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v ,LAY-5 -.if Aw fx ,,.4:1'..,,,, J-. ka- V -.19-rx ,Q .A , ,,.,R--, .fx ,.,-1g.-,--',Nf' -'.,,,-,' '- :- ,'v1f-:LNQ3 ' My A '- --,-. e - l, ,NAV 'A Q ' . -, ,-'X--' ' -fu' .-..' ' j-Qu.-N :"v-,1'f'i-'- u- ,fy - X- " -:""'v- f ,' -,, x :M --, ST,.,.X ,-,g X 1 fn., 1 I -'W' - f.""'.n:-fQf'h.F-'Q.A :Lxg f I.!?"1.., pww---mn-v-1Wjf v, ..,,:,'x.f"-RTX-N-w QC? X -ff-iA-,'f 'A f.-I. 'F . 5'- 'c . -L , Z0 -, 5 - ,Ix- 5 , -'i ,fx --,. Q 3 j a . ,Q 'gl . J, ' Y-5 -- 'fx' 'Q'--2 1' 1--.--""-'QT' . " .A ..-f :-"2 - 5 ' A ' ' , , -XM ' ":m..-ep. - ,, -v , xxkzx-QTEKK3- f ,. - " q"' Vx -,R . F- vw-wzii-sez-'-Arxi :be-'--"f-i Q'-iff' T A.. ,..., N..,+ HE ESU TRUH SEEN Edntor ARLENE KREN Z Published bw the SENIOR CLXS9 TRL M -KN HIGH SCHOOL of TRUMAN, NIINNESOTA l. I 11 FUREWURD Bu1ld he Among Thy on Resolve and not upon regret structure of the future Do no grope the shadows of the old but let soul s del1ght sh1ne on the path of hope And d1ss1pate the darkness Waste no tears Upon the blotted record of lost years But turn the leaf and sm1le Oh sm1le to see The fa1r wh1te pages that rema1n to thee cfs I Q53 mmm 4 me HELLO My name s Fel1x I m here to lead you through thls half century yearbook and believe me I get around All you have to do turn the pages and I ll relate some of my experlences for you 2 Qf YF I-5 e edicate his nnual If we students were to wrlte a sketch of Mlss Traeger lt would run llke thls Junette G Traeger clalms Wausau Wlsconsln as her home College Jolned the staff at Truman Hlgh School ln 1948 as head of the Sclence Department To you Mlss Traeger we glve a salute For only through your help were we able to publlsh the Truhlscan 3 l l She graduated from St: Olaf in 1948 QB.A.j and studied at Malcalester H H0 Itsoftoworkwego M IIB Ed1tor ln chxef Arlene Krenz Sports Edxtor Arlen Ebert enxor Edxtor jxm Pederson Act1v1t1es Edxtor Msrlys Schwanz Grade Edxtor lerllyn Olxver Underclassmen Ed: or Jane Taylor Faculty Edxtor Delona Becker Artxst Russell Zenk Advxser Miss junette Traeger T e 19 O Truhlscan Staff Buslness Manager jxm Teaser Solxcrtors Gerald johnson Joy Thomsen Loretta Emery Betty Ann Wojahn Doreen Gexstfeld I f Ami X ' ff SE? 5 il k Q 7x Q f X f f X f X 7 l f -dv X r ? A fff' 17 B. --" I .-4 U7 , ' ' X 6 I ff J :SA 4 A J -L? 1 'DL W! X """' . .S -. ' 5 'fix SUPT A L LARSON Hxgher Algebra St Olaf College BA Unxversx ty of Mxnne sota M A R Dear Students Education xs often referred to by commencement speakers as a preparatlon for lxfe In a sense, that 1S true but 1n a greater measure, educatxon IS lxfe During your school days you have been confronted w1th many problems whlch you have either solved or shxrked In the classroom and actxvx ty organlzatxons you have worked lxved, and played wxth other people You have studxed a varxety of subj ect offerxngs All ln all, your abxlxty to meet and solve problems your abzlnty to which you are capable and whxch you enjoy, are the three major concerns of your lxfe ln whxch your educatxon may be of great assxstance No man s educatxon 18 ever fxnxshed He mist remam ever a student The suc cessful man wxth a defxnxte purpose makes mt hrs busxness and hrs respons1b1l1ty to read books relatxng to that purpose, and thus to acquu-e xmportant knowledge whxch comes from the experxence of other men who have gone before hrm Random rmdxng may be pleasant, but xt 18 seldom helpful ln connectxon wxth one s occupatlon or one s philosophy of lxfe The person who stops studymg the day he fxmshes hxs formal schoolxng wxll never become an educated person, no matter how much knowledge he may acquxre whxle he 18 rn school To the Class of 1950 Have faxth xn your abxlxty You wxll all have problems, face them, do not gxve up too eauly stand on your own feet and do not look to others to solve them for you If you pack a vocatxon that 18 honorable and wxthxn your xnterests and abxlxty you vull succeed' My smcerest wxshes for a happy and useful lxfe to you all A L Larson 6 ' - 1 I 5 .5 , . . X -,X-nu. so X . . , , . . . . , . . . . . ' . . . . . . . O . . . , . . work, live, and play with other people, and your ability to choose a vocation in , . . . . . - , . . . . ' PRINCIPAL WILLIAM KRAMER Algebra History Ham11ne Unxversxty B A T ey SUPBPVISC ur Staff lm .4 School Board- Paul Bosshart, Donald Malherek, clerk, H. H. Kannxng, treasurer, E. B Wxlkxnson, presxdent, T. H. Mxller, A. L. Larson, superxntendent, Perry Hxnton, absent 7 Facult ' O ' ere's the acu ty I guess I had better ck the nearest corner can fznd They are always tryzng to teach thzngs that don t even make Kfk sense to me fi? MISS NANCY HOPKINS Sen1or Engl1sh Declamat1on Class Plays Superxor State Teachers College Wxscon s n B S MR JOHN BERG junlor Buslness, Musxc, Band Chorus Unlversxty of Mxnnesota, B.S "" u u -ze' lf' XnQgQ Ill '71- 'ir- MR GEORGE RINDELAUB Soclal Studxes Economxc Geography ry Football Coach Mankato State Teachers College B S Hlsto ,ry- MISS PHY'LIS JOHNSON Typlng, Bookkeeplng, Stenography, Trumpet AdV1S6f Gustavus Adolphus, B A 8 'G I ' I Oh. h. H f L . ' I du in I ' . - r ff? . V! VMI' ' . ,I A . Q W ,H .ef e . x 4. . U . , " .r 'J , 'I T hh 4' A 'I fm 4 I .1 li ' . V' Q -if ,s I I , . . v ' ' F 7 'i f A .. X Facult MISS JUNETTE TRAEGER General Sc1ence Chemxstry Phys1cs Annual Adv1ser S Olaf B A 9 -9 'T- M C R KEMP f4 MR ALLYN DULL Bzology junzor Hxgh Mathematxcs jun1or Bus1ness St Cloud State Teachers College B S 1 QQ MISS LORRAINE HOFFMAN Soc1al Scxence French Engl1sh Geogra Home Ec0n0m1cs Phy S Olaf BA Hamlxne Unxversxty B A f, ff, ' , A gx In . !l V ' I I x ! r ay ' A A I x A E 'A'7V iw ff M , C' o A I , S, if S A n ' M j t- , - - . , . L ' ., ! j A 'A LL. W 9 'eg -h , V9 im' g IV' X gqep . . g' ' f 1' 5 w ffi.T H A ' N .1 x '23 Qi? Q- .Q J, VL, 0. . xi ,'lf ' ' I Q . xi W -I I, V ' . . ,Q 0 'J ggi. "V r' I V E I ' 1' 3 ' Yr' i C Y