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l3'3fxNLJ"J7-- Ll, C. x xcxqg in.,-2 -i.g..--..... .Z "'.,.T'-. weve.-14 'Q N. nj 1 S21 kr. ,I 'ff v- ,.k,. f r r i I 1 1 5 1 1 i Z cfzlvtf' Y i V,-7, 1 J! I1 11 11 ,Aly I 1 ,X W -J -., -, ..f, ,q 1 1 , 1 1' 1 111' 1 ,1 J 1 --' '1 1 1 1 . 1 1' 11, .f . , , K' 1 1 1 1 .f- 1 f 1 1 1 x ,f X ,1 1, ,1 , , 4, , . , ,,. 1 1 1 ,V . . 1' ',f',."- ' fy -" ,ff ' V' Y, 1,1 1 121' , N I C, f I I fx , :ff , , 1' . , 1 1 -' 1 1 , X, , Y gf .1 of ,1 1 1. 1 pl, 11 d' 1 ,ff f pf' 1 1, 1 f 1 1' '1 , ,' 2 ' ' 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 ' W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . , 1 1 52 ,. In The Foreword OVER 1,000 FACES- From President Ryle to the newest freshman, from formal poses of Homecoming or Echo Queens to fightin' action shots of the M.l.A.A. Champion Bulldogs, from technicolor opening pages to cartoon-packed division pages, and a host of officers, clubs, fraternities, sororities, classes, plays, lettermen, Trump Night, Homecoming, four snap pages-they'I'e all here! Little Sir Echo, theme of the past three Echoes, has been put to rest . . . This year lt's Who We Are, lt's What We Do . . . and especially, ITS YGU! Contents 0 ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY O STUDENTS O ORGANIZATIOINVS, ACTIVITIES O ATHLETICS u h ll' 4 ell? G .3 vp, .N I A! MAA" 0447217 2 - X, -9 K x., 9 1 V fix XX Qqgw C J gy I l K6-T ' X Z 4 -V' ERA D ,-' -':f5?iQ?rf:,-.. jg. 1. if fc 5 IX QA Z if X Xflf LD! REALTOR 1 9 CT 'SS' Q23 tj C32 CJ f kd Qc, Ivy-I 2-W:-X X' 'L-'-1 ,fl A 14dm6n64,L'fzafz'c'an and 7wf5fv be Nx MFT State Commissioner of Education HUBER1' WPIEELER Regent Ex-Ojfcin Hubert Wheeler, State Commissioner of Education, who carries out the duties ofthe State Board of Education, is supervisor of all of Missou1'i's public schools. To keep in close contact with the policies and management ofthe college, he meets with the Board of Regents of our college as an ex-oflicio member. Among the duties of M1'. Vvfheeler is the execution of the general functions of the State Board of Education: the improving of all phases of instruction concerned with public education, health, and general Welfare of learners on various levels, and the assisting in effectively organizing, managing, and financing the education pro- CHESTER C,q3,,Lv,m State .yllf76I'1Ji.IOJ' of Public .Ychoolr gram of the State. N0l'fQ6d.fB Mirrazrri Di.rtric,f 0311661 zrz Sbelbuza, Mo. GLENN XVALKER Arm Impertor of Afilllff E!!IlL'!lIi071 Nm'rbm.rr MiI.f0Ill'i Dirtrict Pickler Nlmzorial Library Page 8 Board of Regents --A-f The highest administrative and govern- ing body of the Teachers College is the Board of Regents, composed of seven members. Members of this year's Board of Regents were: W. A. Cable, Hannibal, president, P. M. Marr, Milan, vice-president, Ed- ward E. Swain, Kirksville, secretary, Herbert I. Sears, La Plata, W. A. Bagley, Shelbinag and Newton Waples, Kahoka. Hubert Wheeler, State Commissioner of Top raw: W. A, CABLE, Hannibal, preridmrg W. A. BAGLEY, Shelbinag EDWARD E. SWATN, Kirks ville, .rerret1nj', Education, is a member ex-officio of the .femzrl row: HERBERT I. SEARS, La Platag P. M. MARR, Milang vice-prcrideutj NEWTON WAPLES Board ' Kahoka. -cf , if jk From row: EDWARD E. SWAIN, W. A. CABLE, P. M. MARK. .SlH'07I6lI'01lJ.' Du. WALTER H. RYLE, HERBERT I. SEARS, W. A. BAGLEY, NEWTON XVAPLES Page 9 Maltz and Dad pare with Prexitimr R yfe on Parmt.r Day, imlmlirzgg Mr. Clifton C0l'lI1llE'.'!, taprexentizzg the parmtx of the Jnpbomore cl:1.rJ,' Licfrt. F. H. Dezzniron, j1z11ior'ofu.r.r,'Ml'. W. A. Bfzzgfqy, fmrbwotz tfu.r.r, :mtl Mfr. F. C. Hvinzvr, .rwior chin fobmtv Koo ptefentf bit portrait of Pnarirletzt Kyle IVz7L'i72g tlw "Old Hitkofg' Stick," Dr. R-We situ another um over Mfzrjwilfc In I. , f - M 'X is 2.-,Z 123222 ' 225222 ....-as Q 23 to 2 ff. .gp- i ,, 1? U fr .J 5, Cbdgging gf flu' I-Iirtoriml .Yoriety Bmzgzzels Dr. Rfrlv, H .I .H , Arcbdzzke Ottoj Charlet Exrerline, Hiftorimf Xoriezj' President President DR, XVALTER H. RYLE Prefidnzt Nortlvmrt Mirxufzri State Teachers College Dr. Walter H. Ryle, who has been President of the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College since 1937, has maintained the highest standards for the college. President Ryle, a thorough scholar, makes every effort to see that the students of the college have the best in faculty and equipment. Many improvements, both in educational programs, faculty, and in beautifying the physical aspects of the campus have been made during his years at the Teachers College. Under President Ry1e's administration the college has maintained an outstanding teacher-education program and a campus that is one of the most beautiful in the state. The President is always available for consultation and finds time for MRS.R1'LE . ' . friendly visits all over the campus. M:XUREEN WILLIfXMS AND SHIRLEY WARES Scrretflrier Page 11 ssistant to the Gffice of Pre iclent Romain' L. MCKINNEY A.r.ri.rtant to tlrr Offs: nf the Prerizivn! The assistant to the President, Lt. Col. Robert Mcliiniiey, has the main function of representing the president, both on and off the campus. Having served the past three years as special assistant to the Inspector General at the Pentagon in Washington, Col. McKinney is this year serving as Inspector General of the 417th Engineer Aviation Brigade in the Far East. This office maintains the Alumni Bureau, develops a sound public rela- tions program, and prepares many of the official publications for the college. CHARLES ELAM Alumni .Y 8L'I'Ef1Il:l' The business of the Office of the Registrar is to preserve the integrity of the credit of the Teachers College and to keep the academic books of the school. lt is the duty of this oflice to admit students, to keep a complete record of the credits of all students, and to prepare a list of those appli- cants who meet all of the requirements for graduation. ORv1LLz BOWERS Relgirtrm' Registrar WANDA Fzucms FRANCES LINGENFELTER .S'ec1'ctafj' .S'6Cl'6f61Ij' Page 12 Page 13 Dean of Instruction Dr. P. 0. Selby vvas appointed Dean of Instruction last August, 1954, by the Board of Regents, succeeding Dr. Robert Aukerman. Dr. Selby had previously served as Head ofthe Division of Business Education and as Acting Dean for two summer quarters. DR. P. O. Ssuar Demz of Imtrzzrtimz The primary duty of-Dean Selby as Dean of Dr. Selby at hir new dark nr Dum of Ifutrlzrtion Instruction is conducting the educational pro- gram ofthe Teachers College. In all his activi- ties he works closely with the OHice of the President and the Office of the Registrar. Among his duties are formulating and acti- vating a program of supervision of instruction, acting as chairman of the Division of Instruc- tional Service, acting as chairman of the Fac- ulty Council, the Graduate Council, and the Curriculum Committee. The Dean has full charge of all arrange- ments for the Baccalaureate and Commence- ment services. In addition he supervises a program of registration for the students, pre- pares the general bulletin of the college, the schedule of classes, and arranges the weekly assembly programs. BETH HARING .lwEL'I'6l!l1:Q' ELI F. M1'rrLEn Head of the Dizfixiwz of Extension .S'cr11ire The Division of Extension Service deals with those activities which extend the services of the college to all communities of northeast Missouri. This division is divided into several bureaus. Among these bureaus are the Placement Bureau, which assists students and alumni in securing positions for which they are qualified, the Field Service, which seeks to inform high school students as to the nature of modern educational problems, and the Correspondence and Extension Learning which aids those who are unable to attend the college. One bureau directs the high school academic contests held on the campus each year, and another has charge of a rental library of films. The Division of Extension Service HELEN BULICK AND CAROLE STOOKEY .ferretarier RICHARD ST. CLAIR NOAH P. RICH1XRDSON FOREST L. Cnooxs Field Cozmnlar Dirertor' of Bllrealz of Cormrpandmce mul Dirertor of Audio-Viflzal Ednmliorz and C071 Lemuel Extemiorz Teething Program Servzce I Page 14 The Division of Bu in ss Service Page 15 'L we MRS. CARTER MRS. BLACK .S'f:nolg1wplvic Offife .S'wiIcbbom'rl Operator PETE Nicourrri Hood of the Diviriou of B1f.rim'J.r .S'c1'oirc The Division of Business Service is responsible for taking care of the business and financial books of the Teachers College. Through this division all institutional purchases and disbursements are made. lt has charge of the store rooms and warehouses of the college. A stenographer and duplicating serv- ice for the faculty are also main- tained by this division. PHYLLIS DUDGEON KATEILEEN Boi-ioN SHIRLEY K1NG Boolekevper Bookkeeper .Ytezzogfaplver DR. C. H. ALLEN Head of the Diuisinn af Perromzel .Slfrvice Dealing with personal problems of the student body is the Division of Personnel Service, under the direction of Dr. C. H. Allen. Through this division assistance with health, economic, social, educational, and vocational prob- lems is given. The Office of the Dean of Women is a part of the Division of Personnel Service. She is responsible The Division of Personnel Service for setting up a social calendar of activities on the campus. The Dean of Women, Dr. Pauline Knobbs, is also in charge of student housing. She assists the student The in social or personal problems. social sororities on the campus work with this office through the Pan Hellenic Council, of which Dr. Knobbs is sponsor. DR. PAULINE KNOBBS LULA ALLEN DR. RALPH HOUSE COIlll.l'f!0I' Director af Clinical Service Dorm of Wo171r'17 Page 16 , -1 ANDREW Snooxc DR. JOHN L. BIGGERSTAFF, JR. ALMA K. ZOLLER Direftar of Speech Clinic College Phyfician College Nzzrrc -it 'L '-agaemaihi... t , dmissions Office Q JF' -yr' KATHERINE KEARNEY Page 17 .ikrrrtmy enroll in the college. through this ofice. doing the photography for the school, which is used for illustrating ofhcial publications of this school and for a matter of record. The Admissions Office, under the super- vision of Kenneth C. Sykes, Director of Ad- missions, was created to assist prospective students before they arrive on the campus to Both by mail and personal contacts, ques- tions about many subjects are answered Other duties of this oflice include the opera- tion of the news bureau for the college, and A Ufjfical day in flu' Perronnel Office-Bugf I KENNETH C. Sums Dircrtar of Adminiorzr Ojice The Division of HOWARD G. MORRIS Head af the Diviriazz of .Nlzzirzmzrnzce .Ycrvice The job of keeping the buildings and grounds of the Teachers College in good shape is carried out through the Division of Mainteiiance Service. Painting, repairing and cleaning the buildings, and planting flowers and shrubs, shoveling snow and keeping the lawns in good condition, have made a most beautiful campus. Under the direction of the Head of the Division, Howard Morris, there are engineers, custodians, firemen, carpenters, painters, electricians, night watchmen, and gardeners I Ba-rw Rosanenny .Yeclvmrjy . :Q ,W Front row, lefr to right, LEO SAMUELS, W. E. PATTERSON, O. E. HAWKINS, TED LAIR, CHARLES SPBARs, EUGENE BARCLAY, LORA Kam. Serofzd raw: DAN FUNK, HARLIE HANES, CARMIE Nnzcs, S. P. HOLMAN, CARL GUPFEY, ERNEST BAUER, B. L. Moons. Maintenance Service Page 18 Libraries and Mu eum The Pickler Memorial Library, named for a former faculty member, has over 125,000 books, including public documents, pamphlets, bound periodicals, and bound newspapers. The library also houses several special collections, including the Glenn Frank Memorial Library, the Laughlin contribution of research, a Missouriana collection, collections of children's literature, and the john R. Kirk Library. The Violette Museum is housed in the basement of the John R. Kirk Memorial. It houses a collection of antiques and souvenirs, such as a suit of me- dieval armor, guns, a loom, and farm machinery used in early American l times. Many people donate articles which they wish to have preserved. DirertorafLi5rarie.fa:zdM11Je1m1r ETHEL H0014 SYLVA Bxowm: Bsssuz BROWNING Libw'm'im1 Cumloglzer Bottom Leff: James Neilson gives visiting parents and students a tour ofthe Violette Museum in the basement of Kirk Memorial. Bottom Right: Students study for finals in the main reading room of Pickler Library. Page 19 I .44-WK, B .zki tudent Hou in Big nevvs in the dormitories this year was the opening of Nason Hall to men students, as well as a newly-painted Rose Lounge and a spanking-new television set .Skfruirzg bzmdrwlr af Jmderzz r-eridezztr are left to right: Richard McAnaw, Missou Hall student assist- ant, Mrs. Eva Ewing, Housemother, Onie May Conlon, student assistant in Blanton, Mac How- ard, student assistant in Nason and Dorm C. in Blanton. Providing accommodations for over 265 students, Blanton and Nason Halls boast Rosie RANSOM Cafeterizz Marzager maple furnishings, cafeteria, lounges, laun- dry rooms, table-tennis rooms, and the ever-ready Snack Bar filled with goodies. Besides Nason, men students also reside in Dorm C, the re-modeled Missou Hall and the "Kennel" athletic dorm for the Bulldogs. For married students, 40 large low-rent apartments are available. These apart- ment may be obtained either furnished or unfurnished. Blmztarz mul Nzumz Hallrf Pretty at n Pirtnrc Dorm C0,,,,fi1 0-fm-1 pause in Rafe Lounge, left to right: Betty Overton, treasurer, Pat Redding, secretary, Ianvs Ann Murphy, president, Onie May Conlong Darlene Rettinghaus, vice-president. Page 20 'wizliio "Good to tha' lax! bin" my fkexe hungry .rtlzdentf in Blanton Cafeteria If Sarlrn 10011111 0120 some to Nafon . . . -x ws ,v" -1- Mixfozz Hall Mevz Taka Time Out From .ftzzdiex mm' TV in .X " lx C Xl J ' S91 Thy' danced at V11fe11ri1ze'.r l-. fi Ami Ibeg' .rl1m'iof1, foo! Home Economics MARGARET WARHURST, Instructor in Home Economics, Head, Division of Home Economics, A.A., Christian College, B.S. in Ed., M.Ed., University of Missouri, Graduate student, North- east Missouri State Teachers College. GERALDINE Goscu, Instructor in Clothing 8: Textiles, A.B., Southwestern College, Winfield, Kans., Student, Colorado Uni- versity, Wichita University, Kansas State, M.S., Kansas State, Manhattan. LLQRA B. MAGEE, Professor Emeritus of Home Economics C195-0, Student, Stout Institute, Ph.B., University of Chicago, A,M., Ph.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota. l M Hmlrlw and Plyriml Education Faculty Health and Physical Education Top Row: NORMAN E, Wnrre, Professor of Physical Education, Head, Di- vision of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Iowa State Teachers College, M.Ed., Uni- versity of Missouri, Ph,D., Indi- ana University. KENNETIi L. G.ARDNBR, Instructor in Physical Education, Track Coach, B.S. in Ed., A.M., North- east Missouri State Teachers College. W, BOYD KING, Instructor in Physical Education, Basketball Coach, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., University of Missouri. DELBERT E. MADDOX, Part-time Instructor in Physical Education, B.S. in Education, Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University. Strait!! Row: MfXRY ANN Mooic, Assistant Instructor in Physical Education, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College. MARTHA SPATH, Instructor of Physical Education for Women, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., Uni- versity of Missouri. MAuR1cE XVADE, Football Coach, A.B., University of Tulsa, A.M., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College. ALMA K. ZOLLER, Instructor in Health, College Nurse, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, R.N., Englewood Hospital School of Nursing, Chicago. Page 22 Science and Mathematics .Yrimre and MKlfl76.'I2Hfif.f Frrrzzfzjv Top Row: WRAY M. Russian, Professor of Chemistry, Head, Division of Science and Mathematics, Student, Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.B., University of Missouri, M.S., Uni- versity of Chicago, Ph.D., University of Southern California. Max E. BELL, Associate Professor of Botany, BS., Parsons Col- lege, MS., Ph.D., Iowa State College. Jomsr D. BLACK, Professor of Zoology, A.B., University of Kan- sas, A.M., University of Indiana, Ph.D., University of Michigan. .Yerwd Raw: W1Lr.xsJ, BRAY, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, C1952D, B.Pd., State Normal School, Cape Girardeau, A.B., B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D., University of Missouri. Lewis C. CLEVENGER, Professor Emeritus C1950 of Botany, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., George Peabody College, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Ph.D., Cornell University. James E. Carries, Professor of Physics, BS., Washington State College, A.M., Columbia University, Ph.D., Indiana University. Third Row: G. HAROLD Jamison, Professor of Mathematics, B.S., A.M., University of Chicago, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, University of Missouri. ALBERT P. KLINE, Professor of Chemistry, Student, Harvard University, Boston University, Temple University, A.B., Mary- land College, Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University. VIV1AN W. KL1Na, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Lincoln Memorial University, A.M., Western Maryland College, Graduate Student, The Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University. Fnlzrfb Row: DEAN A. Rosnmsnv, Professor of General Science, B.S, in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Kirksville, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Graduate Student, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn. Business Education CHARLES E. KAUZLARICH, Professor of Business Education, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg A.M., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. EUGENE CROARKIN, Instructor in Business Education, B.S. in Ed., A.M., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Student, Wright junior College, Northwestern University. HAROLD M1cKELsoN, Instructor in Business Educationg B.S. in Ed., A.M., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Graduate Student, Indiana University. Second Row: RALPH Moran, Associate Professor of Business Education, A.B., A.M., Ohio State University, Graduate Student, University of California, Indiana University. PAUL O. SBLBY, Professor of Business Education and Dean of In- struction, B.S. in Ed., State Normal School, Student, North- western Universityg A.M., University of Missouri, Ph.D., Uni- versity of Iowa. Bzzrirzerr Edzzratian Farulry i l Orno L. BARNETT, Assistant Professor of Drafting, Head, Division of Practical Arts, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teach- ers Collegeg M.Ed., University of Missouri. IqORVELL C. ALLEN, Assistant Professor of Agricultureg B.S. in Agriculture, A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, University of Missouri, University of M1nnesota. DUANE R. COLE, Instructor in Metals, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, M.S., Iowa State College. XVILLIAM T. MINOR, Assistant Professor of Woodworking, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, M.S., Iowa State College, Graduate Student, Iowa State College, Bradley University. Practical Arts Practical Art.: Faculty Page 24 Top Row: LUCY Smiwiows, Professor of Amer- ican History, Head, Division of Social Science, A.B., B.S. in Ed., University of Missouri, A.M., University of Chicago, Graduate Student, Columbia University, University of Southern Califor- nia, Ph.D., University of Colo- rado. WALTER A. BRQWNE, Professor of Geography, A.B., Southwest State College, Springfield, A.M., Ph.D., George Peabody College for Teachers. EARL C. CUNNINGHAM, Professor of Religious Education and Phi- losophy COn Leavey, A.B., West Virginia University, B.D., Col- gate-Rochester Divinity School, M.S., University of Missouri, Ed.D., University of Missouri. HANIILTON P. EASTON, Associate Professor of Modern European History, A.B., A.M., University of Michigan, Ph.D., University of Texas. 