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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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. .rl '11 J- , Y Lv . E' 'i, 1' . ', . QJNIV. ' P fa f 1 1 A -L41 ' I,- ' e I- ,. . -i , 9. . ISF. , . . ' 1, .V ,',-' . 'J 4 -+ f" -rl-Jig' A.: "eb -. .Ji 'fl' ". V rf APU.. , qllbt , 7,219 ' ,' 2? X E-, 1 ,Hn 5- 1 4 " f' 'I L w 1 l - 'ew' ..s..f ..f 4. .wa N' J, nqo 'L '1 p 'I 'Q- .- J.:-. vawyw, ..-...,...,,...... ...,. ,,..,, M x --1 l Y 1 Y-, I959 ll'Q'l1Cl'iIC SYINIIIS liiitwr-in-L'l1ief n'otl1y Ann S . Business Manager PRESEN U. W. TING FOR 1939 Md YEARBOOK OF TU BMAN HIGH SCHOOL AUGUSTA, GEORGIA PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS 'Within these pages, it has lmeen the intention of the 1939 Staff of "Maids and a Man" to attempt the expression in concrete form of the staff's own ideas concerning a superior annualg to explain to interested friends of the school, outside of Tubman, the manner and yery embodiment of life at this institutiong and especially to provide for the student body something to which they may refer, during' the years after they have left here, as the substan- tiation 'and crystallization of their memories of 'Ilubman High School.. , v . If-"-QiNXx f A 1 . pf 1 . ' '5 ! ' , 7 1' i is 1' ax' , , VV J i.,- ' , X7 1- ' , K' Ii' '-Z,--- .E 4 Y I, 4' ,. ..,.,- - f-A -t ., ff L ,ff fl' i , X .ku , , To MISS ELIZABETH DOWLING we, the Senior Class of Tubman i High School, oiiier this book as an expression oi: our admiration. . f A , , ' .f J lf , f , ,x ..1..., School Classes Features Activities Advertisements U26 Sckoof fI"MA"v:'3X klvfgi fl .ll 1 'lf-' N'l -- . .,,x-1-+ N-W, ..,,,1.,., f-51,.E..T::,i A-'LJ f--1-"-Z., , V. A S1 R X 19 -1 : " f. - X ' 51,7 -7 I - 3 5 1 Pfifl L,,QI1,-U 1: V " vzjfl 4X '5:1,e gi U gf' .L-111i51"' "' H . .- ,X, ' - 1 Al . ,Y f i4E-,.Q.,,,, : 1 NIJ I X NX 5" VP Oi "f W- if ' A fL...-, i -7 A 2,4 Z V v 1 .' A J ., wfg .L 1 -Hffdfffwwfffffr iii 1117 4. . ' ,,Q,1, W A- - -Y - - 1 7 fx X if, ,1327 S V 53 Q, i , 2' W ' Q "i' 1 1 .- 1 J X ,N A if f 14 fi 1 11 , N 1 X f ' N 1 Q W v Y W 1 3 ? X 1 M44 ,Y f51Q3L'IN -A ' Q I r1fp f 1- XQ5T's,l ,Q :iw jf ix .. ,lLQ.i : 'ix Y' if 'E' YES fl! ,f -, f S 17 " N - .,.','! V K 1 i If Q. ' XJ Xf ' ' X fa , X Y. px x-f-M-, A :gigs ...VV R X x X X s 'N l G? .Brie isfary OF TUBMAN I-IIGI-I Co-education in .-Xmerican public schools is 99.-l-l per cent pure. That is to say. these schools are nearly all co-educational. More than a tlxousand public high schools are now members of the Southern Associa- tion of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Ui this number, only eight or ten are for girls only. Tubman is one of this small number. It is a safe guess that many other high schools would like to be in this select company. XX'hen love breaks out in adolescent life. the wisest school administrator is sometimes put to his wits' end to know whether to treat it as an emotional or a physical rash, or both, Tubman lligh School began its career in 187-l in a church. Its enrollment has grown from 35 to 1.200 in these sixty-three years. The school is named for Mrs. limily Tubman. a native of Kentucky and a ward of llenry Clay. who was married in Augusta and lived the remain- der of a long life here. Mrs. Tubman purchased a small Christian church building and site valued at twelve thousand dollars and presented it to the lfioard of lfducation to be used as a high school for girls. Prior to that time "female education" had been carried on by private teachers and in a few private "seminaries of learning." In reporting this generous fr 4 xq W ' Aft l ,, l X . H .. , . i i, 3. I k w fx . . 1 . 3 I 'H' 5, sa I, xl, - ', :17,, Q . l' 5 x -1 1 , lil s -..' b, V. El f J l EJ gift, the superintendent of schools expressed the opinion that "It surely ought to settle for all time the high school question in the city of .-Xugustaf' The first faculty consisted of "one male and one female." In 1877 the first class of six girls was graduated. They had "completed with satisfaction to those in authority" a three years' course. This is what they had studied: First Year. manship. reading. historv. ,'Xrithmetic, spelling and defining, Latin, French, rhetoric, natural philosophy, pen- Second Year. .'Xr1thmetic, algebra. synonyms, Latin, French, natural philosophy, physical geography, pcnmanship, reading, history. Thu'd Xear. omy, penmanship, reading, history. critical course in parsing. Algebra, Latin. French, English literature. physical geography. chemistry, astron- Students cou students. XYand public exhibitions. ld choose between Latin and French. Calisthenics twice a week was required of all drills and dumb-bell exercises were popular numbers on the program ot frequent Girls were allowed to remove their corsets and bustles for these exercises. No other concession was made to freedom of movement or to display of form. Blooniers were unknown. The mod-ern one-piece gvm slllt was undrcamed of. 'PQ i 1 The course of studv seems to have been practically unchanged dur- ing' the lirst twenty' years. There was no science laboratory of any d kind. .X wall map of the United States and a map of the Ancient Roman .X 1, t'l' up . limpire were all the equipment the school had. Steele's "Fourteen - Mllf, XYeeks" series of science textbooks was text and laboratory. ,V 3' The school seems to have been popular from the beginning. Indeed Qgffx, it soon established a place in the aH'ection of the city that made "Tubn1an iz, ii ll, liirlsn synonymous with "charm school." The annual commencements 5 ' were events that always packed the "Grand Upera House" to the doors. f "The sweet girl graduate" was annually written up in the local papers 5 4 , as a "vision of lox elinessf' Here is a typical conunencement program: I-'C Class Motto: "To Do, Not to Dream." f ig-A '- XYt'lL'lDlllL' Song-School. q,55.j' A -. .4 Salutatory. Nfl? of 4 3 .fr Q, Kecitation: ".Xnnie's Ticket." Song: "Sweet Yision of Childhoodu---Schoo Necitation: "Dream of Eugene .'Xram." Song: "XYelco1ne Pretty l,rimrose"-School. Recitationz "Sam XYeller's Valentine." Song: ".Xlpine Ilcrdsman"-School. Rt-citation: "Little jerry." Yalcdictory. Song: "Down .Xniong the Lilies"-School. IN if.-ev .me A-U.. - I THE DAYS BACK WI-IEN 1-Xddress 1Local Celebrityl. I,lAtfSClltZltlOl1 of Prizes. Presentati11n of 1i1ll1lO1l1Ils. R -1 Song: "The SL'X'6l'C1l Cl111i11"e--Scl11111l. , . 1- P . ' . ' ' T Q13 litlletllttlllll. U v ' K I H ' I .9 fsgw, rl he 561111111 grew slowlv. XX111111111 s spear was still 111 " . 1 ,1 . 2 . 1. 5+ the l111111e. lhere sl1e 1l11l11t need much t'!l1lCZll1Ull. 1-Xt l11b- 3, 1,-x 2 rn 1111111 1l1e facultv 111 "one n1al1- Illlll 11111' ftllllllku Cl'l1tll1llL'll 111 'F 14? 5 . ' . . . ' 1 V 'i 1 ' teach 11ll subjects. 1Xt tl1e 1-1111 111 the 111111'tl1 year, the snperin- ' ,' 4 1-3" ' tC1'lClCll1 ofscl11'1ols l'CllHl'1L'Cl that 1l1L'Ul111llL'il 111111 left the 5LI1lIIll1. 4 . . ., . 4, it .Xnother male w11s elected lll his place. gy ,,.f111 111, .- 5 . . . X. J . . - .:f.' :X 111urtl1 vear w11s a1l1le1l to the course 111 studv 111 1392. 1' Q 1:exq"l?F'H1f-If' 1 521,131 ge lhe studies neie extended 111111 lnghei 111.11111-11111t1cs. lnstoig, L 1 1 ga 1, 1 MX L ,Zigi-1 literature, 111111 science, 111111 the course 111 htllflY l'L'4lllll'Cll for "mfr My 1 I-X, . . . . ' 1 'if' -1.7 jf-1 '- g gr11duat111n lS as high 11s most '11 11111' S1ll11llt'l'I1 colleges 111111 1 13- ' M1E O In .U instituti11ns of learning." 1Superi11ten1l1-11t's l't'll11l'l.j ,Xt tl1is 'g'QPA,11' ' i'!a l 1 ,NY . . . . '1 11 ----M , , , t1n1e I1 special teacher 111 physical culture was empl11ye1l 111 1' :Tr1f'jf'f K , ,. ' L' visit the SCl'lU11l11l1CC a year. .X 5tllflX' ha1l 1liscl11s1-11 ll condition, 15 - 'J sought now to be re111e1lie1l, 11s fI,1llllXVSf "l3y bending over l,11.1l:-1 11111l'e1rl:11'es"'iTr'scl1111'1l', the chest becomes c1111tracte1l, the 1111111111 flows to the brain, 111111 the ext,-1.,m1iL., lm-14,1113 e11l1l. .Xfter IL whilebthe w11o1len seats get u11c11n1f111't11l1le, the br11in grows weary 11n1l 1111- girls l.lll'll 111111 twist :1t their desks and long for b111lily action." 1'1e11ce the course in physical culture "111 tll'1lXY thf- bl11111l away from the brain a111l into the vital organs an1l limbs." For many years during tl1e earlier period of the 5L'l1Ul11'5 history the Iin11111'i11l rep11rt 111 the li11a1'1l 11f Education showed, :ipparently witl1 some pride, t1111t the cost 111 lll51l'1'lC1llll1 was 111111111 31.05 INV pupil per month. In 1937 it is about 357.00 per month. g Twice the original school building Cchurch1 was Cl1lZll'Q'C1l 111111 lllllJl'UYt'4l. lJ11n111stic science tcoolc- ingj was added to t11e course of study. This lI'l1'lOVZllQll'll1 1li1l 11111 at Iirst meet with p11pular app1'11vfll. The CUl11ll1Cl1t was frequently l1ear1l that the girls' niotliers c11ul1l "learn their Qlflllg'l11C'l'S to cook at home." Once when the girls left the gas stove burning from l7ri1lay aftern111111 to Rl11111lay morning the course in cooking CZIIHC near to being 8131111511611 as Il lire hazar1l. In March 1916, 1l1e SCl'10l1l building was clcstroyecl by tire-wwhich, how- ever, did not originate i11 tl1e Ubtllilllg' tlC1llll'1ll1Cl1t. Hy this tirc tl1e school lost " not only its building l1ut its Ql'Ul1l1ll5 as well. lt is believed tl1at this is the L 11 , f' , only case on record where Il school lost both its l1uil1li11g and grounds by tire. XS The donor of tl1e origiiial building stipulated in the deed she gave the lioarcl i1if3'l2 ff? of Education to tl1e property t1111t if tl1is site were ever aba111l11ne1l as a school V if the g'I'O1.1l1ClS should l1ec111ne the property of the trustees of the Richmond 516,147 ' 1 Academy, at tl1at time Il private school for boys. The l111ard of 1'.Cll1CZ1.tlU1l had X. purchased before the fire Z1 site 11f eleven acres in another part,'of the city upon 1' V - -- which at some future time to erect a larger a111l more modern school building. feffflfd Following the fire the school ca1'rie1l on in two bunday school buildings, the il, A basement of one of the grade schools, and a resi1lence. A bond issue of ,- 515100.00000 was voted by the people to provide funds for the erection 11f the 5 ig, new building. This was the First. but not the last, b11nd issue voted by the 'V citizens of Augusta and Richniond Lounty for school purposes. Naturally, there was some opposition by the electorate. Wfhen the plans of the new building were first publishe1l in the local p11pers. the C1lll1l1'lCl'lt was frequently heard: "It's too bigg they won't fill a building like that in Z1 h11n11re1l years." The new building was ready for use in February 1918. In three years it was "filled," The objectors had to admit that they had missed their guess by ninety-seven yearsg which, 11fter all, is not a bad guess for the average school critic of the streets. The enrollment began to increase rapidly. In 1918 there were 312 girls in attendance. Today the en1'oll1ne11t nears the 1,200 mark. The faculty has in- creased from one male and one female to forty-one females and one male. From the beginning, the school principal has been a man. In the history of the school there have been only four principals. One served six years, another three years, a third eighteen years, The present principal is now in his thirty- fifth year of service. The local papers sometimes refer to him as 3 "veteran educator," Time has 3 way of making veterans. T. HARRY GARRETT, Principal. 1 1:11011 nzilzis fmfion . Y Y . M1ss 11112111111 111-:1111'1'1g111 ' ' ' M1ss 3111111111 k1:11'k x11'N 1711:f':11w111 151141114 M1ss11v1't1'1111c lqllllltf' M1-- ,Xiu 1111111111 X11NN 1f11f:1111-111 11'1XY11I1g' K11XN 1'111lfl11'k111 131'1su1111111c Miss M1115 1'iN11T1S Miss MQ1111-1 115111 K11ss 111-1111111 1:L'I141L'1' .kj xr Miss 1214111111 L1:11's11u11 Miss 5:1111 1"11111'1'1g11t 'l'v'1t 1TI1L11l1 PN-I 4 1. Miss .Xnnic Page Miss 1.9171 1'1'estun Miss .Xlice Sumcrau Miss M:11'g'11c-1'itc- 1,1l1l1'ICl' Mi:-s 12111121 Rugers Mrs. Flora Thompson Miss 1.0111 Pearce Miss Grace Strauss Miss Mildred von Kamp ai 5 au 6L an 19'9 ang acuffg Mis: Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mary Gilliland llwiwitliy llnlliert Marie Ilulliert lfiigx-iiizi lluttu Betty ,Tum-s llorwtliy Kelly M iss Ruth Kimliiw iugli Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi M Xm -Q Hrzilcx- King ss iusiu lriiigfi ii'-l se lliizi l.wiiili1ii'fl liiimitn l.ucl4cy :mlm-l Illllxlllfll Miss Belle XX alkei Mr . Xlarfmret XXvl'lllfC Miss Dorothx XVillxinson M':s Dmotliv Hams Miss liutli MciXulil'I'iA Mi Mary Milcs Miss Mary Miller Mi lzflitli Nricliiurm Mi Sairali Xivrris Mii, M. M. Uwcus l Xliss l,Ji,ii'1itl1y llziins ' "-1-1-'Y Assietzuit Principal M iss Marv Ball: Qccretary A - zi - , is ,. ' ' sf i, s f' f" , . . if J. 4 ' ' s . D. i f ' i' ' .- ' 1 . . . . T as Miss Carolyn XVh1te 9' "N ' N: ,-f V " 4 g"':54 A ,Q 33 3 616k and Now we-'ll give a cheer for Tubnian For the school we love the most. liverinore xve'll sing' her praises And her name shall he our hoast. To the top xvv'll raise her colors And her standards ever hold. Then let us give a rousing cheer For the Tubnian Black and Gold! Then let us give a rousing cheer For the Tubinan Black and Gold! fChorusl So with voices loud and strong To her name we'll raise a songg For to her our hearts helong XVith a love untold. Then xve'll cheer for Tuhinan High May her spirit never dieg 'Victorious may fly r Dear old Black and Gold! Velma Bell, '25. W. BARBARA BAILEY Modern Language Sfudenl Council lllg Emblems: T Tl-lS l2l: Spanish Club Girl Reserves l2, ll: French Club l3l. HELEN BAILEY Modern Language Baslcelball Baseball Vcilley Ball l3, 21, Ring Tennis COLLEEN BEAZLEY Classical Sludenl Council Lalin Club Dance Club l4, 21. MARGARET LOUISE BEELAND Commercial Sluden? Council lllg Annual S1alf Senior Represon falive 141. LOUISE BENTLEY Diversified Occupations Business Manager Tubman Times l4lq Baseball l-1, 31, Hoclfey Volley Ball l4lg Emblems: T H 141, THS 121. LUCILE ANNE BLACKWELL Modern Language Sludenl Council l2, ll: Baslcelball l2, ll, Hockey l2, ll: Emblems: T l2l, Tl-lS lllg Dance Club l4, 3, 21, MIRIAM BOLGLA Modern Language Glee Club Dance Club MARGARET BORN Modern Language SENIBE 6Li56UZ AUZPEY LCTUlSE ETJ'lr.r-TUTCT Classical vlil-1. 