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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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,Ar ,,1,' ' .ff , -- Q J. 1 ' ' 1- .' ' F7 I ' ,!?7xQ A . , 'Z' 4 .Vp 'il' 4 U , t' Vx , 1 'l 'Y' A KL' I n M 'X I A ' ll ' H n Y I! 'f I L I - K . . 3 i' ft Y 4' V rr . -It ,K R L , - w x D ' A ' l 1 . ' " ., -' -'u V, E 12 Af. , 1 ':. I rv-, '..l 'rx F 5 x 'Y W. :ffl "L ff 'xr--19' 433 ' , 3 1'- ' . 11 ' .", a gg r s' , ,fm I , A 'ky ffl' ., lifi. v I K gn 5 4 i Q il ' 1-" v L ' . 4. . I- .-' ,. -xf -. . ll .r X v-. f ' -- A' - K 1' vga .l V- 5 f xg 1 4 JO' ' fd , I I , A, ,u K ' C' 'P' t ,,. - ., . , A, J. .4,.x . . Ji.. wi N. lk 55.2 I1 I ,Q M 2,023 .. , 1 . 1 X, Pt . :I 5 ,N . . K an x ' ' ' 1 f ,' I " N., y . 1 1 H N' 1 v, , ,L ' M ij , W Q n .- -4' -' v : . V H K k.'f2':w'-:w':m V I-' :4 f1I'f fl I f,4Y5"'I-ll . 1",.4,.'g' 1' ,fri wj .vs ' V, .s,., ' I , -g N V A hh ' - ft 'KW 1 'r 'sg' ' "Ah, L ' iiyf 1',J, 4' J '. P 5 sf! 'E ww: ' , 4 .3 , .E ' -I -uv A L .. .A ' ug' ml" v N 'I x A . Y. I ' 1 5 n 4 , H, 'f' J ' ' vf? , fu ,r 5, ff. v . 91+ I 4 , ,gp Q2 I , I ,cf 1 A3 . pa' in " - . r - " ' A ,t'. W. , -4' .' , A, . H,-' 'A 4 , , 1 f 1 .. 2- -L K ,- ' 1 Ju 1 ' ' , . ' Y- . I'- . V' . . 2, X P gb"- . x I' , T x 1 'F' V ,IV , 1 ' 1 wa. 2 IL 2. ' 1 .4 4 f,A. M1-vp .a ', 17 1 , , y eyirwk 1' -J ,xii A 3 K fad, 4 K- 5. 3,44 1.4.1311 1 I ,, . "Al , J rl: " r f 'ri ' , M, n H.. C? L, II? 'HI J YAIDS AND ANIAN H HHH g"""' LMI: Vw? ll 5 P O . . 1. , I' . 1' ' ' 14.-:'w."v . 3 ' - 'J -E f 93, I O , -f 111 u , 5 '. ' v - fn- Q .I ' P I 9 , I a .Q ' A -' v . 4 , ,i 2 -. v ry., ref' Y .I 1 V . -xg - J'1 A. . ...I ,tv V .U-,Q Lffix, v 4 1' 'lil F!'1'.k,, L'v"' F 'i4!!.f4! i PLL' x ' O I , - '. U .4 ' 'Q . -- 'U 1 -I 5 f K, 4. 9 'V '.' E EP' ' 19 nfl F h -V I- Y' f - ' T. 1 4 5 . . Q ,,i Av . .V . . Y Z - .P XA -'v -, .rg-I -.,, .P if MH 1-+- N -1 w , 1 -N. Q w il .1 " . ,"5'74.5l3'Q' ." , . ' . 5 1 ' j.'aEi', .Lmpjf M ' ' .T.j:.gu. A'-v.-Y Y 4vA-.-.Jx,.v.v4-N,-v.v.v.,,-,-v.-.-.v.'.v.i,x,-va.v.w,i Av- rv,-v.-v-v-Av-'A -1 f f J .-M .-fl! 'QSANDAMAN PIAID5 AND A MAH PUDLIJHLD DY THE. wvnmwo TUDFIAVN HUGH JCHOCIL.. u..o0'.o.e. v...r-"?' --,,AA--.N,-,N,.--...------ ,A :M H. MAaasmoAmAn C911 I he fullewin ez eg Me, The Bayard ofqfgdigbrg have endeavored I0 pref Sen! Ihe hislwrg of our -5011001 and The memuries Qmpee ljuld mms! de an, f' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "" A '-"N,-'e'A'A'A4 5'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'A'-' ll? J , I Ir MAuosANoAMAN 5 TTT H C? x. :ff To Sleanm 'mint Boatwrighl Cllumna Teqcher friend we ra Ie fu I I? and gffectionat ly dedicafe ihis ufolume. .-.-Av.-.v..v, YAv.v.Q.v.vAvAv.v.v.v.vk-,-,--Av-Av.v4N,-v-Y-v-v.vAv-A-Av--v-v-:Y-v.v.v4. D i' 'i' 11'l"':T MAIDSANDAMAN 5 'IJ L.-v-H-as.-url! m??Hhv-e g,,Q.Lau..J,7f QQJEAAJ-Q, age Seven 9 - , v v v v - v-v-.L-.-v-:-v-:Y-.Av-.A.-,Jxz--,-,-vA,-v-,-,-Y-v--,-,-,-,-v C? fx MAsos.ANoAmAN ml 'Q H-un-Mr" .4 ., ,D ',,, 3 .Q " 5, Miss Dora Hains CClass of 18991 in her graduation dress from Tubman High School. Facult C? 'A""""T"A'A'A'v"'NA'A'A'NA'A'S"'A"""N"'A"'A'S''""""'I'A"' 'Iv I Eymgnos. Ano A MAN Sijlfi ' "?'T ' viefwfws -J' fp" L HH TH ?dc'u!z' T. H. GARRETT, Principal 1935-1936 MISS A. DOROTHY HAINS Assistant Principal-Latin MISS ANNIE M. PAGE French MISS GERTRUDE J. COMEY English MISS MARCIA A. CLARK Domestic Art MISS WILLAMETTE GREEN Mathematics MISS LOIS EVE Science MISS DOROTHY HALBERT Music MISS ELEANOR BOATWRIGHT History MISS EDITH NACHMAN Industrial Geography MISS LORA M. PEARCE English MISS SUSIE LANGFORD Matahematics MISS BELLE WALKER Civics MISS MARY GILLILAND Mathematics MISS ANN BRADDY English MISS MARY T. MILLER Spanish MISS MABEL BYRD English MISS ANNIE B, DANIEL History and Civics MRS. M. M. OWENS Librarian e T c n MISS SARAH FULLBRIGHT Mathematics MISS ELIZABETH DOWLING Science MRS. MARGARET WHITE Domestic Science MISS ORALEE KING Commercial MISS EDNA ROGERS Commercial MISS EDNA MAURY Physical Training' MISS MILDRED CARTLEDGE Physical Training MISS MARY EVANS Commercial MISS BEULAH FENDER English and History MISS ROSINA PEARL French MISS GRACE STRAUSS History MISS BETTY JONES English and History MISS RUTH McAULIFFE Latin MISS MARIE HULBERT History and Science MISS ELIZABETH SHEELY Commercial MISS MARY MILES History MISS BERTHA CARSWELL History and Algebra MISS MARGARET JONES English and French MISS MARY BALK Secretary I-,.-F' Af'-'A'A'-'-'A7A'A'-'4'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'-'A""'A'-"5"'-A-'v'-Av' -'-'-'-'-'iv'-4--Av Q' : 1-5 'lg MAuosANoAmAN ml"?fN A H' Courses of Study Subjects offered at Tubman High School are grouped by Courses. The following tables show the Courses with total credits earned by subjects in four years. A B C D College-l'r'ep. College-Prep. Business General English . 4 English .. . English ,,,, 4 English ,,,,, .. French . . 2 Latin ,..,. Algebra . . 1 Algebra Spanish .. 2 French ,..,.., Civics ,,,..,.. , . 1 P. Geoni. , . Algebra . . 2 Algebra . Ind. Geo. . .,..,... 1 Science , .. P. Geoni. . I P. Geom. Com. Arith. .. ...li Foreign Lang Civics ........ . 1 Anc. Hist. Science .. ,..,... 1 Anc. Hist. , Anc. Hist. .. 1 Ani. Hist. Economics .. Eng. Hist. Eng. Hisl. I Science ., Stenog. . . .. 2 Am. Hist. Am. Hisi. . I Elective .,,,, Type W. , ,,,. 2 Civics . Science . 2 Phys. Train. Bookkeeping , 1 Economics ,, , Elective . . 1 Business Pr. 1 Ind. Geo. Phys. Train. . Eng. Hist. ...., .. 1 Elective ..., ,. Am. Hist. M 1 Phys. Train. Elective ............ 1 Phys. Train. Total ...... .... 18 Total. ..... ., ..... 18 Total ......... ........ 1 8 Total. Each of these Courses is based upon four main subjects per year. All Courses require approximately the same amount of work and give the same unit value toward graduation. Students must choose one of these Courses when they enter the High School. Changes from one Course to another are difficult to make. When changes in Courses are made usually more than four years are necessary for the completion of the required number of units for graduation. The electives are Cooking, Sewing and Vocal Music Qin classy These Courses are practical. Every student is required to earn a total of one unit in Elective subjects during her High School Course. Each Elective subject is rated upon a basis of one-half unit per year. Physical Training is required of all students unless they are excused upon a D0ctor's certificate. Simple uniform gym suits are required. The School Library provides excellent facilities for collateral reading in all Courses-. A select list of current magazines is on file in the Library. A full time trained Librarian is in charge. Page Eleven v-.A.-v---var.-.ls-.--4' v'v'--A--A.-,1x1--,-,-vAv IB MAIDSANDANINV bm -1:9 "Ir "I,r"1'?H'5H 722 li Q Twelve JC'fgEl16!7Z2 Now well give a Cheer for Tubman, For the school we love the most. Evermore we'll sing her praises And her name shall be our boast. To the top we'll raise her colors Anil her standards ever hold. Then let us give a rousing cheer For the Tubman Black and Gold! Then let us give a rousing cheer For the Tubman Black and Gold! 1ChorusJ So with voices loud and strong To her name we'll raise a songg For to her our hearts belong With a love untold. Then we'll cheer for Tubman High May her spirit never dieg Victorious may fly Dear old Black and Gold! -VELMA BELL, '25 v'NfA-'A-f'v'-f-Av-.--.-.1xf-,-,-,A,-Y-,-,-,-,-.-,-,-,-,Av-va 1 ,IE MAuns- AND A NLAN ym 'Q X W ,,. SENIORS-Marion Coles Phinizy in the graduation dress worn by her mother, Mrs. Ferdinand Phinizy -fMary Paxton Porter, class of 1910.3 S . Page Thirteen C :rl-A r"-1 raw-W-7' V --v-4-,-,-v-v-.4v4.A.-,sig-,-.'v'v-v+.A.-.-.-,-,1xf-.-v-v-v-5?-v-Av-'A-A'-'.'.v.'.v,' 2 ng MAIDSANDAMAN mls' PM h SZ Senior Class Officers LJUNEJ BETTY IRVIN s,s.....ws,ss, ,.sYsYssssss...,, A,s,.,..YsYsss,,,, P 1 'esident RUTH TANNER ,,s,s..,..,s,ssss, ,.,,,, V ice-President BLANCHE HENSLEY As.. ..vs,, S ecretary Senior Class Officers QFEBRUARYJ OSTELLE FLOYD ,,...i,ii,.,....,.iiA,..,.i,,,..,. ...,,ii,iiiiA..,... P resident LIZZIE MAE BARNES .,sssss s..,... V ice-President ' MILDRED POSS iii.iiiiA .iAii,i S ecretary MISS ANNIE' B. DANIELS .,.,iiii ,..,.. S enior Class Sponsor lxgv Fourteen M-AF " L. E- ESTELLE FLORENCE ANDERSON n The milclest manners and the gzentlest heart." EMILIE CATHERINE ANDREWS "A tender smile, our sorrows only balm." MIRIAM ARNDT "Why should she study and make herself sad?" MARY VIRGINIA AVRETT "Thy soul was like a star, and dwelt apart." IVIE HENDERSON BAGGS "Oh, how full of briars is this work-a-day world." 7. Ki: i T' ,Gs ilggfh SARA SEDWICK BAILEY "Her feet delight in dancing." LIZZIE MAE BARNES "She hath a daily beauty in her life." MARY ANTHONY BARNES "True as a needle to the pole, or as the dial to the sun." I DORIS ELIZABETH BENTLEY "The first great work la task performed by fewj Is that yourself may to yourself be true." Page Fifteen li -Q s P LEOLINE LOUISE BLACK il If to her lot some errors chance to fall, Look to her face and you'll forget them all." ESTELLE BLUM "What's gone and what's past help should be past grief." SARA BOLGLA "I'm sure care's an enemy to life." MARGARET JEAN BRADDY u If reasons were as plentiful as blackberries I would give no man a reason upon com- pulsionf' MARGARET ELIZABETH BROOME Ai Let gentleness my strong enforcement be." Page Sixteen IU! fin 7 ,W 'N ,K X J x JJ W 52 VIOLA LAFAYETTE BROWN Blest. with that sweet sim- plicity of thought So rarely found and never to be taught." BETTY THERESA BRUGGEMAN Bid me discourse. I will en- chant thine ear." MARY EDNA BUSCH "We meet thee like a pleasant tlvougl1t." DONALD BUSSEY I shall never be ware of mine own wit till I break my shins against it." u MARTHA BURGAMY "True humility, The highest virtue, mother of them all." LOUISE BURTON sa He's armed without that's innocent within." CATHERINE CALLAWAY "SWeetly did she speak and move Whom to look at was to love." EILEEN FLORENCE CHAPMAN But thy eternal summer shall not fade." ELLEN COCLIN 'Silence that spoke and elo- quence of eyes." A CORRIE ELIZABETH COLCLOUGH "Candor is the seal of a no- ble mind The sweetest charm of woman." ww- FLORENCE CONSELYEA "Youth-full of grace, force. fascination." MARTHA LOUISE COOPER "Do you not know I am a woman? Vllhen I think I must speak." ANNABEL RAGSDALE CORLEY "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit." Page Seventeen NELL ELIZABETH CORRY "My heart is like a singing' bird." LCE ELLEN CRAFT "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men." ALLEN SHERROD CUTTS "My tongue, though not my heart. shall have his will." ESTELLE MARIAN DAITCH n Gravity is the ballast of the soul, which keeps the mind steady." EUGENIA GAY DALY u An honest heart posses a kingdom." Page Eighteen as 5. qs :m Qld r' IRENE ELIZABETH DANGLER "Modest and shy as a nun is she." LILLIAN DUCKWORTH "But clay and clay differ in dignity Whose dust is both alike." ELEANOR TUTT DUNBAR "I am not only witty in my- self, but the cause that wit is in other men." RUBY VIVIAN EDMONDS "Angling is somewhat like Poetry, Men are to be born so." B2 i Q JULIA ELIZABETH FARR "A girl she seems of cheerful yesterdays, And confident tOITl0I'1'OXVS.U REBA ELIZABETH FARR "VVhat cannot be avoifled 'Twere childish weakness to lament or fear." CECILE DURBAN FIELDER "And if it please you sog If not, why so." IVA ODESSA FLETCHER u Tranquility! Thou better name, Than all the family of Fame." OSTELLE FLOYD "Is she not passing fair?" 'E-L5 VIRGINIA FOGLE "Happy am I: from care I'm free! VVhy a1'en't they all con- tented like me?" YIVIAN LESLIE FOSTER "Her eyes are stars of twi- light fair Like twilight, too, her dusky hair." BONITA ESTHER FREEMAN "For the gods approve The depth, and not the tu. mult, of the soul." ALLEN FUTCH "She had the genius to be loved." Page Nineteen f . - ELIZABETH TERESA GARNER Thou hast a mind that suits With this thy fair and out- ward character." MYRDIE JUANITA GOODMAN Her only fault is that she has nonef' OPAL GRAVES And even her failings lean- ed on virtue's side." MARTHA DARLINGTON GREENE She that could- think and ne'er disclose her mind." LYDIA MAE GRIFFITH She is well paid that is well satisfied." Page Twenty ANN CORLESS HAGGERTY "She has occasional flashes of silence." EUNICE HARRIETTE HALL "What ever she did, was done with so much ease, In her alone 'twas natural to please." MARGARET LOUISE HALL "My mind to me a kingdom is, Such perfect joy therein l find." ELEANOR LUCILE HARRISON "I would help others out of a fellow-feeling." 