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N K 9'- "r ' 0 ,x E. ff LQNQ. f, 9? Lf MILLER 5 L X. .ur QU' 'P '.-rf 4+ THE ANNUAL STAFF Presents 'ide if 1953 TUCKER HIGH SCHOOL Tucker. GC01'gi2l Editor: BRUMBLEY HUMPHRIES Business Manager: MACKY WATERS . We W vmtwmmw I W! ,..4x'.5' 1. -. . -As.--.tf.1' .- y yfgxi.. . . - Q QQ I 4 your attention as the ti.me for your graduation draws near. A great . Q era of your life is ending and a new one is about to begin. The H course you will follow in this new era, which will begin after your ' graduation, has largely been determined by the course you have fol- lowed during your twelve years in public school. I hope one of the greatest lessons you have learned is the value of time. You have experienced some rough spots in the past twelve years, and you face even more of the same type of experiences in the fu- - ture. You have conquered one of the greatest obstacles to happy ' living if you have learned to use these rough experiences to bounce f you upward toward your goal. They can be used for such a purpose. I have enjoyed our association for these two years. I hope you have profited as much from this association as I have. My sincere wish is a happy life for each of you. Sincerely, O -Gbi'2'v . -1, ,ohm 5m:.'.2,..33x . K I' N- The rapid passing of time is probably very forcibly brought to M. --'iafff izllgzfl 1. ,- - 4, .v'a.- fy".g-Q..-ff.,-. -5. f, f ,,.-fm, - 0,13 Wax. .4faf1f.'yf1fPa-'- " ' , "141z'KW-1 :'7-iff, -4: 5- " 'Y4.4'.'5FJ'a1.'-Af-'Qiigwz'git' ' QQKETH -M:-' ? get-12.1 ' :,"..q"-:1 -gf-2-if Il-'If M11 4 ,L--,g1'-'.1 f--- . .fnafgg-fafa. . " ' '1' . - - v'.'v-- . ', F- ' r.':-.Q:'- . -' '." :'-. ' -?.ujT?2.fjZ Qu'-5. f.lg..Q -, ,Ti 57.3 eQ!:.:,,.. 9 1 .45-. 1" .iw -. .- , " ' ' 5 ' -1:e"1'f'.-fs -"'Ti5'f :V 'i"f""-.512-1 'Z"f'.13"i-1.7-"' ' '4 " -- mcisif..-jigyy-' ,- -u----,I 1,-fl. --g "-5, -53:5 ef Q le' -' .j' 'ring ' xv, 3 K'-,:4,JI ff1""'Qi"f5 .lshiziguh . 1?',2-1+--0 1, .I .Q .Jw F:,'.i':-gf' 1: w - , 5 iff 1-A"!'W"ff "U N.-4 jf?-f'.: ',' -'f'?v'bi?r:t .1"-54 ':f',1.-' : ,'-L,iQi,!?.-"f.s- P 5, ' '-2 '19-1 Q-' :. 11. . --. 111.--gfresg-u' S122 f53E54:WQgU' ' " .Q ,. '.,"q-V ff "--'J-'3'+'f ' Zf,LH-pu.. ' -. --,.... - 1-542-."'LE 219: "CHI:-ff , 'r- gL.'?'kA'-"gQffQQP"' 'Flo' .sf Kfr' 'nj' K-J 'la' 'ri' 3' ' J..-F.-.',...'..:1.,' - . -: .4 ',,g,b,c. ., Hugh. , - ,.4f:i.'.z,t .- .geliljvu f?1.'2Qf'-3 F ilgfi-'Aa-,vi . 1:- .l . . Vp 4 ,War W' ifiQ'f,31 .f,g,!g..f 6' xii,- .xffig Qwrzf. J:l1.:4 ass, , , ,.,. 'aw f. 'Fr- 'lyfg' 1, ' Q e-. 1" fs-rf f2.'.-"wifi-4' ff ' 54i1:f:iff1'f7f'-iii?-14 - V "k'ff5ff-"ii .- 1 fb filmxii TO MRS. BEATRICE SHAEFER, rf" Q , , v sf "ffi':!7 who from the beginning of our high school years, gg -'J ,Im -ii has always guided our thoughts and deeds toward -3 the ideals and standards that make for a better and W5 .-262. 1 r, -.J ffllgfififx happier life -- we, the Senior Class and the Annual Staff, affectionately dedicate the 1953 HOURGLASS. -4.5521 N4 'fm-.4-Q 57" u L.. 4:11 -:V ' 2-KMC' ,511 u".' fn ,A if :T-:?z'3f. 'iff-wifi. -tw EZi:ff3,5r'. fm: 1 Tig' '-wife 36: G 51.15 - 2 'St' fn 1,31 Qt""1f?-.:. f'1,5Ig.x. " 11- , ' 1+ if " , is X NZ'-my .. 1' P , ' -f7,r"'Q-' ,e , 'wif wr "2 .r ,Q 'aw - -- c-A -gg55.,4f.Z4.-iii N ' 9755. '-'. 1 "2 ' f-is Jfriif' . .'-Q-if ' -42 54 'v iv' e- 4, ,Z':.':' ,Te 1, . it-,,. ,z,.,,,f,,f, , ,+.::f3sY ' -if'-'t1,. 'i.v'!1..e' ,, w3"e'f'xf-'ffs'-'JZ123'. .:- 'ff-15"-R' A P- :9,s"-.3.q,,gg'4-'?.',' I ,ag u-f-,ggyef 'fJ5j'r-314' ffl?-!'g:?, - "' . , -.-'3a,:1," - QV. ala 115,-.,Mnj'.l .h fi:-51 1- - . ' 1 .1512 v,.a5.:-,iff .3 .- 1fQ.ST.:f::-f:::1gF'xq ..L:,-tf.,1q..,,i....E-,. ,. ,. . MM, .An,..,,,1:,.-,144 , - ' --1f::g-,:t'.5-'f'.:? 1- '1'f3" "P:f-H-2-?"iI'WTZsw'.i-iiiwrfrrwxf,--ff :fl-. f "': V' JS-ix -3' " 54- Milf -.U I".-7' '1i',fl if '-'Tf f?.xf"g'?!--.-1-'fa'nfffi IH-V 1. ' ' - 4 sz., 5-1, 1,,1!.+- :mm v:.--,- 21- - me -iwsfrazq'-:': f, az -1"' - '-f -4-.-r'4f.i-r ' c..-"-,-2 ,:n-vm-' H- V--.,. ,-1- '.1 I 5, a ,I We gfaaaz A Mrs. R.L. Dolvin, who taught our class in the fourth and fifth grades of grammar school, because she always tried to understand us. and because she won our respect and admira- tion, and has never yet lost it. Zag Editor-in-chief - - - - BRUMBLEY HUMPHRTES Assistant Editor - - ----- JERRY REYNOLDS Business Manager - - - - -MACKY WATHIS Feature Editor ----- - - - BARBARA SWANN .3335 Assistant Feature Editor - - - - - PEGGY KILPATRICK 51,395 Art Editor -------- - - BETTY JEAN PARK Picture Editor - - - - -DAVID STANFORD Sports Editor - - - -CHARLES LANFORD ,F Lay-out Editor - - - - -JULIA ANN oRR 2- 5. TEFRX- with A . -"5 is ::g'gLfil, x .2333-kL's:' ' Q oslsv'-X lk ,: , QQN-fy,-no Qpthi.. . "4-'sg-t.,g1-h , .-..tf9- QQ K--. I ', X . 41"-If J.. " 'HSv'Qa:!g'P?,u,k5 iff 'r'-hlf EOQK Ii'iA?': . Ml' rs' 51: 'd?3:.sYMPgY Pdf eq , MQENWY I i Z I x X 1 ,,,,1, My if W N N L " fiffgfffliiffgfiiitf-. , O 5 " ., ff' X .1 4- - Q X .f hi, -gin 4 g??Qf'4f ,.. , H55 ,B 64 W -. gzsia R i"+uf'i'Q":: 'if ww if W H ' '-13 vw : mi. Qimiimvggg ' jf? g f Q 1 ' mnuf...v.Wfwf,, V v ,mg ia Hmm 9. vwmwwfze2aa7w-'1-rwfmamm.'mmm ,Amr ,ma :S mu, ff w z az z .Q if ef OPAL CAIN Science Club 51: Basketball 50, 51, 52, Cap- tain 52, 53: Senior Personality 53. KATHRYN L. DEMPSEY "Kathy" Transferred from Lilburn in Junior year: FHA 51, 52: Science Club 51, 52: Science Club 51, 52: 4-H Club 51, 52: Commercial Club 53: Chorus 53: Cheerleader 53. EDWARD ASHWORTH ..I-leo.. 4-H Club 50, 51, 52: School Patrol 50, 52: Track 50, 51: FFA 51, 52, 53: Book Club 52. CARLTON BLANKENSHIP "Virgil" Class Play 50: School Patrol 50, 51, 52: Track 51: FFA Reporter 53: Shop Manager 53. RICHARD COFER "Satch" 4-H 52: Football 52: Baseball 52, 53: FFA 53. LARRY CORN "Cherry" Class Officer 50: Class Play 50: School Pa- trol 52: FFA President 53: Shop Manager 53 Beta Club 53. JULIA ANN EDWARDS Transferred from Clarkston in Junior year: Basketball 52: Chorus 53: Science Club 53: Senior Personality 53. ALYNE ETHRIDGE Transferred from Lithonia: Basketball 50, 51, 52: 4-H Club 51, 52: FHA 51, 52: Glee Club 52: Band 52. sunsnwmsww.. ms aasu z::a w v ummm r. LOUIE DAVIS "Romeo" y FFA 50, 51: Red Cross Council 50: Class Play 50: School Patrol 50, 51: 4-H Club Vice Pres ident 50, President 51: Football 52, 53. JOHN DUNN Transferred from Avondale 51: Football 52: Chorus 52. 