Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA)

 - Class of 1925

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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1925 volume:

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COMEX' A,..,. . ll M1ss XVlI.I.AME'l"l'E GREEN 4,.... .. -IE, Mus. BIARGARIWI' C. HI'RsT ....w. E- M1ss BIARCIA A. CLARK ..,...... . lllss Lms EVE ....,,,,............ M1ss HELEN E. IPRANK ............. .5 M1ss MILIJRI-:D :XBERXATHY .. E M1ss ICATHERINE M. COMFORT ....... E- M1ss IJEOXORA IVEY ......,.......... M1ss E. IJOVISE CHILES ................ M1ss :AMA IIEE NVLL .....................,.. . 'S M1ss IQLEANOR M. Bi0A'l'XVRIGH'l' ...... , E A1185 EIIWINI-1 YV. OIJOM .................., G M1ss NANCY li. HADIIQCK ...... Bhss M1ss .S M1ss E M1ss G BIIss M1ss ig M1ss MRs. 'E BI1ss E- M1ss M1ss Mlss E' M1ss 1 BI1ss E M1ss M1ss BIRs. 'E M1ss 1IIss 3 E , ANN BRAIIDY, ,,.. ,,..,,.,, BIAR ION HA MILTON ....... HEI,EN I-XXDERSOX ...... ICDITH NACHMAN ....,..... LoIs HI'NT ........................ BIARGARET C. KINNEAR HELI-:NE A. NoRwooI1 ....... v 'v , W . C . L1 ETH ,,,,,,...,.....,.. HEI,EXE M, SCHILLINII. DOROTHX' HALRERT ........ 1'lLIZA E. TILLMA N ..... BIARY E. BRYANT .,,....... 1 BRANCES Tl'lili .........,....... :ELIZABETH STRAYHORN. Y TH ELMA N AYLOR ......,.... E M M A YV. PLVN KETT ........ ....... AI.-XRY M. 0wENs ......... ANN G. SMITH ....... I.0I'IsE YVII.s0N ........ .........PrincipaI ............I,Ilf7:I1 ........EIIgIiSll ......F7'FI?l'l1 ........His1'0ry ...........EngIzsh .......lI11f7ze11mfits .................Hisfo'ry ......DOIIIFSfil' Arts ...............ISc'w11cf ........ErzgIisl1 ........................Lafzn .................-lpplirfl Ari .........Pl1ysic'fII Trailzivzg .......................Englislz ........SpIllZ'iSlZ .................Hisfory .....................SC'iC'IlCf' ........DOIlIFSf'iC Sl"iPIll'F ............J!flHZ6'7IIllfil'S ................. Hzsfory ......C'0IlIIIIf'Tf'iIlI Geography ........,,...........JIafl1f'11zr1fzc's .............................Lnglzslz ......JI11f7If'111r1fics and English ...........C'0IIINlf'l'l'illI Subjevfs ...,....,...........,..EIIgliSll ...........,...............Scierzc'e .......C'onznzervinl Subjects .,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,,..,......Jlnflzenzrzfzcs ,,,..,.,,..........,.,........1lI11fl1f'm11fics Assisfurzf Plzysicul Training ..,.,.,.,.,...,....,H.............LibrrIrirm ssisfunt Domestic Science , ,,..,.,..,..........,,..... .Sec refa ry EJ' IT IJ ET E' E 'S 3 E 13' D E ET 5 E 1? +51 E U ll ET IT L1 E II D 5 5RR1IQ11E1mwm1REmIE1u51:aR1E11.RmR1IE1Imf1IR1IQ1:m51I51LEw ET EE LEEWELEEQET-SEWWIEUEIE1l5ElmjlQ1lm4,'gLg31g11gE15,15mlQE L1 fi 1 5 3 .LE E' 3 ,WST 5 LS - E .' gr :Fu A II 1 ll ,A 5 Q E xlj 'w e 6 X if ll E. 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And we have had to struggle hard at. Tubman, But now the ti1ne has come for us to leave. For long we have desired to see this moment, This happy, hopeful, graduation moment, But now that it has come, our hearts must grieve. Q Yvell we have loved our schoolmates and our teachers, gal fSometimes we,ve been unjust to these, our teachersj, lri And now must come the parting of the waysg But always will the memories of Tubman, The dear old happy scenes of our own Tubnian, .EIT Remain with us through all the future days. F Yve have not always used our privileges, Now we regret those wasted privileges, And wish they might be given us again. Sometimes we have not acted very wisely, Have even been rebellious now and then. E Nor taken good advice from others wisely, But we have gained in other things than knowledge, 3, Have gained in many better things than knowledge, E YVe've learned ideals of truth, our School, from you. IE- And in the life that opens now before us. - The vague alluring way that lies before us, lVe promise to remain forever true. 'S And now, oh Class of Twenty-Six who follow, 3 If we have set a good example, follow, I-T But profit by mistakes that we have made. Oh, hold forever high the Tubman standard, 3 Nor let there be one blot upon that. standard, 5 The glory which we boast must never fade. VELMA BELL, '25, .Q .Ei EQ L, Qiaalaaenaiaraanaianamiaasmiaaamlaalamiailaam E51ElElT5lE91Ell5LHJf1lQTl l51l5lE5lEll51Eb7lElEXE51l51l5ElQ LJ E' E ii F , 3 Senior Class 3 E -1- -:A -L? C1 ' L I FSZPIITPIC 11l1rIGol1I Cl 141 -P .-J -U Motto-"Thr gl fl I f I fl I ig. -'55 U E 1 'I' 'I' L1 OFFICERS 3 5 KATHERINE XXIIGGINS ,.,,,,4,, -,.,,,----, ------------.,- p ,. esid ,nt Ev E 6 F MARGARET JOHNSON, ,,,,,,,,,-,,,4,,44,,--,-,, I -P,-gsifjmf 3 IDA XVALL ,--,f .......A...... . ....A S' Hc're'1'11rly I I' -gr 5 G ,, . E Ai .fl 5 ET E E' IT 5 3 .EET E7 5' G 'S '51 3 5 5 EJ il D E' E . , LT fl l .ffl E EQ Emmmminmmmwsmsmfwmwwwummwmmmgmmmmhwmmmi L' 1151'lH1l5EIlQlLL21NE1Elf'lFE11TE1'E1Hv'I1'f'll9El2ll'f1llEEl'2851331553195 K.u14, Annu UQBMA ' f '1.J'-- lx, if Zn. I' H iii' S wrm' Fl I-'mx Emmmmmwmlgmmwmlgmmmmmmmlmqumwmwmmmm ?5lETElY5lE5ll5llEED7ll91l-5lE3EllCiH5lEIlQE5ll5lElE51l51x5l5lE :J VG 5 I3 , Q U' .U 5 51 2 rr 3 'U .EET -Q U D , lm ERSVIN BUTHNVELI, EMILY Buoulis ET C HERINE ALSTON BRANCH U ET H '2- 3 3 G F H S .51 'd 5 5 E 5' IT Omni B UZELL15 C,ux , ELEANOR S1Lx.IAx.xx BRUWN I ALICE SIA!-I C,xxTl.E1xGE I 5- E Ll 3 5 ET if E? D E9 LET , IT ' fl Ewmmrmmwmswammrmmwwmummgxmmmgmmmmgwmmsm LJ W5l91l5ELQ1llEEEl91W51l5ET51lQl1SEHIlQIlQE191l5llQET5I151l51l9E 4? -sf-1 E . G 1?- 5 3 E, , E- -f-'3 LT E. B1-.5511-. L H.xxL'u EMMIH IMUSH Cm-:XSHAW C.X'I'llI'.RINI-. X'.xl'm.Hx Cum m' F 15 5 Q E 'I wnmn 5' -S JE Q W y LJ Q. Muir.: Lm :sri llmyxlxsa hmlnvs Iml-ISE hmvlmns E E HH!-ix EVANS Ed ll 3 5 Li ff E' Ll 3 E E G' ET ,ll EJ' ,LJ E E' il 5 5 E' Qmmmmmmlgmmmummmmmmgmumwmmmmgfi E-5lLi7l91l:qEl'5lfQ'll5E191WQ1E1'E15lk1llHE12ll21IlQEX51l5ll!1E1-Lili-Qllilllgg E I .EST IT If .U .E 5 LT E' 3 E E .Ei LT ID' 3 il -Ei' S.In,x1-I ELIZABETH FmxKI.IN M. xrcl I-3 CHRISTINE GIIEFNI-' E IT I ,,,, A' ' E' .El 3 E E G E' il D 5 .EET I-T E' ag ll E Im GROSSMAN E -E, RLTI-I BIIDDLETUX GREENE IEEEI HEEM ET I :J 5- QT E- E' T5 IJ lf ET if LT 3 .EI 5 5 E59 ? 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H 5' LT ALICE HULL PERKINS 3 ROSINA PEARL L.xl'RI-IE Pnxns VD Em' E' 5- 4 rr 3 -5 E' 'E Q D Taq- 51' E' Emmmmmwmsmmmnmlmauwrmmwmmmi-lmmmhwmmsm .El E -3 U' -'I' E T35 U -'U ffm -lg G 3 ,EJ Run' l'luY'l'I'l' XVI-'TTX Rowu xv E E SVsIFQl'1xx EW LT 5 E- E 'Www ' -5 i S 5 E U ET Nllxxll-1I'inl,1'nAlm1S,u'nF E Nm l,l'-, Nh Krxzlr Rosnzu Bl'l.l.l-1S.UVII.llXY5KY T5 ET - E E' 5 F 3 D E ET E E' 3 3 E E E D FET LT EBIEWEIICPHEWIHKEXEWIWIWEW'511-'5LEEllElLE1ElE14'5JlElEE1N'51TE1!EQ LJ w1E1LwELmmLwmmmmEEuwwRmw1w1m3m1mmmwmwwE -'21 1-,E Q If LT ,gy E E E If A F 3 .U E BI.-XYDELl.E VERA SCARBOROUGH NIARIE Sms E E4 DIARY ETTA Sums F Q1 :IR E Ei E' . . 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Q 1:7 .fl .5 -E? g Q1QwmLQ1LQE1Qm1Q1LQmm1-1Lm1EmLQwm1EE:1Q1LE11Qm1Qw1QwE31ammLEi QELr:mE1lLqE1mrQw1.qE1.m1.m1Q4E1Q11g11Qmw1wnw3wQaE1wm1Q1LQwlmwE 5 FJ' ET E' 3 E 5 U LT 3 E E LT ET 1 If 5 .3 E' E will M. xlzx ' Z1-:,u.v E .fl D E E7 If E' ltr' 5 .EJ H 24!- 3 .ELT llif If E' .S 1? E -9 f A LT U ,f 5- f 1 'ni 1155, I ' X 'H 12.53" FLW! 3 V! J f f-5,5 59: E ? ' G A Nockl gimmglf ,EL .Ej D E25 ? Qmmmrgmmwmmxmmmwmmmlgawwmwmwammlgi 4075 Wleiliiliillillflililil-ailE1llH'ElEllellf1Eli-f1lL'2viIlQ1'El-'21ll51lQEl5ll9Ull5llJ Junior Class 'X' 'I' Class Colors-Pink and lV71iff Class Flower-Pink Rose Bud E' Motto "One for all. and all for our." 'I' 'I' OFFICERS OLA HVTCHESON ,... HELEN Dicks .....,.,.... SARA SHEPPARD .,..Y. Andrews. Lucy Armstron,-z, Mary Arnold. Emma Bannester. Ruby Batten. Marion Bland. Frances Brawner, Georgia Brooks, Emily Brown, Agnes Burch, Evelyn Burnette, Ruth Cannon, Myrtis Carlyon, Elizabeth Carswell, Vera Chew, Mary Clarke, Frances Copeland. Ina Sue Corhitt, Melvis Culpepper, Margaret Culpepper. Meryl Currie, Margaret Curry, Catherine Davidson, Jean Davis. Lucile D'Anti,-znac, Martha Dicks, Dorothy Dicks, Helen Downing. Clemmie Dykes, Lollie Mae Dye, Ruth Ellison, Mary Fair, I aura Fennell, Helen Fleming, Virginia Fike, Mary Belle Fiske. Mary Fletcher, Mary Friedman, Mollie Fulcher, Eloise Fuller, Frances Garrett, Mildred Gilchrist. Erline Green. Myrtle Gunn. Margaret Hagood, Ida Mae .,.......,,....,.Preside'nt .....,...............,...,Vice-President .....Secref11 ry H1111 T7'6l!Slli7'61' -I--F Hair. Ruby Hallman, Winifreel Hamilton. Elsie Hardman, Catherine Harvin, Mary Will Hawkins. Ethel Heath. Violette Hersey. Mary Hill. Caroline Hilton. Myra Holley. Arvis Howard. Langhorne Hutcheson. Ola James. Meryl Johnson, Floride Joplin. Catherine Jones, Elizabeth Jordan. Katherine Kelly. Lillian Kelly. Lois Kennicott. Llewellyn Kuhlke. Blanche Lamar. Mary Lawrence, Ruby Lnckey, Juanita Martin, Annie Mae Mayes. Myrtle Miles. Mary Miller, Leone Mills. Willie Mae Morris, Virginia Murrah, Martha Mt-Daniel. Audrina McDaniel, Evelyn McElnuirray, Margaret McEwen, Helen Neary, Mera Newton, Theo Norris, Susie 0'Connor. Lessie Oliver, Louise Otis. Elizabeth Owens, Jessie Perkins, Helen Plunkett. Sue Ponds, Dorothy Powell, Alice Powell, Blanche Power. May Belle Randall. Inez Reab, Laura Rhodes, Sunie Rogers. Voncile Rowland, Wihnina Sannnons. Lucia Satcher, Enunalyne Sawilowsky. Estelle Schneider, Heline Scott. Bessie Sedwick.lNlattieMae Selden, Eugenia Sellears. Eula Benn, Ressie Shellhouse, Lucille Sheppard, Sara Shinioff. Pearl Shivers, Asenath Simons, Hazel Simowitz. Louise Simpson. Della Smith, Ellen -Smith, Quilla Spann, Alice Steed. Dene Steed, Helen Steed, Lois Steinberg, Theresa Steinberg, Sarah Tanenbaum. Minnie Thompson. Alberta Tonnnins. Minnie Trigg, Ellen Lyon Trowbridge. Lucile Vignatti. Rosa Wallace. Betty Warner, Elizabeth Weigand, Lucille Weigle, Kate Vililensky. Jennie Williams. Sarah Winter. Caroline Wolfe. Frances LT Qifatalaeeneilaeaustaecsisliaesziaiascaeitqiismeiewlao --1: Q' i If ..,,..-.-ir -4. ' Q . 'V . f 1 I I Q in 5 5 , 3 J 1 , 1 1 I , I, , ' O' I I I i f fin - 'I Af'- .- , . .1 - N 4 I , , .nu 4-. xb 'J Ex QTY' , I - .x I 4 ' -. 3 I 3 ,Q r 3 3 x ' X 'L ., I Y I I X f l -ml.. - I' 'I I 'Q A A . ., , ' ' ,711 I .l L' GF' ' L ' I . ' .T . A if 5- ' Y Q I .5 3? .I -- 1 "L A ' V N -0' , 4 H B ' V I 44 N + , V .9 f I 'S I 5Zij'f I f -, f- -.iff f 1 if I 7 9 . ' . .Q ' 2 '.- lv xi ' fl ' I x f-' ' 4 Q 4 - ' 3' X F I 4 R rp, x A 3 31' K ' f fx I Qgxix-":c,.! . Ku? '. Tw- Z Y' I in YV: ,E Q '2 V X.--. '5 ' , I'-.-I an RQ , 9 ,lf V U, v J A X l P A' f . . V 2, X ' 1: , il ' xg I I I l, I VHS' , , A , if-f:',,5 uf N 1 ' If . . I - Y ' I. ' J ' 1' 5 " L ' 4 5 , .. Q -x I . 4 v 5 4: , , I A 'J' A4 cf . 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BIARY Flsicl-J, '26, Ut E' QQQQEEHQLQHQQLEEQQEEQQLQEQQLEELQQQM 1 V ! l 4 j , EJ' LST 5' ,pw 'FEP ' 'Puff' 3 E ET .U El- If 'Ip 5 ET f max., ,,,Y ll E . ' IT Il . E' 5 ET D E' E' , - ,, D-Qs W ll ET If E Q 5Qj11Lf1L-ffJ1LsL:i:L-ww1lf.1311111LQ1rLfw1mE1'm1mm5lm1.wmLm g5i5llElEElQllL3l5ElQ7l9ll5EE1laliSEMliallHElHlElPJEl5IEllEl9E E E if Sophomore Class -E 'P el' 13' Class Colors-Rell and lVhife Class FlOWl'Ql'1RFfI Rose 3 E. Motto-K'To be, not lo secmg to do, not to d1'C'lllI1.u 3 -1- -x- E .55 oFF1cERs lid ij . if Lois VAN PELT ....,..... .....,........... P reszdelif LOUISE GARRETT SARAH YVHI Adams. Ruth Akerman. Elizabeth Allen, Elsie Anderson, Annie Atkinson, Elizabeth Austin, Ida Bailey, Ossie Bailie. Margaret Bargeron. Edith Barrett, Ann Bassford. Lee Beard. Alice Bell, Julia Bell, Sara Benson, Mildred Bishop, Vivian Bignon, Hilda Bothwell, Mary Bowden, Edith Brazelle, Mildred Brickle, Wylena Broome, Verdine Cadle, Gennie Capers, Clara Capers, Earnestine Chancey, Thehna Chandler, Elizabeth Connor, Edith Copeland, Sarah Davidson, Lila Davis, Benola Deas. Dorothy Dolvin, Anne Dolvin, Clifford Dolvin, Lily Lorn. Hazel Dyches, Elinor Edwards, Florrie Elliot, Irene Ellis, Marianne Evans, Dell Farris. Nettie Fender, Beulah Fennell, Maurice Fields, Mary ,.........,..,.,.......,..Vice-Presidenlt TNEY .... ,... . Secwfflry and TTZCISH-1'67' 'I--l' Fickling, Louise Fluker. Jane Ford, Allie Garner, Everlic Garrett, Louise Gay, Amy Lou Getzen. Frances Goldstein, Rachel Grablowsky, Miriam Grear, Evelyn Greiner, Doris Gunn, Ethel Gunter, Pearl Hair, Elma Hall. Uldine Hammond,,Katherine Hancock, Iris Hankinson, Stella Hattaway, Leonora Helmly. Louise Higgs, Odessa Hildebrandt, Marguerite Hill, Susie Hixson, Vera Holden, Lydia Hughes, Emma Humphrey, Charlie B. Hurt. Maude Hutto. Eugenia Irvine. Mary Johnson, Elizabeth Jones, Clemmie Jones, Evelyn Jordan. Ruth Kesler, Heloise Knight, Ruth Langley, Doris Lefkowitz. Jennie Littleton, Helen Lombard, Ruby Lynch, Ida MacMurphy. Adele Maddox, Thelma Markert, Florence Maxwell. Jeannette Moring, Frankie Mobley, Jean Murphy, Mary McCarty, Leila Belle McCormick,EIton McClellan, Grace 0'Hara, Elizabeth Owens, Mary Park, Elizabeth Pedersen. Dorothy Peters. Mary Phillips, Hilda Pilcher, Elizabeth Pritchard, Margaret Redd, Lillian Ruben. Rosa Schaufele, Iona Sclmeider, Sophie Lee Seals, Grace Simmons, Doris Smith, Ruth Speth, Dorothy Spires, Elsie Steinek, Elsie Stringer, Marguerite Stuart, Virginia Sturman, Elizabeth Tanenbaum, Minnie Thomas, Norma Thompson, Louise Turner, Margaret Van Pelt. Lois Verdery,Catherine Walters, Helen Walters. Louise Walton, Gussie Ward. Ruth Watkins, Caroline Weathersbee, Iva Wells, Marie Whaley, Lula Whitaker, Mildred Whitney, Sarah Wiggins, Ruby Williams, Sudie Boyd Williamson, Virginia Wolfe, Helen Wood, Margaret Yearty, Annie WEll5ll5EEll5ll5EEliall5EEiEiEEIE1Eil5El5llQlLEEl5ll5llElb +. 3 .CET 5 5' E -2- U- ll 3 5 E 123- 5' 3 L1 5 Dj E' IT -rj D If E E- IT ll LJ E E E E' .fl E E LET E' F 3 D EJ' E ET II IJ .El 5 E U If .U D G ET 5' E 5 Emmmmmwmlwamvmfwmwmmmgnmmmb-mmm 13 Lu nj F' in i ,,, ,, f -U , , E' Il EJ' l E' ll 4 E' zggxlwmmmgwfwmmmmmsgmmmmmlglmgwmmfmg j 5 :E E' LT IE: 1 ' E E- gl 4 lf if A ,jj ' ff Q E G g 4,, Y' II IT S U Y 2 E' E-T 3 ET 1 , 1 1 V 4 3 E X, , . Y' N A .fl 3 T? 5 LT ' 51 E5lE1l51FIEG1lHlE1EWlE1l5lEEl'51lE1E5lE1l5lEbTlf5lEEE1E1T5lY5E WEll5llLLiEUl-f5ll-L5llC5ElEfll5ll5El5lle1llElElL1l'U1ll'a3lalU51l'f1ElWl'1'iIl5lJ Freshman lass 'I' 'l' Class Colors-Blue and lVhiz'e Class Flower-Pansy Motto-"To the stars tlzrouglz bolts nnrl bars." 'X' 'I' OFFICERS I OUISE BRADY ...........,.,. ............,,,,,., P reside-nt TVALLACE NORTH ............. ELIZABETH PRINTUP ..... ............. Adams, Juanita Allen, Matilda Anderson. Reby Andronosky, Ida B. Anthony, Jeannette Anthony, Sara Armstrong, Juanita Babbitt, Mary Baird, Alyne Baird, Sara Bart-han, Irene Barton, Frances Barton, Ludie Beasley, Mary Blanchard, Mary Emma Bonnett, Jessie Botlnvell, Marguerite Bowers, Mary Etta Boxx, Evelyn Boyd, Elizabeth Brady, Louise Brisendine. Elizabeth Bristow, Annie Mae Britt, Ethel Broadwater. Katy Brown, Juanita Busbia, Marion Byrd, Elizabeth Caldwell, Mary Canada. Thelma Cartledge, Mildred Casey, Muriel Cates, Mable Clark, Nancy Clemmons, Ruth Cooper, Gertrude Copelan, Evelyn Crenshaw, Lucille Crickenberger, Corinne Cromer, Cleo Culley, Marion Daly, Rosa Danforth, Thomasine Decker, Dorothy 'X- Derrick. Harriet Dickson, Frankie Dixon, Thelma Doolittle, Katie M. Dorn, Martha Dunn, Louise Durden, Mary Willie Edwards, Flossie Edwards, Julia Edwards, Martha Edwins. Myrtis Elliott, Margaret Fair, Catherine Ferguson. Elizabeth Fickling, Mary Flowers, Mary Foster, Helen Foster. Julia Gardiner. Mary C. Gardner, Helen Glisson, Estelle Goldfarb, Margaret Goodell, Mabel Goss. Margaret Griffin, Alice Grusin, Mollie Gunn, Cecil Hagler, Evelyn Hallman, Ruth Harris, Mary Hardaway. Louise Harrison, Marion Heath, Thelma Henderson, Parmie Hoffman, Beatrice Hogan, Vivian Hook, Lillian House. Norma Howard, Ruth Hulbert. Marie James, Elma Jarrell, Gertrude Jarrett, Carolyn Jennings, Billie Jenkins, Culia Jones. Ann Jones, Catherine Jones, Edna Jones, Frances Joplin. Mary Kelly, Mary Kent, Lillian Kitchens, Elinor Knight, Edna Lamback, Dollie Lamkin, Nora Layton, Marion Levy, Rose Lonergan, Alina Macky, Elizabeth Maddox, Gladys Matheny, Katherine Minnis, Margaret Mobley, Elizabeth Moore, Louise Moring, Margaret Morris, Adrienne McClain, Lucile McClain, Phrontis McCormack. Catherine McCollock. Evelyn McEwen, Cawthon McKenzie, Leone McNutt, Helen Neal, Georgia Nixon, Catherine North, Wallace Oliver, Lottie Owens, Carolyn Owens, Margaret Owens, Margaret Paltrowitz, Annie Patche, Dorothy Peebles, Margaret Printup, Elizabeth Ramsey, Florence Rennison, Alma Rennison, Nellie Rheney, Louise Rhodes, Anna Kate Ridgely, Elizabeth Robinson, Laura V ice-President Secretary a-acl TT6llf3IlfTFT Robinson, Mabel Rock, Esther Rogers, Edna Sanders, Eloise Sawilowsky, Birdie Scarboro. Elsie Seago, Edna Shivers, Mary Skinner, Margaret Smith, Ellen Smith, Hazel Spaulding, Mary Stanford, Roesel Steel. Ruby Stockton, Merle Stoniker, Carrie Stoniker, Hattie Story, Ruth Street, Ellen Sullivan, Katharine Sumerau, Alice Sumerau. Nell Thomas, Mabel Tommins, Louise Trader, Ruth Tunkle, Maydelle Turner, Robbie Van Pelt, Elizabeth Wall, Thelma Walker, Ruby Walton, Delle Walton, Susan Ward, Annie Kate Weatliers, Annie Kate Williams, Allene Williams, Alma Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Maudie Wolfe, Adis Womack, Ruth Wren, Agnes Yates, Frieda Young, Margaret qElEllEE:l5ll5ll5EElEll5El5llEl5EE5ll5ll5El5ll5ll5El5ll5ll-fm l Q E E :1 E7 2 U W :J LT U' .9 11:7 E' 15, 4 ,, - -:A ' X -Es 'YS' H N 3 M ' -3,1 . S V f F .. i- P - .5 , . . E' -h nfs. , qw 1 i Q? gi' , v- ,J 4 ,- A. 4 .I , . ,. rx 4 -A,-N , M.. ff Z if: ' 3 A1 " F" ' - ,'1 K p V QT SI iq if ' Q, ET s , ' 1' we I , , -5 va V 3 4 .-, 5 'W' f X ' X W , f X, K , 5 ,,,,.: K, V El' w G X .lg 5.39535 , ' - Q Y VA Qi - E- 2 w,. . ,F M J f, LQ.g'i'Q2g1,sY, L' 4- Q ...?4.