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o o J j r " X. .,w V ' r jy f J- : _ xs n -l . 3V. :5- y - c - ' A j " - .s V O o Cy S S -( v • , o _6 V o QJ %-■ v 9 0- v- d . r. 4 vfMMy • V ■■ ' • I ' . ' Xv .is 0 ! " ?.x :fec v o ' ' .v,,, ' . ? .6 ' ,.,4tv ' v?- v . ' ' a , y n- . 0 ' N. • ' « Truman High School 3301 S. No and Road Independence, Missouri Volume IX tfo «?- v f f - ; oidy ecP.7 Ay- «f. lAjcf - C0 1 1 - rv- -N i J 71 L ' Vc,af ' V T . Truman High School 3301 S. Noland Road Independence, Missouri Volume IX introduction 1 introduction 2 Table Contents introduction .. 7 curriculum BE school life . 56 sports . 86 clubs 128 people 756 directory 232 introduction 3 come to school worried about who i am and how i look when should be concerned about my brothers ntroduction 4 . )frv ( «: . " " v ' r WJ ■ , il have a burden on my mind. soon it will be on my heart and then my soul and i will be down W introduction 6 introduction 7 B-yjffii-- twaBB iaaai lots of people get together join up invite others and form clubs; they meet together and make plans, rules, friends and together strive toward a common goal introduction 8 introduction 9 curriculum 3 person ' s mind accepts or rejects curriculum division 10 often it is a lot easier to become discouraged than to become determined to get things done curriculum division 11 1. Joni Umbach hopes that her film editing will make the visual message stronger. 2. Share a visual expression as Joe Manns does with his friend Jim Coy. 3. Talking to a machine isn ' t easy but Vernon Weddle, aided by Susan Chrisman, saves an idea for everyone to hear. 4. Thoughts to paper — Debbie Sloan finds this the way to communicate her message. 5. Jackie Hunter shows the happiness of self- accomplishment while studying her fllmstrip. engllsh 12 New multi-media study program breaks monotony " ... we need to be educated to what we see and hear. " English III students participated in a creative learning concept. The course delved into humor in its earliest form to the present. Then poetry study led into individual creative writing. Students followed this with expression in the multi-media: film making and interview taping concluded the six-to-eight week study. As Mrs. Day said, " It helped break up the winter blahs. " J J 4 ■ IJ 1 1 3 i II- 1 B SO r; " i 1 J ¥ english 13 1. As editor. Brad Constance must check over all work, including his own. 2. After referring to the Spanish-English dictionary. Dale Webb realizes the meaning of the article. 3. Big tables and eager students are required to produce the Spanish newspaper. 4. When a grade is involved, always check with the teacher. 5. To make sure all the ' hot peppers ' are added, Dana Apple goes over the recipe column. foreign language 14 Spanish II students compile their own newspaper " ... Ohmuybien! " " You don ' t read it, just pick out what you know. Spanish II students experienced a new method of learning by publishing a Spanish newspaper, giving a practical approach to their learning. Articles contained such news as school life, Spanish recipes, sports and feature columns. Students participating in the project were under the direction of Mrs. Casilda Rice; Brad Constance, ed- itor; and Dana Apple, co-editor. Other foreign languages taught this year included French and German. foreign language 15 ' Spirit ' staff takes advantage of fall election we should be allowed to express ourselves in the school newspaper. " " The Spirit of 73 " staff focused on creating a more eye-appealing layout for the paper this year. Articles on student participation in school and community affairs surrounded the fall coverage of the political elections. Democratic and Republican candidates were interviewed by staff members on the national and local scenes. The staff, led by Pat Smith, editor, and Kay Wilson, managing editor, attempted to reflect the involvement of student-community projects. The eight-page tabloid came out every other Monday. newspaper staff 16 Spirit Staff Editor-in-chief Pat Smith Managing Kay Wilson Editor Copy Editor Evelyn Saunders Advertising Paul Phillips Manager News Editor Debby Crites Editorial Randy McArthur Editor Features Kathy Green Editor Sports Editor David Martin Photography Karen Larison Editor Photographer Lucinda Holmes Coliihinist Cartoonist Beth Hawkins Pam McMilian t ' 1. Work doesn ' t stop when the paper comes out. It ' s only a time to critique and answer, " Where can we improve? " 2. Like any other paper. The Spirit is a business endeavor. Paul Phillips checks all adver- tising copy before it appears in print. 3. Beth and Pam hope Pat will accept their stories. 4. " Can you en- large these pictures? " is a familiar question Karen poses to Lucinda Holmes, photographer. 5. Evelyn Saunders, copy editor, verifies spelling with Kay Wilson, managing editor. 6. As editor, Pat finds that meeting deadlines takes careful planning. newspaper staff 17 73 Heritage accents colors of auditorium Placing emphasis on the new antic arts building, the 73 Heritage staff designed the yearbook accenting the colors of purple and red. Along with the contemporary colors, the staff used modern layout design and various ' V " New staff, new ideas, a new way of saying the same thing. " special effects to complete the new Heritage look. The staff was headed by Carol Sciortino, editor-in-chief, and Elaine McMillan, managing editor. Mr. Ron demons was staff adviser. publications 18 i Carol Sciortino — Editor-in-chief Elaine McMilian — Managing editor Cathy )ones — Copy editor Sherry McWilliams — Layout editor Beth Wilcox — Photography editor Denice Kenley — Business Manager Laurie Johnson — Curriculum editor Debie Mitchell — Curriculum editor Dana Shepherd — School Life editor David Brown — Sports editor Jana Dix — Clubs editor )anie Lewis — Clubs editor Gina Botts — Faculty-Administration editor Sherry Welch — Faculty-Administration editor Vickie Burgess — Student body editor Rhonda Casey — Student body editor Sandy Norris — Index-Directory editor Jerry Friedrich — Head photographer Bob Cole — Photographer Bill Hancock — Photographer I Ciena Norris — Photographer □ □T]Dnnn i 1. Meeting a yearbook deadline involves a lot of time. Section editors must plan their sections and distribute assignments to various staff members. 2. Copy editor, Cathy Jones, is frequently called on to assist staff members in writing copy. 3. Den- ice Kenley takes care of finances for the Heritage staff and Spirit staff. 4. Elaine McMilian concen- trates on writing creative copy for the yearbook. 5. By communicating with fellow staff members, Carol Sciortino, editor-in-chief oversees Heri- tage production. 6. Selecting pictures of the teachers is part of the job of Sherry Welch and Gina Botts, faculty administration editors. 7. Pic- tures being a big part of the yearbook, the staff depends a lot on their photographers. 8. Layouts, rulers, pictures and thought process is the famil- iar scene in room 111 . publications 19 n Z ' s H i ■- .| speech and debate 20 Face-to-face communication, not so many speeches " Chunks " was a familiar term to speech students. The chunks or units emphasized interpersonal communication not public speak- ing. Students became well ac- quainted with each other, con- veying their thoughts orally. They " ( helps you gain self confi- dence and lose your paranoia . " studied voice and body usage. Other chunks dealt with thinking and speaking objectively. The most important project was the original oration each student gave expressing his feelings. 1. Rosa Lee LaPorte participates in a small group discussion. 2-3-4. " Wherefore re- joice . ' Liz Pruitt recites a passage from Julius Caesar. 5. Mr. Whisler intently ob- serves one of his students speaking. 6-7-8. Speech is . explaining a feeling; " how we think and what about precedes what we say and how we say it; " getting to know each other. speech and debate 21 Violins, lights add interest to fine arts Dramatic and music appreciation class- es had more to work with than text- books and mimeographed papers. The new theater gave dramatic students a chance to operate the curtains, dim- " The real thing is always better than any picture. " mer board and other equipment. Mu- sic appreciation students gave demon- strations to introduce the rest of the class to various musical instruments. music appreciation 22 1 . Reading assignments precede the demonstra- tions. 2. Yvette Brand shares her musical knowl- edge of this stringed instrument. 3. Miss Stinnet shows her class the vibrate technique. 4. Ann Kramer shows Mark McLallen and Audrey Odem how to adjust the ellipsoidal light. 5. As part of the curriculum, Mrs. Tucker instructs students how to set up backdrops for the plays. 6. Will he trap himself in darkness? Jeff Zornes studies the backstage light panel. 7. Ted Martin, Audrey Odem and Mrs. Tucker review directions for operating the staple gun. drama 23 Orchestra has many concerts; backs musical The orchestra kept a calendar full of events with concerts. They pro- vided full musical background for the production of the school mus- ical, " Fiddler on the Roof. " The group presented a spring concert " It ' s not as dumb as it sounds. " ' featuring the full orchestra with a variety of music — from rock to Bach. Members also participated in two duo concerts with Raytown and Raytown South. Mr. Don Welborn directed the orchestra. orchestra 24 rr 1-2. Frank Dolci ' s bow travels up and down in regular violin fashion as he play, in orchestra. 3. A flute is a delicate instm- ment . . Diane Mosier applies her abili- ties in orchestra as well as band. 4. Work- ing with a new stage and better acoustics Orchestra concerts become more interest- ing. (See names on Page 251). 1. Jill York and Bob Still filled the roles as Orum Majorette and Drum Major at band performances. 2. Increased number of majorettes added to half time activities. Majorettes: Standing — Pam Williams, Debi Shoaf — head majorette; Rhonda Hieronymus. Kneeling — Joni Umbach, Pam Lacey, Sharon Smith, Vicki Solito. 3. Band performances were an added attrac- tion to the auditorium this year. (See names on Page 251). band 26 Larger area allows more room for band practice A larger room in the new fine arts wing and the familiar phrases " one more time, " " that section again " and " once more " paid off for band members this year. Chosen as one of the six bands from the state, the stu- dents attended the Missouri Music Educators Association in Jefferson City, January 18. To raise money for transport ation for the two-day meet- ing, the group gave a concert on January 11. In addition to the special concert, the band entertained in the fall, holiday and spring concerts. " ... with a lot of ' hard work we can have one of the finest bands in Truman ' s history. " band 27 ■f " 1. Janet Wood uses good posture while playing. 2. Mind controlling movement developes ability. 3. Daily practice helps Tammy Teal ana Ron Gwinn prepare concert materials. 4. Playing an instru- ment demands close attention. 