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SIXTY FOUR 4ST MISSOURI ECHO 1964 Editor Robert Byg Business Manager Linda Luther NORTHEAST MISSOURI STATE • TEACHERS •COLLEGE KIRKSVILLE, MISSOURI ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS SPORTS CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES FEATURES ROYALTY Student life ... a spectrum of moods, intricate and simple . . . assemblies and (activities . . . the Bulldog Inn at noon . . . homework and hootenannies ... trophies and turmoil . . . spring ' s special enchantment . . . pin- mates and parties . . . a closet of odds and ends . . . queens and questions . . . resignations here and thene . . . gym suits . . . Bulldogs and Basketball . . . the wonders of No-doze . . . wonderful vacations and the joy of re- turning . . . clubs and cliques . . . the thinker and the vacuum . . . pizza and Pitch ... a percussion of feet across campus . . . the library socialites . . . retreats and receptions ... the sports cars and the sports . . . the Alma Mater . . . the beauty of the snow . . . the delight of a good time . . . the satisfaction of achievement . . . the warmth of a good friend . . . the excitement of a new challenge . . .this is student life. w Wf ' I CA f . ■ ■ -ii UU ' .ff " i 4 , 4 r . 1 - ■ s -NX " " ' " - J -: 5 " ' ■ ' - yi ' _3 - " ' ■ " ■-IH ■ - ' ' - ' il A- _ l , ---; . jsa- ' SJwCt ' V " ' 2l J 3 ■ Sfc s Qfa I - IB9 HIB r K H L HJ BHty. fl SiA ' ' T ' . Without the students the College would be an empty shell, but without the physical structure and the adminr istration the students would not be students. With a blend of the classic and the modern the old and the young. Northeast Missouri presents a complex face to the world. The campus is expanding rapidly and soon even modern Ryle Hall will seem classic. With the progressive comple- menting the conservative, the administration gives the school strong yet flexible leadership. Within the halls and offices of Northeast Missouri, decisions are made, new ideas are formed, policy is determined, friends are found, and potentional is developed. It seems strange that these structures and people do their usual fine job, and go un- recognized. Only an occasional failure and mistake brings them notoriety. Therefore, the ECHO dedicates the fol- lowing pages to the people and places responsible for the perpetual motion of the College and all its components. Kirk Memorial Langhlin Hall Raldivin Hall Baldwin Auditorium Industrial Arts Building Dohson Hall Home Management House Grim Hall Blanton Hall — Nason Hall — Brewer Hall Ryle Hall Fair Apartments Pershing. Arena Pershing, Hu tiding W t ifiir isT Bulldog, Kennels I40-lU,W Stokes S lad i III, 3S H ii in f? ' fP ■ n n .. .;i P„i|, IP- _a _• Siiiii J i !!! Ill .-J ' I St 5?j» Science Hall 4M ' fickler Library Kirk Building Architect ' s Drawing oj Violette Hall Board of Regents WALTER H. RYLE Presidenl of the College P. M. MARR Milan-President ELMER F. GIESELMAN Macon-- Vice-President EDWARD R. JAYNE Kirksville-Secretary GLENN BOLTON Lancaster ROLLINS H. BROWNLEE MARY ALICE BUNNEY Brookfield Shelbyville HUBERT WHEELER JefTerson City-Ex-Officio The President ' s Message The ECHO of 1964 is one of many year books that have been published by the students of this College. The first year book was published in 1901. It was called the Mnanieion. In the following year. 1902, its name was changed to the ECHO. This name has become familiar to thousands of students over a period of more than six decades. The ECHO this year will contain the records of our friends and classmates whom we have learned to know, cherish, and love. It will help us to remember activities and events and victories and defeats, all of which help to make our mental image of college days. No doubt this ECHO will be cherished by many, and as the years pass it will grow even dearer, for it will call back pleasant memories of yesteryear. I congratulate the Editor and his associates along with the faculty sponsor and the ECHO Board, all of whom have helped make possible this beautiful ECHO of 1964. Walter H. Ryle President President Walter H. Ryle President Ryle, with Howard Morris observing, accepts the gold master key to the college buildings from Gavin Pemberton, company repre- sentative. President Ryle accepting the first Delta Zeta Honorary Dad ' s Award from Kay Makemson. The cornerstone for the new Walter H. Ryle Hall is admired by Martin B. Dickinson. Claude Ryle, Walter H. Ryle IV, Mrs. Claude Ryle and President and Mrs. Ryle President and Mrs. Walter H. Ryle f — . , M tp w 1 1 m -.-. ■: Walter H. Ryle IV greeting his parents at the President ' s Recep- tion Sociability Hall. Deans of the College WRAY M. RIEGER Dean of Instruction A.B.. M.S., Ph.D. HENRY M. BOUCHER Dean of Student Affairs B.S. in Ed., M.A. RliTH B. REAL Dean oj Women B.S. in Education, A.M. ROBERT L. McKINNEY (on Military Leave) Assistant to the Office of the President A.B. CHARLES J. ELAM H ead, Division of Admissions B.S.. B.S. in Education. A.M. HOWARD G. MORRIS Head, Division of Maintenance f ELI F. MITTLER Head, Division of Extension Service Associate Professor of Education B.S. in Education. M.Ed.. Ed.D. Officers of Administration FETE MCOLETTI Head, Division of Busines s Service B.S. in Education, A.M. ORVILLE E. BOWERS Ion Leave) Registrar A.B., B.S. in Education, A.M. ROBERT M. WRIGHT Head, Division of Student Personnel Service Professor of Guidance B.S. in Education. M.S., Ed.D. Departmental Heads GILBERT C. KOHLENBERG Professor of English History Division of Social Science A.B., A.M., Ph.D. DALE A. JORGENSON Professor of Voice Division of Fine Arts B.Mus., M.Mus.. Ph.D. DEAN A. ROSEBERY Professor of General Science Division of Science and Mathematics B.S. in Education. A.M., Ph.D. DOROTHY PEARSON Associate Professor of Foods and Nutrition Division of Home Economics B.S. in Education, A.M. GALVIN V. HUENEMANN Professor of Literature Division of Language and Literature A.B., A.M., Ph.D. CHARLES KAUZLARICH Professor of Business Education Division of Business Education B.S. in Education. A.M., Ph.D. JOSEPH P. DOLAN Professor of Physical Education Division of Physical Education B.S., M.S., Ed.D. FLOREINE KIBLER Acting Head, Division of Libraries and Museums B.S. in Ed., A.M. (L.S.i OTHO L. BARNETT Assistant Professor of Drafting Division of Practical Arts B.S. in Education, M.Ed. IVAN E. MILLER Professor of Education Division of Education B.Mus., A.M., Ed.D. ..f A v »• ' .in hSkk ■ Emeriti CECIL H. ALLEN Professor Emeritus of Psychology B.S., A.M., Ph.D. NORVELL C. ALLEN Assistant Professor Emeritus of Agriculture B.S. in Agriculture, A.M. BERENICE B. BEGGS Assistint Professor Emeritus of English B.S. in Education, A.M. JOHN L. BIGGERSTAFF Professor Emeritus of Muisc B.M. LEWIS C. CLEVENGER Professor Emeritus of Botany BsS. in Education, A.M., Ph.D. VERA E. FAWCETT Associate Professor Emeritus of English B.S. in Education, A.M., Ph.D. GEORGE H. JAMISON Professor Emeritus of Mathematics B.S., A.M. LLORA B. MAGEE Professor Emeritus of Home Economics Ph.B., A.M., Ph.D. VIOLA A. MAGEE Assistant Professor Emeritus of Latin B.S. in Education, A.M. SALLIE PATTINSON Assistant Professor Emeritus of Rural Education B.S., A.M. FELIX ROTHSC HILD Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education A.B., A.M. PAUL 0. SELBY Dean Emeritus of Instruction Professor Emeritus of Business Education B.S. in Education, A.M., Ph.D. LUCY SIMMONS Professor Emeritus of American History A.B., B.S. in Education, A.M., Ph.D. NAN E. WADE Professor Emeritus of Languages A.B., B.S. in Education, A.M., Ph.D. WILLIE WHITSON Assistant Professor Emeritus of Primary Educa- tion B.S. in Education, A.M. Inslrnrfional staff li.s nss iltjHirtnirnlal ftnihlrnn Advising students is part of an in.striirfor ' s profrssiion. Instructional Staff iiMtii HUMBARTO ALVAREZ Assistant Professor of Spanish B.S.. M.S.. D. Ed. (Marcii HELEN A. BABBITT Instructor in Art B.S. in Ed.. A.M. RONALD E. BAGLEY Assistant Professor of Crafts B.S. in Ed.. A.M. ELMIRA BAIOTTO Instructor in Cursing Education B.S. in Ed. JANE L. BARNETT Instructor in Physical Education B.S. in Ed.. A.M. MAX E. BELL Professor of Botany B.S., M.S., Ph.D. JOHN L. BIGGERSTAFF, JR. College Physician D.O. JOHN D. BLACK Professor of Zoology A.B., A.M., Ph.D. KATHLEEN BOHON Comptroller ROBERT BRADLEY Assistant Professor of Business Education B.S. in Ed., A.M. , WALTER A. BROWNE Professor of Geography A.B., A.M., Ph.D. BESSIE BROWNING Cataloguer B.S. in Ed., A.M. (L.S.I dUk Jk LANSING W. BULGIN Professor of Music Education A.B.. M.M., Ph.D. JANE ELLEN BYRD Instructor in Basic English B.A., A.M. WILLLAM H. CABLE Director of Publications B.J. LYLE E. CARTER Assistant Professor of Arts and Crafts B.S. in Ed., A.M. KATHLEEN CHERBONNIER Assistant Professor of Special Education B.S. in Ed., A.M. ELIZABETH CLENDANIEL Instructor in English A.B.. M.A. WILLIAM D. COBOURN Associate Professor of General Psychology B.A., M.A. DLIANE R. COLE Assistant Professor of Metals B.S. in Ed., M.S. HELEN ROSEMARY COLE Professor of French B.A., M.A., Ph.D. SHEROD J. COLLINS Assistant Professor of Speech B.S. in Ed., A.M. FRANK COLTON Coordinator B.S. in Ed.. A.M. KAY CRAWFORD General Librarian B.S. in Ed. EUGENE CROARKIN Instructor in Business Education B.S. in Ed., A.M. FOREST L. CROOKS Assistant Professor of Visual Education B.S. in Ed.. M.A. am iM EARL C. CUNNINGHAM Professor of Philosophy A.B.. B.D., M.Ed.. Ed.D. IRENE DAILEY Instructor in Piano anil Theory B.S. in Ed.. M.Mus. JAMES DOUGHERTY Instructor in Physical Education; Director of Athletics B.S. in Ed., A.M. OLLIN J. DRENNAN Professor of Physics A.B.. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. BERENICE DRY Instructor in Freshman English B.S. in Ed., A.M. TOM DUDEN Band Director B.S. in Ed.. A.M. MARLOW EDIGER Associate Professor of Elementary Education. B.S. in Ed., M.S.. Ed.D. FRANCES ERDMANN Instructor in Basic English A.B. in Ed. MARY MARGARET ESTES Associate Professor of Physical Education B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D. ELIZABETH EVANS Instructor in Kindergarten B.S. in Ed., A.M. WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS Assistant Professor of Strings B.A., M.Mus. RICHARD FLASPOHLER Instructor in History B.S. in Ed., A.M. (on Leave I RONALD FLASPOHLER Instructor in the Field of Science A.B., M.S. ROBERT C. FORT Professor oj Physical Education B.S., M.A., Ed.D. ELIZABETH FRAZIER Professor of Reading B.S. in Ed., A.M. MAX Q. FREELAND Professor of Chemistry B.S. in Ed., M.S., Ph.D. C. HUGH GARDNER Associate Professor of Visual-Education B.S. in Ed., M.S.. Ph.D. KENNETH L. GARDNER Instructor in Physical Education Track Coach B.S. in Ed., A.M. VERA GARES Assistant Professor in Business Education B.S. in Ed., A.M. HENRY K. GIBSON Assistant Professor of Sociology B.S.. M.S. JOHN C. GOETZE Instructor in Instrumental Music B.S. in Ed.. A.M. MASSYE E. GOINS Professor of Elementary Guidance B.S:. M.Ed.. Ed.D. GERALDINE GO.SGH Instructor in Clothing and Textiles A.B., M.S. LOREN V. GRISSOM Professor of English Education B.S. in Ed.. M.Ed.. Ed.D. DONALD R. GROFF Instructor in Mathematics B.A., M.A. CHARLES E. GROSS Professor of Organic Chemistry B.A.. M.Sc, Ph.D. HANS H. HAGEMANN Associate Professor of German A.B., A.M.. Ph.D. WILLIAM F. HALL Professor of Speech Education B.S. in Ed.. M.A.. Ph.D. JANET E. HARRISON Temporary Teacher in the field of Freshman English A.M. RUSSELL HARRISON Director, Alumni Activities A.B. mk 4 GEORGE W. HERMANN Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. ELOISE HILL Instructor in English B.S. in Ed.. A.M. ALFRED HOLZMEIER Housing Secretary B.S. RALPH HOUSE Professor of Psychology B.S. in Ed.. A.M., Ed.D. LALRA RITH HULSE Instructor in Business Education B.S. in Ed.. A.M. NAMIKO IKEDA Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., M.A.. Ph.D. LEON KAREL Professor of Theory B.Mus., A.M., Ph.D. VERYL F. KEEN Associate Professor in Biology B.S. in Ed.. M.S.. M.A. W. BOYD KING Instructor in Physical Education; Basketball Coach B.S. in Ed., A.M. BARBARA KINSEY Assistant Professor of Vocal Music B.A., M.A. FREDERIC A. KIRCHBERGER Professor of Piano A.M., Mus.D. RALPH D. KIRKENDALL Instructor of Speech ; Debate Coach A.B.. M.A. PAULINE D. KNOBBS Professor of Social Science Education B.S. in Ed., A.M.. Ph.D. MARY JANE KOHLENBERG Temporary Teacher in Mathematics A.B., A.M. LESTER R. KUHLMAN Associate Professor of Agriculture B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. «■ i,. mihmM SAMUEL LESSEIG Instructor in Mathematics B.S., M.S. TAYLOR LINDSEY Professor oj Secondary Education; Director of Student Teaching A.B., A.M., Ed.D. MARTHA McCLASKEY Instructor in English A.B.. B.S. in Ed.. A.M. KENNETH M. McGUIRE Instructor in Speech C.orreqtion B.S. in Ed.. M.A. ( on Leave I GRACE McREYNOLDS Instructor in Elementary Education B.S. in Ed.. A.M. DAVID D. MARCH Professor of American History B.S., A.M.. Ph.D. WILLIAM R. MATTHEW Principal. Ophelia Parrish Junior High School B.S. in Ed.. A.M. MARCELINE C. MELDRUM Assistant Professor of Romance Languages B.A.. M.A. HAROLD MICKELSON Professor of Business Education B.S. in Ed.; A.M., Ed.D. KENNETH MILLER Associate Professor of Voice B.S., M.Miis. Ed., M.Mus.. Ph.D. WILLIAM T. MINOR Assistant Professor of Woodmorking B.S. in Ed., M.S. JOSEPH L. MITCH Assistant Professor of Business Education B.S. in Ed., A.M. CHARLOTTE MITTLER Temporary Teacher of Background of the Modern World B.S. in Ed., A.M. H. CHANDLER MONROE Assistant Professor of Public Speaking B.A. in Ed., M.A. HUBERT T. MOORE Instructor in Basic English B.S. in Ed., M.A. r LARRY J. MORLEY Temporary Assistant Instructor in Mathematics B.S. in Ed. ROLAND F. NAGEL Professor of Industrial Education B.S. in Ed.. M.Ed., Ed.D. DUANE NORMAN Instructor in Mathematics B.S. in Ed., M.S. D. D. NOTHDURFT Associate Professor of Industrial Arts B.S. in Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D. WILLIAM P. NOVINGER Instructor in Mathematics B.S. in Ed., M.A. DENNIS J. O ' BRIEN Temporary Teacher in the Field of World History B.S., M.A. MELVIN L. OLSON Assistant Professor of Painting B.A., M.A. ALICE LOUISE OWEN Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Physiology B.A.. M.S., Ph.D. JOHN B. OWEN Associate Professor of Biology B.S. in Ed., M.S.. Ph.D. NO-YONG PARK Research Lecturer on World Peace and Far Eastern Affairs A.B.. A.M., Ph.D. NITA PATTERSON Instructor in Fine Arts B.S. in Ed., A.M. WILMA PATTERSON Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology A.B.. A.M. (on Leave) RALPH PINK Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S. in Ed., M.A. MARY FRANCES POTTER Temp orary Teacher in the Field of Business Edu- cation B.S.. B.S. in Ed.. M.A. J. R. PliRUY Professor of Mathematics B.S!, M.A., Ph.D. W - .(. li M ' iSiyiliSiiililiS ALBERTO RABAGO Assislaiil Professor oj Latin B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.. A.M. JACK H. REISKE Associate Proiessor oj Guidance B.M.E.. M.A., Ph.D. CHARLOTTE REVELLE Instructor in Home Management B.S. in Ed., M.S. NOAH P. RICHARDSON Director, Bureau of Correspondence and Extension Teaching B.S. in Ed., A.M. WILLIAM W. RICHERSON Instructor in Physical Education; Assistant Football Coach B.S. in Ed.. A.M. WALTER H. RYLE, IV Assistant Professor of Latin American History B.S. in Ed., A.B., A.M. ROBERT SCHNUCKER Assistant Professor of Religious Education A.B., B.D., M.A. ELIZABETH SCHUETZ Periodical Librarian A.B.. M.A. DONALD SCRIVEN Assistant Professor of Economics B.S. in Ed.. A.M. KERLIN SEITZ Associate Professor of Geography B.S. in Ed., Ph.D. JOHN H. SETTLAGE Associate Professor of General Science Education B.S. in Ed.. iVI.Ed., Ed.D. JAMES G. SEVERNS Associate Professor of Dramatics B.S., M.A. RALPH SHAIN Instructor in Industrial Arts B.S. in Ed., A.M. BING KUN SHAO Associate Professor of Economics A.B., M.S., Ph.D. WILLARD SIMS Instructor in Physical Education; Assistant Basketball Coach B.S. in Ed.. A.M. AGNES SLEMONS AssislanI Professor of Journalism and English B.S. in Ed., A.M. EUGENE SMITH Instructor in Physics B.S. in Ed.. M.S. THOMAS B. SONGSTER Instructor in Physical Education B.A., A.M. JAMES W. SPARKS Instructor in Speech Correction B.S. in Ed., A.M. MARTHA SPATH Instructor in Physical Education B.S. in Ed., A.M. ALFRED H. SRNKA Instructor in Freshman Speech B.S. in Ed.. A.M. RICHARD ST. CLAIR Associate Professor of Education B.S. in Ed.. AM. KENNETH C. SYKES Administrative Assistant A.A., A.B. HALBERT B. TATE Professor of School Administration B.Ed.. M.S.. Ph.D. LINN TERRY Professor of Elementary Education A.A., A.B.. M.Ed.. Ed.D. MARY EVELYN THURMAN Assistant Instructor in Twirling B.S. in Ed. RUTH TOWNE Associate Professor of American History B.S. in Ed.. A.M.. Ph.D. CLAUDINE TRIPLETT Instructor in Elementary Music B.S. in Ed.. M.E. PETER J. TURANO Professor of Political Science B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. WILLIAM E. UNGER Assistant Professor of Fine Arts PAUL VAN DYKE Associate Professor of Educational Psychology B.A., M.A. MAURICE E. WADE histructor in Physical Education Football Coach A.B., A.M. DONALD E. WALKER Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., B.S. in Ed. GARDNER B. WALKER Professor of Psychology B.S., M.S., Ed.D. FRANCES WALSH Assistant Professor of Children ' s Literature B.S. in Ed.. A.M. D. DOUGLAS WATERS Professor of English Literature B.A., M.A., Ph.D. KARL E. WEBB Professor of Theory B.S. in Ed., A.M. RICHARD K. WEERTS Associate Professor of Woodwind B.S. in Mus. Ed.. M.A.. Ed.D. LEON A WHITTOM Assistant Professor in English A.B.. B.S. in Ed., A.M. STANLEY WILLIAMS Instructor in Business Education B.S. in Ed.. A.M. ELIZABETH WILSON Instructor in Home Economics A.E., B.S. in Ed., M.S. SARAH GRIM WIMP Assistant Professor of Health B.S. in Ed., R.N., A.M. (on Leave I DALE WOODS Professor of Mathematics B.S., M.S., Ed.D. ELIZABETH WORRELL Professor of Speech B.S., M.S., Ph.D. ARNOLD ZUCKERMAN Assistant Professor of European History B.A., M.A. SALLY ATHA Bookkeeper, Division oj Business Service IRMA BEETS Supervisor, Stenographic Office JOSEPHINE BENANTI Stenographer, Stenographic Office DONALD G. BOWLING Assistant to Dean oj Instruction, Dean of Instruction ' s Office GEORGIA CODA Secretary, Dean of Instruction ' s Office BARBARA COUPLAND Bookkeeper. Division of Business Service MARGARET EASLEY Secretary, Alumni Office MARILYN GIBBONS Stenographer, Ojjice of Registrar MAXINE GOODWIN PBX Operator, Division ol Business Service PATTY GRUBER Bookkeeper Division of Business Service DOROTHY HEVEL Secretary Oliice ol Registrar SANDRA HUBBARTT Secretary. Office of President Offi VALERIE JOHNSON Secretary-Writer Alumni Office NANCY KENEPP Stenographer, Division ol Personnel Service JUDY KILLDAY Stenographer. Stenographic Office BARBARA KNUDSEN Secretary, Division of Extension Service BETTY LONGWITH Secretary, Dean of Student AHairs Oliicr RONALD LEE MARTIN Assistant to Registrar Registrar ' s Ojjice KAREN MASON Secretary, Admissions Ojjice BENNE MILLER Library Assistant, Library BETTY MILLER Bookkeeper, Division of Business Service Staff BEVERLY MILLION Stenographed, Oltiee oj Registrar OVETA MINTER Secretary, Athletic Ojjice JO ANNE MORITZ SerretarY, Dean •of Instruction ' s Office BARBARA MOSS Stenographer, Correspondence Office KAREN MOSSBARGER Stenographer. Division ol Education Oltiee MARIJANE MOTTER Bookkeeper, Division ol Business Service WILMA NEWMAN Secretary, Division ol Personnel Service CAROLE O ' BRIEN Foreign Student Adviser, Dean of Student Affairs Office WANDA OLINGER Stenographer, Division oj Extension Service MARLENE PAYNE Secretary, Division of Maintenance Service MARLEE ROMINE Stenographer, Division of Health P. E. Office KATHRYN RUNYON Bookkeeper, Division of Business Service PEGGY SHARP Stenographer, Dean ol Women ' s Office CHARLENE SIEGRIST Stenographer, Office of Registrar LAN A SISSOM Stenographer, Oflice of Registrar CAROLYN STONE Secretary, Dean of Women ' s Office KATHLEEN THOMAS Stenographer. Stenographic Office LORRAINE WALLACE Secretary, Division ol Personnel Service SUE WATERMAN Stenographer. Division oi Personnel Service MARY ANN WILLIAMS Secretary, Library MARY V. WILLIAMS Bookkeeper, Division of Business Service r ' 5 - ,. ■ 0f Ji Xi vtlir;i«t nii ' aoiii ' tiijtiv Cti» isirVvt w CuVlev-Xi " iirlio illc jHi Hmtalb tec flRartlu ill a 6t in- n " Xitvi Ml.,, ui 111, ,,,„, „t „iit «.•t Graduation from college is the end of only one por- tion of life; it is actually the beginning to an entire new future. Leaving his close home and family ties for the first time, the starry-eyed freshman begins college. The returning sophomore lias anticipations of renewing ac- quaintances with many friends and believes he has finally mastered the art of studying for college courses. As he has reached the half -nay mark of his college career, the junior is looking forward to his chosen field in professional education. Seniors have varied emotions and ideas toward practice teaching and their immediate goal of graduation. They remember often that graduation in itself is not an end but only a beginning to their future. I SEATED: Bryan Waterman, vice-president; Harry Butler, president; Judy Cannon, secretary; Joe Stevenson, councilman. Graduates Kenneth Arscott LaGrange, Illinois W History ■ -. ' , Samuel Boyd Pittsfield, Illinois ffl| Physical Education f " Larry Brenizer Queen City v Industrial Arts ' w ' " ! Harry Butler Centerville, Iowa HT ' ' Industrial Arts B IF H Edward Chang Hong Kong Secondary Administration Albert Cocannouer Hurdland Elementary Education Alfredo Domingo Llocos Morte, Philippines Elementary School Administration ,„ Lucy Ellison Williamstown •-; Elementary Education . Telea Falealii American Samoa i Elementary Education m7 James Farr Salem, Iowa Social Science Helen Fong Hong Kong, China Sociology Edna Glenn Macon . T J5 " Ht f ' Art Marvin Greiwe St. Charles — yri Business Administration . k ' Sf ' M Tae Han Pusan, Korea V J k Education H A H Carol Hartman Gorin • • Music Education aH Bruce Hill Kirksville iC k Social Science s imii aiiiumiaiHuvaaanaaimRaKSmBiBH Efl r 8ri . ■i . C O- ,o (T ( o Q: a Tom Hoyt Quincy, Illinois Industrial Arts Erskine Hughes Kirksville Social Science Marion Johnson Kirksville Business Education Ben Keller Kirksville Industrial Arts Billy Kendall Kirksville Industrial Arts John Kenney Chillicothe Biology Joseph Ku Hong Kong, China Sociology Ross Littrell Mendon Industrial Arts Yen Lue Taiwan, China Education Viola Martin Kirksville Elementary Education Richard Mason Moravia, Iowa Mathematics Marjorie Moore Moulton, Iowa English La Verne Mosher Clinton, Iowa Psychology James Priebe Quincy, Illinois Music Education Manuel Rabago Mexico City, Mexico Art Yoo Sang Rhee Korea Secondary Education Fred Roensch Linneus General Science Cesar Sabulao Philippines Secondary Education Kamran Sandjari Tehran, Iran History Suzanne Shettle Raytown Business Education Mohammad Smaily Tehran, Iran Biology Harry Smith Florissant Industrial Arts Joseph Stevenson Macon Biology Lela Sykes Kirksville English Charoon Tongthaworn Thailand Secondary School Administration Richard Unkrich Birmingham, Iowa Industrial Arts James Weigand. . . .Westwood, New Jersey Physical Education Young Yoon Seoul, Korea History SEATED: David Hall, vice-president; Bob Thomas, president; Susie Hanna, treasurer. STANDING: Diana Davidson, councilwoman; Ed Schlief, councilman; Mary Spruytte, secretary. Seniors Dale Adams O-erland Park, Kansas History. Howard Adams Keokuk, Iowa SocioloBy. Karen Adams Arbela Chrmisliy. Alpha Phi Sigma; Kappa Dello I ' l: Siema Zrla. prcsi. Aenl. nfcrelary-lreasurcr; Wesley Foundali.i.. : ' . ' CCF; Who ' s Who. Wesley Alkire Hannibal History. Historical Society; BSU. v C - W. k Garry Becker Newark S„Lial Scien.e. Richard Beelendorf Rock Falls, Illinois Industrial Arts. SNEA ; LICCF. Tony Beeler Lancaster MalhenialicsPhysical Educalion. June Beltzer Kirksville Socioloev. Alpha Sipnia Alpha; Historical Society; Newman Club; Panhellenic Ccintil: Student Social Commitlee; College Usher. Terry Allen Worthington Social Science. Said Al-Tai Bagdad. Iraq Mathematics. . bdullah Al-Yassi Mosul. Iraq PhlSHS. Lois Amedei Bevier Business Kilucatinn. lpha Phi Siema ; Pi Omeja Pi, secretary; SNFA. Sydne Amer Brunswick PhvMcal E.lucation. SNF.A ; V, ' : PEM Club. Doris Anderson Queen City Home E,,.n..mi,s. Joyce .Anderson Queen City Enelish. Linda Armbruster Bettendorf, Iowa Biolocy. SNEA. Robert Babcock Kirksville Industrial Arts. Walter Baines Wentzville Paul Baker Clarence Biciliip,. Mary Flo Barnett Kirksville Music Ednration. eolian Club; Alpha Sigma Alpha, vice. presi- dent ; Cardinal Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council; Or- chestra; Band, alunmi secretary. Mustafa Bascavusoglu Ankara. Turkey Business Adniinistr.iliun. Sharon Basler Bevier An- Hon.irarv Art Club; SNEA: Youne Democrats; Echo Staff. Edward Baumbach Teaneck, New Jersey Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Larry Beaver Fulton Physical Education. Alpha Phi Gamma; Sigma Tau Gamma, vice- president; SNEA: Echo Kinc 1900. )l -„ ; f Jul William Berry Canton Music Educalion. Aeolian Club: Al].ha Plii Omeja. treasurer; Wesley Foundation; Onheslra; NEMO; Student Council, president; Band; Who ' s Who. Helen Bishop Montgomery City Social Science, international Club; PeopletoFeople. secretary; Wesley Foundation, vice-president; 4.H. Lynne Bisson Clinton, Iowa Sociology. Louis Black St. Louis Business Administration. Margaret Blair Elsberry Business Adnnnislraliun. International Club; Wesley Foundation, slate representative; YounR Democrats; Economic Circle. Norton Bohon Kirksville Zoolocy. Rebecca Boling Monroe City Bioocy. Alpha Phi Siema ; Kappa Delta Pi; Si ma Zeta; Band. Kenneth Bopp Waterloo, Iowa Economics. Alpha Phi Sipma, president; Blue Key. secretary; Kappa Delia Pi; SNEA; Economic Circle, treasurer. CJiarlotte Borron Atlanta Home Economics. Colliecon Club. James Boulware Palmyra Mathematics. Al Bowles Affton Pl, sical Education. Sitma Tau Ganin.a. Brenda Bowling Chesterfield Physical Education. SNEA; W A ; PEM Club; 4-H; Girls Intra- murals. Jacqueline Boyer St. Louis Elciiicnlary Education. SNEA; Orchestra. Julia Brandt Brunswick German. Helen Breidenstein Kahoka Mathematics. Alpha Phi Sipma ; Prcl.av.. clerk; Sigma Zeta; Wesley Foundation; Youni; Re|.ublican», secreLiry ; Band. Bill Brendel Park Ridge, New Jersey Physical Education. Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Sifma Epsilon. re- cording secrelaiy; SNEA. Alma Bennett St. Louis Physical Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha, treasurer, chaplain; K- Dettes. president; WAA ; PEM Club; Student Council; Student 11 Social Committee; Girls Intramurals. || Kent Bennett St. Louis Physical Education. Alj.ha Phi Omega; K-Club ; Phi Sigma Epsilon. Carolyn Berndt Mercer Nursing. LeRoy Berry Louisiana Physical Education. Track. ■ l9l ? ' f o . ■• ' ' 7 ' l f ' - " f " ' ?9 ! ' 1 - William Buschling Canton Accounling-Business Education. Alpha Plii Sigma: Kappa Delia Pi: Pi Omega Pi: bNEA. Donna Buttz Corydon, Iowa Home Economics. Sigma Kappa: Colhecon Club. Edith Buwalda Pella, Iowa French. Reuben Buwalda Pella, Iowa Jan Brewer Brookfield Physical Education. BSU. president; Blue Key: SNEA ; English Club: Tau Kappa Epsilon, pledge trainer. Theodore Bricker Quincy, Illinois Art. Honorary Art Clulj. president; Sigma Tan Gamma; S.NEA ; Intramural " . Sharon Brinegar Ottumwa, Iowa Elen.entars Education. SNEA. Jerry Brookhart Kahoka Industrial rts. Carl Brooks St. Charles Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club: Phi Sigma Epsilon. Kenneth Brooks Sturgeon Mathematics. Carolyn Brown Kirksville Spauish-Frcnch. Kappa Delta Pi. Ed Brown Madison Element ary Education. Alpha Phi Omega, i.resident, yicepresidenl : ACE; Sigma 1 au Caraina ; SNEA; Young Democrats; Student Mentor. Yolanda Browne St. Louis Nursins. Margaret Bruner Powersville .Music. Donna Bruse Princeton Business Education. Alpha Phi Sigina; Cardinal Key; Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Omega Pi. treasurer; SNEA; Wesley Foundation. William Bryant Kansas City Accounting. Thomas Buckman Monroe City Business Education. Inlertraternity Council, treasurer; Newman Club: Sigma Tau Gamma, president; Young Democrats, treasurer; Intramurals: Who ' s Who. Donald Burkhalter Wellsville David Burns Memphis Geography. Kay Burns Mexico Home Economics. Jerry Byrn Greentop Indusrrial Arts. Margaret Cahall Montgomery City Home Economics. Joan Case Mexico Elemenlary Education. ACE,, liislorian ; SNEA; Wesley Foundalion ; WAA. historian. David Cate Quincy, Illinois Accounting. Shane Cavanah Marceiine Physical Education. Alpha Phi Gamma: Intcrfralernity Council, vice-president; KClub; Oral Interpreters: Phi Sigma Epsilon. president; UCCF; Who ' s Who: Student Mentor: Football. Suzanne Chamberlin Chillicothe Biology. Alpha Phi Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi: Sigma Kappa; Sigma Zeta. Mary Cheung Kowloon, Hong Kong Library Science. Jean Childress Memphis Elementary ' Education. ACE; SNEA. Han Choi Seoul, Korea Economics. International Club. Margaret Christensen Fayette English. Alpha Phi Sigma; Cardinal Key; Kappa Delta Pi. vice, president ; SNEA : Brewer Dormitory, president. Stephany Chronioga St. Louis Recreational Leadership. KDcttes; SNEA. William Chronister Ferguson English. Jeanette Church Hillsboro. Iowa Business Education. Carl Clark St. Charles Business Administration. Margaret CJarke Louisiana Home Ec.momirs. Colheron Club: Delta Zeta: SNE . Billy Claybrook Green Castle Mathematics. f K P m Marjorie Clifton Quincv. Illinois Elementarv Donna Coleman Hannibal English. Kappa Delta Pi: Student Social Committee ; English Club; Ryle Dormitory Council. Larry Collins Lucerne Industrial Arts. Violet Compton Lewistovvn Harold Condra Seymour, Iowa Physical Education. BSU ; SNEA. Alice Conley Troy Business Adroinislralion. Donald Cook Clarence Industrial Arts. Lawrence Corbin Shelbina Biology. 1 1 C Charlotte Cormeny Centerville, Iowa Recreational Leadcrsliii.. Salvatore Costa Florissant Geopraphv. Si|;ma Tau Gamma; Youns Democrats. Vilnia Coto C sta Rica Spanish. William Couch Quincy, Illinois Business Adminislralion. ' Donald Cox Batavia, Iowa Biology. Larry Coy Kirksville Industrial Arts. Albert Cozzoni Hazelwood Social Science. Gary Crump Kirksville History. Alpha Phi Omega; Blue Key; College Players; Historical Society; SNEA. Gerald Cupp Kirksville Zoology. Alpha Phi Omega; Blue Key; College Players; Sigma Zela. Mary Daily Milan Business Education. International Club; Newman Club, secretary; SNEA. secretary; Beta Tau Delta; Economic Circle; Student Men- tor; Student Social Committee; Blanton, president. William Daily Milan Mathematics. Alpha Phi Sigma; Blue Kev. president, sergeant at arms; Kappa Delta Pi. president; Newman Club, president; Sigma Zeta; SNEA; Young Republicans; Student Council; Intramurals; Who ' s Who. Diana Davidson Memphis Art.Engish. Sigma Kappa; SNEA; NEMO; Student Council. Delores Davis Monroe City Physical Education. Newman Club; SNEA; PEM Club; WAA. Robert Davis Wellsville Mathematics. Mary Day Macon Home Economics. Carolyn Dean Shelbina History. Alpha Phi Sigma; Historical Society, secretary-treasurer; Newman Club; SNEA, historian; Young Democrats, secretary; Stu- dent Mentor; Student Social Committee. Clark Dobbs St. Louis English. BSU; Oral Inlerprclers; SNEA : Enslish Club. Marion Dolan Kirksville Nuraine. Kenneth Douglas Overland rl9. Alplia Phi Omega; Injuslrial Arts Club: Tau Kappa Epsil..u; Inlramurals. Joe Downs Albia, Iowa Elementary Education. Alpha Phi Omega; ACE; Sigma Tau Gam. ma; SNEA: Young Democrats. Michael Doyle Auxvasse Social Science. BSU. president; Inlramurals. Mary Droddy Kirkwood Physical Education. BSU; SNEA; WAA, president; PEM Club; Girls Inlramurals. John Dromey Baring Mathematics. Alpha Phi Sigma, vice-president; Blue Key, directory editor; Kappa Delta Pi; Newman Club; Sigma Zela; SNEA. Barbara Dunham Wellsville Physical Education. WAA; PEM Club; Girls Inlramurals. Sharon Easterday Knox City Elementary Education. ACE; BSU; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Social Committee; Independent Club; College Usher; Student Mentor; SNEA; Student Council. William Edwards St. Louis Sociology. BSU. vice-president; NEMO; International Club. Kenneth Eldridge Quincy, Illinois Business Administration. Howard Elsberry Moberly Business Administration. Joyce Elsberry Moberly Social Science. Dave Engle Ottumwa, Iowa Biology. Alpha Kapl.a Lambda. Gary Epperly Milton, Iowa Botany. Alpha Phi Sigma: Sigma da. Mildred Falconer Mexico Business Education. BSU; Pi Omega Pi. Gerald Deardorfl Avalon Social Science. Howard Dearing Marceline Business Administration. Football; Track. Sandra de Jongh San Jose, Costa Rica English-Spanish. English Club; International Club; Newman Club. Larry Dennison Webster Groves ir| h -! MiMi V I ' :r " ' ■ ' " ■ ' Marianna Giovannini Kirksville Art. Honorary rt Club: K-Dplles: Newman Club; SNEAj Bela Tau Delia, presidenl ; Echo Slafl. Joseph Glaser Chicago, Illinois E.lucalion. Alpha Phi Sigma ; Inlcrlralernity Council; Kappa Delia Pi; Phi Sigma Epsilon ; SNEA ; Sludenl Council, councilman; Sludenl Social Commillee; Who ' s Who; Index Re- porler. William Gorham Huntsville Accounling. Danny Gotheridge Seymour. Iowa Sociology. Gary Faucett Memphis Art. Gerald Fehr Perry Industrial Arts. Peggy Fields Monroe City Home Economics. Jack Finch Kirksville Sociology. Judith Fisher Higbee Elemenlary Education. Sandra Fitzgerald Palmyra Business Education. Pi Omepa Pi; Independent Club. Marvin Flanders Knoxville. Iowa Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsilon ; SNEA. Lewis Fleak Edina Bioogy. Agriculture Club, president, vice-president, treasurer; Al- Phi Sigma; SNEA; 4.H; Independent Club. Clyde Forbes Unionville Business Education. Pi Omega Pi, president. David Fortney Kirksville English. Charles Fugate Memphis Hislory. Frank Fuller Princeton Business Administration. Economic Circle. Joan Galbraith Canton Home Economics. Colhecon Club; Delta Zela : Newman Club; SNEA ; Young Republicans. Roma Gardner Edina An. Diana Gay Kirksville Business Education- Businesi Administration. Cardinal Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Newman Club; Pi Omega Pi. president; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Economic Circle; Student Mentor; ColIeBe Usher. Ricky George Princeton Music Education. Aeolian Club; Band; Blue Key; BSU ; Kappa n llj Pi; Orchestra; NEMO; Student Mentor. Robert Grandia Kirksville Indiisrrial Arls. Harry Green Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sociolo ). College Players; Hjslorical Soclelv; International Club; Economic Circle: Intramurals. Ronald Griep ' Quincy, Illinois Industrial Arts. Alpha Phi Omeea ; Industrial Arts Club; Sigma Tau Gamma: SNEA ; Young Republicans: Football; Track. Mary Griffith Cjawfordsville, Iowa Elementary Education. ACE, secretary; Colhecon Club; SNEA. Phillip Griffith Louisiana Industrial Arts. Inilustrial Arts Club, sergeant at arms: Phi Sigma Epsilon. DeVon Griffiths Kirksville Industrial Arts. Marva Guinn Rutledge Music. Jerry Hagmeier Keokuk, Iowa Industrial Arts. Donald Hagood Hannibal Social Science. David Hall Davenport, Iowa Zoology. Alpha Kappa Lambda, vice-president; Alpha Phi Omega; Interfralernity Council; Prc-Osteopathic Club, president; SNEA; Young Republicans; UCCF; Intramurals; Senior Class. vice- pre.ident. Karen Hallgren Ottumwa, Iowa English. Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Zeta ; SNEA; English Club; Ryle Hall Dormitory Council, president. Roy Hamilton Shelbina Physical Education. Alpha Phi Sigma; Newman Club: SNEA. Donald Hamm Exline, Iowa Physical Educaliim. Errol Hammond Bronx, New York Sociology. Glenda Hampton St. Louis. Illinois Speech Correction. (Iral Interpreters, treasurer; Pi Kappa Delta; ACE. Harriet Hampton Louisiana Elementary Education. o .o ' ' m Susie Hanna Kansas City Elementary Education. .Alpha Sigma .Alpha, president, pledge trainer, scholarship chairman; ACE; Cardinal Key; KDetles, vice- president, historian, treasurer; Panhetlenic Council, president; SNEA; WAA; Student Council, councilwoman, council member at large; UCCF; Girls Intramurals; Who ' s Who. Barbara Hanson Hamilton, Illinois Elementary Education. Ronald Hardgrove Cedar, Iowa Social Science. Danny Hargrave Moulton, Iowa Mathematics. Judith Harness Bowling Green Elementary Education. Charles Harris Hannibal Social Science. Dennis Harris Gilman, Iowa Business .Administration. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Lars Harris Hannibal Physical Education. .Alpha Phi Omeua : Alpha Ph, Sigma; BSU ; K-Club, reporter; SNEA ; Student Council, vice. president ; Student Mentor; Student Social Committee, president; Football; Tennis. ikdiM Yoko Haru Osaka, Japan Art. H..norary Art Club; International Club. Darrel Harvey Center Physical Education. BSU; Blue Key; Phi Sigma Epsilon; SNEA. Pat Hediger Kirksville Art-Social Science. Alpha Phi Sigma; Honorary Art Club, secre- tary; BSL " ; Historical Society; Kappa Delta Pi: SNEA; Young Democrats; Echo Staff. Audrey Heithaus St. Louis Physical Education. SNEA: WAA ; PEM Club. Roger Hendren Gilman City, Iowa Comfort Henley New Cambria History. Dennis Hesskanip St. Charles Business Administration. Alpha Phi Omega: Phi Sigma Epsilon; Intramorals. Donald Hevel Palmyra Mathematics. Lindenette Hew Lahaina, Hawaii Spanish. Who ' s Who. Lynn Hill Moscow Mills Home Economics. Wesley Foundation. Mary Hintz Wellsville Home Economics. Judith Hoer Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Elementary Education. Aeolian Club; College Players; Newman Club; Band; Orchestra. Paul Hoer Mexico Geography. Newman Club; Pie-Law ; Young Republicans. George Hoffmann Lemay English. Alpha Phi Sigma; Newman Cub; SNEA. Jerre HoUoway Fiothville Physical Education. SNEA; Young Democrats. Judy Hoover Princeton Business Education. Delta Zeta, treasurer; Pi Omega Pi. president; Cardinal Key. vice-president; Alpha Phi Sigma, treasurer: Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation: WAA; SNEA; Student Social Com. Glen Hubbartt Drakesville, Iowa Buimess Ea.icalion. Linda Huebner . . . Denmark, Iowa Elementary Educalion. ACE: Sigma Kappa; SNEA ; Young Re- publicans. Carolyn Huff St. Louis Physical Education. Delia Zela ; WAA: PEM Club. James Hughes Osborn Business Educalion. BSU. Ken Hutchison Salisbury Business Administration. Wayne Hutton Clarence Biology. Domenick Ingolia Kansas City Zoology. Aleehta Jackson Macon Business E.lucalion. College Usher: K-Deltes. Karen Jacobs Humphreys Elementary Education. Kindergarten Educalion. ACE: SNEA: Ele- mentary Major ' s Chorus; Independenl Club: Student Social Com- Keith Jerome Kirksville Physical Education. Jerry Johnson Keytesville Business Educalion.Accounling. Alpha Phi Sigma: Cardinal Key. secretary; Delia Zela, vire-presideni ; Kappa Delia Pi; Pi Omega Pi- Economic Circle- Who ' s Who Robert Johnson Huntsville Accounting- Mavis Johnston Milton, Iowa Kindergarten Education. ACE; Sigma Kappa, historian: S.NEA ; Young Rei.ublicans. historian ; UCCF. Anthony Jones Chicago, Illinois Ph sical Education. Inlerfralernily Council; Phi Sigma Epsilon : SNEA; Student Social Committee. Cheri Jones Mercer Business Education. Pi Omega Pi. secretary; Cardinal Key. treas- urer; Alpha Phi Sigma: College Usher; SNEA. treasurer; Student Mentor; Student Social C ommillee; Delta Z,!ta. historian, political committee: WAA ; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who. Dal Jones Des Moines, Iowa Industrial Ana. Alpha Phi Sigma: Industrial rts Club, president: Phi Sigma Epsilon; SNEA; Track- Lois Hopkins Edina .Nursing- BSU; International Club; Student Nurses, president. Don Hopp Williamsburg, Iowa Music. Aeolian Club; Alpha Kappa Lambda: College Players; NEMO: UCCF. Thomas Horace St. Louis Social Science. Alpha Phi Omega, vice-president: Alpha Phi Gamma; Historical Society, president; Newman Club, president. Iiisti.rian: Sigma Tau Gamma; SNEA; Young Democrats; Young Republicans: Band; Intramurals; Sophomore Class, president. Patty Howell Kirksville Business Education. Pi Omega Pi: Stgrna Sigma Sigma, treasurer. P P- Raymond Kruel St. Charles Physical Education. Michaela Kursar Asher, Oklahoma Business EJucalion. Pete Lackey Kirksville Physical Educaliun. Linda Lantz Kirksville Elcmenlary Educalinn. Alpha Siema Alpha, secretary; ACE; K- Dettes. secretary; SiNEA : College Usher. Donna Jones Kirksville Elejnenlary E.lucalion. ACE, treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA. Flora Jones Marceline Art. Honorary Art Club; BSU ; NEMO. Lea Jones Queen City Home Economics. Colhecon Club. Randy Jones St. Louis General Science. Dolores Kanan Kirksville Elementary Education. Max Kearse Kirksville General Science. Twila Kearse Kirksville Elementary Education. ACE; SNEA: Kappa Delta Pi. Ernest Keller Shelby ville Industrial Arts. Edward Kelly Kirksville Zoology. Interfraternity Council, president; K-Club; Newman Club; Sigma Tau Gamma, president; Young Democrats; Freshman Class, vice.president; Student Council; Football. Young Kim Seoul, Korea Mathematics. Marcia Kimball Fort Madison, Iowa Socioloc . Kappa Delta Pi; WAA. Nona Knight Kirksville Home Economics. Melva Knowles Brunswick Biology. Delta Zeta ; Gamma Delta, president; KDetles; SNEA. Atta Kousari Hamadan, Iran Agriculture. Donald Krigbaum Hannibal S...ial Science. Leon Krueger Kirksville Chemistry-Mathematics. m Richard Latimer Edina Business Administration. Yonlene Lau Honolulu. Hawaii Elementary Education. Barbara Lee Imperial Speech. Lolleee Players: Oral Inteipreter : SNEA : Debate. Richard Lehmann St. Charles Elementary Education. Alpha Phi Sigma; .ACE, president, vice- president; Historical Society; Interfraternity Council; Newman Clul), president, vice-president; SNEA, vice-president; Student Mentor; Student Social Cmniittee; Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice- president; Who ' s Who. William Lewis University City History- Aeolian Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Historical Society; Intertralernily Council; Pre-Law ; Sigma Tau Gamma, sergeant at arms; .SNEA; NE.MO, vice-president. Gerald Liebhart Browning Biology. Agriculture Cluh, president, secretary; Mpha Phi Sigma; BSU; SNEA; Independent Club, vice-president. Kenneth Linke Warrenton Industrial Arts. Gerald Long Marceline Business Administration. Economic Circle. Kay Lovett Leon, Iowa Elementary Education. Judith Lowther Carlisle, Iowa Social Science, Alpha Phi Sigma; Cardinal Key; Delta Zeta, vice- president; Historical Society; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA, Janice Lox Fort Madison, Iowa Elementary Eduratiun. John Lucas Kirkwood History- Historical Society; SNEA; Young Democrats; Intramurals. Jean Ludemann Danville, Iowa Elementary Education, ACE; SNEA; Youn;: Republicans. Dorothy Luey Hong Kong, China Elementary Education, Maria Luetgens Goettingen, Germany John Lundgren Burlington, Iowa lp «cf. » .- - It .. ' Iw ft f ■I Jane Lyng New London Elementary E.lucaliuii. SNEA, Carolyn McCuUy Armstrong Home Economics. Alpha Phi Sigma; Colhecon Club; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; UCCF, vice-president. Barbara McGinnis Kansas City Elementary Education. Sigma Kappa; WAA. Roger McGraw Salisbury Music Education. Aeolian Club; BSU; College Players; Young Republicans; NEMO. JoAnn McMurry Jefferson City Elemenlarv Education. ACE, treasurer; BSU. vice-president; Cardinal Key; International Club; Kappa Delta Pi. Iiistorian ; SNEA. secretary; NEMO. Darrell McNiel Batavia, Iowa Business Administration. Joseph Mabry Wellsville Mathematics. Alpha Phi Sigma; Blue Key; Kappa Delta Pi. treas- urer; SNEA. Sheryl Malloy Oskaloosa, Iowa Business Administration. Donald Marquardt Greentop Industrial Arts. Aericulture Club: Blue Key; In.iustrial Arts Club, treasurer; Orchestra. Edward Marsh Fort Madison. Iowa Social Science. Mary Marshall Packwood. Iowa Business Education. Larry Martindale Burlington, Iowa Business Administration. K-Club; Golf. Mary Marx New Troy, Michigan Recreational Leadership. ACE; BSU; Elementary Major ' s Choir. Jerald Mason LaPlata Business Administration. Ann Mathes Burlington, Iowa Elementary Education. SNEA. Kay Mekemson Fort Madison, Iowa Elementary Education. ACE; Delta Zeta. president; Panhellenic Council, vice president; SNEA; Student Mentor; Who ' s Who. David Meyer Clinton, Iowa Bioloev. S.NEA. Ted Michael Milan Physical Education. Football; Who ' s Who. Eric Miller St. Louis Music. John Miller Edina Biology. Stephen Miller Fremont, California Music. Mary Ann Minshall Laredo Physical Education. WAA ; PEM Club. Gary Mitchell Kahoka Accounting. Babara Moore Brookfield Business Education. Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi. . - Bill Olinger Brookfield Physiral Educaliim. Sharon Ollmann Macon n. H.inurary An Club i SMEA ; K.rho Slaff. Janice Olson Kirkw cod An. H,.n.„iir An Cliil.; liSl:; Inlf rr.alional Club: SNEA. Norman Oppliger University City Industrial Arts. Jack Moore Fort Madison, Iowa Socioloev-Social Science. Alpha Phi Sigma; Historical Sue let ) ; SNEA; Young Democrats; Intraniurals. Anthony More Brooklyn, New York Business Administration. Alpha Phi Omeita : International Club: Newman Club, social director. Helen Morrison Salisbury EnelishSpeech Chester Moss : Hunnewell Geotrapby. International Club: PrcLaw; Youne Republicans; Mercator Club, president: Intramural . Cheryl Mossbarger Brookfield History. Alpha Sienia Alpha; Historical Society; K-Dettes. presi- dent; Panhellonic Council; SNEA; WAA; Homecomini; Queen Attendant. John Moyer Novelty Industrial Ans. Charles Myers Packwood, Iowa Business Education. Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Lamb- da, president; Alpha Phi Sicma ; Blue Key, treasurer; Interfra- ternity Council, president; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Onieita Pi; SNEA; Wesley Foundation; .MIA: Young Republicans; Intramurals. James Myers Coatsville Industrial Arts. Mary Jo Myers Newtown English. James Neis Ottumwa, Iowa ccounting, James Newhard Griffith. Indiana Music Education. Aeolian Club; BSU : SNEA; Wesley Foundation; Young Republicans; Orchestra; Band. Marsha Nicholson Shelbyville Music Education. Aeolian Club; Alpha Phi Sigma; BSU; Sigma Kappa, execuliye council, class representatiye : SNEA; Orchestra; Band: IH, reporter; Intramurals; Student Mentor. Eva Noe Kirksville Elementary Education. David O ' Brien Melrose, Iowa Business Administration. Jerry O ' Connor Hannibal History. BSU; Historical Society; Intramurals. Don Oelklaus St. Charles Physical E.lucation. Intertralernily Cmincil ; Pl,i Sigma Epsilon, crresponding secretary; SNE : Student Mentor. • O ' Sylvia Powell Hannibal Elpinenlart EJuialion. SNEA ; Youne Dci.iocrals. Ronald Power Hannibal Zoology. Charles Powers Chicago. Illinois Business AHminislialion. William Purdy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Geography. Willa Oppliger St. Louis Plnsical EJ.ication. SNEA : WAA. treasurer; PEM Club. Sharyn Osborn St. Louis Business EJucalion. Gene Packwood Ottuniwa, Iowa Business A.lministralion. William Padget Otlumwa, Iowa Airounlinc- Business AJminislralion. Richard Parmenter Manchester Business Administration. Alpha Phi Sigma; Wesley Foundation; Economic Circle. Sam Parrish Galesburg, Illinois Industrial Arts. Subodhkumar Patel Barsda, India Ensmeerint._ Joe Pawlowicz Tenafly, New Jersey Physical Education. Phi Sipnia Epsilon ; SNEA; Football. Karen Pawlowicz Kirksville Elementary Education. ACE; Sigma Sigma Sigma; S.NEA ; Echo Queen. Grace Pepper Brighton. Iowa Elemenlari Education. SNEA. James Perine St. Louis Philosophy. Donna Peters Mexico Bioloe). Alpha Phi Sigma; Delta Zetla ; Kappa Helta Pi; Sigma Zeta; SNE. ; Student Mentor. Dean Phillips New Boston So.ial s.icnce. Historical Society; SNEA; Young Republicans. Charles Philp Argyle. Iowa Biology. James Pittman Unionville Accounting. Alpha Phi Oiiiega ; Alpha Phi Sigma. James Pound Kirksville Leonard Purvis Baring David Rae Kirksville ln.lii5lrial Arl8. Jimmie Ragan Mercer Mary Ragan Mercer Social Science. Karen Rains Fairfield, Iowa El.-m.nlarv E.J.i.aliun. Glen Randall Macomb, Illinois Hi-l„ry. SNEA; Y.i.ini; Republicans. John Reed Louisiana Industrial Arls. Lenora Reifsteck Hartsburg Hnnie F.cnuniKS. Carl Reno Downing Physical Educ.ition. Phyllis Rice Wayland Hume tconuniKS. BSU : Colhecon Club. William Rice Laddonia Pre-Osleopalhy. Robert Richards Jacksonville, Florida Sociology. Wayne Richardson Boonville Business Adminislralion. BSU. Robert Rinehart Brow ning General Science. Feme Roberts Louisiana Enelish. BSU. music Jireclor; SNEA: English Club. Loisbel Robinson Sumner Elenirnlarv E.luca ' .ic.n. ACE; Delta Zeta ; SNEA; Wesley Foun- ilati.m; WA ; Echo Queen Candidate. O- 1 ,;«•««• mi ' Hm Christine Rockhold Lineville, Iowa Kindergarten-Elementary Education. . CE ; Sigma Kappa; Young Democrats. College Usher. Karl Rogers Albia, Iowa Malliematics SNEA. Benny Rose Kirksville M.ithematicsPhssic». Joel Rosenzweig Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Jo Anne Rowland Princeton Home Genomics. BSU ; C.)lheron Club: SNEA. Nancy Rumpff Athens, Pennsylvania Business Eduialion. Alpha Plii Sienia ; Internali,.nal Club; Pi Onieea Pi: SiMEA. Jon Sadler Kirksville Industrial ArU. Morris Salter Brashear Bioloey. • Judith Saugier Hamilton, Illinois An. Ralph Sauyerr Kirksville Business Sandra Schafer Lancaster Enclisli. Culleee Players: Oral Inlerprelers: SNEA: English Club. Reinhard Schemmann Kassel, Germany Elenienlary Edueation. Inlernaliunal Club: Wesley Foundation: Orchestra. Edward Schlief Fox Lake, Illinois English. Alpha Phi Omega ; K-Club: Newman Club; Phi Sigma Epsilon. sergeal at arms: SNEA; Student Council, councilman; Football; Track. Sandra Schoonover Unionville Art. Honorary Art Club, viee-president-seerctarv : Alpha Sigma Al- pha, chaplain. Erwin Schoppenhorst Memphis Social Science. Walter Schroeder Warrenton Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club: SNEA; Wesley Foundation; 4-H. vice-president. Marilyn Schweitzer Park Ridge. Illinois Elementary Education. Charles Serf ass Brookfield Industrial Arts. Linda Shaffer Unionville 1n m Education. Alj.ha Sigma Alpha. Janice Shahan Kirksville Business Education. Linda Shanks LaBelle English. Alpha Phi Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi: Newman Club; SNEA; Young Democrats. Edward Shapiro St. Charles English. James Shaw Gait Mathematics. Arthur Shectman Passaic. New Jersey -St- Dennis Sissom St. Louis Physical Educaliun. Alice Slavin Memphis Art. Alpha Phi Sigma; Honorary An Club, secretary; SNEA ; UCCF, lo.prMi.ltnl; Echo Staff. Jack Smith Ferguson, Iowa Social Science. InlramuraU. Mary Smith Seymour. Iowa English. English Club. Nancy Smith Kirksville Music Education. Aeolian Club; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Orchestra; Band, alumni secretary; UCCF. Parks Smith Winf ield Mathematics. Alpha Phi Sigma, president: Blue Key. secretary; Kappa Delta Pi: SNEA. vice-president; Wesley Foundation, pres- ident, vice-president; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Karen Snyder Kirksville Home Economics. Colhecon Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma: UCCF. Clarence South Moberly Social Science. Historical Society; SNEA; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Norma Spellman Salisbury Elementary Education. ACE; Cainma Delta, vice-president; SNEA. Charles Spotts Independence Industrial Arts. Mary Spruytte Kansas City English. Alpha Phi Camma ; .Mpha Sigma . lpha, corresponding secretary; Cardinal Key. president; Kappa Delta Pi; Oral In- terpreter.: NEMO; English Cub; Who ' s Who. Gary Stanton Kirksville General Science. Carolyn Stees Kirksville English. Oral lnter|,reters ; English Club. Manning Steinmetz Armstrong Business Administration. Newman Club: Sigma Tau Gamma; Young Democrats: Economic Circle. Jon Sterner Kirksville Business Administration. Donna Slice LaBelle Elementary Education. ACE: SNEA; t-H: Indepen :.-nt Club. Regine Shigenaga Honolulu, Hawaii Elemcnlar Education. SNEA. Sandra Siefer Kirksville Chemistry. Newman Club; Sigma Zeta ; Girls Intramurals. George Simon Tipton Accounting. Peter Sireno Demarest, New Jersey Business Administration. Alpha Phi Omega; Newman Club; Sigma Tau Cimma. o n ( Kirby Throckmorton Wentzville Soiioloev. Alpha Phi Omepa. rpiurcling secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA. Laauli Tosi Samoa Malhemalic-s. Jimmie Traxler Exlin, Iowa English. Judy Trueblood Kirksville Elementary EJueatiun. ' Donnie Stone Foley English. BSU, athletic director; SNEA; English Cluh. Robert Strang Warren, Michigan Mathematics. SNEA. John Streeter Burlington, Iowa Physical Education. Betty Sullivan Hannibal Elementary Education. ACE; SNEA. Carolyn Sultzman Hannibal History. Alph.i Phi Sigma; Cardinal Key; Historical Society, board of regents: Kappa Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council, president; Student Social Committee; Sigma Sigma Sigma, president; SNEA. state secretary: Student Mentor. LaVonne Tartar Shelbina -Music Education. Aeolian Club: BSU; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA: Orchestra: Band. Bryant Tate St. Louis Business Administration. Alpha Phi Omega, yice-president ; Sigma Tau Gamma, historian-treasurer: Young Democrats, vice-president; Echo Stuff. Lois Teasley Troy Business Education. Wesley Foundation; SNEA. Connie Terry Kirksville Home Economics. Colhecon Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma; SNEA; Student Council; College Usher. Patricia Teter Callao English. Alpha Phi Sigma: Cardinal Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Sign a Sigma, corresponding secretary; Sophomore Class, secretary. Mary Ann Tharp Green City Home Economics. Alpha Phi Sigma; Alpha Sigma Alpha; BSU; Colhecon Club. Bob Thomas Davenport, Iowa Political Science. Alpha Kappa Lambda, recording secretary; Blue Key; Gamma Delta; Historical Society, vice-president; Pre-Law; SNEA; Young Republicans, treasurer; Student Council, Shirley Thomas Huntsville El.n.enlarv Education. Steve Thompson Carlisle, Iowa Business Administration-Mathematics. Band- Steven Thompson Davis City, Iowa Physical Education. Nadine Thompson Raytown Elen.entarv Education. Ann Trump Trenton Musu Kriucati,.n. Aeulian Club; SNEA : NEMO; Band. Donald Turner Linneus Physical Eilucalion. David Uskudarli Des Moines. Iowa Business Adminislration. Alpha Phi Siema ; Intcrnali.inal Club. Jerry Van Dalen Albia, Iowa Biology. Wesley FounJation. " Yolanda Vandecnocke Fayette Enflish. Joyce Van Hesley Keokuk, Iowa Musi.- Eilu.alion. .Aeolian Club; . EM0. Floyd Waddle Ottuinwa, Iowa Gen.-ral Jirii-nie. Blue Kcv ; K-Club, n.rres|ion.lenre serretarv ; Kap|,a Delta Pi; Newman Club; SNEA; Track, crosscountry. Elaine Walker Burlington, Iowa Elementarv Edncalion. Charles Walton ; Troy Ac.r.unlinj:. Alpha Kappa Lambda; PrcLan ; SNEA; Wesley Foun- darion; INDEX Staff. Virgil Ware Decatur, Illinois rl. Frank Watson Moberly General Science. Pi Tau Sigma; Sienia Tau ; Tau Beta Pi. Charlotte Watts Monroe Caty History. Alpha Phi Sigma; Cardinal Kev ; Historical Society, board of regenl.s; Kappa Delta Pi, secretary; SNEA; Wesley Foun- dation, secretary; Sludenr Mentor, Robert Watts Jacksonville Physical Education. Richard Webb Oak Grove Biology. Di.xie Weidner Fairfield, Iowa Ruth " " Weils ! " " ' , " .■ Perry Elementary Education, n r " ' ? ! ' hh y ! ' 9 ' A ' tn Margaret Welpton Kirksville Eleiiienlatv Education. Alpha Sigma Mpha ; Wesley Foundation. Brenda Wetter St. Charles Home Economic Cardinal Key; Colhecon Club; Newman Club; Panhellenic Council, vice-president ; Sigma Sigma Sigma, presi- dent; Young Kepublicans; Junior Class, secretary-treasurer. True Wheeldon Batavia, Iowa Willi ' am ' wh ' i ' t ' e ' . " . " " " " . ' Shelbina Elementary Education. ACE. Lloyd Whyte Tebbetts Sociology. Gary Wike Quincy. Illinois Business Administration. Sisma Tau Gamma. Lestra Willey Hannibal Business Education. Jeanne Wilson Kirksville Enelish. Cs f p. John Wilson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania So.iolosV. College Players: Young Republicans: Intranuirals. Joyce Wilson Jefferson City Elementary Education. Karen Wilson Greentop Physical Education. Kappa Delta Pi: SNE.A ; »AA: PEM Club, president, secretary-treasurer. Marvel Wilson Philadelphia Home Economics. Robert Wilson Kirksville Business Administration. Band; Economic Circle. Harold Wolf Moberly An. Max Wolf Packwood, Iowa Business. Thomas Wolf Brookfield Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Lambda: BSU : Young Republicans. Joanne Wolff St. Louis Social Science. SNEA. Vetra Woods Memphis Business Education. Alpha Phi Sigma, treasurer: Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; SNEA. Hank Wright Kansas City Speech. Alpha Kappa Lambda; Cllege Plavers: Interfraternily Council; English Club. Selima Yim Hong Kong, China Geography. Byron Young Kahoka Business Education. Donald Younker Milton, Iowa Accounting. Business Education. Blue Key; Pi Omega Pi. reporter, wee-president; Young Republicans- Linda Yowell Kirksville Home Economics. Barbara Yuchs Quincy, Illinois Kindergarten Education. ACE: SNEA; WAA. ' ' Old Missou " " Old Missou " and " Old Missouri, " And thou our love hath won, Fondly clitig ihee to the mem-ry Of old ' " -Missouri ' s Son. " Gladly thee our hearts we tender By the dim and flick ' ring light, Every lad a prou ' i defender Of the Purple and the White. In debates or feats albletic, The broader field oi life, Midst the shifting scenes .)f progress. Where the fiercest fighl- are rife, Taught by many a glorious vict ' ry From many a hard fought fight. They have learned they have to reckon With the Purple and the White. Hark the sounds of yells exult ' ng From out the Tigers Den! Did ye hear the shouts of triumph? ' Twas the Warrensburg brave men. Far above them hark the tumult. Like the triumph of the right, Underneath the sacred symbol Of the Purple and the White. Though to Harvard, Yale or Princeton Should we onward still pursue. As adopted " Sons of Eli " To the violets prove true. Shall we ever cease to love thee. To tremble with delight As we mark the gallant flutter Of the Purple and the White! — Basil Brewer, ' 01 SEATED: Joe Shamy, vice-president; Hadley Hoyt, president; Betty Lenzini, treasurer. STANDING: Gayle Snyder, secre- tary; David Norton, councilman; Pat Carney, councilwoman. uniors Steven Acton Kirksville Carol Adams Des Moines, Iowa Robert Aholt Wentzville Robert Aird Mexico Roy Albright Troy Lana Alfrey Marshall Charles Allen St. Louis Larry Amen New Boston Jk« CTj r«= CTj O f tjk May Applegate Leonard John Armstrong St. Louis Melicent Ayers Kirksville Duane Bachmann Milton, Iowa Lee Baker Kahoka Glivene Baker Milan Daniel Ball Kirksville Mike Barger Blue Earth, Minnesota Brian Barkley Milan Donald Barnes Oskaloosa, Iowa Charles Barnett Bloomfield, Iowa Herbert Barrett Newtown Nola Bartholomew Bynumville Dean Bates Grinnell, Iowa Cherie Baugh St. Louis Barbara Baugher New Cambria Beth Bean Ottumwa, Iowa Frank Beaty Mt. Sterling. Iowa Anita Berkshire Queen City Ronald Berrey Mexico Barbara Bichon Hannibal Barbara Biggar St. Louis Gary Biles Kirksville Thomas Bingmam Rutledge Jeimes Birkland AUerton, Iowa Sharron Bishop La Plata Harry Bixler St. Louis Marilyn Black Brashear Gordon Blacksmith Novinger Dennis Blakemore Warrenton Geneva Bolin Centerville, Iowa Charles Bolton Hamilton, Illinois Daniel Bonetzky Boston, Massachusetts Richard Bowyer Browning Michael Boyle Keokuk, Iowa Wayne Bradfield Milton, Iowa Michael Bradley Memphis Donald Bradshaw Foristell Stacey Braswell St. Louis Carolyn Brenizer Downing s D A k % fi iiiiMiit Jfiii k -r M r4 Jf fk 9 Janet Briedwell Downing Penny Briggs Knoxville, Iowa Sharron Broadwell Salisbury Judy Brooks Kirksville Frederic Brown Kahoka Patricia Brown St. Louis Robert Buchanan Novelty Nile Buffington Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Joyce Bunting Fowler, Illinois Armon Burleson Louisiana Thomas Burnett Kirkwood Richard Burns Kirksville Robert Byg Des Moines, Iowa Harry Byrum Shelbyville Judy Calif i Sewal, Iowa Carolyn Ca llaham Mendon Ronald Calvin Fulton Alan Campora Northvale, New Jersey James Carlson Ottumwa, Iowa Patricia Carney Tenafly, New Jersey Earl Carpenter Leonard Richard Carruthers Keosauqua, Iowa Joyce Carstens Beatrice, Nebraska Linda Cashman Fort Madison, Iowa Patsy Cason Ewing James Cerva Bevier John Chapman Kirksville Allen Childers Unionville Dixie Christy Revere James Clark Lovilia, Iowa -- ' v Ff 1 WJ E3 -r F- W- ' « ■ " ■ ' tr a p. Jerry Daniels Novinger Linda Daniels Trenton Linda Daniels Novinger Dennis Davis St. Louis James Davis Rock Island, Illinois Harry Daw Wayland Judith Day Grandview Charles Delameter Mercer Pat Dempsey Shelbina John DeNicola Hyde Park, New York Harvey Clarkson Kirksville Louise Collins Hannibal Vesta Compton Lewistown Kathleen Condon St. Louis Kay Cone Memphis Betty Conley Troy Jerry Cook Birmingham, Iowa Paul Cook Baring Ruth Copeland Hedrick, Iowa James Couch Marceline Edith Cox Canton Jo Anne Cox Mercer Dale Crawford Kirksville Jean Crawford Kirksville Walter Crew Snyder Maynard Crist Muscatine, Iowa Carolee Critchlow Ottumwa, Iowa Naida Crosby Kirksville Gary Crowell Centerville, Iowa William Cuddihee Crestwood iilkf? ffV Ct James Dentler Rochelle, Illinois Mike Derby Ottumwa, Iowa Gary DeVore Seymour, Iowa Dnnna De Vos Albia, Iowa Ralph DeWitt Waynesville Farshid Dini Teheran, Iran Keith Dinsmore Fremont, Iowa Margaret Disselhorst Philadelphia Robert Dooley Hannibal James Downard Keosauqua, Iowa " kmM A Eileen Drescher Palmyra Alan Driskell Blandinsville Illinois James Duke Burlington, Iowa Edward Duncan Purdin Thelma Duncan Browning James Dunlap Milan Kathy Dunn Des Moines, Iowa Janet Dutemple Albia, Iowa Jerry Dutton Kirksville Clarence Ebeling Gorin Marshall Eckhardt Holcomb Illinois Arthur Elgart Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Terry Elliot Farmington, Iowa Earl Elmore Burlington, Iowa Patricia Emonts St. Charles James England Bloomfield, Iowa Genanne Engle Ottumwa, Iowa Joyce Ewing Kirksville Irl Farden : LaPlata Robert Fenlon LaPlata i-dt ' y Mervyn Freels . Ij Vandalia Jane Galbraith Canton Joseph Galkowski St. Louis Sharon Gamache Ottumwa, Iowa Frank Gantt St. Louis Joyce Garcia St. Louis Dorothy Gardner Laredo Wayne Garkie LaGrange Connie Gardner Hannibal David Gill St. Louis John Gilmore Mexico Carolyn Glover Newark K. Eugene Glover Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Gary Gore Vandalia Dempsey Gottschalt Brunswick Bryan Gruber Montgomery City ■4. Samuel Guzzi Centerville, Iowa Cherj ' l Hagan Mercer Gloria Hainds Marceline Michael Haines Ottumwa, Iowa Betty Fields Monroe City James Fike Mexico Peter Fimbel Norwood, New Jersey Ronald Fisher Mercer Michael Fitzpatrick Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Joyce Flowers Affton Merry Kay Forrest Des Plaines, Illinois Robert Forty Elmhurst, Illinois Adeline Fosdick Deerfield, Illinois Betsy Fox Rothville Si f 1 fl 2a I© C 0- JfA M Gary Hale St. Louis Ruth Hall Princeton Greg Halsey Tenafly, New Jersey Louise Hamilton St. Louis Charles Hammack Elsberry Judith Hargrave Maryvilie Kathleen Harkins Ottumwa, Iowa James Harsh Oskaloosa, Iowa Charles Hart Centerville, Iowa Dorothy Hart Unionville Stanley Hart Unionville Norma Harvey Middlebury, Vermont Darell Havener Mexico James Hawkins LaPlata Terrence Hawkins Kirksville Judy Hayes Monroe City Philip Hayward Princeton Delbert Heifner Moberly Patricia Henley New Cambria Charles Heppermann Foristell David Herring Bellflower Gene Hertler Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robert Hines Gorin Jack Hipps St. Louis Ronald Hoewing Argyle, Iowa Russell Hollowell Williamstown Kriette Hollrah Bland Mildred Holman Bowling Green Dennis Holt St. Charles Nancy Holzworth Harper, Iowa L C , k- C Stuart Hood Kirksville Rolland Hopson New London, Iowa Frankie Horn Hunnewell Harvey Horn Gibson, Iowa Marcie Hoskin Unionville Connie Howard Bloomfield, Iowa Whitcomb Howell Macon Hadley Hoyt Kirksville Ricbard Huey Council Bluffs, Iowa Arlene Huff Rutledge Richard Huff : Kirksville Donna Hunt Marceline Janet Hunt Kirksville Martba Hunt Fairfield, Iowa Linda Huntsman Lancaster Dean Hunziker Kaboka Joan Irick Monroe City Marianne Jackovicb Des Moines, Iowa Mary Jane Jackson St. Louis Joseph Jacobs Shelbina Vivian James Greentop Marjorie Janning St. Charles Boyd Jeffries Osage Beach Janet Jepeway Waukon, Iowa Eva Jeppsson Nykoping, Sweden David Johnson Trenton Doris Johnson Jefferson City Jean Johnson Hannibal Lawrence Johnson Kirksville Ronald Johnson Stockport, Iowa Andrea Jones Dallas, Iowa Charles Jones Quincy, Illinois John Jones Maywood Gloria Jordan Knoxville, Iowa Linda Jourdan LaBelle Thipakanya Kanchanadul Thonburi. Thailand Thomas Kane Quincy, Illinois Joyce Karaff Kirksville David Karel Kirksville Lloyd Kasow Brooklyn, New York Henry Kaufmann Webster Groves Jerald Kauzlarich Centerville, Iowa Lorelta Kauzlarich Melcher, Iowa Donald Keeler Albion, Iowa Buddy Keil Canton Lyle Kelley Milan Robert Kelley Quincy, Illinois Beth Kelly Clinton, Iowa Waren Kelly Clinton, Iowa Patricia Kerns Laclede Cheryl Kincaid Kirksville James IGng Marceline Stan Klein Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Duane Knapp Jamesport Anthoney Knizel O ' Fallon Jauad Kottabi Shiraz, Iran Bob Kottmann St. Charles Al Kouti Kermanshah, Iran Jean Kraus Gorin JoAnn Kriegshauser Edina Larry Lazerwitz St. Louis Charles Leach Tenafly, New Jersey Richard Leake Marceline Janet Learned Kinross, Iowa Robert Gene Lee Chariton, Iowa Sandra Leino Warrenville, Ohio Philip Lemon Burlington, Iowa Betty Lenzini Bevier Wendell Leonard Novinger Marilyn Leppin Chillicothe James Leung Kowloon, Hong Kong Charles LeVells ClarksviUe Roy Lewis Seymour, Iowa Henry Likes Bluffs, Illinois Kenneth Lillard Canton John Lister Muscatine, Iowa Charles Looney Shelbyville Edith Lorence Unionville Brent Lovejoy Brunswick Larry Luett Clinton, Iowa Ronnie Krueger Manchester Pamela Lackey Marshalltown, Iowa Richard LaForge Saddle Brook, New Jersey Samuel LaFrenz Wyaconda James Lakin Ottumwa, Iowa Bill Landstrum Barnes City, Iowa Dennis Lane St. Louis Cheryl Lauffer Weaver, Iowa Carl Lawrence Mexico David Lawson Baring a ,o. o f . p. o. Sandra Matthew Kirkwood Clifford May ■. . Novinger Anthony Mazza Brooklyn, New York Bette Lon Mechlin Centralia Judy Medlin Kirksville Patricia Merritt Des Moines, Iowa Oliver Mettle Gallatin Marilyn Michael Corydon, Iowa Garry Miley Kirksville Gary Miller Greentop Linda Luther Macon Barbara Lyddon Marshall James McBride Olivette Carol McCart , Ottumwa, Iowa Joseph McCarthy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sandra McCarty Promise City, Iowa Terry McCarty Milan Paul McClain Kirksville Ronald McCulley Gallatin Sandra McElroy Macon John McFarland Kirksville Michael McGinnis Edina Nikki Maack Kirksville John Magie Albia, Iowa Bozorg Mahmiiody Abadan, Irpn Richard Mantione Morris Plains, New Jersey Mary Lou Marling Elsberry Judith Marquardt Greentop Joyce Marquart St. Louis Charles Martin Kirksville O V James Miller Green City Jim Miller Louisiana Marilyn Miller Louisiana Maxine Miller Albion, Iowa Sandra Miller Thompson Larry Million Kirksville Sally Minear Livonia Tamara Miner Stockport. Iowa Gary Minor Kirksville Dixie Mohr Memphis Joan Moore Kirksville Julie Moore Mystic, Iowa Linda Moore Memphis Larry Morgan Hannibal Kathy Morgenstern Kirksville Barry Morris Kirksville Elaine Morrison Overland Park, Kansas Edward Muller Tenafly, New Jersey Raymond Mullikin Memphis Michael Murphy Quincy, Illinois S Donna Myers Allerton, Iowa Jerry Myers Shelbyville Alfred Naimo Northvale, New Jersey Carole Narigon Fort Madison, Iowa Connie Narigon Fort Madison, Iowa Colleen Nelson Greentop Rex Nelson Williamstown Dennis Newbrough Des Moines, Iowa JoAnn Newman Gorin Gary Noel Arvada, Colorado Larry Noel Kirksville Julie Norman Burlington, Iowa David Norton Macon Jonathan Obel Mirogi. Kenya Kay O ' Donnell Montgomery City Eunice Ogden Moravia, Iowa Natalie Oglesby Center Charles Okal Kisuma, Kenya Hiroshi Okani Tokyo, Japan Walter Olinger Brookfield Susan Ordelheide Warrenton Neil Orthner Burlington, Iowa James Page Mendon Berndt Palmer Malverne, New York Ronald Parker Shelbyville Ebrahim Pasha Teheran, Iran Don Patterson Brashear Paula Patton Huntsville Marilyn Pearson Monroe City Rose Peas Kirksville Gerry Pendleton Ashland Carolyn Penn Kirksville Steven Perlstein Ventner City, New Jersey Janet Perrigo Paris Michael Peterson Newtown Robert Pezley Fort Madison, Iowa John Phillips Halcomb, Illinois Thomas Pitts Webster Groves Steven Polhans Wyaconda Henry Pomponio New York James Ragland Edina Kenneth Rahn Elmhurst, Illinois Don Rankin Princeton Kerry Ratliff Hunnewell Richard Ray Dalton Ruth Ray Unionville Paul Reeb Sperry, Iowa Donnie Reece Milan Kathleen Reed Crinnell, Iowa Bruce Reid Tenafly, New Jersey Randall Relford Moberly Mary Richardson Worthington Marie Richey Kirksville Howard Ridgeway Mexico Wray Rieger Kirksville Sharon Riley Holiday Evelyn Robinson Greentop Linda Robinson New Bloomfield Virginia Robinson Kirksville Ann Roccapalumbo Temple City, California Stephen Poole Pontiac. Illinois Stephen Poplar Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Shirley Popp Elgin, Illinois Gary Porter Hunnewell Terry Povendo Metuchen, New Jersey Donna Profitt Hannibal Don Putnam Powersville Philip Qualman Clinton, Io wa Larry Quinsenberry Centralia Connie Racey Arbela t n p. ® 9 9- George Rockhold Pleasant Valley, Iowa Don Rockhold Princeton Karen Rockwood Kirksville Elaine Rohning Perry lona Rollins Kirksville Susan Rolls Moberly Nicholas Romanetz Fords, New Jersey Robert Ronchetto Macon Fred Ross Maplewood Terry Ross Brashear Lela Rouse Kirksville Sandra Rule Louisiana HiUis Rupe Ottumwa, Iowa Howard Sanders Triplett Marion Sanders Palmyra Clara Sarver Burlington, Iowa Sharon Schlapia LaPlata Carson Schmidt Hannibal Jim Schmitz Ottumwa, Iowa Edward Schneider St. Louis Phylicia Schuchman Foley Bob Schwartz St. Ann Cheryl Scoggin Beatrice, Nebraska Sara Seaman Trenton Carol Sears Middlebury, Vermont Michaela Seller Kirksville Steve Seitz Brookfield John Sens Edina Lucille Severson Hutchinson, Kansas William Severson St. Louis Jk .k Jerry Seward Collinsville Cleta Sexton Melbourne Patricia Shafer Argyle, Iowa James Shaffer Lemons Joseph Shamy Edison, New Jersey Mervin Sharkey Hannibal Norman Sharp Numa, Iowa Melvin Shaver Unionville Terry Sheesley Oskaloosa, Iowa Gail Shelton Arlington, Virginia Leoner Shelton St. Louis Kent Shields Ottumwa, Iowa John Shive Eldon, Iowa Jerrold Shouse Linneus George Shrum Hannibal Sara Shuford Louisiana George Sieber Tenafly, New Jersey Donald Siegrist Meadville David Siglin Lucas, Iowa Sharon Simbro Lancaster Jirk H . ' -J. % Murl Simler Gorin Terry Simmons Kirksville Harold Simpson St. Louis Bernard Singleton Washington, Iowa Sharon Sloop Queen City Brenda Smith Chillicothe Cynthia Smith LaPlata Henry Smith Burlington, Iowa Janis Smith Ottumwa, Iowa Rodney Smith Wyaconda Ronald Smoot Bethel Roberta Snowbarger Queen City Gayle Snyder Elsberry Helen Sodon Palmyra Jin Soh Seoul, Korea Carl Sparks Rockford. Illinois Richard Spiker Brashear Dan Stansberry C3ntarville, Iowa James Steffensmeier Kirksville Peggy Steiner St. Louis MikJ- M Eileen Steinmetz Armstrong Ellen Sterner Kirksville Ralph Stevener St. Louis John Stewart Laddonia Mary Street Newton, Iowa Janet Stringfellow Eddyville, Iowa Janet Stroker Olney Terry Strother Kansas City Carola Sturgeon Wyaconda Jill Suman Overland Park, Kansas Howard Swab Pitman, New Jersey Linda Swailes Stockport, Iowa Gary Swainey Chariton, Iowa Dale Swartz Moberly Beverly Taylor Fulton Michael Taylor Hampton, Iowa Roger Taylor Brookfield James Thomas St. Louis Linda Thomas New Cambria Price Thomas Kirksville Jane Ulin Fairfield. Iowa Lynda Upchurch Br ookfield Shirley Van Dalen Albia, Iowa Nancy VanDusen Cresskill, New Jersey David Van Gorp Kirksville Judith Van Marter Monroe City Glenn Van Matre Queen City Gerald Vanskike Centralia William VanZante Maravia, Iowa Patricia Venezia St. Louis Sharon Vize Closter, New Jersey Edward Vogt Warrenton Larry Walker Burlington. Iowa Winston Walker Alexandria John Wallace Ewing Andrew Walsh Brooklyn, New York Ronald Walters Brashear Penny Ware Des Moines, Iowa Wayne Warnol St. Ixiuis Joan Wasylenko St. Louis Ron Thomas Wood River. Illinois Francis Tieman LaGrange Betty Toops Alexandria Sherry Trafton Newton. Iowa Jean Traxler Exline, Iowa Jim Trueblood Kirksville Karlene Trussell O ' Fallon Janet Turner Canton Nancy Tuttle Chariton, Iowa Lynne Tuzik Dumont, New Jersey Cl. ©. M Vierow-Lynn Weber Hannibal Linda Wehner New Cambria John Weibel Kirksville Richard Weikert Muscatine, Iowa Joel Weinstein Old Tappen, New Jersey Charles Wester Muscatine. Iowa Robert Wheeler Higbee Danny Wilford Trenton Marilyn Willard Chillicothe Rose Williams Mexico Jeannette Williamson Kansas City Kenneth Willingham Paris Michael Wilson LaPlata Michael Winecup Drakesville, Iowa WiUa Winhold LaBelle Thomas Witt Ottumwa, Iowa David Wolff Troy Benny Wood LaPlata Janet Wood Farmington, Iowa LeRoy Wood Ladora, Iowa Charles Woods Montgomery City Barbara Wright Kirksville Charles Wright Trenton Janice Wright Alexandria Sharon Wright Ottumwa, Iowa Elanor Yackley Taylor Sara Yearian Williamsburg, Iowa Dorothy Yoder Wellman, Iowa Paul Yue Kawloon, Hong Kong Ray Zimmerman St. Louis SEATED: Jack Mudd, vice-president; Bob Beckett, president; Mary Linda Wilson, treasurer. STANDING: Carol Behn, councilwoman; Nathan Frazee, councilman. Sophomores David Adams Knoxville, Iowa Jeanne Adams Arbela William Adams Memphis Diane Alborn Perry, Iowa Jean Alkire Hannibal Edythe Altman Kirksvillc Maurice Anderson Ottumwa, Iowa Diana Angelo Macon Kathleen Anthonis Overland Carlton Apollo British Guiana David Artrip Milan David Austin Cairo Vernon Bagley St. Louis Winston Bailey Bucklin Robert Baldes St. Louis Barbara Baldwin Kirksville Nancy Baldwin Kirksville Ray Barrows Kirksville Kalhlean Barton Burlington, Iowa Joyce Bauckneckt Valley Stream, New York John Beary Unionville Gerald Beasley Centralia Robert Beckett Shelbina David Beckman Quincy, Illinois Carol Behn Palos Heights, Illinois Harriet Beilstein LaGrange Gordon Benge Bloomfield, Iowa Claire Benhardt St. Louis Larry Berryman St. Louis Dennis Bielinski Chicago, Illinois David Bitner Oltumwa, Iowa Frederick Black Kirksville Richard Blackburn Keosauqua, Iowa Kathryn Blackford Shelbina Myrta Blackmore Mexico Kent Blades Paris Wanda Blakemore Warrenlon James Blouse Chariton, Iowa f ry I, 1 - r i f» ' M i fJkJ John Boatman Harris Connie Boone Kansas City Ronald Boswell Moberly