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 - Class of 1937

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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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5 . 1' 'JE' n .C ' 54.1. 7 2 '1 VH. Y. 14, .. fn '21-'V' nv". 'T-,z F . 4 :J 'CJ .-N-4",.'-.'.. ' v-.. PM Q:.j- Zffff. L I vi 'Q v- za - . ,- JA ju- 1-- fd , A Ka Jdjffff: 2.1 J -,v -. . z fl . ,. , - . rv' 4 ., " vi rf x , , . 7 L- ' ' ' 1 R . wfrlz , In . . , 1 4 l ' .,: 'I 4 1 J , fm' -5 :K -. 1, 4' .JV .-, Jtsj.. -., 'T , - , . Y, . ,V -?'r5- ,,,'.KNr 4-1 ' , jg. 0' ' , 4:1-Z -.gf Jovi, ,5-2' 33, V. A' 4 ' ,- J' ' ,JM 'M -. f., n iw 1 '- ff! ::,,. . , P, ' 0 . 1:14 "f" v ' ' :.'g.'," "', - r,.,-.f f A 4 w . f-. ' . 'I . . , 4, ' J!-13' s -'fy - 4' 1 , P ' 1 Q... - ' 5. J' ...ff .'h- 'D--, . 1- ' . M , -R". a - qs. I . . , Lu- Qq, .f f., X , ', 1, A .a 1 r. ' ' ,,.- .f- . 5 1 .A., 4 ' - , K .. I Q "GTP Jac ,715 1 ,ijt . v,-1 . ,Inf ' fa N ,ag 1 wr - l.:,. , ' J ' ' ' l , . . x -n.g','-. vf, - 1 I - I . u In-.,.,-, .-Lb - 1- ' 1 .. 7 I I r I -K , Hur lg 1 ... ' 1 - ., 5 5 . 1' 'JE' n .C ' 54.1. 7 2 '1 VH. Y. 14, .. fn '21-'V' nv". 'T-,z F . 4 :J 'CJ .-N-4",.'-.'.. ' v-.. PM Q:.j- Zffff. L I vi 'Q v- za - . ,- JA ju- 1-- fd , A Ka Jdjffff: 2.1 J -,v -. . z fl . ,. , - . rv' 4 ., " vi rf x , , . 7 L- ' ' ' 1 R . wfrlz , In . . , 1 4 l ' .,: 'I 4 1 J , fm' -5 :K -. 1, 4' .JV .-, Jtsj.. -., 'T , - , . Y, . ,V -?'r5- ,,,'.KNr 4-1 ' , jg. 0' ' , 4:1-Z -.gf Jovi, ,5-2' 33, V. A' 4 ' ,- J' ' ,JM 'M -. f., n iw 1 '- ff! ::,,. . , P, ' 0 . 1:14 "f" v ' ' :.'g.'," "', - r,.,-.f f A 4 w . f-. ' . 'I . . , 4, ' J!-13' s -'fy - 4' 1 , P ' 1 Q... - ' 5. J' ...ff .'h- 'D--, . 1- ' . M , -R". a - qs. I . . , Lu- Qq, .f f., X , ', 1, A .a 1 r. ' ' ,,.- .f- . 5 1 .A., 4 ' - , K .. I Q "GTP Jac ,715 1 ,ijt . v,-1 . ,Inf ' fa N ,ag 1 wr - l.:,. , ' J ' ' ' l , . . x -n.g','-. vf, - 1 I - I . u In-.,.,-, .-Lb - 1- ' 1 .. 7 I I r I -K , Hur lg 1 ... ' 1 - ., 5 MAIUS ANU A MAN 1957 SN '55 if Af Ny r L w R ff 'X .I YEARLY PUBLICATION OF The Students of Tuhman High School Moy .7937 ywwfffm WDQDQQJ 4 A ,W ' ffwfzww AQ . Q hhhh gf 1 - L '1 0 h I . A4547 ,4- 445136. 'Wh-44" " ,fl - lo nv V-91.44.13 'L 411 We Uedicate - This Volume To Miss Dorothy Halbert For Her Sinoerity and Serenity lntrudurtiun Classes Activities Friends Memories These are the things you should treasure and these are the things we have tried to preserve ter you in the tottewing pages-- Contents Hdministratien Classes Qctivities Features '--N... -1. N UW WU UUU DID Ill UUU UUU UUE Ill K Thv Man Mr. T. Harry Garrett PRINCIPAL of TUBMAN HIGH SCHOOL The Facility -- S. D. COPELAND. Superintendent T. H. GARRETT, Principal MISS A. DOROTHY HAINS Assistant Principal-Latin MISS ANNIE M. PAGE French MISS GERTRUDE J. COMEY English MISS MARCIA A. CLARK Domestic Art MISS LOIS EVE Science MISS DOROTHY HALBERT Music MISS ELEANOR BOATWRIGHT History MISS EDITH NACHMAN Industrial Geography MISS LORA M. PEARCE English MISS SUSIE LANGFORD Mathematics MISS MARY GILLILAND Mathematics MISS BELLE WALKER Civics MISS ANN BRADDY English MISS MARY T. MILLER Spanish MISS MABEL BYRD English MISS ANNIE B. DANIEL History and Civics MISS SARAH FULLBRIGHT Mathematics MISS MARY MILES History MISS ELIZABETH DOWLING Science MRS. MARGARET WHITE Domestic Science MISS ORALEE KING Commercial Miss EDNA ROGERS6Er Commercial - ' J MISS MILDRED CARTLEDGE Physical Training MISS MARY EVANS Commercial MISS BEULAH FENDER English and History MISS ROSINA PEARL French MISS GRACE STRAUSS English and Economics MISS BETTY JONES English and History MISS RUTH MCAULIFFE Latin MISS MARIE HULBERT History and Science MISS BERTHA CARSWELL English and Mathematics MISS MARGARET JONES French and English MISS MILDRED VON KAMP Commercial MISS ELIZABETH BRISENDINE Physical Training MISS LERA PRESTON Commercial Art MRS. M. M. OWENS Librarian MISS EUGENIA HUTTO Mathematics MISS AMABEL LANSDEL Mathematics MISS FLORA C. THOMPSON English MISS MARY BALK Secretary u.,.k 15 ' +" Vourses of Study -- ' Subjects offered at Tubman High School are grouped by Courses. The following tables show the Courses with total credits earned by subjects in four years. A B College-Preparatory College-Preparatory English ,.,....,.,,. French .,,,..,.,..... Spanish ,........,.. Algebra .,,,...,,... P. Geom. Civics ,.......,.,.,... Anc. Hist. ....... . Eng. Hist. ....... . Am. Hist. .,..... . Science ......,,..., Elective ..l.,.,,... , Phys, Train .... English .,..., Latin ..,.,,,, French .,.... Algebra .,..,, P. Geom. ......,,, . Anc. Hist. .. Am. Hist. .. Science .,.... Elective ,,.... Phys, Train Total ,,..,,,.,,.. 18 Total .,l.. C Business English .,,,,c..,,.. 4 Algebra r.,......... 1 Civics .....,,.,.....,. 1 Ind. Geog. ,.,..... 1 Com. Arith ...... li Science .....,,..... 1 Economics ..,..... lb Stenog. ,,,,,,..,,.. 2 Type W. ,,,...r.r. 2 Bookkeeping .... 1 Business Pr. ..,, 1 Eng. Hist. ........ 1 Am. Hist. .,...... 1 Elective ....l,.,.... 1 Phys, Train .... Total ..,.,....... 18 D General English ...,.... Algebra ,.,.... P. Geom. ..... . Science ..,..,.. Foreign Lang Anc. Hist. Eng. Hist. Am. Hist. Civics ,,.l,,,,l.r Economics .... Ind. Geog. Elective ....... Phys, Train Total ....,, Each of these Courses is based upon four main subjects per year All Courses- require approximately the same amount of work and give the same unit value toward graduation. Students must choose one of these Courses when they enter the High School. Changes from one Course to another are difficult to make. When changes in Courses are made usually more than four years are necessary for the completion of the required number of units for graduation. The electives are Cooking, Sewing, Vocal Music fin classy, and Applied Art. These Courses are practical. Every student is required to earn a total of one unit in Elective subjects during her High School Course. Each Elective subject is rated upon a basis of one-half unit per year. Physical Training is required of all students unless they are excused upon a Doctor's certificate. Simple uniform gym suits are required. The School Library provides excellent facilities for collateral reading in all Courses. A select list of current magazines is on file in the Library. A full time trained Librarian is in charge. SONNET High up above me, deep blue, and clear, Expansive, infinite-where the eye of man Can but behold its surface, merely seen Its form-is a bowl, which seems to earth so near That one might stretch his hand and touch it-where Each day the elements are mixed by a band Of whistling winds, by fogs, by showers, and By mist, by snow, by hail, by sunlight clear- Oh, Sky, Heaven lies within thy depths! And there that Presence who shapes my destiny. Just as the winds compound my days, my steps He guides. He sends me sorrow, ecstasy, Love, disaster, blessing. Whatever hap, He leads me surely to infinity! -MARY KATHERINE REISER, '37 Classes SENIGR IUNICDR SCDPHCDMCDRE FRESHMAN -rfg JH H E 5 ff mx'T"'H 4229? M ifslPH A Q I QLZUN SWS ,lm KET-' E BH. fn U"'W L I Seniors CLASS OFFICERS JUNE, 1937 MARY KATHERINE REISER ,.... ,L ,..EEEEEEEE President MARY MAE WELLS E....E,EEEE EE,EEE.E I . AVIS?-PI'GSIlIPlI'f LOT. ISE REEL EEEY,,L ELE,Y,LEEE,AE,,, S t'l'I'4lI2lI'Y 8: TI'PHSII1'OI' FEBRUARY, 1937 CATHERINE GREEN., E....LLLEL,..,..., ..4..,...... P resident GRACE ROPER ....E,.L.,...,.......,.......,..II., XVICG-P1'6S1dGlII LOUISE CLEVELAND Ev..LLL,.L S9c1'eta1'y S: T1'GE1SII1'E'1' MISS ELEANOR BOATWRIGHT EEE,,,,LLE,..,.. Sponsor iii 'fx 'QF'- V Q, CHARLOTTE LILLIAN AARONSON SYDELL BADGER CARRIE SILCOX BAILIE MARIAN ELIZABETH BARWICK VIRGINIA LEE BEAM FRANCES .IUANITA BENNETT TRACY BE UTE LL MARY FRANCES BISHOP Seniors MARY ELLEN BLACKXVELL NATALIE BOSTICK A If 1 f f 1 J VMGZVV ALMA PONDER BROVVN ,iffy VI OILET BU RTON MARY LOUISE BUSSEY ANNE LUDLOYV CALHOUN ANNIE FRANCES CANNADAY ELOISE CAPPS Seniors 5 -1- HELEN MONTEEN CARPENTER MELBA CARSTARPHEN LOUISE CLEVELAND FRANCES CLOUD MARGARET ELIZABETH CORLEY VIRGINIA CLAYTON CORR ELEANOR ANNE COURTNEY NETTIE MAUDE DANGLER Seniors MARY BLANCHE DAVIDSON MARY CLARK DENNY IWELVA EILEEN DEUBLE DOROTHY HELEN DICKERSON CAROLYN SAVANNAH DORN LILLIAN BERRIEN DUKE - if MARY LYLETTE DUNN MARTHA SARA ELKINS Seniurk .7- ! 199 BIARGVERITE ELLIS JI'I.IA MARY EMBRY NELL CELESTINE EUBANKS EDRIES JEAN FARR FRANCES SHANNON FARR MARGARET VIRGINIA FARR JAYNE FLOYD VIRGINIA FRANK Seniors ALICE EARLINE FREY JERRY FRANCES GLENN FLORENCE LOUISE GODBEE FLORENCE ELEASE GOODWIN CATHERINE GREEN MILDRED CHRISTINE GREEN DOROTHY HUIET GREENE ANN HAGGERTY Seniors 'Q' CLARA TENA HALL ANNA LOU HARPER ANN JOSEPHINE HARRIS JANE HLARRIES ELSIE MADELINE HARRISON DOROTHY ELISE HAYNIE MILDRED LOUISE HEAD JOSEPHINE TEMPLETON HEATH Seniors MARGARET ANTHONY HORTON CAROLINE LAMAR HULL FRANCES ELIZABETH HUNDLEY HTELEN STUART IRVIN SARAH ELIZABETH JEFFCOAT BETTE BUSH JOHNSON MARY LOUISE KEEL BETTY KENNEDY Seniors Wab- GOLDIE VVATSON KEY ENISE KIRBY HELEN MAE KNIGHT AIIAVA SHIRLEY KOONTZ FRANKIE HILL KREPS HANNAH RUTH KUEHNEI. MARTHA LOUISE LAMKIN INA CLAIRE LANGLEY Seniors CONSTANCE LANIER PAULINE GRETCHEN BIADEBACH MARGARET BIALONEY LUCILE MATH EN Y MARIAN GRAHAM BIAXVVELL EVELYN MILLER FRANCES BIATILDA MILLS ANNIE DORIS MONTGOMERY Seniors 4.-A. I ! BIILDHED LIJLISE MOR.-XGXE WII.HEI.B1IN.-X BILNDY RUTH EVANS MVRPHEY MARGARET ELIZABETH Mc-ARTHUR ELMER I,OI'ISE ML-ELYEEN VIRGINIA LOUISE MUMANUS BEVERLY BIERLE NEYVBERY REB.