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 - Class of 1962

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Text from Pages 1 - 296 of the 1962 volume:

f Y' " e. y 41 vNnl-NS-f-N-at L-'A .Janie-+1-u:' --'s-..--L L.-X f-' ef- --- K . 1 ba. 1--'--an f ws x'X 5 w w Qs x m x X a N ' V w ,'. 4- Va-1. K Viv A '1 . .4 'J . x . W yr. VNV, .K , ,, 1 V F K 1 K i f w l TUFTS UNIVERSITY 1962 JUMBO BOOK -.:.::: ..:v,:-..a.44g: i,-.-,1.,...,,,q.. B 1 .12-3a.iap7i3.1-qfyfzrrx, , -7qg-,,,-g-..?f-,-p,-14-,Qw,v7-e,:-u,-,,,,,.,,1..,- .1 N.. Y..,,,,v--.-.V 4-- Rel! 5 I U.. 'I '. s,1 ,Q, -s 1. '-F' ' .I-fsff' ' :IA U. Jia .i i S .N in v 11 af ,f- Y , 6:1 I ' , me 4 l ,- vi- -' "ur ' 'hm 'SQ' Do : '.' im., 3' 'I qi , V? AM Q. i . L. !M . I Q ,vgfm .2 , .1Gr.f!f,u , h ,Q f...,- 0 9 .W,L- -.4 F' A b -+4 - 'Iwi' 'adv ii ' Y ' 15' if . Q 'fx .U 'fm-'.:?IA . ,4..' ' , ', wx gq Q, ' --A - '. - Q"'sf ". '- f " ,. 1 ig! " I" ag ' b 1 WLS 1 2- ' ,fi-' -. . ' - . 3 'I ' , ,. V- S ' ' - ro. , wk , 4 .Yi - 'Q fu-S x :H R bl A -ax: if -' -O," 1-q"'l5 'Q . 1.. Q- xv,--Q. f -' if ywrf +. ' -"2 A sz qty .L-ra. 'N' ' 1 i 'i 'la . .gk X 'qvibul "Lrg: Q 1 ' ' -. Q Q1-' 'P L . . V-8'3" 'I 6 5" , C.. I -V621 1 '. '.' ,L - . yd, .n '-1.g.'fi - .4 ,, bf 4.39 J F.. 5" .1-X, 1, ' Q , ln. I "8xJL Erik JW: xx 'U ' FQ .al ,Ig ',l Jieq 3. .x .ah L.. ! , , . Q 4' tl? urn ' u' Y x 4 . -Vdig 21 -4065.4 5. . v" ,Vj 5 N 4 ,,-p' 4 . -:f,j,5 .v.,Qpv Qztky. U ui, 'fry . ' ' .v ,.,.',-.4 , -1- .-, "- k - ' v'-' .,'.' 1' N f ' .' '.A 1' 1 , ,fc mi.: - 'N-f'::N' .Nq?'!?'- 'wfvav ' '.' Y-31' xt' an Ap 9 S . ' . ' ' 'f. ,': 'T.." " 'P-' A " ,"f "7 ' ' . - J-af , "e,w1 Q .-Q-, -2'r..f ,-r.,.ff - W 7.15. ,yn-Kfmw, , . '..'..'.' CMAQ fn . Q A ff? Q-V K ffz -N QI. l 21?-' 5.11 ff," ' Lx " 3 P I 7131.1 " . ' ' ' if nf fi .gl 5-Lyn Q T if' 4 ' 1!',,' vig -1' t., . ' , .u ' '- 1 '. W- "A ah- -"cn .. :if wh' if .u. T 9 fkIa"'. er J. '. .4 - - " Ps" fav. r1""'- W' uf New-'- X1 -.1 .. 1 . F' ww- : - w 1 auf' ', 1. ,,'7EQ'!'f: . "." fqxi- ' ' ' A ' ' a V .1 ..l,g."f,6x ' . ,.,.-2? - ' ,, ,.7. ' . ., "1" " f.- 'xr ,h v r .1 1 ' , 9 an -uni. xx ,zittgiy A ... La ' 6 QA . n v W n ignite- 5 -' 0- 1 ' ' 'wt-n' " ' 4 ' 541 ' ' - H : . -. z - 2 ' Q 'X cruz. Q xl, Q gi is-QE, , .5 , . ', 'F g r ' ' ' ' J ,. 4 . ty lliig . .' :iw-Q X.-.dz-:sr 1 'Io ." . K !. ' YJ",-, CQ: .VAX ' F , p S A mg-,.f . ,Q :kk v-f' ' ,xr . " ,si ,, 'rs' ' . I . o 1 ' ',tf'.9g5g ' -Q.-f 'Q ,Sf- V l-L-,rkv I, I . Q 5 0 x . K, fy'-L." s If .QW-A ' fx ' 1-'53 . ' Y R 3'?'f'7 f ,Q Hwy-,g'P - 'j 1 j 4:-' 3 . -1-A nf ' - ny' ' .J U I I . . N QQ :t .S-A ' ' l Q5 Q. --vw ,"".,...:, ,A X p-..f- s j,.,. L Q,-1.J,'A'1. V A-A xv' AQUA.. ' .V 5' ",".,f-3 '-, f-fi. f lf!" lv- ...4444-4.-...... , we-', M, ' X . 5 1 x Qu ..-Q K1 FN , vm .lx Npp -HA - A Wm 1,4 ,Inv .., 91 5 1 2 4-A,.-,W a pri Tuff .ll quafzr 'Ku' K ff? Gif' ff. theflav 1 Tufts, a small umverszty of high quality. Although we may not al- ways apply ourselves to our stud- ies, every graduate takes with him a priceless experience not taught in the classroom. .. -annum ., ,. -, ""E'-N' .am -MU" m "'?-gp... . X ,, - M V K N K , . . .,.. , -- "-"1 '. 'Q , V- N . V M Q. ' , H r -' . V., ',,I ,I .' ' I A'-'J' -JW: ' A . n ' ...A " .... . t l.i. - - ' ' Q--nan----v - If-N--...-..--Q...vvf4aVqY -w -.:?-on--.-' 'fa-n., .1-vu .::::::fv.gY-4:::.4.Y.-:1p-Lx-.Jang...-,-.-yi.-,v.f?Q4,..4H:.-V:-LQQQ-,,...,..-....,.-.-,....,....nf.,--.u..f,x,,,.,.,.-. W -. ,..,-av-,w r .. -W ' ' E Y sd 4 N .II X 1 I0 3 i 1 5' - -Sn' -. ' ' 'f --'-N' 'ia'-1 -- 336 ed, .Tig ' . ff . Q' g,.I-'-ii'sfv'?7A 'vfT'n? mfr. H'-, vs! " " .x5-lfxigf " - , ., ,,,, . , ,Q-'5 fQfl'Q7'.x.A. , - '-if , 1 J V .-L. , -, Wifi!-WN .,. Ar-..-. -...,f.5..f..1.,-..-,jr , A H A 5, , ,-,,,.aHix--A--' " ,V ., -I ,..,, . . Qvwvahsxlx.. 1: :, M , , , . ,.,,-Q--4...,...-::--Qg.p..Na4f- A -A-f::-- -Q:-1:1 WH- - -1:12-2:1-A 4: "ua-121-ff1:,i'---11 J, ,,-...-, , K A.-'gm..,i. mv yr ,- .' " ' ' - f - , , , A ., Y : - V, . -,-.,- , , f -- ,,,-,Z.g.--ff,7,., .,,,,,-.,.,-,-y.fv.f 1 L ... .,,,.-,5,,. -.M ..f, '-.:" -x '- , J A I ' ' - w J V 1-.V ff " ': 9 . fu - ',f5g.5---rf,:1-Q: 1' 214- ff,':.L1 V- , '- I . X ' ' if :ff 21.-:'rf?!7f1,23f4'?:fJf?'-513.'I-52',rf'?f.g5-fif:-159535,j:gS.i51:ia-3fiZ-1.f-5-ag-1-5:j::21,f,j LJ: , 4 - ' f 1 ., 'fy Jfrifg gf ,-.1-,H 4 g::-,.-,- , L,'j7,-',2-41','.-,.- Vdizt- --za 4.':.z-,-f'.:.,- 2311, :,,: .fx ' ,-". ,Y s P' fzg -.l,.' 5. . ' . . -L JT- -' .i - -f 1- 1' -'--Q, Hz- -f.:if.g-t'.v1f:1'.'g. ix'-,-:igf ',':cf1-1cLTaif'-'ki'-,: .- S-1, J ff,:::.- . . - - .. ,- : " . .fc ,- g: 1 ,- - pin-' fn.: -u-:L1--:- ke ,'..,.x:S-,,-.f--,-f-ga: 11 : 1 Y ff I. - . -. - f' 1 ,- 5-M, , -. , Vg '.-.'- L .rim ff 35- 51,3 w.,-.:f.-c.-,-.1-v.v.:L,',-:,,1,1,' ,: f,v--J.--:..: . V: : . 4 - A .A ,-, f , A .-3 .41-,g,,f,.g. -- 4..2 --ff.--P - f ,, ,, , . ,. ,.. . f ,. 7- - .,,q,,: ,. ...J Tzu., 1:-:f-,.-:3::'::,:55.:,g:3 .1'i-3'Q:,',:lfJ. hfzr-2,-." ,,, - V - -- . - - , 17,-,zgw-:,, . -v-,y-y,-.:-:,,-,- 4,31-:.-.gf.:-,4y.:f-,1.1,-.,: ..g,-,,,,,q,,., . . .- .ff . -, ., , :-..,- ..f ,-Q., 1+-,.gf,,-ffgf --fa-J,-Q--f -5 -v. rf ., .,.1-f. , -',. ,-..-4,--' 1 g-,., 1- V. W ,P ---.......,, 4 Q aw 4. I r .Q 4. , , , i I A 1 r If 1: E E B! as P4 I W4 'ibm 'T Tj' "7 Football is kingg the college rallies to its support. The other sports receive a dedi- cated, but meager, following. The Tufts athlete plays purely for the love of the sport. .ri i 1 v v 4 1 - 1 4 .g' 6 4 1 1 . 6 I A I I I 1 1 1 3 I i 3. .S v. . - ,A E , .I :I- .1 1, X. -gqi 'Ie 1 L: 1. 1 14' EZ .ru ,S ni .3351 Iliff! ,Q ff 21, Liffg T: -Q 1, V-'4 14 .11 -4: 17 I f 1, -.fs Lf: Li 5 .J it 1 '. CJ ff pill?" fn. f . ,f f 1.-q.,:1., " , .-Hlzwflv wa., Q. . L wg., 9, " -mg - ::ngg1!,g1L4,f,w, ,Q-fgffg ,-- .-Mwiv. m 111 v. ,1,:zX.:',:. L-- W' 251152553912 ' ':,'5'fzfQg 4 ::,:fif1Qsz.- vlvfvk, . T31i'i:::' ZW-'rw , , V ,sz N. .W I W., , wx Wgibm' 1, Q, hw' , 'Lx Ur. wif 1f,I1W, , ,-W1-g,.,. I -'-vnwsvnvnl-ipnwn-vgrvun.v.-..,gpv Q . ,Ak-3' 31 ' 1 M- Jah ess!-5, W ,. . 1- wp' . WA 'ZW' J- ' .. ,. H. if 1-PJ af, ,gmp.s-A' . ff 9 w6LQf1,' J' G "" -, ffsf , gg ,Y,4-vff 3 -3 I .4 v ...,. -.- x J , I rf I 'n I L. Q. i 'l 1 I L. .N P i P 'A 'P' QQ! W1 Qi: if 'H 'ififfqfi ff wi.: n. mit rf, L my-' 43 A 2-v :E uf' ?,v ,4 ., 'ff "1wi:,1i's,i!::4 Ialqlif ef 4' M " xy , M. . uw er. Y W., Some must spend their Spare time in constructive or important pr0jec't5,' others, in the pursuit of pleasure, be it exciting 01' relaxing, ,Y Wi ' it ' N f. , vu 1 Blix f Y, I IN APPRECIATION Paul Hamilton Doleman, Ph.D., is one of the most colorful and well-known members of the Tufts Faculty. Through his stimulating lectures and his refreshing views on Tufts athletic policy, he has endeared himself to his students and his teach- ing colleagues during his thirty-seven year career at Tufts. "Doc," as he is known throughout the Tufts Community, was graduated from Tufts in 1924 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. In 1925 he received his Master of Science degree from Tufts, and in 1931 earned his Ph.D. from M.I.T. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Association of University Professors, as well as Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society. He also serves on the Faculty Committees on Academic Standing and Athletics. In a school which prides itself on close association between faculty and students, "Doc" Doleman is probably closer to the students themselves than any other pro- fessor. He may be frequently seen at various athletic functions, and is a steady vis1tor at the Kursaal. Always ready to discuss campus issues frankly with interested students, "Doon has done a great deal to take student-faculty relations out of the l rea m of the mere academic, and to establish friendly social relationships with his scholastic charges. This readiness to approach students on their own grounds and in their own terms has enabled many undergraduates, throughout the years, to de- velop a better understanding of the human side of their professors. DEDICATIGN The class of 1962 is proud to dedicate this year's Jumbo Book to one of the most devoted and energetic professors at Tufts-Dr. Lewis Frederick Manly. During his thirty-five year career on the Hill Che became an Instructor in the Economics De- partment in 1927, after receiving his Master's Degree herej, Dr. Manly has proven himself an interested and sympathetic member of the Tufts Community in many fields. In 1942 Dr. Manly became the Chairman of the Economics Department, a posi- tion he has held ever since, and soon after began a long association with many off- campus groups of importance to the national economy. Included among these groups are the Regional Dispute Panels of the War Labor Board and the Wage Stabilization Panel which he headed from 1943-1945 and 1944-1945 respectively. Still another, less widely known side of Dr. Manly's life here at Tufts is his great interest and participation in athletics. A three-letter man at Wooster College in Ohio, where he did his undergraduate work, Dr. Manly served as backiield coach for the 1925 Jumbos, and later became head coach, putting together Tuft's last undefeated team in 1934. One of the talented youngsters he coached has gone on to become rather well known around Medford-Harry Arlanson. And yet these accomplishments-full and varied as they are-by no means sum up the entire man. Integrity, fairness, and a sincere consideration of the individuals he works with, both in and out of the classroom, though less tangible than his other qualities, round out a personality which students can not only respect, but admire and strive to emulate. M P U S L I , V: 1 3 .5- --17,1 1,:,-f,-:Af-Q--1,1 'ff-ng-r,.5-4.-1-,'.1,---3-eg -:-:sig f - :fl , V if-1-g 5 :Q-J - ,-,- Y J ' A , -V, 4. ,:,,.-,.5,-kv--,:,,.,,,-JQVLV.-,-,-,i -5 ,.,-,.,.-. - i - ,A , .,, 3 - Y -- ,., '- ' ' J 'inf f " , -.Y-1-ff ff- 4:2 L -'!frF:'.':.:1:if ip:-,:',' --Q,-:.-1 f ' L ,,,:.' ' , ., 4 , ,W 1, V., 4, -, .. .Q.1,,.,.,,,4 f,,.L.-.,f,,-L:-,H ',,.- .4 Q- J, 4, Q1,..,...,,,.,,, ,,-,-Y-f - va- f - 1' -.: ,f---V ,-',-ff -.- .-- .'..ff1": fM4,v-,--, - --, -.xr f 1, .--.. .4- -- ""'gQ.:Q'ejL 3, Y, 3 M ,,,,.qg,,3Qg1. .. ' pig ,f Q-T.-Hggzsff-:Ygg,:g.Tg:5pi1. - f, - - Ji.. Q M- x . 'qw-u:l.gn,1-x,.Qx i GQ wa-'-.4 k:,.19gg.e , N f A j 1f31:+inQ',xf 'mllx '-if'w1Qly'ffAff4UE'g'Q5"',f N f' K Mm,-,1j.,W0ex..f-qw 'X f,Jz",xT,,' xv ,-'ai-if .xr ' ' ' ,fmilr if " ,g.?ff.'., 'W'-' ' ' - wk . -,K - Qlifsi -4,,4:'1 A . v fd. 415- K g D - . - 1 . , I - P x -.n Q - if ,J ' Q I . D ' in ' ' i ' X Q - "' N-Y ' v' I W.. .1 in 3- Q I. A .. V I , 3- -,fhpwzgiy ,fb , I Y O V u l I , l l 'r i 1 , J-'X ,Nw itf .N ' vt ,Q "' . K 'Fl , W . '- I , I ,N .T - vu.,-d""K ' ' "" f f - 5 L, no. - ' I . .K , . Q X Q :Vai 1' 4, ,Q 4, I .A.'w2:f. ,ASW-'rf x ' . 1 . .1 of 'f 'sr- f- :-4' , 'rf A , Nw . I-'CI' ,.x4 All W' V . N -A 41, -,,5, "' -lsr ,, '- A -o.+:. pf Q, ,,, . I V , . - . I .s-on 5 , x - , ,, 3- ,L I, Q with Mx , ,, ' 'H ' 1.1.41 J. "-Q.,-- x 'gQ,g?o--r . I , - . M - . ., , 4 al-s. . ' ---.,. - - 'Ik' - rw " . 5, M.. --A -s .. , N .AH --gp. ' 3- 'L-1 . 'R ' " 'Q S ' ' ' ., -0- "-s .. , .. ,..f.-....--.44,4,.1- - 44..y...:.....-.,....o..f..N.4.............. - - b ,. 'Ai'-on-., ......- S. 1H"a". Ulf' "nj ' 4 -4 I c" S00-if .wif ' ,x ' .1,.. 5 :ff Q fs' 'J -V. I' ! YW 75 'it u , ' 1 .' L' oy I v ill, LW H, '. - .-- .,.N. .f s xx -R73 ' I v J 'I I r-5 Q ' 1 4 Q 5 1 The last game of the year,' to the senior it is a melancholy omen of his graduation, for there are no "next years" to look for- ward to, only those to look back on. -, --1, Q... e g.: J f - 'gff--Q Q- ' A memory of freshman year, talent night, an eight o'clock class, and a beanie with a number. The campus and its people become fa- miliarg the beanie is dis- carded but the number be- comes important. N rreshfmm IFN. an eighr :mi a beanie The fampug ' become iw runie is dis- g number be- XIII. 1 1 I M f 1 ,. ,...:. jr 1 l , 1 f ai i W , r 0 5, u-I W vga' Sf fri! is lllwzfi icfrl with fnnflm ,' 11' My H'6'L'!x'C'lIIf l7l'C'C'I"I7IlffIfC'S it, the rally l'I'YV.S'flIf- I - ' . . . W flicks' 11. Other sports are zclelzfzfed wlrlz College' apaflzy. At Homecoming, everyone joins in the Spirit,- the fraternities excel in producing it, and others fend for themselves as best they can. The noise from the Row reaches everywhereg the alumni come to watch and no one offends them, A x f F3-'Ni ' 4- 6 aan 3 ,J The talented and dedicated vol- unteer their time and eyjfortsg others are elected. 'f 7' -is Winter and long nights arrive. The intellectual minority uses its timeg the majority simply spends it. All the snow is not outside. !1 w- .ol v s C 1, 3 2 I E i l I f 1 L I I X lg' I J , 'x xv :nz Xf' The anticipation of Christmas becomes a nostalgia partially forgot ten in activity. Orphan parties are dreaded, bat a child's joy is infec- tious. The timely vacation cares many a mild homesickness. g ,, ,, - - .. ,hw , tfh'.eg.rLi'fE - K-:,g,,jff. if ,qffgr 1 .. ,Z gl ,gig . Q' .1112 ,g,,.u-g' . . ! D 4 - A 5- :.'Js31e4 ' .. .1 ,mea , 1. 4 .W k1 A i V. A5 Fiifg' i. 1 igsvj W 'tfiug 1 3 y - '1' Mrs, ' ti- 1 fp? 'ff' 5 is e Hn, Q, ,- Un: 6 .i,.-.3 I I The temptation for le- thargy is great in the sta- dent's race against lost time and approaching hnals. For some, any excuse will do and the vacation continues indehnitely. 1' if: ...-.ng .. Nh x.. 1 I .E- -v e nu. rr tame fs. For 4:55 do 'zfinues r V N.. QWQEFM ,kA. , 1 , :Q eg? ,Q 43.1 Y Jifgkyh' .5 M, J . - ,, .. .1-22" f lu' .4 -Rf-, 'EST FQ-921' T '.",,.' A If 1.1 ' 4- - Qi: ' U P . ' ' 'Q' 'Wu ,'x 1u,, l f , ,A ,gr 14 WN 'J s wp., 5 K ' ws 5 , . , , :i-'uw A . .- ,4 --.5-:.,.5,, . ..f- , ,, '. ,xff+k.-5,44 vw, , .1:J'11f,-uf. , :A x -.4 A M! Sir f 'ls i . xfg ,,bk X W., , 7-'- 1.1 , 9 H: Q 'vserqsl H ,tg - -- 1s I .. VV at '. L-Y H- f ,, '1' ' 1 ' ' L . ' ,V . ff . Q, Lu' - " ' A' riff- - 2 - X- . ,-ar -fx. f -V 2 . 1 - , vga' 5-ffefiu...hfaf-,iii-,pivggzvy , ' 'ff A, f 1' , 32j.i:fQ- ri' J' 'NF'QgifLf f "r- I vw.. wx- imap- :-, Tj-,Z , ' if "Hiya,-',F' S flu' 'G ' nfl' , v E 1 , , A f. 5 N ' X .wp K-ff,7'bn f"" '. - ,1 .fg'f.":' ,,'.- ' ' ' ' 4, , . 2. -k..,+ .1 !Qv-351,-:wma :pg-.: . X - f. -e-f-ugw 1- Q. V ,. A . -,.,1:fW-way: ,M-.Q w.f,,,5 fl ,.f.,,iN,,w.,, ,-g.i,'., , - gg-lg-,E QA , , .1 . -K 4,+f.p.vf 1 34' ga-2-.-in wg. ,1L:-,,,5,-x- 19 - 1' -e.fQ1151S+1:1-ft 134wasifA , - V "" "'fQ1s1" ftmgf 2 ' , , f+..:r.1fff:s - ' - 'V 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' J. 5,15-A3 9:54 1 , '- 3,5 -ji. Y - ' ' mi'-1:15 L - J: ' ,. M 4, ' ..,..:...,u.,- -V . ,M F V I LV f. V V X 5 'M .44 ,.,... R6Sfl6SSl16SS 61151165 CIS Wlflfel' WGCZVS 0l'l,' studying seems irrelevant. Little of the ac- tivity in the library is academic. pf 1 an gl .. -P-mm For some, studying represents the only important activity of their life at college. They may be seen hunched over tables in the library long after others have left for cof- fee. To the others, study is merely an obstacle to an enjoyable educa- tion. ff. 1 .,,..q 391. ,,. in iv' Wm A , nw ,,,,-- -, Maw. -- W M- ----0--W ,---- -,-.H- --T-.fi VU .V 1 , ! gn vp: ,px if J' IW: mf fifcff '.-fi im K- will if' Tv' . I.. - vm.. QSLJ. ,,, .W-1 As the snow melts, rest- lessness must be abated. A spark may set 017 activity to release tensionsg others lose themselves in an unfamiliar crowd or in conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. For the seniors, it is a time of decision. Fai., , 0 me .. l "g 42.1--'.': .,g1-,.l:vi.-iw' , W9 ie: , , wg , V. TMC 'f"'Kf'f" " M- ' "-: an -4. 5 xi- 'il H,"-'p - b K 'IL .-Q-or ' 1, ,. '.1',', . .+r'.., M.- .:.5- , V - 1 K. . 4 - .. . - ...L : J 4' -. A My H ..nf. , ,x 'X'.1+'4l ' ' ' NN: uf" 'ASLN K, ., .1 ri f-'K '- 5 ,-, 'i-sag , . Nw----1m - -V W, f RN- , Q .l . b 5. ' -A f" TSI-Ifi.,-.QQ -f..,,, ' 4 1 W . X V ug! F fx, .'t5"!"'Nr.g... ' ,L U A ' x if ! --,-1-a-----,Q-A-g41r:.q.1: ,f-,aria-1,-wr .:4'FI-1-iffi-?L .1-"'T1'1'?"'l . H. L,-, , v v-,., . ,W 11,11-mQfffwf+g1f.,-,,,V,,,.-, . . ., ,. . . . .. K , , , , . .,.. YB Q,-. I-avi. J 4 'V Q': I, X A .,, A ' wivnw:::'eu- I V.. D.. Us '9wf. 1m fmt Jn We P AX I The combination of balmy nights and spring fever produces what the newspapers call "riot," If it is confined to a spirited water fight, no one minds but if zt progresses to mzschzevous arson or toward a womens dormitory the admznzs tration steps zn In classes or zn couples the campus moves outside and the learning process continues I tx" I 1 7 Y Ti.--.-4 'Q 1'-. ' n 'Q w-'L l , 1 .-f A., . I ,4 ,A 11 a I 4 O ' 1,1 1, I. , xy, L --f 'Ji J' 1 . - .el . - 5-L' ., rs. . .f',4 I , .. , '- -.r 1'- r, 'iii 1 aN7,t" , - , 0112" 'X 1f'2"' '5 '-..-P - 5 .,.- 5 FL Q19 fsgubfqggf, , ir f I' ,I , 1: x 1 .G x I n-gl ,K j-4 i 1 1 1 f' 1- XJ . f V. ,NA E Q f jiri-'K 'E 8, fi' is . lj, 1 Fx' ww! X 'vb --W r.-M -v iff.: ,' ' Q, Y gc Spzzng finals stand awesomely between the student and vacatzon zn the lzbrary on the hzll or at the beach con centratzon zs eluszve For many leavzng zs escape, for the senzor zt ls the end of a lzfe whzch wzll never be fegazned 5 1, F ,,,.- ., .,..W-e H? -s f,.. e v Af 1 sr, is-,v vyrf' ..-.,-f--1--r +1 -. -.4111-weve-4:f::-1-a ' A w 4 . I Easlronq., . : i ' rn! , aqui. ...: . 1 . . , :-Y.::: :g:- :.4::1::.naa. Y .qqi-..,-:r,..,. iff,-.-.a,v,. ', L: pf - -Vnn-vg-q--.,-..q.7.,-,....,vrvv-,,.n+- mu- ---+4v-rn-r-......-- vv--f , V i N: -,rv , -, ,..,, .,,.,.,. , -,-YW,w- -f--f- --" -Y-'jf----i"ff ""' "U A ' '- I A' 4 5-usp? AI I l i i ' 1 . I 1 i a ! T ll I T X x x .A W. ! l5 " i '5 l M U X P N Q ..1.4.L.,., H- - V r 7 .,, ,YV I -,:grf:.e.J ,, 1. -. -. .1 V . ,f., -..-, . ,..- . , , ' M 4,---nv.---,.--u., V ----v yr- ,1, -. .- ""-'- ' .f,-.,- J .-:nf -- -- -L f :1.fvgx.-ff., --.. -fr' .-, ,f,f1.,-, Q . f . -V . dr..:.1,-.-'.Z-1j,f,'T.'J,f1-'.','. "ft-Z', -f' ,'3' ,.1' ,.':'f',::4 J.: A J-'- 2 2 '-.2 ' - -'C ' ' vzgx'-LD'Z1-:-:fg.1 f ,,,':L:7.z-'-1 -5, 2'- -.cg 5 '.' ff 51 . - C-I' 5:5Ei5?1E7?333iff5C'rf:' " 45325 "f-"f?3 if 5515.-e-gA,ff.2 'VLFEL' ' ' ' ' QL' 4 ILLI- S .3 "HS . ,x'n ,fd qi' .4 . K 0 Z 'Ou 3 1 Q- ,vj 'T x A .. ' +- ' ., i . . .tl nn' - 1 '-5N.11'I 5 in is . . Fx . .1-.r-" . V- -3-M . 1 Q. .v,.. .' JU . ' " vw .Q . 73.2 :vii A-Q x.,-. f' A-wi VH- xx ,I :Z . . . if ,sw 5 ,, . 'iw .X .- .Q ,, .J . ' N . - . HQ- . - ,- R", 3 3 Ofxwia ' X ,.,,, .-va...-G, 'J' 5. , ftfxw 'yf X" .xt -F K Fi! ,K .Q. ,,,. ..,,- . I A x Val N .v .- . Z.f1V1'- ' ma , Ji 1 4 , ,V A.. x 5 as ,", x 1, . .J .J .X V' u 144 ?ftT'f75' .1 V ' P Mw- I 'Q Y '1' - 'L . ..f ff, .W . V , I og ,, .- ' 1 ' , W 4: V finw ,.,f 1-H. ffsk hr - H . 4 1 H" ... f ' f ff? . .a:' v . I I J. 1 f--b W- A.: , . , l Y: , , D- Q. .V W -.' . '4 Mn- , I wg. . -, - - : . I . - , ., 1 .,, ., b..-LN -.. . W' " 3 f. .' Irv I . IA 1. gl, cr " . ' , - 121 1 1 fail 4 4. . , ,H - 4 V h. W1 h' rf-: " P. ..- N . L, . " - , faq N132 .f1"w -- l. ,,, P. .., : - we , , -.-f 2' .AL - x 4. , 1 -ff. f -, uf. ,- ' . N. .- - I . r , f .-rJ.- - T fl .-T, J ' Q, -A , ' 1.2-.-. " -, .S 1 , :. U --. 5 , r ,. -.- ,g, .5 , X' ' 'f ' ' .' ' ...-" 1' ' - - N 1 .--ri W, F-fw stu , , nr 1' , '. F W "-, J . ' H f- ' . -1"". -,-ani' 'fab -f. ' ,,. . v-. .-.Q fig-may H,1Qfgg.,n4,- ' 'Sv - . -str 522'-f-w-S75 ' 1' . . 2 . 'Vik A-1" Nw- fi- "f--N . ,. 5. M fx- ..,,,:k . .s 4,4 IJ. '1 '. . A -. . .Q " . ' -- ' -x.+.'- M-.-Q--bf' . 'H , ' f. ' 'x' ' 547.3 I n . . . , -' - ,wh '. .1--- . f- --, 1:1 f- I .lf - ' ' -.HL Zn R . "' lf 7- '- . 2.1-qt" -- "' f ' . ' . -L., , . ' f" -A - 4,92 , V 'bag-'f.4, ff' mf, J -tl.- ' -' . .-yy. . -, s-,H . :V i-N.-1, xx: - .5 5, .iwrzz -f., . .- .f. '95 ..-QD . J .1 H:-mi .-,J 4 wif . . x 17 ,, -. .ug . . .ggi ,, - ,,M!,u..' . : -q, W 'l .N I ' 3 L . - .-, . ' , ' . ' ' 1 .. -'L Z vw . . nj ,Q '1-'N -. - 4 .,.,.g' 'A 1 QA ,254 1 - gf" -xt 5 I 4- v...'-G1"f-1 -V' ' 3'2- ' 1512 ' N ' M.: .'..f-46'.'.,v.I' if " 5.375 'PE'-Q - . ' .,?1P"L",g""" f"?j'4f.:-. f , Qgg 1" ja is K-Q", ,.-U . -51531 M' -9"-.'...1g,:'ff'Z'-' 1 ' 'Ref' . 1.1 yu.. - I ', . . TL-jA'. 2D'a-,,,1Yf1,....,j .- u. , A ,Y,.,. . .. 33.5. .. . , .. W ,V P - -- . FJ--A 2 - A. H, +L, 5-'Laws-'11 . ..". ' V-.. ,... M., , ,M . .... ...A. ,A l, gr-, i 1 , . , ,A 1, W . v " g f 'Y bw ' -9- . 14,5 Ng. fqr .. f ,. , .. . - uhm ,. .. .4 , ,g W M1 H -.3m.fah,mg!g"E?'A.,, gr? -1yv,z4 M wr, .1. ... .L 1.0.1 - W""t - h A ' M' if Q " ' 1 3 - . P , -w..:-K,-711.g',4-mg., ,,,,-,NN . , X 1, . ry ,,--.7-. . :ii- 11 ...if 3 . ., . A' -Lif"- .4 V Q .M -. 1 ' -QHQ1-Nw. 1-sf ,... -...I , ..gL Ur 1 Nr N Q -1-Arg wif- , .. fm ,. 2 , l .iid NILS Y. WESSEL President I l 4 ' lb , X0 3 EONARD C. MEAD FRANK A. TREDINNICK, JR. C, RUSSELL de BURLO JR Senior Vice President and Provost Vice President for Development Vice President and Co ntroll A m er Dean of EMERY, J R. CHARLES E. STEARNS MYRA L. HERRICK en Dean of College of Liberal Arts Dean of Jackson College ASHLEY S. CAMPBELL BENJAMIN B. HERSEY Dean Of College Of Engineering Dean of Crane Theological School RICHARD A. KELLEY 1. Dean of College of Special Studies 343 ff" ma ,uiemchn JOHN C- PALMER ALVIN R. SCHMIDT, JR. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Assistant Dean of Men ,,.,. va-,,4,, MARGUERITE WYNNE-ROBERTS Assistant Dean of Jackson College sw' -I rs? ADELAIDE M. DAVIDSON JAMES R Director of Jackson Admissions Recordeg STRAWBRIDGE 50 gl. :','Q"' GRANT E. CURTIS - Director of Financial Ald X r i I l U-W 2 g::f5:Qg5,3ONALD G. ABBOTT FRED P. NICKLESS, J.R. Director of Publications Secretary, Alumni Association 5 , l. 2 WNERQEEUGENE S- ASHTON JOSEPH s. KOMIDAR zcfliiii'-'im Uf1iVefSi'fY Chaplain University Librarian 47" VIOLA SALTMARSH DONALD KORTH HE Dlrector of Placement Director of Physical Plant ,. '45, .,-gif' ,, ,.f ,. , . ,. ..,. A , , , r fi a '32 ' 5' - Y . . V L? H 2 xi Q .V , .: f my .1 7 ff Y "N .' f itil K sf F 1 , NWI ff.. - M 2 ',,w6M:-is-'xl .J nIl1"'i1,6 time -s .1 f , igqgfv'hf9,,jzy,e.,-,7,QEEt, .1 4 ,,f,.V1L1y :,,.-A :gg Ei-gi.-1,1--i,,.5.g ,1 ..,:1 f ,fiLf1f.2fgf1 ' ?YzSr.1lj1f71?,L?i,"Q' 3 If ,cf , 461,14 y,cf,:,r,1,,r,gf,,J-'I W - f V ,S-' WMA, -Av.-fs-. f :V -f'-ffwwfi " 1' -1 s -V ,,314-,,g,4,f,,:5:.x:-05,, fffff.',f1,0t,'.,,C?f. ,Q f Q , az?4!i4fy,7Qf:.ftvfjilf-'f fvytijfkf V, 5-W' , ix. with l I -'ggzfyfrfeiwgfgzlf.-,:,5s,'ff,, Qygfay 2735- ZZQ fa7,z2ww,'f'fwfi gqz.-f ,1,35,.f '1 g,fWf1.,g,f'n42ff iz 7gf'.'f,y:' -pf,vv4ff 140 . N 1,23f',f1y.im'f,azsifafg fg- f -fZf:'L??4"Zm2ff j,,ff5',W47,fj '?fl'iif?if'!4-T 'fi- ' W ' ' 'ff,.:ff ' -fhff,'71f.w,"i .4511 441-6'-. .. ' ,Q if 'VY " 'i32:,2f" ,J 1':-vi" 'ltffffq 9 , , ,C sip 'f xB:"?ZiiL,3f . I .Ya ,753 ,. 1 'ff K 'fag 5 Mwi.14g2 N-,,Vf,1,,' -j ,, , '11!'sww"'1le-:g'.Q:v.w:'.1Qfimst'W -- -1 4, l X ' at v-,'.:.y'L-V-5:-Q.:-:, 'jgflt 'fl .lj f f ' " , 'I '1' '-'.-als. 1 A f ' " fP.fffi.- J' We N-.er 'f .,, ,gil ,ft -' 4 E"fi" R. MILES UHRIG Director of Tufts Admissions CLARK W. HEATH Director of Health Services i IRVING L. VAUGHAN Purchasing Agent 51 I AIR SCIENCE .4 - ig .. iiiefll Tufts, answer to NASA's Man-in- Space Program is embodied in the Department of Air Science, where fu- ture astronauts are bred. Widely traveled, soft-spoken Major Rogers indoctrinates the Basic Cadets, and "brainwashes" the senior "Cat lP,' fliers with his FIP Program. Colonel Velebny instructs the AS-3 Cadets, and can often be found after class dis- cussing anything pertinent to the Air Force with his students. The Senior course is taught by Major Marioles, former Chief of Staff, Royall Hellenic Air Force, who adds a personal touch to the otherwise impersonal Military Aspects of International Relations BIOLOGY T!Sgt. Hathaway, SfSgt. Brewster, Major Marioles, Lt. Col. Velebny, Major Rogers, T!Sgt. Taylor. Lodged in their ultra-modern build- ing, the members of the Biology De- partment conduct their daily classes Cexcept Saturdayj mostly in Barnum 28. Professor Roeder and his rapid fire, British-tinged lectures, Professor War- ren . . . and girls to my left. But Pro- fessor Sweet . . . Sunday morning . . . at eight o'clock . . . to watch birds! Dr. Curry, the matinee idol of the Department . . . Kreb cycle? Dr. Sames, have you heard the one about the salesman .... Just one more nerve, Jimmy, then Illl leave-I know YOU haw: to lock UP: but Wh0's g0il'1g First Row: Prof. Warren, Prof. Roeder, Chairman, Prof. Carpenter, Prof. to medical school? Sweet. Second Row: Dr. Paine, Dr. Roys, Asst. Prof. Curry, Asst. Prof. Sames, Dr. Milburn, Asst. Prof. Ruck. CHEMICAL E GI EERI G In Prof. Atallah's lab reports W6 learned to spell, and could never evade his always pursuing queSti0I1, question, "What are you doing?', Dr- Van Wormer is trading his slide rule for a 7090 computer in his research for thermodynamically ideal reactions. Dr. Sussman, our new chairman, is fresh from starting a Chemical Engl- neering Department in Turkey. Assoc. Prof. Sussman, Asst. Prof. Atallah, Assoc. Prof. Van Wormer. I 52 'I Q .Ak c ,. , ASSIQ5 CHEMISTRY In the years to come, there are some things that everyone will remem- ber about the Chemistry Department. Dr. Doleman's Chem l class: take it down quick before it's erased, and nev- er cough. Dr. Messerls ties and his finals, repeating your quant analysis the third time for Dr. Littlefield, Dr. Wilsonls beret. Dr. Stolow's great lec- tures, and those hour exams, Organic without a text from Dr. Greenwood. The sign in Dr. Gibbs' ofhcez "l, Pen- cil sharpener one door down. 2. Stock room two doors down. 3. We don't know where Dr. Doleman is." First .R0w: Assoc. Prof. Littlefield, Prof. Gibb, Prof. Dolemang Asst. Prof. Slpstein. Second Row: Prof. Greenwoodg Asst. Prof. Evans, Assoc. Prof. esserg Dr. Stolow Assoc. Prof. Dunkerleyg Assoc. Prof. Savage, Prof. Littleton, Chairman, Asst. Prof. Hanes, Asst. Prof. Carbone. CLASSICS The study of Classics, in the words of one of its professors, "Trains one to do nothing, but prepares him to do anything? A smorgasboard of courses offered at Tufts vary in intensity to meet the demands of either those interested in Classics as a major field, or those just wanting to taste the wisdom of the ancients. Students interested in this discipline may learn from Mrs. Wyatt the secrets of isocephalismg Mr. Ryan will disclose the subtleties of the second aorist active or passive participles, Professor Wol- verton will lecture on "The Part Played by the Pnyx on the Athenian Shoe Industryf' and Mr. Harrison will discuss the architecture of the Aeneid. ' Prof. Johnson has spent this year at the villa of the Vergilian Society at Cumae. I c1v1L ENGINEERING A fast moving department, but held by a tight rein, changing to meet the demands of industry, but never losing sight of its goal: the develop- ment of sophisticated ditchdiggers. The good things stay with us. Get your magic study schedules from Dr. Littleton. No questions go unanswered. "Sure, Pete will be back? Prof. Dunkerly is designing airfields instead of landing on them. "Polluted streams are a real problem, says Prof. Haynes, "just try trout fishing with a cigar." Dr. Kuo assures us, "When you are presi- dent of a consulting firm, you can do it any way you like." Not-so-assuring, Prof. Carbone: "If you know what you're doing, you can do this exam in 35 seconds, I made it up in 303' "What do you mean it's too cold to survey the hill?H But my fin- gers, Prof. Savage." Miss Davidson, Asst. Prof. Grosss Mr- Ry-any Mrs. Wyatt: Asst. Prof. Wolverton, Dr. Jones. 53 DRAMA A D SPEECH This department is widely known for its two well-frequented courses, Speech 5, Public Speaking, and Speech 7, Voice and Diction with Miss Elder. The aim of the department is to cor- rect and perfect the speech of the college students. On the other side, Drama, the chief aim of the depart- ment is to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for the whole field of drama. This is accomplished in small, specialized classes presided over by Prof. Balch and aided by members of the department. First Row: Mr. Thommeng Miss Szahadag Prof. Balch, Chairmang Asst. Prof. Burnimg Asst. Prof. Mullin. Second Row: Mr. Roisman, Dr. Collinsg Mr. HumErCoglilGMICS Due to the concentrated efforts of the Department of Economics, Braker Hall has become the daily gathering point of our campus. Nearly every L. A. and Jackson student walks the Braker slates at least once between the crisp hours of eight and one. While all members of the Depart- ment are quite anxious to impart their wealth of facts and thoughts, Pro- fessor Manly seems more anxious to depart-"Vermont on my mind." An early cold spell means tending to the pipes, thus an occasional Saturday class rides the wing of a Braker pigeon. First Row: Prof. Hammondg Prof. Howell, Chairman, ASSOC, Prof. Higginbolhamg Assoc. Prof. Maskalenko. Second Row: Mr. Huangg Asst. Prof. Kernweis, Mr. Fermentalg Assoc. Prof. Pikeg Prof. McGaryg Prof. Gustaff. First Row: Mrs. Sweet, Mr. Rosemang Assoc. Prof. Smithg Prof. Holzman. Second Row: Prof. Manley, Chairman, Assoc. Prof. Ernstg Mr. Kirsh: Asst. Prof. Bridgmang Asst. Prof. Cornwall. ELECTRICAL E GI EERI G The EE wing of Cousens got a minor face- lifting this year as did the faculty roster. The Hooper Lounge was dedicated and activated, and Messrs. Huang and Kernweis joined the staff. Prof. Higginbotham has added another duty.I0 his already impressive list, in addition to being Chairman of the Junior Class Morale and Smoke Screen Committees, he is now Hooper Lounge Periodical Librarian. Prof. Fermental iS HQW working on his doctorate, right? right. Prof. Pllie is calling his students by their first names While Prof. Hammond maintains his much appreciated straight-from-the-shoulder, no secrets educational policy. Scam.: F Q: :Nj ',. 'T-fb fm l. fi 31 lf' ENGL ficihtfzn t :egg PIPE HB1 ?lZ11:'lfs' ISH p,-.... . tr.. . x PU! Mi marins te. yo, . -. fy- f"j!1fty 1 -nk " WWPICT' rr- 'fin 5. AL Q, Pffi sf. S ..'.c1tg:,.k A t . " MQ 'X-f': '-, his . .uk K ' ' 4-if Us .. ,,. .", N. . N kk -S 'x Q ,Q . 'L 531'- x "vs . ...Q QI E . tQQ: 4. ., is 'HX C 'x K . . W R- i if '--A sign . g'kQYg'i5i YC gud: , ' it 1.-., ,, ' 'M.',f:'-N . E 'NY '- 'Q , flmwlw .QW w-.fg-.tum A Q Q3 K, X55 NEERIN 1 www fr mls? .-is yasPf",, ,mmf ihlnkamsg L 1 if 5, Yuri Wk gr S 25" M623 ff. PM Yi ,nw ,Elf . Q' yi' . yy' ' if 4,5 , fied' P.-fff , fi Q T15 fl' " ' fini! 1U First Row: Mr. Dubeg Mrs. Stubbs, Mrs. Trefetheng Miss Mrs. McManamag Mr. Abbott' Asst. Prof. McCabe' Mr Murphy, Mr. Traci. Second Row: Mrs. Parker, Sec.g Prof. Stanwoodg Asst. Prof. Ridlong Asst. Prof. Fixler' Assoc,Prof. Holmes, Prof. Flint, Prof. Myrick, Chairman, Prof. Birkg Kinne, Mr. Skwire. , U ' Asst. Prof. Birk. Third Row: Mr. Philips, Assoc. Prof. Barnet, E GLISH Chamber of horrors to the engineers, inspiration to many would be journalists and novelists, shelter and comfort to many without any specific ambitions: this is the English De- partment. Dr. Myrick, the chairman is the school's indisput- able expert on Shakespeare. Dr. Barnet and Dr. Kinne are are Professors Birk and Birk. Professor Holmes is perhaps best noted for his original poetry, but his prowess as an edu- cator is equally great. Mr. Beaver, Asst. Prof. Rule, Prof. Hill, Chairman, Prof Leighton, Assoc. Prof. d'Amato. E GI EERI G GR PHICS The language of the engineer is the blueprint, and Engi- neering Graphics is the language requirement of every engi- neer. Here the freshman is introduced to its tools: triangles, T-squares and some very expensive instruments, and is taught its dialects: orthographic, isometric, perspective and true lengths. He is then allowed to spend many hours in which to practice his lettering and drawing. He finds that Graphics isfnot a mechanical course, but a course in thinking, a visual- ization and reasoning. Only the mechanical engineers will proceed to the Department's higher courses, in the difficult and creative fields of machine design. Professor Hill, head of the department, is firm in his methods, strong in his beliefs, yet humorous and understand- ing outside of class. Mr. d,Amato approaches the class a little more casually, who will soon forget the coke breaks in the basement of Bromfield-Pearson. And energetic Mr. Rule will never stop inventing new gadgets. Professor Russell Smith, Chairman. FINE RT The Fine Arts Department is composed of Russell Smith, head of the department, and of the Museum School, and Asst. Prof. Reynolds. No Fine Arts student will forget Prof. Smith's casual, offbeat presentation of his material. Similarly, who will forget his F.A. 3 course with the exciting Aztec and Mayan art and his two-hour length hour exam. Few students who have taken a course with Prof. Smith or who have talked to him have missed his dry humor and hopeful o-utlook on modern painting. On the whole, the courses have considerable depth and present an excellent picture of the growth of art from the Stone Age to the Twentieth Century. Prof. Stearns, Dr. Prinzg Assoc. Prof. Humeg Prof. Nichols GEOLOGY The typical geology student is an aggregate of a laboratory scientist poring over slides, charts, and tables of chemical composition, and a field researcher scaling cliffs or wading streams. Modern civilization's depend- ence on oil and minerals wrenched from the earth has made geology an increasingly important science. Knowl- edge of the mineral resources, elements of weather and climate, and landscape evolution that geology pro- vides has proven invaluable. This same aim is being carried out here at Tufts under the chairmanship of Prof. Nichols. Chairman. EDUCATIO If the education we receive is to be transmitted to succeeding generations, competent teachers must be trained to take their rightful place in the educational system. Tufts provides an excellent program of prep- aration for careers in elementary or secondary educa- tion. More than one fourth of the student body is cur- Q. rently enrolled in education classes. Majors are in- structed in the psychology, literature and the theory upon which the American school system is based. Qualified seniors are sent into local schools to practiC6 teaching and to gain a better understanding of the profession's demands. .,,v l. First Row: Assoc. Prof Wellington' Prof Marshall ' ' ' ' , Chair- Prof C . - ,, . si .