Edith Boucher Dayton, Ohio Dennie Bowden Cairo Nancy Bowden Cairo Henry Bower Shelbyville Larry Boyer Oskaloosa, Iowa Carole Bradley St. Louis Mark Bradley St. Louis Perry Bramhall Kirksville Robert Brandon Springfield, Illinois Ted Brantner Kirksville Joseph Braudrick St. Louis Terry Brazier Kirkwood Mikel Brice Hannibal Helen Brown Bowling Green Judy Brown Kirksville Rexford Brown Kirksville Robert Brown Morion Grov. ' . Illinois ••l ■ p, Sidney Brown Chillicothe Larry Bruner Powersville Martha Brush Mill Grove Lucretia Bryant Alexandria James Buckman Monroe City Janet Burchett Kirksville Anne Burke Baring Frank Burkhart Huntsville Basil Byrne Shelbyville Steve Cannady Fort Madison, Iowa John Cannon Raytown Carolyn Carpenter Madison Shirley Carr Paris Mary Carroll Frankfort, Indiana Connie Carskadon Canton Charlene Chambers Gibbs Timothy Chambers Ferguson Tommy Chenoweth Drakesville, Iowa Gary Childers Unionville Linda Childress Memphis Q ' f rrr)- v Mimi May Chow Kowloon, Hong Kong Tommy Chrislensen Glasgow Todd Christopherson Kansas City Donna Clark Packwood, Iowa Kayren Clark Fort Madison, Iowa Dianna Clatt Gorin Michael Cloyd Ottumwa, Iowa James Coen Marceline Dona Coffman Milan Mearl Cohagan Alexandria Raymond Collins Clarence Kyle Comer Knoxville, Iowa Charles Conkin Kirksville Robert Connor Rutledge Susan Cortelyou Troy Ott Coulson St. Catherine Dan Court Ottumwa, Iowa Dale Cox Batavia. Iowa Gary Cox Kirksville Robert Craig Kirksville Keith Davis Knoxville, Iowa Mary Dawkins LaPlata Koleen Day Macon Lloyd Deahl Exline, Iowa Lester Deal Martelle. Iowa Joyce Deam Atlanta John Dean St. Louis Leonard DeBello St. Louis Barbara Delaney Baring Edwin Delaney Paris Sharon Densberger East Peoria, Illinois Olin Derry Princeton Elizabeth Deskin Atlanta Edward Deveny Edina Gerald Deves Wellsville Barbara DeVore Chariton, Iowa Larry DeVos Albia, Iowa Barbara Dini Macon Mary Dittmer Quincy, Illinois Gary Dixon Perry Charlotte Crnic Kirksville Constance Culler Marceline Richard Cullers Shelbina Patty Currell Kirksville Gracie Curtis Gait Carlene Dash Norwalk, Iowa James Dattilo Cincinnati, Ohio John Dattilo Ferguson Bernice Davis Kahoka Cheryl Davis Kirksville Q. J k M Larry Evans Kirksville Francis Farmer Wayland, Iowa Tom Faucett Memphis Carol Fergason Macon Del Fessenden Palmyra Marjorie Fisher Frankford Glenn Flasch Brookfield Shirley Forney Hannibal Jim Forrester Memphis Fred Forsee Fulton Valery Dobbs Kirksville Gary Dolan Trenton Stanley Dombek St. Louis Karen Douglas Platlsburg Darrell Downing Drakesville, Iowa Jewell Duffey Kirksville Pat Duggan St. Louis Winifred Dunavant Fulton Gary Dunn Fremont, Iowa Nancy Durst Fulton Kenneth Eager Memphis Mary Early Baring Roger Edge Kirksville Patricia Eichelberger Ferguson Karen Ellenbenger Bloomfield, Iowa Connie Elson Mexico Ada England Clarksville Bob Epperson Kirksville Nancy Ericson New Milford, New Jersey Darrell Euritt Indianola, Iowa - ' •:» rli fa» «: ' . ik iJk " ' CT ' _ b Deborah Fortel Kirksville David Fortney Kirksville Sharon Foster Montgomery City Charles Foudree Huntsville Donald Fowler Unionville Harold Fowler Unionville Travis Fowler Des Moines, Iowa Joy Fox Oskaloosa, Iowa Marjorie Frady Coatsville Linda Frank Kansas City Nathan Frazee Wayland Priscilla Freeman Holliday Joyce French Corydon, Iowa John Frevert Oskaloosa, Iowa Garry Fry Mendon Roger Fulton Columbus Junction, Iowa Lois Garden Oskaloosa, Iowa Larry Gardner Marceline Gene Garrett University City Sandra Gates Marengo, Iowa O w ' P - Robert Gee Knoxville, Iowa Mary Geisendorfer Lewistown Doug Gethmann Gladbrook, Iowa Marsha Gibbs Corydon, Iowa John Gillaspie Pulaski, Iowa Stuart Golden Chicago, Illinois John Golob Melrose, Iowa Gerald Good Wright City Melvin Gordy Bloomfield, Iowa Becky Gotheridge Seymour, Iowa Carol Graves Lancaster Barbara Green Fulton Michael Green St. Louis John Griffith Glenwood Ed Gutting Kahoka Dennis Hahn St. Charles Dennis Halbach St. Louis Walter HaU Shelbina Ron Harbin Kirksville Russell Hardgrove Cedar, Iowa irA ?k Jack Harding Ottumwa, Iowa Barbara Hardman Polo Larry Harker Des Moines, Iowa George Harmon Eldon, Iowa William Harmon Holliday Jim Harris Bloomfield, Iowa Judith Harris Paris Ronald Harryman Douds, Iowa Beth Hawkins LaPlata Mary Hayes Salisbury Ronald Hays Kirksville Arthur Head LaPlata Larry Hedger Packwood, Iowa Luther Henderson Centralia Ruth Hendrick Seymour, Iowa Vera Hendricks Kirksville Mel Hensley Waynesville Norma Herring Winfield Georgia Hershey Keytesville George Hiatt Downing William Holvoet Fort Madison, Iowa John Hopson Quincy, Illinois David Hoselton Milan Nancy House Lewistown Marlus Houska Belle Plaine, Iowa Elizabeth Houston Elsberry Phillip Houston Edison, New Jersey Glee Howell Kahoka Ralph Howerton Hurdland Sharon Howerton Hurdland Sandra Hume Kahoka Stephen Hunt Kirksville Carol Irvin Foley Janet Irvin Foley Sharon Jack Corydon, Iowa James Jackson Philadelphia Rudolph Jacobsen St. Charles Addie James Ottumwa, Iowa Gerald Jensen Keytesville Jack Jobe Lucerne Lois Hickman Leonard Stanley Hickman Moberly Ed Hilleman Overland Michele Hilsabeck Davenport, Iowa Suzanne Hoffman Ferguson Elmer Hoffmeyer Wellsville Sandi Holman San Diego, California Linda Holmes Kirksville Phillip Holmes Princeton Willa Holmes Mercer £if£ Kenneth Johnson St. Louis Lorna Johnson Kirksville Nancy Johnson Affton Ronald Johnson Oskaloosa, Iowa Rosemary Johnson Trenton William Johnson Milton, Iowa Claudia Jones Des Moines, Iowa Jane Jones Novinger Lee Jones Kirksville Ronald Jones Warrenton David Jordan Knoxville, Iowa Charles Jost St. Louis Serece Judd Unionville Mary Kaiman Old Monroe Marcella Kaiser Milton, Iowa Donald Kehoe Ferguson Roberta Keller Luray Nancy Kelley St. Louis Christine Kennell Marengo, Iowa Betty Kern Shelbina Tony Killen Clarence James King Milan James Kinney Brookfield Steven Kircher Overland David Kirchner Kahoka Elaine Kitamura Kauai, Hawaii Julian Kite Montrose, Iowa Richard Klaslo Arlington Heights, Illinois Susan Klorer St. Louis Patricia Knecht Ottumwa, Iowa David Knes Affton Edward Knowles Macon Gary Koppenhauer Marion, Iowa Richard Korasick St. Louis Ah- Ram Kotikula Bangkok, Thailand Betty Kramer Chicago, Illinois Doris Kraus Memphis David Kuhlman Monroe City Brian Langford Westfield, New Jersey Becky Langhammer Clarence Mike Larson Kirksville Martha Lary Jameson Toasefulu Laulu American Samoa Carol Lawson LaPlata Donald Lawson Ottumwa, Iowa Ruth Leasure Ottumwa, Iowa Jerry Ledbetter Palmyra Dorvin Ledford Millsgrove Janice Leggett Kirksville Maria Leong Hong Kong tgaif «fc ifcj, Jk Jl-M . M MJi A Stanley Leutung Kirksville Gary Lewis Washington, Iowa Jimmie Lichtenberg Kirksville Nancy Lindley Moulton, Iowa Barbara Link St. Louis Clifford Linke Jonesburg Donald Linke Warrenton Rochelle Little Ottumwa, Iowa Albert Lo Hong Kong Larry Longfield Kirksville Terry Luikart St. Louis Robert Lunsford Macon Margaret Lutz Powersville Nick McCalester Ottumwa, Iowa Alvin McConnell Leonard William McDannold Hunnewell Terry McDonald Rexdale, Ontario, Canada Marsha McDowell LaGrange James McGriff New Sharon, Iowa Roger McHenry St. Louis V ■ I ' ' ' Wayne McLaughlin Quincy, Illinois Vcrn McLeland Kahoka Patricia McMahon Centralia Sharon McMullen Joliet, Illinois Carol Mack Brookfield Marilynn Malloy Oskaloosa, Iowa Charles March Kirksville Ray Markword Ursa, Illinois Dave Martin Canton Nyoca Martin Ottumwa, Iowa Tom Masten St. Joseph John Mathis Elmer Gary Mauck LaBelle Billy Meeks Ethel Dick Meinhardt Park Ridge, Illinois Julio Mendoza Cuzco, Peru Wilma Mettes Shelbyville Calvin Meyer Florissant Carolyn Meyer Warrenton Marilyn Meyer St. Louis Neil Mikel Kirksville Barbara Miklos Warrenville Charles Milder Kirksville Philip Millard Ottumwa, Iowa Dolores Miller Paris Dorothy Miller Louisiana Edward Miller Macon Gerald Miller Kirksville Hobert Miller Hazelwood Linda Miller Arbela Richard Miller Lathrop Marilyn Million Palmyra Millie Moore Washington, Iowa Cheryl Morris Purdin Linda Morris Green City Enid Morrow Bloomfield, Iowa Robert Morse Dorchester, Massachusetts Vi rginia Moslander Kirkwood Tom Motley Curryville John Mudd Center Dennis Mueller St. Louis Frank Mueller Canton Larry Muir Green Castle Sara Muir Green Castle Mike Murphy Revere Eugene Myers Fort Madison, Iowa Donald Nations Milan Charles Neagle Lancaster Kenneth Nelson Davenport, Iowa Bonna Nevins Browning k k ' k rh John Newland Bloomfield, Iowa Stephen Newlin Marion, Iowa Clark Nichols Morning Sun, Iowa Terry Nickels Waynesville Drew Nielsen Quincy Illinois Consuelo Nieto Cali, Colombia Charles Nill Palmyra Phillip Noble Seymour, Iowa Mike Nolan Webster Groves Joe Norton Macon Larry O ' Brien Kirksville Robert Oertwig Linneus Marvin Ornes Brashear Harold Orr Mediapolis, Iowa Marilyn Orr Hannibal Mary Osterhout Mexico Linda Overturf Ottumwa, Iowa Myrtle Owings Memphis Sandra Ownbey Yarrow Ivan Pagett Macon Jim Palmer St. Charles Nancy Parrish Gelesburg, Illinois Jo Patton Kirksville Nick Pauly Fairfield, Iowa Mary Pendleton Monroe City Jean Perrin Macon Mike Perry Bloomfield, Iowa Tom Peters Shelbyville Merlyn Petersmeyer Warrenton Jeffrey Peterson University City iA JfM Carole Phegley Kirksville Craig Phillips Seymour, Iowa Kenneth Phillips Kansas City John Pickering Unionville Sandra Pickett Kirksville Tom Plank Berkeley Margaret Plattenberger Martelle, Iowa Joanne Possehl Marengo, Iowa Camille Price Albia, Iowa Terry Price Brunswick Jean Primm Rutledge Bobby Privett Bowling Green Joe Pugel Madrid, Iowa Janet Rabe Blairstown, Iowa Pamela Raible Butler, Pennsylvania Bernie Ralph Troy Jeanie Ranney Kirksville Evelyn Ray Sturgeon Linda Ray Des Moines, Iowa JoAnn Reagan Montgomery City at Charles Reed Paris Linda Reed North English, Iowa Judy Rees Quincy, Illinois Robert Rembert St. Louis Richard Rhodes Eureka, Illinois Sara Richards Brookfield Mary Rigby Ankeny, Iowa Sam Riney Memphis Jane Riordan Norwalk, Iowa Frank Robinson St. Louis Jariel Robinson Marshalltown, Iowa Ray Robinson Mercer Richard Robinson Memphis James Roettger Wentzville Clifton Rogers Kirksville William Rojas Costa Rica Nellie Rosenthal Mexico Lois Roser Williamsburg, Iowa Richard Ross New London Sharon Roth St. Charles Martha Rouse Albia, Iowa Sara Royer Woodwara, Iowa Sandra Ruester Burlington, Iowa James Runyon Hannibal Delbert Russell Brookfield Kambiz Salehi Tehran, Iran Jane Sayre Browning John Schenk Memphis Wayne Schmid Fulton Geraldine Schmitter Queen City Nancy Schneider Hannibal Ray Schoch St. Charles Robert Schoonover Lemons John Schuelka Donnellson, Iowa Katherine Schutz Florissant Donald Scott Milan Sarah Scoville Poplar Bluffs Betty Seamster Downing James Sevier Milan Rudy Seward Quincy, Illinois Terry Shackleford Quincy, Illinois Charles Shanks Hamilton, Illinois Robert Shanks Canton Carolyn Shaw Kirksville Larry Shayer Kirksville Donald Shelton Ottumwa. Iowa Gordon Shibao Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii Maxine Shinn De« Moines. Iowa Evelyn Shiraki Kauai, Hawaii Patricia Short Cantril, Iowa Marsha Shroyer Princeton Michael Shulse Center Cheryl Simmons Novinger Charles Singleton Bevier Lois Slemmons Keota, Iowa Guyla Smalley Independence Terry Smelcer Pattonsburg Jerald Smith Palmyra Joan Smith Princeton Juliet Smith Middlebury, Vermont Larry David Smith Milan Larry Gordon Smith Gary, Indiana Marilyn Smith Queen City Alice Snyder Lucerne Ronald Snyder Richland, Iowa Norman Spencer Gibbs Jeane Spiers Wellsville Ann Spriggs Cadillac, Michigan Brian Springer Alexandria Nancy Spurgeon Keosauqua, Iowa f. f John Tanner O ' Fallon Larry Tarpley Rockford, Illinois Shirlee Teal Keosauqua. Iowa Jill Templeman Kirksville Paul Ten Eyck Edina Hugh Teter Exeello Vickie Thacker Independence Bernard Thomas Russell, Iowa Wallace Thomas Knoxville, Iowa Alice Thompson Ottumwa, Iowa Holmes Squires Maitland, Florida Rod Staggs Kirksville Nancy Statler Keota, Iowa David Stephenson Milan Ellen Sterne Louisiana Karen Stevens Kirksville Ethel Sliegemeier Montgomery City Sue Stiffler Norwalk, Iowa Janet Stoeklin Jonesburg Carol StoU Kirkwood Sharon Stone Chariton, Iowa James Struttmann Rhineland Ronald Stuckey Unionville Lauren Swartz Keosauqua, Iowa Alexia Swasick Centerville, Iowa Truman Swingle Kirksville Karla Swisher Novinger Ricky Swisher Palmyra Lawrence Taft Monroe City Susan Taniguchi Kekaho Kouai, Hawaii Clayton Thompson Richmond Clyde Thompson New Florence Virginia Thompson Minburn, Iowa Lynn Threlkeld Shelbina Nadine Thurman Clarence John Tillotson Overland Velma Timmons Madison Anne Todd Kansas City Richard Topping Peoria, Illinois Mary Townsend Memphis James Ulett St. Louis Glenn Ulrich St. Louis Brenda Van Do Krol Mexico Linda Van I)e Krol Mexico Shayroon Van Houten Martinsville Gary Van .VL-ter Queen City Ann Vaughn Montgomery City Georgina Vetter La Vale, Maryland Thomas Vetter LaVale, Maryland Thomas Vohsen St. Louis Jl Daniel Wade Kirksville James Wadlin Macon Arthur Waggoner Fort Madison, Iowa Sandra Walls Wellsville Gordon Walton Bevier Linda Warden Ottumwa, Iowa Velma Washburn Ewing Eddie Waters Macon ( arol Watkins Atlanta Mayris Watson Troy Finis Watt Green City Kay Watts Williamsburg. Iowa William Watts Elsberry Frances Webber Laddonia Jolene Weber Richland, Iowa Janeen Weeks Corydon, Iowa Roxana Wehmeyer Marthasville Rex Weldon Montgomery City John Whelan Lincolnwood, Illinois Alice White Lineville, Iowa mkd ' k J A Ed While Ferguson Linda White St. Louis Leiand Whitmore Buckingham, Iowa Carol Wieman Troy Gerald Williams Huntsville Loyd Williams Warrenton Sharon Williams Benton City Marlene Willis St. Louis Temple Willis Auxvasse Larry Wilson Kirksville Mary WiKson Hannibal Terry Winget Florissant Robert Wiskirchen Lewistown Charles Workman Stockport. Iowa Kenneth Wright Clarksville Beth Wyrick Fort Madison, Iowa .Mesim Yilmaz Istanbul, Turkey Karen Youngberg Ferguson Patricia owell Perry Ed Zepka Round Lake. Illinois SEATED: Dick Giachino, vice-president; Harry Libby, president; Tom Croley, treasurer. STANDING: Sharyn Johnson, eouncilwoman; John Crockett, councilman; Kay Richard, secretary. Freshmen Vicki Acklie Kahoka James Adams Green Castle Janice Adams Williamstown, Iowa Richard Adams Marshalltown, Iowa Cheryl Adamson Seymour, Iowa Harold Adkins Brashear Leroy Aeschliman Lancaster Dennis Albers Bluffs, Illinois Janie Albertson Green City Thomas Alexander Mt. Sterling, Iowa Judith Allen Green Castle Marilyn Allen Worthington mfkJtA Vicki Allen Elmer Connie Allison Hedrick, Iowa Fortino Alvarez Mexico City, Mexico Charles Anderson Green Castle Janet Anderson Novinger Mary Anderson St. Charles Sherryl Anderson Seymour, Iowa Sherry Anspach Ethel Stephen Armstrong St. Louis Wayne Arnett Excello Richard Atkins Dallas City, Illinois Sue Baber Florissant (T fZ _, Patricia Bailey Winigan Sharron Bailey Macon Richard Bailey Canton Barbara Baines Wentzville Glenda Baker Shelbina James Baker St. Louis Judith Baker Memphis Nancy Baldwin Kirksville Michael Ballard Florissant Scott Bally Hackensack, New Jersey Jesse Barbosa St. Joseph Bettie Barnes Sturgeon Rebecca Barnes Newark Jack Barnett Stockport, Iowa Linda Barritt Ravana Anita Barta Cedar Rapids, Iowa Roy Bartlett Kirksville Susan Bartlett Highwood Lake, Illinois Arthur Beasley Centralia Ronald Beasley Perry, Iowa Constance Bechtel Richmond Heights John Beck Novelty Michael Beggs Luray Birney Belfield LaPlata Linda Belville Fort Madison, Iowa Luticia Bennett Kahoka Patricia Bentrup Lemay Louis Berta Bay City, Michigan Lorene Berti Bevier Janet Bethman St. Charles Linda Bevan Shelbina Bruce Bevington Des Moines, Iowa Kenneth Biemiann Ferguson Neal Billups Ottumwa, Iowa Emmett Bingham Mexico Elizabeth Bird New London James Boone Macon Dean Booth Greentop Patricia Bothe Montgomei? City Elizabeth Bower Florissant Michael Boyd St. Charles Billy Boyer Princeton Cletus Bover St. Louis Larry Boyer Memphis Carolyn Brackett Kirksville Judith Bragg LaPlata Karen Bragg Novelty Thomas Breidensteiner St. Charles Harvey Brent Brookfield Patricia Brice St. Louis Steven Bricker St. Charles Garry Briddle Kirksville Wilma Briggs St. Catherine Leo Brooks Sturgeon Mary Bross Palmyra Clifton Brown St. Catherine Woodson Brown St. Louis Sandra Bruey Fairfield, Iowa Linda Brummitt Green Castle William Bruner Powersville Billie Buchanan St. Louis Barbara Buckman Palmyra Carl Buckman Monroe City Carolyn Buckman Monroe City Carol Bueltmann Warrenton Patricia Burk Bevier Larry Burns Kirksville Judith Burt Fuhon Gary Bush Callao John Cable St. Catherine William Campbell Monroe City John Canny Ottumwa, Iowa Terry Biser St. Charles Gloria Bishop Winfield Paul Bittiker Mendon Mary Blackburn Ottumwa, Iowa .Suesana Blair Elsberry Jacquelyn Blanton Shelbina Kenneth Blecha Mediapolis, Iowa Charles Blickhan Canton Jon Bollinger Keosauqua, Iowa i • ' Myrna Boltz Monticello Virginia Boon Kahoka Vivian Boon Kahoka --V , If % ! ' ' ' ' ' f - (P% cf ,©- j O ' M 9 9 Dennis Carey Overland Kenneth Carlson Palatine, Illinois Marianne Carpenter Leonard Barbara Carrol! Shelbina Darrell Carruthers Keosauqua, Iowa Christine Carskadon Canton Robert Carter Centralia Kathleen Casey Wellston Jack Chandler Promise City, Iowa David Charter Callao Laurie Chehval Hannibal Joseph Chisham Monroe City Henry Chok North Borneo Carol Clark St. Louis Karen Clark New Cambria Wilham Clark Packwood, Iowa Donna Clingman Hedrick, Iowa Diana Cloyd Cedarville, Ohio James Cody St. Charles Marcie Cohen Huntington, New York Dietra Cole Kirksville Myrna Cole New Cambria Donna Coleman Jennings Robert Collier St. Louis Scott Collier Florissant Jerry Collins Ottumwa, Iowa Raymond Collins Clarence Arlene CoUister Fulton William Colyer Bucklin Paul Comer St. Louis Vonn Comer Knoxville, Iowa Jenny Compton Milan Jean Cone Memphis Sherry Conger Hale Mike Conner Kirksville Charles Cook Duncannon, Pennsylvania Carolyn Cooley Unionvil Lloyd Coolley Centralia Donald Cornelison Mexico Janet Cornwell Ferguson Deanna Corrick Edina Gerald Coltingham Peoria, Illinois Kenneth Courtney Kirksville Alline Cox Brunswick Donna Cox Centralia Gordon Cox Cainsville Patricia Cozad Kirksville Emily Crable Ottumwa, Iowa Gary Craft St. Louis Catherine Craik Kirksville John Creasman Monroe City James Cribb Powersville Harold Critchlow Ottumwa, Iowa John Crockett Perry- Boyd Croley. Jr Memphis James Crooks Kirksville Charles Crump St. Louis Donald Crumpacker Milan Alex Cruz St. Joseph Jerry Culberlson Shelbyville Carol Cunningham Memphis Joseph Cupp Kirksville Nancy Curtis Hedrick, Iowa George Gushing .Springfield Seyed Darakishanroyni Ahwaz, Iran Charles Daut Wilton Junction, Iowa William Davidson Moberly Jimmie Davis Hedrick, Iowa Roy Davis Shelbyville Donna Dejong New Sharon, Iowa Mary Delaney Brashear John Deluca St. Louis Roberta Delvecchio Lagrange, Illinois Ralph Dial Ottumwa, Iowa Janice Dick Burlington, Iowa Dorothy Dieckman Warrenton Judith Dillinger Wyaconda Judith Dixon Browning Judith Dobbs Rockford, Illinois William Dobbs Hurdland .Susan Dochterman Burlington, Iowa Nancy Dodge Memphis Robert Dodson Kirksville Donald Dorrance Keota, Iowa ' R km . A Dorrell Marcelinc .Sheri Dossett Burlington, Iowa Gary Doty Oskaloosa, Iowa Ernest Downing Milton, Iowa Joseph Doyel Wentzville Donald Drunert St. Charles Rae Dubray Fulton Robert Duckworth Brookfield Freddy Duncan Purdin Linda Duncan Meadville Thomas Durden Kirksville Roger Dye Unionville Robert Early Baring Shirley Easley Novelty Karen Eberle Silex Betty Eckert St. Louis Ruth Edmondson Jonesburg Janet Edwards Kirksville Judith Eggleston Maysville Ellen Ellis Keosauqua, Iowa Patricia Ellis Quincy, Illinois Marilyn Engle Ottumwa, Iowa Barbara Erb Perry Marsha Erickson Macon © 9 ft o a o f% a p (4 ' f: CI (PV © © P Joyce Evans Monroe City Mary Evans Monroe City Bonnie Fairbairn Niles, Illinois Ellen Falloon Mo ntgomery City Carol Farmer Clarence Gary Fears Ottumwa, Iowa Russell Fenstermann Earlville, Iowa Connie Ferguson New Sharon, Iowa Larry Fessler Edina John Finley St. Joseph Bonnie Fischer Licking John Flanagan Kirksville Michael Flanagan Silex James Flanders Keota, Iowa Janet Flesch Bangkok, Thailand Kendall Fligg Eldon, Iowa William Flynn Florham Park, New Jersey Elaine Ford Atlanta Linda Foreman Clarence Norman Forrest St. Louis Joan Forty Elmhurst, Illinois Beverly Fowler St. Louis Jerry Freeland Dallas City Illinois Judith Fretwell Monticello Robert Frost Palatine, Illinois Ronald Frost Palatine, Illinois Jo Ann Frueh Fort Madison, Iowa Jolene Fuqua Ankeny, Iowa Jean Galbraith Canton Richard Gallagher Washington, Iowa Judy Gardner Brashear Vicki Gardner Kirksville Jaqueline Gash Mexico .Michael Geers Fort Madison, Iowa Jo Ann Genlr ' Florissant John Gerdes Charleston Infit " ' - ' ' ' Ji " lilnii lilnnHlBtT Hi Judith Goodenough Webster Groves Larry Goodwin LaBelle Ronald Goon Higbee Larr ' Gore Vandalia Linda Gottman Monroe City Wilma Grant Macon Rebecca Graves St. Louis Jean Gray Milan Dee Green Mediapolis, Iowa Eddie Green Mediapolis, Iowa Janet Gregg Kirksville Denise Gregory Kirksville Harold Griffin Mexico Katherine Griffith Glenwood Glenda Grinstead Centralia Max Grooms Ottumwa, Iowa Marjorie Groves Mexico Hazel Guilfoyle La Grange Braxion Guinn Bloomfield, Iowa Joseph Gutting Kahoka Robert Haines Kirksville Madelon Haley Brookfield Barbara Hall Kirksville Judith Hall Urbandale, Iowa Richard Hall Knoxville, Iowa Robert Hall Macon Thomas Hall Macon Susan Hammack Elsberry Judith Hampton Monroe City Gloria Hannam Keosauqua, Iowa Nancy Hannuni Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Lloyd Hardie. Jr Chariton, Iowa Terry Hardy Monroe City Wayne Hardy Hannibal Jane Hargrave Cedar Rapids, Iowa Deana Harper Hannibal Barbara German St. Louis Ervin Giachino Kirksville Robert Gibbs Hurdland Sandra Gifford Winfield Barbara Gillam Cedar Rapids, Iowa Paul Gismegian Athens, Greece .Marjorie Gleason Kirksville Marilyn Coble Glendale Cecil Golden, Jr Mexico Nancy Golden Kirksville .Malinda Good Chariton, Iowa Robert Gooden Milton, Iowa - e. o a fl 9 €■■ % £kl . op 0k ££Si5 ri!A .k ' Carolyn Hudspith Elizabeth Hug . . Larry Hughes . . . Robert Hughes . . Alice Hull Suzanne Hunt . . . , Ames, Iowa St. Charles . . Marceline Eldon, Iowa . . . Elsberry . . Kirksville Nancy Hunziker . . . James Hutchens . . Linda Hutcherson . Mercedes Inglesias Mayra Ivankovich . Jeanette Irwin . . . , Kahoka Centralia Palmyra Havana, Cuba Panama City. Panama Batavia, Iowa William Harper Kirksville Jerry Harris Milton, Iowa Mary Lou Harvey Memphis John Haston Keytesville Melvin Hatcher Harris Janet Hawk Fairfield, Iowa Keith Hawkins LaPlata Stephen Hawkins Brookfield Sarah Hayden Kirksville Edwin Hazelwood Green Castle Howard Hazen Washington, Iowa Ray Heaton Oskaloasa, Iowa Ronald Hediger Green Top Maria Heitman Van Home, Iowa Kenna Henness Kirksville Charlotte Henry Browning Nelson Hewgley Madison Larry Heyer Waterloo, Iowa Margaret Hill Wellsville Marcel Hiskey Des Moines, Iowa Nancy Hitt Kirksville Kathy Hixson Bedford, Iowa Francis Hodges Canton Barbara Hoerrmann Green Castle Donald Hoewing Canton Leonard Hoffmann St. Louis Kathryn Hogenson Kirksville Gerald HoUingsworth Albia, Iowa Carolyn Holt Wentzville Sharon Holt Fort Madison, Iowa David Holtkamp Donnellson, Iowa Jack Hooker Browning Dennis Hopkins Dysart, Iowa Judith Hoskins Richland, Iowa Nancy Howerton Hurdland Virginia Huckstep Silex Carol Jackson LaPlata Beverly James Monroe City Carroll James Green Top Clyde James Centralia Dana James Lewistown Ronald James Green Top Sue James St. Louis Clarence Jansen Bashnell, Illinois Margery Jarrell Shelbyville Judith Jaspering Warrenton Michael Jedlicka Fort Madison, Iowa Roger Johannas New Sharon, Iowa Lawrence Johnsen Port Byron, Illinois Judy Johnson Ottumwa, Iowa Leonard Johnson Newtown Mac Johnson Shelbyville Sharyn Johnson Keytesville Mary Johnston Memphis Joy Jolley Newton, Iowa Constance Jones St. Louis Gerald Jones Troy Harry Jones Troy Martha Jones Shelbina Merlyn Jones Macon Shirley Jourdan LaBelle Larry Kabrick Plainville. Illinois Sa muel Kaeding Warrenton Shirley Kaiser Milton, Iowa Maynard Karrenbrock Montgomery City William Keasling Ottumwa, Iowa Ronald Keiser Richland, Iowa Leona Keller Fairfield, Iowa Norma Kelly Oldmon Roe Judy Kennedy Plattsburg Mary Kenney Chillicothe David Kent Green City .- . f jj, --• — • ■b ' ' ' O P ' t ' -I 9 ' §i -. i 9 ' ' P C ' - Niirene Kern Lincoln H H Keith Ketchum LaPlata M Wendell Kilian Hannibal ' " F Michaela Kilroy St. Louis g Donna King Shelbina w Joanne King Bloomfield, Iowa ,i Milburn King O ' Fallon " ' yL Suzanna King Bloomfield, Iowa Judy Kirby Armslronj; David Kirchner Kahoka ■ ' ernon Kirkendall Moberly Naniy Kissinger Knoxville, Iowa Sharon Kite Hurdland Cosetle Klindt Morning Sun, Iowa John Klingaman Packwood, Iowa Emniett Klinger Allerlon, Iowa Paul Klote Edina Viclci Klug Warrenville, Illinois Sandra Kniess Cyrene James Knipmeyer Camp Point, Illinois Thea Knouse Kirksville Teresa Koehler Montrose, Iowa John Kohler Defiance Susan KoUmann Centralia f Q n k rM ■ j •s f " Pat Konrad Utlumwa, Iowa John Kopp Montgomery City Paul Koprivca Kirkwood Behrouz Kordestani Shahrara, Iran Ehsanlollah Kousari Hamadan, Iran Kenneth Krabill Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Nancy Kres Florissant Gloria Kromminga Monticello, Iowa David Kuenzel Jennings Jean Kunioka Koloa, Hawaii Joan Kunioka Koloa, Hawaii Carolyn Kunkel Knoxville, Iowa Thomas LaFrenz Wyaconda Lawrence Lake Lewistown Keith Lankford Richland, Iowa Kenneth LaRose St. Louis James Latcham Hedrick, Iowa Linda Lawson Wyaconda Carol Lay La Belle Cecil Lease Fort Madison, Iowa Lauren Lee Hong Kong Victor Lehr LaPlata Kenneth Leiviska Palatine, Illinois Rodney Lentz Salisbury George Lesinger Red Bud, Illinois Gary Lewis Kirksville Marcia Lewis Tustin, California Bobby Leytham Spickard Harry Libby Shelbina Regina Lightfoot Unionville Mike Lillis Williamsburg, Iowa Donald Lincoln Grinnell, Iowa Pamela Lindquist Ottumwa, Iowa Joann Lindsey Kirksville Joseph Liss Skokie, Illinois Elizabeth Lite Ml. Pleasant, Iowa Linda McCall Mexico Sarah McCall Portland David McCartney Kirlcsville Gary McCaughey Ottumwa, Iowa Carol McClanahan Kirksville Sandra McCloud Keytesville Barbara McClure Trenton Melvin McCollum Wheeling Patricia McConnell Downing William McCormick Oskaloosa, Iowa Carolyn McElderry Balavia, Iowa James McElderry Batavia, Iowa Joy McGhee Purdin Larry McGlothlin Hurdland Peggy McGregor Kirksville Elizabeth McKay Warrenton Harriet McKay Warrenton Leslie McKay Warrenton Elizabeth McKinley New Milford, New Jersey John McLandsborough Ottumwa, Iowa Frances McNabb Green City James McPherson Memphis Roger McPherson Kahoka William McWhorter Kahoka Ruby Mabry Kirksville Ramona Madden Milton, Iowa Joe Maddox Shelbina Leon Maggart Milan Saeid Maghen Teherhn, Iran (Clifford Mahin Monroe City Donet Main Macon Glenda Malloy Bucklin Kenneth Mann Shelbyville Peggy Marsh Bettendorf, Iowa Stephen Marsh Bettendorf, Iowa Jerry Martie Bevier Dana Little Monticello Warren Livingston Galesburg, Illinois Becky Lockard Brunswick Conn Lockett Kirksville Carol Lockwood Kahoka Joyce Lohrman St. Charles Margaret Lott Macon Perr - Lowe Mexico Elaine Lowenberg Hedrick, Iowa Linda Lowery Macon Sally Loy Ottumwa, Iowa Jimmie McCain Clarence D 9 fll w . " S Jr ' A hM f di ' M rA fM fk Bill Martin Jonesborg Barbara Mason Gerguson Richard Mason Moravia, Iowa William Malzen Cairo Margaret Maxwell Ames, Iowa Cheryl May Kirksville Kenneth Mayfield Rutledge Jim Means Brooklyn Iowa Dona Sue Mechlin Centralia Connie Meeker Eldora, Iowa Hossein Mehraban Shirax, Iran Wanda Mettes Shelbyville Joyce Mihaldvich Kirksville Michael Mihalevich Shelbina Diane Miller St. Louis James Miller Greeen City Jill Miller Skokie. Illinois Kay Miller Wyaconda Linda Miller Bloomfield Sherlean Miller St. Louis Victor Miller Knox City Willa Miller St. Louis Wallace Mills Perry Carol Millsap Bucklin Donna Milstead Brashear Mary Mincks Seymour, Iowa Gayle Minear Unionville Mary Mitchell Rodman, Iowa Susan Mitchell Kahoka Linda Moffett Memphis Nancy Moffett Cantril, Iowa Jim Moffit Ottumwa, Iowa Glyn Mohn Laddonia Linda Montgomery Novinger Lee Moody St. Louis John Morehead Milan Linda Morelock Kirksville Phillip Morgan Albia, Iowa Faryar Moshtaghi Tehran, Iran Ruth Moss Hunnewell Josephine Motter Kirksville Mary Mudd Silex Mary Mundy St. Louis Esther Murry St. Louis Betty Myers Bloomfield, Iowa Mary Neil Downing Robert Nelms Port Byron, Illinois David Nelson Burlington, Iowa James Nelson Arbela Frank Nemetb Mexico John Newcomb Aurora. Illinois James Nichols St. Louis Richard Nichob Knoxville, Iowa Alice Nicoletti KirksWlle Constance Neihaus Quincy, Illinois Kenneth Niekamp Mendon. Illinois Thomas Niggemeyer Fort Madison, Iowa Richard Nirgenau Ferguson Virginia Nitti .Memphis Beverly Noe Kirksville Sharailyn Noland New London David Novinger Kirksville Elsie O ' Bryan Ironton Eva Olson Ewing Byron Overstreet Cantril, Iowa Helen Owen Princeton Loren Owens Purdin Alice Owings Clark Stephen Owsley Canton Steve Osbum Spring ville, Iowa Sarah Painter Paris Linda Palmer Hannibal John Parcell Bowling Green Carroll Parker LibertyviUe, Iowa Richard Parrish Newark Judy Parsons Ottumwa, Iowa Richard Patcbett Oskaloosa, Iowa Stephanie Pawlowicz St. Louis . nne Payden Marceline Toni Pendergast Kansas City Sharon Penn Kirksville George Peoples Leonard Tamara Perry St. Louis Robert Pflibsen Montgomery City •Vei ' Jk " - I-- ' m - . i li -T IP Carla Phillips e Tnour. Iowa Margaret Pierce Canton George Pinnell Tipton, Iowa Lawrence Place Gallatin John Plank Milan Karen Poecker St. Louis CI Roddy Poindexter Ottumwa. Iowa ■ ' Kenneth Polston Jonesburg -Marson Ponder St Louis J:L Edward Porter . ' " Hannibal V W f " " ' ' " " Macon r L J es Posey Green City Lorene Pratt Eldora, Iowa John Pratt Mexico Dave Primeau St. Charles Judy Purol Monroe City Edward Putnam Powersville Larry Quigley M ' ' an Coleman Quint Unionville Ricky Rabena St. Louis Steven Racey Arbella Yvonnia Rackley Stillman Valley, Illinois James Ragan Monroe City Judy Rager Brashear as kkiA f A © ft Frances 1 aines Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Darrell Ralliff LaPlata Peggy Rector Bevier Bonnie Redman Monroe City Mary Redman Monroe City Robert Redman Leon, Iowa Alan Redmon Kirksville Gerald Reed Hobart, Indiana Sang Ku Rhee Seoul, Korea Allan Rice Tipton, Iowa Kay Richard Kirksville Sidna Richardson Macon William Richardson Skokie, Illinois Myra Ricks Elsberry Kermil Riley Macon Ronald Riley Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Sharon Riney Memphis Gary Roberts Callao Emmett Robinson Montgomery City Eudova Robinson LaPlata James Robinson Princeton Dawn Roemer Macon Joyce Rogers Kirksville Marilynne Rohning Perry Glendle Romine Chariton, Iowa James Roof Flint, Michigan Sharon Ross Downing Myron Rouse Pocahanlas, Iowa Linda Rowland Sunrise Beach Alvina Royse Kirksville Doris Royster Silex Linda Rudd Foristell Carol Rudloff Browning Robert Saak WellsviUe Carmen Saenz Costa Rica Sharon Saffell LaPlata Wauneta Salter Brashear Dixie Sanders Green City Judy Sanker Jonesburg Carolyn Sauller Salisbury Larry Saxton Memphis Shirley Sayre Milan Dennis Scale Kahoka Joe Schafer Birmingham. Iowa Daniel Schmitz Ewing Richard Schuhler St. Louis Carole Schulten Hannibal David Schultz Ely, Iowa Henry Schulz Warrenton Sandra Schulz Warrenton Louise Schwaner Kirksville Dan Scott Armstrong Cheryl Seago St. Louis Jason See Rutledge Pamela Seitz Davenport, Iowa Lorraine Semana Koloa, Hawaii Earl Sens Seymour, Iowa Carol Shaffer Princeton Marvin Shannon Keytesville LaVonne Sharpe Lewistown Leonard Shaw Oskaloosa, Iowa James Sheaffer Ottumwa, Iowa Shirley Sheeder Greenfield, Iowa Larry Shelton Unionville Lowell Sherwood Kirksville Georgia Shilt Newtown Patricia Shilt Wentzville Alice Shriver Green City Ronald Shy Fairfield, Iowa Mary Sinclair Green City Nancy Singleton Mendon Nolan .Singleton Bevier Riley Singley Green City Robert Skeens Farmington, Iowa Sue Skinner Callao Vernon Sloan Bowling Green Howard Sloop Queen City William Smedley Palatine, Illinois Aline .Smith Waterloo, Iowa Barry Smith Oskaloosa, Iowa Jerry Smith Shelbina Linda .Smith Bowling Green Richard .Smith New Milford, New Jersey Roger Smith Numa ,Iowa J Jl a ,p. o f 2 p Kenichi Suzuki Sailama, Japan Yuji Suzuki Tokyo, Japan Donald Swarthout Chariton, Iowa Joan Swearengen Browning Carl Swenson Sac City, Iowa Caye Swingle Kirksville Linda Talbert Greentop Linda Tapley New London Frances Taylor Troy Rebecca Taylor Palmyra Harold Tennyson Mokane Sally Tharp Richland, Iowa Edward Sneed Centralia Janice Snyder Kirksville Lance Solter La Grange Cathy Sonksen Waterloo, Iowa Janet South Revere Trudy Sparks Oskaloosa, Iowa Mildred Spencer Milan Roberta Spencer Atlanta James Spires Bellflower Eva Sponsler Kirksville Karen Spratt Maywood Dennis Spriggs Kirksville Rose Spurgin Albia, Iowa Judith Staley Kirksville Don Stanley Licking James Stark Powersville Bobby Steele Kirksville Conrad Stempel OUie, Iowa Carol Stephens Kirksville Enid Stephenson Triplett Patricia Stevens Trenton Karen Steward Elsberry Larry Steward Eureka Janice Stiefel Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Robert Stiffey Canton Judith St. John Kenosha. Wisconsin Elliot Stone Philadelphia, Pennsylvania John Stotts East Moline , Illinois Mildred Strack Truxton Karen Strauch Bettendorf, Iowa Sharon Stufflebean Brookfield Ronnie Stutz Kahoka John Suchland Troy John Suddorth Elsberry Peggy Sullivan Kirksville Joyce Sultzman Hannibal a ttk ffy 9 k S k Elizabeth Thayer Macon Jerry Thomas LaPlala Judith Thomas Chariton, Iowa Judy Thomas Silex Lyle Thompson Laddonia Sandra Thompson Promise City, Iowa Carol Todd Kirksville Norman Tooley Marceline William Toops Marceline Harry Trask Memphis Kent Troester Kirksville Delbert Trowbridge LaPlata Eugene Trussell O ' Fallon Gilbert Tucker Dalton Jackie Tucker Newtown Jacklyn Tucker Brookfield Wendy Turnbaugh Ferguson Andrea Turner Mexico Thomas Turner Bethel William Unternaehrer Brunswick Alice VanDoren Ankeny, Iowa Linda Vanlandingham Mexico Glen Van Landingham Bloomfield, Iowa Elizabeth Van Sickle Macon Vera Vargas San Jose, Costa Rica Gary Varner Linn James Vass Eldon, Iowa Barbara Baughn Montgomery City Kathleen Verploeg Oskaloosa, Iowa Jose Viriz Santiago, Panama Daryl Vroom Oskaloosa, Iowa James Vukich St. Louis Dennis Walker Prairie City, Iowa Frank Walker Hannibal Jerry Walker Harris Rose Walker Macon O ft IttA hM Alvin Wallace . . Kathryn Wallace Patsy Walters . . . Donald Walton . Judith Ward Martha Warner . Laclede Revere Mediapolis, Iowa Perry St. Louis Albia, Iowa Jackie Watson . . . Shirley Watson . Linda Webber ... Ronald Weber . . . Betty Wegener . . . Evalyn Wehmeyer Kahoka Kirksville Memphis Kirksville Montgomery City , . Webster Groves Robert Wells Packwood, Iowa A k Ardith Welsh St. Louis I 1 Glenn Wheller Rockford, Illinois J ' !» - V Susan Wheeler Brookfield V —- Carol Wheelock Hannibal V y ' k. Carolyn Whisenand Bucklin . ( Herbert White Ottumwa. Iowa 0 John White Edina V f Karen White Fairfield. Iowa ' •■«- ' i ' Larry White Clarence Martha White Quincy, Illinois .1 ' . Nancy White Des Moines, Iowa BlTj l KM fl» ft 1 p A fli f - fP it -r: iJi - Marcia Whitehead New Sharon, Iowa John Whitt Bethany Barbara Wickless Unionville Svea Wikstrom Niles, Illinois Richard Wilber O ' Fallon Russell Wilcox Shelbyville Brenda Wiles Kirksville George Wilkening Sigourney, Iowa Theresa Wilkins St. Charles Thomas Williams Des Moines, Iowa Jerry Williamson St. Louis Harold Willis Canton Carol Wilson Novinger Terry Wilson LaPlata Linda Winkleman Greentop Harold Winn Greentop Gary Winter Steedman Wynona Winters Milan Sharon Wohlert St. Louis John Wolf Keosauqua, Iowa Donnie Wood LaPlata Linden Wood LaPlata Roger Wood Bethel Betty Woodburn Douds, Iowa Stephen Woodford Ottumwa, Iowa Patsy Worland Holliday Georgia Wrasmann St. Louis Larry Wray Seymour, Iowa Daniel Wright Queen City Franklin Wright Brookfield Harry Young Kirksville Carolyn Yount Macon Mary Yowell Perry Arthur Zeigler Mexico Carla Zeigler Novinger Larry Zimmerman Spickard ■OBmiSIUiBIUUlLV BIBBRIBia nBBns r r . ■vA s HjM Some people had a word for it -.change. Maybe it was just a re-channeling of interests, or another phase in the collegiate cycle. But whatever it was, it had an effect upon student activity at Northeast Missouri this year. Of course, there were still those who got excited: Freshmen caught up in the Social Whirl, but they soon learned. Contrary to dampened tradition. Homecoming day was unusually sunny and warm. Greek Week was intellectual and improved. Proud parents enjoyed a day on campus during the annual Parents ' Day activities. Assemblies and the Lyceum series, with exciting and challenging themes, were well attended. Campus men were waited on hand and foot by their feminine admirer ers during TWIRP Week. Great individual talent and group volume was displayed at the Fun Festival. Resig- nations were prevalent, and so was social probation. It was argued that Student Elections weren ' t worth the effort, and most of the effort went into the arguing. A few got excited about campus elections— mostly the candidates. But most important, this year was the academic year, where a serious attitude replaced the " Joe College " spirit; the library was jammed with people studying, courses became more difficult, and the future made greater demands of the students. Registration . . . Most Well Attended of All Campus Activities Are you sure this isn ' t Candid Camera? President ' s Pleasure Greeting New Students At the beginning of each academic year. President Ryle and the other members of the administration honor the incoming freshmen with a reception which is held in Sociability Hall. With the rigors of registration behind them, the students are given an opportunity to relax and get acquainted with their administrators, instructors, and fellow students. Prt-sitlrnl and Mrs. Ryle. Dean Rieger, and Student Council presulctu. Bill Berry, preet new students at the Presideit ' s Reception. I hate to tell you this, but you ' re in the wrong line! The symptoms are easily recognizable: long, long lines, organized chaos, rejection slips from the library, disappointment, smug looks of the faculty, dull pencils, lost packets, lost advisors, a profusion of check books, and usually hysterics. It ' s unavoidable: it ' s necessary, it ' s REGISTRATION! Pre-registration helps some, but some faculty members just do do not understand why a 3 to 5 Friday lab is undesirable, why 7:30 A.M. classes suffer from lack of attendance and why 3 classes at one time is conducive to cuts. Writer ' s cramp is a vocational hazard; so is a slightly numb expression. Experienced students, who have previously planned to beat the system, give up after 20 minutes of frustration. Freshmen devote their whole day to the proceedings and usually wish they could do it over — differently. Registration has its advantages: a student develops patience, fortitude, persistence, and determination. If it has other advantages, no one has ever discovered them. I utiiiill nuail ill Collegiate Atmosphere Pleases Proud Parents TOO parents were in Part- II Is Ifil.f atlranta f « .