33: President Science Club 52. 53. VERNON CLEO DUVALL FFA 50, 51, 53: School Patrol 50, 51. 52: Book Club 52: 4-H Club 52. EDWIN HOPKINS HHOP.. FFA 50, 51: 4-H 50,515 School Patrol 50. 52: Track 51, 52, 53: Basketball 50, 51, 52. 53: Football 51. 52, 53: Junior Play 52: Commer- cial Club 53. BRUMBLEY HUMPHRIES Class Officer 51, 52, 53: Beta Club 51, 52. Secretary 53: Science Club 51. 52: School Patrol 51, 52: FFA 52. 53: Junior Play 52: An- nual staff 52, 53. BEN WARREN KELLEY 4-H Club 50, 52: Football Cheerleader 51. 52. i I CHARLES HAROLD LANFORD "Charlie" FFA 50, 53: Class Officer 50, 52: School Pa- trol 5O, 51: 4-H 50, 51, 52: Basketball 50, 51, 52, 53: Baseball 51, 52, 53: Track 51, 52, 53: Football 51, 52, 53: Science Club 51, 52: Student Council 51: Beta Club 51, Treasurer 52, President 53: Key Club President 52, 53: Annual Staff 52.53: Senior Personality 53. JIM LOUGHER slug.. 4-H Club 50, 51: Football 51, 52: Baseball 51, 52: Science Club 51: Patrol 51, 52: Track 52: Junior Play 52. HARRIETTE GREEN "Henry" FHA 50, 51: Class Play 50: Red Cross Council 51: Commercial Club 52, 53: Cheerleader 52. 53: Annual, Staff 52: Beta Club 52, 53: Book Club 53: Student Council 52. BEVERLY GAIL HANSON A nRedu Cheerleader 50, 51: Class Play 50: FHA 50. 51, 52: 4-H Club 50, 51, 52: Commercial Club 52: Basketball 52: Science Club 53: Chorus 53. PEGGY ANNETTE KILPATRICK npeggy.. Class Officer 51: FHA 50, 51: 4-H Club 50, 51: Class Play 50: Basketball 50, 51: Science Club 51, 52: Commercial Club 52: Football Cheerleader 51, 52, Cap- tain 53: Junior Play 52: Annual Staff 53. ELIZABETH MILLER "Liz" FHA 50, 51: Class Officer 50, 51: Class Play 50: 4-H 50, 51, 52: Science Club 51: Basketball 50, 51, Co-Captain 52, 53: Junior Play 52: Beta Club 52, 53: Commercial Club 53. JERRY REYNOLDS H Hank H School Patrol 50, 51: FFA 50, 51: Foot- ball 50, 51, 52, Co-Captain 53: Track 51, 52, 53: 4-H Club 50, 51, 52: Red Cross Secretary 52: Key Club 52, 53: Class Officer 53: Annual Staff 53: Chorus 53. ROBERT W. SHANNON "Bobby" FFA 50: 4-H 50, 51, 52: Beta Club 51, 52, 53: Science Club 51, 52, 53: Book Club 51, 52, 53: Class Officer 51: Track 51, 52: Annual Staff 53. LAWRENCE H. SINGLETON "Sonny" FFA 50, 51: Track 51: Basketball 51, 52, 53: Science Club 51, 52: 4-l-l Club 52, 53: Key Club Treasurer 52: Beta Club 52, 53: Tennis 52. DAVID STANFORD Transferred from Decatur. Football 51, 52, 53: Track 51, 52, 53: Baseball 51, 52, 53: Key Club 52, 53: Vice President Student Council 52: Junior Play 52: Basketball 52, 53: Senior Personality 53: Annual Staff 53. JERRY STONECYPHER Football 50, 51, 52, 53: Baseball 50: 4-H Club: Science Club: Track 50: Senior Super- lative. JOHN EVERETT SUMMERLIN Football'53: Baseball 51, 53: 4-H Club: FFA 51, 52: Science Club: School Patrol. PAUL THOMAS Class Officer 51: FFA 51, 52, Vice President 53: 4-H President 52: Beta Club 52. 53: Key Club 52. NORRIS TURNER Football 50, 52: Basketball 52: FFA 50, 51, 52, 53: Science Club 51, 52: 4-H Club 50, 51. 52. MARY VIRGINIA MORGAN 4-H Club 50, 51, 52: FHA 50, 51: Class Play 50. JULIA ANN ORR FHA 50, 51, 53, Treasurer 50: 4-I-I Club 50, 51, Vice President 52: Class Play 50: Science Club 51: Red Cross Council Treasurer 52, 53: Commercial Club 52. 53: Junior Play 52: Be- ta Club 52, Treasurer 53: Annual Staff 53: Senior Personality 53. MACKY WATERS "Mac" Football 50, 51, 52, 53: All region back 52, Captain 53, All County Back 53: Basketball 50, 51, 52, 53: 4-H 50, 51, 52: School Patrol 50, 51: Class Officer 50, 51, 52. 53: Track 51, 52, 53: Baseball 51, 52, 53: Junior Play 52: Key Club 52: Annual Staff 52, 53: Senior Personality 53: Chorus 53: FFA 51, 52. BILLY WEBB "Wil1y" FFA 50. 53: School Patrol 50, 51: Class Play 50: 4-H Club 51: Shop Manager 53. BETTY JEAN PARK Transferred from Druid Hills 52: Football Cheerleader 52, 53: Basketball Cheerleader 53: Class Officer 52, 53: Beta Club 52, Vice President 53: FHA 52, 53: Junior Play 52: An nual Staff 53: Senior Personality 53. JOAN RAY Class Play 50: Student Council 50, 51: Secre- tary 4-H Club 50, 53: FHA 50. 53: Science Club 53: Senior Personality 53: Chorus 53. BARBARA JO SWANN Basketball 50, 51: Class Officer 50: FHA 50, 51, 53: 4-H Club 50, 51, 52: Il1l1i0r Play 52: Class Play 50: Commercial Club 52, 53: An- nual Staff 53: Senior Personality 53: Beta Club 52, 53. JACQUELYN WELLBORN "Jackie" Transferred from Bethesda High School: FHA 50, 51: 4-H Club 50, 51: Beta Club 52, 53: Commercial Club 52, 53: Basketball 52, 53: Senior Personality 53. KENNETH JERRY WOODALL "Woody" V FFA 50, 51. 52, 53: 4-H Club 50, 51. 52: School Patrol 50, 51, 53: B Team Football 51: Junior Play 52. MARTHA H. CONLEE We, the Senior Class, would like to express our appreciation for all the work and time you have given. to us. Your patience and understanding have guided us through our se- nior year, and helped to make it the happiest of all our high school years. BUSTER FOUNTAIN Mascot CAROL HENDERSON 'bv' Mascot J A CLASS COLORS - Blue and White CLASS FLOWER - Red Rose CLASS MOTTO - "To thine own self be true" M ff np' all-f mn: . V .m.,lC. ,,,f ,1m1,v,w ' I ,JB .2 Nw ' new W wfsffxiv k k J q1,ffJ,gf211: f?ss:s?f'?iF3?iit' i'EQ,?i?2i'fK1" we l55iLi'Df1J 77 MARY E. BROOKS MYRTLE BROWNLEE ALLAN CAMPBELL JUNIOR CASH JANE COWN JIMMY CRAFT GENE BAILEY WILLARD BARRETTE DORA ANN BOOZER DANNY BRITT SHIRLEY BRITT JIMMY BRITT LAWRENCE CRAWFORD BILLIE JANE DILLARD JOYCE DISHROON ANNETTE DOLLAR . FLORA DONALD PEGGY DUNAGAN , T... . GLENN FORTNER JOYCE GOZA ELIZABETH GRAVES CHARLCIE HARDEMAN LARRY HONEA RALPH MAGNES PEGGY MARTIN AN N M A T THEWS ALLEN MELTON JTMMY MORRIS