- Asst. Pfof' mang ASSOC, prof, Rudd' S d R ', ' - -Ulilb, Ml. Niblock, Asst. Prof.Stlawb11tSL- 56 econ ow Mr. Goldman, Asst. Laskeyg Mr. Strain, :fl PTQF X- . A 13 7 l TIF- . vkgifsfi 1 .Z -. .lfi 1-law s- at :js 'rss 659.35 - :E fin 515 X --V:-, K-mi. Hifi. 33 of Wegzif N.. 33 Sith? pr: finite: Sliiirsaret- tmithethett mistnt mhtoprttii .wt Pl' :Ns ' GERMAN Quartered amidst music in the Cohen basement is this smiling group of instructors. Professor Provine, whose close attention to the language is noticeable at first glance, heads the department. Professor Wells is renown even outside the department for his mimeographed materials. Professors Newton and Myrvaagnes are remem- bered for their mellow-toned explan- ations of German Literature. Mrs. Halm could always be found coasting through the halls of Cohen. Assoc. Prof. Elliottg Mr. Andrewsg Asst. Prof. Burch, Prof. Robbins, Chairman, Mr. Schick, Mrs. Sweet. Assoc. Prof. Newton, Dr. Kovachg Assoc. Prof. Myrvaagnesg Prof. Provine, Chairman, Asst. Prof. Wellsg Mrs. Halmg Mr. Widershien. GOVERNME T The Department of Government has grown rapidly in the last few years. The Patterson field-study case- study holds more than the moving consensus . . . the intangibles behind this expansion could indeed be the reason: who could resist Mrs. Burch and her lollipops or the home-baked goodies of Mrs. Sweet? Who could forget Mr. Schick and the recurrent "Battle of Brookline" in his sectionsg Prof. Elliott with his 'fRod Steiger" delivery, the smoke-filled room of Dr. Robbingg or Prof. Andrews, cigar in hand, still trying to away those "Who Else But Nelse?" placards. Any takers? 57 HISTORY Someday, in the far distant future, History will record the "Battle of Bra- ker Hall? Among the highlights of this bloody conflict will be these: The History 1 lieutenants destroying their adversaries, armed with only a red pencil, Capt. Aubrey 'fRoosevelt" Parkman's touching battlefield eulogy of his departed comrade, Joe McCar- thy, Capt. Russell handing out small- pox infested blankets to the Indians, Chief-of-Staff Albert f'Statistics,' Imlah lecturing on all phases of the battle in detail from memory. Gentlemen, we the vanquished salute you. Assoc. Prof. Abbott, Assoc. Prof. Miller, Asst. Prof. Hoarg Prof. Imlah, Chairman, Mr. Marcopoulosg Asst. Prof. Parkman. MATHEMATICS The Mathematics Department shifted allegiances this year in mov- ing from the old homestead in Robinson Hall to the older homestead of Bromfield-Pearson. Remaining intact throughout the migration was the cry of "By jiminy" heard from Prof. Clarkson and the ever- present smile and "What can I do for you?,' from Mrs. Rushton. Noticeably missing this year, however, was the unvarying reply of Prof. Aaboe when stumped momentarily on a problem, "Hell and damn, as I would say if there were no ladies present, Miss Grafff' Experience also led us to expect, "I'm not convinced, I don't believe it, it'll never happenf, as a universal statement of Prof. Katz. Prof. Fultonls extremely enjoyable classes, Prof. Holtls knack of making every problem look "essentially, quite fundamentaln and the patience and leadership of Professors Rouse, Reynolds and the entire Math Department make the years of a Tufts math major deeply rewarding. First Row: Asst. Prof. Whitehead' Mrs Ward' Asst pr f ron, Yaqub, Second ROW. Asst Prof ilousel' Assoc, P f- o. Cohen: Mr. Jonah: Assoc. P1-of. Reynolds: Prof. Clar's Prof. Fulton, Asst. Prof. Mumford, Assit. Prof.. Hgiris-HSE? Chairman: Mr. Schlesinger: Asst. Prof. Katz. smug w lil 52 lP'f"'-1 I ...Ng ww' alta.. -- .,' ." svn ...Ng "-' .L I 77' 'x'-f . - 'j--. .,--". 3-s,..., . .Wg ...,. I- ---- .x:,-.g- J"-'-r..' "-s ' ,sim 1 'N l..:.'v ,Q r. .LM ' NT. QQ . I V -'-.1 -1 --gi '-2. -t... r '."-s. if if: fi . X. N, ' 1-ui. rrsr Slim at Sin: h Q N T , 'sn NNLHL- ' X r N s ig, tina in .. - ffimwti iirf ."'s 51.22 rs w: irsiiiwwlt Q2 mlm We-"" :ENN The SLT. -'-.... - v -4 --L ,.. :. .- . 'V..L- P. P Q2 W , ?"r Y - t .Xl 'S A .Arcs - -..W Ritz' ,-. ,M --. .s.. ,, su- .. FF 1 My Q . s.-. PE .Q :Q 'rg ...M .'..4...M .-Q th' .:,.-,-... A, II I 135 t. Prof. Leavitt, Assoc. Prof. Batteau, Asst. Prof. Choi, Assoc. Prof. Harrington, Prof. Trefethen, Chairman, Assoc. Prof. Astill, Asst. Prof. Nelson, Assoc. Prof. Vannah. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING The Mechanical Engineering Department, which teaches Mechanical Engineering to ME students, has a faculty of eight professors and one secretary. Heading the department, Professor Trefethen is well known for his theoretical knowledge in fluid mechanics and his infamous 'fBlack Box Theorem." He can be easily found at any time leading Professors Astill and Nelson to the Kursaal. In the basement of Anderson, resides the 'fHeat and Mass" man of the department, Professor MUSIC If you had only shown us how to sling a few tech- nical terms over our heads at cocktail parties, Music f Department, you would certainly have satisfied the aesthetic interests of many Of us "gut" seekers. But because you did not stop there, but, instead, went on to create in many a culture barren mind an avid in- terest in ugoodi' music in these troubled times of the Twist and the Slop, we thank 'your musical trium- Harry Choi. Meanwhile, in Bray Lab, Professors Har- rington and Leavitt keep the lathes turning while Professor Vannah is away skiing. Last but not least, Professor Batteau is available between plane trips to discuss the amount of information that the department's beloved secretary, Mrs. Wallace, can handle. These are the men and woman which keep this department churning. Virate, Assoc. Prof. MacKillop, Chairman, Asst. Prof. King? MF- Abbott- 59 l Lt. Zachmang Lt. Cmdr. Hibbsg Cmdr. Davidsong Major Land- rigang Lt. Hicks, Lt. Bendit. PHYSICS The Physics Department caters primarily to majors in other Helds. Pre-meds and pre-dents will remember Physics 1-2 with Professor Knipp as a theoretical im- possibility and a practical Waste. Engineers will re- member Physics 2l,22,23 as a game of which formula to match with which numbers. All physics students Will recall Knipp crossing the center of the blackboard, Cormackis distinguished accent, Stearns blowing the trombone, Tessman's sarcasm, Hendricksonis grin, and Mrs. Mc Carthyis understanding smile. Assoc. Prof. Milburn, Mr. Lynch, Asst. Prof. Stearns, Asst Prof Everett Assoc. Prof. McCarthy, Assoc. Prof. Schnepsg Mrs. Boileng Asst Prof Weiss Asst. Prof. Jacob. PHYSICAL EDUCATIO These are the formative years, and offering courses in Major Sports, Aquatics, and Secondary School Ath- letics, the Physical Education Depart- ment manages to carry out the Univer- sity athletic policy. This eventually boils down to four semesters of "stim- ulating" and Nchallengingt' gym classes. But the ultimate effect is produced by the department mentors alone: Professor Ellis, inescapable fines, Woody's elaborate demonstrations, Bob CY.A. Tittlel Meehan's youthful exuberance, Hal's expert taping and of c o u r s e-Clarence's immortal, t'Light, heavy, jock, sock and towel." First Row: Assoc. Prof. Palmer, Prof. Arlansong Prof. Ellis, Chairman. Second Row: Mr. Grossmang Mr. M Prof. Goodfellowg Mr. Meehan. althanerg Asst. Prof. Grimshawg Asst. PSYCHOLOGY Faculty-student interaction is a very real phenome- non, observable any day in the North Hall lounge. Post-War tweed neckties, explicit messages declaring who may drink the coffee, or where a particular tool should be hung, a perpetual need for more oilice space, and high-anxious secretaries abound in this De- partment. A haven of determined curiosity for explor- ation, a place for the student to academically exercise his experimental idiosyncracies, and an area of con- tinued enlightenment and stimulation, this is the Psy- chology Department. psych VS' Physics First Row: Dr. Carterilleg Prof. Crook, Chairman, Dr. Raben. Second Row: Assoc. Prof. Saul, Asst. Prof. Mills, Asst. Prof. Harlestong Asst. Prof. Sampson. g.. M Q3 F3 I Asst. Prof. Sayre, Prof. Burch, Chairmang Mrs. Miller, Asst. Prof. Laskey. PHILOSOPHY Anyone desiring to become more thoughtful should take a course taught by the distinguished scholars of the Philosophy Department. Chairman of the group is that gentleman with the ticking gold watch and soft-spoken jokes, Dr. Burch, an expert on the Orient. Dr. Sayre, who enlivened Phi- losophy 1 and Aesthetics lectures with his humorous and unusual examples, departed in February to add a climb of the Himalayas to his store of fasci- nating experiences. An addition to the department second semester was Mrs. DeLacost, who charmed Existentialism students with her French accent. Also gracing the department was Mrs. Miller, whose specialty is modern phi- losophy. Many students learned about ethical theories from Dr. Laskey, Prof. Ashton, Chairman, Asst. Prof. Miller. RELIGION The Department of Religion tends to be a service department seeking to broaden a student'a program of study rather than appeal as a lield of concentration. The courses center in the various aspects of religion rather than in specihc religious faiths. They designed to aid the student in understanding the meaning and per- tinence of religion for man in his various cultures and in the growth of civilization. Dr. Ashton, head of the department, is better known as chaplain of the college. His humor and understanding ways, along with Dr. Miller's quiet competence, give the department a casualness and friendly air found nowhere else. though he didnlt guarantee a change in anyonels morals . . . Ilm a hedonistg arenlt you? .X NX OPHHA Meme xp l ww. X' NLLRX 5. . it x X QQQR wx sf i li " "' CML, X XRKI.-4, ' 1 -'N-. ' Sky ., ' ' law C Nfi. .G. y , N glib i lx ., :ml .xt - w -, . N ' . s. yur: C. , X N" A . ,524 .. . ilkrrl-., K, YN 5, N All Ps lf if lui .15 :ETL T5 lr. L- . 4 'K W 3 r -. - .am--. "Q -'Q -v-. .fggfc C Lg. 1:1313 31? Mrs. Clementg Mr. Thomas, Assoc. Prof. Shapirag Mr. Math- Prof. Whittredgeg Mrs. Aisag Mr. Aisag Mr. Kolakowskig Mr. esong Prof. Gifford, Assoc. Prof. Simches, Chairman, Assoc. Debeg Mrs. Purdy. ROMANCE LA GUAGES Although many of us are leaving "le college sur la colline" with a voice gone nasal from pronouncing our vowels and a mind gone "loco" from adapting our mother tongue to those of you foreigners, we, never- theless, must thank you for the patient eiforts to in- spire us with the ideals of Louis' XIV and the Borgias, among others, and to foster in us an uncanny ability to discover the best places in which to buy our trots. Asst. Prof. Carterg Prof. Ullman, Chairman, Asst. Prof. Cramer, Asst. Prof. M. Wm, xv Schur. ' ' 5 .Q-3 ' 49 3 9 735: . ' . , , V, 'fill , f Bravo for the bravado with which you accepted the sneers cast upon the language labs, and for your spon- sorship of highly colorful, if not completely compre- hensive activities given by itinerant guests and mem- bers of the Department. For all this and so much more, therefore, "bonne chance, toujours" to the De- partment of Romance Languages. SOCIGLOGY Group behavior and the conflicts arising in modern society are the es- pecial concern of sociology. Men in groups, the family, the community, and the nation are studied and ana- lyzed. In today's tense changing world, the solution of these social problems may prove to be the key to peace. The path that our Sociology De- partment traces is far from narrow and confined. The travels and prac- tical work of its members help to broaden curriculum, and so, the fac- ulty-student relations. The specialized interests of individual department mem- bers provide opportunities for advanced students to share in stimulating topics as researchers and assistants while their work points to rewarding futures in the field of sociology. 6 -7- ' ' 111w1ax:-f-' ' '1 '44:a '4 -..e...n.-4,--,,-ps---:,.,..--- -ww .. .. -., . -,,,,,,,Y,vV ,,.,,, l,.,,, H A ' 'J' ' " ESF' 4' A ' """""""""' 4 4 4 - I '4 4 ,4 I 4 4 4 4 5 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 9 4 I 4 5 T 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 ,. in ' 4 4 'W 4 V A :L , , .fw " "f ' .4 . , x Q, lv ,743 f I ,If I-L,7'5l:.f,.",,' -1-." ', N 'ki yi , 44, ,444 ,IL -r5J'.r!-4, ,I I vH,1N,,WVAN , - , mf-I 4: K' fr- . 'Q,, .I Fil 'xi .A 35421, X, -yy ffif H 'Q ww,,fv4,4':,34s1rf.,14,,444, ' 4 ' nn-va, 5,44 '4' ' ., www , , U, V -- A ' -N-A 4 ww, .- -fr V H-f' ' " ' ' -,.-,x.- .-x,.,,-,.J,,,,v-,.-gr, ,--,--V--jx" , " Y - - ' V , . --.-.,,A - , '.--:ff Q:-1 -fag-,spa-rg-:::g:,5g4--Y-,g:.-Q.mf 1.,r11:f.,-.-. ---.-, 1 f -' A ,V.1 - . A :1g,,-ig i.g.3-ei- -5 -- , . H Lv,IE-1412..'.Qf5-:I-f:P"K9f5-252735-GIQZSQFIt15Tv?i5I'i--""'1. , ' f' ' ' , ,,.,,, , JJ. A, .q,,..,.eLf.f . W,-, 5,.,1":-fg:,L-i,-A,-.- 1 -.':--rug:-1--, .nG:mf.'s.21ee:--uri:-an-1-?Iq,f.Q:ak,-fri.:-11..'-.,:-ff: -g-wr -- -V s n s lr I 1 Q 1 C 1 - 9 vo I 5 4 ' 9 I 4 3+ 1+ 1 an 5.912 . .W re +- Vt 2 is I A N X 1 .xmas-.m : w.. , . , R X. .Q mfs' 'fy 125r5:,.5.': 1 f t . , 'frrvmf ,HH , ,... ,gi ,' , , ,E Q , . 1 4 ' :rx .g:4vv.xj..J' , -il' , , ' wi V 'W ' ' . .' ku hu fa . h - M- F3 "3 1 Qi 'fi . 3 . ?t I V " 4 Quia. ,V ::-L ,,- - ,tg n.-,-1' lr 1 n-:HJ la, .- -:'. wr' s,"f,a1., 4" 3 - 4 AH 1? f ,, IE? G f ADZIGIAN, DAVID J. 413 Bedford St. Lexington, Mass. A.B. Economics Delta Upsilon, Secretary, Student Council Rep. Varsity Football, Freshman Lacrosseg Sword 8a Shield, Tower Cross, Varsity Club, Presidentg Travelli Scholar, N.R.O.T.C., Intramurals. AGHJAYAN, EDWARD K. 40 Montvale St. Roslindale, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering N.R.O.T.C.g N.R.O.T.C. Basketball. AIMES, SUZANNE ALEXANDER, JOHN C. Malden Bridge, 147 Artakis N. Smyrna New York Athens, Greece A.B. English A.B. History Dean's Listg Camera Club. Who's that loudmouth behind us? AGRESS, NANCY L. 53 Crestwood Drive Clayton, Mo. B.S. Education Varsity Hockey, Basketball Tennis, Class Treasurerg Jackson Student Council, Vice President, J.A.A., Treasurer, Freshman Counselor, Dean's List. J? ALI, HADI RAZA 50 Fallon St. Cambridge, Mass. A.B. History Delta Tau Deltag I.D.C., President, Secretary, Tufts Weekly, Business, Manager, Dean's Listg Travelli Scholar, Class of 1911 Prize Scholarshipg Soccer, Captain. AHO, CAROLYN L. New Ipswich, New Hampshire A.B. Sociology Aletheag Leonard Carmichaelg Chapel Choir, Alpha Kappa Delta, President, Religious Councilg Student Council, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. ALLAN, CHRISTIE 44 Barnstable Rd. West Newton, Mass. A.B. English gills L :tam Sifhmqt its mr -aw, N mmmgbfoq 'Wm WP wasnt mu ., Eu wg at ALLEN, ROBERT M, ANDELMAN, STEVEN J. ANDERSON, BRUCE R. APPLEDORF, HOWARD 160 Laurel Rd. 129 Oakdale Rd. 10 Plymouth Rd. 444 Upham St. W. Springfield, Mass. Newton Highlands, Mass. Darien, Conn. Melrose, Mass. AB. Economics B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Electrical Engineering A.B. Chemistry-Biology Delta Tau Delta, Freshman 84 Varsity Swimming, Yacht Club, Rear Commodore, Jumbo Book, Organizations Editor, I.F.C., Vice President, Sword 8a Shield, Tower Cross, Intramurals. Band, Hockey Manager. 43 rv APPLETON, DANIEL AUGUSTA, VITO L. AUSTIN, MARILYN M. AUSTIN, STEPHEN W. 316 Essex St, 11 Green St. 23 Prospect St.. 2429 a1rh1ll Ave. Beverly, Mass. Lawrence, Mass. - V Spflflgvale, MHIHC l Glenslde, Pa' P h 1 B.S. Chemistry B.S. Electrical Engineering A.B. EI1g1lSh B-S- SYC 0 025' Phi Sigma Kappa, American Transfer from G.E. Aletheas Class Secfetafk Delta Tau Delta? Freshman Chemical Society. Apprentice Course, Vice-President, Dorm Lacrosse, N.R.O.T.C., Band, A.1.E.E.-1.R.E., Tufts secrerarys Freshman Tufts Band? 1822 SOCIGW, Yacht Club. Counselor. President- , - y ,L If U x 1 , x , lk ,f 0 l 'lg a Lg, Q I ... fl X! ,- ,af il ' V xflix f' "QR 7 XX 4. ,L - l I ' I -I if I X I W is egg, 2 I l I 1 i M st Q.. N i r . fn 'J f . f Qw'J , 1:11--f" ..- , ,, D L W 7 ' ' ,Lili lil! t all tl, all t if t L. Si? i ' T A it FJ ff' H go iff tj i n ,V 115 , ?7T' if l 5 5 Xf x All it Q if W l R ,fl I it ,fl Lit fl uf ' .S ltlt f ' 1: -QL 4 fi 5t ' if P! e Z f in ,sip mb? H 2 l 1 I i L 1 v l i i BABCOCK, ROSS C. BADGER, MARTHA BAKER, WARREN W. BANAS, VERNONA 62 wanoo Landing 45 Cedar Road Sioux Court GOMEZ CMrs.J I Falmouth, Maine Chestnut Hill, Mass. Palisades, N-Y- BS- Biology , B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Education B.S. Chemical Engineering Delta Zetag Pre-Medical i Theta Chi 5 W.T.C.R.g Elioppearson Theta Chig A.I.Ch.E., Society, Treasurerg Jackson t Mountain Clubg Yacht Treasurer, Yacht Club, Iudiciaryg Tufts Weekly, , Club, Commodore, Racing Mountain Clubg Canterbury Dean's List. 3 Team Captain. Club. I 4 l l BARCLAY, KENNETH P. BARON, PAUL D. BARTLES, BARBARA J, BAXT, SHERWOOD A- 34 Shefbllfm Rd. 290 Fuller St. 69 Rustic Ter. 505 Avenue O L6X1I1gIOH, MHSS- ' Dorchester, Mass. Bristol, Conn. Brooklyn, N.Y- I A.B. Q English B.S. Chemistry B.S. physics B,S, Biology Dfelfa UPSIIOHS I-D-Cn 2nd Tau Epsilon Phis Chemistry Society of Scholars, Phi Epsilon Pi, 2:'gcfIlIr5eii2ent,ISgugent Society, Treasurer. Vice-President, Phi Beta Vice-President, l.D.C.L . li Judiciary. mg ' ' Kappay Physics Club, Freshman Tennis! Vagggn Commission Chair a President? Student Counselorg Soccer, Proctor? fre? Q 66 ' m n' Newman Clubg Dean's Listg Counselorg Dean S I-ISV i N. Hobbs Knight Prize 1 Scholarship. 1 ?i'3D,X4ixj3 5 F6315 gg Hx: ,- is C53 5 Src We 'fir it :ani ig, gm.: if Sim: . -ir tsf, '-Dun 5 3 'W X t5THn,m l- Q2 N 1 in f uflwy. N N X t ,wat T X I x . A N I V D EKWXA Li, Eng Pr:-M211 .src lm: -....s'. no 5 iwo0D i' B109 ,fy '. rid 1 We is if fi And Amherst scores again! BEARD, NANCY E. BEARSE, DEBORAH A. BECKMAN, CLIFFORD T. BEMIS, CHARLES E. 75 Greenleaf St. Weaver Rd. 53 Archer Drive Sunset Drive Malden, Mass. Centerville, Mass. Bronxville, Mass. North East, Pa. A.B. English A.B. English B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Chemistry-Biology Alpha Omicron Pi, Society German Table, Intramural Wesley Club, President, Delta Tau Delta, Freshman of Scholars, Middle Hall, Volleyball and Basketball. I.D.C., Leonard Carmichael Counselor Dean's List, Wesley Club, Leonard Society, Freshman Counselor. Pre-Med Society, Carmichael Society. Organizations Committee Chairman, Student Council, Weekly Staff, Swimming Team, Arnold Air Society. BENNETT, DAVID C. BERENSON, JOEL E. Turnpike Rd. 19 Regent St. Townsend, Mass. W. Newton, Mass. Alpha Tau Omega, B.S. Chemistry-Biology N.R.O.T.C., Yacht Club, Freshman Baseball, Intramurals. Pre-Medical Society, Young Republicans Club. BERENSON, MARK E. BERGER, HANNAH S. 70 Strathmore Rd. 34 LaGrange St. Brookline, Mass. Chestnut Hill, Mass. B.S. Chemistry A.B. French Alethea, Jackson Judiciary, Student Council, Panhellenic Council, President, Secretary-Treasurer, French Club, Marlins. 67 w BERMAN, RESA S. BERRY DAVID p, BERRY, RONALD K. BIALEK, ARDEN G. . 5240 Independence Ave. 4 C t St, 77 Pleasant St. I 320 Ferry St. Zomsruile Mags, Stoneham, Mass. Riverdale, N.Y. Malden, Mass' ' B S Electrical Engineering B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. . ' Oovernment BS' Mat-hemaucs R.O.T.C.g Newman Transfer from the General Phi Epsilon Pi, Social ' Iliilltzi Z1-eta,lg1'reasLgTre5l1Sel0r Ciulg. A F R Q,T,C, Band. Electric Apprentice Course. Chalrmang Pre-Legal 1 e 5 res man 0 9 ' ' ' ' Society. Chironiansg Pre-Medical Societyg Jackson Anniversary Committeeg N.F.T.Y., Secretary. BIDELSPACHER, ANN T. BIRLEM, LYNNE M. BISHOP, JOSEPH A. JR. BISHOP, RICHARD L. 1310 Campbell St. Southwest Harbor, Maine Litchfield Tpke. 34 Auburn St. Williamsport, Pa. A.B. English Woodbridge, Conn. Medford, Mass. A A.B. French Tufts Band, Publicity A.B. Economics B.S. Chemistry-Biology Varsity Swimming and Managerg Odikong Varsity Delta Tau Deltag Freshman Theta Chig Freshman Tennisg French Club. Swimmingg Religious Hockey, Lacrosse, Sailingg Lacrosseg Pre-MediCH1 Council, Presidentg Varsity Hockeyg Mountain Societyg Yacht Club: Cwsregational Clubg Clubg Cross-Sectional Freshman Counselor! Campus Chest, Co-Chairmang Council. Intramurals. Yeah, I played lacrosse in college. lf. ,I 'HW N9 .iyq fy 2 fl Nl ffl' J' 'X ,W 1. C., 1241 1 I BLOCH, PETER B. BLOOM, EDWARD M. 4 Wildwood Drive 35 Kirkwood Rd' Great Neck, N.Y. Boston, Mass. B.S. Psychology B.S. Electrical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi: Student Tau Epsilon Phig COUHCUZ Tufts WCCUY, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Dean's List, Editor, Psi FOl.ll'Ii'l Pre-Legal Socigtyg ESIHYC- PfSSidCHfL International Relations Clubg Pre-Legal Societys Intramurals. Democratic Club, Treasurerg Varsity Squash, Intramurals. 098 BOLINO, JOHN V. 139R Essex St. Lynn, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Varsity Golf, Intramural Basketballg Varsity Club, A.S.M.E. BONICA FELICE A BOOTH, I MARIETTE S. BOURQUE, EUGENE B. BOUSCAREN, CHLOE 29 Pleasant St 1373 Huntington Tpke. Marianne Rd. 1832 Circle Road West Newton Mass Trumbull, Conn. Waltham, MHSS. RUXIOH, MHfYlaUd Government B.S. Biology B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Education W T C R Newman Club Alpha Tau Omega, W.T.C.R.g Eliot-Pearson Ygung Repubhcans TCHITI, Varsity Tennis, Hockey, Basketball. x i 0 ff lex N9 X ilig ff' X ,lf Nia, E72"'fr'EiT' had S' glffdi Riff? r if f yy ji f All ,f W fl X il all ll t fi I X 6 ,N 1 L6 'W f' l Mm I 70 ll? all t f Xi ri l tif , I ml 1 , X Hill' ' If BOWMAN, MARY E. BOYER, JAY A. BRAVERMAN, RICHARD BRAYTON, STEPHAN M. 10213 Montgomery Ave. 328 Terbune Ave. 979 Benton Rd. 17-Wyndmere Rd. Kensington, Md. Passaic, N.J. Woodmere, N.Y. Milton, Mass. I 0 H A.B. English A.B. Government A.B. Government BS- Chfm1Stry'B1OlOgy :'T5:wf's? Chi Omegag Jackson Riding Hillelg Pre-Medical Society, Yacht Club, French Clubg Theta Delta Chll Freshman Team, Middle Hallg Dean's Freshman Counselor, Dean's Pre-Legal Societyg Sailing and Varsity Cross-Country kg R2-:.Lv:.3g List. Listg Intramural Softball. Team, Co-Captain. and Indoor 8L Outdoor Trac , M--i Pre-Medical Societyg Chorusg Congregational Club! Intramurals. BREEN CHARLES E. BRENNAN, CHARLES A. BROWN, LOIS J. BROWN. RONALD W- lg ' Sf?igdi?JAVe' 296 Stevens St. 5846 So. LaGrange Road 3 B1'O2ldWi1Y Ave- Lmlfllimx 5 am e , . . Lowell, Mass. A.B. English Rock ort, Mass. if BS- Chemlslfy-Bi0l0gY A.B. Economics Marlins Clubg Senior B.S. P Psyclioiogy fskcmt Band: Chorusf Luigi Club? Cross-Sectional Councilg Freshman Wrestling! I-mg' film Treasurer, Odikong Hillel, Dean's Listg Transfer from Club: Intramurals. Nh, President, Freshman State University of Iowa. - i'q'VL'x W Counselor. -T-A Intramurals, Off-Hill - rm, Council. it.. f.. X X fr i f if-Al. l ...-anus. ilu 1 ' A x ' 'Q- . X. A X. 4 x iii XX I A ff gf. ,wi KK.. Kon-Tiki. A N EQ:-i BROWN, SAMUEL BRUCE, LAURIE B. BRUMBERGER, RICHARD BRYANT, LUCINDA E. 134 71 Addington Rd. 12 Heather St. 10 Cedarhurst Ave. 71 Montvale Ave. -. Bf0OkliHe, Mass. Beverly, Mass. Lawrence L.I., N.Y. Stoneham, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa, Treasurer, B,S, Mechanical Engineering B.S. Mathematics -.. z--. Freshman Hockey, Varsity Golf, A.F.R.O.T.C.g Majorette, Varsity Club, I.F.C.g Tufts . Weekly, Jumbo Book, Business Manager, -- Intramurals. BUCCHERI, JOHN S. BURNS, GAIL S. BURLEIGH, WILLIAM H- 4193 45 Dover Rd. 368 Brighton Ave. 14 Arthur Rd- , , New Britain, Conn. Portland, Maine Af1d0VCF, MHSS- ' A,B, Music B.S. Education B.S. Mathematics iff Alpha Tau Ornegag Newman Eliot-Pearson Zeta Psig' Freshman Hockeyg -.ILS Clllbg Odikong Chorus, Dormitory Treasurerg CYOSS-Sectional COUHCH3 Presidentg Intramurals. International Committee, Freshman Counselorg 'A Treasurer, Transfer from Jumbo Book, Fraternity Syracuse University. Editor, Intramurals. BURROWS, W. RICHARD 7459 64th Lane Glendale, N.Y. B.S. Civil Engineering Zeta Psi, Rec. Secretary, A.S.C.E.g Freshman 8: Varsity Swimming, Freshman Lacrosseg Tufts Mountain Clubg Intramurals. 71 6! CAHALY, JOHN R. Mathematics BYRNE, JOHN D- BYRON, WALTER J' ?fEfLZgnJgSEPH F' 153 Bellevue Rd. 135 East St. 79 Milton Ave. am ' W t M Methuen, Mags, Dorchester, Mass. l I Allston, Mis? D t ' B gl ertown, ass. B.S. Psychology B.S. Mechanical. Engineering Pre-Medica 0016 Y, - - Newman Clubg French Alpha Tau Omegag Newman Ortlgodox Club, Newman Clubg Psychology Club. Clubg N.R.O.T.C.g C111 - A.S.M.E., Secretary, Horace Knight Memorial Scholarship. CALDARONE, ANTHONY CAMPBELL, JUDITI-I A. CANTY, MARY M. CAPORALE, ROBERT L. 4411 SW. Forth St. 1741 D Valley Ave. 68 Undine Rd. 11 Lakeville Rd. Miami, Fla. Birmingham, Ala. Brighton, Mass. Boston, Mass. Bs. B.S. Chemistry A.B. Education A.B. Government Mechanical Engineering '62 Chemical Society, President, Chi Omega, Jackson Varsity Footballg Newman B.S. Electrical Engineering Chironiansg Jumbleg Handbook, Business Club. A.S.M.E.g Intramurals. Mathematics Clubg Yacht Managerg Newman Clubg Club. Freshmen Counselorg Leonard Carmichael Society. Okay, wait till he's right under us. "W .fr r 4 4 .. 51.1.46-.W 5 . if I, y 1 ll 1. V1 1 . W .L iiil sf is X A fff I 1 1' iii ! . I ., ,' 4 in il 1 X lf! ii Xi 1 time -- . .,, W. 5 , s I A ' L t Ufusl ix. 3 .lffltii ICE. I tunic I :mn We A 3. ,V-r rs? alll.. Jr, if WN . 45,2 N f f ,I 1 CARLEY, GILBERT E- CARRUI-L, AU-AN R. CARTER, RICHARD C. CARTER, RICHARD H. 6 Lantern Lane 2417 W Greenleaf Ave. 104 Park Ave. 23 Newburgh St. Arlington, Mass. Chicago, Ill. Arlington, Mass. Waltham, Mass. B.S. Biology A.B. Government A.B. Government B.S. Engineering Theta Chi, Secretary, WTCR, Manager, Luigi Varsity Tennis. Marine Social Club, Secretary, Tuftonian, Business Manager, Club, Vice-President, Soccer, Varsity Football, A.S.M.E. Jumble, Tufts Chorus. Manager, Tufts Weekly, Intramurals, Theatre. CARTY, JOHN S. 26 Lawndale Rd. Milton, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering CASERTA, NORMA A. 245 Garfield Ave. Bridgeport, Conn. Alpha Omega Phi, Class B.S. Sociology A.B. 'Sociology CASSUTO, JULIE E. 76 12 Vleigh Place Flushing, N.Y. CHANDLER, STEVEN W. Melrose, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Delta. Treasurer, Gold Key, Alpha Kappa Delta, Chironians, Dean's List, Leonard Carmichael Society, Newman Club, Dormitory Secretary, Class Marshal 3 .W .47 . I ,, .. ., X I I, f ol xi YN' tm felt li, all 1 fe. t vw aff U X .. Qi 2 Q X 'WALK- he-ti , ' l ill? N J it ff., y M fi J I f "' J V f y Amr 9934 'Drum Bring back the reservoir. CLEMENT, ANTON R. CLINTON, LARRY JR. COCHRANE, FRED P. 78 Metro St. 56 Old Brick Rd. 163 College Ave. Forestville, Conn. Roslyn Heights, N.Y. Somerville, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Delta, President, B.S. Varsity Swimming, Tower Cross, Vice-President, Electrical Engineering Co-captain, Zeta Psi, Ivy Society, President, Sword Zeta Psi, Varsity Football, Freshman Soccer, Captain. and Shield, Weekly, Varsity Wrestling. Tuftonian, Fourth Estate, Varsity Swimming, Dean's List. COCHRANE, MRS. MARY C. 163 College Ave. Somerville, Mass. A.B. French Chi Omega, Travelli Scholar, Chironian, Jackson Class Treasurer, 2, Freshman Newman Club, Chorus. COHEN, MILTON I. 144 Bellingham St. Chelsea, Mass. Dean's List, Varsity Wrestling, Intramurals, Chemistry Club, COLE, GORDON E. COLLARI, RICHARD L. 7 Valley St, 60 Preston St. Saugus, Mass. Everett, Mass. A.B. Mathematics B.S. Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., President, Off-Hill, Newman Club, Intramurals. COLLINS, LUCINDA 4212 Oakridge Lane Chevy Chase, Md. Chi Omega, Treasurer, Jackson Judiciary Delegate, Marlins, President, Jackson Student Council, Dormitory President, Jackson Intramurals. 75 COLMAN, GERALD B. 20 Fourth St. Attleboro, Mass. B.S. Biology-Chemistry Mountain Club, Yacht Club, Cotter Prize in Modern Language, Educational Policies Committee of Student Council. H51 ,. '42 ,. , ,,, , 1,7 1.5 -. , f Wainw- 2 i X " ' . Q I. ' xx I' - fc 0 .A , ' I J bk COMMOSS, SUSAN H. 82 80 138th Street Queens, N.Y. A.B. English B.S. CONNELLY, JOHN M. 39 Coral Ave. Winthrop, Mass. Chemical Engineering A.F.R.O.T.C., Rifle Team and Armed Drill Team, Tufts Mountain Club, Newman Club. CoNsoL1No, CAMILLE 57 Stanley Ave. Medford, Mass. A.B. French German Table, German Club, Secretary, Deanis List, French Club, Jackson Intramurals. ...E COX, RICHARD E. CRANE, KERRY J. CRISPEN, JOHN W. CROCHETIERE, WILLIAM J. ' LE 39 Bloomiield St. A.B. English 238 N. Allegheny St. ll Green St. Lynn, Mass. Sigma Nu, Treasurer, Bellefonte, Pa. Lawrence, Mass. . B.S. Mechanical Engineering Cross-Sectional Council, B.S. Chemistry-Biology B.S. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E. A.F.R.O.T.C. Distinguished Delta Tau Delta, Dean's A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Yacht Club, Military Student, List, Proctor, I.D.C. Transfer from G.E. A.F.R.O.T.C. Unarmed Judiciary, Pre-Medical Club, ApprentiCC P1'O21'am- Drill Team Commander, Freshmen Counselor. Tufts Scholarship. I'll never get the hang of the Eastern forehand. ff -f' li? it fm 1 .xi j X xi Q E-"f"!f'fI f i N 4 J," I il JJ-'-' 'J' il X X Q X R' .i ii Wx, NPL Y Mi Xxx L cs L CROSBY, THOMAS A. CRYSTAL, RONALD G. CURRIE, BARBARA F 10 Garrison Rd. 522 Bridlemere Ave. 20 Sunset Rd' Belmont 28, Mass. Interlaken, N.J. Winchester, Mass, B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Physics A-B. Music A.F.R.O.T.C., Cadet Colonel, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sword Mu Phi Epsilon, Chorus' A.S.M.E.g Newman Club. and Shield, WTCR, Music Tufts Yacht Club, Racing Director, Tufts Weekly, Team. Sports Editor, Physics Club, Intramurals. CURTISS, LINDA C. 208 W. Phila. Ave. Salisbury, Maryland A.B. English Chi Omega, Vice-President, Senior Class Secretary, Middle Hall, Tufts Weekly, Marlinsg Leonard Carmichael Society, Yacht Club, Intramurals, Dean's List. L CUSSEN, JOSEPH F. JR. DABORN, ALICE L. DANA, SALLY C. 88 Highland Av. 268 Herrick Ave. 415 Spring Mill Rd. Winchester, Mass. Teaneck, NJ. Vill2m0Va, Pa. B.S. Chemical Engineering A.B. History A.B. Government Delta Upsilong Varsity Delta Zeta. Skiingg Yacht Club, A.I.C.H.E. f I N nl FQ V Q f X , J 4.-IX DANCEWICZ, EDWARD P. 25 Oakville St. Lynn, Mass. B.S. Chemistry-Biology Off-Hill, Varsity Soccer, Pre-Medical Society. Ml . B s Q1 l ' .xx 'K by 5--. ,fs- if AV . 3- D'AQUILA, DIANA R. Scotland Rd. Norwich, Conn. Chi Omegag J.A.C., Treasurerg Tufts Mountain Club. De SANTO, ROBERT S. 321 Washington Ave. . isa. l I l DELVECCHIO, NICHOLAS DeMONE, GEORGE D. DePILLIS, PAULA E5ff5l1.lf'rj 229 Riverside Ave. 33 Grace St. 208 W. 23 Street A iii Medford, Mass. Malden, Mass. New York, N.Y. ill: B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Electrical Engineering A.B. English A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.g Intramurals. ' X Y Y -5 DEVOE, GEORGE M. JR. DIETER, KENNETH DINE, MAX E. 25 Westvale Rd New Rochelle N.Y. Milton Mass Q 63 Central Ave' 30 Manton Rd' Iiifiitiiliii' ' A t - - Medford, Mass. Swunipscott. Mass. I fqwf ' . . Biology B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. M.uhem,uiCS B S ChemiSt,.y-Biology 15 N WTCRQ GDI Singers. Delta Tau Deltag A.S.M.E,, 1 K Pint mon Pi. Deans List: XE, Representative to Engineering Chesgpfeumi Leonard Sowell' Ffeshman 3L Carmichael Society! XI' arsity Swimming Teamg I H mils Yacht Clubs Sports Car ntmmui. . Clubg Freshman Lacrosse, ' 78 t 5 7 1 1 Sill? i ill XX Z Well, it worked for Eve. DODGE, NANCY C. DOHERTY, ROBERT E. DOMOHOSKI, FRANCIS DONALDSON, ELIZABETH 21 Elm Sf- 83 Cutter Hill Rd. 32 Summer St. 397 Orchard St. Delmar, N-Y- Arlington, Mass. Hyde Park, Mass. Cranford, NJ. B.S. Biology B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. German B.S. Education Dean's List, Thaliag A.S.M.E.g Arnold Air German Clubg German Eliot-Pearson Freshman Counselor. Society, A.F.R.O.T.C. Table. Student Councilg International Committee Chairman, Wesley Club. 7 DONNELLY, JOSEPH C. JR. DORRIE, M. RESA DOTY, EDWARD G- DUBY, ROBERT A- ni 132 Pollen Rd. Ghalamertan St. 6809 Emlen Sr, 345 Court St. A Lexington, Mass. Tehran, Iran Philadelphia, Pa. Plymouth, Mass. A.B. Economics B.S. Chemistry-Biology A.B. Government B.S. Chemistry-Biology Theta Delta Chi? Pre-Legal E.P.I.C., Treasurer, Phi Epsilon Pig Lambert Societyg Yacht Club. International Relations, Kingsley Society, Luigi Young Democrats, Clubg Pre-Medical Society, President, Vital Issues, Student Council I Director, Unity Club, Committees, Intramurals. WTCR. 79 rof DUFFY, MARTIN E. DUKAT, FRANK EAGLES, EUGENE III 923 Second St. 205 Beacon St. Packanack Lake, N.J. Fall River, Mass. Waltham, Mass. Tufts Dental School B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Deltag K Delta Tau Deltag Proctorg Alpha Tau Omega-Treasurerg Cheerleadingg Pre-Dental N.R.O.T.C.g Freshman N.R.O.T.C. Regularg Societyg Ass't Adv. Edito Counselorg Intramurals. A.S.M.E.g Yacht Clubg Jumbo Book l961g Intramurals. Co-Captain Hyls Team. EHRENSPECK, GERHARD 94 Farnham St. Belmont, Mass. B-S. Physics Tufts Mountain Clubg Physics Club. ELLIOTT, NANCY L. EMERSON, ORRIN B. ENGSTROM, CARLA A. ERICSON, GAIL 4 Fraser Ave. 1 Walnut Ter. 19 Walnut Sr. 35 Scott Sr. Johnstown, N.Y. Arlington, Mass. Cghges, N.Y. Woburn, Mags, . AB- . v History B.S. Chemistry-Biology B.S. Psychology A.B. Ellghsh isllphqa Oigiiron Pig Varsity Alpha Omicron Pig Senior Delta Zetag Yacht Clubg J Oc eyb fm tball, Tenmsg Delegate to Jackson Student Middle Hallg Tufts Umor e egat? to Jackson Councilg Marlinsg Newman Mountain Club. Student Councilg Senior Club Class Presldent' I wonder if they could use a good drop-kicker, rf- 4 4 ..., ' o f 1 Ta"-Q-. 