-X THERESA OTONXOR Seniors EVELYN CORNELIA ODOM MONTEZ ODOBI MARTHA OLIVER VVINIFRED HAZEL OUZTS MARY LOUISE OWEN HELEN IVOODIVARD OXVENS LILLIAN LENORA OVVENS IVILLIE CATHERINE PARKER Seniors ani'- 1 I up- MARGUERITE TALLULAH PEARRE THELMA PERDUE MARGARET POLK PETERS VIVIAN VIRGINIA PONDER SARA ELIZABETH POUND FRANCES ADELAIDE PRESCOTT MARTHA JULIA PRITCHARD CATHERINE ELIZABETH PRUITT Seniors PAULINE LORA PURSER LUCILLE QUESTELLE ' I Y FANNIE LOUISE RACHELS W... AN NETTE LAMA R RAMP MARY ELIZABETH READ MARY KATHERINE REISER 1 A' CATHERINE ELIZABETH ROESEL MARY CHRISTINE ROESSLER V 1 Seniors M15 GRACE ROPER MARY LUCILLE ROSIER JANE LOUISE SANFORD HENRIETTA LOUISE SCHURR EYELYN LORRAINE SCOGGINS MARY KATHERINE SCOTT ESTHER JANET SCOTT HAZEL MARIE SCRUGGS Seniors HARRIET LOIS SEROTTA HAZEL LEE SHELTON SADYE RITA SHMERLING FLORENCE SIKES HELEN SIMS GVVENDOLINE MARLENE SMITH DOLORES SUE SCHNEIDER ERMA BEATRICE STEPHENS Seniors fini'- FLORENCE ELIZABETH STEIVART LILLIAN GEORGIA STEIVART EI"I?IE ELIZABETH STRINGER MARGARET ARCHER STULB HILDA BRYSON STURGIS ELIZABETH HENRIETTA SUHR DOROTHY SWARTZ MARY ELLEN SIVEAT Seniors .IOSEPHINE VVALKER SWINT NELL ELIZABETH TANKERSLEY MARY AMELIA TANNER BETTY GORDON THOMAS MARY ETHEL THOMPSON ELIZABETH ANN TORPIN ELOISE TUSSING VIRGINIA .IUANITA VAWTER MARJORIE WRIGHT WALKER DOROTHY LOUISE WALTERS Seniors gh- Y' BERTHA ANNA VVATERSTON CLAUDINE EMILY WELLS MARY MAE WELLS GLADYS EVELYN VVILLIAMS HELEN MADELYN WOODWARD SYBIL COOK WYLDS ROSE MARY YOUNG MARY FRANCES YOUNGBLOOIJ MARGARET ANN ZIMMERMAN 775- f,,e4ffCf. WV f5'1427E'CAb'u6- ,-11,0 all Seniors Z'- Higghli September Ssptembel September September Hnrton X Lxxarmgw Queen: fal surpasses Ann Waterxton Q Lll'lflI1lSh6d one Septembe October 5 r 30-Volley ball season began. -Mary Clark Denny was discovered on her knees under her desk in Miss Boatwright's room debating which wad of gum was hers. October 1 October 1 days 2-The Annual Staff dance. 6-All of the teachers assigned us tests for Friday. Reports two off. Bad. October 20-First reports of the year. October 26-29-Volley ball games played off. Juniors won. November 11-Armistice day. School assembly. November 30-A Representative from Agnes Scott took up a whole period. Many happy returns. December December 4-Athletic Council Dance. 18-21-Hockey games. The same class that won the Volley ball games won the Hockey Championship. December 23-School closed for Christmas holidays. January 4, 1937-School reopened. January 19-Exams. January 22-First term ended. January 25-Second term began. February 10-Miss Dowling went to lunch room. Sissy! Febraury 18-Frances Hundley wore beautiful new diamond ring on her third finger. Left hand! February 22-Polly Purser blushed when we mentioned Sam. Febraury 29-Basketball games. Seniors won. March 11-Margaret Ann Zimmerman started cutting a wisdom tooth. March 13-Marionettes. Pat Mangham came. March 25-26-Easter Holidays. March 31-Holiday so each Tubman girl could take a part in the Fat Cattle Show. April 1-Faculty meeting. Bush patrol organized. Service alphabetical. April 5-Mr. Garrett returned. Faculty meetings called off. April 14-Glee Club presented H. M. S. Pinafore. April 22-Gym Exhibition. April 15-J. C.'s wedding. April 16-Faculty in Savannah, perhaps. Annual goes to press, perhaps. May 13-Garnmer Gurton finds her needle. May 15-Kid Day. ' May 24-Exams. May 28-Junior-Senior Banquet. May 31-Exams over. Batting average: no runs, no hits, few outs, plenty errors. June 3-Graduation. Juniors CLASS OFFICERS President .....,.....S-... ......... V IRGINIA WILSON Vice-President ..........,... ......,............. - .... R ITA MAY Secretary-Treasurer .......,.......,...,.,........ MARY RUTH SMITH Sponsor... ............... ...A M ISS RUTH GREGORY MCAULIFFE ESTELLE AARoNsoN6'L22lQ BETTY ADAMS VIRGINIA ADAMS MINNIE ALLERTON DOROTHY ANDERSON MARY ANDERSON E BETTY ANDREWS ADERAE ARRINGTON HELEN BAILEY JOANNE BAILEY EVELYN BAKER FRANCES BAKER JULIE BARCHON EVELYN BARKER HELEN BATTLE BIRMAH BECKWORTH FRANCES BENNETT Q.f..5r fs' KATHERINE BEST CELESTE BIGNON C -- P? 'WW'- , 1,1 iw 1 Q, 1, MIRIAM BOLGLA Q NELLE BOND 6 MARY BOSWELL CLARE BRACEY CQQQ44, 6 ELIZABETH BRYANS A MILDRED BULL ELIZABETH CLARK LILLIAN CRAWFORD MARY LOU CRENSHAW LUCILLE DEAL- JULIA DEAS ELIZABETH DQLOACH OLIVE MAE DOBSON MIRIAM CAPERS ELLE CARSWELL 211. QMMKA MARGARET CAWLEY EVELYN CHANDLER SARA JANE CHAPMA BETTY CLARK i JANIS DUNBAR MARY HELEN DUNBAR ELIZABETH DYE CONSTANCE ELLIOTT MAXINE FARR MARTHA FLEMING RILMW' KATE GERCKE CARLENE GLENN MIRIAM GRAHAM DOROTHEA GRIDLEY ELLIOTT GROOMS DOROTHY HADDELSAY mmm MBV ss GRACE HOLMES ' Q wuvwpbl 1: QQ MARY HOWE MARTHA HOWELL VIRGINIA HUNDLEY BEULAH IVEY DOROTHY IVEY RUTH JOHNSON MARY AVERTY LORENE LEACH CLARA JO LEE HELEN LEWIS LOUISE MALONEY LUCILE MANN ELEANOR MARYOTT JOSEPHINE JOHNSTON ELIZABETH JONES EMILY JONES RUTH HOLT JONES ANN JORDAN HILDA LAMKIN MARTHA MAHER DOROTHY MARSH EVELYN MASON RITA MAY MILDRED MCELMURRAY THELMA MCINTOSH MARJORIE MORRIS MABEL MURRAY ANNE O'DANIEI. VIYIAN MCLELLAND LUCILLE MCMANUS VIRGINIA MELTON 'Titl- EVELYN MEREDITH MABLE MORAGNE FRANCIS MORGAN Jaw-lg? MAE OWENS GEORGIA PAQUETTE MARY ELIZABETH PAULI' EDITH PERKINS fj ,f V u A. ' ' '7 , , r V 1 .1 t v v ll. ROBERTA PHILLIPS EVELYN REESE FRANCES POPKIN HAZEL ROBERTS EDNA POUND MILDRED ROBERTS DOROTHY PRONTAIIT h f DORIS ROBINS ZAIDEE LOU PURVIS mmf-5-74,,,. f?0iQi 'f-'fb DENAA ROPER SUE RANSOM , I' ELIZABETH RUSSELL MONTINE RABUN ANNE SAYE Lv-mo LOUISE SCARBOROUGH FRANCES SCATTERGOOD DOROTHY SMITH MIRIAM SMITH RUTH SMITH VIRGINIA SMITH MARY STAFFORD 6vMf'mlkk.,1" EYELYN STEED f"I.AIHE TEAGUE ELLEN STELLING IAVHA THOWBRIDGE MARTHA STELLING W HELEN WALDEN J UNE STORY DOROTHY STRINGER IIIRIAM T.ALBERTC,0f,4,-1..1w-...-3-1.fffll+'LV' ELOISI-I TANENBAVM MARY LOYISE WARD ICY.-X MAE WEED N.-XTALIE WELCH UIRHAIXE WILENSKY VIRGINIA WILSON DORIS IVOQD Qvrwslfvovj ALICE WRIGHT Q39' VIRGINIA YOUNG DOROTHY YoI,'NGBL0oD KATHERINE YOKNGBLOOD ELIZABETH ZOLLER if Nj 'Jfp W? J 17 I . .-vw Suphmnnrcs F CLASS OFFICERS Presicient .,.,....S.,,SSS ,SS4,...,.....,A H ELEN SUTTON Vice-President,,- ,,,,....,V,,. .,S,,..S A RCHINELLE SCOTT Sec1'eta1'y-Treasurer ...A.vwwV....S GLORIA WRIGHT Sponsor ..,,TSTTTT .,.,.. M ISS BETTY JONES Adams. Imogene Allgood. Betty Anderson, Laurie Anderson. Vivian Andrews. Evelyn Andrews, Marian Ansley. Louise Athearn. Sarah Atkinson. Dorothy Bacon. Annie Ruby Baker. Mary Bailey. Bobbie Bell, Grace Bell. Mamie Lou Blanos. Mary Blum. Shirley Born. Margaret Burton. Marxxaret. Busbiu. Sarah Bussey, L. Mae Cowan. Katherine Ccx, Constance Culpepper. Jane Daitch Mildred Davidson, Adele DeM4ii'e. Ollie Dorn, Marcia Dover. Allene Dudley, Mildred Elkins. Corinne Ellis. Dorothy Flemimz. Nell Gibson, Virtlinia Sophomore "A" Goodwin. Katherine Graham. Elizabeth Green. Emily Greizg, Dorothy Grizzell, Rena Grose. Athalie Guy. Frances Hair. Catherine Halford. Wynette Hall. Elizabeth Hardy, Louise Harrison. Erma Havirrl. Mary E. Heath, Frances Helmuth, Dorothy Henry. Lucile Herlomz. Emily Herndon. Anna Howard. Elizabeth Huff. Hazel Humphries. Vannette Hurlbuti.. Marjorie Johnson. Edith Kelly. Marian Kerr, Jean Kirkland. Frankie Kirkland. Mall' Kitchen, Charlotte Lewis. Mary Maddox, Julia McDonald. Hazel Mcllhaney. Mary Jane Mercier. Enestine Miller, Mabel Milliuan. Mildred Murphy. Margaret Oellericlv. Lillie O'Hara, Ora lmtl Parrish, Myra Pitts. Mildred Purvis, Mary Rav. Martha Read. Myrtle Reed. Elizabeth Rhodes. Kathryne Rigsby, Dorothy Rivers. Martha L. Rosamond, Ruth Russell. Emma Sanckcn. Betty Sawyer. Jeanette Schultze. Virginia Scott. Myra Seago. Flora Sharpe. Ruby Sheppard. Mary Starr. Dorothy Amt Stein:-ck. Alma Torpin. Mimi Wainwright. Edith Warwick. Hilda Whaley. Dorothy Wienues, Carolyn Wilson. Anne Woo. Margaret Wren. Margie Wright, Gloria Young, Elizabeth Sophomore "B" Arrington, Dullie Arrimltun, Kathryn Beazley. Colleen Blackwell, Lucile Brown, Christine Brunkhurst, Autlry Busbia, Helen Butler. Helen Carswell. Mary Chambers. Minnieli. Cheeks. Margaret. Corley, Claire Crawley, Christine Daniel. Harriette Douglas. Dorothy Dunbar, Frances Ellenberxr. Minnie lfvntzel. Cora Franklin. Doi-is Gehrkcn, Catherine George. Jean Hamilton. Barbara Hamiltun, Clara Harrioa, Beth Heath. Elizabeth Hulmts, lVlZl'Il2il'0i. Hmm-, Sara Huwuril. Louise Kvsslvr, Doris Wlarlin, Jane Meehan, Elizabeth Meese. Betty Miller. Martha Lee Mullin, Mary Newbery, Bunnie Mae 0'Cunn01', Cecile Olive. Constance Outlaw, Virizinia Patterson. Frances M. Paulus. Mary Peebles. Eileen Phillips. Marpzaret Pierce. Mary Emma Reese. Agnes Ruesel, Dorothy Rubenstein, Lillian Sorrow. Laura B. Sleadman. Salah Sutton. Helen Symms, MRlL!llPl'li0 Thompson, Vera Toclsl. Dorothy Tvule. Mary Waagner, Margaret Walker. Helen Watkins, Margaret Whitaker, Miriam Williams. Juanita Wyatt. Marie Ahney. Mildred Allgood. Mary Almand, Frances Anderson, Sarah Arndt, Elizabeth Arthur, Marian Austin. Nellie Barton. Vivian Badger, Doris Beeland, Margaret Belding. Hazel Bell, Marion Bennett. Marie Bentley. Louise Blackstone, Edna Bogoslawsky. Dena Boyd, Dolly Biay. Lydia Brown. Frances Burch, Irma Bussey, Marjorie Carry, Margaret Campbell. Elizabeth Carter ,Johnie Fay Carter. Margaret Carter. Mary Carter. Sibyl Cauthen. Mary Cave. Elizabeth Cheeseboruugh. Martha Clark, Carlton Clark. Clara Cliatt, Ruby Cook, Bobby Columbus, Alice Darley. Lois Davis, Annie Mae Dilemce. Thelma Doolittle. Frances Elliott, Mildred Faulie, Virginia Fallaw, Ruby Farr. Viola Fox, Jewel Gibbs. Frances Givens. Arrnes Graham. Betty Sophomore HC' Gre,-ne. Louise Hardin, Jewel Henderson. Frances Holleman, Dorothy Hollingsworth. Cora Howard. Bernice Huff, Myrtice lvey, Frances Jackson. Clara Belle Jackson. Maiy Alice James. Margie James, Willie Johnson. Florine Johnson. Odessa Jones, Joseph Jones. Nellie Mae Jordan, Myrtle Jowers, Virginia Judy, Elsie Keenan. Anne Kirkland, Gladys Kreps, Martha Landrum, Emily Landrum. Frances Lazenby, Linda Lee. Leona Lewis. Lucile Lotz. Marie Lynch, Lorraine Maddox. Sarah Martin, Mary K. Mason. Bonita Maxwell, Louise Mays, Elizabeth Melles, Athena Miles, Marraret Moody, Hazel McGahee. Mary Newman, Dorothy O'Neal, Katherine Osborne, Estelle Owens, Elizabeth Owens, Mary Ruth Parker. Bernice Patterson. Annie Pearre. Ellen Pender. Betty Peters. Sarah Pettiurew. Dorothy Phillips. Mildred Pittman. Gladys Poole. Frances Prather. Lavada Proctor. Katherine Questelle, LaVi1-a Ri1'kel'son, Della Ricks. Thelma Robinson. Ruth Rowe. Mildred Rushton. Lillie Maud Sapp. Virginia Saxon, Mae Scott, Archinelle Seldin, Renee Shank, Edna Earl Sheehan, Dorothy Smith. Loretta Smith. Martha Smith. Virginia Spence. Roberta Strimzfellow, Geraldine Sturman, Margaret Sullivan. Mary Taylor. Ruth Templeton, Martha Thompson. Iris Thurmond, Loudell Thurmond. Ollie Mae Toole. Eunice Tower, Ruth Turner. Lucile Videtto, Lois West. Elise Whaley- Eleanora White, Hatlielene Wilsmln. Dottie Wonu. Dorothy Wood. Mary Frances Wood. Ruth Wrixxht. Norma Yarrington. Frances Yee. Thelma Youmr, Dorothy Younlr. Katherine Freshman CLA SS OFFICERS President ..,............ ..........,..... E 'DITH JENNX Vice-President ......,. .....,. B OBBIE LANSDELL Secretary-T1'easu1'e1' ........ .. ..., R HWEA HARDY Acton, Constance Adams, Bertha Adams, Dorothy Anderson, Doris Antonopolis, Helen Arndt. Alice Baker, Emma Edith Barber, Beulah Bai-den, Janette Barnes, Gwendolyn Barwick, Marxraret Beard. Dorothy Beasley. Nettie Beck. Dorothy Benson, Edythe Blackman. Ruth Bolen. Ruth Boyd. Maud Brasher, Marion Brooks. Lillian Brown. Mary Bull-5. Elizabeth Burgess, Frankie Capers, Frances Parr, Mary Caitledize. Deloris Cater. Frances Cheek, Dorothy Conlon, Mary Anna Conolly, Ann Vouk, Mary Councill, Betty Crawford. Evelyn Cushman. Vivian Decker. Elsie Delaney. Agnes DeLoach, Emma Dodd. Becky Jane Dunlap. Elizabeth Edmunds, Elsie Freshman "Au Edwards, Erline Elliott, Corinne Elliott, Evelyn Erster. Hose Etheredge, Frances Farr. Jeanette Flint, Beulah Fowler. Birdie Catlin. Sara Gay. Myrl Gibson. Emmie Graves, Syble Greesun, Vivian Grizell, Ida Hendrix, Mattilene Hensley. France: Hiirlrins, Clare Hill. Myrtice Hnllimrsxvorth. Anne Horne. Vera Howell. Miriam Hurt, Frances Ildemton, Emma Jansen. Marion lt.no:, Hariyette .luhhsun Ri-.alielle Kimr. Edith liinm Evelyn Lumbar:-k, ltlarnzuerite Lanier, Frances Lansdell. Bulvhie Laveity. Elsie Lewis. Elizabeth Longshore. Mar1:ziret Wlaloney. Janelle Mathews. Hazel NlcClcndon. Doris McCr:mey, Mary Anne McElmurraY. Mary Mcliensie. Helen McManus. Geneva Mell. Mary Ann Miller, Evelyn Mims, Mildred Moore. Martha Moore, Miriam ll-loye, Elizabeth Wlullverin. Jane Neal. Pansy O'Cunnor, Louise Pamivas, Priscilla Peterson, Mae Phillips, Marxlaret Plazwitz, Frances Pomerance. Rita Prescott. lna Proctor, Luviv Rhodes, Evelyn St-oufins, Dorothy Shaw, Marion Shearer. Mariraret Sills. Opal Skinner, Catherine Smith. Elizabeth Smith, Evelyn imoak. Jean Swedenlvuruh, June Turpin, Louise Trussell. Sara vnnSiirecken. Lucy Wainwright, Anne Vilalker, Sq-lielle Weathers, Dorothy Whaley, Edna Whaley, Martha Whittle. Lillian Wilson. Ma'y Lou Wong. Marizaret 'Wrie:ht. Anne Yonve. Geneva ,R,,...---4 - Freshmen Adams, Julia Arlington, Louise Blind, Sarah Cannun, Erin Carter, Margaret Chapman. Adelaide Cux. Numina Cranston, Olive Crucker, Blanche Cumming, Neville Daniel, Ann Dobson, Jessie Edmunds. Hazel lflcmiml. Betty Guugc. Ella Mae Gr:-ar. Dorothy Hayes. Sara Hoffman, Mary Hulmes. Betty Hullzrlaw, Betty Hamper. Lois Hnrnv. Nellie IIB!! lenny. Edith Nluson. Evelyn Mathews. Sara Miller. Ann Mulcay. Edith Peters, Patricia Radford. Margaret Rhodes. Jean Rutland, Mary All--L Samuels. Mae Scharnilsky. .Ioan Scha-Anitsky, Juan Shmerlimr. Dolores Stanfunl. Guila Tinlniernian. Bettie VanDeusen, Martha: Vaughn. Rozzie Vealch. Sarah XValLlen. Frances Wheeler. Betty While, Betty Vfillits. Mary Ellen Allcood, Mary Anderson, Hazel Atkins, Dorothy Baker. Doris Baker, Mryl Baker, Myrtle Bargeron. Hazel Brady. Audrey Brentnell. Daisie Bupru, Gladys Burke. Dorothy Busch, Maud Byrd. Helen Campbell. Dorothy Carnavas. Mary Caeey. Frances Cave. Ethel Chavis. Gussie Cheney, Allene Cochran. Hazel Coleman. Marrlaret Cook. Marjorie Crawford. Mary Ruth Crosby. Ruth Mae Daley. Grace Daley. Margaret Daniels. Lois Davis. Inez Doolittle, Irvena Dyches, Mary Floyd. Dorothy Ford. Dorothy Ford, Mildred Freeman Dorothy Frou, Daily Maude Gaffney. Betty Gaskins, Maruaret Gordon. VVillene Greene. Vera Gl't'Sh8Y!1. Erin Freshman "Cu I-Iadtlleray. Martha Hair, Evelyne Hardy, Rhwea Hillman, .Iuanita Hobbs. Ethel Hoover. Mary E. Horne, Thelma Howe, Dorothy Irby. Mattie Belle Irby. Nellie Ivey. Lillie Mae Ivey. Myrtis Jackson, Eugenia Jackson. Grace Jackson, Vera James, Addie James. Frances Johnson. Mary Virginia. Jones. Margaret Kelly, Gertrude Key, Mary Elizabeth Krome. Vera Krouse. Marian Lee, Helen Lemmons. Beatrice Lowe. Althea Martin, Dorothy Maupzhon, Dorothy McGahee. Betty Mt'MichaeI. Betty Merritt. Helen Merritt. Vera Miller. Frances Mitchell, Juanita Netherland. Gladys Montgomery. June Norton. Kenneth Overstreet. Lucile Palmer. Dorothy Parrish. Elizabeth Pettigrew, Kathryn Powell. Alice Questelle. Marie Rae. Jean Redd. Lois Redd. Muriel Reddin, Cecil Reese. Estelle Roberts. Inez Rodgers. Earline Sargent. Ella Mae Saxon. Dorothy Scarborough. Dixie Sheahan. Eloise Shelton, Th:-lma Sims. Dorothy Skinner. Frances Slater, Aubrey Smith, Elinor Smith. Margaret Snider. Myra Starnee, Joyce Stephens. Katherine Stevens, Norma Lee Strickland. Vera Tankersley, Helen Thaxton, Sarah Tilton. Christine Utley. Lavida Vauuhn, Harrinnton Vignati. Philomena YVade. Betty Wade. Grace Ward. Dt-ria VVheatley. Myrtle Wheeler. Miriam Whitaker, Sara Whitaker. Virginia Williameon. Melinda VVoodward. Catherine Q , xv: rx L.:-' Ax 1. ez-,a-.. ..-dm The Amina! Staff -- GLEE CLUB DRAMATICS STUDENT CQUNCIL ATHLETICS A4-hlef 9 K 1 X y. !l ". aids and an an" Hnnual Staff Emwrn1cmd.Hm MARGAREFANN HMMERMAN 1 KATHERINE ROESEL Literary Editors H . MIRIAM TALBERT 1 .IANIS DUNBAR Annum Emuw .A .,A ,.,.. I ,... FRANCES BENNETT HELENIRVHL Pig-Im-Q Edirol-S 5 VIRGINIA HOUSTON XSUE RANSOM A1-I Editor ,. I,,I ,IGENEVA HALL Hnnual Staff Business Manager ,,,,,, --,,-.-,,.A, D BDE SCHNEIDER ' ZAIDEE LOU PURVIS Assistants ..,. V LOUISE HAINES 4 CELESTE HOLLEY Secretary ...,... ,,,.....,,, ,,,,,,, K ATHERINE SCOTT Assistant Secretary .,.,., i,,,.,,,,, ,...,,,,i..., IN I ARY TANNER , x ANN WATERSTON Publius DAiii"i so 'DD' iiii' ROBERTA PHILLIPS Sophomore Assistant .,,,., HELEN SUTTON FACULTY ADVISERS MISS ANN BRADDY MISS ELIZABETH DOWLING Literary Business MISS RUTH MCAULIFFE Format The Glee Club OFFICERS President ....A.,..,,.,,.,,..... ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A, ,,,,,, , S HIRL-EY KOONTZ Yice-President ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,AA,,AAA,A, .A,A,,. ,,,,,,.,AA,, L O L TISE HAINS Secretary '..,,, ,,..., .AMARY KATHERINE REISER Treasurer ..... .,.....A,A, , , ,,A,,..A,,,,,,,AA,A,,AAA,,,A,,,,, DLDE SCHNEIDER Librarian., ....,..,..,,,,.A,,......,......,A,...,,,.,,,, ABB XXATERSTON Student Representative ....,..... ZAIDEE LOU PURVIS Faculty Adviser .A.,.,A,,, ,,,,,,,, B IISS HALBERT Members Acton, Constance Adams, Betty Bailie, Carrie Best, Katherine Blum, Shirley Bond, Nelle Boswell, Mary Boyd, Laura Lee Brunkhurst, Audrey Burton, Margaret Carswell, Elle Carswell, Mary Corr, Virginia Cox, Constance Douglas, Dorothy Dunbar, Frances Elliott, Embry, Erster Civens, Constance Julia Mae Rose Agnes Goodwin, Catherine Googe. Ella Mae Green, Emily Grizzell, Rena Hains. Louise Hamilton, Barbara Hammett, Anne rlerndon, Anna Johnson, Josephine Jones. Ruth Holt Koontz, Shirley Lewis. Mary Malebach. Pauline MeElmurray, Mary McE1murray, Mildred Meredith, Evelyn Mullin, Mary Paulk, Mary Elizabeth Pierce, Mary Emma Popkin, Frances Pritchard, Martha Purvis, Zaidee Lou Read, Myrtle Reiser. Mary Katherine Rhodes, Kathryne Roesel, Dorothy Russell. Elizabeth Schneider, Dede Schulze, Virginia Scruggs, Hazel Serotta, Harriet Shmerhne, Rita Sttiling, Ellen Symms, Marguerite Tooie, Mary XVainwriQht, Edith Walker. Helen XVard. Mary Louise XVaterson, Ann Willits, Mary Ellen Glee Club ACT I.-H. M. S. PINAFURE ACT II.-H. M. S. PIN.-XFORE BY MOONLIGHT CAST UF CHARACTERS Joseph Porter, K. C. B.. .,,, ,, ,,., ,Mary Katherine Ru ei Laptain Corcoran ,,,,,,,, .. ,, ,, ,ullede Sclineidgi Buttercupn , ,. ...,.,, ,, ,,,. ,,,, , , ,, Constance Ralph Rackstraxx ',,,, Zaidee Lou IUIXI Jo Lpllille ,,.,...,, ..., , , ,,,Shirley kount Dick Deadeye ,. ,Harriet Sexotti Boatswain ,,,, ,,,,, ., ,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, A ,Ann XYMU t Hebe- VVVVV ..,,, , V ........ ......... . . Carrie Buln Tu o Marines., .,,. Ellen Stelling' and Marguerite Sy mm CHORUS SAILORS GIRLS Katherine Best Shirley Blum Laura Lee Boyd Audrey Brunkhurst Mary Carswell Virginia Corr Dorothy Douglas Frances Dunbar Rena Grizzell Louise Hains Barbara Hamilton Anne Hammett Margaret Marshall Mary Mullin Mary E. Paulk Mary Emma Pierce Dorothy Roesel Elizabeth Hussell Mary Ann Toole Helen YValker Margaret Burton Julia Mae Embry Rose Erster Catherine Goodwin Ella Mae Googe Emily Greene Ruth Holt Jones Mary Lewis Pauline Madebach Evelyn Meredith Frances Popkin Martha Pritchard Myrtle Read Hazel Scruggs Mary Louise YVard v k Uramatics Dramatic Club Qfficers President ......,................ ....... .........,,.,A., D E DE SCHNEIDER Vice-President YAA......Y,,.......,,. ........, R OBERTA PHILLIPS Secretary-Treasurer .........,...... CARRIE BAILIE Members Aaronson, Charlotte Aaronson, Estelle Acton, Constance Bailie, Carrie Best, Kathryn Bignon, Celeste Carlisle. Beatrice Carswell, Elle Carswell, Mary Chandler, Evelyn Chapman, Sara Jane Denny, Mary Clark Dickerson, Dorothy Franklin, Doris Howell, Martha Hammet, Ann Jones, Elizabeth Martin, Jane O'Daniel, Anne Phillips, Roberta Reese, Agnes Roesel, Katherine Rubenstein, Frankie Schneider, Dede Serotta, Harriet Sheftall, Margaret Swint, Josephine Symms, Marguerite Torpin, Elizabeth Torpin, Mimi Van Deusen, Martha VVaterston, Ann Wright, Alice Wright, Gloria "GAMMER GURT ON S NEEDLE Cast of Characters Hodge Roberta Phillips Diccon Dede Schneider Gammer Mary Carswell Dame Chat Carrie Bailie Cock Jane Martin Tib Margaret Sheftall Doll Mary Clark Denny Bailey Catherine Roesel Dr. Rat. Charlotte Aaronson Stage Manager Evelyn Chandler Director Ann Braddy Student Cuunril Officers President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,,,.,. D EDE SCHNEIDER Vice-President .....A.,..,.,,....,,, ,... .,,..., M A RY MAE WELLS Secretzlry-Treasurer ,...,..,,,..A ,..............,, . ANN WILSON Captain Student Patrol .,,A., .KATHERINE SCOTT Faculty Advisci ',,,,,,,,..,,., MISS BETTY PONES SERVING TWO TERMS Adams, Betty Arthur. Barian Barnes, Gwendolyn Eignun. Celeste Xlackwell. Lucile Capers. Frances Capers, Marian Douzzlas. Dorothy Duke. Lillian Dunnway. Julia Frey, Alice Gaffney. Betty Grizzc-ll. Rena Houston. Virizinia Howe. Mary llderttin. Emma Johnstun. Josephine Kennedy, Betty Kuehnel. Hannah Lanier, Frankie Mallet. Louise Mann, Lueile Mathews. Sara Morgan. Frances Mc-Donald. Hazel Odom. Evelyn Peikins. Edith Phillips, Rulrerta Pruntaut, Dorothy Pruitt. Katherine Puivis, Zziidve Lou Members Purser, Pauline Reese, Evelyn Rhfodes. Kathryn Searbnrouuh. Dixie Shmerlinr. Rita Smith, Marpzaret Story. June Wheeler. Betty YVilliams. Juanita Woodward. Cathernie SERVING ONE 'TERM Adams, Virginia Athearn. Doris Baker, Mary Baker. Myrl Baker. Myrtle Harwich. Marilaret Bonne. Evelyn Boyd. Hazel Hoyd. Dolly Bray, Lydia Brentnell, Daisy Campbell. Dorothy Cauthen, Mary Cawthurne, Myra Cook, Bobby Creamer. Florence Culley, Janice Daniels, Nell Dudley, Mildred Elliutt. Mildred Gibson. Virginia Givens, Evie Hamilton. Barbara Hillman. Juanita Hixsun. Esther Hunrlley, Viruinia Jester. Jessie Jones. Harryette Jones. Juanita Keith, Louise Kerr. Jean Krome, Vera Laudrum, Emily Lamfley. Claire Messiry. Fanny Miller. Ann Miller, Evelyn O'Connor. Louise Parker, Bernice Pound. Edna Ray. Jean Rickersun, Kathryn Schleis, Gladys Shephard, Mary Smith. Evelyn Sullivan. Mary Taylor. Ruth Temples, Grace Temples, Martha Thurmond. Ollie Mae Toole. Mary Anne Wrizht, Anne Yuuml. Leila Tubman Atllletics - - fllthletic Flssocioltion OFFICERS ANN WATERSTON ...,v,A4, .Y . ,. ,, E .v ..,,., , Y,. . , FRANCES BENNETT E,,,,,,E,..E,E,E,,,,,.... ,E.,, V 'i e Piexlclent MARY KATHERINE REISER EYE..EEA ...AYE.EEE, S e ietfus DEDE SCHNEIDER ..E...EE,,..EEEE..E ...EE..,.E,,E .,E,,, T 1 'eaxuiei BETTY ADAMS Y,v.,... Manager of Point System MEMBERS Margaret Cawley Harriet Daniel Dorothy Douglas Louise Hains Barbara Hamilton Georgia Paquette Evelyn Rhodes Doris Robins Catherine Roesel Margaret Sheftall Marguerite Symms Ida Hall White Anne Wilson Basket Ball SENIORS-CHAMPIONS Waterston, Raiser, M. A. 1Capt.5 K Bishop, M. F. Bruwn. P. Schneider, D. Serotta, H. Bennett, F. Roberts, M. AAtP'E'31'l'l. D. Goclbee, F. Scott, K. Purser, P. Buttle, T. Roesel, C. Carstarphen, M. ...nl JUNIORS Cawley, M. Best, K. Robins, D. Adams, B lCapt.j Paquette, G. Howe. M, Elliott, C. Paulk, M. E. Schwitzerlet, E. Popkin, F SOPHOMORES Arrington, K. Wilson, A. Arthur' M' Daniel, H. Bussey, M. fCapt.J ' Augood' B. Pierce, M. L. Mullins, M. Wyatt, M. 'K Volley Ball SENIORS Snider. L. Bennett, F. fCapt.j Courtney- E' Ca1'sta1'pl1en, M. Scott' IX' Schneider, D. Purser. P. , r Battle T. Relser, M. lx. Hunclley, F. lveus- C- Waterston, A. Brown, P. .IUNIORS-CHAMPIONS Cawley, M. Burns, D. Murray, M. Paulk, M. E. Adams, B. Paquette. G. Bryans, E. Phillips, R. Elliott. C. Hall, S. Best, K. Boswell, M. Hains, L. QCapt.J Stelling, E. Howe, M. Rowe, A Sheftall, M. Kp SOPHOMORES Allgoocl, B. Landrum, E. Landrum, F. Wilson, A. Wyatt, M. Hamilton, B. Scott, M. Chavous, P. Arrington, K. Bussey, M. QCapt.j O'C0nnor, C. Carry, M. Symms, M. Readdy, D. Brunkhurst, A Walke1', J. M. Arthur, M. Mullin, M. Corley, C. Hockey' SENIORS Schneider, D. Wells, C. Watersmn' A' Schwitzerlet, E. fCapt.j Bennett, F. Carstarphen, M. Hogan' E' JUNIORS-CHAMPIONS Russell, E. Popkin, F. Elliott, C. Paquette, G. Robins, D. Howe, M. Zoller, E. Murray, M. Best, K. Paulk, M. E. Stelling. E. fCapt.j Hains, L. Cawley, M. Sheftall, M. Adams, B. SOPHOMORES Symms, M. Heath, E. Bussey. M. CCapt.l Patterson, F. Gehrken, C. Arthur, M. VVyatt, M. George, J. O'CODIl0l', C Blackwell, L Wilson, A. Allgood, B. Chavous, P. Keenan, A. Freshman thletics -- Basket Bull ?0VV9. Barnes, G. enny, . Y Hardy, R. Eeuihri' R' Edmunds, H. fCapt.j T100 el' B- Rat., J' YanDeusen, M. Gresham, E. Wheatley, M. Volley Ball R29. J- Ward. D. Lanier' F- Ilderton E Barnes, G. QCapt.J , ' ' Howe' D. Baker, E. E. Vaughn, R. White, I. H. Fleming, B. Cannon. E- Edmunds, H. Wheatley, Arndt, E. Grear, D. Maughon, D. Rhodes, E. Blackman, R. Jenny, E. Hobbs. E. Grady, A. Soccer SECTION QA! Kirkland, F. Capers, F. Baker, E. Howell, M. Gibson, E. Arndt, A. Elliott, C. Morgan, C. Shearer Barnes, G. McElmurray, M. Hensley, L. Lanier, F. 1Capt.J Blackman, K. Cater, L. Tankersley, J. Burgess, F. Wainwright, A. SECTION CBD genny, Van Deusen, M. fCapt.l rear, . C k .' B. Hooper, L. VZTUEI R Scharnitzky, J. D ' ' Arrington, L. Cannon' E- White, I. H. Mulcay, E. Cumming, N. Daniel. A. SECTION CCD CHAMPIONS Reddin. C- VVoodward, C. 33519, 1Capt.J Lee, H. Gordfm' W' Hardy, R. Greeson, V. Maughon. D. Scarborough, D. Wheatley Whitaker. S. Gresham F ventures - - Stotistics School Scenes The History ot Class ot l937 l9S7 Flashes ot the Class ot l937 The Last Will ancl Testament ot Class ot l937 Contributions ' C 6 . +3 I -fi onfaablc UCY'50.+nlC, i Voted Hy The Seniors -- PRETTIEST CAROLINE HULL FRANKIE KREPS CONSTANCE LANIER HANDSOMEST JOSEPHINE SWINT FRANCES HUNDLEY ty. If MARY FRANCES BISHOP The Qualifies Exempljhed By These Girls Make 'Y -' r I ,S the J .- Ai . 'S P1 - - ,.:: . --A----, -X .::55:'-YS' 1' '1'35:: an .:-rfrgl: -','!-:.-.:.'. ,wp--:gI.f::2i ,lfyeffzg 1' -. Q .wJ .. -- W K, J-E2143.-FEIZfR?i:frl'2'f'v5' ' ,f 1 ' . ol. "fPf"'f'Is'I'3'-':'3I'-': -'F-?'r.'N11'f" - E, Zff'':'"x':'f':':':i'i':':'?1'5:'1'T:'1':'"ff. .-'-'.-.- -,f-.'.-.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. x-.'.-.'..-,-.'-.': ' - ....-n.........-,..'..., A-- -5-"1:1:1:r-1--1ss:-:-:-1'-.1:sis 0 I o'- q'n'g n fu.: u':'. o s 0 '01 o'g'7',' '-' ' if ,X u , Q ' x U . -nu nf.: .l,N. Q... . ez' kkqx HELEN IRVIN MARGARET MCARTHUR Individual Sincere MELBA CARSTARPHEN ANNE HARRIS Original Charming DEDE SCHNEIDER MARY KATHERINE REISER Versatile Intellectual FRANCES BENNETT MARY MAE WELLS Athletic Popular A Composite Of The Ideal Tubmon Girl "C The lllarli and The Hulfl Now we ll give a cheer for Tubman, lCl10l'llSl FOI' the 331001 W9 IUW The IUUST- So with voices loud and strong EV91'm01'9 well Sing hel' DIYUSES To her name we li raise a song: And her name shall bg our boast. 1401- to 1161- our heal-fs belong To the t0D XVQ'll l'3.lS3 llel' COl01'S 3 loye untold' V Alld h91' Stallfl?-1'ClS GVQI' h0lfl- Then we'll cheer the Tubman High Then let us give a rousing cheer May her sph-if ng-ey dig: For the Tubnian Black and Gold! X'iC-tgyioug may fly Then let US give 21 rousing Cheer Dear Qld Blank and Gold. For the Tubman Black and Gold! v , -X ELMA BELL. 25 f- h A S W s""'-- ,.,,,,s ' Senior Class History Freshmanus vigororus: invariably said "Yes ma'am" to Mr. Garrett, got lost whenever it changed' classes, established in the schoolyard a playground including two famous rides, the rope swing and the pipe slideg showed signs of great athletic ability by winning a basketball game from the seniors. Sophomorus intellectualitus: paid strict attention to its lessons, took home A's and A plus's on its report card, exihibited a capacity for learning such as had never been previously observed in any inhabitant of a high school. Juniorus enthusiasticus: dropped all thought of lessons, but entered heartily into everything else, strongly supported all school activities with particular emphasis on dances. Seniorabilus gravus, virtuosus, et dreamius: worried noisily when habitat with classmates only, but became extremely calm and dignified around others-especially the Juniors, roused itself from thoughts of the future barely long enough to win the basket ball championship, going back into dreamy seclusion when it realized how many of its classmates were getting married. -MARY KATHERINE REISER '37, Ik Sk 3 8 l957 Flashes oi the Class of l937 Good evening! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Ann Waterston, announcer for Margaret Ann Zimmerman's Dated Dress Hour, bringing you up to date gossip. Flash! - Prague, Czechoslovakia. The world's greatest adventuress, Margaret Stulb, stopped here over night. Miss Stulb is touring the world on the money she saved by not attending cash night during her last year at Tubman, in Augusta. She has as her companion, Miss Lylette Dunn. Flash! -- Baltimore, Md. Madame Eloise Capps is making a name for herself since she opened her exclusive beauty shoppe' on Maine Street. Today she gave the Lord of Winsor a manicure. The foreign Dukes and' Duchesses patronize Madame's shoppe very often. Assisting the Madame in her business are Misses Carpenter, Davidson, and Maloney. Flash! - Miami, Fla. Miss Dorothy Swartz, millionairess, has eloped with a blond, sun-burned giant, who was a life-guard on Miami Beach. Miss Florence Sikes and Miss Celeste Savage, both life guards on Miami Beach, insist that the romance came about from Miss Swartz's being' caught in the tide after she saw the blond giant. Professional jealousy! Flash! - New York, N. Y. Misses Eloise Tussing, Helen Sims, and Grace Roper have formed a caravan to explore the mountains of North Georgia for possible Indian mounds. Anthropologists are' waiting breathlessly, but not sympathetically, for the outcome of this expedition which may prove that you can't tell a mountain from a mound. Flash! - Washington, D. C. Miss Mary Katherine Reiser of Augusta, Ga., has been honored by the president by being made head of the Federal Reserve Bank. She has