Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO)

 - Class of 1949

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Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

Page 6, 1949 Edition, Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) online yearbook collectionPage 7, 1949 Edition, Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) online yearbook collection
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Page 10, 1949 Edition, Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) online yearbook collectionPage 11, 1949 Edition, Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) online yearbook collection
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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1949 volume:

:,A. A- V A . ... V . -. . V.- .-- V Y-r..-- . . . ,. " :. .A1.g-"1-'ff'-':.sL4-gsm.-gm.."' :Airs-:fl-e"'-'U , . -.. Vc1..:-jQ:f'f- -" N" 'Lv ii. Az.--JV:--1A: A.. -A ' 9 4 . -. . . 'f 'wat .sg-,. Af-.. V .. - g': , ' - -V rs. ly . .-::f5'Qy-xi. -:f'aJfp-.fri-:1Yssf-C97-pf f -ff-F:-zfizfg--. 6.15.31 .1-f,-V.:-z-fgg3i1.5:,1Y-1.f.z?.:Q '53 - . ..---.:.--.-fx-. .xr--:AAA-A .,-A.V --. - --A.A-..A- ,:g....,..A. :,A..-..-..':.:...A..-:-.f1,A-.. AAA. A454 .AQA.AEA.-.Atf- A-.AQ--. .5 . fm-M -xx, 2-...A .A..-:f-.A V.-.A -1-1,-'-ff . -.iv '-::,.'V1V..- ,.---f-FV.-f' 1 -1 . ::N.:..--:.Vi....:- ,-1-.r-75: . .2 -'rli-E2-1:21. E-i 5 -N ' - :: 4- 1 iii- 4. Y:1?"2'-Zrlirwfx'f.:.5-:Qi-'Z-Sf:-:s1?g-' 1.1 F'-?5-5-get' -32 . -. Y- 11? ' ' 1'-"f:..:Vxiii-,i':z22.F4?i2.Q'afaai-113' 'ff' -f--QY.,-'viii-Alfff "5 A .- At -. , -,jf -ig :Q-A - - " 5- 1 -A11--gY::QAg'.i2A-. ,151 , -V."3'L?1LVY :il -3 ,Vf Ai-5 -3 L .. . - A' EN .Y-T-"--if T - . '.' -- 'I ' rf 7- - .Y.:?7f.i-::LTi4V-' Y? 95.7- - Ls.. 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VVVBV:-gf-an - VV.- -'- '5 Ve -:YA -V:-Q15 9-4 A - ' 'E' -.7?7f?'?5L?7Q7-ffZ11"f'fIU?1'r"EEE'2"-1' fi' l"fE"Gf1?,Vff: i'1?VV1fz1?'1zV-: fir V':f1":J'P-zu .. i'1?if--- ' ,,.,. 'i The 1949 ECHO, published by the student body of The Northeast Missouri State Teachers College at Kirksville, Missouri. represents a pictorial record of . . . ,... .... , .e sg , . I I pf" :-iii: :i- . . . a yeax-'s activities on the campus of the oldest Teachers College west of the Mississippi River. This college. founded in 1867 by P52 W , Jfff ,-,-jw.u-,ifew f 9' ,, ' ff' -. 1 X 4 ,VJ lv W3 jft ffx '1i. K,f.iie,."x-'3 " ' "' en, ',: 6,87 "L a pqgv, .'1 'x r ef ' - Jn" Trfyw ',:' f f," , . 1 W in ww' . ff? Qin - 2- n .m Vg , ,p -',.'.1' 1. .-BA 'ji .QM -'iff' 1 pw ' f2Y""'+v,1. i'9' H . 1, i'-'J' Wifi' 5 5160 . 13 '1 " fl '. ,A '.,,,,g.1,??':i gaj,--41, ,I-L.-lf, , 1-at . -V, yr, ,"" ,:', gn IHAJ, hifi, -.'. if hi, :'v6EK,. Q wg'-mi, , .H L .. up-,A L,,i,:,.:. , K' . wi ' . -:fo--' -A 1 "4 ,, 1 +m '-:.-,.,i' e r .wif Q 'zf2.'ffJ., .W if.-, 'if . . . Joseph Baldwin. has grown from one building in the middle of a large plot of ground to the present large. beautiful and still nm: -1 i . . . growing institution. It has always been the policy of administrators of the college to provide the best possible education for the . . . Page 4 , 55 0, . ,Q gf . 1 , z .wif , 5... z 5 Us-U." ,.,, .. . . -1.4 future teachers of the state with the best faculty available uncler condi- tions as close to ideal as possible. To tl-nose people . . . Page 5 1 . " Us ... Wg eq L, , ,vt TT +a3,l1:5!4g..3, kg ., 5 ..:3::.':,,:1 krg..i..w:, : 'i tggwgn 1,11-,y '2'1f',?': 2, wir, 'm:g,f.,. Us -w:fx'zfrf":.g,,.1 ' ' '7 ,. 1 . . . who, during tl-me history of the college, have worked hard and long for the improvement of the college this book is dedicated. To further Pug! 6 5 w I present 1"fj,A pi 'Q A w M. A. I .,, u n.:,g K 1 ki 'xv' 1 . ,aw :ft ixfxz ,w,.,... l 1. , ,1- X, .. ..,..., -...... education, to strive ever for improvement: these are the heritage of the INN! R f QD! Q! ff ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Humziu' Wuaeuzr. tate Commissioner of Education As State Commissioner of Education, Mr. Hubert Wheeler is supervisor of all of Missouri's public schools and in that capacity he meets with the Board of Regents of the college as exfoflicio member. In this manner Mr. Wheeler keeps in close contact with the policies and management of the college. Also the Commissioner of Education is concemed with carrying out the policies of the State Board of Educationg the improving of all phases of instruction concerned with education, health and general welfare of learners in the various levels and the assisting in effectively organizing, managing and financing the educa- tion program of the state. Page IU W. A, Camus. Hannibal. prcsidentg Rox' Qunw, Moherly, vice-president. Second row: P. M. Mann, Milan: Himnsnr Suns, L:iPlatag E. E. SWAIN, Kirksville: Rouwu A. Zunsr., Kirksville, Board of Regents The highest administrative and governing body of the college is the Board of Regents, made up of six members selected from outstanding business and professional men from the Northeast Missouri area. The board sets the policies and handles final business for the college, including such work as employment of teachers, consideration of bids for work, approval of bills and signing of contracts. The work of the board has been especially challenging and busy since the initiation of the new building program for the campus. The Board of Regents stands as the highest administmtive unit of the institution. Page 11 Presidcm Ryle 'rclaxzs in the feld. WALTER H. Run, Jn. The Ryle home on East Patterson Street Mns. WALTER H. RYLH I . r Pug: I.. WALTER H.ana1NcToN Rue The eleven years that Walter H. Ryle has been President of Northeast Missouri State Teachers College have formed an era of many improvements. Through his efforts the faculty has increased in quality of training and number. Through his efforts it is now possible to do graduate work toward a Master of Arts Degree in five fields. A graduate of the Teachers College, President Ryle was a member of the faculty for nine years before being named President in IQQ7. From his desk in Baldwin Hall President Ryle keeps a linger on the pulse of the whole school and does all in his power to help carry on in the traditions of superior scholastic training for the prospective teachers who come to this college. Primarily a teacher, President Ryle still finds time to devote hours to his garden and an occasional hunting trip. He is married, has one son, Walter H., jr.. and resides in a spacious home in Kirksville. Pam' I3 D President Maur Orr Secretary FLETTA joNus General Secretary Romaivr MCKINNEY, A.B. Assistant to the Oiiiee of the President The task of representing the president of the college, both on and off the campus, falls to the assistant to the president, Mr. Robert McKinney. This oflice also is responsible for coordinating all the activities of the college to the end that a sound public relations program for the college may be developed and sustained. The oiiice is always busily occupied in the printing of oiiicial documents, making preliminary arrangements for printing contracts and the supervision of the preparation of such publications. The office maintains the administrative supervision of the Alumni Office and the organizing and developing of mailing lists. NADHAN FARMER Srcretary to Mr. Sykes BETTY Bank Secfrtury to M1. McKmncy Page I4 Dean of Instruction Roiirixr C. Auxuiman, A.B., A.M., PUD. The main functions of the Dean of Instruction include taking charge of the educational program of the college, formulating and activating a program of supervision of instruction of the college, acting as chairman of the Graduate Council and the Faculty Council, making all reports to regional and national organizations on Teacher Education. His OFFICC also handles registration, permanent records, class schedules, mail classifif cation, assemblies and other programs. Run-i Ronrmlcx, Sccumvy Lon M. Kurmnnr, Sccfztmy Pug: I5 i C. H. ALLEN. B.S., MA., PHD. Division of Personnel Service Directly or indirectly, almost every phase of student activity is connected with the Division of Per- sonnel Service-social life, health, the testing and guidance program and the veteran's guidance service. At the head of this division is Dr. C. H. Allen. The faculty members and advisors giide the student in choice of curricula and activities which will be beneficial to him in the future. The Dean of Women supervises the college social life and helps beginning freshmen to make needed adjustments. The Veterans Administration Guidance Center carries on a program of counseling and testing to aid any veteran student interested in this service. Free health examinations and consultations are provided. The college physician is more than willing to serve in order to maintain the health standards of the college. Left to right: Luw ALLEN, BS., Counselor: joim BBN Jams, NLD., Director, Bureau of Health Serviceg JANET Lsstnz Gmini-1, B.S. Ed., MA., Speech Correctionisr, Bureau of Clinicsg Ratm W, Housiz, B S., A,M., En,D.. Director, Bureau ofClinicsg ALMA K., R.N,, 8.5. Ed., Bureau of Health Service. Pug: 16 Mm.vA Rina Gmorsiucii, A.B., M,A. Dean of Women Always willing to lend a helping hand, Miss Melva Rae Gingerich, the Dean of Women, aids students in social and personal problems and is instrumental in the supervision of a wholesome and stimulating prof gram of social activities on the campus. As sponsor of the Pan-Hellenic Council, the Dean of Women works closely with the social sororities on the campus. Also, Miss Gingerich is chairman of the Social Calendar and activities of the college are cleared through her office. The Dean of Women is supervisor of housing and prepares an approved list of rooms, which necessitates the inspection of rooming houses and the working out of rules and regulations both for the students and the landlords. Miss Gingerich prepares and organizes the Freshman Handbook which is given to all incoming fresh' men. The oilice is correlated with all other activities of the Division of Personnel Service. Page I7 Eu F. Mlrrtzn, B.S.. M.A. Head of Division of Extension Services and Director Bunau of Placements Division of Extension Services The purpose of the Extension Office is to extend the services of the college. Out of town classes and corre- spondence courses are available. Visual education films are provided the surrounding area for a nominal fee. The placements bureau falls under this heading. Perhaps the most important duty is that of the field service. Not only are students secured for enrollment at this college but the attempt is made to show seniors in the surround- ing area the need for higher education. Fomzsr L. Cnoots, B.S., A.M., Director, Bureau of Field Serviceg NOAH P. Rici-Manson, B.S., Director, Bureau of Correspondence and Extension Serviceg Rickman E. S12 Cunt, B.S., MA., Director of ln' Service Educationg Kemumi C. Srxes, A.B., Director, Bureau of Visual Education, Mahatma Svizizs, Secretary, Division of Extension Serv' icc: EiLazNs Dunne, Secretary, Division of Corrs' spondcnce, ,. Pau nr Bunny Wnimir. B.A., M.A. Business Mrmngcv Division of Business Service The Division of Business Service, under the super' vision of Bailey Wright, division head and business manager, takes care of all financial and business books of the college. One of its important duties is that of han' dling the Student Memorial Fund. This fund is for the use of students who momentarily need financial aid. Rather than a large sum being meted out to a few, relatively small loans are provided for many. Steno- graphic and duplicating service for the faculty and nu' merous other duties fall under this odice. Howfuxn Mmuus Comptroller l"ii'1i.Lis Dunseou, Booklqczpev Noiu.m Vmcii, Secretary MARY Bnimnn, Secretary Prix! I9 A section of :hc hand. Division of Fine Arts KARL E. WEBB, B.S., M.A., Head JOHN L. Bxconasi-AFP, B.Mus. Bymcx' V. CORNETT, B.S., A.M. IRENE D.