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Tse Ho Tso Middle School - Best of Times Yearbook (Fort Defiance, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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'if E a 1 1 R i 4 c S A Q V 1 ! -I 5 up-v vw 'K 'hu is. 1 The Best 8 of Times Tse Ho Tso Middle School Fort Defiance Arizona 86504 EIGHTH GRADE PAGE SEVENTH GRADE PAGE SIXTH GRADE PAGE ACTIVITIES PAGE SPORTS PAGE STAFF PAGE 2 so Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime We'1l take the best, forget the rest And someday we'll find 'I'hese are the best of times ..." " The Best of Times recorded by Styx, 1981 written by Dennis DeYoung Eighth Grade 4? I The Best of Times Allison, Eldred Anderson, Franklin Antonio, Eugenia Antonio, Regina Archie, Melissa Arthur, Bobbie Ashley, Marilynn Ashley, Raymond Aubrey, Enrico Ayze, Anarita Bailey, Shannon Bain, Leonard Baldwin, Lorenzo Baldwin, Victor Barney, Andrea Becenti, Raymond Begay, Dean Bagey, Ervin Begay, Kee Bagey, Marwin 4 EIGHTH GRADE rx' Q . 9 , ..,,',, ,. Q ' A yiii i 'X..., Z ,-.1 . RP ,IA ,, J gy ,,,., K f fix NN, P- 3 ' t its 9' 5' A ik Q gk in ' . 5 me-we 1 ' 1 x , A A 5 'fa s ' Q 5. . L, I fl, K? Y 5? U 'n s Q l H X A j ih.. 1 V fb 4"""' nf With the Christmas deadline coming up, Mrs. Perce helps Caroline Begay get her project done. .40 fx s-W" 'E Waiting for an assignment to be called out are Doreen Watson and Cheryl Pioche. Special education teacher, Ms. Burbank, helps Eldred Allsion and Myron Plummer with their studies. Finished with her work, Regina Antonio found time to talk with a friend in Mr. Bailey's science class. is Am :OCX I ,n X L X y , , ff il 1 NN A . . .' 1: , ' TW ,f, , ,Sing ,, 1. Q , k ' . 25:1 5 X K W4 or .,, fri .ai-f22."r ' -Ye P1-SWE . Q MQ l - iw wma H z-...S ,zur ,,,.c..,,,,,,? . . f 1 'N N1 f ,. 'X I ,f I P I 2 Begay, Nathaniel Begay, Nina Begay, Ronald Bia, Shawn Billiman, Thomas Birch, Wendell Bitloy, Ianice ara Bydonie, Iessi Charley, Lawrenc Chase, Dwayne Chee, Donald Cooka, Diane Curley, Ira Curley, Michael Curtis, Leroy Damon, Perida Dan, Debra 9 EIGHTH GRADE 5 Daniels osette Davidson, Iac ie Davis, Larry Degroat, Ioycetta Dennison, Michael Denny, Olynn Dodson, Linda Drake, Sean Draper, Chelsea Duchek, Lara Francis, Luana Garcia, Michelle Garrow, Kevin Gee, Ianice Geor e, Mar I -, ll Gomez, Iulianna Goodluck, Lisanne Hale, Velma 6 EIGHTH GRADE iii 4' M NNI' X Q .. :':"' fi V ' " iiii if iii ' R ! If In the home economics room, Esther English in Mrs. Click's class, Hernasy and Cecelia Owens learn about An eighth grader, Dalton Lizer, works on cooking and cleaning. i , , 'val ,o 1 .,, , W - af at , nm WN, l 1, T --N "ww:-Qu...-.ng-.1 A-F aw, 'T 'RF' " Xml , , Smoke Signals editor, San- dra Lee, went to Coolidge for the AIPA fall confer- ence. 'Meek 'UTM api-W Robert Velasco and Ronald Begay arm wrestle during Indian Week. Halona, Roland Harrison, Steven Henderson, Wayne Henry, Wilhelmina Hernasy, Esther Hickson, Sheldon Holian, Amos Holyan, Donna Hoskie, Larry Iesus, Serina joe, Irvin Ioe, Serphina Iohn, Arvis Iohn, Benedict Iohnson, Geneva Iohnson, Lynn Iones, Eldon Iordan, Mark Kee, Allison Keeto, Rebecca EIGHTH GRADE 7 Koenig, Christy Laughing, Daniel Lawless, Roger Lawless, Sharon Lee, Charlene - u. n ee Sandr Lee, Virgil Leonard, Carmelita Leslie, LeRae Littleman, Cary Lizer, Dalton Logg, Gwen Lynch, Mary Mann, Leo Marianito, Sharon Martin, Edward Mason, Larieta Miles, Rebecca Miles, Sheri ,-'ja Y W- ? gf? X - -l K m 1 f-14 if Vi f . 2 we? , "W iw- - 5 ' x - 4 ,wx f A Leonard Bain helps his friends deflate the Gurley Motors hot air . balloon. 8 EIGHTH GRADE but li ,, In home economics, Christina Begay, an eighth grader, makes Christmas ornaments. On their wav to the next session are lim Winstead and Sandra Lee In the drafting room, Lorenzo Roanhorse studies about BT the AWAY C0Hf9F6I1C6 in COOlidg9, ANZOH8. how to use wood working tools. 5 , 1 s 'Ui mf F2 vob Q M55-. r I' by I I j if ,Pol Moore ames V ortensen, Dustin I Nakai inae, ryan Nave, Viola Nelson, Ophelia Nez, Darrell Nez, Dwayne Notah, Sharon Owens, Cecilia Peterson, Olin Pioche, Cheryl Platero A ril ummer, ayne Reynolds, Lynette Roanhorse, Elvin Roanhorse, Lorenzo Roanhorse, Ronnie Sanderson, Marvin Sells, Teresa EIGHTH GRADE 9 While Sandra Lee and Ophelia'Nelson listen, Ed Martin makes Hard at work, Michael Watchman Ifrontl, Delbert Shurley and lrvin Ioe study his speech to run for Student Council president. for drafting class. , . ,I ilrfisbrl. S xxx , ,I I 'Hi . , 1132 Aw, i ,, ,Q ,i 5 Shirley, Timothy Shorty, Ernestine Shurley, Clarence QSilversmith, Conni MQ: Smiley, Levon Smith, Alyona Spencer, Felix Starrs, Ann Marie Stevens, Pamela 'H li Tabaha, Rosita Thompson, Valeri Todachine, Charles Tso, Barry Tsosie, Bobby Tsosie, Christopher A Tsosie, Darryl Tsosie, Malinda Tsosie, Ronald Tsosie, Vernon M--if 10 EIGHTH GRADE K .si U - IEBNHQ:-W During first hour, LeRae Leslie paints the new fence put up by the high school. sim I , ' .A at dw As Hanson Tungovia looks Indian Week. 9' ,agp Upshaw, Irvin Upshaw, Stella Velasco, Robert Vicenti, Iohnny Vicenti, Kathy Vimmerstedt, Matt Walker, Philipita Washington, Darryl Watchman, Douglas Watchman, Michael Watson, Doreen Wauneka, Alberta Wauneka, Brian Wauneka, Raymond White, Renita Willis, Martha Wilson, Aaron Wilson, Eddie Wilson, Regina Wilson, Wilfred yu Qf' , on, Floyd azzie shi wrestles during EIGHTH GRADE 11 x' Winstead, Iames Woodman, Marilyn Yazzie, Alvera Yazzie, Arlinda Yazzie, Delphina Yazzie, Eddie Yazzie, Floyd Yazzie, Lenore Yazzie, Marilyn Yazzie, Melvina Yazzie I -u I I Yazzie, Teela Yellowhair, Leanne 12 EIGHTH GRADE NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Begay, Christine Begay, Emery Benally, Brian Blatchford, Verne Chee, Loren Chico, Christopher Chischilly, Emerson Dooline, Elvin Edison, Cynthia Gorman, Rhoda Halona, Vernell Hardy, Charlene Hart, Walter Ioe, Dwayne Iohn, Bradley johnson, Raymond Moore, Cynthia Teddy, Bernadette Tsosie, Benjamin Watchman, Georgia Wilson, Nelford Yazzie Mich el 1 2 Q "" sfo ri E 410. 