Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1948

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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1948 volume:

1... . 5. S sq.-,.r ' ng.. 5 PT.. ',-V: . lv 1 . - ' .' ,1,gf".,'Q fu 'f f ", irylv T'W"IOl!,.": sg' ' li k Lkvi"sfi4v:Z: r ggi tr , f,' 1 :lg-1 Q1 'A,,:k'?'g1, .,.. I VV ff, 1. ,'- 'rf 5-:.'5'i',3,c, .5 I .Q 'W -, ' U - , - -Wir, . ' g 3 7 :. ,., " 35fL'lf q,jw1-A " "-.L . "fin , 0,9 4 A5 -V412 ' MI "Ll -. -. ff' ' f 9 xg fu. "" fu? 'Ja ' 'l'JLK'f. - 'J P' . fs' .- - In 4 - 3 1 nf' 'MSW' . ,i . . yy , '-my-:'. jg .. h A , . G V X " -' "L Fw -' "ui 'K ig' P-GIXM. ' ' - - ---w-,s f ..,. , . A -1 .,'.'jvQ,, -,-gi. nl i ,F L Jt.B"7'5s ,,.- 4 .1 . ,,,f'..,', 1 , .,: N A l V u U , 1 nh A V . "' 73 '.,f.'. ""Qfl 'f'!w'f,-?.- U ' 7i ,'Q.g - 1 1 Q ' -- ,JI f -' vm . 1'-WLS A 1 . ' , 131' ' .fl ., -4 ff A V .na , M 7- S. -'kiwi , ,' I we I-r' if aff? sr ez if i - 1 fp' V ' 3 'lf Q Y A. 1 -1 JA 1 2 , i' , f Q 2, r -, Q51 ' .0 - K, . WL Ju 117 'fu -"fr ' "MLA "Ak :ff Q :M----W' --' 'f . X ,, X A ' : ' a 'Tr " f , t f ' : I , f 2 . I - fi ' f - i I O ll . -. . 1 13 -ml an -v-Qu 'V f" gl" A ... ...aww -t 11- A. vo il Y - . " vu..-10 -tap ' ,lu If K .,,. fn . n ' , .. QV. - w ' ' "MPM Q 4 B QI, naw. hm W.. ' fp ' " " ' V fab 0 ' Ll '. 'li' fn' n hire?"-nk-'f""-'-'I ww" W- -- A-in U-V --H-1'-l-x gf -- ., .., ,,,,r-,,,,,,.,. 3 1, v 4 5 f.. 0.7 - l , F .4012 .RSM SST? ,Jig If: '1 'I v r- ' 4 lg Tv. 'XJ Qu 7 'lf- --f Y- -. f'-,lf BX LIBRIS 1948 0 0 QQ: vp, O9 'IHQIDS am QTBBB I jj. V. :lk H 0 mamma HIGH Published by the studenr body of TUBMAN HIGH SCHOOL Augusto, Georgia BENITA PHINIZY Editor-in-Chief RUTH HOUSTON Business Manager , - 2' '!ehE:g..,, F .1-""'-h " L.. The Staff of the 1948 MAIDS AND A MAN gratefully aledicafes this Volume To 'iimilg Haruir Eluhman A native of Frankfort, Kentucky, Emily l-larvie Thomas came to Augusta in l8l8. Here she met and married Richard Tubman, a young Englishman who was in this country ex- porting indigo and tobacco. Soon after their marriage, Mr. Tubman died. Showing remarkable business ability, Mrs. Tubman managed several large plantations and encouraged manufacturing in the South, Before the Civil War, she freed her slaves and chartered a boat to send them back to Africa. During the latter years of the Civil War to alleviate the suf- fering ofthe Confederate wounded, she imported from France the first ice machine to reach America. Mrs. Tubman was a member of the First Christian Church which she founded and built. She was a leader in religious thought. She provided the means for young men to study for the ministry, supported missionaries in many parts of the world, endowed chairs in several colleges, and contributed to all civic affairs. In l874, Emily I-l. Tubman presented to the Board of Education a building on Reynolds Street for the purpose of establishing a high school for the girls of Augusta. - ' f f' bf ffz L f Q7n11.v L flrmo ummm XAIITW VX, 17.95 f fun' .7. XMV1 L fff if . ,ff I 2,2 LAI-.IAR WOODWARD Principal AB. SIL-rcs'-1' L'nix'e1'sity. Macon. Gu. l.S. Ecltzcatinn. lfnivcrsity uf Gcvwrqiu A. DOROTHY HAINS Assistant Principal AB. Elizabeth Collat- Charlotte. North Carulinzi J FN ff" q+2, ...funn-vntfs-'f 51?r.I4l '!-':.?,. .5 :KM,Ei ' i rl 'N DUB FIILULI I GERTRUDE COMEY B.L. Smith College. Northampton, Massachusetts M.A. Columbia University, New York City. MARCIA CLARK Diploma Rochester School of Technology, Roches- ter, New York. ANN BRADDY B.A. Converse College, Spartanburg, South Car- olina. M.A. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Graduate Work University of London 1938-39 ELEANOR BOATWRIGHT B.A. Teachers' College, Columbia University, New York. M.A. Duke University, Durham, North Car- olina. 1 wr:-N - 5 LORA PEARCE Ph.B. University of Chicago. Chicago. Ill. M.Ed Duke Univer sity. Durham, North Carolina. DOROTHY HALBERT B.Mus. College of Fine Arts. Syracuse University Syracuse. New York. EDITH NACHMAN Ph.B. University cf Chicago. Chicago. Ill. B A. Ccnvers MARY GlLLiLAND e Co!lc'c. Spartanburg, South Car- olina. M.A. Col.i".'bi:1 University. New York City ' WS-'nf I l . ., ,.. X I nlX xl. 12.2 RUTH KICAULIFFE B..-X. Agncs Scott 'Collt-gc. DL-cfatur. Gcoi'g1a. KLA. Ul'l1N'L'l'Slly it X-il: Crirolinn. Chapel Hill. Naval Rc-SL-i'vtA Midshipmzm School. Noi'tliLlnip1..n. Mass, GRACE STRAUSS B,A. Unix'c'i'sity of Gk'LWl'glll. Atht-ns BIA. Columbia L'ri1vui'sity. NL-vs York City. MARIE HULBERT BS. University uf GL-orgiz. Athtns. BLA. Dukc LvI'llX'L'l'Sllj'. Durhur'i, North Carolina. Naxml Rf-sL'i'v-J Kfiffsliipwg-ii bchool. Nwthzimptti n. Mass ARIABEL LANSDELL B.,-K. Bessit- Tift Collcg.f. Forsyth. Lfu, FLORA C. THOMPSON B.A. G.S.C.W, Milleclgf-ville. Gcforcia. M,A. Columbia L'nivcrsity. Now York City. BIILDRED VON KAMP B.A. Bowling Grecn College- of Com' murcg, Bowling Grucn, Ky. R 'P 2 t N I L ': - 'Ui BELLE WALKER B.A. Agnes Scott College, Decatur Georgia, MABEL BYRD Ph.B. Denison University, Granville Ohio. SARA FULLBRIGHT B.A, Agncs Scott Collcge, Decatur Georgia. M.A. Emory University Georgia. MARGARET WHITE BS. Homo Ec. G.S.C.W., Mxlledgeville Gr-.ii'gizt. BEULAH FENDER BA. Univcrsity of Georgia. Athens Gcorgia. BERTHA CARSWELL BA. Shortcr College. Rome. Georgia ....-1' fx 3 L. af nf. ft X u -uv., S' VL 'Q A A" SARAH NORRIS A.B.J. University Of Georgia, Athens. MARY JONES B.A. Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina. EUGENIA THOMPSON B.S. Georgia State College for Women, Milledgeville, Georgia. .IAQUELIN MARSHALL B.A. Shorter College, Rome, Georgia. M.A. Baylor University, Waco, Texas. MARY MEYER B.S. College of St. Elizabeth, Convent Station, N. J. DOROTHY MOORE B.S. G.S.C.W., Milledgeville, Georgia. 'px av X .ff iw Q- ,f 1"' Ar.. y V Lg 3 ui: NY izlzii W 5. F'!jx .X R1-4' Qi -YL ov' V DERRY GARRETT Diploma Martin's Business College, Augusta, Georgia. RUBY HORTON B.A. G.S.C.W.. Milledgcville, Georgia EVELYN MCNAIR B.E. Ed. G.S.C.W.. Milleclgcvillc, Ga B.A. Library Science, Emory Universi- ty. Georgia. ROBBIE PARKS B.A. Winthrop College. Rock Hill, S, C RUBY TURNER University of Georgia. Athens. Georgia EMMA WILKINSON B.A. Oglethorpe University. Georgia 1 ,. ,af- ,5- ii WINNIE OVERSTREET BS. G.S.C.W., Milledgeville. Georgia LAURA AKERMAN B.S, Coker College, Hartsville, S. C BARBARA CLARK B.S. Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn MARY MURPHY 1? "Ir ,L X 4 L W , .L .XZ 51-1 13-1-.4. MARGARET WOOD BAAA George PQabUdy Cullvgv, Nirshvlllu. TL-nnc kL SU ZANNE WADE BA. Univmsltjc of GL'1'll4glll. Athens. GCUVEIQI. RUTH ROBINSON B.A. Bessie Tift College. Forsyth. Georgia. RUTH KIMBROUGH B.Mus. Converse College. Spartanburg. S. C. Pianist BA. Newberry College. Newberry, S. C VALLUSIA ANCHORS B.A. Mc-rcc-r University. Macon. Ga. HELEN FOSHEE Guorgia Slzxtc Collcgc for VVOmv.-n, Mil lvclgr-ville. Georgia. i 25- X"'i ji x,' 1 Y., L. 'W' 3 fat at -due-B1 if Q'- A 1 e mg, iff X lr - P .se wk Z PL, SENIOR SPONSOR VALLUSIA ANCHORS .4-.4-n' ,.,,v,.. l.J.T!': 'x:"'T ,ki if 1-he . QM ,xr SEIHDBS SENIOR OFFICERS OTWELL SHERMAN CHANDLER AYERS SAMUELS , President Vice-Presideni Secretary ,, Treasurer Point Manager 'ir ix. fr ANGADELL ADAMS MYRTIS AGNER JANE ALLEN JEANNETTE ANDERSON MARY ARNETT MILDRED ASHE ,, l 'V-.4 Q11 LUCILE AYERS AUDREY BAILEY CAROLINE BARRETT DORIS BEELAND EDITH BERRY BETTY BIBB fu-f' 3 QQLQ, A ix.. .fu wr.. ' , Q V-A-'Q . .4 1. 7 Q1 -nl--' J- ' 4. .I v nv.,.., , ' I I 1 A -f.. ' W, E' S iv i' BETTY BURCH ANN BYRD IQ at JESSIE MAE BURCKHALTER BETTY JANE CARLTON ' -aff' T 35111033 SHIRLEY BIVENS BETTY BLANKENSHIP BARBARA BONNETTE BETTY BROWN fb 48 fin.. 9 ANN CARTER BURDELL ANN BUTLER PAULINE CARTER BETTY E. CHANDLER se? . A QL? 45 3 BETTY M. CHANDLER BETTY L ANNE COOPER MARY CUNNINGHAM ARTEMISIA DENNIS SARA DESSAUER BELVA LEE DOBYNS BETTY DUDLEY 'PG' 'T 5 OU CHILD MARY ALICE COLQUITT BETTY COOK ANN DAVIS INA DAVIDSON lf? Z I? -X ff' M A 3 Ty GQ' f "5 w..,f - SEIIIUBS ft JUNE DOUGLAS SUE DYCHES Vw JUNE EDENFIELD HELEN EVANS H-Q 6 HELEN FLOYD BETTY FORTSON -x . 1 'Z ' 314. H... Y... -2 "7 'A av-0' 4. " ttf' C' LINDA FOSTER CAROLINE F ' OWLER BESSIE LEE GARDNER BILLIE GARDNER DOLORES GIBBS BETTY GODBEE ANN GOOLSBY JUAXITA GRAYSON BETTY GREENE LOUISE GREEN CHARLOTTE LUCKEY PAT MANGUM ELLEN MARTIN JOAN MCNEILL JOYCE MCNURE ELIZABETH MEADS GLADYS MEIERE ALICE MERRY r,-,,, M, i Q I Gin 9, . W i '53 f' ' , vi... I E sb fx 'x 'fi X LB? C7 ' m .1 gs . 'km ,1 01 5.1 X f an ANA1 F ,xx K ,Q K' .li 'Dv L... ,.,. fx f r ,uv MAY MERRY CHRISTINE MCCARTY JEANETTE MCCLAIN RUTH MCCOY CAROLINE MCGAHEE THEO MCMURPHEY MONA MCNUTTY RACHEL MOORE JOANNE MYRICK MARY NuSMITH BETTY NETHERLAND ANNE NEWTON S an -sn 4. .fx ,..-. Ti' W "1 I ,A - , s -X -vm 5 'Sf Q'-an Y? 'x 'Q-:-1' JUIIIUBS I BOBBIE NICKLES ANNETTE OLLERICH PATSY O'NEAL BARBARA OWENS SHIRLEY PARDUE SHIRLEY PARHAM MARGARET PARKER JACQUELINE PARKS BETTY PARRISH BETTY PATRICK PEGGY PEABODY CLAIRE PERKINS JUNE PERKINS I as 1. I 6, BETTY PHELPS ' Q., ' -A. -4 I 15- MARY POWELL 'gf' K MARY HELEN POWELL xx. ' f PANSY PRICE "' . be SARAH PRIEST M? V , 17 SUE PRICE 5.1 5 IMOGENE PURVIS """? A-r Z5 juli 'V' -A xi.-f ,4 f , JOYCE RUSHTON GLORIA SHAPIRO PEGGY SIMPSON ANN SMITH MAXINE SMITH BETTY STOCKTON JANE STONE BETTY STUART aa- ' 1 xv Wu- L,- .. X 4" 6. I-IAZEL RADFORD JANE RAGSDALE BETTY RAINES LAURA RAMSAY BETTY SUE RAMSEY ERLENE REESE MARY RHENEY GLENDA ROOKS MARGIE ANN ROSSIGNOL FRANCES ROWE JEAN ROWE BARBARA RUBENSTEIN 1, Cl A b". Q7 'sv 'E' N, SARA TANNER CONNIE TANT HAZEL THOMPSON ANNE VOORHIS RENA XNALKER CATHERINE VVALTERS JUIIIUBS 7 'Yi an--A vii 'iw f ,,... x ,fs AT' 'i"' 1 1' r - gs 4" W 1 'RG -,uf X YI C If ew 9... ,Q 3 4- its 1 sk 5- 1-Hs 'm MARY WATERS .IUANITA WATKINS BEVERLY WEATHERFORD LIARJORIE WIDENER BETH WILCOX ELSIE ANN VVILLIGER EDNA WHEATLEY BESSIE MAE WOMBLES RACHEL WONG ELIZABETH WOODS PAULINE WREN BETTY YOUNGBLOOD Xl, fx ff . Wx f W ,M, 0- ,Q SSUPHDIIIUBES Standing left to right: Jewell Bentley, Martha Dye, Sondra SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS N ...1Q' Williams, Sandra McConnell. Seated: Florrie Fleming. FI-'ORRIE FLEMING -----------44----------------,,-------- President SANDRA MCCONNELL ,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,, V ice-President JEWELL BENTLEY ,,,,,,,,,,,,ll, ,....,,,,,... S ecretary SONDRA WILLIAMS ,,,,,,, l,.,,....,,,,,,, T reasurer MARTHA DYE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,e,, ,,,,,,,,, P oint-Manager Christine Barrs, Wennie Bowen, Betty Bumpus, Ada Bradley, Mary Alice Blair, Gloria Beddingfield, Betty Belger, Joyce Barton. Mary Ruth Bridges, Cynthia Bolton, Patsy Blanchard, Nelle Winn Blanchard, Mollie Burdell, Caro- lyn Butler. Sianrlingt Burnie Guy. May Godowns. BL-ity Jmxwll Hi-inluy, Jean Graham. Ne-ll Ruth Guill, Glrniila Henderson. Joe Ann Handrix. Virginia C2ni1l1ii'uy. Barbara Guntor. Bcngovcn George, Flor- rin- Flaming. Sarah Galloway. Gloria Ganus, On arm of sofa: Grace Harris, Bc-tty Garncr. Sratcrl: Carolyn Haddon. Annettu Harpcr. Ely- nwz' Fm'ti1nQ, Joanne Ford. Joan Griffun Austin Gilliland. Jang-Lic Gay, Marion Fustcr. Mary Juycc llarrisnn. Joan Fulmr-r. .. 