Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1944

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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 24 of the 1944 volume:

Tubman High School Senior Year-Book 1944 Published by The Senior Class Tubman High School Augusta, Georgia V W 'wtwfw-rw! Y B l W if UVI"i'Ll ti eh, . In Appreciation of and With Affection for Our Teachers Now in the Armed Forces We Dedicate The Tubrnan High School Senior Year Book 1 9 4 4 Dedication a Jw Q Lt. Ijgj MARIE J. HULBERT, USCGRKWJ Lt. Ijg.j ELIZABETH BRISENDINE, USNR 'fe Ensign RUTH GREGORY McAULIFFE, USNR Lt.' RUTH ELIZABETH JONES, USMCRIWJ N -T - W, V Y Y 7777777 77777 777777 7 77 7 77 I W "U W V I I I 1 I E W 1 E I A E 'II 11 A 1 PRINCIPAL Our Faculty Miss Miss Miss Miss NIR. T. HARRY GARRETT ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MISS A. DOROTHY HAINS Yv'i- Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss ' M iss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Balk-Secretary, Tuhman lligh School Bearden-A. Il.. Georgia State College for VVomeu. Boatwright--B. S.. Teachers College. Columbia Uuiversityg M. A., Duke lTnivt-rsity. Braddy-B. A., Converse College: M. A.. University of North Carolina. Byrd-Ii. A.. Greenville Women's College: Ph. B., Denison Fniversity. Carswell -A. A., .luuior College of Augusta: A. B.. Shorter College. Clark-l'nivf-rsity lliplonia. Comey-H. L., Smith College: M. A.. Columbia University. Fender-A. IS.. l'uive-rsity of Georgia. Fullbright-A. Il.. Agnes Srott College: A. M.. Emory University. Garrett-Serretarial anal Commercial Certificate. Gilliland-ll. A.. Converse College: M. A., Teacliers College. Columbia l'nivi1-rsit3'. Halbert-B. M., College of Fine Arts, Syracuse University. HortoneA. H.. Georgia State College for Women. Hutto-Il. A.. XYeslevau College. Jones-A. B.. Furman l'nivei'sity. Kimbroughn II. AI.. Converse College. King-B. S., XVinthrop College. Langford' -ll. A., Vanilerliilt IIIIIVQ-'l'SIlA'. Lansdell--A. ii., Iiessii- Titt College. Luckey-A. H. lililut-. l'nive1-sity of Georgia. Marshall B., Shorter College, M. A.. Baylor University. Meyer-B. S., College ot' St. Elizabeth. Miles-A, Ii.. l'nivi-rsity ot' Georgia. MiIIereA. IS.. RVoinan's College of Cniversity of North Carolina. Moore-ll. S., Georgia State Coll'-ge for XVomen. Nachrnan-l'h. ll., University ot Chicago. Norris-A. li. J., University of Georgia. Parkse.-X. IS., Winthrop College. Paquette-ll. S. in lfhy. lflrl.. Cniversity of Georgia. Pearce' Ph. li.. Vniversity of Chicago. Str'aussel'h. li.. l'nivi-rsity of Georgia: M. A., Columbia University, Symms--fii. A.. Converse College. Thompson- Diploma in lloniestit' Seienee. Georgia State College for XVonien. Thompson-li, S., ilvorgizi State College for Women: M, A. in linglish. Columbia l'1iivi-rsity. von Kamp-A. C. A.. anil A. ll., Howling Green College of I'l'lIlIllt'l'K'C. Verdel-A. ll.. I'IllVCl'SIiA' of Georgia. Walker' fA. li.. Agni-.1 Srott College. White' ll, S.. I niversily ot' Georgizig li. S. in Iloine ICC.. I'nivei'sity ot' Georgia. Wilson-A. li.. l'nivi-rsity of Georgia: A. li. L. S., Emory l'nive1'sity. Youmans-A. ii.. Georgia State College for Women: AI. A.. University of Georgia. CF Tubman Faculty f vw, Hlitlw QJCH .11 Qormxwde, zugr 1 ff r 1 rw 'i'CvLl!Q4 L-UZIIL AIGUTU lulflw wclw J comraslfe, Quclw 0 rlen , l lfvm xxoulll mall-K fill lourmeq Q rw . ,l ll I EA I Senior Class Officers MARY BARRETT ft-S C' KJ S?" 'fa ANNE CAVE 421 ,114 L.-.-. 'ul-.5 ' KATHERINE SMITH , 6 A YZF' President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer wg' MISS JAQUELIN MARSHALL Sponsor CLASS MOTTO: "With such a comrade, such a friend, I fain would walk till journey's end CLASS COLORS: Blue and Silver. Class History i Adams, Mary Allen, Martina Anderson, Inez Nickname: "Olive" Nickname: "Tina" Nickname: "Blackie" ' Ambition: To marry Ambition: Missionary Ambition: To get out of Tubman A ,,.., Pet pecve: Rivals Pet Deeve: Diacritical marks Pet pecve: Studying -,gg ,gn rl g' 'ff' 'V' Pet pleasure: Boys Pet pleasure: Reading and Pet pleasure: Boys 1 1 Activities: Student Patrol. Movies , - . "' W . Activities: Student Council: An- """ - ., nualStaff,1.2. ', K'-.7 ' Ballard, Ann Barnes, Frances Barrett, Mary Nickname: "Annie" Nickname "Fanny" Nickname: "Mamie" Ambition: Finish chewing the Ambition: Nurse Ambition: Work the square root .- f nail oft' the left forward leg Pet pecve: Going to work of nothing 'Q' "' 1, at " 'V- of my desk Pet pleasure: Sleeping. Pet peeve: Men in general U 1 Pet pecve: French teachers Pet pleasure: Giggling and eat- Y., qj Pet pleasure: Annoying teachers ing " IL, Activities: Victory Corps. Activities: Senior Class Presi- " ' I 'H' h dent. Q W' Wu' 'i' Bassing, Peggy Beck, Earline Beneteau, Elizabeth Nickname: "Peggy" Nickname: "Beck" Nickname: "Libby" Ambition: Physcal Ed. Teacher Ambition: Tu succeed Miss Ambition: Beauty operator ,.. -. Pet peeve: Studying Pearce in DCT Pet pecve: Rainy days at Tub- "' "' ..: 7, ? g Pet pleasure: Sailors Pet pe-eve: Books man ,. , A Activities: Pres. Athletic Coun- Pet pleasure: Saying, "Oh, Pet pleasure: Parties V-v ' " 9, cil: Year-book Staff: Vic- Yeah l". Activities: Red Cross Rep.: Vic- A , ' " .Q- wpy Corps. tory Corps. "' W. N V 1 , 'ff ' L. Berry, Christine Bivens, Marilyn Boatwright, Martha i Nickname: "Chrissy" Nickname: "Tomboy" Nickname: "I"rigid" Ambition: To get M.R.S. degree Ambition: Navy nurse Ambition: To set thc world on Pet peeve: Comfetition Pet pecve: Caught chewing gum fire f N fx ., - Pet pleasure: Furloughs Pet pleasure: Jitterbugging Pet pt-eve: To be called "Frigid" as fn f 4: -" V' Activities: Red Cross Rep.: Stu- Activities: Sports: Victory Pet pleasure: Ashby. 6' dent Council: Latin C'lub. Corps. 