1:1379 if 1. During lunch hour, Ioycetta Degroat enjoys the Thanks iving dinner, 2. April Platero takes time out to read a book duringiiome economics. 3. For a home economics project, Carmelita Leonard works on a stuffed volleyball. 4. Charlene Lee makes a quick turn going into class, 5. Viola Nave seems to be having a hard time fitting everything into her locker. 6. Douglas Watchman tries to find a seat in the crowded lunch room. EIGHTH GRADE 13 4 3 2 7 wqrg Q K I , 1, f - ff qi' W 14 EIGHTH GRADE 2 L 3 Q ,QM gli we 7- i -3 it 2 fl sf t. sf tg Q .ti 2 'r 35 tg. 1. The audience awaits patiently while Saylor Breckenridge walks down to lend a hand to the magician during the magic show. 2. Theresa Sells takes time to sit and relax from helping decorate the mid school cafeteria for the Sadie Hawkins dance. 3. Nina Begay introduces herself to the magician lMr. john Todmanl while Ann Marie Starrs looks on, 4. During science class, Thomas Billiman and Clint Gleason take time out for a short rest. 5. Floyd Yazzie and Iames Winstead discuss their work at the publications conference at Central Arizona College in Coolidge, late in October. 6. Linda Dodson and Melvina Yazzie work on their Christmas ornaments. 7. Studying carefully in the drafting room is Anarita Ayze. 8. While in the drafting room, Delbert Shurley is reading a part of the shop book. 9, Arvis Iohn enjoys eating lunch in the high school cafeteria. EIGHTH GRADE 15 1 16 EIGHTH GRADE 1. Helping Mr. Droll with his Halloween duty is Larry Davis, eighth grade. 2. Helping the crew of the Gurley Motors Balloon, on left, is Leonard Bain, eighth grade. 3. In home economics, Carmalita Leonard gets ready to leave. Z r if if ' 5 to ,W we I ,.., rfb v 'x-in wt, 'Y y if 'is :Qi V K 3 L L ,, ,,, 'tan fly 'q s.taa ytaa 1 A X 2 if fiiffi! -ssa , mga J-LQEEM ' ,r L,.4 ,kgs A . 'P g Ag, ' ' 5 5:1 isss if-vii: : alla fr A H if' ff:-W- I Y. ta 'fi-::,.' -W . .f ri ' .- ist I tttt fm' - D aiav - L 5? as N ' an ' , Q. tttt. ssa ' N b- - V waf iw- n :f i ai, lil - . W 5 ' s - 6 f t fasa G9 ' y 3 Seventh Grade Q W---,, e i The Best of Times Adson, Ervin Aguilar, Iuanita Allen, Martha Anderson, Patrick Anderson, Terrance Archie, Shannon Arthur, Kelli Arviso, Olin ' s ey, Irma Ashle Steven Atcit , Nicole Attson, Iennifer Austin, Barbara Bedonie, Karen Begay, Caroline Begay, Charlene Begay, Chris Begay, Edward Begay, Ernest """"-wt, 18 SEVENTH GRADE -N! Magi 'Tm i , J MM 5 53, ' 'wg L K , I L ' f Q -Is 4 4' by Q t .A i fx? E45 fr it 1 Kr X l , X . ., liiyx Si kll ' h I 1 X me I A K: yx X 5 , it he I Lk - gg .1 nk A: t' ,yn K I g gi is I i K X ,Lu .3 , S 7 . I ,lj , f ' ' . Q Q 1 at t,tre,ee A 4 X K 2 , . 'mr W ,S ,,. wi t . K Q , X i . ,,, ..r..r m so ,, 9 , Q. 2- X 7 - i l ,si if Q -'.2, J 'li A k J:,,,,,m r,h: ,L k.., Left Michael Ionse checks a book out from the library. Above, on Indian Day, Mr Nave talks to the girls in the dress up contest. Below, while sitting in class, Vanessa Lee plays with one of the most popular puzzles in the school, the Rubik's Cube, Right, while Mary Wagner sings Greensleeves at the Winter Arts Festival, she finds an unexpected visitor from the audience standing by her. 1 0 ri lb ff .ss X Wmglgwws Begay Begay Begay Begay, Gabriella Harrison Iason 4 Regina Belone, Iohnny e Benally, Corinne Benally, Timothy Bia, Cassandra Bia, Christine Bia, Sophina Bigthumb, Omer Billie, Cameron Billie, Loretta Blatchford, Lena Bordy, Merle Breckenridge, Saylor Brenner, Sandra Brown, Daryl Cadman, Samuel SEVENTH GRADE 19 Ui Ei Cadman, Valencia Carroll, Cornelia Cheromiah, Michelle Cleveland Colleen i .. .un . Cl de Berlinda S!-Cole, Travis Cook, Chris Curley, Eldon 31Curtis, Colaine ' Nanc D Marietta Damon, T eresa 5FDas, Sudhanshu David, Fannie Davidson, Bryon Davis, Oleatha Dawes, Marcus Dayaye, Fernando Lee 20 SEVENTH GRADE Dedman, Karlene Denny, Larren Deswood, Sharon jk Dick, Brian Dick, Erik Dodson, Darrell 111' Dooline, Henry Dooline, Irvin Dooline, Marilyn Edsitty, Emerson Etcitty, Lance Etsitty, Nathaniel Ewing, Robertjk Fm In inley, Clara Flake El' betlufr- Folsom, Davi Footracer, Ca vin Foster, Grace Garrow, Lourie ' Above while in art class Bernita Spencer finishes up on a proiect Left magician Iohn Todman introduces Saylor Breckenridge to the middle school audience. SEVENTH GRADE 21 George, Iofern Goldtooth, Robert 1K'Graham, Mark ale V - H n . Hardy, Darrell Hard Lorenzo 0 n Haswood, Lisa Haynie, Christopher Holyan, Loretta Iames, Francine ames Leander ames, Sharleen ilesus, Manuel Iesus, Melinda HBSUS, Nathaniel F' X W :wp aaa! Ioe, Kathy Ioe, Pamila ff' . A is j,..c S' 22 SEVENTH GRADE A-N.-,w it Left magician Iohn Todman introduces Laura Iohnson at the magic show Above, the audience is startled as the magician scares them with a real duck ,V Below, chorus singers entertain the audience during the Winter Arts Festival, as they sing Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head. Right, Charlene Keyonnie and a friend talk while waiting for lunch. 