9 4 312 D 'n i Slilllillllg. Back Row, loft to right: Frances Chamburs, Bully Denton. Lavurm- Davis. Jcanutte Crawi'urd, Elizabulh Erickson, Ruby Capps. B1-tty Juan Cox, Dorothy Cnopvr. Martha Dye, Barbara Clark, Lois Duziu-r, Pat- sy Campbu.-ll. Br-tiy Juan Full. Sl'ZllCCl, Frnnl Row, Ivfi In righli Bcity Chapman inn arm uf sofal, Jacl-cic Chavmis, Janicm- Evurcll. Barbara Culpvppur. Bcity Ann Crawford. Dulnrcs Crawford, Juice Dyson thack of sufal. Anno Carmi- Chavl. Janicv Dubusr-, Jnycq- Clay- ton. Barbara Clary. Carolyn Eu- banks. Puggy Durham. Gcrtrudc Eidsun hm arm uf sofai. Standing: E111-n Bunny. NIZll'f.IZlI'l'l Brown. Mar- tha Bryan. Huslyn Bogeslav. Mary Bvlpli-r, Barbara Allrfn, Jann! Bnwclidgc. Dolliu Bradshaw. Scala-fl: Jr-well Bvntlcy. Shirlcy Allguucl, Bully Jr-an Bakcr. La Verne Bridgcs, I 'M Jean Johnson, Betty Jo Horne, Doris Huff. Carr Hiers. Second Row: Bcity Hutchins. Lucille Hzlnks Betty Ivey, Pcggv King, Betty Kitchens. Standing: Anne Jennings, Kay Frances Hutto Nlargaret Lewis. Thelma Howard. Pauline Loc' better. A First Row: Harriet Jue, Carolyn Ken- nedy, Mary Kelley. Second Row: Grace Johnson, Dorothy Johnston, Jane Heng, Marjorie Jennings, Janc Huguley, Barbara Lang. Top: Gloria Johnson, Betty Jackson, Beatrice Howard, Crystan Hindman, L1-l'L lo right: Annie Laura Love. Bev- url-1 McMichael, Jeanine Mays, Pat Mar- but, Wanda Matthews, Barbara McLean, Mary Lynn, Anna Luzader, Sue Martin, Saul Sin Loc, Julia McWade, Anno Liv- ingston lstanding in doorl. SUPHUIIIUBES llv V . :?. 41-- .,, . - . f V4-Q " 3 bfw.. -, .-- ,-..'i.g'a,... I .J- First Row, seated, loft to right: Jowull Morgan, Hilda Moore. Barbara Motts, San- ilra McConncll. Second Row: Barbara Mc- Kissick, Ann Morgan, Jean Moblcy, Ruth Maddox. Sal- ly Maddox. Third Row: Lois Malcom fstandingi. Mary Luckoy, Pcggo Marriott, Betty Luck- uy. Betty Lott, Sylvia Mcl- ton, Carolyn Lord. Luft to right. st-ated: Mary Russull, Joyce Sumcrau, Carol Smith, Juno Smith, Fran!-:ic Rainsbothain. Standing: Rita Roberson. Fayt' Smith, Mary Scllors, Judith Rhoclvs, Jacquuline Rivks, Joyct' Lavurnt- Smith. . , , .144 1" x .ra Left to right, standing: Nolie Sweat, Catherine Sanders, Mildred Rhoden, Doris Smith. Middle Row: Billie Jean Stone, Carol Symms, Joyce Carolyn Smith, Jacqueline Shipman. Front Row: Grace Satcher, Patte Ann Tarlyn, Mary Alice Sumerau, Betty Jean Smith. Z 's f -Cx WMM IR. HIGN I. I fl Sitting: Margie Wolfe. First Row: Rhean Usry, Johnnie Wombles, Carolyn Whitlock, Sylvia Wright. Helen Weathers. Joyce Wil- 'iamson. Second Row: Joyce Wil- liamson, Wahala Taylor, Sondra Williams. B e t t y I Wren. Sara Thigpen. Peggio Wilcnsky Connie Wilson, Vir- ginia Towill. Gloria Thvmos. Eliza Wul- lacc. Julia Wilson. Mary Jo Wood, Myrl Walker, Jo Ann Thurmonl. Elise Williams. Joyce Wills. Kathryn Tropncll. scnoot URW' -'na 4'-lr gl l L L ll 'nad Slunllnuz Malruul.,-1 Czlfill-. Narj: Ann L -2-1. Nancy Lu- Nl:-:ru-1. .IH n llc-N1-113 J: un .Ln mtl. Jw.-,L-ll H.-1 mln. SL-atc-ul: Lilllzln Puum-ll, Hum-I Wvzxllwx- fnrcl, N1-ll Gould. Suv S1rnn'.n1'.s, Edna Mc- Intosh. I W SUPHUIIIUHES Gloria Jwhnstml, Gorulclinc Purrluo, Mur- tlm Wurlhzun. Juycu Rlluy, SlllI1CllllHI Nancy Willingham, Bcity IXICKI1lQlll, ESM-llc RL-gupulos, Ninn Ban'- rutt, Nancy IX-ICElmu1'l'uy, Ruby Janson Juyuu Lvazptwllu, Bully Juan Howard, -,, I, ..A h Standing: Jenna Young, Jean Car ter, Jean Bowick, Jessie Calamas, Vir ginia Johnson, Kathleen Cheesborough, Martha Crenshaw, Connie Satcher. Seated: Sara Kennedy, Betty Dur ham, Betty Sorrow, Willie Lewis, Bob bie Atkins. First Row: Dorothy Twin- er, Barbara Johnson, Tom- mie Robbins, Joyce Swearin- ger. Second Row: Joyce Burke, Jean Guy, Lillian Evans, Virginia Key, Elsbeth John- ston. Third Row: Jacky Ne- smith, Joan Myrick, Lor- raine Williams, Ann Sum- merall, J e s s i e Calamas, Joyce Priest, Helen Harden, Standing: Betty Abbott. Mary Frances Lampley, Verdria Bar- foot. Katherine Glover, Frances Leever, Lois Reeder, Lois Mc- Cann. Seated: Betty Reese, Ann Moore, Geraldine Harper, Mary Ellen McDaniel, Doris Walker. .N ,- , FRESHRI.-XN CLASS OFFICERS .-XNNETTE mms P1-wilful MARTHA m1x1STHmi'r vw -I':1f1!i1m BI.-XHCELL.-X 11m'.'.u:Iw Ttwufwfzv-1 ' ' ' DOLOHES 1.f u g.-xx s.. -1. mg. la r rail I ri BETTY Brzisux 1 -I-H,m11.f1..L. 5 , 5 ef E KE I :Q Q " Ff?EQ'i'4:'m3,-5'- L1 I A -'J First Row, seated: Alice Anderson, Mary Becknell, Doris Bearden, Annette Banks, Luna Ayers, Jeanie Bates, Elizabeth Avant, Zena Avery, Patricia Baker. Second Row, standing: Betty Anderson, Betty Bennett, Shirley Banks, Mary Arrington. Beulah Bargeron, Betty Baker, Naomi Bennett, Margie Avret. Third Row, standing: Patsy Beeland, Betty Beeson, Shirley Barfield, Roberta Bailey, Geneva Atkins, Carol ennett, Jeanette Anderson, Agnes Bennett, Marcia Ansted. ' ,ia ' .a-xl .els lu ir' 1. t I 130 .11 V: 1 r .zu "4 :p 3 I nc: xg: Q' ' ip, 1.3 1 I" I1 " I5 I Us 'ms E Third Row, seated: Paula Bruce, Virginia Collins, Anna Kate Clark, Barbara Clark. Betty Clack, Peggy Burns, Dorothy Betts, Walton Carpenter, Marilyn Chambers, Second Row, standing: Madeline Chavous. Margie Clark, Hazel Clark. Virgina Busch, Shirley Burton, Mary Ann Cost-y, Nlargaret Blaekstiin, Anne Bowen, Mona Clark. Third Row, standing: Grace Cawley. Betty Cnlien. Betty Buffington, Ann Canipe, Jeanine Blackwell, Norma Copeland, Ann Coleman. Carolyn Coward, Glenn Carlton, Nancy Bennett. rf r'r rm 'X r r1inmlII1EI1 C4117 V.: .L U. ., . - FlI'Sl Row, sc-ull-di B1-tty J-v Dykus, Blvlwlnv .Il-am Fm'r, Shlrll-5' Cl'1lXK'f0l'd, Anna' Eulivnnks. Angulyn Druw. Jum- C1':m'ff-rd. Bwtly Dzwms, Ilurbiutn Dukvs. Path Da-nl. Sr-concl Huw, Slzmdlng' Evulyn Dzmfwrlh, Hvlty DH-rllttlv, Jmmn Dnlvy, Bzuhmzn Eubunks, Mary Ann Fullc-rlwn, Ciyrlvllu Flnlvy, .In-nuxw Dmmwn, Ellmiu-th Crunch, Wml-,mn F-vstc-r. Third Row, stglmiimg Nluywrzr- Evans. filsu- Dnntvlvr. Annu- En' hott, Bcrcmcu Frunklln, Fmr1m-s I-'urnu-r. C:-nf-lam Ilgwls, Ruth Ann I7uz1f-r, Jum- Eldsun. Ethv,-I Davis. JL-um-lu' Epps. PJIYVXUILI Iiunm.