife fol- lowed by the clicking of hemostats, would excise the faulty part with a demon- stration of Modern Surgical Technique to the degree of perfection, and ia a short time the patient be enjoying perfect health, as if healed by a magician waving his wand, then we realize that the road we must still travel was a long one and that we had scarcely started on the journey. A few short montlis soon passed, all too cpickly, and the curtain was up for the last act of our Medical Melodrama. We have fought our way from the very bottom. At last we have reached the point where we can look just ahead and see glistening into our faces that enthusiastically coveted goal. But the privileges enjoyed during the Senior Year, the excellent instruction received from all the Departments, repays us many times for the bitter sacrifices that have been undergone in an attempt to qualify for the last act. x s an organized unit the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty shall soon cease to exist. Its individual members will scatter over various parts of the globe to assume the responsibilities of their life ' s work. But before leaving this grand old Institution, which we hope to be able soon to proudly call our Alma ilater, we wish to express our. heartfelt thanks and extreme gratitude to each and every member of our splendid Faculty, both individually and col- lectively, for the untiring efforts that they have put forth in our behalf, for the many acts of kindness and courtesy that they have extended to us, for their earnest endeavor to impart to us the fundamental principles of the profession, for the excellent training they have given us and for the many sacrifiees they have undergone for us. We shall always point to them with pride as our teach- ers. May our lives and practices be so guided that they may know that their earnest efforts in our behalf were not in vain. May success, happiness and prospei ' ity be the lot of every individual member of the class, may the close bonds of friendship that have bound us so intimately together for the pa.st fovir years never fade dim in our memories, and may each and every one of us so conduct himself in later life that he will reflect honor and credit upon his Alma Mater and that excellent corps of Doctors of Medicine comprising her teaching staff, and in the end, having lived useful, honorable lives, lives of service for the sake of humanity, be happily prepared for the summons of the Great Phy- sician. " Historian. " 70 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1920 We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty, having plumed our wings for fiiglit preparatory to our departure from this sphere, and being in posses- sion of more or less sound mind, memory and intelligence, do make, declare, and publish this, our Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making null and void any and all other Wills made by us at any time heretofore. First — Do we enjoin and request that the last sacred rites of our funeral services be conducted by our good and patient friends and well-wishers, the Facult.y, with all the dignity, pomi) and ceremony they may deem our station in the College scale to have merited. As to such estate it has pleased the Pates and our own tireless energy, zeal and perseverance to give us, do we dispose of as follows, to- wit: Item : To the College, their heirs and assigns forever, we do give and be- queath from our vast storehouse all the startling information and discoveries made by our most brilliant members in the course of our diligent and ceaseless search after knowledge. Item : To our beloved Faculty do we give and bequeath respite from our numerous and imploring petitions. No more will thej be pained to refuse our humble wishes, nor with ill-concealed emotion to thwart our fondest hopes. Item : To the Class of 1921 we do bequeath the following most sacred of our possessions, enjoining that the.y be most reverently used and cared for : First — Senior Dignity, which thej ' have so long striven to emulate. We realize that this will entail a severe strain on the nerves and niu-scles of these youthful aspirants, however, we do entrust it to them with the sincere hope that they may attain the proper dignity and poise and still keep their heads within the contines of their hats. Second — Senior Privileges, which they so early threaten to assume. No longer will they be forced to sit miles high in the Amphitheatre and gaze upon the proud bald occiputs of their elders. Item : To the Sophomores do we give the distinguished honor of becom- ing " Downtown Men. " With the new duties of course go privileges also, as for instance, the special though somewhat questionable compliment of being addressed by Alfrecl. Landladies and others, as " Doctor. " Item : To the Freshman we would give and bequeath the following : First — Our most heartfelt congratulation on their emergence from that protozoal stage of their existence in wliich the.y did live, eat, sleep and dream naught but " origin and insertion, " and did reek with the ethereal odor of those who nobly gave themselves to " Science. " Second — An appeal to their keen sense of humor that they may understand at last what has been puzzling them for nearly a year; in their Sophomoric stage they must turn back and view the first year men beneath them (for there will be men beneath them), and see themselves as they have appeared to us. All the rest and residue of our property whatsoever and wheresoever it may be, we bequeath to our Dean for his use and benefit solely, to be disposed of as he sees fit, and in addition we hereby constitute and appoint said Dean sole executor of this our Last Will and Testament. In witness whereof we, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty, testa- tors, have to this Last Will and Testament set our hand and seal, this Ninth Day of June, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 71 The Ivy Tu ilay we come together ' J ' o observe a custom old, The planting of the ivy, — How many times it ' s told ; We ' ve worked through many an hour. Waited patiently and long To plant this little token That grows so slow and strong. The tiny tendrils climb and climb The branches grow and grow, It covers soon the whole gray wall With lovely foliage, — so ' Tis thus we stand at morning On life ' s eventful day With but a sprig of promise To cheer us on our way; Yet like the ivy may we grow- Steadily on and up Until we reach the summit. And drink from wisdom ' s cup. And when standing on that hilltop Looking backward to this hour The planting of the ivy green Will still be source of power. Owen Comptox Eigby. 72 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Senior Snapsho ts TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 73 Senior Snapshots 74 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE o O m TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 75 W 3: 0 RH. 76 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Paul Crutsingek " Cruf Sigma Chi, Kappa Psi, Texas Club, Mason Old mail but young ideas Motto: Miss uothina ' Lionel J. Bienvenu, Jr., B.S. . . . " B " Beta Theta Pi, Nu Sigma Nii, Olive and Blue Sucli a smile and such eyes Motto : None f orevermoie, Amen Thomas Jefferson Anderson, A.B. ' Tom ' Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi, Alabama Club, Mason, Elk A good sport and a friend to everybody Motto : Bow, don ' t drift ITenry Macheca .... Phi Chi Liked by all who know him Motto: Sleep, sleep, sleep ' Mac ' Uncle Joe " J. E. Hawkins .... Chi Zeta Chi, Elk God bless the man that invented sleep Motto: Safety first Ehett G. McMahon " Mao ' Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Elk If you don ' t know, throw the bull Motto: Never do anything by halves W. T. Simpson " Simi) " Sigma Nu, Kappa Psi One whose friendship is worth while TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 77 Livingston F. W. Anderson, B.A. . " Conni " Phi CVhi, Phi Delta Chi A hard man to clown Motto : Think, don ' t ponder Jonathan J. Armstrong, Jr.. B.S. " Jesse James " Delta Tau Delta, Nu Sigma Nu, Miss. Club He chews tobacco well Motto : Take life ' s xvps and downs with the same grin James K. Avent, Ph.G " Avey " Phi Eho Sigma, Miss. Club A bed-loving drug specialist Motto: Aspire to the stars A. AsELROD " ilctchnUcoff " None but himself can be his parallel. Motto : Always fiinish what you start Rot E. Atcock, B.A " Balcock " Phi Beta Pi, Elk The best of losers and a good winner as well Motto: In medicine, look out for A No. 1 ACHILLE E. BaRRATA . .... " Barry " Alpha Phi Delta, Cireolo Italiano Good fenee and good nature must ever join Motto : I love ' em ; oh, how I love ' em (shop girls) .Melson Barfield, B.S " Sis " Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Iota, Alabama Club, Woman ' s Medical Assn. If work counts, success is her ' s Motto : Let ' s cut Marion Horton Bennett .... " Swede " Phi Beta Pi, Theta Nu Epsilon, Texas Club All of his wrinkles will come from smiling Motto: My life is my alfair, not yours James F. Biggart .... " Stale Pencil " Phi Eho Sigma, Miss. Club Long and tall with a musical ear Motto : Make the best of all conditions Pelix a. Blanchakd, B.S. . . " Big Boy " Phi Rho Sigma, Phi Kappa Beta Mighty men of valor are most oft modest Motto: Love all, do wrong to few, trust none Jeff Metchener Boggan, B.S. . . " Bog " Phi Eho Sigma, Mason, Miss. Club All see his virtues but none can see his faults Motto: Every man has the right to the con- viction of his prejudices Walter Rogers Brewster, B.A. . " Bog " Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Chi, Elk Full of pep and always ready to do things Motto : Even if down in the mouth be up in spirits 78 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Jack Holland Cassity .... " Baron " Beta Theta Pi, Phi Chi, Texas Club Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall Motto : Stick to it Sam L. Calhoun " Old Grey " Phi Beta Pi Take all the condition exams they will give Motto: Try again Eael Eot Campbell, B.A. ... " Virus ' ' Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi, Alabama CUib, Elk A small ' ' boy ' ' of large calibre JVIotto: Persevere J. MBS Johnson Carter, B.S. " Psy-Hickey " Phi Chi, Miss. Club Slow but sure Motto: To know, to be, to help others to be Claude Mastin Cleveland . . " Cliubby " Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Chi, Alabama Club, Olive and Blue A big, burly, blushing boy Motto: Never let my books interfere with my studies Joseph Cohen " Joe " Beautiful hair, but herpicide won ' t save it Motto : Have consideration for others ' ' Von Coleman ' ' D. Coleman .... Zeta Beta Tau Indifferent Motto : Get through quick Charles Lynwood Cox . . . " Cave Man " Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Delta Theta, Miss. Club Hasn ' t he the prettiest pink complexion? Motto : Ladies first .Joseph Croce " Black Joe " Phi Alpha Sigma Silence is bliss Motto : The best man is he who speaks last Archie Edward Cruthikds, B.A. " Two-thirds " Too busy to be idle James B. D.avis " Monk " Phi Eho Sigma, Miss. Club, Mason The man who knows no worrj ' Motto: Strive to do the best Marie Byrd Dees, B.A., B.S. . " Beesie " Alpha Epsilon Iota, Miss. Club, Woman ' s Medical Assn. Capable and never too busy to lend a help- ing hand Motto : Away every care and perplexity fling TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 79 Lilt Lyle Dismuke .... ' •Lily Bear " Alpha Epsilon Iota, Woman ' s Medieal Assn. The heroes are not all six feet tall Motto: Pleasure has its time; so, too, has wisdom All. n Percy Dqkfey, Jr.. B.S. . . " Pal " Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi, Sigma Epsilon, Miss. Club Thy modesty is a candle to thy meiit Motto: All over 99 phis is superfloiis S. F. Elder, B.A " Sam " Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa The gooil alone are great Motto : Do others before they do you Ralph E.stevez, " Grind " Phi Alpha Sigma, Tau Delta Chi, Club Hispano-Americano Office: S. S. Sidney. Hours: 8:30 p. m. to ] 1 p.m. .JCSEFH AnDERTON FLEETWOOD, B.A. ' ' Speedy Joe ' ' Phi Kho Sigma I ' m tired Motto : Do others before the} ' do you Hamilton Fkobisher " Ham " Nu Sigma Nu A face that tells the whole story but written in Greek Motto: I have nothing to say, so why say anything Edgar Gallaway, B.A. ... " Wampus ' ' Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Mason Bring back those wonderful days (July 1st) Motto : The best way to have friends is to be a friend yourself H. D. Garcia " Gallazo " " Ole Miss " Club, Club Hispano-Amerieano Just once, taste the joy that springs from labor Motto : To do right whenever possible William Bandy Grayson . . . " Admiral " Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Arkansas Club, Mason, Elk From Arkansas but getting by anyhow Motto: Hold a stiff upper and a tight pucker A. S. Y. GiGLio " Gig ' ' Why te so doleful? P. E. Gilmer ....... " Peachy " Kajjpa Alpha, Phi Chi Curst be the man that invented work James McArthur Griefin . . -. . " Jaclc " Phi Eho Sigma, Miss. Club Long, tall guy from Alabama Motto : Know th3 ' self 80 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Homer P. Harris " Blue " Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Psi, Alabama Club A man possessed of an ingrowing ilemon called Cheerfulness Motto: The best is none too good for my children Earl Harris, Ph.G " Dude " Kappa Psi, Texas Club Studious and practical Motto: Be a father A. B. Harvey, B.S. . " Country Gentleman " Chi Zeta Chi, Miss. Club Damn nice man and a good fellow Motto: Always be on time J. V. Howell, Jr " Slmvy " Phi Chi, Alabama Club A rare combination : Good humor, hard worker, always agreeable Motto: Life is just what you make it George H. Ingram ...... " Big Boy " Knight of Pythias A mail in the broadest sense Motto : He who wastes time now will suffer in finals RoscoE D. Jackson " Jack " Phi Chi, Arkansas Club, Mason Even the hairs of his head are numbered Motto : As a man thinks so is he H. M. Landau " handy " Go thy way, thou art a good, plain man Motto : He who hates me loves death C. M. Lescale, B.S. . . " Mr. Personality " Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Psi, Elk But he looks so young Motto : Let me talk Charles Franklin Lewis, B.S. . " Dreamer " Kappa Psi, Mason Treated right, a friend, but wrong him and to hell with you Motto: Be more than men expect you to be W. K. Lloy d, B.A " Fussy " Sigma Nu, Phi Chi, Alabama Club, Olive and Blue What hath night to do with sleep? Motto : Never be convinced Egbert M. Littell, Jr. . . " Jacob Lew ' ' Chi Zeta Chi The original rabbi Motto: If you miss the tirst take a shot at the second C. H. Lutterloh, B.S " Charlie " Kappa Alpha, Chi Zeta Chi, Mason The Great Grinder has ground out many like him Motto : Get all you can — easily TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 81 J. M. Ltle, Jr ' •Judge " Chi Zeta Chi, Texas Club, Mason Candidate for the better half Motto : Always ready to go S. Fleetwood McIntosh, Ph.G-. . " Smnllci " Phi Chi, Beta Theta Pi As a motto writer he has had his fling, living up to it is another thing- Motto: An open face but Greek to the ladies W. L. McNajiara Phi Chi Always ready to help a friend •Bill ' W. S. Martin ••Speech " Chi Zeta Chi, Texas Club Books and I could never agree Abelard Martoeelle " Aie " Chi Zeta Chi Oh, wise and most learned doctor Motto: Thirty thousand the first year or bust AV. E. Mat Nu Sigma Nu, Delta Tan Delta Thomas Beid Mellard, B.S. . . . " Mell " Alpha Kappa Kappa, Miss. Club He lives his own life and does as he chooses Motto : Think first then go ahead Harold A. Miller, B.S " Hal " Phi Chi, Mason A typical son of the wild and woolly Northwest Motto : Still water runs deep Joseph Edg.vr Mitchell, B.S. . . ••Mitch " Nu Sigma Nu, Texas Club, Mason Serene and resolute, still and calm and self- possessed Motto: If it rains or if it snows, keep agoin ' HiViiOLD J. MixoN ••Mix " Chi Zeta Chi Seven feet of bull Motto : On time Carroll J. Mouton ••Six " Delta Sigma Phi, Chi Zeta Chi Always waiting for a letter Motto: Keep the stork busy .J. W. Neelt " Slim " Delta Tan Delta, Kappa Psi, Elk So wise, so young, they say do never live long Motto: Cut as much as possible and still get by 82 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE S. J. Phillips " Jack " Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi He is indescribable — you must see him for yourself Motto : Wait and see what will happen next iGNACTo E. Peon " Nasho " Club Hispano-Americano Lungs so large that he can cross the ocean under water Motto: Kindness is not too good for the sick L. C. Prieto, B.S., M.S " Preter " Phi Chi, Latin-American Club Working under difficulties but making good Motto: Vir bonus peritus dicendi David P. Pkcctok, B.S " Davie " Phi Gamma Delta, Chi Zeta Chi Telve hours and call it a day Motto : All or any part Harold Joseph Quinn " Michij " Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Psi, Olive and Blue Betcha a quarter yon ' d like him too Motto: Do it or die Isidore L. Eobbins " Grouch " If brevity was the soul of wit, Issy Eobbins would sure he it Motto: Do not ruth to work but when you work do it right John C. Eodick " Slim " Phi Alpha Sigma A good fellow to have around Motto: Nothing is more useful than silence Joe H. Sandbrline " Joe ' ' Phi Chi, Arkansas Club Small in statue — great in intellect Motto: He knows the waters best who has waded them John T. Sanders " Johnnie " Sigma Chi, Kappa Psi, Alalama Club I ain ' t done nothing to nobody Motto : Drink yon all of it Daniel Abell Eussell " Dan " Phi Beta Pi, Texas Clnh A friend that is a friend Motto : Get everything that belongs to you Egbert McCaughrin Pool, B.A. . " McPool " Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi With wit well matured and with looks well bred Michael Scardaccione ... " Scratch ' ' The man who is always smiling no matter how things go Motto: Sleep and let others do the work TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 83 Forest Puckett " Puck " Phi Kappa Sigma, Kappa Psi, Texas Club Get away, fool Henry C. Magee, B.A ' •Mofigie " Phi Kappa Sigma, Kappa Psi, Texas Club Speed is his drawback L. H. Scott " Scotty " Kappa Alpha He lives in his own little circle Arthur L. Smith " Smitty " Chi Zeta Chi, Arkansas Club, Mason Never hurries but gets there just the same Motto : Laugh and the world laughs with you J. MuKRT Smith, B.S. . . . " Blue Bird " Phi Eho Sigma, Miss. Club, Mason A man of unbounded generosity and unwav- ering integrity Motto: Be alert to something better Edwin August Socol.v " Shiga ' ' Phi Eho Sigma, Y. M. G. C, Southern Yacht Club His nearest rival is John Bull Motto: Smile and the world smiles with you Jack Sperling " Jack " All does not sleep that apparently slumbers Motto: A good man is hard to find. Be one Milton Tanzer, B.A " Mortie " Phrenoeosmia, City College Club The cutest little fellow that ever crowed for kisses Motto: Don ' t travel under false colors Samuel Edward Teague, B.A. . " Sammy " Phi Eho Sigma Why hurry? Motto : Be thou pure J. L. Thomas, B.S " Uncle Joe " Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Chi, Alabama Club A genial fellow, liked by all Motto: Be a friend ABR.A.HAM Tow " B Oil est Abe " 2eta Beta Tau Too much learning is a weariness to the flesh Motto: Knock ' em dead Claudius J. Ussert, B.A., M.A., . " Youssry " Alpha Kappa JIappa, Odd Fellow, Knight of Phythias, Mason The man of wisdom is the man of years Motto: Maintain an open mind on questions yet in debate 84 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Arthur Vidrine, B.A " Vid " Nu Sigma Nu, Elk This old life was thrust upon me and I live it as I please Motto: Let tomorrow take care of itself William White Walker, B.S. . " P-Walker " Alpha Chi Eho, Phi Beta Pi, Miss. Club That ' s right — that ' s right Motto: Never do today that which you can put oif until tomorrow Ethel Marie Drouix . . . " Pertussis " Alpha Ej)silou Iota, Woman ' s Medical Assn. Suiferiug humanity will receive aid, June, 1921 Motto : Learn your lesson, don ' t overstudy A. Weiss " Abe " A gentleman and a scholar Motto: Man is made of dust. Dust settles, be a man BoBERT J. Young, B.S " Pistol " Alpha Tan Omega, Kappa Psi His heart is as big as his conscience Motto: There is a way of getting what you want . BOYNTON WiLBER, B.A. ... " Buddy ' ' Theta Delta Chi, Nu Sigma Nu, Delphic, Mason. Motto : Made business a pleasure and pleasure my business Samuel Sternberg " Sammy " Zeta Beta Tan, Elk Champion lightweight Gotch Motto: Don ' t bet against Tulane but don ' t bet on her Charles Colman Weitzman . ' ' Weitzy ' ' Smooth runs the water where the brook runs deep Thomas B. Wilson " Prep " Alpha Kappa Kappa, Miss. Club Warp your face if it be sour I can spare a smile from mine Motto: Alwaj ' s know on which side your bread is buttered Special Student BicHARn C. Scott xilpha Kappa Kappa TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 85 History of the Junior Class Never was the fact that mysteries can happen and are happening better brought out than it was two years ago last October when the present Junior Class was organized. Such a class; men and women from every section of the Western Hemispliere, from the wild and savage regions of Mexico to the frozen deserts of Canada. AVho would deny this being a miracle — that such a body of men and women as we proudly boast of today, would have decided upon the same school, the same course and at the same time. With Seventy- five members and Dr. Hardesty to lead us we started out in our effort to master the theories, principles and facts that lead to an M.D. The work was hard and the encouragement small, as we were constantly being reminded that about tweiity- five per cent of us would not be back after Christmas. To some the start seemed rather speedy, but as days went by we began to realize that our path was not so bad, not nearly as bad as that of those wlio were the first to study Histology and did not have the aid of " old books. " And Dr. iletz was kind — he threw onl_y chalk erasers at those who went to sleep in one of his famous three-hoiir lectures. Before the year was half over there came the call to colors, one of the great- est calls to arms the world has ever witnessed. Realizing the future need of the government for doctors, all of the class that were eligible joined the En- listed Medical Reserve Corps. A few, however, feeling the immediate need of men, stopped school and went into active service. The year finally came to a close, but a few remained to do research work in the summer courses — search- ing for a few things they failed to find during the regular session. This was a great year for the entire class and to many will furnish material for fireside stories throughout their lives. Siich memories as the happy faces of their fel- low-classmates as they greeted each other in " Tom ' s " or the " Pup " will never grow dim. nor the sad expressions of these same faces when in that year the cabarets were thrown into darkness and the peppy music was heard no more. September, 1918, and we all assembled again, and what a situation — no one knew what to do or what was going to happen, but that something very unusiial was going to take place was evident as our good and trusted friend, " Dr. " Belfield. refused to accept our tuition money. After several weeks of uncertainty and constant inquiry we were informed that we were all to become soldiers, yes, sure enough rookies, no doctors at all, not even Second Lieutenants. Within a few days, to the call of a whistle and the commands of one of Uncle Sam ' s lowest creations, we lined up and began the battle of Camp Martin. For the next few months we performed all the duties of a rookie very diligently and some of the class even became sergeants. But finall.y The Day came, the one we had been wishing, praying and cussing for, for some time. October 12, 1-192, was a great day, as was November 11, 1918, but neither meant so imicli to us as December 6, 1918. Tlial was our day of Independence. AVith the as- surance that we were not soldiers and never had been, we were ordered to turn in all army clothing and to immediately leave camp. In si ite of the injustice 83 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE clone tliis order was cheerfully carried out. With and without civilian clothes, but with a satisfied countenance we left camp and all officers, free once more to rest our feet on any old brass rail we might so desire. The Christmas holidays then being close at hand we decided to call off all college activities until after the New Year. Every one went home and recu- perated from the fast and strenuous life we had been leading in Uncle Sam ' s nrmy. Upon returning to college everybody got down to hard work again and practically the entire class completed the Sophomore year successfully. At the sound of the gong on October 1, 1919, all of the old members an- swered to roll call and for every old man there was a new face. They came from the North, the East, the We.st and the South, and for a time it was hard to find the old men among the new fellows. Whether it was the class that at- racted them or the college or that they were dissatisfied with the colleges from which they came we cannot say, but about forty-five men from other schools throughout the country and Arkansas .joined our ranks this year. We welcome them and feel that they will help make the class of 1921, not only the largest ever graduated at Tulane, but also one that will furnish suffering humanity with many a good JI.D. J. E. Hawkins, Historian. Medical School — 185S-1893 TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 87 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SoriioMOKE Medical Class TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 89 Sophomore Medical Class OFriCEES F. M. BuKKE President Justin Edward Bell •. Vice President Miss Kate Savage Secretanj and Treasurer Charles I. Johxsox Historian IN PICTUEE A. F. Aucoix, C. E. Abbott, Jr., J. E. Bell, E. il. Brannon O. W. Britt, F. M. Burke, H. AV. Butler, J. L. Carlisle, F. L. Cato, Jr. H. N. Coats, J. A. Crockett, F. W. Dirmann, Jr., M. J. Duffy, H. 0. Ernst, H. E. Farmer E. B. GiLLESPT, Miss M. Goorvitch, E. L. Gordon, 6. B. Grant,. E. N. Haller F. W. Harrell, Miss H. E. Hinton, C. I. Johnson, P. E. Johnson, E. H. Jones, J. E. Jones W. E. Jones, P. D. Kennary, W. McG. McBride, D. B. Martinez, E, L. Merilh E. E. Moseley-, I. A. Palmibri,M. L. Patton, Miss C. M. Eccquet, E. 0. Bussell, L. M. Sanders Miss K. Savage, H. Seal, G. B. Setzler, W. K. Stillman, Jr.. E. P. Terrell E. W. Townsend, E. Wagner, S. P. Wainright, C. M. Warner. J. E. Whitaker, W. L. Willis CLASS EOLL F. M. Burke .... Livingston, Texas Edmond L. Merilh . . . Xew Orleans, La. Class President ' 39, Texas Club. Phi Eho Sigma. Miss Kate Savage . . Na hviJIe, Tenn. Marion L. Patton Bells, Tenn. Secretary and Treasurer ' 19; B.S., Vander- Phi Beta Pi. bilt ' 18 " ; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Epsi- iss C. M. Eocquet . . Xeic Orleans, La. Ion Iota. A.B., Neweomb College ' 18; Associate Edi- John A. Crockett . . . Chapel Hill, Texas tor Year Book; Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Class Poet ' 19; Phi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Epsilon Iota. Psi; Texas Club. L. M. Sanders Troi , Ala. Albert F. Aucoin Houmo, La. Pi Kappa Phi ; Kappa Psi ; Alabama Club. Art Editor Year Book. G. B. Setzler .... .. Cios.- ett, Arlc. Egbert M. Brannon . . Greenville, Miss. Arkansas Club, Alpha Kappa Kappa. Mississippi Club. William King Stillman . . Atlanta, Ga. Hull Wesley Butler . . New Orleans. La. e P. Terrell Arkansas Ph.B., St. Louis University; Year Book pjji Beta Pi. - Eichard Wagner . . . Xew Orleans, La. Frank L. Cato, Jr. . . . Americus, Ga. Clyde M. Warner . . . .Del Sio, Texas Phi Delta Theta: Phi Chi; T. N. E. Texas Qub; Sigma Chi; Kappa Psi. F. W. Dirmann, Jr. . . Xew Orleans, La. Hiram J. Williams .... Cordele, Ala Phi Eho Sigma. Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Harry E. Farmer Como, Miss. Masonic Club. Mississippi Club; Sigma Chi, Nu Sigma Nu. Edw.ard J. Bell Sunlara, Ala. B. E. GiLLESPY- . . . Birmingham, Ala. Vice President ' 19, Chi Zeta Chi; Masonic A.B., Universitj- Alabama ' 18; Alabama Club; Alabama Vjlub. Club; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. Charles I. John.son . . Montgomer, , Ala. E. L. Gordon Xeic Orleans, La. Historian ' 17- " IS; B.S., University Ala- Alpha Kappa Kappa. bama; Sigma Alpha Ep.silon; Phi Chi, Ala- Ed. Haller Mobile. Ala. bama Club. Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alabama Club. C. E. Abbott, Jr. . . . Tusealoosa, Ala. Miss H. E. Hinton . . . McComb, J m. Varsity Baseball ' 19; Kappa Sigma; Phi A.B., Neweomb College ; Phi Mu. C-bi. E. H. Jones VitUhurg, Miss. Bertram E. Bookout . . Indianola, Mis. . B.S., Miss. College ' 18; Year Book Staff; Varsity Football, Mississippi Club; Phi Mississippi Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; t;ti; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Phi Chi Otis W. Britt Andaln.ti i, Ala. V. E. J0NE.S Camden. Ala. ' hi Zeta Chi; Alabama Club. [ ' niver.sity Alabauja ' 18; Alabama Club; James Leo Carlisle .... Mobile, Ala. Chi Zeta Chi. Alabama Club. W. McG. McBride Ansley, La. Harry N. Co.ats Aslidown, Arl-. Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Phi Beta Pi; Arkansas Club. 90 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE J MES M Duffy . . . New Orleans, La. Wilton G. Pitts . . . Hazelhurst, Miss. Varsity Bai-eball ' 20, Captain; Delta Sig- Mississippi Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ma Phi; Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Kappa. James A Gaudet, Jr. . . Neio Orleans, La. Eichard O. Eussell . . . Somerville, Ala. . _ . Alabama Club; Delta Sigma Phi; Chi Zeta Miss Mart Goorvitch . Moorawyawo, Bussia George B. Grant . . . Beaumont, Texas Herman Seal Ensley, Ala. Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Texas q geta Chi; Alabama- Club. Club. Jefferson S. Southard . Fort Smith, Arlc. F. W. Harrell Snston, La. Arkansas Club; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Kappa Kappa. Paul E. Johnson . . . Fort Smith, Arlc Ernest W. Townsend . ArTcadelphia, Arlc. Masonic Cluh; Arkansas Club. A.B., Ouachita College ' 18; Arkansas Club; J. E. Jones Henderson, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Pi. Texas Club; Chi Zeta Chi. Samuel P. Wainright . . Atmore, Ala. P. D. Kennary El Paso, Texas Alabama Club; Pi Kappa Phi; Kappa Psi. Chi Zeta Chi; Texas Club. James E. Whitakeb . . . Nero Hope, Ala. D. B. Martinez .... Neiv Orleans, La. Secretary and Treasurer ' 17, Alabama Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Club; Masonic Club. E. E. MosELEY Jalcin, Ga. Walter L. Willis . . . Aberdeen, Miss. Chi Z " eta Chi. Phi Eho Sigma. Sophomore Class History About fifty-six accounted for at onr present stage of the Life G-ame. Our Class returned somewhat diminished in numbers, but notwithstanding tlie ragged ranks, we are baclt at worli this year passing the physiological ordeal (we hope we are passing it), and putting the finishing touches to our pictorial courses, the artistic phase of oi r career so necessary to soothe the ailments of suffering humanity. To the ordinary anatomical and chemical ordeals which every class meets with at the beginning of its journey, a few more obstacles were added to test the mettle of 1922. The first of these was life in barracks and three months in the S. A. T. C. The influenza epidemic was ordeal No. 2, which we embryo doctors had to face. The third came when Dr. I Ietz, after displaying a true spirit of ' ' Brotherhood, " finding that his health would no longer permit him to instruct his " babies " in the use of their " God-given gift of reason, " turned us over to Dr. G-arrey. In the process of changing hands much valuable time was lost, resulting in a concentrated course in Physiological Chemistry. Sev- eral good men were not equal to the struggle of last year, but a few of these were replaced b,y an influx of war veterans. Whether " Buddy ' s " voice seems less harsh and merciless because we are Sophomores or whether he has recognized our real worth, we are not certain, but it is perfectly evident that, although we are still " so far behind " in our work there is a little note of respect which we, as Freshmen, laiew not. Running up and down spinal tracts we felt we would surely get wrecked at some time or other. Very few among us, however, have met with disaster " in that country. " We emerge from the Sophomore stage of our development with imagina- tions developed to the highest degree. To cerebrate facts emanating from " King " Duval ' s store-house of knowl- edge seemed at first to be bordering on the impossible, and some of us concluded Ave possessed a natural immunity. We have, however, after due expo.siire, ac- quired " Bugs " and Pathology. Ours is a banner Class. What we lack in quantity we make up in quality. In spite of our small numbers, Ave are creditably represented in every student activity. Intellectually we have proven ourselves. To put it in another wa.y, our Class is composed of men of true worth destined for great things — it is not in the province of the historian to prophecy, however, and I shall let the future unfold itself. Historian. