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4 's V P. 4 's V P. Q 1 ,N ,ff -. l 0 0 Q 4 Q U 4 q-I i - 4 . 0 Ui . e il- ' - ,1 0 -J - P 9 1l'-. .9.r' .'I , wig i. .I . . ., 1' ll' U .I bl . . . ' v ". '- . . . . I -,il--F - -4-. . 4 4 pr 'U' P .I .ug . '-'- Q,,. , N O U ,-' , X ' Q0 . r . ll ' - . L 'L . 1 . Y, '." 5 . I Q I ' if l 4 A -5 V' . 5 a ' Pu ' " J.. I Q'i. :'h,f.'KZ' lr' ' P, 'f','5'f'F'- '55, Q5 53-. , ,vp ! 'Arr -A a wives, qu 61, Q4 A ' . --H191 ' any l'A.- ar ' - ,'. .D . -. . ,f , 'L . ., In Q74 . . IVIMIIIMIKOI MOM Edifov'-ilz-Chief LEROY BENOIT Business Manager JOHN W. MURRAY Iaclason Edifor DOROTHY A. METZGER I V Z YEAFI BDUK UF THE ssmuns , L , sw f , f' ,I , R' ' 5 VHAJ I 1' I Q-' . 6' I ' K 1 4 f fl ve- 4. ,:. ,A .,..,.. 5.3 -V.: x 'Vu' :SQ GS xg + ng ms A me " ' 'E 4 'ins ' Af. X". 1 frww- 1 -v Ehg3..Q5"'?5fNv - W up QW' ' 2 1 ,, ww VY: 3m we 1 x.. we E NJN wwe-o q.....y N.-9 wwqzk ww-.mms-M 'Kp :I EE? FQ is of. L-in f kt -v-E-f O nh Q31 VITA 1 if ..fx-7. f V. iii ifiwffgfr 4 ,i , NN ' 'X-. Gi? 0 Xe. fififsffi of i l W if VN J ff tri till Q t fm - ggi , 3 fra f gm lil l , X R y 5 Q53 l nf xl 1 it .i ff ' l,,l,'f jymlllfu f it k if V41 lf- H. Ny W y l n ya V7 i S l XX Ill ,lx Fax lw ' fx lf.. l lx fl' -li l , xg I lf, Z L to LJ P14 LQ Lg XC Lffizlf VAR .wx l 'MXTN'-N, 6737 1 T . H QU 55 OUR years together on the H111 J-ye!-Mg . , U' 5"-5? have placed within us all the NJ J' 'Q memory of those eventful Clays. That the story may never grow dim but may ever be a living reo- olleetion of pleasant associations, rfejf y I k If' K .WQQQ Xxx ff? ' NH 6-:K the JUMBO BOGK of 1936 has f rf le" been Created with words and pio- tures of four Junes at Tufts. Q 5 ., f x ix,-2 xx, xgX Uiriw If FF? , . 5224? -KJ IL -- GD im N -.ff- o sf? N.,-N 42:5 X 10553 Book I Book II ADMINISTRATION CLASSES Book III Book IV ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS Book V FRATERNITIES Ill! I I A fl if sal' -X,-Nrvx Q flak xg gk To the students otvlwufts and Jackson Colleges who, Hlled with loyalty and spirit for the College on the Hill, ever hold aloft its traditions and honor. 'r 36 .tm at To ii I , V W' W V' Xi ' l ' 7' I " Y. L' l 1 f 1 X it is JZ l X1 And to tlie several faculties who untiringly strive to inculcate the prin- ciples of knowledge and humanity, do we sincerely dedicate this Volume. fi, 0 fl t 516 j . ff Q? Q . fsrsf X ag, af' 2 .f-f-K if .f' if Q ii J . 1 vi ., ' . I et M! vi' BOOK I K ,tx v N A 'Q 2357! f 'HQ ? 'Q K -w 1 , ,S- TU!-TS L01 LEGE L FIC! Ol- THI PRI SIDPNT TUFTS cortrcr NIASSACHUSETTS BIARCH 16, 1956 To THE EDITOR or THI: JUAIBO Book: Once more the lnmfm Bonfq! The publication of the College annual.-in old days its title was the "Brown and Blue".-is an event fraught with consequence not immediately apparent. Like some few other possessions the Illmfm Book grows more and more precious with the passing years. It is a treasury: within its covers faces and names and places are preserved for the memory, which, if they were lost, would be sorely missed. My personal thanks to you and your associates on the staff of this ye.1r's jumlm Book for the latest addition to my private library, which contains nearly all the annuals published at Tufts College since IS94. These books are of great value to me, the last not least, not only sentimentally but also because through them I can trace the development of the College reflected from the students' point of view. In them I find a record of truly remarkable progress, a source of profound satisfaction to me and to Tufts men and women everywhere. Accomplishments of the past are Il solid basis for faith in the future. Determination that Tufts College in the years to come shall be not .1 bigger but in every Way a better institution even than it is today is wholly justified. Very truly yours, JOHN A. COUSENS, P7'l'Si4fL'IIl4 IO JOHN ALBERT COUSENS, LL.D Pl'f'SiI1'l'71f of Tuffs College LEADERS GEORGE STEWART MILLER, A.M. SL'l'l't'ftl!'j' fu ffJfFaf1zlfics HALFORD LANCASTER HOSKINS, Ph.D. Dum nf flu' Flvfrln-r' Svfmol of Lau' ami DilI1OIIlHl'iK' EDITH LINWOOD BUSH, A.B. Dunn nf I!ll'kSUl1 Collrgc Dum of Ibn' EI1kQfIIl't'I'fl7g SHJ001 GEORGE PRESTON BACGN, A.M. N w Aw ' If AT TUFTS LEG RICH LEWIS, A.M., Litt.D. Fletcher Professor of Music CLARENCE RUSSELL SKINNER, S,T.D Dean of the Sclnool of Rrligion CHARLES GGTT, A.M., Ph.D. Dean of flae Grua'1zafe School FRANK GEORGE WREN, A.M. Dean of the School of Liberal Arts The Trustees of Tufts College Prexitfelzf HAROLD EDWARD SNWEET VNU-Pl'z'5izfr'lIf SUMNER ROBINSON Sl'Cl'l'f!ll'j' HARVEY EASTMAN AVERILL T1'4'as11i'el' RICHARD BRADFORD COOLIDGE Asxixfall!-T1'rus11i'w' HARVEY EASTMAN AVERILL E,X'l'l'Ilfil'L' C0llHlIiffCl' IRA RICH KENT, Cfaairumlz Sumner Robinson John Albert Cousens Guy Monroe Winsloxxf Harold Edward Swett Thomas Sawyer Knight Payson Smith Vannevar Bush Fillrlllu' Cmzzzzziffwr ARTHUR ELLERY MASON, C!Jt1fI'Il1lllI John Albert Cousens Robert Williani Hill Elmore Ira MacPhit Charles Rice Gov Huntley Nowell Spaulding Sumner Robinson, A.M., LL.B. Arthur Ellery Mason, A.M. John Albert Cousens, A.B., LL.D. Ira Rich Kent. A.B. Charles Hial Darling, A.B., LL.D. Robert Calthrop Brown, A.M., E.E. Guy Monroe Wfinslow, A.B., Ph.D. Harold Edward Sweet, A.B. Thomas Oliver Marvin, B.D. Cora Polk Dewick, A.B. Robert Willialin Hill, A.B., LL.B. -Iohn Russell Macomber, A.M. Payson Smith, A.M., Litt.D., LL.D Vincent Eaton Tomlinson, D.D. Frederick Crosby Hodgdon, A.B, 14 Trustees Eugene Bucklin Bowen. A.M.B. Richard Bradford Coolidge, A.M. Thomas Sawyer Knight, B.S. Frank Howard Lahey, M.D., D.Sc. Louis Craig Cornish, A.B., A.M.. D.D. Elmore Ira MacPhie, B.S. Samuel Paul Capen, Pli.D., LL.D. Huntley Nowell Spauling, SCD., LL.D Nhrguerite S. Hopkins Charles Rice Gow, B,S.. Sc.D. Vannevar Bush, Eng.D., Sc.D. Louis Emmons Sager, D.M.D. W11i'i'en Stone Parks, A.B. Edward Lester Merritt, M.D. Pillars and Tower 8,5 . Lg 5 S-A x 'A' .b f gif? "N . we-fm I L If' , ' I L . A Ll , 5 .154 l fo ..-- b 1- - 'a. ng.1 .HW nl Faculty Professors J. A. c. FAGGINGER AUER Cburcb Hisfory am! Philosophy B.D., Meadville Theological School, 1906, Ph.D., Cornell, 1924, Degree in Theology, Amsterdam, Holland, in 1910. Instructor, University of Pittsburg, 1913-14, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1914-15, Minister, NVheeling Unitarian Church, 1915-17, Minister, Ithaca, 1917- 24, Instructor, Cornell, IQIS-24, Professor, Tufts, 1924-. Order of Nassau from Government of Netherlands, 1935. GEORGE PRESTON BACON Pfzvyxifx A.B., Dartmouth, 1887, M.A., 1890. OAX, fDBK. Instructor in Science, Ripon, 1888-89, Instructor, Peekskill Academy, I89O-92g Instructor, Beloit, 1892-1901, Professor of Physics, Wfooster, IQO2-08, Principal, Peacedale, R. I. High School, 1908-Io, Assistant Professor of Physics, Simmons 1910-19, Professor, Tufts, I9I9-Q Dean of the Engineering School, Tufts, 1929-36. CROSBY FRED BAKER AIIHI-j'fi!'HI CZJ4'lIIiSfl'-1' B.S., Tufts, IQIOQ M.S., 1911. ATE. Assistant in Chemistry, Tufts, 1909-11, Instructor, 191 I-IS, Assistant Professor IQIS-24, Professor, Tufts, 1924-. RUHL JACOB BARTLETT Hixfory A.B., Ohio University, 1920, M.A., University of Cincinnati, 1923, M.A., Columbia University, 1924, Ph.D., Ohio State, 1927. 4PKT. Instructor, University of Iowa, 1926, Ohio State, 1927, State University of Louisiana, 1929, Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1929-32, Professor, Tufts, I932-. HAROLD HOOPER BLANCHARD English A.B., Clark, I9I6Q M.A., Harvard, 1931: Ph.D., 1932. Instructor, Princeton, 1922-25, Professor, WOOSCC1', 1921-27, Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1927-31, Professor, 1931-. BRUCE XVALLACE BROTHERS-ON Philosophy A.B., Williams, 1903, S.T.B., Andover, I906Q Ph.D., Harvard, 1923. Minister of Congregational Church, 1907-21, Professor of Philosophy, St. Lawrence University, 1923-30, Professor of Philosophy, Tufts, 1930-. HARRY POOLE BURDEN Civil Ezzgizzerrizig B.S., University of Maine, 1912, S.M., Harvard, 1928. OX, THII. Instructor, Tufts, 1913-18, Assistant Professor, 1919-22, Associate Professor, 1922-29, Professor, 1929-. I5 EDITH LINWOOD BUSH MuI'l11'1m1firs A.B., Tufts, 1905. XQ, fDBK. Instructor in High Schools, Brewster and Chelsea, Mass., and Stafford, Conn., 1903,-183 Principal, Provincetown, Mass., High School, 1918-203 Instructor, Tufts, 1920-223 Assistant Professor, 1922-253 Professor, 1925-3 Dean of Women, 1925-. HARRIS IVIARSHALL CI-IADXVELL Cl1i'Il1f5fl',X' B.S., Dartmouth, 19193 M.A., Harvard, 19213 Ph.D., I924. AXA, AKE, IRA. Instructor, Dartmouth, 1919-203 Assistant Director, Wolcott Gibbs Laboratory, Harvard, 1921-23, Professor in Summer School, Harvard, 19.14-19, Tufts, I92.3Q Professor of Physical Chemistry, 1933-. CHARLES HARRIS CHASE Sfrizni ElIlQfIIt'1'l'fl1.Lf B.S., M.I.T., 1892. AWDE. Inst1'uctor and Assistant Professo1', Tufts, 1896-19083 Professor, 1908-3 Acting Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Tufts, I9?,S-. SAMUEL LUCAS CONNER Cir!! If11gi111'i'1'i11g B.S., University of Delaware, 18973 M.S., 1912. XIIPE, ATQ. Instructor, Tufts, 1909-123 Assistant Professor, 1912-171 Professor of Railway Engineering, IQI7-20, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, 1920-293 Pro- fessor of Civil Engineering, 1929-3 Head of Civil Engineering Department, Tufts. XVILLIAM KENDALL DENISON Lalifz Ialllgllilgt' amz' I,jft'l'tIfIll't' A.B., Tufts, 18913 A.M., Harvard, 18923 A.M., Tufts, 1893. ZIP, IIVBK. Assistant Professor of Latin, Tufts, 1897-993 Professor of Latin, 1899-. FRANK NVILLIAM DURKEE CX7l'lIIf.YfV'-1' A.B., Tufts, 18883 A.M., 18893 ScD., 1921. XY, llllilf. Instructor in Chemistry, Gymnasium and Natural History, 1889-933 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1898-19173 Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, 19171 Professor of Chemistry, 1917-3 Head of the Chemistry Department. WALTER ELXVOOD FARNI-IAM C5l'1IlIl?it'X B.S., University of Maine, 1917. KE, THII. Instructor in Drawing, University of Maine, IQUQ-I71 Head of Engineering Department, New Bedford Textile School, 1917-183 Instructor, University of Illinois, 1918-193 Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1919-2g3 Associate Professor, I9lS- 273 Professor, I927-. NVILLIAM TRUFANT FOSTER QSubstitutingj 1Et'IllIflIIljl'Y A.B., Harvard, 19013 A.M., 19043 Ph.D., Columbia, 19103 LL.D., University of Colorado, 1914.2 and from W'estern Reserve, 1918. President, Reed College, Portland, Oregon, IQOS-102 Member of State Planning Board of MJSS3ChL1SCEISQ Massachusetts Committee on Consumer Credit3 Director of Pollack Foundation for Economic Research, IQZO-. 16 GEORGE HUSSEY GIFFORD Ronmrzcv Lafzgnagvs A.B., Harvard, 19135 A.M., 19215 Ph.D., 1927. TDK. Instructor, Harvard, 1916-175 1920-225 1923-245 Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo, 1924-275 Professor, 1927-285 Professor, Tufts, 1928-5 Lecturer, Ameri- can University at Paris, I922-23. ROBERT CHENAULT GIVLER Philosophy 111111 Psychology A.B., Hamline, 19065 A.M., Harvard, 19135 Ph.D., 1914. Instructor, University of Wfashington, 1914-175 Instructor, Harvard, 1917-195 Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1919-225 Professor of Philosophy, I922-ZS, Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, 1925-295 Hunt Professor of Psychology, 1929-5 Head of Psychology Department. CHARLES GOTT English A.B., Tufts, 19115 A.M., Harvard, 19145 Ph.D., 1919. AY, IIYITIK. Instructor, Tufts, 1911-145 Assistant, Harvard, 1914-195 Assistant, Radcliffe, 1913-195 Assistant Professor, Carnegie, 1919-225 Associate Professor, 1922-255 Professor, Tufts, 1924-355 Dean of the Graduate School, IQBS-. FRANK OLIVER HALL Honzilelics mm' Plvilosoplny B.D., University of St. Lawrence, D.D., 19015 S.T.D., Tufts, 1905. Pastor of Universalist Church, Fitchburg, 1884-915 Lowell, 1891-955 Cambridge. 1895-19025 Church of the Divine Paternity, New York, 1902-195 Professor, Tufts, I92O-. HALFORD LANCASTER HOSKINS Hisforyg Dijvlonlary mmf lIIfl'l'llllff0l1lII Rvlafiozzx A.B., Earlham, 19135 A.M., University of Pennsylvania, 19215 Ph.D., 1924. ZIP. Teacher in High Schools, 1913-175 Instructor, Friends University, 1917-185 Assistant Professor, Duke, 1918-195 Harrison Fellow, Unive1'sity of Pennsylvania, 1919-205 Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1920-245 Dickson Professor of History, 1924-5 Member Summer School Faculties, Kansas, 19195 Pennsylvania, 1920-235 Western Reserve, 1921-225 Pittsburgh, 19255 Acting Dean, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 1933-. CLARENCE PRESTON HOUSTON COIlIIlIt'l'l'i!1I Lazvg Alfwlrlif DfI't'L'f0I' B.S., Tufts, 19145 LL.B., Northeastern, 1923. OAK. Teacher, Aclirondack-Floricla School, 1914-175 Otlicer, U. S. A1'my, 1917-195 Lawyer with Russell, Pugh, and Joslin, 1924-255 Professor, Tufts, 1920-265 Bruker Professor, 1926-. LEO RICE LEWIS Mzzxiv AB., Tufts, 18875 A.B.. Harvard, 18885 Diploma, Conservatory of Munich, 18925 Litt.D., Tufts, 1922. ZIP, KIIIII. Instructor in French, Tufts, 1892-19205 Professor of Music, 1895-19245 Associate Professor of Modern Language, 1920-245 Fletcher Professor of Music, 1924-1 Visiting Instructor in Summer School, Harvard, IQIS-22. I7 EDGAR MACNAUGHTON Ivlrcluziiinzl El1giIlt'l'I'iIIg M.E., Cornell, 1911. BK, TBII, IITE. General Electric Co., 1911-14, Instructor, Tufts, 1915-18, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, 1918-195 Assistant Professor, Tufts, I9I9-ll, Professor, Tufts, 1923-g Head of Mechanical Engineering De- partment. NEXVELL CARROLL MAYNARD cjlllflll'-H' A.B., Dartmouth, 19101 Ed.M., Harvard, 1927. .-Ylllil. Instructor, Tufts, 1912, Assistant Professor, 1923, Professor, 1925-1 Visiting Lecturer, Harvard, 1922-27. LEE SULLIVAN MCCOLLESTER Dum Iin11'rif11x of flu' Srlmul of Religion A.B., Tufts, 1881, S.T.B., 18843 S.T.D., 1898. Dean of the School of Religion, I9I2-33g Dean Emeritus, 1933-g Chaplain of College, 1919-. FLORENCE LYNDON NIEREDITH llygiezzv HS., Temple, M.D., Tufts, 1916. ZIP, IIIIOM. Instructor in Surgery, Tufts Medical, 1916-201 Professor, Wonien's College of Medicine of Pennsylvania, I9lO-25, Professor, Smith, 1923-27, Professor, Jackson, 1927-. TITUS EUGENE MERGENDAI-IL NIlIfl7I'llIlIfjLIX BS., Tufts, 19073 M.S., Tufts, IQI3. ATA. Instructor, Ripon College, X907-09, Assistant Professor, 1909-115 Professo1', Col- lege of Emporia, 191 1-18, Assistant Professor, 1919-1935: Professor, 1935-. GEORGE STEXVART MILLER Iiiifnrvy 111111 LiUl't'I'IlIllt'llfQ Axxixlflzlf fn flu' PI't'Sfilt'I7f, Se1'reh11'Ay fo flu' Fzlelzlfiex A.B., Tufts, 1906, A.M., 19o7. ATL2, IIVIQK. Teacher, Concord High School, IQU7-09, Monson Academy, 1909-12: Medford High School, 1912-16, Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1916-19, Professor, 1929-. HERBERT VINCENT NEAL Binlntqwy A.B., Bates, 18905 A.B., Harvard, 1893: M.A., Harvard, 18941 Ph.D., Harvard, 1896: Sc.D., fHonoraryj Bates, 1931. HK, fI3I3K, EE. Instructor, Harvard, Radcliffe, 1895-963 Student, University of Munich, 1896-973 Professor, Knox College, 1897-1913: Professor of Zoology, Tufts, 1913-3 Dean of the Graduate School, 1924-35. FRANK WALTER POTE I,l7VYXjl'5 B.S., Rose Polytechnic Institute, 19o6q M.Sc., Ohio State University, 1929, Acacia. Wfestern Electric Co., Chicago, and Bell Telephone Co., 1906-OS, Assistant, Rose Polytechnic Institute, 1908, Fellow in Physics, Ohio State University, 1909-10: Instructor, Ohio State University, 1910-IZ, Instructor, Tufts, 1911-183 Profes- sor, 1928-. IS WILLIAM RICHARD RANSOIVI NIalln'n1afic.v A.B., Tufts, 1898, A.M., 1898, Harvard, A.M., 1903. Cascadilla School, 1898-99, Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute, I899-IQOOQ Tufts College, 1900-OI, Harvard, 1901-03, U. S. Navigation School, 1918, President, New England Association Teachers of Mathematics, I9I9-21, Head of Mathc- matics Department, WILLIAM HOWELL REED Gwwlarl A.B., Harvard, 1898, A.M., Harvard, 1899. Instructor and Teaching Fellow, Harvard, 1900-04, Instructor, M. I. T., IQOZ-03' Inst1'uctor, Tufts, 1904-10, Assistant Professor, 1910-26, Professor, 1926-. v EDWIN BUTLER RQLLINS EIerf1'in11 Ezzgifzvwifig B.S., Tufts, 1901. lfbi, AKII. Assistant, Tufts, 1901-02, Instructor, Tufts, IQOZ-IO, Assistant Professor, 1910-29, Professor, 1929-, Acting Dean of the Engineering School, 1926-29. EDWIN ADAMS SHAW Etllllllllfillll B.S., Tufts, 1898, A.M., Harvard, 1916, Ph.D., 1918. Afllg, fDBK, QTAK. Principal High Schools, 1903-14, Instructor of Mathematics, Tufts, 1916-20, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Psycho-Educational Clinic, Harvard, 1920-17, Professor, Tufts, 1927-. CLARENCE RUSSELL SKINNER Apjwliea' Cl7l'fSfjrIIIif,1' B.A., St. Lawrence, 1904, M.A., Meadville, 1909, D.D., 1926. BGJH, KPAK. Minister, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 1904-09, Settlement Work, New York, Social Service Secretary of Universalist Church, Leader of Community Church, Leader of Old South Forum, Trustee, St. Lawrence University, Woodbridge Professor, Tufts, 1914, Dean of School of Religion, 1933-. PAUL ALANSON WARREN Biology B.S., Maine, 1915, Ph.D., Michigan, 1922. ATA, WPBK, QE, AZ, EE. Associate Professor, William and Mary, 1922-28, Professor, Medical College of Virginia, 1922-28, Professor, 1928-31, Professor, Tufts. 1931-. FREDERIC NIXON WEAVER Civil ElIgflIl?l'l'iIIg B.S., Tufts, 1913, A.S.C.E., Boston Society of Civil Engineering, Y.D. Club, S.P.E.E. ET.-X, TB IT. Structural Engineering, 1913-15, Passaic High School, 1915-17, U. S. Army, 1917-19, Instructor, Tufts, 1919-21, Assistant Professor, 1922-32, Professor, I932-. CARLETON AMES WHEELER Rorlznrzve Lzuzgzzagrx A.B., Harvard, 1899, A.M., 1904. Supervisor of Modern Languages, Los Angeles Schools, 1917-24, Special Investi- gator, Carnegie Modern Foreign Language Study, IQZ4-26, Professor, Tufts, 1926-Q Director, W1XAL, 1935-. I9 DAVID ELBRIDGE WORRALL Orgfzllir CZ7t'lI1fXfI',j' R. I. State, IQIOQ M.A., Harvard, IQIIQ Ph.D., 1919. GTX, fDKfD, AKE. Chemist, Quantanzlmo, Cuba, 191 1-123 Instructor in Chemistry, Smith, IQI4-X71 Assistant Chemist, Bure.1u of Mines, and Lieutenant, Chemical Wfarfare Service, B.S., 19183 Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1919-243 Professor, 1924-. FRANK GEORGE WREN M11ffu'11n1I'i1'x A.B., Tufts, 18943 M.A., Tufts, IS97. .XTQ,4I1BK. Instructor, Tufts, 1894-973 Assistant Professor, I899-I904Q Professor, 1904-3 Dean of School of Liberal Arts, and Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 1907-. EDWIN HANSCOM WRIGHT Fim' Arfx BS., Tufts, 1894. 1-YIIQ, fI'I3K. Architectural and Engineering Practice, 1894-19183 Instructor, Tufts, 1918-193 Assistant Professor, 1919-263 Professor of Civil Engineering, 1926-29, Professoi of Fine Arts, Tufts, 193o-. XVILLIAM FRANK XVYATT Grcrk A.B., Centre, 19114, Ph.D., I'I.ll'V.lI'd, 1915. 'I'I'Ilf, KA. Instructor in Greek and Latin, T1',1nsylv.1ni.1, 19og-193 Instructor and Assistant Professor of Greek, Tufts, 1914-223 Professor, I9l2-. Assistant Professors ROBINSON ABBOTT Ciril If11gi111'1'1'i11g B.S., Tufts, 1918. NITE, AK IYI, TBIT. Instructor, Tufts, 1919-ll, Assistant Professor, 1922-3 Research, Iowa State, 19253 Hq11'v.11'd Gr.1d11ate School, 1926-27. HERBERT BARRY, IR. l'xj'a'f1r1Ia1'q-1' A.B., I'I.1l'V9.1'd, 19273 Ph.D., 1929. Instructor, Tufts, 1929-323 Assistant Professor, 1932-. ALFRED STORER COLE Hf!1!Ifft'fjl'X S.T.B., Tufts, 1931. Commons Club. JVIIE. Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1932-. LEXVIS SXVINNERTON COMBES I'f1-yxirx BS., Wfesleynn University, 19213 M.A., Boston University, IQZS. 1-XXII. Instructor, Simmons, 1922-253 Instructor, Tufts, 1926-283 Assistant Professor, 1925-. MYRON KIENNISON IIILES Euglixfv A.B., IJ.ll'I1'1'lULlfll, 19143 M.A., I-IilI'VL1l'Cl, 1916. Instructor, Tufts, 1914-163 Instructor, Dartmouth, 1916-173 Instructor, Tufts, 1919-233 Assistant Professor, I923-. 20 RAYMOND UNDERXVOOD FITTZ Nlvvbalziral EIIgiIIl'l'l'ilIg BS., Tufts, 1915. ATE, AKH. Instructor, University of Pennsylvania, IQI6-IS, Instructor, Tufts, 1919-22 Assistant Professor, 1 922-. KIAIVIISQN RICHARD HARRISON Physics BS., Tufts, 1923: M.A., Wesleyan, I927. TPBK. Instructor, NVesleyan, I9l5-27, Instructor, University of Pittsburgh, 1927-29 Research Physicist, W'ired Radio Corporation, 1930-311 Tufts, 1931-5 Assistant Dean of the Engineering School, 193.1 HENRY EUGENE HARTMAN Rnmafzra' Lzifzgzzagrx BS., Cornell, 1918g A.M., Tufts, 1929. STI. Instructor, Tufts, 1926-29, Assistant Professor, 1929-. CARL HERBERT HOLMBERG Civil ElIgflll't'l'fl1g S.B., M. I. T., 1916, Ed.M., Harvard, 1926. fbi. Instructor, Tufts, 1923-26, Assistant Professor, 1926-. ALBERT HENRY IMLAH Hisfurj' A.B., British Columbia, 1922, M.A., Clark, 1923. Assistant Professor Instructor, University of Maine, 1923-265 Instructor, Radcliffe, 1926-27, Uni- versity of Maine, 19283 Instructor, Tufts, 1927-29, Assistant Professor, Tufts 1929-. NATHANIEL HOBBS KNIGHT Pbysirx BS., Dartmouth, 1907. EN. Assistant, Tufts, 1911, Instructor, 1911-20, Assistant Professor, 1920-. ERNEST EASTMAN LEAVITT Nfrvbafzivaf ElZgflIt't'l'il1g BS., Tufts, 1925. ETA. Instructor, Tufts, 1932-343 Assistant Professor, 1935-. ROLAND WINTHROP LEFAVOUR Ciziil El1gilIt'Ul'iI1g fbi. Instructor, Tufts, 1918-22, Assistant Professor, 1922-. ARTHUR WHITING LEIGHTON Grapfaics B.S., M.A.C., 1921: Ed.M., Harvard, I924Q Ed.D., Harvard, 193 Instructor, University of Maine, 1914-17, Instructor, Tufts, Huntington, 1921-2.2, Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1922-. LEWIS FREDERICK MANLY Pbysiral En'11rr11'iou and Economics B.S., Wooster, 1925: M.A., Tufts, 1927. AY. Instructor, Tufts, 1927-52, Assistant Professor, 1932-. 2. AKA, fDK4D, KDAK 1917-193 Instructor 2I MELIXIILLE SNIITI-I NIUNRO El1'Ufv'iu1l Er1gim't'ri11g B.S., Tufts, 1904. XY. General Electric, 190.1-og: Inst1'uct0r, Tufts, 1905-133 Assistant Professor, IQI5-. KENNETH ORNE IVIYRICK English A.B., Harvard, 1918, A.M., University of Michigan, IQZ4. Instructor, Michigan, 1922-242 Assistant Professor, Grinnell College, 1927-29, Assistant Professor, Tufts, I93O-. WILLIANI KOLB PROVINE Crrzmzzl A.B., Vanderbilt University, 1920, A.M., Vanderbilt, 1922q A.M., Harvard, 1927. Ill-IX. Instructor, Harvard, 1925-26, Instructor, Tufts, 1926-30: Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1930-. JOHN MOSES RATCLIFF Rvligiozzs Iitlllftlfillll Ph.D., Chicago, 19164 M.A., 1916, Acacia. Director of Religious Education: Instructor, Tufts, 1927-28g Assistant Profes- sor, 1918-. JAMES ALFRED REYNOLDS lfl1't'l1'i1'ul 1f11gi111'i'1'i11xq B.S., Tufts, 191o. General Electric, 1910-171 Southern Power, 1917-IS, General Electric, 1918-19: Instructo1', Tufts, 1919-231 Assistant Professor, I923-. LLOYD LORENZO SHAULIS EliUIIUlIIfl'S A.B., Harvard, 19193 M.B.A., IQZOQ M.A., 1921. ANY. Instructor, Denison, 1917-18g Wfar Trade Board, 1918-19g Assistant Professor, Queen's, 1919-203 Associate Professor, Nvilliam and Mary, 1922-23g Professor, 1923-241 Assistant Professor, Tufts, 192g-. JOHN PHILIP TILTON Eillzuzfimz A.B., Colby, 19233 Ed.M., Harvard, 1927. KY, fI7,SK. Instructor, Deering High School, 1923-24g Newton High School, 1924-26, Instructor in Education, Tufts, 1927-32, Assistant in Graduate School of Edu- cation of Harvard, 1928-29, Instructor, Babson Institute, 1930-333 Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1931-. RUTH TOUSEY Ifnglixli A.I5., Tufts, 1900. XQ. Westbrmntik Seminary, 1900-OI, Somerville High School, 1903-183 Instructor, Tufts, 1919-273 Assistant Professor, 1927-. XWILLIAM STANTON YEAGER Pl:-y,vir111 Ezllleclfjllll Iowa State Teachers College, IQOSQ B.P.E., Springfield, 1910. Superintendent of School, No. English, Iowa, 1906-083 Mount Herman School. 1910-265 Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1926-. Instructors NEWMAN BAUGHMAN BIRK English A.B., Centre, 19285 A.M., Tufts, 1930. BQTI, OAK. Instructor, Simmons, 1930-325 Tufts, 1932-. WESTON ASHMORE BOUSEFIELD PX-H'lil7Il1lJgj' B.M.E., Northeastern, 19273 A.M., Boston University, 19283 A.M., Harvard. 193 Ph.D., 1933. DONALD THEODORE BRODINE English A.B., Grinnell, 1931, A.M., Tufts, 1933. Instructor, Tufts, 1933-. LAXVRENCE WILLIAM CI-IIDESTER Mnsif am! Erazznnzivx A.B., Hamline, 1927: A.M., Tufts, I929. KIRK. Instructor, Tufts, 1927-. FREDERICK HOWARD CRABTREE Civil ElIgiIIl'f'VflIg B.S., Tufts, 1927. fbi. Stone 81 Webster Engineering Corporation, 1923-313 Instructor, Tufts, 1932 FREDERICK S. DALEY Evolzonzirs B.A., Toronto University, 19283 A.M., Harvard, 1934. Instructor, Tufts, 1935-. PAUL HANIILTCN DOLENIAN Cbvnzisfry BS., Tufts, 1924: MS., 1925: Ph.D., M.I.T., 1931. BK. Instructor, Tufts, 1931-. CHESTER KENNETH DELANO l'fJ3'sinz1 Eifzzvufimz B.P.E., Springneld, 1929. Instructor, Tufts, 1929-. KENDALI. WILSON FOSTER Biofogj' BS., Tufts, IQZZQ M.A., Harvard, 1935. ITA. Instructor, Tufts, 1922-. HENRY F. GRAY NIrvfJa11ic' Arfs BS., Wentworth Institute, 1917. Instructor, Tufts, 1925-. JOHN ALBERT HOLMES English BS., Tufts, 1928. ATQ. Instructor, Tufts, 1934-. ALBERT EDXVARD IRVING f1ix1'u1'Vi' A.B., Tufts, 1919: A.M., Tufts, 1951. Instructor, Tufts, 1931-. ARTHUR STEXVART KNOX Gwnfogry B.S., Tufts, 1928, A.M., I'I.l1'V.ll'Cl, 1930. Instructor, Tufts, 1919-. GRACE RUTH LINCKS Pl7v1'Xil'dl Eiflfraiiolz A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1921: O.D., Danish School of Physical Education, 1916. Instructor, Tufts, 19:9-. JOSEPH CHESTER LITTLEIJIELD Cl7l'Il1I,Xfl'ij' S.B., Boston University, 19123 A.M., Princeton University, I924. BRE. Instructor, Tufts, 1929-. EARLE FREDERICK LITTLETON C1171 l'f111Qi111'1'1'i11g HS., Tufts, 1931. ATQ. Instructor, Tufts, I932-. CHARLES GRANT LOOMIS Gvrlmlll A.I5., Hamilton, 1923, A.M., T'T.1I'V.1l'Cl, 1919. EJP, II.XI'.. Instructor, Tufts, 1930- CARITE HUNTER LOVEAIOY Sfllllffhllltll um! Ti1'f7t'll'l'iffll'Q B.S., Simmons, 1919. Instructor, Tufts, 1919-. DONALD HASKILL MITCHELL Givzjrfvir-1 amf IlI1'1'ln111i1111 Ii11gi111'1'1'illg B.S., Tufts, 1929. QAX, THII. Instructor, Rochester Institute, Instructor, Tufts, 1932-. MARSHALL NEWTUN Gurlmlll A.B., I.J.lI'fI110llfl1, 19.153 A.M., H.11'vn1'd, 1929. Instructor, Bowdoin, 1928-301 Instructor, M.I.T.. 1930-31, Instructor, Tufts 1933'- ROBERT LESLIE NICHOLS Gvnlugxy B.S., Tufts, 19261 A.M., H.1rv.1rd, 1930. HK. IIA. Instructor, Tufts, 1929-. ARTHUR WELCH PHILLIPS Cl11'111ixf1'-3' B.S., Tufts, 19153 A.M., H.1rvard, 1911. ETA, AXE. Naval Inspector of Powder, IQI7-ZOQ Research Project nt State College, I924-17 Instructor, Tufts, 1929-. 24 KENNETH DAVID ROEDER Biology A.B., Cambridge, England, I929Q M.A., 1930. Instructor. Tufts, 1931-. KATE LEXVIS SARGENT English A.B., Tufts. Instructor, Tufts, 1934-. RALPH AUBREY SNIITH Mwllflllimzl ElltQilIt'l'l'fl1KQ Instructor, Tufts, 1918-. ERIC ARTHUR XVALKER Elm'f1'if'af Ezzgizluvltilzg B.S.. M.S., Sc.D., Harvard. Instructor, Tufts, 1954-. ROBERT ALLEN YOUNG EH,Ill'l1ffUII ECLM., B.U., Etl.D., Harvard. Instructor, Tufts, T93 3-. Graduate Teaching Fellows Bralcer Fellows in Commerce and Finance ROBERT BANGS ROLAND A. ERICKSON A.B., Coe College A.B., Clark University EVELYN ALNIINA KLEEIVIAN GORDON EDWARD PRICE A.B., Oberlin College A.B., McMaster University HENRY WILEY TULLOCH JOHN D. XVILSON A.B., Union College A.B., Colorado University - ROBERT A. WINTERS B.A., Princeton University Graduate Teaching Fellows in English MERRELL REES DAVIS MARY VIRGINIA RICE A.B., Whitnian A.B., Wfellesley Graduate Teaching Fellows in History GEORGE DAME, A.B., A.M., Dartmouth College RICHARD NELSON CURRENT, A.B., A.M., Oberlin College CHARLES FOSTER RANSOM, A.B., A.M., Tufts College 25 BUCK H x f'f-X g ' 1 . . ..,.. x1,. .,,.., ,N in X 'xx wwf ' 5 53, X v . . M - . M, , 'if -. x., 31 uk to ' ' ,. sr ' ,:, t ag xx on ., ,N .Mu ., .R,f'vwa1L,,.14 2 jfifjaklf Eg - tkxi ,,..w4'l""""" Dnnnclly Vcrsakas Henley Pmdvulas Garner Coolidge Tufts Semor 0ff1CQTS XVILLIAM C. GARNER DANIEL S. HEALEY, JR. P1'cxiJ1'11f St'l'l'L'ftll'j' ROBERT T. COOLIDGE ANTHONY F. RADVILAS Xlffl'-P1'l'.Yft1Fl1f Tl'C't1XIlI't'l' GEORGE XV. DONNELLY GEORGE J. VERSAKAS Mnrsfml HiSfIII'il1lI TUFTS SENIORS RALPH ALPERT HAROLD C. AMES STANLEY M. AWRAMIR lx w ALLAN L. BARRER WILLIS C. Bfxsox ABRAHAM BAVLEY CHARLES C. BENEDETTI LEROY J. BLNOIT Louis BERGER LEONARD BERRY HARRY P. BLACKWOOD Gusmvn A. BLEYLE, JR 2 lr- TUPTS SENIORS Louis BLUESTEIN OLLIE S. BORDEN XVILLIAM M. BOW'LER A a XYVILLIAINI O. BRACKEN JOHN E. BRADLEY J, STEWART BRISTOL 'iff' NYU NYY'f5QN:2:55'NYN5I2'2EIEi5EYfRi:iii? 'R - N, . S 'Nw-Sl. Jw: K1-3-kai-:-:+.-,. Na+: - NN N y., Q S ,--. N X QWN H v -. NM -L , , A ' . .. X, ..., Q . A, Xkqgw. ' ' X .,ga::.3:-S1 ' :ae-' " 1 X f Q- . r - ' - N f?Z5 YaFW" Fs2sH-ze :arf -2.5 .- wisgfal 5 PAUL G. BUCKLEY NVILLIANI R. BUCRLIIY Y' 339'-EPYFWF' TE . A- :fgkgmd X X' ,:i-f, .'b:: 'N:'- ,wif , , Q W P 3 ' P. kxf ggi' 'iijxj' " . 'SE-':.j Q H W' . .+x.r-225.-.a'-' -2:4 me - 1 " L 'g.-I4 f,vx i'2 . fi: - .gy tg - X' - ,. mu , . NORh'IfXN E. CARLSON EUGLN1: XV. CATUN, AIR. 30 rm N N? ' X i Q, g . - ,-:N:sEQ:f-' M 'NN as ,X sf' . -'S..L.L-9 "L : 3-z-SS 5- w N xx NSE,-31 x NWS MRL' Q , -A Nm :- KENNETH D. CAMPBLLL K I gf: . - , X ' Ffffilif 4 Q X. . - 'Wigs 41551. m. NXNX - - NNN? , ww- 'ww X X :wsu -my N' ,ani-,Ii xx-wks 1 x 1.1-:Q Q M. XX :I ' , I - X . . iq, " 4:51, , N -.fm 291- , -N , .NA Q , I H X, 5,i,3:.:x , K xmas 5 L. 2. 1 . X XYIARREN F. CIi:XCE TUFTS SENIORS MARIO V. CIOFPI LEWIS P. COHEN I ROBERT T. COOLIDGE LORNE C. DAVIS WILLIAM J. COMEAU, JR. PHILLIPS C. DAVIS DANTE DELCAMPO I GEORGE W. DONNELLY JOHN J. DEVLIN RICHARD S. DUNCAN 1-.. .wg-.g n If-3 ,... . A'H'P"N' .F . 21. . I ' J Evsgggck J:-E V' Y 3 s 'Ya '- A-'I 14. .. ' - ag: ,QLMI-4'-M..:5?".. I ANTONIO D1ToMAso CARL B. EDMARK, Jn slit , 4 x . , .. i4 A , I x af' . P K ,Q , K WBA ' 'Sw v IWAURIQIL G, FRELD XV.xLT12R T. GILRIA N XXVILLIAIH A. FARNSXVORTH 'flfi .- ., . ..2,.f-,Rf 3: . , 5. Q c ' x, :X -1 1 'Q X R 222121. , ' - N - :.EEE:::15: M ' fffi RICHARD T. Flsxn TUFTS SENIQRS HOW'ARD XV. FENNO CHARLES T. FIFE ERNEST P. FOLEY VERNE S. FOLLANSBEE L-::.. 'sim .,zxg:s'Qi-1:ss.ae:- 2:4-li-.izfiz-HQE:-rgx. ' -2. -' F-153 3 " .QA Q. .. fx '4.Z:S:'3Xl:5Q2 S . ' -. -. L -T-. - -. -f. .. -fl:-rw-:N . XF . .Y ' ,gg , ,. A 1... ,. ..., . .rm-...":a. 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HILL X . ., ..,, iki fbtxy x .Q ws' -x: -.5-1,3-:wi :' If -' . , I 'ixg . ...ww 1 'izxfsif -N '-2: ., . .aa.::'13s-'s..- ' I ,...,..q-'. . X A N Q gs ' XX NX x xv X X 3 Q , E Q . S X Y Q I Xf . F I 5 -2 Q Q 3 'bv X xx A fm X bg gk -SN XX xg ,Q :Ex If JOSEPH R . KI A C Y N o Toulflc A. KARABI RIQIIAIID A. HILLI BENJAMIN T. HOPKINS .arf - w--ZX , , ,..., .XX SW X X' .-vgf.-34? e M . 3. :gAQ,5: . XX..-fa-' I X. .INNO , ..., ' -I, Xxmy, gg? v5.,.l,'s.gg '4m+Xs. 4:35 1 RILHIIIIII JOHNSON K. .X +1 fa,-fi . , MEN '.:?1f'- , uf X :fgQ,'1' L. , i XX.-1 1' A A ' X, H .-.ag ' x ,X -- wi" I 1 --'f-51.151-" ' -- -XXS: I my . .. . .gf , ygszw-f.g-. I N... 4.-.X X XXX .- X-Nw?-,, Q : XXX- 5 - HIIRVIQI' XV. Kfrrz TUFTS SENIORS X .. 'NXT ' . .+... .Q .-V. vvhl A , -- Ng.. V .7 " ' 4- 'A . . . 412:--gf: ' 'V 1 ...EXE Rial . I I wy gi. - ' r w -: .:4ssE::1gi, gggew. X55 1 :. .V ...Xf- N 212 ' 4, 15 -:gg w,-Q 'V ' 2?I41E::-5 V .:.:: -1 A . .,:::rxat:.X1.1::'- RIUIIIIID A. Honors PAUL B. HOSMER .. . . ,XX X. .Hg .,.,......,,.,.. I I , .... ,........ . , X. r. - N ,. yt . , 5.1.-ag 545339-l' . i x 2 f-f f . ....... ,L sf? R, 1 -X 2 ' Xxgw X SR. A N25 SAN Fas: .fix .shaky XNXX X X X... 4-. -,-.X -X95 -:SMX .- SQ. 5555-eg. KAN . X QS. ., 'XX XX Xxx X XX' QQXX X A X fi X2 XX XX X X X X N X X , Q Xb XX x N X XX X 1 X X QQ N x S X X X X X N XE, . X Pi :f :Q..:1'25., XYEXE -- X fn-NX X X xx! x MM-tw NX . DANA A. JONES NORBIAN L. KINCAID JOHN NV. HOFFBIAN RICHARD J. HUNT TUPTS SENIORS MARSHALL B. KREIDDERG MAURICE LEADER STANLEY R. LARSON VITO C. LAZZARO YC' N ?5ffE'S' I. ' I '- .- - f-vgyieim 'l1:EiQ?."R""- 'L WA- ' 118 - x' fIyg,3,. . -. :L D ssgggywhzg .... , .ix D I .1.."f3':'2' .:, .Jwgkf -5iI...s,'::gg55:g5Z3:Eiga-:f:-'-s-m 1 ul, I: -..4': ? " ' DONALD NV. LESLIE DAVID M. LEVINSON XVILLIABI NV. LEWIS CARL A. LINDEN IRVING F. LUSCOMBE NATHAN MADOW JOSEPH J. NI.-XNGIONE HERBERT B. MARCH TUPTS SENIGRS Wy. , 1,5 . -F'-1,1 A .- - F -,..5. .1 .1 ',.-A ,, ,.,., w-.AKD -: ' .:.g:,5g.g.'.,' .- 552:21 'Z hs 1 , -Iasfusziii-hifi if BF" 1 ,. iv A. .mil -" 1 IA, -. uQ3:xf:?L'1ss-L -3' GEORCL IHARBIEK A 'ife-Iifih-fx. . A W -- X 2- . ' -Sei' ' I -nagekaf ' X A Q 5 ,. rig ' .fixi A ' .-I N... . vw-fy-,E .Avxwfz?YW- ,N :, ww-:LA - .M 1 fix ws? sam-TX. PAUL NIAYNARD CLARK C. MCELVEIN WALLACE E. MCLEOD v L1 QNARD A. MARUNSON 1 J fi -' ff-1 A . 5-2 -' R A L 3 LIAMES M. AICCLUNG CHARLES S. MORGAN :qrsv X xvvrcqz-'frv A 1 :E-f' 1N" 'E -vm:-R 1' -,12::14..,.--zzgqzzlrsff-'S1:11 X1Xrx'2:21', f' ., ' 11f'-sW:j.A5zw-1+-.ifx " , , +-..-q...?-A--N j::f'-1-1-.::E.: R- ' --QV A .. -. ,. -Q: aww - " FMR- 'P P '5SS?f?f:aQ .- .L ,-A ' 7. s:.:i:2s:A' -. rx X R A A ' - mx, X . A - f A ACN .A - ,-.r::1:xv-'--,.X:-- X XR , . , . .- '-,-,A-:F N- ' x -:1 - M. .. +,,.,:-E. .1-:,:..-1 .Q R . . ,,,:..,, :.g:3:.,.-1 E- .3-R SW Q' A 4SR.s:.:.:.-fri: xi: A - -A -- 14 '- I , :r ' A X - Q - Nix -AA E ERNEST L. MoRRxsoN 36 LAXYRENCE A. MORRISON ROBERT C. AIOUNTFORD HAROLD P. NIATTIOLI RX '-CN -J - 1 K " i--l .IK R-f.e5r?I--v.r- . . -1 xxx.-, X11- N- ' -S2952 YRQJ - .R nv 5, 'i-Q:-,E so L ,Z 'ffm ,Y . Z, gviii. A V ' -' 21,15:.zffZ21Q ' A X xc X X EN Q b, ., .gg ...QM , . ,x X R an .. -. X as 'ILNQ'EM:cf Q :- .-, f .mx .. Q. MSL.. ., , VIANIES H. NICCURTAIN TUFTS SENIORS JOHN W. MURRAY GEORGE B. NEEDHANI FREDERICK B. OARES , . ., ,..,. . .,,.. QT ROBERT E. OBER RODNIQY A. OLSON DAN'ID PACKARD RALPH C. PALANGE JOSEPH E. PANZA JOHN C. PALLIER JOSEPH F. PALMIERI LEWIS H. PARKS NATALE R. PETRELL -..:-:.:::g11g5:' , .. - -.f .- 'l 5:1 'Q-2 ei:-gE:g: - .Q-,I . . 4 a:E "f:' I ,,. , , - . 1:-was:--Q 1:21 ..::e. -f f aysifsif' SSP f.j,.., -V ., .glgggii 'J' 13' , , E ,xii ,SIA ' 1 '-w- bf LOUI5 P. RANIIQRI +5",- M-S xsly ,Q - ,,,, f .Q..w,....- X X N x .,x we xx NRE x X P ' . 231' . I. X.-. x M. N. ., .I ' "1 mafia. TUPTS SENIORS 411154-1 GIiORGE E. PHILLIPS FRANK W. POLIT1 ABRAHAM POLLEN LLSTER PQPIQIN RQBLRT F. PRICE WVALTER A. RANDAZZO D. STANLLI' RAXVSON MIL'TON RIQI-IMONII 9'6- ALFRED A. ROETZER ABRAIIMI H. RUSSIIIQOFE DON.-XLD H. RUSSELL 38 TUPTS SENIORS ' 1 mis ' . - 'Q-55.1.5 T ' . I H 95 q T 1 Q I A ' , 5-N . , ' gf . A , A , 6' Sgt if , :Z 'gk Q., ' f Y " - ' EDXVARD A. Russo JOSLPH SAROKHAN I.15Rox' E. SAVAGE YC' 1 SNP' n-'uw ROBERT D. SCHAFFNER XVERNER H. SCHMIDT NATHAN F. SCPXWARTZ DUNCAN NV. SEAVEY ELIAER A. SHAW JANIES F. SHERMAN iw xx wie My , A xxx s vw- M 4 We Q 'VN A, W fig if 1 1+ ,Vu 1 , ' ' V6 3,3 .H : If .3.'