Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1941

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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1941 volume:

D . A-.Q X A v V. ' . a. .I- ,s .-IA v ..,. 1-Q' yd xg, 7-1 ... 2 -7 ' -elf ,an , 0.5 If ' ' H I' ,.,1j 55 pf.: ,Fi .r "4 . ss' A l,. A j F3 11 ' yu. ,',,.. 5 ' y,-Il. . 3. .1 ,- , .T 1 +A . Z- Ji , 1.34 "ff, -'ruin' -'vi-9 . viz? X' A.-Z .f','., w 1 ,Hn I -h nb. .. ,.... , W ,. u ,: ', -f I in! A., . . Q ,,4 . '4 ' .V -.. Vf' 4 af , 'I 'igs .1 ,J-M214 'iff " Nga . . , ., . ,. . .."' ' 'rv 17.-Q f-' F- iff. , K f Zi ' . ,,. ,,. Liv ... .4 ' .'-5 4-T -fa-. , A' i 3, 'J . 1113: fi U . Mil K., ,N 1 A, J ' ,Aa- n ,Q ,f xx 1 X1 --X 65 J 4 "5 w V fi ,fi V M ,--V. XX R , - .. N 1 N F xx I I, 'YA fx T l H Q3 fn Q . Qs, ' . , A A , , N , Nj? Y ffx ' Y N A X A x Rx iY:giTX pf '-zu 65x Librir f ,5 x 'X MNXX T SALLY MARTIN, Editor ELIZABETH HURST. Business Manager BLMAA N 'R xx- u F-as f J .4 H-gf:-1' -4, saiizf' - ' " H Lf Q -"3??' A ,.- f- Q ' 1. .. .1.Q,... ,-wr '-K 1-eq., 'mu . KN H kx x sg N ff fi X X75 .F H H D H Xxx 1 S XX f. - A ' ' Wi'-AH . . .54 wg, , 'QM ww4w wfw wxWQaEmguq!..k Q - h Pubhshed By The Students Qf Tuhman High School Side path to building. FUREWUHIJ In this book, the staff of Maids and a Man has recorded the events of 1941 with the hope that in the years to come, you will glance through these pages and recall as pleasant memories, the friend- ships and activities of your high school days. f A ,JL Main entrance. Center drive a seen from the building fri'-' CUNTEN TS VIEWS FACULTY CLASSES FEATURES ORGANIZATIONS SNAPS ADVERTISEMENTS ,MV S,,,-,,, ,- ,Q --.Y.g.,--..z.px . A A, Q, A ,. .NA .,---,--. ,.. ,VY I ,LV ,-,-..,.f+.a.v7.g,-,..w1,..-1. .gfvf-4-N 4 ,:- --,t..,.... , . ..,- ,x.'w,:-ich-A Lf.-1-,lv ,SJ , .- , . . -.-f-,..v..,, .-r:k,L..b.,g,.,,,,,..-4-M.. . ,,,., ..,.-R , a.,,N-..NN,,,,..-, - . R- ax -uw, g.,..-,....-- - . I. , Y.. , x-,,,-..-- V,-H nf -A - x ......,,.,f. -... .- - . Y---,---.. :,. 1. K--Q .10-T-.--1L...1.--.Y.. - - V. V , . , s...mc:,-,An-.X ,za 3 ,454-, Y, ' , - . .,,,.A,-A+-su..-.-H-Qi f Q-bfi' .' 'fs I . - -, -,-.1-,.,.r.-,-ff. V,,... ,,- .,V..L ..',,,-,ff Y-.: w..,- 1..'.'f--. .N ..,, ,I,, ,,-,.- .,... - ,,.M,,.., ..-,.., ., V - .....-.. Q..-Af-,-4 Q fX'fH-.vN,.-, -mn -W- N- fn- .N...,,N' -1.,L.,., .1 .. :- DEIJICATIUN The Qnnuai Statt Wishes tc dedicate this volume ct Maids and a Man tc MISS ANN WISHART BRADDY who has always shown ci sincere and enthusiastic interest in every phase ct cur schcci lite. i V i MISS ANN BRAIJIJY IQARH T111-flfjfzl ,- TUBMAN HIGH SUHUUL T. Gs' Qi. PFW gi... A D1'1.E1jf Haitp. Af-E if D Airlie 3-I. Pagf. F1'ei'.:21 G-1'.:'1ie 5. V' fief. Sziglif 31.12 iga A. Cfazii. Hgiie Eiiiiirtiisf D 1'-1 ijf Hafid' 1' si: l:-.L-1"A1- 7":' -,r,- 15'-'fs' U53 1 ....-.....- .J.,.. -.-.... --.. x E i E3'.:1is?. iill XiC2'.TL'aET'.. '.2:i-Le....--'fl Q . BI. Peake. D. CL- Og. Gizili.-Eiiqii f If j' Gillflaii 1. f+I:i21+r:1:.iics B-.lf l-'fialliezx Ifivi: N- 1- ,:...1 Nf,--',.. .A.-:. DAX: A.: --.... ---G .7f"Z.:1..i Y T. f"'Qe1'. St-wish-'fi' '- I-fglel E'f:'i. Eiislish :era F'.1lfQ3'ig2'.i. Bfaiherziatfcs fwfg12':i1'eT Y. l-'-'21iie. :ie Eff-11-i-Tziics 'i'f'L1li: Kifig. C73-r11rt1e1v:ia. I Ili Rigezw CiT:11:1ez'cfal E FW.-"QQ " 'v"-111: E-114121 Mae Teiiiia' Ez'.f'1l'f Gfafe Siraizsg His'-'vw D-"'.' .l'-"Q: E:"'Q'.:lA" Harp' I-files. Hifi:-z"f R175 lI:A11Qiffe. Lai: WL'-W':.1 T E-l"4'f,,1vf' Q5.5,g,--.- E E 'W D- ir' UN--. 1 ..-. ---',-.- N- .....Y" K-: - ..- -...a '-J.Z:-Ht.-. 1La1.1':f'f.L' r "Weil 3 C. ...... fl -QQ K v- -v-.-vw---14: . -...L1 .. .llatzeriiatiqs l.-...1.--I xllr HJ - 1:2-.+. Fe:1der.Nachmarx. .-.-w-Walker. Langford. Lzzcl-Ley. , N'-:ria While. eff K., Right-C11-mey. Hains. Gilliland. Halbert. Clark. Hill. Pa-ge. Byrd. Pearce .1-g.:ieT: B1'1sQ31i:' 19. Pi:-Q. Ei -Heaf Be-arden ,...,. .,.,. Left to Right-Carswell. Von Kamp. Miller. Stelling, King. Lansdell, Lorn- hard, Fullhright. Yidetto, Sumerau. Left to Right-Hulbert. Jones, Boatwrizzhf, Rogers, Braddy, Strauss, McAuliffe, Evans. Flora C. Thompson, English Amabel Lansdell, Mathematics Alice Sumerau, Science Juanita Luckey, English Sarah Emily Norris, English Elna Lombard, Phys. Ed.-Health Emily Stelling, Science Virginia Videtto, French-Latin lVIarguerile Palmer, Health-Civics-History Eleanor Bearden, English-Health Ruth Hill, Librarian Ruth Kimbrough, Pianist Mary Balk, Secretary we Assistant Principal 1 oFr1cERs President ,., ..., KATHERINE ANNE EDELBLUT Vice-President ,,vv,E,,EE,. MARY BURKE HATCHER Secretary ,..,..,.., ,.....E,,E.... R IARY CHRISTIAN Sponsor ..,III... ........I A nss EDNA Romans It Div Rogers, Edelhlut. Christian, Hatcher A MESSAGE FROM THE SENIOR PRESIDENT The Senior Class has reached the final stage in its high school career. We came to Tubman in 1937, determined to be good students and to leave behind us good records: we wanted the Class of 1941 to be remembered as a class that had taken advantage of the opportunities that Tuhman offered. In part, we have succeeded: for certainly we have worked hard here, and we have the memory of four happy years-rich in achievement and in friendship. g There is always regret when one leaves the known to launch out into the unknown. Our class has that regret, and we have fear and dread as Wellg for we are going out into the ' gs' .Qi KATHERINE ANNE EDELBLUT world of upheaval. All of the values that our forefathers loved, fought for, and be- queathed to us are being challenged. There is a personal challenge for each one of us. We must not look back over the years that led up to this turmoil-except to seek causesg we must look forward, and we must see to it that we do not in turn leave a troubled world for those who are to come after us. We must not allow the future to drag us alongg we must reach into the fu- ture and find there the means of building a secure world. Years from now, we will read these words again. We will not read them with long- ing for the things that we have not accomp- lishedg we will read them with regret that we could not know in 1941 all the richness and promise that life held for us. SENIUH GLASS PUEM 0'er half the earth Confusion holds her sway Midst pain and strife, we stand on the threshold Of a dubious world-beyond the sheltered fold Of carefree youth. Each dreamy, studious day Has fitted us to take the unknown way, The untried path. VVhat does this journey hold? What trials will prove our actual mold? Will our young hands still Freedom's sweet song play? From bondage free, we'll ever keep our land. A citadel of laughter without fears! Our challenge this, accept it now we must! In a world of doubt, securely we will stand Then Peace and Promise for a thousand years Still is our heritage-our golden trust! MARCIA McCATHERN, '4l. N kA--,....f,1,,-- 4 ....,.,- ,f 1 xx ' N4 v S v.,--I ei,.?F qllj ny . - , , , , V ' Ajffg, , ,fj I- ' JT! ACN. -11 fr:'e3,,f' aejbjf' I 'f--5, lLQ,,,,m,W Y ' ' ,, 4 V' -, - rv, ,--A.: ' 'I Z17!!i4Q,Qg-9' - , s- 47? .iizli " 'I-'1'-ai " A 4 . an X MA HY ELLEN ALLGOOD I'ImIIIIeI'cial I F' gb' I I, X KI X ALICE ADAMS MudeI'II LSIIQLIHQQ DOROTHY ETHEL ADAMS M IdQI':I Larrguagc ELIZABETH AGERTON 1uOdL'l'l1 Language HILDRETH REGNIA ADAMS Modern LaIIQ'I1zIy:': , l'?a , ' .-4. l K I J '- I 9 T A ffq A-,S lf X T, 'pl-Pi x W f -. xg -Q Ajfjsjfifi 2 I X IW I I. A .IL I F- ' ---I I --IMI 3 S X A S1131 X ffr MXN A P I I Af If g jjxf91,,,f AA A , I I I VIRGINIA ANDERSON I f X AAAA I ff Vffwxxx 1' V Classical XXX N .X X' ' f NX' '. A J BETTY .I UNE ANDREWS COHIIIIQITTZII , A. X. ,rf " X , X1 Q cIIss nI l l l -far-i, ,W I zevrf. f-t'7f7fnq1, Ay! .., 13..- - 0,5 I 'Q 'l F ALICE ARNDT AI'illL'1'lI Languzlfle LOIS LEE BAILEY 2 Classical l l BOBBY BARRENTINE I I Classic-al I EDYTHE GWENDOLYN BARNES , Modern Language I 'fs z V '. 'H , 'N Q. 5, - ' ' gf ' 1-,fx ff I flil . I PWQR I l f1f1A77E f I If l A 'r' If l 1IAI'iGARE'I' VIIIIIINIA H-XIIXYIKIIQ lv F:i j'L,Y, F 4, lIwflv1'n I.z111aL111u'v 1 ' 45 I MARY IiATIII.EEX HEXETEAI' l ' ' H 4 Follllmwlwizll : L' I F E3 P1 N f Q I I 34. R H A Q - H :W V Y ELLEN D.-XYIES BIGGAR Lg ' I 6 Classical Ei- 11-- 1 X, SHIRLEY IIHEA BLVM 5 Gem-ral If NINETEEN FUHTY-UNE 1 3' ' ...'4,:.',' I, 1 'K " w!'x C4 " l, I f 4 , . - f-'figsf -l-V ., , ,,,vf, V au , 4-kk' , ,, , N - . bv: 5, , f . Q:--4 ." ,fi '- ' ,, -. Q, ','41'- -5 Q- - f. 771' . . '17 ,!' ' 'S ' ' -1' f ' -'22 'Q x Y ,fr I JEAN BOHLER Gvneral SARAH REBECCA BOYD General ROBERTA BROADWATER M-1r1le1'n l.3ll2'.1Li2'v . ,fff FRANCES BROWN Connnerfial NURA HAZEL BROVVN M1-'lun Languuce A f'?:R. 'RB E , Q58 X! '1 LEX 2fH f gwggs ' X , 5 4 Q .5 "fi y Q LQ! ,. 'Eli-?l'f I X lx A A V xA 'iw DOROTHY LEE BURKE A E 'Lp' 'R General R -: X' xx N LECY COOK CAMP , E' General . QE GLASS 0 1. I' f , -7 iw, s.. Q pa-. ERIN CANNON Bl'5flL'1'll Langua 5:0 MARY CARNAVAS Commercial FRANCES PEYTON CATER Modern Language YIOLA MARGARET CHANEY Classical 1 EQ 'ik fy ' ' V THIN 2 V swam gf '.1,-gf A J f JUNIM4 ,R if Aw f V MC.-Lf L-A AA:-A A A "i.iS0?HOIflORl ,E FRESHMAN A Izfff I xy' V X ' "' - -V ., Y 1 X ' Iii", f','H,7 ' I . -if 1' - A- 1- -3 ff ,T ' ' 1--' "5'f?1'f" l ,., fn C ,wg 'gav- -4 ,ff-v, , ,,.. MN-. 'S if '32 4-Riff? X ANNA BARBARA CHEESE-f3ROl,' C om m urciul MAC CH RISTI A N lllmlvrn l.21l1Q'LlLlQ'L' MARY CHRISTIAN Mmlem Langmmge ANN STAFFORD CONOLLY Modern l.2iIlg1'LI2l2'8 C NINETEEN FURTY-UNE LLL -mf --4,f:4:.i1-as X ,. My .Y J' vw - .1 - o...,, . ...T inn 1- W ,- 111: if ttf: NL I 'Tyr ' 7- BETH ALEYAND XX fi ER COUNCILL r ELIZA . , Modern Language DOROTHY INEZ DAVIDSON Modern Language MARY JOAN DAVIDSON X, Modern Language ' FLORENCE DENNIS Modern Language WILD.-X DUNCAN , Commercial ' 4'?2 + QL 1 89 . , Qs L f N 1, X ,,ff' X kr Lg? , ' w W, ,rx Xxxj 1' ' CTV l 1 E ll ' 'ww 'fi f 3 I 14 3 I R-:is Ai if J 'k"Q"': l x l I IX, ' ' X ' '- f 3 '- Y rl ,ld X-ii, if " xfl-AXXX ,X S-ggi, X'- X2 5 V of KATHERINE ANNE EDELBULT Classical XVARDS Classical VIVIAN ED Z G L ASS 0 F I, I Y gk PATRICIA ELLIOTT Modern I.ang'un:e FRANCES AILEEN ETHEREDGE Modern Laxmuaxge LOUISE FIELDS Classical MARGARET FISKE Classical Le?- Z. .av--Y, fy -fxky - L. 1 Y .,., I A35 , , 1 a E I x X ' C ut A A I- ' ' Eff I I 1 ., H1135 -I UN semncm L, - l .43 :TLC -A A, ,iii '-Sa ,f N I Jumioiaf 4 ILM lill ,Ll lQQH0lvl0RF C .1 W-. l FRESHMRN 6 Z -I 'u - Q Lu v. iff' li'l'1'Yf' I 4.11" 5-C,-Ylfrirj, , 1 --... :. - 1- I.-fn" -'LV . 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Q . 0,6 - ':QTf C 1 3 l f' 3 l , 4 'T' 1 .M xffilw 'L l Q-Y . ,- , ,XXX .9 ' 5 ab-1 Q! --" "A Q1 7 l X RN., if 'X w - ,7 AQ ,2 "' ,, -X , if .Xi aw -X l , e GLASS UF F ,fir lgs - Z' f MARY H .