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Text from Pages 1 - 178 of the 1940 volume:

Wfygzfz !""'y'4"" e""?'ff'f" 'r XE, 0 ,. ic QU 3 U --Q .'--ur' BL. 1- , , h A dn Q"'.r J ' fr B 5x 1 fm 4 , ' X " , M ' s. ,Je n - wg 'QQ 7'- N. ' -M . . ,rw fm, 'X' may Nag x - M 1 A f ' fi. ' 'S 4. "9 1 ' q W 4-.fn : A V. 'gf' x ' . , i' t- ., lp - wi ' Q., W, xg, - L' N N A, u 1 .A :J .N i ,y4,dk. ,V KSA F .-.. L- wry' 4 1, 4 Q E',45.j'j? f YI' ., X X 'l KY' 'I '. ' . , . HU" - ,vga-A i I 7? Y 1' f 1 .l . ,M-9' - .qu , xl :WY M . ' 1"1 ' H 1 Ax ,. 1 - 5 P , K . x Y h Q V1.4 v . Q Q x. if 1 -. x, - I , " yy? 'P A Q gs 1 , :ml l - . QXV -., . 1 N V'-f ' A - 'N gr , I! A . , , NW- X ,: M'v'Q 1 AQ ' A .1 ef ' , ., vw ' " " 4 mmf' I ,Vg-art: fs! I . ff. F N kk 35 M '-- N' H "fl 'Q . - 3 Citi! .144 1 ,gfg,i, ,Y f y g,.,lQL 37 1 A .I W, mb 1 J 1' 4 Q., 4 F I .fr , 1 , fsfkf' Q ,vm ,,,wN' 6. - 'L A s ' W fi x 'W ' , A A W, , A 6,3 .fe fn' .Y W-' ,,, .wf"' Y '55 2 i 2 1 2 Q S 1 3 val A ,J--f 4 , 1 , N, -. 4 .' A 4' .' c 6 R 'i ' I . '-fi-Vs f ig., ' ,, " . ' 1 ' . . s r , My ,xy '. a Ag. A -A ll , f x' 'W ,p 1 '. M, Q 59. W r ai fl -if fe , ,JW . 'Af yu tm, -A ny A , xr, 9 Q fy A f as 'AM' -gn 5 A 1 4 6 a ff f j jr- L K. ' ' I 1 W , , , f , W. nn' W f iv N 5"A::m W' 'sk ,V EIJDOM does a young man become the Deannof Men and the Director of Admissions in a large college. And seldom, if such a man is appointed, does he, in the short space of a year, make a deep and lasting impression on the lives of the students and faculty members with whom he Works. Such an educator, counselor, teacher, and friend is Dean Nils Yngve Wessell. We of the Class of 1940, the first class to graduate since he came to Tufts, dedicate our year book to Dean Wessell and Wish him many years of continued happiness and success at Tufts College. DEDICATION EVERY YEAR thc editors of a college yearbook are faced with the problem of making the book different than it has ever been before. We have not attempted to make any radical changes in the 1940 Jumbo Book but merely to embody the best ideas in past books and incor- porate a few original ideas. The chief characteristic of this year's book is the fact that it is printed entirely in brown and blue ink. The chief feature is the Pictorial Section of campus views. The chief changes are the combining of the Tufts and Jackson seniors in the Senior Section, the inclusion of all clubs and organizations in the Activities Section, and the pictures of the fraternity entrances and sorority rooms in the Fraternity Section. We hope you get as much enjoyment from looking at the book as we did in compiling it. The Editors Title Page Dedication Pictorial Section Faculty Section Classes Section Seniors Unclerclasses Activities Section Athletic Section Fraternity Section Feature Section TUFTS COLLEGE has one of the most beautiful campuses in this part of the country. On the next eight pages are pictures of some of the numerous build- ings onthe Hill. To the right is the view through the portal between Miner and Paige Halls which is so familiar to students. Below is a view of the en- trance to Miner Hall. ln the corner is a view of the wing of Goddard Chapel. iffy 'X 1'1Ai.A bg' , y ug'-2 ,' . ,JU ,. v- 524 p In .777 w I if yn 'A A J 4 .,, , ' I' A , ' ' -'ik 1' 2 ww: 'ind Y, ? b ' gg QOQAS--. 'h-pf we-' w .am 'X :Inf-',f"A 'NM ' -' ' - -. SBI:-1 ' ' .' ma Y' 'fhgi 9 . .. .. M My Q I. 2. , ij, L' 'Q' 3 ' if ., ' ,V ', 'll- 5 . ' ww, 'jwfy K W1 Q, " X 'vw ' g' .4 'f "xiFQh A i V3 , V. ,. A X QQ-ww-. ' ,F '. M 5 li 14 'i'x ,I --,M WY. 'Agfa fm, - :sew ,vw Mins 1 . , Q,. ikgmy W V ig .Q " Q . f '51, ' . F M ,, 'gms q - '- an In-uf" M' ' - ,,,, Q ' rl 'I QW-, 1+ Q 4 W. .. H "V V5 - "' Mi. X. mn 55245 4. , iffafw x" ' bk , M f A ' x 9? 'ft .pqpvv . .ja 2 pu' f'Cf3i4 VL 5' 1 ' xl Se ,wb I 4- N 47 'am- I, it4'1l ' , , Vi' A' u me 4 V' A.,mf.x H , Y , I' g , LW , U ' u V, ' ,T g ' ' M. .w .yu R I ' , 1 1 1 W I 4 1 I I wb w, ..' n I in -4 A I-J ,. ,,- 1 ,-fvg-.tt I "".1 .'1if'r' W V . Wd i. ,umm jlfyf-,L yy -. M. Y' uf . , "- 'Q 'J ,- ,+,1- it -. , .r'7.' ', 'L Y ., N .. ,M A A wa , , ' H--L" . ,. -' 1 Q , yn ,, -- ,,,. . ' , ' 'l2l.H,' 1 'v '.v,'N3'V',Q M f 0 ., U F ' L "'r-I LM ' f ..y.,?. A W V' ' A , AP -:,.4- x . -fi .'kf,: rf: 1 'Y 'W' . ,. z'if,fw,:e.'g:-sf' X, ,-, X "4 U .- .xmifk 1'g-J .1 'Q l ,. j ., .. .' -wg, ,a f i' ,, 5-MW, r A-ij, uf y 11- Xwfjf 'S 5":f5"1fWf 'i'R:tQgf"j f. gy. - " X ' 'K L k 'Hn'-L Mv-,"f' 'f W' Q ,frm "" . Wi' -- STRATTON HALL is one of the largest of the eight girls' dormitories and faces the oval and golf course. RICHARDSON HOUSE has served Tufts in many capacities in its years of existence. lt is now one of the larger girls' dormitories. METCALF HALL with its new addition is the largest girls' dormitory on the Hill. It also includes one of the two women 's dining rooms. CAPEN HOUSE used to be the President's House. It is situated on Professors Row and is now used as a girls' dormitory. -'24 T, W 'M 'fi W. R ' 4 V .A 1 I 5 k tp, ..,,,, , m 1, i W .U , f 'lf-J?-J?,dfH'..V' 'vw If ,Mivg 1 A gm ,fx .1 X , ,gf aw. . M .U ,tri X ,Iwi ,. I ., I . ,Q 6 I N V., 5 Ju., 'we . ,N U 'ff V.--vii : X 1 Al I ,f .. xv, sg., A V in H' g, 4, 1' " ' ' .. ' 0 1 fn ' . X, ., 0 fi' '5- m J ' r. i V 1 "1-A "WF f ,, .. 'Q 4159, 1 Q -'X . . ,P A L , Ak xp '1-.H Na+ -f . N -is I, ' ' kv Ty, ,1i.,',5,.i if '52 'AH 7' I 2 L aa' ,-f f x JMQI' ., 1, in -A , V rl g' ,Q , 1 in r, A. 5 I mix. I' , f L, VE . W4 l ! f . ,Q A ' 4421: --:Zu , 1' 4 M' K ' 111555 L- i nn'l'i!' .P fr: frm I .. 4 -:Q sl' M -5-Sr . A fr, sax. X M--41 ,y W'-' N'IIll-nn. , ,,ff'f1+-'fp f ' 'iw F4 . klillllllll fm' I' YV I V Y, fra, , , '- , Q 1- 1, , T 1 ,' 1,a ' '. 'ann AHL A 'Ls I 3 4,34 , N ,.y' g1 llglgigwggqgqgqgf ll .. ' Lf, ' ff. .1-il iidhl- Y " Ill? RN? Q Y, 'x K-4 .A My. . . , . ,. x"'- ,N nl. " . .4 ma .Vg .1 ,W 'xl N "V If www -. ' V:-. 1 P 4, 'Nm Q 4 I ,mt .- , A f.- , -v' Mar ,. I X .11 C, xx. 'E ,, .H .- ww fy, ' 4 A Wt mf I 4gT1,,1f f - ' 'Qf,C,f4g Jfjfvr .,-' ' 'v y, P 1. .4 W M A, 'J 1 'I 22 .,,. 2. ' Q , ' D ' ,rs ' ' s 5 ' , KT, , rf f'1iLf'g ,ZW f ' L-+-Hn X ,Fri .J.ljT' . X ., ,f J-,fo I L I 1 A 'ff M43 vs 'ji qi nw , '39 ' -'i'T!' -V," .Lfq 1 ,.., 'L , 1 d,.. L E7 lf?" :jf E-P' 1 .,.fWQJ,. ,V-kpv .w""' 'WMS' M - 4- ,..-yf ..,,... ' vf. Ax .N . WMM 4 TUFTS is particularly beau- tiful in the winter when a good snow storm brings out all its natural loveli- ness. On this page are two pictures of Tufts during a snowstorm, one from Dearborn Gate and the other looking up Latin Way toward the Hill. R ,-f -ff v t gill, -'v .Nui Q xfvglfj-5 yfrif -Q. Nt. . ,. , A A 5 yr s . My -A4 ' ,W-Sri,-Fjrlfl. s rf ,li,',,,1,s,A,g,. ,.. ss ,Hr Q. ss.. it .- -Timers ri N' ' 'i.,g'Q1'5AwQp'r,j 1 r yr ,,.-,, 2 fc so -vs, ., .-- A. r fp.-freer to ,xt wg gc' Q' Q.qQkF:l4. . .. . , ,. l ttzrnx -iff! 'VVS ff .H+-'NA' -A va. -, t. L , ..., 1 -ur -'1 --4. .J 1 ' 1 , , . .. ---.W .,..,..-L ei..- .sw W" , -ri' s' r 35 K K" . 2 " , 3. " . xiii? 1 iv ' fl' l nam. - i,qiNQi:KfQ - D TUFTS College is a rapidly grow- ing and advancing seat of learning in New England. On the Hill are the School of Liberal Arts, Jackson Col- lege for Women, Engineering School, Bromfield-Pearson School, School of Religion, Graduate School, and Fletcher School of Law and Diplo- macy. The Medical and Dental Schools are in Boston. Truly of university scope, Tufts is sure to achieve continued success in educational circles under the leader- ship of a line group of administrators and an active, loyal and capable faculty. FACULTY PAGE 20 GEORGE S. MILLER Vice-President of Tufts College Dean of .Faculty of Arts and Sciences LEONARD CARMICHAEL Ph.D., Sc.D., Litt.D., LL.D. President of Tufts College ADMINISTRATION THE Class of 1940 has been priv- ileged to have been at Tufts under the administration of two Presidents and one acting President. We hold in deep esteem the fond memory of Dr. Albert Cousens and his years of Service to Tufts. We will never forget faithful, loyal, hard-working Professor George Miller. We look forward to a new, progressive Tufts under the leadership of ambi- tious, witty, learned Dr. Leonard Carmichael. The future of Tufts is bright under such administrators. NILS Y. WESSELL HARRY P. BURDEN Dean of L.A. Men Dean of Director of Engineering School and Admissions Bromfield-Pearson USH KVM EDXTH L' Burmese Dew 0 Dean oi Jackson TINCEXLSK ,On Diref! Studies CLAY: I I X ilkellgl voixo L.H0S1?lli, new of Selma 0 HAL A A chef Sc 0 ON ummm lowlm of Gfndvaw Sumner Robinson, A.M.g LLB. Arthur Ellery Mason, A.lNl. Ira Rich Kent, A.B. Charles Hial Darling, A.B., LL.D. Guy Monroe Winslow, Ph. D. Harold Edward Sweet, A.B. Thomas Oliver Marvin, B.D. Cora Polk Dewiek, A.B. Robert William Hill, A.B.g LL.B. John Russell Macomber, A.lVl. Payson Smith, A.M.: Litt.D.g LL.D. Frederick Crosby Hogdon, A.B. Eugene Bucklin Bowen, A.M. Richard Bradford Coolidge, A.M. Thomas Sawyer Knight, B.S. TRUSTEES Frank Howard Lahey, M.D.g D.Sc. Elmore Ira MacPhie, B.S. Samuel Paul Capen, Ph.D.g LL.D.g Sc.D.g L.H.D.g Litt.D Huntley Nowell Spaulding, Sc.D. g LL.D. Vannevar Bush, Eng.D.g Sc.D. Louis Emmons Sager, D.M.D.g F.A.C.D. Edward Lester Merritt, Rl. D. Arthur Brock Newhall, B.S. Arthur Grinnell Roteh, A.M. Leonard Carmichael, Ph.D.g Sc.D.: Litt.D.g LL.D. Guy Clifford Pierce, B.S. Frederic Williams Perkins, D.D. Carl Joyce Gilbert, A.B.g LL.B. William Henry Dolben Leonard Carmichael, l'h.D.g Sc.D.: Litt.D.3 Ll.D. John Philip Tilton, l'Id.D. I'resi1lertt Director of Graduate Strtrlimv and Unimfrarity George Stewart Miller, A.M. l9f'3twL"m"" Vice- I'rzf.v1f1l1'11.t Caroline Martin Rohinson, A.B. Dean ofthcI"11l'ulty of Art.v and Sciences Vice-Dean of Women Nils Yngve Wessell, Ph.D. Frederick Howard Crabtree, B.S. Demi of M en 'in the School of Liberal Arts As.v1T.vta-nt Dean ofthe Engineering School Director of A rlnu.v.v1.on.v Lee Sullivan Mccollester, Sfl'-D' Edith Linwood Bush, A. B. Chaplain Ihfrul of Jaelnwm College, the Department Raymond Lowrcy Wlllklcy, A.M.? lg-Lis. of ll"omf'n in Tufts College L,fb,.u,.fan Harry Poole Burden, S.M. Nellie W1-ight Rcynoldg Dean of the lC'r1.g'1fmeer'i'rLg School lflgywmr Clarence Russell Skinner, A.M.: D.D. Arthur Whiling Leighton, Ed.D. limo of the School of Rcligimt Director Qf C01HLN0l'Ii7Lg IN MEMORIAM HERBERT VINCENT NEAL, 1'h.D., Sc.D. Feb. 21, 1869 - Feb. 21, 194-0 MORE than a few Tufts men and women thank Dr. Neal for their interest and success in the Held of Zoology. Every student who knew him is grateful that he so generously shared his tried philosophy with his vast knowledge of his particular field. For twenty-five years Dr. Neal was a professor at Tufts College, for eleven years Dean of the Graduate School. He received degrees from Bates and Harvard and studied at the University of Munich. He wrote "Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates," and was a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a member of the American Society of N aturalists and many other scientific organizations. PAGE 22 L FACULTY PROFESSORS J. A. C. FAGGINGER AUER Ph.D., D.D' Church History 119241 CROSBY FRED BAKER M.S. Analytical Chemistry 119111 MARSTON BALCH A.M., Ph.D. English, Director of Dramatics 11934-1 RUHL JACOB BARTLETT M.A., Ph.D. History 119271 HAROLD HOOPER BLANCHARD Ph.D. English 119271 BRUCE WALLACE BROTI-IERSTON Ph.D. Philosophy 119301 HARRY POOLE BURDEN S.M. Civil Engineering 119131 EDITH LINWOOD BUSII A.B. Mathematics 119201 RUSSELL LeGRAND CARPENTER Ph.D. Zoology 119381 HARRIS MARSHALL CI-IADWELL Ph.D. Chemistry 119231 SAMUEL LUCAS CONNER' M.S. Civil Engineering 119091 WALTER ELWOOD FARNHAM B.S. Graphics . 119191 GEORGE HUSSEY GIFFORD A.M. Ph.D. Romance Languages 119281 ROBERT CHENAULT GIVLER A.M. Ph.D. Psychology 119191 .IAMISON RICIIARD HARRISON A.M. Physics 119311 HALFORD LANCASTER HOSKINS Ph.D. History, Diplomacy and Inter- 119201 national Relations CLARENCE PRESTON HOUSTON LL.B. Commercial Lawg Athletic Director 119201 ALBERT HENRY IMLAH M.A. Ph.D. History 119271 LEO RICH LEWIS Litt.D. Music 118921 EDGAR MacN1AUGI'ITON M.E. Mechanical Engineering 11914-1 S.'l'.D. LEE SULLIVAN MCCOLLESTER Dean Emeritus of the School of Reli- gion 119121 FLORENCE LYNDON MERIDITH M.D. Hygiene 119271 TITUS EUGENE MERGENDAHL M.S. Mathematics 119191 GEORGE STEWART MILLER A.M. Govcrnmentg Vice President of the College 119161 FRANK WALTER POTE M.Sc Physics 119121 WILLIAM RICIIARD .RANSOM A.M. Mathematics 119001 WILLIAM IIOWELL REED A.M. German 1190-11 EDWIN BUTLER ROLLINS B.S. Electrical Engineering 119011 EDWIN ADAMS SHAW A.M. Ph.D. Education 119171 CLARENCE RUSSELL SKINNER D.D. Applied Chrislianiiyg Donn of the School of Religion 1191411 PAUL ALANSON WARREN Ph.D. Biology 119311 FREDERIC NIXON WEAVER B.S. Civil Engineering 119191 CARLETON AMES WHEELER A.M. Romance Languages 119201 DAVID ELBRIDGE WORRALL M.A. Ph.D. Organic Chemistry 119191 FRANK GEORGE WREN' M.A. Mathematics 118941 EDWIN IIANSCOM WRIGHT B.S. Fine Arts 119181 WILLIAM FRANK WYA'l"l' Ph.D. Greek 1191-111 Not in ntienrlnnce 1939-19410"' LEO RICH LEWIS l"lel,cher Professor of Music PAGE 23 ASSOCIATE AND ASSISTANT LEWIS FREDERICK MANLY M.A. Economies 119261 MELVILLE SMITII MUNRO ILS. JOHN I BARNFS Q M A M Ph D Electrical Engineering 09052 Matlwnwtics 619355 KENNE'l'II ORNE MYRICK A.M.1'h.D. ALFRED STORER COLE S.'1'.D. Lum" 419307 Ilomilclics 09319 ROBERT LESLIE NIOHOLS A.M. LEWIS SWINNERTON OOMEES PRD. Geology 419293 1'hySiffS 419265 WILLIAM KOLB PROVINE A.M. FREDERICK II. ORAIITREE C B.Sj 4'e""'m 419209 Civil Engirwcrirlg 19:12 .JOIIN MOSES RATOLIEE M.A. Ed.D FREDERICK ST. L. DALY A.M. Rehgmus Ld"c'tt'0'1 419279 Economics f1036Q i g MYRON .IENNISON FILES A.M. "AMPA Al'm1"D. m94N0LDb Bb- English 419145 Electrical Engineering H9191 Dlcrl, April 6, 1940 RAYMOND UNDERWOOD 1fI'I"I'z E.S. Mechanical Engineering f1919J KFNNETH DAVID ROEDFR MA GEORGE NIKOLAUS IIALM O.E.C.pu1,1. Biology 419915 E '- 1937 C0""m'LS 4 7 LLOYD LORENZO SIIAULIS MRS. M.A. IIENRY EUGENE HARTMAN M.A. Economics 419253 Romance Languages H9261 PAUL PIGORS Pl D CAR3 II1iHIIIER'Ij HOLMBERG Sociglggy 415595 vi 'n ne -rm' ' 1 'fl I' , U 1 JOHN PHILIP 'IILTON Ed.D. JOHN 1:Lg3lult1 IIOLMl',b 415155 E,1uc,,ti,,,, 41927, ang IS 1 I I ERIC ARTIIUJR WALKER S .D. NAHETANIEL HOUUS KNIGHT ug-fi Electrical Icnginccring 4192943 Iysics J. 52535 NII.?,S3"3irEiXg5 W1.,SS1.,LL 535135 , 4. 1, . ROLLAND EMERSON WOLFE l'h.D. ERNLQSI 1451 MAN LLAVL1 I lib' Old Testament Literature 09341 eclianical Engineering 09.325 ROLAND wI,N'1'IIROIf LE1-'AVOUR IWANK IUGHLEY WOOD 1'hL-D- Civil Engineering H9181 Germlm 4l9'37l ARTHUR WIIITING LEIGIITON Ea.D. WILLIAM STANTON YEAGER I3.l'.E. Graphics H9172 Physical Education 09261 History Department ' German Department PAGE 24 , INSTRUCTORS ROBERT DEVEREUX EDDY Ph.D. Chemistry 119891 PAUL HARRY FLINT A.M. English 119355 EARL ALFRED GHULBRANSEN Ph.D. Chemistry 119365 JARVIS BARDWELL HADLEY Pl1.D. Geology 119365 GEORGE HERBERT HAMMOND M.S. Mathematics and Physics 119375 CONSTANCE RHODES IIANDY M.A. Romance Languages 119355 ALBERT EDWARD IRVING A.M. I-Iistory 119325 VAN LORAN JOHNSON l'h.D. Latin 119371 GRACE RUTH LINCKS A.M. Physical Education 119295 JOSEPH CHESTER LITTLEFIELD A.M. Chemistry 119295 EARLE FREDERICK LITTLETON B.S. Civil Engineering 119325 CARITA HUNTER LOVEJOY S.B. Shortlmnd and Typewriting 119295 NORMAN WAYNE MATTIS A.M. Public Speaking 119375 LEONARD CHAPIN MEAD l'h.D. Psychology 119395 NORMAN WAYNE MATTIS A.M. Public Speaking 119375 LEONARD CIIAPIN MEAD Ph.D. Psychology 119391 MARSHALL NEWTON A.M. German 119325 French Department ROBERT ROBBINS Government KATE LEWIS SARGENT English RALPH AUBREY SMl'I.'ll Meelmnieul Engineering CHARLES SAMUEL SUTTON Mathematics IIERMAN ROYDEN SWEET Biology LORIE TARSHIS Economics RICHARD TOUSEY Physics WATSON VAN STEENBURGII English ROBERT ALLEN YOUNG Education ROBERT FORSYTIIE YOUNG Public Speaking ASSISTA NTS HERMAN 1IEN11Y BRASE Education ELEANOR WEEKS DEXTER Physical Education FRED MELVIN ELLIS Physicul Education JOHN ED WARD EXTE R History EDWARD ALD EN JA MISON History School of Religion F111-11ll,y A.M. 119365 A.B. 119345 119185 SM. 119395 A.M. 119375 l'h.D. 119365 l'h.D. 119865 A.M. 119385 Ed.D. 119385 A.M. 119875 A.Mf. 119365 B.S. 119365 B.S. C.E. 119385 A.M. 119375 A.M. 119365 PAGE 25 THE most important section in any college yearbook is that devoted to the student classes. This year the class section includes both the gradu- ating class pictures and write-ups and the underclass listings. The senior class members from the Liberal Arts School, the Engineering School, and Jackson College are combined in one group arranged alphabetically. The underclassmen are listed by classes immediately following the senior section with the officers of their respective classes at the begin- ning of each list. ...-all CLASSES PAGE 28 Sccoml Row: Harriet Blorlgctt, Ruth Spurr, Hclcn Ilcrscy Front Row: Emily llcttcncourt, Jnnc Carter, Virginian Milncs Thin! Row: Fred Jenkins, William Gerber Second Row: Luuris Grant, Stephen Dcmirjiun Front Row: liclwnrfl Shechun, Dnviml Pollard I I L CLASS 0 TI-IE officers of the class are the representative leaders elected by their fellow students. Edward Sheehan has been President of the Tufts Class of 1940 for four successive years. The other officers are: Vice President, David Pollardg Secretary, Stephen Demirjiang Treasurer, Frederick Jen- kins, Marshall, Lauris Grantg and Historian, William Gerber. The Jackson Class of 1940 officers are: President, Jane Carterg Vice President, Virginia Milnesg Secretary, Helen Herseyg Treasurer, Emily Bet- tencourtg Marshall, Dorothy Marshg and Historian, Harriet Blodgett. F1940 ,l+lDWA'ltD SHEEHAN JANE CARTER Tufts Senior Jackson Senior Class President, Class President E? ,4- Scco1I.fkEI?f'xamny Bettcn First ' Y .xx S, vlly ' 'xm0binS0 ll n Hatch, CTTRYTSKVTQT Tollilfd' Ann . A C coufj S kin Fx-eil den mf, imwck' n ,',.,fTf ' 4. 2 iilygqxal., M, ., PAGE 30 GERTRUDE M. AITCHISON, A.B. Winchester, Moss. XII: Archery I, 2, 3, 4: Cnptnin Q, S, 4: Tuflon- inn contributor 3, 4: Canterbury Club 3: Seerctnry 4: I. II. C. 1, 2, 8. WALTER E. ALLEN, M.E. Providence, R. I. AT: Fcnving 1, 2, tl, 4. CIIARLES W. ANDREWS, A.B. Wulthnm, Moss. AT: Tennis I: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: 'l'ufleonie l, 2, 3, 4-: Gerrunn Club l, 2, fl, 4: Unity Club 3, 4: Mountain Club 4: Yucht Club 4. VIRGINIA A. ARCHER, A.B. Woburn, Moss. History Club I: Cc-rrnun Club 1: Economies Club 2, 3: Treasurer 3. WILLIAM R. ATKINSON, E.E. Wakefield, Mnss. Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4: Cnptnin 4: Indoor 'l'ruek 1. 2, 3, 4: Co-Cuptniu 41: Outdoor 'l'ruek I. 2, 3, 4: Vursity Club 2, 3, 4: A. I. E. IC. 3, 4. RICHARD I. ALBERT, B.S. 'l'useon, Ariz. flflflll. GORDON L. ANDERSON, B.S. ' Arlington, Mass. Chemie-ul Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Phillips llrooks tl, 4. ROBERT E. ANDREWS, B.S. Ilcvcre, Mass. ' A'I'Sl: Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4: Truck 1, Q: Vursity Club 3,'I1lNOWIIlll.I1 Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RALPI-I E. ARMINGTON, M.E. Melrose, Mass. 'l'1ill: Glue Club 1, 2, 3: Choir 2, 5. GEORGE A. ATWATER, A.B. West Medford, Moss. TIIII. fl1IiK: Phillips Brooks Club. HARRY A'rwA'rER, B.s. ENG. West Medford, Mass. TBII DWIGHT L. AYERS, A.B. Lynnlield, Mass. AT: H' C lstoricul Society 2, 8, 4: President 4: nmerllufy Club: 4. Jumbo Book 4. M- ALISON BAKER, A.B. C West Somerville, Mass. anleflfury Club 5. ELIZABETH R. BANAGAN, A.B. H. Quechee, Vt. "tory Club 2, s, 4. NORMAN W. BARRETT, B.S. Waterford, Conn. It I Pre-Med Society 1, 2: Chemical Society ' Lambert Kingsley 4: Secretary 4. WMA VAHAN J. AVEDISIAN, B.S. Newburyport, Mnss. Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 8, 4: Chemical Society 1, 2, 3, 4. ALBERT T. BACHELER, E.E. Summit, N. J. A. l. E. E. S, 4: Truck 1, 2. CHARLES E. BAKER, B.S. West Somerville, Mass. QBK: German Club Q, 8, 4: Economics Club -I: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: Tuftconiu Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Ynclit Club 4. JOHN F. BANDZEVICH, M.E. So. Boston, Mnss. ELEANOR L. BARWICK, A.B. Fitchburg, Mass. XD: Glce Club 1, 2: History Club 1, 2. 3: Secretary-Treasurer 4: Cnnterbury Club 2, 3, 4. PAGE 31 PAGE 32 ROY H. BAXTER, JR., A.B. Dorchester, Mass. AKII: Cross-Country 1: Glee Club 1: German Club 2, fl, 4. ROBERT BECKVOLD, A.B. Concord, Mass. ATU: Football 2, 4: Soccer 2: Lacrosse l, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: History Club 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 8, 4. ROBERT J. BERTAGNA, A.B. East Boston, Mass. EMILE S. BISTANY, B.S. Lawrence, Mass. ATR: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 8, 4: Newman Club 2, 8, 4: J. V. Football 4: Fencing I: Track 1: Tennis 2. HARRIET E. BLODGETT, B.S. Springfield, Mass. EK: Dramntics 1: Orchestra 1: Glee Club 1: Accompanist 2, 3, 4: President 4: Weekly Stall' 1, 2, 3: Jumbo Ilouk 2, 8: Jackson Editor 4: Canterbury Club 8: Class Historian 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 8, 4: Who's Who in American Colleges 8: Cbi Omega Scholarship 4. WALLACE B. BAYLIES, JR., A.B. Fairhaven, Mass. ATA: Orchestra 1, 2: Band l, 2: Tennis 1, 2, 5. 4: Weekly 1: Jumbo Ilook 4. MIRIAM C. BERLINER, B.S. Paterson, N. J. Woman'n College of University of Nortll Carolina I, 2: Mixed Doubles Tennis Tourna- ment 3: I. Il. C. 8, 4: Avukah S, 4: Correspond- ing Secretary 3, 4: Badminton 4. EMILY C. BETTENCOURT, A.B. South Dartmouth, Mass. XII: Glee Club 1: Drnmatics 1: History Clul! 1, 2, 8, 4: Canterbury Club 3, 4: Vice President 4: Class Treasurer 2, 8, 4. IRWIN BLOCH, B.S. New York, N. Y. Ol-III: Manager Soccer 2, 3, 4: Manager Basketball 2, 3, 4: Secretary Economics Club 5- MADELINE BLOOD, B.S. Fall River, Mass. AOII: German Club 1, 4: Glee Club S: Lambert Kingsley 4, ARNE J. BLOOM, B.S. Somerville, Mmm. M235 Ul'0NS-f'0lllll.I'j' 1: Pre-Med Huviely I. 2, 3, 4, DOUGLAS P. BRAYTON, A.B. Lexington, Mass. LEE P. BRITTON, B.S. .lnnmieu Pluin, Mess. "fe-Med Society 1, 2, on-nm emi, 2, :4 Cllenlieul Soeiety 1, 2. JAMES A. BRYER, JR., B.S. North Attlebnro, Mmm. ATA! Wrestling 92: Cliemienl Society 92, Ii' Prc'M0d Society 2, 8. -L. ALEXANDER F. BUDZYNKIEWICZ, n.s. Putnuni, Conn. AKU: Footbnll 1: Pre-Med Society I, 92, 3, 4. ARTHUR E. BONNEY, M.E. xvllltllltlll, Minus. 'I'Hll: Ulnss Seerctnry 1, Q, ti: Sword und Shield 'Ill'CllBlll'0l'Q Ivy Society: 'I'0wer Croxn: Mountain Club 'I-: A. A. 4: lfootbnll I: Tennis l, 2: A.S.lW.l'l. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club Q, 3, Alu. AN'l'0lNE'l'TE E. BRIGANDI, B.S. Somerville, Musa. Pre- Med Society 2, 3: Clienlienl Society 2, 3. 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH E. BROWN, B.S. St. Jollnsbury, Vt. 'PMA' LOUIS E. BUCKLEY, C.E. Medford, Mnss. Cross-Country I, 2, Il: Clieniieul Soviets' l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD N. CARR, A.B. Medford, Mums. Ulf-llill l'lub 3, 4: Treasurer 3: President -li History Club 1, 2, 3, 4: lieononuius Clulx l, 2, 3, -L: Dl'IlIlllll.l1'.'l 3: Ilund 1. PAGE 33 PAGE 34 JANE S. CARTER, A.B. Montclair, N. J. X525 Hockey 1: Clnss Vice President l, 2, Ii: President 4, Student Council 4: Vuntcrbury Club 3, 4: 1011 Prize Seholurship -1-1 .lmnlm llnnlc Stull' 4. N GEORGE J. CIIIROS, B.S. Whitmun, Munn. A'l'Slg Foothull 1, 2, 33 Cnptuin 1, Ilusebull 62, 3, 4: Sword und Shield: Ivy: Secretary A. A.: Varsity Club 3, 4: Student Council 3. JOHN A. COGNETTA, C.E. Stumford, Conn. A.S.C.E.: President 4: J. V. Footlmll 92, Ln- crosne 1, 2, S5 Truck 1. SIDNEY S. COHEN, M.E. Winthrop, Musa. EINI. ALICE I. CONSTANT, A.B. Queens Village, N. Y. X523 Ski Club 3, 45 Economics Club 3, 4: Episcopal Club 53, 4. l THEODORE E. CHAMPEAU, B.S. West Hartford, Conn. JOHN L. CIBA, M.E. Full River, Musa. 'l'lill: lnwrosse I, 2, fi, 4: Truck lg A.S.bl.lC. 2, 3, -lf: Vurxity Club 3, Al-. LEO COIIEN, B.S. Dorchester, Mass. Chemicul Society 2, 3, 4: Pre-Med Club 39 Debating 8. , JEAN G. COLGATE, A.B. Medford, Mass. A0llg Buakctbull 8, Tennis 3. JOHN F. COOPER, JR., B.S. Milton, Musa. Footbull 1, Ilnscbull 1, Chcmieul Society 1, 2, 3, 4-1 Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 45 Oil'-I-Iill Club Q, ss, 4. I CHARLES T. COSSER, M.E. Lynn, Manu. LW: A.t4.M.l'I. ' GEORGE P. CROCKER, B.S. Manchester, Mass. "Ulf 15 llanml 1, 92, 3, 4, THOMAS P. CRONIN, JR., B.S. A Greenwich, Conn. OT? Iaunbert-Kingsley 3, 4: President llllltcllil Teaching Fellow 3, 4. KENNETH A. CURRIE, A.B. Belmont, Manu. LLOYD G. DAVID, B.S. YW I Lowell, Mass. ' v Track l: Golf 2, vERoN1CA F. COSTELLO, B.S. Great Barrington, Mass. Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Newman Clah Q, Il. 4: Secre- tary ft: 'l'uftvonie 4. KIMBALL T. CROCKER, A.B. East lloston, Mass. AT: History Clnh 2, il, 4: History Cnnneil 8, 4: Cross-Country I. E. PERRY CUMMING, M.l'I. Niagara. Falls, N. Y. AKII: Cross-Country 1. Q: A.S.M.l'l.: Moun- tain Club 4: Band l. FRANK D'ANGELO, B.S. Dorchester, Mass. Newman Clnh I, SZ, 3, 4: Chelnieal Society 2, 3, 4: Pre-Med Society 2, 3. VIRGINIA DAVIS, B.S. Evanston, Ill. AEA: Varsity Hm-key 9. 3. 4: Varsity Tennis 2, :sg I. n. C. :sg Ski can. :s, 4. PAGE 35 PAGE 36 BARBARA C. DEERING, A.B. Lynn, Musa. AEA: History Club 1, 2, 8, 4: I. ll. C. Q, Ii: Glcc Club I: Modern Dnncing 2. ALFRED L. DELLA PAOLERA, B.S. Wntcrtown, Musa. A'l'Sl: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Lncrosse 1: Evening l'urty Associution: Newman Club 3: French Club 3. VERNER S. DEMPSEY, B.S. Monson, Mass. AT: Golf 1, 2, S, 4: Co-Cnptnin und Munnger 4: Football Mnnnger 2, 3: Vnrsity Munuger 4: Pre-Med Society l, 2: Treusurcr 1: Soccer 1. FREDERICK E. DICKERMAN, A.B. Lynn, Mass. AKII: Weekly 1, 2, 8, 4: Editor-in-Chief 4: Jumbo Ilaolc 3, 4: Editor-in-Chief 4: Student Council 4: Secretary 4: Canterbury Club Q, 3, 4: President 4: Frcsllmnn Composition Prize: Germnn Club 1, 2: Tennis 1: Wl1o's Who in American Colleges 4. JOHN H. DOCKSTADER, M.E. Woodbridge, N. J. MANUEL B. DELL, Ch.E. Flielseu, Manu. STEPHEN G. DEMIRJIAN, B.S. Chem. Everett, Mass. llnnebull l, 2, ll, 4: Cluns Treusurer 4: Chexuicul Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Manager Frosb Football. HERBERT T. DEVANEY, B.S. Medford, Muna. llnaebnll l, 2: Newman Club 3, 4: History Club 9, 3, 4: Off-Hill Club 2, 8, 4: Tuftconic 2, 8. JOSEPH D. DINEEN, B.S. Winchester, Mnss. Bnsebnll 1, 2, 8, 4: Tower Cross: A.S.M.E. WILLIAM E. DORIN, B.S. in Eng. Meriden, Conn. ZW: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: A.I.E.E.: Inter- frnternity Council. EVERETT J. DOWNES, A.B. Lynn, Musa. Tmck 1. 2: Phillips :nooks Club s, 4. I. n. c. 3: Dramatic. 1, 4, THALIA S. DRAKE, B.S. Middleburo, Mass. fki Orchestra 1: Pre-Med Society 2, .runb err Kingsley 3, 4. MORTIMER um uunms, B.s Dorchester, Mass. Baseball 9, 4. P I 1. Qi Truck 1, 2: OH-Hill Cluh 2, S: ciL'Nie" Soviery 1, 2. '1'..fw.miQ clue, lemlenl Society 1, 2. ROBERT W. EDWARDS, M.E. Stratford, Conn. CARL vlcron EKLUND, Ma. Eco . Lynn, Musa. Golrliulwtl Club 8, 4: Chemieul Society Y: Off-Hill Club :s, 4. l, 2. 