'mm 'Qs 'Q BLANCHE ALMOND HENSLEY Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, An excellent thing in wom- an." KATHRYN HENRIETTA HILDEBRANDT Yours is the charm of calm, good sense." ROSE VVARDLAYV HUNTER All that I see in you is worthy of love." EVELYN HUMPHREY And still care not a pin, what they said, or may say." C BETTY IRVIN Hast so much wit and merit and spleen about her, There is no living with her or without her." E' 5 T' 4. M n as TI-IELMA IYEN IYEY It doesn't pay to worry: things are bound to happen anyway." LORENE JENNY There is no greatel' delight than to be conscious nf sin- cerity on self-examination." MYRTLE JOHNSON From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot, she is all mirth." FRANCES JOHNSTON Wit is the salt of conversa- tion." Page Twenty-One - I , lla of A 'Q' JESSIE MUNROE JONES "Her eye was bright, A well of love, a spring of light." JULIA ELIZABETH KELLY "But though that place I never gain, Herein lies comfort for my pain: I will be worthy of it." ELIZABETH KITCHENS ca A merry heart goes all the day Your sad tires in a mile-a. FRANCES ERNESTINE KITCHENS "Ah, why Should life all labour be?" FRANKIE HILL KREPS 'iHer very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maid- ens are." Page Twenty-Tun 1 fir' BERTHA MAE LEMMONS "Principle is ever my motto, not expediencyf' DOROTHY ANN LEMON "Gentle of speech beneficent of mind." EVELYN LEVER "She is gentle that doth gen- tle deedsf' MARGARET ANNE A LOFVING 'iWise to resolve, and patient to perform." f? MIRIAM CATHERINE MCKEOWN I love tranquil solitude And such society As is qwet, wife, and good." MAY MQLEAN "My nature is subflvxll To what it works in, like the dyer's hands." MARY ELIZABETH MADDOX 'Thou hast no fault, or I no Iault can spy, Thou art all beauty, or all blindness I." GEORGIA MANNING "Those about her, From her shall learn the per- fect ways of honor." MARY ELIZABETH MARSH 'Kindness is wisdom. There is none in life But needs it and may learn." I HELEN EUGENIA MILES '4The greater man, the great- er courtesy." MA RY MITLJHUM "For tho' thy faults were thick as dust in vacant chambers, I could fiust your kindness." MARY ALYCE MIZE "None knew thee but to love thee Nor named thee but' to praise." ELIZABETH AGEE MORAN "The one thing in the world, of value, is the active soul." Page Twenty-Three iw WM 'VK X. MARGUERITE MORRIS "There is no wisdom like frank- ness." ELIZABETH AARON MOSS "I pray thee then Write me as one that loves his fellow men." LUTHER NELL MOXLEY "Her modesty' is a candle to her merit." NELL MATTIE MOYE "It is better to wear out than to rust out." ELIZABETH NEWMAN "I never knew so young a body with so old a head." Page Twenty-F0 'i,j,,,,l' " H '4. J 111' 3 ,X MARGARET LOUISE NEWMAN J' 6' "My own thoughts Are my companions." MARGARET EMILY NEWTON "That inward eye which is the bliss of solitude." RUBY EVE LYN OGLESBEE 'tAccorciing' to her cloth she cut her coat." JANE STEWART PAQUETTE "Worth, courage, honor, these in- deed Your sustenance and birthright are." CARRIE PAPPAS "Your hearts desires be with you." V v K , 1 H J' T 4 3' Us gig, we ' '21 K' lhiffif -F MARY ELIZABETH PEARSON "Joy rides in me, like a sum- n1er's morn." EMMA SIBLEY PERKINS "In thy face I see the map of honor, truth and loyalty." DOROTHY PHILLIPS "She that was ever fair and never proud Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud." MIRIAM PHILLIPS "Let gentleness my strong enfoxcement be." MARION COLES PHINIZY "Who mixed reason with pleasure And' wisdom with mirth." 2 fi! Q Qu .J L SARAH PIERCE "I am not merry, but I do beguile The thing I am by seeming otherwise." VIVIAN LEON PLUNKETT "A book is a friend that never deceivesf' MILDRED POSS "Some smack of age in you, some relish of the saltness of time." ELEANOR CODY PRINTUP "And still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all she knew." Page Twenty-Five ZA I fb 1 f Q .1 1 X 4 -v x 1 , 1 MARTHA JULIA PRITCHARD A mind serene for contem- plationf' EMMA LOUISE PRONTAUT She bore a mind that envy cculd not but call fair." MAE RACHELS Smooth runs the w a t e r where the brook is deepf' MARY RACHELS True beauty dwells in deep retreats." ELIZABETH REESE Men of few words are the best men." 'age Twenty-Six 'B Px 'X MARGARET RENNISON "The mirror of all courtesy." EUGENIA ANITA RODGERS "From the looks-not the lips is the soul reflected." MABEL LOUISE SANDERS KLMIltI'l admit me of thy crew, To live with her, and live with thee, In unreprovkl pleasures free." FLO ERLE RUSSELL "The glass of fashion and the mold of form." 2' wifi FLORENCE EVELYN SHORT 'f'Ihat place that does con- tain my books, The best companions, is to me a glorious court." CLYDE ELIZABETH , SMITH "Learning is but an adjunct to ourselff' ELEANOR MOZELLE SMITH "Tis always morning some- where in the world." NELL INEZ STRINGER "Her smile is sweetened by her gravity." HELEN WRIGHT SWANN "O this learning, what a thing it is!" ' f' 'Z' C- RUTH TANNER "The reason firm, the tem- perate will, Endurance, f o r e s i g h t. stzength and skill." CAROLYN JANET THIGPEN "At Learning's fountain it is sweet to drink But 'tis a nobler privilege to think." .ffyfiffflf MARY EUGENIA TIMM Divinely tall and most di- vinely fair." MARGARET SINKLER TWIGGS Look, she's winding up the watch of her witg by and by it will strike." Page Twenty-Seven .C u "'-H EYELYN IVALDEN "True delicacy Is solid refinement." MARGARET ANN WALTERS No legacy is so rich as honesty." XVILLIE JOSEPHINE WASHINGTON an For if she will, She will, you may depend on't, And if she won't, she won't-so tl:ere's an end on't." AVICE REBECCA VVELLS Her veiy foot has music in't As she comes up the stair." JOSEPHINE DELLA VVHEELER "If I do vow a friendship I'll perform it to the last article." Page Twenty-Eig -gf, ee- , n sc st 'Q7 HELEN VVHISNANT "In this world there are so few voices and so many echoes." BETTY VVHITE Not too serious, not too gay, But altogether a jolly good' fel- low," HELEN INEZ WHITMAN O11 their own merits modest men are dumb." JULIA WOODWARD A peace above all earthly digni- ties, A still quiet conscience." MARY ESTHER YOUNG "I am a part of all that I have met." --A.-,A ,Av-v-,4,A,Av-v1x,A.-,-,-1-v-f,-,A.A,-,-,,N,A,-Av-v.vAvi.-Av.-A-.-.v.'. Z 5 1 Ig NUAOQSANDANKAN ml OPHELIA BEARD HELEN ERNESTINE SMITH LOUISE DUNHAM ELTNICE TESTON l ANNA BELLE GARVIN EVELYN TUCKQER NX SARA LINSON RUTH WATKINS 157 .genioz 'J 7Z0u7Az'J Clust before Exams! I've gotta pass! I must not flunk! Pistil, Calyx-all that junk Invitations-Donalbain "Venait de' and Cawdofs thane Calcium oxide-Graduation Economic progress-Pollination Senior banquet-1603 "Castigo"-Hyperbole 'Constitution-midnite oil Caldron burn and fire boil Mercuric chloride-a Canterbury tale Inflorescence-I must not fail! Baccalaureate-synecdoche "Qui adreneris"-apostrophe Gotta pass or there'll be trouble! Macbeth beware and Banquo bubble "A peu pres"-a "legume" bean Revolution-Banquet scene Adaption-I must get through! Examinations-Confound you! -M. COOPER, '36, Page Twenty-Ni .,-,,-Y Y.v.v.'.v,M,.'.v.-N,1.'.v. .v.-.?v.vAv.:.N,.v.'Av,-,v-v-Y, ,J v-v- Pf'.elE.'El9ELA MAP' fill FJ vl ... z - V ----"-1-4 1 . Senior Graduating Class Badger, Sydell Barden, Daline Barsh, Juanita Beam. Virginia Blackwell Mary Bostick, Natalie Burton, Violet Cloud, Frances Crenshaw, Dorothy Dangler, Nettie M. Davidson, Lois Ferris, Betty Green, Catharine Harrison, Elsie Harveston, Martha Hollingsworth, Jane Howard, George-tta Hull, Carolyn P1 L'l'hil'ty FEBRUARY, 1937 Hundley, Frances Kirby, Enise McElveen, Elmer McManus, Lourene Miller, Evelyn Mills, Frances Montgomery, Doris Mundy, Wilhelmina Murphy, Gladys Netherland, Florence Odom, Montez Oliver, Martha Owens, Helen Owens, Lenora Perdue, Thelma Prescott, Frances Pruitt, Catherine Purser, Pauline Qgiestelle, Luciille Rachels, Louise Rickerson, Thelma Roper. Grace Rosier, Mary Rowland, Realita Savage. Celeste Sikes, Florence Sims, Helen Smith, Edna Steadman, Lucile Suhr, Elizabeth Tankersley, Elizabeth Trowbridge, Mabel Tussing, Eloise Walters, Dorothy Williams, Gladys - 4 A A -v'xza-.-.-.'--v-.-f.-.--.1xf-+,-,-v-1v-f--W-Y-v.-.v.v. 'Z- f.------,,,. A :lg MAuos.ANoAmAN ml JUNIORS-Shirley Koontz in the gvaduation dress worn by her mother, Mrs. Howard D. Koontz. -QAhava Harriet Hicks, class of 1912.1 Juniors if----v-J.-v-.-.-,A.-.-.:xf,-.-,E-v-:Y-v-,-,-,-,,x,-,A,.v.v.-.i,:-.v.v.v.-.'.-.'.v I , A 'M r,.l'!MAsosANoAmANml Junior Class Officers MARY MAE WELLS ....... ...,.........A..,... P res1dent LYLETTE DUNN ,,..A.....,... .......... - .....,...,,...., V ice-President FRANCES HUNDLEY .,s..,,.,..,.. Secretary and Treasurer MISS ROSINA PEARL ,,......,....,.. Class Sponsor , ,,,., , . . ......, E. . , , .,,,-45. ,Ll i E mx' ' 5 ' A 1 - :a. le H Iunior I-Ys. Page Thirty-Two .-A-.v-A-v-J YAv-v-v-,AvA,-,4x,A4,-.Af-v--.A-,-.-,-,1s.f'-,-.-,Av-5rv-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-v-1 fl. . .1 T .j":T34"'v--1:-Fw-f'-1-51 BAA. as-AND Fl! 'fl I51 If , --,-. f?-12 -I 'fl -4 :4 - . li 1 4 4 Junior Bb. IuniorC's. Page Thirty-Three .xxx-.-.-fv---Av-Ai-.'x.1-'-'.-,-.A,-,-r,-,-,-:v-.-v-.-,Av-Q fc ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'v'-'-"Af Alf-Anderson, Pauline Bates, Annette Bates, Evelyn Beckworth, Birmzih Bolgla, Miriam Carlisle, Beatrice Corley, Dorothy Creamer, Florence Elledge, l"lt,-rence Fortvmmf, Clara hell lfulmer, llelaine Hall, Anita Holley, Mary Esther Johnson, Kathryn Leonard, Marian Merry. Jane Muir, Katherine O'Connoi. Betty Powers. Ellen Sancken, Aurelia Scarr, Elizabeth Schvvitzerlet, Elizabeth Tarlton, Margaret Timm, Dciothy Weltch. Natalie A2--Calhoun, Anne Capps, Eloise Carpenter, Helen Davidson. Blanche Dorn, Carolyn Duke. Lillian Dunn, Lylette Ellis, Maruerite Embry. Julia Mae Farr. Virginia Frey. Alice Hall, Doris Head, Mildred Holley, Celeste Humphrey, Clarissa Irvin. Helen Koontz, Shirley Kuehnel. Hannah Malcney, Margaret '4'Cr:nno., Reba Sanford. Jane Schneider, Dede Scott. Janet Serotta. Harriett Spillman, Mary Jane Stephens, Erma Stulb. Margaret Sturgis, Hilda Thompson, Ethel Walker, Margie Waterson, Ann Wells. Mary Mae A3f Anderson. Alice Bryant. Glenelle Des Ctmbes, Elizabeth Farr, Frances Gay, Myra Givens, Evie Hall. Clara Harris, Ann Haynie. Dorothy Johnson, Bette Koi-rh', Helen l.:un:!'-y, tilaire 'S l A YYJ i if MAuosANoAmAN 3 H?