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'l-5,4 'W W :,'. 1 'Q .. , 5' I A ,ii A-1 I 1 MA. ...f 2 3:25 M1 ,Ni - .if 721 Vinum U--N M4 ',lI,':A7,,-...S 5,004 ,z ,giM,L777wZf7Zw-V A ml adwwev -f s..Qs2.SQ3 'CSSQJQQVS Ted. ' IgQ."xt'qc'Q,5 NDXQQJ' N-J Q? C803 GCE. mgka' - CNOSQSQ. cmejcncb , ' I GQ-S+ QQLQQEH49 5 We . V , ' 4 A , XIIQNQXS Qye Que 'QOH- ff ' Q QQW QWXQQX' Xxfiif mgyxdx My UQOS, Smeg FBNINWX Xxxce 5? Qmx QQ M4 Vlflex Lqnm VQQES . MW L M523 N- .LM 0017 ., QQMLFQKOVLO M V ishavx nnoq, xQf1Qs0 U5+XOYVX 1- Livezal MSYsQ-x- Q exam! fsushrvvgf' -seq 4 ,Ks-w+i'u.mulC3 box, l f QSVu.3 OAFQ.-Cx A ,QODA Luck 'Uioij . W 'dhea-qw 4 V"?'N XE3 x gpg, Xxx - ""95"'QfS 'Vx u L V' xzvsg .M xi at ipfbvuwn -T953-3 GVLA 'FEA L.-1. N-.s A f1v'f...'P:UhK Q I N. ""' GW' QSC. fo if QQ kwlfgf MA V-Fi' fa, 1-ca. Grzingtfcllf ' V' D oxbbfl I e S-tv, on aww 'Xl qmauwno f .b . Q, gt : Ve I, 9 V A n ww-ws A W Gooall- 5 4 V I rbb , Y 1,43 AQ 'H V A V' ' A, b g ' if'f1',i '- wg 'f' 1'3 X W' 7' ' "XT X The 1957 Chronicle f .Q N . . I ' U 4- h A' , -n..-.e.aw,x,- .,,v......f-A , .. pm.: K L ...rxuna M-Q' r-M...., . 91:4 'IW 'Y' '.. KRN if I 'n. ' 4,, 1 Ziff-'F' 1' 4 an ' o.:' fy., 'v 1 f , "3 fri' 'kt' 2 A' M Q' 'big' lv 'W' if ,re-",f .7 ' H" '... 4 .. i' ' ' - I .Q gl 1 6 I O 'Q K ,4 J, ,. me ,J'3h,If'-4,4 lj'-52 , "MQ, f' k ,Ana ffm L" . V wg VW' :jffg 1 , QL . . Q - x .- . k ikg ' Q95 " 3 -we -gal fi' ' ' ,Tr N: fn if L X13-X,-f 9 dig. N . . f ' ,X 1 fl is x 3 vwx. it-im S X X' 3 . 1' V' ,,, '1 X 'R , 3.6 """1v' ' !""f 1- A .' ,4 Mil-ff ' . . U H' Q..Q.-X, 4 QW , , 1 4- 'H . si, ... , 3 Q s E I 5 la' I SB X' 1 7 4 K rv. Law ' X L Ill. ' A 1, , V, t g i .N I 2 V 1"'Vi,g" A Y. ., , i Q 5. if A, 1 v 1 f n Tudor Hall on cosmic microfilm . . a report from outer space. ln September, l956, a most unusual visitor arrived at Tudor Hall. His name was Pidxg his home, the planet Plutog his mission, to observe every facet of life at Tudor throughout the year. lt seems that the elder council of Pluto, disturbed by the state of its secondary schools, had sent Pidx to Earth to dis- cover what Earth children derive from school. Although he remained here a whole year, Miss Stewart was the only person who knew of his presence, for otherwise his observations would have been inaccurate. Pidx not only visited classes and clubs, but also attended all school events. Of course, his investigation of Tudor was not limited to the academic field. He was especially fascinated by hockey, a game which is impossible on Pluto because of the gravitational field. By the end of the year Pidx had grown very fond of Tudor. Because he knew that he could speak eloquently enough of it to the elder council, he left the seniors his microfilm plate of everything he had seen and done in his eventful year. This microfilm recording we now present to you in the 1956-1957 Cl'll:lONlCl..El if- - f . ij.-x ,Milf "t,,,mbl'l,,,1l',I b"'Ur V 4 Contents Stery ot year Qrqanizations Sports ................. Faculty ............... Classes ............... 0 Advertisements Farms 8-19 20-29 30-35 30-39 40-64 65-80 Introducing Miss Stewart We, the Class of l957, wish to pay tribute to Miss Stewart, who, in her twenty-six years as principal of Tudor Hall, has qiven of herself to iiialce the scliool years of her students rich ones. Unselfishly she has devoted her time and energy to encouraqinq us on to achievement, not only in the field of scholastic endeavor but also iii the development of our personalities. lior influence is felt in every facet of our school lite, to her we owe the preservation of Tudor's traditions and the spirit of unity which prevails in the school. Her unerrinq judqment and dis- crimiriation have been invaluable guides to all of us, and her oraciousness and understanding have added depth to our school experience. We are very qrateful to you, Miss Stewart, for wideninq our horizons and increasing our comprehension of life and of our fellow men. We will carry your lessons throuqhout our lives and your memory always in our hearts. In Dedication An integral part of our life at Tudor Hall centers iii the office. We can all appreciate the contribution which is constantly being made to the spirit of the school by Mrs. Blanche S. Mcliiimon, our accountant, and by Mrs. Amelia llvaiis, Miss Stewarts secretary. ln addition to managiiig capably Tudor's financial affairs, Mrs. Mcliimion patiently lielps the treasurers of all the organizations to keep their books straight, and she always has a smile for even the most misguided mathematician. Mrs. Evanss work is varied and equally exacting, but she always has time for a chat. Her wit and gaicty are well known throughout the school. Aside from adding warmth to the school atmosphere, Mrs, McKinnon and Mrs. Evans take a personal interest in the girls. We value their help and friendship highly, and so, with appreciation, we dedicate the l957 Cl-ll:fQNlCLE to them. Thinking of The Future Expert advice vontrihuted hy Miss Striwart t Mrs Cf rflan Makino the clcri ion is important sims mfr tht' vlioive ol a wollefiv is wclcoriiml lvv Q ale in l it As colleqe is the qoal ol all Tudor qirls, an excitinq rnonieni for seniors was the parentfstudent conference with Miss Stewart in the tall. Miss Stewart's college cataloques were well used and provided a basis for senior conf versations for niany months. Durinq the first weeks ol school, activity beqan in all phases ol school life. Since the student hul- letin hoard was a source of inlorf mation lor activities, checlcinq it constantly was a must lor qirls wisliinq to keep posted on coming events. The lihrary teerned with activity as pupils ol all qrades sought quid- ance from Mrs. Wood. ln classes all were nialcinq rapid progress. R cursory crlanve at the activities lrullwtiii hoard hy N. Ferris, D. Sink, L. Dunbar, and A. Payntr-r provides iievfassary iniormation coriytirriirifri orivoriiiiiti school wvvrits. MNXN .W hmmm limi, fy, vMMm"" ' X . ,1 :kms , x 5 4 A , KY f A , 6 3 F' ww? f A is ' 3 5 i E W 1 mf' QW Projects Motivate Interests Locating miily limrl vldiiiis .absorbs mteiesl of Georqami lliiisrsiill .mil lvlfiiiiiririo Williams in Miss Haluors liisloiy class. llii iivi-ifill iiiwiiiiv fiivmi iii lliis roiirso lviinfzs pupils inval- iiiil Ii lciiiiwli-cliiw .ilwiit ilio lliiilofl Statos. Knowledge ful iiifiiiliiiiii ir: iiswlul in svvwiilli iiriiflw gizipils Kit limzllwy fiiifl Miiiy lxsii Miavlcriy, wliw, fiiiiiirwl lay Mis. lwiiiiss, liiiwi vliiss izionimss iii ilio magazine subsvriplioii sale. Measurement ol no-fini? c,:i'n'lllUlVS Susan Claiivey :mel lllwvwily Raifmisiivviqivi as llivv stiiily iviillcfys. 'lliis is min inf tliw irilorcislinfi wxpi-iiiiii-ills iii Miss llfiiiills giliysivs vlfiss, llivls lnsaiiinrfl licfliv pupils iiiiciviisffaiiql :siiiiiilw iimwriiiicfs. Discovering lfivts iilii ii? liri- zsiiiii tiiiif iiilvsiifsrs iiiiiiiwi lzwiillli sludfviils Mary lllfiiifciii, lNlfiii"y lmwiiis, Notify l.fiy'cvri, fiiiil llfiiii lifldiilol. Usoliil skills .ii- "m1ii.+:l from 'liis wiiiise'-, ...Q--na Talents Develop Rapidly Preparing t1-1 future travel, l.t11'lIlLld Biown ba L11 ltd Musxc fills tl1 1 1 11111l lf1'v111ly ll11tf1111s11111111'1 11111111111 flucitvy 111 l11 It l1 11 I1 Lnil Bauuh 1111 1 1 1 v1'1s11ti1111 1l11111111h l1s!111111111 to IL'L'41tKlS, 'llns is 1 11l11 1 lk 1l lf S111 Mrs KS 11111tl1111l 11s111i lw 11111l1111111s1111111ls st111ly11111 li It l1 1' l111l11 1 lt 111 tl 111 lt 1tf11s1s 1 111 1f l111l11 s11111s1 ll ll tlt As class activity C,fCJIll1lll1QCi, each qirl fou11d opportunity to pursue individual interests. Knowledge of history, tnatlternatics, and science fascinated sotne. These subjects broadened horizons and led pupils to an understanding of the world about the111. The arts and lanquaqes inspired others to outstanding achievement. The study of French IlOl only brought scholarly rewards but proe vided a practical talent useful in everyday livinq. Music classes presented opporf tunity for development of indivi- dual talent and poiso, while art opened doors for future success in tnany fields. Art pupils, 111111-1l ly lxliss l11ltIlSUIt, 1111111111111 t1-1'l1111q111-s 111 1111't111y 11.1111511111 H1 11 s11111111 .1rt1'l11ss. 