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{ • " . ♦. »• » ,•1 •t-, " . ' ■n ' J i ' i ' 1 ' ..■ ' y -ri ' f It ' ' . ' • y r V? ' , i V y v 1 ' f V t: 4 " j ' ' o a ' z j 1 11 U ,e j p o h a— ' e c " iWec r ' l ' i i f ' " - ' V 1 ( ■ -A - t " J- ' i v tpe Pe ' " " iff ' , -(- fc- (,» hi; O T ' , ' - 0k-v4 C » e ' ■ " ;- ' eJ 75 fJ aJl ,, i- t Truman High School 3301 South Noland Road independence, MO.64055 Volume II yf -A« J K -T ' 5?%: - y4-. ji i«. A ' »ay .■■ -5» Steffi Duncan, Editor-in-Chief Miciieite Lahey, Associate Editor Terri Kelley, Business {Manager Dee Dee Hunter, Copy Editor Kathi Solomon, Copy Editor D ' Ann Castle, Design Editor Cindy Graves, Piiotograpliy Editor Greg Simpson, Head Photographer T0R ' 13 vATSBYj come along wa i together iWue It herg I SECONDIIIT SCHOOLS OF IHDEPENOCNCE P.r- .t To E»t.. CIb 3 V 7 Table of Contents Introductory 1 Scholastics 10 Involvement 54 Competition 80 Expressions 126 Leadership 154 Individuals 172 Index 228 Introductory 3 4 lntroductory 5 $ E o 0) W) ») 0 C 0) U 0) 3 0- o Introductor} TENSION TENSION TENSION TENSION TENSION TENSION TENSIO TENSIO TENSIO Introductory 6 Introductory 7 f .JUiL. , Ct:: ,. -eJL -y r ' ' 2 ' . ' " ■ ?! r ? „ - 8 lntroductory A ( I dT ' f J -KU , " » ' ■- " I think the new type of enroll- ment is a good thing. The subjects cover many fields of interests, and I think most students are really happy with their schedules. " — Ken Schowengerdt Senior Photograph. Rick Althaus Bill Esry Duane Reely Mark Lunceford Mark Shirky Denise Tanner Al hunter fcV " ,. -j -- 10 Scholastics M mM Elizabeth Eads, Edttor Scholastics 11 Social studies stresses economics crisis The economics crisis became more real to social studies students this year. Classes such as public law, economics, and contempory issues emphasized this problem, teaching students how to protect themselves and their dollars. The department added a variety of semester courses including behavioral, cultural, historical, and economical studies. Teachers used films, speakers, simulation games, newspapers, and new textbooks to relay information to students. I Tom Graves — " We spend billions on foreign aid when we have people starving here in America. " Tim Wheeler — " We, as future leaders, should be in the forefront to see that our present economic situation is corrected. " Kim Shultz — " The average person is really find- ing it hard to afford the things he needs. " l Social Studies 1. Lecturing becomes an important asset to Miss Vida ' s Asian history class. 2. New departmental books bring additional resources for social studies students. 3. Contemporary issues students find panel debate one way of presenting contrasting ideas. 4. For a moment. Karen Dodson stops to ponder critical issues in Mr. Henderson ' s public law class. Social Studies 13 Math analysis prepares college-bound students statistics vectors metrics For students enrolled in the mathematical analysis course these terms held beneficial importance. Usingcalculus preparation as its major objective, math analysis attracted many different types of students, ranging from science and math majors to " students who were simply interested in exploring the new frontiers in math. " Perhaps Mr. Norman Cox, advanced math teacher, summed it up when he said, " Math analysis is another step beyond wherever the student is in terms of his math background. " Carl Lemonds — " I ' m just the curious kind who likes to go and see what else there is to learn. " Sheryl McClaren — " It ' s harder than any other math I ' ve had, but it ' s a challenge to me. Michael Sesler — " It Is an Important aspect to my future. " BIN Gordon — " Math analysis was one of the few courses offered that looked to be a challenge. " mai Scott Young — " I do enjoy the class, but at times it can be very trying. " I luri 111 a nljih- !• i cft ' vp »i J, a . - .r„ , . I. Math analysis assignments mean work for Mr. Cox as well as his students. 2. Math students must complete geometry, Algebra I and II, and trigonometry before continuing into math analysis. 3. Japanese student Kiyoshi Nishio toils with an Algebra I exercise. 4. Logical thinking is a prerequisite to math analysis class, as this puzzle-solving student realizes. Math 15 sri 1 1. Students watch the backwashing of a sand filter. 2. Study of water purification makes students aware of the ecological problems facing their adult generation. 3. While Americans are throwing their food away, people in other countries are starving. 4. Water is pumped through faucets as it approaches the final stage of purification. 5. Students carelessness adds to environmental problems. 16 Science Students probe today ' s ecology problems The new human ecology class studied causes and remedies of environmental conditions through the assistance of visual aids, field trips, and guest speakers. Courses covered included wildlife conservation, mineral and energy resources, and population problems. Mr. Jerry Dinsmore, teacher, said, " the course was created because of the concern shown by students about environmental conditions, causes, and remedies. " This was the first year for the one- semester course. Science 17 Potpourri describes home ec class " A little bit of this and a little bit of that, " could have described senior home economics. Open to senior girls who had never had home economics, the course was intended " to prepare the girls to be successful housewives, " said teacher Mrs. Mary Robinson. And it obviously worked especially for Peggi Lindenmeyer and Sharon Hudson. " I ' ve learned more than just how to bake a cake, " said Peggi, " I also learned how to make yeast breads. " " I thought it was fun to laugh at our mistakes and compare what we made to what our other classmates made, " said Sharon. Besides cooking, the girls studied clothing, family living, and interior designing. 18 Home Economics 1. The final steps to making tea. 2. Is the food that bad? 3. Brenda Beck discovers Teflon isn ' t always " non-stick. " 4. Senior girls learn to make tea the hard way. 5. " It was an experience making yeast breads, " said Sandi Summers. Home Economics 19 city farm betters outlook on life ' Student programs at Drumm Farm ranged from school work and agricultural training to recreational and social activities. " Since coming to the farm, " said Jim Doughty, " I have a better outlook on life because of all the different skills I ' ve learned. " These skills included carpentry, welding, and farm work. In the fall the boys picked livestock to raise for their 4-H project. They fed, cleaned, immunized them. The July fair then offered a chance for the boys to display their accomplishments for ribbons and money. 20 Agriculture 1. Understanding and using a tractor are essential in farm life. 2. " Back in the pen, boy " orders Jim Doughty. 3. Frightened, the ewe jumps from Ernie Frayling to hide in the crowd. 4. Bareback riding provides a break from farm chores. 5. Finally, serenity on the farm. Agriculture 21 1. Keeping your cool often presents problems. 2. Jeannie Wooten wonders which is first, Mc or Ma? 3. Timing in — timing out — just like in an office. 4. Timed writings demand concentration on speed and accuracy. 5. Getting it right the first time was important. 6. Correcto-tape makes mistakes almost disappear. 7. Mrs. Manuel and Brenda Harbison decide whether single space or double space would look better. 2 Buslness Rotation changes everyday routine Number 21 — Week 17 — Rotation A — just an example of the instructions given in clerical practice, a two-hour course. The first hour emphasized typing skills, attempting to increase production and speed, while the rest of the time stressed rotation. Rotation gave the girls a chance to use all the machines and to learn filing and payroll procedures. " This gives the student an opportunity to learn a little about a number of different jobs that are found in offices, " teacher Mrs. Manuel said. Other duties given the girls included maintaining the room, receptionists ' greeting visitors, and typing grade cards for the entire school. " It ' s like an office situa- tion, " said Dwana Ayers, who plans to go into office work. Bu$iness 23 Campus opens six more fields for Vo-Tech A new campus enabled the Joe Herndon Area Vocational Technical School to open six new fields of study to seniors on a one-year plan instead of the customary two-year course of study. The new courses were cosmetology, air conditioning, small engine repair, building trades, auto mechanics, and welding. Entrance in these courses depended on aptitude, academic experience, and interest in the chosen field. These programs provided technical skills to students who intended to begin work after graduation. The school personnel assisted students in finding jobs related to their training. 24 Vo-Tech 1. " Keep it steady, " says Kevin Nibert as he and Kyle Moberly repair a iawnmower engine. 2. Joe Herndon Area Vocational Technical School. 3. Concentrating on measurements. Ed Whittar begins his floor plan. 4. Repairing a torn wire requires precision instruments and technical knowledge, as Marshall Hedges demonstrates in Television and Radio Repair. 5. Accuracy and speed in typing are essential In keypunch as Teresa Wingo runs a card through. Vo-Tech 25 Welding sparks students ' interest The experiment had begun. Sparks flew as the goggled figure-in-black applied torch to steel — this was a familiar scene in metal classes. Demonstrations like this of welding techniques added interest to sheet metal projects. Students used professional machinery to complete 12 required assignments then experimented with individual designs to suit their own tastes. Architectural drafting classes also used design to create exclusive house plans. T squares and drawing boards combined as basic tools for building specifications. A dry-print machine enabled students to transform drawings of house plans to blueprints. 26 lndustrial Arts 1. A torch activates showering sparlts as Jeff Bruder begins his welding project. 2. A metal spinner curves and shapes sheet metal. 3. Technical advice smooths out problems with design. 4. A caliper enables Greg Clark to measure the inside diameter of a shut-off valve. 5. A dry-print machine transforms rough drafts into blueprints. 6. Filing finishes rough edges from metal surfaces. Industrial Arts 27 1. Use of a sand lathe smooths kinks on wood surfaces. 2. Jerry Schulenberg checks his hand position on the table saw to guard against injury. 3. Adjustments of band saw guard arms places wood block in correct cutting position. 4. Students find that helping each other makes it easier. 5. Correct placement requires concentration. 28 lndustrial Arts Sprays of sawdust, whirring machine motors, scraping saw blades — these added to the activity buzz in machine woods class. Students developed construction skills by using lumber and plywood with different types of varnishes. Addition of a new machine called a shaper produced more efficient and precise wood-cutting results. Overcrowded classes and money were major drawbacks. High lumber prices raised fees for the class. " High labor costs can make it hard for some things to be repaired. I teach students to do it themselves, " Mr. Harold Thompson said. Machine woods cops bu Industrial Arts 29 30 Physical Education -i fe Physical education expands to coed class A new outlook was offered in physical education with coed classes. Boys and girls competed against each other in tennis, bowling, archery, trampoline, and table tennis. " It ' s a good idea because girls have a chance to show up the guys, " said senior Debie Brasfield. Students chose these sports through a common interest shown in previous years. " Supervision did create a problem, " remarked Miss Diane Lloyd, " I had a hard time checking boys in the locker room! " . Physical Education 31 Advanc ed art becomes independent study Independent study: a class for fourth year art students, in addition to Art IV, opened this year. Chances to express their own ideas and creativity, and to allow more time for students who planned to further their art education brought about this free hour. Some students also spent their study hall hour — allowing them three hours for serious art study and development. Mr. Darwin Wilkins, at Truman for his first year, taught Art I classes. An art teacher for eight years in Arizona, and two in Stockton, Missouri, Mr. Wilkins chose Truman because he liked the progressive program here. " The philosophy here seems to be teaching the basics in art, " said Mr. Wilkins. " This, combined with disciplined concentration helps the students to become more creative. I like this approach. " . ? yilhrX 1. Concentration on design and formation help make abstract art attractive. 2. Wood- carving is one division of sculpture. 3. Demonstrations on the pottery wheel require complete involvement. 4. Off-loom weaving is accomplished by Youngil Yun after many hours of practice. 5. Explaining the use of new methods is a large part of teaching for Mr. Wilkins. 6. Steady hands are an important part of poster making. ArV33 students master performance skills Fifth hour dramatics class had it a little different. Instead of just one teacher, Mrs. Kathleen Tucker, drama teacher and Mrs. Penny Swisher, debate coach, worked together with the class. All dramatics classes studied pantomimes, poetry, individual, duet, and group acting and made production books. These books included lights, props, make-up, costume, publicity, and stage directions. " Making the production book helped me to understand all the work that goes into an actual performance of a play, " Liz Williams said. 34 Drama 1. Models of Camelot ' s stage teach students perspective. 2. Final okays are up to Mrs. Tucker on all play decisions. 3. " What do you mean you ' re pregnant?!!? " 4. " It isn ' t a watermelon I swallowed, Toots! " 5. The actor, the stage equal excitement. 6. Mike Rogers and Jeff Wollenberg use cardboard glue, and spray paint to complete their production books. 7 and 8. Forgetting and remembering lines becomes frustrating to Dwanna Ayers and Jeff Dittmer. 9. Duet acting produces tension between Chris Bruch and Todd Potter. Drama 35 Attitude vital to concert choir Attitude played a major role in concert choir as they continued another year of performing. " A proper attitude and high morale factor is extremely important in a choir if it is to reach the level of excellence it is striving for. " said Mr. Philip Dunham, director. In addition to the fall. Christmas, and spring concerts, the choir performed at the Stone Church for a special Thanksgiving program. Concert choir officers were Susan Nebel, president; Joanie Jones, vice-president: Susan Scott, secretary; and Laurie Pay, robe- chairman. 1. " Frosty the Snowman " makes a surprise visit during the Christmas concert. 2. StudentteacherMr. Clark Matthews shares some musical techniques with concert choir in preparation for the Christmas program. 3. Concert choir (names in index-directory). 4. Concert Choir members explain English lyrics to a Japanese visitor. 5. " Come on. ' paple. ' what ' s it gonna take? " 6. Trutones (names in index-directory). 36 Vocal Music - On December 19, the Trutones performed at Kemper Arena, opening a Kansas City Kings basketball game with the National Anthem. This 19-member ensemble, selected frotn the concert choir, frequently displayed their talents throughout the community. A yearly Christmas treat came to the students of the Delano School for the Handicapped and the State School for the Mentally Retarded as the Trutones entertained them with " Frosty the Snowman " and various other carols. " Those kids are so cute, " said Joanie Jones, senior. " They really go nuts over our songs. " Mr. Philip Dunham directed the group. Trutones sing at King ' s game THAX) Vocal MusJc 37 Bl. Choirs gain experience through performing Learning perfecting memorizing performing For members of girl ' s choir, girl ' s glee, and men ' s choir these steps became routine as they prepared for each concert. Each group sang a variety of songs ranging from religious music to pop. Girl ' s choir continued the tradition of singing at the annual combined Christmas concert at the RLDS Auditorium in addition to the yearly fall, winter, and spring concerts in which each group participated. " It seems that we work so hard and it ' s all over so soon. People don ' t realize how much work actually goes into it, " said Kate Myers, girl ' s choir president. Mr. Philip Dunham directed the choirs. 38 Vocal Music 1 ' I 1. Girl ' s choir (names in index- directory). 2. Hours of practice are vital before a concert as Tammy Miller illustrates. 3. Accompanying for girl ' s choir gives Celia Honeycuti a chance todisplayher piano ability. 4. Kate rVlyers takes time to help new member Sherry Jones with a rough measure. 5. Girl ' s glee (names in index- directory). 6. Playing the guitar as a hobby comes in handy for Gary Driskell as he accompanies a song for Men ' s Choir. 7. Members of men ' s choir illustrate body expressions as they practice " The Sleigh. " 8. Men ' s Choir (names in index-directory). Vocal Music 39 Uniforms add color to t) orchestra The orchestra took a step forward this year with the purchasing of new uniforms. The red jackets for the boys and the long blue dresses for the girls added color to the group. Dave Watt, publicity chairman, said, " The new uniforms give us a feeling of unity. We make better music with them. " Other officers included John Pritchard, president; Jon Ralston, vice-president; and Connie Petet, secretary. The orchestra performed in various concerts includingthe a nnual clinic with the Kansas City Philharmonic on December 4. Mr. Don Welborn directed the group. 40 lnstrumental Music Instrumental Music 41 M rf Varsity band plays atCMSU homecoming The varsity band, joined by several high school bands throughout the state, combined their instruments and performed at halftime for the Central Missouri State University Homecoming game on October 19. Over 3,000 students participated In a parade before the game. " Everyone was really impressed with the CMSU band. I think I learned more about marching than I ever had before, " said Steve Davis, band member. The band officers were Ken Schowengerdt, president; Mark Mangles, vice- president; and Betty Slaght, secretary. Members of the junior varsity band rehearsed sixth hour each day in preparation for their only performance at a Truman basketball game. 4 lnstrumental Music I — • t 1. The trumpet section displays the ability to play together as a group. 2. Drum majors Jean Hausheer and David Johnson. Majorettes Sharon Smith, Vickie Preston, and Gina Frogge. 3. Don Nance discovers the importance of proper breath control in playing the french horn. 4. Junior varsity band (names in index-directory). 5. Varsity band (names In index-directory). Instrumental Muslc 43 m Come apart at your seams. Tight seams sewn by pressure and puMic opinion. As a child, you were open . . . free. Not a bag, bulging with worries and wants. And as you grew . . . the mass stitched you up. To hold what they deemed worthwhile. You are about to burst. Can you feel the pressure? So, break them, the seams. No problem. Yell Skip Sit right down on the sidewalk . . . Blow bubbles .. Stick out your tongue . . . Feel free. Let it all out. Do not be bound by others bonds. Sew your own, or better . . . don ' t. — Dawn OBrien MEMORIES Remembering days long since past. ' Days filled with wonder and mystery. The days I felt would always last. But yet it seems they never were. Just a small moment in history for they came and flew by so fast. Shelly Howdl ILLUSIONS The spiderweb, so beautifully designed is embedded in the glass, so it seems, glistening in the morning sunlight. Karen Houston JUNK YARD BLUES Friends of the past are forgotten. Left behind with no thanks, for all the deeds done. Only nature, a true friend in the end comforts. Among gentle rains, delicate flowers and silver spider webs. The old forgotten " junk " exists. Till eternity. BarbHedlln FIRST DAY Eariy rush, hassle expecting, awaKing, wondering. Old faces, new faces. Nerves, heat school. Shelly Howell i ' : 4VEncH«h TJAt y lA rr " ' p-r — LA- U. »s;t K hvwv M " Creative Expressions sparks writing Writing, writing, and more writing. It played an important role in Creative Expressions classes. " We talk about what a student does after he ' s written creatively. " Ms. Linda Griffith, Creative Expressions teacher, said. Marketing, submission techniques, and professional work habits of writing were studied. All students had to submit a writing for publication. " And all I ask is effort, " Ms. Gr iffith, said. Appreciation is shown with applause by Ms. Linda Griffith. 2. Facial expressions show Pam Powell ' s feelings on poetry. 3. Parodies show hard work but much fun to sing — like the one on the board set to the tune of " Working on the Railroad. " 4. Mark Swigert and Steve McGraw realize that expressing oneself creatively incompasses deep concentration. English 45 Spanish II eliminates paper work with tapes Spanish II classes approached homework assignments in a different manner. Students used cassettes to record speeches and assignments. Mrs. Casilda Rice, Spanish teacher, said, " I find it easier because I can listen to each individual student, which is the least I can do. " Teachers made the most of various methods and materials. " It can get boring for the students and the teacher as well, b ut all I want is answers, effort, and laughter, " Mrs. Rice said. 46 Foreign Language 1. Independent studying proves to be as resourceful as classroom work to Nancy Aker. 2. Group discussion helps students to understand Spanish culture more. 3. The key to learning is listening to others ' mistakes on tape. 4. Thinking of the right word can be as frustrating to Mrs. Casilda Rice as well as to her students. 5. Sombreros bring a touch of Spain to the classroom. 6. Heated debate sparks between Spanish II students over cultural backgrounds. Foreign Language 47 1. Concentration leads to positive results. 2. Debaters Mark Leheney and Mark Spencer communicate by openly relating ideas to each other. 3. Pandy Griffey uses self-expression to convey the message as well as the meaning. 4. The purpose of this exercise is to develop correct breathing procedure as demonstrated by Andy Staver. 5. Essential materials such as magazines help Lonnie Breshears document evidence. 6. Students improve basic skills by listening to constructive criticism. 48 Speech and Debate Personal improvement goal of speech class Self-confidence and assurance were developed through interpersonal communication. Speech students also dealt with vocal mechanics and ended the semester with the basic techniques of debate. In regard to the personal improvement of an individual, Mrs. Penny Swisher commented, " In speech we have a more open atmosphere. The students can express themselves better because they ' re involved in a more close situation. " Speech and Debate 49 O o. o Spirtt Staff Tom StribHnf Managing Editor Rusty Moore Sports Co-EdKor Tim Huffman Associate Editor Pam Moseiey Photography Editor Dflbbta RAocton CopyEdKor Duane Feety Photographer Rene Wood Copy Editor Dawn O ' Brien Edttoriai Columnist Tarry Linson Advertising Manager Mark Leheney Kim French Editorial EdKor Jolin Barkley Features Columnist JiniWItKe Features Editor Marli Sliepherd Sports Columnist Shari Salazar News Editor Dave Watt Cartoonist Randy Cox Sports Co-Editor Bruce Christian Circulation Manager Shortages don ' t hinder newspaper Although inflation hit the print, ink, and paper companies hard, " The Spirit of 75 " staff still produced its eight-page format every two weeks. Only twice did it reduce to eight pages. Advertising volume increased despite the economy. The staff, led by Tom Stribling, concentrated on unique design and feature and in-depth stories. " We tried to make it a paper the student body would be proud of, " Tim Huffman, associate editor, said. 1. Terry Linson concentrates his efforts on vigorous advertising campaigns. 2. To present a different look each issue, Tim Huffman studies design techniques. 3. The editor must work on every facet of production, even headline writing. 4. 1st ROW — Pam Moseiey, Dawn O ' Brien, Sherrie Salazar, Debbie Morton. 2nd ROW — Kim French, Tom Stribling, Dave Watt, Renee Wood. 3rd ROW — Mark Leheney. Duane Feeley, Randy Cox, Bruce Christian, Jini White. 4th ROW — Tim Huffman, Puss Moore, John Barkley, Terry Linson, Mark Shepherd. 5. and 6. Deadline approaches Design theme adds originality to yearbooi The " Heritage " staff approached the yearbook from a different angle — they used design as their theme. Breaking away from the usual word themes, an isolated element that runs up the side of the cover and many pages was the idea that the yearbook followed. " Every book seemed to use free verse or words for their themes, so we decided to try a new effect — a design theme, " said Steffi Duncan, editor. 1. Each step of the yearbook must be planned and checked. D ' Ann Castle checks Maria Pantoja ' s copy. 2. Some pictures must be enlarged to the right size by a photographer. Rick Althaus examines his to make sure it is clear. 3. Discussion of yearbook policy involves Michelle Lahey, associate editor; Steffi Duncan, managing editor; and Kathi Solomon, copy editor. 4. Contact sheets enable Cindy Graves to show Cindy Burton how her pictures will turn out. 5. 1st Row — Dee Dee Hunter, Liz Riley, Elizabeth Eads, Maria Pantoja, Jennifer Penrose. 2nd Row — Kathi Solomon, Jan Peters, Steffi Duncan, Michelle Lahey, Sherwyn Smith, Pam Lawrence. 3rd Row — D ' Ann Castle, Mark Shirky, Denise Tanner, Cindy Graves, Terri Kelley, Laura Franklin. 4th Row — Bill Esry, Duane Feely, Mark Lunceford, Greg Simpson, Terry Nash, Rick Althaus. S Yearbook staff Heritage staff Steffi Duncan Michelle Lahey Tefri Kelley Dee Dee Hunter Kathi Solomon D ' Ann Castle . Cindy Graves . . Greg Simpson Elizabeth Eads Laura Franklin Jan Peters Terry Nash . . . Managing Editor . Associate Editor . Business Manager Copy Editor Copy Editor Design Editor Photography Editor Head Photographer Curriculum Clubs Clubs Sports Liz Riley Pam Lawrence . Jennifer Penrose . Cindy Burton Sherwyn Smith . . Maria Pantoja ... Rick Althaus Bill Esry Duane Feely Mark Lunceford . Mark Shirkey Denise Tanner Sports . School Life Personnel . . Student Body . . Student Body Index-Directory . Photographer . Photographer . Photographer Photographer . Photographer Photographer Yearbook staff 53 " Being in clubs makes me feel a part of the school. It gives me a chance to broaden my interests and get involved with different people and different activities. " — Christy Jessen Senior 54 lnvolvement Laura Franklin, Co-«ditor Jan Peters, Co-editor InvolvemenVSS Academically outstanding students honored National Honor Society was a club designed for academically outstanding students. Members were either in the top ten percent of the senior, or top five percent of the junior class. Percentage was based on the type and difficulty of classes. Members spent every other Wednesday night visiting residents of a rest home. They also participated in the Olympics for YARC (Youth Association for Retarded Children). Other activities were an Easter party for students at Oldham and a NHS banquet. 1,3,4,5, — Officers Kenny Schowengerdt, president: Sheryl McClaran, vice-president; Teresa Castro, secretary; and Gaylyn Jackson; tell about plans for NHS club. 2. NHS members listen to meeting procedure. 7. Mrs. Kalhorn, sponsor, and Kenny Schowengerdt help club make final decision for banquet. 56 National Honor Society ■H E " B 9 W i K 3 1 L i r ■r fi A 1st Row — Kathy Lamb, Beckie Romans, Kate Myers, Ken Schowengerdt (president), Betty Calvert, Cathy Boone, Susan Scott, Karen Cline, Mary Allinder, Susan Piepergerdes, Cynthia MIzer, Valerie Smith, Teresa Chance. 