1, 2, I ALBERT G. DOWNING, Ch.E. Medford, Munn. DAVID M. DRUMMOND, M.E. Cleveland, Ohio Basketball lg Footlmll 1: Lnerosxe I: Ak-.M.l'l. ROBERT G. DUNIIAM, B.S. Quincy, Mass. ZW. JUDSON B. EISNOR, M.E. Everett, Nuns. CLIFTON W. EMERY, B.S. Somerville, Musa. ATO: Fresllmnn and Varsity Bnsketlrnll Man- ager: Football 2: Trnek 1, 2. PAGE 37 PAGE 38 ELIZABETH EMMONS, B.S. Warren, Mc. AEA: A. A. ltcpresentativc 1: A. A. Secretary tl: President 4: Outing Club Secretary-Treasurer 2: .Iaekson Representative Ski Club 3, 4: Varsity Hockey l. 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain 4: Golf Team 4: lim-onomics Club Q. 3, 4: Wbo's Wlio in Ameri- can Colleges 4: 'Pufts Mountain Club 4. MARJORIE E. FALLS, A.B. Lynnlield, Mass. AEA: German Club l, Q, 3, 4: l"rcncli Club 2, Il, 4: Englisli Club l: liadminton Club 4. MARSHALL S. FEINGOLD, A.B. Hartford, Conn. 41l'Ill: Inter-fraternity Council 3, 4: Basketball l, 3: Economies Club 4: l. ll. C. 3, 4. ELEANOR A. FINNIN, A.B. Medforcl, Mass. JAMES W. FITZGERALD, M.E. Lynn, Mass. Ski Club 2, 3, 4: Tufts Mountain Club 4: A.S.M.l'1. 'I'llElSS M. ENGLISH, A.B. Lebanon, N. H. A OII: History Club 2, 3, 4: Social Committee Ili Vice President 4: Golf Team 4: Jackson Repre- sentative Ski Club 3: Assistant Cliairluan of Outing Club 3: Vice President of A. A. 49 lluskctball 8, 4: Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4: Co- Captain 4: Wbo's Who in American Colleges 4: Vice President Student Council 3: President 4. NOYES D. FARMER, A.B. Wollaston, Mass. ARNOLD FINE, Ch.E. College Point, N. Y. IDEIT: Football 1, 2, Ii: Varsity Club 2, 3, 42 Secretary 4: Cl1culiculSociety 1, 2:21, 4: Varsity Track Manager 4: ll"f'z'1rly Feature Writer 3, 4. GERALD P. FITZGERALD, B.S. Winsted, Conn. Pre-Med Society I, Q, fl, 4: Lambert Kingsley El, 4. MARY F. FLAWS, B.S. Woburn, Mass. x JOHN K. GAIESKI, B.S. Peabody, Maxx. Baseball l, Y, 3, 4: Football I. Q. HENRY S. FRENCII, M.E. Waltham, Mass. WILLIAM GERBER, B.S. Chelsea, Mass. dvlflll: Fencing l, 2, 3, 4: Captain 4: Varsity Soccer Manager -1-1 Frosh Lacrosse Manager 3: Historian 4: I. R. C. 2. 3. 4: President 4: l'l1-onoluics Club Q, 3, -lf: Varsity Club 4: ll"1'1'kl11 LEO P. GEARY, B.S. 4: Dranlatics I, fl. Quincy, Mass. I 93 Sword and Shield SB: Baseball I, Q, tl, 41 4llt0r-fraternity Council 4: Secretary-'l'rcaxurcr A'l' DONALD F. GIFFORD, A.B. Dorchester, M aa.-1. ' A'I'A: Dramatics 1, Q, 8, 4. ANNE M. GETCIIELL, A.B. Dorchester, Muna. gfils History Club I, 2, 3, 4: Canterbury Club 4: 'lee Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Choir 3, 4. ELINOR J. GILLIATT, A.B. Portland, Mc. AOII: Hockey 1, 2: Modern Dancing I. 2, Ii, 4: llreuch Club 1, Q, 3, 4: President 3, 4: German Club 1, 2: Episcopal Club -I-1 Phi Beta Kappa 4. MARION F. GILDE, B.S. Wetherslicld, Conn. 25: Glue can, Q, ez, 4. ski Club 4: 1-zpiswpnl Club 4, RUTH M. GLIDDEN, B.S. West Roxbury, Mass. AOII: Varsity Hockey 1, 52, 3, 4: Varsity 'l'euuis I, 2, 3, 4: Captain 4: Student Council -L BERNARD L. GLASFR, ILB. Winlhrop, Munn. 2'll'l'i Urainuties 1, 2, 3, -L: Canterbury Club 3-.-I: Tennis 1, 2, 3: Goddard Prize Reading Winner fl. PAGE 39 PAGE 40 WALTER J. GORDAY, B.S. Stoughton, Mass. AKII: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4: President 4: Lambert Kingsley 3, 4: Clee Club 1, 2. MARJORIE L. GOTT, A.B. West Medford, Mass. Xtlg Athletic Assoeiation 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3: Tennis Manager 3: Assistant Manager l, 3: Glee Club 1, Q, 3, 4: Class Representative 2, 3: Canterbury Club 3, 4: History Club 3, 4: Wez'kly 25, 4. LAURIS L. GRANT, E.E. Lynn, Mass. AKII: Football 1: Basketball 1: Track 1, 92: 3, 4: Captain 4: Inter-fraternity Council 3, 4: President 4: Class Marshall 4: 'l'owcr Cross: A.I.E.E.: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Who's Who in Anierivan Colleges 4. ARLINE E. GRAYBILL, A.B. New Rochelle, N. Y. EK: Clec Club I: History Club 1: Draniaties 42: l'leonolnies Club 3: I. R, C. 4. ALBIN N. GRENDA, B.S. Lawrence, Mass. Pre-Med Society. ELIZABETH GOSLEE, A.B. Manchester, Conn. AEA: Glee Club l, 2, 8: 'l'ufts Mountain Club 4: Ski Club 3, 4: I. R. C. 'L JOSEPH E. COULD, M.E. Medford, Mass. Lac-rosse 1, 92. fi, 4: Captain 4. SOLINA L. GRASSI, A.B. Revere, Mass. AOII: History Club I, Q, Ii, 4: Newman Club Corresponding Secretary fi: Ski Club 1: C100 Club 1, Q. LEIGIITON GREENOUGII, E.E. Croveland, Mass. Radio Club President 3, 4: A.I.lC.l'I. Chairman 4-. ARTIIUR GRIFFIN, B.S. Medford, Mass. AT: Football 1, 2, fl, 4: Captain 4: Ivy Society il- 'l'0wer Cross: President 4: 'l'raek 1, 2: llennetl Memorial Scholarship: Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Junior Day Coniniittee. EUNIGE GRISWOLD, A.B. Nnrbcrtli, Pa. fki Give Club 1, Q, 3, Canterbury Club 354: . lt. C. 4: l'an-Hellenic Council: Secretary- 'I' . l'0nsurer 3: Presulent 4. VIRGINIA L. GUILD, B.S. Grnfton, Musa. 5':'A5 Wcfklil 1, 2, 3, 45 Goddard Prize 1 v"""Z0 'ffwk 3. 4, ski Club ez, lffenei. can. 2, ss nmty 'remllfl 3. 4: Canterbury Club 4. JAMES F. HAGGERTY, B.S. Ballard Vale, Mass. flewllliln Club 4: Pre-Med Society 3, 4: Lum- xtrl lxlllizsley -I: Jumbo Iioolc 4. FRANCES IIALL, A.B. X Concord, Mass. T92 All-Around Club Representative 1 Hgeilsurcl' 1. 2: Student Council Secretary 25 H my mul' l. 2, ti, 43 Vnrnity Hockey 1, 3, 4. JAMES ll. IIANSON, B.S. C Stoughton, Mass. lleuncnl Society. WESLEY C. GRYK, B.S. Manchester, Conn. MELVIN S. HAAS, M.E. Beverly, Mass. AKIIQ Tufts Mountain Club 4: A.S.M.l'l. EDWARD 0. HAHN, B.S. Somerville, Mass. Track 2, 85 Glec, Club, Lambert Kinguleyg Pre-Med Society. CHARLES R. HAMMOND, B.S. Arlington, Mass. Lacrosse 2, 3, 4: Track 9, 3, 41 Yacht Club lg Economics Club: Soccer lg Football 1: New- man Club. J. WILLIAM HARRISON, JR. A.'B. Woodbury, N. J. AKIIg Football 1, 4g Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Cross-Country 23 Jumbo Book 3, 4: Varsity Club 4. PAGE 41 PAGE 42 ALLEN L. IIATCII, JR. Ch.E. Bennettsville, S. C. AKll: Swurd und Shield: Ivy: 'l'uwcr Cross: Clns.-1 lluy Comiuiltce: lluselmll l, 2, Il, 4: Cuptuin 4: Student Council tl, 4: President 4: 'I'ruck 2: Squash 4: Wlio's Who in Anicricun Colleges 4. HELEN A. IIERSEY, A.B. Dunbury, Conn. Class Seeretury I, 2, 3, 4: Social Committee 21 Unity Club 1, Q, fl, 4: President 3: History Club 4. ROBERT G. HIRST, A.B. Monson, Mess. Cnnterbury Club 9, 3, 4. BA YARD HOLLAND, Ch .E. Melrose, Muse-1. A'l'Sl. FREDERICK E. JENKINS, Ch.E. Medford, Mess. Cluss Treasurer 4: Ivy Society: Editor lvl! Hook: A. A. President 4: Student Council 4: Vursity Club Q, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Cbeuiicul Society 1, 2, 3, 4: llusketbull I, 2, 8, 4: Soccer l, EZ, 8, 4: Cnptuin 4: Wlm's Who in Americnn Colleges 4. ROBERT O. IIAWKINS, Ch. E. Trumbull, Conn. AKII: Jumbo lluuk 3, 4: Business Munuger 45 Cheniicul Society l, 2, 3, 4: Golf 1: Soccer ti. WILLIAM C. HICKEY, B.S. Luwrence, Moss. 1 Truck 1: ll cvlcly 2, 3, 4: .lumlnu liaal: 4: Pre- Med Society l, 2, 3, 4: Vice President 4: laun- bert Kingsley 3, 4: Newnmn Club l, 4. EDWIN J. IIODDER, B.S. ll0lIll0lllt, Musa. EDITII F. HOWARD, B.S. West llridgcwuter, Mass. OTIS F. JILLSON,'B.S. Oxford, Me. AT: Cross-Country 1, 2, ti: Inter-frulernity Council 4: Liuubert Kingsley 4: Truck 1, 2- ATg EDWARD JOHNSON, A.B. Newton, Mmm. 'Mull 50:-vcr 1: 'l'rnr'k I: llnschull Sl. ABBOTT N. KAIIN, B.S. llronkline, Moss. 'Nflllg llnncbnll lg Avuknln 8, 4. DAVID KAPLAN, Ch.E. Salem, M uns. STANLEY J. KAZENIAC, B.S. Forge Village. Munn. RICHARD D. KIRKPATRICK, Ch.lC Melrose, Mass. Ynem Club 3, 4. ALTON D. JONES, M.E- S0lllCl'Vlll0, Mass. .LS.M.l'I.g Soc-4-or l. Q: Wre-ailing SS. A. JOHN KAJANDER, B.S. Allston, Mass. l'li'0ll0llllC8 Club 8, 4: History Club 3, 4. BENNETT D. KATZ, A.B. llrooldinc, Mass. DANIEL P. KELLEHER, M.E. Lynnlic-lxl, Nuns. EMERY W. KLINE, B.S. Cnnnjolmric, N. Y. A'l'A. PAGE 43 PAGE 44 ARTHUR T. KOENIG, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. AT. LEO G. LBPALME, A.B. Putnnm, Conn. Bnnd 1, 9, 8, 4: Orchestrn 2, 5, 4: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 8, 4: Lambert Kingsley 8, 41 .lumlm Book 4: Wrestling 2. MARTHA LAWLEY, A.B. Arlington, Munn. AOII: German Club Q. HOWARD L. LEARY, B.S. Lnwrence, Mass. SAX: Truck I, 2: German Club I, Q: Newman Club 1, 2, fi, 4: Chemicnl Society 4: Glee Club 4. ANNE E. LEUTHY A.B. Roalindule, Moss. AEA: Weekly 2, 3, 4: Jackson Editor 4: Canter- bury Cluh 8, 4: Student Council 4: German Club 1, 2. SUMNER KREPLICK, B.S. Lynn, Musa. GUNNAR P. LARSON, B.S. Dorchester, Musa. A KIT. BRADFORD W. LAWRENCE, B.S. Beverly, Musa. AKII: Football 1: Glee Club 1: Ivy: Wrestling l, Q, 4: Cllemicul Society 3, 4: Pre-Med Society- ANTIIONY E. LEPORE, B.S. Abington, Musa. Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4: Chemical Society 2, 3. 4. ROBERT H. LEVINE, A.B. Roxbury, Musa. E MURIEL E. LINDSTROM, A.B. Somerville, Mass. l. R. C. 3: Glce Club l, 2, 3, 4: Gerumn Club 3. REEVAM I. LEVINE, B.S. Winthrop, Munn. mee Chill 1. 92. 3: Avukuh 3, 4. CHARLES A. LISTER, M.E. Trenton, N. J. 'l'BII. PAUL S. LINDSTROM, M.E. Strutforrl, Conn. VIRGINIA M. LYNDE, B.S. Melrose, Musa. A0ll: Ski Club 3, 4: Phillips Brooks Club 4. PIIYLLIS M. LYBECK, A.B. Winchester, Mnss. Glee Club 1, 2, 8, 4: Choir l, Q, 3, 41: em- Connell 3, 4: Pun-l-lellenic Council 3' 411-R.C.'l. BETTY MACDONALD, A.B. Lowell, Mass. A0ll: Ski Club 3: History Club I. 2. 3, 4. DONALD W. MBCDIARMID, A.B. Medford, Mass. Cum-Crlxury Club. JEAN C. MaclNNES, A.B. Somerville, Musa. Xilg History Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council Sl, Il, 4. EDITH MACGREGOR, B.S. Medford, Mnss. l - . ioclmy 3. 4: liusketbnll 2, 3: Tennis 8: Dru- """'CH 1, 2. S, 4. PAGE 45 PAGE 46 NATALIE E. MacINNIS, A.B. Melrose, Mass. Dramaties l, 92: Phillips llrooks Club 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 4: Canterbury Club fl, 4: Class Treasurer l. CHARLES F. MAI-IONEY, B.S. Winthrop, Mass. Newman Club I, 2, fl, 4. DOROTHY MARSH, B.S. Northboro, Mass. AEA, Class Marshal 1, 2, fl, fi: Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3. 4: Varsity Basketball l, Q, S, 4: Captain 4: Student Council 43 Varsity Tennis 3, 4. ALWYN F. MARSTON, A.B. Wollaston, Mass. llanml l, '21 Mountain Club 4. ANITA M. MARTIN, A.Il. , Allston, Mass. French Club 1, 2, 3, -lf: Newman Club 92, 3: Basketball 1, 2: Glee Club l. I i i l l l WILLIAM MRCROBBIE, M.E. y Newton Centre, Mass. i AT: Yacht Club: A.S.M.l'l. . WILLARD P. MANN Ch.I'I. Nativk, Mass. AKIIQ Chemical Society 1, LZ, 3, 43 Iilee Club ll GEORGE E. MARSII, Ch.E. Springfield, Mass. I-JAX: Golf 1, 2, S, 4: Captain 4: Squash 4: Varsity Club 3, 41 Chemical Society 1, 2, tl, 4: German Club 1, 2. PIIILIP L. MARSTON, B.S. Wollaston, Mass. OAX: Track 2, 8, 4: Economies Club 3, 45 Mountain Club: Yacht Club: Ski Club. BARBARA S. MASON, B.S. North Andover, Mass. K'hemic-al Society I, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4: Ger- man Club 2, 3, 4. ,, W, i, l l GEORGE MASSELLO, ILS. Somerville, Muna. 1.ll0llllt'lll Sox-in-ty I, Q, 3. 4: llau-rmmu I. CATHERINE E. MCCLAY, A.ll. Tennlly, N. -l. Aolli l'uu-Hellenic Counvil 3, 4: Sociul Clmir- 'Ulln of Cluss 1, 2. 8: llnglisll Club 1. THOMAS R. MCGREGOR, B.S. Wntcrtown, Musa. AT? Wrestling l: Munnger 2, 3: lnuubert Klnxsluy 3, 4: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4: hloufltlllll Club 4. . IIENRIETTA I. MEDALIA, B.S. llrookliuc, Musa. Avukllll 3: Economies Club 2. EDMOND R. MELUCCII, B.S. Luwrenue, Musa. Lllclllleul Soviety 2, 3, 4: On-llcstru l. 2, 3, 4: r0'Mc1l Society 52. MARY T. MCCARTIIY, B.S. West Somerville, Muss. Glce Club I. Q, 3, 4: Clnemil-ul Society 1, Q, 3, -L: NUWIIIXIII Ulub l. Q, 3, -I-: Germnn Club 1, 2, 3. DAVID E. MCGAW, A.B. Winthrop, Musa. ZW: Croxn-Country I. 4: Orchestra I: tllce Club I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Cllupel Orgnnint 3, 4: German Club 4. DANIEL U. MCLEAN, Ch.E. New London, Conn. OAX: Clxcuxicul Society 1, 2, 3, 4. IIELENE L. MEDROS, B.S Medford, Muss. Glee Club I. 2. 3, 4: lVu2l-'I11 Stull' 3. 4: Germuu Club I, 2, 3, 4. MARY HELEN MERGENDAIIL, A.B. Yves! Somerville, Musa. A0ll: Ski Club Q, Il, 4: Canterbury Club 3, 4: Soc-iul Clluirumu 1. PAGE 47 PAGE 48 EILEEN BARBARA MERRICK, B.S. South Weymouth, Mans. Weekly Stall' 1: Dralnatics 1, Q, 3: Newnmn Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4: Chelnienl Society 1, Q, 3, 4: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 2, 3: Durkee Memorial Prize Scholarship in Chemistry 4: Glee Club 1. ELEANOR S. MEYERS, A.B. Brookline, Mans. F. CLIFTON MILLER, M.E. Lynn, Mass. ATA. HAROLD K. MINTZ, A.B. Brighton. Mass. ZZSINP: Economies Clubg Yacht Club. ARTHUR S. MOORE, A.B. Medford. Mass. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1: Varsity Club. WILBUR S. MESERVE, C.E. Winchester. Musa. CHARLES T. MILLER, M.E. Dorchester, Mass. VIRGINIA MILNES, A.B. Rahway, N. J. X91 Class President 1, 2, 3: Vice President 'ii Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Archery 1, Q, 3, 4: History Club 1, 21Seeretary-'llrellsllrel' S, 4: Class of 1011 Scholarship. MALVERN K. MOODY, A.B. West Newton, Mass. OAX. IIELEN MOORS, A.B. Plynmuth, N. H. X823 Class Hockey 1: Varsity Archery ig Mod- ern Dancing 1, 2, 8, 43 Glue Club 1, 25 Choir '21 French Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4-I l'an-Hellenic Council 3, 4. JEANNETTE MOREY, A.B. Xu' Nushuu, N. H. EDWARD H. NALBAND, B.S. Muttnpun, Mass. QTQ2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: llusclmll 1: Pre-Med 'WWW 3, 4: Varsity Club 3, 4. JEAN M. NAYSMITII, A.B. Dunvcrn, Mass. Zakir-Senior Balrquct Committee 3: llnity Cluh9l,32,4.3gJIEiT1Elnl cillitlflllllll 4: History . , ,. u 0llllllll.bC04. BARBARA NICKERSON, A.B. Orleans, Mass. Aon: All Around Club Rcprescntutivc 1, 92: vice President 3: President 4: Glcc Club I, 2: Chorus 1. 4: Student Council 4: Orchcstrn 1. MALCOLM H. NICKERSONQ M.E. TBM' Yarmouth, N. 9 VERNON R. MORGAN, A.B. Mcclfurnl, Mass. RUSSELL J. NASH, B.S. ln Eng. Somerville, Musa. A'l'A. GEORGE 0. NELSON, B.S. Somerville, Musa. AT: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4: lluml 1, 2, 8, 4: Mnuntnin Club 4: Tennis l, 2: 'Frau-k 1. CARVER NICKERSON, MJ9. Lincolnvillc, Mc. A.S.M.l'l.: Truck 1: Wrestling 1. I-IELEN S. NIEMI, B.S. Fitchburg, Mass. XSI: Lambert Kingsley 8, 4: Pre-Med 50Cl0l.y l, 92, 8: Sccretury fl-: Buskctlmll 1, Q: Gcrumu Club 1, 2: Economics Club 3: Clicmivnl Society 2, 3. PAGE 49 PAGE 50 HAROLD NOVICK, A.B. Suleni, Munn. 21241: 'I'ennis 1, 9, 3, 4. JAMES S. OCCIIIPINTI, C.E. Medford, Moss. llusebull I, 2, 3, 4. LOUIS OLORE, B.S. Presque Isle, Ne. l'rc-Med Society 52, S, 4: Cllclnicul Society Q, ll, 4. MORTON ORLOV, B.S. Roxbury, Musa. Bund 1, 2. JANE E. PARKER, A.B. Swxunpseott, Moss. XSI: Cunterbury Club: lVm:l:ly Stull' 1, 2, 3, -I: Modern Dancing l, Q, 3, 4: 'l'ree Urutor 4. HAROLD A. NYGAARD, Ch.l'I. Suugus, Mus.-1. 'I'ower Vrons: Football 1: Student Council -I- 'I'rnek 1, Q, 4: Cross Country 2, 3, -1-: Cnptuin 4: Cheniicul Society Sl, 3, -I: Outdoor Truck 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH ODELL, A.B. Sulenx, Munn. f'lmir 1, Q, 3, 4: Glue Club l, 2, ti, -I-: Cliuirnunn 4: Archery fl, 3: liusketbull 1, 2, 8, 4: Drunmtics WILBUR S. O'NELL, B.S Tuzvonie, Conn. ZW. NORMAN PARE, E.E. Medford, Musa. lluscbull 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: A.I.l'I.E WENDELL M. PASCO, A.B. Roxbury, Mmm. BRUNO JOIIN PAWLOUSKI, M.IB. 'l""'l 2. :x. llu lvukcliclfl, Munn. HENRY J. PECIIEUX, B.S. Hketll ll Newburgh, N. Y. U- l, 91, fl, 45 'Power Cross: Soccer l Q 3 4 VIRGINIA E. PEASE, B.S. Reading, Mass. XXI: Tufleunie Club l, 3, 4g Hockey Munuger 923 A. A. Council 2: Canterbury Club -lg German Club 1, 2. IIENRY B. PERLEY, M.E.A Georgetown, Musa. A.S. M.l'1. REGINALD P. PERRY, B.S. Provincetown, Moss. WMA: Clue Club T, fl, 3, 4: -History Club '21 Chemical Society 1, 'l, 3, Il: Inler-frnl.ernil.y Council 4: Frosll lluskelbull Mnnnger 'l. ROBERT P. PERRI, Ch.E. Grovelunrl, Muna. Ulelllivnl Society 1, 2, Il, 4. GEORGE E. PICKERING, Ch.E. Suugus, Mass. C ', . . .l,:.lcm'Ull Society 2, 3, 45 President 4: Moses ue n'0Wn Scholarship. DAVID F. POLLARD, Ch.E. AKH Lynn, Mess. und Q-'flings Vice President l. 2, 3. -l-C Sworll Tun-ullelrl: lvyi Tower Cross: '82 Solmlursliip: 1fl,,lim0hl P' 3- 4: 'l'rnek l, 62, Il, 4glCnpfnin -li wh0,q"Q" Class Day Comm.: Foollmll 1, fl: ' Vlm in American Colleges 4. EDWARD A. PLUMLEY, C.E. Ludlow, Vt. AKII: Cross-Country 1, 2: Ski Club Tnu lietu Pi: A.S.C.l'l. WILLIAM M. PRITCIIARD, A.B. Cross-Country 2. Utien, N. Y. PAGE 51 PAGE 52 NANCY E. QUINZANI, B.S. Arlington, Muss. Newinun Club l, 2, 3: President -l-: Histury Club 3: IVL-alrly 3: Glce Club 1: Economies Club 2. SUMNER I. RAPHAEL, B.S. Brighton, Musa. fhlflll: Truck l, Q: Soccer 1, 2: Busebull ll, 4: Vursity Club: Evening Purty Assoviution: 'Puftconic Club l, 2, Il, 4: Yucht Club: Avukuh: Phillips Brooks Club. GEORGE M. REED, M.E. Dumuriscottn, Me. A.S. M. E, BARBARA L. RICHARDSON, A.B. Somerville, Muss. AOII: Weekly 3, 4: Tuftoniun 8, 4: Phi lletu Kuppn 4: Commencement Speaker 4: Vursity Iiusketbull 2: Cuntcrbury Club 4. SEWELL F. RICHARDSON, M.E. Medford, Muss. GA X: Footbull 1, 2, 3: Wrestling 1, 3: Assistant Munugcr Lucrosse 3: Vursity Mnnugcr Lacrosse 4: A.S.M.I'i. CLAUDE M. RAND, A.B. Wutertuwn, Muss. Wrestling l, '21 Cunterbury Club -I-. CLIFFORD R. RECOR, E.E. New llrituin, Conn. Luc-rosse I, 2: A.I.l'I.l'I.: Yueht Club. JOSEPH II. REED, A.B. Reading, Muss. HAX: .lumlmlloolc 2: Drumntivs 1, 2, 3, 4: Presi- dent 4-: Evening Pnrty Assueiution President 41 Debating Club 4: Student Council 4: History Club 4. RALPH A. RICHARDSON, B.S. North Quincy, Mass. WILLIAM J. RILEY, C.E. Melrose, Musa. ANN ROBINSON, A.B. Medford, Mass. Sonixlhlsketbnll 4: History Club 43 Class nl' Clhmmttee 4. NORMAN 0. Rocxcwoon, A.B. Wntcrville, Mc. . gf: Soccer 2. 3, 4g History Club 1, Q, s, 44 v nel' li Assistant Munuger 9., 5: Bnschull 1: armty Club 2, s, 4, MYER L. ROTTENBERG, B.S. lienelnnont, Mnss. 2n'l'3 llnsketbull 1: Avuknh 1, 92, 3, 4. FRED M. RUSSELL, B.S. Methuen, Mass. A . cr' M'ln'1Rer Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Germun uh 1- 2, 3. 4: Tuftconic Club 1, 92, 4. 0'-INDO 0. SANTOPIETRO, B.s. Wuterbury, Conn. La B crosse 1: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Jumbo oak, PHYLLIS J. ROBINSON, B.S. Somerville, Mass. EK: Ivy llrmk .luckson Editor 4: Prc-Med Society 2, S, German Club 1, 2: Newnmn Club l, 2, 8, 4: Ski Club 4: Cllemienl Society 25 Dranmties 2, 8: Glee Club 1. DONALD B. ROGERSON, M.E. Wollaston, Mass. 'I'Bll: A.S.M.l'i. BRUCE E. RUSSELL, A.B. Medford, Mass. Football I, 2, 8.x-1: Vnrsity Club Q, 3, 43 President 4: A. A.: Wrestling 3. ABRAHAM SALESON, M.E. Dorchester, Mass. ILS. M . l'i. HARRY G. SAWTELL, M.E. Wullinglord. Conn. A.S.lll.l'I,: Secretary 4. PAGE 53 l gud. PAGE 54 MARCO H. SCHEER, B.S. Manchester, N. Il. Cll0lIlll'lIl Society I, Q, fl, 4: Pre-Med Society 2, fl. FRANK L. SCHIORRING, A.B. Lexington, Mnss. AT: Indoor und Outdoor Truck 2, 3, lV1'ukl1l 72. 3: History Club 23 Oil-llill Club 2. WILLIAM J. SEN, E.E. East Boston, Mnss. Drumutics 1, 9, 3, 4. EDWARD J. SHEEHAN, B.S. l'lIlllll0Ul.ll, Muss. A'l'Sl: Cluns President 1, Q, 3, 4: A. A. 2, SI: Student Council l, 2, 3, 4: Sword und Shield: Football I. Q, 3: llusketbull 1, 'lg llusc-bull 1,21 Vnrxity Club 2, Ii, 4. DUSTIN S. SHIEPE, B.S. Lnwrence. Musa. Newmnn Club 1, Q. 3. 4: Treasurer 4: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3. 4: Germnn Club 2: Lnrnbert Kingsley 4. PEARL C. SCIIENDEL, A.B. Mnnehestcr, Conn. AEA: I. R. C. 2: French Club 2, 3, 4: lind- luinton Club 4. RAY L. SCIIOALES, B.S. Rock lslnnd, lll. ATA. JOHN L. SIIAY, Ch.E. Nnbunt, Mass. IDMAQ Cll0llllL'lll Society I, 2. 3. 4: Ncwunln Club 2. RALPH T. SHERRY, B.S. Medford, Mass. BAX: Wrestling 1, Q, 3, 4: Cuptnin 4: Football 1, 9, 3, 4: Lacrosse 1, Q, 8. 4: Sword und Shield? Ivy: 'l'ower Cross, Clusu Murslmll l, 9, 59 Student Council 4. DAVID L. SIBLEY, B.S. Lowell, Mass. Cross-Country l, 2: Truck 2, Wrestling 1. 95 Pre-Med Society 2, 3. VINCENT SIMEONE, M JC. West Medford, Musa. A.S.M.E. SYLVIA SLAFSKY, A.B. Glouvexter, lVInNx. yfllnllztiux 1. 2: P.l'.I'. Ii, 4: Orc-hextru 1, Q: 'Hnbo Bank 3, 4: Cuutcrbury Club 3, 4. EDWARD L. SMITH, B.S. New Loudon, Conn. 1- . 1. Mx- ' 00111011 1. 2. s. 44 Wrestling 1. Q. SEWALL G. SMITH, NLE. West Medford. Minas. A.s.M.la, IRENE c. STAFFORD, A.B. Ridley Purk, Pu. lnlvrbury Club 2, 3, 4: History Club X92 Ci 1. 2 , ' 3- 4: Orc-hestru l, 2, 3: Phi Iietn Kuppu. DORIS F. SIMON, A.B. I'lI'llllklIII, Munn. ELMIER II. SMITH, CILE. Melrose. Moss. ATA: Clieluieul Society l, 2, Ii, 4: Ski Club l. 2. 3. -I. HOWARD F. SMITH, A.B. Brooklyn. N. Y. Unity Club 1, 2: History Club lg Glec Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Mnuugor Iinsebull 1. 2.14: flllIIIIONI.I!l' 3, 4-. RUTH E. SPURR, A.B. Somerville, Mugs. AEA: All Around Club Representative 2, H, -I-: Vive Pre-sialeul Frcnvli Club 92, 3, 4: Ski Club I. EDWARD C. STAROSTA, B.S. Webster, Moss. A'l'Qg Sm-ccr 1, 2, 3: Bnsketbull l, Qglluscbnll 1, 2: Ncwumn Club. . PAGE 55 PAGE 56 FRANCES M. STEED, A.B. Medford Hillside, Mass. WINSLOW J. STRINGER, Ch.E. Beverly, Mass. AKII: Chemical Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Mountain Club 4. DAVID D. SWETT, B.S. Fairhaven, Mass. ZW: Phi Beta Kappa: Economies 1,'Sl, 8, 4: Football 1. 92. MAX TAITEL, Ch.E. Dorchester, Mass. 'l'BlI: Corresponding Secretary: Chemical Society 1, 2, 3, -I-. BETTE TAYLOR, A.B. Watertown, Mass. BK: Iv,l'Il.lllH.llCH 1, 2, 3: Canterbury Club 4. l CLARK C. STREETER, B.S. Medford, Mass. -PMA: Wrestling l, 2, 8, 4: Pre-Med Society 1. 2, 8, 4: Lambert Kingsley 8, 4: Vice Presi- dent 4. ROLAND D. SUNDBERG, B.S. Gardner, Mass. KDMA: Band 1, Q, 3, 4: President 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. ALFRED G. SYMONDS, A.B. South Norwalk, Conn. AT: lVuaIrl71 1, 2, 3, 4: Editor-in-Chief 4: Student Council Vice President 4: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 4: Cross-Country 1, 92 Ivyi Junior Prom Chairman: Who's Who in American Colleges 4. ABRAHAM TATILBAUM, Ch.E. Dorchester, Mass. Chemical Society: Tennis 1: Soccer 2: Oil' llill Club: Manager Tennis 3, 4. i GEORGE C. TERKELSON, M.E. Newton Highlands, Mass. A.S.M.E. l '11 l w l 1 PRISCILLA G. TOWNS, A.B. Winelncndcn, Mass. 4 EK? Unity Club 1. 2, S, 4: Germuu Club 8 l. v . R' C' 42 lfuntcrliury Club 85 .lumlzo Hook 4. BETTY-LOU TROUP, A.B. X Berlin, Conn. SIS Weelrlll 2, 3: Cunterbury Club 3, 4. DAVUJ G. VANDENBURGII, Ch.E. Meriden, Cunn. :THF illllll lletu Pig Cbemienl Society I, 9. 3,4 ' 'lunnli 4, ROBERT S. VOORHEES, M.E. Norton llci llts, Conn. B A-S.M.E. GEORGE S. WATTS, B.S. Wakefield, Mass. 1' ., , 'L Med Society 2, a, 44 Ski Club 2. GEORGE TREHUB, M.E. Muttupun, Mass. A.S.M.E. ALMA V. USENIUS, B.S. Fitchburg, Musa. Orchestral 1. 2, 33 Modern Duncing Q, Il: Gerlnnn Club 1, 2. PHILIP A. VARNEY, M.E. Melrose, Mans. ATg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Cnptuin lg Sword und Sllicldg Ivy. ARTHUR G. WALSH, M.E. Suugus, Mass. ATU: Ski f'lub Il, 4: Sevretury-Treasurer 4: Lacrosse l, 2, fl, 4. CLIFFORD W. WAUTERS, B.S. Somerville, Musa. Pre-Med Society 1, Fl. ti. 4: Treusurer 4: Weekly 2, 3, 4: Associate Editor 43 Germain Club 1, 2, 3: Unity Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Luvrosse Munuger 2, 3. PAGE 57 PAGE 58 CHARLES L. WEED, C.E. No. Sandwich, N. II. 1-mx: A.S.C.E. .IOIIN D. WESTERVELT, B.S. Medford, Musa. liusketbull 1, Q, 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2, Il, -I EDWIN H. WIIITNEY, Ch.E. Somerville, Muna. Ilund 2, 3, 4: Chemical Society 2, S, 4: Orches- tru 2, 3, 4. ERNEST F. WILLIAMS, B.S. ln Eng. llynn, Munn. ATA. ALBERT W. WILLIS, B.S. Lowell, Musa. Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. or 3 l PAUL s. wELcu, B.s. Y Somerville, Musa. QBK: liconmnies Club 3, 4. J'OlIN J. WIIELTON, Ch.E. Peuhofly, Musa. l Chemical Society 1, 2, 8, -I.: Newlnun Cllll' I, 2, 3, 4. GORDON B. WILLEY, C.E. Orleuns, VL. OAX: liuud 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestru I, 2: lluskcf' hull 1: Wrestling 2, 8, 4: Sword und Shield Treasurer: Ivy: Inter-frutcrnity Council 39 Vice President 4: A.S.C.l'l.: Vursity Club 3, 4' SEYMOUR WILLIAMS, A.B. liulwuy, N. J. BAX: Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4: Economics Club 1, Q, fl, 'I'1JlI'IlI.bUlIO0In':I- GEORGE E. WINTER, A.B. Wrenlluun, Moss. llnnd 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. GORDON A. YALE, M.E. West Medford. Musa. lAlH'l'O8Nl' I, 2. Il, 4: hocvcr I, Q. il, I RODNEY R. WOOD, A.I'l. Medford, Mans. Football I: llislory Club l, 2. 3, ll-5 I. R. C. 4. NON-PICTORIAL SENIORS HERBERT E. ARMSTRONG, A.B. M4-llonagle, Mal. f.llIll4'l'lllll'Q'fllllll 2,2l,-I-1 Hlewnrel 3.4: luu-roseac 2, Il. JOSEPH J. BEVILACQUA, A.B. llullalu, N. Y. JOHN W. BIELECKI, CLE. llabylou, N. Y. AKIIQ Yacht Club 3, -I-g Treasurer Al-4 Football lg Ski Club fi, 4. WINSLOW W. BLANCHARD, B.S. Stonelmul, Mass. ClIl'llllClll Society 3, 4. ' GEORGE W. BOWSER, A.B. Sl.0l'l0lllllll, Maas. Son-vcr 1, 2, 3. 'I-3 Canterbury Clllb 3. 4. ROBERT II. BROWN, B.S. Ilyde Park, Mass. Lambert Kingsley 3, 43 Treasurer 4: Assistant Manager Wrestling 25 Chemical Society 1, Q. 33 l're-Mail Society 1, 2, 3, 4- EDWARD H. CONFORTI, B.S. Holyoke. Mass. Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, fl-. FREDERICK J. DEMETRIUS, A.B. Elizabeth, N. J. Zilfg Manager Frosh Football: Manager Debat- ing Club, Varsity Clllll- JOIIN K. FINDLY, A.l!. Iowa City, Iowa JESSE MURRAY GAY, A.B. ' Gll'lll'1l, Pa. Glue Club 1, 2, 3, -I-Q Unity Club I, 2, Il, 4 Choir l, 2, tl, 4. ALBERT L. GOLDMAN, A.B. Evcrctl.. Mass. 22121115 l'lUOllOllllK'!4 Club I, 2, Il, 4: Prcsialeal, 4 EDWARD E. HAILWOOD, A.B. Vcrnal, Utah Gh-c Club 3, Phillips llrnoks Club 4. GEORGE HAMPSON, E.E. llloomlicld, N. -l. HUMPHREY HOSMER, M.E. Concord, Mass. ATA, Football 2, Il, fl: 'l'raek 2, 3, 'lg Ski Club 3, 4: Intcr-fraternity Council 3, 4. ROBERT LEE LARKIN, A.B. High Point, N. C. fl1MAg J1lIlllIOBlllIk 3, -tg llirckly 2, 3, -lg Football 1, 2: Canterbury Club. THEODORE S. MACIIAJ, B.S. Ipswich, Mass. Pre-Med Society 2, :lg Football 4: Chemical Society 1, 2, 8. PAGE 59 PAGE 60 GEORGE E. MELLING, B.S. Everett, Musa. Chcmicnl Socicty 1, 2, 3, 4, Off-Hill Club 2, 3, 4. THOMAS S. MORRIS, A.B. Lexington, Mass. Cnnterbury Club 2, 3, 4. GEORGE J. ROBERTSON, B.S. North Andover, Mnss. ZYII, Wrestling 1, Lumbert Kingsley 4, Mnnuger Frosh Basketball 4. EMIL J. SAVOLAINEN, Ch.E. Fitchburg, Mass. Chemicnl Society 1, 2, 8, 4. ROBERT G. SPENCER, C.E. Walpole, Mnss. A.S.C.E.: Treasurer 4, Wrestling 1, 2, Lncrosse l, 2. WILLIAM L. ST. ONGE, A.B. Putnam, Conn. Newman Club 4, Canterbury Club 4. CHARLES R. TIBBS, Ch.E. Quincy, Mass. AKII, Sword and Shield, Ivy, Tower Cross, Secretary 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Football 1: Who's Who in American Colleges 4. IN MEMORIAM a . , r . . .W -El ,,. - fl 'rl , ,. ' ' .zfvv .1 -X In 'tffl -A "Gu" I wi " 1. bw ' ' ig -QQ w : 'f 1 '- 1. f iff? 4' " 'A fbf ' th-V.