+'5a2 ' ' X X w""54" ':lf'i ,EJ H 5 Emmmmmmmmammwmmalmmfwmmmg-lmmmswmmmg us!! TQ , A x5 -A A Y Q 7 ' Eff 'Hi ff Zg fxkfgfg S W! N f G6 WH' j X 7 N X X SZ ff N ! A X ' X 'L Mg Y A 3 -' , Q' ' Os If--' X Y Q Rf A L Q2 I ff 1 J WEE CJ' ff? lil E LT .S .Ei LT IJ E f ,EI :L Q sc: Q D , W F E , D ,L-3' 5 F3-s E' 3 5 , 3 if ,--I. li, If -U J 5 E' U img qqmwmmmwmgmmm QELEWELEWQQLEE E' El' E' 1 .3 E LT BQl51l5ll5ElElQl5ElEil5lEEl9llQllSElHIlHllQElSil5llQElHllE1EIb Akerman, Laura Babbit, Elva Bailey, Rachel Bailey. Sue Walker Balk. Mary Baxley. Martha Beall. Mary Irvine Bell. Marie Bignon, Regina Boyd, Pearl Branch, Mary Brantley, Evelyn Brisendine, Ruth Brooks. Idell Brooks, Ruth Brown, Lillian Brown, Marion Brucker, Mabel Buck. Willie J. Buckley. Leonora Byrd. Inez Cain, Claddie Caldwell, Margaret Campbell, Frances Cardon, Norma Carl. Mable Carpenter. Grace Cartledge. Maybelle Chavous. Audrey Chavous, Gladys Chavous. Katie Churchill, Natalie Clark, Katie Clarke, Mary Clark, Virginia Cobb. Shirley Connell. Frances Crawford. Blanche Crumpton. Mildred Cumbaa, Gaynelle Davidson, Alma Davidson, Linda Davis, Louise De Medicis. Jessie Dike. Bessie Duhig. Evelyn Durden, Virginia Dye. Mary Earnhardt, Frances Edmunds. Lillian Edwards, Juanita Farmer, Hazel Farrill. Dorothy Farris, Ruth Sub Freshman lass Faulkner, Angelle Fickling, Mattie Mae Fiske. Harriet Gage, Doris Garrett. Harriet Gay. Agnes Gilchrist. Florence Gilson, Margaret Glover. Juanita Goldberg, Lees Goldstein, Gussie Gordon, Elizabeth Goss. Mattie Gracey. Sarah Grealish, Margaret Greneker, Pickens Hair, Agnes Hallman. Margaret Hamilton. Vera Hancock, Ossie Hardy, Margaret Harmon, Mary Anna Heath, Dottie Heath, Ruth Hehnly. Viola Hill. Mabel Hilson, Audry Hotfman. Ethel Holley, Mildred Holley. Naomi Holman, Emily Holmes, Erline Horne, Margaret Howard. Julia Howard, Viola Hughes, Barbara Hull, Katherine Hundley, Margaret Jackson, Elenka Jackson. Waurega James, Ollie James. Nina Jenkins, Inez Jones. Bertha Jones. Betty Jones. Dorothy Jones, Frances Jones. Mattie Jolmson. Blanche Johnson, Corrie Kelly. Billy Kelly, Theo Kesler. Hulda Kimbrell. Ida Lee Krenson, Julia Kuelmel, Pauline Laird. Marie Landrum, Alice Lansdell, Dorothy Lazenby, Nita Lee, Virginia Levy, Lois Lewis, Lillie May Lockhart, Elizabeth Lombard, Marvi lla Ludwig, Louise Lundy. Vivian Maddox. Mildred Manatis, Lula Marsh, Mary Mathews. Louise Melton, Eula Miller, Leslie Mitchell, Alberta Montgomery, Anna Montgomery. Daisy Mulcay, Elizabeth Mullen. Margaret Murphey. Louise Murphy, Martha McAlhanny, Catherine McCormack. Lillie M. McCormick, Mildred McNaughton, Zoe Norman, Frances North. Neville Ogilvie, Isabel O'Neal. Dorothy Page, Marion Palmer, Thelma Palmer. Velma Parks. Mary Partain. Derrell Parish. Catherine Partridge, Beauford Pate, Evelyn Pearson, Zella Mae Peebles, Cary Pierce. Frances Plunkett. Edna Pollard, Enunie Lee Pollard, Mary Pomerance, Naomi Pond, Edith Pound, Frances Powell, Ellen Prescott, Esther Prather. Virginia Ray, Ethel Reab, Ann Iiedd, Dorothy Reeves, Syble lteville, Eunice lthodes, Marian Rhodes. Winona Rheinwalt, Kathleen Rickerson, Florence Rickcrson. Annie Roberts. Mary Robertson, Nellie Roche. Helen Roesel, Evelyn lioesel. Ruth Rogers. Gene Rosenthal. l eah Rountree, Elizabeth Ruflin, Ethel Russell, Doretta Sanders, Julia Scarborough, Thelma Scattergood, Ora Senn. Grace Sherlock, Sara Shipp, Noel Smith, Frankie Smith. Helen Smith. Twedis Southall, Mary Spradley, Eflie Sprouse. Louise Stone. Mary Strickland. Hazel Tarver, Elizabeth Taylor, Helen Teasley, Elizabeth Thomas. Myra 'l'bomas. Nancy Thompson, Myrtle Tillman, Annie Sue Toole. Grace Toole. Kathleen Town, Evelyn Vaughn, Evelyn Wagnon, Anna Walker, Irene Wallace. Ann Watson, Lillian Weathers, Mary Weeks. Ruth Weinstein, Esther West, Emily White, Audrey Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Genevive Wittemer, Lena Winburn, Nancy Wolfe. Anna Elese Wolfe. Margaret Yearty. Sarah Young, Inez Young. Mildred QElLslPEEIl5ll5il5El5lEll5El5llEl ilE1L5El5ll9ll5ElE1lEiE1b ET Q E7 E gw'1lQ1LqELm1Q1.wE1,Lm1.LmL5EwQ1m.wmw11Q1wEwmE1wnmww1QwQ11QE 5 E -Q, .E U ,B .5 E' Il cr L5 ET li' is. A vi if-il 5 U n :ful 2' -32 5, I1 X ,, X ,3 ... ' N r SJ R J 4 5 .Il Er E' .U LQT LT fl 5 -5 5 ET LT' IT Q1.q1mLf:mLQm1Q1l2m1Qm1Qww11m.wEmw1mEEE:lQmLfE1,Eu1QwLQw1Ei vEEQCLU N170 363 XB' DR IGN L slE1l4E1Ll5EIL2IlQ HE1 E1H1lEll5El'51k1bl9CEiE1Wll2llQEl'5ll5llQ1E191L5ll?1119E lg SMF, , . Q , N . A -5 E NIABEL lluwxlxu VrLx.M.x Brin. V l'1sTleL1.l-: S.xwl1.uwsKY l,1.l-1 NORTH 5 X HEL:-:N-Dlfks 5I:'kHlil'l-.ffIT4E'Xx 1-lscmr XVl:.fllN.f Fi'IlN'I,AND X laR,,x'C.xRswEl.l. U E E A1.1cle humans bl su-, Q1 :xx Mun Firm. Mums THMMINs F E. Q1.QmmEmE1mLQmLqm1wmEmmmL5mQmE3bq1mLmEi Ul5LElE1E9WE11lQ1EDUl5l-CiE5lElQ1E51l5l5lEbfIlQl5lE51I5ll5IElE 5' gifs 5 L? Annual Staff 5 E E. U SENIOR EDITORS ,S -I-+ I5- .EQ U BCIARGUERITE INTESCOAT ..................................................A. Editor-in-Chief E E ISABELLE NORTH .. ............. Business Dlanager E Q VELDIA BELL .... ............ L iterary Editor E' MABEL DOWVNIN ..,............ A rt Editor -EI SUSIE QUINN ...... .............. P icture Editor -E? lil: ALICE SUMMERS ......................................, , ..,................... Athletic Editor 'E'-f -3 JUNIOR ASSISTANT EDITORS ,EQ A 51 Q VVILMIINA ROWLAND ........,.........,..................... Assistant Editor-in-Chief S' lVI1NN1E TOMINIINS,,, ....,.,,.. Assistant Business MHTLKIVQET 3 MARY FISKE ,,-,.,. ......t...... A ssistant Literary Editor ,El ,Ej 'VERA CARSWE ........,,....... Assistant Art Editor lg' E- HELEN DICKS ,.,,,s,,,, Assistant Picture Editor ESTELLE SAVVILOWVS ...,..... Assistant Athletic Editor E I JJ Q 5 F D T? ET i IT ag .CI 5 A LE E- gQ1E1l51E1EWIE1lELEE1lE1lE1EEIE1l61EEiEllW1Li1lElEElLE11E1iSi f "?4f'W? 1IfmiwGmail. " -.rw- f ,Q :Nm 'QUHU-lfL'fnU.'1'l 114:11 ' W f 2 Q1 -- 1 , ,451 'lEJw11lu.-ulfq 1. 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Freslz-man Representat I-T. MISS LEONORA IVEY .... .........,.,...,..... P ltysical Director E MISS EMMA PLUNKETT .... ......... A alssistlzvtt Physical Directm f tg' E BIISS ELIZABETH STRAYH ,,,,-,,,,,,, Faculty Reprgsentati-ug E AIR- T. H. GARRETT .... ..,........... E .12 Ofjicio Dlembcr 3 ll -'E -E If Q H rg ET E' If gg E E E in f E - f A . 'LL 1 "-lil V H -7-1:7 i-,U 2- :EIFFQMf: f'2flLw3 9 n 153 TE I 'EYE ...l Q1 Tffj 5 li tilt? 1 Qi 11 F7 Qu 5 I gm i 5 I rf? YET: 1 W 1 'Avi L EN Li 15 15, lm LEU U if'-27E5QVfQT ---il Ull9ll9Wil:WEll-'5Il5ll5ElUfllQll5ElbfllQll9ElSllQllQElQll51l'2lil-f?Jll'i1'IlE'1'IlJ Glee Club + 'I- LIARTHA LESTE11 ...... .... ............. P r esidem' VELMA BELL ...., ,... ...... . . . Secretary K.1.'1'HE1i1NE XXYIGGTNS, NANC Librarians + + Andrews, A. James. M. Sellears, E. Andrews, L. Johnson. M. Sizemore. A. Andrews. R. Jones. C. Smith, H. Bailey. O. Jones. E. Speth. D. Bell, V. Jones, E. Stanford. R. Brown, A. Kelly, l.. Steinberg, T. I I Brown. E. King, M. Thomas, M. Bush. M. Lefkowitz. J. Thompson, A. Clark, N. Lester. M. Trigg. E. Cooper, G. Luckey. J. Tunkle. S. Culpepper. M. Lynch, I. Wall. I. Culpepper, M. McDaniel. E. Walters, H. Edwards, F. McNutt. H. Walters. L. Ellis, M. Miles, M. Warner, E. Foster. H. Miller. E. Weigle, K. Fulcher, E. Miller, G. Wells, M. E Garrett. L. Mitchell. A. Whitney. S. Gunn, M. Montgomery. A Wiggins. K. Hankinson, Murrah, M. Wolfe, H. S Heath, T. Otis. E. Wood, M. Hixson, V. Peebles. M. Young, M. Holley, A. Plunkett, S. Zealy, M. Printup, R. Rowland. W. Suwilowsky. E. X ii C ., , 5 7 3 e 'H' H , 3 Q .. B .- ' I If E' Q 41 f ?1ia'DY,' .i 1 Q . ' ': ' .A M , . LT l aj 5' , I isis? P1-ar--ch cl o. Qmmmwmwmlgsmmwmmlwmamgmwvmmmmmwm lg U' L1 -'3 5 P-El wr D E E' IJ ET IT Il E E E F ll E F .5 MRS. LYETH W. R rrxx'l..x su Y A. Asmsnsox Miss PAGE Im V! ALI. Y g S' j Emxmm H. un-Ks M, owns G. rum fl Q E' 3 3 E E' If 51 -.D E' IIT .EJ +5 rr Esmmmmmmmmmammmfmmnqwma-lmmjfmu mum q E' EQEILEILEEEIEIEEEIEIEEEIEIEEEIQIQEEIEIEEIQLQEEE E 5' 5 E' E E LT The Honor League Council 3 'I' 'I' Y IDA V ALL .......,. ........................ P resident YV ' ' 3 ILBIILA Ron LAD. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,e,,,,, Secretary E BIILDRED OXVENS .... ............. S evzior R6lJT6S6'71,tfltiZ'E E- HELEN DICKS .... .,....,..,... J ufnior Repre'sentafiz'f' ANNIE ANDERSO .......... Soplzomore Represent t A-E5 EDNA KNIGHT ..... , ..,.... ..,.,.........A.........,..,.... F reslzmmzf Repre.se11fa,t GEORGI.X NEAL ........................................ S'ZLb-FT6S71I7lfl'l1 Represent 1 ll RQIISS ANNIE BI. PAGE AIRS. VV. C. LYETH E Farulfy Rep1'L'sentatiz'cfs E- il E U 3 ET LT .21 E E E QEE1L5ll5E1bflEll5EElE1l5ETQTl51EEl5ll9Wl5EElElEElE1lElE1L5d qlEl5ll5lE51l5ll5lE5ll5l5lE5l5Il5lE51l5lE1E51Ell5lEElEll5lf5lE The Seven Ages of A Tubman Glrl -P+ QWifl1 apologies 10 Sllllflu7f'SP!'Il1'f'D All the sehool's a stage And all the girls are merely playersg They have their exemptions and their failures, Each one in her time plays many parts, Her acts being seven ages. At first the infant, With her admiring family and friends. Then the happy school girl with her lunch box And her smiling face, flitting like a bird Joyfully to school. And then the little "Sub" Yvho exchanged her dolls for her well loved, Senior Crush. And then the Freshman, lvho important feels since Latin's on her Mind. Then the Sophomore with her Lipstick, rouge and powder, vain of her beauty And careless of her marks. Then the Junior YVit.h sparkling eyes and hair, a shingle cut, Full of wise saws and up-to-date remarks. And so she plays her part. Last of all Q The Senior with her dignity of years, YVearing spectacles of purple and gold Looking askanee at youth. Last scene of all That ends this strange, eventful history- In graduation gown, with flowers galore Sans books, sans themes, sans cares, sans everything HEI,ENI FEXINELL 26 E E ,fl ll ET ,Li Easiauaaaswaaaimraaalaiaasaaimieiiamswiaiasi 'v"'l'Ui' v .. . :H 'T """'H""l" T17-7--H -Y --.- - 'V n- ' T 'I F iq " 'Y-Y--1,1 . v1::,rI,l Y- ' k ,,g-.., 1 y I I i 1.. " -d-.-- - X 1 , ,, in , p WE1ElE1E5llHlLCiE5llQWlElE51E1lQ1EbHl5ll5lE5lEll5lEE1l51l5ll5lgs ll 151' 3 , sq T-7 Semor Class Day 'I' 'P ,E History of Hzr Class of 19.25 E 7-S.. IVE years ago a bunch of tiny wistful girls straggled through the E- doors of Tubman. Indeed the girls were small but the class was large. the largest that had ever entered Tubman. No one Cexcept 3 .D those that were once Subsj will ever know how trying were those first days. LT .E The word Freshman aroused our anger for all our teasing and initiation came .5 G- from this source and the indignities heaped upon us by the Sophomores, too, LT tried our spirits. S' Our education began immediately. On the first day we learned that the 'Sf E' the auditorium had 864- seats, ttthat every class room was amply provided with fl G' movable adjustable Moulthrop desks" and that the laboratories were fitted out El with the most modern equipment. ive also learned the significance and mean- ing of the term 'iyellow card". After our initiations were over we set about 5 ll to organize our class. The first president of this class was Eleanor Brown. E- gj. lfnder her leadership we managed to make a place for ourselves in the affairs 3 E' of the school. Our first public appearance was in the "Pageant of the Pilgrims" which celebrated the three-hundredth anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims. Other events which took place in our Sub Freshman year were 3 ll the Lyceum Course and a May festival. YVe were formally introduced into E society in April when the Seniors entertained with an Easter egg hunt in our El. E- honor. ET In the fall of 1921 we again assembled, this time with Edna Revnolds as president. The only important feature of our Freshman year was "Prunella", 3 3 the first and last of a series of instructive pictures to be given at the school. 'E Although this year passed uneventfully it brought with it no disasters. ive E E- all bore the title "l"reshman" with cheerful submission as we knew this stage U must be passed through before we could become Seniors. .El Almost before we knew it another year had 1'olled 'round and we were D LE Sophomores. This time Katherine YViggins assumed the responsibilities of El ET the presidency. After two years of athletic training we were pronounced ready EQ to go before the public. Accordingly, we were chosen to entertain the Rotary Club at their annual visit to the school. It was on this memorable occasion 3 .gi that we had the rare treat of hearing Mr. Garrett, one of a talented quartet E- ,E1 ll E .51 E- Eastman:aaaaaisuamalaaaaaaaaawaaasiasd - 3 Wl9Tl51l5EIL5IlQ1l Il51lEEl5llslbElQ1MMElHllH'1lQE1L1l5ll91U E TE U LT ll E sing 'Wvill Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Over Night." This year 3 G a May festival was again attempted Qbut not without first consulting Mr. E Garrett about the NVCiltllCl'.5 This time it was in eve1'y way a success. .gl Our Junior year was our "blossom time". It was at this time that we 5 ,E showed our dramatic abilities in our presentation of "The Magic YVheel". E E YVhen field day came the pu1'ple and gold swept down the field victorious! In E' addition to the class cup, the individual cup was also won by a Junior. Other enjoyable events of the year were a tea given by the College Club and the Junior- -lg Senior banquet which was given for the class of '24 to try to show them how -3 pg highly we valued their friendship. Q Yvhen the fall of 192-L arrived we again assembled, this time the dignified Seniors of Tubman. For the third time Katherine YViggins was elected presi- -D dent. lvnder her successful leadership we were able to uphold the good name lg El of the Senior class. Although everyone knows that life is not made up entirely .El lj of sunshine we were unprepared for the dark shadow that was cast over ou1' l-T class by the announcement that llr. Hickman would no longer be connected with Tubman in an official capacity. However we were somewhat cheered bv the 5 aj 1 5 N I A v I . .w Q. . K V.g. w .N H' v assurance that he would continue his friendship and visits to his fellow E .ll-gl-Q Tubmansf' E- Now we must deal gently with the question of athletics, or it might even be better not to mention the subject at all. Yet wc are not ashamed although 3 E we didn t win eveiy game, foi we made a noble attempt and all agiee that 1t E ll is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all. Although E' G Senior privileges are not as numerous as we had expected and Senior life not all a bed of roses still our last year did not pass without its joys and successes. Tubman. Never-the-less the best part of our history is the unwritten personal part, the memories which we will carry away with us and the friendships which we have made. Tlhese things do not need to be written down for we will never L5 forget them. 3 LIU- LUCY GOODRICH HENRY, '25. ig Ci' il E' YVQ all like to think of the pleasures that have filled our five years at 'LQ' 5 17 3 5 5 E 3 tr 5. QEEEEEE'lQl-5EElDl-EEEEEEEHEEWQWHYEEHEEM EEl5llSill5EIl9llQEEl5Il5ll9'EEllQllBElHllQllQElHll5ll'2El-alliill-filb LT D' L7 5' Last Will and Testament -P+ E. the Senior Class of Tubman High School, City of Augusta, County of Richmond, State of Georgia: being of unsound and indisposed mind, nearing the end of our five years sojourn here and feeling that 'tis "better to give than receive" do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our "Last Yvill and Testament." ITEM I. To those who will in due course of events take our places in the front rows of the auditorium-we do bequeath our maidenly modesty and Senior dignity hoping that they will profit by our example and not discuss last night's dates and Hanlon Novarro under cover of Miss Halbert's singing. ITEM II. To Mr. Garrett-the leader, counselor and friend of every Tubman girl, we the Seniors of 1925 wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation of his efforts both individual and collective in our behalf. i ITEM III. To Sue Plunkett and VVilmina Rowland-Elizabeth Story and Margaret Johnson bequeath their ability to dress for "gym" in two minutes. ITEM IV. To BIary Fiske-Ida Bothwell leaves her never emptying box of "Ludens Cough Drops? ITEM V. Catherine Branch who has spent. the past four years in a hopeless attempt to dispose of some of her superfluous avoidupois leaves her Ivalter Camp Reducing Records to Mary Chew, hoping that she will meet with more success. ITEM VI. Rosina Pearl, Belle Sawilowsky and other Ambitious A's leave their scholaristic ability to Virginia Fleming and other "Brilliant B's.', ITEM VII. Dorothy Bell and Alice Summers leave their package of "Golden Glint" to Helen McEwen. ITEM VIII. Marguerite YVescoat leaves her ability to say the right thing at the right time to lNIildred Garrett. ITEM IX. Isabelle North leaves to any one who will take it her serge skirt, which after five years of hard wear ftwo times -1 week to "gym" classj is still in a remarkable condition of 1'epair. 5 5 Qmmateaaaeaiaialeaaaeamaecaeeiaeabniaae iqlsulallilllf-5El-fglll-QllflEl-lfIll5lEEl51lQ1lL'f1ElE1IlLf1Il'f1El'f'll5llL"Elfllflliltrl E .El E if -L51 ITEBI X. To the Seniors of 1926 we leave the glass plates etched in .El Chem. class by the Seniors of 1925. E ITEM XI. To the Sub Freshman Class we leave our deepest sympathy pg for the long stony path they must tread to be Seniors. 'EJ' ITEBI XII. To Miss Ada G. 1Voods we leave a year's subscription to E- "College Humor" provided that she will use it as subject matter for her class reading. ITEM XIII. To Bliss Julia A. Flisch-we leave the latest thing in E+ dorines, "The Mayflower Compact"containing rogue, lipstick and powder. E4 ITEM XIV. To Miss Comey-we leave a book, "The English Lang- wich as She Am Spokew by Eleanor Brown. ITENIXV TNI' -XD l.H' S ' Bd l ' 1 - . o I iss I . orot iv alns, QUIOI' . onates an e ECt1'lC E hand and face rubber, to save her the physical exertion that she displays E before beginning Latin lessons. ITEM XVI. The Senior Class bequeaths to Miss Annie Page a bolt of -tj white elastic for use in emergency. E ITEM XVII. To Clemmie Jones-May 1Vhite leaves her tall stature LT in order to relieve the legatee of her arduous stretching exercises. ITEINI XVIII. Sarah Norris leaves to Ola Hutcheson her class spirit, Ag. hoping that Ola will engage in all class activities. 'S ITEINI XIX. To the biology class of 1926, the class of 1925 leaves Elizabeth Story as assistant butcher. .S Drawn up in the year of our L0l'd, nineteen hundred and twenty-five. El. Testators U IVIARGARET JOHNSON GLADYS MILLER .El lVitness E DIANA .Y Uzer mnrlrj E .fl si' 5 .51 LT LT diaaaemeialsaaalamasaamalemaalamamse f... gS4l9i11lf11l'fTEIl':1llQllE1ElH1W9ll5EWbflTQl19E1Qll!1lQ1EWHlLE1LQ1WH7lSl1f5llEE G' LT E ef El 5 E nr Ll K Q, 4 ya W X D3 5 f W N E 1 .gs -lj E? ,flu I.. j 659 Y E E' 15 5552 1 'T 0572? - ' S EIT Q55 5- j d j Q X E Lg Q0 3 .E Vfiemorzles EI E LEU.- 5 7342? glass fir lg CU2 urn.. I 3? E 3 5 LT 5 1?- U H il E 3- U' 3 il 5 I?- T55 xr U QmmmEmQwmLEmQmLQmwLwmmmEEEzmLQmLE1mmLfi .IQ IE' Li E IT 3 E 13' 3 .YQ If .Ei .Ei G L1 E E' ii L5 ll Iii E? .fl E ,El E WLQEIIEIESWLQIIQDTIEIELEEIEIQEEIEIIQEEIEIEIEQWIEIIHE O The Weather - Auirusla and www-rin' U P Au LI In Q1 rum lr gt '5 I I"ilII'i!IllIWJlI'Ill0l "The South's Oldest Newspaper-Established 1785" : - AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, THURSDAY, MAY 721, ISI-I0 LARGEST BALLOON TO FLY OVER AUGUSTA To Be Piloted by a Woman The largest balloon in the world will fly over Augusta Wednesday. This balloon is piloted by MiSS Minnie Sacre, the Iirst woman pilot of a balloon. Miss Sacre is mak- ing a trip to the South Pole and her balloon will be the tirst to reach it. Thousands will c1'owd the streets to see it pass. MISS ROSINA PEARL WINS SPEED CONTEST Miss Rosina Pearl, a candidate from Augusta, defeated all other contestants in the national Speed Conversation Contest, winning the prize, two thousand dollars. Miss Pearl spoke at the rate of one hun- dred and seventy-tive words a min- ute. SCIENTIFIC SEARCH AFOOT Professor Murphey Under- takes Colossal Task K,u,.m.4zoo, Micn.