2nd Row — Gail Schwab, Cathy Angotti, Lorl Crabtree, Jamie Ogle, Cathy Crowley, Dawn Nienhueser, Carolyn Smith, Vickie Kish, Debbie Nunn, Wanda Oskins, Gaylyn Jackson (treasurer), Kim French, Yvonne Bailey. 3rd Row — John Salazar, Marcia Van Winkle, Youngil Yun, Lisa Sheehy, Jean Hausheer, Dawn Berkvam, Pam Lacey, Susan Sager, Tim Johnson, David Johnston. Chris Allen. 4th Row — Kim Waggoner, Cherry Farel, Pegi Jowett, Tom Stribling, Bill Danforth, Bob Franklin, Dayrel Gates, John Pritchard. David Custead, Michael Sesler, Pam Moberly, Tim Wheeler. 5th Row — Tim Layman, Monty Sweetland, Lee Toner, Mark Harvey, Rocky Andres, Terry Miller, Garry Stewart, Greg Mark, Larry Hill, Nancy Huelse, Jeff Ragsdale. 6th Row — Lisa Raveill, Chris Bruch, Deanna Skinner, Sheryl McClaran (vice-president), Pam Moseley, Debbie Morton, Pam Newman, Pam Porter, Becky Copenhaver, David Waggoner, Brian Bowen, Michael Wallace, Greg Walker. National Honor Society 57 NSHS alters tutoring program National Spanish Honor Society changed its teaching program. Instead of tutoring only Spanish speaking people, the society helped any non- English speaking person. They had students from Taiwan, Japan, and Poland. Sheri Salazar, president, commented, " We ' ve really helped a lot of people. Students came in here that couldn ' t write; now they ' re writing sentences. " 1. NSHS member Sheri Salazar helps Peter, a boy from the Orient, better understand his English. 2. 1st Row — John Salazar (president). Casilda Rice (sponsor). 2nd Row — Teresa Penninglon. Marcia Van Winkle (vice-president). Maria Pantoja. 3rd Row — Carolyn Smith. Pam Lacey, Cathy Boone (secretary, treasurer), Sheri Salazar. 4th Row — Nan Walls. Vickie Kish. Christy Jessen. Lisa Raveill. 3. " The Spirit of 75 " is used to help tutored students improve their English. cv » o« o ■ JL - 58 National Spanish Honor Society Honary organization designed for journalist Quill and Scroll was an international organization for high school journalists. It consisted of senior students in the upper 1 4 of the class and in journalism or publications. A trip to American Yearbook Company topped off the group ' s year. The trip enabled them to learn more about the commercial printing and publishing. 1st Row — Sherj Salazar, Liz Riley, Dee Dee Hunter. 2nd Row — Renee Wood, (treasurer), Pam Lawrence, Debbie Morton, Jan Peters. 3rd Row — Pam Moseley, Steffi Duncan. Jini White (vice-president). 4th Row — Michelle Lahey, Russell Moore, Kim French (secretary). 2. and 3. Members of Quill and Scroll come from newspaper and yearbook staff. 4. Quill and Scroll officers Renea Wood, secretary-treasurer; Kathi Solomon, president; and Jini White, vice-president, discuss plans of trip to yearbook company. Quill and Scroll 59 THESPIANS AND NFL WELCOME YOU TO TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL JANUARY 10 AND 11 1975 Thespian initiates ' become ? ' creatures ' Different creatures of all kinds roamed the halls December 19. National Thespian Society had initiation for new members. Such things as Horton the Dr. Suess elephant and a giant ice cream cone were only a few of the imaginable things that day. New members wore costumes that symbolized the character they played or what they did that enabled them to be eligible for the club. " Some people think your weird, but after dress-up they know your weird, " said Ron Nance. Formal initiation took place with the whispers of oath and the pledge to be faithful to the troupe. " A candle Is something that reflects honesty and yourself in a different light. Ini- tiation just gives me such a feeling of serenity, " concluded Jean Hausheer, president. 1. Jean Hausheer reads oath to initiates. 2. Decorating a bulletin board? 3. 1 st Row — Terri Kelley. Teresa Owens: vice president. April Miller, Marcia Benedict. Maria Pantoja. 2nd Row — John Penrod. Pamm Mitchell: secretary-treasurer. Genelle Weber. Susan Scott, Jean Hausheer: president, Jini White, Cindy Graves. Allyson Krueger. 3rd Row — Cris Bruch. Joe Wyatt. Pegi Jowett. Cheryl Rockhold. Becky Turley. Joanie Jones. Greg Walker. Lorinda McKnight. 4th Row — Mark Spencer. Phil Webster, Dan Mason. Chris Allen. Tim Wheeler. Jim Kenan. Todd Potter. 4. Underwear at lunch? 60 Thespians RED, WHITE BLUE DRAMA AND DEBATE TOURNAMENT HAVE Results high for debate squad " National Forensic League has got to be one of the most unimportant clubs, " Mark Leheney said. As an organization nothing was done, but as a debate squad results were high. In the championship division Mark Leheney and Steve Nickle took first at Southwest and third at Center and Park Hill. Mark Leheney and Mark Spencer took first at Raytown and Mark Spencer and Debbie Serig took second at Center. Dan Mason and Bill Esry then took third at Raytown. " You ' d have to look hard and long to find the caliber student we have here. The debate results have been fantastic and I can only hope that next year will hold as much if not more, " said Mrs. Penny Swisher. 1. Mark Leheney and Mark Spencer collect evidence to cross examine their opponents. 2. 1st Row — Jean Hausheer; treasurer. Steve Nickel: president, Debbie Serig; secretary. 2nd Row — Penny Swisher; sponsor, Paul Mitchell, Ron Nance, Laura Frazier, Annette Powers. 3rd Row — Joe Wyatt, Lynn Crites, John Penrod, Doug Fleming, Jason White. 4th Row — David Allen, Mark Henderson, Bill Esry, Dan Mason, Bill Gordon. 3. Barefoot Boy with a Cheek is demonstrated by Ron Nance for tournament. 4. This is Mrs. Swisher ' s first year at Truman. National Forensic League 61 Casual performances overcome nervousness Modern Music Master ' s determination inspired a plan to relieve on-stage nervousness. After each meeting, volunteers demonstrated their musical ability to the group. These presentations helped members gain the experience of performing in front of an audience and a chance to receive helpful criticism form others. 1. 1st Row — Jean Hausheer (secretary), Gaylyn Jackson (president), Joanie Jones (treasurer), Dave Watt (vice-president). 2nd Row — Ron Nance, Dee Dee Hunter, Susan Nebel, Wanda Box. 3rd Row — Kim French, Sherry Baldwin, Lisa Raveill, Susan Scott. 4th Row — Rob Cox, Greg Mrak, Tim Wheeler, (historian), Tim Layman. 2. Individual performances after Tri- M meetings helps strengthen Joanie Jones ' musical ability. 3. After a duet, Lisa Raveill and Sherry Baldwin listen to criticism from Tri-M members. ' • ' U. F 6 ri-M NAHS honors ' artist of the month ' Honoring outstanding and creative individual artists became the main project for the National Art Honor Society. All members were eligible for nomination and voting. The person with the largest number of votes became that month ' s " Artist of the Month. " Nominations were based on creativity, individuality, ability, and completed work in any medium. Selected pieces of the artist ' s work were displayed in the library, and an article and picture of the artist appeared in the school newspaper. 1. 1st ROW — Debbie Bryant (recording secretary), Glenda Bailey, Marcia Benedict, Tedd Melia, Susan Piepergerdes. Mark Gran. 2nd ROW — Jackie Scanlan, Ann Kinder, Betty Calvert, Youngil Yun (treasurer), Cheryl Carter. Lisa Hardy, Mark Shirky. 3rd ROW — Debi Tripp, Cathy Boone (reporter historian). Tammy Krokstrom, Barry Midgorden, Colleen McCulloch, Sally Schenck, Kathie Echols. 4th ROW — Cris Bruch, Todd Potter, Louie Huntsucker, Bob Brock, Mark Graham, Gerhard Beil, Nancy Lipowicz, Clayton Levty. 5th ROW — Donna Coleman (corresponding secretary), Vicky Dummitt, Kevin Graham. Kris Gibson, Debi Walker, Michelle Moore, Marcia Gran. 2. Each piece of artwork done by Vicky Dummit, as well as other NAHS members, is judged in contests during the year. NAHS 63 Council works to build more spirit Student Council tried to increase communication between students and the STUCO. The Council wanted to be more of a government that dealt with problems, complaints, or ideas of students. The main goal of STUCO was to help build more spirit. This was done through blood donations, assemblies, and revival of the Chatter-Matter. 64 Student Council 1. student Council members meet in committees after school. 2. AFS vice-president Cindy Graves studies upcoming seminar plans. 3. Eddie Roush, vice-president. 4. Lorianda McKnight, secretary. 5. Ron Nance, treasurer. 6. Greg Walker, president. 7. Anita Carlisle, parliamentarian. Student Council 65 STUCO doubles United Way collections Student body entertainment, fund- raising activities and interests in community affairs provided the agenda for Student Council. An all-girl band " Pandora, " the first Truman has ever had, starred at the Homecoming dance. A garage sale, paper drive and a car wash aided in sponsoring another AFS Student. The United Way project doubled its total collections as a result of hard work, time, and effort. 66 Student Council 1. AFS student, Mary Wyburn. listens to classroom discussion. 2. Becl(y Turley, AFS chairmen. 3. Chatter Matter becomes a challenge for Marl( Shirkey and Pam Powell. 4. Terri Kelley, Entertainment chairman. 5. Suzy Hulett. Student Community Affairs chairman. » o Student Council 67 1. Mary Wyburn prepares for her first American Christmas. 2. " Classrooms are more relaxed in America than Australia. " 3. AFS motto. 4. Mary Wyburn AFS student from Australia. 5. " Our winter in Australia was over and yours was just beginning. " 6. With Mary ' s busy schedule it ' s hard to find time to talk to her American sister Venetia Davis. 68 AFS A VJJ Hi 1 , ' ' ,,■ " ' ' i (t J t V[ HI - ' Id- C " - mH.: :;5t: -f 5 M!0 o Mary leaves Australia to come Truman L " AFS is a great organization in which we have the chance to meet other people and learn other ways of life, " summarized Mary Wyburn, AFS student from Australia. All the people she met were " heart warming and loving. " " I owe much to the people who made my stay possible and to all those involved in AFS for helping me feel so welcomed and so much apart of everything. " Mary found learning to get in the right side of a car, turning light switches on and changing names of foods around was one the the main problems. AFS 69 Interact allows girls to join Interact voted to allow girls to join the club. Sponsor Mr. Jerry Moore said, " The national constitution was changed about three years ago, but we ' ve been a little slow in changing our constitution. " Rotary club sponsored Interact, which provided an opportunity for students to meet the professional and business world of the community. The club purchased hams for the needy families at Christmas and paid for a telephone call home for Mary Wyburn. 1. President Ken Schowengerdt and secretary Mark Mangels go over the new constitution with sponsor Mr. Moore. 2. 1st — Terry Reed, Randy Elliott (chairman, finance committee). 2nd — Tom LaBruzzo (domestic affairs). Bob Franklin (treasurer). Bob Payne. 3rd — Terry Moore, Greg Ratcliff, Mark Mangels (vice- president). 4th — Terry Miller (parlamentari- an), Ken Schowengerdt (president) Bill Gordon. 70 lnteract Title change sparks interest in club Future Teachers of America changed its name to Student Action in Education to open areas of interest for all students. The future teacher concept limited the club only to those wishing to become teachers. SAE broadened this to anyone interested in education regardless of the field. More students will be involved in these new topics of levies, parties, old- folks homes, and others intended to keep up with the changing life-styles of young people. HH ! y ! H 1. Ideas for a fund-raising project are contributed by Susan Nebel. 2. Christy Jessen presides over the meeting. 3. 1st — Floyd J. Hubble (sponsor), Lisa Mizer, Julie Mora. Sarah Bray. Susan Nebel (tresurer). 2nd Youngil Yun, Mrs. Day (sponsor). 3rd — Donna Whetsel (secretary), Sheri Farley. Cindy Mizer (vice-president), Deanna Skinner (parliamentarian). 4th — Christy Jessen (president), Robin Jones, Sue Whitson, Michelle — Wanda Oskins, Valerie Smith, Debbie Mitchell, Lahey. Student Action in Education 71 LAS devotes efforts to Image Literary Arts Seminar spent the first part of the year working to get out of past financial debts. They sold cookies and sponsored a concession stand. " We ' re finally out of debt we ' re in the black, " said Tom Stribling, president. He also expressed hope that the club could expand its activities by going to operas, plays, and entering writing contests. LAS also produced its yearly project, the " Image. " 1. 1st ROW — Doug Fleming, Kathy Moore, Sheri Salazar (vice-president), Liz Williams. Elizabeth Eads. 2nd ROW — Mr. Mark Senter (sponsor), Sheri Farley. Debbie Morton (secretary). Cindy Mizer. Valerie Smith, Tom Stribling (president). 3rd ROW — Dave Watt. Lisa York, Bev Ballew. Helen Lewis. Mrs. Genevieve Howard (sponsor). 4th ROW — Julie Adams, John Salazar, Carol Norris. Mary Wyburn, Veriinda Carey. 2. Cartoons and caricatures till Dave Watt ' s time as he works on the " Image. " 3. References help Sheri Salazar. vice-president, check over copy for the " Image. " 72 Literary Arts Seminar Field trips sliow engineering varieties Field trips highlighted Junior Engineering and Technology ' s activities for the year. These trips gave the members opportunities to observe different types of engineering. They visited Cavern Sound, Brunson Instruments, and the TWA Pilot Training Center. l.,2. Women engineers? Yes. says Mr. Cox, Jets sponsor, they do that, too. 3. 1st ROW — Mr. Drinkwater, Robert Tamham, Mr. Cox. 2nd ROW — George Rush, Bill Gordon, David Garnier. JETS 73 Projects keep French Club busy French Club kept busy this year with a variety of projects and activities. Members had an opportunity to eat French food in a progressive dinner, where they had a five-course meal — a different course at each home. At Christmas they collected toys for needy children, went caroling, and taught French Christmas carols and customs to elementary students after school. They also sold carnations on Valentine ' s Day again this year. 1. An amusing phrase brings a smile to club president Lee Ann Weiss, and Pam flitchell. 2. 1st ROW — Cheryl Hansen. Bob Hughes, Renee Eck, Karen Houston, Janet Williams. Genelle Weber. Dawn Berkvam (program director). Michelle Techune. Susan Whitworth. 2nd ROW — Dana Mathany, Renee Wood, Heather Stewart, Robin Myers, Celia Huneycutt (secretary-treasurer). Lynne Austin. Kathy Lamb, Roxanne Wyss. Kathy Simpson. Connie Petet ( president). 3rd ROW — Kim French, Laura Barnes. Cindy CooK, Susan Weber. Cathy Lynn. Debbie Phillips. Lee Ann Weiss (president). Pamm Mitchell, Debbie Woodward. Cindy Gurney. 4th ROW — April Miller. Julie Adams, Karen Cline, Lynne Holmes, Shelly Howell, Raylene Hosley. Ellen Mount. Erin Crank. Brenda Sloan. Jan Hoback. 5th ROW — Richard Ford. Donna Woltz. Bob Franklin. Donna Kling, Lisa Irving. Valerie Smith. Pam Porter. Wendy West. 3. Christmas carols and learning to count in French enthrall elementary students. 74 French Club Spanish Day highlights activities iQue pasa? Nada. This describes what Spanish Club did this year. They participated In intramurals with different schools in the area. At Christmas there was a big party for the members, and also talk of financing a trip to Mexico. Besides conducting monthly meetings, they had their annual Spanish Day where Spanish students dressed up in their favorite Spanish attire. 1. 1st ROW — Sheri Salazar (secretary ), Jeff Mattonen, Maria Pantoja, Susan Pimblott, Nancy Aker, Yvonne Bailey. 2nd ROW — Venetia Davis, Pam Lacey, Dianne Lloyd, Sally Schenck, Teresa McFadden. Susan Peiker, Jana Sisk (treasurer). 3rd ROW — Bill Dendall, Cathy Boone, Barb Hedlin, Sherri Hausee (vice-president), Megan Walsh, Gloria Goldlng, Chris Jessen. 4th ROW — Randy Umsted, Dave Watt, Vickie Kish, John Salazar, (president), Tim Huffman, Bill Esry. 2. Old sombreros and authentic Mexican instruments help spice up meetings. 3. A mid-day siesta — just what everyone needs. Spanish Club 75 Inflation does not hinder FHA-FFA Inflation hit farmers and homemakers this year, but did not deter activities in Future Homemakers of America and Future Farmers of America. FHA participated in cake decorating, make- up, hairstyling, and home interior design. They also visited a bridal and formal shop. FFA went to district contests in Warrensburg where they competed in public and creative speaking, farm soil, and crop mechanics. They also studied welding and woodworking. 1. 1st ROW — Terri Solito, Pat Lorenz, Karen Houston (president), Peg Lindenmeyer, Renae Fanara (secretary), Pam Reistad, Sue Whitson. 2nd ROW — Mrs. Mary Ann McGovern (sponsor), Ann Kinder, Lynn Crutchfield, Shelly Howell (vice-president). Kate Myers, Suzy Hulett, Roxanne Wyss (treasurer). 3rd ROW — Cindy Crocker, Kathy Kelley. Paula Allee, Liz Williams, Cathy Crowley, Linda Sallee, Mrs. Lindmark (sponsor). 4th ROW — Mrs. Mary Robinson (sponsor). Donna Jones (historian). Debbie Phillips, Julie Peters, Susan Sedge, Gail Schwab, Kathy Williams. 2. and 3. Cooking experiments are part of the fun at FHA meetings. »•.►■• . 76 Future Homemakers of America 1. 1st ROW — Mike Quick, Carl Warrene (secretary), George Bailey, Jim Bennett (president). 2nd ROW — David Moore. Bill Williams, (treasurer), Ernie Frayting, John Gladden. 3rd ROW — Jim Norval, Charles Paylor (sentinal), David Minish (vice-president), Lee Nenno, Jim Doughty (parlmentarian). 2. Lambs and sheep are some ot the animals that keeps FFA boys busy with profits for competition. ■ :■■ ■i . - «. : «--v zr ' - %f- -•to-.- ? Future Farmers of America 77 DECA, SOO provide on-the-job training DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) was a club for students in DE I and DE 11. Most members left after fourth hour for on-the-job training. The group also participated in district and state contests. Like DECA members SOO (Supervised Office Occupations) also received on-the-job training. Students worked as typists, clerks, and secretaries in offices. 1 ♦• an tI « v S ™ W!Mi " 4 CLUBS or ' AMERICA % 4W- ' 3 78 DECA 1. One of the jobs for Jeff Dittmer. manager of Joe ' s Sport Shop, is helping customers with shoes. 2. Mini Gee Mart ' s employee Sue Smith waits as patron hunts for correct change. 3. 1st ROW — Kim Waggoner, Debbie Rohrbach, Sue Smith. Karen Kissee. Frances Balistreri. 2nd ROW — Janet Wood, Robin Combs. Sharon Hudson. June Walker. Pam Knight. Debbie Bryant. 3rd ROW — Janet Ham. Patricia Morgan, Debbie Nunn. Brenda Thomas. Sherry Carter. Donna Dinwiddle. 4th ROW — Lana Evans. Mary Morris. Pat Mills. Allyson Krueger. Sharon Smith, Vickl Nave. 4. SOO student Frances Balistreri practices typing for job. 5. 1st ROW — Barbara Botts. (vice-president). Susan Thomas. Susie Painter. Nancy Larson vice-president). Debbie Murdock. Patti Graham. Lisa Mathany (secretary). 2nd ROW — Marcia Blickhan. Libby Martinez. Gloria Golding (vice-president). Jim Chinnery. Jacquie Schiair. Sherri Shandler, Darrell Edwards. 3rd ROW — JoBeth Koenig (reporter). Susie Woolery. Karen Patton. Dennis Farrls, Steve Clarlday, Sheila Brammer, Graham Taylor, Doug Smith. 4th ROW — Terry Linson. Bonnie Coy, Calvin W. Gimple. Terry Field, Jim Coddington. Frank Noland, Jeff Dittmer (president). SOO 79 " Going through the conditioning and l(nowing you ' re good enough to malte the team is a great feeling. IMal(ing the team in a school this size is quite an accomplishment. Sports is more of an individual challenge than a team effort. " — Bruce Christian Senior 80 Comp«tnion Terry Nash, Co-edttor Liz Riley, Co-Mlttor Competition 81 Harriers run to 11-4 record The Cross Country team completed the season with an 11-4 record. The team placed second in the Big Six Conference behind Raytown South finishing one place short of qualifying for the district tournament. Only one individual qualified for district and that was senior Mark Taitt who finished fourth. " Mark was a pleasure to coach because of his loyalty and devotion, " Coach Tom DeMark said. " The team will be losing three strong runners in seniors Mark Taitt, Mike Sanchez, and Jeff Ragsdale, " he continued. " However, the team should still remain strong if the sophomores and juniors work as hard as they did this year. " 82 Cros$ Country Truman 53 Ray South 24 WInnatonka 47 Truman 49 Oak Park 62 Winnatonka 25 Raytown South InvHational 5th Truman 34 Hickman MHIs 80 Laat Summit 23 CMSU Invitational 6th Truman 29 Balton 72 Htekman IMIIIt 88 Oak Park 41 Ruskin Invitationai 9th Truman 43 Balton 94 Blua Springs 81 Lea Summtt 25 Conferance M««t Truman 49 Hickman Mills 121 Oak Park 100 } StSBS S " " 135 aBBB R y South 23 HBH Winnatonka 72 Truman 9|B Fort Osage 86 MUH St. Mary ' s 48 Van Horn 148 Wm.Chrlsman 45 District Maat 4th Raglonai Maat MarkTaitt 1st StataMaat MarkTaitt ,,., , ,_ . 4th iM ift 1. Runners anticipate the start of the meet. 2. Finish line is passed by David Winslow. 3. Times reviewed by Coach DeMark. 4. Team picture, not pictured; Brian Snyder. 5. Stretching for the finish is Jeff Ragsdale. 6. Truman runner loosens up. 7. Team arrives for their first meet. li i :i: M. .... . -■ A, s» . Cross Country 83 Mark Taitt places fourth at state 84 Cross Country 1. Harriers anticipate the gun at the start. 2. Exceleratingto increase his lead is Kirl( Freels. 3. Tired after a running, a senior Mark Taitt removes his shoes. 4. Runners Rick Brasfield and Brian Bowen congratulate each other. 5. Team psyches up before the meet. 6. Final instructions given by Coach DeMark. 7. Loosening up before the race is important to Rick Brasfield. Cross Country 85 Varsity ends season with 4-6 " Team spirit led varsity to its four wins, " Coach Ed Russell said. The team defeated Northeast, Fort Osage, Belton, and Oak Parl(. " Defeating Oak Park was one of the major upsets in the area. The boys played with determination and they never gave up even when they were behind. It-was a great victory for the team, " Coach Russell said. The offense was led by junior quarterback Mike Royle with a passing percentage of 50. The defense was anchored by senior Jeff Gibbs, the number one defensive point getter. This is the best record for the team in the past three years. Better things are on the way. 86 Football 1. Pep Club watches closely as offense drives for late touchdown against Oak Park. 2. Head Coach Ed Russell yells instructions to offensive unit. 3. Coach Schnltzer and Mark Simon discuss defensive strategy. 4. Team picture. 5. Defense huddles to plan strategy against the opposing team. 6. Referees discuss penalty with Mike Royle. 7. Junior fullback Scott Beck races around end for large gain against Northeast. Football 87 Teamwork leads Pats past Oak Park 88 Football 1. Runner Mike Rogers follows the blocking of Ed Kuklenski. 2. Game plans show on the faces of three players. 3. Listening intently is Rick Lutjen. 4. Exhaustion shows in the face of Mark Graham. 5. Finding an open receiver is quarterback Mike Royle. 6. Running past Oak Park defenders is Bobby Narron. Football 89 J.V. struggles to 3-5-1 season Wins over Fort Osage, Winnetonka, Hickman Mills, and a 0-0 tie with Oak Park were the highlights of this season ' s Junior Varsity football team. Offensive standouts were juniors Mark Simon, Clayton Gray, and Gary Beavers, while the defense was lead by Trent Delmoth, George White and Clayton Gray. A! Schnitzer coached the team. 90 Football Junior Vanity Scoraboard WHIIamChrisman 32 Cantar 2 FortOMga Winnatonka Raytown Balton Raytown South Oak Park HtekmanMilh i jmjs: Football 91 ' Desire ' key to sophomores winning It happened — a winning season for a football team. The sophomores posted a 6-3 record. This was the first time the sophomores have ever had a winning season. " The boys played with desire and enthusiasm, which is all part of winning, " Coach Don Coff man said. The offensive standouts were Gary Short, Marty Bell, Roger Riley, Bill Morris, and Eric Holms. " The sophomores were all kept together and this I think contributed to the winning season, " Coach Coffman went on to say. Sophomore Scoreboard Truman 22 Truman 22 Truman 48 Truman 22 Truman 20 Truman 46 Truman 8 Truman 26 Truman 24 William Chrisman Cantar Van Horn Winnetonka Raytovm BeHon Raytown South Oak Park Hkkman Milit 92 Football 1. Defensive backs Eric Holm and Roger Riley combine to stop WInnetonka runner. 2. Fayne Bass corrals opposing runner. 3. Team picture. 4. Loyal families and friends watch sophomores roll up first winning season. 5. Hickman Mills linemen attempt to sack quarterback Roger Riley. 6. Pats ' defense stops runner for short gain. Footbal| 93 Varsity closes with disappointing record The Varsity season started with two straight losses. They then regrouped to capture first in the Chrisman tournament and second in our Christmas tournament. A dry spell of losing four straight was quickly turned around by winning the consolation trophy in the NKC tournament. " Inconsistancy plagued the varsity team through the whole season, " said Coach Bob McHenry, " The boys were young and they had a tough schedule. " Pats entered the Regionals with a 9- 14 record and played Raytown in the first round. Truman 57 Northeast Truman 59 Columbia Hickman 78 Chrisman Tournament First Place Truman 43 Raytown South 61 Truman Christmas Tournament Second Place Truman 58 Hickman Mills 61 Truman 54 LeeSummitt 63 Truman 51 Raytown 69 Truman 74 Sedalia Smith-Cotton 71 NKC Tournament Consolation Oak Park Winnetonka Raytown South Chrisman Fort Osage Hickman Mills Raytown Oak Park Winnetonka 94 Varsity Basketball 1. " You ' ve got to penetrate and pass ' to the open man, " instructs Coach McHenry.2. The strain of getting the shot off shows on the face of Rusty Moore. 3. The struggle for the rebound ends with Steve Khan getting the ball. 4. Team Picture. 5. Past everyone and on for 2 points is Mike Royle. J 1 ft Varsity Basketball 95 Varsity takes first inClirisman Invitational •y. iiflfl l S H H l s ' jrfM ' M H K ll P .4r. VarsKy Basketball 96 1. Lack of height hinders man guarding 6 ' 9 " , Steve Khan. 2. " Should I drive or shoot from here " thinks Rusty Moore. 3. Both teams hustle on the court to score or steal the ball. 4. All eyes follow the shot of Randy Cox. 5. Blocking out is essential to Steve Khan when rebounding. 6. Fury shows on the face of Brian Sherman. Varsity Basketball 97 ' Little mistakes ' haunt JV Close games and last-second victories marked the junior varsity season. " Little mistakes such as missed free-throws could have won the close games, " commented first- year coach Dave Baker. After a five- game losing streak early in the season, they came back to win seven out of the last 10 games to finish the season at 9-9. They were 4-6 in conference play. In the Truman JV Tournament, they lost 41-47 to Chrisman finishing second. " We had a good hustle, an allround team effort, and good balanced scoring, " Coack Baker said. 98 J.V. Basketball 1. Opponents watch in dismay as Lance Haggard shoots over them. 2. Left wide-open for a jump shot, Mike Rogers calmly attempts to put it in. 3. High-scoring Mark Simon drives around opponent for easy bucket. 4. 1st Row — Kurt Freels. Mike Rogers, Mark Simon, Rick Kundee. 2nd Row — Curtis Kivett, Jeff Shockly. Kent Koffenberger, Lance Haggard, Coach Dave Baker. 5. Long arms aid Kent Koffenberger in winning tip from oppossing player. 