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Truman State University - Echo Yearbook (Kirksville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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STN. pif"5,rc ifffmm 7Ze WU pau! gzeene EDITOR -gtnofof ptatet BUS. MGR ' "U" ':, Q. P 5- 1- Qs ' t lr Q 1 1 e- w , . 4 -'S .V I Q ifvxk' .53 , v r A . ' 'Q g N 1 3-x Af 'H Q AL N, Q , I 1 Y' xi . Q ,T A y ' ,u" ax' X Q 3 . .315 C I ,V - 1' x 4' 7 1 x -s . W' . ,j,a I N!-V 5 i, f'.k,,hj,q- Q . A y ay ,R gig. QQ? 45' 'yy wi' 'Ck 'Q " f 5 .-pp . , ,: V 6 iv 1, Q Y J, r 4' wx g 4 4 A 1 he' N. " x f 4 N n 5 R ' V - -sf - ' - K Sufi I Q .1 A .gi I s . Qgu ,is 'Q , 4 VN! , ? 1 .gn if' W ef ' JJ, f .ww - , 'licvl' .ff X 9'5" f V ,,f'Hz,- '- . , H" ,. -4 van.. fr,-cf K' , , sz. , -u 'Q aw . 'L . Rig, ww 'M ' K , 1,431 fymniiknr-'UU U yaiwwaww Wf,,g,gqgpnvf ,, W -Mm -F55 5 "M af ' '44 X . m'?'t-'Y .0 A, EK "3""x F' K, arf ,ze- 9, if-rs? 4 x as K " A. -3 ia? ,R 4 4415 A, W ' ,-:Ati ARL, 1 . , ,ZH W ,- J ,1 , will gf! Q l"'.14' 'vt -ai- r I Ti . -- ap. 4 A 'tx v ' m --,Qu-1,,,.:' ' r K ,Q A 4+-Y, if- W: , ti. v. nh 4 ul -, ' , ,,,:S,,mw,g' g A . z 4 .EI -'wx Q95 ' ' , . 'A qgmgse ,g f , 9 .-sq, ig, 1 z'fF?'f'3 'mf f ,LA ,xx 3 ff Ati -Q. Qi 1 uf , 5153? -ifyifmx ik NH :QS g4,6'iw1f?f'ff S , 5- A fix y ' Jw . V 1 gf Q. 3 , wk' ,f "hu 'f ' ,J A L W 1i"3gfwf"gw 'Q' ,S gn 1, .ur X3 "J" I 94, H F., ' . A 'X ' 4 6 'X 1 Q A kv . Q5 f, r! W ' 1,4 M 'ff sw ' it 5 1 .1 'Q - 2 ' 4 . " . A I sign ,1 fm Q- ,Qi '2g:.i'?m.j' 1' H me 'J' ,, , ue. Xi' if k Q- 'Kg fill! Apu- W, Ji, fb? ,f,A', ..c ig x , in ac' ' l. '44, nl S3 55 wp QQQAPVJ ---K .V , 7, 1 ' an I if F I-INV R il, -1' v . 'W .kr 4,-,L . QU! ,ki Af 5 if V ,Taj ' S f", ' jig-57 . .2 :Na -I M x 'M 'f . I .W in sf, .Lg 'J 5' 1 ME' 1 .' Q? f - 4 fr A W Q , P xsQ5'1 - f 5 nv, fy LQ? asj. E1 X f 'n ,214 '- ,f J Q- r ,W -1 ft 1 K Hn Ari. ' . ... 4- f 5 : 41 3 5 4 if Q M , af, . cf sf ' " k M if , W M , 'H ' Q, x 5' Si Z it , V ,M 1. f X ' . :k,g1g,,f.,Qf 3 A A . 'l m I N. A :,q,,,,m,.1W , 5,1154 , V ,LW , A uw' f. Q fl T A A-Ywfg 14 .W 4 - we LJf,M,,., 1 K ' 1 Ly gf, ., .,.QL+3,qfA,g3,,,5.iSipjf':f'if. L". . .. W J A ' Y 22 . ff I ,, 37 fiffyi wvvqfffzm .X K 1 M . Q , " A ,. . .sfgxwd kwliisl-5,5 gg, A it , 5 ii HMV , ,. .X s , ,V A ff ff ' VN4, , N ., ,WJ V 6 K , .i S W ,Q wi ' 4 if ff,4,4Q ,Q A lllHlllUIlIl A dedicaTion oT The l94O Echo has To be made To ThaT inTangible someThing which exisTs on This campus as "SpiriT". One Teels iT as he enTers The buildings, he Teels iT as he wallcs across The campus, as he waTches The aThleTic Teams in acTion or lisTens To The singing OT The old school song. This Thing we call "School SpiriT" was noT born oT iTselTg iT has been planTed inTo every brick, every ploT oT ground, and inTo every Tree and rock on This campus by The pioneer educaTors who lived and died in The hope ThaT This school mighT someday enTer inTo an era oT greaTness. Today ThaT very Thing is happening: iT is a new era Tor This college. The TronTiers have been passed and The lives oT Those men are evidenced by The beginning oT a new growTh. This book is published ThaT you, The s+uden+s, may, years hence. loolc back and marlc l94O among The really greaT years oT your liTe. Read This boolc and cherish iT, Tor The passing of Time will surely endear iT To your hearTs. i T ne 52,55 UHNHNIS MHSSIS HHHHNIZHHUNS HIHHHE3 HHIUHIS I Y .' 1.1 G E3 C73 gm A 5, 1 fl if 'fi f as 'W 1 ,f un The conTracT Tor The building oT The new John R. Kirlq Memorial building was leT by The Board oT l2egenTs, Wfednesday, March 20. This is only one oT The numerous duTies and TuncTions The Board oT RegenTs perTorrns. Also, because oT Their eTTorTs, The new indusTrial arTs build- ing is now a realiTy. Ideas and policies concerning The school are handled by These rnen who are To be cornrnended Tor Their barT in building a bigger and beTTer NorTheasT Missouri STaTe Teachers College. Left To Right: I, A. Cooley, President Lloyd W. King, Stole Supl oi Schools, Regent Ex- cliiciog W. A. Coble, Vice-President, Rclond A, Zeigel Secretory, l, C. Houck, Ethel Conner, Lionel Dovis Cdecedsecij. Seated in The center' Walter H. Rylc, President Norihecist Missouri Stole Tcrcichers College . ' " :':'.i"1:2 I SIKA gggnnnsnlllli Sllllllll lllllii Lelt To Right: Friedmeyer, Borcloy, Treasurer, Prol. I. W. Heyd, sponsor, Stcmfield, Com- well, Ringlond, Brockmori, McNee1y, president, F. Greene, vice-president, Myers Winsler, secretory, Vhnters, Boirb, Block. Members not in picture: White, Roodhouse. The College has a Torm oT sTudenT goyernmenT ThaT is becoming more widespread among American colleges and universiTies each year. The Council has charge oT The money collecTed Through acTiviTy Tees, To be used Tor enTerTainmenT. Two all-school dances and Two all- school shows each quarTer sponsored by The Council Tor sTudenTs .... Tea dances inTroduced Tor TirsT Time, Two were held .... year's enTer- TainmenT climaxed when l.iTTle Jaclr LiTTle played Tor an All-School dance . . . . also helped Tinance cooperaTive programs and concerTs and RoTary lecTures. Jacguelyn Winsler and Emil Mchleely wenT To naTional sTudenT governmenT meeTing aT Minneapolis .... Tound we had one oT The sTrongesT sTudenT councils in The UniTed STaTes. Hllllllll 1. Mr. Enochs Head ol Division ol Business Service Mr. Pemloerlon l-lead ol Bureau ol Correspondence an Exlension Teaching Mr. Hayden l-lead of Bureau ol Field Service Dr. Miller School Physician Miss Zoller School Nurse Mr. Riclchoff Head ol Division ol Personnel Service l-lead of Bureau ol Guidance Mr. Cornwell l-lead ol Bureau ol Alumni Aclivilies .- 1? q s Q. fi' Q, 7 .ie ,Mi, s i x-mm-.W-,,..,,,,., llll Dean Eubanlc l-lead ol Division ol lnslruclion Miss Threlkelcl Secrelary in charge ol slenographic oilice Mr. Richardson Assis+anifBureau ol Correspondence ancl Exlension leaching Mainfenance and Grounds Force Fronl row: lvliley, l-lawkins, lvlorlz, Vick- roy, Mounlain, Dykes. Back row: Lair, iieeler, Scolield, lclerberl. Mr. Bibee Greenhouse Keeper Mrs. Ellison Dean oi Women Mr. Angus l-lead oi Division oi Exlension l-lead of Bureau oi Placenfienis ,Ak I 3 . N. , --, W ' ,, ,ca...W :"' - I Q .12 . , .:: 'Q k M 'X 5 Z ! s Miss Hook Direclor ol Libraries Pickler Porl'rai+ Reading Room Miss Yadon Calaloguer Miss Browne Librarian One ol llie besl in llwe siale is The Teaclwers College library . . . nearly 50,000 volumes in llie newspaper anol magazine rooms and lime book slacks . . . Lasl year was llwe second one using llwe S6000 Carnegie lunol To supplemenl regular buying by purcliasing slanclarol works and fill- ing in magazine files. f Gm xi 'Wi Miss Beggs Miss Slemons Mr. Brown Mr. Webb Lang. and LH. Lang. and LH. Science Music Mr. Phialas Mr. Rieger Mr. McClure Mr. Trimble Lang. and LH. Science Social Science Science Ax. Mr. HewiH Mr. Heyd Mr. Hudson Mr. Eileen Social Science Leng. and LH. Social Science Plwys. Educalion I 9 Ml iiilllliii Mrs. Cievenger Mr. Clevenger Miss Dodson Mr. Burroughs Social Science Science Pnys. Educaiion Sociei Science Miss Simmons Mr. Ro+i1sciniid Miss Harvey Miss Rober+s Sociai Science Eciucaiion Lang. and l.i+. Business Educaiion Mr. C. H. Alien Mr. Vaien+ine Mr. N. Alien Mr. K. S'rou+ Educeiion Music Science Music 20 iHUlIiiY ,tag w WW -Q' Miss V. Magee Mr. Avison Miss Whiison Mr. B. Sioui' Lang. and LH. Lang. and LH. Educeiion Music: Nm-we Mr. Selby Miss Pa++inson Mr. Mar+in Mr. Markel Business Educaiion Educaiion Educaiion Phys. Educaiion Miss L. MaGee Miss Kennedy Mrs. Knobbs Mr. Jamison Home Economics Home Economics Sociai Science Mainemaiics 21 Mr. Collins Miss Dabney Miss Lang. and Lil. Ari Corne'H Miss Fuller Arr Phys. Educalion a.......s-,...,...,...,.,...,,, K m ' mm L Mr. S+olces Mr. Bray 'Q Science Science Mr. Biggerslaff Music Mr. BarneH Miss Curlis lnduslrial Arls Lang. and Lil. Miss Wade Lang. and Lil. lb .P Mr. Green l-leaillw and Plwys. Educalicm prv' Miss FawceH Lang. and Lil. Z Miss Frank Business Educaiion 44-1 fl g---Q -',. ...ny i i ..,,..--W hw I J.--mn !,..,,, wang Wm W1 Mana Mrs. Hunsaicer Business Educaiion 5-mm 2 .Q Miss Hardin Mr. McKinney Miss Johnson Miss Boyland Mr. Evans Mrs. Summers Mrs C. l-l. Allen, Direclor Greenwood School Miss Gafewood Mrs. Marlin Miss Reeves Miss Eclringion Miss Wile Miss Jackson Mrs. Brown Miss Decker Z4 W M I i Mr. Rofhschilcl, Direcfor Ophelia Parrish School Miss Crow, Principal Miss Swarfz Miss Yowell Mrs. Paulfrey Mrs. Carler Mrs. Parcells Mrs. Wallcer Mr. Sfroup Mr. Paulfrey Mr. Goeize Mr. Miller Miss Lewis Mr. Milligan Mr. Brown Mr. Hawk Miss Johnson Miss Freeman Miss Lipperi' Miss BraHon Mrs. Buckingham Mr. CoHle I Mr. Allen Miss Olin Miss Vanskike Miss Berry Mr. Skinner Miss Leslie HN WN UHUH 44 Q uma r AO 0 v-'Av ? f K ag?-vffsru. ,f if - ,pw 51 ,G ' my 17- ....,v.x'. A' 4 . , 1 'Q'- if - . 15. f s 1' ,4 ,M 'Af S' ,fu . .. uv, vw 1' ... , . v of 10 Q ,,..' fu.: .. ,fu 5. , 1? , , M.,1wffvfHf',5pg ' ' , EE . Y K Q xx' I 14' if 1555f'f- if '- ,, ' Ek : 'V fx . 335 gf f , V W QPIQZZS 5,"' -zz. n , a f.,, .J F, .. " n . Di 5-- . ,. .,. m 'V W N 1, ii Y gg 5 JV-b 1I cmouam Bryan Mourer Sludeml In Teachers College IQ36 I939 Mr Warren Jones farm Sep-T IO 69 Dled Cdr 2 I9 9 Member of College Faculjry I9lI i936 Mr Lionel Davis Bom l89O Dsed l94O Member Board of Regenls I935 l94O I U ' Bom Sept IO, !9l8 - Died July I, V939 B. . , 18 - ' . , 3 SENIHH HNIEEHS Ralph Sees Presidenf Mary Lou Thomas Secrefary Lucy Mae Rece Vice-Presidem' Helen Terry Treasurer ' PM 3 5 Slllllll AMES, RICHARD Waulcegan, III. Sigma Tau Gamma, Blue Key, Band, Orcheslra, Chorus. BARCLAY, MAX Kirlcsville Pi Omega Pi, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Blue Key, Slu- denl Council, Kappa Della Pi. BARKLEY, CLARENCE Brashear BEALMER, BILL Kirlcsville Sigma Tau Gamma, Arl Club, French Club. BECKNER, BETTY CAROL Kirksville Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Kappa Della, Cardinal Key, Panhellenic Council, W. A. A. BIBEE, ERNEST Slahl Alpha Phi Omega, Ag. Club. BIGSBY, ROBERTA PHELPS Kirlcsville Sigma Sigma Sigma, Cardinal Key, Kappa Della Pi, Pi Omega Pi. BONDURANT, BILL Kirksville Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, Hislorical So- ciely, College Players. BONDURANT, DALE Kirlcsville Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Kappa Della, College Play- ers, A Cappella Choir, German Club, Pre- Osleopalh Club. BOWEN, ISABEL Clarence Modern Lil. Club, Pi Omega Pi. BOYLAND, RUTH Kirlcsville Pi Omega Pi. BRANSTETTER, DEANE Curryville Blue Key, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pylhagorean Sociely, K Club. BROCKMAN, JAMES Kirlcsville Sludenl Council, K Club, I-lislorical Sociely. BROWN, EMMA Melbourne I-lislorical Sociely, BROWN, HELEN VIRGINIA Hannibal Modern Lil. Club, Business Educalion Club. BRUMAGIN, WENDELL Elsberry Blue Key, Phi Sigma Epsilon, K Club, Indus. Arls Club. BURDMAN, LOUIE Kirlcsville Blue Key, A Cappella Choir, Readers Round Table, College Players. CAROTHERS, BETTY Kirlcsville Pi K-appa Sigma, A Cappella Choir, French Club, German Club. CASEY, RALPH S+ahl