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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1953 volume:

The 1953 Chronicle Tudor Hall School Indianapolis, lndiana gp-LZ an- rm surf' l W, . A V, The School 2 . .., e 4 "".'--'ibn ' e - -up ' ..4-... ,M-Q-.vm-Q..- t.. 4, M ,, .. -- A ' wx' 71.3 uf-" "'- ' X we.- -f8.:fv --cg '1 .X ,. X -Q K?-,xx L s Q, :nw 'hx-,atv-. . ' .' ' -Wai The Residence 3 Foreword To bring you, our readers, a taste of life at Tudor, We, the Class of 1953, twelve in number, Endeavor to acquaint you with the girls and faculty. Let us show you these through classes, sports, and fun. Visualize, as you read, the lives of twelve girls as they Experience the joys which have come to them with their senior year Iinln m ef Jaw 0 , gl,-ie a f A t f , 'r - A 0 ' O " J': j l l F 604 n ' X H 1.1 l 9' ll X 1 sg X' '. Contents D d 1 F lty A i i Sp i C1 Ad t t il Q f I 0 9 f , ZW N Q ' 'xi I .A t iff! X 0 35 ' wr f f f 1 1 ,fy ' I t 'Q V L I 'Lmg,I, YIM, ? 1 Q,,.:., z ,K ,I f. ,fry Q U! ,- f 75 xr f I fl gp 1t?: A KY 7 Grace Ashley Horsfall In Dedication With one who came to Tudor Hall four years ago to begin her teaching career, members of the senior class feel a strong kinship. The really artistic among us have been fortunate to work in her classes. ln the always cheery atmosphere of her studio, we have created decorations for our dances and props for the senior play. More than material things, she has taught us self-control and the value of a good attitude, and she has given us the example of her own good will. She has listened sympathetically to our problems. CWe wish we had always heeded her good advicell lt is with deep sincerity and gratitude that We, the Class of 1953, dedicate our CHRONICLE to Miss Miss Grace Ashley Horstall. 6 With Gratitude Through the years many senior classes have tried to express their gratitude to Miss Stewart for the deep understanding and limitless wisdom she has shown in guiding them. As seniors we have come to know the significance of her patience, her never- tailing humor, and her unyielding common sense, which have proved so invaluable in our lives. She is never too busy to help solve our problems, which may range from the choice of a college to the selection of a commencement dress. As we, the Class of l953, take our places in the world, we hope that we shall always fulfill the high ideals set forth by Miss Stewart, our principal and our friend, I. Hilda Stewart, Principal 1 i. GK f 1 Aq Q Q H if f "f LMS I 1 Xi M Q4 MQEQQPQ ' lm - X l I 5 I FACULTY Qi-1 'E CJ Sq S W W X a 5,5 EW A X1 wa J' NX Bow l Mrs. Patricia Maurey, Classes lll, lV: Miss Audrey L. Boss, physical education, dance: Miss Barbara Stonemetz, physical education: Miss Libby Brodsky, music: Miss Lois Sutton, Spanish, French: Mrs. Suzanne Earnhart, Class Vlll. Row ll -Mrs. Catherine Easton, remedial reading: Miss Dorothy E. McCullough, Eng- lish: Miss Sara Lois Haber, history: Miss Hazel D. McKee, Latin, assistant principal: Miss Doris Beaman, Classes V, Vi: Mrs. Mary I. Wood, library, history. Bow Ill Miss Margie McCuistion, English: Mlle. lacqueline Moscherosch, Erench: Miss Grace Horsfall, art: Miss Barbara Elliott, mathematics: Mrs. Gladys B. McColgin, math- ematics: Miss Ioyce lwohn, drama, social studies: Miss Emily S. Hood, science: Miss Nell McMillan Frazier, drama: Mme. Yvonne Chamilovitch, French. Our Friendly Faculty From Burns's poetry to the McKinley tariff, from Newton's law to the coniugation of "amo," the Tudor faculty guides students of all ages through all classes. We, the students, are vastly influenced by our teachers' words, actions, and deeds. VV'e are oftentimes unappreciative of their help, advice, and constructive criticism, but now We take an opportunity to thank the faculty for what they have done. We do so with a grateful sincerity. Through their untiring efforts they have made our life here at Tudor Hall fuller and more enjoyable. 10 Staff Upper Left Miss Nina Edwards, assistant director of rest dence. Upper Center -Miss Ethel Linqley, director ot residenre. Upper Right Mr. Ioltn Martin, maintenance man. Lower Lett Mr. Lawrence Sommers, maintenance many Miss Ianet Stewart, dietitian. Lower Center----Mrs. Amelia Evans, secretary. Lower RiqhtmMiss Edythe Adkins, treasurer. Literature and the Arts There's music in the air as Sue Ann Atkins Mrs. Wood checks new book purchases with and Miss Brodsky rehearse lor an assembly the library committee, Barbara lenkins, Iiilia proqram. Cox, Carol Burch, and Iudy Bowen. Miss Haber locates some ol the United States possessions for Sally Alexander, Ann Morrow, Mary Mc- Kibben, and Sue Eaqlestield, juniors in Anierican history. Education in Action The King's English is the subject tor this discussion by Susan Wishard, Elisabeth llarninond, lulie Cain, lill Pearson, and their teacher, Miss lVIcCuistion. Proof of Boyle's law occupies Martha Stacy and Sarali Wliite, vvliilti Misra Rumi ussiaxts Marluiie llaas iii tlie study ul iiioiiieiitff, Long division is tim problem tor filth qraclers Rutli Lilly, Nancy Ayres, and Marqaret Allison, witli Miss Elliott tlicre to ask tlte riqlit questions "Allons, enfants! Let's qo to Paris," sutmests Miss Sutton to Hilcleqarde Weiiimer Marmot Lacy, larie Holton, arid lucly Howell, llrwiivli lV students. g f .1 .ff Q Lf, rx ' , wh EJ I I if Pal I Y ly 1 WJ H a ACTIVITIES i H f L ,f 7:7 2 --me X7 7 Q X Q LX V ' ' Q, I I V 0 If 557 wx ' W I WP 'Q I f f i- 'n j I f i I L ' 'U-III I X I Seated'-fH. Wenimer, president. Standing B. Hall, vice-president: M. Haas, treasurerg M. Lacy, secretary. Student Government The sound ot the gavel on Thursday brings the high school to order to consider the busi- ness ot the Student Government Association. The power which directs the government is the Student Council, consisting of twentysone members. The Council tries to give guidance to the individual girl, to help in civic proi- ects, and to act as a governing body lor the students. This year the Council's activities started with the annual Old GirlsNew Girl party, where the girls were dressed to represent movie titles. At Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets tor needy families were packed and distributed under