6. After stealing the ball. Lance Haggard goes in for a wide-open lay-up. _ ... M Junior Varsity Scoreboard Truman 65 Northeast 64 Truman 42 Columbia Hickman Truman Junior Varsity Tournament 2nd Truman 49 Truman 68 Truman 66 Truman 60 Truman 64 Truman 59 Truman 63 Truman 66 Truman 58 Truman 79 Truman 70 Truman 52 Truman 59 Truman 63 Raytown South Hicltman Mills 69 Lee ' s Summit 69 Raytown 64 Sedalia Smith-Cotton 55 Oak Park Winnetonka Raytown South William Chrisman Fort Osgae Hkkman Mills Raytown Oak Park Winnetonka J.V. Basketball 99 Sophomores set record, finish at 9-9 The sophomore basketball team became the first team in Truman history to score 100 points in a game. They accomplished this feat at home against Winnetonka in the next to last regular season game. The score was 100-55. Not only was the 100 points a first, but it also started them off to a three game winning streak that finished them a1 9-9. The regular season ended with a 56-40 rout of Chrisman. They finished second behind Blue Springs in the First Annual Blue Springs Tournament. They defeated Fort Osage 63-55 before losing 51- 56 to Blue Springs in the final. A ( ' n t t JB tt « " - wH -4 100 Basketball Sophomore Basketball Scoreboard Truman 41 Truman 54 Truman 52 Truman 60 Truman 64 Truman 62 Truman 55 Truman 56 Truman 57 Truman 51 Truman 70 Truman 62 Truman 52 Truman 60 Truman 100 Truman 56 Raytown South Raytown Oak Park Van Horn Hickman Mills Center Hickman Mills Raytown South Lee ' s Summit Winnetonka North Kansas City Ruskin OkPak raytown Winnetonka William Chrisman Blue Springs Tournament 1. As a Raytown player attempts to block his shot, Stan Duncan continues to eye the basket. 2. Despite pressure by opponents. Eric Holm still manages to get the shot off. 3. Guards Mike Mitchell and Roger Riley prepare to set the offense. 4. 1st Row — Scott Braley, Doug Royle, Eric Kreisler, Willie Durham, Greg Spears, Jerry Reed, Mike Mitchell. 2nd Row — Roger Riley, John Haggard, Eric Holm, Mark Sesler, Mike Boothe. Doug Friend, Randy Moore, Stan Duncan, Brent McMillan, Bill Morris, Coach Handley. Not Pictured — Steve Broughton. 5. After taking an outlet pass, Eric Kreisler drives by a denender on way to the bucket. 6. Randy Moore follows the flight of the ball on a free-throw attempt. 7. Teammates struggle for position as Roger Riley tries a tough corner shot. Basketball 101 Varsity Scoreboard Truman 34 Raytown Truman 19 Ray South Truman 16 Oak Park Truman 25 Lm ' s Summit Truman 15 William Cliritman 29 Truman 24 Van Horn 15 Truman 37 Southwest 20 Truman 10 Winnetonka 39 Truman 45 Northeast 6 Truman 39 Hickman Mills 18 Truman 18 Fort Osage 23 Junhir Varsity Scoreboard Truman 33 Raytown Truman 48 Ray South Truman 12 Oak Park Truman 21 Lee ' s Summit Truman 12 WWiam Chrisman 48 Truman 45 Van Horn 24 Truman 9 Winnetonka Truman 57 Northeast Truman 30 Hickman MHIs Truman 15 Fort Osage 43 Varsity grapplers close with 6-5 record " I enjoyed wrestling, but one of the best things is eating after weigh- ins, " said sophomore Dirk Taitt. The varsity team, paced by juniors Randy Stratton and Rusty Long, along with senior Mark Suttie posted a winning record of six wins and five losses. The J.V. team finished third in conference with a five-six record. " The J.V. team would have been stronger if we hadn ' t moved the sophomores up to the varsity team. We should be stronger next year with our returning lettermen, " said Coach Don Coffman. 102 Wrestling Wrestling 103 Rusty Long qualifies for state meet in Rolia I. I ' ve got to flip him if I want to pin him! " thinks Dirk Taitt. 2. Determination and concentration helps Gene Gardner psyche up. 3. " Get a good hold on him! " yells Coach Don Coffman. 4. Truman grappler struggles to bring his opponent down. 5. Pinning another grappler on his way to the state tournament is Rusty Long. 6. Steve Suttie grabs his opponent to gain advantage. 104 TA restling Sophomores dominate 74-75 Wrestlerettes " T-A-K-E — take ' em down! " was one of the many cheers heard at wrestling matches. The wrestlerettes participated in cheering, running concession stands, and making their uniforms. New sweaters were purchased to go with the skirts the girls made which were red, white, and blue. The girls ran the concession stands at all the home matches and the first invitational tournament. The girls cheered at all home and away matches. " I joined it because I like wrestling and I thought it would be fun, " said sophomore, Pam Allee. The sponsor was Mrs. Don Coffman. I 1. Kelly McDermott uses the gym floor as a sound effect In the cheer " Stomp ' em! " 2. Sophomore Dawn Hurst reacts to the unexpected movements of a wrestler. 3. Wrestlerettes use various cheers as an outlet for team spirit. 4. 1st ROW — Cindy Fletcher. Debbie Dairs, Joni Doutt, Beth Morrill, Kathy Hodged, Cathy McHenry, Karen Umbach. Pam Allee. 2nd ROW — Sherri White, Liz Davis. Judy Nichols, LeAnn Shireman, Dawn Hurst, Renee O ' Benar, Jan McGregar. 3rd ROW — Karie Barnard, Rose Anna Dorsey, Kelly McDermott, Cindy Loewer, Coleen McCulloch, Alison Raiford, Lisa Hardy. Jana Sisk. 4th ROW — Jo Locascio, Liz Knotts, Cindy Lazenby. Brandy O ' Neal. Diana Richey. Dana Koffenberger, Cyndi Hargrave. BACK ROW — Mary Katherine Dorsey, Mascot. 106 Wrestlerettes Uniforms add to Tickers ' enthusiasm New bright-red uniforms and a new sponsor highlighted this year ' s edition of Tickers. The girls made their own uniforms. Members participated as timers and judges at home varsity and junior varsity swim meets. Lockers and a team table were decorated for swim team members. Sophomore Cyndi Hargrave said, " It was fun being involved with the team. " Mrs. Pam Wight became the Tickers ' new sponsor. 1. Scorekeepers Cathy Lynn and Terrj Shoemaker reorganize themselves during a break in the action. 2. Equipped with a stopwatch. Diana Taylor waits for swimmers to return. 3. Keeping time and recording scores keeps Becky Wilcox busy during meets. 4. 1st ROW — Cheryl Bass (treasurer), Pam Lawrence, Cherly Eichenberger. Debbie Corkern, Barbara Boots. 2nd ROW — Susan Kraner, Dana Koffenberger. Cyndi Hargrave, Kathle Echols (president). 3rd ROW — Heather Stewart. Ton! Coleman. Diana Taylor, Becky Wilcox, Susan Hafner (spirit chairman). 4th ROW — Marcia Blickham (vice- president), Julie Broski, Kim Shultz, Nancy Lipowicz (secretary), Cathy Lynn (scorekeeper), Terri Brannock. BACK ROW — Rhonda McVay, Kathy Nance, Lee Crow, Laura Mawhirter, Terri Shoemaker (scorekeeper). Tickers 107 Young team steps forward to lead swimming The underclassmen stepped forward this year and led the swim team to a record of five wins and five defeats. Sophomore Scott Chapman displayed a strong individual effort as he broke the conference record in the 100-yard butterfly and the team record in the 200-yard individual medley. Junior Mark Mawhirter also broke the current school record in the 200- yard freestyle. Only five seniors participated this year, giving the sophomores and juniors a better chance to gain experience. " As far as I ' m concerned, the rookies took care of us this year, " said Joe Broski, senior. Behind the direction of Coach Mike Kassen, the team defeated Liberty, Center, Raytown, Wentworth, and Sedalia-Smith Cotton, but placed last in conference. Tri-captains were Scott Chapman, Tom Graves, and Alan Johnson. 108 Swimming 1. A breath of air before goinginto the final lap. 2. Practice starts aren ' t always perfect. 3. A smile spreads over Terri Kelley ' s face while awaiting her turn at competition. 4. Joe Broski practices a fast turn to push ahead. 5. Birthdays aren ' t all joyous, especially at practice. 6. Butterflier, Joy Howard pulls for a winning finish. Swimming 109 ' Closeness reflects team efforts ' Varsity Scoreboard Truman 76 Raytown South Truman 91 Center Van Horn Relays 9t Truman 91 Raytown Truman 73 Van Horn Truman 64 Chrisman Wentworth Truman 98 Liberty Truman 115 Sedalia Truman 53 Parli Hill 119 Truman 84 William Chrisman 87 , Junior Varsity Scoreboard Truman 88 Truman 97 Truman 88 Truman 86 Truman 97 Truman 93 Raytown South 67 Chrisman 53 Raytown Van Horn Park Hill William Chrisman 66 110 Swimming 1. David Canaday reaches for the finish line. 2. Waiting for the gun. Corky Nickerson prepares to start. 3. Final score isn ' t the best. 4. In diving. David Steinhauser finishes first at the J.V. conference meet. 5. " The closeness of the team really helped us to have a good season. " said Mark Mawhirter. 6. The final stretch to win first. 7. 1st Row — Brett Teeter, Marcia Gran, Richard McClain, Warren Bott, David Davenport, Randy Elliot, Jim Reeves. Don Hill, Mark Graham, 2nd Row — Joy Howard, Kevin Button, Ken Gustafson, David Canaday, Dave Myers, Scott Fausset, Corky Nickerson, David Steinhauser, Mark Hatcher, Larry Vaughn, 3rd Row — Mary Allinder, Mark Mawhirter, Alan Johnson, Cindy Graves, Joe Broski, Stu May. Tom Graves, Paul Jenson, Scott Chapman. Karl Koch, Steve Taylor, Not Pictured — Jeff Batson and Terri Kelley. 8. Scores are discussed by Coach Kassen and official Doug Allen. 9. After breaking a record, Scott Chapman stops for a breath of air. Swimmin lll Girls take first in district tournament The volleyball team took first in district tournament. The varsity team finished third in the conference, with a record of 6-4 behind Oak Park and Raytown South. The varsity team also placed fourth and second in other tournaments. " The girls really showed their want to win in the districts, " Miss Dianne Lloyd said. The team was led by seniors Yvette Brand and Pegi Jowett, captains and first team All- Conference All-Stars. The JV team finished with the identical record of 6-4. " The girls did a good job for their first time at real interscholastic competition. I was proud of them, " said Miss Lloyd. ll olleyball Junior VaraKy Scoreboard Truman 3,15,11 Oak Park 15,13,15 Truman 15,15 Hickman Mills 10, 3 Truman 15,15 Raytown 13,13 Truman 15, 9.15 WInnatonka 7,15, 8 Truman 15, 4,15 Raytown South 7,15,11 Truman 0.2 Oak Park 15.15 Truman 15,15 Hickman Mills 9, 8 Truman 15,10,15 Raytown 11,15, 9 Truman 18, 7, 4 WInnatonka 16,15,15 Truman 5, 7 Raytown Soutli 15,15 1. Focus on the game, Miss Lloyd hopes for a victory. 2. Trumanites receive congratulations after match. 3. JV team picture. 4. Varsity team picture. 5. Spike hits floor as Sue Johnson attacks the ball. 6. Setting for the spike, Yvette Brand stretches for height. 7. The block is up as Chrisman player attempts to spike. 8. Chrisman players anticipate the spike of Pegi Jowett. Volleyball 113 Girls tennis team ends with .500 season Girls sports became official this year. The varsity tennis team ended with a 5-5 record in its first year of interscholastic competition. The girls started out with four straight losses, before making a complete turn about. " The girls didn ' t ever lose their spirit, they kept their confidence and played well, winning their next five matches in a row, " Coach Kingdon Anderson said. Sophomore Amy Brant led the varsity team as its number one singles player and also placed first in district. The JV team posted a 8-2 record for its first year. Both JV losses were at the hands of Oak Park. 114 Girls Tennis Vanity Scoreboard Truman 1 Centw Truman 2 Oak Park Truman 2 Ruskin Truman 2 Hickman IMiils Truman 3 WiHiam Chrisman Truman 3 Winnetonka Truman 5 L«m Summit Truman 3 Oak Park Truman 4 Hickman Mills Truman 1 WInnetonka Junior Varsity Scoreboard Truman 4 Truman 1 Truman 5 Truman 4 Truman 5 Truman 5 Truman 4 Truman 2 Truman 5 Truman 5 Center 1 Oak Park Ruskin Hickman Mills William Chrisman Winnetonka 1 Lee ' s Summit Oak Park HicRfVMn Mills I Winnetonka 1 1. Accuracy in serving helps Amy Brant be number one. 2. Sophomores Vicki Sigman and Amy Brant team up in doubles. 3. Team picture. 4. Player Laurie Brown shows determination during her service. 5. Practicing ground strokes improves Amy Brant ' s game. 6. Intensity of point shows in Lynne Autin ' s face. 7. Backhand stroke is a winner for Vicki Sigman. 1 .WA ..J A l 4— Girls Tennis l 15 Program gets under way after speeches After speeches and special meetings with the school board, the girls basketball program got under way. The girls after one week of practice competed in its first tournament and finished fourth. After a slow start of losing to O ' Hara and St. Mary ' s twice, the team got on the winning track. The girls won five straight before dropping another to the tough St. Mary ' s team. The team then beat Chrisman, and entered the Regional Tournament with a 9-4 record. The girls advanced to the semi-finals to play St. Mary ' s only to lose to them for the final time and close out the season with a 11-5 record. The J.V. team finished with the record of 3-5. 1. Halftitne is time for regrouping the J.V. team. 2. A desperate attempt by Liz Riley to pass back to an open team member. 3. Clear ] sailing through the lane for Peggy Flippin. 116 Girls Basketball Cheerleaders attend camp to learn and have fun Bake sales, garage sales, car washes, and getting up at 7:00 in the morning is all part of the summer for a junior varsity cheerleader. " We needed the money for camp, " said captain Karen Rector " so it won ' t cost so much. " The girls went to NCA Cheerleading camp in Springfield. They came back with 3 blue ribbons and 3 traditional spirit sticks. " We went do down to win some ribbons, but also to have fun, " said Cathy Angotti. Cheerleaders were juniors; Karen Rector, Cathy Angotti, Leisa Evans, Pam Reistad, Dawn Nienhueser, sophomores: Cindy Cox, Tammy Alumbaugh. JV Cheerleaders 117 " We ' ve got spirit — how about you? " Varsity cheerleaders found out when the bonfire pep rallies, opening and closing the football season, sparked school support. Pam Richards expressed the feelings of the entire squad when she said, " The reward of being a cheerleader is the enthusiasm of the student body. " Senior Kate Myers led the varsity squad. Other members were Steffi Duncan and Pam Richards, seniors; Gail Schwab, Lynnette Dutcher, Kim Clark, and Tammy Bucey, juniors. George Rush was the Patriot mascot. 1. Pam Richards. 2. Kate Myers. 3. Stefli Duncan. 4. Lynnette Dutcher. 5. Synchronized actions are an essential part of cheering as demonstrated by Pam and Kim. 6. Spirit builds as Kate prepares to throw the bear in the bonfire. 7. Kim Clark. 8. Tammy Bucey. 9 Gail Schwab 118 Varsity Chee rleaders Vanity Cheerleadert 1 19 New cheers lead way for spirit in Pep Club Pep Club had something new for the " 74-75 " season called S-O-U-L — soul! This cheer was one of the many new ones learned by Pep Club members. The girls participated in candy sales with the Pats Club. Money raised paid for the banquet and homecomings. Members decorated lockers, baked cookies, and bought candy for their spirit pals. " The reward of being in Pep Club was the feeling you had after a win. " said president, Stacy Clark. Sponsors were Mrs. Louise Winship, Mrs. Janice Pule, and Mrs. Jill Bruns. 120 PepClub 1. Shouts of encouragement from Pep Club spur the team on to victory. 2. Group picture. 3. Wait and watch — somethings bound to happen. 4. Proud to be a Patriot: Bridgette Banark. 5. " We ' ve got to score this time! " hopes Laura Barnes. 6. " Give me a T, " screams Patriot George Rush. Pep Club 121 Trophy highlights Starsteppers Season A trophy for first place highlighted the Starsteppers season. It was won at a clinic in Conway. Arkansas in competition with 30 other drill teams. Preformances included all home games, a King ' s basketball game, the Halloween parade, and a basketball game in Warrensburg. Missouri. 1. Lynn Crutchfield preforms a hoop routine. 2. Practice proves to be hard work for Debbie Phillips. 3. Mrs. Louise Winship. sponsor. 4. Barb Hedlin. captain: Beckie Romans, co-captain; LeeAnn Weiss, treasurer: Pamm Mitchell. historian. 5. 1st ROW — Barb Hedlin, Beckie Romans. LeeAnn Weiss. Pamm Mitchell. 2nd ROW — Debie Brasfield. Julie Peters. Lynn Crutchfield. Lynne Austin. Sally Eckel. 3rd ROW — Jini White. Celia Huneycutt. Pam Lacey. Kathy Andrews, Stacy Clark. Linda Sallee. 4th ROW — Terri Elkins. Chris Jessen. Cindy Burton. Shelly Howell. Cathy Crowley. 5th ROW — Terri Solito. Paula Allee. Debbie Phillips. Cindi Pietzsch, Jamie Ogle, Wanda Box. 6. Perfection of a preformance includes music as well as dance steps. 7. Smiles are an important part in performance. 122. Starsteppers Starsteppers 123 Lettering makes boys eligible for club The only requirement this year for Letterman ' s Club was earning a letter. Boys earning a JV or Varsity letter in any sport were eligible for the club. More boys joined the club this year than two years ago because there was not the initiation requirement. The group had no planned activities this year. Sponsors were Coach Don Coff man and Coach Bob McHenry. 1. Writing plans for Lettermans Club is Coach Don Coffman 2. L to R-lst Row-Trent Delmont, Paul Johnson, Mickey Kelley, Mike Sanchez. Rocky Andes, Terry Miller, Buddy Smith, 2nd Row- Bruce Gibbs, Joel Hahn, David Winslow, Brian Bowen, Andy Gerrard, Jeff Wollenberg, Mike Rogers, Randy Lierman , 3rd Row- Scott Kisner, Don Sievers, Lee Moe, Jeff Shockley. Stu May, Tom Graves. Alan Johnson, 4th Row-Bill Esry, Brian Snyder, B.J. Moyer, Dirk Taitt, Ron Gwinn, Joe Burgess, Jim Reeves, Dave Steinhauser, Larry Vaughn, 5th Row-Noland Fryatt, Mike Harcharik, Rusty Long, Bill Cummins, Ron Frazier, Scott Beck. Gene Gardner, 6th Row-Russ Porter, Steve LIpowicz, Gary Beavers, Tim Norlie. Randy Cox. Mike Royle, Ed Roush, David Waggoner, 7th Row-Paul Jensen, Scott Chapman, Larry Bressman, 8th Row- Marc Domville, Rick Brasfield, Rick Lutjen, Rick Burmahl, Mark Suttie. 124 Lettermen l LU. 1 t - ,■:■• i M K ■■ k ' iim H ' ' 1 N ., " L_ ■ jBBgggflf f ' ' ■ - " 1. L to R- 1st Row-Amy Brant, Susan Johnson, June McCargar. Liz Riley, Pegi Jowett, 2nd Row-Becky Bray, Colette Wilson, Liz Williams, Tammy Romstad, Lynnette Shoemaker, Kelly Chadwick, Peggy Flippin, 3rd Row- Linda Burger, Janice Richey, Sharon Burnett, Linda Weld, Lisa Sheehy, Yvette Brand, 4th Row-Cindy Davis, Mary Lascuola, Brenda Sloan, Theresa Morris, Karen Cline 2. Listening to suggestions is sponsor Miss Diane Lloyd 3. Pats members listen to what ' s next on the agenda Pats Club uses money from sales for ski trip Sales sales and more sales kept Pats Clutrbusy this year. They were in charge of all the concession stands for all girls home sporting events. The girl used the money they collected from these projects for a future ski trip. The club also purchased T-shirts and sweaters. The sweaters were powder blue, and the shirts were printed with " Happiness is girls athletics. " Officers were Liz Riley, president; June McCargar, vice-president; Risa Larson; secretary-treasurer; and Pegi Jowett, Susan Johnson, Amy Brant, public relations. Miss Diane Lloyd was the sponsor. Pats 125 " I couldn ' t stand to go to school six hours a day and not be involved in any extra-curricular activities. " — Ron Nance Senior Pam Lawrence. Editor % Expressions, 127 Antique cars, country store highlight Homecoming Carrying old-fashioned parasols and riding in antique cars. Lorinda McKnight and her attendants reigned over Homecoming. The girls ' fathers escorted them under a row of multi-colored arches held by senior members of Pep Club. All was quiet as Vicki Solito, last year ' s queen, crowned Lorinda. Her attendants were seniors. Kate Myers and Vicky Dummitt; juniors. Tammy Bucey and Pam Reistad: and sophomores, Dawn Hurst and Colleen McCulloch. The girls watched the second half of the game from the bleachers with an old-fashioned country store as a backdrop. Pandora provided music at the Homecoming dance which followed the game. 1. Lorinda receives her flowers after being crowned queen. 2. With her old-fashioned parasol in hand, sophomore attendant Colleen McCulloch gives a smile to the crowd as she rides by. 3. Students move to the music of Pandora at the Homecoming dance following the game. 4. Lorinda and her escort, Dennis Lewis, find time to talk during the busy evening. 128 Homecomlng Kate Myers HomeconilnK 129 1. " Who, If I were to cry out, would hear me among the angelic orders? " — Rilke! " The sky Is the limit! " 2. " You old — windbag. " 3. " Those were the days when I had crushes on girls now I have crushes on boys. " 4. " No? Then the answer is no! " 5. " Get your — swine out of — my house! " 6. " Insane, insane, that man was a mad fanatic! " 130 Fall Play Alma Winemiller April Miller John Buchanan, Jr . Greg Walker Nellie Eweli Patti Lindsay Dr. John Buchanan, Sr Tom StriUing Mrs. Basset Cindy Graves Rev. Winemiller Phil Webster Mrs. Winemiller. Nancy Hunter Rosa Gonzales Pam Powell ••••••• Gonzales Mike Perez Roger Doremus Bob Franklin Vernon David Cracraft Rosemary . . . . . Cathy Dean Dusty David Cracraft Archie Kramer Dan Mason Alma as a child Susan Lindsey John as a child Darin Thomas April, Greg star in ' Summer and Smoke ' " The tables have turned, yes, the tables have turned with a vengeance! " These words describe the first Tennesee Williams play presented at Truman — " Summer and Smoke. " Backstage opening night hustles, bustles, last-minute preparations occupied the minds of actors, but not enough to rid them of butterflies. " I thought we would have a flood when the fountain started spraying all over, " laughed Todd Potter, stage manager. The tradition of the words " break a leg " echoed through the green room each night. " The reason we don ' t wish someone good luck is because there ' s a superstition that good luck means bad luck, " commented Mrs. Kathleen Tucker, director. " As Oscar Wilde put it some of us are looking at the stars, " April Miller, one of the leads said. Ron Nance was student director, and Terri Kelley was technical director of the two-act play. Fall Play 131 Denise reigns over Heritage Dance Tables decorated with pine branches, candles, and Christmas stockings helped carry out the theme of " An Old- fashioned Christmas " at the annual Heritage Dance. Sparkling lights and multi- colored bows adorned a 20-foot tree. Denise Martinez was crowned queen during the tense silence. A panel of judges based their decision on poise, personality, manners, and their ability to converse well in the situation. Denise ' s attendants were Elizabeth Eads and Twila Littrell, seniors; Dawn Nienhueser, junior; and Karen Umbach, sophomore. 132 Heritage Dance 1. Elizabeth Eads, senior attendant. 2. Twila LIttrell, senior attendant. 3. Queen Denise Martinez. 4. Couples take time to relax between dances. 5. Christmas comes alive for Queen Denise Martinez and senior attendants Twila LIttrell and Elizabeth Eads. 6. Karen Umbach, sophomore attendant. 7. Dawn Nienhueser. junior attendant. Heritage Dance 133 Seniors tell what they will remember mostabout their years at Truman f f The best part of school is people. School is full of different people, and it ' s an experience to watch them. A lot of kids are just bursting with school spirit. Others don ' t appear to have any, but then they work their guts out in football or track. The best time to watch people is when they are walking down the hall. Some people seem so bored; they just walk around ignoring everything. But there are always the clowns that try to brighten up the day by doing something crazy like walking into poles or walking down the hall with a tape player under his arm playing the " Lone Ranger " theme at full blast. That ' s why to me, school isn ' t really a place as much as it is a way of life, where you can be a clown if you want or you can be serious. J J — Randy Umsted My three years at Truman were very enjoyable, more so I feel than it would have been if I would attended any other school. My classes for the most part were beneficial to me and have prepared me for later life. My enjoyable classes such as Computer Science were fun as well as good experiences for a job. ? » — Greg Daniels W being in Drill Team and getting to know all the others girls In it. I ' d have to say that Drill Team camp was what brought us so close together. The endless hours of practice will be unforgettable, but even all that practice doesn ' t help when you get so nervous you forget the first step. You stand there ready and you go blank, frozen stiff, trying to remember what foot you start on, what your hands are doing, and gritting your teeth to try and keep your smile. But all those mistakes don ' t really matter because the applause makes it all worthwhile. 9? — Wanda Box f dragging your body out of bed by 6:30, the crowded stairways, the clubs that did things and theclubs that didn ' t do things, and loosing my class ring seven hours after I got it. But most of all I ' ll remember all the people. The people made the memories; what we did. how we acted, the things we said. J y — Wanda Oskins. f f the tons of homework that never got finished; one fateful day when I fell down the center steps; going from third floor down to my locker on first floor and then to my class on second floor and then realiz- ing I had grabbed the wrong book; all my precious friends who were always there ready and willing to help in my trials and problems; and my teachers who so patiently took time to teach me the things so taken for granted in my life. Clubs were another important aspect of my school life. Without clubs my school life would have been com- pletely dull. Involvement in school life for me is a key to happiness. 9 9 — Susan Nebel the many concerts given by the music department. The fear of forgetting the words to a song, or becoming so nervous you practically fall off the risers, or getting the zipper on your choir robe stuck five minutes before the concert begins. The hours .; v of practice never seemed to be enough. Mr. Dunham strives for perfection, depends on each of us to put forth our best, and helps us realize the artistry of the music we perform. f f — Nan Walls 134 Student Opinion ff Debate will always rank at the head of my high school memories. I will always remember the hard work put in and the joy of seeing this work being translated into a trophy. I ' ll always remember the look of fear on the teams, and coaches faces whenever they saw Truman walk in the door. But most of all I will remember my fellow debaters who showed what teamwork really means, and my coaches, Mr. Whisler and Mrs. Swisher, whose guidance will have a lasting effect on my life. ff — Steve Nickle ff In the future when I think back and reflect on my years at Truman, I will wonder about all the classes I took — whether certain ones were relevant to my life and career or whether they were a waste of time and also if my experiences here were beneficial. I realize that some form of formal education is necessary but I know that everyone will learn what he wants to learn and learn It in his own way In order to relate It to what he thinks Is his purpose In life and that ' s the way It should be. ff — Arthur Stepp ff the people, the places, the attitudes, the long hair and the short, the sports and the parties; all are a part of me, but my happiest memory will be knowing I came from a class that had it all together. fj — Kevin Berry TT the sports I went out for. I don ' t know whether the practices will seem easier or harder when I look back on them. I ' ll probably tell my kids what an " Iron man " you had to be when I was a kid, when all you really had to do was go out for them. ?? — Jeff Ragsdale f f Time changes many things, but I ' ll always remember my high school days. All the wonderful friends I had and all the crazy things we did, like Chinese fire drills on the way home from a football game, of driving through Hl-Boys because there ' s nothing else to do. But we never stopped to realize that after we had graduated we would probably never see more than a fourth of them again. Life is so short, but yet we ' re always wishing for the future. f 9 — Sally Eckel ff the times I was swaying offbeat in Trutones. The rest of them were really patient with me. We practiced and practiced singing the right notes and words, dancing the right steps and smiling through It, no matter what but sometimes I forgot. Also, one time on the newspaper, I forgot which way the page went and sent It In upside down. I ' m sure glad someone caught it before they printed the paper. ?f — Kim French Student Optnlon 135 136 lnflation petition. . £ , v ■ . i Inflation 137 K..oe c. qpod W c VI i X lf clil i C ' " - - Hus s O a, . r Hootenanny displays Truman talent W k -fo c rvc: HOM i e ' fe d 1. and 2. Besides acting as masters of ceremonies, Terr! Kelley and Ron Nance participate in a skit with Colette Pement. 3. Musical vibrations charge the atmosphere as Northbound Express performs at the Hootenanny. 4. Concentration engulfs Cris Bruch as he strums an even rhythm. 5. Wearing a look of confidence, Becki Romans moves through a dance number. 