-ULEY, B.M., B.S. 101-iN C. Gonna, B.S., M.A. LEON C. Kmuzx., B.Mus., M.A, WILLIAM! T. MARTIN, B.S.E., A,M. PAUL STRUB, BS., M.A. R. E. VALENTINE, B.S., M.A. PHRADIE WELLS, B.S. , PHD Division of Business Education PAUL SELBY, Pn.B., B.S,, A.M., PHD., Head EDWARD A. BRAND, B.ED., M.A., PHD. Louis F. CALLAWAY, A.A., A.B., B.S., A.M., PH.D. C1-mnies E. Kfxuzuuucn, B.S,, M.A. COn leave of absence, Pug, z: Busmess rd. mnjovs labo Education courses for our future teachers. Division of Education IVAN E. MILLER, B.M., A.M., EDD., Head C. H. ALLEN, B.S., M.A., PHD. RALPH W. Housn, B.S., A.M., EDD. C. W. MARTIN, B.S., A.M., Pu SALLIE PATTISON, B.S., A.M. Faux Ro1'HscH1LD, A,B., A.M. ALMON VEDDLR, A.B., M.A., PL-LD. WILLIE WHITSON, B.S., M.A. .D Not pictured is ROBERT C. AUKERMAN, A.B., A.M., PHD. Pa gc ZZ Division of Health and Physical Education ALMA K. ZOLLBR, R.N., B.S. En., Acting Head JAMES J. DQUGHBRTY, B.S. BOYD KING, B.S., M.A. DELBMT1' MADDOX, B.S., A.M. Nor pictured is LAVERNB Sm-ou, B.S., M.A. Y rm za I At least they an having fun Can sh: COOR. can she stu-, Billy Boy? Division of Home Economics LLORA B. MAGBH, Pl-LB., M.A., Pl-LD., Head LENA P. BUCXINGHAM, B.S., M.S. Pale 24 Pass 25 Division of Language and Literature ROBERT M. RODNEY, B.S., M.A., P1-LD., Head BERE1-ucn BEGGS, B.S., A.M. S1-xenon Conuus, BS., M.A. VERA FAWCETT, B.S. Eli, M.A., Pl-LD. JANET LESLIE GREEN, B.S. En., M.A. VIOLA MAGEE, B.PDG., B.S., M.A. ALMA MAET1N, B.S., M.A. AGNES SLEMoNs, B.S, Ed., A.M. NAN E. WADE, A.B., B.S. En., A.M., PHD. ELIZABETH WORRELL, A.A., B.S., M.S. Not pictured is HANs HAGELIANN, A.B., M.A., PHD. Gmmmnr-gnu: authm language or themes. Hmhtulturc Class cuts up. Division of Practical Arts Orno L. B.xRNa'r'r, B.S., M.ED., Head NORVELL C. ALLEN, B.S., M.A. LYLE BLANCHARD, B.S., M.A. DUANB R. COLE, B.S., M.S. WILLIABI Mmox, B.S., M.S. Q- Pllxt Z5 Division of Science and Mathematics WRAY Rmcnn, A.B., M.S., PH.D,, Head JOHN D. BLACK, B.A., M.A., PH.D, W. J. BRAY, B.PD., AB., B.S. Eb., A.M., PH.D. Lewis CLEVBNGER, BS., A.M., PHD. G. H. JAMISON, B.PsD., B.S., A.M. ALBERT P. KLINE, A,B., PH.D. VIVIAN Kumi, AB., A.M. EUGENE SMITH, B.S., M.S. w P1182 27 They study about thc birds and bers MARTHA Rnnronn B.Pn., B.S., M.A. BAILEY WRILIHT B.A,, M.A. The Division of Social Science Lucy SIMMONS, A.B., B.S., M.A., Hcnd W. A. BILOWNE, AB., A.M., PH.D. GLENN V. BURROUCHS, B.S., A.M., PH.D. CLARA CLEVENGER, PI-I.B., A.M., PH.D. EARL C. CUNNINGHAM, B.A., B.D., M.ED., PH.D. 'THOMAS DAVIS, A.B., M.A. HAMILTON P. EASTON, AB., M.A., PH.D. PAULINE KNOBBS, B.S.,M.A., PH.D. JAMES HARVEY NEVILLE, AB., M.A., 189511949 NofYoNG PARK, B.A., A.M., PH.D. ' 1 l'l""l Al Puu 25 Miss Hoolfs ojfce is crowded. :go Library ETHEL Hook, B.S., M.A., Director of Libraries SYLVA Bnowmz, B.S. ED., B.S.fL.S. CLARA YADON, B.S., B.5.fL.S. H. L, Bxrns, JAMES Woimnsrnv, Gannon VcLMi:x'r, Gunn Tuscua Veteran's Administration Guidance Center Acting as a connecting link between the veteran students and the regional vetemn's administration ofhces is the Guidance Center. Under the direction of H. L. Bates, the staff comprised of Gene Tuggle, training ofiicerg George Volmert, assistant vocational appraiser, and james Wordsley, work with the veterans of this area in helping to solve subsistence difficulties, administering aptitude tests and giving general coun- seling. This office keeps a large number of records on each veteran enrolled for training under the GI bill. The Guidance Center personnel works closely with Mr. Allen and the Division of Personnel Service of the Teachers College. Page so Dr. john Ben jones is in the process of pnfmming his daily duties as Miss Alma Zollrr looks an, The patient is Vina! Schell. Bureau of Health Service The health olice has the task of keeping students and teachers in tip'top condition so that the scholastic and social activities of the campus may be pursued by the students and teachers with physical vigor. Dr. john Ben Jones and Miss Alma K. Zoller, R. N., Head of the Division of Health and Physical Education, administer this service. Stenographie Office When test time comes around, the mimeograph machines and typewriters add to the general confusion of the stenographic office which includes operating the switch board for the college and the printing of all syllabi. Finances MCKINNEY juwv Wnmrrr Page 31 l "Y", -1-. C afeterla Students line up for a meal at the college cafeteria. Violette Museum Robert McKinney, curator, and Orville Bowers examine a loom in the Violette Museum in the Kirk Memorial. PGS! JZ Greenwood Faoult Front rnw: Mas. HAzzL Surru, Mas, MARY BnowN, Mxss Wn.Lnz Wun'soN, Director, Mxs. Mun: Douuuzrvrxz Back row: WILLIAM DAwxxNs, Mm Raman: Souua, Mus, hum MANTIN, Mas. ERNA KBNNEDV, M11s.j.-LNB-Ic11NsoN. Mas. Doaorm- Lmnqursr. Junior High Faculty Fin: rnw: Mas. Mmmno HINTQN, Mus. HELEN SULLIVAN, Miss JAN: Cnow, Mlxs VIKGLNM Swnvrz, Mus. Mmu' COLE, Mus. Fxum Coouzv, Miss Ouvn Tn'rzNmx. Second rnw: Miss NINA WxLLn1, Mas, BLlzAna'ru Fxsxu, Mas. Hamm Rmwxmz, Mus. ANN PAncnLu, Mm Gem.-.LmNn Mwmxs. Mas. Cmom RoTnwnLL, Mus. Leon DABNU, Miss Esruun SADLH. Buck row: Bon Roms- cruLD, A. C. RENLAU, jx., Mn FGUNTAIN, WAvLANn LoNGwn-u, R. E. VALBN1-LNB, jonN Gonna, DQN Powzu., RoLf.Nn NAczL Faux Rornscnnn, Director, Lua Cuun, TnonunN HAWK. rw 13 Kneeling: CAiu. Gurrer. Gem: BARCLAY. CnAntrs Svizfms. O. E. LAm, B. L. Moons, j. W. SMALL, Cacti. E. Bucc. Standing. BEN Fox, Amar Mm-ren, Ausem CAs11Nan, PAUL HQLMAN, W. E. PA1TensoN, H. W. Vicxaov, SAM jonnsow, E. W. HAwxms, Enlzsr Scomtu, Eiwrsr BAUER, GAn. Dnunr.As, Mzaun Scorr, D. P. Scarf. Members of the Maintenance and janitorial Forces uperintendent of Buildings and Grounds At the present time there is no one serving as Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. The duties of this post during the past year have been carried out under the supervision of the President of the Collegeg Mr. Bailey Wright, head of the Division of Business Serviceg Mr. Howard Morris, Comptrollerg Mr. Robert L. McKinney, Assistant to the Ofhce of the Presidentg and Mr. 1, L. Blanchard, College Landscape Architect. Put: .14 Blanton and Nason Halls Breaking ground for the new rcsidcnc: hulls. Governor Donnelly speaks Tlx: fcsxdencc lmlls nearing completion. Enlmncc rn Blanton Hall. Residence Halls for Women Pan 3: the cornerstone ccrcmonics. , wb , A A Em? QE? rf W I ,rd In f Q O x Q if H7 f2 r' Eff- :Q5 . . . . has been tlme dx-Qving force behind the formation of the oclal Fraternl ties and SOFOYQGCSI the HODOf3fy'Pr0feS5lOh3l hd the OCIBI Pl'OfCSBl0l131 ORGANIZATIONS. PDE! J9 Spank cfm smoke n BIG :agar , . . Smxlr, Smale, Smal: . . . VII mkc zhrcc cards and keep ymu' lmnds up nu :hc mblc. . .Secms, jim? . . . Crnpps ham? forgot hix KP Iesmnx .... The Phi Sxgs arc n happy bunch. Pax: 441 Top raw: Oriro BAI1Ne'rr, sponsor: MAX BBNNBR, Joi-IN BI1uuAxIzk, EI.wooI:o CAMPBELL, HARRY Coma, FIxANcIs DANT, WAIuusN DIcxIsIxsoN. FRANK FEICIITLING. Second ww: RoNALn FI1sIsMAN, Bon l'lINes, HILL LANG, Tom' LLMA, CHAIrI.Izs McBIxInIz, l"lIzNIw PANI:I'mzIiIz, Boa Parcr, BILL Rzvuoms. Third row: Roinzar SHARP, BILL SPEAK, Punk VAN LANINGHAM, Ten VIuiNIcIz, DoN WALIruIr, FI.orn WALuIn, JACK WIzI.I.s, CLYDE WILI.IAMs. No! picrured: jon Aspinioeiz, JIM Ciuvrs, Danotn DAVIS, JIM EowARDs, Boa ENIr, Maur. Fox, BILL LANG, Bon MAsoN, BILL I'Iz.-moz. Bon Srocic, Luxn SrroIzIaAIrIm, FLOYD WADE, JIM WALKER, Gecko: QUINN and all pledges for 194549. Phi igma Epsilon As the 28:49 school year closes the Phi Sigs look back upon a year of abundant activity and numerous honors. We were particularly proud of our newly acquired fraternity house, and gave it a gala opening with an all-school openehouse. An alumni smoker and numerous impromptu getftogethers brought us to the Homecoming festivitiesiwillie Lang with his squeeze box and halo on the Phi Sig float-the alumni coming in to renew old acquaintances--the Homecoming dance-Cand the party afterwardlj The Christmas dance-fob! myl-followed by a new year and the opening of rush season. The rush smoker at the house and the famous Apache dance fably assisted by Bartender Quinny brought 37 new pledges into our ranks. Worm season--Walker's shorvsheeting worm-a chilly Held night--the march of the broom brigade-and the final formal initiation. The Carnival season found the Phi Sigs at new heights+King Mark Fox-"Mr. Speaker," our prizeewinning skit-Elwood Campbell and his line MC job. The visit of the Phi Sigs from Maryville- The meetings at the house with Edwards and Enk contesting for oratorical honors-The AllfGreek dance- the election campaigns-lead us to the crowning event of the year .... the glorious banquet and dance at the court of King Neptune in the spring. Graduation of many of the "old" Phi Sigs to the rank of alumni places the young blood at the helm of the fraternity, looking forward to another great year. Pau ll Is everybody happy? . . , And he can cook, ron . . . Auf: nobody las! here . . . Havmlrcm plus cigar . , . Andeveck and Shirley, Inc, . . . Janson and :he Duchess Iookengrossed . . . Bnlland Marietta-that cozylook . . . We're gunna hawnhnppytime . . . "Whisk- ers" .md Ma1yKe11 . . . jn:1i"MR, Shovrszop' Kelly and brnzhev gamblers . . .The 1949 pledges . . . Sing m her, Steve. Page 42 Top vow: jorm Gotrzu, sponsorg PAUL Axmnluzcx, Ronan CABLE, Gannon CQLLE-r'r, Bru. Davis, Gnoacn Dmsorn. Gnrmm DOLAN, OLLIN DRENNAN, Second raw: CH,u1Lss Dunau., RAYMOND Guru, Rosen Honus, DICK jonuacm, Kan-H Kmnnuzn, Gus Kuim, jon-:N MANGLAMCINA, L. B. Lanz, 'Thivd row: S1-svn Mr:Lv1N, Ran Remcx, Vmfxt Scmzu, BILL SHLNN, Srnvn Srmm, Bon SLOAN, BrLL TnuLm1, Dos Tnurrr, Fourth row: Bm: Uwmxota, Bon Urrnnrmcx, Pi-nur' WxLsoN, NozPictu1cd: CARL Bmmnrr, Bowman Gam, HBRMAN MCCOLLUM, ORLN SLAUGI-man. igma Tau Gamma The year 1948-49 will be remembered by various individuals fur a variety of reasons. Politicians can never forget the ballot upset, statesmen can never forget the "Cold War," and the members of Sigma Tau Gamma can never forget Dave Rissler strumming Margie on his "geetar" while Tau voices blended in song -the mysterious appearance of certain Greek letters in blue ink in a certain place-Hell week and "Was I insubordinate, SIR?"idinner meetings and "I'1l take the rest of that chicken"+-excursions southward after meetings and Freddie's delicious coffee. Yes, there are lots of things Taus will remember. On the serious side there are items like 36 new men--the Tom Angus ScholarshipiSteve Melvin's swell administration and, of course, the women we lovedll! 