Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1929

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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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af 1 ru. -q . X. 1. . 1' -A,-.-1 - ,aa .J ff. -X x '."f':-. : .ml ' v '1 F if - I Q 'Ap v V v, u-'L ,xl H 4 ,I 'mf A if -,., , .5754 V,-4 , I ..,x V, .A f - ',-"lm -"V, , , . , . , - l, .1-44 ... . ,' , - f wx' -we-k.,v Aw V 7-'ff' .xff ., , 1 ,,,. , ,W-N .Rh .4 L" , 1 ..-4 1 I A-sw,-f . . ET.. f af 1 ru. -q . X. 1. . 1' -A,-.-1 - ,aa .J ff. -X x '."f':-. : .ml ' v '1 F if - I Q 'Ap v V v, u-'L ,xl H 4 ,I 'mf A if -,., , .5754 V,-4 , I ..,x V, .A f - ',-"lm -"V, , , . , . , - l, .1-44 ... . ,' , - f wx' -we-k.,v Aw V 7-'ff' .xff ., , 1 ,,,. , ,W-N .Rh .4 L" , 1 ..-4 1 I A-sw,-f . . ET.. f vvlvwvviviiv .Q 1 f .6 7, .F up w '01 U 4' K . lk ! I 'ff 5.123751 ,N Q Ol If L PFA 3. uv? - T '7' -.Q 2:43, gt 217i X X - 31.31 mega 111-5 an 1' :Lu :DFL Ykx ill .I -I ly' if d5::Y-':. 5, -5 Y' T-f-1 2112 as - J?N7:'9:?.f:'i- ef me -, '. - J? .fum-" Q- 'Nm -.x ew ' ' ng"' 'Var .aff l I I v To The emior Class 11929 From our Tubman lxfe, w presenr.: to you a.. fe'v acts wh1ch we hope w11l preserve for you 1n.J lovmg remem branco our days together CJ ff!! 1294+ n f ,Qs-. . if . , A 1 3 S. . df , fn W 'I 1 n .0 ' ha Q 7-v-Q U 'if rs L4 l LSR A '53 I will W :', of Wg Fl o ' L? , e - 4 i? . N' 4 . U E 4 Q . D . yi Y ' ' , . . . f 1 If A ,- . '1 fi F S . i A . ' 'ff' fi r pc-355 ' , R gmggplx ' 54' . ., -J H ' E1 ,1R5 ' q1. f X X , u 1' xxx I .4 ?g ' 9 ' ..- T1-f I ' " "'E - 1-SN-, , 'Q2? ff wa:-aa-Q. 'Q , QC . A , - ,i 1' f- -f-gr: I -fxx A fx . ,ix XXV 3 M W, -, f 1 f , e1i5 IIL. ,lI g' XW 'ff I 7215 : Q 'I I ,N Mar' M I I fin In I I Y I Pd EIR Q lv 1 ,g 5 III IEINTHS3 II X 'I' Q Hlluafli' ,' . - ,AQ ff'-Y-,X J,KL I H g "7 bv' F miss MmmWv 4, I ,, ,, 1-mmwifmf A lisxh 9:9 2561 I I I -I LN II Q j Y My'II Inf 1 I l Q Vi ' . . J . f K, 1 ' ' mgm I f II I MQW Imgm N JWgM IMI lllxmg I ' LQfe,II,I.MU-Q I CHR ltr " 1 If .- ' . , .PYu,' .f?z ' : i'Ff'55 iff' VX ' F5 'l ACT I ACT ll ACT III ACT IV ACT V ACT VI ACT VII PROGRAM 1:81552 ' 6 FACYLTY ' SENIORS ACTIVITIES X FEATLRE SECTION I.1TERATL'RE I ,I HUMOR KL,-L MEMORIES LSE' 41. 'S 1 N 1 1 N grateful appreciation., of one who is ever patient and sympathetic with out short.: comings, who is ever cheerful in spite of our thoughtlessness, we, thc 1929 Senior Class, dedicate this, the Firsto Edition of the: Senior Year Book, to Miss ANNIE M. PAGE f fb-7 .ff ffl A h' - f gf ' . 1'1" 7 31' , nu "" F' -, :if me 'TM:F'5A"5q L", Xia ' wlunf' L "Q- "'-" W'v'f:1 fi new Ill 1 SENHURS TO Af, RO Co IlllIIIIIIHJIEZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL1 la lim u .. 947' T U B M A N IIIZUAEIIIIIIIIllllllIIIWIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIEZIIIIllllllllllllli LGZIIIIIIIIIII FAC U LTY H lah IIIIIIIIIWLEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIl?JlGIIlIllIIIllllllIIl. ' I 'II 1' . ' SENIUKD 1929 IQ GllllllllIllIIIIIIlEIN!!llIllllllllllllliylkilllllllllllIIIIIISQIEZIIIIIllllll , Q. f '-ir, . . 'S I , ,A .. ,pf "'2g,1g ,. V fg.-425. V Q A ggi, , V . , U ' fm """ ' " 5 "Ng - ., lr O . , -NN .V V. L pv' 1' ,, . Jr. ' 4,21 V? - -. . , --- I ' K 5:1 " F. . J. A r I - , 'Q' Y 4 f , ff? ' 41 . ' 1' ' 35 -f 4 'iv . TQ' ,g x K uf ,' Q A N 1 U I I j s . x - ' - ,f K V. x ff i. ' ,, . S x , 5 - ' , 11 . V . 5. if 'T S v 7, :fy X ML! 31224 WM R " gf E7 ' 0 2? A 'xx .-- 4' - ,Q A , , , f,"v'3ff, f,Q. p ' 1.' f -A 4 F K ,f ' .f MP: 3,181 Alf' f is 1 .ef ,- 1 -if - W, ' xg fx - Q ' , f' , -' s' "- 15- - fm A: sw-wi 5 ' f 4 5,4 ,," . ,Q :X :F 1 ' 'if A ' -' N ig' Vx ' '43-f fi Y Y . . Au? Y I My F., ly, ,iQa.Qg,:. sl 5 A 4 is W n J- A5424 V. 5 mg . A ,-f ""- . u A Rlqasf' Y .5 riff," f' w, - 1 f ' rx 'i, M "Ti . 1' "f ww " 5 VX X . . Rf L YN ,iff w ..Q in-M ' Q- " 5459 "?1il3"-5 - 3' . , . ' '-'L , . 'N' f A bf ' ,-P ' 3 ' , L . X QI' ,f V' ,R N X if? . , V up f- , ' -V ., A .lt QW, . I 'V' Q 1 ,A . A"' ' q 4 j 1 ,-V. '- 6 -.. ' . f . 4 M f' lv 'MJ' x .Y .- H .,- '?'---i"?2" -4' 1.4232 1' - 1 y I f' , H 'si X 5 , A ' ' r . ' H 'V f Q ., ,I . .. V. N ,Ax I, Q M, N Q' X ,Q ,, X h 'f ,X v , . .1 5-wc A . , , 'ZS' . q I E' 'U Q 4 1 ,Zig wi 55, 'LN + W , f .iii I nr AJXJL ' - , yn f, .4 X1 'Q , Y 79. -xv b - Y A V: ,f v if t .ff H af V A af 1? V X 3. - w,. qgg ,, I V K ,A ,rub V , 4 ,nav 1, ' ' "4 Q , . . I 2 x f A 2 , .mir I Q lx..-4 I I., . . t, . ,K xii 25 :L f . ' 1 1' , - - . ' ' 1 . -X , "Q ' ' z , 4 11" xl, Af v -v ., ,pf X wx Q if ,MM , , I T K W 4 i I . , . 5 Q.. ' X A Vt , ' K x L ' , , - 1 in J ' :W Q . A ffx .. ' 1. ' , , , ' 1' 'Nab ,IX 'V ' M, T' 2, .' , ' 4 "f I . . V 3 r ,M 'Q , 5, gg. Wh., xy, - . 6 , . ' ' M..