5. Small but mighty in sound, J.V. band receives recognition. (See names on Page 251). jv band 28 New facilities create new opportunities for band Improved conditions made junior varsity band ' s job easier. Mem- bers had the conveniences of the new band room. This included locker space for instr uments which was never available before. " They ' re better prepared to be varsity members next year. " Another first was the inner school J.V. spring festival in which they participated. This and other con- certs directed by Mr. Don Wel- born reflected their work. jv band 29 Concert choir uses auditorium for extra sound The new auditorium added extra dimension to a cappella choir ' s concerts this year. Besides the usual fall, Christmas and spring concerts, Mr.Phil Dunham, direc- tor, led the group in its annual " Choir is a place to let out your emotions in a constructive way. " spring Pat Review. Steve Hope was president, backed by Elaine McMillan, vice president; Jana Dix, secretary; and Jeanne Dodds, robe coordinator. concert choir 30 1. Rowone: Vicki Simpson, Debbie Ward, Mir- iam Mulrenin, Vicki Turner, Mary Pimblott, Carol Atkins, Dona Mcintosh, Kathy Helling, Kent Grif- fey, Dennis Kaleikau, Mike Metz, Don Weiss, Ron Nance, Bob Uptegrove, Kathy Blunt, Jean- nine Carr, Dwanna Ayers, Luanne Luff. Row two: Debi Peoples, Sarah McCoy, Vicki Heidtbrink, Cathy Johnson, Elaine McMilian, Paree Pyper, Teresa Uptegrove, Sherry Moon, Paul Morales, Hans Lynn, Chuck Jackson, Jim Roach, Mike Al- len, Pat Keller, Mike Gulotta, Laurie Pay, Gayla Conoley, Susan Nebel, Joni Umbach, Ramona Allee. Row three: Cheryl Massey, Judy Slaught, Cheryl Rockhold, Jeanne Dodds, Dee Dee Hunt- er, Sharon Thompson, Marcia Cofer, Bobby Owen, Jeff Jones, Steve Hope, Michael Hahn, Bob Ballew, Mark McMilian, Joe Manns, Jana Dix, Amy Powell, Lynda Lesh, Lisa Raveill, Patty Edmonds. Row four: Cheryl Ferguson, Bev Bal- lew, Sandy Brightwell, Debi Brownfield, Carolyn Smith, Debbie Russell, Randi Christensen, Kim Mallett, Randy Davidson, Bob Still, Mark Slayton, Jim Suttie, Gary Driskell, Hal Ledeen, Tom Doici, Jane Copeland, Julie Agee, Cindy Neer, Ann Kramer, Linda Kueck. 2. Concert Choir follows Steve Hope as he has them practice for an up- coming concert. 3. Mr. Dunham takes time to help students with some music. concert choir 31 1. Triple Trio. 2. Singing requires total concentra- tion. 3. Mark Slayton and Judy Slaught use facial expressions to accent songs. 4. Sandy Rios looks to Mr. Dunham for instructions. 5. Practicing for a concert. 6. Trutones. music 32 Sound . . . interest . . . hard work nnakes music Performing at church meeting, conventions and concerts com- prised Trutones and Triple Trio activities. Trutone members Julie Agee, Jana Dix, Elaine McMilian, Patti Edmonds, Susan Nebel, Judy Slaught, Cheryl Massey, Dee Dee Hunter, Bob Still, Steve Hope, Jeff Jones, Mark Slayton, Pat Keller, " do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do ' Bob Ballew, Mike Gulotta, Don Weiss were selected from concert choir. Linda Peyton, Terri Elkins, Debbie Wells, Kim French, Susan Wagner, Donna Sue Dodson, Brenda Waterworth, Wanda Box, Sherry Baldwin, Debbie Hedrick make up triple trio . . . chosen from girls choir. music 33 Acoustics strengthen vocal sound Participation in the fall, Christmas and spring concerts accented the girls choir and girls glee club agenda this year. Acoustics in the new music wing added to the new atmosphere in the large vocal r " ... we ' re just like one big hap- py family. " room. Girls glee club attire took on a new look — slacks and lay- ered-look tops in red, white and blue school colors. Mr. Phillip Dunham directed the groups. girls choir 34 niston, Francine Hefner, Linda Payton, Terri El- kins, Mary Richardson. Row five: Terry Russum, Diane Kraft, Wanda Box, Pat Wiles, Kate Myers, Teri Geivett, Pam Holt, Ramona Allee, Gwen Webster, Lisa Matfiany, Janie Martin. 3. Row one; Sheree Tatom, Paula Larson, Roxanne Big- ler, Cindy Crocker, Sherwyn Smith, Becky Taylor. Row two: Catherine Lalla, Cindy Comer, Valerie Letellier, Barbara Willis, Cindy Anderson, Pam Poland. Row three: Judy Green, Emma Marrone, Donna York, Belinda Keck, Barbara Beal, Sandy Summers. Row four: Dawn Collins, Debbie Rus- sell, Debbie Nunn, Ginnie Couch, Vicky Bowen, Michelle Lahey. Row five: Pam Claypool, Caria Cain, Joyce Coin, Sherry Jones, Nancy Shaw, Donna Patrick. 4. Donna York attempts to achieve perfection as a glee member. ' ! girls glee 35 Students express their feelings in art projects Art students tried their hand at expressing themselves through new techniques of drawing, sculpturing . . fo express my feelings — to communicate. " and painting. They were encouraged to " put themselves into the project " by creating their own personal mood. art 36 1. Frank Waitzman works carefully while creatinga wire sculpture. 2. Art I students, Christine Martin and Tricia Martinez, concentrate on lettering. 3. Stipple drawing, a new form of art, is done by Theresa Smith. 4. Phil Dickens takes out his troubles on his ceremics project. 5. A collection of artwork designed by art students to fit their needs. art 37 " ' fc Students work on problems of finance Consumer economic students sat and watched as their fellow classmates went into debt. Classes of Mr. Loren Booth played a game that dealt with the handling of credit as a part of their regular classwork. " It ' s a game of being at the right place at the right time. " Different students played such roles as bankers, credit managers, loan compa- ny officials, and consumers, experienc- ing problems of finance they will face in the future. social science 38 social science 39 ■as Consumer math allows students to learn basics It was new to the math department, but it was not new math. It was consumer math, which replaced terminal math, to give practical knowledge in filling out income tax forms, balancing checkbooks, " No matter what you learn in math, there ' s always more to learn. " J figuring interest and estimating insurance. Other math courses included Algebra I and Algebra II, geometry, and advanced courses in math analysis, trigonometry and calculus. . • - . Sr. math 40 V rf. ' « j ? • Q. III t : — ♦ " -R • DO u rill ' " ' , rjj " 2 :-ig 1. Using a slide rule, Richard Dierkes solves a problem faster in math analysis. 2. Working together, studying together helps students to understand a proof better in geometry. 3. Cheryl Middleton takes advantage of time given for in-class homework. 4. Mr. Cox emphasises a point by using a chart. ■ - ' math 41 HQl Students face varied ' sights ' as biologists Dissection of fetal pigs was among the experiments performed by advanced biology students. By doing this, stu- dents familiarized themselves with each vertebrate structure at a time. Over a period of six weeks, students ' U don ' t think you ' ll finish the digestive system today— " also did lab blocks. In this series of experiments students worked in areas of genetics, animal growth and devel- opment, cell metabolism and animal behavior. science 42 1-2. Tim Layman and Paula Gamm examine the make-up of the fetal pig. 3. Each structure of the fetal pig requires concentration. 4. Students are able to learn by doing. 5. Working as partners, Steve Weber and Vito LaBruzzo investigate each structure. 6. With hesitation, Melinda Nance begins the dissection. science 43 H " Lu i|i . r " " " k hIl ■ I B- ! Ih ' - . umi ..- ' ' ' A ; fl ■ m tm. uTv- B B PP HL A wT r J K tj hIh lU ! 1 - 1. With a show of appreciation, Ron Noble and Jim Doughty receive a plague for public speaking. 2. Veterinary work is perfornned here in the chute, as these students check the health of a bull. 3-4. Various animals keep Drumm Farm boys busy with their projects for competition. 5. " Animal science is more than just feeding; it also is the daily care of all animals, " explains Mr. Arthur Kelly, instructor. 6. Taking time out of a busy schedule, Carl Warrene holds one of the many cats. drumm farm 44 Drumm provides different setting from classrooms Eleven boys had a different schedule from other students. They spent two hours each day on a farm located within the city limits. These students at the Drumm Farm Institute took agriculture " It ' s a unique setup that I ' m in the school system, but yet isolated from the school. " classes at the farm, studying all aspects of plant and animal life. After spending two hours in the vocational agriculture class, the boys then came to Truman for the rest of the day. drumm farm 45 Homeec girls plan, purchase, prepare meals A study in food purchasing and field trips accented discussed techniques in Foods 1 classes. Field trips enabled girls to practice and experience responsibilities involved in the preparation of a meal. " At least I ' ll know how to boil water. " This included selecting foods at the store to obse rving proper ettiquette while eating. Girls also studied the money-saving values by making their own jams and jellies. home economics 46 ■i u? ■ i. IkmXk WBLM y 1. Onions . . . ground meat . seasonings and an involved student result in the applying of receipes in foods class. 2. Concentration reflects in cooking. 3. Planning, preparing, practicing ettiquette and finally . . eating. 4. " I could save 4 cents here, but which is better? " 5. " This receipe calls for it to boil next, " as Roxanne Thompson follows through the steps in making jam. home economics 47 Improving skill main objective in graphic arts Take a picture, drive a car, design a house. All three of these classes consisted of one main idea: to improve skills. Photography students were given the opportunity to develop pictures in a darkroom. Architectural drawing classes ' ' develops a hobby interest. " designed house plans from which students could build a home. The driver education program provided a chance for students to develop and improve their driving skills through various types of learning. practical arts 48 1 . Serious thoughts and deep concentration dominate as Stan Peters foresees organized results. 2. Using the dryer is the final step as photographers Tammy Taylor and Chris Deal look over finished results. 3. Al Nowlin finds accuracy a must for his architectural drawing classes. 4. Enter at your own risk as student drivers attempt their skills at driving. 5. " Now to make this larger " , as Bob Barber makes use of facilities. 6. Great expectations of doing well in preparation for the future express student driver ' s feelings. practical arts 49 Industrial arts gives students self involvement Woods and metals took on a new project this year — a girl. This and the application of metal working to art brought new " They ' ve accepted the fact rm here. " dimensions to metals. Woods II applied their skills by making furniture. industrial arts 50 ' f W 1-2. Students work together and help each other for better results In industrial arts. 3. Hands metal parts grease effort combined toward projects. 4. Welding and other metal working skills are important to Robyn Nichols in an attempt to apply metal to art. 5. Mr. Thomas advises Tim Semler and Rick Home on the importance of exact measurement in woods. 