■ Hall.. lah ' tt ' Tia at hcaiititiil, nc More than 700 parents were in attenflance as the campus was host at the annual Parents l)a festivities. The day ' s activities included registration and a coffee hour held in Sociability Hall: open-house throughout the campus; luncheon, served in all three cafeterias: and an afternoon assembly which was followed by a recep- tion held in R le Hall. Iifiun at R}lr Hall Tins uril atlrnri;! b ihr pi Little Alumni 1963 Homecoming Court 1.4 Club float wins mechanical division. Kirksville beat Rolla 41-0. That was the most im- portant but certainly not the only thing that happened during the celebration of Homecoming weekend. Kicking off the weekend was the suspense of balloting for queen on Thursday. Pretty Dianne Bull was elected 1963 Home- coming Queen with attendants Cheryl Mossbarger and Joyce Flowers. Friday night included the pep rally where the queen and attendants were crowned and the intro- duction of the football squad. Saturday morning began with the traditional Homecoming parade including organization floats and bands from the local high schools. Many people attended the annual Homecoming Luncheon in Blanton cafeteria which honored the grad- uates of 1913 and 1938. Then there was the football game and open house all over the place. Last but not east was the Homecoming Dance at Rieger Armory featuring Ricky George and his band. Art Club ' s beauty jloat captures sueepslakes troph Honorary Art Club " Shell " Draw Victory ' •••J ,1 Aa MbAK.« Second Queen Attendant Cheryl Mossbarger First Queen Attendant Joyce Flowers Delia Ijtla Alpha Siiiinn Alpha 1963 Homecoming Queen Dianne Bull Menehune Independent COLLEGE USHERS— ROW 1: Aleelha Jackson. Joyce Flowers. Diana Gay. ROW 2: Jane Galbraith. Joan .Moore, Lynda Upchurch ROW 3: Donna Buttz. Connie Terry. Cheri Jones, Sue Davis. ROW 4: Christine Rockhold, Judy Howell, Barbara Wright, Sharon Safell. Campus Plays Host to Big Name Talent Lyceum programs are provided each year for the entertainment and cultural enrichment of the students, faculty, and townspeople. The first program of the season was presented by stage, screen, and television star. Hans Conreid. Next, was an evening with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. The Winter Quarter provided Metropolitan Opera star. Rise Stevens, who displayed her versalitv in a wide repertoire of songs ranging from " Rabbit at Top Speed " by Bernstein to " My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice " bv Saint-Saens. The fourth program featured the Canadian Players, a group of actors from Stratford. Ontario, who presented Shakespeare ' s " Henry IV. Part One " . The final sessions were presented by the Porgy and Bess Singers and Max Lerner. Metropolitan Opera star. Rise Stevens and her accompaniest, James Shomate. — Photo by Arteaga Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Etc. The Teachers College students really go gung-ho Greek, one special week during the year, and this year was no exception. Greek organizations on campus re- ceived a week of praise, and criticism (all constructive). The weekly Wednesday morning assembly was turned over to the Greeks and was a rousing success. The fraternities all held open house during the week to display their houses. And last but certainly not least, was the Greek Week Dance which climaxed the week ' s activities. At the end of it all. even the independents had to admit that " It ' s great to be Greek " — even if it is only one week out of the year. Alphas proudly survey their awards. Latest (.ampiis fashions at the Tri Si i rush party. Sorority Hopefuls Seek " Big Bid " to Sisterhood Discovering that they have 59 instant friends, con- fidants, and defenders is generally a slight shock to most freshman women when they get the " hig bid. " but the madness that precedes it can only be described as overwhelming. This is Sorority Rush. Its ingredients are complex. Take one sorority with approximately 40 rushers, add about 100 eager rushees. blend until highly organized, then relax and enjoy. As the parties pro- gressed, smiles grew wearier, handshakes less hearty. Hrh try the " ole soft shoe! " and feet much bigger. But it looked like it was worth it to anyone watching the pledges-to-be streaming out of the Dean ' s office after receiving their bids. Joy is released with abandon: so are tears. Singing is uproar- ious as the sororities discover their new members, one by one. Pledges will learn how to build floats; how to polish tro|)hies: how to do the Twist; how to live together, and amazingly enough, how to study. Isn ' t college wonderful? Sig Kaps entertain at their " Pearl Party " AKL ' s rushees exclaim, " Fiji Islands, here we come! " Don ' t It starts with a simple meeting of interested parties. Then these interested parties go to interesting parties. This is men ' s rush. Preparations are made well in advance. Fraternities set up snow-job teams: they order pledge pins. Rushees buy dark suits and brush up on the art of conversation. They smile, introduce themselves and ask " What is your major " . This progresses to " We ' d like to have you back again, Rock. " (or Joe or Pal) and eventually the whole situation culminates with a pledge pin. A rushee is scrutinized closely. He takes a good look too, if he has the chance. The dim lights and dark glasses ol Paris carry out the iheme oj the Phi Sig " Apache Dance " . Governor Dalton pauses from his regular duties to have his picture taken with the Bulldog Foreign slu leul.s (ome here to learn bolh inlelleetually and socially. Mock U.N. stimulates interest in world alia and a jire truck, and a bicyclv. and a Alpha Sigma Alpha ' s caroling at the laculty, student Christmas party. Christmas Season Swings With ' ' Satchmo " The Louis Armstrong Band ieaturing " Satrhnw " in person provided the music for the 1963 (.hristmas Dance. r Lil Abner never had it this sootl! Spring is Sprung. Wintry days seem to drag on and on. But in the midst of lectures, students dream the dreams of spring — tennis courts, baseball diamonds, convertibles with tops down, trips to the lake. Finally, Spring is here; and with it comes a variety of activities. Students walk for cakes, have their pictures drawn, and dump their fellow students into water tub at the Fun Festival. All men are warned to be on the lookout for forward females during TWIRF Week. Homemade go-carts, run by man power, race through the streets at the Campus Town Races. An aura of glamour is added to spring evenings through formal dances spon- sored by various organizations. These events and their companions, scattered throughout the Spring Quarter, provide a constant and rational excuse for not doing what should be done — attending classes, reading in the library, and just plain studying. But they all add up to the atmosphere that is Spring. (Mmpux Town Races provide jinish to another cvrntlul year. Commemorate Founder of Teachers College Joseph Baldwin ' s college opened the doors of a single building to teacher education on September 2, 1867. From that time forward our college has progressed and expanded. In recognition and appreciation of its founder, the annual Baldwin Lecture was presented by W. Earl Arm- strong. Director of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, at the Founder ' s Day Banquet held in Ryle Hall. Faculty members, students, alumni, and friends of the college were in attendance. " Thorough scholastic training lies at the lounrlalion ol a teacher ' s education. " — Joseph Baldwin, Founder Educational Efforts Rewarded Graduation S iK aSf,RNj t t veavom icomi Organizations exist for varying purposes — for social activity, for amusement, for release, for service, to honor, to recognize. There is as much diversity in the campus " organization man " as there is in the organizations them- selves. There are the joiners, the status seekers; there are those who think activities will look good on the record; those who need activity for the sake of something to do; those who carry the load, do everything and f ind time for more. Student organizations set the tempo for campus liv- ing: happy diversions, incentives for deep reflection, work- ing and living together, learning new ideas and maintaining a vital perspective on life. ' .-. ' ' .■ ' ■ ROW 1 : Betty Lenzini, Linda Moore, Cheri Jones, Karen Adams, Cheryl Mossbarger, Shane Cavanah, Lars Harris, Joseph Claser, Joyce Flowers, Bill Daily, (Carolyn Sultzman. ROW 2: Carolee Critchlow, I onald Younker, Lynda Upchurch, Lindenette Hew, Eleanor Yack- ley, Tom Buckman, William Berry, Thomas Horace, Charles Myers. Kay Mekemson, Penny Briggs, Jerry Johnson, Mary Spruytte, Rich Lehmann, Gary Mitchell. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities These students have been recognized by national publication. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, as among our country ' s most promising young people. They were chosen on the basis of their high quality scholarship, leadership, and creativity both in classwork and extracurricular activities. Who ' s Who award winners are selected by a secret committee of the college staff, most qualified to identify and praise NEMSTC ' s particular prodigies. Student Mentors The Student Mentors are composed of students who have been successful in making their own college adjustments; and, consequently, they are prepared and willing to give the freshmen much helpful advice and assistance. The purpose of the Student Mentors is to be of as much service as possible to new students, both through group meetings and personal contacts. ROW 1: Carolyn .Sultzman, Lynda Upchurcti, Uolly Sleinnietz, Cheri Jones, Carolyn Dean, Brenda Wetter, Kay Mekemson,, Mary Daily, Barbara McGinnis. Charlotte Watts. Roberta Snowbarger. Pat Carney, Mary Spruytte, Carol Sears, Joyce Flowers, Betty Toops. ROW 2: Lerea Woods, Carolee Critchlow. Genanne Engle, Donna Buttz, Marsha Nicholson, Donna Peters, Judy Hoover, Mary Jac kson. Susie Hanna, Linda Moore, Carola Sturgeon, Eleanor Yackley, Sharon Easterday, Betty Lenzini, Diana Gay. ROW 3: Bob Byg, Rich Lehmann, Jerry Roberts, Ed Brown, Eddie Kelly, Gary Hale. Hank Wright, Joe Galkowski, Jim Pike, Tom Buck- man, Walt Olinger, Joe Downs, Arlene Huff. ROW 4: Bob Thomas, Dale Reinker, Charles Myers, Duane Bachmann, David Hall, Stacey Braswell, Don Rankin, Larry Morgan, Joe McCarthy, Don Oelklaus, Bill Berry, Ricky George, Lars Harris. ROW 1: Kenneth Sykes, sponsor; William Berry, pres. ; Lars Harris, v.p. ; Sharon Easterday, sec; Connie Terry, treas.; Joyce Flowers, Joseph Glaser. ROW 2: Sharyn Johnson, Pat Carney, Ed Schlief, Nate Frazee, David Norton, Carol Behn, Diana Davidson. Student Council The Student Council came back to school in the fall of 1963 ready for a buzzing year of extracurricular events. Starting off the year, the College ' s American Royal candidate was chosen and sent to Kansas City. Early in the fall quarter, the Student Council helped with Parents Day, which featured the largest crowd ever to appear for this day. After the class officers were chosen, the Student Council ' s roll call was increased with new class repre- .sentatives. The Council then settled down to its activi- ties for the year. The Homecoming parade and dance proved to be a roaring success with the Council playing an important part in arrangements. The Homecoming parade was the largest on record here and the dance a real success. The Homecoming Queen and her Attendants were spot lighted at the dance with music presented under tbe leadership of Rick George. Student movies were again offered, enabling college students to attend movies at a special rate. The Christmas dance seemed to provide the greatest memory of 1963. Louis Armstrong and his musicians furnished the entertainment for the largest group of dance goers in NEMSTC ' s history. The Armory was decorated with two huge glittering Christmas trees, and red and white decorations were used throughout the Armory. TWIRP week ended the activities for the winter quarter. The Journeymen provided the music for a sock-hop in Pershing Building to end the week of fun. During the spring quarter, the campus buzzed once again with fun at the lake, the go-carts at the campus town races, the Fun Festival, and ECHO dance. Again this year, the Fun Festival packed the Kirk Building. Booths, a talent show, and refreshment stands were well patronized before the crowning of the King and Queen highlighted the evening. The ECHO dance and the crowning of the 1964 ECHO King and Queen pro- vided another fond memory of the college year. After ail the hub-bub of another riotous spring election, a new council will preside over the campus in a new way in 1964-65. Student Social Committee The Student Social Committee is made up of twenty-one members. At least three members are mem- bers of the Student Council and the remaining are selected by the Council from a list submitted by the Social Calendar Committee. The chairman, Lars Harris. is vice-president of the Student Council. Mrs. Ruth B. Beal, Dean of Women, is the sponsor. The first workout for the Committee comes at Parents ' Day when they serve during the morning at a Coffee Hour. Three big dances-Homecoming, Christ- mas, and the Echo are planned by the Committee. Many prove that they are carpenters as well as artists as they turn the Armory, by means of many decorations, into a festive place for a dance. One proves that he or she is a real worker if he continues on the Committee and receives an award at the end of the year. The Annual Garden Party is sponsored by the Committee during the Summer Quarter. ROW 1: Ruth B. Beal, sponsor; Gayle Snyder, Joseph Glaser, asst. chm.; Lars Harris, chm.; Eleanor Yackley, asst. chm.; Donna Coleman, Keith Uinsmore. ROW 2: Anthony Jones, Sharon Easterday, Cheri Jones. Judy Hoover, Mary Daily, Ginny Moslander, Alma Bennett, Stuart Golden. |96S . S6 i ' Blue Key Chapters of the Blue Key National Honorary Fraternity are found on over 120 college and univer- sity campuses today. The Kirksville chapter received its charter in April, 1926, and since that time has served as an honor fraternity on campus by offering membership to a limited number of students who are selected on the basis of character, scholarship and service to the college. In addition, Blue Key is a service organization with the motto, " Serving I live. " Each year, the Kirks- ville chapter publishes the Student Directory and directs the homecoming parade. KOW 1: (nraUl Cupp. l ' a k Smith, kv.; Kennelli Bupp, mr. sn . ; William Daily, pres.; John Dromey, editor of directory; Charles .Myers, trea .; John .Snyder, Donald Maniuardt. ROW 2: Boli Thomas, Floyd Waddle, Darrell Harvey, Jan Brewer, Joe Mabry, Don Rankin, Norman Clarkson, Ricky George, Boh Byg, Gary Mitchell. ROW 1: Diana Gay, Cheri Jimej, treas.; Judy Hoover, v.p.; Mary Spruytte, pres.; Jerry Johnson, sec; Lynda Upchurch, Judi Lowther. Joyce Flowers. Betty Lenzini. ROW 2: Jane Galbraith. Carolyn Sultzman, Betsy Fox, Linda Moore, Karen Christensen, Jo Ann McM urry, Susie Hanna. Dolly Steinmetz. Charlotte Watts. Brenda Wetter. Cardinal Key As a sister organization to Blue Kes. the Kugeiie Fair Chapter of Cardinal Ke is a national honorary service organization for college women. Memhers are nominated hy the chapter and are selected b a faculty connnittee. Members are selected on the liasis of leadership, character, and participation in school activities. Sixt hours of college credit are also required for member- ship. Selling homecoming buttons, doing welfare work, ushering at civic functions, and conducting tours on Senior Day are some of Cardinal Key ' s activities. Fori-ign women sludenls rntiTlained by (.animal Kr The Index Stall pauses between deadlines in their task ol compiling campus news. PAST EDITORS: Larry Morgan, Tom Horace, Joe Galkowski. Miss Agnes Slemons, Advisor. 4 - ' LARRY MORGAN Editor-Fall Quarter ALAN DRISKELL Editor-Winter Quarter BILL CUDDIHEE Editor-Spring Quarter Teacher ' s College Index Students enrolled in the newswriting classes work towards membership in Alpha Phi Gamma, national honorary journalism fraternity. The Gamma Beta chapter on the Teachers College campus was installed in 1959. Membership in the organization is limited to those students having an over-all honor point ratio of 2.2. They must also have had at least 7.5 hours of news- writing with an S average or 5.0 hours, one of which was an elective position. Once a year during the spring quarter Alpha Phi Gamma members work on an issue of the Index. ALPHA PHI GAMMA: Joe Galkowski. Shane Cavanah, Joyce Ewing, Tom Horace, Larry Morgan. Ki ' ilh Uiiismorv a ,;,n Ri,l,T Jnhn Krnnr, Alice Slavin — Mike Bradley — Sharon Ollmann — Sharon Basler — Pat HedjgeT Hobrri fivf! ECHO 1964 Editor Robert Byg Business Manager Linda Luther Assistant Editor David Knes Assistant Business Manager Clara Sarver Sports Editor Keith Dinsmore Photographers Glenn Rider John Kenney Dave Kuenzel Staff Sharon Easier Mike Bradley Pat Hediger Sharon Ollmann Alice Slavin Faculty Advisor Melvin L. Olson Liniln Lutlu-r rr Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is a professional educational society for high-ranking scholars. To attain membership in this society a student must have a 3.0 honor point ratio and have completed five hours of educational courses. Kappa Delta Pi, with its main emphasis on scholar- ship in education, sponsors a twenty-five dollar scholar- ship each year, which is awarded to a sophomore student showing promise in the field of education. This year Kappa Delta Pi has instituted a new project, the bibliofile, to encourage scholarship. Our sponsor. Dr. Pauline Knobbs, works very closely with the society to further its every effort. ROW I: Ruthi e Hall, Karen Halljiren. Lerea Uood , Joe Mabry. trcas.; Karen Christensen, v. p.; Bill Daily, pres.; Charlotte Watts, sec; Carolyn Sultzman. Diana Gay, Judy Maniuardt. ROW 2: Mary Spruytte, Carolyn McCully, Jo Ann McMurry, Carol Adams, Twila Kearse, Donna Peters. Connie Howard, Karen Wilson, Reliecca Bolinj;, Arlene Huff, Joyce Anderson, Karen Adams. ROW 3: Jane Gallirailh Pat Hediger. Joyre Carstens, Kerry Ralliff, Sharon Easterday, Judy Hoover. Linda .Moore, Marilyn Black, Dixie Lee .Mohr. Mary Richardson, Jerry Johnson, Judi Lowther. ROW 4; Joseph Glaser. Parks Smith, Kenneth Bopp, Jon Sadler, John Dromey, Kirby Throckmorton, John Lundgren. Floyd Waddle, Steve Thompson, Michael Koerner, Charles Myers. ROW 1: Keith Dinsmore, Gary Hale, treas.; Ron Hardfinjve. cor.; Tom Horace, 1st v.p.; Ed Brown, pres.; Dick Huff, v.p.; Kirby Throckmorton, rec. sec; Tom Buckman, Jerry Roberts, Joe Downs. ROW 2: Wray Rieger, Ed Zepka, Ken Douglas, Dale Scott, Hadley Hoyt, Ed DeLaney, Stacey Braswell, Russell Hardgrove, Robert Aird, Barry Morris. ROW 3; Dale Reinker, Dave Knes. David Hall, Bill Brendel, Dennis Hesskamp, Eddie Baumbach. Norman Clarkson. William Berry, James Dunlap, Lars Harris. Alpha Phi Sigma Alpha Phi Omega is a Greek Service organization on the college campus dedicated to Leadership, Friend- ship, and Service. Each member must have been a member of the Boy Scouts of America at some time during his boyhood. Each yeat Epsilon chapter sponsors a spring and a fall camporee for the scouts of the Thousand Hills District. The annual Ugly Man Contest and Benefit Dance highlight the activities of APO on campus. This year the proceeds from the dance went to help " CARE " . Alpha Phi Sigma is a national honorary organi- zation whose principle aim is to promote high scholar- ship. The first chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma was founded on this campus on February 26. 1930. by Professor Byron Cosby. Business Administrator of the college. Since then the organization has grown until there are chapters at colleges throughout the country. Students who were valedictorians or salutatorians in high school are eligible to become associate members. For master membership, the qualification is the main- taining of an S average or better for three consecutive quarters. Alpha Phi Omega ROW 1: Max Bell, sponsor; Rose Peas, Karen Adams, Mildred Holman, Wilmetta Baker, Carolyn Dean, Betsy Fox, sec; Lerea Woods, treas- Kenneth Bopp, pres.; John Dromey, v.p.; Eleanor Yacklev, Charlotte Watts, Connie Howard, Cheryl Simmons, Rebecca Bohng. row ' 2- Pat Hedi er Carolyn McCullv, Doris Johnson, Helen Breidenstein, Dolly Steinmetz, Cheri Jones, Donna Peters, Judy Hoover, Karen Christensen, " Linda Moore, Marilyn Miller, Marsha Nicholson, Carola Sturgeon, Mary Richard o , Roberta Snowbarger, Frances McNabb. Beth Bean, Penny Briggs, Arlene Huff. ROW 3: Carolyn Penn, Marlene Willis, Alice Slavin, Audrey Henhaus, Rich Lehmann, Walt Olinger, Sal Costa. Dale Cox, Thomas Bingman, David LUkudarli, Gary Epperly, Camille Price. Parks Smitti Tommy Southerling, Barrv Clawson. ROW 4: Bob Byg, Mike Bradley, Charles Myers, Lars Harris, Joseph Glaser, Joe Mabry, Bill Daily, Bob Fenlon, Kriete Hollrah, John Lundgren, Jack Moore, Don Rankin, Tony Knizel, Robert Aird, James Roettger, Gerald Liebhart, Thomas Vetter, Richard Parmenter, Michael Koerner, Gary Mitchell. n f M 1 1; f t i 1 }l ROW 1: William Severson, pres. ; Keith Thomas, v. p.; Rich Lehmann. v.p.; Mary Daily, sec. ROW 2: Mary Griffith, treas.; Carolyn Dean, historian; Carolyn Sullzman. state sec. Recipients of the SNEA Scholar.shii Auard ivere William Daily and (Charles Myers. ROW 1: Mary Rigby, Barbara Bi{;gar, Glyn Mohn, Carol Adams, Sharon Brinegar, Karen Hallgnn, Marilyn Willard, Ruthie Hall, Janet Stniker, Gail Pendleton, Ed Brown, Fran Tieman, Mary Jack-on, Carola Sturgeon, . rlene Huff. ROW 2; Lois Hickman, Penny Briggs, Wilmetta Baker, Karen Wilson, Charlotte Walts, Willa Opplinger, Connie Howard, Ann Trump. Marilyn Black, Shirley Carr, Linda Bowles, Ron Hardgrovi-, Robert Babrock, Tom Horace, .Marsha Nicholson, .Marlene Johnston, Karen Jacobs. ROW 3: Karen Christensen, Norma Spellman, Francie Brandt. Colleen Nelson, Pat Shafer, Juliet Smith, Kerry Ratliff, Joe Mabr) ' , Tom Buskman, William VanZante, Caniille Price, Larry .Amen, Jack .Moore, David Hall. John Lucas. ROW 4: Bob Thoma.s, .Mar in Greiwe, Bernie Ralph, Joe Pawlowicz, Robert Strang, Wesley . lkire. Glen Randall, John Dmniey, Kirby Throckmorton, .Mark Bradley, Jon Sadler, Thomas Vetter, Robert Buchanan, Duane Bachmann, David Norton, Lewis Fleak, Gerald Liebhart. Student National Education Association SNEA includes 450 prospective teachers who take part in the largest student organization on campus, and they are led this year by Bill Severson. The theme for the year is " Social responsibility-Service above Self. " , and the organization is keying all their programs to this. The programs are all student planned and help the members to prepare for their teaching careers. SNEA is the professional association for college and university students who are preparing for a teacn- ing career. All members are members of their own state education association as well as the National Edu- cation Association. Each member has the rights, priv- ileges, and responsibilities of associate membership in these professional organizations. Many prospective teachers in the group attended the SNEA meeting in St. Louis in November in con- junction with the Missouri State Teachers Association ' s annual convention. In April, the SNEA sent a delega- tion to the state SNEA convention to plan for the com- ing year, and elect state officers. Carolyn Sultznian represented Kirksville this year as the State Secretary of SNEA. fBflTWfWl ' ' V % ROW 1: Dorothy Luey, Jane Sayre, Grace Pepper, Eileen Drescher, Betty Lenzini, Carol Hartman, Carolyn McCully, Carolyn Carpenter, Wllla Holmes, Sharon Easlerday, Kay Mekemson, Sharon Siniliro, Ruth Ray, Marilyn Schweitzer, Marjorie Clifton. ROW 2: Patty Kerns, Carolyn Callaham, Lerea Woods, Beth Bean, Eunice Ogden, Julie Moure, Sharon Ollmann, Linda Huebner, Karen Rains, Sharron Bishop, Eleanor Yackley, Nancy Spurgeon, Margaret Plattenberger, Marianna Giovannini, Shirley VanDalen, Cherie Baugh. ROW 3: Karen Pawlowicz .Sharon Easier, Donna Clingman, Linda Moffett, Sharon McMullen, Roberta Snowbarger, Mary Rich- ardson, Mary Mundy, Jean Ludemann, Jo Ann McMurry, Dixie Mohr, Lois Teasley, Jeanette Cox, Susan Rolls, .Sally Minear, Diana Davidson, Linda Jourdan, Shirley Jourdan. ROW 4: Vernon Barns, David Knes, Lars Harris, James Weigand, Glenn Flasch, Ron Berrey, Floyd Waddle, Lloyd Kasow, Phillip Noble, Bill Daily, Charles Myers, Richard Burns, Joseph Glaser, Jerrold Shouse, Anthony Jones, Twila Kearse, Jane Lyng, Regine Shigenaga. Association for Childhood Education ACE, the Association for Childhood Education, is an organization for all elementary education majors interested in the problems related to Childhood Edu- cation. This year the main project of the ACE members was the adoption of a foreign child. We organized a special projects committee who planned certain projects to raise money for the foreign child. We held a sand- wich sale, car wash, and a helping hands project. We also held Observation in the Kirksville Ele- mentary Schools. This observation helps the student before he enters into practice teaching. At each of our meetings we have a speaker that is interested in education of elementary children. The purpose of ACE is the promotion of education of children in the school, home and community. ROW 1: Willie Whitson, sponsor; Dorothy Luey, Kose Williams, Karen Jaoihs, Mary Griffith, -ec. ; WiMiani White, v.|i.; Rich Lfhiiiann, pres. ; Donna Jones, Ireas.; Karen Pawlowicz, Ruthie Hall, Marjorie Clifton, Marilyn Srhweitzer, Vickie Tharktr. ROW 2: ( lacf McReynolds, sponsor; Marlene Johnston, Carol , (lanis, Karen Rains, Linda Huehner, Har ey Mueller, Ed Brown, Betty Sullivan. Linda Bowles, Twila Kearse, Susie Hanna, . harron Bishop. ROW 3: Barhara .McGinnis, Kay .Mekemson, Norma Spellman, Lois Roser, Pat Merritt, Jean Ludemann, Jo Ann McMurry, Dixie .Mohr, Sharon Easlerday, Jeanette Cox, Jean Chldress, Arlene Huff. ROW 1: Nita Patterson, sponsor; Ivan Pagetl, Gayle Snyder, Janet Learned, ireas.; Melvin Shaver, pres.; Bob Byg, v.p.; Pal Hediger, sec; Ted Bricker, Flora Jones. ROW 2: Manuel Rabago, Yoko Haru, Sharon Ollniann, Edna Glenn, Sharon Basler, Janice Olson, Sandra Schoonover, Marianna Giovannini, Alice Slavin. ROW 3: Jean Kraus, Gary Childers, Roger Durham, Boh Schwartz, Mike Bradley. Honorary Art Club Being awarded the traveling trophy for the best Homecoming float was an honor received by the Hon- orary Art Club this year. The float was selected first in the beauty division also. The Art Club is a scholastic organization for those students holding a 3.0 honor-point ratio in art courses. It is the intention of the club to bring art majors and minors closer together in mutual appreciation of their field and to stimulate recognition, admiration, and enjoyment of beauty in everyday experiences. ROW 1: Sue Stee?. Elizabeth Worrell, sponsor; David Fortney, v. p.; Evelyn Jacobs, historian; Connie Howard, sec; Gail Crump, pres. ; Glenda Hampton, treas. ; Janet Jepeway, Barbara Wright. Bob Flanagan, Joyce French. ROW 2: Terry Strother, Vernon Barns, Mary Spruytte. Gloria Jordan, Sandra Schaffer, Karen Douglas, Sue Davis, Sandra Rule, Brenda Van de Krol. Ron Berrey, Shane Cavanah. Elaine Davis, Joyce Ewing, Betty Kern, Barbara Baldwin. Sue Hunt, Debbie Fortel, Cheryl Kincaid, Georgia Hershey, Joel V einstein, Clark Dobbs. Oral Interpreters A big highlight presented itself for Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta as well as the Student Body when an international debate team from Cambridge. England, challenged two of NEMSTC ' s worthy opponents. Spirit and thought was genuinely displayed. Theta chapter sponsors both an Annual Debate Tournament and the School ' s Regents Debate Award. Aside from this you ' ll find them traveling far and wide to compete with other colleges and universities in the, " art of persuasion, beautiful, and just " . For the opportunity of expressing ideas and knowl- edge there is no means more widely acceptable than today ' s debating challenge. The Oral Interpreters have delighted audiences in both public and private performances. Selected Salinger stories was presented in " An Evening with J. D. Sal- inger " . The many moods of Christmas was portrayed in " A Program of Christmas Tales " . " The Face of the Heroine " as interpreted by Mrs. Pat Severns and a program presenting several members of the faculty were other highlights of the year. In addition, private programs were presented for various civic clubs. The members matched their skill with other inter- preters in the Midwest Speech Tournament and the Hawthorn Interpretation Festival. Throughout all. the members fulfilled their organization ' s purpose-to read with greater understanding. Pi Kappa Delta ROW 1: Sherod Collins, sponsor; Betty Lenzini, pres.; Phillip Hayward, v.p.; Barb Wickless. ROW 2: William Severson, John Con- nolly, Glenda Hampton. - I ROW 1: Melody Conner, Cherie Baugh, ec.; Hank Wright pres.;Gary Crump, v.p. Ferine. Julian Kile, Robert Miller. Barbara Lee. Gloria Jordan. Janet Jepeway. ROW 2: Maxine Shinn, James College Players Sincere pride and enjoyment through hard work characterizes the activities of the College Players. This dramatics group produces and manages most of the college plays and musicals. Actors, carpenters, and all the other behind-the- scenes workers, along with the expert guidance of the Dramatic Coach, Mr. James Severns, have all pitched in to stage this year ' s two productions, " The Good Woman of Setzuan " and " Harvey " . A series of outstanding films were imported to give students the opportunity to see real art in movie making. The Aeolian Club is composed of music rnajors and those interested in music education, and is affiliated with the Music Educators National Conference as a student chapter. One of the highlights of the year is the opportunity for its members to attend the Missouri Music Educators Convention. Other activities include assisting with the spring music festival and sponsoring receptions follow- ing senior recitals. Ricky George has had the distinction of being the first president of the newly organized Missouri Student Music Educators Association, an organzation of Mis- souri college student chapters. ROW 1- Carolyn Meyer Anita Berkshire. Carol Hartman. Marva Guinn. Jerrold Epperson, Ricky George, state pres.; Charles Shanks. Mat vp David Karel v.p.; Lynda Upchurch, pres.; Marilyn Black, sec; Craig Bullis, treas.; Mary Barne.t, Sherr - Anspach. Karen Enenberg;r Ruthie Hal. ROW 2: Lansing Bulgin, sponsor; Mary Kenney. Suzanne Lary, Joyce VanHesley Donna Coleman, D.x.e Chri " tv Ca ' rola Stur.eon, Wilma Mettes. Betty Wegener, Marsha Nicholson, Cheryl Simmons. L.nda Shaffer, Ann Trun p. Nancy Ka Br ' uner ROW 3: James Priebe. Roger McHenry, William Martin, James Miller, John Parcell, Jerry Colt.ngham. W.ley Pratt. Don Hopp William Berrv Hugh Teter, Keith Thomas, John Whitt, Stephen Miller, Sam Craghead, James Newhard, Ron Johnson. Aeolian Club ' r!l V v Accompanied by the Teachers College concert orchestra, vocalists perform " Handel ' s Messiah " . NEMO Singers The College Orchestra, under the able direction of Mr William Fitzsimnions, appeared publicly for its first performance of the fall quarter at an assembly in Baldwin Hall. The audience enjoyed excerpts from Saint Saen ' s " Le Carnival Des Animaux " , " En Bataeu " by Debussy, " The Russian Sailor ' s Dance " by Gliere, two movements from Stravinsky ' s " Firebird Suite " , and the first movement of Schumann ' s First Symphony. On November 14. 1963, Miss Cheryl Simmons, a Teachers College student, was the piano soloist for Brahm ' s i fv © o e o c? ► - ■ A 4. 1 " « y -faC, KOW 1: Kay Bruner, Mora Jones INell Kosenthal. Ann Trump. Uixif Christy, Lynda Upchurch, Toni Pendergast. Glenda Bak.r, Judy Lgplest.m. Sandra (.ales. Karen Ellrnl,erger. ROW 2: K.nneth Miller, director; Janet Conley, Joyce VanHeslev. Kay DeVos, Rehecca horeman, Wilma M.ttes, Marilyn Black sec.-treas.; Lorna Johnson, Sharon Gamache. Dixie Sanders, Diana Davidson. ROW 3: David Cate. Wayne Hardy J. m Eberle Eric Miller, v.p.; William Martin. John Parcel!, John White, Roger McGraw, William Berry, pres.; Don Hopp. Hugh Teter, Terry Smelcer, Jim Worrell. fU T s r I " Concerto No. I. " Gluck ' s overture to " Iphigenia in Aulis " and Schumann ' s " Symphony No. I " were also on the program to make a challenging Fall Concert. Winter quarter found the orchestra working on Beethoven ' s Eighth Symphony. To complete the pro- gram of the winter concert Mr. Johannes C. Goetze of the Teachers College music faculty conducted his " Mass in B Flat Minor. " This was the first public performance of this work. Orchestra Clarinet Choir ROW 1: Betty Wegener. Emily Crable, Nancy Smith, Larry Smith, Jerry Cottingham, Mary Barnett, Jerrold Epperson, David Karel. Ricky George. ROW 2: Dr. Richard Weerts, director; Cheryl Lauffer, David Gate. Nancy Parrish, Roger McHenry, Gerald Reed. Craig Bullis Wilma Mettes, Dixie Christy, Gerald Reisinger. 1 ■■ ( ROW 1: Nancy House. Craig Bullis. Nancy Golden. Jerrold Epperson. Helen Breidenstein, Emily Cralile, David Karel. Jerry Cotting- hani. Marilyn Black. Betty Wegener. Judy Fretwell. Roger McHenry, Sherry Anspach, Larry .Smith, Mary Barnett. Terry Lane. Nancy Smith. Judy Hall. ROW 2: Cheryl Lauffer, Dennis Scalf, Steve Thompson. Charles Spotts, Mary Mincks. Sherryl Anderson. Janie Alhertson. Roliert Wilson. Sam Craghead. Hugh Teter, Gerald Wilfred Reed, Nancy Parrish. Wilma Mettes. Dixie Christy. Janice Carr, Carla Phillips. Janeen Weeks. Wilmctta Baker. Carola Sturgeon, Connie Meeker. ROW 3: Donna Coleman. Carol Hartman. Teacher ' s College Band The 1963-64 school year saw the Teachers College Band in many performances. The Fall Season was high- lighted with the opening halftime football show with the Band doing a rendition of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. This night show was portrayed with appropriate music, patriotic formations, and fireworks. In addition, the Marching Band performed for the other four home games, as well as being host to 41 bands during homecoming and participating in the Home- coming Parade and the Veteran ' s Day Ceremonial. The Band was divided into two pep bands and one Dixieland band to provide spirited music for all basket- ball games on the home court. The highlight of the school year was the 1964 Band tour which saw the Teachers College Band presenting concerts in 20 schools throughout Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. The seven-day tour was brought to a climax with the presentation of a post-tour concert held in the colege auditorium on March 6. 1964. A concert was presented during the annual fine arts week, and two concerts were performed from the college lawn. The school year drew to a close with the Band playing the commencement professional. BAND OFFICERS: Charles Shanks, sec.