HOWARD MCCLUNG JIMMY NASH MARY LEE PADEN RAY PADEN EDDIE REDD BUDDY RODDY IEANETTE SCALES CHARLES STOWERS TOMMY SULLIVAN BARBARA TALTON JAMES TAYLOR GENE WELLS RALPH WELLS IANICE YOUNG .,,::. ,IIE ::: lrgunnt W Lua jifw G 1 Ch xx C A Q X W .ww 2 farm Theron Arnold Shirley Baker Mary Lou Bannister Annette Barrett Jewell Baughcum Lois Baughcum Ann Bryson Kenneth Akin Jane Andrews Marvin Bennett Yvonne Chamblee Charlotte Cofer Billy Dempsey Sue Dillard Sammy Driskell Larry Dunn Jean Greason Mary Goodwin Alta Kimbell Linda Morgan Patty Moss Barbara New John Nix Charles Park Shirley Persall James Pickens Raymond Goza Jack Grice Richard Hall Ben Hill Buddy Humphries Marolyn Jones .Toe Srrnmons Manon Sm1th Iva Jean Sorrells Roger Sules Mer11l Summerlrn Carole Roddy Bobby Rolader Loretta Taylor Harlon Thompson Gene Wallace Kenneth Wellborn Elleen Wheeler Barbara Whelchel Earlme W11son Howard Clark Billy Swann 3 -gg--1f,..W., ., . . , Q f 7.., -. V iWf-M.,MWww-zflnziwwwgwwmfwwuwaexmaea K- , . - f .. M --:-3 51" :- Hiez mg X43 fy! MQ! g fp! 5 Sm k WW xi ,K Richard Ashworth Freddy Bailey Jim Baker Stanley Baldwin Bertie Baughcum Dorothy Bowen Joyce Brownlee Bill Bums Ann Cadle Bennett Chatman Martha Crowe Mary Crowe Terry Dishroon Beverly Dunagan Sheila Dunn V era Forrester Greg Gregory Marilyn Hannah Betty Hardeman Douglas Holt Zullmb 3 S 1 as 2 ,S V' f' S 8 f fm.m1w1 my X -uf ,. . W, -new - at 11,:'v, w gftq,: gg cg i ,. zgfpwxgfe fs'::Lt,.fv' Jw aw E 4. N .. . , V lt f Qfszfam -.vw-..Q:,f,ffm,,ff,rf,tYS ff . , ,. , m,,,..,w1.,,W,,l,,.,, Qing ,sw t,,.. ,,.,,,.,,,. Q W f 1 1-,Af,gTg'2tfksJgr. 5 E I Z 5 A ' dw? 5 , V Ui WL, Z5'?5f7f?fE:f7?5?i5ifS5V757331 -75 -2 5, a mytwffwx L- . , -7 -f-" wtfwma-e,, 1. W Q .1 K , ,. N, B B xr if f 3+ 5 B H we .Q E J ,gt . . .,,,r. .at ....,, 1, .5 V-fk ,qttfttyr ,,V.,l.,2,Vk,:,,ltk .,,., Q1 file ttyty sf M 1121 IMWQQ? , R ai? E tra iffi 3l5Ql25llL?ffi5 il: firfiffl-'ffi f flyfv f,1f,,s,e,,.a,,: 1S,'sv1g:f72,'fz,sz3+s1,svz:szz.w iszin-P21 Roy Honea Gail Jones Billy Nash Emma Io McGhee Arlene Martin Firman Owen Peggy Morris Earnest Perry Sherrill Potter Junior Pilgrim Carolyn Rutledge Warrie Smith Alice Scales Jimmy Terry Carolyn Shannon Donald Weed Karen Tax Neal Womack Norma Westbrook James Womack Bobby Wood Lucile Williams Charles Worthy Billie Collum Olive Brown Jack Bolton Barbara Bolton Norman Cruce Martha Cain Gerald Donald Patsy Cown Royston Green Wynelie Gentry Hazel Honea Nancy Grice Fay Miller Sue Morris Madison Jr. Moss Sonja Mullins Jimmy New Jean Woodall Fred Swinney Jane Woodall Barbara Ray Ernest Pinnell Beverly Samples Frances Sexton Barbara Singleton Emory Power Ann Stowers Ioan Upshaw Carol Webb Harold Priest Annis Westbrook Bobby Singleton Q Q39 ,5 W D f 'N j, 1-If QW . ff E A ,, " axial 9 1 0, , 1 I Mgwi , 4 r i My fam 'se11ssvfezl- , 5 L, .Q - - 2 'W X mmwah, Mme .,A.. , . sawn ms.- f, may xmffwwg fm B in . X mum ',21.mH September September September September September Sept emb er September September September Sept emb er Sept emb er September September Sept emb er September September September September September October Octob er October October October October Octob er October October October Octob er October October October October October October October October October October October November November November November November November l-1 l-lCDmC!lsPf-ONJ 13 14 16 17 18 19 22 23 24 25 26 30 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 27 29 31 3 4 5 6 7 8 mam alefmfae School starts--Seniors at last! Seniors get acquainted with Mr. Jim Henderson--Government teacher. Seniors decide the lunch period isn't long enough. Chapel--Mr. Goolsby decides it is long enough. Two Seniors paid their class dues in full--"35 Bucks. " Football team elected Captain fMac J, Co-Captain C Hanky! Seniors Rings arrive! John caught by Mrs. Jordan trying to lock her out of typing room. Avondale game seemed unlucky. Could it have been because it was the 13th? Score 32-12. Jim chooses between all A's and Football--Football wins. Seniors decide on caps and gowns--All Blue! Senior Home Ec. class disturbs F, H, A. meeting by dancing in next room. Donut sale. First Government test. Game with Druid Hills. Druid Hills won 20-0. Louie sporting a black-eye! Students called to and from classes with a "Cow bell. " School day at the Dekalb County Fair. Seniors too noisy in English--result, two page theme on "Superstition. " Joan's name changed to "Thomas. " Elected Senior superlatives. Gov't class turns into an "Old woman's bridge party. " Annual Staff meeting. Seniors have "an ice cream party and a movie" in Gov't class. lst Sr. privilege! --leave campus for lunch. lst off game--Buford--We won 13-2. Seniors "sang a little song, " Happy Birthday, Richard. Some Annual pictures taken. Jr. boys have pictures made with bow ties-- without the consent of the Seniors. Seniors take advantage of their lst privilege--had a picnic down at the park. Home Coming game with Lithonia--We won 33-7. Srs. present Mrs. Conlee with her class ring. Happy Birthday, Louie! Happy Birthdayl, Wild Billy. Foot's Lost his shoe- -Found by Mrs. Conlee. Seniors measure for caps and gowns. Happy Birthday, Jackie! Senior boys enjoy F, F. A, iniation--that is, except Richard. Afternoon game with Lawrenceville--there. We won 25-7. Happy Birthday, David! Ben returns to school. Seniors discuss taking a trip to Rutledge. Charles and Betty Jean skipped school. Excused tho. Peggy and Ben have an ice cream battle, Mr. Henderson makes Ben clean it up. Game with Clarkston there, they won 27 -7. f Thomas threatens to tell Miss Jones on Julia Ann and Peggy. Seniors get Mrs. Conlee confused--where are the seniors supposed to be? Chapel Game with Stone Mountain--here--we won 53-14. Seniors decide definitely to go to Washington. Charles makes prep honor roll for his 3 touchdowns in the Stone Mt. game. Seniors enjoyed staying in at recess for Mr. Henderson. Happy Birthday, Johnny. Exams Start. Oh! Exams continued. Game