6. Equipment in the industrial arts classes makes it possible for students to gain experience. Industrial arts 51 ■ Dual teaching adds dimension in business Senior girls gossiping in the cafeteria? No, its all a part of the Secretarial Practice course offered to the girls this year. Dual-teaching was the main theme under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Wrinkle and Miss Karen Seward. Students were divided into " We ' ll appreciate it later— " business 52 1. Miniature filing kits provide actual experience in filing procedures for Jana Dix. 2. Dictaphone machines require serious thought in monitoring phrases for Teresa Hughes. 3. Starting the day with a smile. Miss Karen Seward sets an example for future secretaries. 4. Fundamental business skills take concentration, as Mrs. Carolyn Wrinkle explains the electronic calculator to Diana Thomas and Donna Trader. 5. Perception and accuracy? business 53 Advanced p.e. challanges girls in novel sports Miss Lloyd ' s advanced p.e. class included much more than the usual activities that take place year after year. Every other Friday the class " want to ride this one. Is it a girl or a boy? Oh, well, I ' ll just call it, ' It ' . " left school and went several different places to conduct class. Activities included bowling, horseback riding, tennis, golf and swimming. p.e. 54 1. Everybody has their ups and downs. Elaine Howen demonstrates this on the trampoline. 2. " Let ' s hit the trail, Patches " , orders Melanie Holts as Janet Scott and Diana Roberts look on. 3. " If I don ' t hit it this time, I ' m really going to be teed off " — Janet Scott. 4. Concentrated efforts are put forth as Judy Lukrofka trys for a strike. 5. " Steady, boy, don ' t move yet " , pleas BeckyTrussell as she mounts Smoky. 6. " So far so good. Now If I can only hit it — Cheryl Raw. 0 j m0 ' r-s-:0 II p.e. S5 school life . . . haven ' t you ever :SW:«5 W? 1 M HHBMMMpJUUW ? m ■ school life division 56 haven ' t you ever felt like a fool wfien you waved to someone in the hall and he didn ' t see you? school life division 57 1. The Royal Court. 2. Sally Eckel and Kate Meyers find Homecoming work sessions casual. 3. Randy Davidson escorts Denna to her throne. 4. Students dance to the sounds of " Saint. " 5. You don ' t have to move to groove. 6. Congratulations and smiles accompany Denna ' s crowning. hom coming 58 IjVorking, crowning, celebrating, . . . Homecoming 72 A gingerbread house, girls dressed in pink, candy cane arches and 1972 cor- vettes helped carry out " How Sweet It is, " Truman ' s Homecoming theme. Den na Martin was crowned queen during halftime by Linda Milleson. Truman ' s marching band played and the senior Pep Club girls held the tradi- tional arches. Sophomore attendants " I was scared I was going to slide off the back of the car— " Rosann LaBruzzo and Denise Tanner wore dresses of pink with white pina- fores. White dresses with white pina- fores were chosen for junior attendants Khristy Lane and Debbie Wilson. Laurie Johnson, Denise Hildebrand, senior attendants, and Queen Dennawore red dresses with red pinafores. i homecoming 59 J 3 Denna Martin crowned queen of Candyland ' " Town " accompanied the Homecom- IPing dance that follawi Eagles football gar ePFau.c. „..„ ..lairs were available forthe first time at a Homecoming dance for those who wished not to dance. The stage was decorated by the dance committee of " It was SOI hard to danceJn a long dress Student Council. The attendants were again introduced and escorted to the stage by Bob Uptegrove, Rusty Moore, Paul Reneau, Vito LaBruzzo, Scott Hammons and Steve Weber. The tradi- tional Queen iBtte-fol lowed. Denna Mai Queen Denise Hildebrand ' -iniior Att( i C i ar Denna Martin Senior Debbie Wilson Junior Allciidant Laurie Johnson Senior Attendar 0!r Rosann LaBruzzo and Denise Tanner Sophomore Attendants I 1 homecoming 61 1. Courtwarming Queen, Carol Atkins. 2. School marm? Not quite, it ' s Kathi Helling, senior at- tendant. 3. Dolls — one an antique and the other a courtwarming attendant, Valerie Newman. 4. The children ' s piano in one of the bedrooms in- terests Jeanne Bouyear (junior) and Denise Mar- tinez (sophomore). 5. Kathi Helling. 6. Valerie Newman. 7. Jeanne Bouyear. 8. Denise Martinez. 9. Queen Carol pauses while touring the historic museum. courtwarming 62 Carol Atkins reigns over Courtwarming activities Courtwarming recreated a small por- tion of Early America as Carol Atkins reigned as queen of the " Patriot Revo- lution. " The theme of the activities opened up history books and thoughts " It was like reliving the past — a new experience. " of long dresses, the American flag, rocking chairs and old jails came alive. The 1859 Old Jail Museum became the setting for the girls with its rooms, schoolhouse and the jail itself. courtwarming 63 I Decorations, theme inspire Patriotism Stars and stripes mingling with red, white and blue decorations focused on queen Carol Atkins and senior attend- ants Kathi Helling and Valerie New- man. Sophomore and junior attendants Denise Martinez and Jeanne Bouyear led the way as they walked under arch- " I sat and looked at the flag a longtime. " es held by Pep club girls to the 13 stars and stripes backdrop on the stage. Rocking chairs added a touch of home to the Truman-Raytown game. " Hummingbird " provided dance music. U y 1| •V , :V r • : courtwarming 64 1 . Basketball players escort the girls. 2. Pride and excitement are shared between Kathi Helling and her brother. 3. Attendant Oenise Martinez and Tim Norlie participate in the Queen ' s dance. 4. Common interest brings together the band and the crowd. 5-6-7. The reign of a Queen .8. Courtwarming brings anticipation. 9. Jeanne Bouyear moves with the music. courtwarming 65 heritage dance 66 1 Popcorn, calico bows, paper chains carry out theme " A Heritage Christmas " highlighted the theme of the annual Christmas Dance. A 20-foot tree decorated with calico bows, popcorn strings and paper chains stood in the cente of the gym. Snowmen table decorations and a sleigh throne for the queens helped carry out the old-fashioned theme. " This is the best Christmas present I ' ve ever had. " Regina Botts was crowned queen with Sherry Welch and Rhonda Briggs as senior attendants. Chris Gillison was junior attendant and Twila Littrell was sophomore attendant. Chuck Inzerelli provided the music for the dance sponsored by the yearbook staff. 1. No Christmas is complete without Santa Claus. 2. Congratulations to the Queen. 3. Chris Gil- lison, junior attendant, and Twila Littrell, sophomore attendant. 4. Mr. James Welch and daughter Sherry. 5. Beckie DiRe, 1971-1972 Queen, returns to crown Regina. 6. The royal court. 7. Regina and her father dance the traditional Queen ' s dance. heritage dance 67 u Junior Attendant Chris Gillison heritage dance 68 ' Old-fashioned Christmas features Queen Regina Senior Anendant Sherry Welch heritage dance 69 r»W Sadie Hawkins changes, adds Mr. Marvelous Sadie Hawkins took on a new look this year with the addition of a Mr. Marvel- ous contest. The annual women-pay-all event had a King and court to reign over the dance. John Franklin, nomi- nated by the student body, was voted ' It ' s a new idea. " King with Morris Pippin and Randy Betts, senior attendants. Scott Hedlin and Chris Haston were junior attend- ants. Mark Taitt and Tim Norlie, sopho- mores, completed the court. Music was provided by " Saint. " John Franklin, Mr. Marvelous. Mark Taitt Chris Haston Randy Betts Morris Pippin mr. nnarvelous 70 Carol, Mark named Mr. and Miss School Spirit C)ol Spirit nominees: Dennis Pierce, Karen Norlie, Morris Pippin, Carol Sciortino, Mark Cordes. IN pictured, Debl Shoaf.) Mark Cordes and Carol Sciortino re- ceived the Mr. and Miss School Spirit awards for 1973. Pep Club nominated six seniors with the student body vot- ing on the final selection. Require- ments were that they be a senior, have an M average, support all school activi- ties, have a friendly outgoing person- " It ' s a nice reward for a lot of hard work. ' ality, a cooperative attitude toward both faculty and students. Other nomi- nees were Dennis Pierce, Morris Pip- pin, Debi Shoaf and Karen Norlie. Car- ol was president of Pep Club and Thespians and yearbook editor. Mark played varsity basketball. mr. and miss school splrlt 71 If 1 . " Are you married? Then you ' re a bum. " Father disapproves of Alan ' s actions. 2. " Who buys milk now that you ' re not there? " 3. " I ' m still very in- terested. " Buddy pretends to be Oscar Man- heim, the Hollywood producer. 4. Alan has a hard time understanding why his younger broth- er is suddenly a bum. 5. " Connie, you ' re back! " Alan is caught in a trap. fail play 72 ' Come Blow Your Horn ' casting . . . trying . winning meeting planning . learning . . . building . . . glueing • . . buy- ing . . . listening . . . looking . . finding . . practicing . making . . . memorizing . . . ordering . . . borrowing . . . testing . . measur- ing .. . typing . . . printing . . . polishing . . . finishing . . . per- forming . . enjoying. Neil Si- mon ' s " Come Blow Your Horn " was presented on Nov. 16, 17, 18 and was the first performance in i " Some nights I thought we ' d never get through. " the new auditorium. The play centered around a 33-year old playboy and his younger brother trying to leave their typically Jew- ish home. Mrs. Kathleen Tucker directed the cast, and drama class- es helped with the set. For the first time the understudies were al- lowed to present the play in a special afternoon performance for the student body. Dana Shep- herd was student director. Alan Baker David Eshelman Buddy Baker David Jones Mr. Baker, Sr Jeff Zornes Mrs. Baker Mary Mohr Connie Dayton . . . . Kim DeHass Peggy Elaine Hart Aunt Cussie Peggy Morin fall play 73 rMV Cast Tevye Tom Doici, Golda Sharon Thompson Tzeitel Elaine McMillan Model . . . . ' Jean Hausheer Chava Vicki Turner Shprintze Cindy Browning Bieike Jeannie Shaw Motel Pat Keller Perchik Bob Ballew Fyedka v . . . . MikeMetz Yente . ' . . Carol Sciortino Lazar Wolf Cbarlie LoPorto The Fiddler Frank Doici musicai 74 ' Fiddler on the Roof First musical in auditorium draws large audiences " I ' m scared of height! " " I ' m hun- gry " . . . " Bru-ha-ha " . . " 1-2-3-GO! " . . . " It ' s 8:00 already! " — only a few sounds coming from the auditorium as the music and drama departments pre- sented " Fiddler on the Roof, " February 15, 16, and 17. Seats were sold out a week ahead of time for the first musical in the auditorium. More than a hundred people participated in the " Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof . " award-winning Broadway hit. Mrs. Kathleen Tucker, dramatics teacher; Mr. Phil Dunham, vocal music teacher; and Mr. Don Welborn, instrumental music teacher worked during school hours and after school to perfect songs, lines and dances. David Jones was stu- dent director, and Jeanne Bouyear was choreographer. 