-XRPER Modern Language MARY BURKE HATCI-HCR Modern I.ang'uuQ'0 GLORIA HOGAN HEARD Modern LZlI1Q'UZlQ'9 LOIS HOOPER Commercial 6415 IVA ,V Yffx. if . , 71 , www lf 'r ,JR H -Jl1N1OIx'l X, W f, Li X 4 -W A 'wr LPHOPXURY l FRESHNRN Aff, W W7 X-- .., -fewf .fa Z I I N Zf!,'rffa.1,,,j,j' I . A-J. :.':. VL .rf .fpfl 'F Y . ,f. f . A Lx ,. l 'gf , 13' I ' A , ,W if NELLIE ESTELLE HORNE General BLANCHE EUGENIA HUGHES Genc-ml DORIS LEON.-X HUNDLEY Modern Language DOROTHY EDN.-X HUNDLEY Modern Langilage NINETEEN FURTY-UNE v-,"11S:T'L"""'W Xu- -, -- M-N" ' 'fff1ir:1,,:5'f-:- r'-.1711 7 FSF-?Lfif1 ' ' K' I' Q55 , If-Q! -lJ?'1'j Y Q 11:-.3 ,iiifs Q: -f.-Lff-j.:, V- M ,V gQ-.j..:,3glE?f4f',.:T'Ll,?-'lp'' , if-'IFJ9" 1:1211-i'.ifl , ,.. b Ajj if h InQhiuiwnla.' ?i:??f',I'?fIE'51?J ,fy an I'v1f5ff. 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M I-' f:,'Z2"....- 3 i MARGARET ANITA KITCHENS General SHIRLEY KLION Modern Language LOUISE KNAPP Classical LILLIAN CLAUDE KO Modern Language GER NINETEEN FUHTY-UNE ' ""'1"ln:p1 .,., ,,. ,T-...,., A MEN- . ..f- 74... .A ,, X W -Tiff-!?'1w'L--A : -- - R "'.r. A, A Lfir f i 1. gb- ,- . :eff -- ' .- . 4' f 7 -,- Q-gif? 'Eff Ilbf'-L rf . - - , . -,- f -A 'T.:.-1, x,-, -V 1 A J '-T" cfuaiff -- . 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A7 l CAROLYN CUBIMING MICHEL Classical MYRA AUGUSTA IXIIDDLETON Mmll-1'n Lm1g'Lu1g'e EYELYN THERESA MILLER General INIILDRED MILLS Modern I.ang'uug'e NINETEEN FURTY-UNE ,,.f,,x,,....,.,,, A W, -,.-4---f-"'KSR...'1:iz-- 'N'-Q Mwfx - -"P'G1:. 1.:- -E 1 ' v'j. 1. ', 1 EJ , ' E - . 1 QSI"'.'f E .,:f!..7-'Zig' ' W . -, f:"fjQ-1:5 gf,-iff' gf V .r, 'r 4'flQ."-7 gif: 'Ti 'X IO K X SES.-XX MORRIS Classisal MARGARET ADELLE MOSS , 3IOd61'!'1 Languare P.-XNSY REED NEAL General ERM.-X RUTH MURPHY Commercial 'C GLADYS NETHERL.-XND Cumluercial 'ffz -8 N, V Qs 1 j, 2fA ' f Egfib X, , I E 51,9 K V s J' ,pg ' --'Q Q' ss Ry? l iQ?:x 'i ' -.-vs- ,E , M - K f fn !,- ii, 5-i??- My i X DORIS NEWALAN ,fr 1 ' 2T1lf-,Efffgd iii Commercial ffwx -77 - om LOL' 11.xRGL'ERITE OHARA 9 E E- Commercial 'X ,Ag af GLASS UF 4:1 gli! 'I I I I I -4? 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B's are very intent on' Miss C'lark's directions. - Just relaxing at recess. - Too posed for any serious study. - Soph. A's balanced on their favorite rail. JG 32 MA., ...M-., .-, ":: 51' Agree, Mary Anthony, Edna Aycock, Laura Baker, Dorothy Bogrgrus. Julia Buggy Georgianne Caldwell, Leilou Canady, Louise Claussen. Anne Cook, Freida Daniel, Roslyn Darling, Anna Dixon, Virginia :F- 52-9 .Uwvf-N .aa '- K A Qt CLASSICAL Dorn. Frances Dunaway, Faye Eckert, Betty Evans. Polly Jo Ewing, Mary Lay Glasser, Leah Rose Goode, Gene Goodwin, Madelyn Goodwin, Mary Grammer, Margraret Green, Audrey Hale, Joyce Hazard, Harriet Holley, Dorothy Howard. Je-Welle Jolles, Natalie Kahrs, Harriet Kelly, Anne Kelly. Margaret Logan, Hazel Matheny, Mary Ann McCoy. Donna Morgan, Carolyn Norvell, Katherine Parr, Dorothy Poss, Rachel YL.. BUURSE Pugh, Martha Nell Hagan, Ethel Rice. Genevieve Rulh, Joelle Rushing, Clara Mae Sheftall, Emily Stanford, Ettie Jane Sumereau, Dean Sweat, Marion Thompson. Dorothy Toole. 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Luvernia Harwell, Charlotte Hatcher, Mar,Q'a1'et Havird, Helen Herndon, Mable Hodges, Doris Holland, Doris Holley, Doris Hooper, Eleanor Huff, Helen Hunt, Elsie Ivey, Margaret Johnson, Vera Jones, Irene Judy, Betty Kendrick, Mary Key, Laura Kogrer, Mae Belle Lamar, Mary Lane, Alma Langdon, Anne Langdon, Ruth Lever, Doris Lynch, Margaret Lynn, Lillian Maddox, Mary Miller, Sara Newman, Myrtis Norris, Evelyn Pardue, Earline Purvis, Helen Raburn, Robbie Radford, Ruth Radford, Vir,Q'inia Rhodes, Evelyn Russell, Katherine Sanders, Sara Sorrow, Dorothy Sorrow, Dorris Stanton, Mattie Steerinan. Katherine Sturnian. Martha Terry, Dorothy Thompson, Christine Trussell, Ena Mae Tucker, Jean YVaddy, VVilla VVard, Nell Wenner. Emily Willingham, Gloria VVrie'ht, Sara Young, Mildred JC ,4- D6 Q1 4049 46 ,gif .- ....-M.. -4.1. -. V. ,f xt, J 1 4 .Limiginaf -V . 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Cherry Price, Mary Anne Price, Ollie Thelma Quailes, Jewel Quinn, Hilda Reese, Mary Reeves, Sarah Renew, Gladys Rowe, Vivian Sammons, Evelyn Sills, Lucille Sizemore, Dorothy Smith, Gloria Strickland, Betty lflm, Evelyn Ctley, Edith Vignati, Carmolina YValker, Virg'inia TVhaley. Dorothy Wiggins, Elaine Yvood, Belle Young. lV1'3llCE'S Young, Maiion Youngblood, Betty 7eller, Lena aihu Sponsor A ,.... MISS Gavalas. Hardy. Huttu, Lombard The future homemakers take lessons from Blrs. White. waiting for a Elllll OFFICERS President .vSSSY...w.... MARY JANE HUTTO Vice-President SS,S.... SUZANNE HARDY Secretary ..v.....w.w,SS CALIOPE GAVALAS ELNA LOMBARD ride home. "Line up. girls, for your picture I" Freshman Us listen attentively to Miss Fender! explanation. Freshman HS talk things over at recess -- '-if Q. A, -Q ll V558 N1 .h- 6 I -91 d l G JS 00 CC as -61 AX! ., !'...,N 45 I wud' r-r YV" 'ti' 2- ' -'H' ,, f1f"'ff3'i ",fd v.- f,- ..-:I-A.. ,, V,-1-Q1 Abney. 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Betty Carstarphen, Marjorie Carter, Georgia Cartledee, Dorothy Carter, Georgia Cartle-dee, Dorothy Cartledge, Dorothy Carr, Helen Cason, Leona Cato, Mildred Cave, Anne Cave, La Verne Cave, YVynona Chambers, Hilda Chavous, Bernice Chavous, Edith Clinqenpeel. 'Wanda Coffield, Juanita Cole, Enda Colley, Thelina Collie, Helene Collier, Barbara Anne Collier. Kathrine Collins. Kathrine Collins, Mildred ,ag, -1-aff., 1 ,J ..A- -za he H H., .17 W, ,a ..-.,,,-1,.,..-,.,. ,...,N ,....,. ...,.,..,,- .gk IPX -luis -vs IQ? vv- H g.,v.k4,+1.,,-s11v,,,, 1,,,1,-v,f.1af,'.,- QW -one-"' nw' sw" ,la- ..,.,..v.-,vw .-AMC ', wfrf- 4 .-.1g1.i..,......,1--N--. ,-...N-.. ...-.-,,-,-.- svn- f-,1,n.,, 'wr'-rnfvvv .q,,,,,-.,,,,..,f,... ,f'1.1',,g'2x.,-.,..tf'l5,.,4,,3,-W.,. in M.. -. 1. .. 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Cook, Viola Anne Corley, Frankie Corley, Octavia Counts, Margaret Cox, Lodema Crouch, Lodema Crouch, Mary Louisa Cuinbee, Mildred Curry, Evelyn Daniels, Billy Davenport, Delois Davidson, Peggy Davis, Bernice Davis. Vonetta DeLoach, Myrtis DeLong, Frances Denton, Barbara Dc-Vaney, Margaret wmv.--.-..'. N.-. .i. .. ,- - . .. . CtoH Dike, Ruth Dixon, Pauline Dowd, Theresa Dozier, Beverly Drawdy, Ullainee l-l1'lQ,',Qf21l'S, Marcelle Dunaway, Betty Duncan, Janet Durden, June Dyches, Sadie Eidson, Zola Ethereclfre, Virginia Eubanks, Helen Ada Euhanks, Jewel Eubanks, Mary Farmer, Sadie Farr, Adele Farriha, Anne Farris, La Varne Faulkner, Betty Fields, Elmo Ford, Dorothy Foster, Betty Gardner, Carolyn Garnto, Shellie Garrison, Vivian Gavalas, Caliope Gay, Carolyn Glover, Rita Goldberg, Lea Goldman, Martha Goodman, Ollie Mae Grammer, Fay Gray. Louise Graves, Martha Greene, Doris , , L... ff . . .f Greene, Mary Gregory, Margaret Griffith, Elizabeth Grimaud, Cornelia Griver, Thelma Hadden, Helen Hagin, Doris Hains, Vivian Hall, Eleanor Hall, Kathrine Hamilton, Lillie Mae Hardeman, Olivia Harden, Doris Hardy, Suzanne Harp, Dolly Hartley, Adrienna Havi1'd, Carolyn Haynie, Anna Willis A i, At-an ,,. 'fl-if .5 U, s ,,... ..f.,,.,, ,LM JN Q6 Q 1,0-f -has CQ L A5- 'ltr I v J' .. ..,, 1. J, if 1 Henderson, Margaret Hendrix, Betty Hennies. Margarita- Hensley. Blanch Hiqgreiibi-thain, Dorothy Hilml'elrrantlt, Julia Hobbs. Evelyn ll'-zlfiea, Eloise Hollins, Helen Holton. Avonrline Home, Mary Horne. Katie Howard, Beulah H iwarcl, Boyrfe Howarrl. lVillie Lee Honiell. Betty Jean Hughes, Margaret Hutchinson. Carrie Hutto. Mary Jane lnelett, Helen Inelet, Laverne Ivey, Lillian Jackson, Jennings, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson. Dorothy VVinifred Bernice Dorothy Elizabeth Eva Sue Georgia Geraldine Helen Ruth Jones, Betty Jones, Mary Ellis Jorflan, Ruth Kahrs, Hilda HtoM Kelley, Jewel King, Joyce Kitchens, Lucille Koeer, Shirley Lac-kman, Gloria Landers, Doris Lanier, Edna Lanier, Eula Luna, Phillis Lennnon, Doris Lever, Billie Lever, Ruth Lewis, Mililrecl Lonergan, Jenette Lum, Milclreil Luquire, Myrtis Maddox, Lila Mae Manuel Mary Martin Marjorie Martin, Virginia Mathewson, Patricia Mathis, Dora Lee Maulclin, Carolyn Maxwell, Anna May, Virginia Mel-Xlhany, Franeea McCall, Maxine McCarthy, Kathleen MeElveen, Doris McKellar, Carrie Belle Meliellar. Elizabeth Melieown, Dorothy Mcliie, Mararet Mt-Manus, Doris McNeil. Pauline Meadows, Betsy S --"'.',. .,-.-. ,..,- Q-,-:.:-.... ..f .- 5. z,---..i-s.' Nqvvv- , - .s- -M-' .-.-. ...ea . ..1.., e... ,..,- ..,- .-,,.a e.a,,....,,-r, 'TTT -'7"17iT?11-Q4-'TDI-X.Iifra-.J .' '.'fY1.-'.'. ' 11' . 7-f,,'.,'1:. 1'f K. .-.-X.--Y..-M-'-.,.. 1 Q. -14-1- -.- ,-..e.- .-. -,.x,....---,-.....-.. -.....a--.,... ,Huff ,si.., n ,-..v.-e N .-.- - . .. , .-.......V,,.,.. Y. --N ,J .U-,:..'-A-4 ',.,,. f.. .. . .-, .-..,--...-.-f.-1 -Y,- .....,.-. ...-.- ..,- ... .... ,.. .,......,-V -.-.... - -.-1 :Y---. ..,- , .- . ,,...... . --.-.---..,,-.. Q .. Q '+ U -- -es -ff.-.v,.317,,..-....,,-Y xg. 4:',.iJ,: 3153.1 im Jae, .N,,3j,1g,5 w,,q,1,15 5513 nga.,-N-yga, -'47, 5, J - 'a...-.-...-.-.a.,-,,f..,.'...-,-.K. Meads. Dorothy Menqer. Louise Merritt. Maiy Mertins. May Middleton. Betty Middleton. Sally Miller. Mary Ma Qflaline Milligan. Laugie Mills. Gloria Mills. Laverne Mobley. Kathleen Montgomery. Helen Morris. Annie Mae Morris. Dorothy Morean. Sarah Murphey. Andrena Murphy. Elizabeth Myers. Dorothy Nance. Betty X'-al. Thelma Newman. Eyelyn Xewsonie. Elise Nobles. Monteen Norris. Jimmie fl:'letree. .-Xfnes Uliaza. Mary Frances Owens. Margie Palmer. Elsie Pzviyas. Rosalie Par-lue. Mary N. Parks. Dorothy Pai-las. Julia Parrish. Margaret Parl-:ei-son. Ayonell Patterson. Anne Patterson. Betty Patterson. Miriam Patrick. Mildred M toR Pajrrie. Juanita Pearsozt. Florence Pearre. Anne Periflfeton. Rosa Lee Penninfton. Hazel Penrjr. Marye Pereyra. Jewel Perry. Dor thy Philins. Catherine Philpot. Anne Peel. Virfzinia Pitts. Rubye P A ole. Barbara Pope. Verna Potter. Powell Powell Powell. Powell Josephine Betty Eugenia Mary Peggy U ., 1.1.-.,.. fu,u.,,,.n-1 -K.. . Prather. Barbara Pri-fe. Joyce Quinn. Betty Rafhels. Gloria Ra lford. YVilma Raffield. Doris Rfilil. Hilda Reese. Masfzie Reese. Marfzarite Reeves. Maraaret Renew. Mary Reynolds. YVillie Mae Rheney. Martha Rhoades. Mary Rhodes. Edith Rhodes. Mary Alice Rickerson. Annie Mae Robinson. Vivian Rose. Anne Of ,fw- Ni go .Cv ....,r .1-.-f ,f- ,, .,..f..,,.',, ,... v 1, 1. ,-..,. .