-treas.; Keith Thomas, v.p. ; Ken Bazil, pres. ; Nancy Smith, alumni sec; Ruthie Hall, sec. i naraH taoBaamist Dennis Davis. Ron Johnson, Joseph Liss, Charles Shanks, William Bruner, Clinlon Huff, William McWhorter, Rex Khnger, Norman Tooley. Mike Newman, John Parcel], Gerald Hoffman, Michael Flanagan, Mar,ha Nicholson, Donnie Wood Elaine Davis, Barbara Vau-hn, Joyce French. ROW 4: Keith Thomas, Suzanne Lary, Charles VonBerg, ShayRonn VanHoutan, Tim Blickhan, D. G. Ledford, Wiley Pratt, Harold Willis. James Miller, James Newhard, Mary Ditlmer, Ronald Gottman. Jack Chandler, Dale Adams, Kuthie Hall. ROW 5: Gary Koppenhaver, Craig Phillips, Ken Bazil, Kay Brunner, Ken Johnson, Mori Armstrong. Linda Sevan ; Linda Luther, drum major- ette; Marsha Erickson. OFFICERS— SEATED: Bill Buschling, historian; Diana Ga . presiHenl; Donald Younker, vice-president. STANDING: I.iii Aniedei, e ■reta y ; Beth Bean treasurer. Pi Omega Pi The first Pi Omega Pi initiation ceremony was held June 13, l ' J23. on the campus of Northeast Mis- souri State Teachers College, Kirksville, with Dr. Paul Selby, affectionately regarded as the " father " of Pi Omega Pi. in charge. Since its inception, our honor fraternity in business education has continued to grow until we now have a registered membership of over 26,000 with chapters found on the campuses of 117 colleges and universities. ROW 1: .lean Traxler, Betty Toops, Linda Luther, Beth Bean, Ireas.: Diana Gay. pres. ; Donald Younker, v. p.; Lois Amedei, sec; Bill Buschlinj;. Jerry Johnson. Betty Lenzini, Judy Mar(|uardt. ROW 2: Genanne Engle. Sally Minear, Kay Fitzgerald, Susan Rolls, Sandra Miller. Eleanor ' V ackley. Barbara Moore. Lerea Woods, Carolyn Callaham, Sara Richards. ROW .3: Sharron Broadwell, Cheri Jones, Linda Rohin-on. Judy Hoover. Charles Myer?. Ralph Stevener. Marion Johnson. Marilyn Miller. Sharon Howerton, Suzanne Sheltle. Linda Hanimons. f fS ROW 1- Terry Allen, Gilbert Kohlenberg, sponsor; Bob Baldes, Bob Thomas, v.p.; Tom Horace, pres.; Caro yn Dean sec.treas. ; Carolyn Sultzman, Fran Tieman, Jeanette Williamson. ROW 2: Pat Hediger, Ron Snyder, Ron Hardgrove, Bill Lewis, John Lucas, Jack Moore, Don Rankin, Clarence South, William Severson, David Kne , Dean Phillips, Charlotte Watts. Historical Society The Historical Society has the distinguished repu- tation of being the oldest organization on campus. Founded in November, 1906. it has since that time, pro- vided fellowship for those who share a common interest in history. Its purpose is to provide each members with stimu- lative, informative material designed to supplement his knowledge of history through programs featuring new faculty members in the social science department as speakers. Films and panel discussions are other means used by the club to broaden the knowledge of its mem- bers. The Society is under the direction of Dr. Gilbert C Kohlenberg, head of the Social Science department, and occasionally Dr. David March of the Social Science faculty. Tom Horace is president of the club, assisted by vice-president, Bob Thomas, and secretary-treasurer, Carolyn Dean. Spring quarter never passes without the Historical Society ' s banquet in which noted historians are invited to the NEMSTC campus to address the club. The Historical Society welcomes any student or faculty meinber who is interested in history and desires to be associated with others who share his interests. " HHHi 1 IBj BI A « jO P i1 O w m Jf ■ 1«« d. ' h Mn Jp Jky Bb BEtv ' H S W. ' ; H J u m Ki Ih b 3 I H IhM ROW 1: Donald Scriven, sponsor; Sharon Roth, sec; Steve Hines, v.p.; True Wheeldon, pres.; Kenneth Bopp, treas. ROW 2: Bing Kun Shao, sponsor; Mildred Sirack, Eleanor Yackley, Lois Teasley, Dolly Steinmetz, Lerea Woods, Diana Gay. ROW 3: Nick Quinn, Charles Myers, Duane Bachmann, Richard Partnienter, Marvin Griewe, Robert Wilson, Frank Fuller, John Phillips. Economic Circle The Economic Circle was founded in 1962 under the co-sponsorsthip of Mr. Donald Scriven and Dr. Bing Kun Shao. The organization ' s membership is open to any interested student. Its purpose is to foster thought and discussion on contemporary Economic problems. The English Club was organized this year at North- east Missouri by students interested in alerting them- selves to current teaching problems, fostering good English usage and creative writing, and encouraging the reading and interpretation of literature. English Club ROW 1: Loren Grissom, sponsor; George Hoffmann, pres.; David Fortney, v.p.; Evelyn Jacobs, treas.; Linda Moore, Sue Stees, Sandra Schafer, Karen Hallgren, Karen Christensen. Helen Morrison, Anita Berkshire. ROW 2: Ann Spriggs, Sandra Rule, Mary Spruylte, Joyce Anderson, Louise Hamilton, Mary Richardson, Marie Richey, Linda Shanks, Tommy Sutherling, Clark Dobbs, Jim Traxler, Donna Triplett, Yolanda Vandechocke, Donna Coleman, Pat Teter, Feme Roberts, Georgia Hershey, Shirley Carr. ROW 3: Hank Wright, Jan Brewer, Robert Aird. ROW 1: Peter Turano, sponsor; Bob Fenlon, asso. judge; Phillip Hayward, presiding judge; Helen Breidenslein, clerk; Pauline Knobbs, sponsor. ROW 2: Gary Mitchell, Ken Nelson, Paul Hoer, Porter Moss, Kriete Hollrah, F. C. Rowing, Rick Rabenau, Bob Thomas, Tom Walton. Pre-Law Club The Pre-Law Club takes pride in the active dis- cussions that take place at its meetings. Not only members but interested students and teachers find much to be debated - and learned ■ at such group discus- sions as the constitutionality of current civil rights bills or activities of subversive groups in the United States. Frequently, guest speakers are requested to pre- sent the program and the annual banquet boasts a well- known guest. Early in May, the club sponsors a dele- gation to the Mock Legislature in Jefferson City. ROW 1: Ollin Drennan, sponsor; Carolyn Penn, Betsy Fox, Rose Peas, sec.-treas. ; Karen Adams, pres. ; Sherryl Wilken, Eugene Smith, sponsor; ROW 2: Rebecca Holing, Doris Johnson, Helen Breidenstein, Donna Peters, Mary Jackson, Roberta Snowbarger, Dean Ruse- bery, sponsor. ROW 3: Max Freeland, sponsor; Dale Burleson, Terry Eliott, Benny Wood, Frank Beaty, Gary Epperly. Sigma Zeta The Pre-Osteopathic club offers its members a program of professional and social structure. The activities included in the club ' s program are: human anatomy demonstrations at KCOS, lectures and demonstrations by visiting professional men, profes- sional movies, etc. The club annually holds a Christmas Banquet; spring picnic at the lake; and is encouraged to attend activities of the KCOS fraternities. As future doctors, the members are constantly searching for new ways to prepare themselves for their responsibilities as future physicians. Sigma Zeta is the national honorary science society on campus. To be eligible for membership, a student must be majoring in natural sciences or mathematics and must maintain a high degree of scholarship in these fields. A program is presented at each meeting by a mem- ber of the science faculty. The group participates in the annual fair of the Missouri Academy of Science. The aims of the organization are to encourage con- tinuing advancement in the field of science, to promote and recognize scholastic achievement, and to foster friendly social activities. Pre-Osteopathic Club ROW 1: Janet Flesch, Dale Reinker, sec.-treas.; Hadley Hoyt, v. p.; Jo Cox, Barbara Baines. ROW 2: Gerald Daves, Ogden DeWitt, Jerry Dutlon, Charles Jones, Dennis Hey. ROW 3: Morris Roger, Michael Dykslra, Stephen Dykstra, John Gardes, Richard Huff, Daniel Bonetzky. ■HBHBi ROW 1: Robert Lange. sponsor; Gilbert Kohlenberg, co-sponsor; Mary Kohlenberg, co-sponsor; Stan Leutung, pres.; Carol Buelt- mann, v.p.; Mildred Strack, sec.-treas. ; Brian Jones. ROW 2: Juanita Strack, Dianne Alborn, Svea Wikstroni, Dave Kvenzel, Shirley Forney, Steven Potsos, Sharon Roth. Gamma Delta Gamma Delta, international Lutheran youth organ- ization, was founded in 1956. It is open to all college and university students and seeks to encourage Christian knowledge and service. Social activities are part of the Gamma Delta pro- gram for the promotion of a fuller life for the college student. The International Club is the gate to NEMSTC campus and the American life for the students from outside the United States, and also the place where American students see the world. The International Club members strive to provide for the political and social needs of the international students on campus, including the students of the United States. ROW 1: Carole O ' Brien, sponsor; Maria Leong, Yoko Haru, Vilma Coto. Joyce Bunting, sec; Hiroshi Okano, Bozorg Mahmoody, treas. ; Mercedes Inglesias, Vera Vargas, Dorothy Luey, Margaret Blair, Martha McClaskey. ROW 2: Thipakanya Kanchanadul, Selina Yim, Mayra Ivankovich, Sandra dejongh, Marilyn Coble, Eva Jeppsson, Michaela Seiler, Jo Ann McMurry. Margaret Lott, Carmen Saenz, Maria Luetgens, Pauran Shaghafi. ROW 3: Emilio Salazar, Sang Ku Rhee, Besim Yilmaz, Jin Lee, Charles Powers, Tadaaki Hashimoto, David Uskudarli, Moussa Mostofi, Kombiz Salehi, Kamran Sandjari, Bigan Hakimian, Garry Fry, Young Kim, Faryar Moshtaghi. ROW 4: Euriyue Augrisano, Cesar Sabulao, Alfredo Domingo, Kenichi Suzuki, Yiji Suzuki, Wayne Sheung, Jonathan Obel James Ulett, Ali Kouti, Robert Epperson, Danny Wilford, Reinhard Schemmann, Jim Dualas, Porter Moss, Ehsan Kousari, Charles Okal. International Club ROW I: Elizabeth Wilson, sponsor; Sandra Pickett, treas.; Lois Hickman, sec; Donna Buttz, v.p. ; Penny Briggs, prcs. ; Carolyn -McCully, Barbara Bigger. Marilyn Michael, Kay Burns. ROW 2: Dorothy Pearson, sponsor; .Adeline Fosdick, Peggy Marsh, Joan (raUiraith, Kathy Griffith, .Myrna Boltz, Carol Walkins, Vera Hendricks. . lar Griffith. Marcy Kaiser, Sharon Simbro, .Mary Johnston. ROW .■?: Charlotte Revelle, sponsor; Helen Brown, Carol Irvin, Sharon Schalpia, Margaret Clark, Janet .Stroker, Janet Gregg, Wanda Mclle , Carolyn Brenizer, Patty Kerns, Beverly Noe, Sharon Saffell. ROW 4: Geraldine Gosch, sponsor; Doris Anderson, Dorothy Yoder. Nola Bartholmew, Lea Jones, Charlotte Borron, Alona Templeman, Pat Shafer, Vicki Klug, Willa Winhold, Carol Saulter, Shirley Sheeder. Colhecon Club The Colhecon Club membership consists of college students interested in professional home economics and homemaking. Along with pleasurable social meetings, Colhecon strives to promote the professional benefits of a home economics career. During the year Colhecon sponsored such diverse activities as a get-acquainted picnic in September; the initiation of thirty-eight new members in November; a Christmas Party featuring Dr. Llora MaCee giving the history of Colhecon; a special career night in January with speakers from such fields as interior de- sign, home economics, journalism, and institutional cooking. In February, Colhecon sponsors a formal tea with the home economics students of the local high school as guests of honor. April is the month for the annual spring banquet. Outstanding students in home economics for the year are honored at this banquet. Colhecon concludes the year with a farewell party for the Seniors in May. Through the year Colhecon members work with the thought that " The reward for a job well done is having done it. " MMmm mmmSMmmMM»mmmmim ROW 1: Glenda Rhoad , sponsor; Donna Slice, Juanita Strack. Kerry Ralliff, sec.treas.: Norma Har ey. pres.; Thomas Hingman, v.p. ; Merlyn Jones. Myrna Boltz, Lewis Fleak. ROW 2: Marilyn W illard, Phyllis Tayon, Juliet Smith, Cheryl Simmons, John Suchland, Walter Schroeder, Lawrence Lake, Bill Schmidt, Mer Sharkey, Roxana Wehmeyer. Arlene Huff, Priscilla Freeman, Betty Lenzini. 4-H Club The Agriculture Club was formally organized in the fall of 1935 with a membership of twenty-six. The purpose of the club was to create interest in agriculture and in the teaching of it as a vocation. In 1948, the Ag Club received a charter from the College to operate as a professional-social organization. Many activities have been undertaken by this organization since it was founded; barnwarmings. picnics, and chili suppers were all on the calendar for many years. Participation in Harvest Festivals and the N.E. Missouri Fair at Kirksville has also been part of the annual Ag CJub program. The club has consistently participated in the conducting of agricultural contests for high school students of N.E. Missouri. The 4-H ' ers on the campus filled their year with speakers, slides, social hours, and business meetings. Through discussions of the various aspects of Missouri State Club Week, members shared ideas, problems, and experiences to help them become better citiezns. Through these activities they fulfilled their purpose of developing individuality, and initiative in the youth of Amerca as well as to promote and strengthen citizenship and leadership. Thus, they live up to their motto " To Make the Best Better " The year ' s program was highlighted by talks by International Farm Youth Exchange delegates to Ire- land and Sweden, career explorations, and safety, first aid, and fall-out shelter precautions. Agriculture Club ROW 1: Dr. Lester Kuhlman, sponsor; James Posey, Max Wolf, Finis Watt, treas. ; Ed Clem, pres.; Dean Adkins, v.p.; Larry Harbur, Gerald Liebhart, Lewis Fleak. ROW 2; Donald Crumpacker, Larry Saxton, John Schenk, Cliff Rogers, D. G. Ledford, Wayne Hutton. Don Lincoln, Bob Biggs, Richard Burns, Paul Baker, Donald Marquardt. Cniji fwjfc ' i n -) f f f - f ' I %4 - ' . V Industrial Arts Club Handymen around the campus, the Industrial Arts Club performs numerous services for the college. These jacks-of-all trades assist with spring FFA con- tests and parent ' s day activities, and are always on hand to help with work ranging from the building of a new trophy case to the wiring of public address systems. Another prominent feature of the I. A. Club is taking first prize each year for their unique, mechan- ical float at the annual Homecoming parade. Climaxing the year ' s work, each member looks forward to the annual spring trip to a large industrial center to tour diversified factories and plants. The Industrial Arts Club, a social-professional organization, seeks to provide instructive programs and to encourage an advancement in the industrial education field. KOW 1: Duane Cole, sponsor; Charles Serfass, Tom Hoyt, David Herring, DeVon Griffiths, see.; Dal Jones, pres.; Larry Collins, v.p. : Phil Griffith, Donald Mar(|uardt, treas. ; Barry Clawson. ROW 2: James Couch, Mervyn Freels, Jerry Brookhart, John Reed, Robert Aholt, Don Siegrist, David Norton, Henry Bower, John Moyer, Walter Srhroeder. ROW 3: Carl Brooks, Dennis Holmes, Fred Ross, Ken Douglas, Jon Sadler, Henry Likes, Erv Keller, Robert Babcock, David Rae, Terry Simmons. ROW 1: Paul Hoer, Bob Thomas, treas.; Gary Mitchell, pres. ; Ken Nelson, v. p.; Helen Breidenstein. sec; Stacey Braswell, Dave Berkman, Joe Downs. ROW 2: Bob Byg, Jerrold Shouse, Porter Moss, Bob Fenlon, Don Rankin, Dennis Mueller. James Weigand, Wil- liam Severson. Linda Childress, Sharon Wrij ht. ROW 3: David Knes, Ron Berrey, John Phillips, Marvin Griewe, Glen Randall, Phillip Hayward, William Daily, David Hall, Edward Porter, Charles Myers, Dale Reinker. Young Republicans The purpose of Young Republicans is to provide a vehicle through which young people, who are inter- ested in good government under Republican principles and candidates, may become better informed citizens. This year a Mock Presidential Convention was held on Friday. January 24. The purpose of Young Democrats is to provide information for and support of the Democratic party. This year many speakers were presented at the meetings. The Young Democrats held a mock presidential nominating convention this year on Saturday afternoon, February 1. Young Democrats ROW 1: Dennis O ' Brien, sponsor: Keith Dinsmore, Eddie While. Gary Hale. Dennis Davis, Harold Simpson, v. p.; Sal Costa, pres.; Dolly Steinmetz. sec; Fran Tieman, treas.; Larry Morgan, Tom Horace. ROW 2: Pat Hediger, Ed Brown, M. L. Steinmetz, Carolyn Dean, Tom Motlev, William Holvoet, Russell Hardgrove, Phillip Noble, Jim Buckman, Ron Hardgrove, Tom Buckman, Christine RockholH, Sylvia Powell. Margaret Blair. a f f ' f r f f ■ f « f » ♦ • ♦ ; ♦ t ■« ♦ p I i ROW 1: Mary Estes, sponsor; Donna Clark, sec.-treas. ; Karen Wilson, pres. ; C. J. Benhardt. v. p.; Clara Sar er, Barb Dunham, Willa Opplinger, Mar ' Droddy. ROW 2: Linda Good. Nyoca Martin, Colleen Nelson, Sandra Kniess. Merlyn Jones. Alma Bennett. Anita Barta. Diana Cloyd. ROW 3: Pat Dempsey, Pam Raible, Maria Heitman, Janet Gillispie. Joanne Posschl, Linda Lowery, Cheryl Morris, Pat Carney. Physical Education Majors ' Club In promoting the professional growth of women students majoring in physical education, the Physical Education Major ' s Club has alternated a variety of professional and social meetings. Highlights included the Homecoming coffee and newsletter project, a lecture-demonstration at the KCOS anatomy lab, a look at " Sports Behind the Iron Cur- tain " , The Olympic Holiday fun night at Christmas, and the annual chili supper. Over fifty women joined the student section of the American Association for Health, Physical Edu- cation, and Recreation and also the Missouri Associa- tion for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Trips to sports days, exhibitions, dance sym- posiums, concerts and to the State and Central District conventions were included in their activities. ROW 1: Carol Sears, Liz McKinley, Willa Miller, Carolyn Huff, Audrey Heithaus, Jo Ann Weekley. Lee Siegel. ROW 2: Rebecca Langhammer, Nancy Holzworth, lona Rollins, Brenda Bowling, Joan Wasylenko, Donna Liter, Kathy Gardine. 4 ROW 1: Kern ' Ratliff, Clara Sarver, Donna Clark. W ilia Opplinger, treas. ; Mary Droddy, pres.; Pat Carney, v. p.; Pam Raible, historian; Pat Dempsey. ROW 2: Nyoca Martin, Judy Thomas. Joanne Possehl, Cheryl Morris, Maria Heitman, Karen Wilson. ROW 3: Elaine Lowenberg, Colleen Nelson, Sandra Kniess, Anita Barta, Linda White, Barb Dunham, Diana Cloyd. ROW 4: Juliet Smith, Pat Shafer, Merlyn Jones, Linda Good, C J. Benhardt, Linda Lowery. Women ' s Athletic Association The Women ' s Athletic Association provides an opportunity for all women of the college to participate in a wide variety of sports, dance, and recreational activities. WAA sponsors school-wide team tournaments in Softball, volleyball, basketball, and individual and dual sports. In the Spring, the association plays host to teams from several Missouri and Iowa schools at the annual Volleyball Sportsday. The year ' s activities are climaxed with the spring banquet at which awards are presented and new officers installed. K-Dettes Although St. Louis Blues was the theme of the first performance of K-Dettes at football half time last fall, they were far from blue when they strutted out in grand style onto the football field. School spirit in skirts, the K-Dettes spice up college parades and ball games. Homecoming found the K-Dettes rhythmically pounding Kirksville ' s pavements, a most cheery sight to old grads. Modern jazz and precision marching numbers rounded out the basketball performances of the K- Dettes. They then went right into work and many long hours of practice on their annual freshman assembly, which was a tremendous success. Under the able direction of Mr. Al Srnka, an experienced dancer and performer himself, these poised, graceful and charming girls had a very successful year. ROW I: Christine Carskadon, Pat Dempsey, sec; Cheryl Mossbarger, pres.; Susie Hanna, treas.; Carol Behn. Sharyn Johnson. ROW 2: Aleetha Jackson, Mary Wilson. Nancy .Schneider, Marilyn Engle, Nancy Johnson. Genanne Engle, Millie Moore. ROW 3: Connie Naripon, Marianna Giovannini. Judith Hafner, Sharon Jones. Peggy Steiner. Toni Penderpast, Joanie Cone. ROW 1: Keith Jerome, Lars Harris, Walt Olinger, Dave Grant, sec; Dennis Sissom, v. p.; Randy Jones, pres. ; Shane Cavanah, Charles Allen. ROW 2: Jim Slockett, Bill Bransen, Larry Strickler, James Weigand. Dennis Mueller, David Taylor, Ron Thomas, Bob Corono, Terry Sheesley, Don Barnes. ROW 3: Floyd Waddle, James Pound, Ron Miller, Jerry Kelley, Larry Clemens, Rich Rhodes, Wayne Clinton, Larry Martindale, Kent Bennett, Ralph Pink, sponsor. K-Club The K-Club is a social-professional organization which was founded on this campus in 1915. Any letter- man of the six varsity sports is eligible for member- ship, and all graduate club members in good standing are eligible for a lifetime pass to NEMSTC home ath- letic contests. The club undertakes money making projects to finance such activities as the R. E. Valentine Memorial Scholarship; the MI A A All Sports Banner, which is proudly displayed in the Pershing Building; and the annual steak Bar-B-Q outing held each spring at Forest Lake. This year the K-Club ' s money-making projects have consisted of a candy sale in the fall, hat and coat check during the winter varsity basketball games, and the Marques Haynes ' Harlem Magician basketball game in the spring. The club continually works toward maintaining good public relationships between the college athletic program and the college, community, and district. SEATED: Nadine Thurman. STANDING: Mary Mincks, Barbara Baines, Cherie Baugh, Rose Williams, Arlene Huff, Pat Burk, Marianna Giovannini, Barbara DeVore, Bonnie Fischer, Eileen Cox, Betty Myers, Sandra Gates, Carol Todd, Sara Richards, Sharon Wright, Carol Mack, Mary Evelyn Thurman. Beta Tau Delta Beta Tau Delta Sorority and Beta Tau Alpha Fra- ternity, charter chapters of the National Educational College Sorority and Fraternity for Baton Twirlers and Dancers, was founded on this campus in 1959, under the guidance of Dr. Walter H. Ryle, Dr. P. 0. Selby, Deaii Emeritus, and Mary Evelyn Thurman. The organiza- tions have as objectives upholding professional ethics, scholastic attainment, and establishing a perpetual bond of friendship among members. Activities are stationed around their motto " where twirling links learning to living. " President Ryle and Mary Evelyn Thurman presenting Eileen Cox with a twirling award. KNEELING: Barbara DeVore. Carol Todd. .STANDING: Sharon Wright, Arlene Huff, Nadine Thurman, Mary Evelyn Thurman, Eileen Cox, Sara Richards, Marianna Giovannini. RO S 1; Patti Henley. Karen Jacobs. Sharon Schlapia. tri-a?.: Gtrald Liebhart, v.p.; Kay Fitzgerald, pres.; Roberta Snowbarger, sec; Penny Briggs. historian. ROW 2; Donna Sticc. Joyce Deani. Carol Watkins. Gloria Jordan, Mary Richardson, Sharon Easter- day, Karen Bragg, Kay James, Eleanor Yackley. ROW 3: Ralph Howerton. Ken LaRose, Lewis Fleak, Robert Buchanan. Independent Club The Independent Club shares in the rich heritage of independent student activity which has been present on the Northeast Missouri Campus for many years. The major function of the Independent Club is to pro- vide opportunities for those Northeast Missouri stu- dents who possess a sincere desire to participate in campus social and service activities. Phi Delta Kappa Phi Delta Kappa is an International Professional Educational Honorary Fraternity for Men. The chief purpose of Phi Delta Kappa is to ])ro- mote free public education as an essential to the devel- opment and maintenance of a democracy. Its motto is " Leadership-Service-Research. " Meetings are held monthly during the academic year and weekly during the summer session. Dr. Nothdnril prtsi-nlin th l nhner, who was srlcdcd n; jii ' ld oj ediiration. S( holanhip aucirtl la Mr. J:,i!san haling cxi iplional iirnnnsr in thr fs a The Teacher ' s College first graduating classes of nurses in- clude? — ROW 1: Lois Hopkins, Yolanda Browne, Carolyn Watson. ROW 2: Carol Swienckowski, Marian Dolan, Billie Cole, Virginia Lesko. f f f f f { l -f -i O i A 14 r .■( i f •k t : ROW 1: Virginia Robinson, Linda Swailes, Ireas.; Marian Dolan, Carolyn WatsDti, Yolanda Browne, Lois Hopkins, Carol Swienc- kowski, Janet Wood, Vivian James, Tamara Miner, Betly Conley, pres. ROW 2: Chris Carlson, Barbara Dclaney, Linda Parker, Esther Woods, Marilyn Plumlee, Patricia Venezia, Janice Leggelt, Uelores Miller, Ruth Ann Wilson. Student Nurses Association The Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Nursing Program is accredited by the Missouri State Board of Nursing. The graduate will have a Bachelor of Science degree, nursing in.ijor, and will be permit- ted to take the state examination for registration, (R.N.). The college has complete jurisdiction of the program of education for professional nursing which includes methods and hours in instruction, clinical assignment, su|)ervision and evaluation of the students by the nursing faculty. The affiliating institutions are Grim- Smith, Laughlin and Kirk.sville Osteopathic Hospitals in Kirksville and Still-Hildreth Osteopathic Hospital in Macon, Missouri. These hospitals, with a combined capacity of 350 beds, and associated clinics, provide experience in all institutional nursing services. Public Health Nursing experience is from the district office of the Missouri Division of Health at Macon. The graduate of this program is prepared for staff nursing and is eligible for postgraduate study in any nursing area. The purposes of the Student Nursing Program are: to prepare professional nurses to serve the expanding needs of humanity in health and disease, and to offer additional preparation in school nursing and techniques of health education. ROW 1: Gene Branson, director; Befsy Fox, Karen Adams, Carolyn McCully, gov. p.; Alice Slavin, co-pres. ; John Tillotson, co-pres. ; Ron Berry, rep.; Judith Fisher, v. p.; Mildred Holman, sec.-treas. ; Eleanor Yackley, Linda Morelock, Carol Hartman, Shirley Sheeder. ROW 2: Richard Burns, James Miller, Michael Flanagan, Mayris Watson, Linda Bowles, Gail Pendleton, Sharron Bishop, Cliff Rogers, Jim Jackson, William McWhortor. ROW 3: Subodhkumar Patel, Paul Gismegian, Darl GiUiland, Roger Morris, Henry Pomponio, Bob Flanagan, Gerald Reed, D. G. Ledford, David Hall. United Campus Christian Fellowship UCCF - A merging campus movement. The purpose of the United Campus Christian Fel- lowship is to make the Christian faith relevant within the campus community and a vital part of the student ' s future life and vocation. Nationally, the UCCF is sponsored by the Christian, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, and EUB churches. Locally, it is sponsored by the Presbyterian and Christian churches. At the present time, it is in the pro- cess of writing a constitution for the purpose of merg- ing with other denominations. Members oj both the UCCF and the Wesley Foiindativn gathered for an informal discussion of the ideas presented at the Ecunemical Conference in Athens, Ohio. ROW 1: David Schadt, sponsor; Kazuko Shiitsu, Margaret Lutz, Eunice Ogden, Debbie Fortel, Helen Bishop, v.p.; Don Bradshaw, pres. ; Charlotte Watts, sec; Margaret Blair, Betty Conley, Joyce French, Diana Cloyd, Kay Bruner. ROW 2: Marie Luetgens, Francie Brandt, Margaret Plattenberger, Christine Kennell, Linda Lowery, Janet Jepeway, Marilyn Black, Merlyn Jones, Roberta Snowbarger, Betty Kern, treas. ; Lynn Hill. ROW 3: Tom Motley, Mark VanZante, Duane Bachmann, Camille Price, Glenn Flasch, Charles Mabee, Reinhard Schemann, Jonathan Obel, Parks Smith, Roy Lewis, Myron Rouse. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation, a Methodist sponsored student organization, seeks to include religious growth along with a college education. This year ' s Wesley Foundatipn, under the direc- tion of Reverend David Schadt, has expanded its pro- gram of worship, study groups, and conferences to in- clude discussions in the areas of international relations and human rights. The Wesley Foundation has also spon- sored several speakers, one of whom was Dr. Ernest A. Sonith, president of Rust College, Holly Springs, Mis- sissippi. The Wesley Foundation sponsors many social ac- tivities such as a hayride, pancake day, Christmas party, and many impromptu gatherings at the student center. One of the highlights of the year was the Fall Retreat held jointly with Maryville Wesley Foundation. Bulhhf; Spirit,;! by thr ITeslry Foundalion ' s lloal. " Riirs thr Rnlla Minrrs •% niiNrffltinM Newman Club The Newman Club Federation, of which the NEM STC Club is a member, is the world ' s largest federated student organization. By rotating Patrician and business meetings with part and sports nights. Newman Club strives to further the religious, intellectual, and social life of the Catholic on a secular campus. Our chaplain. Father J. Leon Allred. is always ready to give guiding advice, join a bridge game, try his hand at volleyball, or give a serious talk on some aspect of religion. Activities for the year included the Homecoming float. Halloween and Epiphany dances, a fall retreat here in Kirksville, participation in the mock Democratic Convention and United Nations, and defending the Col- lege Bowl Championship. ROW 1- J.ian Muure, Patti Knecht. Nuriua Kelly, Ed Muller. v.p.; Tom Horace, pres. : Charles He|iperiiiann, trea-.; Jane Riordan, Tere-a Koehler Pal Yowell. ROW 2: Carole Bradley, Mary Mundy, Mary Kaiman, Mary Daily. Connie Niehaus. Stephanie Pawlowicz, June Tellzer Carolyn Dean. Marianna Giovannini. Sharon Holt. ROW 3 Bill Flynn. Rich Lehniann, John Dean, Len DcBello, Glyn Mohn, Marilvn Meyer, Bill Hardie, Floyd Waddle, Richard Wilber, Michael Mihalevich. ROW 4; Lynn Dodson, Bernie Ralph, Stan Domliek, John Droniey, Tony Kni .el. Jame- Roetl er, Mark Brakley, Rohert Wiskirchen, Thomas Schmil ,. Vetter, Daniel Schniitz, James BSU CHOIK now 1 ( ainlyn Meyer, accompaniest; Louise Hamilton, Jo Ann McMurry, Linda Daniils, lerin ' Kol erts, director. ROW 2: Alice Wlntf. (.ii r;£ia Hershey. Elsie Obryan, Sandra Golden, Barbara Mason, Karen Youngberg, Dorothy C7ardner, Nell Rosenthal. ROW A .lohii Icix. director; Micky Doyle, Clark Dobbs, Terry Strother, Danny Wilford, Mike Woods, Bill Bryant, Don Crumpacker, Joe Cup|), Wd ne Richardson. i ■r H V -Jilu Midday and vesper program!, make daily use oj the chapel. Students gather in the Student Center lounge for recreation and companionship. ROW 1: Georgia Hershey, K aren Youngberg, Jo Ann McMurry, Harold Condra, Mike Woods, treas. ; William Edwards, v.p.; Mickie Doyle, pres.; Nell Rosenthal, sec; Clara Sarver, Clark Dobbs, Wayne Richardson, Feme Roberts. ROW 2: Flora Jones, Marion Feese, Dixie ' Mohr, Jeanelte Cox. Linda Daniels, Ruth Copeland, Carolyn Meyer, Carola Sturgeon. Patsy Walters, Louise Myers, Alice Nicoletti, Dorothy Gardner, Ruthie Hall. ROW 3: Eugene Myers, Mary Marx, Shirley Carr, Alice Shriver, Pat Merritt, Louise Hamil- ton, James Couch, Barbara Mason, Sandie Golden, Alice White. Mary Droddy. ROW 4: John Fox, sponsor; Jerry Myers, Gary Dolan, Larry Amen. John Poston. Wes Alkire. Jim Lichtenberg, Jan Brewer. Larry Harker, Terry Strother, Robert Morse, Joseph Cupp. Baptist Student Union A major emphasis on service to needy individuals occupied BSU efforts this year. A fall choir program at the State Mental Hospital, Fulton, and Moberly Medium Security Prison was followed by on-campus work to aid UNICEF ' s around the world program. Choir members toured to nearby churches in the spring quarter. Teams of students visited nearby churches for Sunday services and weekend meetings to secure funds for a bus tour to Glorieta student assembly in New Mexico. An International Dinner and " The World ' s Fair " talent show added worldwide flavor to activities. Mickie Doyle became the twelfth president to attain First Magnitude rating for his administration. Social, professional, and honorary campus groups made frequent use of facilities for parties, receptions, and suppers. Intramural participation with a final rating among the top four organizations; Sweetheart and Installation Banquets; Quarterly birthday parties; convention and retreat weekends; and Christian Emphasis programs completed the calendar for ' 63- ' 64. — p»- .- - -—tmmmmmmmmiBmm Since the arrival of Greek organizations on the cam- pus forty years ago, the social or ganzations have become an integral part of the college life. From one fraternity, the Greek system has grown to a total of five fraternities and four sororities, each proudly distinct from the others. The student who chooses the Greek way of life is presented with an unparalleled opportunity for enrich- ment of his college years. During rush, he is exposed to the qualities each group represents and to the aims and ideals they foster; but most important, he is exposed to the members. Some advantages, the emphasis on scholarship, activities, and companionship, are common to all. Only in the intangibles: the aims and ideals do they differ. Member- ship in any organization is an asset, providing the individual with experience in communal living, with life-long friends, and with possibly a little more polish and social grace. Comprising less than 15 per cent of the student body, these social organizations contribute to campus life in sur- prising proportions. Each fraternity and sorority inculcates in its members the belief that service to the school ranks above service to the organization, and that they are, first and foremost, students. Few clubs, athletic events, elections, or publications are without Greek participants. All activities, interests, and talents go into the makeup of the well-rounded man or woman; The Greek Ideal. ALA P. Sleiner Rec. Sec. Alpha Sigma Alpha Crowns for Cheryl Mossbarger and Marty Bishop, Student Council positions, class offices, student mentor tasks, and offices and honors in campus clubs kept Aphas on their toes and on the go. Twenty-four perky pledges were added as Alpha Sigma Alphas after successful " Alpha-Traz " and " Pink Poodle " parties and during the year. The Founder ' s Day banquet, parties for and by the pledges, wal k-outs, the Hootenanny, the Sweetheart and Breakfast Dances: these all added to Alpha unity and fun. A Christmas party given for mentally retarded children was enjoyed by the hostesses as much as by the children. The Alphas honored their Mom ' s with a Mother ' s Day Tea and gathered in Pittsburg, Kansas, for Tri-State Day activities in the Spring. Who ' s Who nominations went to Susie Hanna, Linda Moore, Cheryl Mossbarger, and Mary Spruytte. Mary was also president of Cardinal Key and Cheryl presided over K-Dettes. 1963-64 was a good year for ASA and will be well- remembered for the honors, activities and fun-but mostly for the shared sisterhood. C. Behn C. Benhardl A. Bennett M. Black N. Bowden M. Briee D. Cox L. Daniels J. Duffe f ws_ L. Hutcherson N. Johnson C. Jones S. Judd N. Kelley S. Kollmann S. Mechlin C. Morris C. Mossbarger B. Muir A. Nicoletti J. Perrigo S. Pickett K. Richard S. Richards N. Schneider L. Shaffer G. Snyder f ® j H il M. Sodon M. Tharp L Tuzik J. Wasylenko M. Welpton M. White M. Wilson L. Winkleman B. Wright Jane Miller, Cheryl Mossbarger, and Carol Behn entertain Alpha rushees with their portrayal of " Little Blue Riding Hood " at one of the Alpha rush parties. K. Mekemson J- Lowther President VicePres. Delta Zeta Service, scholarship, and activities keep the flame of the Delta Zeta lamp burning brightly on the campus at Northeast Missouri. The year got off to a wonderful start with six student mentors helping with freshmen orientation. The fall rush parties were the Hawaiian Luau and the Rose Garden of Delta Zeta which resulted in the pledging of 17 girls. At Homecoming time, perky Joyce Flowers was first attendant to the Queen and the float, " A Toast to Victory " , was a second place winner. Joyce is also captain of the Northeast Missouri cheerleaders and Captain of the College Ushers. Trish Artz returned to campus winter quarter after a term as an exchange student to Costa Rica. Sharyn Johnson and Loisbel Robinson were Echo Candidates for their respective classes. Sharyn and Joyce Flowers were on the Student Cc ancil and Cheri Jones, Jerry Johnson, Joyce Flowers, and Kay Mekemson were all chosen for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Philanthropic projects were well-organized this year; the chapter adopted a patient at Carville and had a local boy ' s eyes operated on. The traditional Christmas Star, Delta Dad Date Day, Spring Formal, All-Greek Hootenanny, selling calendars, and serenades, plus the Mothers Tea-A tremendous year, full of memorable events for the sorority with the lamp of gold! L. Barritt C. Baugh M. Blackburn E. Boucher S. Broadwell C. Carskadon M. Clarke J. Cone K. Cone C. Cooley P. Dempsey J. Ewing J. Flu Fox J. Galbraith J. Gaibraith J.GaJbraith J. Hayes " 5 f.