'l'l11-y11111 M111111111111 lvltldtl, Atlldtlfld L.11nl1, Kay lvla1l1111-1111, and lfltz'-1l1o1l1 Stoelv. Fall Activities Vary Imaginations run wild in costumes at the Old-Girl-NewAGirl party, "Come As You Were." Left: I. East, K. Shirley, A. Meanwhile, the lighter side was not neglected. Res girls were busy decorating rooms and get- ting settled in new quarters for the school year. Climaxing their first week was the Res party on Saturday night. The creation of informal costumes resulted in a gay time for all. Following this, on September 22, was the Old-Girl-New-Girl party attended by faculty and girls in grades seven through twelve. "Come As You Were" was the theme for this hilarious costume party. The new girls received a hearty welcome as all joined in an evening of fun. Early in October seniors started rehearsing their class play, "The Cradle Song," presented on October 27. Daily sessions brought strenu- ous work but a rewarding experience for all. The thirteen members of the cast proved to be artists as they fitted into difficult roles. The plot concerned the arrival of a foundling at a convent and her departure years later. Res students Kathi Chittick and Diane Shafer add personal touches to their room in preparing for a year at Tudor. Thomas, S. Kraft. First: S. Craine, P. Valinet. Right: S. Wil- liams, E. Hamner, M. L. Mackey. First: M. Williams. An important ntwniwnt in me tuwtivf-nt tcwiiiidltiirr s lite is tlie tliti-wlii 'inn wt txvr titinru tn tiwr dear ltivnd, Sister ltmtina: tilt nil.: ltl,nt1:, ly vfzlx lltitlfiisfiwitrwi, ltitly VV1lsri11, "The Cradle Song" Vast 'lliw llriwress ..... ....... .... M a rtlia Lasky 'lllie Visaress ...................... ..... M iini Howard 'llio Mistress tu Sister loanna ti t Novicea .... Lucinda Brown t The Cross ....... Glenda Maris Sister Mary nt leans ......... .... A rnanda Lamb Sister Marcella .......... ..... P enny Savage Sister Saqrario Barbara Kroger Sister Twriiera ,... ................. l tidy Fleininq 'llirusa .....,...,.... Beverly Hafiensperqer Aiitwiittv ....,...,..... ................. l tidy Wilsoti A Ctviintiyiiiaii llilltt llUt'lUlL ...., ililltl llt 'Nl ....... Elizabeth Steele . .,.. Mary Alex Richter Susan Clariciey Mimi Howard, Maitlia Laslcy and t l llwvvrlv Ratlwristit-nzvi yfiwks tri: lift turn it r Excitement if: tnirtt as 'tinvwiit nn ti Iwi' tratlzt-1 ar. tintl it lastif-t -. nt iinin Potpourri of Activities Founder's Day finds great-grandchildren discussing early Tudor days: lody Hollett, Irene Lilly, and Linda Danner. Red Cross Council president Nancy Shepard supervises Mary Blanton and Iulia Kothe as they pack Christmas gift boxes. Founders Day took the spotlight November 14 as former Tudorites, parents, and friends assembled for the annual program. Miss Stew- art recounted interesting facts about the history of Tudor, and children and grandchildren of former pupils were presented to the guests. With the approach of winter, school activity increased. The Red Cross Council was busy preparing overseas boxes and Thanksgiving baskets for needy indianapolis families. As- semblies prepared by pupils of all grades pro- vided school entertainment as the classes fin- ished projects. Cn the social side was the senior class dance given in the school gym on November 17 with underclassmen as guests. In the meantime, rapid progress continued on the academic side. Introduction at court is an important event for Cinderella and others in "Pinkie and the Fairies," a lower school as- sembly play. Characters are Candy lensen, Bains Brick, Henrietta Hohlt, and Lissa Derry. v .. 3 E A 3: Q 4 Senior hoslesses SUIVUY llme rlr-vorallc-rms nf tlw -,1yn1 wrtlx salisfavliun as ilu' danvn is almnl ln lwnn. llmuy are Pwnny "Luck, Be a Lady Tonight," the senior dance, given on November l7, held all llre qlarner and excitement of Merrie Carlo. Murals of Scenes at the lanrous casino adorned the gym Walls, and a larqe balloonflllled qold crown Suspended from the Ceiling was a rennnder ol Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, Strnnu across the Iunior quests and llwn vsvwxiss zznwrn to lw wrnmyinlg Iln- alxlmnrplwrw nl Mnniv farlv at tlnf svniwr danvu mvwn un 1 'Nl December Traditions The celebration ot Christrnus ut Tudor wmv filled with tradition, and tho most iiritoifietttilrlr event ot the season was "Holy Night," the Christmas pageant, a portrayal ot the Nutivity in pantomime and sonq, presented ljecroiiilzur lti. Another custom followed wus the Cfiviw tion Ceremony, at which pupils troin lciridwiririrtoii through hiqh school placed tiitts tor vhtirity under a qaily decorated tree. Lforitiilwiitiiiti tt the holiday spirit was the appeururivu on liwtwiii ber l8 ot the CRCVVN, Tudor's litertiry iii.i-limit-m Angels watch river sr wit- tit iiitiiitifri in Kllilifilllittil i.i :V in Georuuriri Russell, lrrrritf lilly, unit llliirrri lXl1lltr:, H. Wieckinq. ki. Cjtillriliiif-, L' Kllvl l- l, ,intl ll . iii izlrirtr tiitts ut lurttiis fivir' lfltriiztriius trtri vt it iii ti "Hal Night." ri iutiiiiirit tif flirt Ntitiviw, if: 'tu iii 11' i Y I V sturidiiiq velelimtiori ul 'he Vliiistrrius riftisstfri tit tu lr a Armed with bluebooks and pens, Tudor g.rls diligently 'l'l1o1nas, soplioiiiore, asks the help of Miss llalu w lvegin the iwwardiriiz -1x11e1iur1v11 of lllilllnl exams. Allll Vuiiinia l'lldlCf'1IIlE1Il, tieslinian, Waits anxiously l+11 111f llllllll Midyear Events Midyear exams and the annual Workshop production were IIIOIIIGIHOUS in the months of lanuary and February. During exams students worked untiringly to succeed in various subjects as the strife to keep up or to improve scholastic records was of chief importance. Following the tension of exams, the dance group made plans for their approaching program. Many hours of rigorous rehearsals went into the perfection of tl1e Workshop production, Mary Poppinsfs "Magic Compass," which pro- vided the audience witl1 an interesting travel, ogue. lt directed the sight-seers to colorful places around the globe portrayed in modern dance by tl1e 111en1bers of Workshop. This year's production proved to be a great success. The winter IIlOIill1S were especially important to seniors who took college entrance examinaf tions, as results of these tests influenced col- leges in making decisions about acceptances. Late in lanuary activity was started for the Park- Tudor Carnival to be held in March. Aqe-old stiiiggle twtweori 11c111rl and evil is tl1e lllt'II1t" of Wo1'ksl111111f.1111't1, "ll111qatt11y," p111s1111t1-il 111 sgiiinti pie-11a111. 9. Spring Lencls Excitement '5i'v:: "Nr '98- "While elephants" tor the Park-Tudor Carnival on March 2 twllllllltlllll that attwrttitwn of Lev Gerry and Carol Cummings. Brighteners ot the winter months included preparations tor the ParkfTudor Carnival, held on March 2. The goal was even higher than pre- viously as the students decided to use the major part ot the proceeds tor the new Tudor lwnilding. The venture was entirely successful. A flavor ot Scotland is lirought to Tudor as Susie Rubin, lntly lfntiitglit, and Sandra Colton dance in an assornloly. ,ef Early plans made by M. Huber, I. McConnell, and l. Lilly insure a romantic atmosphere at their class clarit-tm The next important happening on the calendar was the junior dance on April 27 at the Atherton Center. The theme was "Dream Along With Me." Enjoyable dance assemblies presented by all classes during March and April showed originality in costumes and agility in steps. Cleaning women amuse their audience at a treslmtan tlartvw assemhly. They are M. Munson, L. Baron, and l., Wellivor. t gg 'K' SQ Supreme moment arrives tor ludy Fleming, Lucinda Brown, places in the thurch at Commentenient Athi tw: Beverly Hatterispoiqcr, and Mimi Howard as they take eaci senior bsqins the realwation of intiniy it l 31111 End Crowns Work Traditional festivities tor seniors brouqht the school year to a close. At Class Night on lune l, pleasant memories were recalled tor qirls and parents as students sang sonqs and club presidents related the year's achievements. The important moment of the occasion was the pres- entation of awards by Miss Stewart. Climaxinq the eveninq was the distribution of the antici- pated l957 CHRQNICLE. On the lonq-awaited day ot lune 7, Com- mencement became a reality at the beautiful North Meridian Street Methodist Church. At the end oi the impressive exercises, seniors received their diplomas with mixed ieelinqs oi joy and sorrow. The time had come to say farewell. They were ready to embark on new experiences. Reminiscences take the spotliqht Class Niqlit as seniors re- rall with par-'nts and ttivntts tiwiiioiies of cally Tudor Jays. . f-uf , 5" 1' '9 , 'F -' m inf' Organizations Pidx was extremely im- pressed with the range oi activities at Tudor. l-le felt that they promoted cooperation and added depth to our regular school life. ln short, they are the spice ot the academic lite. O gy' iff PRESS A, C 0 L ii i gf Student Council liN'l'l WWW' Mis. Geller, Pain Mantel, lixntrli Virln fry, Ntintw llllf-rwrrfl, lurly lVliC'f:nn-tll, Mqiriaitrif' lriilruri, lvltiiit-l llulwi, lltilw Qlplkltlll, Qlwoiimiiii llussnll, Council Serves School 22 lVlariannn Williams. WRST: llvvwrly lttittwrisnywi rm, Minn llovvard, l,.uc'infia Brown, lv'lfn'y Alt X llir lv?--r, flinmtt ','v'1ll1fuin::, lane lldfil, Nanvy Ayres, 1Xl4Sl1N'l: liitlitli liflcrfrfsiiri fltirirlm Mvfliniiriwll, All school activities revolve around the Stu' dent Council. It serves as the qoverninq qroup ot the student body and plans a proqrarn de' siqned to aid the individual qirl. First on the year's agenda was the QldfGirlfNew'Girl party in September, The tlienie, "Conte As You Were," inspired old and new students to work toqether on costumes and skits. Fall activities included the tillinq ot baskets tor needy lndian apolis families and the packinq ot Red Cross boxes to be sent overseas. The Council also decided to continue support ot Lesia Rornanec, a German refugee. Heading the yeai's activities was the Park' Tudor Carnival on March Z. Ctlicers were Martha Lasky, president: Anne Pelizzoni, vice presidentg Nancy Ferris, secretary, and lrene Lilly, treasurer. Miss Haber was the sponsor. Preparing for vninivfil inf k'nunr'il nlliiwiaz A. l'1'li.'