- -, Ao 9 QP LS 45h 'E- as -nf .5 'Cc' A , ,X , I, fn-J 5, ,yyql-,L.,x1-,. ... .gd ,,, -- . - , ,.,,, .,,-,,.., ,:- v- - . A,--My f, i , . .. Rosie-r, Mattie Leah Rosamonml, Betty ROSS, Dwlwtliy Rowe, Ernestine Rupert, Mary Russell, Jewell Rutledge, Dora Mae Seoggins, Eleanor Scott. Anne Scott, Loyee Seigler, Lulyanne Sillers. Opalee Shepherml. Juanita Shirley, Martha Sims, Nell Slusky, Sara Belle Smalley, Dorothy Smaragwlis, Mary Smith, Annie May Smith, Elviria .. ,NM-4-t.' 1 Smith, Katherine Smith. Lila Lee Smith, Ruth Smitherman, Betty Spyres, Agatha Stewart. Margie Storey, Laverne St trey. Myrtle Stotino, Marie Storey, Dorothy Taylor, Sarah Thomas. Elsie Tlmnias, Norma Tlnnnpson, Betty Thompson, Elease 'l'hompson, Joanne Thurmnntl, Dolores Timmerman, Lillian Timmerman, Mary Helen Th ra sh, Jean Toinkins, Adrienne T svtv tle, Glaflys Trapnell, Virginia Tudor, Alice Tuclor, Mary Elizabeth Turner, Elsie Yan IR-lt. Constance Yon Spreeken, Mary Chase Warlfly, Dolores Walrlen, Joyce Walker, Mary Waller, Barbara Walters, Marianna Warrl, Hose Mary XVeleh, Mary Ellen lVeleh, Mary Agnes lVlwaley, Bernice Whitehead, Frances Whitt. Elizabeth lVhittle. Marion lViu'e'ins, Laura Wilensky, Shirley llvilliams, lluruthy VVillingham Elizabeth Wilson, Almecla YVilson, Lenora YVils0n, Mary Dorothy lvolf, Frances lVolf, Frances Vl'olf, Verna VVong', Elizabeth XVongr, Lillian lYoocl, Helen YVoorlward, Marjorie VVrig.rht, Marion VVri,Q'ht, Milmlrecl Young. Patsy Youngblood, Marjorie WSUPEHLATIVES as Voted hy the Senior Class Gowns and Settings through the courtesy ot Saxon-Cullum A ,Q Wfojz' Uufdfanoanf Sally Martm Wont .gfzfeffectuaf Marcia MeCathern Wm -pfZ'ZdCfl'V2 Katherine Anne Edelblut fn r X 'x 7. 2 ,W . .A '4M.lS+X ovfigef MOH etic Elizabeth Hurst Maj! 1Qzz'ZJtz'c' Myra Middleton Wont Zfentef Barbara Barrentine fjzetfiedz' Sydney Sanders Louise Torpin law' --T.7yev--f-- - -rf-jLf13j',3',j ff ,, --...Q-J , , :5f'i'?Jj3ijri -H11 'U e . 5 2 3 E .s DIS .,,..........,Q.A...1..,..,-.........- -. ,. , . Carolyn has eaten her way through four annuals-Frances is catching on while Sydney has other interests. Candid shot of Erin, our candid shot. enthusiast. Cynthia and Catherine in a quiet moment. on Student Patrol. Louise resting in the library. Sally and Katherine Anne, the veterans of the stage-after one performance. Betty looks over her column Margaret. sees that Elizabeth gets the film in straight. ' 153 if K ,L 5 f7Tiimf3 if U iff? esslca'5Qou1neq Tubmgn Hliffiforium Qi mm Ti LI' fy, Q 2' P lil: , o V A! iff" 5 n A J, f : Awww FOR Cxh 4 T. K RIS S 'i' 'CHd1zL2j'dZlf0nA 'im Martin. McAuliffe. FACULTY ADVISER Miss Ruth McAuliffe ASSISTANT FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Ann Braddy, Literary Miss Betty Jones, Pictures Miss Edna Rogers, Sale of Annuals Miss Belle Walker, Business E 'T' ,2 We Moss Braddy MfCathern Torpin ' 'NMI Ae 1941 lvmlns AN I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF .....,....,..,.. SALLY MARTIN BUSINESS MANAGER .e.. ELIZABETH HURST l l Stulb Jones Edelblut XV00ddall 'X in Broadwater, Rogers, Davidson, Smith. I i ,C u -ienLQ.'l in '.,. o -'-: . .... AND A MAN STAFF LITERARY EDITORS Marcia McCathern Margaret Moss Katherine Anne Edelblut Frances Wooddall ART EDITORS Louise To1'pin Myra Middleton BUSINESS STAFF Betty Smith Ceil Stulb Roberta Broadwater Joan Davidson JUNIOR MEMBERS Nancy Hardy Bertha Lee Anne Heins Jane Silver Nucia Hurlbutt Allene Sumner SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Anne Creamer Anne Kelly Gene Goode Margaret Lynch MAIDS AND A MAN got under way when Mr. Garrett appointed as our faculty adviser, Miss Ruth McAuliffe, who, in turn, chose her faculty assistants. The faculty advisers selected the staff. The sale of annuals was launched with a h 1 rogram at which skits from former Maids c ape p I and a Man were read. Long months were spent in getting-ads, pictures, snaps. literary contribu- tions, and sketches. Now that the annual is com- w hare decided to enter it in the nation- pleted. ve ' ' wide contest for rating annuals. Hurst Walker S Q3 Standing-Silver, Heins. Hurlbutt. Sumner Seated-Lee. Hardy. Middleton. Kelly. Creamer. Lynch. Goode. Y, L I Harper She-ftall, Strauss, Carswell, Sumner, Christian. Our Student Council Association is composed of officers, and the entire student body. The governing body of the Association is made up of officers elected by the student body and of a representative from each home room. If STUDENT OFFICERS President ..t.ttttttsst ..sstt IN IAC CHRISTIAN Vice-President ,...tst ...,,,, A LLENE SUMNER Secretary ,t...tt,tttt...,....,tt..ttt,.,. EMILY SHEFTALL Student Patrol Captain t.i.i.t,...... MARY HARPER Faculty Advisersfl MISS GRAPE STRAUSS g MISS BERTHA CARSWELL This year we presented a chapel pro- gram on The History of the Flag. We instituted a Students' Day on April first. All classes were taught by girlsg and Mac Christian filled Mr. Garrett's place, While Mary Harper was Miss Dora and Allene Sumner was Miss Balk. Student patrol goes on duty. G0 Anchors, Betty Barnes. Gwendolyn Berman, Bernice Blackstone. Grace Burrum, Esther Chaney. Viola Daniel, Roslyn Doche, Ann Edelblut, Katherine Anne Eubanks, Helen UNCIL Gulledge, Selita Hadden, Helen Hardy, Suzanne Hatcher, Mary Burke Hendrix, Betty Hensley. Blanche Hodges, Doris Hudson, Norma Hurst, Elizabeth Jackson, Betty Johnson, Dolores BERS Kelly, Anne Kendrick, Anne Kitchens, Elsie Knapp, Louise Lum, Mildred Martin, Sally Matthewson, Patricia Merritt, Elizabeth Michel, Carolyn Mulcay. Doris Newman, Doris Parkerson, Avonell Rachels, Gloria Renew, Gladys Saxon, Minnie Lee Sheftall, Cynthia Smith, Katherine Thompson, Dorothy Timmerman, Mary Helen Von Sprecken, Joanne White, Margaret Wooddall, Frances One of the bi-monthly meet- ings of Student Council. 5'-' 5. DATHLETIC if ff? V 'A W-, Pres' , MARGARET WHITE Yiie-Pzee' .,. , M.-XRG'.'ERITE TOGLE Tree eeeeee ROSYLN DAYIEL 3i3i'nffli"7 .,, CLAYTON DAXIEQ FACULTY ADVISERS: I-fiis Eliza' F, Blfri iiiie ISS Elie Mg-rtibai' - I 1 ! , N',"'1 ... MEMBER Seated-Tc-ole. Daniel R.. Daniel. C. Standin g-Lf-mba rd. White. Brisendine S SENIORS: JUNIORS fhriftaii. I-Iarj. Hariijf. Nancy' Daiiiel. CDE.:-'ff-.1 Lee. Bertha Daniel. Harriet SI-32,151.1 rjgy,g1f,-3 Da'.'iisoi. Joan Rea-i. Ruth Q Hirst. Elizabei' Shields. GF:C'I'Q'i2E Aiice Skzeltc-1. Aizie Toi-Ie. Ma1'g'.1e1'ite White. Margaret ve Freshman Volleyball Team SOPHOBIORES: ffreanter. Anne Daniel. Rzsjflzi 1106--lie. Gene Kahrs. Harrie? Thornpsiii, DIC-thy YY ' zexges. Martha ASSUGIATIUN The purpose of the Tubman Athletic As- sociation is to promote intramural activities and to instill a spirit of fair play in the minds of the girls. Each year points are given for scholar- ship, athletic ability, and participation in school activities, and emblems and awards are given by the Athletic Association to the girls qualifying for them. There is also a medal for the Winner of the tennis tourna- ment in the spring. Probably the most cov- eted distinction of all is the cup given to the senior Who, in her four years at Tubman. has proved herself to be a Well rounded student. This year the juniors played the seniors for the volleyball championship. The juniors Won but the seniors had already challenged the faculty to an exhibition game. Contrary to custom, an admission of five cents was charged and the proceeds of the game The Juniors are receiving ins Top row-Davidson, Read. Creamer, Hardy, Goode. Hurst. Middle row-Christian. Wienges, Lee. Shields, Thompson. Bottom row-Kahrs. H. Daniel, White. C. Daniel, R. Daniel. tructions on the fine points of basketball. Nr nament 's ll . , ll The Juniors are well pleased with N the outcome of the basketball tour- ' went to the annual staff. To the surprise of all, the faculty team-though they lost the first-won the last two games to become the winners for the first time in history. No doubt it was largely due to the fact that Miss Ann Braddy made them practice more than other l faculty teams had done in the past. l The seniors lacked quantity if not quality on their basketball team. Against the fresh- man six, the seniors had four players, two guards and two forwards. It was only with an extra two minutes to break the tie that the seniors could win. However, the juniors were two too much for this sort of team so they easily won the tournament. ' The juniors won the ring tennis tournament by winning all three games that they played. For the first time in three years the Athletic Association put on a gym exhibition. Much time, effort, and cooperation was manifested by the girls. The ring tennis championship went to the Sophomore team. Volleyball also went to the Juniors w Juli Ros Fra Bala Edn Elle a Ann lan Jeal Har Dance Lee. Barre-ntine. Creamer. Lombard. Club UFFIGERS President ccccc BOBBY BARRENTINE Vice-President or E or ,, BERTHA LEE Sec'y.-Trcas. E . . ANNE CREAMER Director . .A MISS ELNA LOMBARD The Dance club, under the able direction of Miss Elna Lombard, enjoyed a very ac- tive year. Miss Lombard concentrated on ballet of two extreme types-"Temple Bells", an oriental dance, and "Tales from the Vienna Woods", both of which were originated by Ted Shawn. MEMBERS Sarah Allgood Edna Anthony Ellen Bigger Julia Boggus Roslyn Daniel Ann Doche Frances Elliott Nancy Hardy Jean Harvley Harriet Hazard Ann Heins Cecelia Holliman Natalie Howard Mary Frances Mills Jane Silver Lillian Gay Stevens Grace Toole Marguerite Toole Martha Wienges Harriett Wofford The Dance Club practices for the gym exhibition f iii lbw: S GLEE GLEE CLUB CALENDAR Nov. 26th-27th-Tubman Assembly- 1. Hymn of Thanksgiving. 2. Dutch Hymn. Dec. 15th-Christmas Carol Programme at the Municipal Audi torium- 1. Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones. 2. March of the Kings. 3. We wish you a Merry Christmas. Dec. 20th-Tuhman Assembly- Christmas Carols. April 11th--All State Chorus at the Municipal Auditorium 1. Popule Meus. 2. Lo, a Voice. 3. Fairies Dance 4. Willie, Take Your Tiny Drum. May 1st-Tubman Demonstration Latin American Interlude. 1. Rosa. Let Us Be Dancing. 2. In Mexico. 3. Carmela. 4. La Violetera-Leona Jane Slusky. May 9th-Glee Club Banquet. Conchita. Home. Dark Water. La Paloma-Jane and Alice Adams. C'armencita. Conchita. F' ' "H .' F :N J ,- . 