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 91 «♦ FRESHMRW . 92 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE rRESHMAN Medical Class TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 93 Freshman Medical Class OFFICERS J. E. Evans - President Miss Iema Scott yiee President G. I. LOTHROP _ Secretary and Treasurer Miss Cljvka Barrett Historian W. M. Dixon Associate Editor Year Boole E. SoucHON, 2nd Associate Business Manager ¥car Book IN PICTUEE F. E. DeMekitt, E. a. Davison, J. A. Cglclough, M. Gampagna. J. N. BURWTT, H. J. BATT.VLORA, J. J. BaKON, H. B. ALSOBROOK. J. C. Allen, B. H. Denman, C. G. Detoon, J. P. Dyar. E. H. Edwards, D. J. Farley, T. P, Frizzell, Fung y Pigueroa. P. M. GiRARD, L. D. Gremillion, E. Matirer, F. L. Loria. M. S. Le Doux, E, L. Kennedy, M. C. Hunt, E. E. Henderson. J. A . Hart, M. D. Hargrove, Miss G. S. Ham, G. V. Perrier. H. " W. Pearce, J. G. Palmer, D. J. Olinde, B. Nelken. CLASS EOLL Joseph Carl Alexander . Charlotte, N. C. F. E. DeMerritt .... Key West, Fla. Phi Chi. Chi Zeta Chi. Edgar H. Allen .... Earleton, Texas B. Harvey Denman .... Lufkin, Texas Alpha Kappa Kappa. Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. Henry B. Alsobrook . . . Manning, Arlc. Cyril G. Devron . . . New Orleans, La. J. G. Allen Tatnm, Texas Delta Sigma Phi. J J. Baron New Orleans, La. Wm. M. Dixon Colnmbus, Ohio ' Mu Alpha Mu. a. K. K.; Sigma Pi; T. N. E. Miss G. B. Barrett .... Macon, Ga. James P. Dyar Purvis, Miss. Historian, Alpha Epsilon Iota. Pierre A. Donaldson . . . Beserve, La. Harold J. Battalora . . Neiv Orleans, La. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Treasurer ' :8, Chi Zeta Chi; Mu Sigma. Ellis H. Edwards . . . Birmingham, Ala. George B. Baylis, Jr. . Hattiesbnrg, Miss. Ph.G., Auburn. Oscar J. Bienvenu . . . Opelousas, La. J. E. Evans Cordele, Ga. Beta Theta Pi, Nu Sigma Nu. Sigma jSTu ; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Presi- H. E. BiERHORST . . . Neio Orleans, La. dent ' 20; Student Assistant Chemistry ' 19. Secretary ' 18, Mu Sigma. Williard L. Fitzgerald . Birmingham, Ala. Miss S. P. Biles .... Sumner, Miss. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Alpha Epsilon Iota. Thomas P. Frizzell . . Knox City, Texas Garland G. Brown . . Greenville, N. C. Nu Sigma Nu. Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. Dyer J. Farley Irondale, Ala. J. N. Burditt Lockhart, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu. M. Campagna .... New Orleans, La. Fung y Figueroa .... Barranca, Peru Vice President ' 18, Mu Sigma. Wresthng. Clarence S. Carter . . . BunUe, La. CtEorge G. Garrett . . . Grove Hill, Ala. Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Kappa Psi. Wm. C. Cook Baton Bouge, La. Euclid B. Gill .... New Orleans, La. Sigma Nu; Alpha Kap_pa Kappa. Percy M. Giraed .... Lafayette, La. J. A. GOLCLOUGH Lamar, S. C. N ' u Sigma Nu. Peter Cocchiara . . . New Orleans, La. Leonard D. Gremillion . Alexandria, La. Mu Sigma. Miss Goldie Ham . . . Greenville, Miss. Henry O. Colomb .... Bomeville, La. Alpha Epsilon Iota. Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. John Hart Saratoga, Texas Emile a. Davison . . . Neio Orleans, La. M. D. Hargrove . . . Natchitoches, La. Mu Sigma, President, ' 17- ' 18. Sigma Nu; Phi Ghi. 94 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Freshman Medicai Class TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 95 IN PICTURE J. E. EvAXS, G. I. LoTHROP, Miss C. E. Barrett, Miss S. P. Biles. H. L. Yates, W. G. Cook, C. S. Carter, 0. J. Bienvenu. H. 0. CoLOMB, J. R. Horn, E. H. Allen, P. M. Tankebsley. E. SoucHON, 2nd, W. M. Dixon, W. K. Irwin, W. L. Fitzgerald. L. E. Knolle, V. L. Payne, P. A. Donaldson, J. P. Shupfield. W. D. Stickley, J. D. Simpson, T. Simes, C. C. Rudolph. I. W. Rosenthal, E. S. Roberts, Miss Mary Raymond, B. R. Maxwell. C. O. LoRio, T. M. Meisenheimer, K. A. Morris. CLASS roll- Joseph R. Horn Luverne, Ala. Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Roy E. Henderson . . Long View, Texas Chi Zeta Chi. Marcus C. Hunt .... Siverview, Ala. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Mrs. Sarah E. Huckaby . Pleasant Hill, La. William K. Irwin . . . Keio Orleans, La. Kappa Alpha ; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Robert L. Kennedy .... Meltes, Ga. Sigma Ni,. phi Chi. Guy E. Knolle .... Brcnham, Texas Alpha Kappa Kappa. Karl S. Ledbetter . . Neiv Orleans. La. Chi Zeta Chi. M.4.URICE S. LeDoux . . Indian Bayou, La. Frank L. Lokia . . . New Orleans, La. Mu Alpha Mu. Cecil 0. Lorio Lakeland, La. Alpha Kappa Kappa ; B.S., .Jefferson. G. I. LOTHROP New Orleans, La. Secretary-Treasurer ' 20; Kappa Psi; Delta Sigma Phi. E. Maurer Ne-w Orleans, La. Blan R. Maxwell .... Oceloa, Ark. Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. Martinez-Yalenzuela .... San Pedro Sula, Honduras Phillip Montelepre . . New Orleans, La. Thos. M. Meisenheimer . Charlotte, N. C. Kappa Alpha, Phi Rho Sigma. Kenneth A. Morris . Jacksonville, Fla. Litt. B.; Nu Sigma Nu. II. JIcF. McCuistion . . . Paris, Texas Delta Tau Delta. Bernard E. Nelken . Dewey J. Olinde . . Natchitoches, La. . . Covington, La. Julian G. Palmer .... Opelika, Ala. Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi. Joseph P. Palermo . . New Orleans, La. A ai ' sity Football, ' 19. — (Continued) Henky W. Pearce .... Orange, Texas Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi. ViBGiL L. Payne .... Greenville, Miss. Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. Claude Y. Perrier . . Neio Orleans, La. K. C. Reese Berkley, Cal. Delta Sigma Phi; Kappa Psi. New Orleans, La. Miss Mary Raymond Alpha Omicron Pi. Joseph R, Richardson . . Indianola, Mi s. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Chi. Antonio M. Rodriguez . . Anasea, P. B. Ralph S. Roberts . . . Koesaugua, Iowa A.M., California; A.B., Stanford; Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Kappa. Council C. Rudolph . Jacksonville, Fla. B. S. Y. M. I.; Kappa Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu. I. W. Rosenthal Mu Sigma. Neto Orleans, La. . . . Bonita, La. San Jose, Costa Eica . . Na,ihville, Ark. Miss Irma E. Scott Yice President ' 20. Mariano Salazar . J. F. Shufpield . . Alpha Kappa Kappa. Thomas Simes .... Albertville, Ala. J. D. Simpson Hawley, Texas Cearence T. Smith . . Nacodoches, Texas Kappa Sigma, Phi Alpha Sigma. Edmond Souchon, 2nd . New Orleans, La. Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi; Assis-tant Business Manager Year Book. William D. Stickley . Stevens City, Va. Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi. Felix M. Tankersley . . Hope Hull, Ala. A.B., Alabama; Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi. AuKELiANO Urrutia, Jr. . San Antonio, Texas James F. Williams .... Atkins, Ark. Howell L. Yates .... Madison, Fla. Chi Zeta Chi. 96 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Freshman Class History On October 1, 1919, the Medical Class of 1923, 87 strong, started on its uphill and arduous career. Some of its members, who had their pre-medical work at Tuhme, realized the importance of their promotion from " Pre-Meds " to real medical students; others coming to Tiilane for the first time felt their freshness even more than during their first year in college. However, only a few days had passed before the feelings both of importance and freshness were lost as we became engrossed and almost engulfed in the intricacies of the human body seen both in the dissecting room and under the microscope. Two remarkable feats of dissection during our first week deserve special mention. Dr. Bayon ' s instructions were to reflect the skin from a certain re- gion. After cutting away the skin and all else down to the luiderlying muscle, the embryo surgeon meekly asked, ' ' Doctor, am I cutting deeply enough ? ' ' The other student was directed to " clean up " a certain muscle. He quickly cut it off, took it to the sink and after scrubbing it very carefully took it to the in- structor with the question, " Did I clean it enough? " But in spite of such brilliance, we have been greatly cheered and encour- aged by our professors commending our attitude toward our work and our progress as a class. We are not such Bolshevists as to wish to upset carefully and scientifically prepared statistics, but we believe our class will not suffer the usual 25 per cent loss due to " flunking. " Our past history is of necessity brief, but as time passes it will grow, not only in length but also in importance and interest, as it portrays the deeds and discoveries of the class of ' 23. The sincere interest and desire to learn shown by many members of the class leads us to believe we are working not only for an M.D., but that we may fit ourselves for the service to mankind which the medical profession must perform. Historian. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 97 PRE -MED 98 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Second Ye vb Pke-Medical Class TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 99 Second Year Pre-Medical Class OFFICERS Heber C. Kike President Robert H. Brumpield _ Vice President Habey H. McGee Secretary Marie Dannenbauer Year Book Bepresentative. CLASS ROLL E. H. Brdmfield Magnolia. Miss. Odet Francis Landry Delcamhre, La. Hazel Broyles, (Miss) -....Forest, Miss. Harry H. McCtEE - Savannah, Ga. Hymen L. Cohen Coahoma, Miss. Walter I. Newbdrn Jacksonville, Texas Marie Dannenbauer Honey Grove, Texas Henry Woods Ogletree New Braunfels, Tesa.: Walter C. DeRouen New Orleans, La. R. Y. Eabb Baiiihridiie, Ga. Andres A. Ferro ..Havana, Culia H. C. Hike Dj er.sharg, Tenn. A. C. Gaulon Neio Oileans, La. Warren Rosen _ Neio Orleans, La. John Charles Gtjenther Moulton, Texas Newton Loomis Sebastian-. ...iVonpood, La. D. S. Hagood Mount Willing, Ala. Ed. Smith Dallas, Texas DeWitt Holland Diierslmrg, Tenn. James Leonard Smith Gerard, Ala. Earl Hyman Neio Orleans, La. Talbot Austin Tumbleson Norfolk, Va. J. W. Jackson - Aberdeen, Mus. Carlos Urrutia y Fernandez.. Saji. Antonio, Texas Webb Wood Jordan Autaugaville, Ala. Frank Earl Werkheiser ...Deemer, Miss. Hyman Karnopsky New Orleans, La. Ben A. Wight Hugo, OUalioma. The Second Year Pre-Medical Class History On finishing- high school, witli all the dignity of a high school graduate and the high ideals usually possessed by such young men and women, about twenty of us gathered together and organized the present Second Year Pre-Medical Class, all resolving to enter that ancient and mysterious study of medicine. Of course, we all knew the very branch in which we would specialize and where we would practice. In fact, it was rumored that certain ones of us had already consulted landlords with regard to office rent. But, after several days of con- stant striving, we finally found the place where we were to register. Then, after due instruction, we were able to report to classes. Much to our amaze- ment, we were not called " Doctor " as we had expected, but were known by the name of " Rat. " The Sophomores were very kind to us and made us wear green caps in order that they would be able to recognize us. They even forbade our smoking because they were afraid that smoking might in.iure our nerves; and this would lessen our professional skill. Everything progressed smoothly, until Uncle Sam, in his search for good men, delivered to us the call. Practically every man answered; some enlist- ing in the Students ' Army Training Corps or Naval Reserve. " We all made wonderful rookies; and had it not been for the signing of the Armistice, no doubt, many of us would have established for ourselves great military careers. While we were in the Army, we learned a great deal, but very little of this knowledge concerned medicine. After we were discharged from the service, we began anew, with the determination to study ; and, finally, most of us com- pleted a very successful year. After being scattered to many parts of the country for the summer, prac- tically every one of us answered roll call on the first day of October. We found that several new memljers had joined our class, seeking the same career. With a great deal to do in helping to take care of the Freshmen, and enough work to occupy our spare time, we began another year. Now realizing ' ■ the importance of the course which we are pursuing, we predict the very best of a year ' s work, and untold success in our years to follow. ITtstorian. 100 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 101 The First Year Pre-Medical Class OFFICEES Julian H. Lombard President Mark S. Dougerty Vice President Ambrose H. Storck Year Book Beprescnialivr. Daniel D. Warren Historian ilELviLLE AV. Hunter Secretary CLASS BOLL Ghas. H. Bannister Lonnic, La. Charlotte S. Lapeau (Mrs.) -A ew Orleans, La. John D. Bell Pcnsacola, Fla. Henry N. Leopold San Antonio, Texas Omer E. Bradsher Mannaclulce, Ark. Spencer B. McNair McConib, Miss. Cecil W. Brown CohimJiia, La. Preston D. Meaux Cossinade, La. Nicholas B. Colombo New Orleans, La. James M. Miller ...Beaumont, Texas Henry C. Chenatjlt .England, Ark. Virgil L. Mitchell ; Fort Worth, Texas William D. Crews Birmingliam, Ala. David W. Moore Neic Orleans, La. Herman P. D. Curtis Vinton, La. Ira B. Oldham MusTcogee, Olda. Leonard E. Devron New Orleans, La. William Payne Greenville, Miss. William Dudley II Seale, Ala. William L. Perkins Baston, Texas Poster C. Fant Coahoma, Miss. Frank A. Prather JBeeville, Texas Andrew E. C. Fehro Havana, Cuha. Manual M. Eosheesky ,...Neiv Orleans, La. Fred N. Fridge Neio Orleans, La. Julio A. Santos Anasco, Porto Sico Zeblon B. C4RAVES Lneedale, Miss. Thomas M. Sayre Mangliam, La. Henry E. Guerrieeo Monroe, La. Alonzo H. Seitzinger Colorado Springs,Colo. Thaddeus H. Gueymard .Carville, La. Colbert A. Speatling Florence, Ala. Egbert J. Haley II Paragculd, Arl: Hectory F. Uerutta San Antonio, Texas Annie Leska Harris (Miss). .Alexandria, La. Clarence H. Webb :... Lucas, La. George B. HiVRRIs Angleion, Texas Louis M. Weil Houston, Texas Bernard C. Knost Pass Christian, Miss. John I. Williajis -....New Orleans, La. Freshman Pre-Medical Class History The present year ' s Freshman Pre-medieal Chiss brings into Tulane a !i-rou|) of students who can do, and who can show themselves willing to do, as niucli for this institution as any previous student body. The increase in attendance at the University has been felt in the pre-med- ical department equally as much as in other departments. In our class, there are two women and forty-three men — the largest first year pre-medieal class in the liistory of the college. This increase in number of pre-medicals can prob- ably be attributed to the fact that many of the men were inspired to study medicine by what they observed during their enlistment in the various branches of the military service. Tliey saw the importance of adeciuate medical atten- tion, and realized the necessity of coupling medical efficiency with military eifectiveness in order, to have a complete, well organized army of satisfied men. There has been an unprecedented influx of out-of-town men representing most of the Southern States. ] Iany of the students have .just been released from several years of army service, and, for this reason, they have lost the study habit; nevertheless, they liave set themselves to the ta.sk of picking up the threads of their old student life. Since the medical coui-se extends over a period of six years we are not really in the class of ' 23 ; but, we are going to help the present Freshman Arts and " Sciences and Technology cla.sses, might and main, to deserve the right to put their numbers on the tank. Historlvn. 102 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Views on the Campus TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 103 104 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE THE SENIOR CLASS IN PHARMACY CLASS ORGANIZATION L. S. Jackson President Miss L. Burnett „ Vice President W. Nail Secretary and Treasurer Miss C. Cutitto Historian J. B. Bbeazeale Poet J. M. Danneker Assistant Editor Year Book T. W. Garrett Assistant Bnsiness Manager Year Book TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 105 John Bkidges Breazeale . . Meridiem, Mixx. Beta Phi Sigma; Machine Gunner, U. S. N. ; Unclassified, " The missing linlv, " The leaf man of the school, Who loves the gii ' ls, his pipe, a drinli; Class Poet, Philosopher, and Fool. Miss Lela Burnett . . . Piranuiie, Miss. Secretary antl Treasurer (1) ; ' iee Presi- dent (2). She is good at work and good at play. She has won our heart ' s devotion; She is very sweet in every way. But her tongue is in perpetual motion. Miss Catherine Cutitto . New Orleans, La. Class Historian (2). Catherine is good in pharmacy, In botany she is fair; But when we are at chemistry. She is the ' ' Prof ' s ' ' despair. 