Pi Omega Pi, Ag Club, Business Educalion Club, Pylhagorean Sociely. CLARE, NINA Silex Sigma Zela, Kappa Della Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pylhagorean Sociely, Pi Kappa Sigma, Cardinal Key. CLARE, VIRGINIA Silex Pi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Sigma, Sigma Zela, Cardinal Key, Kappa Della Pi. CLARK, IDELL Greensburg W. A. A., Modern Dance Club, Hislorical So- ciely. CLEM, HOLLAND La Plala Hislorical Sociely, Readerls Round Table, Alpha Phi Sigma. COCKRILL, DAVE Livermore, Ia. Blue Key, Hislorical Sociely. COCHRAN, RANCE Kirlcsville German Club. COLLINS, LAFAYETTE Clarence Alpha Phi Sigma, Hislorical Sociely, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Della Pi. CRABTREE, J. W. Kirlcsville Hislorical Sociely. CROW, BOB Hannibal Hislorical Sociely, Alpha Phi Omega. CUPP, JAMES Brashear DAILEY, JANE ANN Kirksville W. A. A., Della Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Della Pi, Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma, Chorus. DAY, HELEN LaGrange A Cappella Choir. DECKER, MARTHA Callao Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi Sigma, A. C. E., W. A. A., Cardinal Key, Kappa Della Pi, Home- coming Oueen. DODGE, CHARLES Bevier DORRIS, ELLA Palmyra DIMMITT, MELVIN Greencaslle Ag. Club. DUNHAM, MARY ANN Callao Della Sigma Epsilon, Readerls Round Table, College Players, Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma, Modern Lil. Club. llllllll Ai 2535 llllllll DYKES, DEAN Brashear Sigma Zela, Pylhagorean Sociely. EBBE, CHRISTEL Trenlon Modern Lil. Club, College Players, Pi Kappa Della, NN. A. A., Reader's Round lable. ELSON, RICHARD Unionville Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Hislorical Sociely. EMBREE, VIRGINIA Marceline W. A. A., Pylhagorean Sociely, Hislorical So- ciely. EVANS, MAYBELLE Kirlcsville Pi Omega Pi. EVANS, PAUL Kirlcsville lnduslrial Arls Club, Ag. Club. EVANS, WILLARD LaPla+a Ag. Club, Alpha Phi Sigma. FARRINGTON, ELNORA LEE Kirlcsville Cardinal Key, W. A. A., Sigma Sigma Sigma. FLESHMAN, MYRTLE Lucerne Alpha Phi Sigma, Hislorical Sociely, Pylhagor- ean Sociely, Kappa Della Pi. FOUNTAIN, HENRY Kirlcsville Phi Sigma Epsilon, K Club. FRIEDMEYER, GEORGE Wenlzville A Cappella Choir, Band, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Hislorical Sociely, Sludenl Council, Alpha Phi Omega. GAHAN, NEDRA Kirlcsville Sigma Sigma Sigma, Arl Club, Modern Lil. Club, W. A. A., French Club. GARRISON, LLOYD Shelbyville Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, Pylhagorean Sociely, Alpha Phi Sigma, Blue Key. GRAVES, JOSEPH Moberly Pi Kappa Della. GREENLEY, HORTENSE Novelly Hislorical Sociely, Alpha Phi Sigma, Business Educalion Club. GREENE, MYRON Kirlcsville Hislorical Sociely, Readerls Round lable, Col- lege Players. GREENE, PAUL Kirlcsville Echo Edilor, College Players, Reader's Round Table, Hislorical Sociely, Modern Lil. Club. GREENE, FRANKLIN Kirksville College Players, Reader's Round Table, Slu- denl Council, Alpha Phi Omega. GREGORY, JEAN GREGORY, ORVILLE K Club, Hislorical Sociely. GUTHRIE, JOHN Kirlcsville Hamillon Kirksville Band, Blue Key, A Cappella Choir. ll-IARDIN. MARJORIE Marceline Della Sigma Epsilon, Cardinal Key, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma, German Club, Panhellenic Council. HARRISON, NELLY Pylhogorean Sociely. HEABERLIN, EVA MAE Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Cardinal Key. HOBBIE, LESTER Ag. Club. HODGES, WAYNE Moberly Kirlcsville Della Pi, Kirlcsville Kaholca Pi Omega Pi, Hislorical Sociely, Modern Lil. Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Della Pi. HOLCOMB, MARY Home Economics Club. HOLLIDAY, ERMA JANE Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Zela, Home Economics Club. KIMBRELL, AZALEE Home Economics Club. KIMBERLY, HAROLD KING, RALPH K Club. KINKEADE, NINA Kirksville Milan Alpha Phi Sigma. Glenvloocl Morland, Kans. Madison Alexandria Readerls Round lable, College Players, Home Economics Club, Modern Lil. Club, Pi Kappa Sigma. KREMBS, CAROLINE Kirksville Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pi Kappa Della, Reader's Round Table, College Players, Home Economics Club. LA BONTA, EDITH Brunswick Alpha Sigma Alpha, Band, Cardinal Key, A Cappella Choir, Panhellenic Council, A. C. E., Chorus. LAMMERS, RAMSEY K Club. LANE, NORMAN Induslrial Arls Club. Sl. Charles Unionville lllllll STNIHHS LEACH, HAROLD Camerc LEMEN, URSA Lemon Bancl, Alpha Phi Sigma, Hislorical Sociely, I C. E. LESLIE, MARY LOUISE Memph Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Sigma, Moclei Lil. Club, Pi Omega Pi, Cardinal Key. LEWIS, MARY FRANCES Kirksvil Della Sigma Epsilon, A. C. E. MARRS, DORIS Trenlc A. C. E., W. A. A. MARTIN, JOHN Unionvil Phi Sigma Epsilon, German Club, Alpha Pl Omega, Sigma Zela. MATTHEW, VIRGINIA Kirksvill MAYNARD, MYRTLE Eulaula, Old. McKAY, LOIS Humphrey Alpha Phi Omega, Della Sigma Epsilon, Busine Educalion Club. MCNEAL, i. A. w,',,,L.,. ,H-Jlfl. Marcelin MlEI:I I, . ,f Kirksvill esicle'l Slud nl Cpyncil, A. P. O., Oerma Club, Oaefpfiiifvoiub. MEYERS, GERALDINE Mexic Arl Club. MILLSAP, WANDA Princelc W. A. A. MILLS, EMMA LOU Kirksvill Sigma Sigma Sigma, A. C. E., Panhellenic Cour Cil, Cardinal Key, MONROE, MARY BESSE Memph Alpha Sigma Alpha, Panhellenic Council, I Omega Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma. MORELOCK. LOUISE Kirksvill Sigma Sigma Sigma, A. C. E., Modern Lil. Clul MORRISON, BYRON Brashee K Club, Ag. Club, lnduslrial Arls Club. MURDOCK, SAM Kirlcsvill Hislorical Sociely, Sigma Tau Gamma. IYERS, HELEN Kirksville Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Modern Ari Club, Hislorical Sociely, Kappa Della Pi, Sludeni Council. PBERG, MARTHA Tren+on A Cappella Choir, Modern Lil. Club. PRDELHEIDE, ROY Bellflower lnduslrial Arls Club. DWEN, J. B. 'Monroe Ci+y Phi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Zela. HILLIPS, ELIZABETH Green Ci'I'y ORTER, ARDES Salisbury RATER, ARNOLD Nevada Phi Sigma Epsilon, Blue Key, Hislorical Sociely, K Club, Business Manager Echo. DUINLEY, HUSE Clarence Pi Omega Pi. .ANSOM, MARGUERITE Kirksville Sigma Sigma Sigma, W. A. A. LECE, LUCY MAE Kansas Ci+y Della Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Zela, Cardinal Key, Alpha Phi Sigma. Hislorical Sociely, Pylha- gorean Sociely, Kappa Della Pi. IOBERTS, AVEN LEE Kirksville Physics Club, French Club, Pylhagorean Sociely. ROBERTS, RAY Kirksville Alpha Phi Sigma, French Club, German Club, Hislorical Sociely, Kappa Della Pi. ROBINE, BERNICE S+. Charles Kappa Della Pi, Cardinal Key, A Cappella Choir, Symphony. ROLLINS, JOYCE Cenfralia l Della Sigma Epsilon, A. C. E. SCHWAB, THELMA Chillicofhe Sigma Sigma Sigma, A. C. E. SEES, RALPH Kirlrsville Nemo Slamp Club, Blue Key, Hislorical Sociely, Sigma Tau Gamma. SEYFORTH, MARY IDA Albany SHAIN, RALPH Kirksville lnduslrial Arls Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon. :TW SINIUH3 SHORES, ELVA Leonard Pi Omega Pi, W. A. A., Hislorical Sociely. SHULTHEISS, CLARENCE Kirlcsville Ag. Club. SIMMONS, R. W. Memphis Sigma Tau Gamma, Band. SLOCUM, JOE Edina Alplia Plwi Sigma, Sigma Zela, Pyllwagorean So- ciely. SMITH, MARY MARGARET Edina Alplia Sigma Alplwa, Kappa Della Pi, Clioir, Home Economics Club. SMITH, WESLEY Kirlcsville Nemo Slamp Club, Pi Omega Pi. STERLING, DALE Milan Blue Key, Band, Clioir, Plfii Sigma Epsilon. STRAIGHT, CLARA Yarrow Alplwa Plwi Sigma, Nemo Slamp Club, Pyllwa- gorean Sociely, Arl' Club. STRAIGHT, RUTH Yarrow Alplwa Plii Sigma, Arl Club, Pylliagorean So- ciely. SULLIVAN, MARY Glasgow W. A. A., Pylliagorean Sociely. TERRY, HELEN Green Cily Alplwa Sigma Alplia, W. A. A., Business Educa- lion Club, Modern Dance Club. THOMAS, MARY LaGrange W. A. A., Pi Kappa Sigma, Modern Dance Club, Pylliagorean Sociely. TOLMAN, CHARLES Greenleaf, Kans. Band, Cliorus, Sympliony. TRENT, LOUISE Macon Della Sigma Epsilon, A. C. E. TUDER, ELSIE Salisbury A. C. E. WALTERS, JACK Chicago Pi Omega Pi, Business Educalion Club, WARDEN, JESSIE Trenlon Home Economics Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Modern Lil. Club. WASHAM, WILLIAM Salisbury lnduslrial AVIS Club, College Players. WELLS, CHESTER Wyaconda Ag. Club. WERNER, LOUISE Edina Home Economics Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, A Cappella Choir, Cardinal Key, Sigma Sigma Sigma. WHISLER, ROBERT Ridgeway A Cappella Choir, Pi Omega Pi, Band, Chorus. WHITSITT, DOROTHY Macon Hislorical Sociely. WILLIAMS, RUTH Kirksville Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Kappa Sigma, Reader's Round Table, College Players. WILLIS, ALETA Mason Cily, la. W. A. A., Hislorical Sociely, Modern Lil. Club. VVILSON, ELIZABETH Oakwood W. A. A., Home Economics Club. WIMBER, MARGARET Kirksville VV. A. A. WINSLER, JACOUELYN Ames, Ia. Sludenl Council, A. C. E., Pi Kappa Della, W. A. A., Hislorical Sociely, Rural Leadership Club. WOODS, BOB Shelbyville K Club, Pylhagorean Sociely, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Blue Key, Business Educalion Club. YAEGER, BERNARD Glasgow Alpha Phi Omega, Ag. Club, Hislorical Sociely, Modern Lil. Club. SINIHHS To Spealc I rams Today 1 E55 3 , f S gffidznt me Q PHAM GH Q. PYCHRI fxifl ' x Fred Sieysfer Presideni Joyce Page Vice-Presideni Virginia McCollum Treasurer Colene Van Sickel Secreiary JIINIHHS Alber+son, Donald Green Ci+ Allen, Alice Jean Powersvilli A+ha, Addie Efhe Ayres, Marrha +. Baio++o, Josephi e qllA,iAl,ciungs+ow Baker, William ew Cambri. Barb, Mariorie Downim Barrow, Madeline Clarenci BasseH, James Moberl' Baugher, Geraldine Buclclil Beane, Joe Moberl' Be+hell, Charles S+. Loui Bigsby, Bill Kirksvillc Black, Cleo Kirksville Blanchard, Lyle Glenwooc Boo+h, Rosemary Kirksville Burns, Elizabe+h Brookfielc Chadwick, Norma Lee Kirlcsvillc Claras, Dorofhea Bronx, N. Y Clark, Lucile Kirksvillc Clee+on, Russell Seymour, lowe Cochran, Vic+or Milar Conner, Clarence Kirksville Cooley, Kenne+h Kirksville Cornwell, Cliffon Kirksville Cox, Joyce Cairc Dennis, lla Mae De Vaul+, Karl Cliflon Hil Bloomfield, Iowa Dumenil, Jean Eger, Maurice Ellis, Roberf Esles, Loren Farmer, Eleanor Farmer, Wallace Faulhaber, Bessie Fife, Vera Freeland, Max Gallop, Edi+l1 Go+scl1all, Gerry Gray, James Green, Lee Green, Marjorie Greensfreef, Cleo Hagan, Taylor Hammons, Mary Alice Harring+on, Helen Harrison, Skipwifli Hassler, lra Ha+field, Ray Hawkins, Mary Ru+l'1 Heaberlin, Paul Hersl, Aus+in Hewi'H', Jane Hia++, Edie Higman, Myra Holman, Louise Argyle, Iowa Maywood Kirlcsville Kirksville Kirlcsville Green+op Kirksville Kirksville Cora Paris Kirksville H urd land Kirlcsville Kirksville Kirlcsville Clarence Greencas+le A'l'lan+a Richmond, Va. S+. Louis Edina Kirksville Kirlcsville Ewing Shelbyville Allanla Sioux Ci+y, lowa Hurdland JHNIHHS is 'M r' 5 agfvl 'Y wil? Rfk JHNIHHS Hower+on, Hugh Kansas Cify, Kans. Huenfeld, Garford McKiH'riclc Huff, Ar+hur Memphis Hughes, 'Nilma Humansville Hulen, Charles Cenlralia HuleH, Florence Bynumville Hunn, Arlene Moscow Mills Jenlcins, Lois Wyaconda Johnson, Helen Kirlcsville Kinkade, Paul Kahoka Kirlcpalriclc, Roy Blair, Neb. Kraus, Wayne Gorin Kumm, Karl Kirksville Loughridge, Louise Unionville Leslie, Jane+ Jefferson Ci+y Lewis, Claramae Kirlcsville Limes, Chrisline Trenlon Long, Rober+ Vandalia Longwi+h, Wayland For+ Madison, la. Loofbourrow, Wani+a Sedalia Lorenz, Rolaerl' Bloominglon, lll. Marsh, Helen Macon McCollum, Virginia Kirksville McEuen, Madelene Hannibal McKinney, Ru+h Kirksville McWilliam, Margare+ Downing Miller, Charline Greenlop Mudd, James Edina Muff, Ruby Myers, Aileen Neff, Mar+ha Nicholas, Beafrice Opel, Wilma Parvin, Nadine Phillips, Roy Pollock, l. O. Por+er, Marian Radosevich, Alma Ray, Verlee Rush Raymond, Be++y Richey, Maurice Rosebery, Dean Rugh, Orville Schwada, John Seaman, Richard Shinn, Neva Jean Simpson, BeHy Singley, Lynn Sleysfer, Fred Slocum, Maude Sonnfag, Ed. lSparlcs, l-larolcl Spees, Beecher Sfanfield, Lalrelle Sfevens, Jessie Thiele, Carl Hannibal Kirksville Callao Kirksville Kirlcsville PlaHsburg Quincy, lll. Powersville Wesf Al+on Kirlcsville Memphis Sidney, Ill. Novinger Slahl Kirlcsville Clarence Gall Kirksville Kirlcsville Kirlmsville Perry Baring Whea+on, III. Kirksville La Belle Ca bool LaPla+a Buclclin JUNIHHS is 3' f M Q JUNIUHS Thompson, Pauline VanSickle, Colene Wagner, Elaine Wallace, lola Wesfern, June Winsler, Jerry Wriglnl' Elizabe+l1 Yagel, Milo Yokum, Dale Young, Harvey Meadville Kirlcsville Kirksville Kirksville Brookfield Ames, Iowa Kirlxsville Brookfield Bynumville Kirksville SUPHHMU Bob Mills Presldenl Aileen Arneson Viceepresldenl Belly Sue Gardner Secrelary Mary Elizabeflw Cool! Treasurer Ill f v Q A .33 :. z'iE?"' , si, f A. - 'ZS v . 