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Text from Pages 1 - 246 of the 1922 volume:

1 tM 1 TUFTS COLLEGE MASSACHUSETTS MAY — 1922 3fot)n Albert CougenS ixtt) Prcfiibcnt of Zuiti College, a Cufts! man, in toftosie strengttj toe fjabe confidence, in tDfjogc ibcals toe f)at)e faitt), for ttje neto Cuftfi. JOHN ALBERT COUSENS 9Ray l;S, i922 oTiOi; tieai.s liuOi ' naJJt ' J . ifict ' Uii! Jir. ' d " iiuibo .AJoolc " Oai niif - L,f e?. O cO.taf limc pfan io JupC.cat. {lie 1917 . ' ifioi. uV-r. co„- .si3cic i. .Old uiiiottiiimk ' ciiciiiiKitaiicci coiiplcJ Wdh ptfOailiritj dicjli pxic.M clof-uk-a uff atU.mpl. ....(.( ' J( ' p.v . ' nl cjcux. . ' - i. tl i. , tl5 " 19 ' . ' ' ? ' ;|umlu., " vOc I5av ' ci.a. ' uOoxcO to px er.l to our iiuiJiJiA ilU ioiili ' iupo-iati| .Ntoti| oj . (ujl.i in nOoxJ and pictiite. V)Ra., tlii. Uool uul u. ..h.n t(!.„i.u, tlL- (h„.cI of (oOo a.ul cIcOo- tion Wl5ui; k,xds Ji ' til. ..o,, cuul clauc,l ' ,i... oj ' fJ .j ' f Io tLuT Cfl ' ma fdBoard oj ' t aaor ' HC iiiiisR ■BHm v iiBhA H h SBbI r- m ■ ' i.jSrr ' 1 J J HWf " ' HH ' i ' r nnniKT!wui4Tf;ni]il HHBKi " " i HI c resiibcut Joljn Albert Cousensi, . Jl. A T A; 1 I! K President Cousens graduated from Tufts in 18 ' JH. A niisfortuue ended his college career prema- turely and prevented his going to Medical School. He entered into business and later became vice- president of the Metropolitan Coal Company of Boston. He is director of the Brookline Trast Co., chairman of the Board of Investment of the Brookline Savings Bank, chairman of the finance committee of the Brookline Friendly Society, President of the Brookline Board of Trade, a member of the Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston City Club, Exchange Club. Longnood Tennis Club and Commonwealth Country Club. He has given unstinted sfr%iri ' to nuv College as Visitor, Trustee, member of the Finance and Executive Committees. It was in September. 1!)!!), that he liecame acting president of Tufts. In June, 1920, Mr. Cousens was electcl President of th. ' Cillege. m)t vn ttt of tETuftg College Austin B. RCL. y Flktchkk President W. LTER Edward Parker . . Vice-President Harvey Eastman Averill . . Secretary Clifton Howard Dwinnell Treasurer Harvey Eastman Averill Assislaiit-Treusiircr ©jrtcutttie Committer Arthur Winslovv Peirce . Cluiirmaii Sumner Robinsson Harold Edward Sweet John Albert Cousens Melvin May.vard Johnson Ira Rich Kent James Porter Russell Guy Monroe Winslow Thomas Oliver Marvin Committrr on JFinantr Walter Edward Park Kit . . Chdirmaii William Waldemaii SpAri.Divci Jamks .Vhtmur Jacobs J. Frank WKLLiNinox .Vutmur Ellery Mason John Aluert Cousens CrnctttcB John Coleman Ad.wis, A.M., D.D. Byron Ghoce, A.M., Litt.D. HosEA Washington Parker, A.M., LL.D. Walter Edward Parker, A.M. William Waldemar Spauldixg, A.M. Sumner Robinson, A.M., LL.B. J. Frank Wellington, A.M. . rthuk Ellery Mason, A.M. James . hthur J.« ' obs, . .M. . utiiuu Winslow Peirce, A.B.. Litt.D. (WHi) Charles Xeal Barney, A.M., LL.B. (1!» ' 23) Austin Barclay Fletcher, A.M., LL.I). John Albert Cousens, . .B. Ira Rich Kent, A.B. Charles Hl l Darling, A.B., LL.D. Robert Calthrop Brown, A.M., E.E. Guy Mo.nroe Winslow, A.B., Ph.D. (192-t) George Alec H. rwood, M.S., Sc.D. (19 ' 25) Harold Edward Sweet, A.B., (1922) MEL N Maynard Johnson, A.B., LL.B. (1923) Chandler Mason Wood, A.M., LL.B. (1924) James Porter Russell, A.B., LL.B. Thomas Oliver Marvin, B.D. Cora Polk Dewk k, A.B., (192.5) (Mrs. Frank A. Dewick) Frederick S. muel Fogg, D.D.S. Clifton Howard Dwinnell, B.S. Robert Willlvm Hill, A.B., LL.B. (192G) Elbridge Ward Newton, A.B., (192G) FRANK (;k()I{(;k wkkx, a.b, a.m. Dean nf Lihcrul Arl.s Srhnnl A T U. ! B K Lifts. 1H94: A.M.. 1897: Studied at Ilniviird I-|iiv. . ssistant in Mathematics. Tufts. I.siit-!).-,; Insir i.lor. Matlu nuitios. 1895-99; .Vssistant Professor. MMtlinii.il i, iK!)!l lillll; Walkt Professor of M: ..•niati. ' s, lllot; n,v,„ ,,r ll„. s,- lool o l-il.eral Art 1907; Dean of 11 ,• F;„nlU ,,r rN ,■111.1 .i. ■,„,... 1 )()7 Member of In- Aln.llr.n, h, 1 1„.|,,:, 1 „ , ,„i,. I lie America Association for t r .V.Ivmi.vllM ' I.I ,.f ,„.,„.,■, LEK SILLIVAX MrCOLLESTKR, De„n nfthe Cnwe TluoUHji,-. A 0, t H K A.B., Tufts, 1881; B.D., 1884; D.D.. 1899. A. IS. I!. I) .S,- (oo Ordained to the T ' ni lont. . H.. 1884. SS: H list Ministrv. 1884. Pastorates. Clare- . Mi.li , ISS!) 191-2; Dean. Crane Theo- Mi Mini 1915-19; Chair- igan and Massa- ial Wars; Chap- Ueligious Educa- ongress of Free Dean . cadem.v; Presi.l.Mil . f riiiN.i.:.li l man of ISoard of ' rriisli.- . I!i chusetts Societies S. A, I! ; M lain. General National Sociil tional Association; i(c-I ' nM Christians and Other Religion- Mason K. T. and :«nd; Bost he was pastor for twenty-four years, lie h;is on many .liaril.x linard ' the Commission of Fifty for adjusting SIrrct Car Conlnivnsy; .i different times President and Secretary of Michigan I ' nivcrsalist Cm vention; Trustee of Buchtel College; President of New England Societj Vice-President of Unitarian Conference; Chairman of Universalis Extension Committee. GARDNER CIIACK ANTIIOXV. A.M., Dean of the Eiiijiinrriiig SrIionI C. ( A.M., Tufts. 188!) (Hon.); Sc.D.. 1!K).3 (H.i Tniversity and Tufts College. 187,5-78. IS7S S,); Teacher, Rhode and rounder Rhode Island Ti. lininifield-Pearson School, Tufts College. 1893; Dean, Acting Head of the Depart- Practical Mechanical Engiiu Island School of Design, and I) Technical Drawing School, 18S,5-!I and Professor of Technind Draw Engineering School, TnfN " ullci:c. nient of Mechanii;il l ' jii;iin ' ri ihl;. I! Trea.surer. Tulls (ull,-i;,. . tlil,lir Association, IQl ' J: Member: . incrican Society of Mechanical Engineers; President of Societv for Ihc Proniollon of Engineering Education, l!ll:i U, an.l Vuc-pr. ' sident ill l!)l I -1 ' 2. now chairman of New England Scrlion; McniLcr of . iiuTi- caii , s,so(ialion for the Advancement of Siicinc; . iniMii:in . ssocia- tion of Cniversitv Professors; National Cconraphiral Smictv. CAROLINE STODDER DAVIES. A.B,, A.M. Dean of Jackson College A.M.. 1914; Studied Newnham College A.B., Wellesley, Cambridge, Eng„ 1890-91 Teacher of Greek and English. Harcourt Place School, Gambler. Ohio. 1887-90. 189 ' 2-9,); Teacher English, Chicago Latin School, 1907- 1909; Dean of .Tackson College, 1911. Member: New England .Association of Colleges anil Secondary Schools; College Equal Suffrage League, Boston; SIi,ikcspr:iic Soi i.lv of Wellesley College; Wellesley Alumna- . ss,„ i,,i„„, ( ,„i,m illoi -Association of Collegiate .Alumnfe, Boston; ( ' ..ll. f ( lull. Ho ldii; Consumer ' s League; Wellesley College Club of Hoslon; Wdinrn ' s In dustrial and Educational Union; Massachusetts Society for the Cnivcr- sity Education of Women. ss,, CHARLES ERNEST F. , AH of the Gradnale School, Wade Profex. 0AX, BK .VM. ■ of Moilern Langnaijp.s A.B., Tufts. 1808; A.M„ 1872; Litt.D., 1900 (Hon.); Studied in Europe, 1869-70; Instructor of Mathematics, Tufts, 1868-69; Instructor in Modern Languages, Tufts, 1869-71; Wade Professor, Modern Lan- guages. 1871-. Member: Anii-ricin PhiloloMlral s , ri.-,l imi; Cli,uler Member, M. .drill l,a iii;ii;i " v , ss, ,,i;,l i,,ii ,,r inrii,;,. :i,i.l Modern Language Mc SM, ( ill!. ;Taphi.:.l Snnclv; Bulbilu S,.n,-U ..f ;.hlr.i! Sn, ■.„■,■ , limoklvu lute of Art.s and Sciences; The H..uiul Tabic. ilio.slon;; l iee- President, 1900); Twentieth Century Club; Friday Evening Club; Knighted as Officer of the Order of St. Charles, (Monaco) 1921; Editor of Appalaehia, 1871-1920; Editor, Alpina Americana since 1907. FUANK WILMAMS DURKEE, A.I!.. A.M., D.Sc. Professor of Chemistnj A Y, E B K A.B.. Tufts, 1888; A.M., 1889; D.Sc, 1921; Instructor in Chemistry, 1889-1896; Assistant Professor, 1896-1897; Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, 1897-1913; Professor of Chemistry, 1913. LEO RICH LEWIS, A.B.. A.M. Professor of History and Theory of Music Associate Professor of Modern Languages Z F, B K, K r T A.B., Tufts. 1887; A.B., Harvard. 1888; A.M., Harvard. 1899; Graduate, Munich Conservatory of Music, 189 ; Instructor of French, Tufts College, 1892-5; Professor of History and Theory of Music, Tufts College, 1895-; .Associate Professor of Modern Languages, Tufts College, 1919-; Visiting Instructor, Harvard Summer School, 1915-1921. Chairman of Medford Music Committee at 275th .Anniversary. 1905; Chairman, Board of Examiners in Music in College Entrance Examination Board, 1909-19U; Vice-President, Music Teachers National .Association, 1910-12; Member, Eastern Educational Conference in Music; International Music Society; National Society for the Study of Education; Authors ' League of . nicricii. CHARLES HARRIS CHASE, B.S. Professor of Steam Engineering CC B.S.. M:i,ss. Insliliil, ' of Technology, 1892. In empluy ,,l (,,n,i;il K.lectric Co., 1892-94; Boston Electric Co., 1894-96; Instructor in .Shopwork 1896-lHO- ' ; . Msni]il Pnifessor, Steam Engineering, 1902-1908; Professor, Steam Engineering, 1908-. FRED DAYTON LAMBERT, Ph.B., Ph.D., A.M. Professor of Botany A T A, B K Ph.B., Tufts, 1894; A.M., Ph.D., Tufts, 1897; Studied at University of Frieburg, Germany and Naples Zoological Station, 1910-1911; Assistant in Biology. Tufts 1896-7; Sub-Master, Edward Little High School. .Auburn, Maine, 1897-8; Instructor in Biology, Tufts, 1898-1900; Instructor in Natural History, Tufts. 1900-1904; Assistant Professor of Botany, Tufts, 1904-191, ' i; Professor of Botany. Tufts. 19i;5-. ' WILLIAM KENDALL DENISON. A.B.. A.M. I ' rofcssor of Latin Language lui ' l Lileniliire Z T. B K A.B.. Tufts. 1H91 ; A..M.. Harvard, 1892; Studied, Harvard Graduate School, 1SU2-95; American School of Classical Studies in Rome, 1895-96; Professor of Latin, Tufts, 1897-. WILLIAM RICHARD RANSOM, A.B.. A.M. Professor of Mathemallis I)BK A.B.. A.M.. Tufls. ISII.S; . .M.. IlarvMnl, 190:5; Teacher at Cas.-.nllll i S -li„ol, lin.oklyn Polytechnic, and Harvard Criivcr-.sily ; I ' rolV.vsor .it Mathematics, Tult.s, li)O0-. uiJeiny llpfie, 1!)()9-12; ;. 19 ' 2{l-. i;n AKD IIIARV ROCKWELL. S.B.. C.E. fnif.ssu, of ( ml and Structural Engineering S.B., in Civil Engineering, Wnn. -I, r l ' ..K I. . Iiiiic Institute, 1890; C.E., Worcester Poly. Institute, 1920. Engineering Practice, 1890- l!)i]-, ' ; InsiiiKh.r in Civil Engineering, Tufts College, 1902-3; Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. Tufts College. 190. i-6; Professor of Structural Engineering, Tufts College. 1906-18; Professor of Civil and Structural Engineering, Tufts College, 1918-; Consulting Engineer. FRANK ELIAS SEA -EY, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of English ZW A.B., Bowdoin, 1905; A.M.. Harvard, 1916. Instructor in Modern Languages, Somes School, .Aurora, N. Y., 1905-6; Higliluud Mili Worcester, 1906-8; Assistant Professor of English, Tufts College, 1908-. SAMUEL LUC. S CONNER, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Ciiil Engineering cc B.S., Delaware, 1897; M.S., 1912. General Engineering Practice. 1897-1909; Instructor in Railroad Engineering. Tiifts C( .Assistant Professor, 1912-17; Professor, 1917-20; .Associate Professor of Civil Engineerin ALFRED CHURCH LANE, A.B., A.M.. Ph.D., Sc.D. Pearson Professor of Gcologi A.B., Harvard, 188;?: A.M., Ph.D., 1888; Sc.D.. ' I ' Mlts, lili:!; Mii.lu ' .l :il rnlvnsily of Heidelberg. 1885-7. Instructor of Mathematics, Harvard, 1883-5; lii.lni. h.i . M,, In .ni ( ,,11,-, ,,| Mines, 1889-92; Assistant State Geologist of Michigan, 1892-9; State Go(ilo;;i,-I. l.siHi- i:iii:i, I ' lrMul |h,mIi,,i]. 1909-. ARTHUR IRVING ANDREWS A. H. I ' h. 1). Professor of History and Public Law A Y A.B.. Brown, 1901; Pii.I).. Harvard, 1905. Instructor in History, .Simmons College, 190C-9; Assistant in History, Harvard Universi Assistant Professor, 1909-12; Joint Head of Department, 1910-12; Associate Professor of HisI 1911-12; Professor, 1912-; Professor of . merican Foreign Policy, Charles University, Pragiii HERBERT VINCENT NEAL, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Zoology S E, B K A.B., Bates, 1890; A.B., Harvard, 1893; A.M., 1894; Ph.D., 1896; University of Munich, 1896-97. Master in History and Latin, St. Paul ' s School, 1890-92; Professor of Biology, Knox College, 1897-1913. Present position, 1913-. CLARENCE RUSSELL SKINNER. A.B., A.M. Professor of ApiUcd Christianity Bt-)II; ' l BK A.B., St. Lawrence University, 1904; A.M., 1910; Studied at Harvard University; School for Social Workers, Boston; Columbia University. Universalist Minister in New York Cit.y, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., and Lowell, Mass.; Social Service Work; Social Service Secretary, Universalist Church; President, State Universalist Convention. CHARLES HENRY GRAY, B.L., ML., Ph.D. Professor of English 0AX B.L., University cf Miriiiyaii. ISO. " ,; MI... University of Michigan, 1896; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1904; Rescan h IVIlow in Kn-lisli, riiiv.-rsily of Pennsylvania, 1914-15. Teaching posithnis in ihc Knylish Dcp.irlirniif.s of the Universit.y of Michigan, Oberlin College, Univer- sity of Chicago, and Univcrsitv of Kansas. •, 1 906-8; ry. Tufts, 1921. IBSS-iTUMBO IIAinKV Al.l i: M n |i:i{ A.I!.. a.m. I ' li.l). ■,,- , .■ ..,„„„„-x ' 1 •!■ li k A.H.. V, ' esl,-.v;in rnivcrsity. lODll; AM . V . -l. m imIv. 1!»I(I; I ' li.l).. Vale, lOKi. Instriictor in Px-onomics, DePaiiw Iiiu.imIn. I ' I I I- 1 , ' . Invlnnl.ir in Ecoiiuinics, Yale. 101 ' i- Hi; Assistant Professor of Kconomics, University ..I lK c,l l. IIHIM!); I ' nsciil iiosition, 1!)!!)-. GKOHCi; I ' liKSroN HA ON. A 15.. A.M. Vofr.v.sor of Phlls-irs e A X. B k A.H.. Dartnioutli. IS.ST; A.M.. Darliiiouth, 1890; Graduate stud.v, L ' niversit.v of Miohit;an. WH and 1909: L ' niversit.v of Berlin. IHHfl and 1910; Instructor, Ripon College. 1888-1889; Peekskili Militar.v Academy, 1890-1892; Beloit College, 1892-1902; Wooster College, 1902-1908; Simmons College, 1910- 1919; Professor of Physics. Tufts, 1919-. FRANK OLIVFI! 1I LI. li D., D.D., S.T.D. I ' mi, .nr ,.( Ilnnnl.-lv-s B.l).. Tnfl.s. ls.S-1.; D.D.. St. Lawrence rri) ri .l . |;hi|. S.T.D., Tufts. 190.5. Pastor, Church of the Divine Paternity. .New V..rk. ili;i, ' -l!)19; Present position, 192U-. EDWIN BUTLER ROLLLXS. U.S. Udshml Pro{c««nr of Elrrlrinil Eiiijimcri, B.S., Tufts, 1901. Assistant, Electric •al Engineering. Tufts. 19(11--, ' ; In.slrurlur. 190 ' ; M.5; Assist MELVILLE SMUni Ml NRO .l,«7-.v a« rn,f, ' s.or of EIr.-lnnd l-.tojit A r 1. B.S. lii-rinq B.S., Tufl.s. 1901. Assistant in Electi rical Engineering, Tufts, 190,5-1907; Instructor, 1907-i;i; ; Assistant Profes WILLIAM HOWELL REED, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Molern Languages A.B., Harvard, 1898; A.M., Harvard, 1899. Assistant, Teaching Fellow and Instructor in German at Harvard Universit.y, 1899-1904; Instructor in German, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1902-;!; Instructor in Modern Languages, Tufts. 1904-10; Assistant Professor, 1910-. CONRAD ARNOLD . I). .MS. U.S. Assistant Professor of Mrchdiiinil hlnijinvvriiiij C. C. B S . ill Eiii trical Engineering, L ' niversity of Vermont, 1909. Instructor of Mechanic Arts, Tufts, 1909-19; Assistant Professor, 1919-. HOWARD HASTINGS C. RR()LL. SB. Assistant Professor of Tci ' lniii-fil Dnnrimj S.B., Lawrence S.i.nl ,ti.- s.l I, H;irVMrd. 1)101 Teacher of Terlti M ll.nv.ir-! liin. ' :; Iliiiii- iii; (;,,,■ S.lmol . pplied Science, 190.S-4; Central High School. S|M,,, t . M l,i l!Hi-, (i;. -u,„ m,,,, ..l M:niM:,i Training, Concord, N. H., 1907-09; Instructor of Tr. I .;! Di.miim . IHIk, iimi-l:;, A Mslaiit I ' n.lVssor, 1914-. -JUMBO ALBERT HATTOX GILMER, SB., A.M. Axsistaiit Professor of English Ben; I BK S.B., Knox College, 1900; A.M., 1912; Studied at University of Cliicago, lOOIi. and University ol ' Muiiieli. 1908-09; Graduate student of Drama at Harvard, 19n-i;5. Instructor in English, Bates, 1909-10; Instructor in English, Tufts, 1910-15; . ssistant Prol ' es.sor in Eng- lish, Tuft.s, 191,5-. CROSBY FRED BAKER, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry c c B.S., Tufts, 1910; M..S., Tufts, 1911. Assistant in Chemistry, Tufts, 1909-1911; Instructor in Chemistry, Tufts, 1911-18; Assistant Professor, Tufts, 1918-. HARRY POOLE BURDEN, B.S. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering X B. S. University of Maine, 1912. Instructor in Civil Engineering, Tufts, 1913-18; Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, 1919-. EDGAR M.4CNAUGHT0N, ME. Assistant Professor in Engineering nT2;TBn M.E. Cornell, 1911. Instructor in Engineering, Tufts, 1915-18; Associate in Mechanical Engineering, University of IlHnois, 1918-19; Assistant Professor in Engineering, Tufts, 1919-. WILLIAM FRANK WYATT, A.B., A.M.. Ph.D. Assistant Professor Greek K A (Southern) A.B., Centre College (Ky,) 1904; A.M., Harvard University, 1912; I ' h I) . Il;irv:,nl linvcrsity, 191.5. Assistant Principal, Mt. Sterling (Ky.) High School, 1904-5; Instr ul .r in L.iliii in.l I .rr.k. Tran.sylvania College (Ky.) 1905-6, 1903 10; Traveling Fellow in Palaeography, II;irvanl I iii . i-.il , I :M-M. ' !; Private Tutor, 1913-14; Instructor in Greek, Tufts College, 1914-16; Assistant Professor of Greek, 1916-. EDWIN HANSCOM WRIGHT, BE. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering B.E., Tufts College, 1894. .Vrchitectural and Engineering practice until the war; present position, 1919-. TITUS EUGENE MERGENDAHL, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics ' ATA B.S., Tufts, 1907; M.S., Tufts, 1913; Graduate Work, University of Chicago. Instructor in Mathematics, Ripon College, 1907-09; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Ripon College, 1909-11; Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics, College of Emporia. 1911-18; Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Tufts College, 1919-. WALTER E. FARNHAM, B.S. Assistant Professor of Graphics KS B.S., University of Maine, 1907. Instructor in Mechanical Drawing, University of Maine, 1919-17; Head of Engineering Department, New Bedford Textile School, 1917-18; Instructor in General Engineering Drawing, University of Illinois. 1918-19; Assistant Professor of Graphics, Tufts College, 1919-. 17 ROBERT CHEXAl XT (ilVLER. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy ami Psychologi A. M. Harvard, 1913; Ph.D. Harvard, 1914. Instructor in P.sychology, University of Washington, 1914-17; Assistant and liistnutor in Psychology-, Harvard. 1917-19; Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, Tufts. 1919-. DAVID ELBRIDGE WORRALL, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry .4XS; f ' K i ' B.S., Rhode Island State College, 1910; M.A., Harvard, 1911; Ph.D., Harvanl. 1919. Chemist. Guantanamo Sugar Co., Cuba, 1912; Instructor in Chemistry, Smitli College, 1914-17; Assist- ant Chemist and 1st Lieut., C. W. S. of U. S. Army, 1918. .JOHX LOUIS CHARLES KEEGEN, A.B.. A.M. Assistant Profesor of English ATA A.B, Tufts, 19i;!: A.M.. Tufts. 1914; Studied at Columbia University and candi late for Ph.D.. at Columbia. Assistant in History. Tufts. 19l;i-14; Instructor in English, Tufts. 1914-193(1; Assistant Professor in EnglLsh, 19-20-. NATHANIEL HOBBS KNIGHT, B S. Assistant Professor of Phi sics IN B.S., Dartmoutli. 191(7. Sub-Master. North Yarmoutli Academy, 1909-1910; Instructor, Tufts, 191]- ' 20; Assistant Professor of Physics, 1920-. HALFORD LANCASTER HOSKINS Assistant Professor of History and Public Law A.B, Earlham College, 1913: A.M., University of Pennsylvania, 1920; Graduate Student, University of Chicago; Harvard University. Head of Department of History, High School, Weston, W. Va., 1913-1915; Instructor in History, Friends University, Kansas, 1915-1917; Teacher of Modern European History. Wichita High School, Kansas, 1917-1918; . ssistant Professor of European History, Trinity College, N. C, 1918-1919; Assistant Pro- fessor of History and Public Law, Tufts College. 1910-. DOUGLAS WAPLES Assistant Professor of Eiincation I B K; A K A.M., Haverford College, 1915; A.M., Harvard University, 1917; Ph.D., University of Pennsvlvania, 1920. Instructor at the Oilman School, Baltimore, 1914-16; Radcliffe College, 1916-17; Present position, 1920-. University of N. C. (Summer). 1921; Chautauqua Institute, N. Y.. Director of School of Education (Summer) 1922. THOMAS W. SHEEHAN Assistant Professor of English AEA A.B., Clark University, 1909; M.H., Pennsylvania State. 1915. Physics, Pennsylvania State College, 1911-1915; Instructor in English, University of Maine 191.-.-1917; Instructor in Industrial Educational Co-operation work. Passaic. . . .1.. High School. 1917-19 IS; I ' livnt position, 1918-. 18 CLARENCE PRESTOX HOUSTON Director of Pky.s-ical Education GAX iTistrm lor in Mathematics and Athletic Supervisor at The Adirondack Florida School, Onchiota, . Y., lill+llM?; IS. Army, 1917-1919 as 1st Lieut, and Captain of Infantry; Alumni Secretary of Tufts Colieue Alumni Association; Present position. 1919-. THOMAS COOLEY FERGUSON Phi sical Director i:AE A.B., University of South Dakota, lOl.i. Physical Director in Public Schools. Yankton. South Dakota. 191(i-I!»17; U. S. Army, 1st Lieut.. Field Artillery, 1917-1919; Physical Director at Tufts, 19-20-. .M.. Ph.D. ::ni.luate Student. Harvard, 191:2-1915; COURTNEY BRUERTON. A.B t BK A.B., Tufts. 191-2; A.M.. Harvard, 1913: Ph.D.. Harvard. 191.- John Harvard Fello v, 19U-1915. Instructor in Romance Languages, Dartmouth. l!)l.)-19 ' 2(l; . ssistant Professor of Romance Languages, Dartmouth, 1920-1921; Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, Tufts, 19 ZI-. GEORGE STEWART MILLER, A.B., A.M. Assistant to the President, Ass-istant Professor of History, and Secretary of the I ' avullii ATQ " A.B., Tufts, 1906; A.M., Tufts, 1907. Teacher in Concord High School, 1907-1909; Assistant Principal of Monson Academy. 1909-1912; Head of History Department, Medford High School. 1912-191(1; Secretary to the President of Tufts, 1910- 19 ' 20; Assistant to the President of Tufts, 19 ' 20; Instructor in History, Tufts, 1919-19-21; Assistant Pro- fessor of History, Tufts, 1921; Secretary of the Faculty, 1920. MYRON JENNISON FILES, AH., A.M. Assistant Professor of English TAE A.B., Dartmouth, 1914; A.M., Harvard, 1910. Instructor Engineering School, Tufts, 19U-1916; Instructor. Darhnoutli. 1910-1917; Instructor. ICngi neering School, Tufts, 1919-1921; Assistant Professor, Tufts. 