-,.-.mn A N - 1 Sfilrz-wwf. imff. 'P' 'ff af Q ' lit'-',' ., I- . ' M7 A v l , ' 1 l . Q '.4 F' Q5 ' X , ,l I 4q,fa'.- ' ' " 5,-fl:-ff' . A lx ,w-'ff ' , 4' 6,1-: ..i .ij NT V .ff A . 'll' A h ., M ' , 'JPN . i ,. , In I .53 MA 4' ' -W" '-'n N. 4' 34" 9 V A . Ulf. , 'Wx' - I kiwi t, , g , 'ff' 'TNA , F A .., - q. ' .:',ng!, ....,,. :V-'f ' vlmfl' A, '1 fain! 15 , ' N Y ,111 "- L , Q -4 .by Q 0' mt I 1 W X ' ' g ji fi ,. 'if r , 3 g- W " m ,M '-W . , ,Lf ' -1, www ,,, 1, ', ,y,4,, .,. , E Q . ' ' fy, 'P' fa , 4. Q Agfa K vi: .5:x, , p HER " b th 'gh -A W TUFTS A MOSTS DAVID I". POLLARD Most Typical Tvgfls M lm PAGE 62 ICD WARD SIIEICIIA N Best l'1fr.v0m1l'it7j RALPH SH IC RR Y Bust A lhlcte lin-rf Anim' for Tuflv livm'1'vt Wurlvvzf GEORGE ATWA 'l' IC R M ns! Scholarly WILLIAM I , , ATKINSON I"RI'ZDI'1 RICK BIuRhARD GLASICR Dom, Mr MOS, DICKIQRNIAN JA i 4-4 I JANE CARTER Best looking VIRGINIA MILNES Dona the M ost for Jackson BARBARA RICHARDSON L I Most Scholarly IIARRIICT BL0Dgl4yl"1' 1l1+jl,EN NIEMI RUTI-I ODICLL lg,,,qf,,,,t Sgu,1,,,,,g M031 Likely lo Succeed livxt A0trcw.v CKSON MOSTS 'HSS M. ENGLISH Most Typival J11cL'.wm Girl I PAGE 63 CLASS WARD A. ALBRO, B.S. Wim-luesl.er, Moss. ERNEST G. ALCOTT, B.S. ln Eng. Arlington, Moss. GEORGE W. ALLEN, B.S. Nlcclfnrcl, Mass. RUDOLPII O. ALTROGGEN, A.B. Sellcncvtauly, N. Y. AUSTIN M. AVERY, B.S. Dover, N. ll. FRANK A. AVOLA, B.S. llostou. Nusa. ALBERT T. BACIIELER, B.S. In Eng. Summitt, N. J. EVERETT R. BACKMAN, A.B. Everett, ltlnss. JOIIN E. BAGLEY, B.S. In Eng. lN'leill'or4l. Muss. RICHAMRD W. BAGNELL, A.B. Stoneluun, Musa. ROBERT II. BAILEY, B.S. Ivollnston, Nlnss. GEORGE R. BANCROFT, JR., B.S. Winchester, Mmm. PARKER M. BARTLETT, B.S. in Eng. South Surllrury, Moss. ROBERT G. BEDELL, A.B. Lowell, Mass. GEORGE L. BEDFORD, B.S. liellunnt, Mums. THEODORE II. BEERS, B.S. Groton, Mass. NORRIS BENDETSON, B.S. llnvzfrlxill, Mass. FRANK E. BENNE'l"l', B.S. l'uu1lbrirl3zc. Mmm. PAGE 64 LAWRENCE BliNNE'l"I', B.S. in Eng. Nuflforxl, Mass. WILLIAM G. BERNDT, A.B. Cllllllifldgd, Munn. ROBERT E. BERNSTEIN, B.S. Pllilurlelplliu, Pu. MERRILL G. BERTIIRONG, A.B. Somerville, Moss. ROBERT s. BETHE, B.S. in Eng. Medford, Mnss. .IOSEPII F. BIANCO, B.S. In Eng. llleclforcl. Mass. WILLARD J. BIRD, A.B. Watertown, Moss. ALPIIONSE L. BILIDEAU, B.S. In Eng. Somerville, Mans. , PAUL BIXBY, B.S. In Eng. North Amlovcr, Mm-ls. WALLACE L. BIXBY, B.S. In Eng. Yvollnslon, Nluss. DANA J. BLACKWELL, A.B. Nuugutuek, Conn. JAMES E. BODGE, B.S. Somerville, Muss. GEORGE C. BOURNAZOS, B.S. Somerville. Nlnsx. NATIIANIEL BRAGDON, JR., B.S. Dnnvers. Muses. GORDON C. BRAINERD, B.S. Salem. Moss. PETER C. BRASE, JR., B.S. l.itl.lc N1-ek, N. Y. JAMES J. BREEN, B.S. Durvllcstvr, Dlllss. WARREN B. BRIGHTY, B.S. ln Eng. Turncrs Fnlls, Moss. Swronrl Row: William McMahon, William Lynch, Mark Hunnlmury Front Rom: Louis Gessuy, Thomas Lee WILLIAM J. BROWNE, A.B. Newburyport, Mnss. FRANCIS R. BRUCE, B.S. Suugus, Moss. BRONY F. BUDRUNAS, A.B. Atllol, Musa. ROBERT P. BUELL, B.S. llclmont, Moss. LOUIS BURKE, B.S. Cllclsen, Muss. JOSEPH F. BUSIIELL, B.S. Watertown, Moss. JOSEPH L. CAFERELLA, B.S. Malden, Mass. HOWARD K. CALISII, B.S. Brighton, Musa. FRANCIS C. CALLAI-IAN, B.S. East Boston, Mnss. LEO T. CANAVAN, B.S. In Eng. Boston, Moss. CHARLES W. CAPRON, JR., B.S. Wrentlmm, Moss. FREDERICK A. CARLEY, B.S. in Eng. Wnltlmm, Munn. WALTER A. CARLSON, B.S. in Fng. Mnlrlcn, Mass. DAVID W. CARNELL, B.S. In Eng. Simslzury, Conn. CHRISTO STAVROS CIIRISTOU Brighton, Musa. CALVIN D. CIIAMBERLAIN, B.S. In Enp, Roslinrlnlc, Mass. JOIIN L. CHAPIN, JR., B.S. In Eng. Newton Center, Moss. ROBERT D. CHATFIELD, B.S. In Eng. Queens Villngc, N. Y. CIIARLES P. CIAEFONE, B.S. In Eng. SIIIIIIIOHI, Cgnn, MAURICR W. COBB, A.B. Ifrulllchoro, VI. ABRAHAM J. COIIEN, B.S. DllIIlI'I'I'IIIl!, Muay. ANTIIONY E. COLOZZI, B.S. 'I"li'lKIon. Muaa. ARTHUR w. COOLIDGE, In lang. Ilexuling, Musa. JOIIN R. CRAWFORD, B.S. Medford. Musa. WARREN A. CROCKER, n.s. In lang. lfynn. Muna. -LAMES II. CUNNINGIIAM, B.S. I"'l"'N90l. Musa. CARL P. DAIILEN, B.S. Brookline, Muaa. WILLIAM J. DALEY, A.B. Medford. Musa. WILLIAM F. DAUGIIERTY, A.B. Duuglualou, N, Y. JOHN F. DEE, A.B. Watertown. Muax. ALFRED N. DEVINE, B.S. LOWUII. Muaa. ROBERT DICK, A.B. hfffvkwn, nl. TRESTON R. DILLON, u.s. In Eng. - UIIIIIIUII I'luiu, Musa. JQHN ll. DOCKSTADER, B.S. an Imp.. II""""fiflue. N. .I. ARTHUR J. Down, B.S. A"I"ll1l0n. Musa. RICHARD E. DOLBEAR, B.S. In Eng. Belmont. Muna. -IOIIN F. DONLAN, B.S. In Engl. WWI Medford. Muss. EDWARD DUGGER, n.s. in Eng. Medford. Musa. FZRIANK M. DUNN, JR., A.B. Ihlllululplliu, Pu. RICHARD W. EDDY. B.S. AIIIIIIIEII. Musa. FRANK la. FARRINGTON, JR., B.S. Iielvhcrlown, Alum., CARLETON FEENER, JR., B.s.1n lang. D""VW'H. Muaa. RAYMOND U. 1fl1"rz, JR., n.s. 14. lang. Ml'l"'3N0, M uan. ALEXANDER FLANDREAU, A.B. IIuIdwin, N, Y, DONALD J. Foc:AR1'Y, B.s.n.1cng. Nutlupun. Musa. LAYYRENCE Z. ITREEDMAN, B.S. Worcester.. Musa. SYDNEY C. GALE, A.II. IIOI'K'Il0HI.1'l'. Nusa. IIUBERT J. GALLAGIIER, B.S. New York. N. Y. LEO G. GALLIVAN, A.B. Allalon, Muas. LOUIS II. GESSAY, B.S. Iloc-kvillo, Conn. CONSTANTINE G. GIIIKAS, A.B. Mvulforll. Muas. BERNARD N. GILCIIRIEST, B.S. Springlivlal. Muas. JULIUS E. GOLDBLA'I"I', B.S. I.uwrcn4'c, Muas. PIIILIP GOIVIEZ, JR., B.S. Ill Ehjl. BrulIIOIroro, YI. ' BURTON L. GORODETSKY, B.S. Brookliuv, Musa. FREDERICK W. GRAY, B.S. Wukcfit-III. Mnaa. CHARLES E. GRINER, B.S. In Eng. Suugua. Muaa. DONALD M. IIAGER, B.S. In Eng. Lexington. Musa. WALTER K. IIALL, A.B. IIOI'I'IIl!HIl'I', Muaa. MARK R. IIANABURY, B.S. In Engl. IYPNHIOIILII, Muaa. PHILIP F. IIANNUM, B.S. I'rovim-4-lown, Muaa. JOHN If. IIARRIGAN, B.S.inEn91. Dol'x'IlcsI1'r, Mnaa. THEODORE J. IIASELTON, B.S. In Engl. Rcueling, Musa. DAVID S. IIAYS, B.S. Roxbury. Musa. FRANCIS P. IIAZEI., B.S. M4-dforal. Musa. RUDOLPII L. IIELGESON, .lR., B.S. IVuIIImm. Musa. ROBERT E. IIEMMAN, B.S. in Eng. Wvsl IIoxImry, Muaa. BASIL L. IIENRIOUES, A.B. SllIII1'I'X'IIII', Muaa. LEON IIERMAN, B.S. III'IIIIII.0II, Musa WINTIIROP C. IIOPGOOD, A.B. Bro:-klon, Muaa. JAMES D. IIUGIIES, A.B. Roxbury, Musa. IIAROLD G. JACOBS, B.S. Nc-wlou, Musa. NOBLE W. JAIINKE, B.S. In Eng. Medford, Muaa. CYRIL J. JONES, ILS. N1-w York. N. Y. STANLEY L. JONES, B.S. II1'v0rI5'. Musa. WILLIAM .I. JONES, B.S. In Engl. New York. N. Y. FRANK J. KEIVITERSTAN, II. B.S. Amlovm-l', Musa. ARCHIE G. KEIGAN, B.S. Enal IIl'lIIIlI.I'I'I!, Musa. GEORGE W. KELLEY, B.S. In Eng. lim-Doa Aire-a, Args-ntinu W. MURRAY KENNEY, A.B. SOIIN'I'VIIIl', Musa. ARTIIUR R. KILLAM, B.S. AYIIlI'IIl'NI.l'l'. Musa. JACK II. KOLLIGIAN, B.S. M1'4Ifor1I. Muxa. STANLEY II. KUNIIIOLM, A.B. IIur1Iuvr. Musa. ALEXANDER II. KYRIOS, A.I!. Lynn. Muaa. CIIESTER F. KRUSZYNA, B.S. In Eng Amluma. Mnaa. .IAMES P. LANE, B.S. in Eng. Winthrop. Maas. THOMAS F. LEE, B.S. In Eng. III-Imonl.. Muaa. WILLIAM D. LEGGA'I', B.S. Lowa-II, Musa. ORVAR B. LEONARIISON, B.S. I'ul,uum, Vonn. ISADORE E. LEVY, B.S. Ill Eng. Mulwlvu. Musa. ALBERT J. LEWIS, A.B. Ilivcraiclv. Ifulif. GEORGE E. LEWIS, B.S. In Eng. K1-urny. N. .I. IIENRY E. LINDICN, B.S. In Eng. Quinvy. Muas. RANSOM B. LONG, B.S. 'l'opalie-lal. Muaa. ERNEST B. LORETT, A.B. M4-Ilford. Muaa. LEWIS D. LORING, JR., B.S. in Eng. Norlh IYPXIIIIYIIIII, Muaa. LAWRENCE E. LUNDGREN, B.S. I'IullaImrp.:. N. Y. WILLIAM .I. LYNYII, B.S. In Eng. 'I':umpu, I"lu. ALEXANDER J. MRCKENZIE, A.ll. SOIIIUFVIIIC, Musa. ALEXANDER G.Mucl.ENNAN, B.S. In Eng IIurvur1I. Muaa. PAGE 65 DONALD II. MBCPHERSON, B.S. Quincy, Musa. WILLIAM J. MAHONEY, A.B. Cumbridge, Muss. RALPH M. MANNING, B.S. in Eng. Winchester, Mass. EARL R. MARBLE, JR., B.S. In Eng. Worcester, Mass. ROLAND G. MARSTON, B.S. in Eng. Newburyport, Mass. NICIIOLAS R. MARTIN, B.S. ln Eng. Lynn, Muss. JOIIN J. MCHUGI-I, B.S. in Eng. Wulthum, Muss. WILLIAM A. MCMAHON, B.S. Salem, Muss. JOIIN P. MCNAUGIIT, B.S. Bedford, Muss. ABRAHAM A. MEKELBURG, B.S. Chelsea, Mass. LEON G. MICHELL, B.S. Lynn, Mass. STANLEY J. MIKALONIS, B.S. Boston, Mass. ARTIIUR L. MILHENCII, B.S. Fuirhuven, Mass. BREWSTER S. MILLER, B.S. Springfield, Mass. RICHARD B. MITCIIELL, B.S. in Eng. Medford, Musa. WILLIAM R. MITCHELL, JR.,B.S. In Eng. Itoslindule, Mass. ROBERT F. MOBBS, B.S. Woburn, Musa. CLARENCE C. MOORE, B.S. In Eng. Lynn, lwuss. FRANK II. MORRISSEY, JR., A.B. Medford, Mass. ROBERT M. NEWIIALL, B.S. in Eng. Stonehum, Mass. IIOWARD C. NICIIOLS, A.B. Woburn, Muss. TIIEODORE W. NOWIGKI, JR., B.S. Webster, Mass. IIARRY E. OBER, B.S. Northwest Harbor, Me. ROBERT C. O'CONNELL, B.S. In Eng. Winthrop, Mass. ARTHUR N. OLIVE, JR., B.S. in Eng. Lynn, Muss. OLAF K. OLSEN, A.B. Rowley, Nluss. WILLIAM W. OWEN, B.S. Bath, Me. HOLLIS A. PAEGEL, B.S. Needhum, Mass. WILLIAM N. PAGLIA, B.S. Medford, Mass. DOMINIC M. PALUMBO, B.S. In Eng. Ivuterbury, Conn. ROBERT B. PATTEN, B.S. in Eng. Stonehum, Musa. ROBERT B. PATTERSON, B.S. in Eng. Somerville, Mass. NATHANIEL H. PEASE, JR., B.S. in Eng. Auburudale, Mass. WALTER EDMOND PENTA, B.S. Stonehuru, Mass. PAGE 66 JACOB PERETSMAN, B.S. Somerville, Mass. KENNETH R. PETERSEN, A.B. Wakefield, Mass. JOHN R. PETERSON, B.S. ln Eng. Wakefield, Musa. STUART C. PETERSON, B.S. in Eng. Auburndule, Mass. DANA R. PHILBROOK, A.B. Winchester, Mass. RICHARD H. PIERCE, B.S. in Eng. Reading, Musa. PETER A. PIECEWICZ, B.S. Maynard, Mass. FRANK R. POTE, A.B. Medford, Musa. JOIIN J. POWERS, A.B. Clinton, Mass. EDWARD M. OUINN, JR., B.S. Lowell, Musa. GEORGE F. REALL, A.B. Cambridge, Mass. WALTER J. RIDLON, A.B. Medford, Mass. GUY J. RIZZO, B.S. Medford, Mass. PIIILIP S. RUSH, A.B. Manchester, Conn. DAVID F. RYDER, B.S. in Eng. West Harwich, Mass. EDWARD SABA, B.S. Lowell, Musa. CHARLES J. SALVO, B.S. Somerville, Mass. RALPH SALVUCCI, B.S. in Eng. Wulthum, Muss. FRANK V. SAPARETO, B.S. in Eng. Haverhill, Musa. HANS C. SEAIIOLM, A.B. New York, N. Y. KENNETH M. SEARS, B.S. in Eng. Melrose, Mass. MYER SHAPIRO, B.S. in Eng. Itoxhury, Mass. , JAMES H. SHATTUCK, B.S. Neenulx, Wis. FRANK D. SIIAW, B.S. in Eng. Everett, Muss. DONALD T. SHEDD, B.S. In Eng. Medford, Mass. NORMAN R. SHERMAN, B.S. Roxbury, Mass. AR.NOLD M. SILVER, A.B. Roxbury, Muss. J. RICHARD SKUSE, B.S. Exeter, N. H. PIIILIP F. SNYDER, B.S. Lynn, Mass. LAURENCE V. SNOW, B.S. in Eng. Wrenthnm, Mass. JAMES P. STERGION, B.S. Nashua, N. H. STUART L. STERN, B.S. Newton Muss. ARTHUR R. STEVENS, A.B. Methuen, Mass. CHESTER D. STROUT, A.B. Lynn, Mass. FREDERICK D. SULLIVAN, JR., B.S. Turners Falls, Mnss. JOHN L. SULLIVAN, B.S. Malden, Musa. J. ARTHUR SUNDERMANN, B.S. ln Eng Fort Wayne, Ind. MORRIS SUPOWITZ, B.S. Chelsea, Musa. JOHN D. SWEENEY, B.S. Waltham, Mass. DELMONT J. SYLVESTER, A.B. Norwalk, Conn. GEORGE TALOUMIS, A.B. Salem, Musa. ANTHONY E. TANCRETO, B.S. Medford, Mass. ARTHUR J. TAYLOR, A.B. Newtonville, Mass. ERNEST L. THOMPSON, B.S. ln Eng. Greenfield, Mass. RALPH M. TIMBERLAKE, JR., B.S. Belmont, Moss. LeROY M. TITLEBAUM, B.S. Somerville, Mass. JOHN F. TOOMEY, B.S. Randolph, Mass. GEORGE J. TSOLAS, B.S. Watertown, Mass. HUGH J. TURNER, B.S. in Eng. Malden, Mass. RALPH F. VAGCARO, B.S. Somerville, Muse. KENNETH G. VRDAUKEN, JR., B.S. Illoomfield, N. J. JOHN F. VAUGHN, A.B. Lexington, Mass. WILLIAM J. WALSH, B.S. in Eng. Peabody, Musa. HENRY C. WARD, JR., B.S. ln Eng. Wollaston, Mass. DAVID O. WARDWELL, A.B. Wakefield, Mass. BERNARD M. WAX, B.S. in Eng. Brighton, Mass. NORMAN G. WEINBERG, B.S. ln Eng. Brookline, Muss. WASHINGTON WEST, A.B. Ridley Park, Pu. WALDO D. WHITNEY, A.B. Wilmington, Mass. HARVEY W. WHITTEN, B.S. ln Eng. Lynn, Mass. DONALD G. WHITTREDGE, B.S. Suugun, Mass. HERBERT S. WIGHT, B.S. in Eng. Medfield, Musa. DONALD B. WOODS, A.B. Medford, Mass. ALBERT A. WRIGHT, B.S. In Eng. Allston, Muss. ROBERT H. WRIGHT, B.S. In Eng. Natick, Mass. ROBERT P. ZANES, JR., B.S. Everett, Mass. MISCHEL ZIDEL, B.S. In Eng. Somerville, Musa. Second Row: Caroline Barker, Marion Savage, Jean Up- ham Front How: Dorothy Lewis, Phyllis Haywarll, Dorothy IValklcy MURIEL D. ALLEN Lawrence, Mass. CAROLINE BARKER North Andover, Maxx. DORIS BEDELL Lowell, Mass. AUDREY BELDING RUUHMI. vm. CECILIE BERLE Rendlftlh Mass. IQZVHEL BE'r'roNIsv ollnsuln. Mmm. QPEANOR BLISS vlIICIlCHI.Cl'. N. II. 'SOSE BORGATTI . omerville, Maas. fS'I'IIER Baonv imokllnlf. Mass. HENRIETTA BROWN gmney. Maas. BERALDINI: CANNING 'll' Harbor, Mc, ZATIIICIA crass N:'0VlIlCetown, Mass. Q - EILIIIIN cmssmv ' helheld. Mass. IIUTII CLARK 5lIllield, Conn. ELEANOR ooIIEN Ezxbufy, Mass. C IZABETII COLLINS dloueester. Maas. RIIARLOTTE CURTIS owley. Maas. IIEIIODA DAVIS Beverly Farms. Maas. ETTY DAVISON Wollaston Maas 31-ICE Donsay Whse. N. J. EU-EN EKLUND Ashland M E u BBS. UGENIA FAZIO I'uw"3n00 Mass -'UVITA FImNANDI:z Nvrrhsela, vt, lfHYI.I.Is Foss Englewood, N. J. l JACKSO ETIIEL GARDNER Nantucket, Mass. FRANCES GASSER Waterbury, Conn. GERALDINE GRAY Braintree, Mass. MARGARET HALL New Britain, Conn. RUTH IIALLSTRAND Medford, Mans. PIIYLLIS IIAYWARD West Ialip, N. Y. MARIE HERLIIIY Medford, Maas. MYRA IIERRICK Beverly. Musa. ALMA IIESCOCK IVoreester, Mass. MARTINA HIGGINS ' Andover, Maas. IIILMA IIOLTON Northfield, Vt. IIAZEL IIUNT Went Somerville, Maas. MARJORIE HYDE Medford, Maas. KATHERINE JACKSON Dorchester, Mass. EUNICE KRAMER Malden, Mass. BARBARA LANDRY Watertown, Mass. DOROTIIY LEWIS Medford, Mass. MARY LODDY Fitellburg, Mass. PATRICIA MacLEOD Hadzlam, Conn. BARBARA MARJERISON Belmont, Mass. ALICE MCNALLY Somerville, Mass. K. ESTELLE MCNIFF West Somerville, ltlass. IIILDA MERRILL East Weymouth, Mass. MARTIIA MERRILL Cambridge, Mass. DORIS MILLER Medford, Mass. MIRIAM NASH Weymouth, Mass. M. MARGARET O'CONNEI.L Littleton, Mass. SALLY O'DONNELL Melrose, Mass. ISABELLE PIIELAN North Andover, Maas. GRETCIIEN PUTNAM West Wareham, Maas. WILMA RAY Farmington, Me. CATIIERINE ROCK lawominater, Maas. ELAINE RONEY Cape Elizabetli, Me. TIIALIA RYDER Ilillshoro, N. II. MARION SAVAGE Meriden, Conn. MARGARET SIIERIFF Somerville, Maas. ROSAMOND SMITII Dorchester, Mass. DOROTIIEA SOUZA Medford, Mass. DOROTIIY STARR Stoneham, Mass. BETTINA STEVENS VVlIiteliel4l, N. II. HELEN STRAIT West Somerville, Maas. BETTY SWEETIN New Rochelle, N. Y. RUTII TARR Everett, Mass. FLORENCE TOWLE Seymour, Conn. O. .IEAN UPIIAM West. Itoxlmry, Mass. DOROTIIY WALKLEY Medford, Mass. JUSTINE WELLS Newburgh, N. Y. LOIS WIIITTEN East Lynn, Maas. N l94l PAGE 67 CLAS FREELAND K. Al'lBO'l"I' Meshoppen, I'n. CARYL T. ADAMS Bennington, Vt. MAURICE F. AHEARN Somerville, Mnss. LEONARD I. ALBERT Brookline, ltdnss. JULIAN II. ALLEN Newtonville, Moss. REIDAR V. ANDERSON Nlnttupnn, Mnss. ALEXANDER 'I'. ANDREWS Belmont, Mass. JOHN R. ARNOLD Arlington, Mess. DAVID J. ASIITON Somerville, Mass. MAYNARD J. AXELROD Beverly, Mnss. PETER R. AYER Wnlmn, Muss. ALFRED J. BARNARD, JR. ltoslindnle. lVInss, WILLIAM E. BARNES Boston. Mnss. RICHARD W. BARRY North Altlehoro, Moss. GINO J. BASTANZA Medford, Mnss. DANA A. BATCIIELDER Stonelnun. Moss. JOSEPH G. BEATRICE Boston, Mnss. DONALD W. BEIJELL Madden, Mass. EFATATIHOS BELKAKIS Lowell, Mass. MARTIN BENDETSON Hnverhill, Mnss. CHARLES A. BESKIN Ivorcester, lVInss. PAGE 68 S OF 1942 ARTHUR F. BIRDSALL Melrose, Moss. JOHN L. BISHOP, JR. Melrose, Mnss. NELSON P. BLACKBURN Lynn, Moss. LAURENCE C. BOMMARITO Medford, Moss. ROBERT E. BRADLEY Woburn, Mnss. HARVEY F. BROOKS Dorehcster, Mass. DONALD F. BROWN Arlington, Mnss. HERBERT W. BROWN, JR. Medford, Moss. LEO I. BROWN Brighten, Muss. WALTER M. BUCKEN Whitman, Moss. ARTHUR J. BURSTEIN Chelsen, Moss. FRANK J. BUTLER Malden, Mass. AUGUSTUS A. CAESAR Melrose, Mnss. HARRY J. CAFRELLA Medford, Mnss. JOIIN CALOMIRIS Peabody, Mess. WILLIAM K. CARLSON Springfield, Mnss. GFNNARO R. CARVELLI Dorchester. Mnss. FRANKLIN D. CHAMBERS Everett, Moss. THOMAS ,J. CIIIARA Lnwrenee, Mnss. HENRY CI-IIN-PARK Boston, Mass. ROBERT P. CLARK Brattleboro, Vt. Richard Van Cnndy, Alherl Schnnl, Jr., WVnlter Hull, Robert. Rutter, Vincent Napoli RICHARD J. COAR Kingston, EIIIHS- RALPH B. COLLINS, JR. Newburyport.. Mnss. EARL B. COLVIN Wnhnn, Mnss. NINSON B. CONLIFFE Dorchester, Mnss. HARVEY II. CORMAN Dorchester, Moss. EDWARD J- CRAFFEY Newton, Mnss. MATTIIEW CUMMINGS Dorchester, Mnss. GRANT E. CURTIS Brockton, Musa. RUEL LOW DAVIS, JR. Beverly Fnrms, Moss. GEORGE B. DEERING Lynn, Mnss. GERARD B. DETIIIER .Inmnicn Plnin, Moss. JOSEPH I. DONOVAN, JR. Wilmington, Musa. WILLARD DOW Arlington, Mnss. LEONARD C. DOZIER, JR. Arlington, Mass. JOHN F. DRISCOLL Seitunte, Mass. DONALD E. DUPEE Wnlmn, Moss. TIIEODORE A. DUSIIAN Dorchester, Moss. FRANK A. EAST, JR. lloslindnlc, M'uss. FRANK A. FICII Melrose, Mass. I-IERVEY R. EMERY, JR. Ilueksport, Me. CHARLES F. ERNST Englewood, N. J. VASKEN EYNATIAN Chehcfl. RIBIIII. LAWRENCE W. FAIRGIIILD NIIWIUH. COIIII. PHILIP H. FINN Ul'00kIinu, Muaas. NELSON C. FONTNICAU Ameb0f0. Musa. RQBER1' J. FRANKLIN M'lf'-Wd. Conn. ALLEN DAVIS FRENGII Gaales Furry, Conn. ALEERT A. FRINK Arlmgtoll. IAIIIHH. BENJAMIN J. GAIESKI Pcubmly. IYIIINS. FRANK E. GALOPIN Peabody. Mass. JOSEPII M. GANEY, JR. NCW London, Conn. EDWARD II. GANLEY, JR. M"u'UeIl. Muaas. FREDERICK A. GARLIGK Melrose. Mmm. ROBERT G. GARDNER Dflrcllcster, Munpa. EDMUND W. GELEWITZ AHS'-On. Mass. JACOB GOLD chelsea. IYIIAJIII, SEPII F. GOLDEN, JR. JO Stuugm-00. Musa. ANIEL M. GOLDFARB IJ mlelscaz. Mass. ?EQRGE J. GoT'I'wALn I rhngmn. Maxam. PIRAK K. GREGORY Somerville. Mmm. EONALD E. L. IIALLOGK A wumpscmf. AIIIEII. 'BENNART L. IIANSON 0rche5I0l'. Muaan. QIRTIIUR F. IIARRIsoN 0'W00lI. Mass. DAVID B. IIEARIJ Wuhan- Mums. J Nantucket, Muaua. ALPERT I. IIEGKBERT Aflmlxlon OHN H. IIEA'I'I-I . Musa. EDWARD II. IIERLIN Mel:-age, Mmm. fRANK E. IIIMMER 'nwrcncm Mnam. WM-'PER A. III'I'1'L Mulfllfll. Mmm. G0 Revere, Mmm' J Belmont. XIIIIIII. IILULTON D. HOWARD orth An RDON F. IIQLLANIJ, JR. ACK K. HOLMES d0vur. RIIISN. TWIN F. IfIU'I'GIIINsoN uhumdale. IIIIISS. ARTHUR C. JAMESON I"I0rcnI:c, Vt. NORTON B. JAMIESON Noamk, COIIH. GEORGE J. JOHNSTONE CIIIIIIDFIIIQC, Mama. WILLIAM S. JOHNSTON, JR. Watertown, Muna. HERBERT II. KASTER l'caIls0dy. Mass. JOSEPH B. KEARNEY, JR. Kingston, N. Y. JOSEPH F. KENNEDY I.aIwrcIII'c, Max:-Is. GEORGE R. KIEL Avon, Malss. EVERETT F. KIMBALL AsIIIIInII, Mama. STANLEY H. KING Lowell, Mass. DAVID W. KINNEY IAIIIIIICII, IIIIIII.-I. IIALLARD B. KINNISON Melrose, Musa. DONALD W. KITGIIIN, JR. AVIlI!'Ill'HIOI', Musa. IIAROLD B. KNAPP IJIIIIIDIITX, Conn. HAROLD L. KNIGIITS Newburyport, RI-IIHH. FRANCIS W. KRITZMAGHER I,Ij'IlI0llI.Il, IAIIIMH. CLARENCE J. KULIIERG Iicvorly, Mamas. DEAN M. LAIRD s0IIlL'l'VIII6, Manu. ANDREW A. LANE Ilovkpoa-t, Musa-I. EARL G. LEAZER IJIIIIVOFS, Musa. IIENRI R. LUIILANG I.0wI'II, Musa. WILLIAM G. LIJGROW Sxaugus, Mass. JOIIN F. LOGKE Qaainvy, Mamas. PERGY S. LOGKE Rmaaaaford, Mc. DAVID K. LUNT Ilcvcrly. Mams. FRANKLIN MacPIHl-I NI-wton, Mama. GEORGE F. MADDEN, JR. Ilcmling, BIIIMS. WILLIAM F. MAGUIRE, JR. IVUIIIIFII, Mama. JOSEPII J. MAIIER SIICIIUIHIDIIII, IIII. RICIIARD E. MAHONEY f'aIIIIbridge. RIIIHH. CLARENCE G. MALOOF Boston, Mass. GYRIL P. MANGIONE Medford, Mu.-In. JOIIN P. MANLEY Medford, Mass. HERBERT A. MANN Brookline, Musa. JOHN R. MANNERINO Medford, Musa. NORMAN G. MARSTON Nl'WIlIlI"j'D0l'I., Mmas. JOIIN B. MASON Wnrna-r, N. H. JOSEPH MAZMANIAN Ma.-alfaarcl, Mass. EDWARD F. MGGABE EYIIIIIIIIIII, RIIIIIS. PHILIP S. MCGRATH Vaallcy Faalls, II. I. ROBERT K. MCILVIN Lynn. Mavis. CHARLES E. MCLEAN IVIIIIIIIQIOIWI, CIDIIII. STANLEY MELILLO WIIILIll'Ilp, IVIIINM. 'I'I'I'US E. MERGIENDAIIL, JR. S0IIIcrvilI0, RIIIHH. JAMES A. MERRIAM South Acton, Mass. ROBERT T. MILLER New York. N. Y. ROBERT MITCHELL, JR. NIL. Va-rIIoII, N. Y. CHARLES F. MIS'I'RE'l"I'A NIvaIfIII'II, RIIIHH. GUY M. MI'l'CHEl.L AII'IIIaJraI, RIIIHN. DANIEL R. IVIONTGOINIERY Bran-klun. Malss. DONALD E. A. MONTGOMERY SIIIILII VVUYIIIOIIIIII, Mnns. PETER II. MORGANSON RIcI'IIlcIa, IIIJIIII. JOIIN II, MORIARTY I.aIwr0III'0. Mass. DONALD R. IVIORSE Ilrnvklon, Mass. DERAN J. IVIUGKJIAN I'aaaIIbI'iaIgo, Mamas. GORNELIUS J. MURRAY, JR. llcvurly I"aII'IIIs. Nausea. JOIIN R. MURPHY Wcllcslvy Ilills. RIIINS. VINCENT R. NAPOI.l I.1-xinglnn, Mass. ALVIN S. NATANSON DorI'III'stcr, XIII:-Is. THEODORE A. NORMAN Sonacrvillc, Mamas. WILLIAM J. O'I!RlEN IIEIIIIIJIIL, Maass. AARON G. OLMSTEAD Somers, Conn. JOIIN B. PAGINO Mmlforal, Mass. WILLIAM R. PAGE Ilclanont, Mass. PAGE 69 GERALD E. PARADIS Manchester, N. H. FOREST G. PARKER, JR. W. Medford, Mass. FRANK S. PARKER Revere, Mass. JOSEPH S. PAULSON, JR. Revere, Mass. RAYMOND W. PEACH Attleboro, Mass. HENRY A. PECK Somerville, Mass. ERNEST J. PELLETIER Peabody, Mass. WIIITNEY T. PERKINS Beverly, Mass. VINCENT P. PERLO Brookline, Mass. NORMAN P. PIIANEUF Cambridge, Niass. JAMES G. PHILLIPS Revere, Mass. LEONARD A. PIERCE Taunton, Mass. ALMON S. PINNEY Danbury, Conn. DAVID W. PITMAN Quincy, Mass. GEORGE L. POPKIN Rockville Centre, N. Y. NORMAN POSNER Jackson Heights, N. Y. JOIIN E. PRETKA Lawrence, Mass. TIIOMAS W. PRITCHARD, JR. Dedham, Mass. JAMES G. PROUT, JR. Arlington, Moss. FRANCIS J. RANIERI Quincy, Mass. GERALD V. REARDON Newburyport, hiass. HAROLD B. REILLY Waltham, Mass. ORESTES RIGIIELLIS Cambridge, Mass. RALPII E. RITCIIIE Arlington, Mass. DONALD E. RIVARD Provincetown, Mass. JAMES P. ROBINSON, III Lowell, Mass. ALBERT C. ROCK, JR. Springfield, Mass. JAMES R. ROSS, JR. Quincy, Mass. CHARLES J. ROSS Somerville, Mass. ROBERT F. ROSSI Everett, Mass. HAROLD S. RUBIN Swampseott, Mass. NATI-IANIEL P. RUTTER IrVebster Groves, Mo. ROBERT P. RUTTER, JR. Waltham, Mass. PAGE 70 ALAN H. SALANS Revere, Mass. ROBERT J. SCANNELL Brighton, Mass. ANTHONY P. SCANZILLO Boston, Mass. ALBERT A. SCIIAAL, JR. South Lincoln, Mass. EDWARD II. SCHEER Kensington, Conn. EDWIN A. SCHLOTZIIAUER Locust Valley, N. Y. JOHN B. SCOPA, JR. Medford, Mass. ROBERT E. SCOTT, JR. Brooklyn, N. Y. DONALD B. SEELEY Stratford, Conn. VERNON II. SIIERMAN Medford, Mass. NICHOLAS C. SIIIELDS Binghampton, N. Y. LINWOOD I. SIBLEY Stratford, Conn. PAUL C. SICARD Lowell, Mass. CARLETON C. SMITII Groton, Mass. DAVID L. SMITII Meriden, Conn. MARSIIALL S. SNYDER Little Falls, N. Y. FRANK J. SPANG, III Wakefield, Mass. ROBERT F. SPARROW Union, N. J. IIARRY L. SPAULDING Topsfield, Mass. WALTER E. STANGER Lynn, Mass. JOIIN A. STONE Dorchester, Mass. MELVIN P. STONE ltoxhury, Mass. GOODWILL M. STEWART Brockton, Mass. IIAROLD R. STORY Jamaica Estates, N. Y. JOIIN F. SULLIVAN l"ramingham, Mass. DEM OSTIIENES SYRMOPOULOS Lowell, Mass. IIOWARD C. TABER VVest Newton, hlass. KENNETII S. TAGEN East Braintree, Mass. ERNEST A. TERRY, JR. Fall River, Mass. BERNARD C. TIIOMPSON Rockland, Nic. SEBATIAN TINE Wakefield, Mass. RAYMOND L. VALENTE Portland, Me. ARMAND R. VALENTINO Medford, Mass. RICHARD G. VanGUNDY Newton, Mass. HARRY V. VARTANIAN New Haven, Conn. CLEMENTE DeVASCONCELLOS Ponta Delgada, Azores RICHARD G. VELTE Belmont, Mass. JAMES P. VERNILE North Andover, Mass. RICHARD F. VINCENT Fitchburg, Mass. RALPH J. VITALE Boston, Mass. WESLEY C. VOKEY Cambridge, Mass. ARTIIUR F. WADDELL Arlington, Mass. CHAUNCEY W. WALDRON, JR Ncwtonville, Mass. PHILIP F. WANGER, JR. Bloomfield, N. J. JOIIN L. WARNER Wakefield, Mass. PAUL C. WATSON North Quincy, Mass. ALBERT F. WATTS Wakefield, Mass. MORRIS A. WEINBERGER Dorchester, Mass. CHARLES B. WELLINGTON Medford, Mass. WILLIAM II. WELLS Great Barrington, Mass. EDWIN S. WEST Lexington, Mass. LEON E. WI-IITE Wollaston, Mass. GEORGE L. WHITING Abington, Mass. GEORGE W. WICKS, JR. New Paltz, N. Y. WILLIAM P. WIER, JR. Darien, Conn. DONALD S. WILSON Orleans, Mass. BARY G. WINGERSKY Somerville, Mass. JOIIN II. WOODHULL Wakefield, Mass. SUMNER J. WOLFSON Brookline, Mass. IIAROLD WOLOZIN Gloucester, Mass. HAYDEN R. WOOD Braintree, Mass. WILLIAM K. WOODARD, JR. Tueulueari, N. M. MICIIEAL F. WRIGIIT Arlington, Mass. KENNETII B. WYATT Medford, Mass. ELIOT YOUNG Suugus, Mass. JOI-IN P. YOUNG West Peabody, Mass. SALVARORE J. VANGRI ' Lawrence, Mass. 4 Third Row: Curolyn Chip- man, Betty Jane Lambert Second Row: Ilurriet Me- lmffey, Virginia Viherl. Burlmrn Davis Front Row: Bnrlmrat Cham- herhtin, Viola Ray ROSE ALEXANDER Bl'0Ckton, Musa. WINIFRED BECKER Quincy. Musa. SYLVIA BEDRICK Portland, Me. HELENE BELGER Newtonville, Moss. KATHERINE BOLSTER F0l'cstville, Conn. M. CATHERINE BOLSTER Eichford, Vt. SHIRLEY BOULANGER South Hannon, Musa. RUTII BOWSER Stonehum, Mass. JEANNETTE BRIGGS Arlington, Musa. RUTH BRISON Arlington, Mass. El-EANOR BROWN Atllol. Musa. BARBARA CHAMBERLAIN Waterbury, Conn. CAROLYN CIIIPMAN Beverly. Mass. CORINNE CLARK Brattleboro, Vt. NAOMI cRANsIIAw Aflington, Mass. RUTH CURTISS Bristol, Conn. BARBARA DAVIS Malden, Musa. BARBARA DERBY Melrose, Mass. CONSTANCE ELDER East Lynn, Musa. DORIS ELDREDGII west Ilnven, Conn. MARJORIE EMMS 'IU-muicn Plain, Musa. POROTIIIIA GARDNER Swambscott, Mnss. MARION GARNO Medford. Mass. ELAINE GASSER Waterbury, Conn. IRENE GODDARD A'-llol. Mums. JACKSON l942 VERA GREENLAY Malden, Moss. GEORGIA IIAAS Newtonville, Mons. NANCY IIALLET Boothbay Harbor, Mc. BARBARA HAMMOND Dnnvcrs, Musa. M. ELIZABETH HARVEY Malden, Moss. JOYCE HAYES Winthrop, Mass. ELEANOR JOSSELYN Ilunover, Mass. MARCIA KELMAN Stonehum, Mass. MARION KINGSTON West Somerville, Mmm. ELLA RITA KOIIRMAN Dnnhury, Conn. BETTY JANE LAMBERT Bridgeport, Conn. BERTIIA LAWTON Ayer, Mass. JANE LeCLAIRE Shrewsbury, Mass. SYLVIA LERNER Worcester, Mass. BARBARA LEWIS West Medford, Moss. BRENDA LEWIS Arlington, Mass. AUDREY MacNIFF Littleton, Musa. BARBARA MARSHALL Wcst Somerville, Musa. IIARRIET MEIIAFFEY Boston, Musa. MARGARET MEIKLE Arlington, Mass. NANCY MERRILL Provincetown, Mass. IIELEN MONTGOMERY Manchester, N. Il. ALICE MOORE Pelham, N. Y. NANCY MOWRY Worcester, Mass. MADELINE NASSI Orleans, Mass. DOROTIIEA OTTONNELI. Littleton, Musa. JANE OFFUTT Winclncstcr, Mass. EBBA OLSON New Bedford, Mass. EMILY OTTO Concord. N. H. M. ELIZABETII PRICE New York, N. Y. VIOLA RAY Gloucester, Mass. DOROTIIY ROBERTS New Rochelle, N. Y. ALICE SMITII Somerville, Mass. MARILYN SMITII North Attleboro, Musa. OLIVIA STORY Sonthhridge, Musa. LOIS SWALLOW North Attlchoro, Musa. KATIIRYN SYLVESTER Brookline, Mass. CATIIERINE SYLVIA Onk BlulIs, Musa. VIRGINIA THAYER North Penxbrokc, Mass. CAROLYN THOMPSON Arlington, Mnss. FLORENCE TIIOMPSON Prirles Crossing, Moss. VIRGINIA VIBERT Gloucester, Moss. JANET WALKLEY Medford, Mints. BARBARA WARFIELD Gorham, N. II. MILDRED WASSERMAN Roxbury, Moss. DOROTIIY WEBER Winchester, Mess. MARJORIE WEEKS Melrose, Mass. ANITA WIIEELER Auburndnle, Mass. PRISCILLA WIGGLESWORTII Belmont, Musa. NANCY WILSON Wntertown, Moss. CLASS MAX J. BULIAN I.IUXIDlII'y, Moss. PIIILIP T. BURKE Medford, Mnss. JOIIN F. BURLINGAIVIE Somerville, Muss. EDWARD L. CAIRNS Greenfield, Mass. .IAMES A. CARRIG, JR. III'IIllilIlI., Xlnss. CHARLES E. CARROLI. Woluurn, Mnss. ROBERT E. CARTER Klonlrluir. N. .l. EDWARD M. CIIANIIIERLAIN SlYIIII'I'VIIIO, Muss. ARTHUR