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THE 'I958 TRUHISCAN IS presented 111 rec:ogn1t1on of 1' 5mwhod The man who set our boundaries gave us our name It was Truman Whitehead who surveyed the village now known as Truman Minnesota he village was founded In I899 and lncorporated I0 l90O followlng a special election Among Truman's fursts are Included Ma or L C Gleason Recorder R G Vand ey Treasurer T r Constables Harry Fuller and W R Hoover Justlces Dan Hadley and Clarence Cornell Permanent doctor Dr Hunter of Granada Barber snoo In the bulldlng now occupied by Henry Jensen Buslness bulldlng Hubbard and Palmer now known as the Commander Elevator the bank and the post offlce Truman's public schools were founded In l900 at whlch tlme only two years were avallable to twenty or thirty pupils Twelve years later the four year hugh school was inaugurated with Mr F E Olson its flrst graduate In l936 the school was enlarged the currl culum expanded and the present audltorlum built An elementary wang buult an l953 completes the present scnool plant As thus yearbook goes to press the I9I3 school bulldung IS being razed nn favor of a new near mlllnon dollar hugh school Some 600 students now attending the Truman pupllc schools are lookung forward to an even more progressive future an the history of TRUMAN MINNESOTA C . ' . U ,DN .T T y - . . . - . . r . -Nl lTuen Store - built by W. A. Hinton: it also housed. 9 'I'll HI CA Presented by the SENIOR CLASS of TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL TRUMAN, MINNESOTA Table of Contents Dedication ........ . . . 2 Editor: Lois Beyer Adrninistration .... . . . 3 Bill Grefe School Life ..... . . . 9 jerry Reinke Sports .......... ..... 3 3 Judy Graf Underclassmen .... ..... 4 1 Judy Senf Seniors ......... ..... 5 5 Marcella Ryder Sponsors ...... ..... 6 7 James Manteufel 1 Mary Ann Leng DEDICATIO MRS SELMA ERICKSON T you H Ef1CRSOH the sen1or lass of l 5 dedzcat s th1s annual for your at1ence understandlng al1ty has enabled you w be not only a teacher but a fr1end to students Your fa1th ln us has encouraged us greater achzevements A ea h o us goes our separate way e memory of you Hrs Erickson w1ll rema1n with us always 2 o , r . Q , C gi, ' . Q ' and ass1stance. Your kind person- to ' . s c f .th UPERI TE DE congratulatlons t the class f 8 on e fl annual Y u are now In the process I1 H U H my suncere w at w I make the cholce vhuc ea to a successful and ha future Eight Rules for Contented lvlng were set down by Goe e ey may be of value o In n e g ost ut our am repeatrng them for you Health enough to make work pleasure Wealth enough to support your needs Stren th enough to battle wlth d f1cult1es and overcome them G ace enou h to con ess your szns an forsake t em Pat1ence enough t toll untzl some good 13 GCCOMpl1Sh8d Charlty enough t see som ood zn our nez hbor Fa1 h enoug to m e real the thzngs of God Hope enou h to remove all anx zous ear concernzng e future BOARD OP EDUCATIO t to Tl ht Row a nald Ma herek uvt Y mmond, M e e n, M o ones r J LGS ef 4 PRINCIPAL For you geniors next year will mark one o the importan changes in your life. Somenof you will con inuelyour education, some will be starting work in various fidds, and others perhaps will begin mil- :tary service. Whatever you are doing it will be ' ' st- ment to a a time of adju new way of living. For adiustment may be rather o hers it will be very . How well you adjus quite dependent on the which you have gained high sc ool. The attlt- tude toward life which you have developed: and the habits which you have acquired. The future depends in large'measure on the aast. You will find this true not Jnly next year when you are making your first big adjus ment, but in he years to come. It is my hope that your high school years wi I have Prgved fruitful in preparing YOU fo he future. To each of you ---- Best Wishes! some the easy, for difficult will be knowledge while in FACULTY MISS ETHEL ANDREWS College am in e ta Miss S a e ankato State Degree Classes llsh Advisor Cla., Dec MR LL YD Annsmona Cla, P ' college Mankato State Bookworms De9'ee 5 classes Typing Shorthand Bookkee ing Advisor S h C BSS, TRUMPET . I I l' , I ' Qt : a. A. ' , I En ' 9, I0. . I Sr? lam - 0 , Jr- Sr. s lay, I' B S ' : op . Y ' MR PAUL ASKE AARD college. Lu her Mankato State Degree. Classes. Band, Cadet Band Beaver Band visor. - Cla MRS. BETH College Degree: classes Advisor BUDDE : Winona State B. A. : English 7,8, Spelling 7. ss : Fr. Cla M HALLIE CHRISTENSEN College: Northwestern 0kla l State, North exas State Degree: Classes. Home Economics Advisor. THEY HELP MRS SELMA ERICKSON College Olaf Colle v of Ml Degree Llbrar Certlticate Classes Eng ish Speech Advisor Plass Plays,Declam - , 2 Rs. - a. A.' l , ' i a. s. ld ' Ar' ss' ' Jr- Class. F.H:A. ' 2 St, , ge. ' u. f M. Una . Q nn. 3 5. 3 I B- A! I y g ' . 1- ' 5 h . J' ' E Jr. Claes, r.T.A. ' 1 High scfnfe' Lk. xl :' B. A. ' I . g v - 'VKX ' ' nz. . - Z v S ' AMES GEISELHART Co lege Degree Classes Advisor Luther Math 8 9 Business, keeping rade 8th G Sales 6 General Book Ticket MR LEO HEIMENDINGER College Degree classes Advlsor Mankato State o Chemlstri, Jr H gh Mat , 7 era e, Projectuonlst XS, MR DALE KNOLL College Mankato State MR. PAUL KKULQER College: Lu er. Degree: B. A. Classes: Soc. Studies 7, 8, , Am. Hist. I0. Advnsor: 7th Grade, wrestlin , Jr. High Asst. Trace and Football. MR MAURICE OEHLER Mankato State, Classes I Dl'IV6l' Tfalnlhg, Iowa State Shop 8 Guldan e Biology, Geom Advisor Baseball Hugh Basketball e ry Phys: s General Sclenc S h Class TRUHISCAN GUIDE OUR WAY SIMON Western College catlon, Montana Chorus Montana of Edu 0 a Glee Club Nlgh Choru Hugh Genera Musuc, Grade School Vocal Music Class MR LEROY STORBY Luther Mankato State ocla co nomlc Geography Ph slcal Educat 8t Grade, Nea Football rack Asst Basketbal 7 MR KENNETH ULMAN College Mankato State 88885 Indus rea Ar s vlsor Ia Basketbal Coach A st Football B' S" 1 II .A z ' Am'-HS'-1 :.B, A.,a. S. ' c . ' . ' . ' Jr. t ' -C' oo . . ' z ' u. of- , St. I f. B.S.E.D., B. of Mus. , Jf- I' S o :' B. s. ' -1'-. l El, : t 'I t , d 2 Fr. C ssi ST. 1 5 I : B. A.. : Sr. S ' I, E - D K ' to . : d I T . I. MR MARCIA WIENER College Westmar College Degree Classes Socual Studues 7 I Advosor onhn a W College Mankato State Substitute Teaching MISS MARIANNE FRICKE MR LAWRENCE PIERSON ss Frucke and Mr