5' CC071!! Rauf: JAMES F. Hoon, Assistant Pro- fessor of Early European History, A.B., M.H., Ph.D., University of Illinois. PAULINE D. KNo13ns, Associate Professor of Social Science Educa- tion and Dean of Women, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A,M,, Ph.D., George Peabody College, Grad- uate Student, University of Chi- cago, University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, Rosen- wald Fellow, George Peabody College, 1943-1944. GILBERT C. Konumnano, Asso- ciate Professor of English History, A.B., Shurrleff College, Alton, A.M., Washington University, Ph.D., University of Illinois. EUGENE A. MAWHINNEY, Asso- ciate Professor of Government, B.S. in Ed. A.M. University of Third Raw: No-YoNo P,-iruc, Research Lecturer on World Peace and Far Eastern Affairs, A.B., University of Minnesota, A.M., Ph D Harvard University, Lecturer at New School of Social Research, New York, Western Reserve University, University of Minnesota BJNG KUN Sumo, Assistant Professor of Economics, A.B., National Peiping University, M.S., Oregon State College Ph D Uni versity of Wisconsin. , , , Maine, Graduate Student, Uni- RUTH Towmz, Assistant Professor of American History, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A,M University versity oflllinois. of Missouri, Ph.D., University of Missouri, American University, Washington, D.C. l L. Page 25 Social Scienc Lan ua e and Literature Ldllglldgf mm' LffCI'a'llI1'E Faculty Tap Rau-'.' ROBERT M. RODNEY, Professor of Literature, Head, Division of , Language and Literature, B.S., 5 Trinity College, A.M., University K of Michigan, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin . BERENICE B. BEGGS, Assistant Professor of English Education, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers, Graduate Student, Uni- versity of Missouri, University of Southern California, Northwest- ern University. SHEROD J. Co1.L1Ns, Assistant Pro- fessor of Speech, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, State University of Iowa. VERA E. FAWCETT, Associate Pro- fessor of English, B.S. in Ed., Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, A.M., University of Kansas, Ph.D., George Peabody College, Graduate Student, Uni- versity of Iowa. Scrorzd Row: I-IANS H. HAGEhIiXNN, Associate Professor of German, A.B., Clark University, A.M., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Wisconsin, Graduate Student, University of Berlin. JACK HENSLEY, Instructor in Dra- matics, B.A., Southeast Missouri State College, Ca e Girardeau, M.S., University 0? Wisconsin. Fiona KEIXRNEY, Assistant Pro- fessor of Literature, A.B., College of William and Mary, A.M., Radcliffe College, Ph.D., Uni- versity of Maryland, Student, Tulane University. Vxota A. MiXGEE, Instructor in Latin, 13.5. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Graduate Student, University of Colorado, Vanderbilt University, A.M., George Peabody College. Thin! Row: MICHEL Rom: Rfxrviou, Associate Professor of Spanish, B.A., Saint John Baptist College, Barcelona, Spain, A.M., Washington University, St. Louis, Graduate Student, Northwestern University. ANDREW Suooic, Associate Professor of Speech Correction, B.A., College of the Pacific, A.M., College of the Pacific, Stockton. AGNES SLEMONS, Assistant Professor of English and Journalism, Graduate, Mary Baldwin Seminary, Staunton, Virginia, B.S. in Ed., A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, University of Missouri, Northwestern University. NAN E. WADE, Professor of Modern Languages, A.B., B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, Uni- versity of Indiana, National University of Mexico, Private Study in Europe. Fourth Row: ELIZABETH WVORRELL, Instructor of Speech, A.A., Hardin College, B.S., University of Missouri, M.S., Northwestern University, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin, Northwestern University. Page 26 Top Raw: KARL E. WEEE, Professor of The- ory and Instrumental Music, Head, Division of Fine Arts, Stu- dent, Milliken Conservatory, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., Uni- versity of Missouri, Graduate Stu- dent, University of Iowa, Uni- versity of Michigan, George Peabody College. JOHN L. BIGGERSTAFF, Professor Emeritus of Music QIQSD, B,M., American Conservatory, Chicago, Certificate in Composition, Insti- tute of Musical Art of thejuilliard School of Music, New York City. KURT BALLARD, Assistant Pro- fessor of Applied Arts, Student, National Academy of Design, New York City, B.S. in Ed., Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, Student, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers. DEAN B. BOWMAN, Instructor of Fine Arts COn LeaveD, B.F.A., University of Nebraska, M.F,A., State University of Iowa, Grad- uate Student, State University of Iowa, Special Study, Art Students League of New York City. ...E a:..,.:et.:a1-sy , X. f- ls- -wg, 2 '- -:zaiasfz:sa:asa:as:a:5:5S5:a.s- -- r :,......s:ev::f::::,..- -:f:.,, Aw :f::i:'t,,5:, -, ,sgag:,e,.,v::gg--:Era,ea5:-,ts A ff 5 .rr-gf r -- 9 Q ..: aw gglw. .,., N, ,,..wQYvg Q. XZ vs K s ' Nasa Ffa? aaa Q ess, A' ,,, Ygeifa 'Stas was Sv YS' Q f Y' 133 'Misa 555 as s my sbs .v if aa af SWS , A gtiegaiaisf ' eva-,143 mags Ss X04 W aw , Neff! 9 J .Strand Raw: I'IAROLD CLEVELAND, Assistant , Y Professor in Band Music CTem- poraryD, B.S. in Ed., A.M., Northeast Missouri State Teach- ers College, Student, University of Missouri. ff . -. .r-'-,.::t-g:. - V , viii. E5if'::I:3?,-53' -ggf 86. 3.1.3 :V 4g,::,,rg:gqy.::5., . - , sz--. z"W'x1 - 'ig' EE. 'E,::.: . -.59 '. . s: . V " :-S-h::l:52:E:E5f.':. -Q . Sfitft' I it zaevsili, 1 . . 5 ---- , . . - .A IRENE DAILEY, Instructor in Piano and Theory, B.S. in Ed., North- east Missouri State Teachers Col- lege, Student, American Conserva- tory of Chicago, M. Music, Northwestern University School of Music. Jomsr C. GOETZE, Instructor in Instrumental Music, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teach- ers Colle eg A.M., State Uni- versity o Iowa, Graduate Stu- . dent, University of Iowa. LEON C. KAREL, Associate Professor of Theory, B. Mus., A.M., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. Third Raw: Fnanaruc A. KTRCIKISERGEIX, Associate Professor of Piano, Graduate State Conservatory, Wuerzburg, Germany, Student, Klind- worth Conservatory, Berlin, Germany, Diploma, juillard School of Music, New York, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity, Student under Mayr-Mahr, Berlin, H. Zilcher, Wuerzburg. NITA RUTH PATTERSON, Instructor of Applied Arts CTemporaryD, B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia University, Student, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin, Claremont College, Syracuse University, U.S.C., Washington University, University of Hawaii. PAUL Srnun, Assistant Professor of Band Music COn LeaveD, B.S. in Ed., A.M., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Grad- uate Student, Indiana University, University of Kansas. RALPH E. XIALENTINE, Associate Professor of Music Education, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Student, State University of Iowa, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia University, Graduate Student, University of Missouri, Columbia University, Student of Voice under Alvin Wilson, D. R. Gebhart, Hans Se-itz, William lluanasheck, Paul Althouse. F0Ill'1'l7 Row: PHRAIJIE XVELLS, Assistant Professor of Vocal Music, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Student of Voice under Oscar Saeger, William A. Brady, Estelle Liebling, William A. Bachner, Member of Metropolitan Opera Company, 1922-34. Fine Arts Fnmlgw Page 27 Fine Arts Fino? Raw: IVAN E. MILLER, Professor of Education, Head of Division of Education, B. Mus., Colorado State College, A.M., Ed.D., University of Denver. C. H. ALLEN, Professor of Psychology, Head of the Division of Personnel Service, Graduate, Mississippi State Normal College, Hattiesburg, B.S., A.M., Ph.D., George Peabody College for Teachers, Graduate Student, University of Chicago. Fouasr L. Cnooxs, Director of Audio-Visual Education, Instruc- tor in Education, B.S. in Education, Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, University of Missouri. .Strand Row: RALPH House, Professor of Remedial Reading, Director of Clin- ical Service, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., University of Missouri, Ed.D., Pennsylvania State College. GLENN F. LESLIE, Professor of Elementary Education, B,S. in Ed., Central Missouri State College, Warrensburgg A.M., Ed.D., University of Missouri. CHARLES W, MARTIN, Professor of Education, B.S. in Ed., State Teachers College, Cape Girardeau, A.M., Ph.D., University of Missouri. Third Row: ELI F. Ml1TLER, Head of Division of Extension Service, Assistant Professor of Education, B.S. in Education, Central Missouri State College, A.M. University of Missouri, Graduate Student, Univer- sity of Missouri. CLARENCE MURPHY, Associate Professor of Guidance, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., Uni- versity of Missouri. PETE NICOLETTI, Head of Division of Business Service, Instructor in Education, B.S. in Ed., Southwest Missouri State College, M.A, in Ed, University of Missouri. Fourth Row: SALLII3. PATTINSON, Assistant Professor in Rural Education, B.S., A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, Uni- versity of Missouri, Teachers College, Columbia University, University of Chicago. Faux ROTHSCHILD, Professor of Secondary Education, Director of Student Teaching, A.B,, University of Missouri, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia University, Graduate Student, University of Southern California, Teachers College, Columbia University. WILLIE WI-IITSON, Associate Professor of Primary Education, Director Student Teaching, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., George Peabody College, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago. wel I' Lau -w:...4 ml a i Education E rllzcfztian F zztulgf Page 28 a J fm' Q1 'ETS' 6 li 4""N -JCZBK 15.57 'lk an 'Era 4, 'E'- K---.- .Y MNRINNMNWWW X X S N ..g'.""'l vti FI' 1-:J f X 'J-:W --E9 W W E--',.T-,..++"'7-'3 N ,K 'Q' K- viwjiff fd Q J! 311525 ia :xr M? 1? Q fka Q., page A A l Graduates Graduate Ojfcem, left to fight: WILLIAM CUNDIFF, Comzcilmmz EDWARD Cox, Prefident WILLIAM MITCPIELL, Vice-Prexidezzr SAMUEL SELLERS, .S'ec1'etmy-Trefzmrer Not pictured: MARX' ANN Moox, Cozmcilwammz JAE DOCK CHUNG Seoul, Keorzl Bzuifzesf Admirziitmtiorz EDVVARD Cox Troy Mzzfic Edzcceztiozz ROBERT CROW Centerville, Ia. MuJ'ic HASSAN HAKKAK Baghdad, Iraq Bzzfizfeu Education NATHANIEL LAPITAN Philippines Bzefizzeu Educeztiwz HAROLD LIE Seoul, Korea. Ecaflamicf JAMES NEILSON O'Fallon Hiftofy JAMES NEWMAN Kirksville Imizutrifzl Educatimz Phyyicfzl Edncatim CHAN HYUN PAK Pusan, Keorea Political Science BONIFACIO SIBAYAN Philippines Gzzidmzce Eucnmo ToMoYosE Okinawa .facial Science ERLINDA VoN HEILAND Mum Philippines Page 32 CHARLES ACUFF BIlJ'i126J'.l' Educfztion Kirksville Sigma Tau Gamma, '53-'55, NORMAN ATKINSON Imlwtrial Amr Bowling Green O. D. AUSTIN Physical Edzzmtimz Mexico K-Club, '53-'55, Football Letterman, '51-'54, Track. ALEJANDRO AVILEZ Mzzfic Sanderson, Texas Aeolian Club, '54-'55, RON BAILEY Engliflv, Speech Mt, Pleasant, la. Blue Key, '53-'55, Kappa Delta Pi, '54-'55, Pi Kapa Delta, '53-'55, College Players, President, '54-'55, Alplia Kappa Lambda, President, '54-'55g Councilmember-atelarge, '54-'55, Regents Debate Award, '54, Interfraternity Council, President, '54-'55, Alpha Phi Sigma, '53-'55, Who's Who, '54-'55, Debate, '53-'55, Student Mentor, '5-4. VIRGINIA BAKER Bzarineff Education Summersville Colhecon Club, '52-'55. FRANCES BALDRIDGE Elevzentmjy Edumtiwz Newtown Cardinal Key, '53-'55, Kappa Delta Pi, '53-'55, JACK BECK Pbyfiml Edzzmtiozz Edina "K" Club, '53-'55, Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55Q King of Hearts, '54g Vice-President Senior Class, '54-'55, Basketball Letterman, '52-'55, All-Conference M.I.A.A, Basketball, NAIA Second Team, '55, Track. ALDEN BING HAM Hixtmy Kirksville Historical Society, '54-'555 Romance Language Club, '54-'555 International Club, '54-'55. Page 33 Seniors Senior Clan Ojicerf, left to right: JACK BECK, Vice-Prexident LINDA HEIMER, Cazuzcilwoman RUSSELL HARRISON, Prefidefzt BETTY GOAD, Secretary-Tr'mJzz1'er MAC HOWARD, Cazmcilman I 'Y'f'W-I ,I, . i "i i A Xin! Seniors I Qzisqw, 5 Y, .II . ,- ,I Arn I' . . Qty, ., - Aff, nel! ,,, , .ai .Ewa A 'ggi WILLIAM BOWLES Pbyfical Education Kirksville "K" Club, '53-'55, All-Conference Football Letterman, '52-'54, Co-Captain, '54, Phi Sigma Epsilon, '53-'55. SHIRLEY BRANTNER Social 35257255 Browning Delta Sigma Epsilon, '53-'54, Historical Society, '53-55, Secre- tary-Treasurer, '54-'55. RICHARD BROOKHART Bnfiner: Education Kahoka HELENE BRUN Englirb Paris, France International Club, '54-'55, Romance Language Club, '54-'55, JANE ANNE BUCKS Bziyirzcrs Education Frankford Cardinal Key President, '54-'55, Who's Who, '54-'55, Alpha 4,1 Phi Sigma, '53-'55, Pi Omega Pi, '54-'S5. HAROLD BURCHFIELD Mathematic: Mexico Sigma Tau Gamma, '52-'55, Student Mentor, '53. DEAN CARSON Mzzfic Mexico Band President, '54-'55, Aeolian Club, '53-'55g Sigma Tau Gamma, '53-'55g Echo King Candidate, '54, Chorus. BILL CARTER Pbyfical Education Milaii "K" Club, '53-'55g Football Letterman, '51-'55, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Vice-President, '54-'55, All-Star M. I. A. A. Foot- ball, '53g Echo King, '55. Lois CASON Elementary Education Kitksville PERLEY CASSADY Agricnltnre Worthington 4 W JOHN CHADWICK Indztxtrial Artx, Bnrineff Aa'nziniJtration , N, Bloomfield, Ia. - '- Phi sigma Epsilon, '53-'55, "'T-ff' VICTOR CHILDERS Bnrinem Education , in , Rutledge v'i' Blue Key, '54-'55, Kappa Delta Pi, '53-'54, Pi Omega Pi, '53-'54g A .iffji Alpha Phi Sigma, '50-'53. JACK COAR Social Science Springfield RICHARD COKERHAM Indzutrial Arn Purdin Sigma Tau Gamma, '53-'54, Industrial Arts Club, '53-'55, ONIE MAY CONLON Elementary' Education Montgomery City Page 34 JEAN DANNEMAN Bzirinen Education Salisbury Pi Kappa Sigma, '52-'55, President, '53-'54, Vice-President, '54-'55, Pi Omega Pi, Secretary-Treasurer, '54, Historian, '54-'55, Pan-Hellenic Council, President, '53-'54. Doius DINW1DD1E Mzisic Hannibal Aeolian Club, '53-'55, Band, Orchestra, WALLACE DOTY Zoology Kirksville Pre-Osteopathic Club, '53-'54. LAVERNE DUDECK Vocational Home Economics Kirkwood Who's Who, '54-'55, Sigma Sigma Sigma, '52-'55, President, '53-'54, Pan Hellenic Council Secretary, '53-'54, Cardinal Key '53-'55, Student Council, '53-'54g Blanton House Council, President, '53-'54, International Club, '54-'55, Colhecon Club, '51-'55, State Vice President, '54-'55, Nemo Singers, '52-'53. SHIRLEY DYE Zoology Moulton, Ia. Delta Sigma Epsilon, '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'55, Student Council, '54-'55, Student Social Committee, '54-'55, Pre- Osteopathic Club, '54-'55. DEAN EASTERDAY Irzilurtriizl Arty Milan Who's Who, '54-'55, Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55, Chaplain, '53-'54, Historian, '54-'55, International Club, '54-'554 Industrial Arts Club, '53-'55, Treasurer, '54-55,5 Alpha Phi Sigma, '53-'54, Alpha Phi Omega, '54-'55, Student Mentor, '54, Blue Key, '55. JEANETTE EITEL Home Economicr Kirlcsville Colhecon Club, '53-'55, Treasurer, '54-'55, Barnwarming Queen, '54, Band, '51-'52. LINDEN EITEL Indziotriizl Arn Kirksville Agriculture Club, '51-'55, Treasurer, '54-'55Q Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55, Industrial Arts Club, '53-'55, PAT ELLETT Pbyfiml Eolziciztion Kirksville Alpha Sigma Alpha, '52-'55, W. A. A., Queen of Hearts, '55. CHARLES ESTERLINE Political .fciemre Kirksville Blue Key, '53-'55, President, '54-'55, Sigma Tau Gamma, '52- '55, Echo Business Manager, '54-'55g Student Council, '52-'53, Historical Society, '53-'55, President, '54-'554 Pi Kappa Delta, '52-'55g Alpha Phi Omega, '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'55, Who's Who, '54-'55, Romance Language Club, '54-'55, Alpha Phi Sigma, '53-'55. JEROME FLYNN Bzuineof Education Marceline Sigma Tau Gamma, '51-'52, '54-'55g Treasurer, '51-'52, His- torical Society, King of Hearts, '55. MARILYN GALLUP Elementmjf Edzication Kahoka Kappa Delta Pi, President, '54-'555 Alpha Phi Sigma, '54-'55, A. C. E., International Club. BETTY GASTON Home Economicf St. Louis Colhecon Club, '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'55. ELEANOR GILREATH Elemeizmijf Eilzimtiozz Kirksville CHOSUKE GIMA Elementary Education Okinawa Page 35 International Club, '51-'55, A. C. E., '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'55, Seniors BETTY GOAD Mzffjg St. Louis Delta Sigma Epsilon, '53-'55, Chaplain, '53-'54, Student Coun- cil, '53-'54, Blanton House Council Secretary, '53, President, '54, Orchestra, Aeolian Club, '51-'55, Band, '51-'55, Secretary- Treasurer, '53-'54, Student Social Committee, '52-'53, Who's Who, '54-'55, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, '54-'55, JAMES GOEKE Speech Correction Greentop Sigma Tau Gamma, '53-'55, Recording Secretary, '54-'55, College Players, President, '52. LARRY GORDON Buriuen Aduziniftmtiou, Iudu.rtriul Art! Kirlisville Phi Sigma Epsilon, '51-'52, '54-'55, Treasurer, '51-'52, Vice- President, '52-'53, Industrial Arts Club, '54-'55. BARRY GREEN Pr'e-Medical St. Joseph Blue Key, '54-'55, Student Council President, '54-'55, Who's NVh0, '54-'55i Alpha Phi Sigma, '54-'55, Alpha Phi Omega, '54-'55, Aeolian Club. JERRY GREENE Mathematica Moulton, Ia. Blue Key, '54-'55, Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55, Secretary, '54-'55, Alpha Phi Omega, '54-'55, International Club, '53, College Players, '53-'55, Historical Society, '54-'55. JERRY GREGORY Science Kirksville Sigma Tau Gamma, '49, '53-'54, Alpha Phi Sigma. EARL HAI-IN Biology St. Marys, West Virginia SUSANNA HARDY Elementufjf Education Hannibal College Players, '54-'55, RUSSELL HARRISON Political Science Portland Senior Class President, '54-'SSQ Who's Who, '54-'55, Sigma Tau Gamma, '52-'55, Historical Society, '53-'555 Junior Class Vice-President, '53-'54. CHARLOTTE HARVEX' ElE77Z6IZfdl'j' Education Knox City DONALD HEALEY Pbyficul Education East St. Louis, Ill. "K" Club, '52-'55, Student Council Treasurer, '54-'55, Football Letterman, '51-'55, Track, '52-'55. PATRICK HEALEY Muric Education Jefferson City Aeolian Club, '51-55, President, '54-'55, Sigma Tau Gamma, '52-'55, Band, '51-'55, Nemo Singers, '52-'55, Opera, Chorus, Orchestra. LINDA HEIMER Speech, Euglifb Brunswick Who's Who, '54-'55, Alpha Sigma Alpha, '52-'55, President, '54-'55, Emily Bird Small Award, '54, Pan-Hellenic Council President, '54-'555 Cardinal Key, '53-'55, Kappa Delta Pi Sec- retary, '54-'55, Aeolian Club, '52, College Players, '54-'555 Alpha Phi Sigma, '51-'52, Index Editor, Winter, '55, Nemosg Student Social Committee, '53. MILTON HENDRIX Zoology Palmyra ANNEGERT HESSENBRUCH Fine Arn Copenhagen, Denmark International Club, '54-'55. Page 36 ROBERT HODGES Bu.ri1ze.r.r ,EdIlL'dfi07Z Worthington Phi Sigma Epsilon, '49. MAGDALENE HOFFMAN Home Ecmzamirr Yarrow Colhecon Club, '53-'54. FRANK HOOG Pre-Oxteoparbir St. Louis Pre-Osteopathic Club, '53-'55, Sigma Tau Gamma, '54-'55, NANCY HORN Moulton, la. Bzzmzeu Edumriwz Cardinal Key, '53-'55, Kappa Delta Pi, '54-'55: Pi Omega Pi, '53-'55, President, '54-'55, Delta Sigma Epsilon, '53-'55, Treas- urer, '54-'55. MAC HOWIKRD Hannibal Music Wl1o's Who, '54-'55, International Club, '54-'55, Exchange Scholarship to Spain, '53-'54, Aeolian Club, Blue Key, '54-'55, Sigma Tau Gamma, '52-'53, '54-'55, Freshman President, '51- 'S2, Student Council, '54-'55g Student Social Committee, '52-53. XIIRGIL HUDsoN Ottumvva, Ia, Jllvi INLOW Wayland - Biology Physical Education Student Council Vice-President, '54-'55, Industrial Arts Club, '53-'55, "K" Club, '53-'55, Phi Sigma Epsilon, '53-'555 Foot- ball, '51-'54, ESTHER JANES Clarence Cardinal Key, '52-'54, DORINE JOHNSON Kirksville Page 37 H awe Ecalzomicf '54, Alpha Phi Sigma, '51-'53, Colhecon Club, Elevzenmfgf Edumtiafz Seniors Ser1io1'.S'11rk Hop: "Cheek Your Sham, Plame." f T ll . ,, X eiis S 'isis N f i' 'W Q - 2,1 i J , l jar' L ., y l E p4 'Qt' .. , ,,,, -,,,, ,'9 -' E 4 af' Q fvlff ,,..""'j . . '-7553" " In 913'-., nli3,s,?'i 11, . n , . zmsznfsiaif 4' gal iv., i .1 Seniors uf 352.2 1. 31431 -'ff iff' ' Y gill' 1 ,uk po- BERTHA JONES Milaii DOLORES JONES Elmer Eldillfllfdly Education Ellfiilwlfdlj Education Alpha Sigma Aisha, '53-'55, Secretary, '54-'55Q A. C. E., '53- 55, Alpha Phi igma, '52-'55. JOHN JONES University City Induftrial Art! Agriculture Club, President, '52-'535 Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55, Industrial Arts Club, '53-'55. ALLENE GORDON KELLER Rothville M uric Education Cardinal Key, '54-'55, International Club, '54-'555 Delta Sigma Epsilon, '52-'55, Secretary, '53-'54g Aeolian Club, '51-'52, Band, Orchestra. CARL KELLER Indurtrial Arty Shelbyville Industrial Arts Club Treasurer, '53-'54, President, '54-'55. ESIN KENT Cbernixtfjf Istanbul, Turkey International Club, '54-'55g W. A. A., '54-'55. EVA KEPHART Englifla Kirksville College Players, '54-'55, Historical Society, '54-'55, Index, Business Manager, '54-55. JEAN KETCHAM Atlanta A. C. E., 54355. HELEN KIM Pusan, Korea International Club, '54-'55. CHUNG SOON KIM Seoul, Korea International Club, '54-'55. ARTHUR KIMBERLY Green Castle Pi Omega Pi, Vice-President, '54-' JOSEPHINE KITTLE Gorin A. C. E., '53-'55, Treasurer, '54. LEO KLEIN Affton MARINE KLITENIC Frankford E lenzentaijf Education E ieincntafgf Education E!67720lZf5l7jl Education Eminem Education 55. E lenzentaijf Education Burineff Adnziniftration Elevnentafjf Education Kappa Delta Pi, '54-'55, College Players, '53-'55, Secretary- Treasurer, '54- '55. AKIE KOIGAYVACHI Hawaii Elementafy Education A. C. E., '53-'54, International Club, '53-'55, Secretary, '54-'55. Page 38 LOUIS LABONTA Social .Science Brunswick Historical-Society, '54-'55. MARY LOU LAPP Bnrinerr Education Bethel Delta Sigma Epsilon, '49, '53-'555 Pi Omega Pi, '53-'55, Alpha Phi Sigma. ALLENE LAU .El677ZK71lYllj' Edncation Hawaii Student Council, '52-'53, W. A. A., '53-'559 Hi5f0fi3n, ,53-'545 International Club, '53-'55. ESTELLA LAU Elementary Education Hawaii BARBARA LEE Home Economic: Milan Cardinal Key, '54-'55, Pi Kappa Delta, '53-'55, Delta Sigma Epsilon, '53-'55, President, '54-'Sig Pan-Hellenic Council Secretary, '54-'55, W. A. A., '53-'54, Colhecon Club, '53-'55, Secretary, '54-'55. VERREL LEMEN Hirfofy Lemons Phi Sigma Epsilon, '49-'51, '54-'55, DONALD LINHART Pre-Dental Browning Phi Sigma Epsilon Secretary, '51-'52, '54-'55, Pre-Osteopathic Club, '54-'55, N EVIN LOERKE Elefnentagf Education Ottumwn, Ia. Cardinal Key, '54-'55, College Players, Sigma Sigma Sigma, '53- '55, Corresponding Secretary, '54-'55, International Club, '54- '55, A. C. E., Treasurer, '53-'54, President, '54-'555 Freshman Secretary-Treasurer, '52-'53, MELVIN LONCARIC Pawical Education St. Louis Phi Sigma Epsilon, '52-'555 "K" Club, '53-'55g Football Letter- man, '51-'54, Football Co-Captain, '54, M. I. A. A. All-COnfer- ence Teams, '53, '54, NAIA All-American Team, '54. DONNA LONG Bnrineff Education Shelbyville Alpha Phi Sigma, '54-'55g W. A. A. All-Star Basketball, '55, DONALD MCAFEE Bafine,r.r Education Lewistown Phi Sigma Epsilon, '53-'55, Industrial Arts Club, '53-'55. IKICHARD MCANAW Political Science Cameron Phi Sigma Epsilon, '55, Historical Society, '54-'55. KAROLD MCDONALD Bnfinerr Education Argyle, Ia. Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55, Chaplain, '54-'55g Pi Omega Pi, '54-'55, College Players, '54-'55, Student Social Committee, '54-'55. Lols MCREYNOLDS Pbyxical Education Kirksville W. A. A., '51-52, Treasurer, '53. RAY MACH Pnwical Education, Bnrinerr Adnzinirtracion Wliiting, Indiana Phi Sigma Epsilon, '54-'55Q Club, '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'55, M. I. A. A. All-Conference Football, '52, '53, '54, Page 39 Seniors 1 ii , -' SUE MAGRUDER Elenzentaiy Education Kirksville Cardinal Key, '53-'55, Treasurer, '54, Vice-President, '54-'55, A. C. E., '54-'55. JOHN MAULSBY Elenzentafg' Education Unionville ' CHARLES MERRITT Physical Education Seymour, Ia. "K" Club, '54-'55g Phi Sigma Epsilon, '54-'55, Football Let- terman, '53, '54, Basketball Letterman, '53-'54, ROBERT MOORE Pbyrical Education Browning Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55, Agriculture Club Secretary, '54-'55, Alpha Phi Omega, '54. FRANCES MORAN Home Econonzicr Kirksville DONNA MULFORD Burinefi Education Kirlcsville Pi Omega Pi, '53-'55. JANYS ANN MURPHY English, S paniih St. Charles Cardinal Key, '54-'55, Sigma Sigma Sigma, '53-'55, Blanton Hall Council President, '54-'55, Romance Language Club Vice-President, '54-'55, College Players President, '52-'53, Vice-President, '54-'55, International Club, '53-'55, Treasurer, '54-'55, W. A. A., '52-'53, Student Social Committee, Alpha Phi Sigma, '53. FLOYD NORTHINGTON Biology Kirksville Pre-Osteopathic Club, '54-'55. Lois SINELE OGLE Eleinentaijy Education Kirksville Alpha Sigma Alpha, '53-'55, W. A. A., '53-'55, Treasurer, '53-'54, A. C. E. BEVERLY ORXVILER Bu.rine.r.r Education Kirksville Pi Omega Pi, '54-'55, Delta Sigma Epsilon Treasurer, '53-'54, Corresponding Secretary, '54-'55, Echo Queen Candidate, '55. SHINJUN OSHIRO Political Science Okinawa Historical Society, '54-'55g Romance Language Club, '54-'55g International Club, '52-'55, Vice President, '53-'55. MONA OVERTON Elementary! Education Trenton Kappa Delta Pi, '54-'55, A. C. E., '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'55, Alpha Phi Sigma Treasurer, '54-'55, NOEL PAGITT S ocial S ciencc Keokuk, Ia. Historical Society, '52-'53, Alpha Kappa Lambda, '54-'55. KAY PARKER Burineff Education Kirkwood Who's Who, '54-'55, Delta Sigma Epsilon, '52-'54, Vice-Presi- dent, '53-'54, President, '54, Historical Society, '52-'53gJuniOr Class Secretary-Treasurer, '53-'54. NEIL Pm-ERIE Elenientaigf Education Laredo Kappa Delta Pi, '54-'555 A. C. E., '54-'55. Page 40 PHILIP PENDERGAST Zoology Miami, Fla. GLENDLE PICKERING Pbyrical Edzzcnziozz East St. Louis, Ill. "K" Club, '52-'55, Football Letterman, '51-'54, Track, '52-'55. BEN PITNEY Physical Education Hannibal HOWARD PLATZ Agriculture, Recreation Brashear Blue Key, '54-'55, Alpha Phi Omega, '52-'55, Corresponding Secretary, '54-'55, College Players, '53-'55, International Club, '53, Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55, Treasurer, '54-'55, Agri- culture Club President, '53. PATRICIA PRIMM Eleinerztizzy Education Queen City Alpha Phi Sigma, '51-'S2. MARY RILEY Elefnenmfy Education Lakenan International Club, '54-'55g W. A. A. Vice-President, '52g A.C.E. JOHN RITTER H irtozy Affton Historical Society, '50-'52, '54-'55, Vice-President, '52, Stu- dent Council, '50-'5l. PAUL ROQUET Business Adminirtmtion Otturnwa, Ia. JAMES SALLADE Elenzentmy Education, Ailnzininration Kirksville CHARLES SCOTT Pre-Ortcapfztbic La Grange Pre-Osteopathic Club, '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'55. ROBERT SNOW Physical Education La Salle, Illinois Alpha Kappa Lambda, '53-'55, Industrial Arts Club. CAROLINE STOKES Art Kirksville Cardinal Key, '53-'55, Secretary, '54-'55, Kappa Delta Pi, '54-'55, Who's lVho, '54-'55, Alpha Phi Sigma, '52, Kappa Delta Pi Scholarship, '53. KEITH STOUT Mzzfic Kansas City Blue Key Treasurer, '54-'55, Sigma Tau Gamma, '52-'55, Nemo Singers, '51-'55, Orchestra, Chorus, Band, Student Social Committee, '52-'53, Alpha Phi Sigma, '53-'545 Opera, '52-'54. MAX TERRY Genera! Science Centerville, Ia. Blue Key, '54-'55, Kappa Delta Pi, '54-'555 Historical Society, '53-'54, Phi Sigma Epsilon, '54-'55. ELISABETH VAN DER ZWAN Chenzimy Holland International Club, '54-'55. Page 41 Seniors L ,, . N r i it-I -xiii 'fl :- 1 F I 1 4 ' I Q ' Q 1- - I , 1' V lv " I ':. , , X A. , 5 T iw , is-'N Y? LOUISE V AN DYNE Elemeizmiy Edzeceztimz Unionville RUSSELL WIANNOY Pbilarapby, Englirb Shelbina WhO's Who, '54-'55, Echo Staff, '51-'55, Editor-in-Chief, '54- '55, Index Editor, '52-'53, Alpha Phi Sigma, Blue Key, '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'555 Sigma Tau Gamma, '52-'55, Historian, '52-'53, Corresponding Secretary, '53-'54, President, '54-'55, Interfraternity Council, Secretary-Treasurer, '54-'55, LORETTA WARD Elementezry Edzemfiazz Unionville GENE WEBER Mzeric Hannibal Aeolian Club Vice-President, '53-'54, Opera, '53, '54, Nemo Singers, Chorus, Band. MARILIE SCHROCK WEBER Englirb, Speech Browning Cardinal Key, '53-'55, Vice-President, '54-'55, Kappa Delta Pi, '53-'55, Secretary, '53-'54, Sigma Sigma Sigma, '52-'55, College Players, '52, W. A. A., '51-'53, Vice President, '53, Blanton House Council Treasurer, '52-'53, Vice-President, '53-'54, Junior Councilwoman, '53-'54, Nemo Singers. DENVAYNE WELLBORN Art Kirksville Sigma Tau Gamma, '53-'55, Alpha Phi Omega, '53-'55, Re- cording Secretary, '54-'55, Echo, '52-'53, Assistant Editor, '54-'55. AL WELCH Bzerirzerx Edzeceztimz Macon Sigma Tau Gamma, '54-'55, Band Vice-President, '53-55, Student Council, '54-'55, Student Social Committee, '54-'55. TERRY WHITE E!K7776'lZffr7ljl Edzeteztion Emden Cardinal Key Treasurer, '54-'55, Sigma Sigma Sigma, '53-'55, Recording Secretary, '54-'55, A. C. E., Secretary, '53-'55, Alpha Phi Sigma. KENNETH WILLIAMS Irzdmtrial Arts Washington Blue Key, '54-'55, Industrial Arts Club, '53, Sigma Tau Gamma, '53-'55, RAYMOND WILLIAMSON Hiitmy Milan Aeolian Club, '53-'54, Historical Society, Pi Kappa Delta, '52-'53, Phi Sigma Epsilon, '53-'55, Pl'BSiClCf1I, '54-'555 Wl10'S Who, '54-55, Interfraternity Council Vice-President, '54-'55, Student Mentor, '54-55. GLAZA BETH WILLIS EZEWCIZFEU Education Kirksville A. C, E., Alpha Phi Sigma, '50-'51, MARY JEAN WILSON Elementary' Edzzceztimz Bowling Green A. C. E., '54-'55, Alpha Sigma Alpha, '51-'52, '54-'55, THELMA YAEGER Elemezztezijf Edzeceztiaiz Moberly Alpha Phi Sigma, '54-'55, W. A. A., '54-'55. LING KANG YEH Social .Ycience China International Club, '51-'55, Vice-President, '53, WhO's Who '54-'55. Page 42 ABER, BURTON, University City ADKINS, XIELVADEAN, Savannah ANASTASOFF, GEORGE, St. Louis ANESI, LOUIS, Kirksville AYER, DWAYNE, Lancaster BAGLEY, KATHERYN, Pleasantown, Ia. BAILEY, ENID ALLIE, Kirksville BARKLEY, ELEANOR, Numa, Ia. BARKER, JOHN, Kirksville BEALL, BARBARA, St. Charles BEALMER, JOHN, St. Louis BILLS, MARX' LOU, Kirksville BILLUPS, MIARY ANNA, Cantril, Ia. BILYEU, WILLIAM, Dearborn, Mich. BOLIN, JERRY, Moberly BONDERER, LAWRENCE, Utica BRANSCOM, MARJORIE, Livonia BRAND, LANETA, Kahoka BROWN, RONALD, Syracuse, N. Y. BROXVNE, RICHARD, St. LOuis BRYANT, ARTHUR, High Hill BURR, WILLIAM, Callao CALDWELL, JOHN, New London CAMPBELL, GERALDINE Oklahoma City, Okla. CHAVERRI, BERTHA, Costa Rica Page 43 Juniors fznzio1'ClfzJf Ojjlicerf, left to fight: C. SHELTON, Prexident SHIRLEY WARES, 5'ec1'etfz191-T1'ef1.vure1' SHIRLEY DYE, Cozmcilzuowmz RICHARD FRANKLIN, Vice-Prefidem' RICHARD BROVVNE, Camzcilmmz iQ EL-vSf1'4,, W A 1 iw 1-f22f'fTX'WE..j 'M ' 4 :E-h9 ,'f J ' Ballot Time: .Ytmlefzr Gwezvwzerlt In Aftimz -,fam 31:-msn X -rw Y CIIUNG, SALLY, lnClIOn, Korea CHURCHWELL, THOMAS, Shelbyville COCHRAN, DONNA, Milan COLEMAN, CAROL JEAN, Renick CRAGG, BERYL DEAN, Kirksville DANIELS, BOBBY, Novinger DARK, RICHARD, St. Louis DAVIS, PATRICIA, New Town DENNISON, RANDLE, Macon EVANS, JEROME, Meaclville FERREE, ROBERT, Des Moines, Ia. FRANKLIN, RICHARD, Milan GARDHOUSE, MARILYN, Palmyra GOOCH, JOE W., JR, Knoxville, Tenn. GOODDING, CAROLYN SUE, Huntsville GOULD, DEAN, Corydon, Ia. GREEN, TED, Baring GREENO, JUDITH ANN, Atlanta GUNSELMAN, CHARLOTTE, Savannah HAMMER, DARREL, Burlington, Ia. HARDING, JAMES, St. Louis HART, JOHNNY, Queen City HAYS, CHARLES H., Kirksville HEDGES, NANCY, St. Charles HERRERA, AGUSTIN, Panama HOPKINS, WILLIAM, St. Louis HOUSTON, SHIRLEY, Kirksville HUNTSMAN, CAROLYN, Cairo INGRAHAM, BETTY LOU, Kirksville JOHANBOEKE, MICHAEL, Kirkwood Page 44 Top Row: JOHNSON, DON, Atlanta, JOHNSON, MERILYN, Blakesburg, la., KEARNS, G'EORGIE,J2l.1T1CSPOI'fI, IQELLER, JAMES, Kirksville KESSLER, KEITH, Shelbyville, KIMBERLY, DORIS, Lakewood, Ohio, KINCHELOE, JOHN, Marceline. Second Row: KING, LARRY, Bucklin, Koo, XIUNG JUN, Seoul, Korea, KORSEN, ANNA MARIE, Meadville, KRUEGER,JEANETTE, Monticello KUNIOKA, LILLIAN, Hawaii, KUNIX'UKI, HAZEL, Hawaii, LAVVRENCE, JOHN, Greenville, Miss. Third Row: LEBER, SHIRLEY, Sr. Louis, LEONARD, MARY, Bloomfield, la.,LEYDA, STEVE, Bloomfield, la., LINDSEY, DORIS JEAN, Denver Colo., LUBBERING, LYNN, Hannibal, MCCABE, MARY ELLEN, Kirksville, MCCLASKEY, BILLY, Milan. Fourth Raw: Juniors Pug: 45 MCCLILI.ANS, GORDON, Greenville, Pa., MCCULLOUGH, SUE, Kansas City, MCDONALD, DOLORES,JCfl4CfSOl1, la., MCNABB, JAMES M., Queen City, M,ARTIN, WAYNE, Kirksville, MASON, JOYCELYNN, Edina, MAH'ERS, WILLIANT, Macon. Qncm: Gnlor: nf Kffnb Dfnzrc I . X' X2'!'i5 Juniors Cl1ri.rmm.r Tm: ..M!lkK Mine Pmzrb mm' Caokief' Pint Roux' MEACHAM, MARGARET, Coryclon, la., MOORE, MAURITA, La Plata, MUNDELL, JERALD, Brookfield, NISHINIURA, MYRTLE, Hawaii, OZER, SIRAL, Turkey, PAYNE, MAURICE, Galt, PEOPLES, MARIAN, Leonard. .Yecwzd Razr: PERKINS, DICK, Milan, PETERSON, LEILA, L11 Plata, PHILLIPS, RONALD, Kirksville, PIERCEY, HECTORINE, Unionville, POTTER JOHN ARTHUR, Ottumvva, POWELL, JESSE LEWIS, Unionville, PRESCOTT, ALLEN, Pueblo, Colo. Third Row: PURVIS, ESTALENE, Memphis, RAY, MARION, Grant City, REDDING, PATRICIA, La Belle, RETTINGHAUS, DARLENE, Clifton Hill, RICE, JACK, Kirksville, Ross, RITA, Spickard, SAILOR, HELEN, Montgomery City. Fourth Row: SALLEE, ELIZABETH ANNE, Meadville, SANDERS, SHIRLEY, Brunswick, SCHVVARTZTRAUBER, ROGER, East St. Louis, Ill., SELLARO, RITA, Brooklyn, N. Y., SEWARD, WILDA, IKirksville, SHAHAN, MARIDONNA, Kirksyille, SHAW, WILLIAM, Brimson. SHELTON, JOHN C., Unionville SHELTON, PATRICIA, Kirksville SI-IKOLNICK, STANLEY, Centerville SHOULTS, CHARLES, Atlantzi SHURLOW, WILMA, Leonard SILVER, NIARVIN, Hannibal SIMLER, KEITH, Yarrow SIMPSON, ELIZABETH, Benton City SULLIVAN, MARY, Moberly XVANSICKLE, DONALD, Macon WARES, SHIRLEY, La Plata WHIRRETT, MARTHA, Pulaski, Ia. WILLIAMS, CAROL KELLE1' Burlington, la. WILHITE, RICHARD, Milan WOOD, GERALD, Shelbyville WOODS, CHARLES, Center WOOLBRIGHT, LETHA, Kirksville WOOLLEN, LLOYD, Meaclville WRIGHT, HARLEY, Callao YAMAMOTO, ELAINE, Hawaii YAWATA, BETTY, Hawaii ZBORNAK, GARY, Belleville, lll. ZONG MI-OG Pusan Korea 7 J 7 J ' Hafrzvrorlzing Queen Cfuzrlidaim Charm A.r.reI2zbl1' Sophomores .fapbwnore Ojicerf, left to right: WADE HOUTCHENS, Caznzrilrmzn BETTY WILGUS, Caznzcilwommz GLEN EASTERDAY, Prefidem' MARY ANN CALDWELL, .Slfcram JAMES RASH, Vice-Prwident 191-Treamrer ABOLOFF, WINIERED, Philadelphia, Pa. ACUFF, JOHN FREDERICK, Kirksville ADANIS, DEAN, Lentner ADAMS, JOHN, Hannibal AEN, CHONG TAIK, Seoul, Korea ALLEN, CLARENCE, McCredie ANGELO, MARILYN, Macon ARMBRUSTER, DAVID, Pontiac, Ill. AUSMUS, BILL, Edina AZINGER, AL, Kahoka BACHMANN, MARJORIE, Knox City BAILEY, LETA, Vandalia BARNES, CAROL, St. Louis BARON, VIRGINIA, Hawaii BAXTER, SHIRLEY, Jamesport BELTZER, JUDY, Kirksville BERTRAM, RICHARD, Memphis BIERE, SHIRLEY, Salisbury BINDER, BILLY, Macon BLACKBURN, MAX, Brookfield BOONE, BEVERLY, Marceline BRITTAIN, JOYCE, Atchison, Kansas BROADEIELD, KERMIT, Ottumwa, Ia. BROOKS, CHARLENE, Center BRUNDAGE, PEGGY, St. Louis Page 48 BUTTERFIELD, BYRON, Wheeling CALDWELL, MARY ANN, New London CAMPBELL, RUTH, Pollock CASSADY, HILDA MARIE, Queen City CHAPINIAN, CAROL, Kirksville Coma, KENNETH, Vandalia COLTON, FRANK, Kirksville CONYERS, DAVE, Kirksville COOLEY, ALFRED, Valley Park CORNWELL, MARILYN, Kirksville CRAGG, CAROLYN, Kirksville CRUMPACKER, REBECCA, Pollock DALE, MARILYN, St. Louis DANCLOVIC, DAVID, Kansas City DANIELS, ROBERT, Glenwood DAVENPORT, DELPHIA, Callao DAVIS, KENNETH, Mexico DENNIS, WARREN, Huntsville DEVOLLD, SUE, Kirksville DINGLE, JERRY, Shelbyville DIXON, JANET, Winfield DONOVAN, THOMAS, St. Louis DOTY, GERALD, Benton DOYVNING, HYAROLD, Bloomfield, la. DURNAL, ROBERTA, Memphis EASTERDAY, GLEN, Milan EDWARDS, PAT, Hull, Ill. ELIADES, MELETIOS,Tl1CSS11lODlKl, Greece ERNST, PAT, St. Louis EVANS, CAROL, Cairo .44 41 l ' .ma . ma., Sophomores In Frerlvmmz Arfembbx' Bflllldllgt' Ufailr "Let me go, l01'6l'n, Fifzla Chalk Tnllzf Frm! Row: FAVIER, DALE, St. Louis, FIGGE, CHARLENE, Queen City, FOSTER, ALICE, Bloomfield, Ia., FOUST, XIIRGINIA, Richmond Heights, FRANKLIN, CHARLES, Milan, FREGOE, XYIOLA, Bucklin, GALLOVVAY, LINDA, Perrv. .Yemmi Raw: GORDY, DORIS, Granger, GL.4SER, MARILH'N, St. Louis, GONNERMAN, DOTTIE, Hurclland, GREEN, RITA, Hannibal, GRIM, JOHN, Kirksville, HACKAMACK, KATHLEEN, Kirksville, HACKMAN, RICHARD, Rock Port. Third Row: HALL, BOBBY, Mexico, HAMADA, LOUIS, Beirut-Lebanon, HAAIMONS, DONALD EUGENE, Ethel, HARP, JACK DEE, Vzmclalia, HARP, JERRY LEE, Villldlllil, HEALD, MH'RA, Shelhina, HESSELSCPIWERDT, RONALD, St. Joseph. Fourth Rom: HOEMANN, JAMES, Vfashingtong HOFFh1AN, RAYMOND, Elmer, HOUTCHENS, WADE, Kirksville, HUGHES, OWEN, Kahokn, HULL, EDVVARD, St. Joseph, JACOBS, CHARLOTTE, Humphreys, JACOBS, JANICE LEE, Green City. JENNINGS, KERIVIIT, Milan JEROME, LORRAINE, Meadville JOHNSON, FRANKLIN, Bloomfield, In JOHNSON, JACK, Kirksville KEARNS DOROTHY Brookfield 7 7 KELLY, PATRICIA, St. Louis KERBY, CLAETTA, Moulton, Ia. KIM, YOUNGAI, Seoul, Korea KLOCKE, WILLTIA, Newark KNEELAND, SUSAN, Bethel KOTTMAN, JUDY, St. Charles KROEGER, WILLIAM, Kirksville LAPD, JACK, Waukesha, Wisc. LARSON, JOAN, Ethel LAWHON, JOHN, St. Joseph LAY, VERA, Kirksville LEE, MARY BETH, Purdin LINDEERO, HLIALMER AUGUST, Kirksvillc. MCCARTNEY, MARIAN, Worthington MCCLASKEY, lV.lLARY, Milan MCDARIS, MARVIN Mountain Grove, MCROBERT, SHIRLEY, Kirksville MAGERS, E., La Plata MIXGRUDER, JACK, Kirksville MAHIIRIN, RONALD, Novinger MALONEY, WILLIAM, Macon MARSPIALL, ROBERT St. Simons Island, GA ,MEElIAN, MICHAEL, St. Louis MEYER, MARVIN, Berger MILLER, BETTY, La Plata Page 51 MINEAR, BRUCE, La Belle MOORE, JEROME, Kirksville MOOTS, KAY, La Plata MORRIS, NANCY, Memphis MOSLEY, CHARLES, Laclecle MULLENIX, RONNA, Kirksville MURCH, REBECCA, Glendale MURFIN, SHIRLEY, Kirlcsville MYERS, EDWIN, Kirksville M5'ERS, PHYLLIS VALENE, Queen City NAGGI, DONNA, St. Louis NEELEY, RUSSELL, Laclede NICHOLS, JUNE, Annada NOBLE, DONALD, Kirksville NOVINGER, PHIL, Novinger NUHN, JOHN, Port Huron, Mich. OAKES, FRANCES, Bluffs, Ill. OVERTON, BETTY, Princeton PAAI1, CAROLE, Kirlcsville PAEK, JOSEPH, Seoul, Korea PARSONS, DON, Ottumvva, Ia. PATTON, DEANE, La Plata POOLE, JEANNE, Hannibal PYUN, CHI HANG, Seoul, Korea RASH, JIMMY DELL, Shelbina REDMAN, CAROL, Lancaster REDMAN, VIRGINIA, Monroe City REED, RONALD, Kirlcsville ' REED, WILLIAM, Kirksville REYNOLDS, JAMES, Avalon RICHARDSON, Ross, St. Joseph ROBISON, HAROLD, Green Castle ROBISON, NORMA, Novinger ROEBUCK, CALVIN, Macon ROJAS, JOSE LUIS, Mexico City, Mexico ROSE, LAVADA, Kirksville ROSEBERRY, DONALD, Unionville RUNGE, GLENDA, Cowgill RUSE, DAVID, Kirksville RUSSELL, KENNETH, St. Louis Page 52 SALLEE, PHYLLIS, Meadville SANZ-AGERO, JOSE-LUIS, Madrid, Spain SEABOLDT, ELDON, Meadville SEAINIAN, ELOISE, New Boston SEFRIT, BETTY, Kirksville SEIDT, MARVIN, La Plata SEWARD, CHARLES, Kirksville SHALLEY, TOMMY FREDRICK, Mem SHADID, SHIRLEY, Cedar Rapids, L1 SINELE, LOIS, Kirksville SLAUGHTER, WILFORD, Elmer SMITH, MARY LOUISE, Kirksville SMITHSON, BEVERLY, Macon STEELE, ANDREW, Kirksville STEPHANS, ROBERT, Spickard STIDMON, LEOLA, Novinger STOUT, BETTY, New London STREE, ARTHUR, St. Louis STROM, JUDY, St. Louis SYKES, JACQUELYN, Kirksville THOMAS, JOHN, Lancaster, Pa. THORNTON, JIM, Kirlcsville TRACY, DOLORES, Laredo TROESTER, TERRY, Kirksville TURNER, MARY ANN, Fulton TURNER, TOM, Moberly WAIT, FRANCES, Kirksville WALLACE, ROY, Novinger WEBSTER, CAROL, Trenton WEGEPIOFT, CAROL, Palmyra WERR, MARILYN, Shelbyville WHITE, ANITA, Bonaparte, Ia. WILGUS, BETTY LOU, Atlanta WILLIAMS, PHILLIP, Vandalia WILLIAINISON, DONALD, Ottumwzt WILSEY, BENNIE, Rutledge WILSON, EARL, St. Louis WILSON, JUNE, Novinger WILSON, NORMA, Moberly WOODCOCK, FRANK, Caseyville, Ill Page 53 Freshmen FI'6'J'Z77lZ6lZ Ojicerr, left to right JOHN THOMAS, Vice-Prefidem' ENGIN URALMAN, S'ecretmy-'I'ren.r11rer JIM CGLE, .PI'6.fidE7ZI TERRY KELLY, Cozmcilmmz JENNIE SUE ALLEN, Cazmcilzuomarz Fin! Row: AGEE, ANNA BELL, Kirksville, ALCOCER, CARLGS, Mexico City, Mexico, ALCOCER, RICARDO, Mexico City, Mexico, ALGER NILENE, Kirksville, ALLEN, BETTY JEAN, Unionville, ALLEN, KJENNIE SUE, Kirlcsville, ALLEN, JOHN, Bethel. Second Raw: AUSMUS, SHIRLEY, Atlanta, AZINGER, ROBERT, Kahol-111, BACHNIAN, RICHARD, Ottumwa, la., BADGER, FREDA, Milan BAGLEY, RONALD, Shelbina, BAKER, GERIALD, St. Catharine, BAKER, JOHN, Kirksville. Third Row: BALDVVIN, CARL, Kirksville, BALDWIN, LOUISE, Unionville, BARKER, NOEL, Memphis, BARNETT, JANE, Kirlcsville, BARNETT JOAN, Greentop, BARTON, WILLIAM, Jefferson City, BASKETT, DONALD, Chillicothe. Fourth Row: BEDDOW, DOROTHY, Clarence, BENN, MASON, Frankford, BERGMANN, LILY, Ethel, BOCHY, RICHARD, Detroit, Mich, BOOHER, GARY, Lineville, Ia., BOOKER, RAY, Brentwood, BOVVDEN, MARILYN, Hannibal. BOWEN, JACK, La Plata BRADSHAW, JERRY, Louisiana BREEN, JAMES, Brashear BREEN, JOHN, Brushear BRIGHT, ROBERT, Shelbyville BROADWATER, NORMA, Sr. Louis BRONSON, JOHN, Lewistown BROOKS, HOWARD, Ladcloniu BUCHANAN, GUY, Hannibal BUCHANAN, MARTHA, Greentop BUCKMAN, DONALD, Linneus BUEORD, ELLA MAE, Knox City BURNHAM, MARY, Coryclon, la. BURTON, BEVERLY, Kirksville BUTLER, ROBEIITIX, Unionville CALDVVELL, KATHLEEN, Leonard CALVERT, THOMAS, Revere CARDWELL, SHIRLEY, Edina CARR, PEGGY ANN, Centralia CARSON, NANCY, Edina CARTER, NOLA ANN, Lucerne CLEETON, SHARON, Kirksville COLLINS, PAUL, Hannibal CONOVER, OKLE, Lewistown COOL, JAMES, Lineville, Ia. TlL'i1'!ill.g Elaine Wvflbo1'zz Ou flu' Nlnrcb in Frrflmmn AIJEIJILK 1' Freshmen Freshmen "Gee, I ,grt to .rbnkc hrmilfr with tlrr Prc.riderzt" Fin! Row: COORTS, DALE, Linneus, COURTNEY, KENNETH, Ferguson, COX, MARILYN, La Grange, CRAGG, JOAN, Memphis, CRIM, EVELYN, Brashear, CROOKS, ROGER, Worthington, CROSS, CHARLES, Festus. Second Row: DENNISON, LARRY, Macon, DEWITT, NORMA, Novelty, DESCAMP, VICTOR, Kirksville, DETXVILER, RONALD, Kirksville, DICKMANN, MARGARET, Brashear, DITMARS, MARY, Kirksville, DONLON, DON, St. Louis. Third Row: DRUMMOND, VERNON, Green Castle, EASTIN, RICHARD, Kirksville, EASTIN, WALLACE, Kirksville, ELLICOTT, ROBERT, Mem- phis, EVANS, CATHERINE, Kirksville, EWING, FAYE, Kirksville, FOWLER, CARROL, Greentop, Fourth Row: FIALA,JOHN, Beatrice, Nebr., FISCHBACH, SHIRLEE, Hickman Mills, FITZGERALD, CHARLES, Overland, FORD, CAROLYN, Ethel, FORKE, JOLENE, Kirksville, Fox, JANET, Mendon, FREMON, WILLIAM, Glenwood. ww zq.w,,,w-vExv.Qm,4. f,s- A A., 4 .4 -,L-,M V-we 1 f -- mia GARDNER, LARRY, Kirksville GORDY, MARJORIE, Bloomfield, In GARTON, GARY, Corydon, la. GARTON, LARS, Coryclon, Ia. GILREATH, DALLAS, Kirksville GIOVANNINI, CHARLES, Kirksville GLASPIE, RICHARD, La Plata GLICK, ANNE, Chillicothe GOEKE, LEO, Kirksville GRAHAM, EDITH, Kirksville GRAVES, LEVVIS, Lancaster GRIEP, LYLE, Afton, Ia. GRIM, GEORGE, Kirksville GRISAMER, DONALD, Novinger GROB, THELMA, Queen City GUTTING, JANET, Kahoka. HAGAN, DONALD, Pleasanton, Ia. HAHN, DONALD, Brookielcl HALL, JOYCE, Pevely HALLEY, NORNIA, Elsberry HANES, CAROLYN, University City HANES, LAVENA, Kirksville HARRELSON, MELVIN, Keytesville HARRIS, RALPH, Monroe City HARRISON, BILLY, La Plata HARRISON, DONALD, Marceline HASSALL, JUDY, Webster Groves HAYES, DARLA, Bucklin HAYS, EILEEN, Bucklin HEAD, BETTY, Pollock Page 57 Freshmen Frvfbmml Qzmrfrttf Crawzizl' flzmy in f1J'.l't'?I7blV nmnxx..w2::'fw1sm4wm:f:,a:w-A m.,,w'-, F res h m e n Wdzllll' from .YfllLb'i71g .ra bard QD, Fraflw takezfinir out in Rec Loznzgc. HEALD, DAVID LEE, N. Kansas City HELLMANN, JOHN, Washington HELTON, CARL DEAN, Robertson HENRY, CHARLES, Hamilton HENRY, ROBERT, Pattonville HILES, BILLY JOE, Elmer HINSHAW, RITA, Richland, la. HOGENSON, ROBERT, Kitksville HONG, KICHUL, Seoul, Korea HOOG, GEORGE, St. Louis HOVER, MARIAN, Novinger HOWES, GENE, Kirksville HULL, DOYLE, Kirksville HUSTEAD, NORMA, Marceline HUTCHISON, MARILYN FORT MADISON, IA. JARBOE, MARIJO, Shelbina JARVIS, HOMER, Lancaster JENKINS, CAROL JEAN, Edina JOHNS, SHARON, Milan JOHNSON, DOROTHY, Purdin JOHNSON, JOSEPH, Louisiana JOHNSON, MARH', Cairo JONES, IDA MAE, Allerton, Ia. KAKAZU, MARGARET, Hawaii KANIEI, MILLICENT, Hawaii KANESHIRO, BERTHA, Hawaii KELLER, JEAN, Bay Village, Ohio KELLEY, AZELENE, Milan KELLY, TERRY, Kirksville KENICHI ASATO, Okinawa Page 58 P11 ,gc 59 Firft Row: KERLS, BARBARA, St. Louis, KOOREMAN, TOM, Louisiana, KRAUS, SAMUEL, Gorin, LAFAVER, PATSY, Green City, LAMBERT KAYE, Ulysses, Kansas, LAMM, DONALD, Mt. Pleasant, Ia., LEHR, ROBERT, La Plata. Second Row: LEONARD, EVELYN, Brookfield, LINK, MARX' ELIZABETPI, Kirksville, LOUMASTER, JANICE, Atlanta, LUMAN, DOROTHY, Kirks ville, LYONS, NELDA GRACE, Edina, MCCRACKEN, JAMESJ., Pontiac, Illinois, MCDONALD, DUANE, Brookfield. Third Raw: MCHARGUE, CARLENE, Harris, MCKENZIE, SHIRLEY, Centralia, MCMASTBRS, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Edina, MCMILLAN ROBERT, St. Louis, MAACK, HARVEY, Collinsville, MACHIN, MARY SUE, Mexico, MADDEX, LEWIS, La Plata. Fonrtla Rauf: MADORIN, FRED, Kirksville, NIANN, JACK, Leonard, MARCH, JOAN, Fulton, MARTIN, RONALD LEE, Kirksville, MASON DAVID, Centralia, MASON, IIACQUELINE, La Plata., lX4ASTERS, SHIRLEY ANN, Hayti. Fre hmen Drummer Donlmz Top: 'Em All in Fmrbvlmz A.r.rcmHy L , 1- 5 X ,- ,,,., ,, -1, , .. H 5- -?':':,, ,Lil ,W F res h m e n Bezuzgy in zz Blznzton Hall Raoul MAUPIN, ELVIN, St. Louis MAVRAGANIS, CONSTANTINE Thessaloniki, GreeCe MEAD, PATRICIA, Cambria, Ia. MICHAEL, SPICER, Lu Belle MILLS, JOHN, St. Charles MINOR, ROLAND, La Plata MITTEN, ANNA GRACE, Kirksville MOHR, FREDA, Arbela MOLES BARBARA St. Louis 7 1 MOORE, JUDY ANN, Browning MOORE, MARILYN, La Belle MOORE, MELVIN, Silex MOORE, MERLIN, La Plata MORLAN, RUTH, Vandalia MUNDEN, JEAN RUSSELL, Livonia MUSTOE, DAVID, Memphis NAGAMINE, NOREEN, Hawaii NEVINS, JAMES RUSSELL, Browning NEWMAN, WAYNE, Higbee NICOLETTI, ROSALIA, Kirlcsville NOVINGER, MARY JANE, Kirksville OGLE, JAMES, Louisiana GRWILER, GERALDINE, Kirksville OVERSTREET, ALBERT, Ethel PARSONS, RICHARD, Ottumwa PASH, LADD, La Plata PEARSON, MELBA JEAN, Unionville PERRY, THOMAS PARKER, Kirksville PETERSON, LYNNE ANNE, La Plata PETERSON, FERN, St. Louis PHILLIPS, DONNA ELAINE, Lewistown PHILLIPS, JAMES, Marceline PIPPERT, DICK, Brentwood POHL, HAROLD, Washington PRANGE, NORBIAN, Shelbyville PRICE, PAUL, Princeton PRIEST, NELL SUE, Arbela RAY, ROBERT PAUL, Pattonville REED, JANI, La Belle RHODES, KENNETH, New London RILEY, SHARON, Green Castle ROAN, MARGARET, Atlanta ROGERS, RODNEY, Quincy, Ill. ROGERS, CHARLENE, Marceline ROQUET, DAVID, Fremont, Ia. ROSEBERRY, BETTY JUNE, Kirksville Ross, BETTY, Harris ROYSE, EDWARD KEITH, La Plata SHUPBACH, ANN, Kirksville SEE, WlLh4A, Rutledge SEXTON, DORIS, Mexico SHAW, SHIRLEY, Kirksville SHOCKEY, WALDA ANN, Kirksville SHUGART, KENNETH, La Belle SHULL, KAY, Lowpoint, Ill. SIMLER, ELLIS, Novinger SIMPSON, JACK, Novelty SINGLETON, RITA, Linneus SKINNER, BONNIE, Kirksville SKINNER, COLIN, England Page 61 wtnma-wang-17, ., ,, . - .