II. CHANDLER ltvuding, Muss. ANTIIONY J. CIIAPLICK Somerville, Muss. JOHN P. CHRISTENSEN Chelseu, Muss. JOIIN O. CIMAGLIA Newton, Muss. HENRY P. CINCERE, JR. llruintree, Mnss. ARTHUR CLAYMAN I.ynn, Muss. DANIEL E. CLEARY filouvester, Muss. GILBERT M. COGAN l.uwren1'e, Moss. LAWRENCE S. COIIEN f'helscu, Muss. JAMES M. CONDON Hurvurd, Muss. RICHARD F. CORLISS Everett, M nss. LOUIS R. CORTUCCI llc-vm-rly, Mnss. DAVID COWAN l.ynn, Muss. FREDERICK D. CRIVELLO Revere, Muss. EDMUND L. CZAPEK Lynn, Museo. WARREN G. DAY llc-verly, Moss. PAGE 72 OF 1943 DANIEL M. DALEY, JR. Medford, Muss. MICIIEAL DELLO RUSSO Medford, Mui-is. NICHOLAS A. DeINlNNO Medford, Muss. CLIFFORD E. ADAMS New llriluin, Conn. JOIIN II. ADAMS filen Ridge, N. -I. ROBERT B. ALDRICII Wesllii-lil, Muss. WILLIAM J. AMARAI. Unk Bluffs, Muss. ROBERT I. ANDERSON Iunwrenve, Muss. EARL E. ANDREWS, JR. IVIlN'Il0SI.0l', Muss. MAGNUS S. ARMENS Somerville, Muses. WILLIAM B. ARMSTRONG Everett, Muss. ALBERT C. ARRAND Arlington, Musa. ROY M. ATWOOD llelniont, Moss. SILAS II. BACON Wulertown, Muss. MALCOLM A. BEERS Arlington, Muss. JOSEPII V. BELLE Medford, Muss. ROBERT E. BEMIS, JR. Cumbridge, Mm-nn. WILLIAM F. BENNETT, III. Medford, Muss. WENDELL E. BENT I'eubody, Muss. DONALD M. BETIIE Medford, Mnss. ANTIIONY L. BICCIIIERI Medford, Mass. THOMAS E. BINKS Ilopednle, Muss. JORDAN BIRGER Brighton, Musa. ROBERT L. BISSET Andover, Mass. Second Row: John Gehling, George Merniek, Puul MeDonuld Fwmt Row: Hurold Weldon, Ilowurd lledgute DELBERT R. BLACK Newton Centre, Muss. ROBERT M. BLAISDELL Dorchester, hluss. ROBERT S. BLOSSOM Babylon, N. Y. ROBERT BOTHFIELD Sherhorn, Muss. CARL L. BOSCKETTI Luwrenee, IVInss. JOHN A. BOSTON, JR. Swuxnpsvott, Muss. VINCENT J. BRADY Danbury, Conn. VOLNEY C. BRAGG Munehester, N. II. JACOB D. BRODSKY Dorvhestcr. Mnss. WILLIAM C. BUCHAN Somerville, Muss. EDMUND F. BURKE, JR. Medford, Musa. IIENRY G. DER Medford, Muss. JERRY A. DINARDO Beverly, Musa. JOSEPH W. DONOVAN Dorchester, Muss. KENNETH S. DONOVAN Medford, Muss. TI-IOMAS M. DONOVAN Fitchburg, Musa. JOHN J. DOWD Holyoke, Musa. DONALD W. DREW Jumuicn. Pluin, Moss. PAUL A. DUNKERLEY Roslindule, Mass. OLIVER F. DUTTON Shuron, Moss. SIDNEY A. EDWARDS Portlund, Conn. TAI SING ENG Winthrop, Mass. ARNO A. ERKKILA Fitcliburg, Musa. LEON L. FARNHAM Wilder, Vt. ORVILLE D. FESSENDEN Brookline, N. I-I. HERBERT R. FIEGE North Adonis, Moss. GEORGE E. FILES Medford, Moss. HAROLD M. FISH llcverly, Mmm. JOIIN D. FITZPATRICK lloston, ltlugg, JACKSON R. FOGARTY Medford, Moss. ELI FORSLEY Lowell, Moss. STEPHEN V. FOTI, JR. Medford, Moss. DONALD J. FOULKES Wallingford, Conn. WILLIAM II. FRANCIII Belmont, Moss. SANFORD 'I'. FREEDMAN Lnwrenee, Moss. CHARLES R. GAA Sll"Ill.f0l'lI, Conn, IRVING II. GALE Brllilnton, Moss. RUSSELL J. GALE Allston, Moss. JOIIN O. GALLAGHER Andover, Moss. ENRICO L. GANCI Qlllnfy. Moss. RICHARD GAVIN Dorchester, Mass. THORNTON C. GAY llvwknhnry, Mmm. JOIIN A. GEHLING Newton Centre, Moss. JOIIN F. u1BBoNs Lnwrcnce, Moss. ROBERT G. GIBSON Somerville, Moss. FRANCIS L. GIKNIS lllrneru Falls. Ninas. JOSHUA GINSPARG Lynn, Moss. WILLIAM M. GOULDING Blbston. Moss. ROBERT L. GREEN Brighton, Moss. SIDNEY GREEN Chelsen, Moss. RICHARD J. GULLIVER Belmont, Moss. -'AMES M. GUSTIN Winchester, Nluss. ROBERT w. nAGsTRoM I1lOUeester, M nas. CHARLES J. HAMWEY Medford, Moss. RICHARD S. HARDING Dedlnun. Moss. CLIFFORD F. IIARRINGTON, JR. Wnlthunl, M oss. GORDON cz. HART Medford, Moss. CARL L. nARTsnoRN, JR. Welt Ilnven, Conn. IXICIIAEL N. HATZIS llnllllfy. Conn. OBERT c. HAYTON R Medfmfl. M oss. DAVID W. IIAZEL Medford. Moss. GEORGE II. IIAZLETT, JR. Belmont, Mnss. CHARLES E. IIILTON Newburyport. Moss. RICIIARD L. IIINCIILEY Wnlthnnl, Moss. GEORGE T. HODCSON, JR. Revere, Moss. JOIIN M. HOFFER ltidgclield. Coon. SUMNER II. HOFFMAN Newton, Mnss. ROBERT F. HOLLAND .lumuico I'luin, Mass. DONALD II. HOPKINS Whitnmn, Moss. CHARLES N. E. HOWARD Brighton, Moss. MAURICE C. IIUTCIIINS Boston, Moss. ASHFORD F. JENKINSON Metlmen, Moss. JOIIN S. JENSENIUS Norwood, Moss. EDWARD W. JERVIS, JR. Somerville, Moss. JOHN 0. JOHNSON, JR. Wnlthnm, Moss. PIIILIP N. JOIINSON Ivestlirook, Me. ROBERT M. JOIINSON Haverhill, Moss. WILLIAM B. JOIINSTON Molden. Moss. DONALD B. KADESCII Medford, Moss. EDWARD KALUSTIAN Arlington, Moss. CHARLES J. KELJOOK Lnwrcncc, Moss. STANLEY E. KELLER Arlington, Moss. DONALD S. KELLEY Somerville, Moss. JAMES C. KELLEY Stow, Moss. WARREN T. KELLEY Wntertown, Moss. ROBERT E. KILIIAM Iieverly, Munn. FRANK M. KILLION, JR. Dorchester, Moss. PAUL E. KINSELLA ltoehester, N. Y. VERNON O. KIRKEY l'lymouI.h, Moss. MICHEAL C. KLAPES Wnkclield, Mnss. GERALD M. KRAMER Clouecster, Moss. MANUEL LAPIDAS Revere, Moss. ALEXANDER G. LAW Brockton, Moss. JOHN E. LeDONNE Ilevere, Moss. ROBERT B. LEONARD Swompseott, Moss. TALCOTT LEONARD Kenmore, N. Y. JOIIN LIPPAS Somerville, Moss. ALEXANDER M. LOGAN Dorchester, Moss. RALPH II. LONG, JR. l"ulmonth, Moss. ROBERT B. LUNDBLAD llrooklinc, Moss. HERBERT W. LYON Allston, Moss. BRUCE A. MQCDONALD Medford. Moss. PAUL E. MADIGAN Worcester, Moss. CARL R. MARTINSON Everett, Moss. DONALD K. MARVIN Mt. Vernon. N. Y. VICTOR J. MAZUR Lawrence, Moss. JOHN D. MCBEATH Morbleheod, Moss. JOHN F. McCAlllLL Everett, Moss. PAUL S. MCDONALD Andover, Moss. THOMAS II. McENROE, II Melrose, Moss. JAMES P. McKAY l"lornl Pork, N. Y. JAMES M. MCNAMEE Mottnpun, Moss. GEORGE W. MERNICK Arlington, Moss. HERBERT E. MERROW Peabody, Moss. MAYNARD A. MESERVEY Melrose, Moss. THOMAS F. MIDDLETON, Greenwich, Conn. ROY L. IVIINICH Mnlden. Moss. SIDNEY S. MIZNER l'enlJody, Moss. ALFRED E. MORRIS llnverhill, Moss. JOIIN S. MORRIS Arlington, Moss. ROBERT B. MORRISON Quincy, Moss. SAMUEL L. MOSCHELLA Boston, Moss. EDWIN T. MROZ Lowell, Moss. EDWARD W. MULCAIIY Rlnldcn, Mass. RICHARD D. MULRAY Roxbury, Moss. JOIIN R. MURPIIY Wellesley Hills, Moss. IIARRY B. NEILSEN Weston, Moss. WILLIAM II. NELSON Medford, Moss. PHILIP C. NOBLE licthel, Vt. RICHARD J. NOYES Newburyport, Moss. WALTER O. NOYES, JR. Newburyport, Moss. GEORGE J. OBERLANDER JR Somerville, Moss. TIIOMAS B. O'LEARY, JR Dorellester, Moss. JOHN P. 0'NEIL Winchester, Moss. NORMAND G. O'NElI. Lynn, Musa. WALTER R. OWENS, JR. Bridgeport, Conn. CHARLES E. PAGE Salem, Musa. EMIL PAGLIARULO Boston, Mass. MORTON PALKEN Brookline, Muss. EDWARD E. PARKER Somerville, Musa. GEORGE J. PETERSON Somerville, Musa. RALPH A. PETERSON Manchester, Conn. IIECTOR G. PET'I'INA'I'I Itrledford, Moss. ARTHUR H. PICKARD Everett, Musa. DONALD A. PICKERING Swumpseott, Muss. EVERETT A. POORE Luwrcnee, Musa. JOHN H. PORTER Sulem, Maas. ROBERT G. POWERS Boston, Musa. WARREN PRICE Medford, Muss. IIOWARD V. REDGATE Brighton, Musa. ROBERT G. REED Ivukefield, Muas. DONALD R. REID Medford, Muas. HUBERT M. REMICK Eust Wilton, Me. OSCAR E. RICHARD Andover, Musa. ELWOOD C. RICIIARDSON Lynn, Muss. MAX W. ROBINSON Wukcfield, Moss. THEODORE V. ROCKWELL Belmont, Muna. IIARRY S. E. ROSEN Boston, Musa. DAVID E. ROSENGARD Boaton, Muas. WILLIAM B. ROSS Auburndnle, Muss. EDGAR O. ROST New York, N. Y. RUSSELL J. ROWELL Beverly, Muss. IRA E. ROWLSON Plnttshurg, N. Y. MAYNARD SAVIN Somerville, Musa. PAGE 74 WALTER L. SCANLAN Medford, Mass. DAVID C. SCOTT Belmont, Muss. CARL G. SEABURG Medford, Muas. ARTHUR E. SELEEN Wutertown, Musa. BERNARD L. SIIALIT Squuntum, Muss. ALEXANDER SIIAPIRO Holyoke, Musa. SUMNER L. SHAPIRO Brookline, Muss. TIIOMAS P. SIIARRY Somerville, Muss. ANDREW L. SIIERRY, JR. Puwtneket, lt. I. STUART A. SILLIKER Winthrop, Muss. GEORGE M. SISSON Roxbury, Muss. DAVID W. SLATER Port Chester, N. Y. FREDERICK T. SMITII Wulthurn, Muss. RICIIARD A. SMITII Somerville, Muas. JOSEPII J. SPANO Winthrop, Moss. AVRON L. SPECTOR Muttupun, Muss. CIIARLES W. SPENCER Milton, Moss. FRANCIS E. STECKEL Lynn, Munn. RICIIARD E. STEGLER Buldwin, L. I., N. Y. PAUL STETSON Melrose, BIILHH. ROBERT A. STEVENS Arlington, Musa. MELVIN J. STONE Dorchester, Musa. JAMES R. STRAWBRIDGE Lowell, Musa. DAVID E. SWIG Brighton, Musa. RICHARD J. S. TAYLOR Tuunton, Musa. EGON R. II. TEODORSEN Munehester, Musa. EDWARD A. TERIIUNE, III Swumpseott, Mnss. JOIIN THOMAS Costu Rieu HARRY G. TIIOMPSON Medford, Muss. ANDREW C. TODARO Everett, Moss. ROBERT I. TOWNE Andover, Mass. FRED A. TREDINNICK Wnkefield, Muas. IIAROLD G. TREMBLAY Lynn, Musa. CHARLES G. TSIGARIDAS Lowell, Musa. RALPH L. TUCKER Winthrop, Musa. GEORGE T. TULLY Southhridge, Muss. ALBERT J. VACCARO Somerville, Muss. ALEXANDER S. VINCI Cumbridge, Musa. ANTIIONY E. VITALE New Huven, Conn. JOSEPII P. VITKAUSKUS Iluverhill, Muas. STEPHEN E. WALKLEY Medford, Muss. GEORGE C. WALSII, JR. Newton, Muss. DAVID S. WARDWELL Melrose, Muss. RICHARD B. WATKINS Munehester, Conn. RICIIARD M. WEBSTER Swumpseott, Moss. WALTER D. WEIR Medford, Mass. JOHN J. WELCII Brooklyn, N. Y. IIAROLD V. WELDON Medford, Nluss. EDWARD J. WIIALEN Winthrop, Moss. ROBERT R, WIDDOWSON Melrose, Muss. RICHARD P. WINCIIELL Lincoln, Museo. JAMES P. WITHINGTON Wubun, Moss. RAYMOND A. WOLLOFF, J Dedhum, Musa. ROBERT R. WOODCOCK Weymouth, Musa. WIIITLAW WRIGHT, JR. Winchester, Mnss. DAVID L. WYMAN Brookline, Moss. RICHARD W. YOUNG Somerville, Mui-is. SHELDON M. ZAKON Newton, Musa. NORMAN C. ZATSKY Muttnpun, Musa. Q M- Thiral Row: .Ieun Nickerson, Mudelyn Brown, Elinor Crouter Second ltmr: .Iune Sears, June Gurduer, Phyllis Fos- gate lfrrml Row: Mury Ryder, Elizabeth Hooper 4NT0NET'I'E ADAMS RIIUICPVIIIC, Musa. EQLAN ALLEN t:I'0VIIll'l!l.0Wll, Blume. HRISTINE ALLEY Mllldlehoro, Munn. RI- CEARKIQ ARMSTRONG est l'00lIl0I'VlIIO, Musa. RUTH AUGUSTINE My-way. N. .L l!l'.LEN BACKMAN lzverctt, Mums. URSULA' BAILEY blfllllpellcr, Vt. ,,.0R0'rHv BALLANTINE llehlxurg. Musa. SIIILDRED BARRUFFALDI . omervllle, ltluss. ?LlVE BEDELL lglfldelh Muxs. VEPORAII IIERNSTEIN il I l'0ae Park. Pu. NEATRICE' BINNER Ellrth Wilmington, Mmm. LAINE BIXBY Muldcn, Mums. ?0R0'I'I-IY BLANKER :reenfield, llluss. EFLARA BRACKETT Everett. Musa. AZEL BROWN Mundou, Musa. RIADELYN BROWN nhlnnd. INIu.-ls. 25.25 'llm'l'i' 1 mm ge, usa. EARBARA CALL 'flleflh Mass. EEILNEVIEVE CAMPBELL Rnmbflflge, Musa. GHS: SHQPIN N' I . usa. IHARGUERITE cow is uncliester, Conn, qi-INQR GRQUTER HI' D"-'K0. Cuhf. NARIQNJJAVIS CCW Ilfllilllll, Conn. x YNTIIIA DeMARS VIIIBLCIIII, Conn. EAI-LY ELWYN Jafgllnn-on-Ilmlson, N. Y. M EPIIINE EMIERSON Flimnl Vernon, N. Y. M ORA FILES ijledlord. Munn. 1, IYLLIS FOSGATE Fxilnhridge, Mus-is GJZABETII ross ' "men, Musa. JACKS JANET FOSTER Murhlcheud, MMU. LENORIE FURST Springfield, Musa. DOROTHY GACK Hr-ursdule. N. Y. FRANCES GARDELLA Somerville, Nluss. JANE GARDNER HWllIlllIHl'0l.l, Muss. CIIARLOTTE G ILGREA S'I' liexinglon, IAIIISN. HELEN GO'I"I' West Medford, Muss. LORRAINE GOVE Quiney, Musa. IIELEN GRAF Soutllhridllv. Nuns. NATALIE GREEN Malden. Musa. MARJORIE HAMILTON HOSIlllfIl1Il', Musa. DOROTHY HARRIS Nlillinoelcel. Me. GRACE HIGGINS Arlington, ltlm-nz. LOUISE HIGGINS Andover, ltluss. ELIZABETH IIOOPER Wnlmun, Muxs. M. JEAN HUMPHREY Maplewood, N. -I. PATRICIA HUMPHREY !-itonehum, ltluss. DOROTHY HUNTLEY Wilmington, Musa. EILEEN JAMIESON Pleusunt I.ukc, Mass. ELIZABETH KING Sxvumpseutl, Musa. FRANCES KIRSCHBAUM Arlington, Munn. MIRIAM LAUSTE Newport, N. H. ELAINE LAWRENCE Wutertown, Muses. LOIS LEIPER North Altlelmro, Muss. E. BARBARA MncNEIL Medford, Musa. BARBARA MADDISON Melrose, llluss. RUTH ANN MERROW Winchester, Musa. VIRGINIA MOREY Nushnu. N. H. ' NORMA MORI Muttupun, Mass. NORMA NEILL Medford, Musa. ON l943 JEAN NICIIOLSON llridgeporl, Conn. JEAN NICKERSON Chulhum, Muss. ESTHER PERKINS 'Ii0RlIH, Me. MARTIIA RIDELI, Swumpseott, Mu:-is. SHIRLEY ROBINS Ruxhury, Rluss. IIELEN ROBINSON Lowell. Mus-is, ROSAMOND ROBINSON Somerville, Muss. TIIELMA ROSEN Ilrnoklille, Minus. BARBARA ROWE llriglllon, Munn. MARY RYDER Atllelmro, Musa. VIRGINIA SCHULMAN IYukefield, Musa. H. JANE SEARS llruintree, Munn. DOREEN SIMPSON SWIIIIIIISPUII, Xluss. CHARLOTTE SLESINGER lloxlnury, Musa. SALLIE SMITII l'lxel.er, N. H. HELEN SPINNEY Somerville. Mmm. MARGUERITE STEADMAN Cumhridge, Mu:-is. MARGARET STEWART South llruintree, hlmna. PEARL STEWART Wilmington, Muss. EILEEN TILLOTSON Groveton, N. II. KATHARINE TOUSEY Somerville, Musa. IRENE VISSOTZKY Stoughton, Musa. FRANCES WALLETT Munellester, Conn. SARAH WARNER Penns Grove. N. -I. RUTH WASHBURN XIelrose, hluss. JENNIE WASS Somerville, Minas. WINIFRED WITED Old Greenwich, Conn. BARBARA WELLS West Brookfield, Mass. VIRGINIA WILLIS Amherst, Musa. PAGE 75 undcrclass organizations represented in the Activities Section of the 194-0 lumbo Book These clubs and socie- ties range from the Honorary Soci- eties down to such new clubs as the Mountain Club and the Forensic So- ciety, both formed in 1940. THERE arei thirty-six separate Tufts College offers thc student clubs in almost any field of interest including several religious clubs, clubs in each major department, dramatic and musical organizations and jour- nalistic organizations. IIIITIVITIES Y Thirfl liow: P. Ilzmywnrcl, ll. Moors, G. Cunning, B. Nickerson, J. Mnclnncs, V. Milnc-s Sw-oml linux' M. Nash, A. Moore, l'. Lyhcck, P. Foss, IC. Perkins, V. Vihcrt l"ir.vl lfmr: IC. ICIIIIIIUIIS, II. Mc-hnffc-y, 'l'. i'illgiiSil, ff. Barker, J. Carter, li. Gliflclcn Swrourl lfour: lffvm-roll, linckrnnn, Alhcrl, Sclinnl, xviiiiillll Lynch, Philip Gomez, Joseph Rccfl, Jzunus Hughes, Louis Gcs:-my, Stanlcy Knnihohn Front Row: Hurohl Nyganrrl, Frccl Ja-nkins, Alfred Symonds, Allen llutch, Frcclcrick Dickcrrnam, lfhlwnrcl Sheehan, Ralph Sherry STUDENT COUNCILS PAGE 78 4 J , l . 1 A , X 1 A 'l f I 'N lull 'l 1 J 'l 'Ln xxx li rl w H -I M' ,ml ll Sw ul .Rf my . ' M X ' ' . f L " . .: "J .J Q ,, ' '- , ' 1 Tl IE Tu l , vouncil rcgu- lates and controls ull mutlzcrs concern- ing sl',l1clcnt,lil'c und uc-livili ' l'ts Student C' ,, ans. During thc your, undcr thc lcamdcrsllip ol' Prcsidcnt Allcn llntcln, il, uttcmptcd to unil' y und improvc lxllc cxtru- curricular program. TIIE Jackson Student Council holds regular meetings to discuss infractions ol' collc-gc rul l A cs and spon- sors LllC0lltCI't2LlllIIl0Ill1 ol' sub-lrcslmlcn .ull H I E tl , .-Kl,l.l'lN llA'l'f ll 'I'lll'flSS l'lNlll,lhll ' 1 'M' Ormd' 1 ""'4r'b 'll' N' vdmollh 'l'ul'ls Sludcnl Jackson Sludcnl lllfllllg hulls. The prcsidcnt for 1939- fr"'1"f"' l""'5"l""' l"U""'l l' " 40 was Thciss English. I'1hl4l0lll X uukilfl , ,,-ca. l ll lachrccn' clxv-ls iYuckM'd l u xu0Ul"'lg'h' - iron! 0 - n talking l Smudcnw V I . ol mlm- . A 0 sc'-W , K xg, Ll! PAGE 79 club TOWER CROSS EMBERSHII' in Tower Cross is the crowning achievement ol' all extra-curricular activities, and because ol' the honor due its members the initiation ceremonies occur on Junior Day. They become active first as ushers at the functions ol' commencement. Tufts' Night at Pops, as run hy Tower Cross this year, will long be remembered l'or the introduction of the .lumbo Victory Mrirclz. Just before Christmas the first College Sing in many years was success- fully conducted and the tradition firmly re-established through the fine work ol' the society. In addition to these outstanding events Tower Cross conducted the sports dances and the elections ol' the junior and sophomore classes. Its ac- tivities ended with the successful com- pletion ol' the commencement season. Tower Cross for 1939-1940: Arthur Griffin, Presidentg 'David Pollard, Vice Presidentg Charles Tibbs, Secretary- Treasurerg Arthur Bonney, Mm-Shalt Allen Hatch, Harold Nygaard, 'Ralph Sherry, Student Council Representa- tives: Joseph Dineen, Lauris Grant, Henry Pecheux. Serroriri Ifmr: David Pollard, Ralph Sherry, Charles Tihbs, Joseph Dineen l"fr.vt l1'ou': llarold Nygaard, Allen Hatch, Lauris Grant, Arthur Griflin, Arthur Bonney, Henry Peeheux PAGE B0 Senoml How: llureh Loretlz, Murray Kenney, Mark llanahury, Louis Gessay, Everett Backinan First Row: Philip Gomez, William Lynch, William McMahon, James Breen, John Dec HE ten men selected to represent the Junior Class as its Ivy Society performed their first duties as ushers at Academic Awards. During the follow- ing week they conducted temporary freshman elections, and the remainder of thc semester was spent in running senior and permanent freshman elec- tions, as well as in supervising the selection of the class jackets. Then came the most important 'task of tl1e year, the planning of Junior Week-end, and the wonderful time enjoyed by the entire college community is proof of the quality ol' their work. The final service of the society, the preparation and publication ol' the 194-0- 41 Ivy Book, will occupy much of the summer vacation ol' the members. Ivy Society for-11939-194-0: William McMahon, President: John Dee, Vice l'residentg Philip Gomez, Treasurerg Everett Bachman, William Lynch, Stu- dent Council Representatives, James llreen, Louis Gessay, Mark llanabury, Ernest Lorett, Murray Kenney. IVY SOCIETY SWORDKSHIELD WORD AND SHIELD, the Sopho- more Honorary Society, faithfully fulfilled its main purpose by its careful enforcement of the freshman traditions through its campus supervision and its regular meetings. Outstanding among the other functions of Sword and Shield were the successful informal dances which it sponsored. This year the some- what-forgotten duty of welcoming visi- tors to the college was revived, especially in the case of visiting teams who were met and shown the Tufts spirit of friend- liness by members of the society. Sword and Shield for 1939-194-0: President, Robert Rutterg Vice Presi- dent, Arthur Harrisong Treasurer, Wal- ter Hallg Recording Secretary, Vincent Napoli, Corresponding Secretary, Ray- mond Valenteg Student Council Repre- sentative, Robert Scannellg and John Manley, Grant Curtis, Ralph Ritchie, Richard Van Gundy, Albert Schaal, Marshall Snyder. Scream! Itonm' Marsliall Snyder, Grant Curtis, Raymond Valente, Richard Van Gundy l"1'r.vl Row: Ralph Ritchie, Arthur Harrison, Robert Rutter, Vincent Napoli, Albert Scllaal PAGE B2 Sl'l'0ll,II ROIIH' David Swell, Charles llaker l"ir.vt lfmv: lrene Slnflord, lClinor Gilliutt, Barbara Richardson - ELTA ol' Massachusetts Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the National llonorary Scholastic 1"raternity, is com- prised ol' students elected on the basis ol' scholarship from the first third of the senior class of Jackson College and the School of Liberal Arts. Fourteen students and tlwo faculty members were initiated at the annual business meeting in November. These new members and the guests heard an address by l.,1'0fCSS0l' lVorrall. The annual literary exercises and reception were conducted in May. Phi Beta Kappa lor 1,939-194-0: Class ol' 1080: Marjorie Burnham, Blanche Downing, Daniel Samson, Elliot Sweet- ser, Edward Burns, Walter Feldman, Andrew Mastovic: Class of 1940: Elinor Gilliatt, Barbara Richardson, Irene Stal'- lord, George Atwater, Paul Welch, Charles Baker, David Swett: llonorary Nlembershipg l'rol'essor Brotherston, Williams, '03, and l'rol'essor Blanchard, Clark, '16. , PHI BETA KAPPA PAGE 83 TAU BETA PI ELTA of Massachusetts Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the National Honorary Engineering Fraternity, is comprised of those students from the first quarter of the senior class and the first eighth of the junior class who best exemplify the highest type of scholar- ship, integrity, and breadth of interest. During the current season regular business meetings presented prominent speakers from a variety of professional fields. A joint meeting with the chapters of M. I. T. and W. P. I. was also con- ducted. Tau Beta Pi was a leading influence in the successful movement for the establishment of the Dean's List in the Engineering School. Tau Beta Pi: Class of 194-0: Ralph Armington, Everard Bonney, John Ciba, Robert Edwards, Maurice Greenough, Charles Lister, Sebastian Ocehipinti, David Pollard, Edward Plumley, George Reed, Donald Rogerson, Max Taitel, David Vandenburghg Class of 19411: David Carnell. Third Row: G. lteed, J. Ciba, S. Ocehipinti, D. Carnell Second Rom: L. Greenough, M. Nickerson, lt. Armington, D. ltogerson, E. Plumley Fw-rst Row: D. Pollard, R. Edwards, C. Lister, D. Vandenburgli, M. Taitel, A. Bonney PAGE 84 Tlrircl Row: Marjorie Gott, Dwight Ayers, Robert Larkin, Barbara Richardson :Second Row: William Hickey, William Harrison, Donald Woods, James Haggerty, Leo La Palme, lvallace Y- Baylies Mwst Row: Ruth Clark, Sylvia Slafsky, Frederick Dickerman, Harriet lllodgett, Robert Hawkins, Helen Medros, Virginia Guild better yearbook than the Tufts Campus has ever seen. Under the leader- ship of Frederick Dickerman, Editor-in- Chief, Harriet Blodgett, Jackson Editor, and Robert Hawkins, Business Manager many new features were inaugurated. For the first time the Jackson and Tufts Senior pictures were mixed in one sec- tion. A special ten page pictorial section Was the feature of the book printed in blue and brown ink. Others on the editorial staff included Dwight Ayers, Activities Editor, Donald Woods, Faculty Editorg Wallace Baylies, Fraternity Editor, William Hickey, Sports Editor, Leo LaPalme and James Haggerty, Senior Editors, Robert Lar- kin, Underclass Editorg and J. William Harrison, Photographic Editor. These seniors were assisted by W. Wells, P. Rush, F. Pete, lVl'. Stone, L. lVl'ichell, W. McMal1on, R. Skuse, L. Herman, A. Milhench, 0. Santopietro. Jackson assistants included V. Guild, S. Boulanger, R. Clark, M. Gott, B. Richardson, M. Savage, J. Carter, P. Towns. - HE 194-0 Jumbo Book is a larger and J U M B 0 B 0 0 K PAGE as THREE P'S UTSTANDING events of the year for the Pen, Paint and Pretzels Society were the successful presentations of such plays as Edna Ferber's The Royal Family, Karel Capel's R. U. Ii., and Shakespeare's TwelfthN'ight. Minor productions oi' one-act experimental and original plays were given, and theatre parties were sponsored at Boston thea- tres for the benefit of all. Continuing its policy of bringing leading figures of the stage to the Hill the society introduced Charles Timblin, from the cast of Tobacco Road, and Mrs. Caroline Samoi- off to the college community as a whole. In.January an interesting demonstra- tion of acting technique was given by the class in dramatic interpretation. The final production was "Johnson over Jordon". The Three P's officers for 1939-1940: President, Joseph Recdg Vice President, Cecile Berleg Secretary, Ruth Clark, Business Manager, Arnold Silver, 3.I1ll members: Robert Chatfield, John 'Dock- stader, Bernard Glaser, Ruth Odell, Wilma Ray, Kenneth VanAuken, Jus- tine Wlells, Donald Vlloods. Third Row: J. Dockstader, R. Pierce, W. Sen, R. Armington Second Row: R. Chutfield, J. Wells, R. Odell, W. Ray, D. Woods Front Row: S. Slnfsky, R. Clark, J. Reed, C, llerle, A. Silver PAGE 86 light, All-xzunlvr FlII,llIlI't'1Ill, William G 'l'lll'4'l' l"s firsl IlI'0St'IlliLll0ll wus Kam-l f'2llN'li.S illlpn-ssiollislic' lf. lf. lf, In llw sr-vlw ulmvl- .luligm ulmg lu.' 1-llmv rulmls lu l'lN1'2lf.f1llllSl llIK'Il' lll2lSlA'l'S. Xll0ll. :ls llaulills, ilu- lwaul rulml, is cxlu ' ' 's l' , ln llllf linnl scvm- l'I'0lll T1l'r'U'lll Nfylll, fl l"s sl-voml pl'mlm-limi, :arc sm-ll, lm-l'I ln righl' QQl.,,,-gl. Nm.,- llnllp John-ann Melvin Slum-, Rnln-rl Murplly. :Xllrwl 5'VlllUllfl5, c'K'f'llll' llorlv, .lzunow Phillips, Muynzml ' nn xlt'Y'IlltlK'I' slvin, xvlllillIlllclllllllllllg, Rom- .Xlc-xumlvr, Julian All:-u, Wzuslninglun W4-sl, .lose-plliluv luuwrs l"l:mrlrenu, Fnrol 4'l1ipm:1n, :xml Rolrcrl Vlnrk. ,. .- Uno of lhu must rlulighllul cpisuclvs in 7'uw'lj'tlr Nigflll was ilu: rlrunkvn sm-nv. Il.-rp N WL., 1911 I., uulcling, Bl'I'll2ll'll f-Insvr, Julmn .-Xllvn, llusz- .'xll'X1Illlll'l'. PAGE 87 TUFTS WEEKLY HE Tufts llfcckly is the oflicial news organ of the campus community. As a progressive journal sponsoring the ideas and activities of the student body it maintains a five star policy: equality of publicity for all organizations, expression of the opinions of students, news from all the five Tufts schools, editorials concerned with the vital interests of the campus, and, in general, a publication of Tufts, by Tufts, and for Tufts in all respects. Across a six column spread of an average six-page edition are such fea- tures as Around thaH'ill, Coed Uafmyms Chats, Jumbo Chatter, and Engine-airs. The staff for 1939-1940: Editors, Alfred Symonds and Frederick Dickermang Jackson Editor, Anne Lcuthyg Sports Editor, Richard Skuseg Associate Editor, Clifford Wautersg Business Manager, Stuart Stern g Circulation Manager, Gor- don Brainerd. Marion Savage, William Mc-Mahon, and Arnold Fine wrote special columns, and there were over thirty other students working l'or the paper. Second Row: Frank Pote, Richard Skuse, Gordon lirainard, Alexander lflandreau, William McMahon, Stuart Stern l"ir.vt Itmn: Clifford Wauters, Frederick Dickerman, Anna Leulzhy, Alfred Symonds, Marion Savage PAGE 88 K Second Rouv: Alexander Flandreau, Dorothy Walkley, Barbara Richardson, Harriet Mchaffey, Lawrence I Freedman F'Lr.9t Row: Ilelen Montgomery, Ceeilie lierle, Stanley Kuniholm, Phyllis Foss HE Tuftonian maintained its tradi- tional standards of excellency and T U F T 0 N I A N interest as the voice of creative literature at Tufts during this past year. With an enlarged staff and an improved form ol' publication a sincere attempt was made to appeal to the widely-varying interests which are represented in the various schools. The enthusiasm of the recep- tion tendered the three issues by the college community would seem to indi- cate some degree of success in this at- tempt. Board of Editors for 1989-194-0: l'Iditor-in-Chief, Stanley .Knniholmg As- sistant to the Editor, Cecilie Berleg and William Carlson, Phyllis Foss, Lawrence Freedman, Constantine Ghikas, Harriet Mehafley, Barbara Richardson, Helen Montgomery, Kenneth VanAuken, Alex- ander Flandrcau. PAGE B9 L N ALL AROUND CLUB HE Jackson All Around Club is a social organization ol' which every Jackson girl is a member. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for social con- tacts among both students and alumnae. On Homecoming Day the annual Jackson Activities Tea was held at Packard Hall, acquainting the freshmen with the activities sponsored at Jackson. A Christmas Tea Dance was held at Cousens Gymnasium December 16. Christmas decorations and service by members of the faculty added to the festive atmosphere. Those attending brought contributions for Christmas baskets. The appearance of the famous Hum- phry-Weidman Dance Team on March 15 was a highlight of the year, and the Jackson Spring Formal, memorable for its music and decorations, brought to a climax the year's program. Officers for 1939-40: President, Barbara Nickerson, Vice President, Florence Towleg Secre- tary, Barbara Derby, Treasurer, Mar- garet Hall. Seconfl Row: Elizabeth Hooper, Margaret Hall, Carolyn Cllipman, Barbara Derby, Dorothy Walkley First Row: Ruth Spurr, Barbara Nickerson, Florence Towle PAGE 90 L Third Row: ll. Thompson, E. Mulcahy, P. Noble, T. Gay, G. lYinter ' Qeeonrl ltow: G. Willey, 0. Fessenden, R. Sundberg, A. Avery, T. Beers, D. Kadesh I' mrs! Row: A. llicehieri, D. Heard, M. Denesuk, Director, W. hfeMahon, Drum Major, lt. Bemis, J. Pretkn, HIS year the college band reached a new high in their performances and in the respect of the entire student body. It was forty members strong on Tufts Night, and this number reached fifty by October ninth when a successful jamborec was staged in quest of new uniforms. Newly attired the members continued the creditable performances and followed the team to Brown, New illampshire, and Massachusetts State. The musical ability offered was fully utilized by the new director, Michael Denesuk, who also worked in collabora- tion with Drum Major MfeMahon in developing many clever marching ma- neuvers. After the football season the organiza- tion continued its activities, playing at basketball games and doing concert work. Several recordings of Tufts songs were also made. The Tufts College Band will close one of the most success- ful years in its history by playing at various functions during commencement week-end. g COLLEGE BAND GLEECLUB HE GLEE CLUB, the oldest musi- cal organization in the college, came into existence in 1863, and since that time it has taken various forms with varying degrees of success. Shortly after the turn of the century the first Jackson Glee Club was formed, and from time to time the combined clubs have given many concerts. The year 1914 was a banner one for the elub for it was at that time a record- ing of "Tufts Mosaic" was made at the Columbia Studios. Enthusiasm reached a new high in 1925 when three concerts were given before a total of two thousand nine hundred people. The col1ege's fine string quartet ap- pears at chapel exercises and, on many occasions, with the Glee Club. This year Professor Lewis has planned a large concert for the college featuring not only the combined glee clubs but also the concert orchestra. Third Row: H. Holton, C. Gilcreast, J. Nickerson, S. Elwyn, H. Gott, K. Tousey, E. Story Second Row: V. Ray, A.'Getchell, M. Gott, M. Davis, R. Merrow, T. Ryder First Row: M. Gilde, P. Lybeck, R. Odell, I-I. Blodgett, E. Griswold, H. Medros, E. Finnin PAGE 92 I 4.x. N ,., Qs :Ig ' ' KRW N. . 'I 9 ai 1 xl S9 'TQ El 54 'QE N M5 " " ""'M"-"""' ' .lr I ' ' cw ' .,.. A v Q 1 if -1' . , Law ,W TL 'H ' It .L ,ki - ,r?1""'N ram A 5.1 ,. tl ae- ' - ' 'Q hut A I R sa . 1 A 'XJ' Q sn W' l , f X, 'i N 419 v 5 V fp 5 ,, in .mn .ww M, 5 W. in V 1 v p , ,, ' A ' 'N .. , my K' I I fr wk K ' xg., K A ytyg 5 ,, W Q- A M' 'sf -f..- .ALA f gg, f Fifi' in .M.y, S' , ' ci - . ' 7 I ' N .L mx ' Q fff ' " , 't 1 ,4 A ,. Q , N 1 , ,. ' - - ,wmv . fs. W - . W- X . if , f fq"2,X X fb f , ,.-L,.,..q, ..,. .W ,A .-, X XW..-....mW .. H V M - . t I If W QQ Z! ' X'-4 A ,lf N ,, A Q xx ff? ':..,g.Qf4H , D M 'Q 1 I' . -1 15" , M Wfzmi M Q, A, We ,Q 'Wi iA'J1v A, v bmi t W ,.,. W V , , ' - Q MQ wgqw f im WW- W M 11 Wf TfifHSA3w'1'?5f"W'f ' f 1 ,,HaEf,.,m 1 -'w.,.1,'f Q V. M. .J Q ag: qi ' y ,, a I ,,.. .- View from rear ot' house New Mountain Club house TUFTS YACHT CLUB S'l'AR'l'lCD in the late nineties, the Tufts Yacht, Club was reorganized in 1936 and became a member ot' the Intercollegiate Yacht- Racing Association in 1939. The Club partici- pated in several l"all regattas, the Boston Dinghy Club Regatta ancl the Brown Invitation Regatta. Spring llegattas were also held with Brown, Nl. I. 'I'., ancl the Navy. Regular afternoon in- formal sailing was enjoyerl by the members, ancl friends on the Charles River :luring the Spring. The otlicers for l!l3!Jf--194-0 were: Commodore, Richard Kirkpatrick: Rear-Commorlore. Philip Varney: Secretary, Charles Cosscr: Treasurer John llielecki. TUFTS MOUNTAIN CLUB 'FHIS year the Tufts Ski Club merged with the Tufts Mountain Club to form the popular Mountain Club which has its new heart- quarters in a seven room, Cape Coil loclge in lVonolancet, N. lt. Skiing in winter anrl hiking, riding, canoeing, and swimming were enjoyerl by many new members. Special weekends were plannerl antl carrierl out for various groups on the hill. Several successful ski meets were heltl with other schools rluring the winter. The officers for 1939-19-t-0 were: William liallarcl, Alumni Chairman: Wvalter Perry, Alumni Membership: llrarlforcl Davis, Alumni Publicity: Albert Schaal, Executive Secretary- Un-llillg James Fitzgerald, Publicity Agent.: llenrietta Brown, Jackson Representative. 'l'ufts Yacht. Club sailing on the Charles River N. " 1 " If E x V t nga! I x i 5 vb'- 'K4 . . - ,432 i Y' 5 V . ,.gj'?! A bl f-Q V V m Kg, v Q V Y 4 ' X , ' fr" Lfwxg, X , G ., ,Q ,H -1 4, , 7, , x G? llarry Sawtetl at work X. S. V. l'l. Otlieers in lialm. A. S. M. E. The Tufts student Ivraneh of t.he American Society Mechanical Iflngineers met monthly and outstanding speakers were presented. Trips to manufacturing plants were sponsored and interesting Iilms were shown. Representatives went as delegates to meetings of the senior society in lloston, and attended the annual convention in Worcester. Officers for IQSDAISHII: l'resident, ltohert. lidwardsg Vice President, George Iteedg Secretary-Treasurer, Ilan-ry Saw- tell. A. I. E. E. The student Imraneh of the American Institute ot' I'lIect.rieal lingineers met once a month with speakers I'rom dillerent companies. Inspeetional tours of factories were sponsored and a joint meeting with the Iuranehes ot' M. I. T. and North- eastern was conducted in I"eIn'ua.ry. The animal outing was held in the spring. Officers for 192594 1940: Chairman, Leighton Oreenoughg Vice Chairman, l'auI Iiindstromg Ser-retary-Treasurer, Charles Lister. A. S. C. E. The student. Ixranch of the American Society of Civil Engineers carried on its policy ol' luring- ing students into contact with leaders ot' the profession through a program ot' meetings at which were presented outstanding speakers. Officers for 1039--ltlvt-0: l'resident, John Clognettag Vice l'residcnt., .Richard Kirkpatrick: Secretary, Charles NVcedg Treasurer, Rohert Spencer: lfaeulty Advisor, Professor Crabtree. CHEMICAL SOCIETY The Chemical Society, an organization com- posed mainly of chemical majors, presented speakers, demonstrations, and movies on a variety of suhjeets at its regular meetings during the year. In addition several field trips to local industrial plants were taken. Ollieers for lttfftlff 1940: President, George Pickeringg Vice l'resi- dent, Daniel Melleang Secretary, Ilarluara Mason: Treasurer, Stanley Kazeniae. A. I. IC. l'l. men experimenting Ilarold Nygaard in Chem. Iiah 1.5-1 .gif I, .. . .0 A514 ' 1 fit :eff Canlerbllry Club Officers CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club was successful in offer- ing students and faculty members fine meetings and social periods for discussions. Among the speakers of the year were Nancy llyrd Turner, Professor Frank Packard, and John Holmes. Officers for 1939-194-0: President, Frederick Dickerman: Vice President, Emily liettencourt: Secretary, Gertrude Aitehisong Steward, Herbert Armstrong: Faculty Advisors, Professors Blan- chard and llolmes. GERMAN CLUB 'l'he German Club, whose purpose is to foster interest in the culture of the German people, enjoyed a successful year. Included among its speakers were Frank Kefferstan and Professor Provine. 'Phe Christmas meeting featured the singing of German earols. Officers for 1939-1940: President, Frank QKef'ferstzmg Vice President, flclene Medros: Secretary, Nfarjorie Falls: 'l'reasurer, Arnold Silver, Faculty Advisor, Professor ltecd. German Club Officers Economies Club Officers ECONOMICS CLUB 'Phe lflconomies Club undertakes to present in a popular and understandable form profit- able discussions of economic problems of present importance. To this end prominent economists, among whom was Mrs. Sweezy, spoke at the regular meetings. Officers for 1939-1940: President, Albert Goldmang Vice President, NVilliam Gerber: Secretary-Treasurcr, Paul Welch: Faculty Advisor, Professor 'l'arshis. THE I. R. CLUB The International ltelations Club aims at the promotion of interest in current history and in the effect of world affairs on our country. During the year the club heard Mrs. Swcezy, Professor Staley, Reverend Pomeroy and other speakers. Officers for 1939-1940: President, tvilliam Gerber: Vice President, Lawrence Freedman: Secretary, Frances Steed: Treasurer, David Sweltg Faculty Advisor, Professor Daly. I.. ft. C. Officers l .un - ' 5' -cn- X- 51 1" 7 P .- ,gffxggf M-X . . A 6 J A 2 ax I sa 'rag 35, 1 - f .., ff?-ffkfiznl ' U 9 ' 'z9l?ff-.'f f , '- .,,f:g:uw: V P H 's fe J wa , f 1-B N I Y J. X X . ". 5 1 .S ' x b ' , ,f Jw ' X ,msg I - if. W mg ' I 'NR . W ' Q ,M g I 4 I ' X Q .wi . ,F Sify 4 . . , W' S? ' ', .nw A, .np-x I .f '34 ,,. ,,. 4 . , , . -'WF if x - V uf Xt ' I :wg A 1 Q I A., Y Yf 4 fr V ' ' ,f-.JPY ' WK .. Q.. , f , z wr - ,,M.y?" vu. , pf 71 'kffivgi' K .", f Xl" "1 537 wif? 'H M,-2 F . 2 1, T R 1 Q W 'I-1 .-1' French t'lub Ofiicers FRENCH CLUB The French Club, an organization to propa- gate French Culture at Tufts, heard prominent professors from Harvard and lloston College and presented several French films during the year. Many songs were learned and enjoyed at the social gatherings which follow the regular meetings. Officers for 1939-1940: President., Elinor Gilliattg Vice President, Ruth Spurr: Secretary, Barbara Marshallg Treasurer, Richard Skuse. EVENING PARTY The Evening Party Association conducted two successful formal dances in Gousen's Gym- nasium. hflembers for 1939-1940: President, Joseph Reed f'l'het,a Della Ghijg Secretary- 'l'reasurcr, Wvilliam Dorin fZeta Psijg and Arthur Koenig fDelta Upsilonj, Melvin llaas fAlpha Kappa Pij, llarold Noviek fSigina, Omega Psij, Sumner Raphael fl'hi Epsilon Pij, Robert Larkin fl'hi ltfln Deltaj, Alfred Della Paolera fAlpha Tau Omcgaj. Evening Party Association Yacht Club Oflieers TUFTCONIC V t . . . luftconic was organized to promote a wider interest, in higher mathematics and is affiliated with the "Greater Boston lntereollegiate Mathe- matics Clubs Association." Talks by outstand- ing guest speakers followed by informal discus- sions and social gatherings comprised the pro- gram of the year. Officers for Itlfttl-ttlltttz President, lVarren llrightyg Vice President, George Lewisg Secretary-'l'reasurcr, David Vandenburgh. DEBATING SOCIETY After an absence of two years debating, we returned to the llill this year when an active group debated against, teams from the llniver- sity of Maine, llowdoin, Nl. l,. 'l'., Boston flot- lege, llostou University, llarvard, f'arnegie 'l'eeh, Colby, Bates, and the University of New llampshire. Members included Donald lit-dell, Arthur Dowd, .lac-ob Gold, Joseph Reed, and Fred Demetrius, Manager. Forensic t'ouneil TUTTS is fortunate in having both a fine athletic building in the Cousens Gymnasium and a fine coaching staff to tram the students in the various sports. Lew Manly in football, Art Cochran in basketball, Judge Ken Nash in baseball, Ding Dussault and Doc Yeager in track, Sam Ruggieri in Wrestling, Bill Howard in tennis, Timmy Ring in lacrosse, and Warren Morton in soccer combine to give Tufts a superior athletic department headed by Professor Clarence "Pop" A . Houston. A L .ff-4 1 HLETICS Smronll Row: Pllilip Gomez, Edwurd Sheelmn Front Raw: George Chiros, Joseph Dineen, Fred Jenkins, Bruce Russell lirurfe Russell, Arnold Fine, Fred Jenkins, David l'0ll:1rd SPURFS PAGE 102 i TUFTS COACHES THE Athletic Association is com- posed of all students who purchase season tickets. The Board of Direc- tors elected by the classes for 1939- 194-0: President, Frederick Jenkinsg Vice President, Joseph Dineeng Sec- retary, George Chirosg Senior mem- bers, Bruce Russell and Edward Sheehang Junior member, Philip Gomez. The Varsity Club is composed of all Winners of a UT". Among its purposes is the conducting of a sub- freshman week-end. Officers for 1939- 1940: President, Bruce Russellg Vice President, David Pollardg Secretary, Arnold Fineg Treasurer, Frederick Jenkins. LEWIS F. MANLY CLARENCE P. HOUSTON Varsity Football Coach Director of Athletics :VJ . UGGU' -1 , YEL 'R' in 5 'l PANQYE-sktxiill 4 mt X CV DU SS CX , 0gCl'l M ' 1 h WU.Uk'f many. gene sum' Cross f' YF Aman A "" PAGE 103 F Tufts Tufts Tufts Tuf ts Tuf ts Tufts Tufts Tufts 1 OOTBAL 13 Middlebury 2 7 Amherst 26 0 Northeastern 0 14 Williams 12 'i' Brown 54 6 New Hampshire 13 6 Bowdoin 15 34- Mass. State 7 ATED during pre-season as rather a weak, ineffective outfi t, the Tufts College football team displayed a fine brand of football during the 1939 season. Things appeared promising on October '7 when Tufts led off with a clean cut 13-2 victory over Middle- bury College at lVfiddlebury, Vermont. Jack West and Bob Patterson were outstanding in this game, both tallying touchdowns. The Jumbos were doomed to destruction on the following week-end when the Lord Jeffs paraded over them 26-7. Jack West and Art Harrison played out- standingly for Tufts despite the loss, the former putting over the score on a ten-yard run. Northeastern invaded the lVIedford Oval on Octo- ber 21, and, although the Brown and Blue outplayed the Huskies, it fell short of a touchdown twice and had to be contented with a 0-0 deadlock. Art Griffin, Jack VVest, and Murray Kenney played brilliantly. Though hampered by injuries the next week, Tufts amassed all her fighting spirit, and capitalized on every break in sight to defeat lVilliams 14-12. West, the Tufts running threat, tallied the first touch- down on a four-yard romp and kicked the extra point. .Ralph Sherry, giant Jumbo tackle, picked a fumble out of the air in the second canto and Fonrlh lfmr: H. Kimball, C. Ciaffone, V. Dempsey, Manager, F. Ellis, Coach, L. Manly, Coach, ll. Rachdorf, Voaeh J. Woodhull, P. Finn, J. Harrison, lt. lleekvold Thin! Row: lt. ltitchie, J. Manly, K. Sears, D. Pitman, J. Arnold, M. Cummings, W. Walsh, A. Watts, N. Lister, A. Moore, J. Donovan Senoufl liozr: T. Chiara, li. Lorell, ll. Nalbund, lt. ltuller, lt. Anderson, G. Curtis, G. llournazos, N. Parc, A. Della , . laolera, M. Kenney l"i'rst Iiow: A. Harrison, lt. l'atterson, lt. Sherry, l'l. Smith, A. Griffin, T. llaselton, ll. Russell, M. llanabury, VV. West l - A-in ..' ..1. , A 1 -...- e 1 zf..w WON--3, LOST -4, ED--I galloped 37 yards to score. A pass from Griffin to Kenney accounted for the extra point. Tufts journeyed to Providence to encounter the Brown Bear on November 4, and suffered its worst defeat in some years 54--7. Captain Griffin struck terror into the hearts of the Brown followers for two periods with his long completed forwards. Jack West went over for the sole Tuftonian touchdown. In the second half with subs pouring in and out of the game, Brown rang up six touchdowns. After leading New Hampshire State 6-0 for three periods the next week-end, the Manlymen suffered a relapse in the final period permitting the Wildcats to push over two scores, to triumph 13-6. Grant Curtis, a newcomer at fullback, crashed the New Hampshire line from the one-yard line. A powerful Bowdoin team invaded the Tufts Oval on November 18 and outfought Tufts to a 15-6 verdict. The Jumbos played good football, but serious fumbles in the Tufts backfield deep in its own terri- tory led directly to Bowdoin touchdowns. Jack West scored his 28th point for Tufts when he went over in the first stanza. The Jumbos wrote "finis" to the 1939 campaign with an overwhelming 34--7 victory against Mass. State. Captain Art Griffin wound up his playing career for Tufts in a blaze of glory by scoring one touchdown, passing to West, Smith, and Hanabury for the others and place-kicking four extra points. Captain-elect Jack West charging down the gn liron for a consistent gain if r BAS Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts VARSITY RESULTS . 60 Assumption 21 31 Middlebury 27 31 Dartmouth 49 57 Northeastern 43 47 Vermont 32 47 New Hampshire 38 40 Brown 32 43 B. U. 44 51 M. I. T. 34 49 Springfield 43 35 Yale 02 38 Harvard 40 40 Massaclulsetts State 42 ALL THE 1940 Tufts Varsity Basketball Team suc- cessfully completed a nineteen game schedule with twelve wins and seven losses. On December 5, the Brown and Blue opened the season, trouncing Assumption 00-21. The two game trip to lVIiddlebury and Hanover resulted in a .500 average. The Jumbos came back strong in the closing minutes to defeat Midcllcbury 31-273 on the next night, a rangy Dart- mouth squad handed Tufts its first setback, 49-81. The basketeers added two more victories by succes- sively defeating Northeastern 57-43, and University of Vermont 47-38 at the Cousens Gym. A win at the expense of the New Hampshire University Wildcats opened the 1940 part of the scheduleg score 47-38. The surprise of the year was the defeat of a highly-favored Brown quintet on the latter's home floor, 40-32. A smart sophomore five from Boston University upset the hoopsters in an exciting battle by the narrow margin of 44-43. lVI. I. T. then invaded the home Hoor and were easily beaten, 51-34. The celebrated Springfield gymnasts received their only New England defeat when they were set down 49-43 in a see-saw battle. Tufts then encountered hard luck, losing four of the next five games, all of which were played away. A fast Yale team scored a 62-35 wing the Ilarvard Crimson eked out a 40-38 wing Massachusetts State repulsed the Cochran men with another two point margin 42-40. Tufts broke the losing streak by a Second Ifrmw: lf. llachman, A. Goldman, Yvestervelt, I. Bloch, L. Gessay, A. Harrison, R. Sc-annell, Snyder Firxl Rom: I". Jenkins, P. Gomez, C. Tihhs, P. Vnrney, H. Pecheux well-earned vietory over Amherst, 50 ----- LS. The 64--L5 defeat at the hands of Rhode Island State was no disgrace, as the liams were rated the hest in New England. The four final games were played on the home floor. Wfilliams fought, hard hut went down 36--32. Brown avenged their previous defeat by running up a score of 52--42 in the return game. The rangy W. P. I. engineers were too slow, and bowed to a harrage of hoops, itffiti. The Medford spectators witnessed the most exciting' game of the season when the Brown and Blue outelassed Rutgers Ltflf-t'7. The boys from New Jersey rallied tliroughoutp. hut the Tufts seniors made good their deterlnination to win their last game. Captain Charlie Tibhs was outstanding with Q7 points seored. This game ended the playing careers of such stellar men as Captain Tibhs, Phil Varney, 'llenry Pecheux, and Freddie Jenkins. ln nineteen. games, Captain Tihhs scored 392 points, averaging seventeen points per game, and was the high-scorer in all but the Yale game. Captain- eleet Phil Gomez, rated one of the best guards Tufts has had in recent years, remains with dependable ht. Snyder and T. 'llaselton to form the nueleus ol' next year's eluh. An exceptionally good frosh team with :L reeord of thirteen wins and three losses will send up fII. liedgate, J. Dowd. N. DelNinno, J. Vitkauskas, tl. Merniek, and J. Weldon. RESULTS tilontinuedb Tufts 50 Tufts +5 H Rhode lslund State til- Alllll0l'Sl, I Tufts 36 Williams 30 Tufts -t3 Brown 5 i Tufts 541 NV. P. 1. 30 Tufts fl-9 Rutgers - LETTER WINNERS Goldman, Alherl Gomez, Philip Jenkins, Fred lfl. Peeheux, llenry Snyder, lVl'nrshul The Tufts lloopmen in netion against the Vermont team ' lt I I ihhs, tthurles ., 1 Vurney, Philip Westervelt., John llloeh, Irwin, Mgr I t7 BAS EBA VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE April Ap,-il April April April April April April April May May Yale Lowell Textile Harvard Northeastern B. U. Vermont Bates Bowdoin Holy Cross Springfield lYilliams New Haven Tufts Cambridge Boston Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Worcester Springfield Williams LL, IALTHOUGH the Tufts' 1939 baseball season was not the most successful. in the history of the college, Captai11 Joe WVecks behind the plate and speedball Al Hatch on thc mound rendered perform- ances of professional caliber to attain high ranking among New England collegiate ball players. Among the outfits to drop beneath the dependable twirling of Hatch and Johnny Hughes were Lowell Textile, 12-Qg Springfield, 4-3, Williams, 6-0, Providence, 9-2, and Harvard and Boston University, each of which were defeated twice. Against Yale and a powerful Brown nine the boys were unsuccessful but prevented these outfits from building up any score. The opening of this season found Coach Nash, Captain Hatch, and the squad looking confidently forward to what may well be a banner year. Although former catcher NVeeks and pitcher Hughes had been lost through graduation, both the infield and outfield were strong witl1 veterans whose batting averages were high last year. Ex-captain Weeks' position was the object ol' the attention of' junior Everett Baehman and sophomores Ben Gaieski and Grant Curtis. The boys were all well-matched, and all three saw service at the home plate during the season. Battling for tl1e outfield assignments were Budrunas, Schoales, Lee, Raphael, Harrison, Manly, and lVl.istretta, but the starting assignments fell to veterans Brony Third Ifoiv: B. Budrunas, A. Harrison, L. Geary, V. Napoli, J. llineen, J. Driscoll, O. Olsen, G. Curtis, -l. Ucchipinli, A. Taylor f'l'rainerj Second Hour: lt. Schoales, S. Demirjian, N. Parc, T. Lee, -l. Manley, M. Hanabury, S. ltaphael, L. Snow, E. Back- inan, ll. Chiros 1"'ir.vt Ii0'1l'.' C. Mangione, l'l. NVest, L. Gessay, B. Gaieski, ll. Smith fManag4vrD, A. Hall-h, K. Nash ffloachj, B. Mitchell, C. Mistrctta, R. Bradley 1940 Budrunas at center, Tommy 'Lee in right field, and Sonny Raphael in left field. The strongest link in the Jumbo line-up was the infield where veterans Joe Dineen and Leo Geary and sophomore John Driscoll were at odds. On second, junior Lou Gessay was nearly undisputed, and had little trouble maintaining his position. George Chiros at shortstop was equally well-placed but at third the battle was nip and tuck throughout thc season between Mark Hanabury and senior Norman Parc. Trouble spot of the Jumbo squad was on the mound. Captain Al. Hatch, who won a large percent- age of his contests last year, and who was one of the most effective men on the '39 squad, was the only proven Tufts pitcher. Fast-ball man, and most li-kely Second choice, was junior Bob Patterson who showed flashes of strength last year. Another possible second was Paglia, an able man in controlling his pitches. Snow, Demerjian, Olsen, Gaieski, and Walsh were additional reserves. Opening the year with three games in five days, the squad was scheduled to meet Yale at New Haven on April 8, Lowell Textile at home on tl1e tenth, and a rugged Harvard nine on the thirteenth. Stiffest com- petition of the year was found in Harvard, anxious to avenge Jumbo defeats, Boston University, Holy Cross, Springfield, Yale, and hfassachusctts State, which is rapidly assuming the position of major rival. M :xy May May May May May May .fu ne June SEA 8 11 14 18 22 25 28 1 15 Coach Ken Nash und Grant Curtis Captain Al Hatch SCHEDULE QContinuedD Tufts Tufts Tufts Weston Tufts Tufts Boston Providence Tufts INDOOR Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts I. C. INDOOR TRACK RESULTS 55M New Hampshire 39M 52 Northeastern 29 71 Massachusetts State 21 W. P. I. 18 winners in informal meets with Boston College and Ilarvard. 4A. meet Tufts ln seventh place ACK TI-IIC 1939-410 Indoor Track 'team was as a unit the greatest such squad that has ever attended Tufts College. Moreover Eddie Dugger, Bill Atkinson, IValter I-Iall, Dave Pollard, and Laurie Grant were the greatest individual performers 011 any Tufts athletic group. The season was unmarred by defeat in any dual meet. First victim of the Jumbo athletes was New Hampshire by a score of 55M to 39M on February 3. Pollard set a new shot-put record of 43 feet 6 inehesg Atkinson ran the mile in 4-:36.3 minutes, and the mile relay team made 3:39 minutes time, two more new Cage records. The second meet against Northeastern saw a 52-Q9 victory, and a tri-meet with Massachusetts State, and NVorcester Polytechnieal Institute wit- nessed a Jumbo win with the score Tufts '71, State 21, and W. P. I. 18. In both the informal meets with Boston College and Harvard, Coach "Ding" Dussault's men emerged victorious, and in the V. F. VV., K. of C., and B. A. A. games at the Boston Gardens, Tufts placed well. Bill Atkinson ran undefeated in New England college two-mile competition. Ending the season, Eddie Dugger defeated the nation's finest collegiate hurdlers to set a new I. C. 4-A record of '7 .3 seconds in the sixty-yard high hurdles, while Bill Atkinson led the best collegiate two-milers in 9:23.8 time at the meet in New York on M3I'CI1 2. Second Raw: II. Nygaarcl, F. Carley, C. McLean, W. Page, A. Fine, lfl. Alcott, W. Lynch, ll. Paegle, S. Morganson, D. Kirkpatrick I"ir.vt Row: Prof. Yeager, A. Keigan, D. Pollard, W. Ilall, E. Dagger, I.. Grant, W. Atkinson, G. Brainerd, E. Terry, S. King, S. Wolfson, C. Dussault OUTDOOR TR WHEN Coaches Dassault and Yeager issued the initial call for spring track candidates this year they were met by potentially the greatest Tufts Squad in many years. There are enough veteran performers of unusual ability on the roster to make a prediction that the Tufts outdoor track team will have done as well if not better than the indoor team by the end of the season. Led by Captain Dave Pollard, college record holder in the shot put and discus, the team presented an almost unbroken array of men, at least two deep in every event excepting the javelin. The dashes and hurdles were ably cared for by peerless Eddie Dugger, regarded by local coaches as the greatest New England track product in a decade. Ed was assisted by Walter Hall, his shadowing teammate. In the middle dis- tances Hall, V alente, Brainerd, King, and Flandreau offered a united front, while in the long runs Bill Atkinson, Hal Nygaard of cross-country fame, Keigan, Emery, and Alcott held forth. Along with Captain Pollard in the weight events was Bob Sparrow, hammer throwing artist. The broad jumping department was capably taken care of by Laurie Grant, who also competed in his specialty the high jump, along with Lynch, Rutter, and Flan- dreau. ln the pole vault, Hollis Paegal ruled the altitude scrapers' club which included Morganson, Kirkpatrick, and McLean. April April May May May May June ACK OUTDOOR TRACK SCHEDULE 20 Amherst 27 Wesleyan 4 Boston University 10 Massachusetts State 18 Easterns 25 N. E. 3A. 1 I. C. 4A. Amherst Middletown Tufts Tufts Worcester Springfield Cambridge Captain Dave Pollard C0-captains Laurie Grant and Bill Atkinson Captain-elect If d Dugger r r r WRE l'uft,s l'ufts l'ufts l'ufts ,lfufts l'ufts l'ufts STLIN VARSITY RESULTS 8 llarvard 9.4 13 Lafayette 19 26 M. I. T. 8 3 Yale 31 162.6 Amherst 17M 13 Springfield 19 16 VVesleyan 14 Sceoml Row: F. Russell, Firsl Row: C. W'aldron, C. Strcetcr, L. Loring, A. Stevens, G. Tsolas, G IIE VARSITY wrestling team ereditably ended the 194-0 season with three wins in eight meets. 