-tw-E ,I Junior Miller, Carolyn Miller, Dorothy Moragne, Mildrenl Parker, Catherine Pearre, Mareuvrite Pierce, Eddie Pearl Roberts, Mildred Rubenstein, Sabet Scoggins, Evelyn Seago, Dorothy Shelton, Hazel Sidener, Evelyn Smith, Gwendolyn Steed, Evelyn Stewart, Florence Stringer. Eddie Summcrall, Dorothy Swint, Josephine Weed, Eva Mae Wright. Constance Young, Rose A-l-f-Arndt, Hel-gn Barwick, Marion Bentell. Tracy Burgess, Sibyl Bussey. Mary Lou Cleveland, Louise Cole, C arol Edmondson, Maude Evans, Frances Fendley, Ruth Frank. Glenn. Virginia Jerry Frances Gcdbee, Floicvice Greene, Christine Fadden, Estelle Harries, Jane Lamkin, Martha Lanier, Constance Lombard. Ann McCord, Henrietta McCue-n, Mary Alice Miller, Kathleen Murphy. Ruth Odom, Evelyn Patch, Amy Jewel Pound, Elizabeth Ramp, Annette Read. Elizabeth Starnes, Frankie Stephens, Annie Mirian Swartz. Dorothy Templeton, Pauline Thomas. Betty Wilkerson. Wilma Youngblood, Mary Frances A5--fAllerton, Minnie Athearn. Doris Baker, Mabelle Boatright, Eloise Bussey, Harriett Caitledge, Mary Coclin, Yetta Craft, Eleanor Deaa, Julia Dunaway. Julia Elridge, Ruth Greene, Gladys liatlden. Eunie Mac 1 , Page Thirty-Ifouv Class Harveston. Evelyn Jekel, Doris Jernigan, Mildred Levy. Nina Marsh, Dorothy Middleton. Cora McIntosh, Thelma Nance, Emily Newman, Ruth Paterson, R. Perkins, Edith Perry. Laura Quarles. Edna Rickerson, Mary Sanders, Annie Ruth Scoggins, Grace . Seigler, Mfaltie Senn. Lucy Wheatley, Eunice Youngblood, Dorothy Aaionson, Charlotte Anderson, Virginia Railie, Carrie Bennett, Frances Bishop, Mary Frances Brown. Ponder Carstarphen, Melba Corley, Margaret Corr, Virginia , Denny. Mary Cfark Dickerson, Dorothy Elkins. Sara Farr, Edries Greene, Dorothy Horton, Margaret Jeffcoat, Elizabeth Jones, Anne Elizabeth Kennedy, Betty Madebach. Pauline Maxwell, Marian McLelland, Vivian Newberry, Beverly Owen, Mary Louise Palmer, Velma Peters. Margaret Ponder. Vixian Purswell, Margaret Reiser. Mary Katherine Rcesel. Catherine Roessler, Mary Rowland, Voncile Saye, Anne Schurr, Louise Scruggs, Hazel Schmerling. Rita Stircwalt, Lucile Wclls, Claudine - Woodward. Madelyn Wylds, Sibyl Zimmerman, Margaret C1 Amon, Frances Anderson. Elizabeth Boone, Evelyn Brooks. Lucille Chalker. Llarrie Cheeks, Helen Cook, Pearl t'ui!yu-pper. Sara Day. Frances Durden, Elizabeth Hardy, Marjorie Havird, Leila Kitchens, Bobbie Krewson, Louise McCarty, Elizabeth Pettigrew. Hilda Powell, Mary Reid, Mary Ricketson. Katherine Seigler. Leale Sheahan, Marian Smith, Mary Ruth Spradley, Mary Taylor, Mary Tussey, Margaret Youngblood, Pearl Wade, Laura C2--Adams. Thelma Colley. Virginia Crenshaw, Mary Lou Ergle, Frances Goolsby. Margaret Gray. Myrtice Howell, Eloise Mallett. Louise Matheney. Lucile Murphy- Sara Platt, Sarah Price, Sallie Riley. Margaret Rodgers, Lucile Snider, Lina Story. Frankie Thomas, Virginia Turner, Frances Van Dyke, Ida mtv. Vawtei, Juanita Young. Leila C3 -Baker, Evelyn Battle, Evelyn Beneteau. Lucille Brandon, Dorothy Burnside. Claudia Cannady, Frances Courtney, Eleanor Flvyd, Jane Gary. Helen Goodwin. Elease Grantham, Margaret Ha:-por, Anna Lou Keel. Louise Key, Goldie McArthur, Margaret Ouzts, Winifred Peacock, Clark Pereyra. Louise Pollard. Louise Pollard, Mildred Radford, Loretta Reeves. Frances Scott, Katherine Stewart, Lillian Tunnel. Mary v-xr.-.-.-J'-:.-.A,-.-.-,1N,-.-v-v-A-.Y.v.'.-.v.'.v.-.v.-.'.v I! lvuuos- Arm AYVNIAN ym F J-Hr'-1:-'H-w-7' SOPHOMORES-Janis Dunbar in the graduatizn dress worn by her cousin. Mrs.,E. A. Hayden. -lVirginia Walton, Class of 1913.1 Sophomures age Thirty Fiv .-AY.v.v.-.v.v, vAv.v.v.v4vAv.v,N,v.v.v.:.v.v.-A-Av-v-vAv4N,,-4vA:vA-Avi-A-A-J ,YA-Av-v-:ij C? J LF FH A rkvlg MAaas.moAmAN 5 Sophomore Class Ciiicers RITA MAY .o.,..,....,...vo, ....,..........,.. P resident BETTY ADAMS .............,.... .,...A.................,.......,. V ice-President VIRGINIA WILSON ......,.w....... Secretary and Treasurer MISS RUTH MCAULIFFE .....,...... Class Sponsor Sophomore AIS. Pagv Thirty-Six - A - - - A A - - A A - - ,N,.--q.,-v-.-Y-vA,-,-,- G ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' N'A'A'A'A't"'A":'A:'-'A'-' .1 9 Y '-M 'rIKMAuos. Ano A MAN Bmqtg.-F. Sophomore B's. - - -.I - Sophomore Cs. age Thirty-Sev --A---A---------- -Avlx-7"-vAv'-A-Af Tv'-Av-'--'w9.'.A-1 f"""""f" ""' """"' , ,J J?" B: MAcosAND A MAN 5 "11'Hl"1 A1 fBacon. Annie Ruby Badger, Doris Bailey. Helen Blanos. Mary Born. Mart-Zaret Burton, Margaret Capers. Marian Chavous, Pauline Clark. Betty Dover. Allene Dudley. Mildred Ellis. Dorothy Fleming, Martha Gibson. Virginia Glenn. Cai-lene Giaham, Marian Gridley. Dorothea Grooms. Elliott Hall. Cleo Helmuth. Dorothy Holloway. Catherine Johnson, Dorothy Jowers, Virginia Melles, Sophie Moore. Hazel Morris. Margaret Patterson. Annie Raley. Edna Rigsby. Dorothy Roper, Edna Rubenstein, Frankie Russell, Emma Storey. June Turner. Margaret Walden. Helen Whitt. Virginia A2 -Bailey. Joanne Balk. Logan Ballos. Frances Barker, Evelyn Best, Katherine Boswell, Mary Cawley. Marlraret Clark. Elizabeth Crawford. Lillian Culpepper. Marion Deal. Lucille DeLoach, Elizabeth Farr. Maxine Hall, Geneva Hall. Sara Hill. Emily Howell. Martha Johnson. Lillian Johnston. Josephine Jordan. Ann Laverty. Mary Leach. Lorene Lively, Julia Maher, Martha Maloney. Louise May. Rita McLean. Jean Morgan. Frances Popkin. Frances Smalley, Annette Smith. Ruth Trowbridge, Laura Ward. Mary Louise Wilson. Virginia Page Thirty Sophomore Class VVofford. Agnes Young. Virginia A257 -Anderson. Dorothy Anderson, Mary Banks. Dorothy Barchan. Julia Burns, Doris Carpenter. Virginia Crozier. Annie Ruth Guthrie, Nora Guye. Martlorie Hardy. Juanita Herrington. June Hill. Elizabeth Hogan. Emma Holmes, Grace Ivey, Beulah Ivey. Dorothy Kimz. Helen Lee. Clara Joe McManus. Dorothy McManus. Lucille Moratzne. Mable Murphy. Eleanor Norris. Marjorie Pound. Edna Reese. Evelyn Rhoden. Nell Roberts, Hazel Rocker, Miriam Rollins, Naomi Lee Scatterizood. Frances Smith, Virginia Tancnbaum. Elsie Thigpen, Ivelyn Whittle. Dorothy Youngblood, Katherine Zoller. Elizabeth B1fAdams. Betty Andrews. Betty Bignon, Celeste Bond. Nelle Carswell. Elle Chandler. Evelyn Coclin. Margaret Dobson, Olive Mae Dunbar, Janis Elliott. Constance Gercke. Kate Hains, Louise Jones. Ruth Holt McElmurray. Mildred Murray. Mabel Owens. Mae Paquette. Georgia Paulk. Mary Elizabeth Phillips, Roberta Prontaut. Dorothy Purvis. Zaidce Lou Robins. Doris Russell. Elizabeth Sheftall. Margaret Smith, Dorothy Stelling. Ellen Stringer, Dottie Talbert. Miriam Wilensky. Lorraine B2' Aaronson. Estelle Arrington, Aderae Eight Battle. Helen Bell. Frances Bennett. Frances Bracey. Clare Bryans. Elizabeth Bull. Mildred Chapman, Sara Jane Dunbar. Mary Helen Gumbel. Barbara Hammett, Anne Houston. Virginia Howell. Sarah Jones. Emily Lewis. Helen Maryott. Eleanor Melton, Virginia Meredith. Evelyn Osborne. Mary Anne Phillips, Margaret Rabun. Montine Ransom. Sue Stafford. Mary Stelling. Martha Wood. Doris Wright, Alice C1fAbney. Mildred Baker. Frances Cadden. Lois Cawthorne. Myra Crouch. Evelyn Dickens. Virginia Donaldson. Betty Gibbs. Frances Hixon. Esther Hughes, Jane Hundley, Virginia Johnson. Florine Kirkland. Gladys Mason. Bonita Maxwell, Louise McGahee. Mary Melles, Athena Pearson, Evelyn Poole, Frances Ranew. Iris Reeder. Louise Thompson. Iris Wood. Mary Yarborough, Ruth C2fAtwell, Nell Anderson. Miriam Austin. Sara Bogoslawsky, Dena Boyd, Laura Lee Capler. Sara Clark, Carleton Dantzler. Edith Gaskill. Ruth Hilliard, Marie Hughes. Dorothy James, Dorine Jones, Juanita Lotz. Mamie Marshall. Margaret Mason. Evelyn McGahee. Margaret Moody. Dorothy Moseley. Elizabeth Owens. Katherine Parrish. Mildred Peters. Margaret Rodgers, Virginia Smith, Ouida Temples. Grace Temples. Martha Thurmond, Annice Tucker. Josephine Ward. Helen Young, Katherine. C3fAnsley. Catherine Black. Audrey Boyett, Virginia Buck. Maggie Dye. Elizabeth Fallow. Yvonne Fields. Jewell Gay, Miriam Gillion. Margie Howe. Mary Hydrick. Louise Key, Margaret. Mann. Lucille McArthur. Ruth McDaniel. Mildred McElveen. Helen Milligan, Martha Miner. Elise Owens. Geraldine Pileggie, Vittoria Redd. Christine Rhoden. Juanita Rowe. Alice Smith. Marian Teague. Claire Walker, Virginia Williamson. Mildred Youngblood. Gladys C4--Adams, Virginia Amos, Lucile Anderson. Myrtle Boyd, Dolly Boyer, Martha Carter. Jonnie Fay Cheeseborough, Martha Clark. Lucile Clark. Marian Corbett. Cecile Culley. Janice Deas. Mary Alice Givens. Agnes Goodwin, Martha Hollingsworth. Cora Hughes. Alma Jackson. Mary Alice Jennings. Elizabeth Jones. Josephine Judy, Elsie Pettigrew. Dorothy Scarbrough. Louise Seldin. Renee Singleton, Eleanor Tebow. Temple Walker. Jonif- Mae Watkins. Freda Weathersbee. Eleanor VVhile. Hattielene A A Ar- -.1x:.A,-.4-A-A:.A,-,-v-,-,fgf-,evA'-'-iv-v-v--v-Y-v.v.v.-.-. AMAuosAND A Mm 5 .J-F4-ll? HI FRESHMEN-Marguerite Symms in the graduation dress worn by her mother Mrs. Marion Symms. -lClaude R. Pearce, Class of 1905.3 Freshmen Page Thirty-Nine G-A-rv'-v-J vAv-.-.-v-v-.-.-sf.-.Av-f-v--.-.-v-v1-.fxf-,-.-,-,-Y-J 2 ez-, -,-JV, Q., ,, l Y L. PM A PL r,.IKMAuosAuoAmANy NPA H H mlazedjioni 0 4 72 man 7-tejdmarz On September 5, 1934, she stood on the threshold of Tubman High School-a thin, gangling girl of twelve. Pride thrilled her that she was at last to become a part of this long-looked-forward-to school. As she entered the door. she paused' and her largc brown eyes sought the superior face of Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, who scorned her with a look of supreme contempt. She drifted into the assembly hall where three hundred bewildered girls waited expectantly. Some of them giggled and chewed gum, others cast longing looks through the open windows, while still others-the stuciious ones-sat stiffly erect with grim determination to begin at once to learn all there was to know-and to get a long series of A's for it. Mr. Garrett gave them some words of encouraging' and inspiring advice. The brown-eyed girl felt that frail though she was, she could climb to any height. As she passed out of the door, her eyes again sought the face of Pallas Athena. This time a smile of encouragement sent her shoulders up a notch and gave her chin a deter- mined tilt. -MARY HELEN DUNBAR, Freshmen 13-Qs. Page Forty J ' -'1'vAvA-'v-'v'.4v'v'a's!N?v'v'S3+4vA-Arlvuv'-'vi'-A-'v iv Af-ve.-.-,A,ev-ve ,-.-,-.-v-.-Q-Q' Q-3 new--fflg MA"s MD AMN' mlqim he Nj ing Freshmen Bxs. Freshmen Cs. age Forty-Une Arndt. Elizabeth Beckun. Deona Bennett, Marie Bradler. Elizabeth Brentnell. Daisie Columbus. Alice Dewitt. Frances Faglie. Virginia Griffen. Genevieve Henderson, Frances Hobbs. Pauline Hunnicutt, Dorothy Irving, Louise James. Margie James, Willie Lee. Leona Newman. Dorothy Newman. Mary Osborne. Estelle Owens, Elizabeth Owens. Mary Ruth Parker. Bernice Rickerson. Della Schlein, Gladys Smith. Virginia Steed, Ettrell Stringfellow, Marion Sturman. Margaret Thurmond. Loudell Thurmond. Ollie Mae Towner, Ruth West. Elise Allgood, Mary Bland, Eloise Campbell. Elizabeth Cliatt. Ruby Deas. Vivian Floyd. Dorothy Ford. Louise Frost, Daisy Ivey. Lettie Jackson. Lila Krouse. Marion McGahee. Helen McKendree. Mary Moody, Hazel Norris, Ruby Norris. Ruth Parrish. Lillie Pearre. Ellen Peters. Sarah Phillips, Mildred Reese. Margaret Robinson, Virginia Russell. Mildred Spence, Roberta Thaxton, Sarah Wade. Grace Young, Dorot.hy Wilson. Dorothy Cook. Bobbie Anderson. Laurie Bussey. Ollie Mae Cowan. Katherine Daniel, Mildred Frost. Eugenia Grose. Athalee Higgenbotham. Louise Inglett. Martha Kirkland. Frankie Kreps. Martha Maddox. Julia O'Hara. Ora Lou Seago. Flora Sharpe, Ruby Taylor. Sarah Mae Wiengers. Carolyn Wren. Margie Wyatt, Bobby Freshmen Class Adams. Imogene Allgood. Betty Andrews. Evelyn Ansley, Louise Bell. Grace Bell. Mamie Lou Blum. Shirley Burton. Margaret Bushia, Sarah Daitch, Mildred Green. Emily Grizzell, Rena Halford, Wynett. Hall. Elizabeth Harrison. Erma Heath, Frances Huff. Hazel Johnson, Edith Keilhotz. Mary Kelly. Marian Kirkland. Mary Mcllhany. Mary J. Mercier. Ernestine Miller. Mabel Pileggi, Mary Pitts. Mildred Proctor. Katherine Read. Myrtle Readdy. Jessie Renick. Holley Sancken, Betty Steinek. Alma Whaley. Dorothy Woo. Margaret Young, Elizabeth lackson. Gaynelle Warwick. Hilda Andrews, Marion Anderson. Vivian Athearn. Sarah Atkinson. Dorothy Bailey, Bobby Cox. Constance Culpepper, Jane Davidson. Adele Dorn. Marcia Dc-More. Ottie Elkins. Corinne Goodwin. Catherine Graham, Elizabeth Guy, Frances Havird. Mary Elizabeth Herlong, Emily Howard, Elizabeth Humphries. Vannette Hurlbutt, Marjorie Kennedy. Kathryn Kitchen. Charlotte Lewis, Mary Milligan, Mildred Murphy. Margaret McDonald. Hazel 0'Neal, Katherine Pate. Mary Ellen Rhodes. Kathryne Sawyer. Jeannette Rivers, Martha Louise Scott, Myra Starr, Dorothy Ann Stephens. Lina Wilson, Anne Arrington, Dollie Baker, Mary Brown, Christine Busbia. Helen Butler. Helen Chambers, Minnie Louise Cheeks, Margaret Page Forty-Two Corley. Claire Daniel. Harriette Dunbar. Frances Ellenberg. Minnie Gregg. Dorothy Harries. Beth Howard. Louise Kessler, Doris Meehan. Elizabeth Meese, Betty Olive. Constance Outlaw. Virginia Peebles. Eileen Phillips. Dorothy Reed. Elizabeth Rosamond. Ruth Rubenstein, Lillian Steadman. Sarah Symms. Marguerite Todd. Dorothy Williams. Juanita Wright. Gloria Wyatt, Marie Elizabeth Arrington. Kathryn Beazley. Colleen Blackwell. Lucile Brunkhurst, Audrey Carswell. Mary Douglass. Dorothy Fentzel. Cora Franklin. Doris George. Jean Gehrken. Catherine Hamilton. Barabara Hamilton, Clara Heath. Elizabeth