the Council's supervision. The largest project ot the year was the Tudor- Park carnival, the proceeds ot which were used tor charitable purposes. Tudor's share went to lanina Zadziewicz, a Polish refugee in France. How l l. Holton, I. Howell, M. How lll-WB. Moynahan, M. L. Mil- Stacy, M. Harrison, L. Barton. ler, S. Wishard, l. Cox, M. Moseley. How ll M. McKibben, S. Alexan- Standing- Miss Hood, Miss Haber. der, S. White, P. Atkins, E. Post. Plow l I. Pearson, M. L. Lynch, I. Cain, L. Row llfB. Hall, N. Woods, P. Atkins, S. Miller, M. Mcliibben, P. Brown, D. Dunlap, Eaglestield, I. Holton, N. Rust, I. Cox. A. Morrison. Standing -Miss Stonemetz and Miss Ross, sponsors, B. Moynahan, president. Seated M. E. Rossin, secretary. thletic Association From hockey to modern dance, from swimming to baseball, the Athletic As- sociation guides the entire upper school in all sports by promoting good sports- manship and an interest in athletics. A. A. started the year oil with splashing competition between the classes in a swimming meet. Then all responded to that familiar phrase, "Straighten up!" for it was the struggle between the Greens and Whites during posture week. Alter spring vacation everyone was busy writing songs tor the annual song contest or engrossed in her old spellers in preparation for the Green and White spelling bee. Ending their lull year, the Athletic Councilors relaxed at their annual picnic. Row l N. Woods, L. Sadlier, P. Brown, lb. Row I M. Mcliibben, L. Miller, B. Hall, N. Dunlap, C. Hararn, L. Barton. Barnaby, A. Morrow, M. Lurie. Row ll S. Alexander, I. Ballard, B. Ienkins, Row ll E. Post, A. Russel, C. Hine, M. L. N. Rust, I. Holton, A. Morrison. I. Cain, R. Lynch, P. Childs, B. Brown, S. Wishard, I. ffannnond. Alig. Seated Miss McCullough, sponsorg M. Mo- seley, editor. Standing S. Wliitre, assistant editor: M. Stacy, business manager, C. Van Reekurn, treasurer. 18 Literary Masters From niid-September to December, when THB TUDOR CROWN finally ape peared in its blue and silver cover, the staff and sponsor devoted all spare mo-- rnents to preparing the magazine for the printer. Since last year's issue won first place in both the Columbia and the Na- tional Scholastic Press association con- tests, the i952 staff had a high goal to achieve. Iudges of the cover contest gave equal honors to Nancy Barnaby and Iulia Cox, choosing Nancy's design for the cover and Iulia's for the flyleaf. An innovation was the revived TUDOR HERALD, in which school news and club notes were neatly packaged in the rniddle of the book by Ann Morrow and her reporters. The CRQWN bank account, always on the slender side, was fed by profits froni Friday food sales, an autograph sheet, generous patrons, and advertisers. Secret plans, the dedication, the Will and Prophecy, and tons oi work ior the seniors fe all these things make the TUDOR CHRONICLE what it is. For months before the CHRONICLE was ready tor the press, the seniors worked long hours writing, typing, and taking pictures. Along business lines, they sold the usual cookies and sandwiches, T. H. elephants, pins, and compacts to raise money for the publication. Each senior class desires its CHRON- ICLE to be the best ever, and the Class ot 1953 is no exception. It hopes that its yearbook ranks at the top with its smart cover, unusual art work, and scores oi pictures. Although the class is small, it worked hard to bring out this year's CHRONICLE in hope that it will convey a lasting impression of the year 1952-53. Seatedfrl. Cox, art editor, S. White, editor M. Stacy, business manager. Standing - M. Moseley, assistant editor Miss McCuistion, sponsor, M. Harrison, treas urer. Seated' - I. Cox, I. Holton, M. Haas, I. How- Standing- fM. Lacey, II. Womnier, N ell. Woods, B. Moynahan. The Masquers began a busy season by judging the exceptionally good Oc- tober tryouts, through which several new members were admitted to the club. A solemn candlelight initiation constituted the first official meeting. Lat- er meetings included such high lights as an enlightening talk by Frederick "Dusty" Bhodes, the technical director ol the Civic Theatre, and an entertaining movie entitled "Four Ways of Drama" which displayed the different presenta- tions which would be necessary to adapt the same play to radio, TV, the movies, or the stage. An informal movie discussion with Mr. Williarn Carroll, treasurer of Allied Theater Owners Asf sociation, and a field trip to the Civic Theatre also proved quite interesting. The eventful year was brought to a climax by the traditional dinner party in May. Seatedf---I. Cox, treasurerg L. Miller, secre tary. Standing- -Miss Frazier, sponsorg I. Holton presidentg M. Lurie, vice-president. Thespians in the Making Bow l M. Nessler, M. Derry, M. Stacy, Bow lllf-VM. Harrison, B. Moynahan, I M. Mcliibben, B. f-lall, D. Dunlap, I. Alig, Howell, M. E. Bossin, C. Van Beekum, L Bow ll E. Post, M. L. Lynch, B. Ienlcins, Barton, H. Wenimer, P. Brown, A. Morrison A. Morrow, S. Eaglesfield, P. Atkins, C. Haram, I. Bowen, S. White. S. Alexander. Seated S. Alexander, president. Standinq Miss Brodsky, sponsor: L. Miller, viceapresidentg M. Mcliibben, treasurer. Bow l M. Harrison, M. Stacy, P. Childs, I. Cain, L. Sadlier, A. Russel. Bow ll P, Brown, A. Morrow, B. Hall, B. Hill, S. Atkins, K. Kraninq. Bow lll S. lflfhite, M. l.. Miller, l. Saunders, C. Van Beelcuni, M. E. Bossin. B. Moynahan, I. Howell, M. Haas, M. Lacy, B. Brown, A. Morrison. Master Musicians Two unusual events marked Prelude Clubs calendar this year. ln lanuary Mrs. Dorothy Merrill Bitter and Mrs. Kathryn Turney Garten as quest artists presented a delightful Chopin pro-train. Ending the years activities was the Park-Tudor Music fjestival, May lti, tlic first of its kind in the liistory of thc two schools. The fall ineetinqs followed the tr.t1t1 tional pattern with a piano recital hy the new sponsor, Miss Brodsky, the officers' proqrarn, and the inipressive Southern Christmas. Front Beethoven to "pop," Prelude had sornettiinq for ovcry taste. Miss Horsfall, sponsor, C. Van Reekum vice-president, M. L. Lynch, secretary-treas urerg M. Harrison, president. Artists at Work Never let it be said that Artisans Club has been idle! They