106 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE John Maktin Danneker . Ni-w Orhana, Lu. President (1); Jambala ya Board (1); Stu- dent Body President (2) ; Student Council (2) ; Inter-department taslset-ball (2) ; As- sistant Editor Year Book ; Instructor in Chemistry and Pharmacy. Of all the Class he is the brightest light, In Chemistry he is always right; His only fault exposed to view, He will wear hose of baby blue. ' J ' homas Eay Edwakds . . Paia(juuld, Art. Beta I ' hi Sigma. Edward joined our class this year, He also made the ' ' Frat ; ' ' He has been honored so that I sadly fear His head has grown too big for his hat. Thomas Whitby Gakket . Ml. TFiUiii( , Ala. Beta Phi Sigma; Football (]); Varsity wrestling (], 2) ; Baseball (2) ; Inter-depart- ment basketball (2); Assistant Business iManager Year Book. Garrett is our man of might, A boxer bold is ho; He goes to see his girl each night. Then comes late for chemistry. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 107 Leslie Sxeed Jackson . . . KcnUcood, La. Beta Phi Sigma; Class Editor (1); Class President (2) ; Inter-departiiieut l;askeil;all (2)- Jaekson " s name is Leslie Sneed, But he is not to blame ; He works and studies and will succeed In spite of such a naii:e. Carl Makcel Lafoxt . . yra- Orleans, La. Beta Phi Sigma; Wrestling (1, 2). He stutters slightly as he speaks, But his friends he ' ll never forget; Chemical knowledge he diligently seeks, But he has not found it vet. Miss Theresa Lambrecht . . Bilo.ci, U ' lss. X ' ice President (1) ; Treasurer Organization of Women Students. Theresa has a jolly smile With neither troubles nor woes; She listens to a lecture for a while And then to sleep she goes. 108 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE William Nail .... Forrest Ciiij, Ark. Beta Phi Sigma; Varsity Baseball (1,2); Secretary and Treasurer (2) ; Inter-depart- , ment basketball (2). He does not smoke, he does not chew, Nor swear, nor roll the dice ; A model man is here presented to you, And the girls say ' ' He ' s awful nice. " Alexander Ford Sasser . . Charloltc, Texas Beta Phi Sigma; Inter-departnient basket- ball (2). A. X ord, a rattling good name With Sasser fixed to the end ; A seeker of knowledge, money, and fame, And to every man a friend. Miss Consuelo Rodriguez Bey . Madrid, Spain Ph.G., Tulane, ' ]9; Glass Secretary, M9; Candidate for Ph.C. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 109 History of the Senior Class As most people say tliat liistory only repeats itself, it would seem egotistical on onr part to declai-e that history did not repeat itself with the Pharmacy Class of 1920. In the vernacnlar of the modern American street we do not conceive of onr heing ' in a class by ourselves, but we do maintain that there are some features of our two years of college life which are somewhat different from tlie characteristics of the many classes that have preceded us. Onr enrollment at the outset was eleven students, and as our university career ends, strange to say, we are again eleven. Great difficulties faced us as we started. Tulane University had, for all practical ijurj oses, become the voluntary property of our National Govern- ment. In the stress of a World War, America had called upon Tulane to help save civilization, and she in response, with her customary enthusiasm and patriotism, appealed to her valiant sons and daughters the instant America ' s cry was heard. How Tulane could best help the Nation in its hour of peril became the prime consideration of her administrators and faculty, and everything else was subordinate to that patriotic duty. The problem as to whether or not the Pharmacy course could be continued without interfering with the military regime in effect at Camp JIartin (this name having replaced that of Tulane University) caused a considerable amount of worry and agitation. On November 11, 1918, the war ended, and with it the military idea that had dominated Tulane for a period of time. The remaining time spent in Col- lege as Juniors was practically uneventful. The roll call at tlie start of our Senior year found two of our former class- mates absent, but there were added to it two others to take their places, socially as well as numerically. The first and only Pharmaceutical College Fraternity at Tulane was estab- lished for the men of the class during the early part of the year. H. C. Richards, our Instructor in Materia Mediea, being the prime factor in making the " Frat " a realization. Happily, our class history was devoid of any internal strife. We pursued the even tenor of our way with everyone enjoying- mutual friendship. Pit par- ties innumerable and " gondoliering " on the lakes of Audubon Park furnished just enough play for each and every one of us to keep Jack or Jill from be- coming a dull boy or girl. The kindly co-operation and good fellowship of the College Authorities played a big ]iart in the success which our class achieved and has aided in filling our hearts with a Tulane spirit that will be everlasting. HiSTORI.VN. no YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Junior Class TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 111 THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS D. S. O ' Shee President J. B. CoMPTON Vice President A. E. lioTARD Secretary and Treasurer A. E. HoTARD Assistant Editor Year Book C. il. Coleman Assistant Business Manager Year Book IN PICTUEE Bailey, W. G. Barber, M. W. Brtson, J. L. Bell, W. O. Burnett, A. C, Jr. Cerda, S., Jr. Matthews, M.B.(Miss) Coleman, C. M. Compton, J. B. DoAK, H. M. Graham. D. E.. .Jr. Henry, S. E. Dreher, E. I. Hebert, J. J. Hotard, A. E. Keaton, I. L. McLean, E. D. O ' Shee, D. S. Eosenthal, it. S. Saiewitz, S. Walsdorf, E. H. Worner, II. D. J. L. Bkyson . . . A. C. Burnett . . Beta Phi Sigma. Wilton 0. Bell . William G. Bailey Miller W. Barber . Beta Phi Sigma. Salvador Cerda . . James B. Compton . . Vice President (2). C ' H.vRLTfN M. Coleman . Beta Phi Sigma. Horace M. Doak . . . Eugene I. Dreher . . . Beta Phi Sigma. David E. Graham . . . Beta Phi Sigm.a ; Kappa Sidney R. Henry . . . CLASS Mt. Willing, Ala. . Picayune, Miss . . Bashiiis, La. . . Belvins, Ark. . Beclcville, Texas . Sivas, Nicaragua . . Meeker, La. . Kosciusko, Miss. DeQiieen, Ark . . Clinton, La. New Orleans, La. Sigma. Morse, La. EOLL Albert E. Hotard . . . New Orleans, La. Beta Phi Sigma; Secretary-Trea.surer (2); Vice President College Pharmacy Student Body. Jacob J. Hebert Berwick, La. Ii.oNS L. Keaton Bogalnsa, La. Beta Phi Sigma. Emerson D. McLean . . . Gloster, Miss. Sigma Alpha Epsilou. Miss Metta B. Matthews . Grosse Tete, La. D. Stafford O ' Shee . . . Alciiandria, La. Beta Phi Sigma; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President (2). IJei J. Rosenthal . . . New Orleans, La. Sam Saiewitz Talhilah, La. Edward H. Walsdorf . . New Orleans, La. Beta Phi Sigma. Urban D. Worner . . . Nerv Orleans, La. Beta Phi Sigma. 112 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Junior Class History Doetorins Brownibiis jxii Doctorius Morganibus ix Doctorius Richardibus oii Doctorius Coeksibus oiv Sig : To be taken as directed. When the session of 1919-20 opened and the Junior Class of Pharmacy had enrolled, Dr. Dyer handed to each student the above prescription, which has proven to be as nice a dose as could be prescribed. The Junior Class is the largest class in recent years enrolled in the School of Pharmacy at Tulane. It qonsists of twenty-one energetic young men and one fair " Desdemona; " they came from all parts of this continent and Algiers. With " Shorty " O ' Shee as our central figure, this class works for one great ideal — ' ' Success. ' ' The ideal student of the mind of one of our Professors has been typified to a great extent by the ma.iority of oiir class. As for punctuality, prompt- ness, and application we are seldom equaled and never excelled. " S|)irit and Application " are the by-words of the class of ' 21. While some i)f the more energetic students are looking for a " valence glass " in their spare time the others are in the Gym or on the athletic field striving for honors in the world of sport. Remember, all ye readers: " Success " is our motto and — Here ' s to all that wish ' 21 well; All the rest can go to join the Dental ranks. A. E. K. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 113 €5 ( 0:: 114 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE THE SENIOR CLASS IN DENTISTRY CLASS OEGANIZATION James D. Noeman President - Joseph L. Marmob Vice President Angel M. Echevarria Secretary and Historian Charles M. Davidson Treasurer James D. Norman Assistant Editor Year Book James L. JIarmor Assistant Business Manager Year Boole History of the Senior Class After our preliminary work in widely scattered colleges and nniversities we have, during the past year, been first welded together in the bonds of a common interest and ambition a ' nd can only regret that our first year at Tulane is also our last. " With one exception, Charles Davidson, we commenced our work at other scliools, but have chosen to receive the coveted D.D.S. at Tulane, believing, in common with other Sons and Daughters of our University, that a degree con- ferred here carries with it the hall-mark of real distinction indelibly impressed by the character of the classes which have preceded us. Bidding farewell to Tulane, Ave, the members of the class of 1920, leave filled with the determination to maintain the high standard set by our pre- decessors ; to uphold the dignity of our profession ; and to keep ever green the fond memories of our Alma Mater. Historian. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 115 James D. Norman .... Alexandria, La. Vanderbilt ; Psi Omega; Class Piesiilent, 20; Assistant Editor Year Book. Joseph L. Marmor .... New 7orli City New York Dental College; Xi Psi Phi; Vice President 20; Assistant Business Manager Y ear Book. 116 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Charles M. Davidson Treasurer ' 20. New Orleans, La. Angel M. Echexabria, Buenos Aires, Argenlina A.B., National College Argentina; Secretary ' 20: Historian ' 20. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 117 118 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Junior Class. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 119 THE JUNIOR CLASS OFPICEES J. H. McKiNNBY President R. U. Fairbanks Vice President W. J. Gill Secretary-Treasurer R. L. Leamon Historian L. W. FoLSE Prophet W. J. Gill - Assistant Editor Year Book L. W. Folse Assistant Business Manager Year Book IN PICTUEE Aakon, a. B. Eios, a. Drayton, J. Patton, B. C. Fairbanks, E. XJ. McKinnet, L. E. Folse, W. L. McKinnet, J. H. Gill, W. J. Leamon, E. L. LeBourgeois, a. L. CLASS EOLL Arthur B. Aaron . . . New York, N. Y. A. L. LeBourgeois . . . New Iberia, La. Xi Psi Phi. Sigma Nu. John Drayton .... New Orleans, La. - , Psi Omega; President Student Body ' 20. OY L. Leamon .... Thornton, Texas „ TT T-, c- -7 T 7 J T Psi OmegE: Historian ' 20. EussEL IT. Fairbanks . Sicily Island, La. ° ' Psi Omega; S.A.A.U. Champion Broad and j h_ McKinney . Sulphur Springs, Texas Hop-Step- Jump; Vice President ' 20. p . q . p g j . t ,30. W. Leonard Folse .... Patterson, La. Psi Omega; Class Historian ' 18; President Louis E. McKinnet . Sulphur Springs, Texas ' 19; Prophet ' 20; Assistant Business Man- vice President ' 19. ager Year Book. ,,, T- r, t;- t B. C. Patton Bells, Tenn. Walter J. Gill Evergreen, La. • Kappa Alpha; Psi Omega; President ' 18; Xi Psi Phi; Secretary-Treasurer 19. Secretary-Treasurer ' 20 ; Assistant Editor Year Book; Inter-Fraternity Basketball Albert de los Eios ' 19. Salta, Argentine BepuMic Junior Class History When the class of nineteen hundred and twenty-one matriculated in the fall of nineteen hundred and seventeen, several States in the Union and also a few foreign countries were represented. We were the first class to begin the four-year course in Dentistry. Our class has achieved no wonderful things, nor has it established any great records, except that of doing less studying, and cutting more classes than any other in the history of Tulane University. We have not looked up the records of attendance of other classes, but we feel certain that in this respect we are nonpareil, and it is foolish for any class to question our record at all. This is a lazy class, just like all the rest. ' So lazy, in fact, that we haven ' t taken the trouble to make any history to speak about. However, we have re- solved to do better next year, to make history, to study enough to get by with a comfortable margin, to never again deliberately leave a final examination without written permission from our Dean, to never again question the sincerity of our instructors, to do our work every day as though we en.joy it. The class has stood together through thick and thin, and will continue to do so, to work as one during all conflicts and trials of our college career. AVe have both strong and weak men, some of which we hope to see stand- ing at the top notch of the Dental Profession and we trust that the future holds success in her grasp for every man in the class. Historian. 120 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 121 obh om D re 122 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Sophomore Class TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 123 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS S. D. Gore ' . President W. H. Ratliff Vice President J. F. Johnston, Jr Secretary-Treasurer E. E. Garcia Assistant Business Blanager Year Book J. P. Johnston, Jr Assistant Editor Year Book I. Isaacson Historian D. A. Robinson Poet Browne and Fontane Colors and Motto Brown, E. J. EOBINSON, D. A. Granata, J. J. EATLiFr, W. H. Isaacson, I. IN PICTUEE Fontane, M. LaFleuk, a. M., Jk. Garcia, E. E. Gore, S. D. Steib, E. C. Yates, E. P. Johnston, J. F., Jr. Bakkemeyer, S. W. Senac W. Barkemeyer CLASS Alexandria, La. ' ' Haug Sorrow, Care will kill a cat. And therefore let ' s be merry. " Edward J. Brown . . . New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Plii ; Delta Sigma Delta; Manager Varsity Baseball ' 20 : Baseball ' 19. ' ' High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy. ' ' Mabel Fontane Moreauville, La. B. A., Louisiana State University; Instruc- tor Dental Biology; Assistant Secretary Dental Faculty; Secretary Woman ' s Or- ganization; Secretary ' 19. ' ' How full of briars is this working-day world. ' ' EuTiQUio E. Garcia . . Carmargo, Mexico Psi Omega; Assistant Business Manager Year Book. ' ' Laugh and the world laughs with you. ' ' Samuel Davis Gore . . New Orleans, La. Psi Omega ; President ' 20 ; Vice President ' 19; Laboratory Assistant Dental Biology. " Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind. " Joseph John Granata . . . Berwick, io. " He that has patience may compass anything. " EOLL Irwin Isaacson .... New Orleans, La. ' ' To procrastinate is to steal. ' ' J. Frank Johnston, Jr., . Galveston, Texas Psi Omega; President ' 19; Secretary-Treas- urer ' 20; Assistant Editor Year Book; Dor- mitory Committee ' 18- ' 20; Texas Club. " The pen is mightier than the sword. " AiBERT M. LaFleur, Jr. . Ville Platte, La. Psi Omega. " Ambition is not a voice of little people. " Walter H. Eatlipf . . . Slaughter, La. Psi Omega; Vice President ' 20. " A lion among the ladies is a most dreadful thing. ' ' Davis Ashton Eobinson . Eagle Lalce, Texas Delta Sigma Phi; Texas Club. ' ' But to know him, unlocks a better clime. ' ' Eoland C. Steib Vaelierie, La. ' ' A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. ' ' Eugene P. Yates Philadelphia, Miss. ' ' Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice. " 124 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Sophomore Class History " Veni, Vidi, Vici, " so quoth the gallant Roman of yore, and in like manner we, Tulane ' s Dental Class of 1922, emerged from our embryonic surroundings in June, 1919, to the second degree in Dentistr} To be sure, our career was somewhat checkered, but with courage undaunt- ed, and by constant application and perseverance, even Chemistry and " Bullo- logieal Whisperings, " were to us but obstacles of small magnitude. Thus it was that we advanced, and technically speaking, Crowned ourselves with success. Filled our minds with knowledge, Ground Dov ' n our Rough Edges; and after carefully Carving and Polishing our aims for the future year, Burred our way across a Non-Removable Bridge, into this, our Sopho- more year. Our Professors have been jubilant ; our answers have been correct and quick, Painful Extraction is a thing of the past. Our precipitous, long, long trail was but a trifle. Those who were socially inclined gladly cast aside these things of minor importance so as to achieve the highest summit, namely — Success. So here we find ourselves with the consensus of opinion that the end of this present Soi homore year will possess no cases of " Fearopassitus. " We are altruistic, and, as often remarked by our Avorthy instructors, no egoism exists in our midst, but on the contrary, a true, keen feeling of frater- nalism binds each member of ,the class. Hence, it is that we expect to Brave the Flames this year again, ever aiming at success and graduation. Irwin Isaacson, Historian. CLASS POEM The Dents of Twenty-Two Half the night is over now, And we have passed the test To worlc until the daylight hour Shall crown our first success. The time of play has passed ns, And all of us must do The things that will progress us To be Dents of Twenty-Two. There are sterner things ahead of us; The work that only men can do; And it will make the men of us That honor the Olive and the Blue. May our ideals never waver From the light that holds us true. To the thoughts that old Tulane Has left the Dents of Twenty-Two. We are ready for the next test That will bring us from the night, And i5ut us on the home-stretch To the hour of dawning light. And once our life ' s work ' s started May its every deed be true, Until from life we ' ve jsarted, And the Dents of Twenty-Two. Davis Ashton Eobinson. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 125 r]Q I IWL V Q ij 126 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The Freshman Class TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 127 THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS P. Talbot President E. E. White Vice President A. L. Crozat (Miss) Secretary-Treasurer C. C. Durham Assistant Editor Year Book R. E. L. Stewart Assistant Business Manager Year Booh IN PIGTUEE ACROSS PAG12 FKOI r LEFT TO RIGHT Bourgeois, F. J. Litton, A. L. Smith, M. L. Bourgeois, J. G. Lima, E. Moore, T. T. BuRTis, J. H. Molina, E. Tison, A. A. Correa, H. a. Eoure, a. M. Thompson, B. W. EosENBAUM, M. L. Robertson, E. J. Young, J. 0. Durham, C. A. Stenson, J. T. Zelenka, E. L. Gause, C. H. Stewart, E. E. L. Lantrip, D. B. Hall, T. N. Talbot, F. Vanza, J. E. Harvey, H. V. Crozat, A. L. (Miss) Cailleteau, 0. E. Kapadia, J. D. White, E. E. CLASS EOLL Julian E. Alvarado . Gitatemala City, C. A. H. G. Piaz .... Gvnlcmnla City, C. A. Xi Psi Phi; Class Basketball Team. David J. Pollock .... Bernice, La. Millard Lee Bland . . Pomt Pleasant, La. _ T _ TT7. •-, j7 T E. J. Eobertson .... Graham, Texai Frank J. Bourgeois . White Castle, La. lass Basketball Team. ■ °Ps1 Omto-a ° ' " ™ ' " ' ■ ' ' " ■ " " ' - " - Meyer Lewis Eosenbaum . Meridia.n, Miss. " ' ' Historian; Masonic Club. .John Harmon Burtis . Franlcston, Texas . „ „. , ■„ t,. Angel Eoure .... Ciales, Porto Sico Otis E. Cailleteau . . . Marksville, La. class Basketball Team. Miguel A. Correa, Jr. . Arecibo, Porto Sico madison Lafayette Smith . Chatom, Ala. Xi Psi Phi; Tau Delta Chi. ,, „ , T E- E. L. Stewart . . . Poplarville, Miss. ANITA Louise Crozat . A ' ew Orleans, La. Assistant Business Manager Year Book. Woman s Organization ; Secretary- 1 reas- " urer ' 20. Jamie Thompson Stinson . Joneshoro, La. Clement C. Durham . . . Winfield, La. Omega. Assistant Editor Year Book; Masonic Club. Forno Talbot Bernice, La. Charles H. Gause . . Long Beach, Miss. ?Jii Kappa Sigma; Class President. Victor N. Hall . . . Collinsville, Ala. William Harry Talbot . . . Eusion, La. Masonic Club. Sigma Nu; Varsity Football. Henry B. Harvey .... Slauqhter, La. Bryan W. Thompson . . . Eudora, Ark. Xi Psi Phi. Jehangir Dossabhoy Kapadia Bonibay, India. Arleigh Aswell Tison . Dry Prong, La. Dewey Bryan Lantrip . . Houllca, Miss. Omega. Xi Psi Phi; Captain Class Basketball. Jacob Raymond Venza . Beaumont, Texas EDWARD Lima . . . Guatamala City, C. A. Class Basketball Team. Amos L. Litton .... Converse, La. Edwin Eugene White . Plaquemine, La. Psi Omega. Theodore T. Moore . . New Orleans, La. Phi Kappa Sigma. James Overton Young . . St. Ease, La. EiCHARD Molina . Guatemala City, C. A. Eudolph Louis Zelenka . . Eouma, La. 128 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Freshman Class History Dear reader, we, being the Freslunan Dental Class, have as yet, but little history. The short weeks we have been a class have not afforded ns opportu- nity. But ere the next few years have passed, and the days of our college associations near an end, we shall have made history— much history. With pardonable pride, permit me please, to state briefly something about our class. The 1919 Freshman Dental Class totals thirty-four; thirty-three of the best fellows in the world and an only co-ed, whose gentle, womanly virtues radiate about us an atmosphere of sweetness and refinement. Quite a few of our number have come from far-off lands, across great oceans; which attests the fact that, to a student, we are possessed of seriousness of purpose and am- bition. We are going to let Tulane have the best there is in us, and in return, receive all she can give. Others say we are the biggest Freshman Dental Class Tulane ever had. It is true, and in addition thereto, we admit we are the best. Historian. A Freshman ' s Idea of His School Tulane University, New Orleans. La. December 1, 1919. Dear Oscar: I got your letter this morning, and I guess you forgot about owing me five bucks. Well, you could give it to me when I come home Christmas, only I ain ' t coming. No, Siree Not since me and j Iary had that bust-up. I ain ' t the kind of a guy to suck around after no girl. Independent, that ' s me all over, eh, Oscar ? The work they have piled on me is awfully hard and scientific, but I guess its worth the trouble. ' Cause after I have finished this dental course, I will at least be able to make a liand to mouth living, and if I happen to have a good ■pull, I ought to mop up. I am taking English, but that ain ' t nothing in my young life — I been talk- ing the stuff since I were a baby. And drawing : I been trying to draw pretty little flowers and birds and things ever since I been here, but the only thing I could ever draw, I reckon, is flies. Biology (bugology is the right name for it) is great stuff; that is provid- ing if you don ' t care what becomes of you no more. You have to look through a microscope and find little bugs. They ' re real cute and some of them are trained. I couldn ' t see them very well at first, but since my imagination has improved, it ' s easy. I ' m so good now, I can tell they ' re there without seeing them — I can hear ' em. But honestly, Oscar, it ' s powerful hard to see them tiny, little bugs these prohibition times. Remember that time we didn ' t even have £io microscope and saw a whole animal parade? But that ' s another storj f eh, Oscar? The thing though what Imocks all the joy out of life is gross anatomy. Imagine a dent having to dissect the whole human carcass — stomach and all. Good gosh! I never dreamed before that teeth had such long roots. There ' s one good thing about it — if a patient ever swallows any of my instruments I ' ll be able to get ' em out and not lose anything. Along with all this I am taking dentistry. There is dental anatomy, pros- thetic work and a whole fioek of things. [ won ' t mention them all Jiere. They ' re too teeknickel for you to understand. I ' d write more but I ain ' t feeling well since the other night when I had to take a hair brush and show a bunch of sophs who was boss in this dormitoiy. Since then I feel a whole lot more comfortable when I stand up. Yours long as school keeps. Capers. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 129 PR it Rnia $ nnnnnnnnnnnnnnr i- V i. L rv ru L u t v. n. i- 1 n re 130 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Alpha Epsilon Iota Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 131 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA FRATERNITY Founded, ITnivpisity of Michigan, Febrnary 26, TS90. MU CHAPTER Instituted 1919 OPFICEES Dr. Maude Loeber Counsellor Dr. Aldea Maher President Dr. M. p. H. Bowden Vice President Miss Lily Dismukb Recording Secretary Miss Melson Barfield Corresponding Secretary Miss Marie Dees Treasurer IN FACULTY Dr. Maude Loeber Dr. Aldea Maher Lilt Dismuke Ethel Marie Drouin Clara Barrett ACTIVE MEMBERS Dr. Maude Loeber Melson Barfield CORINNE EOCQUET Goldie Ham Dr. M. p. H. Bowden Marie Byrd Dees Kate Savage Sethelle Biles AFFILIATE MEMBER Cora Zetta Corpening Mrs. Oscar Bethea ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Mrs. Irving Hardestt Mrs. Marcus Feingold 132 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 133 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA FRATERNITY Founded, Dartmouth College, 1888 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER lustituted 1903 A. L. Metz, M. Ph. H. B. Gessnek, M.D., A.M. Henry Baton, M.D., A.M. Allen E. Maise, M.D. E. S. Lewis, B.Sc, M.D featres in FACULTATE 0. W. Bethe.v, Ph.G., M.D., F.C.S. J. D. Lewis, M.D. F P. Chillingwokth, M.D. G. S. Holbrook, B.S., M.D. B. R. Henniger, M.D. Marion Souchon, M.D. E. H. Allen G. B. Setzler k. l. gopdon William M. Dixon W. L. Fitzgerald G. E. Knolle W. H. Cook E. N. Haller Wayne Gilder F. B. Blackmar H. McAdoo FRATKES IX UXIVERSITATE S. F. Elder P. H. Donaldson B. E. Maxwell H. J. Williams F. R. Brunot R. W. Wright W. B. Grayson J. P. Shupfield R. McMahon Julian Hawthorne ( ' . L. Bkuner .1. D. Humber Eduar Galloway J. R. Evans W. K. Irwin Jefeerson Southard C. S. Carter T. B. Wilson C. L. Cox T. R. Mellard M. C. Hunt C. O. LoRio C. J. XJssery R. C. Scott 134 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Phi Chi Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 135 PHI CHI FRATERNITY Eastern PoundeJ, University of Vermont, 1889 Southern Founded, Louisville Medical College, 1894 Consolidated, March 3, 1905 OMICRON CHAPTER Instituted 1906 J. B. Elliott, Sk. G. S. Bel S. M. Blackshear Urban Maes J. A. Lanford S. C. Jamison J. F. Dicks A. V. Fkeidrichs J. T. Halset S. M. D. Clark L. E. DeBuys - FKATKES IN FACULTATE A. C. EusTis V. C. Smith G. K. Logan P. J. Carter C. P. May E. E. Allgeyer J. B. Elliott, Jr. C. J. Miller Joseph Hume M. J. Couret J. M. THrRIXGER W. D. Phillii ' s W. O ' D. Jones L. J. Menville J. D. EivES E. D. Fenner C. C. Bass C. W. Allen W. H. Harris Henry Daspit E. L. King A. H. Gladden, Jr. I. M. Gage C. I. Johnson W. P. Gardiner J. L. Taylor, Jr. F. E. LeJeune E. D. Thorpe M. S. Whiteside J. M. Freke F. C. Wilson G. G. WooDRurr Homer Blincoe H. E. Unsworth T. J. Anderson W. E. Brewster E. E. Campbell E. M. Pool S. J. Phillips W. K. Lloyd FEATEES IN UNIVEESITATE J. J. Carter H. Macheca H. A. Miller J. H. Cassity S. P. McIntosh P. E. Gilmer J. V. Howell J. L. Thomas C. M. Cleveland A. P. Durfey, Jr. J. H. Sanderlin E. D. Jackson W. L. McNamara C. E. Walton N. J. Dieffenbach M. York C. E. Abbott, Jr. B. E. GlILESPT D. B. Martinez W. H. McBkide F. W. Harrell E. H. Jones F. L. Cato, Jr. P. M. T. Tankersley J. E. Horn J. G. Palmer B. H. Denman W. H. Pierce W. D. Stickley M. D. Hargrove J. E. Eichardson Edmond Souchon, 2nd E. L. Kennedy B. E. Bookout 136 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Phi Beta Pi Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 137 PHI BETA PI FRATERNITY .Founded, Western Pennsylvania Medical College, ]89i ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Instituted 1907 M. E.vKL Brown, M.D. Alfred A. Keller, M.D. HCMER DuiUY, M.D. FEATEES IN FACULTATE J. Frank Points, M.D. E. M. Blakelt, M.D. Jay T. Nix, M.D. J. J. Irwin, M. D. Sidney F. Brand, M.D. H. W. E. Walthers, M.D. Val Fuciis. M. D. F. J. Savoy L. B. Long Sam Jaeggli E. E. Aycock L. M. Patton FEATEES IN FNIVEESITATE E. P. Terrell .1. D. Gladney T. S. Love D. A. Russell S. L. Calhoun M. H. Bennett A. E. Morgan H. A. FoLSE W. W. Walker E. W. TOWNSEND N. H. Coats 138 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 139 4 B % ' M ' " T l0% m nj IxJ ' a! Um p w NU SIGMA NU FRATERNITY Pouiulcil, University of ilichigau, 1882 BETA IOTA CHAPTER lustituted 1910 House, 6325 S. Franklin FEATEES IN PACULTATE De. Eudolh Matas Dr. Irving Hakdesty Dr. Charles W. Ddval Dr. Clyde Lynch Dr. John Smyth Db. Waldemae Metz De. Octave C. Cassegrain Dr. Charles J. Bloom Dr. Charles Eshleman Dr. Covington H. Sharpe P. H. Jones T. P. Sparks E. J. Field S. E. Field I. M. Gravlee E. H. Lineield J. A. K. BUtCHETT B. A. COLQMB " ■ A. ViDKINE W. E. May L. J. BlE.NVENU FEATEES IN UNIVEESITATE J. J. Armstrong H. Feobisher J. E. Mitchell A. B. WlLBER H. E. Farmer E. S. Egberts D. J. Farley G. G. Brown T. P. Frizzell C. C. EUDOLPH K. A. Morris .1. J. liORTON P. M. GlKARD H. O. COLOMB V. Payne L. H. Scott W. B. KiLLINGER G. B. Grant Harry McCuistion (Pledge) O. BlENVENU (Pledge) 140 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Phi ALPHii. Sigma Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 141 PHI ALPHA SIGMA FRATERNITY Fonii.leil Belleviie Hospital, Xew York, X. Y., 1S86 Iiieoiporated 1906 Instituted 1917 ALUMNI MEMBERS Dr. Arthur Caire Db. Oliver F. Erkst Dr. M. David Haspel Dr. p. GBAFriGNiNO Dr. Eigney D ' Aunoy Dr. Jonas W. Rosenthal Dr. Geo. J. DeReyna Dr. Joseph Menendez Dr. Anthony Menendez Dr. W. .J. Bendel Dr. a. Antltro Y ' znaga J. C. RODICK R. Estevez J. Croce FRATRES IN UNIVER.SITATE H. O. Ernst W. L. Blum E. A. Davidson J. W. Rosenthal I. W. Rosenthal 142 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE S. 1 - " wjSSfe Mu Alpha Mu Frateknitt TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 143 MU ALPHA MU FRATERNITY Foiiiideil, Tiilanp T ' liiveisity nf Louisiana, 1919 ALPHA CHAPTER Joseph Sicoma Frank L. Loeia FRATEES IN UNIVEESITATE Sam V. Granata Frank Gallo James J. Bap.on 144 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Cm Zeta Chi Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 145 CHI ZETA CHI FRATERNITY Poundedj University of Georgia, October 14, 1903 MU CHAPTER Instituted lOOfi PRATER IN FACULTATE Dr. W. a. Love E. L. Armstrong M. 0. Miller W S Martin E. M. LiTTELL D. P. Proctor W E Jones G. C. Battalora T. A. Pears A. B. Harvey A. L. Smith C. J. Mouton J. E. Jones FEATRES IN UNIVEESITATE P. E. Demeritt C. V. Johnson H. D. Ogden, Jr. J. E. Hawkins J. B. Eateau Sam Hobson O. W. Britt E. E. MOSELEY E. E. Henderson Carl Ledbetter C. " W. .lONES E. L. Zander H. .T. Battalora C. H. Lutterloh A. Matorelle J. E. Bell E. O. Eussell P. D. Kennary D. L. Kerlin A. D. Tisdale J. M. Lyle H. J. MixoN E. L. Gordon H. Seal H. L. Yates 146 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE I ' m Kiio Sigma Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 147 PHI RHO SIGMA FRATERNITY Founded, Chicago Medical College, October 31, 1890 DELTA OMICRON ALPHA CHAPTER Instituted 191S Dr. Ct. K. Pratt Dr. J. R. Hume Dr. Ecger Mailhes Dr. H. T. Simon Dr. E. B. Harrison FEATEES IN FACULTATE Dr. a. Henriques Dr. L. Y. Lopez Db. E. a. Strong Dr. p. L. Querens Dr. J, F. Murphy Dr. L. a. Hebert Dr. 6. H. Hauser Dr. J. Murphy Dr. E. C. Voss FEATEES IX rXIVEESITATE J. M. Moore E. A. SOCOLA E. S. Garrett S. E. Teague H. A. Stafford A. L. Adam 0. C. ElGBY W . A. Wagner C. E. Granberry S. B. Woodward E. E. Delahoussaye J. M. Smith L. M. GoocH J. M. Boggan F. L. Jaubert s. B. Davis C. J. WiCHSER G. K. Avent F. A. Blanchard H. .J. French M. P. Meisenheiiier T. L. Bexnett H. W. Williamson B. E. Howell J. M. Biggart .1. A. Fleetwood J. M. Griffin F. W. Durman E. L. Merilh W. L. Willis F. B. Bass C. .7. Ball 148 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Kappa Psi Pkaternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 149 KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY Founded May 30, 3S79 PI CHAPTER W. M. BUTTERWORTH, M.D. F. M. Johns, M.D. W. H. Seeman, M.D. T. J. KiNBERGER, M.D. Edmuxd Moss, M. D. FBATEES IN FACULTATE .r. E. Landry, M.D. H. E. Menage, M.D. P. A. McIlhennt, M.D. P. G. LaCroix, M.D. S. Bernard, M.D. J. S. Fernandez, M.D. C. H. Voss, M.D. •James P. ' Kelly, M.D. Thos. B. Sellers, M.D. O. T. Christopher L. M. EoziER W. T. Simpson F. PUCKETT H. T. QuiNN S. M. Wainright C. L. Brown G. W. Heath Earl Harris C. F. Lewis J. A. Crockett FEATEES IX UNIVEESITATE 0. I. Lothrop B. W. Whitfield E. L. Bowlin H. P. Harris H. C. Magee M. .J. DUFEY ' L. D. Gremillion i. c. huggins D. S. Marsailis E. J. Young P. Crutsinger L. M. Sanders J. H. Stiles i. j. boulet Fred Adams Maurice Lescale .John Neelt C. M. Warner C. G. Garrett Lapsley Dodd K. C. Eeese J. T. Sanders J. A. Colclough 150 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Beta P ' hi Swma Fkateknity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 151 BETA PHI SIGMA FRATERNITY Founded 1878 DELTA CHAPTER Instituted 1919 FRATEES IN FACULTATE Oscar W. Bethea, Ph.G., JI.D. Frank W. Morgan, Pharm.D. George S. Brown, M.Ph., JI.D. Henry C. Eichards, B.S., Ph.G. Edward H. Wal.sdorf T. E. Edwards C. M. Lafont M. W. Barker W. O. Bell E. H. Walsdorf, Jr. U. D. WOKNER H. M. DoAK PEATEES IN UNIVEESITATE A. C. Burnett, Jr. -L. S. Jackson W. Nail T. W. Garrett A. P. Sasser D. S. O ' Shee J. M. Danneker J. B. Breazeale D. E. Graham, Jr. E. Dreher C. M. Coleman A. E. Hctard I. L. Keaton 152 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Psi Omega Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 153 PSI OMEGA FRATERNITY Fouiideil, Baltimore Cullegc uf Dental Surgery, 1892 BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Dr. Wallace Wood Dr. Geo. B. Crozat De. J. E. Chenet Dr. E. L. Foktier Dr. E. B. Ducasse EEATEES IN PACULTATE Dr. .]