chosen the following staff of able assistants: Miss Lucille Questelle, Custodian of Lincoln Penniesg Miss Thelma Perdue, Custodian of Pennies fMiscellaneousJg Miss Violet Burton, Custodian of Buffalo Nicklesg Miss Frances Cloud, Custodian of Nickels fMiscel- laneousbg Miss Evelyn Miller, Custodian of 1937 dimesg Miss Montez Odom, Cus- todian of Dimes fMiscellaneousJ. Miss Reiser means to begin at the bottom by making the nation penny conscious. Flash! - Camden, S. C. Miss Caroline Lamar Hull socialite, has taken a cottage in Camden, S. C. "I have been to 336,764,921 parties," said Miss Hull, "and I am sick of 'em." Flash! - New York, N. Y. Winona Roberts is on the boards again. She is taking the part of Silvia Shank- foot in her own play WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? Flash! - Washington,.D. C. Miss Constance Lanier is teaching geometry in National Cathedral School for Young Ladies. Flash! - McBean, Ga. Miss Elease Goodwin has accented the position as steward:-ss on the XV 317, com- mercial airplane that flies from McBean to New Savannah Landing, meeting ocean liners that ply up and down the Savannah. Misses Elsie Harrison and Goldie Key are river boat captains. Flash! - New York, N. Y. The French Chapeau Shoppe, owned and operated by Mills, Munday, and McManus, opened here today. Get your M. M. and Mg they're all the go. Flash! - Washington, D. C. Misses Sallie Price, Louise Rachels, and Mary Lucille Rosier are still in Washing- ton, trying to get the president's ear to present their plan of connecting Augusta with the Gulf of Mexico by means of a canal through Florida. Keep at it, girls, the home town is with you! Flash! - Washington, D. C. Just a minute, there seems to be a counterproposition. As a matter of fact there is a counterproposition. Misses Ann Haggerty, Martha Oliver, and Catherine Green are in Washington trying to get the president's other ear. They wish to connect Augusta with the Gulf of Mexico by means of a tunnel under Georgia. Miss Tracy Beutell is on hand with plans for the tunnel. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. S. H. Kress and Company has added three new members to their staff. Miss Nell Daniel will decorate the windows, Miss Greene will render musical se'lections on the Victrola, and Miss Louise Cleveland will preside' over the pool of gold fish. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. A group of Cash Nighters, who for the last twenty years have been hopefully attending Cash Night, have organized a sit down strike on Broad Street around the Confederate Monument. They are Misses Florence Godbee, Estelle Hadden, Annette Ramp, Mary Sweat, Betty Ferris, Sybil Wylds, Elizabeth Torpin, Martha Pritchard, Louise Keel, Enise Kirby, Calire Langley, Christine Green, Natalie Bostick, and Pauline Madebach. More later. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. Miss Claudine Wells and Miss Clara Hall have opened' a garage in Augusta. They have launched a fleet of pink taxis operated by Miss Helen Owens, Mill Nell Eubanks, Miss Leonora Owens, and Miss Lois Davidson. Flash! - Cleveland, Ohio. Miss Elizabeth Tankersley delivered an address here on "Why Contented Cows?" Miss Tankersley says that she has nothing against cows but that she wants to interest the public in contentment for all animals. Flash! - New York, N. Y. Miss Daline Barden and Miss Nettie Maude Dangler are earning 55,000 a day as comic artists on the New York stage. They hope to get better salaries later on. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. The Augusta Chronicle will begin a new feature tomorrow. Advice to the Love- lorn by Misses Virginia Frank and Virginia Beam. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. Frey and H. Gary is a new store that will specialize' in clothes for the Tubman Girl. The clerks are Misses Mary Blackwell, Ruth Murphey, Dorothy Walters, and Gladys Williams. Flash! - Chicago, Ill. The Red Camellia Night Club has found itself a new dance team in Shiftals and Ulanda. They may be remembered as Miss Eddie Stringer and Miss Harriet Serotta of Augusta, Georgia. Flash! - Hollywood, Calif. Today a new directress has been hired by the Television Studios to train Miss Shirley Temple ia rising actress! for the main roll as Scarlett in the old but favorite novel "Gone With the Wind". This person, Miss Elizabetih Pound, threatens to become well-known in the next few years for her southern accent is especially delightful to the people who have heard her. Flash! - Hephzibah, Ga. At the annual Country Fair here today, the other house-wives were outclassed by far in their fancy baking, for those delicacies that won the' ribbons belong to Mrs. U. C. Smith iMiss Mary Frances Youngblood! and to Mrs. U: B. Jones fMiss Marion Barwickl. "Delicious" pronounced the judge. Flash! - Greenwich, Conn. Miss Evelyn Odom's Coffee Shoppe is a recent addition to the landscape outside Greenwich. The place is attractively fixed up as a stable, and amid fresh smelling hay one drinks tea and eats dainty wafers. The attractive waitre'sses in Miss Odom's Shoppe are: Mildred Moragne, Katherine Scott, Dorothy Haynie, Rose Young, Eliza- beth Read, Catherine Parker, and Janet Scott. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. "For Those Who Wish To Knit" is a new enterprise launched by Miss Frances Farr. Miss Mary Lou Bussey serves as an assistant to Miss Farr's pupils Who throng to learn the secret of their teacher's art. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. The exciting Love Beauty Parlor opened here today with Miss Jerry Frances Glenn in charge. She assures each and everyone that they will get their money's worth of beauty when they intrust themselves in her care. Her staff includes the competent Jane Harries, Frankie Kreps, Katherine Pruitt, Vivian Ponder,, Frances Bennett, Edries Farr, Jane Sanford, Hannah Kuehnel, and Martha Lamkin. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. Four most efficient young women were honored today by the Medical College in Augusta. Misses Madelyn Woodward, Mary Roessler, Sarah Elkins, and Dede Schneider, Surgeons in the University Hospital, performed an operation that produced a permanent permanent. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. - Tubman High School. Two Freshmen were carried on stretchers to the First Aid Room Monday due to the slight temper of the gym teacher, Miss Melba Carstarphen. An eye witness said Miss Carstarphen, who was giving a tap lesson asked two girls to show her the "slap" step. As she turned two girls slapped the teacher, and she in turn socked them in the eye . .... Tch, Tch, Melba was always noted for her quick replies. Flash! - Coral Gables, Fla. That dare dare-devil of the race tracks, Miss Reba O'Conno.r, won her tenth victory over the male racers today when she crossed the finishing line ten minutes before anyone else . Miss Anne Calhoun left the tracks in tears, for her favorite horse Backgallop came in eighth out of eight. Flash! - Washington, D. C. The third woman ever to be a member of the United States Senate is Miss Rita Shmerling, former Mayor of Augusta, and Governor of Georgia. Miss Shmerling won her way to the top through her dynamic speaking voice. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. For a cooling and refreshing desert which is rapidly gaining popularity try "Mother Greene's Emulsified Illusion." Congratulations, Dorothy Greene. Flash! - San Francisco, Cal. Miss Bette Johnson and Miss Marguerite Pearre, both of Augusta, Ga., have booked passage on a liner that will sail from New Savannah tomorrow. Miss Johnson and Miss Pearre are going to the Orient to continue their research on molecular at- traction. Flash! - Little' Rock, Ark. A heroic deed occured here, yesterday when Miss Evelyn Scoggins snatched a child from the past of a lightning express train just two hours before the' train crashed over the tracks. The child was Helen Knight Incase, the daughter of Helen Knight of the 1937 class of Tubman High School. Flash! - Vidette, Ga. The three story skyscraper that is being erected here is the work of the noted architect, Miss Helen Irvin, who is distinguished for her work in Euorpe and the two Americas. Flash! - Detroit, Mich. The strike is on. The employees of the Workers Supply are' on a stand up strike for softer chairs. The strikers are led by Eleanor Courtney, Winifred Outz, Lillian Stewart, Melva Deuble, and Mary Tanner. They say that if a thing is worth having, it is worth standing up for. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. The sneezing epidemic that started in the home of' Miss Thelma Battle has spread rapidly. New cases reported today are: Miss Louise Beneteau, Miss Sydell Badger, and Margaret McArthur. Flash! -- New York, N. Y. Miss Julia Mae Embry will appear tomorrow night as Aida in Miss Josephine Heath's production of "Aida" Miss Frances Cannady is understudy for Miss Embryg Miss Erma Stephens, for Miss Heath. Flash! -- Lon Angeles, Calif. Miss Ann Harris was chosen queen of the orange festival today. This is the fifteenth year that the honor has gone to Miss Harris. A nursery school has been opened for the tots of Philadelphia. The City Council Flash! - Philadelphia, Penn. has chosen Miss Gwendolyn Smith as supervisor. Flash! - New York, N. Y. The dashing brunette on the Reflecto Shine Makeup Billboard is Miss Josephine Swint. Just a knock out! Flash! - Augusta, Ga. Miss Elizabeth Suhr has given up teaching at Tubman to go ints the real estate business. Misses Betty Kennedy, Virginia Corr, Carrie Bailie, Beverly Newbery, and Mary Frances Bishop are still teaching at Tubman. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. Miss Hazel Scruggs of New York and Augusta has opened her gardens to the public for the benefit of her old Tubman Teachers, who are living together on lower Broad Street. Miss Scruggs hopes that the public will respond generously. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. The "Georgia Queens", Ethel Thompson's orchestra, played at Tubman for two periods today. The sextet, Lillian Duke, Hilda Sturgis, Florence Stewart, Dorothy Dickerson, Marion Maxwell, and Ponder Brown sang "Happy Days Are I-Here Again." Flash! - New York, N. Y. Southern girls are still storming the city. Margie Walker, Carolyn Dorn, Shirley Koontz, Mary Louise Owen, and Charlotte Aaronson are all starring in leading roles in the stupendous production "Grapefruit Trouble." Flash! - Augusta, Ga. Miss Schurr is sueing Miss Margaret Peters for libelous portrait of Miss Schurr in Miss Peters' novel "Torn With the' Wind," in which Miss Schurr is pictured as a sissy. Miss Catherine Roesel is the prosecuting attorney, while Miss Madge Horton is defending Miss Peters. Flash! - Appling, Ga. Miss Elizabeth Jeffcoat has been made manager of Miss Marguerite Ellis' ice plant here. Flash! - Augusta, Ga. Misses Mildred Head and Mary Mae Wells are heading a social security program for orphans. The supervisors of the project are Misses Mary Clark Denny, Betty Thomas, Hazel Shelton, and Virginia Farr. This concludes our program. We will be with you again Thursday at 8:30 Eastern Standard Time. MARGARET ANN ZIMMERMAN KATHERINE SCOTT ANN NVATERSTON 4: ar if ar fl , . sz 'S 5 i N ig f" - A lrrr . ,N . ,.., "' in J -S. mmf Burning Up The Faculty Bam! - Bam! - Rat-a-tat! - Knock, Knock! - BAM! It was October 28, 1957, and the entire Tubman faculty was clamorously charging the gates of hell. "Who the deuce is that?" asked Satan in a bored way of the imp that was on guard at the door. "The faculty of Tubman High School of Augusta, Georgia, Continent of North America," squealed the imp, gleefully. "Let 'em in!" boomed the devil, as he blew the fires of perdition into a glowing white heat. The little' imp threw open fthe door and grinned a welcome at the faculty. Because they were cold and were anxious to get to the fire, they ignored him and rushed in pell-mell. T. Harry was noticeably embarrassed. He could only say "Pass in quietly, girls," to Misses Braddy and Strauss, who were' ill imannerdly attempting to get ahead of the other girls. They knocked' Miss Page and Miss Fender on the floor. "Here, here, Ann. You and Grace will have to do better than that." The devil spoke in a gentle fartherly manner . Mr. Garrett, explaining that he felt sort of responsible for them, endeavored to apoligize. To cover their breach of manners, he started to introduce them to Lucifer. The devil waved' aside the introd'uction, "why, I'm well acquainted with these girls and I'm sure they all know me. It was getting too hot down here for Lois Eveg she sidled toward the door. Miss Miller wasn't far behind. They made a dash for the last few steps, but an imp was there before them. They ran straight into his tricorne. Satan catching sight of this, let out a good-natured guffaw. "Haw, Haw! but you'll get used to it, Lois. I never thought that it would be too hot for you down here." He winked slyly at Mabel Byrd, who laughed self-consciously, then turned scarlet and' lowered her black curly lashes. "But, maybe I had betten get you folks more suitable clothes," he' continued. "Haw, Haw! "Here imp-Get the devil cloth." "Goody, goody! New clothes." Marcia Clark was jumping up and down with ex- citement. "You know, Satan, I've made more than one thousand dresses in my day." "You have?" The devil was politely interested. "Listen, Mildred," Elizabeth Brisendine turned toward Mildred Cartledge. "We can make some cute red, shorts like those I showed you at Kress'!" "Uh-ah-er I don't think red will look so hot on me." Well, well! Now isn't that just too bad?" inquired' Lucifer sympathetically. "Why ?" Mildred didn't like his tone of voice, "We don't have any other color down here except red." "Oh,---oh! Well, all right. I suppose it doesn't make any difference,--but how monotonous!" Gertrude Comey was definitely not interested in this discussion of colors. Her gaze was fixed on a little imp who, with his chin resting on his hand, was staring vacantly into the fire. She darted toward him wi-th "Are you sick, little imp? Do you feel all right? Don't you think you'd better go to the First Aid Room? You know, I once had a girl to get sick in my class and I-" Startled, the imp jumped up. Then throwing back his head, he replied impudently: "Ya dern tootin' I ain't sick, Gertie! What do ya think I am? A sissy? I'm tough!" he boasted. Floored by such an unexpected reply, she backed hastily away. In her hurried retreat, she stumbled on a red hot poker and said: "Oh,-the dickens!" Then as an afterthought, "Pardon the expression." Smiling, Mary Gilliland minced toward a group of' residents of Hell. She glanced at all their faces, as if seeking some one in particular. At length, she headed for a figure well known to mathematicians of 1937. "Oh, Professor Einstein! Guess what? L have learned how to trisect any angle." She waited to see the effect of this state- ment. "I solved it the day before I came here." "Really?" The professor was resigned. "I'll look it over." She' handed him the roll of papers on which she had worked her problem. Susie Langford and Sarh Fullbright, unwilling, but curious, crowded' around the professor. Einstein scratched his head and looked down at Miss Gilliland. "It must have taken you a long time to do this example. It has two hundred and one steps, I see." "Yes," Mary snickeredf' but it was easy. I only wonder that you didn't think of it yourself." She smiled with affected modesty. Einstein shook his head politely. "Mary, I wouldn't hurt you for all Hades, but I have to tell you. Your solution is wrong. You made a mistake in the second step!" Mary Gilliland's set smile collapsed with surprise. "But Professor, you couldn't be right! I checked and rechecked the solution." The' Professor looked hurt. "Look here, Mary, if I know anything about num- bers, two and two make four. Now!" Mary retired, crest-fallen, amid the uncon- cealed laughter of Susie Langford and Sarah Fullbright ..... Some people don't believe in love at first sight. Maybe it doesn't happen on earth, but it did in Hell when Eleanor Boatwright and the' Tubman faculty made their explosive entrance into the lower regions. She saw Cerberus guarding the gates to eternal fire, and she was overwhelmed. "What a pretty dog!" She knelt and tried to pat each of the dog's three heads, while he, with equal affection, had an advantage over her, in that he had three tongues with which to return her caresses. Now, Cerberus has abandoned his post to follow Eleanor, with dog-like devotion, through every flame of Hades ..... "Whee!"' Ann Braddy jumped over a flaming chasm with a grace and ease that she had learned' years ago at Tubman. She swaggered past an admiring group- Lora Pearce, Mary Balk and Belle Walker-who were gasping at her feat. She picked up a piece of chalk to mark up her score. A cheer went up when the crowd realized that she had broken her own record. Ann Braddy was the best athlete in Hell, and don't think that everybody didn't know it! Every one of her sweaters had a large red "H" on it. In fact, she was a "one-man-team!" .... Way up under the skylights of Hades, Liza Dowling bent over a long row of test tubes. Suddenly she' straightened and a loud "Eureka!" echoed' in the farthest depths of Hell. The devil. followed by a train of imps, flat-footed it to her side and, with a coppy drawl that he had acquired from a newly arrived policeman, inquired: "What's going on here? What's the excitement?" "Through a complex synthesis of deduction," Liza began, "I have arrived at a process by means of which kinetic energy can be made to become a substitute for sulphur. Acting on this suggestion, Mr. Lucifer, I am assured that the fires of uh-ah- Hell, can be continued through all eternity. I am positive in my conviction that this chemical process cannot be confounded." "Teh, tch, teh! Such thaumaturgy," the devil observed .... "Mr, Lucifer," Dora Hains approached Satan with her usual business-like manner. "I've worked out a schedule by means of which Hades can be run like Our Tubman!" Satan cast her a quizzical glance. Then, "Dodie, don't you remember a well- known motto that you used to drill into your Freshman Latin class 'V' Freshman Latin class ?" After thinking a minute a smile of recognition broke out on Miss Dora's face. Triumphantly, she exclaimed, "When in Rome, do as the Romans." "Right, And when in Hell, do as the Hellions!" Some imps were toasting marshmallows over the coals of Hades when Ruth McAuliffe walked by. "Look," one of them tittered, "can that be Miss McAuliffe?" Unfortunately, Ruth heard the reply "It seems to be her." She leaped up and downg she screamed, she tore her hair, she bit her nails. Her eyes rolled wildly as she sputtered out, 'Won't you ever learn! Don't you know that the same case follows the infinite as goes before it?" Satan led her off to a cell where she sits, broken and mumbling continuously, "The same case follows the infinitive as goes before it." Dorothy Halbert started jazzing "There's a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight". The Devil grabbed Mary Miller and started trucking, while Mr. Garrett and the faculty looked on. Across the room a flame parted, and Mae West swayed into the room. Mr. Garrett gave one look at her then sped out on the floor, calling, "Swing your partners, gals!" MELBA CARSTARPHEN '31 FRANCES BENNETT '37 i ik Ik IK Reports As the hands of the clock crept toward two, my heart grew heavy. The words that my teacher was saying thumped dully against my brain, for I had ears only for the buzzer that would send me back to my home room to receive my report card. I tried to go over my record for the