6. As June McCargar plays her guitar, her face reflects the sentimental song she sings. Hootenanny 139 140 Courtwarming Susan reigns as winter sports queen " The 1974-75 Winter Sports Queen is — " (Amidst the tense atmosphere and the hushed crowd, the candidates waited anxiously while the announcer paused a second before announcing the queen.) — Susan Scott! " Immediately spectators let loos with cheering approval as Susan graciously accepted her crown. The queen ' s father escorted her up a golden walkway to a red, pinl( and white canopy-covered queen ' s court. Susan and her attendants sat on white wrought-iron chairs with heart-shaped backrests . surrounded by a gold shimmering backdrop and suspended red foil hearts. Attendants were Marcia Benedict and Terri Kelley, seniors; Cathy Angotti, junior; and Kelly McDermott, sophomore. Ameoba played at the dance after the game. 1. Sophomore attendant Kelly McDermott. 2. Cathy Angotti, Junior attendant. 3. Marcia Benedict, senior attendant. 4. Senior attendant Terri Kelley. 5. Susan Scott. Winter Sports Queen. 6.-7. Senior attendants Marcia Benedict and Terri Kelley receive congratulations during halftime. 8. An isolated corner provides a place to relax and share thoughts at the Courtwarming Dance after the game. 9. Couples dance to the tunes of Ameoba. 10. The throne awaits Queen Susan Scott as she begins her royal walk. Couitwarming 141 r Jean, Eddie boost school spirit Jean Hausheer and Eddie Roush received honors as Mr. and Miss School Spirit. Pep Club awarded the couple with a charm and a trophy, respectively. Jean was active with National Honor Society, Modern Music Masters, National Forensic League, Thespians, head drum majorette, member of the one-act conference play, and an AFS member. Eddie participated in Student Council, band, varsity basketball, and varsity tennis. Other nominees included Rick Althaus, Maria Pantoja, Rusty Moore, and Stacy Clark. Pep Club members nominated these seniors according to personality, attitude, and support of school activities. Student body did the final voting. ' r Eddie Roush " School spirit Is important because it keeps the school tied together. It makes students involved feel a part of school life. I know I ' m really getting a lot out of school by being active. " 142 Mr.. Miss School Spirit Jean Hausheer " People who aren ' t involved with school are missing out on the good things in life. I wish I could have been more than one person so that I could have been at all the activities I was supposed to be. " Nominees: 1. Rick Althaus. 2. Maria Pantoja. 3. Eddie Roush. 4. Jean Hausheer. 5. Rusty Moore. 6. Stacy Claris. Mr., Miss School Spirit 143 AFS week does not net goal of $2,000 Truman did not reach its $2,000 goal to bring two AFS students here next year. They only raised $1,000. Activities of the week consisted of filling penny jug contests, selling and decorating doors with stocl s, selling candy and silence day passes. Master- slave day was a new method but did not seem to help. An assembly with AFS students from area schools was among activities. " We still have time to get enough money for two students if Truman students really want to work at it, " said Becky Turley, AFS chairman 144 AFS Week 1. AFS student Mary Wyburn tells differences in countries at AFS as- sembly. 2. Becky Turley, AFS chair- man, explains other ways of hoping to reach goal. 3. Selling candy — one method for raising money. 4. An Australian kangaroo — first prize in the door decoration con- test. 5. Slave, Susie Hulett ties shoe as ordered. AFS Week 145 ' Camelot ' : it won ' t be forgotten " Don ' t let it be forgot that once there was a spot for one brief shining moment that was Itnown as Camelot. " For the cast and crews of Camelot these shining moments came with a mixture of excitement, frustation, laughter, and tears. Over 80 students participated in the spring musical presented February 20,21, and 22. They combined their talents in not only acting, but also in the orchestra and the various crews. " I probably gained alot of enemies because of the position I was placed in, " said Becky Turley, stage manager, " But I feel that the standing ovations made it all worthwhile. " Mrs. Kathleen Tucker, drama teacher, directed the play, assisted by Mr. Philip Dunham, vocal director, Mr. Don Wei born, instrumental director, Nancy Hunter, student director, and Becky Romans, choreographer. 146 Musical ri. . 1. " Jenny, I love you. God forgive me, but I do. " 2. " It might do you good to get away from Round Tables and chivalry for a little while. " 3. " Oh, and Wart please —remember to think! " 4. " I don ' t want you to suffer at all. I want to congratulate you. " 5. " Spent a lovely day here years ago with a nice young chap who used to change himself into a bunny rabbit. " 6. Tra la! It ' s May! The lusty month of May! " 7. " when people hear what has happened at Camelot they may lay down their arms and come of their own free will " Muslcal 147 ( -■ ■. Quill And Scroll Bill Morris Bill Morris, nominated and selected by the sophomore class, is the outstanding sophomore student. Bill was active in football, basketball. Student Council and was president of his class. He expressed his uncertainty about his invohrement " I don ' t know; I guess my interest is in sports and Student Council. " Dawn Nienhueser, nominated and selected by the junior class, is the outstanding junior student. Dawn was active in concert choir, NHS, Pep Club and a J.V. cheerleader. " I ' m happy with the things that I do and I wouldn ' t giv9 them up for anything, " said Dawn. Greg Walker Greg Walker, nominated and selected by the senior class, is the outstanding senior. Greg was active in Interact, NHS, the musical " Camelot " and was president of Student Council. He plans to go to UMKC and enroll in a six-year medical program. " Truman has so much to offer; the only way to find it is to get involved, " remarked Greg. Dawn Nienhueser 148 Quill and Scroll Honor Roll Honor Roll Jean Hausheer, nominated and selected by the faculty, is the outstanding academic student. Jean was active in NHS. NFL. Tri-M. Thespians, AFS. Santa Fe Stake Zion ' s League, head drum major for the marching band, concert varsity band, prop crew for " Camelot. " Blue Ridge Jone ' s Store Fashion Board and One- Act Conference play. She plans to attend UMKC and enroll in a six-year medical program. As for school involvement. Jean said. " It ' s tough being in positions of leadership. " MarkTaitt Mark Taitt. nominated and selected by coaches, is the outstanding athlete. Mark was active in track, cross country and was chosen as an Ail-American. He plans to attend the University of Kansas and major in history. " My involvement in sports at Truman High School has broadened my ideals and helped to shape my personality. " commented Mark. Suzy Hulett. nominated by club sponsors, is the outstanding club member. Suzy was active in girls choir. FHA. make-up crew for " Camelot, " and was Student and Community Services chairman. She plans to study nursing at Research Hospital. Suzy expressed her feelings about her club involvement " Student Council is a big part of my life and I love it! " Jean Hausheer Suzy Hulett Quill and Scroll Honor Rol| 149 K| 4;| ;r ' . ' .i ' 3. 1. Nominees for outstanding seniors included Ron Nance, Gaylyn Jacltson, Terry Miller, Kate Myers, Mark Taitt, and Sue Smith. 2. After a month at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Maria Pantoja widened her awareness of journalism through her " Urban minority Journalism " scholarship. 3. Panel chose Jean Hausheer on scholastic achievements, school leadership, and community activities, as winner of " Cream of the Crop, " receiving a $100 Scholarship. 4. Integrity characterizes graduating with honors. 5. Student body selected Greg Walker and Maureen Ronan as Outstanding Seniors. Maureen also received the DAR award. ISO Senior Honors Z - ' i ' 4 t OcO yoO TH V ( - up AT iSBAOTiFuu " aueei CAPC r Tc. L e:i L -7-y r iT £A5 y I oo Ajc (s ?.xAD -X riOPC SX 5 YOl) Ac-OT -rriis suyi r ec . j_DJi Seniors achieve special honors i » i 1 Senior Honors 151 Sometimes I feel my mind is imprisoned by thoughts of school and its limitations, the busy paperwork I become numb from conflicting demands and begin to think I am of my own mind only when I do not listen. I want to feel vibrations, flying high above reality. I need to rush away — and get my head together through music. 152 Concerts sm 1. Todd Rundgren. 2. Jim Messina. 3. Rod Stewart. 4. Good Thunder member. 5. Paul Rogers of Bad Company. 6. Utopia member. Concerts 153 " I know it sounds trite, but Truman is a great place to teach. The faculty is composed of many different individuals, but the blend of personalities is effective. The students still seem interested in school — something out of the ordinary these days. All in all, I ' m glad to be a part of the Truman experience. " — Mrs. Pam Wight English Leadership Jennifer Penrose, Editor Leadership 155 1. Working together as a team. Dr. Carter and Mr. Humphrey review issues at a board meeting. 2. Mr. Norman Humphrey Jr., President of School Board. 3. Mr. Patrick Burke. Director of school- community relations. 4. Mr. Paul Landers. 5. Dr. Guy Carter. Superintendent. 6. Mr. Emory Parks. Deputy Superintendent. 7. Mr. Edward Shelton, Assistant Superintendent. 8. Mr. Carlton Milby, Vice-President of School Board. 9. Mr. John Ferguson. 10. Mr. Robert Goodrich. 11. Mrs. Betty Stites. 12. Mrs. Jeanne Miller. 13. Board members meet the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. 14. Mrs. Norrene Farley. Director of Federal Funds. 15. Dr. Guy Carter focuses attention to discussion at board meeting. 156 Board of Education and Administration Teaching individuals — goal of new program " Teaching individuals — not groups " provided the basis for Education Goals and Objective workshops as part of the Title III program. Created to help the student better meet his educational needs, this program originated to find and strengthen the weak areas by evaluating the teaching program. Developing skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening ranked as the most important objectives. Administrators supported the new program because as Dr. Guy Carter said, " I wholeheartedly support the program because I think it has unlimited value and potential to this school district. " Mr. Emory Parks said he supported the program because, " The ideas behind it are sound. If carried out as designed. I think it can prove to be beneficial. " Mrs. Norrene Farley, Director of federal programs for the school district, and Mr. Edward Shelton, Assistant Superintendent, headed the program. Mr. Shelton said, " I support the program because I think it will give the students preparation for things they ' d like to do after school. " Mrs. Farley warned that " Although the program is ideal presently, it may not fit our needs five years from now. " Board of Education and Administration 157 " Teachers and students see more freedom in the semester courses. " Mr. Brown ISa Principals Principals change curriculum, add classes Administrators changed the curriculum and made it possible for students to take more classes on a semester basis. Mr. LeRoy Brown, principal, said, " The semester courses were really great and students and teachers seemed to like them. " " The individual needs of the students seem to be met, " Mr. Jerry Moore, vice-principal, said. Mr. Clay Snowden, vice-principal, commented, " The semester courses were an uplift in the school curriculum. " 1 Principal LeRoy Brown, M.A., from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. 2. Vice- principal Jerry Moore, M.S., from the University of Missouri at Columbia. 3. Vice- principal Clay Snowden, M.A., from the University of Missouri at Columbia. m Principals 159 Doug Allen, B.S. Basic American History, Great Americans Kingdon A. Anderson, B.A. English III. Basic College Prep Mrs. Phyllis Anderson, M.A. Librarian Dave Baker, B.A. Algebra I, Algebra B Mrs. Linda Baker, B.S. English II Mrs. Rosemary Boetjer, M.A. English II Loren Booth, B.S. Consumer Economics, Economics James L. Bowman, B.S. Physics. Physical Science Louis H. Braley, M.S. Art II, Art III Kenneth Brink, B.S. Agriculture Mrs. Karol Brockhouse, B.S. Biology Mrs. Jill Bruns.B.S. English II, English III Mrs. Rhonda Capps, B.A. Civil War, Recent American History William R.Clark, M.A. African — Middle east History Ancient Civilization Mrs. Mary W. Clements, B.S. Spanish I, III, IV Ron demons, M.A. Publications, Journalism " We ' re setting up a foundation for what we ' ve already got. " — IVIr. Coffman 160 Teachers Teachers Mrs. Ridings, home economics, Mr. Jackson, business, (ABOVE) Mr. Dinsmore, science, and Mrs. Rice, Spanish (BELOW) discuss future Title III plans. Not pictured Mr. Coffman, physical education, Mr. Henderson, social studies, and Mr. Cox, mathematics. Title aims to advance education Educational goals Individualized instructions The Independence Title III program set out to achieve these objectives. This federal program, created by Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., used these objectives to condense what teachers strove to teach into 18 goals. An October w orkshop enabled selected teachers to rank these goals according to their importance and educational value. Teachers selected to represent Truman were Mr. Don Coffman, Mr. Norman Cox, Mr. Jerry Dinsmore, Mr. John Henderson, Mrs. Casilda Rice, Mr. Gerald Jackson, and Mrs. Sue Ridings. " I like the program for two reasons, " explained Mr. Henderson, chairman of the social science department. " You establish exactly what you ' re trying to do and exactly how you ' re going to go about it. " KennethR. Cline, M.S. Visiting Teacher Mrs. Pallas A. Cockefair, M.A. Basic College Prep. Advanced College Prep Highlights In English Literature Don Coffman, M.S. BoysPE. Lawrence Cook, M.A. Distributive Education I. II D.E. Supervisor Mrs. Mary Lee Cornett, B.S. Secretarial. Clerical Practice George Coskey, M.S. Counselor Mrs. Jane Costello, M.S. Audiovisual. Librarian Norman Cox, M.A. Math Analyis. Trigonometry, Calculas Miss Sheri Crawford, B.A. Geometry. Consumer Math Mrs. Wilma Crawford Nurse Ed Davidson, M.A. Colonial American History. Geography Mrs. Barabara Day, B.S. Mass Media. American Dreams Teachers 161 Should grades be based solely on achievement? Attitude, ability, and effort should all be included. Mrs. Snider Participation is necessary in a classroom situation because sometimes there is a mental block on test days. Mr.Hlle Thomas Oemark, M.S. Driver Education. Cross Country Coach Jack DeSelms, M.S. Vocational Architectural Drafting Jerry Dinsmore, M.S. Advanced Biology. Human Ecology William H. Drinkwater, B.S. Geometry. Consumer Math Phillip E. Dunham. M.M. Vocal Music Mrs. Merideth Francis. M.A. Mass Media. Practical English Monte Gagliardi, B.S. Driver Education Mrs. Joan Gerardi, M.A. Shorthand I. Typing Ms. Linda Griffith. MJV. Creative Expressions. Devel- opmental Reading James R. Handley, M.A. Counselor 162 Teacher$ Achievement is the best indicator to determine a fair grade if it relates to the motivation and ability of each student. — Mr. DeSelm A As a teacher, I seek to change behavior, otherwise there is no learning. — Mrs. Boetjer No. School is more than learning just facts, it is also learningto function in society — Mrs. Wyss If a student tries but doesn ' t have the mental capacity he is likely to get a higher grade than someone who doesn ' t — Mr. Schnitzer Brent Heavlland, B.A. Algebra B. Consumer Math John M. Henderson, M.S. Public Law Peter Hile.B.S. German I. II. Boy ' s P. E. Jon T. Hoehne, B.S. Great Americans. Missouri History Miss Jane Holliway, M.ED. English II. Developmental Reading Frank Holwick. Ed.S. Counselor Mrs. Genevieve Howard. B.S. English II FloydJ. Hubble, M.S. Missouri History. Russia Eastern European History Eldon Hunsicker, M.S. Distributive Education II Al Hunter, B.A. Photography I. II Teachers 163 Gerald D. Jackson, M.S. Typing. Management Norman James, M.S. Supervisor of Athletics Ms. Janelle Jennings, M.A. French I. II. III. IV Dr. M.O. Johnson, Ed.D. Supervisor of Ivlusic Education Ms. Rhea Kalhorn, B.A. Contemporary. Polticial History Mrs. Francis heads teacher organization MikeKassen, B.S. Boy ' s P.E., SwimmingCoach Mrs. Nancy Lewis, B.S. American History Mrs. Judy Lindmark, B.S. Child Development Miss Diane Lloyd, M.S. GirlsP.E. Ray Maher, M.S. Driver Education Mrs. Janice Malott, M.S. Art I, II. IV Mrs. Marion Manuel, M.S. Typing. Clerical Practice Mrs. Mary Ann McGovern Foods I. II BobMcHenry, M.S. Physical Education. Basketball Coach Charles Naudet, B.S. Math. Computer Science Charles Nelson, B.S. Chemistry. Algebra B, Algebra II Charles Price, M. Ed. Counselor Mrs. Janice Pule, B.S. Girls P,E. Mrs. Doris E. Ream, M.S. Sociology. Anthropology Mrs. Casilda Rice, M.A. Spanish M. III. IV. V Mrs. Sue Ridings. B.S. Family Relations. Child Development Mrs. Mary Robinson, B.S. Clothing II, Consumer Education Ed Russell, M.S. Driver Education. Football Coach Allen L. Schnitzer, B.A. World Religions, Latin American History Mrs. Martha Jane Sears, R.N. Nurse Mark Senter, M.A. American Moods. Bible as Literature Ms. Karen J. Seward, B.S. Typing I. Shorthand I MerieL. Shafer, M.A. Visiting Teach ' John Shinn, M.A Accounting. Business Law, S.0,0, James Simmons, M.S. General Metals. Machine Woodworking 164 Teachers Besides teaching English, Mrs. Francis is the local chairman for the National Education Association, an organization of teachers whose main objective is to combine politics with education. For the first time the group will endorse a presidential candidate in the 1976 elections. Mrs. Francis is also president of the Independence Community Teachers Association. " Our main concern is for the welfare of school children and the advancement of education. " Mrs. Francis Mrs. Lois A. Snider, B.A. Typing, Accounting Buell V. Stewart. M.S. Geometry. Consumer Math Mrs. Sharon Stinnett, M.A. Music Appreciation. Theory Mrs. Penny Swisher, B.S Speech. Drama. Debate James Talbott, B.S. Psychology Harold Thompson, B.S. Machine Woodworking Mrs. Kathleen Tucker, B.S. Dramatics Miss Susan Vida, B.S. Asian Studies. American Government. Modern European History. Miss Harriett Weatherford, M.A. Algebra II. Algebra B Algebra II. Algebra B DonR.Welborn, M.A. Band. Orchestra Charles White, M.S. Machine Shop, Drafting Mrs. Pamela Wight, B.A. American Moods. American People Darwin 0. Wilkins, M.A. Art I Mrs. Louise Winship, B.S. Girl ' s RE Mrs. Sheila Wyss, B.S. Coed and GirlsP.E. Teachers 165 Secretaries ' never have any dull moments ' Helping faculty, students, assisting principals, making phone calls, and keeping other necessary records kept the secretaries busy. Mrs. Miller said, " There is never a dull moment. " Secretaries were Mrs. Janet Barnhard, attendance secretary; Mrs. Phyllis Hanson, records secretary; Mrs. Mary Holliday, finance secretary and secretary to Principal LeRoy Brown; and Mrs. Alice Miller, secretary. Many students spent their study halls assisting the secretaries, counselors, librarian, and audio visual librarian. 166 Secretaries 1. Mr. Heaviland checks his mailbox after school. 2. Room keys are kept in order by Mrs. Holliday. 3. Duties of office aides include hanging cards. 4. Mrs. Janet Barnhard. 5. Mrs. Phyllis Hanson. 6. Mrs. Mary Holliday. 7. Mrs. Alice Miller. 8. Passes admit students to and from library. 9. Lost and found helps many students each year. --» Secretaries 167 Menus emphasize plate lunches Management of the lunch program started with menu planning. Menus were scheduled one month in advance, with emphasis on plate lunches. Mrs. Lois Bridges, together with her cafeteria staff served " Type A " lunches that met requirements specified in the National School Lunch Regulations. " We try to make nutritious meals attractive to help students learn to eat well and accept a wide variety of foods, " Mrs. Bridges, cafeteria manager, said. 1. Mrs. Mary Pursley. school matron. 3. Work continues in the cafeteria even after lunch periods are over. 4. Cafeteria staff. v y 168 Cook$ Elevator eliminates stairway obstacles The installation of an elevator provided variation to approaching crowded stairways every day. This facility was Introduced through establishment of a federal law stating that schools with disabled students must provide a safe means of getting to and from classes. Mr. Lee Austin, head custodian said, " The elevator is available to all students who are crippled, either permanently or temporarily. " 1. Custodial staff. 2. Gates open for students under command of Frank Crawford. 3. Trash cannot escape John Beebe ' s broom and dust- pan. Custodians 169 Booster Club helps at bonfire In an effort to initiate more school spirit, Booster Club helped with the bonfire held before the William Chrisman football game. Mr. Gene Ogle, president, said that the club had been busy sponsoring the football banquet and attending all games. For the first time the club had a bus going to the away games, enabling more members to attend. 1. " Oh. I ' m glad I ' m not an Oscar Veyer Weiner. " 2. Mr. Gene Ogle, president. 3. Roasted to perfection by Mr. McCulloch. 4. Hotdogs and pop make a tempting combination. 170 ' Booster Club PTSA adds students to structure, name Last spring the Parent-Teacher Association changed to include and involve the students. It became Parent-Teacher- Student Association — PTSA. To help arouse school spirit, PTSA sponsored such projects as a candy drive and a Hallmark survey. " The sales did well, but not as well as we had expected them to be, " said Mrs. Helen Branstetter, president of PTSA. Jo Ellen Larabee was elected by Student Council to represent students at the planning meetings. " I like having a say in what ' s being planned for students, " Jo Ellen commented. 1. Senior Carol Dickens sells a candy bar to help raise money. 2. Mrs. Helen Branstetter, President. 3. Junior Jo Ellen Larabee, student PTSA representative. PTSA 171 Cindy Burton, Co-«ditor Sherwyn Smith, Co-editor Individuals 173 What are sophomore goals? Lisa Harding, sec retary — " My goal was to get the sophomore class ready for our senior year so that we would stand out as a school like Truman has in the past. I expected to accomplish a class with more enthusiasm than ever before! " Bill Morris, president — " I would like to try and make enough money our sophomore year for the junior prom next year. " Lee Anne Shireman, treasurer — " I hoped we could raise enough money to let the sophomore class do things really different — so that we will look forward to the next two years. We should have an outstanding senior prom and more school spirit. " Karen Umbach. vice- president — " I wanted to get more involved in school activities. I also hoped to see more school spirit, plan more activities, and see everyone have a really far-out year. " V Donald Aaron Larry Abernathey Tammie Adkins Richard Ahmu Teresa Akers Mark Alderson Pam Allee Beth Allen James Allen Vickie Allen William Allen Tom Allinder Tammy Alumbaugh Mike Amberson Denise Argo Leiand Argo Donna Arndt Carol Arni Sheila Ashmore Jim Atchley Peter Austin Nancy Bachschmid Lynette Bailey Cathy Baker Tony Baker Bridgette Banark Raymond Banks Richard Barchak 174 Sophomores Gina Barger Karie Barnard Fayne Bass Craig Beaman Beatrice Becerra Dana Beck Gene Beggs Marty Bell Bob Bennion Conger Bently Barbara Berridge Chris Best Paul Birt Vallerie Bishop Kevin Blazer Bill Bledsoe Renee Blessman David Bliss Duke Boehm Reta Bonney Michael Soothe Warren Bott Gary Box Don Boyd Michael Boyd Sheila Boyer Jo Boyles Steve Braby William Brackenbury Jeff Braden Scott Braley Terri Brannock Bruce Branstetter Danny Branstetter Amy Brant Richard Brasfieid Becky Bray Patricia Bressman Robin Bridges Dave Brooks Steve Broughton Laurie Brown Robert Brue Cindy Brundage Sam Buccero Anita Buchanan Bill Buchanan Patti Bunnell Linda Burger Jamie Burks Barry Burlingame Mike Burnett Frank Byam Lisa Campbell David Canaday Thomas Caponetto Sophomores 175 Keith Caraway Vertinda Carey Kurt Carlson Charles Carmichael Robert Carroll Lorj Carson Steve Castle Cheryl Carter William Carty Shelley Carver Yolanda Cervantes KelleyChadwick Maria Chambers Joseph Champion Larry Chance Russell Chapin Scott Chapman KimChilds Cathy Choate Mark Christian Karen Clark Ron Claypool Janet Cline Jack Cloe Richard Clow Becky Clute Robert Cohoon Ton! Coleman John Conforti Kenny Connor Pam Cook Michael Copeland Karen Cosgrove Bryan Couch Carole Cox Cindy Cox Kenneth Cox Karen Crabtree Erin Crank Pamela Crawford Steve Crick Lee Crow Jefferson Crutchfield Cathy Davis Deborah Davis Paul Davis Rhonda Day Cathy Dean Daria Delk Carol Demmon Cathy Dittmer Steve Dodds William Donaldson Burt Oorsey Douglas Drayer Cindy Duncan 176 Sophomores Scott keeps pace with varsity swim team Stanley Duncan William Durham Cynthia Durnell Susan Dykes Doug Earnshaw Renee Eck Bob Edmondson Randy Elliott Terri Ellis Maxine Essex Phyllis Essex David Evans Gregory Evans Donald Farmer Robert Farrow Rebecca Fellers Julie Ferguson Bobby Fine Sandra Finney Douglas Fleming Cynthia Fletcher Teri Fletcher Valoree Foree Gail Francis Rick Franklin Ernest Frayling David Free Russell French Douglas Friend Mark Frischer Trina Fristoe Eddie Fritz Ronald Fry Christine Gallagher Kenneth Gallagher Sophomores 177 Bobby displays talent asTrutone Chris Gallup Jeanne Garrison Cynthia Gentry John George Nancy Gerrard Cheryl Giandalia Debbie Giandalia Mark Gibson Connie Gifford Clint Gillis Craig Gilllson Steven Gimmarro Randy Gimple Frederick Gladden Lisa Goebel Kenneth Goosey Marcia Gran Dennis Gray Kimberly Gray Kimberly Gorden Rita Gordon Kevin Goyer Jack Graham Kevin Graham Mark Graham Pam Green GregGregath Christi Griffey Laura Gronstal Cindy Gurney Kenneth Gustafson Bobby Fine enjoys filling spare moments with music as the only sophomore in Trutones. 4 - 178 Sophomores John Haggard Christopher Hall Pamela Hall Charley Hamilton Lori Hammond Mary Hancock Kelly Hanson Lynne Hanssen Lisa Hardin Rick Harding Lisa Hardy Lisa Harfield Cyndi Hargrave Lanette Harp v ' .fe Julie Harrison Taylor Harrison Bruce Hatfield Rhonda Hauser Jackie Hayes Delmar Hazelrigg Alan Heady Janice Hedberg James Hedrick Dwight Henderson Wayne Hendricks Sharon Hendrickson Deborah Henry Rick Henson -■i I.. ..1, -■ David Hepting Ronald Herndon Garry Hiebert William Higginbothar Jim Hill Timothy Hill Jan Hoback Alexander Hodge Kathy Hodges Paul Holcomb Bruce Holeman John Holm Barbara Honeycutt Dennis Honeycutt Kathy Hood Kathy Hooper Saundra Hostetler Douglas Hotson Gregory Howard Joy Howard Kathy Howe Deanna Howell Anita Howes Deborah Huff Jeanne Huff Dawn Hurst Lisa Hutton Lisa Irving Sophoniores 179 Lisa takes lessons to improve teaciiing Nancy James Katherine Janes Sonja Jenkins Kristine Jensen Paul Jensen Adra Johnson Bobby Johnson Jo Johnson Joanna Johnson Mary Johnson Robert Johnson Sharon Johnston Dale Jones Tarigene Jones Marcia Judy David Juergens David Juhn Brenda Jullff Christine Jullff Deborah Justice Kevin Kaiser Edward Kaleikau Ricky Kanoy James Kaylor Christine Keeler Alicia Kelley Jenifer Kelley Phyllis Kelley Steve Kelly Les Kelsay Helen Kenan 180 Sophomores Deborah Kendrick Cindy Kendzora Steve Khan Russell KIdwell Debbie King Gary King Jimmy Kirchner Kathy Kissee Donna Kling Karl Koch Dana Koffenburger Denise Kraft Jack Kratzer Walter Kramer nn Eric Kreisler William LaFevers Paul Lamison Lorenza Lampton Teresa Landes Anita Lane Cindi Laning Edward Lankford Theresa Latimer Jeff Laughlin Karen Lawerence Cynthia Lazenby Ralph Leach Helen Lewis Steve Lewis Cathy Lighter Jody Lineberry Kenneth Lock Rebecca Longwith Kevin Lowderman Gary Lowe Cindy Lower Charles Lowther Jeff Lucas Mary Luscola Larry Lyday Paul Lynam Tim Lynam Lisa Mallory MelodieMalott Steve Mann Teri Marsh Cheryl Marshall Susan Martin William Mason Walter Massey Dana Mathany Jeff Mattonen Laura Mawhirter Julie Maxwell Scott May Dena Mayden Sophomores 181 Debby McArthur Richard McClain Diana McConnell Ellen McClure Gerald McCluskey Jennifer McConnell Shirley McConnell Colleen McCulloch Rick McCurley Kelly McDermott Lori McDole Buel McDonald David McDonald Jan McGregor Extra hours filled with dirt biking, racing Cathy McHenry Brent McMillian Linda McPheeters Jim McQuerry Rhonda McVey John Mead Denny Metz Allen Meyer Tammy Michaels Marc Middleton Robert Middleton Barry Midgorden Brain Milam Chris Miller Jess Miller Kevin Miller Tamara Miller Bryan Mitchell Richard Mitchell Lisa Mizer Malana Mock Rebecca Mock Calvin Molt Yolanda Montoya Lanny Moon Craig Moore David Moore Kathleen Moore Randal Moore Terry Moore Woody Moorman Frankie Moreland Steve Morgan Tammy Morgan Beth Morrill Bill Morris Kim Morris John Morse Lisa Morton Janet Motes Billy Moyer Tracy Murdock W Sk I " pf l.