.w-ni, l. l.illy, lvl, Laslcy, N, lltilllfl .incl lwlrsia llalvfi, sriolliarrr. A. A. Plans Sports ity pronrotintr wood sportsmanship and inter- oast in sports, 'l'ndor's Athletic Association plays an irnrfortarrt part in school activities. Each Llonnvil niornhor has headed a Sport and has :soon that all contests or tourneys in tho sport havo rnn srnoothly. Grown and Wliitef qarnes held in Cach sport were tho hinhlitrlits ot the athletic year. The Qlonnvrl also sponsored a Green and Wlrite :errollrrrw hoo and a sonfg Contest in which tho toinns vroti tor points leading to the athletic cup. ln .idtlrtion to this, a Council rneinher planned l'riday .rttornoon ontinqs to provide tor extra' vnrrivirlar activities. Near rho ond ot the year, the Council awarded whitv lilaitorms to the seniors niost outstanding in vooporatioir, srrortsniansliip, and athletic aivilf ity in nrt-ro than one Sport. xx t if K 5, Checking .rn it 'r nr gwzrvzs Wlltl srrorrsnrx, lXh1a:: Kil roi- anrl litmus in 1 1. .nr tl1ttI:1 lnha lfi-'lrwi and Mary Alwx th txt, r. Athletic Council ilrlflf liilh' l'wnn, .i4t'v'rtlf, In , r lad? l rr' l-Ur: :z l rr 1 r rr r r '.rn.l 1' l l lr' r li vnwr l.rrrlal.til:s-'rr AllI1l'lh'llL'1'VIi1,lxlrtlX lf V- nrzv .1 if-r".'.' .' l in 1 r lr l'ltrnIwrr 5. iw lil.i':.rZt thu mann lhisswll, lfliyalwfrr rown Staff HANK HOW: Buff QTl1it'li-fstifi, Anno l'oli72c' lwrtlu ll.inf'o:'k, Cale' Us Irfan, Silvia lluliois, Marianne Vlflil llttlllbl. fllllfCDNl7: Nancy Slwparcl, Mariel lluluei, lronw L1 Mary Blanton, Pnqtiy Malott, lulia lfiwlioi, Nancy For Crown Wins Honor Pasting proof is something that occurs when the CRCWN is almost a reality. For the first time, memliers of the staff have something concrete to help them visualize the result ol their work. The magazine has come a long way since Qctoher, when tho first all-staff meeting was held and everyone contributed ideas which were later whittled, streamlined, or outdated by new ones. lt was then that art was planned to set off stories, headline heights and varying types were considered for their tone, and the total effort was directed at a unified impression. Sometimes, perhaps, in the individual proc- esses of actual writing and editing, it was easy to lose sight of the original idea ot the magazine as a whole: but now, in the business of pasting proof, all the pieces tall into place. Examining art vvtuk arf' t'liO'v'fN otlivors Susan kflarivwy, Marianne Ionian, lufly l.fnnl', and Miss lVlt'f,ll1llOl1fIll, sponsor. luclnli Aint:-isf n. llltillf lane llast, Anno Kemper, Karon Miller, Lynne! lilavlclnrn, Ann Fiiiinler, Sun Kraft, Mary lNlutc:, lanny Suv llczufxln-ity, loan Pettit. Chronicle Staff RACK ROW: Bwvky 511111111 11l'11'11 1111111111111 11i1'111111'. 1'11:15?'1': P1-1111y E'111v11111 1.11111 '111' 1"1 11, 1511111111 , , ,, 11111 1W1dIV Q 111 11 N1 WNW 1111 '1111'1'1 1111111111111111 11'11111111'1111' 711111 ' 1"11 '11"'11 11I1lY 1vX'11s1111, 1111511 NAQ11 , 1 A N1 11 . .1 fx' 1i 111 1111111111 H113 111111111111111, 111111111111 K11111111, A1111 11 .1 11, 5 4,.c ,r.1111......,1.1.111,. ' 1 4 11111 1111 11111111.11l, 1,1111111,11 1111W11, 4111111111 111111115 11111111111 L11:s14y, IX1111111111111 1111411111 111151111 k'111111'11y, 1X1.11'v A1191 Chronicle Reflects Year Checking 111111115 111111 11115111111 11111111111 111 1515" 1'111iV1111f1,1 111111111111 1-.u1111x' .1t111'111s 11111111 1111111111111 12111111 11+-1:s1-1. 1'11.'11 1111111 1111111.11 k1.111' 41111111111 111111 11111111 1.1.'1111:111v11 S1111 111l1111 ij1e111o1111,1efv1 111 111111V11111'11 11111 ,11111111:' 5139111 011111111 1JO111i1d wvmy 1V11,1111111y w1111:11f11 ,111 111e yea112Oo1i, W11111111 111111 111w11111111 1'1111y 1701111111113 c11a1aC1e1s, 111111 0111101111111 4711 .:1111:1: W111 and 1.1111p11ecy www o111y 11 111W 111 111- 1i1S1iS 111511 11a:1 10 be C11111111e1e1'1. '111111111111 1111 11110115 O1 G111e Ge1d1111, CY111111, 111111 1Xf111'1: M1- Qj1l1Sl1OI1, s1:o11so1, 1119 dass 1:c1111111111111 11111'11:1 11 11111311 11111 1011. 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C7 rw 4' if Masquers Club RACK ROW: Bnrlmra Rifkiii, Katz- Mfilidl l+ y, Mary Vvllwtt, llliztalirltli fltrwlw, liicly WalSli, Aiiito Pvliw fkilll, Glviirlli Maris, Inari VVliytG, SFllfUNlU: Priririy llfivaqtk Miss O'Neill zivwns iwiiritwiss Jiri stfmw liqlitiritz :qt t'llltx'lli lvl, lil.iiitf-ii, il. lJllBfJIS, li. Hfallririsiw-rrqrwr, riribl V, llillriifiii. lvllllll lllnwxiitl lnlviiittfl tiivwii iffiix' ,ftlix lliflztwi. l'llll3l llffltillillllli lifilli-iris Iii li':3 fit. if 1,1 ii, lliiwii lvlill -i, Niiii- lllicfiiliifl. gXl4.5llN'lLi l'-titlliiti lf: tt The-spians Perform Tudors club lor tba Clfdlllfi-IIllIldCCl lwwmii tlitv year by aclriiittiiiq tcm iibw iiimiibors. lltllwvviiiig llWOll1lllJllOIlCGTOIIIOIIY uit Cvtcibwr Qi, cilcl iiiviii bers preseiitbrl lgi proqreiiii, 'lllib Evriliitioii til Drama." A IUOVll'7, 'llmifi Eyrof' provirlfvd Oitlfxfldllllllixlll for the Novoriibbr iiiootiiiq, riiicl iii Dotgcvtiilwr rrieriibers breseritcxi a Christmas proqrmii at tlio Littlo Sisteirs ot tlie Poor-. Mis. Everett SCl'ioti0lc'l, qubsl stwaker iii llobrtmry, Captiyatbcl tliev llios' piaris witli Q varied and iriterestiriq LBTOCIIUIII. Two orie-act plays, prbsbiitorl by tlib tvtfm Qtiewrs uri May 3, prbvexl to bo fi liiqliliqlil til tliQ yoar. Tlici Club CllllIl0I, iri liirich, iiicirliecl tlic- Qiicl ol ati active arid sticcxlssltil yvfir. Tito ciliili was lcd by B9vGrly Ralteiisrxmqbr, iirievsiclcvrit. Qtlier otticbrs were Silvia DuBois, vice piosir deritg Virciiriia llilliiiari, sevtfrfhtaryp Mfiry Pmlaritziri, treasurer. Miss Q'NGill wli5 tba spoiiszui. llh, fXfllVll ,V 1 l il Re-hearsinq Tip Nm, ,lil l'il .llll' li IN llil l is ll l. Fl- " l. 1' '. llllillzlll v.l,vl.l1lil Prelude Club .'l ,l il lli.l ll' l 1' u lil :lIll.1'll :ill l'.l'1il1l'l' ::': .i l l..l1x .lllvill lllll lx P ll l x Mill, l,.l'I' " l-llllllll' lxllx' lXl.ll'll:-lvl, :mll:lll.x lxl- l'l "x'.l:l lr l. Vi llllll. Xl.ll:1:l, l.l.ll lllil ll lll N lllfmlll .lz:::- lil ll lvl Null X. llill lll l l l 'L - ' wql rv n n..l"'llZ1,. .mill itll .w.llNF ll.l:i limi, .ill l1XiI1 l l Musically Speaking Pmllldo Club bfllclll ils lwlglilyflwlillli yr-.il with A formal lllOClllllj iii Qclolumx Al lliips lillli lwelllyflculll lllOlllbG?lS worm ddllllllfwfl, fillfl Mia. Qlfllldlll cblilerlailiorl willi vocal llllllllUC?l21. lil D9CGlI1lJOT lllo cillilu liolcl lla mllilliil Sfllllll Olll CllllSlI1lc1S LJTOLJTGIII, COlllplE7l0 willi lliv lflrifl illq ol llle Nalivity, carol siiiciillli, mid wiizsfailll. Al the laiillaly liicfolilifl Mrs. llfxllllclll Wflllli gave 5 dQliqlilllll lGCl1il0 wcildl Oli Glififl. ljllllll lllG9llIlqS iilcllldocl li vwclil lllfifllrllll liy Misa ll. D. Clllriqlil mill ll63llCllIlldlllfOS lay llifl lllfbll' ililmilecl llicvllilwlzs. lil March lliv ollicfvls wiilwllaillocl ill lliw lllJlll" wil lllcly ECkfTl'SOIl. A liilili lvciiiil Ol llifi yfwil wlig tho April Illilfxllllfj al llio lioriiri ful Mli'3. Dcumlliy Merrill Hillel, with lllllzsicfal milvllliililllcvlll, Ol licors wmv Malililiiie Willililiis, lllvillflfllllj Ktllllll Millor, vice lllezlicloiilg leililiy Siiw lYjllll'jlll'llY, secliilalyg lllflY EfNlif'l9fUll, lTOdSlll0l'. :lllr l im., lll .,ll:::.:'. "Xian ."' : lil l . V llll :nl l ll:.,. l'lllL5':': lllll l.l lla l l-il .llll ',' ::l:1 'l wil 'Qt' ' ll lrllllll' ll, E2 llll' lfivll il lim' lflw lil 1.1 full' ll: lille l.ll,w Milli-X .'."ii'1. fl: :il lll' Jill- lil :'l.lli, Allxfili ii lil:-,z l ll' "- ll it 5 li, f llll ff. Artisans Club RACK ROW: Mariel Huber, president, Linda MtlIllltliI11'I, Miss lolnison, Alina Taylor, Carol Cuinminqs, Mfunnint' lunltin, l,nrinrla Brown, Nancy Scliuetz, Susan k'lai1tw-v l.ynnv lilnvlcliiiii sm'rQtai'ytreasurer, lnclitlt Flem- Combining the Arts Vtforlcsliop activity beqan in October with the admission ot nine talented qirls. Mary Poppins' "Mavic Coinpassf' the sprinq production, cli- rnaxed the year. ln a variety ot numbers, dancers tiavo qlirnpses ot many lands, Workshop Club HAVK HOW: Pamela Murray, Marianne Willxfnnts, lvlnni lluvvtnfl, Chorqann Russell, president, Arniv l'-iiivnfitni, :uw nfttny, ll'tV4'IlY Rafiviisgiexqei, Susan Clanttey, liunt l.1ll'y, vitw l5li'S1fil'IIl, Lucinda Brown, Miss Kilqoro. ind, Silvia DuBois. l:lRST: Gale G1 rflan, Ann lfritwlur, liar liara llunt, vivo presirlrnt, Danna Martin, Mnni llftwtntl, Anne K9ITtf7OIi, loan Finnell lnitiation ot eight new rneinbers at a dinner in the presidents home started an active yoar tor Artisans. lniportant club projects wore re- pairing old toys for underprivileged cliildron and paintinq scenery for Vllorlcsliop productions, Slli,'ONO: Marinl llulw-1, Slllilttt Hairy, loan Jly'liYl", Martlia Laslay, Lucia Dunlwar, lanna Gvisvnliot, tiuassiirni, llwtssy ltuln, WRST: Pain Mantvl, Ioan Pettit, Silvia l7nH is, lutly l..nnlv. es Parisiennes l4!XUlQ HOW: A111111 Pelix1'1111i, Gale Ge'I1lGIl Gvo1'1:111111 Russell, lu1ly l,11111l', Rvrv--11y li11ll111:11 1: 1 lx. 1'11111l5111'11:111'l'11l, Sl'1'UNlN: l1f1111l,iliy, lN'la1i11111111'xV1fl1a111s 'i111la li111w11, M111ll111 l..1sl:v l,11'i.1 lxllllll 111. .