Holmes. Margaret Horne. Sarah Martin, Jane McDonald. Jessie Mullin. Mary Newberry. Bonnie Mae 0'Connor. Cecile Patterson. Frances May Pierce. Mary Emma Roesel. Dorothy Reese. Agnes Snead, Billie Sutton. Helen Toole, Mary Waagner. Margaret Walker. Helen Watkins, Margaret Whitaker. Miriam Andrews. Barbara Andrews. Betty Austin. Nellie Bray, Lydia Brown. Mary Bugg. Elizabeth Burch. Irma Cauthen, Mary Davis. Annie Mae Edwards, Erline Fallaw. Ruby Farr. Viola Ford. Dorothy Fox. Jewell Geer. Anita Grainger. Dara Henry. Lucile Holmes. Adora Jones. Nellie Mae Lewis. Lucile Maughon. Dorothy Merritt, Helen Mills. Margaret McGee. Jane Averstreet, Lucile Pickron, Ruby Ray. Martha Robinson. Ruth Rowe. Mildred Silas. Elsie Skinner. Edith Sharpton. Georgia Videtto. Lois Wong. Dorothy Wright, Norma Smith. Margaret Arthur, Marian Beeland, Margaret Brown. Frances Russell. Velara Bussey. Marjorie Carry. Margaret Cave, Elizabeth Doolittle, Frances Graham. Betty Greene. Louise Holliman. Dorothy Huff. Myrtice Jackson. Clara Belle Jordan. Myrtle Landrum, Emily Landrum, Frances Long, Velma Lynch. Lorranie Maddox. Sarah Martin. Mary Catherine Oellerich. Lillie Pender. Betty Pittman. Gladys Questelle. La Vica Saxon, Mae Schulzer. Virginia Scott. Archinell Shank. Edna Earl Smith. Loretta Smith. Lucille Smith. Martha Toole. Eunice Young. Louise Anderson. Sarah Bartley. Pauline Belding, Hazel Bell. Marian Blackstone. Edna Cawley. Elizabeth Clark, Clara Darley. Lois Dilegge. Thelma Gaines, Catherine Garner. Frances Hardin, Jewel Ivey. Frances Jester. Jessie Iohnson, Odessa Keenan. Anne Long. Evelyn Mays. Elizabeth Miles. Margaret Prather. Lavada Readdy. Dorothy Ricks. Thelma Rushton. Lillie Maud SaDD. Virginia Sullivan. Mary Swearinger. Eleanor Taylor. Ruth Templeton. Martha Whaley. Eleanor Wood. Edith NVood. Mary Yarrington, Frances Yee. Thelma A- -AAA------AA-4-------A C9 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' T ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'T ' ' ' 'A'i'A'i'v"""'i""'i'i""'i"""""'.: l'-Law-wig-M .-P15 MA"5""DAMA"' H A in fl-1 Ae 72 172114 2 eve? KHZW It was a period of stiff corsets and rustling bustlesg of top-heavy bonnets over- laden with orchards of grapes and gardens of flowersg of apples for teacherg of novel burning and of doleful poetry. It was the age of Opera House entertainments and of Little Lord Fauntleroyg of beautiful handwriting and of strict church attendance. It was a time when baskets of flowers were handed over the footlights at graduation, and when sweet strains of "Marguerite" issued from the throats of happy couples riding by on bycycles built for two. In short, it was an age of high respectability when Tubman started out as a school for young ladies. The school was named for Mrs. Emily Tubman, who gave the first building-the old Christian Church building on Reynolds Street-to the city in 1876. The first principal of the school was Mr. John Neely, who taught arithmetic, algebra geometry, and Latin. Other members of the faculty were Misses Belle and Molly Coffin, Miss Nana Harris, and Mr. Pelot. Miss Harris compelled the young ladies to carry tunes, while Mr. Pelot attempted to teach them the art of legible pen- manship. Neither elctives nor gym was offered. A lunch room was an undreamed of luxury, but Aunt Barbara, an old colored woman of uncertain temperament, fa- vcred the young ladies once a week with a market basket of molasses candy which she sold for five cents a stick. At the beginning of each term, lunch clubs were organized. Each club consisted of five or six girls who brought delicious lunches from home to divide among the members. The Tubman girls of this period were on the whole exceedingly well behavedg however, they were sometimes humiliated by receiving demerits or by being kept in after school. When the school needed funds for a new brick chimney, window panes, or a pencil sharpener the very thing was a drill. Everybody flocked to drills. And they sat spellbound while about twenty- four young ladies, who had been directed by Mr. Dorr, a military man, did fancy marching and made figures and letters. The various drills in costume were The Milk Maid"s Drill, the Gypsy's Drill, the Broom Stick Drill, the Japanese, Mother Goose, and Fairy Drills. It was considered very stylish for a young Tubmanite of 1880 to be seen riding down by the Cotton Exchange in a shirt waist and a plentifully plaited skirt with a broad sailor hat and with a lengthy pair of beribboned plaits floating breezily be- hind. They rode in this direction because of the audience, largely composed of worthy and appreciative young swains that gave the impression that their sole purpose in life was to stand in doorways and lift their hats to the fair damsels who happened by. A few years later was passed a law ordering the young ladies of Tubman High School to come to school in an entirely different direction. Mr. Neely was troubled by a certain back fence where a few bold racketeers attempted to hold snatches of conversation at recess, ever ready to run for their lives bearing on their shoulders the whole blame for such unseenily conduct in spite of the fact that they had been lured there. Select lunch clubs have given way to the din of the lunch roomy drills, to gym exhibitionsg bicycles, to rickety Fordsg the Reynolds Street building is forgotteng the principal, the teachers, and the pupils have changedg yet, there is a Tubman spirit that has come to us, handed down through the years. We hope to keep it unchanged. -BETTY IRVIN, '36. Page Forty-Three fe-'-A-'-'-'-'Y'-'-'-'f'-"'- .,.e,,.,.,-,-.-.-Y-,-,-.-.-.Aff.-,-.-.-ff.-.-.-----A --3 NIAIDS AND A MAN Sf? : E J Fu rlwrhi-Nr" 614.45 051936-H Zzectoz X936 Anderson, Florence: Student Patrol. 4. Andrews, Emilie: Student Pa- trol. 4: Glee Club, 3, 4. Arndt, Mirium: Basketball. 2: Baseball. 2: Hockey, 2: Track, 2. Avrett, Maw: Student Pa- trol, 4: Glee Club, 3. 4. Bailey. Sara: President Dra- matic Club, 4: President Ath- letic Association, 3: Dramatic, Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Member Ath- letic Association, 2, 3, 4: Hockey Team, 1, 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball. 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball. 3, 4: Glee Club, 4: Wearer T. H. S.: Base- ball Team, 1, 2: Baines. Lizzie Mae: Student Patrol, 3, 4: Vice-President of Class. Barnes, Ma'-y Anthony: Stu- dent Patrol, 3. Black, Leo'ine: Student Pa- trol. 4: Student Council. 4. Blum, Estelle: Student Pa- trol. 4. Bugla, Sara: Dramatic Club, 3, 4. Braddy. Margaret Jean: Stu- dent Council, 2. 3. Busch. Mary: Baseball, 1. Conselyea, Florence: Student Council, 3. Cooper. Martha Louise: Dra- matic Club. 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leader, 1: Glee Club, 2: Student Patrol. 3. Corley, Annabel : Hockey Team, 1: Student Council 4. Allen Cutts: Hockey Team. 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball. 1. 2, 3. 4: Baseball, 1: Student Patrol. 1: Varsity Basketball. 2, 3: Volleyball Team, 2, 3: Ath- letic Association, 3. 4, Dramatic Club. 4. Dunbar, Eleanor: Student Pa- trol. 4. Farr. Elizabeth: Hockey Team, 1, 2, 3: Volleyball, 2, 3. Floyd. Ostelle: Student Pa- trol, 2, 3, 4: Class President. 4. Fogle. Virginia: Basketball Team. 1, 2. 3. 4: Student Pa- trol. 4. Foster, Vivian: Student Coun- cil, fl: Annual Staff. 4. Freeman, Bonita: Hockey, 1: Student Council. 1. l-'utch, Allen: Vice-President. 3: Student Council. 3: Student Patrol, 3, 4: Annual Staff, 4. Page Forty-Four Goodman. Myrdie: Student Council, 1, 3: Student Patrol. 4: Class President, 3: Annual Staff. 4. Greene, Martha: Student Council, 3: Annual Staff, 4. Hensley. Blanche: Vice-Prev ident Student Council. 4: Sec.- Treas. Dramatic Club. 4: Mem- ber Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Sec.-Treas. Senior Class, 4: Stu- dent Patrol. 1. 2. 4: Student Council. 3, 4: Annual Staff, 4. Hunter. Rose: Dramatic Club. 1, 2, 3. 4: Vice-President Dra- matic Club, 4. Irvin, Betty: Class President, 4: Student Patrol, 1. 3: Class Secretary and Treasurer, 2: An- nual Staff, 4. Jenny, Lorene: Student Pa- trol, 4. Kelly. Elizabeth: Student Pa- trol, 1. 2, 3, 4. Kitchens, Elizabeth: Student Patrol, 4: Basketball, 1, 2, 3. 4. Kitchens, Frances Ernestine: Student Council, 3: Student Pa- trol. 4. Lemon, Dorothy: Glee Club, 3: Basketball, 1. 2. Maddox. Elizabeth: Student Council. 2, 3, 4.: Glee Club, 3: Annual Staff, 4. Marsh, Elizabeth: Glee Club, 3. Mitchum, Mary: Hockey Team. 1, 2. 3: Basketball, 3: Volley- ball, 4. Morris, Marguerite: Student Council. 4: Volleyball, 4. Moss. Elizabeth : Hockey Team. 1, 2, 3: Volleyball, 3. Moye, Nell: Hockey Team. 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain Hockey Team. 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball Team, 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball Team. I, 2, 3. 4: Varsity Basketball, 3, 4: Athietlc Council, 1: yltudent. Council, 1. McLean. May: Student Pa- trol. 4. Newman, Margaret: Hockey Team. 3. Newton, Margaret: Hockey Team, 3: Student Patrol, 4. Paquette, Jane: Hockey Team, 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball. 1, 2, 3: Volleyball, 2, 3. 4: Varsity Bas- ketball 2, 3: Vice-President Ath- letic Association. 3: President Athletic Association. 4: Annual Staff, 4. Perkins. E. S.: Student Coun- cil, 1. Phillips, Dorothy: Hockey Team, 1. 2, 3: Basketball. 1, 2. 3, 4: Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Track, 1. 2. Phinizy, M. C : Hockey Team, 1. 2, 3: Student Council, 1: Vol- leyball Team, 3: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: Athletic Association, 4: Editor-in-Chief Annual. 4. Poss, M. Lorine: Clas: Sec- retary: Student Council, 4. Printup. Eleanor: Glee Club, 1. 2, 3. 4: Dramatic Club. 4. Pritchard: Glee Club. 3. Russell, Flor Erle: Student Patrol. 4: Student Council. 1: Hockey Team. 1: Dramatic Club, Sanders. Mabel: Glee Club. 3, 4: Basketball. 3, 4: Varsity Basketball. 3. Short. Evelyn: Hockey Team, 1, 3: Basketball Team. 1: Base- ball Team. 1 : Volleyball, 3: Sec.- Treas. Class. 3: Student Pn- trol, -1: Dramatic Club. 4: An- nual Staff, 4. Smith, Clyde Elizabeth: Stu- dent Council, 4. Smith. Helen Ernestine: Stu- dent Council, 3. Tanner. Ruth: Student Coun- cil, 3, 4: Class Vice-President 4. Thigpen. Carolyn: Glee Club, 3. Timm, Eugenia: Glee Club, 1. 3, 4: Dramatic Club. 2. Trowbridge, Mabel: Hockey Team. 1. 2. 3. Walters. Margaret Ann: Bas- ketball Team, 3, 4. Washington, Willie: Glee Club, 0. Whisnant. Helen: Student Council. 2: President Student Council. 4. White, Betty: Hockey Team. 2: Glee Club, 3: Dramatic Club, 4: Student Council. 4: Captain Student Patrol, 4: Annual Staff. Woodward, Julia Mae: Stu- dent Patrol, 3: Student Coun- cil. 4. 'JQ'A'A'A'A'-'A'FA'A'Fv'A'A'A'A'A:'A:A'4'A'A'A'A'A'A'v'A'A'-'A:"F'-'A'-'FA'-'A'A:'3 E H q il-1 rh TH A H' MA"sA""A"W' H A rw AJ: Mlfoty of ide and 0 '36 In the early autumn of the year of our Lord 1932, several bands of charming babes left the surrounding woods and swarmed into the Tubman Nursery which was sometimes known as the Freshman Class. They were petted and pampered for a whole year and enjoyed themselves immensely, toddling around the building, sucking their thumbs, and rattling their rattlers. A bright and cherry future loomed before them. Who said Tubman was a jail? Why, it was just a pen for babes to play in. Guess they ought to know all about it. Alas, these babes soon grew older and wiser as babes will. A complete metamorphosis took place, and they emerged with a worldly look upon their heretofore simple faces. "I wonder what it's all about" soon gave way, and that knowing expression "You can't tell us!" immediately took its place along with high heels, stockings and an extra smear of lipstick. Alas, no one seemed suiprised, least of all the faculty. Didn't cocoons eventually turn out to be butter- flies, and ugly ducklings, swans? These Sophs were an energetic crow.l. They had hopes of becoming' great athletes and they were the stars in many a gym exhibition. 