- ,,.,:.mm1f.,,t,.I,m,N.w...w,.,, t,,,v,,,t,.V. , . , . HfdI'f1' lunznlflwksx and Hrllol mid "l'Vcfmme to 010' C.fzmpu.r" Pm'ent.r' Dry Freshm n l Freshmen .Ymztn CoI'fi:1.r leudf rm mr at the CbffIf7I7H.f Ten SLONEKER, MARILYN, Laclede SNIITH, DALE, Manhattan, Kansas SOsA, EVA, Mendon STAGGS, JAMES DONALD, Shelbyville STEEL, MIRIIXM, Richland, Ia. STEELE, JOSEPH, Manhattan, Kansas STEWART, PATRICIA, Kirksville STIGALL, ROBERT, Kansas City STONE, MARILYN, Chariton, Ia. STOUT, GORDON, Kansas City SWARTZ, NORMA JEAN, lvlaclison TAGUE, ALICE, Gorin TALBERT, CAROLYN SUE, Monroe Ci TANNER, ROBERT, Centralia TAPLEY, PATRICIA, New London TAYLOR, BARBARA ANN, Milan THOMAS, RONNIE LEE, Hannibal THRASHER, WILLIAM, Robertson THURSTON, CHARLES, Florissant TOYYNSEND, PAUL, Memphis TRACY, JOANN, Laredo TRUBER, NORNIAN, Hannibal TRUITT, DONNA JEAN, Kirksville TURNER, BOB, Macon TURNER, CAROLYN, Palmyra TURNEY, DONALD, Shelbina TUTTLE, VAUNCILLE, Yarrow URIALMAN, ENGIN, Long Island, N. XTARWIG, HARRY, Robertson X7INEYARD, GEORGE, Revere E Page 62 WADDILL, GENE, Yarrow WAGGONER, DONNA LEE, Hurdlancl WALKER, ROBERT, La Plata WALKER, RUBY, Green City WARNER, JERRY, Savannah WATKINS, MARY, Atlanta WATSON, JEANETTE, Kirlcsville WELLBORN, ELAINE, Kirksville WELLBORN, LESLIE, Kirksville WENSEL, GAIL, Unionville WEST, DELNO, Kirksville WESTERN, MARY ANN, Kirksville WHALEN, RICHARD FRANCIS, Hannibal WHEELER, MARILYN, Kirksville WHITNEY, LARRY, Kirksville WICRIZER, PATTY, Jamesporc WILLIAMS, ALAN, Vandalizl WILLIAMS, GWEN, Mexico WILLIAMS, JAMES, Centralia WILLIAMS, JOHN, Stockport, Ia. WILLIAMS, RALPH, Hamilton WILSON, DONALD, Sac City, Ia. WILSON, JERRY, La Plata WILSON, FAYE, L21 Belle WINKLEMAN, ELDON, Kirksville WISEMAN, MARY LOUISE, Mavvvood WOLFE, JOANNE, Purdin WOOD, MINNIE SUE, Shelbina WOOD, WILLIAM, La Plata WRIGH'f, WILLIAM ALAN, Leonard v17ARDLEY, SHIRLEY, Mezldville YOUNG, WILLIAM ROGER, Warsaw, Ill. ZALEUKE, DONALD, St. Charles Page 63 Fre hmen A K if v f 6 fngqx 'ff ,, fo f Q ' . ey, eq. 'zlilw 5:5 fd 1 mv, In-s5!"'N. Ff- 129 55 fxvrxx A M f".'Q'w AKA 5.55 LJ? if KM mv sub sm Q f 1? '62 X fl M WMJ 4:55 9513 A W ,Mg X38-x Q1 J -av-""Niq f"K AFQ' WIN '. f X xy if KIT: -,,' ' -X I If .x sh 5 x xg? J by S I C 7 f""'!""x KXN. l'E'51'Q-f PNFK vi- tfge id 7 f ...4 R5 6 fN ",EDfQ-B--4 We Raw one: W. T. Minor, sponsor, Owen Hughes, Dewayne Wellborn, recording secretary, Charles Esterline, vice-presidentgjames Keller, president, Bill Mayers, treas- urer, Howard Platz, corresponding secretary, Dean Easterday, john A. Thomas, and Larry Whitney. Row 1wo.' John Baker, David Armbruster, Fred Acuff, Maurice Payne, Mike Johanboeke, Ron Phillips, Jaime Portugal, John Jones, and Don Wilson. Raw fbree: Delno West, Bruce Minear, Wayne Martin, Thomas Donovan, Al Azinger, Edwin Myers, Barry M. Green, Ronald Martin, Billy McClaskey, and jerry Greene. Alpha Phi Omega Helping in the Bloodmobile donation drive, decorating the stands and Presidents box for the Homecoming game, co-man- aging the cloak room at school functions, helping with regis- tration on Senior Day and at college conventions, running a con- cession stand at the Christmas Dance, holding an Ugly Man contest in conjunction with the spring Ugly Man Dance, were but a few of the activities sponsored by APO this year. Helping in the local scout movement, acting as guides on Parents' Day campus tours, and working with the KCOS chap- ter on the blood donation drive at thejaycee Merchandise Show, rounded out the year's work-and we mean ufork.' Eighteen men were pledged during the fall and winter pledge season. Members must have a Boy Scout background for this service organization. ,A .Ma 'N , Maw E Gzfidizzg Alpha Phi Omega were there ojicerr, feft to riglvf, Bill Mayers, treasurer, APO Pladgcr i11cfzlrle,fro11t, left to right, Ronald Martin, Al Azinger, Dean Easter- , . L .d -H Y d P1 , day, Larry Whitney, John Thomas, Stazlrlivzg, left to right, Don Wilson, Bruce Dewayne Vkellborn, recording secretarygjames Keller, presi ent, ou ar ata, Minear, John Baker, Demo West, Edwin Myers, Billy Mcclaskeyy and Owen corresponding secretary, Charles Esterline, vice-president. HL1gl1f:S. Page 66 Blue Key Seffrecl, Keith Stout, treasurer, Russell Vannoy, vice-president, Eli F. Mittler, sponsorg Charles Esterline, president, Maurice Payne, secretary, .S'tmzding, How- ard Platz, Barry Green, Ronald Bailey, Mac Howard, James Neilson. On banded knee, James Neilson, Jerry Greene, and President Esterline paint whitewash- markers for the Homecoming Parade. Looking fat and .m.rr1' nfrrr om' of Ilnon' fu12mn.r Blue Kqr .rreak dimmzr f01'716'lU 1zzn17brr:m'z' It-frm right, Mac Howard, Keith Stout, Victor Childers, james Neilson, Kenneth Williams, Ron Bailey, Howard Platz, Jerry Greene, Russell Vannoy, Charles Esterline, and Maurice Payne. Pa: 6 7 Besides being the highest men's honor fraternity, Blue Key is a iervice fraternity, as well. Those purple and red- backed student directories were issued by Blue Key mem- bers, who also conducted tours on Parents Day and Senior Day, took charge of the entire Homecoming Parade, ushered at baccalaureate and commencement, and sponsored an Honor Awards assembly in May. Attending the Blue Key National Conclave over Christ- mas vacation was Charles Esterline. President Esterline served on a committee to re-draft the national Blue Key constitution. With membership limited to twenty, only men who rank highest in scholarship, service, character, and leadership are pledged. All members wear the Well-known blue-and- gold "Blue Key." Key men in Blue Key this year Were: Charles Esterline, president, Russell Vannoy, vice-president, Keith Stout, treasurer, Maurice Payne, secretary, and Eli Mittler, sponsor. 2 Seated, left ta riight.'. Sue Magruder, Linda Heimer, Eleanor Barkley, jane Anne Bucks, president, Terry Anne White, treasurer, LaVerne Dudeckg Jf117l!1l77g, Nancy Horn, Barbara Lee, Agnes Slemons, co-sponsor, Carolyn Caldwell, Nevin Loerke, .Ianys Ann Murphy, Jeanette Krueger, Nan Wade, co-sponsor, Shirley Wares. Nat pictured, Frances Baldridge, Charlotte Herrick, Velvadean Adkins, Caroline Stokes, Marilie Weber, Allene Keller. Cardinal Key Cardinal Key, sister organization to Blue Key is a national honorary service organization for college women who display qualities of leadership, scholarship, character and participation in school activities. They must also have 60 hours of college credit to be eligible for membership. Membership is held to 20 members. A special project of Cardinal Key during 1955 was selling l 5 Y 1 Kappa Delta Pi Holding professional meetings twice monthly, Kappa Delta Pi is a national hon- orary education society. Sound personal ideals, scholarship, and educational ideals are required for member- ship into Tau Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, which had 18 members this year. Officers include, Marilyn Gallup, presi- dent, Leslie White, vice-president, Linda Heimer, secretary, Dorothy Myers, treas- urer, Carolyn Stokes, historian. Commemorative plates, of Wedgwood china, with the John R. Kirk Memorial in the center. Among their other activities are selling Homecoming buttons, doing welfare work, ushering at College and civic functions, and conducting tours on Senior Day. Officers for the year were Jane Bucks, President, Marilie Weber, Vice-president, Terry White, Treasurer, and Caroline Stokes, Secretary. Smtcdf Nancy Horn, Caroline Stokes, historian, Marilyn Gallup, president, Bere-nice Beggs, sponsor, Linda Heirner, secretary, Maxine Klitenic. Slmulirzgr Mona M. Overton, Neil Peterie, Ronald Bailey, Edward Cox, James Neilson, Donald Sanders, Charlotte Herrick. Page 68 Ipha Phi Sigma Leading Alplvz Phi .Yigvm .Slrlrafur.rZvip Fmterrzig' for 1954-'55 are after: Glen Easterclay, vice-president, Jeannette Krueger, secre- tary, Mona M, Overton, treasurer, and Dolores Jean Tracy, president. Planning for the National Convention of Alpha Phi Sigma to be held here June 18, 1955, furnishing campus guides for Parents' Day, participating in the Homecoming Parade, and Climaxing with a banquet in the spring, highlighted the year's activities of Alpha Phi Sigma, founded here 25 years ago. A national honorary organization in scholarship, Alpha Phi Sigma invites valedictorians and salutatorians as associate members and those scoring an S average or better for three consecutive quarters, as master members. Sponsor of Alpha Chapter is Dr. Hans Hagemann, with this year's officers including Dolores Tracy, president, Glen Easter- day, vice-president, Jeannette Krueger, secretary, and Mona M. Overton, treasurer. Raw one: Marian Peoples, Carol Coleman, Dolores Jones, Anna Grace Mitten, Jeannette Krueger, Secretary, Dolores Tracy, President, Mona M. Overton, Treasurer, Eileen Hays, Norma DeWitt, and Charlotte Gunselman. Raw Iwo: Marilyn Werr, Terry Anne White, Thelma Yaeger, Alice Tague, Norma Hustead, JoAnn Tracy, Jacqueline Mason, James Neilson, Joycelynn Mason, and Mason Benn, Jr. Row three: Janys Ann Murphy, Linda Sue Galloway, Lorraine Jerome, Margaret Roan, Pat Mead, Dorothy Kearns, Okle Conover, Ron Phillips, Barry Green, and Glenn Easterclay. Page 69 Kz1:e!iug.' Charles Woods, Larry Gordon. Firrl row: Edward K. Royse, Edwin Myers, Linden Eitel, Gerald D, Wood, Secretary, C. H. Hays, Vice-President, Carl Keller, President, and Dean Easterday, Treasurer. Serwzd row: John jones, Ronald Hessel- schwerdt, Duane Cole, Sponsor, Robert Daniels, Dick Cokerham, Lawrence Bond- erer, and Duane Neeley. Industrial Arts For the third straight year the Industrial Arts Club won the contract for decorating the Adair County Court House Square and the Kirksville business district. An extra-special touch of Christmas was given the campus between the Practical Arts Building and Kirk Auditorium with the Nativity Scene and Santa and his reindeer, all constructed by Industrial Arts Club lnaugurated this year were two rush seasons in an attempt to increase the present membership by 1002. With Duane Cole as sponsor, 1954-55 officers include: Carl Keller, president, C. H. Hays, vice-president, Gerald D. Wood, secretary, Dean Easterday, treasurer, David Lillard, sergeant-ab members. Ag Club "First Prize" was what the judges said for the Ag Club Homecoming float, its theme being the Cape Indians bowing to the Bulldogs. Real old time square dancin' and the crowning of Eleanor Barkley as Barnwarmin' queen was featured January 22. Winner of the door prize rooster was Waldo West. This spring the Agriculture Club will assist the Ag Department in the Northeast Missouri high school contests. Gaining 14 new members to wear the snazzy-new Ag Club jackets, officers for 1954-55 were: Al Azinger, president, Owen Hughes, vice-president, Robert Moore, secretary, Linden Eitel, treasurer, Waldo West, reporter, Marvin Seidt, sergeant-at-arms, Norvell C. Allen, spon- sor. I arms. Seated, left to right, Bruce Minear, Jack Simpson, Owen O. Hughes, vice-president, Al Azinger, president, Bob Azinger, Lewis C. McBee. Stmzdizzg, Norvell C. Allen, sponsor, Howard Platz, Dwight Stokes, Albert Overstreet, Don Wilson, Roy Wallace, Robert Atkinson. Absent, Robert Moore, Linden Eitel, Bill Mc- Claskey, Waldo West. Page 70 Raw one: Mrs. Margaret Warhurst, sponsor, Frances Wait, Mrs. Jeanette Eitel, tteasurerg Kay Moots, Betty Gaston, vice-president, Eleanor Barkley, presidentg Barbara Lee, secretary, Eloise Seaman, and Bertha Chaverri. Raw two: LaVcrne Dudeck CState Vice Presidentl, Kay Shull, Wilma See, Charlene Brooks, Charlotte Ann Jacobs, Walcla Ann Shockey, Rosalia Nico- letti, Peggy Carr, and Carol Barnes. Raw fl7l't'E.' Nancy Morris, Phyllis Sallee, Rita Ross, Helen Sailor, Roberta Butler, Lily Bergmann, Okle Conover, andfDorothy Kearns. Colhecon Club Besides the United Nations Day, Christmas party at the home of Miss Llora MaGee, and the state convention CLaVerne Dudeck served as state Vice-presidentD, a special Style Show was presented in February before the F.H.A. chapters of neigh- boring high schools. After a Welcome by President Ryle, members from the home economics classes stepped from the pages of the prop magazine "Vogue", modeling the garments they had made in clothing Rau1O1ze.' Doris Dinwiddie, Charlotte Gunselman, Dolores McDonald, Norma Wilson, Donna Phillips, Geri Campbell and Faye Ewing. Row Tum: Warren Dennis, Lyle Griep, Shirley Leber, Velvatlean Adkins,Jeanne Poole, Myra Healcl, and Virginia Redman. Rauf Three: R. E. Valentine, sponsor, Ron Phillips, Ronnie Lee Thomas, Johnny Hart, Mac Howard, Leo Goeke, and Robert Hogenson. Pug: 71 construction courses. At Christmas Time each girl brought canned goods, clothing, toys, or twenty-live cents with which a Christmas basket was prepared for a needy family. Both social and professional, Colhecon is a national home economics organization. This"year's officers Were: Eleanor Barkley, president, Betty Gaston, vice-president, Barbara Lee, secretary, and Jeanette Eitel, treasurer. Aeolian Club For music majors or for those just interested in any form of music, the Aeolian Club this year boasted 38 active members. Programs of special interest to music enthusiasts were planned by Ron Phillips, chairman of the program committee and Shirley Leber, chairman of the social committee. Officers include: Pat Healey, president,Johnny Hart, vice- pres- identg Norma Wilson, secretary- treasurer, R. E. Valentine, spon- sor. About ra take ll rom- af KC05' are from raw, left to rigf1t.'Jol1n Thomas, Mel Eliades, Gordon McClimans, Shula Flick, Sharon Johns, Maridonna Shahan, Anita White, Maurice Payne, Jackie Rice, Allen Prescott, Guy Buchanan, William Pope, sCL'011ldl'01l'.' Byron Bntterheld, Gerald Doty, Robert Walker, Burton Aberhlean Keller, William Kroeger, John Vorheesg Third row: Floyd Northington, David Swayze, Frank Hoog, George Hoog, Robert Marshall, ,lack Lapp, James Keller, David Armbruster, Charles Scott, Jerry Scott, Bob Moore, Donald Linhart. Pre-Osteopathic Club Touring Still-Hildreth Sanatorium and taking part in an all-day visit at the Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Sur- gery December 6, highlighted the Pre-Osteopathic Club year. A tour of buildings, class and laboratory demonstrations, and speakers from both administration and faculty topped off the day's visit to K.C.O.S. Speakers including Dr. Pepper Martin on mental diseases, Father Carney on ethics in medicine, and Dr. James Keller on principles of manipulation, were heard by these future physi- cians. A banquet held in the spring quarter for members and their families featured a guest speaker and movie. Qfhcers include: James Keller, president, Charles Scott, vice-president, Jerry Warner, secretary, succeeded by Shula Flickgjack Lapp, treasurer. Dr. Albert Kline is sponsor. Historical Society Speaking on the history of the Balkans, I-I.I.H. Otto of Austria-Hungary was heard by over 165 people at the annual Historical Society Banquet, November 18. It was the fifth straight year Archduke Otto had been guest speaker. With James Neilson as program chairman, speeches ranging from John Sutton's views on Korea and Mac I-lovvatd's report on his trip to Spain, to Dr. James Hoods discussion of the experiences of a Ph.D. candi- date, were heard by these social science majors. Firzrt Raw: Eiichiro Tomoyose, Harold Kwanhi Lie, Dr. Ruth Towne, Bing Kun Shao, Dr. Hamilton Easton, sponsor, Charles Esterline, president, Shirley Brantner, secretary-treasurer, Delpha Davenport, Hectorine Piercey, and Norma Broadwater. Second Row: jerry Lee Bradshaw, Edward S. Dodson, Dr. W. A. Browne, Dr. Lucy Simmons, Dr. Pauline Knobbs, Louis J. Anesi, Russell Harrison, james Neilson, Shinjun Oshiro, and Thomas E. Churchwell. Tlvird Row: john Ritter, John Shelton, Dr. G. C. Kohlen- berg, Stanley Shkolnick, Norman Truber, R. L. McAnaw, Alden G. Bingham, Glenda Runge, Shula Flick and Eva Kephart. Leading the Historical So- ciety vvere Charles Esterline, president, Shirley Brantner, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. Hamilton Easton, sponsor. Page 72 I i I College Player This year's young Barrymore's and Bankhead's produced two major plays and three one-act plays. College Players formed the crews and casts for "Squaring the Circle" last fall and also produced a three-act serious play, "The Little Foxes," in the spring. Three students directed one-act plays given February 9 in Little Theatre, including "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals," "Resolved: That the United States ex- tend diplomatic relations to Communist China," was the question facing this year's debaters, directed by Sherod Collins. Making up the local debate team were Glen Easterday, Bob Shearer, and Ron Bailey, who took Part in tourneys at Brad- ley University in November, in the Mid- west Speech Tournament here in December, at Illinois State Normal University in January, the State tournament at Warrens- burg in March and the National Pi Kappa Delta tourney in April at Redlands, California. A top Winner was ,lean Richert who tied for First place in the poetry reading contest at the Mid-West tourney here. Copping the Regents Debate Award of S50 were Glen Easterday and Bob Shearer, winning over Keith Stout and Charles Esterline. Page 73 Firirrow, seated: John Fiala, Shirley Shaw, Ron Bailey, presidentgjanys Ann Murphy, vice-president, Maxine Klitenic, secretary- treasurer, Sherod Collins, sponsor, Shirlee Fisclibach, Faye Ewing, standing, Delpha Davenport, and jerry Moore, kneeling. 