. M. Garcia Dr. C. N. Gibbons Dr. B. L. Gore Dr. W. C. Hava Dr. Alfred A. Leefe Dr. a. C. Meynier Dr. H. M. Nolan Dr. C. J. Trappey Dr. Eoy W. AVhite Dr. J. H. QuiNius J. D. Norman W. L. Eolse E. L. Leamon J. Drayton E. Fairbanks FKATEES in I ' NIVEESITATE S. D. Gore J. F. Johnston J. H. McKlNNEY W. H. Eatlim ' E. E. Garcia J. T. Stinson W. J. Gill A. M. LaFleur J. G. Bourgeois A. A. Tyson E. E. White 154 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Xi Psi Phi Fraternity TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 155 XiJIsijrht XI PSI PHI FRATERNITY Fouudeil, Auu Arbor, ilichigaii, April 4, JSS9 FEATEE HONOEAEIUS James L. Arroto FEATEES IN UNIVEESITATE A. B. Aaron " B. W. Thompson B. C. Patton J. L. Marmor M. A. Corbea D. B. Lantrip E. E. L. Stewart 156 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE STARS AND BARS SOCIETY THE CEEED OF THE STAES AND BARS SOCIETY rounded at Tulane Universityj 1907. We believe in the tenets of abiding truth which is the guiding star of our Order. We believe in the helping hand which is the bar which binds us in our calling. We believe in the unity of service to one another which lends to the wearj ' a word of cheer, to the poor a portion of our share, to theweak a meed of pity, to the stricken a voice of comfort, to the old a memory of youth and to the wayfarer a help along to the journey ' s end. Our emblem will always be an inspiration to duty, remembering it stands for excellence in all things, purity of purpose and honesty of method and effort, with the blessing of an Alma Mater upon each who wears her badge of honor. May our lives lie among the stars which light the way to the great mystery and may we so live that when we reach the end of the road we may find the veil, which parted leads to the heights of everlasting peace. Sic ad Astra! OFFICERS Dr. Isadore Dyer President Dr. Foster M. Johns Vice President Dr. H. rold Bloom Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY AND ALUMNI MEMBERS De. Carrol W. Allen Dr. Wm. C. Butterwokth Dr. John T. Halsey Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. Frederick W. Parham Dr. Herman B. Gessner Dr. Charles G. Bass Dr. John B. Elliott, Jr. Dr. Isaac I. Lemann Dr. A. L. Metz Dr. Creighton Wellman Dr. Urban Maes Dr. Chas. W. Duval Dr. Allen C. Eustis Dr. Randolph Lyons Dr. C. J. Miller Dr. M. Feingold Dr. 0. W. Bethea J. C. Brunek Olin W. Moss Theo. a. Juno, Jr. ELECTED FROM THE CLASS OP 1920 Felix E. Brunot W. P. Gardiner Jules B. Rateau Bryan W. Whitheld Clifeord U. Johnson Philip H. Jones, Jr. Frank C. Wilson TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 1S7 ' A tos A tAtlv T0U5 oAyovlTttT OMEGA ALPHA ALPHA Honorary Fraternity Foimdeil bj ' W. W. Root, M.D., at the University of Illinois in 1002 OFFICERS Dr. Marcus Feingold Counsellor Mr. Clyde Bruner President Mr. Philip Jones Vice President Dr. Aldea Maher Secretary-Treasurer IN FACULTY Dr. Carroll W. Allen Dr. W. E. G.vrrey Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. C. C. Bass Dr. J. T. Halsey Dr. Maude Loeber Dr. Chas. W. Duval Dr. Irving Hardesty Dr. .J. D. Weis Dr. M. Feingold Dr. F. W. Parham MEMBERS 1914 Dr. E. M. Levy Dr. E. L. Faust Dr. C. W. Arrendell - J- H. Park Dr. A. C. Gage Dr. W. O. Calloway Dr. Samuel Weaver Dr. P. C. Copp Dr. E. E. Graham Dr. P. P. Salter Dr. Duncan Parham Dr. J. G. McLaurin Dr. M. S. Rosenthal Dr. C. M. Pounders Dr. J. M. Ferret Dr. Dixie McCrossin Dr. p. L. Querens Dr. J. R. Chisholm 1919 Dr. C. C. Randall ■p,„ „, . t ' „„,,„ Dr " E - Arf f Dr! l.t M Dr. J. F. Baldwin dr. E. J. Beranger j _ rp " v thite Dr. D. W. Faulk Dr. J. A. ' Deals Dr. a. H. Gladden, .Ir. ' " Dr. H. L. Kitts Dr. p. Y. Donald Dr. E. W. Levy Dr. M. P. H. Bowdex Dr. a. B. McKee Dr. W. R. Eidson Dr. B. S. Clay Dr. E. W. Humphreys Dr. J. M. Singleton Dr. T. L. Rennie Dr. W. B. Terhune Dr. C. W. Barrier Dr. Ben Manpioep Dr. C. K. Townsend Dr. E. D. Hardin Dr. Dorp Bean Dr. G. H. Hauser Dr. .1. C. Menendez Dr. W. R. Holladay Dr. I. M. Tucker Dr. J. W. Rosenthal Dr. C. M. Baker Dr. p. a. Taylor Dr. D. N. Silverman Dr. J. T. Cappel Dr. I. M. Gage ' 1920 Dr. J. W. Butts t p r„,,„™ DR. G. B. Collier 19 8 i- ±JZf ,„-,„ Dr. J. D. Rives O. W. Moss ■ ' Dr. T. N. Black F. R. Brunot Dr. Wilmer Baker Dr. Harold Bloom J B Rate u Dr. Ben.t. Bashinski Dr. R. H. Potts W. P G rdiner Dr. a. F. Hebert Dr. P. C. Hava 158 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 1902 — Alpha of Illinois University of 111. 1902 — Beta of Illinois Univ. of Chicago 1903 — Gamma of Illinois..Northwestern Univ. 1903— Alpha of Ohio Western Ees. Univ. 1903 — Alpha of Pennsylvania.... Jeff. Med. Col. 1903 — Beta of Pennsylvania.. ..Univ. of Penn. 190.5 — Alpha of Missouri....Washington Univ. 1906— Alpha of Mass Harvard Uuniv. 1906— Alpha of California Univ. of Calif. 1906 — Alpha of Maryland Johns Hopkins 1906 — Alpha of Ontario Univ. of Toronto 1919 — Alpha of Virginia.. ..Univ. of Virginia CHAPTERS In Order of Establishment 1907 — Alpha of New York Colubia Univ. 1907 — Alpha of Michigan Univ. of Mich. 1908 — Alpha of Minnesota Univ. of Minn. 1910— Beta of New York Cornell Univ. 191] — Gamma of New York.... Syracuse Univ. 1911— Alpha of Quebec McGill Univ. 1914— Alpha of Nebraska Univ. of Neb. 1914 — Alpha of Louisiana Tulane Univ. 1916 — Beta of Ohio Univ. of Cincinnati 1916 — Gamma of Penn Univ. of Pittsburg 1916 — Alpha of Indiana Indiana Univ. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 159 160 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 161 MEDICAL WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION OF TULANE UNIVERSITY Founded Xovemter lo, T915 PURPOSE The establislinient of high standard scholarship, loyalt} ' , fellowship, and proteetion for women students of medicine at Tulane and for graduates from the Tulane School of Medicine CHAETEE MEMBEES Dr. Elizabeth Bass Dr. Margaret P. H. Bowden Dk. Ccra Zetta Corpenixg Miss Constaxce Stoddard Miss Edith Barrett Dr. Linda Coleman Dr. Aldea Maher OFFICEES LiT.T L YLE DisM UKE _ Presiclen t Ethel ] Iarie Drouin Vice President Mabbe Byed Dees Secretary Melson Baepield Treasurer ADVISOR Dr. Elizabeth Bass ASSOCIATE MEMBER Dr. Maude Loebeb ALUMNAE MEMBEES Dr. Margaret P. H. Bowdex Dr. Ccra Zetta Corpexing Dr. Aldea Maher Dr. Lixda Coleman Dr. Nell Ford ACTIVE MEMBEES Melscx Barfield, ' 21 Lilt Ltle Dismuke, ' 21 Mary Gcorvitch, ' 22 CoRiNNE Marie Eccquet, ' 22 Clara Bixns Barxett, ' 2.3 Goldie Suttle Ham, ' 23 Mart Batmcnd, ' 23 Hazel Mat Brctles, ' 24 Annie Leska Harris, ' 25 M.iRiE Btrd Dees, ' 21 Ethel Marie Drouin, ' 21 Helen Elizabeth Hinton Kate Savage, ' 22 Sethelle Phedre Biles, ' 23 Mrs. Sara Edna Huckabt, ' 23 Irma Emma Scott, ' 23 Marie Dannenbauer, ' 24 Mrs. Charlotte Sullivan Lape.au, ' 25 162 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Arkansas Club TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 163 ARKANSAS CLUB OFFICEES W. Nicholas York President IIosEA W. il.cADOO Vice President Geo. Byrox Setzi.er.. Secretary Charles R. Walton Assistant Sccreianj C ' UKTis W. Jones William Nail David P. Prcctor Charles H. Lutterlch M. XicHOLAS York Wm. B. Grayscn Joe H. Sanderlin MEMBEES Geo. Byrcx Setzler Charles E. Waltox Arthlie L. Smith EoscoE D. Jacksox Paul E. Johnson Ernest W. To yxsexd HOSEA W. McAdoo Harry X. Coats Erxest p. Terrell Joe F. Shufpield Blax E. Maxwell Horace M. Doak H. B. Alsobrook J. S. Southard INTEENES Dr. W. S. Crawford. Charity Hospital. Dr. H.vrry E. Mukry, Touro Infirmary. Dr. James Dillman, Presbyterian Hoi-pital. Dr. Egbert B. Walker, Charity Hospital. Dr. J. C. Wilson, Charity Hospital. 164 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Mississippi Chib TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 165 MISSISSIPPI CLUB OFPICEES Owen C. Rigby President William Walker : Vice President Marie Byrd Dees Secretary-Treasurer J. J. Armstrong J. K. A TSNT Miss Sethelle Biles J. A. K. BiRCHETT J. M. BOGGAN J. p. BiGGAKT E. L. BowLiN T. L. Bennett J. J. Carter C. L. Cox J. B. Davis A. P. DUKFEY H. B. Farmer R. J. Field S. E. Field H. D. Garcia Dr. S. E. Bethea, Touro Infirmary. Dr. R. B. Davis, Charity Hospital. Dk. W. E. Holladay, Toiiro Infirma Dr. p. D. Hollow ay, Touro lulirmar MEMBERS C. E. Granberry ' J. M. Smith J. M. Griffin T. P. Sparks I. M. Gravlee A. D. Tisdale Miss G. S. Ham T. B. Wilson W. W. Walker S. B. Woodward Miss Marie Byrd Dees E. B. Turnage A. B. Harvey W. Willis H. E. HiNTON G.. B. Baylis 0. C. Rigby B. BOOKOUT S. HOBSON L. Breland I. HUGGINS J. M. Davidson J. M. Kittrell Z. B. Graves E. H. LiNFIELD J. W. Jackson S. 0. MOSELEY E. H. Jones W. R. May S. McNiER S. E. Mellard V. Payne Dr. J. 0. Lowe, , Charity Hospital. Dr. H. C. McLeod, Touro Infirmary. ly- Dr. A. M . PowE, Charity Hospital. ■y- Dr. A. Taylor, Charity Hospital. 166 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Texas Club TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 167 TEXAS CLUB OFFICERS C. L. Brown I ' remlc ii t F. Adams Vice Preside ii t P. Ceutsinger Secretarij-Treasurcr T. A. Fears- ' ... Sergennf-al-Aniis ( ' . M. W. KXER v . S. M. ET1N J. M. MCORE J. B. Eateau J. E. Mitchell T. S. Love Fred Adams E. ' VRL Jones B. H. Dbnman J. A. Crockett P. B. Kennary J. N. BURDETT MEMBEES Jfiix A. Hart C. L. Brown J. H. Stiles Sam Jaeggli M. H. Bennett J. D. Simpson Paul Crutsinger T. M. Burke J. M. Lyle Guy Knolle G. B. Grant K. H. Allen KcY K. Henderson F. J ' UCKETT D. A. EUSSELL T. A. Pears Earle Harris O. T. Christoiter .1. C. Allen J. F. Johnston, Jr. D. A. Bcbinscn J. H. McKinney L. E. McKinney E. L. Leamon INTEENES Dr. J. E. BussEY Dr. R. a. Hale, Ur. H. L. McLaurin Dk. B. MANiicFr Dr. J. B. Martin Dr. p. T. Xeely 168 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Alabama Club TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 169 ALABAMA CLUB OPFICEES G. 6. Woodruff F resident W. E. Jones Vice President B. R. Campbell ! Secretary-Treasurer E. E. GiLLESPY O. W. Bkitt J. B. Whitaker W. E. Jones E. 0. EUSSELL M. C. Hunt W. S. Fitzgerald J. G. Palmer C. J. Abbott Felix Tankeesley J. S. Carlisle E. S. Garrett Guy Heath E. H. Edwards MEMBEES J. E. Horn Edward Haller W. H. Gordon W. T. Simpson Miss Melson Barmeld Thos. Sims J. D. Burkhead W. K. Lloyd li. P. Harris J. T. Sanders J. L. Thomas S. W. Wainright Dr. T. B. Sellers C. P. Lewis L. M. Sanders G. G. Woodruff J. V. Howell B. W. Whitfield C. I. Johnson M. S. Whiteside C. J. Ussery P. C. Wilson Way ' ne Gilder E. E. Campbell Herman Seal J. L. Taylor T. J. Anderson L. M. EoziEB 170 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOLO JVIEDICINE Club Hispano-Amerioaxo TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 171 CLUB HISPANO - AMERICANO Oigaiiizeil Dfeenibor 15, 1918, by Spanisli-Aiiieiieau ytudeiits of Tiilane Medical College OFFICEES Ralph Estevez President Ignacio E. Peon Vice President Herminio D. Garcia Secretary L. C. Peieto Treasurer EUTIQUIO E. Gakcia m. a. cokeea Miss Consuelo Rodriguez Key H. D. Garcia L. C. Prieto Ealph Estevez MEMBEES 1. E. Peon Edward Lima Atilo Fung y Pigueeoa A. DE LOS Eios Angel M. Echevarria .1. E. Alvarado Salvador Cerda Pedro Mahtinez EicARDO Molina Antonio Muniz A. EOURE Mariano Salazar A. I ' krutia 172 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE THE TULANE MASONIC CLUB OFFICEES D. K. Graham President C. P. Lewis Vice President J. E. Bell Secretary H. A. Miller Treasurer P. E . Johnson Conductor Dk. E. S. Crichlow Dr. C. W. Duval D. T. Layman EOLL HONOEAEY AND FACULTY MEMBEES T. C. Lyon Db. a. L. Metz Mr. Shafpnit Dr. C. H. Voss Dr. T. B. Sellers ACTIVE MEMBEES W. T. Abadie T. 1. Anderson T. S. Bennett J. M. BCGGAN J. li. Bell E. C. Bauer W. G. Bailey C. L. Brown P. E. Brown Paul Crtjtsinger C. Q. Durham E. H. Edwards E. S. Garrett, Jr. D. E. Graham S. W. Galloway w, . B. Grayson V. N . Hall G. W. Heath P. E. Johnson w . H. Johnson w . W. Jordan C. P. Lewis E. H. Lin FIELD E. W. LiTTELL Judge Lyle C. H. Luttekloh H. A. Miller E. H. Mann E. S. Egberts M. L. Eosenbaum J. D. Simpson J. M. Smith C. E. Walker J. E. Whitaker H. J. Williams A. B. Wilder TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 173 YEAR BOOK-SCHOOl MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 175 176 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE o s X TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 177 CHARITY HOSPITAL INTERNES Claude M. Baker M.D., Tnlane ' 19; A.O.A.; Stars and Bars. Louis Blumberg A.B., Yale ' 17; M.D. Victor C ' eealu M.D., Tnlane ' 10. Bernie S. Clay M.D., Tulane ' 19; D.YM., Auburn ' 12; A.O.A. ; Stars and Bars ; Kappa Delta Phi. W. S. Crawford M.D., Tulane ' 19. EussELL B. Davis M.D., Tulane ' 19. Jules E. Dupuy M.D., Tulane ' 19. R. B. Ehlinger M.D., Tulane ' 19: B.S., Texas A. and M.; Admitting Officer Charity Hospital. Francis C. Hava M.D., Tulane ' 18; A.O.A. ; Stars and Bars. Arthur A. Hobbs, Jr. M.D., Tulane ' 19 ; A.B., Louisiana State. Emiiet L. Irwin M.D., Tulane ' IT; A.B., Louisiana State. E. A. D. Jones M.D., University of Louisville ' 98. W. W. Knipmeyer M.D., Washington ' 19; A.B., Missouri ' 17. EicHARD S. Kramer M.D., Tulane ' 19. James O. Lowe M.D., Tulane ' 19; B.S., Mississippi ' 17. Shirley C. Lyons M.D., Tnlane ' 19. Ben Manhcpp M.D., Tulane ' 19; A.O.A.; Stars and Bars; Vice President Intern. Corps.. Hugh L. McLaurin , ' . . M.D., Tulane ' 19. : ■ John G. McGuire M.D., Tulane ' 19. J. Searcy Parker M.D., Tnlane ' 19; B.S.; ' Alabama. E. Stanley Peterman M.D., Tulane ' IS. Alexander McKee Powe M.D., Louisville; B.S., Mississippi. Ben p. Smith M.D., Tnlane ' 19; A.B., Missouri ' 17. Archie Taylor M.D., Tulane ' 19; B.S., Mississippi ' 17. Albert E. Thomas M.D., Tnlane ' 19; Secretary-Treasurer In- terne Corps. Egbert B. Wallace M.D., Tulane ' 19; B.S., Tulane ' 17. President Interne Egbert B. Walker M.D., Arkansas ' 17; Corps. John C. Wilson M.D., Tulane ' 19. J. H. Winn M.D., Vanderbilt ' 16. Irving .J. Wolff M.D., Tulane ' 19; A.B., Louisiana State ' 14. William H. Wynn M.D., Tnlane ' 16. 178 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE o w o w J-l a w w 2; TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 179 Uptown Laboratories 180 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE A Brief History of Charity Hospital The hospital is 118 years old. having celebrated its centennial or diamond jidnlee on December 9, 1911. The First Hospital Founded by a sailor, Jean Louis, who dying in New Orleans in 1723, left a legacy of twelve thousand lire (about $4000.00) to found a hospital for the poor, during Bienville ' s administration. This was an old residence, a wooden structure situated on North Rampart street, between Touloiise and St. Peter streets. Destroyed by hurricane in 1779, fifty-nine years after it had been founded. The Second Hospital. Was erected during the Spanish domination and wa.s built at the expense of Don Andres Alinonaster y Roxas, a wealthy and noble Spaniard. This structure was of brick and was completed in 1784, five years after the destruc- tion of the first hospital. It was built on the site of the first hospital at a co.st of $114,000 with an endowment of $1,500 per annum from rental of property on St. Peter street. The administration of the hospital was vested in Don Almonaster and his heirs by authority of the Crown. This hospital was de- stroyed by fire in 1789. The Third Hospital, Was not rebuilt until 1815 — twenty -six years after the fire. A new build- ing was erected by the territofy of Louisiana and occupied the square bounded by Canal, Baronne, Conunon and Dryades streets, which subsequently became the site of the State House and University of Louisiana. (Now Crescent and Tulane Theatres and Grunewald Hotel). The Fourth Hospital. Is the present building, which was erected by the State of Louisiana in 1832 and was modeled after Guy ' s hospital in London. It cost $150,000. The following year, the Sisters of Charity were invited to take charge of its domestic and commercial management. They entered the hospital in 1834 and have been uninterruptedly connected with its administration since, i. e., eighty-five years. The hospital has graduall.y added to its capacity by the erection of various annexes which have been contributed partly by the State, but chiefly through the donations and legacies of several generous benefactors, including among these, the Milliken Memorial for Children. 