55 li, l11 EPwb'9"w5: T l-1 IR1, S 4 ll-lS ll1: Lain Cub Glee C'uli l4, 3, DOWS EURNS Mijern Languagif llone-1 5a'l l3, 21, Ping Tennis ll1g Gr Pea-:Vu ffl. HELEN EUSBlA Classlcal cms ams: T Tl-TS SARAH BIJSBIA Mcdern Language Emblems: T Tl-lS MARJORIE L, BUSSEY Dive-rsilled Ozcupalions Sfudenl Ccuncil l31: Pr-esldenf Junior Class, Vice- Presidenl Senior Class: Baslcelball Caplaln l2, I1. Baseball Caplain 13. 2, I1, Member l-loclcey Capialn 13, 2, I1, Member Valley Ball Caplaln 4, 3. 21, Member Rlng Tennis l41g Emblems: T 121, H S Tl'-lS lI1g Danze Club HELEN BUTLER Classical MARY LAVINIA CARSWELL Diversified Occupafions Sludenf Council l31: Annual Sfalli Lilerary Edifor I41: Emblems: T l21, H S l41, Tl-IS ll1: Lafin Club Glee Club 14, 3, 21: Dance Club 14. 31. Dramalic Club l3, 2, I1. CECILE CORBETT Commercial , IZ Lf Ll 'SE l-1 'Q'W,-R C :Sbl,1l HAZEL HLJFF Dlverslfled O::.J:a'f:'s SDGFIESLS Club EYWCE ALLEWE E-LG?-455 C:ww"wer:'al ELlZA5ETl-l JANE HUGHES Cc-w"er:'a' HELEN MARGUERITE HULL Mcdern Langnge Secrelary-Treasurer Senlcr Class Glee Cub I4, 3l. VANNETTE HUMPHRIES Modern Language Annual Slalf Junior Represenfafive: Emblem: l3l:Spar'fsl'1 Club L4, 31: Dance Club l2, Il. VlRGlNlA LEE HUNDLEY Dlverslned Occuprlcns Sfudenf Councll MARJORIE HURLBUTT Modern Language Spanish Club I3l, Glrl Reserves THS SENIBRS , ,x fl . xv,,f Z Z: XX , aiscm BEULAH KENDRlCK IVEY Di-.erslfied Occupallons Glee Club DOROTHY IVEY Modern Languaqe MYRTLE MINA JORDAN Commercial ANNE DEENAN Diversified Occupallons Sludenf Council l2, ll: Baseball l4, 3, 2, ll. Hoclcey I4, 21, Volley Ball I4-, 3, 2lgEr'nblems: T l2l, H l3l, S l4l, THS lil: Girl Reserves lll, Dance Club l2l- MARIAN LOURENE KELLEY Modern Language Emblem THS DORIS KESSLER Classical Easlcelball Volley Ball l2, ll: Emblems: T l3l, T HS l2l: Dance Club l3, 2l. MARGARET LOUlSE KEY C :rnrnerdal SELMA CAROLINE KOCH Modern Language I 'Z I I. ,.....- ., I I EMILY LOUISE LANDRUM Commercial Sludenl Council I2, II, Secrelary-Treasurer Junior Classy Baseball I4, 3, 2, II, Valley Ball I4, 3, 2, II, Ring Tennis I-Iocley I3, 2, II, EmElem5Z I' I-I S I4I, 'IHS IIIg Girl Reserves FRANCES EUGENIA LANDRUM Cornfnercial Baslelball I2, II, Baseball I3, 2, II, Volley Ball IE, 2, II, I-locley I3, 2, II: Emblems: T IZI, H I3I, S I4I, TI-IS III: Girl Reserves. LORENE LEACI-I Modern Lanquaqe Volley Ball III: Emblem: 'll-IS I4Ip Girl Reserves I3I, Dance Club I3. CLARA JO LEE Modern Language Emblem ll-IS I4Ig Glee Club MARY ELIZABETH LEWIS Modern Language Sludenl Council I4, II: Annual Slall Assislanl' Lil- erary Edilor I4Ig Emblems: T I3I, I-I I4I, TI-IS IZI: President Spanish Club I4I, Presidenl' French Club iai, else Club 14, 3, 23. DELLA HARRIETT LONG Modern Language SARAH ESTELLE MADDIJYQ ,u . Commercial MARGARET LOUISE MARSHALL Commercial Emblems: 'I' IZI, I-I I3I, ll-IS III1 Glee Club I2I, Dance Club ,2' -Xi . Z 3 T . sei, ' r" .1 Ig ,X . X aisam MARY KATHRYN MARTIN Cowrnerclal Ernblerns: T Tl-IS RUTH MQARTHUR Ciewrercial l-IAZEL NEDONALD Modern Language SluClfEnl'COur1ill l4, Ql: Llpanisli Club l4l, Glee Club l4, 31, Gfl Reserves I-1-, 3, 2, ll, Dame Club BETTY M EESE Comrnercial Gee Club MABEL MILDRED MILLER Modern Language Vglley Ball IZ, Il, Ring Tennis lil. Hockey lil: Efnblerns: T l-l THS lllgSpar17sH Club M!LDRED MILLIGAN Valley Ball l4, 31, Hockey l4l1 Emblems: T l2l, l-l S THS lllg Girl Reserves l4, 3, 2, ll. Dance Club Sporfs Edilor Newspaper Slarf MARY ELIZABETH MULLIN Diversified Occupafions Atlilelic Associaliong Manager Poinl Sysfefn l4l, Member l3l: Baslcefball l3, 2, ll, Baseball l3, 2, ll, l-locl-ey Volley Ball l3, 2, ll: Emblerrs T l2l. H S Tl-lS lllq G-lee Club l3, 21, Girl Reserves Dance Club l4, 3, Zl. MARGARET MU RPT-l EY Diversified Occupalions Dlferslled Ocnpafifs Snje" C:u'C'l l4l7 Anal S63 E--C312 Mews. ire' f4l: E"'t:'eN's: T l3l, Tl-lS l2l: Gee C -zz F'es- 'cevf Vlze-Presderf lvfember l2l, OTTlE OEVOTLE MQOQM Lrguage "f'1M:Tl-lS l2l: G59 C-b l3 2, ll, GW Pe- ,2 ll, 5:5455 C.C :'i"i": Clk: lil 1 lZ T -777 4 Y, -,-,,,,,, ,. ,,,, , ,M ,4 CONSTANCE VOEOLE? CO4 FRANCES VER lTA COOUTTLE Com Y-s':'al MARClA JEWEL DCRN Modem La'gl.319 , , , , . Easecil l3l, Glee Clue ,4l, Grl Risen'-es DOROTHY DOUGLAS C'ass':al Sruclervl Council Annual Sfaff Mewher l4, 31: Aflwleilc Associailonz Presideff l4l, Secrefafy l3l. Member l4, 3, 2, Ilg Vo-ley Ball l2, ll, l-lcclrey ll, ll: Efnbl-3r'1s:T H S Tl-lS lIl1C5lee Club l4, 3. Zl, Dance Club l4, 3l. FRANCES DUNSAR Classlcal Rl"g Tennls l-loclcey lllq Emblevws: T l-l l3l, Tl'-IS llli Glee Club l4, 3, 211 Baslnefbzsll ELIZABETH LU RLYNE DYE Commercial Girl Reserves I4, 3, Il, CARRIE CORINNE ELKINS - Modern Language aisalz MINNIE ELLENBERG Classical mzil JOYCE YVONNE FALLAXN Cowfnercial CORA FENTZEL Classical a in Club 4l, Girl Reserves NELL l:LElVllNG Modern Language Baslcelball l3, 21: Spanislm Club l3l, Dance u DORIS FRANKLIN Classical Voley Ball Glee Club l4, ll, HELEN LOUISE GARTNER Modern Language RUTH GASKILL Commercial LENA CATHERINE GEHRKEN Classical ev Ball Hoclmc-v l2, ll: Emblems l rl Reserves l2, lil. f IZ JEAN GEORGE Modern Language Baskeiball Baseball I4, Il, Valley Ball I3, 2 Il, Ring Tennis l4l, Healey IS, 2, Il: Emblems T H S THS Ill: Spanish Club, Gif Reserves, Dance Club CARLENE GLENN Commercial Baseball Hccliey Ill: Emblems: T THS Ill Girl Reserves CATHERINE ANN GOODWIN Modern Language Emblems: T H I4l, THS lllt Glee Club I3 2, Il, Secrelary-Treasurer Spanish Club Secre- Iary-Treasurer Erennli Club BETTY GRAHAM Commercial Emblems: T THS l3I: Girl Reserves MYRTLE ELIZABETH GRAHAM I Modern Languaqe Volley Ball IZ, Il, Hoclcey III: Emblems: T IQI, H THS Ill: Spanish Club FRANCES GUY Modern Language Emblem: THS I3l: Spanish Club. CLARA HAMILTON Classical Annual Sfalf Arr Edilor I4lg Emblems: T I3I, THS I3l: Latin Club l4lg Tubman Times Slalfl Reporler. JEIbiE,miII:I?aITIN 5 E I Q B' 5 I E 6LL56LlZ BETH HARRIES Classical nl Counfiil l3, 2, ll: Lalln Club l4l MARY EIJZABETH HAVIRD Diversified Occupallons Em ms T 131, ms lzy. ELIZABETH ANNE HEATH Classical a erball Baseball lfil, Hockey l2l, Volley Bal rn ems: T H l3l, THS lil: Glee Club l-4 nce Club l4, 3, Zl. EIvllLY HERLONC5 Modern Language m Iems T THS lil: Spanish Club Superin- 'rendenl 3l. ANNA HERNDON Modern Language l l3Jq Spanish Club l4l, Dance Club l3l NANCY JANE HOLMES Classical SARAH HORNE Dlversilled Occupallons HARRIETTE BROOKE HOWARD Modern Language Q72 SONN l E MAE NEWBERY Classical Allwlelic Association III: Basl-elball I3, 2, II, Valley Ball IZ, Il, I-Iocl-ey IQ, II: E'1'wElem:Tl-lb CATHERINE CECILE O CONNCR Modern Language Baseball I4, ll, Valley Bail I3, 2, ll, Baslielball I4 2, ll, Ring Tennis Hailey I2, ll: Emblems: T QI, l-l TI-IS Ill: birl Reseries, Dance Club. CONSTANCE OLIVE Classical Annual Slail: Jole Editor, Junior Represenlaliveq Elern: Tl-IS I3lg Lalin Club KATHERINE O'NEAl. Commercial Smdenr Council l4lg Annual Sfalf Senio Ialive MYRA PARRISI-l Diversified Occupalions FRANCES MAY PATTERSON r Represen- Em- Classical I-lockey l2, ll: Emblem: Tl-IS l2lg Girl Fl-eseriues I2 ll. BETTY PENDER Commercial LAURA PERRY Modern Language SENIBBS aisam MARY EMMA FlERCE Classical Alhlellc Asscnjlallon l4lj BaSl1elball l4, 3, 2, ll, B556- ball l-loclay Volley Ball l3, ll: Emblems: T l2l, I-l l3l, THS lllg G-lee Club l4. 3, Zl. AGNES PLANE Dlversillecl Occupallons FRANCES POPVIN Commercial Baslcelball l4, 31, l-loclcey l3l: Emblems: T lll, l-l l2l, S l3l, Tl-lS lll: Glee Club l2. ll. MARY ELIZABETH POWELL Commercial MARY FRANCES PU RVIS Modern Language Sluclenl Council MYRTLE READ Modern Language Glee Club l3. 2, ll, Girl Reserves: Vice4Presldenf l4l, Secrefary Member l2, ll. ANNE LOUISE REEDER Commercial Glrl Re-serves AGNES REESE Classical Annual Sfall Asslslanl Lilerary Edllor l4lZ Emblems: T l4l, THS lil: Glee Club, Treasurer l4l. Member l3l, Drarnalic Club l3, 2l, in KATHERINE RHODES Mcdern Language Annual S1553 Pllgfure Edl'or l4l, Nlernlier l3lg inan- lsn Cluc l4l, Glee Clue French Club MARTHA Loulss Ravens " Dlx erslfled Occupalions DC'RC'Tl-'Y ROESEL Classical Emblems: T l4 , THS li 3 Lefn Club '4 , Glee Club X, , , lerar' ,J .,, in meg . LILUAN RJBENSTEIN Classical Annual Sfall l4, 31: Ernl1'er'ns: T lil l-l S l4l. Tl-lS lllq Glee Club l1,3, ll, Dante Club 141, Girl Reserves JEANNETTE MARIE SAWYER Dlversllled Gzrucallons Emblem: THS l2l: Girl Reserves l2, ll. MAE SAXON Diverslfled Occupallnns Baseball l2l, Volley Ball lfflg Emblem Tl-lS lll FRANCES ANN SCATTERGOOD Modern Language ARCHINELL SCOTT Commercial Vice'Presiden'r Sophomore Class: Hockey l2lg Em b1emmHsl21. ' S E N I E B. S ., .eur-2-.-if' ' ,II -fi Zvi , ff . , -'gi Lg i on 5 an V MYRA SCQTT Modern Language liresiclenr Senior Class: Sluclenr Cuuncil l4, 3lg An' nal Slafl E1-Qflicio Memir-r Ml: J-alley Ball l3, 2lg Emblems: T l-l 3 Nll'lS lllg Spanish Club Girl Reserves l4l, Pregicleil Dance Clul: MI. LEOLA SEIGILEIQ Commercial RENEE HARRIETT SELDIN Commercial EDNA EARL SHANK Commercial LCRETTA JENESS SMITH Diversifiei Occuparions MARION ,QMITH Commercial Baslceiball l?, Il, Volley Ball l2, Il: Emblem: Tl-lS l2l4 VIRGINIA SMITH Modern Language DOROTHY ANN STARR Modern Language Annual Slaii Business Manager l4l: Emblems: T l?l, H l4l, Tl-iS ill: Spanish Club l3l, Girl Reserves: l Vice-Presidenf Member fll, French Club Vice- Presldenf l2l, Member ill, French Club Vice4Presi- denl l3l. Editor-in-Chief Tubman Times. Wi ,nm Gi' MAPY SU LLWAN Cijminierijiial Sludcni Council l3. ll: Biasebiall ll, Ilg Ernljil-nis THB l2lg Glue Club HELEN DOUGLAS SUTTQN Diversified Occuprirluniz Presicliilnl of Sludenl Giiivornznnnl lql, Pfesidiinl' Cl Sophomore Class: Annual Smllz ll nlilififi Menibwr l4lg Represenlalive I3, 2, Il: Einlolig-ms: T lll THE lllg Gleo Club ll Ql. MARGUERFTE VIRGINIA SYMMS Classical Sludenl Council: Vice-fprosidenl M-Ember l2l1 Annual Slafl: Edilor-in-Cliiof Member Alli- lelic Assoiialion: Secrelarv Member l3, 21 Ba lll3ll-ll+2yl7llVllvBlll3"ll lelba . oi: L L, , ri Q ai 4, , Eniblorns: Glee Club: Tri-asure-r l3l, Mornlncr ll. ELSIE TANENEAUM Modern Language MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR Diversified Occupecions Sluclenl Council Girl Reserves Sludonl Cou ANITA CLAlRE 'TEAGUE Modern Language ncil l3, Zl, LUClLLE 'l'eBOW Classical IVELYN ELISE THIGPEN Modern Language SENIBBS YUBUAN JR. HIGH SSHDOL UBRH! aisem VELYN ELIZABETH TINLEY DI.e'sY:'ed Oiiug 3LlC'TS EU MCE TOOLE Corfwmerclal T up THS 133. MASH" ANNE TGOLE Classlcal u :Al lllf Vela, Ball lllg Emb ems H Nl S ll-lS l3l, Glee Club: Vice Pres m WJ M C ll 'l D ., -3 aria Cub lf!-,3 2, N 5 l4l. Mllxll TOQPIN DT.efs'5'ed Occupafions ffl A'e'r1a'e l?ep'e5eH+a?7ve rlsli Club MARGARET TURNER Mc-dem Language Qll V.:,ey Ball l3, Zlj Em e HS MARGARET TUSSEY Covwmefclal MARGARET WAGNER Ccmme-rclal D ll V:-lley Ball l3l. Hockey l3 Em em 5 l2l , HELON AGNES WALDEN Dlversilled Occupalions Sluclenf Council Annual Sfaf Asslsfanf Pnclure Spanislw Club li pf' Qhx HELEN 'NALKER Classical Baslcelball Valley Ball II: Emltl Q 'I IZI H 'IHS III: C-lee Club I4, 3, EVA MAE INEED Mcclern Language DOROTHY WI-IALEY Modern Language Spanish Club l4I. NORA ELEAN-DR WI-IALEY Commercial -Q M I RIAM XVI-II IAKER Classical Emblem THS I-IATTIELENE WHITE Modern Language MARY VIRGINIA NVHITT Modern Language Baskefball Baseball I4, 3, 2, II. Valley Ball I4 2I, Ring Tennis JUANITA WILLIAMS Classical 5 E N I Q B 5 Sfudenf Council IZI, Lalin Club l4I, Glee Club ' ,, V f. -U, .Q .,- -L Y - Y I. Q1 I fi 595-'.iuwZ:i'iim6'AE7-i7'T51 I Ii If!"- V, .-,.A'f.agf,,'f:F'LV1Q?7.f.IlI'fj irfj,-,-,.' -J, 5'-1, ' ' Q 4, jpgazfg,?',T,1f.Q,G--iwffr' I ik Y I.M,,5,r Q ,xg ,5:2,,w-File: Xb, NN- I fl-Ii? "yi, - TY II' ,f ,M gi I ,-rV1--'- ' ' 'pfijl 'J ANNE WILSON Modern Language Sfudenl Council: Caplain Sfuclenf Palrol l4l, Sec- relary-Ireasurer Member I4, 3, 2, Il: Annual Slalf Ereslwman I2epresenfa+ive3 Allilelie Associalionz Manager Poinl Sysfem l4l, Vice-Presidenl l3l, Merril ber I4, 3, 2, Ilg Baslselball I4, 3, 2, Il: Ring Tennis l4Ig Hockey I4, 3, 2, Il, Coplain III: Emblems: T I-I S TI-IS IlIgSpanisI1CIub l4l: Girl Reserves: Presicleni I4, 2, II, Member I4, 3. 2, Il: Dance Club I4, 3, 2, Il. DORIS ANNE WOOD Modern Language Glare Club I3. QI. CAROLYN DOROTHY YOUNGBLOOD Modern Language KATHERINE LOUISE YOU NGBLOOD Modern Language February, I94O mad .Z -1 F'-yx A 1,43 I E12fIPU1?5.LI?I?T .L Lf3?Jv'i.,,I' ., ,RL 'T : , ,, L ,, nm. ,.!...,e EJQCQ ilu uae: LGS LOUISE ANSLEY Modern Language DOT ATKINSON 'vlcdern Language LYDIA BRAY Commercial ELOISE BROWN Commercial H MARGARET J, BURTON Mrdern Lanqua 'ge YATI-IERINE COWAN Modern Langufaqe ANNIE RUTH CROZIER Modern Lanqua je EDITHE DANTZLER Modern Language MARGARET ADELE DAVIDSON Modern Language EMILY GREENE Modern Language CLEO HALL Modern Language LUCILE HENRY Modern Language SENIEE R 'E X .f 3 N fax,-If LN. M- ,ZW :xl-. ' aiscm CHAQLCTTE MTC!-IENS Mcdefrf Lafwgua-ge MARY JANE ?'.w'iYLHA'N1Y Mzdeww Li-'Inna MARY UAULOS Modem Language MARGARET PHILLIPS Casshel ELIZABETH REED Modern Language RUTH ROSAMOND Modern Language MILDRED ROWE Commercial MIRIAN SMITH Commercial U. MARY RUTH SMTTH Ccrrvwerdal SARAH STEADMAN Cassical ALMA STETNEK Modern Lyguage RUTH TAYLOR Commercial OLLIE MAE THURMOND Cor'vmerf:TaT EDITH WAINWRIGHT Modern Language ELIZABETH ZOLLER Modern Language AQ SENIBRS 1 1 H x Q1-11 1 f 1 L..4,.... ,Y "N BANQU ET 1.1lNl 11:11 11111111 11111 Sc11i111'f 1111111111-11 -11111' 1110 1111'g'c 111g 1c:111111g 111t1Yl 1116 111116 11111-st. 111111 111111141 111:11 111111 XYCTL' 111 110 S111111' 1111111-1. , 1 I . 