56f07lL17'01U.' Betty Stout, Pat Shelton, Nor- man Truber, Barbara Moles, Stanley Shkolnick, Colin Skinner, Carlos Alcocer Wolff, Linda Heimer, Howard Platz, and Glen Easterday. directed by Marilie Weber and also presented in assembly, "A Marriage Proposal," directed by Ron Bailey, and "Still Life," directed by Linda Heimer. Conducting the bi-Weekly meetings were Ron Bailey, presi- dent, Janys Ann Murphy, vice-president, Maxine Klitenic, secretary-treasurer, Judy Beltzer, historian, Sherod Collins and Jack Hensley were sponsors. Pi Kappa Delta Fi1'Jfro1u.' Bob Shearer, Louis II. Anesi, and Sherod Collins, sponsor. Semzzd row: Bill Burk, Barbara Lee, Ron Bailey, Glen Easterday, and Charles Esterline. Row om: Donna Helton,Jeannette Krueger, secretary, Shirley Wares, treasurer, Letha Woolbright, Vera Lay, and Tom Church- well. Raw two: Jean Danneman, Lorraine Jerome, Nancy Horn, president, Beverly Orwiler, Valene Myers, Eugene Croarlcin, sponsor, and Jane Anne Bucks. Raw n5rcr: Mary Lou Lapp, Doris Kimberly, Karold McDonald, Bill Mayers, Arthur F. Kim- berly, vice-president, Richard Goelce, and Charles E, Kauzlarich, sponsor. Pi Qmega Pi Selecting an outstanding senior in business education, whose name is engraved on a plaque in Baldwin Hall, holding social functions and hearing guest speakers from many fields of business highlight the Pi Omega Pi year. Founded on this campus in 1923 by Dr. P. O. Selby, Pi Omega Pi initiates business majors who excel in scholarship. Heading the future businessmen Cand business Women, toof were ofiicers Nancy Horn, president, Arthur Kimberly, vice- president, Jeanette Krueger, secretary, Shirley Wares, treasurer, Representing Alpha Chapter at the national convention in Chicago were President Nancy Horn and Shirley Wares. man, historian. Row One: Sue Magruder, Dolores Tracy, Bob Eatock, reporter, Terry Anne White, secretary, Nevin Loerlce, president, Chosuke Gima, vice-president, Charlotte Ann Jacobs, treasurer, Willie Whitson, sponsor, and Bertha Kaneshiro. Raw Tum: Janet Dixon, Margaret Kakaza, Dolores Jones, Josephine Kittie, Mary Anna Billups, Claetta Kerby, Mona M, Overton, Joycelynn Mason, Jean Ketcham, and Boni P. Sibayan. Rau' Three: Mary Louise Wiseman, Linda Sue Galloway, Jacqueline Mason, Lois Ogle, Mar- ilyn Werr, Anna Marie Korsen, Marian Peoples, Virginia Redman, and Hectorine Piercey. Beverly Orwiler, editor, William Mayers, reporter,Jean Danne- A. C. E. To develop professional ideals and study current problems in education sum up the goals ofthe Association for Childhood Edu- cation. Membership is open to elementary majors and to SILI- dents interested in Elementary Education. A special project this year was the collecting of gifts to be turned OVCI' to the Salvation Army for underprivileged children. Ofiicers for the year are: Nevin Loerke, president, Chosul-ze Gima, vice-president, Terry Anne White, secretary, Charlotte Jacobs, treas- urer, Miss Willie Whitson is sponsor. Page 74 Row Our: Virginia Baker, Secretary, Rosalia Nicoletti, B.T.U. Rep.,Josephine Kittle, Devotional Vice-president, Sue Goodding, Y.W.A. Rep., Hjalmer Lindberg, S.S. Representative, Don Noble, president, Delno West, Assembly Chairman, Dean Easterday, Publicity Director, Betty Goad, Music Director, and Ling Kang Yeh, Summer Missions. Row Two: Betty Miller, Dolores Tracy, JoAnn Tracy, Dottie Gonnerman, Kathleen Hackamack, Valene Myers, Sue Kneeland, Doris Dinwiddie, Betty Head, Elaine Yamamoto, and Bertha Kaneshiro. Row Tlvrers Jason Franklin, John C. Fox, Director of Student Activities, Richard Brookhart, Carl Helton, Virginia Redman, Azelene Kelley, Elizabeth Simpson, Carlene MCI-largue, and Tom Thurston. Baptist Student Union Wesley Foundation Ninety-three hungry students ate SOO pounds of watermelon in the annual Wesley Foundation watermelon feed September 16 in the back yard ofthe Methodist parsonage, getting the year underway in a big way for this Methodist organization for students. Appointed as the new Methodist Student Worker in the fall was Rev. James Cole of I-lornell, N. Y. Besides worship programs, the lighter side was highlighted Rom am: lda Mae Jones, Allene Keller, Janet Dixon, B. Wilsey, Martha Whir- rett, Lorraine Jerome, secretary, Dick Hackman, president, Darlene Rettinghaus, treasurer, Letha Woolbright, vice-presi- dent, Bill Kroter, Sam Kraus, and Betty Ross. Row two: Betty Gaston, Lynne Steel, Rita Hinshaw, Freda Mohr, Mary Anna Billups, Charlotte Ann Jacobs, Pat Mead, and Carolyn Hanes. Row flu-fe: Nathaniel Lapitan, Ronnie Detwiler, Lois Althiser, Carol Redman, Dorothy Kearns, Doris Gordy, Janice Jacobs, Norma Jean Halley, Mary Burnham, Ruby Walker, Patsy La- Faver, and Judy Greeno. Row four: Rey. Ralph H. Hicks, John Shelton, Rev. James Paul Cole, Betty Cole, Edward Cox, James Keller, Gordon Stout, Bill Dyer, Eldon Seaboldt, Noel Pagitt, and Carl Baldwin. Whether it was the Wel- come Booth in Baldwin Hall in September Csmiles and lemonade!D, the Sweet- heart Banquet in February, or the spring "Supper for Champions" banquet with the Bulldog lettermen as guests, it was an event- packed year for these young Baptist students. Working all night on a first prize winning Horne- coming float, again sponsor- ing Thanksgiving for Inter- nationals, caroling at Kirks- ville hospitals and in twelve home churches, attending the State Student Conven- tion, the costume Congress- ional Party, the intramural basketball team, the March House party that brought 100 girls from north Mis- souri for a weekend of mission emphasis, and the Spring Retreat at the Lake of the Ozarks in May, all rounded out the year's work 'n fun. Guests included Dr. Joe W. Burton during Home Life Emphasis Week in Oc- tober, Dr. G. Kearnie Keeg- an in March, and Mrs. Ag- nes Plyant leading seminars on Christian Recreation and Church Drama. by the annual Christmas party December 12. Two hours of caroling, a buffet meal at the parsonage, a debate on the question "Resolved: That there ain't no Santa Claus" fthe negative team of Jim Keller and Rev. Cole triumphing over Keith Stout and Bill Kroeger in this serious question ID and a Handel's "Mes- siah" worship program made up the day's program. Ofhcers were: Richard Hackman, president, Letha Wool- bright, vice-president, Lorraine Jerome, secretary, Darlene Rettinghaus, treasurer. Row me: Hassan Hakkak, presidentgjason Franklin, J. Luis H. Rojas, Eloise Seaman, Jaime Portugal, and Nathaniel V. Lapitan. Raw two: Kenichi Asato, Eiichiro Tomoyose, Harold Kwanhi Lie, Agustin Herrera, Ling Kang Yeh, Betty Head, Esin Kent, Erlinda F. von Heiland 1 Elaine Yamamoto, Bertha Chaverri, Bertha Kaneshiro, Noreen Nogamine, Annegert Hessenbruch, and Mrs. C. H. Allen, sponsor. Row three: 'Ianys Ann Murphy, treasurer, Shinjun Oshiro, vice resident, Boni P. Sibayan, Chi Hang Pyun, Linda Fair, Siral Ozer, Chung Soon Kim Virginia Baron, Sue Kneeland, Hang'Sun Kim, Mary Anna Billups, Elisabeth van der Zwan, Millicent Kamei, and Carlos Alcocer. Row fam-.' john A. Thomas, Kyoung Ha Kim, LaVerne Dudeck, Marilyn Bowden, Chosuke Gima, Helene Brun, Do Hi Kim, Lois Althiser, Alice Fos- ter, Bienvenido Gutierrez, Chan Hyun Pak, and Virginia Redman. a Rowfi1:e.' ,johnny Koo,Joseph B. Paek, Mel Eliades, Richard K. Hong, Mario Rivela, Samuel K. Sung, Colin Skinner, Paul F. Chung, Stanley Shkolnick, Anna Maria Korsen, Doris Sexton, Ricardo Alcocer, and Carlos Kunte. . International Club "I hope we can get them all in," said the Echo photographer as he snapped the picture of the International Club, which has grown to be one of the largest organizations on the campus. Entering a float in the Homecoming parade, a candidate for K-Club queen and for Trump Night King, and Winning second place with the Trump Night Skit, "The Sun Never Sets on KSTC Students," all brought recognition, as did presenting an assembly program at Kirksville High School. Row Cue: Eiichiro Tomoyose, Harold Kwanhi Lie, Boni P. Sibayan, Agustin Herrera, jr., Kemchi Asato, Ling Kang Yeh, Chung Soon Kim, Esin Kent, Erlinda von I-leiland, Bertha Chaverri, Hassan Kakkak, and Mrs. C. H. Allen, ad- viser. Raw Two: Mel Eliadeshjolxnny Koo, Annegert Hessenbruch, Siral Ozer, Helene Brun, Do I'll'K1Hl, Mario Rivela, Elisabeth van der Zwan, and Bienrenido Gutierrez. Raw Thrce: Richard K. Hong, Kenny H. Kim, Chi Hang Pyun, Chosuke Gima, Ricardo Alcocer, David H. Kim, Chan Hyun Pak, Luis H. Rojas, andjjason Franklin. Raw Fam:- ,joseph B. Paek, Nathaniel Lapitan, Samuel K. Sung, Paul F. Chung, Carlos Alcocer, Colm Skinner, Jaime Portugal, Carlos Kunte, and Shinjun Oshiro. Social events are not overlooked, either, what with the Christmas dinner held in Kirk Auditorium for members and faculty guests. Recipes and entertainment from around the world were featured. Members were also entertained by the Sojourners Club and the Rotary Club, as guests of honor. Officers include: Hassan Hakkak, president, Shinjun Oshiro, vice-president, Janys Murphy, treasurerg Mrs. C. H. Allen, sponsor. Foreign Students "The Sun Never Sets on KSTC Students," could well become a new slogan, with over 50 stu- dents from 20 foreign countries in attendance here. Of these, 20 come from Korea, four each from China, Okinawa, Mexico, and Turkey, three from the Philippines, two from Greece, Spain, and Colombia, and one each from Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, England, France, Denmark, Italy, Iraq, Lebanon, and Panama. Now nearing the 200 mark in attendance here since 1946, for- eign students study under govern- ment grants, their own funds, college scholarships, or the Northeast Missouri Fund for For- eign Teachers. Page 76 Cort from flu rprfug plow "Tb: Little Foxzf' cmzglvt Commlmirr lmfler Ingrnlmm mirbr: Bailey and Well- Krocger mul Bailqa' ,give poet .fkifzucr fl going oucr in in Il .rrriozu mood, born in Il low .rome from -l.S'4Iltll'i7lg the Circle" fha' fall play ".S'qua1'i11g tlve Cirtlcu From satire to serious describes the mood of the live plays presented in both Little Theatre and assembly this year. Direct- ing the fall and spring three-act plays was Jack Hensley of the speech faculty, while student directors Linda Heimer, Marilie Weber, and Ron Bailey svveated out the three one-act plays given in February. Katayev's "Squaring the Circle," a satire on love, Russian style, ran three theatre-packed nights, November 9, 10, 11. Leads were taken by Bill Kroeger as Abram, Elaine Wellborn as Tonya, Ron Bailey as Vasyag Peggy Brundage as Ludmillag Colin Skinner as Emaliang and Betty Lou Ingraham as Flavius. Starring in the assembly play "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals," February 9 were Susie Hardy, John Fiala, Donna Dramatics Phillips, Pat Shelton, Delpha Davenport, and Donald Baskett, with Marilie Weber directing. The second 0118-HCI play, "A Marriage Proposal," was di- rected by Ron Bailey and starred Bill Kroeger, Peggy Brundage, and Kenneth Barker. The third, "Still Life," a serious drama directed by Linda Heimer, featured Betty Stout and Gene Weber in the romantic leads. Taking place in the early l900's, the spring play, "The Little Foxes" took a serious slant and dealt with the effects of selfish- ness on a southern family. Cast in "The Little Foxes" were David Heald, Maxine Kli- tenic, Sue Magruder, Gene Weber, Bill Kroeger, Linda Heimer, Tom Kooreman, Shirley Masters, Judy Kottmann, and Colin Skinner. Firrt of Ibe winfer one-arf plow wf1.r "Tlx Old-Lady .YEHIK from the Rll.f.Yid?7 Commiv, "A Nlzzrriage Pro- Stout and lfVcber go zlrmmrtic in ll rcwze from "Still 'Mau'-Y HF" Mf'l"!-f- D""'mP0"fv -5lbf'lf0'1, ljbfllflm porn!" farther Krueger, Brmzduge, and Barker in nrlion Life" Hardy, Flala, cum' Burke!! caught nz action. Page 77 Setting the dates for rushing and pledging by the three cam- pus social fraternities, issuing a social fraternity handbook to freshmen men, and holding an lnterfraternity Council Banquet, besides serving as a "clearing house" of discussion of fraternity problems, make up the duties of the Interfraternity Council. Highlighting the banquet March 22 was the awarding of the Presidents Scholarship Trophy to the fraternity with the Composed of three repre- sentatives from each social sorority, the Panhellenic Council governs all sorority activities and is sponsored by the Dean of Women, Dr. Pauline Knobbs. A Parents Day Tea, Pan- hellenic Tea for girls inter- ested in sororities, keeping a cloakroom at dances, and experimenting with open rushing between February 7 and May 7 were among the Panhellenic projects for 1954-55. The iirst all-soror- ity get-together was held in January, with each sorority rotating as the hostess group in the monthly affairs. Each spring the Panhel- lenic Banquet finds the Scholarship Cup being awarded by the Dean of Women to the sorority with the highest scholastic aver- age for the year. i Seated, Dr. Dean Rosebery, Alpha Kappa Lambda sponsorg John Goetze, Sigma Tau Gamma sponsor, Dr. Gilbert Kohlenberg, Interfrarernity Council sponsor, Duane Cole, Phi Sigma Epsilon co-sponsor. Smud- izzg, Dick Franklin, vice-president, Russell Vannoy, president, Sigma Tau Gamma, Ron Bailey, president, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Raymond Williamson, president, Bill Carter, vice-president, Phi Sigma Epsilon. Nat pictm'4'd.' Dr. Leon Karel, Phi Sigma Epsilon, William Mayers, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Interfraternity Council highest average point-hour ratio. Made up of the presidents, vice-presidents, and sponsors of the three fraternities, the Council has officers serving on rota' tion. This year Ron Bailey served as president, Raymond Williamson as vice-president, and Russell Vannoy as secretary- treasurer. Dr. Gilbert C. Kohlenberg is sponsor. Panhellenic Coun il Firyf Raw: Charlene Brooks, treasurerg Nancy Hedges, vice-presiclentg Linda Heimer, president, Dr. Knobbs, sponsor, Barbara Lee, secretary. Stmzdizzg' Shirley Wares, Mary Lou Bills,.Iudy Kottman, Helen Sailor, Carol Williams, Shirley Leber, Maridonna Shahan, Jean Danneman. Page 78 Tap Row: Miss Willie Whitson, sponsorg Carol Barnes, Cpledged 19541, Charlene Brooks, president, Jean Danneman, vice-president, Bartow raw: Marilyn Gard- house, Dorothy Kearns, corresponding secretary and treasurer, Helen Sailor, recording secretary. Pi Kappa Sigma Starting the year with live active members back, the .Pi Kaps entered their Homecoming float with the theme, "It's in the Bag," and sponsored Charlene Brooks as queen candidate. "Lollipop Land," with guests dressed in kiddies' clothing and eating lollipops, was the theme ofthe first rush party. Games galore highlighted the second party with the theme, Gold Nugget Saloon. Queen Candidate for the K-Club Dance was Marilyn Gardhouse, With 'lean Danneman in the running for Trump Night Queen. The Trump Night skit, "lf Women QAM, Played Cards as Men Do," brought many Cheers. Topping off the Pi Kap year was the annual spring go od party, an indoor picnic and dance-fun! 4 U . . , I Leading the P1 Kap meetings were officers Charlene Brooks, president, Jean Danneman, vice-president, Helen Sailor, recording secretary, Dorothy Kearns, correspond- ing secretary and treasurer, Marilyn Gardhouse, reporter. Caught PllIj'i7Zg gamer are there girlr in thc "GUM Nugget Saloon" nt tlvc umm! Pi Kap Rmb party. Page 79 Lallipapr and Kiddier' Clotber Highlight "Lollipop Lam!" Rmb Pm'0'. Pi Kap nzcmbfrf am! gm'.rf.r take time out to ffl their rnmmiar in 'Iallipap Lf1ml." lflilufe tagmr, eatin eu.rhim1.r, traphief in the huekgralmrl highlight Mi.rJ Zu!!erero1w1.r Dolorex fmzer nr the Alpha .fweetheart Dante in A phu I Greek f'll.I'h7 parzj. F eh: amy. Alpha Sigma Alpha "Alpha in Obimpiuu-Like n .rcene frrmz urzrierlt Greece. No less than four queens of major campus events were active on the Student Council. members of Alpha Beta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, including Shirley Wares, Homecoming Queen, Sue Mc- Cullough, K-Club Queen, Eleanor Barkley, Barnwarmin' Queen, and Pat Ellet, Trump Night Queen. Special honors Went to Linda Heimer and Shirley Wares, chosen for Who's Who, to Betty Wilgus, Mary Lou Bills, Linda Heimer and Sue McCullough who were In the Homecoming parade the Alpha float, a huge adding machine, spelled out "Add Up the Bulldogs' Score." Rush parties featuring "Alpha in Olympia" and a Lumberjack breakfast brought 17 pledges last fall, while a chair, lamp, fruit basket and candy were sent to the nursing home at Christmas time. Top :au Miss Alma K. Zoller, sponsor, Eleanor Barkley, Judy Beltzer, Mary Lou Bills, vice-presidentg Laneta Brand, Joyce Brittain SL'L'07ldI010.' Patricia Ellett, Judith Greeno, Linda Heimer, president, Dolores Jones, secretary, Katie Lintner, Kay Moors. Page 80 Top row: Lois Ogle Marian Peoples Leila Peterson Patricia Redding Lavada Rose .Yecoml row: Shirley Shadid Mary Lou Smith Leoln Stidman Mary Ann Turner Shirley Wares Tbirzl row: Carol Wegehoft Betty Lou Wilgus Mary Jean Wilson Besides winning queen, the Alpha Skit "School heart. The annual Mothers' Day Tea and Breakfast Daze," placed third at Trump Night, making the third egg? Dame in MHY W0Ul1d UP the Yelfis 1CfiVifieS' straight year that Alpha Sigma Alpha has elected queen Providing leadership were Linda Heimef, PfCSiClCf1f5 and Placed in the Skit Competition. 5 ? Mary Lou Bills, vice-presidentg Leila Peterson, registrarg ' V I - I ug' Dolores jones, secretaryg Shirley Wares, treasurerg Highlighting the SWCCCIICP-ff DHUCC 10 February l at Eleanor Barkley, chaplaing Joyce Brittain, editorg Shir- was thepcrowning of Dolores jones as Alpha Beta Sweet- E79 ley Shadid, song leaclerg Miss Zoller, sponsor. 5'mm!: Jani Reed, Shirley Yardley, ,Indy Strom, Lorraine Jerome, Lynne Peterson, Anne Glick, Marijo jarboe. .S'mz1din,g.' Sue McCullough, Sharonjohns, Carolyn I-lanes, Carolyn Turner, Barbara Moles, Shirley Ausn1us,Jacqueline Mason,1aniee Loumaster, janet Fox. Page 81 Delta Sigma Epsilon With Dr. Lucy Simmons as guest speaker and with Nancy Morris, Norma Wilson and Betty Stout in the singing spotlight, Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon led off its year with a Founders' Day Banquet Septem- ber 23. Becoming salesladies in October, the Deltas found brisk sales for their Delta Birthday Calendars. Home- coming found them building a giant Homecoming float with the theme "Snow 'Em Under." Mary Ann Cald- well was chosen as their Homecoming Queen candidate. Two rush parties with HalloWe'en and "An Evening Top raw: Dr. Ruth Towne, sponsor, Velvadean Adkins, Mary Ann Caldwell, Donna Coch- ran, Sue De Volld, Shirley Dye, vice-president, Serofzd row: Betty Goad, Nancy Horn, treasurer, Merilyn Johnson, Claetta Kerby, Mary Lou Lapp, Shirley Leber. S116 sxsss S X My in a Spanish Court" themes Won 20 pledges, who later presented the annual Christmas party. Besides presenting the skit, "Music Makes the World Go Round" at Trump Night, Shirley Leber represented the Deltas in the race for Trump Night Queen. Winding up an event-packed year were the election of new ofiicers, initiation of pledges, the Spring Fashion Show and Spring Formal. Officers include, Kay Parker, president, with Bar- bara Lee succeeding her in the winter quarter, Shirley Dye, vice-president, Estalene:'Purvis, secretary, Nancy Horn, treasurer. Pledges Seated, left to right, jo Ann Tracy, Barbara Taylor, treasurer, Gerrie Orwiler, vice-president, Jeanne Poole, secretary, Becky Crum- packer, president, Marilyn Stone, point recorder, Glenda Runge, ser- geant-at-arms, Donna Phillips, rrmzdiug, Joyce Hall, joan Cragg, Nelda Turner, Carole Paap, Nell Sue Priest, Shirley Baxter, Susan Kneeland, Gwen Williams, Shirley McRobert, Nola Carter. Abmzr, 1 Mary Jane Novinger. Page 82 Gb0.rt.r, Gublim, inn! .S'pm1i.rl9 .Sl'f2w'irn.f Higblighf Two Delhi Rmb Pazrtier Typ ,-guy Seraanl row: Barbara Lee, president winner quarter Betty Miller Nancy Morris Beverly Orwilel' Esralene Purvis, secretary Shirley Sanders Eloise Seaman Mariclonna Shzihan Par Shelton Berry Sroun Dolores Tracy Norma Wilson s i l 1 1 Page S3 L sss. o,so s e jrff Were , 'X ' .. s :wg .,., E . N, , K :M - ,Afw 6:1 .g:..,,,2 we -. x el' V 9:5522 - . - Q A-, jgw2:,1 2- Q- - " 1 ,',f':,f'2?iQ ' 142 ' ., L : :,r:.x. 1' ., .. , 21, fun' .. . ...., T593 . . . l ..,,,,, A., ,,,. ,, 1 ,,,,,:,,,,, Kay Parker, president fall quarter Sigma Sigma Sigma News that Mu Chapter had won the Efliciency Cup for the '53-'54 school year was brought to the Tri- Sigmas by Nelda Crawford, national ofhcer, during her visit to KSTC last fall. Dressed in Dutch costumes, the Tris won much com- ment with their homecoming float, "Cape's in Dutch," while Judy Kottman represented them in the race for Homecoming Queen. A top figure of 29 pledges came the Tri-Sigma way following the two rush parties, "Three Little Sigrnas," a takeoff on "The Three Bears," and "Sigma Top Hat," Pledges Finrt raw: Shirley Shaw, Faye Ewing, JoAnne Wolfe, Carolyn Huntsman, Mary Sue Mach- in, Mary Dale Ditmars, Patricia Ann Wickizer, Dorothy Johnson, Faye Wilson. Second raw: Jeanette Watson, Marilyn Wheeler, Carolyn Cragg, Mary Link, Elaine Wellborn, Judy Hassall, Janet Gutting, Jennie Sue Allen, Doris Sexton. Tl1ird1'auf.' Ann Schupbach, Donna Naggi, Charlotte Gunselman, Anna Korsen, Judy Moore, Becky Murch, Delpha Davenport, Jolene Forke, Charlotte Ann Jacobs, Dolores McDonald. with a night club theme. Social service projects and the annual Christmas party with alumnae topped off the month of December, while Martha Whirrett served as K-Club Queen escort and 3 Elaine Wellborn, representing a civic group, was crowned l. . f the Jaycee MCfCh3Hd1SC Show. J ,D Queen 0 ,Q For Trump Night, the audience got a glimpse of life u 'l at KSTC in the year ZOOO A.D. in a skit featuring weird costumes and the "Adam Prancef' Nancy Hedges was queen candidate. The annual spring formal topped off the year 1954-'55. Tap row: Miss Viola Magee, sponsor Barbara Beall Carol Chapman Marilyn Cornwell, treasurer LaVerne Dudeck 35607711 row: Pat Edwards Rita Green Nancy Hedges, president Wilma Kloclce Judy Kottman l Page 84 Tri-.S'igr1m.r and r11.rl'ce.r mnlgbt in pnjmfm-chu! .rrencr from tlre "Three Little .5'ig1111z,r" Hub pmzfa' Top raw: Nevin Loerke, corresponding secretary Joycelyn Mason Maurira Moore -Ianys Ann Murphy Shirley Reed .fermld raw: Pat Stewart Terry White recording secretary Martha Whirx-err Carol VVilliamS vice-president Page 85 Carol Chapman an pamdz ur the 'lfigfmz Tap Hat" null event with iz night club flume AKL g1ze.ft.r rom' at Devilfr Dame skit, Seated, Bob Eatock, Charles F. Seward, Jae Dock Chung. Standing, Gary Joe Booher, George A. Vineyard, John E. Williams, Tom Calvert, William Barton. Nut pictured, Darrell Hammer, Colin Skinner, Al Azinger, Bill Ausrnus. Tap raw: Dr. Dean Rose- bery, sponsor, Charles Alun, Al Azinger, Ron Bailey, president, Jack Beck. .ft'I.'077dl'01U.' William Cun- diff, Dean Easrerday, Glen Eascerday, record- ing secretary, Linden Eitel, Jerry Greene, cor- responding secretary. Alpha Kappa Lambda Horns and tails adorned AKL actives and rushees at the Devil's Dance in Decem- ber, which, preceded by the rush smoker at the Sojourners Club, brought a dozen new members, initiated February 20 in Womens Parlor. During Homecoming, an alumni ban- quet and a float with the theme, "Sailing Into Cape," highlighted the day. In the race for Trump Night King was Ron Phillips. Xi chapter journeyed to Kansas City in March to attend the annual Missouri- Kansas Founders Day Celebration. Top- ping off the year's social calendar were the Founders Day Banquet and Spring Formal April 15. AKL's in high place this year were Howard Platz, Jerry Greene, and Ron Bailey in Blue Keyg Ron Bailey and Glen Easterday in Who's Who, jack Beck and Bill Ausmus on the starting five in bas- ketball, Glen Easterday as sophomore class prexy and Jack Beck as senior class vice-president. Fourteen other campus ofhces were held by AKL's. Two awards bestowed on Xi Chapter included the National AKL Achievement Award for the most efhcient chapter and the President's Scholarship Cup. Ron Bailey wielded the gavel, with Ron Phillips, vice-president, jerry Greene, cor- responding secretary, Glen Easterday, re- cording secretary, Howard Platz, treasur- er, Karold McDonald, chaplain, Dean Easterday, historian. Dr. Rosebery is sponsor. Page 8 6 l l Top raw: john jones Karolcl McDonald William Mayers Bob Moore Charles Moseley .Yecoud row: Noel Pagitt Ron Phillips, vice-president Howard Platz, treasurer Robert Snow Charles Woods 4:-..'