-"N 3-Q:-w ,W"6f5.LfQ5'f'2, x: , - , J ' f ' X s, .grim ' ' ur' ' lllllllllllllllymllllllllllll T U B M A N mzaa xsnluunluuullsucax, num lnzmezullllulnnuulumsulu SENIORS lu, IIIIIIUIEZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZQIEIIIIIIIIll 1-'MW '.FV'..1 SENIOKD 1929 IQEilllllllIlllllIIllC?ilEIIlllllIlIIllIlllI2?!lEZlllllllllllIIHIWW I u Lf: V., v,. N. v -L, L wr .ff . .4 AM, . , . 'ii v 4-2 , . 4,1 . A 1, 1 w.,v I .. ..i x u . ' 41 WY ,.-,,,. 1.- . .-w 4..- 1 . - .- ' ' z -.1 -Q. -, .' A- V 'v . - X --,ax H .'5,. ' ' -- . '-3 , . ... JL '. . , :n..f.,- vu. M.. ,. L . .M,.f:.l?-H., - ek 1 J. r..,x-J I ..'- ' 1 - ,-r t 1,' '5",l'1. 'Q . , 'J' Lk' 4' President-LOUISE FORD i Morro ..,... .... .. T 0 TH1-3 HIGHEST POINT 4 Flower ...,... ,., ,....A.... . ......... R ED IROSE , I i , Color ..... ...... R ED AND W HITE S Vice-Prvsirlezzl-NIARY WATKINS Sealy. and Trcas.-AGNES STORY N wif' s "-, wie Q 'K 'f 5 t-M-, 'H' R. 'ap- BABBITT. ELM BRANLH, MARY We love lflvzl for her sweetness untl guud dispnsiliun. She has aulcletl SUlll6lllllC'S we wniulfft' if Mary llL15-llil just steppetl Hut nl Gmleyis evrr su much to our ltuppiness during nut' selmnl days. Ladies' Bunk, with her long 1-urls and shy wuys. BALK, M.-my , , . . . Bumxi-:TTi:. If EARL ln size. Xlary reselnlmles at l:l'CSlllllilll. hut in lmruins-O my. nn. V y A I x n hnules. smiles und then some smiles, liet you ve l1f,'X1'l' sn-eu hm- when BALLENTINEQIDA LEE she' watsn'l smiling. Wlnndei' why she smiles So lirotully when Xlr. N '. .N L .1 1 ' . What in the world would Senior H ever have dune withuut "Lf-e In bdlmu lmmumlg l llllllfldi answer all the questions in l'll'9I1l'll. Chemistry. Latin. und lfnglish that we poor dumlxduras Couldn't zlnswer? CHLiIQQjIi1Lll. NATALIE Yin' "t.J',.i..S'.'2. 1' i 4 l I D1"""1f Club 22' l"1"1F 'llclell 9 If you evvt' nevtl a clnuhle fm' Gloria Nxunsnu, just qgill nn Ntitilgeg BEANIE DONYA she has those come-liitlter eyes. Donzu is the shining light in our history class, lmth lwf-vuuse ul hm i i gmgentis golden hair and het-ause of her knnwlvrlge uf lusinry. Ll-'5lUl IZVICI-YN S"f'f'9l' 21- 23- 293 l'l"f'li9Y 283 l1l1CV3l'Y l7'0f'19lY 29- What wuuld the "CS" flu uithnut "l'lippu" lu represent lllPlll in the athletic field. lluml spnrtsniansliip and at lrrvathle nuttin- lmth lll'l" BELL. MARcQAHE'r '-Hipp.,'5j' Did you ask us if we cnuld find at good spurt? Well. ltmk 'ern in-er , and try tu find une better than "Nlarthy Bell." Shes as popular with LORBITT- l1Uf3lLl1 the Senior Class as Nlayur llell is with the Uitizens of Atigttstct. Luciln-ls they hutnui' is made wel hy ht-r "W'ells." xv 'E ' 1 M. DELPH. DOT We all know Dot ln her stylish clothes. and her amiahle disposition. We are sure that she will turn out all "Wriglit." Reprcsentative to llomir League '2!n. DLNBAR. BETTY lit-rt' is a cnmlwination nf gootl looks and almilityl lluw we envy lietty' for her curly hair and lmely tthite teeth, We love her-and ltuwl Secretary-'llrc-.isurer Soplioinore Class: Literary Society '29. Dcasr. DOROTHY lint? pe-rpn.-tual Him' uf uit and mist- cracks are amazing. If you hate Ihr- lvlues she'll drive them away. EMIGH. ELLEN lill:-n made her dramatic debut at Tubman in a Latin play. hut she Hliilitfe just as good a cannilmal as a Human Boy. It wOuldn't surprise lls if shffs a second Nlaude .-Xdams. Dramatic Club '2T. '28: Sec. -291 Soccer '27. lllfl. 229: Hockey '2T. -282 LiIv'rary Society '20, FORD. l.Ol'ISI-I Louiscfs popularity is slmwn hy the fact that she was elected president nf the Senior Class. Her good humor and sweetness are always ap- parent. lin you wonder that she is ht-lmed hy all her class? filet- llluli '1Z6. 127. 23: Haskf-tlnall '2T: Annual Staff '23. '2Z9: Soccer ff-am 29: Literary Society 29: Dramatic' Club '291 President Senior Class '29. FORD. ROSA LEE She may he little. hut her good cheer can drive away a lut of gloom. FORNEY. FRANCES Frances is nur "Premiere Danseusef' Besides heing a successful dancing teacher. she is president of the Dramatic Club and an honor pupil. Dramatic Cluli '26, '27. '28g President '29: Literary Society '29, GOODWIN. ANNA Good dancing. style. and a quick sense of humor-fthat's the secret of .'Xnna's popularity. Ulee Club '26. '27g Literary Society '29. GORDON. ELIZABETH The prize goes to Elizabeth for the best oral compositions-and arguments. Goss. NIATTIE Nlatties sweet disposition and willingness to help have endeared her to her classmates. Glee Club '26. '27. N sf! M. . E. .rms , Q ' lt. . ., .mfr , .L '.-V-4 5: Jr :Lt , , V' . 3 if - ,Vw rv-QQ my . . 1 ' I s' . .5 .- t , f 4 ' It V ' r ' 1 I .e , ,f-. n . CRIMES, DOROTHY Good-natured. good-looking, and sweet. 