111L' 111111111 111 14ill11C11t14'11 11:11 XXvI11t 131f11u1. 1111- fL'I1C1161'N 11115011 IIS 1116 XXV11C11L'5, 1111110 11 11':1s 1115 111111 X111 1111111-11, 11c1':111f: 111 1:11411 L'Zl1'C 411 11111 5111111 XXl11111s, 11111101011 1116 111111 111 1116 1,j11111111E 111lIlI5111Z1I1. f,j111'1'1' 1111':11'1's. 11'1111"11111-111111:1f11101 11'111'1i1'11 '1'1'11'11 I111' 1Z1111L's, 1111111' 1111' 111111111'N :11111 S1-111 l'1'5 N:111g' f1111gs 11'1111'11 11-11 1l11lPl'1'11l'11 1111 11l1'1l' 111-:11'1N 111K'111111-1l'N 111 111111' 11111 l1111111:111. x1Il1'f' 1,1'11'1x. 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Clara Clark JUNIORS lD-wi-otliy Crwnnell ,Xnn Cimolly llxelyn L'1'z1wfu lfvelyn Connell lietty Cuuncill Ulive C1'Z't1lStU11 rd lllzmche Civwckei' Neville Cumming Yiwizln Cuflnnzni Luis Daniels .-Xnn Daniel Harriette Daniel Dorothy Daviclsim jcssie Dobson Elsie Decker Becky Dodd Elizzilwetli Dunlap Hazel Edmunds Corinne Elliott Frances Etlieredge J UNIORS lletty lileniing lieululi lflint llnrulie Fowler .lewell Fox Dorothy F1'eeni:1n Sara Gatlin linnnie Gibson Syble Graves Vivian Greeson Rliuea Hardy Clare Higgins Mary Hollman Anne Hollingsworth Betty Holmes Yerzi Horne Dorothy Howe Emnia llclertoni Clara Belle Jackson Eugenia jackson Vera Jackson Edith Jenny lfx clyu King JUNIORS X vm IXVI nm- l111I1lr16 Lfllwflull I'1I'1lI14'l'4 I,IlIli1'l' lgx clvn Hasfm Xlruy .Xmxc XIL1 111111-y Sum KlIltIlCX'UN xllll'-Y KIcl'wl111111'1':1v Hcltj' McMichael f,1u11cx':L KIcXl:1n11x Evelyn Miller Murtlm Moore Nilflrecl Hims Ifliznlwcth Moye func Mulhcrin hdlth Mulruy Dorothy NO1'lllZl1'l Om Lou 0'HHl'H .-Xrmc f'7'Hni1 Mary Ruth Owens Dorothy PZIIITICI JUNIORS Vriscillzi li1I1PllZl5 Ilcruice Parker 5:1111 Blue l'ctcrwvi Patricia Peters Rita l,UlllC1'2lllCC ,ll-1111 R110 Ina Prescott Blurtlm Ray -In-:nu Rlimlcs livelyn Rhodes lizirliii6 Rodgers hlozm Sclizirnitzky ul une Rupert Dumtlly Scuggins l41llllL'l'lIlC Skinner Dolores Shmerling liliznlwctll Smitli ,Imac SXYCilL'lll7lll'!J,' Guila Stanford Jzlcqilclim- Tankcrsley Camilla Tiller ' v Miriam XYIICCIUI' JUNIORS Q A lnlll-V Betty XVl1eel0r Ida Hall XYl1itc Lillian YX'hittle lfrancex XYl1itlcy Carulvn XXHCITUCS . 3 Mary Lou XYilsnn Mary Ifllen XYillits Catherine XVo0dward ,Xnne XV1'igfht - ,-, .--. .. .-Y,- -.jf-77 ,Q . , Views VA' v , The School Uwe love the most" P ...JM M, I . 1.19, E. TLUHS A -,.... M 1.1. lfczkxey f.Ic:.rk'.-.'clt Mcflen i:x, D. Ivf:Ke:1:xe , V Merrxtt, Miidlszon, M. NoA'e V ., J. , ... Iwfcss, IMI. Offonncr, L. Popkm, H. rzuri 50.5 DT.. FST- SE' 11 S P Sfmt? 5:1911 stzvr girly P x JG S Allen, M. Amos. R. Andrews, Arudl, E. Arlinqtgn, S. Ashe, G. Blirlcer, M. Beasley, M. Eeilt, D. 'M . . -,I vm. Irv R ...I ..l1, ,.l. -ln-Db.rl..-fr, E. mllle, V. ' Plmqg, I-I. Brown H. Burlum. E. Hussey, L. M. Campbell, D. Ccvllllen, E. Chfirvls, G. C'heesborc.uql1, B. Crook, E. Daley, M. Ifozxiel, V. Dee, F. DLIDPCIII, I.. Elsrood, W. Etterlee, M. L. Evans, V. Fell. D. Ford, M. Gucldy, M. Goodsou, E. Gzunlhcxru, M. Grayson, I.. Hartley, L. Hiqqinbolhcm, M. Hiqqinbothcxm, Hlll, S. Hobbs, E. X. .5 Irby, M. B. Ivey, B. Ivey, E. Ivey, S. Icxmes, F. lenkins, M. I. lones, M. Iones, M. E. Jones, R, Kelley, E. Key. M. Lambert, C. Landrum, B. aiscuz n. Langdon, A. Newman, D. LaVance, P. Odom, D. Lewis, T. Orr, R. Lincul, C. Pzirclue, D. Lincul, C. Pardue, F. Lively, M. E. Patrick, I. Lowe, A. Peacock, E. Maclcy, B. Pnrvis, R. H. Meads, M Habun, S. Meehan, C. Renew, G. Merritt. H. Reynolds, A McE1eveavi, I. Rickerson, CT MONQOUIGIY. 1. Rickerson, D. I2 rl D D '3.' -1 "F ...,.... ""-'...n-1 ,ii- , , . ,-A-r.. 4'5" Q, -..M Q 'h Rivers, S. Rivers, V. Robinson, E. Satcher, E. Saxon, M. T Scoqqins, E. Skinner, M Slater, A Smith, B Srnzfi. C Smith, E Smith, E Steed, E. x sv' ' - x to Taylor, N. Thomas, E. XJVGYEII, D. Verniisan, Vimiati, P. NYGY, A. Vfeeks, E. X1Vheatley, M Wiiitalzer, S, Wiiionq. E. Wiiiianis, E. Vxfiliianis, E. Willis, M. new 'A . .- I, 3 S . r 3 4, . ,,-. 5- -M., ,,,, .. . .....f:.,.g-nvaa:"faiipg1.4..e,e11...i..i.4S3...n Adams, A. L. Edwards, V. Hurst, E, Price, P. Anderson, V. Erben, D. lameson, V. Roesel, M. Bailey, L. 1 Fields, L. Iohnson, D. Royal, I. Barrentine, B. Fiske, M. lanes, M. Sanders, S. Beall, M. Fitzgerald, E. Knapp, L. She-ftall, C. Biqqar, E. Foqle, F. Martin. S. Sims, D. Cannan, E. Fortson, C. Matheny, B, Skelton, A. Cease, C. Flemming, A. Meme-ws, M. Smaller E- Charnbers, A. L. Gary, M. McCampbell, M. Smith' M' Chaney, V. Graf, C. McCall1ern, M. Stearns' K' Slulb, C. Connell, A. Griner, B. Meese, N. White' M. Daniel, C, Hallman, R. Michel, C. Wilson' L- Dennis, F. Harden, B. Middleton, P. Wooddqu, F. Edelblui, K. Harker, M. Norris, S, Woodward, I Q ,f L4 KII'll'Q,'IlI'Ct Iiugg Presiqlrnl KB- AJC ,,5f11':1?'ER U' ' ' wg-, r1EQ'.14'F -- vf' Qgfkisx L HA ,C KHQL E iii!" d A gg' I X2 ' gl . 'P . . A 522 L' f, ?f:x Q. , Ll- Y ,RQ . Xi '-- 'I XV, 'F' N .-,.. K X if-l fi lj' Y, xnfktf A um? f E5 if M ' 1, fy? Z 15. T J 'Fx 1 ' ' Q T 1-L 15 Is. X C"'5L,-',,-r- 3 bf? . L K ,, . ,, Q af K KLM zf 2- ' ,f 'H -1 1" ' f 5 lf I . Y k If if R , fu: 'J-. ,' -5 . ' zswsnf 3, iw Yip,-,,4j,"a,. ,f V5 5, if I f X- N rijgjeg -39? . -. Yiiii? ' ' Fxvqa--fffzfimf' x 'V f, M '1 JS Allen. B. I. Bennett. E. Daniels, M. A. Anchors, V. Bennett, I. Dean, M. L, Anderson, M. Blackstone, M. A Dicks. B, Ansley, V. Blumke, A. Floyd, M. Ember, M. Burgess. M. L. Gcxddy, M. Bailey, M. Bums, G. Geer, M. Boker, E. Cddle, G. Gilman, F. Banks, M. Ccnddy, L. Givens, B. Bcxrrett, V. Carter, A. Grdmmer, M. Bexley, L. Cliott, I. S. Gulledqe, S. Beckum, M. Coursey, I. Gunter, L. F. Becton, R. Culpeppr. I. Guy. M. -,J Hctlioid, M. Hdmby, l. Hurling, K Hatcher, I. M. Hendrix, S. Hensley, V. Hildebrandt.. E. Hilty, T. Hollingsworth, B. Humphries, A. L, Hurebutt, N. Hutto, A. -N , 1 , -s li' l li' ly It 1, , ,- N. ,- L , ,. , V K t W , ,x I X' 3 ,' , ' 1' L' JJ .Q mf .J Q!!! J :Q . I L Ingram, A. l.ul.:e, D. Platt, F. Ienny, E. Marston, M. Powell, B. lohnson D. McNair, L. Ouesenberry, B. Keilholtz, G. McNair, M. Riley, K. L. Kelley, M. Miller, K. Robertson, M. Langley, K. Montgomery, D. Robins, M. LaRoche, A. C. Morgan, N. Rosier, I. R. Leggett, D. Mulligan, H. Rowland, A. Lemmons, L. Oellerich, M. Schulze, B. Lichtenstein, I. Parrish, E. Sharpe, M. M. Livingston. G. Peterson, M. Sizemore, D. WL Qi WZ Sizemore. l. Sizemore, M. Smith, E. Todd, M. Von Sprecken Waddey, D. Walker, M. Warren, F. 'Nate-rs, V. Williams, M. Wilson, C. Wilson, S. rdQrs'i-11. I. Cox, L. 12:93 H. Cririfzll, H. riai, H. 'f'rez1s11!1'v rtiri, H. Cririsluiw TFC, E. C'f3s1'3'. N. H. 115311, E. frzurit, T thurt-1, N. Dcxrfgltfl, Y: PM Divzfzfig. 'Tl tlfqr, H, 'Aw!'rt11, r' 51" ', G. f'i1"1: Y. ji .,.. , 'i '," IV15 rilg V. 'E 1 '15-Y Vbfl, P.. L' 1 I, G: :-dwin, I. '3I'CW'1f.ViI1, Lfrdmri, L. GIG-en, E. GV-'-ri, G. Grztzxth, I, C11:'tir, ff. Fifa fx-.uri D H1U'.':Y9l1. C Ef,1'.':1,i FI, H13 ".- . 'L : H' :fs '. LI. R. YJllHNF'1Ilv'1IL1, S. Hciper, p: D. ufxn-,'131f?l 7 Hursi, 1.. Irqfett, H. Tafkrwc FT ff - .1 ' 1 ,pzifiby Ioriun, D. kN'Wr1""' ' Kezvizlck lx - v Re.m,.r14. hs, IXI. L. ll Lafxlur ,M Life, . T'I"T' L' ,N wi ll, Y-T, rv Hfws' QT L.nz1q?1'1v1 E. ' ff. 7 1 . ,. flfr ,gg QI, Lf1f'ff'E fa. I.. ' 5' 7 II Eff-' Q. L-ever, 5. li ff. E. 11115, H Ji: 5, 'W If - li .f. Il. g H. Pi itws F. X, X1 ' T FX ' E. L. L " H. 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Eculirtecru, 'W Y-re. 3, Erczurier, L. Eugg, C. Carroll, M. Ccirswell, E. Cczrsf.-sell, H. fit: E. Cleclzley, M. ei '.'x Jr, l. Dewitt, V. Gary, lil. l-lcllmmi. E. I-lcrtziltgx, M. M. llcfsy, T. 1 Q E l.'fcKie, E. ltfetzcjer, G. Mills, M. F. Mitchell, Mobley, C. Mulherm. Parker, D. Phillips, H. Plane, S. Price, M. Price, M. A. Rivers, N. Robertson Robertson, R. Seigmerid Shields, GG. A. Skinner, B. 5 Silver. l. Sliqh, E. Slusky, L. Smith, D. Snipes, D. Strcztczcos, M Stringer, lil Stulb, S. Tcole, M. Vance, V Westbrook, l Whaley, D. Whitley, D. N 'i.' illimns. B. Wong, M. lA'ood, E. Youngblood, M N N -,i f? N 4 J? s lf' X c'N ,,,. ,...- ,'- ' 1 1 ., Ill ill m I -'Q y- ' X C2-ff" fx ,,' ,K ,fvf .-,P Mfhg fx X 'J - f?1:1fPf 5'-3iL:2.g Q5 5 ' .af K f' 1 'wx :gg 997 fa' 9'-: gwrg 1 5, K . . xt! K :E .4242 4 ' uf v"'.f ff' 71-"" ,Af ."ff1'NXN ff -Q --lx , W ,EQ 'M f 1 Y uiiix-A. , "Wx LX ". A 1:'?,EE35 , , yi vig. '. 5,73 X75 1 ,E hx f , ,y,.'xY:xlv fkvx' .4-QJN ,f YV. ..,f, 9. , . ., NG Fir? , Nl 'x 1 f J I J-'Z' Marguerite Symms Q ,, m, -wr 11 J, A by 'QE t tab 'P' ,,i- 'cf I- JI ,I Helen Sutton t 1 if 1? t .' 4'- 44" 7-14 I- Q- -J -5"A. x NI' . ,- .ik- "'4i-,2 Tir J' - "lu w Q t swf , s Yr 1 KI Q .- YY" x' X .4 A, - 13 XJ: v Mariorie Bussey L Katlwryne Rhodes ,, X,-., n 1- N W uf: 1 ' 1 .f ,ug J ,Q A J . fl, Y-Q, W X 'ff .. xjf Ax-vi Ziff! ,tw lv , ,VM f ,rg .. ,J f , 1 1 . X If I f ,v J. ,uf V, 1' 'f . I' I I I 1 f ,M VM Myra Scott f,, 73, J fx! , ' jf .J Anne Wilson J. .3 5 R' 'W' S ,sv 4-A, I A 5. Co Costumes featur J ."e' N 55 nstance Cox ed by Saxon-Cullu Ill. Dorothy Douglas Marguerite Syinnis Eclitiir-in-Liliicf l".XCL'LTY .XDYISERS Miss Byul Miss Czn'sn'Qll A Miss Fnlllwriglit Miss ljillilzincl ' A Miss Hnllwert Miss King Miss Laiigfnrcl Miss Luckey Miss Pri-stim aiscm a 602 1 939 STAFF Margaret lleeluncl Batty Dicks Sallie Martin Mae Peterson Erin Canmm .-Xnnc llolling'swm'tl1 Mary AlCl'llll1lll'I'Zl.f' Mililrecl Rowe - Harriette lilanicl Bertha 1.00 Constance Olive Lillian Rubenstein -Ioan llnviclsnn Mary l.c-nns Katherine O'Neul- Betty Smith Lucy V Alleue SLIIIIIHCTS on Sprecker Helon 'NValden I da Hall Wl1ite ,PX .gl .av EDITORS .Xthlctic RlZll'lUll .'X1'tl1ll1' Art Clara llzlmilton Literary Mary Cariwell l'ictu1'e lilllllfyllff RlllJllL'h blokes Constance LHIYC llUllOl'1ll'j' Members L-OllNtZ11lCQ Cox Dolmtlly DO Myra Scott llclcu S D uglzls lllllfll orothy Ann Starr Business Manager THE STUDENT A I I K K f , .si I Q V O171'11C1iRS -. 5' " " 41' ' xt tQ,,,,.. 1II'L'51f1L'11t . . -h 3661 M A - 11' 1l1'k' 111'11t Helen Sutton in ' I isbn w , Mini tt s t . Rhuea Hardy '..sf., ' ' "'. 'T if W Secrctn1'y'-'1'1't':1s111'vr . . , Mac C1l1'1S11Ill1 Q' . Z.. ' L4ll1f1111l1 1-ti Stiident 1':1trw1 . 1111110 XYi1s011 . , i - 0 ' A .X Q ! I S ,V . I N 1 17.11 1'1,TY IQ1-I1'1-l1-1SIiX'1',X'l'1Y1iS X' Y ' 3. X " " .' " ,5,x.'.' ' ffffgfffig 7 ,T ,, J VA Miss 1lt'l1u 1'x':111Qer Hiw lfdith NllC1ll11I1ll " we jf 44- .'f' -' N.1Tt:::rf'1ff5' Miss Amy 11115 ' 1'-A ' The girls ut' 1111111111111 1l1'1lCt1CL' st-11'-gt1x'e1'11111e11t 1111'l'l1g'1l the ztctivities uf the Student L'ut111c11. T110 1'U1'1"'w 111 the Student C11t111ci1 :ts stated 111 the L'1111stitt1ti1111 :11'e: "'1'11f1cx'e1t11' 111 the students :111 11111111-ciz1t11111 uf 1111111-sty, to tester se11t1111e11ts of law 111111 U1'l1C1'.10Zl1t1111 the 111te1'11z11 IU.11111l11St1'Z1t1Oll of the sc11m11. tw 111'1111111te i11 1111 ways the hest 1l1fC1'L'S1fS0f111C SC1141111.H AX11 students. 1t'ilC11t'1'S. 111111 z1d111111ist1'z1tix'e Offict-1-S of the SC1104'l1 are l1lC1111WC1'S of Student Govern- 111e11t, The exectttive :md lt-gislzttive 1111c1y is the c11u11t-il, Qm1sisti11g uf une 1'61'Pl'CSCll1Zl.11VC :111d her a1te1'11:1te 11'llI1l eztch 1111111e 1'wm111, H116 l'91P1'CSk'l1t1lTlYe 1171111 each sc11t1111 o1'g'z111izz1tio11. z111d three faculty 1'ep1'ese11tati1'es. 711116 Student Council hwlds itse1f ready tw assist i11 every student fu11Ctio11. It creates 111111 511111111115 :111 13121115 fm' the 11ette1'111e11t uf the school. The SfI.1t,1CI11I L'ou11ci1 strives tu 111z1i11tz1i11 Il spirit of ct'-t111e1'z1t1o11 11t-twet-11 the students :md fztctdty. The activities of the S1L1f1t'11t 011111011 are 111a111'. It takes care Of the se11rm1 Il11t1 sc1111111 lDl'Ul7C1'1y. It cuuclucts 11111116 11111111 :md L'11Zll1t'1 l11't1g1'z1111s. The Student 1,11- t1'll1, w11it'11 is :1 1111111011 of the Student L'411111ci1, 111:1i11t:1i11s 411'c1e1' 111 the h:111s :md :1ssc1111,11y. 111 :111 its rtctix ities tht- Studeiit 011111- cil p1'u11141tes It sz1tis1:1ct01'1' CXlJCl'Il11Cl1f 111 st-11-g'r11'e1'11ment. -HELEN SUTTON. ' 1 6LL56U7 61 602 COUNCIL lletly ,Xllgn-til lwrene .Xnilelw-ii Xlzirizin .Xrtlini Maury linker Lzitlierine Rattle Ll-lleen Beazley Katie Burch lfrin Caiiiifiii l-'rzinces Capers Harlizirn Llieexlmriiiigli L'-niftznice Cox -leanne Culpepper Maury Ann Daniels ,loan llzivirlsmi Betty Dicks ,leztnnette lfzirr Iihwrotliy Fell Rlzirtliila Fluyfl Liflwina Grztywii Mary Burke Hatcher Members and Alternate-s Helly lliilnig' - lfinnizi llilertitn Xl 5 rtlv -li ii'-lim .Xnne lxenilrielc ,legin Kerr Margaret liitulieizg lirzincex l.:inier llertligi l.ee Klziry Lewis l.illi1in lfvely Llirifline Luiliir -lanelle Maloney llgwel Mel Mfnalil henevzi Klfxlfilllli Betty KleKlieli:1el Patience Mirlill:-it Vluanitzi Mitchell lin'-niife Xewliery .knn U'Hair Katherine O'Ne:il we ' Tim lfzirl ne l'.ti'1ni i Nltie l'i-lm'-1-n " tl-:in lim- .