5 -' , s B f ' K 4 f-' f- C L U Pgffl dl, C f U ' OFFICERS . President ,,.,g . ,,Q, ..,, V IOLA CHANEY Vice-President A,.A V ..,.A.., J ANE POUND Secretary .,,,,....,..,....A....., MARY CHRISTIAN Treasurer ,,,.,w.,., MARY BURKE HATCHER Pianist ,III IIIY,,IIIv,III,,,IIIIAIII, L OUISE KNAPP Director ,...,... MISS DOROTHY HALBERT MEMBERS Alice Adams, Jane Allen, Aline Blumke, Margaret Boulineau, Barbara Buck, Agnes Burdashaw, Margie Carstarphen, Hilda Carswell, Emily Cars- X well, Annie Carver, Viola Chaney, Mae Christian, Mary Christian, Jennie Sue Cliatt, Barbara Ann Collier, Freida Cook, Judy Cooper, Virginia Davis, Virginia Dixon, Florence Dolinsky, Helen Eubanks, Mary Erving, Dorothy Farlow, Adele Farr, Ann Fleming, Marie Louise Flint, Catherine Fortson, Betty Givens, Margie Goodson, Mary Goodwin, Margaret Grammer, Sara Guillebeau, Phyllis Guren, Vivian Hains, Mary Hamil- ton, Mary Burke Hatcher, Edna Hildebiandt, Norma Hudson, Mary Jane Hutto, Vera Johnson, Hilda Kahrs, Mary King, Frankie Kirkland, Louise Knapp, Jean Liehenstein, Thoniasine McCoy, Jean McGahee, Meara Meliie, Evelyn MeKie, Louise MeNeely. Louise Menger, Mary Merritt, Gloria Mills. Carolyn Mobley, Carolyn Morgan, Ruby Murry, Annette O'Neal, Dorothy Parr, Marjorie Petersen. Sara Plane, Hilda Popkin, Jane Pound, Betty Lee Quinn, Mary Rhoades, Martha Roesel, Ruth Rosier, Lulyanne Seigle. Maxine Shapiro, Mildred Sharpe, Anne Skelton, Leona Jane Slusky, Sara Belle Slusky, Emily Smith, Hilda Smith, Agatha Spires, Dean Sumerau, Marian Sweat, Alice Teudor, Christine Teudor, Mary Tinimerman, Helen Wood. Front row-Hatcher. Pound, Chaney, Christian Back row-Goodwin, I-Iutto, Farlow. Straightening the Capes before the singing of Christmas carols. The Glee Club practices "Rosa" for their part in the Gym Exhibition. E L Mmdfic G I, U B Q V3 -Q it y P l are 1 E r fe President ..........., ......... F RANCES WOODDALL Vice-President ......,. .. ,. . C TAROLYN MICHEL Secretary-Treasurer .... .... N ANCY HARDY Director .,...................., .... 1 HSS ARIN BRADDH rf' Elliott Shef tall Paschal YVienges Toole Rush Kahrs Dolinsky Hazard Ewing Claussen Norvell Farlow Barrentine Mcfathern Hurst Morris Michel White Smalley Plane Popkin Grigg Cliatt Toole Mills Braddy. Wuoddall. Hardy. Michel. MEMBERS Mary Ellen Bailey, Bobby Barrentine. Marjorie Carstarphen, Anne Claussen, Mary Cleekley. Jen- nie Sue Cliatt. Jeanne Culpepper. Florence Do- linsky, Katherine Anne Edelblut, Frances Elliott, Mary Lay Ewing, Doi-ntliy Farlow, Adele Farr, Leah Ruse Glasser, Margaret Gralnnier, Hamilton Grieg, Nancy Hardy, Mary Burke Hatuher, Har- riet Hazard. Edna Hildebrandt. Elizabeth Hurst, Hariette Kahrs. Phyllis Lang. Bertha Lee, Sally Martin, Marcia McCathern, Carolyn Michel. Patience Middleton. Mary Frances Mills, Susan Morris. Katherine Noryell. Ji-anne Paschal, Hilda Popkin, Elizabeth Ruse, J iel Rush. Sydney San- ders, Cynthia Sheftall, Emily Sheftall, Leona Jane Slusky. Elizabeth Smalley. Grace Toole, Margaret White, Martha Wienges. Shirley VVilen- Sky, Frances M'0oddall. Farr. Wilensky. Varstarphen. Bailey. 1 R., ' A Make yourselves at home. girls. The Dramatic Club chose JESSICAS JOURNEY, a farce-comedy by Edwin Scribner, for its production this year. Six school girls tFrances Wooddall, Sydney Sanders, Mary Burke Hatcher. Nancy Hardy, Bertha Lee, and Mary Cleckleyl board the train for Washington Lsee cut! 3 however, they end by playing maid to the Foster Sisters tKatherine Anne Edelblut and Sally Martin! who live in a magnifi- cent old home which they are about to lose. It all happened because Miss Dor- cas 4Margaret Grammerj who is in charge of the girls is an old friend of the Fosters. Aunt Charity Foster lPatience Middleton? arrives from Florida just in time to save the girls from selling their home to Mrs. Eggleston QCynthia Shef- talll who wants it in time for her daugh- ter's tLeah Rose Glasser? birthday party. Kind of put it over on you. didn't they. Mama.. Could you-would you put us up for one night? is You may inform the young ladies that I have ur- rived. A CLUB 0 F F I C E R S th-XHOIAYX MICHEL llresitlent KATHERINE ANNE EDELBLUT P1ng'1'llll1 Chairman MISS RUTH Mt-ALLIFFE Faculty Adviser Bark row- Martin. Gary, Meese. Front row- Wonddzxll. Michel. Fleming. Edelblut, McCathern, Morris. Hurst. Gathered for one of the meetings. Edelblut. McAuliffe, Michel. The Latin Club, composed of all senior Latin students, meets every other week at the homes of the members. The programs at these meetings have supplemented the course in the Aeneid and Metamorphoses with a study of the Greek and Roman myths. The Club has also enjoyed work- ing Latin crossword puzzles and playing Latin games. MEMBERS Katherine Anne Eflelblut Marcia McCathern Ann Fleming Nell Meese Maude Gary Carolyn Michel Elizabeth Hurst Susan Morris Sally Martin Frances Wooddall YA., S T A F F LOUISE KNAPI' Erlitul'-iii-rliltf MISS MABEI- BYRID, MISS RVTH HILL, MISS GERTIIVIWE COMEY Faculty Advisers VIRGINIA JAMESON Business Maiinger MARY HARPER . .. ,,,, .Assistant Business M CAROLYX MIUHEL ., . .. .Literary GEORGIA ALICE SHIELDS . .Asst. Literary MARGARET FISKE . ,,,,,,,,,, . Circulatilia EMILY SHEI"TAI.I.L .. .,,,,,,, . Asst. Ciiculating MARGUERITE TOOLE. .. . .. ... . Social MARY FRANCES MILLS .. . Asst. Social MARGARET WHITE .. ,,,, . ,.., Sports REPORTERS: TUBMAN UBSERVEH aiiziger Emlltol' Emlitor Ealitol' Emliitol' Editor Enlitol' Emlitfvl' Ann Fleming, Martha Roesel. Mary ifleckley. Jennie Sue Cliatt, Grace Toole, Margie Carstnrplieii, Suzanne Hardy. Margaret Ann Heaton, Anne Kelly, Vivian Hains. Assistant Editors-Back row: Shields. Harper. Sheftall. Front row: Fiske. Michel. NVhite, Toole. Reporters-Back row: Fleming. Cliatt. Hardy. Kelly Cleckley. Front row--G. Toole, I-Iains, Carstarphen. Byrd Knapp Comey Jameson, Hill The Tubman Observer draws its staff from all the classes of Tubman. In December of this year, Louise Knapp and Virginia Jameson organized our staff. Then We sponsored a contest in order to get a name for the paper. This was won by Barbara Ann Collier, a sopho- more. During this year we have pub- lished four issues, and in these We have endeavored to present all phases of Tub- man activities to the girls. Of all the in- teresting articles our journal contained, perhaps the two most popular were the social column and the fashion notes. It is the aim of the Tubman Observer to stimulate an interest in all types of journalism. Vt CAMERA CLUB Top-White. Stelling. Hurst. Cannon. The screen is to the left, girls-Carolyn blocks Sally. OFFICERS President ,.,. ..,. ..,,. E LIZABETH HURST Vice-President ,,...,....,. ............ E RIN CANNON Secretary-Treasurer , MARGARET WHITE Faculty Adviser ..,......l.,A, MISS EMILY STELLING MEMBERS Vil'!'iNi2l Allllulwoli. Lois Bailey, Bobby Barrentine, Roberta llroamlwatcr. Erin Cannon, Annie Lee Chambers, Clayton Daniel, Vivian Edwards. Dorothy Gray, Vivian Greeson. Haniiltin Grieg, Betty Grinei. Betty Harden. Ehzabeth Hurst. Margaret Jones. Frankie Kirkland, Sally Martin. tfarolyn Michel, Susan Morris, Margaret Moss, Sydney Sanders. Matgaret White. Fiances Wuoddall. The Camera Club is one of the newest clubs at Tubinan, having been organized in the fall of 1940 for the purpose of giving the girls who are interested in photography a chance to learn more about it. There are facilities for developing and printing pic- tures in the chemistry lab. During the year, the members of the club have gone on several expeditions to get outdoor shots, and they have enjoyed seeing some colored inovies. . .ilu ggi...-.-v--' izbil' Don't listen to any directions from your left. Frances- The girls enjoy having their pictures taken Return engagement: Sally blocks Carolyn. as much as they enjoy taking pictures. GIRL RESERVES Grayson, Hundley. Wilson. Broadwater. The Girl Reserves start the year with a membership tea. The enthusiasm is high as three clubs are organized-a freshman group, a West End group, and a group for upper Classmen. At the weekly meetings, in- vited speakers bring ideas on world affairs, Friendship, Per- sonality, Etiquette, or the mem- bers engage in general discus- sion. The girls take time for handicraft, camping trips, and many stimulating and enjoyable activities. Pract icing etiquette OFFICERS ' l..,.. DOROTHY HUNDLEY ...MLIDWINA GRAYSON .............MARY LOU WILSON President ...eeereeeereeee Vice-President ,e,eeee Secretary eeer..,.... Treasurei 'eeee , ..reee ROBERTA BROADWATER Adviser ,.,e. ,r,..,le..,, B IRS. GREGG PARKER MEMBERS SENIORS-R. Broadwater, H. Brown, Erin Cannon, Dot Giay, L Grayson, Dot Hundley, D. Hundley, M. Moss. E. Mulcay. C. Smith M. L. Wilson. JI'NIORSiB. J. Allen, Y. Anchors, M. Boulineau, J. Coursey, J. Cul- pepper, Y. Davis, Margaret Geer, K. Harling, E. Hildebrandt, K Mitchell, C. McGowan, E. McGowan, L. McNeely, Dot Peebles, B Templeton, Frances Warren, S. VVright. SOPHOMORES-G. Buggy Eleanor Beeland, J. Gleason, J. Harvley G. Haynes, A. Lane, D. Montgomery, L. McCoy, B, Sheppard, M TeBow, J. Tucker. FRESHMAN-J. Cofiielel, K. Collins, B. Cook, M. Count, P. Davidson T. Dowd. V. Etheridge, M. Hennies, M. J. Hutto, R. Johnson G. Laeknian, V. May, M. Merritt, B. Middleton, L. Morgan, M. J Owens, A. M. Penny, R. M. Roberts, H. VVood, M. C. von Spreeken M. Wright, M. E. Bailey. Dramatic class. xx J 4 E194 L 1 The president meets informally with the group. V: L. 'S N , C46 I Hr1-L"1 ,' .: 1 ,fri-"ff-4 , h A 4 -" 1: 'fx . - .. "5:.. 1 ' resident ..A.........,....,AA...... MARGARET MOSS ' h'lCQ-Pl'9SlCl9I'1t . ,,,,,,.,,..,,,,AA, MAC CHRISTIAN " I is Secretary ,,,,,,,...,, ROBERT.-X BROADIYATER 5 1 Treasurer ,,. ......,. ,,,.,,, .,... J AXE POUND -myiwri X MISS ANNIE M. PAGE A i K """"" 2 MISS VIRGINIA YIDETTO ,, I 0.15 M nf: Hack row: I'ound, Christian. Broadwater. Front row: Page. Moss. Videtto. The French Club was organized at the if beginning of this school year. Junior mem- bers were taken into the club at the begin- 4- ning of the second term. Each girl must maintain an average of eighty in French to become a member. Meetings are held twice a month. At these meetings. the members study France, French authors and their works, and they play French games. Offi- cers for the new year are elected during the last meeting in April. i . Q A.-A 1 .-TB" 5-0-1 -'V Top-Back row: Cliatt. Oellerich. Petersen. Adams. Front row: Bailey. Roesel. Gray. Moss. 10 Bottom-Baek row: Hurlbutt. Livingston. Rosier. Front row: Guren. Pound. Mac Christian. Ruth Sharpe. Smith. MEMBERS SENIORS: Alige Ailains. Virginia Anderson. Lois Bailey, Roberta Broarlwater, Max' Chris- tian. Marx' Christian. Betty Cvunt-ill, Joan Daviclson. Iloiwitliy Gray. I"li5'llis Guien. Betty Harden. Shirley Iilion. Margaret Moss. Jane Pound. Martha Roescl, Ruth Sharpe. JUNIORS: Betty .Io Allen. Alice Carter. Jennie Sue Cliatt. Betty Dicks. Frie la Gillinan. Betty AT SCHOOL T' s . 2 ' '-liz . 