started the busy year with a Halloween party at the home of Martha Harrison. Field trips have been many and varied. Amonq these were an excursion to the Floren- tine exhibit at the lohn Herron Art Insti- tute and a visit to Mrs. Marc Lurie's home for inside information on mobiles. The Wm. H. Block art exhibit was an- other major attraction. The outstanding event of the year was a trip to Cincinnati to see the Art Museum, the Taft home, and the Terrace Plaza Hotel. Life includes hard labor as well as travel for the Artisans. In between jaunts they provided the decor for the Work- shop productionva masterly representa- tion of the Mississippi River. The year came to a successful close with the club's annual picnic. Row l I. Ballard, l. Pearson, M. Flowers, Row lIvL. Sadlier, L. Barton, L. Spencer, M. Derry, I. Cox. M. Nessler, C. Van Reekum, I. Howell, M. Moseley, H. Wemmer, S. White, N. Rust. Seated N. Woods, M. McK1bben, M. E. Ross, sponsor, B. Hall, S. Eaglesfield, S. Alex- Bossin, L. Miller, P. Childs, A. Morrow. ander, P. Atkins, M. L. Miller, E. Post, l. Standingw P. Brown, I. Alig, N. Bust, C. Ballard. Hine, M. Stacy, C. Haram, M. Lacy, Miss Modern Terpsichoreans Old Man Biver flowed right along through Workshop's production, "Lan- terns on the Levee," February 20 and 21. An lndian powwow, a bayou festival, and the fence-painting scene from Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer" were some of the dances done to interpret life along the Mississippi. This production was the grand climax of a season which started with tryouts in October. As an assembly program, November l7, Workshop gave a dance autobiography, which included take-offs on its social meetings and rehearsals. An early spring attraction was the trip to Bloomington to see the Dudley, Mas- low, and Bales Modern Dance Company. Officers this year were Patsy Atkins, president, Priscilla Brown, vice-presie dent, Ann Morrow, secretary, and Sue Eaglesfield, treasurer. Miss Boss is sponsor. Kneeling I. Ballard. Standingf S. Alexander, P. Brown A Bit of Paris The "petit enfant" of the Tudor clubs is Les Parisiennes, launched last year by the present sophomore class. its first formal meeting was an inspiring candle- light initiation held in the residence liv- ing room. Suzanne Brown, as the club's first president, conferred membership upon eight new pledges. The meetings have been many and varied. The first "reunion," held at Michaela Derry's, was a stimulating dis- cussion on Paris and French architec- ture by Mr. Richard Zimmer, a local architect. His talk was beautifully illus- trated with colored slides. Another meeting, which took place at the home of Marcia Lurie, consisted of a Frenchified game, Truth or Conse- quences. Questions were asked which covered many phases of French history and civilization. For failure to answer correctly members were punished by having to perform consequences in French. Some had to prepare skits, charades, and apache dances which were later performed at meetings. Seatede-A. Morrison, secretary, S. Brown president. Standing I. Cox, vice-presidenty S. White treasurer: Mlle. Moscherosch and Miss Sutton sponsors. Row l M. Lacy, M. Nessler, H. Wemmer. M. Derry, I. Howell, E. Hammond, S. Wishard Row ll L. Spencer, M. L. Lynch, M. Lurie, A. Russel. Standing --I. Alig. 24 Tudorites in the News Tudor's contestants in the "Quiz 'Ein nn the Air" proqrarn srnile alter defeat- inri the teani ireni Manual Training Hiqh School. With Miss Kathryn Pickett ol THE lNDlANAl30LlS STAR Ccenterl, they are: Martha Stacy, Sarah White, Mary Len Lynch, and Michaela Derry. The things seine people lqenp in their atticsl Ralph Walrrnfl and Rick Slmliov- ladies Hildefmrdc Vlfeninicr and Ann Morrow, but the Wliitfa lllepliiint Sale at the pciflifrlltlfltit Carnival 'lll'f?i3LTfl nwrf than any other heath. QSM' Ann Morrow, Patsy Atkins, ancl Site Lfafvles- field are hailing tho approacliinfi Relvert lf. Lee in Worlcsliops presentation ni "Lanterns on the Levee." slcoy seein tenfili cnsteniers tn sales' K' f 1 Ll 0 I if 'fn . I Q 55? Q X Q iii 4 I' K f - f- X. ww SPORTS X Nr r X Iwi, i f 1'-lf Y ff- ,W N ,X .z' A B, 1- 1 N J 1 ',J.L,,,, z WN Working on a floor technique are Cynthia PeqQY Childs, and lane Alig work out at the l aram Priscilla Brown and Nancy Bust, barre. xx hile Margaret Lie Miller, Cheryl l-line, ports in the Tudor Limelight Sports at Tudor are one of the most important phases of student activity. A wide variety is offered, and everyone participates. F all found Tudor girls on the hockey field, on the tennis court, or in the swimming pool. After much eager competition in the class tennis doubles, Sue Eaglesfield and Bettie Hall defeated their sopho- more rivals, Priscilla Brown and Anne Russel. The sophomores gained points for the class cup as they won the fall swimming meet for the second consecutive year. Ann Morrison and Linda Barton were high point scorers. ln winter sports, basketball took the spotlight, with badminton, ping-pong, and modern dance filling out the schedule. ln ping-pong Green and White doubles, the Green players, Patsy Atkins and Bar- bara Ienkins, helped their cause by defeating Margot Lacy and Iudy Howell, their White opponents. The class doubles in badminton found the seniors, lane Holton and Iudy Howell, defeating the sophomore players, l5-8 and l5-3. In the spring Tudorites again took to the outdoors as softball, tennis, and swimming completed the year's sports activities. 28 l Anne Russel and Ann Morrison await the return ot Anne's serve. "Take your mark!" cries Cynthia Haram as Sue Eaqlestield, Cheryl I-line, Beth Hill, Sue Arm Aikins, Cathy Van Reekum, and Marea Mc- Grath prepare to take a plunge. 