.'Z-31 . 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Fnrmikxcx TENNANT WX-XXXX:.XewwXqf,,:.'.:., ..., X X--wi... w+g.X.X:X-f.-4- -va.-.-.XX,..X .... . . . ff ANTI5'3'4?Z-fifX51i5?f 'FX .1 - . ':,,.-'55 ,,X,i.-- ' - gy... XX .X-.XN-n-I. k. .1 '-Xa:g.g1X-.5-,Q .ev .- N.: fi ,X-., MSX .... - .z.,: , N' -Z N X W X X X N 3 X EX X wi. X R X NX X .XX 'ex X. X X X N x fx x, -5 X XRWQX 32.4.-1 . X ' .-.12-2:5 r. . X....5 XX .....,.-...::z...: gg2,a:2'5 V , .:.E:EE?,E 2-V.f:.f-fl:aaer:a:z:s:as:ss:ss:sf- w . .:.:.g.,-1:af:eS-rsass', Q PAUL P. TL'I'ZLAI'l-' 'XVr1I,mM Ii. TOMLINSQN klorm TR.-x11uzz,aNo 7 Dfwm A. Tmr-P PETLR Tsouvrmlafxlxls GEORKJK J, XERSMXM 40 THOMAS D. Tlzlwo TUFTS SENIORS IRVING M. XVEISS HENRX' j. XVHITE T1-IOM,-xs H. XYVILKINSON KENNETH H. XVILLARD NORTON L. XVVIILLIALIS FRANCIS T. SHANNON Zin Memoriam LOUIS NORIN'IAN WOLEK, '36, fDEH I9 1 Z-DGCCmbCf 193 3 JOSEPH KALISH, '38, KIJEH 1917-April 1936 L Miss JfaCks0n ,36 Gl,ORl.fX VAN XVIXRT of Glcnlvremk, Conn, A pu1'sm1.1liLy lmth plc.1s.mt .md .lLll'l'lil'.lblC on campus .md in Cl.lNSl'0UlN, .1 young lady of talent, lmmwrcd by hCl' cl.1w111.1tcs ne well .ms thc cntirc xtudcnt body of Tufts .md Jackson .ls tlw must l'CPI'CSCI1I.lliYL' .Inckmn wniur. 4,2 Mr. Tufts ,Bb ANTHONY FRANK RADVILAS of Stoughton, Mass. To Tony, a pre-med student in the Liberal Arts School, a basketball player and all-around athlete, a sportsrnan and a gentleman typifying the true spirit of Tufts College, goes this distinction by the sweep ol votes turned in by students on Hill. 43 Oakes Dunn Clumpncy Shcrrv Swcnmn van Watt Broun Ixunncv Halcv Jackson Senior Qfficers HELEN BREEN Prrxhfulzl GLCRIA VAN XVART Vim'-Prrmlwzf CONSTANCE R. KENNEY St'l'l't'fl1l'-H' LOUISE O. C. SWENSON Trwzxzzzw' ELSIE M. OAKES Alnlifor ADELE HALEY M a rslml ELEANOR CI-IAMPNEY Snfiul Cl7t1fl'HIclII ELIZABETH A. DUNN Hivfrnmzlz RUTH E. SHERRY All ,AVUIIIIJ Club Rvp. JACKSON SENIGRS ' .-- " J ,. Q.. WWF' - A. T fbi. X QW X XX XXNWXX B . E X R , if xi' A ' 1 X X 3 X. , 3 ,. , N X Q X X fi x X X X gs X X N XX. XR B X X V9 XXQ. N -5 X FAITH M. ATWOOD JANE BAILEY ELEA 1 ,X-.Q 13, Ta k ' "HS-A-. -' fi "I+ -QQX. .. :g::' .XXXX-'IHNQQ NORE BENNETT . 1:63. XA-.f x-.Eg,j:::r.5.:,. ,Q :faq ,, - -.--- : . . :z-:gr N -A-:-. ,-.A..LL:.,.-q:1.,:::,.-1. :SR - 1 .X ,- . X, 1 MARGARET H. BLAKELY RUTH E. BOCKSTROM H as X X wg fx X XX NX 3 XX X XNX X X -T R X flxxwqw X A X XX 4 A -2gQ2!fs::a.v - X A X XJ X X T ,sq-X X NX K N X A 'VX X X X XM A... , X, . rgisxggg '- -XX. X A vs? W . .X ELEN BREEN E, HARRIET BURR FLORENCE R. CAMPMAN STHEK P CARR 'E KATHERINE J. CARTER ELEANOR CHAINIPNEY MARX J CRANE JACKSON SENIGRS 7 3 X ,,.. gl 3, -. wiv ., vc .':..'f. X" ' - X ' -size :na w, ,gg 1, -ggi. ..., r- - L 5 m X X. 43+ N Q-NN K X N gfxxkksg 2 5 Z QR UQ? xg SY' . 69: N,.S.T:fsf, .. B N 1 - 5 N wx X N x, -I "'7iXxdk':'.:E'.1'S ' 15-SE .,.:.Sw,N, ..Q..i. H .rb-.,, 2 BARBARA E. DRECHSEL it K ' I -,gi , ' '-'fi x - -,Q L? E T -fa. .--if - --3, W Y- -Q fe .: KU... 'Ti fi, :ik -L DOROTHY E. FARR 46 rv "wh::ws.Q2wsxgs:-:5:ifr::2gs.2:xhr:2:2:2fs: f'-"1s:g5:zjy:2:2:g5:5:5 " ju. ' Q'-155522i5f3E:53.1:5:5.rg.,-f,.::r:-.52:1:24E:: Q' '2E1Z,'.E35-3S'5E- "" ?x " ' v'i' 4 352? 0---1--ff: -.-, :5.-- - ' 'H-2'1R?:S::2:3:g5:51g3'- '. , " - , - . :T .':z3ffgs-.,:, f 'T - , .2 , -2. uf, ,-.,:.-:iw Q-.-QW r 3- . - . ,Z . ff.-.1112-,921 Frm: . +4 .4-.---1x82-xekf ' 2? -. ..,. . - 211,-rz' . 'X : Q we" viva QT ' ' 'T-mr. Q my '-.:.:a?s: 1 vb- -- -'-5.-.,x'-Ss--Q '::2gr fi' X - ' , 'fiiiiklf . 25:1 T , Q 2 T .gf .. :ff if ,- :. mari.-. Nz- ,zm.3g-g..- - .s:s:f:fs-sa -.-f-:.' .::s-:a:Q'- '2-.E.:.5:f:, :p s':1-Q -::g::-55.5 ' -1:-1:5:5N.q P -W '1:2Z531:3:2 3 'fsfs-:-If -a A - fem-:E-mhz is-1 ,vs-P:-:-N, -5 1, :NN -- , f X " 3 JEAN E. CROCKER ., .w gi. , ' -V - N--:-A, - - - ,, z ' -1.-.:-1: x . , T. ..., 3- Q ,. .-, -aa. . ' .aww-N, ww? f A. S MARKIORIE F. DANIE BERNARDINE P. DREWNIANY N . N I . - : -.Nxgg-5 x . , . S , , X. W3 sg--S5 . Q sr -. T FLORENCE L. FIENBERG RUTH M. CROWLEX' MARY E. CUTTER T HELEN M. X A- - '.1:'.12-E. s:::1::f:-:-:-:-:N .. E' ,T ..::-- 'ars:f:r:-:X-QG .- .- - 3 5: .1 --I f- qw ,Q - -:-zu-amz:-,: E T . Q' C. . ' - 5 36 Q., - . as -. -13, X . Y:- 'iw 3 y " T ,Q ELIZABETH A. DUNN .gs Maxam LOUISE M. FL ENIING Q Xe .Q . b. .X x . 'ff - x xx X DOBBIN MARY -2 . , i. ., ., 5. 5 QI: .,,. . ., , E. DONNING JACKSON SENIQRS QQ 1 LUCILLE E. FRITZ DOROTHY E. HAXVKINS . YQ. N, KX IRENE O. GRANDMONT Amaua 1. HALEY ., a , .-f g..:sf',f--f-'::j -1.4-53:5 - fy, " , ,-.- .X ' 1 wk. I ' ' ' Ifgl: IN, X Q n 5 ww TSS v S xv .,.. 'J , GENEVIEVE B. HOBERMAN MARY J. HOLMES Cf N , QQ i RW 5 3 JANET I. Hoon NIARJORIE E. JOHNSON ONA KAPOCH1' Q ,,..-,N . . "Z 'A ' uf.. CONSTANCE R. KENNEY ADELAIDE H. KOCH FLORENCE M. LEWIS X EQ f " ' - 1-A-Q. : ... .. . .Q . 9 .., -. , , , -. . I I 5. 5.5 -zo., . .E ng -1 fi QR. M Z, :,. 1 I z X I X xx, 4251 K X xzbgi b xx X ,Cu 'Qi y X X Yx X Q? N ., N6 " Wm 2 R if -:R I X Q x, Q 4 X I XI 5 x f X N X N was ' e X 1 X X , ' Rv .- HILDUR S. MA DSEN JACKSON SENIORS X. - HELEN E. NICCARTY ALICE L. MERRILL fv ,. ,X -. 1 . Q,.,. ,,.,,.:,,:IY::z'Q .--. -. - Ms- ,. jg Iv, .JSR Q RUTH BARBARA MERRITT DOROTHY A. METZGER MARION A. MoRRoW 'Xxx X we? ,xx N x. X 33:-x X N RFQ Q RX -lv xx Q- xxx X 2 .QR Y, X QR SN 019 xx X X x R I . E- Rig, .:.-F5 q.Qf:fE-Ei .. We . .'.Rs51ggf5sg5:::. 'wie-s:1:s:s, uf - .:-:gaefri X A A wks Xxx ii IWARY E. PERRY 48 PATRICIA E. NELSON ELSIE M. OARES IWATHILDA PFLAUBHER CHARLOTTE B. PHILLIPS -R ,Y .ng I ., , ,s :Rf-gf. MILLER JACKSON SBNIGRS URTTA A. POTE PRISCILLA M. SEAVEY DOROTHX' S. RESNEK RUTH E. SHERRY X fx 1 R 6.23223 f A-fx A SUSAN I. STEWART b jg . , ' f 'j.5,-,...-Egg, V - . Q X, 60 V i , ,, . JANE N. TYRRELL BETTY ScHLUss ' ' ' My " wf-f1sf-Z- , ff-'-,'f:ff. - ,... ,- . A., ' gf. " ' 'T' Agiixsg -1,-.sgr:b,.g,. gy., mx , '-, N. ,., my 'E' A . ff , 1 1135?-'iigf-f f1:52..'3x4if I , 7f 'ffiiif' PAULINE SKORNIK 'Eh 5 .. YK. . . . Louise O. C. SWENSON RosE C. TRANIELLO MARJORIE P. UPTON ANNE K. VANAUKEN Goddard Chapel, erected in 1882-83, is the gift of Mrs. Mary T. Goddard, as n memorial to her husband, Thomas A. Goddard. Here the students assemble for chapel service and, on occasion, for vesper services, addresses, and other functions. ln the Chapel tower are the Chimes, given in 1916 by Eugene Bucklin Bowen, class of 1876, of Cheshire, Mass., member of the Board of Trustees of Tufts College. There are ten bells, including the 1898 hell, which has been rung for all college exercises since it was placed in the Tower by that Class in 1908. SO i,.g,x5fQg: .af 1 V? x - 2 S 5 53" J S 'ev ' JU 4'- Q fx .fn nJ' 2 iq. F' .sg f , 5 Goddard Chapel A . vs N I :L sf -f, 5 Q 0 " S g X. 1 x .nv lx -' "x 'I Senior Men RALPH ALPERT, EQW. I Phipps St., Charlestown, Mass. A.B,, "PappyU, Tuftconic 1, 1 Menorah 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2. HAROLD C. ANIES, AY. If Corey St., Medford, Mass. C.E., "Buss", A.S.C.E. 3, 4, Track 21 Tennis 2. STANLEY M. IXXVRAMIK 927 Western Ave., Lynn, Mass. B.S., "Stan", Chemical Society 3, 42 Newman Club I1 Psychology Club 1, 2. ALLAN L. BARKER, AY. 103 Elm St., Meriden, Conn. Ch.E., "Al", Track 1, Chemical Society IQ Cross Country IQ Varsity Football Manager 4. ABRAHAL1 BAVLEY 43 Goodale Rd., Mattapan, Mass. B.S., "Abe", Menorah 1, 2, Chemi- cal Society I, 2, 3, 41 German Club I. CHARLES C. BENEDETTI 15 NVatts St., Malden, Mass. B.S., "Benny", Chemical Society 3, 41 Newman Club 2, 4, Psychology Club 4, Historical Society 4. LEROY J. BENOIT, ATQ. ll Adams St., Newtonville, Mass. A.B., "Roy", Cross Country I, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Secre- tary 31 Tufts uyfffilj' 1, News Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Tnftozziirn 2, 3, Associate Editor 4, Student Council 4, jumbo Book, Editor-in-Chief 4, Senior Chapel Orator 4. LOUIs BERGER, EQW. 16 Athelwold St., Dorchester, Mass. C.E., "Loup, A.S.C.E. 3, 4, Menorah 3, 4Q Vice-President, Tau Beta Pi. HARRH' P. BLACKR7OOD 14o Pleasant St., Brookline, Mass. M.E., "Black." GUsTAvE A. BLEYLE, JR., ATA. I7 Goss Ave., Melrose, Mass. M.E., "Gus", Assistant Manager Soccer 2, Freshman Manager Soc- cer 3, Varsity Manager Soccer 4, Evening Party 4. LOUIS L. BLUESTEIN, EQW. 145 Blossom St., Lynn, Mass. A.B., "Blooie", Glee Club 3, 4, Choir 1, 21 Interfraternity Council 4, Menorah Society 4. OLLIE S. BORDEN Tupperville, Nova Scotia. A.B., "Ollie", Historical Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 3, 4, Captain I2 Baseball 2, 3, 4. WILLIARI O. BRACKEN, ATQ. 29 Worcester St., Belmont, Mass. Ch.E., "Bill", Lacrosse I, 2, 3, Cap- tain 41 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Chemi- cal Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Tower Cross 4, Student Council 4, Secretary. JOHN W. BRXGHAN1 Fitchburg Turnpike, Concord, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B., ujohnnyu, Squash Z1 Unity Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic So- ciety 2, 3: Track 1, 2. J. STEWART BRISTOL, fIDMA. S70 Wfinthrop Ave., New Haven, Mass C.E., "Stewie", Football I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Class Day Com- mittee Chairman 4. GEORGE F. BUCKLE, ATA. II Douglas Rd., Belmont, Mass. B.S., "Buck',, Chemical Society 1 lv 3, 4' PAUL G. BUCRLEY 2, Monmouth St., Somerville, Mass. B.S., "Buck", Chemical Society 2 Radio Society 4, Newman Club 4 XVILLIANI R. BUCKLES' 39 Westwood Rd., Medford, Mass. B.S., "Bill", Track I2 Chemical So- ciety I, 2, 3, 41 German Club I. KENNETH D. CANIPBELL 7 Kenneson Rd., Somerville, Mass. B.S., "Handsome", Wfrestling I German Club 2, 3, 4. EUGENE W. CATON, AIR. 1370 Merriam Ave., New York, N. Y Ch.E., "Gene", Cross Country Man- ager 3, 4, Chemical Society 1, 2, 3 4. XVARRIiN F. CHACI5, AKH. 337 Lawrence Rd., Medford, Mass. MF.: "Charlie": Football 1, 2, 3, 4 XVrestling 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse I, 2 A.s.M.E. 5, 4. MAIIIO V. CIOI"IfI I8 Langdon St., Everett, Mass. M.E.: Band I, 4: A.S.M.E. 4: New- man Club 4: Mathematics Club 2 Tau Beta Pi 4. LEXVIS P. COHEN 143 Shurtleff St., Chelsea B.S.: "Pete": Chemical Society 2 3: Phi Beta Kappa 4. Roisiikr T. Coouooc, WAX. 136 Summer Ave., Reading, Mass. A.B.: "Bob": Band 1: Tuftconic I 2: Tennis I: Glee Club 2: Soccer I 2, 3, 4: Managing Editor W'ec'kl3' 3 Associate Editor 4: Manager Basket- ball 4: President 3 P3 4: Stu' dent Council 3. 4: Ivy Society 3: Paychology Club 3: Editor, II3 Book 3. BENJANIIN B. DAvIEs 56 Marlboro St., Belmont, Mase. EE.: "Benny": Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4: Football I, 2. - . LORNE C. DAXVIS 2.25 Crescent Ave., Revere, Mass. C.E.: "Lonny": A.S.C.E. 3, 4: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2: Track I, 2, 3, 4. DANT1. DELCAhfiPK3 66 Rogers Ave., Lynn, Mass. BS.: "Del": Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chemical Society 3, 4. QIOHN QI. DEVLIN I7 Rawson Rd., Xvollcmton, Mass. B.S.: "Jack,': Chemical Society 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 4: Football 3, 4. EI,IsIo A. DI TVTATTEO IIS Hudson St., Somerville, Mass. A.B.: "Alu: Ba5eb.1ll I, 2, 3: Tennis 2: Golf 2. AN'I'ONlO DITONIASO 165 Marianna St., Lynn, Mask B.S.: "Tony": Band 2, 3, 4: Orches- tra 2, 3, 4: Chemical Society 4: Newman Club 4. ANDRIE J. DF,vo:I' 3 Loomis Pl., New Haven, Conn. EL.: "Frenchy": NVrestling I, 2, 3, 4: A.I.E.E. 4: Radio Society 4. GEORC.F XV. DONNIiI.La', OAK. 171 Belmont St., Belmont, Mass. B.S.: l'Gus',: Class Marshal 4: Tower Crow 4: Newman Club 4: Student Council 4: Historical Society 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, Captain 4. RICHARD S. DUNCAN Ioo Bradford St., Everett, Mass. CF.: "Dick": Lacrosse I, 2, 3, 4: Sword and Shield: Ivy: Tower Crosh: Student Council 4. C. BERNARD EDMARIQ, JR. ll Hutschins St., Concord, N. H. A.B.: "Barney": Pen, Paint and Pretzels 4: W'cI'k13' 3, 4. EIJWARIJ A. ELLIS 2340 Chicago Blvd., Detroit, Mich. ILE.: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra I, lv 31 4' KIQNNI-TH F. FALI5s 44 Franklin St., Medford, Mass. CF.: Manager Freshman Vfrextling 4. vVII.l.lAIxI A. FARNSXYORTH 6o Clilf Ave., Lexington, Mase. FE.: "Bill": Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: A.LF.F. 3, 4: Radio Society 4. HoxvAI1.D NV. lisxxo, LW. ll Church St., XV:-rstboro, Mass. B.S.: "Speed": Mathematics Club 1: Radio Society 4. Qil-IARLES T. Fnfif, ja. 6 Union St., Reading, Mass. B.S.: "Tone',: Dramaties 1. 2. 43 TIlffOlIirIH 2, 3, 4: English Club 4: Dramatic Society 4. RICHARD T. FISKI5, AY. 93 Caterwon Ter., I-lartsdale, N. Y. M.E.: "Dick": Football I: Cross Country 2: A.S.M.E. 4. liiuwiasi' P. l:OI.IiY IO Strawberry Hill St., Dover, Mass. ILE.: "Ernie": Radio Club I, 2, 3, 4: A.l.ll.E. 3, 4: Newman Club 4. VPRNIL S. FOLLANSBLI5 If Exchange St., Leominster, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B.: Cross Country 1: Unity Club I, 2, 3: President 4: Universaliit Student Council I, 2, 4. NTAURICE G. FREED I Fortesque Ter., Lynn. Mass. B.S.: "Morry": Chemical Society IQ Menorah 3. 4: Lynn Club 4: Photo- graphic Society 4. JOHN A. GAGE 1374 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. B.S. JOSEPH A. GALAZZI 3- Belmont St., Somerville, Mass. M.E., "Joe", Track I, Z1 Cross Country I, 2, A.S.M.E. 3, 4. AVILLIANI C. GARNER, ATQ. Albemarle Chambers, Boston, Mass. Ch.E., "Bill", Class Secretary 1, 2 Class President 3, 41 Track 1, 21 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Sword and Shield, Secretary, 113, Treasurer, Tower Cross, Vice-President, Chemical So- ciety I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Choir 42 Evening Party 4, President. Louis R. GENS oi Bruce St., Lawrence, Mass. B.S., "Lou", Chemical Society 3, 41 Dramatics 3, 4, Newman Club, President 41 Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4, XVrestling I, 2, Track 3, 41 Basket- ball 3, 42 Cwlee Club 41 Banquet Committee 4. GIOBERTI GIANGRLGORIO 61 Saratoga St., East Boston, Mass. B.S., "Bob", Football 2. XVALTER T. GILMAN 18 Oak St., Danvers, Mass. Orchestra 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. JEROIKIIE P. GINLE3' I2 Packard Ave., W. Somerville, Mass B.S., "Jerry", Football 2, 3, 4. THONIAS P. GLYNN, OAX. 4 May St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. A.B., Newman Club 2, 3, 4g Chem- ical Society 2, 3, 41 Track 3, 4. MICHAEL GOLD 41 Central Ave., Chelsea, Mass. C.E., '1Mike", Wrestling I, A.S.C.E 3. 4: Glee Club 3, 41,113.11 Beta Pi 4 Track 1. WILIYRED S. GRANDISON, OAX. 65 High St., Charleston, Mass. A.B., "Grandy", Football 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH J. GRATES, AKTI. 315 Litchfield St., Frankfort, N. Y. B.S., "Chubby,', Football I, 3, 4 Newman Club 3, 4, Chemical So- ciety 3, 4, Psychology Club 3, 4 Wrestling I, 2. liIf.HARD F. GREELEY, CDMA, 34 Central St., Hudson, Mass. C-E.: "Tau,', Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Basketball IQ Glee Club 2, 3. 41 Tau Beta Pi 4, A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4. RALPI-I A. HAGBERG, ATQ. 31 Burnham St., XV. Somerville, Mass. Ch.E., "Hag", Chemical Society 1, 1, 31 4: Cross Country I, 11 La- crosse 1, 2, 3, Freshman Manager 41 A.C.S. 4. ROBERT S. HAGEN N. Acton, Mass. A.B., "Bob", Phi Beta Kappa, Foot- ball 4, Basketball 41 Dramatics 42 Chemical Society 3, 41 International Relations Club 4. GEORGE E. HAGERTX' 9 Pine St., XV. Concord, Mass. E.E. EDWIN R. HANSEN, ATA. S4 Robinson Ave., Braintree, Mass. B.S.: "Ed,', Manager Freshman Basketball 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Manager 41 IIVef'feI3' 1, 2, Managing Editor 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, 111771170 Book Staff 4, Chemical Society I, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH R. HANSON. ATA. 43 Wfest St., Stoncham, Mass. Ch.E., "Iien',, A.C.S. I, 2, 3, 41 Lacrosse I, 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Cheer- leader IQ International Relations Club 4. ISRAEL HARRIS 39 Gaston St., Roxbury, Mass. C.E., "Izzy", Basketball I, 2, 3, Captain 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. OLIVER J. I-IARRIs, EQW. 2o7 Blue Hill Ave., Boston B.S., "OlIie." LLOYD W. HATHANYIA3' Forge Rd., Assonet, Mass. A.B., Band I, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, NVrestling I1 Track I. DANIIZI. S. I-IEALEY, JR., ATQ. 24 Hawthorne St., Lynn, Mass. E.E., "Dan", Sword and Shield, Football I1 Track II Tower Cross, President Student Council 4, Presi- dent Interfraternity Council, Chairman, Tufts A.I.E.E., Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse I, z, 4, Class Mar- shal 2: Class Secretary 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi 4. 53 JOEL B. HILL 641 Prospect St., Methuen, Mass. C.E., "Joe", Track I, 21 Interfra' ternity Council 3, 4, Evening Party Treasurer, Freshman Football Man- ager 4, A.S.C.E. 4. RICHARD A. HILLI 7 Aldie St., Allston, Mass. M.li., "Dick", Track I, 1, 31 A.S.M.E. 1, 3, 4. RICHARD A. HODCSES 56 Academy Rd., N. Andover, Mass. A.B., Dramatics 1, 3, Assistant Track Manager 1. JOHN XV. HOFFLIAN 298 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. B.S. BENJANIIN T. HOPRINS, 'IPMJX Rock Harbor Lane, Orleans, Mass. C.E., "Tom", Soccer I, 1. 3, 4, A.S.C.E. 1, 3, Secretary 4. PAUL B. HOSBIhR, AY Spring St., Billerica, Mass. Ch.E.g Football 1, 3. RICHARD J. HUNT 30 Congress St., Stoneham, Mass. B.S., "Dick", Crlee Club I, 1 JOSEPH R. JACYNO, ZW 56 Avon St., Lawrence, Mass. A.B., "Joe", Tennis 1, 1, 3, 41 Squash I, 1, 3. 4: Basketball I, 22 Chemical Society 4, Psychology Club 3. DANA A. JONES 38 Spring St., Melrose Highlands, Mass. A.B., Phi Beta Kappa 4. HARvEx' W. KATZ I57 Vine St., Everett, Mass. B.S., "Butch", Cross Country IQ Baseball IQ Dramatics 1, 32 Menorah 3- 4' JANIES A. RAUP, GMX 44 Banks St., Somerville, Mass. HE., "Jim", Lacrosse I, 1, 3, 41 Class Treasurer I, Football 1, 1, 31 President Theta Delta Chi: Inter- fraternity Council 4. NORLIIAN L. KINCAID 86 BI'0l'Ill:lClLl Rd., Somerville, Mass. Chemical Society I. A.B. NTARSHALL B. KREIDBERC. 68 Topliti St., Dorchester, Mass. A.B., "Brad", Track I, 1, 3, 41 Cross Country Z1 Chemical Society 3, 4, History Club 4: German Club 4, English Club 4. SVANLFY R. LARSON 467 Huron Ave., Cambridge, Mass. BE., "Stan", A.l.E.E. 3, 4. XTITO C. LAZZARO 9 Locbenored St., Bradford, Mass. Ch.E. BTAURICE LEADER 74 Second St., Chelsea, Mass. C.E., "Maish", Lacrosse IQ XVres- tling I1 A.S.C.E. 3, 4. W. IDONALD LESLIE 69 Morgan St., Melrose, Mass. B.S., "Don", Baseball I, 1, 3, 4. SAUL C. LEVINE 36 Judson St., Malden, Mass. B.S., "W'hitey", Biology Assistant 4. S4 DAVID M. LEVINSON 56 Stedman St., Brookline, Mass. B.S., "Dave.', MVILLIAIW W. LEWIS 19 Cambridge St., Springfield, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B.: "Bill", Basketball 1', 1, 32 Soccer I, 1, 3, Captain 4, Ivy Society, Tower Cross, Student Council: Sword and Shield, Track I, 1, 31 Baseball IQ Class Committee I, 21 Victory Banquet Committee 31 Class Marshal 32 A.A. 3, Secretary 4, Class Banquet Committee I, 1. CARI. A. LINDEN ll Summit Ave., Everett, Mass. BE., A.I.E.E. 4: Tau Beta Pi 4. IRvINC F. LUSCONIBE I1o Central St., Athol, Mass. A.B., "Irv", Glee Club IC Track I, 1: Dramatics 1, 3, 4: Masque So- ciety 32 History Club 41 Interna- tional Relations Club 4: Pen, Paint .Incl Pretzels 4. NATHAN NTADOXV I16 Bloomingdale St., Chelsea, Mass. B.S., "Nate", Basketball 1, 3: His- torical Society 1, 4: Pen, Paint and Pretzels 41 Masque Society 1, 3. JOSEPH J. MANGIONE 45 Alexander Ave., Medford, Mass. Ch.E., "Joe", Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Wfrestling 4, Dramatics 1, 22 International Relations Club: lVc'cfely 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemical Society 3, 4. HERBERT B. MARCH, DAX I4 Wall St., New York, N. Y. B.S., l'Herb", Baseball 1, 2, Basket- ball 1, 2. GEORGE M.LXRNlER, KDETI 333 Essex St., Lynn, Mass. A.B.: Track IQ Tennis 21 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 2: Dramatics 2, 3, Menorah 2, 3, Chemical Soci- ety 2, 3, Masque 3, Manager Fresh- man Track 4. LEONARD A. MARTINSON 58 Thurman St., Everett, Mass. E.E., "Len", A.I.E.E. 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi 3, President 4. EDWARD W. NIATHEXVS 40 Cedar St., Lawrence, Mass. B.S., l'Matty.', HAROLD P. MATTIOLI, KIJMA zo Atlantic St., Plymouth, Mass. Ch.E., "Spog,', Cheerleader IQ Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Chemical Society 2, 3, 4: Evening Party 4. PAUL MAYNARD, DAX 132 Curtis St., XV. Somerville, Mass. AB., "Duke", Sword and Shield, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 42 Student Council 2. JOHN M. NIAYO, KDMA Box 214, Orleans, Mass. C.E., "Jack", Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. JAINIES M. MCCLUNG 135 High St., N. Andover, Mass. ME., "Jim", A.s.M.E. 4. JAIAES H. MCCURTAIN, DAX 474 Newton St., Brookline, Mass. B.S., "Jim": Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARK C. MCELVEIN, DAX 153 Mohawk St., Cohoes, N. Y. B.S., "Mac." JOHN J. MCKINNON 29 Rogers Ave., Somerville, Mass. M.E., "Mac." XVALLACE E. MCLEOD, AKTI 38 Alpha Rd., Dorchester, Mass. B.S., "Wally," CHARLES S. MORGAN 35 Grand View Ave., Medford, Mass. B.S., "Charlie", Chemical Society 3, Historical Society 4. ERNEsT L. MORRISON, ATS2 Broadway, Lynn, Mass. M.E.: "Ernie", Football IQ Soccer IQ Chemical Society 1, 2, A.S.M.E. 1, 2, 3, Chairman 42 Tau Beta Pi. LAXVRENCE A. MoRR1soN, ZW 199 Audubon Drive, Snyder, N. Y. A.B., "Buda, Junior Manager of Basketball 2, 3. ROBERT C. MoUNT1-'oRD. ATA 134 Moore St., Lowell, Mass. A.B., "Bob,', lnterfraternity Coun- cil 3, Vice-President 4, Glee Club 1, 3, Soccer IQ Tennis 1, Assistant Manager of Football 2, Junior Man- ager of Football 3. JOHN XV. MURRAY. AKH 47 Rogers Ave., Somerville, Mass. B.S., "Jack", Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Track IQ Newman Club Treasurer 1, 2, 3: Business Manager, 111111110 Book. GEORGE B. NEEDHAAI 40 Fern St., Lexington, Mass. E.E., Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, A.l.E.E. 3, 44 Wrestling 2. FREDERICK B. OAKES 22 Winthrop St., Medford, Mass. A.B., 'lTed", English Club 1, 2, 3: Phi Beta Kappa 4. ROBERT E. OBER 95 Nightingale St., Dorchester, Mass. A.B., "Bob", Band Drum-major 1, 2, 3, 4, XV1'c'kl31 2, 3, 4, Biology Assistant 3, 4. RODNE1' OLSON, AY 921 Broadway, Somerville, Mass. B.S., 'QRod", Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 23 Photographic Club, President 43 111171170 Book, Photo- graphic Editor 4. DAVID PACKARD, ZW 1442 Washington St., Canton, Mass. A.B., "Dave", lV1'1'kly 1, 2, Man- aging Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Tennis 1, Freshman Manager 3, Varsity Manager 4, Vice-President, Student Council 4: Class Tree Orator 4. RALPH C. PALANGE 74 Holland St., XV. Somerville, Mass. C.E.: "Ralphie": Glee Club 3: A.S.C.E. 3, 4. LIQHN C. PALMER I9 Sterling St., Somerville, Mass. A.B.: "Jack": Historical Society I, 1, 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4: W'restling 4: International Relations Club 1, 3, 4. josIiPH F. PALIXIIFRI, AKII 1161 84th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S.: "Lloe": Football I, 1, 3, 4: XVrestling I, Manager 4: Newman Club I, 1, 3: Psychology Club 3: Chemical Society 3: 111111110 Book, Assistant Editor 4. JOSEPH E. PANZA Ijlj Albion St., Somerville, Mass. MF.: "Beppy": Newman Club Vice-President 4: A.S.M.E. 3, 4: Cross Country I, 1. KIOHN PARRHLIRST Io6 Main St., Monson, Blass. B.S.-S.T.B.: "Queenie.', LEWIS H. PARIQS, ATA 3 Highlands Ave., Stoneham, Mass. A.B.: "Lew',: Soccer 1, 3, 4: Basket bull I, 1, 3: Debating 3, 4: Histori cal Society I, 1, 3, 4: Glee Club I 1, 3, 4: Dramatics 1, 3: Wfccklj Staff 1, 1, 3, 4: International Rela tions Club 3, 4. NATALE R. PETRELL, TMA. 496 Market St., Rockland, Mass. B.S.: "Pooch": Dramatics 1, 3 Newman Club I, 1: Chemical Soci ety 3: French Club I. GEoRoP E. PHILLIPS 18 Stanley Ave., Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Flip,': Football I: Chemistry Club 3: Basketball 3. LENVIS E. PILRCL, JR. 7 Elliot St., Reading, Mass. B.S. A. PARRS PINKHAAI I7 Intervale Ave., Medford, Mass. Ch.E.: "Lydia": Track Manager 4 Chemical Society 3, 4. FRANK NV. POLITI 96 Harvard St., Medford, Mass. Ch.E.: Chemical Society I, 1, 3 Football I, 1, 3. ABRAHAM POLLEN 183 Chester Ave., Chelsea, Mass. B.S.: "Abu: Phi Beta Kappa: llVl'l'klj' I, 1, 3, 4: Chemical Society 3. LESTER Po11RIN lll Centre St., Brookline, Mass. B.S.: "Poppy": Baseball 1, 1: La- crosse 1, 3. ROBERT F. PRICE 133 Washingttun Pl., Ridgewood, N. xl. A.B.: "Bohn: Soccer 1, 1: Tennis I, 1: Debating Council 1, 1, 3, 4: Lib- eral Club 1: Masque 3: Poetry Club I, 1: TIlff0llilI7l 1, 3, 4: Ivy Orator 3: English Club, President 4. AN rHoNY F. RADVILAS, AKII 118 Morton St., Stoughton, Mass. B.S.g "Tony": Sword and Shield: Ivy Vice-President: Tower Cross Secretary: Chemical Society 1, 1, 3: Psychology Club 1, 3: Dramatics 4: Class Treasurer 1, 3, 4: Football 4: Basketball I, 1, 3, 4: Baseball, 1, 1, 3, 4: Class Day Committee 4. XVALTER A. RANDAZZO I9 Summer St., Chelsea, Mass. C.E.: l'Randy,': A.S.C.E. 3, 4. 56 LOUIS P. RANILRI, Alx1I 396 Cabot St., Beverly, Mass. B.S.: "Lou,': Wfrestling 1, 1: Foot- ball I, 1, 3, 4: Track 1, 3, 4: Ivy: Interfraternity Council 3, 4: Eve- ning Party 4: Class Day Commit- tee 4: Newman Club 3, 4: Chemical Society 3, 4: Psychology Club 3, 4. D. STANLEY RAxvsoN 63 Charlotte St., Wforcester, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B.: "Stan": Unity Club 1, 4, President 1, 3: Dramatics 1, 3. XV11.I.IAIxI B. RICE II Hodgeport Lane, Dover, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B.: "Bill." JOSEPI-1 I. RICHIN-IOND 31 Hollander St., Roxbury, Mass. Ch.E.: Menorah Society 3, 4: Chemical Society 1, 1, 3, 4: Basket- ball 1, 1: Soccer 1. IVIILTON RICHMOND II8 Florence St., Everett, Mass. M.E.: "Milt": A.S.M.E. 1. 3, 4: La- crosse I, 1, 3, 4: Football I: Wfrestling I, 1. ALFRED A. ROETZER 79 Garland St., Everett, Mass. M.E., "Al", Band 1, 2, Manager 3, 41 Student Council 3, 4, A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Track IQ Soccer I. ABRAITANI H. RLlSSAROIfF 73 Howland St., Roxbury, Mass. B.S., "Abe", Tennis IQ Band 1, 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Menorah I, 3- 4- DONALD H. RUSSliI.1. 35 Sutton St., Peabody, Mass. B.S., "Don", Track I, 2, Chemical Society 3, 4, Psychology Club 4. EDXVARD A. Russo I6 Copenger St., Roxbury. Mass. B.S., "Ed", Wlilfllll-X' I, ll Chemical Society 3, 4, Historical Society 3, 4, Romance Language Club z, 3, Psychology Club 2, 3. WILLIAM A. SACCONE 325 Malden St., Revere, Mass. B.S., "Gasoline", Chemical Society 2, Cross Country I. JOSEPH SARORHAN Paterson, N, BS., "Jo", Wrestling IQ Soccer I. LEROY E. SAVAGE 27 Bay State Ave., W. Somerville, Mass. 'iRoy", A.l.E.E. 3, 4. ROBERT D. SCHAFFNILR XVhiting Rd., Dover, Mass. ME., "Boise, A.s.IvI.E. 3, 4. WERNER H. SCHMIDI' 9 Edgecliffe Road, Wfatertown, Mass. Ch.E., "Smitty", German Club 2, 3, Chemical Society 2. 3, 4. DUNCAN XV. SEAVEY, ZW 78 Monument St., XVcst Medford, Mass. M.E., "Dune", Cross Country IQ Track I, 21 Sword and Shield, Assistant Baseball Manager 2, Radio Society I, Vice4President 2, 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, lnterfraternity Council 3, A.S.M.E. 3, 41 111177170 Book 51 Tower Cross. FRANCIS T. SHANNON 73 Moore St., East Boston, Mass. B.S. HARRX' D. SHAPIRO ll Marshall St., Malden, Mass. Ch.E. ELNIER A. SHAXV 626 Crescent St., Brockton, Mass. A.B., Track 4, Cross Country 41 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4Q Basketball 2, 3, Dramatics 3, 4. J. FRANCIS SHERNIAN I I Garfield Ave., Somerville, Mass, M.E., i'General", Wfrestling 1, 2, 3, 4Q Football IQ Newman Club 4Q A.S.M.E. 4, Glee Club 3, 4. HOWARD B. SHIERE 77 Chandler St., XV. Somerville, Mass. B.S., "Howie", Chemical Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Wfrestling I, 2, German Club 1, 2, Soccer 3. THOMAS A. SINCLAIR 52 Dublin St., Machias, Me. B.S.-S.T.B. MITCHELL S. SKAZA I4 Stewart Ct., Bondsville, Mass. B.S. CHARLES F. SMITH Wyman St., Waltham, Mass. M.E., "Smitty", Wfrestling IQ Unity Club I, 2, 3, Wrestling Manager 2, A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4. DONALD F. SMITH, ATQ 41 Acton St., Wollaston, Mass. M.E., "Smitty", Track 1, 2, Sopho- more Football Manager, Cross Counf try I. OSCAR SPRITZ 127 Shurtleff St., Chelsea, Mass. B.S., Glee Club 2, 3, 4g German Club 2, Chemical Society 3. EDWARD STERN 106 Stanwood St., Dorchester, Mass. Ch.E., Chemical Society 3, 4. CARLTON H. STONE, GMA Gates Pond Rd., Hudson, Mass. M.E., "Bo", Class Vice-President I, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 4, Baseball I, 2, Track IQ Sword and Shield, Ivy, Student Council 3. RICHARD M. TAYLOR 38 Winsor Ave., Watertown, Mass. A.B., "Dick." ABRAHAM TEITELBAUM 31 Glenarm St., Dorchester, Mass. Ch.E., Chemical Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse I, 2, 3. 57 C. F111-,111 IilLlx T1iNNAN'1', TMA i1o Pine St., Manchester, Mass, Ch.E., "Fred", lnterfraternity Council 3. 41 Cross Country 1, Assistant Manager of Soccer 1, Chemical Society 4. Tiiorsms D. Triavo, KDMA ii Nelson St., Quincy, Mass. Ch.lj., "Turk", lvy Society, Tower Cross, Football 1, 1, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 1, 3, 41 Baseball, 1, 1. 3, 4. PADI P. Tl.fZI.Al-Ii, ZW 1 Clifton Ave., Marblehead, Mass. B.S., "Tighe", Cross Country 1, 21 Track 1, 1, 3. Captain 42 Class Marshal I1 Student Council 4. XY'l1.11.m1 lfnxvaiua Toxitixsox, jk. S19 XY'atertown St., XV. Newton, Mass. BS.: "Bill." -loHN TRAIVUYZANO 210 London St., Boston, Mass. Bb. Davin A. Tian-11 R43 XY'oodland Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. lf., "Dave", Radio Society 3, 4. Ptirtk 'I-SOUPRAKAKIS, AK H 611 Market St., Lowell, Mass. BS., "Soupie", Chemical Society 2, 3, Football 1, 3. Gnolaoi-1 AI. VILRSAKAS, AKII S64 Pleasant St., Norwood, Mass. B.S., "Gidge", NVrestling IQ Glee Club 1, 2, W'r'i'kl3' IQ French Club 1, 3, Psychology Club 3, Newman Club 1, 1, 3, Treasurer 4, Senior Class Historian. lkvmo M. XVIZISS, YIPEII I7 W'alnut St., W'are, Mass. Cl'1.E., "Bob", Football 1, 1, Wfres- tling IQ Lacrosse 1, Chemical So- ciety, Ivy Society, Assistant Man- ager of Baseball 1, Manager of Freshman Baseball 31 Junior Prom Committee, lnterfraternity Council 4. E. CH111s rmx XY'lI'STPHAI.LN ll Rosedale St., Dorchester, Mass. B.S.-S.T.B., "Chris", Choir 3, 4, Cvlee Club 3, 42 Unity Club 3, 41 English Club 43 Dramatics HQRAQL F. XY'flTS'I'XYOOIJ 1, 3, 4. Arlington and Highland Blvd., Berkeley, California A.B., "jumbo," Hixiav KI. XYIHITE 140 Reservoir Ave., Revere, Mass. Ch.E., Chemical Society 1, 1, 3. THOBIAS H. XYVILKINSON, AY 1o1 Middlesex St., N. Andover, Mass. AB' "Tom", President of Delt.1 Upsilon. Senior Women F.x1rH M. Aawooo, QK Nlain St., Carver, Mass. AB- "F Dv 4' ifi", Historical Society 1. jawn BAILLY, .YK IZ Clark St., Medford, Mass. A.B., President Panhellenic 41 Swimming Team 1, 1, Captain 3, Manager 41 Hockey Team 1, His- torical Society 1, 1, 3, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Illlllflll Book Staff 4. l21.TS'.-XNORE BnNN1rrT, XQ 711 Howard Ave., New Haven, Conn. 1X.B., "Benny',, German Club 1, 1, Secretary 3, Vice-President 41 W'c1'klj I, 1, 3, Jackson Editor 4: Choir 1, 11 Glee Club 1, 1. 58 lil'NN1-111 H. XVILLARD 4 High St., Framingham, Mass. B.S., "Ken", Football IQ Basketball IQ Baseball I1 Wrfkly ZQ Psychology Club, 3, 4. NORTON L. XTVILLIABIS., EQXI' I9 Pasadena Rd., Dorchester, Mass. BS., "Norty", Glee Club 1, 31 Track 11 Varsity Lacrosse Manager 4. MARQARLT1' H. BLAKELY, XQ. N. Billerica, Mass. A.B., "Brik", French Club 1, 1 English Club 4. Ruri-1 E. Boc1asTRo1x1 45 Adrian St., Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Stretch", Tufteonic IQ Swimming 1, 21 French Club II German Club 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Psychology Club 4. Hu.13N BRLEN Go Clewley Rd., XV. Medford, Blass. A.B., Swimming 1. 21 Chairman of Outing Club 42 Student Council 42 Class President 4, Class Marshal 1, 3. Ii. HARRIE'T BURR, EK 38 Powder House Blvd., West Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Burkie", History Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. FLORENCE R. CAMPMAN, EK 9IIf Hollis Court Blvd., Queens Village, N. Y. B.S., "Flo", Tuftconic 1, 2, 3, 41 Swimming 1, 1, Choir 2, 3, 42 Glee Club 1, 1, 3, President 4. ESTHER P. CARR 346 Mechanics St., Marlboro, Mass. A.B., Unity Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Orchestra 3, 4. KATHERINE J. CARTER, XQ Sanmaur, Quebec, Canada A.B., "Kay", Student Council 2, 3, President 4, Basketball 1, 1, Liberal Club 1, 2, 32 French Club 1, 2, 3, Chapel Orator 4. ELEANOR CHAMPNEY, AEA SI Amherst St., Nashua, N. H. A.B., "Champ", XVUNQI3' 1, 2, 3, 4, Tuflouiari 1, 1, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Masque 2, 3, English Club 42 Dramatics 1, 1, 3, 42 Historical Society 1. MARY j. CRANIE 38 Gardner St., Salem, Nlass. B.S., Newman Club 1, 2, 3, Secre- tary 42 German Club 2, 3, Psy- chology Club 3. JEAN E. CROCKER, AOTI 45 Monmouth St., E. Boston, Mass, B.S., Unity Club 3, 4: Phi Beta Kappa 4, Glee Club 11 Commence- ment Speaker 4. RUTH M. C,ROW'LIiY 4S Clovelly St., Lynn, Mass. A.B., "Ruthie", Tuftconic IQ Bas- ketball 2, 3, Tennis 31 German Club 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club 3, 41 Dramatic Association 4. NIARY E. CUTTER 6 Black Horse Ter., Winchester, Mass. B.S., "Sue", Hockey 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball ll Tennis 1, 1, 3, 41 Secre- tary A, A. 3, 4. MAR,IORlIE F. DAfx'iE 44 Prichard Ave., NV. Somerville, Mass. A.B., i'Margie": Glee Club 1, Tuft- conic 1, Chemical Society 2, 3, Psychology Club 41 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, Outing Club 4. HELEN M. DOBBIN 86 Hobart St., Brighton, Mass. A.B., Newman Club 1, 1, 3, 4, Psy- chology Club 31 German Club 1, 1, 4. MARX' E. DONNINQ., AEA 70 Pratt St., New Rochelle, N. Y. A.B., Hockey 1, German Club IQ Wftfefely 2, 3, 42 Assistant Manager of Basketball 31 Panhellenic 3, 41 Student Council 4, Senior-Junior Banquet Committee 3: Class Day Committee 4. BARBARA E. DREcHsE1,, AEA 569 School St., Webster, Mass. A.B., "Bobby,', Dramatics I2 Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Unity Club 1, 1, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, 3, 41 German Club 3. BERNARDINE P. DREXVNIANH' 31 Hopewell St., Taunton, Mass. B.S., "Bunny", Hockey 1, 2, 3, 41 Basketball 2, 3, German Club 3, Social Chairman 41 Chemical So- ciety 3, 4, Outing Club Manager 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3. ELIZABETH A. DUNN, AOTI 130 Myrtle St., Rockland, Mass. A.B., "Betty", Glee Club 1, All Around Club 2, Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 4, Dramatics 2, 32 Class His- torian 3, 4, A. A. 3, 4, Swimming 2, Student Council 41 Newman Club 1, 3, Basketball Manager 2, 3- 4- DOROT1-ix' E. PARK Box 210, Keene, N. H. A.B., "Dot", Phi Beta Kappa 41 Poetry 1, 2, 3, Swimming 21 Choir 2, 3. FLORENCE L. IJIIZNBERG 68 South Main Ave., Albany, N. Y. A.B., "Flo", Psychology Club 3, 4, Menorah 1, 2, 3, 41 French Club 1, ll Mathematics Club IQ Dramatics LoU1sE M. FLEMING 179 Emerald St., Malden, Mass. B.S., "Lou,', Chemical Society 1, 1, 3, Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, Psychology Club 1. LUCILLE E. FRITZ 1617 Overing St., Wfestchester, N. Y. B.S., "Lu", Menorah z, 3, 4, Swim- ming 2, 3, 4. 