with Milton here--We ALMOST gOt them. Score 13-12 School dismissed at 11:O'clock for G. E, A, meeting. Seniors and Juniors make final plans to go to Rutledge. Srs. present Mrs. Shaefer with 'a class pin. Presidential elections over. Happy Birthday, Lawrence. Game with Jefferson--there- -tied 12- 12. Football players come in at 11 A, M, Report cards go out. Rutledge, here we come! November November November November November November November November November November November November November November December December December December December December December December December Decemb er December December December December January January January January January January January January January January January January January January February February February February 10 11 12 14 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 26 27 -30 1 3 5 8 9 10 11 13 15 16 17 18 19 Mrs. Conlee sporting a new Buick. Srs. and Jrs. seem awfully sleepy--wonder why? Seniors select their invitations. Sr. Home Ec. Girls and Miss Jones went on a field trip and had to buy gas on their looks. Mr. Henderson: Julia Ann E. where do you live? Julia A. , "Around. " Last football game--Conyers. We won 12-6. Basketball practice starts. Mss. Conlee gives the annual staff a pep talk. Julia Ann E. recieves a letter from school--result of the 14th. First shipment goes off to press. Seniors enjoyed staying in at recess for Mr. Henderson. Happy Birthday, Paul! Chapel. Senior girls kept after chapel--wonder what they've done now! First basketball game--Lawrenceville--here. Girls won--boys lost. Football cheerleaders sponsored a dance for the football players and dates. Mr. Goolsby looking for Mac, Hank and Brumbley 5th period. Wonder where these BUSINESS minded Seniors were? Never a dull moment in the Sr. typing class--John' accused of playing a Harp, Game with Avondale- -there- -boys and girls lost. Mrs. Jordan glad she won't have 4th period typing again until Monday. Thanksgiving Holidays. Peggy late to school. Was it because of an accident? Game with Druid Hills there. Boys and girls lost. Girls basketball team gets lecture on "sportsmanship. " Wonder why? Friday at last! Game with Southwest. Girls won, boys lost. Beta Club has Christmas party. I Seniors told too many were skipping school. "You naughty seniors. " Game with West Fulton--here. Girls won. Boys lost. Seniors start on Shakespeare--Oh! What naughty senior locked Mrs. Jordan out of typing class. Again? - Seniors start reading Macbeth--Oh! Oh! Game with Jasper--Girls and boys lost. Happy Birthday, John. Seniors off to see Santa for Mrs. Conlee. 1 Game with Chamblee--here. Girls won, boys lost. Happy Birthday, Virginia. Seniors have Christmas party in the Library--Everything was real pretty. Woody offered ride to school at 3 P, M, by Mr. Goolsby. Christmas party in the gym for all high school. Absent--a few seniors. 20-January 5 Christmas Holidays. December 27--Happy Birthday, Betty Jean. 5 6 8 9 13 15 20 21 23 24 27 28 29 30 2 3 48n5 6 Holidays end, school begins anew--we hope! Happy Birthday, Opal. Game with Stone Mountain--here. Girls and boys won. Ben finally makes Mrs. Jordan laugh at him in Bookkeeping. Srs. have test on Macbeth. Game with Clarkston--here. Girls won, boys lost. Game with Druid Hills--here. Girls won, boys lost. What senior in government class threw a book at Mrs. Jordan's typing door. Exams start! Inauguration--students go home at 11 to watch it on T, V, Game with Lithonia--here. Girls and boys won. Happy Birthday, Macky. No exams today! Seniors can rest. Last exams--until next quarter. Game with Clarkston--there. Girls and boys lost. Game with Decatur--there. Girls won-boys lost. Gov't class takes notes of movie in the dark! Happy Birthday, Edwin. Seniors go to Capitol--show afterwards. Charles decides to come back to school. Srs. take notes in fthej dark again! Game with Southwest. Girls won, boys lost. Report cards go out. Mr. Goolsby follows green chevy to Decatur. What about it, Foots? 12:01 Tuesday morning, Mac, Brumbley, Hank, Woody, Louie, after rough night of Annual work, thoroughly cleaned Sr. office. Fire alarm sounds at 12:04. Mad rush to complete the last pages of the annual. HOURGLASS GOES TO PRESS! E Z E I' , ,Efi'.3Zi2:v4Rfs3,1ZZ56'4Y+wE L' 4:!i V f - ' - ' ' f"',l - .f,liff'Pi'i5WKff, P: 44i' ' 2,595+ pw Life is a mountain that confronts us all. Some reach the peak of success, But others struggle forever at the foothills of obscurity. Opal Cain wins fame and esteem By coaching Tucker's Basketball Team. Kathy Dempsey, now the wife of an M. D. Has given up the idea of a nurse's degree. Julia Ann Edwards has hit the top: f She's sponsored on TV by soda pop. Harriette Green is now keeping house For her handsome and devoted spouse. Gail Hanson, after all these years, Is now head manager down at Sears. Peggy Kilpatrick can now be seen Keeping books for her husband, Gene. Elizabeth Miller has made us all proud: As a Hill-billy singer she draws the crowd. Julia Ann Orr is no longer shy: She's now secretary to a good-looking guy. Virginia Morgan, so small and sweet, ls still as nice a girl as you'll ever meet. Betty Jean Park, with her charming smile, Designs dresses that are really in style. Joan Ray's beauty has won her fame, And Jimmy Aldrich has changed her name. Jackie Wellborn is a grand little nurseg They carry her patients away in a hearse. Edward Ashworth, or Leo the Bold, Has perfected a cure for the common cold, Carlton Blankenship can now be seen Starring in the picture "With Hair of Green. " Richard Cofer has millions in gold And resides in Cuba away from the cold. If you're wanting a Ford, be sure and stop At Larry Corn's Ford Specialties' Shop. Louie Davis plays Santa in a Dept. storeg The children all love his merry roar. Johnny Stanford has finally settled down: He decided that Tucker's the nicest town. John Dunn Has advanced so rapidly That he's now manager of A 84 P. Vernon Duvall leads a mechanic's