.mQ-:vm ,L r' ' A ' If ma QM 4, 'f rf .-'Z "Wr'rs jlzrt nirc bQl'J' plnjintg ll game af pitch .wry there r11.rl1ee.r ar th: AKL .mzoker From .fnzlgc mu! Flow' the Dezvilfr Dmlmzr llfllaop it up. Page 8 7 Drened as rznblfmr villain: from rbe Frenrlv mzdugronnd, flrtiilex and gm'.rt.r live if up at the Plri Sig Apuclac Dance Ph' S' E 'I Pledges galore were gained by Phi Sigma Epsilon fol- lowing the November Smoker, with entertainment by Don Donlon and John Vorhees, and the Wicked French Apache dance in December. Sponsor Leon Karel's band furnished dancin' music. Phi Sigs on the championship football squad included such names as Anastasoff, Adams, Bowles, Bolin, Carter, Dark, Fitzgerald, Hull, Inlow, Hall, Mach, Loncaric, Ffh rw, is A , M gf lll Q Ill 01 Z- WI EMBQV SQ i i r Q T0pl'010.' Duane Cole, Dr. Leon Karel, sponsors, George Anastasolf, Roy Blackford, jerry Bolin, Bill Bowles. .S'ecan11r0w,' Ron Brown, Gary Cameron, Bill Carter, vice-presidencg ohn Chadwick Tom Churchwell, Jim Claussen. Q Leyda, Merritt, McDaris, Rash, Roseberry, Young, Woodcock, and Zaleuke. Class oflicers included pledge Jim Ogle, freshman prexy, and Jim Rash, sophomore vice-president. Jim lnlow Won vice-president of the Student Council, while Raymond Williamson served as vice-president of the Interfraternity Council and was selected for Who's Who. Toprowf Bill Dyer, jerry Dingle, secre- tary-treasurerg Dale Favier, Lar- rv Gorden, Bobby Hall, jim Inlow .fzcoml raw: Ted Lemen, Steve Leyda, H. A. Lindberg, Donald Linhart, Mel- vin Loncaric, Donald McAfee Third row: Ray Mach, 'lack Magruder, Charles Merritt, james New- man, vice-president, Donald Noble, corresponding secretary, Phil Novinger Fambmwr, Q The Recruits 21 tale of college football players competed in Trump Night skit competition ,lim Rash, M2fiOH Ray, Fred while George Anastasoff rm for King of Hearts Rock Max Terrv Raymond Wil1iLn1son,PmSidEht - Ofiicers include Raymond Williamson president ames Newman succeeded by Bill Carter, vice president erry Dingle, secret trv treasurer Don Noble, corresponding secremry Pledges Firft row, Inf! to right, Max Blackburn, jack Mann, Ted Edwards, Bill Young, Donald Baskett, Ellis Simler, Ladd Pash, Dean Adamshlack Barker. .S'emm1raw.' jim Staggs, Don Zaleuke, Don Donlon, Doyle Hull, Donald Roseberry, Harvey Maack, Frank Woodcock, Donald G. Williamson, David Mustcze. Third raw: Keith Kessler, Richard Dark, Richard McAnaw, Marvin McDaris, Ecl Hull, Michael Brombolich, Charles Fitz- gerald, James L. Ogle, Roland Minor, Edward K. Royse. Page S9 Pilcb playin' .wmkelzr HN!! zwofi' '49671f lvigbfiglvf figzfzff Tm: Harb jrm'th'.r. Twenty-four new members emerged from a smoker with alumnus Dean Selby as speaker and from the '49er Dance with Tony Svvain's steel-wool beard again copping first prize. Taking hrst prize were the Homecoming float, the Trump Night skit starring the "Blue Notes" Glee Club, and Jerry Flynn's being crowned King of Hearts. Presidencies of Blue Key, Band, Alpha Phi Omega, junior and senior class, Aeolian Club, every Echo ofliceg Sigma Tau Gamma 15 members of Blue Key, Eve in Who's Who, were all Sig Taus. - - Winning an intramural football match 6-Og holding pinning ceremonies, dorm serenadesg re-decorating Tau Towers, were all topped off by the May White Rose QW? 3 Banquet and Formal Dance. Q Cfhcers included: Russell Vannoy, president, Dick my Franklin, vice-president, Terry Troester, treasurer, James Goeke, recording secretary, Dave Armbrusrer, corresponding secretary, Frank Hoog, sergeant-at-arms. Tap raw: john Goerze, sponsorg Charles Acuff, Fred Acuff, john Adams, Dave Armbruster, corresponding secretary, Bill Bilyeu. .S'L'L'0lIl!'I'0LL'.' Lawrence Bonderer, Harold Burchlield, Bill Burk, Jack Caldwell, Dean Carson, Frank Colton. Third row: Beryl Cragg, historian, Iohn DeAngelis, Randle Dennison, Charles Esrerline, Jerome Flynn, Dick Franklin, vice- president. Tap row: Hugh Gardner, James Goelce, recording Secretaryg Dean Gould, Jack Harp, Jerry Harp, Russell Harrison, .Slecrmrl raw: Pat Healey, Frank Hoog, sergeant-at-arms, Wade Houtchens, Mac Howard, james Keller, Maurice Payne. Top rouu' Dick Perkins, John C. Shelton, Keith Stout, Tony Swain, Terry Troester, treasurer, Russell Vannoy, president, Stroud row: Al Welch, Dewayne Wellborn, Phil Williams, Kenneth Williams, Harley Wright. Page 91 Pledges Franz Rauf: Warren Dennis, Engin Uralman, john Thomas, Agustin Herrera, Alfred Cooley, Larry Whitney, Mel Eliades, Vic DesCamp. Serofzd Row: Mason Benn, John Mills, Lewis Maddex, Ted Green, Leo Goeke, Carl Bald win. Third Row: Gordon MeClimans, Doug Clanin, Charles Henry, Ronald Martin, Gerald L. Doty, Paul Price, L. Lapp, George Cowgill, Robert Hogenson. Nor piftzn-rd, Wayne Martin. i i feared, fqft ra right: Shirley Dye, junior councilwolnang Ron Bailey, council-member-at-large, ,lim lnlow, vice-president, Barry Green, president, Mary Lou Bills, secretary, Jennie Sue Allen, freshman councilwoman. .Ymndingx Richard Browne, junior councilman, William Cundilf, graduate councilman, Linda Heiiner, senior councilwomang Dr. C. H. Allen, sponsor, Wade Houtchens, sophomore council1nan,Betty Wilgus, sophomore councilwon1an,Mac Howard, senior council1nangTerry Kelly, freshman councilman. Y Nur pirrzzredx Donald Healey, treasurer, Syd Ross, councilman, Sue McCullough, councilwoman. Student Council After the political rallies, poster wars, campaign badges, and handshaking have been forgotten, the newly-elected Stu- dent Council takes over as the governing organization of the student body and has charge of most ofthe major social events. Open houses, publicizing dances and action taken at meeting, chartering busses to football games, devising a new system of judging Homecoming floats, and holding an open meeting in assembly were all emphasized by this year's Council, with Barry Green, president, and Dr. C. H. Allen, adviser. Assisting on Parents' Day, securing the 13-piece Ferguson- Breitenback "New Sounds in Music" band for the Homecoming dance, the "College Katz Combo" for the Christmas dance, and Buddy Morrow's orchestra for the Echo dance, were other Council activities, as were planning and arranging the Freshman Frolic and fourth annual Trump Night. Firzft .Sltiwlerzr Cvlnzcif Open Farnm gnu into action Page 92 Student Social Committee Whether building the Bulldog-kennel entrance way, paint- ing murals and blowing up balloons for the Homecoming dance, erecting the fireplace entrance, cedar ceiling and Christmas tree at the Christmas dance, or preparing an elaborate gold throne and decorations for the giant Echo dance, the Student Social Committee is at work. Composed of 20 members, 17 of whom are volunteers and three, from the Student Council, this year's committee was headed by Mary Lou Bills, chairman, and Dr. Pauline Knobbs, adviser. Social Cammitfee membefzr in artiau prejmrbzg for fb: Homecoming Dznzccj Befow, Hamemming g1ze.r!.r .ree z'e.mfr.r :gf .facial Cwrzmifteefr work. Besides forming the decorating, program, and work com- mittees for college functions, the Committee assists in preparing a calendar of social events issued from the Dean of Women's Oflice. This year's Student Social Committee included Mary Lou Bills, chairman, Shirley Shadid, Karold McDonald, Frank Colton, John Jones, Mary Ann Caldwell, James Ogle, Shirley Dye, Max Terry, Judy Kottman, Judy Greeno, Delpha Daven- port, Janys Ann Murphy, Barry Green, Norma Wilson, Al Welch, Nancy Hedges, Fern Peterson, and Ron Phillips. Left to rigbf: ,Indy Greeno, .Indy Kottmann, Judy Strom, Delpha Davenport, Janys Ann Murphy, Dr. Knobbs, Mary Lou Bills, Barry M. Green, Norma Wilson, Al Welch, Nancy l-ledges, Fern Peterson, and Ron Phillips. Page 93 HERE COME THE BA . Music to set your feet a' tapping at football and basketball tilts, at Parents' Day and Football Assemblies, to send off or welcome home the Bulldogs, marching at Homecoming both in parade and on the Held, were all furnished by this year's band under the direction of Harold Cleveland, pinch-hitting for Paul Strub on leave. Taking to the road March 7 and 8 were 42 band members, Drum Mfzjazzr Charlotte Gznzrefmmz, Leia Bailqv, femme Pauls, Mfizli' Sm' Macbizz, Carol Cliupzmm, mm' Romfia N iraferfi Przmre ar Bam! ZVIm'rh:.r nr W!lI'I'E7l.YbIllg Game playing at Lancaster, Mempliis, Kahoka, Clarence, Shelbina, and Hannibal high schools. Topping the band's honor award system is the Silver Key Award presented after three year's service at the annual spring banquet. Officers include: Dean Carson, president, Mac Howard, vice-president, Velvadean Adkins, secretary-treasurer, Betty Goad, librarian. Front raw, B flfzf Clm'inef.r: Lena Mae Bailey, Betty Goad, Shirley Leber, Jeanne Poole, Katheryn Bagley, Velvadean Adkins, Azelene Kelly, Delpha Davenport, Obavr: Bonnie Skinner, Jennie Sue Allen, .Yrmml row, Ffutrr: Mary Link, Marilyn Sloneker, Joan March, Allene Keller, .S'uxop15o1zr.r.' Shirley Biere, Tom Calvert, Barr Cfm'im'f.' Rosalia Nicoletti, Alta Clfzrirzvrr Ray Williams, Burironr .S'r1xoplwz1e.' Norma Wilson. Tl1i1'c1l'au'.' Frcnrb Hor1z.r.' Myra Heald, Leo Goeke, Doris Dinwiildie, Gordon Stout, Trzmzpcrrs Warren Dennis, Virginia Redman, Charlotte Gunselman, Dick Perkins, Alejandro Avilez, Alfred Welch, Norman Truber. F0llI'I'l7I'fJ10.' Bm'2fone.r.' Dean Carson, George Burghoffer, Trombozzmz' Donna Phillips, john Fiala, Mac Howard, Ronnie Thomas, B11.r.rer.' Wayne Burghoffer, Pat Healey. Smzuiizig' Pw'm.r.rimz.' Don Donlon, Betty Lou Stout, jane Barnett, jim Keller. Page 94 5't1'ilzi11Xg XIII official pon: are Band 0jiNJ'.l'.' Berry Gund, librm'i.fn1,' Dean Cmzran, pre.rider1!,' M115 Howard, vita-pr'fJirle1zt,' Velvmiemz Adkimr, .rcrrehvfj'-trem'm'ex' 'W W , XM, C .iw . :'f,xffu ak Xdvw . , vga pl X, '," , x X , :X ' , , K j Qs - ' fxigk ' h X h t X X X X fi! X 3 Q QX WSXX , Q X. XX . ii, ffm .wsu LX 1 ,. -X XX X55 '-1-.XX :LXXXX X X V X X X X1 ,XX za X X 4' X:::, ig xX'X:5XX :XXL Cfazl in .rvzupgy purple mul zvbife I1Ilif0l'l7lJ, Il pretg' clarinet qlllIl'fEffE zfllffllljtil' femme Punlr, K!lflJ6l1J'7l , I 7 , , V ' 2 X L Bdgfev,5l1if'fo'Lfbff', VffVf'flf'f"1Af1kf'1f A A, XX 23 , X: -ij? 1 A 3 ,...,- H " X HAROLD CLEVELAND Director Brfm' Jexterre fmrx Alzx Avifeq, Dirk Perkim, Put Hmlqy, Gmzlou XIHIII, Gcwgr BllfgbQgfl', Mfzr Howard "Alf ritglvt, ffff ga over flmf aura mare." Page 95 3 I Front 1-aw, left ro right: Alice Foster, Mary Jane Novinger, Geri Orwiler, Dolores McDonald, Geri Campbell, Darlene Rettinghaus, Barbara Taylor, Betty Stout, Norma Wilson, Carolyn Cragg, Donna Phillips, Patricia Davis, Mary Ann Caldwell, Patricia Tapley, janet Dixon, Phradie Wells, Director. .S'z'm11:Ir0w.' Martha Buchanan, Donna Jean Truitt, Virginia Redman, Nancy Morris, Shirley Houston, Glenda Runge, Lynn Steele, Judy Moore, Faye Ewing, Mary Anna Billups, Walda Shockey, Betty Lou Miller, Dolores Tracy, Luis Rojas, Lars Garton, Richard Hackman. Third row: Johnny Hart, Lyle Griep, Leo Goeke, Ronnie Phillips, Donald Buckman, Pat Healey, Mac Howard, Keith Stout, Gordon Stout, ll, L. Lapp, Larry Dennison, Robert Pell, Robert Royer, Robert Hogenson, Robert Vance. Choru Besides presenting an assembly program, singing for over a dozen high schools, vvornen's clubs, and civic groups, the Col- lege Chorus under the direction of Miss Phradie Wells, sang selections from Handel's Messiah December 12 in Kirk Audi- torium, including "Unto Us a Child is Born," and the "Halle- lujah Chorus." Forming the chorus for the opera "New Moon" in April will be another highlight. Front row: Dolores McDonald, Donna Phillips, Nancy Morris, Carolyn Cragg, Ewing, Doris Dinwiddie. Betty Nemos Now in its fourt11 year, the Nemo Singers is an a cappella choral group open for anyone interested in singing. Besides presenting several numbers in pre-assembly singing, the Nemo Singers travel with the band on its annual tour in March. Three ofthe most-sung numbers Were: "Adoramus te" by Palestrina, "Sleepers Awake" by Bach and "Deep Water" by James. Lou Stout, Charlotte Gunselman, Norma Wilson, Geri Campbell, Faye Back row: Leo Goeke, Ron Phillips, Pat Healey, Mac Howard, ,lack Caldwell, Lars Garton, Dick Perkins. Page 96 Fifi! raw: Frederic Kirchberger, Jack Ranney, Elsbetll Hagemann, Harold Cleveland, Katheryn Bagley, Shirley Leber, Betty Goad, Keith Stout, Faye Ewing, Mac Howard. .S'era1m'r'ouf.' Annegert Hessenbruth, Beth Allen, Leon Karel, Mrs. William Kuchera, Allene Keller, Bonnie Skinner, Jennie Sue Allen, Rex Moyer, Carolyn Cragg, Agustin Herrera, Miss Wilson. Tbirdraw: Jay Hatton, Sonja Louden, Pat Healey, George Burghoffer, Robert Hogenson, Leo Goeke, Doris Dinwidrlie, Gordon Stout, Dick Perkins, Norman Truber, Will- iam Kuchera, John Fiala, Wayne Burghoffer, Ronnie Lee Thomas, James Cole, Karl Webb, conductor, janys Harmon. Orchestra Despite the difficulty in obtaining string instrument players, "complete orchestration" could describe this year's orchestra under the direction of Karl Webb. Presented December 12 and February 27, two concerts high- lighted the orchestra year. Besides accompanying the College Chorus in "The Messiah," the orchestra presented "King Stephen Overture," "Symphony in G Minor," "Roumanian Such familiar tunes as "Lover, Come Back to Me," "One Kiss," "Softly, As in the Moriiing Sunrise," "My Heart is Ach- ing for Someone," and "Mary Ann," were heard in Sigmund Romberg's opera, "New Moon," presented both Senior Day, April 18, and for the students and public, April 19. Rhapsody No. I," and "Alphonso and Estrella, Overture," at the December performance in Kirk Auditorium. Assisted by Katheryn Bagley, clarinetist, the February con- cert featured "Strong in Thy Strength," "Concerto in A Major for Clarinet," "Symphony in B Minor," "Pavanne," "Mid- night Beguine," and "Perpetual Motion." Filled with sailors, heroines, lovers, and noblemen, the opera is a musical romance of the Spanish Main in 1788. The cast, in order of its appearance, includes Nancy Morris, Jack Lapp, Ron Phillips, Larry Dennison, Mac Howard, Leo Goeke, Keith Stout, Robert Pell, Betty Lou Stout, Pat Healey and Mary Jane Novinger. Opera Cast Opem Carr, lefr to rigbf, Betty Stout, Miss Phradie Wells, director, Lyle Griep, Larry Dennison, Robert Hogenson, Robert Pell, Keith Stout, Robert Vance, Leo Goeke, Pat Healey, Mary Jane Novinger, Mac Howard, Nancy Morris, and Ron Phillips. Page 97 Scared, Left to Rigllll Linda Heimer, Carolyn Huntsman, Doyle Hull, Glen Easterday, Ron Bailey, Martha Buchanan, Linda Fair, Barbara Kerls, Joan Barnett, Eva Kephart, Azelene Kelley, Anna Grace Mitten, Joyce Hall, Marjorie Gordy, jim Thornton. Standifzg, Left ta Right: Okle Conover, Waldo West, Norma Broadwater, Becky Crumpacker, Miss Agnes Slemons, sponsor, Edward Dodson, Tony Swain, Fred Acurf, Shirley Shaw, Kenneth Barker. Index Staff Sporting technicolor nameplates and bannerlines on many of this year's issues fred on most, with green for St. Patrick'sD the Index had just received a First Place rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association as the Echo went to press. Special 16-page football and basketball issues, one with a front page color cartoon a la the Chicago Tribune, and a Christ- mas twelve-pager with a red bannerline, "For a Merry Christmas -Safety First!!!" highlighted the year's work in B. H. 208. Trips to the Associated Collegiate Press convention in Washington, D. C. in the Fall and to the University of Missotiri journalism Week May 6 gave Index journalists a glimpse of other college newspapers and their staffs. MCNA president Glen Easterday presided at the M.U. college newspaper day in May. Spring quarter staff members not pictured above included: Kenichi Asato, Donald Baskett, Peggy Carr, Ruth Fishbach, Barbara Lee, John McElfresh, and E. Stanley Ray. Handling the ads were Eva Kephart, business manager and Raymond Williamson, advertising manager. Clicking the keys were typist Pat Shelton and linotypist Edward S. Dodson. Miss Agnes Slemons, adviser, and H. Greene Simpson, typographer, gave the final word. "Now if we F1111 jnrt win it again," there Im1'ex m'itru'.r and their adviser Jpljl hopefully of th: Firtft Plate ZVICNA Plaque won fLl.YIV1't'fll'. Smled: Agnes Slemons, adviser, Linda Heimer, winter editor, Stmuliug, jim Thornton and Bara Kerls, spring co-editors. Thornton was also editor during the fall quarter. Page 98 Fifirt row, .rmtcdx Ling Kang Yeh, Caroline Stokes, Betty Goad, Linda Heimer, Shirley Wares and Jane Anne Bucks. Xcrafzd r-au -'.' Ray Will- iamson, Ron Bailey, Barry Green, Russell Harrison, Mac Howard, Charles Esterline, james Keller, Russell Vannoy, Dean Easterday, and LaVerne Dudeck. Not pictured, Kay Parker. l Who's Who Class presidents, fraternity and sorority presidents, editors and promise of future usefulness," are listed as requirements for and business managers, Student Council odicers, scholarship members, selected by 21 Campus Committee- Winners, and other student dignitaries, seventeen in all, were B ld , , ,H f . ' f P Vd . . .. , esi es receivin a certi cate o reco nition rom resi CDE selected to appear in the 1955 directory of Who s Who Among g g Students in American Universities and Colleges", Ryle in the final assembly of the year, a placement service is -fgcholal-Ship, Cowpemtion and leadership in academic and maintained for the benefit of seniors and graduates. Nomina- extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to the school, tions come from approximately 600 colleges and universities. Regents Debate Debating their way to a 550.00 award by the College Board of Regents were Robert Shearer and Glen Easterday. The pair competed against Keith Stout and Charles Esterline in this all- Teachers-College duel of Words, held Febru- ary 21. "Resolved, that the United States extend diplomatic recognition to the communist gov- . f l H A "Nice debating, haw," J'lU'.f zlebafe roarlv .Yherozl Collins a.r he bandf a X25 :beck each lo C1 nlnent O China: Wzls the debate topic- Dum Euftrrdfg' and Kaberr sb6lll'L'I'. Page 99 l s SIC- '- -f as DW7 Hi? fb? Cfilillg-' Ag Club Ffofzf: Filzrf in Clan A Homecomin Pep Kalb: Bnlldagr, Bfllld, m1rlCf.f1pping Humlr QIINII .Yl7fl'ltL1' lVm'e.r and Her Court Touched on' by a Pep Rally with Orval "Aggie" Craig, '29, as guest speaker and Shirley Wares crowned Homecoming Queen by Bulldog co-captains Bill Bowles and Mel Loncaric, Homecoming concluding Sat- urday with the Bulldogs' whipping Cape Girardeau 21-7 and the Homecoming Dance that night, starring the "New Sounds in Music" 13-piece orchestra from St. Louis. Eighteen floats and 27 bands spiced the Homecoming Parade Saturday morning, with the Agriculture Club Winning first in Class A, Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity iirst in Class B, and Baptist Student Union first in Class C. Come Saturday noon the Founders Day Luncheon honored the 1904 and 1929 classes, While Dr. Maurice Woolf, '29, was guest speaker. STvventy-tvvo high school bands massed into a giant football formation at half-time at the game, While the K-Club dinner hon- ored the hungry, but Winning Bulldogs at 7 .m. PWith a giant Bulldog pointing the way, dancers that evening were lead off by the Queen's Dance with Shirley Wares and her escort, Ray Mach. Qllffilhl DlI?1EF.' .Yl7ff'fl11' mm' Rag' mn mamma as gm,4-.aww-am Wswmi. sw mi M, v. Mu ..r.,.., ,,...W., ....,. W... ..,,. L Fifzrt Plate B..S' .U , Fluff! an Pamfle Sflll?7N7f.l', Almm D011 Tbfir Dwzrin' Slvoar l Am! Still Tlfqy Dancer! That Nikglm' Filzrt plnre Sikglna Tau Gmmzm Float .Ytrurf Ihr 5711 ' At five Game: Nlmrbirzg Bzmdf and Fmzf Galore ff V o L "Claim yum' priqern npnr M. C. N0l'lI2ll71 White to jim Gaelic, .lliglllfl Tau Gzmmzaf Newbf frowned King :md ,Queen of Hmrtx Pal Ellett, Alpha Sigmzz Alplmj jelq Limlu Heimer, Alpha .fignm Alpha: Hfzlzkuk, Izzternaiimzfll Club. Fbvzvz, Sigma Tala Gamma. Trump Night Setting an all-time high in receipts CS1,0l9.34, S300 ITIOYC than last yearb, the Fourth Annual Trump Night of skits, prizes, kings, queens and hair-letting-down in general, was topped off by the crowning of Pat Ellett and Jerry Flynn as King and Queen of Hearts. Topping twelve other skits with themes ranging from African adventures, KSTC in 2000 A. D., and the plight of college athletes to "Someone Should Have Told Her" and "If Women Played Cards Like Men Do," were Sigma Tau Gamma's Blue Notes Glee Club, directed by Maestro John Goetze, first, International Club's "The Sun Never Sets on KSTC Students," second, and Alpha Sigma A1pha's "School Daze," third. Snake-charmer Valentine, Lion-tamer Selby, Flora Dora boys and girls, Nico and Ryley Siamese twins and Jack the Gripper Hensley starred in a wild "Three Ring Circus" faculty skit, an- nounced by Barker Andrew Shook. Holding the winning ticket in the grand drawing was Judy Strom, winning a new clock-radio. Page 103 Top: Sigma Tau Gamma "Blue Notes" sing their way to Hrst place. Midzlls: Second place International Club cast proves "The Sun Never Sets on K, S. T. C Students." Bartow: Carol Wegehoft in a daze in third prize Alpha Sigma Alpha skit, "School Daze Echo Dance Amid gold thrones, a blue-pink crepe ceiling, wishing well, picket fence border, and a bridge-and-grass-carpet entrance way, over 500 students and guests Ca recordD danced four hours to the music of Buddy Morrow's orchestra in Kirk Auditorium April 2. With Echo Editor Russell Vannoy at the microphone of a P.A. system that almost didn't arrive, eight Echo King and Queen candi- dates were introduced at half-time in the glare of spotlights. Gold crowns made by assistant editor Devvayne Wellborn were then placed on the heads of Echo Queen Esty Purvis and Echo King Bill Carter, both chosen by Buddy Morrow. N6wdV'Cf'HWIZ6tl1 Bill Cartermzd EIU P1n'ui,r, rlwfcu by Bllllfb' .Morrow .45 King and Qnfcn u rbi' 55 Erbo mzzfv 01 tbeu Rum! Pmlmzr af Caizdfdatel Bw Orwiler, lark Lap p, Rim Green, Rurrell Vmmay, Echa Ellifgffllld M,C,,'f1zdjf Mna1'e, Ezzgin Ur vlmfm 6II1flDZL'k Ffdilkllfl look on V W 1 . 