99 IR1-N11 O. GIlANDBION'l' 473 N. Main St., Brockton, Mass. B.S., Chemical Society 4, Psychol- ogy Club 3, 41 German Club 2: Newman Club 1, 1, 31 Hockey 1, 1, 3, Basketball 1, 1. A11111' 1. Ha1.11i', AEA 18 Francesca Ave. XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Del", Dramatics 1, 1, 3, Pen, Paint and Pretzels 4, Class Treas- urer ll Class Secretary 11 Class Marshal 41 English Club 4. Doixoii-11' E. l-iaxvisixs, AOH 313 Nelson Ave., Peekskill, N. Y. AB., "Dottie", Glee Club 1, 1, 31 Dramatics 1, 3, 4, Class Secretary 1. GINlX'Il:X'lf B. l'lOBI'llMAN IIS Salem St., Malden, Mass. AB., "Hobo", German Club 1, 1, 3, 4, Dramatic Association 4, ling- lish Club 4, Basketball 1, 11 Me- norah 1. 1: Psychology Club 4. Main' KI. Ho1x11s, XS! Sl Monroe St., Manchester, N. H. AB. jaxi 1' I. Hoon, X82 -1 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. AB., "Hoodsie", Tuftconic 1, 1 JANET INGALLS 33 Reed St., Lexington, Mass. A.B., "Jan", Hockey 1, 1, 31 His- tory Club 1, Glee Club 3, Track 1, 3, Basketball 1. ALARNIORIE E. JOHNSON, EK S. Orrington, Maine A.B., "Marge", A. A. 1, Treasurer 41 Dramatics 1, 1, 3, 4, Masque Vice-President 3, Class Vice-Presi- dent I2 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 3 P's Vice-President 4, Class Treasurer ll Basketball 1, 1, 3, Tennis 1, 51 Hockey 1, 1, 3, Captain 4, Student Council Secretary-Treasurer 22 Ski Club 4: Banquet Committee 4. ONA KAPOCHY 131 Broadway, Boston, Mass. B.S., Dramatic Association 4. CoNs1'ANCr R. KENNY, XQ 76 Lawrence St., Wfaltlaam, Mass. A.B., "Connie", Tennis 1, 1, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, 4, Class Day Committee 4: History Club 1, 4. Aur1.a1o1. H. Korn, AOII 4oo Smith St., Peekskill, N. Y. A.B., "Kocl1ie", French Club 1, Glue Club 1, 32 Dramatics 3, 4, Psychology Club 4, Newman Club Cilee Club 1: French Club 60 Y 2. l71oRrNC1- M. Ltwis, .YK 1oo3 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton, Mass. A.B., "Flo", Psychology Club 4. l'lllIDUR S. MAUSFN 22 G'lson Ave., Medford, Mass. A.B., Glee Club 1, 21 German Club 1, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Student Council 3, 4. H1-IEN E. MCCARTY, XQ 87 S. Maine St., Randolph, Milss. A,B., "Mickey", French Club 1, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 1, 3, 41 Historical Society 1, Unity Club IQ 3 P's 4, Panhellenic Tea Chairman 3. A1.1cE L. A'll.RlilLI,, AEA 811 Commercial St., W'eymouth, Mass. A.B., "Lou", Dramatics 1: Tennis 21 A'lJIl'l2l'l1.1IlC9 Club 4, Clee Club 4. Y11s':11,s1:a lYll2RRITT NY'olfeboro, N. H. A.B., "Barb", Historical Society 1, 3, 4, 111111110 Book 4. Do11o111Y A. NI1yrzr,1-11, EK 46 Albert Pl., New Rochelle, N. Y. A.B., "Dot", Basketball 1, 1, 3: Glee Club 1, 1, 3. 4: ll"7t't'k1VY, 1, 1, 3, Tennis 1, Manager 4: Student Council 4, A. A. 4, History Club 1, 3, Vice-President 4, 1111111111 Book, Jackson Editor 4. Rum S. M11,1,1fR, AOII 16 Hillsdale Rd., Medford, Mass. A.B., Student Council 1, 3, 4, All Around Club Vice-President 3: Class President 1, 3: History Club 1, 1, 3, 4, Track 1, Basketball 1, 1, 3, 41 Banquet Committee 4: 111111170 Book, Assistant Jackson Editor 4. lVlARION A. Moiuzow, Ili 3,1 lfssex Aye., Gloucester, Mass. B.S., Historical Society 1. 3, 41 111111110 Book 4. PA'1'111e1A E. NELSON 16 Bellevue Ave., Melrose, Mass. A.B., "Pat", Choir I1 Glee Club 1. 1, Historical Society 1, 3, 4. E1,s111 M. GARIES, XQ ll XY'intl1rop St., Medford, Mass. A.B., Phi Beta Kappa, International Relations Club 4, History Club 4, Class Auditor 4. MARY E. Plexus' II Chetwynd Rd., Somerville, Mass. A.B.: Glce Club I, 1, 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: Chemical Society 3, 4: Unity Club 1, 3: Tennis I, 1, 3. Al.-XTHILDA P1-LAUMLIQ, XQ 9 Biscayne Ave., W'eymouth, Mass. A.B.: "Penny": Class President I: Student Council I, 3, 44 Basketball 1: Liberal Club 3: German Club 3. CHAIILOTTIQ B. PI-IILLIPs, AEA Z2 Curtis Ave., Somerville, Mass. A.B.: English Club 4: International Relations Club 4: Basketball 3. URIVA A. Porta, AEA Chester Ave., Medford, Mass. A.B.: International Relations Club I, 1, Secretary 3, President 4: Dra- matics 1: Historical Society 3, 4. I5 TDOROTHY S. RLSNEIQ 14 Tudor St., Chelsea, Mass. A.B.: "Dot": Swimming I, 1, 3, 4: Menorah I, 1, 3: German Club I. BF'I"I'Y ScHI.Uss, EK S Irving Ter., Cambridge, Mass. A.B.: 3 P's Sscretary 4: Swimming 1, 3, Captain 4: Hockey 1, 3: Masque 1: Tree Orator 4. R055 C. TRANIILLLO 3 Poplar St., Somerville, Mass. A.B.: Basketball I, 1: Dramatic As- sociation 4: Tennis I, 1: Newman Club I, 1, 3, 4: French Club I, 1, 3, 4: Psychology Club 4: Basket- ball I, 1. JANE N. TYRRELL, X92 I5 Highland Ave., S. Berwick, Maine A.B.: Historical Society I: Drama- tics I: Swimming I, 1: Tennis 1: I Panhellenic 3, Vice-President 4. MARJORIE P. UPTON Salem, Mass. A.B.: "Marin: Student Council 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Basketball I, 1: Unity Club I, 1, 3, 4: Tuftconic I, 1: Liberal Club I, 1. ANNE K. VAN ALIIQEN l'IIIseIII.A M. SEAVIEY, XQ 78 Monument St., XV. Medford, Mass, A.B.: "Scilla": Dramatics 1, 3: lfrench Club 3: Senior Banquet Commmittee 4. RLIIH E. 5HI1IIIu', :SK Shepherd Rd., NW. Medford, Mass. A.B.: "Sherry": Hockey I, 1, 3, 4: Basketball I, 1, 3: Tennis I, 1, 3: All Around Club 3, 4: A. A. Vice- President 3, President 4: Banquet Committee 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Student Council 4. S2 PAULINE Skoitxik 5 Piedmont St., Salem, Mass. B.S.: "Polly',: Newman Club I, 1, 3: Chemical Society 3: Psychology Club 3, 4: French Club 1. LiUsAN I. SI'I'xvAI1T 149 Mason Ter., Brookline, Mass. A.B.: "Sis": Glue Club I, 1, 3, 4: Choir I, 1, 3, 4: German Club 1. 31 4- Looish O. Swrxsox, AEA I0 Mt. Hood Ter., Lynn, Mass. A.B.: "Loon: Gprman Club I, 1, 3, 4: Masque 1, 3: Chemical Society 4: Student Council 3, 4: Class Day Committee 4: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Banquet Committee 4. X. L I II : U. S. Navy Yard, Charlestown, Mass. A.B.: Historical Society 1, 3. GLORIA VAN XVART, EK Middlesex Road :Box 3075, Glenbrook, Conn. A.B.: Historical Society I, 1, 3, 4: Dramatics I, 1, 3, 4: Pen, Paint and Pretzels 4: Hockey 1: Basket- ball I, 1, Class Vice-President 3, 4: Banquet Committee 3, 4. 1,f 61 Tufts Senior History ACT I Froxlv: I say there, Punster, will you bear with me while I relate to you the most inter- esting experience of my life? PIlllXft'l'I I have the feeling that I was there too, Frosh, but carry on and surely I shall catch you at some omissions. Frnxfw: Ah, control yourself, Punsterg your scandalous reports will be of harm to you yet. Now sit back at ease and let me on with my story. In the fall of 1932 I found myself on the college "hill." As a matter of fact, I did not find myself for months after my arrival. The novelty of college life kept me in a daze for quite some time. I was put through all kinds of degrees-filling out pedigree and program cards at Ballou I-Iall-rushing from building to building-gasp- ing for air at the new Cousens gym--ah, I must linger a while here and tell you about our findings. Incidentally, Punster, I use the word "our" now because at this time I realized that I was only one of the class of 1936, and that I had a large number of classmates in the same boat as I myself was. And so, there in the nude or less, we gathered the following information-that the original enrollment was Zjlifhllt Tinney was the heaviest at 193 IQ pounds-that William Buckley was the lightest at IOO pounds--that Bill was also the shortest at 5 feet Ig inch-that Chace was the tallest at 6 feet inches-that Freed and Kilbourn had the strongest right hand grip at I6O and "Izzy" Harris, the strongest left at 145. Well, letls go on, Punster. Wfe encountered many other flurries immediately afterwards-meeting the profs with stony faces-buying our equipment and hats, the dumb-looking things-learning how to talk, think, eat, and pass the salt simultaneously-fraternity rushing-and meeting up with the sophomore police force. Pzzzzsfrr: XVhat a bunch! What a bunch! And especially that guy they called "Brownie" Frmb: Watch your tongue, Punster. There is no need for you to be so specific. Well, by this time we had made ourselves at home more or less and began to get the swing of college activities. Before long, the Freshman football team moulded itself around Captain Smith, but Dame Fortune turned a cold shoulder, for the only game won was the Sophomore encounter. The basketball team under Captain Radvilas, the wrestling team under Ben Davies, and the baseball team were also clinging to the short ends of their contests. Meanwhile, other affairs were taking place on the "hill.,' We enjoyed our dinner at the Freshman banquet, but lost it all as energy for the tussle with the Sophomores afterwards. The brutes had their fun until their term bills came out again. At about the same time we chose our class leaders, electing Packard, Stone, Batchelder, Smith, and Maynard. The weeks rolled by and when we met up with our first final exams, we knew that the year was over. Wfhat say. Punster? P1111t1'1'r: Wfell, fair, but had you let me say more, I would have added some color. Aer II Sojwfi: Listen here, Punster, I had a chat with Frosh and he told me that you were a VC1'y good listener. Won't you hear the story of our sophomore year at Tufts? PIlllXft'l'f I don't mind listening, but I can't seem to get a word in edgewise, and I have some things Ild like to spill too. Solhfa: Your turn will come, but listen and you will be all the wiser. I must begin our story sadly for at the beginning of the year we suffered the loss of Louis Woleck. Let us pay tribute to a most worthy classmate. The members of the class showed a marked change in character. At this stage, there seemed to be no one better in the entire universe. However, this was not unex- pected, for there is that time in everyone's life. The Sophomore banquet was rather 62 quiet due to the "lecture" given by Professor Miller. When election time drew around we chose Packard, Stone, Garner, Radvilas, and Healey. The Sword and Shield found Smith, Healey, Garner, Johnson, Stone, Davies, Duncan, Lewis, Mann, Maynard, Radvilas, and Seavey as patrolmen. P11nsIc'1': If I remember correctly, Johnson and Maynard neatly filled in "Brownie,s" shoes, did they not? Sopb: Forget it, Punster, forget it. That's a thing of the past now. Passing farther, we found that Madow, Packard, and Coolidge were participating in dramaticsg Price and Davis were active on the Debating Council, Price and Benoit made the Tzzffolzizzn Staff, Radvilas and Harris earned letters in basketball, Donnelly and Borden made a hit at baseball. Bad luck followed our class teams again, and we lost our class flags as we did in our Freshman year. You know, Punster, it wasn't long before we faced our second final exams and so I must conclude our story. Pnnsivr: You too lack color, and I have yet to say my piece. ACT III Plnzsfrrr You need not ask, junior, for I know that you want me to hear your story, too. However, I'm going to say my piece right now- IIIIUUVJ But wait, Punster, I shall not be long and then you can have the floor. Our class had fully found itself by the beginning of the Junior year, and as days went by its members were becoming more and more dignified. For officers we elected Garner, Stone, Healey, Radvilas, and Lewis. The Ivy society was prominent with Duncan, Ranieri, Weiss, Tervo, Radvilas, Coolidge, Lewis, Garner, Stone, and johnson. These men showed their worth during our most successful Junior Week. At the prom, we danced to the music of Fletcher Henderson- PIll1Sfl'l'I I,d like to add a word or two about the men's favorsi- IIIIIIUVI No, no. Not now, Punster. I must run along for my story is ended. I fear that the books had the edge on other activities and hence my story is short. AcT IV Senior: Ah, there you are, Punster. I've been looking all over the "hill" for you. Pmzsfvr: Yes, I have a few words I must have with you- Srnior: Listen to this first, my kind friend. We started our Senior year with a bang. We chose our permanent oflicers with Garner, Coolidge, Healey, Radvilas, Donnelly, and "yours truly" filling the roles. Tower Cross has been functioning nicely with Duncan, Bracken, Donnelly, Tervo, Radvilas, Seavey, Lewis, Garner, Johnson, and Healey. The Class Day Committee with Bristol. Bowler, Ranieri, and Radvilas should provide an enjoyable week, so too, the Banquet Committee with Lewis, Gens, and Carlson. However, we met a sad event again when we lost Doctors Lane and Wfinslow from our faculty. Wfe sincerely hope that they can soon return for the benefit of those we leave behind. For some of our classmates, Medical School worries cropped up and to them we extend our sincerest good wishes. PIllISfL'I'l Don't you think that idea of Murray and Benoit about "Mr. Tufts" was pretty good? Svlzior: Yes, of course, and that distinction went to Radvilas, hereafter to be known as Anthony "Tufts" Radvilas. Now, my dear Punster, I am about finished and must leave you. Pzzusfrr: Please hear my piece. The others have all deserted me. To whom it may concern, for I know it isnlt any of my business, it behooves me to mention my "matri- monial preludesf' They go in order, and I shall be angry with myself if I forget any. Among the most noticeable were, Herb and Flo, Bill and Edith, joel and Elaine, Dan and Charlotte, Anthony and Pete, Irving and Esther, Tommy and Kay, Dune and Nels,-- Oh, I could say many others but I can see that you're getting angry at me. Senior: You do get around, don't you, Punster? GEORGE VERSAKAS. Class Hixforialz. 63 Tufts 1936 Statistics Bm! All Arnlzml' Bvxf A11 Al'IIIllltl Aflwlvfr BUS! A11 Arnlzlnf Ollfijtft' Ailwfvfirx Bvxf Pfr-J'.Iiq11I' Bvxf Nfifzzrnf BUS! Lim' BUS! DLIIIFUI' Bvsl DrI'xsI'Ir' Mm! RI'xpI'I'fI'If Mnxf Pnjuzfnr Mm! Cnlfvgitliv Mm! TVJ'f1iI'I11 Tnffx Man Mm! Sf'fmfIIr1'J' NIUXI' Likvlj' ln S1l1'I'1'1'If Mm! Tfmrnzrgfv Gt'IIf1t'IlI4llI AfI0.if Lfflvlj' BLI1'f7I'1ur Mus! Dl'tIll1cIfjt' NIMH TAl1L'llfL'Lf DUIII- Mus! for flu' Clan Mos! Olflilqizlg Mm! Pujvnful' AIUIIIZTUI' nf flu, Fm Clan Polifivmfl Glwlfml Drag llfffl flu' I'1II'1r1lvy Gm'I1lI'xf Drug Iriffv lfn' W'11n1I'r1 Cfaxs Sfmrk Claxx XXHIIIIIIIII Hufvf' W'iffiI'xf GI'I'dfI'Xf Sr1I'iz1IffI' Blfxivxf M1111 afmzzf COIIPPI' Mm! HI111IfmmI' Cfmrzgwf Hn' Mm! Cfnzfzgvfl flu' Lruvf M4111 nf ffm' Hirlll' I5Ilz'uriI'I' Cl?tlt'Z7 Ffzzvwiff' Sfmrf Hnrwlmf' Yun' in CUHIQQI' I'lm1xI1I1fI'xl Yum' in Cnlfrlqc Mm! Pufwzzluz' Itzukmrz Girl Mus! Pnjmlur uUUllIt'lI,X Cullugv Mos! Pujmltzr CI1lIL'.Ql' Pl'l'XIlIIl11fIL'j' Priflw of llllfkillll F411 nrifv Girfx' Durnzifm'-J '1111'-J' Thing Muff NI'I'IfI'If in ffm Cr1HI'UI' 64 -N RICHARD JOHNSON ANTHONY RADVILAS LEROY BENOIT ANTHONY RADVILAS BENJAMIN DAVIES JOHN MURRAY PAUL MAYNARD DANIEL HEALEY WILLIAM LEWIS XVILLIAM CARNER JOHN MURRAY ANTHONY RADVILAS FRED OARES LOUIS CENS LOUIS RANIERI RICHARD HODGES STANLEY RAWSON NORMAN CARLSON JOHN MURRAY LOUIS CENS PROP. MAYNARD WILLIAM LEWIS DAVID PACKARD HERBERT MARCH PHILIP DAVIS ELMER SHAW ROBERT PRICE JOSEPH PALMIERI JOHN MURRAY THOMAS CLYNN JOSEPH PALMIERI RICHARD TAYLOR PAUL MAYNARD SAM RUCCERI FOOTBALL SOPI-IOMORE SENIOR GLORIA VAN WART RADCLIFFE LEO LEXVIS GEORGE VERSAKAS RICHARDSON SXVIMMING POOL Jackson Senior History September, 1952 Entrance of new freshman class-green like the others was the impression of the upper classmen. W'hat a surprise they were in for! Rumor had it that we were to be the lirst victims of scholastic aptitude tests. A feeling of terror shot through us all. Said rumor was carried out in Packard Hall. Upon leaving this ordeal, we were greeted by photographers from Boston papers. Consoled by the fact that our shining faces would be in the next day's papers, worries and fears soon left us. Preregistration and Freshman Reception helped add to the confusion and excite- ment. Classes come next. My, what a difference between college and high school! Freshman Class Officers are the next thing. "Red" Pflaumer was elected president, Milan" Robinson, vice-president, "Dottie" Hawkins, secretary, Adele Haley, treasurerg "Pat" Smith, marshal, and Martha Henderson, historian. Our class soon made itself known by the quality of its athletes. "Sherry," "Pat," "Marge" Dame, Ruth Miller, "Marge,' Johnson, Helen Breen. and Gloria were re- sponsible for this in hockey and basketball. Jane, Helen, Betty Schluss, and "Dotty" Resnek were valuable additions to the swimming squad. Before we knew it, mid- years were upon us. What a bewildered group we were then-but we managed to pull through. Then came the spring. The best time of the year we were told. In April, the spring formal was our first big dance. May brought with it jackson Day and sub-freshmen. Could we possibly have been so timid? With the real hot weather, came our first finals. They had a bit more terror to them than mid-years. Maybe it was the heat! Sophomore year began with some changes in officers. Ruth Miller became our new president: Nella VanXVinklen, vice-presidentg Adele, secretaryq "Marge, johnson, treasurer, and "Nita', Bartlett our marshal. This year the class of '36 made its entrance in dramatics. "Fran,' Card was the leading lady in "Dover Road," Gloria in the "Lawless.,' and it was in this play that Betty Schluss made a name for herself as a character actress. Betty Dunn had the part of a "cotton picking childf' All Around Club sponsored a recital of compositions of Mrs. Leo Lewis in chapel followed by a reception. Jackson glee club and choir contributed to this. Junior Day came around and it was the first one in which the class of T36 was really active. "Sherry," Ruth Miller, and Kay Carter were vice-presidents of the Student Council, All Around Club, and Athletic Association respectively. June came and our sister class gradu- ated. My, but we are growing up! In our junior year we emerged from our shells. "Fran" Card is our first bride. "Nita" has left us for Art School. Martha Henderson transferred to "Duke." Her departure brought about a rather early class meeting to appoint a new historian. Betty Dunn was elected to take her place. The fall and winter started off with a bang. A victory banquet for our undefeated and untied football team. Wfe sure we1'e glad that we came to Tufts. Bad weather sets in. Sure is hard trudging down to Hooper House. Mid-years. Amount of snow so great that exams are postponed. Result is that we all don ski suits and hike to the square in the bitter cold. After vacation, :'Three P's" puts on "Councillor at Law." Marge Johnson has lead. Betty Schluss becomes famous as the "Telephone Operator." Spring again. Much excite- ment in anticipation of Junior Xveek-end. Junior Prom gives us Fletcher Henderson and his band-Enuf said! Junior Day begins with awards. Kay Carter is president of Student Council, Betty Dunn heads the All Around Club, "Sherry" is president of the Athletic Association, and Eleanore Bennett is Jackson editoi' of the lVeekly. Class oflicers were the same except for two changes-Helen Breen was elected president, and Adele, marshal. We have made our debut. June brings Pops, Class Day, and Com- mencement. Wfe only have another year. September 193 5. Our year has come. Seems rather strange not to see any upper classmen around. Fat Smith did not return. This leaves Pan-Hell without a president 65 and the basketball team without a captain. Meetings take place and Jane Bailey and "Marge" Dame take over Pat's duties. The fall sees Flo Fienberg keeping Helen McCarty company by sporting an engagement ring. Shortly after our return, were academic awards. glean Crocker, Dot Farr, and Elsie Oakes represent jackson in Phi Beta Kappa. Jean is also to be our commencement speaker. After Christmas Vaca- tion, "Marge" Johnson causes excitement with her diamond. Did you ever stop to consider the number of rings and pins in the class? No wonder so many advocate .1 course in marriage as being practical! Oh, yes, there's our Junior-Senior Banquet. This is our second one. lt was held at the Riverbank Court Hotel. Of course it was the best ever. Much credit goes to Gloria and Nan Ellis who were in charge. Our president, Helen Breen, was always a hustler, so thanks to her I am able to include in this history the results of the elections for commencement activities. Mary Donning, and Connie Kenny are to represent us on the class day committee. Cn the banquet committee are Ruth Miller, Priscilla Seavey, and "Marge" Johnson. When freshmen, graduation seemed like some distant dream, and we could hardly wait for it. Now it has arrived, we are a bit frightened by it and wish we had a longer time to spend here on this Hill. Yes, they were good times we had, but now we are grown up and must face the world and make a name for ourselves. and make our college proud of us as we have been ot her. BETTY DUNN, !tIt'lQX0lI Hixforiull. The Library Path 66 ' Hells: ...hx 'N Jackson 1936 Statistics Busf Looking Bax! All Arfnnm' Bvsf Figzm' Bvsf All .AVOIIIILI Afblmfz' Bvsf Naflfrmf Mosf PraI'fifa1 BVU Liflivzf Ninn' Dvuzowaliv Bvxf Dallrrz' B651 Drc'xxc'If Nfoif Rc'SfN'I'lI'If BH! Poixwf Mos! Popular Szwvfvsz' Maxi Aliswzf-Mifzzfval Mos! Typical CO-l'l1 Mosf Srbolarly NIOXI' Liflvl-1' i0 SIlc'c'1'L'zf Bcsf Avfrrxs Most Talwzfvd Moxf Obliging Xviffimf Grvafvsf Sovialiff' Mosf Polbnlav' Favizlly NIL'Il1Z7t'l' Bzzsicsf Woman abozzf Collage Bvst Couzlzizzafions of Brains ana' Bcaufy Moxf Virarioux Cbangnl ilu' Mos! NIOSI' Sil1l't'l'L' Mosz' Blzsilzvss-Likr Smoofhvsf Biggcsf Hcarf Brvafcrr Mosf Digzzifivff BUS! SPUVII Maxi Fvnziuilzc BUS! CO1Zl'L'!'XHffU1It11fSf Dom' Mosf for H90 Class Mosf Cbarnzizzg Czzfvsf Mos! Df.YfflIl'fil't' Mosf Fl'il'IltHj' Mos! Plvasing Smile M0524 Sopbisfirazfmz' MARY HOLMES MARJORIE JOHNSON ANN VAN AUKEN MARJORIE DAME RUTH SHERRY IRENE GRANDMONT MARY DONNINC KATHERINE CARTER FLORENCE LEWIS LUCILLE ERITZ KATHERINE CARTER HARRIET BURK GLORIA VAN WART DOROTHY HAWKINS HELEN BREEN GLORIA VAN WART DOROTHY EARR ELEANOR CI-IAMPNEY ELIZABETH SCHLUSS ELIZABETH sCHLUss BARBARA MERRITT ELEANOR CHAMPNEY FAITH ATWOOD DR. HERBERT BARRY DOROTHY METZCER JEAN CROCKER HELEN BREEN JANET HOOD KATHERINE CARTER ELEANOR CHAMPNEY ELORENCE CAMPMAN FLORENCE CAMPMAN MARION MCRROXV RUTH SHERRY DOROTHY HAWKINS MARJORIE JOHNSON RUTH MILLER ANN VAN AUKEN ADELAIDE KOCH MARY HOLMES CONSTANCE KENNEY DOROTHY METZGER FAITH ATWOOD 67 Jumbo-Mascot at Tufts To THE EDITOR or THE 1936 JUMBO Book: This is an account I wrote for the newspaper here some nine years ago. The incident is as vivid in my memory to-day as it was that day in September t885. I do not think that I could give you a better description than this. I hope it will serve your purpose: Forty years ago to-day Jumbo, king of the creatures of the wild, a living re- minder of the dinotheriidae pre-historic times, and probably the greatest show attrac- tion ever brought to the continent of America, met death in the local yards of the C.N.R., then the Air line of the Grand Trunk Railway, killed by a freight engine. And so this mammoth of the jungles met an untimely death, for he was young, quite young, as the years of elephants are counted. Of that body which lay in a bulking dark hulk across the railroad tracks on that memorable night forty years ago nothing remains today except a nail from a little toe, which is now in my possession. The huge skin and skeleton bones were presented to the Smithsonian Institute at Xvashington by P. T. Barnum, owner of Jumbo. Jumbo's hide now stands in the Barnum Museum of Natural History at Tufts College. AIumbo's fame lives on, his name comes as readily to the tongues of school children today as on that night when two pop-eyed youngsters fled in wild terror down the railway embankment away from the engine of death and the confusion at the ele- phant cars. Jack Row and myself, boyhood chums, had witnessed the circus performance in the afternoon. Lured by the glamor of the big tents, we found ourselves back at the cii'cus grounds in the evening. Wlailt boy with a creative imagination can resist the spell of the circus? We watched the loading into cars of some of the other circus animals and then, when Jumbo left the main tent after contributing his share to the performance, we gigged along behind the great shuilling beast. Jumbo's death, the shrill trumpet- ing of the beast as it careened down the tracks in terror before the oncoming locomotive, the cries of the attendants, the straining crowding pack of humanity when news of Jumbo's death flashed through the circus grounds and city almost as quickly as a chain of lightning runs its course in the sky-all these, and many more details are as fresh in my mind today as when, a badly scared kid I saw the whole dreadful tragedy enacted. Jack and I had seen them bring jumbo out of the big tent and as the keeper, with Jumbo and a dwarf elephant "Tom Thumb" started for the tracks we fol- lowed. In order to expedite loading the circus em- Iumbo and His Friends ployees had broken down the fences along the right of way and left an open gap in the string of cars standing on the siding so they could pass through and onto the main track. This saved them the time it should take to go the length of the circus grounds, reach the tracks by the street crossing and return to the elephant cars. As Matthew Scott, keeper, led the way up the steep side of the embankment and Jumboys great frame loomed black against the pale translucent green of the sky, I turned to my chum and in awe struck tones said, "Gee, what would happen if a train hit himf' What would happen was beyond the conceivable imagination of either, so in wonder- ing silence we followed after Jumbo. Several cars stood between the opening and the "Palace Caru specially made for Jumbo. Just as they reached Jumbo's car the whistle of an approaching train came quivering on the night air. "What line is that train on,', asked Scotty sharply as he swung around to the flagman whose duty it was to stop approaching trains, but who, fascinated by the king of elephants, had delayed to see him loaded into his car. "My God. itls on our trackf' and he began running eastward along the ties. Almost at the same instant the headlight bathed the scene in white light as the freight train, in charge of engineer Wm. Burnip dipped over the horizon and rattled down the grade to St. Thomas. The flagman was frantically waving his lantern, trying to stop the oncoming train but those were the days before air brakes were in use on the railroads. Scotty realized the danger. He swung the giant pachyderm around on his hind feet in the direction from whence they had come. "Run, Jumbo, Run," he cried, half sobbing. And Jumbo ran. When Jumbo swung around, he just brushed me, half knocking me down the side of the embankment. I rolled to the bottom and by that time the train, its whistle blowing and the sparks flying from the brakes which had been set, had almost reached the spot where I had been standing. I could see Jumbo running down the tracks, taking such big steps that it seemed as though he surely could have stepped over the line of box cars between him and safety. His trunk was held high in the air and his trumpeting sent paralyzing shivers down either side of my spine. Fear, the black gnawing fear of death was in the beast's heart. As that weird unnatural cry of the doomed beast sounded high and shrill above all else, circus and railway employees stood rooted to the spot. I had leaped for the fence, trying to tumble over as boys do when they are in a great hurry, my head just balancing over the fence and my feet and legs dangling on the railroad side. One convulsive kick would flop me completely over. At that moment the locomotive struck the small elephant, hurtling him down the embank- ment and against a telephone pole. The force of the impact caused the elephant to carom off the pole and against the fence. The vibration was terrible. I was helpless 69 and it seemed to me that I should never get off that fence alive. Finally I got over and started to run. jumbo in the meantime had kept on at break-neck speed. He remembered the opening in the line of cars, but half crazy with the fear of the screeching thing bear- ing down on him, ran two car lengths past the opening before he realized his mistake. I-Ie stopped and turned. Then it was that the pilot of the engine struck him. Jumbo,s head was driven between a box car and flat car and as the weight and power of the engine threw him over on his side. his neck was broken. I, too, soon met disaster, as in fright 1 ran heedless of direction and glancing back over my shoulder until I pitched headlong into a ditch cutting across the field. XVhen I got to my feet again, b1'eathless, bruised but somewhat sobered, I went back. The end of jumbo was pitiful. The animal, now almost powerless, reached out its long trunk, wrapped it around the trainer and then drew him down to where that majestic head lay blood stained in the cinders. Scotty cried like a baby. Five minutes later they lifted him from the lifeless body. Death separated the two, man and beast, who for twenty-one years had been constant companions and between whom had gradually formed a deep rooted affection strong as it was strange. That night Scotty laid down beside the body of his friend. At last exhausted from the strain, he fell asleep. XVhile he slept, some vandal cut a huge slice from AIumbo's ear. XVhen Scotty discovered this in the morning, he said things which are not fit to print. I honestly believe if he could have laid hands on the person who did that deed he would have killed him. It was in the morning when I returned to the scene that I found xIumbo's toe nail. The pilot of the engine was buried three feet deep in the cinders and gravel. The engine and two cars had been thrown off the rails when Jumbo was hit. That day they skinned jumbo, the skin weighing j,,zqo pounds on GrifIin's scales. For a month after the death of jumbo I would wake up every night in a cold sweat, the vision of a monster elephant galloping along a railway track stepping over cars, rivers and whole continents, of an engine of death with fire and smoke pouring from the chimney and a rain of sparks from the wheels, standing out clear in the inky blackness of my room and the blood curdling trumpeting of Jumbo ringing in my ears. Jack Row and I were practically the only eye witnesses of the collision excepting employees of the circus and railroad and it was as a witness in an expected law suit to determine responsibility that I was taken to New York. I was a week in New York, stopping at - 5 one of the best hotels, where I used to sit for hours fascinated as I watched the darkies sweep the checkered floor of the rotunda. All .. .... .......... ... , . . "' expenses were paid and at the end of the week I returned home with- .....-...---------... .... .' ' i i -n-v, .- I 1 . e, -lf : N x X X AE: l ll ll out having had to enter court, railroad and circus having reached an agreement between themselves. Barnum received sio,ooo and free transportation over the railroad for his circus for one year. There were twenty-three in the party which went to New York from St. Thomas in charge of the station master, the late James A. Stewart. -ii 1 After the death of Jumbo, Barnum circulated a story which was printed in the United States press as genuine, to the effect that Jumbo had been killed while trying to save baby elephant. The great circus proprietor, who was a master hand at publicity, let it be known that the giant elephant had, when he saw the impending danger, thrust the baby elephant off the tracks and charged the locomotive. Nothing could be further from the truth as jumbo was turned around by Scotty his keeper, and when told to run waited not for the command to be repeated. While the circus was in St. Thomas everything in which Jumbo's name was mentioned was taken as a hoax much the same as statements made on the first of April are generally given little attention. When I got home that night, the first thing I said was as I ran breathless into the house was 'ljumbo has been killedf, My father thought I was joking. Moreover it was after eleven o'clock and I should have been home long since. "I'll Jumbo youf' my father replied. But mother noticing how white I was and the excited look in my eyes asked me for the whole story. Yours very truly, Edgar I-I. Flach BARNUM MUSEUM OP NATURAL HISTORY HOME OF JUMBO 1 i -am........:-W...Q.-Q.-W :.--:w5..'f,f-.---1.-ia--aw:v.-::f-..s.. . ' " t 'gf' sry fa--My , . - . A--'-wee wt- - .-.a-8v..v.-e.- . J , , - - -4 -. 1 - ., f -. .. .., x ,I ,M , V V, V ...,v . .X . if.2.Nxm. effu4n.a-'. , .. 71 3 W IIAII, S, YTYWWW .Sl S! X A 'x , Q S x X X Pi .. var S ,S 'WI 1 S lp 54 N Ax -.ni ., QQ T'-iw ii, as y -'. 5, ', "ve ' x 1 .'.A. - I, 'fi ly ' 5 - ' 1 N. a ' ' ,Q 1.8- 4 Sk' lf? 1" - ,,. s . rewwn ,Q . F 331 -'wb 'N x, X ' '. . ' .. 53" .uv . x X , f I I.. f 5 A .14 -4 A 'is 4 . , 'igfgl fl .1-,' V 4 . ' A ",','. ,fa A gl I, 'Q 4, x . , F., T' - J N- ,p:,f", .f , l. 2. ' A .. --- au kfxf' , - .Q G! -A ' W vi: .. H 1 ' " gt Ms.,-fx N 1,,.g5-' ,.r .ni M, If 1 ' X ., gk E ' .4-:IE f ti a . , .fr ,X . . .- ab .1 ,". 'I .,. 'L " . 1' " ,Q ' 39- 5' e r V Q' E ' ff a 'fad " 'wk if fr, .. 