month and to recall enough good recitations to save myself from complete disgrace. The' buzzer sounded, and I rushed out of class and down the hall to my room. I slipped quietly into my desk and waited. Glancing around the room, I saw smugly smiling faces QI knew they would make the honor rolljg in- different facesg and puzzled faces QI knew that they could remember no more than I what they had done.l My name' was called. I put my hand out for my card, but I could not bring my eyes down to look at it. I held' it stupidly for a moment and then laid it face down on my desk, all the while trying to penetrate the' thickness of the card to see my grades. The bell for dismissal rang. I slipped my card into a book and rushed out. Alone and trudging up the hill, I slipped my card out bit by bit. Four C's! My heart was light again. I had passed' everything. FRANCES BAKER '39. as sf PF if A Gem I have a lovely necklace I only wear at times, Because it brings my heart to throbbing like the sound of silver chimes. It's made of pearls of memories, strung on the string of years, And every pearl is set and sparkles with a thousand tears. WINONA ROBERTS '37 A B C D E F G H I .I K L Tubman Alphabet is for Alex Who does the work here' And is pleasant and smiling All through the year. A-Amiable Alex. is for Braddy Who knits all the time, And reads to us poems That don't even rhyme. B-Big. busy Braddy. is for Comey Who stands in the hall And says "To the right girls" VVhich we don't do at all. C-Conscientious Comey. is for Dowling Who digs in the bogs Searching for lizzards, Tadpoles, and frogs. D-Diligent Dowling. is for Eve Who makes us all worry A demerit for lateness ls the cause of our hurry. E-Efficient Eve. is for Fender Who's quite fond of Scott tHe wrote the "Talisman"y I'm sorry I'n1 not. F-eFancy-free Fender. is for Garrett So pleasant and kind When sent to the office, We don't even mind. G-Good, gentle Garrett. is for Hains Our teacher and friend And for letting us pas' We'll thank her no end. H-Helpful Hains. is for Idiots That covers us all The fat and the skinny, The short and the tall. I-Illiterate Idiots. is for Joneses fWe've two of them herey, They both teach us English Year after year. J-Jocular Joneses. is for kindness That's what we require But if we ever get it I'm sure we'll expire! K-Killing Kindness. is for Lanford Who thinks that X-square Is really most interesting QWe don't even care.J L-Learned Langford. M is for McAuliffe Adored by her class So pretty, but strict We hope we can pass! M-Magnetic McAuliffe. N is for Nachman But Oh, what's the use To know about nations Or what they produce. N-Natural Nachman. O is for Owens Who seals our doom By saying in library, "Go back to your room." O-Obdurate Owens. P is for Page VVho says that we should Behave in our classes And try to be good. P-Pacific Page. Q is for questions The teachers all ask But for knowing the answers That's really the task. Q-Quantitative Questions. R is for Rogers Who really is grand In teaching us typing As well as shorthand. R-Reliable Rogers. S is for Strauss Who thinks we should yearn To speak correct English, And try hard to learn. S-Sympathetic Strauss. T is for Time That all of us spend In making excuses Which help us no end. T-Terrible Time. U is for us Who come here each day Sit in our desks, And then go away. U-Useless Us! V is for variety Of which there's a lot Just count Qfor varietyy The demerits we've got. V-Vicious Variety. VV is for White The good things she malu s Fill us with envy, She's got what it takes! W-Wonderful White. X is for X-ams We hope we won't flunk But as for exempting I'll say we are punk! X-"X-quisite Xams." Y is for you Much worse than some By reading this bosh You've proved you're duml Y-Yawning You. Z is for Zero That I always get Someday I'll get perfect, I never have, yet. Z-Zounds-O what Zero's! ELIZABETH BRYANS '38. N! ,QL ri! A' Q . s ff? 'see ' 5 'QCPQ 'Q Qs? 5.632 'fin Q Q O s Q . .xx 1 D .4 444. AA 41.44 vo.o"m'ozb.o:q.9'o on , 4Wk sn ' 9 Rfb '-' ff l A Pl ,y ' ,ru , 3 ' . J Q .Q Q f'6fcfNvf,Q w Qi ,XF im" ll' , Q- Wgi " ,Wf Wlg... A W , , f . I 21' F ,af 0 '- K 3, N-' rf F " X . N' cchzkl U Pnzczous LITTLE PIECES K jf!Tg 711 LTNUSLAI. CXNIDI be-0 U 90 1 L- xx , .x A .N , I, 7 v . , , f - X 0 ... 1, rl kk ,A I A ,Inj I ,' ... ' . YT 1 f . . ' .. 0 K A ' I A 1 Q. ifllf--1 --- 4 - , nf -W Y V W ' .0 b . K- u V -W ,,Q,,, ,Amr A AY, , , ,,YV Y ,,,,,,,, V 0 , . - , 441.-f. , - -- - 7 Q ' . . ..'. 'Q' X . . . N 1 ' o ff ' . ' . : 'Q 5 'E . ' Y I , : i ., ,g X 6 'Q ' . 4' ' . P Q X ' Q, 0 0 X . 1 . 4 1 4 X c . . , O 0 v . . Q I 3? s- 5 .q -0. 'N-' in D'9'X0'AIO'9'O'0'O'Q'6"O'0gO'Q':L'O ' ' 0.0! IOZOIOICIQIOI0gIOI01gIOIC 'U v V 'v1 +' V +' V Y . '. -' "' v Y Y 'Y V . ' . . n 0 o n 0 0 0 0 0 0 a s o c 0 0 I 0 I 0 I 0 O O 0 l 0 0 I l 0 I 0 I STEVENS ENGQAVED ' ' 7-of 72052 WAG fave 72712 7bAz'nf.4 Compliments of The National Exchange Bank 823 Broad Street AUGUSTA - GEORGIA GROVETOWVN LUMBER CO. GROVETOWN, GA. G Manufacturers and Distrib-utors of BETTER LUMBER If z't,s a Question of Bonnets . . . There's one place in town for the Correct Answer! WHITES MILLINERY DEPARTMENT - ON THE SECOND FLOOR - UQ Q TWHHTPE CED The Citizens 8: Southern National Bank No Account Too Large---None Too Small Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Merry Brothers Brick and Tile Company Quality Products FACE BRICK, COMMON BRICK. and HOL-LOW BUILDING TILE 401 - 405 Marion Building A g t G g REMEMBER GIRLS Make HIM Build YOU Th t N H of Brick F MERRY BRICK BUILD HAPPY HOMES TUBMAN GRADUATES WE CONGHATULA TE EACH OF YOU ! I We are proud to be located in a city with such a splendid institution from which you are now leaving. An institution that stands out in educational circles everywhere-and in- stitution that has trained many fine girls who have taken their places in our community in such an admirable way- an institution that you will always be thankful that you attended. We are proud that we have in the past forty odd years had a part in the lives of other Tubman graduates-in furnishing high class building materials of all kinds for their homes. We are hopeful that when you begin thinking of your home-that you will think of us and let us have that part in your life which is so important-that of establishing a home of your own. AGAIN WE CONGRATULATE YOU AND WISH FOR YOU ALL THE GOOD THINGS YOU RIGHTFULLY DESERVE. Woodward Lumber Company "Forty Years of Faithful Service" Roberts and Dugas Streets Augusta, Georgia Tuhman High HINGS and PINS QFOR ANY GRADUATING YEARJ Manufactured by HERFF-JUNES COMPANY H. S. CANFIELD, Georgia Representative 1560NDtRd AtltGg COMPLIMENTS OF IMPERIAL, MODJESKA RIALTO, AND DREAMLAND THEATRES Que? z'Az"dy yeati mafbfzj- -Qcfive .gaotfi MH For QT!! inf byomen GYM SUITS DANCE TOGS RIDING BREECHES SKI SUITS BEACH WEAR PLAY TOGS KENILWORTH MFG. C0 GRADUATES of TUBMAN!! If your training to date has included in it some practical knowledge of the use, function and importance of money, you are fortunate. Master the use of income, however Small, for both happi- ness and Success in later life depend largely on the ability to manage money. A banking connection can be of material asistance in that undertaking. Georgia Railroad Bank 81 Trust Compang RENDERING BANKING SERVICE SINCE 1833 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Pt. G. MCGQWEN St CQ. PRINTERS it PUBLISHERS ,, TYPQGRAPHRRS 726 ELLIS STREET TELEPHONE 522 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Lincoln Lincoln Zephyr Get that Y-S Feeling H6 I 118511 H. P. 1 OT I-l. P. Proyefl in the Past Improved for the Future Walker-Durant Motor Company, Inc. Phone 300 Broad at 14th St. Augusta, Ga. Compliments of GEORGIA PUBLIC UTILITIES CU. "YOUR GAS STORE" Geor2ia-Carolina Daries 927 Walker Street Augusta, Ga. Compliments of N 1, ' S. ba no ten eg ICE CREAM and MILK Visitors are cordially invited to visit at any time our certified dairy, Old Savannah Road. McDonald's GROCERIES AND MEATS Augusta, Ga. Stark-Empire LEE BLUM, Owner LAUNDRY CLEANING DYEING Plant, Druid Park Avenue Phone 1811 Ever since Mother was a Tubman Grad. It's the same story . . . "It came from White's-- of course." Q Haifa Z Compliments of C C 4, 26 I , f l , Cl gl 0011 x Vllg Cjfores "DRUGS WITH A REPUTA TlON" 902 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. Phone 4016 Compliments of THE C. E. WARD CU. New London, Ohio GRADUATION CAPS AND GOWNS GOWNS FOR SCHOOL CHOIRS BAND UNIFORMS "RADIO SPEAKS YOUR MESSAGE" WRDW "Entertainment - Information" J. C. PENNEY COIWIPANY INCORPORATED 840 Broad St. "IT PAYS TO SHOP AT PENNEYS' ENGRAVING, BOOKS . FINE STATIONERY COMPLIMENIS KODAKS OF PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES The Quality Shop OFFICE EQUIPMENT Murphg Statiunerq Cu 720 Broad St. - Augusta, Ga Phone 1780 Compliments- of Orange-Crush BCTTLING CO. "The Only Pure Fruit Orange Drink" Compliments! of TRULY' S' ZH GD 'IE S' 852 Broad Street NIGHULSUN BUICK GU., Inc. BUICK AND PONTIAC Sales and Service W. B. NICHOLSON, President J. H. NICHOLSON, Sec. Sz Treas. 