'llhey also became members of the Dramatic Club and looked around for any other club to which they could belong. They took up French and chattered constantly in public in this colorful tongue. They might as well have relaxed their vocal chords for the public took it for an unknown gibberish fof original manufacture! which beat an- noyingly on cne's ear drums. In the third or Junior stage, their energy gradually faded away and an air of ut- ter indifference came in its stead. A wave of blissful laziness settled upon them, while Tom, Dick and Harry monopolized more and more of their conversation. Dates and dances proved amazingly interesting topics, and lessons were at the lowest ebb in years. Snatches of popular songs, moony eyes, and meaning looks constantly per- vaded the classroom. "We don't care what it's all about," was plainly written on their faces. At length the fourth stage was reached-the end was coming soon. It could easily be seen that this group was in its second childhood. They gradually took on the appearance of enlarged Freshmen with their dainty hair ribbons and colorful socks. There returned that starry-eyed expression of their Freshmen days-"We wonder what it's all about." -BETTY IRVIN, '36, Page Forty-Five G .- v - v v v - v v , v vA.-,ANA-,-,-,Av-,+,.v.,.,.v.w,N,.v.'.'.-A-,v.v.v,-,v,v,,vA-Av-v l. , A H r,..l'KMAuosANo,4lmAN 5 Z UZ L A 2 jfs ' :4-:Sf Uk W 2 az It g T K 1 ? 5 u X X M s:.,..fw L-V gi PAINTING BEGWS M U SEPT. BCM :I ' 'gxiwl .' ,. RINGOU D BELLY hELLY'TUl'?NER Q DEC 2815 'fnllfififli VJ "5 ' , K 1 fi S' P'-wwir is f CIVSLCUS 2 N L 9 + C ,",,L,Z,,S , CARNIVAL r C., Tuvazi I 5 Rrsv'-iv: NOV. Qorb I Qr4Et3n.Aglxl15 , J 'rxrvifoza Y V W , ' ' I3vI'i,1, IrQv'N , , 'gp J P2121-Forty-Six Arn- .azz-.-v-1--Iv-A-v-v-fxfv-.-.-v-.A,-.-A.-.A-A-----va 1 A PM PM r.1Ams.ANPAmAN mt' ,, ,J ,flffi of . ir I x E S xi. Y .J Y 0 Q 1 S I f 1 X 2 fx wg' A' . kj, Q -?7!' W 3 V I I ff - X fx N I f WXX Ffa 1714 fl! ml ' Xm :Mr nw M' xIf',! EYYHGAR IVI4 N MAy 6 R Jim'-.'x ra ll msg- f S 4 ' gf' U I A in 4. X T --V. 4, , U- ' ' EAs'r:R 0 crumgn ,LN .Hz uopokys N OANOUI I in ,awful fl" 'V' MAN IK! J-4 l Page Forty-Sevcn I A A PM rr, MAeosANoAmANb q,7,' ,, ppb A A C A ii ,fair an 7Z4Mmenz' We, the Senior Class of Tubman High School, City of Augusta. County of Richmond, State of Georgia, being of sound and disposing mind, and realizing that our tirre is short, do make, declare, and publish this in- strument as our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by us: Item 1. To Lylette Dunn, Anim Haggerty bequeaths her unusual ef- ficiency in the Spanish language. Item 2. To the next secretary of the Sr. A3s, Blanche Hensley leaves the roll book and the can of chewing gum money. Item 3. To the Jr. A3s, the Sr. A3s leave a 1,003-page leather-bound book in which will be found a list of the Confederate States of America and the immediate causes of the Civil War explained in full. We return them because we believe we know them now. Item 4. To the next president of the Senior Class, Betty Irvin be- queaths her originality and her ability to handle the job. Item 5. To Margaret Peters, Martha Greene leaves her talent for playing jazz on the piano provided that Margaret will play at least two pieces a day in the lunch room to worry the teachers. ,Item 6. To Constance Elliott, Evelyn Short bequeaths her beloved Miss Dowling provided that Constance will promise to change the fish water at every recess and after school. Item 7. To any Junior who is in need of them, Elizabeth Farr, leaves her unused excuses. hoping that someone will not have to work overtime preparing new ones. Item 8. To Marguerite Ellis, Betty Moran bequeaths a rubber frog to help the former in her study of Cordata, Vertebrate, Amphibia, Roni Pipiens tFrogsJ. Item 9. To Carolyn Hull, Annabel Corley leaves her "come hither" eyes provided Carolyn will use them to the best of her ability. Item 10. To Barbara Gumbel the Senior B class of 1936 bequeaths their perfect French accent provided Barbara will promise never to use it. Item 11. To any Junicr who wants it, Helen Whisnant leaves her figure provided that the former will ever keep its perfected size. Page Forty-Eight - - - - - A, - A - - .- - A - ay- - - 4.-.A.+.-.A.-v-.-,zxfv-,-.-,-.-i-,f.--v-v-v----'v'- f' .. , is Vik A A A 'rig MAuasANoAmAN-ml,T7,,T.,?hJ,l"s Item 12. To Shirley Koontz, Margaret Twiggs leaves her coloratura soprano voice in hopes that Shirley will develop it fully and learn to sing "Smiling Through." Item 13. To Margaret Sheftall, Jane Paquette leaves her desk in Room 22 provided that she will endeavor to enjoy the beautiful hen-pecked lawn of T. H. S. during French class. Item 14. To Dina Bogoslowsky, Mabel Trowbridge leaves her "ex- cused tardy" slips hoping that they will benefit Dena as they have bene- fitted her. Item 15. To Anne Saye, Elizabeth Marsh leaves her love for ge- ometry and for Miss Strauss provided that Anne will learn to recite perfect- ly the square on the hypotenuse. Item 16. To Miss Comey, the Senior B's leave one year's supply of "Secretary's Reportsf' guaranteed to be worded alike in every respect. Item 17. To the Junior B's, the Senior B class bequeaths all the small academy brothers of all their boy friends provided that the former will "treat 'em rite." Item 18. To our honored and well-beloved principal, we hereby be- queath the peace of mind that will quite naturally follow our exit from the aforesaid institution. Item 19. To some fortunate Junior. Myrdie Goodman wills her notes which she so laboriously took in Miss Boatwright's History class. Item 20. To Miss Dorothy Hains, Miriam Arndt wills one ream of paper cut into small pieces, on which to write unexcused tardies for girls. Item 21. To all future Senior C's the present Senior C2 class wills one clock which runs very very slowly. This is to be put in the type- writing room and the entire class sincerely hopes that .at the end of speed tests all girls will have typed at least forty-five words per minute. To anyone who wants it, the Senior class leaves its school spirit. Signed, sealed, and delivered on this seventh day of April. Testators: BETTY WHITE, EMMA SIBLEY PERKINS, ALLEN FUTCH. Witness: PALLAS ATHENA CXJ Her Mark. Page FortysNine ffm! og X936---Qfecfoty X956 .Accountants Army Goods Bruggeman and Farr. S.F.C. Bl. Daly and Watkins. Herald Bl. .Adding Machines Short Adding Machine Co.. S.F.C. Bl. Adjusters Farr. E. and Newton. M.. Masonic Bl. Arndt. Johnson 8: Garner, Inc. Ma- sonic Bl. Advertising Braddy and Chapman Advertising Agency, 705 Broad St. JOHNSON 8: CO. ADVERTISERS "For advertising that brings results." 307 Sth St. Phone 702 STRINGER ADVERTISING SERVICE NELL STRINGER, Prop. "Come to Stringer's for exten- sive and loud advertising." 405 6th Street Agricultural Implements Daniel Implement Co.. S-I2 Reynolds St. Newman Implement Co., 936 Jack- son St. Air Transportation Southern Air Lines, S.F.B.Bl. Owners-Miles and Philips Antique Shops Antique Shop. The, 509 Greene St. Pearson, Prop. Old Gift Shop The, 1065 Telfair St Dangler, Prop. YE OLDE SHOPPE JANE S. PAQUETTE. Prop. 609 Walton Way Phone 57 Architects Hildebrandt, H.. S.F.C. Bl. Morris Sz Rodgers, Herald Bl. Twiggs 8: Marsh, Masonic Bl. Page Fifty ARMY GOODS STORE "20 years in business" B. HENSLEY Prop. Paints, Calsomine. Men's and Ladies' Riding Breerhes, Stoves. Dates 1206 Broad St. Phone -1321 Attorneys Daitch it Bolgla, Leonard Bl. Hall, Harriett, Marion Bl. Rachels, Rachels 8: Rosier, S.F.C. Bl. A utomobiles HALL'S MOTOR CO. "Use Automobiles" MARGARET HALL, Prop. 563 Broad St. Phone 5-11 Printup Garage. 709 Greene St. Bagging and Tires Burganiy-Burton, Inc., 901 Walton Way Bakers AUGUSTA CAKE SHOP B. WHITE 81 A. CORLEY. Props. Wedding and Birthday Cakes 1227 Broad Street Coclin's Bakery, 295 Central Ave. Lever's Bakery, 8-15 Walton Way Moxley's Bake Shop, 425 Monte Sano Ave. Barbecue Stands Cooper's Place, Milledgeville Rd. Eat At FOSTER'S DINERY Plate Lunch ...,.....,.....,....,..... 35c Club Sandwiches ..,,......,...,... 15c East Boundary Beauty Salons Emilie's Beauty Shop, 706 Broad St E. Andrews, Prop. Corry Beauty Shoppe. Marion Bl. Beauty Salons-continued I 'We give the best for less" FREEMAN Sz WATKINS, Props. STARR BEAUTY snot' S Leonard Bldg. VENUS BEAUTY SALON ' Best wave and yet save" A. S. CUTTS, Prop. Masonic Bldg. Beer Oglesbee's Beverage Co., 650 Reyn- olds St. Schlitz Beer, Sold at McKeown's 8: G1'iffith's Beer Garden, Milledge- ville Rd. Bicycyles Moran Q Moss, Inc., 1873 Broad St, Bowling Alleys Barnes' Bowling Alley 896 Jackson St. Maw Green's Place, T52 Broad St. Brokers Goodman, McLean Q Co., Johnson Bl. Candy and Chewing Gum Haggerty's Candy-Gum Shop. 678 Broad Prontaut's Peanut Shoppe, 725 Broad Whef:ler's Butter Scotch Shop, 853 El is Chemicals Trowbridge Sz Co., 832 Ellis Children's Wear Thigpen Kiddie Shoppe, 783 Broad Detective Agencies CONSELYEA DETECTIVE AGENCY "We locate missing people" T05 Sixth Street Engineers Busch 81 Fletcher. 208 Sth St. Exterminators TERNIITE EXTERNIINATING CO. E. S. PERKINS, Mgr. Inspections made without cost and without obligation. 950 15th Street Fertilizer Dunbar Fertilizer Works, 609 Jack- son St. Wells- Young Chemical Corp., T05 Ellis St. Fish LOFYING FISH MARKET IYholesale Fish "Always Fresh" 608 13th Street Golf Goods Jessie Jones' Golf Shop, T51 Mil- ledgeville Rd. Hat Renovating Edmonds Cleaners, T55 Greene St. Lemmons Cleaners, 845 Mackintosh St. Tucker 8: Co. Dyers and Cleaners, 1356 Broad St. VVhitman 8: Phinizy, Hatters and Cleaners, 893 Washington Rd. Chop Suey Hospitals Maddox Kr Black Cafe and Soda Co., DQG AND CAT HQSPITAL 543 Broad DR, MABEL SANDERS B. S., D. V. M. C0l'SetS "Your pet nursed with human - - - care." Sngigp slgglnglsfgadgpeclal Augusta 1652 Central Ave. Phone T543 Whisnant of Augusta Herald Bl. , Ice Cream Chiropractor Pierce, S., Dr., S.F.C. Bl. Pritchard Ice Cream Parlor, 1854 Walton Way Page Fifty-One Insecticides Lemon Co.. Inc.. 1063 Ellis St. Mize Co., Inc., 15-1-1 Jackson St. Insurance AMERICAN INSURANCE CO. All kinds of Insurance, including Life, Fire Tornado, Flood, Automobile, etc. TANNER 6: NEWMAN. Prop. Masonic Bldg. Phone 69-13 Janitor's Supplies Calloway Co.. Inc.. 13-137 15th St. Junk GEORGIA HIDE CO. R. W. HUNTER 8z L. DUCK- IVORTH, Props. Hides, Furs, YVool, Beeswax and Tallow 1-133 Reynolds St 4 IRVIN JUNK CO. B. IRVIN Prop. Scrap Iron, Beeswax, Tallow 1783 13th Street Laundries Morgan Empire Laundry, 1943 Cen- tral Ave. Natatoriums Kei-llgds Irish Casino. Washington Meet me at WILLY'S EATING PLACE WILLY WASHINGTON. Prop. 2-15 Broad Street Nurses Kitchens, 207 Broad St. Harrison, 908 Meigs St. Perfumes L. JENNY 8: CO. Parfums VVeil Paris Guerlain's Perfumes Prince Matchabelli Perfumes Leutheric Perfumes Kathleen Mary Aiululan 811 Broad Street Page Fifty-Two Plumbers RENNISON 8: WALDEN IYe install plumbing fixtures and do repair work. Phone 208-1 705 7th St. Printers Smith Printing Co.. 1208 Ellis SWAN Printing and Publishing 209 8th Street Radios ACME RADIO SHOP "We repair all types of radios." SMITH. LINSON, GARVIN, Props. 902 Broad Street Refrigerators Mitchum-Teston, 505 Broad St. Restaurants Bentley Grill. 709 Broad St. Moye Lunch Room, 1011 Broad St. Sausage Plunkett-Anderson Sausage Co..10-15 15th St. Scales ' FUTCH SCALE CO. York Scales-our specialty Well-trained Repair Men 104 Tenth Street Schools Lynch's Business School, 609 Broad Soft Drinks I Avrett Soda Fountain, 1652 Telfair St. Brown's Hot Dog Stand, Wrights- boro Rd. FRANKIE 8: FLO'S PLACE F. E. RUSSELL 8: F. KREPS. Props. Milledgeville Road lNo men allowedl R I rr, NIAIDS AND A MN! C' nh -3 I 'UC 'EB Q Q53 Q ex? '55 ses fees C65 if WUI HR JI Page -Thre F A - A A A - - - A Y- - - Af A Ag A A -J-.-.-.-,-,-.-.-vig,-f,-,-vA,1v-f-A-v--Y-v-v-,A-Aix MAlosANDAMAN 5 ' g Al-.J-L-.1-.ff-..