- illiizi litrltmflx it E --1-' Llililrt-ii lainie X " is ilkffj lQHj'.Ll l e ii - W , Xi1lAQlllTllS1ll ti lwriitliy Si.'k'I1lHl'L' 1-f' I f': ',k " lit-113 Finltlt A . : 6' - 1 lzirzi Sniitli .Sf iieifw Sniitli i xL' Mary Swinger .Xnne lyilfmi XIJLTN I-Nth Slnilll li.LQtl.llH Sllllltlll llZltl'Ol .Xll,nv Sun I er lhir ily llziiiner KlflI'!lIk'l'il' 'l le l-Ulllxl' ili"V!"'1 l.11liei'ine 'XXX v1'iv lnzirfl Mlml ili"fl':'1 Xnringi XX'rielit Kllfrullrvt ll li lu' Xlengt Xigiigiti Fiilllllf MH' Wil Zfininerinun 5- 11x vezu' :lt Tuhlnnn, Yollevl Cn D wall wan 1 Quit success for tl 5 IC Jl111iO1'S. The L mu through with fl L 5 ylllg colors. Hockey gave way to ring ten nie. This was not a radical change because it has been threatened for many years. The Courts l.axketlf.111 lx th .mal It hm Incer C 'lllllol lfpulm 11 xt mt lullh m ,cu-h hum +1 th1 xn ll hm lu U L 'z Nc Ncni--rs won ll TJ'lll411:l1AwlxNt for lhv th'-L ,mn- ,- .III B , YD popular each year. The Freshmen seem to be the ones who enjoy this sport most, but the Sophomores run them a C asehall is g'1'OXViI10' more lose second. tl ' ATI-lLETlC Officers President Dorotliy Douglas Yicv-l'resident Neville Lllllllllllllg' Secretary . Marguerite Synnns ' Treasurer Ida Hall XYl1ite ll- irothy I Douglas l'hi,- Tulnnan .Xthletie lXssociation has as its aiin. in addition to the promotion of athletic games between the classes, the instillation in Tubnian girls of that spirit of fair play which is known as spfirtsinanship, liesides learning and becoming prolicient in inany healthful recreational sports and games, a girl may learn to lie a good loser and a graciirus winner. It is to promote this spirit that the .Xthletic iXssociation has been established. Xt the end of each year the ,Xthletic Association makes its regular award uf pennants and em- blems. The point system determines which girls receive these awards. Points a1'e given for scholar- ship, athletic ability, and participation in school activities. ,X girl receiving 500 points earns a pennant with the letters "T.H.S." on it. XYhen her total score has reached 1,000 points. a girl is eligible for a large emblem in the shape of a "T," .-Xt 1,500 points, she can get a large "Hug and at 2,000. Z1 large HS." But no girl receives her until she has the required number of points and has reached or passed her freshman year. No girl is eligible for the UT" until she has 1,000 points and is or has been a sopho- more. Unly juniors and seniors with 1,500 points are entitled to the larve "'H". The larffe "SH is wb b restricted to seniors having 2,000 points. The organization of the Athletic Association is composed of six mein- Z' III' T' bers from each class, who are chosen ' - by the preceding year's group. Officers, too, are elected from the group at the " end of the year in which they serve. The .Xthletic rXssociation lills a delinite purpose and need of Tublnan, and is doing an excellent piece of work Zlllhlllg' tl'lC StL1ClCI1tS. ' Lfnnbard Brisendine ai 5 cm an ASSOCIATION SENIOR Kathryn Arrington Dorothy Douglas Mary Mullin Mary Ennna Pierce Marguerite Symnls Anne lVilson JUNIOR Louise Arrington Neville Cunnning Harriette Daniel Evelyn Rhodes Rozzie Vaughn Ida Hall XVl1ite Members SOPHOMORE Mary Lhrfstian Clayton Daniel ,Ioan Davidson ,Terry Royal QQXQ Anne Skelton itargmt XYhite f-,,., FRESHMAN Bertha Lee S " ' Carolyn Mobley X Marguerite Tr-ole X I Q Q le jg. .x wk ,-Q' GYM EXHIBITICN f 1 mm ,,u,,-- .....- PROGRAM PYRAMIDS FENCING TL'1II-SLIXG SXYIXGIXG ALONG G H OSTS SKELETOXS BARN DAXCE L'IIIXIT.X f11Q.XXlJli PURTIEQ D H1 ff JP IXXNCI2 I-I R .VX S 5 -. 2 1 .' 4 rf? , Q--fi" -. -+4f" .'Xfl3IHS :Xll5JOOcl, BCIIQ' Allgfiod, Sarah Arrfugtlgin Haber Barber Barnes Barreutiue Battle Beazley Blackwell Blum Hryau Byrd Cannon THE DANCE CLUB Officers l'1'cQiflcut . . . Myra Scott Yicc-lllm-fillczil lxllllllfyll .Xrriugtmi Sccrctziriv liuulzili Tlarlnci' Members 1 :frswell Huliucx lflllull l lirixtiau. Mic Liliri-tiau. Mgiry L lilpcplwx' Cuuuuiug lleckcr ll-Iflll llmiglas lflezuiug tiewrgv hun llruuilt-in llarliug Ilm-:itll Hurlliutt -lrvllti lgliuliacli Flaizlimxw Mclfliuurray' M1-tfger Mhllllut- iz Milliiau Mrfiitwuucrx Mulliu llllvllllvl' Ik-:crb-in P.-iuerzuicw lliwi-kill E., .ly ll l'rc1ci+tt Ixrllyiiu lllilmlixtuiii FLW Il Suiitli Sir-iili-Ar Su u-1-ulillrg Tuul- ii 'llwla Marguerite 'll' lc, Mary xl. ..llqi-r XX lutc XX lx..Er x NX'ilw:: XX riulit Z zpiuurizzziu full N fl 9' r " l ,HJ l f : in no f A' wr if ' if f rr f' VJVUQUJ VQNQJ ar, ,aff ff., Alice Arlanis Marian Arthur Catherine Battle Jewell Barnes Audrey Brunkhurst Mary Carswell Mac Christian Mary Christian Constance Cox Blanche Crocker Marcia Dorn Katherine Edelblut Pat Elliott Dorothy Ellison Ann Fleming Catherine Fortscm ,leanctte Farr 3? fgfbf. r 5 ,X 5. O rfflf V ix XE President . Yice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Dil'CCtUl' . Members lluris Franklin Maude Gary Sara Gatlin lfinniie Gibson Emily Green Mary Burke Hatcher Helen Hull Nancy Hardy Anne Heath Harryette Jones Frankie Kirkland Shirley Klion Bertha Lee Mary Lewis Sally Martin Sara Mathews Mary McEln1urray Marcia McCathern Hazel McDonald Patience Middleton Mary Frances Mills lilizaheth Moyc lfdith Mulcay y Mary Emma Pierce jane Pound Rita Ponierance GLEE CLUB Officers Constance COX Mary Anne Toole Cynthia Sheftall . Agnes Reeese . Miss Dorothy Halbert Hilda Popkin Sara Plane Elizabeth Rose Agnes Reese Dorothy Roesel Lillian Rubenstein Jean Rhodes Leona Jane Slusky Mary Palm Strother Cynthia Sheftall Helen Sutton Marguerite Symms Alma Steinek Mytle Read Mildred Teuton Mary Anne Toole Marguerite Toole Ruby Turner Rozzie Vaughn Martha Yan Deusen Alwilda XYaters Helen XValker Mary Lou XVilson Anne XYainwright Edith XX'ainwright 1 w an 1111 1'l1Nf1'M'l11-111111 111 1111- 11111 11111111'11S11111-111-11 1-1111111N1:1N111':1111' 111' 11'1A11111N 14914 1111'11111L'1'S11113. 111111 1111 1111ff1-5 11'1-1'1- 111-11 1'1-1111-Q1-1111-11. X1-11' 11111-111 11':1Q 11111-.111-111-11 111 1'1-1111111 111111 111 1111- 511118 1-11 Xlisw 1111111c1't 1':I1l'1f' 111 1111- 11151 11-1111 111- 111'Q11l1 1111111'1111111g 111l' 51111g's 1A"1' 11111 11111'1N1l11IlN I11'l1Q'I'Zl11l 111111 XYZIN g111-11 111 1111- 1111111 11111111-1 1,'11111'1-11. IQ11-11'1111-111111-1'11f1111- 1111-1- 1.11111 11'111'1- 1'1-11 XX111111N1'1. 111-Q 1171111 11'111N1f11-11g111 11'11111- 111111--, 1111: 111'11g1':1111 1-111111111-11 111- N1-11 1'14'l1 1 11l'lN11I1ZlN 1 :11'111- 111 111111-1' 1:11111-, 1 K1111-11-111' 1-x11111111:1111111x 1111l'1'1.l1171l'41 1'111- 111'11g1':1111 1111' fl 11-11' 11'L'k'1iN1 11111 llx X111111 Il- 11101 11'1'1'1' 1PX1'1'. l'Xl'1'f114'41f' 11'1'111 11:1C1f 'LO X11 11-11 4711 1111- 11-:11'11' 11111-1'1-1111. 11115 11-111' 1111- 11111-1'1-1111 111 111- g'11'1-11 11:11 "'1'111- K1111:11111." 111' 4111111-11 111111 Sl11111ZlI1. XXY111'11 1111- 111'1111'i11:11s 11'1-1'1- 1111111-11 111111 1111- 011111111 111'g11111x1-11. 11-11111 111-g:111 111 c:11'111-11. .X1A11'1' 111111 111' 111'111'111'1-. t11l' 1.11111 1111--1-1111-11 1111- 11111-1'1-11:1 1111 A1111 5, 111111 1111X I71'l'x1'1111ll11'11 111l' 11111111111 -11 1111- l111-1- 1-11111 X1'1'I'C 1-1111111 1-411' 1111111111-1' 1-1-:11'. 1111- 1111-1- 111111 11111-5 1111 111 111 Nl11'1'1'4N 111 111 11111-1'1111'. K11i4 11471111111 111111111 S11 ' I' 1 .1 1- 11:15 11L'L'11 1111111 11'1111l1Q' 111111 K'11l111111l' 115 1111'1-1'1111' 111 1111' 111c1- L-11111. -'Q1U11N1l111fL' 1V11lX, 1'1'L'X1f1C1lt. ,Q WP' FT WY fn YQ' SPAN!SI-I CLUB t ..-H -'i H .. . ,wr iff: Officers .-.., if -- C X X i'l'1,'Ni4IlIll . . H1111 I4-wif ' - V 5 Ill .e: :i?-f F f f 4 XVil'L"I'l'1'Ni1lL'11l . Mimi 'lbqvilx 1 ' g1k'l'1'11P1'-X "lq1AK':l'll1i'T' K-ZllIlL'l'iI1C f,i...+.lxx in Members Cllj .Xlluw Il fznily Harb ug Ii mtlxryxm Rlhrnll' lhlrix ,XH'1L'l'NHll .Xmm IIL-rn-lull limh Rv xzllllwlnl XIllI'iHll .XI1'1I'k'XXN II.17uI IIUIY Myra SCH!! I ulvlvla' Ihiluy X-fLIlIlL'll'Q II111111-I11"u lhlrnthy .Mm FIAFI' Nitin' IluRl4m- KILu1'jf-rzc Iiurllfmz .Uma Stciuuk Yrll Iflnluiug Klmrl-mv liitcllml Nliwi 'llrrpim Ivan iicwrgu H1113 lmwis Ill-Inu NX Ll1'Tkl Ldillvrillu 4211-wlxxixm llnfvl XIII?-11111111 l'4r'-M13 Uvlwzz Iiliflilfkill Wlmlmzuu Xhlwl Milk-r 'ww 'Nulw mx aisan ,kg SS LATIN CLUB K D N 1-' 'E F 1 F .. 1 ' 1 'E . V vip, ' ' ,.. ,,:,ff4fi,3,i'j- I,I'!l1'NL'N bt 1 111.1 . . I'1':11-11-1111A1x IiIlllH'j'll 1X1'ri11gt1,111 l'ollcv11 llmzln-3' Xmlrcy I3r1111kl111rst Mary 1 zrrxwcll l'f11'.1 lfcutzcl Officers Members 1 111111-11 lIc'17lf-1' , . L1-111 1:1-11 X11NI71111ll.1111N 1 1,l.1r11 1111111111 Il 1 1 1 Iil1I'I'lL'N K1 11-t:111c1- 131111 111 1' 11115 KIPCNLI I11111:1z1 W1ll1.1111N GI dll 1' W 1 ,1 ' mf V1 1253 GlRL RESERVES .Ximu XX ilwii . Myrtlc livirl . Kl.ll'X' llciictvzui . llctty lfluiiriig , Butty ,lu .Xllcn . liflitli Mulcay . Mzic Llirmtizm . Ncyillt- Liiiiiiiiiiig . Cabinet . l'rcN1tlc1it X'icc- l'rt-fitlem , Secretary . . Trcrisurer Program Cliziirmzm XX'--rsliip tliziirmzm Servicc L liziirmim Social Cliarimaii Mililrwl Millgzm . Ycws LiUI'l'C9l70l1llCllf Sponsors Miss lfmma Twigge , Y. XX', C. .X. Girls XX'nrk Secretary Mixs Betty ,limcf ..... liaculty Arilvi nr Members Ht-tty .lv .Xlli-ix Ht-tty .'Xllgt,ml l.f rurmc ,Xmlcrsoli ,lulic llzirclizin Htvlvlwy Hzirreiitinc .Ximc Holding Mary Hcncfteau Bc-tty Sue Blitcliiiigtou -lean Buhler Clara lircsnalian Hctty Iiyffl Erin Lliiiiimi Mac lfliristinii Mary Lliriytiaii ,lime Coyar -luzmiie L-lll1DL'1D1ii'I' Xcvillc Cumming ,lL'QSi6 Dfilvifrtl Marcia lltirii llaizel lillllllllllli H0tty Flaming Martliila Floyd Sara fintlin -lt-an GL-m'gc limmic llilmin Pliyllix Hurt-ii Malurzi Jenkins Szirzi Matlicws Margaret McNair Milrlrcil Milligzlii lilllllllftll Klfryc lfrlitli Mulcziy Liathcriiic Xuwlmerry Cccilc XDlCOllIlOI' Amie O'Hziir Marjwric Pctcrstm Myrtle Rearl ,lm-an Rliurlcg Martliri Rollins Mary Htatli Rolnrt. on lflizalictli Rose ,lcrry Rnyzil .Xmie Ruyston Myra Scwtt liolnrus Slimerling Emily Smith Doris Snipes Audrce Swancy Betty XX'l10eler Irla Hall XX'liite Margaret XX'l1itc .Xiiuv XX'ilsm1 Louise XX'ilstm X' 1 X!! J. , If , 1 X fx, E,!f" ,ufidj Red Cross LIFE SAVING CLUB ,,., , President . . Dorothy Marion .Xrthur lfyclyn .-Xndrews Mary Carswell Dorothy Douglas Harriette Daniel Pat Elliott Ennnie Gibson Catherine Gehrken Clara Hamilton Members t hzirlottc Kitchen lioris Kessler Mary Mclfhnurray Xl:ll'll'E'fl Milligan Mary Mullins Ann O'Hair Harriett Puncl Frances Popkin Marguerite Symms l iff L' 1 ' ' .0 ' , ,421 Douglas XX X yu! .il i ' 4" - F w lj-X. i .vxzlyji 9 g.-..1i-...- ' - , - .Xllna Stcint-lc L1-il Stulh Sara Stulli -lane Silver llarlvara Schultze Virginia .-Xnn Schultze Mary Annu Tools Betty XYafle Anne XYilSon Q ELIZ 'NF V A-nu if 'IH fbi, ' k Tl .1 E- JN? .. J X Tick-tock. tick-tock! Hzlrkl Tlrcrds the bell from the office Cl0Ck. lt's time. girls, for wx,-rk, to leave your play. The signal to start a Tubman day. Tick-tzincli. tick-tockl Xmx' theres a buzz from the same old CluCk. livery girl in her room must be Or sl1e'll get a slip. and be marked tarrly leel, 'l'ick-tmlc, tick-tockl .M each fr-my minutes to classes girls flock. Rwtating schedules with great glee they Hx lfur wlmfs Monday one, comes out Friday six. - '1 SESSION 'l'icl:vtc-ck. tick-tockl .Xt tlie clialige of a Class. ustiiclciit patrols" are "uit dock". Iii ligllwgys. lilnI'fll'Y, allflltl-Till!!! Illlrl stairs 'lb steer traffic, givc wrwlcrs, mul kuuy girls iii pairs. 'l'ick-trick, tick-tockl li--r twelve liimflrcrl girls tl1ere're coursc- iii stock, ' Bc it college preparatory, or llllll-Clrillbgk' Prep, Tliat will earn a fliplu-mu. when friim Tulimzm they Strip. Tick-tock, tick-ti,-Ck! Recess time cf-mes rouml, girls flrmrxvays do lxlf-ck. In tlieir rush for ll "lumkie", a "lit-t dug", a "snicker", lYliile "mike" :mtl milk lnittlcs mill gaiciy flicker. Tick-toclc. tick-tuclil Ali! here-'s a Verity: we pritlice rloift iuugk, .Xt Tubman, with home ec, music and gym, Tliere's only one man, anfl the girls all love liim. Tick-tc-ck. tick-tockl Tulnmau can't rtm without her Clock, Its bells :md buzzes, and lmzzes and bells SvunQ forth oppfvrtunity-wliere Tulmiaii lite clwells. --"Al iss ll1ir3" .vf TI-IE MIKADO The Town ol Titipu .X japanese Coniie Opera in Two .Xets hx' XY. S. GILBERT .-XXD .XRTHUR SYLLIYQXN iXhriclgecl and Simplified hy XY. NORMAN GRAYSON. M. A. Presented By THE TUBMA GLEE CLUB F1-ififty Night. my 5, 1939 :Xt 3331!-Tuhnian Aullitorium CAST OF CILXRXCTERS The Mikarlo of Japan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, .....,,,,,A . . , , ,,,,, I Doris Franklin Nanki-Poo-Son of the Mikado. disguised as a wandering Minstrel, and in love with Yum Yum .A.,.,,,.. ,,,,,,.A,,.,, . ,,,.,.. ..l, , . ,,,,,,,,l..,l 1 Iarguerite Symms Ko-Ko-Lord High Exeeutioner of Titipu ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, D orothy Douglas Pooh-Bah-Lord High Everything Else ,,,,.,,,, ...,, C ynthia Sheftall Pish-Tush-:X Nohle Lorcl ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,..,,,,. , ,Pat Elliott Yum-Yum Three Sist- ,.,,, ..,. .,,,, ,,,,,,,., C o I 1Sf3.IlC6 Cox Peep-Bo ersfXYartls ...r,,.,,...... H ,,,,,,..,,..,,.,..... ,,,,.,r,, , ,Alice Adams ,,,,,.,,:Xl1l'lC Heath ..r....Sara Gatlin Pitti-Sing ot ho-ko. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Katisha-An elderly lady in lgye with Xanki Peo ,,,,.,,, CHORUS OF SCHOOL GIRLS Helen Hull Lillian Rubenstein Blanche Crocker Mae Christian Patience Middleton Dorothy Ellison CHORL' Helen Sutton Hilrla Popkin Hazel McDonald Mary Anne Toole Shirley Klion Elivaheth Moye S Mary Lou XYils0n Alma Steinek Maurle Gary Anne Skelton Mary Burke Hatcher Martha yan Deusen OF NOBLES, GUARDS, A Frankie Kirkland Audrey Brunklmrst Marcia Dorn Ann XYainwrigl1t Eclith XYainwrigl1t Katherine Fortson Ottie De More Mary Christian Emily Green Mary Carswell Sara Plane Rorzzie Vaughn Enimie Gibson XD COOLIES Dorothy Roesel Frances Dunbar ,lane Pound Mary Emma Pierce Etlith Mulcay Mary McElmurray Ann Fleming SCENE: Courtyard and Liurslcn of Ko-Kok Palace in Titipu. Directed hy Miss Dorothy Halbert. l f ovefy .EZJLES A Farce in Three Acts b y JAMES F. STONE tPresented for the benetit uf the Annual Fund by inenilmers of Tulanian High School Faculty under the rlirectifiin of Marguerite Palmer! THE PLAYERS Mary Lanih, a hride in distress ,,,.,,,, i,,,, , .. XYihna XYillianis, a constant friend Caroline Jones, a harassed hriclesinaid Minnie, a maid with a future ,, ,,,7,, iee, ., , Mrs. George Crunch. a female major-doino Ciloria Crunch. gi girl in love with love ,,,,, ,, Marian van Arsdale, a falling star .i,777 Nanette. Z1 girl from a gown shoppe ,,,,,,,7 Teresa, a girl with a juli , ,e,7,7 ,,77,, . . ,,,, Sally Rowan, a girl with a nose for news Greta, a girl from Sweden A r,,,,, .. ., ,. , THE PLAY Mary Evans ,Betty .Tones ,, Alice Suinerau , Ruth McAuliffe Sara Norris .,Elizabeth liostick Marguerite Palmer Ainaliell l.ansdell -lnanita Luekey , llralee King Katherine johnson lThe entire action takes place in the sitting rmnn nf a suite in an exclusive New York hotell A CT I-About Noon. ACT II-A Few Minutes Later. ACT HI-A Few Minutes After That. Stage Furnishing luv Maxwell Brothers Furniture Co. " Www Wi, UIQ :Rs V-.K V-71 Q: tl I ' ' ,.' ,QQ st Vt: M XJ l Q te, Httys ure such trouhlesmne Creatures, liven the une with the hest ttf fetztures, Yet whether hluek or retl their curls, They :ire still liked hy us girls. Un flutes, there's little tn he sztifl, .Xnrl when it e' nies lu heing fecl. 