5 f' 'K is 'S Q 45 A A N' . V, 'Q . ' . ' if if 'gmt Qvxx' ' 0 ' N- + ,yv-wa is r ,. fi 0 ., ig' Ynung Keith Iimwl Cmndall Rcndnll Tufts Jumor 0ff1CQ1'S XVILLII-XM GUODALL KIUHN B. RENDALL, Jlx 1'Vu.mfw1f Vim'-P1'z'xi1fw7f ROBILRT L. BOYD XYWLLIAM P. YOUNG Trwrxzzzw' St'1'I'l'flIl'K' ROGER S. KEITH Murslvaf E.1rnsworth Elliot .lcnscn Ellns Spain Rugglu Jackson unior Qfficers ELIZABETH SPAIN P1'c'si12'v1zf NANCY B. ELLIS Vim'-P1'Cxi4lv11f DOROTHY E. RUGGLES SL'tfl'Uffl7"Y EMILIE U. FARNSXVORTH Trcaszl rv 1' GERTRUDE T. ELLIOT Mzlrslml AUDREY L. MORAN Sofia! Clldifllltlll EDITH C. JENSEN Hixloriau GRACE M. KELLEY All Arnlzmf C1110 Rvp. Sli ' ! Y. 76 S . :K . ,A H.1rri5 Cnr XYVJISOII Folsom MLGcc Tufts Sophomore Gffmers ROBERT S. POLSOM EDWARD J. HARRIS Pl't'Xi1I1'lIf Sl'l'I'l'ftIl'wj' .IOSEPH L. XVATSON FRANCIS J. MCGEE Vim'-I'1'f'siJv11f Tl't'l1XIHAt'I' EUGENE AI. CARR Ma:'sZm1 Fitvpnlrick O'I5ricn Corbcu Bonnur March Harms Iupwn Jackson Sophomore Qfiioers EDITH HARRIS Pl'0xi11'w1f MARION H. JEPSON Vic'z'-Pwsiffvazf BARBARA J. MARCH S4'z'1'4'fa1'-3' JANE A. FITZPATRICK Tl'L'HS1ll't'7' CARMELITA S. CORBETT Nlarslnzl LOIS M. O,BRIEN Sofia! Cl7t1il'Il1lZlZ DORIS M. BONNER Hixforiau EMILY FEDOR All Arnlfmf Club Raju. 5. H S. l'.1yLqnt Dodwcll Cluwdcry Day Sweeney Tufts Freshman Offmers HENRY W. DAY DONALD G, PAYZANT I'1'miJrf1i S!'l'l't'fl1Vj' JOSEPH -I. SNWEENEY DONALD A. CONVDERY Vim'-I'1'rxia'1'11f Trmlxlzrw' JAMES L. DODWELL Mm-Slml N Burnham Fingcx' Nl.lCKCllZiC NICNICIUIIIUI1 Kellogg Aucr Tustu N1.lLl.1cl1l.111 Jackson Freshman Qfficers EILEEN M. FOSTER P1'wxin'w1f CHARLOTTE A. F. AUER Vim'-I'1'z'SiJv11f RI-IODA MA CKENZIE Sm'1'ci411'y -IANET L. K"1ACLACHLAN VTl'l'tlXIll't'l' NIARYNQYES KELLOGG Mnrxfmf EILEEN M. NMMFNIMEN Snriul Cfnlirzmlfl MARKIURIE B. BURNHAM Hix1'm'ia11 NIARJORIE FINGER All Arnumf Cfllfv Rvjf. BLANCI-IE L. DOXVNING Aflnlvfif AXXflL'il1fiC7lI Raja. BCDOK HI is 'Vx is 'Mi ' .aa-.,y 'Nix Q fi Qg.- ., ,I ' 722 ' Y. Vlil ,,. f QM9392' ,D .31 13 Lewis Duncan Roet7er Keith Donnelly Tctzlaff Coolidge Hansen Bracken Healey Packard Benoit Tufts Student Council The Student Council, formed at Tufts in 1924, controls and regulates all matters concerning student life and activities. This is Composed of members representing the various major sports and other extr.1-curricular activities on the hill. The policy of the Council is to deal with problems and suggestions brought up by these various activities. In cases of misdemeanor or infringement of college rules, the Council, after fair trial at which it is present. presents its conclusions and recommendations to the president of the college, who has the final Word in enforcing the rules. The Council serves an important purpose in its relations with the student councils of other Col- leges. These relations help to advertise the name of Tufts College and, in fact, to bring all colleges in closer touch with each other. COUNCIL MEMBERS DANIEL S. HEALEY, JR. Pl'i'xi4fi'lIi DAVID PACKARD Vim'-l'1'4'.tiifr'l1f XVILLIAM O. BRACKEN Sl't'l'l'ftIl'-H' Leroy Benoit '36 Roger S. Keith '37 Robert T. Coolidge '36 Wfilliam W. Lewis '36 George W. Donnelly '36 Alfred A. Roetzer ,36 Richard S. Duncan '36 Antone J. Spath '37 Edwin R. Hansen '36 Paul P. Tetzlnff ,36 Sz Breen Cole Upton Metzger Miller Madsen Ellis Dunning Ptlnumer Swenson Spain Carter Edith Harris Elizabeth Harris Sherry Dunn Jackson Student Council The Jackson Student Council is composed of the President of each classg a House President from each dormitoryg and a President, Vice-President and a Secretary- Treasurer, elected by the entire student body. There is also an of-Hill representative elected by the off-Hill students, an N. S. F. A. Secretary elected by the Council. This year the Presidents of All Around Club and the Athletic Association were in- vited to attend the Council meetings on each Tuesday to discuss student problems and to pass judgment on all infractions of the college rules. This Council also aids in the entertaining of the sub-freshmen and sponsors the formal dinners held in the College dining rooms every month. KATHERINE CARTER '36 Pl'i'5iili'11i ELIZABETH SPAIN '37 Vim'-PI'i'Siili'l1f EDITH HARRIS '38 Si'i'1'i'h1r-y-Tri'as11ri'r Helen Breen '36 Hilda Madsen '36 Rachel Cole '39 Dorothy Metzger '36 Mary Donning '36 Ruth Miller '36 Elizabeth Dunn '36 Mathilda Pflaumer '36 Nancy Ellis '37 Ruth Sherry '36 Elizabeth Harris '37 Louise Swenson '36 Marjorie Upton '36 83 Teri o Searcy liracken Duncan Donnelly Radvilas ,lolinson Lewis Garner Healey Tower Cross Society Membership in Tower Cross, the Senior honorary society, is one of the highest honors which an undergraduate can receive. The ceremony for the announcement and installation of members is held publicly at a Chapel service. Tower Cross has many duties, among which are to supervise interclass contests, to run Tufts Night and other rallies, to police regular Chapel meetings, and to act as Athletic Association Nominating Committee. The members. which are elected by the junior Class in May, are pledged to use every eifort to promote the greatest good of the college. XVILLIANI WV. LEXVIS Pl't'.iiifi'lli W'l1,.I.IAM C. GARNER Vim'-I,1'i'xiili'11f ANTHONY lii. RADVILAS St'i'r'i'fnry-Tr't'm11i'i'r' RICHARD JOHNSON Mrlrxlnll Wfilliam O. Bracken George XV. Donnelly Richard S. Duncan Daniel S. Healey, Jr. Duncan XV. Seayey Thomas D. Tervo S4 Keith Bentley Young Kyriox Goodall Bratenas Boyd Rendall Redsluw Sparh Ivy Society The Ivy Society, honorary society of the junior Class, was founded in IQOI. lts purpose is to break down faetional lines within the college. The members are elected by the Sophomore Class in May. Its chief duty is the publishing of the ll'-1' Bunk, ll task which is of great value to the college. Since 1916 the book has been presented to the students and faculty members every year. Other duties of the society are to take charge of Junior Day and the junior Prom, select the class blazers, run dances after the basketball games. look after athletic trophies and collect group pictures of the current teams. JOHN B. RENDALL, AIR. P1'1'xi1l1'11f LINCOLN L. REDSHAW xlffl'-PIAl'Sitll'1If nuff St't'!'L'flIl'-Y ROBERT B, BOYD T1'vux111'1'1' Paul G. Bratenas Williaxii Goodall Roger S. Keith Lewis A. Kyrios Antone Spath Wfilliam P. Young Ss Berry XVells McGee Burrage Folyom Abdu l'I.ll'LlCIl Murray XY'oiciecl1owwlii Collier Xvatson Sword and Shield Society Sword and Shield, the Sophomore honorary society, was founded in 1902. The members are elected from the Freshman Class .lt the end of the year. Its chief duties are to .uct as .1 committee to welcome visitors, to run live informal dances Ll year. to act as vigilance committee for the college, including the policing of outdoor sings, and to enforce the Freshman traditions. ANTHONY A. XVONICIECHOXVSKI Pl't'Sidt'IIf XVILLIAM H. MURRAY Vin'-I'n'xiJw1f BENNIE COLLIER S4'l'Vl'fLll'j' JOHN HAYDEN Tl't'tISIll't'l' Louis Abdu Richard M. Berry Edward B. Burrage Robert S. Folsom Francis KI. McGee Joseph L. XXVIIISOD Harry XV. XVells 36 lieldnmn Dimdy Hale Rim Parks Coolidge c Debating Council L. Parks, W. B. Coolidge. and P. Petixivice .ire we.1rers of the debating eh.irni for participatioii in at least live intercollegiate debates. These meniberQ have been out- standing in this yearls Season. The season as .1 whole has been .i very successful one, although there are no definite wins or losses, since there .ire no decisions rendered. OFFICFRS XVILLIAM B. CCOLIDGE LEWIS H. PARKS PROFESSUR NEXVELL C. MAYNARD MEMBERS XV. B. Coolidge D. Rose L. Parks Whitson P. Petravice SEASON University of Vermont Bowdoin Middlebury Radcliffe Colgate University Radio lWl'OL1LlC.lQIS alt: Philadelphia, Pa. Utica, N. Y. P1'i'siili'11f lllzllltlgfl' Dil't'l'fII7' if. Doody H. Feldman A. Hale University of Pennsylvania Bates College H 21 r v Ll rd Burlington, Vt. 87 Morrison Muberg Greeley Healey Linden Ciolh Gold Schmidt Ruetyer Martinson Berger Tau Beta P1 DI'.lTA Oli' M:X5S.NC'HL'SI3'I'TS Cl"lAI'TI'R Davis Esfi1l1lisfnwf in I92f National Honorary Engineering Fixiternity Founded at Lehigh University in 1885 Members are chosen each year from the first eighth of the junior and the Hrst quarter of the Senior classes in the Engineering School. Selection is based primarily on scholarship, but consideration is given to breadth of interest in other activities. LEONARD A. MARTINSON LOUIS BERGER XVERNER H. SCI-IMIDT ALFRED A. ROETZER Mario V. Ciorh '36 Edward J. Crowley '37 Phillips C. Davis '56 Michael Gold '36 Richard F. Greeley '36 H. Gilbert Harlow '37 Ernest L. Morrison '36 S8 I'1't'siifv11f Vim'-PVi'siilr'11f Rvvorififzg Si'fi'i'f11i'-1' Cwruxpnfzifilzlq Si'i'1'i'fn1'y Kenneth D. Hay '37 Daniel S. Healey, '36 Richard NW. Hunt '37 Carl A. Linden '36 Edward I. Loud, Jr. '37 Carl V. Moberg '37 Jones Hagen Cohen li. Oakes Farr lf. Oakes Crocker Pollen U Phl Beta Kappa DELTA OF MASSACHUSETTS CHAPTER lixfulvlisfml in IS92 National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity Founded in 1776 at the College of Wfilliam and Mary Nilzffy-Izilzr' z1r'1'iL'1' CZ7l117ft'lAX On the basis of scholarship, members are chosen each year from the first third of the Senior Cla Peter L. Cohen Jean E. Crocker Dorothy E. Farr Dana A. Jones ss in the courses of the School of Liberal Arts and CLASS OF 1936 of Jackson College. Robert S. Hagen Elsie M. Oakes Frederick B. Oakes Abralmm Pollen S9 Marniet' hlatlow Haley I.uscombe Ifdmark Xltiiarty Iohns-:n Cfoolidige ichluss yan XV.11'1 Pen, Paint and Pretzels Bouncing over highways and by-ways in an antiquated moto1'c.11', the first act of "Di: Knock," a biting satire on the medical profession by jules Romain, opened the 1935-36 dram.1tie season at Tufts with a bang! Appropriately timed when the world was terrified by the possibilties of another war, Sidney How.11'd's "Paths of Glory" was presented before the college theater-goers, providing them with :1 realistic picture of the "western front." Throughout the year the Society conducted a series of "Tufts Nights" at the most interesting plays shown in Boston during the season. The students were able to sit in a group, usually numbering over zoo persons, in seats secured through the Society's campus agent at reduced prices, and to see such plays as Maxwell Anderson's "W'inte1'set," Ibsen's "Ghosts" with Alla Nazimovn, "Romeo and Juliet" with Katharine Cornell, and "Three XVise Fools" with the "first gentleman of the American stage," Xvilliam Gillette. ROBERT COOLIDGE Pr1'xi1l1'11f MARIORIE JOHNSON Vim'-P1'1'.1i1f1'11f BETTY SCHLUSS Sl'l'l'1'fNl'j' NATHAN MADOXV Tr1'11x111'1'1' Helen McCarty Adele Haley Gloria van Wart George Marmer Bernard Edmarli Irving Luscombc 90 I-Iawkins Shulnun Jarvis B. Coolidge Birks Chnmpney R. Coolidge Packard Bennett Buchan The Tuf ts Weekly The W'i'vH.i is ti student publication. Run by under-graduates of the College, its columns are at all times open to alumni, under-graduates, professors and friends of the College for the free discussion of matters of interest to Tufts. Its news and editorials have always been ci subject of interest to the College, especially its special Football Issue in the Fall and its Engineering Number in the Spring. As usual, the IVt't'Hy has sponsored several campaigns that have been followed with enthusiasm by the student body, :intl each year brings new improvements in its style, policy and make-up. ElI'fl'0l'-fl!-CbiL'f DAVID PACKARD '36 Axsofiafv Editor ROBERT T. COOLIDGE '36 BRADFORD COOLIDGE '37 Nhllltlgillg Etlifors RICHARD B. PARKS '37 ItIt'A'.YUlI Etfifnr Sjmrix Eififm' ELEANORE BENNETT '36 XVILLIAM T. HAWKINS '37 Ax.ri5f.111f lurkmu Eifilni' News Etlifor ELIZABETH L. BUCHAN '37 ROBERT H. LAMBERT '39 News STAFF D. BQNNLR '53 lf. Ifxzzio '37 R. -'IARYI5 '37 KI. M.xxcioxE 46 L. Bt'R'ioN '39 H.AIA1'Hiiu '39 G. Kurs' '37 L. H. P.-iRRs '36 M. E. Doxxlxc '36 H. A, GoL1m1,Rc, '38 XV. LLLANU '38 XV. RIQNHULT '39 F. S. Doom' '35 L, G. HARRIS '37 W. NIACDON1XI.D'3S E. RUsso'3t1 H. FLLDRIAN '38 KI. E. HARRIS '38 1. RI,-XCGRLGOR '38 XV. C. SHLPARD 'W R. STEPHENSON '39 ELEANOR CHAMPNEY '36 FEATURE EDITORS EDGAR COMEE '38 Business Manager Circzzlfilimz Mamzgvr ISRAEL s. SHULMAN '57 RoBERT J. KIARVIS A37 91 Price Benoit Auei' ISL-we Bnliniiigtiwii Clmupm-x' The Tuftonian This ni.1g.1zine, the Iiter.1ry qu.1rterly .it Tufts, is the students' menm of expres- siun of creative liter.1ry ability. All m.1nuseriptQ submitted .lre read .ind judged by the entire Staff at it5 weekly meetings in the Cimusens Luunge. This year the Editors have tried to present to the College renders Ll pleasing variety uf ewly work, short storieg and poetry. Ifrorn time to time the Staff has offered contest prizes to the best manuscripts in each of these .ihuve categories. Bofxkn oil' Eimiroiis Erliflll'-ill-CIl7ji'f BARBARA IJ. BAIUINIINGTQUN flimrizlli' lfififnri XVILLIAM If. AUER IELEANOR CI-IAMPNEY LITROY -I. BENOIT ROBERT Il. PRICE VIRGINIA B. BESSE 92 Palmieri Gens M. Lambert Olson Hansen Berger Ober Nlewger Merritt Benoit Miller Morrow Murray R. Lambert The 1936 Jumbo Book Strongly built around the theme of the College mascot, jumbo, this volume of the 111111170 Bunk is an innovation at Tufts with its inclusion of four-Color campus Views, .1 double-page spread of jumbo as he stands in the College museum on the fiftieth anniversary of his deathg two pages devoted to Mr. Tufts and Miss Jackson, Ll lengthy write-up for the undefeated Cross-Country Teamg .ill these, as well as a unique cover plan, increased number of advertising pages, and pictures of the big Leaders at Tufts, all Combine to make up Ll beautiful book done in the traditional Brown and Blue. LEROY BENOIT Efliffll'-ill-Cl7fL'jf JOSEPH F. PALMIERI Axxixfalzf Etfilnr JOHN W. MURRAY BllXj1Il'SS lVlt'llIzltQt'l' DOROTHY A. METZGER Iuvkxozz Edifnr RODNEY A. OLSON Plmiogniplnir Editor Robert E. Ober Marion A. Morrow Louis Berger Ruth S. Miller Edwin R. Hansen Barbara Merritt Louis R. Gens Matthew Lambert Robert H. Lambert 93 Howler bwcmon R.itIv1l.1w R.1mcri , , Uonnint' Ijritiol Ixcnncv Commencement Committees xl. STEWART BRISTOL ANTHONY If. RADVILAS LOUISE O. SXVENSON BAND SIL'XV.lI'I Bristol Louis P. Ranicri PRINTING AND IQNGRAVING XVilIi.im M. Bowler Louis P. Ranicri Consmncc R. Iicnncy CLASS DAY DECORATIONS Louise O. Swenson Conxtancc R. Kenney Mary Donning CHAPEL ORATORS Leroy RI. Benoit, Tufts Katlmcrinc AI. C.11'tc1', jackson ISANQ Xvillixlm XV. Lewis Louis R. Guns Nornmn E. C.lI'IQOl1 94 Cf7tIfl'IIllIlI Trwzxzin r Tmm1i'w- FAVORS Anthony If. R.1dx'iI.1s Stewart Briitol Louiw O. Swenson CATERING LouiQ P. Ranicri Mary E. Donning Constance R. Kcnncy PROM DECORATIONS AI. Stewart Bristol LouiSc O. Swenson TREE ORATORS David P.lCR.1l'Cl, Tufts Betty Scliluszs, kI.1cIxQon UET COMMITTEES Marjorie johnson Ruth S. Miller Elizabeth A. Dunn sstme rw- GAIN? Dale Burton Gabrielson Maude Shaw Baylxcs Dcnesuk Howe Perry Brown Dood y Foisy Rossninn Orlov Emery Morton Bendixon Meiselman Kcllerr Roetzer Lape Rogers Smith Levin Menkes Kilham Ober Milliken Hildreth Lewis Gordon Ellis Kalisli Hewitt Cliidester Tufts College Band One of the most popular musical organizations on Hill, the band has grown to be one of the best in New England. Under the able leadership and tlirectorship of Mr. Chidester, the band proved itself to be one of the attractions at the home foot- ball games. On its trips to Amherst and Durham last fall, it amazed the SpECt3IZO1'S with its many formations and stirring selections. Because of the great enthusiasm shown by the forty odd members of the band this season, Mr. Chidester hopes to make the band the best in New England next fall. OFFICERS LAWRENCE A. CHIDESTER ALFRED ROETZER ROBERT OBER John Baylies, '37 Norman Bendixon, '37 E. Brown, '39 Leslie Burton, '39 George Dale, '39 Michael Denesuk. '38 Francis Doody, '38 Edward Ellis, '36 Oscar Emery, '39 James Foisy, '38 MEMBERS Samuel Gabrielson, '39 Jacob Gordon, '38 Roger Hewitt, '39 Robert Hildreth, '39 Allyn Howe, '37 Joseph Kalish, '38 Norman Kellett, '37 Louis Kilham, '39 Ernest Lape, '38 Milton Levin, '38 Frederic Lewis, '39 Dirvvfm' Nlllllllgfl' DVIIIII Major Williaiii Maude, '39 Sumner Meiselman, '39 William Menkes, '37 Cliver Milliken, '38 Stanley Norton, '38 Morton Orlov, '39 Albert Perry, '39 Williani Rogers, '39 Michael Rossman, '38 Elmer L. Whithan, '38 Hale Hoody Senvey Hewett Comee Greeler Poor Carlson Feldnmn Hay Coolidge Garner Smith Deiiusiuk XX'InslIIp Slierman Dorin Planer Rose Stevenson Bl'.lL'liCl1 Pdrlix H.Insen Riclurdwoii Xleccliione Nlnngione Tufts Glee Club This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of tlie founding of the Tufts College Glee Club. The club was organized in 1886 under the leadership of Professor Leo R. Lewis, and has flourished under liis Command to the present day. Despite the present economic conditions tlie 1935-36 season has been .1 remarkable one in many respects, due in no small part to the inspiration drawn by the name is outstanding in the history of Tufts College. Club from Professor Lewis, Whose MEMBERS K. R. IIANSEN. .lliirzirlqwr XY. A. JOHNSON, Piimisi l.. BI U1 STI IN Xl. Poi I .uk XX .ARNoI II l.. l,L!XNl,I I IS pl. SIIPRMIIN XV. BR.-XLlxl N M. DI NI SUR D. Sixioxns R. FLANDI RS XV, DoRIN O, Bon s M. G01 Il H. EATON N. CiXR1.SL7N A. HMI. XV. G.-IHNI Ii D. Dm'Is K. HAY li. H.aNsI N P. EVANS R. Hl'XX'1, I I' I.. KII H,xxI R. Glu I LI I P. L.aFoRTL'NIt R. PARIXN L. H.xTII.xxx .xv G LANI G. STI 1.1 x ,I. HI RRI: lx G Alf.-XIHUXYS l-. TRI xx own' ll. Lfxxviu Nil ll. Mouri oN li. BI,.xIsIII-I I, L. LYI okn C. QjLIX'LR XV. BI Iss 1.,P.aRIxs D PIIILI Iifs lx. Coxii I P. PI T1-ksoN D Rom urs XY, Goi.r.IN XV. Pooii D SLIVI I' XY. kIoHNsoN XV. SMII II la. XVI-sI'r1H.xI 1- N N. KI-I,I I rr O, Smzirz 1I.XY'AI'soN ,l. MixNz,IoNI lf. VI rr HIUNI I1, Fort Y A. MI RRUXX S, XVIIIII A. XVILI1 96 Stewart Denesuk Killuni Eaton lfvans Hansen Garner Veceliione Jepson Spinney Burnham Campman Johnson Burteli Jensen Karner College Choir In I929 the practice of having an organized choir to sing at chapel services was instituted. In 1934 the Choir started wearing robes, lending a more formal aspect to the regular chapel service, at which it appears about once a month. Aside from this the Choir acts as the backbone of the Tufts and Jackson Glee Clubs. The program for the 1935-36 season was a very interesting one, in that it presented some of the music of the old church. Members of the Choir are drawn from Tufts and Jackson, and are admitted by voice tests under the jurisdiction of Professor Lewis. its director. Marjorie Benington '39 Marjorie Burnham '39 Elizabeth Burtch '37 Florence Campman '36 Barbara Clarke '39 Michael Denesuk '38 Harry Eaton '37 Palmer Evans '39 Emilie Farnsworth '37 Williana Garner '36 Edwin Hansen '36 Edith Jensen '37 Marian Jepson '38 Mary Karner '39 Louis Killiam '39 Gorham Lane '38 Helen Marquis '39 Marian Osbeck '37 Mary Perry '36 Douglas Roberts '35 Carolyn Spinney '38 Susan Stewart '36 Everett Treworgy '35 Helen Wanaiiiaker '38 E. Christian Westphalen Felix Veechione '37 's 97 fXl.1ttioli R.lI1lCFI Senvey Iilevle Shulman XICCSLIFLIIII G.1rner Hill Evening Party Association The Evening Party Association, one of the oldest org.1niz.1tions on Hill, is com- posed of .1 group of students whose purpose is to promote the social life of the College by holding .1 series of formal d.1nces. One delegate from each of the nine fraternities is elected as 41 member. The iirst Evening Party of the 1935-36 season was held on November ist, und featured Ll battle of music between two well-known dance orchestras. The second Evening Party was held on March 6th, and the music was furnished by the King's Men. Both of these dances were very successful, and Ll large number of the student body attended. WILLIAM C. GARNER . . . ALPHA TAU ONIEGA l'rt'sitl1'11f JAMES H. MCCURTAIN . . . THETA DELTA CHI Vim'-lJ1'vxiu'w11' JOEL B. HILL . . . IUKLTA UPSII,ON Twaszzwi' GUSTAVE A. BLEYLE, JR .... DELTA TAU DELTA DUNCAN XVSEAVIQY . . . ZETA Psi LOUIS P. RANIERI . . . ALPPITX KAPPA Pl ISRAEL SHULMAN . . . PHIEPslLoNP1 HAROLD P.MATTIOLI . . . PFIIMU IDIZLTA LEONARD GOLDBERG . . . SIGMA OMEGA Psi 98 Sherry Fedor Mmconiber Mcrlino Elliot Dunn Hesse A11 Around CIul3 The All Around Club is a social organization to which every Jackson student belongs. The three main events on the All Around Club Calendar this year were 9. lecture, style show, and the spring formal. Funds were given to Student Council for its operating expenses. ELIZABETH A. DUNN Prvxirflvzf GERTRUDE T. ELLIOT Vim'-P1'rsia'4'11f NUNZIA R. MERLINO Sl'l'l'l'fLII'-j' VIRGINIA B. BESSE TI'l'HSIll't'l' RUTH E. SI-IERRY GRACE M. KELLY EMILY FEDOR ELEANOR R. MACOMBER 99 BUCK IV s-F39 Q S XY xf Varsity football Junior varsity football Freshman football Varsity soccer junior varsity soccer Freshman soccer Varsity wrestling Freshman wrestling Varsity squash junior varsity squash Varsity lacrosse Junior varsity lacrosse Freshman lacrosse Varsity tennis Junior Varsity tennis Freshman tennis IO2 Tufts Athletics Varsity basketball Junior varsity basketball Freshman basketball Varsity cross-Country Freshman cross-country Varsity indoor track Freshman indoor track Varsity baseball Junior varsity baseball Freshman baseball Varsity outdoor track Freshman outdoor track Varsity golf Ridvilas Lewis Garner Healey johnson Keith Tufts Athletic Association Every Tufts student is a member of the Athletic Association, and by his sub- scription he is entitled to attend all the athletic contests in the Cousens Gymnasium and on the athletic lielcls. The Board of Directors of Athletics, consisting of faculty members and undergraduates, has the special duties of awarding letters to varsity meng Hlling vacancies caused by the resignation of a captain or mnnagerg and also acts in an advisory capacity to the Director of Athletics concerning matters of intercollegiate competition. RICHARD JCI-INSON Prusiifmf DANIEL S. HEALEY Vin'-l,1'r'siffr'11f WILLIAM XV. LEWIS St'l'l'l'f!ll'-H' XVilll1lU1 C. Garner Anthony F. Radyilas Roger S. Keith 107, l 1 i l 4 Line Coach Rachdorf Backfield Coach Hingston Head Coach Manly Football The varsity football t-a f 'I ' t m oug it its way through a strenuous season and closed with a record of e losses. The colleges which were trampled under the hoof of the undefeated Alumbos last year returned the compliment to a lighter and less experienced team this season. Captain man in the line. was forced to watch his team from the bench after reciving a one win, two ties, and fiv Kendall, the strongest bad leg injury in the Northeastern game. His absence was critically felt by the whole team. His A . Was one of the outstanding punters of the East during last fall, averaging forty yard kicks throughout the season. successor, Roger Keith The opening game with Colby was played at XVaterville. Though outplayed by an aggressive Tufts outfit, the Mules were able to hold the invaders to a scoreless tie, o-o. The papers had picked the Colby contingent to win, but the ,lumbos upset the dope with an unexpectedly strong offensive attack. The sixteenth and last game with the 15. U. warriors, Tufts was outweighed ten pounds to a man. Like every game played against Boston rivals, the battle waged fast and furious up to the last whistle. For the first time in nine starts the Terriers defeated jumbo, I3-7. It is with a feeling of regret that we must close our football competition with this college which has always showed a keen and spirited rivalry with us during the football seasons. The chapel bells found their voice for the first and last time at the end of the Middlebury en- counter. A game marked by the successful Tufts passing attack ended in favor of the Hallsters, zo-14. The Panthers were the first to score on the ,lumbos undefeated eleven in 1934, so the Manly-men gave them a taste of what scoring is in this season's grid battle. The best Wlilliains team in many years pinned a defeat on the ,lumbos at the Oval, zo-o. Despite the fine defensive work of the line and Keith's excellent kicking. the Purple managed to fight their way across the Tufts line for three touchdowns. using a spectacular collection of passes. An undefeated Northeastern team left the Oval with a lucky tie, after Tufts had proven itself far from being the under-dog in the contest. This was the game in which Captain jack Rendall received the leg injury which closed the season for him, The final score was 6f6. New Hampshire entertained the jumbos at Durham and sent them home with .1 zt-o defeat. Tufts was not able to cope with both the XVildcats and the breaks of the game, and the combination of the two gave the Granite-staters a well earned victory. The final score of the Bowdoin clash belies the true quality of the teams. In the First half, Tufts kept the Polar Bears back on their heels and the ball deep in enemy territory. The second half found the .lumbos bowing, however, to as accurate a passing attack as has ever been launched in the Oval. The final tally was 3140. Amherst was the scene of the annual classic between Tufts and Mass. State. For the first time in ten years, the Staters left the arena as victors by the seore of I9-IS. Once more the traditional rivals clashed in the season's closing game, and the best team will hold the laurels until next fall. 104 Hayden Tervo Palmieri Head Coach Manly Devlin Aeerra Foberg Ass't Coach Raehdorf M1:C:1hon Zimman Boyd Bratenas Keith Redslmw Manager Barker Ranieri Stone Granclison Captain Rendall Smith Maynard Borden Rndvilas Abdu Blanchard Spath Baker Kyrios VHTSIYY Football 1935-36 OFFICERS 1936-37 JOHN B. RENDALL Capfain ROGER S. KEITH ALLEN L. BARKER Mdlldgfl' WILFRED H. RINGER, JR. LEWIS F. MANLY Cozlfb LEWIS F. MANLY SQUAD L. Abdu M. Acerra G. Baker C. Foberg R. Keith L. Kyrios M. Lavargna L. Redshaw J. Rendall R. Smith A. Spath Tufts o Tufts 7 Tufts zo Tufts o Colby B. U. Middlebury Williams H. Zimman O. Borden J. Ginley P. Maynard R. McCahon A. Radvilas W. Grandison L. Ranicri P. Bratenas J. Devlin B. Collier SEASON o Tufts I3 Tufts I4 Tufts zo Tufts T. Tervo C. Stone J. Boyd G. Arbeene C. Blanchard J. Hayden J. Palmieri J. Grates M. Shedd F. McGee A. Galuska 6 Northeastern 6 o Univ. of N. H. ll o Bowdoin 31 I3 Mass. State I9 IOS Basketball The varsity basketball team enjoyed one of its most successful seasons ever recorded at Tufts College. Eleven wins against four losses is an excellent percentage in a game that has luck play such an important role. The team was coached by Arthur Cochran and captained by the diminutive sharp- shooter, Izzy Harris. The first game was with Brown Uni- versity and the Bruins came out of the Cousens Gym with a 45-34 victory under their paws. A less experienced jumbo group led the way at the half, 33-26, but the Bears came back strong in the last few minutes with a surge that gave them a wide margin. Coach Arthur M. Cochran Middlebury College was the next visitor. They came here with a win over Ver- mont by 30 points and were, therefore, the favorites. From the opening whistle, the game was a see-saw affair with the score swinging from the favor of one to the advantage of the other. The Tufts zone defense held well. In the last two minutes, the Panthers dropped in two baskets to creep within one point of a win. The closing score was 28-27 for the home team. A return game with Brown gave the Cochran men a chance to square the accounts which they proceeded to do to the tune of 38-29. The long cross court passes which had worked so well for the Bears on the Tufts floor, were completely broken up by the flaying arms of Radvilas, Galuska, and Wcmjcie. At one point in the game, the Bruins led 28-215 then Tufts unleashed an attack that allowed Brown only one point to the jumbo seventeen. Harvard set back the jumbo contingent. with the great help of their 6' 6" center, by the slight margin of one point. The game started off with a bang and baskets came thick and fast. The score at the half was ll-IT7 in favor of the crimson. Wfith the final minutes slowly passing away, Tufts surged up to 35-36. Radvilas missed a tough foul shot just before the gun gave the game to Harvard. The next visitors to the Hill were the M. I. T. basketeers, conquerors of Harvard and Mass. State. Galuska and Kyrios held the Tech scoring aces to a few scattered shots, while the three Tony's QRadvilas. Spath, and Wtrjciej were peppe1'ing the visitor's hoop. The Jumbos won by the decisive score of 39-30. Wfojcie was high scorer for the night with 16 markers. Springfield sent its usual fast outfit to the jumbo Gym. The Cwymnasts flashed a wide open offense with many long shots. In spite of the fact that the visitors were very accurate, the Jumbonians followed them up to a 17-19 score at the half. Capt. Cella and his mates zipped through the first five minutes of the next period to score I3 points. From here on, Tufts was not able to catch them and the game ended with Springfield on the long end, 47-34. The varsity was given a breathing spell in an Alumni game. Grinnell, Wfood- worth, Ellis, Cavanaugh, Rogean, Hymanson, Appiani, and Dick Cochran came back to give the fellows some competition, but Tufts Jr. came out on top by 36-32. Wfilliams met defeat at the hands of the Brown and Blue warriors by .to-33. Tufts led by 22-IO at the half and held on to the lead 'til the final gun. The 106 Collier J. Boyd Spath Manager Coolidge Ross Tcrvo R. Boyd Keith Coach Cochran Nyojciechowski Galuska Captain Harris Radvilas Kvrios Varsity Basketball 1935-36 CFFICERS 1936-37 ISRAEL I-IARRIS Cllpfllill LEWIS A. KYRIOS ROBERT T. COOLIDGE Mmmgvr ARTHUR H. GOGDWIN ARTHUR M. COCHRAN Conrb ARTHUR M. COCHRAN Israel Harris Anthony Radv Lewis Kyrios Tufts 33 Tufts 33 Tufts 38 Tufts 35 Tufts 39 Tufts 34 Tufts 36 LETTERMEN Albin Galuska ilas Robert Boyd SEASON Brown 43 Tufts Middlebury 27 Tufts Brown 29 Tufts Harvard 36 Tufts M. I. T. 30 Tufts Springfield 47 Tufts Alumni 31 Tufts Tufts 3 5 Univ. I 1 wins .to 35 47 39 38 57 46 Anthony Wfojciechowski Roger Keith Thomas Tervo Willialais B. U. Rhode Island State Univ. of Vermont XVorcester Tech Northeastern Mass. State of New Hampshire 34 - 4 losses '13 30 48 25 33 I9 107 Purple closed the gap a bit in the last quarter but was unable to sink enough shots to place itself in the win column. Radvilas topped the scorers with I4 points. Our Boston University rivals brought a weak team that was lucky to force the score as high as 35-30. Tufts played a slip-shod game throughout, allowing the Terriers to appear their equals. Galuska's fast breaks were the main standouts of the game, and he was high scorer with I2 points. On the trip to Rhode Island, Tufts lost its hardest game of the year. As it was they came within one point of scoring the biggest upset of the season by chasing the hosts to a 47-48 score. Radvilas played a beautiful game against their star, Martin, and scored I9 points in the meantime. Vermont showed the result of a gruelling game on the previous night as the Jumbos held the game in the bag all the way. Capt. Harris and Wojcie scored IO points apiece in the scoring spree. The final score, 39-21. Wforcester Polytech Institute dropped in for a sound drubbing by the Jumbos, 38-25. Both teams were very aggressive, but the home team had the advantage straight through the battle. Our strongest Boston rival, Northeastern, was not equal to the terrific pace set by Tufts in the game, which was played before a capacity crowd of Jumbo en- thusiasts. A ao-,zo deadlock was broken in the last half with Tufts winning 37-33. Mass. State received ample reward for its football victory over Tufts last fall, when the Jumbo basketball team trampled all over them for an easy 46-19 victory. At one time, Tufts lead by 25-45 the Staters only scored 6 points in the entire last half. Revenge is sweet. As a grand finale to a grand season, the jumbos traveled to the University of New Hampshire. Two excellent teams met in their closing game. The Wildcats managed to hold a slim lead all the way up to the last quarter. Here the Jumbos fought their way up to a 33-31 advantage. Witli zo seconds to the gun, Rogean flicked a long shot through the strings for the necessary two points for a winning lead for New Hampshire. The center tap dropped to Kyrios who passed to Capt. Harris. With the gun in the air, Izzy shot from more than half the floor. Simultane- ously with the Crack of the pistol, the ball zipped through the basket for a last second decision in the favor of the Brown and Blue . . . 