-.'..y, H1-Hy Crwmk, X First Rnw. S1-alvci' Marglw Guy, Carru' Grc-4-nc-. Mary Glr-zutrun, Shirlvy I-In-aih. Hclvn I"IElI'I'lS. J-mmm' Hzulvm. Cvfnnu- PI2lX'lI'fi. PZITIICIZA Glndin, Arlcm- Gl't'1'HlJL'I'E St'C"lHt'l Huw, flxndmgz Eva-lyn Hzrrmvfn. Chlwlllil' Hanwmfvnd, ClZIl'lK'l' Ccrmrgo, Ja-rry LL-na Guy, Bs'llyCi1lmSl1'1aCl,Yvlmzz Hull. Clnudvltf' Gnuflx-.'1n. Je-an Hzmmhrwk, Emma Gomlw1u P-may G1 IINULICI. Thlrrl Huw, sumflxnflt Jvzmcllf- Glrlrlr-ns. N12iI'g2II'l'1 Crm-r. Sarah Glam-, Mznrgnrvl Grlffls, Arch-llc Hull, Palsy Humiltun, Anno Harris, JL-an Gfmclwin. Jung Guy. XNIIIICHUDEI Ganus. Bcity Hathaway, I 1 i 4 I 1 a Lf' ' .I vlr A ,I i N ' . c r. .2 ,.... 144 r wr' sg First Row, seated: Patricia Howard, Roberta Hodges, Sarah Holliman, Mary Ann Hightower, Marcella Howard, Martha Hemstreet, Marion Hill, Katharine Hill, Dixie Hendrix. Second Row, standing: Mary Alice Horne, Annie Hoover. Cynthia Hola ston, June Hutcheson, Virginia Hoffman, Lucille Hughes, Ella Jackson. Joyce Inglett. Jean Huyck. Third Row, standing: Barbara Ivey, Margaret Ivie, Barbara Hunt, Margaret Holley, Mary Holsenback, Sarah Ellen Hobbs, Joan Hill, Miriam Hopkins. Edna Hoover, Rosalinde Horne. , e ,..i , - F, .-. - -t iii ,A N First Row, seated: Clzirzi Lancaster, lVlnrci:i Levy, Caroline Kuhlke. Belly .Im-. Rhetta Lane, Robbie Kendrick, Dorothy Leupurrl, Daisy Kighl, Dnmiliy .Iunes, Second Row, sented: Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Ruth Jansen, Joe Amie I.:inivr. Palsy Johnson, June Kitchens, Patsy Jones, Maury Fraiiiees l,:iii'd, Sylvia Kinsey Dorothy Kirkeiidzihl, Betty Laiverty. Third Row, staiiirliiigi .In Aim Jnlmson Shirley Kentzel, Bairbairai Kelligain, Evelyn Jessup. lviairguret Lester. Jzieirene Kezirse. Bmbairu Jones, Evelyn Keck, Cleo Lauton. Q 1 FBESHIHEII ,Ti 1 f N First Row. scatcd: Bt-tty Juan R'Iatlmws. Virginia. llwruan. Marricim Mt-yt-r. .Iuyrv May. Judith McLaughlin. Doltirt-S Lwgan. Iilgirqut Mitlr-r. Suv Martin. Bt-tty Ann Mcliie. SQ-cond Rm-.', standmui Margaux--t Milt'-r. Mzrrgu- Lwwis. Martha Livvly, Betty McGahee. Bt-tty Mftck. Dillon-s Ll:-yri, Ki,-mmm Mixrrn. I-'ranct-s Hush-y. Br-tty Montgomery, Juanita Martin. Third Rm-.x Sxiidirtgt Belly Rrth ?.I'rfh:l7. Nar- gucritcr Marschalk. Bertn Ji-an Mitrhcrli. Ii:r:h..r1i 1I.thcfu '. TY ry litiivliiir' Part McKinney. Nancy Moth-v.'. Jacquuhmt Millur. ll Q I-1 if If I - i :FM ' 1-1: 'itil ' -zn- 3-.4 -. ,A , 1 J 3 un 1 - .r First Row: SI1irlL-jx Pmrcil. Barbara Perkins. Ruth Parrish. Jr-an Murphy, Dnrothy Nttht-rlancl. Ann Oxncr. B-,-tty Myers. Junc Myrick. Barbara Joan Pe-arre. Sm-cunrl Rm-5: Dwrnthy PfliQ'l'l, Flurcncc Parker, Jacquclyn Philpot, Martha Parrish. Juyci- Pikt-, Heiun IXIfrutvrs. Carulyn Peacock. Ann Puwt-ll, Peggy Parrish. Third Rm-.': Lviruttf Pfmwcil. Carolyn Patterson. Betty Norris. Christine Murphy. Marjfrrio Odom. Switze-r Murphy, Martha Murphy, Patsy Patrick, Betty Jo Phillips. Ann Pinkston. K K Iv ,. i. fi xr' Q- -Y 1. L L f 1 'V First Row, seated: Betty Singletery, Billie Ann Scott. Carol Ann Purcell. Jessie Lee Richter, Betty Roe, Sue Simowitz, Eva Price, Annie Pearl Sharpe. Doris Reeves. Second Row, standing: Janice Price, Ruth Sharpe, Shirley Simmons, Jeannette Prescott, Margaret Sanders, Laura Sibert, Geraldine Smalley. Frances Rice. Anne Richards. Third Row, standing: Edna Reid, Mary Anna Redmond, Barbara Sleister, Helen Reddy, Fay Russell, Joyce Rathbun, Mary Ramsay, Mildred Ruben. a x Y! 3 3 Fnst Row, scatcri. Evelyn Tcskcy. Ga,,ncll Tanner. Kathleen Smith, Joyce St cli- ton, Connie Tabb, Marilyn Tancnbaum, Joan Temples, Carol Thompson. Barbara Usry, Second Row, standing: Barbara Tricc, Dot Taylor, Mary Ann Thrnnas. Sarah Stringer, Patsy Thomson. Jean Tutcn, Ethel Smith, Gloria Smith. Lois Smith. Ann Story. Third Row. standing: Sara Lane Tankcrslcy, Peggy Sinithcrnian. Nell Taylor, Edna Thompson, Lillian Smith, Jean Stewart, Barbara Stapleton. Dorothy Spinks, Sarah Tillcr, Bobbie Sprouse. .LI ix . A'XQi.,. 3 ii f A ' +11- riifsiiiiifii 521 wr " t First Rznw, si-uh-cl' Ruth Wulki-r, Aliu- Whit:-. Mziriu Wilson. Fannie Boll Wilkins, Soplironizi Yuusr-. Sunnu- W-ing. Sliirloy Willizuns. Dr-loris xVlllkL'l'. Louise Wardlziw, SL-uoncl R-iw, slzmflxng' Gloria: Lili-y. J:iCqu1-lim- VVz1tkins. Maudc Wright, Louise Waill-if-r. Bully xx'.-irmrim, Nlairtlixi Wailki-r. .li-:in Willis, Bcity Yarbrough, Third Row, stzinclingl Tgillulqili Wznll, Zona Wright, Patricia Williams. Jc-an Woods, Ida Mau Walkf-11 Dnrwmlliy Wrilkvr, Brnlizirzi Ann Watkins. Dorothy Wilson. l i I n 5 ,X 1 Firsi Huw. suatucl: Billie Connell. Gvrlrui- Easlcr, Betty Dunvzin. Milclri-rl Jonas. June Hazel. Ruby Inglc-11. Barbara Becknull, Elizzilic-tli Coopr-1', Doris Hzirrlun. Sr-cond Row. standing: Mary Alice Bunch. Gem-va Driggi-rs. Mazinzi Faglior, Bully Cook. Doris Dunn, Juno Cato, Bcity Bakvr. Marry Lou JUHQS. Jam, .Ionm-S, Doris Cil'L'El'l. Laura Gregory. Third Row, standing: Juni' Cooker. Carolyn Holton, Calli- 1-rine Howell. Lilly Bcaslcy. Helen Alborson. Maurinc- Crook. Erlinu Hill. Surah Luke. Barbara Danforth, Sara Attaway, Loona Elliot, I .a -I 'l :I .r First Row, seated: Betty Anne Pearson, Martha McGowen, Mar- garet Woodward, Joanne Spithal- er, Mary Whitaker, Christine Short, Billie Jean Woodward, Ann Thompson, Patricia Marshall. Second Row, standing: Doro- thy Smith, Jeanne McKettrick, Catherine Myers, Margaret Reed- er, Carolyn Russell, Janet Walker, Arlene Wild, Margaret Newman, Eleanor Whitfield, Jackie Year- gain. Third Row, standing: Peggy Mcllhany, Joyce Thrift, Minnie Lee Price, Shirley Peters, Jean- ette Mitchum, Dot Weeks, Gary Mathis, Sadie Reagan, Sadie Scott. 