'f' ,,, ' ,Uv cz? Q9 f ..4 A, sw. L. 1 5 . Bradley, Fay Dora Britton, Marilyn Burke, Mildred A X' Nickname: "Lil Abncr" Ambition: To learn to drive Nickname: "Millie" Ambition: To double talk so fast Pct peeve: Washing venetian Amhiton: Telephone operator that I won't need my basic blinds Pct pe-eve: Homework 3 S .R 6 -, -Q- English Pet pleasure: To receive mail Pet pleasure: Eating lemons. "' "' Pet pecve: Not talking Activities: Student Council: '-' ,H Pet pleasure: Talking. Capt. Student Patrol: Girl 'S' Q, " Reserves: Victory Corps. ,,- , .V ' Bussey, Sally Carter, Georgia Cave, Anne Nickname: "Presb" Ambition: Nurse Nickname: "Chocolate" Ambition: lie a life-long debu- Pet peeve: Work Ambition: Own a pair of ny- tanto Pet pleasure: Study Halls Ions 3 ,,,, .2 6. -. Pet, peeve: Hysterics Activities: Honor Society. l'1't peeve: Getting up "' "' "t Pet pleasure: Athletics Pct pleasure: Sleeping and eat- ,. vf, - Activities: Honor Society. ing -- T ,w Activities: Senior Class Vice- V Vi' I'i'esident: Athletic Council. Q, f- 'x-an Chambers, Hilda Cheros, Eugenia Connell, Harriette Nickname: "Penny" Nickname: "Genia" Nickname: "Wallin-" f, S Ambition: Graduation Ambition: Singing secretary Ambition: To finish high school -A ng H' 55 Pet pecve: School Pet peeve: The Honorable sons Pet pf-eve: YVork "' 'Q' -2 gf Pet pleasure: Aviators of Nippon Pet pleasure: Sailors -af ,,. Activities: Victory Corps. Pet pleasure: Sports Activities: Victory Corps: Red G Activities: Glee Club: Red Cross Cross Rep. 'N' ' l v ' LJ Dorn, Frances Drawdy, Ullainee Edgar, Mary Ellen ' Nickname: "Big Eyes" Nickname: "Dwarf" Nickname: "l"okie" Ambition: Nurse Ambition: To shoot the bull, to Ambition: Missionary GT- 5 ' A - Pet peeve: Boys chase the det-rs, to chew the l'et pt-eve: Gheniistry iff' " ' Pet pleasure: Listening to girls' rag with all l'el pleasure: Brown eyes. ,. gossip. Pet pei-ve: living short I '- x EQ: Pet pleasure: Could it be golf? -- ' Activities: Athletic Council. , Eubanks, Helen Aida Fields, Elmo Garland, Grace Nickname: "Red" Nickname: "Saint" Nickname: "Gracie" Ambition: Singer Ambition: Dietitian .-Xniliilion: To travel Pet Deeve: Washing dishes Pet pecve: People who bitt- their Pet In-eve: Studying -Q v . Pet Pleasure: Singing nails l's-I pleasure: Movies. H' ' Activities: Glec Club: Student Pet pleasure: Chewing gum , - - A , Council. Activities: Sports. 'Qi' .7- . i t -- - .Af,,,,,- .. lrlflirti fwzrw .1 Comri,1e forgo gi -rg 1 " "- ' 1 l ' 3 i ii Y ,ii 1 f Q i Jiri .-10,130 wjlig till Jcggrrigo 3 -gon t ' l I V l 'r- A ,ff Y i 1 1 i Tyjpflt if iw V Y iw 1,1 f l it f f f - --if , l l +3 'W it I ,-, gi -.V 1 l l: - i"'l Ou S 0 D ts -4 'r 'ijg 1' f-:vin H, 4: 2 fa. 4' '3- 4, Q G' L 1 'f?:l:lL..- A 1-s Z? A ,,, ,, m 4 1-f t 4 ft' l J - if .,' " it ,xr -Us ,p , - " Q- .,".f" :lit f ' .1 T: .C 1 TJ- TI A, -9 by .. ii' A. 1 -I ik..tc"' x ,- 4 2 J me ,,. .. L, S Q 'qi Y 1. V' '.' ' H131 'S K at 5: 0 K .,t I I .5...J wiv .,,,f W -" f '- w l 2- of . 4 6- Fi E 915' 5.4 -35 uf ' so - f iuL"""'l'. 2 ST , , 4. nv -. AGN P? ... L ,Pj 'Nr Y nt' - N If 'v- ... I S- -? ' TZ" half n Class History Broome, Carolyn Nickname: "Broome and Char- les" Ambition: To uet out nf Tulu- man l'et p--eve: A certain teacher's disposition l'et pleasure: VVeek-ends Activities: Glee Club: Sports: Girl Reserves: Victory Corps. Causey, Mary Nickname: "Navy Girl" Ambition: Nurse Pet peevc: Getting up Pet pleasure: Entertainini: Activities: Tubman Choir. cook, Billie Nickname: "Billie" Ambition: To graduate l'et Det-ve: School l'et pleasure: Movies. Dowd, Theresa Nickname: "Jack" Ambition: Home Economist l'et pet-ve: I-lmzlish l'et pleasure: Baseball: basket- ball Activities: Student Council: Sports. Dunn, Juanita Nickname: "Shorty" Amhition: Get M,R.S. degree l'et peeve: Man-less days l'et pleasure: Drane. Farriba. Anne Nickname: "Farribee" Ambiton: Flyer Vet peeve: Studying: l'et pleasure: Dancing, Gunter, Frances Nickname "Franc" Ambition: To keep Miss Comey in Study Two for twenty- four hours and not let her oo to the library once. l'et pet-ve: To know my lessons l'et pleasure: Eating: Activities: Choir. Hartley, Andrienna Ambition: Designer l'et pet-ve: Term reports l'et pleasure: Reading but not for rcliorts Activities: Student Council. Jones. Mary Ellis Nickname: "Shorty" Ambition: l-'inish hiuh school l'et lteeve: VVashinL: dishes l'et pleasure: Ret-eivint: mail from sailors Activities: Victory Corps: Slu- dent Patrol. Burdashaw, Agnes Nickname: "Ax:uie" Ambition: Incorporate my pri- vate business, liurdashaw Excuse Writing: Co. l'et p--eve: Kl'F.'Iiil1ll still l'et pleasure: Askini: questions Activities: Glen' Club. Chavous, Edith Nickname: "l4londie" Ambition: Nurse Pet peeve: Gettnn: up l'et pleasure: Furloutfhs Activities: Victory Corps: Student. Patrol. Davidson, Peggy Nickname: "Pell" Ambition: Own a I'-3:4 and a Squadron of I5-2-l's l'et peeve: Nvriting themes l'et pleasure: Talkinll Activities : Home Ec. Cllubi Honor Society 3 Camera Club: l'res. Soph. Class : Girl Reserves: Athletic Coun- cil, Dozier, Beverly Nickname: "Bev" Ambition: To get rich l'et peeve: Getting: up in the morning: l'et pleasure: Sleepinir Activities: Glee Club: Honor Society: Home Ec. Club. Durden. June Nickname: "Ulm" Ambition: Violinist l'et peeve: Sitting home week- end nights l'et pleasure: Sailors and a "mail boy." Grammer, Fay Ambition: I'ilot l'et pf-eve: Staying home l'et pleasure: Sports Activities: Victory Uorps: Stu- dent Council: Glee Club: Archery Club: Home Ee. Club: Girl Reserves. Halns, Vyvyan Nickname: "Jill" Ambition: To convince myself that the uniform is no more beautiful than the man l'et pet-ve: Studying l'et pleasure: Wimrs Activities: Choir. Hawn, Frances Nickname: "l"anny" Ambition: Laboratory techni- cian l'et pm-ve: Short men l'et pleasure: Ilancinu. Johnson, Ruth Nickname: "llunf-hy" Ambition: Nurse on a hospital ship l'et pet-ve: lieepinu my mouth shut l'et pleasure: lfussinu with any- body that will fuss back Activities: t'liairman Year-book Staff: Victory t'orps: Stu- dent 1'.itrol: Girl Reserves. Cato, Mildred Nickname: "Katie" l'et peeve: Are you kidding? l'et pleasure: Howling and horse- back riding' Activities: Stamp Rep.: Glee Club. Counts, Margaret Ambition: Go off to college l'et peeve: Snooty people Pe' pleasure: Swimming and softball. Dobyns, June Nickname: "Bones" Ambition: !l1'arry Pet peeve: Getting up in thc morninl: l'et pleasure: Eating banana splits. Dunaway, Betty Nickname: "Bet" Ambition: To be able to cook Pet peeve: Book reports Pet pleasure: Eating and sleep- ing Activities: Home Ec. Club. Farr, Adele Nickname: "Del" Ambition: To finish school l'et peeve: Studyng l'et pleasure: Sleepinz and eat- ini: Activities: Glee Club: Choir: Dramatic Club 1 Student Patrol. Graves, Martha Nickname: "Gravy" Ambition: To be able to speak Spanish Pet peeve: Studying Pet pleasure: Medical students Activities: Athletic Council. Hardin, Doris Nickname: "Dottie" Ambition: To graduate l'et Deere: Chocolate cake Pet pleasure: Mail: Movies. Ivey, Margaret Nickname: "Butch" Ambition: Cadet Nurse l'et Int-eve: VVACS I'--t pleasure: Artruintl Activities: Glee Club: Dramatic Cllllli Sports: Red Cross Rep. Johnson, Georgia Ambition: Go to colletze l'et peeve: People who make ex- cuses tu get out of things l'et pleasure: Collectint.: paper dolls Activities: Honor Society: Stu- tleht Patrol. Class History Garrett, Josephine Gavalas, Kaliope Gleason, Joyce Nickname: "Pete" Nickname: "Penny" Nickname: "JG" - Ambition: To have my "private" Ambition: Vocalist Ambition: To be "his" ideal 6, home Pct pet-vc: Getting: up in .hc l'et pct-ve: titb p--riotl on Friday '2 5' Pct peevc: Lonesomi-ness morning Pet pleisure: Vcrn I , Pet pleasure: Week-ends Pet pleasure: Sleeping Activitits: Glee Club: Victory I I-, Activities: Latin Club: Girl Activities: Glee t'.ub: Home lic. Corps: Student Patrol: 7, . ' Reserves: Victory Corps. Club: Student Patrol. Year-Book Staff. , Q . 1 4 lit. , W Goldberg, Lea Grimaud, Cornelia Grobe, Martha Ambition: Decorator Nic'1namc: "Cr,-rnie" Nicknanio: "l"lossie" Pet peeve: Grittini: teeth Ambition: To graduate Ambition: Nurse Pet pleasure: Danciniz. Pit peeve: Snoopin: people l'et peeve: Read books 7 Pct pleasure: Chewing: mini. Pet pleasure: Drawing Q 6 ,s ,s 'lr 5: Activities: Student Patrol: 2 r -'N 'H t'lt-c L-'lubc Girl Reserves. " ' I'-f ' :A W x ' ' 'iw ' We it Se .ilswud Hagin, Doris Hardy, Suzanne Havird, Caroline Ambition: To be an excellent Nickname: "Susie Q" Nickname: "Carolina" typist Ambition: To sim: 10th octave Ambition: To live up to Miss ,' Pet peeve: Gettin! up so early above hiirh LJ Kin:'s standards Pet pleasure: Goinu to Greene's P1-t peeve: General run of things Pet peevv: Homework '2 as 'LI' f' , 7 at night. Pt-t pleasure: West Point I'et pleasure: Eatim: and 'K' Activities: Student Patrol. Activt.es: Pres. Honor Soi-it-ty. sleeping. .I " "' sv:-:r 'S Q7 .., --'f I 'Nw Hendrix, Betty Hennies, Margarite Hutto, Mary Jane 1 g ,.,z'Q "f Nickname: 'Snookums" Nickname: "Blondie" Nickname: "Hut" . ,45- Anibitiun: To lout' and have fun Ambition: Go North Ambition: To get married v , Pet peeve: Studyini: lessons Pet peevc: Intelliuent people Pet peeve: Girls flirting with ' ,,. Pct pleasure: Eatini: Pet pleasure: Basketball. the ltoy I like Activities: Student Patrol. Pct lilcaslirt-: Dancing fr ,.. ,- Activitit-sz Honor Society: Pres. CJ. sv- H- 6, vit 4' Student Council: Pres. ' 7 Fresh. Class: tilee Club: Girl , ' " 'f' 5 'Q' ' Reserves: Victory tl-rpsg ' f' .. S Camera Club: Home lic. ,J .77 :XM Club. 8 A I L . V' James, Margaret Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Eva Sue t'li'i' Nickname: "Jack" NK-knaiiie: "Baby" Ambition: Go to college Ambition: To mirry Ambition: To marry Pct pt-eve: Translate "Sans g Pct peeve: Coming to school Pet peevc: Work Familie" f Y, - if ' Q early Pet pleasure: Boys. Pct pleasure: Pressing: flowers. Q we i 7-X "' ' 6' Pct pleasure: Dancing: 7. Q7 if I Activities: Student Patrol. ll, 3 ' ' s sa '- Jordan, Ruth King, Mary Koger, Maebelle ' "M Nickname: "Snooks" Nickname: "Meowii-" Nickname: "Van" Ambition: Secretary Ambition: Telephone operator Ambition: Adventure and travel Pet peeve: Cuttinz off my finger Pet pet-ve: Tir have Miss liradvly Pet pet-ve: Listen to girls' love nails for Miss King. wake me up problems N Pet pleasure: Chewing grum. Ptt pleasure: Holidays Pvt pleasure: Talkini: in the 5 wg 1,447 Activities: Glee Club, Library. ad bs ' l 3 vt Activities: Stamp Rep.: Home , , ,sg- Hv. Club: Rt-rl Cross Rep, ,foggy 1 NY , i Koger, Shirley Lang, Phyllis Lauthner, Betty Nicknam.: "Squii'relie" Nickname: "Phyl" Nickname: "Freddie" Ambition: Meet Miss Meyer in- Ambition: Private secretary Ambition: To breathe air out ol' stead of St. Peter at the Pet pet-ve: Morton Downey flat tires -x PE-ay-ly Gate-5 Pet pleasure: Singing. Pct pt-eve: Coming to school "' 'Q g 'LR -1. Pet peevc: A br.ii:i:er I Pet pleasure: Medical students. , .,.x Pet pleasure: Banana splits -s Activities: Honor Society. 3 "1" "Ho, .... 1 Little, Louise Lum, Mildred Lackman, Gloria ' Nickname: "Ludic" Nickname: "Mil" Nickname: "Slim" Ambition: To be his "Paper Ambition Typist Ambition: Get niarried Doll" Pet pt-eve: Frank Sinatra Pct Peeve: lieinu' nlomosticatt-tl - ,- 1 Pet pet-ve: Seeing him with Pet pleasure: Movies l'et-plczisurei Sports 3 gs . " " , A' '- someone else Activities: Student Council. AL'IlX'lllr'sZ Home Ec. Club, . -,-c 1 Pet pleasure: Furlouohs 7 3 ' Activities: Student Council! "Q7'x' :sw Red Cross Rep. , . ' '. 