-May 20.- Professor Virginia A. Murphey after much thought and study has at last undertaken the task of lind- ing the lost tribe of beardless cats, Of course the scientitic world awaits the outcome of this search with greatest hope. but what will we. the common people, do without, "the cat's whiskers"? STATE LEGISLATURE ASKED FOR AID I ENLARGING TLBMAN HIGH SCHOOL Augusta Woman Leads Enterprise ATi,.vs1'.x. May 20.-Miss Eliza- beth McI.endon. representative from Georgia asked for aid in the xenlarging of Tubman High School at Augusta, Ga. Miss Mc-Lendon W has been a representative from Ga. for a number of years. Her last ,request was not granted, but she I is contident that she will eventually be given aid for her alma mater. ,AUTO OBILE , ACCIDENT NEAR I COLUMBIA, S. C. I l CuI.L'x1BI.x, May 20.-Mrs. T. TY. S ....,, was seriously injured while driving down Main Street yester- day when her car collided with that of Mr. S. B. T ,..,...,.,,,,. The latter car was going at the rate of ten miles an hour. The speedometer of Mrs. S ............ 's car showed that she was driving at the rate of sixty miles an hour. Mrs, Ss, ,,,,.... was rushed to a hospital where her con- dition is improving. Her car, a Rolls-Royce, was demolished. An interesting coincidence is the fact that when Mrs. S ............. who was Miss Nelle Rosier, had regain- ed consciousness. she found that her nurse was her old school friend, Miss Arvonia Sizemore. WOMEN STEADILY COMING TO THE F ORE POLITICALLY New Attorney-General Well Received The sufl'ra:.:ettes are gratified to see the constant increase in the number of women otlice holders. Senator Alice Cartledge of Mon- tana is a leading politician ot' that state, and is now a candidate for re-election. She is very modest about her political success, and at- tributes it to the fact that she has a Iigure for masculine clothes, and. as a girl was an expert at fixing neckties. Another outstanding feminine politician is Miss Belle Sawilowsky ot' Georgia, who has recently been appointed Attorney General of the United States. She has received expressions of satisfaction from all parts of the United States. GIRL FROM OUR OLD HOME TOWN MARRIES ROYALTY Miss Elizabeth Story, while joy- riding in her sport model aeroplane was driven to the coast of Africa in a storm. Her machine became entangled in a tree, and while there she met the lord of the Egyp- tian tree dwellers. Their marriage was solemnized soon after and it is reported that she is treading on air and is henceforth, "Lady Liz- zie." fllfill-fill-ElEI'1iils'1lLilEC'T Iliil'filEEllLailE1'lE'5llEill'5lEl.'5llsllE5lE!Elll5llEib I- llEillE1Ul5EIll!1Il!llE1Cil9ll2'1fll5EIlbfllellE1ElHlllf'JllEiElEIll51l!1El-l?Jll'5llL2llJ I U Q .Q L7 E 5' 3 Iii ill E E .Sl E LT rg. 5 if ll 5 If .El E L1 .EET Ei' YOUNG MAN WINS HIGHEST KICKER I DEPARTURE OF CARNEQE MEDAL Atlanta Youth Honored For Bravery A-rmsri, May 20.-No braver deed has ever been witnessed in Atlanta than that performed re-5 cently by Tom F... . . one of the most popular members of the younger set. 'l'he young luan. see- ing that Miss Addie Sue YVeltch. the occupant of a passing car. had lost control of her vehicle jumped, from the car in which he was rid- ing and into that nf Miss Weltch while both were going at full speed. I 'I'he car was soon brought to a stop and no one was injured. though Miss Weltch fainted. The Car- negie medal has been awarded to l young If' . . LECTURER COIVIING SOON Augusta is fortunate in securing an engagement for a lecture by Miss Lucy Goodrich Henry. A former missionary to China, she was obliged to give up her work as chief mourner at all Chinese funer- als on account of a failure of onion crops, which were quite necessary in her line of work. She selects all her subjects from poetry. a favor- ite one being, 'twrite me as one that loves her fellow man." It is said she practices what she preach- es. DR. MOYE . DISCOVERS NEW USE 1 FOR SAWDUSTT. THE WORLD LEADS DANCING REVUE AT DREAMLAND Miss May White won many wreaths at kicking. She probably got her experience from kicking about lessons, kicking up in class. and. in fact, kicking everything from suitors to the toes out of her shoes. Her stage name is Carrye la Mule. NEW CHEWINGGUM ESTABLISHMENT OPE ED Big Factory At Thomson Tnousox, GA., May 20.-Among the recent events which will in- terest the people of Thonison and surrounding towns is the establish- ment of the "Pep" chewing gum factory. The above announcement is in- teresting to Augustans not so much from the mere fact that there will be more gum in circulation as the fact that the wife and business partner of Mr. G. S. I' ....... ,,,., t he founder of the company was, be- fore her marriage. Miss Maydelle Scarborough. graduated from Tub- man High School in 1925 and has resided in Augusta since her mar- riage in 1930. ln 1937 she inherited a large sum of money and has used a part of it in establishing the factory. The position of private secretary to the president is also being filled by a brilliant Augusta product. Miss Annie Mae Martin. I I POPULAR YOUNG AUGUSTAN DEEPLY REGRETTED Miss Martha Lester has lived up to the expectations of her friends by going to the lunatic asyluln. lin account of her great ability in this line she was appointed matron at Milledgeville. She also says that much of her interest in the work is due to the hope of meeting many of her former schoolmates again. bifei-6'-SQQQPQQNQ 000000 0 ' O 0 X 4.. 223 LA FLEUR DE LYS 35 X Modiste Shop 5, MISS INEZ ADAMS. Prop. ,Q ALL .TIODELH FHUJI P.-I HIS Cot- -'0, 9949 FIRE AT LEARY'S CIRCUS A serious tire at Marie Leary's circus halted the performance yes- terday. The heroine of the occa- sion was Miss Marguerite Weseoat. who prevented a panic with her 'laring stunt of hanging to her partner's suspenders by a barrette. NEW ARRIVAL IN AUGUSTA Miss Eleanor Brown. well known dancing teacher, will open her "Shake-a-Leg Studio" and will specialize in St. Vitus Dance. After class hours she will play the tain- houria mi the corner of Eighth and Broad for the Salvation Army. ' Q 0 .4 9 5-S . Q .rs-.4 A Q A 6-3 tQ.M-.QAf,Xf3Q.x, X,. . QQQQ-ff' ,L W Q Q9 qv .0 Dr. Catherine Moye. the nations I COME HEAR X2 CI' PERMANENT KINK greatest scientist, made known I 8- df possiblen 45 .g, her latest discovery today. Shei f' - - Qt " By Mlle. Margie Kingum has discovered a new use for saw-, MISS fP?gE'2ge0E'm'h gg S10 per Victim dust, from which she .has developedi Q' 1 A J- ., , , , , -f- a breakfast food resembling Shred, I "LOUD SPEAKERS" .:. REEL LTS Ol .-112.0 TIAED .1 flfd Wheat- I Q.. . . , 4 . .4 . A ...ga 4 ..a . .2 QQ-v5.s.,5.Q.fg4gQ.5,s. 000 9 0 . . El!-ii l5ll9llQEl9ll5llEEl6ll5llQELalEl llEllQE15llQll5ElEllElL5b TUBMAN WEll5llElE5llQlI5LE5llQllslE5lfJ!1lE5llQLslE5lLEll5lEElEll5lb A UGL'S'I'.-t CHRO EW TEACHERS I F AT TUBMANi The faculty of Tubman. always exceptional, has several brilliant additions this year. It is inter- esting to note that several are for- mer students of the same school. Miss Ida Wall has returned to teach Sub Freshman classes. lt is hoped that her baby talk will keep the Subs from discarding their dolls and rattles. and growing up. Misses Susie Quinn and Ida Grossman have taken special cour- ses in commercial work and are now teachers in this department. They are both pleased with their work. Miss Gladys Edwards, after graduating in 1925 went to Paris where she specialized in applied art. She is now teacher of art at Tubman. Miss Flisch's place as history teacher is being most creditably tilled by Miss Rebecca Andrews. She has already shown much fore- thought and interest by declaring yellow cards too gay, and in the future these cards will be of laven- dar edged with black. Miss Sarah Norris is a wonderful success as gym teacher. She has gained much weight with the girls who seen quite fond of their all- round teacher. She expects to stay at Tubman indeiinitely unless someone answers the call of her heart. The Louise by Miss vacancy caused Wilson's deciding to accept one of the dashing young sheiks, is being filled by Miss Orrie Cain. It is said that she excels decessor in the art of her pre- working cross-word puzzles. The ex-Tubman girls are doing fine and we are proud of them. MISSING GIRL FOUND Miss sought in the Christine Greene. the long- missing girl has been found mountains of Tennessee. Due to much worry in trying to de- cide whether to get married, be a nun or become a movie star, she wandered away and is now a her- NICLE. AUGUST.-K. GA.. TIIURSDAY. MAY LH, HH!! mit. She has written a poem dedi- cated to all dogs who howl at the lll0llll. We think it is time to howl. SOCIAL CHAT Miss Mabel Downing, designer for all of Paris styles. will arrive in her private car next week. Miss Downing is known in Paris as Madame de la Robe. She will not stop until she reaches Augusta, her old home. sas The contract for entirely re- decorating the Bon Air-Vanderbilt Hotel has been given Miss Louise Holmes. Miss Holmes has studied interior decorating for a number of years, and will make this hotel the most exquisite in the country. ze uv: if The friends of Miss Alice Sum- mers are much interested to hear of a romantic episode in which she was recently involved. While canvassing for "Hoss Hare Tonic" in the mountains she was caught in a storm from which she was rescu- ed by Mr. Ramon Bartholino, the famous movie actor. Their mar- riage was announced soon after- wards. The Countess de la Filance, nee. Miss Alice Perkins, entertained about one lmndred and fifty guests at her country estate last evening. The Countess has just returned from Egypt where she traveled with her husband and a party of friends. if W 9: Miss Elizabeth Panknin has just tinished her latest painting entitled "Spring has Came." It has been bought, sight unseen, by a New York collector, who reposed so much confidence in Miss Panknin's ability that he paid for the picture before it was begun. It is said that she persuaded him to buy it on a moonlight night last June. 4...-..-..-..-..-.--........ MODJESKA TODAY Eulalia Miller and Philomena Fuller in HFAIRER DAYS" a---------- ---- - - -- --na- .?,.,,,- ,,,-,,,,,,-,,-,,-,,-, HIGH SCHOOL FO R GIRLS Established 1874 I i I-nl1:11111-ll:-nn-lu-ll1ll1nl1nl: EE H ECT E E' E LT .Cl E U 3 E IT 3 L57 G 3 E IT E U .5 EF 3 E l IT E LT LT UILQJIEIELEEIIEIIELEEIIEWICWIEHI'f1ll5lEl5llElI-l5lEI-f5llQ'll:GlEL'iElL'-1Tll:i L1 I'IIEIIIHIIETEIQIIPJIIEUEIEilI5lI llE1llE1El51II!lII9EI51iI-'5lI91EIE1ILff1lI'fTlIJ I l Alilil b'I.'l L'HRUNIL'I.Ii. AL7tiUS'I'A, KSA.. TIIURSDAY, MAY El, llllo LT -'Q LJ L5 Q LT ii Ei fi Q E IT I I5 If ii LJ? E. ll Ei' ti ll E, Lf. L51 Uhr Augusta Qlhrnnirlr mEstablished 17x51 The Sontlfs Ulvlest Avl"ll'S1Nl1M'I' Published Every Morning The Augusta Chronicle Publishing Co. ll ,,,. LT EDITORS Donornv BEL1. ISAHlrIl.l.li Noirrn DIINNIH V.u't:i-ix AL'tll'S'I'A 'l'AI,,EN'I' We have always maintained that Augusta had a remarkable amount ot' talent for a city ot' her size. Here are two new proofs of this fact: tirst a novel, "The Girl in White" by Miss Ruth Greene, a graduate of Tuhman High School. The hook is a novel full of exciting episodes and written in a most charming style. This is not a sur- prise to Miss tireene's schoolmates, who remember the thrilling stories she wrote at 'I'ubman, The second instance is a book by Miss Velma Bell. positively written from her own experience on, "How to Win the Man You Love". Pro- fessor liarrett is adding this to the Tuhman library in hopes there will be no more old maids from Tubinan. AUGUSTA WOIIIAN DOING WELL I OKLAHOMA Angustans will be interested to hear of the success of four of her former citizens who have removed to the west. About two years ago Misses Emmie Crenshaw, Mary Sikes. Claudine Owens and Sara Franklin went to Oklahoma to build a home on government land. Friends from their home town report that they own a thriving ranch and a beautiful Iiolne. WANTED-Position, by stenogra- pher, can take French dictation, play piano, chew gum noiselessly, and discuss best seller intelligently. -Alma Hitt. ENGAGEMENTS WEDDINGS ITNEAL-H. ,,.,.,,., , The many friends of Miss Bernice 0'NeaI and Mr. Richard H.. ,.,..,. .. will be interested to learn of their wedding which was solemnized Sunday afternoon at the home of the bride. , nosmmx-s. .,,,,,, Mr. and Mrs. .I, I-'. Roseman an-i nounce the engagement ot' their daughter, Yetta to Mr. David S ...., .. . the marriage to occur inl June. I LETTERS FROM 3 LOST LOVERS GIRL SCOUTS LEAVE FOR CONVENTION The Augusta Girl Scouts. under the chapenonage of Mrs. Mildred Owens B ............. left today for Richmond, Va., for a convention. This is the tirst ot' its kind and credit is due to Mrs. B.. .....l.., who has devoted the past three years to the Girl Scouts. CHIEF OF POLICE TELLS EXPERIENCE Miss Dorothy Smith, Chief of Police. told of a narrow escape she had when she was compelled to shoot three men who tried to stop lthe car in which she was driving. Address letters to Miss Ninai I' to Spiers. care ot' the Mcllean News! and she will give you advice. 1 I w + 4- 1 My dear Miss Spiers: 4 I read your letters every weekl and I know you will give me some advice. I have been engaged to ill young man for a number of years but he never mentions setting thel date of the wedding. I have his ring, what must I do? Ruby VVhaley.l Aus. Set the date yourself. Dear Miss Spiers: I I ani very much in love with al very handsome young man who tells others he loves me but bel never tells me. Do you think he loves me? Helen Evans., Aus. Maybe the man is baslifuI.I give him the benetlt of the doubt.l Dear Miss Spiers: I I have been married and I wantl to get a divorce so I can use my, maiden name. I What grounds have I to get tlj divorce on? Irma Helm. Aus. You are married. that's grounds enough. S e says that she was on her way a meeting and was already half an hour late, so it was necessary to save time by shooting. if m 1 wk + :w -x 4, -4- fe -k 9' T PERSONAL MENTION I .t s + s s f. s A .L Mrs. Gladys S. ...... .... l ras just re- turned from a beautiful winter re- :ort at Bel Air. Miss Katherine Wiggins is mak- ing a great success posing as Mrs. Katzenjamner and Maggie Jiggs. She has bought out a rolling-pin factory to help her in her fruitless work of "Bringing up Father". SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION MEETS The National I-Ioly Rollers Sun- day School Institute which meets here this year will be in session through next week. Among the teachers are two local women, Miss Vaughn Corley, in the primary de- partment. and Miss Rose Spauld- ing. of the junior department. .gi do EilQilQEIl5il9ll5EFJl5ll5EIQlE1lEEI5lEll5EI5lIEil5El5lIEil6ib fl9lli1l5EIlQllQl ll9ll5Ei5llsil5El9ll!llQElEll51lH1Ei5lLsllilU FORMER AUGUSTAN t RETURNS i " . l Bliss Donna Irvine. after beinfxg i civilized in the United States. re- turned to Brazil and caused a revos lution by instituting the Saturday' night bath and proclaiming that more than one toothbrush was necessary to a family. Miss Irvine expects to be a delegate to the an- nual convention of Hot Dog Stands which meets this year at Mack's and will represent the Brazil nut. i l P 1 f DR. BAXLEY PERFORMS i 1viARvEL0us i OPERATION i i GRovErowX, May 20.-Dr. Maryi Lou Baxley, of Grovetown, per-1 formed the most wonderful opera-3 tion ever known to surgery. She took the heart from the body of one man and placed it in another. This. strange to say, is not the first heart our world-famous surgeonl has taken. After the organs were set in motion: the patient was able to walk from the hospital. GREAT SURGEO ARRIVES IN TOWNi Dr. Margaret Johnson, afteri studying bird's teeth of the mid-1 clle ages in the wilds of Africa, has! arrived in our city and expects toi stay until after the horse show.i which was postponed on account ofi delay in her arrival. Dr. Johnson is a great believer in evolution, and oiters herself as a fair example toi anyone not believing that the hu-i 5 man race came from monkeys. K ' ., . ,,-.. . .. . . Y - AylZqLlT5'l'j CHRONILI lt. .NUI-l SIA, t-A.. itll RSDAX , NIA! 21, lil-ill 5 'FillIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIllllllIlllllllIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIUIlllllIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIO4 IMPERIAL THEATER Presents Miss Sadie Tunkle In Q ll 2 "WHERE DO GIRLS WHO LEAVE HOME GO?" In New York For Two Years .E Matinee ..... ....,. ' ..32.50.:B3.00,i24.00 Mail E Night ...., .... 3 .00, 4.00, 5.00 Orders N ow 0'0lIlIIllllllll!!IlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIllllllllIlllllIllIIIllllIIIIKIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIlIlIIl0'0 ij E' Lilsillasemeieilsmsieilscsswssmzeiewisaisisilsmlsistse 1 1,4v. ,. 1-7 - M 1"J1 ,J PM -. 1 . 1 L., ML . 11.7 ,.,- - ..... 11-1 , -11.-.,.... ,......... 1...1. M-- 51 - 1 Q 1 5 1 1-1 i Q1 E r' -I-41 QQ: 271 'iii 1? Y?'. I 11 5 .1 W 1 1 wxfw N-www lk M W 1 N 11 .1 . 1f- -1,- 1 1 ... ..... ..- ..1 -.,J1.h..1.. .., UEUUEMEUEDEU gajnecgzaea me im tiene I-img awww Fifi Ullfl Clfl El I 'Tl Rebecca Andrews Catherine Branch Vera Cal-swell .lean Davidson Clenunie Downing Mary Fiske Elsie Allen Lila Davidson Ida Belle Andronosky Mary Emma Blanchard Elizabeth Brisendine Ruth Clemmons Evelyn Copelan Marian Brown 4 Gaynelle Cumbaa Linda Davidson Exemptions 4.1 11 .Subjmsp 'l' 'l- SENIORS Lucy Goodrich Henry Martha Lester Gladys Miller Belle Sawilowskg' JUNIORS Virginia Fleming Langhorne Howard Lois Kelly Evelyn McDaniel Wilmina liowla nd SOPHOMORES Florrie Edwards Marianne Ellis Louise Garrett Marguerite Hildebrandt FRESHMEN Elizabeth Ferguson Louise Hardaway Beatrice Hoffman Mary Joplin Elinor Kitchens Nora Lamkin Margaret Minnis SUB FRESHMEN Lees Goldberg Sarah Bright Gracey Mabel Hill Dorothy Jones Wilhelmina Kelly Elizabeth Lockhart Anna Montgomery Marguerite Wescoat Katherine Wiggins Estelle Sawilowsky Heline Schneider Asenath Shivers Elizabeth Warner Sophie Lee Schneider Virginia Stuart Laura Robinson Edna Rogers Elizabeth Van Pelt Thelma Wall Margaret Young Zella Mae Pearson Frances Pierce Naomi Pomerance UL6iE1l5ElQlEllEEl9iL5llEElbTlEE3l5llEil5El5llQ7l5ElEilE1Elb ll E E' 4-Ev Q E' E LJ ' - - E4 S, A F X Xpwxx E- H 55 QE E1 all-fi1ll51lU:'1LEi-'1IlE1'lVlf1lE U1lf11f5lE51l51l5Ll5ll5lElE1-fHUi1b lo L21 L1 3 ET E' E- E' 'J llflllllillligllfl lg lg lj e e e gi I 1 E191 f1l5ElE1'Ile11lQEu-11u41g1e11,gw1:q,mgmg,-,15,-,lEq-nj U -ee .El E l 5 3 .5 l If 5 l U E 3 To the Boys of A. R. C. U E -1- V:-1 -FJ E, These as v E lg Of praise, of lllollgll,Oall1llvg00d-Wiu E F1-Om us 'co all of your E XVG raise vou or vour s or ,smans 1' 3 We E33i:ifE31fi,1f3-3015, ildlaeld, slip E- .Q To no- one mar you giiadgle true, 5 In future veal- v . a , -EE-l. VVhateverSifclllhilivekig you go E, Q XVG hope you,ll .always tbe true blue E As ygu were at A. R. C, 3 Y-T E DIARY FISKE, '26 lj .fl E 3 .ll IE l ll ff .U ET il 'Q E 'fl-fillgltliwwllmgguum Q E' Cl W UEEWLME1-Eugwlgmmgwemmmmei ' 1 3? n , CTlEWl.:wIqE31 4 , gn C1 wmmwmmamawmmgwmrnmmmlamgwwwmmg . .GI 3 P U vi E s .ET ' E' i 4 h I 2 3 : f , IJ E fl S, H 5' . 