1921- 3(nstruttor«i ROBINSON ABBOTT, B. S.; C. C. CHARLES WILLIAM ALEXANDER. A.B.; A X A GEORGE EDWARD WILSON ARMSTRONG LYNWOOD FOSTER BATCHELDER EDITH LINWOOD BUSH. A.B.: X Q ELLEN HODGES CARY D.WID MacGREGOR CHENEY, A.B. RAYMOND UNDERWOOD FITTZ, B.S.; C.C. DONALD W. GOODNOW. A.B. LILLIE RE. D GOODRIDGE. A.B. TIMOTHY JUSTIN KETT, B S. ERNEST FRANK LAWRENCE ROLAND WINTHROP LEFAVOUR FRANCIS THOMAS McCABLE, B.S.; ATA EDWARD PARKHURST PHELPS, M.S. JAMES ALFRED REYNOLDS, B.S. RALPH AUBREY SMITH EARLE SYLVESTER SPARKS, A.M. RUTH TOUSEY, A.B.; XQ CLAIR E. TURNER, M.A., C.P.H. FREDERIC NIXON WT.AVER. B.S.; i: T A PERCY DESMOND WH.KIXS. A.B.; Z I ' ETHEL MUNROE HAYES, A.B. NELLIE ALVIRA WRIGHT Ciril Engineering Mechanical Ennineering Civil and Structural Engineer Walker Special Instructor in Mathematics Office Technique English Mechanical Engineering Physics Physical Education in Jackson College Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Graphics Electrical Engiueenng Mechaiiiral Engineering Economics English Ihjgiene Mathematics Mathematics Lihranan Registrar H. C. O ' Brien A. G. Terrill R. E. Shepherd H. H. COYLE J. R. Heard H. L. Garabedian Clas s of 1922 C fficcrfi Class Colors iM) White President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Marshal . Historian Bi TWEN Class Ct)ccr 1-9-2-2 1-9-2-2 1-9-2-2 PUO TWEXTY-TWO TwENTY-TWO -JUMBO m FRANK LOUS PAIL ALCIKRE A.B. in History ami Public Law SOMERVILLE " Al " Boston College High SchooL " Who ' s Who " contains the following concerning " Al " : — " Famous debater, scientist, lecturer, historian and literator. Mr. Alciere holds degrees from Boston English High. Boston College High, Boston University, and Charlestown Navy Yard. " WILLL M .JEFFERSON ALCOTT B.S. in Ciinl Engineering Everett " Bill " Everett High School; Secretary, Chess Club (.3); Press Club (;i); Secretary (4); Vice-President, A. A. E. (3); Class Day Committee (■J); Newspaper Committee. Jumbo Bond Drive. We wonder where our perpetual " Globe " trotter is going. From the first crack of the Chapel bell in the wee small hours of the morning until the Tufts Rendezvous closes at night " Bill " can be seen tearing up the campus dust searching for scoops. EDWARD FRANKLIN ALDEN B.S. in Economics Whitman " Doc " Whitman High School. " Doc " started out in life with a .scalpel and a knife, but lie found the smell of ether repulsive to him and so we welcomed him back to our Liberal Arts. We are told this boy is a great fighter. He just loves a Battle of Music. JOHN ERWIN ALLEN. Z 1- B.S. in Civil En.jineering SOMERVILLE " Pete " Phillips Exeter Academv; Crew (1): Assistant Manager arsit Hockey (1, 3); A. A. E. ' (4). Lexington has been the home of many famous Americans but " Pete " is the greatest Minute Man of them all for he spends all his odd minutes in that historic little town, quite close to the village " green. " ROGER CHURCinLL BACON B.S. in Economics Medford Hillside " Deacon " Engli.sh High School: Librarian. Band (3). " . ll knowledge is my province. " said the " Deacon " until he met .McMiiider the Great ' s phalanx in Accountonia. Roger rambled all over the States before he .saw the beacon of Charlie Tufts ' Hill. m: -|UMBOfS GEORGE WALTER BELL B.S. in Engineering SOMERVILLE " Buck " iiiiKrvilie High School. " Buck " hasn ' t been seen arouiui the Hill much since to college, as he has been kept busy working on the newest ; for Fords — a noiseless Klaxon. CARL FREETIOF BERGSTROM U.S. in Civil Engineering Lynn " Bergie " 1 Classical High School. Handling young folks is " Bergie ' s " specialty. His main an is to get tiie infant generation to attend church. " ' 21 " W( aimed this voluble gentleman, if the war hadn ' t intertV WILLLXM HERBERT BINGHAM B.S. in Mechanical Engineering SOMERVILLE " Bill " lerville High School; Cap and Gown Committee, (4). n order to be sure of graduating " Bill " is serving on the Senior d Gown Committee. When he isn ' t hard-pressed by a steam II " Bill " may be found shuffling the pasteboards. BERNARD ARVID BORGERSON B.S. in Econmnics MONSON " Borgy " rainier High School; Chapel Monitor, (1, 2, 3, 4,). Learned scientists tell us that " Monitors " are ofte s. ' vcn feet in length. We look at " Borgy " and exclaim, " you are right! " Goddard Chapel will be deserted when ' leaves the Hill. RALPH CLARKE BRADLEY, A T U.S. in Philo.sojilij) H. NOVER, P- . " Brad " .-h S,li,.ul; Pen, Paint and Pretzels. r.sook til im. As of the ' •elv make a le footlights r-hology, he ISSS-fUMBO SUMNER KING BRYANT, ATA U.S. in Civil Eiiyiiiecring Nashua, N. H. " Cliipper " Nashua High School. From the banks of the Merrimack comes this diminutive young chap who is as immaculate as an Arrow Collar " ad. " When in the company of members of the fairer sex, " Chipper ' King among queens. to be CHARLES EDWARD BUTTERWORTH. B T A.B. and S.T.B. in Theology Newton Highlands " Butsy " Roxbury Latin School: Staff artist. Weekly, {i, 3. 4); Artist, Elcpluis (S) Pen, Paint and Pretzels. For twenty years " Butsy " roamed from coast to coast. At one time uider the glare of the spotlight, at another under the critical eye of the City Editor, he has finally lingered long enough to enjoy the blissful peace and rest " in this college life. " PHILIP EDWARD CASSIDY, B K B..S, (•;, Chemi.strji DoRCUESTlOli " Phil " Dorchester High School. When you can ' t find the answer to your problem in a text book trot around to see Philip. Fornudse grow on him like weeds in a flower garflen. KENNETH HODGSON CASSON, I B.S, in Mechanical Engineering Lynn " Ken " Huntington; Tufts Ambulance X ' nit in France (1); (1); Rifle Club (2); President, A. S M E ().). M.i Assistant Leader, Mandolin and ViW ( lubs I H. I ' r Clubs (4): Class Banquet Conunittcc (H, Cli.iin Committee (4). The vision of Columbus does not comiiarc wit sight. He already has plans for a Tufts-Wcllcslc, , purchased a bungalow lot on the Medford la pit a wicked mandolin and has a mean " wall " when h .L MES RAYMOND CLANCY B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Brookfield " Jim " Brookfield High School; U ' eek-ly Staff (1); Assi-stant Manager, Crew (1). Prophecies are a gamble, but we venture to predict that this stalwart son of Brookfield will be a ward politician. Bon voyage, " Jim! " io pLIMI IRWIX CHARLES CLARE B.S. in Chemistry Jamaica Plaix " Idy " English High School. " Well, Idv Claret- is attributed to " Idy ' s " — The prosperity of the furniture business experience, gleaned from four years of inten- of East Hall means and methods. MELVIX .JOSEPH I H.S. in Era SOMKRVILI.I Me ckoo HiKli Class Smoker Committee (•i): Chairman, I I.I " l);,n r ( ,,i,,Miitl.i- CJ); Dramatics (2,3); tVeekly Staff (3); A- (i. Lii. IMilc.i t: ( ommencement I ' sher (3); Board of Editors, .11 llt(l i ()i-:iiii ' .ilion Committee Jumbo Bond Drive (4); Sii ritaiy, IVu. l dnl uiid Pretzels. We had high aspirations for this young hopeful until heart trouble attacked him unawares at Simmons. Someone took him in. purely out of pity, and he has been " your devoted " ever since. V strange mixture of the ridiculous and the sublime, " Mel " acquired P B K as easily as we inherit false teeth! ARTHUR MILES COLLIER, T E B.S. in Biology Brooklyn, N. Y. " Art " Salem High School. " Art " is a whirlwind with the female species, alluring them with his genul personality. He is " Tard " Fay ' s right hand man, and lolds a prominent place in our Rogue ' s gallery. iTlie . .M. does not signify a degree!) STEVEN COLUCCI A.B. in English WOBUBN " Petie " Oiiin Vcademy; Class Banquet Committee (1); Clas liasrl.all. Class Basketball (1, 2); Varsity Baseball (1 5 Football, Class 2, 3, 4) ; Varsity 47; Varsity Basketball Squad (4): Glee Club (4); Sword ' etie " . the sweet warbler of the Glee Club, has wounded many irts with his tearful notes. He is also the cause of the " ump ' s ' rbling that sweet refrain — " Strike one, strike two, strike three, HAROLD OSCAR CONGDON, A T B.S. in Ciiil Engineering " Connie " " Spider " Springfield iii.al High School; Weekly Staff i ): Glee Club (1): Manager, . Tennis (1); Rifle Club (1); A. A E (I. 2. 3. 4): Secretary, ,iiLs. ' Party Association (4); StalV Arll.t .HMMO (4). li.sides being an Engineer, " Si.i.l.r " liii literally woven an oils web. with threads from all tlie girls ' colbg.s and a few final ids from Jackson. Must be liis cnrliMiTiistic temperament! HAVMOXD FRANCIS ( (■()XN( Dli II s. . i„ CM Engi neeriiiij Medfori) " Ray • Meolford , High School: Cla; ss Baseball ( .i). Fan ne to " Rav " box. thr nim on the has, ■ of - ' . ' J «,.! ■liali , lianion " Krosl .1, Ulcrioiis ' ■ ' ■ ' --■ MOLLIS IIKATIK ( )VLi-: ;. 1? T ;..s ' . ,■„ finl Eiuji neirii III " Rossy " Somerville High School: Class Football (2): Class Tieasun-r Ci. Cap and Gown Committee (4): A. A. E. (-tl. Curves are the beauty of this nineteen twenty-two stream model. The portly- gentleman in question guards the strong which holds the seniors " glistening wealth. WILLIAM THKODORE CROSBY. (-) X U.S. i„ Fn-nch Grovel. nd " Ted " Groveland High School: Glee Club (i). With several colleges to his credit, " Ted " feels that he is suf- ficiently experienced to meet the demands of any registrar " Of course, you ' re only dreaming! " — Theodore. HERBERT MANNING CROWLEY, B.S. in Engineering Somerville " Red " Somerville High School; Yarsitv Wrestling (3): Class Footl (2, 3). As his nickname indicates. " Red " is not a brunette. In .spare time " Red " helps " Joe " with his home lessons. Whene there is a racket in West West, the proctor knows where to look. HEXHY. JOSEPH CIRRY, S T A B.S. in Economics Brooxline " Henry " •Boston English High School; Class Track (1 ); ( lass liancpi.t mittce l ' 2); Calendar Committee (2); Varsity Trark cii; A m Football Manager (3); Publishing Association lH; Ivy; ' 1 Snicwith, -niiling. suave and sweet — that ' s the way Walter uoiild li,i c ' .Icsc ribcd this natural-born . ' alesman. Henry has his May in thr v orld by repeating " Good-morning, madam, I ' n of the Tufts Cull, .ge Boys. " H 19aS-«IUMBO ha e been thinking of hi Senior Binquet RALPH FILLER CIRTIS, 2 T A B.S. in f ' hil Engineering SoMERVILLE " Curt " Somerville High School; Glee Club (1, 2. 3, i): Class Dance Com- mittee (2); Assistant Manage -, Musical Clubs (3); A. S. C. E. (3). We shall be brief, Ralph, but not " Curt. " Ralph shines on the concert stage with his marcel wave. There is always a deluge of ■ at the S. T. A. house when Ralph comes back from a Glee Club trip. HTBERT PRINCE CUSHMAX, ATA B.S. in Engineering East Boston " Cupie " s. Ik. I Cr.« (1) Band fl. ' J, 3, 4): Glee Club ill " - li ( ' ) Minager Freshman Basketball il liiskilbali (4) Commencement Usher (3); illilitu Association Nominating Committee f4); Hinquet (4) Organization Committee Jumbo iipihng material for . inning a s or ■ ■ fe «ork modern novel entitled, MV It with Music. " He .hen he was toastmaster Baseball FRNPST I■OsT R ( I TTl R, Z • B S ' „ , „„ ,,ui,, Lfxinc ton Ernie txitir ( uUm (lass Baseball (1); Varsit ) irsit Ilofkt (J) Sword and Shield. oh ni ' — there s i mmnture dynamite plant to 1 tins qiiirr when ou start to dig. " Ernie " has spe- RomuKt I ingu if,es both mute ind verbal. For further at ion a(l lrc.ss Registrar, ellesley College. llcnVARl) JOHN DALY, CC B N in Chemical Engineering TlK.VERS F.4LLS " Squeak " s r.ills High School; Varsitv Baseball Squad (1, 2); Cla.ss Baskelb,.ll il... ar it. Ba.sketball (4). Turner ' s Falls .sent a non-insulated live wire when the current Squeak " to Tufts. He cuts a handsome figure on the kctball fl.Hi Is business office is in the boiler-room of A ' I ' A H. M.MKRT DAVIS B.S in Enginee (iUEKNVILLE, X " Al " pplctoii c.iileiii ; .K.ssistant Manager ' a img Party As.s()ciation (4) Track. (2, 3); M. E. (3, 4); Class Day Com- ittee l4). The beau-brummel of the senior class, " Al " spends most of s time in a manicurist shop. Lately, however, he ' s been favoring e chiropodists. 28 MILFOHI) HERSCHEL DAVIS, Z Y U.S. ill EiigiiiecriiKj WOBVHN " Dave ■ Woburn High School; Junior Prom Committee (;!); Class Day Com- mittee (4); A. A. E. (i). " Dave " is inclined to n- laz so hi ' lias picked out aiiolhir Davis, Rebecca by name, to sliaic in tlir i hin ' s glory. It ' s a won- dcrl ' iil climate out there in Arkansas. " D.im- ' " COLEMAX JOHN " DOXAIU ' E, Jr. U.S. ill Ciiil Engineering M ' OBIKN " Dunnie " Woburn High School; Varsitv Ba.seball Squad (1, -i. . ' ?); Class Baseball (1, -2): A. A. E. (1. 3. :!. 4). " Dunnie " blows the mess call at the " Caf " and is East Hall ' s most promising musician. A " e often wonder how he keeps an equal number of hairs on each side of his pate. " Modest Joe. " they call him. CARROLI- IRVING DWINELL, A B.S. in Eleclrical Engineering Lynn " Dwiiinic " Lvnn Classical High School; Mandolin Chih (1. -i. ;i. 4); Secretary. Musical Clubs (4); Vicc-Presi.lcTit, ' I ' ufts Lynn Club (4). Is it his hair. Is it his eyes:- Is it his " line? " Or, is it his personality? His (ilec Club tours have been just a series of con- quests. Don ' t you love that name. — " Duiiinie? " RAYMOX washix(;tox kldrjd(;k. a t a B.N. in English " Chuck " SoMERVILLE Somcrville High S. ' hool; Cla.ss Tennis 111; Soplioniurc Calendar rsid. ■s„|r 1;, - (41 lillsinrss M Pen, Paint and Pretzels. Have we spelled your maiden name correctly, " Ray? " is a man who patterns himself after his dad; for Ray is po to the core. Several months ago he demonstrated his distas entangling alliances and so at present he is an independent stal PHILIP FAXGER B.S. in Ciril Engineering Ro-XBIRV Worcester Classical Hiyh : " Philippo " is leader was paired off with Snzi year, and will compete fc tournament. ■ ' Dirly Dozen " of West West. II l.criglen in the tennis matches las Willard Crocker Cup in this vc ,r X M IBSS- IUMBO WILLIAM HADMOlJi; FAUHEN In Chemical Engineering Turners Falls " Bun " rs Falls High S -li(,(il; Varsity iUaskothall (-2); Class Biiski-l- Railroad lines n on lanil. Steamship lines on sea. Airship lines go through the air — But " Bun ' s " line gets hira there. liKKMAN FARWELL (■iril Emjimcrm,, :oSLIN ' D. LE " Herb " Mechanics Arti High School; A. A. E. (4). " Herb " is one of the unfortunate seniors who has not yet attained a sylph-like appearance, as required by the P. E. Depart- ment, and so we find him working daily at the Gym. EKETP FAl LKXER, E H B.S. in Hioln,,,i nn .Manager, IIVcW.v (4); Busi- resident, Cosmos (4); . merican l lg Metropolis drew " Doc " from the iilic and Connecticut . ' Vggie. Since at liite sweaters, golf socks and knickers. ' Doc " is quite at home at Tufts and GEORGE HENRY FIXNEGAX Chemical Engineering Stoneham " Happy " High School; Varsity Hockey (1. i. :il; Varsity Base- ). 4); Class Football fl, 2); Junior Prom Committee (S); liilcr r)oiniil..ry Assc.ci.i I ion f4); . thletic .Vssociation when " Happy " graduates. I prevent him from catcli- vdoin ' sat the bat! - MBO WALTER LEWIS EITZ(;ERAL1). H T B.S. in Mcchuiiirul Eiiyiinrriin, ROXBIRY " Kitzie " Boston Latin School; Class Track Ci); Class Football Track (3, 4). Here ' s Mercury ' s half brother. " Fitzie ' eats iii path faster than a gold-fish eats cracker dust. Waltt when he gets a fit of laughing. idl right KENDALL WILSON FOSTER B.S. in Biology Boston " Ken " Huntington; Ormstead Scholarship (i. 3. 4). As a mere child, Kendall was impressed by the strong resem- blance of a microbe to a transmitter, and so ever since he has been attempting to prove that " ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. " There ' s no argument, " Ken. " CHESTER .lOHN FRAIM «..S. in Civil Enniun-riny W.VLTH.VM " Chef Walthani High School. We asked the Scribe what he knew about ' that Chester had been so quiet that he couhlu ' about him. Speak up, Chester, and let the worh thinking about ! •Chel t fin. -1 km ,« " «!, d he s anyth aid iiig HENRY LESLIE (iARABEDlAN. i: T A; li ' 1? K B.S in Mathematics Dorchester " Garrv " Dorchester High School; (lass hnnis il 1 ill. Secretary, Speakers ' Club (2) Manager I) (2,3,4); Varsity Tennis (2 3 4) ( lass Hi Evening Party Association (4) ( oninii i sistant in Modern Languages (4) l ( n I When one of the " seven wondt rs dn His favorite pastime isascertaininf, uiiknow figures. Though a patron of th Tirpsidn like to call him, has found tmu to tnpturt i CARL GOOD MN B S (n Hntory ells M i e (arl Wells High School. Rain or shine, " Carl " hikes over the hills of H day in his pursuit of knowledge. There is a rumor ; writing a history of the Canary Islands. Some bird! rl II.nrN .s «, ipoh of tli( honors SAMUEL MORRIS GORDON, t B A B..S. in Chemistry RoXBtIRT " Sam " liostoii English High Sdiool; M Mi„rali Society. If you don ' t think that the soUlier ' s lionus l)ill is the best legisla- tion ever, just ask " Sam. " He is an authority on French customs and manners, due to his service overseas. Philosopher, that boy, — ■ eh. what. " EDW.VRD J. MES (;OHRIE, i: T A B.S. in English DOHCHE-STER " Ed " Dorchester High School. " Eddie " doesn ' t say much but he has a smile which is as good as a calling card. He is President of the Matrimonial Supply Com- pany. Order by number! please! FREDERICK WILLIAM (iOW, B T B.H. ill Engineering Medforh St John ' s Prep. Henry Ford has a rival in this enterprising mechanic. Fred has built a handsome limousine for himself, all by himself. Folks say as how it ' s a speedy looking boat. HVRON E. (;EI( CUACY, CC AH. in lli.shn .Ihiisvill. ' llJKh S -h.»)l; Ivy Orator {S): Tufts JVeekly (1); Cross .iiMli I ti; (lass Banquet Committee (■!■). l! ioii ■ as we fain would address this companion of Addison 1(1 stc .1. , is (loomed to the poverty and wealth of a literary career. is l.ivoritc fruit is the classics. .Tupe Pluvius squelched his Ivy i.ilioii on .Junior Day. MAXWELL MONROE GREEN. •! ' E 11. ' I ' B K B.S. in Histnri Malden " Max " Maiden High School; Debating (1); Advertising Manager, Weekly ii. S): Business Manager, Weekly (■ ); President, Cosmos (4). Diligence has its own reward. Some a " u c " M.i " of be mil; a bookworm, but we think he just likes t( icmI Mis in.ijoiiii in History is all a bluff. We ' ve found out tlial in ' iiil.nds lo .oax the cartwheels out of the pockets of the Texas c-ollon-t;n.wcr.s. I92S-JIJMBO RALPH PILLSBURY HALL. C C B.S. in Mechanical Engineering " Kid " " HoUie " Medford Medford High School. Ralph believes with Hood " milk is a pure food — drink more of it! " Every day he supplies the good people of Medford with tliis harmless, yet stimulating beverage. ROBERT ELISHA HAM ILL, I A B.S. in Chemical Engineering CoCHRAN 1LLE, PeNN. " Ham " Cochranville High School; Class Nominating Committee (4); Varsity Football Squad (i); Evening Party Associfition (4). Whenever you want to get " Bob " to do a favor for you, feed him hard cider and doughnuts — not too hard. In his spare time " Bob " is a student of human nature. The results of his investiga- tion will be incorporated in his thesis. HAROLD STUART HAXES, A X B.S. in Biology Melrose " Stu " " Stewie " Melrose Melrose High School; Class Track (1, 2); Assistant Manager. Tennis (2). " St nvie " is one of the original acorns of Oak Manor. Lately. honcvor, he has been fa oring the domestic product, and rumor has it that he has joined the royal order of " Chevaliers de Co-ed. " SHERMAN ASHTON HAWORTH B.S. in Chemical Engineering Lynn " Sherm " Lynn English High School; Chemical Society (4). " Sherm " is so modest and retiring that he hates to see the leaves fall, because the limbs of the trees get bare. JOSEPH RICHARD HEARD, C C B.S. in Chemistry Dover " Joe " Dover High School; Varsity Wrestling (1, 2, 3): Captain (4); Class Marshal (2. 3, 4); Varsity Football Squad (3): Athletic Associa- tion Advisory Board (3); Chairman, Class Banquet Committee (3); Atli AVM, All,] Ax . ' ,., Dr Vi,v-l ' l of the famous French generals the World :ir — lie has been a marshal for the last three years. But then, that smile of Ills can land him anything. He aspired to be a football player, but since Richard III dropped his Cceur de Lion on " Joe, " Capen House has been far more alluring than the gridiron. iaS8-iHJMBO RALPH STEDMAX HOOD, B T B.S. in Mechunical Engineering Danvbrs " Doctor " Danvers High School; Wireless Society (2); Band ( ' 2. S, 41; A. S. M. Vj. (-Z, 3); Secretary -Treasurer (4); Mandolin Club (4). " Hoodie " used to be a wireless fiend but now he plays around with a grandpa saxaphone. With his soft music, Ralph can bring tears to the eyes of a mummy. HAROLD MARK HOOK. Z T B.S. in Civil Engineering West Medford " Hookus " Medford High School; Class Track (L 2); Assistant Manager, Tennis (3); Secretary, A. A. E. (4): Class Picture Committee (4). Hook and line go well together, but at that. " Hookie " isn ' t much of a talker. Perhaps his dose affiliation with.Iackson explains Boston English High School. LePlace and Pasteur Uiv lis voung man in mind, when Ihev subject worth studying. Harold leakers through a test tube. PAUL FREDEHK K U.S. in Cinl r.mji, WiNTMIidP Wiuthrop High School; Treasurer. . . . . E. (4). " Stub " must like the lady of the " Caf ' — anyway he hangs around there enough. Howard always has a lot of money when his roommate is with him. EDWARD HOVT. U.S. in Cinl Engine ■m High School; Varsity Wrestling Team (1). Hoyt is a name that recalls to us the glories of Medieval Eng- 1. but " Eddie " claims he ' s never been there and never fought 1 a long bow, so I guess we ' re wrong. 1988-ilUMBO EDMIM) JAMES HUTCHINSON I ' .N. ill Kiluralion Ithaca, N. Y. •■HuUh " Ithaca High Scliool. " Hutch " has only l)een witl that he has a great future behin you, Edmund! little while, but we can sec Don ' t let this discourage Gp;ORGE ALDEN INGALLS U.S. in Electrical Engineering Danvers " Ging " Danvers High School; Class Nominating Committee (3, 41; Com- mencement Part (4). That day in the distant future, when they will send full course dinners over an ordinary bell-wire, we expect to see " Ging " s " name appended to the patent. The college heard about his idea and so asked him to tell of it at Commencement. GEORGE AN TIIOXV KELLEY, B T K.S. in Etrrlrind Engineering Waltham M. E. (2,3. 4); Mandolin Club altham High School: A. Leader (41. It ' s a difficult job to make a motion, especially with youi and thafs why it took George so long to tell us that he wa vote taken on the class photographer. ELSON TRASK KILLAM. .V T il B.S. i„ Cinl Engineering Danvers " Killum " Holten High School; Band M, ' 2, 3, t-. Good c.ruetisls arc as srar.v as «..od drinks nowadays, an.l so we fell mighty fortiiriatc when " Killum " arrived on the Hill. Elson was instruuicnlal in playing " laps " during the S. A. T. C. PAIL BIRTON KILLAM, A T Q B.S. in Economics Allston Higgins Classical Institute; Football Squad (2); Varsity Basket- ball Squad (2) ; Ivy. What. ' another one. ' Paul is the student of the family. My. how he did eat up those accounting problems. When he isn ' t jug- gling figures, he tosses around fiour barrels. The only ditt ' erence between Paul and Elson is " green socks. " liaas- UMBo GEORGE HARRIS KRISS, C C B.S. in Mechatiical Engineering SoMERVaLLE " George " Boston Latin School; Band (3, 4); Evening Party Association (4). George is no aviator; he doesn ' t dig claras and he isn ' t a sailor. Well, if that ' s the case, what does he do in Swanipscdtl? ' Our first benedict — he stole a march on the class. JOSEPH RICHARD KYROUZ B.S. in Civil Engineering Gloucester " Joe " (Iloucester High School; Junior Hat Committee (;?). While fishing around for wTite-up dope, we discovered that " Joe " comes from the famous fish town. Went down to see him one day and found him selling army supplies to the seamen. HERBERT DILLINGHAM LANE, H A X B. S. in Economies Newport, Vt. " Herb " Newport High School; Dramatics (1, -2. 