'Nuff saidl HEATH. LUCILE A -l' in Class A -l- in Gym A + in Personality ls she our best all-round? I should say so! B. B. team 'fZ7. Captain '28. '2'-J: Soccer '27, '28. '29, Captain 27. '28:A junior' Athletic Representative '28. Vice-President '293 Annual Stall '28, '29: Dramatic Club '26, '27, '28. Yice-President '29: Literary Society '29. HEATH. RUTH Teachers as well as pupils admire Ruth for her' studiousness and sineere nature. HILL. RUTH Ruth is a very little girl with plenty of smiles, sense and looks. She has proven herself a true friend to all, and we are sure tlr.rt she will succeed in her career as a teacher. Basketball '28: Literary Society '29. HOLMAN. EMILY Ain't she sweet. tho'? If Emily stays as arnbitious as she is now she will end up as the first woman president. HUNTER. LALLA Lalla and her dimples arrived at Tubnran four years ago and togetlrer' they have been plodding along faithfully with the rest of us. JOHNSON. CORRIE Ladies! this way! lf you would have perfectly waved hair 'consult Corrie. Maybe some day she will tell how she got her' perfect wave and blrre eyes. JOHNSON. FANNIE Fannie rnay be quiet, but she is one of the sweetest and rnost lovable girls we know. Our years at Tubrnan have been made briglrt by her' winning ways. KELLY. THEO "T" for Trueness she has shown to our class. "H" for the Honor that she upholds. "E" for the Excellent work she has done, "0" for the Oodles uf fun- we have had with her. Basketball 125. '26. '27: Clee Club T251 Jklllllllll Staff '29. KNOWLES. RITII Always willing to do or be just what you want her to and going in "lread-strong" for everytlring. Ruth is just the best of buddies to everybody. Basketball '28. '29g Soccer' '28, '29: Hockey '28: ,Xnrruarl starr '29: Dr-anratic Club '29: l.iterar'y Society '29, .ly 1 .r 'C A Sl kv t v r N Ex X T., as We, . A, .. lf Wil s "' A7144 Y A Y' Y' IAMBVMQK. QLLH5 NIETCALF. NIARY JOHN Ullit' is ulwuxs in Ll gmail hunmr and lim' is the rluss in une. tml. wilh Xlury John is nuterl fur hm' clrur, luntl mice. ln CLJSL' nl' Ll shi pwreck . 1 l . . 1 her quick uit. Nllml xmuhl the Class uf 229 he Wlllltllll sweet ull' - just 1-ull Ull her! Qm'l"'!1 mlm! lmllf' "IL llflf' lwlllfls UU WUQ Dahl- vl1l'l'LlSlll't'l' Dllllllllllt' Chili '29: Presitlc-nt l,iterul'!' Society '29, l,xNsDlzI.1.. DQROTIIX Shi- may he quick. lut Llllllil ever foul yoitrsvlf that slit- isn'l taking NIITCHUM. ELIZABETII it all Ill- ll-f' ull. mit' ll"'l"'lllY 11 'Wil' illlll IW! llllll sh? ll UIWUYS 1'l"ll'1 lflizulielll hits not lawn with us long. hut her sunny disposition and ""I "" l"l' 'll 'INS "ld Wlllll- - lnriggllt smile' h:u'P wnn the lufatrls uf ull. l,15fm12x. Mun ALICE Um' atclwlulilv Nlury- Lllllltlllgll sniull in slgxturt-, shi' ut-rupiea un ennr- NICC031 IJOI5 - " ' ' " i 1 S 'sas " Ls V . . H . 'mm' IMIIMH In th' llc-H15 01 Us Ill' he I I' dllnu' is sullkll' I ll n' like the shy untl lushful way that Luis tgllks. We also athnire lmhlrh- us uliymw lhztt wnulml ln' fuunnl. :tml envy very much that "IJCl.H'llt'5 unml urn-Jin" t'u1nplf'xiun. l,lgsT1al:. Emu What would llllllpt'll il "lfl1ip1-l.ut1" 1litln't 4-urns lu st-lnml 4-wiw' mln lnuking just right? Vlvliut mould lw ren-ss Ntillllllll Ulll' "lfnip1l:' MCCOY' Lynx M-'XE Y inning it up in nnvrc ways than unc? ln ulllvl' M0I'llS71illt?.S the In-gr l.ytl:1 Klum' is always willing tu help alt tiny linw. She is with yon nu of '29, lllLlllt'l' what you dn or Sily. ljllllllllllt' lfluln '29. l.1:vi. 'liIIlil.M x lltm- you lmlivr-tl hum funmus the' insti"nm'ntul vluln llllS lu-:mxw l M'1f'R""F'-J0S'fPH'N'f Mlm. '1'h,.ymu. J mI,,m,.d ,3,,Ii,,i5l 1u.,.,,,1f. has l,:.,.,, it, l,,.,,.1llt.m'g .los stylish vlotllr-s :xml lieuuinlwll liuir llIlYt' cuusecl nmre l.LlV0l'LllJl6 We all thunk ilillt'lllli1 fur inuking it suvh at sttcces-. l"'HUllC'lll lllilll YW t"'Ulll lllvllllllll llfltv. Ulm- lfluh '26. QT: lll5ll'llIllt'llllll lllnln 'I2T. YZH. lin-sitlwit '29, liilvrzlry Swim-ly '29: Ulee lllulm '2T. NICDANIEL. GEORGIA Ceorgia is one sweet girl. The Senlor Class wish all kinds of success for her. NlCKINNEY, lVlARCUERITE Xlarguerite is so smart we ofteII wonder if she studies all night and all afternoon. too, hut apparently not, because slIe has plenty nf vom' H1011 sense. f Drantatic Club '27, '28, '29: Literary Society 29. lVlORRIS. JULIA Here's to good-natured "ahc" Julia. Whoppie. Country. Noisy, Talkie. Big Mouth, or Wll2iI?Vf'l' you'll happen to call lterwntay slIe always take things cheerfully and laugh lIer way through life as she has so far. NEAL. MARY When oIIe gets lweyond llIaI'y's shyness they find a heart that is true to Old T. H. S. and tlIe inmates of Room 21. PARDUE, MARGLTERITE Nlarguerite is a very quiet girl, but we are suI'e lIer sweet and gentle ways will carry lIer a long way in tlIis great world of ours. PARTRIDCE, BEAUFORD We all envy Heauford's pretty curly hair. Beauford is very quiet, but when she gets llp to give a ltistory report, we surely give lIer our attention. PIERCE, Dor Our President for two years. our athletic l'Elll'ES9llILlllX'6 for l'H1ll'yE,ll'5. our hero iII plays, lllll most of all, our inspiration at all times. We strive to le just like good ole Dot-Our ideal! Athletic Representative '26: Dramatic Club '26. '27, '23. '29: Class President '27, '28: Basketball '27. '28, '29, Captain iII '27: Soccer '27. '28, '29g Hockey '27, Captain