1. " If I were a rich man " 2. " Be glad you ' ve got a man! " 3. " L ' chaim! " 4. " We have traditions for everything. " 5. " Tevye, don ' t be an ox! " musical 75 Area students express talents in Hootenanny J " Dueling Banjos, " Hawaiian dancers and a banana skit were just a few of the acts in the annual Hootenanny. Mas- ters of ceremony, Jim Roach and Vito LaBruzzo told jokes in between the " It ' s kind of an amateur talent show " acts. Red Cross and STUCO, sponsors of the Hootenanny, extended invita- tions to other schools to participate. Profits were divided among Red Cross, STUCO and the classes. hootenanny 76 1. Funny face, Jeanne Bouyear pantomimes the life of a clown. 2. Mark Slayton, Darrell Hallford and Mike Gulotta, under the name of the Woods Chapel Trio offer a song. 3. " Man is a searching " Randy Ritchie helps Jim Roach discover man ' s reasoning through music. 4. Masters of ceremony, Jim Roach and Vito LaBruzzo join forces at the Hootenanny. 5. Lupe Moe illustrates the correct way to do a Polynesian dance. ■ hootenanny 7 spirit week 78 The 1950 ' s era highlights Spirit Week activities Spirit week highlighted the Chrisman- Truman basketball game. After being out of school on Monday, students returned on Tuesday dressed ready to participate in their favorite sport. The uniforms ranged from basketball warm-ups to a champion ping pong team. Girls in their father ' s suits and jhoes sizes too big, illustrated exagger- ation day on Wednesday. Thursday was a day for " rocking ' round the clock. " The boys brought back the 50 ' s with slicked hair and leather jackets. Girls played their part, too, in knee-length skirts, saddle oxfords, and red lipstick. Wails of Elvis Presley and Haley ' s Com- ets entertained students between class- es by way of the intercom. Red white and blue colored the halls on Friday. Everyone was asked to wear the school colors to help promote spirit. Seniors won the annual sign contest between V " 50 ' s Day is really far out. I love be-bopping down the hall. " the classes. Friday at the pep assembly awards were given to Dennis Pierce and Jacque Huddleston for having the most original costumes. Spirit Week was planned by the cheerleaders. spirit weeli 79 1. Myriam and her sister Sheryl get to know each other through discussions. 2. One of Myriam ' s responsibilities as AFS student is giving speeches. 3. Re- hearsing for first hour band Myriam enjoys the flute. 4. Skits at the banquet entertain Myriam, an honorary Thespian and fellow initiates. 5. Myriam reads to keep up on affairs at home and abroad. afs student 80 I Myriam d ' Estaintot . . . This isn ' t what she expected ;«««, From Paris to Independence . . . from a large family to a small family . . . from the relaxed atmosphere of France to the hurried life of America. All of these were part of the changes Myriam d ' - Estaintot experienced as AFS student this year. Myriam lived with Brenda and Sheryl McClaran. Her courses cen- tered primarily around the arts — band " Still feel very French. ' (she played the flute) and drama (she enjoyed working on the sets) — these added to her art hobby. Myriam, who liked the slow pace in Independence, said she had only one regret about school here: " You can say hello to a lot of people, but it ' s hard to find time to talk. " afs student 81 1. He contributes he ' s Randy Davidson, Outstanding Senior Boy. 2. DAR recipiant Cathy Jones shows dedication inside and outside the classroom. 3. " children, religion and giving represent the five sides of Christmas, " explains Carol Sciortino, who was voted Outstanding Senior Girl. 4. Music of Mr. Marvelous dance brings students together listening, watching, enjoying. 5. Elf Jill Allen tries to restore Santa ' s (Joe Potter) memory in a Christmas skit presented by Thespians. 6. Each day means participation for everybody. 7. Leading the parade with autumn leaves accenting her float. Holly Morgan reigns as Halloween Queen. students and honors 82 nvolvement — students take active part in school life students and honors 83 school life 84 earning, working, growing — 1,850 people reacting 1. Susan Bratcher " tells it like it Is " In morning prayer meetings. 2. Having your locker decorated is one of many fringe benefits that comes with playing football. 3. Contemplation an integral part of a student ' s life. 4. School reflects many beliefs in many ways. 5. The wrong way on a one-way staircase? 6. Child at heart? No one will know but Mr. Brown. 7. Don Weiss participates in the " polishing off " of dessert at a Thespian banquet. school llfe 85 sports . . . reward comes with exertk K MB WfiJ r ' »v hS e fSm yr ' X ' ,; i sports division 86 when you really work at something you are rewarded with sweat and feelings of accomplishment sports division 87 Cross country " finishes eighth in conference The Cross Country team, with a lack of experience, ended its season with a 6- 11 record. Truman runners entered in three invitationals: Raytown South, Marshall and Ruskin. The Patriots fin- ished 15th, 10th and 17th respectively. Tri-captains for this were Craig Bowen, Ray Schnetzer and Mark Taitt. Mark also was awarded with the most valu- able runner award. Junior varsity fin- ished its season posting a 4-8 record. They placed fourth in the Raytown South Invitational, and finished sixth in the Conference Meet. Mr. Tom De- mark coached both teams. V 1 VfllHHBHMM pi ' tt S " cross country 88 VARSITY SCOREBOARD Truman 64 North K.C. Raytown 41 24 Truman 60 Winnetonka Hickman 22 69 Center 83 Truman 95 Winnetonka 30 Liberty Chrisman 49 57 Ray-South Invitational Truman 49 liberty Belton 15th 29 74 Blue Springs 81 Marshall Invitational 10th Truman 102 q ,, pg 24 Liberty Winnetonka 57 62 Ruskin Invitational 17th Truman 57 Qrandview 28 Hickman 71 Center 76 Conference meet 8th District meet 11th 1. Dennis Lowe sprints toward the finish line. 2. On your mark, get set, go! 3. Pacing himself is easy for Raymond Schnetzer second year trackster. 4. Tri-Captains for cross country were Raymond Schnetzer, Craig Bowen and Mark Tate. 5. Soul shake reinsures runners inner feelings. cross country 89 Underclassmen lead tracksters to 6-11 record JUNIOR VARSITY SCOREBOARD Truman 63 North K.C. Raytown 25 82 Truman 32 Winnetonka 23 Truman 67 Chrisman 25 Winnetonka 36 Liberty Disq. Ray-South Invitational 4th Truman 55 Liberty 17 Blue Springs 78 Belton 84 Truman 80 Oak Park Liberty 16 45 Truman 39 Grandview 19 Conference meet 6th 1. MarkTaitt named the most valuable runner for the season. 2. Craig Bowen runs to the finish. 3. Fatigue dominates Raymond Schnetzer ' s expression following his run. 4. Cross Country Team — Front: Gary Stewart, Mike Metz, Barney McMillian, Dennis Lowe, Darrall Lowe, Scott Spiers. Back; Gary Taylor, (manager). Rick Westerfield, Raymond Schnetzer, Jim Hoss, Gary Strack, Mark Taitt, Craig Bowen, Emmitt Queener, (manager), coach Tom Demark. cross country 90 cross country 91 rn? Truman loses Wagon Wheel to Chrisman For the first time Truman lost the Wa- gon Wheel trophy when Chrisman defeated the Patriots 0-40 in the final game of the season, giving Truman an 0-10 season. Scores with Center, Rock- hurst and North Kansas City were close, but the end still proved unfavor- able for the Big Red Team. Led by Coach Ed Russell, the team was ham- pered by having only three returning lettermen, Morris Pippin, Bruce Queen and Kent Fisher. At the end of the sea- son. Pippin was named on the All-Area and All Conference Teams. Fisher and Ben Beck placed on the second team. Bob Piepargerdes received honorable mention. Co-captains were John Franklin and Beck. Coach Russell was assisted by Coaches Don Coffman, James Talbott and Monte Gagliardi. football 92 1. Eric Pearson, Jim Jones and David Todd watch with fatigued Interest at what ' s happening on the field. 2. While Truman ' s defense takes over, John Franklin discusses the situation with quarterback Mark Gibbs. 3. Varsity squad. 4. Mark Feiser, Truman ' s leading scorer, sweeps right to break through North Kansas City ' s line. VARSITY FOOTBALL . SCOREBOARD Truman 12 Northeast 14 Truman 20 Center 28 Truman 6 Ray-South 21 Truman 8 Winnetonka 25 Truman 6 Raytown 34 Truman 14 Ruskin 28 Truman 14 Rockhurst 17 Truman Oak Park 28 Truman 21 North K.C. 23 Truman Wm. Chrisman 40 II footbali 9 Agony reflects in expressions of losing teann 1. Rob Rector in hopes of a Patriot win, 2. A tackle by Morris Pippin keeps spirits high. 3. Mickey Kelley lockeroom concentration before second half. 4. Bob Piepargerdes de- termination to win a game. 5. Agony reflects de- feat in faces of Mark Gibbs and Jim Roach as the team loses another game. footbaII 94 football 95 y 1. Ready Set . Hut one Hut two 2. Carl Danielson, face full of determination, explodes into enemy lines. 3. Two Truman defenders stop Center for a short gain. 4. Mickey Kelley lets one fly high over the outstretched hands of Center ' s defense. football 96 J Winless games dampen spirits for Junior Varsity A 6-6 tie with Winnetonka was the only game which kept the junior varsity team from losing every game. They ended the season with the one tie, no wins and seven losses. Rain forced can- cellation of the game with the new Hickman Mills High School. The squad was coached by Mr. Monte Gagliardi. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Truman Wm. Chrisman 19 Truman Center 14 Truman 6 Ray-South 56 Truman 6 Winnetonka 6 Truman 6 Raytown 24 Truman Ruskin 6 Truman Hickman Mills (cancelled) Truman Oak Park 34 Truman 6 North K.C. 21 football 97 Sophomores end season with 3 wins The sophomore football squad began to jive by becoming the only Truman winners of the season, going 3-5. They broke a four-game losing streak and surprised the Raytown Bluejays by de- feating them 6-0. The next two games brought wins, also, even though scores were close. Mr. Allen Schnitzer and Mr. Ray Maher coached the team. 1. Excitement sweeps over Jeff Serum as fel- low teammate goes in for a tackle. 2. Sopho- more squad. 3. Pressure of a coach brings more determination to Coach Schnitzer. 4. Helmets crashing, whistles blowing, all a part of football. 5. Jeff Dittmer kicks off to a sophomore victory over Hickman Mills. football 98 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Truman Wm.Chrisman 18 Truman 6 Center 28 Truman 6 Ray-South 14 Truman Winnetonka 40 Truman 6 Raytown Truman 13 Ruskin 12 Truman 7 Hickman Mills 6 Truman Oak Park (cancelled) Truman North K.C. 30 football 99 1. Coach McHenry gives game plan instruction to players. 2. Steve Sweetland battles opponent for rebound. 3. Coach Bob McHenry, Bob Barnett, Mark Cibbs, Kent Fisher, Jack Egli, Paul Reneau, Gary Matthews, Mark Cordes, Paul Phillips, Rob Rector, Brad Henson, kneeling, Steve Sweetland, Bill Burlingame. 4. Jack Egli fights for control with crosstown rivals. 