7 A . x I l 5 ' Lanier, Edna Lanier, Eula Martin, Margie Ambition: To net a man Ambition: To Iii- :i nurse Nickivmie: "llfl:irue" Url pggvog Homt-work IH-1 pt-f-vc: tiottinu up to conic ftmbilion: To lt--ep my sailor ili pe! pleastlrez To xgossip to school home port ,tt c 7 Activities: Honor Society. Pet pleasure: lmulitlli: out of l't-t ive:-ve: School " 2 6, , fr 1 window in study hall Pet ple.-sure: Sailors ,Vx Activities: Victory Corps, -Xetixiti-s: Stamp and Rt-d Cross f""' 4-' . -.. lteprvsentative. , 'T' I ar 1- dh... md - - ' ' l ,A 7,7 777 7 77777 7 77 77V7 777 77 SUI T' fl if' AV." "' fl 74 ' " 77 " El' fl, i t ss e , 7 i 4 s-f air. yt Nj .-.Jw ti :ui G-. era. l l l J vivo quijri J .jgmrgigie CljClil :J rmerir, , W " , ii - l i l - J iwui :Q-O 1.1 Q-.J P, till lOtiw'ri'9Ll Q QVM, psf- a f- ,-K -V nn ' Q 2- -n ,.-- 2:- 'Ci -DY. -Igj x-15 G- g-,J C 4,71- -Ni. 2 T' 93' fs-' C' 'ur .Li A x - If ffa ,.-f , t is I 4-Q qv- prev- 1-' 'Q -.Z J. 'D ,Ls .Adm pr.-,,, A-fi 15- 7061 ,- avg' f ti N , 'F- is 3 ,Q 4- .14 2 . f-I YSL , 7276- 'c'- 1 -S' .y L W '28 N4 3' .x,-. man t '57 ,A 19 'D7 -4 49 ru.: J fr if F? Class History Martin, Virginia Nickname: "Jinka" Ambition: Missionary Pet pceve: Spanish Pct pleasure: Driving. Meads, Dorothy Nickname: "Dot" Ambition: Teletyp ist Pet peeve: Prank Sinatra Pet pleasure: Skating. M erritt, Mary Nickname: "Smouchie" Ambition: Be a violin bow so I can squeak legitimately Pet peeve: Just anything Pet pleasure: Dancing Activities: Glee Club. Miller, Edith Nickname: "Dimples" Ambition: Nurse Pet peevc: Receiving letters Pet pleasure: Walking Activities: Tubman Choir. Morris, Dorothy Nickname: "Daffo" Ambition: Publish a book with pin-up-buys in it Pet pcc-ve: Hurrying Pet pleasure: Drawing Activities: Year-book Staff. McCall, Maxine Nickname: "Blondie" Ambition: Kindergarten tcacher Pet Deeve: Work Pet pleasure: Eating Activities: Year-book Staff. Nance, Betty Nickname: "Nan" Ambition: Raise blue orchids Pet Leeve: Sq. rt. 1944.0 Pvt Pleasure: Collecting 1000's of silver bracelets. Pace, Virginia Nicknamc: "Gin" Ambition: Housewife Pi-t pc-eve: Work Pet pleasure: Bc with a certain M a ri n e. Patterson, Miriam Nickname: "M'im" Ambition: Own 1 fleet of P. T. boats Pet pc-eve: Writing themes Pet pleasure: Eating Activities: Honor Socictyl Homc Plc, Club. Camera Club, Girl Reserves: Studi-nt Pa- trol. Maxwell. Anna Nickname: "Giant" Ambition: Buy a farm so I can raise cain without :It-ttini: a ilcmerit Pet peevez Big feet Pet pleasure: Dancing Activities: Basketball. Meadows. Betsye Nickname: "Monkey" Ambition: Finish school Pet peeve: Bragging people Pet pleasure: Collecting cups and pitchers. Middleton, Betty Nickname: "Betsy Wetsy" Ambition: Off to college Pet peeve: Snooty people Pet pleasure: Basketball: Swim- ming. Montgomery, Helen Ambition: Teletypist Pet peeve: School Pet pleasure: Skating. Murphy, Andrina Nickname: "Tangerine Ambition: To get out of Tubman Pet peeve: Coltl weather Pet pleasure: Popping gum. McGill, Dorothy Jean Nickname: "Dot" Ambition: Navy Air Hostess Pet peevc: To be called "Pit-UZYH Pet pleasure: Rushing to school to see a certain someone Actvities: Victory Corps. Ogletree. Agnes Nickname: "Aggie" Ambition: Housewife Pet peeve: Rainy days at Tub- man Pet pleasure: Popping gum Activities: Student Patrol. Parks. Dorothy Nickname: "Dot" Ambition: To be chief telephone operator Pet pcvve: Washing dishes Pet pleasure: Getting out of washing dishes. Pearre, Ann Nickname: "Drip" Ambiton: Book keeper Pvt lfeevc: To be quiet in class Pct pleasure: Chewing gum Activities: Home Ec, Club. W i i May, Virginia Nickname: "Sammy" Ambition: Finish school Pet pi-cve: Snooty people Pet pleasure: Sailors. Menger, Louise Nickname: "Gooty" Ambition: Marry Pet Deere: No mail Pet pleasure: Clothes Activities: Student Patrol: Glee Club: Choir. Middleton, Frances Ambition: Finish college Pet pc-eve: Cold, rainy day in Feb. Pet pleasure: Reading Activities : Athletic Council 2 Senior Service Scout: Sports. Morgan, Louise Nickname: "Lou" Ambition: Pilot Pet peeve: Snooty People Pet pleasure: Swimming and basketball. Myers, Dorothy Nickname: "Dot" Ambition: Teacher Pet peeve: Geometry Pet plcasure: Driving. McKeown, Dorothy Nickname: "Dot" Ambition: To get married Pct neeve: Coming to school Pet pleasure: Cutting school Activities: Glee Club: Victory Corps. Owens. Margie Nickname: "Sweater Girl" Ambition: Nurse Pet Deeve: School Pet pleasure: Eating Activities: Girl Reserves. Parks, Julia Nickname: "Judy" Ambition: To get out of THS l'et pet-ve: Coming to school Pet pleasure: Playing hookey. Pendleton, Rosalie Nickname: "Rosa" A Ambition: To be a Marine wife Pct pt-evo: Mailless days l'i-t plcfisure: Skipping school Activities: Victory Corps: Stu- ilent Patrol. Pereyra, Jewell Nickname: "Guinea" Ambition: Housewife Pet peeve: Have Miss King say that you have one minute lonller Pet pleasure: Eating. Poole, Barbara Nickname: "Bobbie" Ambition : Nurse Pet peeve: Miss Bearden's love for French Pet pleasure: Swimming Activities: Junior Class officer Quinn, -Betty Lee Nickname: "Betsy" Ambiton: Stenotlrapher Pet Deeve: Poppins lfllm Pet pleasure: Playing the oiann Activities: Co-cant., Student Pa- trol: Glee Club. Rheney, Martha Ambition: Translator for a 'adio station Pet peeve: Good humor man who cries on the nearest shoulder Pet pleasure: Swimminxz. Rose, Ann Nickname: "Rosc-Y" Ambition: To cu.tivate a Ten- nessee drawl Pet peeve: School Pet pleasure: To get lost in a "Forrest". Russell, Jewell Nickname: "Half-pint" Ambition: Finish school Pet Deeve: Stay home Pet pleasure: Dancinxz. Scott. Vita Nickname: "Vitamin" Ambition: Housewife Pet peeve: Getting up early Pet pleasure: Receiving.: letters from overseas. Slusky, Sara Belle Nickname: "Sadie" Ambition: Come to school robed in Minerva's sarontz Pet peeve: Chemistry class with- out a question Pet pleasure: Ask question in