2' fi 'QV Y, WM Wt l I 'Q' 'Or 'C-'V' -mm' , Wmwff'-""""".,,"' :LH ...l"' iff loey, Irvin Iohn, Louann Iohnse, Michael johnson, Darrell Iohnson, Lauraif- Iohnson, Loren Iohnson, Nedra Iohnson, Sherry lohnson, Wayne Iordan, Frances june, Cindy Kalleco, Arliss Kee, Yvonne-if Keeto, Calvin Keyonnie, Charlene Laughlin, Patrick Laughing, Emery Laughing, Wanda Lee, Myron Lee, Samantha SEVENTH GRADE 23 'Q an Lee Sharon gee, Shaiia D Lee, Vanessa Lefthand, Theodore Lizer, Darrell Logg, Myron Lon , ra Ann an li Manuelito, Shawn Marshall, Emmeline Martinez Deni e Mason, Cal a c a e, Novik McDona , amona a'Mike, Danny Miles, Wayne Y Milford, Anthony Morris, Anderson Muskett, Alvira 24 SEVENTH GRADE dr Lefn Laura Long and Iessie Bedonie don't waste any time waiting to eat during lunch hour. Below while Ms. Nahm taught reading and advanced studies classes to eat fried rice with chopsticks, Lisa Haswood spent some time looking at a book. fi' fin , .. L 5' ... Qtgiilf E42 , x-'ff X Z Ni ' vqf i - -, K-Ks I I aw w X x it ,ff , X E f 6 ii' lf , '52 ,X l 2' 'i ,sr K Nt .ex Y i 1 ,E X 3 .Q 1 E ' X '95 ' a Q K 'Y Q NF E fs ' W , l X, --H has K .A 'Sl' 'QZM9 .41 "'1h 1,-"M, s M W L V ,,,....N A L , 'ff if. . ' 'J Above, Leon Yazzie, Danny Mike and Danny Yazza dig into their lunch after a long morning of classes. Right Yvonne Kee shows her two friends what she can do with frybread dough. Nakaidinae, Denise Nalwood, Melissa Nelson, Delphine Nelson, Evina Neswoocl, Leola Nez, Buddy Nez, Iames Nystul, Daisy Owens, William Pablo, Roger i i u elvin Peterson Do - Pewo, Carrie Polacca, Monica Roanhorse, Bradford Rou ideaux Kath Sane ez, Leonard Sanderson, Iustine SEVENTH GRADE 25 Sandoval, Patty Schumann, Amy Segay, Belinda Shorty, Erna Shurley, Lenora Singer, Geraldine Skeet, Christopher Skeet, Iennifer Slim, Patricia Slim, Ronald Smith, Kathy Smith, Rodney Smith, Vincent Spencer, Adrian Spencer, Bernita Spencer, Brian Spencer, Sherry Starrs, Mark Tabaha, Emerson Terry, Karl 26 SEVENTH GRADE l S423 H0 1 :,- 1 Q ,"- al 2 4 , I ,..,,. t' :x' .I 9 Left during publications class, Travis Cole works on the yearbook. A 1 .,a- Kim f?""'e:' A bc bove, Kelli Arthur fcenterl and April Ashley lrightl makes frybread during Indian Week. t it x , X -ur .I ,Ll X 'Z N 4' 1 K Left, Rosetta Mescal eats with her friends at lunch. Below, Colaine Curtis practices shading with tempera in art class. Q. Toledo Phillip Tom Charlene Tom Roselyn r mx Thomas, Selina , 5 Tracey, Rachel L True, Melissa Tsiosdia, Sheryl Tsosie, Michael Tsosie, Sharon Tungovia, Hansen Valdez, Bernice Valdez, Sharon Velasco, Ronald Wagner, Mary Walker, Livia Watch, Martha Watchman, Michelle Watson, Christine Wauneka, Billy J Whitegoat, Gwendolyn Q SEVENTH GRADE 27 Whitehair Rosalita VV liams, Aaron Williams, Gerald Williams, Levon Williams, Mark Williams, Monolito Willie, Robert Wilson, Cindy Wilson, Larry Wilson, Valerie Wilson, Valerie Yazza Dann Yazzie Carme ita Yazzie, Edison Yazzie, Herman Yazzie, Ierrilene Yazziel Iosei hine I Yazzie, Nathaniel Yazzie, Samantha Yazzie Steve Yazz Yazz Yellowhair, Michelle Yellowhair, Steed NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Anderson, Karen Becenti, Bobby Curley, Marlene Dennison, Michael Edison, Cynthia Harrison, Harry Harvey, Franklin Howard, Winora Ioe, Cindy Kelly, Lucille Lee, Daphine Martinez, Loretta Mescal, Rosetta Natonabah, Gilbert Olvera Arthur Owens, Francine Sam, Patricia 28 SEVENTH GRADE . . . ...S . . .... - - ,Z -1: t ,t A from . jx 3 Q - ,,.,,, L . X up :Q Q fit' Scott, Leonard Schowalter, Valerie Tafoya, Mathew Thomas, Serphina Tsosie, Alfred Tsosie, Arnold Tsosie, Emmett Watchman, Sherri Yazzie, Victor -MA . Opposite page, during Indian Week, Loren Chee and Dalton Lizer, on the left, practice for their turn to rope the wooden cow. Richard Yazzie and Wayne Iohnson watch Steed Yellowhair try his luck. Right, Rebecca Pahe and Cindy lune take a pause to rest while the guitar players finish their part during the Winter Arts Festival on December 9. Below, waiting to sing at the Winter Arts Festival is Regina Begay. Bottom right, Mary Wagner was sold out of programs for the Navajo Fair in September a short time after she started selling and made S10-12. M , , Wtww My ,. " ,esisufv ff I..',.., ' Wei' v3 'iu:'i7 H g.,gg:M.fv si W xt N kv" R , 132 92 s I .ZA 1, 5, if rf 1 W SEVENTH GRADE 29 1. During the Winter Arts Festival, Ronald Slim found time to take a break from playing his drum. 2. Making frybread during Indian Week are Novik McCabe, LaMonica Claw and Mark Graham. 3. Finishing art projects are Danny Mike and Ion Farr. 4. Irma Ashley and Marilyn Ashley make a phone call. 5. During the winter concert, the chorus sings for the audience. The five girls who sang "Rain- drops Keep Fallin' on My Head" are Regina Ashley, Philena Singer, Leonora Hardy, April Ashley and Geraldine Blackgoat. 6. While the magic show takes place in the fieldhouse, Saylor Breckenridge gets called on to help do a trick with the magician. 7. Iohnny Belone rushes to his next class to avoid detention. 8. During lunch, Danny Yazza and Chris Begay take a break from school work. ...mr 4 30 SEVENTH GRADE 'Q' 'HQ 35M X i we N xg 1-. X ff., iv fi av , A Wk -,. H. X.. if uno fv , M 7 1 ""M'i4lHV 5 SEVENTH GRADE 31 1. Melinda Iesus serves lunch as her job in the cafeteria. 2. Terrance Anderson reads an article in the Gallup Independent, while Darrell Dodson relaxes in Mrs. Nave's class. 