3); Class Banquet Com- mittee (it. Business Manager, Ivy Book (i); Evening Party Asso- ciation (4), Delegate to Princeton Disarmament Conference (4); h President Pen, Paint and Pretzels; Tower Cross. Ilirl) wears such nice clothes that an enterprising party IIidhkIU it will, not to imitate but to appropriate a couple of his outfits. The Somerville police are aiding Herli in his man hunt. JAMES MILLIDGE LECAIN. A T A B. S. in CivU Engineering QUINCY " Jimmy " Quincy High School; Class Basketball (1, .S ' ; XmfsiU |-.M,tl,;,ll (1, 2, 3, 4); Varsitv Basketball (1, i. 4); ( hi- ln,,il,;ill , , ( h,v Track (2, 3); Athletic . dvisory Board ll ' ; Alhl.li. --n, ,, i. Nominating Committee (4); Coach, Second Tfiiiii l!a.skrtl,..ll •Ai President, Sword and Shield; President, Ivy; President, Tower Cross. To see " Jimmy ' s " baby blue eyes peeping over his gold-rimmed glasses, one would hardly suspect that this sandy-haired boy is nineteen twenty-two ' s most versatile athlete. Do you u.se " Nuxated Iron, " " Jim. " EUGENE FERDINAND LECOMTE B.S. in Ciiril Engineering Medford ■ ' Gene " Medford High School; A. A. E. (4). Which one is this? Oh, yes, " Gene " is the (■(m.sciciitioiis l ' ' rciich student. Don ' t worry, Eugene, we ' ll see that you pass iaS3-ilUMBO LICIEX LOUIS LECOMTE B..S ' . in Cii ' il Engineering Medford " Frog " Medford High School; A. A, E. (i). Lucien is very much Hke his brother to tell them apart. Verily, we don ' t acti writing about. They ' re nice boys, anywa In fact, it ' s very difficult Iv know which one we ' re ABRAHAM HYMAX LEVIXE B.S. in EleHrical Engineering Boston " Abe- Boston English High School; President, Tufts Menorah Society (i) A. S. M. E. (4). " Thank you, thank you, thank you, — that ' s tine. " " Abe ' is so polite that we sometimes wonder if he means it all. FRANK TITCOMB LEWIS, B T B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Hyde P. bk " B. P. " Rochester High School; Assistant Manager, Vars Manager (4); Junior Day Committee (3); A. S. M Day Committee (4). We suspect that " B. P. ' s " enthusiastic interest in the Mathe- matics Club is due to the intellectual co-eds who are in this select circle. Why are figures so interesting, Frank? V Track (, ' 5); E. (4); Class WALTER JAMES LO E, C C B.S. in Civil Engineering SOMEBVILLE " Wallama-Luv " Somerville High School; Class Football (2); President, A. A. E. (4). Walter spent several months on a mosquito boat, chasing German submarines. He says he just loves the sea! See the point? JOHX JOSEPH LYNCH B.S. in Engineering Medford " Pal " Medford High School. There are always some youths who harbor in their hearts the vision of a " movie " career. John is the coming Wallace Reid. He has but three on either side of his upper lip. -rIUMBO LLOYD WA-YE MACARTHUR, C. C. B..S ' . in Chemical Engineering East Lynn " Mac " Lynn Classical High School; Class Wrestling (1); Varsity Wrest- ng (2); Glee Club (3); Manager, Glee Club (4); Chemical Society w. " Mac ' s " favorite pastime is gyping the Glee Club out of the Hill social functions. Perhaps Simmons can explain why he gets his ilatcs all mixed up. EDWIX STRATHAX MACGREGOR B.fi. in Philosophy SOMERVILLE Somerville High School. in boasted that he could sell anything to anybody and to prove it he sold a dozen correspondence courses on fig-raising to some friendly E.skimos. WILLIAM JOHN MacINTYRE, Z 1 ' B.S. in English HOLYOKE " Mac " Reporter Boston Record fl); Weekly StafI iir. (SI: Editiir-in-rhief (ti; I ' ress Club Ci, 4). AssistanI l-,ilit. r, ; l!n,il,- i : ]{r. ( lov Diim ( (immittee (4), Chairman, T..«.r ( ro.s D.m.r ( ,.iii,miI I. .■ t . Delegate to Prmceton Disiirmaincnl ( oiilrrcini- ip; (..sums ij.; ice-Presi- t. Interfraternity ( oum ' il (4l; Hoard of Editors JIMBO (4); Iv, ; Pen, Paint and Pretzels, Tower Cross. Publications are " Mac " s " middle name. He found one day after he had just completed taking Prexy ' s dictation for the Weekly Ten Minute Column that he was all " mixed up " with this " little volume. " " Mae " was one of the victims(?) of last year ' s balmy spring. After all what is so rare as a day of Ma(e)y . oko High S -2), Managi ■VMLTOX ARMSTRONG MACKAY, C. C. B.S. In Mechanical Engineering Cliftondale " Mac " 11, y Hall. man who has the courage of his convictions! " Mac " isn ' t 1 to expound his views in the presence of his " profs. " That ' s 1.1 fight, Milton. KASMIER MICHAEL MAJEWSKI U.S. in Electrical Engineering Lynx " Maj " Sounds a.s though he came from a Turkish harem, doesn ' t it? The fact is, however, that " Maj " hails from the fair shoe city. He is the main reason for his roomie ' s melancholia. laSS- MBO (iK )|{(;K MOUSE MATIIKWS U.S. in Kronomi,:. Medkord " Matty " Tisbury High School; Glee Club (1, i). When " Amrad " wants to send a message to China through the wireless telephone, we suggest that they employ " Matt " The office has George down on the books as a " shifter ' although we ' ve never noticed him wearing the distinctive button. CHESTER MOODY MATTSOX, A V B.B. in Civil Engineering Norwood " Matty " X. rw 1 Hi jll S, ' Im...I; Chlss Allllrlir M.IIUiJ.T ' I ; ChiS-i R.lsk, I " Clothes don ' t make a man " says " Matty. " Most am night that he isn ' t studying, Chester takes occasion to go calling at one of the neighboring female abodes. RAYMOND HILLERY M( AILEY, C. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering West Someeville " Mac " Somerville High School; Class Football (2); Manager, Varsit Base ball (i) Class Day Committee (4.). Temperament is the bane of " Mac ' s " life. Just tap him on the back and see for yourself. NORMAN LAFAYETTE MILLARD, Z V B.S. in English North Ad. ms " Norm " Drury High School; Class Basketball (1, 2, 3); Class Baseball (I); Vice-President, T. C. A. (,3); Vice-President, Tufts Publishmg Association (3); Reading Room Committee (8, 4); .Junior Da Committee (3); Assistant Manager. ii-slliiit: ' :!): President, Tufts Publishing Association (4); Cn.ss ( ..iinli S,|uad (4). The ancient Egyptians would lia c hkid !■ meet a bo like " Norm. " He is the most tacit Tufts man in captivity. And . et, there ' s nobody more well-ver.sed in the subject of Love than this silent Romeo! PHILIP MOOXEY, C. C U.S. in Ciril Engineering Medkord " Phee " Medford High School; Banquet Committee (1); Class Wrestling (1); Class Smoker Committee (2); Class Dance Committee (2); A. A. E. (3, i); Class Picture Committee (4). Philip is a connoisseur of pipes, but there seems to be one that he likes particularly well. He is one of the few engineers who are nterested in sharps and flats. 39 EDWAHD JOHN ' MOOHE, 1 " T A U.S. in Economics South Boston " Eddie " Ion English High School; Cosmos (4). Gray hair is an awful handicap to a young man. so " Ed " tells He can ' t keep the girls from stampeding around his office — re is your office, fld. WALTER JOSEPH MILLIN, A B.S. in Chemistry Maynard " Mull " Maynard High School. Folks used to say that " Mull ' s " only enthusiasm was for " co-eds. " Latest reports indicate that he has even lost interest in this activitv. What do vou do with yourself nowadays. Walter? ARTHl R DANIELS NASH, A V «..S. in (leneral Engineering Allston •A. D. " Mechanic Arts High School; Pen, Paint and Pretzels. We asked " . rt " if every man doesn ' t .sow some wild oats, and lid. " Precisely so. though I can ' t tell from personal experience. " We noticed . rthur has steadied down happened ? late iinder wlia ARTHUR EDWARD NILSSON. I A B.S. in Structural Engineering DORCHESTEH " . rt " Meclianic . rts High School; Class Football (1. i); Varsity Foot- ball (, ' il-. Class Banquet Committee (4); Class Day Committee (4). Arthur lives on Hill but still he has to commute quite frequently in order to keep in touch with domestic affairs and sweethearts. Concentrate, my boy, concentrate! FRANCIS CHARLES O ' RRIEN, 1 ' T A B..S, in Economics Medford " O. B. " " Bunny " Medford High School; Dramatics (1); Band (2). Napoleon couldn ' t have worried any more at Waterloo than " Bimny " does before an examination in . rchreology. Outside of this weakness and a passionate desire for association with good- looking girls. Frank is a pretty normal young man. (1, 2, 3); Vars Calendar Conm (3); Varsity Fi Cosmos (4). " Lou " all over. In fact, he thought so much of getting into the great game that he has been visiting the Harvard Summer School regularly so he left us at mid-years to get his fortune made while the rest of us are wondering where those ne hours are coming from. EVERETT HAVDEX OTIS. R T B.S. in Mechanical Engiim-rimj Ano »eh " Cleppto " Punchard High School; A. S. M. E. (3, i). Few men take life so seriously as " Cleppto. " Th( that if they catch him doing it again, he w Tasker goeth, Otis goeth! HOWARD WESLEY PAKJE, B T B.iS. in Electrical Engineering DORCH " Paigee " Engli.sh llinli S(1h,..1; Class Football (2); Senior Picture Cora- Iluwaid liil|M(l his Dad this summer by inventing an electrical milking niacliiiif which coaxes pasteurized milk, already Iiottled in tin cans, from the unsuspecting cows. laSS-JtlMBO ORD PEAKKS ' hemislnj i.MKTville Higll SchlMll. Ymm his spring-step, we feel sure that " Ernie " ihber heels. When Bill Hart dies, the movies will e has that same wild-west appearance, you know! wears real live -all on Ernest; liliOOKS I ' EASE K.S. ill Miilmniial Kiiyiiieeriitg OSSINING. . Y. " Peppy " inierville High School. Here ' s the Cafeteria ' s Cashier. By that we mean that he daily lieves the superfluous lucre from the pockets of the innocent and iquestioning students, wlio simply must eat if they are to use I ' ir liraiusl They taught him liow at Sing Sing. J. MES FREDERICK PERKINS A.B. ill Eiiylish South Poktland, M. ine " I ' iiiky " lold us confidentially, — he always speaks confiden- iiillv llial Ills greatest joy in life is to tutor tittering damsels in lerature. The science of Numheralogy captured him while yet a hild and he hasn ' t gotten over the effects since. Office hours from P.M. to 4 A.M. LEANDER WENDELL PERRON B..S ' . ill Civil Engineering SOMERVILLK choo all Team ii); Track Team Sonierville High S [i. :!); A. A. E.(-H. Leander, or " Fat " as he is more coramonl,y known, neglected to mention as one of his activities, that he is President and runner- up of the East Hall Poker Association. We wonder if he ever swam (;i-V C. I ' ESCE «..S. in Chemislnj E. ST BOSTON- " Charlie " Ivist Boston High School. This aspiring East Bostonite came to the Hill to learn chemistry in the " Valley of the Thousand Smokes. " Guy has a mean left uppercut that ' he shakes annually with great success when the box- ing tournament rolls around. -klllMBO CHARLES PIERCE, C. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering S0MER ILLE " Charlie " Somerville High School; ' arsitv Raseball (1, " Z. S); Captain, Second Baseball Team [i): Class Haseball (H; A. A. K. (I). Rumor has it that ■■Cliarlie- i- in I he fii-l .livision in the fight for the title of Cham|)ioii Toreador of I he l ' ,Mi;iiMrring School. Possi- bly this is a result of his long expiTience in " throwing " the pill to second base to get the runner trying to steal. FREDERICK WATSON PIERCE, JR., C. C. B.H. in Civil and Structural Engineering SOMERVILLE " Fred " Somerville High School; Manager, Class Football (2); A. A. E. ( + 1. By twos they appear but somehow or other Old Mother Natnrc made them as different as she could. Fred makes up for " Charlie ' s " linguistic ability — with his silence. We understand that Fred is a regular " bear " on the polished floor. FRANCIS KEITH PIPER A.B. in History Orange " Pipe " Orange High School. Reservoirs can ' t be had everj-where, so " Pipe " takes advantage of ours while he can. Almost any fine evening in the spring, you will find him studying the comets — with a colleague, of course. ABRAHAM POXACK, QV B.S. in Chemical Engineering Boston " Joe " Mechanic Arts High School. If there was only a Phi Beta Kappa Society in the Engineering School this prodigy of Edison ' s would be among the first members. When " Joe " isn ' t taking the intensive course in Gym, he is at home to all visitors in the southeast corner of the east wing of the chem- istry laboratory. ( LH FORD BENJAMIN POOL, B T B.S. in Mechanical Engineering RoSLIND. I.E " Cliff " Boston Latin School; Band (2, 3); Glee Club (4); Mandolin Club (4); A. S. M. E. (3, 4). Roslindale has sent many sons to Tufts, and not a few musicians among this number. But " Clif " beats them all when he starts play- ing that cornet in the band. ' Tis said that last year he even forced some of the inhabitants of East Hall to beg for mercv. 43 -JUMBO «■ HALl ' II AI,I)E POWERS. B T U.S. in Ehvlriral Etiyimrring Lynx Lynn English High School. The " ivories " think that they ' re still an elephant ' s tusk, they feel so much at home when Ralph pounds jazz out of a baby grand. You ' re a lucky boy to have ten fingers, Ralph. S. IL f ' H.XrSER R.WITCH. K U B.S. ill History New York City, N. Y. " Blondy " Dewitt Clinton High School; Freshmen Tennis (1); Class Basket- ball (3, 4); Varsity Basketball (4): Varsity Tennis Squad (4). " Sleep, baby, sleep! " That is " Blondy ' s " hobby. You can ' t do that when you ' re handing down decisions from the judge ' s bench, " Sol. " CH. RLES . LL. REDSTOXE B.S. in Plu,. ' ,-ic.i Westboro " Re.l " Mount Hermon Prep. Red must be planning a " little gri ' V home in na he s reaping a neat little fortune in the paper CHARLES DAVID ROCHE B.S. in Chemical Engineering WoBURN- " Chucker " Woburn High School; Class Baseball (1. 2); Varsity Baseball It wasn t until our Junior Prom happened that we realized that ( hucker is in love. Now. we know why he makes all those hair- iisiiig grand stand plays on the diamond. RALPH ALVIX ROCKWELL. A T ! B.S. in Mrvhanwal Enyin.rring RllXHUHY lifili Srl,o..l of Comni.Tc,.. N..I all ..r til. ' .lacks.. II -.■in..r .lass sl;,l isl !,■. « laSS- MBO High REX RUFUS RUGGLES, t A B.S. in Mechanical Engineering QriN(Y " Rex " ' Re quarried a marvellous lady ' s man 11 1 his element among a bevy of beautii this young fellow JOHN MILDROVV SALLIXG, B T B.S. in Electrical Engineering New York City, N. Y. " Teck " Boston English High School; Class Baseball (1); Junior Hat Com- mittee (3); Class Nominating Committee (3. 4). " Dance, dance, dance, and let the rest of the world go by. " Thafs " Teck ' s " motto, and we must admit he manipulates a pretty foot. EUGENE NELSON SANDERS, A T Q B.S. in Economics Sudbury " Gene " Wayland Hit;!. S,-l„,„|-, -„rsity Wrestling (I, -i): Class Football (1, 2,); .irMl Foul l.:ill S(|n;ic| ili, ti; Chairman, Junior Day Commitlrc :; . 1 l,i " l):i) uiiiinil Ir. iti; Evrning Party Asso- ciation ll ' ; I ' n- idi-iil , IntcrfrMlc-niily ( nuiiril (4). " Gene " wanted us to be sure and say something about Hoi yoke, so that ' s why we ' ve spoiled this page by permitting the word to appear. There is some wonderful scenery thereabouts, however, especially, so Eugene tells us, at Mt. Holyoke. GEORGE WASHINGTON SAUNDERS, C. C. B.S. in Engineering Arlington " Jack " Arlington High School; Varsity Track (1, -1): Cross Coimtrv Team " Jack " left us twice, but he couldn ' t stand the solitude and so is back again. The seer prophesies that he will be the second mem- ber of the class to enter wedlock. JOHN HENRY SCHMUCK, Z I ' " B.S. in Chemical Engineering West Springfield " Jack " West Springfield High School; Cla.ss Tennis ( 1 ); Wcckhj Staff (1, -2); Sophomore CaU-ird.ir uniniitlcr i- ' ); in-l ' icsiilcnt. Cliciniial Society (2); Pr.-i.lnil :; . M iiuLnim K.lih.r. llVrW; Hi); Kditor- in-chief (3); E(lil..i--,„-rl„rr. In, H„„k iH; ;,rMtv Tennis (t); Chairman. Red (■n, K..II (all ( tii Organization Cummittec Jumbo Bond Drive 111; Ivy; Tower Ooss. Salvatiiin Nell s.iys that you can ' t keep a good man down, and John Henry is no exception to that little bit of philosophy. He pops up almost every vhere. Quite a traveller, this fellow; he has been to Wellesley, Skidmore and Smith but at present is at " Hol- land. " EARL SAMUEL SCHWARTZ, ' l E II U.S. ill Clifiiiistri EVERKTT ••Zip- Everett Higli Sehuol; Chemical Society (3, i). This is the only chemist of the present generation who has taken six literature courses and is a regular attendant at the sym- phony concerts. " Zi " expects to live in Utopia soon after he graduates. A15UAIIAM BARNEY SEGEL A.li. in History and Law DOHCH ESTER ••Abe " Filrlil,„rKllif;liS ' ho„l. " All!- " i a chainpiori of lost causes. He loves argument and (liliatc. Till- only troiiMe coines when he gets excited and gets NATHAN SHEER, S U T B.S.in Electrical Engineering Tufts Band (3, i). A musician of note. Walth. m " Micky " We have noticed tha " Micky ' ivell as the notable J. Z. Hand, id to have a man like Nathan. plavs notes 1 ' . T. Bar- ROLAM) ELLISON SHEPHERD, C. C. B.S. in Engineering Lynn " Shep " L nn Classical High School; Class Marshall (1); Assistant Mana- ger. Wrestling (2, 3): Class Secretary (2, 3, 4); Class Football (2); arsitv Football Squad (3); Class Dav Committee (4); Sword and Shield. We thought that " Shep " was manager of wrestling, but he informs us that he is also • ' Dean of the Parlor School of Wrestling. " We have a professor in our mid.st, boy-;! WILLARD .STANTON SMALL. JR., A 1 ' B.S. in Chemical Engineering Washington, D. C. " Bill " Eastern High School; Class Football (1); Manager (1); Glee Club (2, 3); Assistant Manager (3); Weekly Staff (2); Rifle Team (2); Assistant manager, A ' arsity Track (3). • ' Bill " first entered Tufts with the l!l-. ' l class but ivalizliii; his seiions and nn|)arclonable mistake he sp iil .-i war .l..«ii n, ,ii Ins honii ' in t n- capital of the nation and llirn allilialr.l wil li l!l-, ' -, ' . lie onee waxi ' d mnsical but now it ' s Stall llunse and " an army IBSS- MBO ( IIAHLKS p:UGENE SMITH, I E II U.S. in Economics ROXBURY " Charlie " Boston Latin School; Class Dance Committee [i): Class Snicikr Committee (i); Class Nominating Committee (3); Class Danque Committee (3); Junior Day Committee (3); Manager, Inter scholastic Basketball Tournament of New England (4). " Charlie " " prepped " at Tammany Hall and has never los his interest in politics. A friend told us that he would rather be in : political brawl than attend classes. SYDNKYSMI ' I ' I U.S. In Kmjinr Saugus High School. This wouldn ' t lie a year Ixxik, if there was not something : about the much abused town of Saugus. Vell, it ' s a pretty g little mud-hole after all, " Syd. " ROBERT BURTON STEPHENS, JR., C. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering West Medfobd " Bob " " Steve " Medford High School; Class Football (i) Varsity Football (3. i) A. A. E. (4). Bob is an end man on the football team and, bo.v, how he can tackle! He ' s been offered a fortune by a moving picture concern for his smile, but " Bob " refuses to capitalize his personal charms. EDWARD HOWARD STOLWORTHY B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Plainville " Stol " Plainville High School; Glee Club (4). Howard " hid his light under a bushel " for three years anc startled the college world with his succulent, second tenor He also ha ' the MICHAEL STONE, S i.1 H ' B.S. in Chemistry Beachmo.nt " Mike " Boston English High School. " Mike " is now busily engaged in writing a thesis in which he will prove that the number of calories in a roasted " dog " are equiva- lent to those to be found in a fried turnip! ADAM KDWAIU) SILESKV. H T ;.N. )■(( r n ' EiKjiiieeririg Haverhill " Sully " High S -hool: Wrestling (1): A. S. M. E. (1. - , 3); lating Committee (3). iiler if Eve would have stayed in the Garden of Eden, been in his namesake ' s sandals. Keep away from MAt ' HICE BURLEKiH TASKEU. H T B.S. in Engineerini Manchester, X. H. liuh S,-h,)ol; A. S. M. E. (3, i). Maurice is an athlete and devotes almost all his spare time to playing tick-tack-too. V e recommend him to sing the " Sleepy Song " solo in the Glee Club. SYDNEY JOSHUA TAYLOR, A T Q U.S. In Mechanical Engineering HOLYOKE " Syd " igh School; Glee Club (1. i) Cliairman, Junior Prom (;i); Class Day Committee (t); Ivy; Tower Cross, hua come to judgment. " " Syd " is one of these cosmo- |)lc we sometimes read about. It u.sed to be Wellesley, caring his latest about Sargent, we are again plunged dm of uncertainty. " Syd " revels in giving his report •ear ' s Junior Prom as often as called for. ARTHIR GARDNER TERRILL. X T A B.S. in Chcmi. tni Mkdfoud " Art " Mcdt ' ord High School; Class Baseball (1, 2); Captain, Class Foot- b.ill ii): Vice-President of Class (2, 3, 4); Varsity Football (3); Swiird and Shield, Tower Cross. " . rt " is the monarch of East Hall. When he passes by the curtesy and sing chants. In fact, he was very high until he paired off with " V. ' oof. " FRANK TIG HE, Z 1 ' B.S. in Pkilosophy New Yokk, N. Y. " Jake " cp; Crew (1); Varsity Track S(|uad (1); N ' arsity Foot- ili; Press Club O, 2); President (3); Sophomore Cal- iiillee(2). inie knows " Jake " better than anybody else. Frank Mints to the Hilarious " column in the ' " Bingville Bugle. " ig ' s paper says that he is in favor of bobbed hair. FOSTER STUART TINGLEY B.S. in Electrical Engitieerituj Vi ' ASHINGTON, D. C. McKinley Manual Training School. Proctors must be conscientious chaps, so Koster comes aiourid to every room once a month to inquire whether the same numhcr of men are hving there. We can ' t he too careful about details. c:im we? THOMAS EVERETT VAX IDERSTINE B.S. in Electrical Kngiiiccriiin SOMERVILLE " Van " Somerville High School. Behold! a student. This uncommon species is a rare t. pe of college man. Room 2S V. ' est wishes to acknowledge its apprecia- tion of his unstinted help. ( IIAHI.ES CIIKSTKR V. E.M-EH, M A X ;.,S. ,„ Clril Emjimrrimj v,,nriiN ■•Uii.-k " Dean Academv; :iimIv l!:is.-l,all (1, i, .i); Captain (4); ,MMt Football (1, 4); Si-,r.-l;iiy. Sw..rd and Shield; Vice-President. h . Vice-President, Thw.t ( ' nj.s.s. He ' s .1 rixij. cMlridnling fellow. " Buck " has such a wonderful disposition lliiit lii ' jnsi can ' t get angry. His greatest pastmie is to defeat lioslini ( ullci;c. single-handed, from the pitcher ' s mound PHILLIP PERCEL WELCH, B T B.H. in Engineering SOMERVILI.E " Phil " Som.Tville Hiijli S(li,„,l; Varsity Wrestling (1); Class Football (1); Class BMsk.-llKilI (H. " Phil " asked us lo lie sure and specify that he is no relation to tlic gra|ic juice man. He evidently has some grudge against the product. ROY VICTOR WELDOX. ATA B.S. in Mechanical Engineering West Somer ii.le " Drips " Somerville High SehnnI: Cj.-.ss I!as,.|,.-,ll H. -D: Varsitv Baseball Squad (1, 2); As.si.shml Mana-er, ;nsity lluekey ilii; Varsity Track Team (. " i, 4i; aisily I-,: inll,.-,ll S,|U.a d ' lt! ; AS M 1 :. (4). " Rov " was hrnii«lil up all ll.,st IIM.I.T Ih,. sI,;hI..w ..r Hill so hi- is truly a local |,n,d. let He w. ilkeil liar.l Im I.e niana: of thevar.sitvhoekevteauioiilv Ihls ' . ' ar IIl ' iI llie Alhlr . ssociation had taken his s[)ort away from him ' and left Inn ager without a team. IBSS-JUMBOil 1 DONALD BIfOOKS V- ILl.AUl), ' l ' A AH. in En,iti.sh Lo«EU. ■■Je.ss " Ciri ' iilstioii MaiiiiKiT. Ifeek-li (i. . ' !l: D ' -ljating Team (i) ■ C Ia.ss N„iiiir l ' r..si,l, latiiif; (■ flit. I).-) uiiimittee (i): Commeneement r. iher laliii ' ; Club (4); Debating Team (4). (. ' !) ; ice- 11 isn ' t ■•. Icss ' s " physical prowess that gets him b,v. but his oraturi ical |io vi ■rs. He couhl put Daniel Webster to shame in a hot-ait ■ contest . HAROLD OLIN WH.SOX. (-) A X B..S. i„ Eroiimmm New York City, X. Y. " Charhe " Kvan.l ler Chillis s High SchcMil; Varsity Tennis ilii; Tow, ■r ( r ,IS . A hush fil Is the ,-ourl ro„iii. Killer: AlLiriiex -K ' eii ,.,.., 1 V,1 „,„| " Chai ■lie " is e. ■rlainly .ieslineil In a iilV of law. Tlic.r siniHi lll ll OVS make the hesi . lawversl Don ' l mislak.- him lor 111,- pro ion agent — far from it. RALPH TARR V()OD(()( K. A T A B.S. in EngiHeeri,,,, Dorchester " Splinter " Hunti lii. ' t. ii S ■ li. " il; (lass Sm,.k,T Committee fJ); ( Class I)l ni,-e Com 11 1 1 1 1 c •. ■ , ' . ( 1,,.. Tra,k ci. :;i; Manager. S.v, ,n,l Fool liall Team ,:;i; ; nMl liaik (ti; lii ' lay Team (41; Cli airm. an. Ca|i and (1 OUll (cil liniillee U). Ralph is a sprinter; at least that is his official position on the N ' arsity Track Team. We venture to state, however, that his middle name never gets under his feet when he is coming down the home- stretch ' JAMES BLANCHARD ARMSTRONG, K T WILERED ANDREW KALBKR. ! 1! K «..S. in FJectriml Eii(,l,u; ' r!ng U.S. in Chiini.slrii Newtox HiGHLAN-nS SllMKKMLLE ■Wrmy " " Kal " Newton High School. Ch.