1 Page -IJ Early in the morning at thc P. 1. Party . . . Sippin' cidcv with Bm and Harry at the Gypsy dance . . . Alpluxs duz it . . . Station A. 5. A, tvio . . . Blowing bubbles an a picnic. Pakr 44 Top row: Miss ALMA K. Zou.sR, sponsor: DoRo1-HY BALLHW, MARTHA BA'rss, Lois Bemis., Bzvsuv BLAcR, MARV Lou BoMoARnNaR, MARTHA BROCKMAN, Sus BRUMMALL, Second row: KAY BRUMMALL, MARV Ciissrsn, MARY CORNISH, PAT Fsizsn, CAROL FUNK, Bevsnrr HULL. JBANNB JUNE, Dams KERR. Third raw: ANN Kms, JBAN LizAcH, Ernrsmz Lizrm, juni: MARTIN, BLANCHE Mencsn, DOROTHY Nixon, BARBARA PARKER, PAT PARsoNs. Fourth mw: Dum Picnims, Bonav ANN Scnuirrz, NQRMA SHHARER, Quan:-I SPENCER, MARY Lou TAR:-HNNING, ELSA Wsnnmic, Wn.v.A LouWn.LcoxoN, KA-rnuzax Wiuouoi-nav. Not pictured: AZALHA Beur, Lois McCul.LoucH, GARNHA Moniuzv. lpha Sigma Alpha The year of '48f'49 in retrospect brings many memories to A. S. A. After having won the scholarship trophy to keep, we returned last fall determined to keep our scholarship high and still be the busiest girls of the campus. We were really proud of jean Leach as 1948 Echo Queen and Bev, Norma, Carol, and Jeanne as Home- coming attendants. The sleepyeeyed uAlpha jama Breakfast" and the colorful Gypsy Dance brought us fourteen glamorous pledges. The Founder's Day Banquet was delightful, with the alumnae entertaining. The Christmas spirit was present at Miss Zoller's as we prepared to go home for the holiday. A. S. A. confetti girls at the carnival, the trio singing in the skit, and Azalea Belt as our candidate for carnival queen. February iz was the big day of the Sweetheart Dance. Even though it rained, everyones spirits were high. Alpha Trio gaining favor all over town and winning the talent contest. Mother's Day ancl, as always, every gir1's mother her special guest at the tea. The Crack'O-Dawn Breakfast-Dance bidding iarewell to graduates and the love song for the newly engaged . . . Yes, this was a big year for Alpha Sigma Alpha. Page 45 A-A f . 'ie W .. f A a , ' J . . . J, - ' ,g 1.41, -4 X :mx ' ' si-si .P A - -' A - f " ' i z, fz. f wa . -c 2- Q l 4 , K X Ax, ,Q V .feb K . X , .4 A if . " si -.J A ..f ,, A . li T' 1 5-57. A . g. l . 1 ,. ' ' s 9' 4 'A ,il ' -' ' ' A A . N iiiiiff - . ' . i s 4 'S "' .nl . 'kf v 1 I " 'W 'J 5 I v - r ,, - - V vf Qs lar' . 'U V ' . " 2 U fi- . . . iii W , i N Q 'wx .,'h-... j S .,, . ' 51: X, X FM? ' .- -AK We-,,,,? l .abt . - i K' . . .. , , L4 . Q f 1 b v V cf. ' 1 X " K V J A 5 J lil'l if t sy. , K W N X l ' 4 1 .J-5.5-Q V Q- ,-.Q . 'vl ' . - ' 45' L 5' .-4 1 .N lr , sl - -1, Top row: Mus. PAuuNx Knomas, Miss Luci' Sismous, sponsorsg ELvA Aunznsou, ANN BnArrv, Annexe Barns, Eveum Bus. MAH Buss, JEAN Bunn. Second row: CDLLE1-rn CAnv, Irus CHAiu.izswon'rH, JEAN Cou.n1'r, Vioi.A, JEAN Femxmons, Doixomv FmAzim KATHLEEN Gunn. Burn' H1exmAN. Third vow: RUTH HOFFMAN, LAURA Hutse, MARTHA JA:-tes, MARY Klan, Wmirruzn Kimim, Dm: Kamen, Bizrrx' LAMuek1-, Donomv MANuaL. Fourth 1ow: MARY Munson, BAkn,inA Mclhvwoiias, Rumi MlLnoAN, JAN: Pins. lsAueLLe Shimizu. Grzuizvmvu Siren-ow, Gizkrnune SM11'n.WANDA Smocx. Fifth row: Ven Swmouz, MARILYN WALKER, Ln Wxuooxsou. Not pictured: CArnAnlNe Hiamw, MARY OPP, Louisa Pencil. Delta Sigma Epsilon The good ship, S. S. Delta, lifted its anchors and set sail for a happy school year. After a few miles of sailing, the pledge dance was held in the main ballroom and everyone had :x swell time. During the year, thc Deltas dropped anchor at various places and one time they all went ashore to attend the swell street dance gven them by their pledges. At another time, the anchor was dropped in Kirk Auditorium when cute Dec Kriner was crowned carnival queen. When the wind quit blowing at the end of the school year, the Delta's log contained many happy events of the year. Page 46 Looking toward Delm lxcmum , Formal Dlmcz . . . Clmperans . . fmm Dclm Heaven. Pug: 47 Dcvnl Dzc in hcr Dcn . . . Lil' Almcfs Float . . . Mmimz Davis, Evelyn Bliss and Escorts at . Quecn, Mm Dzlm Sm Breeze . . . S. S. Delta . . , Dr: Kri-ner and jane Pitts . . . Angels -'Q Wlmfs in :hose banks? . . . Nobody looks ar mhz phorngrapher . 5 5 Guys and Gals . . . Sun-s in their eyes . . . Wlufs :hz lmxky football player? , . . Smale.: for the cnmrm. Puff 48 Top row: Miss BnAcr Coamzi-1-, sponsor: lius l3AuswuLL. Cunie Lsu BKUBAKER, LAvoN Boi-rs, GLBNNA Boumaoxs, NANCY CALD' wuLL, LoneLLA CoNNox, viccfprvzsidcntg BAKBARA DANieLs. Second row: Sinner FiNNnY, MAN ELLEN GxLs'rixAv, Ln.LlAN GRAV, president: BAILBAKA HART, MAiuLx'N Hour, Run-i JoriceNsoN, Rocem: KaNNem1, jo ANN MAncruN. Third mw: MAxlsrL Nonns- Rurn OLnrA'rr-ink. secretaryg ANNA DDU SALLADAY. Berrv Lou Sxnrn, GaNavA STANLILY, EvzLrN WILSON. Nor pictured: ElLu:Ne Duma. EvizLvN McFAnLANn. Gzueruz SANimxs, MAxi's:LLn Woonwuio. Pi Kappa Sigma The Pi Kaps started the year right with thirteen new pledges. Our first rush party-the French Poodle Dance. Then our Radio Breakfast-food, games, fun! A party given by our pledges-more food, games, fun! Our Founders Day Banquet at the Travelers. Fiftyffive years of Pi Kappa Sigma is something to be proud of! The Pi Kap Convention at Kansas City with Pi Chapter receiving honorable mention for the efficiency award. Christmas means songs, gifts, food and fun-we had them all at our Christmas party at Betty Lou's Dinner at the Travelers to honor Miss Cornett who retired from the faculty. Miss Cornett had been our sponsor for 25 years. Page 4a Top fmu: MIss VIOLA Mfrumz, sponsor: TwI'LA AcIII:soN, jAcquI:LINu BARNE11, Mauuerm B.umrLIzrr, Eu Bunn, New BIa,uum, ELAINE BIzA'rx', DONNA BURTON. S4-cond row: GnNIz Bowne, PATRICIA CLARK, MAIIJORIE CI.oumI, IIIIAN Coon, Rona CI1.wu'fo11n, Pacer Donna, Imax! DHNNAN, Fnfmcss Dniunr. Thani raw: EumI Foxn, viccfprcsxdcntg MARY Fmxzimx, ILLNE Gunn, SARAII HANES, NANCI' HM-Ixs, Donormr HINTQN, prcsidcntg joAN Hoox, LUCILLIL HousroN. Funnix raw: WANIM KmuIuzLL, MAxINIz KLEIN, MARILYN L.n.IIInIN, CI.I:oNz LEWIS, RDMALYNN LIGGETT, MARILYN LLITIIER, ELIMBETH MILLEI1, NANCY MONCRIEP. Fifth mw: SIIIRLEY OLsoN, secretary, ANITA PAGE, ZoLIzNz Pansy, CAIxoLI'N PULLIMI, LEA RAINEI, CAILULYN Run, ELIzAxu:1-II Roy, Mmzjorun SMITII. Sixth row: Mamanur STEIVART, SuzANNIz VAUGIIN, Rum' Luz Vxcxnov. treasurer, CoLIsnN WAILD, Sul: WARD, HARLENE WELLMAN, MAIUOIIII: Wmsr, VEKNA ZINr:. Nor pictured: AIANEY PIzNwsI.L, HELEN Rumen. Sigma Sigma Sigma Whmk so funny? . . . Row, Row, Row ymr ban! . . . Sum: ofnur acnvcs surrmmdmg a pmspfcm-c plzdgc . . . Happy New Tear, wurh a gleam in his cya . . . Su-ing Inu' . . . Mmm: and cohorts . . . Gxddy Gals Giggl: nz Gnln Gcxftogethzr . . . 1v1!l1eMcf1vl:Licl Cmvrrn . . . Page Sl 7 W r . . 3 . n Inter-Fraternlt COUHC11 O11-10 BAnNe'rr, Mmuc Fox, Bon Hmzzs, Tlxdxms Dfwxs, Srevn MELVLN, PAUL ANnmuzcx, jorm Gonrzrz Pan-Hellenic Council Fmnz row: Hmrow, treasurer: Hum., secretary: Hlcxww, president: GRAY, viccfpresident: Miss MELVA Ru Gmsnmcu, sponsor. Stroud ww: Sluzfuuzr., BLM, Cfxnw, WARD, HANES, Fuse, Carlson, DANIELS. I'-:Ht 52 Top mw: Romain' McKiNNav, sponsor: Rosen Camus, Gumtn DDLAN, treasurer. Second row: Ciunuzs Dunnu.. Rxcunxn Euan, Join! Gonna. Third vow: Kama Kurr- Nnn, secretary, jorm MANGIARACINA, vice-prcsidentg Ste' r-nm SHINN. Fourth row: WrLuAM Sums, Wu.1.iAM Wesr. Not pntfturcdz Manx Fox, president: LLovn Hrcrer, james Sroour, Dxcx Jameson, Etwooo CAMP' BELL, Donato Sciuvrm, Dorutn WALKER, Suv: Muvm. Blue Key Blue Key is an honorary service organization formed to serve the students on this campus. In the past year it has served the school with many activities. In the fall of 1948 the Homecoming, to which we all looked forward, proved to be the greatest success in years. It was a. gala twoeday event. On Friday evening we had a successful pep rally, the crowning of the queen, lovely Betty Miller, and a snake dance that led us to the high school field. The bonfire and music provided by the school band was conducive to building a greater school spirit than we had known in years. We were also proud of our Student Directory this year. So far, few mistakes have been found and it certainly gives good service to students. Then there are the Senior Day activities on the campus each spring when Blue Key members act as guides and hosts to the visiting high school seniors. Members of Blue Key are ready to help any activity they can any time assistance is needed. Pu: 5.7 Cardinal Ke HONORARY SERVICE ORGANIZATION Buck raw: ELEA WEIIIIINR. MARTIIA BROCRIIAN, LILLIAN GRAY, DENA PIcKENs, AGNES SLEMcINs, DoRo1-I-Iv NIxoN, HELEN RIEGER, NAN WADE, KATHLEEN WILLOUGIII-Iv, Sccomi raw: HELEN HALII-1, Rum' LEE VICRROY, Bm-ry MILLER, VERNA ZIN'I'z, NQRMA SIIEARER, BEVERLY Huu., Third row: ELIEAEETH Row, JEAN LEACII, DoRo1-HY HIN'roN, PAT FEESE, SARAH HANES. S' Z 13 Frm-It row: WRAY M. RIEGER, GEORGE GARNER, secretary-Ireasurerg VIcroR joNEs, president: EDWARD E. MARTIN, vicefpresident. Second vow: WILMA Kaur, VIVIEN GRUIIB, HELEN RIEGER, HARLENE WELLMAN, SHIRLEY OLSQN, ELSA WEE INK, ANN KING. Burk row: JAC: W. BROWNE, DoNAI.n WALKER, N. A. BUNCII, BILI. TRAYIOR, RICIIARII ERZEN, EUGENE SIIITII, GENE CAsAnI', FORD E. Lowcocx. P11121 54 I I I , .L ,- 4 X fj' " L ' ' , - Y nik, ,va ' 2451" A " 6.44- .L Q , ' gl' 1" 135- , ., Y if 33, Q, X , ' . . fx ' Y ff. N Iififi Xa X 2 A I ' H -'Y "il , 'Q' it ' Rig A- 4 ' f . . r' T3 Q W5 f' K Q - Y B W T L" A r , 'Y' Q3 A ' ' . 4? - iii I. lpha Phi Omega DLLuIzIu' MAIIncx,spoIIsorpCIIAI1Lns FunA'rIz,GoI1noN Canaan, Huou KII1-cH,IM, WILLIAM LANG, MILL LIGHT. Sccond row: ROIIIIIL1' LQNGWII-II, Rouen LucxrIAIIm-, WILLIMI M.-wrnuw. WAI.noN Rman, DoNAI.n TI1III1'r. WILLIMI Wrssr. Nur pictured: JAMES Srooxsv, KLNNL-rn Co1'ruII. Kappa Delta Pi Sxning: KATIILBEN WILI.ousIIIav, B21-Tv MILLER, MIss Bemzsxcn Harms, sponsorg ELwoon CAIII-IIILLL, Dm: WALKILIL. Srandmg: H.1IIxoLn ANDIIIIIIQN, J. H, MIcxIsI.soN, Hua WIIIIIIINK, DoI1o1-I-Iv Mums, Cn,xImLo1'ns MI'r'rI.IzI1, NJIOLII Rouuarzx, A. C. RIINB.