- Zllii «ap. f- 182 Sophomores Roger Mulhollan Audie Murphy Robin Myers Russell Napps Sue Nash Cheryl Neal Raymond Nenno Judy Nichols Charles Nickerson Martha Nix Sharon Nordike David Norlie Brenda Norris Jim Norval Harold Nowlin Renee O ' Benar Lorna Ogle Naomi dinger Brandy O ' Neal MikeOstertag Fred Otis Harold Painter Robert Palmer 41 Melodi Paul Mark Pay Bob Payne Richard Pence Mike Pennington Chuck Petentler Karen Petrechko Dale Pettet Jane Phillips JeffPiehler Keith Piercey Mark Pingel Easy Rider? Dust flying, wheels wobbling, sophomore Steve Lewis takes to the outdoors to practice his racing form over dirt trils and available race tracks. Sophomores 183 Brian Poese James Popejoy Kenny Popplewell Susan Porter Laura Potts Carol Powell Lisa Powell Jeff Preator Sherie Price John Pruetting Denise Puff Cindi Pulley Bruce Quick Mike Quick Ted Quick Sherry Rabideau John Ragsdale Alison Raiford Gregory Ratcliff Tony Ray Brian Reed Jerry Reed Sharon Reed Terry Reed Tammy Rehmsmeyer Bradley Relmal Kent Rice Rebecca Rice Donnie Richards Don Richardson Sherri Richardson Diana Richey Lori Richey Lauren Riegle Mark Rife ■f:i I " ■ ' If ' 1. vvl (. 1 1 WMa Camp Fire members elect Cindi to board As advisor to the National Camp Fire Board, Cindi Hargrave will advise the board on voting. Cindi commented, " I wish the attitudes would change so people wouldn ' t think Camp Fire girls only sing. " 184 Sophomores Rhonda Riley Roger Riley David Rimer James Rinehart Robin Roark Kristy Robertson Janet Rogers Donald Rohrbach Tammie Romstad Patricia Rose Carlene Roseman Randy Roush Douglas Royle Shelly Rupe Kelly Ruse Carol Russell Julie Sagers Randy Sales Michael Salter Tammy Sanders Tom Sanders Laura Sands Tamela Schack Charles Schaefer Mark Schafer Mark Schley Michael Schooling Jeff Schuize Judy Scoggins Saundra Scott Wayne Searcy Kathy Self Mark Sesler Richard Sexton Amy Shackelford Scott Shane Michael Shaw LeAnne Shireman Renee Shirk Douglas Shockey Kenneth Shoemaker Lynnette Shoemaker Debra Short Gary Short Kimberly Shultz Lana Shumaker Vicki Sigman Charles Simmons Jennifer Simmons Jerry Simpson Kathryn Simpson Deborah Sims Jim Sincox Lloyd Sinsley Jana Sisk Marty Slade 185 Sophomores Michael Slaughter Rhonda Sioniker Pamela Slusher Doug Smith Jacque Smith Jim Smith Laura Smith Rhonda Smith Tim Smith Greg Smothers Teresa Soulis Gregory Spears Raymond Speer Bradley Sportsman Kelley Spratt Katherine Spring Becky Stacker Heather Stewart Judy Stewart Deena Stinnett Joseph Stomboly Edwal Stone Kim Sullivan Daniel Sunderland Stephen Suttie Michael Swanson Karen Swope Polly Sympson Dirk Taitt Richard Tann Barbara Taylor Thomas Taylor Michelle Terhune Charles Terry Sandy Thee Janet Thomas Bradford Thompson Russell Thompson Keith Toner Vereta Tovey James Trader Sheryl Treaster wm Theresa Tsui Gordon Turley Gregory Turner Tammy Tuttle Karen Umbach Michael VanBibber Cynthia Vanhooser Mary VanKirk Larry Vaughn Teresa Viter Debi Walker Pam Walker Leigh Wallace Julie Warner V fs 186 Sophomores Mark Warren Bradley Waterworth Susan Wayman Michael Weddle Dean Wendleton Gary Wendleton Wendy West Doug White Ricky White Sherri White Sonya Whitmire Ricky Whitmire Billy Whitson Susan Whitworth Rebecca Wilcox Steven Wilcox Patricia Wildschuetz Paul Wildschuetz Denise Wilhelm Christine Willard Kathy Williams Tim Williams Joy Willis Paul Willis Tim Willoughby Cindy Wilson Lori Wilson Curtis Wimmer Donna Winsor Dale Wolfrum Donna Woltz Marsha Womack J Deborah Woodward Ronald Woody Julie Worden Anita Young Sophomores 187 Juniors ' goal Patty Lindsey. secretary — " I wanted to get in office to get something done instead of just tallying about getting it done. I want to get the prom away if possible. " Joe Wyatt, president — " My main goal is to get the prom away from school If at all possible. Our class deserves it. We want to make enough money to let us have a really super prom next year. " new prom location r Jo Ellen Larabee. vice- president — " We hope we can get the prom away because it ' s going to happen sometime, why not this year? " Terri Solito, treasurer — " The most important thing is to get the prom away from school, and to try to make this year different from all the rest. " Julie Adams Kristi Adams Tenny Adams Nancy Aker Christopher Allen David Allen Rob Allen Susan Allen Terri Allgrunn Mary Allinder Donna Altis Deborah Anderson Stuart Anderson Kathy Andrews Cathy Angotti Vickie Arndit Kevin Ashmore GregAtchley 188 Junlors Randy Athon Alan Ayers Cathy Bailey Glenda Bailey Martin Bailey Yvonne Bailey Dean Bainter Cheryl Bair Dominick Balano Mark Barkley Laura Barnes Cheryl Bass Terry Beattle Gary Beavers Scott Beck Randy Becker Gerhard Beil Angle Benedict Sally Benefield Steve Berardi Nancy Bergman Teresa Berridge Scott Bertoldie Doug Bingham Michelle Birch Curtis Birt Julie Bishop John Bogert Brett Boice Barbara Book Kenneth Booker Catherine Boone Barbara Botts Brian Bowen Regina Boyer Wilma Boyer Wi lliam Bradford Karmen Brannock Madylon Branstetter Larry Bratcher Larry Bressman Melinda Brice Greg Briggs Julie Broski Suzanne Brown Tim Bryant Tammy Bucey Joe Burgess Juniors 189 Sharon Burnett Tom Burns Julie Butcher Kevin Button Linda Byam MaryeCahill Steve Calfas Anita Carlisle Ronald Carlton Raymond Carty Vickie Cathcart Nancy Chambers Teressa Chance Paul Christiansen Stephen Clariday Bruce Clark Kim Clark DaveClaypool Karen Cline Barbara Coe Donna Coleman Rick Coleman Wendy Comstock Diane Conforti Susan Constance Cynthia Cook Michael Cook David Cooley Becky Cooper Becky Copenhaver Greg Copenhaver Amy Cordes Debbie Corkern 190 Juniors Mark Corlett Steven Cost Robert Cox Bonnie Coy Lori Crabtree David Cracraft Joanne Cramer Lynn Crites Helene Cross Gary Crouch Randy Crowl Lynn Crutchfield Madylon tours Europe, attends youth camp David Davenport Jeffery Davies Liz Davis Franl( Davis Phil Davis Venetia Davis Mary DeCamp Theresia DeCaveile Trent Delmont Nora Denham Gary Dennis Micl(ey DePaoli Carol Dickens Teri Dickinson Helen Dieleman David Dietrich John DiGiovanni Nancy DiiBon Julia Dix Marc Domville Howard Donaldson Joyce Donaldson RoseAnna Dorsey Jim Doughty Joni Doutt Tina Doutt Bruce Duncan Lynnette Dutcher James Easley Kathie Echols Juniors 191 Teresa Edmondson Darrell Edwards Cheryl Enloe Julie Enloe Mary Jo Eiken Bill Esry Leisa Evans Steve Evans Peggy Ewing Larry Eahnestock RenaeFanara Sherj Farley Cable TV offers on-the-job experience Robert Farnham Dennis Farris Scott Fausset Bruce Fenimore Chris Ferguson Steve Ferguson Terry Field Cheryl Fitch Peggy Flippin Steve Foster Donna Fox Janet Francis Laura Frazier Kirk Freels Mary French Debi Fresonke Carol Friend Gina Frogge Karen Fronkler Nolan Fryatt Robert Fuller Gaynell Gallagher Steve Garney Rita Garrett David Gates Andrew Gerrard Bruce Gibbs Kris Gibson Twyla Gibson Calvin Gimple 192 Juniors Terry Ginn Kevin Gleason Janice Coin Gloria Golding Peggy Gooding Patricia Graham As a volunteer cameraman for cable TV, Paul McCulley increases his knowledge of broadcasting. He is one of several Truman students who are receiving training. Tom Graves Clayton Gray Mike Greenwood Debbie Gregath Pandy Griffey Tony Gulotta Sheri Gunter Brian Hacker Susan Hafner Lance Haggard Mike Hahn Pam Hale " Ki ... . V. N. i kit ' dt - Jim Hall Ed Hamer Mike Hanaway Rick Hanaway Cheryl Hansen Harcharik Michael Juniors 193 Cindy Harden " 1 PS Alice Harmon H Billy Harris 1 Ted Harrison i. ' I k Mark Hatcher t p:, Steve Hatcher d M. t » ' ii w Atchley earns award with pitching ability Steve Hatfield Terry Hatfield Sherri Hauser Nancy Hawk Wesley Hazelrigg Cindy Heidtbrink Mark Henderson Scott Henson David Hepting Lindsay Hiebert Annette Hill Don Hill Ricky Hill Mark Hogge Chuck Holt Debi Honeycutt Steve Hoskins Raylene Hosley John House Cheryl Householder Karen Houston Larry Howard Shelly Howell Cindy Hudson Nancy Huelse Bob Hughes Coleen Hughes Kelly Hughes John Huntsman Sandy Jarrett Alan Johnson Paul Johnson Susan Johnson David Johnston Donna Jones Steve Judd 194 Juniors Randy Judy Robert Kaleikau Diane Kelley Rickey Kelley Bill Kendall Danny Kelton Cindy Kilgore Greg Atchley Displays plaque he received last summer for pitching in National tournament in Sehrman Texas. Ann Kinder Kathie King jiK :A , Tom King David Kinnison Greg Kirk Scott Kisner Curtis Kivett LizKnotts Kent Koffenberger Susan Kraner Tammy Krokstrom Eddie Kuklenski Rick Kundee Joe LaBruzzo Stephanie Ladd Lillie LaHerty Kathy Lamb Susan Lamberty Jo Ellen Larabee Nancy Larson Risa Larson Lynda Lee Dale Lehman Rick Leisner Eva Lewis Gary Lewis Juniors 195 Jim Lewis Randy Lierman Mary Liley Patti LIndsey Jetf Link John Lion Nancy Lipowicz Mark Lippe Jo Locascio Russell Long Tamara Longhenry The mountains of Colorado provide a rugged test for Gary Reld as he participates In the Outward Bound program. Pat Lorenz Rick Lynch Cathey Lynn Bruce Lyon Bret Macklin Tom MacPherson Steve Magel Mike Maggi Karen Mahaffy Terri Maitland Oenlse Mallow Craig Malone 19€ Juniors l IS Janet Ualott Mark Mangels John Martinez Olivia Martinez Mark Mawhirter Stu May Gary Reid does ' his thing ' in Outward Bound TerrI Mayden Kenny Mayo Deanna McCain Kathy McCandless June McCarger Shane McCollam Shawn McCubbin Paul McCulley Michael McCurley Teresa McFadden Matthew McGuIre Roger Mcintosh Samantha McKee James McKenzle Richard McWilliams Richard Merriott Craig Milby April Miller Joseph Miller Kent Miller Debbie Mitchell Paul Mitchell Cynthia Mizer Pamela Moberly Ken Moore Anton Morefield Barbara Morris William Morris Danny Morton Ellen Mount Brad Mouse Cindy Mueller Sandy Mueller Teresa Mullen Tammie Mullins Beverly Myers Juniors 197 Mary Myers DeniseNadeau Kathy Nance Bobby Narron Bobby Naughton Pam Newman Ron Nichols Russell Nickell Dawn Nienhueser Gary Nordike Robert Northlngton Scott O ' Dell Danny Ogle JeHOtis Susie Painter Karen Patton Mark Patton John Payne Susan Pelker GregPellham Colette Pement Teresa Pennington Dan Penniston Kevin Peoples Joseph Perez Julie Peters Robert Peters Greg Peugh Debbie Phillips Debra Phillips Thomas Palmer Melissa Parkes .Ik David Parrlsh Kenneth Pasley Vickl Patterson Jackie Patton r Summer vacations can sometimes prove exciting as Patty Graham illustrates. She participated in a five- week guided tour of Europe. 198 Juniors Susan Piepergerdes Denise Pilgrim Suzan Pimblott John Piper Cathy Pointer Carol Pool Overseas trip highlights Patty ' s summer Pamela Porter Chip Portocarrero Jane Poteet Pam Powell Annette Powers Vicki Preston Brinda Quick Tom Raga Vivian Raney Paul Raveill Karen Rector Jim Reeves Gary Reid Pam Reistad Betty Richardson Greg Ricketson Mark Ridge Debbie Rigby Susan Riley Susan Roach Julie Roberts Mark Robertson Aaron Robison Pam Robinson Terry Rodenberg Mike Rogers Rebecca Romans MikeRoyle Tim Ruoff Christi Rush John Salazar Jimmie Salute Pam Sartain Tammy Sawyer Joe Scardino Todd Schack Juniors 199 Herbert Schaefer Sally Schenck Jacquie Schiavi Greg Schreckenghaust Jack Schultz Gall Schwab Northbound Express preforms for charity James Scogin Linda Scott Mark Scott Nancy Scott Lisa Sheehy John Shelton Tim Shelton Neil Sherman Greg Shields Jeff Shockley Terri Shoemaker Jeff Shultz Betty Slaght Terry Slaughter Mike Slayton Brenda Sloan Dennis Sloan Susan Smith Tracy Smith Valerie Smith Brian Snyder Tony Soldanels Terri Solito Mark Spencer Lesa Shumaker ' sn ■ ■H Jonathan Siebrasse E C HB ] w jI I Don Sievers w r 1 " h B Terry Silvey B — H Mark Simon m V Tv yT H Kevin Simpson £ • 4 V e ' J i u ■ y u imm r Vv Becky Stacker 7 VT ' GinaSteffen M Wm Ik m David Steinhauser Em " T m Laura Stewart - M. Mark Still H ' W - Kurt Stough u F f 200 Juniors Rock group Northbound Express demonstrate their musical ability as they make public appearances. Members include Mike Slayton, Greg Briggs, Bruce Gibbs, Jeff Wollenberg, Matt McGuire and Bruce Fenimore. Susan Sedge Sharon Seiwald Debbie Serig Richard Sexson Julie Shack elford Bryon Shakepeare Lisa Sharp Kathy Shaw Wesley Stover Elaine Straight Randall Stratton Tammy Sullivan Dorrine Summers Teresa Sutherland Rodney Tann Diana Taylor Steve Taylor Brett Teeter Juniors 201 Susan Thomas Kim Thurber Leiand Tittle Keith Trader Kenneth Treaster Ronald VanFleet Marcia VanWinkle Dave Vermillion James Vermillion Rochelle Vinson David Waggoner Kimberly Waisner Fred Waitzmann Tim Wallace Kenneth Walraven Megan Walsh Shane Ward Janice Warren Julie Warren Lisa Warren Richard Warren Susan Wayman Susan Weber Michael Weddle Joan Wederski Jeff Weisgerber Vicky Weisgerber Linda Weld Doria Wescott Norman West Peggy Wheeler Donna Whitcanack George White Jason White Sherri White DeeWhittington Cynthia Wilborn Steven Wilcox June Wildschuetz Charles Williams Janet Williams 202 Juniors Linda Williams Neva Williams William Williams Deborah Willis Greg Willman Brad Wilson Colette Wilson George Wilson Joey Wilson Ken Wilson Kim Wilson Robert Wingo Randal Winship David WInslow Donald Wiser Kevin Witherell Jeff Wollenberg Jeannie Woltz Brett Wren JoeWyatt Roxanne Wyss James York Youngil Yun Randy Zumbrunnen Junlors 203 Senior president — and a girl? Bob Uptegrove, vice-presi- dent — " I ' m glad girls are more enthusiastic and put more time into It. " Barb Hedlln, secretary — " It ' s good because it gives the girls a chance for leadership. " IP Twila Littrell, treasurer — " 1 think it ' s good because it gives the girls something to look forward to. " N r- ». -. ' ' Candy Adams Patty Aker David Alger PaulAllee Paula Allee RIckAKhaus Sandy Alumbaugh Lutrlcia Ambrosi Ray Andes EkaTuslAtagi Kim Atkins Lynne Austin Dwanna Ayers David Baker Joe Balano 204 Seniors Sherry Baldwin Frances Ballstrerl Beverly Ballew Cathy Bailew Bob Bank Jeff Batton Brenda Beck Marcia Benedict GregBenefieM Jim Bennett Dawn Berkvam Kevin Berry Chris Bessmer Gary Birch Angela Blakley Jan Blancas Debbie Blankenship David Blatt Billie Bolander Randy Booth Valerie Booth Gail Boothe Pat Born Vicky Bowen Wanda Box John Boyd Paul Bradley Sheila Brammer Yvette Brand Ronnie Branscon DebieBrasfield Sarah Bray Lonnie Breshears Bob Brock Mike Brock SeniorV205 fi ' - ' t ' -i Joe Broski Chris Bruch Jeff Brudar Debbie Bryant Rick Burmahl Cheryl Burt Cindy Burton Linda Burton Reba Burton Leslie Byam Carta Cain Betty Calvert RoMlyn Carlisle Danny Carmichael Sherry Carter LibbyCass Sara Cass D ' Ann Castle Teresa Castro Sheryi Chambers 206 Senlors Russ sees world from wheelchair Although he has never seen a high school classroom, Russell Pearce will graduate this year with the rest of the 1975 class. Being confined to a wheelchair has not restricted his education. He proves this by graduating with honors. fefvSs Mary Champion Kathie Child Jamas Chinnary Patty Choplin Bruca Christian GragClarii RamtyClarli Susan Clarlc Susie Clarli Stacy Clarlc Valerie Clarii Ram Claypool Cheryl CiKton John Close Jim Coddlngton BobCofer Barbara Coin Sue Coin Robin Combs Robert Conrick Mark Constance Bob Cook Carolyn Cook KeKhCook Jerry Cooper Seniors 207 College — future reality for seniors Chris Copaiand Randy Corwin Debbie Cox Jerry Cox Randy Cox Walter Cox Elizabeth Coy Sharon Crai| BrendaCrall Caroline Craven - Dominick Crescente Cindy Crocker Cathy Crowley JeannetteCullen Gary Culver Bill Cummins David Custead BillDanforth Greg Daniels Cynthia Davis ■•-V Steven Davis Connie Day JHIDeam Joe DeNicola Donna Dinwiddle JeffDHtmer Charles Dodds Donna Dodson Karen Dodson Mike Dolan an 208 Seniors Colteg night providM ttudmtt an opportunity to learn information and asic questions about further education. About 50 colleges attend the yearly event. GaNDonahoo Jerry Donaldson JcffOorrIt Kevin Doutt GaryDrlskell James Duke Vteky Dummitt Steffi Duncan Steve Duvall Linda Dykes Elizabeth Eads Charles Eastridge Sally Eckel Donna Edington Cheryl Ekehenberga Jayne Eiken Terri Eikins Tom Emmite Sayo Enomoto Vicki Epperson Lena Evans Bill Fann Senk rs 209 Cherry Farcl DoMeFarris Duane Feely Sharon Flippen Pam Foland Richard Ford Laura Franklin PamaUFranlilin RobartFranlilin Ronald Frazier KodyFrM Eddia Franch Kim French BobFronkiar EucenaGardnar David Gamier Paula Garrison Dayral Gates Glenda Gates DavaGeiter Set Ron Perry discusses with high school students job security, travel opportunities, and other benefiU of a military ca- reer. As a result many will enlist each spring. 21(VSeniors Some enlist as answer to undecided future TariGcivM Danny Garcon FradGwdmnan CindiGiandalia JaffGibbs KannaIhGiddings Tom GHbartson Karry Goldsmith BM Gordon Mark Graham Paula Graham Mark Gran Cathy Grangar Susan Graskewicz Cindy Gravas Danny Graves Jim Green Judy Greene Mary Greene Helen Greenwood Sydney Greer MikeGregath Kathy Groom RonGwinn Jennie Hackett Sarah Hafner Eddie Hahn JoalHahn JuNeHahn GregHaN SeniorVZll Gary makes his own kind of music Marianne Hall Jeff Halzbaur Janet Ham Tell Hammond — " " mmontree Barry Hancock Tim Hanssen Brenda Harbison Janice Harms Marli Harms Danny Harp c Don Harris Robin Harrison Barbara Hart Marli Harvey Curtis Hatchitt Jean Hausheer DaleHawiiins Marsliall Hedges BarbHedlin AnnHeinonen Scott Heptig Stephen Hepting Pam Hem RiU Herod liMW. ' ,1. ' Larry Hill Arthur Hodges Lynne Holmes Laura Holshouser ' -iisi v Gary Dritkell develops hi musical talent composing during his spare time. Steve Hopkins Will Hostetler Sharon Hudson Tim Huffman Diane Hulett Suzy Hulett Celia Huneycutt Dee Dee Hunter Nancy Hunter Louie Huntsuclier Bob Hutson Ray Ibarra Brian Jackson Gaylyn Jackson Sharon Jackson Christy Jessen MikeJohann Mark Johnson Tim Johnson Cora Jones Senior 213 ' m Joanie Jones Robin Jones Sherry Jones Janean Jordon watt Pritcilla Kaiser Greg Keller KathyKalley Mickey Kelley Michael Kelly TerrI Kelly Jim Kenan Kathy Kendzora Paul Kimball Karen King Bruce Kirk Vicky Kish Karen Kissee BobKlimt Lorri Kneisley Pamela Knight Linda Knipp JoBethKoenig Karen Kolar Austin Kreisler Terry rubs elbows with the pros AnytbnKrueger Rosann LaBruzzo Tom LaBruzzo Pam Lacey MikeLaFevert , 214 Seniors Michelto Lahey Cathy Lalla Vic Lamanno Richard Lance Ron Lang Roca LaPorta J.R.LaQuet MiiieLaughiin Pam Lawrence Terry Nash experiences first-hand knowledge of the world of profession- al sports while working with Royals and Kings. Tim Layman Mark Leheney Cart Lemonds Valerie Letellier Clayton Leuty Sidney Lewis Wayne Liebe Charies Liebold Wanda Lierman Peggi Lindenmeyer Terry Linson Twila Littrell Dianne Lloyd Andrew Lomonaco Jerry Lowther Seniors 215 RkkLiiff Marfc Lunceford Maurice Lumi . Rick Lutien l«iiM Lynam MarkMalott Chris Manfradi Grag Maris Garry Mariiley Cari Martin Brian Sharman practices, improves techniques and siiills to participate in future Olympic games as a fantasy changes to reality. 21C Scniors Olympic perfection fiJii ' 1 u t rSi u 1 ptfi DanlMMartiiMX Dan Mason KaUiy Mastarson LiMMathany Jim MatthiM KhnMcCarty SharylMcClaran Staphania McCollum J fff McConnMl DiannaMcCorkIa Dan McCuHock Kanny McDonald Mika McDonald Stowa McGraw LorindaMcKniglit BrandaMcPhaH Cindy Modlki Tadd Malta LyIaMayar Nancy Mayar Paoy Millar Tarry MHIar PatMHIs Psmin MHchsll KyteftAolMrty mm nonda Mock TImMonroa MIcnaHa Moora RussallMoora SaniorV217 Joyce Morgan Patty Morgan David Morris Mary Morris Mike Morris Theresa Morris Debbie Morton Pam Mosely James Motes Ronald Muirhead Bob Myers Dave Myers Kate Myers Yvonne Nadeau Don Nance Ron Nance Terry Nash VickiNave Ruth Need Gary Neal Susan Nebel 218 Seniors JulteNMdham Richard Ng Kevin NiMft Lorvtta Nickwsoii StaMNtekl KwinyNicol Frank Noland Tim NorMa Don Norman Tonya Norman Carol Norrii DabbiaNunn Deana Obarmayar DawnO ' Brian JamlaOgIa JudyO ' Naal Wanda Oskbis TaroMOtMns MaynardOxlay Lodama Pakitar Sandy Palntar Maria Pantoja Nine iMys learn more about tlie functton of American govemmant at Boy ' s State. Partici- panu were Kenny Schowengerdt, Grag Walker, Stave Nickie, Mark Lahany (upper iaft) Dave Cuttead, Greg Mark, and Jeff Gibbt (lowor right). l«ot pictured Larry Hill and Bob Cook. SaniorV219 ;fifv Donna Patrick Carol Patterson Laurie Pay Charles Paylor Russell Pearcc Greg Peel John Penrod Jennifer Penrose Pete Petentler Annette Peters Jan Peters Connie Petet Steve Phillips CbidiPietzsch MarliPinson Mary Pitchfford Craig Poese Terri Pointer Kevin Porter Rus Porter Barbara Postnikoff Laura Potter Todd Potter Terry Prater MarkPraator Becci Price John Prttchard Sandi Proctor Nora Pruetting Larry Pursley JeffRagMlale Jon Ralston Anthony Ramsey Jeff Randoll David Rash 220 Seniors Liu RawcHI nifn R990 Stave RMd TomRciss TMiRMch Girls participate in mocic elections Jini White, Lynne Aus- tin, and Connie Petet, tiiree Truman girls selected to attend giris state. Grea RcynoMt Karen Rice Steve Rich Pam Richards Liz Riley Marii Roberts Cheryl RockhoM Debbie Rohrbach Maureen Ronan Joe Rondali Eddie Roush Robert Ruegg George Rush Terry Russum Joe Rybum Seniori 221 Susan Sager Sheri Salazar Linda SallM Mike Sanciiez Jackie Scanlan ya Scanlan CariSchaefer Cathy Sclierer Linda Schiaber Ken Schowengerdt Joyce Schroeder Jerry Schulenberg INark Schweer Susan Scott Del bie Searcy Rebecca Seeli Donna Sell Jeff Serum MikeSesler Scherrie Sexton Sherri Shandler Bryon Shane John Sheehy Mark Shepherd Brian Sherman Bruce Shields Bill Shipley Bob Shipley Mark Shirky Eileen Shuitz JoeSieg Cheryl Simon Greg Simpson Michael Skaggs Oeanna Skinner 222 Seniors JStlSaaaMt i Kim, Mark attend writing seminar Danny Slatten JeH Small BuddteSmKh Carolyn Smith Marvin (Doug) Smith Sharon Smith Kim French and Marli Shepherd study new writ- ing techniques during five weeks of training at Blair Academy. Sherwyn Smith Sue Smith Terri Smith Tim Snell Kathi Solomon Paula Sooter Denite Souli Susan Spencer Maria Stadter - Lewis Stamps Lisa Stanley Dennis Starks Andy Staver Gloria Steele Deborah Steffen SeniorV223 UuraStoffMi Arthur Stepp Don Stewart Gary Stewart Mark Stilwell Danny StoHa Diana Strait Tom Striltiing DmnisStricliland Jim Stucliay ' ' i£ A Japanete-AmMican dictionary bridge tlie communication gap lietween Terry Miller and Toshi. one of tl e six Japanese visitors hosted by Truman ' s interact Club. Sandra Summers Scott Summers Michelle Sutheriand MarkSuttie GaNSwadley Monty Sweettand Sharon Swift Mark Swigert Neal Sympson MarkTaitt Japanese students visit Truman Denise Tanner Becky Taylor Graham Taylor MlMrtTheno Tammy ThM Branda Thomas J«ff Thompson Jen Thompson Lee Toner Mike Tope Debra Tripp Teresa Tripp Scott Trotta Dale Tryon Catherine Tsui Becky Turley Debbie Turner Laura Turner Michael Turner MolTwitoga ,a ' : .!r .. ;■ :; Randy Umsted Roma Umsted Bob Uptegrove Debbie Ustick Sandra Wade Leslie Wacsoner Frank Waitzmann Greg Walker June Walker CrisWalkinshaw; S«ik ra 22S Robb Wallace Kan Walls Nan Walh Carol Ward Chad Ward Grant Ward KaranWard CariWarrene DavMWatt Diploma — milestone towards future Dabble Webb GayleWebb Ganalle Weber Phil Webster Lee Ann Weiss Dana Wells Douglas Weston Loren Wheaton As graduation approaches, seniors look to thetuture for answers to important questions. Gene Wheeler Tim Wheeler Jini White Kathy White p6iTy Whit6 Donna Whittel SueWhitton Elizabeth Williams Kathy William Daniel Willi Sandra Wilcon Sherri Wilson Tere a Wingo Joyce Win or Eddie Witthar MarceliaWoH Rebecca WoH Janet Wood John Wood ReneeWood ' i::fV ' ' - -i Tere a Wood Brian Woodward Su ie Woolery Jeanie Wooten Charle Wright Vincent Wright Mary Wybum Sidney Yach Lisa York Scott Young Seniors 227 " Student involvement is joining activities that better our school, working for understanding between students and faculty, being proud of our school, and planning our future. " — SuzyHulett Senior Maria Pantoja, Editor lndeV229 4i 4e discusses metric system on newscast AKER, PATTY: p|[ice Aide. AKERS, PAM; Office Aide ALLEE. PAULA; Drill Team, FHA. Pep Club (Yell Leader). ALLINDER. JOE: Chess Club. COE. ALTHAUS. RICK: Mr. School Spirit no- pninee, Heritage " Staff. AMBROSI. TRISH; StuCo (Rep.). Tickers. ANDES. RAYMOND: Soph.. J.V.. Var. Football (Capt.), NHS, Lettermens, J.V. Track, Var. Wrestling. ATKINS, KIM: Pep Club. AUSTIN, LYNNE: Drill Team (Hist), " Summer and Smoke. " French Club, Girl ' s Choir. Var. Tennis. Girls State. J.V. Volleyball. Pats. " Camelot. " One Act Play. Pep Club (Parlimentarian), StuCo (Rep.). J.V. Swimming. Thespians. Tickers. AYERS, DWANNA: Concert Choir. BALANO. JOSEPH: Red Cross. BALDWIN. SHERRY: Girl ' s Choir, Tri-M. BALLEW. BEV: Concert Choir, Counselor Aide, " Camelot, " " Thoreau. " BATSON, JEFF: Lettermen ' s Club. Men ' s Choir. Mixed Chorus. J.V.. Var. Swimming. BECK. BRENDA: Band, BBG ' s, Girl ' s Choir. BENEDICT. MARCIA: Courtwarming At- tendant. Drill Team. Junior Secretary. So- phomore Treasurer. " Camelot. " " Sum- mer And Smoke. " Hootenanny. Pep Club. NAHS. StuCo. Thespians. Tickers. BENEFIELD, GREG: Audio Visual Aide. Soph. Football. BENNETT, JAMES: FFA (President). ' " Thoreau. " J.V. Wrestling. BERKVAM. DAWN: French Club (Pro- gram Director), NHS. BLANKENSHIP. DEBI: DECA. BOLANDER. BILLIE: COE. BOOTH. VALERIE: Band. Debate. NFL. Orchestra. Pep Band. BOX. WANDA: Concert Choir. " Came- lot. " Drill Team. Girls Choir. Pep Club. Tri-M. BRAMMER. SHEILA: COE. DECA (Parli- mentarian). Pep Club. BRANSCOM. RONALD: COE, Soph. Foot- ball. BRASFIELD. DEBIE: Drill Team. " Came- lot. " Pep Club. Tickers. 1. Renee Wood expresses her views on the metric system during a KMBC broadcast. BRAY. SARAH: Girl ' s Choir. Pep Club. StuCo (Rep.). SAE. BRESHEARS. LONNIE: One-act play. BROSKI. JOE: Lettermen ' s Club. StuCo (Rep.). Var. Football. Var. Swimming. BRUCH. CRIS: Concert Choir. " Cat Among the Pigeons " Soph.. J.V. Football, Hootenanny, NAHS, NHS, One-act play. StuCo (Rep). Thespians. Trutones. BRYANT. DEBBIE: NAHS. SOO. BURMAHL. RICK: Var. Football. Var. Track. BURT. CHERYL: Pep Club. Red Cross. Spanish Club. BURTON. CYNTHIA: Drill Team. Office Aide. Pep Club. " Heritage " Staff. BURTON. LINDA: DECA. Harriers. Red Cross. Tickers. BURTON. REBA: COE. CALVERT. BETTY: NAHS (Rept. Hist.). NHS. CARTER. SHERRY: Girls Glee Club. Mixed Chorus. Red Cross. SOO. StuCo (Rep). Tickers. Wrestlerettes. CASTLE. DANN: " Heritage " Staff. CASTRO. TERESA: Debate. LAS (Tres.). NFL. NHS (Sec.) Spanish Club. StuCo. (Rep). CHAMBERS. SHERYL: COE(V.P.). CHAMPION. MARY: COE. CHILDS. KATHIE: " Camelot, " ' StuCo (Rep.). CHINNERY. JAMES: COE. CHOPLIN. PATTI: BBGs. COE. CLARK. RANDY: COE. CLARK. STACY: Drill Team. Pep Club (Pres.). Red Cross. Tickers. CLARK. SUSAN: AFS. StuCo (Rep.). CLARK. SUSIE: Library Aide. CLAYPOOL. PAM: FHA. Girls Glee Club. ior Directory -.