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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1951 volume:

i Q 1 1 1 w The Chronicle 1 951 Each of us walks a separate path of life Tudor Hall School Indianapolis, Indiana The formative steps at Tudor teach us l The Chronicle 1951 "Lives of great men all remind us XVe can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time." Page Two Lougfellozu that we have much to learn .... before Contents Facuhy ,, Cknsesa, Seniors M Sporn V ,, Activities ..,. Ads ...,.A.. page page page P096 page P099 71 Miss I. Hilda Stewart Many know her for her limitless energy and wisdom, her gaiety and witty conversationg but we, the Class of 1951, will remember Miss Stewart also as a sympathetic, understand- ing, wise, and friendly guide. We owe her much. She has led us around the pitfalls to smoother paths. Her tireless efforts to help us in- times of difficulty have won her a place in all our hearts, and we shall never forget her. we shall be able to walk this road with surety. Page Four Awards Here w THE TUDOR HALL SHIELD For outstanding leadership and contribution to school act MI-XRY' ALICE BAXTER SUSAN CADICK KRISTIN IVIILLER ivit THE SCHOLARSHIP CUP For the highest academic record in the senior class. KRIS'l'lN MILLER THE CUM LAUDE SOCIETY For the highest scholastic standing in the senior clas IVIARY ALICE BAXTER SUSAN CADICK NANCY CARPENTER ANN CSILLESPIE PATRICIA LYONS KRIS'I'IN IVIILLER LYNN PETERSON S. THE PHI BETA KAPPA AVVARD Presented by the Indiana Alpha Association of Phi Beta Kap senior ranking highest in scholarship. KRISTIN MILLER pa to the THE IVIASQUERS CLUB TROPHY For outstanding achievement in dramatics JANE COI,I.E'l"l' Honorable mention: CAROL Ih'ICKEIZ THE CROVVN PROSE AND POETRY CONTEST First prize: Three poems, lVlAXlNE AMBUS Second prize: Poems, NANCY CARPENTER Honorable mention: "An Unforgettable Character," CAROL MCKEE THE TUDOR HALL BLAZER For outstanding athletic proficiency and sportsmanship. SUSAN ATKINS MARY ALICE BAXTER SUSAN CADICK HELEN COLE JANE COLLETVI' GLORIA GUS'I'AFSON PATRICIA LYONS KRIS'I'IN IVIILLER LYNN PETERSON THE CLASS 8 SCHOLARSHIP CUP For the highest scholastic record in Class 8. JANE ALIG JOAN PETERSON e start on that trail which will someday PageFifve lead us to Opportunity cmd Success Alung marlxcd patlmx Lln' classes l11UYCZl.l'CNl1l11.lI1 , . . soplmmorc . . juniur-to Llw luriglmt goal: tllc sun- lol' year. ll llc xtcps of tlw class prus- Llcntx must lx- xtcady to lc.ul tllu xxxly, .md .ll ilu' und of thc yuar wc flml c.1cl1 cl.lss lux lcfl .1 Slllllglll .tml wulllwum pull tu guillv future Il'.lXclCl'H. Nll1H.f1r1,q,' ,llmfx Wntqfrf, illlllul. lwfl In rzlqfvl, miflllj will .llrx.lmfrr, vllrmfurlulz, Krnlnl .lllllrzg Xfllllllj Il1l.ff',Lg.1r.fr ulfllll Hn 1, wjnfrmllunr. Miss Sara Lois Haber From our first freshman gropings to our more secure senior steps, Miss Haber has helped guide our paths in the right direction. Her ready assistance with sales or studies lifted us over many humps and snags. If history moved slowly B. H. fbefore Haberj , the spice she adds to Confucius and Lincoln has made her subject rise high on our list of favorites. It is with deepest sincerity and grat- itude that we, the Class of 1951, dedicate our CHRONICI.Ii to Miss Sara Lois Haber. Page Seven Led by the steady steps of the faculty, we "If you wish to know the road ahead, inquire of those who have traveled it." Page Eight -Chinese Proverb ,R E Guess whose? ......... Sec pglgc 78 for HLIITIQS of the owncrs of these fwhistlcj . . . xhocm! As we make our way from class to class Page Ten ENGLISH All the way from ilu' first grndm: to the senior yum' Fnglislm is Ll "must" nt Tudor. Vrom the rudi- nmcntw of rcndin' and writ- nn wc advance to dc-h siplmvring Milton nml l'm.u'm1. 11,11 In Hgffl. 13, 111111, M. 1'. Kuuiu, I.. Millrr, 11. Murruu' lx, W'111i,m1x. Him Wlfllixliml. r' , H 1 Q " '13, T' .f ERSSACE Q r 4:-4.-.Uf.w we learn the language of life . . . lwfl lf' f'i,uf'f-' 'V'f'f'- l'1""V' K- All ol' us .il Tudor have hid .1 womlerful luclx- M'll"'- S' ci"'l"k' grouml of foreign languages and cultures. lfroni our first experiences with lfrench in Class Ill through Tlw flwlehl. lfl fijlllllfllll Reul, .ind AllllI'UHlLI4lll4', we've .ill been cultivating our .lCk1Ll.lll1l.lHL'C with our foreign neiglibors. The struggle with that vue.1bul.iry LA .ind ll1OiU cunstruetions may have heen .1 lung, ll.ll'Ll mme, but we .ill agree that the credit for our xuceess in the study goes to our inspiring foreign l.lllgLl.lgC lfieulty. .Nlililivfmfwllu Mlm-ln'rmi'lv Min llizzwl D. .UiKui' .Um Ilmulfvi lx. .xlfftllllllllxll lluiliillu' 1 fmnlflmfliln Page Flezwn Left lo right, frm'gro1z11i1.' Mm Road, M. A. Ilinkru, M. Ambux, V. Claillivk. Bur'lzgronr1d.' P. Lions. I. Collell. through demonstration, From the eighth grade through high school Tudor girls learn about the World and its molecules and elements. In Miss R0od's biology, chemistry, and physics classes we be- gin to understand and appreciate the vast resources of the earth and the many valuable contributions that science has brought to our civilization. Through careful experimen- tation in the laboratory we prove the valid- ity of the various laws and acquire the skill of supporting our conclusions with accurate reasoning. Although many of us are still likely to confuse "Boyle's law" with "Ar- chimedes' principle," we never cease to won- der at the storehouse of information we have uncovered and absorbed. Perhaps only a few of us will choose science for a career, and probably none will become a second Madame Curieg yet it is certain that the scientific method, resulting from those hours of steady concentration, will be invaluable to us throughout our lives. Page Twelve experience, books SCIENCE ,O 0' .Q 0' 10 .6 'Q 'S and teaching. HISTORY Mlgiiil Leff lo rigbl: R. Gar'r'i.w11, S. cjzlllllllll, V. I'fril'1mll, Mm Ilulfvr, M. K. Grifiillr. Under the inspirational guidance of Miss Haber, Tudorites do not merely taste but actually gobble up ancient, modern, and American history. Miss Haber possesses the unusual ability to make history fas- cinating by sprinkling the facts with human interest stories which make those days of long ago seem real and understandable. Note-tak- ing is stressed in all the courses in order to prepare us for college. Through our study of history we accumulate knowledge which enables us to comprehend and meet the current problems of the world and to act as intelligent citizens of our communities. By using methods tried and true, Page Thirteen lffl lu rigbl: Mrs. Alitfnlgm, l. Huurll Iircllrrrl. Min l.u1f1.n'L.wx Miss Mary Morrissey .lim lfvrlma Imlil Mu. Ming' ll uu MA TH MUSIC LIBRAR Y lfrom the simplest problems through triangles, equations, and lUg.Il'lll1ll1S ludor girls absorb l11.lll1Cl11.lllL'S under the teaching of Mrs. Mcllolgin and Miss lissex. WI' are all grateful for the train- ing our math gives in accurate, logical thinking. Une ol' the most enjoyable courses is music. The department is headed this year by our talented teacher, Miss Morrissey. Woi'k- ing on the choral program for the Veterans Hospital and listen- ing to Miss Morrissey's delightful performances have helped to make a wonderful school year. Whgit would we do at Tudor without the library and our cheerful, capable