29 Hazardous Hockey VARSITY Bow lfS. Alexander, L. Miller, P. Brown, I. Cox, I. Ballard, M. McKibben. Row Il-as A. Morrison, M. Lacy, S. White, P. Atkins, S. Eaqlesfield, A. Macomber, B, Moynaf han, I. Howell. GREENS Row I-WB. Hall, S. Alexander, P. Brown, I. Bowen, I. Cox, K. Kraninq. Bow llfC. Haram, I. Aliq, S. Eaqlesiield, I. Ballard, S. Aikins, B. Moynahan, H. Wemmer. WHITES Bow l-fM. Mcliibben, S. White, A. Morrison, D. Dunlap, M. L. Lynch, N. Barnaby. Row ll--N. Bust, M. Lacy, I. Holton, P. Atkins, A. Macomber, M. E. Ptossin, I. Howell. l The familiar crack ot wood against wood resounds from the field in River- side Park as the Tudor qirls, with sticks and qoalie pads, invade the field. Al- most every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon one could see qirls clad in anything from Bermuda shorts to sweat pants eaqerly participating in Tudor's most popular fall sport. When qame time rolled around, the juniors proved their superiority as they forqed ahead to defeat the seniors and freshmen in spirited qames, winninq by the score of 240 each time, and tyinq the sophof mores, l-l. The class qames ended with the juniors qaininq victory and the most points toward the class cup. IUNIORS Bow l E. Post, B. Hall, S. Alexander, M. F. Bossin, L. Miller, M. Mclfibben. Bow ll B. Ienlcins, P. Atkins, S. Eaqlesiield, A Maconiber, I. Ballard, N. Barnaby. SOPHOMORES ow l C. Hararn, N. Bust, I. Bowen, Aikins, A. Morrison. Bow ll D. Dunlap, I. Aliq, P. Brown, M. L. lynch, M. Nessler, L. Barton. FRESHMEN Bow l B. Hill, I. Pearson, E. Harnrnond, N. Madeira, I. Cain, L. Sadlier. Bow ll L. Spencer, S. Wishard, M. L. Miller, P Childs, M. C. Surnner, K. Kraninq, I. Cox. After the conclusion of the class games, everyones interest turned to the Green and White conflict. ln the first of the series the Greens gained the victory of l-O in a hard-touqht qarne. The next encounter resulted in a score- less tie. In the last and deciding garnet the equally rnatched tearns aqain touqht to a tie, this tinie the score was ll. Thus the Greens gained the rnuch souqht points. A varsity tearn was chosen to take part in a hockey play-day at Louisville Collegiate School in Louisville. Play- inq Hillsdale School of Cincinnati and Kentucky Home of Louisville, the var- sity squad was defeated, 2-O and 3-U. SENIORS Bow I fr N. Woods, M. Stacy, I. Cox, I. Holt 1 M. Haas . Bow ll M. Lacy, M. Moseley, M. llarri on S. White, H. Wernrner, I. Howell, B. Moynihan Brazen Basketball When the wind becomes too cold for hockey, interests turn to the baskets in the upper gym. Foremost on Tudor's winter sports calendar is basketball. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons found students of all classes trying to put the ball through the hoop or attempt- ing to keep an opponent from making a two-point goal. This year Tudor assembled a varsity team to play against the team from the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. The game was hard fought, but the Tudor squad went down in defeat, 42-28. Other games pitted the freshmen against the eighth grade and the faculty against the students. The freshmen and the students emerged victorious. Seniors Row I-fI. Holton, I. Cox, M. Lacy. Row ll-----M. Harrison, H. Wemmer, B. Moynahan, I. Howell, S. White. The high light of the entire basketball season was the traditional Green and White conflict. During the week previ- ous to the games, rabbits' ears adorned the heads of the loyal Whites while the Greens' lapels sported giants in their color. The first game was neck and neck, but the Greens' final spurt placed them ahead, the score being 23-2l. ln the night game the Greens, without the assistance of their star forward, Io Moy- nahan, went down before a pressing White team, 19-9. The last and deciding game was even more exciting than the rest, the Whites again emerging vic- torious with a score of l5-l3. Greens S. Atkins, B. Moynahan, S. Eagles- field, C. Vanlleekum, K. Kraning, I. Cox. Whites A. Maconiber, N. Rust, P, Atkins, M. Mcliibben, M. Lacy, I. Holton, I. Howell. Freshmen I. Pearson, l. Cain, L. Sad- lier, K. Kraning, L. Spencer, P. Childs, S. Wisliard. Early in the season each class elected a captain and sent forth its best players to battle it out in the inter-class games. During the seasonal play the experi- enced seniors emerged victorious in both first- and second-team games. The Juniors came the closest to upsetting the champions in their undefeated season during the first-learn game, which re- sulted in a score of 21-20. lo Moynahan and Sue Eaglestield were the high point scorers for the season. ln the traditional Residence-Day School game, the "Res," after having tried for many years, equaled the day school in a contest which ended in a 14-14 tie. Iuniors L. Miller, P. Atkins, C. Van Reekum, I. Ballard, A. Macomber, S. Eaglesfield, M. Mcliihhen, S. Alexander. Sophomores Row I-I. Alig, S. Brown, I. Bowen. Row ll---A. Morrison, A. Russel, S. Ailcins, M. Nessler, N. Rust. Upper Lette Bully for you. Upper Rtqlwtf "lust a little tiqltter, please Center- And another point. Lower Lett - Rabid spectators. Lower Riqht A lnattle casualty. 34 ,gf . X 2. I in . K V., Am. A 5. V X Q' if l 5' l 'f - l , YK K 'VL 4:5 j i E f t . J if . 3 3 ai .1 it if Q l . tl l Athletes . 1 F' M. Lacy, B. Moynahan, I. Howell, I. Cox Supreme! Since the year 1949 the white blazers have signified the highest awards in Tudor sports. These are awarded each year to senior girls who have shown unusual sportsmanship and have a good scholastic record and an exceptional talent in sports. This year four girls, Barbara Moynahan, lulia Cox, Iudy Howell, and Margot Lacy, proudly ac- cepted these higli awards. 35 Q ls! F4551 mf . Q S Fi., P55 ,yy , Mg . 15 We fl --QQ I 2.4 ,if f- , f Q + 5 " -'-' ' ls. "-f --ff f, - J fi CLASSES W gk 'fl e w 'L' ati Q Lower School Kindergarten Row I-B. l-louser, G. Gibson, K. Shafer, I. Huehl, E. Craine. Row llf F. Wieckinq, L. Smith, G. Iohnson, B. Rahke, M. Usher I. Rubush, P. Cochran, B. Rechtoris, I. Woodard, M. Wheeler with Mrs O'Brien. Gradel Row l fN. Hickman, D, Test, M. L. Browninq, D. Bae-rncopf, H Sinclair. Row Ile S. Mayer, I. S. Whiteside, P. Archer, S. Clapper, M. Trout H. Leas, C. Moxley, N. Forsythe, M. A. Beyer. Row lll D. Cochran, I. Ayres, K. Noyes, Y. Gasaway, P. Thurston P. Rauch, L. Schulz, A. Sherwood, B. VanMeter, M. Iohnson, K Seastrom. Grade II - - ff AWE-31 Ill Row l-WA. Pearson, S. Elliott, I. Ritter, M. Cooling, I. Cutriqht, S. Mallory. Row 2 S. Selig, D. Cory, l-l. Copeland, I. Welty, M. Kitchen, L. Sinclair. Graies III and IV How I P. Valinet, L. Derry, A. Eclcerson. How Il L. Weiss, P. Wiggins, E. Wolf, I. Henry, N. Rahke. Row III I. A. Grumman, I. Wheeler, S. Craine, I-I. Taggart, I. Doiiglierty. Row