7 - HIJVBIE TD FBESHIIJEII When you enter Tubman On your first eventful day The first thing you must realize Is that you have four years to stay When you enter Tubman The first thing you will see Is a wise and stately woman Just what you must learn to be This woman is Minerva With a stern and learned face Don't stop to mark on her Unless you want to be in disgrace Soon you will meet a senior Walking swiftly down the hall Just back into a corner Or step up against the wall Someday you will It will take six or Then you will see Shrink away with be a senior seven years the freshmen fears And always you must hurry But run you mustn't dare For no one is found running Up and down a Tubman stair You must never, never, never Do the horrible crime Of dashing to the lunchrooin And breaking in the line There is one word of warning That surely you should know If you want to cross the yard Rent a boat in which to row This is my advice for freshmen I would like to tell you more But I forget all this kid stuff For now I am a SOPHOMORE Martha Hemstreet Nlarcolla Howard HIIIIUIIL ISENITA PHINIZY EDITORS JOAN ANTHONY ANN GOOLSBY ANN BYRD PEGGY GRIFFIN ELEANURA NIXUN 1 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Swim-fl, 1111 1-- mum' -Iffz-n Clwzunlwa-1's. Buth Wllcf-x. Susan Ih-mslluct. Standing. lvft lu Mahi: .Iuhn HQIQI1-1', XvL'l'I'I2A Lu' Hardy. Knlh- ffrlm, Bmrx-II, Juan Jzmsvn. STUFF C S W2 . I ., -' I-Q' i I f' RUTH HOUSTON BUSINESS STAFF Seated. left to right: Anne Voorhis, Peggy Sherman, Peggy Peabody, Gladys Meiere. Standing, left to right: Florrie Fleming, Laura Ramsay. TYPISTS Se:ted, left to right: Betty Anne Greene, Margaret Richter, Betty Samuels. Standing, left to right: Christine Hobbs. Marry Ruth Bridges, iv 5 BENITA PHINIZY, RUTH HOUSTON ,,,,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,, Editor-in-Chief , ,, , ,Business Manager ELEANORA NIXON ,,,,,.,. . ,,..,,, Literary Editor ANN BYRD ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, P icture Editor PEGGY GRIFFIN... ,,.., ,,,,,,,,, S naps Editor ANN GOOLSBY.. . .,,,, ,, Athletics Editor "4 X.. I , . .Fx- nJ s. -5G T .,.,.-' FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Beulah Fender BUSINESS ASSISTANT Miss Suzanne Wade + - ' 0 14 S vv4.9' Standing: Joanne Myrick Elea , nor Jackson. S lvi M y a outos, Jean McConnell, Peggy Sherman, Suzanne Levine. Bessie Lee Gardiner. Seated: Ca , Marion Almand, Belva Lee Dob rolyn Barrett Ann Satcher, yns. J X Xxv X-,' .fr Top: Artemisia Dennis G1 on, ettg Claik. Aznv Law Dot Hende . - 1, son. Laura Gauthier. Jane Ragsdale. B ,. r ary Rheney, Jean Smith. Joyce Barton, Rita ottom: Mary Ann Thomas NI Silver. First Row: Eva Price. Second Row: Pansy Price. Yi-rim Lvl' Hardy. Hvlvn Evans. iXI17iilC'BllI'iit'ii. Kitty Sibley. Nell Ruth Gulll. Third Huw. kneeling: I'In-lvn M1111-s. Martha Hemslrcol. Wallun CllI'pt'Uil'I', Standing: Peggy Mi-mis. Juan Slwckl-vu, Bully Ann Thrailkill, ixiiI'lllH'l SISIQIIH, 30 , enda Hender- s B ' -' UDL-.Ill BETTY JUNE AYERS Vice-Pres PEGGY PEABODY Point Mgr. VERNA LEE HARDY ,,President ANN GOOLSBY ,, ,, Secretary ANN WHATLEY ,Patrol Captain LICE MERRY, , , Treasurer 0 ur student government or- s::m1.'.ltmn rs a member of the Natmnal Assocmtnon of Student G-wurnmcnts. the Southern ASA sut-mtmn ot Student Govern- monls. and thus ycar was the prusidt-nt of the Georgia Assoc- ravnm, Every grrl lh Tubman is fl mr-mbur. The TCL ls made up nl: 411 The Central Councll. v. ltxclt lr compuscd of the League Oxm-urs and faculty advisors. all vlass prusrdcnts and secretaries, and all club and nrgamzation prwrrlmmts 42- Four Class Coun- utls t--nnpusud Val' the class otti- vurs, nm- taculty rcprcscntatlvc, :tml tm- prcsrclunt :md Sfecrctary nl unch lmnw ruom. FUBMAN CITIZENSHIP LEAGUE CENTRAL COUNCIL PUUIIBIL JUNIOR COUNCIL The purpose ul' student government ns to train for Citizenship under our denw- Cratlc forrn of government, to discover and develop leader- ship, and to promote a hlgh- er standard of conduct now and after graduatlon. The T,C.L. makes m1'10r regula' tions governing siudent actlv- ities and all recommenclatxons on school management made by it to the faculty are glvun respectful consxdcratxon, Its aim ns to encourage us to govern ourselves so that wc may be worthy to have a voice in governrng others, SOPHOMORE COUNCIL FRESHMAN COUNCIL Tl? Ulllk 'Y f ,. 4. f.. f i lx I Q . Q s'runf11'rPf1'nwt , S J . f l w K X K The Student Patrol functions as a part of the Tubman Citizcnship League. Mem- ! hurship in it is basf-d on mt-rit and got-s only to thcsc girls who have proved their V ittliability. scholastic proficivncy. and cooperation-the qualities of a good school citizen. Thtiir work is to maintain order in thc halls. lunch room, auditorium. or i.xlit-i'cx't'1' they may ht- callt-cl to st-rvc. .i.L.i L-wa , as z -tit L1- 0 'J' , ., QQ:-42' . - Back R- tv: Et-ltj: M, Cliaiicllcr. Ann Byrd. Annu .I,iiTisi:n, Vcrna Lf-c Hardy. Ann Davis. Peggy Griffin. JL-an Smith. Peggy Bla-ads. St-cond Row: Mary Ellyn Walker. Noll Wcstbrook. Dorothy Henderson. Betty Sanders, Myrtiu Paco. Joyct- Sugar, Elizabeth Holmes, Pcggy Martin. Carolinc Fowler, Ann Whatlcy. Chiistinc Lundy. Barbara Bonnet. Scatt-cl: Anno Otwcll. Janc Maynard. Gail Oliver. Eleanor Jackson, Betty Grose. 