'llhey'll ent X011 wut r-i h-ruse :intl lmme. .Xnfl huy yuu only :tn iee ereztin etwne. 'they untie nur hows, gtntl tunihle -fur hair, XYhieh fur an hour ue zirrztneetl with care, Such things as that Cause us tn suv: hkjillllt yttu get tint of my w:1yf"' Hut, if hy ehztnee they shrtultl leztve us, lleextnse ttf at IlllSllllllL'l'NlIlll1llllQ wr fuss. XYL' wtmultl he lust, zlnrl ill at ease, Anil lung fur their entlless tense. Su. if we still want tlates, XYe must learn to ziceept our fates, ,-Xntl enrlure nagging, mistakes, :incl noise. ,lust to he with our pals, eztlletl boys. sklztrgusrite Symms. tiranflma and Grzinrlpa always say, "lYl1at is this y-'unger generation coming tn?"-we often wonder. XYhz1t would life he like without lmys? They :ire half of the younger generation antl I rlon't know any girl wlm isn't glarl that she is the other half. Yiwu might rlivirle g'rls into three groups: they all like boys: swine if them like all buys: and all of tht-in like some boys. Girls prefer hnys 'tz1ll, rlztrk, :intl dominant." "Beauty" is not n necessity-hut clmninauce is. The nit-re mltmnnant the hoys :ireithe less we get to say. The less we have to say, the more we have to listen. The inure we listen, the more we flatter the bciys. The more we flatter th lmys, the lmrcler they fall 2llltliXVi'll, yuu're right hnek where you stzirtecl. -.-Xnne Hollingsworth. A ik gi.: M lll ' M n mmm IJ ,J mmm Ili iii' TB!" E' iiglfg!-iF'Q3E TI!-I M THEMES innume 1, .xl'ul's'1'.x. uEokfalix, I-'EHlcL'Aln'. 19:19 Numbvrj WIHAT SHALL WYE SAY IVEDDING NOTES DEEP IN DREAMS "An Appretiillion Of Our - AND HOW - -1 HH- Own l'. S. uf America To T. H 5. fl'0lIl T. H. "lla Iluin lla Illini." 'l'l1:its what gy Btu, Hulme, Y 4 -, has been ln-ard in 'l'ulnnan this Whip, MLUHK l,,.f,,,-,. -U, ,,l,..,, fl,-.I All y,,.ys nu W nf high 54'lI""l My di-nr Tubman Girls: we-'ki SUWIX 3"'U'V" I-fI"'55'fll 511-' now ,S iii. I-vi-1-llviit lnni- In In-i'oin-- plnl- Jw, Slmlhtl in, 5, ,MH-,.eu.,l ,H I app1'f-Plate the invitation nf IIIHIS IIN' Wfllllillll M11l'l'I1. MHS osophival. lln- cozy xvmlnth vu' UH.ugy'1,,,-, ol wnlll. We live lhe Editors of Tulnnan Times to Ihlrolliy Ilan-s i nn in ii. Tu 'f-Us on: in i in ll il nl nl in an in and exritlnll write zx little pwu- for our nln- 'HHH If Ubllllf fllllll' ""Ul'1i1i" 'Ui' :id stnnulwll-s 1 :Ire-1 -I Ivnoxv all we lntmus young srhoul paper. .lust U' IJUK Ullsvllisli lI1ouuhlS Uf I ht. I n nl i xv Ar gill. we shall among us girls I hxullly know what le-rrilily we xvxll nnss hf-r li- Llvlllllr ol ii ,WH buplt-ns to sny. I :nn ' that I do want us. It's hard fo think iff' -ix str-ui' 4. S1-,ull be tu say first II' In more inter- ai iv Lg but ll ll'1lllf'T nl self- l-sted In what V than In wlnit I lil' our mo" 'ie the I say. Tubrn nnfs i f YI' ion, paper. It pre li I tunity for yo You have mini Your first it ang. I ' Faculty Advisers . bliss liilliland and Miss von liznnp Editor-in-Chief . . . .... . llorothy Ellison Assistant Editor-in-Chief lla-tty XYhceler Literary Editor . . . . . . llorothy Roc-sel .Xssistant Literary Editors ...... , Betty lfleniing. .Xnne Hollingsworth, and Dot Shnierling Joke Editor ....... . . . . . . lilizabetli Young Assistant bloke Editor lletty 'l'innnerinan Business Manager . . . .... . l.ouise Bentley Assistant Business Managers i'Xlivilda IYaters. lfrances llrovvn Foreign Editor .... .... K lary .Xnne 'l'ooIe Sports Editor . . . Mildred Milligan Assistant Sports Editor Dorothy lloxve Art Editor . . . I.ouise Torpin Planning and building a newspaper is not hard work for those who love it, and through the co-operation of such people has Tulnnan Times been planned and built. IYithout the encourageniezit of Mr. liarrett and the faculty advisers, ive could not have brought to you this paper. Kluch credit belongs to the reporters and the staff and the students who have urged us on. The purpose of this inonthly sheet is not only to tell you xvhat's news. but also to provide good, clean humor, to bring forth your talents in the art of vvriing, and, most of all, to create a spirit of pride in your school. IYe have tried to make each successive issue better than the last: we have tried to learn and profit by our mistakes. And we shall keep on striving and planning and building toward a higher goal of literary achievement. A ,-:H Y SE .-'E .V..:gs.4 gr! H. - . " " 1'-be rf ' I 'M exif Af! I raw we I 1 F -. 3 N pw I '41, all, llfgy XYIZ. TIIE SENIOR CILXSS graduating from TCIIMQXN HIGH SCHOOL in the year 1939 A.D.. being of unsound mind and unsafe disposition, do hereby bequeath and bestow our worldly possessions E15 i-UIIUXYSI Item I. MIS, the "El12liSh -IIS". leave tw Miss Coniey a bigger and better First Aid room. to- gether with a richer. but sicklier. group of Seniors. so that she may send the whole of the latter to the former eyery day, and spend the rest of her time counting the money gained from the sale of "Readers Digests" to these classes. item Il. NYG. the Senior History Classes. regret that we cannot leave to incoming Tubmanites the cheerful sight of Miss lrloatwright and her old car, "Chuggin' Cholly". In in Ill. XYe, the Senior C's. hereby select the qualifications of The Perfect Commercial Student. to be auctioned oft to the highest bidder. The qualities in question are: 1. Betty Grahanrs typing speed. 2. Mary Sulliyan's shorthand skill, 3. jewel I-Iarclin's Filing aptness. 4. Margaret Beeland's secretarial capabilities. 5. Emily Landrum's English ability. 6. Frances I,Z1I'lCI1'll1l1IS History knowledge. 7. Katherine O'Neal's exempting grades. S. Marian Smith's soft voice. 9. Mary Katherine Martin's blushes. 10. Eunice TooIe's mleasing ersonalitv. b .- Item IY. NVe, the Senior .Xlgebra Classes. do leave to Miss Gilliland a brand new joke to take the place of the old one about the girl who "couldn't do no problems without no pattern." Item Y. XYe. Agnes Reese, Mary Carswell, Helen NYalker, Doris Kessler. Frances Dunbar. and Lillian Rubenstein, do leave the front corner near the window in Room 22 to Corinne Elliott, Grances Cater. Louise U'Connor, Mildred Pitts. and lletty Sancken, in the hope that they will keep up its noisy reputation. Item YI. I, Mary Ifnnna I"ierce, do bequeath upon Erin Cannon my ability to take Candidcam- era snapshots from interesting angles-and I hope hers "take" an Item Item Item Item Item Item d YII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. TESTAMENT I. FYZUICGS MH5' I'Z1it6l'S0l1, l1L'St1'W up:-n Ruliy Turner my strong and nielmlilms voice, in the hope that Ruby may learn t 1 make herself heard In the future. I, Connie Ulive. do tearfully grant my skull cap to lilizalweth Kcree. hoping that per- haps -she may wear it umnolested by unciimprehending teachers, and l liedueath to Anne .Skelton my alnlity to carry a tune. I, Arehinell Scott, in spite uf long and hard searching, am unahle to final anyone XYl1U'lI have the embarrassing moment when l had to tell all -it Rotary International that there are fifteen children in my tamily. I, ?-- ---- CIfditor's not.-: This girl preferred tu remain anonyinnusl, do leave to Miss .Xnnie M. l"Ma'm'selle" l'age three streamline dnullle flip slips, and I, Dorothy Anne Starr, do leave to Frankie I.anier the two words "llunjour, Ma'm'selle", these same to be applied to the said Miss l'age once daily, regularly. I, Helen Hull. do bestow upon Betty Sancken my practically new and unused lvrain, to take the place of Betty's own, whish by now is surely worn out from much studying. I, Audrey llrunkhurst, do leave tw-1 inches of my height in a fundg I, Margaret Horn, do likewise with two and one-half of my inches: and I, Margaret lYaagner, do con- tribute to' the same source two and three-quarters inche4 of my stature. XYe solemnly request that this aforesaid fund of inclfes he used as an endowment to start a Society for Aid to Freshman Less Than Fifty-live Inches Tall. Be it known by these presents that this last will and testament is signed. sworn-to, sealed. and delivered hefore me this fifteenth day of May, 1939 :X.D. Mary Carswell, Xotary XYhatsit. XVitnesses: XX 1The witnesses, two canine friends who ehaneecl to be passing down the hall on the nrst floor, :gave their names as "XVoof" and "Grr."j DEAR llear Diary: We got our newspaper. Gee, it's swell. .-Xnd we had a speaker in chapel. .Xrinistice Day. He made us miss our tirst period, but I didn't mind very much. I got 1ny report and I wasn't a bit :L'r',f5 g ashamed of it. I didn't make the honor role. but I might exempt three subjects if I study hard. Ch, I forgot about the Symphony orchestra. I like that. especially the harp solo. And we had a Shakespearean play. too. "Taming of The Shrew." Petruhio was flvifg' 2.2 rough and Catherine was not pretty. but a good actress. I liked them both a lot. and I hope we have something more like that. I went to the Carnival and rode on the merry-go-round. like a little girl again. More fun! Dear Diary: The Annual Staff had a dance. but it wasn't the best they've had. They gave a right cute skit in chapel last month, too. I went to the :Xthletic Asso- ciation skating party. Gee. I'm sore. But now it's the best time of the Year except summertime. Yes, I mean Christmas holidays. The Glee Club gave a . program of Christmas carols at one of the churches. and I thought it was Q - Q 5 ' R . . lovely. I got more presents and went to more parties than I can name. ,to Ig ' Dear Diary: x js It's 1939 and I resolvesoh, wliat's the use. I wouldn't do it. I exempted , VVVV 91 , foh, I forgot. Miss Comeyl two' exams, I'm getting good in my old age. But ' 'g I Q oh, those exams I did take! They nearly got me down. Thanks to goodness, it's all over now. I passed everything, and this is the second term. Dear Diary: Oh, I got the loveliest Valentine! From you-know-who. at that. It made up for tests, book reports, operetta practices. exhibition practices. Student Council or Athletic Association meetings. and general wear and tear on my brain. But. gee! I'm stiff and sore from all my labors. XYe elected the class sponsor, the person to whom the annual will be dedicated. and our eight favorite classmates, but noi- body can get at the secret of who was chosen. Dear Diary: The Tubman Faculty gave "Lovely Ladies." and there wasn't room for even Q, another of those little freshmen in the whole auditorium. there was such a good ' crowd. And the play was like a Broadway stage show. But say. speaking of freshmen, they're smart. They sold more tickets than anyone and aren't we seniors ashamed? I wore a new dress in the Easter parade. then started making 9' A costumes for school shows. The Gym exhibition was so lovely. There weren't as many tap dances as usual. but new and ditterent dances were given. And the I operetta was the best the Glee Club has given yet-all -lapanesey and pretty. The I singing was pretty good. too. Kid DEQ'-3 day for all seniors-I got in the movies for gt dime and carried my dolly around all day. DIARY Dear Diary: Oh dear. IIITI crvinff and I never thought I would. The Junior-Senior Q . , 5 x Banquet and the Spanish banquet are past and gone. and exams came round ,D ,V D? D again. I passed everything again. and donned the old white cap and gown. ,Af S I ican't go back to Tubman anymore except In visit. IDQCHLISG IIY3 flfilfllliifefl- ' ' j- ' ,D It was so nice. and I made a lot of fine friends, but I wish I'd 'appreciated Tubman more while I had the chance-it's no worder I'm crying-but I have lots and lots of good times to reinemlvergand I can prove everything with my diploma. Dear Diary: just think. I have to go to school after that glorious sunnner. Iiut. anyway. I'll be a Senior. with privileges and things. It was nice to see the gang again. and lu hear all they had to say. ' Deal Diary: F I . . I 5 Oh. hen-scales and lishdfeathersl So many tests I don t know what to A, ' I ,IX I do. It never rains lrut it pours. .Xnd now I know what Lab. is like. But I df-n't enjoy it so much. Uh. well. I can go out in the yard and lie down for a I N chit 'nr a peaceful sleep any time I have a study hall. gp ,xi L. L IT! . Dear Diary: More tests, and. what's worse. book reports. Oh. but wait. you haven't heard anything yet. Reports have come out. Oh, well. I'll show everybody. They say I'1n dumb, but they'll be sorry when I make the honor roll next month. Dear Diary 2 Oh. goody! More nice things! XYe're going to have an annual. after all. and the stat? has been chosen. I'm so glad. The girls are talking about a school paper. too. YYouldn't that be nice? The Glee Club is having practices of Christmas carols and Student Council is in full swing now. XVe had some boys down from the Academy to lead us in cheering. but I didu't catch on. Oh, shucksl Prophecq New York City May ZS, 1950 Letter to: D LE' Miss Mary Lewis H Ambassador to France Q L50 C Paris, France V' fs. I all sr . .. wat? AA 6 T Deal Mary. leljfqgfv kg, .X ' XL I was indeed glad to receive your last letter telling of the 55 59 f 'W' f K pnsettled cogliditions in Europe. Do he careful and keep away . , ,Kg - f f rom air rai s. 9' QF? l Y 'li 1 Y - '- Q-isrigh g M ,I ou as ed tiat I tell you some new s about Tubnian alumnae x , .