IV I. Kitchen, I. I-Iolleti, G. Cuirighl, G. Crump, B. Vriiwink. Row V L. Noyes, A. Blasingham, A. McTarsney, K. Bradley, E. Mead .villi Mrs. Mfiurey. Grades V and VI llow I S. Cooling, G. Winegardner, S. Gillespie, L. Iileinslone, S. Ldiiilu, S. Mallory. Row II C. Duck, M. Dalglish, D. McPherson, I. Nighilinger, E. Craft, L. Dunbar. llow Ill I. Eckerson, K. Selig, K. Sinclair, H. I. Draper, I. Gilliorn, C. Cfiriipbell, I. Huncilman. Standing P. Sams, R. Lilly, M. Allison, N. Ayres, A. Lund, M. K. Giuiiiiiidnn. GRADE VII Row Bow Row Martin 1 IAG. Russell, S. Cadle, L. Cohn, I. Row, P. Belz. IIeC. Alfs, I. Lamb, I. Cripe, M. Dodge, N. Clark, E. Kurrie, I. McConnell. Illfl. Lilly, I. Dougherty, I. Wineqardner, P. Henry, Mrs. Easton, A. M. Sadler, P. Hancock. GRADE VIII Bow I M. Howard, B. Baffensporqer, M. Llollett, I. Oliver. Bow ILP G. Gerdan, E. Noonan, M. Ayres, L. Brown, Mrs. Earnhart, B. Foster L. Beatley, P. Savage, P. Trask. 40 Eh , .MQ 9. n-11 3 rx- - 5 . fi? e wa.-Q' lllll Row l "How can l draw you it you don't hold still! " -- "Well, we don't know either." The qrim problems of youth. Row Il V Swinq your partner 'roundl f Y A h1rthday??? f "How much is that doqqie in the window?" Row III Cheese, everyone. -if ls it that interesting? e "l'rdcturod l1fOI1l'll.H 41 F rolicking Freshmen Thirteen nrernbors lo1111 the rnerry, Wollrlikcd Freshman Class. This qroup has a tondness tor Park, boys Cin qenerall, parties, and horses and seems to have no date shortaoe lor they turned out en masse lor boilr the junior' and senior dances. The freshmen are by no rneans short on brains, with Susan Wisliard, Peqqy Childs, Elise abeth Hammond, and Marqaret Lie Miller talqinir top honors. ln clubs the freshmen also arc well represented, havinq several members in every organization open to thern, Alonq sport lines Kathy Kraninq took top honors in basketball by being the only ireslinran on the Varsity squad. Susan Wishard and Margaret Lie Miller also have been outstanding in this field. We predict an excitinq, tun-packed soplior more year for this all-round class, impossible to Row l P. Childs, secretary-treasurer. ignore! Row ll M. L. Miller, presidentg S. Wishard, vice-president. Row lll -e-Miss Stonemetz, sponsor. How l l. Pearson, E. l-lamrnond, l. Cain, Row ll L. Spencer, L. Sadlier. Row lll B. Hill, C. Burch, K. Kraninq, N. Madeira, M. C. Sumner, I. Cox M32 Row I Waiting for the Meridian males to oo by! Buyihq elephants. Red Cross enthusiasts. Row H Autograph seekers. Those toothpaste smiles! Moto stiidiow moments. 43 Bow lefM. Flowers, S. Eck, M. L. Lynch, Bow UNC. l-line, B. Brown, M. Derry, A. E. Davis, I. Aliq, D. Dunlap, I. Bowen. Morrison, S. Aikins, N. Rust, C. Haram, A. Slick ophomores Bow l l.. Barton, president, I. Larsen, vice-president. Bow ll Mlle. Moschorosch, sponsor, P. Brown, secretary-treasurer. Bussel. Smart . . . snappy . . . tres cute, the sophomores have a flair for beinq every- where at once, and wherever they are, thinqs happen. For instance: 1. Early in the year they made their bid for the class cup by winninq the swimming meet. Names in lights? lNhy, Ann Morrison and Linda Barton, of course. Z. Early in November they lobbied for lipstick andf-s'prise --f'- won! 3. Still in the province of new ideas, it was the sophomores who ioundeol that qoinq orqanization, Les Parisiennes, last year. 4. ln February, two of their number retired from public lite, buried them- selves in newspapers and helped win the STAR "Quiz 'em on the Air" contest. With such a past, who can toretell what the future holds for the Class of '55? ll 5 "I'm going to wash thai rnan right out oi my hair." Up, up and away? Good joke, eh!! Grin and bear it! Cheek to cheek. "If you want anything, Just whistle 45 Scintillating smiles, exploding brains, and slick figures make up the junior class. They participate in every phase ot student activity trom clubs to sports. With a co-chairman tor the Park-Tudor carnival and the junior bid tor the class cup in hockey one can easily see their varied interests. Also, in the line of brains, the juniors vie tor high academic honors. The most outstanding event of the year lor the juniors was their gala dance on February 7th. Transforming the Tu- dor gym into a South Sea paradise, they presented their theme, Tropicana. From a little grass shack to the swaying palm trees to pineapples decorating the tables, Bettie Hall and Sally Alexander, as co- chairmen, brought the juniors' weeks ot work to a successful climax. We predict great things tor the Class Bow I- -C. Van Beekum, secretary: M. Mc- Kibben, president: A. Morrow, vice-president. Row ll -B. Ienkins, treasurer: Miss Haber, of '54 in their senior year. sponsor. I aunty un1ors Bow ln L. Miller, S. Eaglestield, P. Atkins, Bow ll-eeB. Hall, S. Alexander, M. Lurie, M. M. E. Bossin, I. Ballard, P. Berry. McGrath, A. Macomber, I. Saunders, N. Barnaby, E. Post, C. Hoover. Row I Knit one, drop two. f - Gay weekend. f Hop! Hop! Row H I was wounded. Crisis?? But I'm not that stronq! 47 Seniors Iulia Ann Cox Darlinqton, Indiana 4 years President of Residence C1952-5317 secretary of senior classp treas- urer of Masquers C1952-5317 vice-president of Les Parisiennes 61952- 195317 vice-president of Student Government C1951-195257 art editor of CHRONICLE C1952-195317 assistant editor of CROWN i1951- l9521: president of freshman class7 Student Council, 1, 3, 47 Athletic Council, 2, 47 Masquers, 2, 3, 47 Artisans, 1, 2, 3, 47 Les Parisiennes, 47 CROWN, 1, 2, 37 CHRONICLE staff. "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the next day" . . . K. M.I .... pre-med . . . Oh, those everlasting cartoons . . ."Don't beat on me!". . . summer grease monkey. . . "There'll be a house meeting in the Res living room". . . Radcliffe or bust . . . Einstein's little sister . . . lulie. Mariorie Haas Evansville, Indiana 2 years Treasurer of Student Government C1952-195317 treasurer of senior class7 treasurer of junior classg vice-president of Residence 11951- 195217 Student Council, 47 Prelude Cassociatel, 47 CHRONICLE staff. "Shut up! l'm trying to listen to the radio" . . . endless supply of food . . . flashbulb fiend . . . records . . . curly hair and green eyes . . . never without a needle-eknitting, that is . . ."Ch, my poor back, finger, side, etc.". . . Cuban men . . . knows everything . . ."Hedda" Haas of the Res . . . mascot of the Evansville basketball team . . . Mari. Martha Ioanna Harrison Indianapolis, Indiana ll years President of Artisans C1952-195317 treasurer of CHRONICLE C1952- 195315 vice-president of Artisans C1951-195217 Student Council, 47 Masquers, 2, 3, 47 Prelude Cassociatel, 3, 47 Artisans, 2, 3, 47 CHRONICLE staff. Carefully manicured cars . . ."Please sign up for crew". . . sports and more sports . . . business-like Walk . . . another member of the station-wagon set . . . Butler bound . . . future teacher . . . Red Cross enthusiast . . . sunny disposition . . . letters galore . . ."Carl and I" . . . summer school at Shortridge . . . Martha. lane Holton Indianapolis, Indiana 9 years President of Masquers C1952-195317 treasurer of Student Govern- ment fl951-l952l, treasurer of Masquers C1951-19521: assistant editor of CROWN 11951-19521: secretary-treasurer of sophomore classy Student Council, 3, 4, Athletic Council, 1, 45 Masquers, 2, 3, 45 Prelude, l, 2, 3, 4: CROWN, 1, 2, 3: CHRONICLE staff. "One of these days, pow-right in the kisser" ...puff puff. .. blond-haired angel-dyed by her own hand . . . cheese sandwiches . . . the original Tallulah . . . her Buick convertible . . . headed for Northwestern. . ."Miss McCullough, may I please get a drink of water?". . ."A horse! My kingdom for a horse!". . .dark lashes . . . that hour-glass figure . . . Janie. Iudith Keyes Howell Indianapolis, Indiana 5 years President of the senior classy president of Artisans 11951-19521: secretary-treasurer of the freshman classy assistant editor of the CROWN C1951-19521: chairman of the junior dance: Student Council, 3, 4, Athletic Council, 45 Masquers, 2, 3, 4, Prelude, 1, 2, 3, 4, Arti- sans, l, 2, 3, 4, Les Parisiennes, 4, CROWN, 1, 2, 3, CHRONICLE staff. Preference for Chrysler convertibles..."Only received three letters todayl". . ."If it will help, I'll hock my jewelry". . .gentlemen prefer blonds, but who prefers gentlemen? . . . I'm from Keokuk . . . milk fed . . . Stanford, Stanford, here 1 come . . . Tom, Dick, or Larry . . . intellect . . . Ding Dong Bells . . ."He said he'd send me a bracelet, or was it a ring?". . . literary genius . . . lower lip pout . . . neat as a pin? . . . Iudy. Margot Diane Lacy Indianapolis, Indiana 9 years Secretary of Student Government 11952-19531: secretary of Workshop C1951-19521: Student Council, 45 Athletic Council, 3: Prelude lassociatel, 1, 2, factivel, 3, 4, Workshop, l, 2, 3, 4, CHRONICLE staff. Red-headed dynamite.. ."Would someone move we omit the minutes?" . . . the pageant's Mary . . . "Sweet William" . . . sum- mers at Maxinkuckee . . . freckles . . . muscles . . . two to tango . . . so many menaall brothers? . . . infectious laugh.. ."May I borrow a Kleenex?". . . Gay Paris . . ."But my house isn't at all hard to find.". . . Red. Mary Ellen Moseley Indianapolis, Indiana 7 years Editor of CROWN H952-l953l5 assistant editor of CHRONICLE C1952-195315 Student Council, 45 Artisans, 3, 45 CROWN staff, 45 CHRONICLE staff. That delicate air . . . still Waters run deep . . . the only real blonde in the class . . . Is boiler making the attraction at Purdue? . . . fancy-rimmed glasses . . . blood, sweat, and toil on the CROWN . . . loves kittens . . . baby-of the class, that is . . . everyone's pal ...Mel. Barbara Eloise Moynahan Indianapolis. Indiana SV2 years President of Athletic Association C1952-195375 chairman of senior dance5 president of the junior class5 Student Council, 3, 45 Athletic Council, 3, 45 Masquers, 3, 45 Prelude, 3, 45 CHRONICLE staff. "Hark". . . sun, sand, and surf . . . our life guard . . . from Florida . . . terror at the wheel . . . party . . . party . . . power of persuasion . . . always knitting argyles . . . Yale or Miami, that is the question . . . "But l studied" . . . athlete supreme . . . that short haircut . . . Howell's partner in crime . . . Io. Martha Lucille Stacy Indianapolis. Indiana SW years Business manager of CROWN and CHRONICLE C1952-19537: president or Prelude H951-195255 Student Council, 3, 45 Masquers, 2, 3, 45 Prelude, l, 2, 3, 45 Workshop, 3, 45 CROWN, 2, 35 CHRON- ICLE staff. Plenty of pep . . ."doughnuts, cookies and sandwiches". . . our black-haired nightingale . . . the station-Wagon set . . . early bird . . . "My sister lean" . . . "I would have sworn that the gas gauge worked". . . Dear Iohn . . ."He's just a friend of the family". . . good food . . ."This would be a lovely Week-end to get ads". . ."The way I understood it". . . Marty. Hildegarde Eisenlohr Wemmer Indianapolis, Indiana 12 years President of Student Government C1952-l953l: chairman of Red Cross C1951-l952ly assistant editor of CROWN Cl95l-19523: president of sophomore classy Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Masquers, 2, 3, 4, Prelude, l, 2, 3, 4: Les Parisiennes, 4, CROWN, 2, 31 CHRONICLE staff. Pony tail or mop? . . . that wide-eyed, innocent look . . . mink bedspreads . . . our little hula girl . . . Delta Queen . . . twelve years at 3171 . . . Ha.ber's right-hand woman . . . youngest sister . . . Cashmeres for Cornelia..."Which car shall I drive today?"... "California, here I comet". . . the incomparable . . . Hilde. Sarah lane White Noblesville, Indiana 2 years Editor of CHRONICLE H952-19537: assistant editor of CROWN H952-19535: treasurer of Les Parisiennes C1952-195331 secretary- treasurer of Residence C1952-19537: vice-president of junior class: Student Council, 47 Masquers, 3, 47 Prelude, tassociatel, 3, 4, Artisans, 3, 4: Les Parisiennes, 4: CROWN staff, 3,4. "Get the point-or do I bore you?". . ."How do you spell it?" . . . Vast knowledge . . . future history teacher . . . "Daddy" Skin- ner of the senior play . . ."He's just a friend". . ."I have no talent for French!". . . that MARVELOUS Culver week-end . . . hails from the thriving metropolis of Noblesville . . . boundless appetite . . . CHRONICLES her baby . . . Sarah. Nancy Woods Anderson. Indiana l Year Vice-president of senior class, Athletic Council, 45 Workshop, 45 CHRONICLE staff. Silence is golden . . ."What shall I do to my hair this Week?" . . . brain . . . cuts a good figure-and not just on skates. . ."Oh, I know him.". . . lack-of-all-trades . . . little brother . . . wide assort- ment of friends . . . keeper of the candy . . . gay week ends . . . "Anderson's my home town.". . . Nancy. Row l Tele ii tele. All qocmd lliiiiiis iiiiiafsl come lo an eiidl "This iiliyfeivs will leo lriv ruiridlioii ol iiiell' Row ll Two dreaiiieis and Qi realist. Mrs. Wood's little helper. . Row Ill Typical diversions. "Down willi Lewis and Steinbeck," "But Miss Rooniodllw How I The backward type. ff Grey mat- ter imrci tit work? The inorninq after the nigtit before. How Ii Look at the birdie. Good lunch, Martha? VVoodn't yon? How lil Uttar' in a lifetime. Ho, ho, ttiat's iivtiit Cartoonist at work. ,gf L.. 