5. Mark Cordes uses a slapping technique to steal the ball. basketball 100 J Varsity team finishes season with 5-11 record Although the varsity season ended with a 5-11 over-all season and 2-7 confer- ence, close scoring (often by only two- point losses) typified the season. They lost by only two points to Raytown South in the NKC tourney, North Kan- sas City, Center and Fort Osage. Tru- man won its season opener in the final seconds of play over Van Horn only to follow with a non-conference loss to Rockhurst. After the win over Ruskin, the Pats hosted the annual Truman Christmas Tournament and placed second, losing to Raytown in the finals. Returning from the holiday vacation, Truman lost to William Chrisman and St. Joe Central. These were followed by wins over Winnetonka and Northeast. The Pats, playing one of their better games, lost in overtime to Raytown South in the North Kansas City Tourna- ment, finishing fifth. The pattern re- peated itself as Truman bowed out to Raytown South and Sedalia Smith-Cot- ton. Truman had a chance to better its season and it was the next three out of four games that the Pats fell by two points. The Patriots pushed on to de- feat Lee ' s Summit but conceded to Oak Park and Chrisman. The junior varsity team had a 4-5 record during its first nine games and went on to a five-game winning streak, losing its last two games of the season. Hard work and confidence for the starters enabled the sophomore team to have an even sea- son with a 1-1 record. VARSITY SCOREBOARD Truman 46 Van Horn 44 Truman 51 Rockhurst 73 Truman 63 Ruskin 48 Tnjman Chrisiiiidi lournameni 2nd place | Truman 48 Wm. Chrisman 66 Truman 48 St. Joe Central 56 Truman 62 Winnetonka 52 Truman 58 Northeast 42 Truman 37 Ray South 53 Truman 48 Sedalia Smith-Cotton 68 North Kansas City Tournament 5th pi ace Truman 54 N. Kansas City 56 Truman 50 Center 52 Truman 54 Raytown 65 Truman 57 Fort Osage 59 Truman 55 Lee ' s Summit 48 Truman 51 Oak Park 65 Truman 40 Wm. Chrisman 79 Regional Tournament Truman 71 Fort Osage 65 Truman 50 Wm. Chrisman 56 basketball 101 Truman team basketball 102 H 5. 1. Halftime encouragement. 2. Bob Piepergerdes shows his driving determination. 3. As the crowd yell " jump-jump, " Steve Sweetland reaches to tip the basketball. 4. With three opponents guard- ing, competition and skills become stronger. 5. Enthusiasm increases as Truman rebounds oppo- nents ' basket. 6. Truman player takes only a moments pause for better aim. basketball 103 basketball 104 1. Coach Pete Hile, Bob Barnett, Jeff )ones, Bob Piepergerdes, Gary Culver, Rusty Moore, Chris Smith, Brand Hanson, Al Hauser. Kneeling — Jim May, Brent Stearns, Dale Pierce. 2. Managers: Jim Coy, David Weber, Grant Ward, Monte Sweetland. 3. Strategy — by the coach. 4. It takes concentrated effort — as Brad Henson shows. 5. Using perfect form results in two points. basketball 105 Sophs have 7-7 record in conference Sophomores Truman 48 Raytown South 66 Truman 37 Oak Park 52 Truman 55 Van Horn 42 Truman 65 Center 55 Truman 73 N.K.C. 57 Truman 53 Raytown South 52 Truman 58 N.K.C. 49 Truman 41 Raytown 42 Truman 55 Ruskin 57 Truman 34 Oak Park 44 Truman 52 Raytown 58 Truman 63 Winnetonka 62 Truman 69 Ruskin 55 Truman 42 Wm. Chrisman 42 B B I 4- basketball 106 Row one: Steve Rich, Greg Simpson, Joel Hahn, Edward Roush, Bruce Christian, Jeff Gibbs, Tim Norlie, Mark Graham, Randy Cox. Row two: Coach Baker, Donald Harris, Bill Fann, Gary Dris- kell, Mark Lunceford, Brian Sherman, Greg Mark, Scott Heptig, Buddy Smith, Monty Sweet- land. 1. Concentrated efforts. 2. Frustration. 3. Down the court to another two points? 4. Battling for the rebound. 5. During a time out Coach Baker stresses team strategy. basketball 107 Wrestlers take eighth place in conference Injuries and inexperience hurt the Pa- triots chance for a winning wrestling season. The season closed with a 2-9 record in dual meets. Varsity wrestlers placed sixth in both the Van Horn and Ruskin Tournaments. They placed eighth in conference and eighth in dis- trict. Mike Middleton placed third in the 112 bracket and Mark Feiser took fourth in the 167 bracket at confer- ence. In the district tournament Joe Manns, in the 155 bracket, placed fourth. Junior Varsity had a 5-6 record and finished fifth in conference. Paul Bradly at 105 placed fourth; Rick Hulett at 119 placed fourth; Carl Martin at 126 placed second; Bill Barnett at 145 placed fourth; Harold Kerns at 167 placed third; Gene Gardner at 185 placed fourth; and Tim Monroe at Hwt. placed fourth. Mr. Don Coffman coached varsity and Mr. Jim Talbott coached junior varsity. Varsity Scoreboard Truman 30 Van Horn 2 Truman 21 Center . 2 Truman 23 Raytown 3 Van Horn Tournament placed 6th. Truman 18 Lee Summit 3 Truman 29 Southwest 2 Truman 12 Ruskin 4 Ruskin Tournament placed 6th. Truman 3 Oak Park 4 Truman 5 Winnetonka 4 Truman 15 NKC 3 Truman 20 Ray South • 3 Conference Tournament placed 8th. Truman 21 Wm. Chrisman 2 District Tournament placed 8th. Junior Varsity Scoreboard Truman 20 Truman 14 Truman 45 Truman 18 Truman 45 Truman - 30 Truman 5 Truman 16 Truman 15 Truman 34 Conference Tournament placed 5th. Truman 30 Van Horn Center Raytown Lee Summit Southwest Ruskin Oak Park Winnetonka NKC Ray South Wm. Chrisman wrestling 108 wrestling 109 Inexperience hinders chance for .500 season wrestling 110 wrestling 111 Swimming — individual sport with team effort Records by Kim Graves and Pat May highlighted the four-six swimming sea- son. Kim broi e school records in the 50-yard freestyle, 100-yard freestyle and the 100-yard breast stroke. Pat broke the record in the 60-yard free- style. Led by Tim Link and Kim Graves, the team finished fourth in conference. They defeated Liberty, Northeast, Cen- ter and Chrisman. swimming n2 2. Varsity Scoreboard Truman 28 Raytown South 66 Truman 43 William Chrisman 54 | Truman 52 Liberty 43 Truman 39 Van Horn 56 Truman 25 Park Hill 70 Truman 33 St. Joe Central 62 Truman 54 Northeast 41 Truman 51 Center 44 Truman 57 William Chrisman 38 Truman 39 Raytown 55 Van Horn Relays 8th place. Conference 4thplace. Junior Varsity Truman 42 Raytown South 48 Truman 46 William Chrisman 46 Truman 42 Van Horn 40 Truman 19 Park Hill 76 Truman 35 St. Joe Central 58 Truman 36 Northeast 12 Truman 20 Center 14 Truman 55 William Chrisman 31 Truman 40 Raytown 36 Row one: Darrell Opalka, Tim Link, George Robinson, Larry Vader, Jeff Batson, Marty Green, Pete Petentler, Charlie Leibold. Row two: Coach Kassen, Larry Hill, Dave Custead, Darrell Vaughn, Chris Haston, Graham Taylor, Roger Pointer, Keith Scott. Row three; Pat May, Dave Myers, Doug Taylor, Jeff Zornes, Jack Wright, Bob Etter. Row otir; Kim Graves, Mark Gibson, Randy Borgman, Ted Pope, Charlie Crook, Manager. Not pictured — Mark Graven, Dan Eads. 1. Team work is the name of the game as Randy Borgman com- pletes his part and Bob Etter prepares to carry on the 200 yard medley relay. 2. Diver Darrell Opalka concentrates on reflexes and coordi- nation. 3. Darrell Vaughn displays smoothness in diving skills. swimming 113 I • 1 They swim on, as they break school records SHALLOW mi swimming 114 swimming 115 Wi Girls combine competition with enthusiasm For the first time girls formed inter- scholastic varsity and junior varsity vol- leyball and basketball teams. Stressing the values of competition, the girls won two volleyball trophies with 10 wins and four losses. Miss Karen Dyer, Miss Diane Lloyd and Miss Louise Lyons sponsored the teams. TEAM MEMBERS Liane Kalaikau Liz Riley Lois Morgan Cheryl Raw Lynne Morgan Melonie Holt Jill Allen Liz Blancas Martha Nino Jamie Ogle Diana Roberts Theresa Morris Debbie Ganson Becky Peel Pegi Jowett Maureen Ronan Yvette Brand Celia Honeycut Becky Trussell Liana Moe girls sports 116 1 4 1 ■ - — 1 1. Eyeing a good shot Liz Riley pauses long enough to makesureof her aim. 2. Not only team involvement but family involvement, as Lois and Lynne Morgan workout. 3. Learning to guard and be quick brings more coordination to bas- ketball girls. 4. Miss Lloyd expresses feelings of excitement during the last few minutes of a game. I girls sports 117 mjn Gymnastics club raises money for equipment Working toward a specific goal, Gymnastic Club had a year full of money-raising projects, along with reaching out for a better sense of balance, grace and coor- dination. Popcorn balls, candy and carnations were sold to raise money for new uneven parallel bars and balance beam. After " We all muscles. " pull the same school practice enabled girls to prepare for basketball half time performances and interscholastic gymnastic competition. Officers included Jacque Huddleston, president; Valerie Newman, vice president; and Cindy Browning, secretary and treasurer. Mrs. Jan- ice Pule was sponsor. Row one: Diane Kraft, Sayo Enomoto, Jacque Huddleston. Row two: Shelley Larson, Becky Trussell, Laura Potter, Julie Leibold. Row three: Christie Gilli- son, Susan Proctor, Cynthia Browning, Joanne Custead. Row four: Holly Mor- gan, Elaine Hart, Valerie Newman, Jeanne Bouyear. gymnastics na 1 TH Pats Club competes in interscholastic sports events Pats was revived this year with Miss Diane Lloyd as the new sponsor. Interscholastic sports competition highlighted the year with games at William Chrisman and Lee ' s Summit. Members sold football jerseys to buy uniforms ' ' We ' re sports nuts! " for the team and Truman decals as a service project. Officers includ- ed Lynne Morgan, president; Karen Sawyer, vice president; Lois Morgan, secretary; Melonie Holt, treasurer. 1. Row one: Yvette Brand, Theresa Morris, Maureen Ronan, Martha Nino, Liz Wil- liams, Miss Lloyd (adviser). Row two: Janet Scott, Karen Sawyer, Celia Huneycutt, Beckie Peel, Diana Phillips. Row three: Kate Myers, Liz Riley, Becky Trussell, Liz Blancas, Maria Pantoja, Jamie Ogle. Row four: Cherry Farel, Lois Morgan, Jill Allen, Jean Hausheer, Lodema Painter, Lynne Morgan. Row five: Pegi Jowett, Lynne Austin, Debbie Canson, Diane Roberts, Cheryl Raw. 2. Ready . .. set . . . now! Spike It! J pats n9 Lettermen aim at members, more activities Lettermen ' s club, for boys who receive a varsity letter in at least one sport, painted the stage in the gymnasium this year. They also sponsored the annual Lettermen vs. Faculty basketball game. Small membership limited many of the activities. Club officers were John " It ' s an organization in which all lettermen should be in. " Franklin, president; Bill Burlin- game, vice president; Pat May, secretary; Morris Pippin, treasur- er; and Jim Jones, sergeant-at- arms. Sponsors were Coaches Ed Russell, Don Coffman and Bob McHenry. 1. Row one: Michael Middleton, John Franklin, Bill Burlingame. Row two: Tom Horton, Mark Feiser, FHarold Bullard, Mark Novak. Row three: Pat May, Raymond Schnetzer, Jim Jones, Eric Pearson. Row lour: Mark Gibbs, Morris Pippin, Gary Matthews, Doug Taylor. 