in '28: Secretary Athletic Council '27g 'l'reasurer Athletic Council 28: President Athletie Council '29: Annual Stall' '29. PLLINKETT. EIJNA Who eould lIelp but like Edna? ller sweet disposition has won her many i'l'l8llllS in Tllljlllllll. PLLINIQETT. ,IOSEPHINE l,et's all give her a hand! Old 'l'uhnIan could never have done with- out ,lo-she has lJEEIl a prize sport since entering its portals. Always ready and willing: never lneing anytlting but tlIe best. So--Heres to ,lol Hockey '27. '28, '29g Soccer '27, '28. '29: Athletic Representative '2T: Dranlatic Club '29. PRESCOTT. ROBBIE llobhie hreezed in l'l'UIll Hephzibah iII her Junior year. She has a very scientific mind and Iltiiy' be a second Pasteur unless her good looks take lIer into other fields! or a field. Guess? Senior. We lie-.xr that blilllvlllllly else likes ll 1 'M' . ,wi A., .F , I 3 1, Q ' ij.. 1 ' T - 1'5" . I 5C5.l, xq . .N- . , m., VV 'N -4.1 t 1 , :M 'qv . , .. .q , .X ,...-.' , 'f ' . rt ' 1 i,g's QQ A W5 I .fx 4 A X gil ...u , 2. A ' i s Hn. ETHEL 'Bain Ran"4lYe lore her for he-r giggles and for her lllllilllllllgl gootl humor. We run ulwgtys tlepeml on at laugh from RI-LXI1. ANN her If you see a blontle who is uttrartixe. entiving and peppy you run just bet your last cent that she in "Re:1lJy." We lore her lots. but it seems that we aren't the only ones who tlo, Llee Club '2T: Literury Sol-iety '29, Riixxisox. NELLIE Yellie has the vutest. lnost l'l1llylSll faux- you ever saw on at tlignilieml ltu1H.xnus0x.J.1.xE Cl' i-2106. Intl lane-'s out artist. Her talent will some clay be renowned iu the worltl .is it is in fubtnun. so he expert big things of her. She is at wontler- lul girl anal we ure mer so proutl nl' her. lhuniutit' lflulv '29: Literary Suriely '29, Hotzkwtiri.. NIARCARIZT Xluigutx-t's poise untl grain' ure quite euptivuting. without her looks, lltlt Iflgetllel' bog. llllll-5 some eotnbinution. fllee Club 16: llrutnzilit' Club 'Liz l.itet'ut'y 7 71 Society '29 SACK. VIRGINIA Yirginia has been with us ull through Tubinun. She has been a won- derful classmate in ull activities untl fun that the '29 1-lass has ever entered. and it might he uclmletl that we think N irginia is beautiful. STOKr:s. lNlABEL We ull envy NIubel's eurly hair and baby blue eyes, Hr-r vltarming personality makes every one love her. Dtuttiutic Club '27, '28. '1Z9. STONE. Comms l.I'Nuture has gixen Corinne Ll sweet uni! lowly voive unrl we are sure that there is success in the future for her. STORY, Acxas She is one of our outstanding fellow-students and has been since the wry first tlay of her freshman year. Always willing. always giving :incl always doing her best- lllllI.S Agnes! SerrelaryiTreusurer Junior Class: l3:tsk:-tbtill '29: Drainativ Club '29: .Xnnuul Staff 129: Seert-tury-Treasurer Senior Class. Soccer 29: Literary Soviety '29. Suruizn, Luciuz llere's to the future clressmuker of Paris! Lucile can make anything: lrotn a lliiIlCllitfl'Pl'll?f lu an evening: dress. Her slisposition is just as good as her se-wing ability. lllee fflub '29: Lllf'l'LlI'y Society '29. t v,-x l st LJ! , L 3' 2 , F W' Wk . ,J .V F., 5 V pt? A t x' . l 3 by J fl .JA P J t 1. .4 fi' l :'-1 .... - .X . X, ,,, .,, i I ..,,.. ,, ,.,, 7 " e f li Vx ,,. t J 1 A 'T , v-,a2fs Rs. 5 'uc-jf ' Triouxs. YIRGINIA .lust think of everything that's sweet and ,good and mix it together and you'll have "Tom," Toitmxs. BETTY Klang a dull moment has been made bright by "Bets" ewr-present humor and contagious giggle. TRAYLOR. Samir Flashing smile and dimples betray Sarah's lovable 1ldIttl't?. 5he's noted for her laugh. talkativeness and looks. TROWBRIDCE. Nox She may look and seem quiet. but when the Senior Class calls on her to make some noise. she surely tunes up the 'ole' violin and entertains the school with her beautiful playing. SECYPI3l'y-Tl'C35llI'El' Instrumental Club '29, Twrccs. Nlantax Xlarian is the living proof that pretty is as pre-tty does. Her nin- someness and demure ways have wrecked many a manly heart. we hear. Do you wonder she was voted the prettiest Senior? YERDERY. GERTREDE Good looks. humor. sunny personality: plus a sympathetic nature have made Trudie one of the most popular girls in the Senior Class. as uell as outside. X-ORH.-'tL'ER. ELIZABETH Xllhougrh Elizabeth is small in stature she is big enough to be seen and heard. She has won the hearts of many because uf her sweet disposition. XX ,xoxox ANN We hardly know when .tuna is around until we need help and then she's "johnny on the spot." WALKER. Nl.aRTH..x Since her Freshman year Nlartha has made the exemption roll each term. therefore we weren't at all surprised uhen she won the State Cliernistry Essay Contest nor when she was voted the most intellec- tual girl in the Class of '29. tllee Club A26. 'Zig Annual Stall '23. WYARE. EMILY lfmily is the "berries" when it routes to Basketball and Soccer. But we have come to the conclusion th'1t her middle name must be "Sportsmanship." 