librarian, Mrs. Wood? Not only does she offer us hundreds of good books, but she also teaches us to do exten- sive research work and to acquire good reading habits. we learn new skills to solve our problems. l'illqt'l'o11rlrt'11 I' L I. llnllou, II. W'4'mrm'r, M. IJIIAY, M. These tools we use in many ways. . . . STAFF ART The talented ones at Tudor are encouraged to express themselves in our well-equipped art studio. But talented or not, we have all enjoyed hours working in many media and studying the history of art under the expert guidance of Miss Horsfall. The Tudor family is not made up of teachers and students alone. All of us are grateful to Miss -Ianet for planning delicious lunches, and these in the residence would be lost without their "mothers," Miss Lingley and Mrs. Harding. XVhere would we be without Miss Adkins or Mrs. Summers to help keep our club treasuries straight and give us our telephone messages, or john and Lawrence to repair squeaking desks and serve punch at our dances? The tireless steps of our staff have made our own steps easier. Mr. 1,11111'1'111'1' Sn1111111'1s Mix. Ruffv li. X11111111.'1x i. l'lm'1'y ll111'1l111,q Mm liflwl 1.111311--3' .Klux 1111144 SfI'll'lIl'f Min lgiluyllu' M. Aillcim 1 fe- SPS If-ll In riglrl. xml- V 1'1f.' M. S. 1111111111 9. K11r'kl1'1' K R11 lvrr. Sl11111li11.1g.' Mix.: Hrzrxfrlll. lmjl In 11,ql1l.' V. lffullltlc, M. l.111'y. Nix I . LN! 1'-'Q Wear Lf-1' -1:7 I -- 2:94 The path becomes steeper and harder fo Page Sixfrfrn "Thy path is plain and straight,- that light is givenf' Soutbey W 2 f AF 31' 5 ff N!" 11 HmW,ff4 ' 'i' 1 -MI qv' 'W 'xv MW: 'HHH Mai- Li, WwwwuwzHfwS 3?wi, Nm 5 , .ny gww W1 f -1, . 15 4 iw ' J: W' e 5 5' " fx ,354 f S21 H . , ,111 , - ' Wwaw h "L ffi ffm 'Z ma Cfwigggg' jr -, . I Q, gg, 11 f . V 4, ' :W 'hw 1751 A f ,YF iii' 1' w :M I w6MUW5W5ifQ 1 f 'M HT Y ' " x 'Z' 15 'Y fff' 1 15 MEF 1' "F 'if '1??Tj1,i1?fQ wi -, 3,15 1,15 ' 5, 'sg-1'AJis.v:' 'U' ' N' " A 'N f" W 979 V X V ,X M JM W Mb, kk 5? 'ggnagsgl -i' mga. X, ,J 'sh 3 , 5.55 if fjfig,'fr5m ff. wwyi' , g Lvff ffl lfklffy RUM' If C. Brm'rb, I. Cuirigbl. M. D. Cofbran. Row 2.' S. 7'I1lI!'kl'l', H. H4'1n1rirkx, P. WiXlQilI5. Rau' ?.' D. Dunn M. Kilvbvn, C. Claris. Rmrr, xitfing: L. Sirlfluir, K. Svaxironi, P. Tlurrrlzm, P. Rilirr, K. Krngrrx, S. Svlig, N1t!IIl'l'j', I. Slurmuu Sflllllhflgf Mrx. Mm'H1'r. .'xl7A1'lIf.' 1. Riflvr. we End the inspiring Howers of comradeship .... S. llarm'x.v. Rau' 2.' I. Grumwfru, K. Bl'41111c'Yy, S. H0u'm'J, 1. Kilrffwn, M. Brr'm'r, C. Cnlrigbi. D. I.m'u,v. Siumliug, Row 3. N. Rubkv, D. Pvllvr, D. DlU'bdUl, S. Tirvmli, I. HF!lP'j', N. W0UtlV'I77,2, B. Vruwirlk. Row 4.' I. Hoflrfl, S. Sla'1'1'r1x0r1, E. A1.-ml, S. Pilrfyvr, A. 7Sf1f"I'ar'x111'-y, Mixx Gifl. Page Eighteen Lrfl I0 riglwf, Kola' If A. BIKISUIAQIMIHI, I.. SlmH1a'u'orfl1, H. Taggrlrl, P. HIlVlbt'l'f, P. Valrnrf, C. Sbvruwwf, S. lfnrb, G. W'ixf'ranf, i 11-fl In rrglwl, lop mu .' Thr' fmnw Null n'fv'f's1wx . . Dorf! xfrr11 unylluuq. mm! lmfvirmf 111 41 nl1f1vl. Hnllum mu .' An A for ilu' 11111. f1V'11?1llI1l1l Mmm' Kqmmfrfvrlflwu. Pufnrr' vlvnrlagr. 3 I. 5117" v. V qs I M, mil llw-M V' and fellowship ..ca We make new friends Frnnr lo 1-rar, vrafrd, Rou' I.' G. un171:"gl1Yt1Y1A'Y', M. Quillru, 1,. Duulwar, V. Baron. K. Sim'1fnr. Rnu' 2.' B. Crafl. M. Da1g1ix1v. D. A'1l'P!7l'7.YOY1, Q. S1wrunm1, P. W'n111r'11. Run 5.' 9. 1.am11, 1. W'r'lg11l, fx. fknlN11W1U'11. M. K. f1Y'llUl7lItl1I, 1. lf4'kl'I'Y07I. Run -I.' 1. frI11IOI1l, lx. Sfllg. A. 1,um1, R. 11111, I., 13m'1m. 11. Ilmllw. 1,911 In FIAQIT1, sh1r111ir1,Q.' Mu. Muzmjy, N. .11-Urs, K. Whmlmmll, S. 110uan1, M. fx111V17l, 1,. T4'l1u'r, S. Ym'm111, A. A11Il'V'1S, 1.. 1'.!'1UYfI111l'. Pdgc' NiIIf'14'1'H Imfl fn rigfvl, lojr r'nu'.' lfullunl mu .' 1130151 lulflllwrmfl If HK liu1fl4'11'x, 1l'x gn! ln lu qnml. lilll, Mnlln' lrrllmmlrllq fmn'ln'r-x. vln? All fllvlvlf' rl lim' c'.x I 4'r1 rm'l'1ullwl mm lv irllrr'mllr1,q. but keep the old, for one's silver, the other lvnnt In mu. mrfml, Run' lf li. lfnlirf, li. l-ulllwin. lf. lxnrrzr. I. W1v1fgql1nl1n'1. lion' If M. Luulg, I. l.1lly, l, ifwjw. l'. llrrzrx, Run' if Cf. Al-lx. X. limull, if Prllx, N. flmk. Rau' -l.' K, Sllqffruml. S. Clllllr, .L Xlnrlirl, lmff fn riglrl, xfl1mll11g.' Min lirulnmll. I. lurfllv, fi. Rmwll, M. Wumlmfl, ll. Iil11lw11xlu'r',qr1', ll. lfmlur, I. Suwf, N. SIIHHIUHA, li. Nrmmru, X. W'i,xfml'4l, ll. Sulflgw, l,. limllfrr, l.. lima rl. ,'ll'u'rlf.' M. ffnllvll, M. fhlm. I. illfrrz al flay . . l,,'fl 111 Uglvi, R1111 l.' Mrs. lfnl.Xf1HI, I. P1'11r'v11u. ll. ll111u11111111l, l. 011111, ln, l,11111lf, R. R11 1', lx 1l1'l'1'111'l011, I.. SI71'IIt'l'l'. Ron' 23 ll. w,VltQ,lf. l'mf1'r, llv. w"1lV1l. Nl. 1,. llllllrr, S. .W1'Cr1l1'. I. Tulboll, gold .................... A1 each level l,1'l1'l1111glrl,Ru11 lf Mm ll11lc111q '1 X Ylm- 11x1111, ,'ll1g,M. l.. lvn lr, 8, l51x1111, C . ll1111'. Kun' If xl. ullllhllllx, M, l71'r1x, l'. .Y111ll, I. l'1'l1'11m11, I. llu11'1'11. Run' 53 l. lu, X. lim- llll, Xwillw, l'. lllllll 11, M, ll11ll1'1'. K1111' 45 I,, linrfnrl, S. llV'1lll'Il, 1X. R111 Nnxlw, rll1wr1f,' D. l31111l.1fr. I, N. lx1'11'1w, Xl. Left to righl, sealed, Row I.' E. Poxf, B. Hull, L. Miller. Q Row 2.' P. Alkins, S. Eaglrxjiclrl, S. Lumlv, S. Alrxunder, . Q K. Wiflianzs, E. Ayres, I. W. Gibbs, M. Mc'Kibl1c'n. Standing: A. Maromber, M. Lurir, M. E. Rossin, A. -, Morrow, I, Ballard, N. Burnaby. I 'Q-It 'f At first the freshmen were harried by the strange class schedules, tryouts for the clubs, and rules of a new game called hockey, but in a short time they were fitting neatly into their niche in upper school life. To their credit it may be said that this transition. was made with the greatest of ease. Bounding across the basketball floor, dancing for the Workshop production, and making alert answers in their classes, the freshmen stack up as all-round gals. This year the freshmen are headed by Sally Alexander, presidentg Kacki Williams, vice-presidentg and Ann Morrow, secretary-treasurer. Their class sponsor is Miss Audrey Ross. Such a grand group of girls, who are also easy on the eyes, will surely go far. on this frail are new adventures and Page Twenty-two .ff f . f 5 45. Wm K' rfil ., 5: M gf I , flli .4 Nw... .... "" rg L "QF +1 -1.11 S OPH OM ORES The mighty sophomores have Ll great deal of push in their makeup, and we are proud to have them as our sister class. Faithful and enthusiastic members, they are an asset to all the clubs. They hold their own in sports, too, many of them taking top honors in swimming. Under the direction of Hildegarde Wenanaer, the sopho- mores this year helped to collect approximately one hundred gifts for the needy children of Corcieux, lfrance. The class also showed its ini- tiative in leading the school to raise money for Janina, the little Polish girl Tudor adopted. Oflicers of the Class of '53 are: Hildegarde Wemnaer, president: Joyce Martin, vice-presidentg and Janie Holton. secretary-treasurer. Mademoiselle Moscherosch is their class sponsor. We know the sopho- mores will make a grand junior class. f Jaw I . gi CHESHR 5: 'Q Q lluge' 'l'u'rnf y-four lmfl lu rilqlvl, Rau' If fox, B. W'ur'if, Muffin, .' ll. lv'l'l7lUIl'l', llnllml, M. Xhlry. Run' 2.' M. .XIn,wli'y, S. Si'rlli'i, Nl, Bi'4'fn'1i'l, lluuvll, .'ll. Iilry, M. llilrrlwn, 1 mn mu U mn. These are the pliable steps, the changing steps: l111 111 1111f1l, 11111 11111 .' .Xl11l1ll.' 11111 J 131,111,111 1'1111'.' 