'rrp First Row: Mary Jo Wood. Rehean US- uary, Betty Helmly. Second Row: Joyce Dyso Eubanks, Harriet Perkins, Ann Livingston. Betty Wren, Virginia Towill n. Carolyn Third Row: Kay Hutto. Fourth Row: Jac Joe Anne Hendricks. kie Ricks, Ann Parrish. Florrie Fleming, :T-7, First Row: P. Price. Second Row: B. Williams, Joyce McNure. Hazel Radford. M. Corley. Sue Price. B. Edwards. L. A. Brown. Third Row: B. Phelps, B. Patrick. B. Rubenstein, E. Martin. M. A. Russell, C. Tzint, B. Reeder. J. Cliuinhers. Fourth H" A. Dasher, E. Fogel. P. Peabody. Row: G. G. Loo, Theo MzicMurphey, B. J. Ayub. rf HONOR SOCIETY Ss-:nts-ci: Gail OliX'l'l' D fnl' ulhy HL-nclcrsmm Lucilu Ayers Joan Stockton Chrislim- Hobbs Standing: Anno Olwm-ll Verna Luc I'IllI'Cly Ann Davis Bcftty E. Chandler Elcannra Nixon Bc-nitu Phinizy Ann Guulsby Lllllll BLUB The Latin Club. composed of all junior Latin students. meets every other week at school. It was organized principally for the purpose of studying informally myths. especially those relating to and serving as a background for Vi1'gil's Aeneid and Ovid's Metamor phoses. MISS RUTH MCAULIFFE ,,,,,,, ,Y,,,,.. F aculty Advisor KATHERINE BARRETT ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident CONSTANCE TANT ,,,, ,,,,,,,,..,...,.,.r,,, S ecretary JOAN ANTHONY .,,,,., ,,,,,Y. P rogram Chairman Left to right, Seated: Katherine Barrett, Joan Anthony. Kneeling: Gladys Meiere, Anne Dasher, Julia Haglu Margaretha Bowick, Joan Compton, Lois Sue Hale, Betty Anne Greene, Peggie Peabody. Margie Ann Rossignol Leta Barfield. Standing: Susan Hemstreet, Louise D'Antignac. Ellen Martin. May Merry. Alice Merry. Elamr Fogel, Dorothy Burclashaw, Mary Ellen Brown, Barbara Owens. Jackie Parks, Ann Jamison. Anne Voorhis. X in ginia Drexel. FBEIIBH BLUB ANN GOOLSBY , President JEAN MCCONNELL Vice-President RUTH HOUSTON St-crctary AMY LAW Tl'L'3SLll'L'I' 1 - l. i i First Row, seated, left to right: Betty Lou Child, Eleanora Nixon. Verna Lee Hardy, Dorothy Henderson. Jane Maynard. Peggy Martin. Bessie Lee Gardner. Caroline Fowler. Second Row, seated, lc-ft to right: Betty E. Chandler, Joan Stockton, Virginia Marks. Helen Evans: Ruth Houston. Secretary: Amy Law, Treasurer: Ann Goolsby, President: Jean McConnell, Vice-President: Betty M. Chandler. Ramona Collins. Peggy Griffin, Anne Otwell, Third Row. standing: Miriam Siskin, Virginia Grimaud. Nlary Ann Thomas. Rita Silver. Benita Phinizy. Ann Burdell, Peggy Sherman. Barbara Bonnt-tt. Artumisia Dennis. Doris Prior, Betty Jeanne King, Martha Jordan. Millie Street. SPHIJISH BLUB ' ...-ai, ANN SAYER ...,., .... V ice-Presiden' ADELE WARREN., .,,,..Y,, ,,,,,.. S ecretary THEO MacMURPHY ,, ,,,,,,, President JUNE DOUGLAS , ,,,, Treasurer MISS WADEW, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, A dvisor v. 51 ,,. v ,. 'r l'. V Seated: June Duuglus. Theo lVlaielVlurphey, Adele Warren, Ann Saiyvr, Ann Mc- Clendon, Angadell Adams. Kneeling: Joanne Grimuud. Mary Hardin, Elizubetli Holmes, Ann Suteher, Ann Cimper, Audrey Lindsey. Czirulyn Barrett, Anne Jamison. Christine Lundy, Ninn Jones, Peggy Jeffeuut, Anne Smith, Burlxzwzi Widener, Ann Byrd, Ann Davis, Sulunne Levine. Standing: Maury Arnett. Joan R+.sen1hul. Dnlnres Shapiro, Nell WestlJrnuk. Betty Johnston, Ernesline Duekctt. Daisy VVUU, Miss Wade, Anne Wliatley. Kathryn Weeks, LaVerne Murphey. Betty Grese. Joyce Martin. Audrey Bailey. Put Sehwall, Jean Smith. Eloise Nixon, Peggy Meads. Barbara Manley, Eleanor Jackson. Joyce Weil. rx -Dal 3 if X. X, L' 'Ps1m-..e D. U. E. Pl F Scam,-cl. ln-fl in right: Martha Goings. Ja-zinc-ttc Patrick. Mary Boss Jonc-s, BL-tty Jn Nluyw-i'. Nlury Sisk. Bobbie- Atkins. Bc-tty SLIL'-lf'1llIlSfPN, Margie Hulmlydlanc Allcni Standing. lr-ft tri right: Mahi,-l Rhrrdun. Lrwlilizi Pattcrson. Alicc Adams, Blgirirg Quai'i'r'ls. Susig- Kont. Bai'hzii'a Allan, Ania Bi'inkman.JuzinilaGrziysfm.Martin-IKi1Chens.Christinc McCarty. Bessie- Wombles. Betty Mills. Isabelle Key. June Kirkland. MARY BESS JONES President MARY SISK Vicv-President CHRISTINE MCCARTY Sc'Ci'ct.ai'y ISABELLE KEY Treasurer BETTY SUE JOHNSON Suci1ilChaiii'man MRS. RUBY C, TURNER Advisor ll. O. E. OFFICERS S+-:ill-rl, lvfl in right: Jones. .Ii-hns-+n. Slzmcling: McCarty, Sisk. Km-5: Liv i-.'i -1' I'ii-iiiiw-: Mis. Ruby C. BHUBIJL BLUB JANE STONE ,,,,,,,, Secretary ANN SAYER, ,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, T 1 ' easurer BELVA LEE DOBYNSW.. , President BETTY MELTON , ,,,,,,,,,, , Vice-President MISS DOROTHY HALBERT, , ,, Advisor ARTEMISIA DENNIS ,, ,, , Accompanist Left to right: Mona Stewart, Mary Alice Colquitt, Peggy Campbell, Imogene Cox, Belva Lee Dobyns. Betty Ann Thrail- kill, Artemisia Dennis, Betty Hutchins, Barbara Langley, Mary Alice Sumerau, Patsy Blanchard. Sylvia Melton, Elise Williams, Janice Everett, Ann Sayer, Jane Stone, Yvonne Patterson, Jean Wood, Sarah Priest. JoAnn Brown. Second Row: Charlotte Lucky, Doris Green, Mazina Faglier, Sue Hanchey, Maurine Crooke, Elizabeth Youngblood, Nell West- brook, Betty Melton, Betty Meeks, Kay Neelands. Joyce Hardy. Vernell Gantt, Julia Wilson. Anne Love. Margaret Reeder, Ann Satcher. Angadell Adams, Joanne Ford. Evelyn Priest, Nancy Montgomery. Not in picture: Mona Rae McNulty. Nancy Archer, Carolyn Bohler, Shirley Parham, Jeanine Mays. HLPHI1 TBI-HI-Y ANN WHATLEY JOAN STOCKTON PEGGY ME.