3? LTI 2 1 KE, 3-,., .- , I 1 :635A2f5f":y5 5 as ri lf -.gg B - - . or l'IIzl,lDDAy 3 5 551' if Ewmmngmffmguqgmumrmmwwwlgmmlmmmmmmmmffm ' Q ' 0 . F I o L i ET E' ATHLETICS . FIJCTCHI-IK Sl'RlMl"1RS SAN'll.0H'SKY Wl5Il5llGlEElLLillL5lEQWlE11l lQ1 1l5ll5lE51lEll lEll51l5lQs 5 E IT i D p E . E' .Cl 1.51 E' il ET E' ll e EJ' V-Tl All Star Basket Ball Team 2 lj 'I' + gl HIC six athletic Misses pictured here are the stars in Tub- 1nan's basket ball crownaand here is how they shine: Vg Sunnners, with a lithe spring, and a powerful sweep, has E given the ball to Fletcher. Quick as a flash, this active center has E. slipt the sphcroid pigskin to Schneider. The latter, blocked by an efficient opponent, shows her good team work by making a swift side- step and pass to Burch. A breathless second as this forward gauges -El the distance with keen eye, then victorious shouts as the hall neatly ET falls t.hrough the basket. Sometimes, however, the fight is waged at If the other end of the field: then it is that Hilton and Sawilowsky so successfully oppose that the scene of action soon shifts again. D E E' II E mmmmmmaaamlsfamaialameutamme-imlammmmm 1. --' ?51lE1lELl5EE1l9l5El91l51lEEEllQlEElHJlQIlQElHtLWPJEl21l9WlHU E' .Sl E. Ei I' 'LT 3 il- cr +5 5 IF 5 11,3 cr F D E E lj LT 1 5 3 If BVRFH Hnrrox f SCHNEIDER E dm' E Let us whisper, when we mention the fact that only one Senior El- is mentioned on this team of stars. But we can boldly say that what . the Seniors lack in quantitv. thev make up in qualitv. Eh what, Ll Alice? t ' ' E -E -x- -1- Cf E LINE-UP -CJ ALICE SUMMERS ...,.. .,.Seni0r ,,.,...... Jumping Center 'E- E IEVELYN BURCH ,.............,... J'u'n'i01'... ............,,......,,,... Forward -5 E- DIARY FLETCHER ..,... .......,..... J u1zfi01'... ..........,...... Jumping Center C1- MYRA HILTON .,...,.............. Jwzior... . ................,... Guard ESTELLE SAXVILOXVSKY ,,....,. Junior... . .....,...........,.. Guard 3 ll HELINE SCHNEIDER ,,,. Jznzior ,,,, .........,.., F orward E- 5 -El Ll El' gr Ed QbUEll5ll5El91l5ll5EElLQll5El91l5I Ell5El5llQWEEl5ll5ll5lb 6 EW37 ful EgH5q1f1rfgv'Mm1im ifSfUm mlm LWILWLLEQEQQQ5 1..1 X A4 1,,1 IA- 4 vu ' 1 W 5? 1 if ""'7W 2:1 QLQQ , T. V, 57 IE' E ijj NYT, 1 L Agia HT-, ,if ,ih " A .'V ,fi PV? gwl Elf F! 1 4-I-T I , 5,-. 'Qin S Ng X f Li' PD F' E 5 al? III! 1571 P:-A 42 15 Q55 il-iw 4.534 1 Ki :QV fiizim E L53 Q21 E11 5. LT 1, F Cf' E E! AM - Awww - .V - T - . ,,'f:.1-1,1-' 1T.f-.P-7' .FJi 4- -.1 T- ' 5' '.- ,iEv.l.11flf'-f 1,L+13fFQ QfgEw WEQQIQQFTE , ., :m 1EL-1 ,L l5m,iEME B11r3'U151lQ! P M',Ek5E, -U ?5llE1ElLWEl91lQT5EI5IT91l5EE1'IblEEQiEiUEWHlE1l5EW-CilHEE 3 . LT E E If 3 I G 5 -Q LT S 'Fa . . E LT WIHHCFS of Numerals IH If-T 3 Basket Ball 3 5 + -1- lfil' lj' if SENIORS L-:J ALICE SUI .............,.,..... C pt 3 E ELTLALI WI .....,,.... R g C 1 ggi E- ESTELL S G I ALICE Sm I C' t lg IDA VV P g G cl E- lf ADDI SUE VX F cl E. KIATHERIN VY F I H E Q LT .fl -lj if gi il ll il -LQ Q 57 IT U QIQQLQLEEEIQLQMQQLEEQLHEEIQEIEEEIQILEEIQEEIEQ mLa1mmuQ:1QwlQulQEumuf1LQE1Eml55:m1LQwLQ:a1Qm1QwLQEbw1E1E1LfQ gwEllE1LlE1'El-l2Ilf':-11121 El9115llE1'Ea'l51TE1ll9E1Sil!1 IlE1ElE11l51lE1C!lf51l91lf5lU E' E' 5 E' Q E11- LT fx. 'Q ' 'Z 3. .D E LT .D E E' D ET LT ,D 5 E L1 E IT 3 ET Ed .3 E E 5' ?EWlHElYEEE1E1l51EDf1l5l-L1iE5l5l:Q1E5lEll5lEbflEllHE5ll5l555lE jg E H iq IT .U Lg El' U .U Eg- Winners of Numerals in gi 5 Basket Ball fl 'Q JUNIORS F In LE SM 'KY ,......,..,....,.,,, C pt Lg NI Rbx' FL!-:TCHE .......,..,,,.. R I ,g Ce-nt 'lg' E' IDA MAE HAGOOD .. J ,pmg Center Eg Mum. HILTON.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Guard 3 1STELLE AN ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, um- , E -gt 3ELINE SS ,.,... Foivari EE AALICE S J P g Cent ll .U E E lj U F5 :J E' E' 'S 5' -lj 5 E E D' ,EJ D .55 El' E Em-lmmmfmmwwsmsmmmmlwmmwmlmlmmsewmumsi + 51 iff? 3 515' VW95TET'i2 5 w L N --Y -f-1- W- - A. -.1- ,! S--9 --1 --- - --mf-f--- .-, K 1 A -, .- f ' .- V-ww-1 ,- ,L ,J XL! ,J N, ' "'.4Yyl-1-,- 'w-'J '.-12-1 , .:HQ,-.jyl4..lH 1,71 .,-.1.T..,,,, - ,,,..-,,,,-, , , ,, 4 .,.-1, Ui ,. 1.-.,....T... EW iw:-,-I a .3 , ,.. xE'n '3::g.+ V' QE! 1' i x E E94 "1 il law :Qgf ug! f' A 'j EK WFT rj W! :lf-1 ! 1 IE . r Psi ,.i -L1 'Ii 31' w N HF? QM w-gg' Q11 1-":-lp 'lim ill if W -M X s ?-51ElElfQ1E5lL5IlQE9TlEElE5llEl151Eb7lEll5lEE1Ell5lE51E1l5ElE lg Eq- IJ 5 IT E ll +C-'Q LT Winners of Numerals in 3 -9 E EET Basket Ball E. U 3 SOPHOMORES -lj 5 LT E JULIA BELL ..... ...............,.........,...,,,.....,.,........,,..,,A. C 'uptain BIILDRED BENSON. ..... ............,............... R 'zzzzfzzifng C'vnff-r -lj :.'1'HE1uvE AMMO 'uurc ,U E, K. . H . T .,...,..,...,,.,,,,A,,,. G I -Ei' E' MA11GL'E1z1TE HILDEBRAT ,.,.,,...,,... Guard E. VERA HIXSON ............ .,,,,,,,,,,,A,,.-,, G llwflfd ,El BI.-XUDE HURT ....... ,,.......,...,..,,.. F orwardv -E Q RUTH JORDAN. ,............ R'll'Il'7li'I1'9 Center RUTH KNLGHT. ,............ J'ZllIlPi7lg Cevzfer' 3 HELEN LITTLETOT ,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,.,,---, Guard ' SOPHIE LEE SCHNEI ,,,,,,,,,,, Forwamrfl lg il -U 5 E' ET If E D E El. f T If .El il E , .li Emmmmmmmwamlmfmmwlffwmmmmmsngwmmmiwwmi 1 1 'VII' R, , -1- P- +11-.. 'f-11 ,-1 1: 1, 1-- .1 -91 "-' 1 1 1 1 ,341111.,11 .11'E14111115'.1 :fm 1,fgm11g-1 ,1L:'11,1F11Qg 1151113 11:1 151151113 :Tm 1 1 1 11 1511111151311H2151Ef111 E11FUEf11L1111f11FfQ11Q1Q1111 ,fl -111-Q MAA--1 ,.. .,.. ..,. .,,. 1, ,1.,, 1 , ,1 - . f ..-M -... W.. 4.7 l"lj"1 LLQ1 Fil SQ 123 1 '1 11371 ,.. 1 ,-. 11:11 1., ., 1-1 -J 'ii T 51 31 1.1 l,... 1.1 WU EL.. "':',1 x-.,. ,Mg .L..L.. 151 121 1231. 1'-P1 Eli, f W, 1 El? 15 11. l 1 1 ,..4 1 113 1 if 11311 1' EFT' ,QQ 11,1 11 Q g5Ell51l5El91i5lEE197WHl5ETbflbll5EW9llQIME1H1ElMEl-L315lELlQE E' - .DST If E' E 3 LT E' ll ' . :J iq WIHHCTS of Numerals In Basket Ball 3 + 4. .fl ET E E' FRESHMEN LT LOTTIE OLIX'ER .... ..,.........,,..,..,,..........,... ........,.. C 7 aptaiu LE BIILDRED CARTLE ....,..... Forward -E, Q ELIZ.4BETH BR ......,....,.. G'llffl"l'!I 'E' MARY EMNIA B ................... Guard L-lj LOTTIE OLIVER ,.... ...,........,....... F orward -'fl .1237 CAROLINE OWENS ,,.,.. ............. R 'zmninrg Center -Ei., E. ELIZABETH PRINTUP .....,...... Jumping Center L BIRDIE SAXVILOXVS ..,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,,, Forward- 3 E' CAROLYN JARRET ............,.. Forward E FS- L? B .U EJ' E U LT T3 5 5 ET E LT J 5 5 E E 5 LT LT Qmmrmmmuqmrgsmmuqmmmwmmmgmmmwmmammrgi ' '51, 5 v , -., w - T2 m 1',:5,.-- W.. v- ,,..',..T- ' , Q iiiiiglfpz Eiwigmz Q l H-Jw Q QE? 1 I F2 L3 Q m 1 Gi ?:.a L 1 K ,T JE' pil I W 'if . EH 1 151 ',:' Inv' -:lj 1.4 ir'-I ,L 1 W 'Tw at ' . 3 51 iw W E. Igw 11 , if --r 4511 Tr' A :Sf f-Ju FQ 1 ,- . EJ QI 'ui .FQ f N'--' - 'TJ".-gi', lfrf , s- ,,. gn m. ,-1LgW,Lf's: 1.. -.wL11:"E 5 N w I! lx fl lx " I-' -1 -N-113---JS-1 TU L Fi' n 1 I A v gi Eammuwwmwlemwmlemvmnwmlwwwxwmwwmwmmeg E ,If E 5 ii. 1 I I we Q ji E 1 3 'sl E E, -ll 0 0 U 41' ji W lnmng F 1eld Ball Team 5 ,IE H, ,, E v . 1 U' I1 LT Ji JUNIORS vl, 3 RIYRA HILTON, ..........,....................,.. ..........A.. C aptazn Q EX'EL1'N BURCH-.. ...............,........ ............. S ide Center Q VERA CARSXVEL .............. Half Back lg MARY FLETCH ............. Side Center 3 ,QI E Mum HILTON ..... .,.,.,...,,..... C enter .Ig-, li E. ELIZABETH JONES .... ......,...,... H alf Back N' lj Lois KELLY ......... ........., H alf Back 5 jg' ' E ESTELLE SAWVILO ............ Side Center ,Ej Hr E' I-IELINE SCHNEID .................... End E. ff! ASENATH SHIVER ,......... Full Back 3 LE .ALICE SPANN .................... End il EI' ' S THERESA STEINB .,..............,... Full Back Ei VVINIFRED HALLAIAL ,.......... Running Guard I -S1 FRANCES FULLER ............. Side Center lg- . Li 5 E' il ,I in ll Eq- E' 5 I E E, LI .2 lj 5 E E rj E' QmmmLEmQmLemQml:wmEmmmmEmQmm1Q3'E1mLw1-E ' 'A L-L"E"1 L E Ul-fQL6lE1HE1LQlELE51lQ1ELE51lE1E1E1E1EllQE51E1laEE1lE!l51ElQ 5 Fa- ggs EU' F .U -'J El E' 5 Gym---and J 1m E' 'I' 'I' ll -5 The locker room was filled with girls E ,l-E. Hurriedly putting on clothes E- E. And chatting, as all girls will do, Of teachers, friends, and beaux. 3 In one corner sat Betty Brown 5 lj Yvho said, with a "touching" sigh, .Et G' That she could never get dressed for gym So why should she bother to try? E The whistle blew-the girls were gone- ,El El' But Betty, sad to relate, E E' VVas left behmd to wonder why E' She always got there late. 3 Now that same night Jim ,phoned and said, 3 5 "Oh, Betty, do you suppose E' 5 You could be ready by half-past-eight? 3 E I,ve tickets for one of the showsf' I-T, Now Betty,s reply I will not tell ll But what it was you may guess. ,El E- For she was ready and waiting for Jim lj E- In five minutes-or even less. G X Now the difference ,tween these little scenes -D. Is neither vague nor dim -lj E For the motive in each will explain the case- El' F 'Twas the difference 'twixt gym-and Jim. E. MARY FISKE, '26. fl .5 5 E LT 5 5 5.amaaE:a1a1a:aalarae:a1aamaa1 e mga eq AL... 'O Y'-'A ' ' " '-312' 4.' Ao 1 7 A -9 ,- '.,-,Ev ff, 3 I . J A 11 ix: .. j ,JZ 5 , lf' . M, X A, X Q ,f , ' . fl If if WA Q if' I , 2 I 117. 5 l 1 1 X 1 K I VIBE , X3 MC 'v , X wp, WN 4 U'-' "- SEP 1 , """"""'?' .H-'f M -V ' ??7l3l5li5lEQW15ll 1l51l91E5l9l5lH5ll5llElE5ll51l U5Ii5155lE E Q5 E5 9 .fl 3 E Q LT .fl bil . . -E5 E' Statlstlcs S 'F 'I' 3 .L-E. N 15 P pill ............. KATHERINE VVIGGINS Q LT VI f I f llectunl ,,,, ,,A,,,4,,,,.,,,.,,,,, C THERINE M01'E -5 U f Bwlflfiflll ......... .LUCY Goomucu HENRY .5 ,EIT Jllost Humorou 5,,,5,4,,,, Damn-Hy BELL E. LT . IT Illost Stylish .,.,.. .... S ADIE TUNKLE -3 Jllost Athi t A E SUMMERS E E' E S- E7 fl .U El' - E E' lf Q .EJ LT . El' 'E LT -lj D ll? E LT jj .U 5mmmmmmmwEw3m'mLmmw1wE1mQ1mLQmQ1m1QwEQwmmEm 9 ' hm .. '.A Jlffxflhfpulur :: K.X'l'llI-ZRINP1XVIGGINS r.vlIr1trfllr'rVr1r1I zz l'A'l'Ill'fRIN1'ZBlOYlI I' 'If s 'a 5 4 ,M .Vuxf lirfrurfiful :: I,r'cvGuonR1cn HENRY x .0 . . as ct' ' " d iff gf :Tit , ' .4 " , Q' -' ' x fx f' . 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'Z O "' n gd gsgazz-:sf " 2:0 iq Turigmanc, Yo'-"5" Gel-F ba-Ck awrfd 3 L1 0 Z 4 IJT, En FTWQTQB now- 51- g-lax' ' CV SDC GREAT MGMENT QEEIJTMI., ll .D ig' E LT' IT mmawmmmlwmlmmwmmgmzmmmmmmui ' I 5 WEl5llElE5lE5ll5IEU7ll'3l5lE5Ell5lE5l5ll5lE5EllHE5ll5ll5l5lE -5 G 5 H 'Eli- Foot Ball and Fair Ladies 66 ELI., old son,-what's troubling you, now?" said Ned looking up from his books. "Nothing much!" mumbled his room-mate. "Oh, speak up, big-boy," replied the more cheerful of the two. "Darn it. you know, Ned, Pm just so tired of all these girls around heron- "So-ho! Mr. Foot ball star-have they been rushing things too much lately?" interrupted Ned. 'tShut up!" warned the other. "It isn't that4it.'s just, it's justfoh, thunder you know. ,It's the same old line from all of 'em-don't know a thing. Oh h-l" Lee Crowthers got up from the comfortable old lounging chair and strode over to the window. He stood there a moment looking out over the campus. Then without turning passed his verdict. "See he1'e, Ned ol' man, as you know I haven't let much grass grow under my pedal extremities as to the society stunt thus far-but Itll be darned if I'm not going to cut it out from now on-entirely !', "YVhat,s the hurry? You haven't got rheuinatism yet and all the fair females know you shake a rather wicked leg. old dear. YVho's caused the reform?" "That woman, Rfrs. Eaton, inet me up at 'Morleys' this A. M. and told me about some niece or something tl1!:lt,S coming up for the holidays. She wants her to have a good time and-M. 4'-I'm depending on you, Lee, to be nice to her,', interrupted Ned mimic 'infr i 'a on s one. k D WI L t , t uYes, that,s it-sounds just like her !" Lee answered. They both laughed, remembering similiar occasions when Mrs. Eaton's nieces, cousins and various relations visited her during the college dances. Her guests were aways popular girls but were no different from the town girls. They danced marvelously, talked incessantly about nothing, pausing only to apply more lip-stick and powder to over painted and powdered faces. Yes- UlLf5ll5Jl'5LEJlailE1l'5lE'5llf1ll5lEE1'llL'1l51H51l-'Ellf5lEI '5UPillEIEEllf5ll1al fi .51 .Ei 5 3 5 if il 5. LT L 11E1!lH1l5Ell:Ulll2lU21ElQllE'1ll.f21'El5lls1nLf1ElH1Il'-2ll-'5.'ElEIlLills1El-f5ll'5ll91llJ F all were made from the same modelffrom their short bobbed hair to their high heeled slippers-all alike! Lg 'tljretty PLllllIJlillll1CilC1Slll muttered Lee wrathfully. El- "Oh, cheer up, me boy, perhaps this Southern Somebody will thaw out your frozen heart," said Ned eonsolingly. "Good Lord-no! They say they are even worse-greased lightning and all that. I'm leaving town-" "Be a sport and face the music. You,ve led fair visitors a gay dance before this." "No meeleavin town after the frame. lVell, 'ot a class in ten minutes. f I S ew S D See you later." Lee stamped out slamming the door behind him. 'Wvell I'll befwhat do you know about that? The old boy's got it bad all right. Sister Eaton always did get him. Lord, she's a pill! Never did object. to her visitors tho' "-he laughed at the thought. Ned got along capitally with everybody and was known as the "college humor". .E "Leave town," he soliloquized "not much! I'll see to that." T The enti1'e student body of Penn State was alive with excitement during the following week. The Thanksgiving game with Pittsburgh University was always an occasion of nmch excitement. T'he football season had been going Eli fine for Penn State and Coach Dempster was very proud of his eleven. Lee Crowthers had been on the team for three years and was the star half-back. The days passed swiftly for Lee, spent. almost entirely in attending classes and practice. The team was under strict rules and no one dared to .El LIST break training after the eoach's orders. lf One afternoon Lee stopped in one of the gay little tea rooms which adorned the campus. He hadn't been the1'e long before five or six girls trooped in, laughing and talking. -EF '6There's Lee" said one and immediately they all rushed over. "Hello, Lee, haven't seen you in ages," shrilled a small black haired girl whom he'd once considered pretty. "Been too busyw, he answered inditferently. There was no doubt about itiLee was bored. "tOh, we,re just dying to see the game on Thursday", sang out another, "Pm sure you'll winf, .3 E Emaaaealaaeaaaemaaeaialaamiaemeiaam ,i 5 5 'T gaasslsmalasssssmssismsfsueasissasissm 1? "Thanks-gotta go now"-he grabbed his hat and dashed out. 66 ' .' -l E ll ell, of all things ." exclaimed Betty Marshall, the dark haired tlapper. "Don't we feel flattered !" Q "He did look darling, tho' U chimed in Jane. "Somebody told me Nancy Starr was simply wild about him !" added Frances Nowell. E "Bly goodness-she's not by herself-l'll tell the world !" Jane reto1'ted. U The waitress appeared and their attention was directed to chocolate milks and sandwiches, and handsome Lee Crowthers was temporarily forgotten. 3 lveduesday before the game, Ned burst into his room and found Lee 'El' busily engaged in doing nothing. E' "She's a peach, Lee, a perfect peach !" Ned shouted. " 'She'-who is it now? Jane last week and Edith-" .5 "Nothing of the sort-! You know darn well I mean Ann Bevan El Ned interrupted. If uD0ll,t know the lady. Dark or fair? Rich or poor ?w-" Ned picked up a battered "History of English Literature" and hurled -E. it at his room-mate. It barely missed,-Ned, then, continued his explanation. S- "lVIiss Ann Bevan of somewhere in South Carolina, who is at present visiting our dear friend, Mrs. Nickolas Eaton! Got it?', ,E "Oh, hell! her?', returned Lee in disgust. E "You poor p1'une !-yes, 'her' but you better watch out how you talk E- about 'her'. Gee you oughta see her brown eycse-'Let me call you sweetheart',', hummed Ned. 3 "For pete sake shut up !', and with that Lee started out. El. "Say, gotta cigarette?" called Ned but Lee didn't answer. if In front of the Science building Lee .joined "Chubby" Andrews and a few of the fellows. Ll "How's our college sheik and star half-back?" sang out "Chubby" in E high glee. "NIet our little Southe1'n Sweetheart, yet?', E KNO," snapped Lee, "and don't want tof' "Say bo, you don't know what you're missing! Saw her myself yester- .fl .El 5 LT LT dissralsmewslsalasrscasissmmsismewssmsissm day and, believe me, she's all right !" volunteered Red Saunders. lg lg '5Heard all about her from Ned-don't guess I'Il meet her though. I'm leaving town after the game-some friends in the country y'know," mumbled Lee. "VVoman hater !" jeered Chubby. "Yea-sick of all of 'em. Make me tired !" Lee stopped short, for, just then, from the side of the building came Mrs. Eaton and with her-fLee stared amazedlylj-with her "the girl". She was deliciously small, Lee vaguely thought that she would just about reach his shoulder. Her big brown eyes were just then laughing up at her aunt and the effect was devastating. Mrs. Eaton nodded at the boys, but Anil scarcely glanced at them. ' "Oh, Aunt Helen, do look at that lovely gate !" she drawled in her soft voice. So utterly Southern thought Lee. Soon they passed out of sight around the bend in the walk. "YVell, how about it, old man? Pretty much of all right, isn,t she?', said Red. ulfll-lll1l1,', Lee answered doggedly-then, "See you laterf' and moved oli' like one in a trance. "Oh gee", he said half aloud, "oh gee, she's all that and then some! 