£fLt t£ M. HiUabeck D. Hulse S. Hume M. Hunt J. Johnson S. Johnson C. Jones M. Kaiser T. Knouse wmw. ' ' im in « M v , ■! " - ' ( ' i 11 C. Lawson M. McDowell T. Miner K. O ' Donnell D. Peters K. Poecker L. Robinson L. Roser M. Ro tffll 1 P f (f?l S. Saffel E. Sterne F. Tieman J. Traxler K. Trussell G. Vetter K. Watts B. Wickless S. Yearian Delts " Toast to Victory " was a prize-winning float in this year ' s Hnmeconiing Parade. C. Critchlow D. Buttz President Vice-Pres. C. McCart Vice-Pres. Sigma Kappa Rush began the year for Sigma Kappa with parties like " Fantasy in the Orient " , and " Violet- Pearl Party " . With rush drawing to a close, twenty girls had pledged themselves to Sigma Kappa. Honor and fun made each Sigma Kappa proud while they marveled over having ten student mentors, and two college ushers. Spirit soared high too, when Pat Carney was chosen Homecoming Queen candidate and the Sig Kaps completed their float " Cheer for Victory " . Christine Rockhold was elected as the Junior Class Echo Queen candidate, and Carolee Critchlow and Betty Lenzini were elected to Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. All through the year, whether it be at Fun Festival or Spring Forma l, you ' ll find the Sigma Kappa ' s living up to their motto: " One Heart, One Way " . L. Garden I Good N. House L. Huebner A. Huff E. Hug M. Jackson .M. Janning L. Johnson M. Johnston N. Kissinger f V-. g ' j} J -»- . . . V, ? r ' ;. -, 4 P E. McKinley C Mack P. Marsh M. Nicholson N. Oglesby P. Raible M. Ricks C. Rockhold K. Schutz ® © M. Schweitzer C. Sears S. Shuford J. Stanley K. Strauch V. Thompson A. Turner N. VanDusen S. Wrig " Great White Huntfrs " , Barb McGinnis and Pat Carney go in search of treasured pearls at the Sigma Kap ia " Hear! I ' arty ' IZI Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma entertained Mrs. Doris Tabor, National Parliamentarian, in conjunction with the third year in their triennial plan. After her visit, the Tris plunged into rush plans. The Holiday Inn was the set- ting for both parties. Rushees were whisked to New Orleans and the Mardi Gras for the first party and then were taken for a trip in the world of fashion in the second party " Stairway to the Sigmas " . Lynda Upchurch proudly represented the sorority as Homecoming Queen Candidate. In the spirit of Christmas giving, the Tri Sigma girls delivered baskets of food to the needy and also sang Christmas Carols. Tri Sigmas had many leaders in activities this year. Nancy Durst served as cheerleader. Lynda Up- church was president of the Aeolian Club. Carolyn Sultz- man was president of Panhellenic and also state secre- tary of SNEA. Barb DeVore and Linda Bevan were majorettes, and many others. Congratulations also to Lynda Upchurch and Carolyn Sultzman, who were chosen to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. The Tris and Phi Sigs sponsored the Greek Dance in March and later in the spring Sigma Sigma Sigma held their first Spring Formal and Founders Day. It has been a gooy year for Sigma Sigma Sigma. B. Baldwin P. Bentrup L. Bevan K. Casey L. Chehval J. Conley J. Cornwell D. Dejong B. DeVore A. Dunavanl N. Dursl P. Ellis J. Evans B. Fairbairn M. Forrest D. Gay C. Glover M. Guinn S. Holman S. Hunt J. Kreighau»er R. Leasure B. Lyddon.. P. McMahon M. Maxwell E. Morrison N. Murdock ft ji M. Rigby G. Robinson T. Shackleford K. Snyder B. Taylor A. Todd L. Upcurch B. Wetter R. Wilson Nancy Murdoch carries out the theme vf the Tri Sigma ' s second rush party " Sigma Showcase " , modeling some of the newest fashions on campus. ROW 1: Ruth B. Beal, sponsor; Carolyn Sultzman, pres. ; Kay Mekenisim, v. p.; Carulee Critchlow, sec. Carol Sears, Joyce Flowers, Donna Buttz, Barbara Lyddon, Carol Behn, Diana Gay, Jane Galbraith. Linda Moore, Ireas. ROW 2: Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council is composed of three members from each of the four National sororities on campus plus its sponsor, Dean Ruth B. Beal. Officers serve in rotation from the sororities, with Carolyn Sultzman as current president. The Council strives to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect among its member groups. Each year the Council awards a scholarship cover- ing board and room for an academic year to a foreign girl, which is made possible by the sale of theater tickets and College stickers. The Council helps with the registration of guests on Parents ' Day and on Senior Day and serves at the Presidents ' Reception and Garden Party. The main social activities of Panhellenic are the Rush Tea for College women in the fall and the Scholar- ship Banquet held each spring. At this time the Scholar- ship Trophy is awarded to the sorority having the highest honor point ratio. The Council also works in cooperation with the Interfraternity Council in sponsoring a Greek Week on Campus. ROW 1: Dr. Kohlenberg, sponsor; Charles Myers, pres. ; Shane Cavanah, v.p. ; Tom Buckman, Ferine, William Severson, Bill Lewis. Don Oelklaus, Clark Nichols, Brian Jones. James Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council is composed of three members from each fraternity plus its sponsor, Dr. Gilbert Kohlenberg. These men act as the governing body for the fraternity system. The IFC rules the fra- ternities in their rush functions, as well. The high point of each year is the presentation of the President ' s Scholarship cup which is presented to the fraternity with the highest honor point ratio. This award is presented each year at the annual spring banquet. The Council works with the Panhellenic Council in the presentation of Greek Week, the all Greek Sing, and the all Greek Dances. The members of the Interfraternity Council are Alpha Kappa Lambda. Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Sigma Epsilon, and Sigma Tau Gamma, with this year ' s presi- dent being Charles Myers of Alpha Kappa Lambda. We, of the IFC. feel very strongly that fraternities are an important part of college life; and we strive to keep this as our main goal. C. Myers President E. Delameter Vice-Pres. C. Clark Treasurer AKA Alpha Kappa Lambda Transition could very well be the description of Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda this year. With fall quarter came an immense amout of work and all AKL ' s got busy in remodeling the house at 315 S. High. AKL started out on another successful year; the men were soon honored by receiving the National Chapter Improvement Award. The tradition of the University dance was changed to a theme depicting the south sea islands. Under the direction of Charles Myers, president, and Ken Wright, social chairman, the Fiji dance was a fabulous success. A large returning membership, as well as, new ideas and talents molded a successful rush season. Out- standing work done by Ellis Delameter. rush chairman, enabled Xi chpater to accept into pledgeship, twenty- nine fine young men. The overwhelming success of AKL ' s transition provided a great boost for all of the men. Parties with a capital " P " kept the AKL house jumping from early fall to late spring. All in all, the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda had a most successful and enjoyable year. J. Armstrong S. Bally .a J. Ban k Js JrM f © 9 B. Berry D. Bonetzky R. Dye " P. D. Engle o. o O- G. Fehr K. Fligg H. Fowler M. Griewe H. Griffin L. Heyer J. Hill D. Hopp B. Jones o p p P o cy. p. Konrad C. Kopenhaver J. Liss J. McCain R. McCully F. McLaughlin C. Mahen L. Muir E. MuUer iSM!s« Mwl?SW ' fc ' iF ' N ' v-t ' A-4 V { hH ' - ' .t I ' i a p o P wTT e ft TT J-A. hJkk ▲ J ' A J ' a Ja Ja K. Nelson C. Nichols R. Nirgenau D. Norton J. .Norton J. Orr L Pagett J. Palmer J. Peterson i n (f D i5r Ir E. Porter L. Quisenberry D. Reinker F. Roensch J- Roof D. Ross A. Shectman H. Smith L. Smith h r JTA k a O J. StoUs B. Thomas T. Thompson G. Van Mete T. Walton T. Wolf H. Wright K. Wright AKL Termites dispose oj a favorite " Sir " on a Fledge Skip. Greeks get lugelher at the monthly All-Greek Danei KA4 ' Kappa Alpha Psi The Epsilon Eta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, is the newest of the social-educational fra- ternities on our campus. Kappa Alpha P si is an organ- ization that was founded 53 years ago on the campus of the University of Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana. Kappa Alpha Psi was presented with the school charter on December 5, 1963, by Dr. Walter H. Ryle. Kappa Alpha Psi currently on our campus has an honor point ratio of 2.5 before a pledge can become an active member of the fraternity. This is the highest honor point ratio than is required by any other organ- ization of its kind on campus. The men of Kappa Alpha Psi represent one of the proudest and finest fraternities in existence. As part of the organization ' s contribution to the effective continuance of American ideals, every year there is an Undergraduate Leadership Conference, which attempts to prepare young, intelligent, and prom- ising men to take their places as leaders of their com- munities. This is a conference, the likes of which are not known to many social-educational fraternities. Realizing its obligation to society, Kappa Alpha Psi strives constantly to develop the calibre of men that will bring both merit to the organization and the country. O, A C ' . -i. L. Berry C. Crump B. Edwards N. Taylor President Ryle presenting the members of Kappa Alpha Psi with their charter. S. Cavanah President D. Harris Vice-Pres. h " - R 4 IE B. Brendel D. Oelklaus Rec. Sec. Corr. Sec. Phi Sigma Epsilon The 1963-64 school year was another banner one for Phi Sigma Epsilon. Gamma chapter was the re- cipient of numerous awards in the fields of scholarship and campus and community service. Three brothers, Joe Glaser; Ed Schlief; and John Crockett served the students on the Student Council. Hadley Hoyt was president and Joe Shaniy was vice- president of the Junior class. Bob Beckett and Jack Mudd held the top two offices in the Sophomore class. Brother Harry Libby ably served as president of the Freshman class. Brothers Shane Cavanah and Joe Glaser were elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. The Red Cross Bloodmobile Plaque was permanently retired as PSE responded with 100 per cent participation of the active chapter. In National honors, Gamma chapter took first in efficiency and third in scholarship. A highlight of the school year was a visit, in October, of our National president. Mr. James Whit- field. All in all, it was a most successful year for the men on Davis Street. 9- h Jk o o p e. p.. r Q f o T. Bredensteiner C. Brooks R. Brown W. Brown K. Carlson J. Chisham R. Collins J. Crockett G. Dixon l irii J l J SL J J J A. Driskell J. Dunlap M. Fitzpatrick M. Klanders J. Glaser S. Golden P. Griffith U. Halbach D. Harvey P .. - ifti, ,0 P U. Hesskamp D. Hopkins H. Hoyt J. Jacobs M. Johnson A. Jones S. Justus D. Kehoe S. Klein iiSiSS JiSiSiKiSSvi lM g o. o Pf p " a a c 9 a. C. Leach H. Libby B. Mertens C. Meyer M. Mihalcvich H. MiUer J. Miller L. Morgan B. Morris £ n. ' ,f «» ««» I 0 e» " • J. Mudd A. Nainio E. Packwood J. Palmer J. Pawlowicz T. Povendo D. Primeau W. Richardson W. Rieger a p. c. o o p o B. J- Jf Jf ih J t J M 1a A N. Romanetz F. Ross E. Schlicf R. Schuhler J. Shamy E. Sneed S. Stone J. Struttman H. Swab J. Tanner L. Tarplcy B. Watts D. Webb T J. Whelan T. Winget T. Witt E. Zepka Phi Sigs create school spirit with their " Gamma Gun B. Tale Treasurer Sigma Tau Gamma After many days of careful planning and hard work, Sigma Tau Gamma unveiled its mammoth float before a record Homecoming crowd and ran away with the top prize in the spirit division. A buffet and party for the many returning alumni contributed to one of the great- est Homecoming weekends in the history of the fra- ternity. Joe Downs was selected as the top beard grower in Beta chapter at the annual 49ers Dance amid a setting of wagon trains, campfires, and a well-supplied chuck- wagon. After the most selective rush season in Beta ' s 43 year history, 31 men chose Sigma Tau Gamma. House parties, sorority Exchanges, football games, and trips to the lake highlighted a great school year, as the fraternity spent its first complete year in the chapter ' s new house. Among Beta ' s campus leaders included, organiza- tion presidents Bill Severson. SNEA; Tom Horace, His- torical Society; Ed Brown, Alpha Phi Omega; Sal Costa, Young Democrats. Bill Matzen was honored as the freshman candidate for ECHO King, while chapter president Tom Buckman and Tom Horace were named to Who ' s Who. £ . . O- P- Q K- ' ' J k Jf J Jl t J) J. Baker J. Beary o j l JfMJ W. Campht D. Carruthers J. Chandler M. Chapman p p. 9 o. o P O T ' A. Cozzoni I). Ija E. DeLaney K. Dins J, Downs K. Ea T. EUiui J. Flanaj; c cs i Tp f g p o O J. Calkowski £. Ciacbii l). Gill D. Codschalk R. Criep G. Hale C. Hammock R. Hardgrovc R. Hardgrove SaS Mttii M!.-! " Si -W t ■ ' - ' -X » K 1 ; ' -» m. p p.- P p IT p p p M. Harper J. Harris G. Hertler T. Horace D. Huff J- Jobe E. Kelly W. Lewis H. Like Jik : B. Lovejoy J. McCarthy D. Martin W. Matzen J. Miller D. Mueller P. Noble L. Noel W. dinger .cn .uj G. Pendleton T. Pitts T. Plank B. Purdy B. Richards G. Rockhold D. Scott C. Serfass L. Shelto H. Simpson T. Sinskey M. Steinmetz R. Stevcner i. Usher W. Walker E. White G. Wike Fuzzy-faced Joe Downs entertains Sig Taus, rushees and dates at the fraternity ' s annual i9ers Dance. Downs growth won the annual beard contest later in the evening. Northeast Missouri ' s dominance of the MI A A confer- ence was again in evidence as the purpk-and-white extended their string of all-sports titles to six. Although Bulldog foot- ball and basketball teams again played the role of the bridesrnaid, Kirksville ' s powerful representatives in the minor sports were again supreme. The track and cross- country teams were as overwhelming as ever while the golf and tennis squads compiled a commendable record. Springfield upset the Bulldogs to take the 1963 gridiron title while the only other loss was to Northern Illinois, the nation ' s top-ranked small college team. The Kirksville cagers finished ivith a commendable 17-6 record as Cape Girardeau won its fourth straight loop championship. And while the purple-and-white represented the College on the intercol- legiate level, a record number of students participated in a well-rounded intramural sports program. 1963 BULLDOG FOOTBALL SQUAD— ROW 1; Rideout, Comer, Braudrick, Right, Wehmer, Newcomb, Vannier, W. Brown, Washing- ton, Wright, Ballard, Vukich. ROW 2: Coach Wade, Stone, Cavanah, R. Jones, Corno, Grimshaw, Michael Kelley, Schlief, Clemens, Sissom, Richards, Wilson, Germain, Coach Gardner. ROW 3: Chargois, Glore, Kennedy, Staggs, Oakley, Nichels, Duggan, W. Jones, Romanetz, Bishop, Minervini. Zepka, Coach Richerson. ROW 4: Stone, manager; dinger, Rowden, Acton, Reeser, Rhodes, Vaia, Unique Weekend Doubleheader With 20 lettermen returning from the 1962 squad, much optimism was present in the Bulldog football camp as 41 returnees and almost as many new players reported for practice in the fall. Coach " Red " Wade ' s troupe started the season in a big way with a much-publicized " iron-man " weekend facing Western Illinois and Wash- burn on successive days. With Pittsburg State, Northern Illinois and Murray State also listed on the schedule, the Bulldogs faced one of the toughest slates in NEMSTC history. Though ten stars from the previous year were miss- ing from the squad, Kirksville fans had reason to be hopeful with halfback Mike Richardson, the top fresh- man in the school ' s history, and all-american tackle Dave Grant heading the list of veterans. Tri-captains. Randy Jones, Jerry Kelley, and Ted Michael along with Jerry Germain, Don Rowden. Shane Cavanah, George Grim- shaw, John Glore, Rich Rhodes, Bob Richards, Steve Acton, and Mike Vaia also make the picture seem bright. Head Coach Maurice " Red " Wade m0 -». . Hammock, Steinlage, Craddock, DeLuca, Dattilo, Richardson, Nugent, trainer. ROW 5: Johnsen, McCormick, Klein, Taylor, Kirken- dall, Burrell, Villars, Young, Martin, Bielinski, Fitzpatrick, Smith, Coach Waterman. ROW 6: Gill, Baumbach, Grant, Spangler, Holler, Fraley, Ray, Jackson, Leu, Richardson, Baragiola, Grom, Coach Ball. Highlights 1963 Bulldog Football Season KIRKSVILLE 22— WESTERN ILLINOIS 0. The first part of the Bulldogs ' " iron man " bid was a successful one as the NEMSTC gridders opened the season with an impressive performance. Kirksville combined a hard- charging line with a steady ground attack that rolled up 321 yards to spark their victory. Halfback Mike Richard- son picked up where he left off as a freshman by rushing for 104 yards while the Leathernecks could manage only 12 against the rugged NEMSTC line. But fans were given an indication of things to come as penalties plagued the Bulldogs throughout the game. WASHBURN 7— KIRKSVILL E 6. A bad case of fum- bleitis spoiled the second game of the weekend double- header as the highly-favored Bulldogs dropped their first game of the year. Although Kirksville held decisive lead in game statistics, most of the contest was played deep in Bulldog territory. One of the backfield bobbles led to the Ichobods ' first touchdown wihlie two others came during a potential NEMSTC scoring drive. Quarterback Bill Harper stood out for the Kansans while Mike Rich- ardson scored the Bulldogs ' only TD with 2:06 left in the game. An attempt for the two-point conversion failed and the Ichobods ran out the clock for their upset win. Tlje Washburn game was later forfeited to Kirksville because of their playing inelegible athletes. The score was 1 - 0. The middle oj Northern Illinois ' defensive line converges upon Bulldog fuUback Morris Rideoul near the goat line. Top-Rated Huskies Escape With 21-12 Win NORTHERN ILLINOIS 21— KIRKSVILLE 12. The nation ' s No. 1 ranked small college football team struck early to hand Kirksville their second straight defeat. Heraded Northern quarterback George Bork completed 20 passes to break an NCAA career mark. Bork put the Huskies on the scoreboard early with a 75 yard pass play to end Hugh Rohrschneider, another all-american, who rambled down the sidelines for their first TD. Less than two minutes later, Gary Stearns grabbed another Bork aerial and rode it home for a 14-0 Husky lead. Late in the first half, halfback Jack Dean found a hole in the NEMSTC line and outran defenders for a 61-yard scoring strike. But the Huskies ' scoring stopped there as the Bulldog defense contained Bork and his mates after half- time. Morris Rideout tallied for the Bulldogs in the third period and Willie Jones scored on the last play of the game but the Huskies kept their perfect record intact. KIRKSVILLE 25— PITTSBURG 20. Kirksville ruined the Gorillas ' 16-game home winning streak as freshman quarterback Paul Comer gave the Bulldogs a much- needed offensive lift. The Kansans drew first blood with a first qurter TD before T. J. Jackson raced 56 yards for an NEMSTC score. A pass from Shane Cavanah to Mike Richardson put the NEMSTC gridders in the lead 12-7 late in the second period. After the Gorillas had tallied, again, Richardson went 77 yards to put the ' Dogs in front 18-14 with a quarter to play. Halfback Mike Vaia picked ., , ,, , , up the Bulldogs ' final tally as an interception by Clifton i ' J ' r V ' " f ' ' ' !u% »7 " . ' 1°, ' , % ' " ' " " ' ' . ' ' r, 11 1 . n- 1 - I J " ' " " uy v iiiiwii Kirksville secondary m the Bulldogs 21-12 loss to the nations Kay ended a late Pittsburg threat. top small college team. ' Dogs Blank Mules in League Opener KIRKSVILLE 49— WARRENSBURG 0. Posting a 36-0 halftime lead, the Bulldogs coasted to their first MIAA win of the year over the hapless Mules. Coach Wade got a chance to see his entire squad perform as 19 Bull- dog backs carried the pigskin during the rout. Mike Vaia scored two TD ' s, one a 58-yard sideline gallop, while freshman Sharron Washington was the leading runner with 71 yards including a scoring run of his own. Paul Comer, Shane Cavanah and Dave Martin all threw scoring strikes for the Bulldogs. John Chargois, Dave Grant, Dennis Sissom and Jerry Kelley led the tough NEMSTC defensive charge that limited the Mules to 51 yards on the ground. Jerry Germain outruns a Warrensburg defensive halfback to pull in a touchdown strike in the Bulldogs ' 49-0 victory over the Mules. Peter Leu cyjnverts the extra point after one of seven Bulldog TD ' s against Warrensburg as Larry Clemens (78), Jerry Germain (81), and George Grimshaw (32) carry out their blocking assignments. IIIIIWHIH—IWIII Kirksville Takes 41-0 Homecoming Victory KIRKSVILLE 41— ROLLA 0. It was a happy Home- coming for the many returning alumni who watched the NEMSTC club outclass the RoUa Miners before the record-breaking crowd. A pass from Shane Cavanah to Willie Jones gave Kirksville an early lead before a short plunge by fullback Morris Rideout gave the ' Dogs a 40-0 lead after the first quarter. Mike Vaia ' s 54-yard punt return gave the winners their third TD of the day before Cavanah hit Mike Richardson with a scoring toss from 31 yards out. Ron Villars and Peter Leu finished the Bulldog scoring parade. The explosive NEMSTC back- field gained 350 yards rushing and 153 through the air as compared with the Miners ' 67 yards on the ground and 46 via the aerial route. Dennis Sissom, Don Rowden, Dave Grant and John Chargois led the Bulldog defensive unit. Rolla quarterback Jay Aljord is consoled by a tired teammate alter the Miners had fallen before the Bulldogs 41-0 on Home- coming Day. Randy Jones, Bulldog tricaptain, hauls in a With the pigskin tucked securely under his arm, Mike Richardson races through Paul Comer pass as Rolla halfback Conrad the middle of the Rolla defense for a big gain. Bischof prepares to bring him down. ' i i ilN ' Bo6 Richards i59)anil l ) Mmcrvini (62) clear the way for sophomore flash Mike Richardson (34) in Kirksville ' s 22-7 triumph over Maryville. Powerful Bulldogs Beat Cape and Maryville KIRKSVILLE 20— CAPE GIRARDEAU 0. It was sweet revenge for NEMSTC as another rock-ribbed de- fensive performance let the Bulldogs remain undefeated in conference play. A safety early in the game gave Kirksville the only margin they needed as the Bulldogs ' defensive unit held the Indians scoreless. Paul Comer and Shane Cavanah combined to throw passes worth 169 yards including a TD pass to Jerry Germain. Mike Richardson and Mike Vaia scored Kirksville touch- downs. KIRKSVILLE 22— MARYVILLE 7. A defensive unit led by hefty Don Rowden let the Bulldogs retain the fabled ' " hickory stick " for the seventh straight year as NEMSTC recorded its fourth consecutive MIAA triumph. An intercepted pass that resulted in a 70-yard scoring run ruined the Bulldogs ' unblemished defensive record and put the Bearcats in front. 7-6. Mike Richardson ' s seven- yard dash put the ' Dogs back in front late in the second quarter, 14-7. Willie Jones ' third period TD was the only second half scoring play. George Grimshaw was the top Bulldog runner while Rowden starred on defense for the Freshman quarterback Paul Comer unleashes an aerial over the hands of Maryville defenders while Ron Villars (40) helps clear the patli. Manager Bob Slum and Traiiifr i uni . ' S iigfiU retri ' sh the BuUduii iltinng a luni-uul m a cniiial moment. Springfield Tops ' Dogs in MIAA Showdown SPRINGFIELD 15— KIRKSVILLE 6. Cornelius Perry threw a pass for one touchdown and scored the other to give the Springfield Bears their first MIAA football title since 1941. After a penalty had nullified Perry ' s first touchdown run. the sophomore halfback threw tne first pass of his collegiate career for a touchdown to Ron Young in the end zone. Harold Wheeler converted a bad pass from center into two points on the PAT. A short dash just before half time gave Perry and his mates a 15-0 advantage at intermission. Ron Villars made the TD dash for the Bulldogs before the attempt for the two-point conversion failed by inches. As usual. Kirks- ville led in statistics but four sustained drives fell short of the goal line. The outstanding defensive performance of linebacker Ted Michael was one of the few bright spots of the Bulldog performance as the senior tri-cap- tain made 18 tackles. Line coach Ken Gardner checks his troops. Murray Victory Gives Biilldo ts 8-2 Mark KIRKSVILLE 26— MURRAY STATE 7. Twelve sen- iors ended their collegiate careers on a happy note as sophomore halfback Jim Dattilo paced the ' Dogs to a surprising win over the Kentucky school. After losing the ball four times on fumbles, Kirksville finally made it into the scoring column when T. J. Jackson went 73 yards on a punt return late in the second quarter to give the Bulldogs a 6-0 lead at halftinie. The Bulldogs con- tained star Thoroughbred passer Tony Fioravanfi while Morris Rideout and Dattilo scored touchdowns to let the NEMSTC club win their last outing. On the final play of the game, Jerry Germain caught a pass in the end zone for the fourth Kirksville touchdown and a pleasant way to end the season. Tackle Dave Grant won mention on the Williamson All-America squad for the second straight year and was the only unanimous selection on the MIAA all-star team. Miks Richardson and Randy Jones also gained first team berths on the conference eleven while Ted Michael was chosen on the second team. Kirksville ' s offensive and defensive averages led the league while Jim Dattilo held the loop ' s best rushing average. Richardson was second in yards gained with 7.51 while T. J. Jackson was the punt return leader. Daif Grant Tricaplain Jerry Ketley {11) leads the Bulldogs ' char their Homecoming triumph over Rolla. Cliilon Ray (24) and John Newcomb combine ellorts to bring down an opposing ball carrier as teammate Mike Vaia (331 looks on. ROU 1; Wayne Clinton, Boh Rogers, Larry Luett, Les Selvage, Jerry Germain. ROW 2: Willard Sims, assistant coach; Bill Shaw, dene Lee. Floyd Mi Millon, Gary Uye, David Taylor, Boyd King, head coach. Bulldoof Casrers Reneat 17-6 Record Gene Lee swoops in a two-pointer against the Quincy Hawks. Veteran griard Jerry Germain gets away a hook shot in an early season game. ' Do s Open Campaign With Seven Straight Wins Kirksville " s Bulldog basketball squad lived up to the pre-season rating as the favorite for the MIAA title as the " Dogs began the campaign with seven consecutive victories. With several key lettermen returning and the addition of a big man for the center post. Coach Bovd Kins: appeared to have a winner on his hands. ' WILLIAM PENN was the first Bulldog victim as Les Selvage picked up where he left off as a freshman b scoring 32 points in the initial performance of the year. The sharpshooting guard added 24 the following night to propell the Kirksville crew to a 93-77 decision over ST. BENEDICTS. The Bulldogs had to come from behind in the final seconds to keep their perfect record in tact against QITNCY COLLEGE as the Hawks lost a close one. 73-72. Selvage, who hit 2.5 points to head the scoring column again, iced the decision with a pair of free throws in the last seconds of play. The Dogs won an- other squeaker for their fourth straight win by edging highly-regarded ROCKHURST. 69-65. WESTERN ILLINOIS was the next to fall before the Bulldogs as Wa)ne Clinton led the 80-73 assault against the Leathernecks. Kirksville reached the century mark for the first time in the early season as they downed MACMURRAY lOO- L Playing a little over half the game. Selvage bucketed 29 while Clinton scored 22 to lead the Bulldogs ' 54 per cent shooting. In the opening game of the annual MIAA Holiday tournament at Springfield, the Kirksville cagers downed MARYVILLE 73-59 as Selvage scored 36 points for a meet record. Center Flovd McMillon also cracked a tourney mark with 23 rebounds. After SPRINGFIELD ' S freshman-laden five knocked the ' Dogs from the run- ning. King ' s crew knocked off CAPE GIRARDEAU in the consolation to take third place. Wayne Clinton was honored on the all-tourney selections. All eyes are focused on Les Seh ' dge ' s tree throw (is the sophv sharpshooter helps the Bulldogs to a triumph over Quincy. Dave Taylor makes sure of this one. A oourtside view of ihe half-time lip-ofl. ' Dogs Drop Loop Opener to the Indians at Cape Defending MIAA champion. CAPE GIRARDEAU slipped by the Kirksville collegians to start the Bulldogs loop schedule off on the wrong foot. Selvage ' s 29 point output was matched by Indian center Tom Drexler as Cape extended their home conference winning streak to 20 games. Twenty second half points by Mike Gross put the Indians on the trail to their fourth straight cage title. The Bulldogs got their first conference win over the ROLLA Miners 103- 17. as seven Kirksville players were in double figures. Selvage topped the Kirksville attack with 20 but had plenty of help as freshman Bill Shaw hit 13, Gene Lee 12. Gerry Germain and McMillon with 11 apiece, and Dave Taylor and Clinton both with 10. Wayne Clinton adds two but Bill Shaw is nad to spring just in case. IL ' fife Lvi Sell age (IriicA aruund SpniiglicUl;, T ' Ony Logan en route to a two-pointer. Big Purple Upends Springfield Bears, 86-70 A revengeful Kirksville club came out of a 41-38 halftime deficit to down SPRINGFIELD, the team that knocked the " Dogs out of the conference tourney. The Bulldogs " second straight MIAA win was led by the superb rebounding of Dave Tavlor and Bill Shaw. Coach Kings quintet continued their torrid shooting pace in downing archrival MAR VILLE U3-64. as Jerry Germain led the Bulldogs with 17 points. Five Kirksville players scored in double figures as Wayne Clinton added 16 to the total. The Bulldogs continued their winning ways with a %-y6 triumph over WESTERN ILLINOIS with Selvage hitting 2 ' J points. Dave Taylor had 18 as the winners hit 51 per cent from the field in recording their twelfth victor) of the year. Hu)d MiMilUin clocs a daiuc Jur the lam. iiJii.U rebound. Larry Liielt (51) congraliilali ' S leammatc. Tom Bnulenstfiner (30), aitpr his 60-hot shot irhirb brolw the school scoring record. Freshman jnmping-jack Bill Shaw hurries to help a teammate in ilistress. Mules Edge Dogs ' 81-80 Kirksville defeated the OMAHA Indians 70-56 for their fifth straight win as both clubs were unusually cold at the hoop. But the Bulldogs made up for the shooting inadequacies the following night by setting a new Per- shing Building scoring record as they smashed the hapless ROLLA Miners 112-85. Clinton ed the bucket brigade with 24 points while Selvage helped out with 19. Tom Bredensteiners 60 foot desperation heave at the gun climaxed the Bulldog scoring parade. The Bulldogs might have done well to save some of their buckets for the ensuing road trip as the WARRENS- BURG Mules kept their title hopes alive by trimming the ' Dogs, 81-80. After falling behind by 19 in the first half, Kirksville erased the deficit but Bud Vallino Co. moved away again for the victory. Center Floyd McMillan oittinmps a Maryville defender to tap it 1B " • --• ! t- Idla!,. In ' i lalif a brfat, " seems to be the atliliide oj Bulldo i I iur the idea but Jerry Cerniain is a little niore apprehensive. er Floyd M Mill on (35). Larry Luett and Bob Rogers Kirksville Gains Revenge , Wallops Warrensburg SPRINGFIELD ruined the second half of the Bull- dogs ' disastrous two-game road trip as they wiped out any hope of a title for the Bulldogs with a 68-65 upset win on their own floor. Kirksville had several chances to ice the game but couldn ' t connect at the free throw line in the crucial moments. Clinton hit 16 and McMillon 12 but Jim Gant s second half explosion proved too much for the Bulldogs. The ROCKHLRST Hawks reversed an earlier 69- 65 setback into a victory by the same score as the purple-and-white fell to their third straight defeat. The loss put the Bulldogs ' season mark at 14-5. A rash of injuries struck the Bulldog camp prior to a home date with WARRENSBURG. Expected to be a close contest, the game quickly turned into a rout as the Bulldogs played their best game of the season in humiliating the Mules. 101-59. Clinton hit his season high with 30 points as all 13 Bulldogs broke into the scoring column. Wayne Clinton races past three Maryville Bearcats to score. ■BBuaasoaoEBU ' -TT T H r V 31 231 1 .1 Cape Escapes ' Dogs in Four Overtimes CAPE GIRARDEAU clinched a share of the MIAA title but had to go four overtimes to do it as they finally edged the Bulldogs. 80-86. in one of the most thrilling games in NEMSTC history. Both clubs muffed several opportunities to win as each team saw three players foul out of the game. Selvage hit 34 points including several crucial buckets while Mike Gross led the Cape surge with 27. QUINCY forced the ' Dogs into another overtime affair but Kirksville came out on top in this one as they beat the Hawks by one point. 71-70. Selvage again sank crucial free throws to preserve the victory. The " Dogs ended the season with a 73-60 win over MARYVILLE as Floyd McMillon played one of his finest ballgames of the year. The Bulldogs ended the campaign in a three- way deadlock for second place in the MIAA with a 6-5 league mark and duplicated the previous year ' s overall 17-6 record. Coach King delivers instructions during the crucial overtime moments ol the Cape game. Cape ' s Paul Ranson 142) and Kirksville ' s Dave Taylor (44) vie jor a rebound. Larry Luett scores while teammate Floyd McMillan holds bark Paul Ranson and Tom Drexler of Cape. Larry Luett gains control Irom MaryvUle ' s Larry Robimon (25) in the Bulldog ' s win over the Bearcats. High-jumping Dave Taylor jtips in a two-pointer against the Qiiincy Hawks Floyd McMilhn stajjs in a field goal as Mary utile ' s Bob Crawford (23) looks on disbelievingly. Spirited Cheerleaders Inspire Bulldog Fans Eight vivacious coeds are chosen each year to spearhead the Bulldogs ' cheering section. These girls do their best to keep up the spirit of the purpleland-white fans — win. lose, or draw. Miss Jane Barnett, women ' s physical education instrirtrtor, serves as the cheerleaders ' sponsor. Sporting their striped megaphones and the huge white " K " on the front of their purple sweaters this year were Captain Joyce Flowers. Nancy Durst. C. J. Benhardt. Peggy Dodson. Mitzi Hiisabeck. Judy Wade, Liz McKinley. and Linda Good. Along with appearing at all home ballgames. the girls followed the football team to Cape Girardeau for the Bulldogs ' win over the Indians. ROW 1: Joyce Flowers, Peggy Dodson. ROW 2: Nancy Durst, Liz McKinley. ROW 3: Linda Good, C. J. Benhardt, Judy Wade, Mitzi Hiisabeck. «. dHl . r ' - Si kj:mi ' « Bulldogs Retain Hickory Stick From Maryville Prior to the annual Kirksville-Maryville football clash over 55 years ago. President Uel E. Lamkin of Northwest Missouri State at Maryville presented North- east Missouri president Eugene Fair with a piece of hickory, thirty inches long and one inch in diameter. The stick, taken from the Harrison County farm where President Fair was born, was to be kept at the school which won the annual grid contest, between the state ' s oldest rivals. Since that time. 27 Bulldog victories have been inscribed on the stick while the Bearcats have won only 11 times. Four games have ended in ties. The Bulldogs ' defeated the Maryville gridders 22-7 on November 2 to keep the hickory stick for the eighth straight year. The famed hickory stick will call President Ryle ' s office home for another year. President Ryle proudly possesses hickory stick jar arvother year. R0 ' 1: Norman Taylor, Sieve Thompson. James Taylor, Max Wilkenin . DennJ!. SisMMii, fToyd Waddle, Terry Luikart, Jijii Thomas, Ed Schneider, Craij: Cuinn, Bob Frost, Kenneth Gardner, head coach. ROW 2: Ron Werling, .Sharron Washington, Willie Brown, Bob Nagel, Jerry Kauzlarich. Jerry Kusek. Charles Taylor. Terry .McDonald. Paul Inda. Gus Walker, Ron Beasley. Tom Songster, asst. coach. ROW 3: Dave Taylor, Don Crumpacker, Dave Kuenzel, Jim Slockett. Larry Strickler. Don Lawson, Lee .Moody, Ken Leviska, Ron Frost, James Weigand, graduate asst. ROW 4: Harry Jones, Calvin .Meyer, Joe Poindexter, Dave Ridge, Wayne Schroeder, Wayne Clinton, Les .Selvage, Gary Miller, manager; Keith Jerome, manager. Ciiidernien Shoot for Sixth Straight Loop Win Pre-season prognosticators predicted the Bulldogs cindermen to wrap up their sixth straight indoor and outdoor MIAA track titles with a new crop of outstand- ing Kirksville talent. With a dozen lettermen returning from the 1963 title club and a bevy of new candidates, the Bulldogs ' domination of the conference track and field crowns was expected to continue. Mile and 880 star Ed Schneider capped the Bull- dogs ' honors when he was invited to run in the Mason- Dixon games before the season even opened. Other top cinder stars were MIAA titleholders Wayne Clinton, broad jump: Charles Taylor. 220; Dave Taylor, high jump: and Norm Tavlor, high and low hurdles. The purple-and-white squad also contained veterans Dennis Sissom. Jim Slockett. Larry Strickler. Floyd Waddle, Joe Shamy. Jim Taylor, and Steve Thompson. Among the newcomers expected to help the ' Dogs were speedsters Sharron Washington, and Jim Thomas; pole vaulter. Dave Kuenzel; weightman. Don Lawson; and distance stars Bob and Ron Frost. Jerry Kusek, Craig Guinn. and Gus Walker. Paul Inda of Kenya was also being eyed as a possible distance man. Although the Bulldogs were odds-on favorites for the loop championships. Cape Girardeau, Warrensburg. and Springfield were expected to field above average squads. Coach Gardner ' s troups also faired well in the Drake and Kansas Relays along with competing with the nation ' s best in the NCAA meets. Coach ' ionp.stiT looks Schneider. cord-breaking miler Ed iiimyiiiiipiMiii™ iiiiiHimB Broad jumper Wayne Clinton is another conierenc title holder. Dave Taylor, MIAA champion high jumper, springs over the steel barrier. Speedy James Taylor practices moving irom the starting block. The Frost twins, Ron and Bob, mean double trouble to Coach Gardner. Cinderiiien Monopolize MIAA Conference Crown Sam Nugenl, Irainir lor Bulldog Hurdlers Norman Taylor and Calvin Meyer practices their iorm in the Pershing Building athletes, give a rub down to a stu- Taylor was the defending MIAA outdoor champion, dent. I n., ,._. ,._.,. . ' , _..„ .... ;.„ .