1' ' 'QS- . . . ' yplfggal ggglzzlltgmlilwiettlxi,igglljpein Hack row:Guren, Davidson. Mildred Sharpe. Mary Christian, ' A ' ' ' Anderson. Griner. Gloria Livingston. Helen Mulligan. Marx' Owl- lericli. Mariorie Petersen. Mildred Sharpe. Front row: Harden' Dicks, Givens, Carter, Emily Smith. Joanne von Sprecken. ' -I 2 on-'ICERS , .. P . 'lf Jw' 5 wh A bf it rr:-P JI ,HA ar' fl? X few members on the steps at. Tubman. ,1 Qj 7cZlll..il C l- U B . lil 1 oFF1C 'fs g P1'9SlCl6lll, aeee IJAQESCOTT X ' 1 Vice-President . ...Q ,,,, 1 ,, ,.., a, ,PAT ELLIOTT ax Sec.-Treas... as B RTA BROADWATER 7 ff f, i Afmset -TTTTT at TTT -Miss MILLER lroadnater. lliller, l'r1-scott, Elliott. The Spanish Club is composed of girls tak- ing their second year of high school Spanish. They meet usually once a month at the homes of the members. The faculty ad- MEMBERS viser, Miss Mary Miller, teaches them songs she brought back from Mexico. The high light of the year is the banquet with its Mexican theme, colorful decora- tions, and gay senoritas in bright costumes. Guests for the occasion are juniors who have averaged ninety in Spanish for the vear. The Spanish Club. under the leadership of Miss Miller for the past ten years, has done some very interesting work. Sarah Allgood, Jewel Barnes, Roberta Broad- water, Erin Cannon, Shannon Cartel. Evelyn Dorn, Pat Elliott, Eugenia Hughes, Christine Miller, Jane Pound, Ina Prescott, Elizabeth Rose, Louise Snledley, Lena Stavro. Spanish Club, featuring Sarah in Mexican Attire. Back row: Barnes. Rose. Pound. Stavro Hughes. Front row: Dorn, Carter. Allgond. Winn National Hunu OFFICERS First Term: t-si ltzii .,,. ,UMARCIA Mt-C.-XTHERN I te-lie-L. xt KATHERINE ANNE EDELBLET .rcithg . . SESAN MORRIS t-41-1114-1'. ., ., .. . MISS MABEL BYHD Second Term: wi , H ,, SALLY MARTIN t--I le ,, FH.-XNCES IVUODDALL 'Bc-Ilklf.. , , , . ..., ,BERTHA LEE ezzsttu-1' . ., ,. . , MISS MABEL BYRD F.-XCELTY ADYISERS . T. Harzj: Garret: Mlss Dora Hains Miss Mabel Byrll Miss tlertrutle twiney Miss Btfl.e 'Walker SENIOR MEMBERS Ilobertq. Brllaliv.'ate1'. Katlzeiwzze Anite E it-lblut. Rlargqsei Fiske. Virginia Janzesozz. Sally Mar- ti:1.'3l:irt-ite M,'1fathei'::. Nt-ll Mee-tl. Susan M--rris. Ilozis Newman. Patricia Price. Betty Smith, Lk-t-elia Stulb. Frances IYottltlall. JUNIOR MEMBERS Marzar.-I Bouiizit-au. Emily lfarswell. Maxjf L'Ieck1ej.'. Jennie Sue Cliatt. Nancy Hartiy. Gloria Hamiitt-ii. Bertha Lee. D rotliea Lonas. Marg' llellt-21-11. Marjorie I'eiers:-xt. Ruth Rob- ertsl-xi. I.tf.l31a Jane Sluslqy. Alle-he Sumner. lltilfllc-i'lfQ Tvillii. fi r Society Top-Edelblut. Hains. McCathern. Byrd, Morris. Bottom-IYalker. Mboddall. Martin. Lee. Comey. The Tubman Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in the spring of 1940. Membership is based on qualities of leadership. schol- arship. character. and service. Members must obtain a scho- lastic average of eighty-five in every subject during each year. Only Juniors and Sen- iors are eligible for active membership. Membership in the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools is a signal honor as it rates for high schools as Phi Beta Kappa doesforpcollege. I . 6. x Top-Stulb. Meese. Jameson. Broadwater. Smith. Fiske. Newman. Price. i, if Bottom-Boulineau. Petersen. Oellerich. Cleckley. Sumner. Hardy. Robert- , V . son. Lonas. Cliatt. Carswell. f . J. , gt A. . -goc, SNAPS Anne and Nancy with their "shining morning faces". A pause in the day's oc- cupation-on the way to the lunch room. Allene overlooks Myra's sketches. Carolyn starts her war work, C A stutlious group of Senior Ns. Vallusia holds the in mores. sr terest. of the Sopho- f. J. Soph B's downtown for their Saturday morning moving picture. The traffic cop's fav- orite sign. Miss Hoatwright is pho- togenic. 274. AENEID BOOK II, 250-259 Dark night steals from o'er the deep Overcoming all with soothing sleep. Did I say all? Ah, yet, harken! The clouds descendg the heavens darken. Sinon, well versed in Grecian wiles, Signals the Greeks on yonder islesg Then they set out for the opposite shore. 'Neath a silent moon and with muffled oar. All Troy sleeps after mirth and wine! They make for the shore in unbroken lineg They make for the shore and disembark Within the walls and in the dark. Sinon opens the horse of pine g' The Greeks file forthg they form a lineg They slay the guards and unbar the gates As was predestined by the Fates. Then those without and those within Ravage the city with unearthly din. Of what befell Troy on that fateful day You may read in Vergil's immortal lay. Nell Meese '41. ,A. AENEIIJ BOOK II, 105-119 The ardent crowd was eager then to hear Searching answers, they anxiously drew near Awaiting reasons, silent every man. Aeneas, thus, from his high couch began: "Then truly did we explanations seek, Still ignorant of the double dealing Greek. Sinon trembled as he told this story, 'The Greeks have often wished to flee from Troy Wearied with war, they long have yearned to part, But bitter storms as oft delayed their start. South winds kept them in terror of the sea For the maple horse was where it ought to be. Dark clouds thundered, the sun refused to shine. In haste we sent Eurypylus to Phoebus, shrine. From Phoebus' shrine this oracle he brought: COur messenger gave utterance to our thoughtj lVhen first in Troy you fled the angry flood You did appease the winds with a maiden's blood Again by blood, if to embark you reck, You can allay the waves. It must be by the blood of a Greek? " Susan Morris '41 F- 5 j?'g X- -9 51 F5 gil ti T , f I at -,f v E i ,J - - 2 Practice makes perfect. gr The bug claw ggffg 5 h' -vcainn' ',,f" J "'fl The lawbreakers. Senior privileges are Wonderfulf Four heads are better than one. One gf the more orderly mornings in Room 20. y 6 7 A Swallow Flying I saw a swallow flying Against the autumn Sky. And. oh. what joy there is to see A swallow winging by. It spread its wings into the wind So swift my eye soon lost its trace. And. oh. what joy there was to watch It vanishing in space! I wish my heart were like that bird That it might go a-winging Alone into a world of mine And there be ever singing! Harriette Kahrs '43 Snow Flakes Now white against the blue-gray sky Now silver on the gray-green grass Snow flakes twirling Ceaselessly whirling Pearl the earth with glittering dye. Sparkling white mist with a feathery sound Like a shower of stars from a hidden fountain Ever descending Endlessly blending Hides the earth with a silvery mound. Ann Fleming '41. 'cw The BaIlad ut The Faculty-Sugar Game A stranger chanced to pass one By the gates of Tubman High When there arose within those walls A mighty hue and cry. The very walls did seem to shake And tremble in his sight. The stranger then drew night a bit To see what caused this plight. He saw the roof begin to rise From such can awful din. The stranger then drew nearer still To learnxwli t was within. .fh- .. , Now in theliel rushed two lusty teams Of boundiQ'lliilssies gay?" The stranger asked a girl near-by "Why such a gala day?" "Why dofni you lfhow, you poor dumb th To-day 'they play the game Faculty versus Senior Class To do or die their aim. "Miss Braddy there, the tiny one, Is captain of our teachers." And when he saw the one described A smile broke o'er his features. Seniors led by Skyscraper Hurst Advance into their places. The teachers Jw their stalwart foes That sight t i"r smiles erases. 66 11 What makes 4 ef welkin now to ring With echoes loiudtand shrill." "Those shorts font lemington Rogers Just gave thelxgir s a thrill." L, ing! 1 'tj LN That shadowgyith such potent strength Is Julius Caesar's ghost That's why McAuliffe meets so well The charging senior host. At lenth the teachers make a point While Boatwright leads the yelling! Three cheers for Rookie Bearden! Hurrah for Oxygen Stelling! "VVhat makes the rafters so resound With such an awful roar." A . "That's only Loudspeaker v?q, Kamp She's piling up the score."Kpj A. ' N Chick Evans follows Catch 'rflgrswell They both have manful ' ings. And Jumper Jones bounds g Tabout As if controlled by strings. 1 And now the game is near the end You bet the seniors shine! -'T But see who's coming up to serveg It's Backstop Brisendine! "What makes the building so to quake And tremble more and more?" "Why, that's only Tiptoe Lombard As she trips across the floor." The time has come to end the fight Up comes Bunker Hill Straussg She scores a point for f lty When she swats the ba x ross. Believe it or not for Ripley by The faculty won the glame. And now their heads arein the cloudsg They'll never be the samxel , n I MHCY Hardy '42 Bertha Lee '42 5 OFFICERS OF THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB VIRGINIA ETHEREDGE President BETTY BOARDMAN Vice-Presideiit EMILY SHEFTALL SCCI't't1I1'y-TI'E3.SL1I61' Are-n't we girls studious? . 55" K -li '-...L 1 fy' Y ' f .-:fi Seating space is scarce Playing IPOSSUYU, Alex? at Tubman An exit well known to Tubman girls. f if L it U n -X 'aj 6- .. ,- ' s .I ' ' - ,Q-'.' W Y ' f 4 ., iv, s 2 . .1'gk"f , ' it , Qu ..- ' t , '- k , , , 'S . X ' a---5 f .I- ' V- . Q' 'K - ' 1 trip' .rl as Q' N , , I-,A rv . .1 5, if W 1-ga, .T I V. I' . 1 . fzrw mf 1 mis' J - in 'a,. 'S 4' 4 ,VA ar' 4 f -',,l 9 Y' . f"" U I 1 ,' x - I . ,A , , ' . 1 , :""fX-.-RX, ,. A .,, fix ' ,Q ,. 1 wr. - 4. , .,'- . , 'A - . ' A '- ' 'W if 11.327, . . Qi ,. , , ' I 'J x .Hi f 2 . ' 7 . 5 r S' i 4 "lvl, -:,f"'3 ' - 4 f - Q' b 'E ff' .5 'A gf? , .- v f 1 2 - 1 .wav-f W- it - 4 -Y :A 0 ' 1 Q I ,J . 5 'Z 1.3i'vj'1?,J:f1' H I 1 ' M X: gf.: '- 'V v ' Q " ' I X Q Y 'Tax 'I' HY M, 4 LA - ' - f A .Q ' - 1 . . ,s tm J 15 r -' mu., ..,.N C ,X - ., . . 'X Q W ,,,.-.,,.-ov' . - fini V D rr .0 s. """' WWW N 4 gn- I 1 ,,...-.ff-. .,,,.,-- Ae LAST Wlll " DATED MAY 29. 1941 1, , We. the Senior Class of Tubman High School. being of sound and dispfising mind: and. yet. being feeble in body y 3- and reaizlng that our days are numoered. do make. declare. C E and publish this our last will and testament in manner and ' W E form following: 1 Item. We will oe-ilueath our seats in chapel. our Kid Day g, dresses. and our fondest ambitions to the Senior Class of 1942. Item. We do will and bequeath to the Faculty a placard ' ' ' '- . mn.. -- wie- v ".'-.e- af 'fv '- - v with the inscription. Marriage Rtller Intan to Faculty. 