627 BROAD STREET Augusta, Georgia Maxwell Brothers 933-35 Broad St. Furniture, Radios, Frigidares and Drapery Department Phone 4000 ALLBURN DUAL AIC CUKE Patronize AUGUSTA IEE 81 DUAL CUMPANY HOME INDUSTRY Cold Alone Is Not Enough BICYCLES MOTORCYCLES R. L. SUMERAU 81 SUN Hu gen! teak ,J AUGUSTA'S SWEETHEART FOR HATS "Smarter and Less" I B. Whites W'11'f 1 Beauty Shop 1cLEL4Ngalsd S MRS. STELLA G. LEIPOLD, Manager 932 Broad St. Telephone 3500 432-4-6-8thSt. Phones 3 - 4 "A Clean Place to Clean Clothes" Wm. Schweigert Sz Co. JE WELERS 846 Broad Street Compliments of WaA'ez'5 fefuty flop 207 4th Street PERMANENTS, BEAUTY TREATMENTS, AND MANICURES Phone 1397 These Pictures were made by SALES STUDIO Herald Building LIGHTING FIXTFRES HOUSE WIRING EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Whitney McNeill Electric Co. Phone 1316 640 Broad St. We wish for you a Successful Career STULB'S DRESSES, SWEATERS, KRAFT Cheese Kitchen Fresh Mayonnaise Miracle Whip Salad Dressing FOSTER C. SEGO Distributor Henry Wcathcrs Motor Company Incorporated MASTER DEALER HUDSON-TERRAPLANE Show Room: 549 Broad St., Phone 621 Augusta, Georgia WESTINGHOUSE Refrigerators Phoenix Home Equip. Co. 809 BROAD STREET IN. L. MCCRARY. Jr. O. O. M'GAHEE President Vice-Pr::s'd t VN S POOLE H A FORFSON S t y T 984 Broad St. A R GEHRREN D pt Wig Compliments of Harry C. Vaiden INSURANCE COUNCELOR STANDARD Savings 8 Loan Co. of AUGUSTA Southern Finance Bldg. Phone 3841 Augusta, Ga. Complimen fs of M oEImurray 8b Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS 9 Eat Potato Chips Salted P-Nuts Peanut Butter Sandwiches 1129 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. The Best in Eats and Sodas will always be found at Compliments of Hill's Cafe - Sodas 628-636 Broad St. H' "Augusta's Only Curb Service" Parking Lot For Your Convenience O t' l S vice that I p lcaSatl3sllies vqoffemdn- Mffez MEREDITH UPIIGAL 60. Zmpfny OPTOMETRIST OFFICE SUPPLIES AND and EQUIPMENT OPTICIANS Telephone 4372 740 Broad St. Augusta, Ga 103 - Sth St. Augusta, Ga. Harhins Florist FLOWERS FOR ALL Ivy Motor Company DODGE - PLYMOUTH OCCASIONS , Sales and Service Metcalfe at Walton Way Phone 7231 519 Broad Street Member F. T. D. Augusta, Ga- Compliments of ll. IE. Ellintt Sana Compliments' of Collins Bakery Company Phone 96 226 Fifth Street E. J. ERHELDING 8a SUNS Plulubing THE DIXIE PIG BARBECUE SANDWICHES AND SOFT DRINKS Of All Kinds East Boundary and Broad There is no substitute for QUALITY llANlEL'S SHUE REPAIRING 831 Broad St. - Phone 141 Compliments of BENSON'S DORR'S GOOD TASTE APPAREL 724 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. BOBS CANDIES Are Good Wholesome Candies Ask for BOBS by name At all A 8: P Food Stores and other retail outlets Bobs Candy 81 Pecan Un. Albany, Ga. We Solicit Your Patronage JERNIGAI HARDWARE UU. HARDWARE - STOVES PAINTS 1033-39 Broad St. Phone 219 KIRBY'S MARKETS Quality Meats, Reasonable Prices Freshest Seafoods 5 Markets to Serve You Compliments of S. H. KRESS K CO. 5c - 10c and 250 STORE 834 Broad St. Compliments ot General Tire 81 Supplg Compang "Augusta's Master Service Station" Broad at 12th St. Phone 2600 Compliments of LEAGUE, llUVALl. Ku PUWELL REALTORS Compliments of George W. Hains LUCkhaI'l, 8 Compliments of Q Incorporated J Established 1902 REAL ESTATE A FIRE INSURANCE 807 Broad St. - Augusta, Ga. FRIEND Compliments- of HENRY DARLIN6, Inc. CHEVROLET BCDLYARDS BARBER BEAUTY SHOP SHOP ALWAYS BETTER Hotel Richmond Augusta, Ga. HULL, BARRETT WILLINGHAM Si TUWILL ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Compliments of T. 1. Carslarphen Go. Distributors of JOHN RUSKIN AND FLOR DE MELBA CIGARS B E N SU N 'S STORAGE GARAGE STORAGE - WASHING GREASING Vulcanizing - Battery Service GASOLINE and OILS Telephone 13 836 Ellis St. Compliments of Augusta Police Department Sporting Goods Comvlimentsof Headqu-mefsr BELK WHITE Bowen Bros. Hardware Cu. COMPANY 905 Broad St. 843-845-847-849 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia Augusw, GH- Compliments of .Fluqusta Beauty Shoppe C. J. Williamson ol Co. Investment Securities 140 Eighth Street Telephone 671 Augusta, Ga. Compliments of Andrews Brothers Cu. 870 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. Compliments of AUGUSTA OFFICE SUPPLY fr EQUIPMENT CO. 306 8th Street Phone 1497 - A. COHEN L. I. COHEN Augusta Roofmg Alufg ' 1 88 Metal Works OUTFITTERS FoR Youn Boi' InC0rD0f2'f'f' Phone 4263 976 Broad sn- 'Augusta Ga. EVERYTHING IN ROOFING Aft th Dance ' On a Date - Stop by WARM AIR HEATING FURS1-,S 623-625 Reynglds St, Fon THE SANDWICH ni-:ucxous Plwfle 4172 Al1gLlSt3., Ga. rUns1"s BAKERY sHoP-Denic-:asm 1152 BROAD ST Telephone 3514 MAN EL' ' G S Fr1edmans'JeWelers MISSES' and WOMEN APPAREL 820 Broad sr. Augusta, Ga. 826 Broad Street Diamonds, Watches, Silverware, CAMELLIAS - AZALEAS ROSES - OUR SPECIALTY 250 Acres of Nursery Stock FRUITLAND NURSERIES Radios, Chinaware, Glassware, Optical Department Your Credit Is Good 35 2Qf're1AZrz7. . . ' fa.. - - IT WILL REFRESH YOU? TGC I' - D R I N K ' I N B O T T L E S 5 It Get The Full of Refreshment Augusta Coca-Cola Bottling Companq Plant: 620 Broad St., Phone 2212 Branch: 209 Tenth St., Phone 1400 CENTRAL CLEANING 8: PRESSING CO. Established 1921 WHERE GOOD CLEANING IS NOT EXPENSIVE Augusta, Ga. YOU HAVE THE WORLD BEFORE YOU Q0 2' A-5:27 - ,iff-'K WE WISH You EVERY SUCCESS! axon Zfffum LET THIS ' LABEL f 1 BE A - an DIE ' 7 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA YOUR GUARANTEE OF STYLE AND QUALITY The I ones Furniture Co. 1010 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA, GA. ' A Your List ig ' 4 With i t l' W. p . Q G 43 A u 1 7, YQ' A 1 j' S ,f Ay' f -5:1 - ' -A 446:16-1 V S -"' is lx , ,D PM I x ia. C GASTLEBERRYS FUUU U0-v AUGUSTA, GA. Portraits by SALE'S STUDIO Group Pictures by SALE Action Pictures by SUE AND ELMER RANSOM Interiors by MONTGOMERY HARRISON The School by REALARTS STUDIO Portrait of Mr. Garrett by REALARTS STUDIO Printing by R. G. MCGOWEN 8x CO. Winn runnin U Snurnone All-AUGUSTA .rmrr Nlxqn vp nu urn Bring Us Your Diploma to Frame Baileq Furniture Cn. T12 BROAD ST. IAIJQUSTA DAIRIESGI TASTE mrs .2 :cs CREAMI QL AQ g .lahn2bll I l ier Engraving Eu. 'Jahnf2i1lmerHgaiii Af? d Mk ofF PtgPl1f Blk Cl 817 bkifinffon 9 Ame 6Az'cafo,.9ffZnoz'.1 -7-Aera J o5u6.4tz'tutefozguzz'fz'fy Lost Will and Testament of Senior Class of l937 Georgia, Richmond County. We, the Senior Class of Tubman High School, 1937, of said State and county, being of sound and disposing mind and' memory, do make this our last will and testa- ment, hereby revoking all others that we have heretofore made. Item 1. To Ann Hammett, Beverly Newbery leaves six inches of her height so that Senior Ann won t be mistaken for a freshman. Item 2. To Roberta Phillips, Margaret Peters leaves her ability to be both seen and heard in hopes that Roberta will overcome her backful ways and' acquire strong vocal chords. Item 3. To Miss Conley and Miss Page, we leave ten keys to fit their desks so that between them they might be able to secure a key to open their desks in the morning. Item 4. To Miss Braddy, the Senior English Class leaves one copy of "Roget's Thesauras" in hopes that she can find some other word to call their themes besides trite. - Item 5. To Mary Elizabeth Paulk, Jane Sanford leaves a book on "How to Walk in High Heel Shoes." Item 6. The Senior Biology Class donates to its successors a fresh vegetable garden, not excluding worms to be' used in bi-secting. Item 7. To Miss Boatwright, we leave a pair of knitting' needles to pick up the stitches in the sweater she knitted during the presidential election. Item 8. Vivian Ponder reserves her front desk in room 22 for Margaret Sheftall, Item 9. To Nelle Bond, Mary Clark Denny leaves one' box car of chewing gum so that Nelle's heart won't break every time she has to deposit her gum in the waste basket. Item 10. The Senior B Latin Class leaves to the future fourth year Latin students one translated conv of Vergil's. Aene'd so that they will not be tempted by that shining red book on Miss Dora's desk. Item 11. Margaret Ann Zimmerman leaves to 'Goat" Gridley, her Well worked out plan on how to get thin by continuous devouring of chocolate sundaes. Item 12. To Audrey Black, Winifred Ouzts bequeaths the duty of keeping her class informed on all current events of importance. especially political questions. Item 13. To Miss Dowling, we leave a case in which to keep the soap that she collected' from the Chemistry Class. Item 14. To Dorothy Prontaut, Helen Irvin bequeaths her charming dimples. This sixteenth day of March, 1937. -Senior Class of Tubman High School. Signed, sealed, declared, and published by the Senior Class as their last will and testament, in the presence of the undersigned as witnesses thereto, being called in- dividually and specially by the Senior' Class as witnesses to their will, they first signing the same in our presence, and we then signing as witnesses in their presence and in the presence of each other. This sixteenth day of March, 1937. Catherine Roesel. Mary Tanner. I . ,jv .WH . , W . . 4 . 'ft 1 " r 'r ' 1"'f1f ' 4 -Af -,.v- ' 5 -, ,hh 'z"L-"W" ' ' M, ' '. '1 ,-ff -V 1 Q. , X 'K z' xg WBQW A LN 3' , l' 'L 5 . if -I ,f 'Lf 21 ltj If 1 -. - A - A 'NE-w ' i4 ' ' -4 FL, M N, . ,.'1'kf,' "f qv . 'ff .J 4 sql" '1 A 4 .un -2.-X 4'a,,-- 9- - Q ", A 1' -fi j-mfsiki, 9 . - JI' A. .,. Aw 1, Jw . 4 -'X' 14 l , riff 11,1 .3 .C-,, , P. L,.,4"i- hi. ,J W"-I . v. ,...r . A-.55 'fvk-5-1 ' -4-Qrffig ' .a. N: JP -ij-n 'ny J-A "1 ., Q ' A ,. 1,541 "1 A V Q. 1.- J .Ivy V ' .efy V. A v . 'rf PJ-: Q 1. - ! V! r i. xr.. , . V4 'wgi ,, Ha- 4,2-M' v-,-"-,V -wx -,vu ,M 1, ,, , , .JL 1 , 5-. . V, I '4 'I , , v 113' r 1 ,J:"-.. 1. .I H, ' fb.. v.L- Q, 4-K 4136. 5.4.- -zvfg-2 .Q.f,' ,I " 1 4 - , ,I - . ' . ,".,,., - , 'As' l Q . A 1 , , 1 ' n iq., ' .,, .4 ' 5 . 1 1' 4 L W. . 14 I' s fu 1 f .1 'K M 1 Uv " J 1 M m -4 Q '-'--me J . -,.. u. ' r'fgg.p" .' -J, 49' ,HUG ' Pt v-gf! pac . .,-g- . . "Cv: . f 'Q' 555' ,, Kgs' I, 'nf , - 4 - sz , ., . ' x' ,. ll ' I, -. .I ZEN, . ,LU ' 13335 u. J f - 1:-93,7 E? . 43 . Q-1 .1xx'-.i',s-:PAQ 4 I '- f.. r Q-- ""',5'f'-:"Qf 'f ' -'nun' , ' v , A' a . . .54 ' ' "Marg, 'JEL 'i'F-'2?fi.3"- ' " 554' . ' .um ,,.,.,'. . , fl A ly, .M-.-A I.-. - .vi -'L' 1 f . . 4, W- ' ' "-' ' ri-f-4, ' . 1'R4:'v"- . T 'fr f- '. "' ' r ' 4 K V 1 I N. All i l 'ga . ".1' f - " ,:,g,, '-Quiz. A 'J , . . N. f - .' ,4 qv." ju' 'S - 4 4 ., X' : ' ' ' A " ry 'V' "' :, lv ' ,J ' 'Tlii' ' 'vu' ,wr ' 1 . 1 ,Y 4- A -ugf--Ar-' 1 ,a ',','4."1A'5.--T5 - 1. vtlxaz -' 1

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