1 .. Em! 1.575 X... K mfg JUDY Moons Fr'r,rl1ma11 Queen I ss Royalt 1 L 5 is . vw, Qh3f5grm...Qw..H v." HV' ... .5 . 1 mi! M.. ff'1sg:" v.. 5, ...W "' .. Wm RITA GREEN Sopbomor: Queen F, JACK LAPP ENGIN URALMAN Frcxlvmmz King Pug: 105 Sophomore Kin g F. .'11.'l!g.llNg .' M. 4. .." W QQ.. ff .. mm... ..- MH.. M! X xxvmczga ...M ... . M.. X H. W . . " BEV ORWILER .S'mior Queen DICK FRANKLIN jznziar King 1 v V . , Puff gg.. . Q., f 21:51 WM ' 213331 12, 3 'Mr' fvgw -QA 25- J- .1 -4.1:-we af ' M549 ,J 1 ,. y ' A gy, i 4:-La. . - H Li - 'ew 1141.74 . Rafe ' T595 ..-fx ' 2 . 1 7 li. :Q , 5... , X' gf, 3 i-335: V gi, 'MEP' A - e f e f .Qi-Q.. .. f ffm la 5 . 1,131 5. :Siam P 2 ' ww if U V151 , I Url... giflil 1351, , ,54:,gz:f2. W. 1- A mm.. , 4 , a M V , W- - an 4 A 11 5.2 M 14 f .. . 5 .fuiffff gh pw' -:gym 111. -sm ..., . ai '2 'Wifi V. ms 3 A : fa ' Mggi 35555. wzn.w.Q1-F H253 W gf.. ,. L ' Z' FM: f , ., ming, 5, ,. ww as . A nm Miz gxz M". - . Vg,- as -H 11fi'T2'9 Lf ' ,, .. ,ga .f..,1.. 1... mf? K M, V . Q mmm miifeszefiih '- EQ ,- em ww. :mv 'Y1F1g?fA:7gpg7.y., , W., :gg Fi ,,.. yi... ...Egg M V, W . ...M M1'?sePgiQQ4sffQgf?L--A J: Z.: .mf .W 1 ' vl ff: - H 7: 5 mszaiz:?54i,5 311, -"" Y KM 'nie -iiiiifmf fiki .ww A a grwkw -'wr 54 55 sry' W itw-195-Ag33,,: ,."X'1hy ' F 23535 V '7EgP5i9Si5gg51 'fffvil' 75'-If 3251 Vu K Wgsjitzff 4' 47' ,, I mm' iesziwigi -- -- Fifi Q W .gm QQ V me 51. - . ew A , megmwQzfgsQffsx.,1 , ws: y , ,wb .. E lg if , H , d W 4,3 A., . si- fi-23 . 1 -sf. V. X ':f,"l, .f "" 1"1 " I . H -4 wx -I . ' H" 2. ' wi? .ffm . -112229 vw1'fw"' M 5, .Q .. mg? W,.w.MR..,..., A ,,. ff f -01 My --4 M. 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In Em semi, mst: Egg? :x iff' KX Jr: .WU X' S, ,xiii :lm S..- gggzgsi 12.5. . fix: Liz.: - A ., Hx . :w...1. .fwws :awk-ylsw-S12-ffszwwfwz. 1 ww N2 W my-QN11z4P9ffff1sSf1U1:?5iiZii'i'i2T ,"2'g-A mfs... I ' Q1 ,A-aff.. K ,A -. 5555? , .-'um L- . -.'T?1X ww W.. -gigs -1: Wirirggza .Q v .a7i532E?,f n Y N.. . . , .3 H.. , .X 5 - -'f JI.-P ' , w, ' 45. . ' .Egret wiv, -.W - ' '-H: 1. KH ff fllkllilf 'Wi E535-3? wg 145, 'in s , 'g ,254 Y, 3 . 1-A.. ,125 r i 1 X JE. , i 2,-' " F: WA' . '9-Eff .,. n ":a!' 1-Jinx ' HO KI Bill Carter t 4, betta ,, W ph W W: WW ,FJ ' WM, . -1-fi iimia' fEd'3zf .NW M H 2 sf www. J SM? V 23523 + Www - .mm qw ' TW: : l. W gy. ., W W zz' 'WW' WW L22 A W W 21 :W WWQWSH' W WW HO QU EE Estalene Purvis -bm uf, .QM ww figiaex wig WW W W ,, , 3 3 WW, WWWW W , WWW WWW W W W W W :Wf W, ,KWNQEQWWWWWWW W W dsggqggfg W ' way W W 53 5:34 faq, WW WWWWW, WWW'-Wm MCL .W WWW WW . W 4 W Wifi'-WL fl , ' s jj 2? WW WW WWWW X wi QW A.., WW. ,W 3255? Li. 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W N mmwm. .AM Wwmmw, , W W W 1 E , ,M W wa A: W 1 WWQWMW ,nfgjwg-QQQWWW 5 EN' :nz 1 ' ' '?5z3!zQkW , ,, : -, 5 if Q ,Z -5 L ,M 55 W W 5 322232: Sw ur ,W-W. mwwfmf nm... . W i-mf' W mn ,gm Q J X M51 Q 'Wf ' , Wgf-,,W fW.W-, X lvfgigi-f 'f .... 3 111, - W? WWW W --Wf A i"x fg'78r A No Q.. 9 . ff ix. X WS S wkyy A lxxx .4 , A ' f ,Q Yu." TNQ: rg .Y y .- A Y., lpyzg ge 7 pi . CFC ' Nc ' 1. 45.3. ,,,- in ' rg ff 'iii 1 -. Z ggi L! afzcfjvg' f 'Nl' N XJ fl ' 1 f I I 1. 5, QU' Q x.-s .5 A-AS . .Lf-.4 XZ '19 A2 As Wm NN 'I 447-N x..-J gf fl X A 'CLEA' . V Qx ': I gf M 'x b':,'44,b' mix N, I 51 r ff . mfsiff X 3 .us':?gL7'M ' 1 agp.-. - I Y N.ffSK?i xl ff-T-I-7 A XXX If A w NL 5 N 1 b 1? 3 T ::: 2 . 4 X 3 A Q I -. ' ' 'A" is '- "f J ip' 0 ' R A ! I 5' mnafw. Ufwxxv WM E3 bm? If 3 fi? A f X - X X 99 Qy if 123131. Q Q , i n an wx ,X Osh 1 t 5 I 4 5 , v 5 f XX 1- X- fx f ,-xNXS f7"- .I x ri Q ffbfj Q' I x A m r 7 R1 'N s-f E, I X Yvvwv 1 VN 5 KX K V is " KK u, A bl ' -X' 9 lf , 1 Front raw, left to right: Ray Mach, George Anastasoff, Bill Carter, Mel Loncatic, Bill Bowles, Bobby Hall, Robert Smith, Steve Leyda, Frank Woodcock, Eddie Grezinger, Seranrl raw: Coach Maurice "Red" Wade, Glendle Pickering, C. T, Allen, Ed Hull, Marvin McDaris, Donald Sylvara, Wilford Slaughter, Roger Schwartztrauber, Jim Inlow, Leonard Mengwasser, Earl Wilson, Coach Kenneth Gardner. Third row: Ronald Bagley, Jim Rash, Charles Fitzgerald, Richard Whalen, Richard Dark, Dean Adams, Don Healey, Gary Zbornak, Michael Brombolich. F0ltI'fZ7I'01ll.' Dale Smith, john Lawrence, Bill Thrasher, Jack Bowen, Ray Booker, Donald Roseberry, Ronald Hesselschwerdt, Eldon Winkleman. Fifth raw: Bill Young,John Lawhon,Jim Harding, Don Zaleuke, Marv Silver, Don Sparks, Charles Merritt. Sixfb raw: Team doctor Staley Slawsongjerry Bolin, O. D. Austin, Bob Tanner, Arthur Streb, Tom Turner, Ross Richardson, team manager. Football "Our fourth straight M.1.A.A. championship," was again the Bulldog byword, what with their 5-O record in conference play, an overall record of 7-1, and 150 points scored as against 45 for the opposition. Shutouts were registered against Southwestern College of Kansas, 20-O, Fort Leonard Wood, 6-O, Springfield, 20-O. Scored against but once in three contests, the Bulldogs whipped Cape Girardeau 21-7, Warrensburg 26-6, and Rolla, 32-6. Closer was the margin over the Springfield Bears, 24-20, and the lone loss to Missouri Valley, 6-O. Scoring 8 touchdowns, O. D. Austin ranked second in con- ference scoring with 48 points, while Ray Mach ranked a close fourth with 31 rallies. Placing on the UP M.I.A.A. All-Star team were co-captains Bill Bowles and Mel Loncaric, along with end Glendle Picker- ing and right half O. D. Austin. Mel Loncaric was also picked for the N.A.I,A. All-American team. "Salute to the Champions" was the theme of the annual football banquet November 23, with Ernie Mehl, sports editor of the Kansas City Star, as guest speaker, and with letters going to 24 men. HEAD CoAcH Mauaxca "RED" WADE LINE COACH KENNETPI GARDNER Besides the p1'CSCI1IZ:1tiOI1 ofthe M.l.A.A. trophy to Dr. Norman White by Commis- sioner John Waldorf, co-captains Bowles and Loncaric were presented an additional trophy by the Kirksville Quarterback Club. M. I.A.A. Champions Page 110 Lflllllflfg tri whip Ralln 32-6, :limb .7VI.I.A,A. Cmzwx x Bulldog A.rJembb'.' "Gimme a K-."' All right, brmlz it up! Dr. W'bi1'e Rc:4'iz'c.r M.l.f1.A, Tl'0IlQJ' froflz Co.v1111i.r.ri017er Waldorf C0-fdpmiyhf Lmlmy-jg, Bgwlgf, fmplzigg gglgrg BILL BOWLES, Co-mpmizz MEL LONCARIC, Ca-mpmirz GEORGE AN:xsT:xs:nfF O.'D. Aug-UN Tackfe Center' Gnurd Bqfk BIlHll0g.l' Take Time On! JERRY BOLIN, Bark MICHfXEL'BROMBOLlCH, End BILL CARTER, Bark RICHARD DARK, Burk CHARLES FITZGERALD, Buck Bon HALL, Back DON HE1kLE1', Back ED HULL, End Ei N1 f "" a O RR M my , ' S , 4 if " gb, 5" we M V Q t .5 i W.-W Am .1 R --.E.e2sE:2:s5siif::sEE:ss. 252:13 'QE' an Ai OOOOO OO OOOOO O I, V . ,,,., N ' g H5 41 -hai ' - I -I f 0' .5 ' " 2:e-s- ,, 'vs MfXRVIN MCDAKRIS, Tarkle RAY MACH, Back LEONARD MENGWASSER, Back CHARLES MERRITT, Bark GLENDLE PICKERING, Em! ROGER SCHVVARTZTRAUBER, Tackle MARVIN Su.vaR, Guard DON Svmucs, Center N 'J Ks , -JRR , . Orzv Tacklr Coming U pf DONALD SYLVARA, Em! ELDON W INKLEMRN, Tackle FRANK Wooncocx, Gum-fl GJXRY ZBORNAK, Back qs 0 2 4 . 0? ' ,. . W ,, -.I-W M r, -V ,K ' M ,,,A L .. L ,,,,,?w,,, , ,Q Fzont Row Left to Righrj Don Lamm, Harold Pohl, Eldon Seaboldt, Charles Merritt, Al Schif, Dick Hackman, jim Rash, Rich Maaclcg Dr. Wolfe, Trainer. Sewrzd Row Dale Coorts, Keith Wagner, Rodney Rogers, Syd Ross, Richard Parsons, Don Sylvara, Zeddy Davis, Dave Conyers, Harvey Maack. Tlmd Rau Coach Boyd King, Paul Collins, Leon Hellmann, jim Phillips, Bob Stephens, George Pohlkamp, Jerald Mundell, Bill Hopkins, Don Parsons, Bill Ausmus Basketball Haw do they look to jazz?" Head Barkrtbafl Conrlv Boyd King afkr Coach Gm'zl11er. Racking up 2,033 points for an average of over 80 points per game, Coach King's Bulldog cagers not only won the M.I.A.A. crown, but also advanced to the top-team NAIA tournament in Kansas City after brushing off Central 89-74 and William Jewell 83-68 in playoffs at Rockhurst. A close 86-85 loss to Western Illinois followed the Bulldog 82-70 victory over Georgetown, Kentucky in the NAIA opener. Scoring 55 points in the two games, Jack Beck was named to the NAIA second team. Beck also lead the squad in regular-season play with a 20.9 average for 21 games. Don Parsons lead in field goal percentages with 48.8'Z, while Beck lead in free throws with an Scores for the season include: Kirksville ................. 86 Kirksville. . . . . .72 Kirksville. . . . . .91 Kirksville. . . . . .66 Kirksville. . . . . .74 Kirksville. . , . . .68 Kirksville. . . . . .72 Kirksville. . . . . .69 Kirksville. . . . . .82 Kirksville. . . . . .71 Kirksville. . . . . .91 Kirksville. . , . . .68 Kirksville. . . . . .87 Kirksville. . . . . .94 Kirksville. . . . . . . .82 Kirksville. . . . . . .107 Kirksville. . . . . .81 Kirksville. . . . . .66 Kirksville. . . . . .78 Kirksville. . . , . . .98 Kirksville. . . . . . .91 Kirksville. . . . . .89 Kirksville. . . . . .83 Kirksville. . . . . . .82 Kirksville. . . . . . .85 82.5 percentage. Iowa Wesleyan. . Western Illinois. . Southwest Kansas .... .... Quincy ......... Lincoln ........ St. Ambrose ..... Loras ........... Illinois Wesleyan .... .... Maryville ....... Warrensburg .... Rolla ........... Cape Girardeau. . Springfield ...... Rolla ........ Maryville ...... Fort Sill ........ Cape Girardeau. . Warrenshurg .... Springfield. . . Quincy .... Concordia ...... Central ,........ William Jewell. . Georgetown ..... Western Illinois. . 65 80 81 67 82 81 62 67 72 63 78 81 73 71 69 86 72 64 73 84 64 74 68 70 86 Page 114 GEORGE POHLKAMP Faruwrd "Where Daddy goes, I go," said year-old Bobby Ann. Letfr Cg0,,'V0ll gig.: Page 115 Azrmuu fzzmpf Higlf Agaimt Sprizzggfefff, ACK BECK DONALD SYLVARA Cv4Cnpmiz1.r .fc01'4'keepcr.r.' Time I0 Tzlf r Up Hnpkifu Kecpx Bears On fbe Rim Pm-Jon: Pmbcf in F t1I'lL'6Il'll 4 Two Pointer BILL AUSMUS ZEDDY DAVIS GIHIVI! BILL Hovxms Center Page 116 H,NRVEY MAACK Gllclfd R 1 cn .-x RD MA ACK G!lfll'l1 DONALD PARSONS F0l'M'Lll'4i Page 117 RICHARD PARSONS .S:1'clnej' Ron F uruvrrfl F ov'1mn1 Bzzlhlaggf and Be.fzrmt.r.' Ready for the jump 2 Intramurals Topping 19 teams in four leagues was the Phi Sigma Epsilon A team with a 3,0 record in the Missouri League and victories over Xi Logos C58-281 Riots C43-33D and Short-Timers C48-36D in playoff competition. Copping second place were the Short-Timers, cham- pions of the Midwest League C4-OD, while the Coaches downed the Texas League champion Riots 54-50 for third place. Leaders in the scoring column included Dale Coorts, Wesley, with 83 points in league competition, and Mel- vin Moore, Nason, with 77. League winners included: Muddobbers C5-OD in the All-Star League C6 teamsj, Phi Sigs C3-OD in the Missouri League C4 teamsbg Riots C3-03 in the Texas League C4 teamsDg and Short-Timers C4-OD in the Midwest League C5 teamsj. Top: Champion Phi Sigs, from row, Jerry Dingle, Max Blackburn, Mel Loncaric, Jim Staggsg Back, Bill Young, Jim Rash, Roy Blackford, Bill Bowles, Jerry Bolin. Cmm-.' Runnerup Short-Timers, from raw: Richard Bertram, Roger Jarman, Jim Rey- nolds, bark, Tom Shalley, David Danclovic, Jerry Gregory, Donald Vanderlinden, Bottom: Third place Coaches, from raw, Glendle Pickering, Lynn Lubberingg bark, Roger Schwartztrauber, Gary Zbornak, Ralph Harris, Don Healey. Buttle-royal under the barks! in 1?lfI'd7l1IH'l1IfZ'I1l7l.f Pug: 118 Raw one: Glendle Pickering, O. D. Austin, Frank Woodcock, Bobby Hall, George Anastasoff, President, Ray Mach, Vice-President, Sydney Ross, Secretary, Dick Hack- man, and Bill Carter. Raw two: Chuck Merritt, Ed Hull, Wayne Martin, john Lawrence, Al Schif, Max Blackburn, Marvin McDaris, and Roger Schwartztrauber. Raw three: Marv Silver, Gary Zbornak, Eldon Winkleman, Rich Dark, Leonard Mengwasser, Jerry Bolin, John Nuhn, Mel Loncaric, and Don Sparks. Rawfnnr: Charles Fitzgerald, Donald Healey,Jim Rash, ,lack Beck, Bill Ausmus, Bill Hopkins, Don Parsons, Dave Conyers, Bill Bowles, Ken Barker, and jim Inlow. K Club Paying for the snazzy-new glass trophy Case in Kirk Audi- torium was the major goal of this year's K-Club lettermen, successfully met by the K-Club all-college dance January 21. With 35240.22 receipts, S126 paid for the trophy case with plenty to spare for dance expenses. Assisting during Homecoming and ushering at athletic events are other K-Club duties. K-Club Ofiicers were: George Anastasoff, president, Ray Mach, vice-president, Sydney Ross, secretary-treasurer. Page 119 Track With over 25 men reporting, Coach Kenneth Gardner's track squad was delayed somewhat by the NAIA basketball tourney and a snow-swept stadium during much of March. Facing a tough schedule at home and away, the cindermen took third place in the MIAA indoor meet at Columbia March 19, following but one week of practice. Also on the schedule were meets at Wartensburg, Maryville, Washington University, Rolla, the MIAA conference outdoor meet at Cape Girardeau and the Drake Relays at Des Moiiies, as well as Simpson College and Missouri Valley competing on home grounds April 19 and April 26. 1955 Truck Sqllfld, front, feff fo right: Donald Roseberry, Carroll Bibee, John Nuhn, Glendle Pickering, Don Healey, Ronald Hessel- schwerdt, Torn Turner, C. T. Allen. Second raw: Leonard Meng- wasser, manager, Donald Baskett, Dale Coorts, Ed Hull, Duane McDonald, Gerald Mundell, Bob Ste- phans, Donald Wilson, Rich- ard Maack, Coach Gardner, Third raw: Dale Smith, Robert Bright, Donald Hag- an, .Ioe Johnson, Richard Hackman, Max Blackburn, Kenneth Barker, Jim Rash, Bill Ausmus, Melvin Moore. Left ta riglvt, Carolyn Huntsman, Carol Williams, president, Janet Gut- ting, Judy Hassell, Mary Sue Machin, Judy Kottmann, Judy Moore, Allene Lau, Rita Green, Mary Ann Caldwell, Donna Phillips, Nancy Morris, Esty Purvis, Shirley Reed, Lois Mclleynolds, Pat Mead, Shirley Wares, vice-presidentg Leila Peterson, Jani Reed, Mary Lou Bills, Judy Greeno, Mary Ann Turner, treasurer, Lois Ogle, Phyllis Sallee, Rita Ross, Okle Conover, Marilyn Bowden, Carolyn Wegehoft, Carol Cole- man, Thelma Yaeger, Dorothy Kearns, Nancy Hedges, secretary, and Shirley Baxter. Center, Martha Spath, sponsor. W. A. A. ojicerr rtrikc u pretty pare Fraut, Esry Purvis, recorder of points, Phyllis Sallee, historian, Judy Kottmann, Judy Greeno, intramurals managers. Back, Mary Ann Turner, treasurer, Nancy Hedges, secretary, Shirley Wares, vice-president, Carol Williams, president, Miss Spath, sponsor. Women's Athletic Association From dart parties and selling pencils printed with basketball pro- grams to an intercollegiate W.A.A. Sports Day, from a penny carnival to an all-girl basketball tourney, from archery, volleyball, and bad- minton tourneys to an Awards Banquet in May, the Women's Athletic Association is "on the go." Leading off with a coke party for 48 guests in September, W.A.A. gave the bows and arrows a workout in the October Archery tourna- ment, won by Mary Lou Bills. The W. A. A. Speed-Away title was taken by the freshmen in November. Taking first place in intramural basketball was the Alpha Sigma Alpha team, although later losing 39-37 to the All-Stars in a hard- fought playoff. Besides awarding the traveling intramural trophy to the best all- round team Cwon last year by the Independentsl, this year will see team and individual sportsmanship awards as well. Page 120 pw ,N::.-f M E Y in-.13 Y . eg Y .1 , ,,g,:1aZsQ' A-' - - mm 1 ! I 3. "I 'Q Qs f Q4 V Sax mfg 2? .va ,wx .XX F 2 A 5 ,.f ii::'!'Ia 1 1 1 1 i F ,Q W 'Q " a. 2. X rv- M Echo Staff Tap, left, Watching artist Bob Marshall CHRLMHD put finishing touches on division pages, C. Shelton, assistant business manager, Charles Esterline, business managerg Russell Vannoy, Editor-in-Chiefg Dewayne Wellborn, assistant editor. Top renter, Typist Pat Shelton pecks away on Echo copy. Top right, Business managers Shelton, Esterline finger the cash. Bottom left, Dewayne Wellborn, Becky Murch at work on the coverg Bottom miter, Marjorie Gordy gives her Royal a workout, Bottom right, technical adviser Kurt Ballard and Editor Vannoy go over the dummy. One-hundred twenty-eight pages of work Cplus a two-color cover and an end sheet as welllD faced Echo Editor Russell Van- noy and Assistant Editor Dewayne Wellborn, while paying for it all again faced business manager Charles Esterline and assist- ant business manager J. C. Shelton. Topping three other cover designs in a vote by the art classes was a two-tone red and black job by Becky Murch. Our budding Walt Disney, Robert CURLMHD Marshall is now more certain than ever of wanting to be an osteopath, after sweating out 8 division pages of caricatures of faculty and students. Chief shutter-snapper was photographer John Goeke, with Kenneth Sykes of Sykes Studio, doing the night work. Giving loads of technical advice and doing the lettering was Kurt Ballard, whose third-floor Baldwin Hall room became the virtual Echo office. Special thanks must go to the Personnel Orlice in checking names and activities, to the Dean's Oflice for sending all those Echo packages "Special Delivery", to the Business Office for storing the cash and writing those Echo salary checks so promptly, to the Ofiice of the President for invaluable sugges- tions on the faculty and administration sectionsg to the Echo Board in being so patient with the editor's demands for more colorg to Mr. Ralph Kolb of the Burger-Baird Engraving Com- pany and to the entire staff of the Journal Printing Company. Page 124 Allen, Cecil H. 16, 28, 92 Allen, Lula M. 16, 76 Allen, Norvell 24, 70 Ballard, Kurt 27, 124 Barnett, Otho L. 24 Beggs, Berenice B. 26, 68 Bell, Max 23 Biggerstalf, J. L. CEn1eritus3 27 Biggerstaff, L., Dr, 17, 22 Black, John D. 23 Bowers, Orville E. 12 Bowman, Dean 27 Bray, WillisJ. CEmeritusj 23 Browne, Sylva G. 19 Browne, Walter A. 25, 72 Browning, Bessie 19 Cleveland, Harold 27, 95, 97 Clevenger, Lewis fEmeritusJ 23 Cole, Duane 24, 70, 78, 88 Collins, Sherod J. 26, 73, 99 Croarkin, Eugene 24, 74 Crooks, Forest L. 14, 28 Cunninghan1, Earl C. 25 Dailey, Irene 27 Barkley, Gene 18 Bauer, Ernest 18 Black, Mrs. John 15 Bohon, Kathleen 15 Bnlick, Helen 14 Carter, Alice 15 Dudgeon, Phyllis 15 Aber, Burton 43, 72 AbolofT, Winifred 48 Acuff, Charles 33, 90 Acuff, Fred 48, 66, 90, 98 Adams, Dean 48, 89, 110 Adams ohn 21 48 90 ,J , , Adkins, Velvadean 43, 71, 82, 94, 95 Agee, Bell 54 Ahn, Chong Taik 48, 86 Alcocer, Carlos 54, 73, 76 Alcocer, Ricardo 54, 76 Faculty-Student Index Easton, Hamilton P. 25, 72 Elam, Charles 12 Fawcett, Vera E. 26 Gardner, Kenneth 22, 110, 114, 119 Goetze, John C, 27, 78, 90 Gosch, Geraldine 22 Hagemann, Hans H. 26 Hensley, Jack 26 Hood, James 25 Hook, Ethel 19 House, Ralph 16, 28 Jamison, George 23 Karel, Leon 27, 88, 97 Kauzlarich, Charles E, 24, 74 Kearney, Flora 26 King, Boyd 22, 114 Kirchberger, Frederic 27, 97 Kline, Albert P. 23 Kline, Vivian W. 23 Knobbs, Pauline D. 16, 25, 72, 77, 93 Kohlenberg, Gilbert C. 25, 72, 78 Leslie, Glenn F. 28 Maddox, Delbert E. 22 MaGee, Llora CEmeritusJ 22 Magee, Viola 26, 84 