2. Singing in the front lobby Is part of the initiation into Let- termen ' s Club. lettermen 120 Group philosophy of spiritual growth back FCA A mid-winter cookout and a trip to the Big Eight Tournament high- lighted activities of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The group combined physical and spiritual " ... the goal of Truman chapter FCA is to encourage Christian athletes to share their faith with others. " growth as part of their philoso- phy. Officers were Doug Taylor, president; Larry Fisher, vice presi- dent; Jeff Jones, secretary; Brad Henson, treasurer. Row one: Dave Baker (coach), Brad Hen- son, Kingdon Anderson (coach). Row two: Bob Barnett, Mike Metz, Richard Mark, Phil Webster. Row three: Doug Taylor, Larry Fisher, Craig Walker, Jeff Jones. Row four: Stephen Weber, Bob Still, Rick Wes- terfield, Craig Bowen. Row five: Eddie Rush, Alan Hauser, Jeff Ragsdale, Tom Horton. fca 121 Changes allow more freedom for Pep Club Merit points and new sponsors consti- tuted changes in Pep Club this year. A new merit system devised by the offi- cers and sponsors allowed more free- dom. Girls could miss a game, if they made it up (point-wise) in some other activity. Points were given for attend- ing athletic events and participating in extra activities such as Homecoming work sessions. Girls with the most " We support the teams, and we have a blast in the process. " points received awards at the annual banquet this spring. Officers were Car- ol Sciortino, president; Debi Shoaf, vice president; Teresa Uptegrove, sec- retary; Sandi Wille, treasurer; Chris Gillison, reporter-historian; Mary Lara- bee, parliamentarian. Paul Morales was the mascot. Miss Karen Dyer, Miss Di- ane Lloyd and Miss Louise Lyons were sponsors. pep club 122 « 1 nS ' " j H ' ■ ' - • 1 rr 1. Excitement builds and spirits are high. 2. Budgeting — a must for any organization proves to be no exception for Pep Club. The group sold candles and tumblers as their primary money-making projects. 3-4-5. Anticipating the outcome,Pep Club girls become silent for a moment. 6. Homecoming decorations take time, and officer Teresa Uptegrove busies herself painting candy canes. 7. Contributing to school spirit, more than 120 Pep Club girls unite. pep club 123 cheerleaders 124 Cheerleaders catch spark for Truman at clinic 1 ■ m 1 H I H k « ' 1 H I H Mv ' A 9 l l lb s W m H 1 B i B r A 1 H 1 ' ' 1 ■ 1 1 Terri Shultz Spirit, pep and steam — that ' s what cheerleaders are made of. Truman varsity cheerleaders proved that when they returned from clinic with four blue rib- bons, one red ribbon, four spirit sticks and the Grand Champs Spark Plug Award. The " spark plug " was given to the most out- " We all love each other. ' standing squad, chosen by all the girls. Heading the squad this year was senior Julie Agee. Other members were Kim DeHass, Holly Morgan and Vicki Turner, se- niors; Jeanne Bouyear, Elaine Hart and Terri Shultz, juniors. Paul Morales was the mascot. Paul Morales, mascot Elaine Hart cheerleaders 125 1 ' What would sports be without us? ' Girls supporting a common inter- est — boys in sports — added to school spirit. Girls ' groups sup- porting athletes: Harriers for track, Wrestlerettes for wrestling, Tickers for swimming. Junior var- r ' ' All sporting events deserve support. " sity cheerleaders led the yells at junior varsity sporting events. The girls supported the teams by as- sisting the coaches in the running of the meets and just being there to cheer the guys on . wrestlerettes-harriers 126 1. Row one: Candy Westmoreland, Nancy Boat- right, Cenelle Weber, Barbara Seal, Ann Arni Row two: Lisa Mathany, Shari Keeler, Vickie Bur- gess, Linda Burton, Valerie Booth, Janie Martin, Dianna McCorkle, Cathy Jones. 2. Row one: Joanne Custead, Lisa Fletcher, Patty Trotter Row two: Yvonne Nadeau, Kate Myers, Cindy Stroud, Jan Peters. 3. Row one: Linda Burton, Debi Peo- ples, Sherry Jones, Stacy Clark, Lynda Lush, Yvette Brand, Janet Coffel, Kathy Stephenson Row two: Twila Littrell, Maureen Ronan, Marcia Benedict, Susan Simpson, Caryl Goodyear, Liz Pnjitt, Lori O ' Dell Row three: Wanda Hall, Ste- phanie McCollum, Pegi Jowett, Lynne Austin, Janine Gallagher, Sue Whitson, Lori Burmahl, Kerry Bowen Row four: Cindi Graves, Allyson Krueger, Debbie Yocum, Nancy Braun, Mary Giambalvo, Sharon Smith, Eileen Shultz, Donna Shultz Row five: Denise Martinez, Elizabeth Eads, Bena Marrone, Maria Pantoja, Cheryl Ei- chenberger, Debbie Rohrbach, Tricia Amborsi. 4. Row one: Vicki Andes, Jackie Scanlan, Becky Davidson, Gayle Hern, Sheila Bush. Row two: Debbie Larison, Beckle Peel, Jean Hausheer, Marianne Payne, Pamm Mitchell. Row three: Rhonda Casey, Rachelle Rice, Tammy Thiel, Pa- ree Pyper, Sandy Wade, Diane Titus. jv cheerleaders-tickers 127 clubs . . . people being together bring awareness s -:- clubs division 128 NHS accepts juniors, seniors in top percent National Honor Society consisted of the top five percent of the juniors and the top ten percent of the seniors. Based totally on scholarship, students were selected by class standing in regu- lar and advanced courses. New mem- bers were formally initiated this spring. Officers were Mike Harrington, presi- " hope we turn into a service club. dent; Richard Mark, vice president; Aimee French, secretary; Jeff Garrett, treasurer. Ms. Rhea Kalhorn, contemporary is- sues teacher, sponsored the group, as- sisted by Mr. George Coskey and Mr. Frank Holwick, counselors. nhs 130 Row one; Cindy Browning, Barbara Morton, Kim DeHass, Holly Morgan, Richard Rice, Louella Daughtrey, Mary Spielbusch, Susan Simpson, Brent Conger, Ronald Pike, Murray Ford, Youngok Yun, Robert Stockdale, Craig Bowen. Row two; Evelyn Saunders, Ingrid Bunk, Louise Wayman, Micol Walsh, LaVonne Wiss, Aimee French, Kristy Cline, Bev Haley, Debbi Cook, Paula Dickensheets, Vici Dinkel, Brenda McClaran, Sarah Raab, Peggy Kissling. Row three: Beth Wilcox, Denise Huff, Susan Ekiund, Debbie Hedrick, Jana Dix, Lee Anne Cox, Amy Powell, Judy Slaght, Bob Tice, Brad Constance, Rick Juliff, Diane Mosier, Rick Dierkes, Gary Hamilton, Mike Burns. Row four: Shelley Larson, Teresa Brocato, Marti Kuhn, Debbie Russell, Jill York, Mike Harring- ton, Paul Spencer, Mike Gulotta, Ann Turner, David Sunderland, Bill Burlingame, Tom Solo- mon, Dennis Pierce, Scott Spiers, Richard Myers. Row five: David Eshelman, Bev Rey- nolds, Terry McArthur, Mark Cibbs, Susan McKee, Debby Crites, Tim Walters, Richard Mark, Jeff Garrett, Patrick Smith, Tedd Potts, Mike Raveill, Kevin Empson, Mike Hurst, Blake West, Jim Hoss. 1. Richard Mark, vice president, drives a hard bargain while selling candy for AFS. 2. Six seniors received Curator scholarships to the University of Missouri. Principal LeRoy Brown congratulates win- ners: Tim Walters, Aimee French, Jeff Garrett, LeRoy Brown, Randy Davidson, Holly Mor- gan, Kevin Empson. 4. Ms. Rhea Kalhorn, sponsor, and Mike Harrington, president, dis- cuss the possibility of changing NHS to a serv- ice club. nhs 131 Tri-M wants club recognition by being active The main goal of Tri-M this year was to become an active club. They accomplished this by spon- soring a harp ensemble from Ja- pan and operating the concession stand at the fall play and several ' ' Tri-M . . . more than just honorary. " active now concerts. Elected officers this year were Vicki Simpson, president; Debbie Larsen, vice president; Rozanne Srader, secretary; Cheryl Ferguson, treasurer; and Jana Dix, historian. 1. Tri-M president Vicki Simpson checks the dates of upcoming obligations. 2. Row one: Debi Brownfield, Kathy Helling, Cheryl Ferguson, Debbie Larson, Diane Mosier, Jana Dix. Row two: Bob Ballew, Jon Ralston, Mike Gulotta, Paula Gamm, Patty Edmonds. Row three: Mr. Dunham, Jill York, Jean Hausheer, Brenda Mc- Claran, Lynda Lesh, Julie Agee. Row four: Frank Doici, Mark Slayton, Tom Doici, Steve Hope, Pat Keller. Row five: Debbie Hedrick, Peggy Kissling, Joni Umbach, Elaine McMillan, Rick Juliff, Dave Watt. tri-m 132 I j National Art Honor Society studies art techniques Meetings of National Art Honor Society took a new turn this year. Speakers were invited to several meetings where they demonstrat- ed such techniques as lead casting and glass blowing. NAHS also par- ticipated in the spring art exhibit at the Mall. President Jim Roach " There ' s a lot of imagination behind it all. " was backed by officers Kevin Empson, vice president; Twyla Olson and Jackie Rynearson, sec- retaries; Ken Chapin, treasurer; and Tom Higgenbothom, histori- an. Sponsors were Mrs. Janice Malott and Mr. Carl Mendicki. 1. Row one: Twyla Olson, Robyn Nichols, Betty Calvert, GIna Botts, Holly Morgan. Row two: Maria Stadter, KathI Solomon, Richard Clark, Ron Still, Dave Shipman, Mike Staley. Row three: Tom Higginboth- om, Darrell Warner, Frank Doici, Bob Gar- rison, Mark Graham. Row four: Todd Pot- ter, Phil Dickens, Vicki O ' Dowd, Ken Chapin, Jim Roach. Row five: Debbie Bryant, Vicky Dummitt, Kim DeHass, Lau- rie Johnson, Yawnna C ' ' roll, Vicki Turner. 2. Fragile and beautiful. Jim Roach, Rich- ard Clark and Dave Shipman carefully admire the glass-blown objects. nahs 133 Thespians participate in annual events " Every December, on most peo- ple ' s lips are words that tell tales of the annual trips made by Santa whom you and I know as the white-bearded gent with the big " Ho-Ho-Ho! " Participating in holiday assem- blies. The Hootenanny, and The Pat Revue highlighted Thespian activities. In the annual Christmas " It ' s one of the upcoming clubs; everyone is becoming involved in drama. " assembly Thespians did a Readers Theater, " The Season That Santa Forgot He Was He " by Donna Lugg Pope. The club was headed by Carol Sciortino, president; Lucinda Holmes, vice president; Laurie Johnson, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Kathleen Tucker was club sponsor. 1. Row one: Carol Sciortino, Elaine Hart, David Jones, Lucy Holmes Row two: Mary Larabee, Pat Keller, David Esheiman, Jill Allen. Row three: Steve Hope, Bob Ballew, Rock Comstock, Steve Hoback. Row four: Joe Potter, Jeff Zornes, Mark Slayton, Dan Eads Row five: Dona Mc- intosh, Laurie Johnson, Dana Shepherd, Susan Chiles. 2-3-4. In order to perform, planning sessions are held so Thespians can plan and practice their skits for an upcoming show. thespians 134 mUmJ Debate students rank high in weekend tournaments Obtaining a total of 25 points and ranking high in tournaments qualified students to join National Forensic League. The club partici- pated in many weekend tourna- ments. At the Kansas City South- west tournament the club " ( ' s a good way to meet people from other schools. " brought home four trophies. Under the direction of Mr. Larry Whisler, officers included Sarah Raab, president; Debby Crites, vice president; and Bev Haley, secretary. 1. Row one: John Pritchard, Valerie Booth, Teresa Castro, Wanda Oskins, Ran- dy Young, Sarah Raab, Dana Apple, Mark Stafford, Bob Stockdale, Carl Lemonds. Row two: Tom Stribling, Renee Wood, Kathy Green, Steve Rich, Bill Danforth, David Jones, Kevin Mattening, Jim Webb, Brad Constance Row three: Pat Keller, Rick Dierkes, Debby Crites, Susan McKee, Mike Harrington, Jeff Bruder, Jeff Garrett, Steve Nickle, Mike Allen, Cindi Davis. Row four: Rus Po rter, Tom Solomon, Pat Smith, Tim Walters, Paul Spencer, Dan Phelps, Mark Leheney, Jim Martin, Bob Tice, Bill Gordon Row five: Michael Ses- ler, Charles Dodds, Emmett Queener, Dan Mason, Donna Phillips, Denise Cook, Gary Moore, Debbi Cook, Beverly Haley, Jon Onstot. 