Z I 'T' ,- ,:Lf, f V V S ...7!.ui ' E?iEgbLJ Q, f ,H ' A ,. f 1 A ' - N ' "'-1 R. . . ' h I h C- , . . i 9 1- '17 W7 .,ff hx MISS MARION FITZLOFF MR DALE KNOLL fun1or Eng11sh Physlcal Edbcatlon L1bra Industr1a1 Arts Physrcal Educatxon ry Adv1ser Mankato State Teachers College B S Mankato State Teachers College, B S Grade Teachers M re teachers"' I Love to h1de zn the r desk drawers and chew on penc1ls and chalk if My M454-S From left to rrght Mxss Mavxs Lundxn, fxrst grade Mxss Celeste Txmm second grade Mxss Lavonne Lambert fxfth and sxxth grade Mlss Betty Mahler thxrd and fourth grade IO Q jlD'i'lJJl1IIWN J lf' '41 I X X f A X Z A I ' Q Q, Q, f ,,,Zfff2ii0 x X I ff! f -If i Q . X X X S n X fm ll .H N Kif TNT' SSQX mrrulfmrafarflfzmlwwlzfflfl 1 w'IlfMllffl?1n'l'f1llMIlH IIEIIIIHIIIIIIIIFIIIJVIILII l1UllllllIinIILW1Q1MW" ' x VMWWWWMT 6 m,,,,,LW1Il "mv u w x mum f-ff" llfMWlflllUllllWWl7lWMllUlm'Wu -1511 lllullllflffi. "".HmmmluW'Wm W! 'mmm m 'll MAE" uuwimmu W 1 I MIL 4 II v 1 V 7 I 7 A32 1 ' I ' ' V- 2" 0 W 'W I 1 " X Q 4'l"'r4m1q,,,,,,1.1,:1n ullogxvlzuu ' 44a2f4f1f1.a4f1p1.4v,,,,,,5i,, N'-M .,, syb . N' I Q . '.-Lflj , f I 1'.. ::5:fiEJ.:.'7:4,:s.5VJ:5,,5fj,','j", 'f."?:7f jfffziiz ,'Y'?if?ff1',1"i" "" X ' g , Ziff V "W lk'5325.222222221532.35-Eiiiiiziiiiiiifzgfffllififi 9' X X XX F f ' 'Fw---2Q5g.z1212f??5i5EE5E2!"''!!::LtE21':--egg P3 , f ' M ' We LiiJ,221Sifa:"2f422iE ' T H 5 4 HMWH7 ,,. L mn ,VI ,jif 2f ,- ,- 4,1531 V r. ! ff J ff I ff' M ff! J! i I E" . f X X! f f V 1' D , ' k LEQ , X X g f I f ' F 4 ,. -f er -.-. vw K KTF X If 4 , ' H175 54 'RIS-X1Wgxgififzzrxe.-qgzk5 XR l 1 .5 1 49. N N X 'Y 1 m K x xt-N Nnnxhx x-1 v 5 W 'QSC ' x 1 t Z li X P X Y Q X Q I I l mlllllllll'-' X X 34 Q fre ' WQW MEQ 'H V JK' ' , lxllx ,, Y ! in , 4 W 052 i XX I XX if X 13 I X gf ' U xx ' 1 V , r W X X, 3, X . Xff Xl A xg, X K Yr, k x , I -' . , Q . 'L I ' I lu-r IHII. Q I 5 , 1 Y ., , ff -M -' j ' w '51 4 ..., -- - -.M W CLASS OFFICERS 30 Vice president Jim Poole president Betty Ann Wojahn secretary Dorothy Daniels, treasurer Merilyn Oliver Being this is the senior page and the right spot it is only fitting to express our views as seniors Perhaps the banquets the class plays the gaiety of club parties and all the athletic activities go into making a senior Maybe and it s all possible that the book of know ledge learned varies and is too small in some cases but we ve all gone through meeting and greeting our friends in school Where every day some story is being unfolded or made yet in its simple way it is passed on as just another school day Tears shed and gaiety as only high school can give you are everyday goings on in this turmoil of youth As we the seniors are at the stage where we re still high school kids and yet partly adults too, and expected to be both, our views are not too varied, actually. Should we try and give the under classmen advice, should we sing praises to our teachers, or what? Maybe the best idea is what comes the easiest and is by far the truest. Thank you all so very much, the underclassmen for letting us look down on you, the teachers for giving us something worthy of looking up to. This life as seniors and the memories of our senior year would be very dull without you both. Our only wish for the underclassmen is, take your steps in school and age in your stride, for someday, as strange as it seems, you'll come to the time when school isn't the same monotonous grind but your youthful memories wrapped up in one large package. Our thought for our teachers is: remain as you are because though you have seen us come and go and many shall take our place, no one shall take yours. From the Senior Class expressed only in words, we hope whoever reads this some day will mean and realize it as we do. 12 - L ,F . Q - - . . , ' 1 n g Q - , . . 1 , , ' ' ' l I I I I 0 1 . ' I 1 ' ' I I n I I 1 . . . , . . , - . . . , 1 . . . . . ' ' n I Q I 5 1 . . ' 1 . . . . . . 1 . , . . ' 1 1 WITH THE ROPES OF THE PAST WE SHALL RING THE BELLS OF THE FUTURE Class Flower YELLOW ROSE Class Colors SCARLET and SILW ER 0ur Leaders ,IOL RN ALISWI DECLAVIATION MUSIC SPORTS Betty Ann Wojahn Arlene Krenz larlys Schwanz Arlene Krenz Marlys Schwanz Betty Ann Wojahn Loretta Enery Loretta Emery llerxlyn Olxver Betty Ann Wojahn SCHOLAST ICLY HIGH Owen Nelson Betty Ann Wojahn Merxlyn Ollver jrm Poole Jxm Teaser Jxm Pederson Bob Q.1ad Gerald Johnson Harold Jahnz Loren Swanson Ow N 1 en e son Delmar Johnson TIP EDIASTIC TEV Standrng Eleanor Jensen Irene Grexner Jane Taylor Iarlys Schwanz Joyce Anderson Owen Nelson Loretta Emery Seated Betty Ann Wojahn llenlyn Olxver Arlene Krenz I3 1 - . o 7 . . - 1 1 W T . 1 1 - ' e w o , . , . I ! T ,I " W , as 5- I GH' st 'l V . -,fm V . ' . - 1 v n n o , - : , , . MARY ANDERBERG The new add1t1on to the class of 50 has made her self a vztal member of our group Her cooperatzve sp1r1t w1ll always help her ID all her UDdCff8k1DgS JOYCE ANDERSON Our qu1et senzor unnot1ced except when books are men tzoned then she s all a lert If books be the food of lxfe then joyce shall never go hungry VELMA BAADE Belng short has 1ts d1s advantages but though Velma m1ght not see as much as taller people we doubt lf she feels left out DELONA BECKER When th1s sen1or g1rl IS not rush1ng all over she ll probably be found do1ng noth1ng maybe play1ng a p1ano Lxfe seems to be gettxng to one place 1n a hurry and then takzng lt easy for Delona Clt s not too bad an xdea j LORRAINE BOHLMAN 1h1S IS one gxrl who lxves IU the co ntry who complete ly dxsguxses 1t Her woman ly vo1ce and her motorcycle rank Lorrazne a standout DOROTHY DANIELS If one ment1ons Dorothy s humor no more need be saxd of her When people won t laugh w1th her she has the personal1ty to laugh alone Fr1endl1ness shall take her far through l1fe ARLEN EBERT The sen1or hardware man If anyone ever needs any ap pllances Arlen w1ll have em lf he doesn t