'a peach,-'pretty much of all right', 'little Southern Sweetheart'-lordee yes! and such eyes, such-!" This soliloquy was cut short by a sudden collision with the head of the lNIath. department, but Lee only mumbled a foolish, "'Scuse me" and hurried on leaving the prof. staring after him in astonishment. Before reaching the dorm Lee decided not to tell Ned about seeing Ann and had definitely changed his mind about leaving town after the game. He also wondered what was the quickest way to meet Ann Bevan. Ned would kid him too much, he decided. Perhaps he had been too emphatic in stating his opinions the other day. But encouraged by that old maxim "There are ex- ceptions to all rules" he proceeded on to his room whistling. Thanksgiving day dawned clear and cold-ideal football weather. The campus was resplendent with blue and white, the college colors. The Uni- versity team arrived about ten o'clock and all during the day cars and trains came bringing enthusiastic rooters for the purple and gold. The college buzzed with excitement. Here and there groups of boys talked excitedly about the game. Coach Demster spent most of the morning going over the different plays. Drawing figures on the blackboard in the locker rooms. he illustrated each 5HEEEEWElWEWlWlWEQ'alQEb'lmEEa'LEl T fl9'lli1LiEl-lW:Wl5El5ll9lEEE1lQul5ElHlLQ1M3lH1El!HEl91l6lElU I3 phase of the defense and offense. At twelve he dismissed the team with orders to return at two. Lee met Phil Gray, the quarter-back, outside and they strolled along, toward the dormitory. As they went Phil talked about the game but Lee only answered in monosyllables. Lee was mentally discussing the prospects of meeting Ann Bevan before the game. Suddenly he blurted out "Oh I say, Phil, have you met Mrs. Eaton's guest?" 6'Yep-but as I was saying, Jim's got to-" "lVell, look here, I want to meet he1'. So we're going by Mrs. Eaton's now and you're going to do your stuff and introduce me. See?', "Gosh. Lee-can't! Coach said to beat it home," Phil complained. "Can't help it-won,t take a minute-come on ln S0 the two hurried across the campus to the Eaton home. The next twenty minutes passed like lightning. Lee was conscious only of a delicious satisfaction. Somehow, though, he couldnit talk as easily as usual-the words choked up in his throat. After repeated attempts at a graceful departure, Phil finally resorted to more strenuous measuresg he dragged the protesting Lee away, muttering wrathfully as they went, "good crap, ain't you got no sense at all? M'Gosh, you make me sick P' "My Lord, Phil, can't a fellow-" "Aw cut it out! Save your wind for this afternoonf' After that parting shot Phil hastened to his room. VVhen three-thirty came all the seats in the Bowl we1'e filled. Every- where could be seen the colors of the two teams flying bravely in the November wind. Cheer after cheer filled the air as the enthusiastic spectators voiced their excitement and interest in their teams. Suddenly the volume of sound increased as the Penn State team dashed single file onto the field led by their captain, Lee Crowthers. They were a splendid looking crowd of boys, tall, clean looking chaps each intent on winning honor for his own school. Comparing them with the Pittsburgh team a strict judge of football material would have seen that the boys of the blue and white were lacking a little in weight. But coach Dempster was sure of his men and felt confident that what they lacked in weight they made up in speed and strategy. The cheering ceased and in breathless silence Pittsburgh kicked off far down towards the opponents' goal. A rush of Hying feet and the game was on! Penn State eleven held the visiting team stubbornlyg resisting their advances with a splendid defense. The score at the end of the half stood 0-0. LT Qiaaaeaeialaaeialameiaeereaeaeiaemaewam mssaasarsassewasmsas-mmsiaswarsmsewsmg ' The second half was even more exciting than the first and far better football was exhibited by both teams. A spectacular 80-yard end run by Lee won a touch down for Penn State. Pittsburgh immediately rallied and scored a touchdown and goal 'mid the frantic cheers from the side lines. The score now stood 7-6 in favor of Pittsburgh. In the last two minutes of the game the Penn State team covered them- selves with glory when a splendid forward pass won for them another touch down. "Pinkey" Evans kicked a beautiful goal, and immediately the whistle blew. The game was over with the score 13-17 after a hard fought fight. Of all exciting things the most supremely exciting is a dance celebrating a victory. The harvest moon was shedding a misty radiance over the earth when Lee and Ned arrived at the A. T. O. House. The building was ablaze with many lights, and from the dance enticing sounds of the college jazz band were borne far on the air. "Oh! go 'long mule," held forth Ned, doing an impromptu dance on the steps. "Lordee. ain't we got fun? Gee! Ned, I feel as happy as a dog with two tails, tonight." Lee was happy: the natural boy-like self-satisfaction at playing the game well, together with the consciousness of seeing Ann, made him feel that all was right with the world. "Oh. Boy l" he sighed ecstatically as they went in. The fraternity house, which was a spacious old home, was thrown open for the occasion. The rooms were beautifully decorated with the colors of both colleges. Ned and Lee were greeted joyously, for Lee was considered the hero of the day. As soon as possible he looked for Ann but found that she hadntt come yet. So he found Betty Marshall and "broke" on her. They happened to be near the door when "She" came in. Involuntarily Lee stopped and stared-Lord! she was a vision. He hadn,t fully 1'ealized how pretty she was. He became conscious that he was making a fool of himself as, from a great distance, he heard Betty say: "VVhat's the matter, Lee? Seeing things?" Betty's voice jarred on his nerves, but he answered vaguely: "Uh-huh, guess so P' A few moments later he danced with Ann. They hardly talked at all- mere words are poor conductors of deep emotion. The orchestra was playing something dreamy and low. Ann was happy-perhaps it was the music, per- haps it was that she was having a good time-no! not that, perhaps it was -yes, it must be Lee. She hadn't known him a day, but she liked him most A D- 5sssamwarmmislama1a1.masia1:mstm gE11lE1llf1Ll.'5EUl-l2IlQIlfi1ElE11lEll5E1bfllL2l1E1ElHIU-21l1':'fEl':1U51lQEl5Il'51lElJ ET EI' 5 LT awfully. He didn't talk much-quiet boys were interesting though-and then he was so good looking-his eyes! Yvas he in love with her? Vvas she- .5 "I wonder," she murmured faintly. .EO Just then one of Lee's frat brothers cut in and she was gone. E. E Lee joined the stag line, miserably aware of the crowds that separated him from Ann. ,B "Oh, Tessie, stop teasin, me," pleaded the orchestra in honeyed tones. lg .l-El' After endless hours the last intermission came which Lee had with Ann. 5 E They went to a tiny little library where they talked for a long time. E- Every day matters such as the ame and the dance were discussed then - g . 3 Lee was saying-"E1'-I-say-Miss Bevan-" 3 -Ej "IVon't you call me just Ann?', she asked prettily. E Ei "Oh, yes, thanks Ann"-fConfound it! VVhy was he so dumb?j "Say I-T listen-do you. I mean, are you wearing a pin? QGosh! how dumb that sound- lg edj "I mean, anybody's fraternity pin?', he added quickly. 3 E "Oh-h-h-yes, er, I mean no,', murmmured Ann raising her eyes to Lee's E1- E then suddenly dropping the long lashes over them. The effect was entrancing E' --and she knew it. Lee experienced a queer sinking feeling unlike anything he had felt 3 before--so this was love !" 3 E There was a tingling silence for a moment then Lee began- Q If "Well-el'-then. Say, look here, would you think about wearing mine? A.T.O. is a fine frat. Best ever, anybody'll tell you so. Dontt sav I B haven't known you long," he hastened to explain, the Words fairly tumbling out D E. "-been knowing you for ages-honest! Ever hear of love at first sight-huh? E .El Sure, I say-won't you wear it? Please-" he added whimsically. E- E Ann was a tiny bit frightened-just a wee little bit, he was so big-but really adorable! ,S "VVhy-er, yes, of course. That is, if you want me to.', Lg' El- "VVant you to! Oh my soul- P' And they both laughed a great deal. E' I-T He unpinned the pin and solemnly handed it to her. A little later Lee asked Ann to come up for his graduation and the 3 'Q dances. It would be such a long time from now but would she-could she write him sometimes? Ann said she could and would 'V t l ' " ' l ' E 5 - jus owe to see um graduate. E, U h From the other rooms a dreamy melody floated in-"So give me a June nig t, the moon light and youf' "Oh, Lee-June',-whispered Ann softly. ,El El- d And a wee Cupid, looking on, laughed joyously at young love with its , rosy reams. gi NIARGARET JOHNSON, '25. E' QbQlE1lLil-EEEll5ll5EE1Ell9El5lE1l5EElLE8U ll-Wl5E1E1l5lL3b gg'-1151-113 Qi mlE'3llg1E5,El qgj - , EQ ' qwglmg U I ' T3 FS W E 3 I F X Q -EE f 2 Hosp: di 3 -align E Wig' il 6 -K cr CT 1 EW' 3 X ' Q 'Sum E E' VW X cw':'l'iW5+b+"wmQ."p E. -U Wm X U "333+,,Q'g-ws fi Pee, 3 Uf"Xb- GAS, 3 Z NE A E LET - Q 13 ' 'Q F E' 'Q J - 21- i L Q 3 ,fl 11 "M"-NX? . 6 E El' XJ haf' "4M'-...a"k"'- f?a"Sie E7 E. f ,. x 115'-+5 i,Q,+ggve, e3 4:::egMF:Qg ' Q? 'lwfkfs 0 .il 33 - ' 'WH ' 51 5 Ffiajggichmeuv Q my FY Q Ez:g w2?g4+1' p f S f 3 l irjihtlllsnkfim ,-lggx a V f J lg E J " C113 5 hfsgavj ' 'X v:,S. . gl? ig. SQL ,oxmfk-C32 ETC'-gale. qt?-:5?:1Eg?QgPuhi? E.. I TFX Y 'D b' r- me 1-NON' Nm. o-Phe D X Q gi'-U E' EHE13fu 5 ULlL5lEI5Lng,3ElEJ Lg' 5175115156 ?5ll57l5ll-'5El5llE'5ll5ElEI'll5'1llE1'El5lll2llfglfllulllwlglwlllillwlglilllillml 5-j .ra 3 y E Jealous 5 fj E' + 'I' OW' well I remember that first day I came to Tubman! I was a small +-Sl girl, in fact a 1ne1'e child. Mother had made me a beautiful new dress. ,E It was of pongee, embroidered in a grape design, and at last I had the E lj opportunity of wearing it. Notwithstanding this wonderful fact, it seemed that El- mv heart was about to break. To think that I must leave dear old Houghton 3 and most of all Ted, who was always bringing me sweet gum and peppermint! 3 To me this thought was a tragedy. Qj' E E- As I walked through the large gate by which I was to come so often, I If stopped and looked around me. There was Tubman in all its beauty. There was the velvety green carpet of grass, and the pretty red and rose eannas. -5 lg y . . ' N . H . . , . , Anne came iunnlng to U1 eet me, saying, It 1S splendid, you re Just gonna luv 5 - 'D ' - E It l' ." Indeed, she must have been a soothsayer, for from that moment It was E' the dearest spot in the world to me. E. if a :ec xc if va as 1: .fl 'il Yesterday, that "day o'days,,' was graduation and yet again I think E -El, ' of it. There were our parties. There was the little voile dress, ruffled, em- E' broidered and beribboned. There was the moment when we sang our class song. There was the time when Mr. Evans and Mr. Garrett addressed us. Above all LD there was the moment when Mr. Hickman gave me my long worked for 6'dip." D E- Then Ted was there fit was only last night, and we had ridden through that E ll Tubman gate once again in his Ford. I had suddenly thought I could hear my IT own heart thumping for it was going at an unusual rate of speed. I had wondered, "Am I in love? Can it be Ted 01' Vernon?,' Something whispered to me, "No you are in love with Tubman and all that Tubman stands for.', I 3 wonder how many other girls are in love with my Tubman! I'm jealous. .Ej .El af 5 LT CLEMMIE DOWNING, '26.' :J il cr 5 5 El if 5 il IT E' S ?- E 5 IT Qaaaeeneialaaaaemaaemaaeaiaiaemewmaed E Wl5ll5lEH5llEIl5lE5ll5ll5lE5El5lE5lElElE51Ell5lE5lEIl5ll5tE LT 2 Q -P+ D' Heard in the Locker Room .fl .EET E' S a class gets ready for gym, many and varied a1'e the remarks. Above, the confusion, the followin were heard: g "Go long, mule, I've got to change everything." -U '5IVhere are Miss Ivey's keys ?" E' "Do hurry and open the locker." A A E' "I ean't find my stockings anywhere." "Here's everything in the world except a black tie." "Out-h! I've got on somebody else's shoes." "Allah! YVho'll lend me a stocking? I lost one of mine coming to E school this morning." G "Have you been to the Modjeska this week?" "Every time I think of having my picture taken for the Annual, I 'D wonder is they going to put it on the funny page." G- "The keys-the keys-Miss Ivey's keys-has any one seen them?,' -El "Can you translate today's Latin for me?', E "Lend me a safety. I'm about to lose my bloomersf, The whistle and then "Quiet down there. You are making too much 3 noise." E- I can't wait to be the dashing villain in the Junior Play." "Please, somebody lend me a middy blouse." GF 'tltraise Peter Rabbit! I've broken my shoe string. Now, I'll nevel' get it laced-it was bad enough before without any tips." 3 "IVasn't that a perfectly marvelous game yesterday?,' E-1' "The Freshman certainly have wonderful material. Can you imagine their team by the time they are Juniors or Seniors?" E. "Has anybody an extra tie? Mine vanished in thin air." 'tYou'd better wash your hands. Miss Ivey's going to have finger nail 3 inspection." El' NGO long, mule, give me the soap." ET Say, any of you all got. a file?" "Somebody lend me a hand, and help lace up my shoe." tSh1'ill blast of whistle is heardj. -5 "Fall in !" E- "There goes the whistle and Pm not half dressed." S 'tvhere is my tie?" ' "I hope you make it." UVhistle heard againj 'gAttention for roll call." E ELIZABETH IVARNER, '26. Eameieimaaiaamasmmalalamaamfteiiacmaiiame 3 'WlE1'llEll5EUlE1lf5llE1'ElE1'1lEl'll.l5ElE1'llH1lHEl911l'f1llfaElff1ll5ll'J"ElLill'f11lf'i1lJ EIT G il ln Chemistry Lab. + 'I' 'I' On a hill that I see from the Chemistry Lab There's a little white house nestled down. And it's often I wonder who lives i11 that house, Perhaps there's a family-seven or eight- Or maybe it's just built for two, It may be a dear little spinster lives there, .fl ,E lVIiles away from the edge of the town. ET S Or a maiden whom gallants would woo, E14 Perhaps there's a houseful of merry young folks, EJ Or a lonely old bachelor crab, But whoever lives there, I envy them, for They're so far from the Chemistry Lab. E VELMA BELL, '25. 5 . lVzih apologies to Rock Me to Sleep ll E LT -x--x- Backward turn backwa1'd, O Time in your flight, Blake me a Sub again just for tonight! ig- Bliss Green, oh, come back to your algebra door, ll Take me again to that class as of yoreg E Take away the geometry you think so rare, Believe me, it's filling my life with despair: -5 Over this Junior work late hours I keep, El- Please, have a heart. Let me get some more sleep! E' Backward, flow backward, O Tide of the years, I am so weary of lessons and fears- Nliss Comey,s old English-my themes all in vain- '3 Here, take them, and give me my Sub days again, E In French class Miss Page simply won't let us play, E In Latin hfliss Dora works our poor brains away, I'm tired writing papers for teachers to keep, Q-3 Please, cut it out. Let me get some more sleep! , Lg JEAN DAVIDSON, '26, ll LT Qiaaanaaaatamaaemaiaaaaaecaaaiamufimas 'U' I 3 '?l5ll5ll5EIEll5ll1'?ElEllQll5E1Qb1llS3lHlU2iIlQElE1llL5llQ31911-will Ei E LT E' Q E U of tg J ll . ET Z "'--1 Remax 3 it ef N EL .fr lil 9 l lfhtst E S' s 3 ff it msn B... ..+.g..1 3 i Ei if 3 5 c E' rw ni j U .rkksvx .fl 5 llllll ff lg lll l U ua m. -A umfw-.X .51 .EET E c Faculty Statistics -I-'I' MOST ATHLETIC Miss Comey says that any one can overcome being pigeon toed by walking five miles of rail- road track a day. Also that she thinks its easier to knock out a new Sub than knock up a chest cold. P WITTIEST Miss Boatwright admits that she's so funny she can't look in the mirror without laughing and she heard a girl remark the other day that she was ridiculous. MOST BEA UTI FUI, Miss Page asserts that beauty comes from soul and that's why so many Tubman girls lack it. She further states that her peaches and cream complexion is due to Magic Mud. M OST YOUTH FUI. Miss Dora, our baby, has just rounded out the century mark. A very interesting story of her life may be found in any ancient history and if her engagements permit she plans to take Father 'I'ime's place. MOST UNUSUAL Miss Braddy has always been up in the world and can easily look down and pity her fellow creatures. It has long been wondered why such a rarity has escaped Messrs. Barnum 8 Baile-y's eyes. Us Qlatalasmslasswaataralatasaiasisseitaessilaaei ,yay P V-vv.-,,,,,,. ri. hx malaalsmmalataalaeitamiasiemsfexaasitascaiaraam E Q Faculty Statistics -1-+ fl MOST PATIENT Mrs. Lyeth is patience personified having suc- cessfully nursed the last few generations of Subs through two sets of exams, their first date, and the exchange from socks to rolled stockings. MOST STYLISH Miss Odom advises all who want a figure like hers to use Wallace Hopper reducing records. fDon't everybody speak at once.j She expects in time to take a place in Ziegfield Follies but at present her waistline is a perfect "36". MOST GRACEFUI, Miss Eve says her firm step is her outstand- ing feature and by swallowing one package of Wrigley chewing gum a day she is kept in very stretchy and elastic form. MOST MYSTERIOUS Miss Flisch must have been quite a vamp in her day for now by merely batting her eye she sends enough promise of yellow cards to cause any poor girl to make out her will and dream of lilies. MOST ROMANTIC Miss Haddock certainly rattles the bones when it comes to playing Heart Dice. She also is a great believer in the old proverb, "The proper way to a man's heart is thru his stomach," and she acts accordingly. Q, Q ' M .QFPQA te.-at B L u B M0151-Ji-dn MU! ff M--.-i efM.y.1 W ,ill 7 Finui' ONS-.N Cor-naar: Cnr-me th-ur' C26 Q J rr. 1 3 .-...av diaeilasasnalaalasismsiasmatatscaisrstaaiatasis Wl51'll-'5tl?1'El-l31-ll5ll-'5El9i"Il9ll5El5ll-Pf'llE1ElE1ll!1ilU2ElE'll5ll!'El5Ull51llEJllJ if E3 LT The Passing Affair fl + + 'lg ANU was young, in love, and in trouble. Tl1e summer before at the 'EJ- G lake, he had met The Girl. Before the summer was over, they had become engaged. It was the most wonderful experience he had ever had. -El But now all was over. In his hand was a letter from Elsie. It was not D El. the first she had written him, but the others-they had been different, oh, very E lj much so. They had been his first love letters, and he had them hidden away in 'E' his bureau. But this oneg 3 Dear Gano: b lx f I I I 1 I -5 9' I am afraid I must rea ' off our oo isi itt e engagement, as I iave -EI met some one whom I really love, and we are planning to be married in June. 'EIT E. As it was only a passing affair, I am sure that you will release me from my U promise. I am returning your ring, and I will be very glad if you will send me Lg my picture. Sinccrelv -5 -E-:IEE I , ELSIE SMYTHE. E J " 'Some one you really love !' Oh, Elsie, you said you loved me! 