'ef f if or an C r .ia-1 ii ssic LQ f, le- I SHPHU Adams, Henry Adams, Lyle Albrechf, Juani+a Allen, Glenn Allen, Lundy Arneson, Aileen Baily, Cena Mae Baker, Carol Baker, Kenne+h Bankhead, Marie Barkley, Lorraine Billinglon, Harold MHHiS Memphis Novinger Brunswick Novinger Checofah, Okla. Kirksville Hannibal Edina Kirksville Vandalia Lucerne S+ahl Binder, BeHy Excello Blackhurs+, S+epheLi5-- S+. Charles Blanchard, Vera lenwood Bosley, Virginia Monfgomery Cify Boucher, Mary K. Chillico'l'he Boucher, Ray Cairo Boucher, Roy Cairo Bowling, Mary Jane Kirksville Braffman, Theodore Bramble, John Brenner, Pauline Brigh+well, Bob Brosius, W. S. Brown, Kennefh Burford, Lola Burnham, Finis Ozone Park, N. Y. Green Ci+y Laclede Lewis'I'own Kirlcsville Sfahl Lewisfown Efhel Burns, Margarei' Burrus, Kyra Cady, Muriel Callison, Carlfon Casey, Lucille Cassady, Alberf Casfagna, Lucile Clark, Maurice Jr. Cluny, Faye Conkin, Roberi Cook, Mary Eliz. Cornish, Mary CoH'rell, John Cowles, Berna Cox, Ca+herine Cragg, Irene Creamer, Gene Dailey, Doi'o1'hy Daniel, William Davis, Virginia Louise Davis, Virginia Lee DeWiH, Beverly DeWi'H, Madge Dickerson, John Diehl, Elmer Diggs, Geraldine Dodson, Jessie Dull, Delberl' SHPHU ll Kirksville Greensburg S+. Louis Unionville Sfahl Unionville Hun+sville Kirksville S+. Charles Greencasfle Kirksville Bowling Green LaGrange Kirksville Chillico+he Greeniop New Cambria Kirksville La Plafa Keyiesville Kirksville Kirksville Kirksville Livonia Kirksville Jonesburg Livonia La Plafa Hlill ,vii ,J R ll A., so SHIlHHllHHlS Edringfon, LaRue Epperson, J. Paul Everly, Rufh Farson, Ava Farson, Iris Fechfling, Evelyn Forbis, Karleen Fowler, Louise Gardner, BeHy Sue GarneH', Jack GarreH', Eunice Gibbs, Charles Gillum, Elaine Goodding, Elizabeih Goodwin, Lavena Green, LaVerne Greer, Meryl Grossnickle, Gerald Gulick, John Hacke'H', Geraldine Hagerman, Frances Harrison, Mark Harfman, Bernard Hayes, B. E. Heafhman, Doro+hy Hines, Richard Holland, Fern Hook, Frances Kirksville A+lan+a Lancas+er Mexico Mexico Sfahl Ashland Wor+hing+on Brunswick Canfon Sedalia S+. Charles Unionville A1'lan'I'a Kirksville Kirksville Kirksville Carlisle, Iowa Unionville Quincy, Ill. Alexandria Monroe Ci'ry Holliday Milan Paris Sparfanburg, S. C. Kirksville Cairo Inman, Marie Jayne, Eddie Johnson, Charlie Johnson, Gladys Kennedy, Nannie Lou Korns, Richard Kamp, Wanda Keflellcamp, Aileen Kibble, Clarice Kuesel, George Lamb, Emily Lawson, Frederick Leavi'H', Julia Leidorff, BeH'y Leslie, Be'Hy Lewis, Joe Logsdon, Dean Lowe, Charlo++e Mabis, Marlha Manlove, Emily Marks, Junia Mayor, Helen Louise McKay, Velma Meyer, Viclor Miley, Virginia Mills, Bob Mills, Harold Minor, Bill SHPHJUM Chillicolhe Kirlcsville Granger Pocahon+as, Iowa l'lun+sville Kirksville Bellflower Moberly Greencas+le Li'H'le Falls, Minn. Excello Osborn Kirlcsville Macon LaGrange Kirksville Pi++sfield, III. Ridgeway Novinger Rofhville Monficello Macon Knox Ciiy Macon Kirksville Kirksville Livonia Kirksville Hllll l IWW ,S P- A -3: ,Q -a E, .. if 101' ,, . I 'J ,V if '41 +1 I H ,. Q . I E , ,,,L , J se A if Sf? L A i V y 5? yi J ,,s,s , , s i 3 J " ' SHPHH Mi+chell, Thelma MoffiH, Halene Monroe, JeaneHe Monfgomery, J. C. Monrgomery, Mabel Moore, Maxine Moore, Virginia Murfin, Rosalind Muir, Lillie Belle Murphy, James Muzzey, Helen Myers, Alvoid Myers, Paul Neal, Helen Nelson, Irene New+on, Essel O'Brian+, Bill Oliver, John O'Reilly, Mary O'Reilly, Melva Owens, Ru'l'h Paden, Susan Palmer, Mildred Pfanschmidf, Mildred Pla+z, Marvin Powell, Don Powell, Maxine Priebe, Wesley ll Hlll Madison Greencas+le Mem phis Gifford Gifford Mooresville Kirlcsville Kirlcsville Greencasfle Powersville Kirlcsville Kirlxsville Kirlcsville Linneus Kirksville Baring Lancasler Queen Ciry Unionville Unionville Laredo Mexico Cenlralia Quincy, III. S+. Charles Kahoka Linneus Granger Propsf, EHa Lou Rains, Jean Ransdell, Bonnie Riley, Sfanley Ringland, Lois Ri+chie, Eugenia Robinson, John Ross, Roberl' Rosser, Kay Rouner, Doris Rouner, Mariory Schnelle, Wm. Scoff, Evelyn See, Harolcl Sees, Earl Shirley, Susan Shoop, Lucille Siddons, Wilbur Sidwell, Marcia Simler, Velda Smallwood, Jennie Smifh, Earl Sneed, Lucille Slender, Julia Sfrachan, Francis S+ree+, Helen Sfrode, Mary Nelle Sfrub, James Amarillo, Texas Keyfesville Holliday Browning Sumner S+urgeon Unionville Memphis Hannibal Kirlcsville Knox Cify Pollock Hannibal S+. Louis Kirlcsville Kirlcsville Greencasfle Rochesfer, N. Y. Queen Ci+y Youngs+own Kirlcsville Nor+h Salem Kirlcsville Green+op Kirlxsville Purclin New London Brunswick sz fi: 'sf 3' 1 3 in, 4' vi E 1? V4 .0 - Sf If 1 1 :Ui 9 1 AQ 14A ,.,'-s ,sta A gf . Ai f E if fl SHIlHUlllIHlS S+ul+z, Wendell Teague, Rufh Thompson, Margarel' Traylor, Mary Wagner, Elmer Walker, Virginia Ward, James, Jr. Warner, Phyllis Wafson, HaHie Mae Webber, Helen Joyce Weber, Maggie Whi+e, Chellis Wilgus, Gerald Williams, Frances Jane Willis, Harold Wilson, Norma Wifherow, Freda Wifherow, Mary Wrighf, Bob Shelbina Whifeside Meadville Brashear S+. Louis Kirlcsville Forl Crook, Neb. Kirksville Harris LaPla+a Yarrow Kirksville La Plafa Memphis Kirksville Lancasfer Hurdland Hurdland Kirksville Zimmerman, Anna Clay Edina HHS Bolo Newman Presideni' Marfha Rinehar+ Treasurer X Joan Morgan Vice-Presiderd Eleanor Phelps Secrefa ry HMHN HHIIHHS an-wwf-M. 5. M ,ij 11,4 , rp s ge ' I 11. 035 A f97?'il il K, is G 5 3 , " 5 :Jimi an 8 ig 5 are Q as 6, mi,- r'f' 5r1r d lHlSHlliN Alexander, Arlene Allen, Ross Anderson, BeHy Anderson, Virgel Applegaie, Kenne+l1 Archer, Olive Ayers, Amy Ayers, Louis Bailey, Lilburn Bailey, lv1ayo+a Baldridge, lrwin Barkley, Cur+is Bauer, Vivian Beard, Lavenia Becker, Eunice Bengsfon, Roger Berry. Lena Bibee, Doro+l1y Blankenlmorn, Gail BlodgeH, Oren Bolfiliver, Susan Borron, Clifford Borron, Lola Bowen, Bessie Bowen, Roberla Bradley, Hollis Brans+eH'er, Harold Brislane, Louise Memphis Kirksville Brookfield Kirksville Kalioka Berliany Aflanfa Green Cify Elmer Elmer Pollock Lucerne LaGrange Kirksville Augus+a Kirksville Powerville S+al1l Kirksville Downing Jennings Bucklin Greencas+le Novelly Novelry Kirksville Curryville Jennings Bri+'r, June Brown, Bonnie Bea Brown, Marfha Brown, Marvel Brown, S+anley Browning, Bernard Bryden, Naomi Buck, Norma Bullock, Margarel Burch, Doris Burns, Helen iBurrus, Kyra BuHerfield, Chrisfine Byers, Doris Bywafer, Jean Callaway, June Campbell, Daisy Campbell, Helen Car+er, Frances Carfer, Frank Chadwick, Norman Chamberlain, Lois Chambers, Kennelh Childress, Harold Chipman, Doro+hy Claras, Gloria Clem, Helen Cobb, John Brunswick Brookfield Jacksonville Kirksville Clarence Browning LaPla+a Rofhville La Plaia Kirksville Kirksville Greensburg Laclede Newark Novinger Monigomery Cify Kirksville Kirksville New Bos+on Salisbury Kirksville Curryville LaBelle Ru+ledge Nelsonville Bronx, N. Y. Silex Elsberry lHlSHlllN A M I-QR My .sf :ra f 4 1 I l l i 1 1 1 1 l l J llll Cochran, Edward Dale Kirksville Coddell, Marion Kirksville Collins, Leonard Clarence Collop, BeH'y Kirksville Conner, W. Z. Williamslown Cook, Harold New Cambria Cornell, Woodrow ii . Versailles Cowan, Ida Juanifa l Slahl Cowan. Mary Brookfield Cowles, How ' Q Novel+y Crisi', Dwighi' .- Unionville Crooks, Keaih 'Y Browning Cur+wrighl', Mary Holliday Dougherfy, Kennefh Glasgow Davis, Marlha Lock Springs Davis, Mary Frances Kirksville Davis, Mary Lee Leonard Davison, Rosalee Kirksville DeVore, Allen Plano, Iowa Dickson, S+uar+ Milan Diehl, Belly Ann Kirksville Dixon, Creel Kirksville Dixon, James Kirksville Drennan, Jack Kirksville Drennan, Leon Shelbyville Duffie, Doris Kirksville Dunlap, Edward Green Cily Dunn, Verlee Baring Dye, Doro+l1y Easley, Maxine Edwards, Billie Elliof, James Embree, Mariorie Emmons, I. M. Enlow, Ofis Erwin, Norma Es+es, A. T. Everharf, Alene Ewen, Woodrow Ewing, Barbara Fellcer, Mildred Fidler, Vera Fields, Jol'1n Flanagan, Jewel lFlowers, Max lFlynn, Louis Forfney, Carl Fos+er, Frances Fos+er, Maxine Foun+ain, Melvin Fox, John Fullcerson, Clyde Gashwiler, Francis Gels+rap, Zane Gibeaul, Myrna Gilber'i', Corinne Baring Braslmear Marceline LaPla+a Marceline l.aPlal'a Green Cily Wilmaflisville Salisbury Kirlcsville Cl1illico+l1e Kirlcsville Williamsfown Clififon Hill Unionville Kirlcsville Granger Edina Kirksville Humphreys H umplmreys Kirlcsville Oakwood Sweel Springs Novinger Unionville Hamil+on Hannibal lHlSHMlN Ill: :L 3 8 -3 iv I -li f -,f,L ' ' lHlS Goodwin, Lawrence Graves, Belly Green, Kaflwleen Green, Margueri'I'e Green, Una Lee Griffifh, Lewis Griffi+l1, Roberi' Guyer, Thelma Hamilron, Don HamleH', Dale Hammons, Paul Handley, Joe Harlan, Evelyn Harris, Darrel Harris, Mary Ru+l'i Harrison, Carmale+a Hays, Helena Heaberlin, Margarel' Henning, J. P. Henning, Kafherine Henry, Mildred Herring, Oscar Her'rens+ein, Mary Louise Heying, E. L. Heying, James Hia++, Juani'l'a Hicks, Lorraine Hines, Louise Hill Kirksville Lancasfer Brookfield La Plala Owensboro, Ky. Novelly Mason Purdin Kirlcsville Kirksville Greencas+le Kirlcsville Salisbury Kirlcsville Browning Brimson Maluesn, Iowa OH'awa, Kans. LaPla+a O'Fallon NoveI+y Elsberry Memphis Kirlcsville Ahall' A'rlan+a Winigan Clarence Hoagland, GarneH Hobson, LeRoy Hoewing, Helen Hoerrman, Dona Hoffman, Marvel Holliday, Marjorie Horfon, Gladys Houghfon, Huei Hoyf, Belly Howard, Jack Hubbard, Carola Hueseman, Warren WEE? 4:24 s Husied, Geraldine lvins, Ru+h Jacques, Dorofhy Jarman, Jane Jenkins, Wm. Jibben, Joyce Johnson, Gordon Jones, Cleo Jones Fred Jones, Helen Jones Mariorie Jones Ralph Judd, Mildred Kahler, Ressie