mxght be able to make reasonable facsxmzle LORETTA EMERY Pol1t1cs soczal and eco nomzc affa1rs could be argued or d1scussed for hours w1th th1s senxor If th1s world ever runs short of dxfferent vzews xt won t be Loretta s fault GERALDINE GAGE She s small also but as act1ve as they come She wxll always be remembered for her vo1ce wh1ch 1S the szze of Gerry herself DOREEN GEISTFELD Always w1th a helpzng hand and a good work and always hurryzng Wherever she may get 1n l1fe 1t s a safe bet she ll get there quxckly IONA GREINER One half of the Grexner tw1ns A sen1or who has w1th1n her personalrty a rare qualzty of acceptzng r1bb1ngs wuth humor and then forgett1ng them all should help her always Jum W film FIN The other half of the twlns So fr1endly ID her qulet way that the true Irene wlll never run short of fr1ends ARLIS JAHNZ Another senlor whose quxet ways mlslead many people her laugh and humor are just as much a part of her HAROLD JAHNZ Fxnally after four years the questzon was def1n1tely settled as to h1s fxrst name It w1ll be Harry or Harold from now for sure ELEANOR JENSEN The Truman queen lf there ever was one IS Eleanor Eleanor s specxaltxes lean toward the Home Economxcs Department. Her long ha1r is one of her speclal prides. av? 'Lug 1 ff' W ? My K-,125 at W' av ww- M E k, 15 s GERALD JOHNSON Though Gerald IS left handed he has the rxght hand slant on l1fe H15 unzque humor IS one of hxs chzef vxrtues DELMAR JOHNSON have somethzng that th1s senlor enjoys as much almost as much as anythlng That purr and power really has Delmar 1nterested ROBERT KASTNING Bob s zdea of lxfe IS one owned only by Bob free nature and ways are m1ngled 1nto quxte a person Enjoyxng lxfe as he makes xt shall always keep Bob rollzng h1s care WANDA KLEIN If anyone IS hungry here you are Wanda can make or e xt r ll tryxng We ll stand by her and hope that her plans or a domestzc career are real zzed ARLENE KRENZ Our Edltor Arlene s thoughtfulness pat1ence and delrberateness rank her as one of the best. Her 1n genuxty wxll always be her greatest gzft. . . . l I . n ' . . . . . . It . f' 'T ff V ' 1 ., ,V ' 7 is . -' N W n P i Q , ,f ' ' ' ,ffilf 'LZ ' , ZMZWV 5LQ?W , 3 1 f , ?MQjll2 Lggif X mf tzf - Q 11 W' JW A .P5GEQF' Take a car' any car and you IRENE GREINER JYEY 'W fMQggQh ' . ' . ' '-QY5H3? . V Km. uf' ,, QW77i?5 ' or ' ,' f ' fwwk 3 ' . . . il ,V,, .K gifts . . , may 5,gW5ZWZ MQM ' ' , 1 n u . i : , - . . . . D , . , 5 , . ' E AE I 1 ' F ' ' bak ' o she' die . 0 . ' 1 I . ' , on , ff f 0 - . I D ' ' . I I I f , . , . . LA MAE KRENZ La Mae is our tall senior girl and as every class has one we re not to be out done Although she not too tall we still must name her as the highest know her goals rank there too DELORES MEYER No time on Delores hands There always seems to be something going some thing to see or something to enjoy Life shall never grow dull with such activi OWEN NELSON The brains of our class if Ole doesn t know the answer right away give him time he ll find out and he ll remember it too His per sonality and study habits shall aid him in all that he partakes MERILYN OLIVER One of our scholastic high you ll find her in all the thought-provoking classes Her sweetness good-nature and friendliness will never fail to bring her success JIM PEDERSON Take poetry philosophy dramatics and sports--all this adds up to jim He s got a goal he ll succeed f? all 45 Q' 1:7 name, 990' -asv' We 1.73 4. guwcfi """' ia -16 MARVEL PETERSON One of us now but soon to be put in a different category And then different only in the fact that she beat all of us to it MERLE PETERSON A Norwegian and everyone knows it Always studying in study hall a remarkable feat for anyone surely to be awarded with only the best 32' JIM POOLE Mention athletics and you ve called jim to a T Partici pating and excelling in almost everything or sport he has entered Cbntinuance of his hard work and per sistence shall aid im considerably DONALD PRILL Donald s interest ' maga- zines and small editions is well known to all His carefree attitude hides discloses quite an actor ROBERT QUADE Bob s natural ability in sports will never be for- gotten nor his nonchalant way of life What long arms! JAMES SHOEN One of the jxms whose de lzberateness ranks h1m as a sure bet for whatever he wlshes to accompl1sh MARLYS SCHWANZ larlys amb1t1on attxtude and v1ews have kept her and many others ln good moods Cheerleadxng has been one of the many accompl1shed out lets for her energy LOREN SWANSON The Laughter caused by Bud IS one of the thzngs that w1ll stay as a memory to all senxors H1s way of hand lxng h1mself and h1s vxews of lxfe are very much a part of Loren JANE TAYLOR jane s energy and con s1stence ln many extra actxvxtzes rank her as one not to be outdone One safe bet IS that jane wxll never Lack out of door vltalxty JIM TEASER He 13 sald by many to be the best thxng that could happen to a football team pro v1d1ng he was on the1r s1de. j1m excels, not just 1n f00fb8ll, but also 1n all around humor. Nw We 2 M Z5 x,,f Q wx ' I f' ik JOY THOMSEN The saleswoman of the senxor class Her sureness pleasantness and humor have benef1ted her and all who share her company LAWRENCE VOGT Lawrence has the most com plete control of the morbzd sxde of lzfe there IS or so xt zs thought H1s humor patxence and jokes w1ll always be remembered CLELLON WILDES If you want to know about the farm or 4H th1s 18 the person to go to H1s farm responsxbxlxtles have molded quzte a man of hxm BETTY ANN WOJAHN What to say or how to say 1t wxll never affect Betty Her ab1l1ty w1th words IS well known and equal to 1t 13 her s1ng1ng voxce Wxth such a confxdent manner 1t 18 quxte safe to say she ll succeed xn whatever she attempts FELIX Together Twelve Years 1 At Truman Around the Clock jrm Pederson, j1m Poole Loretta Emery, Jane Taylor, Delmar johnson, Jxm Shoen, Arlen Ebert, Arlene Krenz and Wanda K1e1n South Branch and Truman Left Row Delona Becker Marlys Schwanz and Lawrence Vogt At Antrrm Parochxal and Truman Rlght Row Iona Grerner Irene Grelner and Delorxs Meyer 18 Y ' Tr , a I x r N I - A.