Martin, Charles W. 28 Mawhinney, Eugene A. 25 McKinney, Robert L. 12 Mickelson,J. H. 24 Miller, Ivan E, 28 Minor, William T. 24, 66 Mittler, Eli F. 14, 28, 67 Monay, Ralph 24 Mook, Mary Ann 22 Morris, Howard 18 Iwlurphy, Clarence 28 Nicoletti, Pete 15, 28 Park, No Yong 25 Patterson, Nita 27 Pattinson, Sallie 28 Ramon, Michel 26 Richardson, Noah P. 14 Rieger, Wray M. 23 STAFF Ewing, Mrs. Eva 20 Filkins, Wanda 12 Funk, Dan 18 Guffy, Carl 16 Hamilton, Dena 9 Hanes, Harlie 18 Hating, Beth 13 Hawkins, O. E. 18 Holman, S. P. 18 Kearney, Katherine 17 Keim, Lora 18 King, Shirley 15 Lair, Ted 18 Lingenfelter, Frances 12 Moore, Benny 18 STUDENTS Baldwin, Carl 54, 75, 91 Baldwin, Louise 54 Barker, John 43, 89, 98 Barker, Kenneth 54, 119 Barkley, Eleanor 43, 68, 71, 80 Barnes, Carol 48, 71, 79 Barnett, Jane 54, 94 Barnett, Joan 54, 98 Baron, Virginia 48, 76 Barron, William 54 Baskett, Donald 54, 77, 89, 119 Alger, Nilene 54 Allen, Betty 54 Allen, Clarence 48, 110, 119 Allen, Jennie Sue 54, 84, 92, 94, 97 Allen,John 54 Althiser, Lois 75, 76 Anastasoff, George 43, 88, 110, 112 ,119 Baxter, Shirley 48, 82, 120 Beall, Barbara 43, 84 Bealmer, John 43 Beck, Jack, 33, 86, 114, 115, 119 Beddow, Dorothy 54 Beltzer, Judy 48, 80 Benn, Mason 54, 69, 91 Anesi, Louis 43, 72, 73 Angelo, Marilyn 48 Armbruster, David 48, 66, 72, 90 Asato, Kenichi 58, 76 Atkinson, Norman 33, 70 Ausmus, Bill 48, 114, 116, 119 Ausmus, Shirley 54, 81 Austin, O. D. 33, 110, 112, 119 Avilez, Alejandro 33, 94, 95 Ayer, Dwayne 43 Azinger, Al 48, 66, 70 Azinger, Robert 54, 70, 86 Bachman, Richard 54 Bachmann, Marjorie 48 Bergmann, Lily 54, 71 Bertram, Richard 48, 118 Bibee, Carroll 119 Biere, Shirley 48, 94 Bills, Mary Lou 43, 78, 80, 92, 93, 120 Billups, Mary Anna 43, 74, 75, 76, 96 Bilyeu, William 43, 90 Binder, Billy 48 Bingham, Alden 33, 72 Blackburn, Max 48, 89, 118, 119 Blackford, Roy 88, 118 Bochy, Richard 54 Bnun,JmTy43,Ss,11o,112,118,119 Bonderer, Lawrence 43, 70, 90 Bool1er, Gary 54 Badger, Bagley, Freda 54 Katheryn 43, 94, 95, 97 Bagley, Ronald 54, 110 Bailey, Enid 43 Bailey, Leta 48, 94 Bailey, Ronald 33, 67, 68, 73, 77, 78, 86, 92, 98, 99 Baker, Gerald 54 Baker, John 54, 66 Baker, Virginia 33, 75 Baldridge, Frances 33 Page 125 Booker, Ray 54, 110 Boone, Beverly 48 Bowden, Marilyn 54, 76, 120 Bowen, Jack 55, 110 Bowles, William 34, 88, 100, 110, 111 112,118,119 Bradshaw, Jerry 55, 72 Brand, Laneta 43, 80 Branscom, Marjorie 43 Brantner, Shirley 34, 72 Breen, James 55 Breen, John L. 55 Bright, Robert 55, 119 Brittain, Joyce 48, 80 Broadheld, Kermit 48 Broadwater, Norma 55, 72, 98 Brombolich, Michael 89, 110, 112 Bronson, John 55 Brookhart, Richard 34, 75 Brooks, Charlene 48, 71, 78, 79 Brooks, Howard 55 Brown, Ronald 43, 88 Browne, Richard 43, 92 Brun, Helene 34, 76 Brundage, Peggy 48, 77 Bryant, Arthur 43 Buchanan, Guy 55, 72 Buchanan, Martha 55, 96, 98 Buckman, Donald 55, 96 Bucks, Jane Anne 34, 68, 74, 99 Buford, Ella Mae 55 Burchfield, Harold 34, 90 Bnrghoffer, George 94, 95, 97 Burghoffer, Wayne 94, 97 Burk, William, 43, 73, 90 Burnham, Mary 55, 75 Burton, Beverly 55 Butler, Roberta 55, 71 Butterfield, Byron 49, 72 Caldwell, John 43, 90, 96 Caldwell, Kathleen 55, 68 Caldwell, Mary Ann 49, 82, 96, 120 Calvert, Tom 55, 94 Cameron, Gary 88 Campbell, Geri 43, 71, 96 Campbell, Ruth 49 Cardwell, Shirley 55 Carr, Peggy' 55, 71 Carson, Dean 34, 90, 94, 95 Carson, Nancy 55 Carter, Bill 34, 78, 88, 104, 107, 110, 112,119 Carter, Nola 55, 82 Cason, Lois 34 Rodney, Robert M. 26 Rosebery, Dean A. 23, 78, 86 Rothschild, Felix 28 Ryle, Walter H. 9, 10, 11 Selby, Paul O. 13, 24 Shao, Bing Kun 25, 72 Shook, Andrew 17, 26 Simmons, Lucy 25, 72 Slemons, Agnes 26, 68, 98 Spath, Martha 22, 120 St. Clair, Richard 14 Strub, Paul 27 Sykes, Kenneth G. 17 Towne, Ruth 25, 72, 82 Valentine, Ralph E. 27, 71 Wade, Maurice E. 22, 110 Wade, Nan E. 26, 68 Warhurst, Margaret 22 Webb, Karl E. 27, 97 Wells, Phradie 27, 96, 97 White, Norman 22, 103, 111 Zoller, Alma K. 17, 22, 80 Niece, Carmie 18 Patterson, W. E. 18 Ransom, Rosie 20 Roseberry, Betty 18 Samuels, Leo 18 Spears, Charles 18 Stookey, Carole 14 Cassaday, Perley 34 Cassady, Marie 49 Chadwick, John 34, 88 Chapman, Carol 49, 84, 94 Chaverri, Bertha 43, 71, 76 Childers, Victor 34, 67 Chung, Joe Dock 32, 76 Chung, Sally 44 Churchwell, Thomas 44, 72, 74 88 Clanin, Douglas 91 Clausen, James 88 Cleeton, Sharon 55 Coat, Jack 34 Cobb, Kenneth 21, 49 Cochran, Dom1a 44, 82 Cokerham, Richard 34, 70 Coleman, Carol 44, 69, 120 Collins, Paul 55, 114 Colton, Frank 49, 90 Conlon, Onie May 20, 34 Conover, Okle 55, 69, 71, 98, 120 Conyers, David 49, 114, 119 Cool, James 55 Cooley, Alfred 49, 91 Coorts, Dale 56, 114, 119 Cornwell, Marilyn 49, 84 Courtney, Kenneth 56 Cowgill, George 91 Cox, Edward 32, 68, 75 Cox, Marilyn 56 Cragg, Beryl 44, 90 Cragg, Carolyn 49, 84, 96, 97 Cragg, Joan 56, 82 Crim, Evelyn 56 Crooks, Roger 56 Cross, Charles 56 Crow, Robert 32 Crumpacker, Rebecca 49, 82, 98 Cundiff, William 86, 92 Dale, Marilyn 49 Danclovic, David 49, 118 Daniels, Bobby 44 Daniels, Robert 49, 70 Keller Danneman, Jean 35, 74, 78, 79 Dark, Richard 44, 89, 110, 112 Davenport, Delpha 49, 72, 73, 77, 84, 94 Davis, Kenneth 49 Patricia 44, 96 Davis, Davis, Zeddy 114, 116 DeAngelis, John 90 Dennis, Warre11 49, 71, 91, 94 Dennison, Larry 56, 96, 97 Dennison, Randle 44, 90 DesCamp, Victor 56, 91 Detwiler, Ronald 56, 75 DeWitt, Norma 56, 79 De Volld, Sue 49, 82 Diekmann, Margaret 56 Dingle, Jerry 49, 89, 118 Dinwiddie, Doris 35, 71, 75, 94, 96, 97 Ditmars, Mary 56, 84 Dixon, Janet 49, 74, 75, 96 Dodson, Edward 72, 98 Donlon, Don 21, 56, 89, 94 Donovan, Thomas 21, 49, 66 Doty, Gerald 49, 72, 91 Doty, Wallace 35 Downing, Harold 49 Drummond, Vernon 56 Dudeck, LaVerne 35, 68, 71, 76, 84, 99 Durnal, Roberta 49 Dye, Shirley 35, 82, 92 Dyer, Bill 75, 89 Easterday, Dean 35, 66, 70, 75, 86, 99 Easterday, Glen 49, 69, 73, 86, 98, 99 Eastin, Richard 56 Eastin, Wallace 56 Eatock, Bob 74 Edwards, Patricia 49, 84 Edwards, Ted 89 Eitel, Jeanette 35, 71 Eitel, Linden 35, 70, 86 Eliades, Meletios 49, 72, 76, 91 Ellett, Pat 35, 80, 103 Ellicott, Robert 56 Ernst, Patricia 49 Esterline, Charles 35, 66, 67, 72, 73, 90, 99 Evans, Carol 49 Evans, Catherine 56 Evans, Jerome 44 Ewing, Faye 56, 71, 73, 84, Fair, Linda 76, 98 Favier, Dale 50, 89 Ferree, Robert 44 96, 97 F1a1a,Jo1m 56. 73, 77, 94,97 Galloway, Linda 50, 69, 74 Figge, Charlene 50 Fischbach, Shirlee 56, 73 Fitzgerald, Charles 56, 89, 110, 112, 119 Flick, Shula 72 Flynn, Jerome 35, 90, 103 Ford, Carolyn 56 Forke, Jolene 56, 84 Foster, Alice 50, 76, 96 Foust, Virginia 50 Fowler, Carrol 56 Fox, Janet 56, 81 Franklin, Charles 50 Franklin, Jason 75, 76 Franklin, Richard 44, 78, 90, 104, 105 Fregoe, Viola 50 Fremon, William 56 Gallup, Marilyn 35, 68 Gardhouse, Marilyn 44, 79 Gardner, C. Hugh 91 Gardner, Larry 57 Garton, Gary 57 Garton, Lars 57, 96 Gaston, Betty 35, 71, 75 Gilreath, Dallas 57 Gilreath, Eleanor 35 Gima, Chosuke 35, 74, 76 Giovannini, Charles 57 Glaser, Marilyn 50 Glaspie, Richard 57 Glick, Anne 57, 81 Goad, Betty 36, 75, 82, 94, 95, 99 Goeke, James 36, 91, 103 Goeke, Leo 57, 71, 91, 94, 96, 97 Goeke, Richard 74 STUDENTS INDEX-Continued Gonnerman, Dottie 50, 75 Gooch, Joe 44 Goodding, Carolyn 44, 75 Gordon, Larry 36, 70, 89 Gordy, Doris 50, 75 Gordy, Marjorie 57, 98, 124 Gould, Dean 44, 91 Graham, Edith 57 Graves, Lewis 57 Green, Barry 36, 66, 67, 69, 92, 93, 99 Green, Rita 50, 84, 104, 105, Green, Ted 44, 91 Greene, Jerry 36, 66, 67, 86 Greeno, Judith 44, 75, 80, 93 Gregory, Jerry 36, 118 Grezinger, Ed 110 Griep, Lyle 57, 71, 96, 97 Grim, George 57 Grim, John 50 Grisamer, Donald 57 Grob, Thelma 57 120 , 120 I-11111, Edward 50, 89, 110, 112, 119 Huntsman, Carolyn 44, 84, 98, 120 Hustead, Norma 58, 69 Hutchison, Marilyn 58 Ingraham, Betty Lou 44, 77 lnlow,Jim 37, 89, 92, 110, 119 Jacobs, Charlotte 50, 71, 74, 75, 84 Jacobs, Janice 50, 75 Janes, Esther 37 Jarboe, Marijo 58, 81 Jarn1an, Roger 118 Jarvis, Homer 58 Jenkins, Carol 58 Jennings, Kermit 51 Jerome, Lorraine 51, 69, 74, 75, 81 Johanboeke, Michael 44, 66 Johns, Sharon 58, 72, 81 Gunselman, Charlotte 44, 69, 71, 84, 94 Gutierrez, Bienvenido 76 Gutting, Janet 57, 84, 120 Hackamack, Kathleen 50, 75 Johnson, Don 45 Johnson, Dorine 37 Johnson, Dorothy 58, 84 Johnson Franklin 51 Johnsoni Jack 51 Hackman, Richard 50, 75, 96, 114, 119 Hagan, Donald 57, 119 Hahn, Donald 57 Hahn, Earl 36 Hakkak, Hassan 32, 76, 103 Hall, Bobby 50, 89, 110, 112, 119 Hall, Joyce 57, 82, 98 Halley, Norma 57, 75 Hamada, Louis 50 Hammer, Darrel 44 Hammons Donald 50 Hanes, Carolyn 57, 75, 81 Hanes, Lavena 57 Harding, James 44, 110 Hardy, Susanna 36, 77 Harp, Jack 20, 50, 91 Harp, Jerry 20, 50, 91 Harrelson, Melvin 57 Harris, Ralph 57, 118 Harrison, Billy 57 Harrison, Donald 57 Harrison, Russell 36, 72, 91, 99 Hart, Johnny 44, 71, 96 Harvey, Charlotte 36 Hassall,J11dy 57, 84, 120 Hayes, Darla 57 Hays, Charles 44, 70 Hays, Eileen 57, 69 Head, Betty 57, 75, 76 Heald, David 58, 77 Heald, Myra 50, 71, 94 Healev, Donald 36, 11.0, 112, 118, 119 Healey, Patrick 36, 91, 94, 95, 96, 97 Hedges, Nancy 44, 78, 84, 93, 120 Heimer, Linda 36, 68, 73, 77, 98, 99, 103 Hellmann, Leon 58, 114 Helton, Donna 74 Helton, Carl 58, 75 Hendrix, Milton 36 Henry, Charles 21, 58, 91 Henry, Robert 58 78, so, 92, Herrera, Agustin 44, 76, 91, 97 Herrick, Charlotte 68 Hesselschwerdt, Ronald 50, 70, 110, 119 Hessenbruch, Annegert 36, 76, 97 Hiles, Billy 58 Hinshaw, Rita 58, 75 Hodges, Robert 37 Hoemann, James 50 Hoffman, Magdalene 37 Hoffman, Raymond 50 Hogenson, Robert 58, 71, 91, 96, 97 Hong, Kichul 58, 76 Hoog, Frank 37, 72, 91 Hoog, George 58, 72 Hopkins, William 44, 114, 116, 119 Horn, Nancy 37, 68, 74, 82 Houston, Shirley 44, 96 Houtchens, Wade 50, 91, 92 Hover, Marian 58 Howard, Mac 20, 37, 67, 71, 95, 96, 97, 99 Howes, Gene 58 Hudson, Virgil 37 Hughes, Owen 50, 66, 70 Hull, Doyle 58, 89, 98 91, 92, 94, Johnson, Joseph 58, 119 Johnson, Mary 58 Johnson, Merilyn 45, 82 Jones, Bertha 38 Jones, Dolores 38, 69, 74, 79 Jones, Ida 58, 75 Jones,John 38, 66, 70, 87 Kakazu, Margaret 58, 74 Kamei, Millicent 58, 76 Kaneshiro, Bertha 58, 74, 75, 76 Kearns, Dorothy 51, 69, 71, 75, 78, Kearns, Georgia 45 Keller, Allene 38, 75, 94, 97 Keller, Carl 38, 70 ames 45 66, 72, 75, 91, 94, ,J , Keller, Jean 58, 72 Kelley, Azelene 58, 75, 94, 98 Kelly, Terry 58, 92 Kelly, Patricia 51 Kent, Esin 38, 76 Kephart, Eva Holly 38, 72, 98 Kerby, Claetta 51, 74, 82 Kerls, Barbara 59, 98 Kessler, Keith 45, 89 Ketcham, Jean 38, 74 Kim, Chung Soon 38, 76 Kim, Helen 38, 76 Kim, Hang-Sun 76 Kim, Youngai 51, 76 Kimberly, Arthur 38, 74 Kimberly, Doris Jane 45, 74 Kincheloe, John Major 45 King, Larry Gene 45 Kittle, Josephine 38, 74, 75 Klein, Leo Francis 38 Klitenic, Maxine 38, 68, 73, 77 Klocke, Wilma 51, 84 Kneeland, Susan 51, 75, 76, 82 Koigawachi, Akie 38 Koo, Yung Jun 45, 76 Kooreman, Thomas 59, 77 Korsen, Anna Marie 45, 74, 76, 84 120 99 Leonard, Evelyn 59 Leonard, Mary 45 Leyda, Stephen 45, 89, 110 Lie, Harold 32, 72, 76 Lindberg, Hjalmer August 51, 75, 89 Lindsey, Doris 45 Lingenfelter, Frances Linhart, Donald Samuel 39, 72, 89 Link, Mary Elizabeth 59, 84, 94 Lintner, Catherine 80 Loerke, Nevin 39, 68, 74, 85 Loncaric, Melvin 39, 89, 112, 118, 119 Long, Donna 39 Loumaster, Janice 59, 81 Lubbering, Lynn 45, 118 Luman, Dorothy Jean 59 Lyons, Nelda Grace 59 100,110, 111, McAfee, Donald 39, 89 McAnaw, Richard 20, 39, 72, 89 McBee, Lewis 70 McCabe, Mary Ellen 45 McCartney, Marian 51 McClaskey, Billy 45, 66 McClaskey, Mary Irene 51 McClimans, Gordon 45, 72, 91 McCracken, James J. 59 McCullough, Sue 45, 81 McDaris, Marvin 51, 89, 110, 113, 119 McDonald, Dolores 45, 71, 84, 96 McDonald Duane 59, 119 McDonald, Karold 39, 74, 87 McHargue, Carlene 59, 75 McKenzie, Shirley Ann 59 McMasters, Carolyn 59 McMillan, Robert 59 McNabb, James 45 McReynolds, Lois 39, 120 McRobert, Shirley 51, 82 Maack, Harvey 59, 89, 114, 117 Maack, Richard 114, 117, 119 Mach, Raymond 39, 89, 110, 113, 119 Machin, Mary Sue 59, 84, 94, 120 Maddex, Lewis 59, 91 Madorin, Fred 59 Magers,J. E. 51 Magruder, Jack 51, 89 Magrud er, Sue 40, 68, 74, Mahurin, Ronald 51 Maloney, William 51 Mann, Jack 59, 89 March, Joan 59, 94 Marshall, Robert 51, 72, 124 77 Martin, Ronald 59, 66, 91 Martin Wavne 45, 66, 119 Maron: David 59 Kottmann,Judy 51, 77, 78, 84, 93, 120 Kraus, Samuel Lewis 59, 75 Kroeger, William 51, 72, 75, 77 Krueger, Jeannette E. 45, 68, 69, 74 Kunioka, Lillian 45 Kuniyuki, Hazel R. 45 Kunte, Carlos 76 LaBonta, Louis 39 LaFaver, Patsy 59, 75 Lambert, Nancy Kaye 59 Lamm, Donald 59, 114 Lapitan, Nathaniel 32, 75, 76 Lapp, Jack 51, 72, 91, 104, 105 Lapp, Mary Lou 39, 74, 82 Larson, Joan 51 Lau, Allene 39, 120 Lau, Estella 39 Lawhon, John 51, 110 Lawrence, John 45, 110, 119 Lay, Vera 51, 74 Leber, Shirley 45, 71, 78, 82, 94, 95, Lee, Barbara 39, 68, 71, 73, 73, 33 Lee, Mary Beth 51 Lehr, Robert M. 59 Lemen, Verrel 39, 89 97 Mason, Jacqueline 59, 69, 81 Mason, Joycelynn 45, 69, 74, 85 Masters, Shirley Ann 59, 77 Maulsby, John 40 Maupin, Elvin S. 60 Mavraganis, Constantine 60 Mayers, William E. 45, 66, 74, 87 Meacham, Margaret Anne 46 Mead, Patricia 50, 69, 75, 120 Meehan, Michael Joseph 51 Mengwasser, Leonard 21, 110, 113, 119 Merritt, Charles 40, 89, 110, 113, 114, 119 Mever, Marvin 51 Miller, Betty 51, 75, 83, 96 Mills, John 60, 91 Mineat, Bruce 52, 66, 70 Minor, Roland 60, 89 , Anna Grace 60, 69, 98 Mohr, Freda 60, 75 Mitten Moles, Barbara 60, 73, 81 Moore, Jerome E. 52, 73 Moore, Judith Ann 60, 84, 96, 104, 105, 120 Moore, Marilyn 60 Moore, Maurita 46, 85 Moore, Melvin 60, 119 Moore, Merlin James 60 Moore, Robert 40, 72, 87 Moors, Kay 52, 80 Moran, Frances 40 Morlan, Ruth 60 Morris, Nancv 52, 71, 83 Mosley, Charles 52, 87 Mulford, Donna Lee 40 Mullenix, Ronna 52 , 96, 97, 120 Page 126 Mundell, Jerald 20, 46, 114, 119 Munden, jean Russell 60 Murch, Rebecca 52, 84, 124 Murfin, Shirley 52 Murphy, janys Ann 40, 68, 69, 73, 76, 85, 93 Mustoe, David 60, 89 Myers, Edwin H. 52, 66, 70 Myers, Phyllis Valene 52, 74, 75 Nagamine, Mitsue Noreen 60 Naggi, Donna 52, 84 Neeley, Duane, 70 Neeley, Russell 52 Neilson, James 32, 67, 68, 69, 72 Nevins, James Russell 60 Newman, James 32, 89 Newman, Wayne 60 Nichols, June 52 Nicoletti, Rosalia 60, 71, 75, 94 Nishimura, Myrtle 46 Noble, Don 52, 75, 89 Nogamine, Noreen 76 Northington, Floyd C. 40, 72 Novinger, Mary jane 60, 96, 97 Novinger, Phil 52, 89 Nuhn, John H. 52, 119 Oakes, Frances 52 Ogle, James 60, 89 Ogle, Lois Sinele 40, 74, 81, 120 Orwiler, Beverly 40, 74, 83, 104, 105 Orwiler, Geraldine 60, 82, 96 Oshiro, Shinjun 40, 72, 76 Overstreet, Albert 60, 70 Overton, Betty Lou 20, 52 Overton, Mona M. 40, 68, 69, 74 Ozer, Siral 46, 76 Paap, Carole 52, 82 Paek, joseph B. 52, 76 Pagitt, Noel 40, 75, 87 Pak, Chan Hyun 32, 76 Parker, Kay 40, 83 Persons, Don 52, 114, 117, 119 Parsons, Richard 60, 114, 117 Pash, Ladd 60, 89 Patton, Deane 52 Payne, Maurice 46, 66, 67, 72, 91 Pearson, Melba jean 60 Pell, Robert 96, 97 Pendergast, Philip 41 Peoples, Marian 46, 69, 74, 81 Perkins, Dick 46, 91, 94, 95, 97 Perry, Thomas Parker 60 Peterie, Neil 40, 68 Peterson, Fern 60, 93 Peterson, Leila R. 46, 81, 120 Peterson, Lynne Anne 60, 81 Phillips, Donna 61, 71, 77, 82, 94, 96, 120 Phillips, James 61, 114 Phillips, Ronald 46, 66, 69, 71, 87, 93, 6 9 , 97 Pickering, Glendle 41, 110, 113, 118, 119 Piercey, Hectorine 46, 72, 74 Pippert, Dick H. 61 Pitney, Ben 41 Platz, Howard 41, 66, 67, 70, 73, 87 Pohl, Harold 61, 114 Pohlkamp, George 114, 115 Poole, Jeanne 52, 71, 82, 94, 95 Pope, William 72 Portugal, Jaime 76 Potter, john 46 Powell, Jesse Lewis 46 Prange, Norman Dewayne 61 Prescott, Allen 46, 72 Price, Paul 61, 91 Priest, Nell Sue 61, 82 Page 127 STUDENTS INDEX-Continued Primm, Patricia 41 Purvis, Estalene 46, 83, 104, 107, 120 Pyun, Chi Hang 52, 76 Rash,James 52, 89, 110, 114, 118, 119 Ray, Marion 46, 89 Ray, Robert Paul 61 Redding, Patricia 20, 46, 81 Redman, Carol 52, 75 Redman, Virginia Ann 52, 71, 74, 75, 76, 94, 96 Reed, Jani 61, 81, 120 Reed, Ronald 52 Reed, Shirley 85, 120 Reed, William 52 Rettinghaus, Darlene 20, 21, 46, 75, 96 Reynolds, james 51, 118 Rhodes, Kenneth 61 Rice, jack 46, 72 Richardson, Ross 52, 110 Riley, Mary 41 Riley, Sharon 61 Ritter, John 41, 72 Rivela, Mario 76 Roan, Margaret 61, 69 Robison, Harold 52 Robison, Norma Jean 52 Rock, Fred S9 Roebuck, Calvin E. 52 Rogers, Rodney 61, 114 Rogers, Charlene 61 Roiashlose Luis 52, 76, 96 Roquet, David 61 Roquet, Paul 41 Rose, Lavada 52, 81 Roseberry, Betty june 61 Roseberry, Donald 52, 89, 110, 119 Ross, Betty 61, 75 Ross, Rita Faye 46, 71, 120 Ross, Sydney 114, 117, 119 Royer, Robert 96 Royse, Edward 61, 70, 89 Runge, Glenda 52, 72, 82, 96 Ruse, David A. 52 Russell, Kenneth R. 52 Sailor, Helen 46, 71, 78, 79 Sallade, James 41 Sallee, Anne 46 Sallee, Phyllis 53, 71, 120 Sanders, Donald 68 Sanders, Shirley 46, 83 Sanz-Agero, Jose-Luis 53 Schif, Al 114, 119 Schupbach, Ann 61, 84 Schwarztrauber, Roger 46, 110, 113, 118, 119 Scott, Charles 41, 72 Scott, jerry 72 Seaboldt, Ralph 53, 75, 114 Seaman, Eloise 53, 71, 76, 83 See, Wilma Lois 61, 71 Sefrit, Betty Sue 53 Seidt, Marvin joe 53 Sellaro, Rita 46 Sibayan, Bonifacio 32, 74, 76 Silver, Marvin 47, 110, 113, 119 Simler, Ellis 61, 89 Simler, Keith 47 Simpson, Elizabeth Ann 47, 75 Simpson,Jack L. 61, 70 Sinele, Lois 53 Singleton, Rita ,Io 61 Skinner, Bonnie Jean 61, 94, 97 Skinner, Colin 61, 73, 76, 77 Slaughter, Wilford 53, 110 Sloneker, Marilyn 62, 94 Smith, Dale Burton 62, 110, 119 Smith, Mary Louise 53, 81 Smith, Robert 110 Smithson, Beverly Ann 53 Snow, Robert 41, 87 Sosa, Eva 62 Sparks, Donald 110, 113, 119 Spicer, Michael 60 Staggs, James 62, 89, 118 Steel, Lynne 62, 75, 96 Steele, Andrew A. 53 Steele, Joseph 21, 62 Stephans, Robert 53, 119 Stewart, Patricia Ann 62, 85 Stidmon, Leola 53, 81 Stigall, Robert 62 Stokes, Caroline 41, 68, 99 Stokes, Dwight 70 Stone, Marilvn 62, 82 Stout, Betty 'Lou 53, 73, 77, 83, 94, 96, 97 Stout Gordon 62, 75, 94, 95, 96, 97 Stout, Keith 41, 67, 91, 96, 97 Streb, Arthur Lee 53, 110 Strom, Judy 53, 81, 93 Sullivan, Mary 47 Sung, Samuel K. 76 Swain, Tony 91, 98 Swartz, Norma Jean 62 Swayze, David 72 Sykes, ,Iacquelyn 53 Sylvara, Donald 110, 113, 114, 115 Von I-leiland, Erlinda 32, 76 Vorhees, John 72 Waddill, Ellis Gene 63 Waggener, Donna Lee 63 Wagner, Keith 114 Wait, Frances 53, 71 Walker, Robert 63, 72 Walker, Ruby 63, 75 Wallace, Roy 53, 70 Ward, Loretta W. 42 Wares, Shirley 11, 47, 68, 74, 78, 81, 99, 100, 102, 120 Warner, Jerry 63 Watkins, Mary 63 Watson, Jeanette 63, 84 Weber, Gene 42, 77 Weber, Marilie Schrock 42 Webster, Carole Ruth 53 Wegehoft, Carol 53, 81, 120 Welch, Alfred 42, 91, 93, 94 Wellborn, Dewayne 42, 66, 91, 124 Wellborn, Elaine 63, 77, 84 Wellborn, Leslie 63 Wensel, Gail 63 Werr, Marilyn 53, 69, 74 West, Delno 63, 66, 75 West, Waldo 98 Western, Mary Ann 63 Whalen, Richard Francis 63, 110 Wheeler, Marilyn 63, 84 Whirrett, Martha 47, 75, 85 White, Anita 53, 72 White, Terry Anne 42, 68, 69, 74, 85 Whitney, Larry 63, 66, 91 Wickizer, Patty Ann 63, 84 Wilgus, Betty Lou 53, 81, 92 Wilhite, Richard 47 Williams, Alan 21, 63 Williams, Williams, Gwen 63, 82 Williams, Raymond 63, 94 Williams, John E. 63 Williams, Kenneth 42, 67, 91 Carol Kellev 47, 78, Tague, Talbert Alice M. 62, 69 , Carolyn Sue 62 Tanner, Robertj. 62, 110 Williams, Phillip 21, 53, 91 Williams, Ralph 21, 63 Williamson, Donald 53, 89 Tapley, Patricia Anne 62, 96 Taylor, Barbara Ann 62, 82, 96 Terry, Max E. 41, 89 Thomas, John 53, 66, 72, 76, 91 Thomas, Ronald 62, 71, 94, 97 Thornton, James 53, 98 Thrasher, William 62, 110 Thurston, Charles 62, 75 Tomoyose, Eiichiro 32, 72, 76 Townsend, Paul 62 85, 120 Williamson, Raymond 42, 78, 89, 99 Willis, Glaza Beth 42 Wilsey, Bennie 53, 75 Wilson, Donald E. 63, 66, 70, 119 Wilson, Earl 53, 110 Wilson Faye 84 Wilson, Jerry 63 Wilson, June 53 Wilson Leona 63 Wilson Mary jean 42, 81 Wilson Norma 53, 71, 83, 93, 94, 96 Tracy, Dolores Jean 53, 69, 75, 33, Tracy, JoAnn 62, 69, 74, 75, 82 Troester, Terry A. 53, 91 Truber, Norman 62, 72, 73, 94, 97 Truitt, Donna Jean 62, 96 Turner, Bob D. 62 Turner, Carolyn Ruth 62, 81 96 Winklelnan, Eldon 63, 110, 113, 119 Wiseman, Mary Louise 63, 74 Wolfe, JoAnne 63, 84 Wood, Gerald D. 47, 70 Wood, Minnie Sue 63 Wood, William 63 Woodcoclc, Frank 53, 89, 110, Woods, Charles A. 47, 70, 87 113, 119 Seward, Charles 53 Seward, Wilda 46 Sexton, Doris jean 61, 76, 84 Shadid, Shirley 53, 81 Shahan Shallev: Maridonna 46, 72, 78, 83 Tommv 53, 118 shaujshifley R. 61, 73, 84, 98 Shaw, William 46 Shearer, Robert 73, 99 Sheltonhlohn C. 47, 72, 75, 91, 124 Shelton, Patricia 47, 73, 77, 83, 124 Shkolnick, Stanley 47, 72, 73, 76 Shockey, Walda Ann 61, 71, 96 Shoults, Charles 47 Shugart, Kenny Dean 61 Shull, Kay 61, 71 Shurlow, Wilma 47 Turner, Mary'Ann 53, 81, 120 Turner, Nelda 82 Turner, Thomas 52, 110, 119 Turney, Donald 62 Tuttle, Vauncille 62 Uralman, Engin M. 62, 91, 104, 105 Vance, Robert 96, 97 Van der Zwan, Elisabeth 41, 76 Van Dyne, Iris Louise 42 Vandelinden, Donald 118 Vannoy, Russell 42, 67, 78, 91, 99, 104, 124 Vansickle, Donald Gene 47 Varwig, Harry 62 Vineyard, George A. 62 Woolbright, Letha 47, 74, 75 Woollen, Lloyd 47 Wright, Harley T. 47, 91 Wright, William Alan 63 Yaeger, Thelma 42, 69, 120 Yamamoto, Elaine H. 47, 75, 76 Yardley, Shirley June 63, 81 Yawata, Betty 47 Yeh, Ling Kang 42, 75, 76, 99 Young, William 63, 89, 110, 118 Zaleuke, Donald 21, 63, 89, 110 Zbornak, Gary 47, 110, 113, 118, 119 Zong, Mi-Og 47 ..-.S 'NM 'hpww Pt? vw Ysf' 'P-

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