3. Emmett Tsosie, Travis Cole and Nathaniel Iesus work on writing paragraphs in language class. 4. Sudanshu Das, from Nepal, has lived in the United States for two years. 1 gf, W 303 32 SEVENTH GRADE Sixth Grade .5 X X ee ' xxx. ., - The Best Times Adson, Dan Anderson, Kellie Anderson, Paul Anderson, Sharon I ntonio F ora Antonio, Genevieve Ashley, Sheryle Ashley, Vera Ayze, Franklin Bahe, Iohnny Bedonie, Kirby Bedonie, Stephanie Begay, Barbara Begay, Charles Begay, Christine Begay, Darryl Begay, Darryl Begay, Detima Begay, Kenneth Begay, Merlin '-ew X-N-A-W rip 'iii' ,A i'r.r, ltijiejif' iiii A D xx 5 3 K ,,., 1 Sikhs r.,e is E S Y rl! Wm ffm A 34 SIXTH GRADE Opposite page, during first semester, Bert Hubbard eats his lunch. Above left, enjoying sixth grade life in the lunch room is Iacqueline Wauneka. Above, at Halloween, Mr, Droll dressed up as a Greatful Dead-head and horsed around with Melvin Wauneka. Begaye, Lydell Benallie, Ronald Benally, Ronnie Betoney, Gina Bia, Delphina Billy, Brian Billy, Michael Billie, Ronald Birch, Rodney Bitah, Edvern X 2 Bitloy, Daniel Bitlo , Paul Bowman, Marty Brace, Robert Brown, Hilary Brown, Nona Burnside, Clint Bydonie, Ronald Cadman, Theresa 34 SIXTH GRADE 52 is I Carty, Linda Castillo, Floyd Chee, Edward Chico, Christopher Chischilly, Ioycelynn Cleveland, Laurie Clyde, Hazel Cole, Burley Curlei, Valceta Dahozy, Valerie Daniels, Marc Davidson Bernadette Dawes, lrw1n1 a Dedman, Karen Denetdeel, Corey Denetsosie, Warren Dodson, Leila Draper, Cindy 36 SIXTH GRADE Duchek, Bill Eddie, Mark Edison, Aurlelia Edison, Bernelia Endishchee, Myron Etcitty, Tiayrra Finley, Foy Foster, Ioyce Foster, Lenora Gagnon, Christie Gonazales, Cynthia Hale, Vernon Halona, Tonia 1 ul Hardy, Lucinda Hardy, Michelle Opposite page Ioyce Foster Saylor Breckenridge, and Sharon Iasmer have fun during lunch hour Left Christie Gagnon seems to enjoy eating during lunch hour Above during Indian Week Seymour Nave tries not to get beat during SIXTH GRADE 37 Henderson, Iacqueline Henderson, Leonard Hendren, Sheri Henry, Wayne Holyan, Iennifer Hoskie, Randy Hubbard, Bert Hubbard, Shirleen Huske , Arlinda Iames, Chuck Iames, Clarence Iames, Leo Iames, Patrick Iames, Travis Iasmer, Sharon r Iefferson, Dean Iensen, Mary lim, Michelle Ioe, Iolene aa, ay l Q an 9 I 38 SIXTH GRADE lx-I lg. Lefh Sharon Iasmer makes up Ann Marie Starrs for a play. Above, after eating lunch, Michelle Martinez leaves to go outside. L w f 7 Left, magician Iohn Todman lets Randy Hoskie participate in the magic show by licking the envelope. Below, waiting for the magic show to begin are Iennifer I-lolyan, Davina Kee and Michelle Kahn. i Ioey, Iarelynn nm, in , ll Iohn, Irlena Iohnson, Regina Kahn, Michelle Kee, Albert Kee, Davina Kee, Rachael Laughing, Ernestine Lee, David Lee, Theresa Lee, Warren Leslie, Iames Littlefish, Nicholas Maloney, Michelle Mann, Sue Marie Martin, Bobby Martinez, Michelle Martinez, Patrick McAvoy, Elena Mike, Kevin SIXTH GRADE 39 Milford, Erwyn Milford, Eurika Moffitt, Leander Morgan, Chantelle Nave, Seymour Nelson, Aaron Nelson, Rodney Nez, Ella Mae Nez, Gloria Nez, Lisa Notah, Nathaniel Notah, Raymond Nozie, Michelle Pablo, Theresa Parker, Nadine Peterson, Loretta Phillips, Alexander Platero, Garrett Price, Nanlee Purley, Christopher 40 SIXTH GRADE mg! it 'DPU K -Af 9 5 N J3 Me.. ff sl is as is x 5 Reyna, Steve Reynolds, Lennie Roanhorse, Bernice Roanhorse, Lawrence Roanhorse, Victoria Sam, Calaven Sam son, Tina Sautter, Rachel Schumann, Michael Scott, Durando Scott, Lana Sherman, Charles Shirley, Adrian Shirle Vi -u S im, Ro erta ,Smith, Ioann Smith, Regina Opposite page, far left, Robert Brace relaxes from the work Mr, Iennings gave him. As Lana Scott looks on, Fern Curtis does a science experiment outside of Mr. Droll's room. Left, making a turtle in the snow is Rachel Sautter. SIXTH GRADE 41 Sorrell, Aaron Spencer, Louella Stewart Daniel Teller, Rolinda Thomason, Leise Tso, Eldon Tsiosdia, Robert Tsosie, Cathleen Tsosie, Delbert Tsosie, Gerald Tsosie, Linda Tsosie, Marva Tsosie, Victor Virnmerstedt, Tim Warren, Iackie Wauneka, Audrey Wauneka, Christine Wauneka, Darryl Above, sixth and seventh graders race to put on their shoes in the show race during Indian Week, Right during lunch sixth grader Louella Spencer leaves the lunch room 42 SIXTH GRADE i 4 x ai 3549 ix, i 9.4 Yazzie, Terry NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Becenti, Brian Betonie, Priscilla Cadman, Valencia Collins, Margaret Davis, Linda Kirk, Geraldine v, - v 8 N ., fx I if JE" f x V' 1 .Q 3: t i ll -Xx i s -mn Lilly, Carol Ann Morrison, Ernie Owens, Sylvia Blummer, Valerie Sampson, Brian Thompson, Allyson Thompson, Leslie Tsosie, Michael Yazzie, Verlon Yazzie, Wyndell Wauneka, Wauneka, Wauneka Wauneka, Wauneka, Iacqueline Melvin Paula Robert Roberta White, Delbert White, Ronald Wilde, Iason Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Darwin Delores Grace Irwin Mary Ann Melvin Willie, Patricia NNN V E ' 'E ' 5 . 4 3 Wilson loseph Wilson Nelson Wilson Nolan Yazzie A ton azzie, C arlotte Yazzie, Darrell Yazzie, Darron Yazzie, Debra Yazzie, Lucinda Yazzie, Norbert Yazzie, Raymond Yazzie, Richard Yazzie, Tamela SIXTH GRADE 43 L- Z- iv 1 Before the tardy bell rings X S -rx I i 5 n... y gf X N N 'sk s. ' it 5 we Seymour Nave and Bill Duchek hurry to class. 2. During class time, Michelle Maloney, front and Sheri Hendren, back, work on an assign- ment. 3. Art students james Leslie and Kenneth Begay put up displays. 