'ln the opener, Tufts was downed by a powerful Harvard team, 24--8, Sherry and Cummings provided Tufts only wins. The Lafayette team invaded lVl'ed- ford on December 19, and conquered the Jumbos 19-13, Sherry, Tsolas, and Wlilley won for Tufts. Tufts' first victory was over lVI. I. T., Tufts 26, Engineers 8. Feener, Willey, Streeter, Loring, Sherry and Cummings defeated their opponents. A well- balanced Yale team earned a decisive victory over Tufts, 31-3g Tsolas, Tufts' 1Q8-pound contender, won a referee's decision. A week later Tufts lost a heart- breaker to the Lord Jeffs, 1'7MM16M. Only an over- time draw defeated the Jumbos. The matmen's annual road trip netted a .500 average. On February Q3, Tufts lost a close one to a powerful Springfield team, 19-13. The next evening the .lumbos invaded Connecticut and ended their season with a victory over Wesleyan, 16'-14. Tsolas, Streeter and Loring gained the winning points. Captain Ralph Sherry ended four brilliant years of wrestling for Tufts, during which he was crowned New England Intercollegiate Champion i11 the 175- pound class in his freshman year, and in all four years he was neither pinned nor lost a regulation time match. This year's lettermen include C. Feener, G. Tsolas, A. Stevens, G. 1Villey, C. Streeter, L. Loring, C. VValdron, K. Sears, R. Sherry and lW. Cummings. M. Cummings, K. Sears, Mallof, S. Ruggieri fffoaehj R. Sherry, G. Willey, C. Feener THIS thirteenth season of intercollegiate golf at Tufts found the varsity team facing a tough schedule with but a few experienced players. The two eo-captains, Bud Dempsey and 'Tepv Nfarsh, were the only lcttermen to return for the 19410 season, but Russ Nash and Nichols, a very good man from last ycar's frosh made it possible to make up a four- some which gave each opponent a good match. The remaining two positions on the six-man team were filled by other high men on last ycar's frosh team. The 1939 season resulted in two Wins and 'five losses. M. I. T. Won, GM-QM, followed by Bowdoin, 8-1. At Brown we lost by only one point, 5-4, but at the hands of Colby, Tufts trailed by three points, 6-3. In the next match, the Jumbo golfers reversed the 1938 WV. P. I. score when they triumphed 6-0. Boston University Won by one point, 5-4, and Tufts finished up the season by defeating Rhode Island State 5-4. The schedule for this year included the same colleges, with the addition of the trip to Hartford where Tufts played. Trinity. The N. E. I. G. A. finished up the year on hfay 17-18 on the Oakley course, the scene of many Tufts matches. The team was ably coached by Professor Houston and managed by Co-captain Bud Dempsey. April April April Mziy Mzmy May May H. Nichols, G. Marsh, V. Dempsey, G. Crocker VARSITY GOLF SCHEDULE Hartford Providence Oakley Yvorcesler Oakley Oakley 17-18 N. E. I. G. A. match at Oakley TEN April April April May May May May May lNIay May May May May May l i I l l il l IL, TENNIS SCHEDULE 27 B. U. at Weston 29 Bates al Lewiston 30 Colby at Waterville l Maine al Orono 4 W. P. I. at Tufts 7 Wesleyan at Middletown 8 Brown at Providence 11 Trinity at Tufts 13 Bates at Tufts 15 Colby at Tufts 18 Clark at Tufts Q1 Harvard Graduates at Tufts 24 Springfield al' Springfield 25 Massachusetts State at Amherst NIS HE 1939 tennis team enjoyed an excellent season of nine Wins and two defeats. l,ed by co- captains K. Chobanian and S. liotenberg, they smashed their way to impressive victories over Bates 8-I, Bowdoin 5-4, Colby 8-1, Clark 9-0, Wesleyan 5-4, Bates 5-1 Creturn matchj, Colby 5-4 Creturn matchj, Boston University 6-3, and YV. P. I. 5-2, losing only to Trinity 6-3 and Brown 7-Q. At the opening of the 1940 season, Coach Bill Howard was faced with the problem of replacing the ace doubles team of Chobanian and Rotenberg, who were responsible in no small way for Tufts previous successes. He had, however, in Captain Henry Linden, a dependable and consistent point winner, and along with past letter-winners Bancroft, Baylies, Harrigan, Talkov, Novick, and Bonney, Coach Howard was able to build up a squad promising enough to duplicate last year's record. The 1940 team met the same college teams as had its predecessors with the addition of Blaine, at Orono, Springfield, Massachusetts State College, and the Harvard Graduates team. Eight matches of the schedule were played away while six were played on the newly-reconditioned home courts. The directors. of this year's team were Henry C. Linden, captain, William H. Howard, coach, and Abraham Taitelbaum, manager. Second Row: A. Milheueh, G. lt. lianeroft, A. Taitelbaum, A. Bonney, ll. Noviek First lime: W. llaylies, ll. Linden, J. l". Harrigan HIC H139 lacrosse season slarled when Tulls invaded Cambridge and were shul. out by a superior Harvard Leam 10--0: on April Q2 the Jumbo sliekmen lost to l.he llniversily ol' New 'llanlpshire H.-3: the Boston Lacrosse Club gave Tufts their Lhird setback 6-4: this was followed by a I6-I deI'eaL at the hands ol' a polished Wlilliams team. The road trip proved highly successful as the Brown and Blue defeated both Springfield and Union. They edged the Gymnasts 4--3, and on the next day conquered Union by a fifl score. On May 17, 'lllIIl'S stickers dropped a 6 -3 deeision l,o M. l. T.. while they elosed l.he season on l.he short end ol' a I3--6 score againsl. Dartmouth. Led by Captain Joe Gould, eight other UT" winners in the persons ol' li. Armslroug. J. Ciba, C. Hammond, NV. Harrison, M. Kenney, li.. Sherry, S. Williams, and G. Yale provide an experienced nucleus for Tim Ringfs lil-I-0 aggregation. From last year's l'rosh, li. Mitchell, C. Wfaldron, and E. Ganley look especially capable. On April 20 the 1940 season opened when l.he Brown and Blue mel, Lhe Boston Lacrosse Club on l.he Tul't.s field. This was followed by a llarvard eonlesl, on Lhe 24th. Then on May Lhird and fourth they invaded Springfield and Wlilliams. The NI. I. T. engineers provided the opposition on May 18, while the Dartmoulxli Indians journeyed to Medford for Lhe Juinbos' 4-losing gaine ol' the year on Hay QQ. LAC ROS SE VARSITY LACROSSE SCHEDULE April April May May May May lloslou Laerosse Club lla rva rd Springfield Williams M. l. T. Dartinoulh Tufls 'I'ul'l s Springfield Wiillialns 'l'ufl s Tufts Tliirrl Ifmr: li. Quinn. li. Slir-rry, J. Powers, li. llelgi-son, J. Ciba. ll. Knighl, G. Nlussello N11-and Ifulr: li.. Milehell, R. Andrews, M. Kenney, ll. Shedd, ll. Corinzin, W. Malmney, A. MacKenzie, fi. Yale, li. llarrison I"ir.vI lfouz' I". Avolu, D. lylllffli-llilll, T. Ring CCouc-hi, -I. Gould, S. lliehzirdson, N. Blackburn, li. Miller SOCC ER LETTER WINNERS Bennett, I.. B. Bowser, G. IV. Coolidge, A. IV., Jr. Gould, J. ll. Jenkins, I". li. Kazeniac, S. J. Kelley, G. VV. Lister, C. A. lVl'ilhenell, A. li. l'echeux, ll. J., Ji Rockwood, N. U. IVestervell, J. D. Oechipinli, S. J. Spaulding, Il. l.. Yale, G. A. Gerber, W., Mgr. VARSITY RESULTS Tuff s 3 Tufts 2 Tufl s 1 Tufl s 1 Tufts 0 Tufts 0 Tufts 1 Tufts 2 M. I. T. 2 Amherst 2 llnrvard EZ Bfesleyan l lVilliams 1 IV. P. I. 2 Brown 2 U. of Conn. 1 'IIE Tufts Soccer Team of 1939 won l.wo, tied two, and lost four games. Captain Freddie Jenkins, George Kelley and 'llenry Peeheux were the three outstanding men of the team. Tufts won the first game of the year against M. l. T. 8-2, with Kelley sinking two goals. At Amherst for the second game, both teams were too evenly matched, a F2-Q tie resulted with Kelley again scoring two goals. Harvard had too many men on their squad, and after three fiercely fought quarters, Tufts defense weakened and Harvard scored twice. Seore: Ilarvard 2, Tufts 1. Jenkins and Kelley starred again in this game. Another tie resulted from the lYesleyan invasion, lwl. Wfesleyan was the league leader, hut could get through Bowser, Bennett, and Pecheux for only 011C goal. Jack Wlestervelt starred during the next game with Williams, but they were too strong, and downed our hooters 1-0, Tufts suffered its second shut-out when they met IV. P. I., to the tune of Q-0. Kelley was out of this game because of injuries suffered in previous games, and stellar playing by Jenkins and Bennett could not change the score. Brown defeated Tufts Q-1 for the last loss of the season in an overtime period. Tufts finally closed the season with a win over University of Connecticut, Q-1. Kelley, Coolidge, Bennett, Milhench, Tanereto and Spaulding will return to be the nucleus of another good team. Thirrl lfow: Gerber, Mgr.: Sterng Milhenchg Beunettg ltighellisg Van Gundy: Spaulding: Kelley: Coolidgeg Seconrl Row: Oeehipintig Kajeniac: Bowserg Rockwood: Jenkins, Gaping Gould, IVA-stervell: Lister: Yale Fronl lfmr: Pecheux, Best M orton, Coach CROSS COUNTRY KBILLP ATKINSON and "Hain Nygaard led one of Tufts most successful cross-country teams this year to a record of three wins, one loss, and a fifth place in the New England meet. The one loss of the season was the opening meet with Boston University on October 14. On October 20, however, the Tufts harriers trounced Wesleyan at Middletown, Conn., 25-31, with Atkinson winning a first place, thirty seconds short of the Wesleyan course record. Nygaard and Lee placed fourth and fifth. Amherst was our next victim by a score of 17-49. Atkinson and Nygaard finished hand-in-hand in first place in this meet, with Lee, Emery, Paige, Morgan- Son, and Lewis running from fourth to eighth re- Spectively. In the triangular meet at Franklin Park, Tufts defeated two good teams from M. I. T. and Northeastern when Atkinson and Nygaard finished together with a course time of 22:11.4, while Lee took fifth place. The score: Tufts 33, M. 1. T. 35, Northeastern University 56. Tufts upset the dopcsters in the New England meet at Franklin Park by winning a good fifth place. In this meet, Atkinson forced Don Smith of Maine, the winner, to the very fast time of 21:16, while "Bill" chased him in in 21:50. Nygaard took a sixth in the meet. Atkinson, Nygaard, two of the best runners in Tufts history, and Jillson, a consistent point gainer, have all run their last races for Tufts. Atkinson, W. R. Emery, H. R., Jr. Lee, T. I". Lewis, G. E. Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts Tufts LETTER WINNERS Morganson, P. Nygaard, 11. A, Paige, XV. R. RESULTS Host on University 22 Wesleyan 31 Amherst 49 M. I. T. 35, N. U. 56 fTri meetj N. E. I. 4A. meet ffiflh plaeej Prof. Yeager, 11. Nygaard, T. Lee, G. Lewis, W. Atkinson, W. Paige, D. McGaw, ll. Emery, P. Morganson, R. Chatficld M.. . FEN VARSITY FENCING SCHEDULE January l"ebruu ry February February March March lVl u reh .Nlv 13 Brown at Tufts 10 Norwich ut Tufts Q3 Bowdoin nt Tufts 24 Dartmouth at Hanover w 15 B. C. at Tufts 16 B. U. at Boston 22 M. l. T. ut Cambridge CING ENCING, the newest sport to be adopted by Tults, had its beginning here in 1937. It has grown by leaps and bounds and, for the past two years, a fencing team has represented this college in intercollegiate competition This year the team was composed of Captain William Gerber, Walter Allan, and Edwin Whitney of the Class of 19410, Peter Piecewicz and Herbert Wlight of the Class of 1941, and Alvin Natanson, Nelson Blackburn, Joseph Mazmanian, and Donald Morse of the Class of 1942. The schedule included matches with Brown, Norwich, Bowdoin, Boston University, Boston Col- lege, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Rollins College flfloridaj. Nelson Blackburn served in thc double role of a playing manager. ln the first year of the sport's existence at Tufts only the foils were used. The following season the epee was added and with the addition of the sabre the following term, a full, three-weapon team came into being. With only three men lost to the team this June by graduation and with four years of experience behind it, fencing now appears to be definitely established at Tufts and should enjoy a successful season in 1940-4-1. No summary of fencing at Tufts would be com- plete without a word of appreciation for Emile Pelletier '39, largely through whose efforts fencing became established at Tufts College. in Nalunsou, Joseph ltlazmuninn, Waller Allan, William Gerber, Nelson Blackburn, Donald Morse AS TUFTS continues to grow in influence, this organization is contributing its share in spread- ing the game of the college and in adding to its activi- ties. The Tufts College Ski Club was founded in 1937- 38 by WVilliam Ballard. Since then the club has grown in membership until it now includes well over fifty students and many alumni. "Four VVinds" at Plymouth, New Hampshire was the destination of the first ski trip in 1937, and subsequent two-day excursions to Ferncroft Lodge in Wonolancct, and to the Tufts Mountain Club lodge in Plymouth followed in 1938, '39, and '40, Co-operat- ing with a new Tufts organization, the Nfountain Club, it has found a destination for many. of its 'future trips. A hike up the slopes of M01lHt Nlonadnoek in November was the first excursion of this year, and served to acquaint the new members. The first open meeting occurred a few weeks later and featured an illustrated lecture by -Chauncy lfValdron who has sailed with Commodore Macmillan on several of his voyages to the Arctic Seas. Early in the fall four officers were elected to whom no small part of the club's success during the year was due. The president is Albert A. Sehaal, the vice- president, Chauncy Waldron, the secretary-treasurer, Arthur Walsh, and the Jackson representative, Eliza- beth Emmons. SKI CLUB OFFICERS I"resiflent Al SClHLnl V 'ice President Chauncy Waldron Secretary-Treasurer Arthur VValsh Jackson Reyzresentative Betty Emmons Scene on Ski C'lub hvl'0li-Ullll 'llrip to New IlZll11pSlllI'0 1943 TI-IIE Tufts Freshman football team opened its 1939 grid campaign at the Tufts Oval with a 19-0 victory over a heavier and more experienced Dean outfit. Bisset, Fogarty, Dowd, and Moscliella showed their worth i11 this Iirst battle. Although, throughout the next contest, the Fresh were superior to the Huntington eleven, misfortune struck the Jumblets in the last minute of play when a Tufts passer was brought down behind the goal line effecting a 2-0 Huntington win. Northeastern, with a heavier and more experienced club, added next to the Jumblet woes with a Q4-0 win to its credit. Except for a few brief plays featuring Blos- ehella, lwernich, Bisset, and Pickard, the encounter was all N. U. Perform- ing far more impressively than in any of the previous contests, the Jumblets nailed back a strong Lawrence Academy team to the tune of 12-7. Richardson, FRESHMAN Piekard, Moseliella, Fogarty, Merriich, and Dowd carried out their usual capa- ble performances in this skirmish. And in the last contest of their Freshman existence, the Jumblets bowed to a superior Andover squad 19-0. Letter- men for the year were: G. hfernich, R. J. Rowell, D. J. Fogarty, E. C. Richardson, P. S. lWcDonald, I. A. Rowlson, W. Price, R. L. Bisset, J. J. Dowd, R. B. Wvatkins, B. I.. hlosehella A. H. Pickard, J. D. lWeBeath, W. T. Kelley, J. hi. Condon, E. E. Parker, D. Pickering and D. Foulkes, Mztnagers. The soccer team enjoyed a season with three wins, one tie, and two losses in which sterling play was evidenced. High scorers for the team included Teodorson, Jenkinson, and Giknis, who along with Day, Binks, Thomas, Scott, Stetzer, Edwards, Derr, Cimaglia, Gal- lagher, and Gehling won their numerals. Wforking with excellent precision and speed, the Jumblet basketeers knocked off Nfonson Academy witl1 a score of 50-33. lvinning the next two with Northeastern and New Hampshire, tl1ey lost a one point game to the Brown club and followed with four wins, taking B.U., 1939 Freshman-Sophomore Rope Pull ATHLETICS M. I. T., Springfield, and Harvard over the hurdles. Losing to a powerful Rhode Island team, the J umblets came back with a big win over Huntington. They lost by one point in their next en- counter with Andover, but concluded the season with three straight wins over Brown, Babson Institute, and Lawrence Academy. This year's aggregate was a brilliant team on the offensive and de- fensive which is shown by their record of twelve WiIlS to three losses. The ex- cellent work of DelNinno, Dowd, Vit- kauskas, Redgate, and Mernick will cer- tainly do much to keep the varsity right on top the next three years. Those win- ning their numerals were: J. lVeld0n, N. A. DelNi11no, J. J. Dowd, G. W. Mernick, E. Richardson, H. V. Redgate, J. A. Gehling, J. Vitkauskas, H. G. Thompson, R. Anderson and D. Foulkes, Wlanager. The wrestling unit had a fair season this year. The results showed a tie, 20-Q0 with Harvard, a win over M. I. T. 33-5. They lost the next five, A11dover, Amherst, Springfield, WVesleyan and Exeter. Numeral winners included: S. T. Freedman, H. G. Derr, R. G. Hayton, 1943 VV. WVright, Jr., E. Forsley, C. J. Ham- wey, J. Lippas, and J. P. Withington. The indoor track season opened with the B. C. meet on home grounds, and closed with M. I. T. after splitting the meets, two wins and two losses. High scorers included R. Long, W. Price, and D. Reid. Numerals were also awarded to R. Smith, E. Pagliarulo, M. Hutchins, R. Peterson, J. Welch, T. Rockwell, and B. lVatkins. The baseball season opened on April 18 with Harvard as the first opponent. The team, made up of high and prep school stars, had a successful season against Northeastern, Middlesex, Gro- ton, Boston University, Andover, Dean, Boston College, Huntington and Law- rence Academy. The tennis team was able to give a good account of itself because it was manned by many former stars in this sport. Action Shots of Tufts lfrosh and Dean Academy Q1 ' s ...Ju-nh.nl-La. INTRAMURAL 1939 HE program of "Athletics for allg A11 in athletics" was well carried out this year at Tufts with the enlarged Intra-mural activities taking place from December to May. Nlr. Chester Delano, assisted by "Art" Griffin, "Ted" Shee- han, Hl'op" Starosta, and "Joe" Bcvila- qua directed tournaments in basketball, squash, softball, track and baseball in which a large number of students parti- eipated. Over two hundred and thirty players made up twenty-four basketball teams, which were divided into three leagues: Fraternity, won by the A. 'l'. 0.'s, Blue, won by the Hooper House live, and the Brown, won by last year's intra-mural champs, Wlilson House. In the semi- finals, Hooper House defeated WVilson House 25-241 to meet the A. T. O's for the championship ofthe college on Intra- mural night, held this year on March 15. The Hooper House team, composed of Bezuka, Sedurski, Carew, Bounakes and Bennett, defeated the fraternity team, Hanabury, Kolligian, Powers, Chiros, and Lewis QQ-12 for the college crown. The final standings of the basketball tournament: l"raI1'rnily Blue Iiroufu. l A'l'0 Hooper House Wilson House Zl' Royals Mechanical Engineers DTD West Hall Sophomore Engineers PEP 194-1 Dean Hall SUI' Nulmeggers AKP N. C. A. C. TDC DU Paige Hall Stat Volts lvesl, Hall Approximately one hundred and thirty took part in the wrestling tournament which closed on Intra-mural Night. In the 118 pound class, Bill McMahon of TDC won a decision over Kim Crocker of D111 i11 the 125 pound class, Wicks of ZP pinned Nash of DTD, in the 135 pound class, Al Simmons of DU pinned Art Koenig of DU in 5:43 minutes: Bob Buell of DU pinned Al Budzynkiewicz of AKP at 14-5 pounds in 3:03 minutes: in the 155's Jack Wlest of TDC pinned ATHLETICS Sullivan of AKP in the record time of 30 seconds. Comic relief was afforded in the 165 pound class when Ed Nalband of ATO pinned Mark Hanabury after a few minutes of unorthodox collegiate wrestling, at 175 pounds, Tom Chiarra of ATO pinned Beckvold of ATO in 2:40 minutes, and in the unlimited class, Page of ATO won a decision from Spar- row of ATO. Charms were awarded all finals winners. The final standings in Intra-mural wrestling are the following: 1. ATO 55 pointsg 2. AKP 49 pointsg 3. DU 36 points, 4. TDC Q9 pointsg 5. DTD Q0 points, fi. ZP 16 points: 7. PlVID 5 points, 8. PEP 3 points. The Winners in the Wrestling compe- tition in each class were as follows: 118 lb Class-Bill lVl'elVl'ahon, TDC 125 lb Class-George Wlicks, ZP 135 lb Class--Al Simmons, DU 145 lb Class-Bob Buell, DU 155 Ib Class-Jack West, TDC 165 lb Class-Ed Nalband, ATO 175 lb Class-Tom Chiarra, ATO Unlimited Class?-Bill Page, ATO 1940 Forty-three men took part in the squash tournament which was won by 'DTD who won eight and lost none. The rest of the field followed in the following order: PEP, AKP, DU, TDC, ZP, ATO, Dean Hall and SOP. The members of the undefeated Delta Tau Delta squash team for 1939-40 are as follows: Henry Linden Wally Baylies Cliff Miller Art Miilhench Hal Kennison Hump Hosmer The spring athletics drew a large crowd of participants and many well- played contests took place in an effort to determine the all-college, all-sports championship, held for the lastitwo years by the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. JACKSON ATHLETICS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ACKSON athletics are directed by the Athletic Association Council, which is made up ol' five officers, three Outing Club officers, and the managers of the various sports. This year's offi- cers were as follows: President, Betty Emmons ,4-0, Vice-President, Theiss English '40, Secretary, Caroline Barker 'fl-1, Treasurer, Barbara Chamberlain '42, and Freshman Representative, Janet 'Foster '48, The Council meets weekly with Miss Ruth Lincks to plan intramural activi- ties, inter-collegiate sports programs, and Outing Club events. With the sug- gestions of the sports coaches the Coun- cil also determines the number ol' A. A. points to be awarded to various mem- bers of the teams. Inter-collegiate competition is held in hockey, archery, golf, basketball, and Coaches tennis. In all of 'these sports Jackson plays l1er traditional rivals, NVheaton, Pembroke, and Radcliffe. Outing Club activities included this year, as usual, a Fall picnic to Cedar Hill, bowling, swimming, skating, and bicycle parties, and a Spring canoe picnic on the Charles River. The Outing Club Chairman Peggy Brown '41 and her 'two assistants worked successfully with the Council to provide at least one ac- tivity every month for the student body. The major sports were supplemented each season by such additional activities as badminton, riding, bowling, ping- pong, and skiing. A badminton club was formed this year under the direction of Miss Eleanor Dexter. Intramural competition was held in tennis and basketball. Field Day, which was held in May, is also supervised by the A. A. Council. Four sorority teams, tl1e Jumbos, and the Brownies eornpeted in archery, golf, horse shoes, ring tennis, and badminton. A supper was served afterward in Jack- son gymnasium. Srenml Row: Caroline Barker, Barbara f'll2llllD1'I'l1lTTl, 'llhelss l llj,,llSll Barbara Hammond Dorothy Ullman, Ruth Lineks, Eleanor Dexter First lime: Peggy Brown, Betty Emmons HOCKEY ACKSON major sports were partic- ularly enriched this year by strong material drawn from the freshman class. To this general rule, field hockey was no exception. In playing against her three traditional rivals, Pembroke, Wlleaton, and Rad- cliffe, Jackson ran the gamut of three possible scoresg that is, she won over Pembroke, tied with Radcliffe, a11d was beaten by Pembroke. The games with WVheaton and Radcliffe were played on home ground, but to play witl1 Pem- broke the team went to Providence. This yearls squad was led by eo-cap- tains Theiss English and Betty Em- mons. Also outstanding were Patricia MacLeod, as goalie, Sally Elwyn, a freshman, and Barbara Hammond, a sophomore. The team finished its fall season safely on the right side of snow. HOCKEY SCHEDULE ARCHERY ARCIIERY, long one of the favorite sports among Jackson students, has been fortunate in recent years i11 at- taining a position among tennis, basket- ball, and hockey, the major women's sports. Under the capable leadership of Captain Gertrude Aitehison and with an excellent group of girls, the team has been one of the most successful in Jack- son athlctics. The growth in popularity of archery is indicative of the general trend toward sports in which individuals may participate, rather than solely groups. Archery is singular, also, in that it may be developed and enjoyed after graduation, as well as during col- lege. Last fall, the team was repre- sented at a meet held at Connecticut State College. In the spring, it com- peted in the national telegraphie meet, held annually. Intramural competition in archery on Field Day brought the year to a close. Oct. 27 Wheaton at Jackson J-0 W-2 ARCI.IERY MEET NOV- 17 Rmlcllnic at Jackson R"1 'Ll Archery Quadrangular Meet at WVhealon, Nov. Q2 Pembroke at Pembroke J-2 P-0 Wwlncsday' May 15, 1940 gullltd R011 l Qlosslyn, BI Herrick, ll Chamberlain, P. Nclieod, ll. llrown Srfcoml lx'uw.' I". 'l'owlc, P. Mcliieod, I9 D ivison lwst Row l . Emmons, 'I'. English, Hammond l"1'r.vt Row: M. llall, G. Ailehison BASKETBALL HIS year's basketball squad was exceptional in many respects. In the first place, it was exceptionally able. Its first team was outstanding among those of recent years. Miss Eleanor Dexter, coach of the squad, attributes some of the success of the team to an enlarged playing schedule. In addition to the three regulars, Wheaton, ltad- cliffe, and Pembroke, Jackson met three newcomers, New Hampshire, Posse, and the Alumnae. The team profited by the stimulating rivalry of these three extra games. A long practice season in prep- aration for two or three games runs the danger of becoming monotonous and breaking down the morale ofthe players. The team was exceptional, secondly, because its captain, Dorothy Marsh, had to give up playing and succumb to an appendectomy. Carol Barker was chosen captain in her place. And the last exception concerning this exceptional team was that every member of the first team line-up was an underclass girl. With all these veterans returning next year, prospects for an even more successful season are happy indeed. .1 mul Hou lx Sylvia, P. llayward, li. Lawton, S. NVurner, M lxingston, li. llammond DANCING OT a sport but a forni of art, modern dancing in recent years has stimulated much interest and won recruits from every class in Jackson. Assisted greatly by the skill of Miss Lincks, who coaches the group, the girls have this year continued their diligent efforts to master the requirements of technique, and have done some creative work. Essential to skill in modern danc- ing are comprehension of rhythm, un- derstanding of the principles of dance composition, and hours of practice to attain the skill requisite to beautiful performance. Three seniors who have worked with the group since their fresh- man year, llelen Moors, Elinor Gilliatt, and Jane Parker, are especially ont- standing in performance, loyalty, and interest in the dance. For the enjoy- ment of the college public, the Jackson All Around Club sponsored a dance reci- tal in M arch, given by Doris llnmphrey and Charles Wleidman. 