Keim, Delma Kemp, Elma Vandalia Kaholca Kaholca Greencasfle Quincy Milan Kirksville Holliday Cresfon, Iowa Wes+ Poinf, Miss. Monfgomery Ci+y Sf. Charles FM :ij Kirlcsville Revere Early, Iowa Longview, III. Kaholca Kirksville Kirlcsville Dawn New Cambria S+. Louis Dawn Kirksville Newfown Miami Fowler Madison ,ggi-Q , 'JR RF b .M ,., Q r Kimbrell Elsie Kincaid Lesl'er ,. ,Jr ,Q ,J if - h,i ' A l H L S if 5' 'Sf' Q ,ff It X X-. M, fr? W ' ae' 'iazxp W ,-if I' 2 - A in If- ' ' a if QL 3' . ""' " i i if 15 if Kirby, Billy Kiser, Mildred Knapp, Hilman Kolwler, Anna Kohler, Louise Lauer, Wilda Lay, Twila Layne, Forresi Len+z, Marvin Lenfz, Maurice Leslie, Emma Jo LevereH, Ber+ha Lewis, Doris Lillard, Ferne Lillard, Frances Lindberg, Esflmer Lynch, Francis Mabry, Harrell Mabry, Rober+ HlllN Glenwood Novelly Kirksville Harris New Bosfon Erhel Cenrer Queen Cify Monficello Ce-n'l'er Sumner Sumner Williamslown Middle+own Kalwolca Kaholca Williams+own Bucklin Glasgow Monfgomery Cify Indianapolis, Ind. McCari', Twylia Hamden McClelland, Faunice Kirksville McCullough, Mildred Monfgomery Ci+y McCune, Norma Kirlcsville McMichael, W. Aflanfa McNeely, Frances Kirlcsville McReynolds, Be++y Jo Knox Ci+y McWhor+er, Charles McWilliam, James Mahon, Maxine Mahoney, Ted Mains, Raymond Mason, Gerry Meyer, Margarel' Mihalevich, Richard Miller, Maize Milligan, Charles Minor, Carl Mifchell, Gordon Milchell, Lee Moore, Blossom Moore, Efhel Moo+s, R. J. Morgan, Belle Morgan, Joan Morgan, Monica Muir, Mildred Muff, Willeife Nagel, Roland Nash, Rufh Neil, Harvey Nellis, Bonnie Newman, Bob Novinger, Virginia Oard, Louise Kirlcsville Downing O'Fallon Clarence Newlon, Iowa Kirlcsville Gorin Kirlcsville Novinger Milan Newark Ashfon Holliday Vandalia Jacksonville Brashear Unionville Kirlcsville Cenler Greencasfle A+lan+a Forislell Kirksville Downing Memphis Hannibal Sfahl Williamslown iHlSHMlN of-wg., ,IQ- will It 54' lHlSHlllN O'Brian, Coleen O'Hanlan, G. E. Oliver, Paul Olson, LeRoy Overfelf, Charles Palmer, Virginia Phelps, Eleanor Phelps, Joyce Phillips, Irene Pickens, Doris Pickens, Gene Pickens, Lila Porfer, Mildred Poffer, Mary Praff, Sfewarf Pulliam, Georgia Dean Pulliam, J. W. Radosevich, Anna Rafliff, Clifford Reading, Nell Redkey, Ida May Reeves, Gerald Reynolds, Margaref Riegel, Jeaneffe Rineharf, Marfha Roberson, Helen Robinson, Frances Rockwood, Roberf Kidder Silex Eolia Dallas, Texas Clarence Novelfy Sf. Louis Salisbury Memphis Green Cify Greenfop Greenfop Unionville Kirksville Unionville Baring Brookfield Kirksville Brookfield Curryville Brookfield Kirksville Novinger LaGrange Kirksville Canfon Canfril, Iowa Unionville Rose, Virginia Kirksville Ross, Ber+ha Memphis Ross, Delphia E+hel Russell, Ralph Kirksville Sanders, Frances Kirksville Schmid, Charles Lancas+er Schoenbeck, Glenna Universi+y Cify Sellers, Roscoe Ro+hville SeHle, Kielh Monroe Cify Shoemaker, Elizabe+h Shelbina Shoush, S. J. Macon Simler, Margie Youngsfown Simmons, Lois Unionville Sizemore, Marian Keokulc, Iowa Slocum, Helen Kirlcsville Slocum, Mary Kirksville Slover, Floyd Kirksville Smi+h Charline Keyfesville Smifh, June Powersville Soule, Rosalee Wayland Sfein, Eileen Wyaconda S+ein, Mark Queen Ci'ry S+ephens, A. J. LaGrange Sfimson, Hazel Lewisrown S+raub, Rayford Monroe Ci+y Sfruby, Harry Kirlcsville Sfrum, Milfon Richmond Hill, N. Y. Sfufler, BeH'y Green Cify lHlSHlllN f' V f 1 , lilly ,.. , W 2. lHlSHlllN Swifzer, Efhel Swifzer, Julia Swifzer, Virginia Taggarf, Marfha Taylor Alma Taylor, G. W. Taylor Lorraine Taylor, Jerry Taylor, Nellie Taylor, Jimmy Tennanf, Jake Thiele, Mildred Thomas, Clifford Thompson, Floren Thompson, Melvin Thompson, Norma Thurlo, Eugene Thurman, Elma Thurman, Karl Timmons, Rollie Tiffle, Mary Trefialc, Susan Troxell, Donna Truluclc, Maclc Turner, Dorva Novelfy Buclclin Macon Buclclin Linneus Lewisfown Kirlcsville Kirlcsville Kirksville Befhel Gibbs Memphis Buclxlin New Cambria Kirlxsville Kirlcsville Novinger Browning La Plafa Brookfield Livonia Milan llasco Clarence Charlesfon, S. C. Green Cify Van Fossen, Chrisfine Humphreys Veafch, Lucille Coafsville Vogel, Roberl' Wadswor'l'h, Mildred Wafers, Gloria Wein, Edgar Weinberger, Herman Wells, Bonnie Lee Coffey Swi+z Cify, Incl. Kirlcsville New Melle New York, N. Y. lndianola, Iowa Welsh, Warren Glenwood Weslern, Paul Greeniop While, Alice Maywood Whi+e, Harold Green Cily Whi+eside, Julia Olney Wilgus, Don LaPla'ra Willey, Josephine Clarence Williams, Clifford Kirlxsville Williams, Elmer Kirlcsville Williams, Ruih Anna Kirksville Williamson, Esfher LaPla+a Wilson, S+anley Bralrlleboro, V'i'. Winn, Marfha Ann Kirlcsville Woodwor+h, Dorolhy Mexico Wolf, Geneva Byron Cenrer, Mich. Wrighr, Horace Kirlcsville Yocum, Rulh Bynumville Young, Donald Kirlcsville Hill Hllll .3 45 1' x .L E W-an It V fnffiij 0C7 G xbxf fp jot 0 X175- E K"'E "L Q 21:2 , Q1 SW! TI W Y yi ffgfxijg U wg .. , 13:-QL'--p, -' 12422 .X5A. ,, ,.Z,Wef1 ,VT 5 ii f 11 i-lf 1 "Q B KM I 4 I Q My ' ' 4 "SEI T2 yi vi . - K XX .1 1' , S 3 . A r I r f ,K Ny GQ 5 ff 1, fig: 3 f s qw 3 ' x fa I 5.11 f -. 61 Q M I I Miss Zoller E. LaBon+a M. Decker Sponsor Presrderwf Vice-Presidenf Y ' 4 fr 'ln 1 P r rfrzg 3-,, fs? X 265332 xr. ' 'xl Fl 'K ' ??5sr2f 255 2' uri H25 5 wif 1,-2 M. M. Smiih M. Por+er Miss Hook Secrefary Treasurer Advisor L.u Q fx: , as . ,si Al, 31 Q :Q f 1 5 5 T rf if ri 7 1' 2 I if Gi ir - E 'C 4 1. L21 Z Z: r. .. .ff vf sf, .Wg jsmj- +3 ' I - 'J' If' -1 I I1 70 I Mgsffflfffffwxii ' 4 Y Y ' . . J 5,3 Albrechl, Juanila Ayers, Marlha Bowling, Mary Jane Brenner, Pauline Burns, Elizabellm Gardner, Belly Sue Gillum, Elaine Hook, Frances Johnson, Gladys Krembs, Caroline Mayor, Helen Miller, Charline Monroe, Jeanelle Monlgomery, Mabel Rouner, Marjorie Weslern, June Young, Belly Pledges: Lorraine Taylor, Una Lee Green, Alene Everlfiarl, Marlha Jane Rineg liarl, Mary Tillle, Mary Lou Cowan, Virginia Bosley, Doris Jane Brill, Belly l-loyl, Amy Ayers, Jean Rains, l-lelen Terry, l-lelen Campbell, Daisy Campbell, Wilma Opel, Joan Morgan, Dorollwy Jacques, Wilda Lauer, Naomi Bryden, lda Mae Red- lcey, Margarel Lee Bullock, Virginia Davis. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA lnauguraled "Crazy Bridge" al one ol our ruslw parlies . . . everyone played backwards, sidewise, and every ollier way. . . Annual Gypsy Dance came nexl-and "Confucius say, il's wonderlul allairl" . . . Came lluen llwe brealli-laking Valenline Formal. . . Rolled along as a climax llwe Annual Breaklasl Dance. . . Dancing al 5:30 a. m .... ll was gobs ol lun llwouglfi . . . and closed a wonderlul year. 71 1 xx Miss Simmons Sponsor preside A. Dunham G. Gofschali J. A. Dailey Treasurer Recordimg Secy. fpres. Firsi Quarier 72 1- . f Y 5 7, msxwqmr-imsn1anWz.'f-. ,. ,lpljfw H A Y , W . . ,,, , ,AY .i nsA - r- - X :af ' if ' r L. Banlclwead, Marie Barrow, Madeline Cluny, Faye Creamer, Gene Dailey, Dorofhy Eclringfon, LaRue Hardin, Marjorie HuleH', Florence Lewis, Claramae McKay, Lois McKinney, Rufh Nicholas, Beafrice Palmer, lvnlclred Rollins, Joyce Van Siclcel, Colene Warner, Phyllis Pledges: Alice Jean Allen, Cena Baily, Marjorie Barb, Cleo Black, Bonnie Bea Brown, Marvel Brown, Clwrisline Bullerlield, Maxine Easley, Marjorie Embree, Lorraine l-liclcs, Arline l-lunn, Wanda Kamp, Delma Keim, Emma Jo Leslie, Mary Frances Lewis, Margarel' McWilliam, Belle Morgan, Ruby Mull, Marrlwa Neil, Mildred Plansclmmidi, Mildred Porier, Eugenia Rilclwie, Jerry Taylor, Marian Sizemore, Gloria Walers, Julia Wlwiieside, Anna Clay Zimmerman, Louise Trent DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Usliered in ine ruslw season willi "Bruncl1"al' 9 A. M... l-lay ride... gayly colored aulumn leaves . . . pumpkins . . . slraw-flower corsages . . . Scavenger lwunl . . . songs . . . more liaiyriding . . . soullwern Planlalion Garden Dance climaxed a successful season willw lwenly-nine lovely pledges . . . Collegiale dance given aclives by apprecialive pledges . . . swealers, skiris, college banners . . . Founder's Day Banguel and inslalla- Jrion of new palroness, Mrs. Rieger . . . Tea and leclure on books and arl by Miss Dabney and Mrs. Campbell . . . sevenleen iniliales . . . year's aciiviiies bubbled over willi spring formal. Miss CorneH' B. Carofhers J. BaioHo N. Parvin E. Wagner Sponsor Presidemk Vice-Presidenf Recording Secy. Treasurer . K 1 Y ? 3 , . , - s 5 Q E 1 V ' 1 5 X. S 2 X , go , w 3 f . - X ' N if H If Arneson, Aileen Baugher, Geraldine File, Vera Holliday, Erma Inman, Marie McCollum, Virginia Shinn, Neva Simler, Velcla Slreel, Helen Thomas, Mary Lou Pledges: Belly Leslie, Lucille Shoop, Annelle Barb, Gail Blanlcenhorn, Doris Burch, Nina Clare, Virginia Clare, Belly Collop, Mary Frances Curlrighl, Marjorie Holliday, Carola Hubbard, Lorraine Jibben, Nina Kinlceade, Velma McKay, Mildred Muir, Faunice McClelland, Mary O'Reilly, Meiva O'Reilly, Rulh Owens, Virginia Palmer, Bonnie Ransdell, Lois Simmons, Marlha Taggarl, Rulh A. Williams, Rulh E. Williams, Jerry Winsler. PI KAPPA SIGMA There were several ol lhe nicesl rush parlies lhis year you ever saw. . . Rush season produced some line new members. . . Il was climaxed by lhe annual Marine Ball. . . The Kirk decoraled beaulilully. . . Then we were given a novel Leap Year Parly by lhe pledges . . . some ol lhe craziesl mix-ups occurred. . .Then as if we hadn'l had enough nice lhings, along came lhe Spring lormal. . . ll lar exceeded everyone's expecla- lions . . . in lacl, il was a lilling climax lor a grand year. Miss V. Magee B. Beckner M. L. Leslie L. Morelock R. Murfin Sponsor Presiderwf Vice-Presiderwi' Treasurer Recording Secy. r. B 4 L 4 - . x. x 't z 5' . . , X 4,5 ., 1, . kb -5 ix slay, s '24 1 . 4 if ,, ,Q ,E I 'P 5, Bigsby, Roberfa Coolc, Mary EIizabeTI1 DeWiTT, Beverly DeWiTT, Madge Farringfon, Elnora Fowler, Mary Ann Gahan, Nedra GarreTT, Eunice Green, Mariorie Hawkins, Mary Rufh Mills, Emma Lou Myers, Helen Ransom, MargueriTe Simpson, BeTTy RuTh Sneed, Lucille WaTson HaTTie Mae Werner Louise I K "E "L In " . . U Q - ' Williams, Frances Jane ,in ,M Wilson, Norma Lee I , OTher Members: Lucille Moreloclc, Joyce Page. Pledges: Arlene Alexander, BeTTy Anderson, Barbara Ewing, KaThIeen Green, Mary Lou I-lerTensTein, Myra I-Iigman, Jane Jarman, ChrisTine Limes, Jerry Mason, Mildred McCullough, Eleanor Phelps, Joyce Phelps, ETTa Lou PropsT, BerTha Ross, Kay Rosser, Thelma Schwab, Ada Dale STapleTon, Gerry STapleTon, Jessie Warden, MarTha Ann Winn. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Annual PiraTe Dance. . . CapTain Kidd 'n everyThingI . . . Everyone said iT was The besT Time They ever had. . . Several rushees wallced The planlc, Too . . . as IT ThaT wasn'T enough Tun came Then The progressive Indian luncheon. . . A real success . . . made us almosT wish we were Indians. . . The ChrisTmas Dance was gorgeous. . . Then came The Sigma SweaTer Swing. . . SociabiliTy I-lall was decoraTed beauTiTully . . . pen- nanTs 'n all. . . OT course There was The Spring Formal . . .an exclamaTion mark on The Tri Sigma Calendar. Mr. Rieger J. Marfin Sponsor Presiderfr 1' 15' 'K F' 23222 file? fy 223 A ig I 5 gf L :ff X? I R3 A. Prafer D. Sferling Vice-Presiden+ Secy.