'cause she is one "True Blue Sport." X A 0 LA,1, W.ATKINS, MARY .Kttractix-e. Cute. willing. peppy. popular. always there and ready to go! Mix a lot and what have you got4Nlaryl Yivc--President Sophomore Class: Soccer '27, '28. '29: Hockey '2i'. '28. '29: Vice-President ,lunior Class: Basketball '27, '28. '29: Annual Stall '28, '29g Dramatic Club '29: Vice-President Senior Class. wvHALEY. INEZ Have you met Inez? If not. you have missed a girl with heauty. eharm. and brilliance. Don't miss the opportunity of becoming acquainted with this pretty little blonde. Literary Society '29. BEAZLEY. Nlfxm' ALICE CALDWALD. NIARGARET Pmcocli, Mftm Nlary Alice's hrown ey es are enough to make Can we ever forget what a good team of cheer Xlary's lwrilliancy in class is surpassed only Jw one love and admire her. hut added to that leaders Bobbie and Billie were their .lunior her talkativeness and her friendliness out of lt she is a prize track-woman who has varried off year. Literary Society '29. many a rihbon for her class. ls, I 1 'f ' . ' Q X - 3 ,B1.mzx-E. EULA X '1.GA11z.Au.as.xHnI.xsx ,Q X tiirrlvzivmen. 'Ronmg Q CQKDBIUNDS, BfAR9ARE'I V 5M,Q3gvnas. it,'zs1scrA'f X , "'miww- BARBERX ...L.... 42: 1 , ,,..,., . , x' P. A , ,,, , H. , ,x K ,. , Q, 5 .4 Q. , , , fx X ' I p f Q69 v I1 2 94 1 4 is as f f "' .k--1 ' Msksitdaf,-Axznzcyx , Roxassgjarfl C.ggi1'i5nkK Su1:1:l-nu.. D " xi: A S'goc:Q-qx. J :W -Zi V .. lx sz nnxvax. Kx b , ' x12SKQKD"!5fAIi3Qfl1E " 5 fnqusu:6r,wv.Qf, A? f 1 .if 55 4 , , 'rm5m0GxfFxi 'vnsdf , fig' .11-'i'fgJcnx1r. 'c?1uG?gia,Q-X 68 '1'AI-"1'- BFFSQY. 'S -.-4, H4mn,1o1g.+.ilznL 5 TIFMPIH ,Bl-'liwrm-If gr -3 Q-ki Hxxfobizxnzbssrz Q 1- W Rang ,X xiyy T 5 gm,,,gy,.3,,Q,u, ivsnxsr, ..!b8'l'li4Sj!g pit, wg .-,Jogxgsflxgxzv gg Mum:.g.u:'- if Jcz.,M.mt:,mm ,V gygnxmm, Ang- 'lnrg 'J ,U U A wx '.' om-: A ,ary Q 51W ?xIm.?FP?r?u 'gm '1 41 "mi-fs? 'S' sag-:fg':5S'S,,f2,1ftK ' - , . .fix W. f .?c"'-3,3 vfff' c x. Ja '2 " - I, jx.. ,,,. , X .L-hui, - FEBRUARY SENHORS flllt ,5I,q'IB11IL'l1'i2I1II 4 urutlm figlizzllxvilx gP211'5L'I1I 55' ds 5 1 Qmgusf 1-I, 1912 ?HL'l'Pl1ll1B1' 25, 1928 IIIIIWI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIEIIIIIIIIII . W' " ' T U B M A N llllllll lllllli. 1 ' ' IlllIlllC?!lY.i2l lIIlIlllll.'?fl5531lllllU l ACTIVITIES 5-4 4, M lllIIIIIIEJIEIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIZQIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII M1129 Hl.".'llW..J'P.il'.'I SENIOKQ 1929 i V Eilllllllllllll " I 'H' llllllllllyl llllllllllllylkiillllll I w I x--,R ' Xlx f- ,ff ' X-45+ -fx X if X- X, N A N . -..J ,ml W , qt' Bom, x " I 4 . Q 1 ' v 2 , . xl 1 , I l I . 5 I I x f N ' X S , M! x I X S J? ANNIVAI, STAFF mfr-if1I.!11wj. Nlun Wvrxlx-1 lizzsimzw llmulgwg l.l4311,11 ll1c,x'l'l1: l.i1e'rnr,x I:'1l1'mr.w, I.UlINI41 l"4-mr. CXTHI-1lllXl-1 llm'1ssl.r1n: nlllzieiif- Editor llumrlm l'1r,l:f:l,: jukw lzllilur, 'l'1n,u KILIA: I'vIIl'IllfY .'IlillA.Xlll', Nlxv l':lAlLXIH.Tll Hmm: Pirmrv lallilnrs, Hvm lxxmvlmih, Anxnq- Shun: lr! I-fflzlnrw ,lux-, HICIIXIIIDMIN, Xlxm 'X1A1r:lL l-111,wl-Lx. 1 ,CX fq H x 4, X 1' r f '55 f , 5 ' M S f C'-I ATHLETIC COPNCII, l'resn1w11 . , IJu'rPn:1ccl-1 Trm.wurvr . Nl.uu:r:.lu iflent l,n film: Hrgrru Swrufurv Xl XIIIXXI PII-XII l f K 1 9 gf 5 W Nb! XX ' Lf 3 , S ,4 fx Xb g is X 'l ' L. it Q '.i X A-f vt flf S go-A fl g 1 "' V '-' W 'Eu O Oni EX QXQX4 A-' DRANI XTIC CI I B A . 1 . . , , - V ' , ' ' hh x - " ' 0 4 f - - X ' XJ . - . W4 V . -lv we , rs f X .i . , J . i. P I - L X .J . , , I '. l . .f A X , f , 'fW v 'Z XM X I f I YY ff iw -Y. ! Y . , -I.- x 1' f I . , ' I I 1 I F 3 Swrvfury -E1.1.lzx Hman Spmzsurs--Nllss NI,xRclrLR1'rsCo1 I I I 1 I 'll Trwzxnnv -Hun ,lmlx NIICT' 1 NI F H I T H4 Q , . -s A. '01 : ' A , ."7 ' J? N w 1 1 4 fi BATH A FMERSHON 1 X fi WARE if X!! I T ,ffxi ,f HT Q PSERCE + Q L X wmmws X, X ,f X ,jx A KNOWLES STORY BASKETBALI, TEAM Cm-1 HEATH Iljupminlg Blum NYx1Klx5. Ilmwrm l'11alugr3, 'XRIII-IX!-I XIICHNIIHN. .XLNI-IN Snnn. lil TH Kvmx.l.N. liuru YY The Senior Teillll won all vluss ,'lll1ll'S. IIC'-Ekllillg the .lllHIUl'b, Supl1ul11Q1'Qs and l'xl'E'hhlHL'l!, and the Faculty luy defullll. 1 A V Q ' 1 2 I " A s 'A I X 5,45 X S, R SOCCER TEAM wg: Smm fljupluinlq Nlfun XYATKIXN, limumn l'1l-:nm-1, 1.141111-1 Hlinn. I-H1111 Wuug. Hmm l'lxm,n, llnxzx H1-1.-wa. GI-QRTIIUDI-I YIIRIJERX ARIJI-INIC Xlmm-mv, .Ima I'1.1'xxlcTT, Ilvru lxxuwus. The Svnim' T1-gun :lf-feuterl Illv .IYllliUl'N. llw Freshmen anal lied with the SIIPIIOIUUYCF. IIZQINEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBY X IIIIIIIIIIICQIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIEIIIIIIIIII T U B M A N I IIIIIIIIIFIJIKSZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICUIWEZIIIIIIIIIIIII - 'W U' " FEATURE SECTION r X Q 4 .QL IIIZZIIGJIIIIIIIllllllllllmlllllllllllllIIIIIZQIEZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQIEIIIIIIIIIII SENIOKJ 1929 I HE' V1H'lQ.mT .LW 2 r-f "' 5 X. v , sf' YJ --F. ,r I., ...K if '! M. o, . V. , -v, i.,, " f . v .. f 'Q rv-vf ' , gig xw N, . , , F - . 