-v-lg ,mf 514,55 Marion Coles Phinizy ., ,,AA, Betty Irvin . .. ....,.......,,,., .. .... ....,. Elizabeth Maddox, Vivian Foster ..,,, , Helen Irvin, Geneva Hall .v,v,eeei,l... Betty White, Blanche Hensley Jane Paquette, Frances Bennett ,e,ee Evelyn Short, Martha Greene ,.,,. Allen Futch Myrdie Goodman ..... Celeste Holley, Dede Schneider t.... . Janis Dunbar, Louise Hains, Virginia Houston, Roberta Phillips, ,.,.a,,Editor-in-Chief ,,......Literary Editor ,.,r,.Picture Editors Editors .mr..,,Associate Editors ,...,......e,.,..,.....Athletic Editors e,..,.,....,......,..Business Managers Assistant Business Managers ...,..V......JllHl01' Assistant Editors Zaidee Lou Purvls .................i.,.......,.. ..,.... S ophomore Assistant Editors Helen Sutton, Anne Wilson ..,.a....i. .......,. If 'reshman Assistant Editors Miss Ann Braddy ,ss,sss....r....., .....,.........,...... L iterary Adviser Miss Grace Strauss . Page Fifty-Foul ..,..,a..Business Adviser tv---Y-v---Azz .v4g,-,-v.-.,,-,-,-Av.v-.v.i,x,-,,'.'.'.-tv.:-.-.v.v.v.v.v.-. lffrfw- an .-M .fig MA"'5A'!" AMAN ,mfr--1-fuzz?-f-,+.-s-fJs .qufenf Gfuncz' R-S 12" REPRESENTATIVES and ALTERNATES Leoline Block Helen Owens Elizabeth Maddox Margaret Newman Vivian Foster Annabel Corley Pauline Purser Elsie Harrison Marguerite Morris Clyde Smith Clara Nell Fortune Dorothy Timm Hannah Kuehnel Margie Walker Rose Young Ann Harris Elizabeth Read Helen Arndt Edna Quarles Doris Athearn Rita Shmerling' Frances Bennett Marian Sheithan Elizabeth Anderson Sallie Piice Louise Mallett Margaret lVIc.-Xrtliur Louise Keel Dorothy Johnson Mary Blanos Sara Hall Josephine Johnston Margie Norris Edna Pound Elizabeth Paulk Betty Andrews Louise Maxwell Ester Hixon Grace Temples .qfuoanf patio! Florence Anderson Allen Futch May McLean Evelyn Andrews Doris Athern Mary Avrett Carrie Bailie Leoline Black Violet Burton Helen Carpenter Annabel Corley Eleanor Dunbar 'Vivian Foster Myrdie Goodman Ectty Moran Claire Teague Ruth McArthur Janis Culley Lucile Amos Rena Grizzell Emily Greene Bobby Baily Anne NYilson Marguerite Symms Beth Harries Jane Martin Kathrine Arrington Martha Ray Mildred Rowe Lucile Smith Marjorie Bussey Anne Keenan Dorothy Readdy Frances DeWitt Virginia Smith Vivian Deas Katherine Scott Evelyn Short Catherine Greene Beverly Newberry Lucille Steadman Estelle Hadden Margaret Newton Margaret Stulb Jane Hollingsworth Martha Oliver Hilda Sturgis Lorene Jenny Edna Quarles Elizabeth Kelly Elizabeth Reed Ernestine Kitchens Grace Roper Helen Knight Elizabeth Suhr Margaret. Maloney Rita Shmerling Louise Schurr Mary Tanner Helen VVhisnant Betty White Constance Wright age Fifty-Fix f,A,--v-,-.-,-,-,-v-,-v-,Av-.-vm,-.-.-,-v-v'v-.-.-.-.A.-.4N.f--,-,-.-.-,-,-.-.-,-.-v-.-v-.-.-.ll 131 A at 'rig MAIDSANDAMNU me ' ' Zee dad OFFICERS ANN WATERSTON -- .V.. -- .... -- M-- ,'-- -- ,------- PI'9Sid9Y1f JOSEPHINE SVVINT -- eeee -- ... -- . .. ..v- e tt -- .... Vice-President DEDE SCHNEIDER -- . -- .... -- . --, ...... -- A .. Secretary MARY KATHERINE REISER --l,, .V,7V..ww. Treasurer MISS DOROTHY HALBERT -- W-- ........,.,. Director GLEE CLUB CALENDAR-1935-1936 CHRISTMAS CAROL PROGRAMME AT LUTHERAN CHURCH ..,,,,..,,,,.. December 15 THE MAJI'S GIFT Operetta ,..Y.,,....VYY.YY...Vwf........,.,....................,,,A.........,,V YVV..V.AV D ecember 19 YJALK THE PLANK Operetta -, Y.,, -- ,,,, -- .... --...,- .,., -- .... -- Y,Y,,,,, - .....,.. February 17 RADIO BROADCAST -- .... -- ,.,. -- .... -- .... A- ,--- -- .... -- --AA -- ...,.... --.U .......,..April 2 MEMORIAL DAY SERVICES AT MAGNOLIA CEMETERY -- .,,,... April 26 RADIO BROADCAST Adams, Bettie Andrews, Betty Bailie, Carrie Bates, Annette Bates, Evelyn Battle, Helen Beam, Virginia Bennett Marie Benson, Frances Best, Katherine Blum, Shirley Bolgla, Miriam Boswell, Mary Bond, Nell Boyd, Laura Lee Carswell, Elle Chandler, Evelyn Corr, Virginia Dobson Olive Mae Dunbar, Mary Helen Elliott, Constance Embry, Julia Mae Page Fifty-S ..l--April 26 i Q22 MZWIAZZJ Farr, Maxine Fry, Louise Hains, Louise Hammett, Anne Holley, Celeste Holmes, Grace Horton, Madge Johnston, Josephine Jones Ruth Holt Koontz, Shirley Maddox, Elizabeth ML-Elmurray, Mildred Melton, Virginia Meredith, Evelyn Murray, Mable Newberry, Bonnie Mae Pitts, Mildred Popkins, Frances Printup, Eleanor Prontaut, Dorothy Purswell Margaret Purvis, Zaidee Lou Ransom, Sue Reiser, Mary Katherine Robins, Doris Rubenstein, Lillian Russell, Elizabeth Schneider, Dede Schwitzerlet, Elizabeth Scruggs, Hazel Serotta, Harriet Shmerling Rita Stringer, Dottie Stelling, Ellen Sullivan, Mary Suhr, Elizabeth Swint, Josephine Symms, Marguerite Timm, Eugenia Ward, Mary Louise Waterston, Ann Wofford. Agnes Wright, Alice VVright Gloria -v1g, .-YAY-v-YAY--'A-A-v-v.v.v.-.-.Y C, A 1 ' Mamas Ano A MAN "" LL,-.H-. wrW U Q-ffm..-A'.'5 45 " 1 "nl: Page Fifty-Seven F "'A"'A'T-'A'-"'A"'A""v-I'A""'T''""'-"""""""' 12 2 ' i lg MAlosANoAMAN NI f H ,js 'ng'-v-hu-Nu HH rr The Magi's Gift Hn Qperetto for the Yuletide in Two Acts CAST OF CHARACTERS THE WATCHMAN -, MARX -, ,-- ,... -- , HAROLD ,,,., , ,,,, I ANN ,-,,,,-, -,,,,,--.., MARGARET -- ,,,, --,,,,- THE GOOD DAME -,,, ELSBETH --,,, ,..f W-, THOMAS MORELEY --,,, , TOM A ,.,, .- .,,, -- ,... --,,--,V,,-- SIR ARTHUR HERTFORD FATHER CHRISTMAS --- ST. GEORGE A,.. ., ,,,.. THE TCRK --,, --.mst THE CRUSADER THE JESTER --.H THE' MUMMERS THE MORRIS DANCERS Margaret Purswell Doris Robins Shirley Blum Mildred Pitts Bonnie Mae Newbery MARY -- .z-,,,--.,,.-- Ruth Holt Jones Annette Bates Elizabeth Suhr -Virginia Beam Mary Sullivan TIME: Josephine Swint Elizabeth Schwitzerlet SKATERS DANCE' Laura Lee Boyd Gloria lVright THE SHEPHERDS Mildred Pitts THE MAGI Hazel Scruggs THE ANGELS Mary Avrett PEASANTS --. ,,tLouise Hains -, ..,..,,,,, Carrie Bailie ,Zaidee Lou Purvis ,.,.,,,Ccnnie Wright ,, ,,,, Shirley Koontz , ,,,, Rita Shmerling W-- ....,.., Louise Fry i,,,,,Ann Waterston ,,...,....Constance Elliott Mary Katherine Reiser - , ,,... Dede Schneider --,,,,, ,Louise Hams ,,--i.Vl'ilina YYilkerson ,Evelyn Bates ,.,.,,Laura Lee Boyd Julia Mae Embry Maxine Farr Bettie Adams Mary Louise M'ard Katherine Best ---Marguerite Symnis Virginia Corr Celeste Holley Frances Benson Madge Horton Marie Bennett England in the Middle Ages ACT I -- ..,.,,,, -- ,,,, vt, ..,. ,..,- ,,,, --ChriStmas Eve ACT II ,-, , ,-, NHL- ,-. -.,,Christmas Day DIRECTORS MISS DOROTHY HALBERT MISS ANN BRADDY Page Fifty-Eight J? Af,-.--.--.-.-J , -v-.-6 x,-.A.-.4x,-.-.-.-:-v!-Y--.Av-.-4vA:,-.-.-.A,-,- lg MAuosANo AMA:-a Bm D ' Q A 'mmdfzc u 'QB 'Qs -5 Qf X SARA BAILEY ROSE HUNTER .... ,,,. - -... - ,-- .v.. -- ,,,,, ,- WYILL Iiesident BL.-XNCHE HENSLEY -- ..., .... , ,, -cSec1'etary and Treasurci MISS RUTH Mr-AULIFFE 1, Di, t Miss ELEANOR BOATWRIGHT I H 'eC"'Q MEMBERS Aaronson, Charlotte Bacon, Annie R. Badger, Doris Bailie, Carrie Bailey, Sara Beck, Mary Best, Katherine Bignon, Celeste Bowdain, Mildred Bolgla, Sarah Carlisle Beatrice Carswell, Mary Chapman, Eileen Chavous, Pauline Chandler, Evelyn Cole, Carol Cowan, Kathrine Cooper, Martha Louise Cutts, Allan Denny, Mary Clark Gibson, Virginia Greene, Gladys Hammett, Anne Hensley, Blanche Howell, Martha Hunter, Rose Martin, Jane May, Rita Perkins, Edith Phillips, Roberta Printup, Eleanor Phinizy, Marion Coles Raley, Edna Roesel, Catherine Rubenstein Frankie Russell, Emma Schneider, Dede Sheftall, Margaret ' Short, Evelyn Snead, Billie Stirewalt, Lucile Swint, Josephine Thurmond, Allie White, Betty Wright, Alice Wright, Gloria Page Fifty Nin FA-'1'vAvA-'v4.-Y46'iff?v'-'5J?AvAvk-YA'Ar-Jiv'-v'N.f'v',Avi-Aj59, -9 -17 2 : MAsos Ano A MAN 5 Le.,--.-a-. A .rig rw A P' -Qz'Afez'z'c ouncz' agp 4 X id i mf JANE PAQUETTE -- ..,. --.,. FRANCES BENNETT -- ANN WATERSTON --.... ,...,.--Vice President - A... -- .... Secretary DEDE SCHNEIDER -- ,,,E - --- .... Treasurer MISS EDNA MAURY MISS MILDRED CARTLEDGE SENIORS Jane Paquette Allen Cutts Sara Bailey Marion Coles Phinizy Martha Oliver SOPHOMORES Betty Adams Louise Hains Georgia Paquette Doris Robins l':1g'0 Sixty S.- .... -- .... Directors JUNIORS Dede Schneider Ann Waterston Catherine Roesel Frances Bennett Beverley Newberry FRESHMEN Anne Wilson Barbara Hamilton Harriett Daniel Dottie Douglas A - - - - A --AA- v 1vA.-.A.a'v'-.-vA.A.-v-v4N.f-,-.-,A - - - - - - A - - - - - Q .2 LE S IB MAuosANoAMAN 5 S Nags. IW? ,..4--.1 " fu m . -vu-fstf-v ' ,gr- age Sixty-One 5A-.-t-v-v-4,1-J .Av'v-4v'N.l'-.Ala-vA.-'Q'-'-Af'-1-JSI'-4,A,-,-,-vA Lfzljggi - -IK Minas Ano A MAN 5m J em'0'z wffe Pauline Purser, Captain Sara Bailey Lucile Steadman Marguerite Morris Jane Paquette Dorothy Phillips Mary Mitchum Elizabeth Schwitzerlet Elizabeth Des Combes Page Sixty-Two I S FH-TA A FIB NIAIDSANDANIAN ?m',1?,,,w-H ,L um'o'r M-ffe gamjaioni Frances Bennett, Captain Dede Schneider Ann Waterston Mary Katherine Reisel' Claudine Wells Eleanor Courtney Alice Frey Beverley Newberry Mary Frances Bishop Katherine Scott Ponder Brown Marian Maxwell Florence Godbee Dorothy Greene Ruth Eldredge Doris Hall Pag e Sixty-Thr v-.-,-,- ,-v-.-6 -ff.-.exfv-.-.-:1 w-..-v-.-.-.-:x.f-v-.-.A.'i-.--J.'.-v-- -vvvv-,,v-vvv-v'xzs-,-vaviv-- ,,1xfw,,,-iv,-W, ,, Lfanuh MAUAAU M UAA--A M-MAMMA'M 5 E+? eeea vw. F-LeffmMA"'5A""AMA"' ml'-. em ,M wa. em'0'Z gaifeffaff Zim Margaret Walters, Capt. Allen Cutts Pauline Purser Sara Bailey Lucile Steadman Jane Paquette Page Sixty-Four 'Q-f?5'xT 5 1x.fsf---A- ---------,--- 11 , -v-.-.-.-.-.1-vffvi-6 xx-J.-.-xxx-,A.2'-A:-A-v---v hee-AHA rl! MNDS MDAMM 'mv rm HTL-:Pr unZ0'r .failed fa!! gimjaioni rf-'-1 ,. If, 1, ff S. sf Margaret Purswell, Capt. Glenelle Bryant Claudine Wells Alice Frey Frances Bennett Ponder Brown Mildred McDaniel Dorothy Greene Dede Schneider Ann Waterston Beverley Newberry Mary Frances Bishop Elizabeth Schwitzerlet 3 -sn, , . ms, fre Sixty Fixe C: 1 v v v v v - v - v v4v v v'Nl'v'vAvkAv'v'-A-'Jw'-Av'Sl'- 'WEN an A rl! MA"sA"UAMAN mhfw' A vw-1-J 72e4Amd1fz idifef K 72.4141 - -. ' V '-, f-.-. . ...- -,af - f age Sixty-Six n v N WT? L.. A . , Betty Allgoocl, Captain Amie Wilson Lucile Smith Dorothy Maughan Lucile Blackwell Mary Emma Pierce Ruby Pickran Cecile O'COl'l1101' Doris Kessler Elizabeth Arndt Marjorie Hussey Marian Krause Marian Arthur L.: v Y- Y , v-vvvSfv"N'vv--vvvvv--JN' --v-- v---v--v--v-'I P- an A .-PIB MA"'sA""AMAN?mi"igH .QF omcvze vqocfey Aamjaioni Louise Hains. Captain Eunice Wheatley Emma Hogan Ellen Stelling Bettie Adams Mabel Murray Mary Howe Maxine Farr Margaret Sheftall Georgia Paquette Doris Robins Julia Lively age Sixty-Sev en ?' -- ------- .v.4,-A---LLk-YQAA1.: .1x,A-.-,-.A.-va-.-.-v-.-.-:v-. P sf? - 9-' A PM A7, MAaasmoAmmb TA H Af Martha Howell Katherine Best Lillian Johnson Josephine Johnston Carlene Glenn Agnes VVofford Margaret Marshall Mary Boswell Frances Pollkin Virginia Young Frances Martian Nlarizaret Burton Barbera Gumbel Yiruinia Smith Helen Waldon Ruth Smith Laura Trowbridge Rita May Sara Hall Madelyn Vl'oodward Elizabeth DeLoach Doris Burns Lauia Lee Boyd Elizabeth Dye Anne VVilson Colleen Beazley Betty Allllood Rena Grizzell Emily Landrum Frances Landrum Katherine Arrington Lucile Blackwell Marxzaret Waaflner Elizabeth Arndt 'tlarcia Dorn Dorothy Readdy Helen Bushia Mary Mullin Cecile O'Connor Sarah Busbia Mary Keilholtz Helen XValker Elizabeth Hall Jean Georile Mae Saxon Myrtle Read Louise Howard Annual Exhibition Tubman High School PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT April 30th, 1936 - 8:30 P. M. 75 5 35 5 MODERN EXERCISES PERCUSSION Maxine Farr Mary Louise Vilard Dorothy Smith Doris Robins Margaret Sheftall Ellen Stelling Celeste Bignon Roberta Phillips Dorothy Pronmut Nelle Bond Betty Andrews Mae Owens Adelae Arrington Elizabeth Bryans Many Stafford Mildred Bull Evelyn Meredith Mirian Talbert Elizabeth Des Combes Virginia .lowers Juanita Hardy Emma Hogan Loiene Leach Virginia. Colley Catherine Roesel Frances Bennett Elizabeth Zoller Dede Schneider Carlton Clark Ann Waterston Mkxrian Maxwell Mable Murray Alice VVrig'ht Elle Carswell Clare Bracey Anne Hammett Jane Floyd Julia Mae Embry Mary Katherine Reiser Margaret Zimmerman Eva Mae Weed Constance Elliott Sue Ransom Georgia Paquette Mary Howe Elise Nixon lk wk 2 FK CIRCLES Frances Brown Marian Krouse Marie Vlfyatt 'Vlarian Arthur Elizabeth Meehan Louise Ansley Betty Meese Hazel Huff Frances Cannady MYIB Scott Mildred Pitts Betty Graham Marjorie Hussey Lucile Smith Mary Ellen Pate Bobbie Bailey Alma Stenick Elizabeth Anne Heath -Xrchienell Scott. Constance Cox Mary Jane Mcllhaney Mable Miller Mildrcd Milligan Page Sixty-Eight Betty Andrews Marie Hillard Dena Boiloslasl-cy Dorothy Ivey Carlton Clark Dorothy Gregg Ruby Pickron Mamie Lon Bell Georgia Pazluette Mable Murray Betty Pender Barbara Andrews Elise Miner Ruth McArthur Mary Howe Juanita Hardy Virginia .lowers Catherine Goodwin Mary Lewis Mary Ann Toole Barbara Hamilton Frances Dunbar Dorothy Douglas Helen McElveen Ruth McArthur Margaret Key Gladys Youngblood Louise Scarborough Elizabeth Dye Beverly Newberry Ponder Brown Carrie Bailie Anne Calhoun Dorothy Ivey Elizabeth Mozely Harriet Serotta Mamie Lotz Eleanor VVeathersbee Annie Ruth Crozier Mildred Roberts Virginia Carr Mary Holley Claudine VVells Florence Godbee Frances Reeves Hazel Scruggs Mary Emma Pierce Dorothy Phillips Frances Reeves Elizabeth Moseley Eunice VVheatley Sara Maddox Louise Scarborough Elizabeth Young Clara Bell Jackson Margaret Carry Jannie Mae VValker Ruth Rosamond Helen Vilaldon Virflinia Smith Cleo Hall Lydia Bray Martha Howell Margaret Burton Anne Patterson Betty Donaldson Virzinia Colley Emma Hogan Elizabeth Zoller .g-x,.,.v.v.v.