1111, 111 1111111115 1f11f1f f.1f'111.' I 1111s x1'. I . . . I ff1111fc..I. 3111111 111 1111111 1111.-411 , , , 11111 lI11111f1, I 111111f1, .H11111f1, .XIII l11111f1. W1fl1.1111 T.1llC11,11r111,1. W.1l1'f1 1111! 1111 N111 1111111 1111114 l1ll ,li11'f I11111 g1',111.f3 Muvflf' women, H1111 111111, 1111111 11111'. the steps which someday will be .... l'114q1"l'11'1'11l1 1111 J UNI ORS Aqg SN we ii Q The happy-go-lucky juniors go in for everything in a big way. Where sports are concerned they really shine, staking a huge claim for the class cup. Their names have a way of appearing everywhere: on Tudor club rosters, drivers' licenses, and dance programs. These glamor gals do have a way of getting around! Under the enthusiastic leadership of General Chairman Anne Mahaf- fey, the Junior Dance, a Valentine ball, was a great success. Creative ability was efhciently harnessed under the direction of Sylvia Cannon, chairman of the decorating committee. Janie Gentry and Claire Wilkinson shared responsibilities as co- chairmen of the White Elephant Sale, a Student Government project undertaken to raise money for various civic charities. The class was headed this year by Marty Wright, presidentg Becky Garrison, vice-presidentg Sylvia Cannon, seeretaryg and Janie Essig, treasurer, with Miss Haber as class sponsor. Good luck next year as seniors! lmjf fu rixqlrl, Run' If M. K. Grijilfn, S. Cannon, I. Essig, M. Wfrighi, R. Garrison, D. DrMufii'. Rou' 2.' I. flmliug, S. Kuufzlry, R. llirll, M. S. Ilimmz, T. Chzillv. Row if E. Maaldvn, C. Wilklmon, M. C. Swartz, K. Noling, l. Gentry, B. P1u'lu't!. Row 4.' A. Mizlmjfrv, V. Plviljmlt, B. Foltz. Row 5: G. Thompson, K. Rubvr, S. Loot. constant and true .... These are the steps Page Twenty-six lrff fu riglwf, Inj: muy' Wnlrllv mu .' Hf,llf.n1 mn .' I.um'l1 hour mnlum. .Sl L'1' pylrulu gal. lin! .1 uirhl I will l ll n You Jruum of mr and l'll Jruunz uf you. 01,111-fm! gulw from Imlmvm. l.1,ly .fu.l flu- lr-1111111 Puddfv: of fmrfrlu fmsxion. Inwt: l'vnfuuu.l rumlifm Rr'f0rmr1Ii0r1 fwriod. we will remember and remember . . . Page T1Wr1!y-srwn n Here is the place where the road X divides .... "--vefgil MAXINE E. AMBUS Sandusky Ohio 4 years Editor-in-Chief of CROWN H950-195115 assistant editor of CHRONICLE C1950-19511, treasurer of Stu- dent Government CI949-l950jg Masquers, 3, 4g Pre- lude fassociatel, 1 factivej, 2, 3, 4, CROWN staff, 2, 3, 4g CHRONICLE staff. "Max" . . . timely remarks-pregnant silences . . . "Ticleetsh pleashf' .... Rupert Brooke . . . green pears and broken cookies in abundance . . . the CROWN . . . "Aren't IPI' . . . peeled pencils . . . boisterous author- ity and chief diverter ...' mood indigo . . . "In a word, NOV, SUSAN WINTERS ATKINS Indianapolis, Indiana 13 years Captain of White Team 11950-19512, secretary- treasurer of Athletic Association 41949-19501, Ath- letic Council, 3g Masquers, 2, 3, 4g CHRONICLE staff. "SucieU . . . our glamour girl . . . SPORTS . . . "I just donit know what I did!" . . . extemporaneous assem- bly introductions .... "But I thought Math IV was all algehraiu . . . tennis pro . . . that prolific' family tree . . . Sucie with the fringe on top. MARY ALICE BAXTER Indianapolis, Indiana 62 years President of Student Government 11950-195113 vice-president of Student Government C1949-1950jg Athletic Council, 1, 3g president of sophomore classg treasurer of Prelude C1948-194915 Masquers, 2, 3, 43 Prelude tactivej, 1, 2, 3, 45 CHRONICLE staffg Cum Laude. "Bebe" . . . friendly leadership . . . CULVER . . . what gay houseparties! . . . those trips to St. Louis . . . psychology and Ricky . . . Baxter hospitality . . . glowing eyes . . . Florida, or any place, T. W. A. . . "Maybe if I see just one more college, I'll know!" . . still waters run deep. HELEN S. BROWN Evansville , Indiana 2 years Secretary-treasurer of Residence C1949-19511, Ath- letic Council 11950-19S1j, CHRONICLE staff. "Broufnie,' . . . rezlheaded angel .... "lf Miss janet Catches me eating these cookies, I w0'n't get fruit for dessert!" . . . nzanquer cl'eyelash . . . "BOOP BOOP DE DOOM . . , "That thing in the hasement isn't a goldfish howl. Dire in!" . . . rowdy ruelzns, that's Brownie. SUSAN BANNING CADICK Indianapolis, Indiana 6 years Business Manager of CROWN and CHRONICLE 11950- 1951Qg secretary of Student Government C1949- l950Jg secretary-treasurer of sophomore class, vice- president of Prelude QI948-l9'49jg Athletic Council, 1, 2, 35 Masquers, 2, 3, 49 Prelude factivej, 1, 2, 3, 4, Workshop, 1, 2, 3, 4, CROWN staff, 1, 2, 3, 45 CHRONICLE statfg Cum Laude. "Sue,' ..., 3 505 Washington Boulevard: "Hail, hail, the gang's all here!" . . . Sister Sue, the mother ron- fessor . . . organization plus . . . versatility . . . night life . . . "You mean you don't jitterbug?" . . . prob- able art major . . . will sell you for sell you onj anything. NANCY ELLEN CARPENTER Indianapolis, Indiana 4 years Editor-in-Chief of CHRONICLE C1950-1951jg assist- ant editor of CROWN, treasurer of junior class, sec- retary-treasurer of freshman class, treasurer of Mas- quers C1949-1950jg Masquers, 2, 3, 4g Prelude factivej, 1, 2, 3, 43 Artisans, 2, 3, 44 CROW'N staff, 1, 2, 3, 45 Cum Laude. "Carpy', . . . that giggle . . . eat, drink, and he merry, for tomorrow I ali-et . . . CHRONICLE . . . Tudor's future Latin teacher? Ne1,fer.' . . . quiet humor, or is it? . . . Wfe-e-l-l-l" . . . Dayton, Miniwanra, MID- DLEBURY! . . . 09 Fahrenheit or centigrade? . . history-making announcements. Y I VIRGINIA ROBB CHITTICK Paris, Illinois 4 years President of Artisans H950-195115 vice-president of Residence QI949-l950Qg secretary-trclsurer of Arti- sans C1949-199015 Masquers, 3, 43 Artisans, 2, 3, 43 CHRONICLE staff. "Cl1ielzy" . . . Miss F1'a:ie1"s liflle fieljrvr ...4 gui Paris, lmu' n'ull ran if gel? . . . jslaifl 1'i111x . . . fvrwafws- sor of kniffing . . . "I really :lo lou' lzim, afllllvf I, Max'?,' . . . fha! fmrjrle glou' . . . syzirjmflrrfim' ear . . . HIIOHIKI like fo sell z'a11rl'y Iorlay, ll'0lIllllI'f VYUIIPH . lbosr' Cuban 111e11. HELEN COLE Indianapolis, Indiana 6 ' 3 years President of Workshop H950-195125 Masquers, 2, 3, 43 Prelude factivej, 1, Z, 3, 49 XVorkslIop, 2, 3, 43 CHRONICLE staff. "Helen" . . . those falrulous Cole ears . . . Colorado . . . Dominoes . . . Mrs. Cole's olber sou, lfrerliiy . . . "K-K-K-Kalyn . . . pint-sizerl u'l1irlwi11J. . . Hl'II"IlifX, nererg bu! ob, give me some of lbal fmlge."' . . . sur- plus of glasses . . . "Donkey Serenade" . . . Tomrrzy- gone, 1711! the memory lingers 011. JANE COLLETT Indianapolis, Indiana 13 years President of Athletic Association H950-l9S1jg Carv- tain of Green Team C1949-19501: Athletic Council, 2, 3, 4g secretary of Prelude H949-l9S0j: Masqucrs, 2, 3, 4g Prelude Qactivej, 1, 2, 3, 4g CIIRONICIE staff. "Ianie', . . . the all-arozma' gal . . . frank aml ramlirl rema1'lz,s: "Will you lve III-Y g1'a11'l111ollrr'r, Mr. Pemllf- ton?" . . . fha! carefree affilzlde . . . BURT LAKE . . . Somemze falls laer "apesl1ape," 1111! flue CHRON- ICLE disagrees . . . :lead-eye, szlre-slm-I . . . Legs . . . music lessons . . . No one eau keel: up wiffz Iver lures . . . would like io make Pri11ve!w1 ber fllllllf. ANN I-IOVEY GII.IaESPIE Williamsport, Indiana - 2 years Secretary of Workshop 11950-19S1jg secretary of Prelude fl950-19511, Song Leader C1950-l951jg Athletic Council H950-195113 Masquers, 3, 4g Pre- lude, 3, 44 Workshop, 3, 43 CHRONICLE staff, Cum Laude. "Gillespie" . . . Seemingly quiet hut oh--- . . . infec- tious laugh or is it a roar? . . . La Boheme four future Met starj . . . uproarious letters from ---------- . . . boundless appetite . . . that always ohliging brother f"Does anyone want a date with a Beta?"j . . . 