-XDS JE.-XX SMITH , President Vice-President , Secretary Tl'CElSL1I'L'l' EETTY ANNE THRAILKILL Chaplain Sc-atc-ci: BL-my Ann Thrurlkxli. J'-am S1-fm,-1-:X-Nm. Arm Wimilvjf. PL-ggy 111-nds, Juan 91111 1 Su md Rmx Thu: A .JC Murphy. Ann Byrd, Ly-ilm Pau, .Izmv Nlnyxl, Gm! Olwvr. Maury Ellyn Wzelkc-V. Thlxc uh -Xnn Lvuxuxuf Bully Stwckwn. Kuthvrxm- Bzmvlt, PM llzmguni. E11-1s-' Xzxwn. D-wwiluy Ph-min-x'sur1. IN :lx 'Xnn T1 1111 Q v 1 ' 4 Standing behind car: Bobby Nickels, Margie Ann Rossignol, Amy Law, Benita Phinizy Mary Rhenex Helen Evans, Anne Goolsby, May Merry, Beverly Weatherford, Betty Anne Greene Jackie Parks Sitting in car Ruthie Houston, Sylvia Moutos, Peggy Sherman, Jean McConnell, Ellen Martin Joan Castlebeiis Anne Otxx ell Peggie Peabody, Verna Lee Hardy, Caroline Fowler. In frontof car: Martha Jordan Ann Daxis Beth Wilcox Ann Burdell, Joan Chambers, Betty E. Chandler, Betty M. Chandler. 'I HEI I1 Till-H1-Y THETA TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS AMY LAW. . JEAN MCCONNELL Vice HELEN EVANS BETTY E. CHANDLER RUTH HOUSTON Trcasurcr -President President Sccrclei ry Chaplain JUIIIUB BED BBDSS OFFICERS GRACE SATCHEH Su'i'ulf1'5 PAT MANGUNI Vice-Piesideiil -XTHENA RABUN Pri-sidcni "Qui T3-35: .ai-.., - - - , ... - . J. 4.-. :.. . . ,. First Row. slandingi Becky Thompsrin. Miriam Hamilton. Gerry Mathis. Elise Blzickwi.-ll. I.aiirn Hainsi-y. Betty ML-L-ks. Betty Jenkins. Ann ML-Clendun, Patricia Baker. Athena Rabun. Pat Mangum. Gram' Sgilehr-r. S1-con-fl Row. sitting: Lois McCann. Marcia Levy. Kay Huttfi. Virginia Marks. Peggy Meacis. Burhai'a Perkins. Bi-My Stewart. Sylvia Wright. Second Row. standing: Jeanette Epps. Mary Ann Thomas. Jessie Calamas. Kntln-rim: Howell. Betty McKnight. Beth Mueller, Jeam-ite Ci'aw!'r1rrl, Third Row, sitting: Annabelle Popv, Suphinnia Vziuse. Sue Simowitz, Suzanne Morris, Walton Carpenter. Marion Hill. Barbara McLean. Ann Butler. June Kirklxmci, Jane Stone, Joan Griffin. Joyce Barton. VARSITY CHEER LEADERS Peggy Meads, Eloise Nixon, Gail Oliver Joan Stockton INTRA-MURAL VOLLEY BALL TEAM ATHLETIC COUNCIL First Row, left to right: Ann Byrd, Ann Davis, Katherine Barrett, Peggy Sherman, Second Row, left to right: Barbara Clark, Be-ngovan George, Alice Merry, Mary Luckey, Florrie Fleming, Ann Car- michael, Vallusia Anchors. Third Row, left to right: Betty Luckey, Ann Goolsby, Betty E. Chandler, Ann Liv- ingston, May Merry. Fourth Row: Peggy Peabody. Fifth Row: Joan Jansen. ANNE OTWELL Ping-Pong Champion ,a -1' ..- Il' ll, ,4?w. ff' ,mv f ,. - 'v I., 1 K 1 v. V rv v-1" BADMINTON CHAMPION Nina Barrett SHUFFLEBOARD Bc-tty Bussingur 'Ya 3- URAL INTRA-M BASKETBALL TEAM X.- INTRA-MURAL SOFTBALL TEAM VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row, left to right: Margie Ann Rossignol, Gm: Guen Loo, Ann Davis. Bet- ty Jo Horne, Nina Barrett. Second Row, left to right: Betty Grosc, Jane Maynard, Anne Otwcll. Leia Bar- field. Katherine Barrett. Bengovan George. Third Row, left to right: Vallusia An- chors, Betty M. Chandler. Ann Byrd. Dor- othy Henderson. Ramona Collins. Mary Ellen Crocker, Barbara Clark. ff: .1 TENNIS CHAMPION Ann Byrd INTRA-MURAL RING TENNIS TEAM its CQ, C N1 5 3 DUB SJPEBLIITIVES The settings for Senior Superlatives were graciously furnished by the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. On the following pages MAIDS AND A MAN proudly presents the six girls who for qualities of scholarship, leadership, and personality have been chosen by popular vote of the Senior Class as Senior Superlatives. -"..-.. .:.. I ,Ah o A1...,A, -1A1' J e22Zl1?.i13: 5 Q ..- .I Fmrrt.,-A, V' A E -r, JB.. 141' ',,,., f g7IhU1ZlI'51fIi1,1 ffeammcz flfmcm in o g,'X . . I 'D .V .nf o Y! .'-'Wo , . A J - 4' L' Q Wu- -v I I o a l 'I r I Q-, vi .iu0lF""' ,.-,, ,,....,j...-av . I will inf-wx A L. 'x , L 14 '+ fr r 11 1 5 , ' ' aa H -lf si I I J... x f xi , ,L 1 X . , ,. 1 nl" - ni' 3 . . I W4 . '-q-N V. nr'-di .4- 1 ' ' ' ' qi El'iIhPl'51Ii1,I We ma .fee Ja my 1 v'v' 'fx L Stglr .QAZQZGVZ 500444 9 .Ju ,Y SY,-4' JS 5 .Q . -fx sis. Rx T "'vUlAy1'X 1 139311111 Hl'lU1IlEll'iQI pegqy Skezman Nam Gavfez Qmabff CLUB Prusidvnl ANNE I -XlxRISH X lu -Pl'L'S1dL'I1l md Twins. SIIHPS 2 I 0 BBW fffm A U n,0A-a. cm ann nyrgn an HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION SENIOR CHRISTMAS PAGEANT KID DAY , -' ' V ,..f" . ,L 1 4 ' , . V ff! . VX. i .Q ff T' 'Q ' A a I , ,f'1.,. 's X X BHBIIIVHL GUIDES I if va ,- ,Q "'?:+ --Yvirffmi v IU 'IULUI1 r . x , A x. xl ' ffl' Qs 405 W HM T' 1 5 4 WHEN WE WERE VERY YOUNG 1- R LL 5, Q x Q3 THROUGH THE YEARS '43-'48 LHST LUILL HUD ' ESTIIIIJEIIT We. the Senior Class of 1948, being of disposing mind and memory, hereby publish and declare this as in for our last will and testament revoking all other wills heretofore made by us. Item one: We give, bequeath, and devise to the Senior Class of 1949 the following goods and chattels listed hereinafter: 1. Our extensive Senior Privileges which consist solely of the privilege of being called seniors. 2. A Senior Project that will be worthy. 3. Individual schedules that will be adapted to the student's need for week-end trips to distant cities. 