Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO)

 - Class of 1951

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Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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"m ff' 5 .X ,. -.1 fi fi A . -1-,I x .gy 4-' '.n,.a,xs ,fit J' 'v s nA.A-0 ' v.-3'-:if . '. ' 'Pk cw- ,.."l 2- : ' -sf" x- f f.'.',H - -E 1 . .. -Q1 - . aj' X 3., - I V' 'JT Z' " l Q . rx I x 5 22 2 3 2 5 Z ,Q S 5 .A 3 ! ,E I A U F 51 23 5 a 'f 3 Q E Q4 2 , 5 Q F if E S 1? 2 7 s 2 2' i E . S S , 3 Q 2 Z ,. e Z S 5 TH 7 PUBLISHED By The Student Body of the NORTHEAST MIS' SOURI STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, KIRKSVILLE. DAVID R. JANSON, Editor FRED P. HANES, Business Mgr. 1951 TIE L I95 .ig I A ' v Q :,:YfKg521'?-'-K " . mf- , ' far! K , -' .1-f-'C' fs V . . ,V , is A - 3'-.QQ M . , 3 ij.. ' :F Wfrgjff,-a,. , ' Qt"---ss 7: , F 2' 1 'cy N-N g 3: - ':,".: ' .H - . ' v N , Gm - i,..,,,.,.,,-. , ff. -N . X ,' ' 3 ' It f , 41 3.1L ' A' .vw -. 355 '-'f""" """ """' ' "' A -g Atflxlq .N g - 1' , ,............-,v.....-.--...F -N-,-A -xxx-,N it -,.-1 V, , W - ., fr gnjww- , ..-rliiixfiii wr' " ' - N' ' -' "N""h"' S. -4117,-3' 2595. 3' ,fWiy,x -V 1 , . 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'Mus gg , .Q 9 gf , e 1 'li ga ll! is ll r- N r y i, t .r f ' if if i W f 523 I l I rm ' i . "1"sjf?-ggi .a ff P7 l324liifLf ' "H ail : H wrap r sr. N 9 "59Y1QX'sf'f-SQA r-f ew it it r f c f. - Z .9 f - if , 9.4 I-55 r ' im' f "-'51, ' S' if 4 f r w w f! ff ll I ' ' 5 - 1 -: 3 xi , 1 bk, . M gh yi.: L I .L A ,ic ' fr i f Q. ,f , ' A Y FUHEWUHU Time has a vvay of increasing the values and softening the harder points of events which have happened in the past. In days tojcome, many of us will stop momentarily to reflect on the happenings of the college year '5of'5i. It is the hope of the staff that when this pause arises the IQSI Echo will be hauled down from its dusty position on the shelf and opened again. With this thought in mind, We have accumulated for your reflections the events of this particular school year. We of the staff have atf tempted to record these changes as they have affected our day to day college life and have also tried to catch a little of those intangible things which we know of as 'fthe old college spirit." Above all this is your book. Yours to glance through in those yetftofcome moments of retrospect and rememf bering. Perhaps nothing will be better remembered when the years have passed than the old school song, so what could be more fitting novv as well as then to renew our memories with those inspiring Words .... NXVSSUUU wr ww:-gdb 155591 an the schilfll has W Hui the X Ellilq we lg 5 an ima li 155009 H at U QRS We le K thee Gul wa rl lhnls UU X H Y mm HU A Y A a XJYUH 2 Wm E yew KH Xe H9 r. ,gr, 9 p , nypl to Qi we Qui? Ja , f tkgf i' . 9.4421 I ' ,. -H l T l 'f -We l r r .. fi "ma inn. Q' V. '? - - W' .. ' , K in e , .LW fy J v.,'. Rf, V. O YY, I ' .D S . qv Y "NY il Bl la , . yqh, BX ai ' '5 V ,egi ,ill A Xb .X we i.-1 ' r"Q ikif , .1,'. , in E wmwv ,v WM , ff as 53 W ,V , W, M. W J, ,, , wk, .W A, , ,-,,,,, 4 , A.i, ,, , M K fi fi ctw 'S Q6 EL 5 CLASSES "Uld Missnun and S"Uld Missouri," Uur hearts the sthuul has won EB UUATE STUUE TS...- CARL J. BENNETT Chemistry St. Louis GRVILLE E. BOWERS History Kirksville PETER BUBAN Administration Centerville, Ia. GORDON COLLETT Music Kirksville GILBERT F. DEMRY Administration Seymour, la. ROBERT D, ELSEA History Green Castle GEORGE H. HADEN Elementary Ed. New London HARRY HALL Physical Education Boonville HUBERT F. HARNETT Social Science Kirksville FRANKLIN HAv1s Biology Canton, Ohio RONALD HUBER Education Ottumwa, Iowa RICHARD E. JOHNSON Engineering Kirksville STANLEY KERR Administration Cantril, Iowa H. A. KIRK Administration Spickard FREDERICK LAUER Chemistry Queen City Page I0 AILEENE LEDFORD Administration Macon LOUIS MANCUSO Science Fredonia, N. Y. HERBERT E. MANNING Social Science Dubuque, Iowa STEPHEN MELVIN Music Lancaster JOHN MORRIS Education Kirksville MARGARET OHDELL Social Science Kellerton, Iowa JAMES PRITCHARD Business Administration Ethel LOREN A. ROSS Administration Cincinnati, Iowa BAXTER B. STINSON Elementary Ed. Independence FRAZER SMALL Administration Kirkwood WILLIAM D. SPEAK Administration Kirksville JACK M. WELLS Administration Kirksville GRADUATE ....,L5T DENTS Curriculum for the Master of Arts degree was first offered at the Teachers College in 1948. Graduate work is Offered in social science, business education, fine arts, language and literature, education, and school administration. Page 1 I SENIUPI ELI-ISS WILLIAM H. TRAYLOR, JR. Brashear English, Play Production Senior Class President Blue Key, Alpha Phi Sigma '47f'51, Alpha Phi Omega '49f'51, Sigma Tau Gamma, College Players '47f'51, Wh0's Who '51, Thalian Guild, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball. PAUL E. KAYE Sumner Speech Senior Class Vice President Blue Key vice pres. '50, '51, Alpha Phi Sigma, Sigma Tau Gamma, College Players vice pres. '51, Band vice pres. '48, pres. fall '49, Opera '50, College Chorus, Thalian Guild vice pres. '50, '51, D0R0THY H. FRAZER Milan Music Senior Class Sec.fTreasurer Cardinal Key, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Band sec. '50, '51, Opera '51, Orchestra '51, Aeolian Club '47, '51, College Chorus '50, '51, Nemo Singers '51. JACK R. ACUFF Paris Music Blue Key, Sigma Tau Gamma, Opera, Aeolian Club '51, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Softball. Louis E. AGNEW Affton Business Education Pi Omega Pi, Sigma Tau Gamma, Intramural Basketball. PAUL A. ANDERECK St. Louis Economics, Speech Alpha Phi Omega '50, '51, Kappa Delta Pi pres. '50, '51, Pi Kappa Delta '47-pres. '49, '50, vice pres. '50, '51, Interfraternity Council '49, Historical Society '49f'51, Index Staff '47, Pre Law Club vice pres. '50, Sigma Tau Gamma '47YViC6 pres. '48f'51. SARALOU ANDERECK Browning Business Education Cardinal Key pres. '51, Alpha Phi Sigma '49, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Sigma Epsilon treas. '51, W.A.A. treas. '49, Pi Omega Pi, Student Social Committee '49, Wh0's Who '51. ELVA L. ANDERSON Louisiana Social Science Delta Sigma Epsilon, Historical Society '47, Intramural Basketball. RICHARD D. ARNOLD, JR. La Plata Speech, Language Arts Index Staff '50, '51, ROBERT W. APPLEBY Melbourne Mathematics Phi Sigma Epsilon, Varsity Basketball '50, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Softball. Page 12 CORA JEAN BAILEY Kirksville Music LEO BARNES Perryville Health ff? Physical Education, History Historical Society '49f'5Ig Intramural Softball. MARY Buss Kirlqsville Business Education Pi Omega Pi '5og Delta Sigma Epsilon sec. q4QQ Student Council sec. '50, '5Ig Student Social Committee '48, '5og Honorary Art Club l47. VERNON B. BODDY Marceline Social Science Phi Sigma Epsilong Historical Society. VIRGINIA J. BOOHER Odessa, Texas Business Education, History Kappa Delta Pi '5Ig Historical Society '5o, QSIQ Pi Omega Pi '49f'5I. DONALD BOWER Bethel Business Education Historical Societyg Pi Omega Pig Square and Compass Club '5I. HERBERT A. BOYLES Shelby Industrial Arts Agriculture Club treas. '50, '51, Intramural Basketball 49- MARJORIE BREWER Bynumville Business Education Delta Sigma Epsilon '50, '5I. BAILEY BROWN Kirksville Business Education ROBERT O. BROWN Ewing Business Education Historical Society '50, '5Ig Pi Omega Pi '49f'5Ig College Chorus '48, l4Q. SENIUPI CLASS SENIOR ELAS5 CLYDE E. BROWN Kirlqsville Industrial Arts BETTY JEAN BURK Kansas City Play Production Delta Sigma Epsilon '48f'51, College Players '47f'51, Ellen H. Richards Club '49f'51. EARL ALFRED BURROWS, JR. Moulton, Iowa Business Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi treas. '50, '51, Intraf mural Basketball '49, '50, Intramural Softball '49, '50, '51, RONALD B. BURT Goldsberry Zoology DONNA SUE BURTON Moberly Speech Sigma Sigma Sigma treas. '50, College Players '49, '50, Historical Society '49, Student Council treas. '50, '51, COLLETTE CADY Jennings Physical Education, Play Production Delta Sigma Epsilon corres. sec. '48, Pan Hellenic Counf cil '48, '4Q, College Players '48, '49, W.A,A. '47f'51, Who's Who '51, Intramural Volleyball '47f'51, Intraf mural Basketball '47f'51, Intramural Tennis '49, Resif dence Halls House Council '49f'51. NANCY JEAN CALDWELL Leonard Elementary Education Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Kappa Sigma, A. C. E., Historical Society. ELAINE CALFEE Hale Elementary Education A.C.E. vicefpres. '50, '51, Interdenominational Council. MARGARET E. CASEBEER Chillicothe English A.C.E. '50, '51, Index Staff '50, '51, JOE L. CASSADY Kirlqsville Industrial Arts Agriculture Club, Industrial Arts Club. Page 14 WILHELMINE CHESTER Granby English Alpha Sigma Alpha '48f'51. L0LA CHILDERS Rutledge English Alpha Phi Sigma. NED L. CHURCHWELL Shelbyville Business Phi Sigma Epsilon '49f'51g Intramural Basketballg Intraf mural Softball. KENNETH E. CLARK Shelbyville Science Intramural Basketball '48f'5og Intramural Softball '48, Intramural Tennis '48, '49, MARJORIE F. CLOUGH Kirlqsville English Cardinal Key treas. '5of'51g Sigma Sigma Sigmag Band '4QQ Wh0's Who '51, Index Staff '51, ARLEEN CONYERS Toledo, Ohio Sociology Historical Society, Cardinal Key. JEAN Cooic Chillicothe Business Education Cardinal Key, Kappa Delta Pi '50, '51 5 Sigma Sigma Sigma pres. '51, Pan Hellenic Council vice pres. '50, '51g Pi Omega Pig Who's Who '51. ELWOOD L. COURTRIGHT Memphis Mathematics, Industrial Arts MARIE A. COWELL Snyder E lementavy Education Alpha Phi Sigma '45, '46, '50, '51g Kappa Delta Pi '47, 48, 50, '51, A.C.E. '46f'48g sec. '5o, '51, VINCIL B. CUNDIFF Kirksville Social Science College Playersg Historical Society. SENIUH CLASS SENIUH CLASS FRANCES DRURY CUNNINGHAM Kirlqsville Business Education Pi Omega Pi '48f'50g Sigma Sigma Sigma '47f'50. KENNARD L. CURTIS Valley Pafrlg Sociology Sigma Tau Gamma '5Ig Honorary Art Club '5Ig KfClubg Varsity Basketball l4Q'l5I. JAMES S. DAVIS Kansas City Business Administration Alpha Phi Omegag Pi Cmega Pig Phi Sigma Epsilon. ROBERT W. DELANEY Baring Mathematics Sigma Tau Gamma. AVA MARIE DEMRY Seymour, Iowa Home Economics College Players '48f'5Ig Ellen H. Richards Club l48'l5I. PEGGY DODGE Brookfield Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma '48f'5Ig Ellen H. Richards Clubg Honorary Art Club l4Q, '50. CLAYTON D. DODSON Kivlqsville Accounting LINUS J. DOWELL St. joseph Mathematics, Physical Education KfClub '47Avice pres. '50, '5Ig Student Council '50, '5Ig Varsity Football '47f'50g Varsity Track l48'lSIQ lntraf mural Basketball '47f'5og Intramural Tennis '49f'5r. ANITA PAGE DRAKE Milan Home Economics Cardinal Key '49f'5Ig Alpha Phi Sigma '48f'5Ig Kappa Delta Pi '50f'51g Sigma Sigma Sigma '48f'5Ig Ellen H. Richards Club '47f'5Ig Student Social Committee l4Q. JAMES M. DRAKE Memphis Business Education Alpha Phi Sigma '50, '5Ig Sigma Tau Gamma '49f'5Ig Pi Omega Pi '50, '5Ig Intramural Softball '50. PgI6 CHARLES F. DURHAM Macon General Science Intramural Basketball '49. JEANETTE R. EDWARDS Moberly Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma '50, '5r. LE0 B. EMMERT Kirlqsville Agriculture CAROLYN ENGLAND Brasliear Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma, Ellen H. Richards Club. FARIDA FALLAH Telieran, Iran International Relations Cardinal Key '40f'51g Historical Society '50, '5rg Inter' national Club. KENNETH FARTHING, JR. Prairie Hill Social Science Opera '50g Index Staff '50, Historical Society. MARIE M. FLEMING Huntsville Business Education Delta Sigma Epsilon '49f'51g Student Social Committee '50, '51, Pi Omega Pi '50, '51, Residence Halls House Council pres. '50, '51g Intramural Volleyball '40f'5rg Intramural Softball '40f'51. CHARLES M. FUGATE Memphis journalism Blue Key, jr. Regional Director, '50, Alpha Phi Omega pres. '50g Sigma Tau Gamma '49f'50g Index Staff Editor Spring Quarter '49. RUSSEL P. GILSTRAP Kirlqsville Industrial Arts Alpha Phi Omega '49f'51, College Players '40g Opera Crew '49. RAYMOND E. GOEKE Kirksville Music Sigma Tau Gamma '48f'51g Operag Orchestra. SENIUH ELAS5 SENIUH CLASS DAVID N. G00cH Decatur, Illinois Economics Blue Keyg Alpha Phi Omegag Sigma Tau Gamma vice pres. '50, '51g Historical Societyg Honorary Art Club '50, '51g Intramural Basketball '5rg Intramural Softball SO, 51- ELDON L. GOUCHER Novinger Agriculture Agriculture Club. WILBUR G. GRIFFITTS Novinger Agriculture EDWARD M. GRIM Kirlqsville Biology Blue Key pres. '50, '51, Alpha Phi Omega '49f'51g Sigma Tau Gamma '47f'51, Wh0's Who '51. ILENE M. GUFFEY Kirlqsville Sociology, Physical Education Sigma Sigma Sigma '48f'51g Historical Society '49g Hon' orary Art Club '4QQ Student Council treas. '49, '50g W.A.A. DENZEL D. GUNNELL Memphis Music Bandg Operag Index Staff. KATHLEEN GUYER GRIM Purdin Music Alpha Phi Sigma '43f'50g Delta Sigma Epsilon '48f'51g Opera '48f'50g Orchestra '51g Aeolian Club sec. '49, '51, College Chorus '48f'50. WARREN B. HAMILTON Kirlrsville Chemistry Blue Key sec. '50, '51, Sigma Tau Gamma corres. sec. '49, '50g Index Staff '49, '50. FRED P. HANES Kirlqsville History Blue Key '51, Pi Kappa Delta pres. '51g Sigma Tau Gamma '49f'51g College Players '49g Historical Society pres. '51, Band '4QQ Wh0's Who '51g Opera '4QQ Echo Staff Business Manager '51g Intramural Tennis '49g Inter' national Club '50, sec. '51g College Chorus '49, '50g Interdenominational Council pres. '5r. MILLE MERETHE HANSEN Copenhagen, Denniarlq Languages Cardinal Key '51, International Club '50, '51g Historical Society. Page I8 -lIM HARDY Kirlqsville Speech Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Tau Gamma '49f'51, College Players, Band '49f'5I, Orchestra '48f'5o. GTIS D. HARP Roodhouse, Ill. Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma, Historical Society, Square and Comf pass Club '50, '51 pres. LYLE A. HELLYER Seymour, Iowa Industrial Arts Alpha Phi Omega '50, '51, Phi Sigma Epsilon '48f'51, Industrial Arts Club sec. '48f'51, Student Social Com' mittee '48, Intramural Basketball '47f'5I, Intramural Softball '47f'5I. CATHARINE E. HENRY Philadelphia, Pa. English Delta Sigma Epsilon '48f'5o, Historical Society pres. '49, '50, International Club pres. '49, '50, Residence Halls House Council pres. '49, '50, FLORENCE HERSHMAN Brooklyn, N. T. Physical Education ART N. HOCHSTEDLER St. joseph Physical Education KfClub '47f'5I, Varsity Football '47f'5I, Intramural Basketball. WILLIAM HOLMES St. Louis Industrial Arts, Physical Education Sigma Tau Gamma, KfClub '48f'5o, Student Council vice pres. '50, '51, Varsity Football '48f'5o, Varsity Track '4Q, '50, Intramural Softball '48, '49. MARVIS M. Hou' Galt Elementary Education Alpha Phi Sigma '50, '51, A.C.E. '50, '5I. JOAN Hook Cairo Elementary Education Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma '48, pres. '51, Kappa Delta Pi Vice pres. '5 I , Sigma Sigma Sigma '48f'5I, A.C.E. '49, Who's Who '5I. R0LLIE R. HOUCHINS Fulton Speech, Speech Correction, Business Education Blue Key, Sigma Tau Gamma sec. '50, '5I, College Players pres. '50, '51, Pi Omega Pi, Thalian Guild pres. 50, 5I. SENIUPI ELAES Page 19 SENIUI-I EL!-X55 WILMER S. HOWARD Kirlqsville Mathematics Phi Sigma Epsilon '50, '51, Industrial Arts Club '50, DONNA LEE HUNTER Kirlqsville Business Education Pi Omega Pi '50, Pi Kappa Sigma '49, '50 treas., W.A.A. '49, '50 sec., Opera '48f'5o. ELDON L. JACOBS Winigan Biology MARY FRANCES JOHNSON Keytesville Business Administration Cardinal Key, Kappa Delta Pi '50, Pi Omega Pi '50, '51, Alpha Sigma Alpha '49f'51. GLIN E. JOHNSON Kirlqsville Agriculture Agriculture Club '48f'5o. PAUL D. JOHNSON Kirlqsville Business Administration CLARENCE M. JONES Columbus, Georgia Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon '50, '51, Intramural Softball '50, Intramural Tennis '50, '51. JEANNE JONES Birmingham, Iowa Home Economics Cardinal Key vice pres. '50, '51, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pan Hellenic Council, Ellen H. Richards Club pres. '50, 51. ANDREW L. JORGENSEN Green Castle Physics, Industrial Arts Alpha Phi Sigma, Industrial Arts Club treas. '50, '51. LENORA KARCH St. Louis Elementary Education Cardinal Key, A.C.E., Honorary Art Club '4Q, '50, Kappa Delta Pi '50, '51, College Chorus '49, '50. Page 20 TONY KELLEY Boonville Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilong KfClubg Varsity Football '48, '5Ig Intramural Basketball '49, '5O. JOHN K. KELLY Kirlgsville Physical Education Blue Keyg Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Tau Gamma pres. '5o, '5Ig Interfraternity Councilg Student Council pres. '5o '5I' Student Social Committee' Who's Who ' 1 1 v 51 Q Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball. GEORGE L. KELsO Ethel Mathematics, Social Science Al ha Phi Si a ' Sf' IQ Ka a Delta Pi ' se ' ,P .gm.4j,PP ,49,C-50, 515 Historical Society 47' 5o, vice pres. 5Ig Sigma Zeta '5O, '5Ig Intramural Volleyball '49, '5og Intramural Basketball '48f'5Og Intramural Softball '48f'5I. ANN M. KING Hannibal Mathematics, Business Education Sigma Zeta '48-sec. treas. '5og Alpha Sigma Alpha sec. '49, '5o. MARY E. KING Bloomfeld, Iowa Music Cardinal Key, Alpha Sigma Alphag Aeolian Club '49f'51 MILTON E. KOGEI1 Hamilton, Ohio Mathematics, General Science Kappa Delta Pi '5O, '5Ig Sigma Tau Gamma. LOUIS E. LABONTA Brunswick Social Science Student Social Committee '5og Band '5o. KENNETH E. LAIR Kirksville Industrial Arts JO ANN LAKE Marceline Elementary Education LEON B. LAKE jefferson City Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma. SENIUH CLASS EENIUH ELAS5 MARILYNN L. LAMBDIN Hannibal Elementary Education Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma '48f'5Ig Kappa Delta Pi '49f'5Ig Sigma Sigma Sigmag A.C.E. '51, Nemo Singers '51, Band '48f'5Ig Opera '48f'50g Orchestra '48, College Chorus '4Sf'5I. NORMA E. LAVOO Hannibal Music Pi Kappa Sigmag Band '49f'50g Orchestra '49f'5Ig Kappa Delta Pig Aeolian Club '50, '5I. CHARLES C. LEAR Pattonsburg Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilong Intramural Basketball '50, '5I. FLOYD LEDBETTER New London Science Agriculture Club. EDNA F. LINEBAUGH Marceline Elementary Education A.C.E. '46f'49g W.A.A. '48, '49, Intramural Softball '49, DAVID W. LINTNER Kirksville Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon. PATRICIA PARSONS LINTNER Omaha, Nebraska Music Alpha Sigma Alphag Opera '48, '49, Aeolian Club '47' '50g College Chorus '47f'5o. ROBERT D. LONGWITH Kirlgsville Physical Education College Players '49, Gymnastics Club '48f'5og Student Social Committee '49, '5o. FORD E. LOWCOCK Powersville Mathematics, Science Alpha Phi Sigma '47f'5Ig Alpha Phi Omega '50, '5Ig Kappa Delta Pi '50, '5Ig Sigma Zeta '49f'5Ig Pi Omega Pi '50, '5I. HELEN S. LOWELL West Scarborough, Me. Speech Correction Alpha Sigma Alpha. 