life. With Barbara Swann his bookkeeping wife. Edwin Hopkins said accounting would boreg He now reads lines to Dorothy L'amour, Brumbley Humphries, our president, To the White House has been sent. Charles Lanford's a dean of knowledge, His classes run late, even in college. James Lougher's harmonica really singsg He's even played for princes and kings. Jerry Reynolds is now a football star: His looks and skill have taken him far. Paul Thomas cares not how money is spent He counts it all day at the U, S, Mint. Who keeps books for Thomas 8a Son, Why its our very own Lawrence Singleton. With a panel Program on the TV screen: David Stanford can now be seen. Jerry Stonecypher's business has grown: He's money galore that he'd like to loan. Everett Summerlin's now a top salesman, Who travels 'round all over the land. Norris Turner makes records for RCA. We predict he'll be in pictures someday. Macky Waters with his versatility Has won the position of a television M, C. Billy Webb's an electrician that's great, Why he's even the best in the 48. Jerry Woodall has toured the world: But still hasn't found the right girl. Who designed the Cadillac of 1963? It was none other than Ben Kelley Barbara Swann is a bookkeeper nowg She's glad Mrs. Jordan taught her how. 5 if 1 i Q E if fi 3 1 5 i 5 w k ' V FSWiE?aBr,W:24!fF7'Ei,Jai"-H' i 4 L23?Sf3Umi :L 'S Aff: '-1f?d,Sx:f15w-ifl.E,-e.IL',-Aimflfi if 'N 4 7066! Georgia, DeKalb County. We, the Senior Class of said State and County, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, being fully aware of the uncertainties of being together as a Senior Class, do hereby publish and declare this our last will and testament. SECTION ONE: Article I. To MR, GOOLSBY, a bunch of Seniors who have time to attend classes. To MR. STROZIER, a biology class that doesn't squirm at the thought of carving up a frog. To MRS. HUTCHENS, a Senior class that knows when they can or can't visit the library. To MR. BROOKS, the inevitable thrill of a, clean, hard fight, whether the game is lost or won. To MR. JIM HENDERSON, a Senior government class who keep their discussions within the realm of government. To MRS, SHAEFER, the fond memory of a Junior class who caused a lot of turmoil, but loved her dearly. To MR. WALTER HENDERSON, an agriculture class that will produce at least two or three successful farmers. To MISS JONES, a class of Senior girls who can sew a fine seam and enjoy doing it. To MRS. JORDAN, a fourth period typing class who had rather type than talk. To MISS BUSBEE, fond memories of her Senior basketball players and her Beta Club mem- bers. To MRS. CONLEE, our fond appreciation for all your eager help and anxious thoughtsg We'll love you always. Article II. To THE JUNIORS, our delightful knack for escaping classes, and the fun that we had when we did attend, the enlightenment and enjoyment that came from a discussion in governmentg and all the good things that go with being a Senior. Article III. To THE SOPHOMORES, the grand realization that school can be fung just grin and bear it. Article IV. To THE FRESHMEN, all the good times that high school can give you, and little knowledge on the side. SECTION TWO: I, Opal Cain, do hereby will by basketball abilities I0 Myrtle BIOWHIGS. I, Kathy Dempsey, do hereby will my capable nature to Joyce Goza. It'll take you a long way toward success. I, Julia Ann Edwards, do hereby will my jovial nature to Elizabeth Graves, life is a lot of fun, you know. I Harriette Green, do hereby will my ability to argue about anything to Shirley Britt: may you enjoy it as much as I have. I, Gail Hanson, do hereby will my college boy friends to Mary E. Brooksg keep them guessing. I, Peggy Kilpatrick, do hereby will my ability to get a man and a ring to Peggy Martin. I Liz Miller, do hereby will my tactics of catching a boy friend to Jane Cowng I hope you do better than I have done. I Betty Jean Park, do regretfully will all the fun of being a Senior to Barbara Talton: a Senior year is a very short time. I, Joan Ray, do will the fun of a Homec' class to Peggy Dunnagang hen parties are fun. I Jackie Wellborn, do hereby will my casual acceptance of boys and dates to Janice Young: keep a string of them, Janice. I Edward Ashworth, do hereby will my nickname, Leo the Bold to Lawrence Crawfordg courage is a good quality. I, Carlton Blankenship, do hereby will my carrot-top curls to Alan Campbellg the girls like it. I, Richard Cofer, do hereby will my ability to be late to any class to Danny Britt: it's a lot of fun, if you can get by with it. I. Larry Corn, do hereby will my honorable position of Shop Manager to Jimmy Craft: it's good experience for an ambitious young fellow like you. Louie Davis, do hereby will my pleasure in a good joke to Tommy Sullivang it's a lot more fun if you just laugh out loud. John Dunn, do hereby will the privilege of being blamed for all the bad things Seniors do to Gene Bailey: Well, Gene, they've got to blame somebody. Vernon Duvall, do hereby will all my ability to do bookkeeping to Junior Cash: may you use it better than I did. Edwin Hopkins, do hereby will all my 9th grade sweethearts to Ralph Wells: you'll have a lot of fun and a lot of trouble. Brumbley Humphries, do hereby will my enjoyment of government discussions to Charles Stowers: Discussions take up time, Charles. Charles Lanford, do hereby will my horned rim glasses to Willard Barrettg they lend an air of dignity. James Lougher, do hereby will my ability to handle girls to Lawrence Crawfordg it's a useful art. Jerry Reynolds, do hereby will my ability to play football to Ralph Magnes: keep the trophies coming in. Paul Thomas, do hereby will my stately height to Alan Melton, reasons being evident. Ben Kelley, do hereby will my grand physique to Glenn Fortner, as it was willed to me. David Stanford, do hereby will my expert ability to fail Physical Ed. to Jimmy Nash. Lawrence Singleton, do hereby will my private hall register to Jimmy Sexton. Jerry Stonecypher, do