'l'l".Cll.Xit,.'t.. ,, 4 ' 'llg n lfravier .Bliss Nell Mi t L'.XS'l' Director ..,......, .,.,.,.. , Cornelia Otis Skinner .Mllildegartlc XVeninicr Arr Difegrgy ,L,4 ,,,A , H N555 tlfar-Q ,X, Hmgfall Assistant Director ......., ,... iN litrtlm llairrison xlilllll Sllinnrr .,,. ,.,. j tidy Howell Business Manager ........ ....,. N laryellcn Nloselei Property Cliairnian Nlririorit- llaas O65 Slillllwl- P- 4 Sllfllll WNW' lfurniture :iridCrt-ir. , ,.., .Artisans Cluli Cliairrnarr., .. . .,Clir-ryl Hine Nldlv .. i. ..,,.. l. L' 1 Lislms' ' ju ll M Head L'slier, Ann 'Marrowg Assistants, Sally .-Xlcxantler, Patsy Atkins. Sue liaolestieltl. Yum.. E b H H .Xhmm LM! Bettie Hall. l.isn Bliller SYNUl'SlS Ol" SCl".Nl'fS Chmll' P-llafluffl Nlolnffllilll The play takes plane in the living room in tlw Slcinner home in llryn Mawr. Perinsylrariin .Nniy .,...,. .,..,.... , Nair-:yXX'rmtls -NCT l .X Saturday afternoon in Nlay X intermission brace 4.., .. ........ Martha Stacy . ACT ll A Friday morning in june ,........,Nlartha Harrison intermission ACT lll ftemoon William ..4.,.., - Abby.. .....,..janc Holton The following a 54 "The Play's the Thing" Upper Left H Wernmer, I. Howell, M. mer, B. Moynahan. Lower Right I. Holton, Lacy M Stacy I Cox M. Haas. Upper Right S. White, H. Wernmer, I. Howell. I Cox H Wemmer Lower Left H. Wern' October 30 found the seniors with knees knocking, teeth chattering, fingers crossed, eagerly anticipating their senior play, "Family Circle," adapted by Anne Coulter Martens frorn the book by the sarne nanie by Cornelia Otis Skinner. The plot is woven around Cornelia's stage anibiv tions, a lost fraternity pin, and a group of aspiring young actresses. The audience was delighted with the sparkling hunior, the scenes front Shakespeares "Macbeth" and "As You Like lt," and the antics of young Cornelia as she tried to convince her family that she should be an actress. Sterling performances were given by Hildegarde Weriirner, Iulie Cox, Iudy Howell, and Sarah White in leading roles. The cast was ably assisted by the Artisans Club, who, under the skillful direction of Miss Horsfall, set the stage and worked as crew. 55 An Evening in Paris" Row l fC. Eshelman, T. McNaughton, H. Row ll--N. Woods, M. Stacy, I. Holton, S. Henderson, M. Kraft, W. Bockstahler, L. Har- White, H. Wemmer, I. Howell, B. Moynahan, ris I Smith, L. Parker, G. Green, I. Keseric, M. Lacy, M. Haas, I. Cox, M. Moseley, M. E Dobbs C. Hubele. Harrison. Through the skillful efforts of the Sen- ior Class, the high school was able to spend an evening in Paris on November 22. This was the night of the senior dance, and all the high lights of "gay Paree" were recreated at Tudor for the great occasion. The Tudorites and their escorts danced under twinkling stars to the music of Billy Moore's orchestra, strolled into a candle-lighted sidewalk cafe and, seated at small tables covered 56 with red-checked tablecloths, sipped sparkling ginger ale or took the oppor- tunity to gaze at the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe. Huge fleur-de-lis glit- tering on the walls, the figurine of a French artist on the beautifully decorat- ed punch table, and the snappy frac- tured-French napkins added greatly to the atmosphere. The seniors enjoyed the dinner given by Iane Holton before the dance and Martha Stacy's open house afterwards. Above LefteeL. Parker, M. Lacy, M. Haas, Stanclinq: F. McNauqbton, I. Keseric, M. Kraft Cf. Green. Above Right M. Harrison, C. Lower Right---Seated: H. Wernrner, B. Moy Hubele, M. Moseley, E. Dobbs. Center M. nahan, I. Howell, Standinq: W. Bockstahler Stacy, B. Moynahan, I. Howell, I. Cox. Lower I. Smith, L. Harris. Lette Seated: M. Stacy, I. Cox, S. Whitey 57 Will for the Class of '53 "For though with judgment we on things reflect, Our will determines, not our intel1ect."M E. Waller. Iulie Cox's self-confidence and boisterous manner we bequeath to julie Cain. Margi Haas's nose for news goes to Linda Sacllier, who has one already. Martha Harrison's careful driving and road etiquette we leave to the future driver training course at Tudor. ' jane Holton bequeaths her classroom technique and stability to Liz Hammond. Iudy Howell's varied assortment of rings, bracelets, and pins plus her velvet-lined jewelry chest goes to Miss Haber for future white elephant sales. Margot Lacy wills her promptness to Miss McKee, who is learning it the hard way. Mel Moseley leaves her loquaciousness to be split among Alig, Rust, Bowen, and Dunlap. Io Moynahan leaves her Yale male for next year's Culver excursion. We leave Martha Stacy's varied assortment of station wagons to any future seniors desiring to partake in the national pastime of "crinkle fenders." Hildegarde Wemmer wills her large house to the residence juniors for use after the next year's senior dance. Sarah White leaves her ability to be sarcastic at the right t?l time to Miss Sutton, and her holdings at K. M. I. to Miss McCullough ttor bigger and better times?l. Nancy Woods leaves her little red lunch pail for Anderson bus trips to Libby Davis. 58 Prophecy for thc C ass of '53 "The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, wherever he is."