-'1.l'.'l 'f. i 1 iii' lX'l111y lXl1111:'1'11 l11:111x' H1111 lW111111l1v1ly, N11111'y E?l111111111l N.1111 x l' 'k11151111, l11111s fill.1xll 11111. x lllirll- V11'lc1li111111 l11111111li111:s1f11:1 Club Promotes Interest Frenobfiriclined Tudor students revmilwfl l1i1l den faleni to Les Parisiennes 111o111l1111s 111 lllll Qofober iryoufs, and a Colorful 111iii11ii1z11 11:1-111 111o11y on Novernber ll adrnifled s1vv1111 new rnernbers. Af the regular rneelinfi 111 D11111111 ber, the Club heard an inferesiinq talk on ll111111'l1 ousiorns by Mr, Weber D. Dorialdsoii. Laler nieeiinqs included an i11lo111111l l1,1ll4 :111 girls' education in French schools by Milllillllll R. T. Franz, a Colonel's wife at lil, f21f11111111i11 Harrison, and some qroup obarades i11 llroiivli by Club rnenibers. The final "reunion" i11 May, a dinner at The borne of flie Club 1,11esic'lv11i, P11111 Mantel, ended an evenfful year. Club officers were Pain Mantel, presiclmilg ludy McConnell, vice president, and Sue Clii chester, secrefaryffreasurer. Madeinoiselle lVl11:1 oherosoli and Madame fle11:l1e11 were flie sponsors. Pointers 1111 f'111n1'l1 vul1u111 1111 1111:11ll11 11-' 1 1 1.161111 1 offivers lu1iy MQ'ClJIll1QJll, S111 C'l111'l11-::111 l'11:11 l1'111 l ,1111l s11o11s111s, M11111. llf'Il1lIA'Il 111111 Mil- M1111'l.11 17 1.5 at if .xg vi .V 4 v 'Vx .2 -X Y ' X. 5.,f Sports . One of the things which amazed Pidx most was our interest in and enjoy- ment of sports. He fairly Went wild over the Green and White struggle for the cup, though he tried to remain nonpartisan! Ga, lllll' VFX Relay race provides excitement for Lynne Blackburn and Portia lrlancock, onlookers, as well as for participants Kate Striving for Victory Athletics at Tudor contribute to a well-rounded school life. During the year each girl has the opportunity to participate in sports that are suited to her individual abilities. The fall pro- gram offers hockey, tennis, and swimming. Twice a week the girls go to Park School for hockey practice. lnterclass competition, as well as Green and Wliite games, provides thrills for the spectators while they cheer their teams on to victory. Girls preferring tennis or swimming can help their team earn points by winning tournaments held in each of these sports. In this way every' one is given a chance to show her athletic abil! ity and further her interest in sports. Since team and individual sports are empha- sized in the high school, classes rarely lack good team material. Felt numerals are given for making one first team, but more coveted is the gold numeral, signifying membership on eight first teams. Returning hackhand shot in good form requires concentra- tion for Susan Williams, freshman. ln the spring, practice for the tournament occupies the spare time of interested girls. Mahaftey and Penny Savage. All participated in the class swimming meet, a contest arranged in the spring by ILA. Competition Is Stiff Dianne Shafer, Iudy Fleming, and lean Pinnell take time out for ping-pong practice as tournament time approaches. As fall turns to winter, the upper gym be- comes well populated by our basketball teams. Class games offer practice for the alleimportant Green and White tourney. Each team Won a game, and the playoff battle was an exciting one with the Greens emerging victorious. Also in the winter season, the lower gym is graced with modern dance classes. "Watch the birdie," a familiar expression to all Practicing a roll-in are Mary Blanton, Anne Pelizzoni, ludy Lamb, Vickie Baron, and Lucia Dunbar, Hockey, the most lump ball attracts the attention of the spectators during an exciting Green and White basketball tournament qanio. badminton enthusiasts, is necessary to prevent a wealth of badminton birds from roosting in the rafters. The classes alternate between bad- minton and ping-pong. ln the spring sports fans move outdoors to take their places on the softball diamond or the tennis court. As in the other sports, competition is high. The final game is a contest between fathers and their daughters. popular tall sport, takes hours of practice to master tot-lr niques necessary for success during important contest games, E Q-A ,sg A i -or :ie Wag, G i fag Mary Alex Richter and Penny Savage proudly display new wtnto titim rs, lntilrest athletic award possible at Tudor. Green Rasketllall Twain BACK ROW: Mary Munson, Mimi Howard, lulia Eiwlior, Mary Blanton, Mary Alex Richter, Battling for The Cup Early in October, the Greens, captained by Penny Savage, again faced the Whites, led by Ianna Geisenhof, on the Park hockey field. Each team was equally determined to start the l956- l957 year with a hockey victory. The game was unusual in that the ball seldom passed either team's twenty-five yard line. The game ended with a score of l-O in favor of the Greens, The second game was as packed with action as the first, and the final score resulted in a O-U tie, giving the Greens hockey points toward the team cup awarded on Class Night. Rivalry, though of the friendly kind, was also particularly strong for the basketball points, second field of Green and White competition. Vicki Baron, Lucinda Brown, FlRST: Penny Savage, ludy Lamb. i w 4 i Tension mounts during a Green and White basketball game as Ihis lutskvt .multi xlA'lUlllllllt1 the outuonie ol the game, While liaskvtliall 'loam BACK ROW: Nancy Ferris, Susan Clan.-ey, Kate Maltattvy, Ellen llainnet, Carolyn Campbell, Goals Achieved The first basketball game started out to be close, but in the second hall, the Greens moved ahead to make a score of 38-28. ln the tradi- tional night game, the Whites redeemed them- selves by a score oi 43-24. The deciding game, not marked by the fast playing of the former games, ended in a score oi 34-25, giving the Greens the basketball points. To make up for points lost, the Whites came back with victories in both ping-pong and bad- minton tournaments and built up their score by defeating the Greens in the spelling bee, with Lynne Blackburn the last girl down. Both teams collected points from the song contest, but the Greens received a larger proportion. Irene Lilly, Anne Pelizzom. FIRST: Ianna Geisenhot, Susan Williams. ABSENT: Gale Gerdan. Vw v .X '24 - ' 'Mi 1555? W Q gk V' SW , , -,,.kQ1w:4XQW ' gag: nn 1 sf --ann X M., , xii 5 f .4 'fs Q .. ,X -Y :X ' wi . MS 7 f , , I W ff- ' ..,.W ffg w A ,, . ,.i,,,w' " .gQg4iig,,2 g5,,?ww.w K ..:f.ea. -. Y . M Gaim , H1,4 W 1 . Wmmnmammx ,--,mf . L, -an 3 1 .x f :FJ 'I QM ' N' 0 N K- - 4 st 1: 'ww - . wg - V 'bk "g':': f?': .. Faculty . . Even though the faculty suspected his presence, Piolx never revealed him- self, although he would have liked to express his appreciation of their in- valuable contribution to our life. lla . ,S xg 71314 jx.A 0 '71 1 ' ll f 5? Faculty-BACK ROW: Mrs. Iones, Miss Haber, Miss Riddle. TIIIRD: Miss Iolinson, Miss Todd, Miss McCullough. SEC- Vena Geller, A.B., Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, Mathematics Department Head, Mathe- matics, Student Government, Red Cross. Sara Lois Haber, A.B., College tor Women, Western Reserve University, A.M., Columbia University, History Department Head, History, Student Government, Iunior Class. Mario Hendren, AB., A.M., Syracuse University, Spanish, French, Les Parisiennes. Grace Iohnson, B.F.A., B.A.E., M.A.E., The Art Institute of Chicago, Art, History ot Art, Artisans. Marian F. Iones, B.A., State University oi Iowa, Mathematics. Margie McCuistion, B.S., Texas State College tor Women, M.A., University of Arkansas, En- glish, CHRONICLE. Dorothy E. McCullough, AB., Vassar College, M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, English Department Head, English, Bible, The CROWN. OND: Miss McCuistion, Mrs. Wood, Miss Rciod. FIRST: Mrs, Neal, Mlle. Mosclioroscli, Mrs. Geller, Mme. Iiviirireri, Mrs, Schneck. Iacqueline Moscherosch, A.B., Wells College, M.A., Middlebury College, Sorbonne, French, Les Parisiennes, Sophomore Class. Rosemary Neal, B.M., Boston Conservatory, Bos- ton University, Music, Prelude. Dorothy Riddle, B.S., Tufts College, Physical Education, A.A. Emily S. Rood, AB., M.A., Mount Holyoke Col- lege, Science Department Head, Chemistry, Physics, Biology. Della Schneck, AB., Lawrence College, M.A., University of Wisconsin, Latin, Latin Club, Freshman Class. Thelma Todd, Whittier College, Pupil ot Isidore Philipp, Rudolph Ganz, and Robert Casa- desus, Fontainebleau School ot Music, Piano. Mary Isabelle Wood, B,A., University ot Ken- tucky, B.L.S., University ot Illinois, History. Yvonne Chaniilovitch, Brevet Superieur, Normal School, Chateauroux, Palmes Acadeiniques, l956, French. Martha Daugherty, A.B., Wheaton College, M.A., Columbia University, Filth and Sixth Grades. Ava Dobson, A.B., Butler University, Third and Fourth Grades. Genevieve Dugger, B.S., MacMurray College, Kindergarten. Catherine C. Easton, A.B., Boston University, M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, Guidance and Beading Counselor, Seventh Grade, Iunior Student Government. Martha A. Gill, Graduate of Blaker School, Butler University, Columbia University, First Grade. Bosemary Kilgore, B.S., MacMurray College, Modern Dance, Physical Education, A.A., Workshop. Phyllis K. Oldham, B.S., Purdue University, English, History, Eighth Grade. Lenna O'Neill, B.S., Southwest Missouri State College, M.A., New York University, Voice Culture and Dramatic Art, Masquers. lune