-II.v, PAULINIL WAI'I1La,joIm BI1uIuI:ek, RICIIARD Eazuu. Page 55 Alpha P111 Slgma Lms Human, valcdictorian, Wcntzville, '48 Annum Barns, valcdiczorian, Seymour, In., '48 GLLNNA Bounceow, valedicrorian, Wyaconda, '48 jour: Bnuuzuzsn, valedictorinn, Iancnstcr, '46 LoI1zNe Bonus, valeclictorian, Bible Grove. '47 DONNA Bumuu, vnleclictorian, Mubcrly, '48 Nemcx' CALDWIILL. vnledierorian, Leonard, '48 GERALD DOLAN, honor student in college, '48 laws DHNNAN, salumxorinn, Kirlrsville, '48 OLLIN DILBNNAN, honor student in college, '48 WILLIAM EUIAN. valedictorinn, Knox City, '48 PAT Fuss, honor student in college, '47 SIIIRLIII' FINNHY, vnledicrorian, Linneus. '48 Bon FIuINL:s, valedicrorinn, Elmer, '48 DOROTHY Gmxvns, vnlcdictorian, Lancaster, '48 KATIILIILN GLYEIL, Treasurer, valedictorian, Shclhy, '48 HELEN HAUPT, Secretary, valcdictorian, Augus a, '46 Bern' HIcnI.xN, valcdictorian, Edina, '46 Donornv HINTON, honor student in college, '48 BILL Howe, sulumorinn, Elmer. '48 Awnnw jomansow, valcdicrorian. Greencastle, '48 RUTH jonmmson, vzxlcdictorinn, Greencastle, '46 WANDA KmIwIu:I.L, vnlcdictoriun. Lancaster, '46 Be-r1-YZRN:ILAI-1IIenT,'salutatorian, Shelby, '48 Pd!! 56 Alpha Phl Slgma Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, national honorary scholarship fraternity began its nineteenth year on this campus with a new sponsor, Dr Hans Hagemann, Language and Literature Activities included programs of educational or social interest Membership in this organization is open to high school valedic torians and salutatorians and to college honor students MAKILYN LAMHMN, valedictorian, Hannibal, '48 Donorur MANUEL, valedictorian, Leonard, '46 MARY Lou MsLsoN, salutatorian, Bethel, 'q8 Rum OLDPATNER, honor student in collcgc, '48 ANNA Paul, vnledictorian, Milan, '48 Eunice PAUL, salutatorian, Wright City, '48 Bizrri' Suu Penn, salutazorian, Shelbyville, '43 PAT Rruzr, valedictorian, Revere. '48 ELlzAnizm Roy, honor student in college, '48 Gannon: SM11-rr, salntatorian, Edina, '48 Mmuonnz SMITH, President, honor student in college Mama STLWAKT, honor student in college, '48 ANNA SWBTMAN, honor student in college, '48 BILL Tu.u'Lon, valedictorian, Bmshcar. '47 j. L. V1iNLAN1NorrAM, honor student in college, SuzANNs VAUGHN, salutntorian, Lancaster, '48 ELM Wmmrmr, valedicrorian, Augusta, '45 H,u1uaNn WBLLMAN, valcdictorian, Kirksville, '48 DoNALn WALKER, Vice-President, honor student in college .48 Pas: 57 Top row: DR. P. O. SzLm'. DR. E. A, Bunn, DR. L. j. CAILAWAY, RICIIARD Ani-:RNerIIi', WARREN Awnensou, ELiIeR Basxefr. RoLANo Cizouss, Geosoiz Dnson. Second vow: WARREN DIci:eRsoN, FRANCES DRUM, EI.ImNoR EAGAN, FRANCIS Fncm-I.INI:. SARAII Lee HANes, ERIRIA HuusoN, lieNNiI'rII KING, cditorg Downes KRINER. Third mw: WAIINI: LI:sAN, vice-president: joIIN MANoIARAcINA, DoRo1'iIr MANUAL, sccrctaryg juwe MARTIN, PAUL MILLER, CIIARLus McBRIne, DENA Prcrnms, PHRRY PoRrnR. Fourth row: jour: Rasa, DoNALu Scruvsn, MARJoRIe SsII'rII, Rust Len VIcRRor, MARILrN WALKER, WILLIAM S. West, RoIII:R'r WIIAR'roN. Nur in picture: joim KIMBERLY, president, Eumce PAUL, treasurer: CLIzI.I. Busmr, Eucnse CRoARicIN, EILRHN Duma, MARR Fox, J, H. MIcxeLsoN, MARTHA NovINonR, CLERIE SNrneR, Roscoe TIIoRIAs, Geonce VoLRIeRr. Pi Omega Pi Pi Omega Pi, a national honor society in Business Education, was founded in IQIS at this college by Dr. P. O. Selby, the present sponsor. After 26 years, Alpha Chapter at Kirksville has an active membership of 36 and there are nearly 70 chapters of Pi Omega Pi in colleges and universities throughout the United States. john Kimberly, president, and Dr. P. O. Selby attended the National Convention of Pi Omega Pi in Detroit on December 1718, 1948. Activities sponsored by Pi Omega Pi this year were the "Penny Guess" at the All'School Carnival, and a speech by Don Chaney, representative of the Southwestern Publishing Company. During the past year, 194849, Alpha Chapter has initiated many new members, students having fifteen hours of business education or ten hours of business education and five hours of education and meeting the scholarship requirements of Pi Omega Pi. Page 58 Frou: row: Tom BROWN, P.-mL ANnmuzcx, vice-presidentg ROYAL Mules, prcsidcntg Du. C. W. MARTIN, sponsor: GA11. Cxrsrfu secrcmryueaxsurcrg Fxumx FncurLmL:. Back row: Vnmuzx. LEMEN. Fmsrm SMALL, Cumu Buns:-1, BLLL SHLNN, Fun Ancl-nan. quare and Compass Club Frou! row: ALLEN W. Bax-mu, WLLLLAM S. WEST, J. Bmw, STANLEY Kun, WLLLIAM LANG, Tom Mmnlm. Second row: Fann- uucx LAULR, CARL Cocumu, Jann H. DIXAN, Lxzorunn L. Monm, A. C. RLNEAU. Back row: Vxcron jomas, Ton R. Hfuu-ea. Kxmmzru Sum-x, Roscon L. Tuomfxs. Past 547 Honorary Art Club DQNALD CAnNAm.N, Dcnorm' Nxxox. Standing: SAM Cunnan, EVA Bunn, Evunw Wn.soN, Emu Exim, HAROLD ANmn1soN, WILLIAM MARTIN, Miss Bmcr Colwefr, Nswx Bunn, J. L. VANLANINGHAM, ELsn: JHAN CoLLn1'r, Pnccv DODGE. " " Club . .. ,....,,,.,.1. . . .3Y"'f1I!'? 'S"'!"f llllllllllillililliiiiiiill First row: Vnnmcu, Lewis, Wn.u,xMs, Euan, Sanken, Clurrs, Frrr, Ccmcu Doucnemv, Dowrxmc. Second ww: Lucxruumr, CANNON, As:-sncmm, DANT, DAv1s, HoLMr,s, Mniuurr, Hocssnzmnn, Sm1wA'rKA, Doweu., Wxxsrzn, Third row: S1'.u.rluT, VAUGHN, Osauuu, Donn, Cnrnxv, Tulusunu, Wnu, Wzmxnn, Cmumru, S1-ooxnv, Lum. Pug: 60 Agriculture Club From ww: Wanna, BIwrr.Izs, SMI'rI-I, prcsidentg Smzrzs, MCCLANAIIAN, SPII.-xv. Second rom: Mum, Howe, Emu., treasurer: BROUGII Cmamnv. Mums, BI1oYI.I2s. Buck vow: Mururz, Bvmms, WILSQN, FouN'rAIN, vice-president: BII1os,jorINsoN, NoIxvI:I.I. ALLIIN, sponsor KIMIIT, NIcIIoI.s, Non pictuvrd: J. L. BLANCI-IARD, sponsorg BImrI:I.IAIIIcLIz, WIIITIIAXEII, Sum, SMITH, Nor. CuMIIIuIIL,xIN, Ross Cowen, En-nr, Howe, SuNIMoNs. Industrial Arts Club From ww: O1-no BAnNI:'rr, W. E. RI:YNoLDs, joI-IN OI.IvI:n, PIIILII1 WII.soN. Dunn: Com. Second row: 'I'I1AvuIIsIz Pnmns, H. W. CII.4IIIII:IxuIIN, Loses BAILEY, OIIIIN BAILIW, CMI. Cocnmm, DONALD FUNK, Ton MINIUIR. Bark ww: WILLIAMMINQI1, Bon PIIICE, W. B, GIIQGAN, Burn Run, DIC: joliwsorl, jm-IN HAWI-HOIINII. Puri! dl 0 n Q Q ASSOC1Ht1OH for C hlldhood Educatlon Frou: row: Kuslss, rcporterg Comma, Noluus, rrcnsurerg Bmnmrn, secretary: Goauon, presidentgSTEw,u1T, vice-prcsidcnzg Zmrz Miss Wmrsorx, sponsor. Second mm: Mama. Humax, LEE. Hfuuus, Gmuous, Hman, SWETNAM. Wsxsr, Pxsxnon. Ellen H. Richards Club Front row: Gn.s'rnAr, Cnfxwronn, PAGE, Rfxms, Domus, HOLMAN, Onnmrnsn. Seccmd row: CLARA H. Cmvuxmm, Lucas, M.-xGen, BowzN, Forum, Kem, LENA P. Bucx1NGx-um. Thivd raw: Bunnus, Kamcnuus, Wxmon, Sx-Lan, BAu.ew, Cons, Boxmmmnnn, Fluzzx, Mmun. BMLEY, STELLA. Fourth row: Mzmcen, Bsfvrv, Finns, Dewar, joncmxsxw, joxss, Bofrs. Pzma' 62 Frou: row: Wann. Acnnsou, Pfxui.. Picirsws, Conxisn, Mm Lavizima Slrrox, Facimmn. Sccnnd vow: Wonnwfuxn. Lmcnrr Barns, Srizwlmr, HULL, Zinn, Ciuinilswoiirn, CAM, Piucn. Women,s Athletic Association W. A. A. is an organization for women interested in athletic activities and recreation. The present sponsor is Miss Laverne Sittong president, Mary Cornishg viceprcsident, Dena Pickensg secretary, Eunice Pauly treasurer, Twyla Achesong keeper of points, Ruth' ,lorgensong and historian, Jeanne jones. This year, tournaments in tennis, volleyball and basketball were sponsored and directed by the mem' bers. The girls earned points by participating in the various activities. Letters and sweaters are given to those earning a designated number of points, Funds for purchasing these awards are secured by concession stand sales at football and basketball games. Pat: JJ Fran! row: PAuuNu KNosus, CAMPBBLL, PrArr, Ken, BROWN, E. C, CuNNxNoHAM, W. A. BROWNE, T. W. DAvls. Second row: BuRxr, E. SAnr.eR, Luor SiMMoNs, Mlrrtex, Bowan, Bualon, J. H. Nizvn.r.:, Third row: BLACK, BuR'roN, HAMILTON, EAsroN, Lim-rr, CoRnRr, NARDONI, Pumcn. Fourth vow: CRrs1'AL, E. ANnnRsoN, Lroczrr, WoonwARn, Kuzlss, PnNRou, O. Lu. Fifth row: SHINN WAY, MARTHA Rnmfoxu, CLARA H. CuzvnNcnR, Buxcn, W. Len, KNIERIM, Do1.AN, CABLB. Sixth vow: BRusAnR, R. ANolRsoN. DANcr.ovic, RxiNrxARn, Flew. Kzuo, FRANKA, JAYNE, W. ANmzRsoN, Seventh row: Wi:s'rizN, EWING, Hnvizi., G. V. BuRRouoHs, LACH. Historical Society Closely related to the Social Science Division classroom work is the Historical Society, which has the honor of being the oldest student organization on the campus. It is sponsored by Dr. Pauline Knobbs. Its present oflicers are Elwood Campbell, presidentg Tom Brown, vicefpresiclentg Robert Pfalf, secretary- treasurer, and Mary Kerr, reporter. A All faculty members and major students in the division automatically belong to the organimtion, Other student members are nominated upon recommendation by faculty members. They are then elected to membership by the members of the society. Programs of the society are largely of the controversial issue type, however, an occasional social hour is engaged in by the group. ' Pug: 64 P' Kappa Delta Sealed: PULLIAM, Pans, Smuuw, Hfmxs. Standing: Comms, Mn.Lmx, S. SHlNN, ANmznucx, Lmrrr, B. Snnm, VAUGHN. College Players and Readers Roundtable Fmm row: Cfmv, W. Smocx, Buns, McRmmor.ns, Srzwnr, Kumi. Secnnd row: Svxns, Bfmwurr, Scnxexmm, Nlxow, Mu.uoAN Couuvr. CMAQ, DAILV, Tlnrd mw: Sroouv, Gxonun. Sumuzv, L. Smocx, Fzznsu, Gonna, Hlcxmm, Pownu, Srfwms, S1-msox. Buck vnw: Tuuauzs, presidcntg Hfmxs, treasurerg jornes, sccrcmryg Lmsm, vicefprcsident. Pau 65 Baptist Student Union Throughout the school year the B. S. U. sponsors many spiritual and social activities for its members and friends. Also during the summer months the organi' ration is active for any of the students who remain for the summer term. Tom Harper heads this active progmm for Baptist students. Page oo what woulrl you like to do? See a football. basketball. or a baseball game? Or lmow about a play? Care for debate, or extemp speaking? what would you say to a big fox-mal dance? You don-ft dance? . . . P 67 V L . . . Speech tournaments. interp reading' programs. intramural sports: in fact, there is always something to be doing when lessons are Hnislxed and weekends roll RTODDCI. Any DIJITILCI' of AHIICES, teas., 8 C2.l'I'liV3l . . . Pukr A 9 Qi - X W V ff? X QNVX, -IX! X if!! FX X ', I N' A . , . . . picnics, ball games. open houses. with music. cards, refreshments. You see, we have a plan. and work to have a well-rounded program of extracurricular ACTIVITIES. 1 g ru 5 1 , 1 ,,, Y f-scrkf ve-1 . MH, . ..,.,, -is . ii . Scared: Evi:LvN Buss, Eurrn Fokn, Fmixcis DANT, Maru: Fox, jm Crows, Ftovn Snemuzn. Standing: DR. C. H. ALLEN, Snzvzz Mau-ni. SuzANNn VAUGHN, Eumi' Hmss, Don Ti1urr1', Luna Siiowaxun, Wmiriuzn Kimura, Maixmra-A BAR'ruz'rr, Ricimim Enzeu. tudent Council This year, as in the preceding years, the student body organization is governed by the college student council composed of a councilman and a councilwoman from each of the classes along with seven members elected hy the student body. The members this year are: Francis Dant, president, Mark Fox, vice-presi' dent, Edith Ford, secretary, jim Cripps, treasurer, Evelyn Bliss, councilwomang Floyd Shearer, councilman, Richard Erzen, councilfmemher-at-largeg Dee Kriner, senior councilwomang Luke Shoemaker, senior council' man, Winifred Kimler, junior councilwomang Steve Melvin, junior councilman, Suzanne Vaughn, sopho' more councilwomang Don Merritt, sophomore councilman, Marietta Bartlett, freshman councilwomang Elroy Hines, freshman councilman. Dr. C. H. Allen is the faculty sponsor. The homecoming dance, October 30, 1948, supervision of the publication of the Freshman handbook, and numerous open houses on Friday and Saturday nights, were all planned by the student council. Perhaps the all-school carnival was the highlight of this ye:ir's student council activities. Page 7I tudent ooial Committee A growing need for a student group to aid the Social Calendar Committee of the Student Council in planning social activities for the college resulted in the formation of the Student Social Committee early in the summer quarter. This committee, composed of twenty student members selected by the Student Coun- cil, works with the Social Calendar Committee and the Ofhce of the Dean of Women in planning and actif vating a wellfrounded progmm of social activities during the school year. The group is under the chairman- ship of a member of the Social Calendar Committee and is sponsored by the Dean of Women. Since its origin last summer the committee has been active in many ways. During the summer quarter there was an All-School Garden Party and an all'school picnic and fun night. At the beginning of the fall quarter the social activities of the orientation program, including the Freshman Frolic, were planned and carried out. The Union Room in Socialibility Hall was this committees brainchild. The popular open houses after ball games were possible because of the committees willingness to supervise them. The idea of xi Spinster's Spree was fostered by the committee as well as the class teas held at intervals during the year, During its first year of existence the Student Social Committee has done much to improve the social life on the campus. It is a hardfworking group, full of ideas that are due to benefit the student body. Seated: Twrui Aci-iesou, Run-1 Mitrioax, Manx Fox, Mum Gmsziucu, Main' Buss. Smntimg: Sui: WMD, GENE Guiana, Butt Wnsr, Dos: Cans.