5. Enjoying their meal is jacqueline Wauneka and Theresa Cadman. 4. Tim Vimmerstedt and Michael Schumann create snow sculptures during sixth hour. 5. Enjoying their meal is jacqueline Wauneka and Theresa Cadman. 6. While in science class, Lana Scott works on a project. 7. In math class, Theresa Lee shades a graph. 44 SIXTH GRADE S , Q Q 1 lm -'Ui th qi 94 R 4 If - .QNX ENN 'N' N ,E X X 3 7 SIXTH GRADE 45 Below Christine Gagnon seems to be enjoying her Thanksgiving dinner. Right during a Girl Scout meeting, Ioyce Foster pours Koolaid for the other scouts, while Grace Foster puts out the cookies. Bottom, during class, Irlena Iohn works on her math assignment. it - :..:.:fn- - IQQ 46 SIXTH GRADE Activities it iiii - The Best Times Tse Ho Tsc 48 ACTIVITIES v musicians entertain at concerts During open house, members of the chorus sang various numbers. Members of the chorus are Genevieve Antonio, Shannon Archie, April Ashley, Sheryl Ashley, Vera Ashley, Caroline Begay, Merlin Begay, Rachael Begay, Regina Begay, Cassandra Bia, Daniel Bitloy, Geraldine Blackgoat, Sandra Brenner, Nona Brown, Fannie David, Ervina Dawes, Chelsea Draper, Cindy Draper, Elizabeth Flake, Ioyce Foster, Luanna Francis, Christy Gagnon, Danielle Gomez, Iulianna Gomez, Christina Hardy, Lenora Hardy, Lynn Harvey, Michelle lim, Pamila Ioe, Samantha Manuelito, Melisaa Nalwood, Loretta Peter- son, Alexander Phillips, Donna Robbins, Lana Scott, Charles Sherman, Philena Singer, Iennifer Skeet, Bernita Spencer, Lovella Spencer, Kara Stibora, Leise Thomason, Stella Upshaw, Bernice Valdez, Mary Wagner, Livia Walker, Michelle Watchman, Darwin Williams, Erwin Williams, Grace Williams, Valerie Wilson, Norbert Yazzie and Terry Yazzie. The chorus is directed by Mrs. Barnett. .of Top picture, Mr. Manriquez directs the intermediate band during the Winter Arts Festival. Above, during the Winter Arts Festival, Carmelita Leonard plays 'Fur Elise'. Advanced piano students are Ira Curley, Wayne Henderson, Shannon Bailey, Iessie Bydonie, Melissa Archie, Victor Baldwin, Nathaniel Begay, Karen Bedonie, Martha Willis, Pam Stevens, Carmelita Leonard, Mary Lynch, Lynn Iohnson, Lynette Reynolds, Sharon Notah, Christine Begay, Doreen Watson, Alberta Wauneka, Ophelia Tsosie. Mrs. Barnett teaches the piano classes. I 4. yr nies' During the Winter Arts Festival, Sharon Marianito directs the honor band. Honor band members are 1st flutes Tanya Darks, Valerie Thompson, Teresa Sells, Larieta Mason, Rachael Tracy, Sharon Iasmer, Laura johnson, Monica Polaccag 2nd flutes, Bobbie Arthur, Donna Robbins, Louann Iohn, Sharon Deswood, Viola Nave, Ernestine Shorty, Vanessa Lee, Roselyn Tom, Winora Howard: Oboes, Denise Nakaidine, Erna Lynn Shorty, 1st clarinets, Constance Silversmith, Kee Begay, Lynn Iohnson, Sharon Marianitog 2nd clarinets, Colaine Curtis, Lenora Shurley, Loretta Billie, Geraldine Singer, Leola Neswood, Patricia Slimg 3rd clarinets, Kathy Roubideaux, Patricia Sandoval, Rebecca Pahe, Ophelia Nelson, Theresa Damon, Cynthia Iune, Delphine Yazzieg alto clarinet, Iofern George: bass clarinets, Steven Harrison, Barry Tso, Karl Terry: 1st alto saxophone, Robert Ewing, Grace Foster, Iosette Danielsg 2nd alto saxophone, Nicole Atcitty, Enrico Aubrey, Marvin Lee: tenor saxophone, Michelle Garcia, LaMonica Claw, baritone saxophone, Dwayne Chase, Olin Peterson: 1st trumpet Ianice Gee, Martha Allen, Ioycetta DeGroatg 2nd trumpet Mark Graham, Danny Mike, Bryan Nakaidinae: 3rd trumpet Marvin Sanderson, Amos Holian, Ronald Tsosie, Michael Curleyg 1st trombone, Yvonee Kee: 2nd trombone, Francine Iames: 3rd trombone Ervin Adson, Eric Dick: baritone horn, Edward Martin, Bobby Martin, Shawn Manuelitog percussion, Charlene Tom, Darryl Brown, Ion Farr, Ronald Slim, Dean Begay. The band is directed by Mr, Manriquez. Above left the Big Band Sound Ensemble played two songs at the Winter Arts Festival. Members are Tanya Darks, Conni Silversmith, Sharon Marianito, Robert Ewing, Nicole Atcitty, La Monica Claw, Ianice Gee, Martha Allen, Yvonne Kee, Bobby Martin, Charlene Tom, lon Farr. Above right Matt Vimmerstedt and Clint Gleason play Greensleeves. Advanced guitar students are Ronald Begay, Debra Dan, Clint Gleason, Delbert Shurley, Levon Smiley, Matt Vimmerstedt, and Wilfred Wilson. Mr. Manriquez is the guitar teacher. ACTIVITIES 49 Honor Society members inducted in candlelight Ceremony The National Iunior Honor Society induction ceremony was held on February Z, 1982. Present members inducted in the ceremony were eighth grade, Bobbi Arthur, Diane Cooka, LeRae Leslie, Mary Lynch, Sharon aron Notah, Conni Silversmith, Valerilhgompson, Irvin Upshaw, Robert Ve Winstead, Eddie Yazzie, Floyd Yazzie, seventh gradej lvlagghia Allen, Saylor Breckenridge, Darryl Brown, LaMonica Colaine Curtis, S u Das Sharon Deswoo , o ert Ewing, Elizabeth Flake, Grace oster, Mark Grahamf Chris Haynie, Laura lohnson, Sherr Iohnson, Yvonne Kee, Shawna Lee, Emmaline Marshall llulianne Maxihez, Daisy Nystuf Amy Schumann, Geraldine Sin er, Mark Starrs, Rachel Tracey, Sheifl Tsiosdia, Mary Wagner, Kfionolito Williams, 'Present members of the Honor Society are Kee Begay, Dyvayne Chase, Tanya Darks, Iackie Davidson, Ianice Gee, Lynn lohnson, Christy Koenig, Ed,wagd,.Ma.ntin, Larieta Mason, ioa Nave, O helia Nelson, Lynette Reynolds, Ann Marie Starrs, Barry so, att Vimmerstedt. Mrs. Clic f the Honor Society Y! ACTIVITIES 51 Drama students perform plays and skits W3 3 1. During the Winter Arts Festival, Grace Foster and Matt Vimmerstedt do a commercial for gravy stain dog food. 2. Drama students help Olin Peterson with his Santa costume. 