Beeves, B.S., Wheelock College, Second Grade. Conferring ovor Tudor llatl amounts are Mis. Amelia Evans sovrotaiy, and Mrs. Blanvlio McKinnon, tinanvial secretary. Faculty BACK BOW: Mis. Datifqliorty, Mis. Easton, Miss Gill, SECOND: Miss Kilgore, Mrs. Dnlison, Miss O'Nf-ill FIBST: Miss Bewvos, Miss l,Jt1f111t'i, Mis, Oldham. AB5llN'I Mme. ClldIl'lllOVllt'li. in . " In leisure nionic-nts Miss lfttir-t l.int1ltiy,fllr-'vtwi ft lit zzittt-nw Miss Nina Edwards, assistant tiiiw-tvr, and Mis. liarniatt O'Brion, dietitian, inakc Bosiclwiivw plans, 1 1 JA Classes . . Though at first the be- havior and talk of these young people of Earth seemed irregular to Pidx, after a year here, he grew very fond of every class. are x QE' ,N,.fa' X Beginning School Careers Kindergarten BACK ROW: Canriavo Kohlstaerli, Deborah 'l'nrlll, Paul MrGutt, Susan Nunarnakor, loqio Brant, Stephen Olrlhani, l"rsiciwrir4a Capp. SECOND: lohn llohhs, Gina Stone- lnll, lllixalwtli Kohlstaocil, Gorri liarluer, Helen Wierkinq, lolin Davicl VVociei, Mariolyn kYilFtOIlf7Il. li'lRS'l: llilllflldll Hol- nian, Miss Duflngfii. ABSENT: Roth Folrlrnan, Gloria Cwallaliuci, Peggy Voiqlit, Rvhor-ra Hobbs, Gina Rahkcf, Bovky Sink. Susan Stoops. First and Second Grades BACK ROW: Miss Gill, Rosella Rush-r, lulimi Parrish, Susan lensen, Sally lensen, Ruth lVll'LrillUll, Katliloen Wfjlllidlll, Portia Holler, Alinda Moos, l.inila la-ff Turner, Carolina Knrtidol, Dr-horali Rivkwtts, Anna- lwlll- Paul, Carolinf- Morris, Barham Rinne, Miss R-weaves. 'l'lllRlW: Susan Ramp, Gravo Hartley, Lwiqh Armstrong, SEC OND: Ann Foqle, Connie Ryan, Kathy Ryan, lane Lee, Kathrine Arnhrous, leane Ann Ernstinq, Linda Kay Breed- love, Sheryl llanier, Caroline Ushefi, Rronda llepow. FIRST: Elioce Annan, Susan Roiri, Celia Blood, Louise Kitvlivri, Sonclra Lynn llaney, Susan Goldstein. ARSENT: Brooke Sl'lldll9l. Gaining More Skills Third and Fourth Grades BACK ROVV: El!1ldl1Flll U1.1111-1, L3a11'.S1'u11L11'1f'1,Q111l1u1111wll1v'fl:n1111 l'H41Nl',K111l11111111 Vlrlll Sully lll11w1l11s, Qldll fr1lWSt'Il, Marvy Pc-11y111a11, Kdllliwfllltw 11115, llwl1'11 VV1ll1a111s, lla1111'1f1 Mvflull, C'y111111f1 l'll:'lf9II1'1l1dlll, lVlnw1l1w1sl11-ml, lX'l1s. lWwl1sw11. SFCOND: Diana ll1rk111a11, Dolf- Katl1lcwn Mantwl, l?a1'l1fa1fa lldl1kr', Kay K111f1, lcillfxl M 'f '111fk1-11, w111l1 Slllll, XV1'IlxlY VVvl1lf111, A1111 Bcvk, Nancy Plrkcllt, loan Co1'l1m11c1Ma11l1a Wcnlf. 1.111111-I111 l'1n11sw11 Umwl Vhmml, Ignite l'l1111l, Pdllllild Smk, 1- 1' -' , -' f ' , v . . .fm-V -xv wa-Jr1.a.'x-5. 1 'r . A '1lLf':v- f't'H...NJ'.. A N' .li 1-21 Fifth and Sixth Grades BACK ROW: Candy l9USOI1, Lissd Ka1l1y KIlQlCll1l, Sl1E'IYl Mmuros, Susiw llhllilll, llf1r111w11f1 llrfllll. ll-111y, l.1111l.1 5111141111 Hdlw: Hwvla, Mrs. l7a11f1l1v1'ly, llmwy lllRS'l': D9lPlkri GIfXOIlllNlIl, S11mr111 Mnym, Nlary lll'1WIl, l7f1l' l.1n1:a, V1vl-11 ll.1r11-'yy N.1111'y VV1iqnlvswu1Il1, Susan Gmdan, wml1 Tvsl, Hc-11111 Sirlvlair, lf-111111 Ayrws, 531151111 Vw1f11, lllflllll Susan S11-w.111. SHCUNIW: lVldIlOI'1m' KllL'llOIl, Patty A1wl1o1, ljlllflfllll, larm lvlvG11fl, M1111 l.y1111 Mfmlvrl 55.1111 LS-lmlvl. li.11l1y Nrvy-fs iT.1111l111 OXII1111, lf1is1ir1a Sm1s11'11111, SLISQIII Swlm, 43 Tops in Lower School Seventh Grade IUXVK HUVV: Karlr Illlf' Brarrlr-y, Iavkrr- Kfrarnf-, l.rnrIa Ncryws, Pfarlrryrr Irrzaky, Mrs. Vlrrvfrrr HH I VfrrrNrrrr.r, Vrrfrrr ra iltwwarr, Holly Harrle-y. SFICQNID: Sandra Patrrura Vrfrrgrrrrrs, Ilarrrfri Tarzrqari, Qfrrvryl lkrnrrfrlrl Is rnn ilrrl ::, Vrrrrrirrrr Wrlri, lrrarrrrr- Krrwlrwrr, Susan Davidson, Susan Wlrcveelor, Edith Wolf, Parrrrla Valrnr-Y, Mary Lou Ma kr N Eiqhih Grade RACK ROW: Iudy Doufrlrerry, Narrfy Cass, Mary Ann Efroyrnson, Susan Burns, Anno Paynrrfr Hr'rr:.rrrrrItr llrrlrrs, Plrrvlw Harms, Edith Mead, Iody Hollcvtt. Hinos, Mary Sl'r1dl'ff'I, Ianv Ariarrrs, Imrrr Mrrrtrfrrrfr K r lry LYIVCBNIU5 Vrrrola- Graf, Ann Ec'kor'son, Gail Haucrh, Alive Williarrrs, Mrs. Olrlrrarrr. filrlrrss, Nanvv Vlarkry loan Hosasr-0, Nanvy Ranks VIRSTZ 44 Freshman Class lMXCl4 NOW: Pmnwla lvltnmy, Gaylw Fmt: nt 1, ftltnt ltyl 1 llltSl W1 nt lt nl l n 'ln vm, ltn.l.t l,.n::t-n Url t-mln linftrttmrt, t1lft'ONll lantt l'-'t lvlnnfawn, Vtttnttm lllak nttn n l t n tn l l l 'nnt tin-Y lnt: 'i flat. ll, lt.-.-.l Minti li.nn.ntl l.tntl.1 ltan lttha lm 'lt.- Allifl N Freshmen Show Promise Wltlt taplnl achnsttnwnt the new lreshnten littod wwll intn the l1tt3hfst:l1ool routine. They snltowvtl .athletic ability in school sports, such as ltnclwy, lvaskvthall, sotthall, and tennis, and tt lame nnnthet' ol tho girls were also Iidinq vtttltttstasts. llwwover, their talents were not tttnttwt tn tttltluttvs. Qver titty per Cent wem nn the tatxitletttic ltunor mtl. Alontt with svltnnl work they also tonnd time tn txtttlulpatw tn xxnintts clnhrs. lwcnnr' were in the lnttn Ulnlw, two ln Wcutlqsltcutv, two in Prelude, uno tn lvs llartslwttttes, and one in Artisans. 'llhott rsttvtwsslttl trvslnnan YPGI indicates .an tw:pw.'t.tlly ttlttttlliiltltl tntnw. Officers ll T '.'t'1llt.nn:: .tntl fl, Watlwrt .trasatstl-tl ltx Mt-1 fivltnt t lL fag n::.t ttll t'lnt:attn.1s luxrskt tra ltt nt-.t.tx. -l ft ,f - -s 1' i ' X 1 Sophomore Class BACK HOW: lflloii Hammer, Cdrelyri Kriiqht, Arm Eriqeler. FIRST: Melanie Morris, Luxiu ltuiititii, ltiiiiplwti, Eiut- Ctiivticistm, Diuiirio Shutt-i. THIRD: Narivy Darlene: M-Ptictrseti, Ami 'l'tiuiiias, Itptty lvttitttt-rn, luriim Ll-fi iii hutttr, Pt titty Miiltitt, lim:-t Dmil, Sliiileei Harry, Carol Cum- serilitvt, Kathy Shirley, Surichu Mt'l'tiiuii-tit. !XllillfN't" L'yiithi.a iiiiiitts, Vivki Huittii, flllklfblxlllj Liiitlti Muiliiiitger, Kuthi Chit Axhriv Siiistm ltlnnvk, ltiisultu lldlll tick ltwiiihi Muitiri, l.yiiiit- liltiwktitiiii, P-witty Slitiriritui, luyt-sl iiv tittivt-is ll, 21' t Sophomores Progress Variety is the spice of life, arid the sophoe riiures are ceritiriually proviiiq the truth of this stuteriieiit. Their enthusiasm arid initiative were displayed iii the touricliriq ot a riew orqariizatiori, the Latin Club. 'lhis Club, a great success, had e-eigilit septioiiiores as Charter tiieiiihers. 'lhey also participated iri iiiariy other school activities. Nino were iii Prelude, tour iii llVorkshop, six iri Artismis, arid six iri Les Parisieriries. Krievviriq that they will coritiriue their time work, the seniors tire sure their sister class will make at siicwess cut their reiiiaiiiiriq liiqhfschool days, Iunior Class BACK ROW: Silvia DuBois, Nancy Layton, Lucy Graham, Anne Pelizzoni, Mary Blanton, Marianne Wil- liams, Kate Mahattey. SECOND: Nancy Ferris, Irene Lilly, Mariel liulwr, Gworurarrrr Russell, larmy Sus' llorirrlrerty, Juniors Excel Twenty-six alert juniors displayed capability in every phase ot school lite. These qirls held top ottices in tour talent clubs, and junior names were numerous on club rosters, Eighteen were on the CRQWN staff, ten in Masquers, eighteen in Prelude, ten in Workshop, three in Artisans, and ten in Les Parisiennes. Academically, there was an unusually high percentage on the A honor roll. Sportswise, juniors offered stitt competition by excellinq in all fields. Clirnaxinq the year was their class dance on April 27 held at Atherton Center, They used the theme, "Dream Along With Me." Selling apples at recess are otticcrs I. McC'unnell, Pi Han- cock, l. Walsh, I. Lamli, anti Miss llalver, sponsor. Nancy Shepard, loan Vtfliyte. FIRST: Anne Ke-rnper, Karr Miller, Sue Kraft, ludith Anderson, Carolyn llrrlrson, limit Pettit, Mary Vtfhittr, Pam Mantel. ABSENT: Barbara flultl tt , . Seniors Lucinda Adams Brown Indianapolis, Indiana 13 years President of senior classy vice president of Student Government C1955-19563: Student Coun- cil, 3, 4, Masquers, 2, 3, 4y Workshop, 2, 3, 45 Artisans, 2, 3, 45 Les Parisiennes, 2, 3, 45 CROWN staff, 2, 3: CHRONICLE staff. "No, this week end it is Purdue. Next Week end it is NorthWestern!" . . . immaculate . . . self-assurance! . . . "Sh-h-h!" . . . Fashion plate . . . baby ot the class . . . "But my mother says" . . . Beta blasts . . . Culver cousin . . . East or West? . . . racoon coat . . . Delta Zed house- mother . . . Cindy. fa W 35,5 , 5-ug-.sag Q J .3 1 1,5-.5 -4: A -'E:..:-s:s:'f:1.1 sew . if' :,f,f ' . Susan Rittenhouse Clancey Amelia, Ohio 2 years Editor of CROWN C1956-19575: assistant edif tor of CHRONICLE C1955-19575: treasurer of CROWN C1955-195637 Student Council, 47 Work- shop, 3, 45 Artisans, 3, 4, Les Parisiennes, 4. "Panosophic" . . . converting pen pai from France . . . biq eyes . . . Week ends at Eichers' . . . a doiiar tor the CROWNl . . . OLLive qreen . . . neoirnpressionist . . . vs. Becky . . . the closet and her high standards . . . "Oh, he's just a friend" . , . Ciancey. Se n io rs Tamara Io Cliit Indianapolis, Indiana 2 years Prelude, 4, CHRONICLE staff. Quiet as a mouse . , . T-bird fan . . . dental hygienist . . . teeny, tiny Tami . . . horses, horses . . . head of the row . . . older men-ethe handsome set . . . two courses of a science pleasing smile . . . gracious . . . naturally blond if . . . Tami. Mary Furnas Collett Indianapolis, Indiana IIV2 years Masquers, 2, 4, CROWN staff, ly CHRON- ICLE staff. "I spy a bit of foreign matter!" . . . typical deb? . . . "Give me a dime" . . . lifelong