Pierson were practice teachers from Mankato State M ss Fruc e t u ht ome Economics a d Gu ls Ph s al E a whll Plerso ta clence ology, nd W wus them the bes I k the ollowlng years wherever t ey may teach Y Ay i . - WA, 4 Q. '-P., xr .. QL Q 11 HW -I, fx ff' .nv 'Om f5ko1 ,YI WE PRESENT qv Oehxei M e a0"c Sweetheart Queen Queen Lols Beyer Prlncess lh e Joanne Johnson lUdY Johnson THE ANN UAL 3 if Wall I ng Seated Row I s Beyer, Marcel a Ryder Judy uraf ow 2 lm Man GU 6 Ju Y Senf NBVY nn Leng Jerr Reln 10 JANET SCHULTZ HOMECOMING QUEEN Her en aging personality her sweeg disposit' n anfi ner friendly ways ma gichly deserving ' r. HOMECOMIN G ATTEN DAN TS ,f ""xx Sm Left to right is en tf ld G B tb th L M h M t l Kannung Kath Kaduce, Janet Sc u 18 Jidy Lef:g:a Eghteir Jangt gghelizc ary Es e e HOMECOMIN G QUEEN AND CANDIDATES ese gurls a d our queen gave the floa a specna beauty on Homecoming night. Only one could be chosen queen but each girl was ln every way deserving of this honor. T eir smiles and beauty add glamor to the halls of Truman High. Lois Vogt, Kathy Hawk, caro- lyn Van Norman, Barb Graf, Queen anet Sc ultz. IZ ALUMNI CLASS OF l952 Delvin Meyer John Leng Delbert weiderhoeft Ed Schulte Galen Thompson Jerome Zoellmer Donald Bergemann Joan Sharp Betty Q urkl Rosburg Evelyn ? rayfahlj Zoellmer Clarlne Petersonj Langfor Elaine J nes Johnson Margare as inel John Ros fxar J R t' e Lancer !Frankij Theesfleld ?K n Son a y I Delores Sggnerl Sabin Beverly Grantj Reutzel HOMECOMING DANCE HOMECOMIN G l F if 1--Q 'YN tx f QUEEN EYELYN DRAYFAHL ,52 HIGHLIGHTS SNAKE DANCE BONFIRE - ,N . -q+fi iunh:tYr- 9. f K "L-Inav' -a who s "DAN GER- ILLIE AT WORK" JUNl0R PIAY CAST Millie vaugnn.........Le Roy Wilke Mrs. Vaughn.... ...Marg Ann Pegors Mr. Vaug n............ ill Schenck Carolyn Vaughn......Diane Petersen orvil e Roo ..........Janes Melvig Lola Allen......Kathleen Schofiel Mause...................Ka Nelson Daisy............Diana Borrenhagen Hazey..............Lois Culbertson Prof. A. Bocksdlngle...cathy Shoen Lydia Rockwell......Margaret Jones Andy Hopklns..........Dale Tabbott aid this was a man's world?a DIRECTORS: Donna Graz Mrs. Eric son Miss Andrews SUMMARY OF JUNIOR CLASS PLAY . Millie, the enthusiastic out unprec- ictable young scientist, worried evergone including his proud father. Everyt ing happened when his sister and her friends decided to reciprocate by plating a prank on Willie and his chum. The oys discov- ered the plot and a few anxious moments followed. .J NSPOOKS ALIVE!" SUMMARY OF SENIOR CLASS PLAY - An eccentric history professor moved his family to an old deserted warden'q home to obtain first-hand information for his new book. The ohost in the hangman's tower, however,made ife exciting even for the two. younger children, who were bored with this stu nous family. The humerous antics of Knucklehead added humor to the otherwise mysterious atmosphere. SENIOR PLAY CAST Director.............Mrs. EfiCkS0n Assistant Director....Mlss Andrews Student nirector.........Lols Vogt Professor cockby......Earl Johnson Martha Roc by.......Laura Brummond Gennie Rockby... ...Juleen Boesch Doug Rockby...........Gary Johnson Bri get Rockby..........Lois Beyer Knuc lehead Knodson....Eldon Lloyd Marcel Smythe Mrs. Simpson. Mrs. Albri ht....... Doctor Bragfo Mr. Smythe.U Mrs. Smythe.. Officer Higgi Jean Osborn.. The Ghost.... rd. ... .. ns Kathy Hawk :::Yer.bena Baarts .Mary Ann Leng Jerome Reinke ...Bill Grefe ..Ruth Person .Gerald Urban Beverly Lloyd Lyle Reroeman Between Acts: Judy Graf and Howard Riggle JAMAICAN unlor Semor Banquet and Prom WAITERS AND WAITRESSES Mary Estelle Kannnn Duane Olson Mary Fenruck Judy Genstfeld Joyce Vllllamson Barbara Lewis Bully Hammond Roger En kjer Darrell ewar Dean Otteman son Wlllla D rwln Nl s e banquet and prom was the e unnlng of a nlght affa r the majority e Junior and sensors After the prom we nt to e ow a the R a 'Zero Hour 3 00 th uneor and senior mothers served reak st at the Memorial bus was an evenmg that was enjoyed by a I who attended the festnvltaes tt . ' 9 X 1, . .I Mel I 1 ' ms 8 S Th b g' ' an ll- ' ir fo l ' ' of th ' ' S we th. sh t 5 lm, . .' At : e g ' fa ' ' wqing. at I ' . FAREWELL" GRAND MARCH Left to right: Kay Nelson, James Helvig, Lois Beyer, Earl Johnson La Mae Boesch, Le Roy Wilke, Diane Petersen, Roger Mau. 'Ng Upper left: Students and teaohers enjoying a rest in the Jamaican Room. Lower left! Tourists playing games in the lounge. Bottom: Everyone enjoying their version of the calynso. i...- : WW 17 9 Q 5 g 3 2 3 T 9 5 A . x , 5 A f. DECLAM f I i I A ' I 'z Q E wifi 4 " 1 1 N 50n Va Fba Geneva eitbar Row 7 e 1 3 , nv F . Boesch. LOIS VOQQ, Judi Nagel, Lois Beyer, Diane Olson, 18 One-Act Play GRENACHIKA AD lezine - Le Roy Wiike Mo o - Roger Engkjer Grenachika - Geneva sreitbarth The setting is in the Nrumble Mount- ains. Applezine, a lazy mountaineer, is married to Grenachika but Molo, G magistratos, soon wins this fliratbus The play won an excellent rating in XL the District Speech Contest at Fair- ? mgniv Fehruary lg. 4.1 ,hx TIO mer D ana r Cathie Shoen, Donna Gray, u een MAIORETTES Janet Hedstrom, Judi Nagel, Beverly Lloyd, Janet Schultz, Barbara Lewis, Karen Teig SENIOR INSTRUME T LISTS Left to right, Row l: Janet Schultz Beverly Lloyd. Row 2: Marilyn Carlsom Marcella Ryder, Marcheta Hendricksen Marcia Widmann, Lois Vogt. Row 3: Ruth Person, Elna Lloyd, Earl Johnson, James Manteufel, Sheldon Davis. fo, 2 :Human ig f 1 Left to right, Row I: Diane Petersen, Kay Nelson, Lois Vogt, Marcia Vlidmann, Margaret Jones, Diane Olson, Mary Hammond, Darlene Teitz, Juliana Lebs, Marilyn Carlson. gow 2: Mary Fenrlck, Elaine Carlson, Sharon Schultz, Roger Engkjer, Barbara Johnson, Judy Gelstfeld, Mary Estelle Kanning, Cathie Shoen, Darla Mood, Kath Klein, Beatrice Midmann, Carol Breitbarth, Geraldine Holter, Beverly Richter, Barbara Urban. laarcheta Hendricksen, Marcella Ryder. , f fy "A" RATINGS AT THE STATE CONTEST K Clarinet Quartette . s Diane Petersen ' ff' Kay Nelson ,f . Lols Vogt ' 5 Margare Jones TS " 'O - Bass Cla' t Sl eg rine o o . Margaret Jones Z0 SCA00! gall flligt ,A 3 5 2 N K 'S Row 3: Sharon Olson, Judy Pegors Kathy Kramer, Marty Roshurq Robert wherret, Carol Traver, Janet Schultz, Karen Stromberg, Howard Culbertson, Tom Urevng, Della Jensen,. Nelson Williams, La Mae Boesch, Billy Hammond Marsha Peterson, Ronnie Appledoorn, Jam Helvlg, Dean Dtteman, Duane Kasten, Darre Dewar, Elna Lloyd, Jim Manteufel. Row U:. Darlene Matson Mr. Askegaard, Earl Johnson Gary Henriksen, Richard Rahmeyer, Garland Hendrncksen, LeRoy Hnlke, Ruth Person, Geneva Breitharth, Sheldon Davis, De Arv Neuenfeldh I X X X' to "A" RATINGS AT THE STATE CONTEST X French Horn Quartette X -I Darla Wood A, ,T Kathie Shoen ff! V Mary Estelle scanning iE?? Judy Gelstfeld 4 0 A Clarinet Solo Diane Petersen Z1 fm 3, f- 1. , , rf, , if 'ijffq' K ' 5- 95 fg ' f ' E93 532 ,V fi' 9 - -is 'S 3 tx J? 