3. Sharon Iasmer makes a dramatic entrance at the open house. 4. Saylor Breckinridge and Wendell Birch perform a skit called Scare Theater. 52 ACTIVITIES .navfw 1 1. Enjoying other drama students perform are Edward Martin, Saylor Breckenridge, Sudhanshu Das, and Dean Begay. 2. Drama students read The Night Before Christmas at the Winter Arts Festival. 3. Daisy Nystul, Sheryl Tsiosdia, and Edward Martin do a commercial for the product 'Stuff'. 4. Sitting Ann Marie Starrs, Daisy Nystul, Kara Stibora and standing Lynn Harvey, Donna Holyan, and Olynn Denny watch the other drama students perform during the Winter Arts Festival. ti' ,Q 'r'Q,"' gr .sf i.ti ? 3 ACTIVITIES 53 Student Council holds dances during 81-82 1. Mrs. VanKeuren, advisor, talks to some of the Student Council members about a Valentine dance. 2. Tanya Darks, Ianice Gee, Laura Iohnson, and Lynn Iohnson listen to the president, Ed Martin. 3. Edward Martin and Eddie Yazzie get ready for the Sadie Hawkins dance. 4, Ianice Gee decorates the stage for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Officers of Student Council are Ed Martin, presidenh Sheryl Tsiosdia, Vice-president lfirst semesterl, Tanya Darks, secretary, Lynn Iohnson, treasurer, Ophelia Nelson, parliamentarian. Honorary members are Viola Nave, Sandra Lee, D'wayne Chase, Sharon Deswood, Vanessa Lee, Cindy Iune, Geraldine Singer, Mary Lynch, Ianice Gee, Carmileta Leonard, Delbert White. Home room representatives are Saylor Breckenridge, Emmaline Marshall, Leise Thomason, Sharon Iasmer, Sharon Sanderson, Lennie Reynolds, Rodney Smith, Eurika Milford, Cynthia Gonzales, Samuel Cadman, Ann Marie Starrs, Dustin Mortenson, Iackie Warren, Sheri Hendren, Kee Begay, Iulianna Martinez, Cheryl Pioche, Eddie Yazzie, Barry Tso, Nathaniel Yazzie, Monica Polacca. ,I!,,f t. e 3 54 ACTIVITIES W-NS.: 3 Students participate in M extraciirricular my activities. f 1 Kas N, .,,-f"' 1. Winning first place in the district spelling bee was Warren Denetsosie. 2. During the district spelling bee, Sheryl Tsiosdia placed second and also placed sixth in the county spelling bee. Grace Foster placed third in the district and fifth in the county. The top seven spellers in the eighth grade spelling bee at Tse Ho Tso were Larieta Mason, Olin Peterson, Viola Nave, Sharon Marianito, Ianice Gee, Ophelia Nelson, and Matt Vimmerstedt. The top six seventh grade spellers were Grace Foster, Robert Ewing, Shawna Lee, Rachel Tracy, Sudhanshu Das and Sheryl Tsiosdia. Top sixth grade spellers were Rodney Nelson, Sharon Iasmer, Warren Denetsosie, Mary lensen, Ioyce Foster, Kara Stibora and Arlinda Huskey. Mrs. Winstead and Mrs. Foster were the spelling coaches. 3. Kara Stibora gives her report on amphibians during a Girl Scout meeting, while Grace Foster listens. Other members are Sharon Iasmer, Kathy Smith, Charlene Begaye, Ramona McDonald, Iosephine Yazzie, Genevieve Antonio, Flora Antonio, Ioyce Foster, Marilyn Ashley, Irma Ashley, Sheri Hendren and Leise Thomason, Miss Smallman and Mrs. Foster are the advisors. ACTIVITIES 55 Publications works hard in 81-82 - ,. 5 Below, left feature editor, Amy Schumann and news editor, Ann Marie Starrs take time out from publishing the newspaper to read newspapers from other schools. Below, right, 8th grade editor, Valeri Thompson lays out a page of the yearbook. Bottom, left, during a trip to Coolidge for the AIPA workshop, Conni Silversmith, yearbook editor, and Sandra Lee, Smoke Signals, editor, and Iames Winstead, from photography class visit Casa Grande Ruins. Bottom, right, Patrick Pedro, media center printer, prints Smoke Signals every month. an , K t ' 'fig ' A A. ..,, -,,, , ' - s, JQOQJJ S , " S rrtt t 'S F ei, 'F -"1 I-wr -,Sf ,V 12' ' 'f' - ' , V Xxlhil af A 56 ACTIVITIES Sports "'NWY'N if The Best of Times team learns lesson in '81 1 Football 1. Standing Marvin Sanderson, Floyd Yazzie, Robert Velasco, Marwin Begay, Michael Curly, Iames Winstead, Dwayne Nez, Barry Tso, Iames Moore, Clint Gleason, Irvin Upshaw, Coach Hawthorne. Kneeling Thomas Billiman, Clin Peterson, Felix Spencer, Eddie Yazzie, Roger Lawless, Sheldon Hickson, Aaron Wilson, Chris Tsosie, Nathaniel Begay. Sitting Shannon Bailey, Dustin Mortenson, Ronnie Roanhorse, Spencer Yazzie, Ray Becenti, Victor Baldwin. 2. Coach Hawthorne talks to the team at halftime. 3. A CBS player intercepts a pass from the Scout quarterback. 4. Nathaniel Begay catches the ball for a touchdown against Navajo. 5. A Scout trips up a CBS Warrior during a game. 6. Irvin Upshaw looks downfield for a receiver against CBS. 3 6 58 SPORTS 2 . 2' 'Mr ' A .- :is , 1 ,. ' , Q, 23, ,Nan .K MXN? I f ,W H X .. R, 1 w k K ' J: xylem. K 4 . -- 6' ' . ' if fi . i :igas S r. . A .V7. 1' , 4 Y., .gg rin! ev 5 flak- 4 524, L K gl- -Q. Pictures courtesy of the , Photography class, except V N group Shof K, nv.. K ri XKA, gg 5 SPORTS 59 Volle ball pla ers 1. 'A' team, standing Lynn Iohnson, Sharon Lawless, Sharon Notah, Viola Nave, Charlene, Lee, Alberta Wauneka, Bobbie Arthur, Barbara Brown. 'B' team, kneeling Sharon Marianito, Ianice Gee, Lynette Reynolds, Aloyna Smith, Tanya Darks, Teresa Sells, Alvera Yazzie. Sitting Regina Antonio, Doreen Watson, Gwen Logg, Christine Begaye. 2. 