5.9. X ln' I W 'F' ,x. . , . ,. .,,4., , , -f w ',g1g,,,5,1' WC'-. K Q 'z-f .,1.., .-NAI, ww.: 1. 1.m.sfuw -- -- n...., -mn -,Ad 1. X. M ful Um: lnlflllllll' Nluzs XX umxx llmr 'flflfvlff' llmuw K a . 1 W3 V 11 ,-4 'J fl fe wx' 1 1 N in .X V 31 'Q I-:f fs .vm fa in ,. -2 nf , u ,gi ' A i 6523 .-.81 . K ' 2 Y ff 1 l 1 g I Q 4 i IHX l'u,m.1. llf-.sl Ill runnfl l,l1:ll.1 Hlpx x Xrgf, "' x , -1 ' IIIMI XIXIIXXTXXIAQ Um !ln!f'llwl1n1l fNlxl:'1nxNN XI.Ixl.Ii llmlhzxlixh Xxxdmulrx '1 . a S .Q s I , -.v v .H L vf .535- M. n llllll Vw " ' 'E L + A llllllllllllllllylelllllllllllllllllliflwlllllllllllllllllllyw IIIHINSZIllHIIIIIIIIIWIEIIIIIIIIIIHIHIWIEIIIIIllllllllllllliylfg W a Y W ef 3 fa P f 5 i .QL TO THE FACULTY l. Z E It's "Your English is poor," E Or "Your French is bad," E 5 Or "You must study' more." 5 gg Gee, they' are driving me mad! 3 It's "Your theme is past due," i 5 Or "You're failing, how sad," 5 g - Or "Your grades are too few." Y Gee, they' are driving me mad! y But some day' they'll sigh - i fThe thought makes me gladl, i f They' even may cry' Y When they' have driven me mad! i 5 Elizabeth Gordon Q W 5 3 S 3 f 2 M - i M n W I UIllIIlIlIISSUEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICRYEII IIIIIIIIISXYIEIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIQYEZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlfiifi-ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZQ EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISXTTE IllIIlllllMGI!!IIIIIIIllllIIIIHIGIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIQIWI f Q. Q I fl T U B M A N I mvssuuluuunnluzz .: llllluuawri lllllllllIlll1?Iw2lIl1 LITERATURE IllllllIIIZYJLSIIIllIllIIIIIIIIIIHIESIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZV 'W' FQ SENIOKD 1929 QSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIE lIIlllIIl?JIEJIllIllIllIIllIIlZ'. W' Illlll T U B M A N tm t witaulluw..'.1.t WAS slowly turn- II ' passed away on Christmas. ing the leaves of fi Q VX- Good gracious, how did an old memory book. ' SQ , this happen? An excuse card when ai piece of paper fell yi for Saturday! Now I remember-it to the lloor. Curious, I examined it. ,ji I "N X was on account of the Hu epidemic There were three different schedules ' fx when we lost so much time. on Il. illl maflxeii HIICI CFOSSCQI. Where lr 'Y i j A5 I 1-gcalls Louise Ford was presi. in the world? Oh. yes, how could Q" W.. ig, dent that year and the presidency HIIYOHC fflfgei thai CIHYI Il WHS Ihe fs? OF ki, of the Senior Class was no sinecure. SCVCUICCUIII Clay of September, ' Y? It fill! I found 3 prggram fl-Oln a gymna- -the day two hundred wide-eyed , 1 2 J sium exhibition, the best ever iven. freshmen made their appearance at 'Xxx 9 9 I remembered the Dramatic gClub Tubman, all wandering, only heaven 'XXX V7 play, "The King's English." We were knows where, for they didn't, getting P ,pai proud of that. There were lots of things lost in the halls and remaining there ,- 1 of which I had a dim recollection: Among because the inferiority complex common io ' them were chewing gum papers, a wooden such times held back any questioning. Then a clipping from a rotogravure section caught my eye. It was the Tubman class officers for '26 and there was "Dotty', Pierce-our Sophomore president who carried us through that year well, but who did it still better our Junior year. Two things especially stood out about that year lthe Junior yearl, our rings and the athletic cup. Imagine the Juniors winning the cup over the Seniors. But we really did itl MAnd the best comes last!" Here was a faded, but still sweetly reminiscent, rose from my graduation bouquet. That recalled other things, including the lovely banquet given the Seniors by the Juniors. There was only one thing that blighted our happiness at Commencement. Cne of our number was absent-Dorothy Pearson who had spoon lprobably from basketball games and Field Dayl, a hairpin, silent reminder of the time when the Seniors, almost en masse, were joining the hordes of the long-tressed by uncomfortably slow inches. At lastl Here was the black and gold ribbon which had been tied around my hard-earned "dip,7' now peacefully hanging on the wall, evidently with no sense of the work in- volved in its attainment. No Senior needs any reminder of the excitement, the tears, the flowers, or the many other things which came as a natural reward to all of her labors and, strange to say, most of us seemed to feel a little sad when we left the long-protecting walls of our Alma Mater. BETTY DUNBAR Louisa FORD JW '1teIlltETfl?fTiff-,i,1iTfvlfliiil SENIOKD 1929 lt "W ww il illf?JQ'lll"1'!"PP-?'jll5'TI T7 TUBMAN i t it it Q -- m mm: 'Iftast will ann Testament ,State uf Georgia I I Qiiichtnnrth Olnuntg I We, the Seniors of '29, being in our usual Perfect Physical