-- C. S. Lewis. Iulie Cox is staff doctor at K. M. l. and is illustrating a new medical text book with her own cartoons. Marge Haas is taking her P. G. CPlay Girl Degreel in Cuba and other points south. Martha Harrison we find nobly assisting Tony Hinckle in the coaching of the Butler Bulldogs in several sports including football, basketball, and crew ton the canall. lane Holton has signed a new contract for doing the voice of the Muriel Cigar ad: "Why don't you pick me up and smoke me some time!!" Iudy Howell has taken over the editorship of True Confessions magazine, and her latest novel, Away With the Breeze, has just been banned in Boston. We see Margot with the love-Lee Sandy red hair Beeding her male from lohn while Bonning around the house. We see Mel Moseley-ing along to her laboratory, where she, Dr. Einstein, and Dr. Kinsey, are working on a new theory involving Eugenes. Io Moynahan is now assistant professor of beach ball, water skiing, and speed boat driving in one of our leading Florida universities. The Metropolitan Opera and the Ballet Theater have combined their talents to produce an Opera-Ballet. As its star we find none other than our own Martha Stacy playing the role of a nurse. Hildegarde Wernmer has taken over the presidency of one of the country's leading railroads specializing in boxcars and other such freight. Sarah White is found in Tibet wearing 108 braids and teaching English literature to the natives. Nancy Woods has taken over Dorothy Dix's column to the lovelorn and has changed the name to "Suggestions for the Sick at Heart." 59 Awards THE TUDOR HALL SHIELD For outstanding leadership and contribution to school activities. JULIA COX THE SCHOLARSHIP CUP For the highest academic record in the senior class. JUDITH HOWELL THE CUM LAUDE SOCIETY For the highest scholastic standing in the senior class. JULIA COX JUDITH HOWELL MARTHA STACY THE PHI BETA KAPPA AWARD Presented by the Indiana Alpha Association of Phi Beta Kappa to the senior ranking highest in scholarship. JUDITH HOWELL THE FRENCH MEDAL Presented by the Alliance Francaise of Indianapolis to the outstanding senior French student. JUDITH HOWELL THE ALICE M. BRIEANT MEMORIAL AWARD Presented by Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brieant for proficiency in English JUDITH HOWELL Honorable mention: JULIA COX 60 Awards THE WILLIAM H. WEMMER MEMORIAL AWARD Presented by the Tudor Hall Board of Trustees for proficiency in history. JUDITH HOWELL Honorable mention: SARAH WHITE TI-IE MASQUERS CLUB TROPHY For outstanding achievement in dramatics. JANE HOLTON Honorable mention: HILDEGARDE WEMMER JULIA Cox THE TUDOR HALL BLAZER For outstanding athletic proficiency in sportsmanship. JULIA Cox JUDITH I'IOWEI.I. MARoo'I' LACY BARBARA MOYNAHAN THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AWARD To the girl who has shown the greatest personal development throughout the year MARJORIE I"IAAS THE CLASS OF '53 ATHLETIC TROPHY For the outstanding athletic senior. BARBARA MOYNAHAN THE CLASS 8 SCHOLARSHIP CUP For the highest scholastic record in Class 8. GALE GERDAN 61 -xiffi'i,.- gi , -- Z-Eii::.f"-A 1, f,,f" Xif' iff ., -, 5, ,Ola ,- ,.M ,X -1, -N-,if ,+- S I.. ffl f 1- i ,- s. is 5 , Q ffT: XR., ,X-,i - ',,lx , 1 ,mf Ill f 1 X 0 1' 'lic it-and-miss advertising invariably misses. MEMBER, AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ADVERTISING AGENCIES C' "' 62 4 mon! goofaez, 39 Monument Circle MISSES' AND WOMEN'S FINE APPAREL FOR AN ENJOYABLE VACATION IN MIAMI, FLORIDA THE BEVERLY BAY APARTMENTS 650 N. E. 34th Street Managed by JOHN R. MOYNAHAN PROPERTIES, INC 3433 Central Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 63 B if IW' S mp 61 West 34th Street TAlbot 2380 Ccf5fgE5TiL BEST WISHES CLASS OF '53 ARLINGTON STABLES BOARDING AND TRAINING RUDY ARMSTRONG lvlanaqerfllrainer FINE SADDLE HORSES FOR SALE 4475 North Arlington CI-Ierry 0013 For- LOVELY RINGS With Precious and Semi-Precious Stones Earrings - Bracelets - Pins See lndiana's Smartest Jewel Shop l. C. SIPES SON Charles B. Sipe If you haw ilu' girl-We have Ike ring 107 Monument Circle BAKERS DRUG STORE 30th at Talbot HI. 0559 Indianapolis, Ind. G U Y M O N T A N I FINEST IN FOODS 2644 North Pennsylvania Street MAROTT HOTEL Phone - 'l'Albot 6565 ESTATES FINE RESIDENCES SUBURBAN HOMES BRUCE SAVAGE CO. Circle Tower Indianapolis : MArket 8 5 71 GUY E. MORRISON, C.L.U., GENERAL AGENT 311 ASSOCIATES The Northwestern Mutual Lite Insurance Co. 812 Guaranty Building-Llncoln 3 S34 Best Wishes Jfaae Zfoua Make-Zip pmdanalqedf from Tourn-cur cordially invites you to visit our THE MAROTT HOTEL BEAUTY SALON Salon on the Circle and try Tourncur's unique HI. 2762 make-up service. CONGRATULATIONS Salon of Illllifilllllll Cosnlvlivx CLASS OF '53 U S6 Monument Circle PL. 5070 ROGERS MOBILGAS STATION S9tl1 and College Ave. rn: :gi-.Elili annum, v i V 313 indimpoiis, indiana BR. 0067 ,Ei Photo Supplies and Service o 382l NOR H ll.ll OIS S REET I INDIANAIBOLIS T, INDIAINA S Phone: me 19917 and Q BAKERY 3760 N. Illinois TA. 3357 Y. if-R0 STUDIO DORIS M. HO I5 East Ohio Street Indianapolis 4, Indiana Porirails by Phofography not . . . ' h1 gh "There F DIFFERENCE lf h FLOIITIERSH t q . . . INC.Y Q high Sf N LS WOMENS APPAREL I mliridzzall y Yours 381-I North Illinois HU. 5253 66 FOR THE B E 5 T COMPLIMENTS IN C L E A N IN G OF A FRIEND C U R L E Y ' S 2967 N. Illinois TA. 3313 Compliments of gif! f u A n NORTH SIDE CHEVROLET, INC. EAST SIDE CHEVROLET, INC 1045 Broad Ripple Avenue 5436 East Washington Street Indianapolis Indianapolis 67 BEST XVISHES TO THE CLASS OF '53 STACY PARTY SERVICE if? 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Businfss Managfr Martha Harrison . . Trvasurrr Julia Cox . . Aff Eafifor Miss Margie McCuistion . . Slboinxor Miss Grace Horsfall . . . Arf Aa'i'isr'r Miss Dorothy E. McCullough . . Adviser ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Pbofograplwy P. H. Ho Studio Bass Photo Company Mr. Frank M. Fitch The Indianufvolis Times T110 Indiunajvolis Sim' The staff of thc Indianapolis Engraving Company Clarence E. Crippin and Son, Inc., Printers 75

Suggestions in the Tudor Hall School - Chronicle Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

Tudor Hall School - Chronicle Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Tudor Hall School - Chronicle Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 56

1953, pg 56

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1953, pg 88

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