'C team standing Delphine Yazzie lmanagerj, Pamela Stevens fmanagerj, Lisanne Goodluck, Diane Cooka, Carrie Pewo, M.elvina Yazzie, Colleen Cleveland, Lenora Shurley, Martha. Willis lmanagerj, Melissa True lmanagerl.. Kneeling Chelsea Draper, Sherry Iohnson, Rachel Tracy, Vanessa Lee fmanagerj. Sitting Yvonne Kee, Iulianna Martinez. 3. Gwen Logg keeps the ball from bouncing on the floor by bumping the ball. 4. Coach Ness has a pep talk with part of the A team. 5. Sharon Lawless and Olynn Denny make an effort to get the ball over the net. 6. Returning a volleyball serve is Alberta Wauneka 1341. 7. The volleyball players do one of many exercises to shape up for the season ahead. 60 SPORTS 1 +5,,,,4-N Y Z improve at least 75070 L A 9 1 f E X , Q wg I 7 Plctures courtesy of the photography class SPORTS 61 Cross Country members race through season r r IM 1. Standing Darrell Washington, Sharon Valdez, Mary Lynch, Christine Watson, Patricia Slim, Esther Hernesy, Seymour Nave, Arnold Tsosie, Sudhanshu Das, Marcus Dawes, Iames Nez, Coach Franksg kneeling, Ronald Slim, Larry Wilson, Robert Ewing, Mark Starrs, Bobbie Martin. 2. Boys cross country members try to beat their opponents. 3. Trying to reach the baton is Sharon Valdez. 4. The girls cross country team takes off from the starting line, against Chinle Boarding. 5. The cross country team does leg lifts to warm up during practice. 6. Taking sixth place in a cross country meet is Mark Starrs. I . l at 1 2 . 51 X ' I rt' 'fs A """' EKU V' 4 341 V i 1------.............'t i.,' ,..-fff,Z'J4 - - s :min-..-I-Bai.:-I-Q:-1' 1 '-H 5 . 4 flu- in ,y ,,t 1 Hghf. at - . I Q J' 'K' ' 'i " PAS" , .."" K "JN swift Li T w . " 3 "Z i Wy ,, - V ky 6 t f ' V ' . P 1. .ns . L- . gi ..........-1, gf--L""' JJ ' ' -N "'?N -" --1, 1 ' -rn" :,.W 'Q--tkuf' A--ii 1 .I , I v .. l yas' 3 5 af. X ,ai 4 experience atmen gain 1. back rom Marwin Begay, Enrico Aubrey, Iames Winstead, Roger Pablo, Roger Lawless, Coach Droll. Middle rom Marty Bowman, Iohn Farr, Sudhanshu Das, Victor Yazzie, Novic McCabe, Emery Laughing, Nathaniel Yazzie, Lawrence Roanhorse. Fr0ntVictor Tsosie, Ed Martin, Robert Ewing, Bobby Martin, Mark Starrs, Tim Bennally, Fernando Dayaye. Laying Down, Danny Mike, Iames Nez. 2. Sudhanshu Das tries to break his man down. 3. Marwin Begay breaks down his opponent from Red Mesa. 4. Ed Martin is the winner after pinning a Red Mesa wrestler. 5. Roger Pablo ties up with a C.B.S. wrestler. 6. Iames Winstead pins his opponent from Red Mesa. 7. Danny Mike breaks his man down before pinning him. 64 SPORTS 6 SPORTS 65 Scout Gag -N1 : season with 15-2 record 2 1 o Br ' ff' c f'-.13 A A wi- ax! ws.. -. ' A QS? c LW,. Q., X 5. S 1. 'A' team, standing Coach Hawthorne, Clint Gleason, Amos Holyan, Thomas Billiman, Samuel Cadman, Iames Moore, Nathaniel Begaye, Dwayne Nez. Kneeling Sheryl Tsiosdia, manager, Aaron Wilson, Sheldon Hickson, Dustin Mortenson, Eddie Yazzie, Felix Spencer, Grace Foster, manager. 2. Thomas Billiman tips the ball to Eddie Yazzie in a game against Rough Rock. 3. Thomas Billiman looks for a team mate to pass to in a game against Chinle Boarding. 4. Samuel Cadman dribbles towards the Scouts goal in a home game against Chinle Boarding. 5. Clint Gleason shoots for two. ...av SPORTS 67 1 68 SPORTS 81-82 season goes WWA W 1 3 1 6' M 7- M W QQ 2 Sky,-fi , .1 .. .fm-::.:a s ., ,, ,gag J .Ji 1 15 gn 552 1. During a home game, Geraldine Singer, Viola Nave, and Shawna Lee jump for a rebound. 2. Managers, Lenora Shurly, Tanya Darks, Rachel Tracy, Doreen Watson, Yvonne Kee. 3. 'A' team, standing Lynn Iohnson, Viola Nave, Olynn Denny, Becky Miles, Coach Ness. Middle Row, Shawna Lee, Leola Neswood, Sharon Valdez, Carrie Pewo, Geraldine Singer, Conni Silversmith, Kneeling Bobbie Arthur, Francine Iames, Arlinda Yazzie, Vanessa Lee, Christine Watson. 4. In between quarters, the team listens to Ms. Ness. 5. Arlinda Yazzie passes the ball to another team mate during the Ganado game. 6. Olynn Denny screens for Viola Nave on an offensive play. . -Q... vm- iigxww NJ . X X X A Q fm-sxwavxz-s lf-isfiiigi 1, , -- Ng., ell for Scouts ii- .. 'Q'-,.i?sM , x.,. ,1i.i wa Q x EQ . 5 f IQ: I giaesff' gmmmulil' ' i, .1-"un ws di. 3 --up 5 V .. i l l 1 : S :Z -1 Y P 4' Q xr' ,QS sr X. WK X Q SPORTS 69 Boys B' cagers become experienced - THT 13 THT 21 THT THT St. Michaels 44 CBS 36 Rough Rock 17 Red Mesa 33 l vo SPORTS Nl, M 1 N' it , eeef e in--' Vwwmmn Top, Boys 'B' team, standing Coach Quiver, Darrel Washington, Larren Denny, Christopher Haynie, Myron Logg, Hansen Tungovia, Calvin Footracer, Omer Bigthumbg middle rom Wendell Birch, Bradford Roanhorse, Ray Becenti, Darrel Dodson, Nathaniel Iesus, Ryan Yazzie, Nathaniel Etsittyg kneeling Chris Cook, Darryl Tsosie, Dalton Lizer, Douglas Watchman, Terrance Anderson, David Folsom. Left, Larren Denny shoots for a free throw in the game against Rough Rock. Directly above, Christopher Cook screens on an offensive play also in the game against Rough Rock. Girls 'B' team undergoes training if M asa. Top, girls 'B' team, standing Diane Cooka, Lynette Reynolds, Mary Lynch, Ianice Gee, Barbara Brown, Coach Chee, middle row, Sheri Miles, Denise Nakadinae, Alonya Smith, Karen Bedonie, Ann Marie Starrs, Theresa Sells: front row, April Platero, Kathy Tabaha, Samantha Lee, April Ashley, Sharon Deswood, Directly above Alonya Smith runs in for a lay up in the game against Rough Rock. Right Samantha Lee jumps against an opponent in the game against Red Mesa. 2 1. Ms. Ness gives her girls A team a pep talk at a home game. 2. At a home game, Mr. Hawthorne speaks to his A team. 3. Omer Bigthumb listens while B team boys basketball coach, Mr. Quiver, talks to his team members. 