'We hone that the Faculty will form relays and march up and down the halls picketing the married seniors. K Item. We will and bequeath to Miss McAuliffe and to Miss Jones one camera that will take clear shots and one senior who can operate it. Item. We will and bequeath tn Miss Halbert one Senior Chorus composed of the proper number of sopranos and a.tos. Item. We will and bequeath to Miss Boatwrigixt. Miltlretl Mills' northern accent and to Miss Comey. Maude l3ary's SOLlIllSl'll drawl. We hope that between them they will evolve a universal accent. Item. We do will and bequeath Frankie Iiirlqlands place as assistant in Chemistry Lab to Mary Ann Daniels. hoping that Mary Ann will DOI mind having her hands dis- colored with silver nitrate. Item. We will to Betty Dicks. Joan Dayidsons friendly smile. Item. We will and bequeath Mac Christians ability to organize to Jeanne Culpepper. Item. We do will and bequeath the seats in the lunch room now in possession of Roseann Hallman. Shirley Blum. and Jewel Fox to Billie Hallman. Sally Plane. and Hilda Popkm. Item. We will and bequeath Katherine Anne Edelbluts speed in translating Latin to Patience Middleton.hoping that Patience will use it as effectively as Katherine Anne did. Item. We do will and bequeath Carolyn Michels own way of saying "Hello" to the Freshman B's. Item. We will and bequeath to Mildred Ieuton. Bobbie Barrentine's ability to trim Sincliers to the last peanut. "'."fs""5"- - ,"fit-"i'7':"'f.f:t-,wrff':.1Tr::'tr2:f'.':1'1'f'1-Ur Tff12a4'.7?'-'2f?1" gin'-'35f-'"-?5'fl'W':+fif15?'f?.H'45?1'1'i4fL? ' , . . .. -...,. . ,..-..,..--.--,'-fr.q"'w--vv.-'1"" .,.s., .. N, f- -,.. U- .- - e. --.gl-.----aw.41v. - -+--' I-SU 'L' - A . ,. . ., ..,. 1 --,... .- - - . .. -- .-,.. . -.. .s-....,n,.,.e,,H,s,... . -,.f1..- A f-A-'S ,ae-nf H31-.'1,A eff . , Ql:.r.v-s--4-4,a...---..vs1..-vt-as '- . r-.'i :- ,'. .' .. . - . -nv 4 A L ' "' ' . - . lv- , --e.--- . -.'. . . .4 -' ,.-..1.-f,:g'1.,. , .:.:-A 1. -.-1'c--Q---,-1--,-.'--f---f-f-f----1---- TESTAIVIENT of fre aa, WITNESSED HEREBY AT AUGUSTA. GEORGIA Item, We will and bequeath Elizabeth Hurst's only compact to Anne Kelly, hoping that Anne will find more use for it than Elizabeth did. Item, We will and bequeath Louise Torpin's gentle manner to Marguerite Toole, hoping that Marguerite will use it in class. Item, We will and bequeath Sally Martin's ability to get ads from hardened busi- ness men to Bertha Lee. Item, We will and bequeath Susan Morris' friendly nature to her little sister Dafoe. Item, We will and bequeath Dorothy Gray's ability to make herself heard to her little sister Louise. Item, We will and bequeath to Nancy Hardy the task of leading her class to victory against the Faculty in volley ball. ' Item, We Will and bequeath to Mary Clockley, Cynthia Sheftall's column in the newspaper, hoping that Mary vvill make it as interesting as Cynthia has. Item, We Will and bequeath Roberta BroadWater's love of study to Joanne von Sprecken. Item, We Will and bequeath Marcia McCathern's front desk in Vergil class to Gloria Hamilton, hoping that Gloria will not be distracted by the cars outside the Win- dow. Item, We do Will and bequeath to Miss Rogers one play suit, hoping that it will re mind her of Kid Day. all i l Item, We do request that our report cards be buried with us. 'V We do appoint the Faculty to be our executors, and do revoke all former Wills. and publish this to be our last Will and testament. 4 .ff In witness whereof, We hereunto put our hands on the day and the W .leit i, ff year above Written. ,A THE CLASS or mn, Q WEN- Margaret Moss '41. gy jg", X Francess Wooddall '41. ix i X X cWwwvwrwp,1wA,4f, -1fM-1.-..-.,-....-:r-y-n-..qp- -.vu w--1-5-fr--V-,fa-n , a-vp-,vw-'vw 1- '-' . wr- i. -ir--" 'V' '+- - 'gi 1" "x f'Qf'1'f A ,- h Hr, , fT..,,. . . .- . J' - he f QW Y'f'vIj1u?f'V"":'bI,4 e41x.10:+'4x ,,.'C,.'4 J' 7.1 '- "TTF"'w. ,ft Fifty , 11" - '-- -, - '- 'V I j, -A 1 -. . ,45N1vH'-1,. .g,......,..-.s, vt.-Q..- ,,.,.,...-. ..-1. -s-,.1.,.,..-M,-,,--, r ,,- -t V V' .'.....,4.,. -. .. -...... . .1 s. z..f. .,',..-1. , ., ., an-..1,n.g,.,.-.-,-. J . 1 . . 1 1 " ' , v. - u-Aif311""'vum 1 . -. ...-.- r- ,Lx . 3.1, L . 1. .1.... . W.. I' ' ' .221 M... .f. ..Ti-3f?!i.??AT?.I'-C0127-S-ffl'--1V i , J. . . ,Ml . -- ., f. A-' ff - M u,-'inet ML14- fI1'lufPN'sv,-v-.'41u'l.bn an-a - -.Aw-.wvx.,on.v.v...--Y-v,vYv4 -f " ' "' " ' :.--v,f-J1f,-'f------w.'3"fc--"A"-.'..- we xt in - ins- z. fr if "For to her our hearts belong" The Staff of Maids and a Man Wishes to express its gratitude to Mrs. Lombard Brinson for her cooperation in costuming the girls in the Feature Section, and to Robert Wilkinson for many of the snaps that are used throughout this volume of the year- book. ' 'iw-4 - . . 1 ,.,,, ,-f':,4.' 5 H- 9- - I-J -29: " N Q s--,IIHIQ ,.y-q-1 , -' af'- w Vx -' 9E'. l+ '2. 21' "" 3 .11 1 f'?k7..f" f'J',2sj:"-gf'Q-1, -- h -. . 4- . -1 . J yiiy'-' '1 5: 1"-"f1f1'-ff'-if-Cf, ' 'Y 1-'Wi' -v -'-92, .1 'W an +1 . if ':24-'1f:'.'w -1 . -gi11,fwfff'w1"."v - it Ncwsfi H K3 A 1 I ih 1 139' '1 , .VT A rife. 1 14-ia. 5 Q, X, . uw. .X . 1 mp 1 X 1 ' 1' Af' "545f' f7. 41. f .JHRI-!A'r,' 'S-f. 1 ' - ,..,,, 1 1 ,---Pe-'Tw' ff .1 -- 1 .,J.1f:-31 1. fi ' " "" - wk -in -T: 11.2 .. A.g.......h.,.,-. ' ., -..- ,,'v.--, I, 41 V-.LAW fy" l -I E I-I f , 1 - , -if 1 - A 1 nn" 1 ll' 1 Alun 1" UNK H' H511 mn 1 1 1 H1 ' V 1 QUHHII 1 H1 X ,fun I I If , f"' 1'1-f.f1.,' n , ' 11111 'EEF' W 1 ,, -- -"Z . Y, 1 be 1i::iE?lmW1 'W m' 1 1 11:15:33-:?5?:g U4 1:7 :N 1 -Egg! lllgljw A X l W 1 il ' vie I -X. Wulf' 1111 f 1 'LZEEQ' 'I 1 IIAIII I l,,l, 1 rl Q p K1 1. 1 ' 1r 111.1 1"1l1".' ' 1 XXX "lu l Ll 'N I 1 1 -v . 1 .1 V, l1 111 ...I 1 lllllllllll ulfuualu' 1 H14 A , l I X! X1 111 all dill IIIIIIIII . Auf' ' of 1 2 :Emu jg------H l!ln'f.Zf-53,51 Q4! ' . , N S W' fiszz' f , - - Saqrffwf 1 ff ' f 222 M - 11111 ' - I - QQJEEEI 'ul'zH,,- A ' 1-EE: -1252, 1 i ll'-5",'.i---' ' 4 fl 111 W5 g x 11: E .il I' In.,-' ,fin 1:1 I X 1.12 11f"M2: 'F .111 W Q. 15 N 11 ul 1 , ' -A ' 1 ' , tlhlzt xfzzstwtls ,- 9 1 E Ill l l 1 ul ll ff g N I Q! ' U ll ull. 'fuil 'Q 11 . 5:5555 t I :Hull W' -f 'rv P - 1 . I, ff! 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CHARLES KILPATRICK -.,i..1..1..1..1..1 ... 1 .1-..i..i..1n1n I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -0-4' COMPLIMENTS OF THE OFFICIALS OI" RICHMOND COUNTY JUDGE JOSEPH E. BRYSON JUDGE GORDON W. CH-XMBI4 PS Judge of Municipal Court Judge of City Court MR. W. INMAN CURRY MR. GEORGE HAINS Solicitor of City Court Solicitor of Superioi Court MR. JOHN C. HARPER MR. DANIEL J. O'CONNOP Ordinary of Richmond County Clerk of Court SHERIFF GARY M. WHITTLE Sheriff of Richmond County COMPLIMENTS OF THE FOLLOWING HULL, AUGUSTA ATTORNEYS JOHN L. CHAMBERS HENRY T. CHANCE. Jr. SCHUYLER W. CLARK SAM F. GARLINGTON BARRETT, WILLINGHAM S: TOWILL LEE. CONGDON S: FULCHER Tuvilv-qviuu mimip1n1mi:1TnrTm1ulv,nui:nfr: n1n:,:p1l: imznfzirzfzr Compljm en fs of I .4 I4 X 4 Augusfab New Sfore for M en Women and Children .- -- 1- 1 A mia' n: I r M. 7 mi. I-1.1 nf E i :aff r: r: nf 7 n:1,...g.- : , 1:7 YOUR GROCER HAS IT .... Y ' l inn: l 1 . . . . ORDER TODAY ?.:::::f lnnlr101u+ TGMMINS STUDIO PORTRAITS AND PHOTOGRAPHS Phone 2-8833 r COMPLIMENTS OF Sears, Roebuck Sz Company "Augusta's Fastest Growing Department Store" Corner Broad and Albion Ave. on Herald Square - .,.. - K... -in----1. +- .r.r - ,.,, --m,-.,.,..,.. L Compliments of l l MARION THOMPSON l I ' V I +........--.i- tv-- tvrr - K-1- t aa i A A W 'r"l . his RADIOb PIAINOS ' ' Coj2,,w" L l PHoNE as-an -25' Q i TOMPMNS MUSIC oo., Inc Electric Appliances, Refrigerators, Range I Fans, Irons, XYaslit-rs, lroners and Coin i 2 mercial Equipment, Service and Parts f 5 Electrical Equipment l 1 was BROAD STREET - i-i- -u--- - --- --,- ---- ..., -M--y .g...- ,.,. -.,- .-..i- ..-- - .iii - -..i - iii. - .i-. - ,.,, - ,-,- - ii.i -n-,.,.-it COMPLIMENTS OF GARDELLEYS 702 Broad College Pharmacq 1801 Walton Way -IA'I'qL?1I'EI'WZiII'?If3I"F'.7-i7.fi3'5-Q7?I'ff'f Iii-i' W1ii'iFE I-55-5 E clailsselfs Bread and Cakes 1 ff BAKERY PRUDUCTS UF HERIT nnl.,n1.,..1..nl..u....4.....m...u.1.w1nH-.,.,.--...,-,w1.,,.-.,..1.,.,-,..,....,,,-.4.,1,.,.1,.,.1.m-HH-...H uinuiuiu- CONIPLINIENTS OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF AUGUSTA nn,-11-mln'- 1........1..1u.1ml1uu-u-1..I...-W.-....1 . .1 .,.- .H1.1.1-.1,...1..,,1m..1.,.,-.HI-.H.,..H..1.,..-.,H1..I.-4..,...1.4..1,.,....M1....-....y-.m..- WESLEYAN CGDLILEGE Rich in the traditions of the past Alive to the problems of the present Working toward the progress of the future. I I-IIGH SCI-IQLASTIC STQNDAEDS O UNLIMITED RECREATIONAL CDPPORTUNITIES F0Rxi?EZ1"g DICE E. HNDEESGN Jiffiffifiiip. .,-,,,,,,,.,1.,.-W1-1.11,.,,.-..u1.m.-I-..-vm1V.Him.....H...I.H...HH.....11+Iu1un1nu,K...1uu1...,1...y-,...1.... , N ,- 1.1 1..1...1...-....1..1 1...1 1 1 1 1.1 1....1. 1..1 1 1.1 1.1 1 1.1 1..1....1..1.1...1.1...1.. 1,.1..1 1 1...-. 11. WE ICXTICNIJ BEST WISIIES TO 'l"IIE llIlAIJUA'l'ES! The Planters Cotton Oil Co., Inc. Augusta. Georgia QUALITY COTTON SEED PRODUCTS A. J. INIAGUIRE. Manager ....1.-..1. 1...1 .1....1...1....1...1 ..1....1....1....1....1...1......4..I1. 1 .1 1....1 1 1 ..1. 1 1....-..1...1....1...1...1....1 vu:u1-4.1 gggy 1 ,y,y 1 ,,,, 1.1. 1lTTTT ,,,, ,,, Kwg- ,?- ,,,, 7 TiTT111 ...1...1 ,.,, 1 y,., 1..1....1.1 I I I I I I I I COME IN, GIRLS! Maxwell Brothers I , E 2 J. IIIIIIIIGS II FVRNITURE I I JUNIUR SHUP I I I I RADIOS, FRIGIDAIRES. I I IS HEADQUARTERS FOR THE DRAPPJRIES YWOIINGER GROIVDI - i i Phone 2-5526 The kind of things you'lI adore . . . 2 2 9323 Broad Street wearlng, 111 your size- 11, 13, 15 and 16 Augusta, Ga. I I I I I I I I I I -.-- .- ...I - .... - ,.,, -.....- ..,. - ..,. -,.... .,,, ,,,, - ,,,, -,i, ,iw-,,,,-,- ,,,, -,,,.,,-,,- ,,,. - ,,,, - .,,, -.,- Marqaret LOIZ Shcnp 827 Greene St. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ...1..1...1....1....1....1...1. 1. 1...1...1..1..1 1.1 1 1i..,1.,..1i.,1, 1im1,...1,,,..-...,1.1...1 1 1......-.1 ,il 1m1.n..1 1.1...,1..1 1 1 1 1 1 .1uu1nn1111.111-11....1i...1...1un1un1M1.. 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.1,-1+ COMPLIMENTS OF Woodward Lumber Company COMPLETE LINE OF LUMBER, BUILDING MATERIALS MILL WORK AND BUILDERS HARDWARE 1010 Roberts St. .-uu1Hu1M1nn1.m...u-1..l.1.....-...,1..K.1 1.. 1 1..1m.1im1.u ALLBURN COAL - AIC COKE Patronize Augusta Ice G- Coal Company AUGUSTA, GA. HOME INDUSTRY Cold Alone Is Not Enough 1.,1,.1 1 1 1.1 1.,1..u1..,.1....1..1 1..1..1.,. 1iw1n..-U 1 1 1 .11 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1...-.---.11 Phone 2-4611 -....1...1...1...1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,...,.1 BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS ROADS AND REVENUE Richmond County, Ga. Rudolph P. Mayo, Chairman Edwin C. Mertins Frank R. Miles Frank H. Hooper A J. Bland Goodwin William H. Sherman, Clerk n1un1-n1111111111111..1 COMPLIMENTS OF AUGUSTA LUMBER CCD. -0.11.1 1., 1 1,1...,1u.1n.1..