'radi- ant crimson glow . . . Gillespie sorority house- Mother makes the dates. SHARON GRUBE Butler, Indiana 2 years Vice-president of Workshop C1950-195115 vice-pres- ident of junior classg Workship, 5, 45 CHRONICLE staff. "Gruhie" . . . U. of Wfisconsin . . . "Music, Maestro, Plraseu . . . Charleston fiend . . . "My hair is too curly!" . . . forgotten boots . . . Camp Breclzinrizlge . . . chief roommate manager . . . Harvard garter . . . "But, Mickey, co-ed colleges have---.', GLORIA GUSTAFSON Indianapolis, Indiana 6 years Athletic Council 11950-l95ljg Workshop, 2, 3, 43 CROW'N business staff, 2g CHRONICLE staff. "Gujfy" . . . ballerina, par excellence . "My father isrft that kind of doctor." . . . Sweet Sixteen . . . Cuba and Alaska, here she comes . . . Afghans-the dogs, that is . . . perfect hostess-parties to ft the seasons. was N5 kms .zi ,,,.,. J JEANNE FORRY HARGITI' Indianapolis, Indiana 2 years Vice-president of Artisans H950-195113 Masquers, 4g Artisans, 3, 43 CROWN and CHRONICLE business staff, 3, 45 CHRONICLE staff. "Jeannie" . . . fha! ever ready, always conwnient vonrerlible . . . "Give me 501' of regular." . . . Greaf Books . . . parties--any kind, any time . . . Mustafa Kemal . . . "Better lafe than never" . . . IXI6 page ads . . . genius ai impromptu snaps . . . "the 'mus- laelae"' . . . dirert transporfaiion fo Le Metro de Sam . . . PURPLE. MAY ADELAIDE HINKEN Litchfield, Illinois 1 year Secretary of senior classg treasurer of CROWN and CHRONlCL.IiQ Masquers, 43 Prelude Qactivej, 43 CHRONlCl.E staff. "Hinkey" . . . Violin rirlnoso fFiddle Faddlej . . . INTERLOCKEN . . . leffers from johnny, Nirk, Wfason, Ralph, Ray, ef al .... lacquered cast . . . Mrs. Semple, or is if Simple? . . . fha! Suflm'n drawl . . . "VI7l1af's anolloer facl, Miss Haber? . . . S. M. U. publieily. SHARON LEE HOUSER Monon, Indiana 2 YCHYS President of Residence 11950-195113 Masquers, 3, 45 CHRONICLE staff. "Hauser" . . . PETE . . . Purdue or the Chicken farm? . . . shoes and charge aeronnfs . . . "I s'pose" . . . our jovial jokesler . . . Dr. I-Iouserls prescription . . . week ends al Ann! Grac'e's . . . ejfieienl Res pres . . . "ClJirky, lselp me wills my beer mugs" fsoeksj. KATHERINE ROWAND KOONS Indianapolis, Indiana 5 years Treasurer of Student Government 11950-19511 g sec- retary-treasurer of Workshop 11948-l949jg Mas- quers, 2, 3, 44 Workshop, 1, 2, 3, 4g CROWN staff, l, 2, 3g CHRONICLE staff. "Kitty,' . . . How many cats now, Kitty? . . . NORTH CAROLINA . . . the walk! . . . the old llady of the class . . . "Bewitched, Botliered, and Beufila'ered" . . . casbmeres . . . "How many lumps of tea do you want?', . . . we want a toucba'own, a la senior Ilan ce. PATRICIA JOAN LYONS Indianapolis, Indiana 6 years Treasurer of senior class: treasurer of Workshop 11950-195115 Prelude Qassociatej, 1 factivej, 2, 3, 43 Workshop, 2, 3, 4g CROWN staff, 1, 2, 3g CHRON- ICLE staff, Cum Laude. ' Q f "Pat" . . . lbose blond locks . . . "Did someone say HARRY?" . . . powder blue convertible . . . math prodigy . . . yea rub, Indians . . . "And tben, Mm-la, Frank said---" . . . Residence morning glory. CAROL MCKEE Clermont, Indiana 5 years President of Masquers C1950-19513, secretary of Masquers 11949-195013 Masquers, 2, 3, 4g Prelude fassociatej , 1, 2, 3, 4, CROWN staff, 1, 2, 35 CHRON- ICLE staff. "Mickey" fgigglexl . . . WALLOON . . . ana' Shag- burk . . . picnics deluxe . . . mementos from Wabash . . . wafer sports and square dancing . . . Hiclz . . . Culver can-can . . . little IPI brotber Bill . . . future Powers -model . . . those beautiful big eyes . . . Wow! Where did she acquire tbat sun-bleached bair? KRISTIN LIE MILLER Indianapolis, Indiana IZM years President of senior class, president of junior class, vice-president of sophomore class, vice-president of Prelude H949-195013 secretary-treasurer of Work- shop f1949-l950jg Masquers, 2, 3, 49 Prelude fac- tivej, 1, 2, 3, 4g Workshop, 2, 3, 4g CROWN staff, 1, 2, 35 CHRONICLE staff, Cum Laude. "Rusfy,' . . . fbe tops . . . ejiciency plus . . . top bats and canes . . . lemon juice does efveryflaing . . . tbe great lover, Iervis . . . our lraveler . . . "I don'f know Y what Fm saying! ' . . . versafile . . . "A" HONOR ROLL. PATRICIA LYNN PETERSON Indianapolis, Indiana 7 years President of Prelude C1950-19515, secretary of jun- ior classg vice-president of freshman class, treasurer of Prelude C1949-1950jg Masquers, 2, 3, 4g Work- shop, 1, 3, 4g Artisans, 2, 3, 4g CROWN staff, 1, 2, 3, CHRONICLE staffg Cum Laude. "Petit," . . . snappy carloons . . . half our rninstrel team . . . the perfect figure . . . apples and bananas . . . sarcasm-in plays, that is . . . elubwoman . . . iwbai dreams lie beyond those faraway eyes? '. . "That sister of mine." MAR1 A RAY Elwood Indiana 3 years Vice-president of senior class, vice-president of Pre- lude 11950-l95lJg secretary-treasurer of Artisans 11950-19511: Song Leader C1949-195035 Athletic Council, 35 Masquers, 3, 4, Prelude, 3, 45 Artisans, 3, 4, CHRONICLE staff. "Mamie" . . . HERMAN . . . "Well, frankly, my dear, I d0n'l---" . . . ibe smaller half of our insep- arable leam . . . fbose dinners ou! . . . fbe impeccable wardrobe . . . clown collection . . . the foremost salesman for that fabulous shop . . . Miss Prifcla . . . "Tbe Lilac Tree" . . . ber energy varies inversely ufiib ber size . . . "You simple goat-berderf' X ,av .l"f vi 1' O ' O 9944- 9 Q' - 13.10 1 xr.: 7'l-yrhu, YA I , , W1 'A Ln Q 7 K - if f 49 ' 'Y 4, lEm"'fS3 .6 W7 'awww Q? 3 . 3 A, ' le.- A4--D 746011 crm z- nl A ' ' 1. , G I ,Q L, 4' 1 3 Y' 4 5 W bi? N I J fx X9 Z4 gr ,1.4.,....., ' b A -A 3 ' 1 . . P " ' mg s H I I Qs' 3 i - lu' Q Karr KHU1 K bi IMA' W M N, wry 6 397 -'D -f'Z""" 21' E 2 QQ? S .f QS: 7.5 Y fig, -r Q J Qs rqnrl n7""4' :E1 , ,.. A , L. , V 'Poi'- U -QSUEP We do hereby bequeath these objects fmaterial and We, the Class of 1951, after our long, weary trek through the shining halls of learning, do hereby leave to the school what's left of the school after we leave. Having gathered together all possessions of any value, we bequeath the remains as follows: " , Max Ambus leaves her timely, intellectual wit to other dizzy damsels who dare use it. Good luck, kiddies! Sucie Atkins's perfect profile goes to Jimmie Durante--for bigger and better blows. Bebe Baxter leaves, taking joe with her. But never fearg there's more where he came from. Helen Brown leaves her "wittle baby voicev to Jane Holton. Susan Cadick leaves those stitches dropped while knitting socks Csize 141 to be picked up by the incomparable Hildegarde. Nancy QCarpij Carpenter leaves her carpetbag to Mile-a-Minute Haber's classes to store u-p those occasional juicy, intellectual tidbits. Ginny Chittick leaves her ability to talk her way out of any situation in three seconds flat to Lauren Bacall. Helen Cole donates her leaps and bounds to the Playtex