hereby will my innocent look to Ray Padeng You're innocent till you're proven guilty. Everett Summerlin, do hereby will my nickname "Foots" to Jimmy Morris. Norris Turner, do hereby will the fun of being "Always Late" to Eddie Redd. Macky Waters, do hereby will my position as Senior Class Treasurer to Larry Honea: rake in the dough Larry. Billy Webb, do choose from all my possessions to will to Jimmy Craft, my knowledge of electricity. Jerry Woodall, do regretfully will my hobby of teasing the girls to Jimmy Britt. Barbara Swann, do discreetly will my diplomatic technique of getting along with teachers to Billie Jane Dillard: teachers are humans too. Johnny Stanford, do regretfully will all the pleasures of being a Senior to Howard McClung. Virginia Morgan, do hereby will my diplomatic silence to Mary Lee Paden: "Si1ence is Golden. " Julia Ann Orr, do hereby will my shorthand abilities to Flora Donald, Flora make all A's, as I have. Isn't it strange that princes and kings And clowns that caper in sawdust rings And ordinary folk like you and me Are builders of eternity? To each is given a bag of tools, An HOURGLASS and a book of rules And each must build, ere his time has flown, A stumbling block or a stepping stone. ' Anonymous HT QSEQZEQ3 fjilzefx .4175 fi I , - . -in if 4 ., C K KN J V " 'Fm Ax ' bw Q, I Ir pod, -I Uv' K xii?-5 -J j -:-. -, 9 ,-..., ....:,1.,.,1..-,..,.,..1...,:.,.,,,,..,.,.,-. - .. 9 .,1..1.- by, 22 ,gg fx 7 55555 ,ff - gfQ,, N, Ye 'ki l Q5 A "' ' " ' "" "" " J "'4 . , D ffEfykf fa , L - .- ,-. Q - ,- ,- ,,- ...r xv K igwff , ,,f, .. ,S may 3 W , ..u. 5 F iff Q3 ggi M. 13 ig QL la 0 iw ,sew 4: W 5 L.., 24 -3, iim ' at 2? X551 .1 ,ff JE' ma xg ,Q Coach D. D. BROOKS Asst. Coach JIM HENDERSON Avondale Druid Hills Buford Lithonia Lawrenceville M5465 They We 32 12 Clarkston 20 O Stone Mountain 2 12 Milton '7 33 Jefferson '7 25 Conyers Charles Lanford - All Regiong All State. W They 27 14 13 12 '7 Macky Waters - All Regiong All State Honorable Mention. Jerry Reynolds - All Region: All State Honorable Mention. www-any , - -. ff-fwfiiiwf.-sm,w:mwQaw:w.fL-E G w'1u,wf:-if,,.w 1-,-.1 f.w, .1 rw...-.1 'af ff My xfqpgmfim, ,, . ,E ,,,1',y,Mgfmyan.f,,N-ymfla, ,4f:Wf,,k,,,, ,,i,,Lf-Q ygmfM,M.if-,,,q,,,,5.vfq. fi-gfgmgxlmwfvfasf':gQM,-f,-fy-www,if ww Top: Dillard, Cofer, Cain, Chamblee, Brownlee, Dishroon. Bottom: Paden, Miller, Young, Donald, Wellborn, Cain, O. IW!! Z Top: Upshaw, Bowen, Coach Brownlee, Barbara Ray, Webb Bottom: Miller, Westbrooks A., Westbrooks N., Martin. PEGGY MARTIN SONIA MULLINS LORETTA TAYLOR HARRIETTE GREEN LINDA MORGAN BETTY JEAN PARK Lawrenceville Avondale Druid Hills Southwest DeKalb West Fulton Avondale Jasper Chamblee Decatur Lithonia Stone Mountain Clarkston Druid Hills Stone Mountain Jasper Lithonia Clarkston Decatur Chamblee Southwest DeKalb Lawrenceville GIRLS 26 ---- Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker Tucker BOYS Lawrenceville Avondale Druid Hills Southwest DeKalb West Fulton Avondale Jasper Chamblee Decatur Lithonia Stone Mountain Clarkston Druid Hills Stone Mountain Jasner Lithonia Clarkston Decatur Chamblee Southwest DeKalb Lawrenceville JIMMY BRITT JIMMY CRAFT 'SAMMY DRISKELL Outfield - 2 Yrs. Infield - 3 Yrs. Infield - 2 Yrs. Y Qmiimfzwzxmvm QW 43M .fri ggwwjufh iw? Y We 0 4 Ly-f -f ? f 25 9 .iw5W-M-Mm,MgfmM,Wk. awww, r ,, -W Muff! .,..., H1 ,.v,...wmnsip,. ,W ,Wx L f- --f -'--'-- - - fb U ..,, gggg y mm , 4 in fy pq, 0 if K X ig X T ' W Q2 s sw M - 7' B"-' -ww' MQSQSETQDWfilmYuri?1?E,xfVf5,j'--W5k'?5!2.6i?H -'IZ',QREQSPBSXEQEWVEQSFQ54'i'f'NE-ffiiiii- 352 ' SiE5!THSS5W?k5?A?Efr?BW59 V V5 Dr. Williams G. P. McWilliams Theron A. Chewning Philip Whelchel Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blair Mr. and Mrs. T, S, Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Cadle P.F.C. Bill Wilson Olive and Jerry Brown I. A. Melton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Zeke Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Park C.L. Brownlee C.B. Humphries A. L. Crawford Sr. Fred M. Garrett W. A. Plummer Ivey A. Douglas Cozy Anderson Mac and Barbara Jim Flanagan Melinda Steele Mr. Strozier Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Henderson Barbara and Vernon James Henderson Eula Jean Keith Mrs. Hattie Pryor Mr. and Mrs. T.D. Kilpatrick Nan and Jack Brownlee Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Wellborn Jerry Reynolds Jimmy Davis Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Ray C. M. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Green Ben Tanner Lt. John R. Frazier P.F.C. William O. Taylor Esther Johnson A Friend Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Edwards Cash W, Shaw Mrs. J.G. Stanford Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Moon Mr. and Mrs. Howard England Larry Hannah Mr. and Mrs. H.V. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Davis Mrs. D.D. Aiken Mr. Todd Harold and Frances Lanford Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Gresham Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Philips Cecil and Curtis Johnson Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs H. G. White G.D. Knight S.V. McGee W. E. Lougher Compliments of a Friend Dr. ' Holbrook Jane Busbee Compliments of a '52 Senior Mr. and Mrs. Mr . and Mrs Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs George Thomas Wiley Frazier L. W. Smith Bill Dryman C. A. Randolph Jack Hudson Skipper Rainey Nancey, Jeffery and Kent Ashworth Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Coffman A Friend Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Fountain Mike, Jerry and Carol Adams Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Brown The Band Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Palmer Frank and June Couch Mr. and Mrs. Morris Webb Friend of the School Gene and Peggy Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Waters Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Reynolds Jeannie England Bill Hicks Calista Creel Annie and Vera Goza Lilly M. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Honea Ben and Robin Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Dempsey Charles and Betty Jean Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Thomas Doris and Dave James D. Vining Bill Wages and Carol Mr. and Mrs. D.D. Brooks and Family Frank Wilder A. E. Kuppinger Charles Stowers Tommy Sullivan Tom Cown Larry Hannah Glenn Fortner Dennis Mahaffey Leneal Fortner Horace Britt Q 1 G! 57'-Egu-1-U53 ,, Q fpa fiZ2ff JZ U X Aujiru A 1 ' .1...... .. Lfy 'Q' Crosley I H1561-Ifriddl 0 H ' fi-wr? Appli anc e s IE Q f Shelvador Refrigerator - Ranges - Home Freezers Dishwasher - Kitchen Cabinets - Water Heaters When in 17 Inch to 30 Inch Televisions No Finer Performance - No .Greater Beauty" Maytag Washer - Up Right Freezer Locker "The Choice for Three Generations." Pittsburg Paints 8: Glass We Rent Floor Sanders - Floor Polishers Extension Ladders - Power Lawn Mowers. Need of Hardware, Variety, or Hard to Get Items See Us. 2,94 6492 HARDWARE CO. 65725 021425642 mg' C O. Your Friendly Ford Dealer Expert Body and Paint Work Clean Used Cars CLYDE WATERS, co-owner .41 Memorial Drive Stone Mountain, Georgia Wm ky. .. T0 GREATER VALUES 6,402 ogfakffw Three Stores in Dekalb County Tucker - Lithonia - Chamblee BA fvfg Q! TUCK67? LET us HELP mmm JWMMWWUI WU Wm" .mm E A Q ,,' Banking Hours: 9 - Z Daily Wedne d A sso D E A I. E R 49 QQWZZ? 452272 A SERVICE WHEN You NEED IT A Tucker, Georgia Phone 3-7013 First -sand Most Dependable QZLGZWZ Qgzdei gifs Complete Floral Service We Wire and Deliver Flowers Telephone 3-6611 - Night 3-62,16 MRS. CATHERINE CUDD, Owner and Manager Wa5A aferi a YQ W1 jx ff -11-..-.,-..-..-..-.1,,111:11: 2 :1:1. I I N 1Q N , Of ,M 1, A 'Q' Compliments No Blue Washdays Get Your Washing Done at COMMUNITY CZ EANERS j Qufsmczfb ZMHA 70662 beauty shop Tucker, Georgia Telephone 3-7313 Phone 3-6600 ZMAMZ Z5 656472 Retail Stores 307 Church St, Decatur, Georgia 657 E. Lake Dr, Sold Throughout Dekalb County 531 7 775m Electronics and Appliances Sales and Service Radio - TV - Service CL, 3-7805 Tuckerg Georgia GUDD viunnma X Wm! S A Call OQMMQQZZ Plumbing Contracting and - Repairs 4900 - Henderson Road Phone CL. 3-7065 Tucker, Georgia se Rvucef f sfx.fX.J 1 GSL Q 6 IS OUR f Z HRST THouGHT ' MQZZAOEZMX 233 Trinity Place Decatur, Georgia Phone DE. 4481 N .cl .2 ' 1 3 , ' ' ' ii' 0 ,5c31?'1?i?'?rLg. z23?i. , A:bqA' n n A EPENDABLE Dkuselsnr 7244402128 onus STORE Best in Everything" Prescriptions - Drugs - Sundries Tucker Hi's Hangout Call CL. 3-6112 Tucker, Georgia 59242242 M62 . flformerly Community Gas Company, Dixi-Glo - Propane Gas For Cooking, Heating, Refrigeration, and Water Heating. 4870 Lawerenceville Rd, Tucker, Georgia CL, 3-7121 6426 Manufacturing and Distributing Corp. Manufactures Dinette and Restaurant Tables and TOPS Tucker, Georgia Contact Us 6 Wing? KQM4 Pu-vmmacv REALTY CO. cr. 3-6076 Tucker, Georgia For Services Relating to Real Estate, Insurance, 5:3151 Renting, or Investments. fi., Members of the National Q-1-gf W Assn. of Real Estate Board ,7 National Institute of Real 55552 1 'f F7 ' Estate Brokers 25:55 la' - I 6 C R- 2 6 0 6 fQfQfQff':"..,.:1QfQ5Qi2?5iE5" 15252522555555525555225555555555252SE55553525555525252555ii5525iiE5355551fZ5ZQ2gQ:l-1,Zagg5:51g:g1gZgZgQgEiEQiQi2i1: C R . 2 6 o 7 .:-:r35E315f'f'f.,. ' 5 5 1, .jf""'f'j.,gQf 'Ziff:IQ:QEQEfEfEQ5fEfEfEfEQ:ff:':' Decatur, Georgia - - wil - Fire and Automobile Insurance I Tucker, Georgia h 31 Years of Continuous Insurance h Q4.A" 1 Service in and Around Tucker ""i" H' Z re money G., YOU ' Rand shoes . Polly - Debs Qaaaaaaa aaa V Ev. 1411 117 Clairmont Avenue Decatur, Georgia gvfgcjjg in get 71441164 12.5 ,COFFEE 2 Wendi TUCMER R MEX 4, 052305 0610772 rQAv's GARAGE KATHER'i13?:gg'1i'EELE Exeellent Repairs Tucker, Georgia Tucker, Georgia yzzcfee Ogszcffi S6 "Quality Poultry" Wholesale Only We Buy Hens ROGER JOINER, Owner CL. 3-6966 Tucker, Georgia Lennox Certified Warm Air Heating System l FJ? 67,165 7 ME 744 WORKS Installation of - Gas, Oil, or Coal Furnaces P.O. Box 192 CL. 3-7312. Tucker, Georgia Compliments and Best Wishes to Class of '53 Qzafkftaf Md'?aZ?2 gm. 243 West Ponce De Leon Ave. Decatur Georgia CR. 6414 5 UQAMA6' WMQW Real Estate -Insur ance-Loan 534 N. McDonough St., Decatur, Georgia Gener al Contr actor 108 Rutland Bldg. Decatur, Georgia CR. 176.1 CR. 4486 "Furniture As You Like It" J 'A l I I4 S CYCLE at MOWER Co. CR. 8888 - 360 Church sf. 408 Church Sf- DE- 1761 Decatur, Georgia Decatur, Georgia Manufactu rers of Custom Furniture fgfaz kgglehzg, 41. Recovering-Repairing-Restyling Atlanta, Georgia 1 Lavista Rd. CH. 4249 l DECATUR Coon LUCK E 3 V E 5'Ff01D To All. , Locksmith Keys Duplicated MAC Decatur, Georgia Sz W DE. 1761 HANK "1 Qzfmfffk Mgf ffzmfs BARBER Sl-IOP Ev SONS INC. C. D. BROOKS i-..- N. W. ABBEY """' R. C. MELTON A. B. WHELLER Decatur, Georgia C omplirnent s of 03674202 ag. some Decatur, Georgia 952.91644 TOM ENGLISH, Owner Sales - Rentals General Insurance 2139 College Ave. CR. 6487 Atlanta, Georgia C ompliment s of MLZWZQWX BARBER sn-nor: M.M. ARMISTEAD - Owner We Appreciate Your Service Decatur, Georgia Qewzbzfzhgfif GARAGE Phone 3-7991 Tucker, Georgia Everything for the Car Appliance, Tools ywesferll Paint, Sporting AUQO Goods, Out- Associate Board Motors s'o'e Home Owned By GEORGE KELLY CL. 3-6185 3533 Main St. Tucker, Georgia QAM -6 an Q1 FEDERAL SAVINGS C- n.oAN Assocvmou 121 E. Ponce De Leon Ave. DeCat111', Georgia Compliments of Var-Zee MATTRESS CC. Tucker, Georgia Gulfex Lubrication Road Service eww- SEPVICE STATION Tire and Battery Washing Polishing Simonizing CH. 6544 3145 Peachtree Road N.E. Atlanta, Georgia WZZQW4 GOOD STORE ' 'Quality Foods ' ' Main Street Tucker, Georgia ll? - H fli- ae! TEE!!! Amwwxw6aMMe? mmwmwcu Professional Bondsmen 113 Herring St. Decatur, Georgia Day Cr. 5285 Night Ev. 3000-De. 9920 a2QQnZQQZ? scuoot Bl-N-GW E L L 087465 Atlanta's Most Modern Cr. 3463 Pre-School Cr. 3463 1196 S. Oxford Road N. E. 1196 S. Oxford Road N. El. Atlanta, Georgia 1 Atlanta, Georgia again? seavuce swmow N. Decatur and S. Oxford Road Ev. 5481 Atlanta, Georgia 42443 Diem su or: 121 East Court Square 6 Decatur, Georgia De. 1967 "Let Your Beauty Problem Be Our Problem" Save Save DEPENDABLE I ea, WW SERVICE gi f Q Buy your winter FEV fuel at 2 ova? snocs Y Tucker , Georgia TUCKER COAL CO. Coal Fuel Oil - Kerosene Cl 3-6464 - Tucker, Georgia Chrysler - Plymouth Sales Service Qefczw Wag? 6 2 'J YL' d Ponce De Leon Place at Atlanta Ave. X!! CR. 3816-17 Decatur, Georgia fi ji g.