4. A map on which we have charted all paths of safe passage from room to room during Activities Period. This map is for the sole use of those seniors who may find Activities difficult. za. A Ferry Boat that will ply between the lunch room and the building. This boat will be used to carry the girls who cut school on Saturday excursions. Item two: I, Benita Phinizy. do give. and bequeath to Katherine Barrett, a subscription to the comic book of her choice to provide suitable entertainment during activities. Item three: I, Martha Jordan. do give and bequeath t0 Caroline Kuhlke, my ability to get to classes on time by crawling through people's legs. Item four: We, Jean Smith and Eloise Nixon. do give and bequeath to Betty Anne Green our ability to arrive at the "Grill" every day at 2:46. Item five: We. Dorothy Thrasher and Betty Janett, do give and bequeath to any junior who needs relaxation our job keeping First Aid. Item six: I, Annabel Pope, do give and bequeath to Barbara Rubenstein my ability to translate French in the hopes that she will develop as skillful an index finger as I have. Item seven: We, Betty Ann Mulcay and Ann Satcher, do give and bequeath to our sisters, Barbara and Grace. our ability to sit silently in class. Item eight: I. Ann Carter Burdell. do give and bequeath to my sister, Mollie, my ride to school. Item nine: We, Sylvia Moutos and Jean McConnell, do give and bequeath to our sisters, Helen and Sandra, the future of M and M. Item ten: I, Eleanora Nixon, do give and bequeath a copy of Virgil's Aeneid QIN ENG- LISHJ to my sister Sally. Item eleven: I, Peggy Griffin, do give and bequeath to Pat Mangum, my excellent view of the yard as seen from French class. Item twelve: We, Betty Jarrett and Daisy Woo, do give and bequeath to any lucky junior our corner seats in Chemistry class so that they can enjoy drawing on the blackboard as much as we have. Item thirteen: We, Lucille Ayers and Jewelle Crawford, do give and bequeath to Bet- ty June Ayers and Lillian Campbell a bag full of super double bubble gum. Item fourteen: I, Jean Inglett, do give and bequeath to Jo Ann Webb. my ability to make my speed on an antiquated typewriter. Item fifteen: I, Anne Otwell, do give and bequeath to Joan Chambers a complete set of reference books so that she will not find it necessary to come to school at seven o'clock during term paper season. Item sixteen: I, Betty Sanders, do give and bequeath to the class in History 42, my deepest sympathy. Item seventeen: We, Virginia Grimaud and Lydia Pate. do give and bequeath to Leta Barfield our ability to offer satisfactory excuses for being late to class. Item eighteen: I, Helen Evans, do give and bequeath to Joan Castleberry, my ability to cut school regularly. Item nineteen: I, Ruthie Houston, do give and bequeath my one lavender mitten lcon- structed during Activitiesj to Susan Hemstreet in the hopes that she will wear it with her Argyle socks. Item twenty: We, Anne Warr and Mary Ellen Walker, do give and bequeath to Margie Ann Rossignol and Jackie Parks our ability to get in and out of trouble. Signed, published, and declared by the Senior Class of 1948 as their last will and testament, who in the presence of the undersigned and at their special instance and request sign the same as the witnesses thereto in the presence of the testator and in the presence of each other. SENIOR CLASS Witnessed by: Eleanora Nixon Pallas Athene S. Bovine Made, signed, and sworn to in the year of our Lord, 1948 on this 27th day of May. 'ln bf, A P Pla WJQWa,pww mm . AY. ' F ,zlf '1 4 fl ' A f f ' X , 1 a ir aw 4 IYWMW Q ' 1'V Z 'I MM EQ x W f ph, ,' -ia A1 'jEif?Qsf?Qg?? T 'Algal ? 1 ' WTT5' 'X?i3f"Jf1- 'rf - , f .LK hJ41?QxK:4fm5f6 FE 3MNj,,5UT E:f ,Q 0359 ,R1QK:fefv?w .' i x k 5 9 'S .QQ v : T-fa. fit - Q A Vw Q -T.. Jfftfj J n 5 :Qu A ,Q Wi? 'QQ .ry fy f - XF . f A MA? 5-.QL 'X ' if ' 'a' ' av gif?-764' 'mi RETURN T0 MACRSIHE S ?,..l1'H'S The o igin 1 Tub an b 'ld n on R ynolds Strc t ftc tie 1916 xre HIE BLHBES HUD BUID Now we'll give a cheer for Tubman For the school we love the most Evermore We'll sing her praises And her name shall be our boast To the top we'll raise her colors May her standards ever hold Then let us give a rousing cheer For the Tubman Black and Gold Then let us give a rousing cheer For the Tubman Black and Gold CHORUS SO . . . with voices loud and strong To her name we'll raise a song For to her our hearts belong With a love untold Then we'l1 cheer for Tubman High May her spirit never die Victorious may fly Dear old Black and Gold. -Velma Bell, '25 samlmf aj 051' Af' 1-X --Pffff 1fy v-Jie'-b ' grain' 'VJ' A' X J Q F fx 1 EQ? ,i 1, Y X 3 N 'N Qigvgffj V' ., 1757555 ff -,Pd',QJ9' G' 45 1 'Q' 5365? R8 ' if X! QV x Ei .I K, ,Y wf x V cv. TN X xl We 1 N UH FX' Q i K , , Wim , 'sq' Y the SZLGIQI of '5 I' yr Kg MQIDS and Q MQN W3 ' fhrough fhe cooperation " lr of the A ugusfa Merchan fs Kit present the Adverfjsem en is cg N 'r 2 9 'gang Qpfgtii . 'ff A Eiga 1 Vg: Jw j, if V 'Xi-31 X 15 7 ,x1xf g, 5-'.-jJiI7ffi'x 1 T' K F M Q Q N ' XX ,X I , ,f 'N X iw QW Q 1 xg-Jw J, XQE 1,' :r " h 1 L avi, .., 1 ii 1 1 1 1 "'11 f ' , 1 .1 11 ' . , JY 1.1 V1 y I 1 1 91 . 1 flu ' X 1 , 111' I1 AWP' ' , U 5 - u 1: " H .9 ,H 1.1 .'1,gr' 1521 l 1 "V 11' A 11.. gm., 1- 1 2 1 ' +1 , U -sl 1. I V" 4 Y 1 ' I' 1 11 , N "1- I t iz. I 1 I U11 V .11 114 1' 11 '11 1 1 11. 1' W?" xxx 's 11 4. 11.11 1 'gy' 111' 1 'W ' ,1 1. I-,.1'0:1.f1 1 ' .W 5111 1" 1 11-Y L '1 uJ'1i'1:M."': Y ' flvl' 41111 1- 1 'N 11 . ., " 1." 1 , X 1. N .11 sf ' 1 1 1 'Q 1 1 1 x 1 .1 1 ' 1 1, 1, J, 1 1 . :Y , 1 1 1 , ., 11 5 1 ,1 -11 iv, akin S g 'f -Q ' f asf Y 1 'sf Ji I A'A1 UM' j,,,If:E,Q' y , A , . S3392 Q if , f Q , . -n " v ' f Q , '-E! 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AL JL J. o up 46 lv - , ,,-, h- f-, 5, ' " -'L - lk"-' +V" --'..p-Q.. .fl

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