-Trees. L' VTEQFE Q sig mi 5 ' :QS ' K5 q z , 3:1 ,A :gg 1 L, ! i 'I 7 ' L f 55: li i 4 25' fi E .f I A lgw , - -W ,S I ,Z ,Lb 2 I I lg fu fm: we Barclay, Max Bonduranf, Bill BonduranT, Dale BransTeTTer, Deane Brumagin, Wendell Cochran, VicTor CoTTrell, John Elson, Richard Esfes, Loren Epperson, Paul Founfain, Henry Freeland, Max Friedmeyer, George Garrison, Lloyd HaTTield, Ray Heaberlin, Paul Meyer, VicTor MonTgomery, James Mudd, James Murphy, James Owen, J. B. Pollock, l. O. SleysTer, Fred , .. lb Sia.,,R,.,,i my yy. STuHz Wendell Yagel. Milo PB , OTher members: Diclc McClelland. lf Pledges: Joe Beane, ErnesT Bibee, l5ransTeTTer, Edward Cochran, DwighT CrisT, KeiTh Crooks, Leon Drennan, Melvin FounTain, RoberT GriTTiThs, John Guliclc, Marlc l-larrison, Taylor l-lagan, EsTa l-layes, Lonnie l-lunTer, Ralph Jones, Gus Lagomarsino, Gerald LoTT, James McWil- liams, T-lerberT Miles, Roy Phillips, STewarT PraTT, Neal Primm, William Schnelle, Wayne Silvey, Tommy WaTers, Paul WesTern. PHI SIGMA EPSILON WhaT a yearl . . . Pig RoasT TirsT Then The T-lobo dance wiTh newspaper decoraTions. . . Rush Smolcer a la Rleger Chop Suey The novel l-loTel Rush Dance. . . Pledge radio dance Field Trip T en The wild and woolly Apache. . . l-leld open house Tor Greeks A presenT. . . l-lad a big parT in Carnival Climaxed The year by The Dinner Dance Formal and The SweeThearT Ceremony T e girls al wanTed a Phi Sig pin aTTer The go round bu+ lusT waiT Till nexT year' 79 4 Mr. B. S+ou+ B. Baker R. Sees P. Myers W. Kraus Sponsor Presidervi' Vicefpresidenf Secrelrary Treasurer gli. by v:rL5'v"4 . 4 WX f Ames, Richard Bealmer, Billy Bigsby, Billy Boucher, Ray Boucher, Roy Daniel, Billy Dull, DelberT HowerTon, Hugh Jayne, Edward Korns, Richard Kuesel, George Mills, Bob Minor, Bill Robinson, John Sees, Earl Simmons, R. W. Sparks, Harold Wagner, Elmer Young, Harvey Pledges: Charles BeThell, Harold Cook, John R. Dickerson, STuarT Dickson, Creel Dixon, Jaclc Drennan, James EllioT, Clyde Fulkerson, Joe Handley, GarneTT Hoagland, Fred Jones, ForresT Layne, Deane Logsdon, Bob Mabry, Sam Murdock, Gerald Reeves, Charles Schmid, S. J. Shouse, Billy Taylor, Floren Thompson, Karl Thurman, James Ward, Chellis WhiTe, John Ulcrop, A. T. EsTes, Junior Million, Mar- vin Plaiz. SIGMA TAU GAMMA STarTed The year wiTh The annual 49'er Rush Dance. . . IT was really a lulu This year. . . The rush Smoker was nice, Too . . . big bangueT in The Soiourner's Club. . . Had a nice TloaT in The Homecoming Parade. . . House decoraTed Tor The aTTair. . . Climaxed a big year wiTh The Annual Spring Formal . . . sweleganT! . . .We helped organize an alumni ChapTer in Kirksville. . . ExpecT Them To help us a loT. . . We Tavor The All Sree? Dance idea. . . IT was wonderTul. -4,6-I--4' W JVQ ,4f...Ja,,'.. i .Jo-A40 .Lp HllHH PHI lllill Seated: Sponsor, Dr. Hewitt, President, Estes, Vice-President, Friedmeyer, Yeager, Sonn- tag, Martin. Standing: Strurn, Higbee, Schnelle, Witlen, F. Greene, Conkin, Browning. Others rnernbers: E. Bibee, Cochran, Cornwell, Crow, Elarn, Elson, Harrison, Kinkade, Yagel. Honorary memlaersi Mr. Rothschild, Mr. Rickholl. Epsilon chapter, titth oldest ot eighty-tour chapters in the nation. . . Pourtold tunction pertormed: service to college, boys ot America, home community, and traternity. . . Pursuing these obiectives in '39-'4O: took charge ot tootball pep meeting . . .ushered, took tickets and kept score at tootball and basketball games . . . assisted Rotary Club with lectures on International understanding . . . directed purchasing ot cart so Gran- ville Waller, disabled student, could attend school. . . Programs ot the year: interchapter meetings with Alpha Omega chapter at Osteopathic College . . . talks by President Pyle and lvlr. Rothschild . . . state con- clave at Columbia with Bibee, Estes, Cornwell, Crow, Martin, Elson and Dr. l-lewitt attending. Entering freshmen who were either valedictorians or salutatorians oi their graduating classes iniiiated at 'first meeting oi iall guartery. . Dr. F. l-l. Trimble replaced Mr. Stanley Hayden as advisor. . . Gave initi- ations for Apprentices and Mas+er's degrees during winter and spring quarters. . . President Ryle spoke on scholarship at one of the meetings. . . . Doughnuts and cider were served. . . Boys defeated girls in old- fashioned spelling match. . . Largest turn-outs ot membership were to see Dr. Trimble's amateur movies featuring faculty members at work and play, and when the Echo picture was snapped. . . Social evening held in spring quarter. Seated: Dye, Castagna, Richey, Gallop, Ayers, Collins, C. Straight, Clem, Traylor, Taggart. Second Row: Novinger, Stein, ler, Hodges, Muir, Shoop, Palmer, Britt, Fox, Lindberg, Kemp, Stutler, Long, Kenne , McWilliam. Third Row: Williams, Estes, Ros erry, Flynn, Harrison, Murphy, Woods, Garrison, Bailey, Roberts, Hayes. N Sealed: Ames, Stanfield, Brumagin, Bronstelter, President Garrison, Secretary-Treasurer, Baker, Pollock, Howe-rton. Standing: Cockrill, Kumm, Vfocds, Dean Eubank, Sponsorg R, Sees, Corresponding Sec- retary, Barclay, Sterling, Vice-President, Eurdman, Prater. Blue Key is a nalional honorary iraierniiy which devoles iis services io ihe general improvemenl ol lhe school and lends iis assisiance in any possible way. I+ iruly is an iniegral pari oi ihe scheme oi "+he old Bulldog Spirit" This year The group sponsored The lirsi Real l-lomecoming we have had in many a day. There were scores ol old grads lloaling around lhai' day io hear famous "Curly" McWilliams, lhe old Bulldog siar, io walch ihe parade ol over lilieen iloals, all loeaulilully decoraled, and io see ihe exciiing iooiball game and ailend lhe banquei and dance. Blue Key plans To malce lhis an annual affair. The group also ushers ai various school iunciions, mainiains a loan fund, and gives a dance once during lhe year. ll llltll ll Statistical: seventeenth year tor Alpha chapter . . . nearly titty in the organization this year. . . The 1939-'40 season in review: year ott to a good start with a wiener roast and swimming party at LaPlata Lake. . . mid-season brings Christmas dance to raise tunds tor the Salvation Army. . . Maxwell Barclay, president, and Miss Ruth Roberts ot the taculty go to Pittsburgh tor national convention during Christmas vaca- tion. . . Programs teature book reviews and student participation: tor instance, Miss Katherine Harvey reviews Browning's "Ring and the Book' '... Wayne l-lodges gives travel talk about his hitchhiking iaunt to New York World's Fair. . . Other students and guest speakers discuss business education subjects. Seated: Vice, Shores, Bowen, Barb, Young, Mrs Hunsaker, Dr. Selby, Miss Frank, Miss Roberts, Myers, Historian, Opel, Vlfright, Mrs. Allen, Bender. Middle row: Evans, Heaberlin, Baugher, Melva O'Reilly, Bondurant, Mary O'Reilly, Clark, Leslie, Vice-President, Porter, Treasurer, Barclay, President, M. Ayers, Secretary, Casey, Hardin, McKay, CastagnasOwen. Back row: Whisler, Collins, Quinley, Woods, reporter, Garrison, Hodges, Rinehart, Smith, Kraus, Walters, Martin. Other members: Mrs. Lola Kennedy, Helen Nash, Mrs. Laura Summers. IlHl'llH HlllH ll Miss Cornett, Sponsor, Nina Clare, President, Mary Margaret Smith, Vice-President, Oma Iackson, Secretary, Eva Mae Heaberlin, Treasurer, Lucy Mae Rece, Reporter. Martha Ayers, Maxwell Barclay, Roberta Phelps Bigsby, Deane Branstetter, Norma Lee Chadwick, Virginia Clare, Lafayette Collins, Martha Decker, Mary Ann Dunham, Loren Estes, Maybelle Evans, Myrtle Ann Eleshman, Helen Harrington, 'Wayne Hodges, Erma lane Holliday, Garford Huenefeld, Florence Hulett, Robert Long, Margaret McWilliam, Helen Myers, loyce Page, Nadine Parvin, Ray Roberts, Bernice Robine, Maude Slocum, Beecher Spees, Elaine Wagner, Helen Walker, Thirty-three new members initiated in summer and winter quarters. . . . Banquets held each time tor initiates. . . Entertainment turnished by pledges. . . Educational programs given at meetings by taculty members. . . . Social held in honor ot taculty members who served on programs. . . Noah Richardson, Bernice Robine, l-lelen Walker, Eva Mae l-laeberlin, Nina Clare, Uma Jaclcson went to District meeting at Unity Farm. . . Nina Clare, president, sent as delegate to National Biennial Congress at St. Louis. . . Luncheon held in honor ot alumni at District Teachers Meet- ing. . . Scholarship awarded in spring quarter. lHllIlIllHl lll Our cuslomary slarl is an Open l-louse. . . This year we gave a lea as a special greeling lo new upperclasswomen. Al' inilialion we slressed scholarship, leadership, characler and service. When Chrislrnas came we proved our abilily as seamslresses . . . dressed dolls . . . and also wrapped lood and presenrs lor a needy family. The dinner was nice, loo. lvlore gay Open l-louses . . . lwo more inilialions. . . l-lighlighl ol lhe year . . . presenling Jrwo scholarships lor spring guarrer fees lo Jrwo worlhy girls. Conslanrly find places +o serve. . . Ushering lor senior day and lhe cooperalive concerls, an annual pleasure. Martha Ayers, B. Beckner, R. Bigsloy, N. Clare, I. Dailey, M. A. Dunham, E. Farrington, M. Hardin, E. Healoerlin, E. l..ciBonta, M. Leslie, President, E. Mills, Treasurer, H. Myers, N. Parvin, M. Porter, Secretary, B. Robine, L. Rece, Vice-President, L. Werner, N, Kin- keade, M, Decker, V. Clare, M. Barb. Sponsors: Miss Wade, Miss Slemons. 'P' fy", rw 4' s -si Y'qg5Qvbx-.A Q, PI KHPPH lllllH Front row: lacquelyn Winsler, Parvin lerry Winsler, Rinehart Center row: Cornwell, Mahon, Ebbe Rouner, Palrner, Krembs, Graves. Back row: Allen, Stanlield, Newman Eger, Mr. Collins, sponsor. The gueslion, 'isolalion' . . . Priebe and Parlc win freshman lourna- menl. . . Allen and Graves lake Regemvs Award oi 550. . . lnlercolle- giare . . . lweniy-one of iirsl lhirly decision debales won. . . Cornwell and Allen win Mid-Wesl iournamenr. . . Cornwell and Newman unde- iealed ai Maryville . . . all reams win and lose in Oklahoma . . . "good- will" rour lhrough Iowa . . . four reams in slale Tourney . . . Cornwell- Allen, ralce second. Seated: Dr. Rieger, Dr .Clevenger, N. Clare, President, Pollock, Vice-Presi- dent, Ellis, Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Bray, Dr, Trimble. Standing' Howerton, Estes, Holliday, Cooley, Wagner, V. Clare, Rece, Hulett, Willis, Owen, Kumm, Spees, Harrison. Who: sixleen aclive members, five associales. . . Whal: naiional honorary iralernily in science. . . Why: To promore inreresl in science. . . l-low lhey do il: dinner meelings every monlh . . . +all4s by Dr. Bray, Ken- nelh Cooley, Francis Wadsworlh . . . group discussions on currenl scien- iiiic developmenls. . . Whal il lakes . . . an S average in science. 88 . fftfl 3535! r '. . 