'A LT passing affair !' How can you say such things?" moaned Gano. over and over. 3 He would drown himself, then she would be sorry. Or he might even hang 3 E himself-she'd be sorry she ever wrote that old letter. She'd see! QI. E' She did see, but not the way Gano had meant to show her. He moped E- around the house for a week, trying to decide how to "fix her',. Finally he went in despair to his sister, and asked her what to do. He told her the whole D ll' story from the day that he met Elsie to the day that he got that awful letter. E E He even showed her the first ones, the ones that he had held above everything E- LT else he had. The next day his sister went to all her friends, and got a pictu1'e of each one, then, with one of her own thrown in, and the one of Elsie, she gave them to Gano. She dictated a letter to Elsie, which Gano had to write- 3 'E' My dear Miss Smythe: I -ET ll It is with deep regret that I am forced to tell you, that, even though I E- lzl- remember your name, I cannot remember your face, and so am unable to send your picture. But I will send you several pictures of girls that I have in my B possession, and if yours happens to be among them, you may take it out, and -FJ E return the others to me. As to the engagement, I. also, have met someone whom Ej- C.. I 1'eally love, and so will gladly release you from your promise. F Very truly yours, GANO RICH.ARDSON. .El El- She saw l E El' AIARIANNE ELLIS, '27. E 5' E' awaaaemsiaiaaaalswaamzaasaaiaraaaaae QE1ElE1E-ElEll5LE51lQls1EHlEUWEQWEll5lE51lElELEE1l5llElElQ il lg Qu' Saccharme 'I' 'I' 66 T was a bright May morning," I wrote, and stopped. Goodness, no, that would never do. I reached for a well-thumbed little volume entitled "The Short Story", and turned the pages, seeking in- spiration. But here was a suggestion that made me frown. 'Make the first sentence attractiveg intrigue the reader's interest. Avoid tritenessf' I drew a line through what I had written and chewed my eraser in despair. All this happened about two years ago, the summer I was sixteen, and as this was my first story, I didn't have much idea of how to go about it. Really, I had only the vaguest notions about it. The only thing fully decided was that it was to be very romantic and the hero would be very handsome. At first thought I had decided to make him a tall, dignified blond, but later had changed him to a vivacious brunette. Otherwise. my sto1'y was a mist and an ambition. Finally, in desperation I grabbed my hat and started for a walk. Somehow I always could think better when walking than at any other time. lvell, I strolled along, not noticing much where I was going, and when I found that I had reached the "business section" of our little one-horse town and was passing in front of the studio of our lone photographe1'. Just for curiosity I looked up to see if my pictu1'e, taken at the age of ten years, was still there. It was, but there was something else that caught my eye and held it. lVIy hero! There he was, at least, there was his picture. I knew the minute I laid eyes on it. that here was the hero of my tale. Only his head was in the picture, but I could imagine that he was tall and slender. His eyes were dark fbrown, I thoughtl, and had what the novelists call "a tender lightu in them, his lips were parted in the most adorable half smileg and, oh, crowning glo1'y, his hair was dark and curly! That was my inspiration. I hurried home and wrote at the rate of a mile a minute. I named my hero Clovis Melbourne on the spot, for I love unusual names fMy own name is so usual-Nancy IVilson-sounds like a cook lj From that minute my story progressed beautifully. The plot hardly existed, the heroine was nothing but a shadow, but Clovis Melbourne was real. The whole thing was awfully mushy-nothing much but spooning in rose- ga1'dens. In fact, it was pure saccharine, but I thought it was wonderful. And every day I haunted the photographer,s studio getting inspiration from Clovis Melbourne's picture. I began to wish that I were the heroine and could have him say to me what he said to her. In shorte-well, I fell in love with that imaginary person. I wrote incessantly and even Norma Howard, my dearest chum, was neglected. Eames-imasiaaamafamalffiacnaalaaalalaaaraaam ie1WEllEEl-5Im5EEll91la'EE1la1EEQIlQIQElHlEllQElillQ1l-LTU I confess that I was a little tired, though, and glad when Norma called up and asked me to come over to a little party, and meet he1' out-of-town cousins, Sidney and Virginia Thompson. I'd heard lots about how cute Virginia was, and was crazy to meet her, so I accepted gladly. Norma's father is very wealthy-about the richest man in town, in fact-and they have a perfectly beautiful home with lovely gardens and summer houses and even a fountain. Besides all that, the moon was full on the night of the party, and the evening was ideal. Then I had on my new blue dress and felt, well-unusually attractive. To be sure, Tom IVentworth the was the boy I went withl was pretty boring after dreaming of Clovis Mel- bourne: he couldn't talk about anything but the baseball team, but I managed to put up with him. As I have said, the house is beautiful, and the large rooms made a pretty picture as we ente1'ed. There were young people standing about in groups. chatting gaily, and some were singing around the piano. In this group I noticed a tall dark boy, whom I didn't remember having seen before. As he turned and faced us. I had a trembling of the heart, for it was-Clovis Mel- bourne in the flesh! For a minute I just stared, then grabbed Tom's a1'm so hard he jumped almost out of his skin. "Tom," I whispered, "who is that boy over there?" pointing most in- elegantly. "IVhy that," said Tom in a most matter-of-fact way, "that's Sid 'I'hompson. IVhat in thunder's the matter with you?" Sid Thompson! Ivhy couldn't he have had a more romantic name? I felt his parents were sadly lacking in taste. Just then I saw him being piloted across the room by Norma, to be introduced to me. I didn't know I could be such an idiot. VVhen Norma introduced him, I couldn't say a thing-just stared. And the funny part is, I'm usually such a talker. He was exactly like my Clovis Melbourne, brown eyes, athletic slimness and everything. "I'm so glad to meet you," was all he said, but it gave me a thrill up my spine. Then, "I had asked Norma who the charming little lady in the sky-blue dress was." In spite of my idiocy he seemed to like me pretty well and hung around almost the whole time. As I strolled away with Sidney, Tom looked da1'k and stayed peeved all evening. "See heref' he ex loded when Sid had left me for a minute, "Have vou P - forgotten all about me?', Qiaasemsiaeaeiaismaassiaaeaeialememaab - Ql51ElElE-E1EllELED1E1l5LE5E1iElEE11QElE51EllElEElEIl91ElE .51 E "YVell, Mr. YVentworth," I flared, "you've been sticking around Ann E. Minturn a good deal yourself." Tom looked hurt, 6'lVhy I haven't even spoken to Ann this eveningf' the spur of the moment, but I only answered, "VVell, you've forgotten about me, E I thought that was perfectly possible as I had made up the remark on Ei yourself. Do you expect me to walk up and grab you?,' Just then Clovis, fsomehow I couldn't think of him as Sid Thompsonj ll came up and said in that soft drawl of his, "The fountain is lovely in the moon- -El. light. lVant to walk out there and see it?,' And of course I did, leaving Tom E' raging. IVe sat down o11 a stone bench by the fountain, and just looked and 3 listened for a while. Somehow sounds always did impress me more than sights, E' and the sounds in that garden were music. The fountain was murmuring and a E- mocking bird sang far off. "Isn,t it a glorious night?', I rema1'ked. ll "Just the sort that belongs to you," answered Sid. -E IVell that was just the beginning. Everything he said was so sweet I felt as if I'd been drinking syrup. "Do you know, Nancy," he said presently, "I feel as if I'd always known -5 you." ,ET I was delighted, for that was exactly what Clovis Melbourne had said E- to the heroine of my story. But I only replied. "VVell, maybe you've known someone very like me. I'm not an unusual sort of personf' .5 "There never was anyone like you, Nancy," he answered fervently. E That was a most memorable night, but when the party was over and I El- left, fwearing Sid's f1'at pin, which somehow had an irritating effect on Tomj I had the funniest feeling I ever experienced. I managed to be in an ecstacy 3 of bliss, just as I felt I ought, but at the same time, I had a feeling as if I had experienced a hard bump. E17 F After that my ardor for my story cooled. Strangely, too, for I thought that after I had been the heroine for a night I could write about her better. But it was just the opposite, I lost interest. 2 A few days later my birthday came-my sixteenth birthday. Norma ' must have told Sid, for the night before he called up. I answered the phone. "Hello, is this Nancy?', came Clovis Melbourne,s voice. I manufactur- ed a thrill. gaussianaaiaamiamaalaamamaaaataasiiaasa LJ filil-Wlgillgllill-L7El5Il5ll-'5El5lUf1llLi1HlE1lU21ll5El'-2Isll-'5llS'JEk"Hf'31'lli3211liI 'IT E15 Vg' ww, is um sid?" E' "Good guess. YVQ recognized each other in a hurry. But of course ll that's to be expected when-say, Nancy, I hear you'll be sweet, sixteen tomox row." . 3 G "I'll be sixteen," I answered delnurely. ET "Oh, I know you couldlft be any sweeter than you are. VVell, Nancy. LS I just wanted to tell you that it is a very sacred day to me, and if you'll just let ine come over and bring some token of mv-esteem, I'd-,' The idea! And I'd only known hnn a week! b3.C'Cll2Ll'll'lQ 1sn't so pleas- U- ant in real life, I found. 3 So what did I do but slain down the receiver! And the next thing I did 3 Ll-jl' was to tear up my story into atoms and consign it to the fire. a El' IT I do hope that photographer will take down his picture soon. VELMA BELL, 75 L5 .ffl Li E 5 ET 3 L 1 5 G - la E 554 - 13' U A 5 Eg , A ng 3 4:1 E Q 5' -U -E91 5 il Li LT .fl ge 5 5 - E I G Euuuemlswuremmumgmummmmmeaeilmwmmmm ' lE9iE1llE1ll5CEIT2UIl-11151 ElSHDflEE5"W2llP1El!1IlEv1lE1E1'21L5llQE1?W1E1l?11l'5E ,QT D17 Q Q Q Memoirs ofthe Q gl 5 Pecmuf m aw V QW, 5 E 1 N U E E 1uumuulllll X U 0 H Q I! QT Ben. 5 lg IJ X 3 7 L5 Yu. X 3 E ?f.g1?en3.a':l:uDowN?f.N1 X? AHQQ- D05 E CT T hawk' , x IN Greo.-'Q E. 3 R3 D 5 ff .CET 'S YQ E QQ mtl F I ' . The ':i'u8.fj AB QL dy s'm'Pv-4'-.swdfs 0-"UN E 5 0 V U Q E G T-he-f"'i-uss'ncv 'X-INK.. .3 F5 El-Sch is .5 O v-uJ.xQ.+o GU -Ei' g NL 4 Y 'Y Tiicili J '- Q K 51 E' ,' ' Th.v:Y5+ M - Ylxgf Diana O Q C ,mg E- Y GREEK M h E5 ' 5 1 Ul5lE1lE1E51E-1'l lQ1l5lE5lf1HEHEQG1lCiE5lE1l51EEll51lQ1l5lQ lj , -ff-7 jg' E7 ' 5' 17 The Poor Sclfool Book + + -Q .fl FE ITY the poor school book! Foriof all the misused and mal-treated ig E articles of everyday use, it is the outstanding one. It is always receiving insults, complaints, hard falls and consequent kisses to in- sure a perfect lesson. It never receives any thanks for its service, but is put 3 'El aside with, "Oh, I'm so glad I'm through with you !" It is, in short, the keeper E lil- of all our hopes, the seat of all our despair, discouragement, and disappoint- E' IT ment, and the root of all our troubles. Very frequently a good serviceable book is further embellished by draw- 5 .5 ings on many of its leaves-two hearts interlocked or maybe. if the owner is F -E' something of an artist, pictures of girls heads, copied from her favorite maga- -L:-l E' zine. Perhaps there are notes, sarcastic comments on teachers, written in E-T study-hall, and held up to view where, "he who runs may read." 3 Then, too, its clothing is generally badly dilapidated by the time it has ll E' done a year's service. By clothing, I mean its covering. A binding for a El. ET Latin book, which at the beginning of the school season was dull green and E' decorated with gilt fasces, and Roman heads, can hardly be recognized by June, and, I daresay, it is worn not so much from study, as from neglect and abuse. -5 Another thing that people seem never to understand, especially about E' E language books, is that the book already knows what all those foreign words E, E- mean. YVhy do girls always insist on writing the translation above the line l and thus doubt the knowledge and hurt the feelings of that particular book? 3 Bloreover, if you will notice. you will find that the back of any mathematics ,Q E- book is invariably more worn than any other section, you see, the answers are E' El printed in the back. G All school books seem to have the amazing faculty of reducing or gain- ing weight at the will of the possessor. Sometimes one gains to the extent of il' three or four note books, and it is very rare if there a1'e not letters, post-cards, -tj -E5 and the like, reposing between its neatly printed pages. At any rate, they all Ei E seem to be larger at the end, than at the beginning of a school year. Is it LT' caused by an additional amount of dust and dirt, 01' is it some poor girl's brains which she has spent on it? D Surely there is a place where, when all obstacles have been overcome, and 'E' all hopes fulfilled, the faithful, well-worn books can rest after their stormy and E- N eventful career in the school room. CATHERINE BRANCH, '25. L1 EJ' .ET B- maeiaaammaaalmfsaalauqcasaiaaaa-is use rl E L 1lE11lE11L'f1'Iillf1ll!-21191ElHHE"1l.DiElEv'lL1IlE1Ell2Il'2Il2iEl'21lEllQElfi!l'i11lE1L1 E' La? G 5 s ll El . . . 3 U The RISIHQ Generauon 5' + 'l' X E Sill? Z ,Fifi they used to bc' E LT ' if The Seniors were so great to me, Exalted to the sky. 3 They were indeed a noble race, -lj EY And when one spoke to me, E E' The awe and pride upon my face LT lVere very plain to see. But now the times have changed, alas, 3 These impudent wee Subs ll E' Have no regard for our great class, E E' They even give us snubs. E E' Their deference toward us is small, For age they've no respect, -lj Their boisterous manners in the hall ,El E' Show terrible neglect. E E' Their disregard for rules does not E' Cause praises to be sung- Oh no, indeed, the times aren't what S They were when I was young. - 'il lj VELMA BELL, '25. 3 E- 5' 3 .fl 5 Lil Q LT 3 ll ET EE sr -5 ll El 5 ET LT Qwwwlnmlmliblwl-WEEMEEEELQEEIEEEEIEELEQ wssiamsfwssmssaasissiasweiaas-iewiaag - 5 Buried Alive E awoke with a start, and with a queer feeling that something was wrong. There was not a sound, where usually the trolley cars kept vou awake half the night. He put out his hand to turn on the light, and instead of feeling the lamp, he felt-a wall! Queer-his bed was not within four feet of the wall. Sitting up hurriedly, he bumped his head on something hard, like wood. He instinctively put his hand behind him to see if there was another wall there, and there was! tvhere on earth could he be-for he felt sure that he had gone to bed as usual, and that if anything had happened he would have waked up, for he was a very light sleeper. He again put out his hand to see if that infernal wall was still there, and, feeling it, he sat up straight to see if he would again bump his head. He did, much to his disgust. Then he began to think that someone, for some unknown reason, must have buried him alive. But why would any sane person do such a thing-he had thought that was only done a long time ago, and in barbarian countries. Certainly Louisi- ana was not barbarian! At least it hadn't been when he went to bed. How long ago had he gone to bed anyway? He remembered looking at his watch, but had forgotten what time it said. But if he really were buried alive, who could have done it, and why? He could remember nothing that he had ever done to any one that would cause them to do this thing. It was just too much for him, he could not make it out. Maybe it was a joke, for you never can tell what your friends are going to do to you next. But his friends were all away for the summer! It must be real! He gasped aloud at the thought-here he was, buried alive, not even knowing who had done it, and with no possible means of escape as far as he could see. Then the thing he was buried in-coffin, casket, whatever it was-began to move, slowly, then faster, faster, and with a curiously familiar sound. Then -what a fool he was-not to have thought of it before! He was in a lower berth, going to Atlanta to meet his father. He remembered that he had put out his right hand both times, and that his berth was on the right side of the car. He breathed a sigh of relief as he put out his left hand, and felt-a curtain ! ' MARIANNI-1 ELLIS, '27. emmlaEam1aEaimraEalal:aEammEs'im ?5l51'll5ll'5El?1ll'5ll5El5ll5llE1'El5ll'2 llhglffllllllglaglflll-lillfl El5ll5ll-filll .S . E El.. G' E' il as 5 Among "Unusual Augusta People 3 lj LT the following Tubmafnites should be nzenfioned: +-ET The girl who understands what Bliss Page is talking about. ig 'E The girl who hasn't been rapped on the shoulder by Miss Flisch and told U' not to eat in the building. 3 The girl who hasn't heard Miss Haddock say, "I once knew a woman." 3 E The girl who hasn't fought for a hot-dog down in the lunch room. E E The girl who always gets dressed for gym on time and never has to IT borrow stockings or middy. Sl The girl who isn't thrilled to get out of geometry the first period. E The girl who doesn't adore Friday nights-and hate Monday mornings. 'Ei- E The girl whose heart doesnit stop beating when a message comes that, "Diary Jones is wanted in the office." I 3 'S The girl who isn't thrilled bv an A. R. C. uniform within the gates of E' W E T ubman. 5 5 E E. The girl who doesn't know that lVIiss Flisch is dying to take ukelele lessons from Junior B2 - 3 E The girl who has not been "squelched" in the mad rush for a street car. -QT E The girl who doesn,t rejoice when Miss Dora gets off' the subject of E Latin. The girl who isn't thrilled to hear the fire signal when she is stalled on a .El 6 geometrv Proposition ,E-rj 3 l . E' The girl who hasn't heard about the 350,000 cow. E' The girl who doesn,t know that lVIiss VVoods is an authority on the .D pronunciation of the word "ro-mance !" .ET E The girl who doesn't work out her diet on a scientific basis. E- ll .fl 5 E1- fg E 3 If 5LmeiLaLEm1saeumQw1a15n1s1meE1Q1me3e1ewLeEne1eied 3 WlQWE1lELE5lEiIl:5LEQlQ1ElE3E1LE1E51lQlElE5lEll5lEQ'll5ll3l5LE E 5 -fe Ei A Sub's Letter to Santa Claus + + ,H 'E Dear Santa: El' 'EQ I want you to please bring me Sophomore wants a Latin Jack LT' A doll and a rubber ball, To hel her kee J tab on n 1 P 4 I SOIIICHIIII to kee J me ulet The Gallic Wlars of Caesar 8 1 fl D As I 0 down the hall. 'Tll he crossed the Rubicon. ll .EJ g ,T -lj My sister, Fresh, wants something Sis Junior takes geometry, .il G To make her understand There's nothing wrong with that l-T Quadratics in her algebra But, as a hint, she cannot see So bring it if you can. Things solid when they're flat. 5 3 Dear old Sister Senior ET LT .El L35 ET ll El' G fl EJ' ET -rj i QT ET .U E' ,El .CET Must take all her exams, So bring her a diploma, A reward for all her crams. .U A Sub Freshman, "PA'r,' KING, '25. Gossip ' e 'P+ 3 "Absolute knowledge have I none, But my aunt's washwoman's sister's son Heard a policeman on his beat ' Tell a laborer in the street That he had a letter just last week, Yvritten in the finest Greek From a Chinese coolie in Timbuctu Yvho said the negroes in Cuba knew Of a colored man in a Texas town IVho got it straight from a circus clown That a man in Klondike heard the news From a band of South American Jews About somebody in Bo1'neo VVho knew a man who claimed to know A swell society female fake lVho's mother-in-law will undertake To prove her seventh husband's niece Stated in a printed piece That she has a son, who has a friend YVho's sorry school is going to end? .D DT :J ll illiillirllilg 51lEil5lEE1lE1ilC1E'5l'Ell51E5llELlElElL1'LlElE2'1lEEll5llElL5E E Gi El' E' E E' LT E LT E E .5 E l51l51l5ELil!