- : . . ' , . . N 4 Aligf' K gg? 01,51 , ,. . Q 1 gf A . i . ,I c I WZ- -. J ' ' . X A Q , 1 .1 f: . , 1 Z' , - f 4 e, Q fn T ' T i L - Q ' if 1 W ,. 1 ' ' , E , . n Y 1 At : : , , . : . , . , , I nw' Secretarxes Now and When? These are the ones who fxnd out who was where, why and for how long Will thxs be therr how much? Standxng jane Taylor, Joyce Heckman Verna Jensen, Lawana Barxckman Seated Arlene Krenz Betty Ann Wojahn Loretta Emery bf iii--1 RUSSELL ZENK Not a senlor but a creator He drew me hxs pen was my undoxng He quarterbacks the football team forwards xn the bucket game met hrm as thexr guard The Trumpet has a page for hrs cartoons The Junrors made hxm Tom Sawyer I know that ns how he knew all my thoughts and acquxrrngs To really know whxch c me from hrm hrs RUSS rs rn the corner 19 ,J Z f - 'C? Y ' R vs o ..f 2 a 4 . 0 .I .kf . A . g V x , , , ' . . . . : ' . ' : . ' . - 4' 4 K 4 2 , I x ff ,fel FN X , A W. RQ! G E 'xr 1 Q' N E 6? 5 5 X ' 7x ,S s ff!!! 1 lf xxx ' g S ' 1 x - .f N JI 4 A : ' , . 3 ' ' ' 1 4 1 1 ' ' ' , . 1 No f1re necessary' UR SENIORS RELAX 'nfl Is Joy golng to be delxvered, too? .ag .M Recxpes or themes? Wxth g1r1s 11ke these on the rescue squad, no wonder so many ,.' ears of corn 5' ADH" fe11 down f-F?u. Ihr 1 as A-'JS' Cream. Sugar. Or Saturday night date? Concentration or contentment? 1 20 i L.. ,Z L Ji Class of ' 1 Almos Done V3 Class Off1cers Secretary Phyllxs Lemke V1ce presxdent Warren Kettner Presxdent Russell Zenk Treasurer Marv1n Bosshart 2 These are to be the future senzors of the next school year Boy' I can remember when I was a jun1or That was the year I had the most fun' The banquet was a big thrzll for me How we euer got that bzg gym to Look so nzce I'Ll never figure out t was such a bzg task when we started When we got our class r1ngs that uus a b1g day for us We thought ours were the brettlest of any of the classes before us 1lUw-Y Qi. huqi,,,,,, f s 1l."' Back Row Lawana Barxckman Lovxlla Baade Naxda Burk Beverly Beyer Joyce Heckman Grace Culbertson C1ar1ne Grefe Arlns Bloede Arlxne Gersch Audrey Gersch Front Row Kneelzng Jack Bzrsell Sxdney Ames George Canon Leonard Arndt In the background there are two of the members of the class of 1957 22 - -4, -, U - ' , . I x ,, ' ' : . ' : ' ' l l Q I n a . ' - H, , that J j L ' ' 2 f fl, ,,f I I x ' ' ' h ,t i A I 5 S , ' 4.5 , ' e i 6 9 -15, h , V Q 7 I I I Q- 1' 6 , -W , . f y ,Q , K I 4 I 'T A - 1' X, A 'heh A .. A .,,. Q , ,A Q, If A 'W Q' 26 fx W ' ,U offs' Q A' 'r in A -'if ' X x . ,. ,f 'Q I ' : l 9 I I . n 9 I I I I 0 . ' r . . . - -H! Ill EH! Ell I LQ 1 'NA C7 7 sl' Back Row Robert Heckman George Schwanz, Marxlyn Kuhlman, Joyce Rexnke Betty jane Smth Dorothy Jorgerson Fddxe Schulte, Donald Luhman Second Row Marlys Peterson, Kathleen Sparks Delores Rlcard Marlene Mxller, Joyce Kettner Joan Kus1ck D1eh1P1ckett Front Row Arlen Johnson Glenn Johnson 'ia-fr' A Jlllll0IS UR SRP. W IL? 73 lllill ,za ,e 1 ,J -. 1 ,,, 1. y W , K I Q ,, V i H, Q T, , f -, 2 ., 7: 1 V 'QQ 1 T-Z' T ' 2-. - I e y 0 .1 , L ' .7 ,',' I 4 . Yv ,f ly S v 1 . ' ' . l I I l ' 5 1 ' 0 ' , . l . , ' : , . :thy 1 .W 'f 'x " ,J X 5 - F K 'A ' ,gn A V .F 1,- K I, 1 f r K ' , 5 R -, . 5 4, . - dk. Da' 9 E o 1. ? 'W Q L. M " Two Years To Go! Class offrcers secretary jean Seldon presxdent Jerome Zellmer treasurer Jacquelyn Laube vxce presx dent John Leng V Z... Fzrst Row Eldon Booth jean Long Betty Sxmon Claune Peterson Roberta Spong Marxlyn Anderson Elaxne jones Second Row Davxd Custer Donovan Carlson Ernest Brunmond Donald Evans Surley Keehn Surley Raddatz Hurd Row R1chard Lexmer Delores Wendt Llla Wxederhoeft Beverly Grant Lan1er Franke Margaret Kastnxng 4 . . . . ' n v n v n 3 ' ' , . ' 4: it N X . fl 4' W A Y , ,A . ,Q v A ' A L4 ., . .1 , x, . "Aff, ' X ' if ' K"- rf,r, 'x A .i f" Lyye , , "w. "- ' ,- v,..,. ,pa 0,4 'L Jai.-,v x , RN. , .4r,l.'0s I 1 I 9 1 n , . I a I n I n - I o I u Q , . 8, VS?-F' Standlng Eugene Lewellan Marvrn Hoppe LeRoy Mauslxng Margaret Degner A11ce Alten burg Hurd Row V1rg11 Rrggle Mayzel Kneeland Betty Burk Second Row Galen Thomsen Rosalxne Karau Joyce Harder R1chard Stamner Front Row Harold Hxller Delvxn Meyer Evelyn Drayfahl Herman Pxeraon fs C l Back Row Stand1ng Lola Rexs Delores Wegner Second Row Joan Sharp Arlene Kxetzer Alxce Rxggle Phyllis Slebeft LHVODDC Miller Ibnald Bergeman Front Row Wxllard Tetzloff Delbert Wrderhoeft D . : l . , . , , . - . : . . . , , I 5 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 ' r , c. ' Al fi' . - . , ' ' ' :rf 1 'Q' K 5. sr- Q J V f N . 1' y . w ' 9 'Que N W- WN 'Q , TF , XX Q X 1, K is 1 0 .lj L' - 'XX' X it .kr . J Rx X . , . 1 1, 4 K 1 , - NX s l rf T ' , - - XX ' . : . , I ' I 1 1 1 V f ' 1 H ' .. 2' .- ' T0 Be A Senlor J These faces belong to Freshmen eager anxzous and unalarmed It doesn't take Long to see that thezr healthy look comes rom those da1ly hzkes to church I took 1ence twlce and no Englzsh so I cou stay nzce and warm Treasurer Martha Grefe vxce presxdent Marlene Vogt X Back Row Lxla Canon B111y Armbruat Phyllls Bowers, Harold Burlell Harold Boler Hager Bosshart Second Row Sxtung janxce Dulam Eugene Becker Ronald Dxrlam Front Row Herbert Baumhoe fner, Kenneth Becker Rudy Crane 26 ' ' ' o I Q I 'K !iI!IErs T13 V' 4 X. I iw' x' i - I , t X f e e d h 4 ' Sc Ld ' gf? x' ' 2 ' 2 fri' secretary, Kay Daviag president, Roddy Leonard. V , el . A ... J , 1 ,b K F f- use V 'T EEZ Back Row Standxng janyce Rae Kasten, Ardls Johnson Darlene jahnz Avxs Johnson Bonny Leonard Donna Johnson Marxon jahnke Second Row Katheune Gage Patrxcxa Keehn Shrrley Hoppe Dale Roth, Charles Zenk Gerald Lemke Front Row Eddle Graham Robert Shoen Howard Drayfahl Dennls Hxnton Ronald johnson '24 Back Row Lee Mau Robert Ohland Eugene Lewellan uary Rolotf Byron Schaefer Henry Neuenfeldt Front Row Lola Newman Joyce Sharp Roxanna Rxchard Audrey McKxnnen Loxs Rxnderhagen Edna Wxlke Carmen Texken Delorxs Wexse Valora Rxtz Elfrleda Vogt Marlene Zellmer Surley Maushng Laura lhller Phyllxs Traetow Marlene Nelson 7 N r, Q - a-. A , - -1 -My 1 V7 Q-A, 4 'T7 'S' H M '77 ' , 1 O 'Q - lliqx ,P l' ml p Y . : l . I I I I ' ,n .1 1 : I I I I : . I I I I ' I I Gary Nelson. :g - Q , , ,WN M, ,.,,.......,,.... , 'IS-i F Q V . , . fa 5 . f if ii " P , ' ,151 I , A , . , , I s 1 ' 'H A . , L S f ' X f V . I U k . i A , A Q e Q , X X1 .rl A . I Q. Q ,K I ,A Q X ' . 