condition, but a state of doubtful sanity, do hereby declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, disposing of our earthly goods and chattels: ITEM 1. To the Seniors of '30, we leave a set of soft, melodious voices to be used in Chemistry Class. ITEM 2. To Mr. Garrett, a lock and chain to prevent his Essex from escaping as his Ford did. ITEM 3. To Miss Dora, a big stick to beat off the A. R. C. Romeos who park out in front. ITEM Ll. To Miss Boatwright, one dictograph to be used for telling each class the same thing so that no one will Hunk ITEM 5. To Miss Comey, some fertilizer pills guaranteed to make pot Howers flourish. ITEM 6. To Mrs. Ridgely, a book on "Dog Psychologyf, ITEM 7. To Miss Eve, a cake of soap warranted to last a lifetime to aid her in the Science Laboratory. ITEM 8. Dot Pierce leaves to her sister, "Micky," her privilege of making all announcements of athletic events, practices, meetings, etc. ITEM 9. Louise Ford and Sarah Traylor, to Eleanor Bearden and Frances Robinson, one booklet on "How to Acquire Long Flowing Locks." ITEM 10. Jane Richardson, to any Junior who may need it, her argumentative ability to be used in English class. ITEM 11. Evelyn Clary. to any pale Junior who wants to look healthy, her beautiful coat of tan. ITEM 12. Mary Watkins leaves her "dignity" to Anne Robertson. ITEM- 13. Lucile Heath, to Maude Mae Jarrell, her versatility. ITEM 14. Frances Forney, to Sarah Doughty, her remarkable talent in dancing. ITEM 15. Martha Walker, to Elizabeth Bailie, her reference books for writing chemistry essays. ITEM 16. The Senior B's, to the Junior B's, their poetical tendencies. H IIIIIIZQLEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWSII lllllllllllll' HtlWU!MlSQ1i'.iit SENIOR2 192?l h it llllllllllllltli' 'T Wt 'X Illlllllllllllyllillll ' f""'pt I mio 'l'I1ff"'-?'t'iv1r , umm T EW.M .H 1 +n1q'3x14"Il T U B M A N lliylkilllllllltlllllt lliiltkilllllllllllllIIIIIHLEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Illllll ITEM IT. ITEM IS. ITEM 19. ITEM 20. ITEM 21. ITEM 22. ITEM 23. Witne SSI Theo Kelly. to Ann Willis, one pad of Library permits. "Joe" Plunkett, to Mae Wingo, her accuracy in keeping her position in a soccer game. Dorothy Durst, to Ruth Williams, her perpetual How of wit. Mary Peacock. to Amelia Sheftall, a dictionary for obtaining flowery phrases for use i Catherine Roessler, to any romantic Junior, her love fcr Shelley. Fllen Emibh to any appreciative Junior her Hi'tory notebook o profuse in knowle J U , I , s T ' 5 d The whole class leaves to all the undergraduates the hope of Student Government. ELLEN EMIGH LOUISE FORD FRANCES FORNEY CATHERINE ROESSLER RUTH KNOWLES n Latin translation ge. Elllllllllllllllliifwil llllll II pWl"" 'WM SEN 10119 1929 l IZQIEZIIIIIIIllIIIIII IIIYIINSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LSSZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICQIGlllllllll lm H i1HUPE'rx..ititHi HW I T U B M A N munataiimtiiiletw i m in, Qu- TUBMAN VITAPHONE TRAILER Louise Ford and Anna Goodwin are l blissfully enjoying matrimony. Gertrude Verdery, who has just ri been chosen "Miss America," re- ll cently attended the o p e n in g of Martha Walkeris Rayon Industry. Margaret Rockwell served as a charming model. Mary Branch, Edith Luckey, and Barbara Cowan have opened the famous chain store, "Pay as You Enterf' Mrs. Blank Knee Marion Twiggsl has been chosen for the most beautiful wife in America. Mary Peacock, Donza Beane, Mary John Metcalfe, and Betsey Taft, have opened an academy for Virgil Scholars. Elizabeth Vorhauer, Inez Whaley, Geneva Rigsby, and Mattie Goss have remained as loyal teachers at Tubman teaching biology, chemistry, French and typing, respect- ively. Marion Weed is also there teaching Latin. Betty Dunbar has published a book on how to make dog biscuits. Robbie Prescott and Ruth Hill are the two beautiful models of Jane Richardson, the famous painter. Betty Tommins is in France conquered by her passion for French. In a suburb out from Augusta, ,fl LAD1155 AND GENTLEMEN: At the special request of a number of Tubmanites, young and old, good, ll some interesting announcements be- at fore beginning our main feature. Lalla Hunter and julia Morris M are now proprietors of the Tire ,'l, Changing Specialty Shop. large dan ci n g class with Ellen Emigh as her partner. Miss Cath- 'F crine Roessler, former partner, suc- cumbed to the wiles of Cupid and has resigned. bad, and indifferent, we are making Frances FOFNCY is te 3 C h i U 8 3 Thelma Levy is directing a large orchestra. Corrie Johnson is posing for advertisements for a new shampoo. Her lovely hair was often the subject of ad- miration. Elva Babbitt, Elizabeth Mitchum, and Lucille Corbitt are private secretaries. The McCoy Sisters, Lois and Lyda Mae, the dancers, re- cently appeared in a program in Augusta. On this program also were Corinne Stone, the opera singer, and Helen Cal- lahan, the Hawaiian