-11...1.,.1.1 ..1...1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11-11-1-u1.,1..1. 1 1..1.-..- nn1un1..1l-11.1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1n1 THE IONES FURNITURE CC. IOIO Broad Street Augusto Georgia 1 "" -"ini flwl 1 - -r1' ----- I 1.11 1n.1u.!, Q.- .,., 1, 1 1 1.1.01 1.1,,1 1 1 1..1.,1..1q TUBMAN HIGH CGMPLIMENTS 4 SENIOR RINGS OF For any graduation year can T be Supplied by- i Herff Jones Co. 'We also have- K E I "COLLEGIATE" U' Caps and Gowns CLINT W. LEE Co. PHONE 2-7337 Diplgmas H. S. Canfield, Representative Thirteenth at D'Antignac 1550 Decatur Rgad Atlanta, Ga. I I I I - - - - - - - -4-'- -.W--,-...,-,m-.j. ,g,n-,..- .. - .....- ....-..- - - - -- - --. - 1 - aiu-....1....1. .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1 I-1.1. 1I.I.1....1...1.....-.....-. 1,...1..-. 1 1 1 1,1 Johnson, Lane, Space 8: Co., Inc. INVESTMENT SECURITIES Telephone 2-7741 ATLANTA AUGUSTA SAVANNAH .1 1..1...1..,1...1.,..1....1...,1 1,1 1...1..r1.......,......1....1 1 1 1 1M..1n1m,..nn...--.-..1.,1.. 1 1.1 ,..1..1 1 1 1.1 1.1.1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1..1 1 11.1 1.1.1 11 1 ,,,, Georgia-Carolina Warehouse 8e Compress Ge. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA STORAGE CAPACITY 100.000 BALES LANSING B. LEE, J. L. BARTLEY5 President Vice-President and Treasurer 11.1. 1 1 1 1..1..1. 1..1..1..1..1 .1 .1 .1..1..1,.1u1. 1..1..1..1 1.1.1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1..1n1n Compliments of General Tire and Supply Company "Augusta's Master Service Station" BROAD AT 12TH ST. Hill Branch: Walton Way at Baker Avenue , ,. ... 1 1...-..1..1. 1.1. 1 1. 1 1 111-11- -u1n1 1 --01...-..1..1...-..1.,1..1..1..1-.1..1 Georgia-Carolina Uairies 927 Walker Street Augusta, Ga. Compliments of Sancken's ICE CREAM and MILK Visitors are Cordially Invited to Visit at any time Our Certi- fied Dairy. Old Savannah Road .1.1..1..1 1 .1 1 1 1 .1..1..1 1,.1.1.. ..1..1..1..1..1....,.1..1..1..1..1 1 1 1..1..1,,1, WKQMW T24 BROAD srifu-:ET "Where Smart People Meet Smart Fashions" A Complete Line of FROCKS. COATS, SUITS, MILLINERY AND ACCESSORIES FOR THE JUNIOR MISS 1U1..1. 1 1.1.1. 1,.1..1.1.1..1..1.-1--1.n1..1..1..1..1.-1..1.-1111...-...-1.1 1 1 1 1 1.1 .1..1..1..1-I1..1..1..1u1...1..1..1,,-..-.1 1 .1..1..1 1 1 .1 1.1. 1..,.1.i.,1..1nn1nn1. 1 1nn1.,..1,. 1 1 1..1nn 1l..1.1..1,.1.,.1...1.,..1n,..- ,.1 .1.i.1....1 .1.v-11M -,.n....,.1,1 1..1....1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1.11: 1l.n1.,1 1 1.1....1 1.,-. 1 1 1...1.1 - ,,,, ,.- ,.,. - ,.,. 1. -...-....-.+ 4... .,,. .. ..,. ....- ,,.. ... .... - ,,., -.-..-li-H.- -M... - -..-.. 4. Augusta Sporting Goods Company "EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT" 210-212 Eighth Street Phone 2-6007 Compliments of Hugh Barton AND HIS ORCHESTRA - ,.., .. ..,. ...- ,.,: -.- .....-. ------ ....-..l-..1.. COMPLIMENTS Belk - White - Luke 845 BROAD ST. 1.w1 1 1n.1nn1..1.n.1.1nn1 1n...- 1.1.11-1nnn1n Compliments of Bell Finance Company J. C. BLACK, Manager 222-223 S. F. C. Bldg. Augusta, Georgia 1, 1.1.11 1n1nn1 1nn1.m1m.1nn1.m1,1 .1...,1n..1,,.,-als .,...-...5. 1m n1nn nn1nn Compliments of AUEUSIH RUUIIIIQ 80 Metal Works 623 Reynolds Street PHONE 2-2318 nn1.....,.... 1.,1.,.1,1...1,1 1 1 1.1 1..n1 -nn1..n.....1.i..1.,..1 1 1 1...1..1 1 1 1 1.14111 BENSUN'S STUHAGE GARAGE Storage - Washing - Greasing Vulcanizing - Battery Service GASOLINE AND OILS Dial 2-8887 - 2-8888 836 Ellis St. -nn1..n1 1.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.1n Tw- . ,V , , X--,- X , W7YY . s uf: . . fi Emory wllllamslln I l.,y 4F.!lll-. if -is SUGAR Distributors 'X' SllndUd0lPxmfy- ii Granulated Augl1Sta,Ge0rgia RQ vrmxqmsupf l'fmwICmvvvv .1nn.-,,,,1n1un1.m1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,.,1 -nn1nn1nn1nn1..n1nn..n.,1.-H1 n1un1n..1nn1u1.,1n1,, Beauty Center COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Greene at Eleventh Telephone 2-5073 ADLAIDE C. ARNDT MATTIE I. CRAWFORD BESSIE P. OONLON 1.1 1.nn.1nn1nn1nn1nn1.,n1,.,.1..n1.,..1-.n1....1M1-m1 I 6 . n uuTF'TTfRS F 978 BROAD ST Compliments of Augusta Hardwood Co AUGUSTA, GA. ..H1111111.1...-M.-.un1.n.1nu1 1 1 N8cW Camera Exchange KODAKS AND CAMERAS MOVIE EQUIPMENT DARK ROOM SUPPLIES Phone 2-4057 - 220 Eighth St -11n1.ml.minH1.m1uu1un--uu1nn..u E J. Erbelding and Co. Good Plumbing -lm1me,nu,HHill...--in-ml1un1uu-nn1m--u1uu1nl1 Hurst Business College S. F. G. Bldg. COMPLETE OFFICE TRAINING vlyfazfirzj 770Zz'Jz' "Flowers For All Occasions" Walton Way at Metcalf PHONE 3-4-106 and 3-4407 1-..- - 1 -- -.mi - 1 1 u- 1 1u1u1Qni Compliments of KeeI's Service Siaiillll 1924 WALTON WAY THE GEORGIA-CAROLINA BRICK AND TILE CO. NT3.YlLlf?lC'Cl.l1'E'1'S HIGH GRA DE CLAY PRODUCTS Hollow Building Tile, Common Building, Augusta Smooth Face. Augusta Rough Face Brick .,.. Offices: 748 Reynolds St. AUGUSTA, GA. 1.51 1 1 1 ....,.....-..1...1...1..1 1 .- in..-.,,- nn... -W1nu-....1....1.,..-H1.1Msim...ue..-in-....ll1..1---un u-..-U- n-.1 ....1uu1...-..,..1....1....1....1...........,n,..-.-u.... 1.-..1..1 COMPLIMENTS OF Home Folks 754 BROAD STREET Optical Departments in All Stores Phone 2-6861 Friedmans Jewelers 826 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. South's Oldest Credit Jewelers DIAMONDS, WATCHES. SILVERWARE, RADIOS 111:-ulu.-.ui-.1u11.1uie.1.-1..1..-.--144-1-min -nu1..1..,1 1 1 1,1 1 , 1 1--1ln1.n.-1:1121 The Best in Eats and Sodas will always be found at HILL'S DRIVE IN SODAS 626 BROAD ST. "Augusta's Only Curb Service" Parking' Lot For Your Convenience n1u1n1-U1 ...n1....1....1.n1 1 in-. -..Q ,ui -mei...-. .-. in..-nl... -il-.111-41-1.11. -. ... ...ull-..n1 GBIJIQIZ lfllllk 80 EIIUIDIIIBIII UU. DISTRIBUTORS Trailers, Diesels, Tractors, Power Brakes and Commercial Equipment CADILLAC-LaSALLE AUTOMOBILES GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS Ninth Street - Telephone 2-6876 Augusta, Ga. ....,1..- 1 ... ....,1n-n.--I-M1 .. 1 1 1..- 1n1 .5.-,.-..-.,-l.....-,,-.,-,.-..-..-.-..-H...-..-....+ .i....-..-.,- -,,-,.-..-,,-.... ... I I I I. S. Fox Candy Uomoany I SVEETEST AND BEST i I I Pliinie 2-S104 - A',1g'.zsta. Ga. I I I I.,-..-a.- - - -I-I -I-M-II-aI-ia-.I-or-in-MI ?,HiM1,,i,,,,1,,T,,i,,T,,l,,1,,,1,v,i,,l,,,.,,l,A,i,,? I I fjonreruri-:Nos or I F. E. Ferris I I I AND Company I I I 5 I a..-.1--I--.I--I.--.-.,-.l-.i-- -.1-f--l- --I--.--4 a-I--I--I--H----H--'----1--i------- ----'---I-we I I I I Central Garden Florist I :X'.1Q'.iSf22'S F1o'.'.'e1's Since 1869 I Cordially invites you to visit I our new shop I MR. AND mes. N. C. ANDERSON I Mrs. James Gardiner Miss Anne Anderson I -P -I- .1m-.i,1 li ai., i.i.1m1,, -. limi I 1. .1 111.-.-N -,.-.,-..1..-,.-..1..1.r1,.1...1..1 ...,1..-il.i.wi.-t 'I' I I I Coriiplinie ts of Qi. E. Elliott 511115 I I I . I I I I +- - - - -l-l---- --I-I-.---I---I-H-..-.l.-+ I Compliments of I I S. Donald Forlson Go. MILL sL'PPL1Es Phone 2-5536 Ninth and Ref-'iiolcis Qtre. I . I I I +--'---r--'--'i--i--i------I- V- ---- I--I-------I--+ rel- t-le-l'-l-l- '- I- -I-to-"-are-'I'-1 . I I my A, i e Tie :.o1'e-,II Q.1a.1,5 alia Or1g11ieI1.jr I I I Alex G. Eilelhlul Furniture Co. I I I Modern Furniture :: Reproductions . I I Antiques :: Fabrics 1: Rugs I Imported Brasware A'.1g11sta. Ga. I I -i-Q-H--W-I--'--I--1 -- I -- -- --I --- '-- I-fr'--'-'--I---i '!"'i'-"-"-"-"-"-"-''-''-"-'a""i'-'I-"'-'r'r-'I' I I - - - I I Feedrighr Milling Co. I I AUGUSTA.GEORGLk I "Your Friends Forever" I I if-A-r"'-"-"-" '-" I ' "W" '-'-'I'-'I'---5 I I I The Cullum School I I I I I ol Lip Reading 510 Greene Street I I I i AL'GL'sr.a. Georaona I I I . I .I,....,...,.,,.,,,-.....,......-...-...-.i....-m......-.3-...N-1. Compliments of J. U. Penney UU. Clncorporatedj 840-844 Broad Street "It Pays to Shop at Penney's" 1ul.1.,.,1u..1nn1..,.1...,1.H1....1....1.-H1,-111.-.11....1....1..,.1...... 1.,.,1...,1..I1....1....1..4.1,,..1,...1 1. 1 1 .1 1 .1111- Drink ROYAL CROWN COLA Tops in Taste Rugal Crown Bottling En. 14.11.11 1..1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1.1 ..-..,.1.u- 1...1..,.1.. 1,,1..1,..1. 1., 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1. For BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS BREAU LT Saxon-Cullum Studio 1-U1--1.11:1-.1-.f.1..1.-,1...1...1,.-1-m1..,1..1.1-...nn Compliments of Phoenix Oil Co. Heating and Air Conditioning Div. Air Conditioning, Heating, Oil Burners. Stokers, Oil Burning Circulating Heaters and Water Heaters 700 Twiggs St. Phone 2-5321 AUGUSTA, GA. 4. -...-. - .- .....-.l-,.-..-..-...-.. .... .n-....-.5. Compliments of Hotel Richmond .1...1-u1 1 1 1 1. 1 ..1..,,1f..1 1. 1.,.1.1 -.,..1.. 1. 1 1.. 1n..1.,.1,..1.1m.....u1..1 1 1 Compliments of W. E. RAINES 81. 00. BUILDING SPECIALTIES Phone 2-2176 8-12 REYNOLDS ST. -I-1,1 1 1 1..1....1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Wm. Schweigert Co. JEWELERS 846 Broad St. CHINA - GLASS - GIFTS -..1v.-1.1u1-.1u-11.11n.1M1.-1-.1n1..1..1..1. Compliments and Best Wishes PUIlil8G Master Mill S6IVl0B Ellis at 10th Street 11'-1 1 1 -1.-1.m1u-...1m.1...1u1.--1...1 .1 1,.1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1 1,.1l1l1.,,1 1..1.,1..1.,....,.1. 1.41. .11 11 1...1..,1.-1.11. 5. ll. Kellg gl Sen MARBLE AND GRANITE MEBIORIALS Phone 2-4522 Ninth and Fenwick Sts. 1.1 1,.1.1..1f1,l1 1 1 -...1 1,.1n1u 1..1..1,,1..1,.1.1. 1 1.1. .1 1..1-..1.,,1.u Compliments of Local Finance Co. H. 0. TABB. Manager I.obh5' of Masonic Building 1.11.11 1. 1.-1A 1. 1.11. 1 1. 1...-..1-.-1m 4.. ....- -..-.1..-..-,.- -.-.- - -..-.-....+ Cornplinients of The Partridge lun Open Year-Round 4. .... - -. -....-.........- -.-.- - .. -..-...+ MEREDITH'S OPTOMETRISTS AND OPTICIANS T-IO Broad Street Augusta, Ga. 1 14.1. 1, 11 -.l.1,,.1,, 1 1 -1 1.1 .1 ,1-1,-1l..1..1.n1.--an-e League, Duvall 81. Powell REALTORS - INSURANCE Herald Bldg. Augusta. Ga. Lllckllarl, McAulille Xa GU. llncorporatedl ESTABLISHED 1902 REAL ESTATE FIRE INSURANCE SUT Broad St. Augusta. Ga. u1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1-. 1 1.1-111.1 1..1.l.1 ..-.1...1.,1..1-..1..e....a1.1..1..1...1u1,111.15-qu-4 Engraving. Books. Fine Stationery. Koclaks, Photographic Supplies Office Equipment Murphq Statienerg Ce. T18 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Phone 2-2122,1..1u1.,1.,1..1.,1. 1.11 1,1 .1..1.11..1. 1. 1 1 1...1..1 .1 ,1 1..11.1..1 W111. F. Law, Jr., Agent GENERAL INSURANCE Fire. Liability. Bonds. Insurance Lobby Masonic Bldg. - Phone 2-4228 Augusta. Ga. -,l41,.,i1 1,.e1,.,1,,.1..1...1 1e1.1.1.u1..1.1.-14.1 .1....1...1...1.. 1 1 1.. 