- 3 ' of the class of 39. 'XX ell, I really have some startling facts to tell you this time, Dear mel It seems only yesterday that we were sitting in Time Class beside our fellow classmates, and it-QQ Y. 4' here it is eleven years later. Many things have happened since that day in june when we received that diploma. After my work of several months as Foreign Correspondent in South America I was glad to return to the hustle and bustle of New York. VVhn I walked into the Interior Styling Shop of Monsieur Debonnieure, I recognized Margaret Murphy. Sh e is the popular society decorator in New York. She told me of Yannette Humphries' marriage to a famous XYest Indian planter. whom she met while she was teaching Spanish on the Isle. As I walked out of this extraordinary shop, I saw Agnes Plane standing at the window of the Sears, Roebuck Building. Margaret had just told me that Agnes had steadily risen to the exalted rank of manager of Sears. I hastened to the Carnegie Library to look for the Prize Novel of the year which, as you know, was written by Mary Carswell. Helen Sutton. who is now the librarian there, told me that Harriette Brooke Howard had just left New York with her Symphony Orchestra on a world tour. I left Helen and went to look for a beauty parlor and soon found an interesting-looking shop entitled "Goodwina's Hair Styling." The name reminded me of Catherine Goodwin, our old school mate. Imagine our surprise when we found Catherine herself as owner of this exclusive shop, There sitting under the dryer was Helen Hull, who was there on business for the faculty of Smith College. She informed me that Ottie l"Jt-More is the Assistant Professor of Biology at the Lfniversity of London. Later I heard Helen exclaim, "Lillianl". I turned just in time to see a most fashionable young lady come in the door. lt was Lillian Rubenstein. former deb of Augusta. Lillian gave us news about Miriam XVhitak- er, Emily Herlong, llelen Butler, Margaret Born, Lillie Uellerieh. and Connie Elkins. Miriam is the most sought-after model between New York and Paris. Emily holds an important office with the International Correspondence School in New Orleans, where -she tranlates Spanish letters. Margaret and llelen, who are teaching adagio dancing, form the perfect combination for their jobs. Lillie and Connie have developed their "blues voices" and are singing at the Palm Terrace in California. She also told us that Helen Gartner has become a foremost connoisseur of perfumes. That night. Beth Harries. .rXmerica's best dressed woman. gave a "welcoming party", at which we received our friends from all over the world. She had reserved the entire Gold linnni of the Xvan .X,ugi1- Hotel for the night. The evening was full of surprises. First on the program was the outstanding ballet team of Mary Mullin. Kathryn .Xrrington, and Elizabeth Heath. From our seats of honor we spoke to many of our classmates. Marguerite Symms. founder of the Baptist Seminary in New Mexico, told us of strange and interesting experiences. llc-len lYalker. now the wife of Georgia's Senior Senator and the most renowned hostess in XYasl1ington, was radiant in red Chilton. Frances Dunbar. tall and stately in black velvet, is the wife of the Santa .Xna Racetrack owner. Margie Bussey. secretary to the Secretary of State. was there smiling as ever. Clara Hamil' ton hardly spoke before she hastened to a telephone. She is a great surgeon. and between oprations sells drawings to leading magazines. Our conversation was interrupted by the rumble of drums, and the orchestra leader announced that he had persuaded his fiancee. Miss Doris Franklin. opera star, to sing the song we all associate with her, "Indian Love Call." Bonnie Newbery Hitchcock was there in ft wheel chair. It seems that she and her millionaire husband had captured the only -lugana alive. and Bonnie had been injured in the combat. Mary Emma Pierce came in on the arm of the youthful vice-president of the "I'uritannic Life Insurance Company of Georgia." Connie Olive was very modest about the fact that she had been drawing the covers for the magazine, "Artist Highbrowsf' The party was a grand success. The next morning I turned on the radio just in time to hear Hazel Mcllonald broadcast for the benefit of the junior League. Following this program, Catherine Gehrkea and Frances Mae Peterson entertained the kiddies of New York from the Community Center. Three days later I went to Chicago. and "Dot" XVhaley and Jean Kerr niet me at the air port. "Dot" had just returned from an extensive trip in Canada. -lean found her husband in .-Xlaska. while she was there for her health. Nell Fleming and Anne XYilson are selling tennis and golf balls for a wholesale company in Chi- cago. They had just sold a case of tennis balls to Marjorie Hurlbutt. England's champion. and Mimi Torpin. Scotland's champion. The first thing that met my eyes when I opened the Chicago Times. edited bv Dorothv Anne Starr. was the announcement of Myra Parrish's enngagement to a banker. The who-le secondipage of the paper was devoted to the poetry of Myra Scott. XVTICTI I arrived at my h0tSl. I was so tired I did not even see Katheryne Rhodes and Archinell Scott taking pictures of celebrites for the XVorld Press. It was the hotel dietician, Marcia Dorn. who la-ter told me that they had been there. Hurry back to the States and let's have a reunion of our famous Tubman class of 1939. Much love, Agnes Reese. CBy Mary Lewis and Agnes Reesej I QL 5 H17 Q 602 i l A School Girls Lament lthy, when I rush breathless up the stairs. .Xml reztcii my rtulttl in rceorvl tfine, lr tht: ltome-rot-tn teacher ztlxxztys latte, liy iret-ti.igs kept 'til ten oust nine? lthy, when that lztst bnzzer's rung, .Xml tveryhorly's rushing past, ll 1 I drop it book or lose my eoztt .Xml ztlwuys struggle in there last? Xthy, when I go to my math exam, Is it that l know I'll flunk? lthy. when I go to I.:1tin class llo I sztclly moan, "I'm sunku? Why, deztr teztebcr on wh-tin I've a crush. lJon't you know that Iilll :tlivef XX hy, you ugly teztelter whom I hate Ilo y n give me ninety-tive? XYl1y, when lilll crzunntinu for zt test, And teztrino frenziedly my hair. Does the doorbell ring, zt horn honk, or The radio shout forth its blzire? XYhy, when I 2.111 lying in the tub Am I then wstntetl on the phone? XX'hy do ltamlseotiie boys I tall for hard Liare for sonteonc else alone? XYhy. when, settled in an eztsy ehztir, I vow I just e:tn't rise. Hives the gang drop in, and while I stare Do they all yell, "Surprise, surprise!" Now. when you can answer ull of these .-Xml your brain is in at whirl, You, of course, will get this answer right: "lYhy wits I ever born :t girl?" -,lerry Royal. lust Another Day You think you won't get up-it's only seven. Gee, how youll like to lie there 'til eleven! You push the cevers back and, half asleep, Out of your right eye you take just one peep. Disgusteclly you look beneath the bed To hunt your shoes-and then you buztzp your head. Your socks :ire bright mint green, your dress sky blue. But you don't care: they just will have to do. For as you lace your shoes land see they're dirtyl You hear the whistle and it blows eight-thirty. You rush downstairs and gulp your breakfast whole. Q The cook says. "L'hil4l, you'll choke on that there roll!" You run out, reach the bus stop just in time, .Xnd worry, :ts you get ehauge for a dime. You stand there wondering about that test, About Biology and all the rest. ' The inorningfs cold, but you're not even cool Wlten, hurrying, :tt lust you reach the school, You reach your room and Mztdetnoiselles just line- liut, sad to sity, "Ncuf heures et une's" the time. -Lillian Rubenstein. Miss Paeei t'l'o Doris. who is entering at pre- cisely 0:10 X. MJ "Are you absent or tzirvlyi' Miss Ihwwlingz "Girl give me an exznnple of Zl solitary flower?" l'u1uil: "An -:lil inaiflf' Miss Page: "Qui-ll page avons nous?" .Xgnesz "Nous :ivons .Xnnie Paige." Miss I-l'lllllHZlI'+lf "Ili-1, what :ire you rl--ing?" Ilot: "Nothing," Miss I-oinbartl: "XYell, 1lon't :lo it any inoref' Tezicher: A'XYl1:1t :ire the three wortls most used :nnong high school students?" lfreshinan: "I rlon't know." Tezielterf A'L'orreet." 'lit-acher: "You're so flumb, I'll bet you flon't even know the ineaning ot the three 'R's'." llunib Pupil: "Oh, yes I rlo. The three 'Rs run :ill through life. .Xt twenty-hve it's romance! at forty-tive it! rent, anfl :it sixty-tive it'S rlieumatisinf' Miss Coniey: "Now, Class, there :ire several ilitterent riine schemes in poetry. Remember, thzit in nieflial riine there are two lines in one rin1e." lflxiss: "tF???l l.ut, Miss K onley, the book sztlfl that inerhzil rinie vonsistefl ul two rnnes in one line." Plain Geometry Given: Esinerelsizfs hezlrl: one floor knob. 'l'-- Prove: Iisinert-lfla's lit-:nl equals one floor knob: Steps Reasons l. .Xll men are ere- l, The If S. Ilec- atecl equal. laration of Inile- penilenee. 2. Barry can turn a 2. Xuturzllly. floor knob, 3. Barry can turn 3. If you ilon't be- ESl1lCT6lillllS hearl. lieve it, just watch her when be s arountl. -l. Tlterefore Esnicr- -1. elda's head equals one door knob. tiivent I love you. To Prove: Yvu love me. Proof l. I love yon. 2. .Xll the worlrl loves a lover. J. You are all the world to nie. 4. You love nie. Miss Page: l'I'o Mary Emma who is Coming in late! "I knew by looking at you that you weren't there." Mrs. XYhite: "XYhat's the matter wtih these eggs, Mary. They taste sort of gritty?" Mary: "Oh, the recipe called for two whole eggs. I guess I clidn't get the shells beaten up finely enough." Miss Halbert: tDirecting Senior cborusj "Now, turn the page and you find-" Elizabeth: "Another page." Mr. Garrett: "Now, be sure not to forget that book, Miss Boatwrightf' Miss Boatwright: "All right, Mr. Garrett, I'll be glad to." 4 t. 4. fi' 9' ,, ...Ss Q It I , r if A l W - l -if u' ps 19' Chaos Now. what! the use of gaining lots of knowledge, Si' that some :Yay I can he ott to college? l know that nitric acid is HXOH. .Xnfl, too, that trade without a tax is free, I'm told folnmbus sailed in l-192, .Xnfl "say goorlbyen in l-'reneh is "faire adieuxf' The verb "to l.e" can never take an object. .Xml also I possess a lot of logic. It will not do to wear both red and yellowg I can't do lessons and still 'Acatch a fellow." lint I am wonr'ering, as I sit and write, lf all these facts can help me in my plight: lt's some Prince Charming thats my main desire. To have clothes and beauty, l'd admire. XYhile dreams and dreams. still sometimes they com true. So he good and perhaps they will for you. -Mary Anne Towle. The Last Period on Friday XYe walk into the ro'-m with our feet dragging. not much caring whether we lift them to go to our desks or not. Our dresses are wrinkled: our hair is tumbled: on our faces is little or no malyeup: and in our eyes is a listless look. XYe tinally get to our seats and the teacher asks the inevitable "Quel page avons- nous?" lYe make a great effort and answer "Nous avons-." then stop suddenly until our tired brain can concentrate on the answer. Then the lesson starts and penetrates no further than the ears of some. Others of us listen with a resigned air, or act as if we really are interested, with nothing tlse in the world on our minds. Imagine thinking of a lesson the last period on Friday! The teacher calls a girl. Sometimes she does not realize this nntil the girl behind her punches her in the back. Our eyes keep wan- dering to our watches. XYill that hell ever ring? XVho ever said that the last period was the shortest. anyway? XVe begin to twist in our seats or look out of the window. if we have the energy to move or open our eyes. The tacher's voice drones on and on. It does more to lull us to sleep than to keep us awake. Final- ly. the buzyer rings. XVe all straighten up and start scrambling in desk drawers to get out our hooks. XYith books clasped tightly. bodies tense, and eyes on the clock, we all wait anxiously, The bell rings, we yell. and scramble pell lnell for the door. None of us hears the teacher's admonishing words. "Young ladies should be more orderly!" -Sara Hornee. Growing Pains oi "Maids and a Manu XYe hoped this annual would be the best we've ever had: XYe knew we just could never be discouraged or made sad. But soine thinqs aren't what they seem, and this we soon found out, For every ineinher had some grief for all to groan abnut. The poems dirln't even rhyme, the jokes just had no point: The facultyadxisers got their noses out uf joint: XYe thought we'd make some money when vie tried tu :give a dance, But people wouldn't come because we wouldn't let them prancei lYhen all the statT would try to meet, there'd be "ton many cooksu: The local advertisers put their ads in other books! The Seniors and the juniors wouldn't have their pictures madeg Though all of us were working hard, still some thought others played. The editor of art claimed she couldn't do her best Until the drawings they desired were asked for by the restg The contribution boxes yielded just one Senior A4 lv snap , It seemed as though for camera shots the girls cared not a rap. No. we have had no special luck that we can brag about, But all this is forgotten, now the annual is out. XYere it perfection we desired, we see that's we'd be mad, But still we hope you'll rate this book the best we've ever had. -Mary Carswell .Autographs I 4 1- .n 'U ' 1 if Us . H-1 HL. 4. f Y -9- ,lf I ?l.f:I iiwr Y,'R'. ,ss 1 Q 'J r . 