-xnaN. mg, 7: Mrs. Green, Language and Literature, gives aut :nurse cards during frcrlivnan registration. Dr. Bmy. Science. advises a freshman .student who plans to major iii science. Crowd nz :hc mmiml Frcslmian Frolic, highlight of the Orisiiwcioii wack, Freshmen Orientation and Registration marks the beginning of each new year at the Teachers College. For quite a few hours the Freshmen take tests, get acquainted with the college and faculty and get signed up for their first college courses. All is not work, however. Social activities to help the freshmen get to know each other are carefully planned and carried out. 1-W 73 HEAD COACH jams Douurumn' Asslrmm- Coacn Bom Kms Football Pittsburg, Kan., Sept. 17.-Art Hochstedler, in the closing seconds of a football game here tonight, went highgintozthe air to pull down a pigskin tossed by Darrell Gourley. As the gun sounded seven seconds later the score stood, Kirksville Teachers 12, Pittsburg 12, Marshall, Mo., Sept. 24.-The Missouri Valley Vikings won their 34th consecutive victory here tonight, defeating the Kirksville Bulldogs 2O'O. The badly outclassed Teachers, sparked by the kicking of Morris Osburn, played a brilliant defensive game against the speedy Vikings. Roi' ELl.mc10N Bos Evans Trainer Assistant Page 74 Tap vow: Asvrmcnx, CANNON, CREATH, Crum-S, DANT, Second row: DAVIS, Dowzu, Dowmxs, Farr, Flrrs. Third mu-: Gouurv Hocnsrrnuzn, Lum, M.-wow. Mmu-r1'. Fnunh mm: Osnoxw, RAY, S.xmcu, SzmwA1'xA. Smnuwm-. Fnfxh raw, Srooxev, STRUM Tumsuenx. Vemms, Vnufmcx. Bottom vow: WELLS. Wxxsrzx. W1Lu:'r1', Wxmfms, Wnsnv. Pugr 75 Top raw: AncmLMAN, Bmmss. Carman, Frans, Fauna, Gouiuur, Gaoaiza. Second raw: HALL, Homes, Kattv, Marrnisws, Maxwizu., McQuAiuf, Poncarr. Bottom row: Riu-ia, Rounlvrs, Sfuuus, Srxmm, Tiznsoa-r, Taurrr, Vaumm. Kirksville, Mo., Sept. 2.9.-At Stokes stadium the K. S. T. C. Bullpups edged out Kemper Military Academy by the narrow margin of 6f:r. tonight. Three times Kemper penetrated deep into dcgland but a staunch line broke up each drive within three yards of pay dirt. Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 1.eThe Rockhurst Hawks fell to a z6-6 defeat tonight before the onslaught of the K. S. T. C. Bulldogs. Little Joe Asperger crossed the Hawk goal-line twice in the Hrst half and Stan Sadich scored two more times in the second. Kirksville, Mo., Oct. 8.fTonight the Bulldogs, at Stokes Stadium for the Erst time this season, met Cape Girardeau in an MIAA conference tilt. Gourley tallied in the second quarter and Sadich went over in the fourth to give the Dogs a iz-o victory. Springneld, Mo., Oct. 15.-A desperate pass attempt in the last minute of a game here tonight gave Springfield a xz'6 margin over the Kirksville Teachers. The Teachers offense was weak but their defensive wall held the Bears to a minimum. Kirksville, Mo., Oct. 22.-Coming from down under, the K. S. T. C. Bulldogs unleashed a brilliant second'half display of football talent tonight to defeat the Missouri U. "B" squad, 18 to 13. A forward pass, Gourley to Cannon, and two laterals, Cannon to Asperger to Sadich, gave the Dogs their Hrs: rally. Sadich went over again in the fourth quarter and another pass, from Gourley to Asperger put the game on ice. Missouri "B" led at the half ig-o. Kirksville, Mo., Oct. 30.-The K. S. T. C. Teachers opened their Homecoming game this afternoon with a spirited drive that led to pay dirt before the bewildered Warrensburg Mules could establish their defense. Sadich crossed the pay-stripe before the game was three minutes old and jack Wells added the extra point. However, the remainder of the match found neither team able to score and the game ended, Bulldogs 7, Mules o. Page 70 Maryville, Mo., Nov. 6.-The educated toe of a Bearcat player defeated the Kirksville Teachers this afternoon by the narrow margin of one point, I3'I2. Both Bulldog tallies came as the result of passes, one from Osburn to Serwatka and the other from Osburn no Creath. Rolla, Mo., Nov. 13.iThe Rolla Miners and the Kirksville Bulldogs fought to a 14-14 deadlock here this afternoon. This marked the end of another season for the Kirksville eleven and brought its seasonal record to four wins, three losses, and two ties. Kirksville, Mo,, Nov. 22.-Last night the last MIAA conference games were played and the Hnal listing found the Kirksville Teachers in fourth place. Williams and Sadich represented the Bulldogs on the all- conference second eleven. Thus the Bulldogs, under the coaching leadership of jim Dougherty, came to the close of a successful season. lx!! I ' .z 1 ff," Bw-l ' Pas: 77 Top: Sccnrs from "Low frnm lx Stranger," Spring Play. Bottom: Scents from "The Beautiful People," Fall Play. The Play's the T hing Summer .Quarter . ....... . Four One'Act Plays Fall 92,u.a'rtcr . , ......, "The Beautiful People" Winter 22-14111187 . . . Ten One-Act Plays Spring Quarter . . .,.. . . uTaming of the Shrew" SCENE I: LITTLE THEATER, BALDWIN HALL. TIME: JUNE 30, 1948 Four student-directed onefact plays were presented during the evening: "The Boer," "Trans-Atlantic Call," "Finders Keepers" and "The Noble Lord." SCENE II: KIRK Aunrromum. TIME: ro A.Rr., JULY 14, 1943 "The Blue Teapot" was presented in assembly by College Players. SCENE III: LITTLE THEATER. TIME: OCTOBER 19, zo, zr, 1948 A story of people and mice, and their problems, was presented in Saroyan's "The Beautiful People," directed by Betsy Worrell. SCENE IV: LITTLE THEATER. TIME: FEBRUARY 3, 17, 24, 1949 A series of onefact plays were presented by the class in play direction. Ten plays were directed by the students, who also took their turn acting in other plays during the series. SCENE V: KIRK AUDITQRIUM. TIME: MAY 5, 1949 The curtain falls with an experimental production in modern dress, Shakespeare's famous "The Taming of the Shrew," streamlined and directed by Betsy Worrell. PDU 75' Homecoming In the third homecoming since the continuation of that event after the war, the men of Blue Key outdid themselves and came up with one of the finest celebrations in the history of the college. The two days in October that were the scene of this year's festivities were packed with action. Friday night the pep rally in Kirk Auditorium, with Carl Fisher as m.c., featured Coach jim Dougherty with an introduction of thc Bulldog squadg Arnold McQuary, an exfBulldog, as guest speakerg the crowning of the Homecoming Queen, Betty Millerg :md music by the Teachers College hand. The freshman class provided a committee which worked with the men of Blue Key to plan the evenings program. After the ceremonies in Kirk the pepsters formed a snake dance that went all the way to Robinson Field fora big bonfire. The pep rally broke up fairly early to save strength for Saturdays activities. 1-an va Early Saturday morning Blue Key members, pamde marshals, were out on the West side of Baldwin Hall to line up the parade. They worked in a cold drizzle to chalk positions on the street. No one thought the chances of a successful parade were very good. But by ten o'clock the sun had started shining on Kirks- ville and turned the day into an ideal parade day. From out ofa galaxy of clever and original floats a judging committee chose the Industrial Arts Club's entry for first place. The Art Club was picked for second and the Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity entry for third. The Teachers College band, with the assistance of several visiting high school bands, furnished inspired music for the parade. Saturday afternoon was probably the real highlight of the day. After the pamde had made its im' pressions on the people, the power-packed Bulldogs came on the field, scored a touchdown in the opening minutes of the game and from then on held the Warrensburg Mules in a game that seefsawed back and forth with neither team able to score again, The closing gun found thc 'Dogs a 710 winner. The Homecoming dance with Russ Carlyle was turned into a real victory dance by the Bulldogs' success on the gridiron, A large crowd of students, faculty and alumni danced to Carlyle's music, listened to his vocalist, and agreed that this had been one of the hnest, most completely planned, successful Homecomings in its recollection. Pal! 80 I Page UI MISS ELIZABETH ANN MILLER Homecoming .Queen lmlustviulAr1s Wms Fam . . . Hcr Mn-,my is crowned . . . Thcy also rouwn mg' mcc. zoo . . . Beomy plus, Arr Club fiom . . . The Phi Sigs with another an-hum . . . A real crowd or the game . . . Her Majesty and happy Bob Coblc . . . Pre-game flugwoising with thc Tcnchcrs Colltgc Baud. PM: EZ Winners affrzshmuu debate. Rcgcnfs Award winners. i Debate Squad For the second consecutive year the Kirksville debate teams, coached by Mr. Sherod J. Collins, of the Division of Language and Literature, have taken the highest ratings in both the junior and senior divisions at the Missouri State Pi Kappa Delta Tournament. The seasons schedule for 194849 followed a wellfplanned pattern with extremely close competition: FRESHMAN TOURNAMENT Untramuralj REGENTS AWARD TOURNAMENT flntramurall BRADLEY UNIVERSITY INVITATIONAL MIDWEST SPEECH TOURNAMENT WESTMINSTER ROUND ROBIN PI KAPPA DELTA STATE TOURNAMENT PI KAPPA DELTA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT CENTRAL COLLEGE CNonfdecisionJ ST. LOUIS DEBATE TOUR Bill and Steve Shinn, who have been teamed together for a major portion of three years, ended their debating career for the college with more than two'thirds of their sixty debates being victories. Paul Andereck and Royal Miller received top rating in the senior division in this year's state toumament and have completed their second year of intercollegiate debating with a better than two-thirds average in more than forty contests. Miller