35-34. Thus did the varsity basketball team conclude .1 very successful season. Capt. Harris and Tony Radvilas are the two men lost to the team by graduation. Yet Art Cochran, Capt. Kyrios, and Manager Goodwin face the coming season optimistically. IO8 Rogean McCurtain Roopenian Bristol Donnelly Acerrm McGee Berry Tomincy Colclougll Mayo Lillis Pliilpott Scully Lcslic Varsrty Baseball OFFICERS GEORGE W. DONNELLY Captain KENNETH L. NASH Couch LEONARD BERRY Managvr SQUAD Acerra Leslie Radvilas Blanchard Lillis Roopenian Bristol Mayo Rosen Collier McCurtain Silvestri Colclough McGee Scully Donnelly Parman Spath Galuska Philpott Tominey Harris Wojciechowski VARSITY BASEBALL 1935 Tufts I7 U. of Vermont 8 Tufts 8 Am. Int. College Tufts 3 Harvard Alumni 9 Tufts o Springfield Tufts 7 Northeastern 5 Tufts 3 Norwich Tufts I2 Bowdoin 7 Tufts 1 Vermont Tufts 8 Brown 1 1 Tufts 4 Holy Cross Tufts 4 B. U. 2 Tufts 3 Harvard Tufts 5 Holy Cross IO Tufts IO Rutgers Tufts I Harvard Alumni 1 Tufts o B. U. Tufts 2 Mass. State 5 Tufts 4 B. C. Tufts 5 Harvard 6 3 I4 6 o 6 1 I2 S 9 109 Baseball 1 9 3 5 The varsity baseball team came through a hard 1955 season with a record of seven wins, one tie, and eleven losses. Capt. Roy Wfoodworth and his roommate, Johnny Grinnell, featured on the mound. The coach of America's sport at Tufts College is Ken Nash. The season opened with Vermont University. The game was marked by open hitting and slip-shod, eai'ly season fielding. Tufts was declared the winner by the wide margin of 17-S. Following this victory, the slumbos took it on the chin from the Harvard Grads. After holding a slim lead of 3,-2 for six innings, the Tufts infield blew up in the seventh and the Crimson piled up runs to carry off the honors, 9-3. Next came Northeastern, Tufts' strongest Boston rival. The Brown and Blue showed no mercy and a four-run surge in the fourth inning presented them with a 7-5 decision. Bowdoin was the third victim in a row for the Jumbo sluggers, I1-7. Capt. XVoodworth fanned eleven men, and Gus Donnelly slammed out the longest home run in Oval history. After falling before a powerful Brown contingent by the score of 8-11, the ,lumbonians brought home the bacon in a game with Boston University, In this game, the B. U. pitcher allowed only three hits but received such poor support from the field that Tufts was able to rally four runs in the fourth inning to take the game by 4-1. Wfoodworth, who had been switched from pitcher to outfield, stopped short a ninth inning comeback of the Terriers by a running catch of a long drive. Holy Cross pinned the next defeat on the Tufts outfit through the medium of a scoring rally in the eighth inning, to-5. The Harvard Grads played a return game with the Jumbos, but the nearest the Brown and Blue got to victory was a I-I tie. Traveling to Mass. State, Tufts lost a heart-breakei' to the W'esterners after leading 1-I up to the eighth inning. At this point, a State drive brought in two runs which became the necessary margin for victory. A long road trip carried Tufts on a four game circuit. The opener was with American International College and the -Iumbos fought their way from a 3-3 tie to an 8-3, win. The feature of the game was a home run by Philpott with the bases loaded. Springfield College hit Grinnell, Harris, and McCurtain for a total of iz-o. Iiollowing this, Norwich won from the tired Brown and Blue due to the poor fielding of the losers. A four-run fourth inning rally insured the hosts of their 6-3 success. To climax the trip, Tufts broke an eighth inning o-o tie with Vermont to win 1-o. Bunching an Ollie Borden single and two Vermont errors, the xlumbos managed to tuck away the necessary markers. On their return to the Oval, Tufts was met by Holy Cross. Nwoodworth pitched, and the game remained scoreless up to the last of the third inning when the visitors' bats connected for four tallies. ln the fourth inning, Tufts returned the compliment to tie the score at 4-4. Holy Cross's Buzz Harvey broke Donnelly's earlier Oval home run record by smacking an even longer drive to bring in two runs. The -lumbos had three men on base in the last inning, but were unable to cash in. The final score 6-4. Rutgers and Tufts went out for the all-time scoring record in their game and Rutgers was on top when the bats stopped swinging, ia-io. Brown out-slugged the Jumbo warriors at Providence to the tune of a q-o victory. The season was closed with the customary game with Harvard at the Oval on Alumni Day. The Brown and Blue picked up three runs in the ninth, but were not quite able to catch the Crimson, 5-6. The team elected Gus Donnelly, hard hitting fielder, to captain the 1936 squad. Wfoodworth, Grinnell, Pingree, Galuska, and Morine were lost by graduation. IIO 1935 EUGENE G. PARE XVILLIAM s. YEAGER EUGENE J. GAToN S. Starr E. Lape M. johnson Tufts zz Tufts I9 Tufts 16 Collyer Bennett johnson Catan Folsom Starr Pare Quinlan Lupe VHTSIIY Cross Country -36 OFFICERS 1936-37 Cdpfllill STEPHEN STARR Coavb XVILLIAM S. YEAGER Nlazlagm' CHESTER A. FOSS SQUAD G. Bennett R. Folsom E. Pare D. Quinlan G. Duffy R. Hunt H. Collyer SEASON Mass. State 33, Tufts ZI Wesleyan 35 M. I. T. 36 Tufts Z7 Northeastern 28 Amherst 29 N. E. I. C. A. A. A. 149 points III Cross Country The cross-country team outran its hill and dale opponents from Mass. State, M. I. T., Amherst, Wfeslevan, and Northeastern, wlacinv itself on the undefeated , I c- throne. For the first time since the sport was adopted at Tufts College, the team has come through with .1 perfect string of victories. This feat puts it in the class with last year's football and wrestling outfits which cl.1iined equal recognition from the sports world. Cross country is the only form of tr.1ck to be existent in the brisk fall months. It is as satisfying .1 sport as any other in the college category, but it is very little publicized. If a fellow is searching for sudden publicity and acclaim for every vic- tory he is able to be of assistance in winning, this is not the field for him. I-Iowever. for .1 well-rounded physical development activity which at the same time affords the p.1rticipant a feeling of power and confidence in his abilities. cross country stands with the leaders. Most of the men who comprise these teams have never run before they came to college. This year, the only man who had had experience in track before entering Tufts was C.1pt. Gene Pare. Co.1cI1 Yeager finds a lot of his best material in his gym classes when they are working out in preparation for the Thanksgiving turkey trot. Promising men are invited to try cross country: from then on it is entirely up to each one of them whether or not he succeeds. Strict training and long hours of regular practice are necessary to prepare oneself for the grueling grinds of races. It is noticeable that the runners who lead the pack home every time are the ones who keep themselves always at the physical top of condition. Lack of sleep will ruin a good track l11.'ll'l. It is required of the men to live at their best at all times if they o we o e successiu runners. .Tome of ie runners rain a ear roun , using e h i t b f l 5 f tl t ll y cl g th indoor track when snow buries the outdoor route. The team this year was excep- tionally light, none of the fellows weighing over igo pounds. Weiglit is an advantage when power and energy is needed on the hills. but in the end it is the fighting endurance that determines who shall cross the finish line the winner. The first three meets this year were run on the home course and the fellows ran according to Ll pre-arranged plan. Capt. Pare took the lead from the starting gun and set a pace which w.1s intended to inveigle the better runners on the visiting team to run themselves out in the first couple of miles of the four-mile race. Steve Starr. who won all but one of the dual meets during the season, usually dropped back to last man during the first of the five laps. Not until near the end of the third l.1p would Starr appear to have .1ny more than ordinary interest in the outcome of the event. At this point, his stride would begin to lengthen and his speed would necessarily pick up a few notches. By the time he had reached the gun lap, he would either have the lead or be ready to take it over. The rest of the team would release all their reserve strength and fight for the low number places. The one meet th.1t Steve failed to win was the Amherst run. In this race, he almost dropped out at one time during the early laps but came back to gain second place. This all goes to show that even a sport that depends as much upon individual ability as cross country does has to rely to .1 great extent upon the cooperation and teamwork of the squad as a whole. Tufts won most of the meets by decisive scores. The scoring is figured by adding together the placings of each team: the lowest score wins. Qnly the first five men for each college are counted. In the opening competition of the season, Starr came in first, Lape 5rd, johnson 5th, Bennett 6th, and Pare 7th against Mass. State. This gave the -Iumbos a score of zz-33. Again they ran away with their opponents in the M. I. T. race. Starr kept his first place position, Lape was 3rd, Pare 4th, Bennett sth, and Johnson 6th, giving Tufts a I9-36 verdict. Amherst furnished I1 little more competition than their forerunners and the klumbonians only edged them by II2 26-29. This was the race in which Starr came back, after almost dropping out, to take second place. Lape was 4th, Pate 5th, Johnson 7th, and Bennett Sth. A very small variation in places and the meet might have gone to the Amherst lads. The best contest of the season was with Wfesleyan, at Middleton, Conn. In this race, the men who had been up near the front in all the previous runs, tied for nrst place. This four man, hand-in-hand tie included Starr, Parc, Lape, and Johnson. Duffy was Ilfll and the iifth man for Tufts. The hrst four men counted io points, and with Duffy's II, gave Tufts a 2 ie-35 victory. This left the team with only one meet to go for a perfect season. The last meet of the year was with the close Boston rival, Northeastern. The race was run over the Franklin Field course which is what the team calls its jinx track. Four of the starters were sophomores who had never faced this course before. XVait- ing for the run to begin, the fellows were as nervous and tense as though the fate of the world rested on this one race. As it turned out, Steve Starr lead the pack home with two N. U. men on his heels. Ernie Lape was the next Tufts man, and Pare chased him home. Johnson came in 7th and Folsom ioth to give Jumbo the meet by one point, 27-28. There was never a more joyful and enthusiastic gathering than the group which met in the locker room after they had finished vietoriously panting around the four-mile track. Coach Yeager gave each man a peppermint and warned them that the mints would probably be their only reward and recognition for their undefeated season. However, the fellows who participated in this sport do so for two reasons which are reward enough in themselves: first, for the thrill of running com- petitiong and second, for the purpose of building up sound bodies for the fast approaching race with Life. Capt. Pare has turned over his position to Steve Starr for the coming season. Not a man is being lost by graduation, and many of the fellows have improved them- selves a lot during the winter practices. Everything points to another great record for the cross country team, and the whole college is backing them up to keep Tufts out in front. ,,',,.fa3w,' , Q . , MM., f-af '- ' "ix l. . Ms, 1,4 -AQ., im-Q. As. x. ,V xfxicxf. , ew Nl, W. s X '- .QXQ X " X 'f X ' X Nt TN KJ Q!-It 'x .N N-. XVinter Along the Row I I 3 WILLIAM W. LEWIS ARTHUR M. COCHRAN GUSTAVE BLEYLE, JR. Coolidge Bounnkcs Cocliran Guzewicz Parks Hopkins Blcylc Harris Cornwell Lewis Garner Greeley Galuska Varsity Soccer I93S-36 OFFICERS 1936-37 Caibfaill RUSSELL WILLOUGHBY Cjfltlfb ARTHUR M. COCHRAN Nlaflagvr RICHARD B. PARKS SQUAD O. Beckvold N. Bounakes R. Coogan Coolidge E. Cornwell WC Farnsworth A. Cmluska M. Tufts 0 Tufts 3 Tufts o II4 XV. Garner R. Cwreenslade R. Greeley H. Guzewiez N. Harris D. Healey B. Hopkins VARSITY SOCCER 1935 Amherst 3 Tufts 1 Harvard 6 Tufts z Wesleygin 4 Tufts 1 Tufts o Brown R. Kerr XV. Lewis L. Lister L. Parks M. Toon F. Vanvifart R. Willoughby Mass. State. WOI'CCSIC1' Poly M. I. T. S Carney Watson Lawrence Feldman Sherman Potc Manager Palmieri Yanofsky Hahn Ordon Farmer Palmer Coach Ruggeri Carey Slate Captain Johnson Stewart Errgong Varsity Wrestling With but two varsity letter men returning from last year's undefeated wrestling team, genial Coach Sam Ruggeri faced the hard task of moulding a team out of green, inexperienced candidates. Faced with the longest and most strenuous schedule in many years, it proved to be quite difiicult to produce a winning team. Although the "grapplers" bowed to such strong teams as Army, Temple, Franklin and Marshall, Yale, and others, still, the performances of such men as Watson, Errgong, Stewart, and Pagan stood out and gave promise of laying a foundation for a strong team in 1937. With every letterman but Captain Johnson and Benjamin Davies returning, it would be no surprise to see Coach Ruggeri produce his third undefeated team since the estab- lishment of the sport at Tufts College. 1935-36 OFFICERS 1936-37 RICHARD JOHNSON Cnpfaifl RICHARD STEWART SAM RUGGERI Coarli SAM RUGGERI JOSEPH F. PALMIERI AIIIIIHQUI' DONALD SIMONDS LETTERMEN Joseph Watson '38 Richard Johnson '36 Raymond Pagan '37 John Carey '37 Albert Slate '37 Chester Ordon '37 William Errgong '37 Benjamin Davies '36 Richard Stewart '37 Joseph Palmieri '36 Tufts 14 M.I.T. IO Tufts 9 West Point 15 Tufts 1 'fi Yale 2.6 H Tufts gh Springhcld 6 fl Tufts 5 Franklin and Marshall 31 Tufts it Harvard ll Tufts 1: Temple I4 Tufts Il Brown 10 At the New England Intercollegiates Tufts won second place with 25 points Brown won the team title with 27 points. IIS Pi11lxl1.u11 Slmw gl.lI'I' lpirlwei' K.lllNl1 Quinlan Smitli Bracy Pigeon Iwslwm Contli DLlxN.lLllI Tutzlltf Il'lg1'.1l1.lIl1 McGee Varsny Indoor Track QUPPTCTZRS BASCOM BOGLE Cill1l'f7 A. PARKS PINKHANI A'ltIIItIKQt'I' SQUAD G. Arbeene R. G1'Jll.l11l E. P.l1'e VV. Bogomaz P. B1'.1ten.1s R. Hosmei' C. IY1g1'Hl1.llH L. Pigeon D. Quinlan XY". Brewster M Johnion E. Ritchie A. Cnllow KI. Kalisli L. Ranicri KI. Donnellnn M.K1'iedbe1'g XV. Skulley U. Davis R. Lampard B. Shaw G. DUH3' Ii. Lupe R. Siegel C. Elsnei' LI. Laus J. Smith I. Farber D McCulloch S. Starr R. Folwiu I". McGee P. Tetzlnff P. Giles L. VARSITY INDQOR TRACK 1936 Veilleux Tufts 4th pl.1ce in K. of C. Relay Tufts 6th in B. A. A. Rela3 Tufts 3833 B. U. 3313 Tufts .11 Mass. State 27 XVo1'ceste1' Poly 21 116 v Butters Sliernizin Hanson Janes Sullivan Kempton Harris Hurd Coolidge xYyilli.1lTAS Miller Ringer Hirscli Palken Rossman Coogan Farmer Littleton, Coach Redshaw Versnkas Healey Duncan Bracken Maynard Van Unimerson Kamp Ober VHTSIYY Lacrosse OFFICERS XVILLIAM BRACKEN Cnphziu EARLE LITTLETON Coach NORTON WILLIAMS Nlamzgvr SQUAD R. Butters M. Coolidge R. Boyajian F. Cahill A. Goodwin J. Sullivan H. Ober D. Healey VV. Ringer R. Crreenslade ll. Kaup T. Johnson N. Despotopulous R. Farmer G. Versakas Coogan M. Rossman L. Janes P. Maynard N. Harris K. Hanson R. Duncan A. Kempton L. Miller J. Hirsch L. Redsliaw F. Cummings SEASON M. L T. Boston Lacrosse Club Wfillianis Harvard Brown Hobart University of N. H. Springfield 117 Llncoln Qi.lV.lI1.lllgl'I I-Iow.1rtl Harrxx Harlow Llolrlunlu-rg Glnslwrg I'1xl 1. Varsity Tennis DAVID M. GOLDENBERG XVILLIAM HOWARD DAVID PACKARD OFFICERS SQUAD AI. Baylics H. Harlow D. F.1irfTcld I.. Harris D. Goldcnbcrg xhcyno M. Ginsberg R. Kcitll VARSITY TENNIS 1935 Tufts f RoAnolic 1 Tufts S Tufts o Navy 9 TuftQ ' Tufts 7 Wfilliam X Mary 2 Tufts 1 Tufts 4 Springfield 5 Tufts S Tufts o Bowdoin 9 Tufts 4 Tufts g Clark 4 Tufts 9 Tufts 9 Holy Cross 118 Ca plain C!JllL'f7 Mmzugwr Kerr Lincoln Newman Stott U. of Maine Xvorccitcr Poly Brown Rhode Islnntl Providence Am. Int. College Freshman Football With the exception of the Harvard J.V.'s, the Freshman Football team gave some very stiff opposition to their opponents, and they climaxed the whole season by beat- ing their traditional rivals, the Sophomores, IZ to o. There is promise of some good material here for next year's varsity team. OFFICERS CHESTER K. DELANO Coach JOEL B. HILL Manager SQUAD A. Bennett W. Yakes Sheehan B. Cook S. Wiseman J. Hughes W. Day H. Leland H. Birk J. Dodwell W. Gavin D. Ellery G. Edwards A. Marciello E. Fiorini R, Farrell C. Walker G. Meadows E. Ruddock F. Desmond B. Robinson R. Lovering F. Byrne S. White G. Sweeney A. Pearson W. Dolben J. Urbon P. Ierardi D. Kean B. Lawrence SEASON Tufts o Lawrence Academy 6 Tufts o Northeastern I2 Tufts o Harvard J.V. 40 Tufts o Huntington 6 Tufts o Wentworth I2 Tufts I2 Tufts I938 o 119 Cutler Burns Ellery Moulton Allen Bertoeci Cowdery Coach Delano Capeless Farrell McCarthy Edwards Atlas Bezubka Hanstn Birk Pearson Wfeldon Salwino Hughes Freshman Basketball Although the scores do not indicate a very brilliant season for the Freshman Basketball team, they do not give a true picture of the season. Actually tht men played some very good basketball this year, fighting a stiff battle against their oppon ents. Wfeldon, acting captain, was high scorer for the team, and looks like a pronaism candidate for the varsity team next year. C. K. DELANO CKILZLAZJ E. R. HANSEN Nfzzmigvr SQUAD xl. Weltloia G. Edwards D. Cowdery L. McCarthy D. Ellery H. Birk Atlas S. Cutler R. Capelcss A. Sabino xl. Hughes T. Farrell E. Burns S. Bertocci W. Bezuhka A. Pearson SEASON Tufts 11 Brown 41 Tufts 27 B. U. Tufts io Harvard 33, Tufts I9 Phillips Andover Tufts 27 M, I. T. 12 Tufts 27 R. I. State Tufts 21 Phillips Exeter 42 Tufts 1g Lawrence Academy Tufts 44 Tufts KI. V. 39 Tufts 30 Dean Academy Tufts ll Bridgton 23 Tufts 22 Northeastern Tufts I6 Tufts Sophomores .tg IZO Rl.ll'l1lCY Slater Smith Urbon XVilson Hale Roberts Gorman Lee Newton Ruddock Ad.xn1S Samson Dusmult Freshman Tncloor Traolc OFFICERS CLARENCE DUSSAULT Crmclz GEORGE MARMER Mamzgcr SQUAD J. Adams D. Newton R. Slater J. Gorman P. Roberts F. Smith S. Hale E. Ruddock Urbon C. Lcc D. Samson R. Wilsoii FRESHMAN INDOOR TRACK 1936 Tufts 4tl1 in K. of C. Relay Tufts 43 Somerville Tufts 4th in B. A. A. Relay Tufts 23 St. Jolms Tufts 47 Arlington I Tufts 36 Huntington 26 47 33 121 Kramer Renhult Nickerson Coach Smith Meadows Stmtton Kean Sweeney Manager Fales Lovering Lgwrence Edwards Orlov Baker Freshman W resthng OFFICERS ERWIN SMITH CUZIUX7 KENNETH EALES C. Baker G. Edwards D. Kean J. Kramer Tufts g Tufts 5 Tufts 8 12 SQUAD R. Lovering B. Lawrence G. Meadows C. Nickerson FRESHMAN WRESTLING I9 M. I. T. 28 Tufts 21 Andover 24 Tufts I7 Exeter 28 Tufts II TuftS 16 Brown 36 Mmzagrr XV. Renhult R. Stratton S. Weissxluan Dean Wforces ter Harv.1rd Jackson Athletics Varsity basketball Varsity archery Varsity field hockey Varsity tennis Varsity swimming I2 Jensen Sheehan Metzger Dame Bailey Cutter Parks Sherry Johnson Breen Jackson Athletic Association The jackson Athletic Association is composed of A President, Vice-President. Secretary and Treasurer, elected by the entire student body, and the managers of all sports. In addition, there is A freshman representative chosen by her class. This body is one of the most active college organizations sponsoring both intercollegiates and intratmuml athletic activities. jackson Outing Club is an associate body whose purpose is to encourage all girls who do not go out for organized sport to take part in some form of recreation. Out- ing Club has its own orlicers who are chosen by the student body. A. A. OUTING CLUB RUTH SHERRY '36 PI'L'XjtIt'l1f HELEN BREEN '36 Cfnzirnmlz RUTH PARKS '37 Vin'-P1'i',tiili'11f MARJORIE DAME '36 Asxf. CZPNIVIIIHII MARY CUTTER '36 SL'44I'l'I't1l'j' BARBARA MARCH '38 Sun-Trvax. MAR-IORIE .IQHNSON '36 Tl't't1XIll't'I' JANE BAILEY '36 Slfillllllillg BETTY DUNN '36 Buxki-flmll BLANCHE DOWNING '39 Frvxlmiazl R1'17l'4'X4'IIf47ffl'4' EDITH JENSEN '37 Ilfavkey DOROTHY METZGER '36 Twmis CHRISTINA SHARKEY '37 AI'l'l7t'l'wX' I24 Jensen Harris Farnswortli Lincks Cutter Jepsori Platte Burrell MARJORIE JOHNSON GRACE LINCKS EDITH JENSEN Betty Bancroft Elizabeth Burtch Mary Cutter Marjorie Dame Bernndine Drewniany Emilie Farnsworth Sherry Foster Russell Parks Johnson Dame Montague Proctor Downinl, Gillngher Lel.1ntl Thompson Kulman Nlerlino I Jackson Field Hockey Ca 11 fllill Cmlcfr Mnmzgrr SQUAD Eileen Foster Nunzi.1 Merlino Agnes Glllngher Edith Harris Marion Jepson Iris Kelmnn Mary Montague Ruth P.1rks Bertha Platrs Persis Proctor Wfilma Leland Ruth Sherry Irma Thompson SEASON Jackson 1 XVl1C1lIOH 2 Jackson 3 Pembroke 1 Jackson 1 Radcliffe I Dunn Dowxe Spain Darby ,lohnxon Montague Nleliinley Cyallaeher linrtth A Bancroft liurnx Slaek Seekamp Maeomber Hurley Tilton iliiiwmeml Thacher Thnnipxon Dame Platts Sharkey Parkx Jackson Basketball Although the Jackson basketball team did not win any games this season, the team showed a marked improvement over last year's and gave Clow competition to Wfheaton, Radcliffe, and Pembroke. Witli the experience of this season, the team. which is alnioit untouched by graduation, should show much better reiults in 1937. OFFICERS MARLIORIE DAME Czlpfclfll SARAH Tllfl-'CN Cmlffl SQUAD Elizabeth Dunn Martha Dowse Elizabeth Spain Mabel Darby Marjorie johnson Mary Montague Sybil McKinley 116 Agnes Gallagher Elizabeth Burteh Marian Bancroft Barbara Burns Esther Slack Dorothy Seekamp Eleanor Macomber Helen Hurley Bertha Townsenel Barbara Thacher Irma Thompson Marjorie Dame Bertha Platts Christina Sharkey Ruth Parks Harris Marquis Griswold Martli Area' llalwtock Elliot Farnsworth Fritz Schluss Bailey Buthan Jackson Swimming Team Established live years ago, the Jackson swimming team has grown to be one of the l'l1OSt popular of jackson sports. Such strong teams as Pembroke, XVhe.tton, and Rad- cliffe comprised tlie list of opponents. Altho the team was forced to bow to every one of its opponents. due allowance must be made for the inadequate facilities for prac- tise. Especially notable were the fine performances of Captain Betty Sehluss, Lucille Fritz, Emilie Farnsworth and Gertrude Elliot. BETTY SCHLUSS RUTH LINCKS JANE BAILEY Elizabeth Arey l39 Beatrice Babcock '37 Gertrude Elliot 137 Emilie Farnsworth '37 oPP1cERs SQUAD Marjorie Finger '39 Lucille Fritz '36 Helen Griswold ,37 Edith Harris '38 Betty Schluss '36 Cafnfaill Cllclfll Afltllltlgfl' Elizabeth Harris '37 Barbara March '38 Helen Marquis ,39 Louise Remick '38 SEASON jackson 28 M Radcliffe 47 I 3 Alaekson 17 Wfheaton 67 -Iaekson -1,0 Pembroke S3 QUADRANGULAR MEET Wflaeaton 39 Radclilfe 53 ' 3 Pembroke 28 Jackson 16 LQ 127 BQOK V Q5 - 1 . FS? 1 ,. f p 7 . 1 1 ,,-fri ..,. u . 5 ,. '-:, ..'- fx .. .K f' we ,- '-., :::.:- N. !L,Qfi A. ,. ., 'div - ...N 191. ,,. u 695553. :sgrg-.Ig in an ,, 'Q B ,ig s .a ,1 Q i xv K Sk A E 3 VV B4 Y s '- it ,Hx M, I I x . E2 is 6 P 6, lei 1 .:1 kv. , r ,-Q2 1. -," . f f. f ,law ., , h K Q 'vis it F-'ue ZETA PSI THETA DELTA CHI DELTA UPSILGN DELTA TAU DELTA ALPHA TAU OMEGA SIGMA OMEGA PSI PHI EPSILON PI ALPHA KAPPA PI PHI MU DELTA Doran Jarvis Carter Seavey Nadworny Iirrgong Umphrey Ranieri Tennant Healey Mounlfortl Slate Xlfeiss Hill The Interfraternity Council The Tufts College Interfraternity Council is composed of one senior and one junior delegate from each of the nine fraternities representetl on Hill. It serves .1 major purpose in promoting the good fellowship that exists between the fraternal organizations. The body is .1 chapter member of the National Interfraternity Council. The formulation and enforcement of rushing regulations is one of the Council's duties. The Council is also responsible for the rules of the annual interfraternity competitions. COUNCIL MEMBERS DANIEL S. I-IEALEY ROBERT C. MOUNTFORD C. FREDERICK TENNANT Duncan W. Sea Vey James A. Kaup Robert C. Nlountfortl Daniel S. Healey Irving M. Weiss Louis Bluestein Louis B. Ranieri C. Frederick Tennant Joel B. Hill Zeta Psi Theta Delta Chi Delta Tau Delta Alpha Tau Omega Phi Epsilon Pi Sigma Omega Psi Alpha Kappa Pi Phi Mu Delta Delta Upsilon P!'l'Sfilt'lIf VIN'-P7'c'.YlifUlIf Sev'y-Trwzwzrw' John W. Doran Jr. Philip L. Carter Chester A. Foss Donald C. Umphrey Albert I-I. Slate Leonard Goldberg Wfilliam H. Errgong Adolph Nadworny Robert J. Jarvis I3I Zeta Psi Founded .11 New York University in 1847 Tll'!'lIfj'-llfllt' uviiii' Cfmjwlwx RAPPA CHAPTER Eitablished in 1855 WI-IOS XVI-IO IN ZETA PSI STEPHEN LEACOGK, liuinnrist .ind economisit. JOHN V. N. DORR, President of Dorr Engineering Company. XVILLIAM A. COMSTOGR, Governor of Micl1ig.1n. JOHN GARIBALDI SARGENT, former Attorney General of the U. S. RODERICK K. FINLAYSON. C.inadi.in NILIYCHIUJII. LANNY ROSS, radio and screen Star. ROBERT P. T. GOFFIN. Americ.1n poet. GEORGE XVASHINGTON HILL, President of the Americ.1n Tobacco Company HAROLD "RED" GRANGE, profesSion.il f nmii tlmll pl.1yei'. CLINTON XV. TOMS, President of Liggett Myerw Tobacco Goinp.iny. FACULTY MEMBERS H.irvey FJSIIILIII Averill Leo Ricli Lewis 1 XY'Illll.lI'l1 Kendall Dennison Herm.1n Robert R.lCllLTL3I'f Halford L.1nc.1wter Hoskins xYl.1I'I'CI1 l5.1rtlett XV.1lSl1 I32 C? .....................,.. McNcish Dean Edwards Henry Hewett Tctzlatf Cameron Achin M. Lambert Dorin Jacyno Goggin Day Mikesell DeRosa R. Lambert Stephenson Fenno Doran Ellis Bohaker Hall Winroth Comee Packard Morrison Seavey Ingraham Sinnicks Zeta Psi DAVID PACKARD JOHN DORAN MURRAY JOHNSON WILLARD POOR Edward Ellis Howard Fenno joffre Achin Gordon Chandler Edgar Comee Donald Cameron Webster Day Edward Dean William Dorin Giraud Edwards John Foley 1936 Joseph jacyno Lawrence Morrison Paul Tetzlaff 1937 Vincent DeRosa John Doran Willard Poor 1938 Lloyd Bohaker Robert Hall Victor Winroth 1939 Benson Goggin Robert Henry Roger Hewett Matthew Lambert Pivsirlwzf Virr-Pr'c.viJr'111' Serr'vfa1'y Trraszzrer David Packard Duncan Seavey George Mikesell Chester Ingraham Murray Johnson George Sinnicks Robert Lambert John McNeish Joel Stacey Joseph Struzziery Richard Stephenso I1 133 Theta Delta Chi I51111mIc1I .lt Union Cnllcgc in 1347 Tzwzffvy-11i111' 111'1'iz1' Cluzllvfwx Ii.-XI'PA CHARGE Eemblishcd in 1856 XVHUN XVIHIO IN THETA IDELTA CHI .'XI,IiXHXNDI"Ii W'OOI,I,CO'II'II, xvcII-IQ11mx'11 .1111I11r1' .md tI1u "Town C1'1c1"' of tI1c l'.IkIIll. IJUNAII5 Ii. M.x1MII.LAN, CXpIUI'Cl' and Icct111'c1', IIOISFIIT IROST, I'.11nu11s pour. IfLIGI7NIf Ci. CiIlAClIf, IJ1'cs11Ic11t ut, tI1c I!lL'fI1ICIICl11 Slccl Cu1'pn1'.1t1u11. Dlx. I1IxI'DI'IxIQ.Ix L. I'I1IiIxH, IJl'CNlLICl1I uf IIJIUIIIUII LUIIL-gc, LIIIIIIJII, Nun' Work. IION. I"R.LXNIi H. BUCK, CIu11g1'uw111.111 f1'un1 Cf.1I1I'n1'111.1. 1 II.XRYIfY DOW' GIBSON, I1'cs11Icn1 of 1I1c M.11111f.1ct111'c1's Trust Cn., and C3I1.III'l11.1II nf' II11- CHIIIIIIIIICL' in CI'I.ll'.QC nf 1I1c w'uI'ILI'x I:.1Il' LoIwI1UI1I in I'5I11xI1111g. New York, an 1-158. I. I IMXNIQ I7IifXI4.If, I'1'uxi1Icn1 111' 1I1cCj11II' UII C.UI'PUIlIlIUI1. S. IWIOIIY 'Il IUNISUN, I1CNVNlD.lPL'lA IILIQIIJIC. IIIQAR AIDMIRAI ARTIIUR Al. IIIiI'ISL'RNU1'1I1uLI.S. Nny. If:XQfUI.TY NIENIISIZRS ilcmmgc I'1'cs11m IS.1c11n ciI.Il'CI1CQ I,l'L'Nl'OIl Houston Kc1111utI1 I,uI.1n1I NMI1 lj.I, Htmlton Dolben D. Davis McGee O'Toole Hermann Cusliman Selioenfuss LeRoyer Belland WTB Co R. Perry Laakso Pease Lee Baclielder Shedd Marvin NV. Perry Janes Bounakes Glynn Maynard McCurtain Berry Johnson Kaup March R. Coolidge P. Davis Carter Pig Theta Delta Chi JAMES A. KAUP W. BRADFORD COOLIDGE RICHARD JOHNSON Leonard Berry Robert T. Coolidge Phillips C. Davis Philip L. Carter Albert J. Bachelder Nicholas J. Bounakes William H. Dolben Robert Hermann Edward C. Belland George L. Cushman 1936 Thomas P. Glynn Richard Johnson James A. Kaup Herbert B. March 1937 XV. Bradford Coolidge Veikko A. Laakso 1938 Lee S. Janes C. Phillip LeRoyer Ellison F. Marvin Francis J. McGee James A. O'To0le 1939 Donald D. Davis Samuel Hamilton, Jr. Charles M. Lee Pl'1'Sirf1'l1f Sl't'Vt'ft1V'j' Tl't'l1XIl rm' Paul Maynard James H. McCurtain Clark C. C. Mclflvein Philip L. McConnell Russell Pease Walter G. Perry, Jr. Lawrence A. Pigeon Martin B. Shedd Richard L. Perry Arthur F. Schoenfuss I Delta Upsilon Founded nt Willi.1111s College . . . . ., lvflq-11111e tlffll 4' C,!NIl7fi'VX TUl"TS CHAPTER Established in 1886 WHOS WHO IN DELTA UPSILON HEYXVOOD BROUN, .xuthor .ind journalist. KIAMES BRYANT CONANT, President of H.irv.1rd University. CHARLES G. DAXVES, former Vice-President of the United States. HARRY EMERSON EOSDlCK. Pastor of Riverside Church in New York. CHARLES EVANS HUGHES, Chief Justice of the United States. ALFRED P. SLOAN, President of General Motors Corporation. ARTHUR H. VANDENBERG, U. S. Senator from Michigdn. ROBERT C. BENCHLEY, author .ind humorist. EDGAR S. BLOOM, President of Wfestern Electric. JOHN ERSKINE, author, poet, .ind IX1LlNlC.ll critic. FACULTY MEMBERS Chester Kenneth Delano Lewis Frederich Manly Eranlt W'illi.1m lrlurliee N1ClViI'l Smith Munro Charlea Gott John Philip Tilton lwl.ll'9l1.lll Newton I 36 Rush Orden Pratt Greenslade Young Cahill Bowers Bentley Arnold Dresser Callow Doody Ahearn Simonds McQueen Uphnm Bracy Lister Jarvis Sheehan Derry Rose Blnisdell J. Boyd Keith Barker Hosmer R. Boyd NVilkinson Hill Ames Olson Alstrom Folsom Sullivan Lewis Irvine Sterrite E. Harris Baker W. Harris Champeau Crocker Cowdery Brinnick Delta Upsilon JOEL B. HILL Prvsidarzf ROBERT P. BOYD Vin'-l'i'4'xirfUl1f ROBERT J. JARVIS Sv4'r'vfury RICI-IA RD T. FISKE Harold C. Ames Allan L. Barker Albert I. Alstrom Roger Arnold John C. Bentley David A. Bowers John A. Boyd Robert B. Boyd Bartlett Blaisdell Alan D. Callow Harvey Crocker Williain H. Derry William F. Ahearn John Allan Jack Baker Frederick Brinnick 1936 Richard T. Fiske Joel B. Hill Thomas Wilkinson 1937 Alfred Bracy Francis J. Cahill Robert Jarvis Roger S. Keith Lloyd Lister 1958 Francis S. Doody Rodney Dresser Robert S. Folsom George S. Gibb 1939 Donald Cowdery Wfilliam Harris Walter Irvine Tn'as11rc'r Paul B. Hosmer Rodney A. Olson James G. McQueen Chester Orden David D. Rose Clarence W. Rush Donald Simonds William Young Ralph S. Greenslade J. Edward Harris Newell F. Pratt John Upham Williani Lewis John Sheehan Frank Sterrite Herbert Sullivan 137 Delta Tau Delta Founded .lt Bethany College in 1Sg9 Si'z'w1f'5'-film' zlrfilu' C!7LI!7ft'I',Y BETA MU CHAPTER Established in 1889 l WHO'S WHO IN DELTA TAU DELTA GEORGE H. DERN, Secretary of XVJ1' LII'lLlC1' Fixtnklin D. Roosevelt. HENRY A. XVALLACE, Secretary of Agriculture under Franklin D. Roosevelt. XVILLIAM T. MANNING. Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of New York. AIOHN A. COUSENS, President of Tufts College. BEN AMES WILLIAMS, novelist and short story writer. BRANCH RICKEY, Business Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. EDWIN H. HUGHES, Methodist Bishop of the XW7Ll5llII'1gI0l'l Area. FREDERICK PALMER, w.1r correspondent and news writer. THOMAS NV. VAUGHAN, world .tuthority in oeeinogrnphy. ROBERT ARMSTRONG. motion picture star. FACULTY MEMBERS John Albert Cousens Paul Alanson XY7.'ll'l'CI'I Joseph Wfebster Morton Titus Eugene Mergendahl 138 r ek X'i'inship Anderson Mounce Hayward Burton Richardson XYVJINUH C r wx ll Putter Miley Sherman Poor Phillips L:iPointe Pf.lI1SflCl'Ll Edgar u 'ig Hansen R. Parks Bleyle Mountford Foss L. Parks Buckle Hanson Bas Slater Mathieu Shepard Boxes Delta Tau Delta CHESTER A. FOSS ROBERT C. MOUNTFORD RICHARD B. PARKS DAVID K. YOUNG 1936 XVilhs C. Bason Gustave A. Bleyle, Jr. Edward F. Cornwell, Chester A. Foss John G. Hayward Charles L. Richardson Albert E. Anderson, Jr. William G. Arnold Orlow M. Boies Leslie A. Burton Laurence B. Butler Charles L. Edgar George E. Buckle Edwin R. Hansen Kenneth R. Hanson 1937 Paul E. Herrick Richard A. Kelley Richard B. Parks 1 93 8 Malcolm C. Sherman Joseph L. Watson 1939 Norman N. MacAskill George N. Marshall Horace J. Mathieu Harrie W. Miley William S. Mounce Paul D. Pfanstiehl I'i'r'xirlm1f Viva'-Pri'.m1'r11f Sr'm't'fary Tl't'lI.Y1ll't'I' Robert C. Mountford Lewis H. Parks David K. Young Donald S. Fairfield Wfilliam H. Winship, Jr Donald K. Phillips William H. Poor Leicester R. Potter, jr. XVilliam C. Shepard Ralph A. Slater Richard W. Xwilson I Alpha Tau Omega Iinunded .it Virginia Military Institute. 1865 Nillwly-.lil 1' tlflilw' Cfuzjrfrri GAMMA BETA CHAPTER EQt.1bIisl1ed in 1893 XVHOS XVHO IN ALPHA TAU OMEGA ROBERT XV. BINGHAM, AmI1.1ss.1dur to England. NORMAN DAVIS, United States Al11IW.l99.lLIlbI'-.1I-I.ll'gC. BLANTON WINSHIP, Governor-General of Puerto Rico. ROBERT CALDXVELL, Minister to Purtugnl. ROY COCHRAN, Guvernnr of INCI7l'.lSIi.l. SCOTT M. LOETIN, Immediate past president nf the American Bar Ass0ei.1ti0n. Z1 BARNEY T. PHILLIPS, Cluplain of the United States Senate. FRANK A. BANKS, Chief Engineer nf tlie Grand Coulee Dam. largest of itw kind in tlie world. KARL COMPTON, President nf BI.lS'w.ICIIl.lSCIfS Institute of Technology, ROBERT L. BULLARI3. Maier General uf the United Suites Army, retired. IIACULTY MEMBERS Samuel Lucas Conner Newell Carroll Maynard Arthur Maitland Cneliran George Stewart Miller Inlin Albert Holmes Eranla George W'ren E.1rle Frederieli Littleton Edwin Hanscom V'rigl1t I4U Christol XVojcieehowski G. Baker Bracken Palmer Johnson O'Brien Acerra Benoit Conner Coolidge Goodwin Garner Blanchard Kyrios Rendall Pickering Foberg Ghublikian Hayden Goodall N. Harris Hughes Parman Lillix Elsner Pearson Graham XVright Dodwell Murphy Burden Lape Bennett Galuska Baldwin L. Harris Redshaw Comeau Healey Umphrey Morrison Ringer Hunt D. Smith Meadows F. Smith Rockwood Desmond Urbon C. Baker Ruddock McCarthy Emery Alpha Tau Omega RICHARD W. HUNT Pl'L'SiLll'llf LEIGHTON G. HARRIS Vice-Pr'a'5i1fi'l1f WILFRED H. RINGER, JR. Sa'c'rt'iary LINCOLN L. REDSHAW Trvaszirer MEMBERS 1936 Leroy J. Benoit XVilliam C. Garner Daniel S. Healey, Jr. William O. Bracken Ralph A. Hagberg Ernest L. Morrison XVilliam J. Comeau Marino Acerra George D. Baker William A. Baldwin Charles A. Foberg W'illiam Goodall, Jr. Arthur H. Goodwin Gerald S. Bennett Carl A. Blanchard, Jr. Samuel H. Conner Marshall H. Coolidge Carlton L. Elsncr Crosby F. Baker, Jr. Robert P. Burden Francis R. Desmond James L. Dodwell Oscar H. Emery, Jr. 1937 Robert A. Graham Leighton G. Harris Richard NW. Hunt Lewis A. Kyrios James C. Lillis 1938 Albin A. Galuska Norman D. Harris John Hayden Truman Johnson 1939 Iohn R. Ghublikian John H. Hughes Joseph LaPointe Lawrence A. McCarthy George NV. Meadows John J. Murphy Donald F. Smith Charles B. Pickering, Jr. Lincoln L. Redshaw John B. Rendall, Jr. W'ilfred H. Ringer. Jr. Donald C. Umphrey Leslie G. Wfright Ernest M. Lape NVayne A. Parman Edwin L. Palmer Harold Wells Anthony A. NWojciechowski David C. O'Brien Albert M. Pearson Edward F. Ruddock Frank M. Smith, Jr. John P. Urbon, Jr. 141 Phi Epsilon Pi I:OLII1LICLl At thc Collage of tI1c City of New York in 1904 Tf7fI'f1-ff7l'1'1' clfffl 1' CfY1If1f1'7'.Y OXIICRON CHAPTER Establislictl in 1916 NVIILT5 WHO IN PHI EPSILON PI IFR. CALVIN COGGINS, Rlimlc Island Stats C21-llcgu. IDR. ABRAKI SACHAR, Un1vc1'sity11f Illinnix REV. DR. HARRY LEVI, Bmtmi, Mass. REV. DR. BIUNAH B. XVISE, Ncw York City. SUPREME COURT IUSTICE SAMUEL I. ROSENMAN of New York. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE JOSEPH IS. PERSKIE of Ncw -Icrxcy. AIOSEPH ALTMAN, Spcakur of tlic Huuw of Rcprcsc11t.1t1vus, New Icrscy. LOUIS RRUNENISIERG. .lLlIl10I'. LOUIS B. ROSENIYIELID, Statc SL'll.1fllI', C4Il1I1L'CfICLlI. NORNIEN I.. MIIYERS, I,L'P.lI'IlDL'I1I of the Il1l'L'l'IUI', XY'.1xI1111g1u11, IU. C, 1.1: Kostick Blum Newman Short Gliekstein Rotenberg Risman Handlemnn Lutzin johnson Edelstein Cutler Robinson Ksye Feldman Farber Kalish Goldb r5 Shulnun Slate Ribok Rosen XVeiss Msrmer Crevoslmy Charm Siegel Pln Epsdon P1 IRVING NI. WEISS Pl'4'Xftlt'llf GEORGE NIARNIER Vim'-PI'1'XI4fL'l1f MAURICE C. CREVOSHAY IRVING G. ROSEN George Mnrmer Sumner Charm Maurice Crevoshny Ralph Kaye Irving Farber Harold Feldman Seymour Blum Sydney Cutler Joseph Edelstein 1936 1937 Samuel Ribok Irving Rosen 1938 Harold Goldberg Howard Hnndleman 1939 Milton Glickstein Samuel Kostick Richard Newman Israel Risman SL'l'VL'fl1l'J' Ti'n1r11n'i' Irving Weiss Israel Shulman Robert Siegel Albert Slate Burton Johnson Joseph Kalishi? Burton Robinson Sheldon Rotenber Morris Short :i'Deceased I w Sigma Gmega Psi liountletl at tlie College of tlae City of New York, 1901 Tfwlrfvi-mn' urliiw' Clnzjifurw MU CHAPTER Eitablislied in 1921 XVHO'S XVI-IO IN SIGMA OMEGA PSI JUDGE ABRAM LEBSON, Hackensack, New Jersey. JUDGE MAX SCHARF, Ramsey, New Jersey. DR, SAMUEL C. MILLER, Chief Periotlontia and Clinical Professor at N. Y. U. Dental College. DR. CLARENCE G. DITTMER, Head of the Department of Sociology, N. Y. U. PRUIZESSOR EDXVIN B. HEIVE5, Chairman of the History Department, St. xIol'1n's University. SIDNEY S. KORN, former Deputy Attorney General of New York. GEORGE VELIDMAN, former secretary to Senator Wfilsla and counsel to tlie Inter- state Commerce Commission. LOUIS ZISMAN, Head of tlie Gotham Silk Hosiery Plant. M. GQLIJMAN, Associate Editor of four textile paperw. including tlie "Cleaning and Dyeing W'orltl." CARI, ONISKIN, New York State Legislature. 