-lsca High S,-h,.ol. JAMES HARVEY ARMSTRONG B.S. hi Chrmi.slrii DouniKSTKi! " Annie " Mechanical Arts Higli School. FRANK MIDDLETON LlliBE ' B.S. in Chemical Enyinnrin.j West Somer ili.e " Frank " Sonwrvill, ' High School. LOITS BERLIN, 1 EH B..S. in Economics WALTER MERRILL WHEELER, A Arlingto.v B.S. In Civil Engineering " Lou " Medeord Arlington High School; Varsity Basketball (3). Mcdfor,! High Scliool. f acton Clasisi of 1922 Officers H. Neal . President S. A. Porter Vice-President M. Neal . . Secretary R. Earle . . Treasurer M. D. ROURKE . . Marshal H. E. ROBBINS . Clasfsi Colorsf Blue and White 51 . Historian IBSS- MBO I I M( V IIIIIW n SsFMII{ 1 « t I U f I I N II |{(»l!l I! |s() Ml 1 1 II (II 1(3); SI ind- I I rman, St iiiig I nistic I the He tt tl II 1 s 1 1 ( ta (1 B k II II : i 1- Cla s Ik I it 1 I k (1 J !■) ( (1 -sity : I I II I Ilk (2 4) ( I dl S c I Vice- I II 1 I t ( 5) ( I Sb H t r an (2) ; III M I H tt Hit K 1 — 11 I an ' t k 1 r 1 that -I — f ct U 1 11 I lliut tl r le In idt n to M tt t r r I I I.U-. Mr t r till I iier uties in L hem. it is tittmg to mention mat tiie Kt note en ik r whole Areer has been promptness ELI l?ErH B()OD .i I y in hiuihsh WiiiilMm M iMiiu H.tt Jackson into mai She has High School ( lass IIo(.U (1) (_.kt(lul)ll i) Stu- c il (4) Cast ' Importance of Being Earnest " Lady s Fan ' , " Bird Masque " " ntigone ' , Secretary, 1( ft ( ip f od four ( ars ago to join the forces of ' 22 at - ' 111 hish hlU I iipptd through college dancing her way h( irts liittN IS noted for her wealth of raven locks. ran lit r iliiliU is in actress on se eral otcisions GL D SBERM(E BR NT () n B.S in Lnglnh BRVINTRtE i.knn, (lass Track (1 2), Class Hoc ke (1 ' 5,4) Gle- ( hss Basketball (2), Class Pla) (3). Varsit Hockey toMetcalf t. .km., S. Il.nl H.in ..I l.ilini idfT 11 fc MA GATH ( iniU (LLVin DORCIIESTKK " Mike " Mcdiord High School; Class Basketball (1, 2 ); Class Hockey (1). _ Mary Agatha Carver Cleary — in simple parlance just " Mike. " Mike is noted for three things: her wit, good complexion, and ability to get good marks with little apparent effort. Although she has majored in a language long since dead, there ' s nothing mortuary about " Mike. " 52 - MBO ROSALIK MARGARET (ORB, A O n, I B K B.S. in Chemistry WlXTHHill ' ••(ui.i.v " -rv " Winthrop High School: Li-- II. . I il ' 2,3,4), Captain (1, 21 Varsity Hockey (1.2, 3, ti; ( hi -I ' liv 1 3), Treasurer, Y W C (2); Chairman, Class Ran.iurl ( nilt.t (2) (lass Tid(k (2, ii Weekly Staff (2, 3). Jackson Editoi a) iisil I! i-k. tl. ill i . Varsity Tennis (3); Cheer Leader (3 4 ( uiiim i. nl I ' nl Jackson (4); Mathematics Club; ( hemn il Nh u I M is( (ui Green as the day she landed from thi old ounti is this disi iplc of Isaac Walton, devotee of the art of her nainisakt and abo t all ,i goldfish trainer! Supposed to be delicate — ( obb has won sweaters for three different varsity sports — the onh girl in college ha ing this ivccni. SARAH HARME l)i ()LrE AH. in hnqUsh Med FORD Medford High School; French Club (1, 3), Glee Club (1, 2), Vice- President All Around Club (3); W C ( abinet (3 4), Class Dramatics (3); Masque. Efficient and dependable is our " Stand-b Sarah She ' s equally ready to lend a hand or enjoj a joke ' In addition to her scholastic ability and her work in the W C A , Sarah is an excel- lent cook. We wonder if the theologues ha%e a taste for filled cookies ELSA HENRIETTA DOHNE, i B K A.B. in Mathematics Medford Medford High School; French Club, Mathematics Club (3, 4), Prize Scholarship, Class of 1898; lpha Omicron Pi choLllshlp Some of these " sharks " have quite a ditb n iit n ituii win ii ou see them close-up — not so fierce and toilnililiii ou undiistiiKl Being a " Fib-betty Cap " doesn ' t makt om i Ihik is 1 Ki (I( nh shows. According to all reports, she ouf ht to in ikt ithd a dand teacher or a dandv wife. RUTH EARLE, O H A.B. in Enghih S0MER ILLE " Rufns ' Somerville High School; Class Tivasiner (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Track Captain (1, 2); Cast: " The l.ucky On. ' ' ; Ma.sque. Ruth has shown such a kr.n inl. ' ir t in wrestling that we havi ' thought it safe to trust Inr- iiiii)li(illy lor four years with the class funds, knowing she would be ready for anj-thing. Ruth may be quiet, but she much prefers a " hop, skip, and jump " to a struggle with hieroglyphics in Minor L. DOROTHEA CHAMBERS EMERSO.V. 1 K A.B. in Latin Chelmsford " Dot " Chelmsford High School. " Dot ' s " athletics tend toward the difficult game of catch. In fact, she herself was caught very young in life and didn ' t give the Co-eds a chance. She is much sought after to " tickle the ivories " and when she complies there is no danger of competition. 53 I9SS-JUMBO ruA FOfavEr.i,, i: k 1. ;. ill EiKiiisii Fall Knhn BEL NICE CELFsTE IIAMILTOX 4 B in Engli.ll, SoMER ILLE ill High School iiiii 1 one of those people who if given a handicap over 1 I 1 me to come out even. Every obstacle that has rluring her four ears on the " Hill " " Beunice has 1 HI I thoroughbn d way. her " quiet " reputation. hair, and lier domestic ler presidencv of Knight irther work is still unde- frica. l9SS-ilUMBO MAHV ESTKLLK HKALD A O n A.B. ill Latin Littleton, N. H. Littleton High School; I. ( ' . S. A. Cabinet (4). Can you picture our " Little Mary " teaching? No. not quite — yet she does it, four times a week. We must admit though that her teaching is mostly along the observation line. . nd it ' .s not Biology .she teaches either, though she ' s terribly interested in Rugs just at present and expects to make it her life work. MARY JOSEPHINE HOLLAND, LJ A.B. ill French Fitch BURc: " Dutch " Fitchburg High School; Glee Club (1, i): Sophomore Elector, L C. S. A. (2); Treasurer (3, 4); Chairman, Class Social Committee (2, a. 4); Student Council (3), Vice-Pre«ident (4); Chairman, All- Around Club Banquet Committ,-c iH; .HMHO Staff (4); Cast: " Lady Windemere ' s Fan " ; " . ria dc I apu ' ; I ' nsident, Masque. Dutch is a living example of (hi ' priniipli- among our younger set that one can be both cute and capable. .Anything that Dutch attempts goes off with a flourish, whether it be acting, managing or heading committees. She was unanimously voted the cutest girl in the Class. RACHEL ELIZABP:TH HOLLISTER, X i A.B. in English Portland, Maine Goddard Seminary; Connecting Secretary L C. S . . (3), Y W C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); President, Student Council (t); Glc-e Club (1,4); Leader, Musical Club (2, 3, 4); .Jackson Organist , Masque Sweet rhythmic notes of ecstacy! When Rachel presided o ir Student Council we felt confident that she was treading the straight and narrow path of virtue. But now? Well, we like Pierc e . rroH.. too. Rachel is " Leo " s " right-hand girl. MARY ALMA HOPKLNS, X U B.S. in English Richmond, Va. Blackstone .Junior College; Class Social Committee (4), Cla s B.ii quet Committee (4); Cast: " Lady Windemere ' s Fan " . Masque . s requested, we publicly aiinouuic that we consider lrii i i excellent student. Alma left tlic sunny South to brave our i England climate at the beginiiiiig of our .Junior ear llh..iii. given only half as long she has won twice as main fiit mi thrcnit her renowned good nature. BLANCHE BKEEDE.N KIXt; A.B. in Ei„,li. h Laionia, X. II. Laconia High School; Class Track (1); -arsity ' I ' enms Ci), ( las- Play (3). On par with Hoyle himself in the science of whist, Blanche excels that authority in methods of approach to make a " fourth, ' often lying in ambush for hours to pounce upon some unsuspectin " victim. In the spring Blanche forsakes the pasteboards to w ield a mean racquet. I9S2-JUMBO ANNA FRAXCKS K ' l II . 1 K B.S. in F.milish ill,. Iliuli S,- ■lull (1, %); Pan- Di.l M.iiir,,,,, ' „,.i,li..n -lir:,!,-,! D .ii.Mnn.s? ' ; Then Anna imist have- lii-cii near, Anna ' s riatnrc i nf prismatic character and she sparkles equally well at a social function, in drama class, or in a debate. Anna never does things by halves — as is shown in her friendships. TLORENf E KMM L ( h-S Q Da 1 IIiJi ( onii Florence s good In as ■« ell as among the st i to dancing In her o grailuation «e expect II, ni, ( nUM.ll (!) I. stan Ma que iids on the facult hne fiom cookmg in athlete fter Innip ignt in her Holliston High School Student Council (4): Man,l,,lin Society (;i); President, [• ' ivmli ( Miriam has made a succcs for college, be it atliletics, (Iran willing should find success. T thrived under Mini ' s careful sur MIRIAM LEW A.B. in Economics MiLFORD ' ■nubiiv " Cla-s Ib.rk.v Cfi; Ma arsity Hockey (3, 4); I; Secretary, Menorah ■ has undertaken hut then one so ■ame to life and ISABEL MAR(;AHET M(I)()XAL1) B.S. in Hisiory Medford " Is " ;,hooI; Class Track (1, 2); French Club (3). n.l (Hirii nt as she is quiet, and as talented and well . r I 1 1 a r s I s " all over. She has the gift of always wj. al 111! ' rijjlit time, and she ' s always prompt. a- limit; .iK-iiii t licr bright and shining record. If iw ask hcr ' whcn she fir.st saw Jiinibo. KATHLEEN MAC DONALD. . () 11 A.B. in Fnm-h Tauntov " Kav- iiver Ara.lmiv; Mandolin ( Inl, :;■; las,|U.-. Cay jo inr,! ns lal. ' m la-r .■ull-v , aivrr, I, ill with the aid of her ■league liools t;aiiir,l ii| (in lis s,, i.i|ii.ll llial now she ' s a trifle ■ lead — especially in the opinion of llie faculty. In spite of ct that she is an art critic, theater fan, and linguist of the first . the lure of the speedway will get her yet. 56 -JUMBO HELEN MARY McMAHON B.S. in HiMonj Medford Modford High Scliool. Here ' s to the girl who has laughed her way through college Even history with its gruesome stories has been unable to subdue her. Helen and Isabelle are known on the " Hill " as the inseparaliles, in fact, they might be called the " Mc Mac " twins. JESSIE ROBERTA MOUNTFORD A.B. in Economics Lowell Buffie L..«ill Hiji Sih c.l C, , (lubd 41 (liunnin ( i|i ,nd(..«M ( ,.ni..ill I. ( . I ( h.n. I nil. in HiiIIi I II I III I I li III I 1.1 I III I - II I n .111 HI HELEN NE L KOU B K B S ,H Fm,h.h Tins ( ,,iiH I. Nimmu SomerMlli Hi J is.hiiol (I, I ' m ,d,nt (1 ' 1 (1 2 ! 1 ( 1 1 lii 1 ll ill 1 I- ( 1 1 :,mU k I Captain ( li lli I M Inl 1 I I. 1 ii I ' Pla (1 ( ll I ,11 ,11 I I nil Hit I ll II I 4) 11 ilx 111 ll ill I I ( li.iin.iii I Ml Din I Presiduit ll iound ( lull (41 il 1 li In. k ()ne Snow hill Misqut Ninimie is the girl we hk. I ]. iiit iil is the all around Jackson girl, the fiist who will niak li.. li.i, not onl because she is President of our All Around (lull, but li..aiise of her marked success in all she has undertaken. MARGARET NEAL, A II B.S. in EngUsh TUFT.S CoLLEGK r. Ma of social events to come. dazzling ear rings. PAULINE HUME OLSSON, X Q B.S. in English Calats, Me. " Pollv " Calais ' Academv; Slu.l.nl ' ..iiii,-il (4); Class Day Committ.u- (4); Cast: " The Trill ir-, M;,..,,,, Three gues .-. ' Whal I hat gray streak headed for HiirvanI Square. ' You win. ll I ' .illy and her " Studie. " Since I ' oll, ' I. -ft Wheaton at the en.i of her Sophomore year to come to the " wilds of this wild countree " she has become an important member of our Class. 57 .,7 ( -JUMBO MII.DHKl) CKIiTHlDK rKSTKI.I.. •! ' Ti K .1. ;. , h:,u,h..-h A kst MKinom. " Pestie " S,,„i,.rville High School; Class Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Basket- li ill il. i, 3, 4): Class Track (1, 2. 3); Varsity Hockey (3, 4); Cast: ■ Lm.Iv Winflemere ' s Fan " ; " The Truth " ; " The Chinese Lantern " ; M LM|llr. i lii ' ' is a very important part of the brains, athletics, and -2 ' i. These four long years haye seen a great metamorphosis — especially her course at Northfield where she acquired Iditions in weight, worldly knowledge, and men. BARBARA STANDISII PETERSOX. A O n A.B. in Mathnnulirs Sf)UTH COVICVTHY. ( ' (IVV. " Barhic " 11 1 -- I I; Class Hockey (1. 2, 3); Captain (H; Class II t Varsity Hockey (2, 3, 4); Vai itx l!a k.■tl,all Ml n)und Club (4); Class HiM..riaii 1 1 , i,,- M I •. m — 1 It 1 t unsophisticated. Bobbed hair till senior (i I studint — conscientious. Best looking .senioi best a n QuRt till you kno y her. M IW BERNARDINE PHELAN, X U A.B. in German FlTCHBUBG Hi h School; Cast: " Lady Windemere ' s Fan " (3); 1 Iaiy you ' re the girl for me, " sang Jackson when Mary pissei 1 the tram for Wellesley, and boarded one for Jackson at the begmnmg of our Sophomore year. Our one ambition in life is to give Mar the calm, cool and collected, a real thrill! S RAH AMANDA PORTER, i: K B.S. in History Y. RMOUTH, XoyA ScoTH " Sallie " Needliam High School; Class Play (1); Glee Club (1); Class Social Committee (2 3 4) Chairman Class Banquet Committee (2, 3); KePriident 1 ( 1 iss 14); Masque. 1 1 r 1 1 Ml 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 w luM-iMt ' civ.stsaivonc. " 1 11 I IA XAXCY REII). 1 K A ' .S ' . ,„ Ilisloni MKi.Kcmi, ■ akia, Ihr ;,,n„- at 11 it the Me,lfo,,l II Cla-- Il l,li ■■ l.il " , 1 1 Cl,,, 11;, .1 , 111. ,11 , 1, :!1; (1a- 1 : 1 ,.; ,,i, v.. : (,],■,. (1„l,i 1, lork,-v (1 :i ; Ma . ' 31; lerself in athletics and is an liumirc-d wearer of the magic " J. " There is just one thing " Lil " refuses to take seriously — men. We wonder when she will stop_breaking hearts. 58 l9SS-«fUMBO Alil l ' KMZAUl III liOMDIN- A.H. I„ kiKilixh AillM.lnN Mi - -liin " ■■Mafl«-tir ' ...,l; II ,, , , Staff (3); Class Historian; Glee ■..nii.il :i. ti. hi " . , 1 li;ivr a real budding " Amy Lowell, " nl:ir . a iiiilliant conversationalist, and a class for a class-baby? Here she is! DOROTHY ROl RKE, A O n «..S. in Chemislry Melrose " Rookie " .1; Class Marshal (1. i. X i): Class Ho ' k.- . " .i; Cla- I!a-kc-tl.all (I. -2. :!, i : Cla-v Tra. k Allil I5a k.•tl.all r. . r. .Iarks..n K,lil,.r. Elrplnis :! . ; Sin.i, „l ( H„ar,lnf K.,lil,,is. .irMUO l-t); ( -luMuical S,,.i..U, Ma..| A rIatt.T an.lbanH-a buisl of lallKlitrr all. I iii 1.1. .« l)Ut -Rookie " Ijy name only. After her years at Jackson ■ soned " vet " and ready for anjlhing, whether it be athleti. ics, tough courses or fire assay which is a nightmare. BE.VTRICE MAY SAVAGE, ASA A.Ii. in English SoMERVILLE Somerville High (ilee Club (1. -i. Council H): Clia ball " {3); Hcaltl " Bea " start. ing read Irvin ( . until she trie. I .an- .mi.il (-1.) ■Rookie. ' ■y (1, 2): , Student " lie Snow- i. ■» I. lit sad to say, hav- .iis she wasn ' t happy ill lio|)cs along that line. KATHRVX ACGISTA SMITH. A O H H.S. in Cenerul Science OliUNyUIT, M. IN-E " K " Hebron Academy: Class Track (2) : Class Basketball (2, 3, 4); Class Hockev (2. 3, 4); Delegate to Student Volunteer Convention. Des Moines ( ' 21; Vicc-Pr.-sident. V. W. C. A. (3); Varsitv Tennis (3); Clas. S.i.i.il ( .iiiimitl.M. I.-!, H ; (il.-c Club 13, H; N ' .irsilv Hockey ■lass ■■K ' NM.l.ls th. ' inif-lity law over shivering culprits. Perhaps they wouldn ' t shiver so much if they knew her weakness for oyster .stew and outdoor exercise. However. " K " thinks it is just as hcII to be in practice for tho.se . rkansas lumber camps. Wl (;ERTR11)E SMITH 1. «. in Enylish I)(1U( IlKSTKU " Billie " ' Hillii- ' is a quiet, self-possessed little maid who came to us from till- Miiliral School. She is the only prospective M. D. of the class. We feel inclined to believe, however, that she ma. ' heed the very urgent " call " to the foreign missions in India. MILDRED WRIGHT SPROIL, A O n A.H. in Frnirh MeDK(IHI) HlI.I.SlDK " Hoots " Medford High School; Glee Club (3, i): Tufts Song Book Com- mittee (4). " Boots " is as efficient as she aspires to make others, and has nature as she has complexion, both of which are as good as any on reco rd. Her aml)ition is to be skinny, but she laughs so much that it counteracts the effects of her strenuously busy life. M. l{(i. RKT STORMS. . Z A U.S. in h:,i,ili.sh Viinis Champiim (1, ' 2. 3,); Manager, lub {+); Cast; " Lady Windemere ' s ting object of Freshman admiration. these modifiers. ' Best looking ankles; lian her share of wit; great orator; |)i iii. Miiil great microscopic eyesight. Kl.I ABKTII HILL STAIM.KS, :i; K A. II. in En,jli..h Everett High Sclio iiililcd to good marks; with hai) ikli- or two, and that ' s our Betty IT ill long rambling walks " on tin 11 IKLKN MILDRKD SI LLIVAX, A O II , ' ..S ' . „ En;ili. ' h ■Millii :iv. ' ;i r. imlMlioii tor quiet, but — it ma.v be l;iin. ' ■.cTiii I.I liave avoided her. The place ;li il I " ' , is as iiright as her own bright hair — softly — tliat there ' s a rea.son why she Mllld.-ll lliL ' h DOROTHY ALBERT H.S. in Englinh Mai.den- " Dot " Chiss I ' lav 13) MIRIAM STARR .1, , ' . in En,ili..h Ml01IK.Ul " Mini • Medford High School; Men.irah (I, i. 3,4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Cla.ss Baskcthall (I. i): Dramatics (3, 4). JUniOR5 Bcarborn Ctjc Cfjapcl tCotocr Clasis; of 1923 (Dffitcrs; H. E. Rounds A. H. O ' CONNELL. E. S. WOODWORTH G. O. BOULE F. J. Petrone J. W. Reynolds . President I ice-President Secretary Treasurer Marshal Historian ClaaS Colors Red and Black Class Cljccr •5 Rah! 23 Rail! 1-9-2-3 23 Rah! Yeh Bo-Rah! 03 M IBSS- ' MBO: ELIOT STEPHENSON AUA.MS. A I ' . " Monk. " B. S. Ckcmistn, Va kiu.kv Colby Academy. " Monk, " an old timer with the Heavy Tank Corps in France, notes tliat he is a capMl li- judfje cif good liqvior, but what ha this to do with the Heavy Tank Corps, Monk? MYRON SHEPHERD ALLEN, " Doe. " B. S. in Mcrhamral Engineering Waltiiam Yaltham High School; Varsity Track ( 1 . 2 ) : Class Track (1. 2); Class Baseball (1). He develops pictures and incidentally a bank accoimt. J. MAX ANDRESS, ATA. B. S. in Eleclncal Engineering Cleburne. Tex- s Cleburne High School: Class Track (1); Varsity Wrestling (1): Football (1. ' 2, 3): Junii.r Prom Com- mittee (3); Sword and Shield; Ivy. Not a Texas " two gun " man, but the boxers say he swings a mean pair of " horny ilnkcs. " HOV, ' ARD LOTHROP APOLLONIO, " Apj. H.s. i,i Hiolagy licwidx Dean Academy; Dramatics (1, i, .S); A.ssociatc Kililm-. Hi. , ; (3). " Apple, " the presiding genius of " Cafe " tinancr Wcnuicr how much he ' s piled up for his yacht. GUSTAVE V.TLLIAM APPELIN, B.S. in Eleetrieal Engineering Dorchester Dorchester High School. " Gus " almost left ;s at mid-years l)ut you can ' t keej) a good man down, just look at him now. DAVID REESE APPHICE. A V. " Tex. " B.S. in Eennwuies Dallas. Tex.vs Waxahaehie and Dallas High School; Varsity Ba.sketbal! (1); Class Baskctlrall 1.1); Cla.ss Marshal (2); Chairman, Class Banquet Committee (2). " Tex " says, " Snappin ' turtle, there ' s just two things the matter with m prancing — my feet. " SAMlEl, EHNEST ATTENBERG. B.S. in Biohgi Chelsea .Vtti-nlierg is now writing a History of tli " XIX .Vmendmcnt from i)ersonal recollections. FRANCIS BARRETT, A X, " Red. " B.S. in Eeonnmic, Hingham Dean Academy; Cla.ss Marshal (1); Class Banquet Committee (1); Varsity Football (I, 3); Class Baseball (1); Sword and Shield. A charter member of the Perpetual Probntion Club, lint lately blackballe l for breaking rules. CARLYLE SMITH BELL, A X, " Jimmie. " B.S. in Biolog, Portland, Conx. Dean . cademy; Class Football (1); Class Banquet Committee (1): Assistant Manager Baseball (3); Ivy. " Dummy " has been referred to as " fit equipment for a gymnasium " but the German papers mentioned him in another connection this summer. RICHARD SAMl " EL BENNETT, A T, " Poco, ' " Dick. ' B.S. in Cinl Engineering V- estbirv, NY. Hemp.stead High School; Dramatics (1, -i, 3); Glee Club (i); Assistant Manager, Football (3). " Poke, " who doesn ' t need to tell you that he comes from " New Y ' oick. " THEODORE REGINALD BICKFORD, A T Q, " Bick. " B.S. in Ciinl Engineering Somerville S,,m.rvill.- lliiih Srli.,,,1; M;,n.l..liii Club (1, 2); Band (1, 2); Class Treasurer (1, 2); Assistant Mana- ger. ar.ily Tnirk i:).; A, A. Iv Humor has it that " Ted " visited East Hall on one memorable night last year. Anj-thing in it, Ted. ' GEORGE OLIVER HOl ' LE, i: T A, " Bool. " U.S. in Cirll luigineering Marlboro Marlboro High School; Class Track (1, 2); Class Orchestra (1); Class Treasurer (3) ; Treasurer Junior Day Committee (3). As an EiiKincor he ' s a {jnnrl Class Treasurer and as a Class Treasurer he ' s an excellent violinist. .MM ' IUli Ii()S( ()E now 1)K . " lion. ■ .l.Ii. in l.alui West Medfoeiu Me.lford High Scliool; A.ssistant Boukseller (3). Bowden, the diligent. We often see him tearing across tin ' campus pursuing his stuili(-s. ERNEST EM.IOT BROWN, " Brownie. " B..S. in Electrical Emjim-cnn,j S,,mekville Somervillr lliuli S. Imul. " Bn.wiiir " i (111.- of these quiet chaps who takes books right out of libraries and sometimes he doesn ' t luiiii; Ihc-ni I ' ack for a whole week. HAROLD RUTHERFORD BROWN. B T. ■■Hmwnic ■ or " Whitie. " B.S. i„ Economics Everett High School; Class Basketball (1); I!aTi iu. ' l ((.riimiltc,. (-il; Cliairman Cla.ss Hat Committee (3). " Brownie " moved from East to Paige. It ' s tlie first time we ever knew liim to pass liy a good " racquet. " LLOYD EMERSON BIRXS. •Burnsv Marblrhead lllgll School. Jusl 1 aiise Lloy.l e,.m,-s from Marb ' ..S ' . „ Cliemical Em inccr ■inn M. EtBLEHK. D •ad. that is no sign he isn ' t : a pretty ■goodehemi,st. I. ill Chemical Enijiiiceriiit SoMEmiLLE Somerville High School. To be frank, Calkin seems to Ije a big drawing card with the " femmcs " for siicli a quiet lad. HOWARD MILTON CANFIELD. U.S. in Cliemieal Eiinineeriii, Everett Everett High School. A straight " A " man. How ilo you gel like siirh. KENNETH LAWRENCE C.VRR. " Sl „„ty, " " Ken. " Ii..S. in (lieinieal Enyinevrimj L.vwre.vce Lawrence High School; Draiiialii Cii; (dec I ' liib (3). " The most valuable tliint;s cnmr in I Ik- smallest packages, " so .said Napoleon. Oh, Nap, take a long look at this Clee Glub i- RANDOLPH WARREN CHAFFEE, " Randy. " U.S. in FJeclrical En.jineerin,, So.mehville Somerville High School. A member of .several bands including THE B. ND OF MERCY. Somebod - asked if he was the man who invented the trombone. RALPH STILLMAN CHARLES, A T A, " Pag " (Paganini). B.S. in Economic, Lowell Lowell High School; Band (1, 2, 3); Assistant Manager, Basketball (3). " Paganini " is an expert on the fiddle and " Applied economics. " GEORGE WILLIAM COLEMAN. " Cole. " B.S. in Cheini. ' lnj -atertown W ' atertown High School; Chemical Society. When it comes to anj-thing tough to do in Physics Lab — ' ' Let George do it. " - MBO CHESTER JAMKS ( OOl ' KH, Mcclinnir Arts Jfifjli S -1k.(,1. U.S. in Mcrhi, [•en tlie Dcrl.y FREDERICK HOV ARD CRABTREE. A. lis Milbridge HIkIi School; Track (% 3): Football (3); i You can ' t make him work but ho digs up the A ' - ;i A. A. E. ■ Aroostook Cr KENNETH GLEASON CROSBY. I A, " Ken. " " B.S. in CinI Emjhieerinn Orlean.s High School; A. A. E. (1. i. ;5); Cross Country ( ' 2). " Ken " hails from Orleans. Massachusetts. He is an authority on Cape Co ROSUNMJALE iglisli lior.se race. Melro.se y Spuds. Orle. ns id dunes. STEV-ART PRESTON CROWELL. i T A. ' ;■ Boston High School of Commerce; Varsity Track Commitlci ' That I ' irtnriid li ;..S ' . in Economics Stow 3); Cross Country (2); Class Red Cross Drive (2, 3); Tennis (-2, 3); Hoanl of Editors, JUMBO (3). ust go big. Haven ' t you noticed the change — socially we mean? GEORCK AISTIN DARCY, A T. " Darce . " li.: Bo.ston l.alin Sih..ol; Ciillege Tennis Champion (3). Tufls ( (illrge tennis champion and as .such he v FREDERIC JOSEPH DJERF, " The Finn. " B.S Quincy High School ; Chemical Society (2, 3) . Every block of granite in Bunker Hill Monument, nine-tenths of the tomb stones and Djerf, all come from Quincy — but Blondy is a good scout. mean racquet. AsHMONT Quincy CHARLES GEORGE DOLL. B.S. in English Plovidrnc.. Trrhlli.alHinh S.hool. His h(ilib - is lloralcultnrc. which may explain his great love fo and rcturniufj ' to Mi-dford l)y Shoeleather Express at 3 A.M. Pkdvidemce, R. L rkrant, Pembroke College, )RI) BERLIN DONICK, " Joe. ' in Mechnn ;l Ennine Mechanics Arts High School; A. S. M. E. (1, 2, 3); Varsity Track (-2) Committee (3). The " Farmer " with the smile. It didn ' t even come off when he walked to Han. Dartmouth game. ( DoliCUKSTEH Track (2); Junior Banquet DONALD HOLT DOWE, " Dek, " " Wisk. " U.S. in Ciril Ent inecring Medford High School. " Seest thou a man diligent in his business. He shall stand before kings. " V; ' est Medford MAURICE BOV DEN DOV ER, A X, " Lefty. " B.S. in English Hixch.vm Hingham High School; Class Basketball (]); Class Baseball (1); Class Football (2). ' Morr. " recently accepted a position as early morning express-driver on Massachusetts Avenue. HERMAN (iARLAN ' D DRESSER, S T . , " He Perley Free School, Hiflc CInl. (D; Cl.iss C..nsli Secretary, Debatini; CInl. i-2. : ' ,•: M,.s.