'J fr - M ' A 51wv? 'QW ' ' Q Q .- " , 1 A m r: f .. ,4 fi E y 5 W ,S 35, Q 4 M N ,315 ' X 5 ','.l J D D 'QM , aC, f5:.:'-f" ,W mg OFFICE ASSISTAN TS t to r t R w Pa Lange ar oI n Van Norman, Barbara Graf, Ar yce W d Elna L oyd Row 2 Mary Ann ng har a WI F I 7 I 7? 4r-6 VW. Mrs Kenneth Becker Mrs Paul Krueger 1"""s 333' an W6 BOYS 8: GIRLS STATE e t to rn ht ar otte Koehler, Le oy H e Lewlsvulle Duane Petersen, Gary Henrlksen not pnctured Truman Z4 aff!! Q3 ! its if , , f . K tk V ', f' Q f I . I , 'I' 1 'K ,fx ' I Lef igh , o I: t , ? - A "' A f II e, I . : Le . I 'Ide. 'wi ' . hea W S Vw if , ' . FT I. I . I he If 9 9 fi -f:' - QEQWH t QJQ , "'I lift I .gH1+ In .M , ' ,f?.e wgyw'5 A -I h e , Z' I - L. f 'g 1 Ch I .R Ilk : ' ' . ' I Ir - 55,5 ri i-1 it f' Q- W, ,xmmwfh v aw v ,Q E 1 ? , N W. , I gg' Q ag? . QE' "' If I Sri ,N A, i 9 V' if Q Q 5 A? 1.5. L. ef 4, aw Sports K sg! s TR MPET Editors Mr. Armstrong, Adviser: Jim Manteufeh Ed N Y g ng E utor itorg ar Ann Len , Managi U - 3 Ei Writers Vernon Baarts Bill Grefe Jerry Reinke Dummy Typis Lorraine Wiederhoeft Janet Schultz Carolyn Van Norman Margaret Jones Reporters Arlyce Wilde Kay Nelson Judi Na?el Kathy K ein Mary Estelle Kanning Janice Manteufel Darla Hilde Billy Hammond XJ 4 -4 QQ., Business Staff Front Row: Donna Gray, Judy Reckard, LeRoy Wilke. Back Row: La Mae Boesch, Joyce Wil- liamson, Lois Block, MaryAnn Pegor. Elaine Carlson. Stencil Cutters GOI G TO PRESS Seated: Barb Graf. Standing: Lois Vogt Diane Peterson, Cathie Shoen, Beverly Lloyd. Art1sts Left to right:Kathi Reckard, Judy Grah Pat Lange, Lois Beyer- M1meographers Left to right: Judy Geistfeld, Olson, Charlotte Koehler, Goldi Mary Fenrick, Juleen Boesch. Diane Mlde, .vs -v. P if 'i 2 V' YE? t to t w I a an e ar o e a uce a hy Hawk elyn Ml le Joyce Vogt Karen tromber y Lewls, onla Engkje enle Bow ow 2 Barbara Voelker Janice Bec e Lol Vegner ud Gelstfeld, u mana e s, Delores Lewns Geneva Breltbarth Judy Johnson Duane B er Linda Bute ow 3 raver, r ce I o e 1 lams IS Block Kar n C w Donna Frese Mary nn Pe o athne ho Carolyn Van Norman Janet Schu tz Bever Lloyd rol Brest arth Kathy K e n Mary Jurgens ow 4 Bar ara wus Margie Seeman e la n Son ar a WI de argaret Jones arro Hunrlchs rna I enln an n WI e ry Fenrlck r e er r n u r ow ar ene a s aren en Charlotte oehler ous Cu bertson Dar a Wood Darlene Knaak Donna Gray Ruth Person Marche a Hendrlc so Jan s Lu FUTURE HO EMAKERS A ERICA F H A OFFI ERS Presndent Loss BUYS' Song Leader Mary Estelle Kannln Reporter and Hlstornan Barb GFS Treasurer La Mae oesch Vice President Duane Pe ersen Secretary Judy R6Ck3Td Z8 G .A .A. OFFICERS vice President. President...... Secretary...... Publicity...... Point Secretary:::: Treasurer...... Sport Heads..n ..Margaret Jones ...Eveayn Migle? ...... aren en Joyce Williamson ......EayhNeLso: ...... a aw carol Qreilbarth D ane Olson GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO F-'F 'W H 1 m 0' 1 are 5 L t to right w I ar s e annun ry Fenruck o o Diane Peters n Nona ar rss r e l e, lfrieda In E anne ar son Jane Sc ultz Marcheta Hendrickson Ruth erson E anne Teltl Row 2 na L oy u y Lelner, ane Be er Delores Lewis Charlo e oehler, Joanne Mau A la Harr a enson ann e rau, u Carolyn yan man Loss Be er Marco a Ryder Row y Reckard Pat Lan e IS Vo Marilyn Carla n Marvel Claeys, arlene Pe or Marjle Borkenha en r ene eu z Susie Ryder Barbara Gra u een Boesch Row 4 J y usl g Beverl uederhoeft Judy Graf cathne Shoen Donna Gray Kathi Reckard, Elaine Zlnke Bonnie Borkenha en Darlene Matson Mari n Kueker Mary Jurgenson Row 5 Darla Wood, Dar ene Knaak arro lnrechs, r a W d o ua Eng Jer Judy Lewis Karen Stromber , Jo ce Vogt Pat Traver Geneva Breltbarth Judy Jo nson Kareen Clow Judy Senf Row 6 Karen ansen, Marjorie ltenburg! Barbara Voelker arbara Lewis Barbara Urban, Lois Hegner Janice Becker Karen Tieg, Marjorie Seeman,Judy Gerstfeld Lois Cul ertson Janus Lu ke Lorraine Wlederhoeft arlene Krenz Beverlv Lloy Ver Dena Baar s 29 , W v L uw' "Aff ' T ' ' -xr .J "ff 2, NV: , 5 , as 2- to M If l V 2' ' if We if 1 a My 5 X J My z 3 Q A, a ' 1 ,iq , 4 H 'Qi' f Dill 6 , 2 , x 1 ,, W ', ', ' A ,ff Q M ,A T J -1' I y , ,Hgh-' V a.g. r - J J a f J., ef ' R : M E 1 ll x ' , M ' , L ' Bl k, ' , P. , A ly? 'Waldo' E .Y z.ek?, :Qs C ag , Q I: 0, 1 n 1 E J ' , I ' K , r is, Dell J , J 'c Ka Janice Gle'nke, . y ,D ll . 'I 3: Jud D ,I T lg , Lo' A gt, ' 1 1 a I p J I ' . h : . ug Ma .in , y g' , .1 ' , : l ' . C l E' " I Da l il eh 5 n' R' , " ' .'o . d. 't . ' BOOKWORMS Row I: President Lois Vogt, Vice-President Janet Schultz, Secretary Kathy Kaduce, Treasurer Darla Hilde. Row 2: Carolyn van Norman, Charlotte Koehler, Darlene Knaak, Darla wood, Lois Culbertson, Lois Beyer, Carrol Hinrichs. Row 3: Evelyn Miller, Elfrieda Zinke,Ver Dena Baarts, Marcella Ryder. Row U: Judy Senf, Charlotte Kaduce, Kareen Clow Lois Block, Pat Lange. Row 5: Marvel Claeys. Shirley Baarts, Mary Jurgensen, Marilyn Kueker, LaMae Soesch RQW 62 De Lores Ratike, Karen Fink, Laura Brummond, Nona Harris, Bernice Meyer. Seated 00 V'9hi table: Arlyce Wilde, Judy Graf, Lorraine Miederhoeft, Judy Reckard, Ruth Person, Mary Ann LGHQ. Donna Frese, Mary Pegor, Karen Senf, Diane Peterson, Darlene Kfenl. JHHIS LUDKQ- Seated on left table: Juleen Boesch, Barbara Graf, Beverly Lloyd, Kathy Hawk Marcheta Hendricksen, Susie Ryder, Darlene Tietz. Standing in back: Kat i Reckard, Kathleen Scho- field, Donna Gray, Kay Nelson, Cathie Shoen, Margaret Jones. PROIECTIONISTS ca' .aff ,..