-l5lEEl5ll5l!5El5llQliSElHIlQlUEk1lE1lHEl5l!5llaD Jokes 'I'-I' Wliat is it- That the one that makes it doesn't want it, The one who buys it, doesn't use it, And the one that uses it doesn't know it. .-I nswer- Coilin. T. H. 5. Violeffe-VVhat did you write on for English? E unire-Paper. T. H. S. Junior lo .llixs Wnorls: This picture of George Eliot looks just like a woman. T. H. S. Prof. trapping on deskj: Order gentle- men, ORDER! Student Qjust awakeningj: Egg sand- wich and a cup of coffee. T. H. S. When do the leaves turn? The night before exams. T. H. S. I call my sweetheart hinges, for she's something to adore. T. H. S. I met her in a revolving door. That's how I started going around with her. T. H. S. A stupid young scholar named Lancer, When asked to recite, stammered "Can't. sir," But it chanced that the topic, was "Please name a tropic," So the teacher thought Lancer said "Can- cer". -r. H. s. Said the sad mother of her son who was about to start on his career, "Well! he has left us." Dad, who pays the bills: "Weill he hasnit left us much." T. H. S. Miss Odom: Wliat would you expect to get if you left K out of KCO3? Dol Bell: I'd expect to get a zero 105. T. H. S. Jliss Odom: Now, if this experiment fails we shall all be blown through the top of Tubman. All yougirls who are sitting in the back of the room come up close so we can all go through it together, It was May White who made this bright remark, "I simply can't remember the names of people in books. VVhy I can't even re- member the heroine of Nancy Stair." T, H. s. "If I give you a penny will you kiss me?" asked Johnny's aunt. "A penny !" he exclaimed, "Why I get more than that for taking castor oil." 1-. H. s. Jlotlwr: Did you get that loaf of bread I sent you for? .lolznnyz No, the store was closed. Jlother: It couldn't be this time of clay. Did you try the door? Johnny: No, 'cause I saw a sign in the window, "Home Cooking." T. H. S. Jian: I would like to buy a diamond ring for my wife, please. f'lerl.': Glass-wear aisle I5! ' T. H. S. Language is a solemn thingg it grows out of life-out of agonies and ecstaciesg its wants and weariness. Every language is a temple in which the soul of man, who speaks it, is enshrined. T. H. S. Pat: Yes, Jack, Tubman is full of Ti- tians. .Iacln Good gracious! Isn't there any way of killing them? T. H. S. From a diary-Jan., Friday 13-Mr. Simp sang, "I May Not Pass This Way Again," much to the delight of the audience. T. H. S. Jlixs AYflff'lI'I7lllll2 Describe the manners and customs of the people of India. Stub: They ain't got no manners and don't wear much customs. T. H. S. Paf: Gee, I feel full! Jrwk: How full? Pat: Awful! T. H. S. After a long talk on peace, good-will and disarmament, Miss Flisch asked Senior B. if they objected to war. ' "I do," said Alice Summers. "Why?" asked Miss Flish. "Because wars make history and I hate history." QElLEll5EIEll5ll5ElQl'5ll5El5lEEEl5lLElEElEllEl!5ElEllElL5lb WE1l5lElE5il5ll5lE5llQililE5llHlElE5ll5il5EQiEIl5lEElEil5lEiQ Jokes "Is this Savannah river a public place," said Jim. Ed: Yes. Jim: Then it won't be a crime if I land a fish? Ed: No, it'll be a miracle. T. H. S. firm-ra Louise, if you were rich, what would you want most of all? Louise: An alarm clock with a "busted" hnzzer! T. H. S. Miss Page to Senior B French Class4Did Louis XIV get up and put on his pants and coat like we do? 1-. H. s. "VVhat could he more sad," said the school teacher, "than a man without a country?" "A country without a man." answered the pretty girl. 1-. H. s. 1.osIAUne fountain pen hy a man, full of ink. T. H. S. Is it kisstomary to cuss the bride? Illia.-: llmltlorkz "Girls cut those pota- toes in quarters. In other words, in fourths. 1-. H. s. .llixs l'umey: Jean, what is work? .Ivana Everything's work. llliss Vnnirfy: Do you mean to say to me that this table is work? ,leans Sure, woodwork. T. H. s. .lliss llfulrlnr-lr: VVhat is cold boiled ham? Huw: Uh! just ham boiled in cold water. 'r. H. s. A Senior stood on a railroad track, 'l'he train was coming fast, 'l'he train got off the railroad track, And let the Senior pass. T. H. S. Ellen Cwashing lettucej: Miss Haddock lettuce has iron in it, hasn't it? .llixs Hf111fln!'lf: Yes. Ellen: Then are these brown spots on the lettuce the iron rust? 'r. H. s. .lIi.-fx llonufy: VVhy did you put quota- tion marks at the first and last of that exam paper? Sflll,PllfI I was quoting the girl in front of me. -I--F "He looks like a musical sort of fish." "Yeh, he's a piano tuna." T. H. S. I sent my son to college To get what he did lack. I spent a thousand dollars, And got a quarter-back. 'r. H. s. Jlrx. i-:Eulalia, did I hear you say "darn"? Eululia -lz No, mother, I don't use baby talk. T. H. s. RICHMOND HOTEL SIGN Q11 Guests who are basball players and want exercise will find a pitcher on every table. f2j Guests who wake up hungry can take a roll in bed. T. H. S. Such a surprise, It was, my clears! Lois bobbed her hair, And found two ears! T. H. S. "Hey son, where's your father?" "Paw is down in the pig pen. You'll know him, 'cause he's got a hat on." T. H. S. A small girl walked into the store the other day and said, "Gimme a nickel's worth of asafetidaf' Marshall wrapped it up and passed it over. "Charge it," said the little girl.' "VVhat name?" said Marshall. "IIummery Funkel" was the answer. "Take it for nothing," said Marshall, "I wouldn't write asafetida and Hunnnery Funkel both for no nickel. T. H. S. Jliss Wnmls: Who can give me that old proverb about the rolling stone? Wilmina Rozclaml: A revolving fragment of the Palezoic Age collects no Crypto- galnous vegetation! T. H. S. The reason ideas die quickly in some heads, is because they cannot stand solitary confinement. UEllELLQiEfWlQlElEWlEilWEEllEll5lEElEtLQiE5il5lE2'lEEll5lLElE1E in 3 WETlE1l5ElElEll5Ei9iT9U5Ei5lhlBEiSllHIlQEiH3E1lHEEv'li5ilfJU E' ET U Jokes 5' -l--l' E It's the woman who pays. G Nixg she has everything charged. T. H. S. Miss Frank: Mary this is the second 3 time this period you have asked to get water 5 and it's an every day occurrence. ,D Mary: But I can't help it, English is so E' dry. T. H. S. Miss Chiles: Every girl must have a Mid Summer Nights Dream by Monday. - T. H. S. EA Sub: It's the little things in Tubman that count. T. H. S. Fresh: Where are the Sophomores prac- tising their yells? Fresher: Judging' from the Sounds, I should say over the whole building. .ll E E' il .Ei LT lr? 3 it We il E D' .Ei .ELT LT .3 .Ei Brfty: Don't you think Susie's xoice ought to be cultivated? Bert: Yes, plowed completely under. T. H. S. There had been an epidemic of chicken pox but so far little Freddy had not had it. One morning he came down the stairs crying' in surprise: "I got the chicken pox because there was a feather in my bed this morn- ing." T. H. S. Dovfor: So you have broken oil' il tooth have you?" .Im-k: Yes, sir. Doctor: How did you do that? .luck: Oh, shifting gears on a Lollipop. T. H. S. Whatever troubles Adam had, No man in days of yore, Could say when Adam told a joke, "I've heard that one before !" Signed-The Staff .EIT E damawamawaeaiaiauamlaaealarasmaruawiamsiswtaefd The E 'f . , xx Xf I I xx-iii ., R Y ,. '37 , 4 ?g,""l's Ui. - " gill ly RENT' x , Z ,, iff, JJ 1 . . 'i- ff- -, -Z -X- f f- 'x' -4:1-L - I ,XYZ XQX If f XAZ4 2 fix- X Dr ,J f . I1 , A ff 4- .11 .. Q Y' p f .f ,A X f " Z 5+ A 1,1-X Y ,H-6-,,..ff" 'f fl? -. f, I 'na f-'rl' L e qka FL I :ra ,i Y J XL4 J ., ff, , . FQ.. --.-my 1 ' if gi., W V W Ha . -,J-.Q--'-,-, -. . I h l - -X, V: -1,-: '-- . 4 ff'-"4 'f-.1-HJ'-,I-1'-fI',i:,Q-,.','.' 'A . jrwfri , VIE' ' ' 1 L , ,, -52'-'T-k""f"i "qi " "XJ: rf ' 'W ::,Zff:'l N , I -1' Hffdff'-rf Lwl J'-wc' N Gil -!jf'?:-tiff , ' 'ru .,.--:V !w.w 2:9 .-'iv xv., ,gf 13,-:Ariz 2 N' 3'-iff 25 if1':--'Fir'-'-.'7'.1'h1"KJ, X ,,.u'0fit:"' - M 2...'?isJjIf:."f-33.2" "Sl C Z 4 vafizfseiia L K ' if , " lE"L"f11""' '. -, 90 - f, ' 1 Xijjgzfg mmf- Q I gps- 1,11 ? QL I w fa-4.AEf,'-eqe+'.,. nf iQ P ' ff .-,'.f'Q3'd551xx'4'."l Q I , f 1455- ' dr, ". -wx , u --' , I , 5 f A 5,-,T.ef',:Q:'fj-"su" 'xii m K 4 -k ey: l -L I .P1'4::L-xx H52 .21 ,M A' 7 . -4,. . ,j Wt, 1 - Q h f wifi? 2 Q f fl:-rf-ffif is-V 5' J' ' 1' 3 fi- f 4 'FSE 'N -A 1: f 4. , " ... ' 4 U .2 1 N - - ' A : r -' X 11-. f :.r'4f, '-iffy "1 f f 'X ' ' 1 -.ixj , f' N' HN . ff. .. ff wr , V W FR 1 355: + -7- , , ,- 5 I 1 1 1 X, - .X-. A- , lg,-.gf . xg, - X , ,Ah Q V+ , 1-'ks 11u,'-A, - , X. W " ,Jr-' 'ls' x X f L - - .. .. 4 fy-ax..--.1 - nf 1' Y un f. An.. Q X . 1 rf ' X . ' ' f N7 ,Yi 5 , 1 4,411 fix If f X. ,. Zz., Qt! 'V' 4 . . u R frlfii v - ,E V. . , ' qF"'0 ' 'A ' ' ' A iNg,x,ifML" n X ..... Y. . ' ' xxx? ,Qg,d,,, M a .A.. , nab, 111, LOW 40 W, all collar- CNC AYYOW Of wo arrows." V 5V 5x Get .-1 evra-.f41f from, QU V. ADS, 4- ------- ------------------ - --I- Gluhmttn lqigh Svrhnnl FOR GIRL Established in 1874. First building, twice enlarged, on 700 block of Reynolds Street, destroyed by fire March 22, 1916. New building on 1700 block Walton Way erected 1917. First used january 26, 1918. Building has twenty-six Class Rooms, Principal's ofhce, live Science Laboratories, Music Room, Art Room, Gymnasium Library, two Study Halls, Locker Rooms, Rest Rooms, Faculty Room, Lunch Room, Assembly with eight hundred and sixty-four seats. Equipped throughout with modern school furniture. Ten acres School site. Large grounds for all athletic sports for girls. Offers Courses in the Following Subjects LANGUAGES: COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS: English Commercial Geography Iisglh Bookkeeping Spanish Sfenogfaphy T . . MATHEMATICS 1 Pffjgsgf Arithmetic Algebra Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Business Forms and Customs DOMESTIC SCIENCE: Trigonometry . Cooking I Sewing Civics Household Management Qlncgent Applied Art A5162-Fan Drawing, Design, Etc. Economics SCIENCE: PHYSICAL TRAINING: General Science 310109 VOCAL MUSIC: hemlstry Physics CIn Classy T. H. GARRETT, Principal U fs'-1 'Jo EVE? 1 "Magic: C do Lmuis 'SAYHE4 Composer cy""CAMP HANCOCK MARCH' HREGIMENT BAND MARCH" "CHATEAU IEVERT MARCH" " ROMAN ZA"E1c. -'I Published by "' J. LOUIS SAYRE, 4IO Elevenfh Si., AUGUSTA,CvEORGlA. + ---------- ------------ -r WOMEN FIND BANKING A PERFECT PLEASURE WHEN THEY AVAIL THEM- SELVES OF THE CONVENIENCES AND COURTEOUS SERVICE FURNISHED BY THE GEORGIA RAILROAD BANK. WHETHER YOUR ACCOUNT IS LARGE OR SMALL, YOU WILL FIND THAT THIS INSTITUTION GIVES YOU HELP- FUL AND SATISFACTORY ATTEN- TION. THIS BANK APPRECIATES THE PAT- RONAGE OF WOMEN AND SPECIAL- IZES IN SERVING THEM GEORGIA RAILRO D BA K 701 BROAD STREET UPTOWN BRANCH 1113 BROAD AUGUSTA GEORGIA I A , gm.-M 11----111-111 -- 1-111111i-1- -1--1'-ur I I I I I . I CONGRATULATIONS I TO TI-IE GRADUATES 7 H. H. CLAUSSEIXVS S I BAKERS OF QUALITY BREAD AND CAKE I . I I I I I I I I 4...-.,- ..----- .---- - - ---------- - -..-......g. "l'was :unatuur night at the Opera House. R, Crusoe was the play: A. Hurricane swept across the stage, And Irlt-xv thc CHSI-ZIXYZIX 4...-.. .... ..-....-...-.. ---- ...-..g. T..-..-......-..-..-..-.--..-..-..-..-..-..g. I 1 I I I I I Southern States Phosphate i I Every Purchase From Q Fertilizer CQ, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA I ALL GRADES OF MIXED I i i FERTILIZER i I ACID, KAINIT and NITRATE I I Stores must give you complete sat- SQDA i isfaction, or vour money will be Ll--'--- - - -u--n-l- U- - -In-H T cheerfully returned, without ques- i tion. 'I"-'--- ---- - ---- '--"-"lf I I I I I STORES AT I COMPLIMENTS I 1132 BROAD I OF I I 730 BROAD AND I I I I 504 BROAD ST' V ! I I I I I I :Eau-un 111-1- --11 -- -un-well .Lu-...iq 1 1 inu1n-14-lI1nl1 1 1nn1nu-up + .....-- ..... . --.....--- - .- 4. The National Exchange Bank "AUGUSTA'S ONLY NATIONAL BANK" A NATIONAL BANK With A SAVINGS DEPARTMENT In Which EVERY TUBMAN GIRL IS CORDIALLY INVITED TO HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT START WHILE YOUNG MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM .9 -...- - -...-..-..-.......,.-......-..-..-..,.......-..-...-..-..-..-..-..- - - - -,..- 4. He: "For once l'm glad to lac down and out." Him: "How zat?" He: "l'vc just been for a riclc in an areoplallcf' 4. ...... -.......-..-..-..-..-..-..- - - ....-..- - - -..- - - - .. - .....- .9 I I HOME-BUILDERS ATTENTION THE MORE BURNED CLAY USED, THE BETTER THE HOUSE WE MANUFACTURE: Common Building Brick Augusta Smooth Face Brick Rough Texture Face Brick Hollow Fireproofing Tile Denison "H" Walltile GEORGIA-CAROLINA BRICK CO. AUGUSTA, GA. H. R. WALKER H. H. STAFFORD, Sales Manager PfCSidCHt 4. -...-......-......-..-.. ....... ...- .. .-..-..-..-.......-....-...-..- 4- STELLING SHOE CO. 810 BROAD STREET Retailers of FASHIONABLE FOOTWEAR '-YOUR INSPECTION INVITED" H iltllll I I X., PALMER-SPIVEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BUILDERS OF THE TUBMAN, HOUGHTON AND MONTE SANO SCHOOLS AUGUSTA GA CHARLOTTE N. C. + ---- -------- - ----- .L -1..1-.-111.11111..1..1..1111111111.1..1n 'I' -I' ' 1 I I I I I ,zz lyk I lk I I ou 2 6 uv' or 1 I I I We have enjoyed a period of successful operating I for over twenty-five years. We are offering you I QUALITY WORK and PROMPT SERVICE. I Those dainty shirt waists and Himsy negligee will ' be ro erl handled and carefull laundered. In ' I P P Y 1 Y I I U fact if it's anything to be laundered remember- I I I HUL E LAUNDRY I I f I I I I "JUST A GooD ONEN 7 I A. H. HARDY, Prop. if i 513 - PHONES - 6871 I I -I For Rent: Two rooms suitable for two school teachers or two ladies. Phone 28091. I""' ""' " ""' "TI I""I"' "" - "" """"'I' I I I I WWW SMZOWW Company OF High i3I2ifflZ'i?i?SIdenCe AUGUSTA ENGRAVING LUMBER GRADUAEZOONKSND GIFT CGMPANY I Waterman Pens I KODAKS and FILMS 4..-.. ..... -- .-..- I.-4 In-...-, .... - .... .-,.-n.,L 'S- I I CONGRATULATING ANOTHER CLASS OF TUBMAN GRADUATES I -The Class of 1925! Remember, girls, you are among our most valued customers. We I want to be a real service to you, now, and on thru the FUTURE- ! that wonderful time that is just opening up for you. It is our ambi- I tion to supply you with the things you want, at prices that represent I fullest value to you. That is our justification for being in this busi- ness of selling. .. If we can help NOW with the graduation wardrobe and accessories-LATER with college equipment. Please let us do so. I I I .ZCPIWQQ 1- ? .QLHEIIGEORGIASGREATESYSTQH . gn- 1,., ........... , I.-M-....- ,... -..H ....... - - - - - ,. XXX-nt: "lint my golf socks un tocluyf' lYortl1: "Ilmx"s that?" Wlcnti "I'IIMIllL'L'Il liolusf' Tu' "" ""' ' " ' ' ' ' "" 'NI' Tl' "" ""' - "" ' ' T I I I I I I I I I m im n I I CG P' e fs of I I CULLEY si HAIR I I I HOTEL sPoRT1No ooons and E RICHMOND 1 HARDWARE I I I AUGUSTA, GA. Augusta, Georgia . . I I I I 200 Rooms-200 Baths ATHLETIC SUPPLIES I MODERN AND FIREPROOF I FOR ALL SPORTS I I I I I I I II I ii +I-M ----- - ---. I- .... .-I+ 4...-,., ..---- .. - .. .-.- 4. .i1nn.- 1 1 1 1 1 1..1n1un1....-m.1m.1....--M1m-1nn1.m1.....-...1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .g.,......- -..-..-......-..-.. ..-.. .....--...-H...U..-H.-.,.-..-.,.-u..-...i.........-...-..-...,-..i. I 1 2' Q Pg-'gg' T.: Q I Q ' KJ .L L 1.4 L4 L1 l pp. E 522 f 2 l ' THAT SAT ISFY i 5, At Prices That Please Z 1 if S 5 2 Qs ' J ' , k We Are Prepared- 3 For the 'iSweet Girl Graduate" who wants the correct styles for Spring and Summer. You must See our wonderful variety of Styles to appreciate our efforts to please you. L . . . L I Special Discount Given on Footwear for Commencement. 1 I 1 I L I - 1 p axon hoc . ALWAYSBUSY, - L Lulunllll 1.1,ul,,,1nl,,,1,,,,1,,,,-..,,,....,,.-nulnf.--.m1uu1nn-uu1nu1uu1n-11 1 1 1 1 1wl1vv1'I4v He: "XYliy the black ClI'QSS-SOlllClJOtlj' die?" Shu: "XYcll, the old year passed away clid11't it?" ,Pai,,,,1,,,.,,,-,ulunlnn--nn1nn1nn1un1uu1 rlll -Mil oInI11v1-11"-11Hl11l'1l"1 -- 1 1 1 1"'1""""l' j LIKE SUNSHINE IN WINTER E remin ro ummer, romi of Q 1 7 Q izring, Est afgresent djlilght astfave l everything 2 2 Broad and Seventh Sts. g i l l l DRINK BOTTLED DRUGS li I SODA WATER 060 KODAKS Q CANDY l Delicious and Refreshing i GOETCHIUS' 1 AUGUSTA COCA-COLA One Store Only Broad and Seventh Sts. I I 4.M.....-..-..-..-..-..--..-...-..-...-...-W-14. .ga-U.,-. .- - - - -- - - - ----H---H+ +---I-- -------------------- ------- - --I+ l I I i 5 3 2 I Enterprise Manufacturing CO. I Manufacturers of I FINE CGTTON GGGDS i AUGUSTA, GEORGIA I I I I Spindles-35,250 Looms-980 I I I I I I I I I I -I--I-H ------------- -- ------------- 'I'--"!' "I tuII you. my Iovu for you iS making mc IIIZNI-IIIHII-IIIZIKIIU "XXIII, ku-cp quict about il, It's Imviug the szunc eH'crt on my fatI1c1'." .EN-..-.. ---- .- ----- ---- -- ----- I I I I I I I I I I I LGMBARD I I I I IRON WORKS I I 81 SUPPLY I I COMPLIMENTS I T I 5 OF : : I I i i AUGUSTA, GA. I I SMITH HARDWARE I I I I T I MACHINERY, SUPPLIES I COMPANY iI REPAIRS, CASTING I I I I ROOFING, PUMPS I I I I I I 1 I I i I I EVERYTHING FOR THE I , X 1 MILL I I I I I I I I I Q..-H ------ ----- . ..-I+ +I-.. ---..- ----- . .-.+ .rin 11-1111111111111111-11i-1-1 --ini. I I I I I I I 'Y '12 ' 'fr ci S lv I I I e zzfzaens an out ern I I I BANK I I i SOLICITS YOUR BUSINESS I Interest Paid on Savings Quarterly. Start Life Right by Opening I a Savings Account TOTAL ASSETS OVER S70,000,000.00 'I NO ACCOUNT TOO LARGE-NONE Too SMALL I I ACTS AS EXECUTORS, GUARDIANS, TRUSTEES I I I I I +I-...-. - -...-...-...-.. -------- ----------.-- . ..-..g. "Rastus, who fo' you tote dat 'er razor to dis dance?" "Niggah, dou't yo rad, yourself, as how dis heah am to be a cut-in dance, -I-I--I -----1 ----- I --H+ 'I'-'-'--- ----- ----- - ----P I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 B 1 1 Personal Beauty 1 : u 5 5 I I Th T y Is a Better Introduction Than Any I e ubman I I Letter.-Diogenes. I I Giris I 1 1 ELIZABETH ARDEN I I Preparations Combine All That I Could Be Desired to Make I i Your Dressing Table i T Complete s AT 5 5 : I I I You Wm Find Also at our store I I I A Complete Line of ' Babani Perfume I Sclzzweigerzfk I I A I I I I I The Leading Jeweler I ,S I 2 5 726 BROAD STREET ' I . I 1 I I I 'I' .5....... .....- .---- . ..-...p 4...-....-. - -..........-...-..-...-..-. - -...-ug. + --------- ------ - -- -1- I I DELICIOUS SOUTHERN BISCUITS MADE FROM EARLY BREAKFAST SELF-RISING FLOUR CLARK MILLING CO. 4. - - -- ---------- - -..- 4. - -.1 Alum, 'lt.ulnr, xxlmt ix t ,. .. v lcacln-r: It s water HL 'wx' with thc lit-at ' Geo g C Bl h d F A C lhoun Blcmchczm' E99 Calhoun REAL ESTATE Investment Securities Insurance Homes for Sale Convenient to TUBMAN HIGH SCHOOL MARION BUILDING AUGUSTA, GEORGIA .g...