-.v.-.v.-.-.v.-.v.v.Q,Q.- lv" ""'r'v'v'f hx? : vHulu7Hr"' NIAIDSANU 4? Nl-N1 H rin IH FH Mazgaret Sheftall Janis Dunbar Celeste Bigon Elle Carswell Mae Owens Doris Robins 'horgia Paquette Kate Gercke Nelle Bond Mildred Bull Elizabeth Russell Ellen Stelling Sue Ransom Evelyn Meredith Mariraret Cheeks Cora Fentzel Katherine Gehrken Katherine Arrington Cecile O'Connor Marie Wyatt Elizabeth Meehan Dorothy Phillips Helen Busbia Elizabeth Read Harriet Daniel Claire Corley Julia Mae Embry Rita Shmerling Dede Schnedier Catherine Roesel Margaret Zimmerman Lylette Dunn Margie Walker Margaret Miles Rena Grizzell Myra Scott Betty Allgood Clara Clark Marion Zell Margaret Burton Sarah Busbia Elizabeth Hall , Thelma Yu Betty Pender SOPHOMORE BOURRE Dorothy Prontaut Mable Murray Miriam Talhert Sarah Howell Constance Elliott Clare Bracey Mlerae Arrimzton Elizabeth Bryans Betty Andrews Marv Paulk Alire VVrii:ht Dorothy Smith Mary Stafford Pk :af FRESHMAN 'Vlildred Pitts Elizabeth Heath Helen Walker Lucile Blackwell Frances Dunbar Dorothy Douglas Jane Martin Gloria VVright Sara Steadman Helen Sutton Audrey Brunkhurst lk its Margaret Cawley Mary Rickerson Frances Popkin Katherine Best Mary Boswell Martha Howell Ruth Newman Uarlene Glenn Barbara Gumbel Josephine Johnston Lillian Johnson Geraldine Owens Sara Hall HK Pl: M I LITAIRE lessie McDonald Ma:'p:uer'ite Symms Doris Kessler Mary Mullen Marsraret Holmes Jean George Dorothy Roesel Dorothy Todd Louise Howard Mary Toole Barbara Hamilton Fl! JI! SOFT SHOE Mary Mae Wells Clara Nell Fortune Lillian Duke Mary Katherine Reiser Hazel Scruggs Marion Maxwell Doris Hall Margaret Corley Lucille Stirewalt Pauline Madebach Claudia Wells Ponder Brown Jerry Glenn Margarite Morris Ik ik Ill FF FARMERETTES Lucille Smith Kathrine Procter Dorothy Ready Vannett Humphries Constance Cox Bobbie Bailey Jessie Readdy Frances Yarrington Mildred Milligan Alma Steinek Dot-urlxy Readdy Mal-le Miller Marcia Dorn Kathryne Rhodes Anne Wilson Lorraine Lynch Archinell Scott lmozene Adams Marie Bennett Hazel Huff Elizabeth Graham Betty Andrews P Marlzaret Marshall Laura Lee Boyd Vinrina Youni: Nlary Louise Ward Grace Holmes Frances Morgan Virszinia Smith Evelyn Thigpen Edna Raley Maxine Floyd l-'arr Frances Ballos Ann Hammett Martha Ste-lling Colleen HCBZIQY Mary Emma Pierce Betty Meese Helen Butler Miriam Wfhitaker Con-tance Olive Margaret NVaai:ner Grace Bell Frances Mae Patterson Agnes Reese Lillian Rubenstein Eta Mae Weed Ann Waterson Beverly Newberry Carrie Bailey lilary Clark Denny Frances Reeves Edna Roper Elizabeth Havird Barbara Andrews Betty Andrews Emily Landrum Frances Landrum Anne Keenan Gladys Pittman Jessie Jester Katherine Goodwin Odessa Johnson Catherine Johnson age Sixty--Nine v - v - - v Y vAv--4v'v--JN--A-A-2'-Av'-Av'-'-v-v'S"-:.f.'.1l,v4u1:-.-.-.-,r.- l MAIDS AND A MNH A-H u-'Hug-M rf' T U51 151 F1 PUNCTUATION MARKS Dots Questions Exclamation Points. Doris Hall Claudine VVells Mary Emma Pierce Mary Howe Helen McElween Frances Dunbar Alice Rowe Eleanor VV1-athershee Mary Sullivan Beverly Newberry Virginia .lowers Doris Kessler' Carrie Bailey Emma Hogan Louise Howard Mary Katherine Reiser Frances Reeves Dorothy Readdy Ponder Brown Lucile Stirewalt Marilaret Waarlher Dede Schneider Mamie Lutz Jean George Frances Bennett Juanita Hardy Cecile O'Connor M3I'rl8I't'l Purswell Elizabeth Zoller Marian Krouse Catherine Roesel Marian Arthur Martha TemDl0l1l0Yl Laura Lee Boyd Elise Miner Anne Wilson Helen Merritt Martha Howell Lucile Blackwell Janie Mae VValker Helen Bushia Louise Ansley Anne Calhoun Mauzaret Marshall Betty Allgood Elizabeth Schwitzerlet Eunice NYhc-alley Elizabeth Arndt Mellia Carstarphen Carlton Clark INTERMISSION :ll PF Pk S ANGLES AND CURYES ANGLES CURVES Alice Rowe Clara Nell Fortune Catherine Roesel Margaret Purswell Dede Schneider Buntsie Scott Carrie Bailie Mary Holley Margie VValker Doris Hall Sarah Bailey Ann Waterson Mary Mae VVel1s Doris Hall Betty Adams Louise Hains Nell Bond Mildred Bull Zaidee Lon Purvis CONTRAST OF THE MODERN AND THE AESTHETIC DANCE Alice Rowe Mary Howe is ir 4: ar VOLGA BOATMEN Maxine Farr Martha Howell Margaret Marshall Josephine Johnston Laura Lee Boyd Elizabeth Zoller Katherine Best Juanita Hardy Virginia JOVNEIS Emma Hogan Sara Hall Lorene Leach Doris Robins INTERPRETATION OF THE RUSSIAN SUNG, "THE VOLGA BOATMANU Margie Vifalker Mary Mae VVells Clara Nell Fortune Ann Waterson Melba Carstarphen Doris Hall Luicle Steadman Margie Walker Mary Mae Wcflls Lylette Dunn Alice Rowe Sara Bailey Pauline Puls Lucile Stirew Ponder Brown Ann NVaterson Catherine Roesel Carrie Bailie FF PF Pk Pk PASTORAL Bootsie Scott. Carrie Bailie 41 it Sk Pk LULLABY er Mary Louise Owens ali Mary Howe Ma rea ret Pu rs well PK Pk Sk Pk SCARF DANCE Mary Katherine Reiser Margaret Purswell Alice Rowe Catherine Roesel Dede Schneider Margaret Walters Claudine Wells Jerry Glenn Mary Louise Owens Bootsie Scott Doris Hall Melba Carstarphen Sarah Bailey May H0ll9Y De'-'lt' Svhnfidfl' Lilian Duke FF PF if FF DIRECTORS MISS EDNA MAURY MISS MILDRED CARTLEDGE PIANISTS MISS DOROTHY HALBERT IVIISS EDNA IHAURY Page Sev enty C3""'A"""""""""A"""""' "A' A """"'A"'v"""'A'A'"'A"""'A"""' Lx,-H-.A--M ""A"sA""AM"" Ly Vw 60? VIIUYT NJ Page Seventy-One SARA Best Athlete BETTY IRYIN Most Gifted - Most Versatile - Wittiest BAILEY FRANKIE KREPS Prettiest Blonde - Daintiest, YU! ff MARION COLES PHINIZY Most Popular EYELYN SHORT FLO ERLE RUSSELL Most Prettiest Brunette-Most Sophisticated Intellectual ELIZABETH MADDOX Most Capable rf' fir A' ELIZABETH GARNER n Q, ' Most Lovable V' A A I I"' x is f-'-'-'-'-"Q"c''v'-""""""""f"f""'""""""s"""ff-'v'-'-'-'-"'-'-"'-'-'- fe? : A --J-L.-.A. .-M .1-If "'A"'sA"""A"W' ff.,-In rw an Believe It or Not! When any form of government reaches the depressed end, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. Hugh S. Johnson fell in the battle of Shiloh. The Puritans left Holland because they were afraid that the dikes would break. A democracy is when the Democrats is in office for instincts now. A monarchy is a man that has the say about the law. Suffrage means you are suffering under some condition, for instincts woman suffrage. Shakespeare married Ann Harding. A plot is like they go after somebody, they call it a plot. The plot of The Shot is: The soldier is going to shoot the other sol- dier of which he hated. The climax of The Necklace is it ended. The meaning of Thanatopsis is: Death would be a pleasure sometimes. When Mozart died the Welfare People buried him, and his widow married a duck and lived in luxurious. The Pork of Rome made Mozart a knight. The bridge of the violin is made of birds eye view maple. The violin is furnished with four ebony pigs placed near the scroll in the pig box. A nomad is the people not given the right to vote. The vernacular was a Roman emperor. Papacy was what paper was made of. The time of the poem Sohrab and Rastum was day time The paraphrase is the middle rib between the chest and the abdomen. I'agc Seventy-Four - A - - .v.'Av.v.v.v--,-,-Y-v-v-Y v-v4Nf,-Y-v-v-v.v.3-Av-JvAv.'.v.-.v. MAO D5 ANU A ANIMAL HESEMBLANCES fT . Mi 5 WW E f- X N I JAR-'EIT 15 Wav!- f N 'f ' My fb,-I s f , V W Q 7 I , , y, N...... J I 23 : -, Ed WL Z A A l mf? Q f , Y l W ' - I 5 S3 6 if Q M HI ' 4 if g f P S F C,'A'A'A"""l 1"A'A""'A'A'v'A'A'kA'A'A""'A""'M"'A""'A""' .1 F A In Mamas mo A Mflijfl ,M .... ,r 4xYF"'1"'1"T1'F1 94 J KX 4 X. Lflllllk lHll1l3lHlLlllErll'l'lVS G6'1'l'l1ll12tllI1g' onions Pe-poQi11g in the l1b A 1111111 unusual Cleiltlllt? 'I hat uxed to be .1 uab Ru l1C I11Qh potatoes W1th dalk and my efl wan C mupx of puklecl cllckets Slll hmg 111 then 1318 F1dg.I'I16IltN ot som tftuot topx ocf1tte1 ed ex e1vwhe1e Hettx hunlw ot f1og legs Lea.p111g 111 the an A sl1the1v sllmv efuthwmm Oomng Oll cl pfm A sleek and xhmv t1sh gill I+lodt111g, III 11 cm Dont sou thmk bw am thance That sou hfue xeen the nghtx It mu xe ox e1l0okezl Ill funtne lab letole lt N been set to 11 hte -0- . A Q ,L4ml"fw'w K, L C CQ X '1 I av f t ilfdl Se '- 1 P Lb ,."I.': ' " ' rr , je 'A' ... . D . I'-.f." 1. . 1 ',. 1 . . 1. 1- S ' K- 9 1- .. S fwfr v Y 1 I 4 - , ,S ' . ,, xx' K . ' ' '. vt . e . . L1 .t , K. i C . . O f' . . A' x 7 I' . r. 1 . . ' . r . 1 , . Y Y ' Y V 'A v 1 1 A- fy -Q h 'vt v 4 v ' v Y K , 2 . . . V . Q lzzgc- Ss vm uty-Q' ' 1 ' 1 ,IX Latin Cross Word Puzzle Z1 1 .1 -1 if lv 3 !ji' 1 ' - lu V 3' L 0 3' H IV f 3 A 1 ay i in v-1 1 i f l , ' I ve 'ff , i IQIM y I IMI! Ml! illil 1 HORIZONTAL Solution follows in Advertisementsy MIRIAM TALBERT '38, A Roman who was one of the greatest soldiers in history In order that There Hostages To publish To stand Therefore Without He is Which ever Qof twol Appius Qabbreviationl Lake fablativej Out of Dutiful Qmasculinej For a long time History Two Qmasculinej To be hurled Eight Coast I shall be But This ffemininej Twice The latter tneuterj To remain Into Conjunction meaning "or," introducing the second part of a double question Companion 1. 2. 3. -I. 6. S 9. 11. 13. 15. 19. 90 21. 22. 30. 29. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 39. 43 46. 47. 49. 51. VERTICAL An office held by Caesar By tbefore a vowell You are lsingularl If for ten years Toward Thing You taccusativej March fifteenth Perfume Hush! Arise tperfect passive participle, femi- nine! A country founded by Aeneas fgenitivel Nor Sally tnounl Alas! Former To burn Oh! Thus Twelve That lmasculine pluralj To write On the other hand Mouth Money But if This lmasculinej Tiberius Qabbreviationj Enelitic introducing questions Page-Seventy-Seve n F.-.-.A-vo.-ve i-6-.-vAvAvAv-'41-Y-v4-Af'-'-AYAv-v-vA.-.'x.f--,-,-,-,-v-r,-,-,-.-,-,-,-,-,-,J A A H., MAuosmoAmAN5 ,kT,,'.7H M Big Opportunities Unexpected drops fell on her head and smeared her papers as she trudged briskly through the remains of a February snow. In spite of her spiked heels and her ill- arranged stack of books she made peppy little springs that displayed both originality and skill as she crossed the puddles. She wore a plaid coat with an alluring upright cellar. She was inordinately proud of that flaring coat. It had taken six Saturdays at the "dime" to help buy it, and it was a sweller-nothing unnoticeable about itl It made her look at least eighteen. Gosh, she was glad her hair was acting right lately- just sparkled and glittered. Why, anybo ruby nail polish! Gosh, she guessed she tervales, she refreshed her make-up and' her Spanish vocabulary as she walked studies to smile absently at a friend or times, she thought of Harry. Wouldn't only fifteen? Gosh, she could fool him dy would think it was natural. And that new was a Jean Harlowe on a small scale. At in- hurried still faster. Half-heartedly repeating' on, she occasionally interrupted her belated to grimace heartily at an enemy. In between he be flattened out if he knew that she was easy--the big squabl She'd get him back for not showing up last night: she'd fix him. El caballo, horse. Gosh, she always got it mixed up with hair or head. She turned in at the gate just as Susan Hix stepped from a Packard. My, my ain't we grand! VS ell, Sue might look fairly good if she'd wear her clothes tighter and try a little lipstick. Some girls are extra dumb. Sue almost overflowed with lady-likeness. lt just about made a normal girl squirm- especially with her thinking she was so much. Gosh, what a noise! Oh, there Harry goes on his motorcycle. Let him wave! Guess she knew how to smash him. Reckon she might as well go over some history. Say, what was that stuck in the book? Gosh, that was a cutc picture of Harry-just an irresistible grin spread on paper. She re- membered when it was taken. Gosh, wasn't he cute. though? Kind of stored himself in a girl's heart. Not many girls had nerve enough to snoot a boy like Harry. Gosh, she pughta be ashamed. You didn't have to hint. around for things from him either. Why she had a watch and two bracelets already. And the way he always said, "I won't give up till you give in, "Orange Blossom"! The last bell rang shrilly, piercing' her heavenly haze. She mounted the front steps inwardly undecided. Gosh, Tubinan was all right, but she had opportunities. -BETTY IRVIN. '36. Page Seventy-Eight ff' L1 -.'