-s Merlin Hegne , Max Boss art Bernard Armstrong son 9V50n ROW 3 ROY VI L s I9 Wiborg erry Reinke Eldon L o d Bo Salstrom I Gre 30 ow os Bre tbar Char d Urb Vernon Baarts Leon imer nnis Burmeis er Donn e Me er QW: gow COOKS Mrs. Elvera Block Mrs. Henry Eckmann Mrs Mrs . Gordon Gronewald . wayne Armstrong STUDENT KITCHEN HELP Left to ri?ht, Row I: Shirley Baarts, Lois Beyer, Eve yn Miller, Marvel Claeys, Judy Senf. Row 2: Karen Fink, Dennis Bgrneister, De Lores Ratlke, Betty Brummond, Marjorie Altenburg. . , v CU STOD IAN S Mr. Marvin Zenk Mr. Otts Breitbarth SKIP DAY AWARDS DAY Lois Beyer ifisa Lutz Scholarsnipl, Evelyn Miller faetty Crocker Awardj, Lois Vo irl's Activity Auardj, Earl Johnson fBoy's Activity Award, Musician Awardl. 32 K Hp 1 4 4 J 44 4: . 1 Wt 5,51 ' 'lQ" ,kv VARSITY FOOTB LL TEAM 'V t to ru t row l son WI lla Ar en Sock Charles Pelrs Bernard Armstrong om UTGVIQ n ar on, ennls o nson I e elm o wa z Russell Cramer ROW 2 flen Rlgg uchard Eckmann, rnne Jones Roger Mau arre I Dewar El on L ard Bob Salstrom Row 3 vll John Bur s ey Vogt m no James G V19 C CHC fe Donald Meyer Absent ax Bosshart Gary Henrlksen JU OR HIGH FQQTB LL TEAM t to rn row Davld Petersen, George Hammond, Ronald Traetow, Ronald son, lchae Senf Ke Rosburg, and arlson, James G lenke, James Wo Tom Jones, Row enry en on, Donald Mauslung, Joe Morgensen, Ronald W borg, eorge Dunn, WI lam rae ow Dona Rlngelsen, rry aar s Hllluam Zehn Steven Larson. Row 3 p Ott , una o , Dav d arls n, Darwln Roberts: avid ohnson, vu on, ur ar s, av: enrl s , Doug as Thomsen, Rolf Berg. 34 .A W I Q G f 5' D ' 95 f 9 '.,r G. Lef fsh, : nel '1 ' ms, I , ' on, . T .Alle L S D ' Jh ,Ga'l L'er,Bill Gll 't er, . : Ha ' le, R' E ' , , 0 I , d l A, . : Or' le Ruch er, k, wel ,To K ll, H l v Bill S h k, Bill G fe, . : M . ' - Lef 'ghi, I: ' Nel M' l nn Lel C l' lf n 23 ll ll t q D ' i ' ca ll T t ld ' La B t, ' ' der : Rau ll e R ld R th i c 0 ' D ' J Da 'd Ols C tis Sp k D 'd H 'k en l 0nVlLLE RICHTFR RICHARD ECKMANH nan... C LEb PIEP N SEASON'S RECORD Truman Delevan Truman Sleep E e Truman nne a Truman Trl on Truman Sherburn Truman Lake Crystal Truman Ceylonfforfeut Truman Ma ella 'Co cantaun 'X- "All Conference Coaches M S or r Ulm BILL G7 E HARLAN RIGGL 35 ELDON LLOYD ' , " HAR ' -S0 'Z 55 L ' o wi ll 3 I3 'L I3 '-M 2 I3 7 7 N Truman I3 Wells 25 0 , .Q 7 d ' : r. t by, M . an I Q' km,-,ir Q V ' ' i an n V f g A - ..., ffl 6 an J J K 1 ix 2.1 K 97 jlilgglmklrsfl Row I Coach M Storby Roger Jones lll ammond, r K y Larry Salstrom Bernar rmstrong Nelson Wil lams ow Jo n Bur Russe I ramer Dennns Henruksen Howard Culbertson Manager Ronnue Wlborg SFASON'S BASKETBALL RECORD A EAM 'B' EAM Truman Truman Truman T a Huntley St James Granada TrlIMont Cey on Garden Cnty Welcome Sherburn Winnebago We ls rum n Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Ceylon Truman Madella Truman Truman Truman Truman Winnebago Lake crystal Granada Jackson DISTRICT 5 TOURNAMENT Truman 7I Delavan Truman 66 Tru Mont Truman 56 Elmore REGION 2 TOURNAMENT Tfunan 56 Luverne Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Huntley St James Granada Trl Mont Ceylon Garden CI Welcome Sherburn Winnebago We ls Peylon Madell Truman Truman Winnebago Lake Crystal Granada Jackson Truman Truman Truman Truman This years basketball season proved be one st In stor of Truman as they captured the Dlstrnc ve amplonshlp for e rst tl In flfte n years oslng to La r stal, Truman ecame runners up I Eight Conference Gary enraksen h ld state record or In lvl ual scorln for several wee s a er scorln a o al f ft poln rung th elcome game B h Gary an Ernie Jones ma e rep ar e Week' lnneapo ns pa er T ose amed to the all conferenc e are follows Ernie Jones Gary Nenrlksen, and Dick Eckmann 37 : , . , , ' n la' ll , A , r'l',.,n 2: Ryu, Iief- -, d I I T T su ss ao za A 48 . 69 27 . H7 ea A 56 ao UI 53 - ea 3I '- 37 56 . 34 so 23 ea 36 I9 'ty zu as 55 ua 24 7' . 53 us 29 77 50 3U ' ll 7I I se 29 I 42 30 . 41 27 . 29 78 . 60 as 'a ul Truman gg Tr'-Mont gg Truman I6 Tri-Mont ge 52 58 gg ug 59 63 38 24 52 54 as 39 to of the be ' the hi I X 62 fi , Ch ' ' th . fi 'me " S3 E L B' ' li The M'ddle ' . H ' e the f 'fi' 'd - 'Ht f - ' 'E 0 I S du ' e 3 . ot 4 ' a 'P st of th an the M' 1' Q . 75 h n - e am .ZS Q ' 1 TRACK Q0 595-1 it r ro I P ssell amer, ax oss ar , a s rom, Gollwltz , m Knoll La ialstr m Row oach Mr orby ack Klelnschrodt Roger Ma, e e mann, c enc rr celn Absent nle lon WRESTLING SQUAD t to r ouglas wennandt onald n lsen, ax Boss a Rona eldoorn, ennns o nson, Alex Nelnan . Row 2: arry Baar s, Dee Leonar, vil 'c er, r an i , err ein e, am s v'V en Ben Jerr Seeman. Row 3: oach Mr. rueger, erald ys, r-eman, i I Schen , Chuck Peirson, George Hammond, George Head. 38 BASEB LL TEAM LII Le t to right r w I en arson rw n l , on Ilams, Tom Urevlg 3ernar Armstrong, Da e Johnson Howard Culbertson Billy Manthe Row Gary Johnson Elroy elstfeld nnls o nson r en oc N s ey Vog , Gal e Leimer Kenneth Rossow Tom olI, Coach D e Kno TRUMAN TRUMAN TRUMAN TRUMAN TRUMAN TRUMAN TRUMAN NAME Dick Eckmann Tom Knoll Larry Salstrom ' I Gre Ernie Jones WRESTLING SEASON S RECORDS TRI ANGULAR 4 h 2nd Ut GARDEN CITY LAKE CRYSTAL SHERBURN MADELIA LAKE CRYSTAL SHERBURN GARDEN CITY TRACK SENTINEL 2nd rd '3r 39 CONFERENCE 3rd TRUMAN TRUMAN TRUMAN CLASS Disc M'Ie Broad Jump High Jump Broad Jump BASEBALL TRI-MONT GRANADA FAIRMONT The remainder of the score unavailable at press time. S V876 CHEERLEADERS X A Squad Darla Wood Donna Gray Barbara Graf Loss Bever 66 77 Egclllilci Left to right: Judi Nagel, Jud! Leimer, Margaret Jones, Bar Urban K ' . neellng: Doug Leimer, Kathy Henriksen. 40 Un rolassmen IU OR 'HQ if 'I fir ,nf 2 + f so - f A , f wwf fl PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY James Melvng La Mae Boesch D,ane petersen TREASURER Margaret Jones S lrly Baar s Allen Bentz Lous Block r en Bock Dlana Borkenhagen 'MXK we 42 Enos Breltbarth Denn s Burmelster Gerald Claeys Lois Culbertson James Davus Karen Funk Donna Frese Elroy Gelstfeld Donna Gray Gary Henriksen rrol Hlnrlc Ernle Jones '24 Howard Jorgenson Kathleen Kaduce Duane Kasten Duck Kleunschrodt Darlene Knaak Charlotte Koehler Marilyn Kueker L ' . h' i Q ,i, 3 g :sr q QQ: 3 ' -7 A l Mg, I W . . f E 'Ei NQQ35 A - ,wh 'br t 'S C 8 A h I h S . WW . Mary Jurgensen ' fi wail g -re - I , 4, . fi - CLASS A Q J' Joanne Johnson Ile Lelm a vln Lem 6 Du ley Leonard Roger MBU Rnchard Menn Bernice Veyp Donald Meyer Nelson G orna 0 Ann Pe o GGY Raddatz lecka Sharon Rvcard S sue R de l Qrhenc Kathleen Schofueld aren en Catherine Shoen Jim Sherman 6 T " narlene Taetz oarol Traver Wesley loot Lesl borg yce WI rla V e Ro W P ra 1 ltef a wood Joanne Johnson Not DICtUT9d, E SOPHO ORE PRESIDENT VlCE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Ton Manteufel Bob Salstrom Mary E Kannlng ...gk -iii' 15" M 45? 