1-H Collier Mciselmrm Rodofsky Goldberg W' ' er W'illiams Schechtman Atlas em Harris Oppenheim Pollak Zimman Alpert Bluestein Alford Rossman S1gma Qmega Psi RALPH ALPERT Presiflcuf LOUIS BLUESTEIN Vice-Presidcnl HYMAN ALFORD SeL'r01'ary HARCLD O. ZIMMAN T1'?llSIl7'l'l' Ralph Alpert Hyman Alford Leonard Goldberg Bennie Collier David Gorden Lloyd Oppenheim jacob Atlas I 9 3 6 Louis Bluestein 1937 1938 I 9 3 9 David Schechtman Norbert Williams Robert Rodofsky William Menkes Marcus Pollak Michael Rossman Harold Zimman Herbert R. Weiner I Alpha Kappa Pi Founded .it Newark Engineering Scliool in 1926 Tzzwzfy nrfizw' Cfmjvierx TAU CHAPTER Established in I93I WHLTS Wl'lO IN ALPHA KAPPA PI Al,l5lfli'l' HUGHES XVILSON, Pastor of the Cliureli of the Saviour 1Metl1otlistJ. New Yorls City. l"R.'XNli CilfORGlf HELYAR, Direutoi' of Resident Instruction, College of Agricul- ture, Rutgers University. l'1Nlll,lf XV,fXI.TI-QRS, l..lndsC.lpe artist. l"llfXNli ROY GAY, Clmir of Greek .intl cl4ll11P.ll'.lIlYL' Liteitlture .lt lietlmny College ' for l.isl lg ye.irs. Cilikilitili li. l,AMl5, Professor of Geology .it Mount Union since igog. l'fXUl. Al.l,lfN, ills., Professor of Cfliemistri' .it St. ,I0l1l'llN College .it zXnn.1polis. HIJXVIN liUTl.liR ROLLINS. Professor ol' lflectrieal Fngineering .it Tufts. PARKIQ li. l'liAlM, Assistant l'rofessor of Pliysics .it leliigli University, Professor of Pliysies .it Brooltlyn Polyteelinie Institute. C.llfXRl.lfS HIQNRY CONNURS, Professor of Orn.1ment.1l l'lortieulture .it Rutgers University. CiIfOKCili IZQXRIMIZ OXVEN, Minister .it Wineliester. Vi. FACULTY MEMBERS Robinson Abbott Mason lftlw.1rtl Bennett Rlylillilltl Untlerwootl liitlf litlwin Butler Rollins 146 Bratenas Radvilas Crowley B. Lawrence Tremberth Carr Morehouse Abdu Tsouprakakis Johnson Farmer Veilleux Flaherty XV. Murray Newman Philpott Lampard Errgong W. Lawrence McLeod Morton Grates Palmieri Chaec Ranieri Hay J. Murray A h K P' lp a appa 1 LOUIS P. RANIERI KENNETH D. HAY JOHN W. MURRAY WARREN F. CHACE Warren Chace Joseph J. Grates Wallace E. McLeod Paul G. Bratenas J. Edward Crowley William H. Errgong Louis Abdu Wellington A. Brewster Eugene J. Carr Runo E. Johnson Bradford W. Lawrence 1936 John W. Murray Joseph F. Palmieri Anthony Radvilas 1937 Paul V. Flaherty Kenneth D. Hay Robert W. Lampard Whitney E. Lawrence 1938 Richard E. Farmer William H. Murray 1939 Clarence K. Morehouse Floyd W. Tremberth Prz'siJc'11f Vice-Prrsidwzf Serrvfary Trrasu rev' Louis P. Ranieri Peter Tsouprakakis George Versakas Walter E. Morton 'SAF M: .....,.. -.. Frederick W. Newman Paul Philpott William G. Skulley Elmer L. Whitham Louis A. Veilleux, Jr. William R. Ward Sidney E. White I 47 Phi Mu Delta Foumlcd by rhu National ITIJLICIXIIIUII of Commune Clubs in IQIS NU IOTA CHAPTER Established in 1934 WHCYS XVHO IN PHI MU DELTA HONORABLE NEAL LORA, judge of thu Municipal Court, Lima. Ohio. GERALD F. PAULEY, Chicago Nl.Ill.IgL'l', IXlUllSCl'll'.l Chemical Company. OTHO LEITIiR, Pl'UfC'iSUl' of kIULl1'l1.llISI'l1 .lt tlic University of lllinoiw. BURNHAM B, DAVIS, .ilumni sccrct.iry of the University of Ncw Hampsliirc. H. Ii. STQXVFLL. Nlanagci' .ind ownci' uf tlic Srmvcll Spmvl .md Silk Co.. BYYJIIIIS Puml, Mainc. LOUIS B. KING, mcmbci' uf tlic distinguished law firm of I3ricLlman, Atherton, King, .ind Turncr. FRANK MURRAY, coach uf rhu Al.ll'tlLlCfIC University fimrlmll team. 148 Milliken Herrick Poirras Rob't. Greeley Petrell Roberts Bowler Muttioli Hurd Nadworny Tervo Stone Bristol Mayo Tennant Rich. Greeley Hopkins Phi Mu Delta C. FREDERICK TENNANT JOHN M. MAYO B. THOMAS HOPKINS RICHARD F. GREELEY Williani M. Bowler J. Stewart Bristol Richard F. Greeley G. Donald Hurd Natale Perrell Louis DeAngelis 1936 B. Thomas Hopkins Harold P. Mattioli John M. Mayo 1937 Adolph J. Nadworny 193 8 1939 Robert F. Greeley James Herrick Pl't'SitlL'llf Vim'-PI'4'.IiIlI'11f Sl'l'l'4'fl1l'j' Tl'L'HSZl rer Natale R. Petrell Carlton H. Stone C. Frederick Tennant Thomas D. Tervo Payson Milliken Edward McGuinness Rocco Sapareto 149 ALPHA XI DELTA ALPHA OMICRON PI CHI GMEGA SIGMA KAPPA Besse Harris Miller Brug Donning Tyrrell Bailey Lawson Panhellenie Council The Panhellenic Council of Jackson has jurisdiction over sorority "rushing" among the four national sororities on Hill, and formulates rushing rules for the sororities during second semester. The Council also awards 21 Loving Cup each year to that sorority which has maintained the highest average in scholastic standing during the preceding year. COUNCIL MEMBERS JANE BAILEY Pl'UXjllt'lIf JANE N. TYRRELL lzifl'-Pl'L'Xflil'71f EVELYN G. LAWSON Sec'rvfar'y Jang N, Tyrrell Cl7fOll1l'gd Phylis L. Brug Ruth S. Miller Alpha Omiuron Pi Elizabeth Harris Jane Bailey Sigma Kappa Virginia B. Besse Mary E. Donning Alpha Xi Drlfa Evelyn G. Lawson ISI AIpI1a X1 Delta FuLl1nIcII .lt L1m1b.11xI College in 1895 lfiffj'-fi1'1' Clnzfrfvlw IAMBIUA CHAPTER Est.1bIiQI1cd in 1907 I WHOS WHO IN ALPHA XI IJIQITA KI.-XRY NI. ATKINSON. .1utI1u1' .md I11.1g.l7Il1t.' XK'I'IICI' of XY'.lNI1IllglUI'I, D. C. EDITII ATKINSON, Iudgc of xluvcnilc Court Ill I7Im'1d.1. I'HYI LIS I3I.1XNCfI-IARD I.UCfX9SI'I. pwcImIugixt .md mc111IHc1' uf .'X111cr1c.11'1 PiycI111- I11g1c.1I fXwwc1.1ti1111, I'IfIlSIS IIANNAII BROXVN, SIIILIICJIL' 11.11110 IMI' tI1c ll1'1'f1f1f-'I'1'1l1'1'f1'1' is Ruth C1.IlUL'I'1lII. NIARTI IA IXIcCLI,UllI'l. l11CINI3Cl'UI4 N.11i11n.1I RcpL1bIic.111 O1'g.111i1.11i1111. IOI9 SYSTICR INIONTROSS, wriu-1' fur .II1Cl1ll'1 .md 1-111f11-1 Ilffuzu lf111r1111I. IFR. l3I:ISSII' I,IIfC,QIf, I'1'11fcsw1' nf H1stu1'y .lt U111vc1'x1t1' nf ClI11c.1:11: .u11I1111'. SUI", I'I.'XS,I'INCiS, PIAULILICUI' of m.11'io11ctlcw. XIXXINIQ IJAX'IS,.111rI1111'uf "Thu I..1s1 Ciclu-1'.1ti1111." jou1'11.1Iixt. ,XNNA NIII.IIfR IQNOTIQ. voted um' uf Il g1'c.1tcst Greek wu111c11, .XEX NCCI'Cf,lI'y 11.1t11111.1I. 151 Karner Wvariarnakei' Hagen Flflp.1fI'iCk Eaxtman Corey Gray Manuel Sheehan Remiek Swenwn Pure O'Neil Spain ll.inei'iift Gnrnian Phillipx Merrill Lawson Haley ClLUUPIlCY Urechiel Duniiiiig Alpha X1 Delta ADELE HALEY l'r'i'iiift'1ll EVELYN G. LAXVSON l'ir'r'-1'l'i'XiifL'I1f BARBARA E. DRECHSEL LOUISE A. MERRILL Eleanor Champney Mary Dunning Barbara Drechwl Caroline Eastman Evelyn Lawson Bette Bancroft Elizabeth Corey Jane Fitzpatrick Maxine Gray I936 Adele Haley Lriuiwe Merrill 1957 julia O'Ne1l Katherine Scott 1938 Clair Gorman Ethel Jackson Iris Kelman Dorothy Manuel 1939 Mary Jane Knrner Evelyn Hagen Sr'r'l'r'hIl'j Tl'A'LIXIll'1'l' Charlotte Phillips Urita Pote Louise Swenson Mary Sheehan Elizabeth Spain Louise Remick Marguerite Thwin Helen XY'7.1l1.lI'l'l.1liC1' Esther Smith t Alpha Qmicron Pi Founded at Bg1rn.u'tl College in 1897 Forty-fwfr Cfnzfvffidx DELTA CHAPTER Established in 1908 WHOS WHO IN ALPHA UMICRON PI UIIQSSIE NVALLACF HUGHAN, author .intl poet, socialist worker for interrmtional peace. STFLLA G. S. l,ERRHV,.1llfl1lPl'. DR. THELMA B. DUNN, faculty member uf Metlic.1lSch iwiw l, University of Virginia. MARY ROSE BARROXVS VON FURSTFNAN, UPCIKI singer. protege of Mme. Sclinnunn-Heink. MRS. ,IAMES G. BLAINE, UIR., Ll.lLlgl1ICl' of l5enj.1min H.u'risnn, twenty-third presi- tlent of the U. S., g1'e.1t gl'.1I'lgl-Llilllgllld' of XY'illi.1m Henry H.u'rison, ninth presi- dent uf the United States. PINCKNEY ESTES GLANTZBIERG, special counsel to the New York St.1te Super- intentlent of Insurance. MARY ELLEN CHASE, Professor of English .lt Smith, .ll.1fl1UI'. MARY FLINT JACOBS, winner of l'if'lf:Vit1l Rl'lfA'Il' .1XV.lI'kl in 1935. MARY BOURKF-XVHITE, .1l.lIllll1', lN.lg.1XlI1C illust1'.1tu1'. MADIZLINE D. BALDNVIN, Recording Secretary of the XVomen's lnte1'n.1tion.1l Peace League and editor uf their newsp.1pei'. Ii-l Russell Lawlev Soule Jones Ruggles lhrreil AlC1'llI1lY Nluliay' Rug, r klensen Forsyth XY'inxlow Downing Nelson Brug Kelley Newton Lorlwelt O'Brien llurn Shernmn Ciraton Crocker Farnxworlh Miller Dunn Hawl-tinx Koch Stott llordl Alpha Qmicron P1 RUTH S. NIILLER l'l'r'xiif1'1If ELIZABETH A. DUNN l'i4'1'-Pl'r'Siifr'11f DOROTHY E. HAWKINS EMILIE U. FARNSXWORTI-I Jean Crocker Elizabeth Dunn Mildred Burns Phylis Brug Nancy Ellis Emilie Farnsworth Edith Jensen Marie Barrett Alice Craton Jean Forsyth Blanche Downing Martha Lnwley I936 Dorothy Hawkins 1937 Alice jordan Eleanor Kelley Grace Kelley Marguerite McKay Audrey Moran Elna Nelson 1938 Cnrmelita Corbet t Lois U'Brien 1939 Clean Rogers Natalie Sherman SHUThWy Tl't'HSI1l'l'l' Adelaide Koch Ruth Miller Charlotte Newton Dorothy Ruggles Doris Russell Geraldine Stott Priscilla Winslow' Martha Jones Nunzia Merlino Christine Nelson Elizabeth Soule Bertha Townsend I Chi Omega Founded .it the University of AI.1bnmn Eiglvfli'-zlifze Clnzjifwi CHI ALPHA CHAPTER Established in 1910 WHOS XVHO IN CHI OMEGA MARY LOVE COLLINS, I.iwyer, .'lLlIfI1Ul', voted one of the gre.iteQt living Greekx DR. MARY MIMS, woeiologist, Iecturer, .lutliorg LouiQi.1n.1'i inoit famous woman. GENEVIEVI-I TAGGARD, poet, .lLlfI147l'. IREENE SETON XVICKER, "TIie Singing Lady." Voted one of the Iwest eI1iIdren's CllfCI'I.1IIlC1'S. LIDA LARRIINIORE, .1utIior. EDITH LINXVOOD BUSH. TRCJI1 of Iaclison CoIIege. MAR-IORIE NICHOLSON, I7e.1n of Sniitli College: .1utI1or, editor, Guggenheim FCI- Iowsliip recipient 1916-17. DR. LETA HOLLINXVORTH, Professor of Education .it Coluinbia Te.1eIier's College. MABEL XVALKER XVILLEBRANDT, Awistint Attorney General of United Statw 1911-:gg I.1wyer, Ieeturer. DOROTHY -IORDAN, movie star. 156 Bearce llmugliiie llglweeek l'li1. Harris Foster litl, Harris Sliek linrlver Neil Turnbul Glazier -lnlinsun Stiekney Hnml Tinsley Darby Stniton klepsun Ciule XY'illsinw liurnlnm Ty rrell Pllauiiier Blakely Bennett NIcC.irry Searcy Carter Hnlmes Kenney dh' 0 L 1 mega HELEN E. KICCARTY Pl'A'Ylill'lIf ELEANORE BENNETT llim'-Pl'i'xiifz'l1f PRISCILIA M. SEAVEY MATILDA PFLAUMFR Eleanore Bennett Nl.11'g.lI'Cf Blakely Katherine Carter Mary Holmee Beatrice Babcock Eleanor Bearee Virginia Goddard Marion Jepson Edith Harris lane Barber Rachel Cole Marjorie Burnham 1936 linet Hood Cnnstance Kenney Helen McCarty 1937 Elizabeth Harris Elizabeth Maker Esther Slick 1938 Bettie Neil 1959 Marion Donighue Eileen Foster Muriel Alolinson SL'1'VL'f4Il'-1' Tren y I1 rm' Nl.1tiltl.1 Ptlaumer Elsie Oakes Priscilla Seavey Jane Tyrrell Ruth Stanton Ele.in0r Turnbull Ann Willtiiis Josephine Tinsley Mabel D.1rlHv B.lI'lDLH'.'l Glaiier Ruth Payne Ruth Stickney Sigma Kappa Iiuundcd .11 Colby College in 1874 I:fH'fv1'-fl7l'l'1' Clu1p1'1'1'x OMICRON CHAPTER Established in IQIS WHLYS WHO IN SIGMA KAPPA MARY NVORTHNFR, Prcsidciit of Ncw York City P.ml1cllcnic Association. INIATILUA IQIKIQRA, novelist. MARIORIE MII,LS,journ.1lisr for tlic NL-xx' York Timm. I5I.ORI'1NCIf E. DUNN, Truatcc of Tufts College. MYRTILIQ CINIENEY, fuumlui' of tl1c Maine Sc.1cr1.1St Mission IRMA IP. VOIGT. Dean of W'u111c11, Ohio University. NIRS. ANNA MQCUNE HARIJIQR, lliglwsr l'.1l1liII1g XVUITICIII tunnis playci' Ill 1931. I-Ilfl.IfN If. l'lfCK, Dcan of XY,UI'IN.'I1, Rlwllc Island Smtc. GOI,DIIi CAPIQRQ SNIITH. putt. XIAISIQI. CANIPBIZIL, XTICC-PI'CSILlL'l1I uf A111c1'ic.m Hnmc Iici wiimv mic Aswci.1tiu11. 158 Schluss Seekamp Finger Hesse :Xuer Sharp Mauchly Proetor M. Pierre Davix li. Pierce Lan rry Gilbert Buchan Lamonte Small Pushee Maelachlan Hall Bailey Broekleliurst Eimlcisen Maulxby Auut Blewger Morrow Campman ClllC.lS Burk lfllinr Bonner Yan Wfirt 'lulinim n Sigma Kappa E. HARRIET BURK P!'4'xiifa'1lf GERTRUDE T. ELLIQT Vin'-Pl'4'xi4fz'lIf G. VERA BROCKLEHURST BARBARA CLUCAS Faith Atwoocl jane Bailey Harriet Burk Florence Campman Virginia Besse Rita Brennan Vera Brocklehursr Elizabeth Buchan Doris Bonner Charlotte Auer Barbara Clark June Davis Marjorie Finger 1936 Marjorie johnson Florence Lewis Dorothy Metzger 1937 Barbara Glucas Gertrude Elliot Helen Mauchly Barbafa Porter 193 S Helen Findeisen 1939 Ruth Gilbert Nancy Hall Marjorie Lamonte Virginia Lane -Ianet Maclachlan Trmztzz rw' St'1'I'4'ftll'-1' Marian Morrow Betty Sehluss Ruth Sherry Gloria van XY'.1rt Marian Pushee Helen Sharp Ivaloo Small Margaret Thompson Dorothy Seeliamp Helen Maulsby Mary Pierce Rachel Pierce Persis Proctor I MARINo ACLRRA, ATQ Medford, Mass. C.Ii.: "Ace": Football 1, 1, 5: Baseball 1, 1, 5: A.S.C,I2. 1, 5. FRIQUERILR B. .ACIORII Mattapan, Mass. C.E. JO1-IRL V. ALHIN, Z'-1' Lowell, Mass. B.S.: "JetI": Chemical Society 1, 1. HYRIAN IXLI ORD, EQX1' Dorchester, Mass. B.S.: "Hy": History Club 1, 1: Chemi- cal Society 1, 1: Tennis I, 1: Inter- fraternity Council 5. AIIILR1' I. A1s1'RoA1, AY XV. Springfield, Mass. Ch.Ii.: "Alu: Soccer 1: German Club 1. 1: Chemical Society 1, 5. .JOHN ANURLWS lf. Boston, Mass. C'h.Ii.: "Jack." P1'IIR J. ANLQLLO Quincy, Mass. B.S.: "Pete": Chemical Society 1, Newman Club I, 1. ROGER XY. ARNO111, AY Braintree, Mass. B.S.: "Rog": Cross Country 1, 1 XVrestling 1, 5: Tufteonic 1, 1. IRONALD B. Av1,R Cambridge, Mass. AB.: "Don," MIKRILL .Ios1f1'H BADGLR, AKII Hyde Park, Mass. CL.: "Joe": Lacrosse I, 1, 5. ARTHUR BARER Malden, Mass. B.S.: Art. G1 oRn1. D. BARIR, ATQ Saugus, Mass. CILE.: "Bake": Football I, 1, 5. WILLIAM A, BAIDXYIN, ATQ Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Billy": Historical Society 1, 5: Wwklrv 1, 3: Newman Club 1, 5. JOHN C. BAv1,I1is Fairhaven, Mass. B.S.: Band I, 1, 5: Orchestra 1, 1, 5: Dramatics IQ Tennis 1, 1, 5: Soccer 1: International Relations Club, Vice- President 5. XVAI.Tl1R E. BI.Dl7I.I,, JR. w,llI1III1gIlbIl, Mass. Tufts Juniors NORLIAN H. BENDIXON Lawrence, Mass. B.S.: Band 1, 5: Orchestra 1: Soccer I: Track 1. JOHN C. B1iN'r1.Lv, -JR., AY Wfeymouth, Mass. B.S.: "Red": Football 1, 1, 5: Base- ball I: Basketball 1, 1: Sword and Shield. Secretary: Ivy: Mathematics Club I. BLANTON P. B1R1,1N Meriden, Conn. CF.: "Bergie": A.S.C.l:. 5 ROBERT P. BIRNARD Newton Center, Mass. MF., E.Ii.: "Bob" ERIIL XV. BOGOMAX S. Boston, Mass. C.E.: "BiIl": Track I, 1, 5. DAVID A. BowLRs, AY Reading, Mass. B.S.: "Dave": Sword and Shield, President: Lacrosse I: Psychology Club 5: Chenaical Society I, 1. JOHN A. Bovo, AY xY,fLllII'lgf0I'Cl, Conn. EF.: "Gush: Football 1, 1, 5: Baseball 1: Basketball 1, 5: Sword and Shield. ROBIQRT B. Boro, AY Wkallingford, Conn. B.S.: "But'I": Basketball 1. 1, 5: La- crosse 1, 1, 5: Sword and Shield: Ivy: Class Treasurer 5. ALI-R10 A. BRArv, AY Medford. Mass. B.S.: "A1": Junior Manager of Track 5: Psychology Club President, 5: Soc- cer 1: Lacrosse I: Football 1. PAUL G. BRATPNAS, AKIT S. Boston, Mass. B.S.: "Brat": Football I, 1. 5: Track I, 1, 31 Ivy. DOUGLAS P. BRAYTON XV. Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Doug" PHILIP M. BRFITFR Perth Amboy, N. J. B.S.: Chemical Society I. Il GCI'II1.lI1 Club 1, 1: Xvrestling I, 1. HULIPHREH' C. BRENNAN XVaterrown, Mass. B.S.: Chemical Society 1. ROBLRT S. BUFFUM W'atertown, Mass. A.B.: "IZv": Football I. Ch.IZ,: Chemical Society 5. 160 ROLAND W. BUTTERS, JR. Greenwood, Mass. C.E.: "Redux Lacrosse I, 1, 5: A.S.C.E. 1, 1, 5. FRANCIS J. CAHILL, AY Lynn, Mass. MF., FF.: "Fran": Football 1, 1 Lacrosse I. VINCENT E. CAMPELIA Somerville, Mass. B.S.: "Vin": Chemical Society 1, 5: Unity Club 1, 5. JAMES E. CANAVAN Boston, Mass. MF., EE.: "Jim": Newman Club 1, 3: Historical Society 1, 5. JOHN F. CAREX' Manchester, Conn. B.S.: "J:1ck": Football 1, 1, 5: Track 1, 1, 5: Chemical Society 1, 5: W'res- tling 1, 1, 5. PHILIP I.. CARTER, SAX Sanmaur, Quebec B.S.: "Phil": Lacrosse I, 1: Interfra- ternity Council 5. JAR-1Ls B. CASE Maynard, Mass. M.IE.: Eli.: "Brad." ERNEST S. CHAMER Bridgeport, Conn. Cl1.F.: "Ernie." GORIION E. CHANDLER, ZIP XV. Somerville, Mass. B.S.: "Dr. Huer": Cross Country 1: Masque 1: Radio Club 5: Ski Club 5. SUNINLR D. CHARBI, 'DEH Mattapan, Mass, BS.: "Chief": Lacrosse 1: Cross Coun- try 1. PHILIP O. CHILLINGWORTH -I.lI'll.1lC.l Plain, Mass. A.B.: "Phil." FRANCIS T. COLCLOUGH Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Fleet": Baseball I, 1. 5: Foot- ball 1, 1: Basketball I, 1 Gl:RALIl M. COLLINS Melrose, Mass. BS.: "Jerry." HARRY J. COLLYER Medford, Mass. CILE.: "Jumbo": Cross Country 1, 1, 5: Xvrestling I, 1: Baseball 1: Chemical Society I, 1. 5: Tuftconic I, 1. WILLIAM B. COOLIDGE, DAX NV. Medford, Mass. A.B.: 'KBrad": Debating Council, Presi- dent 3, Manager 2: Jvcekly 2, Manag- ing Editor 3: International Relations Club 3: Orchestra I, 2: Band I, 2, 3: Soccer I, 2, 3. EDWARD F. CORNXVELL, JR., ATA Stoneham, Mass. A.B.: "Edu: Soccer I, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2: Baseball I: Historical Society 2, 3. NIAURICE CREvosI-IAv, CIJEII XY'alth:InI, Mass. B.S.: "Crevy": Menorah I, 2: lVI'I'fcl3' I, 2: Dramatics I, 2. EDWARD D. CROISSANT XY". Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Ed." AUSTIN XV. CKOXN'E Winchester, Mass. B.S.-S.T.B.: "Bishop,': Episcopal Club 2, 3: Chairman Crane Club. JAMES E. CROWLEY, AKTI Lynn, Mass. Ch.E.: "Edu: Assistant Manager of Wfrestling 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3: Chemical Society I, 2, 3: A.S.C.E. I, 2, 3: Chemical Society I, 2, 3: Class Secre- tary I: Tau Beta Pi 3. FRANRLIN H. CUNIMINGS Everett, Mass. C.E.: "Ham": A.S.C.E. 3: Track I: Cross Country 2: Lacrosse 2, 3: Glee Club I, 2, 3. D. BRADFORD DAVIS Beachmont, Mass. A.B.: "Brad": Cross Country I, 2: Track I, 2, 3: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Ski Club, President 3: History Club 3: Radio Club 3: International Relations Society 3. XJUALTIZR E. DEAcoN Plymouth, Mass. B.S.: "Deak": Chemical Society I, 2, 3: Psychology Club 2. Vice-President 3. VINCENT A. DERosA, ZW Long Branch, N. J. B.S.: "Vinnie": Chemical Society 2, 3: Basketball 2: Tennis I, 2. GEORGE XV. DESMET Lawrence, Mass. B.S.: Football I, 2, 3: Wrestling I: Lacrosse I. ANDRE J. DEvoT New Haven, Conn. M.E., E.E.: "Frenchy": Wrestling I, 2, 3. SILVIO DIPIETRD E. Boston, Mass. ..-H B.S.: SIL LORIS M. DIRAN Rockville Centre, L. I., N. Y. Ch.Ii.: "Lorry": Chemical Society 2, 3. LEONARD XV. DoNoeI-IUE Hyattsville, Md. Ch.E.: "Lenny": Chemical Society I: Photographic Club 3: Newman Club I, 2. JOHN W. DDRAN, JR., Zll' Methuen, Mass. M.E., E.E.: "Jack": Soccer I: NVres- tling I: Track 2: A.S.M.E. 2, 3: Inter- fraternity Council 3. GLoRtzE J. DUI-I-Y Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Duff": Cross Country I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3: Chemical Society I, 2. HARRN' F. EATON W'akel'ield, Mass. A.B. HOXY'ARD S. ENGLISH Somerville, Mass. B.S. XVILLIANI H. ERRGONG, AKIT Arlington, Mass. B.S.: "Bill": W'resrling 2, 3: Interfra- ternity Council 3: Chemical Society 3. DONALD S. FAIRFIELD, ATA W'ollaston, Mass. B.S.: "Donn: Tennis I, 2. 3: Mathe- matics Club I, 2: International Rela- tions Club I, 2, Secretary 3: Orchestra I, 2, 3. SAMUEL FEINITERG Lawrence, Mass. M.E.. E.E. JOHN J. FINN N. Dana. Mass. B.S.: "Red": W'4"I'lel3' I: TIlff0IIi:lII I: Newman Club I, 2, 3: Chemical Soci- etv 2, 3: Dramatics I, 2, 3: Junior Lacrosse Manager 3. PAUL V. FLAHERTY, AKTI Somerville, Mass. Ch.E.: Baseball 3. DAVID B. FLAWS N. W'oburn, Mass. M.E., E.E. XVARREN A. FLEMING Reading, Mass. M.E., E.E. EDWARD F. FLINT, JR. Lincoln, Mass. M.E., E.E.: "Edu: A.I.E.E. 3: A.S.M.E. CHARLES A. FODERG, ATQ Everett, Mass. C.E.: "Chubby": Football I, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2: Baseball I: Sword and Shield. CHESTER A. Foss, ATA Englewood, N. J. B.S.: "Cl-Iet": Soccer I: Dramaties I: Historical Society 2, 3: Freshman Cross Country Manager 2, 3. CI-IARLES W. FOTIS Lynn, Mass. B.S.: "Prexy": Chemical Society I, 2: Baseball I, 2, 3: Lynn Tufts Club 3. WILLIAM O. GATES Dedham, Mass. M.E.. E.E. FRED J. GEBAUER Roslindale, Mass. ClI.E. RICHARD B. GIBBS Burlington, Mass. A.B. INIITCHELL I. GINSBERG Dorchester, Mass. A.B.: "Miken: Tennis I, 2, 3: Histori- cal Society I, 2, 3. LEONARD GDLDBERG, EQIP W'inthrop, Mass. B.S.: "Lenny": lX7I'I'kI3' I, 2, Feature Editor 3: Evening Party 3: Psychology Club 2, 3. LBAVID M. GOLDENBERG Dorchester, Mass. A.B.: "Dave": Tennis 2, 3: Historical Society 2. XJVILLIAAI GOODALL, ATQ Manchester, Mass. C.E.: "Bill": Football I, 2, 3: A.S.C.E. I, 2, 3: Wrestling I: Lacrosse I: Class President I, 2, 3: Sword and Shield: Ivy. ARTHUR H. GOODWIN, ATQ Everett. Mass. B.S.: "Arty: Lacrosse I, 2, 3: Basket- ball, Assistant Manager 2, 3. ROBERT A. GRAHANI, ATQ Saugus, Mass. Ch.E.: "XVlIitey": Football 1, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3. BvRoN G. HAI-IN, JR. Somerville, Mass. ME., E.E.: "By": Football I, 2, 3: Wrestling I, 2, 3: Tennis I, 2. XVALTER L. HANNAN, JR. XV. Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Hamm: Mathematics Club I, 2: Cross Country I, 2: Baseball I, 2. 161 ARTHUR L. HJKNSON Boston, Mass. B.S.: "A1't": Soccer 1 HLNRX G. HaR1.oxv Plymouth, Blass. C.E.: "Liil": Tau Beta Pi 3, President 1: A.S.C.E. 1, I. 1.1. Class Vice- 3: Tennis LL1t,1-11oN G. H.-xRR1s, AT!! Newtonville, Mass. A.B.: Hl.Clgl'lUQ W"i'i'kl-Y 1, 3 : English Club 3: Tennis 1, 3: Basketball 1, 1, 3: IIIHIIYU Book 3. XVILLIAM L. l'TANVKINS W'atertown, Mass. A.B.: ll"1'i'HY1' 1, 1, Sports Editor 3. KFNNLTI1 D. Har, AHIT Beverly, Mass. Ch.E.: "Ken": Glee Club 1, 1: Chemi- cal Society 1. li Tuftconic 1, 1: Tau Beta Pi 3. NY'1111.fxx1 ,I. l'lI.II'lRN Lower Millv, Mass. NLE., PP. PAUL F. HIRIKILR, ATA Reading, Mass. Bb. ,Ios1f1111 HIIKSCH Roxbury, Mass. MF., EDWARD M. Ho1.11Roo1t Brookline, Mass. B.S.: "Ned" ALLYN XV. Hoxvt, ATQ Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Alu: Football 1, 1: I. RICHARD C. Hunsox XV. Boylston, Mass. C.F.: "Horace." R1cHaRD XY. HUNT, ATQ Lynn. Mass. Waestling MF., EF.: "Dick": Cross Country 1, 1, 3: Track 1: A.S.M,li., dent 3: Tau Beta Pi 3. RALPH B. Hussm' Iiverett, Mass. 13.8.-S.T.B. RILHARD KI. HX'NIfS Pittsfield, Mass. Vice-Presi- BS.: Chemical Society 1. 1, 1. Pl.-XRRY T. ININIAR Quincv, Mass. B S ' "Ted " CHESTLR D. INt.1m11aM, ZII' Rutherford, N. nl. A.B.: "Chet": Track 1. 1, 1. 1. 1. 161 3: Football LLDNRRD F. jaxta Danvers, Mass. B.S.: "Len": Newman Club 1, 1, 3: German Club 1: Chemical Society 1, 1, 3. RODLRT -I. jaiuis, AY Springfield, Mass. BS., "Bob": Soccer 1, 1, 3: Dramatics 1, 1: lnterfraternity Council 3: ll"1'1'f1lj' 1. 1. Circulation Manager 3: llllllllfl Book 3. ALIIKLD RANT Cranston, R. l. BS. Toui 11. A. Kaltaal Roslinclale. Mass. BS.-S.T.B.: "Ted." R.-xi 1111 S, liavl. CDEII Brookline. Mass. M.lf., I-l.li.: Assistant Manager of Track 1. 3: Class Vice President 1: Banquet Committee 1: Cheer Leader 1. 1. Manager 3. ROGER S. TNZLITH, AY W'hitman, Mass. BS.: "Rog": Football 1, 1, 3: Tennis 1, 1: Sword and Shield: Ivy: Chemi- cal Society 1, 1, 3: Student Council 3: Basketball 1, 1, 3: junior Represen- tative to A. A. NoR1v1AN L. KIl.Ll,'l'T Lawrence. Mass. B.S.-S.T.B.: "Pope": Episcopal Club 3: Cvlee Club 3: Band 1, 3. Riu-1aRn A. K1'1,1.1v, ATA Xlliatertown. Mass. B.S.: "Dick": Basketball 1: Track 1, 1: Golf 1. PINIILIP D. K111.v Mitchell, Indiana CF.: "Pete": A.S.C.li. 1, 1, , Enxvuaiin B. K1 NNIY Cambridge, Mass. A.B.: "Ed" GI,L5RGI R. K11.lxoL1RN Groton, Mass. BS. P1111111 M, KR.-i1s11,R Gloucester, Mass, BS.: "PIiil"g W'restling 1, 1: Glee Club 1: Soccer 1. 1, 3: Drainatics 1' Baseball 1, 3. Lrxvis A. Kviuos, ATQ Lynn, Mass. A.B.: "I,ew": Football 1, 1, 3: Lacrosse 1, 3: Basketball 1, 1, 3: Sword and Shield: Ivy: Historical Society 3: Lynn Tufts Club 3: Psychology Club 3. VEIKKO A. Laakso Plainfield, Conn. B.S. PH11.111 W. LAFORTUNL Marblehead, Mass. B.S.: "Phil": Cvlee Club 1, 3: Dramatic Society 1, 3: Psychology Club 3. ROBERT W. LAAIPARD, AKIT Swampscott, Mass. Ch.li.: "Bob": Chemical Society 1, 1, 3: Christian Science Society 1, 3: interfraternity Squash 3: Track 3. AaRoN LLVIN11 Dorchester, Mass. B.S.g Chemical Society 1. Alaaits C. LILLIS, ATQ Everett, Mass. MF., lili.: ",Iim": Baseball 1, 1, 3: Football 1, 1: Basketball 1, 1: Sword and Shield: A.S.M.E. 3. Ronin N. I.1Nco1.N XVare, Mass. 1, 1: Dramatics 3: International A.B.: "Linc": Tennis 1, 3: English Club Relations Club 3. LLOYD L1sTER, AY Methuen. Mass. B.S.: "Lian: Football 1: Basketball 1, 1: Baseball 1: Soccer 3. XVILLIANI M. LIVINGSTON Revere, Mass. B.S.: "Bill": Chemical Society 1. EDWARD I. LOUD, NIR. NVeymouth. Mass. C.E.: "lnman": Tau Beta Pi 3. HENRX' XV. LUPIIQN E. Pepperell, Mass. B.S.: Baseball 1, 3. LORING F. I.v1'oRD Melrose, Mass. Ch.E, HLRDERT S. NTACLBONALD XVinchester, Mass. C.E.: "Mae." JGSEPH F. MANNING Auburndale, Mass. B.S.: ".loe." ROBERT W. iVlCCAI-ION Brookline, Mass. B.S. 171111111 L. MCCoNNt1.1., GSX Newark, N. BS.: "Phil": Baseball 1: Basketball 1, laaitfs G. NlCGINl.EY hicdfordu NTQSS. CF.: 'blerryf' Louis E. MCGOWAN Medford, Mass. B.S., "Lou." WILLIAM IVIENKES, EQW Lynn, Mass. B.S., "Bill", Band 3, Chemical Society SQ Orchestra 3. ARTHUR S. MERROW, JR. Dorchester, Mass. Ch.E., "Art", Glee Club I, 2, 3, Chemical Society 1, 2, 3, German Club 3, Tennis I, Track 3. GLOROE H. MIREsELL, ZW Chelmsford Centre, Mass. A.B., "Mikie", Dramatics I, 2, As- sistant Manager of Basketball LQ Eng- lish Club 2, 3. JARIES M. MILLER Boston, Mass. Ch.E. LEO MILLER Dorchester, Mass. Ch., "Lee", German Club 2, 3, Chemi- cal Society I, 2, 3, Lacrosse I, 2, 3. ROBERT S. MILLER Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Bob", Historical Society I, 2, 3. CARL V. IVIOBERG Arlington, Mass. M.E., E.E., "Mobe", Tau Beta Pi 33 A.I.E.E. 2, 3. NORMAN RIORASH Medford, Mass. Ch.E., "Mory", Chemical Society 3, Dramatic Society I, Track I, Cross Country 2. EDWIN D. IVIORGAN Medford, Mass. B.S., "Ed", Chemical Society 2, 3. XVALTER E. MORTON Malden, Mass. Ch.E. JOHN M. MUGAR Cambridge, Mass. B.S., 'lStar." ADOLPH J. NADWORNY, GMA Chelmsford, Mass. B.S., "Doc." ELIOT NOBI.E Melrose, Mass. M.E.. E.E. HENR1' XV. OBER, JR. Malden, Mass. B.S., "Hank", Soccer IQ Golf I, La- crosse I, 2, 3, Football 2, Newman Club lg Chemical Society I, 2, 3. THOMAS J. O'CoNNoR Lynn, Mass. M.E., 12.15. CI-IIasTER j. ORDON, AY Medford. Mass. C.E., "Chet", Wrestling I, 2, La- crosse I, 2, Track 2, 3. JOSEPH M. OITOOLE Somerville, Mass. M,E., E.E., "joe." RAYMOND PAGAN Yonkers, N. Y. A.B. GEORGE PALKEN Mattapan, Mass. Ch.E. WIILLIAM KI. PAPILE Quincy, Mass. A.B., "Bill," EUGENE G. PARIS Lynn, Mass. CE., "Gene", Cross Country I, 2, Captain 3. RICHARD B. PARKS, ATA Rochester, N. Y. B.S., "Dick,', Assistant Manager of Soccer 2, Freshman Manager 3, WI'ekly I, News Editor 2, Managing Editor 35 Masque 21 Dramatics I, 2, 3: Glee Club I, 2, 31 Historical Society 2, 3. EDWIN O. PEARSON Roslindale, Mass. B.S., "Ed", Weekly I, 2, Unity Club 2, 3, Chemical Society 3, Interna- tional Relations Club 3, Episcopal So- ciety 2, 3. Louis P. PERRY XV. Newton, Mass. A.B. PETER P. PETRAVICE Adams, Mass. B.S., "Pete", Debating 2, 32 Interna- tional Relations Club 31 German Club I, 2, 3, Chemical Society I, 2, 3, Cross Country I. PAUL J. P1-IILIIOTT, AKTI Roslindalc, Mass. C.E., "Phil", A.S.C.E. 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3. CHARLES B. PICKERING, IR., ATQ Saugus, Mass. M.E., E.E. XVILLARD H. POOR, ZIP N. Andover, Mass. B.S., "Bill", Track IQ Baseball If Newman Club 2, Chemical Society 2, 3, junior Manager Baseball 3. LLOYD W. POTE Medford, Mass. M.E., E.E., Cross Country I, 1, Wres- tling I, 2, 3, International Relations Club I, 2, 3. CHARLES E. PROUDFOOT XV. Somerville, Mass. M.E., E.E., "Charlie", A.I.E.E. 2, 3. LINCOLN L. REDSI-IAW, ATQ E. Lynn, Mass. B.S., "Link", Football I, 2, 3, Lacrosse I, 2, 3, Sword and Shield, Ivy. joi-IN B. RENDALL, JR., ATQ Melrose, Mass. M.E., E.E., "jack", Football I, 2, Cap- tain 35 Lacrosse I, 2, 3, Ivy President, Vice-President of Class 2, 3, Student Council 3. SAMUEL S. RIBOK, CIDEII Mattapan, Mass. Ch.E., "Sam", Chemical Society I, 2, Menorah Society I, lg junior Manager of Lacrosse 3. NORMAN D. RICHMOND Dorchester, Mass. A.B.: "N. D.", W'uI'kly II Tennis I, 2, Manager of Freshman Tennis 3, Me- norah Society I, 2, 3, Historical S0- ciety 2, 3. XVILFRED H. RINGER, JR., ATQ Brookline, Mass. M.E., E.E., "Bill", Football Assistant Manager 2, Manager 3, Baseball I, Lacrosse 2, 3, Soccer IQ Rifle Club 2, W'restling I. ERNEST B. RITCHIE Medford, Mass. Ch.E. ROBERT E. RODOFSKY Lexington, Mass. M.E., E.E., "Bob," DAVID D. ROSE, AY Lynn, Mass. A.B.: "Dave", German Club 2, 3, Dramatics 2, 3. IRVING G. ROSEN, IIDEH Roxbury, Mass. B.S., "Irv", Baseball I, 2, Q1 Wrestling I, Assistant Manager 2, Track I, 2: Menorah 1, 2. CLARENCE XV. RUSH, AY Manchester, Conn. C.E., "Butch", A.S.C.E. 2, 3: Track I1 Soccer IQ Tennis I. 163 SA1.vAToRE SARDELLA, JR. Bulialo, N. Y. A.B.-S.T.B.g "Sal", Unity Club 1, 35 Squash 2. RIcHARD C. SCANLON Arlington, Mass. B.S., "Butch", Wrestling I, 1, 3. IRVING SCHXVARTZ, CIJEI-I Lynn, Mass. BS., "Shpitzy", Menorah 3. IsADoRE ScHwARTz Quincy, Blass. B.S. NATHAN F. SCHWARTZ Malden, Mass. B.S.: "Nate", Drarnatics 3. RAYMOND E. SECOR N. Chelmsford, Mass. B.S. BRADFORD W. SHAW Brockton, Mass. ML., Eli., "Grump." XSRAEL S. SHULRIAN. KIPEI-I Mattapan, Mass. A.B., "Foe-dsy": Orchestra 1, 1, 3, Lacrosse IQ Tennis Manager 3, lVeef1ly Business Manager 3, Evening Party Association 3, Dramaties 1, 1, 3, Me- norah Society 3. ROBERT SIEGEL Revere, Mass. B.S. SABIUEL SILBOYITZ Revere, Mass. B.S., Chemical Society 1. 1. DQNALD SIMONDS, AY Lexington, Mass. B.S., "jasper", Glee Club 1, 1, 3, Chemical Society 1, 1, Wrestling 3, Tennis 1, 1. ALBERT H. SLATE, TEH Quincy, Mass. A.B., "Al", XVrestling I, 1, 3, Soccer 1, 11 Dramatics 1, 1. EIw:'ARD N. SMITH Boston, Mass. C.E. JOSEPH P. SMITH Charlestown, Mass. A.B., 'floe", Track 1, 1, 31 Football 3, W7I'i'l:ly 3, English Club 3. 164 ALEXANDER j. SPANO Winthrop, Mass. A.B., "Sandy." ANTONE J. SPATI-1 Plymouth, Mass. A.B., "Tony", Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 1, 3, Baseball 1, 1, 3, Sword and Shield. SI'EvcN j. STARR Clinton, Mass. B.S., "Steve", Cross Country 1, 1, Captain 3Q Indoor Track 1, 1, 3, Out- door Track I. 1, 3, Dramaties 1, Cheer Leader 3: Newman Club 1. EDWARD STERN Dorchester, Mass. Ch.E. RICHARD W. STEWART XV. Medford, Mass. C.E., "Dick", Wrestling 1, 3, A.S.C.E. 1, 3. ERNANI STORLAZZI 11. Boston, Mass. Ch.E., "Ernie", Cross Country 12 Track I, 1, Chemical Society 1, 1, 3, XVrestling 3. IfRANcIs J. TOMINEY Hyde Park, Mass. A.B., "G. A.", Baseball 1, 1, 3. XVILLIAM IZ. TOMLINSON W. Newton, Mass. B.S. MALCOLM TOON XV. Medford, Mass. A.B., "Mac", Soccer 1, 1, 3. PU :R C. TSE Canton, China CE. DoNA1n C. UMDHREY, ATQ XVashburn, Maine BS.: "IJ.lLlK'lllCSSHQ Manager of Junior Varsity Basketball 1. 3: Chemical So- ciety 12 President of Alpha Tau Omega 3, Interfraternity Council 3. IHIFNRY AI, WYACHON Newton, Mass. B.S. CHARLIts VAN UMMERSEN Somerville, Mass. B.S.: "Van": Basketball 1, 1, 3: La- crosse I, 1, 3, Golf 1, 1, 3. Fnux S. VECCHIONE Boston, Mass. B.S., "Vech", Glee Club 1, 1, 3, Choir 1, 1, 33 Squash 39 International Relations Club 1, 1. ARTHUR C. VURGAROPULOS Lowell, Mass. B.S., "Vur3ie", Basketball I, 1, Base- ball IQ Chemical Society 1, 3. BlARSHALL P. XVALKER XV. Medford, Mass. B.S. C1I1'I'oRD G. XVALLACE Xvillillllll, Nlass. Ch.ll. Gcoltct E. XVENGEN XVakel'ield, Mass. M.12., ILE., "Kicl." DONALD L. XYIHITEHOUSE Wakefield, Mass. B.S., "Doc." ALDICRT F. XVILD Medford, Mass. ML., LL., "Al", Glee Club 1, 3, Ski Club 31 A.S.M.E. 35 A.I.E.E. 3, His- torical Society 1, 3, International Re- lations Club 1, 3. RUSSELL J. WILLOUGI-II31' Blooinrield, Conn. lXl.E.. E.E. CIIARLIS A. XVORTHEN, JR. Lynn, Mass. B.S.: "Art", Soccer 1, 31 Lyllll Club 1, 3: Psychology Club 3. Lrsur G. WVRIGHT, JR., ATS! Malden, Mass. B.S.g "Les," GARDY YAGJIAN NV. Medford, Mass. B.S., Basketball 1, 3, Soccer 1, 3. IBAYID K. Yotvxc, ATA XV. Somerville, Mass. AB., "Dave", Assistant Football Man- ager 1, 3, Historical Society 3. XVII.I.IAR1 P, Y'OUNG Pine Bush, N. Y. CE., "Bill", Soccer 1, 1, 31 A.S.C.E. 1, 3, History Club 3: Class Secretary 1 3. Ivy ,., , . DORIS L. ALLEN Swampscott, Mass, A.B.g Glee Club 1, 3: Dramatic As- sociation 1, 3. BLATRILE E. Bfxiscock, X52 Putnam, Conn. B.S.: "Beau: Tennis I, 1, 3: Chemical Society I, 1, 3: Historical Society 3: German Club I: Basketball 1. BARBARA L. BADNIINGTON, XS! Buckland, Conn. A.B.: "Bobby"3 Tllffillllilll I, Editor-in-chief 3, MoNIcA R. BAITIQR Gardiner, hiaine A.B. ELEANOR BEARCE, XQ Lewiston, Maine A.B.: "Bearcie": Glee Club 1, 3: Unity Club 1, 3: German Club 3. VIRGINIA B. Bessie, Eli XVinchester, Mass. A,B.: "Ginnie": All Arountl Club Treasurer 3: Class Secretary I, 1: Hockey I: Swimming I, 1: Panhellenic Council 3: Masque I, 1: Dramatic As- sociation 3: Historical Society 3' Tllfftlllldll Assistant Editor 3. RITA K. BRENNAN, EK Somerville, Mass. A.B.: Class Vice-President I, 1: Dra- matic Association 3: Basketball I, 1: Tennis 1. G. XYERA BROCIQLLHURST, EK Chelmsford, Mass. B.S.: Basketball I: Glee Club 3: Epis- copal Club 1, 3. PI-Ix'LIs L. BRUG, AOIT Lowell, Mass. B.S.: "Phyl": Hockey I. 1: Basket- ball 3: Panhellenic 3: Chemical So- ciety I, 1. MILDRIED H. BURNS, AOH Lynn, Mass. A.B.: "Millie"g Historical Society 1, : ELIZABETH M. BURTCI-I Lexington, Mass. A.B.: "Betty": Historical Society I, 1, 3: Hockey I, 1, 3: Glee Club I, 1, 3: Choir 1, 3: Basketball I, 1: Christian Science Club 1, 3: International Rela- tions Club 3. BARBARA CLUCAS, EK Cliftonclale, Mass. BS.: "Barb": Psychology Club 3. Jackson uniors RUTH A. COOLIDGE XV. Medford, Mass. A.B,: ",lune": Historical Society 3: Draniatic Association 1, 3. hlARTHA E. Doxysr Sherborn, Mass. A.B.: "Martyn: Hockey 3: Basketball I, 1, 3: Archery I, 1, Captain 3: Dramatics 1, 3: Tuftconic I: German Club 3. liI.LANoR L. DWILR XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B.: "L": Dramatics I, 1, 3: His- torical Society I, 1, 3: Newman Club I, 1, 3: International Relations Club 1, 3: Dramatic Association 3: Masque 1: Glee Club I, 1, 3, CAItoLINI3 F. EAs'I'IvIAN, AEA LaGrange, Ill. A.B.: "Carol": Dramatics I, 1: Unity Club I, 1, 3: History Club I. BLA'I'RIcgL F. liIsI1NAIAN Brookline, Mass. BS.: "Bea': Menorah I 3: Psy- chology Club 1, 3. G1lR'I'RUDE T. ELLIOT, EK Medford, Mass. A.B.: "Gert": Masque 1: Dramatic Association 3: W'I'i'fzf3' 1: Swimming 1, 3: All Around Club Vice-President 3: English Club 3: Class Marshal 1, 3. NANCX' B. ELLIS, AOH Fall River, Mass. A.B,: "Nan": Class Vice-President 3: Student Council 3. EBIILIE U. FARNSWORTH, AOIT Ashland, Mass. A.B.: "Emy,': Swimming I, 1, 32 Banquet Committee 3: Hockey I, 1, 3: Tennis I, 1, 3: Glee Club 1, 1, 3: Choir I, 1, 3: Class Treasurer I 1, 3. IJQRQTIIY E. FRIIQDLANII Chelsea, Mass. A.B.: "Dorn: Menorah I, 1, 3: French Club I, 1, 3. Etsng R. FRIIQND Salem, Mass. B.S.: "Muffett": Chemical Society I, 1, 3. AGNIQS GALLAGHLR Andover, Mass. A.B.: "Nan": Historical Society 1, 3: English Club 3: Basketball 1. 