„ ,A.. n..iu„„. Weight man Larry btnckler. Pole vaulter Dave Kuenzel eases over the bar fur the Bulldogs Schneider Leads Bulldog Harriers High-flying Ed Schneider paced the Bulldog ' s cross country team to the 1964 MIAA championship as the purple-and-white harriers made a name for themselves in midwest cross country circles. Along with continuing their dominance of conference winners, Dr. George Hermann ' s crew won the Springfield Invitational and Midwestern AAU open meets in compiling their enviable record. In dual meets, the Bulldogs outdistanced William Jewell, Graceland, Warrensburg. Western Illinois and Lincoln University as Schneider broke course records with ease. In the MIAA meet, the St. Louis speedster won his second straight loop title as he crossed the finish line in 20:14.5 while three teammates were close behind. Jerry Kusek was second while Floyd Waddle and Terry McDonald were next. Craig Guinn finished seventh and Steve Thompson eighth to give the Bulldogs a fantastic score of 17 of a possible 15. Cape was next with 54 while SMS ran third with oo and Warrensburg fourth with 90. Ed Schneider ROW 1: B(il) Kro l. Ken Leviske, Joe Poindexter. Cal Meyer, Dennis Newljroujih. Gary Miller, manager. ROW 2: Tom Songster, asst. coaih: Jerry Kusek. Craig Guinn. Terry McDonald, Ed .Schneider, Ron Frost, .Steve Thompson, George Hermann, head loarh- H ' k , K K() 1: Hank Kaufman, Ron Thomas, Frank (Jaiitt. Dennis Miiellt-r, Dick Tiipiiini:, Lar Harris, captain. ROW 2: Kalpli I ' ink, coach; Krank Nemeth, John NewcomI), Ed Porter, Harold Griffin, Lee Atwood, Wendell Kilian. Frank Gantt and Denny after winning a match. sralulate each other Captain Lars Harris Four Vets Aid Netmen The return of four lettermen brightened the tennis outlook for the 1964 Bulldogs, Coach Ralph Pink lost only two men from the 1963 team which barely lost the MIAA title to Cape Girardeau by one point. Three-year letterman Lars Harris, captain of this year ' s squad, was back along with veterans Dennis Mueller, Frank Gantt, and Ron Thomas, Other squadmen returning were Dick Topping, and Hank Kaufmann, Mueller and Gantt. last year ' s number two singles champ in the MIAA. were slated as the top doubles duo. Newcomers John Newcomb and Wendell Kilian were also trying for team berths, Illinois Normal and the University of Missouri were expected to be among the Bulldogs " tougher opponents while Cape again posed as a top threat in the conference meet. Golfers Shoot for Title Coach Bill Richerson ' s linkmen played a rugged nine-game schedule prior to their bid for the MIAA conference crown on their own course Bill Branscom, runnerup in the 1963 conference meet, was expected to lead the " Dogs in their championship battle. Three other lettermen — Terry Sheesley. Don Barnes, and Charlie Allen — were expected to bolster the Kirksville team. Also ready to help Kirksville better their 4-2 mark in 1963 were Larry Becknian. Kenneth Carlson. Paul Comer. Mike Fitzpatrick. Bill McCormick. Don Mundy. Dick Patchett. Jeff Revier. and Larry Walker. Included on the Bulldogs ' slate were Drake. Maryville, Western Illinois, Parsons, Rolla. and Warrensburg. The NCAA College Division Tournament at Springfield ended the golfers ' season. Coach Hichcrson lettermen. ' xhibits his approach form for his four returning ROW 1: Bill Hersch. Kenny Carlson, Terry Sheesley, Charles Allen, Larry Beckman, Don Barnes. ROW 2: Bill Richerson, coach; Ray Zimmerman, Bill Branscom, Don Mundy, Paul Comer, Mike Fitzpatrick, Jeff Revier, Bill .McCormick, Dick Patchett. mk,MM.» j . «£ PI ' Fleetball is the top men ' s intramural atlraclion m the mil. a.s tin-; fianws iirau . riiiu-nn ro Itir intramurni Held nif htly. In this champix nship game, an alert defender intercepts one of the many forward passes. Intrainurals Develop Competitive Spirit From a scanty men ' s intramural program with onh four events six years ago. intramural director Ralph Pink has fostered the growth of a program which now has 14 different activities and includes more than half the stu- dent body. Since taking over the reins in l ' J5o. Pink has built the program to include almost 1000 students. Wrestling was initiated into the schedule during the past year and 51 men competed in the eight weight classes. Basketball was again the favorite sport as 650 men competed on 65 teams composing 13 leagues. Pink and his assistants spend countless hours supervising activities, tabulating results, and scheduling the various events which range from table tennis to horseshoes. The Knights won the school fleetball title by defeat- ing the Menehune Warriors in the championship game while Phi Sig Masters pulled the Sig Tau Pinheads through the slushy moat to win the fall tug-of-war. The Facult team captured their fourth straight volleyball championshij) while Tom Matthews was the intramural tennis winner. Wendell Kilian took top laurels in the badminton singles elimination while Mike Woods dethroned Hiroshi Okano as the top table tennis expert on campus. Softbrll and horseshoes in the spring ended another banner year for stiffening student-athletes. BD ii n Coach ' iViA- and asiislanl Bill Sini.s icr orm one of their many tasks in keeping the intramural pro- gram running smoothly. The Stenehunei put up a hard urufigle as they are drug through the water ailed trench during the fall tug-of-war. Participants line up lor the starting gun at the annual Turkey Day run last November. Price Thomas iex- Ireme leit) outlasted the entire Held to take home the prize bird. Harry Gallatin Selects ECHO Royalty ! Pe jjgy Sleiner ! Sophomore Queen Attendant ayne Richardson Senior Kinjf Attendant Gail Sevier Sophomore kini: ttendant Loisbel Robinson Senior Queen Attendant Sharyn Johnson Freshman Queen Attendant Bill Matzen Freshman Kinir Attendant Christine Rockhold 1964 E CHO Queen Ray Raines 1964 ECHO King . ? ?• ' General Index Acklie, Vicki. 116 Acion, Steven, 77, 218 Adams, Carol, 77, 162. 164. 166 Adams, Dale, 4, 172 Adams. David. 96 Adams. Howard. 52 Adams. James, 116 . dams. Janice, 116 . dam5, Jeanne, 96 Adams, Karen, 52. 152, 162, 163. 178. 191 Adams, Richard. 116 Adams. ■Rilliam. % Adams. William. % Adamson. Chenl. 116 Adkin?. Harold. 116. 181 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS. 32, 33 AEOLIA.N GLIB. 169 . eschliman, Leroy. 116 AGRICULTURE CLUB, 181 Aholt, Robert, 77, 182 Aird, Robert, 77, 163 Albert, Dennis, 116 Albertson, Janie, 116, 172 . Ibom, Dianne, 96. 190 Albright. Roy. 77 -Alexander. Thomas. 116 Aifrey, Lana, 77 Alkire, Jean, 96 Alkire, Wesley, 52, 164. 195 Allen. Cecil. 36 Allen. Charles. 77. 187. 241 Allen. Judith. 116 Allen, .Marilyn. 116 Allen, NorieU, 36 Allen. Terrv. 55. 175 Allen, Vicki, 117 Allison. Connie. 117 ALPHA K. PPA LA.MBD. . 208, 209 ALPHA PHI GAMMA, 159 ALPHA PHI OMEGA, 163 ALPHA PHI SIGMA, 163 ALPHA SIGMA ALPH. , 198, 199 Al-Tai, Said, 55 Altman, Edythe, 96 .Mvarez. Fortino. 117 Alvarez, Humbarto. 38 Al-Yassi. Abdullah, 55 . medei. Lois 55. 174 Amen. Larn, 77, 164, 195 .Amer. Sydne, 55 Anderson, Charles, 117 Anderson. Doris. 55. 180 Anderson. Janet. 117 . nderson. Jovce. 55. 162 Anderson. .Mary. 117 . nderson, Maurice. 96 Anderson. ShernL 117, 172 Angelo. Diana. 96 . ngrisane. Enrigne. 190 Anspach. Sherry. 117. 169, 172 Anthonis. Kathleen. 97 .Apollo. Carlton, 97 Applegate. May. 77 Armbrusler. Linda, 55 Armstrong, John. 77. 172. 208 Armstrong, Stephen John. 117 Arnett, Wayne. 117 . r6cott. Kenneth. 52 Artrip. David. 97. 212 A.SSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATIO-N. 166 Atha. Sally. 48 Atkins. Richard, 117 Atwood, LeGrand. 240 .Austin, David. 97 -Ayers, Melicenl, 77 Babbitt. Helen. 38 Babcock. Robert. 55. 164, 182, 214 Baber. Sue. 117 Bachmann. Duane. 77, 153, 164. 176. 192. 208 Baglev. Ronald. 38 Baglev. Vernon. 97 Bailev. Patricia. 117 Bailey. Sharron, 117 Bailey. Winston. 97. 117 Baines. Barbara. 117, 178 Baincs. Waller. 55 Bailto. Elmira. 38 Baker. Glenda. 117, 170 Baker. James, 117, 214 Baker. Judith, 117 Baker, Lee, 77, 163. 164, 172 Baker. Olivene. 77 Baker. Paul. 55. 181 Baldes. Robert, 97. 175 BALDWIN AUDITORIU.M. 19 Baldvtin. Barbara. 97. 168, 204 BALDWIN HALL. 19 Baldwin. Nancy Lou, 97, 117 Baldwin, Nancy Rae, 202 Ball, Daniel, 77 BaU. John, 219 Ballard, .Michael 117, 218 Ballv, Scott. 117, 208 BAND, 172, 173 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, 194. 195 Baragiola. William. 219 Barbnsa. Jesse, 117 Barger. .Mike. 77 Barkley. Brian. 77 Barnes. Bettie. 117 Barnes. Donald. 77. 187, 212, 241 Barnes. Rebecca, 117 Barnett. Charles. 78 Bamett. Jack, 117 Barnett. Jane. 38 Barnett. .Mary. 55. 157, 169. 172, 198 Barnett. Otho. 35 Barns. Vernon. 165. 168 Barr. Gerald. 208 Barrett. Herbert. 78 Barritt. Linda. 117. 200 Barrows, Rav. 97 Barta. Anita. 117. 184. 185 Bartholomew. Nola. 78, 180 Bartletl, Roy, 117 Bartlett. Susan, 117 Barton, Kathlean, 97 Bascavusoglu, Mustafa, 55 BASKETBALL, 226 Basler, Sharon, 55, 160, 165. 167 Bates. Dean. 78. 212 Baugh. Cherie. 78. 165, 159, 200 Baugher. Barbara. 78 Baukneckl. Joyce. 97 Baumbach, Edward. 55. 163. 212. 219 Bazil. Kenneth. 172. 211 Beal. Ruth. 31. 155, 206 Bean. Beth. 78. 153. 165, 174 Bearv, John, 97. 214 Beasiev. Arthur. 117 Beasley. Gerald, 97 Beasley. Ronald. 117, 236 Bealy, Frank. 78. 178 Beaver. Larrv. 55, 214 BechteL Constance, 117 Beck. John, 117 Becker, Garr ' . 55 Beckett. Robert. %. 97, 212 Berkman. David. 97. 183, 214 Beckman, Larry, 241 Beelendorf, Richard, 55 Beeler, Tony. 55 Beets. Irma. 48 Beggs. Berenice. 36 Beggs. .Michael 117 Behn. Carol, %, 97. 154, 186. 198. 206 Beilstein, Harriet, 97 Belfield, Bimey, 117 Bell, .Ma , 38 Beltzer, June, 55, 193 Belville, Linda, 117 Benanti, Josephine, 48 Benge, Gordon, 97 Benhardl, Claire. 97, 184. 185. 198. 234 Bennett, Alma, 56, 155, 184, 198 Bennett, Kent, 56. 187, 212 Bennett, Luticia, 117 Benlrup, Patricia, 117, 204 Berkshire, Anita. 78. 169 Bemdt. Carolyn. 56 Berrey. Ronald. 78, 165, 168, 183, 191 Berry, LeRoy, 56, 208, 211 Berry, William, 56. 152, 153, 154. 163. 169. 170 Berryman, Larry, 97 Berta, Louis, 117 Berti. Lorene, 117 BETA TAU DELT. . 188 Bethman. Janet. 117 Bevan, Linda. 117. 173,204 Bevington. Bruce. 117 Bichon. Barbara. 78 Bielinski. Dennis. 97, 212. 219 Biermann. Kenneth, 117 Biggar, Barbara. 78, 164, 180 Biggerstaff, John, 38 Biggs. Bob, 181 Biles. Gar;-. 78 Billups. NeaL 117 Bingham, Emmett. 117 Bingman. Thomas. 78, 163. 181 Bird. Elizabeth, 117 Birkland, James. 78 Biser, Terry. 118 Bishop. Gloria. 118 Bishop. Helen. 56. 192 Bishop. Robert. 218 Bishop, Sharron. 78, 165, 166, 191 Bisson, Lynne, 56 Biiner. David. 97 Bittiker, Paul, 118, 212 Bixler. Harr -. 78 Black. Frederick, 97 Black. John. 38 Black, .Marilyn. 78. 162, 164, 169. 170. 172. 192, 198 Blackburn. .Mary. 118, 200 Blackburn. Richard, 97 Blackford. Kathryn, 97 Blacksmith, Gordon, 78 Blades. Kent. 97 Blair, -Margaret, 56. 183. 190, 192 Blair. Suesana. 118 Blakemore. Dennis. 78 Blakemore. Wanda. 97 Blanton. Jacquelyn. 118 BLANTON. NA.SON BREWER HALLS, 20 Blecha, Kenneth. 118 BHckhan. Tim, 118. 172 Blouse. Jemes. 97 BLUE KEY. 156 BOARD OF REGENTS, 25 Boatman. John. 98 Bohon. Kathleen. 38 Bohon, Norton, 56 Bolin. Geneva. 78 Boling, Rebecca. 56, 162, 178 Bollinger, Jon, 118 Bolton. Charles. 78 Bolton, Glenn. 25 Boltz. Myma. 118. 180. 181 Boentzky, Daniel. 78. 178. 208 Boon, Virginia. 118 Boon. Vivian, 118 Boone. Constance, 98 Boone, James, 118 Booth, Dean. 118 Bopp. Kenneth, 56, 156, 162, 163. 176 Borron, Charlotte. 56, 180 Boswell, Ronald, 98 Bothe. Patricia. 118 Boucher. Edith. 98. 200 Boucher, Henn, 31 Boulware, James, 56 Bowden. Dennie. 98 Bowden. Nancy, 98, 198 Bower, Elizabeth, 118 Bower, Henr ' , 98, 182 Bowers, Oni ' lle, 33 Bowles. Al, 56, 214 Bowles, Linda. 164. 166. 191 Bowling. Brenda, 56, 163. 184 BowUng. Donald. 48 Bowyer, Richard, 78 Boyd, -Michael, 118 Boyd, Samuel. 52 Beyer, Billy, 118 Boyer. Cletus. 118 Boyer. Jacqueline. 56 Boyer. Larrv. 98. 118 Boyle. William, 78 Brackett, Carolyn. 118 Bradfield. Wayne. 78 Bradley. Carole. 98. 193 Br adley. .Mark. 98. 164. 193 Bradley. Michael. 78, 150. 163, 167 Bradley. Robert. 38 Bradshaw. Donald, 78, 192 Bragg. Judith. 118 Bragg. Karen. 118. 189 Bramhall. Perry, 98 Brandon, Robert, 98 Brandt, Julia, 56, 164, 192 Branscom. BilL 241 Bransom, Gene, 191 Branlner, Ted. 98 Braswell, Stacey. 78. 153. 163, 183 Braudrick. Joseph, 98, 212, 218 Brazier. Terry, 98 Bredensteiner, Thomas. 118. 212 Breidenslein, Helen, 56, 163, 172, 177, 178. 183 Brendel. William, 56, 153, 212 Brenizer. Carolyn. 78, 180 Brenizer. Larry. 52 Brent. Harvey. 118 Brewer. Jan. 57. 156, 195 Brice. MikeL 98. 198 Brice. Patricia, 118 Bricker, Steven, 118 Bricker, Ted. 57. 167, 214 Briddle. Garry, 118 Briedwell. Janet. 79 Briggs. Penny. 79. 152. 163, 164, 180, 189 Briggs, Wilma. 118 Brinegar, Sharon. 57. IM Broadwell. Sharron. 79. 174. 200 Brookhard. Jerry. 57. 182 Brooks. Carl. 57. 182, 212 Brooks. Judy. 79 Brooks. Kenneth, 57 Brooks, Leo. 118 Bross. Mary. 118 Brouse. Wi ' lliam, 187 Brown. Carolyn, 57 Brown. Clifton. 118 Brown. Ed. 57. 153. 163, 164, 166, 183. 214 Brown. Fredric. 79. 214 Brown, Helen. 98, 180 Brown. Judv. 98 Brown. Patricia. 79 Brown. Rexford. 98. 212 Brown. Roben. 98 Brown. Sidnev. 98 Brown. William. 218. 236 Brown. Woodson. 118, 212 Browne, Walter. 38 Browne. Yolanda. 57. 179 Browning. Bessie, 38 Bro«nIee. Rollins, 25 finiey, Sandra. 118 Bmmmilt, Linda, 118 Bruner, Larry, 98 Bruner, Margaret, 57, 169. 170, 172,, 192 Bruner, William, 118. 172 Bruse, Donna. 57 Brush, Martha, 98 Bryant, I.ucre.tia, 98 Bryant, William, 57 Buchanan, BiUie, 118 Buchanan, Robert, 79, 164, 189 Buckman, Barbara, 118 Buckman, Carl, 118, 214 Buckman. Carolyn, 118 Buckman, James, 89, 183, 214 Buckman. Thomas, 57, 152, 153, 163, 164, 183, 207. 214 Bueltmann, Carol, 118, 190 Buffington, Nile, 79 Bulgin, Lansing, 39, 169 Bull, Dianne, 141 BULLDOG KENNELS, 22 Bullis, Craig, 169, 172 Bunney, Mary, 25 Bunting, Joyce, 79, 190 Burchett, Janet, 98 Burk, Patricia, 118 Burke, Anne. 98 Burkhaher. Donald, 57 Burkhart, Frank, 98 Burleson, Armon, 79. 178 Burnett, Thomas, 79 Burns, David, 57 Burns, Kay, 57, 180 Burns. Larry, 118, 214 Burns, Richard, 79, 165, 181, 191 Burrell, Arthur, 219 Burt, Judith, 118 Buschling, William, 57, 174 Bush, Gary, 118 Butler, Harry, 52 Buttz, Donna, 57. 142, 153, 180, 202, 206 Buwalda, Edith, 57 Buwalda, Reuben, 57 Byg, Robert, 79, 153, 156, 160, 163, 167. 183 Byrn. Jerry, 58 Byrne, Basil, 98 Byrd, Jane Ellen, 39 Byrum. Harry, 79 Cable, John, 118 Cable, William, 39 Cahall. Margaret, 58 Calif, Judy, 79 Callaham, Carolyn, 79, 165, 174 Calvin, Ronald, 79 Campbell, William, 118, 214 Campora, Alan, 79 CAMPUS TOWN RACES, 148 Cannaday, Steve. 98 Cannon, John, 99 Cannon, Judith, 52 Canny, John, 118 Carey, Dennis, 119 CARDINAL KEY, 157 Carlson, Christine, 179 Carlson, James. 79 Carlson, Kenneth, 119, 212, 241 Carney. Patricia, 77, 79, 152. 153. 184, 185, 202 Carpenter, Carolyn, 99 (;arpenler. Earl, 79 (Carpenter, Marianne, 119 Carr, Janice, 172 Carr, Shirley, 99, 164, 195 Carroll, Barbara, 119 Cjrroll, Mary, 99 Carrulhers. Darrell, 119 Carruthers, Richard, 79, 214 Curskadon, Christine, 119, 186, 200 tltrskadon.. Connie, 99 Carstens, Joyce, 79, 162 Carter, Lyle, 39 Carter, Robert, 119 Case. Joan. 58 Casey. Kathleen, 119, 204 Cashman. Linda, 79 Cason, Patsy. 79 Cate. David. 58, 170 Cavanah, Shane. 58. 152. 159. 168, 187, 207, 212, 218 Cerva, James, 79 Chamberlain, Suzanne, 58, 202 Chambers, Charlene, 99 Chambers, Timothy, 99 Chandler, Jack, 119, 172, 214 Chang, Edward, 52 Chapman, John, 79, 214 Chargois, John, 218 Charter. David. 119 CHEERLEADERS. 234 Chehval, Laurie. 119. 204 Chenoweth. Tommy, 99 Cherbonnier. Kathleen. 39 Cheung. Mary, 58 Cheung, Wayne, 99, 190 Childers, Gary, 167 Childers, Henry, 79 Childress, Jaan, 58. 166 Childress. Linda, 99. 179, 183 Chisham, Joseph. 119,212 Choi, Han. 58 Chok, Henry. 119 Chow, Mimi, 99 Christensen, Karen, 58, 157, 162, 163, 164 Christensen, Tommy, 99 CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES, 147 Chrisiopherson, Todd, 99 Christy, Dixie, 79, 169, 170, 172 Chromoga, Stephany, 58 Chronister, William, 58 Church, Jeanette, 58 Clark, Carl, 58, 119,208 Clark, Donna, 99, 184, 185 Clark, James, 79 Clark, Karen, 99, 119 Clark, William, 119 Clarke, Margaret, 58, 180, 20 Clarkson, Harvey, 80, 156, 1 ' Clan, Dianna, 99 Clawson, Barry, 163, 182 Claybrook, Billy, 58 Clem, Raymond, 181, 208 Clemens, Larry, 187, 218 Clendaniei, Elizabeth, 39 Clevenger, Lewis, 36 Clifton, Marjorie, 58, 165, 166 Clingman. Donna, 119, 165 Clinton, Wayne, 187. 226. 236 Cloyd, Dianna. 119, 185, 192 Cloyd, Michael, 99 Coburn, WiHiam, 39 Cocannover, Albert, 52 Coco, Louis, 214 Coda, Georgia. 48 Cody. James, 119 Coen. James, 99 Coffman. Donna. 99 Cohagan, Mearl. 99 Cohen, Marcie, 119 Cole, Dielra, 119 Cole, Duane, 39 Cole, Emily, 182, 212 Cole, Myrna, 119 Cole, Rosemary, 39 Coleman, Donna Kay. 58, 155. 169, 172 Coleman, Donna, 119 COI.HECON CLUB, 180 CI H.I K(,i: UKANS, 30. 31 I.!. I ri WER.S, 169 cm I Ki.i, I ' KESIDENT, 25. 26. 27. 28. 29 Collier. Robert, 119,214 Collier, Scott, 119 ( )llins. Jerry, 1 19 Collins, Kathcrine, 80 Collins, Larry, 58, 182 Collins, Raymond, 99, 119 Collins, Sherod, 39, 168 CoUister, Arlene, 119 Golton, Frank, 39 Colyer, William, 119 Comer, Kyle, 99 Comer. Paul. 119,218,241 Comer, Vonn, 119 Complon, Jenny, 119 Compton, Vesta, 80 Compton. Violet, 58 Condon, Kathleen, 80 Condra. Harold, 59, 195 Cone, Betty, 119, 200 Cone, Kay, 80, 200 Conger, Sherry, 119 Conkin, Charles, 99 Conklin, James, 208 Conley, Alice. 59 Conley. Betty. 80, 179, 192 Conley, Janet, 170. 204 Conner. Melody. 169 Conner. .Mike, 119 Connolly, John, 168 Connor, Robert, 99 Cook, Charles, 119 Cook, Donald, 59 Cook, Jerry, 80 Cooley. Carolyn. 119, 200 Coolley, Lloyd. 119 Copeland. Ruth, 80, 195 Corbin, Lawrence, 59 Cormeny, Charlotte, 59 Cornelison, Donald, 119 Corno, Robert, 187, 218 Cornwell. Janet. 119, 204 Corrick, Deanna, 119 Cortelyou. Susan, 99 Costa. Sal. 59. 163. 183, 214 Coto, Vilma, 59, 190 Cottingham, Gerald, 119, 169, 172 Couch, James, 80, 182, 195 Couch, Wiliam, 59 Coukon, Olt, 99 Coupland, Barbara, 48 Court, Dan, 99 Courtney, Kenneth, 119 Cox, AUine, 119 Cox, Dale, 99, 163 Cox, Donald, 59 Cox, Donna. 119. 198 Cox, Edith, 80, 165, 166, 195 Cox, Gary, 99 Cox, Gordon, 119 Cox, Jo Anne, 80, 178 Coy, Larry, 59 Cozad. Patricia. 119 Cozzoni. Albert. 59. 214 Crable. Emily. 119. 172 Craddock. Richard, 219 Craft, Gary, 120 Craghead, William. 169, 172 Craig, Robert, 99 Craik, Catherine. 120 Crawford. Etta, 80 Crawford, Gerald, 80 Crawford, Kay, 39 Creasman, John, 120 Crew, Walter, 80 Cribb, James, 120 Crist, .Maynard, 80 Critchlow, Carolee, 80, 152, 153, 202, 206 Critchlow. Harold, 120 Crnic, Charlotte, 100 Croarkin, Eugene, 39 Crockett, John. 116, 120,212 Croley, Boyd, 116. 120 Crooks, Forest. 39 Crooks, James, 120 Crosby, Naida, 80 CROSS COUNTRY, 236, 237 Crowell. Gary, 80 Crump, Charles, 120,211 Crump, Gail, 168 Crumpacker, Donald, 120, 181, 236 Cruz, Alex, 120 Cuddihee, William, 80, 159 Culbertson, Jerry-, 120 Culler, Constance, 100 Cullers, Richard, 100 Cunningham, Carol, 120 Cunningham, Earl, 40 Cupp, Gerald, 59, 156 Cupp, Joseph, 120, 195 Currell, Patty, 100 Curtis, Gracie, 100 Curtis, Nancy, 120 Gushing, George, 120 D Dai ley, Irene, 40 Daily. Mary. 153, 155, 164 Daily. William, 59, 152, 156. 162, 163, 164. 165, 183 Daniels, Jerry. 80 Daniels. Linda Carolyn, 80, 195 Daniels, Linda Gayleen, 80, 198 Darakhshanrokni, Seyed, 120 Dash. Carlene, 100 Dattilo. James. 100. 219 Datlilo. John. 100 Daut, Charles, 120 Davidson, Diana, 54, 59, 154, 165, 170, 202 Davidson, William, 120 Davis, Bernice, 100 Davis, Cheryl. 100 Davis, Delores, 59 Davis, Dennis, 80, 172, 183, 214 Davis, Elaine, 168, 172 Davis, James. 80 Davis. Jimmie. 120 Davis. Keilh. 100 Davis. Robert. 59 Davis. Roy. 120 Davis Sue. 142. 168 Daw, Harry, 80 Dawkins, -Mary, 100 Day, Judith, 80 Day, Koleen, 59. 100 Deahl. Llloyd. 100 Deal. Lester. 100 Deam. Joyce. 100. 189 Dean. Carolyn, 59. 153, 163, 164, 175, 183. 193 Dean, John, 193 Deardorff, Gerald, 60 Dearing, Howard, 60 DeBello, Leonard, 100, 193 Dejong. Donna. 120. 204 Dejongh. Marie, 60. 190 Delameter. Charles, 80. 208 Delaney. Barbara. 100. 179 Delaney. Edwin, 100, 163, 214 Delaney, Mary, 120 DELTA ZETA, 200. 201 Deluca. John. 120. 219 Delvecchio. Roberta, 120 Dempsey, Patricia, 80, 184, 185, 186, 200 Denicola, 80 Dennison, Larn, 60 Densberger, Sharon, 100 Dentler, James, 81 DEPARTMENTAL HEAD.S, 34, 35 Derby, Michael, 81 Derry. Olin, 100 Deskin, Elizabeth, 100 Dcveny, Edward, 100 Deves, Gerald, 100. 178 DeVore. Barbara. 100. 204 DeVore. Gary. 81 DeVos, Donna. 81. 170 DeVos. Larry. 100 DeWitt, Ralph. 81. 178 Dial, Ralph. 120 Dirk. Janice. 120 Dieckman. Dorothy. 120 Dillinger. Judith, 120 Dini, Barbara, 100 Dini, Farshid. 81 . Dinsmore, Keith. 81, 155, 160, 163, 183, 214. Disselhorst, Margaret, 81 Diltmer, Mary, 100, 172 Dixon, Gary, 100, 212 Dixon, Judith, 120 Dobbs. Clark, 60, 168, 195 Dobbs, Judith, 120 Dobbs, Valery, 101 Dobbs, William, 120 DOBSON HALL, 20 Dochterman, Susan. 120 Dodge, Nancy, 120 Dodson, Peggy, 234 Dodson, Robert, 120, 193 .Dolan, Gary. 101. 195 bolan, Joseph, 35 Dolan, Marion, 60, 179 Dombek. Stanley, 101, 193 Domingo. Alfredo, 52, 190 Dooley, Robert, 81 Dorrance, Donald, 120 Dorrell, Larry, 120 Dossett, Sheri, 120 Doty, Gary, 120 Dougherty, James, 40 Douglas, Karen. 101. 168 Douglas. Kenneth. 60. 163, 182 Downard, James. 81 Downing, Darrell, 101 Downing. Ernest. 120 Downs. Joe, 60. 153. 163, 183, 214 Doyel, Joseph, 120 Doyle. Larry. 60. 195 Drennan. Olin, 40, 178 Drescher. Eileen, 81, 165 Driskell, Alan. 81. 159, 212 Droddy, Mary, 60, 184, 185, 195 Dromey, John, 60, 156, 162, 163, 164. 193 Drunerl, Donald, 120 Dry. Berenice. 40 Dubray, Rae. 120 Duckworth. Robert. 120 Duden, Thomas, 40, 172 Duffey, Jewell. 101. 198 Duggan. Patrick, 101, 218 Duke, James, 81 Dunavant. Anne. 101. 204 Duncan, Edward. 81 Duncan. Freddy. 120 Duncan. Linda, 120 Duncan, Thelma, 81 Dunham, Barbara. 60. 184, 185 Dunlap, James, 81, 163, 190, 212 Dunn, Gary, 101 Dunn, Kathy, 81 Durden, Thomas, 120 Durden, Thomas. 120 Durham. Roger. 167 Durst. Nancy. 101. 204, 234 Dulemple, Janet, 81 Dult m. Jerry. 81, 178 Dye, Roger. 120, 208 Dykstra, Arthur, 178 Dvkstra, John. 178 Eager, Kenneth, 101, 214 Early. Mary. 101 Early, Robert, 121 Easlcy. Margaret, 48 Easlev, Shirley. 121 Easterday, Sharon. 60, 153. 154, 155. 162. 165 , 166. 189 Ebeling. Clarence, 81 Eberle, James, 170 Eberle, Karen, 121 ECHO ROYALTY, 245, 246, 247 ECHO STAFF, 160, 161 Eckert, Betty, 121 Eckhardt. Marshall. 81 ECONOMIC CIRCLE, 176 Edge, Roger. 101 Ediger. Marlow. 40 Edmondson, Rulh. 121 Edwards, Janet, 121 Edwards, William, 60, 195, 211 Eggleston. Judith, 121, 170 Eichelberger, Patricia. 101, 202 Elam, Charles, 32 Eldridge, Kenneth, 60 Elgart, Arthur, 81 Ellenberger. Karen. 101, 169. 170 Elliott. Terry. 81, 178. 214 Ellis. Ellen, 121 Ellis. Patricia. 121, 204 Ellison. Lucy. 52 Elmore, Earl, 81 Elsbcrry, Howard, 60 Elsberry, Joyce, 60 Elson, Constance, 101 EMERITUS, 36 Emonis, Patricia, 81 England, Ada. 101 England. James, 81 ENGLISH CLUB, 176 Engle, David, 208 Engle, Genanne, 81, 15.3, 174, 186, 202 Engle. Marilyn, 121, 186, 202 Epperly, Gary, 60, 163, 178 Epperson, Jerrold, 169, 172 Epperson, Robert, 101, 190 Erb, Barbara, 121 Erdmann, Frances, 40 Erickson, Marsha, 121, 173 Ericson, Nancy, 101, 202 Estes, Mary, 40, 184 Eurilt, Darrell, 101 Evans, Elizabeth, 40 Evans, Joyce, 121, 204 Evans, Larry, 101 Evans. Mary, 121 Ewing, Joyce, 81. 159, 168, 200 FAIR APARTMENTS. 21 Fairbairn. Bonnie. 121, 204 Falconer, Mildred, 60 Falealii. Telea, 52 Falloon, Ellen, 121 Farden, Irl, 81 Farmej, Carol, 121 Farmer, Francis, 101 Farr, James, 52 Faucetl, Gary, 61 Faucett, Tommy, 101 Fawcett, Vera, 36 Fears, Gary, 121 Feese, Maru)n, 195 Febr, Gerald, 61, 208 Fenlon, Robert, 81, 163, 177, 183 Fenstermann, Russell, 121 Fergason, Carol, 101 Ferguson, Connie, 121 Fessenden, Delbert, 101 Fessler, Larry, 121 Fields. Betty, 82 Fields, Peggy, 61 Fike. James. 82. 153 Fimbel. Peter. 82 Finch. Jack, 61 Finlev. John, 121 Fischer, Bonnie, 121 Fisher. Judith. 61. 191 Fisher. Marjorie. 101. 179 Fisher. Ronald. 82 Fitzgerald. Kay. 61. 189 Fitzpatrick. Michael. 82, 212. 219. 241 Fitzsimmons, William, 40 Flanagan, John, 121, 168, 191, 214 Flanagan, Michael. 121, 172, 191 Flanders, James, 121 Flanders, Marvin, 61, 212 Flasch, Glenn, 101, 165, 192 Flaspohler, Richard. 40 Flaspohler. Ronald. 40 Fleak. Lewis, 61, 164, 181, 189 Flesch, Janet. 121. 178 Fligg. Kendall. 121. 208 Flowers, Joyce, 82, 140, 142, 152, 153, 154, 157, 200, 206, 234 Flynn, William, 121 Flynn, William Robert, 193 Fong, Helen. 52 ? ' OOTBALL, 146 Forbes, Clyde, 61 Ford, Elaine, 121 Ford, Elizabeth. 198 Foreman, Linda. 121 Foreman. Rebecca. 170 Forney. Shirley, 101. 190 Forrest, Merry, 82, 204 Forrest, Norman, 121 Forrester, Hillis. 101 Forsee, Frederick, 101 Fort, Robert, 40 Fortel, Deborah, 102. 168. 192, 202 Fortney, David, 61, 102, 168 Forty, Joan, 121 Forty, Robert, 82 Fosdick, Adeline, 82, 180 Foster, Sharon, 102 Foudree, Charles, 102 FOUNDER ' S DAY, 149 Fowler, Beverly, 121 Fowler, Donald, 102 Fowler, Harold. 102, 208 Fowler, Travis, 102,211 Fox, Betsy, 82, 157, 163, 178, 191, 200 Fox, John, 195 Fox, Joy, 102, 202 Frady, Marjorie, 102 Fraley, Noel, 219 Frank. Linda, 102. 198 FRATERNITY RUSH, 145 Frazee, Nathan, %, 102, 154, 214 Frazier, Elizabeth, 40 Freeland, Jerry, 121 Freeland, Max, 41 Freels, .Mervyn, 82, 182 Freeman, Priscilla, 102, 181 French, Joyce, 102, 168, 172, 192 FRESHMAN, 116 Frelwell, Juidth. 121. 172 Frevert. John. 102 Frost, Robert, 121. 236, 239 Frost, Ronald, 121. 236, 239 Frueh, Jo Ann, 121 Fry, Garry, 102, 190 Fugate, Charles, 61 Fuqua, Fronia, 121 Fuller, Frank, 61, 176 Fulton, Roger, 102 Galbraith, Jane, 82, 142. 157, 162, 200, 206 Galbraith, Jean, 12L 200 Galbraith, Joan, 61, 180, 200 Galkowski, Jane, 102 Galkowski, Joseph, 82, 153, 158, 159. 214 Gallagher. Richard. 121 Gallatin. Harry. 244 Gainache. Sharon, 82, 170 GAMMA DELTA. 190 Gantt. Frank. 82. 240 Garcia, Joyce, 82 Garden, Lois. 102, 202 Gardine, Kathleen, 184 Gardner. Dorothy. 82. 195 Gardner, Hugh, 41 Gardner, Judy, 121 Gardner, Kenneth, 41, 211, 218, 236 Gardner. Larry. 102 Gardner. Roma, 61 Gardner. Vicki. 121 Cares. Vera, 41 Garkie, Cecil, 82 Garner, Connie. 82 Garrett, Gene, 102 Gash, Jacqueline. 121 Gates, Sandra, 102, 170 Gay. Diana, 61, 142. 153, 157, 162, 174, 176. 204. 206 Gee, Robert. 102 Geers, Michael, 121 Geisendorfer, Mary, 102 Gentry, JoAnn, 121 George, Ricky, 61, 153, 156, 169 Gerdes, John, 121, 178 Germain, Jerry, 218, 226 German, Barbara. 122, 198 Gethmann, Douglas, 102 Giachine, Ervin, 116, 122, 214 Gibbons, Marilyn, 48 Gibbs, Marsha, 102 Gibbs, Robert, 122 Gibson, Henry. 41 Gieselman. Elmer, 25 Gilford, Sandra, 122 Gill. David, 82, 214, 219 Gillam, Barbara, 122 Gillaspie, John, 102 Gilliland, Darl, 191 Gillispie, Janet, 184 Gilmore. John, 82 Giovannini. Marianna, 61, 165, 167, 193 Gismegian, Paul, 122, 191 Glaser, Joseph, 61, 152, 154, 155, 163, 165. 212 Gleason. Marjorie. 122 Glenn. Edna. 52, 167 Goetze, John, 41, 214 Glore, John, 218 Glover, Carolyn, 82, 204 Glover, Kay, 82 Goble, Marilyn, 122, 190 GOLF, 241 Coins, Massye, 41 Golden, Cecil, 122 Golden, Nancy, 122, 172 Golden, Sandra, 195 Golden, Stuart, 102, 155, 212 Golob, John, 102 Good. Gerald. 102 Good. Malinda. 122. 184, 185, 202, 2 Gooden, Robert, 122 Goodenough, Judith, 122 Goodwin, Larry, 122 Goodwin, Maxine. 48 Goon, Ronald, 122 Gordy, Melvin. 102 Gore, Gary, 82 Gore, Larrv, 122 Gorham, William, 61 Gosch, Geraldine, 4 1 Gotheridge, Becky, 102 Gotheridge, Danny, 61 Gottman, Linda. 122, 198 Gottman, Ronald. 172 Gottschalt. Dempsey, 82, 214 GRADUATE STUDENTS, 52. 53 GRADUATION. 149 Grandia. Robert. 62 Grant. Dave, 187, 219 Grant, Wilma, 122 Graves, Carol, 103 Graves, Rebecca, 122 Gray, Jean, 122 GREEK WEEK, 143 Green, Barbara, 103 Green, Dee, 122 Green, Eddie, 122 Green, Harry, 62 Green, Michael, 103 Gregg, Janet, 122. 180 Gregory, Denise, 122, 198 Greiwe, Marvin, 52, 164. 176. 183, 21 Griep, Ronald, 62, 214 Griffin, Harold. 122, 208, 240 Griffith, John, 103 Griffith. Katherine, 122. 180 Griffith, Mary, 62, 164, 166, 180 Griffith. Phillip, 62, 182,212 Griffiths, DeVon, 62. 182 Grimshaw, George, 218 Grinstead, Gienda, 122 Grissom, Loren, 41, 176 Croff, Donald, 41 l RYLE HALL -Row 1: Karen Hallgren, Beth Kelly, Lucille Reeves, Lois DeVinny, Mrs. Payne, Pat Carney, Mary Jackson. ROW 2: Donna Coleman. Barbara McGinnis, Marcy Kaiser, Barbara Biggar, Janis Smith, Carol Adams, Marlus Houska, Becky Graves, Karen White. Dormitory Councils Advise and Consent In a home, perhaps " Father knows best, " but when home becomes a college dormitory, it ' s the dorm council that rules the roost. Dormitory councils, elected at large by the residents of each hall or appointed by college of- ficials, make house rules and discipline the family ' s " problem children. " BLANTON-NASON HALLS: Mrs. Cragg, Nason housemother; Eleanor Yackley; Miss Gieselman, Blanton housemother. ROW 2: Ruth Hall, Serece Judd, Martha Hunt. DOBSON-BREWER-GRIM-HALLS — Row 1: Jerry Cook; Mrs. Holzmeier, Dobson housemother; Mrs. Carter, Grim housemother; Mrs. Williams, Brewer housemother; Jerry Deardorff. Row 2: Donald Hamm, Donald Klein, John Lundgren, John Connolly, Larry Strickler. m m Grom, William, 219 Grooms, Max, 122 Gross, Charles, 41, 208 Groves, Marjorie. 122 Gruber, Bryan, 82 Gruber, Patty, 48 Cuilfoyle, Hazel, 122 Guinn, Craig, 122, 236, 239 Cuinn, Marva, 62, 169, 204 Gutting, Edward, 103 Gulling. Joseph, 122 Guzzi, Samuel, 82 H 4H CLUB, 181 Hafner. Judith. 186 Hagan, Cheryl, 82 Hagemann, Hans, 41 Hagmeier, Jerry, 62 Hagood, Donald, 62 Hahn. Dennis, 103 Hainds, Gloria. 82 Haines, Michael, 82 Haines, Robert. 122 Bigan. 190 Halbach. Dennis,, 103, 212 Hale, Gary, 83. 153, 163, 164, 183, 214 Haley, Madelon, 122 Hall, Barbara, 122 Hall, David, 54, 62, 153, 163, 164, 178, 183 Hall. Judilh, 122, 172 Hall. Richard. 122 Hall. Robert. 122 Hall. Roberta. 169. 172 Hall. Thomas. 54, 122 Hall, Walter, 103 Hall, Willa, 83, 162, 164, 166, 195, 198 Hall. William, 41 Hallgren, Karen, 62, 162, 164 Halsey. Greg, 83 Hamilton, Louise. 83, 195 Hamilton, Roy, 62 Hamm, Donald, 62 Hammack, Charles, 83 Hammack. Susan. 122 Hammock. Billy, 214, 219 Hammond, Errol, 62 Hammons, Linda, 174 Hampton. Errol. 62 Hammons. Linda, 174 Hampton, Glenda. 62. 168 Hampton, Harriet, 62 Hampton, Judith, 122 Han, Tae, 52 Hanna, Susie, 54, 62, 153, 157, 166, 186, 198 Hannam, Gloria, 122 Hannum, Nancy, 122 Hanson, Barbara, 62 Harbin, Ronald, 103 Harbur, Larry, 181 Hardgrove, Ronald, 62, 163, 164, 183, 214 Hardgrove, Russell, 103, 163, 183, 214 Hardie, Lloyd, 122, 193 Harding, Jack, 103 Hardman, Barbara, 103 Hardy, Terry, 122 Hargrave, Danny. 62 Hargrave, Jane, 122 Hargrave, Judith, 83 Harket, Larry, 103, 195 Harkins, Kathleen, 83 Harmon, George, 103 Harness. Judith, 63 Harper, Deana, 122 Harper, William, 123, 215 Harris, Charles, 63 Harris, Dennis, 63, 207, 212 Harris, Jerry. 123. 215 Harris, Jimmie, 103 Harris, Lars, 62, 152, 153, 154, 155, 163, 165, 187, 240 Harrison, Janet, 41 Harrison, Russell, 41 Harryman, Ronald, 103 Harsh, James, 83 Hart, Charles, 83 Hart, Dorothy, 83 Hart, Stanley, 83 Hartman, Carol, 52, 165, 169, 172, 191 Haru, Yoko, 63, 167, 190 Harwey, Darrell, 63, 156, 212 Harvey. Mary. 123 Harvey. Norma. 83. 181 Hashimoto, Tadaaki, 190 Haston, John, 123 Hatcher, Melvin, 123 Havener, Darell. 83 Hawk, Janet, 123 Hawkins, Belh, 103 Hawkins, James 83 Hawkins, Keith 123 Hawkins, Stephen, 123 Hawkins, Terrence, 83 Hayden, Sarah, 123 Hayes, Judy, 83. 200 Hayes. Mary. 103 Hays, Ronald, 103 Hayward, Philip, 83, 168, 177. 183 Hazelwood. Edwin. 123 Hazen. Howard, 123 Head, Arthur, 103 Heaton, Ray, 123 Hediger, Pat. 63, 160, 162, 163, 167, 175, 183 Hediger, Ronald, 123 Heifner, Delbert, 83 Heithaus. Audrey. 63, 163, 184 Heitman, Maria, 184, 185 Henderson, Luther, 103 Hendren, Roger, 63 Hendrick, Ruth, 103 Hendricks, Vera, 103, 180 Henley, Comfort, 63 Henley, Patricia, 83, 189 Henness, Kenna, 123 Henry, Charlotte, 123 Hensley, Melvin, 103 Heppermann, Charles, 83, 193 Herel, Donald, 63 Hermann, George, 42, 239 Herring, David, 83, 182 Herring, Norma, 103 Hersch, Bill, 241 Hershey, Georgia. 103, 168, 195 Hertler, Gene. 83. 215 Hesskamp. Dennis, 63, 163, 212 Hevel, Dorothy, 48 Hew, Lindenette, 63. 152 Hewgley. Nelson. 123 Hey. Dennis. 178 Heyer, Larry, 123, 208 Hiatt, George, 103 Hickman, John, 104 Hickman, Lois. 104. 164. 180 Hight. Allen, 218 Hill. Bruce. 52 Hill. Eloise. 42 Hill, Geoffrey. 208 Hill. Jo. 63. 192 Hill. Margaret, 123 Hilleman, Edward. 104 Hilsabeck, Michele. 104, 200, 234 Hines, Robert, 83. 176 Hintz, Mary. 63 Hipps. Jack. 83 Hiskey. Marcel, 123 HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 175 Hilt, Nancy. 123. 198 Hixson. Kalhy. 123 Hodges. Francis. 123 Hoer. Judith. 63 Hoer. Paul. 63. 177. 183 Hoerrmann, Barbara, 123 Hoewing, Donald, 123 Hoewing, Ronald, 83 Hoffman, Gerald, 172 Hoffmann, Goerge, 63 Hoffmann, Leonard, 123 Hoffmann, Suzanne, 104 Hoffmeyer, Elmer, 104 Hogenson, Kalhryn, 123, 198 Holler, Herbert, 219 Hollingsworth, Gerald, 123 Holloway, Jerre, 63 Hollowell. Russell. 83 Holrah. Krielc. 83. 163, 177 Holman. Sandy. 104, 204 Holman, Mildred, 83, 163, 191 Holmes, Dennis, 182 Holmes, Linda. 104 Holmes, Phillip, 104 Holmes, Willa, 104, 165 Hoh, Carolyn, 123 Holt, Dennis, 83 Holt, Sharon, 123, 193 Holtkamp, David, 123 Holvoel, William, IM, 183 Holzmeier, Alfred, 42 Holzworth, Nancy, 83, 184 HOMECOMING, 138, 139 HOMECOMING ROYALTY, 140, 141 HOME MANAGEMENT, 20 HONORARY ART CLUB, 167 Hood. Stuart. 84 Hooker, Jack, 123 Hoover, Judy, 63, 153, 155, 157, 162, 163, 174, 200 Hopkins, Dennis, 123, 212 Hopkins, Lois, 64, 179 Hopp, Don, 64, 169, 170, 208 Hopson, John, 104 Hopson, Rolland. 84 Horace, Thomas, 64, 152, 158, 159, 163, 164, 175, 183, 193, 215 Horn, Frankie, 84 Horn, Harvey, 84 Hoselton, David, 104 Hoskin, .Marcia, 84 Hoskins, Judith, 123 House, Nancy, 104, 172, 202 House. Ralph. 42 Houske. Marlus, 104 Houston, Elizabeth, 104 Houston. Phillip. 104 Howard. Connie, 84, 162, 163, 164, 168 Howell, Glee, 104 Howell, Judy, 142 Howell, Patty, 64, 204 Howell, Whitcomb, 84 Howerton, Nancy, 123 Howerton, Ralph, 104, 189 Howerton, Sharon, 104, 174 Howing. Fredrick, 177 Hoyt, Tom, 53, 182 Hoyt, HadJey, 77. 84, 163, 178, 212 Hubbartt, Glen, 64 Hubbartt, Sandra, 48 Huckstep, Virginia, 123 Hudspith, Carolyn, 123 Huebner. Linda, 64, 165, 166, 202 Huenemann, Calvin, 34 Huey, Richard. 84 Huff. Arlene. 84, 153, 162, 163, 164, 166, 181, 202 Huff, Carolyn, 64, 184, 200 Huff, Clinton, 172 Huff. Richard. 84, 163, 178, 21S Hug, Elizabeth. 123, 202 Hughes, Erskine, 53 Hughes, James, 64 Hughes, Larry, 123 Hughes, Robert, 123 Hull. Alice, 123 Hulse, Donna, 200 Hulse, Laura, 42 Hume. Sandra. 104. 200 Hunt. Donna. 84 Hunt, Donna, 84 Hunt, Janet, 84 Hunt, Martha, 84, 200 Hunt, Stephen, 104 Hunt, Suzanne, 123. 168, 204 Huntsman. Linda, 84, 204 Hunziker, Dean, 84 Hunziker, Nancy, 123 Hutchens, James, 123 Hulcherson, Linda, 12,3, 198 Hutchinson, Jim, 64 Hullon, Wayne, 54, 181 I Iglesias, Mercedes, 123, 190 Ikeda, Namiko, 42 Inda. Paul, 236 INDEPENDENT CLUB, 189 INDOOR TRACK, 2,38. 239 INDUSTRIAL ARTS BUILDING, 19 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB, 182 Ingolia. Domenik. 64 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. 207 INTERNATIONAL CLUB. 190 l.NTRAMURALS, 242, 243 Irick, Barbara. 84 Irvin. Carol, 104 Irvin. Janet, 104, 180 Irwin, Jeannette, 123 Ivankovich, Mayra, 123, 190 J Jack, Sharon. 104 Jackovich. Marianne, 84 Jackson, Aleetha, 64, 142, 186 Jackson, Carol, 124 Jackson, James, 104, 191 Jackson, Mary, 84, 153, 164, 178, 202 Jackson. T. J.. 219 Jacobs, Evelyn, 168 Jacobs, Joseph, 84, 212 Jacobs, Karen. 64. 164. 166. 189 James, Addie, 104, 189 James, Beverly, 124 James, Carroll, 124 James, Clyde, 124 James. Dana, 124 James. Ronald, 124 James, Sue, 124 James, Vivian. 84. 179 Jamison, George, 36 Janning, Marjorie, 84, 202 Jansen, Clarence, 124 Jarrell, Margery, 124 Jaspering, Judith, 124 Jayne, Edward. 25 Jedlicka. Michael, 124 Jeffries, Boyd, 84 Jensen, Gerald, 104 Jepeway, Janet, 84, 168, 169, 192 Jeppsson, Eva, 84, 190 Jerome, Keith, 64, 187, 236 Jobe, Jack, 104, 215 Johannes. Roger. 124 Johnsen, Lawrence, 124, 219 Johnson, David, 84 Johnson, Doris, 84, 163, 178 Johnson, Jerry, 64, 152, 157, 162, 174, 200 Johnson, Judy, 124 Johnson, Kenneth, 105, 172 Johnson, Lawrence, 84 Johnson, Leonard. 124 Johnson. Lorna. 105. 170, 202 Johnson, Mac, 124, 212 Johnson, Marion, 53, 174 Johnson, Nancy, 105, 186, 198 Johnson, Robert, 64 Johnson, Ronald, 84, 169, 172 Johnson, Rosemary, 105 Johnson, Sharon, 84 Johnson, Sharyn. 116, 124, 154, 186, 200, 245 Johnson,, Valerie. 48 Johnson, William, 105 Johnston, Mary, 124, 180 Johnston, Mavis, 64, 164, 166, 202 Jolley, Joy, 124 Jones, Andrea, 85 Jones, Anthony, 64, 155, 16.5, 212 Jones. Brian, 190, 207. 208 Jones. Charles, 84, 178 Jones, Cheri, 64, 142, 152, 1.53, 155, 157, 163, 174, 200 253 Jcne... Claudia. 105, 198 Jor.cs, Constance, 124 Jones, Dal, 64, 182 Jones, Donna, 65, 166 Jones, Flora, 65. 167. 170, 195 Jones. Gerald, 124 Jones, Earn; 124. 236 Jones, Jane, 105 Jones, John, 85 Jones. Lea, 65, 180 Jones, Lee, 105 Jones. Martha, 124 Jones. Merlyn. 124. 181, 184. 185. 192 Jones. Randy. 65. 187. 218 Jones. Ronald. 105 Jones. .Sharon. 186 Jones. Willie. 218 Jordan. David. 105 Jordan, Gloria, 85, 168, 169, 189 Jorgenson, Dale, 34 Jost, Charles, 105 Jourdan. Linda, 85, 165 Jourdan, Shirley. 124, 165 Judd. Serece, 105. 198 JUNIORS. 77 Justus. Stephen. 212 Kabrick. Larry, 124 Kaeding, Samuel. 124 Kaiman. Mary, 105, 193 Kaiser, Marcella, 105, 180. 200 Kaiser. Shirley. 124 Kanan. Dolores. 65 Kanchanadul. Thipakanva. 85. 190 Kane. Thomas, 85 KAPPA ALPHA PSI. 210 KAPPA DELTA PI, 162 Karaff. Joyce, 85 Karel. David, 85. 169, 172 Karel. Leon. 42 Karrenbrock. Maynard, 124 Kasow. Lloyd, 85, 165 Kaufmann, Henry, 85, 240 Kauzlarich. Charles, 35 Kauzlarich. Jerold, 85. 236 Kauzlarich, Loretta. 85 K CLUB. 187 K.DETTE.S. 186 Kearse. Max. 65 Kearse. Twila. 65, 162, 165, 166 Keasling, William, 124 Keeler. Donald, 85 Keen, Veryl, 42 Kehoe, Donald, 105, 212 Kcil. Buddy. 85 Kbiser. Ronald. 124 Keller. Ben. 53 Keller. Ernest. 65. 182 Keller. Leona. 124 Keller. Roberta. 105 Kellev. Jerrv. 187, 218 Kellev, Lyle. 85 Kellev, Nancy, 105. 