5-4 ntl 'S '36 44 ihhmww TREASURER oy WI ams Maryorle Altenhurg Bernard Armstrong Janice Becker Margse Borkenhagen Max Bosshart Carol Breltbarth Bett Brummond Rlc ard Bushman Elanne Carlson Russell Cramer Darrell Dewar Clayton Duncanson Roger Engkyer Mary Fenrlck Judy Gelstfeld Gollwltz Bully Hammond Mlke Hun on Dennls Johnson Jolene Johnson Kathleen Klein Juliana Lebs Leon Lelmer Barbara Lewns Delores Lewls CLA lb. uv' YF? -ll. Heaney "Qf 45 16? ,gif Duane Cassem 45 Januce Manteufel Jerry Meyer Jud: Nagel rwun N u Norrl Duane Olson Sharon Olson Dean Otteman Darlene Pegors Gary Petterson Kenneth Ratz Kenneth Rossow Margie Seeman Karen Tel Barbara rban Darwin Van Brunt Barbara Voelker Loss Wegner Beatrlce Wldma G due wi e Myrna Wllkennng Nelson Wlllla Duane Cassem not picturedl Rh PRESIDENT Howard Culbertson gsfwaw FRESHM N VICE-PRESIDENT Judy Leimer .25 szcnsmzv TREASURER Judy Lewis Geneva Bre Ronnie Appeldoorn Diane Serer Donna B ock Durwood Boesch Bonnae Borkenhagen Genie aowen Gar duckmeuer J n Bu k Llnda Bu e cll Clae Kathleen Craig Denl Davl Donald Deaoer George Dunn Sonia Engkjer ames qllenke Jannce Gllen e Karun Hansen Arla Harris I ID Hartm Garland Hendrlcksen David Henriksen Henr Henton D I Jensen Judy Johnson Roqer Jones wayne Kalher Janice Earau an e Wallace Knaack itbarth Oil ' F .V ' 1 Ce ' ys I J J ai F:? HEJ.w S S W' 2 ' . ,m R yd 1 no ":: s ualfn f K , Q lf 1 .1 P ' , J 'D k Ph'll' D an 6 la V in lag- Cl "r lly ,.... , A - S25 xx fl 46 CLASS 4 a 9 YY Tomm Knoll Al en Lars n Dee Leonard D rrel Lu ke David Ma ll Man Darlene Matson Joanne Mau J d Mausl Ro ert Mennen Roscoe Mohwnnkel Curtis Nelson IS euenfel ID Ot David Petersen Rlchard Rahmeyer 9.4 Ronald Roth Larry Salstrom Sharon Schu z Robert Simon ik Curtis Sparks Karen Stromber 1 Robert Talledge ad Elaine Tle z James Toothaker Walluam Traetow Patrlcla Traver Robert T son A del U Tommy Urevlg Janet Voelker Joyce V t D anne 3 H Y Robert W erratt Beverly Wlederhoeft St W lk e?!?f.e'z. 22199 EIGHTH PRESIDENT Oliver Jo 19" James 'ww me-1 GRADE SECRETARY l Rlchter RESIDENT Bever y VICE P e Morgensen 'bw Rm Nfl 4 ' l 3 "Q" 4 r sd 5 l TREASURER hnson D8VId Jo a Anderson Lund ry Baarts r L8 r etty Bake Ann Benck reltbarth Jo Delford B rthur Bulock Davud Carlson mon Rim Bala h ll s Tckhoff 0 rwln F Charles Graf Mary Hammond Bonnie Harrls Janet Hedstrom Mary Helvlg Dennis Henriksen Cheryl Howell Rosalata Johnson Kathy Kramer Roger Malcom Dennis Malherek Ronald Malo Donnle Mauslan Roy Mennen Bonnle Meyer D8 Arv Neuenfeldt Dennus Neuenschwander Bonnle Norris Joy Pegors Q Ah: 55112 jf3'? x'fQ,i 5, ghd? -g gq iig ', any M f 1' M R L3EV ees l if , , 4' E if S 5 H T 'E lssr 1 ."' V4 . ? 3, gi gl , I E .f li ' ll h ':l'E' , my Eps- T' A 43 T 4, fee' SQL gl Q .q A . , 2 m.J mg, . ,, :N X .G L.V, lx Iivy is - K El ' ' S L fs T 6 ' Ex P y i E ,AJ T a ' ink T S, R A rg an A , t Lyliwv Y M, fi. 5 . I . , iv :Z g ,W .Q I K.V' '? 3?-?f . . R E llhrl S I lsh 5 s,yr T ,Tiff i kc x2ig kqgr 5 ,e :ij . . g vtbl ' ' N K' Lml' -ia? I XXX Y: ' il Saga? V ?g: if -gy ' ' en ?- e T ,K, f ,AR ali ,VIE fx wvq I ' M13 W 21'p .'f f lfw ' ' 48 4l vs mb, 3,1 PRESIDENT Barbara Johnson Judy Pagers Daryl Pesta Marsha Peterson Janet Pettersen Verna Rahm Sylvia Reckard Darvun Ricard Donn Rln elsen Darwin Roberts Martha Rosburg Jerry Seeman Janet Shultz Robert Sharo John Toothaker lk S Steve vaux li felt: N -A it Beverly Voel er Donna Weadenba Ka hy Wells Ronald Wlbor Alice wldmann James Wolf am Zehnder th Z I e e Gerald Zoellmer SEVE TH GRADE VICE PRESIDENT nda Peqors K SECRETARY TREASURER Sandra Salstrom Ronald Nelson van Barlckman R0 f Berg DOVIS Borkenhagen Carol Bulock Bonnie Burk 49 n4f?i I I' E 1-f g Q -f' Q It I ui ' 0 1 ,r-- of I S iff ' 9 ' Q I q v f, :PQ XHQS ggi ' S ,- , If as I yi f Q .e.1ff': E E It , f 5' E ' ' ch M- I , I . fx' 'V 'ff-Q' ' - ' ' 9 'L K sign I I H, I 6 ,I , wil li ,f'72q. lg Hip yetgil, Hiifffl K' 'er : as Pi Y , PQI. , w- ,.,i QE? A W - Q. If M'vQ A M - I I , 'I I 1 , L , A Li I 5 ' . gg- I I - ' ua. Y.. ww awe? 4-+A if vu' 'CW' .F-f -as-X SS' fa L 'lr Q' C' Qw- 1C"' Wi Wif uf! :tel 5 an-af' 'WAN 'D Leland Carlson Richard Carlson Lunda Cramer Arlene DBBoer Gerald Duncanson Joyce Duncanson Barbara Furchau Judy Furchau Stephen Flutter George Hammond Tommy Jones ella Klelnbe David Knaak ols Krenz David Kuefner Larry Kuhlman Eva Lou Lange Steven Larson Joseph Lebs Larry Leonard Davld Olson Susan Onkka Lora Lee Pegors Marlyn Pegors Sandra Roberts Kenneth Rosbur Mary Ann Sa Michael Senf Sandra Slmon Douglas Thomsen Ronald Traetow Jennnfer Urban Jud Urb n Ka herlne Voelke Dallas wegner Dou las Weunandt nn Val V Q 2 J , ' - E J! t l Xxsvfl , 1 8 V ll "T V Y Q of gg, w - L gra f u SR -nf x . Wi wuz!! M? 2 T' X" . 1 -Q A M ' r .xv of m 6, X Sh U ' ck P4 , . A, 1 Q .,, . 4 6. , a V . yo 'f z K + x Y ,, f lr WV K KK I is Y. , L by A' L i-Mn' y L ' -I f . 5 'Y ky W ' i ' . ' VK I UC a n a , fl L: P J- J y 5 L Le 41. or -E L o ,L r 1 L ea " L , y M F I a L 5 r L. 3' X 'K ' A ' . r L Lf L Q-f r- In Y . -M f l I Jog ' he X 5 A A' if of 1 ' 50 GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY 1' 7 K 4 xm- t t R ht R w s ann, m , ing Row 2 rs olph r rs Dyks ra Mr rmstrong Absent s U m SIXTH GRADE na man, vonne ckerson, James Cramer ex We nand ow 3 rry Teaser arryl Veidenb arlene Smith R c Joyce rs James Dunn Mar Peter son chard Engkjer, aron enton, annan ard Zehnder Joanne Apoeldoorn ay mond Mausllng Row 5 u y Hood ace Mldq ey De or ckhoff a hy Ollv r Kei an tune ca herine Toothaker Row 6 Jerry Hatch Ida o enge Becker, Kenneth Greel Absent nfl Sorenson J ne Leonard James Ba er s ary Bosshart lx 3 fx X ww , . - ,am 724-1 , Lef o ig , o I: Mr . oltm M Mrs. Si on, Mr. la er Mrs. Head, s. . : M . Rud , M s. Lidke, M . t , s. . . Mr . an. ? ' A i Sf. O f -as A T J W F. 4 x ' , ' ': L8 ah Ker ' , D ' , i ky L e, Anne , . ow g . Ri ' Sh H Phil p K ' g, Rich ' , , R ' . : J d , Gr ' l , l is Ei , K t ' e , 'th c ' , t '. : L u Pl , Billy ey I Sh ' , a , K . Ro em - '51 1 Iraq y , . 