Chemistry Activities: Glee Club. Smith, Katherine Nickname: "Kitty" Ambition: Be president uf U, S. Pet pi-eve: Earrings at school Pet pleasure: Poppinx: gum Activities: Senior Class officer: Student Patrol. Class History Perry, Dorothy Nickname: "Pinky" Ambition: Nurse Pet peeve: Nu mail or male Pet pleasure: Dancing Activties: Tubman Choir: Glee Club. Potter, Josephine Nickname: "Jo Jo" Ambition: Launch a ship Pet peeve: Exams Pet pleasure: Three R's, radio. ridinyr and rhythm Actvities: Home Ec. Club: Ar- chery Club. Redish, Barbara Nickname: "Bobbie" Ambition: To be a Navy wife Pet peeve: Alarm clocks Pct pleasure: Male c'xll Activities: Student Patrol: Glee Club 3 Student Council: Stamp Rep.: Red Cross Rep. Robinson, Vivian Ambition: Graduate Pet peevc: Studying Pet pleasure: Rest-ss Aclfvities: Victory Corps. Rowe, Vivian Nickname: "Pete" Ambition: Private Secretary Pet peeve: Do homework Pet pleasure: Going Activities: Girl Reserves. Scott, Ann Ambition: Pass typing: Pet Deeve: Car slashing: mud on me Pet pleasure: Driving. Seigler, Lulyanne Nickname: "Lou" Ambition: Just Loaf Pet pecve: Teachers in fleneral Pet pleasure: Loafiml Activities: Glee Club: Student Patrol. Smalley, Dorothy Nickname: "Dot" Ambition: M. R. S. decree Pet peeve: Takim: dictation from Miss King Pet pleasure: Going Activities: Girl Reserves. von Sprecken, Mary Chase Nickname: "Chase-y" Ambition: Invcnt sonit-thinu' in keep my nose warm on cold days Pet peevc: No elevators -it THS Pct pleasure: The Navy Activities: Girl Reserves: Stu- dent Council I Home lic. Club. Camera Club, Philpot, Anne Nickname: "Annie Fannie" Ambition: Study medicine Pet pteve: Miss Comey's love of order Pet ple sure: Dancing: and driv- ing. Price, Mary Ann Nickname: "Annie" Ambition: Learn to memorize as Miss Marshall says Pet peevc: Studying Pet pleasure: Dancimz. Reeves. Margaret Nickname: "lV1'amie" Ambition: Get M. R. S. deurce Pet peeve: Be in Miss t'omey's study hall. I c. n't cven whis- per Pct pleasure: Riding Activities: Girl Reserves. Rogers. Dorothy Nickname: "Dot" Ambition: Typist Vet pt-eve: Cats and docs Pet pleasure: Reading Activities: Student Patrol. Rupert, Mary Ambition: To visit California Pet pe-eve: Washinu dishes Pet pleasure: Fussing with my sister. Scott, Loyce Nickname: "Rusty" Ambition: To be an Army wife Pct peeve: Mail-less days Pet pleasure: Cutting study hall M-tivities: Red Cross Rep.: Stu- dent Council: Home EC. Club. Sisson, Doris Nickname: "Judy Ambition: Typist Pet peeve: History I'et pleasure: Typing Activities: Victory Corps: Stu- dent Council. Smaragdis, Mary Nickname: "Little Gus" Ambition: Tram-I on the sea of matrimony with a sailor for my vuide Pet peevc: Themes llct pleasure: Cutting: up and sleeping. Stephenson. Ruth .-Xmbitiou: To marry an English- man l'tt lecvet Homework l'et pltasure: Eat Activities: Victory Corps. 'ia Sr W. sr as fr 'C' if ,N ,. ,- ? Q: sw ,qw 90 L f ' -- . s.. hs...-H .f. .t . 5' 1 1 f"f.x .am ' 3 R ir.. :- 'Wi ' 24 6 sz. z! .Z S. .,.. V '--av, ' Q..-. . -.,... kk... ff. SR Z: 31 V 101,001.1 ' -v ... ' '3 4:-r C27 H ' l .C V ik.. J 'R 'K' .6 we 4. ,s. -- 'G ir AW-9 ., ' P -, H --.w ' .?s...J ...C as vs. 3 "' as F V ,Ji "' y w..f' H 'H If--wt 1 ps - 'N 45 -5- S- la, .15 8 H C x -I LJ s 1 2 12 "' 2 J 1: 1 . QF' .s-. f f l - . f Y Y YYY V A i W, igifiliii Emil? F ""v'flj1'? S .' 7 l' 1 i t P css..- C . X C. , tam -.tC'l.,' J v.J.l:, til ji ir' .. J iff : ' .1 'TEES' ,, ,,, i , 1 ' .L su'-fi Q S- .: fs 3 5 1... Q A A- f' X' , Q 3 lp: fi " ri' i"' . L ,L W' 1 L Q , . Az m i ,.- 6. 2 ' I: 5: Y. s 6: 1- a--: ga, ' '- 27 49 -.- n N ,..,N 4-4- ,- in Class History Swancy, Julia Nickname: "Refi" Ambition: To travel Pet pocve: Studying Pet pleasure: Dancinxl Activities: Glce Club: Year-hook staff: Archery Club. Tompkins. Adrienne Nickname: "Nut" Ambition: Date a certain someone Pet peeve: Studying: I'et plt-asure: Datimr. Washington. Betty Nickname: 'tLittle Georut-" Ambition: Lah. Technician Pet peeve: Snuoty people Pet pleasure: Swimming. Williams. Grace Nickname: "Shorty" Ambition: M. R. S. tleuree Pet peeve: Doing extra work for chexvin: cum Pet pleasure: Goin! anil ridin! Activities: Girl Reserves. Wong. Lillian Ambition: Tn make thc honor Thompson. Elease Ambition: Gi-t marricd Pct lweve: A certain it-achcr Pet lileasurez Movies. Trussell. Audrey Ambition: Learn how to spell Pet pec-ve: A certain teacher to say for me to take the pencil out of my mouth Pet pleasure: The 2 o'clock bell. Welch, Mary Ellen Nickname: "I'laitls" Ambition: Nurse Pet Dt-eve: Geometry Pet pleasure: Boys. Wilson, Lenora Nickname: "Nora" Aml.ition: To get out nf Tuliman Pet Feevei Doing' shorthanil homework Pet pleasure: Skatinu. Wood. Helen Amhition: Slim: shorthanil Tice. Marceline Nickname: "Johnny" Amlntion: Housewife Pet Neve: Paul Pet pl--asurc: Datinir. Walden. Joyce Nickname: "Blondie" Ambition: Housewife l'et pee-ve: Getting: up early Pt! hleisure: Movies and sailors Activities: Athletic Council: Victory Corps. Wilensky, Shirley Nickname: "Sherrye" Ambition: Run a nylon factory Pet peeve: Frank Sinatra Pet pleasure: V-Male Activities: Dramatic Club: Home Ec. Club: Honor Society: Year-book Staff. Wong, Elizabeth Nickname: "NVongie" Ambition: Go to collele Pet peeve: Stuck-up girls Pet pleasure: Sleeping Wright, Marian Nfclaname: "Taillii-!ht" I ' roll curves like Miss Kin: A:nh.tion: To be a sailor 1' ts Pet peeve: School Pet pet-ve: Symphony stuff Pct pu-ve: Miss ling: to tell me " 1 Q- Pet pleasure: Funny hooks Pet pleasure: Ridini: around to uuit talking and pay at- , . , Activities: Glee Club: Home Plc. with Jack tt-ntion Q. ' Y 5 Cluh. Activities: Glee Cluh: Student Pet pletsure: Eating: and " I- Council: Girl Rt-serves: slt-erin! -E Sports. Activities: Student Council: . N'-ggi Student Patrol. Wright. Mildred Van Pelt. Constance Young. Frances Nickname: "Mildew" Nickname: "Connie" Nj.