1gZ EDITH MADDOX Centralia Elementary Education College Players. Jo ANNE MAGRUDER Bowling Green Music 'Theory Alpha Sigma Alpha. JUNE CAROL MARTIN Kirlgsville Business Education Cardinal Key '49f'51, Alpha Phi Sigma '49, '5o, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha '47' -pres. '50, '51, Pan Hellenic Council pres. '50, '51, W.A.A. '47, '48, Student Council sec. '49, '50, Band '47f'5I, Who's Who 50, 5'1- PATRICIA ANN MCANULTY Edina Business Education Delta Sigma Epsilon '48, vice pres. '50, '51, Pan Hellenic Council '50, '51, Pi Omega Pi pres. '50, '51, Student Council '50, '51, Band '47, '48, Intramural Volleyball '47f'5I, Intramural Basketball '47f'51, Intramural Soft' ball '47f'5I, College Chorus '49, '5o. MARY S. MCCRARY Nettleton Home Economics Cardinal Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Ellen H. Richards Club, Historical Society. WILLIAM G. MCCRARY Hamilton History, Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Softball. DAVID MCGRAW Ballwin Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, Varsity Track, Intramural Volleyball '48f'51, Intramural Basketball '49f'51, Intramural Soft' ball '51. EDNA MCVEIGH McCredie Elementary Education A.C.E. '50, '51, W.A.A. '45f'48, College Chorus '46. Lois A. MENNBMEIER Wentzville Home Economics Alpha Phi Sigma '48f'51, Kappa Delta Pi '49, treas. '50 '51, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Ellen H. Richards Club '48, sec. '49, '50, '51, W.A.A. '48, '49. JAY W. MILLIGAN Pulaski, Iowa Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club '49f'51. SENIUH ELA55 Page 23 4 SENIUII ELASS BILL MITCHELL Chillicothe Physical Education Varsity Trackg Intramural Volleyballg Intramural Basket' ballg Intramural Tennisg Intramural Softball. BETTY JEAN MOORE Mexico Music Bandg Orchestrag Aeolian Clubg College Chorusg Nemo Singers. TEMPA JANE MORELOCK Kirlgsville Horne Economics GARNITA JEAN MORREY Fort Madison, Iowa Home Economics Alpha Sigma Alpha treas. '50, '5Ig Ellen H. Richards Club '4Of'5I. CLYDE R. MORSE Centerville, Iowa Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club '50, '5I. KENNETH E. MOsLEY Kirlqsville Physical Education, History Historical Society '50, '5I. WILLETTE MUEE Atlanta Health and Physical Education Ellen H. Richards Clubg W.A.A. '48f'5I. DAVID LEE MURPHY Brookfield Business Education Kappa Delta Pi '50, '5Ig Pi Omega Pi '50, '5Ig Intraf mural Basketball '49f'5Ig Intramural Softball '49, MARY E. NIXON Cantril, Iowa Elementary Education A.C.E. pres. ISI. ROTH N. NOEL Lucerne Music Phi Sigma Epsilong Nemo Singers '5Ig Band '47'.SIQ Opera '48f'50g Aeolian Club '48f'5Ig College Chorus 47' 50. Page 24 MARY OFF Lynn, Mass. A-rt Pi Omega Pi '49, sec. '5og Delta Sigma Epsilon '4Sf'5og Honorary Art Club '48, '49. RICHARD OVERFELT Clarence Elementary Education Historical Society. EVELYN A. PARKS Pine Lawn Play Production, History College Players '5o, '51g Historical Society '5o, '51, DONALD L, PAYNE Bvasheav Agriculture Alpha Phi Sigmag Agriculture Club '5o, '51g Band '46, 47- WARREN M. PFLUM Shelbyville Art Phi Sigma Epsilong Honorary Art Club Council Mem ber, Industrial Arts Club '49f'51. NORVIN PIERSON Atlanta Mathematics, General Science Phi Sigma Epsilong Intramural Basketball. LORRAINE K. PLETSCH Granville, Ill. Music Alpha Sigma Alpha '46f'51g Aeolian Club '46f'51. LUCY POWELL Sturgeon Physical Education, Social Science Alpha Phi Sigma '49, '50, Pi Kappa Sigma '4Q, corres. sec. '50, '51, W.A.A. '49, pres. '5o, '51. MILTON A. PROBASCO Unionville Music Band '5o, '51, Orchestra '49, '5og Intramural Softball '50, '51g Intramural Tennis '5o, '51, MARY D. QUIGLEY Greentop Home Economics Kappa Delta Pi '4QQ Ellen H. Richards Club '48, SENIUH ELA55 SENIUH ELI-XSS MARY LEA RAINS Keytesville Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma, Ellen H. Richards Club. ANDREW D. REBAK Chicago, Ill. Physical Education, Recreation Intramural Basketball, Intramural Softball, Intramural Tennis. THOMAS S. REED Purdin Music AeOlian Club pres. '50, '51, Orchestra. MARY JANE REILLY The Dalles, Oregon Business Education Pi Omega Pi '50, '51. -lAMEs W. RICHARDSON jarnesport Music Sigma Tau Gamma '49, '50, Band '48, '49, vice pres. '50: Aeolian Club '48, '49. RAYMOND RIGSBY Clarence Business Education Pi Omega Pi '50, '51. DAVID D. RISSLER Seymour, Iowa Music Alpha Phi Omega '50, '51, Alpha Phi Sigma, Sigma Tau Gamma '48f'51g College Players '48f'5Og Band '48, '4QQ Opera '48, '4QQ Intramural Softball '50. DALE L. ROBERTS Green City Agriculture, Physical Education Agriculture Club vice pres. '50, '51, Intramural Basket' ball '50, '51, Intramural Softball '47f'5O. IVAL M. ROBINSON Litchjeld, Mich. Elementary Education Historical Society. HENRY ROEMERMAN, JR. Blalqesburg, Iowa Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club '50, '51. Page 36 MARY E. Ross Fremont, Iowa History Historical Society '48, W.A.A. pres. ,48Q Intramural Basketball 149, Intramural Softball ,4Q, Intramural Tennis ,4Q, '5o. GERD HELENA RYDELIUS Gothenburg, Sweden Languages Cardinal Key '50, '5o, International Club '5o, '51, ANNA LOU SALLADAY Kirlqsville Business Education Pi Kappa Sigma '48f'5I, Pan Hellenic Council '50, SSI, Pi Omega Pi '51, Student Social Committee '50, ,SIQ Opera '49, '5o, '5I. DONALD C. SANDERS Kirlgsville Speech, Sociology Sigma Tau Gamma, College Players, Historical Society, Orchestra. Gus G. SARRIS St. joseph Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, KfClub, Varsity Football '5o, Intraf mural Basketball, Intramural Softball. WILLIAM D. SCEARCE, IR. Kirksville Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon, Historical Society. WALLY SCHNEIDER Stanton, Nebraska English, Play Production Blue Key, Sigma Tau Gamma. BILLIE W. SCOVILLE Cedar Rapids, Iowa Industrial Arts, Mathematics Phi Sigma Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club, Intramural Tennis. CASPER C. SEALOCK Trenton General Science S. R. SELLARO Brooklyn, N. T. Zoology SENIUPI ELIXSS SENIUH CLASS DONALD E. SHIPPEE Music Sigma Tau Gamma '49, '50, '51, Band ' Orchestra '49f'5I. ORVILLE B. SHOAF Elementary Education FRANCIS T. SHUPEK Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club '50, '51 ERVIN J. SMITH Chemistry, Biology GERTRUDE ANN SMITH Elementary Education Chariton, Iowa 49, '50, pres. '51, Moberly Mystic, Iowa Kirlqsville Edina Alpha Phi Sigma '49f'51, Delta Sigma Epsilon sec. '49, '51, A.C.E. '50, '51, Historical Society '49f'51. HERBERT A. SMITH Education MARJORIE ANN SMITH Business Education, English Milan Hannibal Cardinal Key '48f'5I, Alpha Phi Sigma '48, pres. '49, Kappa Delta Pi '49, '50, Sigma Sigma Sigma vice pres. '50, '51, Pi Omega Pi treas. '48, vice pres. '49, Index Staff editor '50. ELMER I. SPEARMAN Chemistry GLENN R. SPRIGGS Industrial Arts Keolqulq, Iowa Kirlgsville Agriculture Club, Industrial Arts Club pres. '50, '5I. JOHN L. STARK Industrial Arts Agriculture Club, Band. Page 28 Brookfield NORMA JEAN STEVENS Buclglin Music Pi Kappa Sigma '5O, '51, W.A.A. '47, '48, Band '47f'51, Opera '48, Orchestra '5o, Intramural Basketball '47, Aeolian Club '47f'51, College Chorus '47, '48, MARGARET L. STEWART Physical Education Chillicothe Cardinal Key '4of'51, Sigma Sigma Sigma sec. '5o, W.A.A. '47f'51, Student Council '5o, '51, ERNST L. STICHT Baernreuth Berneck, Germany History Historical Society '5o, '51, International Club pres. 5o, 51. DELPHA MAE SYLER Home Economics Brunswick Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma '49, Kappa Delta Pi '5o, '51, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Ellen H. Richards Club '48f'51. CECELIA L. TABLER Language Arts ' ROBERT E. TAYLOR Mathematics Kirlqsville Bloornfeld, Iowa Sigma Tau Gamma, Historical Society. NANCY L. THOMAS Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha '4Of'51. ROBERT N. THOMAS Elementary Education A.C.E. '48f'51. FOREST A. THOMPSON Art Moberly Fulton Ottuniwa, Iowa Honorary Art Club Council Member '5o, '51. WALTER BOYD TIBBLES Play Production, English farnesport Alpha Phi Omega corres. sec. '5o, '51, College Players vice pres. '48, '4Q, Thalian Guild, Index Staff editor '5O. SENIUH CLASS SENIUH ELASS ELDON W. TIETSORT Worthington Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon '50, '51, KfClub '49f'51, Varsity Track '49f'51, Intramural Volleyball '49f'51, Intramural Basketball '49f'51, Intramural Softball '49f'51. MARVIN K. TRACY Spiclgard Business Education CHARLES L. TUDER Kirlgsville Historical Society. MINNIE M. VANCE Oakland, Calif. Horne Economics Ellen H. Richards Club. SUZANNE VAUGHN Lancaster Business Administration Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma '47f'51, Sigma Sigma Sigma '47frecord. sec. '49, '50, '51, Pi Omega Pi '49f'51, Student Council '48, '49, Band secftreas. '48, '49f'51, Crchestra '47f'49, Aeolian Club '47, '48, Who's Who '5I. FRED VEACH Davenport, Iowa Physical Education Blue Key, Phi Sigma Epsilon '49, vice pres. '50, '51, Interfraternity Council '50, '51, Student Social Com' mittee '50, '51, Intramural Volleyball '48f'51, Intraf mural Basketball '48f'51, Intramural Softball '48f'51, Intramural Tennis '43f'51. JULIA P. VENCILL Purdin Elementary Education A.C.E., College Players, W.A.A., College Chorus. VAN V. VENCILL Purdin Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club '50, '51. GEORGE W. WADDILL Kirlqsville English Kappa Delta Pi '50, '51, MARY SHIRLEY WAGGONER Kirlqsville History Cardinal Key, Historical Society '48, pres. '49, '50, Pi Kappa Delta, Wh0's Who '51. Page 30 JAMES T. WALKER Hannibal Physical Education, Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilong Industrial Arts Clubg KfClub, Var' sity Basketball, Varsity Track, Intramural Basketballg Intramural Softball. ROY L. WALKER Kirlqsville Industrial Arts Honorary Art Clubg Industrial Arts Club. TRAVIS C. WARD Kirlqsville Industrial Arts Agriculture Club. ROBERT J. WARES Brashear Physical Education, Business Education JACK E. WEBER Maywood Music Alpha Phi Omega '49f'51g Band '47f'51g Opera l48Q Orchestra '47f'5rg Intramural Basketball '50, '51, Aeolian Club '47f'5rg College Chorus l47, '48. BERYL WELLBORN Cantril, Iowa Social Science Kappa Delta Pi '50, '51g Historical Society I4Q'lSIQ Square and Compass Club '50, sec. '51. ROYAL N. WILSON La Belle Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club '4of'51g Intramural Volleyball '48, l4QQ Intramural Basketball '49f'5rg Intramural Softball '48f'51. DAN WISELY Twin Falls, Idaho Science, Physical Education Blue Keyg Kappa Delta Pi '50, '5ig Phi Sigma Epsilon '49f'5Ig KfClub l4Q, pres. '50, lSIQ Pre Osteopathic Club '50g Index Staff '48g Varsity Football l4Q, '5og Intramural Basketball '48f'5og Intramural Softball l4Q'lSI. NANCY JEAN WISELY New London Elementary Education NANCY YAGER Center Elementary Education Alpha Phi Sigma '45f'5rg Kappa Delta Pi '47f'5rg A.C.E. 45' 5' I - SENIOR ELA55 2 SENIOR ELASS MARIO D1 FREDERICO Millinoclqet, Maine Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. LLOYD L. HAWKINS Chicago, Ill. History Historical Society, '50, '51 A. D. JUDD Kirlqsville General Science ELIZABETH L. MCANULTY Knox City Elementary Education A.C.E. '48f'51. ZOLENE PERRY MELVIN Kirlqsville Music Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi '50, '51, Nemo Singers, Student Social Committeeg Band sec: treas. '49, '50, Operag Aeolian Clubg College Chorus, Sigma Sigma Sigma corres. sec. '50, '51. MARGARET STELLA East Shroudshurg, Pa. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards Club. HENRY STEWART Foulge, Arkansas Science HAROLD FRANK WAY Chillicothe History Alpha Phi Sigma '48f'51, Kappa Delta Pi '49, '5Og Sigma Tau Gamma sec. '49f'5rg Historical Society '48f'51g Who's Who '51g Opera '49, International Club '49, '5og College Chorus '49, '50. The sponsors of the senior class have the job of assisting the students at graduation time and giving helpful advice throughout the year. Filling this capacity this year were Dr. R. C. Aukerf man and Mrs. Lula Allen. DAVID R. JANSON President, Junior Class Excelsior Springs EVERETT GIBSON VIcefPres., junior Class Unionville ROMALYNN LIGGETT Sec., junior Class Seymour, Iowa JOHN ALDERSON Wichita, Kansas MAGGIE AMES Milan BURL ARNOLD Lewistown OPAL BAINTER Canton WAYNE BALL Kirlgsville KENNETH BARKER Burlington, Iowa HAROLD BARNETT Kirlqsville JACQUELINE BARNETT Cumberland, Maryland MARIETTA BARTLETT Chillicothe GENE BARTOW Browning PEGGY BERGFIELD Anabel ROGER BIESEMEYER New Franklin GLEN BIRCHFIELD Maywood BENJAMIN BOURN Memphis DIXIE BOWLING Bloomfield, Iowa ..,JUNIUH CLASS Page 33 Page 34 JUNIUH ELASS HERBERT BOWLING Bloomfield, Iowa OLEN BRADSHAW Kirlqsville MARY BROOKHART Lewistown EMMETT BROWN, JR. Bellmoie, N. T. MARTHA BROWNING Memphis KARL BUHR Washington DONNA BUNCH M avceline HERSCHEL BURRIS Kivlqsville ALYN BURROUGHS St. Louis MYERS D. CAMPBELL Kansas City MARY CARTER Eldon, Iowa CONNIE CHAPMAN Chillicothe PAT CLARK Marshall WAYNE CLARK Fenton MARY LOU CLOUGH Kivlqsville HAROLD COFFMAN Milan MERVIN COLLINS Kirlqsville WILLIAM COMMACK High Ridge LORETTA COOK New Cambria DONALD COSLET Moberly BETTY COUOII Kivksville RAYMOND CRIST New Boston PEGGY CULLEN La Plata .IANICE DAIL Linneus DORIS DANIELS Novinger DWIGHT DEROSEAR Memphis JOAN DOYLE Kivksville IRENE DRENNAN Kirksville CHARLES ELAM Brookfield OLIVER ESHENAUR Point Pleasant, W. Va. WILLIAM EYMAN Knox City HOWARD FECHTLING Novinger WANDA FILKINS Kirksville SHIRLEY FINNEY Linneus GEORGE FISHER Kifksville JEROME FLYNN M arceline . .JUNIUH CLASS Page 36 JUNIUH ELASS ANITA FORD Kirlqsville JAMES Fox Kirlqsville MARY FREEBORN Unionville GLENN FRENZEN Kaliolqa OREN GALE Moulton, Iowa JOAN GARRIOTT Cincinnati, Iowa EVELYN GILSTRAP Kirksville MARY ELLEN GILSTRAP Kirlqsville MARY JANE GOEKE Kirlqsville RUTH GRADY Fayette DOROTHY GRAVES Lancaster LAVERNE GREGORY' Kirlrsville IMOGENE GRIFFIN Brookfield CONRAD HAFNER Molqane GLADYS HAGAN Centerville, Iowa NORMAN HAHN Brookfeld JOAN HALL Allerton, Iowa IVALEB HARTSOCK Kirlqsville DALE HAzLETT La Plata LAURA RUTH HULSE Rensselaer MARTHA BESS JAMES Brookfield LLOYD JOHNS St. Louis CARL JOHNSON Trinidad, B.W.I. MARJORIE JOHNSON Keytesville MARY ANNE JONES Columbus, Georgia EDWARD KING Anabel LAWRENCE KISH Green City ROBERT KNEELAND Chariton, Iowa BETTY LAMBERT Purdin ELENA LANZANI Madrid, Spain ELDON LAWSON Novinger ALFRED LEATHERS Macon DONALD LINHART Browning MARY LOU LOVELACE Vandalia ROBERT LYNCH Ethel JO ANN MADORLN Kirksville UNIUH CLASS Page 38 JUNIUPI EL!-XSS CHARLES MACRUDER Kiflgsville MARJORIE MARSHALL Canton, Illinois WILLIAM MARTIN Kivlqsville PATRICIA MCANULTY Edina ELEANOR MCCOLLOM WaiaLu, Oahu Terr. Hawaii JEAN MCCOLLOM Unionville NORMA MCKINNEY Kivlqsoille KENNETH MENNEMEIER Wentzoille ELZIE MILLER, JR. La Plata MAURICE MILLER Kiflqsville JOHN MILLIN South Ozone Pavlq, N. EVELYN MINEAR Kirlqsville NANCY MONCRIEE Kirlqsville LLOYD MOREY M illinoclqet, Maine CHARLES MYERS House Springs JOSEPH NOBLE Kiiflqsville FRANCES PARCELLS Kirlqsville IRMA PARRELLA Stamford, Conn. T DONALD PIERCE Hiwdland GEORGE POHLKAMP Quincy, Illinois ALICIA PRADO Atenas, Costa Rica DONALD RAINER Albia, Iowa KENNETH REHG E. St. Louis, Illinois ROBERT REIDMEYER Hunnewell GAROLD RULON New Boston LARRY SCHLEPPHORST Edina MARY SCHOWALTER Cliaiiton, Iowa ELEANOR SCOTT La Grange HENRY SCOTT, VIR. Hannibal GENEVIEVE SHELTON Unionville JAMES SIEHL Cincinnati, Ohio MURRY SMITH Elmer JAMES STEINMILLER Kivksville KATHLEEN THOMAS Hannibal SHIRLEY TROUTMAN Hannibal GIL TURNER La Plata JUNIUPI ELASS I. px. Page 39 JUNIUH EL!-XSS THOMAS TURNER Madison JAMES VALBRACHT Palmyra FRED WARREN Green City JEANINE WATSON Lucerne ELSIE WEST K irksvi lle ROY WEST Lancaster DARRELL WHITE Chillicothe WALTER WILLIAMS Kiflgsville RICHARD WINSLOW Kirlqsville JOHN WOHLSCHLAEGER St. Louis FREDA WORRELL New Hartford GEORGE WORKMAN Lewistown Dr. Llora MaGee and Otho Barnett guided the junior class through a Successful and Satisfying year. Always ready with suggestions and assistance the sponsors prepared the students for their next year as Seniors. Page 40 PAUL ANDERSON ROSEMARY ANDERSON Bngard St, Catherme AIOIIN BEALMER IRENE BECIQETI' St. Charles Bethel DARLENE BORRON PIIYLLIS BRAGI: Wtnngan La Plata EDWIN CI-IAVERRI INA MAE CLAYPOOLE Heredia, Costa Rica Macon DAVID DAVIDSON EARL DAVIDSON Lancaster, Ohw Kirksville WINIFRED BAILEY Kirksmlle EDVVARD BEILMAN Ozone Park. N. Y. FLOYD BROSHAR Centerville, Ia, FLOYD COLBERT Bowling Green JOAN DEAN St. Louis LORA BAILEY CAROL BAKER LOUISE BEAUCIIARII- La Plata Elshervy Armada IARLENE BENJAMIN NORRIA BLAIQELY DONALD BOONE La Plata Revere Wyaconda RLTII BUNDREN GL'Y BURTON SARAH CAMPBELL Macon E. St. Lows, Ill. Novelty ROY COLLINS ROGER COOK DIANE CRUMPACKER Affton Macon Pollock JUNE DEAN RUTH DEARING NEIL DERRICK St. Louis Taylor Curryville SUPHUMUHE ELASS Page 41 SUPHUMUHE ELAS5 CAROL DIXON BARBARA DOXVNEN LOIS DYE MAXINE EDVJARDS 'IIRIRIIE EITEL MARX' LOUISE ELLIS Moberly Noringer Unionville Bowlmg Green Green Castle Powerswlle GLEN FUGATE CLARK GARNER SHIRLEY GIBSON EDWARD GOEKE ROSEMARY CIOODXVIN LARRY GORDON Memphis Leonavd Hanmbal Kwlqswlle Edma K1TkSl'1llE RIOIIARD GRAIIALI BEVERLY GREGERSON MARY CERIFFITIIS MILDREI3 HABIPTON VELBIA I'I.-KNEE NEVA D. HARPIIARI Wazclqegan, Ill. Bloomfield, Iowa Farber Tnpletr Kwlqsmlle Perry LORNA HAWES J. C. HAWKINS . GLLAZA HAYNES CLIFF HAYN CLIFFORD HERRIN RICHARD HERZOG Keokulg, Iowa La Plata Atlanta Krrlqsulle La Plata Hanmbal GILIXERT HOGENSON ELMER HOLCOBIB MARJORIE HOLCOBIIB .IEANETTE HORNOCKEII AL I'IOW'ARD RUTH HL'FFINE KITkSl'IllC SlIelhy1'1lle Shelbyulle Allerton. Iowa Hanmbal Galt I I Pagf 42 GLENN HULL MARION HUNTER ROBERT HUNTER WILLA HUNTSMAN AVONLEE HUSTED ROY JACKSON St. Joseph Bowling Green La Plata Macon Kirlqsrille Kirlqsrille ELAINE JAQUISS GARNET JOHNSON VERNON JOHNSON GALE JONES EVELYN JUDD HAROLD KEIDEL Brookfield Marceline Kirlqsville Ethel Milan Moberly W. C. KELLEY RUTH KONERNSCHILD JAMES KRIEGSHAUSER DONNA LAMB DORIS LAMERS JEAN LANDMAN Clifton Hill Augusta Baring Hurdland Fulton Keolqulg EVELYN LAUDWIG DONNA LAWSON HAROLD LEDBETTER WILLIAM LEWIS BONNIE MARTIN CHRIS MARTIN Kirlqsville Kirlqsville New London Downing Kirksville New Hartford ROBERT MAXWELL ELEANOR MCCABE ROBERT MCCOY BERTHA MCCLASREY JUNE MCDONALD NADINE MCFARLAND MIlan Kirlgsville La Plata Milan Centerville, Ia. Baring SUPHUMUPIE CLASS SUPHUMUPIE EL!-X55 JEAN MCGREGOR JOAN MCKEE Kirksville Macon PAT MOOG DONALD MOORE Hamilton Kirlqsville PHILIP MUDD MARY JANE MURPHY Kirlgsville Humphreys MYRA OVEREELT CAROLYN PAGE Clarence Milan BOB PISTER ANNA LYNN PLENOE Seymour, Iowa Memphis ELAINE MEYER Hull, Illinois JEAN MOORE Kirksville EUGENE MYERS Palmyra GLORIA PATTON Kivlgsville BERNADINE POE College Mound DALE MILLER MILTON MILLER WAYNE MILLER Brashear La Plata Novinger JOHN MOORE GARY MOOTS DON MOZINGO Brasliear La Plata Hwrdland JOHN NEWNSAN BILL NORTH LYLE OLSON Kiflqsville Wyaconda Detroit, Michigan LEWIS PERRY JOANN PETERSHAGEN MARILYN PETERSON La Plata St. Louis Bynunwille JAMES POSEY GERALD PRIMM SARAH PULLS Macon .Queen City Kirlqsville Page 44 LOIS RAINS ALTA MAE RAUER Lincoln I.1'rmeu.s ANN SUE ROGERS ROBERT ROBIINE Brashear Chariron, Iowa JOYCE SBTTLE JESSE SHAHAN New Franklin Brashear DOUGLAS SMITH V BETTY SMITH Seymour, Iowa Richmond Heights FREDA STRATE MARION STROHMAN Palmyra Chariton, Iowa BEVERLY RILEY Kirlgsulle RICHARD ROSE Otturnwa, Iowa SUSAN SHALE Macorl MIA SNEL Lesser, Holland BETTY STUART Brookfield ESTELLA RITCHEY JAMES ROBINSON DONALD ROEMERMAN Kirlqsville Palmyra Blalqesburg, Iowa MARTHA ROY WALTER RYLE. JR. ETHEL SARGENT Kirlqswlle Kirlqsville Meadville RICHARD SHEPHERD FRANK SLOAN CHARLES SMITH Seymour, Iowa Kwlqsvzlle Otturnwa, Iowa ROBERT STALHUT WILLIAM STATELER ROBERT STEWART Edwardsville, Ill. Hurdland Lirmeus JULIA SWARTHOUT SHIRLEY TESHAW DONNA THOMAS Charlton. Iowa Eolia La Plata SUPHUMUHE EL!-XSS Page 45 SUPHUMURE IILAS5 JUDITH TODD JOHN TROUTNER SHIRLEY TRUITT Osgood Eolia Kiflqsville FRANK WAYMAN JAMES WAYMAN KENNETH WERR Kivlgsville Greentop Shelbyville RUDOLPH WILLIAMS, JR. PAT WILSON JOHN Wiss Crocker Milan High Hill BERNARD WOLFORD DOROTHY WALKER JAMES WARD Ethel Hannibal Kiflgsville BERTIN WHITE WILLIAM WHITE YVONNE WILGUS Madison Kwlgsuille Atlanta WILLIAM WOLF MARVIN YocUM JOHN GOURLEY Hardin, Mont. Byniwnville St. Louis The sponsors of the sophomore class take an active part in class activities and can be counted on to give guidance and advice when it is needed. Dr. Nan E. Wade and Dr. Hamilf ton P. Easton were the guiding force behind oflicers Chris Martin, president, Burl Arnold, vicefpresidentg Peggy Cullen, secretaryftreasf urerg Al Howard, council man, and Ann Sue Rogers, council Woman. Page 46 The difficult job of the freshman class sponsor is to assist the new students in mak ing adjustments, solving the problems that may arise, and becoming acquainted with the school. Mrs. Irene Dailey and Eli F. Mittler extended a welcoming hand to the freshmen this year, and assisted officers Monte Wike president, Bob Schnucker, vicefpresident Constance Hanson, secretary, Marvin Silver treasurer. 1 Row Row Row Row Row I 2 3 4 S JANE ADAMS, Memphisg DONNA ALLEN, ,S2umcy, Ill., LARRY ALLRED, Kirlqsmlleg GEORGE ANASTASOFF, St. Lows, JOANNE ANDERSON, St. Carherineg ROIXERT ANDERSON, La Plata, BEssIE APPLING, Vandalia. RICHARD ARNETT, Kirlqsvilleg NELL BALL. Marcelineg CHARLES BARNETT, Kirlqsvilleg RICHARD BARNETT, Cumberland. Maryland, ALDEN BINGIIAM, Kirlgsvilleg BOBBIE BIONDI, Macong BEVERLY BLEVINS, Corydon, Iowa. JAMES BOGLE, Moulton, Iowag DOLORES BOONE, Indianola, Iowa, DONALD BORROSRY, Nzles, Ohio, JUANITA BORRON. Green Castle, BETTE BOVVEN, La Platag RICHARD BUYER, Hannibalg LUJEAN BRADLEY, Kwlgsuille. EVAH BRAGG, Novingerg FRANCIS BRAMMER, Macong JO ANN BROCREELD, Warrentong DALE BROXNN, Macon, LOUISE BROWN, St. Carherineg ROBERT BROWN, Lancasterg SHIRLEY BROWN, Newton, Iowa, ELMER BROWNE, Afftong PEGGY BROWNING, Browningg RAYMOND BRUNNER, St. Lows, MARILYN BUGHMAN, Keolqulq, Iowag BRUCE BIIRDETT, Milang JERRY BIIRGENER. Marcelineg TIIOMAS BURRHART, Macon. FHESHMAW ELAS5 FHESHMA CLASS Row Row Row Row Row DOROTHY BURTON, Mdang JEANNE BURTON, Kwksulleg NELL CALDW'ELL, Bowling Greeng BETTY CARNEY, Leonavd RALPH CHANEY, Kirksmlleg VICTOR CHILDERS, Rutledgeg STANLEY CHRISTMAN, Kivksville. RUSSELL CLAYTON, Bloomfeld, Iowag EVELYN COCHRAN, M1lang JOSEPH COCHRAN, Boonvilleg WILLIAM COMES, Maple wood, MARY ANN CONNER, Raytowng BARBARA CONNOLLY. Cano, Ill., BONNIE COOR, Kirlgsville. NORMA COONFIELID, Novingerg CARL COSSEL, Downingg EDWARD Cox, 'Troyg MARY LYNN Cox, University Cnty, WIL LIAM CRABTREE, Kwksrilleg JEAN CRANMER. Chillicothe, MARILYN CRAWFORD, La Plata. ROBERT CUMMXNS, St. Louisg N.ANCY CUNDIEE, K1TkSl'ill6f.IOLENE DAX'IDFON. Kirksrilleg SHIRLEY DAX'IS, Bowlmg Green HOWARD DEARKNG, Marcelineg ANTHONY DEEO, St. Lowsg RICHARD DEERFIELD, Montrose, Iowa. JANET DELX'ENTliAL. Wfzrrentong CHARLES DICKRIANN, Mt1TIhdS1'lIl6j EUGENE DIECKGUFE, Owensrilleg CliARLES DIL LENDER, Maplewoodg MADALYN DIXON, Unionwlleg IV1,-XRGARET DIXON. Bloomfield. lowag CAROLE DODSON. Com. Page 46' Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 BILLY DOLDT, Kirlgsvilleg KATHRYN DOUGHTY, Jamesportg BETTY DOUGLAS, Callaog MARY LOUISE DRAKE, Elmer CHARLES DUNARD, Troyg JOHN DURHAM, E. St, Louis, Ill.g RITA EARLY, Edina. BOB EDWARDS, Boonvilleg LUCY ELLISON, Williamstown, VIRGINIA EUBANK, Clifton Hillg ALAN FAWCETT, St. Louis' JEANNE FENNEL, Moberlyg GRACE FERGUSON, Broolgfeldg GENE FINE, Bellflower. RICHARD FINNERTY, Keolqulq, Iowa, NANCY FLAHERTY, Louisianag BARBARA FOUST, Richmond Heiglitsg MARY FOX Mendong MARY ANN FUNK, Kiflgsvilleg HUGH GARDNER, Kifksvilleg JUNE GARDNER, Louisiana, I RANDOLPH GILLUM, Unionvilleg JAMES GOEKE, Greentopg JOSEPH GOEKE, Kirlgsvilleg PAUL GONNERMAN, Hurdlandg MYRA GORMAN, Laddoniag FRED GOULD, New Londong JUANITA GRAVES, Lancaster. JACQUELINE GRAY, Maplewoodg BARBARA GREEN, Broolgjieldg EDWARD GREEN, La Platag ELAINE GRIEEEN, Hannibal' DONALD GRISAMER, Green Casrleg BILLY GUERNSEY, Aibelag HOWARD HALL, Mexico. 