retire- ment at Burt Lake . . . "You little bird" . . . skinny history notes . . . "Say! What-cha all been doin' anyhow?" . . . "Rrhfffigo get him" . . . ping-pong champ . . . "I never outgrew the awk- i 3 ward age" . . . "une petite crafty diable" . . . ' , M and M muncher . . . Delta Zed . . . Mary. f A 49 Seniors Iulia Eicher Indianapolis, Indiana 4 years Vice president of senior class, secretary-treas- urer of Athletic Association C1956-l957l: Prelude, 4, CROWN staff, l, 2, 3, 4: CHRONICLE staff. "Anyone going by 44Ul?" . . . Penny's other half . . . date bureau . . . Thunderbird . . . varied hairdos . . . chatterbox . . . knows all the boys . . . There's a party at the Eichers' . . . candy diets . . . Iulie. t 5 Iudith Elizabeth Fleming Indianapolis, Indiana 2 year: Artisans, 45 CROWN staff, 3, CHRONICU staff. Cigarette wrapper . . . rnelodious voice . . tidy . . . "espanol" lover . . . Pontiac for sale . . little vet . . . the convert . . . Chicago bounc . . . artist model . . . cardinal puff . . . "bubble boy" . . . "What big feet you havel" . . "C J hates me" . . . Elijah. Seniors Emery Gale Gerdan Indianapolis, Indiana 6 years Editor of CHRONICLE C1956-l957ly assistant editor of CROWN C1956-19572 president of Les Parisiennes 11955-l956l: chairman of Park-Tudor carnival C1954-195517 President of freshman class, Student Council, 1, 3, 4, Athletic Council, 2, Prelude, 2, 3, 45 Artisans, 3, 47 Les Parisiennes, 1, 2, 3, 4: CROWN staff, 3, 4. Three on the organ bench . . . "Let's talk" . . . perfection on a string . . . the executive . . . invulnerable . . . "And then finally he asked me out" . . . thirst for knowledge fafter righteous- nessl . . . Who are the socks for this week? . . . "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!" . . . long letters in fine print . . . Variety is the spice of life . . . Gale. Paula Dickson Hersey Lawrenceville, Illinois l year Treasurer of CHRONICLE 11956-19575: CHRONICLE staff. Loves to see the ashes pile up . . . Let us hope the Fox will not be too sly . . . Elvis shoes . . . "Don't you like my new argyles?" . . . lenny Lind, Jayne Mansfield rolled into one . . . organized? . . . brilliant . . . "Get me a blind date" . . . slu-r-r-r-p . . . Paula Cat. fl Seniors Virginia Ruth Hillman Batesville. Indiana 4 years Secretary of Masquers C1956-195751 treasurer of Masquers C1955-l956l: president of sophomore class, secretary-treasurer of freshman classy Stu- dent Council, 25 Masquers, 2, 3, 4, Prelude, l, 2, 37 Workshop, 21 CHRONICLE staff. Yeh, rah, Batesville! . . . The home is where the heart is . . . slated for diplomatic corps . . . little Eve . . . Athena . . . "l'm taking in Washing" . . . fan mail plus . . . mathematical genius . . . Ginny. Mary Louise Howard Indianapolis, Indiana 5Vz year: Business manager of CROWN and CHRON ICLE C1956-195737 Red Cross chairman C1955 195635 Student Council, 3, 4, Masquers, 3, 47 Pre lude, l, 2, 3, 4, Workshop, l, 2, 3, 45 Artisans 3, 45 CROWN staff, l, 2, 3, 4: CHRONICLE stafi Stage-struck . . . "l left it at home" . . . heli um to make things rise . . . Willing and able . . . "This is its natural color" . . . "There wil be a food sale in the basement" . . . Friend tc the younger set . . . little dinner parties . . . fur at Three Lakes . . . originality double plus . . record collector . . . Mimi. 5 E 3 A Seniors Barbara Sue Hunt Indianapolis, Indiana 2 years Vice president of Artisans C1956-19577: Arti- sans, 3, 4, CHRONICLE staff. "Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy, Billy boy?" . . . from a duck tail to a pony tail . . . quiet, but Witty . . . easy smile . . . eyelashes plus . . . African rings-on her fingers! . . . pokey perfectionist . . . Barbara. Marianne Jordan Terrace Park, Ohio 2 years President of Residence C1956-19575: art editor of CROWN C1956-195737 vice president of Resi- dence C1955-19562 Student Council, 4, CHRON- ICLE staff. "The Naked Beauty" . . . "Niqhtie night, gals" . . . "Come on, Fleming!" . . . "Thats arty" . . . broad-minded . . . The Charles Addams touch . . . strictly ivy . . . "Clancey, I don't aqree"' . . . Mary Poppins . . . "lt's qot atmosphere!" . . . the Bohemian look . . . apartment in Greenwich . . . Res pres . . . Moo. Seniors Elizabeth Ann Klepinger Indianapolis, Indiana 1 year CHRONICLE staff. "Hot Buick" . . . long theme blues . . . eve- nings in frat houses . . . "I'1l be ready when you get there!" . . . short trip to South America, maybe? . . , a barrel of fun . . . "Don't be bitter" . . . "Keep the door locked, next time" . . . orator plus . . . Klep. Q l Barbara Ann Kroger Indianapolis, Indiana 4 years President ot junior class, vice president ot sophomore class: Student Council, 2, 3, Mas- quers, 4, Prelude, l, 2, 3, 45 CHRONICLE staff. "I've got a stray hair!" . . . late, late show . . . homework during the commercials . . . "I have to pick up Betsyl" . . . always an hour late . . . a qross of historical novels . . . never shuts up! . . . limb contortionist . . . penny pincher . . . milk for the complexion . , . "Use the community comb. I just washed mine!" . . . ping-pong champ . . . Delta Zed . . . Barbara- The-Body . . . Kreqer. Seniors Amanda Lou Lamb Indianapolis, Indiana 4 years Prelude, 4: CHRONICLE staff. Naturally blonde . . . drugstore hound . . . "Ohhhh-Martha" . . . another fashion plate . . . typical nun? . . . Florida long distance phone calls . . . Lasky's recessive traits . . . always going steady! . . . Lu M: an .k7. K ,gy . 'fi ' 'r , WY I E4 jk, , Martha Louise Lasky Indianapolis, Indiana 2 years President of Student Government C1956-195755 treasurer of junior classy co-chairman of Park- Tudor carnival C1955-19567: Student Council, 45 Prelude, 3, 47 Workshop, 3, 45 Les Parisiennes, 3, 4: CROWN staff, 3: CHRONICLE staff. Hi-i-i-i . . . Those memorable nights in Florida . . . "Sh-h-h!" . . . "What if I get an A- and not an A?" . . . "You make my iob so miserable!" . . . "Cornell because it's 4 to l" . . . "Sh-h-h Amanda!" . . . "I'm so embarrassed" . . . an out- standing Mouseketeer! . . . "I'm always hungry" . . . ping-pong champ . . . hangover? . . . Delta Zed secretary-treasurer . . . Martha. Se n I o rs Beverly Kay Marburger Indianapolis. Indiana 2 years Prelude, 45 CHRONICLE stati. "It used to be a page boy" . . . Limburger . . . is looking for a hot-blooded Iberian . . . "Oh, you kids" . . . conscientious . . . bonbon peddler . . . snow-bound in Carmel . . . sweet as ever . . . Little Buger. if ' f ' lx xi'9S'4'-,YN 4 'E A ' ,ik 1, V, Glenda Lee Maris Attica, Indiana 1 year Treasurer of senior classy Masquers, 45 Pre- lude, 4, CHRONICLE statt. Always winking . . . pianist . . . pretty eyes . . . "Oh, that history" . . . Res isolation . . . Sister loanna . . . sparkling smile . . . ludy, please pay your dues . . . jangly bracelets, dangly earrings . . . new haircuts . . . Northf Western or Indiana loound?? . . . "Oh-Oh" . . . Glenda. Seniors Elise Peyton Noonan Indianapolis, Indiana 12 years Chairman ot senior danceg CHRONICLE statt. Horses, horses, horses! . . . the "black .......... . . . a thousand different Wedding plans . . . up in the clouds on a Tudor ladder . . . "l'm not coming back next year!" . . . picture ot inno- cence? . . . "Mom keeps telling me to be nice" . . . charging through the sage brush . . . "It she takes my boy friend, l'll kill her." . . . Titian beauty . . . Big Red. kb lean Ellen Pinnell Indianapolis, Indiana 2 years Prelude, 45 Artisans, 3, 45 CROWN statt, 3, 4, CHRONICLE statt. Spanish enthusiast . . . Come back, little lean, come back . . . sun lamp kid . . . tall tales . . . agreeable . . . green hair, black hair, Ah, at last, natural . . . "Oh, sure you do" . . . that sideways glance . . . Pinnell. Seniors Beverly Howell Raifensperqer Indianapolis, Indiana 7 years President of Masquers C1956-l957l, treasurer of Student Government H955-l956l, vice presi- dent of Les Parisiennes H955-l956l: Student Council, 3, 4, Masquers, 2, 3, 4, Workshop, 2, 3, 4, Les Parisiennes, 2, 3, 4, CROWN staff, l, 2, 3, CHRONICLE staff. "At least it matches my room" . . . grape juice and gingerale for those special occasions . . . eyes of innocence . . . too bad Wabash isn't coed . . . "Love and Marriage" . . . Napoleon's conquest . . . "We plan to divvy the bill at the end of the year" . . . "I don't get it" . . . Wide- eyed and bushy tailed . . . Delta Zed vice presi- dent . . . Bev. l Mary Alexandria Richter Indianapolis, Indiana 3 years President of Athletic Council H956-19577: cap- tain of Green Team C1955-19565: treasurer of sophomore class, Student Council, 4, Athletic Council, 2, 3, 4, Masquers, 2, 3, 4, CROWN staff, 3: CHRONICLE staff. Elvis . . . agile . . . Florida vacation . . . envi- able tan . . . tomboy . . . night club singer . . . comedienne . . . skeleton arm . . . uninhibited . . . Iimmy Dean . . . red convertible-but does it run? . . . "lf she takes my boy friend, I'll kill her" . . . "lt's a great life, if you don't weaken" . . . Curly. Seniors Lynn Penelope Savage Indianapolis, Indiana 7 years Secretary of senior classy captain of Green Team C1956-195737 vice president of junior classy vice president of Masquers C1955-19563: Athletic Council, l, 2, 3, 45 Masquers, 2, 3, 45 Prelude, l, 2, 3, 4: CROWN