'W-J I . J , : I I I - I I u : Q , u , u . I ' - ' I I I , 0 ' I n I I , , ' . I I I ' 1 2 ... T eygve ,lust Started! E1ghth Grade Off1cers Presxdent, jerry Seventh Grade Off1cers Treasurer, Ann Texg Treasurer, Barbara Laube Secretary Seldon Secretary Dxane Hxnton Presx Mary Ann Nelson Vxce pres1dent, Larry dent, Loxs M111er Vxce presxdent Kath Hari-15 leen Hoppe "Nw Back Row Shxrley Sherman, Menon Smxth Joanne Suuth Florene Smxth, ueraldgne Wxldes, Arlene Pxerson, Frank Rxggle, Dayle Wxllxams. Ronald Stoez, Dean Wxllxams, John Peterson Front Row Mary Spong, Coral Rhode Donald Snuth Ibyle Peterson 28 -. all , ' ' I I I Q . . . . - , , . Q 2 1 Q I 3 ' Q ' - ' 2 - ' - . I ' n 0 O" ffm Q .. - 'S " .- , . . V ,N 1. 7 A lr Q ' ' " '- 9, 1 ' fx , . Q 4 so A r 1 fi 41" ,. ' 4 .n - K ,M Y 1 4 ,. , N . is 5 1 - L . U - 'x I 1 Y l . . . . . , . . ' v 1 1 I , , Q EIGHTH GRADE Stand1ng Lou Ann Ebert Lo1s Jensen, Darla Johnson, Marxlyn Hexne Seated Dale Burk Roger Jones, jerry johnson, Jerome Baker 4 1" 1'4- navy,- SEVENTH GZADE Stand1ng left to rxght Carohne Todd Marvxn w11118mS Gerald Crane Ronald Kneeland, Gwendolyn Van Brunt, Dorothy Bushman, Alxce Krause Margaret Anderson Seated left to rrght Ruth Walston, Lawrence Wolf Ronald Booth Kel th Perry, Larry Armstrong. 9 D t, yi- A V , D, . 'ff . Q, f"'lv' f ' . ,M v. W q, . vavx ' s , z :JC 4 , 3 . V V . .J Y . . , 5 , 1 yf,:4f,fw : 4 X V . A avg- ' , , 1 . A I rd 7 o V f ' -43 ' ' I . : , . . . - mann, Donna Ion , Ruth Korman, Gwendol Lloyd, Nanc Hinton. E YU Y : , . VT ? V ' V 1 D fu 3 ' , r 5. ' ' ' ' 7 +L' if V ' fn si, '. Qu - "x ,Wg ' . , f , ' 5, 1" , .A . A I L 'ba N 1,5 1 li . x 1 . ' . : . ' . . ' , I I ' I 5 n o T 2 ,i ' -I' 'Fam G., t. v ye. n .jk .X-""" FIRST GRADE: Front Row: George Dunn, Skipper Henton, Billy Man- f the, Glendon Clapshaw, Howard Miller, David Hendrickson, Bobby Mennen. Back Row: Della Rae Jensen, Darlene Matson, Allen Larson, Thomas Knoll, Geneva Breitbarth, John Burk, Roger Jones, Richard Henslin. iw W What a Large story book! It would take a Long time for me to chew that up. A ,HU Y 255,-p., H24 -f-! SEXIND GRADE: First Row: Dominic Wiebersch, Mary Aronson, Hxddy Duncanson, Karen Teig, Carol Breitbarth. Second Row: Mary Estelle Kanning, Clark Gieseke, Darlene Pegors, Beatrice Widman, Billy Hanrnond, Julie Lebs. Third Row: Darwin Van Brunt, Mary Fenrich, Robert Aronson, Diane Olson. Dudley Miller, absent. q Q 4 s .. . SEIDND GRADE: Left to right: james Kuperus, Max Bosshart, Bernard Armstrong, Joyce Williamson, Kenneth Ritz, Sandra Prather, Gloria Prather, Richard Bushman, Shirley Aronson, Michael Hinton. These bo S and THIRD GRADE: Front Row: Kath- leen Schofield, Uartha Prather. Second Row: Diane Peterson, Rena Carlson, Nelson Williams. Third Row: Julia Wiebersch, Bernice Meyer, Ernest Jones. Fourth Row: Conna Gray, Catherine Shoen, Billy Laube. Fifth Row: Darla Wood, Margaret Jones, Billy Schenck. Sixth Row: Sharon Ricard, Richard Mennen. 'rLs like to Z side and Y gl P ay out read books, but I can't read and zt is much too cold outszde for me. Z--a- its ' li Hrd' 1-" -Q., T' I. ' 1 l 22? .!' Q 4523, Qf, FYURTH G ADE: Standing: Robert Schulte, Charles Pierson, Lloyd Mau, Milton Aronson, Allen Stoesz, Harlan Riggle. Sitting on Chairs: Marcia Widmann, Marilyn Carlson, Carol Devries, Beverly Lloyd Judy SPONS- Sitting on Floor: Howard Riggle, Gary Raddatz, Richard Eckmann, Kenneth Prather .. 3I .- IQIXED CHORUSTLV 6 T E P Un Te Boa WOFPMS I " U K X W A HND A T H if LHS5 PLQY K. Ubi I 49.99 ' 7' M l PA X f - iv J Q5 QIXN .AHA rx All 1 QQI 5'..Fll'lK IL' I Y'l YQNII ll 17' What a way to work up an a1J19et1te You would thmk Hr Berg would get hungry too once 1n awhzle' 34 Frrst Row Delona Becker, Clarrne Peterson, Joyce Sharp, Joyce Re1nl-ce, Valora Rxtz, Martha Grefe, Lola Rexs Second Row Clarxne Grefe, Betty Burk Mary Spong, Lxla Canon, Edna Wxlke Joyce Harder, Jean Seldon, Marlene Vogt, Maxxne Kettner, Ruth Walston, Peggy Anderson, Arlen Johnson Herman Pxeraon, Lou Ann Ebert, Darlene Hoppe, Lawana Barxckman Tlurd Row Merxlyn Olxver, Joan Sharp, Arlxs Bloede, John Peterson, Marlys Peterson, Vxrgxl Rxggle, Marxlyn Hexnemann, Ronald Dxrlam, Eldon Booth Jack Bursell Barbara Laube Ronald Johnson, Herbert Baunhofner, Lola Newman, Roger Jones, George Canon Standxng Phyllxs Se1bert Mr Berg, dxrector, Naxda Burk Warren Kettner, Jane Taylor, CADET BAND Fxrst Row Alxce Krause Shxrley Mauslxng Natalie Llark Bxlly Laube Charles Fen rxck Jerry Johnson Tonmy Hoppe Bruce Jones Jerome Baker George Jensen Leroy Duncanson Second Row I Berg Edna lxlke Janxce Prerson Dxanne Hznton Deanna Rxtz Florxne Smxth Joanne Smlth Geraldxne Wxldes Loxs Jensen Peggy Anderson Kathleen Hoppe Larry Armstrong Roger ones Thxrd Row Arlene Pxerson Loxs Rxnderhagen Martha Grefe Barbara Laube John Peterson Herbert Baumhoefner Ronald Dxrlam Ronald Johnson Arthur Lloyd Harold Bursell Lawrence Wolf '45 h, J. . 1' .i Rx . . . 2 B , : . ' . . ' 5 s Q . n n u ' ' ' Wanda Klein, Lois Jensen. I . 1 .4 I ,Q , a 1 A l 4 a I . A ' , in J X k ., X is 1 9: 3.5 . ' . ' ' I, K r- Y up .