1RN,1M , 1 w nnls Sc ofne , Barbara chulz, Pamela Malo Leon Scheuble Duane Olson Pe qy Jennnnqs, Steven Mnchalke Row 2 an Ch IS Johana Walanna Lynda Smith ennns nsen, c I a er G r wennan Wanda Walanl Dona d Me er Row 3 Duane Sc ultz nna Bulock even um o f D ane Otteman, John Lan ford Davl Morgensen Llnda Kolander lnam Kram Row 4 James Gaard Ronald Mant e nn Carlson, Davud Thompsen, M chae amer, aron Zehnder ennls ray, harles Tum Absent vld wal F1fth Grade Fourth Grade H Eloise Janeen Clark, Row U Jeanne Donald Pegors J anne Petersen, Jonn n ka Rlchar ec er, orence IC ar Mar Bulock arlson, Davnd Jenn: Pow 2 ames Johnso , Jo Ander , Roger Lueth UX. RICNBI' Tlms lcky Enqkyer, Guy Head ow 3 Joanne c u z Bren Barbara Nuenschwander, Peter Zenk Carol Pegors Jod wnborg, Steven Hatch Duane Snneder Joyce Ma com, Gary ac I9 Ten off George Jorqenson, auck, icky Grunlg Row 5 Larry Eockoff, S even Johnson, Dean Gray, Hinton, Coleen Corman, Jim Wherratt, Morrns Rahm, Judy Traetow Absent LeRoy 52 I I , I Ro I: De h ld S , ' , , g ' . . ' . h Z All r' tle, ' , ' , R ' Ha VI k M lh ek a y dt, a, l y . I U , Do ,sf Pl h , a E , a I A Wil ' er. : , , h , y I I Kr Sh , D ' G C ' s. : Da ' ' des. C 1l0,l1 e' . ow," as k Fl wh 4, y , Q A , . 'ngs. . : J n an s va d , v ' . R : A shl, 1 : 'D , I 'wink,.: k" K , ' 3 M : j 1 Row l: Mary Gail Hanson-Marjorie williams, Billy Zenk-David Hinton, carl Bosshart- Kenneth Ratlke, Susan Manteufel-Linda Nagel-aeverly Kesler, Katherine Greir-Lucinda Anderson. Row 2' Jean Nyquist Kath Krusemark, Terry Nagel Rebecca Krenz, Steven Rosburg Bradle Malo, Robert Watson ennls Lemke John Sauck Maurice Shoen Thomas Rahm Bruce Jo nson Row 3 Joan Gronwald Leslie Hanson Gary Mlchalke Douglas Musser Anita Jones Yvonne Pegors Steven Oliver James Gronwald David Sorenson M chae Honve Ruth Onkka Patricia Lue h Th1rd Grade Second Grade Row l Joyce Elckhoff Steven Teaser James Ortman Mark Claeys Row Kathy Salsfrom Steven Sorenson Ronnle Tomey Valerle Engkjer Pandy Wink Michael Petersen Row 3 ary Peterson Roberta Larson Steven Zehnder ynthna Hatch Donald Schofield Sandra ultz hn a an a lan T Row 4 ar udvl on Glen M d I y, Gretchen Kram Thomas Morgensen Wayne Nickerson Barbara Scott Davl Bowen K nne h Rlngels Row 5 ana Dodge eborah Jones erry arnes e and :car nneth Meng V ck ha Jane Anders Jesse Johnson bsent Marcia Burse 53 i l . ' - " t. ' ' ' l I 1 .v 1 . ' . : 21 T e ,' I ,' c' j ', , ' ', ' Sch Jo V l i , Al. ims. : M k L ,gs , u Q e - er, 1 1 1 1 e A en- I Di , D , T 5 , L l R' d, Ke , i i C se, t . . A : ' ll- FIRST GRADE .. ilu. 'sus'-f EL mam-I nun! Fil EF., .'E'.f..,'.5'niI.e ZFLED, 'EH roni to back R w I Scott Lester, Mark Hansen Jack Armburs Steven Olson, T rr Grunl ames Clark Dona d Watson, Gloria Sho n Steven Sackett Row 2 Randy Garrison Davnd Ba er n Meng, teven W Iluams n, Mlke Hoschel lnda reeman rrance Barnes, Pat wo Ran Krenr Row 3 ark Atkunson, on Vaux ruce Caldwell ne usser, o u ra mer Cecelna amulton ennns howers, James Traetow, R mald Ranm w 4 nn' ur , rg rl r L,n da Kolander nda Lu Hen D Ett Gray, Llnda Hannl n Kathy Bosshart Donna JO Petersgn Susan Jennings Helen Jane Huemoeller Lynthla Curry ncy Pesta een Re ard Chrnstnne 0s and Larry Armstrong Absent elly ramer JIU Leonar Howar Schu z KINDERGARTEN t to t R H I Scott Doble Jolene Theal hleen Dodge Lunda Rosburg Sandra ask Randy Hosche Row Terry Bente e T rry Poll Tommy Jennings chle Greln ang an Curry Row 3 Richard onla ernon ra ow, ames rsel Kev n lntz Ro er Boss art David Machalke t to rn ht ront row Marcy Ratlke Cindy Neuenschwander Nancy Kesler Sandra Vl0If TWY a Hu Row E gene Ros g Pamela Kel Y Crystal Lanqford Doretta Sorenson, GYSQOYY Hamnnton, reg Langford James Fowler Row 3 urtas Jones arr White Davud Graf Gary Hoppe Kennet Tlms Absen C rtus Sc e b e Tommy Sackett 54 E "ni ' N '- ma "'x :L me ' Y 'li -e - x 1 f Y Af B 5 ., : . e I ' I 5 , f lg 5 F 5 , ol : . I , t, e y 'g, , ' e , . : ' ' k , .Joh s i ' 0 ' 'a, L' F ,Te tg lf, dy .. .I M ' J . B . 90d y M B bb' K . , H ' , D 'K S U .l Ro : Co 'e Rosn g ca I 6 e , ' - , Ll ' g, e to , , 1 ' , , ' A , N8 , Jul ck , ' ' I , . : Sh C y Y d, d I. , M , . Left :igh , o : l ' , Lef 'g , F : ' , 1 3 1 r 1 ' F' , id. . 2: y . , I I I 'nk. k: u lzur , I v e . , Rn er, , cr ' Clow, All t . : I ' I G , . : HEI ' , V T C J Bu , I ' L ' ' H' , b 1 n , ' ' . C , il ' .Y I: u ' I. i I , eniors 'M LYLE BERGEMAN Here I am don't crowd gzrls wrestl ass P ARNOLD BLOCK G ve me some paper I'Ll wf1f8 you a note VER DENA BAARTS L f th t Z h lg 2 daeargublangug ing ookworms II HA I0 us at I oca o VERNON BAARTS Ven of few words are the best men rumpet Pro ectlonlst us Pa rol 9 L0 S BEYER th1Hk of any IS am f' BSS IC f' JULEEN BOESCH here IS a woman eg1nn1ng of all th1ngs umpet IOI rms II DecIam I2 aY LAURA BRUMMOND 1 t heart ong l1ves ass P MARILYN CARLSON ulet fr1endly manner 9 and Flu no 56 n athZet1c lady az a sets so many f as aults we can t HISCAN Trum et 2 Bookworms I eerlead 1n Class ay Projectl n at the great Book 0 ass B ,12. F gg. GAA 9hI0, II, 12. 1 P ' ro'f"'f. v IBSOI 1o. X533 4 M H . 'I 3' 1 II 12. - W' 1 ' ' II,I2. B .fn t .. ' g I2.CI Ia 12. 'n y 1 4 ' 1111 S ,' h Q f 1 sje TRU 12. A IS,II 1 . Y, 1 . FRA lO,II 12. GAA , 9,I0,II,I2. GI1 - g I0, II, 2. ., Q Pl II,I2. ' 'O - I G, 1 1o. DQCI II, 12. .1 Off e 1o. FTA . 12. 1 I 1 5 I ., T l'l2- - y wg ,12. GAA 9 1o. II,I2. . I ' 1 ff PI I2. ? Z gh CI Iay 12. Q 1n FHA .GAA I0 II. 12. G 9,I0,II,'I2. te rr' II,I2. MARVEL CLAEYS K1nd and few words are a woman s ornament 9 KAREEN CLOW wlll teach you how to augh rumget I Bookworms I2 P e roI RICHARD ECKMANN An athlete that scores ln more ways than one otbaII 9 ball Yrack I2 KAREN CASSEM 's o u e boys er n2?Z5f gangs tor' X'-nag IAM Transferred from Ester Wd Iowa BARBARA GRAF e has o dark alr to an e rumpet Book rms II 9 Cheer eadln Class a Office Assos an I2 ass Officer 57 WAYNE GERSCH The secret of success zs work but who wants t know the se ret? ojectuonlst I SHELDON DAVIS a man ' ave o k ow o st1LL ave some room o grow nd I0 ROBERT FIRCHAU don t brea W Y should I pract1ce7 I FHA II. GAA ,l0,II,I2. il! ' . It n s , h . R h b L - N .- k ' ' ' lf,,,,- I I viIIe, . - H h t I Ll Z a i gm n -th I I t da ,II,I2. T I. 'Af II,I . FHA I2.GAA 9.I0, II, . roi ctionist IO. Class Of Icer II. Bus Pat I2. I ' ch. 