Panty Girdle advertisers. Jane Collett departs, heading for Princeton and saying: "Rally, I'll leave Wabash to all you corn-fed gals." fl-Io, ho, that's richlj Ann Gillespie leaves her determined will to stay single and support herself in old age to Marty Wright. Sandy Grube leaves her Harvard garter to Madame to display in those night clubs in gay Paree. Guffy Gustafson leaves her dancing ability to "twinkle toes" Haber for better Old Girl-New Girl faculty skits. Jeanne Hargitt wills her lost word of the week to Miss Stewart. The Will Committee can't decide which of her many talents May Adelaide Hinken should leave, but in view of the national situation we leave them all to Truman. Sharon Houser leaves her many high-heeled shoes to Miss McKee for quieter study halls. Kitty QKatj Koons leaves her ninth life forever Qeight of them having been lost while driving in a certain maroon Dodgej. Pat Lyons leaves one long, golden, curly tress to Harry. Carol McKee wills the convenient drive out to her shack in the wilderness to Anne Mahaffey to account for lost time. Rusty Miller leaves her multi-brains, multi-men, multi-A's, and multi-anything-else you wish to the "happy-go- lucky" fthat's a quotej juniors. Lynn Peterson wills her combination diary and assignment notebook and her volume of history notes to any future bcfuddled senior. Marla Ray sneaks out hurriedly, leaving her nosy classmates in the dark! Somebody turn on the lights.-Who is Herman? Page Thirl y-riglmf immaferiall and do prophesy that these things shall be. . In the distance called Future we see our classmates ten years from the Present. Taking Miss Rood at her word, Maxine Ambus is on the beach more than ever now, trying to lose weight in water. How many grams does she weigh now? Sucie Atkins is still trying to catch on to that joke. Bebe Baxter grew tired of driving her Ford convertible, Buick station wagon, and Cadillac sedan. To add variety, she has just bought a shiny new Model T for impromptu cross-country trips. Helen Brown, using her natural aptitude for the French language, has moved to Paris, where she has translated "Boop-boop-de-doo" and can be heard singing it at Le Moulin Rouge with Pierre. Susan Cadick has already acquired her B. A., M. A., and Ph. D. at Vassar and is now working on her M. R. S. at Purdue. Because of her experience on the CHRONICLE at Tudor Nancy Carpenter rose from a job as editor of Morlern Romance to the position of art adviser of Esquire. 73 As the result of her high aptitude for mechanics, Virginia Chittick is head grease monkey at Sam's Garage. If you don't have time to stop in, just wave as you go by. The Cole Brothers Circus is now featuring Helen, the one and only redheaded brunette in the world. Instead of heading Tudor's athletic program, Jane Collett has moved permanently to Burt Lake, where she spe- cializes in fishing and baiting hooks or, better still, in hooking Beattey. For the form revealed in the Workshop production Ann Gillespie has acquired the title: "Miss Lovable Tomato of l9'6l." Sandy Grube has recently been elected "Sweetheart of the Airborne." Pardon us, but your parachute is showing. Gloria Gustafson may now be found dwelling in a tepee. The exotic charm she acquired in Cuba won her an Indian-an Indianapolis Indian, that is. One little, two little, three little Indians. Life for Jeanne Hargitt is one continual picnic complete with sweet potatoes and football captains who hold to that line. After being pursued by bassoons and flutes at Interlocken, May Adelaide I-Iinken has decided to settle down with a fiddler. Sharon Houser is settled happily on a farm, conducting agricultural experiments in raising pigs, chickens, cows, and little Peters. Well, I s'pose! Kitty Koons still sports those sterling virtues which distinguished her at Tudor. Pat Lyons no longer has to hunt alone. She now has a Pointer. The future finds Mickey McKee editing a column of advice to the lovelorn in Tlx' Cawvzazz. The title is "What Should I I-Iave Done?" After years of struggling through college, Rusty Miller is now teaching kindergarten. Requirements are: the teacher must know one more fact than the student. Lynn Peterson is still looking for that nickel she lost her freshman year. Marla Ray has finally succumbed to the irresistible charms and numerous proposals of her secret lover and has decided that children are cheaper by the dozens. Page Tlrirf y-vim' We of '51 have had good times playing and working I I ug c' l"urf Y Irfi lu rfgfrf, lofi run ' fha! ,mil 4'V'A'Il', .ul.1.HU H111 .' Hn! Furl: Iiuzzf . . . . . . .1r1.f fnrfw fm grill 14.41417 ifuirl Iiuflfml mu .' I lhlliilvf .lux Lzlfnv, mwffuv, xgf.u1.fl.1Ifun, tqr.1r1Jn1n!fwK-H. nu fin' SIIHIU, a'fwl.frm1, xmzizh' together in harmonious co-operation l A l l l Y The Senior Class of Tudor Hall ' Dadd omg LCQS -IVAN Wl?liS'lql'1R Curtain 8 115 VM- S1xumlaY' lhclolwr 33- WSU l Imff la rigbl, lop rout Only fill' minufvx mm Tin' gurmf-ni lmgx. Sisxy! Milllllr row! Trm' Ar! . . . I-'n-cfclvl . . . u Jimi' u 4111.1 rl. Baffum ruux' On mfugw, Lynrl. Wbull Nu lvmnm9 ugv For!-y-om Teamwork and good sportsmanship combined "Make hasteq the better foot beforef' Page For! y-iwo Shakespeare I, N W, 31:1 ' 54512155 ' ' . x E -.32 f.,:.,ixii, , -If , -1 5- V Eg Y Fi ,s gk 4 'S 9 5 Wg Q 'WSE X fs. fi 1 L 2 S22 ' 1 V , v - ' 1, ii ' xkrf if f -if k fi' l Y 5 11 J 211 v. ,S - , fngg iqigii , 1 .5.3a5n,, :giaggfgjz " - ' -'FT 7' if has 3'-W-'Pav our brand of physical education. Hockey in autumn, 6 - Fall is the season for brightly colored leaves. At Tudor fall is the season for the ever popular sport of hockey. With spirits held high and sticks held low, the players await the sound of the whistle, and the games begin. And what games! Those "never give in" juniors remained undefeated, winning many points for their elnss cup. Tension was high during the Green and White team gamesg however, the Greens reigned victorious. ln the second-team games the Wliites did manage to tie their opponents. As we boarded the bus, breathless and exhausted, to leave Riverside Park, we said .1 sad goodbye till next year to that energetic game of hockey. A Big Derixiznl. Ground ,xfirkv, Seniors fmrr il. S0 long! mu IWW basketball in the winter months . . . After Thanksgiving vacation the basketball season opened with a burst of enthusiasm. Skinned knees, bumps, and bruises were the fashion during the many days of practice. Then at last the tournament was on. The freshman-sophomore battle ended with the sophomores in the lead and the freshmen waiting for more years of experience. The faces of rho triumphant juniors glowed for days while the downhearted seniors put away the ball for the last time. But the spirit became even more tense as the whistle blew for the Green and White night game. The gym was packed to the rafters. No matter how hard the Greens tried, they just eouldn't beat those fast Whites. Victorious or defeated, all declared that basketball was king of winter sports at Tudor. Dmlimzlnm Buvlcrf. 