-1f1 L 246701 FLOWER S I-IOP "Say it With Flowers" DE. 3309 301 Church St. Decatur, Georgia :bn Qavugan SERVICE STATION 203 W. Ponce De Leon Ave. DE. 9231 Decatur, Georgia Compliments of eww SEED STORE Where Your Patronage Is W 74?fs3.,, "Groceries and Fresh Meats" Appreciated DE. 3737 ' CL. 3-7027 302 E. Howard Ave. Decatur, Georgia Tucker, Georgia IJOPIPIS' 56? WC? 5Z4770N O Z ,? J' UQ 6 Tires- Batteries ' co"PAn.0f'?' L b ' ll' ' Qrfiijgln BARBER SHOP 5405 Lawrenceville Rd . Tucker, Georgia CL, 3-7029 Tucker, Georgia amaze! new semvnce sTATnoN fn Aw x s'f47f0fv ROBERT ARMSTEAD f F Washing Expert Tire Changer ' , DLubriC??On Tires-Batteries-Accessories 'Fai as ayton ues Pittsburg, Georgia I i Tucker, Georgia daily? am! gm? 2? "Specialist in Sports" Wilson - Mac Gregor - Goldsmith - Sport-Bilt Shoes Spalding Sportswear for Hunting - Fishing - Golf - Tennis - Archery Fishing Inforrnation - Expert Racket Re -Stringing Phone WA. 8757 Broad and Walton If Its New in Young Men's Compliments of APP-arel - You'll Find It at I A nn", v . Qs I 'In the Heart of Decatur" ' z, 526 N. McDonough st. '3 - Ns I " U 4 Decatur, Georgia 7 M., "R Big Car Quality at Lowest Cost i DOUG MCCURDY Q W6 f 6070 2 25 Years of Dependable Service Telephone from Tucker ...J .- IL... Stone Mountain, Ga. CL. 3-6833 Tele. 3211 4 I N ,KK li' Z 1 f Nutritious Dairy 's 5-4,- - e"' - ." - w Q.. Q . at ...... ,gn - -M at 7 ' xc --lu.-.. K' ' Products 2" R 5. . . wma 66:45 fGrade AQ Clarified - Pasteurized- Homogenized Milk from Accredited Herd State and City Inspected Daily Delivery Glass and Paper Bottles Tele. CL. 7445 and 3-7074 iM:-iiling Address - Tucker, Georgia MFG. CO. 4008 Lavista Road - Tucker, Georgia Phone Clarkston 3-7212 Custom Furniture - Sale of Plywood Kitchen Cabinets - Furniture-Frames Mantels and Screen Doors Moldings and Planing' Furniture Repaired and Refinished For After Game Snacks A Wai Lawrenceville Highway and Hugh Howell Road Tucker, Georgia Compliments of Agp , sam? MARKE75 The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. DECATUR ' ' LINCCLN-MERCU RY CO. INC. Sales and Service Complete Auto Service M.L. JONES, Pres. Harold Lanford, Service Mgr. Office: CR. 6451-Z-3 218 Ponce De Leon Ave. Decatur, Georgia P!66,V PORK ahve Specializing in Pit Bar-B-Q, PI'01'1'1Pt and Courteous Service Lawrenceville Highway and Scott Boulevard if QQ . Z, Zizefrfle 1104 5' Doaexffvuff Different, Tasty, Satisfying Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop EL. 7307 449 Ponce De Leon Ave. N.E. TUCKER APPZMNCE 50 Frigidaire Appliance Tucker, Georgia "Television and Appliance Service." RCA., Motorola, Philco Main Street Phone CL. 3-6321 Compliments of HOWARD ENGLAND Compliments of JAMES H. LITTON M.D. C omP Compliments of TUCKER FRUIT STAND "Best Produce in Town." Tucker, Georgia C ompliment s of 2042 5474? 6490456 6. "Manufacturers and Iobbers of Leather Specialties." C .A. PLUMMER , IR. Tucker, Georgia Best Wishes to Senior Class JZKWV Specializing in the Sale of Residential Properties Residence 4580 Tucker - Chamblee Road P.C. Doraville, Georgia Telephone 47-3031 V Music - Music - Music PhSTS5Z351lfRiCiF 222.22 OQHZZIZZMZHZ 670265 Sporting Goods Furniture 8: Appliances 6'4f1f?Af6QufPMfNrm 4ZZ8N5SfSTZf1?Z.e' 111 Sycamore St. Decatur, Georgia Phone CR, 2647 1261 Glennwood Ave. SE. Compliments and Best Compliments of Wishes SCOTT CANDLER CHIEF HOYT SUTTON C0mP1iIT1eHtS Of "To one and All" MR. 8: MRS. C.F. ANDERSON A-ND CQZY BRUMBLEY 8: LaCORN The Annual Staff Wishes to Express Appreciation to N1 R. 7266! for Making All Pictures Except Individual Class Photos. Zum Www TU C K ER fzafazzgokf 5 Electric Appliances, Furniture Tucker, Ga. - Ph. 3-7108 LAJMELTQN - C-RUCE I - Compliments of DR. O.D. DELLINGER, JR. MAX N. ANDREWS Pre-Popped Popcorn for Parties and Special Occasions 2993 Sunnybrook Drive Decatur, Ga. - EV. 3032 290746006 LAWRENCE 8: JENNY JAMES 8: MARY LEE MR. DAVID HARRIS STANFORD MRS. A.O. GRANT MR. AND MRS. O.L. BASKETTE C.D. BRAND JR. MR. 8: MRS. E.A. HOPKINS MR. 8: MRS. A.W. STEVENS ALLEN AND CHARLOTTE MR. AND MRS. BRUCE JORDAN DICK AND CHARLENE SONNY AND JOYCE STONEY AND JULIA ANN ED AND EDITH A FRIEND DORIS STONECYPHER Compliments of 74? - 7:79 SERVICE STATION Gas, Oil, Wash Jobs, Road Service fs ',."z':i?I"3:Q- ffs " M?si1a4SS:.. . ',lk.1.:-',..'1',a'9. Managers, BILL AND BETTY ANN Tucker, Georgia - CL. 3-7013 - if-, STANDARD The Pause That Refreshes DRINK l Bottled Under Authority of the Coca Cola Company By A Tl-XE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Atlanta, Georgia TWO POINT SERVICE STATION Intersection U.S. Z9 and Compliments of Ros er Rd. Tuckej, Georgia .. om Compliments of MRS. PATRICK'S HOMEROOM I Q 5 5 Compliments of MRS. HUTCHENS' HOMEROOM y Wdzwmgg Wm KAWZQKZZQ1 A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS - TEXAS 'T' CW! I L M Nigif' ' 4 -A SEQ. fa ' "'x, 1 'R Q, f e SN QNX . ,N , N1 ff u .l,...h. . , 4 ,F T4 H, A il., -an-'UIQ' .4 1 .,, 5"ff'2Ef ... --4 -1' 'T' .HQ Nxq 1 ,ff-S I ' Yy fu 5577-31. 1 M ' L 'N 1 ,I SQ-s -1-I

Suggestions in the Tucker High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tucker, GA) collection:

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Tucker High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tucker, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 92

1953, pg 92

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