-. ■j ' ni.- Ur, Dresser has si ill t. .xi.hiin wh il lia|.|.. ' n. ' .l I.. ii( Structnral Engineering Georgetown lill. ' i- I ' . ' i; (lass Dance Committee (2); ii| i:; ; ( ' l.l Banquet Committee (3). l9SS-ilUMBO GEORGE EDV.ARD ELLARD, C. ( ' ., " Tlie General. " B.S. h, FJrrlnral h,„jimrrn,,, Mkdford Medford High School; A. S. M. E. (1, 2, 3). Here is to George, the oratorical janitor, who invented the skyhook. EDWARD WARREN FEELEY, " Do.-. " U.S. h, Hinloy,, Ch.uii.estown Boston Latin School. Feeley is a quiet sort of chap but if you can gel him to t;ilk he has a lot to say. SAMUEL FREEMAN, S Q " F, " Sam. " B.S. in M,rh„„,n,l F.mjim-enng Revere Mechanics Arts School; Menorah Societv; Varsitv FoolluiU Sc|uacl (HI; Varsity Ba.seball Squad (3). ■•Just a minute please, nuiy I ask you a question:- ' " Hut ,lid you get that A in i ' A-U. Sam? SAMIEL FRANCIS KROLIO. U.S. in Clinni.slri Wilmingtom Wilmington High School; Class Baselmll (1, 2); Glee Club (i); Chemical Society U. 3). Frolio is an acting member of the " Chem. Lab, " Poker Club. LEONARD BRADLEY G. GK. A T }. " Len. " B..S. in Economics Holyoke Holyoke High School: ( L,-.- liaMlKill T.-.im (1); Class Football Team (1, ' 21; Varsity Hockey (1, 2): Class Entertainment ( ,,iniinll.r il, ■, ' i ; arsity Football Squad (2). Nineteen twenly-tluves Hi|. Van Winkle. JAMES PHILIP GALLIVAN, " Phil. " . .li. in Enylish Meriden, Conn. Lalalette Seminary; Nominating Committee (1); Chairman Social Committee (1); Weekly Staff (1,2); Debating Society (2); Class Ba,sket ball (3); Varsity Football Squad (3); Varsity Basketball Squad (3). The Demosthenes of East Hall. If you want a question for debate see " Phil. " V. ' ESLEY RICHARDS GILBERT. " Wcs. " H.S. in FJcirical Engineering W.m.th. lM Waltham High School. One of the very few fellows at TCFTS wh.i owns his own MOTOR CAR (T). ROY FRANCIS GOGGIN. " Sarge. " B.S. in FAcctrimt Engineering SoMERVTLLE Somerville High School. " Now as to these French women " — you tell ' em, Doughboy — you spent the dough. ALFRED EDWARD GRANT, B T, " Al. " B.S. in Civil Engineering Everett Everett High School; Debating (1. 3); Captain, Debating (1, 3); Greenwood Prize Scholarship in Oratory; President. Dcl.atiTit; Club ( ' . ;!); Reader, Glee Club (2, 3); Assistant Manager, Glee Club (3); Dramatics (2. :i); Tna unr, I ' nlts Cnion (3); Board of Editors, JUMBO (3). When " . r ' feels real devilish, hi ' ciits a class and his marks show it. He stood No. 2 in his class. RALPH WILSON GREEN, A X, " Sheik. " B. H. in Economics Munsonville, N. H. Kimball Union Academy; Class Baseball, Football, Basketball (1); Class Banquet Committee (2): Vice-President Publishing Association (3); Varsity Football Squad, Varsity Basketball Squad (3); Assistant Manager. Varsitv Track (3); Dramatics (2, 3); Class Executive Committee (3); Sword and Shield; Ivy. Tufts has made even Green well re(a)d. " Sheik " is never blue, however. RAYMOND DEWEY GREENBAUM, " ! EH, " Greenie " . B.S. in Chemislrn Reverb Revere High School; Cla.ss Wrestling (1); Class Track (1). Greenbaum has a wav of using a war invention to catch wild ducks. I9S8-JUMBO ARTHLIR DEXTER GROSE, A 1 ' . " Cracker. " B.S. i„ Economir, East Wali-ole East Walpole High School; Mandolin Club (2). " Cracker " should conduct a Neal O ' Hara column in the Tufts Wceldi . BRUCE PATTERSON HAIRE, C. C. " Mike. " B.S. in Chemical Engineering Akungton Arlington High School. Bruce is a thorough gentleman and they say he is a mean Field Hockey player. .lOHX PAll, HO.VG. A 1 ' . " Sock. " M.S. In Khrtrind Engineering Woburm Wolnn-n High School; Class Foothall ID; C.lec Chil) II, :»; Class Baseball [i): Mandolin Club (3), Paul is concentration itself when it conu-s to the i)roblcni of co-eduiatioii. BERNARD .JOEL HOROWITZ, 1 o ip, ■iWnic. " A.H. i„ IlisUmi Worcester Worcester Academy. " Bernie " .shakes a mean leg. He should make a special study of exhiliition lancing. STANWOOD H. LL HOWES, A T A, " Ick. • U.S. In CIrll Engineering East Devnis Dean Academy; As.sistant Manager, Varsity Tenuis Hi). " Icky " i.s " theah " with his book on " Elements of Bridge Playing " which just went to press. LEONARD SARGENT HUBBARD, B T, " Hup. " B.S. in Civil Engineering Quincy Freeport High School; Class and Varsity Track (1, 2): Cross Country (2); Musical Clubs (2, 3); " Hub " ; serious, studiou.s, persevering " Hub, " lint Oh, those Quincy hou.se parties. BERNARD EVERETT HUTCHINS, Z T, " Hutch. " B.H. In Eeonomies Brunswick, Me. Lawrcmv A.a.lrniy; Class Baseball II, 2); Varsity Hockey (2); Ivy. " Hutch " livi- within three Mocks i]f Bowdoin, hut that didn ' t stop him from coming to Tufts. BowdoiTi JMit .■(.-.-.luratiorial. WAINO ARTHUR K. . TTAR1, i A, " Kat. " B.S. in Chemislry Maysard Maynard High School; Chemical Society {II; Varsity Wrestling (1); Varsity Baseball Squad (1); Varsity Football (3). " Kat " has divided his three years in college between night life in Paige Hall and athletics. JACOB KASLICK, S Q r, " Jack. " B.S. in Electrical Engineering Dorchester East Boston High School; Menorah Society. Laugh and the world laughs with you — snore and you sleep alone. If the ocean were happiness this duck would be in the swim. KEITH FENTON KILLAM, A T Q, " Illy. " B.S. in Electrical Engineering Allston Higgins Classical Institute ; Class Baseball (1); Varsity Football (1, 2); Class Football (1, 2); Varsity Basketball (1, 2); Class Basketball (1, 2); Sword and Shield; Ivy. W-w-who is K-k-Keith Killam. ' Keith has progressed rapidly in the terpischorean art ami is about to write a book on the " Etiquette of the Gridiron " as applied to the Ballroom. .lOHN ALBION COTTLE KIMBALL, " Jack. " B.S. in Biology Wai.tuam Waltham High School; Chess Club (2). Orpheus played his way into Hades, but Jack and his violin lasted a whole year in East Hall. l9SS- UMBO WILLIAM SPENCER LAWLER. i] T A, •Bill. " B.S. in Bmlmjn Loweu. Lowell High School; Class Track (2); Varsity Track (2, 3). " Bill " will tell you that the only way to become a runner is to train! train! Experience? RICHARD DAMION LAWLOR, A T, " Dick. " B.H. in Electrical Engineering Winchester Wentw.irtli Institute and Huntington School: Glee Club (2, 3); Assistant Leader (3); Chairman Class Nominating Committee (3); Chairman. Junior Prom Committee (3). Dirk liats .Wll in the cc-i-d league. Can it he his experience with the Glee Chiby YIN(i KEN LEE. " Pro|-.- H.S. in l-.hrlnral I ' lmjimrrinn Tien ' tsIX. Chixa Chauncv Hall School. Translated, this means " sunshine. " He has .-, happy smile for all even on the darkest days. S. CLINTON LEWIS. A T A, " Clink. " B.S. in FJcrlriml Engimrrln,! Meiuokn-, Conn. Meriden High School: Class Football (2); Varsity Funthall (-21. Tufts hardest working man — exponent of Edison ' s tlii ' ory that man can live on four hours " sleep. FRANKLIN (iRANT LOID. (-) A X. " Krankie. " B.S. in Eronomici South Wevmduth Weymouth High School; Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3); Class Ba.seball (1, 21. Just eases along behind you. then somethin ' snaps and you wonder if ' ou can catch iij) to him. JOSEPHS. MALKIEL, " Mai. " B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Bo.ston Boston English High School; Debating Club (2). Member of the triumvirate who upheld engineering honors in a Packard Hall dcl)ate one night. ADDISON LllMTl-r MAK 1 . (-) A X. " Mary. " B.S. in Electrical Engineering Portl. nd, Me. CL.iHv.trr lli-li S,l 1. (la-, |-,„,tball (1); Class BasebaU (1); Class Basketball (1. 2. 3); Band (1, 2. :i); ' arsity liask.l K.ill Sijuad Ci); Circulation Manager Weekti (2). Imagine an engineer taking evening courses at " Heinemann ' s " and " Tlie Beach Street Bungalow. " JOHN FRANCIS McVEY. Jr., B T. B.S. in Cieil Engineering Dorchester Huntington School; Class Track (1, 2); Class Basketball (1); Class Track and Varsity Track (2) The answer to it all is socialism — plus politics — plus more socialism — plus J. F. McVey. WILLARD BL. (K I M( IKRELL, A T A. " Bill. " B.S. in Potilical Science W. yl. nd Wa. lan,l High Sri I; ( 1.,,, Inotball (1): Baseball (1): Varsity Baseball (1, 2): Varsity Football (2, 3); Junior Day oinnuttr, ' i. " ,!. Walked around his chair to change his luck at cards — it changed — from bad to worse. JAMES VERNON MCIR, " Hank. " B.S. in English Rockport Gloucester High School; Class Wrestling (1); Dramatics (3). " Hank " is a product of East Hall. Enough said! CHESTER T.RNON XASS, C C . " Chet. " B.S. in Chemical Engineering Arlington Heights ( liaiiriian Class Banquet Coiiuiiitlr. :; , Assistant Manager, Varsity Baseball (3); Class Basketball ALBERT V-ESI,EY NICHOLS. A T Plymouth High School; Band (1. 2. 3); Class Track (1. 2); Assistant Manager, Football (3). " " Nick " thinks that he and Eddy Casey will put a great football team on the gridiron next fall. RICHARD COWLES N ' i ' E, " Dick. " B.S. ;„ l-.l.rlrin,! r.mjimrrim, .J(.nvs,,x, Vt. John.son High School; Varsity Track (2); B:is,l,:,ll S.|u:iil C. ' i. Dick is one of few to be calledatthe Dean ' -uttic r liy l.Kpliuiic; they .say she calls only twice a da.v. ARTHT ' R HERBERT O ' CONNELL, C.C, " Okie. " U.S. in Enyli. h M, lden Maiden High School; Vice-President. Chiss (1. 2. :i); Press Club (1, 2, 3); Executive Committee, A. A. E. (2, 3); Speakers ' Club (1. 2. :i): Drliitin n T.-aiii (1), We wonder if all Maiden ' s politicians ,irc ((iii c il■ tiou ol)jectors. MICIEL ODIiEM.W. " Mikr. " II.X. ,„ . lrrl„n,,r.,l F.„.j!m;ri,nj Ci). BdUVAK. Ven-ezuel. 1 cii; A S. M !■;, ■kcupi.-- hr kii.Kks -cm oil the rack w;th his riHc — Oh Boy. " STANLEY PEARCE, C. C, " Stan. " B.S. i„ Ciril Engiiiecrimi Vest Medford Medford High School; Dramatics (1); Glee Club (1, 2): Mandolin Club (1. 2); Class Track (1); Foot- ball Squad (1); Class Football (2); Sword and Shield. " Stan " is a musical boy. He was instriimenlcil in starting the " pro " Club. ELA ' - ' YN LIONEL PERRY, " Good,. " " El. " lis. i„ chnmstry Re. din-g Reading High School; Chess Club ( 1, 21; arsil. ' I ' l-ick (2. 3); Chemical Society Ci). Like his namesake of Lake Erie hr ' ll iii cr f;ivc up I he ship. He always sticks around — the lib ' . T A. " I ' ctr, " ; N, llinlnfjii Riverside, Conn. vstjiiii; (I. 2i; ( kiv- M.ii-.1k,1 (2, 3); Varsity Football (2, 3); Tutls riii,,n i;!i; I ihIct.I.ins Rules Committee (2, 3); Iv.v. ining " — when feeling l luc — Paige " Pete. " ERNEST FRANK PEVERE, A T. " Ernie. " U.S. ii, Chcmitlri Sw. MPsriiTT Dean and Hebron Academies. A notable example of " Happy though Married. " JOHN KIMBALL PHELAN, Z I ' . " Johnny. " U.S. i,, Englh-h Meukouu Medford High School; Class Banquet Committee (1); Track (1); Football (1. 2). College must seem pretty dull to John after a summer in France. . 11 France niourus liis loss. ALMON LEROY PICKARD. A T A, " I ittlc. " " Pick. " U.S. i„ Kmimmlr.s- U.vnu Me. Morse High School; Track (3); Football ci); Chemical Society. You can ' t keep a good man down. " Pick " irill breathe tin- air from the to]) of the wireless tower. MAURICE HINT PICKARD, ATA, " Pick. " U.S. ,„ Ch.wi.sln, B. th, Me. Morse Hiffh Seliool; CImss Foolball IV: Class Track fl); Varsitv Track (2); Assistant Manager, II.M-kex ' 2. :; ; ;,rsilN I ' l.rill i,ii;mI .: : I ii.ier.jass Kule.s ( -cmmittee (3); Secretary, Tufts Union C;.; .IiniM.r II;, I ( ,„,Mnlllrr :; , ( l,en,„-,-,l Soelelx Tlie . i iiiH ( iilkir ( |),iii li:is lieeii .jiler ■ ill;; Pick " lor some time to pose for one of their latest models. 77 FHANC (ireeuw ' I ' r: ete ' J( ick )si;ni r KTI Varsity " P the prt VI rbia 19SS-i UMBO JOSEPH PILL. B.S. hi Biohyi li,,xiuin Boston English High School. One of the sugar-coated variety. The biggest attractimi in (id 1. PERCY JOHN PITKIN. 2 T A, " Red, " " Pit. " B.S. in Economics M. HsnnEi.i). T. Goddard Seminary; Class Banquet Committee (2); Class Nominating ConnuittiT Cil; Junior Day Committee (S). Where are the knickers, Percy. Not too timid to wear them we hope. HARRY RAPHEL, E H. B.S. in Mnlhrnmlir.. Boston High School of Commerce. Raphel has demonstrated that looking into mirrors is not entirely useless. It insi)ired him to draw comic cartoons. ROYAL HENRY RASCH. B.s. in chnui.stni Evekett Everett High School; Chemical Society ( ' - ' , :!). Rasch is an unknown quantity who keeps himself liottled up in the " chem. lali. " L. KENDALL REED. Z r, " Ken. " B.S. in ( ' hemi. ' ln Someuville Somerville High School; Glee Club (. ' !); Vice-President Chemical Society (;i). " Ken " — The Cosmopolitan Lover. JOEL WARREN HKYXOI.DS, Jp , A T A. " .To,-, " " Kusly. " B.S. in M.rlmninil Engineering Marblehead High . I,,,,,], ( l,,s, |n,,llMll I ' ,;.!., I ; SM K. i I, ■. ' , :!i; Chairman. Class Red Cross Drive Committee 1 , ' ■ . l l,i " lli.h.ii;,,i :;:; ( li.iii iiwn, .liiiih.r Dav Connnittcc (3). Reynolds ' I ' lrkar,! ' - Kmn.-U l ' r.li-ivr,l ,l,,o.: „,ll, or wilh..ul. HARVEY REGINALD RICK. W A X. ■■Hunny. " ;..s ' . ,„ (hr,„ir„l Ennineennu Armngton Arlington High School: Class Entcrl.iinnicnl ( niiiriiillce ih; ' lass Football (1); Cla.ss Nominating Committee (3); Class Basketball (Hi; arsity l ' ' ootball Squad (:)). Mr. Rice sells shoes and " Hunn ' wears ' cm out dancing. WILLIAM RITTENBCRCi. " Ril. " U.S. in Emjineering Dorchesteh Dorchester High School; Class P ' ootball (1); Varsity Football Squad (S); Varsity Hockey Squad (2); Assistant Manager. Wrestling (1); A. S. M. E. (1, 2, 3j; Menorah Society. Boy! Page Mr. Morpheus. HAROLD ELMER ROUNDS. A T A. " Rack. " B.S. in I ' hrmi.stn M. lden Maiden High School; President. Class (1. 5. .S); AtliN ' ti.- Ailvls ,rv Hoard (3); Class Baseball (I, 2); Class Football (1); Class Track (1. 2); Varsity Basketball ( -. ' , :),; arsity Track (2); Chemical Society; President. Sword and Shield; President, Ivy. " Rack " has assayed each Jackson class for his unknown: so one element (K) obtained. EDVvARD OSCAR SAMP.SON. B T, " Sam. " B.S. in Chemical Enijinecriny Sw.uipscdtt Lynn English High School; Musical Clubs (2, ;il. We ho].,- our (dee Club piamst will cvcntu.-illy be able to ren.ember the liarnum .song. LOUIS HARDY SECiEL, 1 E II. " Lou. " B.S. in BioUujn DoRruEsTER Melrose High School. Louis emerged from the " grub " stage and was carried awa - on the wings of a classical reaction. SIMON SHAFER. E H. " Si. " B.S. in Philo.tophy Revere Revere High School. Sliafer is a disciple of DeVries. This change from Civil Engineering to Philosophy must surely be called a nuitation. 79 laSS- UMBO KENNETH THIRBER SHA V, " Ken, I ' lnirl,,,- - U.S. hi Mrrhanical Engineering Mabblehead Marhlehead High School; A. S. M. E.; Re.i Ci...- Driw (, ' ). One of the first shifters. His favorite shift i-. I he- 1 la mom — two deep breaths — dreamland. ALFRED OTIS SHURROCKS, A r, " Ponzi. " B.S. in History am! Public Law Medfokd Medford High School; Glee Club (1, -2, 3); Class Track (1, 2); Class Track (1, 2); .Assistant Manager, Musical l ll. ir r. Assistant Manager Baseball (3); Class Smoker Committee (1); Track (- , 3); Cms- C.nnlry i :! ; ( usiiius Club (3) ; Press Club (3) ; Junior Day Committee (3) ; Sword and Shield: The ncanst iippriuich to a perpetual motion machine yet discovered. JOSEPH JACOB SINDLE. B.S. in Chemistry Everett Everett High School; Chemical Society (2, 3). We hear Sindle has discovered a base — let us hope it is the l ase of the new " chera. lab. " HERMAN STERNSTEIN, " Sternie. " B.S. in Biology Malden Chelsea High School. " Sternie " has got a " bug " for the Boston Public Library. Is it studies, " Sternie? " DOl ' GLAS PATTEN STEWARD, C. C. " Barney No. 1. " B.S. in Cinil Engineering Medkord Medford High School; Class Wrestling (1); Class Football (1, 2); Varsity Football (2, 3); A. A. E. " Doug " is no mean horser. He can even ride a saw horse. Horses! ROBERT JOSSELYN STORMONT, C. C, " Bob. " B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Chelsea Chelsea High School; Class Wrestling (1) ; Nominating Committee (2, 3) ; Junior Prom Committee (3) ; A. S, M, E, " Bob " made a big hit last year as head of the East Hall Improvement Association. PHILIP LEONARD TAYLOR, " Phil. " B.S. in Electrical Engineering Marsheielu Marshfield High School; Football Squad (3); Vice-President, Radio Society. " Still waters run deep. " Page a diver and let ' s get acquainted with Phil. M ' i ' ER TEMKIN. 1 ' D W. " Mover. " B.S. in Electrical Engineering Boston Boston Kuyli-li Iliiili Sriiool; Class Track Track fl, 2); Menorah Societv (1, 2, 3); Boxing Champion (2); MainlMl,,, ( liil, .■;:. Chainiii.iii ..I 111. I 1,1-pound boxing class last year and he wields a mean pick on the Mandolin Club. KARL GEORGE UPTON, A r, " Uppie. " B.S. in Ciml Engineering Han-cock, N. H Hancock High School; Cushing Academv; Class Baseball (1, 2); Class Basketball (1), Captain (2, 3); Varsity Basketball (2. 3); Swonl and Shield: Ivy. . n . -niiuus man. The minus means minus the grind that sometimes goes with A ' s. E ERETT BRADLEY V AKEMAN, ATA, " V. ' ake. " B.S. in Chemistry Medford Maiden High School; Class Track (1, 2, 3); Varsity Track Squad (2, 3) ; Cross Country (3); Chemical Society. If the movie magnets had seen Ev first. Rudolph Va ' entino would never have played the " Sheik. " -illjMBOil LESTER BOWEN WARRINGTON, C. C, " Barney " N ' o. -2. B.S. in Ciml Engmeerim Mai.dem English High School. A.S. M.E. (1, -Z, 3); Class Football (2); Class Track (2); Junior Hat Committee (3). " Banioy No. i " i.s iiol su. ' l. a Imd saxophciir playn- hiit li - has liani luck hiltiiis tlic notes. (;K()1{(;E WASK ' OVITZ. " Wasky- US. in Hisl„r,i,u„l ruhlir I.uw (iFiKiovur.ii. Conn. Greemvich High School; Assistant l.ilir.iriaii Hand (1. i, 3); Varsity Track (i, 3); Cross Country Team (3): Cosmos. The living example of " If at first uii (luii ' t succeed try, try again. " FLETCHER BRIGCiS WATSON, " Doc. " KS. ii, fln-mirut Emjinnrin,; Nohth Anuoveu Pinkerton . cadeniy. The time, the place, th.- liour. the girl — and leave the rest to Watson. GP;ORGE EARLIN W.XTSON. B T. U.S. in Ciril Eni inrerinl, ToP.SFIELI) Topstield High School. " When I was single, my pockets did jingle, hut now 1 am, " — Eh? What ' s that, (ieorge. AVILLIAM FREDERICK WELSFORD, S T A, " Bill. " B.S. in Chnnistn Wolla.ston Qnincy High ScIkmiI; Captain. Cla.ss Basketball (1). " Bill " is extra busy in the clicm. lab. this year. Rumor .says he ' s making a new (soft) drink. HARRIE HOLLAND WHITNEV..Jr., C.C., " Deacon. " ' ..S h, Mrrhanlml Kiiniiiccriny Ahlington Ariington High School; Cla.ss Ba.sket ball (1, ' 2. . ' !i; A.S . 1. E.; .lunior Day Ccnnnittce (.3). " Deacon " made his letter in the Appalachian Mt. Club living ,.n the third floor of East Hall. AVILLIAM SIDNEY V,IL,S()N. A T A. " Bill. " -Pick. " B.S. I„ Ciml Engineering Honolulu, H. «aii. n Islands San Antonio High School, Texas; Class FcK.tball (li; Chiss Track (!); Librarian, Tufts Band (1); V.arsity Tennis (-2): Tennis Champion ( ' , ' i; Captain F.liil, T.nni i i , " Bill " was a prince of a good fclli w with a cherry niih fur r .r unc, and a true, loyal Tufts man. MCOB ARTHIR WINTHHOl ' . " V. nmi. . " .I A HS. in Economics Cambridge Cambridge High School; Fn.ilh.dl S(|iiad c ' l; Mandolin Club ( " i, 3); Menoiah Society. The boy with a million doUar smile thai has a cash ahie; ask the Pictorial Review Company. ROBERT MANY WOOD, A T U " Bob. " B.S. in Economics Beverly New York Military Academy; Band (1, i. 3). Boh has recently joined the lanks of the married men and every one envies him for his luck. ERNEST SANFORD V. ' OODV.ORTH, :i; T A, " Woody " B.S. in Economics Berkeley, Cal. Berk. Icy llii;hS l I; Sr.ivlarv ( lass (1, -2, 3) ; Calend.ir Commit h ' c ( ' 2) ; Hep ms Staff (2) ; Dramat- ics -J.:;!; sMstanl MaiLiLM ,. Trnnis (3); Edilor-in-Chict " l!IJ:i " n «oot; Ivy. ■ .i.i.l. Ha ' h. 1 ,11 li. I h(co-eds to act as librarian tlial I hey might become better acquainted with the .Masque idol .jf the play " Truth. " GEORGE DANA YOUNGER, Z ' F, " (;ee Dee " A. li. in Biology Manchester Story High School; Dramatics (I, ' 2, 3); Weekly (2); Bookseller (3). To say nothing of the business side of the question, a job in the Bookstore is a real social asset. HrLTOX ISlSMDP FciWI ER CONANT PfUNDER Clas si of 1923 (Officers C. L. CoNANT President E. D. FowLEB Vice-President M. C. Pfundeh Secretary D. C. Hilton Treasurer B. Bishop Marshal Class Colors Green and White 85 laSS- UMBO LOUISE RUTH ADELBERG, " Weezie. " A.B. in German Dohchestek Girls ' Latin School: Class Hockey (2); Secretary, Menorah (3); Class Track (1); Masque. Louise might say: " I am not one who much or oft delight to season my fireside with pe.- sonallalk. " MARY BEATRICE ARNOLD, A O n. B.S. in English Hh aintheb Kraintree High School: Class Hockey (1, 2, 3): Glee Club {-2. 3). According to Mary, the best way to get up early is to stay up all night. FRANCES DOROTHEA BAER, " Teddy. " ■ A.B. in French Brooklime Girls ' High School: Class Hockey (1,2). To produce a panic scene with " Teddy, " merely introduce a cat nr a burglar. . LDYTH LOUISE B. RRETT, S K. B.S. in Biology e vt(inviu.b Newton Classical High School: Class Hockey (2): Class Ba.sketball (2): Chairman. Cla.ss Banquet Coruuiittr,. I ' . ' i; (;ir - Club (2, 3): Vice-Presidriit. V, W. C. A. (3): Chairman. Class Social Committee (.■!). Ald lli apprar- .i-. iild as the rest of us. but sh.- ha-, mily to speak and lo! — childhood. BKATKK !■; ItiSliOl ' . A O H. " B. " U.S. ,„ . l,ilh,„,,ihr.s Bridcepdkt, Coxn. Hriai;.-p,,ii jli-li S,li,H,l; Cla- Marshal ■ . •!. :: ; (la- ,.,k,-y I. ■, ' ■ ; la- IViskrlball i|. ' , ' . .■)!; Var.itv llnrkrv :;; ( .1 1 ,1 a 1 1 1 I -.I. . ' I I. a Ml I!a0„.||,all :;. a , - I ' n-a L ,,1 . Ml, I, I,.- -,,riati,.n Cil: I ' all ll.-llc ' lll.( ...nail ■:;•. Mn.lrnl ( .ain.ll .:).. ( la.s ■I ' la.k .1 . I aplain -. ' • , 1., I lamal a- Club. Besides shining iu cla alliicllo, ■ li ' l,a carncl Ihc llllc ■SM.icbudy darling..