2. Mark Leheney prepares for next debate by putting his note cards in order. nfl 13S Club oberves press plants on field trips Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society for high school journalists, was made up of accel- erated students from publications II and journalism II classes. An ini- tiation was held in the spring al- lowing new members to join the club. A trip to the American Year- " Let ' s sell candy! We ' re not a club unless we sell candy. " book Company in Topeka and the newspaper plant in Blue Springs highlighted the club ' s activities. Under the direction of Mr. Ron demons, officers included Kay Wilson, president; Cathy Jones, vice president; and Beth Hawkins, secretary. 1. Row one; Denice Kenley, Evelyn Saun- ders, Kay Wilson Row two: Carol Sciortl- no, Ciena Norris, Elaine McMillan. Row three: Cathy Jones, Sherry McWilliams, Karen Larison, Beth Hawkins Row four; Debby Crites, Patrick Smith, Kathy Green, Jana DIx. 2. Cathy Jones, vice-president, and Beth Hawkins, secretary, talk over plans for the next meeting. 3. The club files are kept in order by Kay Wilson, president. quill and $croll 136 Students vow to go on with their study in Spanish Three semesters of an S+ or more in Spanish qualified students to be in Spanish Honor Society. Activi- ties of the year emphasized add- ing students to the society. To raise money for the initiation in April, members sold Mexican ta- cos to students and faculty. They also sold candy throughout the " Students must pledge to con- tinue their interest in the Span- ish language and culture. " year. The planned charity project was to give money to a Catholic priest for the poor in Latin Ameri- ca. The society ' s new sponsor was Mrs. Casilda Rice. Officers were Mark Robbins, president; Mike Burns, vice president; Kathy Mayo, treasurer; and Cheryl Jes- sen, secretary. 1. ?.o None: Richard Rice, Cheryl lessen. Row two: )im Howard, Kathy Mayo. Row three: Mike Burns, Mark Robbins, Rich- ard Mark. 2. Mark Robbins, president, expresses himself during a Spanish Honor Society meeting. 3. Vice president, Mike Burns, reads Spanish literature to members. Spanish honor society 137 Council faces ong debates on constitution Student Council faced officer requirement debates this year when the vice president-elect failed to meet " M " requirement of the club ' s constitution. This forced the election of a new vice president at the beginning of the year. The representatives named Caryl Goodyear from a slate of three nominees. Projects this year included an anti-smoking week and lowering of the speedbumps in the parking lot. Also, Stuco par- " Let ' s set up a committee for it. " ticipated in three major councils. They were the Superintendent ' s Advisory Council, which centered on problems of the area high schools or administrations, the Student Relations Council, designed to plan student rela- tion days and induce better stu- dent attitudes, and the Youth Ac- tion Council, which was for the benefit of students and their recreation. Caryl Goodyear, vice president Valerie Newman, secretary and Tim Walters, parliamentarian student council 138 student council 139 Chairmen offer students variety in activities Experimenting on getting more participation from students, the three service chairmen of Student Council concentrated on bringing new and different projects to the students. Kathi Helling, dance chairman, introduced a Mr. Mar- velous dance. AFS chairman, Mar- " New chairmen, new ideas, dif- ferent activities. " ti Kuhn, gave informal receptions enabling students to become acquainted with the foreign ex- change student. Acting as the first Community Service chairman, Cathy Jones urged students to walk for March of Dimes in the 20-mile Walk-a-thon. Cathy Jones, Community Service chairman T • Kathi Helling, Dance chairman student council 140 1. Mark Gibbs and Sandy Wille give their spare time to make someone else ' s Christmas brighter. 2. Money, money and more money is accumulat- ed to support the various committees. 3. The center hall bulletin board proves useful to chair- men in announcing special activities as well as upcoming events. - • ' ' V ' student council 141 Share together, get involved, reach out sharing. The gift of giving one ' s time and effort, reaching out to the community. Getting students involved with the community was the purpose of adding a Com- munity Service chairman to Stu- dent Council. The chairman or- ganized projects, enabling stu- " want to do more . . . get involved. " dents to reach out to other peo- ple. Visiting residents at the Jack- son County Hospital at Christmas, collecting money for the United Campaign, and participating in the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon were only a few of the ways stu- dents accomplished this. student council 142 na student council 143 ' ve 1. Row one: Paula Hunt, Debbie Larison, Julie Leibold, Kathi Helling, Allyson Kruger, Mary Brit- tain, Belinda Keck, Melonie Holt, Stacy Clark, Sherry Carter, Dianne Lloyd. Row two; Laurie Pay, Pamm Mitchell, Jeanne Bouyear, Susie Chiles, Elaine Hart, Kathy Peck, Linda Burton, Chris Copeland, Wanda Oskins, Don Bush, Joe Bellis. Row three: Becky Taylor, Connie Petet, Cheryl Bunt, Cindi Craves, Susan Sager, Debi Peoples, Terry Squires, Pat Copenhaver, Susan Brenneman, Jacci Bunnell, Gary Taylor. Row four: Joe Balance, Cathy Lalla, Ann Turner, Paula Gamm, Diane Mosier, Jim Green, Joe Potter, Dana Ochs, Debbie Russell, Jana Dix, Donna Shultz, Lupe Moe, Steve Hoback. Row five: Car- ol Henley, Terry Miller, Maria Garcia, Gloria Stears, Pegi Jowett, Diane Titus, Karen Cox, Miri- am Mulrenin, Carol Ayers, Joyce Martin, Faith Porter, Martha Morris. 2-3. Carol Ayers listens attentively as Lupe Moe expresses a point. red cross 144 Red Cross group sends Friendship boxes abroad For the first time Red Cross partici- pated in filling Friendship boxes. These individual boxes contained such items as games, toys, color- ing books and crayons. The Red Cross office then sent them to less fortunate children in foreign lands. The club conducted the yearly fund drive, filled ditty bags " We enjoy helping others. ' and sponsored the Hootenanny. Officers were president, Lupe Moe; vice president, Julie Lei- bold; secretary, Trudy Sperry; treasurer. Faith Porter; parliamen- tarian, Carol Ayers; and historian- reporter, Melonie Holt. Mrs. Mar- ian Manuel was sponsor. red cross 145 1. Row one: Mr. Floyd Hubble (adviser), Valerie Newrnan, Kathi Helling, Robin Stockdale, Debra Justice, Pam Richards, Denise Huff, Barbara Hart, Joanne Custead, Mrs. Mary Wells (adviser). Row two: Susan Chiles, Donna Whetsel, Roxanne Heath, Paula Petrechko, Christy Jessen, Jeanne Bouyear, Caria Schwarz, Mrs. Barbara Day (advis- er). Row three: Charlie Crook, Cheryl Rockhold, Michelle Lahey, Renee Wood, Beverlee Rey- nolds, Pat Copenhaver, Debi Shoaf, Teresa Upte- grove. Row four: Peggy Kissling, Chris Granger, Paul Mayer, Jana Dix, Jill Allen, Marti Kuhn, Kar- en Sawyer, Peggy Morin, Chery, Milby Row five: Lori Jett, Debi Brownfield, Sheryl McClaran, John DiNicola, Pam Moyer, Kim DeHass, Susan Nebel, Patti Ries. 2. Mr. Phil Dunham — " Best Ail-Around. " 3. Miss Karen Seward — " Most Appealing. " 4. Miss Diane Lloyd — " Best All- Around. " 5. Mr. Ike Hulver — " Ugliest Legs. " 6. Mrs. Barbara Day receives a token of apprecia- tion for her work as one of three sponsors. fta 146 Members honor teachers with contest, receptions During Honor Teachers week, students recognized their teach- ers in an unusual way. FTA an- nounced a contest for teachers in four different categories. The contest returns showed Miss Kar- en Seward as " Most Appealing, " Mr. Ike Hulver with the " Ugliest Legs, " and Miss Diane Lloyd and V " It ' s more than just a club; it ' s a career. " Mr. Phil Dunham as " Best Ail- Around. " Officers were Marti Kuhn, president; Denise Huff, vice president; Teresa Uptegrove, secretary; Pam Moyer, parliamen- tarian; and Paula Petricho, report- er-historian. Mr. Floyd Hubble, Mrs. Mary Wells and Mrs. Barbara Day were advisers. fta 147 Interact aids needy families by giving food Interact helped carry through many service projects for the community. The members paid for a long-distance telephone call to France when AFS student My- riam d ' Estaintot phoned her fami- ly during the Christmas season. They also gave Christmas baskets to needy families and served re- i " It ' s for the good of the com- munity. " freshments at travelogues spon- sored by Rotary Club. Officers were Paul Phillips, president; Chris Smith, vice president; Bob Ballew, secretary; Rick Van Fleet, treasurer; and Gary Matthews, parlimentarian. Mr. Jerry Moore, vice principal, and Mr. Norman James served as sponsors. 1. Row one; David Brown, Terry Miller, Tim Walters Row two; Tom Norton, Bob Ballew, Richard Van Fleet Row three; Chris Smith, Mike Hummel, Richard Mark Row four: Steve Sweetland, Paul Phillips, Jeff Finken Row ;ve; John Franklin, Paul Morales, Rick Juliff. 2. Interact members discuss future plans at a meeting. interact 148 JETS raises money to buy experimental rockets Junior Engineering and Technolo- gy sold candy to buy rockets and engines to experiment with in the spring. They also toured compa- nies to learn engineering tech- niques. Officers were Rick Van " It gives you more knowledge about architectual techniques. " Fleet, president; Tom York, vice president; and Rick Lewis, trea- surer. Mr. Charles McCain, Mr. Norman Cox and Mr. Bill Drink- water served as sponsors. 1. RosNone: Charles McCain, sponsor, Richard Van Fleet, Steve Hoback Row Wjo: Bill Johnson, Tom York, Norman Cox Row ihree: John Stanley, Gary Dick- son, Rick Lewis. Rov four: lack Wright, Mark Lunceford, Dan Holland. 2. JETS members learn the mechanics of a plant from a factory worker. jets 149 French Club brings France closer to home With chocolate eclairs and slides of France, Le Franglais (French Club) strived to bring the French ways and customs closer to home. During the Christmas season, they went caroling, singing French songs. Members planned other activities, including a French mov- ie, and a visit to the Nelson Art Gallery. Ideas for a trip to France % -i " We ' re trying to become more active. " in the future were also discussed. The annual spring banquet, held at a local French restaurant, con- cluded the year. Officers were Ju- lie Agee and Holly Morgan, presi- dents; Joanne Custead, secretary; and Kim DeHass, program direc- tor. Ms. Janelle Jennings was their sponsor. 1. Row One: Louella Daughtrey, Denise Cook, Kim DeHass, Vici Dinkel Row (wo; Pamm Mitchell, Lyme Austin, Joanne Cus- tead, Lee Ann Weiss, Genelle Weber. Row three: Brenda McClaran, Holly Mor- gan, Myriam d ' Estaintot, Celia Huneycutt, Lynne Holmes Row four: Julie Agee, Pat- ty Edmonds, Mary Larabee, Connie Petet, Larry Fisher Row five: Don Weiss, Paula Pattyson, Kristy Cline, Julie Luttrell, Julie Stone. 