1 FPIESHMAN CLASS FHESHMA CLASS Row Row Row Row Row PAUL HALL, Boonmlleg BETTY HALLS, Corydong SUE HALQMONS, Annstrongg JAMES HANRAHAN, Sr. Louis, CONST,ANCE HANSON, Krrlgsvilleg ELEANOR HARRISON, St. Louisg PATRICIA HARNDEN, Allerton, Iowa. THOMAS HAROLD, Boonvilleg DORMALEE HARRINOTON, Buclgling DONALD HARVEY, Shelbyvilleg KAREN HATHAWAX', 'Trentong RAYMOND HENLEY, JR,, Clarlqsvilleg NORMAN HERNDON, St. Claivg JOAN HIESRODT, Atlanta. JAMES HIGGINS, Kirlqsvilleg JERRY HILBER, Shelbymlleg BARBARA HILL, Humplzfreysg DONALD HOOKER, Downi-ngg RUTH HOCKETT, Seymour, lowag LINDA HOLMAN, Moberlyg ALFRED HOLZMEIER, Kirkwood. JIMMIE HOPKINS, Ajftrmg JANE HOYT, Gambier, Ohiog JOHN HUBBARTT, St. Louisg JACQUELYN HUDSON, St. Louisg MARY HULSE, La Platag ROBERT JACQUES, Novingerg WILLIAM JACQUES, Novingev. ROBERT JARRETT, E. Sr. Louis, Ill.g BETTY JOHNSON, Mzlang MERILX'N JOHNSON, Blalqesburg, Iowag JANIS JUERCEN9' IAEYER, Warrenmng ROY KEARNS, Wyacondag JANETTE KEESLING, Salisbury ELMER KELSO, Ethel. Page 50 Row Row I 2 Row 3 Row Row 4 5 NANCY KENDRICK, Keokuk, Iowag LEWIS KENT, Clarlqsvilleg HELEN KERBY, Lancaster, JEAN KETCHAM, Atlantag KEITH KIMMEL, Green Castleg JOYCE KISSNER, St. Louisg MARGARET KLOTE, Edina. ANNA KORSEN, Meaduilleg EMIL KRESSIC, Salisbury, DALE LAFAVER, Pollock, BARBARA LA FAVER, Green Cityg ALVIN LAIRD, New Salem, 1ll.g OWEN LAMB, Palisade, Nebrg RAOIIL LAUDENSLAGER, St. Louis. WILLIAM LEPLEY, Allerton, Iowag VERA LEWEDAC, St. Louisg HERBERT LEWIS, La Grangeg WANDA LEWIS, Russell, Iowa, WILLIARI LINHARDT, Powersvilleg DONNA LOIJCII, Wyaconnlag BILLY LOUGHERTY, Atlanta. VALDEEN LOVELESS, Edinag ELEANOR LOWE, Kwlgsvilleg FLORENCE LUDWIG, Browningg WILLIAL1 MACKIE, Kzrlqswlleg JEAN MADSEN, St. Louisg BRUCE MARSHALL. Montreal. Quelvecg Jo ANN IVIASON, Salxslmry. LUCY MCCALLY', O1-erlandg ERIOCENE MCCOLLUBI, New Bosrfmg Ixl,-'SNA MCCCRD, Monroe Crtyg GLENICE MCCCL' LOUGH, Bloomfield, Iowa, MICNON IVICCURDY, Umong BETTY IVICKANNA, Kansas Cay, PATRICIA lVIClVlICHAEL.1AkIlt17'l!d. PPIESHMAN EL SS Page 51 FHESHMA CLASS Row Row Row 3 Row Row MAX MGROEERT, Memphisg DORSIE MERRELL, La Belleg MXKE MICKALEK, Clear Lake, Iowa, TWILA MIKEL, Kirksvilleg MARGARET MILAM, Parisg DONALD MILES, La Platag DONALD MILLER, Novinger. ' GEORGE MILLER, Macong JOE MITCH, New Canmbriag CARL MITTEN, Medillg COLLEEN MOORE, Jacksonvilleg JERRY MOORE, Queen City PATRICIA MOORE, La Plata, CHARLES MOOTS, Greentop. ANN MORGAN, Wyacondag WARD MORSE, Kirksvilleg ROBERT MOTLEY, New Hartfordg DON MUGKERMAN, Overlandg JOE MUREIN, Lewistown, DONALD MURPHY, Oakwoodg GLENN MURPHY, Brookfeld. JOYCE MYERS, Hannibal, PHYLLIS MYERS, Allevton, Iowa, HARRY NEWCUM, Kirksvilleg CATHERINE NICOL, Kirksville DUANE NORMAN, Kwksville, DOROTHEA NORMILE, Edinag JANE NOY'INGER, Kwksville. w LEWIS OGLE, Louisiana, LELAH MAE OTTO, Kirksvilleg FLOYD OVERSTREET, Kirksvilleg DARLENE CWENS, New Bostong LOU ANN PARRISH, Goring SARA BETH PASI-I, La Platag ADDIE PEAK, Paris. Page 52 Row Row Row 3 Row Row DENNIS PEARSON, Greentopg CARLA PETERSON, La Platag ROY PHILLIPS, Brasliearg DOROTHY PILAND, Bvashearg JAMES PREssLEY, Sparta, Ill, GEORGE PREXVITT, High Hillg SHIRLEY PULI5, Kirlqsville. JAMES QUIGLEY, Greentopg MORRIS QUINT, Boonvilleg ROBERT REGER, Hannibalg MARTHA REINHARD, Pollock, DONALD RETHMEYER, Clayton, ROBERT RHODES, Centerg BILL RIGGS, Osgood. JOHN RITTER, St. Louisg BETTY ROEERTS, Macong KENNETH ROBERTS, Bvoolqfieldg FRED ROCK, Novingerg PATRICK ROGERS, Callaog KENNETH Ross, Madison, lll.g JOHN RUNX'ON, Shelbyville. PATRICIA SAVAGE, Lacledeg BOE SCHNUCRER, Kirlqsvilleg JOAN SCHRODER,'Hd11Y11l7dlj JERRY SCHROEDER, Granite City, IU.g ROGER SCHWARZTRAUBER, E. St. Louis, Ill.g DON SCOTT, Clinton, Iowag DOROTHY SCOTT, Wyaconda. LARRY SEARS, Allerton, Iowag TOMMY SHALLEY, Rutledge, JAMES SHARP, Edinag ANNABELLE SHELTON, Unionvilleg DONALD SHEUMAKER, Bloomfield, Iowag DAVID SHINN, Kirlgsvilleg MARVIN SILVER, Hannibal. FHESHMA ELASS PPIESHMA ELASS Row Row Row Row Row I 2 3 4 5 SARA DEAN SIMMONS, Milang HENRY SIMPSON, Kirksvilleg WILLARD SIMS, E. St. Louis, Ill.g GLENN SLATES, Quincy, Ill, DONALD SLOAN, Kifksvilleg VIRGIL SMITI-I, Kirksvilleg JAMES SPARKS, Kiiksville. JOHN SPICER, La Belleg GNDREL STAFFORD, JR., Kirksvilleg RICHARD STELPLUGH, Meadvilleg HAROLD STEWART, Macombg DONALD STRANGE, Boonvilleg DAVID STRICRLER, Edinag MAX THOMPSON, Allerton, Iowag ADELBERT TOLLENAAR, Kirksville. MARY TUCKER, Bloomfield, Iowag KATHRYN TURNER, Centmliag SAMUEL TURNER, Lirmeusg JUILANB VAN HOUTEN, Moberlyg ARRIETTA VARNUM, Kwksrilleg MARVIN VERCLER, Clienoa, Ill.g ETI-IEL WALKER, Ashtong WILLIAM WALKER, La Plata. RICHARD WALL, Milang KENNETH WAYEILL, Bloomfield, Iowag JOYCE WIAYMAN, Greentopg JOAN WEEKLEY, Louisianag SARA WEHMEYER, Princeton, W. Va., WILLIA WELCH, Salisbury, BETTY WELDON, New Towng CHARLES WEST, Tucson, Ariz, VIRGINIA WEST, Kivlqsvilleg CORNELLA WHEELER, Kivlgsvilleg MONTE WIRE, Kiiksvilleg ROBERT WILLIS, Kirksvilleg MARY JEAN WILSON, Bowling Greeng JAN WIMP, Kirlqsvilleg SHIRLEY YAGEL, Broolqjleldg RUTH YOUNG, Lucerne. Page 54 If Ui' Row 1: Gerd Rydelius, Farida Fallah, Elena Lanzani. Row 2: Alicia Prado, Mille Hansen, Edwin Chaverri, Mia Snel. Row 3: Bruce Marshall, Ernst Sticht, Ming johnson, Richard Giddens. PUHEIEN STUDENTS The Teachers College boasted of one dozen foreign students this year. Coming to this campus as exchange students, they represented ten different countries. Kirksville's foreign students were Mille Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Helena Rydelius, Gothenburg, Sweden, Earida Eallah, Teheran, Iran, Alicia Prado, Atenas, Costa Rica, Mia Snel, Losser, Hollandg Elena Lanzani, Madrid, Spain, Edwin Chaverri, Heredia, Costa Rica, Ming Johnson, Trinidad, B. W. I., Richard Giddens, Cntario, Canada. a Bruce Marshall, Montreal, Canada, Ernst Sticht, Baernreuth,Ger1nany Gweneth Irene Roberts, Australia. l'fz Q 1 37 wife gh A ETIV1 TIES Fundly cling we tn the mem'ry Uf old "Missnuri's Son." Row 1: Linus Dowell, Cecil H. Allen, sponsor, William Holmes, John Kelly, Mary Bliss, Ilene Guffey, john Ritter. Row 2: Mike Mickalek, Margaret Stewart, Ann Sue Rogers, Al Howard, Dwight DeRosear, Patricia McAnulty, Martha Bess James. STUDE T EUUNEIL Lots of work and little glory, the usual fate of This year's activities included the freshman orien' student governments, has made no exception of the tation program, the allfschool show, the Homecoming Teachers College Student Council. This hardfworking dance, open houses, the Christmas dance, payment of council met each week, planned and presented dances half of the expense of the cheerleaders' sweaters, and from the smoothest formal to the Hard Times Dance, the Echo dance. conducted receptions, parties, and other allfschool The Constitution of the Student Association of entertainment. Dr. C. H. Allen is the council adviser. the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College was Jack Kelly, president, was ably assisted thig year revised in October to limit and expand the power of by Bill Holmes, vice president, Mary Bliss, secretary, the Student' Ilene Guffey, treasurer, Councilwoman Pat Mc' Student body elections with their poster wars, Anultyg Councilman Linus Dowellg and Council mem' campaign badges, and rallies stir up the campus each berfatflarge Margaret Stewart. Class representatives spring as the next year's officers are elected. This were john Ritter and Mike Mickalek, freshmen, Al year's election was held on May I. With all this Howard and Ann Sue Rogers, sophomores, Dwight excitement these students do have a serious job- DeRosear and Martha Bess James, juniors, David that of keeping the student body activities functioning Gooch, senior. and running smoothly. ,age 58 The Student Social Committee is organized for help of Henry Scott, assistant, and Elaine Meyer, the purpose of serving the students and providing a secretary. Mary Kerr, secretary to the Dean of Wellfrounded program of interest and entertainment Women, acted as adviser this year. for the student throughout the school year. Volunteer members of the committee this year Social activities ofthe year were begun with the were Burl Arnold, Doom Bunch, Madalyo Dlxoos Freshman Frolic during freshman orientation. Through Lois Dye, Merle Fleming, Gleh Fugate, Mary Lou the year the Social Committee sponsored open houses, Lovehee, Elaine Meyer, Jean Mefjollom, Mike Mlcka, teas, square dances, Hard Times Day Dance, and the lek, Martha Roy, Alma Lou Salladay, Henry Scott, spring picnic. The year's activities were highlighted Drek Vaughn, and Browhre Veeeh. with three big dances, the Homecoming Dance with Don Ragoifs dance band, the Christmas Dance with Af the Weekly meetings Of the eemmittee the Charles Drakeg hand, ood the Echo Dahee. members discussed and attempted to solve problems of the students. Headed by members of the Student Council and acting under its supervision, the Student Social Com- Thus the Student Social Committee took the lead mittee was made up of student volunteers. Dave in making campus life more interesting and e Gooch acted as chairman of the committee with the ing. ntertainf ST UE TT SUEIAL EU IMITTEE Row 1' Elaine Meyer M Scott, Mary Kerr B115 , artha Ro , sponsor- I 5, Lois Dy F y, Henry , Dean McCollom, Mary' e. Row 2: Mike Mickalek, Glen ugate, Dick Vaughn, john Ritter. Marie Flemi Anna Lou Salladay, Madalyn Di turedl Dave Gooch. ng, xon. CNot pic- Przgr 59 The active Teachers College hand, directed by Paul Struh, was a featured attraction at football games, hasketf hall games, and parades this year. The organization also took part in school affairs and held parties for its memhers. Organized with a constitution, the hand was under the direction of studentfelected officers Don Shippee, president, Al Howard, vice president and Dorothy Frazer, secref taryftreasurer. Transformed into a riftyffive piece concert hand the group toured the St. Louis area with the Nemo Singers to present twenty concerts at high schools from March 519. A preftour concert was presented in La Plata, and a post' PAUL STRUB tour concert in Kirk Auditorium on lviarch 15. Director Row 1' Norma Stevens. Vvhlliam Stateler, Richard Vwlall, Valdeen Loveless, Shirley Hill. Row 1, Olen Brad' shaw, Joan Hiesrodt. Annahelle Shelton. D, Harpham, Alfred Leathers, Don Boone. Row 3: Don Shippee, John Huhhard. Donna Lough. Sara Simmons. Charlie Blackwell, James Burris. James Hanrahari. Row 4: lviarilynn Lamh- din, Jeannie Landman. Joyce lvlyers, lrwin.Briek. Dorothy Frazer, June Miirtiii. Jeanette Hornoc ker Poole. Al Howard ie N' -., av D 'nb 4, I X -X M . , 5'-4 Y-S: M W ., f 552 A , 5399?-K -7 A swf ' . A, , .Z 3, I A E 3 ' 1 3 fm. . 3 f. , X .' Q if 'Qi yf 35 ' jg, we 7 A 593 wwf . 4 , .Y i . ' tl '. , ' -1 .im ., 3- 21 1 T K ,, . ' X -.. 'H' vw-. 6 f 1 N 4 f' ' 'K a - 3 . , b , Rx 'zz 1 N V G, 2 A 'kv . hi' .'.'V f T 'gr k f ? 'si X y' . Q 4 'fig'-, f ff. , 'x 'al 49. .gf-V ,, ' -1 . , , y , . -, tx , -Y . y J. 'Q , , jvw, 1 w "Q K ,, , x ,sk fxq J. K fig, X A1 yM,47U23S'Y' fgx R 5 4, , , , Z Akvfxg .9 , iv' Z' , , ,L , Xgwlmgij Q 2 1,58 I v , , , xl. . Wi, gf , ', it KF ,Q xx by , ,A 1 :Q 'S - Ki b f-3 A Q 1 V Al y . by fx " " 23 if A N, ,, I . X ,Q . I 1,15 , ""' an 'XX Q A nun f .Si ' f J Q ,252 if . i -CL . - ,.1' ,214!ifw. ww S -15' g -a2'f9k'Ef1:1sf- ,L M Q 1 Syfaiiifisfiif-iff 'T 1 if .1 jg A i .mf yimmfgfEe,fs:s'f?ww5M12f?i?i::f5:k . MEMS AH5ff:Qsfv54fL2L 5 ,fwwvffg MflM.,f,wM.fAwk,,,,1m.- 192. .wgeusw-afz aw I aewgfwwm an M5,,W,L L MW' , , fx- If A My Mzvmzc W if w,frjtgsff:g53Q,g sLi3ag?1f5i'gfZS?h,,gil5i?4?ff,w , i7 , ?' hz. Q Wlgf5Z'wU?Z??W'Q A vgfff? i - 'A T Q f f '2.1'Pf'T2f'X4'f 2 vE'6YF1eA.'T , E '795Y'P9'f 9LE'N51"f12'H 5' fe7q',7:f QeVN2Q,f?'f, ,i ffffif Wx " 2' ' 'K ,gi ., A ,, I - , ,, ,ju ,, 2 w M.. .. A 1 , 4. N, v -,Q Q 0 " 51, , I A ,,,,J'. Q I , "1 .5 , X A QW, 'x Q , ,S , .ww nf 'f- ys, fn, S ,fm .L 7 A my , f 1iiy,y??gh,1 w.gQ:f?s M. Siirxqk 3Hr?lffI5'E va w A-fx T553 sg: .. -, ,ya M R. Um: ww 'X -Rl '. f Q wg X 1 , mf., K a I Q i A 1 l m WHUS WHU The college was honored this year in he ving ro students selected for membership in "Whos Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." Nominees are chosen from the junior and senior classes by a faculty committee on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and future promise. Members are given a certificate of recognition and a biographical listing in the annual directory. Row I Martin Cady Di Frederico Clough Vaughn Finney Hook Row 2 Waggoner Gregory Bourn Perry Traylor Janson Way Hanes Kelly Cook iNot pictmcdl Grim Andereck. S. The NEMO Singers, a cappella choir, came into being in November this year, when the need for a vocal ensemble for the hand tour was felt. Paul Strub, director, selected the group from the band and solicited the aid of eight nonfband members to make a balanced group of 16 singers. While preparing its tour program the group held rehearsals twice a week. NEMU Sl EERE Row 1 Noel Ferguson MClVill Coeke Moore Melvin Dean Poole Shroder Hanson Finer Row 3 Simmons Loveless Howard Debo RUN' 2 Mllfjillf' Todd Burris Lambdin ACUH Drennan Derrick Goeke Frown Strohman Kneeland Page 62 Snooping behind the scenes, getting the scoops, and faithfully reporting them to the student body were the achievements ofthe Teachers College Index staff this year under the guidance of Miss Agnes Slemonind student editors. The newspaper again this year reported the latest news of clubs, sports, classes, students, and other activities, and thus became a valuable source of information for the students and faculty. Marjorie Smith, Hannibal, drew the editorship for the fall quarter. Collecting and writing the news was the job of Maxine Kemplin, Margaret Casebeer, Mary Lou Clough, Kenneth Barker, David Strickler, Fritzi Worrell, Wanda Kimbrell, and Bill Richmond. Frank Havis was the business manager and photogf rapher. Mary Lou Clough, Kirksville, became editor in the winter quarter and was assisted by Margaret Casebeer, Kenneth Barker, Fritzi Worrell, Carrol Marge Smith, Mary Lou Clough, Fritzi Worrell, Ann Sue Rogers, Editors. Elsea, David Strickler, Anna Ruth Shinn, Marjorie Clough, Henry Simpson, Harold Kelley, and freshman reporters. Henry Scott took charge of the business matters, and the photography was done by Robert Schnucker. The spring quarter saw Fritzi Worrell, New Hart' ford, and Ann Sue Rogers, Brashear, as cofeditors. Their staff consisted of Guy Burton, Delpha Syler and I DEX STAFF John Wohlschlaeger. Row rg Henry Scott, Anna Ruth Shinn, Mary Lou Clough. Marjorie Smith, Fritzi Worrell. Row 21 Joan Weekley, Marjorie Clough, Bob Schnucker, Henry Simpson, Dave Strickler, Margaret Casebeer, Agnes Slemons, sponsor, Carrol Elsea. Page 63 "Rivals" cast, seated: Harrington, Cady, 1. Goeke. Standing: Hubbartt, Dean, Tibbles, Kaye, Parks, Traylor, Rissler, Scott, Browning, Houchins. UH!-XMATIES With the selection of uThe Rivalsll by Sheridan as the fall quarter production, the Teachers College dramatic season was in full swing, The presentation, directed by Miss Betsy Worrell, was cast with Bill Traylor, Collette Cady, Paul Kaye, Dormalee Harrington, Peggy Browning, Rollie Houch- ins, David Rissler, Boyd Tibbles, Evelyn Parks, jim Goeke, john Hubbartt, Don Scott, and june Dean. It was presented in the Little Theater November 7, 8, 9. Hubbartt. Browne, Drake, Parcells, Goeke, Hanrahan, Scott in onefact play, 'kCommon Clay." The production staff under the direction of Don Powell filled the theater with the eighteenth century atmosphere with elaborate settings and expert light' ing. In the eleventh annual MidfWest Speech Tournaf ment held on the campus in November Bill Traylor placed first in the selected poetry division with his reading of 'LAnd So Todayf' Cecelia Tablet won second place in the original poetry division for her poem, "Fredric." The Teachers College was unable to out do the contestants from West' minster, Rockhurst, and Bradley in the debate division. Rita Early, Laura Hulse, Fred Hanes, Paul Andereck, Walter Ryle, and Burleigh Arnold made a good showing as debate teams. Cnefact plays in February provided entertainment for the student body and experience for the play direction class. Included on the two programs were "Riders to the Sea," directed by Collette Cady, "The Beggar and the King," Evelyn Parks, "Common Clay," Frances Parcells, i'The Valiant," Donald Sandf ers, and "The Wonder Hat," Dixie Bowling. Page 64 Left, George Waddill, Laura Hulse, in "The Beggar and the King." Right, Dormalee Harrington, Mary Lynn Cox, jan Wimp. in "Riders to the Sea." 'LT he Vocal Chords," choral reading group organ' ized last year after the production of "Antigone," sprouted wings this year with the use of costumes, lighting effects, and modern dance. Directed by Miss Betsy Worrell, the group combines words and panto' mime in presenting poetic selections. Members of the group are Paul Kaye, Rollie Houchins, Frances Parcells, Martha Roy, Mignon McCurdy, Peggy Browning, Walter Ryle, and Bill Traylor. Walter Ryle, -Ir., Rollie Houchins, Peggy Browning, Frances Parcells, Mignon McCurdy, Martha Roy, Paul Kaye, Bill Traylor, members of Vocal Chords. DRAM!-XTIES Something new in dramatics at the Teachers Col' lege was a successful experiment with the Ntheaterf infthe-round." At an assembly program in March Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie" was pref sented in this fashion. The cast of the play included Miss Betsy Worrell, jan Wimp, Gordon Grober, Bill Traylor. 