■ ' . »i,rt fc ,»tj k CLOSE. JOHN. COE (Pres.). DECA. CLUTE. DANNY: COE. COFER. BOB: Concert Choir. Hooten- anny, " Fiddler on the Roof. " COMBS. ROBIN: SOO. CONSTANCE. MARK: J.V. Wrestling. COIN. BARBARA: Office Aide. COOK. KEITH: J.V. Baseball. COOK. ROBERT: J.V. Tennis. CONRICK. ROBERT: Interact Club. Pep Band. COX. OEBRA: Concert Choir. Girl ' s Choir. Tickers. COX. RANDY: Var. Basketball. Var. Foot- ball. Var. Tennis. " Cannelot " . " Summer and Smoke. " " Spirit " Staff. CRAVEN. CAROLINE: Band. CROCKER. CINDY: AFS. FHA. Girl ' s Glee Club. Harriers. Spanish Club. StuCo (Rep.). CROWLEY. CATHY: Drill Team. Pep Club. CULVER. GARY: J.V. Basketball. J.V. Golf. CUMMINS. BILL: Soph.. J.V.. Var. Foot- ball. J.V.. Var. Wrestling. Lettermens. CUSTEAD. DAVID: One-Act play, J.V. Swimming, J.V. Tennis. JETS Club. NHS, Thespians. DANFORTH. BILL: Orchestra. NFL. NHS. Debate. " Camelot. " " Fiddler on the Roo " DANIELS. GREG: J.V. Swimming. DAVIS. CYNTHIA: Debate. Var. Basket- ball. Var. Track. DAVIS, STEVEN: Interact. Chess Club (V.P.), Band, Orchestra. DAY. CONNIE: Office Aide. Pep Club. StuCo (Rep.). DINWIDDIE. DONNA: SOO. Harriers. Tickers. DITTMER. JEFF: J.V. Football. COE (Pres.). DODSON. DONNA SUE: Office Aide, Girl ' s Choir. Concert Choir. Trutones. DOUTT. KEVIN: Var Wrestling. Letter- DRISKELL. GARY: Soph, Basketball, One- act play. " Fiddler on the Roof. " Interact. Hootenanny. Tri-M. Mens Choir, Concert Choir. Trutones. DUMMITT. VICKY: " Summer and Smoke. " " Camelot. " Homecoming Atten- dant. NAHS (V.P.). StuCo (Rep). DUNCAN. STEFFI: Office Aide. Quill and Scroll. Pep Club. Var. Cheerleader. " Heri- tage " Staff (Editor), Hootenanny. DYKES, LINDA: " Thoreau. " EADS, ELIZABETH: " Summer and Smoke, " " Camelot, " Heritage Attendant, LAS, Pep Club, Girls Choir (V.P.). " Heri- tage " Staff. BBG ' s. Harriers. Tickers. ECKEL. SALLY: Office Aide. " Camelot. " Junior Prom Dance Chairman. Pep Club (Sec). Drill Team. Hootenanny. EICHENBERGER, CHERYL: Concert Choir. Girl " s Choir, Tickers (Sec). EIKEN.JAYNE: SOO. ELKINS. TERRI: Concert Choir, Girls Choir, Girrs Glee Club, Drill Team. Pep Club, Triple Trio. EVANS. LANA: SOO, FAREL. CHERRY: Soph. Pilgrimage, Var. Basketball (Capt.). NSHS, SOO. Pats. FARRIS. DOTTIE: Library Aide. FEELY, DUANE: Band. " Heritage " " Staff. " " Spirit " " Staff. FLIPPIN. SHARON: Mixed Chorus. FOLAND, PAMELA: Girls Glee Club. FORD. RICHARD: J.V. Track. NHS, Red Cross. StuCo (Rep.), AFS. French Club. Lettermen " s Band. FRANKLIN, LAURA: " Camelot. " " " Heri- tage " " Staff. FRANKLIN, ROBERT: One-Act play. " " Summer and Smoke, " ' " Thoreau, " " Cat Among the Pigeons. " " NHS, Thespians, Interact. StuCo (Rep.), French Club, FRAZIER. RONALD: Soph., J.V., Var. Football, J.V. Wrestling. FREE. MARVIN: Var. Football Letter- FRENCH.EDDY: J.V. Wrestling. FRENCH. KIMBERLY: " Camelot. " " NHS, Quill and Scroll, Tri-M. StuCo (Rep). AFS. French Club. Trutones. Concert Choir, Girl " s Choir, " Spirit " " Staff. PTSA. FRONKIER, BOB: J.V.. Var. Football. J.V. Basketball. GARDNER. EUGENE: Audio visual aide, J.V.. Var. Wrestling (Capt). GARRISON. PAULA: Counselor aide. GATES, DAYREL: NHS. Band. Orchestra. GEITER. DAVE: J.V.. Soph. Football. J.V. Wrestling GIBBS. JEFF: Var. Football (Team Capt.). Soph. Basketball. Var. Track. 1st Team All Conference " 74. " 1st Team All Area " 74. " " Honorable Mention All Area ■ " 73. " NHS. NSHS. Lettermen ' s. GORDON. BILL: Debate. Var. Golf. NHS. NFL. Interact, JETS (Pres.). PTSA. GRAHAM. MARK: Var. Football. Soph. Basketball. Var. Track. Track State. NAHS. GRAHAM, PAULA: German Club. Intra- mural Volleyball. LAS (Committee Leader). GRAVES. CINDY: " Thoreau, " " Summer and Smoke, " " Cat Among the Pigeons, " " Camelot. " Var. Swimming, Thespians. Red Cross (V.P.), StuCo (Rep.), AFS (V.P.), Lettermens, Pep Club, Pats, Girls Choir. " Heritage " Staff. Tickers (Pres.), One-act play. GREER. SYDNEY: Junior Prom Atten- dant. COE. GROVES. DANNY: StuCo (Rep.). GREEN. JIM: Soph.. J.V.. Var. Football (Team Capt.). Var. Track. Red Cross, Let- termen " s. GWINN, RON: Var. Wrestling. Band. HACKETT, JENNIE: Girl " s Glee Club. HAHN, JOEL: Soph. Basketball, Var. Golf. HALL, MARIANNE: SOO. Girl " s Choir. HAM. JANET: SOO. HAMMONTREE, STEVE: Var. Football. HANSSEN.TIM: COE. HARMS. JANICE: Girl " s Glee Club. HARP, DANIEL: " Camelot, " " Chess Club (V.P.). Concert Choir. Band. Orchestra. (Student Director). HARRIS, DON: Soph. Basketball. J.V.. Var. Tennis (Co-Capt.). HARVEY. MARK: J.V. Tennis. NHS. HATCHITT. CURTIS: " " Thoreau " " , Soph.. J.V., Var. Football, J.V. Baseball. HAUSHEER, JEAN: One-act play, " " Thor- eau, " " " " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Miss School Spirit. NHS, NFL (Treas.). Thespians (Pres.). Tri-M (Sec). AFS. Pep Club, Drum Major. Pats. Concert Choir. Orchestra, Wrestlerettes. Quill and Scroll Honor Roll (Outstanding Scholar). HEPTIG. SCOTT: Soph.. J.V. Football. Soph. Basketball. HERN, PAM: COE. HEROD, RITA: " Summer and Smoke, " AFS, Band. HOLMES. LYNNE: SAE, StuCo (Rep.), French Club, Pep Club, Orchestra. HODGES, ARTHUR: French Club. HOPKINS, STEVE: Track. Senior Directory 23] lUFFMAN. STEVAN: NHS. NSHS. Quill and Scroll. Spanish Club. " Spirif • Staff (Assoc. Editor). HULETT. DIANE: Office aide. ■Summer and Smoke. " " Thoreau. " -Camelot. " The- spians. StuCo (Rep.). Pep Club. HULETT. DIANE: Office Aide. " Summer ity Service Chairman. StuCo (Rep.). FHA. ' Jirls Glee Club. Girls Choir. Hootenanny. Quill and Scroll Honor Roll (Outstanding Club Member). HUNEYCUTT. CELIA: " Camelot " . Var. -y olleyball. StuCo (Rep). French Club (SecVTreas.). Pep Club. Pats. Girls Choir. .Drill Team. Betty Crocker Award. ' HUNTER. DEANN: " Camelot. " Quill and Scroll. Tri-M. Trutones (Vice-Pres.). Con- cert Choir. " Heritage " Staff. HUNTER. NANCY: " Summer and Smoke. " " Cat Among the Pigeons. " " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Camelot. " IBARRA. RAY: Spanish Club. JACKSON. GAYLYN: NHS (Tres.). Tri-M (Pres). JACKSON. SHARON: StuCo (Rep.). JESSEN. CHRISTY: " Camelot. " Junior Courtwarming Attendant. NSHS. SAE (Pres.). Spanish Club. Pep Club. Band. Drill Team. JOHNSON. TIM: NHS. Mixed Chorus. Concert Choir. Men ' s Choir. JONES. JOANIE: " Summer and Smoke. " " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Camelot. " Var. Basketball. Tri-M (Treas.). Concert Choir (V.P.). JONES. ROBIN: Soph. Statistician. Teachers Aide. SAE. BBGS. Harriers. JONES. SHERRY: Girls Choir. Tickers. JOWETT. PEGI: Office Aide. " Summer and Smoke. " : " Thoreau. " " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Camelot. " Var. Basketball. NHS. Thespians. Red Cross. Pats (Pub. Chair- man).- Tickers (V.P). Var. Volleyball (Capt). KELLEY. KATHY: FHA. KELLEY. MICKEY: Var. Cross Country. Var. Track (Capt.). StuCo (Rep.). Letter- KELLEY. TERRI: " Summer and Smoke. " " Thoreau. ' ' Cat Among the Pigeons. ' " Camelot. " Entertainment Chairman. Senior Courtwarming Attendant. Var. Bas- ketball. Var. Swimming. Thespians. Red Cross. StuCo. AFS. Pats. " Heritage " Staff. Hootenanny. KENDZORA. KATHY: Counselor Aide. KIMBALL. PAUL: Chess Club. KING. KAREN: Counselor Aide. KIRK. BRUCE: COE. Seriousness mixes witli fun in college prep College Prep isn ' t always a serious class as Mrs. Cockefair finds time to entertain KISH. VICTORIA: " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Camelot. " NSHS. Spanish Club. Orches- tra. KISSEE. KAREN: StuCo (Rep.). SOO. Tickers. KNIGHT. PAM: SOO. KNIPP. LINDA: COE. KOLAR. KAREN: COE. KRUE6ER. ALLYSON: " Thoreau. " The- spians. Red Cross. StuCo (Rep). SOO. Tickers. Hootenanny. LABRUZZO. ROSANN: Office Aide. Soph, officer. Junior Prom Attendant. Home- coming Soph. Attendant. StuCo (Rep.). SOO. LABRUZZO.TOM: J.V. Football. Interact (Chairman of Domestic Affairs). LACEY. PAM: NHS. NSHS. Spanish Club. Majorette. DrilTeam. LAFEVERS. MIKE: NSHS. LAHEY. MICHELLE: Quill and Scroll. SAE. " Heritage " Staff (Assoc. Editor). BBGs. Harriers. LALLA. CATHERINE: Counselor Aide. Red Cross. Girl ' s Glee Club. LAQUET. J.R.: COE (Parlimentarian). LAWRENCE. PAM: Quill and Scroll. French Club. ' Heritage ' Staff. Tickers. LAYMAN. TIM: " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Camelot. " NHS. Tri-M. StuCo (Rep.). Concert Choir. Band. Orchestra. LEHENEY. MARK: Debate. " Spirit " Staff. LEIBOLD. CHARLES: J.V.. Var. Swimm- ing. COE. LEUTY. CLAYTON: NAHS. LEWIS. SIDNEY: Soph. Basketball. LEWIS. TERESA: NHS. Red Cross. Girls Choir. LIERMAN. WANDA: Office Aide. LINDENMEYER. PEGGI: Teacher ' s Aide. SAE. FHA. Pep Club (Yell Leader). Sign Painting Chairman. BBG " s. Harriers. LINSON. TERRY: COE. Chess Club. " Band " Spirit " Staff. PTSA. LITTRELL. TWILA: Junior. Senior Officer. Heritage Attendant. Homecoming Junior Attendant. StuCo (Rep). AFS. Pep Club (Yell Leader). Tickers. LLOYD. DIANNE: " Fiddler on the Roof. " ' NHS. NSHS. StuCo (Rep). LAS (Activity Chairman). Spanish Club. Mixed Chorus. Girrs Choir. LUFF. RICK: Mens Choir. LUNCEFORD. MARK: Soph. Basketball. J.V. Baseball. JETS. Mens Choir. " Heri- tage " Staff. LUTJEN. RICK: J.V.. Var. Football. Var. Track. Lettermens. Band. Orchestra. MARTIN. CARL: Var. Wrestling. 23 Swiior Directory MARTIN. JOYCE: Office Aide. Counselor Aide. MARTINEZ, DENISE: Heritage Queen, Ho- mecoming Junior Attendant. Courtwarm- ing Sophomore Attendant. Tickers. MASON. DAN: Debate. One-Act Play. " Summer and Smoke. " MATHANY. LISA: COE (Sec). Girls Choir. Harriers. MCCLARAN, SHERYL: " Camelot, " NHS (V.P.), SAE (V.P.). AFS, Spanish Club. Pep Club (Yell Leader), Concert Choir, Orches- tra. MCCLLUM, STEPHANIE: " Thoreau, " " Summer and Smoke, " " Cat Among the Pigeons, " " Camelot, " Tickers, Thespians. MCCULLOCH. DAN: " Summer and Smoke. " " Camelot. " MCDONALD. MIKE: " Fiddler on the Roof. " Library Aide. Red Cross. StuCo (Rep.), Mixed (Chorus. Hootenanny. MCGRAW. STEVE: Debate. One-Act Play. NFL. MCKNIGHT. LORINDA: " Cat Among the Pigeons, " " Camelot, " Homecoming Queen. Thespians, StuCo (Sec). French Club. Concert Choir. MEDLIN. CINDY: J.V.. Var. Volleyball. MILLER TERRY: Outstanding Senior no- minee. Junior Prom Attendant, Soph., J.V., Var. Football, NHS, Interact (Parh- mentarian), Lettermen ' s. MINISH, DAVID: J.V. Tennis, FFA (Vice- Pres.). MITCHELL. PAMM: " Thoreau. " " Summer and Smoke, " " Cat Among the Pigeons, " " Camelot, " Thespians (Sec- Treas.), Red Cross, French Club, Pep Club, Girls Choir (Sec), Drill Team (Hist.), Wrestlerettes, Hootenanny. MOCK. RHONDA: Smoke, " " Camelot. " ' Summer and MONROE. TIM: Soph., J.V., Var. Football. J.V.. Var. Wrestling. MOORE. MICHELLE: Office Aide. NAHS. MOORE. RUSTY: Soph. Officer, Mr. School Spirit Candidate, J.V.. Var. Basket- ball (Team Cap ' t.), Quill and Scroll, Letter- men ' s, " Spirit " Staff. MORA, JULIE: SAE. MORGAN. PATRICIA: SOO. Spanish Club. MORRIS. MARY: SOO. MORRIS. THERESA: Office Aide, " Thor- eau. " " Camelot. " Var. Basketball, Var. Volleyball. Pats, BBG ' s. MORTON, DEBBIE: NHS, Quill and Scroll, LAS (Sec), Spanish Club, " Spirit " Staff. MOSELEY. PAM: " Thoreau. " ' " Cat Among the Pigeons. " NHS. Quill and Scroll. SE. " Spirit " " Staff. PTSA. MURDOCK. DEBBIE: Library Aide, Red Cross, StuCo. (Rep.). COE. MYERS. BOB: Spanish Club, COE, Men ' s Choir. MYERS. KATE: Outstanding Senior No- minee. Homecoming Attendant. Var. Bas- ketball. NHS. StuCo (Rep.). FHA. Pep Club, Var. Cheerleader. Pats, Girl ' s Choir. NANCE, RON: " Summer and Smoke. " " " Cat Among the Pigeons. " ' " Camelot, " " NFL. Thespians. Tri-M. StuCo (Treas.), Concert Choir. Men ' s Choir. NASH. TERRY: J.V. Baseball. StuCo (Rep.). " Spirit " Staff. NAVE.VICKI: SOO. NEAL. GARY: Var. Baseball. NEBEL. SUSAN; Tri-M. SAE (Treas.). Tru- tones. Concert Choir (Pres.). Girl " s Choir. PTSA. NICKLE. STEVE: Debate, NHS, NFL (Pres.). LAS. NORMAN. TONYA: Heritage Junior At- tendant. NORRIS, CAROL: Counselor Aide, StuCo (Rep.). NUNN. DEBBIE: NHS. SOO, Girls Choir. OGLE, JAMIE: Office Aide, J.V. Basket- ball, J.V. Volleyball. NHS, StuCo (Rep.). Pep Club. Pats. Drill Team, PTSA. OSKINS. WANDA: Debate. NHS. NFL. Red Cross, SAE, StuCo (Rep.), Orchestra. OWENS, TERESA: " Thoreau. " " Cat Among the Pigeons. " " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Camelot. " Thespians (V.P.), Red Cross. PANTOJA. MARIA: Office Aide, " Thor, eau. " ' " Summer and Smoke, " " Fiddler on the Roof, " " Camelot, " Miss School Spirit Nominee, NSHS, Thespians, Red Cross, StuCo (Rep.), Spanish Club, Pep Club (V.P.), Pats, " Heritage " Staff, BBG ' s, Har- riers, Tickers, Chairman of Homecom- ings. PATRICK. DONNA: Office Aide. Concert Choir, Tickers. PAY, LAURIE: Red Cross, SAE. FHA, Tru- tones. Concert Choir, Tickers. PAYLOR. CHARLES: FFA. PENROD. JOHN: " Thoreau. " " Camelot. " NFL. Thespians. Concert Choir, Men ' s Choir. PENROSE. JENNIFER: Office Aide. " Summer and Smoke, " " " Spirit " Staff, Harriers, PTSA. PHILLIPS. STEVE: Soph.. Var. Football. StuCo (Rep.). PIETZCH. CINDI: Office Aide, Pep Club, Drill Team. PINSON. MARK: J.V. Wrestling. NAHS (Pres.). POINTER. TERRI: Spanish Club. Girl ' s Choir. POTTER. TERESA: COE. POTTER. TODD: " Summer and Smoke. " " Camelot. " " Var. Football. J.V. Track. J.V. Wrestling. NAHS, Thespians, Lettermen ' s Club. PRATER. TERRY: Men ' s Choir. PRITCHARD, JOHN: Debate. Orchestra (V.P.). RAGSDALE. JEFF: Var. Cross Country, Var. Track. NHS, Interact, FCA. Band. RALSTON. JON: " Camelot. " " Fiddler on the Roof. " Band. Orchestra (Pres.). Con- cert Choir. Pep Band. RAMSEY. ANTHONY: COE. RAVEILL. LISA: " Camelot. " NSHS, Tri-M. StuCo (Rep.). Spanish Club. Trutones. Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, Men ' s Choir (accompanist). REISS,TOM: COE. RESCH. TEDDY: Var. Cross Country. J.V. Football. Lettermen ' s. Senior Directo mfws ' m elia ranks first in Betty Crocicer contest RICHARDS. PAM: Drill Team. Pep Club. Var. Cheerleader. SAE. StuCo (Rep.). RILEY. LIZ: BBGS. " Heritage " Staff. Pats (Pres.). Pep Club (Yell Leader). Quill and Scroll. Office Aide. Red Cross. Var. Basket- ball (Team Gap ' t.). J.V.. Var., Volleyball. ROBERTS. MARK: Band. Orchestra. J.V. Track. t; feOCKHOLD. CHERYL: AFS. Concert Xhoir. Pep Club. StuCo (Rep). SAE. The- spians. " Thoreau. " " Cat Among the Pi- geons, " " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Camelot. " ROHRBACH. DEBBIE: SOO. Tickers (Treas.). RONAN. MAUREEN: DAR Citizenship Award. Drill Team. Girl ' s Choir. French Club. Pep Club. Pats. StuCo (Rep.). Out- standing Senior, Tickers. Senior Presi- dent. Junior Prom Queen. Var. Volleyball. ROUSH. EDDIE: Band. FCA. Hootenanny. Lettermens. Spanish Club. StuCo (V.P.). Soph.. Var. Basketball. Var. Tennis. RUEGG. ROBERT: COE. " Thoreau. " " Cat Among the Pigeons. " Thespians. RUSH. GEORGE: Audio Visual Aides. Li- brary Aide. JETS. Pep Club. Patriot Mas- cot. RUSSUM. TERRY: StuCo (Rep.). SAGER. SUSAN: " Fiddler on the Roof. " NHS. Red Cross. Spanish Club. Orchestra. Wrestlerettes. SALAZAR. SHERI: LAS (Pres.). Quill and Scroll. NSHS (Pres.). Red Cross. Spanish Club (Sec). " Spirit " Staff. SALLEE. LINDA: FHA. Drill Team. Har- riers. NAHS, Red Cross. Pep Club (Yell Leader). SANCHEZ. MIKE: Lettermens Soph. Football. J.V. Track. Var. Cross Country. SCANLAN, TONYA: Gymnastic Club. SHERER. CATHY: COE. SCHOWENGERDT. KEN: Band (Pres.). NHS (Pres). Interact (Pres.). SCOTT. SUSAN: NHS. Thespian. Tri-M. StuCo (Rep.). Concert Choir. Hootenanny. One-Act Play. Courtwarming Queen. SEARCY. DEBBIE: DECA. SEEH, REBECCA: Band. SELL. DONNA: Counselor Aide. Pep Club, Red Cross. StuCo (Rep). SERUM. JEFF: Audio Visual Aide. " Came- lot. " Lettermens. J.V.. Soph. Football (Team Capt.). SESLER. MICHAEL: Interact (Parlimen- tarian). SHANDLER, SHERRI: COE. StuCo (Rep). SHEPHERD. MARK: Soph.. J.V. Football. J.V.. Var. Tennis. Lettermens. Interact (Committee Chairman). StuCo (Rep.). " Spirit " Staff. Quill and Scroll. SHERMAN. BRIAN: Soph.. J.V.. Var. Bas- ketball (Team Capt.). SHIRKY. MARK: Audio Visual Aide. Li- brary Aide. NAHS. " Heritage " Staff. Let- termen ' s. StuCo (Rep.). Soph.. Var, Foot- ball. J.V. Tennis. Mr. Marvelous Attendant. Junior Prom Attendant. SIMPSON. GREG: Lettermens. " Heri- tage " Staff. DAR Citizenship Award, Soph. Basketball. J.V. Baseball. SKAGGS. MICHAEL: StuCo (Rep.). SKINNER. DEANNA: SAE (Parlimentar- ian). SMITH. CAROLYN: " Camelot. " Concert Choir. NHS. NSHS, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Trutones. SMITH. DONALD: " Camelot. " " Summer and Smoke. " J.V.. Var. Football. Soph.. J.V. Basketball. J.V.. Var. Baseball, Letter- men ' s, NSHS, StuCo (Rep.). SMITH. DOUG: C0E (Treas.). SMITH. SHARON: Pep Club. Head Major- ette. SOO. Tickers. SMITH, SHERWYN: BBGS. Harriers (Pres.). " Heritage " Staff. " Fiddler on the Roof. " Office Aide. SMITH. TERRI: Office Aide. SMITH. SUE: SOO. SOLOMON. KATHI: -Heritage " Staff. NAHS (Recording Sec). Quill and Scroll (Pres.). Red Cross. STAMPS. LEWIS: Chess Club. STEELE. GLORIA: Office Aide. Red Cross. STEPP. ARTHUR: PTSA. STEWART. GARRY: Lettermens. Interact (Sec). Orchestra. Var. Cross Country (Team Capt). Var. Track. STILWELL. MARK: " Camelot. " STRAIT. DIANA: COE. STRIBLING. TOM: Debate. " Summer and Smoke. " NHS. NFL. Quill and Scroll. Red Cross. Interact. LAS (Pres). " Spirit " Staff (Editor). STUCKEY. JIM: Band. Orchestra. SUMMERS. SANDRA: SOO. Pep Club. Girl ' s Glee Club. SUTTIE. MARK: Var. Wrestling (Cap ' t.). SWARTZEN. JIM: Lettermen ' s (Treas.). StuCo (Rep.). J.V. Golf. Var. Swimming, Soph. Class Officer. SWEETLAND. MONTY: Basketball Man- ager. Baseball Manager. Football Manag- er. NHS. Interact. (Treas.). Lettermens. SWIGERT. MARK: Hootenanny. StuCo (Rep.). Mens Choir. " Camelot. " TAITT. MARK: Junior Class Officer. Ju- nior Prom King. Mr. Marvelous Junior Attendant. Var. Cross Country (Team Capt.). Var. Track (Capt). 4th place State Cross Country. Quill and Scroll Honor Roll (Outstanding Junior. Qut- standing Athlete). TANNER. DENISE: Gymnastic Club. " Heritage " Staff. Soph, Homecoming At- tendant. TAYLOR, BECKY: Girls Glee Club. Red Cross. TAYLOR. GRAHAM: COE. J.V. Swimming. THEE. RANDALL: SOO. " Summer and Smoke. " THEIL. TAMMY: Wrestlerettes. THOMPSON. JENNIFER: Girls Choir. TONER. LEE: J.V. Golf. TOPE. MIKE: J.V. Baseball. TRIPP. DEBRA: NAHS. ' Camelot.- " Summer and Smoke. " TRYON. DALE: J.V.. Var. Football. J.V.. Var. Baseball. TURLEY. BECKY: " Thoreau. " " Cat Among the Pigeons. " " Camelot. " AFS Chairman. AFS (Pres.). StuCo (Rep.). Pep Club. Thespians. TURNER. DEBBIE: Girl ' s Choir. Harriets. TURNER. LAURA: Girl ' s Choir. Library Aide. UMSTED. RANDY: J.V. Track. UMSTED. ROMA: Red Cross. UPTEGROVE. ROBERT: Concert Choir. StuCo (Rep.). " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Ca- melot. " Soph.. Junior. Senior Class Of- ficer. Mens Choir. WADE. SANDRA: Pep Club. Wrestlerettes. WAGGONER. LESLIE: NHS. SOO. WAITZMANN. FRANK: Soph.. J.V. Foot- ball. (Team Capt). StuCo (Rep.). WALKER. GREG: " Camelot. " " " Summer and Smoke. " ' Outstanding Senior. NHS, 234 Seiiior Diractory fice Aide. Thespians, Quill and Scroll (V.P.. •Thoreau. " •Cat Among the Pi- geons. " Missouri Girls ' State Delegate. WHITE. PERRY: Var. Baseball. J.V. Foot- ball. WHITSON. SUE: SAE. BBGS. FHA. Pep Club (Yell Leader). Harriers. Tickers. Drill Team. " Fiddler on the Roof. " Library Aide. Teacher Aide. Soph. Statistician. WILLIAMS. KATHY: J.V. Basketball. FHA. Pats. . WILLIAMS. LIZ: " Camelot. " " Summer and Smoke. " Var. Volleyball. Var. Tennis. J.V. Basketball. LAS. FHA. Pats. StuCo (Rep.). WILSON. SANDI: NSHS. Girls Choir. WHITTAR. JOSEPH: Soph. Football. WOOD. JOHN: Mens Choir. WOOD. RENEE-: Debate. NFL. LAS. SAE. Quill and Scroll (Sec. Treas.). StuCo (Rep). French Club. ' Spirit ' Staff. WOODWARD. BRIAN: Band. J.V. Base- ball. WOOLERY. SUSIE: COE. Pep Club. WOOTEN.JEANIE: Counselor Aide. WRIGHT. VINCENT: J.V. Track. Soph. Football. Band. WYBURN. MARY: Concert Choir. StuCo (Rep). AFS. LAS (Parliamentarian). PTSA. YORK. LISA: Pats. LAS. Var, Basketball. YOUNG. SCOTT: J.V. Swimming. By placing first in the annual Betty Crocker Home Economics Contest, Celia Huneycutt will now par- ticipate in state competition. Thespians. Interact. StuCo (Pres.). Band. Quill and Scroll Honor Roll (Outstanding Senior). WALKINSHAW.CRIS: " Camelot. " WALLACE. MICHAEL: JETS. WALLACE. ROBB: Office Aide. WALLS. CARA: NSHS (Vice-Pres.). Con- cert Choir. WALLS. KEN: J.V. Golf. WARD. GRANT: Audio Visual Aide. J.V. Var. Football (Manager). J.V.. Var. Basket- ball (Manager). J.V.. Var. Track (Manager). Concert Choir. PTSA. Lettermens. StuCo (Rep). WARD. KAREN: Concert Choir. Girls Choir. Mixed Chorus. WARRENE.CARL: FFA(Sec.). WATT. DAVE: LAS. " Thoreau. " " Fiddler on the Roof. " " Camelot. " Tri-M (Vice- Pres.). Spanish Club. Orchestra. " Spirit " Staff. WEBSTER. PHILLEP: " Camelot. " " Summer and Smoke. " One-Act Plays. FCA. Thespians. WEISS. LEE ANNE: " Camelot. " Drill Team (Treas.). Girl ' s Choir (Librarian). French Club (Pres.). Pep Club. WHEATON. LOREN: Band. Concert Choir. Orchestra. Trutones. WHEELER. GENE: COE. WHEELER. TIM: ' Camelot. " " Cat Among the Pigeons. " NHS. AFS. Concert Choir. French Club. Tn-M (Historian). Thespians. Trutones (Pres.). WHETSEL. DONNA: SAE (Sec). WHITE. JINI: Drill Team. " Spirit " Staff. Pep Club (Parhamentanan Treas). French Club. StuCo (Rep.). Red Cross. Of- Senior Oirectory 2 188 Aaron. Donald 174 Abernathey. Larry 174 Adams. Candy 204 Adams. Julie 72. 74. 120 Adams. Kristi 188 Adams. Tenny 188 Adkins. Tammie 174 AFS 68. 69 AFSWeek 144 145 Agriculture 20 21 Ahmu. Richard 174 Aker. Nancy 46. 75. 188 Aker. Patty 204 Akers. Pam 204 Akers. Teresa 174 Alderson. Mark 174 Alger. David 204 J Ailee, Pam 106 Allee. Paul 204 Allee. Paula 76. 120. 122..2I Allen. Beth 174 Allen. Chris 57. 60. 188 Allen. David 61. 188 Allen. Doug 111. 160 Allen. James 174 Allen. Jeff 174 Allen. Pam 174 Allen. Rob 188 Alle n. Susie 188 Allen. Vickie 174 Allen. William 174 Allgrunn. TerrI 188 Allinder. Mary41. 108. 120 Allmder. Tom 174 Althaus. Rick52. 142.204 Altis. Donna 188 Alumbaugh. Sandy 204 Alumbaugh. Tammy 117. 120. 174 Amberson. Mike 174 Ambrosi. Trish 204 Anderson. Debi 188 Anderson. King 160 Anderson. Mrs. Phyllis 160 Anderson. Stuart 188 Andes. Rocky 57. 124. 204 Andrews. Kathy 120. 122. 188 Angotti. Cathy 57. 117. 120. 140 Argo. Denny 174 Argo. Leiand 174 Arndit. Vickie 188 Arndt. Donna 174 Arm. Carol 174 Art 32. 33 Ashmore. Kevin 188 Ashmore. Sheila 174 Atagi. Eka 204 Atchley. Greg 188. 195 Atchley. Jim 174 Athon. Randy 189 Atkins. Kim 120.204 Austin. Lynne 74. 115. 120. 122. 204 Austin. Peter 174 Ayers. Alan 189 Ayers. Dwanna 204 B Bachschmid. Nancy 174 Bailey. Cathy 189 Bail . George77 V ' v SaileK lenda 63rT20, Bli(leyXynetta4- 4 Bpiley. Lynr 2Q3 pBaiJ y. Maf frv r89 ) ' -7 Bailey. y ]bwne 5tVs. 189 ' ; Safi}t§)(h3earr f- • ..FIprCherjAjSg V Baker.X niy 174 J A f Mrs Litida 160 V wi74 jy ) ninick 189l oe204o ' A ) r . ' i i X y X 188 1 DaKerji tpy n ' t . I BaKerQavid 160- ' ' BaM-PDavid 204 Blk -- ■ - - ke Balaps. ' Bal rw joe i!U4p B wtfi. SherryJ2d5 „ , ' Bairetreri. Frances 7 9. 5 " Ballew BeviWy 112- 2 3 BalleyfJiCathypdb Bafi yt. Bridgeftfe 120. 174 B i. Ray 174 : Banks. RoBfert 205 BarchakiiRichal-d 1 4 Bar . Gina V YWey. Jatir{_51 Barkley. MatJ 189 j Barnardijjiarie 106. 175 Barries Laura 74. 12p.l8 BsrnVard. Mrs. Jai eti66 B . Cheryl lQ(7i4OT ' - Sass. Fayne92Ji75 - y Batson. Jetf O Bea nan. Craig iJ7 )- Be4ii - Terry f R ,B vers. G ry 124. 189 V Becerra. Beatrice 175 ,■ Beck . g? nda 18. 203)- ' BeijfkAC aha 175 ' ■ .Beck. ?cotrS?424. 189 1 ' cker;Han yi89 j " Beggs.-d rje 175 Beil. Gerhard 63. A 9 8 1. Marty 176 ' v p gnedict. Ar 189 V B edict. Maitera §0 ,Beh«?neld. Greg 20F B fTeld. Sally l " ' Sennett. Jim 7 I ' i Bennion. Bob 175 Bently. oh er 175 BergtdLSteve 189 Bergman. Naf l89 Bli am. Dai n 57. 74 ' 2 . Berridge. ■Barbara 1 BerfidgAjeresa 189 BerrV Kevin 2t} Bertotdie. Scbtt 189 - " Bes ' smer. d{iris 205 ( " aest. Ch,rik 75 ■ - y B ngrtarV Doug IsiZj BTrOa. ry 205 V ( ,- j Bii cW. Miciriel l89 " v iri Curfm. 169 P ) Birt.P ubT r y(f 0,0- Bishqpv-Juli l8a ' V BishotJ. ValerHf 17S r. O, Blatt. David 205 Blazer. Kevin 175 . feledsoe. Bill 175 Blessman. Renee 175 1 Blickhan. Marcia 78. 107 Bliss. David 175 Board of Education and 156.157 • P t e im.DiJke 175 , VfioetjerlMrs. Rosemary " " ' Bogert.lloltin 189 ( L Boic« BVett 189 ' O " ' ■ Bolander. aillie J05 f Boinr ey.Reta t75 ' 1 ,BopK..Bkbara 189 Wookfer. ' Kepney 169 Boone: Cathy 57. 8. 63. 75 Booster Club 171 ftooth. Loren 160g (- ooth. Randy 205 Administration 63 ' - ' Booth. Valerie 205 BootljteLGail 205 I t r . . aootfVe. Mike ll Sf-f- Bprn. Patrii k 20S ebtt. Wfpren 175 V Bo«f. B riara 78. 107 Bowen. Brian 57.82.124, Bowen, Vicky--205 Bowman. Jajnifes 160 Boxl6aryl75 ' K Boxj nda 62. 120. 122. 134. 805 BpydrtSanny 175 MBijyd. John 205 ., ' 3oyd. Mike 175 Boyer. ife ina |b9 V,. ' Boyet;. Sfieila 175 o ' i er Wilm 8% oyles. Mar arefl75 - ly ' s Saslietball 94 %5 lOOilOl i, - Braby. Steve 1 5 " i Brackenl u y, " 6ill 1 Braden. Jeff 175 f " Bradford. Bill 189 K, Br ' aiey. Paul20V Braley. LduisllOe r f Braley. Se,ott 175 vV-- Br mnrier. SheilayOS . Bramd. Vvette m J-125. 205 - Bra1(inock[ Kilirmen 120. 189 Br nnock.Ierri 107. 175 Branscom. Ronnie 20p Bransfetter. Bruce L75 Branstetter. Oanny 175 V. 96 9 ' ' 98. 93 " . ■ Blancas. Jan 205 Blankenship. Debi 205 u 236 lndex ryor r- ' J Btanstetter. M(s. Helen 17r y Branstetter.MayylQO 189 190 l - y. Brant. AmV 11 4. 115. 175 . ' I - BrAfi rDebie31. 120. 122 205 Bras teld. Rick 82. ii. 85. 124. 175 Br tctier. Larry 189 ' ABray. Bfa vl?6. 175 - BtaXj. S? ' ' ah 7 1 205 --KL i 4sriears. LonW49. 205 C J feiSTtian. Larryi24. 189 essman Pak 120.175 - Brice. Mindy 189 j Bridaek Robin 175 Brig s. Greg 189:101 Brink. Kennethl 60 Brock, Bob 63 BrocK, Mike 205 Brockhouse. Mrs. Karol 160 Brooks. David 175 Broski. Joe 108. 206 Broski, Julie 107. 189 Broughton. Steve 175 Brov»n. Laurie 114. 120. 175 Brown. LeRoy 159 Brown. Suzanne 189 Bruce. Wayne 175 Bruch. Cns 57, 60. 63. 139, 206 Bruder, Jeff 206 Brundage, Cinby 175 Bruns. Mrs. Jill 160 Bryant, Debbie 63. 79.206 Bryant. Tim 189 Buccero. Sam 175 Bucey. Tammy 118. 120. 129, 189 Buchanan, Anita 175 Buchanan, BUI 175 Bullard. Lisa Bunnell. Patti 175 Burger, Linda 125. 175 Burgess. Joe 124. 189 Burks. Jamie 175 Burlingame. Barry 175 Burmahl, Rick 30. 124.206 Burnett. Mike 175 Burnett. Sharon 125. 190 Burns. Tom 190 Burt. Cheryl 206 Burton. Cindy 53. 120, 122, 206 Burton, Linda 206 Burton, Reba 206 Business 22. 23 Butcher. Juhe 190 Button, Kevin 190 Byam. Brad 175 Byam. Leslie 206 Byann. Linda 190 C Cahill.Marye 120, 190 Cain.Carla 206 Caifas. Steve 190 Calvert. Betty 57. 63. 206 Campbell. Lisa 175 Canaday, David 110. 175 Caponetto. Tom 175 Capps, Mrs. Rhonda 160 araway, Keith 176 Carey, Verlinda 72, 176 Carlisle, Anita 65, 190 Carlisle, Rosalyn 206 Carlson. Kurt 176 Carlton. Ron 190 Carmichael, Charles 176 Carmichael. Danny 206 Carroll. Robert 176 Carson, Lori 176 Carter. Cheryl 63. 176 Carter. Sherry 79. 206 Carty, Raymond 190 Carty, William 176 Carver, Shelley 120, 176 Cass, Liboy 206 Cass, Sara 206 Castle. DAnn 52. 53. 206 Castle. Steve 176 r ' ,i Castro. Teresa 57. 206 Cathcart. Vicki 190 Cervantes. Yolanda 120. 176 Chadwick. Kelley 120. 125. 176 Chambers. Denise 176 Chambers. Nancy 190 Chambers. Sheryl 206 Champion. Joe 176 Champion, Mary 207 Chance, Larry 176 Chance, Terssa 57, 190 Chapin, Russell 176 Chapman, Scott 111, 124, 176, 177 Cheerleaders (JV) 117 Cheerleaders (V) 118, 119 Childs. Kathie207 Childs. Kim 176 Chinnery. James 78. 207 Choate. Cathy 176 Choplin. Patty 207 Christian, Bruce 51, 80, 207 Christian, Mark 176 Christiansen, Paul 190 Clariday. Steve 78. 190 Clark. Bruce 190 Clark. Greg 207 Clark, Karen 176 Clark, Kim 118, 120, 190 Clark, Randy 207 Clark, Stacy 120, 122. 143. 207 Clark, Susan 207 Clark. Susie 207 Clark. Valerie 207 Clark. William 160 Claypool, David 190 Claypool. Ram 207 Claypool. Ron 176 Clements. Mrs. Mary 160 demons. Ron 160 Clifton, Cheryl 207 Cline, Janet 176 Cline, Karen 57. 74. 120. 125. 190 Cline. Kenneth 161 Cloe. Jack 176 Close. John 207 Clow. Rick 176 Clute. Becky 176 Cockefair, Mrs. Pallas 161, 232 Cockern, Debbie 107 Coddington, Jim 78, 207 Coe, Barbara 190 Coe, Diana 207 Cofer, Bob 207 Coffman, Don 104, 161 Cohoon, Robert 176 Com. Barbara 207 Coin, Sue 207 Coleman, Donna 63, 190 Coleman. Rick 190 Coleman. Tom 107. 176 Colt. Steven 191 Combs. Robin 79. 207 Comstock. Wendy 190 Conforti, Diane 190 Conforti, John 176 Conner, Kenneth 176 Conrlck. Robert 207 Constance. Mark 207 Constance. Susan 190 Cook. Bob 207. 219 Cook. Carolyn 207 Cook. Cindy 74. 190 Cook. Keith 207 Cook. Larry 161 Cook. Mike 190 Cook. Pam 120. 176 Cooks 168 Cooley. David 190 Cooper. Becky 190 Cooper. Jerry 207 Copeland. Chris 208 Copeland. Mike 176 Copenhaver. Becky 57, 190 Copenhaver. Greg 190 Cordes. Amy 30. 190 Corkern. Debbie 190 Corlett. Mark 191 Cornett. Mrs. Mary 161 Corwin. Randy 208 Cosgrove. Karen 176 Coskey. George 161 Costello. Mrs. Jane 161 Couch. Bryan 176 Courtwarming 140. 