dancer. Ethel Ray won a large case which placed her among the prominent lawyers. Naomi Holley, ,lean Jones, and Roberta Young are run- ning a beauty parlor. Robbie Culpepper and Margaret Templeton are now in the movies. zeztssstnlulu ii H it i ff E it MWF SHNIOKQ 1929 In T559 7 it ttitiiftitsfnjtw UIINI it ' Tilt? Fw T U B M A N lllllllllli-MXSZIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIUIEJIIIllllllllllllm' t 'www tim Virginia Fulcher has perfected a new shorthand which is taught in a business school run by Esther Wernstein and Yirginia Thomas. Marguerite Pardue. modiste, is presenting a .series of talks on what the well dressed woman is wearing. Her model is Mozelle Winter. Fannie Johnson and Marjorie Mesnard are married. Theo Kelly is head nurse at the liniversity. Margaret Edmonds is running an ice cream factory next to the Rebecca Epps Cum Store. Anna Wagnon is in politics. Evelyn Clary is the new golf champion. Dorothy Stockton has succeeded Miss Cage as Gym teacher. Ossie Hancock and Yera Hamilton are writing a book on how to grow tall. Rosalie Ford is manufacturing automobiles with Margaret Jue as her able assistant. Frances Etheridge is opening a new five-and-ten-cents store in Augusta. Mary Neal and Mary Southall are newspaper reporters. Edna Plunkett is Americais fo re m ost Prosecuting Attorney. ,lo Plunkett is operating a taxi service. Agnes Story is appearing in a new play in New York. Mabel Stokes has established a clay nursery where Nellie Rennison is Prune Supervisor. Ann Reab is filling the position of dog catcher in a large city. Georgia McDaniel has founded a hospital for distressed squirrels. Sarah Traylor and Ida Lee Ballentine have passed out, having been consumed by Dido's passion. We thank you, SARAH TRAYLOR IDA LEE BALLENTINE li illllllllllllllllllw ' LEJIIII IIIIII sf it i . '- - glmuul ytmumn SENI0K:1929 It llllllllli-MEIIIIIIII Illllllli EJIIIIIIII IIIIIIWIE. 'ff .. ' llllllll-1441521 llllllllllllllllmkillllllllllll N'+l'H'11lxnlIfQM.11QI T U B M A N IIE! ESIIllllllllllllllllfilillllllllllllllllllill illlllll IIIIIIHNIIIIIIIIIIII HU MoR IUIIIIIIWI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMNS Illlllllllllllll' SENIOR? 1929 CH EGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZQIEIIIIIII llIIIIllIZIISSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZUIEZIIIIIIlllll W if MWF t l -f F. l 11. T U B M A N liltii!LglrL:fur?igettinii:1,ri4j2r-lit?" ,'lir,,Qki3ill.lll'llll Miss Eve: Ruth. what is physical yal- uation? Ruth: Er- M. E.: Well. it either is or it isn't! Ruth: Oh! It isn't! I Miss Boat: Mary, how do the Chinese write? Mary: Funny! A bright Senior wrote her test on Words- worth's 'The World Is Too Much With L's.'i with a slightly personal feeling, we're afraid. because there in black and white was penned, 'The World Is Too Much For Me." 1We're sure she breathed an agreeable sigh afterward! '14,-4 f UMCOR ,,,, 1-.A A SONG FOR ALL OCCASIONS Ill For the "Aw paper-"Precious" Betty: Say, Ethel, tell me where th' buf- faloes are kept now, quick! ,fore Boaty gets to me! l l Ethel: I dunno, there's one in a zoo down in Florida. There's the Scotchman who said yes- terday, "I'd give a thousand to be a millionairef, And, too, we know a Scotch mother who took her daughter out of Tubman because she hadda pay attention. You canlt fool us Seniorsg we know Mrs. Owens wanted to play with our dolls when she took 'em from us "Kid Day." X 123 Every Senior's feelings toward June 13e-"My Suppressed Desire." ' J 13D For every graduate-"The Song ls Ended--But th, Melody Lingers On"- W I4-t For the class-cutter-"Chloe.', if 15D Every Senioris reply to that Friday night date-'Too Busyf' 463 For the girl who Hunks-"So Tiredf' 171 Every Senioris thought before exams-"Out of th' Dawn." l8l The Tubmanites' opinion of HT. Harryn-"He's th' last Word." fem c' FTW rc it c,i, ..3iuf1ssQ1fggewi ici, 5 SENIOR: 1929 lEQ15l'mlil'l.:"Q'Tw-,Q4Q'llimF We an We ft f liIll!UIQWLGJIllIllllIlIIIIIIIZWMIIIIIIIIlIMlIIiI?llHllllIIlUIUllllUlE2lH lIlHLNEllIlIllIlllIIIIIWNIIHIIIIlllllllllllywlllllllIIIIIIIWJIXSIIIIIIIIII MEMORIES WQHM llllllIIUZQLEZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZWNZIIIIIIllllllllll1HlKSZlIlllllllllIlllll2?IlEJII IIIWLKQZIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIZWYZIIIIIIlllllIlllllHMI!IIIUIIIIIIIIIZULEZIIIIIIIII IIEJISSZIIIIIIllllIIIIIIICHIWIIIIlllllIIIIIIEIILESIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIWIESIIIIIIIllll T U B M A N llIllIIIIIIHLEJIIUIIIIIllllllIIZMEJIIIllllllllllIIIWLEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZWNZIIII AUTU G RAP H S ZMZMMQQ 27 5 ffmg,7 vweluflw. W , -- - Lizzy-A, iQ Jl, c' f amcfwvec 4 f in MAQ4 MM,4,i,Q - awww, eumzsmza: Emu LAM! 4 M fum ?C,,.,,.g,. my! 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Suggestions in the Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

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