4. Mr. Glaisyer, assistant wrestling coach gets excited at a duo meet. -N.. 'QQ N 72 SPORTS 4 Staff The Best of Times Below, Mr. D'Wayne lBuddy1 Farr, principal, Right, Mr. Fred Mobley, assistant principal. Avi if sf fi' f ,I 5 ,,, N Righh Sarah Benally, the secretary, works at her desk. Far righli Mr. Farr and Mr. Mobley eat Chinese food with chop sticks with the advanced studies class. 74 STAFF ,ff , .. . up NMS tiff, Carol Attakai Elton Bailey Lena Banyacya Hugh Barfoot LaQuinta Barnett cleaning lady science Special education social studies piano landscape aide literature chorus William Barnett language arts Social Stl.lCllBS Diana Bowman Ph0f08TaPhY ' 1st counselor trainee Rosella Burbank SGIHGSTGI' first semester special education NX Barbara Chee language arts social studies Iohn Claw Evelyn Butler southwest studies science math coach math X if g .i g Above left Mrs. Hardy helps students make frybread during Indian Week. Left Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Levie discuss school problems. Above, In the learning lab, Mr. Chaltas works on some papers. STAFF 75 YV W Y W b , Ioe Droll lane Dixon math Marilyn Foster Patricia Click Language arts Science Iulia Farkas science English social studies physical education art advanced studies Honor Society advisor piano Coach publications girl scout advisor any 15 iv Above, Mr. Drew enjoys his favorite hobbies, Weightlifting and drinking Shasta Cola. Above, right, Mr. Koutsky calls a student down to his office by using the intercom. Right, during Indian week, Mrs. Levie took charge of the bobbing for apples event. 76 STAFF XR ,.... . 5 t.. F? t l it :,,, . . Q Lynda Franks math science literature coach 5 ,. ,Qt 'Qs' f r K Right, Mr. Iennings helps Foy Finley, u Valerie Dahozy, and Michele Hardy with W tgtwqt dividing decimals. Below, right, students and faculty watch Mr. Todman entertain M them during a magic show. W, 7 1 W W we af sz mmm aww f? wwflwv sl Z f r ir' f f 3 if.: Q , 42 ff. msnuam is A, ,,, . up-1 at MW 5 if " Tw I ,,r,,.., F A fm. a l , X K . , Nl , A J I Q jp - x lilo David Hale Ralph Hawthorne Edward Iennings Ioseph Koutsky shop physical education math counselor coach science consumer education .r Alice Levie math Hilderman Levie math science music STAFF 77 - Below, Mr. Levie hands Christopher Purley an fa assignment sheet. RighL Ms. Nahm shows 3, students how to use chop sticks. Bottom right X School clerk, Donna Maxwell up-dates the class rosters as one of her duties. fav. 'Pt ,M Hr I 'Lg Jil 3 iti'l s U 2-M ! - ' l""'1 5 A ML' 'fvor-faq.. YK 'Ca' P to 'ff rg , N A sk 1 l 1 Sergio Manriquez Margarita Dela Muhlenberg Sue Nahm band McGranahan student teacher reading guitar language arts special education social studies first semester math 78 STAFF fr, Flemen Nave language arts social studies southwest studies coach Ml y I ' lilly-f.,, ,QM , ' r ,' Lettie Nave language arts social studies Navajo language Virginia VanKeuren librarian photography - 2nd Marilyn Ness Lorraine Smallman Semester physical education Karen Perce Hardy Phelps Kenneth Poos special eduCafi0H Student Council coach home economics math horticulture Girl Scout advisor advisor Above, Mrs. Mann talks to her class about bald eagles. Above, right, Mrs. Nave talks to a student in the hall, while Mrs. Winstead looks on. sg. as A NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Zonnie Barney cleaning lady bus driver Sarah Benally secretary David Chaltas special education Edward Drew social studies Beulah Hardy library aide Debbie Heierman student teacher - f 5 second semester Donna Maxwell clerk Kay Mann language arts social studies study skills Paul Milford attendance officer Shirley Nez, RN school nurse Fran Robbins school nurse Linda Winstead art English second semester language arts Ionathon Heierman speech student teacher drama STAFF 79 science GS i of St G G GS i Ll-4 C -s-v CD QD l GD l 1 80 The Best of Times Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'll find these are The Best of Times... Yearbook staff: Rodney Smith, 7th grade editor, Cameron Billie, activities editor, Travis Cole, 6th grade staff Connie Silversmith, editon Melinda Tsosie, 8th grade staff Sharon Marianito, sports editor, Valerie Thompson, 8th grade editor, Monolito Williams, activities staff Mark Starrs, 6th grade editor. Smoke Signals staff: top ram Donna Holyan, business managen Amy Schumann, feature editon Larieta Mason, copy writen Samantha Yazzie, entertainment editor, Ann Marie Starrs, news editor: middle rom Sabrina Ienkins, staff Nina Begay, copy writer, Sandra Lee, edtior, Lynette Reynolds, copy editor? laying down, Fernando Dayaye, staff falso faculty editor of the yearboolcj and Verne Blatchford, sports editor. Ms. Farkas is the advisor. Sewtl JO was QLLL CD CD CD f-P O P-to P-:lo CD CD CD CD CD e-P O F-41 H-lo CD CD

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Tse Ho Tso Middle School - Best of Times Yearbook (Fort Defiance, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 39

1982, pg 39

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1982, pg 36

Tse Ho Tso Middle School - Best of Times Yearbook (Fort Defiance, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 55

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Tse Ho Tso Middle School - Best of Times Yearbook (Fort Defiance, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 68

1982, pg 68

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