6, . ,.....-.-- W t it 3 L yitt ii! if fl L ff r - Ki if I. l fait "ll-A-A? V IMN 241--ik, K txt,-gf' ,,f. v. X XX sl Wi 29' P. EX1gT:3?iR1?rIxi1:IRSJ g3?fERS, RUTH A. EYRICK THEODORE B M TP. Woburn Mass. 106 Pros ect St I Pl Academy St. 36 Hgward St '-zrzx' SJW? BS , Civil Engineerin W Caldviiell Nil easamvlue, NIYD Reading, Mass ' A'S'C E ' Tufts Mountain g AB ' ' Sociol D History B.S Mechanical Engineerine - - - -s - - ogy elta Zeta, Second Pi Kappa Alpha, Varsity , V 4 EIIYMESE Ffizxit I-mule 11 Sen 2:4 ful lmndciakii Bmw 52 I ni i lv Iv fl 1 I Club. Jackson Swimming Team VICC President Soccer A S M E Sports D0fm1t0fY Marshal Cross Sectional Council Car Club Student Christian Malorette Student Council Senior Class Marshal Tufts Association Committees Weekly Chapel Choli- Leonard Carmichael Society FALLON JOHN P, FELDMAN, MICHAEL A. FERRY, HENRY F FILLBACK SUZANNE K 30 Foster Drive 243 Mason Ter. 35 Carter Ave 39 Morgan St Framingham, Mags, Brookline, Mass. Pawtucket, R.I Middletown Conn B.S. Eleetfieal Engineering A.B. Philosophy and English B.S. Chemistry-Biology Elementary Education A.I.E.E.-I,R,E,- WTCR- Forensic Council, President, Theta Chi, President, Dean's Alethea Sorority Leonard WIKN. Carmichael Society Intramurals Philosophy Club President List Chapel Choir Pre Medical Society UZ- .7- ji Y' Q W unix' 321 Z1 V" 'I li Wi 1 I . 2' - -,L-J AJ ' X 1 EA 'A 7' FINE, NED A. FINE, RALPH FINN, DEIRDRE 1510 S. Edgewood St. 910 Grand Concourse 11 Sagamore St. Arlington, Va. New York, N.Y. W. Medford, Mass. A.B. Government A.B. Economics B.S. Education Theta Delta Chi, Varsity Young Democrats, President, Eliot-Pearson Tennis, Band, Intramurals. Pre-Legal Society, President, Student Council, Off-Hill Camera Club, WTCR, Council. International Relations Club. FISCH, STEVEN M. ' 55 Hallowell St. Mattapan, Mass. A.B. Ensli Tau Epsilon Phi, Paige Hall Co-op, President, Interdormitory Council, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Tufts Orchestra, Sailing Club? Intramurals. sh FISHMAN, AARON J. FITCH, JONATHAN FLANAGAN, PAUL P. FLEISHMAN, HILDA 10 Mace Place 220 Underhill Rd. 64 High Haltlt Rd. 626 Steele Ave. Lynn, Mass. t t 1 Scarsdale, N.Y. Arlington, Mass' Plainfield, NJ. t B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. - Psychology B.S. Biology B S Education OH-Hill Club, Amateur Delta Upsilon, Jumbo Book, Varsity Hockey I I Eliot-Pearson Radio Society, Mountain Sales Manager, Weekly, ' E tonian Edltott Club. Business Manager, Drgrmltotfy Omcers Tufts Psychology Club, Varsity Theater: Dean'S List. Football, Intramurals, 82 Varsity Club. iii T' LQ 1 ,K . W 'T Wx l IE :-, FE vt - '--f Q. UQ- . --. I -- ' -.ML -1 if ' tt .tfgzn . N ,t Num n-X. .. A-...r , ur Til- .c -- . .143 .MTI-f." nh 'tj-cs ""'A N . tt hilt ' . NNN 'N T , , N l. 1' .N , X l . ' I Pulrug 5 Vszum H3 nl 3, I Spin 5 Egg lf:--rt. 91112: rrzcicmxaf ffl ..-.- . - .---ftl-, .. rgznm fg ZIHKI'-L."DL . ffl 'I alll-N. V" 1 5:5 Il .Ti Honest ref it oinked FLETCHER, WILLIAM D. FOOTE, WESLEY JR. FORBES, LOUISE W. FOSTER EARL M 17708 Lomond Blvd. . 10 Benham St. 231 Hazelwood Ave. 160 Grant Ave. Shaker Heights, Ohio Medford, Mass. Middlesex, N.J. Newton Centre Mass B.S. C5 Yr. Programj B.S. Civil Engineering A.B. Spanish A.B. Economics A.B. M.E. and Government Theta Chi, Varsity Soccer, Delta Zeta, Pan-Hellenic Alpha Epsilon Pi, Varsity Delta Upsilon, Tower Cross, Captain, Intramurals, Sword Representative, Spanish Track, Freshman Skiing, Vice-President, Ivy Society, 8L Shield, A.S.C.E. Club, President, Ghikas Intramurals. Wh0'g Who in American Prize in Romance Languages, Colleges 8a Universities, DCHTVS List- Head Proctor, Student Council Representative. FOSTER, VAN P. T. FREEDMAN, HERBERT N. FRIEDMAN, JERALD N. GABELMAN, EDWARD H. 2305 West 110th Place 37 Woodmere Blvd. 632 Chestnut Ter. 3708 Warrensville Court Chicago, Ill. B,S, Chemistry-Biology Easton, Pa. Shaker Heights, Ohio B.S, Electrical Engineering B.S. Chemistry-Biology B.S. Chemistry-Biology Delta Tau Delta? Freshman Alpha Epsilon Pi, Varsity Alpha Epsilon Pi, Band, Swimming? Jumbo Book, Squash, Pre-Medical Society, Pre-Medical Society, Edit0r-in-Chlef5 Yacht Clubs Lambert-Kingsley Society, Psychology Club. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Freshman Intramurals' Honor Roll, Society of Scholars, G.M. Scholarship, 83 Intramurals. GAIGE, LUCILLE A. 16 Gardner Ave. 1 ff GALLERY, KATHLEEN A. GALLINARO, NICHOLAS C- GARNER, EDWIN C. 74 H'11Side Rd, 66 Frederick Ave. 24 School St. N. Providence, Rl. Southbridge, Mass. Medford, MHS? . . Franklin, M355- B.S. Mathematics A.B. Government B.S. Mechanical Engineering h u Music Jackson Student Councilg Chi Omega, Secretary. Alpha Tau Omega? Off'H1ll Od1k0U SOCICW, PfCS1deHY3 Council, Intramurals. Orchestra, Librariang Hodgdon Hall, President, Varsity Softball. Chorus, Librarian. GERSTMANN, JOSEPH GILL, BRIAN B. GILLESPIE, PAUL J. GILLIS, FREDERICK E. 1754 Commonwealth Ave. 31 St. Clements Rd. 36A Avon St. 15 Pgnhallow St, Bflghmfl 35, Mass. - D MCdf0fd, MHSS. Somerville, Mass. Dgrchegter, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Fngineerlng B.S. , Q Biology A.B. History B-S. Psychology Tall Beta Pl, Dean S I-ISL Dean s List, Newman Clubg Delta Upsilong Varsity Unity Club, Vice-P1'esidCI1L OE-Hill Club. ' All I said was Baseballg Pre-Legal Societyg Newman Club, Intramurals. GINSBERG, GNOSPELIUS, STEPHEN A. GOLDMAN, STEPHEN L. MAXINE AMBUSH CMRSJ 25 Arnold Rd. 36 Clifford St- 83A Forest St. N. Quincy, Mass. Readville, Mass.. MCdf0fd, MESS- A-B- Government B.S. Electrical Engineering A.B. Sociology Theta Delta Chi, Secretary, Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice Tufts Weekly, Dean's List, Intramurals. Chancellor, Inter-Fraternity Alpha Kappa Delta- Council Representative, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., International Relations Club, Dean's List. GOLDSTEIN, RICHARD C. 3 Gerry Rd. Brookline, Mass. B.S. Chemical Engineering Zeta Psi, President, Corresponding Secretary, I.D.C. Representative, A.I.Ch.E., Student Council Committee, Freshman Swimming, Tennis, Squash, Dean's List. .EN 1 v I ' r l l I I I I . 1 l 5 rl l 5 l ,1 ti GOODMAN, MARVIN GOSS, DONNA C. GOULD, E. ROBERT, JR. GRAFF, HEATHER D. 102 Lawton St. 91 Hanover St. 103 Pleasant St. Box 72 I Brookline, Mass. Lynn, Mass. Ashland, Mass. Mt. Marion, N.Y. p B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. English B.S. 1 Civil Engineering B.S. l Mathematics Intramurals, Off-Hill Delta Zeta, Pan-Hellenic Delia Tall Dellas A-S-C-E-S Aleiheai VHTSUY Bowlings i Council. Representative, Jackson Yearbook Committee, Varsity Basketball, Varsity i All Around Club. , Intramural Sports. Softball, Chapel Choir, Dormitor Oiiicer, , Intramurals. if ll L .4 571 A I . I x 1 X A f 5 vf' ' 7 1 L . M 'I U Q A I . v- 4 ll W A A N9 t , Q , 1 9 Ll , x t 4 K M Y f i rl A Jw M l 4 - 1 A . fV i ' , e, e Q s R I ' lrrmr fn WINNAMORE, JUDITH GREENE, RICHARD F. GRIFFITH, JOdHN B. g11EIgEL1E,RiljE?lTjad mmm I GRAHAM QMRSJ 9 Whittemore St. 44 Fairbrook R . M Pa Riverview Rd- Arlington 74, Mass. Framingham, Mass. l Bryn awr, . Education ES C: r Niantic Conn' A'B' Economics BS' Mathematics B.S. El'ot-Pearson ZEJSKSEL A.B. , Sociology Basketball, Freshman, Young Republican Club, . Om rn gchool -. i ' Intramurals, Newman Clubg Vice-President, Newman D0rm1t0fY Ce vf f m Yacht Club, Clubg Pre-Medical Society. Committees? Trans ef ro Colby Junior College- GRIMES, MARY E. GROSS, LINDA J. GROSSMAN, ROBERT H. GUINTA, JOYCE J- Golf Course Rd. 91 Scotch Lane 28 Walnut Park 1841 N.E. 26th Ave- Owings Mills, Md. Rochester, N.Y. Lynn, Mass, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. English A.B. History B.S. Psychology B.S. Chemistry-Biology A.B. D Chi Omega, President, Transfer from Middlebury Lambert Kingsley Society Yearbook Committee, Collegeg Alpha Xi Delta. Associate, Pre-Dental Basketball, Varsity and ' ' ' ' Society, Luigi Clubg Oil-Hill FYGSWHHH- Council, Psychology Club, Hillel, French Clubg 86 Intramurals. Y ' , 'U t , A. , 4,-X. it .2 .gf it ' Ely M lpisllhrm iifili L Na, GN'bmm li ' 'il 1 7 lllj 1 1 L X ....-l-1- f-lk .ll .7--1 .A .1 if 51 fm-f N-L,-:J-.M Campus still life. HACKETT, ROBLEY M. HAGAN, NEWELL S., JR. HAGGERTY, BRUCE S. HAHN, MARGARET K. R-F-D 2 BOX 263 16 High St. 121 Briarclilfe Ave. 102 Granite Road Aberdeen, Md- Canton, Mass. Warwick, R.I. Wilmington, Delaware B.S. Civil Engineering A,B, Government A.B. Fine Arts B.S. Education Zeta Psi, A.S.C.E. Off-Hill Council, Treasurer, Delta Upsilon, Student Eliot-Pearson Newman Club, Province Delegate. , " "1 f f m-yz' 3 7-1. 1 V , f My JIM ,f 3.5, X, 7' X V 1 . fe. ' 'ans' ,. ' gag, gg' ,S+ I . . 311' W350., Y I A .. S3,,e?.,eX .2 Council, Varsity Club, Yearbook Committee, Tufts Weekly, Freshman Counselor, German Club, Canterbury Club, Cross Country, Track, Intramurals. Dormitory Officer, Eptonian Reporter, Transfer from Pine Manor Junior College. HAIGH, BRADLEY L. HALADAY, ROBERT H. HALL, KATHLEEN H. HALLAHAN, CHARLES B. 12 pilgrim Rd' 15 Traverse St, 2401 Irving Ave. S. 20 Gardner Rd. Woburn, Mass' Wakefield, Mass. Minneapolis, Minn. North East, Mass. A.B. Government A.B. Government B.S. Biology B.S. Mathematics Tufts Mountain Club, Luigi Society of Scholars, Delta THU Delta, Club, Psychology Club, Lambert-Kingsley, Sergeant-At-Arms, Sword Indoor Track. Pre-Medical Society, Unity and Shield, Vice-President, Club, Deanls List, Ivy Society, Jumbo, Sports Editor, Freshman Basketball, Dean's List, Ralph S. Kaye Memorial Prize Scholarship. ll A HARRINGTON, TIMOTHY M. HARRIS, JANE R- l HANNA, JOHN A., JR. G Rd , ii 180 La Grange St. 27 Walnut St. 18 Cemef fove ' i West Roxbury, Mags, S01'116I'Vlll6, Mass. I Dover, N- -I- li I B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Mathematics I 1 'H Religious Council, Newman Club, President, Wesley Fellowship, President, Vicvpfesidentg Arnold Air Society, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Vice-President, Mountain Clubg Student Council Committee. Comptroller, Commander, Cardinal Newman Honorary Societyg A.F.R.O.T.C. Band. I.R.E.-A.I.E.E., Vice-President, Luigi Clubg Eastern Orthodox Club, Yacht Clubg I.R.E.g Trackg Intramurals. 4 523... . if if-41. '-41.1 -. .5 fglfztzgg- f35gL:.::1- -fsiftmfiizi' fs-5221.4 255513: , K, 'sg-1.34, 1 ,eggi5:ifgil,,:i:-.-s:2-:-:- . ,A- - - 'z . c' .-'t:"- gf i3:??1l:i:ila'!!l-f25iqYQZ?.g?f. fiiiggierzsnir. "g:-:!-Z-.-:.g.-t- f'?fC4rQ:f..,g3?fg 2:::::ifff"' L "RQ:-ZiC:5:l. HART, ROGER A. 123 Dartmouth St. Lynn, Mass. A.B. History B.S. Geology Tufts Mountain Club, President, Cross Country, Captaing Track, Skiing. ...xx if HAWKES, HAROLD A. HAYWARD, VIRGINIA L. HAUCK, FREDERICK H, 6 Butler Ave. 20 Travis Rd. 41 Canterbury Rd. . . HEALY, MARY ELLEN 21 Cape Cod Lane Milton, Mass. Wakeneldf Mass' Natick, MHSS- Winchester Mass B.S. Electrical Engineering A.B. English B.S. , Q Physics A.I.E.E.-I,R.E. , V q Aloha Omicron Pig Gold Keyg Delta Upsilong Tower Cross, ' ' ' Chlfoldlalll Assistant Presidentg Ivy Societyg D0fm1'f0fY RCS1d6Hi3 ' W Sword and Shield, Secretaryg Freshman Counselorg Class Presidentg Weeklyg Dearfs List, Phi Beta Kappag Mabel Daniels Award for Literature, T A ' Baby, what'd 1 . . .what Dio 1 Sayo Student Councilg Judiciaryg I.D.C.3 N.R.O.T.C. Proctorg Freshman Counselor, Education ani. 'A 1, 5. illjj. Ii 142 I - iff 'H L . - J r....- V52 -a---" lifes ww... .QEZNI " -L i fi351ll'i x A.B. -I V Newman Clubg Jackson All- Qzxlb K. '4--T-22.4, Around Club Representatlwlel -'fiv Transfer from M3Hh3Il8UVllle Qi ' College of the Sacred Heart. K- Q 'l YN L. . . Y- F- A O . 4 3 - rt. fs., . X xx .,r .L . .1 ,TN Q Nl. . fs, 11 i X.- -.,. 4 Qin 'N I 'I ,,,...-- v-' l VU. L- EI'..Q - 1 ,- v 'lf '7 I I S I v is HR! L HECHT, KELVIN G. HEDAYA, DANIEL HEINZE, NORMAN H. HELMUND, JUDITH 56 Summer St. 1921 Ocean Pkway. 11 Thorndike Rd. 11 Kemwood St, Saugus, Mass. . Brooklyn, N.Y. North Andover, Mass. Somerville, Mass, B.S. PhYS1CS AB- English B.S. Civil Engineering B,S, Education Alpha Epsilon Pig Physics Theater, WTCR, Tufts Baseball, Captain, A.S.C.E.g E1i0t-PearS0ii Clubg Soccer, Varsity and Theater Association. Varsity Club. Christian Science Freshmang Intramural Sports. Organization, President, Treasurer, Religious Councilg Freshman Counselorg Dean's List. - HENNESSEY, DANIEL R. HERBERT, PETER A. HEWEY, NORMAN S. HIGGINS, JOHN W. 40 Blackbird Lane 590 West End Ave. 80 Melrose St. 3 Rosa St. Levittown, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Arlington, Mass. Hyde Park, Mass. B.S. - Mathematics A.B. Government B.S. Chemistry-Biology A.B. Economics Delta Upsilong Varsity Phi Epsilon Pi,iQuarterly Unity Club- Newman Club, President, Swimmingg Newman Club, Representativeg Tufts Weekly, I Treasurerg Province Delegate, NNCF. ii ll I Cross-Sectional Council. Tuftoniang 3 Pfs.- f J . 4-li f t X vf-I mC if '- Q M X i A,B, English li M . f B . I ' HOLST, CATHERINE B. R.F.D. Monument St. Concord, Mass. 32 Hillis St. Portland, Maine B.S. Chemistry-Biology Newman Club, Yacht Club, Luigi Club, Leonard Carmichael Society, Pre-Medical Society, Camera Club, Intramurals. Alpha Omicron Pi, Recording Secretary, Dormitory President, Secretaryg Jackson Student Council, Freshman Counselor, Dean's List. HUGHES, ROBERT M. HURD, NANCY E. 32 Manning St. 361 Summer St. Needham, Mass. E. Bridgewater, Mass, A.B. Economics A.B. French Indoor Track, Freshman and Thaliag Band, Secretary, Varsity, Outdoor Track, Odikon, Secretary, Librariang Freshman and Varsity, Dormitory Treasurer, Dealfs Co-Captain. List. 90 HORRIGAN, FRANCIS E., JR. HUESTIS, CAROL H. HUGGINS, DAVID A. 71 Mt. Vernon St. 27 Pleasant St- Manchester, Conn. SHUEUS, M2155-n I , A.B. Government B.S. Electrical Engmeefmg Chi Omega Social Member, Tufts Mountain Clubg International Relations Club, Freshman Soccer' Freshman Counselor, Congregational Club, Transfer from Cornell University, Alpha Phi. M-fx, M. HUTTON, ADELAIDE JAMES, CAROLINE Hutton Road, Dover, Mass. 2134 Royal Ave- Dover, Mass. PiIISbl1fSh- Pa' History B.S. Education A.B. t 1 I Deans Eliot-Pear-S011 Tlmias Ch11'0'1'f"'S' Senior Class President: List- Student Council, Class Representativeg Legislative Judicial Committee. Assistant Chairman: Junior Marshal: Assistant l-louse Mother: Chorusg Dean's List. I i iii' ,. X f I My 9 IASNKX llACD1.1Eix L Wirtmozi S1 fora His, Xl. XB. , llfaterkxrgzs. Snr, Klub: Pen. Pit 135 PW: limi Ap .4 isa-slim' RN: i wih- QSSQQQ E NPN P. lvkfllr- . Duns I MN NLRB: Lu Q l i l l f 1 ' l i 1 l 1 r . l ' l i Well, it's nice for chasing grassers. 5"-354 fill JASINSKA, MAGDALENA KAPELL, DAVID C. 4 Dannaonih si. 415 Grand sr. 131906 Forest Hills, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Eiaruig A.B. English A.B. Government ViIl.Z1'1f'J Theater Associates, Drama Student Council Committee 5,-of Club, Pen, Paint and Chairman, Young Democratic Pretzels, Leonard Club, Vice-President, Carmichael Award. International Relations Club. KAPLAN, SIDNEY C. 106 Bloomingdale St. Chelsea, Mass. A.B. Government Theta Chi, International Relations Club. I i 7 j 1 I I X . X l 1 1 'i ,i I U l 1 ,Wi 62' 1 1 ,Wav Q I I I 'VHF ' 'Sa 1 l l 1 i 4 KATZ, NORMAN S. 10 Sterling Place A Lawrence L.I., N.Y. B.S. Chemistry-Biology 11 Alpha Epsilon Pi, Society of I Scholars, Lambert Kingsley, President, Pre-Medical Society, Tennis, Freshman and Varsity, Dean's List. l l t , I . I 1 l fu KAUFMAN, ROGER E. KAVANAUGH, RICHARD KEEGAN, JOHN D. KELLER, SANDRA njffui' 6 Stoneleigh Rd. 15 Linden Road 51 Woodside Road SMITH qMRs.J 1 in West Newton, Mass. Peabody, Mass. Medford, Mass. 90B Highland Avenue 1 ll nr B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. Economics Somerville, Mass. . il Class of 1898 Freshman General Electric Apprentice Swimming Manager, Soccer B.S. EGUCQUOU 1595 English Prize, Pen, Paint Course, Newman Club, Manager, Newman Club, Dormitory Treasurer, Yacht i and Pretzels, I.F.C. Sh0W A5-M.E. Yacht Club, Chess Club, Club. Technical Director, A.S.M.E., Tufts Mountain Club' . , Yacht Club, Camera Club, Physics Club, Theater. 91 iii l 1 1 L KELLEY JoHN E. KEOGH, RICHARD Ni 163 Woodside Avenue 60.AmherSt St- Winthrop, Mass. Milford, N.H. - I B.S. Mathematics B-S B10 ogy Varsity Wrestling. KETLER, HARRY 32 High Street Methuen, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engine Amateur Radio Club, President, Vice-President, WTCRQ A.I.E.E,-I.R.E. ering KIMBALL, JEFFREY B. 202 Primrose Drive Longmeadow, Mass. A.B. Government KINNALY, GEORGE A. KISTLER, GEORGE W., JR. KIVIMAKI, LARRY J. 100 Saint Andrew Road 116 South West Street 130 Whittemore Street East Boston, Mass. Allentown, Penn. Fitchburg, Mass. A.B. English A.B. Economics B.S. Mechanical Engineering Varsity Club, Presidentg Theta Delta Chig Arnold Air Phi Sigma Kappa, President: Hockey, Co-Captain, Societyg Intramural Sports. I.F.C.g Freshman Counselor: Footballs Senior Athletic A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team: Representative, Dean's List. A.S.M.E.g Chorus: Intramurals. Picture of innocence KLEBE, MARGOT H- Bristol, Maine h A.B. Enghsh Alethea, President, Historian? Jackson Judiciary, President! Student Council, Secretary: Gold Key: Chironians: I Travelli Scholar! Deanys USU Freshman Counselofl Jackson Handbook! I-A-C' Sophomore Editor' Chorus. HHXBERU. lillliillfk :MQ-4:1 r'-. 1-.. I-'I' ' inure 'A ll. lllflll Eff 1 H.- f M-.. .. V-A, . i i ,SQ rgirziie ls Flay: If 5 l.x:u. Dil. 1 llilOll' " -K i ., Y--31-4. it-4: A: J r ell: ,, -M125 , KE. ! ,. Q --:- " T L L Smale if Iltlfilll ilhk E uteihk uhh?-ff sfmmii'-ff kiwi? mfmlifif a hiujgltl M, 55:66 l V Y V if ll. 5 .ft ws is txt C , f l A KLEINBERG- KNUSTJ-UCENA Kon, MADELINE KOHLER, Lois J. FREDERICK 146 Bayview Avenue Spectacle Pond RFD 1 158 Belford Avenue 9480 Ridge Boulevard Northport, N.Y. Littleton Mass Rutherford N J Brooklyn 9' New York AB' Historyspanish AB- i Q English A B i English Education AB, ' 1 English Dormitory Vice-Presidentg Travelli Scholarg M.S.U.E.W. Chi Omega' Middle Hall' WTCR9 Dean S LlStl Spanish Clubg International Scholarship. Leonard S N E A ' ' Freshman Honor R0111 Club, President, Secret-HYYS Carmichael,Society' Jazz I i i Q Summer School Proctor: International Relations Club? Middle Hall. i Sophomore Year at Trinity Club, International Clubj College, University of Dublin. KOPLOW, KENNETH P. 84 Alberta Rd. Brookline 67, Mass. A.B. it Economics KORITES, BERNARD KOULES, CHARLOTTE L. KROPP, NEIL 11 Burnsides Avenue 201 Goden Street 20 Conant Road West Roxbury, Mass. Belmont, Mass. Brookline, Mags, B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. French-Government B,S, Biolggy Dean's Listg A.S.M.E.g Alpha Omicron Pi, ' r Odikon Society? Chorus, A.S.E.E.g Secretary, Yacht Vice-Presidentg Dean's List, Managergg Yacht Clubg Clubg Mountain Clubg Chironiansg Gold Key, Freshman Mugie Directgrg Freshman Soccer. Dormitory Presidentg G,D,I, Singers, Director, C Drum Majoretteg Student Councilg French Club, Orthodox Club. C , Q21 X N K if 1 Ml ll l I T rj ,A Q Y 'llll G! x t sT if T fl T 1 I tw en -- V-Lf 2 , Xt 01 H , .W KUBISEK, MARY LYNN LABOW, ARLENE R. LANE, STEPHEN R, LANE, THEODORE R. Clapboard Ridge 174 Lyons Rd. 312 Broad AVC- BISCHY Bead , T Danbury, Conn. Scarsdale, N.Y. EU8lCW00d, New JCFSCY D21mHr1SC0tta, Maine U 1 W B.S. Biology B.S. Education AB- HlSl0fY BS- D B10 ogy T nQ.1LvY.W ,V Leonard Carmichael Eliot-Pearson Pre-Legal Society, Secretarya Sigma NU, Asslstam I gfjvjff- Society? Newman Clubi Tufts Weekly, Exchange and CFOSS-SCCIi01'18l C0UHCil3 Treasurer? Band? Imramura Debate Club. Executive Editorsg Jumbleg WTCR5 Amateur Radio Club, Sports' Eptoniang F0111-th Estate, Vice-President. , nfl. Treasurerg Archeryg Dean's if Listg Transfer from Syracuse kiii 'tim' University. LAUNDER, ARTHUR W. LAVINSKY, MICHAEL B. LAWLOR, JEAN G. LAWTON, BENJAMIN F" JR' Arlington, Mass. 61 White Oak Street 1,74 Lyons Road Old Littleton Road 'lhlhttpggfx w B.S. Chemical Engineering New Rochelle, N,Y. Scargdgley N.Y. Harvard, Mass. . :fti:1.t,1"f1' Theta Delta Chia A-I.Ch.E- A.B. Government A.B. English B.S. Clwllstry . F Pfeiegal Society, Presidentg Alpha Omicron Pig Alpha Tau Onleilfll Oll'Hlu.t figllll 5 International Relations Club, Tuftonian Literary Staffg Student Council RSP-3 Valsl y fs-kxQf" VlCe'PfCSlflCHl3 Hillel! Dean's List: Transfer from Skiing: Intramural SPONS' 1 lift-.1 - ' 1 lfxxl .A 3 Dean S Llst- Vanderbilt University. Tufts Yacht Club. X. N. L. if l ,i ,Q N., .-' 5 .r-.si , xv 5-. IQ ny vgrn... u Ms., I-- H' Jw lax s . mmm I3 ii 5371 NL 15: 'n""3z:" .-, . a-LL.-. SLE . 110593 I tw U iii He is zi'iJz,,. 3' , 19734 :nfl-it fr tv' CIVS human naturej LEADER, MARTIN R. LEANDER, MARTHA A. LEARNED, CHARLES E. LENDRAITIS, IRENE 279 Washington St. 7 Lewis Street 45 Bennett St. 193 L Street Chelsea, Mass. Manchester, Conn. Hudson, Mass. S. Boston, Mass. A.B. History B.S. Education B.S. Psychology B.S. Biology Delta Upsilong Student Aletheag Jackson All-Round Sigma Nu, House Managerg German Clubg Newman Club. Council, President, Club, Senior Representativeg Pre-Medical Societyg Treasurerg Tower Crossg Marlins. Pre-Dental Societyg Travelli Scholarg Who's Who Wesley Clubs I-D-C-9 in American Colleges and II1ffHIHUfHlS- Universitiesg Proctor. LEONARD, JOHN W. LERNER, JOHN D. LEVINE, DAVID M. LEWIS, STANLEY A. 39 West Park Street 70 E10th Street Apt. 186 I 26 Kernwood Street 75 Walnut Lane Brockton, Mass. New York, N,Y, Malden, Mass. Manhasset, N.Y. B.S. Civil Engineering A.B. English B.S. Chemistry B.S. Chemistry-Biology American Society of Civil Phi Epsilon Pig Varsity Hillelg Chemistry Clubg D Alpha Epsilon Pi, Engineers, Treasurerg Soccer. Mountain Clubg International Vice-Presidentg I.F.C., Newman Clubs Intramural Relations Clubg Intramural President, Treasurer, Lab Sports, Sports. Instructor, Biology, Intramurals. 95 FRESHMAN YEAR Four years is a long time when one is looking ahead, but a very short time when retrospecting. Cn Tuesday, September 9, 1958, the Class of 1962 lor at least the potential classj arrived on '4The Hill? Six hundred sixty eager freshmen soon learned that they had ma- triculated at "a small university of high quality," and that the persons on your left and right would not be there four years from now. Within a week, construction had begun on Miller, Bush and Dewick Halls, and the Spaulding Trusts had awarded Tufts a 525,000 grant for a study of library needs, Ca small building of dubi- ous qualityj. 'fThis is WTCR, Tufts Community Radio, signing off . . .W lt was enjoyable while it lasted. Fraternity rushing was pushed back to second semester. We soon learned about "college pranks" as two Tuftsmen SOPHGMORE YEAR We were all experienced college students by the fall of our sophomore year, but the autumn still brought new things, a freshman class, hopes of making the Dean's List, and a new edition of Birk and Birk. The Board of Trustees raised tuition to Sl,300, Tufts be- came a "small university of high costs? The Adminis- tration instituted new rules concerning alcoholic bev- erages and female guests in menis residences, the "closed door policy" was soon modified by student pro- test to a udoor ajar policy." Phi Ep started a drive to bring a live elephant to CLASS HISTORY painted an ineradicable "JUMBO, on Williams Col- lege pillars. The uplus and minus" marking system and- pre-reglstration were instituted that fall. Robert Frost, a traditional visitor, returned to delight us with, "Fon give me, God, my little jokes on thee, and Illl forgive your one great big joke on me." With No-Doz, coffee and a will to survive, most freshmen saw second se- mester. 6'Big,' weekends marked the second term-Dave Brubeck, Cozy Cole, and Lionel Hampton. 'gGrassing', became a new word in the freshman vocabulary, and on a balmy nite before a freshman physics exam, Tufts experienced its second "panty-raid" in two years. The spring term went rapidly by, finals came and sud- denly our freshman year was over. Homecoming, but, alas, the gods willed against us and the elephant died on the eve of the game, Jumbo wasn,t the only thing that died that year, Mayoralty gasped its last breath. Harry Arlanson was named "New England Coach of the Year." Carmichael fresh- men constructed the longest icicle in the world Q41 feetl which made Tufts a member of the "Icy Leaguef, The Student Council president said that this record could be broken by stringing up twenty Jackson girlS. Ivy Weekend laid a large egg that year, but campuS spirit was kept high by the numerous water fights. ,Umor YEA . , vi Q39 Aslunitiff- " 0' drill- and at -mx,:.N 'sl meadow " , , -:TP 'lm weekend: lr' , hips the bliiift f"'f' , COIlllU!llC10:' M' A iiler thi Frmd? E dielumivi Fifi? ' they hee will seg 1 e tome' The 1531 'iff . SENIOR YEA On about us fm: dill? ffllied ffl pmol the mans ,gi We melanclmliz tc 1 iid oar." gm .iq mid lil? i'e3Et3.-,- .1 --x.. gh brolen for reg dl, im Widfmzio- .-.f Will f0l1r mmf, -, tnflre sinh lHf00PCfEIl03 Chula term-Q Ray t ' ql'l 96 Q, me A . -er vi. mi: r.. he if gm mlm. 'fx , . 522- -, We Cub! 4- 'ks My . 'uf Q at l'lBi'wm if f a. Iidmlfiili .lfihlilf K Y::z1,'fmf lg mm mam kniifzixiz :mmm emi? mnctvrfi? 'T 12 rdf' f I I, ft i J s A 1 fe .,ff1 fa nw B 3' i it Fa, -mcg I- xl, X HITORY JUNIOR YEAR As Juniors, we saw Tufts start a 7.5 million dollar drive, and arrive "on the brink of greatness." The tre- mendously successful Weavers concert proved that big weekends were not doomed to financial failure. Per- haps the biggest single event of the year was the Home- coming victory over Lehigh, 14-0, pleasant revenge after the previous year's humiliation. The memory of the Jumbos playing on spirit alone after giving all that they had will bring a lump to our throats for years to come. The team went on to a 7-1 record, losing only SENIOR YEAR On about the second day of classes the seniors sud- denly realized that this was the last time they would be part of the campus lifeg this discovery usually led to acute melancholia or a Hurry of activity to "sow their wild oats." School wasn't in a week before the Trustees raised the tuition another S200., and ground was broken for two dormitories. The Student Council be- gan consideration of NSA affiliation, which was re- jected four months later, the Weekly set the campus on fire with its discrimination editorials. The new IFC in cooperation with Pan Hell presented "Climacticon"g its last game to Lafayette. Professor Nichols went to the Antarctic again. No, tuition didnit go up that year, room and board did, and the maid service was elimi- nated from the menis dorms. That spring, in answer to MlT's and Harvardis riots, some ambitious Tuftsmen planned a "spontane- ousn riot which the radio stations announced before it started. Tending towa-rdfarson and a lack of spirit, it generally showed that the riots of the "good old daysi' were gone. The Brothers Four and The Four Lads. The "TwistM hit the Tufts campus, and efforts to prevent its spread were wasted. The Mountain Club lodge burned, the Jumble hnally came out. The Tuftonian caused cam- pus controversy with its "pornographic', literatureg the Dean asked that it not be sent through the mails. Ivy Weekend, with Dave Guard and the Hill Sing- ers, was the most elaborate ever, with a bike race, dance, concert, a Saturday afternoon picnic and Spring Sing thrown in for good measure. Senior Week was the climax of four years of study, we all knew it was our Ray Charles opened the concert season followed by last Hing, and, in general, acted accordingly. X Q urn- V " Mb, " ' -. X. f :J Q' P' ii P - x fy X Lu, n N , V H U 'VI 1 ' x g N LITCHFIELD, DAVID D. LIEBER, WILLIAM S. LIECHTY, JANE S. LIPTON, BETTY S. 245 Hutchinson Road RFD 1 Wood Road 5 8 Tain Drive 94 Raflkleff Sffeet Englewood, N.J. Morristown, N.J. Great Neck, L.I., N.Y. Portland, Maine A 1 B.S. Chemistry-Biology A.B. English-Philosophy A.B. Ef1gliSh BS- MCChaY11C?1l Ellgmeefln Alpha Epsilon Pig Pre-Dental Yearbook Committeeg Transfer from Penn. Stateg Varsity Soccerg Intramural Societyg Young Republican Leonard Carmichael Society, Tufts Weekly. Sports- Club. Middle Hallg Amateur Radio Society, Secretary, Modern Dance Club, Mountain Club, Yacht Club, Bandg Orchestrag Varsity Riding. LOEB, JEROME T. 5290 Waterman Ave. St. Louis, Missouri B.S. Physics-Mathematics Alpha Epsilon Pig Varsity Soccerg Varsity Basketballg Jumbo Bookg Varsity Club: Physics Club. LOEW, HARRIET Y. I vwqvr LOPEZ, LEONARD A. LOUGEE, NORMAN H- 73 Commodore Rd. 75 Lexington Street L44 N0ffh St- Worcester, Mass. Belmont, Mass. Medfield, Mass. . I B-S- Education B.S. Civil Engineering B.S. Civil Engmeelmg Eliot-Pearson American Society of Civil Class President, Dormitory Presidentg Legislative-Judicial Council, Transfer from Skidmore College. Engineers. SSX A . ,ws X X xx 0 N SJ Sw .N N F . X X .X QS If R X X N X N X 0. Q as QXZ SN 5 XX X X Qs by x sx p XX x Q N Rx S ' X 1 . X Q s W X X , S : Fit 5 xg. N ms is SSRN X SN' X A llJili. CFARES X llllgiilifhli Vixen Xiu li. 5-,.- 2 uiflx 1-K . Ezilz-Lt" 5 S' ' --. J MSL -D. Sinai, 'V x- lsuaf X 'fc X , S3 Ag LMC, Kg., mln N Us 'x,1.' . . Ku .Jw "" K" -. wi' ifp 4 Wal-'T . iq' av.. ,N T ' ' li" xii- K, - xiii . T1 X . A E f You're 21 of course. LYNCH CHARLES N MacDONALD DENISE C MacDONALD DUNCAN MACK RAYMOND E 17 Ingalls Terrace 28 Nobscot Rd 149 Hawthorne St 49 Fara Drive Swampscott Mass Newton Mass New Bedford Mass Stamford Conn Chemistry Blology History Chemistry Biology Economics Delta Upsllon Val-my Delta Upsilon Varsity Theta Chl Varsity Skiing Basketball Football Captam Intramurals Westminster Club MaCNEIL DONA, M, MAHER THEODORE J. MAHONEY FRANCIS V. MALARD SANDRA G. ' 171 Engle Street 8 Fernwood Rd, 1176 Brook Road 188 Sunset Drive Tenafly, NJ. Wakefield, Mags, Milton, Mass. Ansonia, Conn. is Bish Mathematics A.B. History B.S. Chemical Engineering A.B. I English ft Leonard Carmichael Societyg Delta Tau Deltag Newman Chapel Choirg Varsity I t - I R 1 t- Clubg Yacht Clubg Intramural Badmintong Varsity Softballg 3f1??1EggjferZZ:lgheStnut Sportsg Freshman Basketballg - Dear1's Listg I.V.C.F. Hill eouege Proctorg A.I.Ch.E. 99 MANN, MARJORIE B. 404 Atlantic Ave. Marblehead, Mass. B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson Tufts Student Council, Eliot-Pearson Student Council, Secretary, Modern Dance Clubg Dean's List. MALM, LINDA L. 139 Lincoln Street Fitchburg, Mass. A.B. English Middle Hall, Unity Clubg Yacht Club, Mountain.Club. MANSFIELD, RICHARD 64 Williams Street Brattleboro, Vermont B.S. Civil Engineering Delta Tau Delta, Varsity Lacrosseg Intramural Sports, American Society of Civil Engineers. MARGOSIAN, JOAN L. 144 Gloucester St. Arlington, Mass. B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson Junior Class Marshal, Student Council, Tufts Off-Hill Council Representativeg Handbook Committee Chairman, Leonard Carmichael, MARLOW, FRANK J. MARQUIS, RAYMOND J, MARRAFFINO, PAUL V. MAY, RONALD L. 501 W. Spruce St. 45 Damon Street 150 Rockingstone Ave. 400 W. Elm Street Mahanoy City, Pa. Danvers, Mass. Larchmont, N.Y. Brockton, Mass. B-S' Mechanical Engineering AB- Economics B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Chemistry-Biology Theta Delta Chi, Freshman Varsity Skiing, Off-Hill Clubg I Delta Upgilong Varsity and Varsity Footballg Class Yacht Club, Mountain Clubg Fggtballg Varsity Lacrosseg Vice-Presidentg Proctor. Newman Club, Intramural Varsity Club, Secretaryg A Sports. - La Dolce Vita. Inter-Dormitory Council- ., .,f. alll . I .Lff 'N J if I J A , . Q- J v- 4-i gggij 4 -. ,Y e- Pi X-g..t , l I 8 V V12 LAQXQKX -5 . J fig . 'L-Q N 4. XXI V . . - N N X Xi N li Y, 1 , X gf, X x.- - x w. m ew. is-Xxx u ' A--1' L 5 XX L1 'V , N' . "mam McANDREW, JOHN, JR. McCALL, WILLIAM H. MCDONALD, SUSAN A. Q' 19 Winthrop Avenue Belgrano 271 87 High St, Methuen, Mass. Buenos Aires, Argentina N. Attleboro, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engineering A.B. Economics A.B. English N . X "-C? -J-.-Q, kk. fir - Q 'va ,kr-.' -.ug 'N . wIv.'Q,L1i :NL 'X !l.u:i,,Q fix . x 155- '.-5 . .N ,-.n mx ,xx ,J aft ,J i'EN1iDL na lk-1 ,'giii4.'lZ 1: 'flfifi KE ca. njrj 1 J 2 -u N X LINQVJ. N x Intramural Sports. Alpha Tau Omega, Photography Club, MCGARRY, TERRY A. McGANN, THOMAS P. McISAAC, WILLIAM E. 4 Summit Road 104 Welles Ave. 1 Hancock Park Watertown, Mass. Dorchester, Mass. 157 Elm Street B.S. Biology B.S. Chemical 'Engineering Somerville, Mass. Alpha Omicron Pi, Varsity A.I.Ch.E., Secretary, B.S. Mechanical Engineering Tennis, Marlins, Leonard Off-Hill Club, N.R.O.T.C. Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Carmichael Society, Scholarship. Hockey: VafSitY LEICFOSSCZ Intramural Sports, Gold Key Intramural SPONS- Society. VQ V McDONOUGH, MICHAEL L. South Main Street Centerville, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Theta Delta Chi, Newman Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Intramural Sports. MESERVE, WILLIAM G. 109 Worcester Lane Waltham, Mass. A.B. History Delta Tau Delta, President, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class, Sword and Shield, Ivy Society, Tower Cross, I.R. Club, Treasurer, Mountain Club, Student i Council, Society of Scholars, Phi Beta Kappa. L, 1,7 , - .A I I rf I - lg , Cp K . .2 X, mul :ffl I fa ll -4 X f 5' . X, x X ' 5" E' P 1 X 77' L 1 an -L N-,Lf xp 9 METCALF, ELLEN I. METHEANY, SARAH S. Upper jay, N,Y, ' 6 Lambtown Rd. A.B. English Mystic, Conn. Unit Club, Leonard A.B. Philosophy Y Carmichael Society, Yacht Club, Middle Hall. MILLER, SYLVIA MIRMAN, KENNETH S. 2100 Yorktown RDNW 4126 Arkansas Avenue Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. A.B. French B.S. Chemistry-Biology Chi Omega, Panhellenic Alpha Epsilon Pi, Chemical Council, Jackson Judiciary, Society, Hillel, Freshmen Student Council Delegate-at- Honor Roll, Dean's List. Large, Chironians, Gold Key Society, Cheer Team, Swim Team, Gamma Cifarelli Memorial Scholarship M1LAUsKAs, RONALD J. MILLER, RALPH w., JR. ffiiwwi 122 E. Haverhill Street 121 W. Ridley Avenue 7-lififi' Lawrence, Mass. Ridley Park, Pa. iiF57i?XU' B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. English 55 lfeirztc. Leonard Carmichael Theta Delta Chi, Secretary 1 .... ,I and National Convention E-ge .Q Delegate, Cross-Sectional iii.. Council, Middle Hall, Pre-Medical Society, Dean's List, Indoor and Outdoor Track. Society, WTCR, Luigi Club, President, A.S.M.E., Freshmen Counselor, Proctor, Dean's List, John F. Buerkel Award, Jumbo Book. it P 1 ,K 1 1 A MIRMAN, SANFORD I. MOEN, PHILLIP T. Slim 4126 Arkansas Avenue 16 Walnut Knoll 1 5155 Rl' Washington, D.C. Canton, Mass' D lim .1 BS- Mathematics B.S. Electrical Englneermg ti i Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel. I,R,E, up K i MI. J 1 1 35 to ll R . X ill ffl ,fy Dear Mom, Studies are really tough . . . MONTEMAYOR, LUIS E. MORRISSEY, THOMAS V., JR MULLARKEY, RICHARD J. MULLIN, ELEANOR F. Hidalgo 511 PTE 51 East Elm Avenue 19 Lynn Street 33 Lantern Lane Monterly N L, Mexico Wollaston, Mass. Peabody, Mass. Weston, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. Government B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. English American Society of Theta Delta Chi, Tufts Mountain Club, Middle Hall, Swimming Mechanical Engineering, Vice-President. A.S.M.E., General-Electric- Team, Field Hockey Team, Handball. Tufts Apprentice Program. Tufts Yacht Club, French Club, Freshmen Honor Roll, Transfer from University of Miami. ww ,,, K , I ,Q V , , ,ff ,, V , 1 ' f g , ,,. if I- S 6.1 E , Q MULVEY, ROBERT JOSE MURPHY, DOROTHY A. MURRAY, STEWART J. NADILE, RICHARD M. 19 Humes Road 215 Greenwood Avenue 1 Granite Street Ext 27 Cum-15 Avenue Dorchester 22, Mass. Jenkintown, Pa. Barre, Vermont Somerville' Mass' , B.S. Chemistry-Biology A.B. History A.B. English Bis- l?hY5lCS Tau Epsilon Phi, Tufts Chi Omega, Student Council, Theta Chi, Tufts Chorus, Newman Club? MOUMQIU Mountain Club, Dean's List. President, Class President, Jumble Staff, Yacht Club: Clubs. WTCR9 Imematlonal Vice-President, Chironians, Middle Hall, Secretary, Relatlons Club! Chess Team- Gold Key, Travelli Scholar, Pre-Dental Society, Chaplain. Dean's List, Chi Omega Prize Presbyterian Club, Manager Scholarship, Tufts Judiciary. of Indoor and Outdoor 103 Track. NATHAN, MARGARET NEVINS, DONALD B. NEVINS, LINDA M. NICHOLS, ELIZABETH 6325D Bandera 118 Woodside Village 118 Woodside Village 1100 South Avenue Dallas, Texas Stamford, Conn. Stamford, Conn. Stratford, Conn. B.S. Biology B.S. Chemistry-Biology A.B. English B.S. Mathematics Tufts Chorus, Varsity Alpha Epsilon Pi, Middle Hall, Spanish Club, Band, Odikon, Vice-President, Tennis Team, Inter-Dorm Pre-Medical Society, Pen, Paint and Pretzels, Orchestra, President, Physics Volleyball and Basketball Intramurals. Vice-President, Dean's List, Club, Secretary, Canterbury Teams, Social Chairman Gold Key, 2nd Place Winner Club, Treasurer, Dean's List: of Hodgdon. in Joyce Glueck Poetry Society of Scholars, Faye B. Contest, Theater. Rentschler Scholarship. . O 3 1 S NIES, JUDITH ELLEN 127 Aspen Road Swampscott, Mass. A-B. History Debating Team, Swimming Team, Tufts Weekly, Vice-President Bush Hall, Transfer from the University of Massachusetts. NII, HISAKO PENNY 756 Seijo Machi Tokyo, Japan BS- Mathematics Delta Zeta, International Club, President, Modern Dance Club, Vice-President, Freshman Counselor, INCF, Travelli Scholar, Dean's List, Fiftieth Anniversary Committee, IDC. NORTH, CHARLES L. NORTON, ARTHUR D. Haviland Road 49 Driscoll Drive Harrison, N.Y. Dorchester, Mass. A.B. English-Philosophy HiSf0fY Associate Editor, Tufts Weekly, Editorial Board, Tuftonian, Secretary- Treasurer, Philosophy Club, Band, Orchestra, Intramurals, Sword and Shield, Demfg List, Phi Beta Kappa, Skoo bee do bop, fweep. -MXN: - ,- . --Ast, .H --V p .31 if i.. X l l ll lxm K itll ,O A ik X ""i4 'J U,Z.!. -X at I Q1 Q - ,- .ss QNX t X T E K giwao - KX X .ARF Es NOSIGUA, RICHARD NOVAK, JANE ELLEN NOVELLINE, JOSEPH A., JR. NUTTING, JOHN G. 8 Joyce Avenue 11.Grasso Terrace 44 johnson Rd- 29 Russell Street Weymouth, Mass' Bridgeport' Conn' Winchester, Mass. E. Norwalk, Conn. A-E' Govemoqem BS' Bi0l0SY B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. Sociology IUff3mUfa1'FootoaH9 Varsity Alethea- Delta Tau Delta, Social Theta Chi, Vice-President, Club? Varsity Football' Chairman, Varsity Soccer Interfraternity Council, and Swimming, A.S.M.E., Secretary, Band, Odikon, Intramurals, A.S.T.E., Class Secretary, Sword and N-R0-T-C Shield, Ivy Society, Tower Cross. O'CONNOR, LAURENCE P. O'DONNELL, HUGH E. OLSON, JAMES PAUL O'REILLY, DANIEL M., JR. 6 Lenglen Road 21 Hodge St. 254 Farrington Street 26 Albermarle Street Newton, Mass. Arlington, Mass. Quincy, Mass. Arlington, Mass. A.B. Philosophy B.S. Chemistry-Biology B.S. Civil Engineering A.B. Government Philosophy Club, Swimming, Delta Upsilon, Freshman and A.S.C.E., Engineer's Council. Delta Upsilon, Newman Weights, Dean's List. Varsity Lacrosse, Newman Club, Varsity Lacrosse, Club- Intramural Sports. 1, .H N3 , X f LQ! . ll M C gg - yr! f lil C: PACHIOS PENELOPE L PANAGOS ANGELO F. O'REILLY, JOSEPH P. OSTLUND, JUDITH S. , . , 26 Albermarle Street 3068 Warrington Road 35 Oakhurst Rd. 55 Atlantic Street Arlington, Mass. Shaker Heights, Ohio Cape Elizabeth, Me. Lynn, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. English B.S. Education B.S. Maihematics A.S.M.E., Treasurer, Chi Omega, Jackson Student Eliot-Pearson Intramural Sports, Dean's Newman Club, Tufts Yacht Council, Sophomore List. Club, Tufts Mountain Club, Delegate-at-Large, Weekly, Varsity Wrestling, Mayor's Council. Intramurals. z: X, rex R F Ni X at A -tbittis. PARK, ROBERT E. PASIQERIAN, WAYNE H. PASTORE, ANTHONY R. PATRIARCA, GAIL B- 520 Fourth Street 175 First Street 88 Channing Road 62 Seaview Avenue Mamaroneck, N.Y. Melrose, Mass. Watertown, Mass. Edgewood, R.I. h A.B. Government B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Electrical Engineering B,S, Mathemflflcs Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary, Freshman Wrestling, Freshman Baseball? Dell., Zeta Col-responding Student Council, I:F.C. A.S.M.E. Immmural Sportst SeCl.etm.y3 Newman Club, Committee Coordinator, Chorus, lmemmional Club, Traffic Commission' ' ' -- ' Yacht Club, ChaPC1 Chou, A.F.R.O.T.C., Band. Swim Team' 106 5 l 5 , 1 .5 I . .h , 5, ' -!.- X I X Ns N LM, ,X LL-7. '.l.1jfj: Ms. -Q-'l4:. W-.- ,- ' -- -.-A ftcghj .wk ,414 Jw- . .-fr? :L -- ,.xgs?'Q. 'ffl' " ,,.f,ff .-Ji' ,- 4 V The Four-Dab man. PAXTON, WILLIAM D. PECKHAM, JOEL B. 33 York St. 64 Church Street Lexington, Mass. Winchester, Mass. B.S. Mathematics A.B. English A.F.R.O.T.C., Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling. Delta Upsilon, Treasurer, Baseball, Varsity and Freshman, Basketball, Co-Captain, Intramural Sports. PETERSON, KARL L. PETTAPIECE, PATRICIA 666 Whiting Street 55 Runnells Street N. Hanover, Mass. Portland, Maine BS- Chemistry-Biology AB- French Indoor Track, Captain, Chi Omega, Leonard Outdoor Track, Freshman Carmichael Society, Football, Luigi Club, I.D.C. International Relations Representative, Chapel Club, Field Hockey, Chapel Choir, Choral Group. Choir. If , Wx ,Ku 1 Q. . PELLERIN, PATRICIA 13 Sanborn Terrace Amesbury, Mass. A.B. Economics Odikon, Jackson All-Around Club, Alethea Prize, M.S.U.E.W. Scholarship, Freshman Counselor, L.C.S., Chorus, Chapel Choir, Newman Club, Basketball, Field Hockey, Tennis. PERLMUTTER, LOUISE 234 Reservoir Rd. Chesnut Hill, Mass. B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson PIACENTINI, ARNOLD PICARD, GALE 39 Fairmount Avenue 9 Harcourt Road Somerville, Mass. Scarsdale, New York B.S. Chemical Engineering A.B. English Tau Beta Pi, President, International Relations Society of Scholars, Club, Tennis, Middle Hall, Engineers' Council, Secretary, National Affairs Committee, A.I.Ch.E., Dean's List. Transfer from University of Colorado. 107 , PIERCE MARCIA C PLUMMER, CHARLES M. POLL, JOY 540 Flotilla Road 35 Upland Road 3527 88th Street N Palm Beach Florida Somerville, Mass. Jackson Heights, N.Y. Sociology A.B. Arts-Engineering A.B. English Alethea Alpha Kappa Delta B.S. Electrical Engineering Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer, Vice President Chironians A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Eastern Orthodox Club, Marlins Yacht Club President, Dormitory Secretary President, Student Council, POLLIS, ELIZABETH A. 146 Glenwood Rd. Elizabeth, N.J. A.B. English POSSICK, PRITHAM, HOWARD G. QUINN, RICHARD P. lg'I1gRJ3DRIE BAER CMRSJ 223 Bacon St. 8 Severance St., Lynn, Mass. Canigriznecizgt Natick, Mass. U B.S. Chemical Engineering A B 3 1 SS' B.S. Chemistry-Biology Delta Tau Delta: Class . - - French Theta Delta Chi, Varsity Marshal, Student Council! Alpha Omicron Pi, Hillel, Fiftieth Anniversary Committee, Leonard Carmichael Society. Whereis number Wrestling- vm-sity skiing: A.I.Ch.E.3 Luigi Club. Secretary! Sword and Shield, Ivy Society: Co-Chairman Freshman Orientation Week? Jumbo Book. SenioL1Q9E- filflv 4- 1 1 C , fi ffl jf M K I-12.3 N' ' 1 .XJ 1. tw XX i E llllt PJCH53 i ffdgfifli Ri llztillss i 35, C5151 ' AICLE. 1 l lu-, 6 l r 'l i ifl '1 . l.ijWB. I -- , 1241-Lu, 'X--' x i triu N: Rig vii tae. , "xx,-.. Sf- Nrxg . ff L -T 1. ty. -EVQ Q- .ug-3. r ,sq . . ,1fi1:y'!.A,A" . ', Wt. 15, . '-Nez, Tix hxtxlw. -. Q, x Xgge. c X N l A x I R X r S ,I xt s L RABIN, RICHARD E. RAYMOND, LOREN M. REGAN, WILLIAM I. REINGOLD CHARLES A 57 Edgefleld Rd- 21A Michigan -Avenue 25 Greystone Road 34 Linden Street i Waban, Mass. Lynn, Mass. Saugus, Mass. Arlington Mass B.S. Chemical Engineering B.S. Chemical Engineering A.B. Economics A.B. 7 U Economics A.I.Ch.E. A-I-C12-E-, TYSQSUYCTS Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Hillel, Vice-President, Band, Off'H1H COUUCIIS Club! Mountain Club. Orchestra, Intramural Freshman Basketball, Sports, Economics Club. Intramural Sports. REYNOLDS, HORACE N. RICCI, CHARLES L. RICHARDS, LINDA S. RICHARDSON, DAVID G. 59 Richardson Road 62 Woodville Street Wyndover Lane 17 Odell Avenue Melrose, Mass. Everett, Mass. Stamford, Conn. Beverly, Mass. B-S- Psychology B.S. Civil Engineering B.A. History B.A. Economics Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary, Newman Club, A.F.R.O.T.C., Chi Omega, Class Treasurer, Alpha Tau Omega, Chaplain, Unity Club, Treasurer, Band, A.S.C.E., Jackson Delegate to Tufts President, N.R.O.T.C., Mountain Club, Psy. Club, Vice-President, Engineering Student Council, I .A.A., Regular Scholarship, A.F.R.O.T.C., Armed Drill Council, Vice-President. Sophomore Representative, Battalion Executive Officer, Team, Chicago Tribune Vice-President, Varsity Marine Social Club, Gold Medal Award- Badminton, Softball, Secretary, Interfraternity Basketball. Council. AEE W---7 X Z fgf 5 Lsfikj 'Lazy-wzx I X lx If ff il lx lll A I , Q X," ix. if 0 ja ' f D i If 57 9 f 'QD f tix 'X I QI' X ll If 1 fr JA 5 f I Jil - I I I 5 I i X X XI 4 IQ , If ,Q N XXX i X ' l ' I XA X I aj v X 4 I .Rf 'Iwi '47 V' X .- all I N fb L- fifv I X ffllx X r I I 3 'TS' L L., K N fx fi! 'V 5 ' i ll -,- V Q I X I 4.1 1 1 M - ml X Qu ' 'V' 1 I 1 1 2 y RICHARDSON, PETER T. RISING, DAVID W. ROBINSON, JEFFREY R. ROCKOFF, MAITA R. ill 72 Badley Street 28 Oak Knoll Terrace 23 Manchester Road 101 Francis Street liiliiizirl. , 3 Westwood, Mass. Needham, Mass. Brookline, Mass, Everett, Mass. Yigzglis I A.B. History B.S. Chemistry A.B. Government A.B. EI1SliSh 5 li . Unity Club, President, Theta Delta Chi, Proctor, Tufts Alumni Review, Thalia, Jackson Handbook 715.13-3 ' Philosophy Club, Orchestra, Intramurals. Pre-Legal Society. Editor. 131l'R:Q. -Q Band. liisgexlg L l , 1:5531- I l . f n i 1 l ' , F ROSICKY, JOHN A. ROSENBERG, ALLAN J. ROSENBERG, JUDITI-I E. ROSENGARD, PAULA A. 1 Riggm 1 79 Maplewood Ave. 90 Gertmin Rd. 131 Dartmouth Street 18 Benton Road liprkil 1 Newton Ctr., Mass. I l Woodmere, N.Y. Portland, Maine Somerville Mass' Bbw. 5 B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Education A.B. English A B , Classics 35' ' A-I-E-E--I-R-E-S A-S-M-E Eliot-Pearson Gold Key Society, President, Delta Upsilon. . Q5 Chironians, Tufts Student Vice-President: Interfraternlly Council, Secretary, Jackson Council: Student Council: Student Council, Committee Off-Hill Council: Classics 1 Chaifmilnl Cross-Sectional Club. President. 110 Council: Badminton, Chorus. Vice-President: Freshmen I 1 ' Orientation Co-Chairman. l Splendor in the grass, ll l ROSCOE, BYRON M. ROTHMAN, LEONARD ROVNER, ROSALIND RUBIN, JOAN L. 26 Morton Road B.S. Chemistry-Biology 811 Barbara Dr- 6 Ardsey Cirele Arlington, Mass. Alpha Epsilon Pig Teaneck, N.J. Rockville Center, N.Y. B.A. B.S. Music and E.E. Pre-Medical Society, BS- Education B.S. Education Phi Sigma Kappa, Freshman International Relations Club, Eliot-Pearson Eliot-Pearson Honor Rollg Qdikon Society, Hillel! YaChtC1ub5 Student Council, President, Dormitory Presidentg Class Troagnrorg Tufts Chorus, Intramurals, Vice-Presidentg Class Representative, Student Troagororg Tuftonesg Presidentg House Presidentg Council Representativeg A,I,E,E.-I.R-E. Legislative-Judicial Boardg Legislative Judicial Dean's List. Committeeg Jumble, Eptoniang Middle Hall, Hillel. A RUSSELL, SUSAN 18 French St. Barre, Vt. A.B. RYDER, EDWARD T., JR. SABLE, RICHARD S. ' SAGER, ALAN M- 20 Elbert Place 150 Payson Road 23-9 IVY Lane E. Rockaway, L.I., N.Y. Brookline, Mass. I Hrghland Park, Ill. E lu h English A.B. Economics BS- Biology AB' . . ng is Sigma Nu Vice-President, Physies Club? Amateur Alpha Epsllon Pl, Steward, Freshman,and Varsity Trackg Radio Club! German Club! Society. of Scholars Tau Leonard Carmichael Societyg Pre-Medieol S0CiCfY3 Beta Pl' Vlcepresldenti Intramurals Mountain Clubg Hillelg Freshman Counselors ' Yacht Club' Basketball Managerg Weeklyg Engineering Councilg Climacticon Producer. SANDERS, EMORY W. SAWYER, RICHARD H. Central Rd. Box 157 71 Rosemont Ave. Rye, New Hampshire Portland, Maine A.B. Economics A.B. Government Phi Sigma Kappa, President, Treasurerg Advertising Manager, Jumbo Bookg Intramuralsg Freshman Hockey. SCHEMPP ELLORY F SCHLESINGER PATRICIA SCHMELZER, NATHANIEL SCHNIPPER. ROBERT I. 2459 Susquehanna Road 51 Hillsdale Road 86 Eustis Ave. 24 Candy Lane Roslyn Pa Medford Mass NeWPost, R.I. Roslyn Heights, N.Y. Physics Biology A.B. History B.S. Chemistry-Biology UHIW Club Pf6S1dCUl Delta Zeta Off Hill Council Alpha Epsilon Pig Freshman Mountain Club Philosophy Jackson Student Council nd Vqrgit 1 Tgnnigg 1 X 5 Clllb PhySlCS Clllb Canterbury Club Yacht Ilntramuralsz Sword and Club Shield: Pre-Medical Societyg j xl. - 1 Sfhl LDL iii- V I' 5553: ,. 4,4 ts 3.1-4.- la. I ye- vt-- Frii if A. j llxfgf S. ...XLR 1, X 1 lc :J ll . l T ff I X' gf L l,l l xxx X l lint .. 135 fl'-1 SCHULER, JACK W. SCHWARTZ, DONALD C. SCHWARTZ, MARSHA J. SCOPA, ROBERT JAMES A 'mi 4967 N. Woodburn Street 309 Main Street 1600 Comwealth Avenue 5 Antrim Street 0:35, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Portland, Conn. W. Newton, Mass. E. Boston 28, Mass, X BS- Mechanical Engineering A'B' EUSUSTI A-B- Spanish B.S. Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Delta, Freshman, Pre-Medical Society, Thalia, Freshman Tennis, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity SOCCCFQ IHIFHIHUIHISL WTCRQ Chorus. Varsity Tennis, Badminton, N.R.O.T.C., Drill Team, Freshman Honor Roll, Yacht Spanish Club, Midshipman Battalion Club- Commander, Engineer's Council. S Ei itiinll mf ni f:1'ff,f'5.. .: Qtr P4 iii . kd: ri .Wifi Stn' I -if 'it Y l, 1 . I S fr . l 3 .li 'X' 5- Y SHAFFER, FREDERICK 6 Myrtle St. Stoneham, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering SHEFTEL, LAWRENCE E. SHAPIRO, MICHAEL J. SHAUGHNESSY, ROBERT 14 Brookside Blvd. West Hartford, Conn. 54 Heath Road Andover, Mass. 9 Maxdale Road Worcester, Mass. A.B. Economics A.B. Economics BS- ChCIT1iStfY'Bi0l08Y Freshman Squash, Sailing, Phi Epsilon Pi, Freshman Varsity Sailing, Captain Intramurals, Leonard Carmichael, Society, Treasurer. s"" a. Basketball, Intramurals, Dean's List, Young Republican's Club. Pre-Medical Society, Tufts Weekly, Photography Club, Yacht Club, Mountain Club, Fourth Estate. f-1 ' fl 64----Q f l l t, all ll, J W, Ji X iX i -J Jill.. fx X E Q K ,i Ei El 1 -i I N- . 1323+-ge X. . 7 . l WP, ff",-Ji YN XX ,iii ir 57 I ii f I 'f iii J If wh if I . X 0 r 5 . Q ll f 0 la .1 lg I ll . lf? 'gy 4 J Ji l 1 JD fi- il! - 1 e if 2 Q I fr. W ei at . ft ' , il f l X 1 xx i I I fa at Ll MQ Q .La f gs lb ref Q Xi M jx YJ pl 1 ,xr ri rr' Qggtf I Qi! Qi M- . I Q SHEINKOPF, DAVID J. SHERMAN, KENNETH R. SHUMAN, ARNOLD B. SHURTLEFF, LEONARD G. MRM , 121 Grove Street 1019 Center St. 7 Park Road 91 S. Williams Street l9Gleme: 31 i Brookline 46, Mass. Newton Ctr., Mass. Sharon, Mass. Haverhill, Mass. Raimi' 5 l A.B. Government B.S. Psychology B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.B. History-Government 35' Inter Dormitory Council, , Intramurals, N.R.O.T.C., Alpha Tau Omega, Sentmeli alarm Cross-Sectional Council. Naval Times, Editor, Student Council, I.D.C., mmicm Q N.E.H.R.C. Head Proctor. hmm larval I main: l SHUSHAN, JOYCE L. SIERAKOWSKI, JOSEPH SIKES, CARL L. SMITH, BARBARA ANN H. ND 50 Payson Terrace 18 Hardy Street 51 Oak Avenue plymouth Rd, llgiii i Belmont, Mass. Salem, Mass. . Grayslake, Ill. Gwynedd Valley, Pa. E A.B. French B.S. Electrical Engineering A.B. Classics A B PhiloSOPhy R5 Alpha Omicron Pi, President, Society of Scholars, Tau Theta Chi, Varsity Cross Val-gity Basketball, HOCKCYQ I , Dean's List, Freshman Beta P1, Secretary, Newman Country, Track, Freshman Student Council Committee. l Counselor, Forensic Council, Club, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Honor Roll' Dean's List' ' frm J Treasurer? Gold KW SOCWW, Classics Club, International ' Secretary, Treasurer, Relations Club. X Chironians, Dormitory I y Vice-President. N -. 1.-.:7LJ..k ff 'A l X f ' iii:-Q, E li, s Writ, Run a few laps, boys? SMITH, BRENDAN P. SMITH, DAVID W. SMOLENSKY, GERALD L. SNELLING, ROBERT N. 19 Glenmere Circle 41 Vernon Street 160 Betsy Brown Road 78 County Road Reading, Mass. Newton 58, Mass. Port Chester, N.Y. Reading, Mass. B.S. Psychology A.B. French B.S. Chemistry-Biology B.S. Civil Engineering Delta Upsilon, President, French Club, Secretary- Phi EPSUOU Pii IUYFHIHUFHISQ Della Tau Delta, Student Council, Treasurer. Dean's List, Pre-Medical Vice-President, Freshman Interfraternity Council, Lacrosse, Varsity and Freshman, Intramurals. Society, Orchestra, Cross Sectional Council, Hillel, I.D.C. Basketball, Lacrosse, Varsity L'acrosse, Intramurals, I.D.C., Freshman Counselor, A.S.C.E. SNIDER, CAROLE M. 9 Kensington Rd. Worcester 2, Mass. B-S. Education Eliot-Pearson Dormitory President, Student Council Representative, Legislative-Judicial Committee Chairman, Modern Dance Club, Secretary, Dean's List. SNOW, JAMES P. SPAETH, SUE A. SQUEGLIA, PETER R. 58 Albion Street Box 93 South Road I2 Harvard Street Everett 49, Mass. Rye Beach, New Hampshire Winthrop, Mass. B.S. Chemical Engineering A.B. English-Philosophy B.S. Chemistry-Biology Intramurals, A.I.Ch.E., Alpha Omega Pi, Leonard Freshman, Varsity Soccer, President, Newman Club. Carmichael Society, Social Pre-Medical Society, Services Chairman, Advisor, Off-Hill Council. Mountain Club. 115 STAPLES, BARBARA D. STARR MICHAEL S STEARNS JANET R STEELE LINDA Redwood Manor 26 Harwood Street 68 Myrtle Street 1 Wakefield St Redmond, Washington Lynn Mass Claremont N H I-ewlston Me Psycholo y Government Eduffatlon HISTOFY Dormitory Vice-Presidentg Freshman Counselorg Student Councilg Leonard Carmichael Societyg Yacht Clubg Mountain Club. STEVENS, JAMES P. STEVENS MARGARET A STUCKEY CHARLES H SZANIAWSKI THEODORE BfOCki0n, MHS.S- I I 55 Early Street 4176 Fieldbioolx Road 166 White Road BS- EICCYFICHI Engineering MOFFISIOWII NJ Orchard Like Michi an Scarsdale NY A.I.E.E. Freshman and psychology Government Economlcs Varsity Baseball. Dean s List Freshman Delta Upsilon Student Delta Tau Delta Secretary iii TMI TALBOT, PETER M. TEXERA, WILLIAM A. 93 Marion St. 142 Bellingham Rd. Brookline, Mass. Revere, Mass. X B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Biology if EQ,--L A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Freshman Alpha Tau Omega, President, 1 QQ Swimming, A.F.R.o.T.C. I.F.C., Tufts schoiarship, "S Yacht Club, Intramurals. THOMAS, AUBREY C. Graham School THOMPSON, DAVID E. 136 Woodland Road t Hastings-On-The-Hudson, Brookline, Mass. ,,,-, N.Y. B.S. Civil Engineering . H A-B' S0Ci010gY Football, Captain, Indoor Delta UPSUOHS Student and Outdoor Track, Sword A-45" C011I1Cil: I-D.C. Judiciarys and Shield, Ivy Society, ' W5 Tower Cross, A.S.C.E., Dean's List, N.R.O.T.C., National Football Foundation Scholar-Athlete Award. -Q -'M Proctor, Election Commission, Tuftones, N.R.O.T.C., Odikon, M.A.D., Jazz Club, Chorus, TERES, DANIEL 19 Newcomb Place Elizabeth, N.J. A.B. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Scribe, THIBAULT, EDGAR A. 22 Cameron Ave. Somerville, Mass. English B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Lt. Master, Class Treasurer, Sword and Shield, Ivy Society, Vice-President, Freshman Counselor. TIDEY, JAMES S. 21 Dogwood Lane Princeton, N.J. B.S. Mathematics Zeta Psi, Treasurer, Varsity Soccer, Captain, Intramurals. . : 1 TILTON, THOMAS D. 21 Munroe Ave. Lawrenceville, N.J. B.S. Chemical Engineering Delta Upsilon, Freshman and Varsity Hockey, Lacrosse, N.R.O.T.C. Band, A.I.Ch.E., Intramurals. . X 1 1 ,W I ,HIV-Tri .Um . .Hall j I Ja . li .fl t I J I .':t M xx X QE, Aft' It-X li, WV S- KL ."u'fv xv. 7'-f -14 4 . 1 1 gh -4 - 'Q N . X - i ' 1 I , l M 1 iii ' 4 Ay -5 IE. ,xy ., 1 . ' xv! Il 'I 1 1 TINGLEY, LAWRENCE E. TITUS, PETER J. TOW, CAROL JUNE TOYOFUKU, ROBERT S. 155 Depot St. 23 Netherlands Road 480 Elmgrove Ave. 1017A 16th Ave.- 691m 1 Easton, Mass. Brookline, Mass. Providence, R.I. Honolulu, Hawaii. . I. Spnngrl l B.S. Chemistry-Biology B.S. Chemical Engineering A.B. Government B.S. Chemistry-BIOJOEY XB. Delta Upsilon, Freshman Delta Upsilon, A.S.C.E., Weekly, Jackson Editor and Delta Upsilon, Steward, Q IEEE Football and Lacrosse, Varsity Football, Varsity Associate Editor, Junior Class Secretary, Fmlltel Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity Lacrosse, Co-Captain. Class Vice-President, Student Vice-President, Student. I Imam '1 Club, Freshman Counselor, Council, Jackson All-Around Council, Sword and Shield JHIFHIHUFHIS- Club, Fourth Estate, Traditions Society, freshman . President, International Counselor, Pre-Medwal 1 I Relations Club, Badminton. Society, Canterbury Club. a 1 1 1 'g'1:-IACYZIEJFJEL A- '55?EBY, STUART A. TREFRY, NEAL A. VAITUKAITIS. JUDITH I lm W Olrlar M' B Hsllrlock Lane 173 Weston Ave. 49 South Main St. 1 lug, ' CH am, aSS. I ay ore, New York Braintree, Mass. Windsor Locks. Conn. - HL, Ch' T . Physics AB. I ' Government B.S. Psychology B.S. Chemistry-Biology ,R SE 1, feasufef, all EPSIIOU Phi, President, Alpha Sigma Phi, Mountain Delta Zeta, Vice-P1'CS1dentr its Fres man Indoor and Pre-Legal Society, I.F.C., Club. President. J-A,A., Secretary, qu 1 I Outdoor Track, Physics Freshman Counselor, preqidemi Student Council, for M Club, Congregational Club: Weekly Staff, Chairman, Vqlfqity Field Hockey, Eaght Club, Intramurals. Student Wage Committee. Sgftkbau' Tennis. Basketball! 1 1 1 Captain: Newman club: Pre-Medical Socret5'- X l x Wi wwf N X f fs'-'S Don,t forget your alumni contributions. VALENTI, FRANCIS M., IR. 69 Strong St. Springfield, Mass. A.B. History Delta Upsilon, Freshman Football, Yacht Club, Intramurals. VALLIERE, A. JAMES 121 Windsor Rd. Medford, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engineering A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Newman Club, I,R.E., Dean's List. VITKIN, ANGELA C. WAINWRIGHT, ELLEN E. Indian Trail 2985 Botanical Sq. Harrison, N.Y. New York 56, N.Y. A.B. Government A.B. History Proctor, Hillel, International Class President, Secretary, Club, Student Council Rules J.A.C., President, Tufts Committee. Student Council, Chironians, Newman Club, Gold Key, Student Counselor. VanNORMAN. CHRISTINE 397 Hill Ave. Elmhurst, Ill. A.B. Government Delta Zeta, Class Historian, Tuftones, Jumble Humor Staff, Intramurals. 'i VENZLOWSKI, DIANA R. 46 Everett Avenue Watertown, Mass. B.S. Biology WALDENBERG, LEOPOLD M. WALLSTROM, NATALIE J. 758 Redmond St. Teaneck, N.J. Tufts Medical School Phi Epsilon Pi, Freshman Swimming, Pre-Medical Society, Luigi Club, Dean's List, Cheerleader, Class Treasurer, I.D.C., Vice-President, Freshman Counselor. 27 Garfield Rd. Melrose, Mass. B.S. Biology Alethea, Leonard Carmichael Society, Weekly Reporter, Dean's List. 119 A-I x, XX, 'K WALSH LUCY E WARE FERNE E WARTEL LAWRENCE J WATT LEWIS C TERTUY3 682 Allen sr 299 Enfield sr Town sr R D 2 Pme Valley ?Y27M'3if Rm.. C.. ,Mn H - 2-Lf. ES M ..-A , QW.. - ,Ewa If B.. xfmi T751-f v ' ".- 'Q' PV: :jj-SA.- AI:-wwzzg I x'1,,...'...-- -f Lsz:lF.L:E:1'z7 WLS. DQ Tw . T- 1-Seri Q' Rlifiiigli xx. 5.5, 1 WGN R Milfs- 0:13311 R Nl , X T, "X I. :"..' .K WERTLIEB, GERALD s. WEYLER, MICHAEL E. WHITE, JAMES B. WILCOX, STEPHEN H. 473 East weed Rd. 44 Pembroke sr. 1058 Kingsley Rd. Nutmeg Lane Rockville Ctr., N.Y. D Newton, Mass, Jenkinstown, Pa. Westport, Conn. 'NQLSQQ B.S. Chemistry-Blology B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Mathematics B.S. Electrical Engineering 5 fqaj, Phi Epsilon Pi, Secretary, A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Tau Epsilon Phi, Steward, Theta Delta Chi, Chorus, ..i:5it1gj,1'q Steward, Freshman, Varsity Band, Freshman, Varsity Vice-Chancellor, I.F.C., Ivy Society, Freshman :- c:ifV Football, Pre-Medical Swimming, A.S.M.E., Dean's Climacticon, Production Counselor, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., I?-533, Society, Middle I-lall, Dean's List: Award Member Manager, WTCRQ Camera Freshman and Varsity g: '.,5.,1 List, I,F.C., Intramurals. A.S.T.M. Club, Intramurals. Lacrosse. Xiillljli WILKINS, DONALD A. WILKINSON, CHARLES WILSON, HALL THOMAS WINETSKY, JOAN .mi 12 Mugford St. 62 Summer St. 24 Baker Rd. 76.EUSlOl1 Road it Marblehead, Mass. Danvers, Mass. Reading, MHSS- Brighton, Mass. U JT, B.S. Physics B.S. Mathematics B.A. Government B.S. . Edl1Cat1OI1 .5 0 A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Chorus, Treasurer, Mountain El10t'Peaf50n 'T Commander, Band, Club. Orchestra, Off-Hill Club. 1 W -4 l x I . f l T f 1, K T Q l , Ng M -- ll, -A f ll, ll L . '1 W S M Y- 1 K i f QJX' ' X4 J it fv Q oil WINKLER, THOMAS F. WOLF, ARTHUR D. WONG, JAN LULU YOUNG, ARTHUR P. , 54 Harding Ave. 239 26th St. 115 Bennett Ave. A.B. Government Weymouth 88, Mass. Fairlawn, NJ. Yonkers, N.Y. Sigma Nu, President, i B.S. Biology A.B. Government B.S. Biology Interfraternity Council, Mountain Club, Pre-Dental Theta Chi, Student Modern Dance Club, Interdormitory Council, Society, Leonard Council, Freshman Soccer, President, Secretary, Dorm Freshman Counselor, Carmichael Society. Band, Weekly, Editor-in-chief, Treasurer, Transfer from Student Council Committee, Sword and Shield, Tower College of Mt. St. Vincent, Canterbury Club, Cross, I.D.C. Judiciary, Deanis List. Intramurals, Deanis List. Leonard Carmichael Society, Intramurals, Proctor. ZIMMERMAN, LINDA R. ZIMMERMAN, RONALD M. ZIOLKOWSKI. A. PAUL 212 WY0mil1g Ave. 8 V.F.W. Parkway 21 Lawrence St. MZPICWOOC1, Nl I W. Roxbury, Mass. Danvers, Mass. A.B. Economics B.S. Biology B.S. Mechanical Engineering H1He'1S.TUftS Student COUHCHZ VHFSHY Track, Pre-Medical Newman Club, Yacht Club: Publlfllfy CUmmiUCC, Society, Intramurals. Varsity Wrestling, Track. Chairman, Dining Hall Committee. 122 i I i l F 4 . f" 1' ' .-MVK ,r0,,' 1:3-,W ..- N 1: U . I-.. ?'32Q1l'L' lb' tits S1135 315 rggjiiii iff' ....- B5 -.1 - ,. . ......- Bwxq- pr 7: 111231 55. Bartz E MICH. FFL use R1 Evan rpg, w 15. MEIN U ' I I 51 l E521 liar. 35. his First lf? ki:-if T' itsig x 5 i3.'1'i'i'T-,- ' '---' 1-1.9. 1, W FREE. Ll Ati-i ning: -- X .K it -. ' L iii? f,.- Q Hkgxxxix :IA L in-K1 .,-, "N -ulwm lim... An, Fl L- ,xi k5C'5sr.R1,, IB. P lim 1:1 ' MT Lili: Q- ERZQD' A 13 "Q 2:5- 193 li.. fit r Y X:-Iam lilpiii mi X i3 '- SM if, 'ilizglf flgrs V: 1 Eg, NN C05 . :gmt RQ MNN' - xr, ls im . K. u wr'-1 S X Qiifffv 5 4 If Xl :fy s-. ,., 1-' ..- Xa.. -any ' ' mic? A.. .. Ei- H1 J. ,.- .,... Ffh- .E ' : V ABRAMS, JERALD L. 233 Freeman St. Brookline, Mass. A,B, Sociology ABRAMS, MAIDA S. 306 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Mass. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. BALBONI,' PHILIP L. 42 Knoll St. Roslindale, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engineering BANCROFT, PHILIP L. Samoset Rd. Boothbay, Maine A.B. French BASHIAN, ALLEN Elm St. N. Easton, Mass. B.S. Physics Dean's List, Freshman and Varsity Indoor Track, Freshman and Varsity Outdoor Track, Captain. BENIN, PETER 3211 Avenue I Brooklyn 10, N.Y. B.S. Chemistry-Biology Phi Epsilon Pi, Freshman Football and Baseball, Varsity Baseball. BROWN, ALAN T. 63 Abbott St. Andover, Mass. A.B. English BRUNO, RICHARD P. 150 Leyden St. E. Boston, Mass. A.B. German CENCI, PETER V. 203 Maplewood Ave. Maplewood, N.J. A.B. English COGAN, JILLIAN R. 29 Winthrop Rd. Chappaqua, N.Y. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. COHEN, ROSLYNN R. 40 West 27th St. New York 24, N.Y. B-S- Education B.S.O.T. COLBORN, DEBORAH 2832 Weybridge Rd. Shaker Heights 20, Ohio B.S. Education B.S.O.T. CORKUM, DOROTHY J. 1970 Beacon Street Waban, Mass. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. COUCH, CAROLYN H. 29 Orchard Lane Watertown, Conn. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. CRONIN, FREDERICK R. 40 Merrill Ave. 1 Lynn, Mass. A.B. Government CURTIN, LOUISE L. 230 West Linn St. Bellefonte, Pa. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. DAMATO, DIANA D. 32 Powderhouse Blvd. Somerville, Mass. A.B. English DEMPSTER, JAMES 117 Rogers Ave. Somerville, Mass. B.S. Psychology Psychology Club. DICKSON, JEREMY B.S. Geology Varsity Outdoor Track Team, Rock 84 Drumlin Club, Camera Club, Intramurals. DUGGAN, JOHN J. 533 Second St. Fall River, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering EDWARDS, JUDITH A. 5 Vane St. Wellesley, Mass. A B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson ELWELL, FREDERICK H. 229 Main St. Medford, Mass. B.S. Civil Engineering One in three are here. FINLAY, ALLAN H. 326 Frt. Washington Ave. Hawthorne, N.Y. B.S. Biology FIRST, JULIA M. 295 Upland Ave. Newton Highlands, Mass. B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson FISHER, KENNETH 62 Atherton Rd. Brookline, Mass. B.S. Chemical Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi, Intramurals. FOX, DAVID E. Oake St. Saxtons River, Vt. A.B. Economics GALE, RICHARD S. 43 Sherbrooke Rd. - Newton, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering GALSTON, JOHN W. 338 Woodbury Rd. Huntington L.I., N.Y. B.S.' Psychology Delta Upsilon, Secretary, Psi Chi, Treasurer, Yacht Club, Middle Hall, Tufts Mountain Club, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity Club, Transfer from Pennsylvania State Univ. GANTCHER, NATHAN 292 Mason Ter. Brookline, Mass. A.B. Economics Pre-Dental Society, Treasurer, Sports Car Club, Intramurals. GAROFANO, EDWARD M. 44 Myrtle St. Everett, Mass. B.S. Psychology Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Student Assistant Trainer, Athletic Department. GENS, PETER D. 145 Princeton Rd. Brookline, Mass. A.B. Sociology GERE, WILLIAM B. 107 Manning St. Needham, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering GIROUARD, ROBERT L. 200 S. Main St. Attleboro, Mass. A.B. English-French WTCR, Middle Hall, Pre-Dental Society, Leonard Carmichael Society. GOLD, ARTHUR D. 8 Arlington Rd. Chestnut Hill, Mass. A.B. Economics GRAHAM, GORDON J. 181 Tremont St. New Bedford, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Zeta Psi. GRANT, BRIAN C. M.R.A. Box 188 Bangor, Maine B.S. Civil Engineering HALL, MRS. FELICIA Lake St. Sherborn, Mass. A.B. English HALL, JAMES P. Stetson Rd. Norwell, Mass. A.B. Government HARPER, MARCEL R. 7 Shady Court W. Bay Shore, N.Y. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa, Sentinel, A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi, Weekly, A.F.R.O.T.C.', Freshman Soccer, Intramurals. 123 HARTWELL, CORDELIA 2035 Kakelia Drive Honolulu, Hawaii B.S. Education B.S.O.T. HARVEY, MARJORIE M. 19 Hermon St. Belmont, Mass. A.B. Sociology HOTTLE, WILLIAM D. R.D. 6 Somerset, Pa. B.S. Civil Engineering A.B. Fine Arts Theta Delta Chi. JAFFARIAN, S. ROBERT 215 Mill St. Haverhill, Mass. B.S. Mathematics Sigma Nu, Skiing, Varsity and Freshman, Intramurals. JOHNSON, FRANK K. '36 Airmount Ave. Ramsey, N.J. B.S. Civil Engineering JOHNSON, NANCY C. Box 271 Hoping Hill Ave. N. Attleboro, Mass. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. KAPLAN, ALAN M. 800 Cortelyou Rd. Brooklyn 30, N.Y. B.S. Chemistry-Biology KING, BARBARA J. 290 Hamilton Drive Chappaqua, N.Y. A.B. Music KING, M. MARGARET 111 Whitney Rd. Medford, Mass. A.B. German KNOWLES, KENNETH E. 1 Fielder Rd. Beverly, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering KORTSCHAK, BEPPIE J. 2428 Ferdinand Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii B.S. Mathematics IJA BRECQUE, RICHARD 131 Easton St. Lawrence, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engineerhig LARSEN, JOHN W. 28 Bulkely Avenue Hartford, Conn. B.S. Chemistry Chemistry Society, Vice-President, WTCR. LATHAM, KENNETH 55 Grand St. Reading, Mass. A.B. Economics LEVENSON, ALVAN E. 111 Princeton Road Brookline 67, Mass. B.S. Chemistry-Biology Leonard Carmichael Society. LEVINE, RICHARD U. 1424 Loziar Place W. Englewood, N.J. B.S. Chemistry-Biology Alpha Epsilon Pi, Hillel, Pre-Medical Society, President, Sword and Shield, Dean's List. LEVINE, SUSAN T. 10 Batter Ter. New Haven, Conn. BS- Education Eliot-Pearson LEWIS, SARAH E. 8563 Howard Drive Williamsville, N.Y. A.B. English LEWISS, MATTHEW L. 61 Narraganset Ave. Westerly, R.I. A.B. Government LORI, FREDERICK J. 592 Common St. Walpole, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi, Newman Club, A.I.E.E., Intramurals. LOWELL, JOHN H. 1406 Edgewood Road Havertown, Pa. A.B. History Freshman Class President, Pre-Legal Society, Young Republican Club, Band, Orchestra, Chorus. LUCAS, CHARLES H. 41 Moville St. W. Roxbury, Mass. A.B. German MARSH, NANCY LEE 362 S. Freeman Rd. Orchard Park, N.Y. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. McCABE, WILLIAM P., JR. 46 Sawyer Avenue Dorchester, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engineering Intramural Sports, A.I.E.E. MCCORMICK, LOUISE V. Long Valley, N.J. B-S. Education B.S.O.T. MCLEAN, JOHN R. 5526 Deloache Dallas, Texas A-B- English But it's good with orange juice, McNAY, TERRENCE M, 744 14th Ave. N. St. Petersburg, Fla, AB- English Alpha Tau Omega. MINICHIELLO, GEORGE M, 58 W. Cedar Street Boston, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. MULDOWNEY, FRANCIS W, 1109 Boylston Street Brookline 67, Mass. A-B- Economics Delta Upsilon, A.F.R.O.T.C., Intramural Sports - Football, Hockey, Baseball. NISBETT, RICHARD E. 3033 Fillmore Avenue E1 Paso, Texas B.S. Psychology President, Debating Team, i Tau Kappa Alpha, President, Psi Chi, 2nd Place in Moses True Brown Contest, lst Place in Wendell Phillips Contest, Society of Scholars. NORSWORTHY, RICHARD J. 75 Sea St. N. Weymouth 91, Mass. A.B. English NOYES, NANCY LOU 40 Drowne Parkway Rumford 16, R.I. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. O'CONNOR, TERRENCE J. 244 Nelson Rd. Scarsdalle, N.Y. A.B. History ll 0905. Rm 3 , . g Rd- gtglfilii B.S. o'iHlU" Siii UPF! Blzcl E35 B.S. 615. F PAPALEQ 1 439 lim 5h Event iff: ' . g BIS' llecm.. PASIEK W' 16: 5 lim Alf lllznl- Mg' ls. U n it we W 1 Sttietyz Rclaim Cm: Dems LEI- PEIERSON. ll Slam St. ll. lomzi F B.S. PRINCE lOl-l lawrence Roai Buford. lim., B.S. Alpha let 0: Sigma: Traxff PYLE. CDT 8-, . il'9 330 Alf laclwn Heigh- BS. if Carrie Fm Ptndemz Lg Sttial Mak FWZ. Roe ' Hifi? Sz. Slim- Min. B-54 Eli: .1155 RIKHMAX. 1755 Bram BNHS, RS .. I .labs 'si 1 S tg., K 9,-A N nu X Q W. .N- Q , XR I.:-N itibqex. 1' f 5 Qi. .'s!N.s "ibn lcv. . SSX .1 'g X' :gtg R3 S M 1213 ,L Q w :XX .CQ :eg U- HB9 : Ir: ,IQ W V fx. 13, -. N . 'Nz .QQ-Ira -S A", . zihgsv. -.,-S tm, i .l'n1'. ifiliff i 51. N1 P51125 . ll 1153551 li V .i. L1 N5 oLsoN, RITA J. 54 Parker Rd. Wakefield, M355- BS. Education B.S.O.T. O'REILLY, SHEILA M. Upper Black Eddy Pennsylvania B-S. Education B.S.O.T. PAPALEGIS, FRANK E. 429 Ferry St. Everett, Mass. B,S. Mechanical Engineering PASTER, STUART B. 263 S. Main Avenue Albany, Mass. Government A.B. Phi Epsilon Pi, Pre-Medical Society, International Relations Club, Yacht Club, Dean's List. PETERSON, WALTER JR. Main St. W. Townsend, Mass. B.S. Psychology PRINCE, JOHN D. Lawrence Road Boxford, Mass. B.S. Biology Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma: Transfer. PYLE, CYNTHIA M. 8409 35th Avenue Jackson Heights 72, N.Y. B.S. Biology Le Cercle Francais, President, Lambert Kingsley, Social Member. RANTZ, ROBERT R. 3 Hersey St. Salem, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. RICHMAN, JANICE R. 1768 Beacon St. Brookline, Mass. B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson fl RUHL, ELLEN W. 87 Forest St. Medford, Mass. B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson RUSSMAN, ANNE W. 236 Kelton St. Allston, Mass. 13-S. Education Eliot-Pearson 'Transfer from University of Maine. SAWYER, HERBERT L. 66 Basset St. Lynn, Mass. A.B. Government SCHREIBER, DALE 33 Silver Birch Drive New Rochelle, N.Y. A.B. English Freshman Basketball, Varsity Tennis, Captain, Intramurals, Society of Scholars, Dean's List, Tufts Weekly, Sports Editor, Freshman Counselor. SLEZAS, ROMAS V. 24 Prospect St. Hyde Park, Mass. A.B. History SMITH, ANN R. K. 12 Southlawn Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. A,B, English Middle Hall, Tufts Theater, 3 Pls, Tuftonian. SMITH, DONALD R. 58 Marton St. Newton Ctr., Mass. B.S. Chemistry Zeta Psi. SMITH, PATRICIA R. 36 Linnaen St. Cambridge 38, Mass. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. SPENCER, FRANCES E. Main Street - Falmouth, Mass. A.B. English Middle Hall, 3 P's. STEARNS, STEVEN 61 Wentworth Street Dorchester, Mass. A.B. Government Freshman and Varsity Basketball, Intramurals. STEIN, CAROLYN B. Red Butte Ranch Aspen. Colorado B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson STONE, BERTRAM W. 45 Victory Rd. Lynn, Mass. B.S. Electrical Engineering STONE, KENNETH A. 89 Metropolitan Oval N.Y. 62, N.Y. A.B. English STRAUS, JONATHAN O. 72 Forest Street Wellesley, Mass. A.B. Sociology TARLOW, RICHARD J . 66 Landon Ter. New Rochelle, New York A.B. English Freshman and Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball, Dean's List, Economics Club, Student Government Rep., Phi Lambda Phi, Transfer from the Univ. of N. Carolina. TELFER, LINDA 90 Sagamore Ave. W. Medford, Mass. B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson TOOMBS, WALTER F. 126 Newell Ave. Needham, Mass. B.S. Chemical Engineering A.B. Economics Alpha Sigma Phi, A.I.Ch.E. TRILLING, DAVID M. 10 Stone Ave. Newton, Mass. B.S. Biology TSAVALAS, STAMATIMA 92 Hamilton Avenue Yonkers, New York B.S. Physics VANNICOLA, CARLO M., JR. 32 Eliot Rd. Arlington, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Zeta Psi, Freshman and Varsity Hockey, Intramurals. WADE, LEROY BYRON 4265 Whitney Avenue Mt. Carmel, Conn. A.B. History WALSH, CAROLYN S. 31 Liszt St. Roslindale 31, Mass. B.S. Education B.S.O.T. WARD, DOUGLAS E. 7907 W. 64th Ave. Arvada, Colo. A.B. English Theta Chi, Middle Hall, Theater, Jumble, Business Manager, Assoc. Editor. WEISS, ELIZABETH A. 169 Rawson Rd. Brookline, Mass. B.S. Education Eliot-Pearson WEISS, SHELDON P. 45 Deepdale Drive Great Neck, N.Y. B.S. Biology-Chemistry Phi Epsilon Pi, Hillel, Radio Club, Mountain Club, Orchestra, A.I.E.E., Dean's List. WHITEHEAD, MATTHEW J 3105 13th N.E. Washington 17, D.C. A.B. Government Kappa Alpha Psi, Keeper of Records, Polemarch, International Relations Club, Pre-Legal Society, I.D.C., Freshman Football, Tennis, Varsity Tennis, Intramurals. ZORN, BETTY LYNN 60 N. Fordham Topeka, Kansas A.B. Drama Pre-Medical Society, Mountain Club, Treasurer, Three P's. X 1 Yi K 1 LQ M -r Xl l , fl. U J 4' ,- p x. - - v - - - ---W - - ----w- -+--'igvf YW'-"Y " '4 4 ,l K 4 x . 1' ,J . J k Q :X . 1 1 .. i V' x -' sv ' -4, . 41" .gxx ,1 tl' A 'jx it YL I' rl '-.4 ' -"..'g .1- '9"-ffw fig " g1'.A'Afm." - ' V-airf "Q ' ' " .- a ' ' , ',.. 1 A ?,l61I- V,-I X V f - 6 af.: .k ri -.mf 5 "gn '5 1' "' 'fflff lf 'ff .,- f' "ff ': . ' 5' ,-. . f " A K' , 4 f Y x AM ' '7 'vj.j,,.A - QM- ,, Lk .AN YV, bi I P qi, .Sy " - .. 1 Q . elf 5,3 M. Mg,-ff Q21 . 4. - --1'-'FP f 14f'f7 '-.wil Q "K - df' ., " ' rm "l:'w, lk fu,-' 1 Z, li 3453.3-3 M., ' 3 .1-,"fv.!. v N' ,iq 1. - ?:Q X-K fri 4' . I O - .19- ' I . .ff-ff? ff'-2 5' 'lv-l".f':1-Vik ,"R.'- , if g ' H -1- ' " -".' f ' , if, K . 0, ' 6 ' 1.: .ky -N XX s , lf, . "-"1 'f.'Z,- 1- 1 'if F--if 5, " 1 - " . jk-H".NL5A'1 5 L., , gl.-'I 4 jsut. ILT.: . K . e 1. k 1' ' I - 1 1 ' ,V K f . - 3,.-v-'.,- l K V r , ,iw LIE. Jr - ' ' - ' s ' N if 0.9, .b I'Q .1 . V If -' 1 ' 5" ' Q-31, 1 , 5 I .-'U A., A, V' , ' V 'Q 5 u 'h 'J - 5 1 ' , ff' - "V: ' fi-' 1 -, , r, ' i if - , , , bf fa, - Aff., 4 - M 5 ff ix 'Er' '-if - ffkx xv 4-S J' 'Q tl' 1' 'ff 'af' . X If '41 .Q ' 'y ' 'a ". 2, - - . ' 7,111 1 .q,.w, ski. fi: 'El Q '71, fl! ' I 1' ' L'.-KI 'I ""f,l,. F ' 1' ' " Wiki' g... H 1 " , . .J , lkfwn. , AEA 1 ' af'-U' 1" - 5 "- ?j3a A f. 3 W X . mf msg, L L." '1l"'A-.w'w.,7, . , ,, V 1. 1f-- Ivy-h..,v,.,,,.v:. ,wwf , . 3 'H ' 3, 6-' ' x nilmqhfpwv-,mx. -. .., -Q, , 51 Ef- af, ii" 51 .I ' Q - 4 .il 54 5 First R0w.' Rifrhard SCl1H6fCf3 MHFY 53116 BFHUICYS Patty Flach. Third Row: Allan Carrollg Linda Richards, David Cowang Aubrey Thomas, William Holden. Second Row: Susan Adzigiang Chris Whiteg William Meserveg Arthur Houseg Fred Chance, Al Jerard, Treas.g Chuck Stuckey, V.Pres.g Martin Claarg John Enright, Robert Park, Sheli Zysmang Rick Hauck. Leader, Pres.g Paula Rosengard, Sec.g Judy Reines, Karen TUFTS STUDENT COUNCIL The Tufts University Student Council, under the gavel of Martin Leader, again enjoyed a year of searching for some- where to assert its disputed authority. Reflecting the unrest of a growing uni- verse and university, the group dealt with problems of considerable importance to the security of both the Council and the college. The omniscience of the Council was questioned early in the season with the mixer-rnixup and monetary struggle be- tween "Jumble,,' the campus humor harpy, and the staid Tufts chapter of the Newman Club. A swift assertion of eco- nomic authority immediately froze the funds of the latter group, inducing screams of "Iniidels', and Nlconoclastsf' Next, the question of aililiation with the National Student Association, which was brilliantly kept from a student-body vote, was t squashed so soundly that even the motion for reconsideration next year was de- feated. Last, it is probable that the body has elected to immortalize itself by plac- ing a light upon the Kursaal steps. Martin Leader, President 1 l J ' t.: m'.f....j . lf-un., X-.- Q .'.- '- 3.:I. j... x L...- Tie l::ELs:r 211-11 T fm-fl -. .- , - L.. ...g,-' rl- LL . MES N5- furcil ciig such . Lx A-1 .. limi +4 lt its xx-L mdmllli. ll lil if ll ' K 1, ip, l v l I I K l 1 l 5 , E I . First Row: Judy Deutsch, Cathy Muirheadg Sue Kaplan, Lynn Nancy Eliottg Hannah Berger. Third Row: Betty Finnegan, y I Mahoney, Nancy Worth, Janet Duncan. Second Row: Lucy Barbara Sophios, Linda Dixon, Maureen Grady, Carol Strog- l K Gaigeg Carla Engstrom, Sheli Zysman, Treas.g Nancy Agress, off, Margot Caron, Judy Vaitukaitisg Cathy Holstg Ellen Wain- p y kr D V.Pres.g Dotty Murphy, Pres., Nan Wade, Sec., Margot Klebeg wright, Carolyn Aho, Mary Beth Graneseg Laurie Rogers. V M I JACKSON STUDE T COUNC L The Jackson Student Council passed several significant measures this year, benefiting all Jackson students. Under the leadership of Dottie Murphy, the Council managed to get curfews extended to 10:30 Cp.m.J. It also instituted a system whereby girls may have men guests to dinner one Sunday a month and made substantial alterations in the rules concerning girls staying in their dormi- 'D ,ll l , lg, tories over vacation periods. In a polemic run in the Weekly during October, the Council came under attack for Hcowardicev in avoiding big, important issues, such as the possibility of Seniors living oft campus, and personal telephones, the perennial pipe-dream of the Jackson girl. This attack was successfully warded off by Miss Murphy in a succeeding article, in which she pointed out how many things the Council had accomplished, and how these things benefited life in Jack- son dorms. 'H Q N sy, Y Dorothy Murphy, President. ' t l 127 l Q :- First Row: Hannah Bergerg Margot Klebe, Pres.g Cindy Collins. Second Row: Carol Rayg Elizabeth Blakeg Sylvia Millerg Terry Vivianog Lucy Walshg Lee Pledger, Joan Skilf. Margot Klebe, President. JACKSON JUDICIARY The Jackson equivalent of the committee in the IDC which has inquisitional powers is the Jackson Judiciary Council. Since its formation in 1956 it hHS been a feared and respected body of upperclasswomen who handle decisions of procedure against violators Of dormitory rules. With a constant Hux in administraiivfl attitude toward rule infractions, this group has to be alert and openminded and this year has generally proved to be as impartial as it has in the past. First Row: l Row: Sue C Hayde: lane BSOT TUI COUJ lla 3,5 which is 5 W- N. Altima si H. --s lu' P135 dam? ez-: if tt .mg 015 in Kilim O. sa. - :Lib IDI lil? M. if MM ll OWEN- L. N-- lRY . 5 me law .f' '-- 'Q it H2 sfffmfl Laois of limdli E0 be will If First Row: Jan Foster, Sec.g Kathy Ashton, Pres: Pat Emich, V.Pres. Second Row: Sue Chance, St. Council Rep., Susie Mayg Karen Flachg Mary Lee Haydeg Jane Paulusg Ellie Weinsteing Debbie Snyder, Jan Hall. B or TUDE T COUNCIL The B.S.O.T. Student Council, which is an elected group of eight girls, seven from the new Harrison Avenue facilities and one from the Hill, planned and supervised a college dance and revised its constitution. Being one of the few organizations in favor of affiliation with the NSA, these girls are a co-ordinating center for the activities of all Boston School of Occupational Therapy students. BOUVE TUDENT COUNCIL The Bouve Student Council serves the girls in Bouve-Boston School in about the same capacity as the rest of the plethora of councils serve their individual interests. Weekly meetings and the other mechanical accompani- ments of councilship are present here too, and although nothing rnagnani- mous is accomplished, it is less the fault of the members than it is of the general lack of centralization of power in the whole school. ,--1, 'J Jane Lernerg Judy Reinerg Nancy Thomasg Joyce Goldwyng Linda Manchester. 129 scfvf First Row: Judy Ribockg Carole Snider, Patricia Cowang Cornerg Patricia Gold, Heidi Huttong Joan Rubing Carol Rosalind Rovner, Pres.g Sue Moore, V.Pres.g Margie Mann, Silberlludy Maitl- Sec.g Sue Levine, Treas. Second Row: Gillian Ewingg Ann ELIOT-PEARSCN STUDE T COUNCIL The Eliot-Pearson Student Council, composed of twenty members of Eliot-Pearson, while considering topics of universal appeal to the college, also spent this year revising its constitution and planning an all- college dance which was held in the second semester. Newly incorporated into the Council is its International Committee, which functions as a board of inquiry into the possibility of gathering foreign students for the school, which trains primary grade teachers. This com- mittee also is working on securing scholarship funds to make such a trade possible. ELIOT-PEARSON LEGI LATIVE-JUDICIAL COUNCIL The Eliot-Pearson Leg- islative - Judicial Council, headed by Rosalind Rov- ner, functions as a board of judgment, dealing with rule infractions in the El- iot - Pearson dormitories. This group, composed of dorm representatives, of- ficers elected at large, and a faculty advisor, presents the rules to the student body each fall, then de- cides the action to be taken against a Violator. First Rowg Joan Rubin: Carole Snider, Chmn.: Penny Pachios. Sewmf ROW,- Helene Kolodneyg Linda Coheng Lynda Mallinoffg My1'3 Lgyine. 130 AN ,Pi . , 5- W. ...uma Juni C Q, ,l. 1 H5 Ri. n..L W Ni.. 5, l sn T. . es me :NUI Q' PM... NLM K C53 Vs Mill ilbpm i he llutir it hi rn., -LUX gf llulir if ce md' INS arg, AN-HELLENIC COUNCIL First Row: Beth Goldstein, Sec.- Treas.g Hannah Berger, Pres.g Second Row: Susan Gifting Virginia Haywood, Meg Richg Joyce Regang Louise Forbesg Sylvia Miller. OFF-HILL COUNCIL The Off-Hill Council serves the commuting ele- ment, which comprises about one-fourth of Tufts students, and is a focal point for the opinions of those who are not always present on the campus. Concerned mainly with de- velopment and furnishing of the newly-arisen Com- muter House, the Council also has time to augment a movement to begin com- muter organizations on oth- er campuses in the area, and to print a periodical newsletter in which it in- forms its constituency of its actions. CFM., philip Coadyg Marvin Goodmang Bresner Moore. Pres.: Loren Raymondg Sam Brgwn 3-C,g.0,,d Row: John Cartyg Tom Fellg John Kidderg John Enright: Allan Rosenberg. 131 1 4 First Row: Bruce Anderson, V.Pres.g John Nutting, Sec., Bombergerg Ken Koplow, George Lahtineng Emory Sanders, Stan Lewis, Pres.g Ed Johnson, Treas.g Bob Parke. Second Stu Edelsteing Howie Kantrovitzg B. Goldwater, John Johnsong Row: Howie Pritham, Larry Clinton, Pete Bruno, Ed Sylvia, Dave Richardson, Chris Holmes, Pete Parellag Tom Schactman. Butch Ferry, Dorane Strauss, Art Young, Art Gold, Hank I TER-FRATER ITY COUNCIL This year, under the able direction of Stan Lewis, the Inter-fraternity Council has appeared as a revital- ized organization. Aside from its normal activities, the organization of Rush Week, the IFC Dance, and week- ly meetings, the IFC this year instituted several iirsts: the "Preface,', an orientation week pamphlet for fresh- men, fraternity skit competition, and communistic fuel buying. Along with instituting f'Jumbo Juniorf' staging "Cli- macticonf' and sponsoring needy children at football games, the Council also found time to deal briefly with fraternity problems like social rules-perhaps t00 briefly, because the questions, partially suspended by the administration, are as yet unresolved. Stan Lewis, President. 132, n 1, gf-,jg 5 911 .,. M fe K P171 4 S' i' 'fix' ..,, ,u f Ii' x 7 i l ,- f . N -. if. NLF .., if it - is Rt Jef llc?-f fbi Wie. 5 Pais C021 F1 Wir. E it in 4. Q' 1 - - M. 5 i l V I, if St in S Elm' ii: 105 lille. L TCE .tex saved he if g....n L, . .. . '.',L.i .C1..l1Ml!tl.:: IC. " igqginq lien at twill 1 deal brieily iii jeg-perhaps ill ij: minded li :xt we 3 First Row: Roger Ritchg Bob Johnson, Neal Robison, Dave Krizg Jeff McMahon, Allan Holoifg Stuart Falk. Second Row: Chris White, Student Council Rep., Paul Marraffino, Treas.g Pete Collins, First V. Pres., Hadi Ali, Pres.g Ken Barclay, Com- Pres. Third Row: David Poplackg David Bruckg Ted Mew, Pat Letellierg Joel Davidseng Bob Donovan, Ross Babcock, Charley Stanley, Jeff Kimball, Chris Turner, Carter DeCormierg Charlie Pinnellg Tim Jackson, Glen Guleziang Sylvester Gooking Jim mittee Whip, Richard Upton, Sec., John Bartlett, Second V. Warth. I TER-DORMITORY COUNCIL The Inter-dormitory Council, founded a relatively short time ago, has since grown into a eminent legis- lative-judicial body controlling most activities which concern life in mens dormitories. Members are elected from the section of the dormitory in which they live, effecting a representative system and a closer tie between the student mass and its governing body. This yearls Council, headed by Hadi r Ali, escaped the controversy which Q arose in earlier years with decisions like the open door policies and dis- missal of the maids. As its annual function, the group sponsored a mixer in Carmichael lounge and labeled it a "Twistmas Party." ni9"'3' 133 xx. X ii xx XY 3 i 5 x -A fry 1, X Aw 1, W4 2 w M Y vw.- ' n n n. .2 xx '- A. V. ff Q Qc 0 X N u X ! First Row: John Nuttingg Rick Hauek, Pres.: Larry Clinton, Mezerve: Chuck Stuekeyg Arthur Wolf. ,-ifltc'l1f.' David Thomp- V.Pres. Sammi Raw: Marty Leader. David Adzigian. William son. Sec.-Treas.: Hadi Ali. TOWER CROSS The peak of selectivity is attained in the election of members into Tower Cross. the senior mens' honorary society. Having the privilege of sitting in the front row at all senior functions and planning Christmas and Spring Sings. its members vie to see who can tell the raciest jokes while emceeing one of these functions. Their attempts range from ravenous to raunchy. 'l 1 . 1 ZZ? T51 ' :iff i .v , 'eg ' Ziiii 79 -1 F' .fi ' 'an Q14 X l l i l v . .lx 363 V5 Q an 5 '-' f . N 31 V F-Ax. . -.ywf .UQ-fm, .. . ,-. ,,..--,- 4, , ,-.,., .,,V , ..--,.-,.h.Y Au... .. A-. WW v w- M .Wx-fx. .0 . ,'f',-'-. - , -., ., Y. -V - X- V-- xsfryx X514-aff'-" Hfglz. '-,2.1:f.:":L 'W 'ff 'MQ-3 jj-W., , - gr-'ri' ' . ,, 4, q gy :z32vf.?'f' M ""Qes',"1's1i ' , , z 1 Lv' 41152-, j' - ' 'YM' e ' 2 - JP 'L-' ' fi' f' r x,,,..:k N L4 XM, ,.-GQ I pfffl X - ' l Ai. 5 'ff U " , 495' 4,-lg.. , :K f, X . x Riva. , h. . -mx.,-,A-2.3 - 4 , E V., AMN, A4 ., . .I V W .pq-I, was , W gl ,- my Q ji , f f,5i'.,g1 .vb I. ' . z . n V ,157 ,L ,vl.tJ465yg .3 . ,N Af . V f'. , . -,.,f.- r Uiww, , 33,71 3 , 15' Mg . v,-A . fw-fm, - 4 fn ' H ' -A - '- "s,.Q - - ' 1 " 5 Agia ' '43 :'- - np, , , .1 -.if:SZf"fe. if X sky gi, . 3 2 .5 Mgt' , I V: f 2 . . -.WM ,tv h x ' ' 'QF 3+ X' -. ' , ii. . 'rl . '--' . ' ' X Y 'xl s,41-lx'- " 'X Q: I ' I 'X f N1 'rm,i""1a? 7 1. fin y!j5W:Aw,m, if I ,V xt If: : Zgfwv , if .4s1P!" Qf5:XM ' ff,YRXux inf V f 'ws' K - . V , H - 2 1 vw ' ff , 'A f. " "2 - 5 -' 'ff S vypk iigh kg f M261 , .MJ f ' , Tie '2I'.f:if.ff,-Sv,-, AK i W Q, Q - fh 1 S21 u w. 'ggi ff 1 4. , X ,Q,.4::-4 .1'tJf.:::5f'z A N - 1 sf QSEQAQ 23553 kv! f gfg 1 jfgff ,f :EEF 1-.ag2K5::g,-f Q.. -,w Q, ' EXW? semi 1 A ' mr: ,gg-:e..::g-Af fx Va? E5 - f A 15: :H fr fb-11 ' 0 ' :.':::Ia-2 ' :rs-in f:::f 0- , W 5545 5, J NK- ,. . ,3- Q siflsi, .... - x.,,.,mJ,f x Q , 214 Q ff . . .. Milf' ,','... 3fA,t'fg , :mx QX 1 , iff . , Jw.. f.,..4- 1 . . 'fi " .L:',1u', 9:35:22 ' 5'U?f'f"'2 f fa I 1 1 frf::::?:z:g:::. ' ' 1 5 , fkfxxf: , ' , I ,..,.-1n.,.,,. , N 4 Xxx 5 , W V -.c,, .,....,, xx 8,89 ', '- -' - uf . f 1' ..,u..J.H...f. ' M 'L WW? f ' v ::::f:---wr'-'-M " A N ,Q . , , , I ,,,, 4 V...,3,a::r.f2:::gg, x 1. 4 y.M1"f'f 6 v "'1A::1::::'Q-- . f X X , ,-, if I q1,.3:....::'- , f 5 4 V 5 :fa f 'Sf I ' 175335: , XX I 5 x , fi "g'Q,fW!' 1 X, 3, if ,....ffEff3322.. ggi.: . K K 1 '-1 ff vi f f ,, "z..:f---7? - ' r X X f wi N ,015 ' ..:f:-fmzzrf: --":' X Lx . - f 'V 31 '?S::::: - .- ' N ff " f 'ujgx f il ,f .. 'Z ' """ ' X , ,, fp, ,,.,5,g . . , x N, h f f f Mfg, ff, . gQS X ' Jffm , I , "4 M In , ., K mf' ,W L W. . 1: X A ff K ff' . V, '7 , 'LQ jd' fa, 'fp 1 . 4 , K ..-P- H . 'viffifrf , N .P M-4, ' X , ci?" MA? -I J' mga MW x ,ir ' 1, gy M X ,N x xv-4 K , X 'Sfyxx 1 A f e J S 2' fffsa I XX '- X' ' 'H 24: S X 3 I ' x X K xxx' 431 ' xx X Q 3... i RQ " K. I , dw' ' 4 sf 1- ,Y 54 S ff' Q fs- 5 g ifQN E3 i 3 4 .sXJ., 5'f3Z.Q hb Q ,Q fl Q. , . Z Sword and Shield, the sophomore traditions society, after having logr long-standing traditions such as Pray for Rain, active freshman hazing, and paddle stealing, almost suffered the indignity of being stripped of the final vestige of their authority. But the un- armed Sword and Shielderls real trag- edy would have been in the loss of an automatic introduction and snow job to all freshman girls on campus. With this in mind, it is doubtful that the SS troupers will ever part with their sacred status symbols. SWORD A D HIELD ,y 3 , Q: N First Row: Charles Coltmang Edward Casabiang Lance Sobel, Ericksong lvgm Cohen: Anhui. Homc. Hcnw Rucker-g Michael Treas.g Gregory Barmore, Pres., Richard Perry, V.Pres.g Robert Saphier: William Holden' Ben Tebwult Iwmcs Sample. Bar, Sec.g Michael Lewis. Second Row: Thomas Gordong Clill ' kv xml.- -...uw r,. ' -s Q1 1 -Q W- "xL:T Surg.. 1 .MQ T 'x Bs. .ts tx, Ti' , N U l -Mg mga , . Sf Snot 17'-yn. NND- il. fl. ,v -. irr- 1-.L , M: V D. Qi -,E GOLD KEY Gold Key is the senior Women's society which annually recognized twelve girls who have made distinct 2 contributions to the Tufts Community. - J The three functions of the society are: lv to inspire and cultivate school loyalty y 1 E? 1 Q y L3 ,A and class unrtyg to serve as official 5 J, tk I ' T ' , ' Jackson Senior Class othcersg and to fs 3 S XX 'V' Organize Jackson Traditions Day, held in the spring. First Row: Virginia Hayward, Joyce Shushan, Sec.-Treas.g Paula Rosengard, Pres.g Charlotte Koules. Second Row: Margot Klebeg Norma Casertag Terry McGarryg Ellen Wainwrightg Dotty Murphy. Missing: Alice Daborng Sylvia Millerg Linda Nevins. CHIRO IANS The Chironian Society consists of twenty-six sophomore girls selected on the basis of scholarship, personality, and participation in extracurricular activities. It is Jackson's lirst honorary society, created in 1957 to represent Jackson in the public eye. Members guide prospective freshmen and other visitors on tours of the campus, assist at various alumnae functions, serve as usherette and official hos- tesses at certain school functions, and publicize Jackson through high school talks. 'Fi,-S, ROW. Betsey Ingraham- Mary Jane Branleyg Nancy Joyce Murnaneg Paula Veinerg Patricia Woodg Diane Dewittg Worth? Joan Russickg Marv Beth Granese. Secmuf Rory" Mary Audrey Butvydasg Susan Carleyg Sharon Nlealg Maryanne Lee Sticklin. Dorothy Rllbin. Ingrid Ackerbloomg Raelene Zleglerg Sue Hallyg Valerie Ger, Claire Brown, Sue Stannard, Huck, Pres., Dorothy Altmang Deanna Shapiro. Third Row: JUdY Cohen- Frist Rom Nancy Beard Arnold Piacentini Richard Nisbett Robert Centolag Edna Freeman, Joseph Sierakowskig Marjorie Robert Hershey Betsy Nichols Second Row Martha Ralston Cantor Betty Blakeg Edward Palo, Barbara Bartles. SOCIETY OF SCHOLARS Formation of the Society of Scholars grew out of a concern for academic achievement for its own sake which Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi could not fulfill slnce their memberships were limited to seniors At the close of the school year the three highest ranking members of each class in Liberal Arts, Jackson, and Englneering are chosen for membership in the Society. PHI BETA KAPP Fust Row Nancy Beard William Meserve Betsy Nichols Second Row: Barbara Bartles Charles North Fred Klemberg Jim Clark Antoni Ciancarelli. Q7-'57 Phi Beta Kappa, the LA version of Tau Beta Pi, is the oldest honorary society on cam- pus. Ot all the Greek-letter S0- cieties at Tufts, Phi Bete h21S the most stringent grade-pOiI1f requirement for membershill- Furthermore, prospective mem- bers are not rushed until thel' become Seniors. The member- ship is elected by the facultl' representatives of our University. The possession of a key in th1S organization is universally ack- knowlcdged to be the supreme achievement of any college stu- dent. 142 ' I Efliaflfi . X ' ' NL- lift: is KAPPA -pt TLC .-..-- .. '11 PL Q -i OH Cf' v ,-1 ,knit sr J , Leif, 1 "1 Sf' LL. -... v P-Q" - ff. .-'- J , f Crmi- U' -r . - 1 'mqlh' ii-Eu yi . Tre mgmiil' 5. ig lata. ' ' I-:ff QU LEM . L- 7' fliilhi Wil' 6 C gjplif- f -ok? 575' GU V ' 'H TA BETA PI Contrary to popular opinion, some engineers do get passing marks. Each year those men who have displayed an l excellent academic average and have shown integrity and breadth of inter- est, in and outside the engineering field, are elected into Tau Beta Pi. Joe Sierakowskig Arnold Piacentinig Marcel Harper. E GI EERI G COUNCIL Composed of representatives from each of the four branches of engineering, the engineering council tries to draw and coordinate the activities of the four divisions. This year the Council sponsored a lecture on Graduate schools by Dean Campbell, and student tours for neighboring high school students. Jim Olson, V.Pres.g George Devoe, S.A.A.g Nick DelVecchio, Pres., Marcel Harper, Tau Beta Pi Rep., Steve Levin, Sec. Q! AICHE Composed of devoted chemical engineers, the 'lfufts .Chapter of ihC'AmCfiC2111 Institute of Chemical Engineers has monthly meetings In Whlflh C.S0tCf1C SUTDJQCTS of special interest are discussed. As well as probing the intricacies of chemical engineering, the group also sponsers speakers from different phases of industry to discuss the natures of their jobs, and takes held trips to local companies to help orient its members to the realm of big business. 'Fl Fmt Ron Bill McNeally, Jim Brophy, Harold Larsen, Jerry Tlzird Row: Tom Tilton, Joseph Cussen, Warren Baker Jack Tuck Bill Dikemang Jack Witkos. Second Row: John Con- Lewikig Dick Guarino, Roger Ambuter, Charles Bennett Carl nelly Tom MCC-ann, Sec., Prof. Atallah, Advisor, Jim Snow, Kandetzski, Pete Dodge, Jan Lindybergg George Lahtinen Pres Loren Raymond, Treas., Nancy Rent, Phil Azzolino. David Woods, AICE The AICE, for the information of the rest of the engineers, is not the highest card of a suit. CAnd that doesn't mean we're playing aces low either.J On the other hand, it is an aggregation of craftsmen pious toward the manifestations of the atomic flux, who hope through man strength and awfulness to subdue the potences around them in order to make this old World a better, cleaner place in which to live. In short, all this could be effected, and utopia realized, by surveying thor- oughly, drafting deftly, and replacing the Kursaal with a beer hall and attached poker game. First Ron James Olson, Sr. Rep., Steve Levin, Jr. Rep., Michael Regan, Alexander Gammon, Arthur Benedict Bob Bob Erwin Sec Dick Collari, Pres., Charles Ricci, V.Pres., Gould, Dick Mansfield, Tom Hendrickson, Wes Foote Lew John Leonard Treas., Bob Snelling. Second Row: Bob Merlino, Watt, Norm Lougee, Leonard Lopez. 915, 'IQ AME Tlie Americ' F ' . ' - . fx , ll 1 i -fm SOCMY' Of Mechanical Engineers is intended to promote a pro- cssioni awai n L l c css ind fellowship among its students. The societv holds a relaxed attitude. and to the casual observer it may appear that it is overly frugal about holding formal ' , . . D Q meetings. However, on closer examination we hnd that indeed i" A ' '- N 1 . 7 1 b S0C1LlyS absentee-elected non-member president does preside at man' in- formal gathciings in the Kursaal with the subject matter of the discussions weighted somewhat heavily on the fellowship side V Fusr Ron Bernie Koritesg Robert Chapman. V.Pres.g Joseph Roger Kaufman, Marvin Goodmang Bob Hershey Tlzud Ron ORe1lly Tieas Gordon Graham, Pres., Walter Byron, Sec., Marcel Harper, Ted Eyrickg Sam Browng Joe Novelline Tom Geor e Devoe Alexander Ziolkowski. Second Row: Dick Crosbyg Larry Kivimaki: John Carty. Carter Luis Montemayorg Ed Thibaultg Frederick Shafferg AIEE-IRE AIEE-lRE, which for the uninitiated means American Institute of Electrical Engineers-Institute of Radio Engineers, tries to develop a professional attitude in its students. Meetings are held monthly, and it is an enigmatic problem as to why the generous mentors must, as an attendance incentive, count the students' presence as homework problems. Could it be, that these men, in whose slide rules lie the answers of the future, are indifferent to the intellectual's all-consuming curiousity, and more concerned about the monetary benefits to be reaped in the business world. Only in hushed whispers is this possibility discussed in the tran- sistorized halls of Cousens Wing. Fusl R011 William J. Crochetiereg Phil Moen, Sec. IRE, thony Pastoreg Edward Boomg Byron Roscoe David Berry Allan Rosenberg Treas.g John Fallon, Chm.g John Hanna, V. Ross Babcock, Harry Ketlerg John McAnd1ew Gu liemo Chmn Bernie Korites, Sec. AIEEQ Arthur Pike, Faculty MarconigStephen GoldmangSteven Fisch. Advisor Second Row: Aaron Fishman, Steve Andelman, An- ROTC "Join the Navy and see the Worldf' this phrase has lured many a freshman into the Navy blue. Then, after spending four years taking courses and three summers on cruises to such romantic spots as Little Creek, Corpus Christi, and The Med the middies are com missioned and serve two to four years active duty FROTC The lure of an easy commission also draws men into the Air Force blues. The cadets take courses, shine shoes, play soldier on Tuesday afternoons and spend their junior summer at a training camp, for those qualified and fool- hardy, Hight training is available. Upon graduation, they are commissioned as Second Lieutenants and serve four years active duty. 146 Brad Latham, Dave Richardson: Dave Brown: Dick Connor, Steve Austin, Lew Watt, Aubrey MARS OC The Marine Social Club consists of Marine Option students in the NROTC unit, members of the Platoon Leaders Corps program, and those members of the campus who are interested in or attached to the Senior Service. The club's func- tions and purposes are purely hedonistic. Bayonet fighting is not part of the cur- riculum. Virility, strength, and dominance are the Watchwords of this spirited group. Thomas. 