-kname: "Frankie" 1 I, Amliiiion: Install automatic Anihition: Housewife Pvt pet-veg Miss 3 bus -v ,N 2 vs - fp vvintloivs Su Miss Comey Pet peeve: Rainy weather Pet pleasure: Roller skating. ' xvon't have to stretch so far Pct pleasure: Dancinu. ' ' Y f h Pet pe-eve: Ht-ar fingernails Y 7 -- v - scrapeil on the blackboard Pet pleasure: Gossiping: "' A Activities: Girl Reserves: " Victory Corps: HtnHtC Ec. Club: Camera Cluli. v '54 ' Youn Pat 9. sy Youngblood. Betty f- 'N .. .. , ,, n Q Nickname: Pat Ambition: Secretary to the - - 2 3 Amhition: Typist prt-side-nt Pet pt-eve: Those that like that Pet pt-cve: For Miss King to say. I-if - sxvooner-crooner "one minute to go" on a " Pet pleasure: Skatinfr. snorthand exam. ' 4 Pet rleasure: Choxvinu gum in Miss Kimfs room. :lt Carstarphen. Margie Eubanks. Helen Arline Nickname: "L'::t:ie" Nickname: "XYht-el" - .ss f Ambition: To argue succi-s. .-Xniliition: Housewife 3 6' 'X fully about politics Pet pet-vi-: Nu mail Pet pt-eve: None Pet pleasure: Sailor is ,.. l'et pleasure: Pet pi-exe. Activitii-sz Glee Cluhp Victory Corps. Senlors . . . Not Pictured Bennett. Annell Eubanks. Jewell Higginbotham. Dorothy Rushing. Clara M. Terry. Dorothy Berman. Bernice Greene. Mary Howell. Betty Jean Scott. Ann Timmerrnan. Mary Helen Boles. Beverly Hale. Joyce Lee, Edna Ruth Smitherman. Betty Usry. Lucille Cartledge. Dorothy Hardeman. Olivia Parkerson. Avonell Stevens. Lillian Welch. Mary Agnes Paschal, Joa fine Senior Superlatives PEGGY BASSING ' 'Wwf' ix 4,, X .R . I I, - A, .E ..,.. L ',1e.n, -. . -.n. Y SALLY BUSSEY -eg- MOST SCHOLARLY MARGIE CARSTARPH EN IX ,wp . 4'. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCCEED Nf.: -er' MISS TUBMAN HIGH PEGGY DAVIDSON an 7' IU! V9 ' 'fn-4-1 ,Q I . MOST POPULAR ANNE CAVE lifglix iff' V 1 MOST ATHLETIC 1 ffm, I'I I II+fI QUCIW .J fOV'rT'I'L7,I'? IQLIQIW :1 IPTIPI 1 I I I I I I I , I Iam 'nova walk. IUII JQUYIVIQII 5 em ,-1 .su .W 1 W ,, VN, . Senior Snapshots , '99 355' K rs., 9 fx - ' va . C , ' in ra of 1 v Fw rl, 171 F? -1 I t' Alma Mater ff' TUBMAN HIGH SCHOOL "The Black and Gold" by Velma Bell '25 Now We'll give a cheer for Tulmian. For thv school we love the most! Evermore we sing he-r praises, And her name shall be our boast. To the- top XVe'1l raise- hor colors, Ami lwr stzimlawls ever hold. Thwn let us give a rousing vlwm' For thv Tlllllllilll black :mtl sgultl. Then lvt us ,-:ive a rousing CIIPUI' For the Tulmizm black :mtl gold. CHORUS: So with voice-s loud and strunu. To he-r nanw we mist- at smnig. Fur to he-r mir hvarts lN'l0llLI. With il love- untold, Th+-11 wcfll 1-lie-wr for Tlllllllilll High! May hm-r spirit iwvvi' tlie-1 Vivttwiolts Illkly' fly Ile,-ai' alll llluck and gold, , I R ,NWN , , , , Us WH 'jwtjw .it C'ft'Y7Tf7f7v? g Af V1 Y Y T " F"" W" iw' t ' V t X-f 3 fjltfl ,-,tfttrlkl 1.7 W-, i ,jr 1' rg Z t + 'ltllllllj 1 Uklitiv such ci cormmatfie, such ta FT'lGV1J, ' l P J :nn xxtitlitti wall-g till joovmedls erm l l Prophecy Here Lieth The Senior Class, 1944 and Lieth and Lieth EPITAPHS FOR TUBMAN GRAVEYARD From ghoolies and ghosties and long- winded teachers And things that go knock on the desk- Good Lord, deliver us! ! l Here lies Miss Gilliland's Ford V-S. It was born too soon and died too late. Here lies Anne Cave. Her 9th husband put her in her grave. Here are the remains of Hutto, Mary Jane. The best chorus girl in the domain. Poor Ann Ballard-- If only she hadn't eaten that synthetic salad! I ' Here lies Barbara Poole. She died in horror of teaching' school. Here lies Mary Ellis Jones. May God rest hei weary bones. Life had ended for Mildred Luln. She swallowed too much chewing gum. This is what became of Loyce Scott She answered too many government forms. where, why and what. The end ol' Betty Hendrix is this: She fell off the desk-top yodeling Swiss. It was adios to Senorita Mary von Sprecken. She got tired ot' Spanish and just died, I reckon. Here lies Margie Carstarphen. She danced herself into her coffin. Here lies Marian Wright. She must not have seen that red light. Here we tind Sara Belle Slusky. She shouldn't have married a man so husky. Here rests Louise Little flown. No more can she thumb rides to town. This is the grave of Lillian VVonn. She was as short as her life was long. This's what becomes of girls like Elmo Fields. She tried to land her helicopter without any wheels. Here lies ltlarline Heck. Her head got disjointed stretching her neck. Here Mary Skip-Study liarrett doth lie- She shouts in her sleep, "XYhy, one reason why!" Here's the end of wee Jewell Russell. She got in this fix trying to hustle. Carolyn Havirfl, may she rest in peaceth Passed St. Peter by the skin of her teeth. llere's what became of Mary Greene: Her nose is still stuck in a magazine. This is what happened to Maxine McCall. She broke her jaw yelling YOU-ALL in the hall. Dorothy Morris drew in her line And gave up the ghost on a tombstone design. Here sleeps Kitty Smith serene Like she slept in class at sweet sixteen. Jewell Pereyra here makes her bed- "Too much lipstick licked her," Miss Clark said. Shirley Koger. the Angels say. Was a first class she-cop in her day. VVhat became of Phyllis Lang? She argued with a battleship-hang! hang! hang! Here's the place where Quinn was interred But she talked herself out of it, so l've heard. Avonell Parkerson now is a hant Teaching the Freshmen to chew and rant. Where in this world is Ullainee? She sho' ain't here. Tl1at's plain to see. Caroline Broome is here deceased. But like Abou Ben Adaln, her tribe increased. Here are the light-bulbs from Room No. 20 so light. We never did use them: we were all so bright. Buried herc-with are the shades of Senior C 39. All turned to ribbons by the shorthand of time. To the rest of the Seniors-your space is "resolved," We'l1 ghost-write you an epitaph when you say the "woid," and On our toombstone shall be wrote: Tubman Faculty got our goat. -Shirley Wilensky, G ravedigger. Tubmanac Futurity WEATHER REPORT The weather bureau advises us that we'd better think twice before flying over Mars today. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Now that Audrey Trussell has be- come a hat designer-what will be- come of hats! ! ! "Censored" WOULD YOU BELIEVE ITS Mary Helen Tinimerinan took a position at Tubman High. as Miss Braddy's contemporary. Maxine Mc- Call has resigned as Congressman from Ga. She will be succeeded by Lucille Usry. Adele Farr is drawing Varga and Petty Girls with Betty Hendrix serving as model. Shirley Koger, tight-rope artist, got her start at Tulnnan balancing herself when she fell over a desk or two. Adrienne Tompkins has just pub- lished a book, Bicloride of Laven- der, a technical treatise on how to sever relations with foreign hus- bands. She ought to know. Fay Grammer. our well-known sociolo- gist, has figured out at last how to spell without the use of consonants or vowels. "For Sale" MUSIC LOVERS' CORNER Marilyn Britton, hydrochloric so- prano, gave a brilliant performance last night. She had the Local Trash- gatherers' Union No. SHI swooning. We feel sorry for Sinatra III. FL, PUBLISHED AT RANDOM "Military Secret" NOTORIOUS GUN MOLL AT LARGE Edna Lanier. gun moll for "Two- Gun Jerry", is still at large. Her sister, Eula Lanier, An1erica's most famous "Angel of Mercy" since Flo Nightingale, refuses to make any statement to the press concerning her sister. "Censored" YOU HAVE A DATE TO SEE Margie Carstarphen. She will ap- pear on the Vyvyan Hains 'Tele- vision Forporation tonight at eight doing her famous dance which she said she earned trying to get to class on time. . . Hear Suzanne Hardy, President of the Village Uplift So- ciety, speak on "Why Marry Early" . . . Attend the first revue starring the pupils of Mary Jane Hutto. suc' cessor to Arthur Mu1'ray. . . Inspect Joanne Paschal's institution for correction of pigeon toes. "Want Ad" LOST AND FOUND Found: An excellent opportunity to gain admittance in the Ga. Ina sane Asylum, by trying to under- stand this .... S. NV. "Reserved" ROUND THE WHEELS Martina Allen. train dispatcher at Grand Central Station. has order- ed Marian Wright out to Engine No. 99. The fireman on this train is Helen Wood. Wood and VVright got together in high school days, tap- ping 011 desks. This tapping signal has been substituted for ordinary train signals and is being taught the following Ilagwomen on the New York Central: Beverly Boles, Dorothy Higginbothain. Jewell Rus- sell, Ann Scott. Ruth Jordan and Ann Pearre. "For Rent" KEY-HOLE VIEWS Lillian Wong, renowned Empress of China, flies over to Augusta each week for a facial. Mary Barrett, as First Lady, is efficiently managing social affairs at the White House. Cornelia Grimaud has just taken Veronica Lake's place. Martha Graves is to be awarded the Nobel Prize for her invention of the flytrap. Christine Berry is Earl Carroll's latest tind. Barbara Redish has recently published her fifth book. Mine is the Lonely Heart. Hlvtis 'SLFIL .J tofrrwide g,,,gm .3 J-fi 1 1 , ' w ' 1- . I fain 'x'0u'6l miie, til, pm-re, . 1 Le 0 comvmfie :och 0 Fvwemi, W f 1 it 7-f am wot wa tim jooroeq 9 emci, Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class ot' Tnbman High School, 1944, being of sound health and feeble mind. do herein make our last will and testament: Article One: l. Betty Hendrix, do will and bequeath to Peggy Grealish, my blonde hair so that she won't have to peroxide hers. Article Two: I. Anna Maxwell. do will and bequeath to any tall person the task of raising windows and regulating radiators. Article Three: I. Patsy Young. do will and bequeath my southern accent to Barbara Landrum so she can be heard on 3rd floor. Article Four: I. Ann Rose, do will and bequeath my tlngerenails to Eugenia Arnett, in order that she will have something to bite when she takes her Senior exams. A1'ticle Five: I. Juanita Dunn, do will and bequeath my desk against the wall in D. C. T. class to Katherine Griffin. so that she will have a headrest when she goes to sleep. Article Six: I, Billie Cook, do will and bequeath my love for swoonjng over Frank Sinatra to Emily Webb. Article Seven: I, Anne Cave. do will and bequeath all tne chewing gum parked under my desk to Annette Bassing. Article Eight: l. Agnes Burdashaw. do will and bequeath to my Home Room. a room full of B's that will "sit down and stop talking when the iirst bell rings." A1'ticle Nine: I. Mildred Burke. do will and bequeath a bottle of ink to Miss Nachman to beat on the desk to her heart's content. Article Ten: I. Jewell Pereyra. do will and bequeath my complete make-up equipment to Miss Clark. Article Eleven: I. hula Lanier, do will and bequeath my broken desk in Study Two to Martha Gibbs. Article Twelve: I. Ullainee Drawdy. leave my ability to find my way to Medi- ial School during my tree periods to any body who can IIIRKE' use of it. Article Thirteen: I, Cornelia Grimaud. do will and bequeath my place in Chem. Lab. to Beulah Howaru, with hopes that one day she'll blow the whole p.ace up. Article lfourteen: I, Dorothy .lean Mr-Gill. do will and bequeath my ability tor cutting up worms to the Sophomore Class. Article Fifteen: I. Lulyanne Seigler. do will'and bequeath my desk in Miss Braddy's room to Mary Alice Cooper in hopes that the inscriptions on it will help her to endure English. Article Sixteen: l. Joyce Gleason, do will and bequeath my exceptional ability not to repeat history teachers to Dottie Jackson. Article Seventeen: I, Peggy Davidson, do will and bequeath my unique drawing ability to Mary Ann