-,,, young and so brave. " HELEN FRANCES CARR, A Z A. " Trnlk-y. " A.li. in Hiilnr, South M. nchester, Conn. South Manchester High School: ' las Smial ( ' .iinniillcr il. - ); Class Dance Committee (1); All Around Club, Treasurer (3): Chalnnan. Il.all li Caiiipaian. Y. W. C. . . (3). It is not wine, women and song llial in.iki-s ' " I ' l-ulk " burn the midnight oil, nor is it study, but there are reasons why she has been railed Ib-lcn Si. ( ' ot lrc Carr. SARAH LOUISE CLARK, A O H, " Sally. " A.B. in Latin E. st Weymouth Weymouth High School; Class Basketball (1): Class Play (3); Masque. " Sally ' s chief activity scorns to be playing " Damon " to Dot ' s " Pythias, " but when Dot is among the absent, she coll ( l ■s lirrsiH ' witli solitaire. CAROLINE LU( ILF, ( ()N. N T. A () 11. A.li. in (Urman Littleton Littleton High School: Class President (I, 2, 3): Class Play (3): Glee Club (3); Masque. We wondered why Caroline was missing at mealtime, until we discovered that she is studying the effects of Chinese fare upon the eyebrow. RACHEL MINOT FISKE, A S A. A.B. in English Somerville Somerville High School; Captain, Class Hockey (1); Class Track (1). Although Rachel ' s chief abomination is men, we ' re curious to know why she goes to the Movies so often. Beware, Rachel, these Movie actors are heart-breakers! CLARA LOUISE FOSTER, A E A, " Clarah. " A.B. in French F.uhh.wen Fairhaven High School; Class Basketball (1, 2); Class Hockey (1, 2) ; Student Council (2): Y.W.C.A.; Maqua Conference (2): Cabinet (3): Treasurer, Athletic A.ssociation (3); Class Play (3); Masque. It has been reported that Clara ' s rotund ( ' i) appearance is caused by worry over the elusive nickels from the Y. W. C. A. candy. ESTHEH DOROTHY KOWLKH, A d 1 1, .il! m llmhy, Amesburt Amesburv lli-li S h ...l; 1.,- „ , -| ' ,r,Hl. iil il. ■. ' . :;i; Class Hockej (1, 2); Cla. ' S Basketball (1); Captain l-.!. :ii. ( la - Ira. k il. . ' , Ti.mmii. !■. . W . ( . . . (2); Secretary, Athletic A.ssociation (2); Student Cuuiicil i;j): ( lav Play ,:;.. Mas,|ii.-. When we want a jiosler inaile, c go to Esllii-r-; w hen we want to pass an exam, we visit her again 1 jj HH H r !«■ ■ w r ' i III " ._J 1 - twt — t r pi ii q ' ' 1 PtGGY — i 1---I gH ' H 1 ' — MIDGt ' — i 1 pTB?»-i r ■ yg 1 l l P i " Hi m •» 1 IH It X 1— eSTritie-J ii IBSS-»IUMBO MeiKirah. er Ml), si liii le ai.a reme,ly Chelse.4 tcr-fUiss h:i iskctball game.s. DoitCHESTEIl 10 wants. ( ■veil thduuli it 1m- ESTHER LOmSE FREEMAN ' , i: K. A.B. in Chemistrij Girls ' High School: Pan Hellenic Council (3); Y. W. C. A. (3) Esther ' s favorite perfume is the gentle aroma wafted from the CI SrSAWAII KKIKDMAX. " Sue. " B.K. in Chemistry H.,st,,ii dill- lli-li , Ih,o1; Cla -s Basketball (1, -l) Class Hockey (1, Wi- an ' all aiixiciii K ' awaiting the day when Susannah will hang ( the ills of ' . ' a. ESTHER GERTRUDE GOLDBERG, " Ezzu- ' .1 « ind.nuan Chelsea High School; Class Hockey ( ' 2j ; Menorah. Esther is of great service to her class in the clipcring section , t tl PORTIA CELIA GOLDMAN. A.B. in Frem-h Dorchester High School; Class Hockev (,1, ' 2); Menonih. Portia ' s definition of altruism is " Give to your niisihlmr whate your only alarm clock. " L. MARGUERITE HEINS, X U, " Pegg.% " « s ,„ I .n,,,,,,,,. . Bkooklyx, X. Y. Chairman, All Around Club Social Committee l. ' ii, 1 ( " s I 1. rlor (-, ); I ' an Hellenic CounciM3); Class Play (3); Chairman, Class Dance Committee i.; . ■ r(ii Lii Masque. I. ' i). Entitled " Peggy " — " Shine out, little head, suniiiiif, ' o er with curls, to the Howers, and be their .?un. " DOROTHY CAROLINE HILTON, A O H, " Dot. " A.B. in French Weymouth Heights Weymouth High School; Class Hockey (1); Class Basketball (1, ' 2); Class Treasurer (1, ' 2, 3); Student Council (3). So pretty, gentle and reserved, she is indeed an asset to ' ' 23. ELE.WOR CHAXDLEE LEADHEATER, A O H, " Iggie. " A.B. in English Fryeburg, Me. Central High School, Washington, 1). ( ' .; Class Hockey (1, 2, 3); Class Track (1, 2); Secretary, I. C. S. A. (2); Weekly Staff (2, 3), Jackson Eilitor (3); Class Basketball (2); Manager, Varsity Basket- ball (3). " Iggie " is original. In fact, she ' s more original than the Thetes. She has turned Start House into a golf course. What ne.vt ! AXITA BELLE M.u-WHORTER, A S A, " Pete. " A.H. i„ F.mjlish Winthhop Winthrop High School; Class Hockey (1); Captain, Class Track ill; Class Play (3). " Pete " might be described as our " dimpled darling. " but the laugh that accompanies the appear- ance of the dimples — ! MARJORY MAXWELL, S K, " Midge. " A.B. in French Somerville Somerville High School; Orchestra (1); Class Play (3); Masque. We are willing to recommend Marjory as a Swedish maid from lier demonstration of her ability in the class play. FRANCES MARY McWILLIAMS, " Mac. " A.B. in French Harue, Vt. Goddard Seminary. When she finishes her course at Jackson, Frances will be aljle to give the French a few points about their language. BERXICE ELIZABETH MORGAX, :l; K. " Bunny. " A.B. in nislory Cincinnati, Ohio Received at Teele Square — a new shipment of Baker ' s cocoa, to be held in reserve for Bernice. 198S- UMBO MAK (AROI.IXE rFINDKl!. 2 A. ■Fuiiiiy. " A.B. in EmjIisI, S .i ni M n(HEsteh, t ' oK.v. Sniilli 1;hi. l„-,|,.r llioli Srl„...l. (his, S - ' i ,-hiry i I -i. :!i; Slu,i,-iil Cmiiril i-, ' . .li; 1 )rl,-f;ate, I. C. S. A. ..iilnriH, , ' . (hiss |);inr, ' ( , ,iii iiiit t rr i -, ' . W)-. .Iinii.ii- Khclor, 1. ( ' . S, A. i.Si. Manager, Varsity Uork.v ,:;:; i..-l ' ivsi.l.iil. All An.iLiul Cliil. ill); I ' aii ll.llciiir Ciuiiril i:!i; (hiss Plav (3); Board of Eilitois, .llMliO i.ii; MiiM|iir. It niii. Mini ■ ' l ' niiii " that sn rHirii-nt a iici iiii slimilil liavi- tlic saiiu- ■ ' hiH " come so many times. GLADYS ISA!!i:i,I.K I ' ORTEH, A Z A, -Glad. " A.H. in Kmjii.sh Avek Ayer Hif;li S.lmi.l; (lass Hockey (1. 2. 3); Weekiy Staff ( " 2); V. W. ( ' . A. Cabinet (3): Cast. " Sup- pressed Drsili- ■; MasliUC. We haw ilis, ,, iiv.i a genius within onr midst. We prophesy poetic fame and fortnne in tlie reflected gloryoFwlii.il I he ivsl i.f iis can l,a-k. RITH MAKIK liKCKKKS. . 1 A, -Halie.- AH. in Emjli..!, West Hoxmuv West Roxbuiy High Scliuol; Class liaskethall (- ); Class Track (-21; Class Play Ci). We have chosen Ruth as our representative to China — (we hear there are good opportunities for engineers in that country) . ELEANOR ALVINA RICH. B..S. in Chemistry Hingu. m Hingham High School; Class Basketball (1, 2, 3); Class Track (1, -2). Eleanor is our " chem " shark — but she also finds time to come out for class atlilctics. LOnSE ADELE RUSSELL, A O n, " Addel. " A. B. in English M.i.so.v. X. H. Leominster High School; Class Hockey (1, 2); Captain (3); Class Basketball (2, 3); Glee Club (3); Biology Club. Adele is historically inclined, being especially interested in the " Diet of W ' orms. " MILDRED LOUISE RYAN, " Mil. " A.B. in Biolmpj Brockton Brockton High School; Class Basketball (3). According to Mildred, " Movies " is a course rc |nircil for obtaining an M.D. degree. TYYNE MARIA SAARI, S K. A.B. in English Fitchburg Fitchbnrg High School; Class Play (3); Glee Club; Masque. Wc ' ic afraid Tyyne has been putting something over on us. These long walks out to the Fells arc suspiiioiis, to say the least. HKI.FN . S.VLMOX, i: K, " Sammic. " A.B. in Mafhematic. Wobcrn Wnburii High School; Class Hockey ( 1 , 2, 3) ; Mathematics Club (2. 3); llVcWi Staff (3); I. C. S. A. Cabinet l. ' il. In spite of the fact that she is a " salmon " she is also a " sliark " — in " math. " Sounds fishy, doesn ' t it ' lint it ' s the truth. AKLINK BRISTOL VAN BLARCOM, " Miss Van. " A.B. in Binl„g,i Turner, Me. Leabitt Institute; Class Hockey (2, 3). This is what Arline says when she starts for class, " Late, late, so late, but I can enter still. " DORIS GERTRUDE VAUGHAN, A E A, " Dot. " B.S. in English Ghovel.4nd Groveland Hisrh School; Class Hoekev (1, 2); Glee Club (2): Leader (3); Secretary, I. C. S. A. (3); Y. W. C. . , Cil.incl ' :ii; (lass Play (3); Class Basketball (1, 2. 3); Masque. Doris is an aril, ill r.ilh.ui r i .f Orpheus and he himself might be quoted as saving " Shall I call thee bird or but a uamhiint; mm...-- ' OTHILIA PATRK lA VIEIRA, A Z A, " Pat. " J..S. in Biology New BEOEoRn New Bedford High School; Class Basketball (3). Try as we may, we can ' t convince " Pat " that Tufts on the " Hill " has it all over Tufts on the " Avenue. " Irnit G. E. Rogers J. W. Maiioney . R. L. Carpenter E. W. Cook R. K. Tyler Ctog of 1924 (DUiccvi €laii Colore BUE AXI) (;f)LD Class Cbecr 1-9-2-4 Rah! Rah! Rah 05 F resident ] ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer . Marshal l83S- UMBO J.V.MKS UOMIXK AMHIiOSK) PHILIP MARKMAX (AICIIKV East Boston " Phil " ' Waltham CVIUL FITZGERALD ATKINS ARMOND THEODORE CI IA. U(J. ET ATU Barbados, Hkitish AV est Indies " Chandy " Lynn DEXMAX CRAY BAKER BT RICHARD FOSTER CLARK C. C. " Bake " Maksiifield " Dick " Medford JAMES RAWSOX BASCOM HAX DAXIEL GEORGE COIIEX ■! B A " Jim " Leominster " Dinty " Roxbury RODERICK DICKERMAX HATES ELI COHEN " Rod " AVellesley " Allie " Roxbury JOSEPH LAV-REXCE BEARDMORE ST A MAX PHILIP COIIEX " Biddy " Xew H. ven, Conn. " M. P. " Boston WARD SINCLAIR BECKWITH ROBERT LEWIS COIIEX " Beck " Canton " Bob " Roxbury MAURICE OSCAR BELSOX BERTHOLD RODERICK COMEAU " Moe " Chelsea " Bert " " Doc " Norwich, Conn. JOSEPH DOYLE BLA( K CHARLES S. CONNOR (-) A X Minneapolis, Minn. " Chic " White Plains, N. Y. MOSES LEO BOV, ERS EDWARD WTLLISTOX COOK A T Q " Joe " East Boston " Eddie " " Cookie " Somerville JOHN GERALD BOWKER LAURENCE MORSE CURTIS ATQ " Jeff " Lexington " Larry " Groton WALTER ELVIX BOWMAX, Jr. 1 ' T A MORRIS MAX DANOVITCH i: Q V " Walt " Mattapoisett " Dan " Canton HORACE M. BRAXDT AT 12 JAMES AXDREW DANVER BAX " Ildcl " Somerville " Jim " Glenbrook, Conn. TILLM.VN CHESTER BROOKS EDWARD AARON DAVIS, Jr. A T " Brooksie " Lynn " Ned " Bethel, Vt. .lOHX GEARHART BROWX, Jr. Z V PAUL HAMILTON DOLEMAN " Jack " Meriden, Conn. " Dolamite " Roslindale ALLAN EMERSON BR KE AT FRANCIS FRACKELTON DOWNEY BT " Cassias " Dorchester Chablestown JOHN BILENS JOHN MARSHALL DUANE BAX " Jack " Medford " Marsh " Brookline GUIDO ANTHONY (AI.OXKO OV.EN WHITMAN EAMES ATA " Cal " Boston " Whit " " Cupid " Everett JAMES JOSEPH ( AMMISA CLIFFORD IRVING ELLIOIT C. C. " Jimmy " Revere " Cliff " Dorchester RUSSELL LeGRAND CARPENTER Z T CARLTON ETELMAN {« E H " Bud " Meriden-, Conn. " Carl " Fairhaven WESLEY COLLVER CASSON B T ABRAHAM EVANS i] Q 1 ' " Wes " " Cass " Lynn " Al " New Haven, Conn. 19SS- UMBO CLARENCE EDWIN EVANS A I ' A " Chick " Vai,tmam ELI NATHANIEL EEINliEKC; T K 4 ■•El.,p,is- Kcxmiiv MEN.IAMIN WILLIAM FINKELSTEIN " Fink " DouniEsiEU MARTIN JOSEPH KINNEliAN " Mike " Worn UN EDWARD FRANCIS FINNIN " Ed " SdMKiiVii.Li.; ALBERT BEMAN (lAIJWOOl) A T !. " Al " I.AKK Sauanac. N. Y. [ANK FRACKLE ' ION (HTTO SToidiiTii: MILTON CLODT Rdxinuv HAROLD (iOODWIN ' A Lynn WILLIAM (iORDON " Mary " RoxBURY FREDERICK FRAN( IS HACiNER A Mehidex, Conk. PHILIP HAMBIliC lUT " Pat " li..sT..N GEORGE STANLEY HARRIS A V " Deac " DoRCHESTKH ROBERT IRVIN(; HAYES " Mickey " " Boh " Someuvillk MORGAN HAYNES :;; T A " Moregin " Boston EDWIN FROST HELMAN Z I ' " Ed " Clevelami. Ohio HARRY PIERCE HENDERSON ATA " Happy " F ERf:TT WESTRA HITCHINSOX HKiGINS " Wes " Chaklestown LOUIS HOFFMAN l K U " Lou " New Yokk. N. Y. HORTON HAROLD MONROE (.(. " Hal " AliLINCTON STANLEY DENNISON HOWE A T A " Stan " Brookline FRANK ;i:i!AI{|) .lOIINSON Wll.l.Alil) IIWEN JOHNSON FKEI) SIMMONS KELLKIi , ' I " ■•Fivkei " SM- Tn,.K Snuvos. N. Y. LIAS ISBKI.L KEI.SK . ' F )NSI)ON NKV.( O.MI! KIMBALL BR( " Browi JOSEPH ELIAN KLAM JACOli llAliOLI) KOPI.OW ' !■ K 1! ■•.l.,U,-- Dnn.MKSTER RECINALI) Al (ilST I.ANCiELL " Lcilgtliy " S..MKUVIL1.K PAIL LOCKWOOl) LEA ITT Lexington BENJAMIN LEIiOWITZ " Benny " Boston FRANCIS DOrCiLAS I EW IS -1 A " Doug " Set TiiiNOTox. Conn. IIAIiin LEWIS " KhI " Boston BAUTIL WILLIAM LINDSTKOM " B;irr ' DolK iiestkr EBEN PARSONS LIFKIN A V " El ' DoUl HESTER ORRIN CLYDE Ma.CORKLE " Mac " Everett LAIRENC E MADDISON Z r " Laurie " SnMi;inn.i,E .JOSEPH WILLIAM MAHONKY A V " .Toe " Wkvmoi th EARL F. MATTESON Mai.one. N. Y. EDWARD HI (;H McELHINNEY " Mac " WOBIHN EDWARD PATRICK M, SWEENE ' S ' " Mack " I )oU( HESTER JOSEPH MESSINA Boston 1 1922-ilUMBOili DONALD BLAKE MONTGOMERY 1 A MILTON lUTH K II " Monty " Medkord " Balie " New Vokk. N. V. JOHN PEARLY MOSER DAVID BIDWELL SABINE M A X " LongJawn " Salem " Dave " StAKBoKoiGH. N. Y ' . JAMES JOSEPH MLRRAY, Jr. ALFRED ARTHUR SARTORELLI " Jim " SoMERVILLE " AT " ( ' Hf;LSEA JOSEPH FRANCIS NEE H T A FREDERICK (iEORliE SCHELL " Kidnee " Wilmington Doirhester FRANK O. BOND-NELSON ATA IRVINC ALFRED SILVERMAN " Nellie " Johanxesbuhg, South Africa New York. N. Y, HAROLD JAMES NICHOLSON (lEORGE OSBORNE SLMMONDS " Nick " Medkord " George " New Haven, Conn. ARTHUR OLOF ODEGARD ROLAND GREELY SNOW B T " Odie " South Boston " Roly " Somerville GEORGE OETINGER NORMAN COLBURN SPOONER ! A Boston " Chink " Natick JOHN MADSON OKEEFE HARRY ELLIOT THOMAS " Mad " Swampscott " Tommy " Peabody FRANCIS BOSWORTH PARSONS B T EARLE ALFRED THOMPSON " Parse " " F.O.B. " Reading " Zeke " " Tommy " Brooklixe FREDERICK SEYMOUR PEASLEY A T Q JAMES ROBERT TIFFANY " Freddy " Everett " Tiff " Boston JOSEPH PETERSON JAMES CHURCHILL TILLINtiHASP ATA Somerville " Tilly " Cambridge DEMOSTHENES PROTOPAPAS DEAN PETER TSAC.ARIS " Prot " Lowell " Tsag " Lowell FRANCIS BARTHOLOMEW QUINN RUDOLPH KIMBALL TYLER B T Medford " Woof " Westwood HARRY CURTIS RANKIN A " Rank " Peabody ALBERT VANDERHOOF A T Q " Van " E erett halbert wentworth reed r T A " Hal " Somerville CHARLES HENRY VOSE A I ' A " Hen " Lynn- CLAYTON FREDERICK ROCK A V " Stony " QuiNCY JULIUS WALDMAN Chelsea GEORGE EDWARD ROGERS A V HYMEN WHITE i; Q T " Joe " So. Manchester, Conn. " Wliitey " Winthrop WAVERLEY LEWIS ROOT Z " F RALPH LABURTON WILLIAMS ATA " Cube " Fall River " Bill " Lynn EARL CARROLL WARREN Z 1 ' " Tubby " Bath, Me. M. P. McCarthy E. A. Wadleigh M. D. Newhall L. A. Johnson R. E. Jelly L. G. Hamilton . Clagg of 1924 (Officers; President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Marshal Historian Class Colorg Gold and Blue IBSS- MBO DOROTHY ARNOLD i] 1 .jri.IA FLORENCE MAXWELL 1 ' K ■•Dotty " Everett Everett OI.IVK. BARROWS MAR.IORIE PHILLIPS M.CART • Aon New Bedford -Margf " W.A .SMI xgtox. D. C. EMILY L Y RIXBY EDITH MtKEE A H North Andover ■ ' Dick- P. i,mertox, Penn. ELEANOR BROWN i: K SOMERVILLE MARION DAVIS NEWHALL Xl SWAMPSCOTT PEARL L R(;rERITE C AVANEY Ll ' CY THIRSTON NORDON Scotia. N. Y. " Nordie " Lynn NANCY (OLE A () II SUSAN OBRIEN A O 11 Plymouth " Sue " WlIAIIXGTON HELEN NANCY COWEN Revere M.JiZIE OLSEN Boston IRMA MARGIERITE CUNNINGHAM S K LENA PEARL PECK ::: K Stamford. Coxx. SOMERVILLE MARY BEATRK E (JLIDDEN X FRANCES GREEN MARION SANDERS HARDING K IPSC( TT ROXBURY ossipee, n. h. Medford MAY POLLAK CONSTANCE RICKETTS X 12 " Connie " Monson MIRIAM INGALLS RIDEOUT X LI KATHARIN FAY HOWE " Kay " RUTH EDNA JELLY X i " Ruthie " SWAMP.SCOTT LAVINA ALLEN JOHNSON i: K JEAN margari:t KELLOCK a Z a Harris VI LLE, N. Y. MARION E. RUSSELL MARY ELIZABETH SEARS A O H " Coney " Fort Worth. Texas MARIAN VAUGHAN SEARS A O II " Tom " Plymoith RITHLYN WINSLOW SMITH XQ Sprixgfield HILDA LITCHFIELD X PHYLLIS EVELYN MASON :i: " Phyl " ANGELA QUIN( Y MAR( HESE " Angle " RUTH LOUISA MAXIM " Ruthie " HELEN L. SPRAGUE " Dizzie " GERTRl ' DE TWISS AHA " Buzz " Bedford ELIZABETH VAN UMMERSEN 1! K " Libbv " SOMERVII.LE EVELYN AMLDA WADLEKill Xil " Ev " Steep Falls, Me. r FREsmm Clags; of 1925 (Officers W. H. Harrison . . President M. N. WiNSLOW . Mce- President R. L. Wilson . Secretary L. R. Clark Treasurer A. M. Thompson . Clagg Colorg Red and White Marshal Clags Ctcer 1 !) 2 .5 Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! 1-9-2-5 Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! l-9- ' -2-5 Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Twenty-five — Twenty-five — Twenty -five 105 Jfrcsifjmen HENRY LYMAN ADAMS, JR., ' Hank JAMES FREDERICK ARCHIBALD. Anlik- FRAN( IS HI ' ARV HAKKR JOSEPH THOUl ' E MALLARD A T A. ' Joe " LA VRK ( E MAIUFFALDI li T. ' Barrv ■ JOSEPH D.WIEL |{. T(IH:L()li, ■Hatch " DA ID HENTLEV A I ' U HAROLD KOETIEK BE( K A 1 ' . Al. " PHILIl- HEIJHV BEK.NSTEIX, ■Bemie " ADRIAN EDWIN BESSEY H H. " Bes.sie " FRANCIS EDWIN BLANEY. • ' Dutch ' MATTHEW CARL BUNH: EZNK K BOCOSIAN A r. " R,.! ' EVERETT WH, LIS liEANE. ' Banin- ERNEST l ' . l L UliOSSEAL T. " Doc " ALBERl " SAAU EL BROWN. " Al " GEORCE EDWIN lUDD , T. " Biul ' - JOHN .lOSEl ' lI m l!KE, .U{. WILLIAM HENRY ( ARTER. " BiH ' ALAN C. CHASE H H. " Al " DAVID DIKE COCHR.VNE A T U " Duke " LAWRENCE RAYMOND CLARK A V. " Lirrv ROBERT EliEEMAN COMFORT. " Bol. " GEORCE R. COI ' ELAND. " Cojjee " HOLMES IMTNAM CRABTREE 1 A. " Crah " HERBERT L DOIXiE JESSE SE MOIR DOOLITTLE, " Doolev " MALCOLM (IRAEME DOUGLAS A T A. " Doi IRVING EDELSTEIN T R i ' , " Irv " ROBERT EMMET EITZ(;ERALD, " Fitz " DANA PALMER l ' 0(i(;. Jh. A T Q, " Mistv " EVANDER FRENCH Z ' ! ' , " Van " ELWYN H. R E ' GAMAGE B T, " Gam " MORRIS (iARBER . (HILLE GEORGE GELALLES MILTON l)A ll) GLICKMAN. " Glick " ISAAC GOLDSTEIN. " I " KEITH . LWIN (iOVE i; T A. " Govie " CORNELirS GREENWAY B T, " Dutch v " RICHARD MASON GROWE C. C, " Dick " ALEXANDER OITS HAFF A T, " Alec " WILLIAM CHESTER HALEY A T Q, " Chet " FRANK E ANS HANSON. " Hank " JAMISON RK HARD HARRISON, " Dick " WILLIAM ( ITIIBERr HARRISON. Jr. A T ! RONALD KENNE ' I ' H HAD H ( . C. " Hatchie " CLARENCE EILTON HEAD, " Clarev " .JOHN .lOSEI ' ll HENNESSEY (-) A X, " Speed " CHARLES WILLIAM HOUGHTON C. (.. " Chai HARRISON CLAUDE HOWLAND. " Harrv " RAYMOND EARL KILTY. " Rav " SAMUEL KLEIN, " Sambo " ANDREW SHEPHEARD LAURIE A T, " Andv ROLAND LEO LE.U H. " Roly " EARNEST EAS ' T.M.VN LEAVITT 1! T A, " Ern LEROY MOSES JORDAN, " Moses " IOC Georgetown Medford Plymouth Malden SoMERVILLE RiDGEWOOD, N. J. M.WCHESTER, Vt. Everett Jamaica Plain Zanesville, Ohio. Ansonia, Conn. West Hoboken, N. J. Waltha.v North . dams West .Somekxii.i.e Fall R.veu Waltham Anuoveu Dorchester Manchester. Vt. Springfield Winchester Somerville Melrose Needham soithington, con ' n. Hill Somerville Worcester Auburn, Me. Winchester Auburn, Me. Chelsea Lynn Dorchester Boston- Woodland, Me. Fhanklix . RLI-VGT0N Newton Highl nds . rlingto- - Wakefield Boston Winchester Winchester BU(KIKLINE Wa LI-OLE, N. H. Boston Wauehoiise Point, Conn. Lynn- Somerville Methuen Dorchester Winchester DUDLEY DAVID LEVY. " Dud " FREDERICK BILLINGS LITTLEFIELl) (-) A X. " Heinie RAFAEL FILIBERTO LOBATO, Jr. " Mex " RALPH .lEROME LOCKWOOD. " Kid " EDWARD ROBKR ' l " Mc ( ARTHV A. " Ned " " Mac " WALPEK AKilST MALMQIIST .1 RALPH MANX, " Gvi. ' SALVATORE ( ANK L N ' n()NE, " Manty " WALTER MH.LER MAROX Z F, " Walt " HOWAIU) ELISHA MAIiSlON ATA, " Chick " ( ARL (;E()R(;E ALVITSON a v. " Shimmie " ARTHIR LEO L V A T U. " An " DONALD HAYES MH.LER A T A, " Dcm " LEE N R MH.LER A T U. " D.aro,, " (iERALD Rl( HARD MITS( H. " .I.rry " ERAN( IS LA REN E MORAN SLMON XAZARLVN, " Si " VICTOR NELSON l T A. " Vic " " Nellie " .lOHN LINCOLN PEARSON Z r, " Jack " MAYNARD PETKIN, " Pet " WALTER HOWARD POLLARD Jr. S T A, " Shorty " DWIGHT HOHART PROITY. " Prout " " Pete " GORDON ( HILSON REARDON ATA " Dick " EDWARD ALBERT REE( E. " Ed " NORMAN LAMSON REED H T. " Moon " ALEXANDER RI( HIKIi, Aleck " " Nappie " ALVAII OBADIAU RING, " Obie " WILLIAM M,( LIRE RINGLAND O A X, " Barney " .(OSEPH ROSSELLl A, " Joeie " WHITMAN (iRANVILLE ROUILLARD A, " Whit " JOHN DONALD RISSELL HA X. " Red " HENRY HAROLD SAMIELS. " Hal " FRANK IIILLIARD SARGENT, Jk. Z r, " Bud " LORIMER MILLER S( IIMIDT " Lolly " " Buster " ( ORTLAM) HENRY S( IIRODER C. C, " Chris " ARTHIR WILLIAM S( ULSTER A T, " Art " NATHAN LOVIS SHARE 1 Q 1 ' . " Red " .lOSEPH HERBERT SHARRILLO. " .loe " HERBERT ARTHIR SILVER i] U " P, " Herb " ERNEST JOSEPH SIMMO.NS NATHAN MORRIS SINGERMAN, " Sing " HOWARD DAVIS SPOERL, " Rabbi " HARRY SIROVSKY ALBERT METCALF THOMPSON A T O. " Al " " Tommy ' HAROLD riHRMAN ( LAI{EN( E NEWMAN TRIESDALE A T A, " Pat " PAI L DI DLEY VAN AIKEN, " Van " HI BERT ASHTON VICKERY, Jh. " Vick " RALl ' II CROWELL WEAVER T A, " Rick " LOITS WEINER WILLIAM FRANCIS WHITE. " Wliitie " JOHN JACOB WILSON. " Ja.k ' " Cliamp " R.WMOND LINDSLE WILSON Z T, " Scoop " MAIliK E NORMAN WINSLOW i: T A, " Maurice " JOSEPH BERNARD WOLBARSHT ERNON W NOTT. " Vcrnic " BENJ.VMIN YANOMTZ 1 ' LI I ' , " Bennie " TAKESHI YOSHIYASU 107 New York, N. Y. somerville Mexico City, Mexico Brook LINE N. TICK C. BOT, Vt. Dorchester PiTTSTON, Penn. Meriden, Conn. somerville Waterburv, Conn. somerville Weymouth M. TT, PAN Chelse. Cambridge Magnoli.a. Washington, D.C. Dorchester Leominster Hudson QUINCY Port-of-Spain, Trinidad Reading ROXBURY .Arlington Norwich, Conn. Waterbury, Conn. Westwood White Putins, N. Y. Boston Brighton Billerica . dams Waterbury, Conn. Boston Medford Boston Lawrence Hudson, Ohio Woodhaven, N. Y. Dorchester Brookline Dorchester somervillb Chelmsford Dorchester Boston Newton Dorchester Schenectady, N. Y. Falmouth, Me. Roxbury . llston Boston ToKio, Japan Clasis! of 1925 dDfficcrs C. C. Havner . I ' rcxhlenf A. Harrington . Vke-Presideni R. J. Allen Scrrctarn A. R. Ward. Treasurer M. Ward . Marshal R. E. WlIITTEN . Class Colors Red and White . Uhtnrian 3 acfeBon Jfrestjmen HOSEMAHV AI.I.KN A O II. •Slitcir ELIZAHKTH EXKlEI.l) ATKINSON A O 11, ' MAHEI, MILLEIi MEN.IAMIN. •Bennie " ANNA CHEEM.EAE HENT i: K. •Nan ' WIMEKEI) ESTHER BITIHELL X ti. " VHir ELINOR MAE (OLBIRN, " Colbie " MARY ROBINSON CONANT A Z A. " Toots ' ELEANOR ( ROSBV 11 K. " Tony " FRANC ES ELLEN DONOWAV. X J ELIZABETH EARWELL. " Beth " GENEVA CAMI ' BELL EISIIER 1 ' K. " (ieiu. " RITII NL R(.ARET EILLER, " Dut.li " MAR.IORIE ISABEL (iLENNIE A Z A. " Iz .y MIRIAM LILLIAN (iOLDMAN. " Mim " IDYLA KLOREN( E OOILI). " M " MARJORIE BRADEORD (ULICK. " Marfje " KATHLEEN MASON HAEE A ) II. " K " MAY B. HALPERSOHN. " Maylx " ALICE IIARRIN(;T0N () 11, " Al " EVELYN (JERTRIDE HAVEN CAROLYN L.W H.VVNER X i, " Carrie " MARCiARET SAYLES HOLMES, " IVftgy " EVELYN REBK( A JOHNSTON A E A M. WILMA KOELSCH A I) II. " Willie " GWENDOLYN .lACKSOX LAMBERT A H A. MAY CLARE LE. CH ASA, " Mazie " FRAN( ES ( E( ELIA LfeARY. " Fran " DOROTin ST. NI)ISH LEWIS EVELINA (iARRISON MARTIN, " Ev " ELIZABETH BRK.C.S M, DERMOIT A O II. RITII E MORRIS A O 11, " Biinl,,. " DOROTHY MAin MOINTEORD. " Dot " HELEN MARY NEV HALL X il C.VniERINE MARY NEWTON A Z A. " (as, MILDRED E AN(iELINE I ' .VRKER. " Millie " ELIZABETH VIRtilNIA PATTERSON X U ' DOROTHY BILLINGS PEXNIMAN, " Dot RITII DRISILLA PLATT 1 K " IVtra.l " VIVIAN (iRA( E RAYMOND, " Vi " HELEN ELAINE ROSE X U. " Rosie " RUTH E EL N SAL.VWAY HAZEL LILLIAN SAMSON, " Sammy " ELEANOR SANBORN, " Sammv " . GNES ELEANOR SCIIILT MARION ESTHER SMITH K MARtiARET LOI ISE SMITH 1 ' K. " Peijgy " GLADYS M.VRY SPEN( ER MARCilERITE MARIE TIIYNG BERTHA ELIZABETH VEEDER A Z A, " B( LEOLA W. (;NEI(, " Dnt.hv ■ MILDRED WAGNER, " Bahe " ELIZABETH M WALKER RITII WARD X U MILDRED WARD A O 11, " Millv " RITII ELIZABETH WHITTEX A O II, " Be. MIRIEL WISE, " Murey ■ THELMA YEUELL, " U " Boston EaI.MOI TH Medkord SoMEHVILLE S. LEM Plymouth BUOOKUNE NoKTII AMxnEK DolKIIESTKU B.iuiiE. Vt. Ew ' oBK City, X, ' , Newton Highl. nds Everett Clevel. nd, Ohio Athol PoHTLAN-n. Me. Adams MAN-rMESTEH, CoNN. New Yoeik. N. Y. S. LGUS Andover Medford Lynn Pe body Bourne New York, N. Y. Lowell swampscott Lynn Lenox . MM ERST MoNSON Meukori) Hill.siue Ne« York. X, Y. .Vttlebobo ROXBURY Medford . mksiu-ry Lebanon, N. H. Lebanon, N. H. Lynn Watbrboro, Me. Woods Hole the. ,st Harbok, Me. Berlin, X. H. Stdbury Dover. X. J, Braintkee Xew Y ' ork, X. Y ' . Dorchester Greenwood no 14 g oK 2S eta Isii l appa Chapter €gtabligf)el) 1855 Founded ut Xcir York- r» rcM , ISJi Tii:cutij-.