'iThe Bishop's Mantle," by Marion L. Johnson, was selected as the spring show directed by Sherod Collins. Don Powell was in charge of stage settings, Page 65 Raymond lloekc. Al Leathers. Herschel Burris, Zolene lvlelvin. Pliradie Wells, dwecrorg Al Howard, David Rissler. ,lim Goclce. Mary 'lane Goeke. -ludy Todd, Ruth Hockctt. Anna Lynn Plcnge. UPEH Rb Al G3 Page Oli Following the successful presentation of the "Bartered Bride" last spring, Miss Phradie Wells directed the chorus to another success with the comic opera 'LEl Capitanu lay john Philip Sousa, presented this year April IS and zo. With the cooperation of the orchestra in providing musical accompaniment, the art def partinent providing stage settings, and the speech department assisting with acting, the opera was a major production. The cast of i'El Capitanii included David Rissler as Don Mediguzi, Herschel Burris as Dom Cazarro, Raymond Goeke and Al Howard as Count Verrada, ,ludith Todd as Estrelda, lviary jane Goeke and Anna Lynn Plenge as lsahel, Kathryn Doughty as Princess lvlargf lianza, Don Scott as Scaramha, Marx'in Yokuin as Nevado, Neil Derrick as Montalba, Dale Brown as General Herhana, james Goeke and Alfred Leathers as Senor Pozzo. Memlners of the chorus made up the choruses of Spanish and Peruvian ladies and gentlemen. Backstage snapshots of the chorus for the "Bartered Bride," Directed by Karl Webb, head of the music department, the Teachers College orchestra of 30 pieces presented its iirst conf cert of the year in the Little Theater on February 18. The program included num' bers by Bach, Gounod, Brahms, Schubert, and Tschaikowsky. Students, faculty members, and towns' people volunteer their time for the orchestra rehearsals. This year's members were Ray' mond Brunner, Norma LaVoo, Bernadine Poe, Thomas Reed, George Rubin, Donald Sanders, joan Schroder, Martha Wilson, Al Howard, Barbara Madorin, Kurt Ballard, Martha Roy, Ruth Cowan, Kathleen Guyer, Donna Lough, Leon Karel, joetha Asher, John Hubbartt, Don Shippee, Waneta Frazer, Mary Lou Clough, james Hanrahan, Robert Romine, Dick Finnerty, Marion Strohman, Irene Drennan, Robert Kneeland, Dorothy Frazer and Irwin Brick. In addition to its spring concert the orchestra provided accompaniment for the chorus in the presentation of the opera, "El Capitanf' Karl Webb, director, instructs Norma LaVoo, first violinist. Row If Martha Wilson. Raymond Goeke. Norma LaVoo, Martha Roy. Don Shippee, .Ioetha Asher, john Hub' bartt. Leon Karel, Donna Lough, Al Howard. joan Schroder, Barbara Madorin, Bernadine Poe, Raymond Brunner. Row 2: Karl Webb, directorg Ruth Cowan. Dick Finncrty. Kathleen Grim, Bob Kneeland, Irene Drennan, james Hanrahan. lrwin Brick. Dorothy Fra:er. 1'f1,igf 67 Top right: Students turned out in numbers for the snake dance and bonfire after the pep rally. The preceding day Blue Keyers gathered together much wood and material to assure a huge fire in honor of the Queen and to continue pep and enthusiasm for the next day's activities. As a result of the unceasing efforts of Blue Key, this year's Homecoming was bigger and better than ever. Homecoming activities crashed to a start with a pep rally in Kirk Auditorium on Friday, October 27. Complete with pep band, cheerleaders, and speakers, the rally roused the spirit and provided a queen for the next day. With Bill Shinn, '4Q, as master of ceremonies pep talks were given by Sheriff Grossnickle and Coach Dougherty. Highlighting the evening was the coronation of Susan Shale as Homecoming Queen. After the rally she was honored at the snake dance HUMEEUMI E- Below: Part of the 65fpiece teachers college marching band leading a group of sixty units, including floats, high school bands, cars, and students, during the largest homecoming parade ever staged in Kirksville. - N -W . . .. if, 1 Above: Miss Susan Shale, Sophomore stu' l dent from Macon, is caught by the photogf ' rapher just as she enters the athletic stadium to receive recognition from the Homecoming crowd as Queen of the IQSI Homecoming festivities. Page 68 ww Me -V f f V f - -its Below: Climaxing two days of activity, the homecoming dance was held Saturday night in thc Kirk Auditorium gymnasium. Tired hut happy, the student body anticipates another home' coming to equal this one next year. Page 70 One of the largest parades ever seen in Kirks' ville started from the college Saturday morning. Led by the Teachers College marching band, the parade contained about 6o units. High school bands were here from Brookfield, Macon, Unionf ville, Lancaster, Warrenton, Atlanta, Milan, Green City, Memphis, Fayette, Bucklin, Brunswick, Palmyra, Queen City, Allerton, Ia., Downing, Moberly, Edina, La Plata, Marceline, Salisbury. The MidfCentury Founders Day and Home' coming Luncheon held Saturday noon in Sociability Hall celebrated the 83rd anniversary of the found' ing of the college, the Golden Anniversary of the class of rooo, and the Silver Anniversary of the class of 1925. Dr, Charles Garner, 125, was the main speaker, and Clifton Cornwell, '25, acted as toast' master. President Ryle gave a short welcoming talk. Special music was presented. Preceding the game with the Warrensburg Mules the queen and her court were introduced. In the royal court were Jean McGregor, Kathleen Guyer, Frances Parcells, joan Schroder, Mille Hansen, and Nancy Caldwell. Prize winning floats of the morning were pa' raded at the game. The Industrial Arts Club again took first place with its moving Merryfgof round float. Second prize went to Sigma Tau Gamma for "Trim the Pants Off Warrensburg." Sigma Sigma Sigma was awarded third prize for its "Worm Your Way Out of This One, Mules." The sophomores defeated the freshmen for the third consecutive year in the tugfofwar before the game. The losers were doused with perfume. A tired but spirited student body turned out for the annual Homecoming Dance held in Kirk Auditorium Saturday night to climax the Home' coming activities. Music was furnished by Don Ragon and his band. HUMEEUMI Li Organization Division Frontispiece: The winning Industrial Arts Club Float. Above: The second place Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity float, the third place Sigma Sigma Sigma float and the beautif ful International Club entry. MISS SUSAN SHALE Hflmelzuminq UIIHEH Features of the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity Skit. Above, Debo sings: Below, Rissler and Huhlaartt present "Honeyhun." Memlwers of the "South Pacific" hand rest during intermission in the night clulw. held in the old cafeteria. Step right ui folk ll CAHNIVA -., The Student Council again made a name for itself in planning the AllfSchool Carnival held this year on February 2. Under the direction of black Kelly, president, and Dr. C. H. Allen, adviser, council members supervised halloting, concessions, skits, and the coronation. Climaxing the capers of the evening was the coronation of Wiiiida St. Clair and Bud Elam as Carnival Queen and King hy jack Kelly. A sophomore from Kahoka, Wzindii represented Delta Sigma Epsilon. Bud, a junior from Brookfield, represented Phi Sigma Epsilon. Mziking up the royal court were Donna Bunch, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Betty Couch, Sigma Selling script at the carnival entrance in lou er Kirk Auditorium. Faculty skit featured the "Adcnoids." composed of Duane Cole, Hans Hagemann. Lula Allen, Kathryn Riddle, Eula -lump. Pliradie Wt'lls. XV. A. Browne. and Bill lvlinnr. Sigma Sigmag Dorothy Scott, Pi Kappa Sigmag and Chris Iviartin, Sigma Tau Gamma. Escorts were Bill Traylor and David Janson. lim Stookey, '5o, acted as master of ceref monies for the skits presented in Kirk Audie torium. The first prize skit, "A Faculty Counf cilf' was given hy Phi Sigma Epsilon. Second prize went to Alpha Sigma Alpha for "School Spirit," and Sigma Tau Gamma was awarded third prize for its musical skit. Always a prize winner without a prize, the faculty skit featured the "Messrs, of Song," the "Adenoids," and the k'Bats from the Static Attic." It was directed by Charles "ChifChi" Kauzlarich. Vlanda St. Clair. Queen. and Charles Elam, King. preside over the court. The Messrs. of Song. a quartet composed of Ed Goold Take a chance on winning the little lady a Kurt Ballard. Leon Karel and R. E. Valentine. charmed th prize!! crowd with their harmonious renditions. MH. EHAHLES EL!-XM Carnival King V. K' ,.E'..'-'vglignw , Xi vs " gk 'Y A xl?-2 . 53: . 22' 'X- M ... RS , ,,4:f3' V , ' qw, 5, L' Mi' N ,. -.,.,..::. K N. K7 my HF 125551 "'F':55:f':f5: ., ,Q'kf" W , -5? 5 f 1 5- - a g, ,ggtgl rv kg f sviggk -' , fff k i n -Q: 95" ' J ",'-Ifsmfl ig ' 'W igfsf iggvz tml . . 'Y , I A - +1 M Fil 'W-Q' '-:fl :'FQQ5.' I f"Q,: ' 2 K aea,gi ,. ,V-'Y' , kgggjiggmg ,gk i f 5' 1 ',fif,5i.. 'if f K nz ,- If M ,af V .Q xv ' f 7 .. Q Q .- gg, w ig, ,,4,ym.,i x 1w?l45f if 1 51255 :' 5: 1 isggg -' grin X X1 4 wiffa- 1' , ,gn ffm ic, my W, - ,Mfg , , 4 f--Vg -,imkv . Lg ,. ,A S 2:-t . 3 1',i 451 x ..A: ,S 'VYXS I . -li 55 jfj 1 2. EEHU ST PP With deadlines rearing their ugly heads around corners, and wintry afternoons and evenings spent in the upper room .... such was the life of the Echo Staff members. Editor David Janson spent a trying but satisfying year slowly putting tof gether the 1951 Echo. Assistant Edif tor, Mary Lou Clough, contributed much more than her share of the time in learning the trade. Frank Havis, Hugh Gardner, Bob Schnucker, and Don lviurphy could be found at all hours in the dark room, trying for that next deadline. D.-Wm R. jfxxsox, Editor Row 1' Frances Parcclls, Fred Hanes, Kurt Ballardi spomorg David Alanson. lviary Lou Clough. Rmu 2' jan Winxp, Betty lviclianna, Hugh Gardner, Bob Schnucker. Anna Ruth Sliinn. lviargaret Casebeer, l'vlgf n Seated: Betty McKa1nnz1, ldary Lou Clough. Srandm Fred Hines Daxid lan on Hugh C ardner Bob Schnucker Don lviurphy. FRED P. HANES, Business Manager Jan Wimp, Betty McKanna, Anna Ruth Shinn, Margaret Casebeer, and Donna Thomas all made their editorial contributions. Heading the business staff was Fred Hanes, Business Manager, who, along with his assistant, Frances Parcells, had a season's work paying the bills, collecting money, and trying to balf ance the budget. Sponsor Kurt Ballard, taking over the staff guidance reins for the hrst time, sweated out the hnal outcome with the staff, as the book went to press March 21. "age 77 11, '5 1 ' : 1? 25 , 5 .use -ga fi' .. . 1 sag. fx' . ,gg B A455 ia Km up fgg X M 3, .,A. , X ,555 Q 'Q msg 234119.- 2 inf' 'CP' an-ff' A-vm, .W f, 'Www i 2 5 . i 3 Q nm , Qin 1-rw in SFT- -ff 5 'iw MISS MARE!-XHET STEWAHVI 195i Enhu Queen MH. W1LLIAM MIQEHAHY Echo Fling Attendant MH. LINUS UUWELL Ellhtl tiinq Attendant 3 Q 2 MH. MILTUN MILLER 1951 Eljhu King fri 2 3 3 , 3 . , 3 ,, ? YE? Q ii i 1 , :X an ,iflx 1 ll s llllll 1 ADMI ISTHATIU ,Nr sh xii i fa. fs 'ui . if X O Bladly thee nur hearts we tender 41- -7- HUBERT WHEELER State Commixxwnev of Education BUAHD UF HEGE T5 The Board of Regents, highest administrative and governing body of the college, is composed of six mem' hers who are outstanding in business and professional work in the Northeast Missouri district. This group of men sets the policies and handles the iinal business for the college, whether it be employment of the faculty or the signing of bids for construction contracts. The State Commissioner of Education is an exfofficio member of the hoard. These men meet regularly with the president of the college to discuss business matters. Composing this highly esteemed group are Roland Zeigel, Kirksvilleg W. A. Cable, Hannibalg Roy Quinn. Moberlyg P. M. Marr, Milang Herbert Sears, La Platag and E. E. Swain, Kirksville. Seated: Walter H. Rylc, Roland Zeigcl. VJ. A. Cable. Roy Quinn. P. M. Marr, Standing: Herbert Sears, E. E. Swain. Pug: X8 W!-XLTEH HAHHINGTUN HYLE, PRES. Nurilieasi Missouri Stain Teacliiers Erilleqi: President Wzilter H. Ryle, who received his Ph.D' from the George Peahody College for Teachers. holds the highest individual administrative orhce of the college. His uneeasing efforts have resulted in a first rate educational institution as well as one of the most heautiful campuses in the state. Even though Dr. Ryle is husy at his inany duties, he is always ready for a friendly chat, BS. in Ed- Northeast lviissouri State Teachers Collegeg A.M., and Ph.D., George Peahody Colf lege: Graduate Student. Univer' sity of Chicago. Universitv or Vdistonsin, ROBERT L. MCKINNEY ROBERT C. AUKERMAN CECIL H. ALLEN Assistant to the President. Dean of Instruction. Head of the Division of Personnel Service. AUMINISTHATIU These are the men who take care of the basic enrollment. All these are part of the Northeast details of the college, influencing Our lives here, Missouri State Teachers College system which has perhaps more than we realize . . . buying supplies, kept the school in fine running condition during the handling financial affairs, helping with vocational years they have taken an active part. guidance, planning publicity, and helping with ELI F. MITTLER BAILEY B. WRIGHT HOWARD MORRIS Head of the Division of Head of the Division of Head of the Division of Extension Service. Business Service. Maintenance Service. Page 90 STAFF.-. LULA ALLEN Counselor, Division of Personal Service. ORVILLE BOWERS Director, Bureau of AudiofVisual Education. JAMES J. DOUGHERTY Head Football Coach. DR. JOHN B. JONES College Physician. NOAH P. RICHARDSON Director, Bureau of Correspondence and Extension Teaching RICHARD ST. CLALR Field Counselor. ,STAFF JAY L. BLANCHARD College Landscape Architect. FOREST L. CROOKS Director, Bureau of Field Service. ETHEL HOOK Director of Libraries and Museums. EULA JUMP Director of Residence. FELIX ROTHSCHILD Director of Ophelia Parish Junior High School. KENNETH C. SYKES Director of Admissions Office. . Page 91 STAFF WILLIE WHITSON Director of Greenwood Elementary School. DENA PICKENS Secretary to the President. MARY KERR Secretary to the Dean of Wornen. ELIZABETH CRUMMY Secretary, Office of the Dean of Instruction. KATHLEEN Box-10N Bookkeeper, Division of Business Service. NORMA VEACH Secretary, Division of Business Service. fCenterD CLEONE FLOWERS Secretary, Office of Admissions. Page 02 ,ns Jil .-.STAFF ALMA K. ZOLLER College Nurse. BETTY LoNGw1TH Secretary to the Assistant to the President. SOPHRONIA HOUSE Secretary, Office of the Dean of Instruction. PHYLLIS DUDGEON Bookkeeper, Division of Business Service. AIOLYDA FECHTLING Bookkeeper, Division of Business Service. IRENE MOLUTS Secretary, Office of Admissions. CNot picturedj WANDA FILKINS Secretary, Office ofthe Dean of Instruction. PAC LTY JOHN P. AGNEW Associate Professor of International Relations A.B., A.M., and Ph.D., University of Illinois. CECIL H. ALLEN Professor of Psychology Graduate, Mississippi State Normal College, I-Iattiesburgg B.S., A.M., Ph.D., George Peabody College, Graduate Student. University of Chi' cago. ROBERT C. AUKERMAN Professor of Education A.B.. A.M., Wayne Universityg PhD., University of Michigan. OTHO L. BARNETT Assistant Professor of Drafting Head of Division of Practical Arts B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg M.Ed., University of Missouri. JOHN L. BIGGERSTAFE Professor of Music B.M.. American Conservatory, Chi' cagog Certificate in Composition. Inf stitute of Musical Art. Juilliard School of Music, New York City. JAY L. BLANCHARD Instructor in Ornamental Horticulture BS. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg MS., Cornell University. PAC LTY AMY ALLEN Associate Professor of Speech Correction BS. in Ed., Boston Universityg A.M., University of Southern Californiag Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. NORVELL C. ALLEN Assistant Professor of Agriculture BS. in Agriculture, A.M., Univerf sity of Missourig Graduate Student, University of Missouri, University of Minnesota. KURT BALLARD Assistant Professor of Applied Arts Student, National Academy of De- sign, New York City, BS. in Ed.. Southeast Missouri State College: Student Southwestern Baptist Semi- naryg A.M., George Peabody Col' lege. BERENicE B. BEoos Assistant Professor of English Education B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg A.M., George Pea' hody Collegeg Graduate Student, University of Missouri, University of Southern California. Northwestern University. JOHN D. BLACK Professor of Zoology A.B., University of Kansasg A.M., University of Indiana, PhD., Uni' versity of Michigan. DEAN B. BOWMAN Acting Instructor of Fine Arts BEA.. University of Nehraskag MEA., State University of Iowag Graduate Student. State University of Iowag Special Study, Art Students League of Nevv York City. Page 93 F EULTY WILLIS J. BRAY Professor of Chemistry B.Pd., State Normal School, Cape Girardeau, A.B., B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D., University of Missouri. LENA BUCKINGHAM Instructor of Home Economics B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, M.S., Iowa State College, Graduate Student, Univer- sity of Colorado, Iowa State College. LEw1s C. CLEVENGER Professor of Botany B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., George Pea' body College, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Ph.D., Cor' nell University. SHEROD COLLINS Assistant Professor of Speech B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, State University of Iowa. EARL C. CUNNINGHAM Professor of Philosophy A.B., West Virginia University, BD., Colgatefllochester Divinity School, M.Ed., University of Mis' souri, Ed.D., University of Missouri. HAMILTON P. EASTON Associate Professor of English History A.B., A.M., University of Michigan, Ph.D., University of Texas. Page 94 PAK LTY WALTER A. BROWNE Professor of Geography AB., Southwest State College, Springfield, A.M., Ph.D., George Peabody College. CLARA H. CLEVENGER Professor of Economics Ph.B., University of Chicago, A.M., Stanford University, Ph.D., Cornell University. DUANE R. COLE Instructor in Metals B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, MS., Iowa State College. JAMES E. CRITES Professor of Physics B.S., Washington State College, A.M., Columbia University, Ph.D., Indiana University. IRENE DAILEY Instructor in Piano and Theory B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Student American Conservatory, Chicago, M.Music, Northwestern University School of Music. VERA E. FAWCETT Associate Professor of English B.S. in Ed., Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, A.M., University of Kansas, Ph.D., George Peabody College, Graduate Student, Univerf sity of Iowa. FAU LTY JOHN C. Goiirziz Instructor in Instrumental Music B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., State Uni' versity of Iowa, Graduate Student, University of Iowa. HANS H. HAGEMANN Associate Professor of German B.A., Clark Universityg A.M., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Graduate Student, University of Ber- lin. G. HAROLD JAMISON Professor of Mathematics B.S., A.M., University of Chicago, Graduate Student, University of Chi' cago, University of Missouri. LEON C. KAREL Associate Professor of Theory B.M., A.M., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. W. BOYD KING Instructor in Physical Education Basketball Coach B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., University of Missouri. VIVIAN W. KLINE Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Lincoln Memorial University, A.M., Western Maryland College, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University. FAEULTY EDGAR H. GOOLD, JR. Associate Professor of Literature A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. RALPH Housa Professor of Remedial Reading Director of Clinical Services B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg A.M., University of Missouri, Ed.D., Pennsylvania State College. NOEMY G. JIBBEN Instructor of Spanish B.S. in Ed., M. A., Northeast Mis- souri State Teachers College. CHARLES E. KAUZLARICH Assistant Professor of Business Education B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg A.M., State Uni' versity of Iowa, Graduate Student, State University of Iowa. ALBERT P. KLINE Associate Professor of Chemistry Student, Harvard University, Boston University, Temple University, A.B., Maryland Collegeg PhD., Johns Hop- kins University. PAULINE D. KNOBBS Associate Professor of Social Science Education B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg A.M., Ph.D., George Peabody College, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Uni' versity of Wisconsin, University of Minnesotag Rosenwald Fellow, George Peabody College, IQ41l,'44. Page 95 FACULTY GLENN F. LESLIE Professor of Elementary Education B.S. in Ed., Central Missouri State College, Warrensburgg A.M., Ed.D.. University of Missouri. LLORA B. MAGEE Professor of Home Econo-rriicsg Head of Division of Home Economics Student, Stout Institute, Ph.B., Unif versity of Chicago, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia Universityg Grad' uate Student, University of Minnef sotag Ph.D., Teachers College, Columbia University. CHARLES W. MARTIN Professor of Education B,S. in Ed., State Teachers College, Cape Girardeau, A.M., Ph.D,. Uni' versity of Missouri. IVAN E. MILLER Professor of Education, Head of Division of Education B.Mus., Colorado State Collegeg A.M.. Ed.D.. University of Denver, RALPH MONAY Associate Professor of Business Education A.B., A.M., Ohio State University: Graduate Student, University of Calf ifornia. SALLIE PATTINSON Assistant Professor of Rural Education B.S., A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, University of Mis' souri, Teachers College, Columbia University, University of Chicago. Page 96 FAEULTY DELEERT E. MADDOX Assistant Professor of Physical Educationg Head, Department of Health and Physical Education B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg A.M., University of Missourig Graduate Student. Teachers College, Columbia Univerf sity. VIOLA A. MAGEE Instructor in Latin B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg Graduate Student. University of Colorado, Vanderbilt University, A.M., George Peabody College. JESSE MICKELSON Instructor in Business Education B.S. in Ed., M.A.. Northeast Mis- souri State Teachers Collegeg Graduf ate Student. Indiana University. WILLIAM MINOR Assistant Professor in Woodworking BS. in Ed.. Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg MS.. Iowa State College. NO'YONG PARK Research Lecturer on World Peace and Far Eastern Affairs A.B., University of Minnesota: A.M., Ph.D., Harvard Universityg Lecturer at New School of Social Research, New York, Western Ref serve University. University of Min' nesota. MARTHA REDFORD Instructor in History B.Pd.. State Teachers College, War' rensburgg B.S., University of Mis' souri: A.M., University of Wisconf sing Graduate Student. University of Virginia. PAC LTY KATHRYN S. RIDDLE Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin, Graduate Student, University of Wisf consin, University of Minnesota. ROBERT M. RODNEY Professor of Literature, Head, Division of Language and Literature BSc., Trinity College, A.M., Uni' versity of Michigan, Ph.D., Univerf sity of Wisconsin. LUCY SIMMONS Professor of American History,- Head, Division of Social Science A.B., B.S. in Ed., University of Mis- souri, A.M., University of Chicago, Graduate Student, Columbia Univerf sity, University of Southern Calif fornia. University of Colorado. PAUL STRUB Instructor of Band Music B.S. in Ed., A.M., Northeast Mis' souri State Teachers College. RALPH E. VALENTINE Associate Professor of Music Education B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Student, State University of Iowa, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia University, Grad' uate Student, University of Missouri, Teachers College, Columbia Univer- sity, Student of Voice under Alvin Wilson, D. R. Gebhart, Hans Seitz, William Jaunasheck, Paul Althouse. KARL E. WEBB Professor of Theory and Instrumental Music, Head, Division of Fine Arts Student, Milliken Conservatory, B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.M., University of Missouri, Graduate Student, Uni- versity of Iowa, University of Michif gan, George Peabody College. PAEULTY WRAY M. RIEGER Professor of Chemistry, Head, Division of Science and Mathematics Student, Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, A.B., University of Missouri, M.S., University of Chi' cago, Ph.D., University of Southern California. FELIX ROTHSCHILD Professor of Secondary Education A.B., University of Missouri, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia Univerf sity, Graduate Student, University of Southern California, Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University. AGNES SLEMMONS Assistant Professor of English and journalism Graduate, Mary Baldwin Seminary, Staunton, Virginia, B.S. in Ed., A.M., University of Missouri, Grad- uate Student, University of Missouri, Northwestern University. RICHARD E. SULLIVAN Associate Professor of Early European History A.B., University of Nebraska, A.M., Ph.D., University of Illinois. NAN E. WADE Associate Professor of Languages A.B., B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Missouri, Graduate Stu' dent, University of Indiana, National University of Mexico, Private study in Europe. PHRADIE WELLS Assistant Professor of Vocal Music B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Student of Voice under Oscar Saeger, William A. Brady, Estelle Liebling, William Bachner, Member Metropolitan Op' era Company 192234. Page 97 PAEULTY WILLIE WHITSON Assistant Professor of Primary Education BS. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg A.M., George Pea' hody Collegeg Graduate Student. University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago. BAILEY B. Witicznr Instructor of Rural Economics AB., Teachers College, San Marcos. Texas, A.M,. University of Mis' souri, Graduate Student. University of Missouri. FAU LTY ELIZABETH WORRELL Instructor in Speech A.A.. Hardin Collegeg B.S,. Univerf sity of Missouri, M.S., Northwest' ern Universityg Graduate Student. University of Wiscoiisin, Northf western University. ALMA K. ZOLLER Instructor in Health BS. ID Ed.. Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg R.N., Englewood Hospital School of Nursing, Chicago IJBHAHYSTAFF SYLVA G. BROWNE Libnman BS. in Ed.. Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg BS. in Library Science. University of lllinoisg Gradf uate Student, University of Illinois CLARA E. YADON Cara loguer BS. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Collegeg BS. in Lihrary Science. University of Illinois. Loan Desk, Main Reading Room, Pickler Lihrary fN0T PlCTL'REIWl GILBERT ICOHLENBERG Associate Pvofcssor of Government fNor Picruarznl PAUL 0. SELBY Professor of Business Educationg Head, Division of Business Education Page 98 GHEE WUUD FAEULTY Greenwood Demonstration School provides an opportunity for Teachers College students to gain experience and learn techniques of teaching in the elementary grades through observation and particif pation. Miss Willie Whitsoii, ofthe Teachers College department of education, is the principal of the six' grade elementary school. The school is adminisf tered and supervised hy the college according to agreement with the Kirksville Board of Education. hrarian: Irma Martin, sixth, Marie Dougherty. fourth. Mary Brown. hrstg Ha:el Smith, first, Dorothy Richard' son, second. Row 2: Betty Johns. musicg Earleen Wehf her, thirdg Juanita jones. art, Erma Kennedy, Sfthg Dorothy lvers, kindergarten, lsahel Miller. fourth: Willie Wliitf son. principal. Cphelia Parrish junior High School, like Greenf wood School, is administered on the hasis of typical public school situations where college students may learn principles of administration, methods, and techniques of teaching and where they may experif ment to hring ahout improvements. Located on the Teachers College campus, the school has as its principal Felix Rothschild, ofthe department of education at the college. UPHELIZ-X PAHRISH PM LTY Row 1: Felix Rothschild. directorg Viola Magee, Ethf elyn Boddy, Dorothy Nixon' Marjorie Murdock. Mary McCrary, Esther Sadler, Virginia Swartz. jane Crow, assistant director. Row 1, H. T. Hawk. Jane Caplitz, Charlotte Mittler, Edna Rogf ers, Mary Estes, Freda Cooley, Mary Beth Jenson, Anne Parcells. Leora Dahney. R. E. Valentine. Row jf vlohn Goetze. Peter Buhan, Wzxyi- land Longvvith, H. A. Kirk, Lyle Carter, Gordon Groher, Don Powell. l'a,igr U0 Row 1: Nana McCord, li' l STENUGH PHIE UPFIEE With new ollice and equipment in Kirk Audif torium the Stenographic Ollice became a small busif ness this year. Mrs. Robert McKinney, john Goeke and Mrs. Emma Hudson make up the syllabi, tests, programs, and bulletins in this orlice. Complete with variftyper, copying camera, and otffset press, the oflice handles the printing needs of the college. Row 1. Carl Gutley, Leo Samuels. Eugene Barclay. W. E. Patterf son. Charles Spears, O, E. Lair, Ernest Bauer. Row 2: Noble Rcdmon, Albert Cas' tiner. Ben Fox, R. V. Rhoades, V. Schoheld, Ernest Schofield, S. P. Holman, D. P. Funk, B. L. Moore, E, W. Hawkins. Page H10 john Goeke, Frances McKinney. Emma Hudson. Mary Carter. Vigorously but coui-teously fighting off the students in order to scrub and wax floors, paint, and keep the campus clean, the maintenance staff, superintended by Howard Morris, competently carries out its responsibilities in taking care of the buildings and grounds. The gardeners on the force take pride in their shrubs, flowers, and landscaping in general. MAINTENANCE ST P E l l HESIDE IIE HALLS EULA .I UMP, Director. Blanton and Nason Halls, completed in the fall of 1949, provide wholesome living conditions for men and women students. Special features of the halls are the maple furnishings, the cafeteria and dining room, the lounges, laundry rooms, and the snack har. East entrance Nason Hall. Housecouncil: Row 1: Lucy Powell, vicefpresg Ruth Hufline, Rusty Claypoole. Row 1: Marie Fleming, pres.g Sara Beth Pash, Mignon McMurdy. Pat Clark. Row 3: Jeanette Edwards. Peggy Cullen, sec.ftreas.g Evelyn Parks, Collette Cady. Page 101 ffww-W 5 , f wg if Y 1 .Mn E, , -f no .fame ff , ,Q WMM mmf- very uf, -, " L 2 HE W if 1 fy , F UHGANIZATIU By the dim and flick'rinq light David Janson, Paul Kaye, Jack Kelly, Wally Schneider, Bill Traylor, Fred Veach, Not pictured: Fred Hanes, Dwight DeRosear, Dan Wisely. Page 104 Robert McKinney, sponsorg Jack Acuff, Benjamin Bourn, Charles Elam, Charles Fugate, Dave Gooch, Ed Grim, Warren Hamilton, Rollie Houchins. Blue Key is an organization of men selected for outstanding qualities of scholarship, leadership and activity in college life. Membership is limited to only zo active members on the cam' pus, and members are chosen by other members from those men with 6o or more college hours, and who in their estimation meet the requirements for admission. Blue Key's motto, "Serving, I Live," is the keynote of the fraternity's activities. Among the numerous activities carried out by the members are the planning and execution of the home' coming parade, a complete directory of students and faculty, as well as helping with smaller activities. President Ed Grim assumed his duties in the fall, with vicefpres. Paul Kaye, secretary Warren Hamilton, and treas. Benjamin Bourn. Members were sorry to see sponsor Robert McKinney called to active duty in the Army. Richard Sullif van, summer sponsor, immediately took his place. Members of Blue Key stand ready to help with any activf ity they can, when assistance is needed. The organization has just completed its tvventyfsixth year on the campus and awaits another year of service. Sarilou Andereck, Marge Clough, Arleen Conyers, jean Cook, Anita Drake, Irene Drennan, Dorothy Fra er, Joan Hook. Mary johnson, Jeanne jones. Mary King, Marilynn Lamhdin. CABBI AL HEY Cardinal Key, national honorary service sorority and sister organization to Blue Key, is an organization for women with outstanding qualities in scholarship and leadership in school life. This sorority stresses character development by applicaf tion of the cardinal virtues of life. Membership in Cardinal Key is held by girls with at least sixty hours college credit and an "S" average scholastically. Members are selected by active members of the sorority and are approved by a faculty committee and the national office. Active membership is restricted to twenty members. This year the following held honorary membership in the organization: Mia Snel, Alicia Prado, Helena Rydelius, Mille Hansen, Farida Fallah, Elena Lanzani, and Lenora Karch. Miss Agnes Slemons and Miss Nan Wade have sponsored the Eugene Fair chapter since its beginning on this campus. Each year this service group sponsors the Cardinal Key Song Fest, sells Homecoming buttons, does welfare work at Christmas time, furnishes ushers for civic and college functions, and awards 21 scholarship to an outstanding student. june Martin. Zolenc Perry Melvin. Mary McCrary. Mary Shirley Waggoner, Marge Smith. Margaret Stewart. Delpha Syler. Su:anne Vaughn. Page 105 ALPHA PHI SIGMA The celebration of the zoth anniversary of Alpha Phi Sigma at a convention on this campus in the summer was the highlight of Alpha chapters year. The organization, for high school valedictof rians, salutatorians, and honor students in college, was founded on this campus in 1930. Mary Lou Clough was the elected convention delegate from Alpha chapter. Page 106 Row 1: Thelma Baugher. Constance Hanson, Anna Ruth Shinn, Mary Lou Clough, Oren Cale. joan Hook, Bessie Appling, Marf jorie Smith. Row 2: Sara Beth Pash. Irene Drennan, Marilynn Lamhdin, Glaza Haynes, jackie Hammons, Winona Hammons. Emogene McCollum. Mary jane Murphy, Pat Moore. Mary lsahel Griffiths. Row 3: Marvis Holt, Nancy Yager, Victor Childers, Don Boone, Raymond Brunner, Ruth Knoernschild. Suzanne Vaughn. Delpha Syler, Row 1: Myra Gorman, Carole Dodson, Barbara La Faver, .lane Adams, Betty Roberts, Marie Cowell, jean' ette Hornocker Poole, Mil- dred Hampton. Row 2: Lilie Riechard, Berylena Foutes, Dormalee Harrington. Freda Strate, Betty Douglas, Nancy Caldwell. Gertrude Smith, Ruth Grady, Virginia Eu' bank. Row 3: Ford Lowcock, Elmer Kelso, George Kelso. Neil Derrick, Chris Martin, Edward Cox, Donna Allen. Sponsored by Dr. Hans H. Hagemann, the fraf ternity had as its officers joan Hook, president, Bess Appling, vice president, Mary Lou Clough, secretary: Oren Gale, treasurer. During the fall quarter 33 new members were initiated, and a float was entered in the Home' coming parade. Balloons were sold at the Carnival in the winter quarter. Row 1: E. H, Goold, sponsor, james Fox, Walter Tibbles, Dwight DeRosear, john Wohlschlaeger, David Rissler, Glen Fugate, Robert McCoy. Row 2: Alfred Leathers, Raymond Brunner, Earl Weaver Billy North, Charles Magruder, Bill Wolf. Eugene Myers, Henry Scott. Row 3: Chris Martin, Dave Gooch, William Martin, jim Hardy, Everett Gibson, Roy jackson, Marvin Yocum, Pat Wilson. Guided by its aims of service, leadership, and friendship, Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, has had an eventful year in serving its four helds of service: school, community, nation, and Boy Scouts. The new sponsor, Dr. Edgar Goold, was assisted by oilicers jim Fox, president, Bill North and Ford Lowcock, vice presidents, Dwight DeRosear, secref tary, Ray Henley, treasurer, Boyd Tibbles, corref sponding secretary, john Wohlschlaeger, historian, and Russel Gilstrap, sergeant at arms. Smokers for rushees and a banquet for the 24 pledges were social highlights in the fall. The services of the fraternity were varied this year. At the Homecoming functions members were seen in action with a helping hand to all as well as a ALPHA PHI UMEGA float in the parade. The fraternity also extended its service to the Bloodmobile by furnishing trans' portation for blood donors. The chapter conducted the March of Dimes campaign at the college in the winter quarter. Cloak rooms were opened by Alpha Phi Omega at every big function of the school. In the spring the fraternity served Kirksville's Boy Scouts by helping with Boy Scout Week and the Boy Scout Circus. March 30 marked the beginning of the Ugliest Man contest sponsored by APO on the Teachers College campus. Designed to become an annual event, the contest offered a plaque and key to the winner. Page 107 Row 1: Ivfarilynn Lambdin, Gilbert Demry, Berenice Beggs. sponsorg George Kelso. sec.. Paul Anelereclc. presif dent, joan Hook. vice-pres., Lois Ivlennerneier. treas.g Dorf otliy Quigley. Florence Herslif man. Row 2: Lee Kareli, Sara' lou Anderecla. Marjorie Smith, Mzlrie Cowell. Nancy Yager, ,lean Cook. Mary' jolinson, Norma La Voc. Shir, ley Finney. Row jf Beryl Wellborii, Donald Sanders. Ford Lowcock. Milton Koger. George Waddill. Anita Page Drake. HAPPA DELTA Pl Tau chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, national honof Menibership in Pi Kappa Delta, national forenf rary PYOf6SSiOH21l Scvciety, i1Wif6S I0 m6mlUCfShiP sic society sponsored by Sherod Collins, is acquired Students Wh0 5h0W Commemlflble Personal Cluall' by successful debating, oratory, and extemporaf ties, worthy educational ideals, and sound scliolarf neous Speaking. ship. Sponsored by Miss Beremce Beggs, the Organ, Each year the society sponsors the Freshman Zation gnCOuf3gQS pfgfgssignal and Pgfsgnal Debate TOUFDHTTICITI Zllld UIKQS Daft in state 21I'lCl standards. national tournaments. Pl EAPPA DELTA Row I: Burl Arnold, Vvlalf ter Ryle, jr., Paul Andereck. vicefpres.: Fred Hanes. presif dentg Henry Scott. Row 2: Rita Early. Slierod Collins, sponsor, Laura Rutli Hulse. P11146 106' Row 1: Charles Kauzlarich. sponsor, jesse Mickelson. sponsor, Miiry Anne jones. sec, Eugene Croarkin, sponf sor: Pat McAnulty. pres., Ralph Monay, sponsor, Norma McKinney. Row 2: Chris Martin, Dwight Def Rosear. Charles Elam, june Martin, Suzanne Vaughn. Mary Bliss. Row 3: David Murphy, james Steinmiller, Billy North. Charles Myers. Ford Loweock, Robert Brown. Row 1: Rusty Claypoole. Saralou Andereck, Virginia Booher. Ruth Grady, Shirley Finney, Marjorie Smith, ,lean Cook. Row 2: Carolyn Page. Laura Hulse, Anna Lou Sallaf day, Marie Fleming, Mary johnson, Mxiry Reilly, Olen Bradshaw, Row jf Donald Bower. Earl Burrows, treas., , William Wzitermzin, Kenneth i Shockley, Raymond Rigsby. Forest Dawkins. To become eligible for membership in Pi Omega Pi, national honorary society in the field of business education, a student must have either fifteen hours of commercial work or ten hours of commercial work and live hours of education. He must also maintain an S average in his work. Pi Omega Pi is sponsored by Charles Kauzlaf rich, professor of business education. Pl U IEGA Pl In February the following officers were elected: Saralou Andereck, president, .lim Waternxan, vice president, Carolyn Page, secretary, Jim Drake, treasurer, Laura Ruth Hulse, historian, Shirley Troutman, editor. They replaced officers Pat McAnulty, presif dent, Mary Anne jones, secretary, Earl Burrows, treasurer, Norma McKiniiey, historian. Page 109 l Row 1: Eugene Myers, William Stateler, Eldon Goucher, Herbert Boyles, Dale Roberts. Olin johnson, j. L. Blanchard, sponsor, Norvell Allen, sponsor. Row 2: Elmer Kelso, Waldo Roberts, Bob White, Dale Miller, Garold Rulon, Charles Barnett, Glenn Frenzen, Lawrence Kish. Row 3: Dorsie Merrell, Harold Mullins, Neal Holmes, Eldon Lawson, Joe Cassady, Donald Rainer, William Martin. AGRID LTUHE CLUB Creating an interest in agricultural and rural living, the "Ag" Club, sponsored by Norvell Allen, had a full calendar of professional and social events this year. At the meetings held twice a month professional programs were furnished by farm specialists and motion pictures for the purpose of developing leadership, cooperation, and acquiring a better knowledge of current agricultural events. For diversion from study and work the group held its annual Halloween "Barnwarmin, H and chili suppers in the fall in addition to entering a float in the Homecoming parade. At the AllfSchool Carnival the club sponsored a contest and gave two chickens as prizes. Page I I0 Other activities of the year included operating a food stand at the Northeast Missouri Fair in Kirksville in August and organizing and maintainf ing the L'Aggies,'i intramural basketball team. So' cial events such as card parties and dinner programs were held for the members and their guests through' out the year. Again as in years past the Agriculture Club helped conduct the Future Farmers of America and agriculture divisions at the Northeast Missouri district contests. High schools from this district were represented in the two days of judging at this contest. Dale Roberts headed the club this year and was assisted by Herbert Boyles, secretary. The Little Theater was the scene of the activif ties of the College Players again this year under the officers Rollie Houchins, presidentg Paul Kaye, vice presidentg Shirley Truitt, secretaryg and Peggy Browning, treasurer. Members of the organization appeared in the fall play, "The Rivals," and assisted Don Powell with the construction of stage settings. The winter quarter offered onefact plays di' rected by members ofthe play direction class. The two programs of plays included 'iRiders to the Sea," directed by Collette Cadyg 'iTbe Beggar and the King," Evelyn Parks, "Common Clayfi Frances Parcellsg "The Valiant," Donald Sanders, and "Wonder Hat," Dixie Bowling. Members of the College Players acted in and helped with the construction of the set for the ''theaterfinfthefroundu production of "The Glass Menagerie" for an assembly program in March. Cast in the play were Miss Betsy Worrell, Jan Wimp, Gordon Grober, and Bill Traylor. "The Bishopls Mantle" was chosen the spring play directed by Sherod Collins. Again the College Players appeared as actors and stage crew. A branch ofthe College Players is the Thalian Guild. Veteran actors become members of this organization through experience in acting, directing and stage production. Members are Rollie Houchf ins, Paul Kaye, Bill Traylor, Boyd Tibbles. COLLEGE PLAYERS Row 1: Frances Parcells, Mignon McCurdy, Shirley Truitt, Paul Kaye, Rollie Houchins, Peggy Browning, Mary Isabel Griffiths. Row 2: Evelyn Parks, Walter Boyd Tibbles, Donald Scott, Bill Traylor, Neil Derrick, Walter Ryle, jr., Chris Martin, Collette Cady, Dormalee Harrington. Pug! Ill HISTORICAL SUEIETY The Historical Society, the oldest society on the Teachers College campus, had varied and interest' ing programs this year with student, faculty, and outside speakers. Dr. H. P. Easton acted as sponsor in the absence of Dr. Pauline Knobbs. A tea honoring the new members was the first function of the society this year. The organization also took part in Homecoming. mga nz Row 1: Peggy Browning. Romalynn Liggett. secftreasg George Kelso. vicefpresg Fred Hanes. pres.. Hamilton Easf ton. sponsorg Richard Sullif van. John Agnew, Row 3' Lora Doone Bailey. Ival Rob' inson. Dorrnalee Harrington. Joan Hall. Charles Dunard. Carla Peterson. Ilene Griffey. Ruth Grady, Rowgf Laverne Gregory. Bob Schnucker. XValf ter Ryle. -lr.. Neil Derrick, Karl Buhr. Ernst Sticht. Row 1, Elva Anderson. IN4ary Vvlaggoner. Lucy Simf mons. Clara Clevenger, W. R, Browne. lvlartha Redford. Cilhert Kohlenberg, Row 2 Virginia Booher, Elaine -la- quiss. Robert Brown. Mziry' Freeborn. .lolene Davidson. Evelyn Parks, Eritzi Worrell. Bessie Appling, lvlarthaRe1nf i hard. Row 3: Donald Harvey. i john Ritter. Chris Martin. Eugene Myers. William Wat' erman, james Valbraclit, Kenf neth Mosley. Murry Smith. A special feature of the year was the tea and reception given in honor of Prince Otto of Austria when he