141 Cox. Carole 176 Cox. Cindy 117. 120. 176 Cox. Debbie 208 Cox. Jerry 208 Cox. Kenneth 176 Cox. Norman 15. 73. 161 Cox. Randy 51. 124.208 Cox. Rob 62. 191 Cox. Walter 208 Coy. Bonnie 78. 191 Coy. Liz 208 Crabtree. Karen 120. 176 Crabtree. Lori 57. 120. 191 Cracraft. David 191 Craig. Sharon 208 Crall. Brenda208 Cramer. Joanne 191 Crank. Erin 74. 176 Craven. Caroline 208 Crawford. Frank 169 Crawford. Pam 120. 176 Crawford. Miss Sheri 161 Crawford. Teresa 208 Crawford. Mrs. Wilma 161 Crescente. Dominick 208 Crick. Steve 176 Crites. Lynn61. 191 Crocker. Cindy 76. 208 Cross Country 82. 83. 84. 85 Cross, Helene 191 Crouch, Gary 191 Crow, Lee 107, 176 Crowl, Randy 191 Crowley, Cathy 57. 76. 120. 122. 208 Crutchfield. Jeff 176 Crutchfield. Nelda 76. 120. 122. 191 Cullen. Jeannette208 Culver. Gary 208 Cummins, Bill 124, 208 Custead. David 57. 208, 219 Custodians 169 Index 237 Danforth. Bill 57. 208 Daniels. Greg 208 Davenport. David 191 Davidson. Edmond 161 Davis, Cathy 120. 176 Davis. Cynthia 125. 208 Davis. Debbie 106. 176 Davis. Elizabeth 106. 191 Davis. Frank 191 Davis. Jeff 191 Davis. Paul 176 Davis. Phil 191 Davis. Steven 208 Davis.Venetia68. 75. 191 Day. Mrs. Barbara 71, 161 Day. Connie 208 Day, Rhonda 176 Deam, Jeff 208 Dean, Cathy 120, 176 DeCamp, Mary 191 DeCavelle. Theresia 191 Delk, Daria 176 Delmont, Trent 124, 191 Demark, Tom 82, 85, 162 Demmon. Susie 176 DeNicola. Joe208 Denham. Nora 191 Dennis. Gary 19 DePaoh. Mickey 191 DeSelms. Jack 162. 163 Dickens, Carol 171. 191 Dickinson. Teri 191 Dieleman. Helen 191 Dietrich. David 191 DiGiovanni. John 191 DiiBon. Nancy 191 Dinsmore. Jerry 161, 162 Dinwiddle, Donna 79. 208 Distributive Education 78, 79 Dittmer, Cathy 176 Dittmer, Jeff 78, 208 Dix, Julie 191 Dodds, Charles 208 Dodds, Steve 176 Dodson, Donna 208 Dodson, Karen 13, 208 Dolan. Mike 208 Domville, Marc 124. 191 Donahoo,Gail 209 Donaldson, Greg 175 Donaldson, Howard 191 Donaldson, Jerry 209 Dorris. Jeff 209 Dorsey, Burt 176 Dorsey. Mary 106 Dorsey. RoseAnna 106. 191 Doughty, Jim 191 Doutt, Joni 106, 191 Doutt, Kevin 209 Doutt. Tina 191 Drama 34, 35 Dra er. Doug 176 Drill Team 122, 123 Drinkwater, Bill 73, 162 Driskell. Gary39. 209. 213 Duke. James 209 Dummitt. Vicky 63. 129, 209 Duncan, Bruce 191 Duncan, Cindy 120, 176 Duncan, Stanley 177 Duncan, Steffi 52, 53, 59. 1 18. 120. 209 Dunham, Phillip 162 Du rham, Willy 177 Durnell, Cindy 177 Dutcher, Lynnette 118. 120. 191 Duvall. Steve 209 Dykes. Linda 209 Dykes. Susan 177 E Eads. Elizabeth 53. 72. 133. 209 Earnshaw. Doug 177 Easley. James 191 Eastridge. Chuck 209 Echols. Kathie 63. 107, 191 Eck, Renee74, 120, 177 Eckel, Sally 120. 122. 135.209 Edington. Donna 209 Edmondson. Bob 177 Edmondson. Teresa 192 Edwards, Darrell 78, 192 Eichenberger, Cheryl 107, 209 Eiken, Jayne209 Eiken, Mary 192 Elkins, Ten 120, 122 Elliott, Randy 70, 177 Ellis, Tern 177 Emmite. Tom 209 English 44, 45 " " Enloe, Cheryl 192 Enomoto, Sayo 209 Epperson. Vicki 209 Esry. Bill 53.61,75, 124, 192 Essex, Maxine 177 Essex, Phyllis 177 Evans, David 177 ' Evans, Greg 177 Evans, Lana 79, 209 Evans, Leisa 117, 120, 192 Evans, Steve 192 Ewing, Peggy 192 Fahnestock, Larry 192 Fall Play 130, 131 Fanara, Renae 76, 120, 192 Fann, Bill 209 Farel, Cherry 57,210 Farley, Shen 71,72, 192 Farmer, Donald 177 Farnham, Robert 192 Farris, Dennis 78, 192 Farris, Dottie210 Farrow. Robb 177 Fausset. Scott 192 Feely. Duane51. 53. 210 Fellers. Becky 177 Fenimore. Bruce 192. 201 Ferguson, Chris 192 Ferguson, Julie 120, 177 Ferguson. Steve 192 Field. Terry 78. 192 Fine. Bobby 177 Finney. Sandra 120. 177 Fitch, Cheryl 192 Fleming, Doug61, 72, 177 Fletcher. Cindy 106. 177 Fletcher. Terri 177 Flippin. Peggy 125, 192 Flippin, Sharon 210 Foiand. Pamela 210 Football 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93 Ford, Richard 74,210 Foree, Valorie 120, 177 Foreign Language 46, 47 Foster, Steve 192 Fox. Donna 192 Francis. Gail 177 Francis. Janet 192 Francis. Mrs. Mendeth 162. 165 Franklin.Bob57. 70. 210 Franklin. Laura 53. 210 Franklin. Pam210 Franklin. Rick 177 Franklin. Robert 210 Frayling. Ernest 77. 177 Frazier. Laura 61. 192 Frazier. Ronald 124.210 Free. David 177 Free. Kody 210 Freels. Kirk 82. 84. 192 French Club 74 French. Eddy 210 French. Kim 51. 57, 59, 62, 74, 135, 210 223 French, Mary 192 French, Russell 177 Fresonke, Debi 120, 192 Friend, Carol 192 Friend, Doug 177 Frischer, Mark 177 Fristoe, Tnna 177 Fritz, Eddie 177 Frogge. Gina 72, 192 Fronkier, Karen 192 Fry, Ron 177 Fryatt, Nolan 124, 192 Fuller, Robert 182 Future Farmers of America 77 Future Homemakers of America 76 G Gagliardi, Monte 162 Gallagher, Chris 177 Gallagher, Gaynell 192 Gallagher, Ken 177 Gallup, Chris 178 Gardner, Eugene 102. 103, 124, 210 Carney, Steven 192 Garnier, David 73,210 Garrett, Rita 192 Garrison, Jeanne 178 Garrison, Paula 210 Gates, David 192 Gates, Dayrel 57,210 Gates, Glenda 210 Geiter, David 210 Geivett. Ten 211 Gentry. Cindy 178 George. John 178 Gerardi. Mrs. Joan 162 Gercone. Danny 21 1 Gerdeman. Fred 21 1 Gerrard. Andrew 82. 192 Gerrard. Nancy 178 Giandalia. Cheryl 178 238 lndex Giandalia. Cindi211 Gibbs. Bruce 124. 192.201 Gibbs. Jeff 21 1.219 Gibson. Kris 63. 120. 192 Gibson. Mark 178 Gibson. Twyla 120. 192 Giddings. Kenneth 211 Gifford. Connie 178 Gilbertson. Tom 211 Gillis. Chris 178 Gillison. Craig 178 Gimmarro. Steve 178 Gimple. Calvin 78. 192 Gimple. Randy 178 Ginn. Terry 193 Girl ' s Basketball 116 Glrl ' sTennls 114 115 Girl ' s Volleyball 112 113 Gladden, John 77. 178 Gleason, Kevin 193 Goebel. Lisa 178 Goin. Janice 193 Golding. Gloria 75. 78. 193 Goldsmith, Kerry 211 Gooding. Peggy 193 Goosey. Kenneth 178 Gorden. Kim 178 Gorden.Bill Goyer. Kevin 178 Graham. Jack 178 Graham. Kevin 53. 178 Graham. Mark 178 Graham. Mark 63. 88, 211 Graham. Patti 78. 193. 198 Graham. Paula 211 Gran. Marcia 63. 178 Gran. Mark 63, 211 Granger, Cathy 211 Graskewig. Susan 21 1 Graves, Cindy 53, 60, 64, 21 1 Graves, Tom 12. 124, 193 Gray, Clayton 193 Gray, Dennis 178 Gray. Kim 120, 178 Green, Jim 211 Green, Pam 178 Greene, Judy 211 Greene, Mary 211 Greenwood. Helen 211 Greenwood, Mike 193 Greer. Sydney 21 1 Gregath. Debbie 193 Gregath, Greg 178 Gregath. Mike 211 Griffey. Christine 178 Griffey. Pandy49, 193 Griffith. Mrs. Linda 152 Gronstal. Laura 178 Groom. Kathy 211 Groves. Danny 211 Gulotta. Tony 193 Gunter, Sherry 193 Gurney. Cindy 74. 178 Gustatson. Ken 178 Gwinn. Ron 124. 211 H Hacker. Brian 193 Hackett, Jennie 211 Hafner, Sarah 211 Hafner, Susan 122. 193 Haggard. John 179 Haggard. Lance 193 Hahn, Eddie 211 Hahn.Joel 124,211 Hahn. Mike 193 Hale, Pam 193 Hall, Christopher 179 Hall, Greg 211 Hall, Jimmy 193 Hall, Marianne212 Hall, Pam 179 Ham, Janet 79, 212 Hamer, Eddie 193 Hamilton, Charley 179 Hammond, Darrell 212 Hammond, Lon 179 Hammontree, Steve 212 Hanaway, Mike 193 Hanaway, Richard 193 Hancock, Barry 212 Hancock. Mary 179 Handley. James 152 Hansen, Cheryl 74, 193 Hanson, Mrs, Phylis 157 Hanson, Kelly 179 Hanssen, Lynne 179 Hanssen, Tim 212 Harbison, Brenda 22, 212 Harcharik, Mike 124, 193 Harden, Cindy 194 Hardin, Lisa 174, 179 Harding. Rick 179 Hardy, Lisa 63. 106. 120. 179 Harfield.Lisa 179 Hargrave. Cyndi 106, 107. 120, 179. 184 Harmon, Alice 194 Harms, Janice 212 Harp, Daniel 212 Harp, Lanette 179 Harris, Billy 194 Harris, Donald 212 Harrison, Julie 179 Harrison, Robin 212 Harrison, Taylor 179 Harrison, Ted 194 Hart, Barbara 212 Harvey, Mark 57, 212 Hatcher, Mark 194 Hatcher. Steven 194 Hatchitt, Curtis 212 Hatfield, Bruce 179 Hatfield, Steve 194 Hatfield. Teri 194 Hauser. Rhonda 179 Hauser, Sherri 75, 194 Hausheer, Jean 42, 57. 60. 61. 62. 143. 149. 150.212 Hawk. Nancy 194 Hawkins, Dale 212 Hayes, Jackie 179 Hazelrigg. Ray 179 Hazelrigg. Wes 194 Heady. Alan 179 Heaviland. Brent 163. 166 Hedberg. Janice 179 Hedges. Marshall 25, 212 Hedlin. Barb 75. 120. 122. 204. 212 Hedrick. Jim 179 Heidtbnnk. Cynthia 194 Heinonen. Mary Ann 212 Henderson. Dwight 179 Henderson. John 13. 163 Henderson. Mark 61. 194 Hendricks. Wayne 179 Hendrickson. Sharon 179 Henry. Debbie 179 Henson. Rick 179 Henson. Scott 194 Heptig. Scott 212 Hepting. David 179. 194 Hepting. Steve 212 Heritage Dance 132. 133 Hern. Pam 212 Herndon, Ron 179 Herod. Rita 212 Hiebert. Garry 179 Hiebert. Lindsay 194 Higginbotham, Billy 179 Hile. Peter 152, 153 Hill, Annette 120, 194 Hill, Don 194 Hill, Jim 179 Hill, Larry 212, 21 Hill, Lon 212 Hill, Rick 194 Hille, Tim 179 Hoback, Jan 74, 120, 179 Hodge, Alex 179 Hodges, Arthur 212 Hodges, Kathy 156. 179 Hoehne, Jon 163 Hogge. Mark 194 Holcomb. Paul 179 Holeman, Bruce 179 Holliday. Mrs. Mary 166. 167 Holliway. Mrs. Jane 163 Holm. Eric 92, 179 Holmes. Lynne 74, 212 Holshouser, Laura 213 Holt, Chuck 194 Holwick, Frank 163 Holzbaur, Jeffrey 212 Homecoming 128, 129 Home Economics 18, 19 Honeycutt, Barbara 120, 179 Honeycutt, Debi 194 Honeycutt, Dennis 179 Hood. Kathy 179 Hooper. Kathy 179 Hootenanny 138. 139 Hopkins Steve 194.213 Hosley. Raylene74. 194 Hostetler. Saundra 179 Hostetler. Will 213 Hotson. Douglas 179 House, John 194 Householder, Cheryl 194 Houston, Karen 74, 76, 120, 194 Howard, Mrs. Genevieve 72. 163 Howard. Greg 179 Howard. Joy 108. 179 Howard. Larry 194 Howe. Kathy 179 Howell. Deanna 179 i H i Index 239 J« Ho.vell Shelly 74 76. 122, Anita 179 Hubble. Floyd 71. 163 Hudson r ' ■ ' . HjIsc- -213 Huelse. Nar ., d ' 194 Huft. Debbie 179 Huff. Jeanne 179 Huffman. Tm 50. 51.75. 213 Hughes. Bob 74. 194 Hughes Coteen 194 Hughes. Kelly 194 Hulett. Diane 213 Hulett. Susan 67. 76. 149. 213. 228 Huneycutt. Celia 38. 74. 120. 122. 212 Hunsicker, Eldon 163 Hunter. Al 163 Hunter. Dee Dee 53. 59. 62. 213 Hunter. Nancy 213 Huntsman. John 194 Huntsucker, Louie63. 213 Hurst. Dawn 106. 120. 129. 179 Hutson. Robert 213 Hutton.Lisa 179 Ibarra. Ray 213 Industrial Arts 26. 27. 28. 29 Inflation 136. 137 Interact 7 1 Irving. Lisa 74. 120. 179. 180 J Jackson. Brian 213 Jackson. Gaylyn 57. 62. 150. 213 Jackson. Gerald 161. 164 Jackson. Sharon 213 James. Kathenne 180 James. Nancy 180 James. Norman 164 Jarrett. Sandy 194 Jenkins. Sonya 180 Jennings. Ms. Jannele 164 Jensen. Kris 180 Jensen. Paul 82. 124 180 Jessen. Christy 54. 58. 71. 75. 122. 120. 213 Jets, 73 Johann. Mike 213 Johnson. Adra 180 Johnson. Alan 124. 194 Johnson. Bobby 180 Johnson. Joanna 180 Johnson. Jo Fran 180 Johnson. Mark 213 Johnson. Mary 180 Johnson. Dr. MO. 164 Johnson. Paul 124. 194 Johnson. Robert 180 Johnson, Susan 113. 125. 194 Johnson. Tim 57. 213 Johnston. David 57. 42. 194 Johnston. Sharon 130 Jones. Cora 213 Jones. Dale 180 Jones. Donna 76. 120. 194 Jones. Joanie 60. 62. 214 Jones. Robin 71.214 Jones. Sherry 38.214 Jones Tarigene 180 240 lndex 192. 193. 194. 200. 201. 202. Jordon. Janean 214 Jowett. Pegi 57. 60. 122. 125. 214 Judd. Steve 194 Judy. Marcia 180 Judy. Randy 195 Juergens. David 180 Juhn. Oavid 180 Juliff. Brenda 180 Juhff. Christine 180 Juniors 188. 189. 190. 191 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 203 Justice. Debbie 180 K Kaiser. Kevin 180 Kaleikau. Edward 180 Kaleikau. Robert 195 Kalhorn. Ms. Rhea 164 Kanoy. Ricky 180 Kassen.Mike 111. 164 Kaylor. James 180 Keeler. Chris 180 Keller. Greg 214 Keiley. Alicia 180 Kelley. Diare 195 Keiley. Jen ' -r- 180 Kelley. Kaf-v 75.214 Kel ley. Micnae 214 Kelley. Mickey 124. 214 Kelley. Phyllis 180 Kelley. Rickey 195 Kelley. Tern 53. 60. 67. 138. 140. 21 Kelly. Steve 180 Kelsey. Les 180 Kelton. Danny 195 Kenan, Helen 180 Kenan. Jim 60. 214 Kendall. Bill 75 195 Kendrick. Debbie 181 Kendzora. Cindy 181 Kendzora. Kathleen 214 Khan. Steve 181 Kidvvell. Russ 181 Kilgore. Cindy 195 Kimball. Paul 214 Kinder. Ann 63. 76. 120. 195 King. Debbie 181 King. Gary 181 King. Karen 214 King. Kathie 195 King. Tom 195 Kinnison. David 195 Kirchner. Jim 181 Kirk. Bruce 214 Kirk. Greg 195 Kish. Vickie 58. 75. 214 Kisner. Scott 124. 195 Kissee. Karen 79. 214 Kissee. Kathy 181 Kivett. Curtis 195 Klimt. Bob214 Kling. Donna 120. 181 Kneisley. Lorn 214 Knight. Pam 79. 214 Knipp. Linda 214 Knotts. Liz 106. 195 Koch. Karl 181 Koenig. JoBeth 78. 214 t Koffenberg«|uiana lOfPO?. 120. 181 Koffenberger T nt 195 Kolar. Karen 2J4 Kraft. Denise 181 Kramer. Walter 181 Kraner. Si-Sjn 107. 195 Kreisler. - .itin 214 Kreisler. Enc 181 Krokstrom, Tammy 63. 195 Krueger. Allyson 60. 79. 214 Kuklenski. Eddie 88. 195 Kundee. Rick 195 L LaBruzzo. Joe 195 LaBruzzo. Rosann 214 LaBruzzo. Tom 70 214 Lacey. Pam 57. 58. 75. 122. 120. 214 Ladd. Stephanie 195 LaFevers, Mike 214 LaFevers. William 181 Lafferty. Lillie 195 Lahey. Michelle 52. 53. 59. 71.: 15 Lalla. Cathy 215 Lamanno. Vic 215 Lamb. Kathy 57. 74. 120. 195 Lamberty. Susan 195 Lamison. Paul 181 Lampton. Lori 181 Lance. Richard 215 Landes. Teresa 181 Lane. Jeanie 181 Laning. Cindy 181 Lang. Ron 215 Lankford. Robert 181 LaPorte. Ross 215 LaQuet. Jr 215 Larabee Jc Ellen 120. 171. 188, 195 Larson. Nancy 78. 195 Larson. Risa 195 Lascuola. Mary 125. 181 Latimer. Theresa 181 Laughlin. Jeff 181 Laughlin. Mike 215 Lawrence. Karen 181 Lawrence. Pam 53. 59 107 215 Layman. Jim 62. 215 Lazenby. Cndy 106. 120 131 Leach. Ralph 181 Lee. Lynda 195 Leheney. Mark 48. 6 1. 215. 219 Lenman. Dale 195 Leibold. Charles 215 Leisner. Rick 195 Lemonds. Carl 14.215 Letellier. Valerie 215 Lettermen 125 Leuty. Clayton 63. 215 Lewis. Dennis 128 Lewis. Eva 195 Lewis. Gary 195 Lewis. Helen 72 181 Lewis. Jim 196 Le.vis, Mrs. Na- : . 164 Lew.s Sidney 215 Lewis Steve 181. 183 Liebe, Vvayne 215 Lierman, Ranay 124. 196 Lierman Wanda 215 i Lightner. Cathy 181 L ' , ■ --.y 196 :•,.. eyer, PegE - -. ■ imjfk. Mrs. Judy76. 164 :ey. Pattil96 Lineberry. Jody 181 Link. Jeff 196 Linson. Terry 50. 51. 78 215 Lion. John 196 rLipowicz. Nancy 63. 107. 196 Lipowicz. Steve 124 Lippe. Mark 196 Literary Arts Seminar 72 Littrell.Twila 120. 133.204.215 Lloyd, Miss Diane 113. 125. 164 Lloyd. DianneE. 75. 215 Locascio. Jo 106. 196 Lock. Kenny 181 Lomomaco. Andrew 215 . —Long. Russell 105. 124. 196 ' " Longhenry. Tammy 196 Longwith. Becky 181 Lorenz. Pat75. 196 Lowderman. Kevin 181 Lowe. Gary 181 Lower. Cindy 105. 181 Lowther. Jerry 215 Lowther. Mike 181 Lucas. Jeff 181 Luff. Rick 216 Lunceford. Mark 53. 216 Lund. Maurice 216 Lutien. Rick 88. 124.216 Lyday. Larry 181 Lynam. Mike 216 Lynam. Paul 181 Lynam. Tim 181 Lynch. Rick 196 Lynn. Cathy 74. 107. 196 Lyon. Bruce 196 M Macklin. Bret 196 MacPherson. Tom 196 Magel. Steve 196 Maggi. Mike 196 Mahaffy. Karen 196 Maher. Ray 164 Maitland. Tern 196 Mallory. Lisa 181 Mallow. Denise 195 Malone. Craig 196 Malott. Janet 197 Malott. Mrs. Janice 164 Malott. Mark 216 Malott. Melodie 181 Manfredi. Chris 216 Mangels. Mark 70. 197 Mann. Steve 181 Manuel. Mrs. Marian 164 Mark. Greg 62. 216. 219 Markley. Gary 216 - Marsh. Ten 120. 181 Marshall. Cheryl 120. 181 Martin. Carl 216 Martin. Joyce 216 Martin. Susie 181 Martinez. Denise 133.217 Martinez. John 197 215 - Martinez. Libby 78. 197 Mason. Dan 60. 61. 217 Mason. William 181 Massey. Walter 181 Masterson. Kathy217 Math 14. 15 Mathany. Dana 74. 181 Mathany. Lisa78. 217 Matthews. Clark 37 Matthias. Jim 217 Mattonen. Jeff 75. 181 Mawhirter. Laura 107. 181 Mawhirter. Mark 110. 197 Maxwell. Julie 181 May. Scott 181 May, Stuart 124. 197 Mayoen. Dena 181 Mayden. Tern 197 Mayo. Ken 197 McArthur. Debby 182 McCain. Deanna 197 McCandless. Kathy 197 McCargar. June 125. 139. 197 McCarty.Kim217 McClain. Richard 182 McClaran, Sheryl 14. 56. 57. 120. 217 McClure. Ellen 182 McCluskey. Eddie 182 McCollam. Shane 197 McCollum. Stephanie 217 McConnell. Diana 182 McConnell. Jeff 217 McConnell. Jennifer 182 McConnell. Shirley 182 McCorkle. Dianna 217 McCubbin. Shawn 197 McCulley. Paul 197 McCulloch. Colleen 63. 106. 128. 129. 182 McCuiloch. Dan 217 McCulloch, J. R. 170 McCurley. Mike 197 McCurley. Rick 182 McDermott. Kelly 106. 120. 140. 182 McDole. Lori 182 McDonald. Buel 182 McDonald. David 182 McDonald. Kenneth 217 McDonald. Mike217 McFadden. Teresa 75. 197 McGovern. Mrs. Mary Ann 76. 164 McGraw Steve 45. 217 McGre -or. Jan 106. 120, 182 McGuire, Matt 197.201 McHenry, Cathy 106. 120. 182 McHenry, Robert 164 Mcintosh. Roger 197 McKee, Samantha 197 McKenzie. James 197 McKnight. Lorinda 60. 64. 128, 129. 217 McMillan, Brent 182 McPhail.Brenda217 McPheeters. Linda 182 McQuerry. Jim 182 McVey. Brenda 107. 182 McWilliams. Jim 197 Mead. John 182 Medlm, Cindy 217 Melia. Tedd63, 217 I i 4 Merriott. Riihard 197 Metz. Carolyne 182 Meyer. Allen 182 Meyer. Lyle217 Meyer. Nancy 217 Michaels. Tammy 120. 182 Middleton, Marc 182 Middleton, Rot)ert 182 Midgordcn. Barry 63. 182 Milam. Brian 182 Milby, Craig 197 Miller Mrs. Alice 167 Miller April 60. 74. 197 Miller, Chris 182 Miller, Jess 182 Miller, Joseph 197 Miller, Kent 197 Miller. Kevin 182 Miller. Peggy 217 Miller. Tammy 38. 120. 182 Miller. Terry 57. 70. 124. 150. 217 Mills. Pat 79. 217 Minish. David 77 Mitchell. Bryan 182 Mitchell. Debbie 71. 197 Mitchell. Pamm 60. 61. 74. 120. 122. Mitchell. Paul 187 Mitchell. Richard 182 Mizer. Cynthia 57. 71.72. 197 Mizer. Lisa71. 182 Moberly. Kyle24. 217 Moberly. Pam 57. 197 Mock. Becky 182 Mock. Malana 182 Mock. Ronda 217 Moe. Lee 124 Molt. Calvin 182 Monroe. Tim 217 Montoya. Yolanda 182 Moon. Lanny 182 Moore. Craig 102. 182 Moore. Dave 77. 182 Moore. Kathy 72. 120. 182 Moore. Ken 197 Moore. Jerry 159 Moore. Michelle 63. 217 Moore. Randy 182 Moore. Russell 51. 59. 143. 217 Moore. Terry 70. 182 Moorman. Woody 182 Mora. Julie 71. 217 Morefield. Anton 197 Moreland. Frank 182 Morgan. Joyce 218 Morgan. Patricia 218 Morgan. Steve 182 Morgan. Tammy 182 Morrill. Beth 106. 182 Morns. Barbara 197 Morns, Bill 148. 182 Morris, David 218 Morris. Kim 182 Morris. Mary 79. 218 Morris. Mike 218 Morris. Theresa 125. 218 Morns. William 174. 197 Morse. John 182 Morton. Danny 197 J 217 I «! Index 241 hfj I 76. 118. 120. 129. 150. Morton. Debo.e 51. 57. 59. 72. 218 Morton. Lesa 182 Moseley. Pam 51. 57. 59. 218 Motes. James 218 Motes. Janet 182 Mount. Ellen 74. 197 Mouse. Brad 197 Moyer. B.J 82. 124. 182 Mr. and Miss School Spirit 142 143 Mueller. Cindy 197 Mueller. Sandy 197 Muirhead. Ron218 Mulhollan. Roger 183 Mullen. Teresa 197 MuHtns. Tamnny 197 Murdoch. DeQbie 78. 218 Murdock. Tracy 182 Murphy. Audie 183 Music 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41, 42. 43 Musical 146. 147 Myers. Bev 197 Myers. Bob 218 Myers. David 213 Myers. Kate 38 218 Myers. Robin 74, 183 Myres. Mary 193 N Nadeau. Demse 198 Nadeau. Yvonne 218 Nance. Don 43. 218 Nance. Kathy 107 198 Nance. Ron 61. 62. 65. 126. 138. 150 218 Napps. Russe i 1S3 Natron. Bobcy 39 198 Nash. Sue 183 Nasn. Terr 53 215 215 Naudet. Cr-3rles 164 National Art Honor Society 63 National Forensic League 61 National Honor Society 56 57 National Spanish Honor Society 59 Naur- • - -rb, 198 Nav- - i: Nea .Cheryl 183 jS Neai. Gary 218 Nebel. Susan 62. 71.218 Needham. Julie 219 Nelson. Charles li Nenno. Lee77. 183 Newman. Pam 120, 198 Newspaper 50. 51 Ng Chuen Kwck219 N -■ •• ' ' evin24. 219 jdy 106. 183 . - . Ron 198 .N :■ eM, Russell 198 ,: erson. ChucK 110. 183 Ni kerson. Lori 219 N.cKle. Steve 61. 135.219 Nicol. Kenny 219 Nienhueser. Dawn 57. 117. 12: 133. 148 198 Nishio. Kiyoshi 15 Nix. Martha 183 Noland. Frank 78. 219 Nordike. Gary 198 r. uu Society 59 1 Nordike. Sharon 183 Norlie. David 183 Norlie. Tim 124.219 Norman. Don 219 Norman. Tonya 219 Norris. Brenda 183 Norris. Carol 72. 219 Northington. Robert 198 Nowal. Jim77. 183 Nowlin. Doug 183 Nunn. Debbie 57. 79. 219 OBenar. Renee 106. 120. 183 Obermeyer. Deana 219 O ' Brien. Dawn 51. 219 Oell.Scott 198 Ogle. Danny 198 Ogle. Gene 170 Ogle. Jamie 57. 120. 122 219 gle. Lorna 120 183 " linger. Naom, 183 O ' Neai. Brandy 106, 120 183 O ' Neal Judy 219 Oskins. VVanda57. 71, 219 Ostertag. Mike 183 Otis. Jeff 198 Otis. RCK1S3 Outstanding Senior 150, 15 Owens. Teresa 60, 219 Oxiey. Maynard 219 Painter. Harold 183 Painter. Lodema 219 Painter, Sanay219 Painter. Susie 198 ViPalmer, Bobby 133 Palmer, Tom 198 Pantoia, Maria 19. 52. 142. 150.219 Parks. Leroy 169 P -i-e? " ' issa 198 F id 198 F ,. i cr.netn 198 Patrick. Donna 220 Pats 124 Patterson, Carol 220 Patterson, Vicki 198 Patton Jackie 198 •« Patton. Karen 78. 198 -- Patton. Mark 198 Paul. Meloc 183 Pay. Laurie 220 Pay. Mark 183 Pay ' or. Charles 77 220 Payne. Bob 70. 183 " Payne. JOlln 198 Pearce. Russell 207. 220 Peel. Greg 220 Peiker. Susan 75. 198 APellham, Greg 107, 198 Pement. Colette 138. 198 Pence. Richard 183 Pennington. Mike 183 Pennington. Tere§a 58. 198 Penniston. Dan W6 Penrod. John 60. 51. 220 Penrose. Jenifer 53. 220 Peoples. Kevin 198 1 53. 58. 60. 75. 120. r 24Z Index « 63. 199 Pep Club 120 12! Perez, MiKe 198 Petertler.Cnuck 183 , Petentier. Pete 220 Peters. Annette 220 Peters. Jane 53. 59. 220 Peters. Juhe 76. 120. 122 Peters. Robert 198 Petet, Connie 74. 220 Petrechko. Karen 120. 183 Pettet. Dale 183 Peugh. Greg 198 Phillips. Debbie 74. 76. Phillips. Debbie 198 Phillips. Jane 183 Phillips. Steve 220 Physical Education 30 Piehier. Jef 183 Piepergerdes, Susan 57 Piercey. Keitn 183 Pietzsch.Cmdi 120 122.220 Pilgrim. Denise 199 Pimblott. Suzan 75. 199 Pingel. Mark 183 Pinson. Mark 220 Piper. John 199 Pitchford. Mary 220 Poese. Brian 184 Poese. Craig 220 Pointer. Cathy 199 Pointer. Te ' r 220 Pool. Carol 199 Popeioy. Jim 164 Popplewell. Kenny 1 Porter. Ke. m 220 Porter. Pe.-r. 57. 74. 120 Porter Rus 124.220 Porte- Susar 120. 184 Portocarrero. Cnip 199 Postnikofl. Barbara 220 Poteet. Jane 199 Potter. Laura 19.220 Potter. Todd 60. 63. 220 Potts. Laura 184 Powel.. Carol 184 Powell, Lisa 184 Powell. Pam 44. 67, Powers. Annette 61 Prater. Terry 220 Preator. Jef 184 Preator. Mark 220 Preston. Vicki 42. 199 Price Becci220 Price Charles 164 j Price S-ene 184 Principals 158. 159 Pritcnarj John 57. 220 Proctor Sandi 220 Pruett ng. John 184 Prte:: ' g. Nora 220 PTSAi70 Puff. Denise 184 Pule. Mrs Janice 154 Pulley. Cindi 120. 184 Pursley. Larry 168. 220 Quick. Brinda 199 Quick. Bruce 184 198 120. 122, 198 ,31 V 199 199 . :99 % 4 Quick. Mike 77. 184 Quick. Ted 184 Quill and Scroll 58 Quill and Scroll Honor Roll 148. 149 R Rabideau. Sherry 184 Raga. Tom 199 Ragsdale.Jeff 57.83. 220 Raiford. Alison 106. 120. 184 Ralston. Jon 220 Ramsey. Anthony 220 Randol. Jeff 220 Raney. Vivian 199 Rash. David 220 Ratcliff. Greg70. 184 Raveill. Lisa57.58. 62. 221 Raveill.Paul 199 Ray. Tony 184 Ream. Mrs. Doris 164 Rector. Karen 117.120. 199 Reed. Brian 184 Reed. Jerry 184 Reed. Kim 221 Reed. Sharon 184 Reed. Steven 221 Reed. Terry 70. 184 Reeves. Jim 40. 124, 199 Rehmsmeyer. Tammy 184 - Reid. Gary 196, 199 Reimal. Brad 184 Reiss.Tom221 Reistad. Pam 117. 199 Resch. Ted221 Reynolds. Greg 221 Rice. Mrs. Casilda 47. 58, 164 Rice. Karen 221 Rice. Kent 184 Rice. Rebecca 184 Rich. Steve 221 Richards. Donme 184 Richards. Pam 118. 120.221 Richardson. Betty 199 w Richardson. Don 184 Richardson. Sherri 184 Richey. Diana 106. 120, 184 Richey. Janice 120. 125 Richey. Lori 184 Ricketson. Greg 199 Ridge. Mark 199 Ridings. Mrs Sue 164 Riegie. Lauren 184 Rife. Mark 184 Rigby. Debbie 199 Riley. Liz 53. 59. 120. 125.221 Riley, Rhonda 185 Riley, Roger 92. 93, 185 Riley. Susan 199 Rimmer, David 185 " RInehart. James 185 Roach. Susan 199 Roark. Robin 185 Roberts. Ji-ie 199 Roberts. Mark 221 Robertson Knsty 185 Robertson. Mark 199 Robinson. Mrs. Mary 76. 154 Robinson. Pam 199 Robison. Aaron 199 PI ,222 Rock Concerts 152. 153 Rockhold. Cheryl 60. 221 Rodenberg. Terry 199 Rogers. Janet 185 Rogers, Mike 88, 124, 199 Rohrbach, Debbie 79, 221 Rohrbach, Oonnie 185 Romans. Beckie57. 120. 122. 139. 199 Romstad. Tammie 185 Ronan. Maureen 151. 204. 221 Rondall. Joe221 Rose. Patricia 185 Roseman, Carlene 185 Roush, Eddie 64, 124, 142,221 Roush. Randy 185 Royle. Doug 185 Royle. Mike87.89. 124. 199 Ruegg. Bob 221 Ruoff. Tim 199 Rupe. Shelley 185 Rupe. Kelh 185 Rush.Christi 199 Rush. George 73. 221 Russell. Carol 185 Russell. Ed 86. 164 Russum. Terry 221 Ryburn, Joe221 S Sager. Julie 185 Sager. Susan 57,221 Salazar. John 58.72.75, 199 Salazar. Shen 51. 57, 58. 72. 75 Sales. Randy 185 Sallee. Linda 71, 120, 122.222 Salter. Mike 185 Saluto. Jim 199 Sanchez. Mike 82, 124.222 Sanders. Tammy 185 Sanders, Tom 185 Sands. Laura 185 Sartain. Pam 199 Saughlin. Mike 136 Sawyer. Tammy 199 Scanlan. Jackie 63. 222 Scanlan. Tonya 222 Scardino. Joe 199 Schark. Tamela 185 Schack. Todd 199 Schaefer, Carl 185. 222 Schaefer. Herbert 199 Schafer. Jacqueline 187 Schafer. Mark 185 Schenck. Sally63. 75. 200 . Scherer, Cathy 222 Schiaiir. Jacquie 78, 200 Schieber, Linda 222 Schley, Mark 82. 185 Schnitzer. Allen 86. 164 Schooling. Mike 185 Schowengerdt. Kenny 10. 56. 57. 70. 219 222 Schreckinghaust. Greg 200 Schroder. Joyce 222 Schulenberg, Jerry 222 Schulze. Jeff 185 Schutz. Jack 200 Schwab. Gail 57. 76. 181. 120. 200 Schweer. Mark 222 Science 16. 17 Scogin, James 200 Scoggins, Judy 185 Scott, Linda 200 Scott. Mark 200 Scott. Nancy 200 Scott. Saundra 185 Scott. Susan 57 60, 62. 140, 222 Searcy, Debbie 222 Searcy, Wayne 185 Sears.Mrs, Martha 164 Secretaries 166. 167 Sedge, Susan 76, 120.201 Seeh. Rebecca 222 Seiwald, Sharon 120. 201 Self, Kathy 185 Sell, Donna 222 Senior Directory 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235 Seniors 204. 205, 206, 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215, 216, 217. 218. 219. 220. 221, 222. 223. 224. 225. 226, 227 Senter, Mark72. 164 Seng. Debbie 201 Serum. Jeff 222 Sesler. Mike 15, 57. 185.222 Seward. Miss Karen 164 Sexson. Richard 201 Sexton. Richard 185 Sexton. Sherrie 222 Shackelford, Amy 185, 201 Shafer. Merle 164 Shakespeare. Bryan 201 Shandler. Sherri 222 Shane. Bryan 222 Shane. Scott 185 Sharp. Lisa 201 Shaw. Kathy 201 Shaw. Mike 185 Sheehy. John 222 Sheehy, Lisa 57, 125.200 Shelton, John 200 Shelton.Tim 200 Shepherd, Mark 51. 222. 223 Sherman, Brian 216, 222 Sherman, Ned 200 Shields. Bruce 222 Shields. Greg 200 Shinn. John 164 Shipley. Bill 222 Shipley. Robert 222 Shireman. LeAnne 106, 120. 174, Shirk. Renee 185 Shirky. Mark53, 63. 67, 222 Shockey, Doug 185 JV Shockley. Jeff 124, 200 " Shoemaker. Kenneth 185 Shoemaker. Lynette 125. 185 Shoemaker. Tern 107. 200 Short. Debra 120. 185 Short. Gary 185 Shultz. Eileen 222 Shultz. Jeff 200 Shultz. Kim 12. 107, 120. 185 Shumaker. Lana 185 Shumaker. Lisa 200 Siebrasse. Jon 200 1 J lndeV243 Sielrose. Jonathan 200 Sieg. Joe 222 Sievers. Don 124.200 Sigman. Vicki 114. 120. 185 Sllvey. Terry 200 Simmons. Chuck 185 Simmons. James 164 Simmons. Jennifer 185 Simon. Cheryl 120.222 Simon. Mark 86. 90. 200 Simpson. Greg 53. 222 Simpson. Jerry 185 Simpson. Kathy 74. 185 Simpson. Kevin 200 Sims. Debbie 185 Sincox. Jim 185 Sinsley. Lloyd 185 Sisk. Jana 75. 106, 185 Skaggs. Mike 222 Skinner. Deanna 57. 71. 222 Slade. Marty 185 Slaght. Betty 200 Slatten. Danny 223 Slaughter. Mike 186 Sl aughter. Terry 200 Slayton. Mike 200 Sloan. Brenda 74. 125, 200 Sloan. Dennis 200 Sloniker. Rhonda 186 Sluslier, Pam 186 Small. Jeft 223 Smith Buddy 124.223 Smith. Carolyn 57. 58. 223 Smith. Doug 186 Smith. Doug 78. 223 Smith. Jacque 186 Smith. Jim 186 Smith. Laura 120. 186 Smith. Rhonda 186 Smith. Sharon 48. 79. 223 Smith. Sherwyn 53. 223 Smith, Sue 79. 150.223 Smith. Susan 200 Smith. Terri 223 Smith. Tim 186 Smith. Tracy 200 Smith, Va erie 57. 71. 72. 74. 200 Smothers. Greg 186 Snell.Tim223 Snider. Mrs. Lois 165 Snowden.Clay 159 Snyder. Brian 82. 124. 200 Social Science 12. 13 Soldanels. Tony 200 Solito. Tern 76. 120. 122. 188. 200 Solomon Kathi 52. 53. 59, 223 Sophomores 174. 175. 176, 177. 179. 130. ISl 182. 183. 184. 185. 187 Soulis. Denisp 223 Soul ' s Teresa 186 Spanish Club 75 Spearj. Gri ' g: 186 Speech and Debate 43 49 Speer. Raymond 186 " Spencer. Mark VS. 60. 200 Spencer. Su-jcf .23 ' Sportsman. Bi lu 136 178. 186. Spratt. Kelley 186 Spring. Kathy 186 Stacker. Beckie 200 Stacker. Becky 186 Stadter. Maria 223 Stamps. Lewis 223 Stanley. Lisa 223 Starks. Dennis 223 Steele. Gloria 223 Steffen. Debbie 223 Steffen. Gina 200 Steinhauser. David 110. 124. 200 Stepp. Arther 224 Stewart. Buell 165 Stewart, Don 224 Stewart, Garry 57, 224 Stewart. Heather 74. 107, 186 Stewart. Judy 186 Stewart. Laura 200 Still. Mark 200 Stilwell, Mark 224 Stinnett, Deena 186 Stinnett. Mrs. Sharon 165 Stolta. Danny 224 Stomboly. Joseph 186 Stone. Edward 186 Stough. Kurt 200 Stover. Andy 224 Stover. Wes 201 Strait. Diana 224 Straight. Elaine 201 Stratton. Randy 103. 