staff, 1, 2: CHRONICLE staff. Iulie's other half . . . college week ends . . two weeks at S.H.S .... Pepsodent smile . . . No-Doz . . . Worry wart . . . bubbling over . . . athletic . . . personality plus . . . sugar and spice . . . she is everything nice . . . Pen. Becky Io Sharp Muncie, Indiana 1 year "Yeh, rah, Muncie Bearcats" . . . vs. Clancey . . . rhythm and blues . . . "Now, wait a minute!" existentialist . . . "Nol No!" . . . "What'?" . . . Christmas in New York . . . Count those special delivery letters . . . "You all are getting me frustrated" . . . Becky. Seniors Helen Elizabeth Steele Indianapolis, Indiana 2 years Art editor of CHRONICLE H956-l957l: song leader C1956-195755 secretary ot junior class, Athletic Council, 45 Masquers, 4, Prelude, 47 CROWN staff, 4. A Reese cup a day keeps the doctor away . . . "Fix me up, Iulie, please" . . . artistic . . . tears . . . our track star . . . History repeats itself . . . one side turns up, the other down . , . "By gosh, l'l1 take those college boards!" . . . Delta Zed Pres . . . Liz. Iulaine Gwinn Wilson Anderson, Indiana l year Vice president ot Red Cross council: vice president ot Residence, CHRONICLE staff. Lollipop cheeks . . . connections at Culver . . . Colgate applicant! . . . letter fiend . . . root beer plus . . . rnuch study . . . light cut tive times a Week . . . giggle, giggle! . . . Wilson. AWARDS TI-IE TUDCR HALL SHIELD For outstanding leadership and contribution to school activities. LUCINDA BROWN SUSAN CLANCEY MARTHA LASKY THE SCHOLARSHIP CUP For the highest academic record in the senior class. SUSAN CLANCEY THE CUM LAUDE SOCIETY For the highest scholastic standing in the senior class. SUSAN CLANCEY LUCINDA BROWN MARTHA LASKY BEVERLY RAFFENSPERGER GALE GERDAN THE PHI BETA KAPPA AWARD Presented by the Indiana Alpha Association of Phi Beta Kappa to the senior ranking highest in scholarship. LUCINDA BROWN THE FRENCH MEDAL Presented by the Alliance Francaise of Indianapolis to the outstanding senior French student. SUSAN CLANCEY 61 AWARDS THE ALICE M. BRIEANT MEMORIAL AWARD Presented by Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brieant for proficiency in English. SUsAN CLANCEY Honorable Mention: MARTHA LASKY THE WILLIAM H. WEMMER MEMORIAL AWARD Presented by the Tudor Hall Board of Trustees for proficiency in history SUSAN CLANCEY Honorable Mention: PAULA HERSEY THE TRUSTEES' AWARDS For proficiency in spelling in the freshman class. PAMELA MURRAY Honorable Mention: NANCY AYRES For proficiency in geometry in the sophomore class. CAROLYN CAMPBELL Honorable Mention: SANDRA MCCONNELL JANE EAST For proficiency in literary acquaintance in the junior class. MARIEL HUBER IRENE LILLY Honorable Mention: NANCY FERRIS PORTIA HANCOCK MASQUERS CLUB AWARD For outstanding achievement in dramatics. BEVERLY RAFFENSPERGER MARY ALEX RICHTER THE TUDOR HALL BLAZER For outstanding athletic proficiency and sportsmanship. MARY ALEX RICHTER PENNY SAVAGE THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AWARD To the girl who has shown the greatest personal development throughout the year. BEVERLY RAFFENSPERGER THE CLASS OF '53 ATHLETIC TROPHY To the senior outstanding in athletics. MARY ALEX RICHTER THE CLASS 8 SCHOLARSHIP CUP For the highest scholastic record in Class 8. CAROLE GRAF JUDITH HINES Honorable Mention: MARY ANN EFROYMSON JUDITH DOUGHERTY PHEBE HARRIS SUSAN BETTIS JOAN RosAsCo 62 C Class Wall We, the unforgettable Class of 1957, being well-equipped with ............................ do hereby abandon these burdens to the following for- tunate beneficiaries: To Nancy Ferris, Cindy Brown leaves her ability Ctruly an artll to wangle Culver miniatures and Beta pins. Susie Clancey wills her wide background to Dona Donley. The proud owner of a flashy pea-green Thunderbird, Tami Clift, unselfishly leaves her car to Miss McCullough, who is about due for a new chassis. Mary Collett bequeaths her ability to find foreign matter in her food to Mrs. Wood, who has a greater ability of finding faulty matter in the table setting. The Eicher dating bureau was to be willed to some lucky recipient, but Iulie, with fiendish plans of trapping all available male companions for herself, has changed her mind. Attention, all future Spanish classes! To you Iudy Fleming wills her rambunctious tempera- ment and frantic antics. Also to Madame she expresses her desire that those frequent birth- day parties become a tradition through the years. . Gale Gerdan bequeaths her stature to the Empire State Building with the hope that it will do as well as she has. Paula Hersey wills herself to M.l.T. for scien- tific research, trusting that they will find her as interesting as others have. Because of her great love for residence life, Ginny Hillman feels she should pass this fond feeling on to Barbara Rifkin, who, she is sure, will be as agreeable as Ginny. Mimi Howard bestows her head of many colors on Marianne Williams, in case she changes her mind again. The quiet, unassuming, sweet, and peaceful Barbara Hunt leaves her serene manner to Ioanie Whyte. Her creative drawings Moo Iordan leaves to all Tudor publications, anticipating that one will equal the infamous "Mad Magazine." To Mrs. Schneck is left the perfect attendance record of Ann Klepinger. Barbara Kroger wills her squatter's rights at the mirror to the eighth grade, who next year will be able to wear lipstick. Amanda Lamb leaves ....... ....... w ithout her driver's license. To the honorable Mouseketeers, Mrs. Evans and Miss Riddle, Martha Lasky wills her Mouse- keteer uniform, hoping that there will be bigger and better meetings next year. Because Kay has no will, she sincerely hopes that Linda will clear up the Marburger record here at Tudor. Glenda Maris wills her Liberace Candelabra to Ianny Sue. We are sure this will come in handy during those after-lunch concerts. The flashing-eyed, wild redhead, Elise Noon- an, leaves her black convertible and services to begin a driver's training class here at Tudor. Iean Pinnell wills her "A plus plus" in art and her "dynamic" drawings to future art classes. The Herron Art Institute will receive Beverly Raffensperger's life-sized portrait of Dave. To Miss Stewart Mary Alex leaves Elvis and his guitar for those Saturday night Residence hoe-downs. Penny Savage bequeaths her excess of en- thusiasm to anyone who might contract "mono" in the coming year. Becky Sharp wills her stream-of-conscious ness and profound convictions to the deep and serious-minded Iody Madden. The recently extracted tonsils of Liz Steele will be left to the Tudor lab to use for further study. To Nancy Shepard and all restless and eager seekers of racy good times, Iudy Wilson be- queaths her Culver retreats. Class Prophecy Our superiors have an unfounded conviction that the Class of 1957 will come to a miserable end. We are here tonight to say, "How right you were! " At long last Cindy has achieved her life am- bition to be housemother of all the little Betas at Purdue. Our little hearts thud with joy as we look upon our illustrious Clancey, now editor-in- chief of Confidential Magazine. Good newsl Methodist Hospital reports that Tami is recovering from dire injuries caused by falling off her last name. Mary Collett is still trying to raise "little birds." She has recently purchased a pair of love birds. Could this mean a hot light for a cold cigar? Iulie Eicher now has her dream apartment above the Elbow Room in Fort Lauderdale. She can honestly report that Florida has proved to be very educational after all. Iudy Fleming has begun to wrap cigarette packages for Moo's fiftieth birthday. lt's a little easier now as her twenty children are extremely helpful. Gale Gerdan has now finished another "Dear Iohn" letter, completing the set which is to appear in novel form very soon. Paula finally drew the fine line between genius and insanity. With shaved head she recently entered the asylum, where she has found PEACE. Ginny Godiva has just bought a Shetland pony to ride through the streets of Batesville in honor of her 50,0U0,00Uth homecoming. Looking for Mimi, anybody? You'll find her in the all-girl revue now in heavy competition with Hose La Rose. The big Hunt for Bill is still on in the jungles of Africa. The furious beating of the wedding drums can be heard far and near. Tally hol Moo is no longer lining john baskets for U. K. Now it's Xavier U. To convert or not to convert-that is the question. Ann Klepinger is still getting her battery charged. At the Phi Delt garage she receives expert attention from the attendant. What's this? Why, it's Barbara Kroger driving down the sidewalk. Her messy, rowdy kids are driving her to distraction. She never planned for anything like this. Amanda Lamb has now married a Shepard and has raised a flock of little lambs. Martha Lasky is still trying to attract I.U. boys with her page-boy rollers and her sexy contact lenses. Elise is now saying, "l's gotten me that job on the rodeo so's I ain't got no need for spellin' no more, Miss McCullough." Kay "the Carmel Greyhound" Marburger has luckily procured the most sought-after position as chief mattress tester for the Marburger Furni- ture Company. Covered with blisters and unrecognized by her fellow comrades, lean Pinnell has just as- sassinated an eminent dermatologist, adding another to her list. Bev Raffensperger has earned a million as president of Stools, Inc. She, as founder, in- vented the stool for the short girl with the tall boy. Mary Alex just received her Ph.D. in water- skiing from Florida Southern. Incidentally, one of her White River "rats" married her while slaloming down the river on a Sunday afternoon. Believe it or notl The jovial Penny Savage is now a world-famous mortician. Her hysterical laugh brings eternal joy to many cadavers. Becky "Opposition" Sharp is still wandering aimlessly about saying, "Stevenson should have won!" Her Greenwich apartment is the scene of many heated discussions on this aged sub- ject. Elizabeth Steele, the true-blue tear jerker, has achieved fame on Broadway in such plays as, "lf the French Can Do It, I Can Do Itl", "Chris- tianity Is Here to Stay," and "The Return of Delta Zed." By marrying the chairman of the admissions committee, Iudy Wilson has at last managed to get into Colgate. DEALERS IN Municipal Bonds AND Corporate Bonds and Stocks RAFFENSPERGER, HUGHES 61 Co. Incorporated Member Midwest Stock Exchange 20 North Meridian Street Indianapolis 4. Indiana Fine Furniture and Floor Covering E. P. M!