visited the Teachers College campus. Climaxing the events of the year was the annual spring banquet for members of the society and faculty members in the social science division. Dr. Walter H. Ryle was the featured speaker at the banquet. Row 1: Lawrence Kish, Raymond Crist, jay Milligan, john Newman, Howard Cummins, Andrew Jorgensen, treasurerg Glenn Frenzen, presidentg Duane Cole, sponsor. Row 2: Kenneth Koeppe, Roy Walker, Wayne Ball, Wilmer Howard, Clyde Morse, Warren Pflum, Beniamin Bourn, Francis Shupek. William Minor, sponsor. Row jf Harold Wilson, William Tipton, William Wells, joe Cassady, Van Ven' cill, Wayne Clark, Charles Magruder, Henry Roemerman. I DUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Open to students having ten hours of industrial arts and above an M in scholarship, the Industrial Arts Club encourages higher scholarship and better professional standards among the students. The club aims especially to promote the social and professional standing of the students majoring or minoring in Industrial Arts. In the Homecoming parade the Industrial Arts Club came out on top with first prize for its float. Club members spent many hours building the movf ing Merryfgofround with Mules and Bulldogs as the riding horses. At Christmas time the members of the organizaf tion put Santa and his sleigh on the roof of the Inf dustrial Arts building and built a Nativity scene for the lawn. To further the Christmas spirit the club sponsored a party for the children of Kirksville in the Industrial Arts buildings. Officers ofthe club this year were Glenn Frenf zen, presidentg Lyle Hellyer, vice president, and Andrew Iorgensen, secretary. The faculty sponsor is Duane Cole. At the regular meetings of the club the members heard speakers and saw movies concerning Indusf trial Arts. For 'the first time at the Teachers College the Industrial Arts Club displayed in Baldwin Hall articles made in the woodfworking department in March this year. This is to become an annual event. Page 113 AEULIA E EL B Raw iz R. E. Valentine, sponsor, Al Howard, vice' presg Kathleen Guyer, sec., Irene Drennan, treas., Thomas Reed. president, Winifred Bailey, Richard Herzog. Rou- 2: Robert Rhodes, -Ioan Hall. Mary King, Dorothy Frazer, Norma Stevens, Martha Browning, Martha james. Row 3: C. T. Hafner, Ray' mond Brunner. Marion Strohf man, Milton Probasco, Edf ward Cox. Anna Korsen. joan Dean, Music students have the privilege ofjoining this club which is an honorary music organization. The main purpose of the club is to create a felf lowship among music students who are members. Among the activities ofthe year are talks to mem bers by outside speakers. In its study ofthe growth and development of the child, this organization of elementary education majors had as a project this year the teaching of a polio patient in a Kirksville hospital. Maurice Miller and Elaine Calfee attended the State ACE Convention held in jefferson City in May. ASSUEIATIU FUR EHILDHUUD EDUEATIU - Row 1: Maurice Miller, Gertrude Smith, Nancy Caldf well, Elaine Calfee, vicefpres., Mary Nixon, presidentg Marie Cowell, sec., Robert Thomas. treasg Willie Whitf son, sponsor. Row 2: Mary Schowalter, Lucy Ellison. Milf dred Hampton, Doris Daniels, Elizabeth McAnulty, Shirley Brown, Anne Dixon, Patricia Harnden, Evelyn Gilstrap, julia Vencill, Glaza Haynes, Aileene Ledford, Gladys May' hew. Row 3: Edna McVeigh. Nancy Yager, lval Robinson, Margaret Iellum. lrene Beck' ett. Joann Petershagen. Elsie West. Louise Brown. Marvis Holt. Peggy Bergfield, -leanf ette Edwards. Margaret Casef beer, l'riyr' II-I Row 1: Ava Demry. Del' pha Syler, Jeanne jones, presif dent, Garnita Morrey, sec.g Jeanine Wiitson, treas.g Mary Ellen Gilstrap, Lena Buckingf ham. sponsor, Llora MaGee, sponsor. Row 2: Wzindzi Lewis. Lois Mennemeier, Peg' gy Dodge, Virginia Schnellf bacher, Annabelle Shelton, jenny Di Frederico, Ann Morgan, Pat Moore, Sara Dean Simmons, Anna Ruth Shinn, Carol Baker, Lucy Mcf Cally, Elaine Grirfen. Row 3: Rosemary Anderson, Grace Campbell. Lou Ann Parrish. joetha Asher, Thelma Baugher, Carla Peterson, Wil' lette Muff. Margaret Stella, Dorothy Quigley, Betty Stu- art, Elena Lanzani, Minnie Vance. ELLE lllHCHAHUSIlUB Graduate students organized again this year for the purpose of the general benefit of the group and for the advancement of education on the higher level. Group meetings were held on Monday nights under the supervision of Robert Rodney, head of the English Department. GRAD ATEELUB This organization, named for a pioneer in home economics, is made up of students interested in home economics. The theme of the club meetings this year was hobbies. The year's activities included making cookies for teas and special occasions on the campus and buying a piano for the home economics center. Row 1: Hall, Small, Haf den, pres., Rodney, sponsorg Bennett, vicepres.: Nixon. Albach. Row 2: Huber. Lema, Wells, Davis, Luse. klellum, Ledford, Demry, Row 3. O'Dell. Campbell, Humes. Muller. Bowers, Minear. Maupin, Buban. Row 4: Henry, Callison. Kerr. Mor' ris, Harnett. Reedi Kirk, Wliittleseyi. Puqi' llh I TEHNATHIZUQELUB Organized for furthering the relations between foreign students and students of foreign languages, the International Club, sponsored by Dr. Nan Wade and Mrs. Noemy jibben, carries on many activities. The biggest event of the year is the dinner to which each foreign student brings a dish repref sentative of his country. Row ri William White. Charles Finnell, Virgil Hoe' mann, vicefpres., Everett Cibf son, secftreasg William Kel' ley, president, Charles Smith, Albert Kline, sponsor, David Davidson. Row 2: S. R. Self laro, jim Crum, jim Pressley, Richard Giddens, Bruce Marr' shall, William Wolf, Rudolph Williams, Pete Trehletti, lmof gene Griffin. Mike Mickalek. Row 3: Robert Burns. Don' ald Scott, Lyle Olson. Dexter johnson. Thomas Turner, Robert Buleck, Dick Vaughn. j. W. Hobbs, lvlarvin Ver' cler, Harry Cantor. 151,115 I I6 Row lf james jurgel, Fred Hanes, sec.g Charles Finnell. treasg Farida Fallah. vice' pres., Ernst Sticht, president: Nan Wade, sponsor, Noemv jibben, sponsor, Walter Ryle. jr. Row 2: Mziry Griffiths, Nancy Flaherty, Elena Lane Zani, jirn Crum. Thomas Reed, john Millin, Robert Rhodes. Alicia Prado. joan Weekley, Shirley Gibson. Row 3: Helena Rydelius. Migf non McCurdy, Mikkey Ellis. C. T, Hafner, Dick Giddens, Bruce Marsliall. Gale jones. Laverne Gregory, Merethe Carli Hansen, lvlarjorie Nlarf shall. lxdia Snel. With their sponsor, Dr. Albert Kline, the memf bers of the PrefOsteopathic Club study science and medicine. At the monthly meetings of the club speakers from the Teachers College and from the College of Osteopathy and Surgery explain interesting phases of science and discuss medicine. PHEUSTEUP THHIELUB Row Il Donald Bower. john Morris, Stanley Kerr, George Haden, viccfpresidentg Carl Luse, Dr. Willis Bray, sponsor. QNOI pictiwedj, Otis D. Harp, president, Beryl Wellhorn, secftreas., Robert Meyer, john Morse, Charles Smith, Kenneth Keoppe. 8UUAHEflllEUMPAS5ELUB In addition to the master undertaking of the opera, "El Capitanf' presented in the spring, Miss Phradie Wells and the chorus of 70 voices made numerous other appearances. Features of the fall quarter schedule were an assembly program of popular and classic music and a special program of Christmas songs. CHORUS Masonic students may benefit from this club that is maintained on the campus especially for them. Opportunity is given to the members to continue their study in the history and philosophy of Masonry under the guidance of Dr. W. J. Bray. The organization is both educational and social in nature. I , Page II7 Row 1: Genevieve DiFredf crico, Shirley Finney, Lula Allen, adviserg june Martin. -lean Cook. Row 2: Eleanor McCollon1, Jeanne jones. Donna Bunch, Pat IVIcAnulty, Annu Lou Salladay, Ivlary Ellen Gilstrap, joan Hook. PA IIELLI2 IE EUU EIL Composed of three members from each sorority, the PanfHellenic Council forms the governing body for regulation of all sorority activities. The council enforced the PanfHellenic rushing rules in the fall and sponsored a banquet for all sorority members in the spring. The Interfraternity Council is an organization devoted to the fostering of better working relations between the fraternities on the campus. Com' I posed of the president and sponsor and one other representative from each fraternity, the council directs and agrees on rushing regulations. I IEIIITIIATIZII ITY EUU EIL Row r: john Kelly, john Agnew, adviserg Benjamin Bourn. Row 2: John Goetze, sponsor: David Gooch, Fred Veach, Otho Barnett, sponf sor. Page H8 Introducing the SUEIAL UREANIZ!-XTIUNS Cloclqwise Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, Beta Chapter established 1921 Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, Pi Chapter established 1924 Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, Alpha Beta Chapter, established IQI4 Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity, Gamma Chapter established 1926 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Mu Chapter established 1915 Delta Sigma Epsilon, Iota Chapter established IQZI Page 119 ALPH SIGMA LPHA Alpha Beta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha Pledge Mzidzilyn Dixon was crowned "Little pledged thirtyfone girls as a reward for its Gypsy Sweetheart" at the annual Gypsy rushing season of teas and two parties, the Dance sponsored by the aetives in honor of "Little Girlis Party," and the "Circus Partyf, the pledges. Page IZO ACTIVES Zoller, Sponsm Bunch Chapman Chester Cliiypoole Cullen Dye Ford Griffiths johnson. M. E Johnson. M. Jones King. A. King. M. Lintner Lowell lvlartin McGregor McKee Mennemeier lwloore Morrey Pletsch Riley Scott Thomas. D. Thomas, N. Wailker Wzitsori PLEDGES Bailey Benlamin Bowling '21' - fx' Lil coco qs vi! 'Dust ff fi iv i- ' 42 "2 Wu Bragg Bundren Cox Cranmer Davidson Davis Dixon Doughty Funk Hanson Hiesrodt johnson, G. La Faycr lvlason Mikel Milam Myers Nicol Push Peterson Shale Simmons Sparks Strate Van Houten VJilson Wimp F'M"" President june Carol Martin was assisted by jean McGregor, vice presidentg Jean Moore, secretaryg Marjorie johnson, treasurer, this year. Miss Alina K. Zoller is the Alpha sponsor. And are we proud of Susan Shale, redfhaired Queen of Homecoming. And then, of course, jean Moore and Constance Hanson were candidates for Echo Queen. Peggy Cullen was chosen as Miss Kirksville and represented the town at the American Royal. . .... I - V. ...c ...uc gi. is pm ty .mu time circus held in Macon. The Carnival skit concerning school spirit was awarded second prize in the contest. Donna Bunch ably represented Alpha Sigma Alpha as candidate for Carnival Queen, Garnita Morrey was crowned "Sweetheart Queen" at the annual Sweetheart Dance held in February. Her attendants were Willie Chester and Donna Bunch. The breakfast dance held May 5 honored the gradf uating seniors and ended the year of activity. Page 121 DELTA SIGMA EPSILU L Rushing season for Iota chapter of Delta Twentyfsix girls were pledged, and they Sigma Epsilon consisted ofa trip to Moo Land showed their ingenuity in giving the 'Top and a Happy Birthday party for its many Hat Ball" in honor ofthe actives and a party rushees. for the graduating seniors. Pngf IZZ 0 V, x , SQEQ 'Q I ' ACTIV ES Knohhs. Sprmxor Anderson Anderecls Bliss Brookliart Burk Cady Crumpacker Dearing Fleming Frazer Guycr Hagan Hawes Hufline Hulse james Lambert Landman McAnulty lVIcClaskey McCollom, E. lvIcCollom, -I. lVIcFarlnnd Mogg Plenge Off Shelton Smith Todd Troutman Vwlorrcll S146 misss N lVU5 PLEDG ES Adams Ball Biondi Brewer Brockfeld Caldwell Delventhal Ferguson Fox Green Harpham johnson, B. Johnson, M. juergensmeyer Kessling Ketcham Klote McDonald MCKanna Mickalek Morgan Myers Normile Savage Shelton Swarthout With , s. auline Knobb Irene Dail ' the sponsors Mr P s and Mrs ey, the follovvin ffi ' g o cers conducted a sue cessful and eventful Delta Sigma E psilon year: Gene' vieve Di Frederico , presidentg Pat McAnulty, vice presidentg Shirley Trout man, secretaryg and Saralou Andereck, treasurer. Homecoming festivities were set off to a good start with a breakfast for Delta Sigma alumnae. Kathleen Guyer was the Delta candidate for queen. UQ Snaps of the "birthday partyn rush function held Sojourners. The " ' , complete with crooked champagne glasses and dizzying atmosphere, honored pledges, actives, and alumnae. Words cannot express the pride of Delta Sigma Epsilon in Wanda St. Clair, Carnival Queen of IQSI. The Carnival skit written by Fritzi Worrell made a hit also. Pink Elephant Ball M To end the year's events the Delta Sigmas gave a tea for alumnae in March and held their annual spring formal dance in May. Page 123 at Pl EAPPA SIE lil Twentyfsix pledges went the Pi Kappa Sigma way as a result of rush teas and two rush parties, "Ye Clde Candlelight Inn," held at the home ofthe patroness, Mrs. Joel Sever, and the Chinese pajama party held in Greenwood gymnasium. The pledges started the social ball rolling after the rush season with a hayride and wiener roast given in honor ofthe actives at the college farm. Alta Mae Raeur was elected president of the pledges and led their activities until they became actives. Pi chapter was honored in having the Grand President of Pi Kappa Sigma, Mrs. Charles Gibson, as honored guest at the pledging services and a tea. Louise Beauchamp had the honor of being crowned queen at the Hard Times Day Dance. Homecoming saw Pi Kappa Sigmas work' ing on a float and entering Nancy Caldwell in the race for Homecoming Queen. In December the Pi Kappas transformed Sociability Hall into a 'Snowflake Ball," a formal dance for the pledges. Page124 ACTIVES Whitson, Sponsor Caldwell Dail Doyle Dean, J. Dean, ju. Edwards Finney Gilstrap, M. Graves Huntsman Hunter La Voo Lovelace Madorin Murphy XNIJL4 Z X OMAN E lu l!lE . KAPPA Pulis, Sa. Salladay PLEDGES Beauchamp Bergfield Brown Gilstrap, E. Gregerson Lamers McCollum McKinney Marshall Martin Piland Novinger Poe Pulis, Sh. Powell Rauer Scott Settle Stevens Teshaw Yagel H Sarah Pulis entertained the sorority members at a Christmas party at her homer The annual AllfSchool Carnival brought Dorothy Scott to the public eye as a candidate for Carnival Queen. Members ofthe sorority took part in conduct' ing a concession and performing in a skit also. Pi Kappa Sigma ended the year with a grand touch by holding the annual "Spring Fantasy Dance" in Kirk Auditorium in April. -an Snaps of the rush funct' ion at Mrs. Sever Chinese ' ' s, and the pajama party at G ' reenwood. Pi chapter had a very eventful year under the leadership of its sponsor, Miss Willie Whitsoru, and its capable orhcers, Shirley Finney, presidentg Nancy Caldwell, vice presidentg Norma La Voo, secretaryg Lucy Powell, corresponding secretaryg Donna Hunter, treasurerg Mary Lou Lovelace, assistant treasurer: jo Ann Madorin, editorg Mary Ellen Gilstrap, ref porter and sergeant at armsg Anna Lou Salladay, keeper of the archives. Page 135 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Sigma Sigma Sigma started the year with The sorority pledged twentyftwo girls, a rushing season of teas and coke dates, highf now Sigma actives. With Betty Halls as their lighted with the Zodiac Night Club and the president, the pledges gave a circus dance for Highland Fling breakfast. the actives in january. I'' 126 ACTIVES Mzigee, Sponsor Barnett Bartlett Burton Clark Clough, M. Clough, M. Cook Couch Cunningham Dodge Drake Drennan England Goeke Curl-ey Hook Hunter Lamhdin Liggett lvlelvin Meyer Page Parcells Rains Rogers Roy Smith Stewart Syler Truirt Vaughn A I. as I i W EIS Ul'0' PLEDGES Bradley Burton Crawford Dodson Edwards Foust Gardner Grady Grifhn Hall Halls Hanes Hornocker Kissner Lewedag Lewis lVIeCurdy Petersha gen Peterson Roberts Reinhard Schroder Thomas West ---'ff The annual fall rush parties proved great fun and competition Under the sponsorship of Miss Viola Magee and the leadership of 'lean Cook, presidentg Marjorie Smith, vice presidentg Margaret Stewart, recording secretaryg Carolyn Page, treasurerg Suzanne Vaughn, keeper of gradesg Mary Jane Goeke, song leaderg the Tri Sigma year was completely filled. At Homecoming time Frances Parcells represented the sorority as candidate for queen. The float in the Homecoming parade was awarded third prize. for rushees was keen. Here are snaps of the Highland Fling hreakfast. One ofthe high spots of Sigma year was the Mystic Cavern formal dance for the pledges in the fall. At Christmas time the actives and pledges had a party with Santa at the home of Shirley Truitt. Betty June Couch was the Tri Sigma candidate for Carnival queen. At the Carnival the Siginas, Deltas, and Sig Taus joined for the night club spot. April found the Sigmas celebrating their Founders Day. Spring also saw Tri Sigmas at their spring formal, l'l1gf' 127 , af Lk HW, SIGMA TAU GAMMA Since 1921, when Beta chapter was established on the campus, Sigma Tau Gamma has been an organization striving to instill in its members the qualities of the true "college man." During the past year, Sig Taus have held many positions of responsibility and honor on the campus. Among these were president and thirteen members of Blue Key, Student Council president, three class presidents, editor of the Echo, Echo King, chairman of the Student Social Committee, six members of Who's Who, and many club presidents. Beta chapter opened the rushing season with the annual smoker and '49er Rush Dance and when the smoke had cleared, 32 new "goats" had been enlightened with the secrets of the group. The chapter was well represented in athletics, taking first in the intramural volleyball tour' ney, and playing first division basketball. Varsity athletics saw six men on the football squad and three starters on the basket' ball five. Among other events were second place in the homecoming float parade, and third place carnival skit. Under the leadership of Jack Kelly, president, and Dave Gooch, vicefpresident, Beta enjoyed another successful year. Members were happy to have Mrs. Cllie Mason return for another year as housemother. A melancholy farewell was said MRS. OLUE MASON to the Women we loved, at the annual White Rose Formal. Housemofhgf Page 128 Uocrzc. Sfwmor Acutf' A gncw Andcreqk Arnold Burroughs Delaney I7cRosear Dcrruck Drake Fugatc. C. Fugz1tc,G. c:lbSOIl Gockc. E. Uockc. R. Gooch Gum Hamllton Hanes Hardy Harp Holmes Houchlns Howard .Ianson johns Kaye Kelly Kricgshaus Lynch IXLIYYHI Risslcr Schncxdcr Shippcc Stcinrmllcr Strohmun Traylor Wray' Vv'0hlsch1z1cgLr XVorkm:1n Sn.4psofzmnu1l '4ocr rush dance .xnd house smokers. l'uyr P9 L rrp N vi hg UH 5 was 4 5 lllY I Illl ' 152 15: . S J PHI SIGMA EPSILUN Another successful year was enjoyed by Gamma Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon. The var- sity gridiron was arrayed with Phi Sig talent: to be exact, six men. Two members boosted the basketball squad hopes, and in intramural athletics, both the volleyball and basketball teams Hnished in second place. In the annual allfcollege carnival, a Phi Sig again reigned as King, and the first place skit was ours. Rush season again brought on the smoker and the annual Apache Dance. Fourteen new men were initiated into the fold, with Sawyer as pledge captain. In other campus activities, Phi Sigma Epsilon boasts three members of Blue Key, and a member of Who's Who. An Alumni chili supper was held in Cctober and later nu' merous beerbusts, and many other social events. SI 1 South Elson, was under the leadership of "Pete" Bourn, president, Brownie Veach, vicefpresident, and jim Davis, secretaryftreasurer, who handled their duties well. Along with Otho Barnett, sponsor, Gamma Chapter honored Richard Sullivan as new cof sponsor, along with Charles Kauzlarich. Cn April ry, a mixer was held with sister sororities, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Pi Kappa Sigma, attending. The season drew MRS' GLENN FRENZEN to a close with the annual Spring Formal, May 1 1. Hvusemvfhef Page 130 fhructr. Spmm vv Applclw Baum Bmldy Cllrk. K. Cnmmmxck Clark. W. Cjlxllfillwfll Dnvxs D1 Fl"Cul'.'I'lCO El.1m Hellyer Kelley Lmtncr Mcflralry' N154 htm' M ycrs lvloorc Newman Noel Norman Olson Pflum Pxersun Pistcr Rclxg Runyon Surrxs Sielxl Stnckler Tlctsort Vmclx Vvlallxcr Wmwl 3' 5UAIWS0l1lIHlllll Aplclxc ruxlm llmcc .lhlqw I. I Q-swans-an anim KA 7' 1 :- awp 9 V V .am ' H-5 Q 1 A ' E ggi "Uv f 7 Qi? e pg, Q ya 3F 'Q QITS g -His. w m ww K1 , It Q wk," ze, x ,gg ? + I 1 ,S H. i w 1 ha- .L-I ,M F if L , 5? 1 A Q9 S' M 2 iff . H Us M W Q v fp gi VW 5 ' qjlbeg Q- ? T ,z A' ' f V ae 5" Q I X 4 3 Y A -0-fi2122,,,,1fw!i?,Ai A QW ." 