2 .. r l Ed Caskellg Ira Arlookg Dick Nisbettg Judy Niesg Mike Feldmang Igor Webb. FORENSIC COUNCIL The Forensic Council, Debate Society, and TKA are all practically synonymous. Membership in one usually entails a knowledge of the other two. Tufts enjoyed the same success in debate this year that it has for centuries, making us wonder whether student apathy or l administrative inaptness is responsible. TAU K PP ALPH I Tau Kappa Alpha is H national honorary debate society which has a chapter on our campus. MembSfS are chosen on recommen- dation of the debate coach, i and are then alliliated with the national office. Activ- ities of the group included sponsorship of the 2111111131 Tufts Invitational DCl33te -N Tournament, in w h1Cl1 Ira Arlookg Igor Webbg Judy Niesg Mike Feldmang Richard Nisbett. UVCIIIY SCl100lS fl'OIII this area participated. i Arnold Claytong Bam immermang Edward Dotyg Dave Capellg William Verry. YOUNG DEMOCRATS PHILOSOPHY CLUB The Philosophy Club is composed primarily of the few philosophy majors on campus, but is open to anyone displaying genuine interest in en- lightenment. This yearls club, with Mike Feldman as president, used its monthly meeting to plan a bevy of lectures which were presented to the college as a whole. Such eminent guests as Gabriel Marcel, French ex- istentialist now lecturing at Harvard, highlighted the programs and stimu- lated the otherwise slothful intellectual attitude of many Tufts students. Mike Feldmang Margie Cantorg Charl6S North. The YDls, enjoying aloofness from opposition on this campus in the form of any organized political group, spent the year agitating for local electioneers and keeping posted about trends in national politics which might affect the 1964 presidential election. Although quite small, the group is enthusiastic, and hopes to propagate even further the reign of the Democratic Party in the U.S. 149 First Row: Michael Lavinsky, Pres., Mrs. Sweet Advisor Blggm Walter An Off Donald Northrup Frank Hale James Steve Lane, V.Pres. Second Row: Frederick Shaffer Edward Vallefle 5lllarlTreby Ra1phF1ne PRE-LEGAL SOCIETY The Pre-legal society of Tufts serves its members by mvitmg prominent lawyers judges, and law school members to the campus to discuss law as a profession and assist the club in its choice of graduate studies Mrs Sweet acts as advisor to the members and is also a member of the board of recommendation for admission to law school. CHEMI TRY SOCIETY The Chemistry Society, like the other more esoteric clubs, is primarily inter- ested in the stimulation of creative inter- est in its members. Consisting of many pre-medical students and future research- ers, the Society is aided by members of the department in its bi-monthly meetings at which educators and explorers in the field give lectures and demonstrate new techniques. First Row: Paul Barron, Judy Campbellg John Larsen. Second Row: Dr. Epsteing Fern Wareg Dick Levine. 150 I I I I QQ I I I F V H Bruce Bernstein, Sec., Verona Gomez, Treas.g Dick Levine, Pres., Stuart Edelstein V.Pres. nn ie: ' PRE-MED SOCIETY The Pre-medical Society probably has the largest membership of any of the pre-professional groups on campus, due primarily to the Widespread interest in medicine as a career which seems to be generated at Tufts. By giving occasional ' open lectures, showing slides, and providing an ample library of medical school bulletins, the organization, working in harmony with members of the faculty, 'U helps its members to be informed of the latest trends in medicine and to gain entrance into graduate schools of their choice. .J 1.1 .S y GEOLOGY 5 CLUB The Rock and Drumlin Society is Tufts' geology club, organized in 1949 to promote friendship and geological in- I I terest. The program includes lectures on geology and allied fields, movies, field I trips, and social functions. I I I I I I I I First Row: Sue Spellman: Bob Weeks: Barbara . Fellows. Second Row: Paul Hess, Bob Glazierg II I Art Stukeyg Allen Shaw. I l5l I I I I Bob Wainerg Jimmy Worth, Stuart Edelsteing Dick Levine, Jeff Camhig Ralph Sherman, Paul Kaufman. Absent: Norman Katz, President. LAMBERT KI GSLEY SOCIETY The Lambert-Kingsley Society is an honorary biology society and a member of the Eastern Intercollegiate Biological Conference. Activities consist of a spring open house with the Biology Department, trips to nearby laboratories and museums, guest speakers, and the readings of student papers. Only those persons of high scholarship in biology may be asked to join. LEONARD CARMICHAEL SOCIETY Leonard Carmichael Society was established only a few years ago as a permanent community service organ- ization. Every Week regular volunteers Work at rehabilitation centers, mental institutions, general hospitals, and with social programs such as the YMCA and settlement houses. The annual campus blood drive is in itself an ample project and is handled by this group. N5 X 4. First Row: Pauline Chase: Terry McGzu'ryg Sue Spaeth. Sccond Row: Joull Margosiang Sumner Thompson. 152 3 Q! ALPHA KAPPA DELTA First Row: Judith Grahamg Carolyn Aho, Pres.g Mrs. Maxine Ginsberg. Second Row: Josephine Hallettg Lorene Douglas. Organized in 1953, Alpha Kappa Delta is the Tufts branch of the National Honor Society in Sociology. This association serves its purpose well: to allow for further investigation into special lields and to help establish closer student-faculty relations. Professors well-known in the sociological field addressed meetings open to the University. Dr. Alex Inkles of the Harvard Russian Research Center presented his speech on the PHYSICS CLUB Tufts' Physics Club meets every three weeks to stimulate interest and activity in physics. Lecturers from Tufts and nearby institutions are in- vited to speak on all phases of the subject. Short trips are made to points of scientific value, and one or two so- cial alfairs are held in the spring se- mester. First Row: Tina Tsavalus, V.Pres.g Barbara Bartles, Pres.g Betsy Nichols, Sec. Second Row: Joe Macaulayg Rita Greibachg Ger- hardt Ehrnspeckg Edward Dettmann. Russian personality and value system. The second speaker was Robert Sokol, who explained sociological aspects of mental illness. At the beginning of the year there was a majors' meeting at the home of Dr. Albert Ullman. Here new members were initiated and became acquainted with members ofthe department. x l Xl 's 153 1 TER ATIO AL GF at widening student interest in the 155' ing on Japanese neutralism and United i States alliances, and Mr. Siagiani of the University of Indonesia, provided impressive experiences for the Amer- Jzell First Row: Jonlyn Offenbach, Sec., William Meserve, Treas.g Jim Clark, Pres., ican Citizen. in Mike Lavinsky, V.Pres.g Gail Picard. Second Row: Dennis Smithg Norman Wells, Joan Knustg Ed Bloom, Dick Levine. I TER ATIO AL CLUB Tufts boasts of having students from many lands in its roster. Formed in 1955, the International Club is a small group of dedicated people attempting to help overcome the problems faced by a student who is new to the Ways f of the country and college. Slides and lectures are used to effect this end, and Z the group has proved to be invaluable to a new student's Well being. N Ginger Chang Martha Robertsg Joanie Knustg Penny Nii. James Wells, V.Pres.g Margaret Stevens, Pres., William Bingay, Sec. CLUB The Psychology Club tries to present a number of informative and inter- esting lectures directed toward creating i' a better understanding of psyChO10SY- ' Dean Schmidt presented a lecture OH QQ HThe Stresses in College Education" is early in the fall. Projects and lectures develop a source and outlet for PSY' me +355 if chological interest as well as promoting an understanding of the place ot the .WA -t tx tx science in knowledge of man. A ,N ,' f-I ld' .L ' .:, Q52- Q . T. Open to the entire Tufts campus, mga, the International Relations Club aims gg-1: background, causes, and course of in- -1' ternational affairs. Guest lecturers such as Prof. Allen Cole of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, speak- H055 ll GERMA TABLE . lunch with department members in Q A... it ond Row: Dick Waterhouse, Bob Re nolds I ,A Le Cercle Francais aims The German Table, a somewhat new effort at Tufts, is a medium through which students who are inter- ested in the German language may 7 the university dining facilities and be- come more proficient in the use of the !VT 7' language by learning common idioms and colloquialisms. The table was held on Wednesday afternoons in Carmi- , chael, and on Thursday afternoon in i. x Hodgon. P. First Row: Camille Consolino, Sec., Prof Wells, Faculty Advisor, Barbara Currie. Seca Y S Joel Van Lennep, Tom Cross, Frank Do- . mohoski, Harriet Ladd, Edward Dettmann. LA PE A i La Pena devotes its time to the 1 A study of the Spanish language and ' civilization. Its monthly meetings in- clude lectures in Spanish on the history, customs, and literature of the Spanish speaking nations. Movies are often shown. Moreover, there is frequent opportunity for the student to practice the spoken language through participa- tion in discussions. Its activities in- f clude the tasting of native foods at a Spanish restaurant. Absent: Richard Chane, Pres. First Row: Mrs. Aisa, Faculty Advisor, Louise Forbes, Pres., Betty Jasper. Second Row: John Salerno, Norman Wells, Sheila Thompson, Jean Hintlian, Perdro Aisa, Joan Knustg Bill Harrington. Frank Klanfer, Nancy Bancroft, Philip Bancroft, David Gascon, Cynthia Pyle, PICS-3 Ira Wolf, Sec.-Treas., Russell Block, Marty Ralston, Lorna McKenzie-Pollock. i LE CERLE A FRANCAIS . at better acquainting the i student with the French 5 l culture: its history and cus- l . toms, its literature, and , y language. The monthly . , l V meetings include lectures by . guest speakers, movies, and J discussion. The last activ- ity provides an opportunity for the members to increase their proficiency in the Spoken language. Ian Maxong Marion Brown, Carol Kaiserg Paul Purekag John Hanna, Anita McDonald, Betty RELIGIOUS COUNCIL The Tufts Religious Council represents our religious denominations by the meeting of representatives of the different religious clubs. As coordinator of the clubs, the Council discusses mutual interests and problems and informs the various clubs of lecture, movies, open brunches, and friendly discussions which each is sponsoring, and in which the other clubs might care to participate. Marsh. First Row: Diana Cole, Pres., Jane Harris, V.Pres.g Maureen Weeks, Sec.- Treas.g Carolyn Aho, Religious Council Rep. Second Row: Jean Messag Martha Robertsg Dora Lee, Ginger Chan. I TER- AR ITY CHRISTIA FELLOW HIP The lntervarsity Christian Fellow- ship is a non-denominational group meeting twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday in Braker 22, to study the Bible and promote Christian fig lowship on the Tufts campus. Christmas time, members sins carols ij at local hospitals. Other social CVCIITS occur throughout the year. ti ifgf BO Fl U. Tni a Wm BQUYE 3 CMU' tsmivi f awry Of idx ICf g. m Inter dem b0i set E03 bfcanf 5 FET 5 liao: P- 4 iRSlTl VCIV Th" ' .Tim Pell? ju - rt? L ,XEUQHZ-i 3 YI 'sql' 11. I0 if time .. ,ll QHIHPU' ,.. . J ggi: ers Sm? ,. Social gtiif 1 mm, BOUVE STUDE T FELLOWSHIP The Bouve Student Fellowship is a board of eight, elected from the Bouve student body, which handles charity projects and focuses the at- tention of the school on them. Meeting every other week, the groupis activ- ities for this year included sponsoring an Inter-faith Conference for the stu- dent body and holding an auction to get money for a school in Haiti, which was begun by a Bouve graduate who became an Episcopal nun. Q45- First Row: Harriet Palmer, Jan Hall, Louise Krauss. Second Row: Margit Geeringg Jan Maxong Mary Hudsong Marilyn Bradley. EA TER ORTHODOX Lectures from ministers and students at the Eastern Orthodox seminary in Brookline mark the activities of the Tufts Eastern Orthodox Club. This club, which is affiliated with a regional system of organizations of its nature, takes occasional trips to churches in the area on religious ,days such as the Greek Easter, which is celebrated on a different day from that of other religions. First Row: Paul Purekag Chris Giotopoulos, Joy Poll, Pres., Fred Ptuchag James Rozes, George Cholakig Arthur Rozes Jack Hannag Barbara Sophios. Second Row: Maria Epsimosg Patti Mastorakis. 157 Sandy Farwellg Marion Brownq Richard Minerg Barbara Hutchinsg Crosby Bloomisg Margit Geeringg Roxanne Irwin. CONGREGATIO AL CLUB One of the most enthusiastic religious groups on campus, the Con- gregational Club, led by Dick Miner was primarily concerned with the discussion of the place of religion in a growing world. At its Sunday evening meetings in the Kursaal, the club held occasional suppers and spent some time discussing Jean Paul Sartre's play, N0 Exit. CANTERB RY CLUB Canterbury Club at Tufts serves Episcopalians and their friends by providing Wednesday morning Holy Communion services and Sunday SUP' per meetings followed by a variety Of programs. Many activities, such 35 lectures and slide presentations, were shared with members of Grace ChurCh in Medford. First Row: Harriet Ladd: Rev. McClintock: Betsy Franz. Second Row: Betsy Nicholsg Brad Lewis: Dave Stevens: Kathy Campbell' RY ' ' SCIW5 'ends bl' mg Holy day Slllf zariifl' UI such U5 were echurch use :Clmlofkl Nirholi f HILLEL The Hillel group on the Tufts cam- pus maintains a varied program to meet the social, cultural and intellec- tual need of the Jewish members of Tufts. This group organizes frequent Sunday morning brunches, featuring bagels and interesting speakers. The club also sponsors regular weekly classes in Hebrew and on Jewish cul- ture. The group has sponsored several mixers on campus and has co-operated with Hillel groups in other colleges to help in the perennial problems of people-meeting. First Row: Margie Solomong Charles Breen, Pres.g Charles Reingold, V.Pres. Second Row: Alexander Dybbsg Susan Hirschfelderg Michele Stomelg Richard NEWMAN CLUB Under the supervision of Father Baer, the Newman Club has expanded its ac- tivities this year. In addition to its weekly meetings, the Club has sponsored guest lecturers such as Dr. Father O'Connor, the noted jazz authority, and social activities such as hayrides, picnics, and ski trips. Religious discussions and lectures on cur- rent social problems highlighted the weekly meetings. Sunday Mass, moreover, was said each week in Cohen auditorium at l 1:15 for the benefit of all the Catholic students. Kulbers. h Macaula Virginia Clark' John Grifith' Ann Bleeckg William First Row: Judy Cohen, Sec.g John HiggiI1S, Pres-3 Fat er yi ' , i- - - 13 Baerg Robert Petit, V,PreS,5 Fred Crowley, Treas. Second Scarlatag Stephen Hagan, Mimi Fitzgera . Row: Barbara Nugentg Lawrence Lynng Judith Eagan: Joe 159 Dick Irvingg Edward Dotyg Joy Robertsg Dave Kapellg Horace Reynoldsg Judy Mooreg Josephine Hallettg Mary Bouckg Jon Rosenfeld. U ITY CLUB Theoretically, the Unity Club of Tufts is the campus outpost of the Unitarian-Universalist religion. How- ever, a less fanciful and more factual description of the organization would be a gathering of campus liberals. Meetings are held Sunday evenings, in Barnum lounge under the auspicious eye and trunk of Jumbo. Cn special occasions the group has met for dinner meetings, which will be attested as having been nourishing spiritually as well as physically. Usually a speaker presents a talk after which there is ample time for discussiong sometimes the entire meeting is devoted to dis- cussion. Members of the Unity Club, Cthe membership is composed of those who appear at the meetingsb, have found their association with the group a stimulating and rewarding experi- ence. I i First Row: Lin Brown, V.Pres.g Cliff Beckman, Pres.g Diana Brown, Sec. Second Row: Mar- ian Jonesg Barbara Kaiserg Linda I-Iughesg Marty Robertsg Dave Gascong Ginger Chang Mary Dowellg Dave Murleyg Jane Harris. WESLEY CLUB Withlthe theme of 'LTO Know Him and to Make Him Known," the Wesley Club thisuyear ckplored topics such as the conflict of faith and reason, pl-gym-, and comparative religions. ln addition to thc weekly Sunday night meetings present- ing .notable spC21kCTS, Wcsley Sponsored a fall and a spring retreat. Other special Pfolects Included drama and mm PYCSCIIUIUOIHS, and an lnternational Fellowship Night. 160 .Ula k SUNG ilOil-" . .V- QUDE J Corsi Comm iaculi C not T55 Ender the OI' i5iilU1f CSE fl ICHUEC t... cahb J s 0.0 C Ut 'H FN stu lift -: Quffxi. f ll -A-i gig . v- 1. QLIQQW ki . s H- HCT C W' 1 . 5 : Him TWUOH .. Wm -Iflpm y i- lim .xx l . x '1 ' , .1, imma bf Tri E ' ' Lfpttlom U San nfl fOr dm tl Q matted Waite E T? VX' 1 s "2 .. xmku PM Iheteg il 1' ' 'lmlulllii will to lat Club. Usd of tho, hate ixpffj. ORCHE TR A Although sometimes called "The Singing College," Tufts has not yet evolved to the stage of fully appreci- ating the majesty of symphonic music, Consequently, the hard-working Tufts Community Orchestra, composed of faculty members and students, does not receive the acclaim it warrants. . Under the direction of Mr. Abbott, the orchestra holds weekly practice sessions and presents about three con- certs a year, which are sparsely at- tended although of a relatively high caliber. First Row: Linda Bretscherg Byron Roscoeg Betsy Nicholsg Ned Garnerg Nancy Hurdg Neil Kroppg Ruth Allen. Second Row: William King, Edward Clark, William MacPhersong Betty Blake, James Fayg Charles Wilkinson, Mr. Abbott. ODIKO Odikon is the Tufts undergraduate honorary musical society. This year its big- gest function was sponsoring Tufts Night at the Pops on March 9. It also conducts the annual Odikon banquet in May, when the new oilicers are initiated and new members introduced, entertained all members one evening at the Symphony, and presented periodical lectures. M ,NN f a W. 1 , 4 ftfifzflf BAD Harbinger of football and graduation, apparently the two most important as- pects of Tufts life, the Tufts University Band, directed by Professor William King, undergoes rigorous and ritualistic practice sessions almost every week. As well as occupying choice seats at both of the formerly mentioned functions, the band also occasionally holds combined concerts with other groups of the area and presents a concert of its own in the winter. nd 2155 fig! fl' , -,ggi 31 f '. .fd vue, L4 gr, Q ,, ursfiff .,, 3, 1 .gi ' Aff it E, l .. ,Q fn ss X - -- -X . .. ng T qlrtg- 5 A 7 .. ' i ' 3 is 5 I 5 i 1 5 wr. lr ' ' 21.9- 'U 5' N , .W l: X . Q 1 'va if Q ? ' 5 . is 'Waist 'Faq , fi 'K ,1 49 45.3 is I X X by S .. sw :sf Y'-1 .QQRLJ CHORU Membership in the Tufts University Chorus is open to all students who undergo an audition and comply with attendance regulations. This year's activities included a Christmas concert and the annual appearance at Tufts Night at the Pops. The annual tour, held between semesters took the group to concerts in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. ,V P SEV, .f.. .,.....t . It Rf 163 'JAM 34 17, ' KW .. A' W V" X' -.., ' - PE ,PAI T A D PRETZELS One of the groups most interested in development of Tufts intellect and ability is the organization with the nebulous name of Pen Paint and Pretzels. Founded in 1910 by live students wishing to give rise to an opportunity for Tufts students to express themselves both on paper and in the acting itself, Three P's presents Wednesday afternoon productions of works written by playwrights of the com- munity. These "Cup and Saucerw presentations are gratis and have proved to be very rewarding. The members of the society will always remember the half-hour meeting which had to last two hours, the business managers' report, the play reading cormnittee, and of course the ever-popular 'Great White Tower? Q RADIO CLUB Communication with dis- tant places is ai thrill for the wordly college student as well as the ten year old with his first short wave set or the Zulu with his first set of drums. The Radio Club fosters this interest on the technical aspects of Mr. Marconi's transmitters and receivers. John Fallong Harry Ketler, WIDGD, Pres.g Aaron Fishman, KIBAF, V.Pres.g Bernie JAZZ SOCIETY The Jazz Society is comprised of musicians, buffs, hipsters, pseudo- hippies, and friends of America's only original art form. Devoid of any formal structure, including meetings, its purpose is not even considered in the pursuit of musical enjoyment of the various styles and schools of jazz. Impromptu student musician Workshops, non- technical discussions, and coed coffee hours not only highlight, but solely comprise the itinerary. Korites. First Row: Aubrey Thomasg Steve Austing Dave Brubeck. Second Row: Art Benedictg Christine Whiteg Thelonious Monk: Dick Sullivang Ken Packard. First Row: Leo Barileg Duane Reynolds, Bill Eastwood, George liam SC21flHIH3 Thomas M6133 Ralph WaffiUgf0HS Ffaflk R0hf- Hawkinsg Robert Longg Frank Kutnya. Second Row: Robert bacheri Allan Chaneyg Steve Mayo, George Bleyleg Patrick Hershey, David Kapellg Joseph MacCauleyg Luigi, Ronald Letellierg Steve Richardson, Robert Day, Brent Jackson. Milauskasg Joel Davidsong Richard Schaefer. Third Row: Wil- L IGI CLUB Luigi Club, practically synonymous with members of East Hall, concerns itself with scholastico-politico-alcoholico-hello pursuits and meanwhile generates enough enthusiasm to maintain a rather exten- sive television coverage in the basement. More prized than either the dissembled pool table or worn bar is the statue of "Luigi" donated by Harvard and MIT to the dormitory for its constant patronage of their dormitories, bookstores, restrooms, et. al. CHESS CLUB In the Chess Club lies the embryo of the Tufts Chess Team Although piti- fully unnoticed and underfinanced, the club does help to stimulate an interest in the game. At its frequent gather- ings, classes are provided in beginning play, middle game, and long-run strat- egy, as well as actual games for tl1OSC who are venturesome enough to assault the masters. Robert Hershey, Pres.: Frank Kiityllff- TFSIISJ Michael Shirl: Susan Spaeth: GUHHCY Anderson: Bcrnic Rorites: Allen Potvin. 166 5POl all C ...ful 3554" I. . fi 1 L- 'mf' -- ' ,,-H, . ,..-'-2 U. -lf' Lil ' . .Z 1 y. cffif , Sw.. ,ag fp .-1'-1' fi: H. VV' .. -nz :J- 1 i ..-' .. - -' .. -1 L-aff 'r...--- . uf- . .. Y, 1 X I 212 Ei Roi 2 3.:5f:: Pargg . MINI. TLUB Ili flllblll J llrhougllm' :minced lf me an imcrdi -glint gm id in brim long-ful ei for LUG: ,. lf .audi I0 W at 1 Sfmt I ileu P0013 PORTS CAR CLUB In 3 "small college of if high quality" it would hard- i ' 3 ly be posh to foster a hot- fod organization. Recogniz- ing that the basic needs of the automotive enthu- siast must be channeled, however, the Administra- tion has sanctioned the Sports Car Club. Its mem- bers share a common in- terest in Corvettes, Ferrar- is, Maseratis, and occa- sional Martinis. L, . . lncoln Smith, David Fosterg John Mason, Donald Pearson, Ernie Steubesand, Pres., Ted Eyrlck, Activities Chmn.g Bob Fisher, Aubrey Thomas. ALPHA EP ILON NU Founded three years ago with nothing in mind, AEN has, over time, more than fulfilled this goal. The sacred tenets of Alfred E. Neuman, our founder and in- spiration, have been strictly revered and adhered to by these, our fine, upright men. The uncontrollable spread of peace and goodwill caused by this organization will soon be forgotten by this University, but not by us, the ones to blame. First Row: Larry Smith, Speed, Pete Bruno, Sec.-Treas.g Pete Ron Uchacz, Moonbeamg Al Ferlazzo, Fruit 84 Produceg Bill Collins, Pres., Dave Kriz, V.Pres.g Tim Vaill, Ulterior Motive. Holden, Rogue. Absent: Eddie Brown, Cleft Palateg Al Ale- Second Row: Al Shaw, Temperance, Ted Szaniawski, Status- mian, Time, Hugh Ripps, No Trump, Parker Ladd, Tape ticiang Pete Gibbs, Savoir-Faire, Tim Jackson, Pledgerg Fred Recording Secretaryg John Ramsey, Attendance. Shaughnessy, Song Leaderg Fred Pfannenstiehl, Nordic Image, l JACKSON ALL-AROU D CLUB JAC annually performs a variety of functions for the Jackson community. Beginning with the traditional bus tour of the historical sights of Boston, the organizations arranges and sponsors the Student-Faculty Tea, the All-J ack- son Banquet, and the All-College Dance in the Spring. Highlights in its activities for this year included the sponsorship of the Father Daughter weekend, and the holding of the an- !! . 4' l l l l l I l ll I .1 5 il . VI , lu l lg M ,. V sl i li i I wg ....., ', J N--....xNmN l ., . J nual dance at the Sherry-Biltmore in- X .J stead of Jackson Gym. i First Row: Sue Kaplan, Sec., Ellen Wainwright, Pres., Beth Goldstein, V.Pres. 1 E Second Row: Sue Carley, Soph. Rep., Joyce Samdperil, Junior Rep., Martha y l . Leander, Senior Rep. Absent: Phyllis Arnold, Treas., Betty Finnegan, Off- Hill Rep. ' I ! i .l- i it VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club, composed of varsity letterwinners, carries,out three functions: it sponsors one dance annually, whose proceeds go towards the foundation of a scholarship, it sponsors a banquet annually, without cost to men who lettered that year, and at cost to any others, lastly, it ushers and is in charge of the refreshment concessions at many school functions-why they should have the exclusive rights to the concessions and their proceeds is a moot question. Chuck Stuckey, Treas., Frank Marlow, V.Pres., Dave Adzigian, Pres., Phil Klein, Rec. Sec., Frank Babel, Asst. Treas. Absent: Ron May, Corresponding Sec. i l il' li 'l l ,,i l .li .M ali i l' l l I l l. l fl . 168 i 3 I . 4 i -T kgs lx it NNN , 9 . yu xg. 'x la, V lux. M' S N Ha. 'N' t . N3 ia. .Ui XQEIENFI ,S Up. Q. ' .l K-Neill iollg gd x V' 5 Lx Nm. v -x, me Ali-CQW, in ircludgd . zen, PNN Dlxxck. y .. 'S--1 113: 1 scllilig m'Bllm10re Q. in . A Lim 5: rv , -l- il , ...M x K. jACKSON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATICN The prime function of the Jackson Athletic Association is the promotion of interest and activity in girls' sports. Managed by the director of physical education and elected members, it ar- ranges for intercollegiate matches with Pembroke, Radcliffe, U.N.H., and other institutions in the area. It also organizes inter-dormitory and inter- sorority competition. Specialized groups such as the Mar- lins and Modern Dancers present their own programs at the end of the aca- demic year. At the end of the second semester is the annual .TAA Banquet at which varsity and junior varsity awards are presented. Seated: Coach Bedemg Willa Richards, Elaine Golden, Judy Vaitukaitis. Stand- ing: Lorin Douglas, Sue Halleyg Diane Dewittg Candy Farmer, Linda Richards CHEERLEADERS Although humans are naturally gregarious, modern man is basically inhibited. In order that our athletic teams may receive vociferous support at the expense of these inhibitions, the Cheerleaders are present at sporting events. The selection of Tufts Cheerleaders is based partially on personal appearance and personality, but mostly on the spirit which they can impart to the masses. First Row: Margie Murrayg Pat Emichg Dave Krizg Cathy Bao. Second Row: Sylvia Millerg Dick Shaeferg Art Bennett, Chris White, Karen Flach. Harriet Ladd, John Hanna, Jens Werenskioldg Lincoln Smithg Ross Babcockg Pete Oldakg Allan Heins, Barbara Curry, Denise Valtz. YACHT CLUB The Yacht Club, for those who take the time to use it, provides an unequalled opportunity to learn and enjoy the pleasures of sailing small craft. The clubis wee- nips, although sluggish, are exciting and challenging to sail in high winds, swimming is also available for the more bold and mischievous. The regular membership represents a fraction of the whole, many who join have in mind the annual spring picnic, with its steak, beer, and frequent capsizes involving the rusty sailors. We who do sail often have no objection to our inactive brethren. TUFTS MOUNTAIN CLUB This year the Tufts Mountain Club held a housewarming at their private lodge in Campton, New Hampshire. On New Year's morning a spark from the pot-belly stove in the middle of the living room jumped to the community sofa and set the building ablaze. Before the closest tire engines arrived, the lodge had been sent to ashes. The president of the club, however, assures the administration that if the group were permitted another lodge a similar incident would not occur. About a month previous to this, the Mountain Club, which promotes any of the outdoor diciplines, had an analagous financial misfortune when they were co- sponsor of the expensive Brothers Four. ji DQ? S r I Till ,-.s. N . sum ii mia Q.,- f-A. 'u H-,Msg F'- 5 Fw.. "s 'as Q Lx- NX1 , A- .X 'fr xxrukh g"s 'Tx , .xt nr N.:-. .ck , N. - A wx R rzrst Row bue Steereg Ann Bleeckg Pat Buckley, Jonlyn Offen Westley Heywa,-d Gerh ,d Eh TT b M Domld. JO- . p , t I . ' . ' 31 renspeck. Bo ac bach David Brown, Nancy Rent, Francis Kutyna, Robert Seph OvRellly, Paul Ziolkowski, John Looney. Ben Lawtong Irwin Sue Spaethg Barbara Fellows. Second Row: Jon Rosen- Bill Hoh b - D- k 5 '. X t .1 . , I feld Mary Bouckg Ron Simjiang David Levine, Fred Ptuchag en erger, lc Papp, Emily Laden, Low HMC L s 90 lzl 23 Pete Cencig Polly Chase, Editor, Gil Carleyg Carolyn Doyleg Sam Thompsong Chris Van- Normang Doug Ward, Pattie Cowan, Glen Gulezian. JUMBLE The Jumble is published uspasmodicallyv by the satirical element among us who can't find a real medium through which to express itself. The publication has had a wavy career, first arising somewhere in the depression and since being victim of numerous chasms of productivity. This year it has boasted of a particularly prolific staff, which turned out two enlarged editions. T FTO IA The Tuftonian is traditionally looked upon as the campus literary magazine, but few people realize that it is about the only medium through which an aspiring writer or painter may reach an audience on this campus. Tom Shactman, the editor, has done an admirable job in the collection of good, yet diverse materials. Printed about four times a year, the moods and tones of the short magazine vary from light short story prose to didactic and polemic poetry. First Row: Jan Polombog Tom Shachtman, Editor, Gilbert Carley. Second Row: Jon Rosenfeld, Jim Whiteg Jeannie Lawlor, Su- Silfl Spaethg Peter Collins. H- First Row: Sharon Nealg Barbara Sophiosg Pete Bloch, Editor, Art Wolf, Editor, Skip Shilepskyg Pattie Cowan. Second Row: Jane Schaefer, Bob Hershey, Margo Beverley, Bambi Zimmer- man, Paula Veinerg Henry Ruckerg Susanne Hallyg Lorna Symmesg Dave Buermeyerg Patricia Nelson. TUFTS WEEKLY The Weekly has set itself admirable goals this year: to go beyond simply reporting campus activities and into the field of informing the school of internationally important news, to alter its passive editorial policy in favor of a dynamic polemicism which agitated for campus reforms. Under the leadership of Pete Bloch, the sheet ran a series of editorials against fraternity discrimination, which together with exorcising it, de- parted from its predecessors by making constructive suggestions. Though frequently endangered by student Wrath, the Weekly's policies were almost always rec- ognized as sincere beliefs and, taken as such, were treated with the respect due to a responsible organ of the University Student Body. Such a case was its ex- pose of the Jumbo Bookis giving its thanklessly hard- Worked staff a banquet, and the Weeklyis subsequent pitiless dragging of the annual through the hot coals of a Student Council inquisition. Though this could have resulted in reciprocal action on the part of a vengeful Jumbo editor, the Weekly was treated with generosity and given a full page in the 1962 book. If Hill lor: First Row: Mike Brooks, Elaine Goldeng Van Foster, Donna Apgar, Dick Schaefer. Second 5SCQh.Q1'ffg Row: Emory Sandersg I. D. Smithg Charles Hallahang Dave Mathesong Holly Andrews. sfrfforgiiol idssslv hard- .-Q mqm This book was not compiled by a band of malicious able traditions. Some of the more feasible suggestions if hot coal could Qi pm ofa reared iii 1962 bool. leprechauns working secretly in the basement of North Hall, nor was the entire tome programmed on a com- puter by a slightly psychotic electrical engineer. On the contrary, it represents the compromise of copious ideas which an inspired staff created during the frequent Editorial Board meetings at the Ball Square Office, Ccalled the B.S. Oilice for shortj. Many innovations were discarded in deference to the more staid, accept- were: putting the book out in a paper cover, 40 pages of cut-outs and join-the-dots, a coloring section and 160 pages devoted to the Delt House. Only through keen, concise, tempered editorial policy decisions did the book reach its present austere form. We hope that you aren't too disturbed by the sacking of our more liberal ideas, and that you are pleased with the 1962 JUMBO BOOK. Editor Van Foster and successor Holly Andrews at work in stimulating session at the year- book's Ball Square Office. Wi. wiki T39 1+-ff M 4'5" Ei ws .sf 's"x"v"+.':- 1' I I i rt if I Y l 'wh V -u-. ""' --,-4-.95-11?-,me'4?r-..........unnq qv, Q ....---v 4 4 F . o A v nnxxnn f X .mv .. X . 5 ' :fl-f'5A ' V XF"--.. 2' Qfeiir' ,., QQ -1 .1 ge , 5.7 :I . ? A 2? K 5 xiii g -: ' 0 1 2 1V5l'.,,- . ,Q SIL' X P 1 fb.. FOOT B LL ' ,. Y 416 The ,6l season was not one that will be perpetuated in the annals of Tufts football as one of the most spec- tacular in the history of the sport on the Hill, But for those who gathered at the Oval on Saturday after- noons, the memories it produced will not be forgotten: Ron Deveaux as he scored two touchdowns in the fourth period to beat Bowdoin, Maine State Champion, after having a Held day of four TD,s and 168 yards at Bates in the seasonls opener, Carmine Parisi when he halted the Colby Mules on the 25 yard line by stealing the ball away from an astonished halfbackg Ralph Doran who returned five punts for 105 yards and one of two touchdowns against Williams, Don Curtis, as he continually dismantled the Amherst line to win the Phi Ep award as the outstanding performer in the Home- coming Day gameg and Dave Thompson, selected t0 the All-East team several times in the last two years, whose mere presence on the field demanded the atten- tion of at least two opponents. The season's 5-3 record is not a good indication of the type of ball that the Arlanson coached JumbOS played. Losses to Trinity, Amherst, and Lafayette may be attributed largely to a lack of depth coupled with the loss of several top performers early in the season I0 injuries. lla? il fu I , . .--1 Nl 5 to Wlil Ulf PU 5 13 Hom:- 4 -r' iflfflfd I0 W0 years. :iid llf lm' V , 1 C5 gdlcauonll .clibfll llllllllll i I-gfgyiiii H355 gplcd lm 3. 563503 " x H . S . .. - ,. A I--1-.Hz si . 