-....... ---- .- ---- ..- 4. QUALITY GARDEN HOSE H U T T' PLUMBING SUPPLIES 611 BROAD STREET 4. -.. ---. -- ---- .-...--4. .g.,........ .---i ---- . .- 4. Augusta-Azken Rczilwczy 6? Electric Corporcztion POWER LIGHT HEAT STREET CAR SERVICE Good Wishes for the Tubman Girls Expressed in Efficient Service HQ: "XX hat would vou do 11 I were to kiss vou on the tort-head? She: "I'cl call you clown." 4. ..-H+ qw.-...,-. ---.i .. .. - - 1 1 or I ' 1 ,, ADIE5 UIJTFITTERS LADIES' OUTFITTERS Our Authentic Styles and Mod- erate Prices Have Earned for this Store the Repu- tation of "THE STORE OF BETTER VALUES" 4. -...-.. ----i -.... .. .-...!. COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN FINANCE CORPORATION u..un-.l-.-.11T1.-11 4.-. llv. -. --1--11., 11,- -1111 it 1, STRENGTH-SAFETY-SERVICE ,io AVINGS BANK INTEREST PAID QUARTERLY n u 4. .....-.. .-.......... -- ------------- ..... ofa Miss Nrwwood: "XYli:it kind of un riniinal is si cat?" Hrillizuit Sopli: A cnt is an ziiiimzil that sticks its tail nuclei' your rocking chair. Compliments of LOUIS K. LIGGETT C0. Edwin L. Murphy Manager v1s1T THE COZY STORE Where you will Find new and well selected stocks of MILLINERY UNUSUAL GIFTS NOVELTIES E. C. BALK tg! CO. ms BROAD sr. PHONE 382 1,1 ln .!...-.... ..... -- ..... ..... 4. ' l ,Z'CZfu-eazgf 'if' 6Z1z6i23lf'1!fzzl1 zyfaffacdfzdz GIRLS' SHOP We specialize in Hosiery, Athletic Sweaters, Coats, Reg- ulation Middies and Dresses for Girls. Madge Evans Hats for Girls I ' 4 ala nn-un-nu-ru-nu-un--Hn1Ivu1uH-lu1uu1uuu-H+ +,.1.... 11111 -- -111 -uni 4. .g..-.. ---..----- -. .- - -- --------- ---- -LN- - I --Q- MON TELL I I I I I i T .gn-..- - .... .--. .i.. ..... ...- ii--. -....-....-i- ..i..-.. ..i.- ... ..-- .,..-iq. Hcnry: "By mistake' they sc-nt nic back sonic lad3"s laundry." Dick: "Yeah? XYhat was it?" Henry: "Oh, nothing to speak of." .iw-.ui T -apiui 1 wmv nTunTnnvunvnn1nn-un v1TLLL1TTTT1T ni.Ti.+ I I I I J GEURGIA VITRIFIED BRICK i I I J AND CLAY CUMPANY I I , I J AUGUSTA, GA. J I I I PLANT AT OFFICE CAMPANIA, GA. LAMAR BUILDING i I Q..-.......-..-..-..-..-.. .........--- .....i..........i..............-...........,i.-...g. E...-.. -........-.-- -- ---------.--- I I The Realty Savings 54 Trust Co. I Solicits and appreciates the Savings accounts of young ladies I WE I 5592 on time certificates i PAY I 556 on savings accounts I JOHN PHINIZY P. H. RICE RUSSELL K. WHALEY - A. B. VONKAMP C. K. LAWRENCE. JR. JAMES B. MULHERIN 2 I JAMES R. LEAGUE J. FRANK CARSWELL WM. P. WHITE I i GEO. SANCKEN J. LEE ETHEREDGE C. H. PHINIZY, SR. E g T. D. CASWELL LeROY W. LYETH JOE G. BELDING I I I 'Il-1-I-11 -11----1---- -n-11m -1-- nn-.nuiuuiulinlimri 1 iimiiwin 4. -W -..----..-.-- ..- -----...---- .-..-H+ I I l L l COMPLIMENTS L L OF l ? MODJESKA--IMPERIAL I 5 RIALTO 1 ? THEATRES 1 l I I T -....... ---- . ---- .... - -..-.-.- -..- .. - -.-..-...g. S1111 lfjll 'l'ulumzm Spy-vizilbz HK'Ol1fllll'IOl', xxhirh end of this cur do I get OH at C Ullflllktljl. Itlthcr cllcl--both umla stup. sQou1un1un 1111 --1n- 1 u1--1n- in 11--1---1111 - - -1111-HIP Q 5 l ! 1 L 1 L 5 L. J. SCHAUL CO1 DIAXMHXIJS exxn '1 1axx'1c1.m' E I I :MII HRH,-X17 S'l'RIflf'l' VHUNIC 54.3 1 1 l l +.,....-.. ----- ------- - - ------------ --.--...P +.......-... --------- ...-...........-.....-..- .... -------- - .-..r...!. 2 E ! ! I Compliments of E I l e ugus a era I 1 t H ld l i T 7 THE HOME NEWSPAPER The ONLY Paper in Many Homes-The One Paper Q in MOST Homes l 1 .,..-.n-...- -..-..-..-.......-..-..-..-.U-..-..-h.-.....,.....-..-..-..- -..-..- - - ..-..-..l. 4, ..,.. .... .... ..... - - ----------- .... -M-H+ RICH MILK AND CREAM I FROM I HEALTHY, WELL FED, CONTENTED JERSEY cows L I TUBERCULIN TESTED ' 1 I I THE SANITARY DAIRY 1 Phone Count 2111 Y I I I I -.. .......- .---- - - ------------- ---I-H+ Student: "Are those chords from Chopin? Miss Halbert: UNO, thcy'rc Handel bars." lm.-. 1 1u1..1,,--nninn 11-1 nn-Hifi ?gu1nn- 1nn1nn1un1mm-v-nl-v1l1l11-IIl1nu1un1vvin . ,.' , 5 5 I I I J. Louis SAYRE I I I QComposer of I ff.M vff:g1i i I "Tubman High School Marchvj 5 E X, Instruction in f 2 2 MUSIC I . E I I - 2 1 I T PIANO v1oL1N L fi' Attt in I 5 sAxoPHoNE MANDOLIN I 1 , I Efficient Dependable I g g .. ,hi i ffy! i I Studio: 410 Eleventh street I 5 I ' -, 'Y-' .K ff! 5 F N -- -rf f 5 ' ft Q +,,-.......,,-,..-.,.-...-,,..-n--H.-an-I--n--un-...P XX jjl g .g...-....- -...-...-....- -- - -..-..-.-..-Mg. . I CAIVIITTUIIWIIXILRYOW HEAD I I I LS CAMP? I HEN you rent Camp IDEEIIELQ'Sffjfflfblipfff I lf Arrow' Head your I cation with your own I party has exclusive use of friends. Make up a con : I entire Camp for day Week- g genial party now. I T ' I For reservations and further information, I 5 end or Week' I Phone or Write i I E 2 JULIAN oLsEN - I RAT S RE I In care of Y. M. C. A., Augusta, I g I ..m1 - 1 -nn1un-f-an-nn-nu-1:1 ian-n-in +,,-,,,,,1 i,,1 ..- 1-1 1 1 -un-H+ of ..., .... .. -..... --..---.- 4. THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. R. H. JOHNSTON, SALES AGENT 825 Telfair Street Augusta, Georgia PHONE 2777 4. -... ------- .- - -.N-...-..-....-...--...-. ---. - - - - -,,- 4, Established 1858 The Perkins lXI2lI1Il1IlCIL1I'lI1g Company YELLOW PINE LUMBER MILL WORK, DOORS, SASH AND BLINDS 620 13th St. AUGUSTA, GA. Phone 3 4. -......-....-.,.-...-.. ---- ..-..-..-...-...-..-...-...-... ---.- ...-..-..-..- .5 4, - .... .. ---- - -.H-.H-.N-....-.H-...--....-....-...-..--....- - - .- 1 - .. ...- 4, SPORTING GOODS JANTZEN SWIMMING SUITS TENNIS SUPPLIES Bowen Bros. Hardware Co. 829 BROAD STREET -1- --n- --... -.t-M-...-...-.n-.n.......M-n.-,.-..-..- - - .. - - ---- -9- .g. -..- -.H-...-...-..-...-M-...-....-...-..-..-............-..-..-,.-..-..-..-..-..- -..- 4. HEATH, BOLSTER 8: TURNER Wholesale FRUITS, PRODUCE, GROCERIES AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Phones 1271-1272 4. -.....- -,- .. -...................n...M.......-...-..-...- - .- - - - - - -.... 4. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1nn1nn1nu1nn1un--nn1nn1un1nn1nu 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1111n1nu1nu11-I..-un1nl-nn1nn1u 4- ------------- -- ------------- -1- WITH BEST WISHES FOR TUBMAN HIGH SCHOOL JOHN F. CARSWELL GROCERIES AND MEATS 842-6 Liberty St. Phones 9380 and 9171 4. -..-..-..-..-..-.. ....... -- --.. .....................-...-...-...-...- 4. 4. -..---. ..-..-..-....-..- -..-....-.........-...-..-....-..- - .. .. .... - - 4. I I HERFF-JONES CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS INDIANAPOLIS, IND. OFFICIAL JEWELERS TUBMAN HIGH STANDARCD CLASS RINGS AND PINS Perm anenf Gu aranf ee. Ring or pin can be secured any time for any year. H. S. CANFIELD, GEORGIA REPRESENTATIVE 4. .... .-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..--...-...-..-......-..-..-..-..-..- - - - 4, T .. ......... .. -.........- .. ....-.- .. -...-..-..-...-..........-...-...-..-..-..- 4, TULB' RESTAURANT 735 BROAD STREET W. J. Heffernan Proprietors Carl P. Byne Open 7 A. M. to 12 P. M. --B R I C K- Manufactured by MERRY BROTHERS ARE HIGH GRADE AT RIGHT PRICES 25 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS Large Capacities-Operating Year Round Correspondence Invited Marion Bldg. Phones 571-572 I I 4- ----- ..-..-.........-......-. - - -- - -..-..-..-..-...-..-...-..- - - - 1.11.-11.1.11111...-.,v--..1n.111111111111 THE ' INTERNATIONAL VEGETABLE OIL COMPANY "COW FEEDS" I I 4. -. .------- .......-...-..-...-..-..-..-..-..- -... - - ...,,., 4, MURPHEY 8a CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS AUGUSTA'S OLDEST BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT I I 4. - ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-...- -..---..--.-..-..-..-..-..-..-...-..-..-..-..- 4. 4. 1LL11L---T- ..1..1..--n iiiiliiiii 1 1 1 4, Compliments of SOUTHERN FINANCE CORP. ALEXANDER N GARRETT REAL ESTATE DEPT. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1..1.,1..1..1..1....-..1..1..1..1.,1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1n-1:111.1n1..1--1u..un1u....-1..1n1u1-.1..1 1 1 1 1 1 l ll CADILLAC 81 STUDEBAKER Sales, Service and Parts annul! PHINIZY 8: CONNELL MOTOR C0. AUGUSTA, GA. 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-n1n.1....-1.1-n1u.-u-1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 4..-..-.......-.............-..-......-.... -..-.I+ 4..-... .... .......-..-..- - - -..-..f. 5 I 5 I I I "BREAD IS THE I I 1 : aa I : I STAFF OF LIFE i I AUGUSTA DRUG Co. I IDAHOME FLOUR qplainp : 1 . I I TWINIDA FLOUR fSe1f-Risingj I I Wholesale Druggwts 1 I Makes Perfect Biscuit, Rolls, I 2 I Bread and Pastry 305 to 311 JACKSON ST. I CARR-LEE GROCERY CO. I I Augusto Ga' I I Wholesale Distributors .2..-..- -..-..-........-..-..-..-..- -I.--4. ---- - ..-- - - - - -H.-.nfl T.ii111m11-1..1..1-111.1nu1nn1wl1ln1v-I1-nu1uu1o T4i.1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -nu-no? HATS FOR THE WHOLE I FAMILY I I COMPLIMENTS I Men's, Women's and Children's Op I Every Shape and Style Made I I I GEORGIA IRON I S I"I E R O N ' S i i 1 I i T WORKS I T 578-80 Broad Street intl!!-T 1lllllillilllill?-iuilnlill lil!-115 3:11pm 11111 11 1 1 1 l illllilli Pansy Iromanticallyl: "Uh, mother, said thu fair claughtcr. I want to rise to highcr things. I want to be above the common mortals and to occupy myself with things in the freespaces of the upper air." Mother: "That suits exactly, Pansy you can climb right on this stcp-ladder and put up thu clean curtains. Tu-w- 1 -----.-..-------1'-1 - -I.-...ff ,f,,.-,,,,- - , , , -- - - - - -...-...E : : : i I COMPLIMENTS RHODEs-I-IARKINS I 7 OF 3 7 FURNITURE CO. I I I o E E I HOUSCIS PIYIJDIEJNQHINGS I AUGUSTA CHRONICLE I I 1007 Broad Sf- i g "The South's Oldest Newspaper" I Augusta, GH- Phfme 572 it--------.--..-..-..- -----.-..-..-..-..-Ii i..-.......-....i- - -- - -A--M-I--M-I-I +n1un 111111 u1n1u1n1u1u1I-1...--nn1nu1n1nn1n1n-1u1nn1u 1111 1'-H-wifi I ORIOLE RANGES I I I I BAKE i . BML B 'l"l'ER, . I BOIL I I ASK YOUR GAS COMPANY I I ABOUT ' I T OVEN HEAT CONTROL T I THE GAS LIGHT Qfhn 4..-.. .---- -- .---- ..-la. .5...-.. .....i ..... . .-.4. I I I I I I I I I WHALEY BROS I I Maxwell Brothers I ' ' I I I I Builders Supplies FURNITURE 641 BROAD ST. 937 Broad Sr. Phone 836 I AUGUSTA GEORGIA I i Augusta, Georgia :...-... ..-.. - -.... ...-...I 4...-...- - -..-..-..-..-..-..- - -I.-.,I Tw....,.1.11-.n--1-u1-----1-n--n-n-1-.1n.,1n.f, 4...1.,,,1,,,1...ln,U,,,,,1,,,,1,,1,,1,,1,'1n,,,-,,+ : E I I I PICTURES AND FRAMING REMINGTON PORTABLE I PICTURE FRAMING I I TYPEWRITERS I I I I Have Standard Keyboards just I I THE BEST I Like the Big Machines i AT LOWEST PRICES IDEAL FOR HOME USE AND I HARPER BROS ART I I TRAVELING I I STORE - I I L. J. HENRY I : 2 : THE TYPEWRITER MAN : I 426 EIGHTH ST. PHONE 'Iso AUGUSTA. GEORGIA I .L.,-.n-..-..-..-..-.... -..-..-..-..-..-...I 1...-.n....-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-n.I. It was il clark night. A 1112111 was rifling a lricyclv with no lamp. Hu 02111111 to 21 cross Iozul, :-Incl clicl not know which way to t11r11, Through the gloom hu saw a Sigll post. llc fclt i11 his pockut for P1 match, Hu fOl1llII lllll one. Lhmhing to the top of thc pole, hc lit thc match L'3I'Qfllllj'. :1111l i11 thi- 1-11sui11g gglinimcr reafl: "XVI-I ll?lIlll.u new-nn :QL11 1 11v2v 'HI-1-'NEI vim'-vm iiivi -1 ixvlv suing? I I I I , AUGUSTA SHOE I S H A PIR 0 S REPAIRING 1036 Broad St. J. Sawi1owsky's Shoe Renury E E E 975 Broad St. Phones 943-3714 i Augusta, Ga. -I-----I ----- - ----- M-I--I -I-----M ---- ----n------- - - -.I-.l ----- - ----- M-..-2. .f...-..- -..-..-..-..--..-..-......- -..-..!. I POSTER ADVERTISING CARPENTERIS BULLETINS - I MILLIGAN ADV I I 5 0 5 0 I I ' GROCERTERIA I SERVICE I STRICTLY AN AUGUSTA I I SIGN PAINTERS I CONCERN I 5 710 BROAD ST. I I I I I +I-A ------ ----- . -.-.I+ .g..-.. .... ..-...-..-.. -... ..-..,. Q -g-1--- ----- -- ----- 1--1-I .,.1..... -...., -.--. . .-i.I. 8 T. D. CAREY WARREN BOTHWELL I VCOTTON FACTORS I T. D. CAREYRCO. I : i : I AUGUSTA I I INVESTMENTS I 5 , I I i I Established 1881 I I SECURITIES I I I I I I +u-nn- -un-un--u--un-111v11111111v11111l1 1111111140 Quinn ----1 -1- 1--- in.-H+ .I.............-...-...-...-...-.,..-....-I..-I..-...-..i-wi. .I...-...I-..-...-.......n-....-...-..-..-..-......-iq: I A1-ET US DQVSQQIER REPAIR ELECTRICAL REPAIRS I We Will Gladly Send For C21 I I Motors, Lighting, Wiring, Radio I : ALL WORK GUARANTEED : 5 Motors Bought, Sold and Rented I I We Have Up-to-date Repair I Houses Wired, Radio Sets Sold I I Equipment I and Installed I I None But Genuine Ford Parts Used I I Repairs to anything electrical I I LOMBARD MOTOR CO. I I EVE REPAIR CO, I I 719 Broad Street Phones 2249 and 3191 I I T Opposite Monument I I B52 CHAFEE AVE. PHONE 1727 'E' .5.u-..-..-..-..-.1-..--...-..-...-...-........-1.5. .g.i-...-..................-....- --.-..--..-.,....,.-. lN'heu father pays his income tax Hoping a dollar to save, He tinds the crimp in his pocket-hook ls really a permanent wave. lg...-..-..-...-..-...-...... ---.- I.-11? ----- -- ----- I I I 1 I AWNINGS PORCH SHADES I I BIG BOY I ' i i i i WALL PAPER 2 5 : I I "BEST IN FRUIT DRINKS" T.G.BAILIE8cCO. II CI-IERQQQLA I I I , I . I 712 BROAD ST. "THERE'S NONE SO GOOD" i I i i +.,-.n- - -..-..-..,-----n--n- - --1.-H+ .f...-...-..-..-.....,1...- -..-.--..-..-......+ few- ---- - ----- 1----I I-I-11 ----- - ----- ---1-I I I I I COMPLIMENTS I I J. A. MULLARKY CO. I I OF seo BROAD ST. PHONE 290 5 5 5 The most reliable store 2 i i A to buy your Dry Goods i L and Ready-to-Wear. I 8 CO- I COME IN THANK YOU aiu-an ----- --1111 1---- uuiuais .i.,.,,,., i..1i -- .Q111 .,.-ni, l I I I3-A-----------I-I I3-3'-"---m---- - I ! ! l 1 I 3 LAND DRUG COMPANY 3 3 COMPIELVIENTS Q Cor. Broad K Marbury Sts. 5 e Augusta- Ga- I l ALBERT H. MARSH 3 R. H. LAND P. J. BODEKER I i-.I-,I .... - -..-,.- - -LII LI- - - - - - - - - - .x.I-i.-........- - - 1 ----- .ri-I.-..-..-..-.......-..-..-..-..-. 4. i E 1 Say It With Flowers E. O. COOPER from Real Estate-Renting 3 Fire Insurance MASONIC BUILDING ' ' ' Ei hlh Street Emranc A 226 Greene St. gAugusta, Ga. f,.-..-.. .... .... -.. .... I.-..i i,.-.u-..- - -..-.-- -..- - -. "XVIII-II :I lmzul culil lT'lk'L'lS :I goml mlispusitioli the had cold wins." 4...-...-..-..-..-...-......-..-...-.......-..- ul: +I.-un---1 ----I-nu--I--I-1111--111 vu I 5 2 T ! L 3 R. E. ELLIOTT 8: SONS I 3 COMPLIMENTS R, E. ELLIOTT R. A. ELLIOTT OF Q FUNERAL HOME ! 3 L. F. ELLIOTT s. H. ELLIOTT Office Phone 505-Res. Phone 1546 2 A E Orner e air an we S. A I 3 C 3 3 C0MPANY ,,I-,..-., ..... ..... - .LI I,,-I..-..- -..-..-..--..-..-,.-.-. ,P,,-,W,H1,,1,,,,-.,,,,,,-,-...1...-...1--------.-H+ +,.1,,,,,,., , 1 1 -- 1 .. .- .-. 5 I A 1 T c. T. PUND sf CO. 3 COMPLIMENTS Grocers' Specialties OF E Q i i GELFAND:3gE:tOtrTITJtiIiation Relish N' 3 and Mayonnaise 'E f 2 +..------- ---1..-.....-uu-n--u- 1 1........+ ,l,,,,,,,,,,,,-,, - 1 -, -,.. 1 1 1 1 .3....-...---..----.........i I ELLIS ICE 8: COAL CO. I I DEPENDABLE I I 1400 BLOCK ELLIS STREET I AUGUSTA GEORGIA l . I 'f' +.-..-.. ---- - ---- ---in-I I COMPLIMENTS I OF I I ATLANTIC I ICE AND COAL I CORPORATION .rn-.u1u1 1 1 1 1- 1 1 1 1 .1nn1i- "XYhz1t buczxmu of the gate you ai "Shu gave it to mc." ,?.,1..1..1l.1 1 1 1 1111 111-u1n I I FRANK J. STORY CO. PAINT AND GLASS i HEADQUARTERS E 855 BROAD ST. -I--2-W-------------------------------f------P I I 1 PERKINS SASH 81 I DOOR CO. I HIGH GRADE MILL WORK I LUMBER AND I BUILDING MATERIAL I AUGUSTA, GEORGIA I .-..-......- .. - 1 .. - - - .-.......5. -5- .I-....-...-...-...-...... W. J. MULHERIN CHAS. F. MARKS I I MULHERIN 85 MARKS SHOE CO. : I Leaders in A I B44 BROAD ST. LADIESX GENTS' AND CHILDREN'S I FINE FOOTWEAR T .-...- -..-..-..-........-..-..-..-..-...-...,i n1..u -1-1-- - 11--- ......,.f. GENERAL TIRE AND I SUPPLY CO. I ufsn1-111 1 -1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1...,1., I' GOOD SERVICE 1167 BROAD STREET Q I I 'I' girl Used IO swing Oli? E. J. Hernlen Fred Herring Q I WIRTZ 81 HERNLEN I COMPANY I Dealers in I Hardware and Farm Machinery The John Deere Line I I 601 BROAD ST. PHONE 3604 I .....-..-..-..-...-. 1 - -..-.......-..-...Q. u1un1un 1111 u 1 1 1 1u1u1uu1uu? Sales Service Parts I IVICGOVVAN-IVIOTES MOTOR CO. 521-523 BROAD ST. PHONE 357 I I I I ' 4...-..-. -..-..-..-...--..-...-..-..- .-..-..-1. +..-..,-.,......1-.i.- - - ---- -....-Mg. Eiihgrlg-Glihmrll Qin. PRINTERS, BINDERS AND ENGRAVERS .now , ,-U We if 0 Q A v 9 , '22 E E S5 is 5 . v affvou-P 1 ' E, We inwfte the 1fraa'e of flzose who appreciate the prompt ana' iazfelligeazf l1aaa'lz'1zg 0 fzflzeir business. Q,We are the printers of this volume of Maids aaa' A Man. 820 REYNOLDS ST. :: AUGUSTA, GA PHONE 667 L,- .1 .I '3' Ur .:. J'-'f I- I 'T f 1315" -'I vi. r",'f Ti" ' yr, W. ber! 3, "Y '1- 1.91.5 J I- 7' 4 .ll u 1 P .u.. We 1- E, I u rx l'q r -7- ' M .v , Dj' 1 Lf' iv' 11 1 ev S . "7- P41-1 re .W- K 1 J 51 1,,': 11 .,,v gi 9- I '. - 8 I: M v L W, :I 11 rl 5 -'x,' I l u 'vu '1 "n n 3.1 v 1.x v v n , . 17 1,, g1 .1 , - , , g.. 4 'M 4- --1 .op 1 ' .,. I "' ' I , 1 ' n , u v .1 A -i' 'Q sg ' . J' J ' ' .-- rg i 1 "'f"" 'TWV W , 5 t wr .1 41 . . 4 , 1 vlf .' .M . . 1 1' ' 1 f,- 4 ' A r Q ' o 1 I q , 1 x A" 1 4 1 a Q . U 4 4 f- 1 1 I L .,' 1 - v xr' mg, ,, n. ' '11 1 , ,,, 'D 'W .1 1 'T' g 14"A."42' N' -Q' I 1 1 I ' r 11ff"T' .4- Fi gi ,, 1, 0 11 VH. 14 v 4 ,jf 0 ,R-. . xw .- -'jr . N. Ig. -1 ,., 'r 1 .7 Pm ,: -41 I .1 4 P 1 41741, , J wg 1 w"'- . . +4 -1- ',v . G, -'. 2. 'v M ' . -U 1 .--V2 1 A, . 'w ,vu '-A X -, 1 1 A .- , , 1 s ,?1.vx 1 r f ,gf s ls. ., -2' " ' 1 'MTA "1 .. .. az. , ,I Q 1 .47 -1 'T -f. - . N rl ,Q .- 151 il.: e','f JN, ', K, ,. n fx 35 Q1 nb F g-' ,. 0 1k vs' -I l -A, i. 11, .A 3. J .1 1,1-71--111. 11 r'-fl 1 'RN A. D-iff? f Q,-1555, ' 1 X 'F s .YM " W 7' I -'Z-.f', '1 Z' 'H ."' ,V R-r gil. ' Q fu r -"4 f J. - ,..b 1, I1 gwx' I T' .4-1 2 ' n ,4 1 +- , . :1 -El E r, -fe ' . ,1-n- 1 r J Kgs -1. ' ':2-A ,J-I 1. I f 1 1 4 1 Q . . 1. . .F :J 1 ,, fiif Ii hw ...1, ., 1 . 4. 1, L f. C '71 YV., -1 41 . V.- if F. a- ' . , 1 1 u ' N 1 r 1 1 . , v F.. . 1 4 1 fa' ,.. 1- " ,o J ' u .V .1 . KAJA 1 ll- . . , 1' - , 1 v- 1 1 ' 1 ,. -. - I '. .HR 1 -' 1' R n 1 . 2' - -1.,i.4" , , I.. Y, U, -1 . ' E. ' -'LV 1 ' A-PV' '. -v. 1 -1 1 4 nw' , xr, 4, I ' A , nl U. ' - ull .1 1 , .2 .' . R, . .fy ,.g- -K-1'-rx rv-.go , 9-KLA: -...5.. I :V , v,.g.. 1. nba. f , , a". ' nr 1. 'V1 ' ,,-,Lf-- ' .--, .- . C . f ,qvg ' ,'l 1 . . -1.- ' , 1, .J 1' 4 1-.l- ,' , 71 . 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Suggestions in the Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) collection:

Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Tubman High School - Maids and a Man Yearbook (Augusta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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