- A, Q- A v I 1 3 ,ry ' : ri' I I I ' . Y n I - ' . I , v ' I- 0 I Q 2 A l Fzrst Row Phyllls Lemke Darlene Hoppe Janxce Dxrlam Edna Wxlke Valora Rxtz Grace Culbertson Kathleen Sparks Marxlyn Anderson Loxs Rlnderhagen Lawana Barxckman Joyce Heckman Lola R615 Phyllls Sexbert Arlys Jahnz Joan Sharp Gerry Gage Beverly Grant Shxrley Keehn Rosalxne Karau Alxce Altenberg Martha Grefe Second Row M Berg dlrector Jacky Laube Margaret Degner Clarxne Grefe joan Kusxck Doreen Gexstfeld Jane Taylor Arlene Krenz Mer1lyn Olxver Betty Wojahn Naxda Burk Marlene Miller Marlys Schwanz Delores Meyer Irene Grxener Elaxne Quxndal Marxlyn Kuhlman Arlxs Bloede Wanda Thxrd Row Gerald Lemke Ronald johnson Herbert umhofner Byron Schaefer orge Canon Rxchard Lexmer Eldon Booth Charles Zenk Vxrgll Rxggle Darwxn Wxlson Arlene johnson Warren Kettner Ronald Dxrlam Jxm Pederson Loren Swanson Arthur Lloyd Donald Bergman Jack Bursell Delbert Wxederhoeft George Schwanz Lawrence Vogt Gerald johnson James Teaser 5 if Delona Becker Chorus accompan1st Music librarian, Darlene Hoppe, Me,-llyn Olxver and Betty Ann Wojahn 36 G Nvtqf-EES S5 l V ? W ? 2 ' - P i 3 i, . : 'ru ' I ' l 1 l I ' . . 1 ' . , 4 Klein, Clarine beterson, Bettylsimon, Shirley Mausliq ! Delona,Becker, Marlene Visg. l' , K? Q klqg X , , A '4 ' . n u s : ' O13 I m the only one zn the soprano sect1on These glrls can really carry a Lune that can h1t double h1gh C Confzdentzally I wzsh they would carry It out the door 1 4' My full name 15 Fellx Lawrence Helchozr What song are you s1ng1ng Mule Trazn7 House 37 Q-C O 'wen-"6 DEK Offxcers of D E K Eleanor Jensen treasurer Joyce Heckman vxce pres1 dent Doreen Gelstfeld presxdent Irene Gre1ner secretary M1ss Hoffman advxser T e D E K g1rLs get extra money by sellzng candy and gum I bought some one night and Look at happened to 'T Out of the door We don t need these anymore The D E K bought some That really sparkle plenty The movxng van shown are Irene Grexner Joyce Heckman Merilyn Oliver Marlene Miller, Marlys Schwanz, Eleanor Jensen, Doreen Geistfeld. i. Bw' First Row Loretta Emery Geraldine Gage Wanda Klern Elaxne Jones Shxrley Raddatz Margaret Kastnxng Jean Long Delores Meyer Dorothy Jorgenson Marxlyn Anderson Joyce Rexnke Joyce Kettner Second Row Marlene Zoellmer Jean Seldon Joy Thomsen Clarxne Grefe Eleanor Jensen Irene Grexner Joanne Clow Rosalxne Karau Betty Woyahn Phyllrs Lemke Mayzell Kneeland Betty Burk Marvel Peterson Iona Brexner Arlrs Jahnz Elaxne Quxndal Thzrd Row Darlene Jahnz Alxce Altenburg Doreen Gerstfeld Delona Becker Merxlyn Olzver gharp Carmen Texken Ardxs Johnson Marlene Vogt Lola Newman Valora Rxtz Lanrer Franke Beverly ant Fourth Row Joan Sharp Alxce Rxggle Joyce Harder Roberta Spong Janxce Dxrlam Joyce Anderson Evelyn Drayfahl Lola Rexs Avxs Johnson Marlys Schwanz Arlene Krenz Joan Kusxck Fxfth Row Odell Clow Delores Wegner Lovxlla Baade Shrrley Mauslxng Roxanna Rxchard Lrla Canon Arlene Gersch Lrla Wrderhoeft Audrey Gersch Joyce Heckman Sixth Row Phyllis Bowers Beverly Beyer Partw And Afterwards 41 - 1' Ai--7 annal- The tables were turned at thxa party, the daughters served thexr mothers, whxch reversed the home procedure It turned out to be a great success although xt was hard t b l th f 0 8 ance e co fee on the trays When the clean up commlttees are chosen, the selected usually groan de spaxrxngly But generally the most B E enjoyable part of the party xs the after hours work 39 Wh,-. K lf I l J. 3 1 lg V , , , 3 fq' Q I -- . ,ah gf -7 . A X '4 Marlys Peterson, Betty Jane Snith, Marlene Miller, Lawana Barickman, Jane Taylor:'Edna Wilke, Joyce 1 d N 1 J eq B 13 at - I 17 AHL . x 'Q udv s r ff. I , 4 ' I '- he : 'T' .vi O O O . Flfsf Row jean Seldon Loretta Emery Doreen Gexstfeld Delona Becker Delores Wegner Elaxne Jones Margaret Kastnxng Shxrley Raddatz Betty Burk Alxce Rxggle Ma zel Kneeland Arlxne Gersch Second Row Verna Jensen Wanda Klein joan Kusxck Betty Wojahn hyllxs Lemke jackxe Laube Clarlne Grefe Betty Sxmon Rosalxne Karau Joan Clow Jean Long Roxanne Rxchard Shxrley Mauslxng Phyllis Bowers Arlene Kxetzer Odell Clow Betty Smxth Lovxlla Baade Loxs Rxnderhagen Thxrd Row Jo ce Rexnke Joyce Heckman Marlene M1ller Lawana Barxckman Jane Taylor Clarlne Peterson Alxce ltenberg Edna Wxlke Bev Grant Lanxer Franke Rose Mar1e Becker Ardxs johnson Marlene Vogt Avxs Johnson Valora Rxtz Lola Newman Carmen Telken janyce Kasten Joyce Harder Lola Rexs Evelyn Drayfahl Arlene Krenz Marlys Schwanz Beverly Beyer Mlss Fxtzloff IT' 1----1 un Iya- Ummm' Delzczous The Pancakes these G A A gifts tum out are even better than my dazly dzet of cheese They 1 : Q Q also have some fun makmg them 40 9 3 r 4 air B , v 9 si 1 , . Vi it ' Q . , , ,gv K his A y faxxr ' X ' " - 7 A r X 5 . S' - I hm 5 F ' , ,I , ,I V L6 'l ' . x ' X 'All ff - . ' . ' I k. E 1 ' o o o After slttlng and u1ew1ng these g1rls I have een wonder1ng if Truman could do better wzth thzs basket l te On second thought they'ue made one asket 1n 37 mznutes guess we are better off the way we are now Pzctured here Nazl 'em Kus1ck Fearless Heckman Shooter Wegner and Dar1ng Johnson What a bunch of cheezy players 5' X fXfm 4,5 A 4' wr 'Nw ' do GA. . The best txme to look to he G gxr s cash box ns after the games It xsn t easy money just ask them burnt fxngers, no change spxlt catsup no customers comxng an hour rly o cut buns an fxngers These gxrls seem to have come out O K they are Margaret Kastnxng Betty Burk Shxrley Maus lxng, Ardxs Johnson Beverly Grant Thexr only cash customer seems undecxded Pxctured here are the brarns of the G A A Thelr fun 15 mxxed wxth a lxttle consternat1on and worry Lookxng over the fxnancxal records are Seated Loretta Emery secretary Jane Taylor treasurer Wanda Klxen poxnt secre tary Standrng M15 Fxtzloff advxser Joyce Heckman presxdent Marlys achwanz vrce presxdent ....