- even ( ' haptcm jFratrcS in jFatultatc Prof. William Kendall Denison Prof. Leo Rich Lewis Prof. Frantc Elias Seavey IxsTRUfTOR Percy Desmond Wilkins Milton Alvah C ' ha Bjorn Stearns Tr. ' John Erwin Allen- Ernest Foster Cutter Milford Herschel Davi Harold Mark Hook Jfratrcs in nibcrsitatc 1921 rDLER George Herbert CiARsiDE Friis William Ho vES Moore JcjSEPII Albert Ober 1022 William John MacIntyre Norman Lafayette Millard Louis Henry O ' Donnell John Henby Schmuck P ' rank Mk iiael Tighe Bernard Everett Hutchins John Kimball Phel. n John Gearhart Brown, Jr. Russell LeGrand Carpenter Edwin Frost Helman Earl Carroll W ' Arren 1925 Ernest Paul Brossealt George Edwin Budd Evander French AValter Miller Maron John Lincoln Pearson Frank Hilliard Sargent, Jr. Raymond Lindsley Wilson 1923 1924 Lucius Kendall Reed George Dana Younger Fred Simmons Keller Ell s Isbell Kelsey Waverley Lewis Root fjeta Belta € )i iiappa Ctargc Cgtablisfjcb 1856 lunniilal at I ' liiin, CDllqie, IS ' ,.S Jfratrcs in Jfatultatc I ' lioF. ( " hakles Ernest Fay 1 ' kof. Charles Henry Gray Prof. George Preston Bacon Prof. Clarence Preston Houston Jfratrcs in ©nibcisitatc 1920 Steven Colucci Harold Stuart Hanes Herbert Dillingham Lane Francis Barrett Carlyle Smith Bell Maurice Bowdbn Dower 1921 1922 1923 Har ey Rkgin. 1924 Porter Harris Barro s James Rawson Bascom Edward Maurice Cadigan Charles Stoddard Connor 1925 Perley Leon Folsom John Joseph Hennessey CoBURN Dorl. nd Hollister Frederic Billings Littlefield Robert Walter Norris William McClure Ringl. nd John Donald Russell Norman Warren Perky (iEOKGE Arthur Pickett, Jr. Charles Chester Weafer Ralph Wilson Green Frank Grant Loud Addison Lippitt Marvin LD Rice James Andrew Danver John ]VL rshall Duane John Arthur Johnson David Bidwell Sabine Belta psiilon QTufts Cfjaptcr egtafaUfihctr 1886 aided at William. ' CoUciic IS.I4 Forfl -ei(iht ( ' haptrrx jFratrcs in jFacultatc Prof. Fraxk William Durkee Prof. Arthur Irving Andrews Prof. Melville Smith Munbo Jfratrcs in UniUcrSitatc Frank R ' 1921 ooK Henry Mahlon Foley Willard Stanton Small, Jr. 1922 Ralph ( " larke Hradley Harold Oscar Congdon Elliot Stephenson Adams Richard Samuel Bennett Arthur Dexter Grose John Paul Hoac: Allan Emerson Bruce Frank Edward Cross George Austin D ' Arcy Edward Aaron Davis, Jr. Georgb 1925 Harold Koetter Beck eznick bogosian Al. n Card Chase Lawrence Raymond Clark Alex. nder Otis Haff Andrew Shepherd Laurie Carl George Mattson Arthur William Schuster William Edward Tranter 1923 Chester Moody Mattson Arthur Daniels Nash Richard Damion Lawlor David Reese Pevere Alfred Otis Shurrocks Karl George Upton 1924 George Stanley ' Harris Eben Parsons Lufkin Joseph William ]VL .honey Clayton Frederick Rock Edward Rogers fli r ' ' ' i ■k-- « - ■ ' ■• S •C- iv, m . « f ™ «jr • i « • :,i - »f» ' ; B -ip ' Belta Zm Belta Pcta JHu chapter CgtabUgftcb 1889 Fninided at Bfthain Collcnc 1S50 Si.rt!,-fii ' c Chapte rs Jfratreg in JfacuUatc I ' kksident Johx Albert Cousens Prof. Fred Dayton Lambert AssT. Prof. Titus Eugene Mergendahl AssT. Prof. John Louis Charles Keegan Instructor Francis Thomas McCabe Charles Henry Downs Sumner King Bryant Hubert Prince C itshman Albert Davis Joseph Max Andress Ralph Stillman Charles Stanwood Hall Howes WlLLARD Bl. CKMER MoRRELL Francis Joseph Petrone Owen Whitman Eames Clarence Edwin Evans Harry Pierce Henderson Ralph Laburton Williams 1925 Joseph Thorpe Ball. rd Malcolm Graeme Douglas Howard Elisha ]VL rston Donald Hayes Miller Gordon Chilson Reardon Clarence Newman Truesdal jFratrcs! in ©nibcrsitatc 1021 Albion Joseph Towle 1022 Ravm,,n W SIII NGTON ElDRIDG Jamks Mm.i .ll)(l lo LeCain Roy VuToH : KLDOX Ralph Takk W OODCOCK 1023 1024 Almon Leroy Pickard Maurice Hunt Pick. rd Joel W ' arren Reynolds, Jr. Harold Elmer Rounds Everett Bradley Wakeman Stanley Dennison Howe James Churchill M. Tillinghast Charles Henry Vose (gamma ?@cta Chapter (Kstatligbeti S ' 2 Founded at I ' irginia Militdri Iimtifufe, ISli ' ) S( ' irnti -fire Chaptns jfratres in Jfacultatc Dean Frank George Wrex Prof. George Stewart Miller AssT. Inst. Franklin Earl Gonn . 8ST. Inst. Ernest Laurence Kresser ElSON TrASK KlLLAM Paul Burton Killam Jfratrcs in HniUcrsitatc 1922 Sidney Josiiu, Ralph Alvin Roc kwell El ' Gene Nelson Sanders Taylor 1923 Theodore Reginald Bickford Edward Winchester ( ' umming!- Laurence Morse Curtis Leonard Bradley Gage Keith Fenton Killam Albert Welsey Nichols Wendell Arleigh Osborne Roheht Iaxy Wood 1924 Robert Henry Atkins Horace Milton Brandt Armand Theodore Chandonnet Edward Williston Cook Albert Beman C;ara ood Frederick Seymour Peasley Carl Robert Smith, Jr. Albert Whittier ' an ' derhoof 1925 David Bentley ' David Duke Cochrane William Chester Haley William Cuthbert Harrison, Jr. Dana Palmer Fogg, Jr. Arthur Leo ]VL y Lee Nor l n Richards Miller Jaaies Harry Price Albert Metc. lf Thompson igma Wan Iplja ILocal (£6tat)lisl)cb 1005 jfrater in jFacultatc I.NsTHrcTOR Frederic Xixon Weaver Jfratrcsi in Sniticrsitatc 1922 Henry Joseph Cirrv Artih r Vinx ext Leary Ralph Fuller Cirtis Edward John Moore Henry Leslie Garabedian Francis Charles O ' Brien Edward James (ioRRiE Alan Oliver Simmerville Arthir (Iardner Terrill George Oliver Boule Frank George Calkin Stewart Preston Crcjwell Herman Garland Dresser 1923 1924 William Spencer Lawler Percy John Pitkin William Frederick Welsford Ernest Sanford Woodworth Joseph Lawrence Beardmore Morgan Haynes Walter Elvin Bowman Joseph Francis Ni Halbert Wentworth Reed 1925 Keith Alwin Gove Ernest Eastman Leavitt Victor Nelson Walter Howard Poll. rd, . Ralph Crowell Weaver Maurice Norman Winslow Ilocal Pi)i Bella (lEstabliBbeli 1012 jFraticS in ?3nil)crsitatc 1922 Herbert Manning Crowley Carroll Irving Dwinnell Robert Elisha Hamill Donald h i 1923 Frederick Hf WARi) Crai!tkke Kenneth Gleason Crosby Walter Joseph Mullin Arthur Edward Nilsson Rex Rri ' us RucitiLEs Willard Waino Arthtr Kaattari Llewelyn Arnold Owen AValter ]Mehrill Wheeler 1924 Robert Oliver Fuller Harold Alpheus Coodwin Frederick Francis Hagner Raymond Lewis Karnan 1925 Edgar Humphrey Cobb Holmes Putnam Crabtree Edward Robert McCarthy Joseph Rosselli Whitman Granville Roiill, Francis Douglas Lewis Donald Blake Montgomery Harry Curt ' is Rankin Norman Colburn Sfooner pji Cpsiilon $i CE mitron Ctjaptcr (Cstablisljcti 1915 Founded at CdIIciic of the ( ' itij of Xnr Vorlc. IU03 Tirciitii-six Cliapfcrs Jfratrcg in ?anil)crgitatc 1921 Samuel Kirshtein 1922 Lionel Everett Faulkner Harold Fielding Maxwell Monroe CIreen John J. Landy 1923 Raymond Dewey Greenbaum Harry Raphel 1924 Carlton Etelman Louis Hoffman Harry Spunt 1925 David Buller Albert Hydk Ralph Jerome Lockwood Harry Charles O ' Brien Saul Chauser Ravitch K RL Samt ' el Schwartz Charles Eucjene Smith Loris IIauky Seoel Simon Irvi. (; Shaker Jacob Harold Koplow Milton Ruth i9o gs s§§ m st llocal Peta Cau (£stat)liBl)cti lOlO Jfratres in anibcrsiitatc 1020 Kenneth Hodgson Casson 1922 Charles Edward Butterwou HoLLis Heath Coyle Walter Lewis Fitzgerald Frederick William Gow, Jr. Ralph Stedman Hood George Anthony Kelley Frank Titcomb Lewis Everett Hayuen Otis Howard Wesley Paige Clifford Benjamin Pool Ralph Alden Powers John Muldrow Salling Adam Edward Sulesky ' Maurice Burleigh Tasker Philip Percel Welch Harold Rutherford Brown Alfred Edward Grant Leonard Sargent Hubbard 1923 John Francis McVey Edward Oscar Sampson George Earlin Watson Derman Gray Baker Weston Taft Bennett Wesley Colliver Casson 1924 Francis Frackleton Downey Francis Bosworth Parsons Roland Greeley ' Snoav 1925 Lawrence Baruffaldi Elwin Harvey Gamage Cornelius Greenway Charles H. Haney Norman Lampson Reed Everett Calef White igma d mega gi jHu Ctjapter estabimcti 1921 Founded at the College of the Citi of Xcir York, I ' JI: Thirteen Cliapters Jfratres in ©nibcrsitatc 1921 Nathan Schatz 1922 Harold Horvitz Nathan Sheer Abraham Ponack 1923 Michael Sheer Samiel Freeman Myer Temkin 1924 Jacob Kaslick Morris M. Danovitch Philip Hamburg AiiRAHAM E •A •H IlvMKN White 1925 Harold H. Sisson Nathan L. Share Benjamin Vanovitz Herbert A. Silver Prof. Samuel Lucas ( onner Prof. Edward Henry Rockwell Prof. Harvey Alden Wooster (Eommong Cluti Cufts Ctiaptcr €gtablislKti 1008 Founded ai Wcslcijan Uiiirrrsili . IS ' JO Si.i- Chapters Jfratrcs in jFacultate Dean (Jardner ( ' mace Anthony Prof. Conrad Arnold Adams Prof. Crosby Fred Baker Prof. Howard Hantixcs Carroll Prof. Charles Hmihis (Hask Prof. Edmin BrTi.i;i; Rollins Instr. Robinson Abbot Instr. Ra -mond Underwood Fittz Jfratres in anibcrsitatc 1921 Milton Armstrong MacKay (Ieorge Washington Saunders Howard J. Daly B ' i ' RON E. Gracy Ralph P. Hall Joseph R. Heard Edward H. Hoyt George E. Ell. rd Bruce P. Haire Chester V. Nass William L. Cashen Richard F. Clark 1925 Adrian E. Bessey Richard M. Grower Ronald K. Hatch Charles W. Houghton Cortland H. Schroder 1922 George H. Kriss Walter J. Lo ' e Lloyd W. MacArthur Raymond H. McAi ley Philip Mooney 1923 Arthur H. O ' Coxxell Stanisl. us Pearce Douglas P. Steward 1924 Cliff(jr» L Elliott Charles H. Harris Charles Pierce Frederick W. Pierce, Jr. Roland E. Shepherd Sydney Smith Robert B. Stephens, Jr. Robert J. Stormont Lester B. Warrington Harrie H. Whitney, Jr. Harold ] L Morton Broxsdon N. Kimball Snterfraternitp Council ©elegates for 1 92 M 922 The Inter-fraternity Council is composed of one Senior and one Junior delegate from each of the recognized fraternities on the Hill. Its purpose is to promote good fellowshii) among the various fraternal organizations in the college, and to regulate matters of interfraternity concern. Heta gi WiLLi. M John M. cIntyre, 1!) ' -2 " 2 Ckokce D. n Younger. 19-25 tKJjcta Belta CJ)i H. KOLi) Olin Wilson, U) ' 2 ' 2 Herhekt Dillingh. m Lane, lO-J-Z Belta ?ipsfilon Chester Moody M, ttson. lO ' -i ' -i Ceoroe p]invAR» Rogers, 19 ' -2;? Belta au Bclta Hubert Prince Cushman, 19 ' -2 ' -2 Joseph Max Andress, 1923 Ipta Eau dDmcga Eugene Nelson Sanders, 1022 Edward Winch ester Cu.mmings, 1023 igma ®au Silpfja Edward James Corrie, 1022 C;p:orge Oliver Boule, 1923 f)i ©cUa Donald Brooks Willard, 1022 Kenneth (Ileason Crosby, 1923 $flt Cpsilon $t Charles Eugene Smith, 1922 Louis Harry Sr;(;EL, 1923 Commons; Club Joseph Richard Heard, 1922 Chester Vernon Nass, 1923 Jgcta tKau John Muldrow Sallinc;, 1022 Alfred Edward Crant, 1023 134 JflCKSOn FRfflimiTIES aipfja Ki JBtita Hambba Chapter Cgtablifibel) 1907 Founded at Lombard ( ' oUe(jt n Twcntii-ninv ( ' haptrrs ororcs in ©niberfiitate 1922 Edith Margaret Folsom Mai ,AiDE Marc; Beatrice May I RET Storms 1923 Helen Frances Carr Rachel Minot Fiske Clara Louise Foster Anita Belle MacWhorter Othilia I ' atrk I. Mae Caroline Pfunder Gladys Isabelle Porter Ruth Marie Reckers Doris Gertrctde VAUciHAJ I ViEIRA Jean Margaret Kellock 1924 F. Gertrude Twiss Mary Robinson Conant Marjorie Isabel Glennie Evelyn Rebecca Johnston 1925 Gwendolyn Lambert May Clare Leach Catherine Mary Newton Bertha Elizabeth Veeder !lllpf)a (l micron $i 3Be ta Ctjaptcr Cgtablistjcli 1908 Founded at Bar Twent!i-sc ■d Colkiiv. 1S07 ( ' liapterK ororcg in Unibergitatr 1022 Eunice Lilll n Bassemir Elizabeth Robertson Beattie Gl. dys Berntce Bryant Rosalie Margaret Cobb Ruth Earle Gladys Harrington Maky ' Estelle Heald Kathleen Elizabeth MacDonald Helen Xeal Margaret Neal Bakbara Standish Peterson Mary Dorothy- Rourke Kathryn Ai gusta Smith Mildred Wright Sproul Helen Mildred Sullivan Mary Beatrice Arnold Beatrice Bishop Caroline Lucile Conant Sarah Louise Clark Nancy Cole Marjorie Phillips McCarthy Elizabeth B riggs McDermott Mary Rosemary Josephine Allen Elizabeth Enfield Atkinson Kathleen Mason Haff Alice Harrington 1923 1924 Esther Dorothy Fowler Dorothy Caroline Hilton Eleanor Chandlee Leadbeater Louise Adele Russell Edith Louise McKee Susan O ' Brien Marian Vaughan Sears Elizabeth Sears 1925 WiLMA KOELSCH Ruth Elizabeth Morris Mildred Ward Ruth Elizabeth Whitten lay J z 5 a €i)i Ipfta Ctaptcr Cf)i (Iomega ; ;;( (•( at i ' ltiirrsiti „f Arhi Fifiil-onc Chapter egtablisf)cli 1910 ororcs in jFacultatc Instructor Edith Li - v(jod Bush Instructor Rttth Touwey ororcs in nibcrsitatc 1922 Elizabeth Boody ] Iary Alma Hopkins Mary Josephine Holland Florence Emma Lan( ey Rachel Elizabeth Hollister Pauline Hume Olsson Mary Bernardine Phelan 1923 L. M. RGUERITE HeINS 1924 Mary Beatrice (Iliddex Ruth Edna Jelly Hilda Litchbteld Marion Davis Newhall Winifred Esther Burrell Frances Ellen Donoway Carolyn Clay Havner 1925 Constance Ricketts Miriam Ingalls Rideout RUTHLYN WiNSLOW SmITII Evelyn Avilda Wadleigh Helen Mary Newhall Elizabeth Virginia Patterson Helen Elaine Rose Adelaide Ruth Ward 5?S5 , £0 A. - (i micron Ctaptcr isma i appa €stafalis»;cb 1013 Founded at CMij ( nllaje. ISl Tvritl! -iiiiie ( ' IkijiIci-.s ororcs in Unibcrsitate Dorothea Chambers Emerson Laura Cecil Fogwell Anna Frances Kuhn Aldyth Louise Barrett Esther Louise Freeman Marjory Maxwell Dorothy Arnold Eleanor Brown Irma Marguerite Cunningham Katherine Fay Howe Eliza liEi Anna Greenleaf Bent Eleanor Crosby] -4 - Geneva Campbell Fisher 1923 1922 Sallie Amanda Porter Lillian Nancie Reid Klizaheth Hill Staples Bernice Elizabeth Morgan Tyyne Maria Saari Helen Aloyse Salmon 1924 Lamna Allen Johnson Phyllis Evelyn Mason Julia Florence ] L xwell Lena Pearl Peck J. Van Ummersen 1925 I). Ruth Platt Lvr(;aret Louise Smith L RION Esther Smith The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of one Senior delegate and one Junior delegate from each of the recognized sororities on the Hill. The Council makes the rules which govern the rushing at the heginiiiiig of the school year. !Slpt]a Ki Belta EuiTH M. P ' oLsoM, Id ' -H Mae C. Pfunder, 1923 Ipt)a (J micron $t Margaret Neal, lO S Beatripe Bishop, 19-2.3 C|)i C mega Florence E. Lancey. 19 ' 2 ' 2 L. MARfUERiTE Heins, 19 ' 23 tstna Eappa Anna F. Kuhn, 19 ' ' 2 ' ' 2 Esther L. Freeman, 1923 Senior i onorarp ocictp F,wwlnl ISU: Henky Josp:ph Curry Hubert Prince Cushmax George Henry Fixxegax Joseph Richard Heard Herbert Dillingham Lane James Millidge LeCain WiLijAM John- MacIntyre Cii ester Moody Iattsox Harry Charles O ' Brien Eugene Nelson Sanders John Henry Schmuck Sydney Joshua Taylor Arthur Gardner Terrill Charles Chester Weafer Harold Olin Wilson t » r ' M i 1 f ' , . ; " I i)i Peta i appa J onovavp cfjolasitic Jfraternitp 3ielta of JHasisaciiugcttfi «5stablisJ)cti 1802 Founded. 177( . W ' illidm and Mary College Eight !i-fiii- Chapter. 0Uicex6 Prof. Lee S. McCollester, ' 81 .... Prettident Samuel M. Men-dum, " 8.5 . . . . ] ' ice-Pre. :ident Prof. WiLLi.wi R. R. NsoM. ' 98 . Secretarii-Trea. urer Cxctutibc Committee Prof. Fred D. Lambert, ' 94 Robert W. Hill, ' 04 Edith L. Bush, ' 03 Mary V. (Gardner, " Ki iWembcrS from tfte Clagg of 1922 Philip Edward Cassidy Henry Leslie Garabedian Rosalie Margaret Cobb ] L xwell Monroe Green Melvin Joseph Cohen Wilfrid Andrew Kalber Elsa Henrietta Dohne Helen Neal Miriam Elbridge Ford Mildred Gertrude Pestell $en, $aint anb ret els! Senior I onorarp dramatic ocictp Founded mil Ralph Cl. rke Bradley SuMXER King Bryant Charles Edward Bltterworth Melvin Joseph Cohex Raymon Washington Eldridge Bjorn Stearns Trap Friis Hentiy Leslie Garabedian Herbert Dillingham Lane William John MacIntyre Arthur Daniels Nash Andkess Killam Hutchins Petrone Shurrocks (iREEX WOODWOHTH RoiNDS I ' pTON XaSS 3bp Junior l onoxavv ocictp Founded I ' .KIl J. Max Axdress Carlyle Smith Bell Ralph Wilsox Greex Berxard Everett Hutchixs Keith Fentox Killam Chester Verx ' ox Nass Fraxcis Joseph Petroxe Harold Elmer Rouxds Alfred Otis Shurrocks DouGL. s Pattex Steward Karl George Upton Ernest Sanford Woodworth 149 ;%tt)orb anb }it{t} opfjomorc onorarp ocictp Founded J ' JOJ Porter Harris Barrows ARMA fD Theodore Chandonnet Edward Williston Cook James Andrew Danver Fred Simmons Keller Joseph William Mahoney George Edward Rogers Norman Colburn Spooner James CHrRniiLL Tillinghast Charles Henry Vose Earl Carroll Warren t . ' " " i ' -m 3E!l !j pf WRIGHT — ' NOVEMBER aS ■SPORCS S 8 FOOTBALL ea£iou of 1921 F H. Russo, ' " li H. J. Curry. ' H Dk. W.S.M. Parks, 1) Ki Captain Manager Coach 1021 JfootUall iae ultg Tufts 1(1 Bates Anilicrst Univ. of ' eriiiont (i Norwich 14 W.-slcyan 7 Boston rniversity Bowdoin Ma.ss. Aggies 14 Russo Parks I9SS-JUMBO cbicto of Reason The results of the 1921 season are not indicative of the real worth of the eleven headed hy Captain Russo. From the kick-off in the Bates game until the final wliistie on the muddy field at M. A. ( ' . the Tufts team fought with an indomitahle spirit. In tlie last few seconds of play in tiie Bates game, just as the impatient Frosli were preparing to ring the ( " hapel Bell, tlie Vermont team pushed down the field for a touchdown which spelled defeat for Tufts. Although the Amherst game ended with a scoreless tie the game might well he regarded as a victory for Tufts. At one time the Brown and Blue actually cros.sed their opponent ' s goal line but the referee had blown his whistle and the ball was declared dead to the great joy of " Lord Jeff. " One of the best games of the .season was that with the I ' niversity of ' erm()nt. It was the green mountain team ' s splendid aerial attack that lost the game for Tufts, to the tune of 6 to 0. On tlie Saturday following the Vermont game, Norwich arrived at the Hill confident of adding another victory to her record and determined to redeem the defeat which she suffered the year before. But the Brown and Blue team won the game in the first few minutes of i)lay wlicn " 15uck " Weafer made a twenty-five yard run around right end for a touchdown. As the crowd left the field tlie ( " Iiajiel bell pealed out the glad news of victory. Seldom is there a game so replete with thrills as the game witii AVesIeyan. The Tufts team started the last cjuarter trailing 14 to 0, but tlie " s])irit that never says die " was within the Jumbo men and they staged a splendid comeltack which resulted in two touchdowns for Tufts, tying the score 14 to 14. High winds and the doubtful decisions by the officials at the Boston Univer- sity game lost the contest for Jumbo by the margin of a single point. TJiis was a bitter pill for the Tufts team and the results of the game had an ill effect on the team for the remainder of the season. After playing on a dry field all through the year, the team went to Tort land on Armistice Day to wade and slip and wallow through six inches of mire on a gridiron which made decent football impossible. The Tufts running attack never got started for the light backfield was helpless in the treacherous footing. There was great surprise when M. A. C. rolled U]) two touchdowns against the Brown and Blue eleven in the final game of the season, although Tufts was ery seriously handicapped by many injuries. Kit badeMball b 4 Fallon easion of 1921 p. I). F u.LOX, D ' 21 Cnptain D. C. G [L NT, " - l Manai er K. L. N SH Coach 1921 Paseball iacgiiltsi Tufts Op 6 Fordliam 4 Princeton 3 Colgate 5 Syracuse 11 1 University Lafayette of Maine 8 1 Bates Holv Cross 7 Seton Hall 11 Coll.y 11 (i M. A. C. Wesleyan IS Colhy .-, University of Maine (i 1 Bowdoin Brown Yale 4 Harvanl 1 Suniinary: Tufts IK); Opponents 7i Won U2; L ost (5. Nash laSS-JUMBO laebiehJ of tfje 1021 Reason The season of lO-il marked the debut of Judge Kenneth I,. Xash as Tufts " basel)all coach. Under tlie new coach Tufts may boast of an initial season which not only furnished a string of victories on the Northern trip that raised enthusiasm to the highest pitch, but augured supremely well for the 1922 season. Although it cannot be said that every game — nor every big game — rang out from the " bell in the Tower, " out of eighteen games Tufts was the victor in twelve, and piled up 110 circuits to its opponents ' 75. Two games stand out pre-eminently in the 1921 program — one at home, the Tufts - M. A. C. game, and one on the Northern trip, — the Tufts-Bowdoin contest, the latter being the culmination of the victorious sweep through Maine. On May 21, 1921, the nine bagged one of those rare birds in the baseball kingdom, — a no-run, no-hit, no-error, no-reach game, against M. A. C., with " Bill " Morrell on the mound. Incidentally, Tufts made fifteen hits at the expense of the Aggie pitcher, ending the ninth with a score of 11-0. Morrell ' s excellent work was at all times equalled by the uniform and often spectacular barking of the remaining eight men. President Sills of Bowdoin touched on the big point of the 1. ' 5 inning, 2-1 victory over Bowdoin, when he spoke of the game as recording in a catch by Fin- negan, " the most spectacular piece of work ever seen on Whittier Field. " Morrell pitched the way to victory over tlie Chamjjions of Maine. The season ended with the Harvard game on Alumni Day. 1922 ?Pasietjall cbebule Kenneth L. Nash ......... CikicIi R. H. McAuLEv, ■-2-2 Mamiqcr C C. ' Vea? " ER. ' ' 2 ' i ........ ■ Captain April 8 Northeastern at Oval Junior Day. May 13 M. A. ( ' . at Oval April 11 Middlebury at Oval May 15 Norwich at Oval April 15 West Point at N. Y. May 17 Bates at Oval April 17 Catholic Univ. at Wash. May 20 Holy Cross at Wor. April 18 Georgetown at Wash. May 24 N. H. State at Durham April 19 Princeton at Princeton May 27 Bowdoin at Portland April 25 Colby at Oval Dec. Day, May 30 Springfield at Oval April 27 Boston Univ. at Oval June 2 Norwich at Northfield April 29 N. H. State at Oval June 3 U. of Vt. at Burlington May 2 Bowdoin at Oval June 7 Pending May 4 Lalayette at Oval June 10 Brown at Providence May 6 U. of Vt. at Oval June 14 Holy Cross at Oval May 11 U. of Pitt.sburgh at ( )val Class Day, June 16 Providence at Oval Alumni Day, June 17 Harvard at Oval i Physical Director Ferguson 169 Graduate Manager Houston d omuii Reason of 1921=22 C. A. Hopkins ' 22 H. P. CUSHMAN ' 22 T. C. Ferguson . Captain Manager Coach ufts Opp. Tufts Opp. 87 R. I. State 28 18 Bates 27 25 M. I. T. 35 29 K. I. State 42 20 ( ' . A. ( ' . 27 17 Harvard 38 32 M. A. ( ' . 1!) 20 Wesleyan 23 35 C. A. ( ' . 47 27 Nortlieastern 25 18 Trinity 26 15 IJrtnvii 36 18 M. A. ( ' . 26 39 N .rwi -li 9 eai on of 1921 B. Macchia, ' 22 . Captain S. T. Perkins, " 21 Manager C. J. O ' Leary Coach Tufts Opp. Tufts Opp. 10 University of Maine 107 !)!) West Point 33 54 Boston University 54 00 Northeastern 30 33 Springfield 91 Hack ]{,.»: Davis. L.uvlek, Wamomtz. M. 1 ' h kahd. I ' k.ukins. Fitzckuai.d, I.ittlkfikld. McVky, Bho«n, Lewis. Front Row: M. Allen, Downs, SHrBiuxKs, Jok Dohektv. Macchia. John I)(iiieutv. Wei.don, Wendelstein, Petrone. arsiitp Crogg Country 1921 John Doherty, 1). ' -I ' -i ........ . Captain F. T. Lewis, ' i ' i ......... . Manager Tufts 0pp. 39 N. H. State 20 128 N. E. I. C. C. A. — Tufts 0pp. 22 Holy Cross 33 23 Brown 32 ea on of 1921 E. H. Telfer, - n Captain P. T. Smith, ' 21 ilanaqer WiLLL M S. Wilson. 23 ( ' apt. -elect Tufts Opi). 1 Clark 5 2 U. of Vermont 4 4 Worcester Polytech 2 1 Clark 5 3 N. E. Tel. Tel. 3 McGill 6 1 Worcester Polytech 5 HLLR5 Cheer ami Song Lender. Harry C. O ' Brien, ' " H Simnbo Ci)ccr ILong Cftccr .lu.nho Rah! liah! .IiimhoRah! Hah! T-U-F-T-S Ye-p-e-h Bo Rah, Rah, Rah itts ' Tufts! Tufts! T-U-F-T-S ' (am Team, Team Rah, Rah, Rah fjort Cfjccr T-U-F-T-S Hah. Hah, Hah Ills ' Tutts! Tufls! (Name) Team-Team-Team pcll 3t € ut Jfor uftg A. T. Vii,i .I MS, ' 19 le (.111 hrmg no eliange, li lox-s; men of Tufts are ever Time (.111 hrmg no change, hoys; men of Tufts are ever true. ll together — " Tufts Forever " — be our rall.v cry, hfe through. Guard the old traditions. As we onward go. let the future show that Tufts men live for Tufts. All up, boys, rheer now! Let ' s go. Spell il out for Tufls, men; the T means Irie.l and true; and the U, It si ,i„ls r,,r nni..ii. will, u- V lor rnrn.lslii|,. faithful, ever- lastnig, ,iTi.l |lii T araiii for Iram-u.nk ..I llir iiirii that .see things through, uhili the S, you kiKjw, is .sucie.s.s that always greets the Hro«n and Blue. E. C. Wklcii, ' 21 College Colors; .S,-„ Hrowi, ,11,1 li,„„il l!l„c rRWHnAM Foot E a j -Zh-o zj-- 2 ' - 33 ' 25 e JDT.-k ZS- Track iilL t :i ' - 4Ki l5f Jf 1 4% li .J - .- - ' -w -iCWr ---««»- : I!lUsv,i,x, lhxM-,1 Clicknuv, Rom „ • LAid . ' M K Share, Tiio ii- Jfres(f)man Jfootball 1921 Eli Cohen . Cantain Charles S. Connor [ Manager Dr. Oliver D. Wescott, 17 ... . Coach 19-24 ()],,,. 