5 X NW 21 In iw, ff -. ff' Q fb- ' A f . ,ww ff 'V , is W ff' ' 1 G ,, A, , 3 fi X R Q ,I W: ,nl . I V , , 1 H ...,, W W, 1. L' 'L' A-WW 4' Q 4 1 W -f -. is is ,K- '-L, H i v? 515 ffm, I Wfyfy Lf ' , - ' , , , W n T' "fr F, .A , f f f- f - M ' ' ' nf . ,J 4 . Ak, - K-5 I i 1 4 MQW :f.'S" ' 143-W-14 ,v.-1-f9h'::31f wzi-1: -5. . :milf " ,.'.,..:,,,:, 2,0 , v,,,",,:.g-'Eg fy:-E A A - g: :s.4,v:.5 'Mi A My W 4:-X:-:- -, -y,- nf -Rv El'-E :gr-:Eg K A-4 :PNN -,gp --QW L5-Inv rj , if k wk, 1,3539 V iw IL W s "' f- A ' " . -f-., - L v m W N X ' 4 ' ' ' Vll, Q' ' , X, A , Ai his . lf, 1,7 in .,, 5, AR ,,:i,.l,k 1,7533 xl ,N Lys, i yn , .,, ,iw mg, jg Mygnf VVXQVM , Y Lg M k 5 ,ml ,V Ak,, I I -g I ,7A5klW,iL,, ,, 5 W , V' V i K L i TP' - Q A f :Wi m eggg f 1, ff- ww , sa g fflm fdia' X,,:g:iQ?5L,4- ww Q - . iw .BI A , K , ,gy -,,,, :U - K as-Q '55 - Q EQG MQ S 3Lw'+Ti'3ff7.i559f ,QT 3 PM Liiwfl, - M2351 ' V7 'gn ' 7' EM ' f i x we 55. 035 3 Jgimgigygfjlg ' wg- . ggi f A 2242 T 3, L, .5 -:frmf .. M A gww - 1 ,ng'NiC.z.' W ',',:-sg ' ' 613- K A, . k nz-X K 'iam , 4 K: .,. ., 4 , -ff' ,, , ,W Q. . Lf-- wfy af igegfizf f , L-L' i f , P A I , f Q., Wm lf ' f ' 1 A A D if 5651? L10 . f K' A ' A. 4,11 H " ,I , L Q-,?k3 f W A VW? -, K 'N W .,v:'5435 N - . ,-,'-. .,z:,f4S- M ' " A S , ATHLETIES 'iii Www e a ig me SMI we-'ef f, 3 is Every lad a proud defender UL the Purple and the White Row 1' Guy Burton. Kenneth Rehg, Roger Biesemeyer. secretary, Linus Dovvell, vice-pres., Dan Wisi'ly. president, Art Hochsteiller, treasurer: Ed Bender, Gus Sarris. .lim Dougherty, sponsor. Row 2: George Anastasolf. Earl Perry. Roger Sehvvarztrauber, Frank Melvin. Dale Henner, Bill Holmes, Dave Albrecht, lim Gourlev. Dwight Huggins. Clive Frazier, Robert Jarrett. Row 3: Howard Hall, Laverne Dabney, john Alderson. Bill Commack, Bruce Brandon, Kennard Curtis, George Pnhlkamp, Bob Lawrence, Carrol Wi-stliqill. Will.irvl Sawyer, lviairvin Silver. la-CLUB The Northeast Missouri State Teachers College "K" Club was organized in 1934, and is an organi' zation composed of athletes who have earned letters in interfcollegiate competition as representatives of the Bulldog teams. Boasting of its present mem' bership of go and a large alumni membership, the HK" Club has as its purpose the establishment of high ideals and traditions for the athletes of this college to be preserved for posterity. The club is unexcelled in spirit as well as num' ber. The nrst meeting of the year saw the following officers assume their duties: Dan Wisely, presif dent, Linus Dovvell, vice president, Roger Biesef meyer, secretaryg and Art Hochstedler handling Page 134 the duties of treasurer. Jim Dougherty, head footf ball coach, again acted as official college sponsor. In addition to maintaining the high ideals in athletics, the club functions in a materially benef ficial way throughout the year. This is manifested in helping at the refreshment stands at sports functions, assisting at track meets, ushering at basketball games, as well as helping with the high school suhfregional basketball tourney held annually in Kirk Auditorium. Not to be omitted is the influence of the "K" Club in furthering work on the college field, in the gymnasium, and on the campus. Assuming his new duties as Head of the Athletic Department and Director of Athletics is Delbert Maddox, former basketball captain and allfconference player while here in school at the Teachers College. In basketball he lettered three years and in his senior year captained the team and was chosen all' conference. In 1937, Mr. Maddox went to the University of Missouri where he served as freshman football and basketball coach while doing graduate work. In 1942, he entered the Navy to serve until 1945. After his discharge as a Lieutenant he came to the Teachers College in 1946 as physical education inf structor. Head football coach James Dougherty, a former Bull dog backheld star, took over the football reins for the Teachers College late in the 1945 season. Coming to the college in 1928, he lettered for four years under the tutelage of Don Faurot. Upon graduaf tion from the college he coached at Marceline, Neosho, Mountain Grove. He came to the Teachers College in 1945 to assume his duties as football coach. Boyd King, assistant football and head basketball coach, joined the coaching staff in June, 1946. A graduate of the college here, King earned eleven varsity letters. His previous coaching experience includes Pittsheld, Illinois high and Hannibal high. After serving in the armed services from IQ43 to 1946, he went briefly back to Hannibal high and from there joined the coaching staff of the Teachers College here. Page 135 FUUTB LL The Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Bulldogs were tougher this year than for many seasons previous, but so was the opposition they encountered. The fighting Bulldogs waltzed through their initial encounf ter with the Culver Stockton Wildcats 17,7'O. The powerhouse Missouri Valley Vikings again defeated the Bulldogs 45 to 21 at Mara shall. The score is not indicative of the hard- fought game, and a moral victory was earned by the Bulldogs. .lourneying to Fayette the Bulldogs encountered stiff opposition but fought back finally to lose a heartbreaker to the Central Eagles igfzo, as the Eagles' ground attack was almost matched by the Bulldogs' aerial show. The Kirksville Bulldogs opened the battle for the MIAA football championship October 6 at Springiield, battling the Bears to a iofio tie. The following week the Cape Girardeau Indians had to go home without a win over the Bulldogs in four years. The game was a tie, 1313. The Rolla Miners proved to he too much for the Teachers, leaving them on the small end of a 47f7 score. A perfect Homecoming was spoiled for the Teachers College by the Warreiishurg Mules as they were forced to pass to win over the Bulldogs 33, to 13. In the final conference tilt of the season the Bulldogs, in a close doforf die battle with the Maryville Bearcats, sal' vaged a tie game, I5'I'f,. For the second year, playing on a cold and windswept held, the Bulldogs came through in the final period to swamp the Missouri University HB" squad BS to 18. The Dogs closed out the regular season with a record of 2 wins, 3 ties, and 4 losses. 'vii' FW' A n- ART l"lOCHi'I'IillLliR Bri: Sawwk End Fullhntlq C0fCnpta111s IQSO Tom BL kxiuiiui Gui' BL mos LM Fam: Ihxxxiii' Lmus Dow1f1.1, Cine FR.-'xillili -lm Uouiuizw Guard Fullhrirk Fulllmck Hillfhixrk .Qmutcrharlq Fullhark TONYKELIH1' Bon L.mvRr'Nc1. FRANK MELx'1N CLX'l7Ii Raxsosc KENNY Reno -loim Rilssui Halflvack End End Fullhiick End Center .,,,,,.4aw-1. 42 3. A5 1 1 1- '1 H 95 . , , .437 .lim A 4:7 P 1 -.:: 'f-q,,,.-1-', ' i -.m-sp.: . . ' ' m A K si' I K ,wvwgyf ,..,. 7 , M , , v A . k ' 4 , kiwi a' Q : it g X. ,, Q J, ...V , ' QXQMWM' ru. x X . ,.9,F,, N fb 'BLS ' GAME SEQRES Kirksville Kirksville Kirlcsville 'Kirksville wk 'Kirlcsville .... fi 'Kirksville ..,. Kirksville .,,. 'Conference Games Pago 138 Kirksville ..., Kirksville .... Row 1. Mansziger. rraiincrg Burkliurdt. Bender, Kelley, Huggins. Frazier. Row 2: Brammer, Gourley, Rehg Burton. Jarrett. Row 3: Assit. Conch Wade. Alderson. Westliall, Schwarztrauber, Hall, Hull. Biesemeycr and Hall closely follow as West' fall recovers a fumble. CulverfStockton.. . . O Missouri Valley.. . .45 Central College .... zo Springfield ........ ig Cape Girardeau .... 13 Rolla ............. 47 Wiirreiislwurg ...... 33 Maryville ......... I3 Missoiiri U, "B , . .IR !.1Li' Row 1: Russell. Sarris. Anastasoflf. Albrecht. Holmes. Stahlhur Rin om Row 1: Sawyer. Wisely. Hcnncr, Dowell. Silver, Miickie. Row 3: Brandon Melvin. Dabney. Biesemeycr, Lawrence. Hochstedler. Graham. Htid Coach Dougherty. Bob Lawrence, junior student from St. Louis, was selected as second team allfconference end in the postfseason selection of conference all stars. The annual football banquet for members of the IQSO Bulldog squad and coaches James Dougherty, Boyd King, and Maurice Wade was held Wednesday, November zo, in the Blanton Hall dining room. .lim Zabel, sports director of station WHO, Des Moines, was the featured speaker. Twentyfeight lettermen were named for the season by Coach Dougherty in addition to four provisional ones. B SEETBALL The Bulldog cagers came out on the long end of a rather inconsistent season, winning II games and los' ing io in the final season count. Coach Boyd Kings boys dropped a thrilling season opener to the Central College Eag'es S7 to go and didn't reach their winning stride until two games later when they defeated Simpson College 71 to ss. High scorer for the season was forward Earl Perry. He was followed by Bolu Lawrence. The Bulldog squad took four of its ten conference games ending the season in fourth place. P11 1: I-In Curt1s meets Central center in the opening tip off of the season. Cne of the outstanding games of the season was the surprising game given the Drake squad hy the Bulldogs, who would not admit defeat until the final minutes of the game. The final score was Sl fqo. Returning at the first of the season were lettermen Bill Commack, Ken Curtis, Sherman Hafner, Earl Perry, Bob Lawrence, and George Pohlkamp. Emerging from the season three lettermen were added to the squad: Roy Collins, Laverne Dabney, and Williird Sims. Mid season dropfouts weakened the squad, hut it was reorganized quickly. GAME SEQRES 3 Kirksvillc .... Kirksville .... Kirksville ,... Kirksville. . Kirksville Kirksville ,.., "'Kirlcsville 'Kirksville Kirksville Kirksville iKirksville PK 4'Kirksville Kirksville iK1I'liSVlll2 +Kirksv1lle 'Kirksville +Kirk5ville xliirksville Kirksville Kirksville Kirksville. . . S7 44 71 47 67 60 74 79 64 e8 48 S7 48 it 63 77 47 56 43 70 73 Central ...... Illinois College Simpson ,,.... Central .,...,, Illinois College Quincy College Wzirreiislwurg. . Springfield ..,. Missouri Vzlllev Quincy College Springfield. , Rolla ..,. . . . lviziryville .... Drake. . . . . Caps Cirzirdcau Rolla ..,, Cape Cirurdeuu lvlnryville. Wzlrreiislwurg . Simpson . . . Missoiiri Valley.. . 1Conl'ercnce games '79 '53 55 62 48 46 66 66 62 TO :7 SO so io :S 45' 48 '57 41 47 TO 1'izgi'I4II 4 r M s ,sw it fxm 'T Pep and cheer were stimulated to a higher degree than usual this year by the cheer, leaders elected by a committee of faculty members and students. Always faithful and full of vim, the cheerf leaders led yells at all football and basketball games as well as special rallies. New uniforms of white sweaters, white trousers, purple and white skirts were bought this year with the help of the Student Coun' cil. Row 1: Fritzi Worrell, Betty Mc' Kimna. Ivlary Ann Conner. Bobbi Biondi. Row 2: Glen Fugate. Ed Goeke. Drive Stricklcr, Ming johnson. Holding hands during climax of a fast game on the home court 1.2 aaa. li Burton practices dashes. Part of the ioso squad. Row it Linus Dowell, Guy Burton, Richard Kreishok. Burnell Thrasher. Row 1: Bold Hird. Louis Plcgakis. W2iQ'DC Stevenson. Spring time brought out a large, energetic track team which participated in all track and field events of the MIAA Conference. Meets saw keen competition which was met hy fine play and sportsmanship. Because of inclement weather early season practice was held in the gymnasium hy the prospectiyes of Coach Boyd King. Track again occupied a small part of the interfcollegiate sports program this year. Row 1: Wisely, lvicCrary, Dragich, assistants. Row zz Tietsort, Mitteii. Scott. McCollom, Mitch. Boyer, Hahn, Burkhardt Shotwell. Row jf IvicGravv, Browne, Dowell. Dahney, Lawrence, Fouch, Dearing, Hafner. Ransom. Sigma T.n1 G.iinni.a Fraternity Volleyhall Chzimpionsg Chris Martin, Roh Delaney. Alyn Bur- roughs. Roy Collins. john Vfohl 4Cl1lilC:-IEl'.PlL1ClC Kelly. lliicoortliiiiitcs. lmisketlmll thum- pions: Ken Werr, Art Hochstetlf ler. Bruce Brandon. Andy Rclmik. Buzz Sawyer, jim Jensen, Bill lditchell, Dwight Huggins Knot pictured Thomas and Proflittl. I THAMUSHALS The men's intramural sports program got under wary with the initiation ofthe volleylmll schedule in Octoher. Four teams entered competition. the Sig Tilus, Phi Sigs, Faculty, and the Kats. A final tially sim' the Sigma Tziu Gamma squiitl emerge victorious in the post season pliiyfolls, With the closing or he volleylwzill tournament the intri1mui'ul hiisketlwizll tournament was initiziterl into lweing with sixteen strong tezims entering. Tennis were divitletl into purple and white hrzielxets with the winner of meh meeting for the championship, In the tourney lineal the Uneoordif nzites Llefezitecl the Phi Sigs to win the school title. Other intrzimuriil sports inelutletl tennis Lind horse' shoes. Hi 6 J The Wcinieiiis Athletic Association provides an interesting recreational program for women stu' dents. Membership is open to all girls interested in athletics. Its activities are many and varied. During the fall quarter social dance classes for students were conducted each week. Proceeds from this project were used to buy award letters. A roller skating party for the student body was sponsored in February. March gi was the date of the Folk Festival. The organization supervised womens intra' mural volleyball, table tennis, badminton, sburllef board, basketball, and softball tournaments throughf out the year. Members of the group acted as referees and scorekeepers for the games, Lucy Ann Powell, Mary lane Murphy, jackie Gray. and Willette Muff were delegates from VVAA to the Athletic Federation of College Woiiieii at the University of Michigan, April iofi 3. The oilicers of the organization were Lucy Ann Powell, president, Mary jane Murphy, vice presif denti Donna Hunter, secretaryg Yvonne Wilgus, treasurerg Neva Harpham and Ann Sue Rogers, intramural chairineng Willette Muff, social treas' urer. Miss Kathryn Riddle is sponsor. In the spring, a dinner held in Blanton Hall cafeteria climaxed the year with installation of new oflicers and presentation of awards and letters. Pictured on the opposite page are a number of activities of the organization. .-...-WUIVIIZIXTS ATHLETIC ASSUCI TIU Row lf Pat Moore. Marietta Bartlett. Lucy Powell. Mary ,lane Murphy. Yvonne Wilgus. Ann Sue Rogers, Kathryn Riddle, sponsor. Row 2: Shirley Brown. Anne Dixon. Patricia I'Iarnden, Willette Mug. jackie I-Iammons. Jeanne Burton, -lackie Gray, Margaret Stewart. Page 117 THE EDITUH SAYS nn-aX X5 etacknen noon ihe eheXi. The sxaii rh done nnth kk has eacpreaeeo its who are responekhw ior eckikor kaX conxenk and o so. r an ' 9 wo eopXe ' the to 6 en ohhe e ar he 9 wxkfn noon S 'oe ' 5 Psnd so an can no'c conakner xhe xy preciakion ior xhe heXo oi k X4 'ooxh dir ecxhg , 'eq hehping ming when they wer e caheo ohh students and iacnvvg ha Xong waxy mow ard fnav-ang, Cnr cene peo9Xe wkkhont ' Xe. Our -59ecXaX o , oi oi 3? ' 'ooo , pera oi '0 ne a V06-5 55133 ' Q, C . Co., thxe hq Knox coo The coooeraixon gr eaxhq appr eckaxed and has go 'Yhen we have khoee behind- kh 'oooh wonX6 nox have been po h xkovo, Bur ger -Barrel 'Engr avxn B 51-nan, Nhdfihake ?rK.nixng, ander oi PAeuLanoer' a Sxudko phi . NX 9 . Don ch 'oooh . heXo re Raw red as or ge p.Xe+ otogia and r nx Conn ' 5 whose xhanks to NH . Kansas CRW , wr . Y iers-on CAN and NR. Ge xl-avnxe, ior hrs ikne oh . YXarXan hong and NR. no Oneen, to 'che Sxnoe wh Sqke-5 ior XoanXng hx 'ce ior xhekr enchese xatietice and Sei 'n 'riir wr ing a enne Oiix X. 5 here x 'ihanke go Lo euaexkng, onr X4- ' nironlx Mr. uk e Stenogr aphkc cordkng axnoen cooper anon, ekr 'Eanrox ior xhekr ' ' e ior 5 trxb 'co nh r re ei! oe Cn nkd 'con ne , and rxng 'okanvvs io 'no Staii ior th XX have ina eat cr eokk sho ns or , negatw 9 ko work Rn or epa iniorqnanon. Nw granwae no khe mm Bc ano Aownrkghx hard work. A enccess oi your hook and gr 9 xo NXr . Yknrx Sahara, our soo Gwent. 'ion heard a Xox K. you are not ah oi ' one , o the Thanh , nr ag Echo. 6 Kha X to sxxggeatx contrkbnkions K he gwen kheir heXQ. ior hks Qxkdknq, hand and enco e sxaii hope you en3oq your bang cofnpheo, and we hop onrce oi Qrkoe and en3oqqnen X. X' YI e oi th onx ki. whhe km was med. May kk 'oe a 5 ses. . we ah qocxs yours, ab 635 appoin tkfne pas 5Xnc e r ew P aff' 148 wgon as And now . 1 DEX STUDENTS Acuff,Jack, 12, 62, 104, 129 Adams, Jane, 47, 106, 122 Agnew, Louis, 12, 129 Albach,James, 115 Albrecht, David, 134, 137, 139 Alderson,John, 33, 134, 137, 138 Allen, Donna, 47, 106 Allred, Larry, 47 Ames, Maggie, 33 Brown, Dale, 47, 61, 62, 117 Brown, Emmett, 34 Brown, Louise, 47, 114, 124 Brown, Bailey, 13 Brown, Robert, 47 Brown, Robert O., 13, 109, 112 Brown, Shirley, 47, 114, 147 Anderson Anastasoff, George, 47, 134, 137, 139 Andereck, Paul, 12, 108, 129 ,Saralou, 12, 105, 108, 109, 122 Anderfrck Anderson, Elva, 12, 112, 122 Anderson, Joanne, 47 Anderson Paul, 41 Anderson, Robert, 47 Rosemarv, 41, 115 Browne, Richard, 47, 64, 144 Browning, Martha, 34, 61, 114 Browning. Peggy, 47, 64, 65, 111, 112 Brunner, Raymond, 47, 61, 67, 107, 114 Buban, Peter, 10, 115 Bughman, Marilyn, 47 Buhr, Karl, 34, 112 Bulick, Robert, 116 Bunch, Donna, 34, 118, 120 Bundren, Ruth, 41, 120 Burdett, Bruce, 47 Burroughs, Alyn, 34, 129, 145 Appleby, Willard, 12, 131 Appling, Bessie, 47, 106, 112 Arnett, Richard, 47 Arnold, Burl, 33, 108, 129 Arnold, Richard, 12 Asher, Joetha, 67, 115 Bailey, Cora, 13 Bailey, Lora, 41, 112, 120 Bailey, Winifred, 41, 114, 117 Bainter, Opal, 33 Baker, Carol, 41, 115 Ball, Marie, 47, 122 Ball, Wayne, 33, 113 Burgener, Jerry, 47 Burk,Jean, 14, 122 Burkhardt, Thomas, 136, 138, 144 Burns, Robert, 116 Burris, Herschel, 34 ,60,62,66,117 Burrows, Alfred, 14, 109 Burt, Ronald, 14 Burton, Guy, 41, 134, 136, 138 Burton. Donna, 14, 126 Burton, Dorothy, 48, 126 Burton, Jeanne, 48, 147 Barker, Kenneth, 33 Barnes, Leo, 13 Barnett, Jacqueline, 33, 126 Barnett, Charles, 47, 1 10 Barnett, Harold, 33 Barnett, Richard, 47 Bartlett, Marietta, 33, 126, 147 Bartow, Gene, 33 Baugher, Thelma, 106, 115 Bealmer, John, 41 Cady, Collette, 14,62,64, 101, 111, 122 Caldwell, Nancy, 14, 106, 114, 124 Caldwell, Nell, 48, 122 Calfee, Elaine, 14, 114 Campbell, Myers, 34 Campbell, Sarah, 41 , 115 Cantor, Harry, 116 Carney, Betty, 48 Carter, Mary, 34 Cassady,Joseph, 14, 110, 113 Cochran, Joseph, 48 Beauchamp, Louise, 41 , 124 Beckett, Irene, 41, 114 Bcilman, Edward, 41 Bender, Edward, 134, 137, 138 Benjamin, Arlene, 41, 120 Bennett, Carl, 10, 115 Bergfield, Peggy, 33, 114, 124 Biesemeyer, Roger, 33, 134, 137, Bingham, Alden, 47 Biondi, "Bobbi", 47, 122, 143 Birchfield, Glen, 33 Blackwell, Charles, 60 Blakely, Norma, 41 Blevins, Beverly, 47 Bliss, Mary, 13, 58, 59, 109, 122 Boddy, Vernon, 13, 131 Bogie, James, 47 Booher. Virginia, 13, 109, 112 Casebeer, Margaret, Chaney, Ralph, 48 14, 63, 76,114 Chaverri, Edwin, 41, 55 Chapman, Constanc e, 34, 120 Chester, Wilhelmine, 15, 120 Childers, Lola, 15 Childers, Victor, 48, Christman, Stanley, 106 48 Churchwell, Ned, 15, 131 Clark, Kenneth, 15, Clark, Pat, 34, 101, Clark, Wayne, 34, 1 131 126 13,131 Claypoole, Ina Mae, 41, 101, 109, 120 Clayton, Russel, 48 IL1 Clough, Marjorie, 1162, ez, 105, 126 Clough, Mary Lou, 34, 61, 63, 76, 77, 10 , Cochran, Evelyn, 48 Boone, Dolores, 47 Boone, Donald, 41, 60, 106 Borosky, Donald, 47 Borron, Darlene, 41 Borron, Juanita, 47, 118 Bourn, Benjamin, 35, 62, 104,113, 117,131 Bowen. Bette, 47 Bower, Donald, 13, 109, 117 Bowers, Orville, 10, 115 Bowling, Dixie, 33, 120 Bowling, Herbert, 34 Boyer. Richard, 47, 144 Boyles, Herbert, 13, 110 Bradley, Lujean, 47, 126 Bradshaw, Olen, 34, 60, 109 Bragg, Evah, 47 Bragg. Phyllis, 41, 117, 120 Brammer, Francis, 47, 138 Brandon, Bruce, 134, 137, 139, 145 Brewer, Marjorie, 13, 122 Brick, Irwin, 60, 67 Brockfeld, Jo Ann, 47, 122 Brookhart, Mary, 34, 122 Broshar, Floyd, 41 Brown, Clyde, 14 Coffman, Harold, 34 Colbert, Floyd, 41 Collett, Gordon, 10 Co1lins,Mervin, 34 Collins, Roy, 41, 141, 142, 145 Combs, William, 48 Commack, William, 34, 131, 134, 141, 1 Conner, Mary, 48, 117, 143 Connolly, Barbara, 48 Conyers, Arleen, 15, 105 Cook, Bonnie, 48 Cook,Jean,15, 62.105,lO8,109,1l8,1 Cook, Loretta, 35 Cook, Roger, 41 Coonfield, Norma. 48 Coslet, Donald, 35 Cossel, Carl, 48 Couch, Betty, 35, 126 Courtwright, Elwood, 15 Cowell, Marie, 15, 106, 108, 114 Cox, Edward, 48, 61, 106, 114 Cox, Mary, 48, 65, 120 Crabtree, Bill, 48 Cranmer,Jean, 48, 61, 117, 120 Crawford, Marilyn, 48, 126 Crist, Raymond, 35, 113 Crum, James, 116 Crumpacker, Jane, 41 , 122 Cu1len,Peggy,35,101, 117,120 Cummins, Howard, 113 Cummins, Robert, 48 Cundiff, Nancy, 48 Cuncliff, Vincil, 15 Cunningham, Frances, 16, 126 Curtis, Kennard, 16, 134, 141, 142 Dabney, Laverne, 134, 136, 139, 141, 142, 144 Daniels, Doris, 35, 114 Davidson, David, 41, 116 Davidson, Earl, 41 Davidson, Jolene, 48, 112, 120 Davis, Darold, 115 Davis,James, 16, 131 Davis, Shirley, 48, 120 Dawkins, Forest, 109 Dean, Joan, 41, 61, 62, 64,114,1l7,124 Dean, June, 41, 124 Dearing, Howard, 48, 144 Dearing, Ruth, 41, 122 Debo, Anthony, 48, 61, 62 Deerfield, Richard, 48 Delaney, Robert, 16, 129, 145 Delventhal, Janet, 48, 122 Demry, Ava, 16, 115 Demry, Gilbert, 10, 108, 115 De Rosear, Dwight. 