and Andereck won the prize money in the Regents Award Toumament in january. Mary Shirley and Nancy Hanks won the highest rating in the junior college division of the state touma- ment. Mary Shirley started her intercollegiate career in that tournament with four wins and no losses. Nancy Hanks will be starting her third year as a squad member in September. Mr. Collins, debate coach, was contest chairman for the state and national tournaments. rw as PAUL S1-nun, Director, Blu. Davis, Presidnitg Suzfimin Vsxucim, Secretary-Tveasurerg B1LL McCLANAi-iAN, ViceAP1:si'dentp WALT Wsuiiex, Student Director. Band The sounds coming from Recital Hall every afternoon are one reason why the band is well known. The outstanding performances given by the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College concert and marching band are another. Directed by Mr. Paul Strub, the Hftyfiive-piece band played at football games, basketball games, and parades. The band skit at the carnival will be remembered as one of the most humorous. The tour of this area made between the winter and spring quarters gave approximately io,ooo people an oppor' tunity to hear the band perform. The band is organized with studentfelected officers. Besides spending many hours in rehearsals and giving frequent performances, band members Hnd time to sponsor an occasional Open House and quite a few social meetings for members. . , . , W . . L , , , . . txt.. ragf .w Ch ' tmas W eek Miss Dnmm Burton m the Chmnnas pageant . . . Bnyd Tibbles, Robin Rotinry, and Keith Kramer as the shepherds m thc pugmm. Induszmxl Arts Club shows how no decorate for Christmas, Santa Claus nn the roof . . . Th: Nativity scene on the cus: side ofxlxc building. Putt J6 Christmas Week The wczlq lnefure students letufe the Teachers College for their Chvistums vtxeatinn is one of varied activities. The Annual Faculty Tea, the Christmas Formal Dance, the Chvistmas Assembly ull combine to send the studtnts lmmc in tt jtting spurit to really celebrate Christmas, The student body and faculty of thc Teachers Ct-llcgc enjoy the Christnms tea sponsored by the faculty, Page 87 Basketball The 1948149 basketball season found the Bulldog cagers badly weakened from the loss of several valuf able players, among them Big Harry Gallatin, john Semanek, and Ralph Pink. Replacements were moved up, but the team still wasn't its old self from loss of considerable height. To compensate for this, Coach Boyd King worked the club into a faster-moving team with Erzen and Shearer as his spark-plug guards. The Teachers battled their way to sixteen wins, while sprinkling only eleven losses over the season. Although not as impressive as in the two preceding years, the Bulldogs have added another successful season to their list. After losing four conference games, the K. S. T. C. cagers took their last three in a row to finish third in the M. I. A. A. Conference. Springneld led the loop with Warrensburg second. Cape Gimrdeau fell just below the Bulldogs, then Maryville, and the Rolla Miners trailed the pack. The 'Dogs, however, led the conference scoring with 539. points, Cape a close second with 526, and the Champion Bears fell third with only 450. As the season progressed, new talent began to show up among the Bulldog subs. Earl Perry and Don Thompson no doubt will see much service next season, and "Big-Red" Nichols showed, in the last few games, his ability to tally up points. So the 'Dogs, while losing Dodd, Erzen, Lewis, and Shearer, are accu- mulating replacements for the coming year. Front vow, left to right: Bon DAN-r, GLEN Piunra, Fr.oro Siiuixeir, Bon Clufrzmf, Dicr: Eiizsu. Second row: Moxnis Osnuiw, Gnome Woxrwm, Rouen Lewis, Emu. Penn, Don Triosrrsorl, Bark row: Arr Hocusnoren, student managerg Hzrmr Rn-in, jiri Wuun jewsu. Nrcuots, Lxmor XVHEAT, EARL Donn, COACH Born KING. Page 83 The 1948-49 Bulldog Record K Opponent O K Opponent 63 .......,. Concordia ....,,.. ,.., 5 4 33 ..... .... S pringield ,.., S2 .,....... Missouri Valley ..... . . ..46 67 ,.... ...,. Ca pe Girardeau. . 58 ........, Culver-Stockton ..... .,.. 5 o 69 ,..,. ..... M issouri Valley. 56 ..,....., Quincy .,...... . . . .71 6o ...., .i.. C ulver Stockton. 69 .,....... Simpson .,...... ..... 5 5 36 ..... .... S pringfield .,.... 47 .... . . ."Arinona State ..,...... . .37 65 ..... ..... Q uincy. , . . . 65 .... . . ."Connecticut Teachers ......... S2 60 ...., ..., C oncordia. , , . , 43 .... . . ."'Indiana State .,.,...,.. .,.., 6 2 62. . . ,... Drake U.. . . . 48 ......... Loras ..,,.... ..... 4 6 60 ..... .... R olla ........ 58 ,......,. Simpson ........... ..... 60 S3 ..... ..,. C ape Girardeau. . 56 ......... Meramac Caverns ..... ..... 4 3 49 ..... .... So uthern Ill. U.. . S7 ......... Maryville ........ .... 3 8 63 ..... .... W arrensburg .... 37 ......... Warrensburg .,......... ...... 3 8 S3 ........... Maryville ..... Kirksville ........ 63 Rolla. . . . . .47 'Games played in Terri: Haute Tournament. Mid-West Tournament The close of '48 and opening of 149 found the Bulldog Quintet fighting for a place in the Mid-West Invitational Toumament at Terre Haute, Indiana. Arizona State of Flagstaff was the first Bulldog foe. The home cagers took a quick lead and led at the half, 32 to iz. Paced by "Pookie" Shearer, with 14 points, the 'Dogs came through with a decisive 47-37 victory. This team had eliminated the K. S. T. C. cagers from the i947 N. A. I. B. Tournament in Kansas City. In the second tilt the 'Dogs took on the Teachers College of Connecticut from New Britain, Connecti' cut. Again they sprung quickly into the lead and held a comfortable 3418 margin at the close of the first period. Perry and Lewis each hit the net for I4 points in pacing the Bulldogs to a 65-52 victory. Moving into the finals the Kirksville cagers met the host team, Indiana State. The Bulldog defense, which had been so outstanding in the preceding games, was shattered as the Indiana Cagers outscored the 'Dogs by 19 points, 62 to 43, This was the second consecutive year in which the Bulldogs took second place in this tourney. On both occasions they dropped their Gnal game to the host team. Page an , fi 5 2 Jil? QU K . 4 ' v f. -7 'Q -..B Ns x I ' L x TJ nk 49.2 , ' - X X1 X , J 52 5 Xi-fx yn , . K . X, , ' x X ' X ' ' 3 J . Q 3 , w , 4 1 3 x . , i , Q 1 , KA' 3 3 ..' , fi n 'dx - . .,'. ln I C f 15 Ty L S I. w 'E F W7 f xl 1 Xa! ki QR I Y X X QR is gf f x . S L25 RL M XX J j a 5 X x . 1 ,v K: ,r -' X N. vi ' lf' -I V g Ey:-3'-:. 4 ' iw + s K7 0 M WN x . N5 E ' 19 Q f Q-:Q ix Qi . J x Z 55 232 1 fi are A ' X V j Q-ax gf . - ' . '. .hx 'a X! 'inn E iii KSQMB S yi JA f V f 4.2 L bit E ., 1' f S i , : w Q ' :QXX ,.xx Q3 3 C ' 1 Lady Vue dt VU: . . . Handsome Hurry, Kmg of the Cowboys . . . Fucully smut nl lla: Carnival upvuarious . . 'Thr Pi Knps give out with a 'mock wrddmg , . . W: haw always xmudcvcd just what dnl go on at baud rehmrsals. Pnl: F2 Pap 0,1 Francis Dnnr crowns Mark Fox King of the Cumivul MARK Fox Carnival Queen lvilss DEH KNNER Th: vzigning royully nf thc mrmval. Mnvk Fox and Dec Knncr. 1-an 94 C ' 1 The Ag Club gives out with lnfu in the country . . . mrllmu music and hcnutcuus crsalz maidens . . . prmcxpals ofthe faculty stunt "Mn Sprakef' and the Phi Sigs win jfs: prize. Page 95 Track Front row: Cues, Smzau., Hoiirou, Smnxs. Back row: Di:LaPorm:, Roouuousn, Tnxossi-ian, Srnznos, WALKER, Lucxmxnor, Coixcn Douomzwrv. The K. S. T. C. track squad, under the supervision of Coach james Dougherty, entered seven meets in 1948. Five of these were dual meets and the other two were M. I. A. A. Conference competition. In the M. I. A. A. Indoor Meet the Bulldog cinder men came in fourth but later in the season at the M. I. A. A. Outdoor Events the home squad moved up to third place. The dual meets found the track and held men coming out on the short end four times, while taking the limelight only once. The Bulldogs bowed to the Missouri Valley Vikings, 8x to 56 at their first meeting and managed to accumulate only 35 points to the Vikings 77 at a return engagement, In their engagements with Maryville and Ccntml the 'Dogs fell less heavily. Maryville piled up 74 points to 61 for the home squad, while Ckntral won by the small margin of 70 to 65. The Teachers' lone victory came when they met Culver-Stockton. An inspired Bulldog squad put out all they had to pile up 1o5 points, allowing their weak opponents only 31. Pukt 96 Intramurals A well-rounded program of intramural athletics provided many students with an outlet for their leisure time during the l48'l49 college season. ' The volley-ball tournament, conducted in the fall, ended in a tie between McGrew's team and the Sig Taus, with the Phi Sigs placing third. The men's round-robin basketball tourney also ended in a tie, this time between the Uncofordinates and the Phi Sigs. The Unco-ordinates took the play-off, placing the Phi Sigs second and the Wildcats fin- ished third. In the girl's single elimination tournament-Stewart's Sinkers led a largelield to capture the championship. Boxing made its bid for a place on the campus this year with several boys entering the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions. Kenny Rehg and Bruce Mason climbed to the top to be crowned at the St. Louis Arena along with twenty-six other champions. Many other sports were entered into on a smaller scale, but these, too, went into the making of a good intramurals program. Aclimi sham during mtmmnml basketball games. I-ug, 97 vp Index ll- Ncwsu-mrrs during the fall quarter. "Deadline is Tuesday" . . . "Read that proof" . . . "Where are those cuts? . . . "How many ads?" . . . were the sounds heard from the lndex room to the Graphic Printing Ollice each week as the Newswriting class, sponsored by Miss Agnes Slemons, fought the battle of the deadlines. Beats were run, articles written, pictures taken, copy batted out at the last minute, liller hunted with frenzy, and the paper managed to appear nine times per quarter as scheduled. The staff for the summer quarter was joe Baughman, joe Goeke, Francis Hellner, Wanda Smock, Emory Cloud, james Butler and Nick Spase. The Editor and Staff system was inaugurated during the fall quarter with the hard job falling to joe Goekc, Greentop. The other members of the staff were Robert Conner, jack Duke, Charles Fugate, Carol Funk, Carl Luse, Max Powell, Carolyn Pulliam, Roy Lessly, Willa Wilcoxon, john Gibbs, Sue Ward, Irvin Winthrop and james McCollom. During the winter quarter Max Powell was elected editor. Staff members were Robert McCollom, Kenneth Farthing, Warren Hamilton, "Babe" Poston, Stan Serwatka, Floyd Shearer, Lois Field, Robert Connor, jack Duke, Bob Dant, Charles Fugate, John Gibbs, Richard Lee, Carl Luse, Carolyn Pulliam, and Dorothy Stuart. The spring class was represented by john Goeke, Beverly Black, Ruth Milhoan, Bill Richmond, Gil Demry, Warren Hamilton, George Deason and Gus Kumm. Charles Fugate, Memphis, was elected editor. The largest paper of the year was the Homecoming Edition, October 29. This issue was composed of ten pages complete with pictures of queens, players, coaches and yell leaders. Pau as Scaled, left to right: Donormr Him-ox, Berry Hrcnmu, L1u.iAN Gmv. Standing, First raw: Bizvenu' Hou., MARTHA BnocxuAN. Enrri-i Fonn,ji1AN LnAcH. Second mw: Suv: Mctvm, HANK PANizrnene, Etwoon CAm'neLl., Manx Fox, Blu. Wear, Knrru Kaur' Nun, Bon CAm.z. Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities For representation in the publication of "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities," for 1949, fourteen students from this college were chosen, Recognition in the publication means that the student was first ofhcially recommended by the college he attends and then accepted by the organization. Each stu- dent who becomes a member receives, without cost, a certificate of recognition awarded by the organization and presented at the school, recognition in the annual publication for the year during which he was selected in the form of a writefup of his college and personal record and a listing in the index under the college from which he was nominated. Page oo Opera Cru! and clmms for the opcfa, "Ma1tha," during a rehearsal. The major presentation of the preceding year was the opem, "Martha," under the direction of Miss Phradie Wells, of the music department. Supported hy the college orchestra and chorus and with a talented cast, the opera was well received, This year the operatic highlight was the presentation of the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera, "The Pirates of Penzance." Again Miss Wells was the director and a line performance was given. In the leading roles were: Major Stanley, Stephen Melving the Pirate King, Harold Holtmeyerg Samuel, Raymond Goekeg Frederick, Robert Sloan, Sergeant of Police, Fred Hanes, Mable, jean Leach, Edith, Marilynn Lambding Kate, Emilene Lehrg Isabel, Ann Beattyg and Ruth, Norma Shearer. Pm no Orchestra The 40-piece Teachers College orchestra, under the baton of Karl E. Webb, presented its first concert of the year, December io, 1948, in Kirk Auditorium. Coupled with the fine technical and interpretative presentation of the musical scores, the orchestra pleased the audience with its stage performance. Showing evidence of line musicianship and many hours of rehearsal on their numbers, the orchestm presented a well' chosen variety of music, Presented were selections by Bach, Hayden, Bizet, Sibelius, and Beethoven. For the first time the orchestra was in formal attire and this added to the polished performance of the evening. Cappella Choir The A Cappella Choir, under :lic dirzction of Miss Phmdic Wells, has presented many fin: numbers this year. Page mr The Echo The Book When yearbook planning time came around last fall, it found that the ECHO was in bad shape for planners. The supposed editor, Ercil Ewing, had graduated. Assistant Editor John Goeke, Business Maiiager Ollin Drennan and Baxter Stinson, his assistant, had to plan the book and to start putting the production together. When Ollin graduated at the end of the fall quarter the two assistants and their newly formed staff buckled down and began to fight picture lists and appointments at the photographers, got the student formal pictures taken, a lot of activities ready and were just getting into the swing of engraving copy at Christmas time. After the vacation Alexander's Studio had the student pictures ready and the mess in x io Kirk Auditorium get deeper and deeper as the staff spent all its time mounting pictures, marking engraving instructions and packaging copy. By February xo all the engraving was being made and well ahead of sched- ule, too. In fact, the ECHO was the first book to have all its engraving to the engravers, The Hght for copy began and was won by the staff on March 14 just a month later. The book is in on time. Any omissions or errors can be said to be sacrihced on the altar of deadline. Page me The Echo The talf Kenneth C. Sykes, ECHO advisor and photographer, drew the job of advising an almost inexperienced staff through the job of getting a book to press. His camera and darkroom work is good enough to make any editor's job easier, Heading the staff because of graduation of Ercil Ewing is John E. Goeke, junior student from Greentop, with one year's experience on the Echo staff. The Business Managers job was taken by Baxter Stinson, Independence, when Ollin Drennan gradu- ated and left that job open. Baxter had valuable experience with his High School annual. David Janson, Excelsior Springs, brought his talents to work for thc ECHO. Besides being a talented artist, he could do an ultra hne job of layout and mounting work. A novice at this type of yearbook archi' teeture, Dave caught on rapidly and did Hne work. Another Freshman, Fred Hanes, Kirksville, brought some valuable experience from his position on the Kirksville "Tiger" last year. Fred put in a lot of time on the ECHO along with several other timeconsuming jobs. Now that we have taken care of the men on the stalfwe can move over to the more interesting and more attractive female section. To lead the list on this side is Nadean Farmer. In between working as Secretary to Mr. Sykes, and studying, Nadean typed reams of picture lists, answered countless letters and helped immensely. Betty Finger, Senior transfer student from Webster Groves, added another experienced head to the huddle of ECHO planners. Stall' member of the "Hatchet," Washington U. annual, Betty took to the ECHO like a duck to water and worked long and hard, Last but not least of the Echoites is Elizabeth Roy, senior student from Kirksville. "Liz" decided she needed yearbook experience to teach English so she went to work to help heat deadlines and get the book out on time. Pngr ma Q,-kglim - Fnumcxs DANT King of thc 1949 ECHO Page 104 Miss CORNELIA Ons SKINNBR Miss Comelia Otis Skinner chose Francis Dant as King of the Echo during an interview with Editor Goeke in Moberly. Miss Skinner came to Moberly to give Il progmm of dramatic monologues and very graciously consented to act as judgei She expressed concern with the difficulty in making a choice but finally picked up Francis Dant's picture, turned it over and wrote, "This is the King," on the back of it PIII: l05 Class Kings Blu. WEST, Senior JOHN MANGIARACINA, Scnio1 STEPHEN MELVIN, junior Blu. TRAYLOR Sophomore FRED Hfmrs, Freshman RONALD FREEMAN junior BILL SPEAK, Sophomore PAUL KAYE, Freshman Putt IM Class Queens PAT Fnnsn, Senior Barn' MILLER, Senior AZALEA BELT junior COLLETTE CADY DOROTHY HINTON S0P"0"'0'5 junior MARIETTA BARTLETT, Fveshnmn EMILENE LEHR, Freshman rag, 107 , JOHN ROBERT POWERS A e e -. e v e e e - m nur Avenue Nw vnu cm n November zum, ma Nr. John E. Geeks minor, 19419 'Echo' 591 Ylorth Elton Kirkuvilld. Missouri Deir Kr. Gaeke: xv. hee been e green pxeemre ze eexeez the queen for your nee-my eeemmn in year em-mex, "serum me prmegrephe er me eenasaeeee, which yen e-mmuzec, were en ee em-eeuve mu. 1 imma xr .ufrxeun no une my eexeenen vm.:-re eeexng me maxim no eeen eemeewn me -mmf, Gene seven, wee selected on the been or pereenexnry, character, mx unex- ligence, as well ee fer nee-.rex beauty My choice wee influenced, er eeuree, by W greev. interest in .na eemreuen for the Natural Girl xr me contastumts ere ever in new Yerk, ie neun ha e yluusure to meee. men. umm best wxenee es me eemeeume, to me eurr of the "sehr me me me ewaenu of rm'r1:ns'r russomu sure memes comes, x nn sxneerexy youre, Jenn Reber: Pavers .mP:ea Page nu I A r Every fall new freshmen enter the Teachers College to start their education. Every spring more seniors finish their work. get their Page H0 - ..,... ..---- ,rv , ., nv: ,W f nm ms-t ' 1. ,ij ,nm 13 nn: la of ki, lu g turf. HYIP .. H Sf- , l..n Iliff I 4 lm: ir 3 I mn 4 mu! I lllll I lg." , mil IIIH lm ""4 Inn until Page Ill f F A.,s.1....w- I H I ,.,,,,,, . degrees and leave. From the time they go through freshman orientation convocation week they usually manage to be a member of all of . . . 'i . . . the four classes. Freshman courses give way to the slightly advanced work of the sophomore. The end of the sophomore year finds the junior college work completed and a major and minor picked. The junior can Past H2 H 5 .,,, , gf:-'xv , 1 'x 20, . . . already see himself teaching a class of youngsters, English, woodworking, chemistry or typewriting. To the senior. college was all too short. The milestones of a college career are the CLASSES. mg! 113 eniors Bern' MILLUL Secretary-Trrnsuver Blu. Pence Prcsidrnz Smum Hfmzs VnccfP1:s1dm! Sponsor-Ronan Auxnmuu 1Nor in picmrel Graduate tudents ALAN DEAN Mons: jeux P, Sckusson RUTH Snuu' Vumisfs WAL1nx Wzmau Kirksvillc, Mo. Quincy, lll. Kirksvillc, Mo, LaPlnta, Mo. B.S. m Educahon B.S. nn Educauon B.S. m Education B.S. in Education Hxgh School Admmismxtinn Music Elnncnmry Edumtum Music Putt ll-I muxsor-1, Romain' W ..... Historical Society. Vetr:rzin's Club nav. EMMA JANE mow, GALE . . sxa'rT. Emma . Pi Omega Pi xiw.EvA . . Aiw.NevA . wsu. MAx L, . ss. Evnum A. . Mnrcclivic . Kirksville . Browning . Kirkxmllc . Kirksvillc . Kirksmlle . . Knox Cizy Kirksvillc Delta Sigma Epsilon, Student Council, Scudcn: Social Committee, A.C.E., Panffiellcnic Council Lev, DnunzR'r .......... Knlmka wus, Onvinuz . . , . .... . Kivksvillc Sigma Tau Gamma, Historical Sociizty IJCKMAN. MARTHA . . . .... . Ln Plata nwms, JACK W. , . , Kivksville Jnumx, ,louu .... ...... L miamer Phi Sigma Epsilon, Historical Society, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's Who, Alpha Phi Sigma, Sigma Zeta 1MMAL,KAY . , . . . . . . wi-1, N. A. . Sigma Zeza icu, Cuba . a1.s,Ronniu- E, . . Blue Key, Sigma Historical Society Tau Gamma. Scc.. iLisoN. CARLTON W. . 4115 . . Stilislmry . Milan . Elmer , . Kirkxvillc Whcfs Who, . Pnwrrsvillc Csmssu., Etwoon G. . . Blue Key, Who's Who, Ka Pol. ppa. Dulta 'Pi,. Historical Society, Pres., Phi Sigma Epsilon, Secy.-Treas, CANNAni',MAnr1N . . . CAnNAn.sN,DoNA1.nL. . CLAnr,Lou1sn. . , . . CocnnAN,C.