'I F ,IO I2. B - Iso kgt 9, lb, nuff. , . W It X 2 o ' f . Pr ' ' ' I,I2. , v Sh to of h be an g Z. I II, I2. - f wo ,I2. rm 11,12. I g GAA ,l0,II,I2. - I ' iq 1o,11,1z. PI l I . ' - J' t . CI ' 9. KATHLEEN HAWK Strawberry blond,sk1n so fa1r Kathy s a girl beyond compare B okworms Il I2 GAA udent Director ass P Class lcer GARY JOHNSON He came a stranger but left a fr1end Basketball I2 BasebaH I2 Transferred from Graettlnger Iowa JUDITH GRAF The pzano zs the mu szcal charm of her soclal lzfe TRUHISCAN I2 Trumnei 2 Bookworms ee Club Choru Accompanust I WILLIAM GREFE Usually pests come in swarms but he's an er cePt1on RUHISCAN I2 TrumP9t othall 9 asketball 9 Class lcer l Ch0fUS Projectuonnst 9 F 2 fi! CHARLOTTE KADUCE o know her to ll e Bookworms II I2 FH EARL JOHNSON If they only knew what w nt o e znd 15 horn asketball I0 Football ass Offlcer I Bass Horn Solo 9 All State Band Brass Ensemble 9 nd 9 Vocal Ensemble I0 oust 9 orus I0 Cla 37 NONA HARRIS U 6 Never pass have chance good t1me Bookworms II HA Bus Pa ol Class Play MARCHETA HENDRIOKSEN h h b lt? e she 15 f1erue kwormsgll I2 H nd I0 T . I2. Fo -IO-II- l2.B -l0-II- I2. Track II-I2. Off' I-I2. . . I2. ' ' ' -I0- . - II-l2.Class Play Il-I2 . . TA I . I0-II-I. ' II-I2. GAA IO-Il-I2. GI I2. s I2. ' 2. D th A to G ,aa, -I2. F 9-IO-II-I2. - 1 tr I2. II. . I . . TR' 2 2 21 O - . L I0-II-I2. FHA 9-II-I2 St ' II. CI Ia I2. Off' I-I2. b V fha 5 , s ev e, ct. - . F A Ig? GAA -lo-11-12. Ba -II-I2. e n b h' h' Io. Cl ' I- I2. - II-I2. II. - II-I2. Ba -I0-II- I2. - II-I2. Sol ' -II. Ch -II-I2. sa PI I2. Z zs k er. I2. ' ' A 58 MARY ANN LENG Whenever she s needed she'll be there alway ready to do her share TRUMISCAN I2 Trumpet ookworms I 9 Cla P I2 Office Asslst ELNA LLOYD W d I t l tg? igdh57 50 a et 0 G e C u nd 9 us roI 9 Declam 0 ace Assustant DARLENE KRENZ L th L a SIIL Zlffnihfll 2 ee C u s P trol DELILA KIETZER School what's that? FHA 9 JANIS LUPKE go iggli laugh myself B okworms II 2 Glee ub F 2 Bus Patr ELDON LLOYD Hlschlef he s usually th1nk1ng of but sports are h1s greatest love ojectlonlst IO horus I2 class P ay 0 3 r ck I0 Bas PATRICIA LANGE D1v1nely tall and most d1v1nely fazr m et I0 FHA I Bookworm 9 Choru rl Tr e f e SI t BEVERLY LLOYD ve IS dream gosh I m sleepy T um et II Chorus okworms I2 GAA 9 ee rette 9 A V ' ' IS GAA II-I2. GI I b 9 Bu a IO-II-I2. 'fan-. I I2. a ' I-I2. GAA -I0-II. ss Ia ll- . ' ' ani II-I2. . -II-I2. IIE 5. S II-I2 GAA -I0-II-I2. S I0-II-I2. GI 'S io I2. GI 6 Club 9-I0-II- I2.0f ic As 'stan II I2. GAA I -II-I2. I I b I0-II-I2-Chorus II-I2. B8 -I0-II-I2. B Pat -II-I2. II. ff' ' I2. LO ' a , I . r T -I3. I0-I . FHA 9-I0-II-I2. Bo . -IO- II-l2.CIass PIay II-I2 GI Club I9-II-I2.Ma- jo -lo-II-I2. o -I . CI I2. HA I . GAA 9-I0-II-I2. oI I2. I Pr ' ' ' -IIYI2 T5-I2. Foutb II mogul- ' .- . a . - ball II-I2. e X 3 59 EVELYN HILLE A wonderful glrl who's always szncere you have a frzend uhen she 1S near ookworms H ee U C ass lcer CHARLES PIEPSON love my cows my cows ove me otball 9 orus IO Pro ect1on1st estllng JAMES MANTEUFEL He was a 5cholar,a rlbe and good one. HISCAN Trumpe Basketball ase a ass Chorus ec a 2 Class icer an ra s ex , 8 S S B 's Octe DONALD MALCOM not sc 0 znter- fere wzth your educa- tzon. orus . Foo LORI NAT 1 ence an are strangers Bookworms l2 Bus Pat LA VAINE RAATZ utomoozles are not feroclous 1t's the m n w o is be feare RUTH ANN PERSON er auorzte d1et zs a a e ookworms ll F Offxcer 9 us Patro nd IO JUDY It's when nice RECKARD n1ce to be natural you re naturally rumoet Book rms ll 9 Glee vb Choru it ,ag-vii fi- Tau 12. 1 lo, 11, 12. 1o,11.1a 1:11 11,12. Cl Play ll. 11.12.11 m 1. off 9, 1o. 9 d 9 10,11 12. tel 12. oy t l2. Let h ol Ch I2 iball 9, l0 11 11, 12. FA 11,12. GAA 9 l0,ll IZ. Gl Cl b 9,l0. '1 Off' 11. 51? s ,12. HA ll,l2. GAA 9,1o,11 12. Clags Play lg,l2. Clasf 1o. Ba ',11,12. Fo IO 11, 12. Qh I ,,l1, l2. - 1 H IO 11, l2. wr ll,lk. I L T 11, 12. - 1 we ,12. FHA Il,l2. GAA 1o, ll 12. Cl 9,l0,ll,l2. 5 12. DE s 9 IKE Sl d I rol l2. ' - A . .. tl h A to 11. 60 HARLAN RIGGLE U BUSY' 71 6 frzend on hzm you can depend vtball Bdsketba Wrestl1nq I7 MARCELLA RYDER She 15 going forward to somethzng great TRUH SCAN l2 Bookworms nd l0 9 G 9 e u s a ro JEROME REINKE A Party'7 G1rls'7 Let's eo' HISCAN Trum 6 Football rack ass P orus l0, rojectlonnst estllng OPVILLE RICHTER Some say he s bashful others doubt It aseball Football oru ro ctlonlst JUDY SENF e has a heart wt room for many VRUHISCSNAIZ Bookworms s Patrol 61 GERALD URBAN Why worry roJect1on1st ass Play O71 HOWARD RIGGLE zs cer a1n en whe e f n GH m1schzef eam sketball 9 I0 JANET SCHULTZ B ue eyes blond hazr the answer to a young man s Prayer Trumpet ll Book rms ll l ub Chor nd 9 Troo I . . s , - A31 ch Hio ll .ie ' ll., P Tau 12. gf y ll, 12. 1. , T l2. Cl lay lj A 12. Ch ll 12. 1 p ' ' ' l0,ll,l2. A Hr ' 11,12. 1, f H ' t ' to be sz . g 11 d Ba v vllv IZ' If, yo e d a y.A A I ? nj I jx 3 A A Fo 12. ll A X 10.11. ' . 1' at L , - I . 12. - wo ,12. FHA 1,12. GAA 9 IO, ll 12.e1ee ?B1F'15"'L"'2' l0 1'fs I ' a V l2. Glrl's ' l2.' ll.1A. FHA I AA ,1o, A Vdgmfigi U A ll,l2. Glo Cl b 9,l0, A WiMw?Mf5fV ll,l2. Bu pt 1 12. A A sa ,ll,l2. i 5 y , I 11 't. P ' ' ' 11, 12. Cl 12. Sh 'th ll I2 ' 1 2 X , . A 10,1 1. Bu v x A' CAROLYN VAN NORMAN Easy on the eyes. GAA 9-I0-II-I2. Chorus I2. FHA I0-II-I2. Glee Club II-I2. Bookworms II-I2. Trumpet II-I2. Class Officer 9.0ffnce Assistant I2. MERLIN WEGNER He that hath knowledge spareth h1s words ojectlonlst II MARCIA VIIDMANN I m not so bashful as as I seem 9 G ee orus us Patrol I2 Ban LOIS VOGT Clever, cute, and Lots of fun. Lo1s IS tops w1t everyone. Trumget II-I2. Chorus I0-I -l2.Bookworms II- l2. GAA I0-Il-I2. Bus Patrol 9. Glee Club 9- I0-ll-I2. Class Play ll. Student Director I2. Declam II-I2. Band 9-I0-II-I2. .clarnnet ?uartet I2. Ggrls Trlo lg. Class Officer I0- LORRAINE WIEDERHOEFT She buts her problems away for a bralny ay t A Trumpe Glee Club 2 Bookworms Chorus I2 ELFRIEDA ZINKE Oh the lzght that Lles zn a woman s eyes Bookworms II I2 A HIGH SCHOCL MEMORIES Freshmen race crowded ockers Goung to wrong classes vlcs, airs erg, s ting ank Walking to town during the noon hour Sophomore Learnung the s eeches from Julius Caesar an d eys n class P es out of d c ary for Mr K o l ln lor d Nlstor Bermuda S Offs 181681 fad Stand up quizzes lh Blolo y l1I1101' lay Eager Beavers Party afterward Wllke's asement N v la r s arrnv Lack o sleep fol owung anquet an PYOM Field Y champuons Announcement of I958 TRUHISCAN staff nd trip to Vashnngton, D Semor Co d Socnal room Fnrst Homecoming float and 5 candntates E glush term a ers confuslon o tearing wn o d sch I Class Play ISDOOKS Allvel Thrnllu g ournament games Acqunred two new trophles In basketball ' d . I0-ll-I2. GA 9'I8'II'I2' 9- - - . FEEH ll-I2. . PY ' ' ' -I2. . P . I - . GA I0-ll-I2. I GAA . l Cl b -I - I ' ' y an-I2. ch " slang. no-ll-sz. ' ' A Welcoming Difiyl Evie and La Vaine'S 3 -le99e4 Scrapbooks for American History - Nov, I6 class - - - - lh ci ' ch ' in order, Mr. B vi i ' the g A - 0 , 23 Ac S, ing ' ed' - b - ' ' - f . l ' b ' Da- Ba ' ' -C- I L . Q . ' ' T. ' ' . ' T ' ' . e un DI - a I - , - n - glen .y n l ' I 9 y - n f do I l col gui ding - h - - ' Q- . - 1 'Q 62 TOP TEN SCHCLARS 1' t to r rc a y Jlm Manteufel reen s ueyer Barb TWELVE YEARS TOGETHER t to ru ar es Pnerson r an Rug oyd Howard R ggle Richard Eckna 63 7 Yn C W NRVCIH Vndmann Beverly 4 , il Ara ix . 