6 .fuk W . C? U- . ll 'YN x -r. ,L . , Ly' 4 'fdxlf V.. ,.. T 1 'GJ , X r 2 I X 5 'x I l .. L. -, . 1 ., v .. 331 f...,i.q.. :tk N "gt, 5,11-I - 11,1 ,Jar ' . V E ." u:llr 'Fung-f it ,V ,-, 4. W , , xi 5A.t..:.vEE:, N I K 55 1 A . -,F ' 4 E.--5 . 3:6 ram: . 15,0 1f." A ' A .- R.. la Sf! 24. U 5... flify' . J?" ' lb sa . N622 -s ,.. . R 'BZ . ii' .lv . 1, , ii! -twflfw ,Q my ""' ' A W 1 . T NH ' :.-G-T -V ,- .-1-f f--' , Q . . . A B V , ,,....- l s 3x - , r . 67 . 1 . I ..,.,, , M106 . s' rv, S' x Q Q 4 I W A . A --w ff 'fa 751488 A 4 " ' A " ' ' 'f A . 5 l . , A, .. f f ,1 , fir , y 14 4, ii, i 4 , 5 . R riginal, ,vicar , :,,. X .17 "JV, ,H A V V . GN I by I I I, ,YN . .5 Ia First Row." R. Mayg S. Mooreg F. Marlowg,D. Thompson, Co- capt.g D. McDonald, Co-capt.g G. Kinnalyg D. Adzigiang K. Peterson. Second Row: G. Wertliebg J. Morineg R. Wiggles- worthg C. Parisig D. Curtisg F. Hecklerg M. McDuffeeg W. Lewickig B. Meltzer. Third Row: L. Sobelg V. Aiellog W. Wad- mang R. Deveauxg D. Hickeyg P. Hourihang A. Ferlazzog A. Austing P. Young. Fourth Row: A. Houseg R. Sylvesterg R. Dorang C. Andersong B. Tebaultg E. Casabiang T. Brannang R. Serinog D. Glassg J. Fay, Manager. Fifth Row: Harry Ar- lansong Bob Meehang Bob Gurneyg Roy Goodfellowg Gus Plausseg Woody Grimshawg Hal Knowlton. Coaclrn Harry Arlanson with Co- 1 CaPIa1ns Dave Thompson and Duncan McDonald. l Ni sf N P -.- . Bob Gurneyg Harry Arlanson, Head Coachg Gus Plausse, Line Coachg Roy Goodfellowg Woody Grimshaw, Backfield Coachg Bob Meehan. During the final two weeks of the summer vacation the football team returns to spend live hours a day getting in shape, learning new plays and practicing. All is not drudgery however, the Jackson Frosh arrive a week later. 1 Woody Grimshaw demonstrates shoulder block N BN!! X 5 x v ' .- l . . I X 4 X Y .X Q ' gy K .X KX ,. .X X Nr - X 8.x A , i A X X, . X X hi h w . - . X X K., X 4 . ,, , X . h . X , - ' ' X - me .jr t c 1 . "WZ ' r " - , X' K f 5 -.gs .. li i-sexi. V , - " ' s ,ff 3 . xc .-Ss ,KX N.-wx-'XX . , , 4 , .. . 5 S X . X X .id vii A N :XX X x ii N i ' X. ff , . 'Q 'X if wi ix f i XX , f - l W W V ,V S .X iXi A .H - X ' '-'Xl XY XWX-XQQ .X Q V Q , V , X W I X. QEXA AN A Q SM A .p. U n p af., . .,, AK XI' N f-"' Xu-ix V fs +5fX'?Xs 1 ' i f 4- ,,. ,X V 1 , ' 1,1 , X K , 1 N X '- .- f t , Q. X l sf fi of X . QA .Na - X? .A X ' R LV L, hh' 3 Q QXXQ 3 ,TXX . l X .ml , .1 1.4 .ww . +M.,.g X,-, , ' X- X . . - gs g 'f ff" ,gl-. . h. - f HX s X,-M .M X. - . X N '-.XX L ,Q A M, , zf , , 4, ., .r , . . tx . Q .X , Q X . pw .- fa-m'awwp affix w.: Sbww mpwXsgQwvwem. MX if . V ri. X, P + V 5- ' M A ss -.Xa vw- X -Nici ' X . 5 xv., vis X . x X - X .X . s -X X X ,VX s XX Qs .X Q. I Ron Deveaux scores against Harvard. On the Saturday before registration the team played the Harvard first and third strings in a tight 13-6 loss. The following weekend, the official season opened with a 42-12 victory over Bates at Lewiston. The best play of the game, in which Tufts led all the way, was Deveaux's fourth quarter 88 yard dash on a quick opener through the left side of the Bates line. Deveaux sweeps Bates right end Adzigian gets a pass off-just. The Bowdoin game gave the home fans their first look at the Jumbos, who didn't disappoint them. The 18-0 victory, placing the Iumbos number four in the Lambert Cup balloting, was a costly one. Frank Mar- low suffered a shoulder separation sidelining him for the rest of the season, and Kinnally injured his knee which hampered him throughout the year. May and Heckler open hole off-tackle. A shoestring tackle by Heckler Meltzer skirts end for score. The following Weekend, Tufts renewed its series with Colby. We confidently entered the game assuming that Colby's size dictated its team's strengthg but the Mules hadn't heard about it and jumped off to a 14-O A, lead in the iirst half. As the half closed, the outcome Man, did you see that block? boom. looked bleak, but with thirty seconds left Deveaux took a screen pass and, with Thompson leading the way, went 65 yards for a game-saving touchdown. After running a two point conversion to end the half, the Jumbos scored eight more points in the second half and the game ended 16-14, with Tufts victorious. Hickey to Doran. 179 ' any-.. S 3 ' fi, xg., , 3' -f A X V4 x Q - xg gf, S f ' - ,Nw X X5 Q x Q vis K7 Q Q Q- XX-X X x ix 'U . , X Q XX . . bex ' Q Ex s Af X X . . fx A 5 3 A . ..w... x Ng, Q 535 ' :X M ' -N Q-S ' wx RN,-SQQNQ sw X if KW 2 M . Mk? ,Ns,, S, '1 K ? x X-A, x X' M x x .Nm MSA . xs Q X kg xx jxxx X .sb QW .i-x L Q1 3 my K . ws '5"M 2 x X. x f x X, x L Nw., 0 N X SSN.-X nw . .. Q2 SX, A , X X XX l 'H K 44 w x K, 'Eli 11A ' 'FAM H. 9+ ,112 1,6 S Q' 'Qs l ff ex H 18x V. sf 1 I Y 5 1 I 4. . i Ae X A f Ak. -. qu lb! McDonald takes out two Amherst tacklers. Next year, the J umbos, led by Co-captains Don Cur- tis and Mark McDuiTee, will have four lettermen re- turning to the backfield and can look forward to an- other winning season. One of Arlansonfs toughest jobs will be replacing men like Dave Thompson, winner of one of eight National Football Foundation Scholarship- Athlete Awards. Tufts fans have been spoiled by the .Tumbos many winning seasonsg they have forgotten what it means to support a loserg the cheerleaders' experience is that the A stands become apathetic if the team falls behind. This l apathy may be the reason for the poor support of the other Tufts teamsg perhaps if they were as well fol- lowed as football, they might fare as well. J Andrews Manager' J Sample' C Beckman' R Simian' T Hale' R Hart Ca tain' R. Irvingg Clarence Dussaultl Coach. , i , i J , i , i , p , CRQSS I I N' I 'R The Tufts Harriers Emerged from the 1961 hill and dale campaign with five victories. Captain Roger Hart, Tom Hale and Charlie Beckman consistently sparked the team, as in the triumph over Amherst, in which they copped the Iirst three places. Experienced run- ners will be plentiful next year as only Roger Hart will be graduated. FRESHMAN TEAM- T. Forsythg D. Jacksong H. Elliottg L. Robinsong A. Kauppg A. Cle- mowg J. Morrall. 183 +1--...,,,, First Row: J. Galstong S. Baxtg T. Eyrickg J. Loebg J. Tidey, Co-captaing W. Foote, Co-captaing J. Schulerg H. Alig N. Wellsg E. Dancewicz. Second Row: J. Keegan, Mgr.g R. Rey worthg I. Wolfg T. Pooleg M. Acerra. Third Row: D. Grayg P. Kleing N. Coulesg R. Wallaceg S. Rosenthalg J. Yeutter: R. McGregorg R. Lindnerg S. Solomon: P. T. Barnumg Alvin noldsg M. Garneaug R. Minerg M. Frischg C. Coltmang J. Mc Peakeg M. Lewisg K. Kandetzkig G. Butlerg W. Welchg J. Holds- ,pqnnw-ww-.I vi' SOCCER The Jumbo booters started slowly, dropping live straight games, the first at 3-2 overtime loss to WPI and the second to All-American Chris O'Hiri and Harvard. In a mid-season splurge, the Jumbos took three con- secutive victories over Clark, U Mass and BU, and then dropped the finale to Wesleyan. Coach Al Malthaner with CO-Cilptgiing jim Tidey and Wes Foote. One less goal for Trinity. 11 fat it ifffa-fiflfi Graduation will hurt the team, taking four starting :iw seniors: Co-captains Jim Tidey and Wes Foote, Hadi Ali and Jerry Loeb. 1 ii veg! rs 05 L' im W BL' 1115- i Hadi Ali on attack. Co-captain Wes Foote in pursuit. Coltman heading one goalward. Returning to the 1962 soccer team will be Co-cap- tain elect Phil Klein, 1960 All-East honorable mention Tom Poole, who was unable to play this year due to injury, and this yearis high scorer, Sophomore Chuck Coltman. i .3 :ll he Cm- Ectcnbk mei 1 1 year tx: Sahmoic Cd Returning Ietterman Jim Yeutter using his head. Q at ,V 40 W. Coach Alvin Malthaner, now in his second year on the Tufts faculty, has shown that with increased enthusiasm, Tufts can produce winning soccer teams. I DOOR TRACK First Row.. A, Shawg J. Sampleg E. Sylviag I. Coheng E. Fosterg R. Powers. Second Row: D. I-Iickeyg L. Smithg J. Menesg W. Bingayi C. Beckman. Third Row: L. CafT2ICllO, Asst- Coacih' V. Aie1l03 W. Wilkinsong F. Jaffeg "D1ngl' Dussault, COHCI- The field events and dashes were again the forte Of the Tufts cindermen. Al Bashian, Mike Hughes and Capt Karl Peterson combined in a number of field events each to assure points for Tufts in every IHCCT- Dennis Hickey vaulted at a consistent 12' throughout the season to frequently take this event. The most memorable performance of the season was the effort of Larry Smith in setting a 50 yard dash record of 5-4 seconds. Another reliable source of points was soph- omore Ivan Cohen in the 1000 yard run. Senior hurd- ler Dave Thompson was unable to participate most Of the season because of an ankle injury. The relay ICQIU of Smith, Sample, Cohen and Shaw won in its divis1OI1 in the Knights of Columbus meet in New York- Captain Karl Peterson throwin the 35 g pound hammer. ..' imwila: ' 2216. L-lm ieidiii 3, Fifi? ' Hifiimixiii , f. ,, . . D.. im N47 ,-afar 13' mi" CTCUL ...LAI i ml 3.1-'Cu H' iff, . ' Tri-' ta VIEW if me V . f ' w nun' 1 I ffl., wollmw rf 1 V , Ywyi 31 W L ,1.. ig, 1, -' xi. ff, x 0 it x l, .2 g Record-setter Larry Smith winning his specialty. Graduation will deprive the team of some important men, and next year the runners will have their Work cut out in making up the loss in the field events. Sophomore Ivan Cohen on way to winning 1000 yard run. A AV Jim Sample handing off to Dick Pow- ers in relay. 189 BA KETBALL Ci we iff First Row: P. Bergerg C. Holmesg J. Peckham, Captaing V. Dodgeg J. Geoghegang P. Kleing R. Hughesg T. Brennang P. Frenchg R. Anttonen. Second Row: P. Arnoldg R. Daltong P. Goldberger. Coach Woody Grimshaw with Captain Joel Peckham. Record-wise, this yearls basketball team would be called unsuccessful, but there was obvious improve- ment in the quality and excitement of play as con- firmed by the steadily increasing attendance. The ex- citement was especially present in the Tufts' wins, as ,,. the games were undecided until the last dribble. The first two wins were away games, a 66-64 win victory over Clark and a 89-88 win over Lowell Tech. The 831116 when Paul Goldberger scored 21 points in the second half to lead Tufts to a 71-60 victory. Comeback trail was well-traveled in the Coast Guard in Goldberger shoots as Dodge and Hughes move in for the rebound. Tom Brennan gets off shot just in time. The trail wasn't quite long enough in the next game against Bates when Tufts, behind by l5 with ten min- utes left, led by a point in the last minute only to l0S6 by a single point. An upset was almost history in the B.U. game, but the Terriers dominated everything in the last three minutes to Win comfortably. Tufts will have the entire first team returning fOr next season, and the two team strategy in effect this year will most likely be used again. Varsity candidates will be plentiful from this yearis freshmen team, win- ners in overtime against B.C. A prophesy of a .500 season next year doesn't seem to be overly optir11iSIiC- 3 i I la 5 4 1 n I i 2 .JV i RE TLI . First Row: R. Shermang H. Pritham, C0-Captaing W. Hgttle, Paxtong D. Stoughtong R. Noel, Asst. tgoacn. rvussmg. 1. C0-Captaing W. Farquhar. Second Row: Sam Ruggeri, Coach: Smith! R- Spaih- W. Gere, Managerg D. Atchasong B. Tebaultg A. Austing W. Coach Sam Ruggeri with Captains Pritham and Hottle The familiar ingredient in Tufts' wrestling this year was not getting enough points to win. The only excep- tion was the U. Mass match in which Tufts emerged as 18-15 winners. Captain Howie Pritham pinned his man to cop Tufts only five point fall of the meet. Despite the team record of 1-7 there were some fine individual performances given throughout the season, mostly by sophomores Art Austin, Ben Tebault and Tom Smith. The sophomore nucleus of this year's team plus several capable freshmen raise hopes for a better showing next year. X x m 1 1 7.-x.,..: .. -- '...L...,, ' Tw: -V,, . mv. T.,L ... 1- va,- V A... .... ps. 2---N... ' -U , .Q :f is 16 .' 351 if x :xhtml if Lai Ji 533 ,va ' ' 1 ur.. .,'f95i'i1 fgggf, - f x-' 'z -. 49 Q wi'- X.. -if Q. A xi .Q-X X Xx- . yw'1- mi'-1119 1 Ben Tebault on a crossbody ride. Coach Sam Ruggeri discusses match with Coast Guard coach 1 '1 t t 4 D y e 1 X .. ' t 41, - t "f53v?'2t SWIMMI G Fust Row I Gastonguay N Robison T Hendrickson I Second Row: Coach Al Malthaneri J- lfalT1PUC11, I- -vw-Us-V--f Champlin Captain P Clifford J Whitehead S Anderson J. Roffmanl C' LUCHSS J. Sflhfllidtll- Bfada- The story of the 1962 swim season is much like that of previous years, a mediocre team record but some outstanding individual ellorts. In the first meet of the season, with Trinity, Joe Brada bettered the varsity record in the 200 yard breaststroke in 2:47.5. Jim Champlin was a double winner taking the 50 and 100 yard freestyle sprints while Neal Robison took thC diving. Against Wesleyan, Jim Gastonguay broke the record in the 200 yard individual medley with a 2:41.1- Champlin and Robison also won, as they did in alm0SI every meet of the season. Later in the season, in 21 strategy move, Sandy Anderson was given the 1'eSP0n' sibility for winning the 100 freestyle while "ChamP,, swam, and won, the 100 butterily. Since this Yearqs team consists of all underclassmen, a favorable outlook is seen for next year. Captain Jim Champlin with team mascot, Yogi Bear. .LIE 5 V 1 1 l UK,- i 4 ff f, 2 1 AQNESX Q X W WWW 'Kita 1" -Wi' .fnmm wakvfff AMW W. Aw v 1, 6 I . .wwuf ,MN ' . Wbgw .NQQHN , Y, , ,. 05 ,9 1 4 - . I 4 - . p . 1 Q - v . . - 1 . . ' - 4 ,ds W M291 wxqgf ul Wm xr 'K Q .,...... 1 - e n . J 2 1 v 2 1 v n ' Q. 0. H.. I.2.I.Ji ,- , . sf-rf ,. ,K J -'T' Lf. ,.l., .A- Un ws... .P- ,.. Effie EVENTS NAC! POW , 2 t I 2 f SWL ' I 3 I3 I9 POHITSI 54,0 I 2 4 I 2 9 I3 3 5 2 3 9 2 3 4 3 4 7 23 f,2 Just before the meet-winning 400 yard fFeCSfY1e relay' v-ii gn -- 4 A S 'fm lk qt, 1 www Joe Blada and Jim Schmldt m breistbtxolxe event W .2 W Neal Robison on leg of winning relay. KH G J. Cussen, Captaing A. Jerardg S. Moore, B. Jafariang C. Stuckeyg D. Bettingerg R. Wiggles- worth. The Tufts Ski Team participated again this year in the New England Intercollegiate Ski Conference. The first meet of the season took place during the semester break and was held at Sugarloaf. The Jumbos fared well as they placed third in both the slalom and giant slalom. Pleasant Mt., Maine Was the scene for the next tneet, which was sponsored by B.U. Tufts took second ln the giant slalom. In "A" competition, Capt. Joe CUSSCH was fourth, Bob Wigglesworth fifth and Don Bettinger seventh. The third race was the Tufts Chal- lengef Trophy race. The team placed third behind the first place effort of Joe Cussen. The next day Tufts took first place in the two-run slalom sponsored by B.C. Bob Wigglesworth came in second in his class followed by Al Jerard in fourth place and Pete Winquist and Bob Jaffarian who tied for ninth place. This was the teamis best performance of the season. On March 10th, the last meet of the season was held. The great skiing of Joe Cussen enabled Tufts to take third place and finish third for the season in the NEISC behind Am- herst and Northeastern. 201 GOLF First Row: I. Oldhamg L. Bruceg J. Donahue, Captaing B. Bruceg I. Bolino. Second Row: W. C' 1 Hollandg W. Ryderg B. Weylerg B. Jopeg R. Morgansterng Woody Grimshaw, Coach. 1: The Golf Team was probably Tufts most successful entry into the sports world in many years. With Barrie Bruce leading all participants in the tourney, Tufts won the New England Intercollegiate Golf Championship for 1961. Bill Ryder, Laurie Bruce, and Bob Morganstern also enabled Tufts to cop the team champion- ship. The following Saturday, Coach Woody Grimshaw's linksmen were again suc- 1' cessful, winning the Greater Boston Championship Tournament. The final record of the team was 12-2, the two losses being incurred in the first two matches. Tufts fans can again expect championship golf, as Barrie and Laurie Bruce, Bob Morganstern and John Bolino are back to tee off in 1962. ll 3.24. ' 1 he . E5 Fw 'K .1 T gm, . li ful., Xfi- .rid- 4,112- -tri ,n if First Row: D. Schreiberg B. Feinberg, Captaing W. MacNeill. Second Row: Larry Palmer, Coachg J. Regang N. Fineg R. Schliefg T. Schactman, Manager. TENN S The Tufts netmen opened the 1961 season with a 5-4 clutch victory over visiting Clarkg continuing their winning ways, they completed the season with a 6-3 record. The only graduation casualty is Barry Feinberg, who leaves his captaincy to be shared by Dale Schrei- ber and Junior Bill MacNeill. The outlook for 1962 is optimistic and some fine tennis is predicted for the courts on Professors Row. Co-captain Dale Schreiber 203 First Row: R. Mansfield, J. Prattg C. Stuckeyi A- Merrill? B- Golden, Co-captain, J. Johnson, Co-captaing H. Uzpurvisg A. Crowe, R. Day, P. Titus. Second Row: J. Galstong L. Watt, B. Meltzerg R. May, P. Palmg E. Goodwing T. Morineg P. 204 Faracig E. McCarthy, P. Laqueurg Tim Ring, Coach. Tltird Row: R. Magi, Manager, P. Chesleyl W' N1ChO1SS R- Snelling? H. Prithamg R. Millardg D. Curtis, L. Tingleyg D. SPHUSS J- Noble, Assistant Coach. LACROSS The 1961 Lacrosse team showed considerable im- provement over the previous year's club, and an optl- mistic outlook for the 1962 season. A Senior mid-field of Co-captain John Johnson, Albie Merrill, and "Horse" Uzpurvis along with Co-captain and Most Valuable Player Brian Golden, who managed the at- tack, provided a good nucleus on the ollense. The ad- dition of an experienced Sophomore, high scorer Bob Day, an effective stick handler from both attack and 5 1 mid-held positions, produced exciting action and 211- f it lovved the underrated Jumbos to threaten such poW6IS as Williams and Amherst. Returning goalie Pete Titus bolstered the defense and provided the spectators with y thrills as he frequently cleared the ball across the mid- 1 field stripe single-handedly. Coach Ring pacing the sidelines. l T 1 I S 4 I I ll Q 4 ' 1 i 1 r High scorer Bob Day cradling ball. Lacrosse appeals to the slightly sadis- tic athlete, and to the spectator who pre- fers the gladiator's courage to the run- nerls grace. Hardly a gentlemanls sport, lacrosse, one of the few in which you can legally clobber your opponent, is closer to organized mayhem, it is readily con- ceivable that the game,s origin was an Indian sport in which the survivors were declared the winners. Attack-man Ted McCarthy at- tempting to score. The irreplaceable pre-game pep talk. A famllxar figure at every game Fust R011 K Tondreau W Hackbarth R McLucas N Muldowney, A. Bar. Third Row: Bob Meehan, Coachg P, Heinze Captain C MHft1H J Kelfer E Garofano Second Bruno, F. Pfannenstiehlg P. Klein, F. Babel, R. Talbot. BA EBALL A leading contender for the Greater Boston League lead most of the season, the Tufts baseball team ended 1961 with an 8-8 record. All-star performances were frequent by Norm Heinze and Joel Kelfer, both of Whom were graduated and are currently signed with the new Houston club. A very capable and experienced nucleus returns for the 1962 season. Moundsmen Jim Stevens and Jerry Loeb, power-hitting Pete Benin, outhelders Joel Peck- ham and Charlie Martin, and inhelders Paul Hess and Bill Muldowney expect to hold starting positions. Prom- ising sophomores Vandy French and Miles Nogelo will make competition for the starting berths very kC6H this year. Captain Norm Heinze fouling one oil. .N r l l 1 1 l A l 1 l i I l l I 1 r 1 i l in wil 1 ll... ll.- ffl. ii, All vi ..... ... ., , M, ' J..-U ' . '.,' -l -Af '... ' X521 ff' ,.. X. ,. ' ,. ,g-'l 1 N A...f .A l-N .,-q 5 ,,, '13 . will f- -vi- ., Hfssf .-4 1 1 . 1,-V ,ji--in Lv gllljyi-: U QJ, l.,v ff l i Seniors Joel Peckham, Jim Stevens, Pete Benin, Jerry Loeb and Bill Muldowney with Coach Bob Meehan. Jim Stevens, leading pitcher in the GBL for the past two years. Captain Dave Thompson OUTDGOR TRACK The performance of the 1961 Tufts cindermen was exceptional, their record of 6-1 was the result of hard Work and great team effort. Highlighting the season was the emergence of Tufts as victorious over B.S., B.U. and Brandeis in a quadrangle meet. Dennis Hickey, junior pole vaulter, set a new Tufts record of 12'-6". The consistency of Dave Thompson in the hurdles, Larry Smith in the dashes, Al Bashian, Mike Hughes, Earl Beasley, Karl Peterson and Fred Heckler in the field events, and Al Shaw in the middle distances de- termined the eventual victories. The prospects for 1962 are very promising as the team lost few men to graduation, and many of those returning are lettermen. La Fmt Ron J. Donovan, S. Braytong D. Thompson, K. Peter- W Bingay- M Rich. C B lx V A. H J St npf ' , - , . ec'mang . IC 0: . L11 2 son E Beasley, Captain, E. Fosterg H. Frenchg T, Poole. A Sh . - . , l Second ROW.. Larry Cafarella, Field Coach? S. Murray, Mgt? Dllssaimclgajqmith, J. Donneg W. Lewicklz J. McPeake: C. alg- EQ. . 4, Nl! Cf . A 3' hz- ill Til ,A :Fm 'Gm ,W . . Rav. MQ if nr 1? - c. XM., R, " il ,gg I H M tim 5. Ns. :eq 4 WY! Mg ' Trainer Hal Knowlton and Dave Thompson. "Hey, George, I lost my towel, can I get another?" This plaintive question has been put to George Chand- ler countless times, in 1925 by "Fish" Ellis in the old Goddard Gym, by Harry Arlanson in 1927, and by Freddie Frosh in 1962. Since coming from his birth- place in Epsom, England and at 1921 starting to work for Tufts, George has spent thirty-three of his thirty- eight years with Tufts in the equipment room. Many times, handing a towel or issuing athletic equipment to a freshman, George recalls doing the same for the boyls father a generation ago. While he isnit the person in college who alters a student's philosophy of life, George is one of the feW PC0Ple on the Tufts campus who has contact with every Tuftsman going through school, the IHCHUOTI of Geofge to any Tufts alumnus immediately ISC-21115 HH ima ge of the man in the equipment room. Tufts athletic teams are, in a way, put together by tape, the myriad of injuries that an athlete may incurr, sprained ankles, twisted knees or bruised ribs, are all attended and patched by Tufts' trainer, Hal Knowlton. Hal is a quiet, even tempered man who never raises his voice and rarely changes his facial expression. Dur- ing the football season, when he is overworked taping our players before and after each practice and game, he never utters a word of complaint. Nor is he an excitable team rooter, on the football field he simply asks the players how they feel, are they tired or hurt, no vigorous slap on the back, just a quiet word of encouragement. Every student who, after spraining his ankle playing intramurals, has been gingerly carried to the training room is thankful for Halls experienced diagnosis and skillful tape job. Words donlt adequately describe Hal, the best description is as one football player put it, f'He's a great guy, thatls all, just the greatest guy I know." George Chandler A T . X. 211 1 TR MURA s Intramural sports had another banner year of con- stant activity under the administrative guidance of 'cFish" Ellis. While the weather was warm and relaxing in early autumn, the golf championship was held, with Q the fraternity Winner being TDC and the dorm winner, East Hall. In tennis doubles, the AEPi,s and Phi Eps met in the finals, won by Phi Ep. K Q ,W -'e!'lF"vT,.g X -.--QAXQ ,. Q -. . . .1 O S ir- X w-.LIC 'N 'aw A . hd gi x x MLK Hd w Qi-'Y X . L if Wm af --. 'Lv ' ' NILQSLX J XEAN' Q4 ' swg' x Meanwhile, in the football circuit the dormitory championship went to the internationalists from Wilson House by defeating Fletcher Hall in the finals. The fraternity championship game pitted two fine passers I I ! 4 1 i l in Chuck Lynch for DU and Pete Dodge for TDC. The Thetes won the fraternity title, but the DU,s recovered , to win the important All-College championship. T 4 I ,..-.-4fw- 6 ri 5-is.,-.a -U' , A . J eivrfige-2a::':s--121: .. r - ., A . A -Q "'- g ,. M -,P k jg , A V, . sv-ffgfv r- I, N14 Lgrvuly!-Ql't P' if 'Y a e if .u -- E ,,.. . L L5 ' V - . V . . 'X so gsmw, X s - X e , 5..- V. . 'V' 4 -- ' F - -- - -ia X ,NM ,, i-- M.- T M lg s ,, af A V x l yi l v n I I Y , Q ' , 'lv' I - b '."y: X K ' , V. is ,N X' 'e 5 N ,JI -EH I 'gr , PM ! I 'I 5 l V A jx 11 5 Q I . if K 1' ! ll Lf ' . Ei r. ,V W K QQ 'M ! r X 4' 5 E 1 QM Q 1 ii if ii i X P if 1 214 ww 1, l I L W x 'Nl I Y I A 3 4 5 + . 1+ I n f H ff ww W .Q We W,-nl' 'NN XX 5 'Q N 'Vx .2 X- f ' we dfliiffialiiiiil H airwm .aaidasln 4 - 0- X .i , ' x .XXXL . X x i . R Sk YY , X, my S X: ,. . ff. ' ! ' X .4- HN.: 'VJ I. .Y i X , f 3143 f 1 , 9 V ,. 2 Mi L 'mf' K 59 A+, xx P" N lm Q mg N f X N 'S-H S f f 2, A f f X I , 1 f f ff f ,- , , - , s f 1 ' lwwwx Q iw VSWY li, F UR nf W X, NS MQ Q Q JACKSO PORT ll l . N I First Row: Gail Chesebrog Linda Dixon, Judi Andrews, Sec- Ackerbloomg Eleanor Brodney. Third Row: Estelle Dischg retaryy Lois Brown, Public Relationsg Cindy Collins, Presi- Jennifer Ribletg Maron Gale, Teddy Winters, Dotty Rubing dentg Terry McGarry. Second Row: Helen Metcalf, Cathy Robbi Rombergg Susan Heifetzg Mei Lie Uongg Linda Sever- Parkerg Betsy England, Maureen Caseyg Mary Moore, Ingrid ence. MARLINS Blub-glub! Hen parties every Thursday evening at that hotspot called Hamilton Pool. At least this was the haven for thirty girls this year, as they worked on water ballet and learned synchronized swimming sequences. Their efforts were devoted mainly to the beautifully arranged annual Spring Show-the performance that culminated the Marlins' season. Mp- 3, ggi: 1373 Liftms 1 N 'Q' 1 sr Y' X7 try' gn ,Q-7 V, ,MX ' ffl 4 ,. to 'h'M' it V " , ! Y First Row: Linda Nocarg Judy Vaitukaitus, Capturing Dorothy Altman. Second Row: Mimi Fitzgeraldg Judy Fuquag Diane DeWittg Connie Williams, Susan Stevensg Betsy Moulton. FIELD HOCKEY The hockey team began practice soon after classes began this fall. Their blue tunics and brightly-taped hockey sticks darted across the field three afternoons BADM Return from Christmas vacation meant Hclassesi' to all, and "badminton practicew as well to others. The team members, under Miss Wright's expert guidance, made their three weekly afternoon trips down to Jack- I a Week, as the girls prepared for the coming season. With Miss Beedem as coach and Judy Vaitukaitus as captain, the season couldn't go wrong. TO son Gym. Several sophomores showed their skills in 1962, including Nancy Worth, Marianne Cooper, Mary Dowell, and Penny Dyer. First Row: Linda Richards, Mary Ann Cooper, Denise Valtzg Elaine Fovylerg Bonnie Barkotf Ann Bleek. Second Row: Penny Dyerg Mary Dowellg Diane MCGUHlg1CQ Diane DeWitt ..,., -.. -- -, -mwlw -W Sandy Glazerg Nancy Worth. I k V, i v Z yo I r J g N 'T 5 VOLLEYBALL The JAA not only organizes the Jackson teams, but also contributes greatly to the entire student body by sponsoring interclorm and intramural tournaments each year. Volleyball is a favorite. for the girls compete with such zest and gusto that a game can be as exciting for the spectator as for the player. The volleyball champions this year were Stratton Hall and the Delta Zeta sorority. A-4 9 ! ' 9 . 4 'AL l I i ,I 5 i 0 Q Q . . s 5 i In I I ' I W Q 4 -f':'ff+':2fWf'NW5RYWW+i!'wW"' - Q 1 5 1 HIV! l ,iv j fV i: 2f ,, ""' ' X M1847- 41...- , if rm-.--n-an 'izwefw 1-N mv WM' ' ,V2l3Fll45M- W2 'zvqwl WV: ,gr ij, U , 'ilu B W -L sq! V . V Q F I " 'Q M if 'Su w -PA V " 6 4, I it ,M ,,...... ...v,....... - 2 Fl M- L, 5 I! Wh s , 1' f Y e -Q... 7' First Row: Roger Kallhovdg Dan Teresg Dave Helmang Bruce Bernsteing John Kramerg Michael Balanoffg Harmon Michel- song Ralph Shermang Skip Shilepskey. Second Row: Harvey Dobrowg Tom Kleing Dick Leving Bruce Maleg Ron Crystalg Stu Edelsteing Shelly Benatovichg Charlie Northg Jerry Loebg Milt Coheng Mike. Richg Mitch Browng Jeff Canhi. Third ETA DEUTERON OF ALPHA EPSILON PHI Local Founding-1940 Master-Jerome Loeb Lieutenant Master-Daniel Teres Exchecquer-David Helman Scribe-Morton Goldrein Steward-Alan Sager House man-Kenneth Rosenberg Librarian--Eric Brown Historian-Michael Balanoif Member at large-Steve Lewiss Anyone for a swim? 'xr ' i , . Row: Norm Millerg Earl Fosterg Bob Sheridang Ken Fisherg Jerry Friedmang Calvin Hechtg Ely Bortmang Steve Levissg Walt Angoffg Jim Geismang Bob Margoliesg Howie Kantrovitzg Lew Winklerg Mike Frischg Ken Rosenbergg Fred Jaffeg Bob Schnipperg Sandy Mirmang Lenny Rothmang Ben Beckerg Dale Schreiber. Fourth Row: Tom Hirschg Al Sager. ,Q 'Qc 5 4: in N I Q LPHA EP ILO Pl Another great year for Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . Sager Comes back from National Convention with best dele- gate QQ award . . . Tufts chapter is first scholastically ofgo AEPi,s . . . Also first on Campus . . . Easy Al replaces B-Bunkley in the kitchen . . . Brothers have that happy well-fed look . . . Capen Coliseum closes in deference to the Good Neighbor. policy , , . Becker, Kantro back . . . Male still checking, Frank still griping, Lenny still biting . . . Fee Fi seems destined to oblivion . . . Goldy HPD, the Mirmans, and Dirty Dick keep grid- ders in the league . . . Bernie gets Purple Heart for using his head and secret weapon Jolly Green steps off bench to throw touchdown pass . . . Net-men reach finals . . . Rich paces cross country team, Bortman, Angoff, Dobrow also run . . . In other sporting news, ten brothers pinned by end of first semester . . . Rosie is snackman par excellence . . . Nine-thirty brotherhood thrives . . . f'My stomachls my fraternal- izing organl'-Winky . . . The New Clean Green is un- veiled . . . TeeVee ties up the phone . . . Zorts picks another loser. . . Twisting seminars on the second floor . . . Charades ashort-lived fad . . . The Great Water Fight . . . "The refrigerator Riotj' or "In the Cooleri' . . . A new, en- larged bridal suite opened up by Pedro, Arnie, and Goldy CSD . . . Frisch and Skip write the skit . . . Kallhovd does a Roman twist . . . Pooh and Climacticon . . . Christmas Sing with Geisman at the helm . . . Wally Winthrop, Saint Thomas, the Loiterer, Glick, Warty, Happy Liebs, Sheftoolie, and Gabeldoo still wandering around ..Carl the Caricature Crook strikes . . . Stinky still c asing Benrimo . . . Ming and Shermy pretending to wrestle . . . Nev and Schnip enforcing quiet hours , . . Fish and Hecht stealing meals . . . Kappy is the man Who came to dinner . . . Lewis and his IFC keeping the houses guessing. . . Shlep sneaks in . . . Senior mutiny brings thunder and full-tosses, a la Rafe . . . Ron's garters . . . Brown- moblle Comes in . . . Schreib the athlete of Fletcher Jerry Loeb is scholar-athlete . . . Charlie North elecfed Phi Bete . . . Al Sager is Tau Bete veep and oclefy of Scholars . . . Norm Katz is Lambert-Kingsley Pre-M913 and Dick Leving, sitting on his operation, is bm. e PYCXX . An illiterate engineer is house 11- 12111 and a similar Ec major is scribe . . . es, another great year for Alpha Epsilon Pi. ill 3 i 9 i rv T! ! i Looks just like him. Al Boisuert 227 l -u Theylre swell, but six days in a row? LPHA SIGM PHI Some of our key men are gone . . . Thumps in the night, two of them??? . . . Weekend traflic jams . . . Weekend migration during the winter, to the Cape??? What white Healy??? The new Kippie triumvirate, Abbie, Thelma, and Mary Lou . . . Here comes the Mouse . . . Here's a pair of wire cutters for you Skip . . . Debbie Downs and the JAC . . . Our leaper Sprong g-g-g . . . Little Edward, our George Washington . . . Chef wanted??? Here comes Barry G. and his Young Conservatives . . . Where'd you say Santa Claus came from??? Smile, Tom, it's only beer . . . Beep Beep on Tuesday night. . . 243 for 39, 142 for S100 . . .P 84 M . . . Let's all go and . . . Farmer Brown and his dona- tion . . . Only 62 O,Briens in Sommerville . . . Black, Green, Blue, our favorite colors . . . Waitresses wanted, sign up with Pete . . . Pinned in a weekend, at the Charterhouse??? Yoder romps at Pinlico . . . We're waiting for Miss Tampa to show . . . Brother Jack by a nose, for lst out of the money . . . 1955 Ford where are you??? Who made a long distance call to Pat??? Make sure you keep putting out the lights, during par- ties??? Seven semesters of spanish and still in 3??? Santa Claus, alias Parker Green. 228 is is :st x..., . 'sn A P'--A . -D 'V :gmc Y LQ Q K Xlxi' , K-T0 , M.. v.. -xx . ' s o - ' JB 5 M I -.,., B x mn' X -ls .. Wh, , N ML, N, EQ .-On, :Q fumwq ,Ag G nl "Wim " '54 HMI QTQTT TLTVL +1 Bm 21's Il Sjimgmi ..N.Y'f , . . x ?'i:Cfi1l'R 7 1:'usr0r,..Ih1 fc1.'U?cQ.A.l93 1 A 'nam :ui 3:51 1 rr :rfb :ci NWQQE 1 .-11 " r Ex a is if w I. ff 19 o Xu Q. 4 uw J' fff z ,,,,v. V fqflf.. , mv 1 ,f,,,..,y,, ,W mf.-.W,, 1 ,,,...,Aw.,-V,,., V mf V :MW f Wffz',,,,f ,f X X VMTN, 'Z' Z fx! fx Z 1 64" . . X K -1? X Q5 5 , X -, N09 . xr. X xi 3 Ng N XX S SYN .F Q N5 . fn ' Q Q xx H U lx A A , x w E fi? 3 5 fi F . 