03 0 at Q at bs Il 10 bl tl, K and baseball when spring arrives . . . Every spring a well-worn path in the shape of a diamond is found at Tudor. Answering the eall, "Batter up!" the girls take their places for thc great Ameri- can sport, softball. The games attract keen interest when classes, as well as the Green and Wlmite Teams. compete for the winning score. llunil mfr lmml. Gui il! flu zjgwlizr juulr. all are sports which provide The Athletic Association at Tudor is made up of the entire upper school student body. Everyone assumes her share of the responsibility in one way or another. The badge of a sportswoman in the fall was a pair of hockey shoes. We jumped on the bus at 2:30 every Tuesday and Wednesday bound for "ye olde Riverside Park." Tennis shoes and bare feet were also noticeable at this time Qin tennis and swimming, that isj. When jack Frost arrived, we put on heavy wool socks and gym shoes again and escaped to the upper ample opportunity gym for basketball. At least it was a little warmer there. For the more graceful Tudorites modern dance was also offered. Ping-pong and badminton tourna- ments were popular attractions. In the spring we shook the moth balls out of the soft ball equipment and enthusiastically got down to business. No victory came without a hard battle first. Athletics at Tudor, highlighted by good sportsman- ship and co-operation, are an important part of our liyes. Many, many thanks to the new Vorce-Ross team for helping to make this year such a success. Lrfl lo rigbl, svrllnl ou flowg' ll. Broun, I. tfollrtr, M. C. Su'url:,, I. Cox. Srulnl. ll. Cole, Miss Roxx, I. xlrrrlllrlig, S. Allqinx, Milt l'ur'u', M. K. Ciriffillv. Slavl1l1llg.' M. Brrlwvrer, A. Ciillrxjrir, C. Wilkirrsull, I. ljsiig, T. tiiullv, I. llrmrll, G, clllffxlfkllll, A. Morrow, S. lia,qlmtiz'1il. Page F0i'l'1'-S!"t"!'ll for us to march boldly . Modern dance ranks high on Tuclor's sport program. This type of dance develops creative ability as well as coordination and grace. As an added attraction, the classes are given an oppor- tunity to display their compositions at assem- blies during the year. Page l'ifl1'fj'-Fight . toward the high Whether slamming a tennis ball over the net or smashing a badminton birdie about the court, Tudor girls are proficient with racquets in their hands in all seasons. They compete in exciting tournaments all the year round: tennis in spring and fall and badminton during the winter. Good sportsmanship is at its zenith in these tourneys. 0 .W EEEEEW' H5555 A physical and character goals we have set. Tudor's fall swimming season began with a big splash. Although the climax was reached later in the year, the first plunge into the pool was taken by the girls entered in the various swimming classes. In the fall swimming meet the sophomores received top honors of the day, with the juniors clipping their heels at a close second. The Green and Wfhite swimming meet held the spotlight as the concluding event of the swimming season in the spring. ..,...... Ping-pong also contributes to the lively KN sports program at Tudor. The Greens and kg A -af' Whites, along with the class teams, step fast to Q' .,..A.c..-.. win the ping-pong rounds begun in late winter. , All of us wait anxiously to see who will make the last determining step. 0. Page Fnrly-nine Our footsteps meet on the common ground "LcL the path be open to talent? Page Fifiy Napoleon . 4 A fix Q V ix sw . ' - S' 43-.gg : f W l ' 'Y A interests outside the regular routine Page Fifty-Iwo QiROXVN SIA! iz Imff In rigfil, Run I.' Cf. wrflkfllillll, S. Curlirlc, M. Am- lms, R. Garrison, N. Cai'11ei1l1'r. Rau' 21 S. Lamb, V. Pbillmff, I. Iixxig, I. llargiff, M. S. Ilirruw. Rnu' 55 Mist M1'C1rllr1H.Qf7, K, W'ilfiamt, N. Rr1i'r1rlf7j', M. C. Szriirfz, Miss Ilorzifall, S. Knrfcley, M. A. IIi71rl1I'II, CROWN . . . CHRONICLE Our publications are the products of talent and hard work. This year's CROWN, our lir- erary magazine which is issued at Christmas time, measured up to the editions of previous years and received a first place award in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Contest. The senior class brings you the CHRoNlc:i.if. It is a record of this school year, 1950-1951. XVC hope that in the future our book will re- call memories of friends, good times-and studies. The footprints luring you through thc pages lead into your own lives and on to the years to come. Citoxxx STM-1 : Left In right, Row I.' M. MrKil1lu'u, A. Murrnug M. K. Griffith, I. Bullarrf, R. Hall. D, DeMoHr. Row 2: M. Berl1ei'ri', I. Amliug, lf. Altltlllffll. T. Cacile, M. Wfriglll. Row if S. CTKHHIOII, A. Ilialmffey. K. Noliug, f. Cnr. Row 4.' I. Ilollon, I. Iluzwll, 11. Wemmrr. of school life .... 'LN Crmxvx Baum: fjlIRONKTI' Baum: lrfl In Vigfvff H, f1lNl'llK, R. Hur- l,1'ffluri,qfJl.' N.Cl11fnulm,Him HHAII, .Vim ,XLf'11llu1f4qf1, CH XY'il XI1C'n1x!mr1, S,f.1.fnk. LIHXIIII. CIIRUNIK Il Sl xl 1: I.1'fl in riqfvl, Run' l.' K. Kunm, S. llrlffw, S. Cnfifk, A, Gillmjvi.-, lrfl fn riglrt, m1ln.l.' M. .-L B.1xlvr, M. Km. Il, Vols. Sl.n1.1im, .'H..Lll1uk4r1. Kun If Hin Ilunfufl, N. Cfur1u'l1l4'r', Mixx Aftgftlihfiffll. S. llrlllwr, K, Hlffw, KYIHUII, P. f,X'nNK, HJVQIH, ,Umrll Run' ii I. l'vlmm11. CC. flzufufwnr, M, Arrllnu, ll. Broun, C. Kvmlull, Cf, MVKW. V. ffrillivfc, X. Ixfklllkl STUDENT GOVERNMENT an .G I 3 1 '41 The adoption of -l.lI"lil'lLl Zadziewiez, a Polish refugee in France, the packing of Red Cross boxes, the prepara- tion of food baskets for the needy here at home-these projects kept the Student Government Association active through the fall weeks. The highlight of the spring season was a Wfhite Elephant Sale to replenish the organ- iZation's funds for charity. Under the leadership of Mary Alice Baxter, presidentg Claire W'ilkinson, vice-presidentg Katherine Koons, secre- taryg and Valri Philpott, treasurer, the Student Council has worked for the betterment of school conditions and gained a deeper knowledge of the responsibilities of each person in a democratic state. Broad experience helps us fo understand each lmfl lu ligfvf, williuf rm jfuuri ll. ll"i'l1l1m'1, N. Ciilr'1u'l1l4'i'. Si'.lli'if.'M. ,-lnllflli, ff. M1K4'i', I. l'i'ii'rmu, Il. Cole, M. fl. lfilxfwr, K. llwil- lmu1.x,S. flfi'xilml4'r'. Sliulifirlg.' M. 5. llilliml, V. Cluillrk, Marlin, ill. lvrigfrl, MIN. Mmi'fn'rrm'f1, Hin' Ilillwr, I. ifnllrlf, S. Hrmuw, V. I'bifj1r1H, Cf. Wilkirlxml, K. Krmm, K. Miller, S. Cmfivlc Cl: Imfl In rigflff Miu limi' xjmnxur: M. Rui, wi'ii'h1rY3f1v ix uri'v': Y. K'lutIn'ff. lvrcxiilrrrr llilrgill. IIN'-lIl'i'wlili'llfI I. I I 4-rmn, I. AHIIHIAQ, H. S. ll.n S. lumlf. other and fo widen our horizons ....... If aids us From Hans Holbcin .md his contemporaries to Robert Ray's Decor Shop is Ll long hop, but Artisans made it. Nvhcn not dressed up for Held trips they could be found slapping paint on mod- ernistic sets for the Workshop production, "Katie Kavortsf' ARTISANS Imfl in Vigfvf. wufi'i1.' R. Cur- 1'i.NUlI, V. Pflilfmlf, IIIIIITH, I. fox. Sfumling.' N. CHUM fwrilur, K. Rilffrr, S. lam, M. Hilrrixurl. Lrfl lo right, knef'ling.' H. Calf, prexitlenlg S. Alrx'nm1i'r. Sfumlingi A. Gillcspiv, .f1't'rc'furyg G. Gnxlafxon, P. LVYIHIS, fYl'l1X1l7'f'i'j Miss Ross, sponsor: S. Grubr, l'lt'l'-pYf'Slll't'ilf. WORKSHOP Lvfl lo right! I.. Petfrson, S. Cadivlz, S. Karlzley, K. Mil- ler, K. Koons, M. C. Swartz. in developing wholesome personalities and "Dance is life and life is dance." Life in Workshop was a whirl of tired torsos, luscious leotards, unzippable zippers, and Parkmoor parties. Dance meant trying tryouts, "Katie Kavortsf' the ballet at Bloomington, a short stay with Jose, a leap to Louisville, and a jaunt to Jordan. Iwfl In rigbfi B. Wuril, M. fury, K. Williavrls, M. Brrb 1'n'r, l'. Alkinx. E. Ayrrs, Pusl. , M' Q' HQ. Ml wf Gin' . J X NR .,' 4 r 4, g.',,,' fx JJ - . "ff - -9 -, ,fn " A '-.'x,"3 Xa 'J' ' . 