'Poo ditlicult to be really popular as a recreational sport, modern dancing is most enjoyed by the girls who are willing to work intensively for a goal of beautiful creative art. Iffill W llallell, D. Miller, D. Marsh, H. lilwyu, 'l'. linglish Nancy Wilson. Jane Parker, lflinor Gilliatt, llehn Mons TENNIS ARSITY l.ennis is the major sport of the Spring and one of the most popular of the year. The tennis team was especially fortunate this year in that it lost only one player by gradua- tion in 1939. Several freshmen were added to an already large squad, so that the best possible playing combinations might be worked out. The team was coached by Miss Lincks and captained by its first singles player, Ruth Glidden '40, Miriam Nash '11 served as mana- ger for the team, which held matches with Jackson's traditional rivals, Pem- broke, ltadclihve, and Wheaton. The VVheat0n game was held at Norton, but the other matches were played on Jack- son's own courts. The varsity program was supple- mented by a mixed tournament ol' sev- eral Tufts-Jackson teams. This idea was originated in 1939 and met wil.h surprising success. A Jackson intra- mural competition was held in the Fall as usual. This tournament was won by Alpha Omicron Pi. TENNIS SCHEDULE May 10 Peinbroke at Jackson May I5 Wheaton at Jackson May 23 lladelille at Jackson 2 1 , "' finia Guild, Nancy 1-lallell, GULF Old", the newest organized Jackson sport, is lar from being a new in- terest ol' Jackson students as individ- uals. The annual Field Day competi- tion in the spring has for several years included goll' as one of the intramural competitive sports. lVith the enthusi- asm aroused from last year's Field Day and a number of very able golfers, a team was formed with the intention ol' building up an intercollegiate program for this year. Last fall the first result ol' the new activity was a triangular meet held at Jackson, in which Wheaton and Radcliffe were our opponenls. Jackson placed second in the meet, with Wheaton first, and ltadclitfe third. The second tournament of the year was held at Wheaton in the spring. Plans for next year include an extension ol' com- petition to include other 'teams from nearby colleges. GOLF SCHEDULE Quadrangular Meet at Jackson, Uclober 20, 1939 Quadrangular lVleel al Wheaton, May 8, 1940 li uh nrt ll immond N :rg Ililda Merrill, Virginia Davis Barbara llammond, Betty limmons, Thr-iss English n Ilmsu W 1 5. W! 7 'iv 'f37VH1'. ' tk! . I'-'vita 'K THE social, scholastic and athletic life at Tufts is deeply correlated with the fraternity life. Local chapters of nine of the national fraternities and four of the national sororities offer to the students of Tufts and Jackson an opportunity to make and keep life- long friendships. The fraternities are all situated in their own houses with several new houses completed in the last four years. The sororitics are situated in rooms in private homes. FHATEHNITIES I Sammi ll0'w.' Barbara Marjerison, Catherine McClay, lhyllis Lylvcck, Miriam Nash, Martina lliggins Front Now: llclon Moors, Eunice Griswold, Marion Savage ., M , . ..,. i f ' 1 Second limo: W. McMahon, D. Hays, L. Herman, H. Gallagher, ll. Linden, F. Saparcto, ll.. Perry ' Front Row: H. Ilosum-r, 0. Jillson, G. Willcy, L. Grant, L. Geary, A. Goldman, M. Feingold ,..,, , ,A ,,,, , .. ., 1 'lvl jr' 1 .V H fl 'M' gn' 'Ivll FE 71 ly X V' fff, 'g H fy F7 4 - "1 121 1 r an Tw. . , gg 'x - 1 N 1 1- w 4 I. My .:, ,X f ...- ,Q N , ,, x A, W ., 4 , , 1 ,. Y ,. 'lx I W' . X -h 4 g,a 1 " ..,,l1 xl X w 1 1' W ' ' -' f :K - ' aux. .:.x . 4.lu.l.L '1 ,w PAGE 130 -' f K-..,' .l '. ' . FRATERN THE Inter-fraternity Council has the duty of establishing and support- ing Rush VVeek Rules and running Inter-fraternity Weekend. This year's Council conducted a very successful lVeekend with Claude Hopkins' or- chestra playing at the Ball. The Council is composed of two represen- tatives from each fraternity. Officers for 1939-1940: President, Lauris Grant, Vice President, Gordon Willeyg Sec.-Treas., Leo Geary. The Pan-Hellenic Council has con- trol over the activities of the four sororities. Officers for 1939-194-0: President, Eunice Griswold, Vice President, Helen Moors, and See.- Treas., Marion Savage. ITIES ICITNICIC GRISWOLD LAITRIS GRA N'I President of the President of the Pan-llellenie Council Inter-fraternity Council nc in vp xl-f : , Chap Soffjfltb ical gcc Room a if ii if -4 i 1 ' :NW in ,w lfgwdy Room .W . yr,-atcfm ,f J Founded at Newark College of Engineering in 1921 Fourth Row: W. Gorday, E. Quinn, P. Dillon, C. Tihbs, L. Grant, M. Haas, E. Cleary, P. Bartlett Third Row: J. MeNaught, B. Thompson, R. Baxter, D. Smith, A. Hatch, 0. Leonardson, B. Henriques, R. Blossom, J. Seopa, L. Bommarito Second Row: R. NVoodcock, C. Ciaffone, L. Snow, W. Mann, I". Dickerman, C. Ernst, J. Bieleeki, T. Lee, W. Wells, L. Bishop First Row: D. Kirkpatrick, E. Plumley, W. Harrison, L. Loring, B. Lawrence, P. Cumming, A. Budzyn- kicwicz, R. Hawkins, D. Pollard MEMBERS 1040 Roy II. Baxter, Jr. John W. llielccki Alexander I". Budzynkiewiez E. Perry Cumming Frederick E. Dickcrman Walter J. Gorday Parker M. Bartlett Charles P. Ciaffone Preston R. Dillon Thomas I". Lee J. Lawson Bishop, Jr. Laurence C. Bommarito Charles I". Ernest Arthur P. Ilnrrison Robert S. Blossom D. Edward Cleary Louis R. Cortueei Harold W. Fish PAGE132 Lauris L. Grant Melvin S. Haas .James W. Harrison, Jr Allen L. Hatch, Jr. Robert, 0. Hawkins David W. Kirkpatrick, 1941 Orvar B. Leonarclson Lewis D. Loring, Jr. John P. McNaught I942 Basil L. Henriqucs James G. Phillips Leonard A. Pierce John B. Scopa, Jr. David L. Smith l943 Vernon O. Kirkey Victor J. Mazur Walter R. Owens Gunnar I. Larson Bradford W. Lawrence Willard P. Mann Edward A. Plumley David P. Pollard Charles R. Tihhs Edward M. Quinn Laurence V. Snow J. Arthur Sundermann Ilarvey W. Whitten, Jr. Jolm I". Sullivan Bernard C. Thompson William K. Woodard, Jr William H. Wells WValter Scanlon Stephen E. Walkley Robert R. Wirldowson Robert R. Woodeock TAU CHAPTER OUNDED in 1907, the Commons Club became a local fraternity, Delta Phi Sigma, in 1926, and in 1931 joined the national fraternity, Alpha Kappa Pi, as its Tau Chapter. The national fraternity comprises twenty- five undergraduate chapters, numbering over 2600 members, and nine alumni chapters. Since 1931, Tau Chapter has acquired a new house of colonial design accommodating twenty-one members, and maintained its integral position in the Tufts College community. This year, as in years past, the forty- five members and pledges endeavored to keep the fraternity prominent in the affairs of the Hill socially, athletically, and seholastically, through representa- tion in the various sports, class offices, honor societies, 'student publications, college and club activities. During the course of the year, the fraternity sponsored a number of formal and informal dances and special parties, and a banquet was held for newly initiated members. As one of the alumni chapters is located in Boston, many of the local alumni take an active interest in the affairs of the chapter. 'Having won, in recent years, the Mill Established in 1931 l"raternity Athletic Award and the Fraternity Scholastic Award, in addi- tion to a number of lesser awards, Alpha Kappa Pi views the future with confi- dence and ambition, all the while offering the athletic, social, scholastic, and cultural benefits of fraternity mem- bership to the college students of aver- age financial position. OFFICERS Presfident Bradford W. Lawrence Vice Prcsirlwll Lewis ll. Loring, Jr. Secretary James W. llarrison, Jr. 7'rc'a.s'1m'r E. Perry Cumming PAGE 133 I s i l . r I l 1 l l Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 I"0III'l,l Ifmr: J. Powers, W. Page, C. Emery, A. lvalsh, G. Merniek Tliirrl linux' A. Schual, M. Cummings, H. Knights, R. Sparrow, H. Redgate, A. Jameson, A. Beckvold, C. Waldron Second lfo'm."1'. Chiara, D. Vandenburgh, E. Starosla, J. 'l'oomey, D. Kinney, R. Fittz, J. Dowd, li. Lorett, G. Chiros lf'1'r.-rt lfo'u': E. Nalhand, A. Della Paolera, R. Andrews, G. Lewis, M. Hanabury, J. Breen, ll. Gallagher, E. Sheehan, I.. Geary MEMBERS 1940 Robert E. Andrews Robert licckvold Emil S. llistany Everett R. Hackman George C. Bournazos James J. Breen Thomas Chiara Raymond U. Fittz Harvey F. Brooks Matthew Cummings Arthur C. .Jameson Everett F. Kimball Nicholas A. DelNinno John J. Dowd PAGE 134 Alfred Della Paolera Albert G. Downing Clifton WV. Emery Leo l'. Geary 1941 llnbert J. Gallagher Mark R. Ilanabnry Robert, E. Ilemman Jack II. Kolligian 1 194-2 David W. Kinney Harold L. Knights Doran J. Muckjian 1943 Steven V. Fote Frank M. Killion Bayard Holland Edward H. Nalhand Edward C. Starosta George E. Lewis E. Burch Lorett John J. Powers Clement II. Seaholn John F. Tomey William .R. Page Albert A. Sehaal Robert F. Sparrow Chauney W. Waldron Warner Price Harold V. Weldon GAMMA BETA CHAPTER TI'IE PAST summer marked the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of Alpha Tau Omega and saw a number of the brothers of Gamma Beta Chapter making the trip to the biennial conclave which was held this year in Richmond, Virginia, where the original chapter was founded at Vir- ginia Military Institute. Delegates from each of the ninety-eight active chapters as well as a number of interested under- graduates and alumni helped to make this conclave a huge success. A great deal of satisfaction was felt by all the brothers in the way the ban- quet and entertainment went off for the underprivileged youngsters of the neighborhood who were rounded up with the help of local welfare agencies and brought to the house. Many fine and appreciative letters were received from their parents proving this effort to be exceptionally worthwhile and one which should be continued in the future. With three class presidents, many members and pledges participating on all of the athletic teams, a number of successful social functions, including "Vic" parties and seve1'al formals, Alpha Tau Omega can undoubtedly MQ i Established in 1893 consider the year 1939-4-0 a prosperous one from every point of view. Having a well-rounded, congenial membership, Alpha Tau Omega has every reason to expect even greater achievements in the future and looks forward with every confidence to the coming year. rv fl: ,if Ol4'l"ICERS President Edward J. Sheehan Vice Presizlcnt David G. Vandenburgh Secretary Arthur G. YYalsh Treasurer George J. Chiros l PAGE 135 Founded at Bethany College in 1859 tnow Univ. ol' West Virginiaj I"ou1-th Row: D. Gifford, H. Kinnison, R. Pierce, R. Chatficld, J. Allen, R. Helgeson, E. Hutchinson, L. Hartshorn, R. Wright 7lll'liI'll Item: R. Newhall, R. Manning, M. Snyder, W. Pritchard, W. Barnes, H. Linden, W. Mahoney, R. Clark, W. Wright, N. Fontneau, G. Kelley, W. Meserve Svcmul ltozr: ll. Neilson, E. Jervis, C. Hutchins, P. McGrath, R. Velte, E. Williams, I". Eieh, A. Olive, P. Kinsella, A. Bloom, R. Sehoales, C. Adams l"'1'rxt Row: I". Miller, R. Nash, E. Kline, E. Smith, J. Bryer, H. llosmer, C. Krnszyna, 'l'. Beers, VV. Baylies MEMBERS 194-0 J. Allen Bryer, Jr. Donald F. Gilford Humphry B. Hosmer Emery W. Kline Robert D. Chatfield Theodore H. Beers Chester l". Kruszyna IIenry E. Linden Richard H. Pierce Carl 'l'. Adams Jillian 1-I. Allen Robert P. Clark Hallard B. .Kennison Carleton C. Smith Carl L. Hartshorn M. Colton Hutchins Edward W. Jervis, Jr. PAGE 136 F. Clifton Miller Ray L. Schoales Elmer H. Smith W'allace B. Baylies, Jr. VVilliam M. Pritchard, Jr 194-l Robert H. Wright Jolm L. Chapin, Jr. Ralph M. Manning Robert M. Newhall 194-2 Alsen A. Ceasar Nelson C. Fontneau, Jr. Edwin I". Hutchinson Robert G. Velte 1943 Paul Kinsella 'llll0IIlltS H. MacEnroe Lee S. Sherry Russel J. Nash Wilbur S. Meserve E. Franklin Vvilliams Arne J. Bloom Arthur L. Milheneh Frank D. Shaw Rudolph L. Helgeson William Mahoney Arthur N. Ulive, Jr. William E. Barnes Frank A. Eieh Franklin W. MaePhie Philip S. McGrath Marshall E. Snyder Robert Stevens Harry B. Nielson Whitlaw Wright BETA MU CHAl'TEIi THE BETA MU Chapter of Delta Tau Delta launched their activities for the 1939-4-0 season with the S. S. Delta, which was the chapter house it- self converted into a ship by very elabor- ate decorations. This nautical dance climaxed a rush week that was filled with a variety of events staged for the freshmen. The Inter-fraternity Weekend was featured by a spread of Smorgasbord Ca Scandinavian delieacyl which went over exceptionally well, and in December the pledge formal found everyone at the house dancing amidst tropical surround- ings. Delta Tau Delta won second choice at the community sing which was con- ducted by Tower'Cross and in which many different college groups competed. The .Delts entertained a large body of sub-freshmen during the week-end set aside for prospective students and many of these boys took advantage of the opportunity to meet some of the professors at the faculty tea on Sunday. It was generally agreed that the spring formal this year was the best ever, and it more than furnished a fitting conclu- sion for the social calendar. The Delta stock in sports took an appreciable rise this year. Several boys won their "T's", the bowling team ATA Established in 1889 made a very good showing, and the house basketball and squash teams were particularly outstanding in the intra- mural league. In addition to sports, some of the members were active in the band, the glee club, the orchestra, and especially in the 3 l"s. When everything is considered, it is apparent that Delta Tan Delta enjoyed one of the most successful school years that it has ever known. .Nl lk 11 - 1 .-ms, 0l"FICEltS President J. Allen Bryer, Jr. Vzfcc l'resifl0r1t Elmer H. Smith 7'rc'asurer F. Clifton Miller Rec. Secretary Emery W. Kline I 'orr. Ser-rotary Theodore H. Beers PAGE 137 Founded at WVilliams College in 1834- l"or1rtl1 Ifouv: G. Braiuard, G. Stewart, IC. Hahn, R. Carter, R. Johnson, C. Andrews, G. Curtis, D. Ayers, T. Terhune, R. Kirkpatrick, V. Dempsey, R. Buell, D. I-lager TlI'l.I'II linux' J. Moriarty, A. Stevens, D. Wardwell, D. Wardwell, II, R. Wood, J. Porter, J. Taylor, C. Dahlen, B. Shalit, E. Terry, T. Mergencltrhl, G. Files Srl-oml lf0'll'.' A. French, E. Bodge, J. Adams, A. Jenkenson, P. Rush, R. Gaa, D. Black, J. Cimaglia, F. Pote, N. Blackburn, D. Morse, A. Miller, E. Parker First lfofv: P. Varney, T. Cronin, G. Nelson, W. Dougherty, F. Russell, A. Symonds, W. Allan, A. Koenig, 0. Jillson, C. Cosser, N. Rockwood M IC M BICRS 1940 Walter E. Allen Charles WV. Andrews Dwight L. Ayers Kimball Crocker Charles T. Cosser Thomas P. Cronin Verner S. Dempsey Nathaniel W. Bragdon, Jr. Gordon C. Brainerd Robert P. Buell VVilliam F. Daugherty Alexander F. Flandreau James D. Hughes Nelson P. Blackburn Grant YE. Curtis Allen D. French John H. Adams Delbert Black John 0. Cimaglia George Files C. Robert Gaa Gordon Hart PAGE 138 Arthur M. Grifiin Edward G. Hahn Otis F. Jillson Richard D. Kirkpatrick Arthur T. Koenig Thomas R. McGreg r George 0. Nelson 0 Norman 0. Rockwood 1941 Frank IC. Farrington, Jr J. Everett Bodge Brewster S. Miller David Strout Kenneth Van Auken 194-2 Titus E. Mergendahl, Jr. Donald R. Morse Goodwill M. Stewart, Alden E. Terry 1943 Ashford F. Jenkinson Robert M. Johnson Donald B. Kadesch Everett Poore B. Lawrence Shalit Frederick N. Russell William MacRobbee, Jr Frank L. Schiorring Sewall G. Smith Alfred G. Symonds, Jr Phillip A. Varney Rodney R. Wood David 0. Wardwell Donald M. Hager Carl P. Dahlen Phillip S. Rush Arthur R. Stevens Donald B. Woods Robert T. Miller John H. Moriarty Frank R. Pote Richard J. S. Taylor Edward Parker Edward A. Terhune John J. Welch David S. Wardwell John H. Porter TUFTS CHAPTER IE DELTA UPSILON Fraternity was founded in 1834 as a non-secret organization. It has grown continually since that date, and at the present time there are 61 chapters in the United States and Canada. The Tufts Chapter was admitted to the fraternity in 1886. This year's rushing was successful with twenty-one men pledging to the fraternity. Delta Upsilon has also maintained her standing in campus activities having members in the Student Council, Tower Cross, and Sword and Shield. In intramural sports the trophy of trophies, championship cup, became the possession of the fraternity after having won three years of competition in inter- fraternity sports. The fraternity has been fortunate in the past year in having its members active in the "letter" sports of the college, Tufts publications, and musical organizations. Highly successful social events during the year included several formal dances and a large attendance of brothers at the Interfraternity Ball. The formal dinner dance, which was held in the housc as a new experiment, was proba- bly the most successful dance of the year. Other events included entertain- AT Established in 1886 ment of our alumni and brothers from other colleges, informal gatherings with individual faculty members, a dinner for the Alumni Council, informal Satur- day night parties, and the most impres- sive affair of the year--the lnitiation Banquet. Wiith fine representation in the lower classes, D. U. promises to hold a high position "on the Hill" in the future years. 0 FFIK I ERS President Alfred G. Symonds, Jr. Vice President Wiilliam F. Daugherty Rec. Secretary Frank E. Farrington, Jr. l'orr. Secretary Arthur T. Koenig PAGE 139 Founded at The College of the City of New York in 1904 lfourth Rom: E. Gelewitz, A. Morris, S. Zakon, D. Rosengard, P. Finn, J. Birger, M. Bendetson Third Row: J. Goldblatt, I. Gale, N. llendetson, S. Shapiro, A. Spector, R. Green, L. Burke, S. Hoffman Second Row: N. Posner, B. Gorodetzky, II. Jacobs, S. Stern, T. Dushan, M. Stone, G. Cogan, S. Freedman l"'1'rxt liouv: A. Silver, D. Hays, W. Gerber, A. Fine, S. Raphael, M. Feingold, A. Kahn, R. Albert, I. Block A MEMBERS 1940 Richard I. Albert Irwin Bloch Marshal S. Feingold Norris Bendelson Louis Burke Julius E. Goldblnlt Martin Bendetson Theodore A. Dushan Jordan 'liirger Gilbert M. Cogan Sanford T. Freedman Irving II. Gale Robert L. Green PAGE 140 Arnold H. Fine William Gerber 1941 Burton L. Gorodetzky David S. Hays 1942 Philip H. Finn 1943 Sumner H. 'lloffman Alfred E. Morris Max ll. Robinson David E. Rosengard Edward Johnson Abbot N. Kahn Sumner I. Raphael Harold G. Jacobs Arnold M. Silvel' Stuart L. Stern Edmund W. Gelcwitz Norman Posner Alexander Shapiro Sumner L. Shapiro Avron Z. Spector Melvin J. Stone Sheldon M. Zakon OMICRON CHAPTER ULIVIINATING a two-year drive, the immediate ambition of Phi Epsilon Pi was realized when it pur- chased a new house this year. The complete cooperation of the alumni of the chapter and the goal-striving efforts of the actives accounted for this achieve- ment. The growing membership of the chapter necessitated new and larger quarters, which the recently purchased house amply provides. Coincident with the realization of this dream was the attainment by the chap- ter of the highest scholastic record in the index of the National lnterfraternity Council since 1926, including 2100 chap- ters at more than 170 institutions. For the second successive year, Phi Epsilon Pi was presented with the President's Loyalty Award at the annual Academic Honors Ceremony. Socially, the chapter's activity was concentrated in the annual Alumni Banquet, this year a Victory Banquet, and the usual Micl-winter' and Spring formals. At the banquet, extensive plans were begun for the celebration ol' 0micron's Silver Jubilee Anniversary in 194-1, the peak of a twenty-five year existence at Tufts. The institution, started years ago in the chapter, of a ClDElT Established in 1913 Parents' Day was continued this year in a way which gave marked credit to the members. In rushing, Phi Epsilon Pi had the success ol' gathering into its folds an unusually large number ol' pledges, who are ably carrying on the traditions of high scholarship and participation in extra-curricular activities. 4:59- I OFFICERS I'rc.s'ident Sumner I. Raphael Vzfee Presiflcnt Marshall S. Feingold Secretary Arnold MA. Silver Treaszlror David S. Hays PAGE 141 Founded at Nlassacllusetts qtate College in 1918 Ihwrl Row: L. Sibley, R. Powers, L. Lundberg, D. Hopkins, P. Piecewicz, D. Palumbo Second How: H. Weeks, ,R. Sandberg, H. Cincerc, F. Callahan, F. Kritzmaeher, W. Lynch, H. C-angi C. Streeter lzrvl Hour: F. Sapareto, R. Larkin, WV. Crocker, R. Perry, J. Kramer, N. Barrett, C. Rand Norman VV. Barrett John G. Kramer Robert L. Larkin Francis C. Callahan W'arren A. Crocker Francis W. Kril zmaeller Earl C. Leazer Henry P. Cincere, Jr. Enrico Gangi Richard Gavin PAGE 142 MEMBERS 1940 Reginald P. Perry Claude M. Rand 1941 William J. Lynch William N. Paglia Dominic M. Palumbo 1942 Leonard Sibley 1943 D. Hazen Hopkins Charles T. Leonard James C. Leonard James P. McKay David D. Sibley Vlark C. Slreetcr Roland D. Sandberg Peter A. Piecewiez Frank V. Saparclo Armand R. Valentino Herbert G. 1Veeks Robert G. Powers Micheal Dello Russo Andrew D. Todaro NU IOTA CHAPTER U IOTA Chapter of Phi Mu Delta began its activities oflicially with the annual rush week program. During that time a greater number ol' men were entertained than at any other time since the establishment of the Tults Chapter. Ending the program the major event was the house dance on Friday evening at which time fifty-two invited couples danced. 'Net result of the week's rushing came with the pledging of 19 men form- ing the third largest pledge class among the Hill's national fraternities. Alter the usual pledge walk and early freshman meetings, the house settled down to the business of extra-curricular activity and entered a strong team in the Interfraternity Bowling .League which at the end of the first round placed in a tic for second place with Alpha Kappa Pi. Continuing its major interest in the college's musical clubs, Phi lVl'u Delta placed a large group of men in each organization--in fact, the largest group of men from a single house. Phi Mu Delta had several men on varsity sports teams. VVitl1 the complete refurnishing of the house, renewed interest in the "Vic" parties was shown, and they were held Established in 1934 frequently, especially during the l'oot- ball season. The final and gayest event ol' the first term was the Christmas Formal at ,Furnace Brook with the Harvard Gold Coast Orchestra furnishing the music. Again Nu Iota met great success in importing girls from outlying colleges. f u OFFICERS I'-resident Reginald P. .Perry Vice Presiflcnt John G. Kramer Secretary Norman W. Barrett Treasllrer lYarren A. Crocker lforr. Secretary ltobcrt I.. Larkin CDMA PAGE 143 Founded at the College of the City of New York in 1902. Third Row: E. Young, M. Bulion, G. Sisson, N. Zatsky, J. Peretsman, C. Beskin, B. Glazer, A. Goldman S. Cohen Second Row: J. Brodsky, D. Cowan, L. Brown, S. Green, H. Rubin, H. Corman, M. Axelrod, H Mann J. Ginspnrg Firxt Row: M. Supowitz, H. Mintz, L. Herman, B. Katz, H. Novick, R. Bernstein, S. Wolfson, M. Rotten berg, A. Mekelburg Sidney S. Cohen Bernard L. Glazer Albert L. Goldman Robert E. Bernstein Leon Herman Maynard J. Axelrod Charles A. Beskin Jacob D. Brodsky Max J. Bulian Lawrence S. Cohen PAGE 144 MEMBERS 194-0 Benneli, D. Kalz Robert H. Levine 1941 Alfred A. Mekelberg 1942 Leo Brown Harvey Il. Gorman Herbert A Mann 194-3 David Cowan Joshua Glnsparg Harold K. Mintz Harold Novick Myer L. Rottenhcrg Jacob Beretsman Morris Supowltz Ilarold Rubin Sumner J. Wolfson Sidney Green George S. Sisson Norman Zatsky MU CHAPTER HE YEAR 1939 to 1.940 has been one which will long be remembered by the fraters of Mu Chapter of Sigma Omega Psi Fraternity. Its events- affairs at the Chapter House, pledge and formal dances, intra-mural competi- tion, inter-chapter tournaments, and fraternity business-when all poured into one year's time make that year a memorable one. The season commenced with the week of 'l'raternity rushing. Mu compiled a very interesting program for the pro- spective men, the net result was nine pledges. In step with its high social standard, Mu Chapter sponsored two very fine pledge-formal dances, in December and May, both thoroughly enjoyed by all 'those attending. The various house- parties, ranging from barn-dances to Sunday tea-dances, rounded out the successful "social'.f year. The expanding scope of intra-mural competition found Nfu Chapter all. the more enthusiastic to participate. Ile- ginning with the basketball league, the year included squash, baseball, track, and golf. Although Nfu gained no material rewards for its endeavors, it is proud of its tcam's performances. EQ? Established in 1921 For the fourth consecutive year Mu succeeded in winning the New England District Council award in the inter- chapter basketball tournament. This event, held in the Cousens Gymnasium, was the most successful in many seasons. In retrospect, then, Mu Chapter will always hold this year, 1939-194-0, as one of its most prosperous, fraternally, socially, athletically, and scholastically. SGP OFFICERS High, Potentate Harold Noviek Potenlate Bennett D. Katz Comptroller Sumner J. Wolfson Scribe Robert E. Bernstein Uorr. Scribe Leon Herman PAGE 145 Founded at Union College in 18417 Fourth Row: II. Spaulding, G. Hazlitt, R. Gulliver, T. Binks, A. Olmstead, W. Day, D. Marvin, P. Noble, D. Halleck, J. Thomas, A. Erkkila Third Row: E. Cairns, A. Chandler, J. Carrig, J. Merriam, B. Rutter, A. Rock, P. Ayer, R. VanGundy, W. Kelley, J. Fogarty, B. Rowlson, T. Rockwell Second Row: A Coolidge, F. Carley, E. Ganley, R. Stegler, R. Murphy, D. Pitman, V. Morgan, P. Marston, D. Bedcll, R. Winehcll, D. Sylvester, J. Withington, J. Beatrice First Row: E. Smith, R. Sherry, W. McMahon, J. Reed, G. Willey, D. McLean, S. VVilliams, G. Marsh, S. Richardson, C. Weed, H. Leary MEMBERS 1940 Howard L. Leary Philip L. Marston George E. Marsh Daniel C. McLean Frederick A. Carley Arthur W. Coolidge, Jr. Peter R. Ayer Joseph G. Beatrice Donald W. lledell Edward Il. Ganley Joseph F. Golden, Jr. Thomas E. Binks Edward L. Cairns James Carrig Arthur ll. Chandler Warren G. Day Arno A. Erkkila PAGE 146 Malvern K. Moody Vernon R. Morgan Joseph H. Reed, Jr. Sewall F. Richardson Ralph T. Sherry 1941 Richard W. Eddy William A. McMahon 1942 Richard Van Gundy Donald E. L. Hallock James A. Merriam J. Robert Murphy Aaron G. Ohmsted David W. Pitman 1943 Herbert R. Fiege John R. Fogarty Richard J. Gulliver George H. Hazlett Warren T. Kelley Donald K. Marvin Philip C. Noble Edward L. Smith Charles L. Weed Gordon B. Willey Seymour Williams Delmont J. Sylvester Washington West Albert L. Rock Nathaniel P. Rutter Robert P. Rutter, Jr. Harold R. Story llarry L. Spaulding Theodore V. Rockwell Ira A. Rowlson Richard Stegler John Thomas Richard P. Winchell James P. lvithington KAPPA CHARGE CHAPTER APPA Charge of Theta Delta Chi was founded at Tufts in 1856 and has been in continuous existence ever since. It now ranks as the oldest active charge in Theta Delta Chi. Another banner year for Kappa com- menced with a complete painting of the charge house by all the brothers. Rush Wieck results showed that Theta Delta Chi led the other fraternities with twenty-five pledges. The fall was made very pleasant by the surprise visit of the president of the Grand Lodge of Theta Delta Chi, Burton A. King of U. C. L. A. It took little time to show him why Kappa is Theta Delta Chi's top charge. Our annual graduate night was held on October twenty-eighth with an excellent turnout of our Elder Brothers. Three days later we celebrated our Founderfs Day by having a smoker at the charge house with the Mi. I. T. brothers as invited guests. In the field of sports, football found four ol' the brothers winning a "T" while soccer gave letters to two more brothers. A third varsity captain was added to our ranks when Jack 1Vest was elected captain of the 194-0 football team. The Tufts W eekly, the band, and CEAX Established in 1856 three P's all had Theta Delta Chi representatives. The highlight of the social season was the Christmas Formal which found the charge house completely transformed into a scenic winter setting. Two for- mals in the spring, a faculty tea, and other informal dances rounded out a successful social program. ig' .rfiu . h 9424 OFFICERS Presizlclnt Daniel C. Mclean TT8l1S'll.7't?7' Seymour Williams Herald Sewall F. Richardson Secretary George E. Marsh l'0rr. Secretary Joseph H. Reed, Jr. PAGE 147 14'ounded at New York Universlty in 1847 Thzrd Row: W. Owen, C. Boscketti, J. MeNamee, D. MeGaw, E. Schlotzhnucr, W. O'Nell, J. Gustm R. Bothfeld ,Second Row: ll. Wellington, W. Brown, R. Aldrich, S. Edwards, S. Silliker, H. Morrow, P. McDonald W. Nelson, D. Swett, R. Anderson I Lrxi Row: E. Demetrius, W. Dorin, S. Mellilo, F. Kefferstnn, G. Robertson, J. Driscoll, L. White, G. Wicks H. Uber Lloyd G. David William E. Dorin Frederic J. Demetrius Frank J. Kefferstan, II H. Wulcott Brown John I". Driscoll Hervey R. Emery ,Robert ll. Aldrich Richard 1. Anderson Mulcolm A. Beers Robert I. Bisset Carl L. Bosehetti Robert Bothfeld PAGE 148 MEMBERS . 