-,l-- Fxrst Row Arlxs Jahnz Gerry Gage Arlxs Bloede Grace Culbertson Dorothy Dan1e1s Delona Becker Merxlyn 011ver Loretta Enery Second Row Betty Ann Wojahn Jane Taylor Joyce Rxenke Dorothy Jorgenson Joyce Kettner Arlene Krenz Doreen Gexstfeld Wanda Klexn Hurd Row H1y111s Lemke I.ov111a Baade Odell Clow Joan Kusxck Joyce Heckman Fourth Row Marlys Schwanz Beverly Beyer Betty Smxth Joyce Anderson Clarine Grefe Lawana Barxckman, Marlene Mxller Mxss Fxtzloff 'ff K Workxng Gerry Gage 11x and Ar11s Jahnz. GX 42 Offzcers Marlys Schwanz vxce pres1dent Betty Ann Wojahn presxdent Dorothy Danxels secretary treasurer M1ss Fxtz loff advxser One lmprovement, I suggest, for thzs l1brary would be to change the sub scrzbtzon of Readers Dzgest to Eaters D1gest Bookworms I A I -I r 1 , I J I K ' ' - V " - " N, , .W Nz w 'A N " 'U "W i ' ' ' 6 L 1 J B M-X. . Z X pf We '--50 'P aww VYHSHMQ x XIWINPI , 1'-cf, 4,12 Vw-. N I if F" 1,1 I A - 1Z', ilk FW iv 9 ,gun 41' Busxness Staff Standrng Darwxn Wxlson, George Canon Loren Swanson Mxss Johnson, advrser The Trumpet Edxtor rn chref Betty Ann Wo1ahn Hanagxng Edxtor Loretta Emery Srttxng Joyce Rexnke Merlynx O11ver Clarrne Grefe, Wanda Klexn ff' 1.441 Feature Wrrters Frrst Row Owen Nelson Jrm Pederson Marlys Schwanz Jane Taylor Reporters Back Row Lola Rexs Dorothy jorgenson Joyce Kettner Jean beldon Stencxl cutters and dummy typxsts Seated Doreen Ge1stfe1d Joyce Heckman Lawana Barrckman Standrng Kathleen Sparks AFIIS Bloede, Lovrlla Baade Lorraxne Bohlman Phyllxs Lemke Verna Jensen Marxlyn Kuhlman, Grace Culbertson Sports wrxters jrm Pederson Warren Kettner, Dxehl Pxckett Srdney Ames, jxm Poole jxm Teaser Thzs zs where the fzght zn starts the mzmeo gruphers sax the artlsts are ssy nd U ce ver Hu zf they only knew 'm the one nho spzlls the znk thex d surely run me through the mzmeograbh macnzne Shown workzng are: Fzrst Row: Russell Zenk, Jane Taylor, Delona Becker, Shzrley Raddatz, Elazne Jones, Harvzn Bosshart. Second Row: Harlys Schuunz, Betty Simon, Clarzne Peter- son, Arlzne Gersch, Arlene Krenz, Marlene Hzller. -4 5-P x. L-Q CXS1 S Q. PRUDLCTIUN Stage managers Eddxe Schulte Don Luhman Assrstants Marvnn Bosshart Bob Heckman Arlen Johnson Lenny Arndt Russell Zenk Darwxn Wxlson fi Glenn johnson George Schvsnz Jack Bursell Huckleberry Fxnn Warren Kettner Ibm Sawyer Russell Zenk Aunt Polly Lawana Barxckman Huck s father Sldney Ames Colored mard Odell Clow Fred Raymond Dxehl Pxckeft Aunt Ruth Marlys Peterson Clara Woppznger Joyce Kettner Amy Wopprnger Grace Culbertson Dxrected by Miss Nancy Hopkins 46 L J ' A l X A V 44 ' A , ' X 'S K I O s 5: Q' . X of ' ' -Q , LAW 2 X' V I ' A ' 4 Lf X .1 , M ef' 4,iggy A ' in N -.cgi Q 1 Il CAST john Mary Hero Herozne Chrel Vrllaxn Bad Man Bowler Hht Lawrence Vogt jane Taylor Galen Thomsen Verna Jensen Eldon Booth Arlen Johnson V5 Q 0962! The Man Wxth The Bowler Hat IS a one act p ay gxven for dlstrlct and regxonal competxtlon A comedy It xs actually a play wxthxn a play D rected by Mxss Hopkxns, thxs play was grven on March 17 Alb H 6' oft 5 ' ffffffiffif- Q1 ......... ? Q ,, . tl ' 1 K . . i n F 0 6 T I I vT..-,, I ' 3'-xv. an Q21 T "I Remember Mama" The Senior Class of 1950 produced Kathryn Forbes' famous Broadway production, "I Remember Mama", portraying the lift of the Norwegian colonists in San Francisco about 1910 The seniors not only met the challenge of dialect in undertaking this play but also confronted many difficult problems in lighting costuming and staging The cast of sixteen included ten women and six n, with the major roles that of Mama Uncle Chris , an K rin Speech and Oratory 'l11e participants in speech and oratory from Truman made district and regional honors District winners were Betty Ann Wojahn in oratory Darlene Hoppe in humorous declam and Arlene Krenz and Loretta Enery in serious declam '7 49 Ann wglahn Marlys Schwanz Joyce Se8tCd Mafglfet Anderson, Ruth Walston Hecknmn gnd Lawana Ba,-lckman Standing Darlene Hoppe Arlene Krenz Loretta Emery Lorraine Bohlman 48 'K MEX y-'-'- ISU Q g WTHS. .. Q ii , ,,,,.,, I Back Row Rudy Crane Russell Zenk Marvxn Bosshart Donald Bergeman Dale Roth Eugene Becker Gerald Lemke Roger Bosshart Herman Plerson lxddle Row Jerry Roth, Glenn johnson Donald Luhman Sldney Ames Warren Kettner Roy Clow, Ronald Dxrlam Harold Jahnz Front Row Loren Swanson Bob Quade Dlehl Plckett Leonard Arndt Owen Nelson Eddxe Schulte jxm Pederson Gerald Johnson Jlm Poole lanagers Charles Zenk Darw1n Wxlson Gerald Crane Coach George Rxndelaub Asslstant Coach Dale Knoll 1 . .Z rg! X The Truman football team had a good season thxs year Practxce started two weeks before school commenced The team wxth a lot of hard workouts and excellent coachlng turned out one of the best seasons rn years DO : I I l I I I ' I I I . ' I : I I I I I . : , I . I. ' . I I I I I I . I I ' I , , . ' 'l" 'ifaggg fa I I I C ,I - , W - 5 Y'f - 5 f Q or f K1 ,,-, aff, 4 f Q a .I Q X fi 'V ' . ' I -4 Backheld Glenn Johnson, Jrm Poole Leonard Arndt Bob Quade, Ronald Drrlam Lower jxm Pederson Ends Sxdney Ames Harold Jahnz Gerald johnson Lower Warren Kettner 1545- Lxne Roger Bosshart lbnald Luhnan Owen Nelson Eddxe Schulte jrm Teaser Dxehl P1ckett Loren Swanson SI 7' - Q, V P - - f . . J -. V .jvr Wg . mlb, - 1 l 'GA If' . . r -e 1 ' : , , . . -I 'W-,, . 'H .1 I , , a I . . Vo C A , ' ' U I A, , Q N I . . . , 1 , .. . x, X ' w ' 2 av X-f 5, ' 5 i , A -f . 5 - "" -' . , 5 ' ' if os -- s- . , v,,. .1sn'4"' ' I I O l l . Pigskin ighli hters A11 conference, nght half Leonard Arndt All conference, center Jxm Teaser 52 Co-captains of the 1949 team, Jxm Teaser and Jim Poole A11 conference left end Sxdney Mies . . P ' I 9 . l I ,I 1 ' f 5: 'Vw ,J '74, 1' 4,7 1 Q. 1949 Homecoming SHERBURN WAS SURE BURNT 32 0 1948 Homecomrng Queen joan W1111ams Krenz crowns our Queen of 1949 Eleanor Jensen TP Queen Eleanor Jensen and Prxncesses Lola Rens Marlene lxller Loretta Emery Marlys Schwanz joan Kusxck Evelyn Drayfahl 53 pk ug In . ' J' Q 1 . E I - Y a I " -s - 6 3? A v '4. . t N. J I 1 . ' f 1 f . NM "' A. E 5 ' P? N 'D' , an .wqu I " V xx, -- ,f- . A VV ytnhpl s Q f? Fei-.. ' n 0 I 1 I v 1 L -. What S m0fe Interesting? Quarterback Swayback Go Back The game or the popcorn R E SlIL'TS Truman Wxnnebago Truman Madelxa Truman Wells Truman Sherburn Truman Elmore Truman Lake Crystal Truman Delavan If It only were the schoolhouse Spectators and Partlclpants Fullback Jxm Fbole, K1Ck off' warms up wxth a nxce catch A quxck Pederson to Poole makes another sxx poxnts Bad boy wxth a d1rty face Q L N A ls .. . 