4-ln, . -J . Ln I ,um ' in 4 -, , ..,-4 E? r' I , I Aa an ADS The Staff oi the IQ39 Edition of "Maids and a Man," deepiy appreciate the cooperation of the subsequent advertisers and heartily commend them to you For your patronage. 11. m1.m1 1 1 1 1 1.,,1.,,1..1.......1.,1..,.1,.,1 1..1..1.,1.1..1l1.g1.,1 Compliments of MCELMURRAY -- PHILLIPS FURNITURE CO QINCORPORATEDJ FURNITURE 923 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -l.1.u1...-...1 1 1..1..1........1..1..1'.1..q1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 .ini .....f .-Vi .....,.-...1..1. 1-.1u.1....,.1..1,,1u1..1..1..1 so Refreshing l with lunch Rf I mlwfuum, X M Wffifl J BUYTHE six " X Bo1'n.B CARTAN f x . ' . Plus deposit Ngf fijiffgg K V Gguqusfa coca-Gofa jofffizzq 60. 4. - - - .-.- .... -.n-.,.-.,- ..-..,-u-.- -.-..-..-..-,.- - .. -.- - I I Compliments OF 60l4'll4122'C'l.E! jjn'fzz'z'n7 gompdny 2ju6fz'5AeU of -Qnrzud! LL7 Ellis Street phone 862 4. -1 n1nuvnuvll:au1nl-1niu 1 1 -1111111110:-su:-uliuvlli niulninin 1 1 4. 1.,,,1..,.1 1..1.,.1.1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1u1r.1vn COMPIJM ICNTS ill? The Augusta Clearing House Association Georgia Railroad Bank G- Trust Company Citizens 6- Southern National Bank National Exchange Bank Uptown Branch Georgia Railroad Bank :Sf Trust Company Members of Federal Deposit Insurance L'o1'po1'ntiin1 ..1 1 1 1.,1.,1:.1-11.1-,1un1..1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1.n Cl JBII'I,IKI IQXTS UF Sears-Roebuck 81 Company Augusta's Fastest Growing Department Store Corner Broad and Albion Ave. on Herald Square ..1.,1..1..1..1.,1.,1.1,.1..1..1 1 1 1...1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1..1,,1.,1.. IIIIIIXI I INIPERIAL, MODJESKA RIALTO, and DREADILAND THEATRES Cf lKII'I,IRIIiX'I'S UI' MERRY BHUS. BRIEK 81 TILE CUMPANY FACINC5 BRICK COMMON BRICK STRUCTURAL TILE 40 YEARS COURTESY CAPACITY AND SERVICE 415-419 Masonic Bldg A g G nn 1.:7....1 1 51-'Y Q, 1 1 1 1.1.1-11. .f' -1.- K CONGRATULATIQNS FROM Auqustds Favorite Store SIZVXGYI- 1...,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..u1u1..u 1-v.1-..-..1.-1u1nn1.u1n,1n-1..-.n1., an -11111-- - 1 1101- ---- -ol: lI'I1w- 1 - 1 1 Lincoln Lincoln Zephyr Mercury "oo" CZ "as" H. P. 02 H. P. Provecl in the Past Improved for the Future WALKER-DURANT Motor Company, Inc. Phone 300 Broad at 14th St. Augusta, Ga. ,. W I. ,, L I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -i--i-- FSAWZK BROAD AT llth STREET AXVIICYC Smart Peo-ple Meet Smart Fashions" EVENING GONVNS For Prmns, Dancing or Parties STREET CLOTHES For All Occasions CU'I"I'ON FROCKS AND HEACII XVEAR For Play or Traveling u-...M1 1 1 1.11-11.--4. 1-11-u1..1q1n-u,1n1n1 1 -11 1 1 1 1.1.1m.1 ...H-.. 1 1 1 1 1.11.11 1 1.m 1nn...-N...w....,,,1Im......,1...I1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 ..-Im1m '!' Cumplimcnts uf I fe , Q ' . I '!3I.'IZII'Ih uf Q.lL'l1lI1llI'55II.'l1II.'15 iltnabs mth BREIJEIIIIP Riclnnwud thuuty. IIII. .IAIXMIQS M, XX'OfJIJD.,XI,I., tIw:1ir1u:m I I"R.'XNIi H. HUIJPEIC EIIJIYIX tf RIERIIXS : FRANK 14. m1u.1as I RL'IDUI.1'II 11 xx.-xwr I XYII-I.IAM H. SHERMAN, Clerk 4. -...- - -....-...,.-..-.- -......,- ,... ..........-.......- ..,. - .1., .. .... -...- ,.,. .- .,.. -.. -I.--.-n- --------+ + in 11i,,,TTTT , lT?i,iTl111 1 1 U1 -- .1un1ll1-vl.!' I I . . . I Comphmeuts of The Qfflclals ot T ' I Rlchmoud County 1 JUDGE A. I.. FRANKLIN F-HERIFI7 G.-XRY XI. IYHI'I'TI.F ,IurIuc :II Supcricmr Court SIM-ritt uf Riclmlnml IIUIIIIIV ,Il'IJf'iE GQRDON XV. CHAMBERS MR. XY. IXXIAN KERRY .IllfIgE uf City COLIN SHIICIIHT HI City Q-Ullft i ,IUIDGE JOSEPH E. BRYSON MR. GEORGE HQXINS - ,IuIIgr: of Municipal Court S' Icitm' uf Supa-riwr Court JUDGE OSXVELI, R. EVE NIR. IXXXIEI. ,I. QTONNOR Grcliuary Clerk uf Court I I -In ----------- --'- - Ivl- ---- - - -'-- -.- - -....-....-......p -In 1--1 11------ I In-O!! :gnu1n1u-nu--In-nn-un-ut-1f...1 .... 1...,1....1 1,,- I TUBMAN HIGH I I T CIass Rin s S Comphments of 5 I q I I I fur I 6 I i Any Graduating Year i i i ffXInnufactured By- i Friend I 1 Herffdones Co. I I H. s. CANFIELD Q I I 1560 North Decatur Road I i I ATLANTA, GA. i W1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -...1-n1.u1ng1q.1. EI -Pfi- -M1., 1 1,...1.,,,.1,.1..1...,-M114-1.m1nn1fn . -u..-.,.,-..u- .... - ..., - ..,. - .,.. - .,.. - ,,,, -,,,- ,.., - .,,, - .,,, -4. .g.,.-.W-H.-.H-..,-.u- .,A. - ..., - .,.. ..w- .... -,,-u.-.,., + ALLBURN COAL AIC COKE l':mt1'f1nizc AUGUSTA ICE 81 DUAL COMPANY .XL ML 5 I .X. l,,X. HOME INDUSTRY Cold Alone Is Not Enough 4,,w111pl1111c11tf wt Pwfyzeen pw, 90265 "Drugs With A Reputation" U02 IS1w:1cl St. if AXug'ustz1, fill. Phone 4016 -i- 'I' l + M - M - M De-li-cious! I - 2 it- 0,15 LXLQB ,aa 53 Q I , A i iff c w?" 2 6:1 . .129 I I I, 1 K. 1 b -,X Z nf. ' " 5 1 ,I 9 Gionmn HHSH -n.v1.w..-.,.,1... -n..-n..-...H1.4.1n...m.inn-.I-u1n.1 L'1I1111mli111v11tf of S. Donald Fortson Company Mill Supp ies 6Phones 653-654 1553 lfiruzlfl St. I I .g.-u.-.,.- .- ------- gf. I I I I -gn.-Q-u-0-0---.---..-..-..-..-..-..- .!..-.-.-..-..-..-..-..-..- -. - .-..-..-T I I I , I I . I . . . . I - I Georgua-Caroluna Dames I : 927 Walker Street ' I Augusta, Ga. I ' IJ 1KII'LIlIIfX'IIS I or I S Iox11e'1-1x1HN'14s or I I - w - I I i F 1 I , I - Jlty Lounc 1 5 S3llClx6ll,S i I ICE CREAM d MILK I of Augusta I an I , I I I ,. , . . . I ' X 1s1t-In are cordmlly muted to I xisit :It 21115 time our certifned I Ilzlity. IIIII S:1x':1nnaI1 Road. I I I I I 4-.-..-.. .... oe- I Iwo. I-..eI.-.- - -..-.m,.....4 .gn-Q.-...-..-..-..-..-..-. ?..--..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- .-. .-..-.!. , I I I I I I I four: IN. GIRLS! I . I I I College Pharmacy 1 1 : Ulflwsite Tubman I J. B. W H I ' I I 2 I JUN ICR SHOP I I liver Since Mother XVas I A Grad' It-S Been- IS HEADQUARTERS FOR . Meet Me Alxt THE YOUNGER CRONVD! d , The kind of things you'11 adore E Gal. e 6 S I wearing, in your size- I I 702 Broad Street 11' 13' and 15' I E VVhite's 2nd Floor I I I I I I iii i4l+ 2- :IQ -5. - . ---- . ..---.-. ,.,, -,, - -,,- ,, 4, The Jones Furniture Co. 1010 HRHXD STRIQIJIT .XIfliL'S'l'.X, GliHRG1A ...1 1 1 1.1 1 .1.. 1 1 1 1 1..1....1....1....1..,1.1....1...1. 1.1 1..1.1... nr..-.....-.......-.........1....1.....1....1....1....1....1....1....1...1...1...1..1...1'.1...1...1--1-.1..1....1... XYI2 IQXTEND NEST XYISHICS TU THE GR.-XDU,-X'l'ES The Planters Cotton Oil Co., Inc. Augusta, Georgia QUALITY COTTON SEED PRODUCTS , PHUNE 050 Johnson, Lane, Space 8: Co.,Inc. INVESTMENT SECURITIES Telephone 3047 A'I'L.-XNT.X .XL't,3L'S'l'1-X SAVANNAH COM PLIM ICNTS O F Woodward Lumber Company COMPLETE LINE OF LUMBER. BUILDING MATERIALS MILL WORK AND BUILDERS HARDWARE 1010 Roberts St. Phone 1161 .1,,1n-1011-100-n:uc1u1.,1..-1--1.1 1 1 1....1...1.,,1u.1,.1,.1...,...,....,,.1,. -:--u1...-. 1 1 ..1 1.1 ,.1,I,,1..,1-.-11. '!' I I I flulse I Laundry I "JUST I A I Q31 HDD maxi: I 513 - PHONES - 8087 I I I I I I -4- 1 ,.1..,.1...1...1 1 ..1. 1..1..1.-14.1 K, omplimcutf ot General Tire and I Supplg Company 1 u:Xl1g'l1btZl'S Master Service Station" I l'i1'UZ1Ll at 12th Street Phone 2600 I Hill Branch: XYalton XN'ay at , Bohler Avenue Phone 127 . -- - -.1--1.1--1..1.1...-..1.1.,i, n..u1n1..1..1.. 1 .1 n....,.... ,.-.1 ..,, 1... MAXWELL BRUTHER5 FURNITURE IQAXIJII IS. lflQII2llLXlRh5. lIlQ.Xl'l'Qlill'.5 Phone 400 935 lifrlflrl Struct .Xll"'llSt2l. ha. S n1.u1 1-....., 1 - -111.1 -.1 1 H1 1....1..,1,,,1.,1.. W. T. GRANT EU. 930 Broad St. HKNCNWN FOR VALUES Y , --1.1 :1- in -..-. -, ...... . ..... . -1 -.. -. ...... . ....- T.- 4. OITIIUIHS Photographer 737 Broad Street Phone 2314 -,,,-.......- ......-....- --1.-..--1-.----------.!. -!-1--w- - -11- -m1--1--f1.-..n-...-....-.,.,-...,-,,,,- li 11.1-A1 hYiSl1t's 1,1 the J. S. Fox Caudq je,,,,49,a,, jf,,,d,l,,,,,e SWEETEST AND BEST i XX holefale anrl Retail W Hardware - Stoves - Paints Phone 988 Augusta, Ga- 1033-1039 Broad st. Phone 2737 T AUGUSTA, GA. -..- ..,, -1.. ........ ..-..i. ..,- .,.. -..1-1,-1..-...-11-1,-,,-1..-..,-...- ...,1.,,.-I...-..,1.m--111.1-11111--11-nn-ui--1-n-,!, 111-111 1--1....-.1..-.w-.n- 11- 1 ..-H...- S L'1v111pli111ents or MARTIN IILIITHINE llll. i - . , U, - X , Tw Z Y Phone 4471 982 Broad sr. -hfdz 543' Jlzoflflc It Pays TU Be XVQH Dressed - "The 511013116 All Xxv0I1N?I'l Know" Always 874 Broad St. Phone 1207 A G AUGUSTA, GA. ugusta' a' I '-THE LATEST FIRST" - 1... - -.-..-.,1-...-11-...- -...........g. ..1,-1- -.- - - - - - - -,-,,- -...-...-H.- ..., -1.-.,.-11-1.-.1-...-..-..-..-.!. ,-,,- - - - - -D - --- - -W- COLUMBIA-SEMINOLE g and Q Merchants Baking I IVER JOHNSON BICYCLES Company ! R. 81 AUNT BETTY'S ROLLS. i BREAD AND CAKES 1248 Broad Street -...-..-..-..-..-..-..-..............-..-4. 4.-..-.. -------- ..-......-..- 'Q' ! -1- 'Q' 1 -2- 'I' l -i- 'Z' l -1- .1.,1..1..1 1 1 1 1 .1 .1..1. 1...-...- 1'1lRIX'I.1NIEX'I'S UF Augusta Lumber Co. -,,1..1..1 .1 1 1 1 1..1..1,.1..1..1n!. ,1.,1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1 1.,1,.- fllI1l1I11l11C11IS --f Hugh Barton AND HIS ORCHESTRA -..1..1 1 1 .1 .1..1. 1..1..1..1..1.g1. -.-..1..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1..1..1..- DORR GOOD TASTE APPAREL 724 Hman! Street .-Xugusta. Ga. -..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1..1. .1..1..1..1u1u1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..- A. COHEN L. I. COHEN 9 X burflfffns fun YUUR 976 BROAD STREET PHONE 4268 AUGUSTA, GA. -u-u .n J1.. ..u1.g1u1:u7:2-:e :n : : I lllDlll1n1g 11.11 1 .11 11:1 l ximian? l 1 Camp Ton - a - Wanda - For Girls 1:1 the -1 11 the -ky. .1 teh Jac .11-ie Hn B I Fu-' Acre 1-nate. n'1 Inn-1 rmli wfttrf Kurt: Rik I :'1.. 1l.m1.i11:. url. 1i:'r1:ua1icl. cmite, gulf. A I 1v"e'i'-Lwwil wal' 115111 on .Tune 7. HH-2 reasunahle "ni:-Q FMF 'Tf11':11.t11z1, w'itv, MRS. GRACE I B HAYNES. Director, Hendersonville. N. C. 1 1111111 ..1,.1..1.+ .-..1..-..1..1..1..1..1..1..1......,1..1...,!. l SPORTING GOODS 1 li,XSK1:Q'1'I'1.XI.I, 'lR1fXX1b - 11.XlJ11IN'l'41X BUWEN BRUS. HARDWARE CU. I PHONE 94 905 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. 2 I .1..1..1..1..1..1..1..... 1 -..-.--.---1-.!. 1 DANIELS 1 SHOE REPAIRING Q T Phone 141 831 Broad St. ' "There Is Nm Substitute For Quality" ' 1 -..1,. --111 .1. 1..1..1.1..1..1..!. ilu-nlu1u1n1u1 --..1n1n1..1 .1..-:Ea . L Augusta Sporting Goods Cu. 1 --EQUIPMENT FQR 1 EVERY 5P0R'1"' 210-212 Eighth Street Phone 3280 I 1 ...1:u7: 1 1 1..1..1..1. 1.1....1-..1u1-v.1...1..........1....1w.1....1....1...... THE GEORGIA-CAROLINA BRICK 8: TILE CO. MANUFACTURERS HIGH GRADE CLAY PRODUCTS Hollow Building Tile, Common Building, Augusta Smooth Face, Augusta Rough Face Brick Otldivt-at 748 lbeylililili St. .'Xl7LiUSTA, GA. -....1 .1....1....-.....1....1....1....1....1....1 1 1,,1.. :un-n1....1...1 ..1 .1....1....1....1....1....1....1....- vqoffeman-Jaffe? Qmpafly OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT lll.i liiglitli St. Phone 4.372 Augusta, Ga. -....1 1.1. 1.1 .1. 1 1 1 1. 1 .1....1.. 1....1 1. 1 1 1..1...1...1..1. 1 1...1....- Mills Coal and Transfer Company OUR COAL MAKES WARM FRIENDS 5.20 lrenwick St. l"l1one 3141 .,.,1...1...1..,1. .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1.. 1-1u-.....1....1....1u..1....1....1....1....1....1....1....- WILLIARD BATTERIES Batteries Recharged N9Wlllll'S SEPVIIIB Slallllll li. S. Newton, Proprietor Lee of Conshohoken Tires Atlantic Gasoline - Motor Oils Chek-Chart Lubrication Druid Park and Central Avenues Phone 30 - Augusta, Ga. ROAD SERVICE -..,.1....1....1....1....1....1....1..1....1 1....1,.. .1........1...1u1n...1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1 HILL'S AMOCO SERVICE STATION AMOCO AND AMERICAN GASOLINE - MOTOR OIL 'l'1'..miiiiwi.j.ii l,i1llriczlti.'.i1z111ll Grcasing Tire Repairing, Car ll-iasliiiig and lfimw iffflllli lrilbk' Service, Free Rmul Service, Polishing and Simonizing. Telephone 9700 Ogle-tliorpe at Monte Sano Avenue vqazdinj fofidz' A'Fl.-were For .Xll Occasions" Xllalt 1'.1 1 XXE15' at Metcalf PHONES 8096 :Yr 8097 -....1...1 1.1.1 1 1 1 1 1....1...l1,.l1 111.11 1 1 1 1....1....1..1....1....1....1....1 Drink RIIYAL - IIRIIWN - EULA "Twice :XS Muclig -Twice :XS Good" NE-HI BOTTLING CO. -....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1....1l 1...- +.1..1 1 1111 1 1.11.11 RINKER PAINT 8: GLASS CO. 869 Broad Street Phones 74 and 75 ........-..1...1..-1...-...r nf..--.... 1: : 1 4 :. 1, :: I I 1 1,11 1 1nn1l.1m1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Thiy Vugc Mzulv I'Iwf1Ivlm' IIll'lrll"Il x IIIL' f1v111'Iesy uf: DRS. F. LANSING LEE AND RICHARD B. WEEKS DR. H. W. HANKINSON DR. W. EDWARD CLARK DR. R. I. BRYSON DR. ROBERT E. ANDERSON DR. D. M. SILVER DR. W. J. CRANSTON DR. S. J. LEWIS DR. J. VICTOR ROULE DR. W. R. BEDINGFIELD DR. W. J. WILLIAMS DR. JOHN S. PLAXCO DR. G. T. BERNARD DR. A. A. DAVIDSON 1..1 1. 1.....,1q.1..1..-I-1..1..1.. DR. H. M. MICHEL DR. R. C. MCGAHEE DR. F. K. RABB DR. JOHN E. MARRIOTT I DR. RALPH H. CHAN DR. J. H. BUTLER X '!' I I I I I I EY I I I I I ----+ I in 1 3--1 :a - A- --1: L- nf: : - 1 ----- ..-..-..1..-.? ! 1 . , A l ! Vumplimentg of Lomplnnents of I . l i Local Finance Co. T i Blanchard 81 Calhoun T I H. O. TABB. Manager Realm Co' 1,.,1,1ly of nraamia Building l l I i-..-..-..-.n-.,- - -..-.-..-.-...... - .,.. -M ....... -..-..-u...i agol1s-ls-no-ln-un-un-un- vw- vfl- 1 vxvu -l--1---- v-r- - 'inline 111-11 1 1,,1,,,1.,,,,-,!, I Llnnplirnents e f of 1 f Standard Paper Co. i LEWIS Sz Ol1V6 "Wholesale Paper" i Fine Drugs and Chemicals 628 Seventh Street i 1002 Brnncl Street PHONE 2487 Q rlrtqxri 1775 I l II'-nuvw-nu-nn-un-vu-un-main:-:slum-11101: - Ilvv -Mi 'III 11-- 1 1 :Qu-:aiu--n-nl. 4!u1n1n.-nn----I-11.1,-n1un -1-- I. i LET Us - Air-Condition Your Home fm' XYinter, Sunnncr or Both l Phoenix Dil Eompang I Phones 196-197 l q.- ,... -U.-...- .... .. ..x. -. .... -..... -...-.