1' X '31 3 .f Sli, iltii litlzl V? it itil se, ' 3 ill il l.fi2 itil iii Tj 111 T ' iifif i'i?lf it li fail 2 2.1 i at liiiiiiii Front: Morgan, Dr, Stout, Director, Porter. First row: Oberg, Kibble, Smith, Ienkins, lacques, Williams, Miley, Werner, Holmes LaBonta, Carothers. Second row: Lewis, Fife, Day, Creamer, Muir, Chadwick, Blankenhorn, Garrett, Green Robine, Dailey. Third row: Howerton, Kuesel, Conner, Drennan, Guthrie, Friedmeyer, Taylor, White Hagan, Mr. K. Stout, Western. Fourth row: Heaberlin, Sterling, Vifagner, Whisler, Bondurant, Hutcherson, Hines, Burd- man, Case, Bethell, Thompson. One ot the tiner organizations on the campus . . . with titty mem- bers this year . . . rehearsal every Wednesday. . . The credit goes to Dr. Barrett Stout. . . Choir sang carols at the Charity Christmas program. . . Assisted in several assembly programs. . . Also sang during convocation weelc. Choir turnished the nucleus tor the chorus in "Erminie". . . Choir soloists had the leads in the production. . . Several trips to various high schools in the Spring. . . It we had any suggestion to malce it would be: More public concerts . . .the students really appreciate them. . . There's iust something about the blending ot titty mixed voices +ha+ gets you. 1 I I HHNH my I V5 WM, ,k,. , , 5' it , 7,5 ,Al .1 , A 'X - 4 fr 3 - Front row: Blankenhorn, Majorette, I-leaberlin, Pullcersson, Simmons, Vogel, Bethell, Dixon, l-lulen, lohnson, Vifhite, Adams, Huesernan, 'VVnisler, Thurman, Drurn Major. Second row: Palmer, Willey, Cox, Davis, Hicks, Hubbard, lones, Britt, Spindler, Bowen, Winsler, Miller, Tolnian. Third row: Mr. Vlfelob, Director, Morgan, Sterling, Bullock, Singley, Redkey, Raymond, Logsden, Hiner, Vfoodrull, Tittle, Griffith. Fourth row: Estes, Brown, Thompson, Drennan, Attebery, Korns, Burkel, Friedrneyer, Pore ter, Cochran, Dougherty, Garrett, Harmon, Huen, Fifth row: Thonipsson, Allen, Olen, Bradley, Kuesel, Conner, Taylor, Wagner. Seventy members this year . . . an increase ot twenty over last year . . . played at every tootball game with selections highlighted by Karl Thurman's baton twirling. . . Large star tormeol by band members in spectacular presentation at Chillicothe game. . . Band members held lighted sparklers while playing "Stardust". . . Also played at basketball games with more baton twirling demonstrations. . . Gave concert each quarter on Sunday atternoons. . . Mr. Karl Webb, director. SYMPHHNY UHEHTSTHH Sponsored by The Teachers College music deparTmenT, The Kirks- ville Symphony OrchesTra is composed oT The besT musicians oT The sTudenT bodies oT The Teachers College, The College oT OsTeopaThy, The l-ligh School, and The communiTy in general. MeeTings are held once each week To sTudy The orchesTraTions oT The besT composers. Only one public concerT was given This year. IT was held in Kirk AudiTorium in February. The accompanimenT Tor The opera "Erminie" was provided by members oT The Symphony orchesTra. ProTessor J. L. BiggersTaTT, head oT The music deparTmenT oT The Teachers College, direcTs The orchesTra. FirsT Violins: Cello: Karl E. Webb, ConcerTmasTer Myra June Manes Ralph W. LaTTey Eugene Erickson l-l. W. Clough Bernice Robine Floyd Slover Second Violins: MarTha Thoelke Bernice SchoTT CharloTTe Lowe Leslie Mills Louise Loughridge Una Lee Green MargareT Lee Bullock Doris DuTTie Violas: Jay l-laTTon Glen Blankenhorn Mildred PorTer Ross Allen Mildred Gillespie Gross Elaine Wagner Jane Bowling Eleanor Evans Basses: Gail Blankenhorn Earl l-l. Jamison Dolly Creamer Eunice GarreTT Flu+es: Paul Heaberlin Laura Rufh Wolf Oboes: John BiggersTaTT Geraldine Winsler Clarinefsz CaTherine Cox Flor-en Thompson, J Bassoons Kemble STouT Joe Handley Horns: Clarence Conner Maizie Miller Charles E. BeThell Edward Dale Cochran TrumpeTs: Charles M. Tolman Mildred N. l-lowland Trombones: Richard Korns Woodrow Ewen RoberT Conner Percussion: Richard Ames Dean l-l. Logsdon Ellllll lllHYlHS--Illlllllll Hllllll lHllll -Y ,,wAk M X A jf it Front row: Clitabbi Luchsl, Hebron, Leslie, Vice-President R. H. T., Word, Dutfey, Kibble, Tarman, Buttertield, D. Cloras. Middle row: Mr. Cornwell, Mr. Avison, Sponsor R. R. T., Clem, Burford, Williams, lacque- line Winsler, Bowling, Anderson, Mr. Collins. Back row: R. Allen, Secretary-Treasurer R. R. T., Secretary C. P., Hueseman, F. Greene, Newman, Gibbs, President C. P., Bondurant, Other members: Abel, Albrecht, Hist, C. P., L, Allen, Attebery, Baker, Blackhurst, Vice- President C. P., Browning, Burdrnan, Clem, Cluny, Corbin, Dixon, Duftie, Ebbe, Ed- rington, President R. R. T., Edwards, Elam, Flynn, Fry, Graves, Gray, P. Greene, Hackett, C. Harrison, N. Harrison, Heathrnan, Hobson, Hoewing, E. Holliday, M, Holli- day, Ienkins, Tohnson, N. Kinkeade, Hist. R. R. T., Kirby, Kirkpatrick, Krernbs, Laurence, Mahon, Mahoney, Miller, Morgan, Muir, McReynolds, McWhorter, Neil, Palmer, Parvin, Porter, Powell, Priebe, Propst, Riegel, Rinehart, Rouner, Schmid, Schwada, Sees, Shirley, Stantield, Strachan, M. Thompson, P. Thompson, Wagner, Walker, Wein- berger, Terry W'insler, Trects. C. P., Witlin, Yaeger. Interest plus participation are the two maior requirements tor entrance into College Players. More than one hundred College Players work together in staging and producing three one-act plays tortnightly, plus three or tour maior productions yearly. l-lowever, all is not work in the organization. College Players have many social tunctions, including watermelon teeds, Wiener roasts, picnics and parties. Reader's Round Table is organized tor those interested in poetry and dialect reading. They have their regular intormal programs and social events. lvlr. E. S. Avison and Mr. S. J. Collins are Co-sponsors ot College players, while Mr. Avison sponsors Reader's Round Table. And I - - Ha1'e You. Casf and Produdion Crew Young Man, l'm The Boss. HHHMHIIKS l Front row, left to right: M. Iones, M. Iudd, A. Hunn, F. Hulett, H. Terry, I. Monroe, V Simler, B. Floss, B, Dewitt, L. Beard, I. Hiatt, C. Von Fossen, l. Emmons. Second row: M. Henry, M. Montgomery, M. Mcvlfilliam, N. Anderson, M. Moore, K. Cox, I. Diggs, E. Thurman, A. Porter, M. Sullivan, R. Kohler, l. Clark. Third row: L. Ringlancl, D. Keim, B. Leslie, F. Fuller, T. Dodson, E. Scott, B. Anderson, E. Badosevich, B. Stutler, D. Pickens, M. Holliday, C. Iones. Other W. A. A. members not in either picture: Iuanita Albrecht, Helen Campbell, M. I Decker, Karleen Forbis, Evelyn Fechtling, Mary Ruth Hawkins, Marian Porter, Cleo I Iones, Wilda Lauer, Helen Mayer, Colene Van Sickle, Ioan Morgan, Ruby Muff, Helen I Muzzey, Ruth McKinney, Irene Nelson, Ioyce Page, Eleanor Phelps, Kay Rosser, Bonnie I Ronsclell, Madge Dewitt, Elizabeth Wilson, Margaret Burns, Annette Barb, Io Hardy, l Donna Troxell. I Front row, left to right: I. Phelps, I. Callaway, I. Ransom, W. Millsap, E. Farrington, M. L. Thomas, N. Robertson, B. Brown, C. Butterfield, F. Cluny. ' Second row: I. Iarman, V. Embree, H. Iones, M, Embree, VJ. Muff, G. Claras, V. Miley, R. Soule, F. Hagerman, B. Young. I Third row: B. Beckner, F. Williams, A. Stein, M. Curtright, D. Marrs, I. Dodson, V. Bauer, I A. Allen, M. Sidwell, K. Boucher, A. Radosevich, I Fourth row: N. Gahan, I. Switzer, G. Wolf, M. Schell, A. White, M. McEuen, L, Brislane, L. Loughridge, I. Rains, L. Green, M. Wimber, I. Smallwood. I l I .ll.H. Social: Teas Tor alumnae during Teachers meeling and Tor Teminine high school alhleles al spring conlesls . . . old clolhes donned by eighly- live for l-lick parly in February . . . dance program Tor Osleopalhic Women's club. . . Business proieclrz social dancing class Tor sludenl non- dancers. . . Trips: camps al The cabin on The Charilon . . . Ten girls go To meeling in Sl. Louis . . . Farringlon, Thomas, Millsap, Embree, l-lulell and Terry go wilh Misses Fuller and Dodson lo nalional convenlion in Chicago. . . Alhlelics: Alice Vlhile leads lndependenl l To inlramural baslcelball championship. . . Anna Radosevich does same Thing Tor Inde- pendenl l volleyball Team. . . Mod- ern dancers: eighleen ol 'em . . . presenl Teachers College Chrislmas assembly: laler one Tealuring sporls . . . lalce parl on Senior day pro- gram. Broughl To The college an exhibilion oi modern dance pholo- graphs. lllllll 2 il il Q1 il Hi nal! mum any '81 ll me Front row, left to right: Vlfhite, Blackhurst, Pfanschrnidt, Longwith, Edrington, Kibble, Cornish, Mclfuen, Robinson Iphotographerl. Second row: Miss Slernons tsponsorl, McNeely Cbusiness rnanagerl, Rinehart, Ebbe, Hotfe man, Witherow, Davis. 'Third row: Baker, Ukrop, Vrfagner, Gahan, Korns, Schulz, McWhorter, Walters, Taylor. Other members: Bohmback, Gibbs, Hagan, Mcrelock, Rouner, Wright, W. Baker, Diehl, Casey, Priebe, Ritchie, Stevens, Eger. Emil McNeely, Bus. Mgr. Miss Slernons, Sponsor Informal Class Group Cup tor being Missouri's best school newspaper last year . . . also best at Columbia, New York . . . second-best at Minneapolis . . . Paul Greene tirst in state in teature writing. . . Fitty students on statt during year . . . edited teature page in February School Press Review. . . April Fool issue uncontirmed and uncensored. . . Second at Columbia, New Yorlc, this year. . . Blackhurst, McNeely, Witherow, Moreloclc, and Miss Slernons attend Associated Collegiate Press Convention at Des Moines. . . . Attended State College Newspaper Association at Columbia . . . trips to Graphic and Express. . . Students sweat on tirst rnalce-up . . Meeting deadlines. STruggle . . . ThaT's been The waTchword oT This sTaTT . . . whaT a Time we had geTTing The kids To have Their "piTchers Took" . . . buT we can'T complain. . . lT's been Tun, real Tun, Too . . . whaT wiTh all The heck- ling Trorn The kids Trying To Tind ouT who The gueen was . . . we acTed as iT we knew when we really didn'T. . . ha . . . Ch well . . .we sure hope you like iT. . . we've worked preTTy hard . . . lT's in good hands Tor nexT year . . . so don'T worry. Paul Greene EdiTor Arnold PraTer Business Manager Miss Slemons Sponsor Maurice Eger AssT. Bus. Mgr. RoberT Long AssT. EdiTor iii. Seated: Louise Morelock, Murfin, Schwab, Lewis, Gotschall, Burrus, Sponsor, Miss Whit- son, Pres. Winsler, Treasurer Teague, Secretary Lowe, Mabis, Marks, Porter, Hagerman Standing: Heathman, Edrington, D. Claras, Marrs, Strode, Cox, Thompson, Lernen, An- derson. Other member: iuanita Albrecht. Thirty-tive elementary education maiors were members ot the Asso- ciation tor Childhood Education this year. . . Protessional problems were discussed by guests and members at educational meetings. . . Each meet- ing was tollowed by a social hour. . . Each member bought two gitts tor each ot two underprivileged children at Christmas in keeping with the tradition ot the organization. . . A dinner was held at the time that the gitts were wrapped. . . l-leld tea in honor ot Mrs. Agnes Moore ot Iowa University, who spolce betore the club. Jacquelyn Winsler, president, was sent as representative to the National Convention, held in Mil-- waulcee, Wisconsin. HH lllll Eighteen new members initiated during tall and winter quarters. . . Tested their endurance for the rigors oi farm life with the electric chair and cup ot wisdom. . . Wieners, marshmallows, boat riding, story telling on the river. . . Barn warming in November. . . Corn stallcs and pumpkins used as decorations. . . Also girls. . . Evelyn Fechtling crowned queen. . . Louise Oard, maid oi honor. . . Movies . . . comic and educational. . . Lectures by county, state, and iederal agriculture men. . . Invited by l-lome Ec girls to first Kitchen Warming. . . Retaliated with card party in their honor. . . Duclc pond concession and exhibit at iall festival. . . Awarded cups and ribbons in stock iudging contests for high school students. Front row: Shultheiss, President, Lewis, Vice-President, Phillips, Secretary, Boseberry, Treasurer, Yagel, Moots, Sample. Second row: Thurlo, Cowles, G. lohnson, Herring, Green, Wells, Blanchard, Brown. Third row: C. lohnson, Hammons, A. DeVore, W. Evans, Schnelle, Kelley, Bibee, Yaeger. Fourth row: G. De Vore, Houghton, Harrison, Thiele, Mills, Herst. Sponsori Mr. Norvel Allen. V Other members: Bunch, Casey, Cherry, Dimmitt, Epperson, Evans, Gashwiler, Mitchell, Morrison, Ratlifl, Rice, Hugh, Thompson. 