201 Stribling. Tom 51. 57. 72. 224 Strickland. Dennis 224 Stuckey, Jim 224 Students Action for Education 70 Student Council 64, 65, 66, 67 Student Opinion 134, 135 Sullivan. Kim 186 Sullivan. Tammy 201 Summers. Dorrlne 201 Summers. Sandra 18. 224 Summers. Scott 224 Sunderland. Danny 186 Sutherland. Michelle 224 Sutherland. Teresa 201 Suttie. Mark 124.224 Suttie. Steve 186 Swadley. Gail 224 Swanson. Mike 186 Sweetland. Monty 57. 224 Swift. Sharon 224 Swigert, Mark 45. 224 Swimming 108. 109. 110, 111 Swisher. Mrs. Penny 61. 165 Swope. Karen 186 Sympson, Neal 224 Sympson. Polly 120. 186 T Taitt. Dirk82. 104. 124. 186 Taitt. Mark82. 149. 150.224 Talbott. James 165 Tann. Richard 186 Tann. Rodney 201 Tanner. Denise 53. 225 Taylor. Barbara 186 Taylor. Becky 225 Taylor, Diana 107.201 Taylor. Graham 78. 225 Taylor. Steve 201 Taylor. Tom 186 Teachers, 160. 161 162. 163. 164. 165 Teeter. Matt 201 Techune. Michelle 74. 120, 186 Terry. Charles 186 Thee. Sandy 186 Theno. Albert 225 Thespians 60 Thiel. Tammy 40. 225 Thomas. Brenda 79. 225 Thomas. Janet 186 Thomas. Susan 78, 202 Thompson. Brad 186 Thompson, Harold 165 Thompson. Jeff 225 Thompson. Jennifer 225 Thurber. Kim 202 Tickers 107 Tittle. Leiand 202 Tomham. Robert 73 Toner. Keith 186 Toner. Lee 57, 225 Tope. Mike 225 Tovey. Vereta 186 Trader. James 186 Trader. Keith 202 Treaster. Kenney 202 Treaster. Sheryl 186 Tri-M 62 Tnpp, Debra63. 225 Tripp, Mike 202 Tripp. Teresa 225 Trotter, Dale 202 Trotter. Scott 225 Tryon. Dale 225 Tsui. Catherine 225 Tsui. Theresa 186 Tucker. Jodi 202 Tucker. Mrs, Kathleen 165 Turley. Becky 60. 65. 1 44. 225 Turley. Gorden 186 Turnbow. Fern 202 Turner. Debra 225 Turner. Greg 186 Turner. Laura Turner. Mike 225 Tuttle. Tammy 186 Twitoga. Mol 225 U Umbach. Karen 106. 120. 133. 174. Umsted. Randy 75. 225 Umsted. Roma 225 Ustick. Debbie 225 V Valiquette. Allen 202 Van Bibber. Mike 186 Van Compernolle. Scott 202 Van Fleet. Ronald 202 Van Hooser. Cynthia 18 Van Kirk. Mary 186 Van Winkle. Marcia 57. 58. 202 Vaughn. Larry 124, 186 Vermillion. Dave 202 Vermillion. James 202 Vida. Miss Susan 13, 165 Vinson. Rochelle 202 186 244 Index Viter. Theresa 186 Vocational Technical School 34. 25 W Wade. Sandy 40. 225 Waggoner. David 57. 124. 202 Waggoner. Lezlie 57. 79. 225 Waisner. Kim202 Waitzmann. Frank 202. 225 Walker. Debi 63. 186 Walker. Greg 57. 60. 65. 148. 225 Walker. June 79. 225 Walker. Pam 186 Walkinshaw. Cris225 Wallace, Leigh 120. 186 Wallace. Mike 57 Wallace. Robb 226 Wallace. Tim 202 Walls. Kenneth 226 Walls. Nan 58. 134. 226 Walraven. Ken 202 Walsh. Megan 75.202 Ward. Carol 226 Ward. Chad 226 Ward. Grant 226 Ward, Karen 226 Warner. Julie 186 Warren. Janice 202 Warren. Lisa 202 Warren. Mark 187 Warren. Richard 202 Warrene. Carl 74. 226 Waterworth. Brad 187 Watt.Dave51.62. 72, 75. 226 Wayman. Susan 187. 202 Weatherford. Mrs. Harriett 165 Webb. Debbie 226 Webb. Gayle 226 Weber. Genelle60. 74. 226 Weber. Susan 74. 120.202 Webster. Phi! 60. 226 Weddle. Mike 187.202 Wederski, Joan 202 Weisgerber. Jeff 202 Weisgerber. Vickey 202 Weiss. LeeAnn 74, 120, 122. 226 Welborn, Don 165 Weld, Linda 125,202 Wells, Dana 226 Wendleton. Dean 187 Wendleton.Gary 187 Wescott. Doria 202 West. Norman 202 West. Wendy 74. 187 Weston. Doug 226 Wheaton. Loren 226 Wheeler. Gene 227 Wheeler. Peggy 202 Wheeler. Tim 12. 57. 60. 62. 145. 227 Whetsel. Donna 71. 227 Whitcanack. Donna 202 White. Charles 165 White. Doug 187 White. George 202 White. Jason 61. 202 White. Jim 51. 59. 60. 120. 122. 227 White. Kathy 227 White. Perry 227 151. 219. White. Ricky 187 White, Sherri 106. 187.202 Whittar. Ed 24 Whittlngton. DeeAnne 202 Whitmire. Sonya 187 Whitmore. Rick 187 Whitson. Billy 187 Whitson. Sue 71. 76. 120. 227 Whitworth. Susan 74. 187 ght, Mrs. Pamela 154. 155 born. Cindy 202 cox, Becky 107, 187 cox. Steve 187, 202 dschuetz. June 202 dschuetz. Patricia 187 dschuetz. Paul 187 helm, Denise 187 kins. Darwin 165 lard. Chris 187 hams. Charles 202 liams. Janet 74. 120.202 hams. Kathy 76. 187 hams. Kathy 227 hams. Linda 203 hams. Liz 72. 76. 125.227 liams. Neva 203 hams. Tim 187 hams. William 203 lis. David 227 lis. Debbie 203 lis. Joy 187 lis. Paul 187 iman. Greg 203 loughby, Tim 187 son. Brad 203 son, Cindy 187 son, Colette 125,203 son. Joe 203 son. George 203 , son. George 187 f—j y-)0 Q son. Ken 203 V Xy ' ' l_ son. Kim 203 son. S,3nrli 227 son. Sherrie 227 mmer. Curt 187 ngo. Bob 203 ngo. Teresa 25. 22 nship. Mrs. Louise 1 Woody. Ron 187 Woolery. Susie 78. 227 Wooten. Jeanie22. 227 Worden. Julie 187 Wren. Brett 203 Wrestlerettes 106 Wrestling 102. 103. 104. 105 Wright. Charles 227 Wright. Vincent 227 Wyatt. JoeeO. 61. 172.188.203 Wyburn. Mary 57. 66. 68. 69. 72 Wyss. Roxanne 74. 76. 120. 203 Wyss. Mrs. Sheila 165 Y Yach. Sidney 227 Yearbook 52. 53 York. Jim 203 York. Lisa 72. 124.227 Young. Anita 187 Young. Scott 227 Yun.Youngil 63. 71.203 Z Zumbrunnen. Randy 203 -t ■W u nrOuL : AOyrryL : D.QJm]0 Winship. Randy 203 Winslow. David 82. 124 Winsor. Donna 187 Winsor. Joyce 227 Wiser, Don 203 Witherell, Kevin 203 Witthar, Joseph 227 Wolf, Marcella227 Wolf, Rebecca 227 Wolfrum, Dale 187 Wollenberg, Jeff 124. 201. 203 Woltz, Donna 187 Woltz. Jeannie203 Womack. Marsha 187 Wood. Janet 79. 227 Wood. John 227 Wood. ReneeSl. 59, 74.227 Woods. Teresa 227 Woodward. Brian 227 V )1.203 „ , U 1 c4r CjxLO ' Woodward. Debbie 74. 120. 187 . l) ±0r rmJL QJ JXJi Cj23oa (3mr7 m Sports, Pep Club Index FOOTBALL Seniors: Raymond Andes. Joe Broski, Jerry Cox. Bill Cummins. Ron Frazier. Kody Free. Jeff Gibbs. Marl Graham. Jim Green. Rick Lutjen. Terry Miller. Lee Moe. Tim Norlie. Todd Potter, Mark Shirky, Buddy Smith. Juniors: Tenny Adams. Gary Beavers. Scott Beck. Larry Bressman. Joe Burgess. Trent Delmont Nolan Fryatt. Clayton Gray. Mike Harcharik. Paul Johnson. Randy Judy. Scott Kisner, Curtis Kivett. Eddie Kuklenski. Randy Lierman, Steve Lipowicz. Russell Long. Stuwart May, Craig Milby. Kent Miller. Bobby Narron. Scott O ' Dell, Mike Rogers. Mike Royle. Don Sievers. Mark Simon. Brian Shakespeare. Jeff Shockley. Randy Stratton. David Waggoner, George White. Jeff Wollenberg. Sophomores: Mark Alderson. Fayne Bass, Marty Bell, Scott Braley. Mike Copeland. Bryan Couch. David Evans. Mark Frischer. Clint Gillis, Eric Holm, Doug Hoston. Steve Mann, Scott May, Craig More. Randy Moore. Bill Morris, David Norlie. Mike Ostertag. Richard Pence. Roger Riley. Doug Royle, Jeff Schultz. Jerry Simpson, Greg Spears, Steve Suttie, Brad Waterworth, Ron Woody. WRESTLING Seniors: Eugene Gardner, Ron Gwinn, Mike Johann, Bob Klint, Mark Suttie. Ju- niors: Mike Cook, Gary Dennis, Rusty Long, Mark Mangels, John Martinez, Rich Merriott, Randy Stratton, Sophomores: Jeff Allen, Mike Copeland, Craig Gillison, Kevin Graham, Greg Gregath, Rick Hard- ing, Doug Hotson, Greg Howard, Rick McCurley, Craig Moore, Mark Pay, Mark Schafer, Gary Short, Kelley Spratt, Steve Suttie, Oirk Taitt. SWIMMING: Seniors: Joe Broski. Cindy Graves. Dave Myers. Jeff Batson, Terri Kelley. Juniors: Mary Allinder, Kevin Button. Dave Daven- port. Scott Fausset. Tom Graves. Mark Hatcher. Don Hill. Alan Johnson. Mark Mawhirter. Stu May. Jim Reeves. David Stelnhauser. Steve Taylor, Brett Teeter. Sophomores: Warren Bott, David Canna- day, Scott Chapman. Randy Elliot. Mark Graham. Marsha Gran. Ken Gustafson, Joy Howard. Karl Koch. Paul Jenson, Rick McClain, Chuck Nickerson, Larry Vaughn. CROSSCOUNTRY Seniors: Brian Bowen. Kirk Freels, Andrew Gerrard, Jeff Ragsdale, Mike Sanchez, Garry Stewart. Mark Taitt. Juniors: Brian Snyder. David Winslow. Sophomores: Richard Brasfield. Paul Jensen, Billy Moy- er, Mark Schley, Dirk Taitt. JV, SOPH. BASKETBALL Junior Varsity: Curtis Kivett. Jeff Schock- ley. Kent Koffenberger, Lance Haggard. Kirk Freels. Mike Rogers. Mark Simon. Rick Kundee. Sophomores: Roger Riley. John Haggard. Eric Holm. Mike Sesler. Mike Soothe. Doug Friend. Randy Moore, Stan Duncan, Brent McMillan, Bill Morris, Scott Braley, Doug Royle, Eric Kreisler, Willie Durham, Greg Spears, Jerry Reed, Mike Mitchell. VARSITY BASKETBALL Seniors: Eddie Roush. Randy Cox. Bruce Christian. Brian Sherman. Greg Mark. Rusty Moore. Juniors: Mike Royle, Greg Kirk. Sophomore: Steve Khan. The 1975 Heritage staff wishes to ac- knowledge the following people who have contributed to the production of this book. The American Yearbook Company, printer; Mr. Gary Byrne, yearbook repre- sentative; Mr. John McNown, in-plant yearbook supervisor; Rolland Studio, Mr. David Baldwin and Mr. Al Hunter, for pho- tography assistance; Mr. LeRoy Brown, Mr. Clay Snowden, Mr. Jerry Moore, prin- cipals; the faculty and office staff; Ms. Linda Griffith, English department; Mr. Darwin Wilkins, art teacher; Robin Kyle, concert photographs; publications board — Mrs. Linda Baker, Mrs. Jane Costello, Mr. Norman Cox, Mr. Frank Holwick, Mrs.- Genevieve Howard, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Sue Ridings, Ken Schowengerdt, Tom Stri- bling, and Greg Walker; the student body whose history we l ave recorded for post- Steffi Duncan EdKor PEP CLUB 1st ROW — Tammy Bucey, Kim Clark, Gail Schwab, Lynnette Dutcher, Pam Richards, Steffi Duncan, Kate Myers. Karen Rector. Cathy Angottl. Leisa Evans. Pam Relstad, Dawn NIenhuser. Tammy Alumbaugh, Cindy Cox. 2nd ROW — Cella Huneycutt, Marcia Benedict, Twila LIttrell, Sheryl McClaran, Liz Riley, Linda Sallee, Paula Allee. Peggi LIndenmeyer. Sue Whitson. Stacy Clark. JinI White, Sally Eckel. Lynne A ustin. Kathy Lamb. Maria Pantoja. 3rd ROW — JoEllen Larabee. Kris Gibson, Julie Peters, Lynn Crutchfield, Debbie Phillips. Terri Sollto. Renae Fan ara. Janet Williams. Cathy Davis. Debbie Willis. Cathy Dean, Yolanda Cervantes, Karen Crab tree. Tammy MIcheals. Cindy Duncan. Kathy Moore. Kathy Andrews. Tammy Miller. Debbie Short. Lorna Ogle. 4th ROW — Ann Kinder. Karen Houston. Roxanne Wyss. Susan Sedge. Lor Crabtree. Karen Cllne, Mary Allinder, Annette Hill. Glenda Bailey. Jamie Ogle. Cindi Pletzch Cathy Crowley. Debie Brasfield. Wanda Box. Laura Smith. Cyndl Hargrave. Cathy McHenry Sandra Finney. Twyla Gibson. 5th ROW — Karen PetrechKo. Oonna Jones. Barb Hedlin, Pam Lacey, Karmen Brannock, Karen Umbach, Lisa Hardy. Laura Barnes, Julie Adams, Michelle Terhune, Terl Marsh. Cheryl Simon, Kim Atkins, Donna Kling. Brandy O ' Neal. Diana RIchey. Dana Koffenberger. Polly Sympson. Kim Gray, Lisa Irving. 6th ROW — Jan McGregor. Alison Raiford. Dawn Hurst. Leigh Wallace. Cheryl Marshall. Debbie Woodward. Jan Hoback, Pam Cook, Pam Crawford, Laurie Brown, Renee Eck, LeAnne Shireman. Karie Barnard. Kelly Mc- Dermott. Cindy Lazenby. Cindy Burton. Chris Jessen. Terri Elklns. Mary Cahill. 7th ROW — Janice RIchey. Renee O ' Benar. Cindi Pulley. VIckl SIgman, Kim Shultz. Lee Ann Weiss. Pamm Mitchell, Beckle Romans, Shelley Carver. Barbara Honeycutt, Valoree Foree, Julie Ferguson, Bridgette Banark. Kelley Chadwick, Sharon Seiwald. Susan Weber. Debl Fresonke. Pam New- man. Pam Porter. Patty Bressman. Susan Parter. 246 Sports Index Lori, Eddie reign over over ' Scarborough Fair ' 1. Time and effort from volunteers like Mike Slayton help transform the gym into a " Scarborough Fair. " 2. Reflections upon music provided by the Chuck Inzerillo Band create a serious mood for Vickie Sigman and Paul McCulley. 3. Students take a break from dancing to enjoy refreshments. 4. King and Queen, Eddie Kuklenski and Lori Crabtree. Junior Prom 1 Varsity captures third in Big Six Varsity baseball started another winning year as it closed out the season with a 13-8 record and third in the Big Six Conference, behind Raytown South and Oak Park. " It was mainly a rebuilding year, " said Coach Clyde Kubli. They beat district champs Winnetonka twice and took second place conference team Oak Park, by a score of 3-0. Seventeen boys lettered: eight seniors, six juniors, and three sophomores. The team voted Bruce Christian, Captain, and Terry Nash, Most Valuable Player. I 1. Umpire gives out signal on close play at first in Belton game. 2. Shortstop Mike Royle dives bacK safely ahead of pick- off attempt. 3. 1ST ROW — Bruce Christian, Keith Cook, Roger Riley, Perry White, Dale Tryon, Terry Nash, Mark Simon, Monty Sweetland. 2ND ROW — Doug Royle, Rick Kundee, Gary Neal, Jeff Wollenberg, Mike Royle, Chuck Simmons, Jim Atchley. LAST ROW —Coach Tom Demark, Scott Braley, Greg Atchley, Buddie Smith, Jeff Shockley, Bruce Duncan, Brian Woodward, Coach Clyde Kubli. 4. 1ST ROW — Roger Riley, Rick Pence. Marty Bell, Craig Gillison. Jerry Reed. 2ND ROW — Doug Royle. Eric Holm, Scott Beck, Stan Duncan, Scott Braley, Bill Morris. LAST ROW — Jim Popejoy, Rick Kundee, Jeff Shockley, Doug Friend, Steve Khan. Coach Don Dickson. 5. Making contact is the name of the game. 6. Winnetonka second baseman awaits the ball, as Marty Bell slides head long into second base. 2 Baseball Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Varsity Scoreboard 9 Sedalia Hickman Mills Oak Park Raytown South Raytown Winnetonka Hillcrest ] Glendale Raytown South 11 Hickman Mills 3 Raytown 4 Winnetonka 5 Chrisman 5 Belton 4 Raytown South 6 Raytown South 4 Oak Park 6 Oak Park Raytown 3 Winnetonka Hk:kman Mills 1 Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Junior Varsity Scoreboard I 3 Hickman Mills ' 6 Raytown South ' 3 Oak Park 19 Winnetonka I 5 Hickman Mills I 5 William Chrisman I 13 Oak Park I 5 Raytown I 7 Raytown I Winnetonka 3 William Chrisman I 8 Raytown South Second Winning Season forJ.V. Backed by outstanding fielding, good hitting, and timely pitching, the junior varsity baseball team finished its second straight winning season with an 8-4 record. " It was a great team effort by everyone. Our defense was very good, " said sophomore Roger Riley. Mr. Don Dickson coached this year ' s team. Baseball 3 M J ' il, r 1. Eddie Roush displays power in his 1 backhand. 2. A powerful return follows the serve. 3. Volleying is an essential part of practice. 4. Coach Anderson scores the set. 5. First Row: (Varsity) Don Harris, Bob Cook, Mark Shepherd, Randy Cox, Eddie Roush, Ed Stone, Chip Portocarrero, Randy Roush. Back Row: JV Coach Brent Heaviland, (JV team) Paul Wildschuetz, Jeff Shultz, Mark Sesler, Ken Gustafson, Kenny Treaster, Roger Mcintosh, Gary Beavers, Greg Kirk, Scott May, Varsity Coach Kingdon Anderson. 6. Work on a strong backhand proves to be good practice. 7. Mark Shepherd leaps to return the high serve. 4 Tennis J i Tennis Varsity Scoreboard Truman 5 nji g Beiton Truman 4 HW Ruskin Truman 5 mSR Hicliman Miiis Truman 5 ?7 North Kansas City Truman 5 Liberty Truman 4 Oai( Parii Truman Pern Day Truman 5 Parli Hili Truman 3 Grandview Truman 2 Center Truman 4 Winnetonka Truman 5 William Chrisman Truman 5 Blue Springs Truman S Lee ' s Summit Tennis team finishes season at 12-2 Twelve wins and two losses told the story as the tennis team completed its season on a winning note. They met their only defeats against Pern-Day and Center. Senior Ed Roush, captain of the team, captured the conference singles crown, then placed third in district. " Tennis at Truman was particularly enjoyable because I like playing on a winning team, " said Roush. Mr. Kingdon Anderson coached the team to second place in conference and third place in district. Tennis 5 1. " FORE " 2. l$t Row — Tim Bryant, Bill Gordon, David Steinhauser, Bruce Gibbs. Joel Hahn. 2nd Row — Jeff Crutchfield, Eric Kreisler, Steve Broughton, Lee Toner. Keith Toner, Coach Baker 3. Landing in a sand trap presents a problem as Lee Toner attempts to get out. 4. " Practice maKes perfect " as Joel Hahn practices putting. 5. In an attempt to better his score. Bill Gordon lines up a birdie putt. 6. Ending the match, a golfer chips on the green of the 18th hole. 6 Golf Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Varstty Scoreboard 172 Ray South Hickman Mills 186 Oak Park Grandview 188 Winnetonka 196 Rockhurst 154 Ray South 152 Hickman Mills 174 Raytown 153 Oak Park 173 Southwest 196 Raytown isi Winnetonka 191 Blue Springs 177 William Chrisman 184 Park Hill 174 3. Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Junior Varsity Scoreboard Ray South 180 Hickman Mills 206 Oak Park 199 Grandview 202 Winnetonka 225 Ray South 180 Hickman Mills 213 Raytown 183 Oak Park 201 Southwest 193 Raytown 173 Winnetonka 204 Blue Springs 184 William Chrisman 205 Park Hill 179 Golf Team finish with 11 wins, 4 losses The 1974-75 golf team finished the season with a record of eleven wins and four losses. The junior varsity completed its season with the same record. Golfers competed in the William Jewell Tournament and finished 14th. At conference tournament they placed third then finished seventh at district. Joel Hahn one of the top scoring golfers, commented, " The competition for varsity was tough this year, and I think our winning record shows it. " Mr. David Baker was the coach. Golf 7 Track team led by standout Mark Taitt. The stand-out of the track team was Mark Taitt, who broke both the mile and two-mile records. He also placed second at state. The team closed the season by placing third in both indoor and outdoor conference. They also took seventh in the state Indoor, third in the Ruskin relays, and fourth in the outdoor districts. " The team had a fine season, but it was hurt by the loss of Mark Graham because of mono, " said Coach Monte Gagliardi. 8 Boy ' s Track 1. To marK down the distances during meets is one of Coach Schnitzer ' s duties. 2. Extending to clear the bar is high jumper Mike Rogers. 3. The strain of attempting to increase his distance creases the face of Ed Kuklenski. 4. 1st Row —Jeff Ragsdale. David Winslow, Brian Bowen. Kirk Freels. Russ Porter, Steve Braby, Craig Milby. Ted Resch. Rick Lutjen. Jeff Gibbs. Greg Gregath, Dirk Taitt. Mark Graham, Mark Taitt, Brian Snyder. Curtis Kivett, Mike Rogers, Don Sievefs. 2nd Row — Larry Hill. Trent Kelmont. Brad Waterworth, Randy Umsted. Randy Lierman. Paul Jensen, Mike Copeland, Buel McDonald. Mickey Kelley. Bobby Narron. Rick Brasfield, George White, Andy Gerard. B.J. Moyer. Dan Wendleman. Kevin Graham. Greg Howard. Coach Gagliardi. Coach Kassen. Last Row — Coach Schnitzer, Coach Hoehne, Bill Esry. Gary Box. Doug Shockey. Bob Payne. Brian Couch, Randy Moore, Eddie Hammer, Steve Mann, Russ Long, David Norlie, Larry Bressman, Ron Frazier, Carl i Cook, Greg Spears, Mike Booth. Scott Kisner, Mark Alderson. Joe Burgess, Eddie Kuklenski, Larry Vahn, Mike Harchakik. John Haggard. Brent McMillan. David Waggoner. Eddie McClusky. 5. Training is an essential part of track. 6. Dirk Taitt sets his practicing pace. Boy ' s Track 9 Running, Sweating — all part of track Running Sweating Training. This is what girls went through if they went out for track. " The girls really did well for having such little experience, " said Coach Pam Wight. The team finished sixth at Lee ' s Summit, fourth at the Northland Classic, fourth in Conference and 12th in District. The team competed in two dual meets and two tri- meets. Splitting the dual meets and placing third in the tri-meets. JV closed with an undefeated record of five wins and no losses. The team also placed first in Conference. " The team was deep in all events. " salt. Coach Wight. Tammy Romstad w::-- the team ' s leading point getter. Coach Diane Lloyd assisted Coach Wight. ' ' ■4i - lO Girl ' s Track vm 1. Coach Wight finds time to relax between timings. 2. Team members confer about strategy for upcoming events. 3. A good handoff is essential to the relay team. 4. 1st Row — Debi Fresonke. Karen Cline, TerrI Brannock, Megan Walsh. Brenda Sloan, Sharon Burnett, Lisa Sheehy, Michelle Terhune, Barbara Book, June Wildschuetz, Debbie Mitchell. Patty Wildschuetz. 2nd Row — Laura Potts, Kay Kelley, Sandy Jarrett. Pam Walker. Sandy Finney, Lisa Irving. Kelley Chadwick. Carol Powell. Sharon Johnston. Cheryl Richardson. Liz Williams. Marcia Van Winkle. Betty Richardson. 3rd Row — Oenise Puff, Sharon Reed, Jodi Tucker, Janie Poteet, Terri Mullen, Susan Johnson, Becky Seeh, Jody Johnson, Jane Phillips. Sherry Gunter. Lynnette Shoemaker, Diana Taylor, Marsha Judy. Last Row — Sharon Seiwald, Cindy Davis, Bridgette Banark, Tammy Romstad, Cindy Mueller. 5. She ' s off! Girl ' s Track 11 Mixed emotions accompany banquet Spaghetti, foot-high salads, spamoni ice cream, laughter and a few tears were all a part of the Senior Banquet at Washington Street Station, May 6. As Sherry Baldwin sang a song she composed about the Class of ' 75, seniors sat around remembering the past years, some with smiles and some with tears. The night continued as Mr. Brown and Mr. Sam Wesson spoke to the class about the future. Todd Potter, nominated class clown, gave dubious awards to some of the teachers and the principals. Maureen Ronan, class president gave a farewell speech while Barb Hedlin, Twila Littrell, and Bob Uptegrove, senior class officers read " Remember When " . 12 Senior Week A 1. balads piled sky-high were not an uncommon sight. 2. Class clown, Tod Potter, entertained at the banquet. 3. Mr. Sam Wesson received many laughs as he acted as a clumsy waiter. 4. Sherry Baldwin sings a song she composed about the Class of ' 75 at Truman. 5. " Eating has never been so good. " Senior Week 13 14 Graduation 1. The end approaches — finally. 2. Don Nance shows junior Jeff Shultz how the cap should be worn. 3. Mixed emotions — memories of the past, thoughts towards the future. 4. Principals and Mr. Humphrey await presentation of diplomas. 5. Tim Layman gives Susan Scott a hand. 6. " Are you sure this is my hat? " Graduation 15 3. 16 Graduation ORCHESTRA Violins: Lynn Holmes. Joanie Jones. Vickie Kish, Kim McCarty. Wanda Osklns. Susan Sager. Becky Wolf. Mary Alljnder. Violas: Bill Danforth. Sheryl McClaren. Barbara Postni- koH. Cellos: David Watt. Laureen Riegle. Bass Violins: Susan Weber. Karen Cline. Flutes: Gaylyn Jackson. Sandra Wade. Deanna Skin- ner. Oboe: Kelly Chadwick. Bassoons: Valerie Booth. Phillip Terry. Clarinets: David Gamier, Tammey Theil, Betty Slaght. French Horns: Dayrel Gates. John Pritchard. Loren Whea- ton. George Wilson. Trumpets: Tim Layman. Lance Haggard. Kent Koffenberger, Steve Davis. Trombones: Jon Ralston. Barry Mio- garden. Mike Slayton. Tuba: Dan Harp. Per- cussion: Jim Stuckey. Jim Reeves, Mark Still- well, Gary Lewis, Matt McGuire. MENS CHOIR 1st ROW — Mr. Phillip Dunham. Paul Mitchell. Greg Sheilds. Ted Quick. John Penrod. Ron Nance. Bob Uptegrove, Lisa Raveill (accompanist). 2nd ROW — John Wood. Bentley Conger, Tim Johnson, Greg Peugh, Lanny Moon, Mike Hanaway, Calvin W. Gimple. 3rd ROW — Darrell Edwards. Brad Thompson, Jeff Randal. Terry Prater, Rick Luff, Rick Hanaway, Fred Gladden. 4th ROW —Jim York, Mark Swigert, Gary Driskell, Danny Branstetter, Mark Lunceford, Jeff Batson, Bob Myers. Music Index JV BAND 1st ROW — Vicki Sigman, Kenneth Goos- ey, Linda McPheeters, Kathy Kissee, Kar- en Petrechko, Patty Wildschuetz, Lynette Shoemaker, Jani Phillips, Laura Potts. 2nd ROW — Paul Raveill, Tim Lynam, Chuck Holt, Randy Rouch. Cindy Lazenby, Robin Bridges, Paul Davis, Russell Chap- in, B.J. Moyer. Richard McClain. Den Gus- tafson. Tom Taylor, Randy Elliott, John Haggard, Mark Croxton, Greg Evans. 3rd ROW — Woody Moorman, Dan Boyd. BAND Flutes: Jean Hausheer, Gaylyn Jackson, Deanne Skinner, Sandy Wade, Susan Harris, Mark Hatch- er, Diane Wildshultz, Cindy Kilgore, Beth Morrill, Cathy McHenry, Peggy Ewing. Oboes: Bill Ken- dall. Kelly Chadwick. Bassoons: Valerie Booth, Randy Stratton. Clarinets: Tammy Theil, Betty Slaght. Ron Gwinn, Rita Herod, Cheryl Simon, Edward Stone, Sheryl Treaster, Karen Swope, Paul Lynam, Susan Wayman, Pamela Crawford, Barbara Taylor, Valoree Foree, Kathy Hodges. Alto Clarinets: Terry Linson, Cindy Duncan, Leanne Shireman. Bass Clarinets: David Johnston, Rus- sell French. Sharon Johnston. Alto Saxophones: Kevin Ashmore, Dennis Honeycutt, Douglas Smith, Gary Lowe. Tenor Saxophones: Ron Muirhead, Grg Briggs. Baritone Saxophone: Bonnie Coy. French Horns: Don Nance, Tenny Adams, Carol Friend, George Wilson, Robert Payne, James Popejoy, Gregory Turner. Baritones: Mark Stillwell, Steven Hatcher, Brian Hacker, Ron Vanfleet, Kenny Treaster. Cornets and Trumpets: Steve Davis, Lar ry Hill, Brian Woodward, Tim Layman, Eddie Roush, Jim Stuckey, Greg Walker, Loren Wheaton, Bruce Gibbs, Larry Fahnestock, Matthew McGuire, Neil Sherman. Trombones: Robert Conrick, Don Harris, Jon Ralston, Ken Schowen- gerdt, Mike Cook, Mark Mangels, Mike Slayton, Steve Taylor. Tubas: Dan Harp, Tom MacPherson, Keith Mason. Percussion: Greg Mark, Rick Lutzen, Steve Rich, Mark Roberts, Pete Dowell, Gary Lis, Rick Lynch, Jim Reeves. DRUM MAJORS MAJORETTES Jean Hausheer (drum major), Sharon Smith (majorette), Vickie Preston (ma- | jorette), David Johnston (drum major). Not pictured: Gina Frogge (majorette). GIRL ' S GLEE CLUB 1st ROW — Jennie Hackett, Lisa Malloey, Debbie Corkern, Pam Claypool, Joni Doutt, Janice Coin, Kathie Self, Gail Boothe, Tina Doutt. 2nd ROW — Kathy Masterson, Becky Wilcox, Diana Taylor, Wanda Lierman, Tam- my Sawyer, Rochelle Vinson, Eka Atagi, Jo Locascio. 3rd ROW — Toni Coleman, Cindy Vanhooser, Brenda Juliff, Pam Sartain, Debi Henry, Twyla Gibson, Janice Richey, Chris Keeler, Catherine Ann Lalla. 4th ROW — Terri Elkins (accompanist). Donna Whetsel, Rita Gordon, Gail Swadley, Pam Foland, Becky Taylor, Janice Harms, Cheryl Householder. GIRL ' S CHOIR 1st ROW — Pamm Mitchell (secretary), Kate Myers (president), Cindy Gentry, Debbie Mc- Arthur, Kim Shultz, Debbie Woodward, Nancy Aker, Terri Pointer, Lisa Mathany, Lynette Bailey, Terry Russum, Lynne Austin, Sherry Baldwin. 2nd ROW — Debi Fresonke, Dana Beck, Brenda Beck, Terri Maitland, Elizabeth Eads (vice-president), Joy Willis, Jennifer Thompson, Renee O ' Benar, Carol Dickens, Suzy Hulett, Laura Barnes, Carol Arni Vickie Allen. 3rd ROW — LeeAnn Weiss (librarian), Venetia Davis, Saundra Hostetler, Patti Gra- ham, Kathy Howe, Kerry Goldsmith, Tammy Miller, Denise Pilgrim, Maureen Ronan, Dana Mathany, Kathy Andrews, Cyndi Hargrave, Pam Reistad. 4th ROW — Marianne Hall, Teri Marsh, Terri Allgrunn, Kelli Ruse, Celia Huneycutt, Cindy Cook, Debbie Nunn, Kim Thur- ber, Cindy Graves, Anita Young, Carol Norris, Kristy Robertson, Bonnie Coy. 5th ROW — Becky Fellers, Beatrice Becerra, Teri Geivett, Tarigene Jones, Sarah Bary, Leisa Evans, Denise Puff, Becky Bray, Julie Ferguson, Cathy Davis, Sherry Jones, Cathy Uptegrove, Kar- en Umbach. CONCERT CHOIR I l»t ROW -Julie Adams, Laura Frazler, Su an Scott (secretary), Kim French, Cheryl Rockhold, Debbie Cox, Tim Johnson, David Morris, John pin- rod. Don Nance, Bob Uptegrove, Ron Nance, Pam Moberly, Joanie Jones (vice-president), Terri Elkins. 2nd ROW — Wanda Box, Gaylyn Jackson, Cheryl Eichenberger. Donna Patrick, Tim Layman, Robert Fine, Steve Magel, Mike Slayton, Tom MacPherson, Paul Willis, Randy WInship, Sheryl McClaran, Kim Atkins, Colette Pement, Cheryl Hansen. 3rd ROW — Lisa Raveill, Carolyn Smith, DeeDee Hunter, Annette Hill, Debbie Willis, Danny Land, Jim York, Jon Ralston, Daniel Harp, Grant Ward, Mark Henderson, Rob Cox, Lorinda McKnight, Laurie Pay (robe chairman librarian), Sharon Tyree, Helen Lewis. 4th ROW - Vicki Sigman, Jean Hausheer, Paul McCuliey, Tim Wheeler, Gary Driskell, Steve Foster, Loren Wheaton, Greg Mark, Cris Bruch, Bob Cofer, Greg Briggs, Nancy Hulse, Mary Wyburn, Karen Ward, Nan Walls. 5th ROW - Brenda Harbison, Mary Schley, Bev Ballew, Linda Williams, Denise Mallow, Julie Roberts, Julie Butcher, Donna Sue Dodson, Cindi Pulley, Teressa Chance, Michelle Birch, Susan Nebel (president). Dawn Nienhueser, Dwanna Ayers, Becki Romans, Yvonne Bailey. Music lndeV247 v y- ■J ' _ LOell its nf o2 i- olj p A ; - , n+ knso C +l r F oerc, cSi .s, ' t gl " ' ' i , i , ' • ' ' -::- y V . • ic. v A- ' ' i ' ' ' ,. iM i, i 3v IN S - : i r L - : 4 S ' ■ • j . S ■ - - " S •o " 5 ' 1 5 . V. - 3 ' -o V - sv - «- - - o - J s " " r-N s ; • - v - ' X -sV - - ' nq i rvsr " XN r- ' 7 rj D c vju uj uT § Tt: , . ? n S iK- .1 ill- r ' . . ' ; mi Jh V ' ' i»lJ ' . ' " .•■

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