198 Kelley. Robert. 85 Kellly. Beth. 85 Kelly, Edward, 65, 153, 215 Kelly, Norma, 124. 193 Kelly. Thomas, 85 Kenepp, Nancy, 48 Kendall. Billy. 53 Kennedy, Johnnie, 218 Kennedy, Judy, 124 Kennell. Christine, 105, 192 Kenney, John, 53, 160 Kenney. Mary. 124. 169 Kent. David. 124 Kern. Betty, 105. 168, 192, 202 Kerns, Norine, 124 Kerns, Patricia, 85. 165. 180 Ketchum, Keith. 124 Kibler. Eloreine, 35 Kilian. Wendell. 124, 240 Killday, Judy, 48 Killen, Tony, 105 Kilroy, Michaela, 124 Kim, Young, 65, 190 Kimball, Marcia, 65 Kincaid. Cheryl. 85, 168 King, Boyd, 42, 226 King, Donna, 124 King, James, 85, 105 King, Joanne, 124 King, Milburn, 124 King, Suzanna, 124 Kinney, James, 105 Kinsey, Barbara, 42 Kirby, Judy, 124 Kirchberger, Frederic. 42 Kircher. Steven, 105, 124 Kirchner, David, 105 KIRK BUILDING. 24 Kirkendali: Alan. 219 Kirkendall. Ralph. 42 Kirkendoll. Vernon. 124 KIRK MEMORIAL, 18 Kissinger. Nancy, 124. 202 Kitamura. Elaine. 105, 179 Kite. Julian. 105. 169 Kite. Sharon. 125 Klaslo. Richard. 105 Klein. Stan. 85, 212. 219 Klindt. Cosette. 125 Klingaman, John. 125 Klinger. Emniett. 125, 172 Klorer, Susan, 105 Klote, Paul. 125 Klug. Vicki, 125. 180 Knapp. Duane. 85 Knecht. Patricia. 105. 193 Kniess. Sandra. 125. 184. 185 Knes, David. 106. 161. 163. 165, 175, 183 Knight, Nona, 65 Knipmeyer, James. 125 Knizel. Anthony. 85. 163. 193 Knobbs. Pauline. 42 Knouse. Thea, 125. 200 Knowles. Edward, 106 Knowles, Melva, 65 Knudsen, Barbara, 48 Koehler, Teresa, 125, 193 Koerner, Michael, 162, 163 Kohlenberg, Gilbert, 34, 175, 190, 207 Kohlenberg, Mary, 42, 190 Kollmann, Susan, 125, 198 Konrad, Patrick, 125. 208 Kopp, John, 125 Koppenhauer, Gary, 106, 172, 208 Koprivca, Paul, 125 Korasick. Richard. 106 Kordestani. Belrouz. 125 Kotikula. AhRam. 106 Kottabi. Javad. 85 Kottmann, Bob, 85 Kousari, Atto, 65, 125, 190 Kouti, Ali, 85, 190 Krabill, Kenneth, 125 Kramer. Betty, 106 Kraus, Doris. 106 Kraus. Jean. 85, 167 Krez, Nancy. 125 Kriegshauser. JoAnn. 85. 204 Krighaum, Donald, 65 Kromminga, Gloria, 125 Krueger, Leon, 65 Krueger, Ronnie, 86 Kruel, Raymond, 65 Ku, Joseph, 53 Kuenzel, David, 125, 190, 236 Kuhlman. David, 106 Kuhlman, Lester, 42, 181 Kunioka, Jean, 125 Kunioka, Joan, 125 Kursar, Michaela, 65 Kusek, Gerald, 236, 239 Lackey, Pamela, 86 Lackey, Pete, 65 LaForge, Richard, 86 LaFrenz, Samuel, 86 LaFrenz, Thomas, 125 Lake, Lawrence, 125, 181 Lange, Robert, 190 Landstrum, Bill, 86 Lane, Dennis, 86 Lane, Terry, 172 Langford. Brian. 106 Langhammer, Rebecca, 106, 184 Lankford. Keith. 25 Lantz. Linda. 65 LaRose. Kenneth. 125. 189 Larson, Michael, 106 Lary. Martha. 106. 169, 172 Latcham, James, 125 Latimer, Richard, 66 Lau, Vonlene, 66 Lauffer. Chenl. 86, 172 LAUGHLIN HALL, 18 Laulu. Toasefulu. 106 Lawrence. Carl, 86 Lawson, Carol, 106, 201 Lawson. David. 86. 236 Lav»-=.on. Donald. 106 Lawson. Linda, 86, 236 Lawson, Donald. 106 Lawson, Linda, 125, 202 Lay, Carol, 125 Lazerwitz, Larry, 86 Leach. Charles, 86, 213 Leake, Richard, 86 Learned, Janet, 86. 167 Lease. Cecil. 125 Leasure. Ruth. 106. 204 Ledbetter, Jerry. 1 06 Ledford. Dorvin. 106. 172. 181, 191 Lee. Barbara, 66, 169 Lee, Gene, 226 Lee, Jin, 190 Lee. Lauren. 125 Lee, Robert. 86. 212 Leggett. Janice, 106, 179 Lehmann, Richard, 66, 152, 153, 163, 164, 166, 193 Lehr, Victor, 125 Leino, Sandra, 86 Leiviska. Kenneth. 125 Lemon. Philip. 86 Leniz, Rodney. 125 Lenzini. Betty. 77. 86, 152, 153, 157, 165. 168. 174, 181, 202 Leonard, Wendell, 86 Leong. Maria. 106. 190 Leppin. .Marilyn. 86 Lesinger. George. 125 Lessig. Samuel. 43 Leu. Pete. 219 Leung. James. 86 Leutung. Stanley, 106, 190 LeVells, Charles, 86 Leviske, Ken. 236. 239 Lewis, Gary, 106, 125 Lewis, Marcia, 125 Lewis, Roy, 86, 192 Lewis, William, 66, 175, 207, 215 Leytham, Bobby, 125 Libby, Harry, 116, 125, 213 Lichtenberg, Jimmie, 106, 195 Liebhari, Gerald, 66, 163, 164, 181, 189 Lightfoot, Regina, 125 Likes. Henry. 86. 182. 215 Lillard. Kenneth. 86 Lillis. Wilfrid. 125 Lincoln, Donald, 125, 181 Lindley, Nancy, 106 Lindquist, Pamela, 125 Lindsey, Joann, 125 Lindsey, Taylor, 43 Link. Barbara. 106 Linke. Clifford. 106 Linke. Donald. 106 Linke. Kenneth, 66 Liss, Joseph, 125, 172, 208 Lister, John, 86 Ute, Elizabeth, 125 Liter, Donna. 184 Little. Dana. 126 Little. Rochelle. 106, 202 Littrell, Ross, 53 Livingston. Warren. 126 Lo. Albert. 106 Lockard, Becky. 126 Lockett. Conn. 126 Lockwood. Carol. 126 Lohrman. Joyce. 126. 202 Long. Gerald. 66 Longfield. Larry, 106 Longwith. Betty, 48 Looney. Charles. 86 Lorence. Edith. 86 Lott. Margaret. 126. 190 Lovejoy. Brent. 86. 215 Lovett. Kay, 66 Lowe, Perry, 126 Lowenberg. Elaine. 126, 185 Lowery, Linda, 126, 184, 185, 192 Lowther. Judith. 66. 157, 162, 200 Lox, Janice, 66 Loy. Sally. 126 Lucas, John. 66. 175 Ludemann. Jean. 66. 165. 166 Lue, Yen, 53 Luey, Dorothy, 66, 165, 166, 190 Luetgens, Marcie, 66, 190, 192 Luett. Larry. 86, 226 Luikart. Terry. 107. 236 Lundgren, John. 66, 162, 163 Lunslord. Robert, 107 Luther. Linda. 87. 161, 173, 174 Lutz, Margaret. 107, 192 LYCEUM, 142 Lyddon, Barbara, 87, 204, 206 Lyng, Jane. 66. 165 Mc McBride, James, 87 McCain, Jimmie, 126 McCalester, Nicholas, 107, 208 McCall, Linda, 126. 202 McCall. Sarah. 126 McCart. Carol, 87, 202 McCartney, David, 126 McCarthy, Joseph, 81, 153. 215 McCarty. Sandra. 87 McCarty, Terry, 87 McCaughey, Gary, 126 McClain, PauL 87 McClanahan, Carol, 126 .McClaskey. Martha. 43 McCloud. Sandra. 126 McClure. Barbara. 126 McCollum. Melvin. 126 McConnell. Alvin. 107 McConnell. Pat. 126 McCormick. William. 126. 219. 241 McCulIy. Ronald, 87, 208 McCully, Sue, 66, 162, 163, 165, 180, 191 McDannold, William, 107 McDonald, Terry, 107, 236, 239 McDowell, .Marsha, 107, 201 McElderry, Carolyn, 126 .McElderry, James, 126 McElory, Sandra, 87 McFarland, John, 87 McGinnis, Barbara. 66, 153, 166, 202 .McGinnis. Michael, 87 McGlolhlin, Larry, 126 McGraw, Roger, 66, 170 McGregor, Peggy, 126 McGriff. James, 107 McGuire, Kenneth. 43 McHenry. Roger. 107. 169. 172 McKay, Elizabeth, 126 McKay, Harriet, 126 McKay, Leslie, 126 McKinlev, Elizabeth. 126. 184, 203, 234 McKinnev, Robert, 32 McLandsborough. John. 126 .McLaughlin. Fred. 107. 208 .McLeland. Vern. 107 Mc.Mahon. Patricia. 107, 204 McMillon, Floyd, 226 McMullen, Sharon, 107, 165 McMurry, JoAnn, 67, 157. 162. 165. 166. 190, 195 McNabb. Francs. 126, 163 McNeil. Darrt-ll. 67 McPhenson. James. 126 McPherson. Roger, 126 .McReynolds. Grace. 43 McWhorlor. William. 126, 172, 191 M Maack, Nikki, 87. 192 .Mabee. Charles, 156, 192 Mabrj-, Joseph, 67, 162, 163, 164 Mabr ' , Ruth Ann, 126 Mack, Carolyn. 107. 203 Madden. Ramona. 126 Maddox. Joe, 126 MaCee. Llora. 36 MaCee. Viola, 36 Maggart. Wesley. 126 Maghen. . ' aeid. 126 Magic, John, 87 Mahen, Clifford. 126.208 Mahmoody, Bozorg. 87, 190 Main, Carl, 126 MAJORETTES. 173 Malloy, Glenda, 126 Malloy. Marilynn. 107 Malloy. Sheryl. 67 Mann. Kenneth, 126 Mantione. Richard. 87 March. Charles, 107 March, David, 43 Markword, Ray, 107 Marling, Mary Lou, 87 Marquardt. Donald. 67. 156. 181, 182 Marquardt, Judith, 81, 162, 174 Marquart, Jovce, 87 Marr, P. M.. 25 Marsh, Edward, 67 Marsh, Peggy, 126, 180, 203 Marsh, Stephen, 126 Marshall, Mary Anna, 67 Martie, Jerry, 126 Martin, Charles, 87 Martin, Dave, 107, 215 Martin, David L.. 219 Martin. Nyoca. 107. 184. 185 Martin. Ronald. 48 Martin. Viola. 53 Martin. William, 127. 169. 170 Martindale. Larry. 67. 187 Marx. Mary, 67, 195 Mason. Barbara. 127. 195 Mason. Jerald. 67 Mason. Karen. 48 Mason. Richard Gregg, 127 Mason. Richard. 53 Maslen. Tom. 107 Mathes. Ann. 67 Mathis, John. 107 Matthew. Sandra, 87 Matthew. William. 43 Maizen. William. 127. 215. 245 Mauck. Gary. 107 Maxwell. Margaret, 127, 204 May, Cheryl, 127 May. Clifford. 87 Mayfield. Kenneth. 127 Mazza. Anthony, 87 Means. Jimmie. 127 Mechlin. Belle Lon, 87 Mechlin, Dona, 127, 198 Medlin, Judy, 87 Meeker, Connie. 127. 172 Meeks, Bille. 107 Mehraban. Hossein. 127 Meinhardl, James, 107 Mekemson, Kay, Lynne, 67, 152. 153. 164. 166. 200. 206 Meldrum. Marceline. 43 Mendoza. Julio. 107 Merritt. Patricia, 87, 166, 195 Mertens, William, 213 Mettes. Wanda, 127. 180 Meites. Wilma. 107. 169, 170, 172 Mettle, Oliver, 87 Meyer, Calvin, 107, 213, 236, 239 Meyer, Carolyn, 107, 169, 195 Meyer, David, 67 Meyer. Marilyn. 107, 193 Michael, Marilyn, 87, 180 Michael, Ted, 67, 218 Mickelson, Harold, 43 Mihalevich, Jovce, 127 Mihalevich, Michael, 127, 193, 213 Mikel, Neil. 108 Miklos. Barbara. 108 Milder. Charles. 108 Miley. Garry. 87 Millard, Philip, 108 Miller, Benne. tb Miller, Belly. 48 Miller. Dolores. 108. 179 Miller. Uorlhv, 108 Miller, Dudley, 169 Miller, Edwin, 108 Miller, Eleanor. 127 Miller. Eric, 67, 170 Miller, Gary, 87, 236, 239 Miller, Gerald, 108 Miller, Hobert. 108, 213 Miller, Howard, 67 Miller, Ivan. 35 Miller. Jaciiuelvn. 127 Miller. James, 88. 127 Miller. James Fredrick. 88, 213 Miller, James Ralph, 169. 172, 191 Miller. Jane, 198 Miller, John 67. 215 Miller. Kay, 127 Miller, Kenneth. 43. 170 Miller. Linda Faye. 127 Miller. Linda Jane. 108 Miller. Marilyn. 88. 163. 174 Miller. Maxine, 88 Miller. Richard. 108 Miller, Robert, 169 Miller, Ronald, 187 .Miller, Sandra. 88, 174 Miller, Sheriean, 127 Miller, Victor, 127 Miller, Willa, 127, 184 Million, Bcveriy, 49 Million, Larry, 88 Million, Marilvn, 108 Mills. Wallace, 127 Millsap. Carol. 127 Milstead. Donna. 127 Mincks. Mary. 127. 172 .Minear. Ila. 127 Minear. Sally. 88. 165. 174 Miner. Tamara, 88. 179. 201 Minervini. Maurice, 218 Minor, Gar) ' , 88 Minor, William, 43 Minshall. Mary. 67 Minler. Ovela, 49 Mitch. Joseph, 43 Mitchell, Gary, 67, 152, 156, 163, 167, 177, 183 Mitchell, Mary, 127 Mitchell, Susan, 127 Mittler, Charolette, 43 Mittler. Eli. 32 Moffetl. Linda, 127, 165 Moffett, Nancy. 127 Molfit. Jimmie. 127 Mohn. Glyn. 127. 164. 193 Mohr. Dixie. 88. 162. 166. 195 Moll, Larry, 165 Monroe, Chandler, 43 Montgomery, Linda, 127 .Moody. Lee. 127. 236 Moore. Barbara. 67. 174 Moore. Hubert. 43 Moore. Jack. 68. 163, 164, 175 Moore, Joan, 88, 142, 193 Moore, Julie, 88, 165 Moore, Linda, 88, 152. 153. 157, 162, 163, 198. 206 Moore. Marjorie. 53 Moore, Millie, 108. 186 More. Anthony. 68 Morelock. Linda. 127, 191 Morehcad. John, 127 Morgan. Larry, 88, 153, 158, 159, 183, 213 Morgan, Phillip, 127 .Morgenstern, Kathy, 88 Moritz, Jo Anne, 49 Morlcy, Larry, 44 Morris, Barry, 88fi 163, 213 Morris, Cheryl, 108, 184. 185. 198 Morris, Howard, 32 .Morris, Roger. 176. 191 Morrison. Elaine. 88. 204 Morrison. Helen. 68 Morrow, Enid, 108, 195 Morse, Robert, 108, 195 Mosher, LaVerne, 53 Moshtaghi, Faryar, 127. 190 Moslander. Virginia. 108. 155 Moss. Barbara. 49 Moss. Chester. 68. 177. 183. 190 Moss. Ruth. 127 Mossbarger. Cheryl. 140. 152. 186. 198 Mossbarger. Karen. 49 Mostufi. Moussa. 190 Motley. Thomas. 108. 183. 192 Motter. Josephine. 127 Motter. Marijane. 49 .Mover. John. 68. 182 Mudd. John. 213 Mudd. John Wilson, 96, 108 .Mudd. Mary. 127 Mueller. Dennis. 108. 183. 187. 215, 240 Mueller, Frank, 108 Mueller. Harvey. 166 Muir. Larn-. 108. 208 Muir. Sara. 108. 199 Muller. Edward. 88. 193. 208 Mullikin. Raymond. 88 Mundy. Don. 241 .Mundy. Mary. 127. 165. 193 .Murdock. Nancy. 204 .Murphy. Michael. 108 .Murphy. Michael John. 88 Murry. Esther. 127 Myers. Betty. 127 Myers. Charles. 68. 152. 153. 156. 162. 163. 164. 165. 174, 176, 183, 207, 208 Myers, Donna, 88 Myers. Eugene. 108. 195 Myers. James. 68 Myers. Jerry. 88. 195 Myers. Mary, 68 Myers. Nancy. 195 N Nagel. Roland. 44. 2.36 Naimo. Alfred. 88. 213 Narigon. Carole. 88 Narigon. Connie. 88. 186 Nations. Donald. 108 Neagle. Charles. 108 Neil. Mary Lou. 127 Neis. James. 68 Nelms: Robert. 127 Nelson. Colleen. 88. 164. 184. 185 Nelson. David. 127 Nelson. James, 128 Nelson, Kenneth, 108, 177, 183, 209 Nelson, Rex. 88 Nemeth. Frank. 128. 240 Nevins. Bonna. 108 Newbrough. Dennis. 88. 239 Newcomb. John. 128. 218. 240 Newhard. James. 68. 169. 172 Newland. John. 109 Newlin. Stephen. 109 NEWMAN CLUB. 193 Newman. Jo-Ann. 88 Newman. Michael. 172 Newman. Wilma. 49 Nichols. Clark. 109. 207, 209 Nichols, James, 128 Nichols, Richard. 128 Nickels. Terry. 109. 218 Nicholson. Marsha. 68. 153. 163. 164. 169. 172. 203 Nicoletti. Alice. 128. 195, 199 Nicoletti, Pete, 33 Niehaus, Constance, 128, 193 Niekamp. Kenneth. 128 Nielsen. Drew Ann. 109 Neito. Consuelo. 109 Niggemeyer. Thomas. 128 Nill. Charies. 109 Nirgenau. Richard. 128. 209 Nitti. Virginia. 128 Noble. Phillip. 109. 165. 183. 215 Noe. Beveriy. 128. 180 Noe. Eva. 68 Noel. Can-, 88 Noel. Larry. 89. 215 Nolan. .Michael. 109 Noland. Sharailyn, 128 Norman.. Duane, 44 .Norman. Julie, 89 Norton, David, 77, 89, 154, 164, 182, 209 Norton, Joseph, 109 Nolhdurft, D. D.. 44. 189 Novinger. David. 128 Novinger. William. 44 Oakley. Paul. 218 O ' Brien. Carole. 49. 190 O ' Brien. David. 68 O ' Brien. Dennis. 44. 183 O ' Brien. Larrv. 109 O ' Bryan. Elsie. 128 O ' Connor. Jerrv. 68 O ' Donnell. Catherine. 89. 201 Oelklaus. Donald. 68. 153. 207. 212 Ocrtwig. Robert. 109 OFFICE STAFF. 48. 49 Ogden. Eunice. 165. 192 Oglesby Natalie. 89, 203 Okal, Charies, 89, 190 Okani, Hiroshi, 89, 190 Olinger, Billy, 68 Olinger, Waiter, 89, 153, 163, 187, 215, 218 Olinger, Wanda, 49 Ollmann, Sharon, 68, 160. 165. 167 Olson. Eva. 128 Olson. Janice. 68. 167 Olson. Melvin, 44, 161 Onyango, Johathan, 190, 192 Opplinger, Norman, 68 OppHnger. Willa, 69, 164. 184. 185 ORCHESTRA. 170. 171 Ordelheide. Susan, 89 Ornes, .Marvin, 109 Orr, Harold, 109, 209 Orr, .Marilyn, 109 Orthner, Neil, 89 Osborn, Sharyn, 69 Osterhout, Mary, 109 Overturf, Linda, 109 Overstreet, Byron, 128 Owen, Alice, 44 Owen, Helen, 128 Owen, John, 44 Owens, Loren, 128 Owings, Alice, 128 Owings, Myrtle, 109 Ownbey, Sandra, 109 Owsley. Stephen. 128 Ozburn. Steve. 128 P Packwood, Glen. 69. 213 Padget. Charies. 69 Page. James. 89 Pagelt. Ivan. 109. 167. 209 Painter. Sarah. 128 Palmer. Berndt. 89 Palmer. James. 109. 213 Palmer. Judson. 189. 209 Palmer, Linda, 128 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, 206 Parcell, John, 128, 169, 170, 172 PARENT ' S DAY, 137 Park, No-Yong, 44 Parker. CarroU, 128 Parker. Linda, 179 Parmenler, Richard. 69, 16,3. 176 Parrish. Nancy, 109. 172 Parrish. Richard, 128 Parrish. Sam. 69 Parsons, Judy, 128 Pasha. Ehrahim, 89 Patel, Subodhkomar, 69. 191 Palchelt, Richard. 128. 241 Pallerson, Don. 89 Patterson. Nita, 44, 167 Patterson, Wilma, 44 Pattinson. Sallie. 36 Patton. Jo, 109 Patton, Paula, 89 Pauly, Nicholas, 109 Pawlowicz. Joseph. 69. 1 64, 213 Pawlowicz Karen. 69. 165. 166 Pawlowicz, Stephanie, 128, 193 Payden, Anne. 128 Payne. Marlene. 49 Pearson. Dorothy, 34 Pearson, Marilyn, 89 Peas, Rose. 89. 163. 178 PEM CLUB. 184 Pendergast. Toni, 128. 170. 186 Pendleton, Gerry, 89. 215 Pendleton. Mary. 109. 164, 191 Penn, Carolyn, 89. 163, 178 Penn. Sharon. 128 People. George. 128 Pepper, Grace, 69. 16.S, 211 Perine, James, 69. 169. 207, 211 Perlstein, Steven, 89 Perrigo, Janet, 89, 199 Perry, Jerry, 109 Perry, .Michael, 109 Perry, Tamara, 128 PERSHING ARENA. 22 PERSHLNG BUILDING. 22 Peters. Donna. 69, 153, 163, 178. 201 Peters. Thomas. 109 Petersmeyer, .Merlyn, 109 Peterson, Jeffrey, 109. 209 Peterson. Michael, 89 Pezley. Robert. 89 Pflibsen. Robert. 128 Pheglev. Carole. 110 PHI DELTA KAPPA. 189 Phillips, Carla. 128, 172 Phillips, Craig. 110, 172 Phillips. Jewell. 69, 175 Phillips, John. 89. 176. 183 Phillips, John. 89. 176. 183 Phillips. Kenneth, 110 Philp, Charles, 69 PHI SIGMA EPSILON, 212, 213 Pickering, John, 110 Pickett, Sandra, 110, 180. 199 PICKLER LIBRARY. 24 Pierce. .Margaret. 128 PI KAPPA DELTA, 168 Pink. Ralph, 44, 187, 240 Pinnell, George, 128 PI OMEGA PI, 174 Pittnian, James, 69 Pitts, Thomas, 89, 215 Place, Lawrence, 128 Plank, John, 128 Plank, Thomas, 110, 215 Platlenb.rger, Margaret, 110, 165. 192 Plumlce. Martha. 179 Poecker. Karen, 128. 201 Poindexler, Joe, 128, 236. 239 Polhans, Steven, 89 Polslon, Kenneth, 128 Pi m|Kinio. Henry, 89, 191 Ponder, Marson, 128 Poole, Stephen, 90 Poplar. Stephen, 90 Popp, Shirley, 90 Porter, Edward, 128, 183, 209, 240 Porter. Gary. 90 Porter. Kenny. 128 Posey. James, 128. 181 Possehl, Joanne. 110. 184, 185 Poston, John, 195 Potsos, Steven, 190 Potter, Mary, 44 Pound, James. 69. 187 Povendo. Terry. 90. 213 Powell. Sylvia. 69. 183 Power, Ronlad. 69 Powers. Charles, 69. 176, 190 Pratt. Amilie. 12 9 Pratt. John. 129. 169. 172 PRELAW CLUB, 177 PREOSTEOPATHIC CLUB. 178 PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION. 136 Price, Camille. 110, 163, 164. 192 Pries. Terry. 110 Priebe. James, 53 Primeau, Dave, 129, 213 Primm, Jean, 110 Privelt, Bobby. 110 Prof fit t. Donna. 90 Pugel. Joseph. 110 Purdy, J. R., 44 Purdy. William, 69. 215 Purol. Judy. 129 Purvis, Jesse. 70 Putnam. Donald. 90 Putnam. Edward. 129 Oualman. Philip. 90 Quigley. Larry. 129 Quinn. Nick, 176 Quint, Coleman. 129 Quisenberry. Larry, 90, 209 R Rabago, Alberto, 45 Rabago, Manuel, 53, 167 Rabe. Janet. 110 Rabenau. Ricky. 129. 177 Racey. Connie, 90 Racey. Steven, 129 Rackley. Yvonnia. 129 Rae. David, 70, 182 Ragan, James, 129 Ragan, Jimmie, 70 Ragan, Mary, 70 Rager, Judy, 129 Ragland, James, 90 Rahn, Kenneth, 90 Raible, Pamela, 110, 184, 185, 203 Raines. Frances, 129, 166 Raines, Raymond. 247 Rains. Karen, 70. 165 Ralph. Bernie. 110. 164. 193 Randall. Glen, 70, 164, 183 Rankin, Don, 90, 153, 156, 163, 175, 183, 214 Ranney, Jeanie, 110 Ralliff, Darrell, 129 Ralliff, Kerry, 90, 162, 164, 181, 185 Ray, Clifton, 219 Ray, Evelyn, 110 Ray, Linda, 110 Ray, Richard, 90 Ray, Ruth, 90, 165 Reagan, JoAnn, 110 kector, Peggy, 129 Redman, Bonnie, 129 Redman, Mary, 129 Redman, Robert, 129 Reel), Paul, 90 Reece, Donnie. 90 Reed, Charles 110 Reed, Gerald, 129. 172, 191 Reed, John. 70. 182 Reed, Kathleen, 90 Reed, Linda, 110 Rees, Judy, 110 Reeser, Darrell, 218 REGISTRATION, 136 Reid, Bruce, 90 Reifsterk, Lenora, 70 Reinker, Dale, 153, 163, 178, 183, 209 Reiske, Jack, 45 Relford, Randall, 90 Rembert, Robert, 110 Reno, Carl, 70 Revelle, Charoletle, 45 Revier, Jeffrey, 241 Rhee, Sang, 129, 190 Rhee, Yoo, 53 Rhodes, 110, 187, 218 Rice, Allan. 129 Rice. Phyllis. 70 Rice. William. 70 Richard. Kay, 116, 129. 199 Richards. Robert. 70. 215. 218 Richards. Sara. 110. 174. 199 Richardson, .Mary. 90. 162. 163. 165. 189 Richardson. .Mike, 219 Richardson, Noah, 45 Richardson, Sidna. 129 Richardson. Wayne, 195, 213. 245 Richardson. Wayne Riley, 70 Richardson. William. 129 Richerson. William. 45. 241 Rickey. Marie. 90 Ricks. .Myra. 129, 203 Rideout. Morris. 218 Rider. Glenn. 160 Ridge, David. 236 Ridgeway, Howard, 90 Rieger, Wray, 30 Rieger, Wray Jr., 90, 163, 213 Rigby, Mary, 110, 164,205 Riley, Kemiit, 129 Riley, Ronald, 129 Riley, Sharon, 90 Rinehart. Robert. 70 Riney. Samuel. 110 Riney, Sharon. 129 Riordan, Jane. 110. 193 Roberts, Gary. 129 Roberta, Gerald, 153, 163 Roberts, Hazel, 70, 195 Robinson, Emmett, 129 Robinson, Eudova, 129 Robinson, Evelvn, 90 Robinson, Frank, 110 Robinson, James, 129 Robinson, Jariel. Ill Robinson, Linda, 90, 174 Robinson, Loisbel, 70, 201, 245 Robinson, Raymond, 111 Robinson, Richard, HI Robinson, Virginia. 90. 179. 205 Roccapalumbo. Ann. 90 Rockhold. Christine. 90. 142. 183, 203, 246 Rockhold, George, 91, 215 Rockhold, Ron, 91 Rockwood, Karen, 91 Roemer, Dawn, 129 Roensch, Fred, 53, 209 Roettger, James, 111, 163, 193 Rogers,, Clifton, 111, 181. 191 Rogers, Joyce. 129 Rogers, Karl, 70 Rogers. Robert. 225 Rohning. Elainne, 91 Rohning. Marilynne. 129 Rojas. William. Ill Rollins. lona. 91. 184 Rollins. lona. 91. 184 Rolls. Susan, 91. 165. 174 Romanelz. Nicholas. 91. 213, 218 Romine. Glendle, 129 Romine. Marlee. 49 Ronchetto. Robert. 91 Roof. James. 129, 209 Rose, Benny. 70 Roseberv, Dean. 34 Rosenthal, Nellie. 111. 170, 195 Rosenzweig, Joel, 70 Roser. Lois. HI, 166,201 Ross. Fred, 91, 182, 213 Ross. Richard, 111, 209 Ross, Sharon, 129 Ross, Terry. 91 Roth. Sharon. 111. 176, 190 Rothschild, Felix, 36 Rouse, Leia. 91 Rouse, Martha, 111, 201 Rouse, Myron, 129, 192 Rowden, Don, 218 Rowland, Jo Anne, 71 Rowland, Linda, 129 Rover, Sara, 111 Royse. Alvina, 129 Royster, Doris. 129 Rudd. Linda, 129 Rudloff, Carol, 129 Ruester, Sandra. Ill Rule. Sandra. 91. 168 Rumff. Nancy. 71 Runyon. James. Ill Runvon, Kathryn. 49 Rupe. Hillis. 91 Russell. Delbert, 111 RYLE HALU 21 Ryle. Walter H. IV. 45 Ryle, Walter H.. 25. 26. 27, 28, 29 S Saak, Robert, 129 Sabulao. Ceasar. 53. 190 Sadler. Jon. 71, 162, 164, 182 .Saenz, Carmen, 129, 190 SaffeU. Sharon, 129, 142, 180, 201 Salazar, Enilio. 190 Salehi. Kombiz, 111, 190 Salter, Morris, 71 Saher, Wauneta. 130 Sanders. Dixie. 130. 170 Sanders. Howard. 91 Sanders. Howard. 91 Sanders. Marion. 91 Sandjari. Kamran. 53. 190 Sanker. Judith. 130 Sarver. Clara, 91. 161. 184. 185. 195 Saulter. Carolyn. 130, 180 Sawyerr, Ralph. 71 Saxton. Larry. 130. 181 Sayre. Jane, HI. 165 Sayre, Shirley, 130 Scale, Dennis. 130. 172 Schadt, David, 192 Schafer, Joe, 130 Schaffer, Sandra, 71, 168 Schemmann, Reinhard, 71. 190. 192 Schenk, John. 111. 181 Schlapia. Sharon. 91, 180. 189 Schlief. Edward, 54. 71. 154. 21. ' }. 218 Schmid. Wayne. Ill Schmidt. Carson, 91, 181 Schmitter. Geraldine. Ill .Schmitz, Daniel, 130. 193 Schmitz. James, 91. 193 .Schneider. Edward, 91. 236. 239 Schneider. Nancy. 111. 186, 199 Schnucker. Robert, 45 Schoch, Raymond. Ill SCHOOL SONG. 76 .Schoonover, Robert, 111 Schoonover, Sandra. 71. 167 Schoppenhorst. Erwin. 71 Schroeder. Walter. 71. 181. 182 Schroeder. Wayne, 236 Schuchman, Phylicia. 91 Schuelka. John. Ill Schuetz, Elizabeth, 45 Schuhler. Richard. 1.30. 213 .Schullen, Carole. 130 Schultz, David, 130 Schulz, Henry, 130 Schulz. .Sandra. 1.30 .Schutz. Kalherine. 111.203 Schwaner. Louise. 130 Schwartz. Robert. 91. 167 Schweitzer, Marilyn, 71, 165, 166. 203 SCIENCE HALL, 24 Scooggin. Cheryl, 61 Scott, Daniel, 130 Scott, Dennis, 163, 215 Scott, Donald, 111 Scoville, Sarah, 111 Scriven, Donald, 45, 176 Seago, Cheryl, 130 SeamBter, Betty, 111 Sears, Carol, 91, 153, 184, 203, 206 See, Jason, 130 Seller. Michaela. 91, 190 Seitz, Kerlin, 45 Seilz, Pamela. 130 Seitz, Steve, 91 Selby, Paul, 36 Selvage, Les, 226, 236 Semana. Lorraine, 130 SENIORS, 54 Sens, Earl, 130 Sens, John, 91 Sertass, Charles, 71, 182, 215 Settlage, John, 45 Severson, Lucille, 91 Severson, William. 91. 164. 168. 175, 183, 207, 214 Sevier. Gail. 245 Sevier, James. Ill Seward. Jerry. 92 Seward, Uudy, 111 Sexton. Cleta. 92 Shackleford, Terry, 112, 167, 205 Shafer, Patricia, 92, 164, 180. 185 Shaffer. Carol, 130 Shaffer, James. 92 Shaffer. Linda, 71, 169, 199 Shaghati, Pauran, 190 Shahan, Janice, 71 Shain, Ralph, 45 Shamy, Joseph, 77, 92, 213 Shanlis, Charles. 112, 169, 172 Shanks. Linda, 71 Shanks, Robert, 112 Shannon, Marvin, 130 Shao. Marvin. 130 Shao, Bing Kun, 45 Shapiro, Edward. 71 Sharkey. Mervin, 92, 181 Sharp. Norman, 92 Sharp. Peggy. 49 Sharpe. LaVonne, 130 Shaver, Melvin. 92. 167 Shaw, Carolyn, 112 Shaw, James, 71 Shaw, Leonard, 130 Shaw, William, 226 Shayer, Larry, 112 Sheaffer, James, 130 Shechtman, Arthur. 71. 209 Sheeder. Shirley, 130, 180, 191 Sheesley, Terry, 91, 187, 241 Shelton, Donald, 112 Shelton, Gail, 92 Shelton, Larry, 130, 215 Shelton, Leoner, 91 Sherwood, Lowell, 130 Shettle, Suzanne, 53, 174 Shibao, Gordon, 112 Shields, Kent, 91 Shigenaga, Regine, 72, 165 Shiitsu, Kazuka. 192 Shilt, Georgia, 130 Shilt, Patricia, 130 Shinn, Maxine, 112, 169 Shiraki, Evelyn, 112 Shive, John, 92 Shiver, Alice, 130 Short, Patricia, 112 Shouse, Jerrold, 92, 165, 183 Shriver, Alice, 195 Shroyer, Marsha, 112 Shrum, George, 92 Shuford, Sara, 92, 203 Shulse. Michael, 112 Shy, Ronald, 130 Sieber, George, 92 Siefer, Sandra, 72 SiegeL Olympia, 184 Siegrist, Charlene, 49 Siegrist, Donald. 92, 182 Siglin, David, 92 SIGMAKAPPA. 202, 203 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA, 204, 205 SIGMA TAU GAMMA, 214, 215 SIGMA ZETA. 178 Simbro, Sharon, 92, 165, 180 Simler. Murl, 92 Simmons. Cheryl 112, 163, 169, 181 Lucy, 36 s, Terry, 92, 182 Simon, George, 71 Simpson. Harold, 92, 183, 215 Sims, William. 45, 226 Sinclair, Mary, 130 Singleton, Bernard, 92 Singleton, Charles, 112 Singleton, Nancy, 130 Singleton, Nolan, 130 Singley. Riley. 130 Sinskey, Timothy, 215 Sireno, Peter. 72 Sissom, Dennis. 72. 187, 218. 236 Sissom, Lana, 49 Skeens. Robert, 130 Skinner. Sue, 130 Slavin, Alice, 72, 160, 163, 167, 191 Slemmons. Agnes. 46, 158 Slemmons, Lois, 112 Sloan, Vernon, 130 Slockett, Jim 187, 236 Sloop, Howa d. 130 Sloop, Sharon. 92 Smaily, Mohammad, 53 Smalley, Guyla, 112 Smelcer, Terry, 112. 170 Smedley. William. 130 Smith. Aline. 130 Smith. Barrv-. 130 Smith, Brenda, 92 Smith, Cynthia, 92 Smith. Edwin, 178 Smith, Eugene, 46 Smith. Harry, 53, 209 Smith, Henry. 92 Smith, Jack, 72 Smith, Janis, 92 , Smith, Jerald, 112 Smith. Jerry. 130 Smith, Joan. 112 Smith. Juliet, 112, 164, 181, 185 Smith, Larry, 112, 172 Smith, Larry Cordon. 112. 209 Smith. Linda. 130 Smith. Marilyn, 112 Smith, Mary. 72 Smith, Nancy, 72, 169, 172 Smith, Richard, 130 Smith, Rodney, 92 Smith, Roger, 130 Smith, Wilson. 72. 156. 162. 163. 192 Smoot. Ronald. 93 Sneed. Edward. 131, 213 Snowbarger, Roberta, 93,-153, 163, 165, 178, 189, 192 Snyder, Alice, 112 Snyder, Gayle. 77, 93, 155, 167, 199 Snyder, Janice, 131, 205 Snyder, John, 156 Snyder, Karen, 72 Snyder, Ronald, 112, 175 Sodon, Margaret. 93, 199 Soh, Jin, 93 Solter, Lance. 131 Songster. Thomas, 46, 236, 239 Sonksen. Calhy, 131 SOPHOMORES, 96 SORORITY RUSH, 144 Souhi. Clarence, 72, 175 South, Janet, 131 Southerling, Tommy, 163 Spangler, James, 219 Sparks, Carl, 93 Sparks, James, 46 Sparks. Trudy. 131 Spath. Martha. 46 Spellman, Norma, 72, 164, 166 Spencer. Mildred, 131 Spencer, Norman, 112 Spencer, Roberta, 131 Spiers, Jeane, 112 Spiker, Richard, 93 Spires, James, 131 Sponsler, Eva, 131 Spotts, Charles, 72, 172 Spratt, Karen, 131 Spriggs, Ann, 112 Spriggs, Dennis, 131 Springer, Brian. 112 Spruytte. Mary. 54. 72. 152, 153. 157, 162, 168, 198 Spurgeon, Nancy, 112. 165 Spurgin, Rose, 131 Squires, Holmes, 113 Srnka, Alfred, 46 Staggs, Rod, 113, 218 Staley, Judith, 131, 203 Stanley, Don, 131 Stansberry, Dan, 93 Stanton, Gary, 72 Stark, James, 131 Slatler, Nancy. 113 St. Clair, Richard. 46 Steele, Bobby, 131 Stees, Carolyn, 72, 168 Steffensmeier, James, 93 Steiner, Paggy, 93, 186, 198, 245 Steinlage, Henry, 219 Steinmetz, Eileen. 93. 153. 157. 163, 176, 183, 200 Steinmetz, Louis. 72, 183, 215 Stempel, Conrad, 131 Stephens, Carol, 131 Stephenson, David, 113 Stephenson, Enid, 131 Sterne, Ellen, 93, 113,201 Sterner, Jon, 72 Stevener. Ralph. 93, 174, 215 Stevens, Karen, 113 Stevens, Patricia, 131 Stevenson, Joseph, 52. 53 Steward, Karen, 131 Steward, Larry, 131 Stewart, John, 93 Stice, Donna, 72, 181, 189 Stiefel. Janice. 131 Stiegemeier. Ethel. 113 Stiffey. Robert. 131 Stiffler. Sue, 113 St. John, Judith, 131 Stoecklin, Janet. 113 STOKES STADIUM, 23 Stoll, Carol, 113 Stone. Carolyn, 49 Stone, Donnie, 73 .Stone, Elliot, 131 Stone. Robert. 218 Stone, Sharon. 113 Stone. Stuari. 213, 218 Stotts, John. 131.209 Strack, Juanita, 181. 190 Slrack, Mildred, 131, 176, 190 Strang, Robert, 73, 164 Strauch, Karen, 131, 203 Streeter, John, 73 Streett, Mary. 93 Strickler. Larry. 187. 236 Stringfellow. Janet, 93 Stroker, Janet, 93, 164, 180 Strother. Terrv. 168. 195 .Strultman. James. 113.213 Stuckey, Ronald. 113 STUDENT COUNCIL, 154 STUDENT MENTORS, 153 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, 164, 165 STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION, 179 STUDENT SOCIAL COMMITTEE. 155 Stufflebean. .Sharon. 131 Sturgeon, Carola, 93, 153, 162, 163, 164, 169, 172. 195 Stutz, Ronnie, 131 Suchland, John, 131, 181 Suddorth, John, 131 Sullivan. Betty. 73. 166 Sullivan. Peggy. 131 Sultzman, Carolyn. 73, 152, 153, 157, 162, 175, 204, 206 Sultzman, Joyce, 131 Suman, Jill, 93 Suzuki, Kenichi, 131. 190 Suzuki. Yuji. 131. 190 Swab, Howard, 93, 213 Swailes, Linda. 9.3. 179 .Swainey, Gary. 93 Swarlhout. Donald. 131 Swartz, Dale, 93 Swartz, Lauren, 113 Swasick, Alexia, 113 Swearengen, Joan, 131 Swenson, Carl, 131 Swienckowski, Carol, 179 Swingle, Gaye, 131 Swingle, Truman, 113 Swisher. Karia, 113 Swisher, Ricky, 113 .Sykes, Kenneth, 46, 154 Sykes, Leia, 53 Taft. Lawrence, 113 Talbert, Linda, 131 Taniguchi, Susan, 113 Tanner. John, 113, 213 Tapley, Linda, 131 Tarpley, Larry, 113, 213 Tartar, Lavonne, 73 Tate. Bryant, 73, 214 Tate. Halbcrt, 46 Taylor, Beverly, 93. 205 Taylor. Charles, 236 Taylor, David, 187. 226, 236 Taylor, Frances, 131 Taylor. Jim, 236 Taylor, Michael, 93 Taylor, Norman, 211. 236 Taylor. Rebecca, 131 Taylor, Roger, 93 Tayon, Phyliss, 181 TEACHERS COLLEGE INDEX, 158, 159 Teal, Shirlee, 113 Teasley, Lois, 73. 165. 176 Templeman. Jill. 113, 180 Ten Eyck, Paul, 113 TENNIS. 240 Tennyson, Harold, 131 Terry, Connie, 73, 142, 154, 204 Terry, Linn, 46 Teter, Hugh, 113, 169, 170, 172 Teter, Patricia, 73 Thacker. Vickie. 113. 166 Tharp, Mary Ann. 73. 199 Tharp, Sally, 131 Thayer, Elizabeth, 132 Thomas, Bernard, 113, 209 Thomas, James, 93, 236 Thomas, Jerry, 132 Thomas, Judith. 132 Thomas. Judy. 132. 185 Thomas. Kathleen, 49 Thomas, Keith, 164, 169, 172 Thomas, Linda, 93 Thomas. Price, 93 Thomas, Robert. 54. 73. 153. 156, 164, 175, 177. 183. 208 Thomas, Ron, 94, 187, 240 Thomas, Shirley, 73 Thomas, Wallace. 113 Thompson, Alice. 113 Thompson, Clayton. 114 Thompson. Clyde. 1 14 Thompson, Lyie. 132 Thompson. Nadine. 73 Thompson. Sandra. 132 Thompson. Steve. 73, 172 Thompson, Steven, 73. 152. 2.36, 239 ' :,!.inpson, Tomi, 209 Thompson, Virginia, 114, 203 Thielkeld, Dale, 114 Thrcclcmorton, Kirby, 73, 162, 163, 164 Thunnan, Nadine, 114. 188 Thurman. Mary Evelyn, 46, 188 Tieman, Frances, 46, 94, 164, 175, 183, 188, 201 Tillotson, John, 114, 191 Timinons, Velma, 114 Todd. . nne, 114. 205 Todd, Carol, 132 Tonethawom, Chardon. 53 Toofey, Norman, 132, 172 Toops, Betty, 94, 153, 174 Toops, William, 132 Tooping, Richard, 114, 240 Tosi, Laauli, 73 Towne, Ruth, 46, 200 Townsend, Mary, 114 Trafton, Sherry, 94 Trask, Harry, 132 Traxler, Jean, 94, 174, 201 Traxler. Jimmie, 73 Triplett, Claudine, 46 Troester, Kent, 132 Trowbridge, Delbert, 132 Trueblood, Jimmie, 94 Trueblood, Judy, 73 Trump. Ann, 74, 164, 169, 170 Trussell, Eugene, 138 Trussell, Karlene, 94, 201 Tucker, Gerald. 132 Tucker. Jackie. 132 Tucker, Jacklvn, 132 Turano, Peter, 46, 177 Turnbaugh. Wendy. 132 Turner, Andrea, 132, 203 Turner, Donald, 74 Turner, Janet, 94 Turner, Thomas, 132 Tuttle, Nancy, 94 Tuzik, Lynne, 94, 199 TWIRP WEEK, 148 U Ulett, James, 114, 190 Ulin, Jane, 94 Ulrich, Glenn, 114 Unger, Wiliam, 46 UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FEL- LOWSHIP, 191 Unkrich, Richard, 53 Unternaehrer, William, 132 Upchurch, Lynda, 94, 142, 152. 153. 157, 169, 170, 205 Usher, Robert, 215 Uskudarli, David, 74, 163, 190 Vaia, Mike, 218 VanDalen, Jerry, 74 VanDalen, Shiriey, 94, 165 Vandecnocke, Yolanda, 74 VandeKrol, Brenda, 114, 168 Vandekrol, Linda, 114 VanDom, Alice, 132 VanDusen, Nancy, 94, 203 VanDyke, Paul, 47 VanGorp, David, 94 VanHesley, Joyce, 74, 169, 170 VanHoutan, Shayronn, 114. 172 Vanlandingham, Linda, 132 Vanlandingham, Glen, 132 VanMarter, Judith, 94, 179 VanMatre, Glenn, 94 VarMeter, Gary, 114, 209 Vannier, Harold, 218 VanSickle, Elizabeth. 132 Vanskike, Gerald, 94 VanZante, William, 164, 192 Vargas, Vera, 132. 190 Varner, Gary, 132 Vass, James. 132 Vaughen. Ann. 114 Vaughan, Barbara, 132, 172 Venezia, Patricia, 94, 179 Verploeg, Kathleen, 132 Vetter, Georgina, 114, 201 Vetier, Thomas, 114, 163, 164, 193 Villars, Ronald. 219 Virdue. Louis, 211 Virzi, Jose, 132 Vize, Sharon, 94 Vogt, Edward. 94 Vohsen. Thomas, 114 VonBerg, Charles, 172 Vroom, Daryl, 132 Vukich, James, 132, 218 W Waddle, Floyd, 74, 156, 162, 165, 187, 193, 236 Wade, Daniel, 114 Wade, Judy, 234 Wade, Maurice, 47, 218 Wade, Nan, 36 Wadlin, James, 114 Waggoner, Arthur, 114 Walker, Dennis, 132 Walker, Donald, 47 TSalker, Elaine, 74 IXalker, Frank. 132 Walker. Gardner, 47 Walker, Gus, 236 Walker, Jerry, 132 Walker, Larry, 94 Walker, Rose, 132 Walker, Winston, 94, 215 Wallace, Alvin, 132 Wallace, John, 94 Wallace, Kathryn, 132 Wallace, Lorraine, 49 Walls, Sandra, 114, 179 Walsh. Frances, 47 Walters, Patsy, 132, 195 Walters, Ronald, 94 Walton. Charles, 74, 177, 209 Walton, Donald, 132 Walton, Gordon, 114 Ward, Judith, 132 Warden, Linda, 114 Ware. Penny, 94 Ware, Virgil, 74 Warner, .Martha, 132 Warnol, Wayne, 94 Washburn, Velma, 114 Washington, Sharron, 218, 236 Wa ylenko, Joanne, 94, 184, 199 Waterman, Bryan. 52, 219 Waterman. Sue, 49 Waters, Douglas, 47 Waters. Eddie, 114 Watkins, Carol, 114, 180, 1 89 Watson, Carolyn, 179 Walson, Frank, 74 Watson, Jackie, 132 Watson, Mayris, 114, 191 Watson, Shirley, 132 Watt, Finis, 115, 181 Watts, Charlotte, 74, 153, 157, 162, 163, 164, 175, 192 Watts, Kay, 115, 201 W alls, Robert, 74 Watts, William, 115, 213 Webb. Karl, 47 Webb, Richard, 74, 213 Webbor, Frances, 115 Webber, L.nda, 134 Weber, Jolene, 115 Weber. Ronald. 132 Weber. Vierow-Lynn. 95 Weekley. Joann, 184, 204 Weeks, Janeen, 115, 172 Weert , Richard, 47, 171 Wegener, Betty, 132, 169, 171. 172 Wehmer, James, 218 Wehraeyer, Evalyn, 132 Wehmeyer, Roxana, 115, 181 Wehner, Linda, 95 Weibel, John, 95 Weidner, Dixie, 74 Weigand, James. 53, 165, 183, 187, : Weikhert, Richard, 95 Weinstein, Joel, 95, 168 Weldon, Rex, 115 Wells, Robert, 133 Wells, Ruth, 74 Welpton, .Margaret, 74, 199 Welsh, Ardith, 133 Wcriing, Ron, 236 Wester, Charles, 95 Wetter. Brenda. 74, 153, 157, 205 Wheeldon, True, 74, 175 Wheeler, Glenn, 133 Wheeler, Hubert, 25 Wheeler, Robert, 95 Wheeler, Susan, 133 Wheelock, Carol, 133 Whelan, John. 115. 213 ' hisenand, Carolyn, 133 White, Alice, 115, 195 White, Eddie, 115, 183,215 White, Herbert, 133 White, John, 133 White, Karen, 133 White, Larry, 133 White, Linda, 115, 185 White. .Martha, 133, 199 White, Nancy, 133 White. William, 74, 166 Whitehead, Marcia, 133 Whitmore, Leland, 115 Whitson, Willie, 36, 166, 202 Whitt, John, 133, 169, 170 Whittom, Leona, 47, 2M WHO ' S WHO, 152 Whyte, Lloyd, 75 ckless, Barbara, 133, 168, 201 eman. Carol. 115 ke, Gary, 75, 215 ckstrom, Svea, 133, 190 Ibar, Richard, 133, 193 Icox, Russell, 133 les, Brenda, 133 Iford. Danny, 95, 190 Iden, Sherry], 178 Ikening, George, 133 Ikening. Max. 236 Iken . Theresa, 133 Hard, Marilyn, 95, 164, 181 Uev, Lestea, 75 lliams, Gerald, 115 lliams, Loyd, 115 Ihams, -Mary Ann, 49 lliams, Mary V.. 49 lliams. Rose. 95, 166 lliams, Sharon. 115 lliams, Stanley, 47 lliams, Thomas, 133 lliamson, Jeanette, 95, 175 lliamson, Jerry, 133 llingham, Kenneth, 95 His, Harold, 133, 172 His, Marlene, 115, 163 His, Temple, 115 Ison, Carol, 133 Ison, Elizabeth, 47, 180 Ison, Jeanne, 75 Ison, John. 75. 218 ls m, Joyce, 75 Ison, Karen, 75, 162, 164, 184, 185 Ison, Marvel, 75 Ison, .Mary, 96, 115, 186, 199 Ison, Michael, 95 Ison, Robert, 75, 172, 176 Wilson, Ruth. 179. 205 Wilson. Terry. 133 Wimp, Sarah, 47, 198 Winecup, .Micheal. 95 Winget, Terry, 115, 213 Winhold, Wiila, 95. 180 Winkleman. Linda. 133. 199 Winn. Harold, 133 Winter. Gary. 133 Winters. Wynona. 133 Wiskirchen, Robert, 115, 193 Witt. Thomas. 95, 213 W ..hiert, Sharon. 133 olf. Harold. 75 Wolf. John, 133 olf. Max. 75. 181 Wolf. Thomas. 75. 209 Wolff, David, 95 Wolff, Joanne, 75 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIA- TION, 185 Wood. Benny, 95, 178 Wood, Donnie, 133, 172 Wood, Everett. 95 Wood. Janet. 95. 179 Wood, Linden, 133 Wood. Roger. 133 Woodburn. Betty, 133 Woodford, Stephen, 133 Woods, Charles, 95, 195 Woods. Dale. 47 Woods. Esther, 179 Woods, Vetra, 75, 162, 163, 165, 174, 176 Workman, Charles, 115 Worland. Patsy. 133 Worrell. Elizabeth. 47. 168 Worrell. James, 170 ' rasmann, Georgia, 133 ray, Larry, 133 Wright, Barbara, 95. 142. 168, 199 Wright, Charies, 95 Wright, Daniel, 133 Wright. Francis. 75. 153. 169 Wright, Franklin. 133 Wright, Janice, 95 Wright, John, 218 Wright, Kenneth, 115,209 Wright, Robert, 33 Wright, Sharon, 95, 183, 203 Wyrick, Beth, 115 Vackley, Eleanor. 95. 152, 153, 155, 163, 165, 174. 176. 189. 191 Yearian, Sara. 95, 201 Yilmaz, Besim, 115, 190 Yim, Selina, 75, 190 Voder, Dorothy. 95, 180 Yoon, Young, 53 Young, Bvron, 75 YOUNG DEMOCRATS, 183 Young, Hanr, 133 YOUNG REPUBL1CAN.S, 183 Youngberg, Karen, 115, 195 Younker, Donald, 75, 152, 174 Yount, Carolyn, 133 Yowell. Linda, 75 Yowell, Mary, 133 Yowell, Patricia, 115, 193 Yuchs. Barbara.. 75 Yue, Paul, 95 Zeigler, Arthur, 133 Zeigler, Caria, 133 Zepka, Ed. 115. 163. 213,218 Zimmerman, Larry, 133 Zimmerman, Raymond, 95, 241 Zuckerman, Arnold, 47 Our 1964 yearbook is published in memory of the 35th President of the United States. John Fitzgerald Kenne dy A word in conclusion. . . Page 260, the end of the book, the end of another school year, and for many of you the end of college. Page 260, a wonderful opportunity to heap laurels of glory on my staff and gel a little sentimental over all the fun and headaches it ' s been. I wish to express a sincere thank you to llinda Luther, business manager, for her support and cooperation throughout the year. This year there was another victory over censorship, deadlines and janitors. There was the usual setbacks caused by sorority presidents, budgets and lack of time. As every editor before me, I had the ideal of perfection in mind. But as the book progressed, we became bogged doivn with picture schedules, layout problems, and unwritten copy; perfection ivas replaced by " get it done. " I wanted to tell you about Northeast Missouri; but some things didn ' t fit, the rest were illegal. Success or failure? This must be answered by you; for I am too close to judge objectively. And each of you will have a different answer; for each, as an individual views the College from a different point. If in some way, the magnitude of the College has been conveyed, then the exist- ence of the 1964 ECHO is justified. ROBERT BYG THINK BYG!

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