3: Hockey 1, 3. liA'I'I-It3RINI5 AI. CTIOVANNETTI Sydney, Nova Scotia A.B.: Historical Society I, 1, 3: New- man Club 1, 3: Tennis 3. VIRGINIA M. GODD.-XRD, XQ Pelham, N. Y. BS: "Ginnie": Glee Club I, 1, 3: Basketball I, 1: Chemical Society 1, 3: Hockey 3: Student Council I, 1. RUTH P. GRII-FIN Canton, Mass. BS.: Psychology Club 1, 3. HLLLN E. GRIsw'oLo Thomaston, Conn. AB.: "Grizzy": Historical Society 3: German Club 3: Swimming 3. 13lI,IzABIaTII HIXRRIS, XQ Dorchester, Mass. A.B.: "Betty": Glee Club 1, 3: TeIInis I, 1: Swimming I, 1, 3: Assistant FXlanager of Hockey 3: Hockey I, 1: Student Council 3: Unity Club I, 1 Panhellt-nic 3: A. A. Treasurer 1. lI,NNlL M. j.-xcquns Taunton, Mass. A.B.: Basketball I, 1: Tennis I, 1: French Club I, 1: Historical Society 3: Newman Club I, 1, 3: Masque I, 1: Dramatic Association 3: Psychology Club 1, 3. li'IIII.L klAT'.-XRIAN Dorchester, Mass. l3.S.g "C:Hf.": Chemical Society Secre- tary I, 1, 3: Hockey 1, 3: Glee Club 1: Basketball 1, 3: German Club 1. EDITH C. JENSEN, AOTI XVnrcester, Mass. A.B.: "Edic": Assistant Manager of Hockey 1, lXlanager 3: Tennis I, 1: Glee Club I, 1, 3: Unity Club I, Sec- retary 1: Historical Society 1, 3: A. A. Council 3: Class Historian 3: Swimming 1. li. Louise BIEXVELL Lynn, Mass. A.B. ALICE S. JORDAN, AOIT Seal Harbor. Maine PLS.: "AI": Chemical Society 1, 3: German Club 3. ELAINE XV. KIZLLEI-IRR Beverly, Mass. A.B.: "Skibby": Glee Club 3: New- man Club I, 1. I6q ELEANOR L. KELLLY, A011 Tewksbury, Mass. A.B., "Kelp: Glee Club 3, French Club 1, 1, Newman Club 1, 1. GRACE M. KELLY, AOH Brockton, Mass. A.B., "Gibby", Assistant Basketball Manager 1, 3, All Around Club 3, W't'1'!1l3I 3, Newman Club 3. EVLLYN G. LAWSON, AEA E. Hartford, Conn. A.B., HEVICUQ Panhellenic 1, 3, Dra- matic Association 1, 3, Banquet Com- mittee 3. CATHARINIQ LONG Topsfield, Mass. A.B., "Cayi', English Club 3, Psy- chology Club 3. MARY C. iVlACDON.-KLD Boston, Mass. B.S., Chemical Society 1, 3, Newman Club 1, 3. ELIZABETH F. lVlAKER, XQ Melrose, Mass. A.B., "Betty." HELLN Ii. lVlAUQHLY, EK Chevy Chase, Maryland A.B., "Betty", German Club 1, 3, Qrehestra 1, 3. FRANQLS L. NIAYO Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Fran", Historical Society 1, 3, English Club 3, Hockey 1. 5: Basket- b.Ill I, 1, 3, Goddard Prize Reading 1. EDNA L. NlCDONALD Xvyklbllfll, Mass. A.B., "Mac." IWARC-ULRITI1 L. lh'lLKrXX', AOH B.Ir Harbor, Maine B.S., "Maccie", Chemical Society 3: Hockey 1, 3, Basketball 1, 3. HLLLN K. NiCN.ALLH' Somerville, Mass. A.B., Historical Society 1, 3, French Club 1, 3. ARLINL NlERRILL XV. Somerville. Mass. A.B., Historical Society 1, 3, English Club 32 Basketball I, 1, 31 Hockey 1, 3, Masque 1, Christian Science Club 1, 3: Organist 1, 3. BflARY P. MONTAGUE Stoneham, Mass. A.B.: Basketball 1, 3: Hockey 1, 1, 3: French Club 1, 1. AUDREY L. MORAN, A01-I Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Aud", Swimming 1, lj Psy- chology Club 1, Class Marshal 1. RUTH XV. MUNGEIK Stoneham, Mass. A.B., Historical Society 1, 3. 166 ELNA A. NELSON, AOII Winthrop, Mass. A.B., "Nels", Newman Club 1, 1, French Club 1, 1, 3, German Club 1, 1. CHARLOTTE NLXY"TON, AOH Grafton, Mass. B.S., "Pinkie", Chemical Society IQ Unity Club I, 1. JULIA E. O1NEILL, AEA Kee11e, N. H. A.B., "Judy", Newman Club I, 1, 3, Masque 1, Glee Club 3. NIARION L. QSBECK Arlington, Mass. A.B., "Maya", Choir 1, 3, Glee Club 1, 1, 32 German Club 1, 3, Dramatic Associaton 35 Masque 1. RUTH M. PARKS Stoneham, Mass. A.B., Hockey I, 1, 32 Basketball I, 1, Historical Society 1, 3, A. A. Vice- President 3. CAROLYN A. PI-IALEN Annandale-on-Hudson, N. Y. A.B., "Capsn: Glee Club 1, 3. BARBARA NV. PORTER, EK S. Hamilton, Mass. A.B., "Barb", Psychology Club 1, 3. NIARION G. PUSHEE, EK XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B., Basketball 1, 1. ELEANOR I. ROWSELL Arlington, Mass. A.B., "Ellie," DOROTHY E. RUGGLRS XVarel'1a1T1, Mass. A.B., "Dottie", Masque I, 21 French Club I, Historical Society IQ Basket- ball I1 Class Secretary 3, A. A. I. DORIS E. RUSSELL, AOII Peabody, Mass. A.B., "Dot", Assistant Manager of Hockey 32 German Club 3, Glee Club 1, 3, English Club 1, 3, Unity Club 1, 1. ALICE E. SARIBORSRY E. Douglas, Mass. B.S.: "Sammie": German Club 1. 3: English Club 3: Basketball 1, 1, 3, Tennis 1, 1. KATHERINE M. SCOTT Braintree, Mass. B.S., 'iScottie", Masque I, 1, Dra- matic Association 3: Stage Crew 1, 1, 32 Hockey 1, French Club 1. CHRISTINA D. SHARKEY S. Groveland, Mass. A.B., "Tina", Basketball I, 1, 3, Hockey lg Manager Varsity Archery 1, 3, Newman Club 3. ALIQE H. SHARP, EK Saugus, Mass. A.B., "Rusty", Psychology Club 1, 3. JANET B. SHERMAN Belfast, Maine A.B., "Jan.', ESTHLR F. SLACK, XQ Allston, Mass. B.S., Basketball 1, 3, Dramatics 1, 3. ELEANOR SLAFSRY Gloucester, Mass. A.B., Menorah 1, Vice-President 1, 3, Dramatic Association 3, Stage Crew I, 1, 32 Masque 1, 1, German Club 1. lvALoO B. SLIALL, EK Cliftondale, Mass. A.B., "Ivy," ELIZABLTH SPAIN, AEA Maplewood, N. J. B.S., "Betty": Class President I, 1, 3, Student Council I, 1, 3, Basketball 1, 3, Psychology Club 1, 3. RUTH E. STANTON, XQ Medford, Mass. A.B., "Ruthie", Dramatic Association 3. GERALDINE A. STOTT, AOH Bath, Maine B.S., "Jerrie": All Around Club 1, Banquet Committee 3, German Club 1, Basketball 3. lRTvIA U. THOMPSON Medford, Mass. A.B., "Tommie", Basketball I, 1, 31 Hockey 1, 1, 3, Tennis I, 1, Assistant Manager of Tennis 1. MARGARET E. P1-HOIJPSON, EK Melrose, Mass. A.B., 'QTommy", Historical Society 1, 3: Glee Club 3. ELEANOR TURNBULL, XQ XV. Medford, Mass. A.B., "Teddy", French Club 1. ANN E. XVILRINS, XQ XV. Medford, Mass. A.B., "Dummkopf.', PRISCILLA XVVINSLONV. A01-I Auburndale, Mass. A.B., "Prism, English Club 1, 3: Ger- man Club QQ Glee Club 3. WILLIAM C. ABBE Quincy, Mass. Louis ABDU, AK II Brockton, Mass. B.S., Football I, 2, Captain lg Base- ball IQ Sword and Shield. NAZARETH ADZIGIAN Stoneham, Mass. B.S., "Ned", Basketball I, GILBERT T. ANDREws Plymouth, Mass. A.B., "Gil", Historical Society I. 2 GEORGE N. ARBEENE Somerville, Mass. B.S.g "Duke", Football 1, 22 Track 1, STANLEY F. ARCISZ Salem, Mass. B.S.g "Stan." JOHN R. AYERS Nahant, Mass. B.S.g "Jack", Lynn Tufts Club 2. ALBERT J. BACHELDER, SAX NV. Medford, Mass. M.E., BE. ROBERT M. BAILEY, 3rd Dedham, Mass. B.S.: "Bob", Track I: German Club 2, Chemical Society 25 Banquet Commit- tee 2. CHESTER H. BATTIS Somerville, Mass. B.S.g "Chen" ALLEN C. BEAN Somerville, Mass. A.B. OSCAR E. BECKVOLD, JR. Cambridge, Mass. Ch.E.g "Ed", Soccer I, -, GERALD S. BENNETT, ATQ Auburndale, Mass. M.E., E.E., "Gerry": Cross Country 1, 2. DEvON BEROENGREN Gloucester, Mass. A.B. HENRY BERKOWITZ Roxbury, Mass. NLE., E.E.g "Hank." Tufts Sophomores R. lVlALCOL1NI BERRY Saint John, N. B., Canada Ch.E.g "Mal", Sword and Shield, Stu- dent Council 2, Basketball 2, Soccer 2, Tennis 2. BAILTLETT G. BLAISDELL, AY Belmont, Mass. B.S., "Bart", Glee Club 2, Sopho- more XVrestling Manager. CARL A. BLANCHARD, JR., ATQ Melrose, Mass. M.E., EF., Football I, 2, Baseball I, HARTXVELL XV. BLANCHARD Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S.g "Blanch.', FREELAN M. BLODGETT Woburn, Mass. B.S.g "Free." LLOYD A. BOHARER. ZW Falmouth, Mass. .1 is B.S., Bo. THEODORE BOTINELLY Cambridge, Mass. A.B. NICHOLAS J. BOUNARES, SAX Fall River, Mass. B.S.g "Nick" ROBERT S. BOYAJIAN Melrose, Mass. C.E.g "Zisk"g Lacrosse IQ A.S.C.E. 2. FRANCIS T. BRANNAN Somerville, Mass. Ch.E. DOUGLAS P. BRAYTON W. Medford, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B. JOHN A. BREEN, JR. W7. Somerville, Mass. B.S., "Jack'g Football 2. WELLINGTON A. BRENVSTLR, AKH Medford, Mass. A.B., "Duke", Football I: Baseball IQ Basketball I, 2, History Club 22 Class Treasurer I. , THOMAS BROWER Roxbury. Mass. B.S., "Ted,,g Tennis zg Tnffoniufz 2. REYNOLD H. CAGGIANO Somerville, Mass. B.S. ALLAN D. CALLOXV, AY Somerville, Mass. B.S., 1'Cal", XVrestling Ig Track 2, Dramatics I, 2, Assistant Football lvlanager I, 2. ARTHUR W. CARNEX' Mount Vernon, N. Y. A.B., "Bill", Historical Society 25 Ger- man Club 2, XVrestling I, 2. RICHARD C. CARPENTER Melrose, Mass. A.B.: "Dick." EUGENE J. CARR, AKH Brockton, Mass. CF.: "Gene"g Class Marshal 25 XVres- tling I, 2. EUGENE P. CARTER Somerville, Mass. Ch.E. RICHARD L. CHILDS Henniker, N. H. B.S.: "Dick"g Cheer Leader I GEOIAGIE F. CLANCY Brockton, Mass. B.S. EDWIN S. COBB Boston, Mass. M.E., E.E. MAX COHEN Roxbury, Mass. CILE. MITCHELL M. CO1-IEN Dorchester, Mass. Ch.E., "Mitch", Glee Club 25 Chemi- cal Society 2, Dramaties 23 Tennis I, 1 BENNIE COLLIER, EQW Lynn, Mass. B.S.: "Ben", Football I, lj Basketball I, 21 Baseball I. 2. EDGAR A. COLIEE, ZW Brunswick, Maine A.B.g "Ed", Glee Club I, 2, W7rc'kIy Staff 2, English Club 2. WILLIAM G. COMPTON Maynard, Mass. A.B., "Bill.' S. HENRY' CONNER, ATQ Medford, Mass. C.E.g "Hank", Football 25 Lacrosse I. T67 JOHN R. COOGAN. JR. Somerville, Mass. A.B. Nl.-KRSHALL H. COOLIDGH, ATQ E. Lynn, Mass. C.E.: "Calif Soccer 1, 1: Lacrosse I lg A,S.C.E. 1. HARVU' J. CROCRLR. AY E. Boston, Mass. B.S.g "Harve." BRADI-ORD E. DALTON Somerville, Mass. 13.5.4 "Br:icl": Soccer I, lg Chemical Society 1, 1. E. HARTWLLL DALL1' Salem. Mass. B.S.4S.T.B.: "Doe." I2I.Lsxx'oRTH W. DIQARBORN XY,ll'lfl1l'0P, Mass. U- .- B.S.: Bill. RMHARD F. DIL CAMPO Lynn, Mass. A.B., "Del"q Lynn Tufts Club: Bas- ketball I, 1. lYlICH.-XVI. DIQNLSUR Peabody, Mass, A.B.q "Peduncle"1 Orchestra I, 1 Band I. 1: Glee Club 11 Choir 1: ln- ternational Relations Club 1. XVILLIAM H. DIERRY, AY Allentown, Pa. ALE.. E.l2. NIcIIoLAs H. DLsPo'IoI1uI.os Clinton, Mass. B.S.: "Nick," HINR1' R. D1CIcco Stoneham, Mass. C.li.g "Sl1orty"g Baseball I: A.S.C.E. 1. CI.IIIfoRD F. Donor, JR. Medford. Mass. CF.: l'ClIl'l"'q A.S.C.E. I, 1: Baseball I. 2. JUIJN V. DoNNrLLAN Mctlford, Mass, BS.: "Jatk"g Newman Club I, 1: Track I, 1g Baseball 1, lg Historical Society I, 1. FRANCIS S. l7O0IDY, AY Claremont, N. H. BS.: "Fran"g Debating Council 1: ll"i'r'Uj Staff I, 1: Orchestra 1: Bancl 11 Intt-rn.uitmal Relations Club 1, ROIJNI11' C. DliESSIilK, AY Georgetown, Mass. B.S.q "Rotl"q Football I, 1: Sophomoit Manager of Basketball. 168 AYIDIS DLILRERIAN Baltimore, Maryland B.S.-S.T.B,3 "Duke"g Unity Club lg Soccer 1. CARLTON L. EISNER, ATS-2 S. Xveymouth, Mass. Ch.E.g "Esky"g Sophomore Manager of Football lg Assistant Manager of Soccer 11 Glee Club 1, 25 Banquet Committee 1. MARTIN XV. ESSIGNIANN Xvoburn. Mass. MF., EE. JOHN R. EVANS, ZW N. NY'ilinington, Mass. BS. FORREST G. FALES Milton, Mass. M.E.. E.E. lRVING L. FARBER, HIJEH Lynn, Mass. A.B.g "lrv"g Menorah Society 1 Track I, 13 Football IQ Tennis 1, XY'l'Diflll'Ig 1. Norris D. FARMER Xvollaston, Mass. B.S. RICHARD E. FARMLR, AKII Seymour, Conn. A.B.g "Pappy"g German Club I1 Xvrestling I, 1. HAXIQCJLD J. FLLDAIAN, IIPEH Pittsfield, Mass, B.S.g "H.1l"g NVrestling I1 Tennis IL Debating Council 1g Jl7ui'f1ly Staff 1: Psychology Club 1. AI,PHoNso XV. FINOCCHIO W'atertoWn, Mass. B.S. AL'TINo FIORIE Boston, Mass. B.S.: "Otto" RK3ULR'I' B. FLANDLRS, EQJI' W'inthrop. Mass, Ch.II.: "Bohn: Glee Club I, L1 Chemi- cal Society I, 1. XVVIIYIARI G. FoGLANn Melrose, Mass. HS.: "Bill": Football I, 11 Basketball I. 2. Janis li. FOISY XY'altharn, Mass, M.F.. IKE. JANII-5 B. FOLEY XY. Somerville, Mass. B,S. ROBERT S. FOLSOM, AY NV. Somerville, Mass. A.B.g "Bob"g Cross Country 1, lg Relay Team 1, ZQ Class Vice-President IQ President ZQ Track Captain IQ Sword and Shield. ARAR1 FRANKLIN Methuen. Mass. B.S.g "Frankie',g Chemical Society 1. JANIILS R. FRENCH Everett, Mass. B.S. EIPRAIM H. GALE Dorchester, Mass. A.B.g Tennis 11 Historical Society 1, 1 'THONIAS V, GALLAGHER Dorchester, Mass. ME., ALRIN A. GALUSZRA, ATQ Chicopee Falls, Mass. B.S.: "Alu: Baseball I, 1: Basketball 1, 12 Soccer 1, 12 Football lg Newman Club 1. GIEoRoI3 XV. GIBB, AY Attleboro, Nlass. B.S.: "Gibby"g Tennis 1, 1. ISDXVAIKD A. GILLIAN Arlington. Mass. Ch.E.q "Ecldie"g Chemical Society 1. JAMES J. GIYNN Lawrence, Mass. BS.: "Jim": Newman Club 1: German Club 1: Sophomore Manager of Basket- ball. ' ELIKILR J. GOETZ Dedham. lvlass, B.S.g "Iillie"g Chemical Society 1. HAROLD A. GOLDBERG, CIJEH Swampscott, Mass. B.S.3 "Goldie": W'I'I'f1l3' 1g Menorah Society Treasurer 1. LUAVID S. GORDON, EQXI' Charlestown, Mass. Ch.E.3 "Flash"g Baricl 1, 33 Chemical Society 1, 3. JACOB H. GORDON Malden, Mass. A.B. GroRGI. GR1EIQNIsAUIiI Lowell. Mass. Ch.E.g Chemical Society 1g Menorah Society 1. RALPH S. GRl1lfNS1..'Xl7E, AY F. Boston. Mass. BS.: Soccer 1 CARLO T. GLVIDOBONI DAMON W. GROvER Medford, Mass. A.B. HOIRACE N. GROvER Somerville, Mass. B.S.: Chemical Society' Society 1. 13 Dramatic JOHN G. HAYWARD XVoburn, Mass. M.E., E.E. ROBIQRT HERMANN. QAX Brookline, Mass. M.E., E.E., "Hans", XVrestling 1: Track 1, Radio Society 1. IXLIII RT F. KILMIRTON Allston, Mass. NLE., Eli.: Lacrosse JOHN E. KENNEDY Hatboro, Pa. B.S.-S.T.B., "Iien." JoHN J. KIZIKR W'oodclil'Te, N. Plymouth. Mass. B.S.: "Gloomy", Chemical Society 1: Cross Country 1: Indoor Track 1: Outdoor Track 1. HENRY J. GUZEIVI Taunton, Mass. Ch.E.: "Guzzie", Basketball I. ARTHUR N. HALE Stratford, Conn. Cz Track 1, Soccer 1: M.E., BE., "Art"g Glee Club 1: Dc- bating Council li HOWARD P. HAND XVorcester, Mass. Track I. LEBIAN, TEH B.S., "Howie"g Band I: Stage Crew I: Assistant Manager Freshman Basket- ball I2 Assistant Assistant Manager Manager Track 1: Soccer 1. CHARLES K. HANNTAN I Woburn, Mass. Ch.E. FREDERIC HARDING Melrose Highlands, Mass. B.S. CLARENCE F. HAR Wincliester, Mass. B.S. RICHARD C. HARR Malden, Mass. RINGTON ICTT B.S.: "Dick',g R7i'4'ftly I, 1. RICHARD B. HOLL W'oreester, Mass. B.S. IRVIN P. HO01-ER Lynn, Mass. M.E., E.E. ROBERT G. HOsMER Norway, Maine B.S.-S.T.B.g "Bob", Unity Outdoor Track I. GEORGE D. HURD Beverly, Mass. B.S. PHILIP A. IERARDI E. Lynn, Mass. Club B.S.: "Phil", Lynn Tufts Club German Club I, 1. JVINCENT R. JARRETT Stamford, Conn. B.S. ARTHUR C. JOHNSON Lynn, Mass. Ch.E.g "Art." BURTON M. JOHNSON, TEH Newton, Mass. A.B.: "Burt", Track Manager 1: norah Society 1. ,. -a 3- AB.: Basketball 1. ROBERT J. KERR Belmont, Mass. A.B.g "Bohn: Soccer ciety 1: Basketball 1, ALDEN T. KIRIBALL Brookline, Mass. B.S. FRANCIS T. KOEN Salem, Mass. NLE., EE. URPO K. KOSKELA Allston, Mass. B.S. GEORGE G. LANE Salem, Mass. 1: Historical So Tennis I. B.S., "Doc": German Club 1, 3: Gu. Club 1, 5. ERNEST M. LAPE, ATQ Lynn, Mass. Ch.E.g "Ernie", Cross Country Cap tain I, 22 Track I. 1: Band 1, Chemical Society I. 1, Photography Club 1. JACQUEs A. LAUS Allston. Mass. A.B. J. EDWARD HARRIS, JR., AY S. Dartmouth, Mass. A.B.: "Edu: Class Secretary 1: History Club IQ Dramatics I: ll7m'ltlYy Staff 1: Cross Country I: Program Committee NORLIAN D. HARRIS, ATQ Newtonville, Mass. B.S.: "Norm": Soccer I, 1: Lacrosse I, 1. DONALD H. HASTIE Dorchester, Mass. C.E.g "Donn: A.S.C.E. 2: Baseball I. JOHN A. HAWES Malden, Mass. B.S.: "Jol1nny,'g Football 1. HARRISON M. HAX'FORD Belfast, Maine A.B. MURRAY C. JOHNSON, ZW XV. XVoodstock, Vermont A.B.: Cross Country I, 1: Indoor Track I, 1. TRUMAN JOHNSON, ATQ Medford, Mass. M.E., EE.: "Recl": Football I: La- crosse IQ Sophomore Basketball Man- ager 1. XYVILLIAAI A. JOHNSON XV. Acton, Mass. A.B. w'A1.TER E. JUDSON Balboa, Canal Zone B.S. CHARLES B. KALAROxvsRx' Roxbury, Mass. M.E., E.E.g "K:il." XYJHITNEY E. LAXVRENCE, Beverly, Mass. C.E. BENJAMIN LEADER Chelsea, Mass. M.E.. E.E. NIORRIS LEAEEER Lynn, Mass. B.S.: "Wl1atsis": Lynn C chestra I, 2: Band I. lWILTON LEVIN Salem, Mass. Ch.E. PHILIP T. LEVINE Brighton, Mass. B.S. GERALD V. LEVREAULT W'illimansett. Mass. AKIT lub I, 1, B.S., "Gerry", Soccer I. Or I ERIC N. LINDBLADE Malden, Mass. A.B., l'Lindy." JOSEPH T. LIPPINCOTT Germantown, Pa. A.B.-S.T.B., "JoeH, History Club I, Radio Club I, 1. ROBERT M. LITTLE Belmont, Mass. B.S.: Bob. WILLIAM A'lACDONALD XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B., W'vI'kl,v Staff 1. JARIES G. Nl.-XCQUEEN, AY Allston, Mass. BS, "Jim." JAR-IES F. lWlAf-IAN Cambridge, Mass. A.B. VINCENT B. TWTANGIONE Medford, Mass. B.S., "Vin", Football ll Track IZ Baseball I, 21 German Club IQ English Club 1. EI.LISoN F. lVlARVIN, DAX Mt. Vernon, N. Y. A.B. DUNALD E. MAXWELL E. Lynn, Mass. ME., E.E. A. DONALD MCCULLOCII Dorchester. Mass. MF., E.E.: "Maeva Newman C Track 1. JOHN D. A'lCCURTAlN Brookline, Mass. B.S. WILLIAM F. MCLRLHNOUGH, JR. Lawrence, Mass. M.E., E.E. FRANCIS J. TWCGEF, DAX E. Boston, Mass. B.S., "Fran", President of Class MAsoN F. AJCGINNESS Haverhill, Nlass. B.S.-S.T.B., l'Mac." ARTHUR F. MCVARISH Somerville, Mass. CE.: "Mac", A.S.C.E. 1. HFRMAN C. TWENES Roxbury, Mass. ME.. E.E. 170 lub I OLIVER P. NLILLIKEN, 1IDMA Malden, Mass. A.B., "Pay", Band I, 1, German Club 1, 1, English Club I, 2, Christian Science Club. ERIC S. MOBERG Arlington, Mass. M.E., E.E. XVILLIAM H. NIURRAY, AKH Somerville, Mass. A.B.: 1'Bill", Football IQ NVrestling I, 1, Sword and Shield, Newman Club. RALPH M. MYERSON Somerville, Mass. B.S. EDWARD NAHIGIAN Somerville, Mass. B.S., "Eddic." ROBERT L. NEXX7EI.L Watertown, Mass. B.S., "Bob", Chemical Society 1. FRLDERICK W. NEXXf'h-IAN Beverly. Mass. ME.. E.E. ABRAHAM E. NIZEI. Dorchester, Mass. B.S., "Abe", Tennis I STANLEY H. NORTON Andover, Mass. B.S., "Stan", Band 1. JOHN J. O'DoNNELI. Melrose, Mass. C.E., Lacrosse IQ A.S.C.E. I. JAIVIES A. O'TooI.E, GJAX Clinton. Mass. B.S., "Jim", German Club I, 1: New- man Club 22 Track I, Cross Country I: Lacrosse IQ Sophomore Manager of Basketball. LLOYD B. OPPFNHEIM Newton, Mass. CE. ANTHONY J. PAGANO Somerville, Mass. C.E., "Dean", Football 12 A.S.C.E. 1. NlILTON PALEVSKY Brookline, Mass. B.S. EDXVIN L. PALMER, JR., ATQ Malden, Mass. M.E., E.E., "Ed", Football I. 1 JOSEPH R. PANDISCIO Fitchburg, Mass. C.E. WAYNE A. PARMAN, ATQ Melrose, Mass. M.E., E.E.g Baseball I, 2 RUSSELL S. PEASE, QAX Reading, Mass. Ch.E., "Russ", Chemical Society 1. XVALTER G. PERRY, JR., DAX W. Medford, Mass. CILE., "Walt." LAWRENCE A. PIGEON, SAX Broad Brook, Conn. B.S.: i'Larry", Track 1. FRANCIS A. PIRONE Lynn, Mass. A.B. R'lARCUS H. POLLAR, EQW Danbury, Conn. BS., "Mark", Track I1 German Club 1: Glec Club 1. JOHN A, POXVELL Hyde Park, Mass. M.E., E.E., "Jack", Lacrosse 1. FRIFD N. PRATT, AY XV, Medford, Mass. M.E., E.E., 'lNewt." DAX'ID I. QIJINLAN Medford, Mass. B.S. CHARLES E. QUINN XVoburn, Mass. B.S., "Charlie", German Club 1, Chemical Society I, 1. XYIILLI.-UNI T. QUIRK Medford, Mass. B.S. RICHARD A. RAYMOND XV. Bridgewater, Mass. ME., EE. CHARL1-S L. RICHARDSON, JR., ATA Reading, Mass. B.S.: "Lymie." JOHN RIDLON Chicago, Ill. B.S. WILLIAM J. RooNEI' Lynn. Mass. uv -Q B.S., Bill. ARAM ROOPENI.AN S. Boston, Mass. B.S., "Roofs", Baseball 1. ALBERT H. Ross Dorchester, Mass. Ch.E. MATHEW Ross Allston, Mass. B.S., "Mattie", Cheer Leader I, 2 Tennis I, Menorah Society 2. MICHAEL H. RossMAN Lynn, Mass. B.S., "Mike", Lacrosse I ll Band I ALLEN I. SAUNDERS Roxbury, Mass. B.S. RAYMOND M. SEARS Attleboro, Mass. Ch.E., "Ray", Chemical Society 2 Episcopal Club 2, Track 1, 2. BEN SEETO Brockton, Mass. C.E. GUSTAVE R. SERINO Cambridge, Mass. A.B., "Gus", Historical Society I, Football IQ Wrestling I. JAMES E. SHAND Somerville, Mass. B.S., "Jimmie", Chemical Society I, - lVlARTIN B. SI-IEDD Wlaketield, Mass. C.E. SABIUEL SHAPIRO Dorchester, Mass. B.S., "Shap", Soccer 2, Chemical So- ciety I, 2, Historical Society T, 2. MALCOLM C. SHERMAN, ATA Xvollaston, Mass. A.B.: 'i,lunior", Historical Society 2 Assistant Manager of Football 2, La Crosse 2. ITALO SILvEsTRI Somerville, Mass. C.E., ' Sul", A.S.C.l:. I, 2, Baseball I Basketball lj Football I. GEORGE S. SINNICKS Manchester, Mass. Ch.E. WILLIAM G. SKULLEY, AKH Brockton, Mass. B.S., "Red", Football I, lj Baseball I. FREEMAN A. SPINDELL Lynn, Mass. M.E., BE., "Spinny", Radio Club 2, Lynn Club 2. HOWARD E. SPRAGG Malden, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B., "Howie", Football 2. GUY T. STELLA Wakefield, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B., "Tom", Orchestra I Glee Club I, 2. GORDON STOTT, AK1-I Roslindale, Mass. M.E., BE., Tennis I, 13 Squash I, JOSEPH P. SULLIVAN Arlington, Mass. B.S., "Flash", Lacrosse iVlORTON SXVARTZ Arlington, Mass. B.S., Menorah Society I, 2, Baseball I, 2. WARREN S. TODD Melrose, Mass. M.E., E.E. SALVATORE R. TRAINA E. Boston, Mass. if is B.S., Sal. XVINCENT W. TRAVI Dorchester, Mass. A.B., "Vinnie", Stage Crew I, 2, His- tory Club 2, Newman Club I, 2. EAIILIO xl. TIKOIANELLO Lawrence, Mass. B.S. GORDON J. TURNER Medford, Mass. B.S., Lacrosse I. bl.-UXIES G. TYNAN Torrington, Conn. B.S., "Jim", Golf 2. FRANKLIN I. VAN XVART, QAX Glenbrook, Conn. A.B., "Frank", Soccer IQ Wfrestling IQ Class Secretary I, History Club 2. Louis A. XVEILLEUX, AKIT New Bedford, Mass. B.S. HERBERT R. WAITE Arlington, Mass. C.E. CLIFTON R. WALBRIDGE Enfield, N. H. CILE. JOHN F. XVATSON Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Johnnie", Episcopal Club 2. JOSEPH L. WVATSON, ATA Quincy, Mass. A.B., Cross Country 1, Wrestling 1, 22 Glee Club 2, Dramatics 2, Sword and Shield. ALBERT WEISLIAN Cambridge, Mass. A.B., "Al", German Club 2, Menorah Society 2, Baseball 2. ELBTER XVHITHALI, AKH New Bedford, Mass. B.S., "Whitey", Golf 2, Basketball IQ Orchestra 2, Band 2. FREDERIC M. WILLSON Somerville, Mass. B.S. VICTOR H. XVINROTH, ZW Stoughton, Mass. B.S., "Vic", Chemical Society 2. XVILLIANI H. NVINSHIP, ATA Malden, Mass. A.B., "Bi1l',, English Club ll German Club 2. ANTHONX' A. WOJCIECHOWSKI, ATQ Nvebster, Mass. B.S., "Tony", President of Sword and Shield, Football IQ Basketball I, 25 Baseball I, 2, Newman Club 2, Soccer 1 ROBERT YANOFSRX' Mattapan, Mass. B.S., "Mendy", Wrestling I, 2, His- tory Club I, 2, Psychology Club I, lg Track I. HAROLD O. ZIMNIAN, EQW Lynn, Mass. A.B., "Zim", Football 2, Basketball 2, Psychology Club I, 2. I7I Il. VIRGINIA ANDERSON XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B.: 'tEva": Hockey 2: Unity Club 2: Glee Club 2: German Club I, 2: French ClI1b I. 2: Dramatic Club li Ski Club 2. M.-uzI,xN 12. BANLRQET, AEA Melrose, Mass. A.B.: "Bette": Hockey I. 2: Basker- b.Ill I: Tennis I. M.-IRII, BARRILTT, AOII Lawrence, Mass. A.B. Saiaa G. BICK Lawrence, Mass. ILS.: "Trude": Chemical Society 1, 2. LIORIS M. BONNER, EK Holyoke, Alam. A.B.: Class Historian I, 2. ELIZAIILTII L. BUCIIAN, EK Aiidover, Mass. A.B.: "ljetty": Swimming I. 2, 3: W'I'I'klI' I, 2: Dramatics 2: Class SII- cial Chairman I, 2. I.oRaINr M. CIXRIKIII. Clareiiiont, N. H. A.B.: "DrIb": Psychology Club 2 Englisli Club li Glee Club 2. CaRMI'I.ITa S. CORIIETT jamaica Plain. Mass. A.B.: "C.IrInie": Class Marshal I. NIARII. Ii. CORI-Y. AEA Kentville, Nova Scotia B.S.: Glee Club 2: Chemical Society 2. AIICI- XV, CRRTON, AOIT Hillsboro, N. H. A.B.: "L:Il." Mauii M. Daimv, XQ XV. Roxbury, Mass. PLS.: "Dibby": Basketball I, 2: Tennis I. 2. AIARION L. DENNIS Furnace. Mass. A.B.: "Mac," EIIzaIII,TII Z. IflSNOli Everett. Mass. A,B. HELEN M. F,-UKRELI. Somerville, Mass. A.B. 172 Jackson Sophomores IILORINCL FALIO Providence. R. I. AJS.: "Flon: Ifnglish Club 2, 3: Glee Club I, 2: lVevkl,I' 2: Archery 2: Poetry Club 2. IIMILY FEDOR Bridgeport, Conn. ILS.: "ltch": All Around Club 2: Tennis I. I"IIQLLN P. FINuEIsI.N. EK Methuen, Mass. A.B.: "Fincly." AUDRITY tl. FiI'zI2A'I'RIcR, AEA Southbridge, Mass. B.S.: Hockey I, 2: Class Treasurer I, ,IIAN M. FoRsx'TH, AOI-I Somerville, Mass. A.B.: Glue Club I, 2. CIIaIIIo'I'I'I-. Ii. GINsIaI-Rc, Brookline, Mass. A.I5.: "Cliarlie": Swimming I: Tennis I. li Menorah Secretary I, 2: Dra- matics I: Psychology Club I, 2. CI Alll M. QTORISIAN, AEA Somerville. Mass. IIS.: Hisiory Club 2: International Relatiuns Club 2: Chemical Society I. LIoNa C. HIINDIIII l,1.llflI11Hl'C, Maryland A.l3.-S.T.B. ISIIITH Hiallllli, XQ Dorchester. Mass. A.l5.: Class President I. 2: Student Council I, Secretary-Treasurer 2: Swimming I, 2: Tennis 2: Hockey 2: Orchestra I. 2. AI,Icr B. HAYIIEN Medford, Mass. A.B.: "Altie": Historical Society 2: Glue Club 2: Chemical Society 2: Dra- matic Association 2: W'i'I'H,Y 2. IYIHEI, E. ,IAcRsoN, AEA Somerville, Mass. A.B.: Glee Club 2. AlARION H. jEIIsoN. XQ XValpole, Mass. BS.: ",Ieppy": Hockey I, 2: Glee Club I, 2: Choir I, 2: Class Vice-President 1 AIARTH.-K G. JONES, AOII Medford, Mass. B.S.: ",Ierry": International Relations Club I, 2. IRIS KELISIIAN Stoneham, Mass. A.B.: Glee Club 2: Hockey I, 2. FEQRENCI. KRLPLICK Lynn, Mass. B.S.: "Flon: Menorah I, 2: Basket- ball I. CaMI1I.I.a C. Lafsuz Palmer, Mass. B.S. XYIILIN-IA LELAND I'Iarrison. N. Y. A.B.: "Billie": Orchestra I: Basketball I, 2: Hoekey I, 2: W'I'eklYI' 2: Unity Club I, 2. RUTH LINER Dorchester, Mass. A.B. ANIIII H. LINsIgR Ilronxville, N. Y. B.S.: "Mon: Psychology Club 2. II ANNE MacGIIEc,oR Medfurd, Mass. A.B. EI,EaNoR M. Al.-XCIL Revere, Mass. A.B.: Dramatic Club I. 2: English Club I, 2. IJoRoI'HY A. IXIANUEL, AEA Belmont, Mass. A.I3.: "Dot": Tennis 2: Basketball I, BIIRBARR I. b'lARCIl Medford, Mass. HS.: "Barb": Outing Club Secretary- Treasurer 2: Class Secretary I, 2: German Club 2: Swimming I. 2: Hockey I, 2: Orchestra I. NLINZIII R. AIIRLINO, AOIT E. Buston, Mass. A.B.: "Nuncy": Hockey I. 2: All Around Club I, Secretary 2. RITA C, AIORDLLIA Revere, Mass. A.B. BITTII Nl1II,I., XQ Xvatertown, Conn. BS.: "Scratch": Swimming 2: Choir I. CIIRISTINE NL'ISON. AOII Contoocook. N. H. A.B,: "Sammy": Historical Society 1. Lois M. OYBRIEN, ACH W. Somerville, Mass. A.B. ALICE M. O,CONNEI.I. Everett, Mass. A.B.g German Club 11 Newman C ELIZABETH D. Pacutrk xV'iHCllCSIC1', Mass. A.B., "Pete,': Hockey 1: Tennis LOUISE T. REMICK, AEA Waltham, Mass. A.B.g "L0u": Swimming I, HELEN B. RIcHI3UuG XV. Roxbury, Mase. A.B.g "Bunny", Historical Society 21 German Club I, 1: Archery 1, BERNICE P. SAMEI. Methuen, Mass. BS.: Menorah I, lub 1- Z PRISCILLA L. SAUNDERS W. Medway, Mass. A.B.g "XVindy"g English Club 13 Glee Club 1, LQ Psychology Club I, 1. DOROTHH' G. SEEKABIP, EK Queens Village, N. Y. B.S.q "Dotty"g Basketball I, 1: Ger- man Club 1, 1. MARY C. SHEE1-IAN, AEA E. Milton, Mass. A.B.: Basketball 3: Historical Society 21 Newman Club 1. 1: Hockey 1, 1. CAliOLX'N H. SPINNEY Somerville, Mass. B.S.g Choir I. 1: Glee Club I, Chemical Society 1, 1. RUTH B. TAYLOR Marshfield, Mass. B.S.g Q'Sandy,': Hockey 1: Glee Club 1, Choir lj Mathematicw Club IQ Psy- chology Club 25 Radio Club 1. DOROTPiIiA R. TEIQLEY Cambridge, Mass. B.S. JOSEPHINE M. TINSLEY, XQ Sanford, Maine A.B.: "jo", Unity Club I, :g Club I, 1. VIRGINIA M. Vfxccfmo Wf. Somerville, Mass. Glee A.B.: Newman Club I, :Q English Club 1. HELEN M. XVANQXBIAKER, AEA XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B.g Choir 1, IQ Glee Club I, - ROSE F. XVILLWERTH Somerville, Mass. A.B. 173 JOHN A. ADABIS Lynn, Mass. "jake", Track, Cross Country NVILLIAM F, AHEARN Arlington, Mass. XVILLIANI H. AIIERRN, AY Lawrence, Mass. B.S.: "Bill", Chemical Society. ANTHONY ALBA Revere. Mass. B.S., "Tony." ,IoHN Q. All AN, AY Newark. N. BS. lor I N IAN ,xc.NosoN Chelsea. Mass. B.S. AIIIIRT IQ. ANDERSON, ATA Saugus, Mass, "Al", Radio Club. LIURIYUN L. ANnIRsON Arlington, Mass. BS., "Andy", Band. XVIIIIABI S, ARNoI..D, ATA Adams, Mass. B.S., "Bill', Glee Club: Soccer. -IACUH Ii. ATLAS, EQII' Lynn, Mass. A.B., "Chico", Soccer, Basketball, English Club. CBRUSIKY F. B.fxIiIfR, IR., ATQ XV. Medford, Mass. B.S., "Shorty", Soccer, Xlfrestling, Lacrosse: Chemical Society, ,Lick R. BRRER, AY Providence. R. I. "Bud," IHKUIKINCI I. BIARI XV. Somerville, Mass. FIJWARII C. BrI.L,xNo, GPAX Pittsneld, Mass. B.S.: "lid", Soccer. FRI UI RIC BYNINGTON XV. Somerville, Mass. B.S., "Fred", Chemical Society, Epis- copal Club. ALToN C. BENNLTT Greenwood, Mass. A.B., "Benny": Football. FRANCIS H. BENNTTT Adams, Mass. B.S. 174 Tufts Freshmen SUISINER BERENSON Lowell, Mass. B.S., "Berry", English Club, German Club, Menorah Society, Soccer, Chem- ical Society. SUNINFR H. BERNSTEIN Lowell, Mase. B.S., "Sum", Squash, Soccer. RIc,IsI.xRIv F. BERRY Hyde Park, Mass. "Dick", Dramatic Society. SALVRTORI5 BI-RTOEQI Somerville, Mass. "Ted", Basketball: Baseball. XVALTLR G. BEZUBKA Medford. Mass. B.S., "XVall.I": Basketball. IUIIN Bic HAJIAN Medford, Mass. "jack", Chemical Society, Country. IMIARRY F. BIRK, AY Saranac Lake, N. Y. B.S.: German Club, Ski Club, matics, Football: Basketball. XV7ILI.ARU F. BLISS Bloomfield, New Jersey BS.: "Bill", Glee Club. SEYMOUR I. BLUM. IIDEH Newton Centre, Mass. ,. -, Bs.. c,. ORLOXY' M. Boirs, ATA XY'etherstield. Conn. A.B., "Bud": Glee Club. ARTIIUR F. BOWL XV. Somerville. Mass. B.S. GLORGL XV. BOYCE Lexington, Mass. A,B., "Pro", Soccer: Golf. DLBNALD BRRDBURY Fall River, Mass. "Brad", Unity Club. EDXVARD F. BREAGY Stoneham, Mass. B.S., "Eddie." FREDERIC E. BRINNIER, AY Gloucester. Mass. Cross Dra- "Fred", Chemical Society, Basketball, Assistant Manager. EDMUND N. BROWN XVoburn, Mass. "Brownian, Band. ERNEST A. BROWN Bedford, Mass. B.S.-S.T.B., Dramatic Association, Unity Club. GEORGE H. BYRNE, QAX Wincliester, Mass. DONALD D. BUFFUM XVatertown, Mass. "Don", Cross Country, Chemical Society. ROBERT P. BURDEN, ATQ XV. Medford, Mass. "Bob", Soccer, Squash, Tennis. EDWARD R. BURNS XValtlmn1. Mass. B.S., "Ed", Chemical Society, Basket- ball. LESLIE A. BURTON, ATA Brattleboro, Vt. A.B., "Les", Track, Debating, Band, Historical Society. LAURENCE B. BUTLER Saugus, Mass. "Laurie", Chemical Society. PHILIP S. BUTLER W. Medford, Mass. B.S., "Phil.', FRANK E. BYRNE E. Lynn, Mass. "Hank", Football: Lynn Club. ,IOHN H. BYSTROBI Brockton. Mass. .. H johnny. DONALD J. CABIERON, ZW Meriden. Conn. "Don." ROBERT T. C.-XPELESS Pittsfield, Mass. A.B., "Bob", Basketball, Newman Club, Banquet Committee. CARI. A. CARLSON Roxbury, Mass. TPIOIJIAS A. CEPLIRAS N. Andover, Mass. B.S.I Q'Tom." TI-ILoooRE E. CHALIPEAU XV. Hartford, Conn. B.S., "Ted", Newman Club, Football, Assistant Manager. EUGENE E. COLLIER W. Somerville. Mass. S.T.B., "Gene," HUGO E. CONFORTI Holyoke, Mass. B.S., "Buzz", Football, Boxing Club. JOSEPH E. CONSOLNIAGNO Medford, Mass. B.S., "Joe", Track. BRONILEY N. COOK Lynn, Mass. DONALD A. COXVDERY, AY Stratford. Conn. A.B., "Slug", Class Treasurer, Basket- ball. HENRX' T. CONVLES Stoneham, Mass. LAXVRENCE F. COZZA XV. Somerville, Mass. B.S. LINCOLN B. CROSBY Melrose, Mass. "Line", Football, Lacrosse, Track. GEORGE L. CUSHMAN, QAX Medford, Mass. B.S., "Cush." SIDNEY CUTLER, QEH Quincy, Mass. A.B., 'iCut',, Basketball, Menorah. KARL E. DAHLEN Saugus, Mass. Chemical Society. GEORGE E. DALE Watertown, Mass. "Blondie", Unity Club. DONALD D. DAvIS, SAX Kingston, N. Y. B.S., "Don", Track. HI-.NRY XV. DAY, ZJI' Marblehead, Mass. "Webby", Football, Baseball, Chemi- cal Society, Golf, Tennis, Class Presi- dent. JOHN S. DAY Brighton, Mass. "Johnnie.,' EDWARD O. DEAN Leominster, Mass. "Ted", Soccer. LOUIS DE ANGELIS Framingham, Mass. B.S., "Lou", Glce Club. EDWARD J. DELANEY NVeStwOod, Mass. ..Ed.,, MAURICE DELL Chelsea, Mass. "Moe", Chemical Society. FRANCIS R. DESMOND, ATQ Claremont, N. H. B.S., "Dizzy", Football, XVrestling. RENOCH DIOR Jamaica Plain, Mass. K'Renny." JAMES L. DODXVELL, ATQ Portland, Maine A.B., Football, Baseball. XVILLIAAI H. DOLBEN, JR., QAX VV. Somerville, Mass. "Bill", Football. XVILLIANI E. DORIN, ZW Meriden, Conn. M.E., "Bill", Glee Club. EDWARD J. DURDICR S. Boston, Mass. B.S., "Maestro" JOSEPH M. EDELSTEIN, TEH Roxbury, Mass. B.S., "Joe", u7i'1'kl-1' Business Staff. CHARLES L. EDGAR Xvellesley, Mass. B.S. GEORGE A. EDWARDS Yvhitman, Mass. B.S., XVreStling. GIRAUD C. EDWARDS, ZW W'inthrOp, Mass. "Gerry", Football, Basketball. CARL V. ERLUND Lynn, Mass. B.S., "W'hity", Golf, Lynn Basketball. Club: DONALD E. ELLERY Falmouth, Mass. 'iD0n", Baseball. OSCAR H. EAIIVRY, ATQ Bar Harbor, Maine A.B., "Bar Harbor." PALMER EVANS Lexington, Ky. "Red", Choir, Glee Club. ROBERT E. F.-XRRAND Winthrop, Mass. B.S., "Bob." ROBERT J. FARRELL Nvoburn, Mass. B.S., "Bob", Football. CARET T. FARRELL Pittsfield. Mass. A.B., "Tom", Basketball, Newman Club. KENNETH M. FAVELL NVnupaca, Wisconsiii B.S. ALVIN E. FEINBERG Chelsea, Mass. A.B. WALTER S. FELDNIAN Lynn, Mass. B.S., "Velky", Band, Orchestra, Me- norah, Lynn Club. LiI.Ml2R B. FIORINI Lynn, Mass. "Fanny", Football, Lynn Club. lVlOllTlINlI-R A. FIScHLR Jamaica, N. Y. B.S., "Jeff", Historical Society, Track. LAxvRI- NLI- R. FITZGERALD Quincy, Mass. B.S., "L.1rry." PADI. T. FLETCHER New Britain, Conn. UP. T... JOHN T. POLLY, ZW Arlington, Mass. "Jake", Newman Club, RICHARD J. FRANZ Melrose, Mass. Cvlee Club. "Dick", Chemical Society. SAAIUI- I. I, GADRIE LEON Saugus, Mass. "Gabey", Band. CHfXl1L.1'S B. CSARABISDI.-KN Everett, Mass. A.l5., "Charlie", Basketball, Historical Society. AARON GARDER Lynn. Mass. FRANLIS XV. GENS Lawrence, Mass. B.S., "Fr.ink": Newman Track. JOHN E. GERETY Everett, Mass. B.S. Club: Soccer: JOHN R. GHUDLIRIAN, ATQ W'eymouth, Mass. "Johnny", Chemical Society. THORIAS GILBIARTIN Brookline. Mass. MILTON GLIGRSTEIN, SDE TI Boston, Mass. B.S., "Milty", Menorah. XVALTER B. GOGGIN Jamaica Plain, Mass. B.S. EDWARD G. GOOLIA E. Boston, Mass. "Eddie." 178' Alostmi F. GORMAN F.ll1'l'l.'lYC1'l, Mass. "Bud"g Soccerg Track. -l.'XBlL5 H. GRAHAM Arlingtun, lvlass. 15.5.5 "klimmy"g Nvrcstling. Rom RT NV. GR1iL1.LX', CDMA Hudson, Maxx. "lSi.ilw"g Succerg Glen Club. R-JDLRT G. HALL. Greenfield. Maw. 15.5. XY'1L1iAM ,l. 1-IALPIN XV. Somerville, Mass. B.S.g "l3ill"g Baseball. 1f1ixx'ARD F. l'lAM1L'1'ON, KIR. Aludfortl, Mass. "Ed"g Chcmical Society. Sim 1'lAM1L'l'ON. -lli., WAX Newport, Vt. 11.5.1 "Samniy"g Football. Wai i IAM A. lf1ARli1S, AY Broolilyn, N. Y. l5.S.: "Bill"g lndooi' Track. lik.-NNT F. 1-l.-XSRFII lit-verly, Mass. .