-IHBUHGEH 8. SUN 1819 North Meridian INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA WA 3-2488 Sf? In O-ur 44th Year 65 Open 6 ILM. to 8 P.M. Closed Sundays ORIE'S RESTAURANT Since 1884 We specialize in pmgp CHICKEN1S'1'EAKS "If you have the girl . . . we have the ring CHOPS AND COMPLETE LUNCHEONS 3402 N. Illinois SI. WAInut 3-0627 Indianapolis J C S I p E STACY PARTY SERVICE J ewele,-A Indianapolis , , Fourth Floor, Merchants Bank Building T. Sffiffa DORIS M. HO 321 North Pennsylvania Street Indianapolis 4. Indiana Portraits by Photography MElrose 2-4744 rn s 1' 'Q iii Photo Supplies and Service 382I NORTH ILLINOIS STREET INDIANAPOLIS 8, INDIANA Whlnut 6-9917 NUNLEY'S SHELL SERVICE 38th and College WAlnut 5-5122 GATES MOTORS. INC. Your North Side DeS t -PI oo ymouth Dealer 3409 N. Illinois SI. New Cars Whlnut 6-3344 Used Cars G6 THE IAMA SHOPS WOmen's Sportswear 6249 College Ave. 3724 E. 38th St. CLiliord 5-7402 Llberty 6-0138 LOBRAICO'S Rexall Store CLiffOrd 5-3000 - Broad Ripple Pharmacy 902 E. Westfield Blvd. - Indianapolis. Ind. Empire Life and Accident Insurance Company 2801 North Meridian Street Sf? MILLIONS PAID TO POLICYHOLDERS AND BENEFICIARIES -l -- HERSCHEL W. HUNT MASON CONTRACTOR -H+ -.- GIFTS . . . Always Fun Shopping at ERNA'S Prices are riqht, tool ERNA'S. the Store of Distinction Comer ot 38th and Illinois Open daily 4 p.m. to I a.m. Sunday 4 p.m. to 10 p.m CASA LA PIZZA PIE 2255 N. Meridian St. Spaghetti and Meat Balls Italian Salads and Sandwiches CARRY OUT AND DELIVEHIES WAlnut 3-8624 EICHER LAWN SERVICE ATwater 3-1271 MUNICIPAL AND CORPORATE SECURITIES W. P. CLANCEY 6- CO. Members Midwest Stock Exchange FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Cincinnati Stock Exchange CINCINNATI, OHIO Best Wishes To T U D O R A Friend Serving Indianapolis tor 64 Years Moving Made Easy Safe Storage Expert Packing Agent for Mayflower Long-Distance Moving Service. America's Finest! Hogan's clean, well-equipped warehouse assures safe storage for furniture, valuables and records. Specially-built moving vans provide maximum protection on moves. Trained service men handle your posses- sions carefully and safely. H O G A N TRANSFER 6. 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IIUUPEH ASSUIIIATES R E A L T O R S 2800 W. 38th Street WAlnut 3-9596 71 R. R. HCWARD SALES co., INC. "American Made Products for American Crops" wir AGRICULTURAL TWINE AND WIRE Wholesale Only 71,17 3rd Floor. Guaranty Building 72 BILL ALLEN CC. R E A L T O R S F I N E H O M E S NORTH SIDE 804 Guaranty Building SPECIALISTS MElrose 4-7357 1 'Virol day uml ll! L MII! Ii cosrs uzs6 'IWW llyllllpg glgg y0ll V Wm 1 f .. az ,ti-5, gk Wm li '1 Compliments oi Indianapolis Water Company 113 MONUMENT CIRCLE If every wife knew What every Widow knows, every husband would be adequately insured. W. OLIVER CASS Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. Exquisite Gifts from The Brown House 39 W. Main St. Carmel, Ind A Friend 73 ASSOCIATES LIFE INSURANCE CO. W. I. McLANE. General Agent Board of Trade Building Indianapolis, Indiana for Modern Lite. Accident and Sickness Insurance Estates Fine Residences Suburban Homes BRUCE SAVAGE CU. Indiana Building Indianapolis ME1rose 2-8571 OGLE - DELLEN - BUICK, INC. 37 West 38th Street 0 Sales and Service 0 Open 8 to 9 P. M. WA1nut 6-2424 74 14 like or Tw .gzoppin 9 25.26961 fo,- you Q, Sportswear Fashion Center of Indianapolis CASUAL CLOTHES Broad Ripple - Indianapolis HOWDY ROGER'S SERVICE CENTER MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL 59th and College Ave. Claillord 5-0067 Indianapolis, lndiana BINKLEY PHARMACY 5902 COLLEGE Best Wishes, Class of '57 lU,UOU qirls, with but a single thoughtf- A trip to the Catalina and the boy friend is caught! THE CATALINA BEAUTY SALON 21 East 38th Street WAlnut 3-4531 WAlnut 3-4532 Ken 1lliAlueA .I. W. PINNELL 8: COMPANY 75 SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY CHEST Investment Bonds and Stocks U COLLETT 6. COMPANY. INC. Fletcher Trust Building Artistic Floral Creations CUMMINS FLORIST 5800 N. Michigan Road Dorothy Dunlop Salon Phone WA1nut 3-6251 at Northgate CLifiord 5-9610 City-Wide Delivery 2363 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis 76 W ' 1""XXX Ig' -.-- - :':-:-:'-:-:-:3..f:1:i:'':I:5:2..ve:-"-z-:-.-.4 . TASTE ' ' .,.-. " T be ,:'--, +551 FROM THE HEART OF AMERICNS , Stokelys VE E AB E9 EA-mnnf v 'P 0 if v QF 9 W W um 35534 fwwwfli N 2 uw U """"' W Q5 . Q! as-qrlylz vq x ' sg FARM LANDS I M I S N Aunsn w , OOOIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. ff ' f1 " f "f 5 T Picnic Flavor E ix el, ...-f--fx.-. all ear long. ETT f u?" -1 f 3255 T '141- ef' ff ...W ...:-..,... A .,,.,., .-1A. -1-f-' an amp 4-'---' :-" ,..,.55A!?, X 77 it Donleville DON PAT DEAN REGINA DICK DONA DAD MOM Freeburg. Illinois it BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK TO OUR SISTER CLASS from The Class of '59 CORKY'S DRIVE-IN Delicious Sandwiches Adams-Rogers. Inc. Whlnut 5-7536 3762 N. Meridian St. Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. International Stauffer System Weight REASONS T0 REDUCE 1. YOU RELAX. Slenderizing with us is a truly pleasi11g,ei1joy- able experience. 2. COMPLETE BEAUTY. 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McCullough .... ,Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . . . . ,Busifwss Manager ..........Treasurer , . . . , . .Art Editor ...,..,.Sponsor . . . .Art Adviser . . . . , .Adviser ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS P. H. Ho Studio Mr. Frank Fitch The Indianapolis Star The staff of the Indianapolis Engraving Company Crippin Printing Corporation 80 4 F , an--v. f Q- . '? K. 4. .va WG BAA Q iii' .. 1 . , ' 4 Y 4' Zz, 1 43' V: E. ff , f lil.. 1, W, . -5.22, . K V L' I Wu 'M W N. YW pr. . as V Q f f 1 E H 'C 'xg A W riiia 45' -QRS. ww' Wm .th V. V Q A,LA ,W L 'RA . 5 Q' , 'Q 7,2 1 5, 'f 1:3 E- 1 f ifgsjgg f',3L'sL-5. U N 6 Lim, 'I ag" 4 1 Hz! ' lv ? "4 'eg ,. 3, f m i .T .. ' V X I .4 ' 2 ' - . , -mg 5, ,R N A .fag V g i 1 wx 4 -rv . . .f'.-113.173 QL, ff -' 3 1-rw , wg fyzk fi,-'.w, qw-v , f -, L 4, .11 v'3:f-evil. ' .gum , , v.,,. , ,. . ,W .34 .W :eff ff rf w. Q21 ij: JV? .. y A t .kr- 5., .G W, ., 3 135 ze y-5' fy 1 f 'W x . V, H I' ' J 'T' '. 415, H59 . x x... V, ,fn 4.5.1-1 1,-A' X. y. Q. a. Br. . 'Y - .H .Q 3557. W., 1 ,,. ,K Q . . . r v :',,,-Q.:.c,.f,2- lsr 4,5 .im j.ag.,.,, . X :,,,.,1?g..-gg, fu 22. + ff WZ? - ?'. vc mm Y' .. X-2 . 1, megeswv-P' , J.. . --,-.giigw 7 'J' , L- - 5- rf f 1 M33 5- W, y. ,L .. .W V L, 15, gn ' N474 ,,-1 . Eff' -fs-E iq 5 ,fx - 3 qw.. X .gi-. .Qg . I .4 na X -ir., X - - ,,-wx. vw. V NL. .-H . V -,,, W , , ,... 1, V vw .ey - X . Q K ' ' ' ' ,QNX A " , f o f 3 1 s . , . xf . " I + H ..i"': ' . ,r A ' N 1 'V . 9 , , . 1 A mf Q . Q . 4. 6 1 A -W JE 1, . , f '- - .. . " x13.,1,,4v,!Q,- N ', . ,.q,w,.-,,., . ---,' , zzvgf. .L .4 . ' , ,,5.,,.l,. ,Y ,':w.K- 33. ,-X , .Y . . p"4gc',1Hg "4 41. , ' N S ,w!5"7n.fv ' ' V ' , -, A ww 3. f ,"".1"'fi?+ 1 Q , . ... -.. 'l .'-4 - it ...MI ,V . ,. qw, .1r'.T. .', 4 vw 4'-f :Sal ,. fflhiiikf A L idx! " " 'Ar -" -I ff uf.. mrafi- .-. 'f- -Gi-Sie..-f-'T-F f 4 J 1: 1'--4, ff ,- . L,. -, . 32: . - .-:- x ,, - , 41 .1.,. A .1 .14-. -, , . -A:-f'::,.,.. K .. . , , y V - :...,, Y W , . .. 5. u 1. W4 .4 U 1' V ' ab 3 - 1 1 D , s P 4 staff-'- E' f K' ' A f f ' f1ff i " -, '15 V ' 1 ' T T- gr ie f ' -2 'sf 4, in ,M :sg I .I 5 E 1 I V L - F51 ,.. 5 F1-1 an 12. gf 1 f -.1 E 9. :G if , E, '59 if 1 5. B? af P?" 5 5. F 2 E6 .- i s G If 1 F? 9 gp H ai ffl , IW! 31 ffl: , , wa 1- A fi 25:2

Suggestions in the Tudor Hall School - Chronicle Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

Tudor Hall School - Chronicle Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Tudor Hall School - Chronicle Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 64

1957, pg 64

Tudor Hall School - Chronicle Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 12

1957, pg 12

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