1940 Robert C. Dunham David E. McGnw 194-1 Hurry F. Ober 19412 John H. Heath Stanley A. Melillo Edwin A. Schlotzhauer 19413 Sidney A. Edwards James M. Gustin John S. Jensenius Philip N. Johnson Paul E. Madigan Herbert E. Marrow Maynard A. Meservcy George J. Robertson David D. Swett Wilbur S. 0'Nell William W. Owen C. Burleigh Wellington Leon E. White George W. Wicks Paul S. McDonald James M. McNumee Willium'H. Nelson Stuart A. Silliker Robert I. Towne George M. Tully, III KAPPA CHAPTER HE KAPPA CHAPTER of the Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America opened the semester with a very successful rushing season. Then to give the new pledges and the Elder Brothers a chance to meet and to show their friends and families the house, a series of enjoyable teas and house- parties was held during the football season. A banquet was held at the house for Elder Brother Wfalter W'eisleder, former- ly of the corporation, when he changed his place of business to Chicago. We celebrated the introduction of the twenty pledges to the social life of the Kappa Chapter by a Pledge Formal held at the Hotel Kenmore. The next big event was the Christmas party, immediately before the vacation. Then came the Spring Formal and the closing of the season with the Annual Spring Picnic. The Zetes carried on the old tradition in sports, having five freshmen numeral men, two in football, and three in soccer. Also in our midst were: the two assistant managers of varsity football, the man- ager of freshman football, the manager and assistant manager of freshman basketball, as well as the future manager Zh? Established in 1855 of the freshman football team. Wie were well represented in the other athletic teams, as well as in the field of inter- fraternity sports. Among the freshman group were two of the class officers. lYe were proud to see our president initiated into the honor fraternity of Phi Beta Kappa. ." n "' fg' , "G':Z'f7fQ. orrienns 1JI'0SiIf07li David Swett Vice l'r0.si1lf'11t C leorge Robertson Secretary Lloyd David Frank Kefferstan Harry Uber lforr. Seerc'tary I I I l'l'IlSlII'l!l' . ,V,...-.K-...A I K wk Q PAGE 149 Founded at Columbia University in 1897 Third Row: J. Colgate, H. Strait, M. Herlihy, L. Higgins, C. Barker, H. Belger, D. Miller, M. Higgins A. Hescock, E. Crouter, B. Lewis, M. Lawley Second Row: R. Glidden, K. Sylvester, M. Nassi, E. Roney, S. 0'Donnell, R. Chapin, N. Hallett., I Phelan N. Mowry, M. Kingston, E. Hooper, M. Riddell l"'ir.vt Row: M. Blood, T. English, V. Lynde, A. Robinson, C. McClay, B. Richardson, B. Nickerson B. Macdonald, S. Grassi Madeline Blood Jean Colgate Theiss English Ruth Glidden Caroline Barker Alma Hescock Marie Herlihy Helene Belger Nancy Hallet Ruth Chapin Elinor Crouter PAGEISO MEMBERS 1940 Solina Grassi Martha Lawley Virginia Lynde Betty Macdonald Catherine McClay 1941 Martina Higgins Doris Miller 1942 Marion Kingston Barbara Lewis Nancy Mowry 1943 Louise Higgins Nina Mergendahl Barbara Nickerson Ann Robinson Barbara Richardson Sally 0'Donnell Isabel Phelan Helen Strait Madeline Nassi Katherine Sylvester Elizabeth Hooper Martha Riddell DELTA CHAPTER HEN Delta Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi started its fall season, five of its members were fresh from a convention jaunt to Pasadena, Califor- nia. First results of this impact of enthusiasm were redecorations for our rooms. In the fall tennis tournament Delta succeeded in winning the prized plaque. hlrs. Arthur Cochran consented to be one of our patronesses. Seeing Betty Dunn again was pleasant and we en- joyed the movies she had taken in her travels through Europe as Secretary to hlrs. Joseph Kennedy. November was a banner month. There was our fashion show, sponsored by William Filene and Son in Jackson Gym. And then, even more worthy of banners, was a visit from Helen Haller, our national president, who was with us at our Founders' Day Banquet. Guest speaker at the banquet was hlrs. Breckenridge, founder of the Kentucky Frontier Nursing Service. Reminiscent of a formal two years ago, the Fall Formal was held at the Fox and Hounds Club in Boston . . . fireplace and huge window overlooking the Charles and the lighted buildings of Tech. The Christmas party was in our AGU Established in 1908 rooms. At the inter-fraternity sing, just before Christmas, Delta placed among the three finalists. Vacation and mid-years took out a large chunk of time. But with rush party, pledge dinner, guest speakers, and Senior Farewell party the year was complete. ff, -iff?-:Va ffl' .t"?.,'37'I'i .z ef9!,:.' --3.2.31 Est tu he. OFFICERS President Catherine lVfcClay Vice Prexfidcvzt Ann Robinson Rec. Secretary Mary Helen Mergendahl Carr. Secretary Barbara Richardson Treasurer Doris Miller PAGE 151 Founded at Lombard College ln 1893 I ourth Row: E. Harvey, N. Merrill, H. Robinson, B. Maddison, H. Merrill, VF. Towle, C. Chipman M Smith lhzrd Row: M. Savage, B. Marshall, W. Weed, M. Cole, J. Emerson, E. King, M. Herrick, E. Otto V Ray qecoml Rom' A. Smith, B. Davis, E. Kohrman, J. LeClaire, P. Cass, J. Offutt, V. Schulman, D. O Connell E. Josselyn, J. Fernandez, B. Landry lfzrvl Row: H. Brown, E. Emmons, V. Davis, V. Guild, P. Lyheck, A. 'Lc-uthy, P. Schendcl, M. Falls R 'wpurr Virginia Davis Barbara Deering Betty Emmons Marjorie Falls Peggy Brown Patricia Cass Nina Fernandez Carolyn Cliipman Barbara Davis Betty Harvey Eleanor Josselyn Ella Rita Kohrman Marguerite Cole Josephine Emerson PAGE152 MEMBERS 1940 Betty Goslec Virginia Guild Anne Leuthy 1941 Myra Herrick Barbara Landry Hilda Merrill ' 1942 Jane LeClaire Barbara Marshall Nancy Merrill Dorothea O'Conncll 1943 Elizabeth King Barbara Maddison Helen Robinson D 1 hyllis Lybeck Dorothy Marsh Pearl Schendel Buth Spurr Peggy O'Connell Marion Savage Florence Towle Jane Offutt Emily Otto Viola Ray Alice Smith Marilyn Smith Virginia Schulman Winifred Weed LAMBDA CHAPTER HE new Chapter room of Alpha Xi Delta was established at Powder House Square. Our first entertainment following the decoration of the new rooms was a house-warming in the form ofa tea for the Boston Alumnae Chapter. During the busy fall season, Mrs. hfleyes, president of Province 1, visited the Chapter and was honored at tea and at a banquet. Our new patroness, lwrs. Wessell, was presented at a tea given by Mrs. Burden. ive were pre- sented with a silver tea tray, the award of Bos.to11 Pan Hellenic to that Boston sorority which made the greatest im- provement in scholarship. Heralding the coming of the winter season was the annual fall dinner dance, held at the Hotel Sheraton. A banquet was given in honor of the six December initiates at the new Terrace Club. Christmas means a party for Alpha Xi, and this year lVIrs. Nfanly was hostess. Perhaps the busiest and most successful of our activities this year was the Alpha Xi Delta Beauty Bazaar, a Pan Hellenic project sponsored by Helena ltuhenstein. Only our spring prospects remain to complete the cycle of 1989-194-0: For pledges--initiation and Founders' Day banquet at Seiler's 1775 House, on Established in 1907 April l'7thg For fun--the annual country club formal-the picnic at Crane's Beach, with farewell gifts for seniors: For reunion--the tea on Mother's Day for Alpha Xis and their mothers: For travel--the Province Convention at Syracuse, with two delegates from Lambda. OFFICERS Phyllis Lybeck Virginia Guild Virginia Davis Ruth Spurr Anne Leuthy President Vice Presirlent f I 1 reasurer Rec. Secretary Carr. Secretary PAGE 153 A Founded at University of Arkansas in 1895 Fourth Row: I. Goddard, B. Lewis, J. Walkley, B. Davison, J. Morey, B. Chamberlain, B. Troup, H. Mehaffey, J. Maclnnes, I-I. Hunt, E. Barwick Third Row: A. Getchcll, N. Wilson, B. Lambert, E. Olson, A. Bclding, P. MacLeod, J. Nicolson, V. Milncs, V. Pcasc, H. Moors, I. StaH'ord Second Row: H. Nicmi, G. Putnam, P. Foss, H. Montgomery, H. Holton, H. Gott, J. Nickerson, E. Collins, M. IIall, A. Wheeler, R. Merrow, V. Vibert, B. Hammond First Row: R. Smkh,CM. Nash, J. Parker, M. Gott, J. Carter, G. Aitchison, F. Hall, E. Bettcncourt, . onstant MEMBERS 1940 Gertrude Aitchison Eleanor Barwick Emily Bcttencourt Jane Carter Anne Getchell Audrey Belding Elizabeth Collins Alice Constant Betty Davison Barbara Chamberlain Marjorie Emms Phyllis Foss Irene Goddard Helen Gott Lois Leiper PAGE154 Marjorie Gott Frances Hall Jean Maclnnes Virginia Milnes Helen Moors Jeanette Morey 1941 Margaret Hall Hilma Holton Hazel Hunt Brenda Lewis 1942 Barbara Hammond Betty Jane Lambert Harriet Mehaffey Helen Montgomery Ebba Olson 1943' Ruth Ann Merrow Helen Niemi Jane Parker Virginia Pease Irene Stafford Betty Lou Troup Patricia MacLeod Miriam Nash Gretchen Putnam Rosamond Smith Virginia Vibert Janct Walkley Anita Wheeler Nancy Wilson Jean Nickerson Jean Nicholson CHI ALPHA CHAPTER HI ALPHA prepared for a year's activities by sending its president, Jane Carter, to a regional fireside con- ference in Pennsylvania. Several new ideas were brought back to the Hill and acted upon by the Chapter. A series of round table discussions was held on the sorority constitution, history, magazine, etc. The Chapter also had the privilege of entertaining several faculty speakers. Professor John Holmes spoke to the sorority on the subject "Friendship", Dean Skinner on "Marri- age", and Miss Dexter on "Why Col- lege?". At the academic awards ceremonv' in October, Chi Omega was awarded the Pan Hellenic Scholarship Cup. Because the Chapter felt that the sorority rooms were not being used often enough frequent suppers were held before meetings. The rooms were also used for Patroness' Tea and for the usual Pan Hellenic teas. The annual Fall Formal was held in December at the Hotel Brunswick. A few weeks later the patronesses entertained Chi Alpha at a Christmas party at the home of Dr. and Nfrs. Bartlett. During the party a mysterious Santa Claus paid a short visit. The XQ Established in 1910 Chapter also gave a Christmas party in the rooms for some underprivileged children from Boston. As further Christ- mas celebration, Chi Omega surprised itself by winning the inter-fraternity sing. Spring activities included a Pop concert featuring Tufts and Jackson talent, a pledge dinner, the Eleusinian celebration in April, the Spring Formal, and a Mothers' Day Tea. gif. OFFICERS P're.s-izlcnt Ja11e Carter Vice Presiclmzt Gertrude Aitehison Secretary Frances Hall Treasurer Jane Parker .,. PAGE 155 Founded at Colby College in 1874 llurrl Roni: J. Ilpliam, K. Rock, N. Cranshaw, R. Clark, V. Thayer, E. Thompson, D. Walkley, D Roberts C. Clarke, C. Thompson Suomi lfmr: U. Bolster, D. Gardner, E. MeNiff, A. Moore, J. VVells, B. Taylor, T. Ryder, B Siuetln B. Stevens, B. Marjcrison, S. Boulanger rv! Roux' E. Griswold, A. Graybill, T. Drake, E. Bliss, P P. Robinson Harriet Blodgett Thalia Drake Marion Gilde Cccilic Berle Eleanor Bliss Ruth Clark Dorothy Lewis Barbara Marjerison M. Catherine Bolster Shirley Boulanger Corinne Clark Naomi Granshaw Madelyn Brown Janet Foster Dorothy Gack Jane Gardner Marjorie Hamilton PAGE 156 MEMBERS 1940 Arline Graybill Eunice Griswold 1941 Estelle McNiff Wilma Ray Catherine Rock Thalia Ryder 1942 Dorothea Gardner Alice Moore M. Elizabeth Price 194-3 Jean Humphrey Elaine Lawrence E. Barbara MacNeil Norma Mori . Towns, H. Blodgett, D. Lewis, M illde Phyllis Robinson Bette Taylor Priscilla Towns Bettina Stevens Betty Sweetin .lean Upham Dorothy Walklcy Justine Wells Dorothy Roberts Virginia Thayer Florence Thompson Carolyn Thompson Esther Perkins Barbara Rowe Doreen Simpson Margaret Stewart Barbara Wells OMICRON CHAPTER MICRON Chapter of Sigma Kappa was launched on a most successful year when in July Harriet Blodgett and Betty Cheney represented the chapter at the 50th International Convention of Sigma Kappa, held in San Francisco. Soon after college reopened, ltlrs. Ruth Donnelly, one of Sigma Kappa's two traveling secretaries, visited us. During her stay in October, we held a formal initiation, followed by a banquet at Howard Johnson's English Hunt Room. Founders' Day in November was cele- brated with a memorial program and supper in the sorority rooms. I The outstanding event of the fall social season was the dinner dance held in December at the Captain's Cabin of the Myles Standish Hotel. The Community Sing in December was another pleasureable event, and our Christmas party with our patronesses at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Blanchard was an evening long to be remembered. In January the Sigmas used their spare moments to move all their posses- sions into new rooms at the home of Professor and Mrs. W. S. Yeager, on Talbot Avenue. With much decorating and the addition of a new piano, we EK Established in 1913 were completely installed in time for rush week. Following a belated pledging, social events again began to loom large on our horizon. The pledge formal, the spring formal, and the senior farewell party concluded the year. The Sigmas, strong in "One heart, one way", look forward eagerly to new activities and friend- ships next year. ga. . . 07 lv 14' ! ,f QL 'e '.:.:.:ET:,-L, OFFICERS President Priscilla Towns V ice Presillent Dorothy Lewis Secretary Eleanor Bliss Treasurer Bettina Stevens ferr: .DF PAGE 157 TAHE diversified life at Tufts in its numerous schools and activities is depicted on the next four pages in a collection of pictures acquired dur- ing the four years the present Seniors have been on the Hill. The "pictorial history" is not sup- posed to be complete or chronologicalg it is merely a sampling here and there from four very eventful years. We hope that in the years to come these pictures will bring back fond memo- ries. FEATIIHES MANY events ol' history making importance have taken place since the members of the Class of 1940 first entered the chapel doors in September, 1936. We have cheered, we have mourned, we have wondered, and we have praised, but above all we have been increasingly thankful as the years have passed that we chose Tufts College as our college. We love Tufts because of its beauty, the magnifieanee of its memorial stair- way, the new Bowen Porch on Ballou Hall, and the new Prexy's house. We love Tufts because of its friendli- ness, because of the habit of saying "Hello" to everyone we meet, because of the informal groups that gather be- tween classes in front of Braker Hall, or the Library, or Packard, or Robinson. We love Tufts because of the indi- viduals connected with the college, be- cause of "Ole" the mailman, because of Lew Manly the football coach, because of students such as Bill Atkinson and Laurie Grant. We love Tufts because of the fra- ternity spirit exemplified two ycars ago in the statues built in snow in front of the houses. We love Tufts because of the spirit of goodwill fostered in the winter by the skiing on the Hill. PAGE 160 . f 0 w o- As. JX -. my 2 4 I .A Q x '5 I -4 Z! F, V 1: Q? R A .1 f- ,P lf!" " ' ,,-.., N me ,LQ ' ' s cf .., ' r 1M ffgi!.f.fif fa M ii A ef A, ,I s , Q -Q 'ke , 2 n F B YEARS l l V z vw. ,wt twirl- fu .u,.! x l -w its MONG the history making events transpiring during our stay at Tufts was the sudden passing of Dr. Albert Cousens and the appointment of Leonard Carmichael as l,1'0Slll0Ilt. of Tufts College. The inauguration was one of the most colorful and noteworthy affairs on the Ilill in recent years. This year the band staged a poverty parade at the beginning of the year in a successful attempt to raise funds to purchase a new set of uniforms. The attractive outfits added greatly to the pep and appearance of the group at the football games this past fall. Tufts enjoyed the most successful track season in its history during the past year. Lead by Co-captains Grant and Atkinson and aided by Outdoor- captain Pollard and Captain-elect Dug- ger, the team soared to memorable heights. In Eddie Dugger, Tufts has one of the greatest track men in the country. An up and down football season was climaxed by an overwhelming defeat of Massachusetts State in the final game. YVin or lose. Tufts athletes are always good sports and play solely for the fun of playing. We have witnessed many changes during our four years. But as we look back and reflect, we would not have missed that experience l'or anything. PAGE 163 Tufts College President LEONARD CARMICHAEL, Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D. Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences GEORGE S. MILLER, A.M. THE ASSOCIATED SCHOOLS THE SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS Nils Y. VVessell, Ph.D., JACKSON COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Edith L. Bush, A.B., ENGINEERING SCHOOL Harry P. Burden, S.M., SCHOOL OF RELIGION Clarence R. Skinner, D.D., GRADUATE SCHOOL AND EXTENSION Dean Dean Dean Dean John P. Tilton, Ed.D., Director For information concerning these schools, address the appropriate Dean TUFTS COLLEGE, MEDFORD, MASS. MEDICAL SCHOOL A. VVarren Stearns, NLD., Dean DENTAL SCHOOL Howard M. Nlarjerison, D.M.D., Dean For information concerning these schools, address the appropriate Dean 416 HUNTINGTON AVENUE, BOSTON, MASS. THE FLETCHER SCHOOL OF LAW AND DIPLOMACY Administered by Tufts College with the cooperation of Harvard University HALFORD L. HOSKINS, Ph.D., Dean For information concerning this school, address the Dean TUFTS COLLEGE, MEDFORD, MASS. THIS yearbook of yours binds you to your Class. Through the Alumni Fund you have an oppor: tunity to identify yourself with progress of your College. Yearbook and College become more valuable to you through the years, and together represent the simplest form of loyalty insurance. Complete Care ol At Tufts . . TREES WHATEVER your Tree problem, I T , S you can be sure of a sympathetic, conscientious solution by this organi- H O 0 f zation . . . which has specialized in D S the Care of Trees for forty-four years. Your request for consultation will be welcomed . . . and regarded simply as a friendly interest in the welfare of your trees. H- '-- FROST 8: HIGGINS CO- "The ARLINGTON, MASS. Flavors There" ARL. 1410 The College Printing Department of the Bunker Hill Press DANCE pR0q'RAMS . . - JOB AND SOCIAL MENUQ Pwntzng and Engraving PRINTING CITY SQUARE BLDG., CHARLESTOWN, MASS. JOHN W. MURRAY, T. '36 47 Rogers Ave., Somerville Tel. SOM. 4-0923 City Sq., Charlestown Tel. CHA. 2171 Miller Produce Co. 6 New Faneuil Hall Market LAFayette 1340 . . . 1 9 , Fmanewl Sermee fi, . .X K for Every Need I C fi ' nz ' an 62238 -' . 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RESTAURANT Wellesley Square, Wellesley Compliments of the Tufts College Book Store With Best Wishes to All Cameras Photo Finishing CIIIIIOYZIS Rcpuircll Greeting Cnrcls Bob's Photo Shop Somerset 2922 PI-IOTO SUPPLIES 19 College Ave. West Somerville COLGATE'S CATERERS Somerset 9952 61 Years Successful Service Nights 1111.11 Siuuluys Mystic 7027 89-91 Marshall St. Somerville George D. Emerson Co. OLD GOLD BRAND FOOD PRODUCTS 21 STl.l,l,lNGS ST. BOSTON Lilmerly 1827 .laclcson Folcling Chairs now lofrntvfl at 660 PARK SQ. BLDG. BOSTON llulrlmrll 6767 C0'IIlf11l'i'Ill-llllilri of Priscilla Cleansing Company ARTHUR P. HALL, 7'm.l. We nttrilnulc our sntisfnctory reputation to QUALITY-H not price competition. 265 Cambridge St., Allston, Mass. For bigger steaks, better hamburgers and many more choice foods go to the Pine Tree Diner At DAVIS SQUARE Free Delivery Somerset 6020 "To Keep 'in the Best QI' Spirits" TUFTS SENIORS NOMINATE Daniel B. Desmond .-.-il CHOICE LIQUORS 1119 Broadway Teele Square Somerville, Mass. Metropolitan Coal Co. .L 1 General Offices 20 EXCHANGE PLACE -5 ' 1535221J.iiilifillluisiizm,-. , .,5ii'a'M min' fifizizmgvzzzsiizggdg- K T I S All lf ee 2 W as lsnmrarrnlllllumlrmllnlr C 423551 Q 5 .W H . B 0 W L I N G 0 " 10c per string' until 7:00 p.m. E E Wilffz' ' , , ,V f ' L p' V' Z. Where the Boys Meet R If AL SMI'l'lI lWy'r.v. LES SMI'l'Il - Fl- 'IJ,,. i X v 1135 Broadway Somerville A N C "F V--Q57 Berkshill Gifts and Cards Stockings for All Occasions .erm aff- saw ETHEIQ Nl. ADAMS 136 College Avensue AT POWDER HOUSE SQ. Lending Library Gift Wrapping WATKINS BROTHERS, INC. MANCHESTER, CONN. Known since 1874 for fine furniture and interior decorations COMPLETE SELECTION Ol" PENS, PENCILS FOUNTAIN PENS R E P A I R E D WHILE YOU WAIT OFFICIAL AGENTS FOR SIIEAFFER DESK SETS PARKER INKS, LEADS EVERSIIARI' ERASERS CO- MOORE ENG RAVING WATERM AN "Largest Pen Srfrvicc St11t1'mL in, New IQILHIIITHIN 333 Washington St. Boston, Mass. Rooms 306e7H8-9 LAFayette 2838-39 Furbush st Shute Tufts .College Press INC. APOTHECARIES 'l'l+1lf1l,l4: SQUARE West Somerville PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS H. W. WHITTEMORE AND CO. lf'o1rLpli'ments of Wm. E. Gillespie 8a Co. Bayard Sportswear Official Class Jacket Outfitters for 1939-40-4-1 INC. WPIOLESALE ONLY Sport Coats, Trousers, Beachwear Ski-Clothing Purveyors of Finer Foods Special Consideration to Tufts' Students Trrlrzplznnc 18 North Street 40 Harrison Ave. Boston LA lfnyctte 3770-l-Q-3 Boston, Mass. Tel. Lnserty 0525 Get Your , Q P G 0 W N S M N ARCH I INLR I OODS H O O D S Q . R , CAP s 0 . ss YEARS OF .fi ,gs . FROM d y QUALITY Cotrell 8: Leonar Inc. "Hp-as-S, ., - - Estublisl1ctll832 I q Merchandlslng ALBANY, N. Y. S 7 America's Pioneer Academic Outfitter Campus Representative: TUFTS COLLEGE BOOK STORE I Reid Murdock 8a Co. 350 Medford Street Somerville, Mass. g'Wlwre the lfellers and Gals Mcetn The Teele Square Sweet Shop AT TEELE SQUARE The Most Up-to-Date Spa in Somerville Delicious Toasted Samlwichcs Czuuly and Soclus Tcl. SOM'erscL 54-I0-1511 I f10'lIlp1'i'lIll?IlfS of Powder House Pharmacy Guest Bread AT POWDER HOUSE SQUARE Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Sandwiches, The House of Hathaway Soclns 01' l,llllI'lIlllC0llLiClLIS J. P. Saunders J. P. O'Brien Compliments Of " QKUQ altg Hlluggugcn Bayard Tuckerman, Jr. Arthur J. Anderson Robert J. Dunkle, Jr. Robert T. Forrest Julius F. Haller A good reputation does not just happen. I t must be earned. Clarion, Russell 8: Co. Ifnswrcmce of Every Description 108 WATER STREET, BOSTON 111 BROADWAY, NEW YORK Telephone LAFnyctte 5700 Telephone BARclny 7-5540 l aih Qtuhiu 18 NEWBURY STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS .l .-li School and College Photographers Completely equipped to render the highest quality craftsmanship and an expedited service on both personal portraiture and photography for college annuals. Photographers to the Class of 1940 PATRONS MAY OBTAIN DUPLICAHCS AT ANY TIME DISTIN TION Printing of College Magazines and Year Boolcs is best done by those who have had years of experience in doing such worlc. Distinction in the design and in the quality of worlc is assured by our experience as printers and publishers for more than three-quarters of a century. PRINTERS OF THIS BOOK YWAIQIQEN D IQESS 160 WARREN STREET Incorporated 1860 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS l W 4 A the first choice of Tufts and J aclcson for banquets, parties, socials and meetings Cabot Farms 880 Broadway - Somerville I t I .v Our Privilege to Serve the College Cafeteria NOBLE'S MILK ' ACKNOWLEDGMENTS No one person could possibly put out a book of the magnitude of the 1940 Jumbo Book. The success of this book is due to the combined enthusiasm and devotion of time of many people. We wish to thank all those who have helped in any way to make this edition possible. Among those who have contributed the most to the book, we wish to give special commendation to: Mr. Paul K. Blanchard of the Warren Press, who has given of his valuable time and expert yearbook knowledge to help make this, his third Jumbo Book, the best yet. Mr. Milton Fitch and Miss Cooper of the Howard-Wesson Co., who is chiefly responsible for the design and execution of the plan of this book and who have given time and enthusiasm to the engraving difficulties. Mr. J. Franklin, Waid Junior and Senior and Mr. Breau for their expert photography and fine service. Mr. Arthur Cochran for expert advice on financial matters and counsel throughout the year. Prof. Melville Munro for several valuable pictures. 'Prof. Clarence Houston for patient assistance in securing rooms in the Cousens Gymnasium. And last, but by no means the least, to the Editorial Staff members who gave unceasingly of their time to the composition of this book. In particular to the Section Editors: Don Woods, Leo La Palme, Jim Haggerty, Bob Larkin, Dwight Ayers, Bill Hickey, Wally Baylies, and Bill Harrison. A To these and all others who helped, many thanks. Frederick E. Dickerman Harriet E. Blodgett Robert O. Hawkins

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