Foster to help her pass away the time in history class. Article Eighteen: We, Harriette Cornell. Helen Arlene Eubanks, Anti Farriba, Theresa Dowd, Mary Ellis Jones and Peggy Bassmg do will and bequeath to the luture Seniors, the honor and privilege of loving Uncle Sam's sailors. Article Nineteen: I, Ruth Johnson, do will and bequeath to Miss Halbert my chewing gum to be placed on her pupils' heads as punishment. Article Twenty: We. the Senior Cs, do will and bequeath our long fingernails to the new typing class and advise them to use them because Miss King insists on long nails for typing. Article Twenty-One: I. Shirley Wilensky, do will and bequeath my "Tubman Notes" to the scrap-paper drive. Article Twenty-Two: We. Mary Barrett. Sally Hussey and Betty Nance, do will and bequeath a bottle of glue to Frank Mays. Betty Phinizy and Emily Webb so they can stick together as much as we did. Article Twenty-Three: I. Miriam Patterson. do will and bequeath my English notes to Sarah Jane Farlow to help her avoid a crackup with Miss Braddy. Article Twenty-Four: I, June Durden. do will and bequeath all my money to Tnbman for the purpose of adding another wing to make the school co-ed. Article Twenty-Five: We. the Senior D's, do will and bequeath to the future Sr. D's our utmost love for Room 200. Article Twenty-Six: We. the Senior Latin students do leave and bequeath our Vergil books for next year's scrap drive and Asodopholus Que to Freshmen B's exclusively. Article Twenty-Seven: We, the Senior A's, do will and bequeath our con- tinous rivalry with the B's to the coming Senior A's. Signed, sworn to, sealed and delivered before us the nineteenth day of February. 194-l A. D. Witnessed by: Avonell Parkerson Mary Jane I-Iutto lllargnerite Ilennies Sally Hussey l"hyllis Lang Kaliope Gavalas Notarizcd by Shirley VVilensky. ,..,g t i g,, Senior Class Calendar for The Year 1943 44 September 7. 1943 October 15, 1943 October 22, 1943 November 16-19, 1943 November 25, 26, 1943 December 17, 1943 January 3, 1944 January 10,1944 January 12,1944 January 19. 1944 January 26,1944 February 22, 1944 March 3, 1944 March 31, 1944 April 6, 7, 1944 April 10,1944 April 14.1944 April 26, 1944 May 18, 1944 May 19, 1944 May 26, 194-4 May 28, 1944 June 1, 1944 Our Senior Year begins. We vote to have a year-book. End of first report period. Senior privileges! An unexpected vacation occurs: Rationing! Thanksgiving holidays! End of the second report period. Christmas vacation begins three days before schedule. School welcomes the New Year and reviews for term examinations. We vote for our superlatives! We order our invitations and caps and gowns. Lee's Birthday. Half-holiday. Vile don't feel it. Exams always close at noon. Second Semester begins. KVashington's Birthday. I-ialf-holiday. End of the Iirst report period. Kid-Day! Orchids and Lollypops. Oh Day. you are too short. Spring Holidays! NVe need them to get over Kid-Day. Senior Meeting: We plan to graduate. End of second report period. Memorial Day. We have a full holiday. Year-Book otf the Press! Also. end of the third report period. Second Term Examinations! VVe go formal: Senior Banquet and Junior-Senior Dance! Bon'Air. Commencement Sermon is preached by The Rev. Hamilton XVest. St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Tubman High School Commencement! XVe graduate at the Municipal Auditorium on such a night as dreams are made on. KV, K , K, Uiiih sooo ,J cijirnvmeie, goch 1 iii nl -W Y N Fjiri .-.'OL':r?l QLJM, iQi,l1' th such ci COVUTOCJG, Such a gvleooi, ,.X It ' ' U , gin vuoo!J vvatig HH journeq 9 end. Notes and Autographs Published by the Senior Class. May 18. 1944. Tubnian High School, Augusta. Georgia. to have and to hold from this day folth . . . and in appreciation for which we thank THE STAFF: Editor-in-Chief ,,,,,, Associate Editor 'VVVVVV Business Manager, , , Picture Editor , Art Editor, Literary Editor Feature Editor Circulation Manager, , , Ruth Johnson ' Swancy ,,,,,,AJ1i11a ,Ullainee Drawdy Peggy Bassing ,,tDorothy Morris Shirley Vililensky ,, Joyce Gleason Maxine McCall Ex-Officio: Senior Class Officers, Mary Barrett, President: Anne Cave. Vice-President: Katherine Smith, SPCTEIHl'Y'Ti'93SlIl'El'. Sponsor: Miss Jaquelin Marshall and Photo5.:ra ph er: BreaulI's Studio Engraver: Garden City Engraving Company Printer: XValton Printing Company Ji' MIAA, 'P Iv! I V, Vg I.',., 1I,Q',.,V4"'T 'Vig- hs' .V LI y1,V Tig LxsIfIIA'VVV I I In V Vx- V - --s' -V 15... . I .IV I, ' 0 'V -1' V. , , ., . Ex Q V Inf. I V -V .sII- 'VVLVI' ' "1 I' -V ik V.-,NG VII., n IV '71 11 V- n.f 'Ptah il 6' ' 'ri "" V V sf' ' Q51-1 ' .. V-.VV ef- V X l' I-' ' Q: ' ' . - - .H 1 ' ' ' 'Van' ft 'f' HLQT. I I Lg 'WR' L' fv ' A' . ffv ' f 'J 'ui' QV A' I't"."' ' ' , I , I. I . . I I I , I , I I . I HA ,',. aff II Vg . M,-I I I ,I JI., II wmv-I ,I I. IPI I. II 5 . VV vb -1 u .. --V .-V.V, I. - -VV -V V '4- - IV V. V - J , V, VV. H. .3 '11 ,V V. . ,swvif - V' V-'-V .x-1 W .1 -'V "' V. Il n - I Q -II - - IV I n I I -V 'f ' K ' ' ' : " I I -',I U. Q , 'u' J,II:rI 2. Ill V . -x g,VsggfQV 4 1 ,'I' VI ' ,:."-'-' " 1 V , V' .' f.,V'I ' ' ',' ' . , I' -Q 'I , ' V 'V . Q .V I 1 ' .,p In V ,I V . W -VV A ' a ,Q-I . x ' -V: rVI,' , Q'-. ' 'I- ,J -V. .J ww--, ,II V- lf,-uh . Vfvgji, I I1 S' V ' " - 'qv N. vi- 1 VV :IX I -Tj--'Lg -V I sf- ,- V 1' .VV ' , ,I-I I '-V. I at fxa- '4V 1 1 V -. 51,-,.I . , Q 'II' my ff. . V' :V - I. .'n. ' ' x V V ,I . fx ' ,eq N III VI N I - , , 'VI.Q,,uI, -III .V V ' R :Y - I -Q ' , 4 . . 'U 1. V F 2, . ., -V S., - . ' A , 'ff-P5 . v '- ' 5 5'If'u5.!7 SI. QI I ,N I 'o ' I nf. V, 1' ' - . ' .' ' 'w J. ' I. 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Suggestions in the Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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