6232 CCW C 1 ,IZ 4 K M. mil H, iiiiiiis iiii Seatedi Miss MaGee, Sponsor, Martin, Treasurer, Ringland, Vice-President, Kincaide, President, E. Holliday, Secretary, Miss Kennedy, Sponsor. Middle rowi Anderson, Robinson, Traylor, Smith, Nistendirk, Farmer, Wilson, Gregory, Sirnler, Kirnbrell, Brown, Switzer, Weber, Butterfield, Leslie, Buck, Lauer, Ewing, B. I Robertson, Collop, Putman, Street, Cowan, Archer. Third row: Walker, Warden, Hubbard, M. Holliday, Owenby, F. Robertson, Harrington, Lewis, Wagner, Harlan, Vlferner. l-lorne ec girls to you and me . . . rnust be good coolcs tor they stir ttie stew tor rnost Teachers College attairs. . . For instance: entertained Ag Club at lcitctien warming. . . "tedtl1e multitude" Senior day. . . ban- gueted Cardinal Key, l-listorical Society, Student Council. . . Outside the lcitctien . . . prize-winning tloat in ttie l-lomecoming parade. . . Clwrist- rnas party. . . Valentine tea. ,- k llll-HlllUlHlHll Ellll .gg Organized Jan. I I, l94O. . . Twenly-Three srudenrs iniending ro enlrer Osieopalhic College are members. . . Bi-weekly programs ieaiure leclurers from K. C. O. S. . .iDrs. Casner, lvlcivlanus, and Clough were guesi speakers. . . Social: lvlade up for lale slari wirh winier sporl dance and spring formal dinner dance. Front row: Presicieni, D. Bonduront, Allen, Dcivis, Tru- luck. Second row: Dr. Rieger, Sponsor, Witlin. Third row: Strum, Broffrncin, Wilson, Milligan. Fourth row: lohnson, Fowler, Rouner, Cobb, Anderson. Fifih row: Abel, lones, Weinberger, Flowers, Hoirrnon. Other members: Boirilei, Clark, Howard, Mihcrlevich, Spence. HlHllHN llllll Purpose: To give siudenls an insighl inlo he lives and cusloms of The German neople. . . This year's program procedure: Lleysier, Cochran, and l-lowerron made allqs on German conlribulions in arlr, music, and lireraiure . . . recordings of The nalion's :lassical and lollc music played . . . songs .ung. . . lvlariha Oberg and George Fried- neyer, pianisls, broughr inlo play works of grear German composers. Sealed: Mr. Heyd, Sponsor, Sleysier, President Holr- din. Standing. Cochran, Boker, Bonduroni, Newman, How- erton. Dihersz Rory Roberts, Betty Colrolhers, Emil McNeely. ,Ol l. President, Clifton Cornwell, Vice-President, Lucy Mae Receg Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Myers, Reporter, Mary Ann Dunham, Sponsor, Mr. I. T. Angus. Dave Cockrill, Vlfayne Hodges, ldelle Clark, Elizabeth VVright, Hortense Greenly, Ierry Winsler, Ruby Muff, Sam Murdock, I. W, Crabtree, Russell Cleeton, Noah Richardson, Virginia Embree, Emma Brown, Freda Vllitherow, Skipworth Harrison, Paul Greene, G. M. Huenfeld, Charles Kirkpatrick, Dr. Hewitt, Iarnes Mudd., Paul Myers, Orna lackson, Mrs. Clevenger, Ralph Sees, Dorothy Vlfhittset, Elva Shores, Mrs. Knobbs, Miss Sim- mons, Dr. McClure, Mr. Hudson, Dr. Burroughs, Carmaleta Harrison, Mr. St. Clair, Rev. Thompson, Bob Crow, Richard Ellison, Bernard Yaeger, Holland Clem. The European wars, the war in the Far East, American neutrality and labor disputes were only a tew ot the subiects discussed at the bi- monthly meetings ot the l-listorical Society. Reports, lectures, boolc- reviews and panel discussion provided tor a well rounded program. Mr. J. T. Angus, sponsor, was assisted by Clitton Cornwell, Jr., president, and Lucy lvlae Race, vice-president, in carrying out the pro- gram tor the year. As usual, the climax ot the year's activities was the annual banquet, held Feb. 2l in the l-lome Economics dining room. At the banquet lvlrs. Knobbs, President Ryle and Clitton Cornwell, with assistance trom the others, made the evening a thoroughly enioyable attair. lllllllllllll Hllll lllll The club: Teachers College premiere in I939 . . . organized to develop interest in industrial arts . . . twelve charter members, two new- comers initiated later. . . Good deeds lor the year: President William Washam presents Teachers College assembly and Northeast Missouri Teachers Association with gavels . . . members cooperate with Blue Key to make coal hangers for College checlc room . . . allow Bulldog to sub- due Warrensburg Mule on industrial arts l-lomecoming lloal. . . lndi- vidual achievements: VVasham, Boucher twins, Ordelheide, Wills and Shain build walnut beds and dressers. . . Brighlwell, Evans, Lane, and Morrison lurn out lamps and candlesticlcs. . . Rugh, Sl. Clair, Brumagin, and Turner do metal worlc and design. . . Future loolrs rosy with new building near completion. Sectted: Hugh, Morrison, Evoinfs, Roy Boucher, Brumogin, Vice-President, Wotshctrn, Presi- dent, Mr, Barnett, Sponsor, Roy Boucher, Vfills, Erightwell, Ordelheide. Standing: Turner, Mr. Skinner, Shdin, Lctne, St. Cloir, Mr. Stroup. Other members: Hueneleld, Miles, See, Shultheiss. ll, mul 17 , , Front row: Morrison, Brurnogin, Roodhouse, Closson, Stroh, Bronstetier, Gczrdner, Burton. Middle row: Lone, Gregory, Fountain, White, Lornrners, Hossler, Longwith, Stultz, Word, Yogel, Coach Eiken. Bock row: Hines, Bohmbcrck, Woods, Brockrncrn, Grossnickle, Schwcrrzer, Stock, Phillips, King, Wills. Other members: Boss, Cossody, Cowles, Grissomer, Herst, Mills, Morris, Newberry, Noble, Proter, Reese, Roork, Shores, Sooter, Wunderli. Honorary lv1en's club . . . you have lo earn a leller in a malor sporl ro become a member . . . pilches a dance once a year. . . Made up moslly of Physical Ed. Majors. . . Coach Eilcen sponsors I+ . . . lells us he has some line plans for The group for nexl year . . . gonna have parries, iniliairlons 'n everyrhing . . . presenls an assembly once a year . . . some- Hmes belween-hall slunls al games. lllNllH mul Front row: Barrow, Bondurcint, M. DeWitt, Parvin, Dixon, Gillurn, B. De-Witt. Second row: Brantley, Falmer, Long, Arneson, Mills, Green, Scott. Third row: Carothers, Ft 0 b e r t s, Davis, D. Wilgus, Banlchead, Hoyt. Fourth row: G. Wilgus, Minor, Miss Vlfade, Sponsor, Becflmer, Gahan, Shoush, Bailey, Fox. Membership composed ot students in French classes. . . Business, educational programs, and tun are held in French. . . Discussions ot French lite and French art. . . Solos. . . Group singing ot tolls songs. . . Spelling matches. . . Charades. . . Reading ot "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" . . . in French. . . Fittel Tower in l-lomecoming tloat parade. . . Une Soiree chez Mlle. Wade, sponsor. . . Fun. . . Food. . . French. llHllHN lll. Ellll dock, Hunn, H. Myers, President, SOD. son, M. Ayers, Miller, Baker, Casey, Leavitt, Pfcfnschmidt. Third row: CMrs. I. C. Mills, Mrs. Neville, Mr. Nevillel. Fourth row: Yaeger, Gelstrap, Mr. Phialas, Flynn, Edwards, Miss Harvey, Sponsor, Davis, Hoffman, Meyer. Other members: Miss Beggs, Spon- sor, Beckner, Eondurant, B. De- Witt, M. DeWitt, Edrington, Ga- han, P. Greene, Hewitt, Hoyt, Leslie, Minor, Vifarden, Williams, Wright. Met twice monthly tor boolc reviews by members and taculty mem- bers. . . Mostly reviews ot recent publications. . . Some ot older: estab- lished worlcs also discussed. . . Interesting reports given by Mr. Phialas, Mary Louise Leslie, Nedra Gahan, Miss Slemons, Miss Berry, Miss l-larvey, Bill Baker, and Miss Curtis. . . Miss Berenice Beggs and Miss Katherine l-larvey are sponsors ot the organization. 105 Front row: A. Ayers, Leslie, Mur- Robinson, Ukrop, P. Myers, Simp- Second row: Brown, Anderson, Far- Hill Elllli Seated: Miss Dabney, Sponsor, Bealmer, President, C. Straight, Vice-President, R. Straight, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Gillum, Vice. Middle row: Mrs. Warner, Porter, Morgan, Hobson, Meyers, Gahan, Parvin, Goodwin, Gooding. Back row: G. Wilgus, Dickerson, Bigsby, Robinson, McWhorter. Other members: Miss Cornett, Har- rington, Mrs. Eileen Higbee, Pal- mer, Mrs, Mary Frances Schwarz, Honorary members: Mrs. Edna Campbell, Mrs. S. H, Ellison, Miss Frances Wilcox, Miss Claire Wile. Proudly called the l-lonorary Art Club . . . sponsored by Miss Edith Dabney. . . Christmas party a social highlight . . . but tea is served with retreshments at every meeting . . . sponsored a sale ot Korean art. . . Bill Bealmer presided until the spring quarter . . . then practice teaching dragged him away and Clara Straight toolc charge. llllHHliUlllllll lllllll Seated: Rece, C. Straight, Willis, R. Straight, Mr. lamison, Sponsor, Pres. Howerton, N. Clare, Sulli van, V. Embree, Muzzey, Harrison, Dennis. Standing: Cochran, Spees, Bran stetter, Woods, Garrison, Slocum, Casey. Deane Branstetter, old president, advises l-lugh l-lowerton, new president 3 . . chili supper in l-lome EC. rooms . . . supper and games at Mr. Jamison's home. . . Interesting lectures by Drs. Trimble and Bray . . . ciphering matches with those crazy problems. . . l-lowerton wins dime trom lvlr. Jamison tor worlcing hard problem . . . annual banquet tor high school math students at Travelers March 28 . . . steak try at Country Club in April. 106 5 Illllll llHlllllHIll lllll The TwenTy members oT The Rural Leadership Club are Those who are planning To Teach in rural schools. Group discussions ot The rural Teacher's problems and how To solve Them were held aT iTs monthly meeTings. Such problems as whaT stories To use and haw To present Them and how To Teach music were discussed. l.ecTures were given by lvlrs. Reeves, country supervisor ot music, Mrs. l-larvey, nationally lcnown Tor her worlc in The PorTer school, and by a county superinTendenT who discussed gualitications oi a rural Teacher. The organizaTion combined wiTh A. C. E. To help with The Rural l.iTe convention held on The campus This spring. Front row: Martha Felker, Mildred Felker, Becker, Henning, Leavitt, Burrus. Middle row: Penn, Ava Parson, Mitchell, Iacqueline Vllinsler, Smith, President, Miss Pat- tinson, Sponsor, Back row: Iris Parson, Mitchell, Davis, Diggs, Blanchard, Lamb, Cowles. Other members: Fidler, F. Foster, M. Foster, Holland, laclcson, Motfitt, Moore, Newton, Rose, Seyforth, Stender, Wallace, Watson. 'hu--N Q , A - ' rj H Q Q po X f ' I 1? abxgg 1 1 2, I . A - A I' in 5 . K, N.. .'41 4"' 5.45 -V 5 'iw 131 -Q":,,:5"':E9!,h'- -Jy?irf?'."'f?.' ' ? fg.