6 dishing Academy 10 6 Medford Hillside Clul, 11 4 Wentwortli Institute 10 14 Allen Military Seliuol 1 11 Andover 10 8 Exeter 6 Yanovitz II. Cr. btree IIanson BoGosiAN Wilson Thompson Ciiakles Jfregfjman iPa£ifeetljaU 1922 EvAiNTDER French Ralph S. Charles, ' 23 Charles H. Downs, ' " 21 Captain Manager Couch Bnidford DviitVe Harvard Freslunaii dishing Andover Exeter Portsmouth Goddard Seminary St. Jolm ' s Prep. Bradford Durfee Dean Jfrcfiitjman Crack 1922 As the Jl ' lMHO goes to i)ress only a tentative schedule has been arranged for the Freshman Track Team. The men are training daily under Coach " Doc " McCarthy. The yearlings showed good form during the indoor season and won tiie Intorclass Meet in A])ril. There is good material in store for future varsity teams. Jfregljman Jiagctiall 1922 C ' hestek ' . Nass, ' ' ■2:i Munuqcr 1)k. Oijxek I). Wksco- T, 1). ' 17 . . . . ' . ] Coach April ' , ' (! Allen Military School at Newton Ai.ril -2!) Dean Academy at Franklin May :5 Wentworth Institute at Boston May () M. I. T. -25 ( anihridge May 10 Assunii)tion College at Worcester May 17 Exeter at Exeter May 20 St. Aiisclins I ' rcp. at Manchester May 23 Huiiliii-I..n School at Oval May 24 Andover at Andover Mav 27 Yestl)r()ok Seminary at Oval May ;n Milton High School at Milton June 3 Waltham High School at Waltham June 7 Gushing Academy at Ashliurnhani JICXIECIC ilSSOCIilCIOlT ©ttittv for 192M922 James M. LeCain, ' 22 President Henry J. Curry, ' 22 Vice-President |!ioarb of directors from Jfatultp Deax Frank (1. Wkex, ( ' li iirni ui I ' ltOFESSOU ClIAKLES P. HoUSTON PkOFESSOR El)(iAK E. jNlAcNAl ' tiHTON S oarb of 2iirectorg from gJlumni WlNBURN S. CaNNELL, " (KS Harold L. Leland, ' 17 Herkert R. Peikc k, " 02 SSoarti of Birectorg from Hnbcrgrabuateg Georce X. FixxEdAX. ' ' 2 " 2 James ;M. LeC ' ain, ' 22 Harold E. Roixds. ' 2;5 i ominattng Committee Hubert P. Cushman, ' 22 .James M. LeCain, ' 22 George H. Finnecjan, ' 22 EiciEXE N. Sanders, ' 22 Joseph R. IIkat{D. " 22 Sidney J. Taylor, ' 22 Charles C. Weafe({, ' 22 All lir;inclic.s (.r athletics are under the .-(intnil (if the Athletie Association. All students arc ni( nil)ers of the Association, excejit Freshmen, during the Hrst term. Meeting ' s arc held on the first Tuesday in l)eccnil cr and .Inne. Footl.all, liasel)ali, l)askelliall and track are recognized as major sports; tenuis as the minor sjwrt. . ? J( " Vi-x K m _ t - ' ■••■ ;: . ' i lO H ey Dorothy Rourke Mae C. Pfunder Katharin F. Howe Mrs. L. C. Warren (Dffiters (a I ltd I II Maiiwicr Mdiiaiirr ( oarli November 12 November 21 1922 SfHEDl ' LE Jackson, 4 Ja.-kson. 2 New Hampshire State ( " Lasell Seminary, 1 (Officers Elizabeth R. Beattie Eleanor C. Leadbeater Susan O ' Briex Mrs. L. ( ' . Warren I (iptdin Matiat cr Aasislant Manager Coach W ' -H Schedule Posse Sargent Racklitie Lasell Wlieatoii Sargent Posse Radcliffe € fficcr£( Madalaide ] I. Storms . Captain and Manager W-Zi Schedule Sargent Lasell m ni mimm Dorothy Rourke Beatrice Bishop Katharix Howe Cl. ra Foster Dorothy Rourke Beatrice Bishop Katharin Howe (Dfficcrg JJoarb Dean Robinsox Pre.sidenf Vke-Pretiident Secrctari , Treasurer Clara Foster Ri th Ward Miss L. Goodrich ■:f-Y- ' -- CIJJ55 S3 5l_OV li-IE. 5m OK EL Av AY Of course: qoure only dreaminq, Blow the amoke awoLj. You Know you caril " win h(zn Thinqa don ' t ever qo that v aq. .Still you keep on dreaming. Might ao well no doubt. Then gour pipe qoes out. From repertoire — Musicol Cluba — Season I ii-i12i JllllSICilL, CLUBS fje 1921=1922 easion Year after year the Tufts musical Clubs are of hut one c|uality — the Iiest. Under the capable coaching of Professor Lewis and the jihle if idership of Harry O ' Brien, the IQ l-S clubs swept through a very successful season. During the Christmas recess the clubs made a triumphant tour througli ' er- mont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Concerts were given on the trij) at Danvers, S vani])scott, Milford, N. H., JNIontjielier, t., Barre, " t.. anil Woods- ville, Vt. Local concerts were numerous during the winter months and the clubs were given an hospitable and enthusiastic welcome wherever they went. The big event of the musical season was the Sixth Reunion Concert which took place at Jordan Hall on Friday evening, February tenth. There were seventy- five alumni singers present on that occasion whose classes varied from " 91 to ' ' 21, all of whom were former members of the clubs. They added zest, jien and har- monv to an evening which was a real " ' Old Time Celebrati ' in. " Cbening 33artj iHsisiociation (Officers Henhy L. (Iarabedian, ' ' ■2 Albert Davis, " 2 ' 2 Harold O. Congdon, ' -2 ' i President Vire-Prenident Secretcri - Treasurer tKte Quests for 1021 1022 jfirgt PartP President and Mrs. John A. Cousens Dean and Mrs. Frank G. Wren Dean and Mrs. Gardner ( .VxTHOisrY ccont) artp Professor and Mrs. Titus E. Mehgendaiil Professor and Mrs. Edward H. Rockwell CosimosJ ocietp Maxwell M. Green, ' " 22 Lionel E. Faulkner, ' -Zi Frank Alciere, ' Pu ' sideid -Pn ' .shlcnt Serretari The Cosmos Society was organized in November, 1921. as successor of the Foreign Service Society. Its purpose is to further amicable relationships between college students of the United States and those of foreign countries. Through its efforts, several speakers of interest liave been brought to the Hill to address the students at Chapel. Pre FAST BATTLE ON Grjdjron ht ' imi i uwk dw j XiUMdib zM i ' i:: 1 - ■ . ' ,.c WmMWcMi Wy: - " Weather The object of the Press Ckib is to obtain gre.itcr pn has grown remarkably since its organization several vim the direction of Mr. David M. Cheney, Director of I ' lihl The Jumbo Bond Drive has given opportmiity for the college in a great capacity. for tlie ( The cli liege. It is under 1. , €. (Officers W. J. Love President II. M. Hook Vice-President P. F. Howard . Treasurer a. . K. H. Casson President A. D. Nash Vice-President R. S. Hood Treasurer Jilenoralj ; ocictp (Dfficcrs Abraham H. Le ine, ■ ' 2 ' 2 Carlton Etelman, ' ' 24 Louise R. ADELBURfi, " ' -2,5 Miriam E. Eevy, ' ' 2 ' 2 Tlic Mcnonil, S,M-i. ' l.v is a nali,.ii;,l iiit.Tc.ll.-i.-H purpose (,f -I he slu.ly .nul a.lvaiiceincnt of llclirai organizatimi at ' rults has hccii in cxislciici ' since Ifli; President ' ice-Pre.si(le it Secrctari Treasurer ■ornird f. i.leals. " .1- tlic The VLl)t ufts; College nion Raymon W. Eldridge, ' i ' i ....... . I ' rcsidcnt Francis J. Petrone, ' ' 23 ...... . I ' icc-l ' irxidciit Maurice H. Pick. rd, ' 23 Srcirtari Alfred E. Ga. NT, " " 23 Treasurer During the winter of 1!)1(), a ' Pufts branch of tlic nalioiial organization of Collegiate Christian As.sociatioii.s was estahli.shed. In tlie spring of 1!)21, Ihc undergradi ' iate body voted to change the name of the as.sociation [u tlic Tnlts Union. The Union maintains an employment service which finds work for stndcnis who ;)re earning tlieir way tlirnngli college. Cffitcrs Frank M. Liisbey, ' ' 2 ' -2 . L. Kendall Reed, ' ' 23 . Carroll B. Gvstafson, ' ' iS . President . Virc-Vrcsidcut Secrctani-Trnisurcr The Chemical So( let, ciini to l)rinf its members into familiarity with the various fields of chemistrx M ni " tups " .iie made during the college year and speakers on chemical lo])i(s aie iii ited to address its memhers at the meetings. All members of the chemu.d Dcp.nt iiumiI ,iic tn( mix ' ts ot the iociety. New interest has been manifested this year in deliating. A Freshman chib has been formed under the direction of Professor C. R. Skinner, so that good material is assured for the future varsity teams. This year ' s varsity team participated in only one debate. On Monday eve- ning, March 13th, they met defeat at the hands of the .seasoned Bowdoin team by a close margin. The question for debate was " compulsory arbitration. " ALL AROUND CLU Officers Helen Xeai President Mae C. Pfxnder Vice Pre.sident Barbara S. Peterson Secreiari) Helen F. Carr Treasurer Mary J. Holland IlLDRED G. PesTELI ilasique ; ocietP € ffitcrs Pre.sidciil -President L. Maiku ERiTE Heins Madalaide M. Storms Secretary Treasurer Mildred Pestell Edith Folsom Alma Hopkins Barbara Peterson- Sarah DeWolfe Elizabeth Beattie Ruth Earle JHcmfacrfi Margaret Neal Rachel Hollister ]Mae Pfunder Sarah Clarke Iar.iory Max ' ell Louise Adelherc Tyyxe Saari Mary Holl. nd Beatrice Savage Madal. ide Storms Helen Neal Elizabeth Boody Miriam Ford Pai ' line Olsson Mary Phelan (iLADYs Bryant Marguerite Heins (iLAD-i ' s Porter Doris Vaughan CL. RA Foster Caroline Conant Eunice L. Bassemir Doris G. Vaitchan ]VL RY J. Holland Mae C. Pfunder Susan O ' Brien Margaret S. Holmes Eunice Bassemir Mary Holla xNU Susan O ' Brien Mary Heald (ZDfficcrs Cabinet fiari Junior Elector Sophomore Elector Eresli 111(1 II Elector DoKis Vaughan Mae Pfunder Margaret Holmes Helen Salmon JyWLA) Officers jMiriam E. Ford Aldvth Barkett Edith j I. Foi.som Miriam I. Rideout President ] ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer Miriam Ford Edith Folsom K THRYN Smith Sarah De Wolfe Gladys Porter Cabinet Clara Foster Aldytii Barrett Miriam Rideoitt Rachel Hollister Eunice Bassemir Doris Vaughan " " " H ' ( ,..1 " 1 VpuTicil. € fficcrB Katiihyn- Smith, President Maky Holland, Vice-President Margaret E. Kobijins, Secretary Morgan Rideout M((M!ti;i Pfunder Savage Himiu Holland Smiti LTON Le y Fowlek HoiiliLNS PUBLICATIONS " 1 J f f f Tut Tupfs Kilifnr William J. NIacIxtyre ' ' i ' . Mamujitig Editar Va KKLEV 1.. Root. " ' •24 J.s-.soc(V( f FAlitor jMelmx J. Cohen, ' •ii Russell L. Carpenter. ' 24 •nior Stuff Edwin F. Helman. ' ' ■24 Jiininr Staff Frederick F. Hacjner. " 24 Fred S. Keller, ' 24 RatlIIONd L. Wilson, ' 2o Howard D. Si ' OERL, ' 25 Charles W. Houghton. " 2,5 Staff Artid Charles E. Butterworth, ' il BitsineK. ' i Manager Lionel E. Faulkner, " ' 22 Circulafion Manager Denman G. Baker, ' ' 24 AsKt. Circulation Manager Walter E. Bowman, Jr., ' 24 The Tufts IVeeldy is the organ of the student body. It is |)uiiiishe(l on Wed- nesday of each week from September to June. The Tuits Coliciic rubHsiiinn Association has general supervision over all undergraihiatc pubiicalions. lis officers for 1921- ' 2!2 are: President, N. L. Millard, ' ' 2 ' 2; Vice-President, R. W. Green, ' 23; Secretary, H. C. O ' Brien, ■2 ' 2; Treasurer, G. S. JVIiller; Assistai.t Treasurer, T. E. Mergendahl. The Advisory Board consists of the officers of the Association, and from the faculty. Professor C. H. Gray: from the alumni. Pro- fessor J. L. Keegen; from the undergraduates, H. J. Curry, ' " Zi, F. J. Petrone, ' 23. iKoaili of €bttorg William J. MacIntvuk, ' I ' l Mklvin J. Cohen, " 22 Stewart P. Crowell, ' 28 Alfred E. Grant, ' 23 Mae C. Pfunder, ' 23 M. Dorothy Rourke, " 22 Staff Harold D. Browx. " 23 Edwin F. Helman, ' 24 Herman G. Dresser, ' 23 Glayton F. Rock, ' 24 John K. Phelan, ' 23 Charles F. Haney, ' 25 Mary J. Holland, ' 22 Katherine F. Howe, ' 24 H Art Kditn (). CONI DON, 22 ContrilnttiiKj Artists Charles E. Butterworth, " 22 Esther D. Fowler, ' 23 Howard A. NIarple, " 21 Ruth E. Morris. ' 2.5 Harry Raphel, " 22 Helen Neal, " 22 John D. Rissell, " 2.5 Helen M. Xewhall, ' 2. ' O. Patrk lA Vikrra msmmmmmmmm IVTBO 1921 1922 toentietfj ©ear " This rolled i,,n oF urls and .hila is •■oinpilcl to .-li.! the iic vc.,in.T lo l.c-omc more quirkly ac |iiaiiitcd with tlic spirit, ideals, and traditions of the Collefie on the Hill. For all it is a hand-book of information. From year to year the Editors have worked with this one purpose in mind; to increase the degree of usefulness of this book so that it holds an important i)()sition in the undergraduate years of every student ' s life. " taff .I()H 1IkM{ ' i- ScHMlCK William .Ioilv Mac I.vtyhe HfiKliKKT DiLI.IXIilLVM LaXE .l.s.si.sfiiiit Editor li II si HISS Miniiiiirr 1922 uftg Calenbar Published By The Class Of I ' Mi Committee Albert B. GARWoor) James J. Murray Russell L. Carpexter David B. Sabine ' (). iiiTMAN Eames Each year the Sophomore ( " lass publislies a Tufts Calendar just before the Christmas vacation. It contains pictures of the college buildings, social and ath- letic organizations, and interesting events at the Hill. DRNWICS l9SS-ilUMBO Bramaticsi Dramatics ;it ' I ' lilts mic under the direction of Pen, Paint and Pretzels, the Senior Honorary Draiiiatir Society of Tufts, and the Mascjue Society of Jackson. Every year these two organizations produce several plays in the theatre at Jackson g ' mnasium. Tufts is unusually fortunate in having sucii excellent e((ui|)incnt for the ])re- sentation of dramatic ])erformances. Further, tlic societies liavc at tlicir disposal the services of two very excellent dramatic coaclics, in llic persons of I ' rofessor Leo E. Lewis and Professor Albert H. Gilmer. The tendency during the last few years has been toward one-act i)lays by American authors. It has been the purpose of these societies to present plays of a high order with the result that dramatics at Tufts are of a very high standard. At the beginning of the current year. Pen, Paint and Pretzels repeated the [lerformance of " The Snowball, " a rollicking comedy by Sidney (Irimdy in order to introduce the entering class to Tufts dramatics. During the winter, the Masque Society presenteil three of the I ' rovincetown plays, " Aria de Capo " by Edna St. Vincent Milay, " Suppressed Desires " by George Cram Cook and Susan Glaspell, and " He " by Eugene O ' Neill. These performances left little to be desired. The acting was uniforndy good and the staging and .set- ting was of the customary high standard. During the Jumbo Bond Campaign Drive, the two organizations co-operated in sending several of tiiese one-act phiys on the road to Fall Ri er, Taunton and Fairha en. Besides tiiose i)roduced earlier in the season they added to the repertoire Lady Gregory ' s " The Rising of the Moon " and Cecil B. DeMille ' s farce, " Food. " It is jilanned to present three one act plays on Junior Day of this lieu of the usual three-act ]ilay. There has always been intense in- terest in Dramatics at Tufts. Those who are closely connected with it have hopes for a larger and separate theatre building than the one in use at present. ■Ile " A DiiAMATic Moment in " The Snowbai.i. " Euftg Might The first All-Tufts gathering of tiie year is Tufts Night. It is held in the Goddard Gymnasium on the first Monday night after the fall registration. Prexy extends formal welcome to the Freshman, leaving the informal reception, which comes later in the evening, to Sword and Shield. Tufts songs and cheers resound as the " rushed " freshman is initiated into the Hill brotherhood. Tufts Night is given under the auspices of Tower Cross Society. lumfao i}jgijt The custom of having a second Tufts uiglit during the academic year was inaugurated in the spring of 192 2 and will l)e repeated as a yearly event. This year it served as the beginning of the Undergraduate Drive for the Jumbo Bond Campaign. A varied program furnished novel entertai nment for the evening. Ivy Society, under whose direction Jumbo Night is held, intends to use this annual mass meeting of the student body as a baseball rally. toorb anb tjiclb ©ancefi During the college year the Sophomore Honorary Society holds a series of three informal dances. These parties form an imjiortant part of the social life on the Hill. 3t)p PagfeetfaaU BancEfi The Junior Honorary Society has assumed the supervision of the " hops " which are held after the varsity basketball games in the " gym. " It is customary to hold these dances after Saturday night games and after the last game of the season. dottier Cross Jfootball Bancc In place of the usual Football Bancpiet, Tower C ' ros.s instituted the custom this year of holding a dance in honor of the team. The football coaches and their wives (if there are such) ar e the guests of the evening. Five public lectures are given by members of the Faculty of Tufts College during the second half of the college year. The college public and the citizens of tlie neighboring towns are invited to attend. The lectures are held at (ioddard Cliajjel. Tlie lectures, subjects, and dates of the current year arc as follows: Wednesday, February 8th. America and Central Europe Arthur I. Andrews, Ph.D. Profeattor of Histori and Public Lair Wednesday, March 1st. The Animal Ancestry ok Max (Illustrated) Herbert V. Neal, Ph.D. Professor of Zoologij W ' ednesday, March ' -iSnd. The Music of Our Forefathers {Illustrated) Leo R. Lewis, A.M. Professor of the History and Theori of Music Wednesday, April 5th. The Scope of a College Department of Education Douglas Waples, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education • Wednesday, ]m ' ■iCtli. A Plebeian Gas Frank W. Durkee, A.M., Sc.D. Professor of Cliemislri On Wednesday, Novenihor Kitli, the annual annuiineenient of Acadeniir Honors was held in Goddard Chapel. Commencement peafeerfi Henry Leslie Garabedian, ' 22 Rosalie Margaret Gobb, ' 22 George Alden Ingalls, ' 22 Edgar Ruston Walker, ' 21 School of Liberal Arts Jackson College Engineering School Crane Theological School aitaarbg of ri esf Scholarship of the Class of 1898 Scholarship of the Class of 1882 Greenwood Prize Scholarship in Oratory Moses True Brown Scholarshij) Alpha Omicron Pi Scholarship Chi Omega Scholarship Alpha Xi Delta Scholarship Goddard Prize in French (ioddard Prize in Political Science Goddard Prize in Chemist rv Elsa Henrietta Dohne, ' 22 Charles Chester Weafer, ' 22 Stewart Preston C rowell, ' 23 Herman Garland Dresser, ' 2;5 Elsa Henrietta Dohne, ' 22 Miriam Elbridge Ford, ' 22 Mildred Gertrude Pestell, ' 22 Francis Mary McWilliams. ' 23 Louis P. Starkweather. ' 21 Paul Hamilton Doleman, ' 24 gotrbart) xi}t laeabingfi - 1921 First Prize ( " The Raven " ) Second Prize ( " The Dekite Snake " ) Third Prize ( " The Florist ' s Shop " ) Edward Lmrice Cadigan, ' 24 John Louis Mahoney, ' 24 Ann Margaret Campbell, ' 21 Early in the spring of each year, the Engineering School sets aside an evening on which it throws open its doors for inspection by the general public. All depart- ments of the School are in session just as during the ordinary school day. Men are at work in the Hydraulics Lab, the Steam L:»b, the Electrical Lab and the Chemistry Lab. A maze of lathes, drills, shapers, planers, grinders, presses and millers greet the interested visitor. Whirring wheels, roaring forges, weird rays of light, the roar of the mammoth steam fire-pump and the .sound of sputtering automobile engines amaze the uninitiated spectator. This year the committee for the annual Engineering Night consists of the following members of the Faculty: Raymond U. Fittz, Prof. Crosby F. Baker, Frederic X. Weaver, Ernest F. Lawrence, Prof. Walter E. Farnham, and Donald W. Goodnow. rROSH-SOP SCRAPS Jflag Contests On November 15, 9i , tlie footliall game was played, resulting in a seoreles.s tie. Later the Sophomore basketliall team defeated the Freshman five by the score of 3,S-11. The remaining Flag Contests — Bag Rush, — Track Meet, and Baseball Game — have yet to be iilayed. Clafig panquEt Scraps It is no uncommon siglit during the early days of the first semester to see mud-spattered lower classmen scurrying about the campus. These are the bold warriors of the Hill who are attempting to keep the opposing class from holding a successful banquet. This year both classes, through naive strategy, managed to ■ tlieir banipiets A1 m mr ' V vl M 1 IBB|BKi T Annual Sntcrsdjolastic .i a hetliaU ournamcnt of iDcU) (JEnglanb WiNNKR OK THE FiRST ToiKNAMEVT, V.hil Commercial High School. New Haven, Conn. Winner of the Second Tournament, 1922 Brockton High School, Brockton, Mass. HOpK|tlJGHT itiWMi x fter a lapse of several years the annual Freshman Frolic on Hook Night was revived in the spring of 19 ' 21. The second performance was held in (loddard Gymnasium on the evening of A])ril 4, IQH. Hook Night is given under the direction of the Sword and Shield Society. TUFTS ' r Cfje Jfresifjman ; moker A hig nifilit on the rresliinan Caleiular is the annual class smoker. It is usually held at the beginning of the second semester in the Goddard (iymnasiuni. On this occasion all the first year men gather in the " gym " for an evening of speeches, smokes, musical numbers and plenty of " eats. " Following the smoker, the Frosh parade around the Hill serenading ail the dormitories and fraternity houses. Say Jackson Dai to any .Tacksoii ijirl and she launclies into a flood of rcnii- nisoences: of her first view of the Ilill in June-time splendor, when as a shy siib- freslinian, she was handed from one friendly upper-classman to another; of the time wjien Jackson Day meant strenuous " waiting " at supper in Goddard Gym, good for the cocky freshman soul; and so finally of the last joyous day, just a week or two before she was submerged in Commencement activities. " • O T)ep k; ! f MD Mow " I nusT " Bu FRKEb THE 0=«Wl A PAPtR Cu. p. uPort r H G FtT I AriALGAnATiD Order Qf5hiftics5 Shifter 3Funior Bap Committee Joel W. Reynolds, Chuiniian W. B. MoRRELL A. (). Shurrocks p. J. Pitkin H. H. Whitney Junior rom Committee Richard D. Laavlor, Chainiuui J. M. Andress R. J. Stoumont Cbentg of tfje Bap Freshman Hat Rush Jumbo Book Rush Planting of Chiss Ivy Varsity Tennis Games Election of Tower Cross Society Fraternity S]ireads Varsity Baseball (ianie Horribles ' Parade Underclass Song Contest S]jread and Dansant Pen, Paint and Pretzels Plav S » m ' y B vw| CLASS DAY AM) Hack Row: McCauley, Alcott, Smi Front Row: Shepherd, Lewis, Nii, Commencement Reason Commencement — the gala days of the ye;n-! The days when the new " grads " depart and the old " grads " come hack. Tlie Hill is dressed in li )li lay garb, the Seniors in their solemn gowns and tlie reiinioners in their clown cloth. It is a time of mingled joy and sadness. On Class Day morning the Seniors hold their last chapel. At noon there is a spread for all in Goddard " gym " and after that the Tree Exercises. The Harvard baseball game always takes place on the Oval in the afternoon. At snpper-time the fraternities hold open house with sjjrcads tor the guests. At night the tennis courts strung with Japanese lanterns and tiic two gymnasiums are crowded with dancing couples. Saturday is Alumni Day. The " grads. " old an l young, return to play and frolic and " put their troubles on the shelf. " On Monday, following Baccalaureate Day. comes Commencement. All students and guests of the graduating class gather under tlie huge canvas close to the Chapel. Through the bright June afternoon the exercises continue, and when the participants march solenmly down the oft trodden walk tiiey are no longer undergraduates, but alumni. To ca]) it all comes the Senior Prom with Ihc iiioonhght prom.Mi.idc " around the Rez " and the last farewell to Alma Malcr. In Front op Bai. (lAss Day Nicht Slumni Bap ' MW u iSppreciation The Board of Editors wishes to express its appreciation to those undergradu- ates and friends who have helped in the compilation of the 1922 JUMBO. It is their kind interest and co-operation, together with tlie supjwrt of the student body and the encouragcnient of tlic .■ollcgc autlidritics wliicli lias made tliis puhiica- tion possible. Professor M. S. Munro 1922 Harry ( ' . O ' Brien- John H. SCHIMCK 1923 Helen E. Carr Richard D. Lawlor Chester V. Xass ] Irs. Ellen H. Cary 1924 Eben p. Liifkin 1925 Raymond L. Wilson Frank H. Sarcent. Jr yynso ' DD ' _ , ,-_ -. - - p y- ' j ' vi ' v A Not S ' Abso - ooldecrrv - I M Black i Te.D

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