-uu.C. . . . , ..... K irkr . Arla Kivlpi Industrial Arts Club, Square and Compass Col.x.n'r'r,ELsxzJnAN . . . D-:lta Sigma Epsilon, Honorary Art Club, Kirks Scc. , Rcadcrs Round Table, College Players Cov.r.n-r,GoaDoN . CoNNon,LouLu. . . . . Pi Kappa Sigma, VicefPres., Council, Orchestra Coi1mur,K:NNsm E. . . Coxsisr-i, Maxi' M. . Cxouss, Rourm V. . Cunxv, jams G. . Dam, Fiuucis ..... Student Council, Pres.. Phi Industrial Arts Dimsou, Gmac: B. . . D1cxsxsoN,XVAiuu:N G. . . Phi Sigma Epsilon, Kappa lndustrial Arts Club DoLAN,Gur,im R. . . . K if-ks ......Brook. A.C.E., Panfliellenic . Harm . . Clark: . . Lehigh . Chicago . . . . . Madison Sigma Epsilon, K Club, . . . . Ham- . . . . . Kansas Delta Pi. Pi Omega Pi, ..,...Li Blue Key. Treas.. Sigma Tau Gamma, Treas., Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Historical Society DMNNAN, OLLrNJ .... ......Kir Blue Key, Sigma 'Tau Gamma, Echo Business Mgr. DuMl.L.Crmiu.zs . . . . ......Kir Blue Key, Sigma Tau Gamma Pnl lANs. R. L. . . lfmc, Enwzuzb W. . . . lluuNo1'oN, Rossa . . , 1 Industrial Arcs, Vice-Pres. l eran's Club l cmuNG.FxANcls F. . . . Macon . . . . , . St.Louis . . . . . . Kirksvillc , Agricultural Club, Vcc- .......Srul1l l Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, Pre-Law Club l l1as,PA1"rlLou . . . . . . . . . . Kirsullle li 3 Alpha sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi sigma, College Players, Readers Round Table, Cardinal Key, Sec., Who's Who, PanfHellenic Council mD,EnrrH Ras . . . . . . . . . . Kirllxvillc Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-Pres., Cardinal Key, Pres., Ellen H. Richards, Pres., Student Council, Sec. mos, Flumx . ..,. Los Angeles, Calif, Vereran's Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon lLl.A1'lN,He.iuxY . . . . . . . . Wnorl Ril-er,lll. K Club, Basketball, Baseball mNsn,Gsol1csB. , . . lsnoixs, LAcr.s'm Cooic . . mn, Joss:-rl H, . Lcolmni . . . . Kirlqsvllle ......Grcrnwp Index Editor, Echo Bus. Mgr. '471'48 lnDuN,Dono-mv . . . . . . . . , Kirlqsville A.C.E., Pres., Honorary Art Club, Historical Society ulxLsY,DARi1sL. . . . . . . MollnmiwlGrmlc AY, LILLIAN ......,..... Mulino Pi Kappa Sigma, Pres., Panfliellenic Council, Vice- Pres., Who's Who, Cardinal Key, Readers Round Table Nas, Smum Llzs .......... Kirlqsrillc Sigma Sigma Sigma, Cardinal Key, Pi Omega Pi. Senior Class, Vice-Pres. runs, MARY Rum , . wrl-lolwu, Jour: L. . . LMAN, VlNl1'.s . t 117 . . . Bvawvling Commerce, Olqla. . . Kirksvillc Hows, PAUL H. , HxvLsE, Mfiiuonxe . jfxcxsou. STANLEY , jones, Vicroa . Sigma Zena, KELLER, BEN A. . . . E ln . New Lund . Kirksvx Hamd Pres., Square and Compass . . . . . . zcffiw Industrial Arts, Agriculture Club Kizm'.WtLM.x . . . KEnR.MAki' . . . .H. .........Pc, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Historical Society, Reporter Knut. S1-ANLEV ......... Camvil, Veteran's Club, Square and Compass, Industrial Arts KIMBERLY, jorm H ..,....., Gramm: Pi Omega Pi, Pres., Veteran's Club Kiuc, KENNETH . . Pi Omega Pi, Kapp KLE1ss, M. KATHEMNE KRAET. Las-:EE M. . . Agriculture Club .Matin a Delta Pi , . . . Montross. , . Mtlyitn KREITNER, KEITH ......... , St. L0 Blue Key, Sec., Sigma Tau Gamma, Wlitfs Who, Historical Society, College Players. Readers Round Table, Interdenominationul Council, Student Social Committee, Publicity Chairman KMNER, DEE .......,. Waslliviglun, Cardinal Key, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Treas., Pi Omega Pi, Historian, Student Council LANG, Wlumit ,........ Mcvng Phi Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Square and Compass. Veteran's Club, Gnome W ......,.. 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Bi:1'rY, Edina Hines, Boa, Unionville HLNMAN, Rosen, Granger HxN1'oN, Donon-nf, Kirksville Hamas, Roman, Breckenridge HOFPMAN, Ru'rH,fGrcen City How, DWAIN, Moulton, la. Howmvron, Bn1'TY,'Bowling Green HUDSON, EMMA, Kirksville HULL, Bsvamv, Burlington, Ia. Ivrans, KBNYON, Kirlrsville jzNx1NS.,IAMm, Oxly joimsou, Dxcx, Kirksvillc Joncmsnn, Rum, Greencastle Kmum, Wmnfmzn, Atlanta P416 124 LAKE, Lzorx B., jclferwn City Luau, jun Pnvnnousn, Malvern, Ia. Lawns, Howmm, East Alton, Ill Lian-r, Muvm, Trznton, N. j. Loci-um, Rlclulxn, Roodhousc, lll. Lovuov, WALT, Pattonsburg Mnxuu, lnwm, Shelbyville Mfnvrm, Hnscnzn, Kirksvillc Mm-rnnw, WILUAM, Kirlcsvillc MCANULTY, Rcumn, Edina Mclhumz. CHAu.l:s, Long Beach, Calif. MCCLANANAN, Bmw, Milan Muvm, S'r:unN, Lancaster Mmmn-on, Rommr, Greenfield, Ill. Mnmx, Roux., LaPlata Mxmz, Gn.mzn'r, Richmond Hill, N. Y. Mom-comnn, Ln, jacksonville Munmv, Leann, jacksonville Nixon. Donor:-xv, Chntril, Ia. 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Loxzswma, Ronan-r, Kirksvillc Lnwcocx, Foam, Powcrsville cnmwr. Roukr, Scarsdalc, N. Y. Mumn, Cufronn, Yarrow MARTIN, jumz Youuc, Kirksvillc McKnNznz, Enizmsnrn, Knox City ences, BLANCME, Kirksvillc Mnkklrr, DONALD, Seymour, la. r LTI Mivcnnu, Bin., Chillicothe Moon, Barrv Jium, Trolley Heights Moons, Lxzowumb, Memphis Moors, Imam, Kirksvillc Mnzns, Mfiulmus, Memphis Nicnois, Bnnnun, lnddonin Nou., W1iLLAcn, Salisbury OLsoN, Snmuzv, Kirksvillc Pfixsows, PA-rmcui, Omaha, Nehr. Piucn, Ronan, Bullalo l"uLLmM, Cfinoxm, Springfield, lll. RAINS, MARY LEA, Kcytcsvillc Rnmmum, jlmes, Pollock Rou'rr, Ewan, Camden Point Smamans, Doruux, Kirksvillc Scmmoxm, Lnun. Wright City Sulocx, C. C., Trenton Snnnon, M:nuN, Unionville Smrrnn, DON, Charlton, ln. Sr.u1-H, Mujomz, Hannibal Smrru, WAYNn, Greencastle Srnfms, Crmmus, Kirksville STANLEY, GzNnvA Kirksvillc S1-xnxx, JQHN, Brookheld Srnvims, Nonmi, Bucklin Srnwfuvr, Mfmnlinm-, Chillicothe I 'ul gg 131 Swmcuz, VERA, Bethany Trmauas, Bom, jamcsport TRAVLOR, WxLLl.-xM, Brmshcnr Tnuxrr, DDNALD, Kirksville VAUGHN, No1mAN,St.joscph VAUGHN, Suzmwn, Lancaster Vmuauz, CARL, Anna. Ill. WALKER, MAMLYN, Eldon, ln. Wmw, Sun. Kirksville WEBER, jncx, Maywood Wrzxsr, Mfmjonxn. Seymour, Ia. Wucu. JOHN. Edina XVELLMAN, HARLENE, Kirksvillv: WELLS. JACK, Granite City, lll. X Wm-rn, Bun, Floyd, la. Wlxsrex, Du Fonesr, St. joseph W1LLcoxsoN, BETTY Len. BloonxEeld, la Dmus, M.uuAN, New Hartford Freshmen PAT Cunt, Secrcm1ygJnANNnjoNns, Treasurer: Jann' Glufcoxw, Przsidcntg luxe Dmuzv, Sponsor, Faso HANES, Vice'Pvesidcnx. Na! in Picture: Eu Mlrruzn, Sponsor. Paz: 114 AcHnsoN, Twvul, Allerton, Im. 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Downing Hoon, jnAN, Cairo Houenms, Rome, Fulzon Hous1'oN, Lucnuz, Lancaster Hows, CAM., Elmer Huncms, VxoLA, Pulaski, Ia, Huess, LAURA, Rensselaer jAmzs, MARTHA Bess, Brookicld jANsoN, Dflvxn, Excelsior Springs jorms, Lnovn, Overland jmmsow, DALE, Brookfield Jonsson, Guam' ANN, Kirksville jones, JBANNB, Birmingham, In. jomzs, MAH Lou, Kirksville jonczznsmd, ANDREW. Greencastle KAW, PAUL, Sumner Kuuzv, NAn1Nn, Cisnc. Ill. Kiznmmv, CAROL, Brookfield Knmvoon, Rorxeivr, McGregor, Tex KINCAID, jesse, Kitksvillc KLEIN, Mn'-LI, Dwight, lll. KNEIILAND, 1.-xmas, Chnriton, la. Kocsn, Mm-oN, Hamilton, Ohio Lnnnizm, BETTY, Purdin LIz.u'I-Ins, Auluzv, Macon Lum, EMILIINE. Kirksvillc Lumm, JACK, Scarsdnle, N. Y. Lewls, CI.IzoNs, Worthington LIGnI:1'r, ROMALYNN, Seymour, la. LILLAIID, jomr, La Grange LoIzwnNIIfIuI-1', LLOYD, Augusta Lowrnzv., DoN.'II.n, Brookfield Lurnun, MARILYN, Allerton, la. LYNCH, Ronan, Ethel M.AnoIuN, Jo ANN, Kirksville MCCABE, FRANCIS, Kirksville MCCLANAHAN, Gans, Atlanta McDoN,xI.n, PAUL, Kirksville McFn.uINn, Evnnn, Green City McREvNoLos, BAIIIUIIIA, Kirksvillc McRIwNoI.m, FRANCIS, Kirksville MIILSUN, MARY Lou. Bethel MII.uzk, Rmmvr, Edina MII,I.eI1, WAI.TnI1, Hannibal MoIII.nI', Dum, Marcelinc Moncmnr, Nm-Icv jam, Kirksville Moon, CLAIHINCII, Herculnneum Pnl: LVN Momma, Evawu, Kirksvillc Munrlnr, Kirry ANN, Powcrsvillc Nnzce, NEVA Lou, Novinger Niscu, VoNnA Lan, Novingcr Noel., Ron-1, Lucerne Nonmuu, joim, Edina PAGE, Arun, Milan PARKER, BARBARA, Webster Groves PAnxs, Evans, Jennings PERM, Berry Sue, Shelbyville Psiuur, Zouma, Kirksvilli: Fumes, DoNALn, Hurdlancl Plunscm, Gum, Atlanta RA1'LlPr, VERLA. Knucsv1Luz Rum, CARQLYN, Bmshear RensMAN, DALE, Boonville Rizlnmzvsx, Rosuivr, Hunncwell RxcnARnsoN, JAMHS, jamcsport Riznnuxo, Dono1'm', Baring Rissuex, DAvxn, Seymour, Ia. SALLADAY, ANNA Lou, Kirksvillc SANm1onn, lmau. LsA, Newton Scnnemux, ELAINE, Hcttinger, N. D. Scuuun, Rcnnn'rA, Kirksville Scovinuz, Bm., Knox City Salman, Is.-unazus, Seymour, Ia. SHAW, RALPH, Lancaster Sum.-roN, Gewzvmvn, Unionville Pala IJP Snrri-i, Bnrrv Lou, Kirksville Smmi, Gukrnunu, Edina Sr-eNcnR, QuiznN, Brookfield Srnmcs, Gl.nNN, Kirksville Sinus. ANNIE. Milan Twink. Cnzciznux, Forsyth, Mont. Tfmi-i:NiNn, MANY Lou, Brookfield Tosnnnuscn, GLENN, Augusta Timxnnix, DONNA JEAN, Unionville Tumzk, Ci-mnnizs, Kirksville TURNER, Ncnml Sul. Shelbyville VANDERPOOL, WILLIAM, Ccntralia VnNcu.v., VAN, Linneus WARD, COLEHN, Kirksvills: WATsoN, Dawn:-, Kirksville XVAY, FIAANK, Chillicothe WAYNAN, jfmns, Grcentop W:Nm', Lois, Princcwn Wnmz. DAmm.i., Chillicothe Wii.cnxoN, Wiu.A Lou, Kirksville Wisizw, DAN, New London WONKMAN, Dun, Lewistown Yusr, RAvMoNn, Augusta Page no J ames Harvey Neville The entire campus was shocked and saddened on the morning of February 18 when james Harvey Neville, 53, a member of the faculty of the Division of Social Science, died suddenly in his classroom in Pickler Memorial Library. Mr. Neville, who apparently had not been in ill health, was waiting for the S o'clock bell to start his class when he suffered a heart attack. Death was a few moments later. Mr. Neville had a great personality and a thorough knowledge of his field which made him one of the most universally liked and respected persons on the campus. His genuine interest in his students, his intense interest in seeing them succeed and his fine teaching ability caused students to flock into his classes, one of the finest recommendations a teacher can have. Although Mr. Neville had been a member of the Teachers College faculty only since 1947, he had been in public school work for many years. He became principal of the Kirksville High School in 1914 and Superintendent of Public Schools of Kirksville in IQ25, serving in that posif tion until I947 when he resigned to become a member of the college faculty. Mr. Neville had served in two wars. During World War I he served with the .gist Artil- lery, 44th Brigade, as a Second Lieutenant. During World War II he was a Lieutenant Com- mander in the United States Navy. Born December 30, 1897, in Springheld, Missouri, Mr. Neville was a graduate of the Springfield High School, attended Drury College, Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, George Washington University Law School, the Teachers College at Columbia University, the University of Missouri and had done extensive work toward his Ph.D. Degree at the Uni- versity of Chicago. Mr. Neville is survived by his wife. Page NZ Jacob Wilhelm I-Ieyd I jacob Wilhelm Heyd, who had been a member of the faculty of the college from 1915 until 1948, died at a hospital in Kirksville on the afternoon of january 27, 1949. Mr. Heyd was head of the Division of Languages and Literature from 1931 until his retirement at the end ofthe spring quarter 1948. Mr. Heyd was exceptionally well liked by students and faculty members due to his gentle disposition, his kindliness and his teaching abilities. He was the author of "Anfanger Duetschf' a German textbook which he used in his be' ginning German classes, as well as many bulletins and translations. He served for many years as the faculty sponsor of the Student Council and as sponsor of other student groups. Mr. Heyd was born january 8, 1875, in Kirksville, Missouri. He is survived by his wife. - l 1 my 143 The staff of the 1949 ECHO thanks THE STUDENT COUNCIL THE ADMINISTRATION BURGERfBAIRD ENGRAVING COMPANY Kansas City, Missouri MIDSTATE PRINTING COMPANY Jefferson City, Missouri ALEXANDERS STUDIO Kirksville, Missouri GORDON COLLETT Photography for all they did to help in completing the ECHO. r J I Pg 144 1 H. V 1 fe a Q 1 9 i 4 2 3 E S I F :I 1 2 :- fe i I 'E i E 2 -I 24 4 '1 1 fi 5 V4 1' 2 E 5 5 2 5 L i' 3 4 3 4 n u E' r 1

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Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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