0 ' .. . 7 .... 13 ' ... . 0 .. . 0 ..... . O .... 32 ... . 0 .. . 7 ...... . 6 .. . 7 ... 18 .... 12 ..... . 6 ' I I A ISM. , , XY If , .. 54 .- Senlor cheerleaders Marlene Mxller Marlys Schwanz jane Taylor Arlene Krenz Here I am gzvmg zz pep talk to captazns Lawana Barzclzman and Jane Taylor D n t you envy m 7 W JUDIOY cheerleaders Delona Becker, Lawana Barxckman Shxrle Raddatz Lola Re1s Loretta Emery Shoot Em Hlgh X., -ln Delmar Johnson Jxm Pederson jxm Poole Lenny Arndt Warren Kettner 0-I COBCh D818 KI1011 Co captaxns Lenny Arndt Jxm Poole Assxstant Coach George Rxndelaub 5 9 o ' 3 V A , r ' 1 ' 1 ' - 1, l P f ' -ggi ,P Y I Y . I I ,, .. mx .....,,..,. , 1 ' L JL A WJ Q 7 1 ?4 " IL pf ff I El , 1 G X ,J-I AA rbi V A in ",, M v A - 'V O V-,',.,.4A . -V - . - . : 1 . .. 5 - 'mon Team! Le 'S Go! Back Row Jerome Zellmer, Richard Stammer, Ronald Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Donald Luhman Donovan Carlson Hxddle Row Russell Zenk, Owen Nelson, Dxehl Pxckett, George Schwanz, Ronald Dlrlam, Sxdney Ames l nagers Frank Rrggle jerry Johnson, Larry Harrrs A SQUAD Basketball Schedule B SQUAD Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Tr1Mont St James Blue Earth Sherburn Faxrmont Ceylon Welcome Granada Sherburn Huntley Tr1Mont St James Welcome Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Tr1Mont St James Blue Earth Sherburn Falrmont Ceylon Welcome Granada Sherburn Huntley Tr1Mont james Welcome l I 1 , , .... 33 ' .. .. 52 .... 23 ' .. .... 20 . .... 41 .... 14 . .... 52 ... 48 .... 34 .... 48 ..... 51 .... 30 . .... 45 ' ..... 65 .... 30 ' . .... 48 .. .. 46 .... 32 .. Truman .... 43 Madelia .. .. 56 Truman .... 27 Madelia .. .... 65 .. .. 41 .... 26 -.. ....46 .. .. 35 .... 44 .. .... 34 -.... 58 .... 14 . .... 59 .. .. 61 .... 40 .. .... 40 ' .. .. 60 .... 22 ' .. .... 45 . .... 39 .... 18 St. .... 42 .. .. 49 .... 25 .. Bob Kastnxng Delmar Johnson Leonard Arndt D1eh1 Pxckett Warren Kettner Glenn Johnson jxm Pederson XX 2 That really must have been a w1ld game hen ever the boys start actzng up l1ke thzs I know I M in for a tough ordeal I ve never seen clothes fly so fast they practzcally smothered me once Bob Kastn1ng must b zn the b1ggest hurry Flght Team Flgh all 99 Poole sxnks another of h1s 221 wxth only three m1nutes left t p ay St james field goal. jim Pederson o 1 . . loses 45-39- Tumbllng Tumble Glrls N-N 1 E!! SW in X Legs up heads down backs arched knees straight steady arms and keep you Ruthxe' r balance Shxrley Raddatz and A11ce Rxggle exh1b1t thexr ele phant walk across the mats Flexlble Margaret does backbend stroll 60 Q I 7 . f AX k ' -FQ: kr . a I A 'sf 3.2, ' - tw! H I i' - I 'ff 'f i W - A I 4 r Y ' 5 Y Q . i .rg A Y Nj ,l my ,Q ,lla Q ,WU ki f.'4 gf, if I f v A -- . ' ' .sm ,,.V , ' ' A ' -'V A 'ff A l ik A 4 g k 4 H f A i . fl W ,s gfhxb te'kt t ' O Y- , s I f I N I . 8 4 We V W s . QQ? Th!! 8 my P81 Snorsy Who s the lucky fellow? UP 2 3 4 -3 1' John Bef! and his 1300810 BOUHCCFS P1ck1ng up or pxcked up? Seem About the Hlgh School Xi Look what I do to gxrls' J Evefybody ygntg get xnto the act 61 x , , f 1 x Q , A ,, ' .,- fs o 3 A , x S' ' ,N 5 X K U' r I V . 1'-iff -- ' ' 1 K V F A ,iam V V' . M I 2 it .V ff, -,, ' "K W , Wim-QL' ,I 'X ' ' , 9 H Q - .. .. C M 'c V . a 'N Q - , ': ' Q 2 o, 5 f? i " f ' X 72 K J oz 1? , 'Q ' a 0 , Q Q if y ,f P to N KK Sponsors of ruman Congratu1at1ons TRUMAN FARMERS ELEVATOR SELDON S DRUG STORE TRUMAN TRIBUNE PRINTING RIALTO THEATER TAYLOR S BARBER SHOP H R TEASER WILLER E OLSON DR MEDLIN TRUMAN HATCHERY LLOYD S HEATING 8 PLUMBING TRUMAN IMPLEMENT CARROL S MARKET DR MILLER HUEMOELLER HARDWARE EBERT HARDWARE TIP TOP CAFE STEWART STYLE SHOP DON S CLEANERS TRUMAN CO OP CREAMERY MILK CREAM BUTTER EGGS BOSSHART CONSTRUCTION CO CONTRACTORS BUILDERS PEOPLES STATE BANK MEMBER OF THE F D S STAN E MARY JENNING S IMPLEMENT WOLF 8 SON GAMBLE STORE WILKINSON MOTOR H H KANNING HINTON MOTOR C0 DR VAUGHAN HI WAY STANDARD HAGEMAN BAKERY TRUMAN MERCANTILE C0 SOUTH BRANCH STORE PETERSON ELECTRIC UTILITY DAIRY . . .C. CINDERELLA BEAUTY SHOP JENSON'S CREAMERY pon or of airmont FIRST NATIONAL BANK FAIRMONT. MINNESOTA FAIRMONT FURNITURE CO. W. H. ROWE ST. CLAIR 8 CIZINSKI HYDE TYPEWRITER CO. STRAND THEATER PAULSON'S DRUG STORE FAIRMONT DAILY SENTINEL FAIRMONT ELECTRIC E HARDWARE DRS. THAYER U WANDKE NELSON ICE CREAM GUCKEEN'S STUDIO FAIRMONT, MINNESOTA ROSEWALL CLOTHING WEHLER'S JEWELRY CARL'S MUSIC SHOP FAIRMONT FLOWERS H. P. ROSENWINKLE PEERLESS LAUNDRY BOULMORE MOHOWALD CYCLE CO KSUM FAIRMONT CO. FAIRMONT CANNING CO. pon or of QXVIS lll EARL ELSE HARDWARE HO TELL INN BACHMANN S SUNDRIES HAYCRAFT KEEHN S CASH U CARRY HAROLD S MARKET NU WAY CLEANERS FLITTER HARDWARE DRUCKS SERVICE KOZY KURL BEAUTY PAULEY MOTOR C0 SHOP il 'I .. 64 .. 'A Q W , N.-fvlfa--k',,, - U. fi-X, .-.-. -, N-X -, 4- M, -. . . .-- 'Q -,- - A .Y .- -, ,,,-- h ,4.i 5,-,A-A 7 t-fy-fbfx-N- : Nuq-.,-,V -, ----f..,:' :.-'-5-..g....i--'::,yA3..,.1...,-4 'xg 'MAN-' -,- 'AL iff' if-fl"-'ui-' J'-2 U U A N , ,Al A in N - fi? ....,..-.-x1,..---.' -4. ,'.,-.N.x- - U- ,f.J..I'N - -' '. -"X xh-- -"-..,. "..f. ,-..-,.,., -,Q x My , g-U 4 Y, , .. Y-MU: J,.,'-- ,, l ,,--, Q,N,.,,---N---f , '- 0 1 .J M, XZ xg W. ...f L V-. X. -4 -A. Ll? v, A., X- ,,- Q-I f. K: -,Z X. ,Q .3 'x N.. .1 X x. V , 1. ,T ..- -L Vs xi L -:X NT Q.. - N ,Q . vl- i x x "x x, 5 . -'f 1 Q5

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