-X.15.g Unity Club. CARi.ioN H. HASTINQA XValthan1, Maxx. HLi.1l'lHQ Squash: Tennis. RoRlRT 11I.NRm, Zllf XV.1llingford, Conn. . H ,- 1f1.S.: Bob. lAAiis XV. 1'lI'RRlQlx, q'1llA Beverly, Mau. l'm.S.: "Alimmy." RUL.1'll S. l'1EXX'L'l"I', Zllf Cxanton, Mass. "Rog"g Traclig Bandz Glen Cl RomRT N. 1"llLDRlETH XY't'itford. Mass. "ISob"g Band. lAxi1i P. I'1ILI.Y Rmlintlale, Maxx. 11.S. Rourm' A. Homin R NY'atcrtown, Mass. A.B.: "Bolw." XVIIIIAM G. l'1UIIAND XY'inll11'op, Maw. "Bill" TxIAR1ix l. 14IOXY'1' Ludlow, Vt. ub. NB.: "Lovie": Higmrical Society: In- door Track: Ski Club. 176 .loim H. HUQHL5, ATQ Medford, hflass. liaxkctballg Football. CLIII-LJRIJ G. 1'1UNIA Burlington, Maw. 15.5. PAUL N. llpllfllilll Lynn, Maxx. 15.S.g "Stoogc"g Football. Xvr.-XLTLR L. l1lVlNl', AY Hiii..i.i1t-, N. xi. "Dulie"g XY'i'eNLlii15g Chemical Society. LLL S. KIANLS, C-DAX Nortlmmpton, Maw. l5.S.g flame." 1'll.RBIfRT F. -lOl-INSON XVoburn, Mase. B.S.g "Hci'b." Ruivo E. VIUHNSQN, Alfll Somerville. Mass. LDONALD S. lowiis Bridgepurt. Conn. A.1i.g "Dan." SAMUII B. KANL Medforcl, Mass. "S.im"g Cheer Leader: Chemical Soci- etyg Indoor Track. l1AVlD NV. KIAN Cuncortl. Mais. XY'rextlingg Fnglish Club: VINCINT P. KXPNAN W'inthrop, Mass. l1.S.1 "Vinnie" ANTHONY KUHISHIAN Lynn, Nlass. 15.5. L. FRIDLRICR ISILJXIAN, xlll. Beverly. Man. "Frud": Choir: lS.inil: Glee Cl ,loHN l. Kn.1ouRHY Somerville, Mass. Rurus A. 1i1MBAII. Chester, Vt. "Ruf"g Squash. DAVID W. KIRRPATRKR Stoneham, Nlass. "Kirk" SARIUK1. R. Kosiitx, CDE11 Roxbury, Nlass. fr Xl' i'i'f'ly ub. All.: "Salaam: Tllflnlliimq Menorah. loHN G. KRAAnaR h'lCLll'oi'1l, Nlass. KS.: "Doe"3 W'reSt1ing. MAT'rHI.xv l. LAMBLRT, ZW XY'inthrop, Mus. B.S.g "M:itt"g ll7uvfcly Statlg jumbo Book Staff: English Club. ROBLIKT' H. I.AR'l151iRT XVinthrop, Maw. B.S.: "13ob": ll"i'i'Hy Staflg Chemistry Society: Squash Clubg Iumffo Bookg Pliotograpliic Club. loimfii lf. LAPOINTL. ATL! Pittsfield, Macs. A.B.g "kloe"g Mniuger of Suc.er: New- man Club. BRADI-ORD XV. LAXVRPNLIF, AK11 Beverly, Mgss. 15.S.q "BraCl"g Football: NYrestling. EDWARD XV. LAWSON liritlgeport, Conn. "Lawe"q Chemical Society. LSLORGIL C. LAYNI.-KN, JR. Wbotlstoek, N. Y. A.B.g "Church" AlORR1S A. Ll:AI'FtR Lynn, Mais. A.I5,g "Moen: Traclig Lynn Club. CHARLLS M. L1-L, SAX lfasex, Mass. Track. I-IARRLR1' C. LIflAND Belmont, Mais. Nx3liA1.'XN LLNSON Lynn, Mass. A.B. CHARIIZS P, LFROYFR, Alll., WAX XY'inchestcr, Mase. l'1.S.g "Phil"g Squmh. FRLDLRIC W. Liixvis, -IR., AY Bethlehem, N. H. "BiII." PAUL D. Ltwis Wluburn, Macs. HS. RALPH R, LOVERING Medford, Mass. Football: XVrcstling. X7ICTOR A. LUCIA Utica. N. Y. BS.: Vie. LIINNART A. LUNDBERG XV. Somerville, Mass. "Swedc." NCWRB-1AN N. hlACASKII.L, ATA Somerville, Man. 13.5.1 "NL7l'111,,Q Soccer Teainq Chemical Socictyg German Club: Choir. DONALD W. MrXCDIARlvIID NV. Medford, Mass. A.B.-S.T.B.: "Mae." EDXVARD M. MACPHEE Watcrtoxvim, Mass. B.S.: "Scotty," ROBERT N. BKTANNING Hartford, Conn. B.S.: "Bob"g Chemical Society. GEORGE N. MARSHALL, ATA Springfield, Mass. A.B.: Cross Country: Unity Club: History Club. ANGELO A. BIARCIELLO X'i'inthrop, Mass. B.S.: "Marcy": Football. HORAQE J. BIATHIEU, ATA New Bedford, Mass. B.S.: "Matt": Soccer: Indoor Track. NVILLIANI A. MAUDE Lynn, Mass. "Bill": Chemical Society: Band. ROBERT D. MAY Honolulu, T. H. A.B.: "BOb": Tennis. SAM M. NTCADOO Arlington, Mass. B.S.: "Mac." LEO F. MCATEER Needham, Mass. "Mack," EUGENE C. BTCCANN Portland. Maine B.S.: "Gene.', JOHN J. ATCCANN Portland, Maine B.S.: "Jack." LAWRENEE A. BICCARTHY, ATS-2 XVollaston, Mass. E.: "Larry": Football: Basketball. EDWARD XV. MCGUTNESS, 'DMA S. Hamilton, Mass. 1.MaC.i, JOHN D. MCNELSH, ZW XVinthrop, Mass. "Mazen: Track: Ski Club: Golf. ROBERT G. TVTCPHEE Newton, Mass. ..MaC.,. GEORGE W. ATEADOWS, ATQ N. XVilmington, Mass. Glee Club: Football: Baseball: Wres- tling. SUNINIZR MEISELAIAN, EQTI' Worcester, Mass. "Mickey": Band: Orchestra. HARRIE XV. NlILEY, ATA Wlinchester, Mass. TTTAROLD K. MINTZ Dorchester, Mass. A.B.: "Pepper"g Tennis: Debating: Glee Club: English Club. JABIES A. MITQHELL Boston, Mass. "Jimmy." CLARENCE K. MORTIIOUSE, AKTI Dorchester, Mass. B.S.: "Clarie": Chemical Society. HUXY'fXKD T. NTOULTON Medford, Mass. A.B.: Glee Club: Basketball. WILLIAM S. MOUNEE, ATA Woodstock, Vt. BS.: "Bill": Soccer: Chemical Society Ski Club: German Club. JOHN J. NTURPHY, ATQ Bridgeport, Conn. B.S. MLIHARIMED MUSTOEA W':Iyerley, Mass. A.B.: "MI.Isty": Tennis: Badminton Historical Society. RICHARD M. NkXY"hiAN, fI1EH Lynn, Mass. "Dick": Menorah Club: Track Assist- ant Manager. DONALD NEWTON Hollis, N. Y. "Donn: Cross Country: Indoor Track. CI.-XRYIQR NICKITRSON Arlington, Mass. XVrcstling: Track. PHINEAS NORZNIAN Brookline. Mass. XVrestling. D.-win C. O'BRIEN, ATQ Brockton, Mass. B.S.: "Dnve.', SYDNIQY T. O'HARE Quincy, Mass. B.S. CHARLES E. OLIVER S. Berwick, Maine "Charlie',1 Glee Club. BlORTON ORLOV Roxbury. Mass. B.S.: "Mort": Band: German Club: Xvrestling. 1 JOHN M. PACKARD Brockton, Mass. B.S.: "Johnny." NATHAN O. PARRLR Cohasset, Mass. A.B.: "Nate": English Club: Psychol- ogy Club. DONALD G. PAYZANT, DAX Boston, Mass. B.S.: "Don": Class Secretary. ALBERT M. PEARSON, ATQ Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Sweden: Football: Basketball. ENIILE J. PLLLL'r1LR Salem, Mass. B.S. EDWARD T. PLNROSL Westwood, Mass. "Ted." ALBERT Q. PERRY Portland. Maine A.B.: "Alu: Cross Country: Unity Club: Debating. RILHARD L. PERRY, GAX Springfield, Vt. "Diek": Unity Club: Band: Orchestra: Chemical Society. PAUL C. PETIERS1iN XV. Medford, Mass, A.B. PAUL D. PI-ANs'I'IIiIIL, ATA N. Attleboro, Mass. ARTHUR P. PHILLIPS N. Andover, Mass, BS.: Chemical Society: Cross Coun- try: Track. DONALD K. PHILLTPS, ATA Attleboro, Mass. BS.: "Donn: Glee Club: Track. XVENDELL C. PHILLIPS, JR. Dedham, Mass. "W'en": Track: Cross Country. WVILLIAINI H. POOR, ATA Fairhaven, Mass. A.B.: "Bill": English Club: Psychol- ogy Club: Glee Club. RALPH XV. POTE Medford, Mass. B.S. LEICESTER R. POTTER, JR. Brookline, Mass. B.S.: "Leo." STEPHEN R. PUTNANI N. Quincy, Mass. "Steve.', 177 HAsRELL W. REED Lexington, Mass. B.S.: "H.Issie": Chemical Society. WALTER B. RENHULT, JR. NV. Concord, Mass. "NValt": Radio Club: English Club: W'i'i'fQlj': Nvrestling. LBONALD E. RIcHARDsoN Chester Depot, Vt. A.B.g "Donn: Unity Club. GEORGE C. RIcRIR Reading, Mass. B.S.: "Rick." IsRAEL I. RIsRiAN, 1111511 Lynn, Mass. "Izz." PAUL H. ROBERTS Rochester, N. H. RICHARD R. IROBLRTS Abington, Mass. "Dick." BURTON D. ROBINSON, 'IPEII Dorchester, Mass. B.S.: "Robbie": Football: MCHO1'-Ili: Cheer Leader. LAWRF NCL ROLRWOOD Medford. Mass. B.S.: "Lai'ry": Soccer. WILLIAM C. ROGERS Xvatertown, Mass. "Curt": Band: Chemical Society. CHARLES M. Ross Xvatertown, Mass. B.S.: Q'CllLll'llC,'Q Basketball. GUERINO J. Rossi Arlington, Mass. "Gug." SHELDON ROTENBIZRG, QIWEII Attleboro, Mass. A,B,: "Shel": German Club: Tennis: Orchestra: Squash. CHARLES V. RLIBIN XV. Bridgewater, Mass. B.S.: l'Chuck": Chemical Society. EDWARD F. RUDDOCK, ATS-2 Lynn, Mass. "Bud": Football: Track: Baseball. ANTHONY NV. SABIND, SAX Newtonville, Mass, B.S.: "Tony',: Basketball. DANIEL P. SAMsoN Brockton, Mass. B.S.: "Dann: Football Manager: Cross Country: Mile Relay Team: German Club. 178 Rocco L. SAPARETO Bradford. Mass. B.S.: "Rock", Chemical Society: Ger- man Club: Band: Newman Club. DAVID H. SCHECHTLIAN, EQIP Lynn, Mass. B.S.: 'lDon." ARTHUR F. ScHoE.NFUss, SAX Hartford, Conn. "Ai't": Track. LLoI'D I. SExToN Nvatcrtown, Mass. B.S.: Tennis. LLOYD D. SIIAND Somerville, Mass. B.S.: Soccer: Chemical Society: Ger- man Club: Clioirl PETER P. SHEA Malden, Mass. B.S.: 'lPete." -IoIiN C. SHLIHAN. AY Charlestown, Mass. B.S.: "Miekey": Football: Basketball, Assistant Manager. XVILLIAM C. SHILPARD, ATA San Mateo, California A.B.: "Bill": English Club: Poetry Club: Tennis: W'i't'lely. S IWORRIS I. SHORT, CIJEH Roxbury, Mass. B.S.: "Moen: Menorah Society. BERNARD S. SISRIND Chelsea, Mass. "Bernie": Chemical Society. RALPH A. SLATLR, ATA Port Chester. N. Y. B.S.: "Slate": History Club: Cross Country: Chemical Society: Ski Club. RIUIARD L. SMALL XV. Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Dick." FRANR M. SMITH, JR., ATQ Taunton, Mass. A.B.: "Red": Track. XVILLIANI T. SMITH, IR. Thomaston, Maine A.B,: "Bill": Glee Club: Band: Choir. WILLIAM P. Soivirns Lynn, Mass. CHARLES W. SPEAR Thomaston, Maine A.B.: "Bill": German Club: Psychol- ogy Club: English Club: Cross Coun- try: Indoor Track: Draniaties. ,IOEL P. STACEY Marblehead, Mass. "Hank,': Chemical Society: Soccer. CHARLES E. STEARNS Billerica, Mass. A.B.: "Chuck": Grehestra. Louis W. STIIARNS Chelmsford, Mass. B.S. RILHARD B. STEPHPNSON, ZW Shetlield, Mass. B.S.: "Dick": Glee Club: English Club: Tlllfffllliillli W'i'i'kly. FRANK G. STERRITTL, AY Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S.: l'Fr1In": Unity Club: Soccer: Basketball. LEWIS M. STILLAIAN Maplewood. N. I. B.S.: "Lewie": Episcopal Club: XVres- tling. IYIORTON B. STRATTON Glen Mills, Pa. A.B.: "Mort": History Club: German Club: Soccer: International Relations Club: XVI-estling. -IosEIiH KI. STRUZZIERY Roslintlale, Mass. ",Iocko": Newman Club: Soccer. HERBERT I. SULLIVAN, IR., AY N. Wfeyinouth, Mass. "Sully": Xvrestling. IIDHN J. SVWEENY Brockton, Mass. B.S.: ",Ioe": Football: XVrestling: Class Vice-President. ELLIOTT H. SXVEETSER Malden, Mass. B.S.: "EIL" CHARLES R. SXVETT Medford, Mass. ROXVLAND SYLVESTER XV. Somerville, Mass. B.S.: "Emmie." WALTER N. THUNE Lynn, Mass. B.S.: "XVally": Golf: Baseball. MAURAI' I. TIROTSKH' Haverhill, Mass. B.S.: Chemical Society: IVerfclj': Ger- man Club: Soccer: Menorah Society. ANDREXY' TREI3INo Medford, Mass. A.B. FLOYD W. TREMEERTI-I, AKH XVinchester, Mass. "ShadOw"g Wrestling. GEORGE P. TRODELLA Somerville, Mass. B.S. JOHN F. TWOMBLY Wfinchcster, Mass. B.S.g Chemical Society. ALEONSO UNGARO Everett, Mass. UALB JOHN E. UPHANI, AY NVashington, D. C. "Rabbit"g Lacrosse: Track. JOHN P. URBON, JR., ATQ Lawrence, Mass. B.S.g "Bunny", Football, Track. GEORGE E. Xl,-KN ETTEN Melrose, Mass. r.Red.,, XVILBUR L. VAN GUNDI' E. Braintree, Mass. B.S. CLINTON W. WALKER Fall River. Mass. "Clint", Football. GEORGE F. WALL Somerville, Mass. Joi-IN G, WALLWORK Arlington, Mass. A.B.g "Johnnie", Baseball: English Club. BRUCE C. NVARD XVeymouth, Mass. B.S.g "Wilbur"g Soecerg English Clubg German Clubg Chemical Societyg His- torical Society. WILLIAM R. XVARD Brockton, Mass. B.S., "Bill',g Cross Country, Track, Golfg Basketball, Banquet Committee. JOSLPH T. WVEEKS Cornish, Maine A.B.g Baseball. l'lIiRBIiRT R. WYEINER Newton Highlands, Mass. B.S.: "Herb", Tennis. SAMUEL Xw7IISSMAN Somerville, Mass. A.B., Football. KJALIES G. NVELDON Medford, Mass. AB., "Jimmy": Basketball. DANE C. NVIESTCOTT Malden, Mass. B.S. SIDNEY E. WHITE, AKH Natick, Mass. A.B.g "SiCl',: Football: Track: Golfg Tennis: English Club, Ski Club. HERBERT J. XVILLIAMS New York, N. Y. 'lHCFb.ll RICHARD W. XV1LSON, ATA Auburndale, Mass. "Dick", Cross Country, Chemical Society. ROGER H. WINGATE Melrose, Mass. HENRX' T. WOLOSINSKI Arlington, Mass. "Walla" HAROLD L. WOOD W. Medford, Mass. "WOody.,' ROBERT F. XJUOODFORD Xvinchester, Mass. B.S.g "BobUg Wrestling. GEORGE E. XVORDEN Cambridge, Mass. "Bud." GEORGE F. NVURZBAGHER Methuen, Mass. B.S. WALTER P. YAREYS Dorchester, Mass. BS.: Footballg Trackg Tennis. DAVID G. YOUNG Arlington, Mass. "Davef' ELGIN ZATURSKY Med ford, Mass. B.S. FREDERICK B. ZEIDLER NV. Roxbury, Mass. Track 179 ANITA M. ALARI Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Nita", Newman Club. liI.IZAIsI1TII ARLY, AEA Salem, Mase. BS., "Ib"g Swimming: Chemical So- ciety. IRAIA BAKLR Winthrop, Maw. B.S,, "J.1cky": ClIemie.Il Society. lVlARION BANCRQI-'T XY'ilI1Cl"lCS ter, Mass. A.B. JANE E. BARBER, XQ Boston, Mass. A.B.g "Bery", English Club, Basket- ball. LUIS R. BARWOOIJ SIOI'lCl1ZllTI, Mass. A.B. A'lARJORIli E. BI.NINc,'I'oN XV. Somerville, NLISS. A.B.g Choir: Glee Club: Club. SIKLLLA N. BIALQN Manchester, N. H. AB., "Stel"g Glee Club. MAR,IoRIr B. BURNHAAI, XQ Danven, Mass. lipifcopal B.S.g HA'lCll'gC.i2 English Club, Choirg Cvlee Club. BARBARA M. BLIRNQ Medford, Macs, AB.: "B:II'b": B.uketb.Ill. Jr AN NrTTr Cz.-XRSON Somerville, Mass. lx.S. BARBARA O. CI..-IIIRI, EK Ellsworth, Maine A,B. R.-Ic,III1I. L. CoI.I1. XQ St, Albans, Vermont B.S. ALNRY E. CRAIJDOQR Dorchester, MMS, BS. JUNL C. DAVIS, EK Brockton, Mus. BS., Stage Crew: Bqsketlmll. 180 aelcson Freshmen AJARJORIE I. DAVIS Medford, Mass. A.B.g "Margie," ELIZABETH DINGLEY Sherborn, Mass. A.B.l "Tom": Glee Club. Nl.-KRION L. DoNoGHuE, XQ Newbury port, Mums. A.B. BLANCIIL L. IJONVNING, A01-I N. Ando ver, Mass. A.B.: "SrIookum5"g Hockey: B.Isket- ball. AIARY G. DUGGAN Medford, Mass. A,B.: Newman Club. OLIVE F. DU'r'I'oN Bedford, Mass. A.B.: "Olly"g Glee Club. IRFNL M. EISLNAIAN Brookline, Maw. A.B. ALLINA J. EISNOR Everett, Mau. BS.: German Club. HIl.LN M. EVLKLTT MoIItpelieI'. Vermont B.S.g "Bvio" V CIIARI.oTTr A. FAGGINGLR-AUPR, ...K Berea, Ohio A.B., "ChaI"'q German Club: Claw Vice-Preeidentg Glee Club, Hockey. A"lAIi,lORIk FINGPR, EK xvriI1Cl1C'iICI', Mase. B.S., "M.II'gie": SVi'll'UlTlil1g. EYHYN M. FLAGS lVl.1J'llJl'd, Mau. B.S. A1.-XRY F. FLYNN Peabody, Maw. A.B'C "Flynnie." MAIIIII. XV. FoRxY'ARD Medford, Mass. A.B.q "M.Il." FIIFI-N M. FOQTER, XQ Sw.II'npScoIt. lvlaw. A.B.1 "Neon", Claw Hockey. RLITI-I A. GILBLRT, EK Lawrence, Mass. A.B.g Glce Club. President: BARBARA GLASIER, XQ Long Beach, California A.B.g 1'B:Ibs." JOANNA C. GONET Dartmouth, Mass. A.B.g "Jo"g Dramatic Club. MAXINE GRAH', AEA Athol, Mass. A.B., "Mickie": Glee Clubg Hockey. EVELYN A. HAGEN, AEA Concord, Mass. A.B., "Evy"g Hockey, Basketballg English Club. NANCX' J. HALL, EK WiI1clIester, Mass. A.B. MARGARET M. HARRIS Burdett, N. Y. A.B.: "Margie", Glee Club. HELEN L. HURLEX' Billericci, Mass. BS.: Varsity Basketball: Newman Club. DORIS IRELAND XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B., "Dot." b'lURlEL C. JOHNSON, XQ M.1I'blehe.Id, Mnsm A.B.g "Jackie." ANNE B. JoYcr Vi'altlIIII'I'I, Mais. A.B. NIARY J. KARNLR, AEA XV. Acton, Nlnss. B.S.: "Jerry", Hockey: Glee Club, Choir, NIARYNOYPS KIZLLOGG Melrose. Mass, A.B. DoRoTHY G. IQINSELLA New Britain, Conn. A.B.: "Don" A'l.-XRJORIIZ L. LATYIONT. EK XV. Medford, Ma-ae. A.B., "B'l.1l'gC.n DoRoTHY M. LANIIRY XYYZILCITOYVIT, Mass. BS.: "Dorn: Chemical Society. XIIRC-INIA F. LANE, EK Foxboro, Mass. B.S.g "Jill": Orcheetraz Dramatic Club, Unity Club, IHARTHA LAWLEY, A01-I Arlington, Mass. B.S.: "Mitzi." EDITH M. LEWIS Chelmsford, Mass. B.S. PRISCILLA L. LINIJNER Medford, Mass. B.S.: "Cilla." RHODA MACKENZIE W. Somerville, Mass. A.B.: "Rho": Glee Club: Historical Society. ' JANET L. IVIACLACHLAN, EK XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B.: German Club: English Club: Class Treasurer. ELEANOR R. NIACOMBER XVestport. Mass. A.B.: "Ellie." HELEN A. MARQUIS Somerville, Mass. A.B.: Historical Society: Glee Club: Choir: Swimming. HELEN R. IVIAULSBY, EK New Rochelle, N. Y. A.B. DELIA C. Rl.-XZZARELLO Somerville. Mass. A.B.: "Del": Newman Club: Psychol- ogy Club: Glee Club. BARBARA NICKELLEGET Cambridge, Mass. A.B.: "Bob," SYBIL M. MCKINLEY XV. Somerville, Mass. A.B.: Assistant Manager of Basketball: Glee Club: Historical Society. EILEEN M. lWCIVlENIMEN VV. Somerville, Mass. A.B.: "Micky": Class Social Chairman: Newman Club. ANN L. MEEHAN Dorchester, Mass. B.S.: Newman Club. DOROTHX' I. MOORE XV. Acton, Mass. B.S. FI.oRENcE M. Occ V'orcester, Mass. B.S.: "Flossie." RUTH F. PARKER Chelsea, Mass. B.S. RUTH B. PAYNE, XQ Manchester, N. H. A.B.: "Payne,': English Club: Unity Club. CAROLINE M. PHILLIPS New York. N. Y. A.B.: "Peanut." IWARY B. PIERCE, EK Newport, Vermont B.S.: Stage Crew: Basketball. RACHEL L. PIERCE, EK New Bedford, Mass. B.S. BERTHA E. PLATTS Woodsville, N. H. A.B.: "Berth: Hockey: Glee Club. Basketball: EvELi'N H. POLAN Dorchester, Mass. B.S. PERSIS M. PROCTOR, EK Babylon, N. Y. A.B.: "Perry": Orchestra: Hockey. OLEAN M. ROGERS, A011 Watertown, N. Y. A.B.: "Mitey": Glee Club: Poetry Club: English Club. RIARGARET L. ROURI-CE Melrose. Mass. B.S.: "Miggie": Chemical Society. AGNES R. Sc.xNLoN Medford, Mass. A.B.: Newman Club. GRACE C. SHEEI-IAN XVorcester, Mass. B.S.: "Kitty": German Club: Radio Club: English Club: Newman Club: Swimming. BETTY B. SI-IEIIARD Southington, Conn. B.S.: "Shippy"g Radio Club. NATRLIE A. SHERMAN, AOII XVesterly, R. I. A.B.: "Nat": Orchestra: Glee Club. RUTH A. SILVA New Bedford, Mass. B.S.: International Relations Club. EMMA I. SINIITH Dedham, Mass. B.S.: "Jo," ESTHER H. SMITH, AEA Medford, Mass. A.B.: "Smitty": Basketball. HARRIET R. SMITH Medford, Mass. A.B.: "Harrie." TI-IELMA F. SODERQUIST Arlington, Mass. B.S.: "Tubby": Chemical Society: Swimming. ELIZABETH H. SOULE, AOH Whitman, Mass. B.S.: "Betty." RUTH E. STICKNEY, XQ Nashua, N. H. A.B.: "Brownie": Unity Club. RIARY P. SULLIVAN N. Chelmsford, Mass. A.B. DOROTHY A. SUTHERLAND Arlington. Mass. A.B.: "Dot": Episcopal Club: Glec Club. BARBARA SXVIG Brookline, Mass. A.B. BARBARA I.. Si'REs XV. Somerville, Mass. B.S.: "Psyche" AI,IcE F. TERZIS Belmont, Mass. A.B.: 'iAl": Swimming. BARBARA M. THATcI-IER E. Bridgewater, Mass. A.B.: "Bobbie": Basketball. LEIIHA M. THXVING Winchester, Mass. B.S. BERTI-IA I. TOWNSEND, AO1'I XV. Hanover, Mass. A.B.: "Bert',: Basketball. EUSEBIA A. XYILLAFLOR Roxbury, Mass. B.S.: 'lUkey." ALLINE XVELLINGTON Somerville, Mass. B.S.: i'Dukie',: Hockey: Club: Ski Club. Episcopal ELEANOR -I. WHEELER Athol. Mass. B.S.: German Club: Glee Club. ELEANOR M. ZALETSRAS S. Boston. Mass. B.S. ISI TUFTS c oLLEG1+3 THE ASSOCIATED SCHGOLS The School of Liberal Arts Frank G' Wren, AM., Jackson College for Women Edith L. Bush, AB., Engineering School George P. Bacon, AM., School 0fRe1igi0H Cin,-ence R. Skinner, DD., Graduate School Charles Gott, Ph.D For information concerning these schools, address the appropriate Dean Tufts College, Medford, Mass. Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Medical School Dental School For information concerning these schools. address the appropriate Dean 416 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass. A. Warren Stearns, NLD., Dean Howard NI. Nlarjerison, D.NI.D., Dean The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Administered hy Tufts College with the coiiperation of Harvard University Halford L. Hoskins, Ph.D., Dean For information concerning this school. address the Dean Tufts College, hledford, Nlass. 132 The Tufts College Alumni Association OFFICERS President, Robert VV. Hill, C'o.i.g Vice-Presidents, Dr. A. Everett Peterson, C'92, Dr. William L. Voge, D'18g Secretary-Treasurer, joseph VV. Morton, CVII, Tufts College, Necrologist, Blanche Hooper, C'o.i., Tufts College. Secretaries of Constituent Tufts Clubs Tufts Club of Maine, Rev. XVilliam D. Veazie, '26, Church of the Messiah, Portland, Maine Tufts Club of New Hampshire, Mrs. Robert F. Crosby, -l'19, Box IO+, Derry, New Hampshire The Tufts Club of Vermont, Dr. S. F. Hamilton, ITII, Newport, Vt. The Tufts Club of Boston, Irving L. Vaughan, C'26, I4 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. The Tufts Club of Lynn, Clifford H. Dow, C'33, 56 Ingalls St., Lynn, Mass. The Alumni Association of Lawrence, Dr. joseph A. Levek, M'13, 32 Lawrence St., Lawrence, M ss H... The Tufts Club of VVorcester County, Roscoe H. Goddard, C'o8, Chamber of Commerce, VVorcester, Mass. Tufts Club of YVestern Massachusetts, Leland P. Symmes, C'17, 59 Morningside Park, Spring- field, IN-1ass. Tufts Club of Berkshire Hills, Herbert VV. Andrews, C'98, P. O. Box 194., Pittsfield, lNIass. Tufts Club of Southeastern New England, Edward G. Burns, Cllg, 89 11th St., Providence, R. I. The Tufts Club of Connecticut, Parker VV. Fairbank, C'12, +15 Monroe St.. New Britain, Conn. Tufts Club of Southwestern Connecticut, Dr. janet M. Levy, D'27, 117 Herkimere St., Bridgeport, Conn. Tufts Club of Northern New jersey, Robert L. Abbott, C'15, 33 Parkway East, Bloomfield, N. J. The New York Alumni Association, Arba S. Taylor, C'26, 234 YValnut St., Roselle, N. Mohawk Tufts Club, Armand T. Chandonnet, CVZ4, 1218 Glenwood Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y. Tufts Club of VVestern New York, Robert H. Decker, CVZ7, N. Y. State Dept. of Highways, State Of'l'ice Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. The Tufts Club of Philadelphia, Frank YV. Anderson, CYII, 316 Rodman Ave., -lenkinton, Pa. Tufts Club of Pittsburgh, Clifford M. Holmes, Cl32, 1913 Baldwin Ave., McKeesport, Pa. Tufts Club of YVashington, Brower Lowell, C'11, Arlington, Va. The Tufts Club of Cleveland, Edwin F. Helman, C'2.q,, 1377 East Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio The ChicagJ Alumni Association, john V. S. Norton, C'27, 1033 YV. Loyola Ave., Chicago, Ill. Tufts Club of Detroit, Herbert Ellis, C'o6, 261 YVest ro Mile Road, Royal Oak, lviich. Tufts Club of Southern California, Myron S. Allen, C'23, 109 Claremont Ave., Long Beach, Calif. The Tufts Club of Puget Sound, Ray XV. Clough, C'oS, 826 Skinner Bldg., Seattle, VVash. Alumnae Association, Miss Mary E. Heald, j'22, 63 Botolph St., Melrose Highlands, Nlass. Tufts-jackson Club of France, Donald Macjannet, CvI6 7 Avenue Eugenie, Saint Cloud, Seine et Oise, France Tufts Club of the Orient, S. Davis VVinship, C'11, Eastern Isles Importing Co., Box 1884, Manila, P. I. Tufts Club of Baltimore, John A. Herculson, C'21, 2016 East 31st St., Baltimore, Md. Tufts Club of Lowell, Charles A. Robinson, C'o9, 31 Parkview Ave., Lowell, Mass. North Shore Tufts Club, Miss Helen Ackerman, '30, 54 Turner St., Salem, Mass. New York Tufts Alumnae Association, Mrs. Madeline H. Smith, .l'z8, I5 VValdorf Court, Brooklyn, N. Y. I 1 ..:0.,,t.a ,Q,. .1-mw........ .. vi will :1'-:r I - 4 ., . .-,- ."' ...- , ,:.::,:f : it :W ",.,., ,i ' . nl " xt"A "-' r 2 , 'W t i o a vw 4 X , .t A , 25 1 ' V nfs! fn A ' .,: hifi i SVA' if fl Personal Service to All . . That little touch of personal interest that you find lacking more and more as the big combines get under way will always he with you here. 2, 1 UFTS oLLEo12 BooKsToRE I8 PHOTOGRAPHS ' PORTRAITSIN OILS - PASTELS A ' OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THF 1936 JUMBO BOQK ' ' f M BOSTON - MASSACHUSETTS I Campus Treesi lt has been a Nuuree of priale to the Bartlett Company to have been Charged with the care :intl prexervatinn of the Campus shade trees at Tufts College for many yeah. The love anti affection for cherished campus trees, healthy and beautiful, Carried into later life by the gracluatex nf the many colleges retaining Bartlett Serviee have been the influencing rea-un for many of nur moat pleasant client Connections throughout the East. The F. A. BARTLETT TREE EXPERT CO. 795 MEMORIAL DRIVE. CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Plzilfidvlplziri - Orange. N. J. - Westbzujv, N. Y. - lVl1ite Plains, N. Y. Prozviderzre. R. I. - DlIl1IIIll'j', Conn. - Sfl177lf0l'!i. Conn. - .'lIlIl1l'lIPSfPl', N. H. Cumfmx Trees Under Bartlett Cart' Metropolitan Coal Company Gerwral Uffives 20 Exchange Place : Boston 186 Tufts nzen enjoy a pleosont dinner lzour at the Empire Grill. Best wishes to Tufts and Jackson '36 CHARLES S. PARIS, Proprietor PIRE GRILL BEERS - WINES - LIQUORS Special Dinners Teele Square Davis Square SOMERVILLE I ROBERT AI. DVNKLE BAYARD TUCKERMAN, JR. ARTHUR J. ANDERSON OBRION, RUSSELL 81 CO. I NS UR A NC11' of Every Des1'ripfim1 IIS BROADWAY, NEW YORK :OS XV.-X'l'IiR ST., I3Os'1'Ox 'l'f'lrf1!1n11r Ilulwhard S760 Tflffifmm' Rectum' 7-5540 Tel. lIAPQtol 7768 - 7769 C. D. BULLERVVELL lVlmle'su1e Fruits mm' Prndzzcf' 7 NEW F.-XNEUIL HALL MARKET lN0rth Sidel BOSTON. MASS. ANDREVVS, JONES, BISCOE AND VVHITNIORE CTNIONARCH FTNER FOODS 7 50 CONGRESS STREET f'T'OX- O O BOSTON 4 72. x T Q - WX Sz Yum uf THE COLLEGE ARCHITECTS 7 jk? 121' '- if.. V xy Q , ljf If 31 .TIf'1'7if7f1114:V1i.v- xQXX13 ' Tw H 7 Q1 ing fag ' fo 77'T w3f,jL?'Q',:w R , REID NIURDOCH Sz CO. N 350 Medford Street. Somerville, Mass. I Financial Service For Every Need CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS DEPARTMENTS CHRISTMAS, VACATION and TAX CLUBS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TRAVELERS CHECKS FIRST NATIONAL BANK In Medford XII-ml-er ul The li-ller.1l Ilepwit lu-urtlnte Corp. THE FAY SCHOOL, INC. of Boston At Fifty-two Beacon Street .ul Select Sefrctarial Sclzool for Young lfnmen One- and Two-year Course Summer Cours Special Course for College VVomen llelfn Konirim. Registrar I i FRATERNYFY,COLLEGE I and CLASS JEWELRY l I CU1IlIIlf'IItit'lllt'lll IflIlIUZ1lIl'f'Illt'IIlK, l111'if11tin11,v, Difllnnmx l N Tufts College commencement announce- ments and Jackson College Sophomore rings ITlIlI'lLlfZlCU1I'Bll by Balfour L. G. Balfour Company .llllllllfllflllVlllfl .lr"LL'1'l4'I'j If Stzlfiorzmx ATTLEBORO, MASS. p THE COLLEGE PRINTING l DEPARTMENT of mf BUNKER HILL PRESS D.-INCE PROGR.-IMS .IIENUS and JOB PRINTING T 34-35-36 City Sq., Building l l CHARLESTOWN, MASS. i Telephone: Charlestown 2171 l REPRESENTATIVE Jack Murray, Alpha Kappa Pi House I 1 9 0 ' The p ' X PHILLIPS BOOK STORE 2135915 Distinguished Catering Servire' Szwfnzii-lzalzd Tffxt-l1uolc.v L,,,,t-beans Aft?-,-,,00,, Teas Dinners Late Slippers 110 Norway Street Boston 30'2 to 505i of new book price LARGEST STOCK IN NEW ENGLAND 1288 Mass. Ave. Harvard Sq. CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Commonwealth 2-122 SElLER'S 1812 HOUSE. INC. frtzrrrirzyfzfivvz lfrnln' 'nz tfif ll'fmf'.r!fr lliglzxizx' f fjrnzml .Yr::' lfuijfnfiil Ilnmi' Op,-fi ull Ihr lrm SElLER'S. INC. RESTAURANT Wellesley Square. Wellesley SE1LER'S TEN ACRES Route 20 Wayland .-1 pri! to November G U IV N S H O O D S C A P S for all 1'1llIt'I'Il'llII Ift'!ll't'f'S -zvritz io COTRELL and LEONARD EST. 1832 INC. 1935 ALBANY. N. Y. TOWNSEND THE FLORIST Flowers for all ormsions Banquet and Corsage Specialties 6 COLLEGE AVE. SOMERVILLE CENTRAL LAUNDRY CO. 179 Beacon St. SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Kirk. 7075 - 7076 'X .....M.,,.,.....f.fw:fT..1.2.L.. I . '1?5lZ"gT'1-'QQ30315,:.3fQea.g-jifsiri 'L K M - Q . W W SH ,V 1' 4- 'f-:uii.Usf31lw.n' ' .1 ' if - iii-71 1' - ,i R: if"f:fPAi"fV1f' ,CWI - 1 '- f H - - "wk :i,:1B,'s1 , w wi 1 1- X- ,, -1--+- qv , --Ai-er.-1,1 ,,,, . . 3 .A 51' 2 11.101-'V -j i I' ' 1 lgllxf ie' ' 'y 1- A . -wh' film, i g.1? .vEai..i-.-.Q I t :gi . 15' wwf ii ' it -+1 a irs. 222 11: wx1e:n:f'a,wsf...:..1:1 - 'V 1-+1 ' " ,fl -5- f2'H1'- 1- . '- If 'em wrgzvzfuzegr' qi- ' it ya if. ' .Y t -Q af- . pi. Vs' i91+:- I-we is A ' . 7 I fi -1 'X " 1 1. ,. ' 2-E' :xy .K - J ffl., - 3 ,ef :iz I fa: gi ., 1' 1 f .1 ' .- 5 el: i 2. 2-A-www-fm-f-1--A--f w 4.41 N ra lv: .H , , . as ' N M1 . l- ,il pl .rw fx., ' K3 33- 1 I x i A 1 if . I . , Le' .W ,AT I ,. ,Nl ' 3 IW' "rg 4 i' mf ti ,--,. ., 'WH1 1'?'f":"il'3 M f "" .1f.:s2-e ' hivavs. 'flt sa Y Q K- . X , I9O -Q 'Mil IIINESA -as ll . "15'nFJ.1rg TQ it "'ifllIYi El I. .ii Follow the Famous Bands at NUTTINGS on the CHARLES May May May May June C 4, 1936 Ray Noble 11, 1936 Mal Hallett 18, 1936 Ted Fio Rito 25, 1936 Hal Kemp 1, 1936 Eddie Duchin GK? HARLES SI-IRIBMAN Suite 444-Little B'ld'g. BOSTON, MASS. TUFTS COLLEGE PRESS Printers and Publishers H. W. WHITTEMORE 8L COMPANY Fashion Clothing lWfg. Co. OFFICIAL TAILORS FOR THE CLASS OF 1937 Blazers-Trousers-Skirts Better Grade Clothes, ready to wear made to measure Special Rates to Tufts Students 19 STUART ST. BOSTON Tel. Hub. 9553 HOTEL COMMANDER CAMBRIDGE Off Harvard Square Offers to the Parents, Relatives anrl Friends of Tufts College students the complete facili- ties and attentive service ot a Metropolitan Hotel. All moms with Bath and Shower from 52.50 a tlay. Complete housekeeping suites. Restaurant and Grill. Ample facilities for Social Functions, Meetings, Banquets and Conventions. TEELE SQUARE ALLEYS BOWLING 100 per string until 7:00 P.5I. "where the boys meet" Al. Sxnrn, MGR. 1135 BROADWAY SOMERVILLE SOM PINE TREE DINER Bigger and Better Meals Ladies Invited DAVIS SQUARE ERVILLE MASS. TEELE SQ. SWEET SHOP Tufts College Rendezvous Ice Cream, Sodas, Sandwiches Light Lunches Teele Square Somerville I9l Printer! and Bound at the COUNTRY LIFE PRESS 33555' l if-N"""'F4,..329 T' fs" 1995" fffi , - T' 13 X" 'Q ' ,., 1 , - .1 T, x' 3 53' :" 1' K Alf, .4 ii 5. I i f 'z 4.1 -e 1 -3:4 T an '- .- -. ' 1 955 ' 4 I X -1 f. vt ' 'T' . V Q-re" ft f ' , is ' T '53 5 91 ' X, ' ' " 1 f a: "'Nl3l'f-ll, - AX- 'TI' - - ' X ' ' -"ii" A ' if .iia-fi-?Qff1iTe'g' .-Xr11.1lx1u1nlKIo1111l1yLilel'1ew sl11m111:11l.l11l,lumell1c111se.R.R.l.1mlliliL's1111tl1'e5la1lr1111ls " The true UlZZ,L'6Y'5Z.fj1 lUFIlfI61S'C days' ix ez ffrzllearfzwz cf h00h5,"' sniff Carlyle . . . and as printers lor the publishers ofbooks, magazines, annuals and Catalogues, we are proud to have a part in the making of The Lzzclga' Bag for The United States Naval Academy, The HI7Zl'Tfff'I' for Tl1e United States Military Academy, The jumbo Book for Tufls College, and annuals for many other leading Colleges and schools. Many ofthe best-known books of the last thirty years have been printed under the sign ofthe Anchor a11d Dolphin. To DH, lJtJL'BLED.XY. DURAN X LIUYxll'.XNY, INC.. GARDEN CITY, N. Y. , ,, ,J ,. '11 x11 1 . ,. I fx V11 lu , ' f 1 '12,-' rf. 1 'Q '- K ry 5 .L , , ,1 . ' I 1,1 I,11v ,, ,1,, V1 1 1 1 '1- ar ,1 ' 4' 1 1 .. E .1 1, g . .111 111. 1 1 f 1 1k ,gl '- A . 1 , 1 , , ., -1 ' 12 1 1 W ' -' .K " 11 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 -. - 1 P1111 1 -' v 1 1' 1'111111f'1"' 1111"1'.' 1.11 . ' 1 11. , ,,:-13 , , 1 5 gf' , 1111 , ' ,, 1111 l,,.l 21' 11 14., X 1 1 1 1 , ry 6 I I. V. . 1 ,111 rv, ,1X1R. , 1 1 X . 1 ' 1 139' 1" X151 A1 A ull '1 . .-4,11 ' 1 . 1 ' 112 .1 '1 " 1 1 1 11 , 11 ,1 111111, 1 1 , ' ,,qg:1.13..1 fi,g. 11 A , 1 Jj1I' LF11 111111 111'1H,N11r1 71' 'T 77:1-1 , X5 1- , ' ,LAC-1-1 ' 45 fill' 7-1' 1' '1' '1'1 1'1 ' 2 1' 1 ' 1'-1 - , , . 11111, 1. 1. 1, 41 .111 , 1 , l . f 1. 1 , 1 1 1 , 1 .1 1 . 1 1 ,W 1.1 1 ' .,,fZ".111 111115113 1"--'51 .1 1'1'1 . 1 1' 1 1 1 1 ., ' 1 1 "--111 ' fw 911f1519i' " ' 11111-ffff-1 111111 1111 ,1111111L11"111111111, 11' 15 ' 1.1 1' 1 ,N-. ,. 1 .11-:vw 1 1 "HG 11111'f?j4g.,h'1'1'1" ' ' 1 fw , , 1 ,..., ff. . 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 A 1. 1 --, "'-,147 ' 13, ' ,1 ",11v 'd'f1'1f if ' '11 '1 1 A1 1 ,.1 'Y 1 ' 1 1' 1'11 ' 1":f 11f1"' .11 1 1 1 1 f' ' '1 1 ,,f -111 ' 1--lf. , 1. 11,11 1Jg11 1. '1 111 1 1 1, k,,..T1 1 , , 1' 1111,111f11111',1, 11 -'I 1 ' , 111 1 -1 1 , 11 ,,. 'il 1,11-11v'f, 1'1,1' 54.1.1 1' 1 :1-- 1 7 ,. ' , 1' A, ' 11'1a1.- ,flrfgg 1- X 1 1 .T 111' A ga ' 1 1 1 1 L11 ff, '17'f,'1 lf 1 1' 1 ' 1 ' If ,,L,'11.J:, H 1 fgf 1 1 .. 1: p V if 1 1 'fun' 1k -'L1 1 1 X -1 .1 1, . 1 .1 11 -1 . '1 1 .f 11, ',"11 1, 1,1 1 ,X 5 ,x 1 m ' If ' , ' ' x N-1113.1 1 , 1 1 g:.,J1X1, 1... 1 - 1 1 1. , . ' ' , 11111 1 2 , - 1 M., 'A 1 .I1,. 1 . 1 1 . - wr . N F -J 1 1 1 1 . , 1 ' Q ll T 1 W i I YA, K 11 i1 , 1. '1 11 5 1 1 5' 1 4 f N. ' .ig 7,-'Q1 5 , 'i -1,1 1 , , ' ,,, 1,5 11 ' ' 1' 1 1- -- ' - 1 111 1 ,1 . !.'1i jx 1, 1 ' 1. , 1 1 ' '1 v Loy- - 1 M- . ' f' .1 , 1 1 - - .' A 5 ' ,iff-,-1-"i-1211" H1 ' 1 f ' 11 ' "El, l"A,ff27"1 1' 1'eEi"fr:1f1-"" ,W ' ' . 1:1 1 -1422" ,iff H1i:S1--1-if 1X ' ' ' ' 1 ' fini". i,5i1HE,1s ' 11111 1114, .r Vi 1 1Ea411...11'1 1, 1 -Q' y -f1-1:'f5iQ . 1' 1' 1 1' 3-11, ' "1 1 XX 1 "Fi ' 1 5 A 152351171 1 Q ' ., 1 1 ' .1 '?1,, ' I 1 11711',1, X 7 .1 1 ' y n wi 1' 1.1.12 f - ,1, 1- 5-. 1 1 1 1 , X,-'r ' .A 1' 7 1 ". . , 54 5: In X 1 , . ,- , ., 1 .1 1 . f N- 1 1 M 1 -' , 1 J 1 JW' ' 1 311' 111 -M' 111:-. ' 11 of , 1 .1 .1 ,' , 1 1 J . .111111l1111:1,1'111f ' f"1"'1 1 f 1 1 xl F l 1 : 1 c ills' .11 1 -. f xv 111 E 4411 l 1 of 7, A 1 1.1 1 1' f'1 ,115 . , . k 1 1 I ' f l 11 ffl h Q 1A 11 X 11 jp Q 1 f 1 1 11 11' 11 ' ' 'G . ,.' gy A 1 ,' 9. 1 ,,,1 , 1 ' 11" 11 11"11' ,' ' , V ..,::, 1 iiiESEFUJM1,, V ,W 1 in 1, ,,,, , 1 '1 1 Y il , HL 1- v- ' ' 11 gl 2' - fs' 11-1 ' 1 ,K ' 5111 igilz , f 2 -,vw ,Z-25 1 ,1-ff 1 Q 7 e 1l, fff ?24Ei 3 1 3 323: 114' I 1' 'E.l1.11L:1' 1' 11 M ' l .1:-1g1111:311:.11E?frf'33E V, .,.1,.? zv fi l ,vvly i I ,I ,VX 121 g11111l l1Il1111111111111111 . 11 ,M,111 'U 1111Q111 ,.,.1, 1 -U11 1 1 11' 5Za:1?"? ' "3lT-1i?'1-e, - Z1 1 fyf 11 ff m 1 I 1 11 1: Ii, 1 7 11,11 .1 1 I 1 1 ,zie-,Legs-i3:'4:Q,,, 'N' ff. 11 1411 1 +111.f,1,1,.. . 1 1111 111 OUND ' 1 is ' - fi l 1 A , 4" 167 'l 1 1 .-1111111571,1'1 1111-Tl' 1 1 S successxTn3:2-Siena: 12:11 331-ovlmdnji 12 11111. ,NI J P l y! J11 us with sufficient equipment, adequate '-111' 1 1 WMW11- 151 personnel, and ample resources to render 1' '1-. 11 d d bl - ' '- 11 11 -511111111551 '11 '11' ,113 11,.1 11, 1:11 11:1 ,533 1 .,f'if1TJI,11T11?1'IQv,Li1'f11Q'S a?11Z'f 321. 2151682 l1111m1iW1l11111 111111111111-111W111M111111 secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN 81 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 West Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois ln the foreground - Fr. Dearborn re-erected in Grant Park on Chicagds lake front. lllustration by Jahn G Olller Arr Studios. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Editor of the i936 JUMBO BOOK wishes to extend thanks to the followin whose assistance has contributed toward the success of this volume: PETE GURNVIT of Jahn Ei Ollier Engraving Company. for advice in the planning of the Book. BILL JOHNSON of Doubleday, Doran N Company, for assistance in the compiling of this volume. IRVING GREEN of Sargent Studios, Inc., for photographic suggestions and cooperation. THE ALUMNI OFFICE for valuable data on Jumbo. PROFESSOR MUNRO for permission to use group photographs. RODNEY OLSON '36 for photographic work on cover and division pages. EATON MEMORIAL LIBRARY for reference material. BOSTON GLOBE for data on athletic teams. TUETS WEEKLY for reference material and publicity. MISS HANCOCK in the Cousens Gymnasium for data on athletic teams. PROFESSOR MILLER for advisory assistance in planning. Pen, Paint and Pretzels Society for permission and assistance in use of Stage equipment in Jackson Gymnasium. 194 ues-mv mpg 'N Q-W1-, MM, N D 5? M mx ,Ava , .W 2.-lm N, -1 Q .W 2:01 .,.,, ,Rm- x BOWEN GATE, FACING GODDARD HALL AND THE R112 - 'ag-'rx ,4 .,,., f-, Q- W A -- H- - H .- mxwh- -1 , - . ,M , -'v c Rqcxwk A' lk, gl . .3 1 Q... VA I ral... at-Agri r l xn-alta: ,- focvi ' 2.4. ,, 'PFf",:.L.' AQ' "-R"'iif- .V ff f' fm -6tff"'h fc .U 55 "1 ' ' 4 :N -- . .HR Y. mg J .:Lax:Q?L?1Q. QQ, A: M A . , 1, mx' aging, 1. . V vw! . , fad'-' F' ft- ' 'Q ' 4. f ' .- f! 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