.v.-.v.vY Y.v.v.i .,.,v.,., ,,.,-,Q-.A.-.-.-v-vu-:xr-fv-.-vA.-,-.-v-.-.-v-.-.-v-- rin!! A rw' MAuos ANU Avhd-NW ml To Algebra-- Algebra--Student's torture Leaving us all at sea Gathering countless failures Ever in wake of thee Begone. thou merciless tyrant! Relieve poor, struggling me And only let me pass you by I'm satisfied with C! -MARTHA COOPER, '36, P -is L n V v 1 Fqnf,uTMy ' ONCQN l 1 l -Q , ' L. i."- -55-511 "" 0.2 --- 5 - Page Seventy-Ni v-:s 3.5 L' v ' ' ' ' ' """x--.-.e.,. , rs' 'K' v vAvAv-'A'-' NIR'- ""' .r MAuu5. ""'A-tv-f - - AND A MAN , - - ,,,.-,'!- ' 'F' ' 45 ,A-fl 1 x , f' V Xig ,H , ! f X' 'ff' f4- ' 'xi Ei' A 14 5 4' S . .gy -' U 5 NYM ws WW Xa i ,xg ,mln-sia-,,,,, :N rg ,fi , . f- Q -A .Q .i' ' ' fm 31: nv O E'iIh1y s , , , v Y v , , ,, v ,-v-,A,-,Ava-vA:,Av-.-,-.-vlgz-v-v-v-,AfY-3,---v-v-,-v-,A,-'45 MAlo.s-AND A NIAN 5 C? M --- Wm 1 Fl-urNrNr"- N W P r Page Eighty-One fngggim 45 Sepfember 1932 Q HLA SS UF JWNETSHN HUNUHSDA TH IH TY-Sl X June 1936 I J E .v.'.v.v-,v.'.,.v.,.,.v,,.,.,.,E-ve:,-.-.-,-.-,A,--,-.-,-.-,-.-.-.-.-:.- -u J 'E A A A rP'lI:N1AlDSANUANl-NWQIH A F.: H My Page I deeply appreciate the honor of being asked by the Staff of HMAIDS AND A MAN" to take a page of my own. You are the "MAIDS" and I am the man-sometimes scared and a little lonely. Now, of course, I want to use it as your page. If I can bring you a brief message worthy of a place in your book of memories, I shall be satisfied. Your Tubman days are ended. We hope your four years from Freshman to Senior have been happy and helpful years. The future alone can tell how well you have used them. Your Diploma is evidence that you have met the requirements for graduation. But Diplomas from school or college do not, alone, guarantee your success when you have taken your place in life. I am not at all sure that I can tell you just what "success" is. Perhaps "service" comes pretty close to being a good definition. Some of the subjects you have taken in school will have little bearing upon what you are doing years from now. I think you will find, though, that the Interests you have developed here, and the Habits you have formed, will give direction to the way you will travel over the hills and valleys of the years ahead. None of us can see very far into the future. Tomorrow never quite comes, When it does come, it is today. Begin today, therefore, what you want to make of tomorrow. , I wish for each of you a full measure of health, usefulness and happiness-these three so bound together in life. From time to time may you turn back to the pages of your HMAIDS AND A MANI' to find happy memories of your classmates, your teachers and Affectionately, your friend, T. H. GARRETT, Principal. This Friday, May 4. 1936. Page Eighty-Thr G. 7 v v - , ,-, v ,-,-,Ai--,Av-,.,A,-5,-.-Y-,Av-,Av. 4-N, A A - A - Q ff- 7 Y v 1 1 v 74:44-e,-lvl-Qvl14v'vQl L-rl-1-H MA"'s'A""'A"w' MIT? 1'-T eh Ji U ' :IN Af, YF' fjx "WI i- 0 1 iz M ,Asu s f ' fjaifomye Mane merchants who by their cooperation with the Tubman Hnnuul Staff have mode this 1936 edition of i i Maids and A Mon possible. Page Eighty-Fuuz afvezzfzkem en U Out of Me 1.6665 inf tt.4o6'tZon5 of Me .Q'uz'AN Adare come Made Lffzuduaf Qrwgej For Thusv Who Love Fine Things Page Eighty-Si' Merry Brothers Bricli and Tile Company uf Quality Products FACE BR1aK,aaMMaN Bm, HOLLOW BLFILDING TILE 401 . .aa Building s REMEMBER GIRLS . . . Make HIM Build YOI' That New Hume of Brick, For MERRY BRICK BUILD HAPPY HOMES GRADUATES of TUBMAN!! If your training to date has included in it some practical knowledge of the use. function and importance of money, you are fortunate. Master the use of income, however small, for both happi- ness and success in later life depend largely on the ability to manage money. A banking connection can be of material assistance in that undertaking. Georgia Railroad Bank 81 Trust Cumpang RENDERING BANKING SERVICE SINCE 1833 Page Eighty-Sev .QA jQf'ce4AZrz7. . -- IT WILL REFRESH YOU TCO ' D R 1 N K IN B O T T L E S It 'lt Get The Full ot Refreshment Augusta Coca-Cola Bottling Cumpang Solution to Crossworcj. Puzzle 1 J 'w 5' ' . C A E s AVR I U 'T 'I uo no B S In D NE 'js 'U 'fomfxl AQ' I S . R G ot Till. X I l A A fry nm AWK! mm IZHH N N of U! 1' 0 F If WR 1 :N F 1F s TZ R 'U T E R H 'rr'1"f-" LT. " f y L A L U Q EVX i R W L yP Ll MU 3's Mcvrtwyb 1 U UU 1 Ns 'rio R 1 H if U UW I ' YU V H 1 va W I G R u V 7 u XM A I vb W, A V A E H 1 5 I if ,4 s iz My I 5, A if A N BB Ml! I 1, P ghty-Eight Stark-lfinpire Lee Blum , LAUNDRY Compliments CLEANING of , ,D DX RING Office 743 Broad Street Imperial Theatre Bldg. Vllllllt' 1811 Il t Il l I lt -X The Citizens Sz Southern National Bank No Account Tun Large---None Tun Small Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page Eighty-N 72 man QVC!!! 1 ESPECIALLY GRADUATESP Many old "Tubman Girls" here at Whites, solicit your business' Smarter styles and lower prices too . . . Come and See. g Mite Z Compliments of A FRIEND GOWNS for GLEE CLUBS and CHOIRS GRADUATION CAPS and GOWNS The C. E. Ward Co. New London, Ohio Woodward Lumber Company Lumber Millwork Building Materials Phone 1161 Augusta, Ga Page Ninety Lin Lines-ln Zephyr GET THAT Y-S FEELING giadualei "Watch The Fords Go By" WE we - EXTEYD PROVHD in the PAST A IMPROVED for the FUTURE OUR - P CQNGRATLVLAATIONS Walker-Uullant Motor Companq, Inc. , Phone 300 Brozui at 14 h S QXGH-Zlffuwz 5 Augusta, Georgia Compliments of ' ALLBURN DUAL AIC CUKE General Tlre 81 Supplg Patronize "Augusta's Master Service Station" Broad at 12th St. Phone 2600 Hill Branch "At The Foot of the Hill" Walton Way at Baker Avenue Phone 127 GOODYEAR TIRES PREST - O - LITE BATTERIES AUGUSTA IEE 81 COAL , CUMPANY HOME INDUSTRY Cold Alone Is Not Enough Pa2'e Ninety-One Compliments of Belk-White Cumpang 813-845-847-849 Broad Street Augusta. Ga. Miss Miles: VVho started the Bene- dictine Order 'T Freshman: Benedict Arnold. Sophomore making' book report: Rudyard Kipling' born 1865 died 1936. Since 1860 he has been one of the greatest prose writers living. Miss Daniel: VVhat causes the price of labor to become high? Junior: The sagacity of laborers. QOIIIAPVQ .S PRETTY CLOTHES for all the MAIDS . . . the kind admired By the Man. The SIX RAILROADS entering Augusta are justly proud of the part they play, thru large TAX PAYMENTS, and Heavy PAY- ROLLS, in making these fine schools possible. Telephone 3514 . 7 1201190 s Misses' and Women Apparel S20 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. Miss Daniel: Define vassal. Freshman: The vassals was the gods the people worshipped. Miss Hulbert: What were the Craft Guilds? Sophomore: They was what the peo- ple carved things with. Any unique or unusual spelling here- in is fully covered by copyrights and patents. Compliments of Hill Brothers 1286 Broad Street A i Fancy Fruits and Fresh Vegetables Our Speciality "Jack and Leon at your Service" lage Ninety-Two Nicholson-Buick Co., Inc. STU QS CADILLAC - - LaS.-XLLE f01' BUICK - - PONTIAC ! E 627 Broad St. Augusta. Ga. KIS4 Broad qtreet Iliainonmls lVatuhes Jewelry Optical Dept. Radios Compliments of -ffuzjf .gujinedj geffefe Margaret C. Hurst. Principal 21-1 S. F. C. Bldg. Augusta. Ga. Phone 427 Friedrnans' Jewelers, Inc. Its Easy to Pay Friedmans' Way JEWELERS - OPTOMETRISTS Optical Departnit-nt in cliurge uf Hegisterefl Optonietrist R203 Broad St.. Augusta.. Phone -1313 Compliments of Allros Brothers "THE CLEAN MEAL" Z'm!QA'menlJ 0 The Uualihg Shep Miss Strauss: YVhat is the value of the Nile? Senior: It gives the Egyptians new livers. Mrs. lVhite: lVhat is the duty of a good host? Sally: To complain about the meal. Miss Boatwright: Between what na- tions was the America Revolution fought? Senior: India and America. Maxwell Brothers FURNITURE 933-935 Broad St. Phone 4000 Augusta, Ga. Page Ninety-Three Perkrns Lumber Co. YELLOW PINE LLMBER - MILLWORK DOORS ----- SASH fill!-12th Street Augusta, Georgia Phone T11 Compliments of HRHESZ? 9 ll QB E Sv 852 Broad Street Compliments of George W. Hains Compliments of DYE'S FOOD STORES LET US Air Condition Your Home for Winter - Summer or both Phoenix Uil Company Miss: Boatwright: What was Eng- lan:I's attitude toward her colonies? Senior: She looked on them as a source of revenge. Mis: Pearse: Who can define the deealogrue. Junior: It is a famous statuf.. Miss Jones: What is the possessive pronoun of possessive adjective his? Sophomore: Hers. Meredith Uprical Co. Baileg Produce Co., Inc. WHULESALE DEALERS OPTOMETRISTS Fancv and OPTICIANS FRUITS and VEGETABLES T-10-T-12 Broad Street Auprusta, Ga. mr 110 14:75 Quality First Always :Age Ninety-Foul Wm. Schweigert Sz Co. fewelers 846 Broad Street cnwnan and SEMINULE BILJYLJLICS R. L. Sumerau 8a Sun COMPLIMENTS Augusta Sporting of GQQCIS CQ, Bolya1'd's Barber Shop and "Equipment for Every Sport" Beauty Shop 210-212 Sth st. Innmo :uso HUTUI Hivhnvfllfl UALXVAYS BETTER' Compliments of Branch Construction Co. Walker Street-Phone 2811 If the-re is fx wack about 5 u H1 these pages, it isn't that we me mean, it means that we have chosen you for a good sport. Compliments of McElmurray 8L Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS 1129 Broad St. Augusta, Ga. ED 'msnnny wang pxeung g0f5 'UU BJEMPJBH 'SUJH IIBMUH ..S.LHOdS HOJ DNIH1,XHH.KCEI,, suns NEIZLSVI' ISTIASS Page Ninety-Fiv Compliments of SMITH 6- PEEL GENERAL CONTRACTORS S42 Reynolds Street Fine Social Stationery and Engraving GRADUATION BOOKS FOUNTAIN PENS ' Murphg Stationery Co. , T20 Broad Street nm flllkllll tu T Suuvnouz Ala-Aucuxu .rm rr umm vp nu HEFI You can always get a Real Cold Dr. Pepper at Franks Place Compliments of Walton Printing Company Miss Conley: What is a metaphor? Sophomore: A meadow is a place to graze cows. Miss Mc.-Xuliffe: Translate Victoria est. Freshman: Victoria is dead. fffeiifc 'K -' Je 5, BUARUMAN 1 A UIL cn. jj 5 age Ninety-Six COMPLIMENTS OF Garden City Engraving Co. R. G. IVICGGWEN Sz CO. PRINTERS Q PUBLISHERS D TYPOGRAPI-IERS 726 ELLIS STREET Q TELEPHONE 522 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA P N S 1QLk7WQmA1 wwa f'f"'+ff'iQ'W"2 9bum0H2f36AQQf vff Hfu'eg' 1 fzvffflfflf 7 f' d ij K 4 ' 7 ' 9 I ' . si' "L'4' LAX3' 1 1 ' ."!k'M"" O' . . 792 E WW ffyafffvplh lv! Cqiadgd ZQLMQ mm ifyaew fDEwbqQ1Qt fl F?uwi6 clawyizqf ff fmwwa, lu-'L1g,L,1l l"Vx "' Ltfkfx 7uLL,L7hV4u' LMANWN AQg4Wm, ,,.!y,,'J'QLL 'u Ji LJ Y, 'Jr I ' f,H,M HM,d -Quia 'M A4 ' 7 F UKZLQSQRHE W 7 ,QRIA-f,ff.f4c,d1 ,' . - , , eff, ,9.gL'1,o444 , fa 'K . . W. - :i .V 1 :',f Qf'4'm 5. .if "vi 'VP ' n',,Y"f -r" . , ,gn3Wr..f:Qa'.' uf' Q 1 .0 -Q '48, ' 'S is-.T2f..:."Y't, X 2, Q' 0 'f V-4 : ,. 5 I' Q - 4' 1 ' I' 6,2 flu! V 1. I g 'Rl' 1 yf tn, L . ' 1 5 -li ff' - H" ,-1 , . , ew 4 "2 ' ' Q 9. :ts .f e .y,,'. ' A 1 , ' V ' if .-qui J, ' ' 'm I , " ' L, v . j V ' .. Q I ' ,X L 9-1 .0 - Y J - V 1 E , T9 Y A cl. .Nfl V 5 "' 0 X . Q 2 ' 5 -'-- . fr, - M ' ' ,I--9 I I v t if 4: :H . 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Suggestions in the Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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