3- o J Q 1 Lef ght, ow : a R , ow, , Graf, Ear. Johnson. Row 2: Jerry Rein e, Mary Ann ,eng, Judy Graf, 6 4: I O 1 . 0 I 'fif- E Lef 'ght: Ch l ' , Ha I ' gle, I1 arlso , ' ' , i , ' nn. ' f. 5 l 3 j We Elma ,., ...-nl.. '7 Row I: Barbara Graf, Juleen Boesch, Ruth Ann Person, Elna Lloyd, Donald Malcom, Darlene Kfenl Lorraine wiederhoeft, Charlotte Kaduce, Marcheta hendricksen, James Manteufel, Eldon Lloyd, Lois Vogt, Earl Johnson, Bill Grefe, Kathy Hawk, Gary Johnson, Beverly Lloyd Kareen Clow, Marcia widmann, Marcella Ryder, Laura Brummond, Jerome Reunke, Janet Schultz, Carolyn Van NOVNIHD, TRUMA HIGH SCHOOL 9 - ga, ' f 3 lf xl gk? "K 4 , 1 3M LR . , XR?-ASQR vazsxoill ,mann M MSG' x. -W EW 'Hx CLASS FLOWER YELLOW ROSE .7 gegin . 5 , J J 5 - ,wr - 4 'i 's ri, , i, ,,. Wi Lyle Bef eman, Harlan Rigale. Row 2: Merlin wa ner, La Vaine Raatz, Orville Richter, Judy Graf Arnold B?ock, Robert Firc au, Marvel Claeys, De?ila Kietzer, De Loris Ratike, Ver Dena Baarts Sheldon Davis, Marilyn Carlson, Judy Reckard, Patricia Lange, Elfrieda Zinke, Lois ae er Evelyn Miller, Howard Riggle Karen Cassem N na Harris Jud Senf anis rgan , , o , y , J Lupke, Gerald U wayne Gersch, Mary Ann Leng, Charles Pierson, Vernon Baarts. Absent: Richard Eckmann. CLASS COLORS AMBER AND WHITE , . "' , XYICE-PRESIDENT .YILLIAM ,REF SECRETAPV u E I L0l5 VOGT 65 COMMENCEME T SPEAKERS liilliiiiiluiiiuluiiiiii x-Q 4 fyq Zi sg ' UG? ff'- vi 8? u t ars n In ro uc lon o s ea er J Turck commencement address We Flnlsh to B zn lam Kram resentatlon of e annnn t o of I m Do Legion Award Father Woodford voca and bEhPdlCfI GRADUATIN G SEN IORS OF DISTINCTIO Marcella Ryder lsalutatornanj, Loss Beyer fLegl0n Awardh James Manteufel lvalndoctorlan, Legnon Awardj 66 A M I I I 12 ., 'f m 5 . E" 1 , ' .- Q 1 x, 'f 1 'Q , ff 'oi ' .. f--' V ' : . 5 4 ' 1 I x Q ' ,- Q g 4 5.4 ,ky i x Il ' JQ L Y W1' ' , -. . A v.w, ..- V MM" 'I 1 ' N .. wr 3 , ' , 2 . l o 1 , xv VM 5 V , lo J wif?-'-x 'Ax . - . .uk f v 1 . -SJR Qyk X4 ' . f x N ' L, L 3 f 'W' 1 N Q D . A. L. L o , ' t d t' f p k 3 Dr. C. . , , . ei N: Mr. will' er, p ' th class: Dr. H. H. K g, presen a i n d plo as: Dr. J. M. bie, ' 3 , In von . ' 'on. I 2 e Er' R Q w shes to express b an S Of' CON I'I U IOI'1S ma 6 8 IOWI TO SSSIOFIB men COHKFGC OVS and businessmen Truman AUGUST D BAARTS BERZINSKY HARDWARE BOSSHART CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BOWL A AIAY CANTINE VARIETY CARROL'S MARKET CHRIoTIAN'S GARAGE CINOERELLA BEAUTY SHOP CLARK'S GARAGE DEAN 0 HFLVIG INSURANCE DON'S BAKERY DON'S CLEANERS DOBIE HENG H KANNING LESTER VAUGHN HARDWARE ELAINE'S BEAUTY SHOP FARMER'S ELEVATOR FRANKE HARDWARE FRITZ'S CLOTHING FRITZ MAUSLING GEORGE MILLER HERMAN GOLLWITZER CONTRACTOR HEINEMANN ELECTRIC HINTON MOTOR COMPANY HUEMOELLER HARDWARE JENNINGS FARM EQUIPMENT KEN'S RECORD SERVICE LEMKE'S PURE OIL LLOYDIS HEATING AND PLUMBING MARLAND CHEVROLET JEL WIBORG, INSURANCE AND REAL MICHALKE PLASTERING AND STUCCO NICK'S BUS SERVICE OLSON FURNITURE COMPANY PAUL'S SUPER VALU PEOPLE'S STATE BANK PERSSON'S HATCHERY ROCK ISLAND LUMBER COMPANY RUCK'S MILLWORK SCHOFIELD SERVICE STAN AND MARY SHIRLEY ANN BEAUTY SHOP TAYLOR'S BARBER SHOP TEASER'S SEED CORN THRO'S DRUG STORE TIP TOP CAFE TRUMAN TRUMAN TRUMAN TRUMAN WALT'S EBERT EQUIPMENT COMPANY FARMERS ELEVATOR RECREATION TRIBUNE SHOE STORE WARREN'S JEWELRY WILLER'S MOBILE ZELLER'S ROLLER RINK 67 ESTATE TRUHISCAN SPONSORS Th 3.10 cLAs-'of 1958 i Ig? thing 3 f ,t '51 t' , a ith ' 9 DR. J. M. DR. M. J. ' DR. H. . DR. M. J. DR. V. M. TRUHISCAN SPONSORS Lewisville BACHMANN CAFE CLIFFORD SPARKS, INSURANCE AND BONDS COMMANDER ELEVATOR GORDON LEWIS AUCTIONEER GLEN'S SKELGAS KEEHN CASH STORE LEWISVILLE FARMERS CO OP ELEVATOR LEWISVILLE FARMERS CREAMERY LEWISVILLE GAMBLE STORE LEWISVILLE HATCHERY MAYNARDIS BAR PAULEY MOTOR COMPANY WEE BEE'S BEAUTY SHOP Fzurmont ANDERSON'S FASHIONS COLES LAUNDERETTE DE LYLES DON SMALL PLUMBING AND HEATING EARL DRAPER AND SONS EDWIN STYLE SHOP ERICKSON FURNITURE FAIRMONT FLOWERS FAIRMONT MUSIC SHOP FARMERS CO OPERATIVE CREAMERY GARDNER HATCHERY GUCKELN'S STUDIO HAROLD'S SHOES HILLESTAD DRUG HYDE TYPEWRITER JACOBSON FARMERS SUPPLY J F ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY NENS BOOK STORE 68 OBERLE DISTRIBUTING OLSON MOBIL SERVICE PAULSON'S PHARMACY PEEPLES CAMERA SHOP PEERLESS LAUNDRY PERSINGER'S O K RUBBER WELDERS PETERSON ELECTRIC COMPANY INC RONNI'S RESTAURANT ROSEN LIVESTOCK ROSENWINKEL CONTRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY COMPANY RUS SELLIS RADIO SOVELL JENELRY ST CLAIR CIZINSKY THE SWEET SHOP TOOT N TELL WESSEL RADIATOR SERVICE WHITE FEATHER HATCHERY 7 UP BOTTLING COMPANY FISHER CLOTHING ROYAL GAS COMPANY 0 ibiza V' 67 ov 009 6 0 Q o ment lwbs feafbbg to last 114961.37 72001603 GGPDI' o6a17y,o1b0s6Q 72-Q01-311 was fbroeeia 7162 Blue to Weather a sz?-o11,g ble' by IQ Gife q0,oos12'1b17 to cobye out the lfzeto agq 'Ze ah' of lfjife Rfb 6:0111-ts fable 121 Me opembg ' more was never 6 ' 7.2 feed 0116 Dave ' f ide ' L me 451 J perzo I eerie 110' way t6e quartezg RIS' Jump S601 1' 01: 49 sec-oarlv o 911 1- gave 541,01- ao' ar die bueee 4 paxi- ones -Q of UQ' ll ft S Pion In ha X Voaofv ,ws .grief 'O xg-:rx UD fhq Um: 17019 vqm' rfqf' Qlzofber r ay 240 to play Q, rv:-gf Qfofw, 51 9 git. W 4 rl , ni If 'zdafullnled .li 1 I? 3 r"' ,. ,oydfs bee ee fdrows ear- ison and hoe? Dis' bcbz-154' QW the r 6:91 for . -L2 ' We -1-- . ,Stat H+" n S ,,. vi' step, . yy' 2-tory s lo tb 17 over over 7' ' be X 'be .ved ay 56113 ' Q' 1? ' Q' :I 122 c-303' t al I 6116 le e bil lv fav Q-41 00' fl H70 o 5H'.S'J:X' 6 QQ oat 1' a cl 16 vez-Q er 4 11 . ht N' MTD r Drou S' 8

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