'x 'Z I " ' Y ' W - v i' -' ' X, 'W . - -Q ff- 3' A x. 2. .Q N ex'-N X 1- i .. 2 N - I""4.',' 0 , 1 'w ft ' 1 y' ,- --li.-'Q , - . - .. K .. -- - .'l 'mg '- -1.: .'1'h'.-w . . . X E-ff , ,, --, - V I , 1... x - .- .. . -4- .. - . N --f .,- it . ,-.1 ,. v M' we . ' 1. ',r.., . - xx f-un-,,...qf" r, - ,., ' - j " yn-'lf' " 'il i.'-1-I ., ',' 3 ",'l'..., - - X, V ' I 1, ,""1 ,J -, it ff.-'5:--,.'iI'."' :-1 IT rt-. a: . '-'ff----.. 4 1" e if' .' 1,11 liz vftffl' Nl Nui. 11 fwimfirfl. NI liiifurif. lrmilznr: Hn- Wmrlwy, wjmmmq yl.l,fll.ijv1i', iiirihni: I, l'4l.'rim1. lrr.ml.f1l Qi- F lil i j LMT' xl W . alert minds. . PREL UDE Many nicniorics of tliis yc.tr's Prclutlc Club glctiyitics will rcmain imprinted forcycr on our licmrts: thc tryouts in Scptcmbur, thc tr.itlition.1l "Southern C1liristmnw" witli its stirring story .mtl lilting carols, tlic Veterans lluspitxl prugrani, .intl tlic mvmy enjoyable cvcning mcctings. . . . . . We need these qualifies to grow. lvl! lu rlxqfvl, ii.1!i.l wi flrunj S. .lli'xtlrlili'r', I. ,lllllrrq N. f'.lrju'r1!4'r' ANI. Slam. if. MiKi'i'. Si'.1liif.' ll. Wrrrlrllrr, K. K.1l'i'r, I. lmlmg, I. Ilfmill. I. llfillfm, M. .-L liiixfur, Il. Clair, Nl, l..ai x. Nl.u1.liuAq.' M. flfrllflu. H. lult:, Nl. l'. Rrm1n,C'. Wzlkzmfm, XI. .L Illflkifl. ff. lfmwfmzfz, .l. ,ll.1ff.ffli'x, K. .lllllrrg Cfullrll, S. C.'uiI'1i'k. .'li7N'IIf.' l'. Linux. fa NLM, e - We must constantly continue to mature throughout lwfl In riglzl, Rau' l.' S, Si'l1'irx, R. Hull, I. limi H. Ilinrimu. Run' ?.' fl. Wwalzzrlw, I. lluu I. llmjtfitl. . . . , . , li'-Il In ilgfrlf M. S. llillillll, N. I trrfwrllrr, S. .Ulu . . . , . , Nm lnlzlrr, X. Pfullmll, lx. Nrilrrltg, M, .L Iinxfm, MASQ UERS M Page l7ifly-vilqlwf X. M. Wfriglmi, Imff lo rigfrf. .w'ulnI.' M. Amlurx, S. Ilnuxrr, Mr. W. ll. Iloguu, VU, M. Rily, li. l'm'k.'ff, D. DQMUHU. SIumlmq.' sl. fiillvvjriw, V. Vlxillirk, S. lfurznmr, I. flmzlry, K. Koruni, R. Uilrrixrm. 1lx,f',Hl'K.'.', Inf! In rigfrlf I. Ilnllfm, M. Iin'f1uii'1', I. fulfill, K. Miller, I. I rn. ll. Lulr, M. pl. Ilzukru, K. WIILIIIHHI, M. Bliley, S. Ctnlrfb. Alm'n!.' I.. I'i'h'rmu. 'l'. ffuillv. October tryouts, ranging from a scene from Our Hvarix Wfwrf' Young and Gay to a set for "The Three Bears," admitted fourteen new members to the Masquers Club. Meetings included an interesting talk by Mr. Walter Hogan, the continuity director for WIRE, and a demon- stration by Miss Nell Frazier, our sponsor, of the ways to apply make-up for the stage. Charades brought relaxation and enjoyment to another gathering. The club had a full, satisfying year. our entire lives. . . . Irfl In Vilkflll, lnlv folly' Bnlfmn rnu'.' lflnrixln1u,x jmuqnlni. TJ: lxk. Kahn Kurmlx. Afffjllllllllgll liinl Sum! Fu. Millxllr mug' Hlnul in.xlrnm4'ul. Alfllflxlnlllf mlllrfy nf ,Ill wvwrllifll PIhlf1'l'idlY. Aiu'l Nu' Juugg fllll'fYf l'm'fy uffzliuiilulv. Ruin, mill. gn uuuy ---- fl, :L Il'4IIlfK In Nay Pagr' Ifify-nim Thus we, as leaders of the next generation, "To market, to market Page' Six! 3' step over the threshold of o busy world FROZEN BEEF Conner Prairie Forms Custom Cut, Wrapped, and Frozen Ready tor Your Freezer PHONE Hlqhland 5936 Practical Business Education Pays Good Dividends Central Business College Indianapolis FRanklin 0100 GArtield 7809 MARIE BRUNER Public Stenoqrapher 8 East Market Street, No. 432 TYPING THEMES - MANUSCRIPTS gt1,LRllS 1- wluffp Don't Wor1'y!l l'll Call D E LAWA R E FLOWER SHOP 2922 North Delaware Street TAlbot 4568 THE SALON of DOROTHY DUNLOP 2035 North Meridian Street WAbash 8251 HOURS: 9:00-5:00 PACKARD The One tor Fifty-one TAlbot 4521 Packard Indianapolis Co., Inc. 2004 N. Meridian Street Page' Six fy-luv THE LIMEX CORPORATION lllanufaclzzrirzg Chemist lnd1anapolis M!-Xrket 7319 l I TELEVISION - HOME AND AUTO RADIO HIBBEN, HOLLWEG 8: CO. . . Advertising Sales Counsel Product Styling Wholesale . P k e Desi nin Dry Goods and Notlons uc ug 9 9 II E E L I N G 8: C 0 . mconronnso SOL1ll'l lVlGI'lClldI'1 SIIQSI CHAMBER OF CQMMERCE BLDG Indianapolis 9, Indiana lR'LEY l476l New York Office- 40 Worth Street INDIANAPOLIS' IND' Paga' 5111-3 POR - - - LOVELY RINGS 1xVith Precious and Semi-Precious Stones EARRINGS - BRACELETS - PINS SEE - - - SERVICE Indiana's Smartest Iewel Shop I. C. SIPE S SON Indianapolis CHARLES B. SIPE If you have the rlirl - PVP haw the ring 107 Monument Circle For Safe Transportation . . . Spam! Sports SWWM Ride SMITH-HASSLER co.. INC R E D C A B S 217-219 M assac husetts Avenue INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Cali I-Hqhianoi 5351 Fhnkhn 3597 ESTATES FINE RESIDENCES SUBURBAN HOMES BRUCE SAVAGE CC. Circle Tower Indianapoiis MArket 8571 I age Sim ly-four Cinder Block and Material Co. Concrete Floor Ioist Steel and Aluminum Windows Building Materials MArket 1432 Indianapolis BEARD'S FOOD MART "Cleaners for people who care" 5607 N. Illinois Street Bliloadway 5438 SCHEEF ER CLEANERS Qualifv A-IWGYS 351 East 54th at oaueqe FREE DELIVERY We are proud that Maps and Globes fo sc oo an ome ' ' ' h l d h , made in Indianapolis go to all paris of the United States the world. E. C. ATKINS 6 CO. and THE GEORGE F. CRAM COMPANY. INC. 730 E. Washington St. Rlley 5564 L Page Sixty fi SALES - SERVICE WALTER HISER, INC. Ln - S "Your Northside Ford Dealery' Illinois at 39th St. - HU. 1314 ARLENE. INC. Distinctive Women's Wear Indianapolis' Fabulous New Shop 3814 N. ILLINOIS STREET - HU. 5253 TAYLOR'S GROCERY and BAKERY 3758-60 NORTH ILLINOIS STREET DON MASSA G. E. APPLIANCES 3817 North Illinois Street WAbash 5000 TELEVISION Open Evenings HITTLE MACHINE 6. TOOL CO. 2122 Northwestern Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana Optical Co.. Inc. 224 North Meridian Street INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Fine Eyewear - Excellent Styling Oculists Prescriptions Filled Llncoln 3081 Distinguished Interiors For Over Fifty Years coPPocK Enos, INC. Established 1888 PLaza 6541 1443 N. Meridian St. I gc' Sixty-six THE MAROTT HOTEL Complete facilities tor large and small banquets, luncheons, weddings and receptions FOR RESERVATIONS CALL TA1bot 4571 ' .X , I at 1 , FRED WILLIAMS. In.. INC. I 850 NORTH MERIDIAN STREET UTO4, ,V YP- 0 .Q SINCE 1873 is pn ornoe dgb ,411 F 017715 of QL. Automobile . , ' va ff '0f.,,,,o" 'QI Insurance A 4 GOV EIN E CAN DIES POR ALL OCCASIONS Restaurant and Fountain 6 East Washington Street Established 1917 ATTRACTIVE RATES Three Easy Payment Plan Assets over 510,000,000 State Automobile Insurance Association HOME OFFICE 445 North Pennsylvania Street INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Pqge Sixfy-sc:1'cr1 GUY E. MORRISON, C.L.U., GENERAL AGENT an ASSOCIATES The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. 