1898; the Hutchinson Memorial for Nurses, 1901; the Delgado Memorial (surgical pavillion), 1909; the present amphitheater, named after one of the most honored surgeons of this citv. Dr. Albert B. Miles, built in 1895. Since 1832 to 1916, inclusive, the hospital has cared, in 84 years, for 717.050, with a gross mortalit,y in 1916 of 10.19 per cent, and net death rate of 8 per cent. The total number of operations performed in 1916 amounted to 7,541. The capacity of the indoor department wa.s 1195 beds, which accommodated in 1916, 18,651 patients. The daily average is 925 patients, who were cared for at a per capita cost of ninety-two cents in 1916, pr obably the lowest per capita cost in the United States. The accident cases amounted to 16,682 per year. In the outdoor clinics 41,882 patients were treated in 1916, who were given a total of 130,642 con- sultations. With assets in 1832 of $150,000.00, the estimated valuation of the plant in 1911, at the centennial celebration, was placed at $1,600,000.00, probablv $2,000,000.00 today. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 181 TOURO INFIRMARY The hospital was foimded by Judali Touro, who built the Bunker Hill mouumeut in Boston and whose grave is cared for by the State of IMassachu- setts — but whose great memorial lives in the South. It was started in 1854, in a house at Gaiennie and Celeste streets, as a jirivate institution. In 1868, it was transformed into a Jewish hospital and opened to the public, with a capacity of 24 beds, and in 1874 the Gentlemen ' s Hebrew Benevolent Asso- ciation was consolidated Math Touro. Three years later the District Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of B ' nai B ' rith, which to this day remains a loyal supporter of the hospital, ar- ranged with the Touro for the care of sick members. Since that time the in- stitution ' s growth has kept pace with the growth of the city. In 1880 Julius Weis, then president of Touro, directed the raising of a $60,000 fund, and the following year a new building was started on the present site. The old hospital was closed and the new one opened in 1882. The board decided in 1883 to admit non-Jewish patients into the free wards — a policy which continued. Toda.y less than 5 per cent of Touro ' s patients are Jews. ' Touro ' s great out-door clinic has been in operation since 1888. Close to 100,000 treatments are now given annually without charge. During the administration of E. V. Benjamin, who has been president of Touro since 1910, many improvements and additions have been made. The hospital ' s capacity has been increased from 175 to 265 and the social service department has been put into operation. 182 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL The Presbyterian Plospital of today is the direct outgrowth of the New Orleans Training School for Nurses, organized by a small group of public- spirited women in 1889. The site of the original building was St. Joseph Street, and in spite of the inferior location and financial handidcaps this first effort succeeded fairly well. Later on, the same group of women, who were largely responsible for the establishment and success of the Training School, founded, in connection with a number of prominent phj ' sicians, the Woman ' s and Children ' s Hospital. In 1893 bO ' th institutions came under the management of the physicians and became known as the New Orleans Sanitarium and Training School for Nurses. In response to a growing demand upon the new institution removal to a better location became imperative, and the site finally selected was on Caron- delet street between Girod and Julia streets. It progressed and increased rapidly in importance. New buildings were erected as the necessity arose, until in 1910 another change in the direction of the hospital took place, the property was purchased and the old New Orleans Sanitarium and Training School for Nurses became the Presbyterian Plospital, by which name it is known today. The present building is a well-equipped, modern brick structure, contains ninety-six beds, and could serve as a model for medium-sized hospitals. During the past year 5,019 patients were registered, while in the Corinne Casanas Free Clinic, connected with the hospital, nearly eight thousand patients were treated in 1919. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 183 HOTEL DIEU The Hotel Dieu was one of the first private sanitariums erected in the Southland. True to its mission of helping the sick from the year 1859 it has kept pace with medical progress, and when in 1914 its " new wing, " designed by Architect Andry, in collaboration with Dr. ilarion Souchou, was erected at a cost of $200,000.00, this building represented the last word in hospital construction. In ventilation, heating and lighting .systems, with telephonic communica- tions from private rooms and every hall, with bathrooms attached to suites, every possible convenience is furnished the sick and convalescent. The fourth floor is devoted to the surgical department and has six oper- ating rooms, modern in every detail, and affording unsurpassed natural and artificial lighting facilities. With ample provisions for those who cannot pay for such, the Sisters of Charity, in true Vincentian spirit, have and give ac- commodations free to the less fortunate. With a modem X-Ray department in charge of Dr. A. L. Fortier, with its pathological department under the su- pervision of Dr. M. Couret, and with a large staff of visiting surgeons and phy- sicians, the Hotel Dieu stands in the first rank of modern hospital institutions. 184 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE P TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 185 TULANE UNIT— BASE HOSPITAL NO. 24 Ten iiiontb , before America entered the war. the task of organizing and equipping a base hospital had been laid before the first Eed Cross meeting held in New Orleans, in a speech by Dr. llatas, setting forth the program of the Director-General, Col. Jefferson R. Ivean, for co-operation of medical men Avith the Red Cross. In response to this suggestion, Base Hospital No. 24 began to form. Its medical officers were all either members of the teaching staff of the iledical Department of Tulane University, or graduates of that school. The nur.ses and enlisted men came principally from New Orleans and the surrounding countr.y. The funds which provicled for the equipment were raised in New Orleans by the local chapter of the Red Cross. Dr. Rudolph ' Matas, Major, M. R. C, directed and organized the Unit. He appointed Br. J. T. Halsey. with the rank of Captain, acting Adjutant, and Dr. I. I. Lemann, Captain, acting Quartermaster. A. B. Tipping, superin- tendent of Touro Infirmary, was purchasing agent ; Major J. B. Elliott, Jr., As.sistant Director, as well as Chief of the iledical Staff, became Director in June, 1917, when Dr. ilatas found that grave illness in his home would oblige him to relinquish his hope of going with the Unit overseas. By the end of May, 1917, organization of the professional personnel was so nearly complete that enlistments were authorized and by July 15 the ranks were filled. Recruits were sent to Jackson Barracks for organization, where Dr. W. H. Seemann. Captain in the Medical Reserve Corps, took charge of them. After five months of training at Camp Greenleaf, the unit entrained for Cauip Merritt, N. J. The nurses had been mobilized at Ellis Island. All sailed from New York February 16, 1918. The hospital was established in the " Usine Mas-Loubier, " the Haviland china factory. The capacit,y, originally 500 beds, was increased to 650, and by June, 1918, 911 patients had been accommodated at one time; and bj- No- vember, when the armistice was arranged, the hospital had had as many as 1741 at one time. The fact that Tulane was chosen to replace the Yale unit at the important base of Limoges was a notabile recognition of the Southern Corps. Lieutenant Colonel Elliott was appointed group consultant in general medicine for the Bazoilles and Vittel-Contrexeville Hospital Centers; Lieutenant Colonel Slaes was appointed assistant surgical consultant of the First Army Corps, and later of the Second Army. Major Lanford was assigned to duty at the Central Medical Department Laboratory. ] Iajor Halsey was thus made Chief of iled- ical Service in place of Lieutenant Colonel Elliott, Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) Smyth succeeded Major IMaes as Chief of Surgical Service, and Cap- tain Rand became Chief of Laboratory Service in place of Major Lanford. Other promotions and changes were made from time to time. One nurse. Miss Katherine Dent, died June 18, 1918, of broncho-pneumonia. " When the unit returned to New Orleans, April 28, 1919, the Executive Committee of the New Orleans Chapter, American Red Cross, entertained offi- cers, nurses, and personnel at a luncheon in the Grunewald Hotel. St. Clair Adams, as toastmaster, welcomed the men and women who had done so much for suffering humanity. Mayor Martin Behrman, in the name of the people of the city, also welcomed them. Frank B. Hayne recounted the history of the organization, and Dr. Elliott congratulated his fellow-officers, the nurses, and the men wliose patriotic services had contributed so much to the success of the unit in caring for sick and wounded in the areat war. 186 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE J c o I o oi K C TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 187 f l HND HUHO STAFF POEM The woild ' s now old, but likes to laiigh New puns are hard to find. The greatest Editorial Staff Can ' t tickle every miurl. So if you read some old-time joke, Patched up in modern guise, Don ' t fuss and fay the thing ' s a fake, Just laugh — don ' t be too wise. 188 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE tb: " TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 189 THE FINAL VOTE ' Twas in the Doctors ' room that the Profs all gathered, Around a tahle their mouths frothed and lathered, To decide if the Seniors from then should be Each a polished and fiuifhed M. D. There was Dr. Hunie and Old John B. Urban Maes and S. M. D. Smooth-tongued Bel and Bernhardt near And " Piuljy ' ' DeBuys and Fat Blaekshear. There was ' ' Malaria ' ' Bass and ' ' Typhoid ' ' Johns And " Big Boy ' ' Fenner with his derby on, And MoIIhenny, neat and trim, By " Fatty " Newman witli whiskered chin. The meeting had started, the Seniors discussed, Whether they passed or whether they ' d bust. Garrey was mad, Gessner grinning, Gentle " Sis " Hopkins surreptitiously singing. The " Chief " walked in, his goatee twitched. The Dean arose, " Izzy " Cohn ' s palm itched, Hardesty .jumped, made Halsey start, C. Jeff Miller nudged his friend Van Wart. ' ' Flowery ' ' Guthrie fell asleep, " Hard Boy " Eshleman shuffled his feet. Lyons pulled at his mustache thin, Carroll Allen sucked his stomach in. Lueien Landry tied a surgeon ' s knot In ' ' Kid ' ' ' Kelly ' s luxurious locks. " Tubby " Bloom tugged at his underlip While " Brudder " Feingold murmured " isn ' t it. " The Seniors were voted on, all of them piassed, Souchon snoring like one who is gassed. " King " Duval rises in a dignified way, Suggesting plans for Commencement Day. Old " Doc " Belfield shuffles in, But leaves in disgust on account of the din. The discussion was wild but Chillingworth slept, While wise J. A. Lanford snapped at Couret. All business finished in the usual way. Dr. Metz rises and tries hard to say ' That it is time for the end of the tiresome session, A wild stampede follows, the doors broken down By the faculty ' s mad rush for cars into town. The lights are put out, the curtains are furled. And a new bunch of Medics have been thrown on the woiid. B. A. C. 190 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 2 - ' .. i J .. . TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 191 Dr. Miller : How would you make a diagnosis if this patient, spoke Russian ? HowelIj: Call an interpreter, Doctor. CiTRiotis P. G. : Why do they call this the ililes Amphitheater? Grouchy Junior : Because j ' ou are j Iiles away from the Operation. " Now, " said the Nervous old lady to the Druggist: " Are you sure that you have mixed this medicine right ? ' ' " No, Ma ' am, I would not go so far as to say that, but I have mixed it the way the Doctor ordered it. " AND NOW TPIEY CALL HIM " PSEUDO-BRAIN " Dr. Duv.vl (The one and only King) : Mr. Adam, what is the process called by which a leucocyte passes through the wall of a capillary 1 Adam (Sotto Voce) : " Watch me make a ten. " (Then loudly and confi- dentljO : " Phagocytosis, Doctor. " Dr. Halsey: Give the symptoms of aortic regurgitation? FoLSE: Sudden death is one of the most prominent. Doctor. THE MILLENIUM Strong blew the wind — yet quiet was the air ; Dark was the morning, — yet the day was fair, A heavy shade, a murky mist hung like a pall, — The sun was bright, with brilliance lighted all. We shivered, frightened, trembling in the knees, Thermometers stood still at 6 degrees. All gazed, surprised; astoni.shment was there; A sense impending, unaecu.stomed filled the air; Even the clock did stop, as if it found No time to wish to turn itself around. The air was fraught with wonderment enough, Because the Junior Class was quizzed and did not bluff. And all was silence midst that gathering of men For each had answered rightly, and was marked 10. Dr. iliLLER : How does the bony pelvis of the female differ from that of the male ? Macheca : It is a lot prettier. Doctor. A physician found one of his patients sitting in his bath and swallowing a dose of medicine. " What are you doing in there instead of in bed? " inquired the astonished practitioner. The patient quickly responded: " Well, you told me to take the medicine in water an hour after meals, and that ' s what I ' m doing. ' ' 192 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE n . V . - .v... .. V o«. ' 1 III]! j, - tfrj „ „C J,cK,t » T ' O.. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 193 AN INGUINAL TRAGEDY Dramatis Personae: Qiieen lierniri, The Kink of Ileum, Cardinal S.ymp- toms, Poll.y Urea. Scene: The Right Lower Quadrant. Time: The Proper. The Omentum rises, disclosing Queen Ueinia, disguised in Feyer ' s Patches and a Suhmucous coat, seated upon a stool. {Anterior Horns are heard). Enter The Kink of Ileum u-eariug the lioycd Tunica. The Queen: How earnest thou here? The Kink: By the levator, from tlie ventrienlar fold to the pelvie floor, so please Your ila.jesty. The Queen : Thou liest ! When Polly Urea was feeding the ducts I saw thee hiding in the erypt. The Kink: Ach ilein Leilierkuhn. {He staggers against the Internal inller). The Queen: Aha! Thou are the Kink! The Kink : Aye, every inch a Kink. {Seizing a spenuatic cord he stran- gulates her, tying a Gimhernat. As he sloughs away she breaks down and ul- cerates. Cardinal Symptoms rnslies in and reads a Blue Mass). {Omentum Falls). Prop: Young man, I saw you kissing my daughter last night. Student: Yes, and I suppose you notieed how .she struggled. Little Villie from his mirror, Sucked the Mercury all off, Thinking in his childish error, It would cure his whooping cough. At the funeral Willie ' s Mother Smartly said to jMrs. Browu : " ' Twas a chilly day for William " When the Mercury went down. " As J. Birney Says: " The mumps is nothing more than a specific infec- tious febrile disorder characterized by a non-suppurative inflammation of the parotid gland. " Instructor: Name some of the fuels used in Dentistry? Garcia : Alcohol, gas. petroleum, etc. Instructor: Correct, lint who in the h 1 cares to use alcohol for fuel these da,ys? 194 YEAR BOOK — SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TO " RED " NEETjY (Premature ' 20) When ' Ou " ve bats in yonr lielfry that Hut, When your coniprenez vous rope is cut, When there ' s nobody home In the top of your dome Then your head ' s not a head — it ' s a nut. Dr. Tjiuringer: Dot drawing is incorrect. Ratuff: It is ju.st like tile text-boolc, Doctor. Dr. Thuringer: Draw vot you see unter der microscope and not vot is in der book. It isn ' t tlie coiig ' li that carries you off — it ' s the coffin the.y carry you off in. THE DOCTOR IN THE MOVIES Rolls his gauze out on the ground before bandaging the wound, ilakes an infallible diagnosis in two minutes. Arrives in time to pronounce the mother of the poverty-stricken family dead. Wears a frock coat and a Van Dyke. Puts the ear pieces of the stethoscope in the wrong way. Speaks of pregnancy as " her interesting condition. " Never visibly collects a fee. Does his own dispensing. Arrives promptly. Always advises that the patient be sent to a better climate. Always operates on the eye successfully. Two microbes sat on a pantry shelf, And watched with expressions pained, The Milk-maid ' s stnnts And both said at once : " Our relations are going to be strained. " TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 195 A CLINICAL REPORT On a I ' ecent visit to the Charity Hospital I picked up a piece of paper from the tloor of the cliart room. Tlie whole thing was such a puzzle that I showed it to the chart nurse. She tried to suateh the paper in a somewhat rude manner, and when I resisted, she asked me out of the room. On the paper was written in a feminine hand : Symptom.vtologv : Respiration rising to 65 and then suddenly suspended. Face is flushed. There is obviously a subnormal reaction to external stimuli ; a fly on the ear is unnoticed. The auditorj- nerve is anesthetic. There is sway- ing of the body and apparent failure of co-ordination, probably the effect of some disturbance of the semi-circular canals. The hand trembles and she clutches wildly. The hea d is inclined forward as if there was an approach of some object on a level with the shoulders. The mouth stands open and the lips are puckered and damp. Of a sudden there is a sound of deep and labored breathing, suggesting the upward cui ' ve of Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Then comes a pause of forty seconds, followed by a ciuick relaxation of the whole body and a sharp gasp. Diagnosis: One of the Internes had kissed a Nurse. The reason why so many dermatologists are bald is because it takes so long to become a dermatologist. Ask Dr. Dyer. Dr. Williamson: Which cuts his teeth first, a baby fed on l)reast milk or one fed artificially ? Crutsinger: It all depend.s upon the toughness of the food, Doctor. Dr. Duval (The one and only King) : What is the cause of whooping cough ? JMiss Drouin : Bacillus Pertussis. The King: AYho first isolated this bacillus? Miss Drouin: Pertussis himself. In the next ten years the greatest feat Will be the death of the Spirochete. Dr. Cohn : What is catgut ? iliss Barfield : The name signifies. " POP " WRIGHT ' S LAMENT I wish when my whiskers were sown To my chin soil, the seed had been blown To my belfry ' s bald top where I so need a crop To supplant what I once used to own. 196 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TWENTY YEARS AGO Everybody told the truth. Operations were rare. " Bernie " Guthrie couldn ' t palpate. No one swatted the Hy. No one had ever heard of light percussion. Halsey first gave Digitalis. " Chief " didn ' t " incise freely. " " Cancer " Clarke was an Interne. ' Seniors didn ' t read the " Life of Marion Sims. " " Daddy " Metz Avas " Giving ' em Hell. " Lucien Landry was throwin g spit balls in the amphitheater. " Jeff " Miller was answering three A. j L calls. Some people paid the Doctor. " Pedro " didn ' t ride in a Cadillac. " King " Duval was running Wassermans. Prohibition was talked of in a whisper. C. Cassidy Bass knew nothing of ] Ialaria. " Buddie " Hardesty liked Freshmen. The Senior Cla.ss was wearing dresses. Speaking of the determination of sex — it was all settled by an old proverb — " Boys will be boys. " Outdoor Patient to Thacdeus Alvino: Doctor, you told nie to take one pill three times a day. I took it once but couldn ' t get it up again. Cox : May I call tomoi ' row night ? Miss Newcombite : Yes, but they switch off the lights at ten. Cox: Fine, I ' ll be there prompty at ten. Dr. Thukinger: Of what artery is the Femoral a branch ' ? SoucHON : I think it is a branch of Poupart ' s Ligament, Doctor. Goke : How did Isaacson get that scratch on his face ? Johnson: He was looking in the cage behind the Medical Building and one of the monkeys recognized liim as his long lost brother. Seeing a strange Doctor sign a history, " Dr. Clarke and Staff, ' ' Miss Bar- field asked: " Who is that Doctor? " ] Iiss Deouin : Why it nmst be Dr. Staff, because I am sure it is not Dr. Clarke. TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 197 J. M. FRERE IN SOCIETY A dignified Seuior; a formal affair; Good intentions but nothing to wear. Neitlier a dress suit; neither a tux; None of the buttons ; never such luck. " Where were the pumps; Avhere was the vest, The much puzzled Senior was thinking his best, How could he get a dress suit trim. With a high stiff collar to pester his chin? He thought of a business suit; never would do. He thought of a purchase, but not enough glue. He thought of his friends : that was the thing, He had a bright idea ; his head was a-spin. From E. H. Jones the dress suit came. The liard- boiled shirt from his old friend Wayne. He borrowed the studs from 01 in iloss, And Lloyd lent him sox, regretting the loss. He bununed a tie from good Pop Wright. He would look his best on that fateful night. The gloves he could not bum or buy. But he took Stafford ' s pumps that lay close by. All things collected, by a P. G. dressed, Surely this Senior was looking his best. With his bright shiny feet and his neatly combed hair. He would break the fair hearts of all ladies there. He at last wandered out feeling very much dressed, His shirt very white and his suit neatly pressed. Could the ladies resist him; could he make a hit; Not a doubt in his mind — the clothes settled it. B. A. C. 198 YEAR BOOK— SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA 199 J. A. Majors Co. take this opportunity to thank the students of the Medical, Pharmacy and Dental departments for their past valuable patronage and trust to be favored with a continuance of same. Remember we handle all publishers ' books and are in position to supply any Medical Book or Medical Journal in print. 1 301 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS. LA. Over a Century of Service As Watchmakers, Jewelers and Opticians, the house of " Griswold " has for more than a century handled the best work of craftsmen in their line. With a complete stock of Watches, Jewelry and Silverware always on hand we are well qualified to fill all orders intrusted to our care. ESTABLISHED 1817 A. B. Grisv old Co., Ltd. 728 Canal Street, New Orleans, La. THE HIGHEST-GRADE TAILORS in the United States MAKE THE MEN ' S CLOTHES Which it is our privilege TO SELL and your privilege TO BUY 1 GRBATBST STORE SOUTH Established 1866 Incorporated 1897 MANUFACTURERS EXPORTERS IMPORTERS McDermott Surgical Instrument Co. MANUFACTURERS OF Special Surgical Instruments Artificial Limbs Orthopedic Appliances We carry a complete stock of Hospital and Physicians ' Supplies, X-Ray and Laboratory Equipment New Orleans, U. S. A. CATALOGS ON REftUEST Good Clothes TmTS Who Know How to Wear Them OFFICE FURNITURE-Steel and Wood That Will Make You " Proud of Your Office " Designed for the lasers ' requirements anil bnilt for long service. Roll-, Flat Top and Typewriter Desks Tables, Chairs and Wardrobes Filing Cabinets, Safes and Shelving The Southern G-F Company Repie-enliiig THK C.KXKKAI, FIRHPROl IFINC, Co 358 Camp Street, New Orleans, La. Surgical Supply Co., Inc. 1425-1427 Canal Street New Orleans, La. The Radium Institute of New Orleans IN CONNECTION WITH TOURO INFIRMARY DIKECTINC, BOARD Dr. S. M. D. Clark Dr. H. S. Cocram Dr. W. Kohlm.-iiiii Dr. U. Maes Dr. K. D. Martin Dr. R. Matas Dr. F. W. Parham Mr. A. B. Tippins For tlic trcatmait of conditions in zchicli l ic use of Ra dium is indicated All corre-ipontlence sliouM be addressed to the Radiuni Institute. DR. E. C. SAMUEL, A. B. TIPPING, Radio-Therapist Secretarj- Tulane and NeWcomb Students Appreciate Good Merchandise Therefore They Will Find Satisfaction in Shopping at D, H. Holmes Co., Ltd. NEW ORLEANS, LA. Broadway Pharmacy H. C. RICHARDS. Prop. " HURRY UP DELIVERY " Corner Broadw ay and Maple Streets Phones Walnut 103 and Walnut 9133 New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal (INCORPORATING AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL DISEASES AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINES Comprising all the latest in Medicine and Surgery EDITORS Chas. Chassaignac, M. D., Dean Graduate School of Medicine ISADORE Dyer, M. D. , Dean School of Medicine The IDEAL cMedkal Journal for Graduates in Medicine of Talane Uni-versity OFFICE— HUTCHINSON MEMORIAL BUILDING Phone Main 5390 " Best Quality for Less " Audubon Dental Supply Company The Independent Dental Depot 508-510 Audubon Bldg. ' New Orleans. La. Newcomb Pharmacy BROADWAY AND ST. CHARLES Conveniently Located for College Students Courtesy Quality Service Sidney T. Gras DENTAL SUPPLIES 71 MACHECA BLDG. 830 Canal Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. FRAMK B 114 BARONNE NEW ORLEANS. LA. Official Photographer -PHONB J . 1959- «wr WORNER ' S PHARMACY Thus. W. Richardson, IMgr. COR. CANAL AND BOURBON Nerv Orleans PRESCRIPTION PHONE MAIN 3275 OPEN ALL NIGHT Complete Line of Surgical Instruments Physicians Supplies Microscopes and Accessories; full Line of Chemi- cal and Pharmaceutical Apparatus Would Be Pleased to Make Prices on Any List I. L. LYONS COMPANY, Ltd. CAMP AND GRAVIER STREETS NEW ORLEANS, LA. AUGUSTIN BOOK AGENCY 1216 Maison Blanche Building, New Orleans, La. PHONES: Main 5214; Uptown 1067 MEDICAL BOOKS MEDICAL JOURNALS MEDICAL RESEARCH WORK MEDICAL BIBLIOGRAPHIES MEDICAL TYPEWRITING MEDICAL PRINTING THE LATEST AND BEST MEDICAL BOOKS ON HAND Send for Catalogues TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS Located in the choicest residential section of the South ' s leading city, with climatic and other advantages enjoyed by no other institution of equal rank, offers superior instruction in standard college courses, and in Engineering. Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Art, Music, Domestic Science, Household Economy, Commerce and Business Administration. Separate department for women in the Newcomb College. Extensive laboratories, many scholarships in under-graduate colleges for men and women. Board and accommodation in dormitories at low rates. Twenty-four buildings. Campus of loo acres. Full descriptive catalog, or a bulletin of any college sent free upon application. Address The Regis- trar, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. VACHER-BALM NOW PUT UP IN TUBES AS WELL AS JARS A Fowerful fintl rronipt Aiuihiesic Kefrioeratiiu] Antiseptic Harmless and soothing. Useful on mucous surfaces, as well as exterualh ' . Applied in time will abort boils. An excellent dressing for burns. I ' he quickest relief for spasmodic croup. E. W. Vacher, Inc. New Orleans MR. GEORGE AUGIJSTIN who has been connected with the Orleans Parish Medical Society as librarian for nearly twenty years, annonnces the establishment of the Augustin Library of Medical Research Particular attention given to the compiling of medical biVjliographies, medical aljstract work ( English, French, German. Italian, vSpanish), and the editing of manuscripts intended for publication. All work strictly confidential. For the convenience of its patrons, the AUGUSTIN LIBBAKY OF MEDICAL RESEARCH will have in stock the latest and best medical books and journals, which will be sold at catalog prices. Special journals, not found in any other library or bookshop in New Orleans, will be kept on file for reference purposes. This service will be free to our patrons. The Uptown Branch of the AUGUSTIN LIBRARY OF MEDICAL RESEARCH will be located at 1115 Louisiana avenue, near Magazine, where a cozy reading room will be at the service of the ethical medical pro- fession of the State. This being ouh ' a few blocks from Touro Infirniar} ' , will be found quite a convenience to the eminent group of medical men who have their offices near that historic institution and who desire to look up the latest medical literature without having the trouble to take a trip " Downtown " to do so. PHONES: MAIN 5214; UPTOWN 1067 Hours: 9 to 5, and by appointment Sundays, by appointment H. C. Davidson Dental Supplies Dental Laboratory 7th Floor, Maison Blanche NEW ORLEANS, LA. Branch Depot, Hutchinson Building. Shreveport, La. -i- ' l 1,11 ti — 31 ' I HEADQUARTERS For Fine Stationery, Office Equipment and Safes WRITE FOR CATALOG DAMERONPIERSON CO., LTD. Everything for Your Office 400 CAMP ST. NEW ORLEANS Tulane University Press COMMERCIAL AND PERIODICAL PRINTERS - BOOKBINDERS GIBSON HALL Opposite Audubon Park Phone Walnut 82 NEW ORLEANS FIREPROOF »♦ ! II t: ' ! Q;:;l ;: Hotel De Soto ( Ml LLION DOLLAI? HOME ) MeW RLEAN Vlt-llBtMl i COURSES OFFERED AT LOYOLA UNIVERSITY A. Collegiate-Classical Cottrse: A four-year course lead- ing to the Degrees A. B. and A. M. This course offers the best foundation for a business or professional career. B. Collegiate-Scientific Coukse: A four-year course leading lo the Degree B. S. A practical course for the professional student. C. I,AW Course: A three year course leading to the Degree I,L. E. Entire field of law covered, preparing the student for practice not only in Louisiana, but also in common-law States. D. Dental Course; A four-year course leading to the De- gree D. D. S. Thoroughly modern and practical; excellent clinic facilities. E. Pharmacy Course: A two year course leading to the Degree Ph. G. F. Post-Geaduate Medical Course: General and special courses in every branch of medicine and surgery for grad- uate physicians. Courses may be begun at any time. Gr. Wireless Telegraphy Course: A one-year course fit- ting students for position as practical operators. H. Pre-Medical Course; A two-year course in Biology. Bacteriology, Botany. Physics, Chemistry, English and Modern I,anguages. for prospective medical students. I. Day and Night Business Course: Shorthand, Type- writing, Bookkeeping, Business English and Spanish, Commercial I aw. M. School of Commerce .a.nd Fin. nce: Night courses in Accounting. Commercial Law. Salesmanship, Advertising, Spanish and English. Schroeder s Surgeons Supplies Co. INCOBPOKATED 1314 Canal Street New Orleans, La. HEADQUARTERS FOR MICROSCOPES AND MICROSCOPIC ACCESSORIES LABORATORY APPARATUS AND SUPPLIES ELECTRICAL AND X-RAY APPARATUS HOSPITAL EQUIPMENTS MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS OF MECHANICAL ARTIFICIAL ARMS LIGHTWEIGHT ARTIFICIAL LEGS ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS, TRUSSES, ELASTIC HOSIERY AND ORTHOPEDIC APPARATUS Schroeder Supplied Southern Surgeons 30 Years 1314 CANAL STREET TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (Established in 1834) ADMISSION— All students entering the Freshman Class will be required to present credits for two years of college work, which must include Chemistry (General and Organic), Physics and Biology, with their laboratories, and at least one jear in English and one year in a modern foreign language. COMBINED COURSES -Pre medical course of two years is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences, which provides for systematic work leading to the B. S. degree at the end of the second year in the medical course. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY (Established in 1838) The oldest school of pharmacj- in the south-west. Thorough collegiate iustructiou under trained teachers. Two years ' course for degree of Graduate in Pharmacy. Three years ' course for degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist. Women admitted on same terms as men. ADMISSION — Three years of high school, or 12 units. For Catalog and Other luformatiov. Address Dr. ISADORE DYER, Dean p. O. Box 770 New Orleans, La. w y y

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