35, 58, 107, 109, 129 Derrick, Neil, 41, 61, 62, 106, 111, 112, 117, 129 Dickmann, Vemon, 48 Dieckgufe, Eugene, 48, 142 DiFrederic0,Jennie, 39, 62, 115, 118, 122 DiFrederico, Mario, 131 Dillinder, Charles, 48 Dixon, Carol Sparks, 42, 120 Dixon, Madalyn, 48, 59, 120 Dixon, Margaret, 48, 114, 147 6 126 42 26 Dodge, Peggy, 16, 115, 126 Dodson, Carole, 48, 106, 126 Dodson, Clayton, 16 Doldt, Billy, 49 Dougherty, Mary Doughty, Kathryn, 49, 117, Douglas, Betty, 49, 106, 117 Dowell, Linus, 16, 58, 83, 13 Downen, Barbara Doyle, Joan, 35, 124 Dragich, Raymond, 144 120 4, 136, 139, 144 Drake, Anita, 16, 105, 108, 126 Drake, James, 16, 64, 129 Drake, Mary, 49 Drennan,1rene,35, 61, 62, 67,105, 106, 114,12 Dunard, Charles, 49, 112 Durham, Charles, 17 Durham, John, 49, 138 6 Dye, Lois, 42, 59, 120 Early, Rita, 49, 108 Edwards, Maxine, 42 Edwards,Jeanette, 17, 101, 114, 126 Edwards, Bob, 49 Edwards, Maxine, 124 Eitel, Jimmie, 42 Eitel, Richard, 61 Elam, Charles, 35, 74, 104, 109, 131 Ellis, Mary, 42, 116 Ellison, Lucy, 49, 114 Elsea, Robert, 10 Elsea, Carrol, 63 Emmert, Leo, 17 England, Carolyn, 17, 126 Eshenaur, Oliver, 35 Eubank, Virginia, 49, 106 Eyman, Bill, 35 Fallah, Farida, 17, 55, 116 Farthing, Kenneth, 17 Fawcett, Alan, 49 Fechtling, Howard, 35 Fennel, Jeanne, 49 Ferguson, Grace, 49, 61, 62, 122 Filkins, Wanda, 35 Page 149 Hill, Shi Fine, Gene, 49 Finnell, Charles, 116 Finnerty, Richard, 49, 61 , 67 Finney, Shirley, 35, 62, 108, 109, 1 Fisher, George, 35 Flaherty, Nancy, 49, 116 18,124 Fleming, Marie, 17, 59, 101, 109, 122 Flynn, Jerome, 35 Ford, Anita, 36, 120 Foust, Barbara, 49, 126 Foutes, Berylena, 106 Fox, James, 36, 107 Fox, Mary, 49 Frazer, Dorothy, 12, 60, 62, 67, 10 Frazer, Clive, 134, 136, 138 Freeborn, Mary, 36, 112 Frenzen, Glenn, 36, 110, 113 Fugate, Charles, 17, 104, 129 Fugate, Glen, 42, 59, 107, 129, 143 Funk, Mary Ann, 49, 120 Gale, Oren, 36, 106 Gardner, Hugh, 49, 76, 77 Gardner, June, 49, 126 Garner, Clarke, 42 Garriott, Joan, 36 Gibson, Everett, 33, 107, 116, 129 Gibson, Shirley, 42, 116, 117 Giddens, Richard, 55, 116 Gillum, Randolph, 49 Gilstrap, Evelyn, 36, 114, 124 Gilstrap, Mary, 36, 115, 118, 124 Gilstra p, Russel, 17 Goeke, Ed, 42,1l7, 129,143 Goeke, James, 49, 117 Goeke, Joseph, 49, 64, 66 Goeke, Mary, 36, 62, 66, 117, 126 5, 114, Goeke, Raymond, 17, 62, 66, 67, 117, 129 Gonnerman, Paul, 49 Gooch, David, 18, 104, 118, 129 Goodwin, Rosemary, 42 Gordon, Larry, 42 Gorman, Myra, 49, 106 Goucher, Eldon, 18, 110 Gould, Fred, 49 Gourley,James, 134, 136, 138 Gourley, John, 46 Grady, Ruth, 36, 106, 109, 112, 126 Graham, Dick, 42, 139 Graves , Dorothy, 36, 124 Graves, Juanita, 49 Gray, Jacqueline, 49, 147 Green, Green, Barbara, 49, 122 Eddie, 49 1-larnett, Hubert, 10, 115 Harold, Thomas, 50 Harp, Otis, 19, 129 Harpham, Dee, 42, 60, 61, 122 Harrington, Dormalee, 50, 64, Harvey, Donald, 50, 112 Havis, Frank, 10 Hawes, Lorna, 42, 122 Hathaway, Karen, 50 Hawkins, J. G., 42 Hawkins, Lloyd, 32 65, 106, 111,112 Haynes, Glaza, 42, 106, 114 Hays, Clifford, 42 Hazlett, Dale, 37 Heaberlin, George Hellyer, Lyle, 19, 131 Hellyer, Romalynn Liggett, 33, 112, 126 Hutton, Kenneth Henley, Raymond, 50 Henner, Dale, 134, 137, 139 Henry, Billie, 115 Henry, Catherine, 19 Herndon, Norman. 50 Herrin, Clifford, 42 Hershman, Florence, 19, 108 Herzog, Richard, 42, 61, 114 Hiesrodt, Joan, 50, 60, 120 Higgins,James, 50, 142 Hilber, Jerry, 50 Hill, Barbara, 50 rley, 60 Mary, 37, 109 Gregerson, Beverly, 42, 124 Gregory, Laverne, 36, 62, 112, 116 Griffen, Elaine, 49, 61, 115 Griffin, Imogene, 36, 116, 126 Griffiths, Mary, 42, 106, 111,116, 120 Griffits, Wilbur, 18 Grim, Ed, 18, 104, 129 Grisamer, Donald, 49 Guernsey, Billy, 49 Guffey, llene, 18, 58, 112, 126 Gunnell, Denzel, 18, 61 Gunnell, Janis, 35, 124 Guyer, Kathleen, 18, 67, 114, 122 Haden, George, 10, 115, 117 Hafner,C.T,,36, 114,116 Hafner, Sherman, 141, 142, 144 Hagan, Gladys, 36, 122 Hahn, Norman, 36, 144 1-1all,Joan,36,112,114,126 Hall, Harry, 10 Hall, Howard, 49, 134, 137,138 Hall,Pau1,50,115 Halls, Betty, 50, 126 Hamilton, Warren, 18, 104, 129 Hammons, Novella, 50, 106, 147 Hammons, Winona, 106 Hampton, Mildred, 42, 106, 114 Hanes,Fred, 18, 62, 76,77,108,112,116,129 Hanes, Velma, 42, 126 Hanrahan, James, 50, 60, 64, 67 Hansen, Mille, 18, 55, 116 Hanson, Constance, 50, 62, 78, 106, 120 Harbison, Eleanor, 50 Hardy,James,19, 61, 107, 129 Hartsock, lvalee, 36 Harnden, Patricia, 50, 114, 147 Page 159 Hobbs, Jimmie, 116 Hochstedler, Art, 19, 134, 136, 139, 145 Hoeker, Donald, 50 Hockett, Ruth, 50, 66, 120 Hoemann, Virgil, 116 Hogenson, Gilbert. 42 Holcomb, Elmer, 42 Holcomb, Marjorie, 42 Holmes, William, 19, 58, 129, 134, 137, 139 Holmes, Neal, 110 Holman, Linda, 50 Holr, Marvis, 19, 106, 114 Holzmeier, Alfred, 50 Hook.Joan, 19,62, 105, 106, 108, 118,126 Hopkins, Jimmie, 50 Houchins, Rollie, 19, 64, 65, 104, 111. 129 Howard, Al, 42, 58, 60, 62, 66, 67, 114, 117, 129 Howard, Wilmer, 20, 113 Hoyt, Jane, 50 Hubbartt, John, 50, 60, 64, 67 Huber, Ronald, 10, 115 Hudson, Jackie, 50 Huffine. Ruth, 42, 101, 122 Huggins, Dwight, 134, 137, 138, 145 Hull, Glenn, 43, 137, 138 Hulse, Laura, 37, 65, 108, 109, 122 Hulse, Mary, 50 Hunter, Donna, 20, 124 Hunter, Robert, 43 Huntsman, Willa, 43, 124 Husted, Avonlee, 43 Jackson, Roy, 43, 107 Jacobs, Eldon, 20 Jacques, Robert, 50 Jacques, William, 50 James, Martha, 37, 58, 114, 117, 122 Janson, David, 33, 62, 76, 77,10-4,129,148 Jaquiss, Elaine, 43, 112 Jarrett, Robert, 50, 134, 137, 138 Jellum, Margaret, 114, 115 Judd, A, D., 32 Judd, Ilene, 43 Juergensmeyer, Janis, 50, 122 Jurgel,James, 116 Karch, Lenora, 20, 108 Kaye, Paul, 12, 64, 65, 104, 111, 129 Kearns, Roy, 50 Keesling,Janette. 50, 122 Keidel, Harold, 43 Kelley, Tony, 21, 131, 136, 138 Kelly, W. C., 43, 116 Kelly,John,21, 58,62, 104, 118,129,145 Kelso, Elmer, 50, 110 Kelso, George, 21, 106, 108, 112 Kendrick, Nancy, 51 Kent, Lewis, 51 Kerlwy, Helen, 51 Kerr, Mary, 59 Kerr, Stanley, 10, 115, 117 Ketcham,Jean,51,117,122 Kiley, Richard, 142 Kimmel, Keith, 51 King, Ann, 21, 120 King, Edward, 37 King,Mary,21, 105,114, 117,120 King, Patricia Kirk,H.A., 10,115 Kish, Lawrence, 37, 110, 113 Kissner,Joyce, 51, 126 Klote, Margaret, 51, 122 Kneeland, Robert, 37, 61, 62, 67 Knoernschild, Ruth, 43, 106 Koeppe, Kenneth, 1 13 Koger,1X1ilton,21, 118 Korsen, Anna, 51, 114,117 Kressig, Emil, 51 Kriegshauser, James, 43, 129 LaBonta, Louis, 21 LaFaver, Barbara, 51, 106, 120 La Faver, Dale, 51 Lair, Kenneth, 21 Laird, Alvin, 51,61 Lake,Jo Ann, 21 Lake, L. B., 21 Lamb, Donna, 43 Lamb, Owen, 51 Lambdin,Mari1ynn, 22, 60, 62, 105, 106, 108, 126 Lambert, Betty, 37, 122 Lamers, Doris, 43, 124 Landman, Jean, 43, 60, 122 Lanzani, Elena, 37, 55,115,116 Laudenslager, Raoul, 51 Laudwig, Evelyn, 43 Lauer, Frederick, 10 LaVoo, Norma, 22, 67, 108, 124 Lawrence, Robert, 134, 136, 139, 141, 142, 144 Lawson, Donna, 43, 110 Lawson, Eldon, 37 Lear, Clifford, 22 Leathers, Alfred, 37, 60, 66, 107, 117 Ledbetter, Floyd, 22 Ledbetter, Harold, 43 Ledford, Aileene, 11, 114, 115 Lema, Anthony, 115 Lepley, Richard, 51, 61 Lewedag, Vera, 51, 126 Lewis, Herbert, 51 Lewis, Wanda, 51, 115, 126 Lewis, William, 43 Linebaugh, Edna, 22 Linhardr, Bill, 51 Jensen,James, 145 Johns, Lloyd, 37, 129 Johnson, Carl, 37, 55, 143 Johnson, Dexter, 116 Johnson, Betty, 50, 122 Johnson, Garnet, 43, 120 Johnson, Marjorie, 37, 120 Johnson, Mary, 20, 105, 108, 109 Johnson. Merilyn, 50, 117, 122 Johnson, Olin, 20, 110 Johnson, Paul, 20 Johnson, Richard, 10 Johnson, Vernon, 43 Jones, Clarence, 20 Jones, Gale, 43, 116 Jones,Jeanne, 20,105,115, 118, Jones, ,120 120 Linhart, Donald, 37 Lintner, David, 22, 131 Lintner, Pat, 22, 120 Longwith. Robert, 22 Lough, Donna, 51 , 60, 67 Loughery, Billy, 51 Lovelace, Mary, 37, 124 Loveless, Jessie, 51 , 60, 62, 117 Loweock, Ford, 22, 106, 108, 109 Lowe, Eleanor, 51 Lowell, Helen, 22, 120 Ludwig, Florence, 51 Luedloff, Donald, 61 Luse, Carl, 115,117 Lynch, Robert, 37, 129 McAnu1ty, Elizabeth, 32, 114 McAnu1ty, Patricia, 23, 38, 58, 109, 117, 118, 17.1 McCabe, Eleanor, 43 Jorgenson, Andrew, 20, 113 lvlu rph y McCally, Lucy, 51, 115 McClaskey, Bertha, 43, 122 McCo11om, Bill, 144 McCollom, Eleanor, 38, 118, 122 MeCollom,jean, 38, 59, 122 McCollum, Emogcne, 51, 106, 124 Mudd, Phillip, 44 Muller, Don Muff, Willette, 24, 115, 147 1x4u1lins, Harold, 110 Murfinujoe, 52 David, 24 1v1cCord, Nana, 51 McCoy, Robert, 43, 107 McCrary, Mary, 23, 105 McCrary, William, 23, 82, 131, 144 McCullough, Glcnice, 51 McCurdy, Migntxn, 51, 65, 101, 111, 116, 126 McDonald,june, 43, 122 McFarland, Nadine, 43, 122 McGraw, David, 23, 131, 144 McGregor, jean, 44, 120 MeKanna, Betty, 51, 76, 77, 117, 122,143 McKee, joan, 44, 120 McKinney, Norma, 38, 109, 124 McMichael. Patricia, 51 McRobert, lvlax, 52 McVeigh, Edna, 23, 114 Mackie, William, 51, 139 Maddox, Edith, 23 Madoiin,jo Ann, 37, 117, 124 Madsen, jearv. 51 1Vlagrudcr,Char1es, 38, 107, 113 Magruder, jo, 23 Mancuso, Louis, 11 Murphy, Donald, 52, 62, 77, 109, 117 Murphy, Glenn, 52 Murphy, Maryjane, 44, 106, 124, 147 1X4yers, Charles, 38, 109, 131 Myers, Eugene, 44, 107, 110, 112 Myers,joyce, 52, 60, 122 Myers, Phyllis, 52, 122 Newcu m, Harry, 52 Newman,john, 44, 113, 131 Nicol, Catherine, 52, 117, 120 Nixon, Dorothy, 24, 114, 115 Noble, joe, 38 Noel, Roth, 24, 61, 62, 131 Manning, Herbert, ll Mansager, john, 138 Marshall, Bruce, 51, 55, 116 Nlarshall, Marjorie, 38, 116, 117, 124 Martin Martin Martin lvlartin ,l3onnie,43,117,124 ,Chris,43,106,109,1l1,1l2,l29,145 ,junc, 23, 60, 61, 62, 105, 109, 118. 120 , William, 38, 107, 110 Mason,jo Ann, 51, 120 Maupin, james, 115 Nlaxwell, Robert, 43 Mayhew, Gladys, 114 Melvin, Stephen, 11, 62 Melvin, Zolene, 32, 62, 66, 105, 126 Melvin, Frank, 134, 136, 139 Mennemeier, Lois, 23, 108, 115, 120 1x4ennemeier, Kenneth, 38 Merrell, Dorsie, 52, 110 Meyer, Elaine, 44, 59, 126 Mickalek, Mike, 52, 58, 59, 116, 122 Mikel, Tvtila, 52, 120 Milam, Margaret, 52, 120 Miles. Donald, 52 Miller, Dale. 44, 110 Miller, Donald, 52 Miller, Elzie, 38 Miller, George, 52 Miller, Maurice. 38, 114 Miller, Milton, 44, 84, 85 Miller, Wayne, 44 Miller, Walter, 117 Milligan, jay, 23, 113 Millin, 1ohn,38, 116 Minear, Evelyn, 38 Mitch, joseph, 52, 144 Mitchell, Bill, 24, 145 Mitten, Carl, 52, 144 Mogg, Pat, 44, 122 1y4onerief, Nancy, 38 Moore, Moore, Moore, Betty, 24, 61, 62 Colleen, 52 Donald, 44, 131 Moore, jerry, 52 Moore, john, 44 Moore, Patricia, 52, 106, 115, 147 Moore, jean, 44, 79, 120 Moore, William Moots, Charles, 52 1y4oots, Gary, 44 Morelock, Tempa, 24 Morey, l.loyd, 38 Morrey, Garnita, 24, 115, 120 Morgan, Ann, 24, 115, 117, 122 k4orris,john,1l,115,117 Morrow, Walter ldorsc, Clyde, 24, 113 1x4orse, Ward, 52 Mosleyi, Kenneth, 24, 112 Motley, Robert, 52 Mozingo, Don, 44 Norman, Duane, 52, 131 Normile, Dorothea, 52, 122 North, Bill, 44, 107, 109 Novingerulane, 52, 124 O'De1l, Margaret, 11, 115 Cff, Mary, 25, 122 Ogle, Lewis, 52 Olson, Lyle, 44, 116, 131 Otto, Lela, 52 Overfelt, Myra, 44 Overfelt, Richard, 25 Overstreet, Lloyd, 52 Owens, Darlene, 52 Page, Carolyn, 44, 109, 126 Parcells, Frances, 38, 64, 65, 76, 111, 126 Parks, Evelyn, 25, 64, 101, 111, 112 Parrella, lrma, 38 Parrish, Lou Ann, 52, 115 Pash, Sara, 52, 101, 106, 117, 120 Patton, Gloria, 44 Payne, Donald, 25 Peak, Addie, 52 Pearson, Dennis, 53 Perry, Earl, 62, 134, 141, 142 Perry, LewiS, 44 Petershagen, joann, 44, 1 14, 126 Peterson,Car1a,53, 112, 115, 117, 120 Peterson, Marilyn, 44, 117, 126 P11um,XVarren,25, 113,131 Phillips, Roy, 53 Pierce, Donald, 39 Pierson, Norvin, 25, 131 Piland, Dorothy, 53, 124 Pister, Bobbie, 44, 131 Plenge, Anna, 44, 66, 117, 122 Pletsch, Lorraine, 25, 120 Poe, Bernadine, 44, 67, 124 Pohlkamp, George, 39, 134, 141, 142 Poole, jeannette Hornocker, 42, 60, 62, 1 Posey, james, 44 Powell, Lucy, 25, 101, 124, 147 Prado, Alicia, 39, 55, 116 Pressley, james, 53, 116 Prewitt, George, 53 Pritchard, james, 11 Primm, Gerald, 44 Prohaseo, Milton, 25, 114 Pulis, Sarah, 44, 124 Pulis, Shirley, 53, 124 Quigley, james, 53 Quigley, Mary, 25, 108, 115 Quinn, Norman Quint, Morris, 53 Rainer, Donald, 39, 110 Rains, Mary, 26, 126 Rains, Lois, 45 Ransom, Clyde, 136, 139, 144 Rauer, Alta Mae, 45, 124 Rebak, Andy, 26, 145 Reed, Thomas, 26, 114, 116 Reger. Robert, 53 Rehg, Kenneth, 39, 131,134,136, 138 Reidmeyer, Robert, 39 Reilly, Mary, 26, 109 Reinhard, Martha, 53, 112, 126 Rethmeyer, Donald, 53 Rhodes, Rol'-ert, 53, 114, 116, 117 Richardson, james, 26 Riechard, Lilie, 106 Riggs, Bill, 53, 117 06, 126 RiggS,jean,117 Rigsby, Raymond, 26, 109 Riley, Beverly, 45, 120 Rissler, David, 26, 64, 66, 107, 129 Ritchey, Estella, 45 Ritter,john,53,58,59, 112,117 Roberts, Betty, 53, 106, 126 Roberts, Dale, 26, 110 Roberts, Kenneth, 53 Roberts, Waldo, 110 Robinson, lval, 26, 112, 114 Robinson, james, 45 Rock, Fred, 53 Roemerman, Donald, 45, 113 Roemerman, Henry, 26 Rogers, Ann Sue, 45, 58, 63, 126, 147 Rogers, Patrick, 53 Romine, Robert, 45, 61 Rose, Richard, 45 Ross, Kenneth, 53 Ross, Mary, 27 Ross, Loren, 1 1 Roy, Martha, 45, 59, 65, 67, 126 Rulon, Garold, 39, 110 Runyon, john, 53, 131 Russ'.ll,john, 136, 139 Rydclius, Gerd, 27. 55, 116 Ryle,1Valtcr,45,65, 108, 111, 112, 116 Salladay, Anna, 27, 59, 109, 117, 118, 124 Sanders, Donald, 27, 108 Sargent, Ethel, 45 Sarris,Cus,27.13l,134,137,139 Sayagc, Patricia, 53, 117, 122 Sawycr, Willard, 134, 136, 139, 145 Scearce, William, 27 Schnclllcacher, Virginia, 115' Scott, Dorothy, 53, 63, 117, 124 Scott , Eleanor, 39, 120 Scott, Henry, 39, 59, 63, 107, 108 Scott, Donald, 53, 64, 111, 116, 144 Scoyille, Bi11,27 Schlepphorst, Larry, 39 Schneider, Wallace, 27, 104, 129 Schowalter, Mary, 39, 114 Schroeder, jerry, 53 Schroder,joan, 53, 61, 62, 67, 126 Mhnucker, Bob, 53, 63, 76, 77, 112 Schwarztrauber, Roger, 53, 134, 137, 138 Sealock, C. C., 27 Sears, Larry, 53, 61 Sel1aro,S. R., 27, 116 Settle, joyce, 45, 124 Shahan, jesse, 45 Shale, Susan, 45, 68, 71, 120 Shalley, Tommy, 53 Sharp, james, 53 Shelton, Annabelle, 53, 60, 115, 122 Shepherd, Dick, 45 Sheumaker, Donald, 53 Shinn, Anna Ruth, 63, 76, 106, 115 Shinn, David, 53 Shippee, Donald, 28, 60, 67, 129 Shippee, Marion Hunter, 43, 126 Shoaf, Orville, 28 Shockley, Kenneth, 109 Shupek, Francis, 28, 113 Siehl, james, 39, 131 Silver, Marvin, 53, 117, 134, 137, 139 Simmons, Sara, 54, 60, 62, 115, 120 Sims, Willard, 54, 141, 142 Simpson, Henry, 54, 63 Slates, Glenn, 54 Sloan, Donald, 54 Sloan, Frank, 45 Small, Fraser, 11, 115 Smith, Betty, 45 Smith, Charles, 45, 116 Smith, Ervin, 28 Smith, Douglas, 45 Smith, Murry, 39, 112 Smith, Gertrude, 28, 106, 114, 122 Smith, Herbert, 28 Smith, Marjorie, 28, 63, 105, 106, 108, Smith, Virgil, 54 Snel, Mia, 45, 55,116 Sparks, james, 54 Speak, Bill, 11 Spearman, Elmer, 28 Spicer, john, 54 109, 126 Page 151 Spriggs, Glen, 28 Stafford, Ondrel, 54 Stahlhut, Robert, 45, 137. 139 Stark, John, 28 Stateler, William, 45, 60, 110 St. Clair, Wanda, 75 Steinrniller, James, 39, 109, 129 Stella, Margaret, 32, 115 Stelplugh, Richard, 54 Stevens, Norma, 29, 60, 114, 124 Stevenson, Wayne, 144 Stewart, Bob, 45 Stewart, Harold, 54 Stewart, Henry, 32 Stewart, Margaret, 29, 58, 80, 81, 105, 126, 147 Sticht, Ernst, 29, 55, 112, 116 Stinson, Baxter, 11 Strange, Donald, 54 Strate, Freda, 45, 106. 120 Strickler, William, 54, 63, 131, 143 Strohman, Marion, 45, 61, 62, 114, 1 Stuart, Betty, 45, 115 Swarthout, Julia, 45, 122 Syler, Delpha, 29, 105, 106, 115, 126 Tabler, Cecelia, 29 Taylor, Robert, 29 Teshaw, Shirley, 45, 124 Thomas, Donna, 45, 120 Thomas, Kathleen, 39, 126 Thomas, Nancy, 29, 120 Thomas, Robert, 29, 114 Thompson, Forest, 29 Thompson, Max, 54 Tibbles, Boyd, 29, 64, 107, 111 Tietsort, Eldon, 30, 131, 144 Tipton, William, 113 Todd, Judith, 46, 62, 66, 117, 122 Tollenaar, Adelbert, 54 Tracy, Marvin, 30 Traylor, Bill, 12, 62, 64, 65, 104, 111 Trefiletti, Peter, 116 17,129 .129 Troutman, Shirley, 39, 122 Troutner, John, 46 Truitt, Shirley, 46, 111, 126 Tucker, Mary, 54 Tuder, Charles, 30 Turner, Gilbert, 39 Turner, Kathryn, 54 Turner, Samuel, 54 Turner, Thomas, 40, 116 Valbracht, James, 40, 112 Vance, Minnie, 30, 115 Van Houten,Ju1iane, 54, 120 Varnum, Arrietta, 54 Vaughn. Charles, 59, 116 Vaughn, Suzanne, 30, 62, 105, 106, Veach, Fred, 30, 104, 118, 131 Vencill,Julia, 30, 114 VenCi11,Va1'l, 30, 113 Vercler, Marvin, 54, 116 Waddill, George, 30, 65, 108 Waggener, Mary, 30, 62, 105, 112 Wall, Richard, 54,60 Walker, Dorothy, 46, 120 Walker. Ethel, 54 Walker, James, 31, 131 Walker, Roy, 31, 113 Walker, William, 54 Ward, James, 46 Ward, Travis, 31 Wares, Robert, 31 Warren, Fred, 40 Vl'aterman, William. 109, 112 Watson, Jeanine, 40, 115, 120 Way, Frank, 32, 62, 129 Waybill, Kenneth, 54 Wayman, Franklin, 46 Wayman, James, 46 Wayman. Joyce, 54 W'eaver. Clifton. 107 Weber, Jack, 31, 61 Vlleekley, Joan, 54, 63, 116 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY- Agnew, John P., 93,112,118 Allen. Amy, 93 Allen, C, H., 58, 90, 93 Allen, Lula, 91, 118 Allen, Norvell, 93, 110 Aukerman, Robert C., 90, 93 Ballard, Kurt, 76, 93 Barclay, Eugene, 100 Barnett, Otho L., 93, 118, 131 Bauer, Ernest, 100 Beggs, Berenice, 93, 108 Biggerstaff, John, 93 Black, John D., 93 Blanchard, J, L., 91, 93, 110 Bohon, Kathleen, 92 Bowers, Orville, 91 Bowman, Dean, 93 Bray, Willis J., 94, 117 Browne, W. A., 94,112 Browne, Sylva, 98 Buckingham, Lena, 94, 115 Cable, W. A., 88 Castiner, Albert, 100 Clevenger, Clara, 94, 112 Clevenger, Lewis, 94 Cole, Duane, 94, 113 Collins, Sherod, 94, 108 Crites, James E., 94 Croarkin, Eugene, 109 Crooks, Forest, 91 Crummy, Elizabeth, 92 Cunningham, Earl, 94 Dailey, Irene, 94 Dougherty,James, 91. 134, 135, 139 Dudgeon, Phyllis, 92 Easton, Hamilton P., 94, 112 Fawcett, Vera, 94 Fechtling, Jolyda, 92 Flowers, Cleone, 92 Fox, Ben, 100 Funk, D. P., 100 Page 152 Goeke, John, 100 Goetze, John, 95, 99, 118, 129 Goold, Edgar, 95, 107 Gufiey, Carl, 100 Hagemann, Hans H , 95 Hawkins, E, W., 100 1-1olman,S. P., 100 Hook, Ethel. 91 House, Ralph, 95 House, Sophronia, 92 Hudson, Emma, 100 Jamison, George Harold, 95 Jibben, Noemy, 95, 116 Jones,John B., 91 Jump, Eula, 91, 101 Karel, Leon, 95 Kauzlarich, Charles, 95, 109 Kerr, Mary, 92 King, Boyd, 95, 135 Kline, Albert, 95, 116 Kline, Vivian, 95 Kohlenberg, Gilbert C , 112 Knobbs. Pauline, 95, 122 Lair, O. E., 100 Leslie, Glenn, 96 Longwith, Betty, 92 Maddox, Delbert, 96, 135 1v'aGee, Llora, 96, 115 Magee, Viola, 96, 99. 126 Marr, P. M., 88 Martin, Charles W., 96 lv1cKinney, Frances, 100 McKinney, Robert, 90, 104 Mickelson, Jesse, 96, 109 Miller, lvan E., 96 Minor, NVilliam, 96. 113 Mittler. Eli F., 90 Monay, Ralph, 96, 109 Moore, B. L., 100 Moots, Irene, 92 109, 126 Wehmeyer, Sara, 54 Welch, Wilma, 54 Weldon, Betty, 54 Wellborn, Beryl, 31, 106 We1ls,Jack, 11,115 Wells, William B., 113 Werr, Kenneth, 46, 145 West, Charles, 54 1Vest, Elsie, 40, 114 West, Roy, 40 West, Virginia, 54, 126 Westfall, Carrol, 134, 137, 138 Wheeler, Cornella, 54 White, Bertin, 46 White, Bob, 110 White, Darrel, 40 White, William, 46, 116 Wilgus, Yvonne, 46 Wike, Monroe, 54, 147 Williams, Rudolph, 46, 116 Williams, Walter, 40 Willis, Robert, 54 Wilson, Harold, 113 Wilson, Mary, 54, 120 Wilson, Patrick, 46, 107 Wilson, Royal, 31 Wimp,Jan, 54, 65, 76, 11 Winslow, Richard, 40 7, 120 Wisely,Dan,31,131,134.137,139,144 Wisely, Nancy, 31 Wiss, John, 46 Wolf, William, 46, 107, 116 Wohlschlaeger,John, 40, 129, 145 Wolford, Bernard, 46 Workman, George, 40, 129 Worrell, Fritzi, 40, 63, 112, 122, 143 Yagel, Shirley, 54 Yager,Naney,31, 106, 108,114, 124 Yocum, Marvin, 46, 107. 117 Young, Ruth, 54 Ziegler, Cynthie, 117 Morris, Howard. 90 Park, No-Yong, 96 Patterson, W. E., 100 Pattinson, Sallie, 96 Pickens, Dena, 92 Quinn, Roy, 88 Redford, Martha, 96, 112 Redmon, Noble, 100 Rhoades, R. V., 100 Richardson, Noah, 91 Riddle, Kathryn, 97, 147 Rieger, Wray, 97 Rodney, Robert, 97, 115 Rothschild, Felix, 91, 97, Ryle, Walter H., 88, 89 Samuels, Leo, 100 Scho0eld, Ernest, 100 Scholleld, V., 100 Sears, Herbert, 88 Simmons, Lucy, 97, 112 Slemons, Agnes, 63, 97 Spears, Charles, 100 St, Clair, Richard, 91 Strub, Paul, 60, 97 Q0 Sullivan, Richard, 97, 112 Swain, E. E., 88 Sykes, Kenneth, 91 Valentine, Ralph E., 97. 99, 114 Veach, Norma, 92 Wade, Maurice, 138 Wade, Nan E., 97, 116 Webb, Karl, 67, 97 Wells, Phradie, 66, 97, 11 Wheeler, Hubert, 88 7 Whitson, Willie, 92, 98, 99, 114, 124 Worrell, Elizabeth, 98 Wright, Bailey, 90, 98 Yadon, Clara Etta. 98 Zeigel, Roland, 88 Zoller, Alma K., 92. 98, 120 V--v-V--.1-W-.-.U ,-.-,N wb f-fi Trp, . ..,..,.. ,.-..w-qqi-w.v,n w--,--1.,-,.-w-pv- fp, . .. Ta.--. -- M7'..,..W,,, n,,.:,.,,7..-',.,....-WT ,X my . ,.,...--,- x 1 41' xx ff.- f , 'fi-f.ff'?7X, 5, ff '55 ' +I., l 1' gi' If-'L-ff 54 : ' 1 1' - at J ,v .J ax N .' N.. ' " J", . 632: . . -il Q J- X g' ' . 1 . 9 ' 1

Suggestions in the Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) collection:

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