812 Guaranty Building - Llncoln 3534 AIR LINER RESTAURANT 30TH AND CENTRAL imif- cfyw "BmfJ4,i51w ' 61 West 34th Street - TA1bot 2380 A N N A S I M O N WOMEN'S AND MISSES' APPAREL 2702 N. Meridian Street INDIANAPOLIS 8, INDIANA lane Iohnson Burroughs TEACHER OF VOICE Studio - 319 N. Pennsylvania St., R. 306 Llncoln 4244 CROUCH'S SHELL SERVICE Shell Lubricate for Safety's Sake 49TH AND PENNSYLVANIA BR. 0900 Where There,s Coca-Cola . . . There 's Hospitality 7 Page Sixty-eight ISU TUOBA SDRAWKCAB GNIHTONI NOVELTY SHOP IO East Market Street TNEREFFID GNIHTEMOS SYAWLA COGHILL'S REGAL MARKET W E D E L I V E R BAKER'S DRUG STORE 30th Street at Talbot Avenue 4155 Boulevard Place HUmbo1d1 1387 Highland 0559 Indianapolis. Indiana EAGLESFIELD in -7 ,rs M 1 fi ANUFACTURING 4 SN aokpfys COMPANY tb , .J , ntggrrvsf 4" 6009! flu fi, ",5'iG' HOME PLATING co. f , at GOLD - - SILVER - - BRASS BORDEN'S CAPITOL DAIRIES Q17 Massachusetts Ave, CApitO1 9088 1213 N. Sherman Drive Blackstone 2405 INDIANAPOLIS 1, INDIANA COLLETT 8. COMPANY, INC. Fletcher Trust Building Investments Stocks and Bonds Pug? Sixty-nim' Best Wishes fo the Class of 1951 VORIS LYONS INSURANCE Llncol n 4441 eacfiffac B. F. DCNOVAN, President HOOSIER CADILLAC COMPANY. INC. MARTHA WASHINGTON ICE CREAM SHOPS 2301 North Meridian 25 East Maple Rd. BUY U. S. SAVINGS BONDS BUTLER PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS TOILETRIES Complete Fountain Service 42nd and Boulevard Pl. HUmboldi 1471 GIVE TO THE WHEELER MISSION P g S ffnlyf LIGHT METALS, INC. Distinctive Suburban Shoe Stores HAPPY FOOT BOOTERY 6334 Guilford Ave. 3734 E. 38th St. GI.. 0235 CH. 8160 1029 N. Arlinqton 3816 N. Illinois IPI. 2321 HU. 6002 SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY 651 East 20th Street INDIANAPOLIS 2, INDIANA G U Y M O N T A N I QUALITY GROCERIES 2644 N. Pennsylvania Street MAROTT HOTEL Phones - TAlbot 2439 and TAlbot 4571 l AMAZE Your : menus: I Play Organ Mwla on Your Piano Organ music-complete chords -Organ and Piano together. You can actually play a Piano- Organ duet with yourself. Piano alone-no interference -novelty effects. Tllll now Piano-Organ uhoclvmonl ll a new source of pleasure and lnhr- Iainmonl. Soo ll, today. "ln Tune with Quality" PIANOS INCORPORATED Overhead Door Building 16th and Meridian Streets Best wishes to the Class of '52 from the Class of '51 A. H. M. GRAVES, INC. 821 BROADRIPPLE AVENUE BUILDER AND REAL ESTATE Pagv S1"I't"lIf'j'407l6' Decorating - Antiques - Pictures Drive in FL QWER MART E 225 W. 16th Street Rlley 1995 ' COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE ROBERT C. RAY 'l' ROBERT E. HASKINS Bill Cronin Bi11O'Laugh1in Llncoln 6080 1441 N. Delaware, Rear INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA ' AIR CONDITIONING Electric Water Coolers - Refriqeration Oil and Gas I-Ieatinq Admiral Appliances ENGINEERED EQUIPMENT MARY M. MEEK Masseuse HUrnbo1dt 2971 FASHION DRY CLEANERS Co" 1901 Central Avenue 3748 North Sherman Drive W-Abash 1501 Cl-Ierry 2962 INDIANAPOLIS, IND. INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA O. A. BIRR MOTORS. Inc. "Your Downtown Dodqe Dealer" 833 N. MERIDIAN ST. Rlley 6486 DODGE - PLYMOUTH DODGE "Iob Rated" TRUCKS O. A. BIRR - IAMES O. BIRR RAYMOND COOPER. INC. tNext door west Circle Theater? "AROUND - THE - CLOCK" FASHIONS "MORNING TILL EVENING" 39 MONUMENT CIRCLE Page Seventy-two GEORGE NEWTON Basso - Available for Recitals Teacher of Sinqinq STUDIO - 319 N. PENNSYLVANIA STREET LInco1n 9457 - IRvinqton 8143 for the best in cleaning C U R L E Y ' S 2967 N. Illinois - TA1bot 3313 C. E. WILKINSON INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 527 MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING Phones: MArket 2412-2413 C. 6. G. FOUNDRY 6 PATTERN WORKS CAST IRON -BRASS -BRONZE V5 mnnii nm !?f'Ef'ZfYf' QIlIL Compliments of MONARCH BUICK CO. 15 Years Incliana's Largest Buick Dealer AND ALUMINUM 1040 N. MERIDIAN ST. Rlley 3341 2440 Yarides Street WAbash 4564 IF YOU LIKE Shrimp in any of ihe many ways in which this appealing seafood is so delicious Besf Wishes SHELL PINK SHRIMP fo fhe exclusively 1 From the clear blue wafers oi? Ke Wes! Class of -with o fiovor that would inspirez poet and o tenderness as gentle as a caress. . Kay Wad Shaimp Alcudia Open week days from RAY PACKING CO. Elwooo, INDIANA I 'l A.M. - 2 P.M. - 5 P.M. - I0 P.M. 2138 MADISON AVENUE Private Parking IDIewood 3766 Page Seventy-fbrre Community - Buick, Inc Your NORTHSIDE BUICK DEALER 57 Wes? 38th Sfreef TAlbof 2424 PLATINUMSMITHS SPECIAL DESIGNS AT NO EXTRA COST SEE OUR FACTORY FOURTH FLOOR MERCHANTS BANK BLDG. J. C. SIPE - JEWELERS 418 Merchanis Bank Building - ll S. Meridian SO. WASHINGTON FLOWER SHOP 30TH AND WASHINGTON BOULEVARD CORBETT HARDWARE A I E S L E S S E R V C AND APPLIANCE STORE 4149 Boulevard Place Humboldt 8203 MArket 4744 portraits 15 EAST OHIO STREET by photoqraphy INDIANAPOLIS 4, INDIANA Page Serenly-fofur QQYN- CHU BEST BY TASTE TEST S TH Q 0 . PM .?f'F"'X 5 : ' GE F' ' Af . . - Stokelys 2 gsggga , F I N E s T F o o D s .'....'."""'l."" E X 'BE57 C W U. X ff- 9 nn 'APE-lxai America s Choice Www Mig! for PII S l' Il S ' 382: airing'.eiSi.a:o.fT:Zff1 Over 20 Years INDIANAPOLIS 8, INDIAN rr. TAII: 99I7 See the NEW 1951 CHEVROLET at YOU ARE NEEDED EOE Coburn Chevrolet Co., DEFENSE 'nf- 55O South Meridian Street Lincoln 6388 ALLoRY APPROVED PRECISION PRODUCTS for the automotive, electronic, electrical and industrial fields P. R. MALLORY 8. CO., INC. Indianapolis 6, Indiana Page Seventy'-six CHARLES B. DYER CO., INC MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 234 Massachusetts Avenue Llncolri 5734 Ujfifirzf .,f'ZL'!'f67' for Tudor H1111 Class Rings . . . Club Pins . . . Honor Awards . . . Plaques and Athletic Awards Fine Custom-Made Iewelry K. W. CARR MOTOR CO. FRankiin 2494 845 VIRGINIA AVENUE CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH DEALER Most Modern Equipped Service Department Dependable Used Cars Qui place clean, comfortable, hospitable, and modem ,.,.-., , - .av ' Page Sevmty-serum THE CHRONICLE BOARD NANCY CARPENTER .....,................. Editor-in-Chief SUSAN CADICK .,..,,.,. .... B usiness Manager MAY ADELAIDE HINREN , . . ..4.,.... Treasurer LYNN PETERSON .....,.,. ..... A rt Editor Miss MARGIE MCCUISTION . . . ,.,... Sponsor Miss GRACE HORS14'ALL .Y..,...,, ,,.. A ri Adviser Miss DOROTHY E. MCCULLOUGH .... , . . .Adviser THE CHRONICLE BUSINESS STAFF SUSAN CADICK JEANNE HARGITT MARTHA STACY LYNN PETERSON BARBARA F OLTZ ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We wish to thank the following for help in bringing out the 1951 Chronicle: Photography P. H. Ho Studio Mary Carolyn Swartz, 52 Liang Shen-Courtney Studio Claire Wilkinson, '52 Mr. T. Abel, Bass Photo Company Judy Howell, '53 Mr. Frank M. Fitch Judy Ballard, '54 Mr. Leon Linn Lisa Miller, '54 Miss Dorothy E. McCullough Dorothy Dunlap, '55 Mlle. Jacqueline Moscherosch The Indianapolis N ews Ethel Madden, '52 The Indianapolis Star The senior portraits in this book are a living record of the artistry of Paul H. Ho, whose death was felt as a great loss by all who knew his work. The staff of the Indianapolis Engraving Company Clarence E. Crippin and Son, Inc., Printers The feet on page 10 belong to: Miss june Vorce Mme. Marie Henry Miss Dorothy E. McCullough -. Y' Q ig ev h 'l W X V . In M T J k A W , . A A . f 1 4 ' ,- ge ' 4,'w"Wf95'5?wWgi1 Wf'f' 'f'f:,.'J-1' UW-,v2f"Wf?y - ,qmgzfg P L ': , 1 sw ii I ff' J F-f'w+'iM1-'f"'-'14 Q f, ' ,-1s.m.f.f fu-L, 15- - - V 4 ' Q ,am y'. 4.v, , ' JW -- frm 'rf' nb, , p , ,, J -K' :ik ' 3-1. ,. .gf , . Am 4- ' -,r , , . , , 4? Q , . L ' 1 ik ,N F2 'cv . , , , F X ys,ky'EP tilt I k 5 ll L 'Ir I-r,. F

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