--V W' , ff Lv 'fs fail if V,,,v4,Qz.u:4 Jw 'Qin ,si :':r'f5al V " M ,A bf' I 'Q in I 1 N KWKSVILLK 755 BULLD OG WAY W , , ww as 5 Q QTHEAST MISSOU Rl STATE TEACHERS "Ef E Pi" ang I 392 mp! YW' I V Q T 'Hp I I.. limb. ,ld T 3 ,,':j,3 -J' l Hlllllllllll The TirsT annual l-lomecoming was sponsored This year by The Blue Key, honorary TraTerniTy. l-lighlIghTs. . . The parade oT TloaTs . . . The winning l-lome Economics TloaT . . . The queen TloaT oT campus beauTies . . . and Then The game. . .The grinning, TriumphanT Treshman Tug-oT-war Team . . .The joinT Teachers College and 0sTeopaTh bands. . .The l-lomed coming bangueT . . . and The Homecoming clance . . . a loerTecT day To please l:oTh sTudenTs and olcl grads. Homecoming Banquei' Homecoming Dance Freshmen-Winners Tug-o-War Quee-n's Floaf -..m'!-9 i f a M rg, L - . ....... 1 ra 'KJ w.3n.:ff , ' Assisfanf Coach Marke1 Capfain Gregory Coach Eiken Scrap! . . . lhe linesl adieclive lhal could be applied lo lhis year's Bulldogs. . . Wilh lhirleen leller men available and lhe resl ol lhe sguad composed ol lreshmen, Coach lvlal Eiken, lale ol lvlinnesola Universily produced a leam lhal showed worlds ol scrap and really developed during lhe season. The lasl lew games served lair warning lo lheir brolher M. l. A. A. members nol lo disregard lhe Bulldogs nexl lall. Cn Seplember 4 lhe Purple and While leam invaded lhe lair ol lhe lowa Slale Teachers Panlhers, only lo go down in deleal IZO. Then came a real lhriller vvilh Culver-Sloclclon. . . l:ranl4 Noble booled a lhird guarler lield goal lo give lhe Bulldogs a slirring 30 viclory. Individual piclures llop lo bollom, righl lo lelll: Ralph King, Hallbaclcg Roy Phillips, Halfbaclcg Bob Mills, Guard, Arnold Praler, Fullbaclcg Clifford Bohmbaclc, Half- baclcg Arlhur Cowles, Halfbaclc, Richard Hines, Tackle, Milo Yagel, Guard, Henry Founlain, Quarlerbaclcg Paul Ward, Cenler. The nexl week in a rough and lumble allair lhal had lhe speclalors wild-eyed, Kirksville smashed Chillicolhe Business College inlo submis- Sion l4eO. The big Purple leam led Cape Girardeau 3-O unlil lhe linal minule when lhe Bed Raiders smashed over lhe louchdown which gave lhem lhe game. The heal look ils lall al Springlield and lhe Bears had a per- lecl l-lomecoming, delealing Kirlcsville 27-O. Warrensburg spoiled our homecoming by a QI-7 viclory. 'Ks lqi-445-1 'fy --N25 5, an 'swi m f ,Am 1' -s"F""j' N s 'S-. ,li 4-"Gb flip-Q N Wham, -B G R as. Ji...- Then came lhe hiqhlighl ol The seasonl lvliqhly Maryville alrnosl Q ioppled belore lhe lighiing Bulldogse-a real Thriller Jrhai ended I9-I3 in 'layor ol The Bearcals. Finally, on a rnuddy field, lhe Bulldogs iouqhl a loiller baffle al Rolla, losing l3e6. Individual picfuresz Wayne Morris, End, Wendell S+uHi, Cen+er, Hally Grisamer, Guard, Beri' Lane, Quarferbaclcg Lamar Shah, End, Gerald Grossniclcle, Full- backg Kennelh Gardner, Tackle, Elberf Wills, End, Clyde Bur+on, Tackle, Way- land Longwi+h, Cen+erq lra Hassler, Guard, Frank Noble, End, Orville Gregory lCapfainl Fullbaclcq Alberf Closson, End, Byron Roadhouse, Halfbaclc. Sepl. 23- Sepr. -Ne Gel. be Cel. I 3e OCT. Be Nov. 3 Nov. IO Nov. I8 Kirksyille Kirlcsville Kirksyille lfirlcsyille Kirlqsyille Kirksviile Kirlqsyille Kirlcsyille FOOTBALL SCHEDULE lowa Slale Teachers I2 Culver-Sloclclon G O .8 C. B. C. O ,G Cape Girardeau 9 X , Sprinqlield G 27 Qj J Y Warrensburq 91 G My 2I U Maryville G fi 1 G .-f' G I9 X X, I J P' in Rana G .G ja Q! j3 X Y K . f Lf' 1 'XS XP! ,G A ,VHA Q ivy!! in 'j ff 3 if !f!Ajfx, . .1 Kg, 3 l Q. ,T A gwsllllllllll Left To right: Mr. Eiken, Cocichg Romani, Stock, Strcrh, Woods, Reese, Schwcrrzer, Shores, Sooier, Bohmbcick, Lcme, Bass, Ccxptoing Newberry. Not in picture: Brockmcm. ln his second year as baslceTball menTor here, Coach Malcolm Eiken produced whaT local Tans call The "TighTin'esT" Bulldog Team in many a day. Long in The doldrums oT comference compeTiTion, This year's aggre- gaTion proved a Thorn in The side oT every Team They meT. IT iusT seemed as if Dame ForTune had a special peeve aT The Bulldogs. They losT IO games by Three poinTs, or less . . . and eighT oT Them were losT by less Than one goal. This season especially pleased The sTudenTs and The Townspeople because every game was clean and hard ToughT, almosT every momenT was a Thriller+baslceTs piled up, The band played and a general revival in basl4eTball inTeresT began. l L BHSKHHHTT T A WiTh such players as The high-scoring Shores, Shwarzer, and Bass and The baTTling Lane and Bohmbaclc, The Bulldog Team was consTanTly a Thrill-provider. The boys were excepTionally "hoT" when They drubbed Tarlcio, NaTional lnTercollegiaTe BaslceTball champs, To The Tune oT 59-38. Who Could ever TorgeT The Maryville game when we led up unTil The lasT second, and The way we elced ouT over The mighTy Iowa STaTe Teachers. . . Yes sir, sporTs Tans, we had a real Team This year and if an elecTion To Tind public opinion were held This sTudenT body would casT Their all Tor The Bulldogs and Their Tine coach. lT's This Way, Boys! Ringer! Schwarzer HiTs HHSKHHHH - ,,,,J,,,, , Dec I-Kirksvile csnlsfvllls Jr, College ssssssss 29 Dec: -Kirksvi e Culver-S+ock+on , , .,,. A , 2 3 Dec I2-Kirksvi e2 K, C, O, S, ,77,V 77, ,A A7 7 A 26 Des ls-Klflssvl s Burlingmn Jr, College , 37 Dec I8-Klrksvi e2 Iowa Sfsafe Teachers ,.., ,. , ,. 30 Dec 20-Kirksvi ev .. Tarkio , .,,,,,,,,,AA, ,,, . 38 Dec 27-Klrksvl e Cenfral ,333,,,3 3A37,-- 2 5 Dec 28-Kirksvl en .,,337, Offawa ,,73 .,,,,w W 22 Dec. -Kirksvi e Maryville ....,1. 23A322. 3 6 Des 30-Kirksvl s Kansas Wesleyan ,W ..,. 37 Jan. Kirksville ssssss sss.... S pslngllslsl .,,,, ,,,...,,,,4 l . X , ll 3 W lx 2 WJ? s ls A? 'W 4 Xl 7? lf' ,W l 5, U1 4 ' WX JWJ, fx. ,W Ca pf. Bass-G Shores-F Schweizer-C Lane-G S+ock-F Brockman , ,, , , ,MM-.... ,.... .,. ,,,,,,,i-3, 'x HHSKHHHH Jan Kiriaavi e Cape Girardeau . 36 ,iaa Kirksvi e Rolla ,,...., , ,.. . 4 2 .iari Kirksvi e Warrensburg aaaa 2 2 30 Jaa Kirksviie Cape Girardeau .2 2 38 i ,iari Kirksvi e Springfield .aaa .aa.,a , 3 25 Jan Kirksvi e Warrensburg aaaa..aa 2 7 Jan Kirksvi le K. c. 0. S .22...2 a.22222r 2 3 Fee -Kirkavi le Maryville .22.2222222a222 2a22a.r2 3 3 Pea -Kirksvile Iowa Sfafe Teachers ,,,2 ,,,,,222 4 o Pea -Kirlcsvile caiversiaekraa is U e. ia-Kirkaviie 2222a...,22.22,, Maryville .ea,,,aa aa...ea, 3 a my -Kirksville Ralia eaa. a,aaaaaa 3 i KP 5? ' if 3 C-fl '. W 2 WM ix :hmback-G Soofer-F Woods-G Reese-C Newberry F iiiii Crack Mile Relay. Going Up! Clocking The Boys. On Your Mark. Over The Hurdles. Up and Over. Good Form. Coming AT You. The Bulldogs Took To The cinders lasT year wirh only a Thin scaTTer- ing oT leTTer-men and wiTh prospecTs appearing very dim. They dropped The TirsT dual meeT oT The season To Culver-SToclcTon by a close margin . . . in quick succession Triurnphed over ChillicoThe Business College by a decisive score. ln a Triangular meeT wiTh Rolla and Warrensburg, wound up lasT. AT The indoor meeT oT The lvl. l. A. A. held in Columbia, Cape was vicToriousg in order came Springfield, Maryville, Rolla, Warrensburg and Kirlcsville. The same order prevailed in The ouTdoor conTerence rneeT held a liTTle laTer on. "This year, wiTh The addiTion oT several new men To The squad as well as leTTerrnen Larnmers and BransTeTTer, The Bulldogs hope To have Things a liTTle more Their way," says Coach Marlcel. BUYS, IllHHlllIHHI3 ThirTeen baslceTball Teams play II4 games. . . AT The enc of The season Roy Phillips' Team and The Farm l-lands Team-were Tiecl. . . Phillips won in The play-oTT by 3 poinTs. . . ISO parTicipanTs in inTramural sporTs give example oi The inTeresT ancl enThusiasm shown in The inTramural program This year. Volleyball TournamenT Tun, Too . . . especially wiTh a TaculTy Team parTicipaTing. . . Brockman has sTrong Team. . . SoTTball Tournamen+ planned Tor laTer on. . . Many enThusiasTs enioyed ping pong anol horse- shoe. . . l-lassler, CrisT, and Mains quiTe aolepT aT Tumbling. . . Annual Tennis TournamenT provioles Tun Tor many. Phillips' Team-Champs King BaTs One! Balance! Hlllll' INlHHllllHHlS W. A. A. sponsors one or more inframural Tournamenls every quar- fer . . . in Jrhe fall, H"s volleyball . . . in rhe winrer, baslcelball . . spring, badminlon, and field evenfs . . . summer, Tennis, and archery . . . spring or summer, H"s baseball. . . All girls in school are invi+ecl +o parficipafe. Inframural Champs Hicks! lndependeni' I Archers ' Volleyball Champs Illlllli I lllHHlllIHHlS . . . More fhan a hundred girls in mosr rournamenls. . . Nedra Gahan won The 'rennis medal las+ summer. . . Mary Lou Thomas has been on Two winning badminfon reams. . . Plaque in office has +he names of winning leam engraved on il. Time Ou'r! l'II Gel' a Sfrikel Ping Pong Shuffleboard f 'X I :-X66-Q 4' A .M if . Q ' 1 ' lr 1 - M , 9 fs W V Why UYUQ tivo N05 we do' , - 'Tiers:1j2-. 42 L V new px VE mf .irmwwavu ii .Half-2 mf" ' ' ,ii Mij R A4 NWN 'Rf :SA N iw "ilu N -. 'Lf X 2 Ek W xf' 3 iifnmr I X4 , ,,s'9flVfi :f "f -' . if klleiilfeff fenfvfg-571 5077 Oogaoronon I 'fftwff ' SVUDIOS r IEVENPNHAS MHKONNIA Feb. eo, 1940 . Ian! Greene 4171 to:- The .ibno Aw-lcsvllle .mace lfeaene.-s College fflrksvllls, Missouri Deir 511-. 21-eene: 5 Pbaqks vw-lv mon For nonol-ing me by asking me to serve ss Q Judge ln your benq ty contest on ,vow campus. I only none I don't get into coo nrlon t1-cable over It because I life Jflasour! and SnJoyed my stay In your state very amen when we were there making "Jesse Janes". I nqhe to be able to cms been sw 00019 tlfne. When your lffrrfz- and tne plow-ea camp, I was wcrlrlflg In 'bfmce Mtn The Devil' mc' hed jflst been let out ar ,.: prison. F776 Shot they too,: of me with tne plow:-ns was made on ' :ne set. X ALJ? selection In the contest 1.9 Alisa Hattie 0 Watson. Y ,ff 07170 LP .V 5 N 5 ff1rel.,l9EfAQD A' ' Q JL? ' 17' . "J .fl , gg: - H35 x ,if 1 ,1.. Q 'ffl' ,iff ,, wr 5 :f WINNER K3 H IYHUNE W K HlHSS HELEN MYERS GENE CREAMER HELEN MAYOR MARIAN PORTER UHHNS MARTHA ANN WINN MARGUERITE RANSOM LORRAINE TAYLOR MARGARET MCWILLIAM X .- -Q 'Q- Q-Ardd ,,,.-v-- ,af G1 x A mv L - fx'2"'k 5 'll , X N ' ' N91 K. .nk U MNSN X DQS ,. TLQXV Mig 0 ,K ima.. W ll ..e,wwXH, ,Umm ,wwf ' ' ' .ffi,w0Y' 7, aiiiim NA Wx. , ', ww V .K .I . I 'T' - ' ,, . v M I yi f zfbfi' ' if MVLV f ' g1..M 5 ff Llrrrw cm um' vmrm-,f , Hf frw' Em,-Q-.Ii W My-fsfarw, , . Y um : --14 . Sffzmp CQ 45 ENV' , f ,iw L 'C icawf , A LVVFWKU -ygmv xr f'1- v Jimi V 5TC'WfUFf , . 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VN a do appreciale your help and so a+ 'rhis Time we'cl like l convey our Jrhanlcs lo: Miss Agnes Slemons, our sponsor. Mr. Bruce Cunningham, engraving agenl','The lnclian- apolis Engraving Company. Alexancler's Slrudio, pholographers. I l-lus+on-Palnlerson Corporalion, prinlers, Decafur, Ill. U And all of you sluclenls who have especially helped in +he preparafion of lhis I94O Echo. Thanks! Tl-lE STAFF. - , I H, , . , , -, ,, nr., 590'-4-.4..49.-5 . I Qt W U- E ,MQ.,..+wQ5Q-M-Ma GJ- mfwfwmwm M'W' M 'F Soffflf Q71 iff ',jiW""". f fyfgjj 27, f9y:a 64,184 MJ JAI1'3"'!z4-frfyl1Z4-Mfg ' YM Q-,,4L,927c-1-......1...J-Z'-1. Skifvvw-vena-Q-S"-L1"lI 41431. 303- 21.5. x . ff.:-A....A,c6, '4 F 'Si f. -, 1 I 1 3 Y 1 1 Y-........Y P 4

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