--. e!w1!1iu-nl1nn 1111--1 Im1vw- I l PAPrTllllllGE INN s BEAUTY SALQN i M RS. PERLE CASAD Plume 7227 -Q zu 1: 1 5 3 I -....1,.,.1., 1 r.1.m1.m1...1u1.nn1n1..1u1- a1.g1.-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1.-1..- ....q1...1...1...,1u,.1,...1. 1....1....1m...,...1,.,.1.,,.- 4, l CU1llPlllI1CIlfS of T Augusta Roofing and Metal Works L l . l 625 Rc-ynulrls Street 2 PHONE 417.2 1 1 l --1- T l . . I Lmnplnnents of l l IK. E. Ellinit Suns 3 l ! I 1 4: -n 1:: :: , : rt ' Q 1.1.11,1.1...,1m.1..,.1u..1.,..1.. 1 .1., 1 1 1w1.. 1 1. 1....1.. 1 1. 1 .1 1 1 ..uu1 1 1 1 1 ..1 1 1 1 1 1 4. 1.u-..1- -...1...1...1 .1. .- .....l......1.m1.,.,-,!, +.1.1.1..1..1..1 .1.,..1..1,,1...1..,1...1., Starr Smith Motor Co. PLYMOUTH - DODGE SALES AND SERVICE 31 ll14lIIlCl br. I 1111116 4JUU .X11gu4l:1. lic' frgizl L411111pli111e11tf 1-f Frank T. Renick 1nn1 1 1 1.. 1 ..1f...1.w1..,.1...,1..1-..1..,- H. E. PEEL GENERAL CONTRACTOR Phone 1410 O7 lillis St. ,Xl1g'L1StZ1, l,lIl 1:11 1uu1.n1nn1-.11w11m1..11....1..,1....1..-.- LIOMPLIMEXTS OF S. Il. KRHSS 8: CU. 5c - 10c and 25c STORE 834 Broad St. .......g. Fruilloncl Nurseries "'l'l1c 511111113 Ulrlcst N111'fc1'y" Always Ready to Serve You .g..-.... - -..-n.,-.n- .... - .. .... - ,,.1 -,..,-.,,,-u W. E. RAINES Co., Inc. BUILDING SPECIALTIES Phone 3244 S-ll lQL'5'll41l1lN St. lXIlQ'll'l1l. 13:1 HERMAN EMSTREET 7?eaff5rs --.1. 1 1 1 ..1. 1 .1. 1 1.1 1 1n.1 u1n1u,1n1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.-1.1. Leaque, Duvall K1 Powell REALTORS - INSURANCE Herald Bldg. Augusta, Ga 1--1-.11-1---..1--11.1--1-.1 1:1 :-7:11. -l-... ,. -uf. ,, .- 1.7.2-- L74 .g.,.-..,-...- ,,,, .. ,... - ,,,. .. .,,. - ..., ... .,.. .. .,., 4. 1 I 1 - I 1 Wm..Ocnwe13er1 OL Col I , , 1 JEII ELLRJ ' Q 1 346 Broad Street V 1 O 1 1 +-1-1-1-1--- -,,, - .K. - ,.,, -1- .... -..- - -......,. +1-----m- .-A. -1- f.., -H.- -1- .... -u..-..-..-.n-? 1 H I I Iht- Iicst in Ifzxts :md 51111115 XVi11 5 ' .Xlwzlys Be Fuuncl :Xt I ' I , I 1 H111 s Cafe - Sodas I f,3s-fI5r, 111111113 511 I I I.,'1IlgIlSll1.S CIIIIY Curb .sIl'Il'ILl I Parking Lot For Your Com'en1'n'e i ui' 1 ...,.iw-I.1I..,-....-11111.11 -,,.1..1 .1 ....---.--in +,.1I11,.- ...1.1.miw1.1.1-,..I..11.,1....1.. 1 -.,-....u..- 1 -1- L'-'m111i1ne11ts '!' 1 MODERN INSULATION AND ROOFING CO f-411 Iicywllrls Street Phone 3864 - ROCK WOOL INSULATION 1 - -..-I,- .III -.I.....u-H,-.,u-..- .. -.-..-..g. +I111n1u.1v...1.,u1f........u-...1., -..... ..-ul-1nn1un- -i- M1e1D9mww1 0195 I-11111 Store 14111 Munn- Sum- .Xvcnuc PHONE 7780 ..........,N-....1...-...1......-...1.... Qu... 'E' 1 ! ...4 +I.-., Comphments ot SILVEIYS 5 81110 STUHE ..., ' . 1 Y 1'IIg1tlXl1Ig, Imuks, Fine St:1ti11ne1'x'., Kodak: 1 1u1t+1g1':1p11ic Su'pp1ics 1 1tIAice I'1L1lIIPl1ItfIIt Murphg Stationerg Eu. 7211 111'11:u1 St. Augusta. Ga Phone 1780 ..1m1,....,.,.1, I.1.11,1..I.1,....-....1.,.-...U1. 1 1.1.1 Wi, -. L .- .1.,..... 1 ln..-.-,.1,........- BOWEN AND HULBERT COMPANY Paints - Aladdin Heaters and Lamps 410 11l'11fl11 St. 1'11rmc SHN -..,.............1..,.1....1u.-.....1., 1 .. 1...... -.01 uluulm.1W1lu.-.m......1...1n1.,,....n..1,,..1nu.... MULHERIN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER - MILL WORK CABINET WORK Phone 614 'Ili l.5t1x SI. .-Xugusta, GH -i--............-.........-..-..-......-..-.... 111-1.-1..1 1 1 .1..1..1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..-1.1: This Page is Rluclc IH-vilmle 'l'l1m11gl1tI1c Cwllrtp-Ny uf thx- lfwllwxvixmg .Xuqustn .XlUlI'Hl'f'S1 MR. L. W. COOPER MR. JOHN L. CHAMBERS LEE, CONGDON 8: FULCHER MR. SCHUYLER W. CLARK MR. HENRY T. CHANCE, JR. MR. LEONARD H, BOLLER HULL, BARRETT, WILLINGHAM Sz TOWILL HAMMOND, KENNEDY 8: YOW MR. ROY V. HARRIS MR. HENRY G. HOWARD MR. ALBERT G. INGRAM MR. G. R. COFFIN MR. AUBRAY J. ALLEN MR. SAM F. GARLINGTON MR. N. M. REYNOLDS .-.......---, 2:1 1124: -- if--1 . -lin-4.u1 1.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,1,,,,- 1ui.1.-1 11.1.1 1 1 -1 1. 1 1uu1mi- 1.m1H1 1.1.1 11..1,..i1...i1. 141.11m- 1.1.11...I--1-H1-,1ii-11.--111.1-1un-mi-mm 'Z' Perkins Lumber Cnmpanq I I YELLOW PINE LUMBER, MILL WORK, DOORS AND SASH 619 13th Street Telephone 371i I 1 i I .i.1.,.1,,-1,..1 ,,,. 1 1.1,,... ,.,, 1 1,1 i,,,1,+ -Q- 1 VUNHWJKHSNTSIJF 1 Hotel Richmond i W1......,..1., ....1....1 1 1 1 ...,...1n1n,1-nl. 'S' l u BUY- i TEXACO OAS i BUAHUMAN mi cu. 1 I ,...-,.,.-,.,.-,- - 1 - .. - - - -..-...g. 1- ! Southeastern l Fur Co. 1 STORAGE SALES AND REPAIRS I 1046 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. 4.-.......i.......i,,..,.....i...-....-...... .......-...........-..g. .g.i-,.,,-,.,... ,.,, 1 ,.,,,- ,,,, I 0 , VV illiford S CLEANERS 432-434--136 Eighth Street Phones 3 and 4 'IX Clean Place to Clean Clothes" 1- ,1.,,1.,,1,,,1,,,1i.ii1....1..i.1...1.,..1.iii1uu1 ,,1....1,...1,.1....1.i..1,.--..1 1 1.,1.1,...1.,.,.. L'fJK1I'1.1M1iN'1'S O17 Houston Ice SL Coal Company -mi1,1 1 ,.1 1...1..K.1....1. 1 ,1,.i.1..i.1...1..n1 u1uu1.m1n-1....1.,..1.i..1.,..1...i1.1-.1.,.i.1un1mi1mi.. Lockhart, McAuliffe G' Co. C INCORPORATED D Established 1902 REAL ESTATE FIRE INSURANCE 807 Broad St, Augusta, Ga. -mi1i..,1.iii1....1..,.14.1.1...1 1i.,.1....1m.1m.1.m.1n ..1u..1iv.11.,.i1.,.,1.,H1.1.11m.1....1ii.,1....1,,, 1i...1im- L'OMPI.1MIiXTS O F I. C. Penney Cn. ONCORPDRATEDE 840-44 Broad Street "It Pays to Shop at Penney's" -un1m.1.m.1 1 n1.i.1.,..1.. 11.11,-1.1-1un1inn1u 5. ..., ..- - .,., 4. .f .,,, - ,,,. - .,.. - ,.,. - .,,, - ,.,, - .,.. - ,,.. - .,,, 4. uu will imtl the lllmvsl origin for the mciivirliizil :it jgudenjfein 'J vw! .5 DMM .Wop 850 Broad Street 1.. 1....1..... ......1....1....1...r1....1....-.. 1 .1..,.1.. -.,. 1 1 1...1.1. 1...1....1.1....1.... Colonial 'S QCEBPCQI1 5 ,SW in V+.,-1 ---, - . .f an ia E Q A? Q ,. .1-..,...3-" -, 3'3ii5':'N .. , 1....1..1....1....1....1....1....1. 1. 1 .1 1....1.. 1. 1 1...1....1....1....1....1....1 .1. 1.. Feedriqhl Milling Eu. Augusta, Georgia Your lfriemls Fo'1'ex'er" -...... ..1.... CAMP AS-YOU-LIKE-IT Little Switzerland North Carolina i'Yt2ii1lisiii'vi i"i-1 ... v l..,..V1, flXXXl1l3.XXi5lPIIxi1llizlliuvi Miss Marie Gaillard Dwight S4 Broad Street Charleston, S. C. +- i-i- - riii - -1-f - i-i- - -'-' - 1-'- - -L-- - -lil - --iv -.-.- iii' -H----.---+ -i-u-u-'- -i-- ---- -1-----i-t- ---- - 1'-- - -llx --i-- + S VV I TVI All Summer Long At GETZENS l'IlNll Season Ticket 32.00 ......1....1. 1....1..1....1....1....1....1...1....1 1....1 ..1.....-.. 1 1 1 .1.. 1 .1....1.,1 1.1...... Standard Finance gl Luau Cumpanq of Augusta Grcund Floor Ibufzern Finance Building AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Pgzoxz 3841 -Im ------- - - - -...-..g. +-..-... .-.. ..... - -..- "" "11 11111 'Q -n'11vvv-nl. v!u-uu- 1 1 1....1 .... 1....1....1....1. 1 .1,,..1 Compliments .if Andrews Bros. Co. 870 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. 1..,1....1...1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1...1. SHOP AT IRUBEIVS BETTER MERCHANDISE FOI' LESS MONEY IillBEN'S Phone 2263 916 Broad St. 4. 4. -..-..-..-........-....-..-...-U.-...-...-..-...- + -w1....-,..-.m-.. t.,-W1.,,1..-..-.,.-,.,....,.-.. Standard Oil Co. t'HlII'I.IlIIiN'I'S OI: J. CLAY COLEMAN COMMISSION AGENT Phone 188 1339 Gwinnett St. ul-nlnnl...,1,.,.-..1.,1..,.....,..1v..,1.l .-.,..-n,.-.wiv Health and Fun for The Whole Family REX RECREATION CENTER BOWLING - SKATING K Q v Phone 650 L. 1 . .Q-fyiiolilf 650 Broad St. Uwiici' Augusta, Ga. Rel Sc ii'lviiriiiisl1 Phone 2.307 S. 8: COFFEE SHOPPE "X::eviN!..'- Ht'-1 I'I,it't- tr Eglin A11 Electric and Air Conditioned RESTAURANT A Specialty Western Steaks - Sea Foods Comer Sth and Ellis Sts. Open All Night .-.,.-...- .,,, -...- ,.., .. ..,. - .,.. ... .,,. -...-..,..,,,-,..,-,, HILL SERVICE STATION Walton Way and Heckle St. IU-:111f'imriiiN of TOMMIE HOARD DeLuxe Cleaners DRY CLEANING - PRESSING ALTERATIONS 315 Sth Street Phone 3766 AUGUSTA. GA. n1.g1p.1,,1..1n,.1M1.,.r.-.lI ...i......,1.i,1.l.,.., Lucerne Jersey Farm A. E. ROESEL, Proprietor MILK AND CREAM Established 1894 B. T. LOWE 8: CO. INCORPORATED COTTON MERCHANTS FURST'S FOR ALL GOOD THINGS TO EAT LANCE PACKING CO. .l. SPRUCE WHITE. JR. I Representa ive AUGU STA. GA. -1 .1 1.Vini..-..1...-..,-W-.m-..u..1...-.mlm lU3Il'I.lBIIiX'l'S OF MEYER 8z SMITH PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PHONE No. 4077 T26 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. 1'llXll'l.lBIliN'l'S OI-' College Baath! Qifgofzfza 'XIISS RIHIIII k'.XI'JLI2 1908 Walton Way 'in-rin.,1.1.4.-.,..1..,1v,iw 1...-.,.,-.,..1.,.-Mil lixifuleitv II1lIlIlliL'l'LilliL'l-S, Lilit-nille Sl'l'L',l'lS. Ill'lllk'I'lkS anfl Vurtaing Kliulc tw Orilcr MARKS LINEN SHOP Phone 137 943 Ellis St. I-.1111-u11.n1,...-.mlnh-rn.-.,.......-.,...-...r-..,..-. 'lf IIMII lint It IX'c Have It" Home Made Ice Cream MONTE SANO GROCERY 2420 Central Avenue PHONE 7286 XYIZ lJI2l.IX'I2R Standard llil Products ROYSTON'S SERVICE STATION 1924 Walton Way Phone 9459 1ni.,uin-4.1.-1.11..-........1n1..-.I-.11--1. 1.-. 1. 1. -. .-. .. 1 ... ....1u1..1 1..1..1x.1.,1,h1.,1,:1,1.-1.-1..1,1,,1,.1.,1..1..1..1..,1,.1..1 ,1.I1.,1..1 .1..1.,1 tlI1IIpliu1e1Its of BERTRAM DANCE STUDIO PLAZA HOTEL -.51..1..1v.1..1..-.-.1n1n1n1- 1111... l'l HXlI'l.l Nl l-QNT5 Ulf Carolina Sand 8: Gravel Co. Our uravel has lwcn uswl fl r :Ill ovu- cren' work in the In-xr Augusta sclmowls built :luring past three years. -.......1..1..1..1..1n1.f.-..1n1f...u1u- BRING LS YOUR l1lPl.OKl.X TO FRAME BAILIE FURITURE CO. 712 Broad Street -...1..1.1..1..1..1-.1n1..1..1...-1 1..- zq c Arzrsaszrz use ra c .a:::safce: CENTRAL GARDEN ,Xuuusm's illHlEL'L'Y lfll-ri-I Walton Way and Heard Ave. Telephone 6826 Augusta, Ga. -,,1..1.t1..1..1..1-,1..1..1..1..-....1..- BABY CHICKS Georgia-Carolina Hatchery 1025 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia ...1...1..1.11..1.,1. 1.11..1..1 1.1.1- l-ivst XYislIcs tr- Tulmizum Iilgll 5CI11nhI A FRIEND -......1..1.,.1..1--1..1n1..1..1..1 .1--- 5 CUM l'L.lBl EXTS O lf CRESCENT CLEANERS 703-7 Seventh Street -..1, 1 .1.,1..11-1u1u1n1..1.,1.,.1,,- PHONE 7l3 AUGUSTA JT07' 7' NIXUII VP IIILUFPT Inuflffl' f"'l"ff wap lf'Kll'l.lMliNTS Nl" CHIEF c. J. WILSON -..1.,1.:1r ,1..1.r1..1.:1......1...... ,111- ALBERSON'S WOOD AND TRANSFER CO, 405 Harmon St. Phone 491 BECKUM 81 JONES JEWELERS 222 Ninth Street Walk A Few Steps and Save Phone 647 For Correct Time lllAll'l.IAll'iNIl-517V BENSON'S SERVICE STATION 13th and Broad Streets 'I'IBfiEi'15"I3I'E""'i" FRIED SHRIMP ' SANDWICHES East Bound ry at Broad -.,1U1.1..1..1u1n1n1u1n1n1n1u- STARK - EMPIRE Laundry - Cleaning - Dyeing Planta-l5ruifl Park Ave. PHONE 1811 -A-11 1 1-1.1.1..1.-1.1-u.1u1n...,..n- KIUIIIDIIIIICIIIS of Reliable Transfer Company Since 1912 -..1. 1...-. .1..1..1. .1u1u1...-n1n.1u- SAM'L L. McCREARY MERCHANDISE BROKER DOMINO SUGAR Augusta, Georgia 1..1n.--11..1..1..1..1..1u1-.-..n1..1..1..1..1 1 1..1.'1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1... 1.111 1 1,.1un1.,,,1,..,1un1.,11.1.1 1 1 1,, Vt PBI PLIM ENTS OF George Walton Beauty Shoppe 1202 Flteenth Street -n1n1nn-nu1m,1un1un1nu1im1lm1my1mi1m.- Culpepper- Walker f Greer Furniture Companv -Complete Home Fumishings- 1204-6 Broad St. Phone 1630 1'!lKll'l.lXllfN'l'F- Oli EDMUNDS DRUG CO. 502 Broad Street -1.u1uu--im-HH1un1,..i.1lminn-un-un-my--m.1nu- SOUTHERN WELDING CO. ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Auto Axles and Wheels Aligned Accurately 623 Ellis St. - Augusta, Ga. SAND HILLS SHOPPE 1426 Monte Sano Avenue Phone 6680 Augusta, Ga. -vi01...1.m1nn-mn-im11.111un-im1mi1uu-nnin - VV. C. IVEY COAL CO. 'GOOD COAL AT ALL TIMES" Roberts Street and Railroad Avenue Telephone 780 IDLE HOUR FLORIST 1704 Central Avenue Phone 2173-Day or Night -mi-W1mi1nn-nn1mi-nu-nn-nn.-nu1yin-un-uu- FOREST HILLS STABLES Instruction in Horesmanship Paper-Chases, Weekly Moon-Light Rides and Steak Suppers Reasonable Rates Phone 7293 -m.1.,..1,,,,1,,,. 1m.1un..-iin-un114u-an-an-1M-11nu1uu-nu-nm1un .1..,,1 1 1,,..1.,,,1,,,.1.....1i.,.1..,1.m1m.1 1 1.,.,,1 CUM PLIM 1-QNTS OF THOMPSON'S JERSEY DAIRY Growing Boys and Girls Need Milk Daily -M1 1.ii.1....1.in1.m1mx1vm1nn1nn1.i,,1,.,1M- ESCUE'S MARKET Phone and Delivery Service FRESH MEATS - POULTRY SEA FOODS Phones 2780, 2781 313 Eighth St -W1nv-im-.N11M1un1mi1m.1i..i1mi1im1mi...u- f'U1ll'l.lRlliN'l'S or STOVALL DANIEL CO. WHOLESALE DRY GOODS BND NOTIONS Sellng Direct to Merchants Only C"flRIl'I.l1lliN'I'S OF EMPIRE FUNITURE CO. 1201-03 Broad Street -,.,,1 1 1,,,,1.,,,1,...1,,,,1..u....im.1.,.,1 1 1,m- t'fJBllll.lRll'IN'I'S or F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. j -itit1itn1itit1itu1tm1nn1un-11:11un1.m1nm1uu-nn- MEREDITH OPTICAL CO. OPTOMETRISTS 740 Broad Street - -M11M11W1nn--m+1un1,,,,11.u1nn1,,,,1.m1nu1nn- HARKINS FURNITURE CO. 503 9th Street Augusta, Ga. 1itii-itit-uH1un1.m-mv1111111111-:Iwi1im1nn1.rm1nl GREENE'S CREAM ERY Quick and Courteous Service- 400 East Boundary 1..n.- 1.1.9.-..m.1..,.1,...1 1 1 19,1 1 1.1.1 1.1It1..H1....1,,,,.1uu1nn1,.,l1.1.1.,m- n , - -5. 1 J L L -x , ,, H., N z v ' ' 1 Q , , , , a '- 4 YH s"' V '1 ' ' . "1 1- . -4 Q 'V'-' -:Y A I .Az. ,5- ,.y, A 'Q .- -vw", I' .-A W. f., .3 . -. Q. ,. mb., - -'M -, 4 :HA g ,, 'lg "2-'v.,.j ,'- x'5"in ..,-:VN ' N w',v.' Jfv':,-'-. Q ' 'WLT ni V w - '-Lg. A1".F'3 Aj?" RH. 1' , Y, N. It . D 1 ,. . x , . ' mlm' z fan " ,gb . .., . , .Fx ' 'sl 14, V, .-1- ' j ,"'55',ff15"1 R1 ,,,1,,. L+ Piet ' 5 FL' fall? HIE! .W 1 .4 V n 3, KE ' r iii? 'TR SW W 5 -A: .1 ' 4 1 gg. 13 ., . 'yt Y iw 4-5 1,nf-" . x 3 .G.- -Awyuh. X , 3 1 ,:"f ' 'Q ,M sv 0' Q 'QQ' 'r ..4 . . .Hawley .H . ,. . 45. 9 7'- .' Pali". w., , n W M A up 1 0 Z , .' ' 1 11' Q , n 1 X X 4 I x f '- -l at x N . sk , W . v 1 v 1 s' J Y C 'v. A . 1 x ' 5' ' V E. fl. -' .tif ": I -. 1 2.2 v' .' 1 TT Eg ' L '14 ilu, 4. 1. H,-. I'- ... '..v J . . L -1 -, Ivy a-Sf' , ,, .. ..hL,, ,E -I.: La. .1 4 '51,.."Lg 'S

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