'O U s u i if - I wglx Si X Q AXE : -.,, VY, . :T ' F 5 N . Y 1 K 'Q MQW DELTA TAU DELT Well, now that we've done it, I guess it's about time that I wrote it down, I mean about how we perfected this collegiate paradise of ours. For our paradise, we had a set of plans called "Earl,s Utopia," which We got out of a little book with four stars on the front. Well, right off you need a leader, that was Larry, the golden- throated pygmy king who was rarely seen in the light of day. Then, in case your leader isn't there or sleeps through the meal, you need a vice-leader, that was "Flash', Snelling, who was an Ed Norton type, always, wanted to be in the sewer. Then, to keep an exact A Jimmy Carson: man in a hurry. record of the doings of the organization, we got Bruce, the Nordic Image, a little tarnished though, inasmuch as his goal in life was a station wagon and a barbeque pit in his back yard. Not that you ever expect any dis- cord, but just in case, you need a forcible, outspoken, domineering type like Charlie Hallahan, the long- haired Rock and Roller. Once this plan is in effect, a person is needed to fit the newcomers into the pattern, that was J oe, the only trouble was, if everyone followed his example, there would be a crowd at the Palace every night. Maintain- ing our contact with the outside world was Ted Sz . . . ski, a real ambassadorial type, he couldnit go out to get the paper without brushing his teeth. It is a shame, but no modern utopia can survive without money, so the natural choice for its management was good old gung-ho Marine Lew Watt, who spent most of his wak- ing hours smiling and scheming how to get rich through matrimony. Anybody knows that a complete Athenian Republic requires a gadfly, like 'fCrash" Bemis, nothing happened without Charliels criticism of the situation, his disposition may have been due to his diet though, because he existed on Pepsi's and Pall Malls. Envious of the gadfly position, but never quite motivated enough to spend the time at it that Charlie did was 'fSigmund" Austin, who spent his time criticizing our group interaction. Since every utopia must fulfill an image, we did our best to maintain one. Our two "red-blooded, all- 1 With beards, Arthur? 232 American-boyn types were "Ah Fon" Gould and soft- spoken Andy, who were big on athletics and steady girls. Since Anderson didn't adequately fulfill the Nor- dic image, we kept a couple of skiers around, "Flyboy" Mansfield and shussing Dick Quinn. For a little Con- tinental fiavor we had "Maxie" Schuler, who spent his summers fixing motorcycles in Europe. "The Raz" Ali and "Oz,' Foster provided geographic distribution, the humble f'Raz,' hailed from Pakistan, and "Oz," editor of the "Delt Weeklyf' from South-Side Chicago, al- though rumor had it outer space. Academically, Bill, The Professional Liberal, was Phi Bete and Jolly John, a backstabbing premed grind. Essential to any aspiring social group is an owner TR-3 who is in some measure a hot . . . ticket. George went a little overboard at times in his fulfillment of this role, so as a counter- balance, Father Duffy, when he wasn't organizing pool tournaments, injected an austere influence to the house. So there you have it, the complete collegiate utopia: i the fraternity. Now, of course, we arenlt the only ones who have one, but the others are from different plans, like the one down the street whose plan came from Sports Illustrated, and the one around the corner from True. But we like ours, with its tea and candlelight iuppers, and we know that it will be preserved by the Keepers of the Valhalla," Arthur, Jimmy and Earl. If Q .M , N I . v NQQN uhm N Q QQwiW wh um L X, Jim .N CQAYQI Q .N,'em -MTUmM . Nb sag s Ki' 111. , ' We NQsvLm -x ' . . N-lush .wh 3 ,K .t :N 5:1 M N 4-:'.1W.5. ' .QQQ mi, ., ' .M N 'Q 'C WM - Qztlxl ,M H V -. if Q1 hi IV wi-.F Mgmmm N'Q""-2 ' ...Ly ww. , :la ,Gsm fxfki . 5 A-4:CL ., Q PM ., B611 xfimidg fmiwm kmkmhmm Z-ummm: Imciijgqmi Hmmm xgveim .J J N .nT!u.Ld'. 2.5- ,,, ,. ... .,- .Yf..L L.L 3.1: MyxNf ,A- '.--fi in.-- .v'LQ ',-' X" M,4L Q ,111 4 .v nj DA I .'-'T Ja "L- . , ,J - :"2 315: ,ni -H M, ,Q QCD' .1 17 H ,L .,1f:L.,-f L I.. . ,. 1 JU?-gf' ,, - ,ffJ9-'01 U .Ld .1 L ' -, . galil 'j!gC1.i-' ' ,wxim - ky V fl , .glffiifrmi ' .A--" . ,ff in .ggi J' ., . . .. HC' J- " ,' Nb" ,.-LQ if-:J 1 .,- r. w M455 'TLT'-"' I r, , , -x. wif? ,,-P MMV Wm 17 ,M f M' .f , ff, , fy A f - 'U' W A u, Q, '. V- W' ' V' A v I W... g.,,,,n,aQ.hwf,,,g d , W,,,g-ZW, ff- A AV, f W f 1-vmmrzz..52'Z. JN MW, ' ',1,i...,,u' ' V'1,,, -- ' ' 7 ' '. .V First Row: John Galstong Bob Toyofukug John Rosickyg Bren- dan Smithg Bruce Hagertyg Larry Tingleyg Chuck McOuatg Bill Kenneyg Dick Perry. Second Row: Carmine Parisig Ed Casabiang Jon Fitchg Paul Delphiag Aubrey Thomasg Joey Regang Ken Barkleyg Pete Hourihang Denny Hickeyg Bob Wigglesworthg Bill McPheeg Mike Garneaug Jim Snowg Tom TUFTS CHAPTER OF DELTA UPSILON Local Founding-18 86 President-Brendan Smith Vice President-John Rosicky Recording Secretary-Dave Adzigian Corresponding Secretary-John Galston Treasurer-Joel Peckham Assistant Treasurer-Ron Millard Steward-Bob Toyofuku Assistant Treasurer-Mike Garneau How many varsity players should you find in this picture? 234 Gerwin. Third Row: Frank Valentig Brad Lathamg Ron Mayg Dave Glassg Egghead Barmoreg Dave Adzigiang Frank Babelg Dale Grinellg Charlie Beckmang Paul Gillespieg Jim Sample! Steve Moore. Fourth Row: Dick Tarlowg Paul Youngg Dave Schorg Ken Judd. Fifth Row: Tom Hendricksong Bob Gouldl Jim Donahueg Cliff Ericksong Bill Holland. we J. 1 f F t r 4 , 4 .ears Af r ' " 'fr wx' "Ji-""3-A " W 4?.f--'ii' F Y: P- 1-f-'JT-N ' "3 gas? t, A .U KLA: ,- .52 5 - 5' i Jaya . v-W3 "j-'ff' 4 ,, 1' Y 35, ,aw is - . sg Kiwi.: F! T PHI EPs1Lo PI ' What's wrong, she wear braces? At this time of year our hearts are sad, for gradu- ation will claim many of our beloved brothers. They have all contributed to making Phi Ep what it is today. It was as though many of the boys had to wait until their last year to make important discoveries at school. For instance-Werta discovered sorrow . . . Dave found a liking for mineral water fwhy else would any- one go to Saratoga Springs?J . . . Andels discovered Sex . . . George discovered cleanliness . . . Babe found out about classes . . . Koppleton revolutionized the framework of western civilization with the formulation of the concept of Moughf . . . the boys went on nature walks Cbeaver was in seasonl. Seen around the house this year-Shauglma settling for a 3.5 . . . Max accepting a refund on his room . . . Terry looking for a date who isn't from Scarsdale . . . Zim searching for hidden microphones . . . Jay looking for space to put all those acceptances . . . Benzie usher- ing one girl out the front door while another comes up the back . . . Richie looking for a new red-headed sec- retary, and, occasionally, Louie fLord of the Manorj. To Woody we give a nest . . . To Bumper a profes- sorship at Wakeiield U .... To Beeper, new para- trooper boots . . . To Horse, another shower . . . To George Peterson: Doc. Heath's favorite cook. S 236 Cappy we award the big T for his fine work on the Tube team . . . To Mills we give a free phone line to Philly . . . To Schmol, a professional volleyball con- tract . . . To the Friar we wish a nurse who loves opera . . . To Nathan, a happy marriage, and to Heck these words of wisdom, "Cross at the green, not in betweenf' Have a good summer. i Sllox .K X., H., Y s me - .,x Q km ..,v 'L .. . . ETS f'Q1w ' -Kiki-S SI .MM X., X -H ,---My I Hu., v ...M 1'11"w- ,, ,. ,.-w. 'mm Qlffm Q 5 If P59 ' - sn- QSM Clif! 4 3 KEN .xlfg k. .... sig 5153 .412 :N "vt za mir . wzzg H1 :cw .K . Y , ' 'ru -.. ww... bl . , . Y- T. .lla . M EITC. LIKE ..--T5 , .-5- a, , -3 f 5 5 l l llllllllllli 99 00 """10" ., 42451. l J First Row: Steve Stoneg Bill Amidong Reza Dorrieg Geor e C00 erg Harr Creenberfig Ed Fitz atrick. Firrlz Row: Laurlir N D . r Lahtineng Larry Kivimakig Lenny Odeng Sonny Reynoldsg Dick Gunthertg Joe Schneiderg Bill Cashman. Second Row: Don Averyg Barrie Bruceg Bill Harringtong Emory Sanders. Third Row: Ed Palog Gus Alexander. Fozzrzlz Row: Paul Staggg Al IOTA TETARTON CHAPTER OF PHI SIGMA KAPPA Local Founding-1957 President-Emory Sanders Vice President-William Amidon Secretary-Edward Pale Treasurer-Robert Hamilton Sentinel-Harold Greenberg Inductor-George Lahtinen l Thafs a nice hangover you've got lhel-C, 238 Bruceg John Mauryg Dick Raub. Sixrli Row: Clem Sheehurll Owen Loweg Jim Fay. Serenrlz Row: John Donovan: Diili Kalagherg Dick Filion: Brian Grant: Dick Benedict. W .NC x A c. J L I U P L M JR :ff a W WM.. militia Pminliti Whrmm -A-lwrwdlm :Ci . .,l:fp515 if Yi pits: E: Rt: :tzesss DQ "J, x EM. lah tl j.. iii tel. 51. 4, 1 Q al 1' ' - . it ... .t, ..., 5 fgzf , , . l X., l.. l ! 4? fi --Q. Q i l I 5 ,,. it 1, t., .,.. , ,,A4 V I .X "W H' ' A " , V Q- Wg. 1 V A V, ' . , , W, M - J First Row: Dave Drinang Carl Samrockg Richard Frenkielg Peter Lincoln, Philip Tilton, Charles Learnedg Peter Johngreng David Bombergerg Steven Grantg Robert Apfelg John Haas. Neil McKenzieg John Wilson, Keith Taylor, Robert Weeks: Second Row: Bob Jaffariang Ed Ryder, Art Young, Kerry Roger Seagraveg Jon Lindybergg Al Creighton. Craneg Bill Willard, Lloyd Salvettig John Ramsey. Third Row: u LC .il 4 3 ll 3 lf ll If P ZETA ETA CHAPTER OF SIGMA NU Local Founding-1950 Commander-Arthur Price Young, Jr. ' Lt. Commander-Edward Thomas Ryder, Jr. Recorder-Bradford Weston Thompson, Jr. Treasurer-Kerry Jack Crane Steward-Robert Hartwell Weeks House Manager-Charles Everett Learned Oh, yes, we eat much better than at Carmichael. me nqv... ......., ...,...... Ni 'W N-4-.e,,,W MN I 'rf Q .Y I V1 f C9 MQW! fe' f " 1 4 ff' -1 ff 7 Z lf , , -5-f e Fzrst Row: Jeff Sallawayg Dave Schwartzfarbg Tom Shacht- Marshall Derby: Steve Fisch: Lewis Blake. Iiflfgllv' Ntexx man Steve Glassg Barry Rubing Chester Guilesg Pete Parellal Trebyg Steve Goldrnz1n1Bol1 Finklesrein, ETA CHAPTER OF TAU EPSILON Local Founding-1917 Chancellor-Peter Parella Vlce Chancellor-Chester Guiles Bursar-Kenneth Rosenfleld Scrlbe Jeffery Sallaway Warden-Dave Schwartzfarb xx he-WRV' THETA CHI 'fThe moving finger writes and having writ moves on . . ." Another year passes at Epsilon Theta. Over time, specific experiences are forgotten-only words and phrases remain as remembrances of things past. The following are the most memorable, not because theylre the most universal, on the contrary, because theyire the l Well, at least welll finish it for the judging. most particular. Epsilon Theta wins first place in Homecoming dis- play contest-depicts Jumbo stomping on Lord Jeff Ctoo bad someone forgot to tell Amherstl . . . With twenty-four part harmony, we tied for second at Christ- mas Sing CTracy's voice wasn't the only thing high that nightj . . . AOPi votes to contain relations with Epsilon Theta . . . Cenci returns from Europe and Elwell re- turns for another semester . . . Ferry and Bishop get accepted to Tufts Med-Ferry shrugs: "What can I say?,', Bishop faints . . . "Hey, Schwartz CBermudaJ, when are you getting your Monza back?n . . . Shapiro goes Hawaiian . . . "Hey Waaaaaaaaaaardll' . . . W. W. Baker states: "I dreamt I worked for Johnson and Johnson in my . . fl . . . New addition to the ritual: Murray and his bagpipes . . . "Let,s cribbage out? . . . Kaplan for President Cof the Chelsea Boys Clubl . . . "Si" . . . Foote-fastest man in the house Cgets pinned over vacationj . . . Kalloch rewrites "Crossing the Bari, . . . "Haaarp" . . . Woods says that the prob- lem involves a lot of graysg Kimball sees it in black and white . . . "Finals? Hell, don't interrupt my checker gamev . . . Ratheon or Kodak, huh, Ray? . . . Raffen- etti named "Most loquacious guy in the housen . . . Ferry: 'fCome to the party, if your date is poor, you won't be alone" . . . Murray put in charge in milk supply . . . Brotherhood kidnaps the AOPi executive committee . . . Pat Emich elected Varsity Club queen -Jack Lewicki elected CHaa soooooj . . . Demaine becomes Cenciis understudy . . . Mack instructs broth- ers in the 'fsecret gripl' . . . Nutting ascends to secretary- ship of the I.F.C. flnter-Fraternity Conflictl . . . Wolf models muu-muu Cunwillinglyb in Stratton Lounge . . . Silva threatens, at meetings, to shut up the kitchen- the brotherhood threatens to shut up Shapiro . . . Ward breaks the record for L'Most consecutive days wearing I ack Stamler 244 blue-jeansl' . . . "Are you from Boston, etc.?', Cendi wears imported Harris tweed to dinner-Hahn asks: "Who's Harris?" . . . Elwell nominated to "Who's Who in the Zoo" . . . Brotherhood creates new executive oliice-Gulezian elected house God . . . Bishop sets record for most time spent grassing Cclosest he ever came to the Libraryj . . . "Who violates the guard of the outer gate?" . . . Ideological conflict divides the house: Should we line the brothers who don't show up for supper? . . . Erwin says he has hidden talent Che can sure keep a secretb . . . Sikes returns from Ger- many-organizes Young American for a United Help Keep America Clean-nom- Deutschland . . . inate Strouse for Operation Cross-Roads . . . Kimball heads Twist Records Appropriation Committee-Sha- piro heads Twist Records Elimination Committee . . . Carley establishes new secretarial form-the abbrevi- ated minutes . . . Alma Mater lirst and Theta Chi for Alma Mater. .4 aa-fyr f ., ww ff A A J , QAM N, f Y , , lwwjgfr , ' ,V5 jiwf- f ,4 First Row: Willy Hottleg Steve Wilcoxg Paul Dykemang Dave Litchlieldg Ralph Gaudetg Steve Gnospeliusg Bob Chapmang Howie Prithamg Doug Gowdyg Donny Richards. Second Row: Ned Fineg Tom Fletcherg Bill Gereg Ted Morineg Dave Stough- tong Steve Braytong Ray Drapkog Vinny McGuireg Jay Mugarg KAPPA CHAPTER OF THETA DELTA CHI Local Founding-1856 President-Howard G. Pritham Treasurer-Willard D. Hottle Recording Secretary-Steven Gnospelius Corresponding Secretary-Ralph W. Miller, Jr. 'lihctc H Ol'1l 246 . . C . C .- ' ,. f . D Spies C....r- V W ,N 1- . Y Q ,3-95' S... 'B -f il we Jack Delariag Jack Hawthorne: Bill Paxton: John MucNeish: Ray Yukna: Joe Pelczar: George liisllerz Ron Wallace: Pete LaQueurg John Connellg Ralph Miller: Frank Marlowe: Bob Donovzmg Joe Slumpfz Mike McDonough. Paul "The Greekl' Recklitis 1 248 ZET PSI September 1961-what a sight! The 105 year old palatial residence of Zeta Psi at 80 Professors Row had obtained a new look-from kitchen to head the sharpest house on campus was ready for its initial year. The season opened with the rise of the Zete sup- ported Student Rendezvousg but as soon as the Greek's "superb" cuisine was served, the brotherhood immedi- ately stopped complaining and the Rendezvous was sent to an inglorious death. 1961, the year of repreated attacks from a mysteri- ous one-eyed monster who ravenously devoured the "Nurd,', the '6Bull," the HWhale," and the "Mushroom', -the year of skilled experts in such lields of endeavor as Navy Drill Tactics 1:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M., card playing in the dark, and dictatorship-who's the tator character anyhow? Who could forget-the work of Lindy Lane, the droves of elders at Homecoming, the legend of the 'Homecoming chicken," the Numb One playing whist, the pleasant personality of R. Hackett, the Duke's visit. Werenskiold joined-Norwegian-American rela- tions improved immensely. Gastonguay joined-the average went up. Rozes joined-the average went down. Scholastically-we easily made the Dean's Other List CDoc was not happyig Athletically-"All- New England" Jim Tidey. 1962-the year of promise for Zeta Psi-twenty-one Sophomores shock the campus and join--we now have the best class of '64 at Tufts. The new look has been completed. The Zete house looks to the next 106 years. Y xl .,- 2. s , -. r--,. Y, '-C M 5 A S ' v '- N LQ - 7 9 N, -xf A w - X - X if 'J .., -.. , x .. V K RYE Milam ., , ,MI fm -M A s U4-E531 ,N ,. -AQ, krmxq Tfifrk 'rv- 1 'FSH . .-,C n v . 1' t xx, w . ' A ...y u - v LPH GMICRO PI Will the real Elliott please sit down. Keep your eyes on the hands. September rolled around and the group returned to Registration Day and our Food-for-Thought Bake Sale, some with memories of the preceding weekend at the Cape, some with stories of European voyages, Mar- jorie with a gold band, Char with a diamond, and Shush with tales of Georgia Convention and TWO cups . . . "O pass around the loving cupv . . . Nancy W., you drink last! Our pledges steal the baby com- posite . . . The Executive Council is taken for ransom . . . Terry, Candy, and Shush attempt revenge, but suc- ceed only in learning how to Twist . . . The AOPi jama Party at the Theta Chi house is interrupted somewhat by Ray Charles and clock-radios in the middle of the night. Our alums come to the room for a Halloween Party and we are invited to the College Club for Founderls Day, where we learn about Llil Abner in Dogpatch CThe F.N.S.J and we initiate Maureen and Dee. An- other clean at Academic Honors with the Scholarship Cup, Phi Beta Kappa, Society of Scholars, and many other departmental awards, but 'fyou don't have to be a genius to get in." Rush comes upon us and we take the freshman on an exotic island cruise via the S.S. AOPi . . . 35 woman-hours went into that ceiling . . . Grushenka, the Captain fharrumphl, the Mermaid, Boston Be- guine, the Cretan Bull . . . ubut I'm always the villainf' A great show, thanks to Sue A. and Jeannie-in spite of our New England town-meeting spirit. The closed party . . . "My name is Peter Panl' . . . "I forgot my lines beating the tom-tom." Our topnotch pledges attest to this success at our holiday celebration and pledging. Second semester already with the Pledge Formal and toys for our philanthropy. Memories roll on with the months until Senior Breakfast time. And who can for- get Sue A. and her recs, Jeannie and her drawl, Suzie and her hula, Char and her baton, Diana and her sailor's mop, Nancy and her Fraternity Ed, Norma and her little people, Terry and the money for the lack of itj, Nan and her Admiral's uniform, Mother Hayward and her umpteen paddles, sparkling Angel Hazel X Holst, Tinkerbell Engstrom, and See ya, SHUSH. i Alpha Omicron Pi, Friends as the years go by, Lov- ing sisters are we, Loyal forever, Alpha, to thee. 1 N . X, .- sr ui X angfki ' A-sms . X iv L I v X M W x W1 'TQ ffm W ,Q i W iiiiqn 31: F mon -NN. Nix nl . .mfg Cmnt :dh A5321 .X. IT L If N5 4.. w EAT? .rv- ...1 First Row: Elaine Golden: Mary Lynn Kubisek: Judy Ostlund: Lois Kohler: Lee Pledger: Joy Poll: Linda Curtiss: Mary Grimes: Lucinda Collins: Joyce Murnane: Judith Graustein: Joan Russick: Judy Deutsch: Pat Wood. Second Row: Betsey Franz: Kathy Shields: Linda Richards: Diane Dwaileebe: Peggy Bovey. Tlziru' Row: Marsha Frunzi: Joan Skiffg Mari- anne Ziegler: Sheila Zysman: Joyce Regan: Patricia Pettapiece. Fourth Row: Nancy Gordon: Sylvia Miller: Mary Jane Bran- ley: Donna Apgar: Lucy Newton. Top Row: Mary Glenn: Paula Veinerg Linda Dalziel: Virginia Clark: Raelene Huck: CHI ALPHA OF CHI OMEGA Founded at Tufts University-1910 President-Mary Grimes Vice President-Linda Curtiss Secretary-Kathy Gallery Treasurer-Cindy Collins Pledge Trainer-Joy Poll I 254 Susan Hallyl Elizabeth Haywood: Mary Ruth Johns: Mary Canty: Lynn Mahoney. Nm Pit-r1r1'utI.' Lucy .-Xrslanian: Leila Bliss: Dolly Bowman: Heather Campbell: Diane Dfkquila: Kathleen Gallery: Jean Mclinight: Elconore McLaughlin: Dor- othy Murphy: Barbara Sophios: Joy' Sutton: Crennan Wade: Susan Bruce: Nancy Buehler: Mary Ann Cannon: Phyllis Friedlander: Marcn Gale: Patricia Rane: Elizabeth Ray: Sybil Killhourhy: Sandra Mason: Betsy' Moulton: Sharon Olmsted: Gail Phillips: Holly Schuehard: Dale Sy nan: Jean Yan Peur- scm: Constance Williams. y S ,AA CHI OMEG Ifg about those Kissin' Cousins,-have they been Sealed? Let's create a committee to protect them until PF time,-no game out of season. - Mfg, T. Farrand, we love you, but there's just one more question, does National carry apple insurance, and what is the coverage on bleacher casualties? One thing we have is spirit, we've even got spirits fthey wander around the library at nightb. This has been cultivated at the top and culminated at the bottom- what a bunch of hot spooks! Someone's a trophy hunter, and that baseball player has trouble controlling the plasticity in her face, but then whatever Lola wants,-gets, which leads us to the conclusion that the devil is a ham. Clean up to- night is-for the pay we get buster, you're lucky to get your ashtrays washed, at 7WgZ, compounded an- nually, we could evoke the child labor laws. Make a mask or go as yourselves, you'll have a fun time at Nickerson House--whois a kid-and so what if you're a little late, the ice-cream didn't start melting till now. Climacticon-Sad Days, Glad Daze, a little powder here, no. 5 and no. 7, come on, 20 minutes to stamp 5000 tickets. Window-shop talk, sisters and sisters Cpledgesj, gee that's a swell paddle, but why is all that paper stuck on it-plan ahead, paint the night before. Ever see a Scotchman who didn't love-saving Marlboro bottom flaps? Not another phonograph fwith four speakers yetj, get rid of it-but we were the only ones who entered the contest. Chi-Otees are supposed to howl not giggle, it would be nice if they got a chance to sing once in a while, maybe it would relieve a bit of their husterical tension, cha cha cha. Academic Honors, Cironians, Gold Key Csorry, those are fraternity pins not keysl, add some Student Council and Class Officers, maybe organization heads -Heil, Ubermenschen of Chi Alpha. You thought she liked you till Iddy Biddy Buddy week-who keeps putting that peroxide in your box, some friend-hah-Itls the little things in life that count. But so long, sisters of '62 Cwe know that you'll be back to wash dishesl. We love thee truly, Chi Omega Chi! AW-C'mon, throw the dime. Oh, Georgie 2 1 I J -.. YA 'fn 'x '-J Qin , Wi X31 x X x r,Q :g fx ,- x x X xxx .Nl lf. 's .Q-H, .xA X vm K ,lun mu lla HIM n Hz ZH iii? 5: . X X X X X X X 1 X X X X X 1 . X W X X Y LM I - x N 4 X X X X X X X . X I X F123 r F53 , X 'Qyij V, X X. . 3.1 J XXX' X X ' W. , F .N MX X X -X33 . X - X- .-'X' Q 1 :lv-Ml9's. .. f:.,. ..-ara 7'-1,,'7.': ,j""f1"f""' 721! "M ""'f"'Z"' "" ' L,f -..,5 A . ,,. --X 'Y V , N "'- WX, X, -X 15922-21122 .Lx .xr .xx gg .,j, .2,. v, .fe ..q.,wsA2:f f--Q' ..,,,,...-4-, .L- vrr'-v n::.:n. w., I, l 1. ti fl E. ,na 7 Q x .4 phffnf B L CUMMINGS INC 168 SCHOOL STREET 10076 Local Milk 40-A Dudley Street ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS SECOND HAND TEXT BOOKS BOUGHT-SOLD-EXCHANGED At all times at Medford Hillside Branch of Harvard Book Store 319 Boston Ave. ' "Just a step from campus" SOMERVILLE LUMBER 8. SUPPLY C0 . 779 MCGrQth Highway MOnumer1t 6-9800 J. J. Van:uaru,I11c GENER-AI. CONTRACTORS 511 MYSTIC AVENUE, SOMERVILQLE 44, MASSACHUSETTS ' TELEPHONE SOMnasn'r 6-5376 1 Compliments of To the I BoLToN-SMART oo., Inc. THE Wholesale Pzmfeyorx of CHOICE BEEF - LAMB - VEAL - PORK - POULTRY - FISH I BUTTER - CHEESE - EGGS - FROSTED FOODS 1 121-125 Clinton Street Tel. LAfaYeffe 3-1900 BOSTON, MASS. 1 'k i i i i i i I i Scholasuc Iewelers, Inc. 5174 WASHINGTON STREET l Boston 32, Massachusetts 4 Q WRI l Telephone FAirview 3-4300 1 1 1 4 1 OFFICIAL IEWELERS- SCHOOL RINGS i TUFTS and JACKSON COLLEGE I 1 I , I x rx L Q Q To the 1962 Tufts Graduate . . . V, , -. vu THE TUFTS ALUMNI OPPICE I 'sv' IS AT YCUR SERVICE' i Activities on Campus 'k Addresses of classmates Alumni Day Bookstore merchandise Changes of address Class directories Class notes U Class reunions - ' f Football tickets For information and assistance concerning i Homecoming X SPARC Sessions if Special Events Courses 1' Swimming at the Pool i Tufts Alumni Association f Tufts Alumni Council if Tufts chairs, plates, glasses f Tufts clubs f Tufts Night at the Pops or any other matter of interest to alumni glut p 'T is Ami for Courteous, Prompt, Personal Service WRITE PHONE V S T ll FRED P. NICKLESS, JR. FRED P. NICKLESS, JR. Alumni S ecre tary Room 54, Ballou Hall TUFTS UNIVERSITY Medford 55, Massachusetts PRospect 6-2100, Extension 218 l A J . l E' Q 261 THE CENTURY PAPER CO., Inc. EXCLUSIVELY PRINTING PAPERS 295 CONGRESS STREET BOSTON F. L. Putnam 8m Company, Inc. Member of the BOSTON STOCK EXCHANGE 77 Franklin Street Boston 1 5 l I L 3 1 I i 1 1 1 F -NNN Geo: S0m:rs: 1 l 4 i 1 1 3 i 1 5 l 3 I I 4 ! I 1 COLONIAL PRINTING COMPANY 149 Exchange Street Malden, Mass, PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS 0 Tufts Weekly Newspaper Q Tuftonian 0 Candlepin Bowler 0 The Jumble O Sports on Tap "Quality and Craftsmanship Since 1913" Sion 262 X 50sT0y X Jerry Marr George's Beverage, Inc. A Bottled Liquors 329 Somerville Avenue Somerville f somerset 6-4410 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Standard Duplicating Machines Corp. EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS A. W. VANDERHOOF President THOMAS CVCON N OR Sz CO., I C. Builders and Structural Engineers KENDALL SQUARE BUILDING Telephones Klrkland 7-1670 - UNiversity 8-7330 DANE G OC NNOR Aus ' TINJ OC NNOR TH MA D OC NN R T H OC NN R X nw' .. 'x "3 N f Y Q x E N H PM aim' DIAMOND SPRING BREWERY COMPLIMENTS TO LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS CLASS OF 1962 Emory Sanders Phi Sigma Kappa 'I A Y , S FINE FOODS 30 CONTRACTORS Years and of Dependable Service ENGINEERS Rossano Construction Company, Inc Site Impfgvementg Building Construction EAST BOSTON, MASS- Alterations and Repairs LOgan 9-0812 STEPHEN BERECZ COMPANY INCORPORATED 140 NHDDLESEX AVE, copp Ford Plantl, SOMERVILLE, MASS. . -l 11 ..... ,. 3 Tel. Plziospect 6-0720 me I 9 . he 4,5 Labor Savmg 1 X ,,.w.,-. ., X .z o rx Heavy Duty I gg R .i Large Capaclty , WW ,,,.:, 5 , h Tv g QW POWER If O aa ras- R MOWERS , ETX,-T, ullnl -I ,f,., 'iv aaa aa fr or 1 . izi I H H E FACTORY or AUTHORIZED sA1.Es AND SERVICE . .. lvilv , ,,L,.." f" 'R Nqiionql Mowers ie- f f W' M Locke Mowers Illustrated Snow Plows 75" Locke Triplex Mower with Reverse - Capacity 2 acres per hour. x J. P. O'Connell Company Ready-Mixed Concrete and Mason,s Supplies 110 Forsyth Street Boston Te. Hi-5-4670 W i r I I l 1 i 1 1 I i , TI HIGQ ff' NL S T51 Gif: L-QQ u.. V. ." Sf- NY ling, LE ma 1,-.'x .Q s N, '- Swing F Duty Capacit- IIISR IFRS TIOHY ml SNES HIRE IIII-'vers bm bvs 1 266 HILLSIDE HARDWARE 8m PAINT CO. "Where everyone at TUF TS buys and saves." WE MATCH ANY PAINT COLOR FRATERNITY HOUSE NEEDS FINE WALLPAPERS SHADES 8: BLINDS 325 Boston Avenue Medford For Rapid Service Call EXport 5-0712 The and Established 1892 HIGGINS COMPANY 20 Mill Street Arlington 74, Mass. Mlssion 8-1410 The Care of Trees Landscape Design 8: Planting Large Tree Moving 644 EAST I t Has Been Our Privilege To Serve Tufts Continuously for Many Years P. J. CANTWELL 8m SON CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS FOURTH STREET B. A. CANTWELL South Boston, Mass. Wg COMPLIMENTS OF THE TO COMPLIMENTS OF BROWN 8. BLUE RESTAURANT CLASS OF 1962 TO THE CLASS OF 1962 THE HILLSIDE BARBER SHOP 1 -Lea' fr. A W .BEIJ-X SEBI II. 1173 HARVEY STREET CAMBRIDGE 40, MASS. Weather Proofing Engineers Roofing and Sheet Metal Work ESfCfb1i5hed 1922 Tel. UNiversity 4-4200 l Q SHOP S BAYARD TUCKERMAN, JR. ROBERT T. FORREST ARTHUR J. ANDERSON JULIUS F. HALLER ARTHUR J- ANDERSON, JR. HERBERT s. TUCKERMAN J. DEANE SOMERVILLE We blueprint the basic structure for the insurance of our clients and build their protection on a sound foundation. Only by a complete survey of needs, followed by intelligent counsel, can a proper insurance program be constructed. We shall be glad to act as your insurance architects. Please call as at any time. oBRloN, RUSSELL at co. INSURANCE of EVERY DESCRIPTION When You Think of Insurance . . . Think of us! 141 MILK STREET BOSTON 6, MASSACHUSETTS HUbbard 2-6200 HY'S LUNCH 81 DELICATESSEN Delicious Lunches BEER-ALE-WINE 695 Broadway, Ball Square, Somerville SOmerset 6-9445 "Hot Pastrami . . . Our Specialty" Sandwiches Made Up To Go DAILY-9 A.M. to 11:45 P.M. FRIDAY-9 A.M. to 1 A.M. SUNDAYS-1 P.M. to 11:45 P.M. Pofhier Brothers UNIVERSITY PRINTERS, INC. 179 COLLEGE AVENUE 21 LOCUST STREET Medford 55, Massachusetts MEDFORD 55, MASSACHUSETTS Now Operating The Old Tufts Press . EXport 6-4290 PRospect 6-2100 Ext. 210 EXport 6-4291 Offset Lithography Letter Press J . LARRY POTHIER Mailing Service ROLAND POTHIER BERNARD POTHIER X ff-1253 -LV A , r ' ,il A -'- g'.' s- 'e' Q. -' v 'sxl Y. 'I ,X-. . Q -- 111 -fftfn . . .Q . My . - N s 'n . S+. Rl Ng' .. f HILLSIDE CLEANERS qc 3 HOUR SERVICE H FREE PICK UP SERVICE ESSEN SAME DAY SHIRT SERVICE B We use DUPONT PROCESS -' lj Itls ODORLESS W5 Telephone EX 6-2929 V x 334 BOSTON AVENUE, MEDFORD 111 H060 lI45PM. slut ll:-BPM If VIS 290 291 BELLA-MEO'S SANDWICH SHOP 25 Original Submarines SO 6-9092-Somerville LR 142 College Ave.-Powder House Sq. Z fr' A I Hseflfing New England For Over 78 YEARS" Established 1884 G. GIOVINO 81 CO. Wholesale Grocers Fruits and Produce Double "G" Brand Blue Orchid Brand 19-21 Commercial St. Boston, Mass. Telephone, Connecting All Departments LAfayette 3-5050 6 9,0 CHAS. T. MAIN, Inc. CONSULTING ENGINEERS 80 FEDERAL STREET Boston, Massachusetts O 0.6 Cones, Frappes Sundaes Splits, Franks 272 X Incorporated September 5, 1877 HILLSIDE-CAMBRIDGE CO-OPERATIVE BANK 356 Boston Avenue Medford Hillside, Mass. MYstic 6-0680 GEORGE S MILLER . ,Pres. DONALD N. SLEEPER, Treas. REARDQN AND TURNER MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 150 CAUSEWAY STREET Boston 14, Massachusetts idea man... the Keller gearbook isv f i 731 7 1 f 4 Zak 1 f f at r 4,-40 .9if0is5f17 06. 'lg 2 x fr ,,-" .Sf Q' -, ,GV ,f ,F S S" 4 f if ff frzfy' ' 6,54 egos? is Q , as b fi! Af Qyyw a flfivf' 4 , H., , ..,- ' W' representative ROSWELL FARNHAM To the casual reader a yearbook is often simply an "a1bum', of pictures with accompanying identi- fications and enough written text to fill up the re- maining holes on the pages. Merely ink on paper . . . though nice to own and enjoy. But to the staff and the adviser the yearbook means much more. For yearbook work comprises a multitude of details: Layout, Art, Photography, Copy, Typography, Covers and Binding Cnot to mention the small detail of money-raisingl. Highly technical and often confusing, these details are at the very least time-consuming and a source of anxiety to a staff unless the publisher's repre- sentative is company-trained to give needed help and suggestions. All representatives for Wm. J. Keller Inc. are skilled in the many facets of yearbook work, hav- ing at their finger-tips the answers to yearbook problems as well as a multitude of ideas for new graphic arts special effects, to enable the staff to produce a yearbook that is different and attractive. Your Keller salesman is more than a technical ad- viser, he is a "clearing-house" of yearbook ideas. Wm. J. Keller Inc. Publishers of Finer Yearbooks Buffalo 15, New York We W IQ mill? , :K ' . s MK. mmm ki -. hm R52 - F' ' . Khtruimmmxi l Sm mhiliii hmmm r-awgmdam wisest. mvtweidii TiXl!.l.KEii2IlllC.Hf xciyezitmiivfhll' xmwiwlll nmggifiglorniw gneniillflllll shammi' we'ff"Mmi :wtf .F Portraits by Kem-ima Friends together can make a little world, warm with love and delight, and nothing else makes so close a bond as a gift of a Qeautiful tmortra it For Appointment C all Studio: 58 CHURCH STREET PArkview 9-4232 Winchester, Mass. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for the Tufts University Class of 1962 Our Color Pictures are of Highest Quality, and Our Color Lab is Nationally Recognized GK VAN FOSTER EDITOR 8' '45 R - V '-5 LAURIE BRUC an my E - V1 5 VI U Yin 49' EDIT OR-IN-CHIEF Van Foster BUSINESS MANAGER Laurie Bruce MANAGING EDITOR Dick Schaefer SALES MANAGER I on Fitch ADVERTISING MANAGER Emory Sanders SENIOR CO-EDITORS Dick Quinn Linda Curtiss ORGANIZATIONS CO-EDITORS J . D. Smith Elaine Golden FACULTY EDITOR Dick Sullivan SPORTS EDITOR Charlie Hallahan JACKSON SPORTS EDITOR Lucy Helfant FRATERNITY EDITOR Dave Matheson SORORITY EDITOR Donna Apgar PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Holly Andrews Steve Rosenthal COVER DESIGNER ART EDITOR Paula DePillis LITERARY EDITOR Mike Brooks PROOFREADER Bruce Anderson ASSOCIATE EDITORS Larry Clinton Ron Milauskas Bob Gould Charlie Bemis 1962 To the Class of '62: This book represents the expression of mostly my tastes in what a yearbook should be. It is not all that I had wished it to be, I am not perfect. It is neither a simple history of the year or a tour of the campus, these are left to the Alumni Review and the Catalogue. Its purpose is to preserve for future years the life at Tufts, its humor and its pathos, which, although familiar now, may escape us in time. This then has been the criterion in all editorial decisions. I wish to express my gratitude to the many members of the staff who worked long hours without suflicient reward in putting this book together, also a vote of thanks goes to Ros Farnham of the Keller Publishing Company for his patience with me through elastic dead- lines. A special debt is owed to a bubbly little man known to all, Norman Benrimo. Ben has been overly generous with his time and money, and without Ben's cooperation this book would not approach its present quality. I would further like to acknowledge the help and ideas given me by Paul Rothaug, Editor of the 1961 JUMBO BOOK, which have been incorporated in this book. Respectfully yours, VAN FOSTER 276 sh' s s Ns NNN 1 u wx 1 F W A l l :N SYN J 3 , NfNx s , , is N: S . . .fv-A X . Q ' YQ.. - -,us L lv X . M-I -. uk -Q A "xi w ., . X V-L l'x.,' . -5-LY X. " Y Q- U I L' .-V.:- L4 TW ., .RQ vflf, " -.flffff"-' v xl x-T'.'z':L. ii' 7.ifif,wT.' , ...,- 45 :f. !l" 7 1. -"9J 15 5 If mg TY ,N 1 fs, , ,. f Y Q Y V Am V Y YV 4 L vpgrw i v ,x::Yv::k V ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,. ,..........,.,. .mfr --- w-'------- - '--'-'-- "' f--'-f--M 1.,. , f- . - - ' - I' f-m1.4.xv-x..,. -..A.u'.....-,-.....,-V - ... ,..4 P ' ....-...,.w............ ., ..............:,.-.. ............,.-,,......A-,,........... .. .,.....,. ..- , . -. . .... -,. , ,. . .4 U ..f. , 4, ,, ,L a.,,,:4'. Q. .,.,.1.g.,...,,..........l.....-...... J:-.lah ,f,1..LM4+.4.a.f.-4.1d. ..',u.h-mm.--aiq...J..t.QLvQ.l:6.- L'-Iq1l5.z.v:.L.gL:a::.-:e.f,-,e,:...L. 1-,5...gxw.m.s:.a:,J.x:.s.4. .xycdx :Lx?.:.i.'g-,N --: ww . x -x ,A x 5.500 3--n.M.:. X wx V vxu -..- x N 1. gl

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