1.1 1 1 ..1..,.1 .1....1....1 .1...1 ..1....1.. 1.. 1-.-1...1.........1....1u1. BUY TEXACO GAS Boardman Oil Un. Compliments of Blanchard 8a Calhoun Really Co. 1....1 1 1 1 1 1..1.1..1 1 1 1..1....1--- ..1...1....1....1....1....1....1....1...1-.-1.....-....1....1-- W. F. BURTON STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES -121 C1'2wfo1'd Ave. - Dial 3-4429 If we please you, tell others If not tell us. 1,1 1 1 1...1 1 1.1 1 1..1....1....1...1-..- a N' Y i . WWWF'a s ' , l I W 1n..1- --1.111 -...1....1...1............1....1....1..,.1....1-.41....1...1 1 1 1 SPORTING GOODS BASKETBALL TENNIS BADMINTON IIUIUPII Ilrus. Hardman? lin. PHONE 2-8855 905 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. BEST WISHES FROM Clark Milling Company AUGUSTA, GEORGIA .1....1..1 1u..1........,.1....1....1n1..r.1n1....1....1 .1n.. -....1....1....1....1....1....1,...1....1....1n1.-..1n1..1u1....- BUTLEPKS BEAUTIFUL SHOES 922 Broad Street Phone 2-5534 - Augusta, Ga. .1...1v..1 1 1....1-p-U1-,1....1..1..1....1 .1-.1n -....1....1.. 1....1.. 1., 1.. 11.1. .1,.1..1...1....1 1...- BYRD'S USED CARS Tires. Tubies, Batteries and Radios 1294 Broad St. Phone 2-7558 - Augusta. Ga. I I ! 4, ,,,,- 1.1 1...1,.1...1...1,.,,1, .. .- - ,,-,,,,,,,,-+ ,i..1....1...... 1 1.1 ..1. 1 1 .-- -M-M-.. -..-1.1 min 1..1..1..1..1..1.1..1..1.1..1..1.,.1..1..1...-r TWIGGS OPTICIANS EXCLYSIYE DISPENSERS T0 EYE PHYSICIANS "7" :Q-11i:1e1'z1 Fiziazice Bnzldgzig AUGUSTA. GA. 1..1..1..1 1 ....1..1..1..1..1. 1. 1..1..1..1,, 1..1..1..1..1..1..1.1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1u1 Standard Finance and Loan Company of Augusta G12-'.1:1ii FQ-1'-Q-1' S-1'11iE1e1':1 Fiziazice Bldg. Augusta. Georgia H. H. 31055. Sec1'eta1'j.'-Treasurel' 1...1....1.,.1 1..1..1..1. .1 . 1. 1.1,1.1,1...1.., COBIPLDIENTS OF SILYEHS 5 N IUC STUHE 1...1...1.1 1.1 1.1.1..1..1..1...1...1.1...1...- R. L. Sumerau 8. Sun COLUMBIA AND SEBIINOLE BICYCLES Cash or Easy Terms 1,. .1.. 1..1.1.1..1.1 1 1,1 1 1 1.1..1...1.. -ga-111111,1..1..1...1.,.1..1..1..1.11 1..1,1.,. STAHH-EMPIRE I LAUNDRY - CLEANING - DYEING I Plazit-Druid Park Ave. 1 PHONE 3-3611 1 + in-..+1...1...1...1,1.1..1.,.1 .1 1..1 1...1, ..,.1 1 Southeastern Fur Co. STORAGE SALES AND REPAIRS I -1- -Q---"--'--'-H-A--N-' - - l L A Yon' ARE ALXYAYS vrRLCo11R AT l WALGREEN DRUG STORES BROAD AT NIXTH .i..1...1....-1...-1111-1.1.1.--.111.1.-1m1...1...1...1 3- --A--- '--K---A-- A - - A--'A'--f-- 1'-1"-A - A --'f-'-f--1- I "Get the facts and yo11'11 get a Ford" l 1 See and Drive the BIG New F0123 Walker-DuHant Motor Gu. Authorized Ford Dealer Phone 2-5371 - Broad at 14121 Sf. Augusta. Ga. I I I 11...1..1...1..1..1...1...1..1..1 1.1.1, 1 1 1 - 911 Greene St. Augusta. Ga. .1...1... .1..1...1 1..1.1...1.1...1..1...1.1...1...1.1...1 1....... l... 1....1.,..1.m1-m.1...11iii.1...1u.1.4.41 1...- n1u1n1n..-n1u-1n......1-.1.IH1-i,1..1uu1.m1n..n Compliments of McElmurray's Bakery and Sandwich Shop It Pleases Us to Please You North Augusta, S. C. 1.-1.1...,1.i..1..H1nn1.m1....1ii.11nn.-n-11111-1-..1u...-.1n- MERCHANTS BAKING CO. AUNT BETTY'S ROLLS, BREAD AND CAKES 1.1.,.,1.n1..4.1I1.1.in1....1....1.m1ml1...-...1 1 1 1 - Compliments of F. VV. WOOLWORTH CO. 1 1 1.1 .1M1nu1n:1..-1.n...m1...1 1 1 1 1 - Compliments of MEYER 82 SMITH 1....1 1 1un1uu1nn1nn1uu11.n1un1un1nn1 1 -u1uu- : Compliments of MONTE SANO BEAUTY SHOP The Hill 1426 Monte Sano Ave. Phone 3-7549 1M-U..1,I..1n,.1.,..1nn1-111.n1un.1nn1n1un..nn1u1..1n- MULHERIN LUMBER CO. LUMBER - MILL WORK C'ABINET WORK Phone 2-4996 625 13th St. Augusta, Ga. NEWTON'S SERVICE STATION 1601 Central Avenue Augusta, Ga. Phone 3-7471 1M.1nn...un1m1uu1un1un1..11n1u1n11n1n1.u1u.1..- PAT'S GROCERY 8z MARKET Fresh Vegetables - Fresh Meats School Supplies 1728 Walton Way Phone 3-5175 Augusta, Ga. 1.,,1,,.1un..-M1-u1uu1nn1..-11,, 1.in1n1 1 1 1n..1..,....n1n1M1.....n1 1..1.u1 1 1...-.H1..,.1....1.41411..11.1.1ii..1u.1.ii1..1.-1-..1...1 PERKINS LUMBER CO. Yellow Pine Hardwoods Mill Work, Cabinet Work 619 13th Street Tel. 2-2429 , ....f.1.i.I1H11nu1ui.1im1.1.1.u.1n.1u..1..i.1n1u1...1..... ROZELLA BEAUTY SALON 217 Ninth Street, Dial 2-8461 REALISTIC PERMANENT WAVING Special Attention Given to Cutting Women's and Children's Hair Shampoo and Wave 50c - Manicure 50c 1u..1nu1-m1.--.1.u.1.m1-u1i,il1m.1u1u1....1..1...1u..1n1 Shop at RUBEN,S Better Merchandise for Less Money RUBEN 'S Phone 2-6671 - 916 Broad St. 11I111n1m-1nu1uu1u.11m.1....1nu1nn1n-1u.1..1u1n1..1 SOUTHERN WELDING CO. Electric and Acetylene Welding Auto Axles and Wheels Aligned Accurately 623 Ellis Street: Augusta, Ga. 1M1...,1M1nu1,...-m.111n11.-11....1..1m.1,,..,,,1,,,,1,,1,,1 Compliments of WHITE PRODUCTS CO. 11.1.1I'11n1m.1an1nu111I1-n1n.1n1u1n1u1n1n1..1 SANFORD'S CHICKEN COOP QUALITY FRYERS Pick "Yo" Pieces 1326 Greene Phone 2-8952 PERMANENT WAVES For Women Who Care WALDORF BEAUTY SHOPPE 926 Broad St. Compliments of SWEET SHOPPE ...1u1u1...1...1u ,..1..1..1, 1..1..1..1. 1..1..1.1,.- 1..1..1..1. 1 1 Fic' TELL-se VV1uJ Want the Best DANIELS SHOE REPAIR DUE' Blneei Street Dial 2-T545 ..1.1..1..1..1.,...1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1.1 W. R. DAWSON S: CO. INSURANCE 115 Eighth Si. - A'.1g',zsta. Ga. 1..1..1..1..1.1..1.1..- 1.1 .1 .1..1. N. . 1: .-.-- ..- LuIl.p..Z2.e:I..: ull. DYE'S SUPER MARKET Y ...1...1. -1. .1 . .1 ...1..1...1...-. .1. .1. .1 . 41.. 2102 Ogietli-Lli'pe .AYEITJE EDMUNDS DRUG COMPAN "Iii Bpxsitiess For YQ-Lu' Health" PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Phozie 2-5555 - 502 Bin:-ad St. 14.1.1 1..1.,1..1.1..-.1..1..1..1..1. C-Jrziplinients of 1.1.1 EMPIRE FURNITURE CO. .1.: en- J ERNIGAN HARDWARE CO. HARDIYARE - sroviis - PAINTS 1033-I.':'39 Brc-acl St. - Pnifne 2-6515 Augusta. Ga. Compliments of KINGS IVAY PHARMACY 2113 Kings Way - Phone 3--1456 MADEBACH ati BLANCHARD Resisiereli Pierniaisis .1..1..1,.1,,1..1.41.. .. 1. .1..1. .1..1. .1.,.1...1. .1 KING'S DRUG STORE Service That Satisfies PHONE 2-6-114 1001 M agton 'W ay A'.igLista. Ga. Compliments of S. H. KRESS 8: CO. 834 Broad St. 5c - 100 and 25c Store p1-an--u1n--a.1..1...1.. . ...1. .1 . .1. .1. .1 ...1..1.. 1 ... Compliments of LAMAR SODA FOUNT Weeks and Clary. Props. Phone 2-2076 -.- -.1.. 31. , :n :..1..1. .-fl.-...1...1. .-.1-.1..1...1 I2'S'I-U3 Broaul Street NEW AND USED FURNITURE Cilnipiintents of HY' FARRIS CASH STORE 1355 Walt-:ln Way 1.1. .1..1. .1. .1..1..1..- .1..1..1.,.1n-1: MARILYN SLIPPER SHOP SMART FOOTWEARZ SHEER HOSITRYI :n 1. ff :1....1..1. .11 .1..1 ...1. .1...1,..1 Grealish-Poteet 8: Walker FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ambulance Service Phezie 2-T114 - 529 Greezte St. Augusta. Ga. Holleman-Miller Company OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT .13 133 Eighth St. Phone 2-S119 Agxggsta. Ga. .1..1 1 1..1..1..1 1...-..1...1-V. . -I For Handkercniefs and Linens Come to MARKS LINEN SHOP Sv-13 Ellis Street 4.1..1.-.1..1..1..1....1...1..1..-..1..1...1 1 .1..1. Compliments of 'SDOMINO SUG.-XRS" SAM L. MQCREARY. Merchandise Broker , , ,, .. , , , , 2 ... J. J. , ...1 -1...1-.1.-. 1..1M1-H1M1...1,,..1....1un1nu1nu1n1u-1M1n..nn 1.1 1 1.,,1..,1.m1u1...1uu1n1n11..y1 1 1-1. W1 1 ..u-41...-..H1U..1m.1u..-.m.......1.m1w1M1 1 STULB'S NURSERY FLORIST Founded 1891 1n-1w.1un1...I1..11...1....1....-..11u1n1....1...1....11... BETTER BUILDING MATERIALS AUGUSTA BUILDING SUPPLY CO. 1559 B1'oad Street 1 -1 1Hn1.-1.11..11-N1..l.1nn1un1nn1nn1nn1uu1. ...un AUGUSTA CLEANERS 1531 Walton Way Dial 2-4196 - Delivery Compliments of THE AUGUSTA GARAGE 740 Reynolds St. ...1....1.m1In1w1..n1r4n1...-....1nn1nl1.u1...1 1.1..1..f.- BECKUM 81 JONES J EWELERS 222 Ninth Street Walk A Few Steps and Save Phone 2-6707 For Correct Time Compliments of BELL BONNET SHOP 827 Greene Street Compliments of the BELMONT CAFE The Best in Town 1 1 1.11.1....1un1nn1nn1n1n1n1n1 1 1...,1..n- Compliments of E. R. ROBINSON Big Star Store ..1uu.. m1....1....1....1...,1....111,,.,1.ll,1,..i1..,..1.4.i1l...1.y..1....1.,..1 Congratulations from BUSH'S FLORIST North Augusta, S. C. -....1...1.u.1.m1.1-11.-l.1m...-u.....u1.m1r,i.1m.-..m1.u.1..1.,,,1 THOMAS H. BRITTINGHAM Plumbing and Heating Contractor 919 12th Street Phone 2-7815 Augusta, Ga. 1.w.....1.1m.1m,1,.,.1m.1....17.1 1 .411un-lm-.l.n1...,1.i-i1uu Compliments of CHESSER AND ALLEN 1r..,1..n1 1..1 1..i.1.t..1ml1m.1...,1nn1.m1 1.1.1. Compliments of CLAUSSEN-LAWRENCE . CONSTRUCTION CO. PONDER'S DE LITXE PAINT SHOP Auto Painting Wrecked Car Repairing S30 Reynolds St. - Augusta. Ga. PHONE 2-6757 1.1-.1fm1n-11.l.1.m1im1t...1nu1m.1M11111111.11111-v1,.i.1..n1,,,.1 CLYDE DUNAWVAY I,aSalle - BICYCLES - Majestic 215 12th St. - Phone 2-4208 L. W. Cooper F. B. Tyler COOPER 8: TYLER Attorneys at Law 406-408 Herald Building Phone 2-7238 Augusta, Ga. 1.1u1.11111.111I.n1lm1lu.1.4.11..H1.1H1it-11.1lv...llll1.i-i1,.,.1lln1..,.1 Culpepper-WValker-Grear Furniture Co., Inc. Complete Home Furnishings 1204-6 Broad St. Phone 2-41-12 1..1M1....1.i.l1.,v1u-.1-m1..1nn1M1nn1 1 1..u-,.1....1m1n-.1w1 nu z'o7'mjQA1 D . A-.Q X A v V. ' . a. .I- ,s .-IA v ..,. 1-Q' yd xg, 7-1 ... 2 -7 ' -elf ,an , 0.5 If ' ' H I' ,.,1j 55 pf.: ,Fi . 4. 'nj-I ,,.:,,,- , i "nv f . , 71, -'tx' w ' R '91 if' . .- , U, ., V ,-.G '1 Y W '. .- if ' -'gig' T P . 13" ' ' ,,X--'tx .h H A '-,,:.f7If - ' -J. H ' i!.1r': S- , r-L, . ' . . f1lk"- ' ' ' r' JP V v xv f , -. ,. 1 u " , 1 V., A. , . N. 'H 'lr' at T .V 34 I . v , .-5. .gn-'H . 'Q' -1 "T . ,: T, , . .. 7' .Wig . If- ' ' 4. ., A-15,25 .- V lg?" U 4:13, V--'I .h 5315 0,1 1712 ' :' 'ef . A 'X-I 1 an .!,. . A , . .Mun .Q .V ll.: . 'X , .5 "J ' v., ., Sb: "W-aw - -'TJ .Q t ' .a.,.2.- ' ,..4 41 'Jt,:9-:4" -' js-af , , ,X -, -N XL- - 'A ' .,si2,'.' ' GLF ul ','.l"".' H: f- ,":i'?NPe, "'Y.,l,f, 4' fi"-.im .L'r ' .gsktvgx ' -HQ' .I 5'--.-' ' : H' '1 3155. Q 'gy . flisxqizlx 'N A rw. if Q . Q'f"x1f ,4-1, '4 , f - gyg 011: , - , 4 :Q 9 , J' Q"-fl! pl-Y 'W V ' xx - ',- , ' :4 ,- L V E' .,' ':'xr.' li I - 15-ffl . j 5:1 ' Q-.'1. , S .. ,-,j .J In - -Ai - ,U Y., .' 'ref' H 1 tl :V Q' I ,, W H . wi ' J i U41 N S , qv N I . 'C I : . 1 . , 4 'JM I-I , .. - ' F . ,w' ,rl 1 , 1 .4 .Q - ' .TL QV- J. ' I 4 1 . ..,. ,,,,.r..A 1 u ' . Aj. .pl TX 'I9 I fl K J' QP ma fm '- . I 'G . ff ,YQ Iv I , ..i ix, 4. '. ' 1 . V " .",'4 -' 1 ,A Mr. I . I iw sf 1? . if f 'F .-5 I ,gr ,Q 4.3 Y 3 .i If! .Y ' - f?7.N Sl 1 . ' '14 . - .' :J ,iff I Tl Y ' 4 Qld- -'fff' tv '. 1 N , 4 M -xml Ju. ,iw H' '.' .V ',,x'INL?d fl I 11 a, 1, 1 .- 4 ' if rf. 4, 'TY n -- - 'fi .ry sl .H an i' .77 I '44 N . '-Q75 L- L' 3. it ,U 'RTP rh 4 57 '

Suggestions in the Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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