2. As a Christmas activity, French club sings French carols. french club 150 Spanish Club centers on handicapped children Raising money for handicapped children and tutoring students in area elementary schools com- prised a year full of activities for Spanish Club. Assisting various civic groups with the fund-raising project, members helped raise " Knowing a foreign language helps communication. " money for a Handi-bus. This spe- cially-equipped bus was needed to transport handicapped child- ren to school. Members tutored special elementary school child- ren with the goal in mind of rais- ing their grades. 1. Row one: Lee Ann Cox, Barbara Hed- lin, Pam Lacey, Judy Lukrofka, Brenda Warren, Karen Cox, Kathy Helling, Beverly Reynolds, Peggy Kessling Row two: Dona Mcintosh, Dana Shepherd, Lisa Fletcher, Myriam d ' Estaintot, Caria Schwarz, Patty Trotter, Carol Button, Louise Wayman, Lisa Raveill Row three: Dorothy Lloyd, Phylis Beel, Debbie Salyer, Paula Petrechko, Marie Burt, Caroline Smith, Jeanette Kel- ton, Michael Walsh Row four: Diana Caddis, Scott Hammons, Richard Mark, Stuart Baker, Tom Dolic, Donna Parker, Lloyd Hendrickson, Jana Dix, Jill York Row Ve: Charlie Crook, Lori Jett, Rox- anne Bigler, Rochelle Rice, Cindy Brown- ing, Chris Cillison, Patti Ries, Debl Brown- field, Maria Pantoja, Brenda Waterworth. 2. Eating breakfast out is great, but at 7:00 a.m.? Spanish club 151 Public speaking an interest to FFA boys Along with the routine farm work. Future Farmers of America partici- pated in parliamentary proce- dure and public speaking contests at Warrensburg and Columbia. Officers were Alvin Noble, presi- " It ' s exciting to have one of our boys go to the final. " dent; David Minish, vice presi- dent; Carl Warrene, secretary; Mike Rogers, treasurer; and Jim Bennett, sentinal. Mr. Arthur Kel- ley sponsored the club. 1. Using parlimentary procedures the boys hold a mock meeting. 2. Officers discuss plans for future meetings. f fa 1 52 L Party for retirement home highlights FHA year A Christmas party for The Cable Retire- ment Home highlighted FHA activities this year. The girls presented the wo- men with red carnations and the men with green ones. Meetings were the second Thursday of each month, and speakers ranged from make-up spe- cialists to telephone company repre- sentatives. Money-making activities included selling stationary and having bake sales. Officers were Sandy Norris, president; Debbie Claypool, vice presi- dent; Jana Dix, secretary; and Janie Lewis, treasurer. Mrs. Mary Ann Mc- Govern, Mrs. Sue Ridings and Mrs. Mary M. Robinson were sponsors. " We ' re trying to make our club known. " K. K: 4a« 1. Row one: Laurie Pay, Debby Rhodelander, Joanne Custead, Debra Claypool, Arlene Biggers, Jackie Rynearson, Mrs. Mary M. Robinson Row two: Mrs. Mary Ann McGovern, Carol Henley, Janine Gallagher, Lori Green, Jackie Scanlan, Dona Mcintosh, Mrs. Sue Ridings Row three: Carol Norris, Jana Dix, Diane Gaddis, Vicki Mash- burn, Twyla Olson, Lori Burmahl, Janet Coffel Row four: Rebecca Crouse, Debi Mitchell, Janie Lewis, Sandy Norris, Irish Morhbacher, Eileen Gallagher, Lori Roberts Row five: Luanne Luff, Martha Morris, Faith Porter, Miriam Mulrenin, Caria Cain, Pam Claypool. 2. FHA members take notes as Sandy Norris tells of coming activities. 3. Row one; Jim Bennett, Carl Warrene, Ray Crip- pen Row two; Mike Rogers, James Adkins, Ar- thur R. Kelley (sponsor). Row three; Keith Bar- ker, Alvin Noble, Bill Barnett Row four: David Minish, Hall Ledeen, Charles Paylor. I f ha 1 53 ' V, New name, requirements change for DE Junior students wanting to parti- cipate in Distributive Education II next year experienced a new course this year. The fornner mar- keting and management course took on a new name of Distribu- tive Education I. D.E. II consisted of four hours of school with the " It ' s great; I wouldn ' t trade it for anything. " remaining two spent on the job. Sponsors were Mr. Larry Cook, Mr. John Shinn and Mr. Elden Huntsiker. Like D.E. II members. Supervised Office Occupation girls had on-the-job training. Mr. Shinn also sponsored SOO. L coe 154 1. Row one: Lawrence Cook (adviser), David Schreckenghaust, Paula Hunt, David Barttrum, Debi Lee Row two: Sherry Shelton, Dave John- son, Larry Kolar, Lee Snyder, Odie Koening. Row three: Ron Sparks, Dean Presweli, Danny Paul, Marilyn Bratton, Jack Collins, Randy Cleary. Row four: Bob Waye, Paul Bradford, Greg Greer, Steve Gates, John Nunamaker, Tim Semler Row five: Karen Paxton, Teresa Brocato, Don Quak- enbush, Darlene Muirhead, Alberta Frakes, Linda Pearce 2. Row one: Mary Brittain, Cathy Brown- ing, Pam Hamilton, Gayle McEvers Row two: Theresa Birch, Becki Zimmerman, Mary Spiel- busch, Barbara Justice. Row three: Roxanne Berkvam, Sheryl Ramsey, Diana Shultz, Anna Pul- ley Row four: Malea King, Francine Hefner, Vicki O ' Dowd, Diana Thomas, Debbie Owens. Row five: Susan Cobb, Barbara Provost, Vicki Andes, Ramona Allee, Pam Williams. 3. Vicki O ' Dowd applies her skill as she takes a phone call. soo 155 people . . . people divided are many persons people division 156 r .41 ' U w y CD T everybody is different every person and every hour and every flower — hours and flowers and towers locked towers behind locked faces X V ' f people division I 57 Administrators, Board stress individualism Needs of the individual student became more of a reality this year when the school district appointed Mrs. Norrene Farley as supervisor of federal and special programs. These programs " . . . firmly believe that tomorrow ' s school must be based on the principle of ' no rejects, ' Dr. Guy Carter allowed more federal funds to pursue this emphasis on the student as an individual. Special reading and learning disability classes emphasized m. the programs. Dr. Guy Carter, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Mr. Paul Landers, M.S. Assistant Superintendent in charge of Business Services. Mr. Emory Parks, M.A. Deputy Superintendent adnninistrators 158 1. Before a Board meeting. Dr. Carter and Mr. Ferguson study the agenda. 2. Mrs. Farley and Mr. Edward Shelton, director of curriculum, study federal farm ideas. 3. Mr. Jofin R. Ferguson, president. 4. Mr. Robert Goodrich, vice president. 5. Mrs. Lorraine Buckley. 6. Mr. Norman Humphrey, Jr. 7. Mr. Carlton Milby. 8. Mrs. Mabel Schulenberg. administrators 159 T Principals emphasize attendance Dances, assemblies and other school activities demonstrated to the administration that the behavior of students had improved. Principal, Mr. LeRoy Brown; vice principals, Mr. Jerry Moore and Mr. Clay Snowden, all agreed that attitudes as well as r " Student behavior has improved. " behavior improved. The principals concentrated on better daily attendance of students. Mr. Moore is in his seventh year as vice principal and Mr. Snowden is in his fourth year. 1. Vice principals, Mr. Clay Snowden and Mr. Jerry Moore, talk over current problems of the school day. 2. Planning school activities is one of the many jobs of principal LeRoy Brow n. 3. Mr. Snowden discusses his ideas on student involvement. 4. Mr. Moore takes time out to attend pep assembly. princlpals 160 tribute to a mmmmmmmammmmmmmi ' Harry S.Truman A " i we should pay merely li I service to inspiring ideals, and 1 I b i later do violence to simple jus- tice, we would draw upon us the itter wrat h of generations yet unborn. " et I May 8, 1884 — December 26, 1972 tribute to mr. tmman 1. The presence of Mr. and Mrs. Truman enlightens the formal dedication of Tru- man High School. 2. A new school puts out its first yearbook — Harry S. Truman ac- cepts a book in his honor. 3. The 1964-65 editor-in-chief and managing editor look on as Mr. Truman signs their yearbooks. 4. Harry S. Truman finalizes the dedication as he gives his speech. tribute to mr.truman ■iwu jMm.m4iiUHJJiuiuuiWJj««PVimfmmvfp ' May we Amer live up to our glorious heritar ■■ tribute to mr. truman Ai I Mr. Truman leaves legacy ff!c v.. . t I V - . i ! o m its apf vou!d never knt But it ho of a man who ' ne ined to be a , ;■• ' ewas much, ve the city a heritage, a nd without ? ■ ' re would be none. ' r?deperidence and Independ- ence is proud c ' Jthough r pftopie here. Indepenci h enough of Harry S. Tf l, • iX Hi i ' .rne on a mair- thoroughfare, a nigli school and a library. His name is recognized hroughout the world as a lead- er, capable of making decisions difficult during the post-war era. " We must build a new world — a far better world — one in which the eternal dignity of man is respected ' et this man, as greatly admired - " was, worked on being an . ne citizen -— just like the people from Independence. It is recorded that Mr. and Mrs. Truman objected to having a school named for tnem while the former President was still liv-1 ing, but the cries of the com- munity were much louder, and in 1964 the result was the deci- sion to rename the school. It is an honor to belong to such his- tory formed by Harry S. Truman This man set the foundation for our heritage. On behalf of the student body, the 1973 " Heri- tage " staff honors the memory of the man our school is named for, Harry S. Truman, an individ- ualist whose life and dedication to mankind affected the lives of people here and everywhere 1 Mr. Brown expects only what students can give rhe man kept busy as principal, involved n all aspects of the adnninistration. In m pite of the hecticness of planning organization and evaluation of the total chool program, Mr. LeRoy Brown seemed o practice his favorite advice, " Don ' t janic! " According to Mr. Brown, maintaining - he welfare of the individual student was op priority. His goal was " to provide " We must no lose sight of the product in the process. " each student with an opportunity to become the best that he is capable of becoming. " Mr. Brown, now in his ninth year as principal at Truman, received his B.S. in education at Central Missouri State University. He completed his M.A. in education and has done post-graduate work at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. principals 161 All people need people, even teachers a teacher must appear must be the same always indifferent to each and so impersonal they must relate but remain uninvolved keeping all emotions from breaking through yet all teachers are so different what ' s inside? all people need people i need you and you need me. and no matter how teachers seem they are people right? Mr. Kingdon Anderson, B.A., English II and English IV. Mr. David Baker, B.A., Igebra and Algebra I. Mrs. Rosemary Boetjer, M.A., English II. Mr. Loren Booth, B.S., Economics, World Cultures. Mr. James Bowman, B.S., Physics, Physical Science. Mrs. Louis Braley, M.S., Art II, Art III. onna Burke, B.S., American History, World Cultures. Mr. William Clark, prid Cultures. Mrs. Mary Clements, S., Spanish I. Mr. Ronald demons, M.A., Publications I, II, Journalism I, II. Mr. Kenneth Cline, B.S., Visiting Teacher. Mrs. Pallas Cockefair, M.A., English IV, ature IV. Mr. Donald C. Coffman, Physical Education. Mr. Lawrence .A., Marketing and Management, C.O.E. Mr. George Coskey, M.S., Counselor. Mrs. jane Costello, M.S., Librarian. Above: Between classes Miss Lyons contemplates on next hour ' s activities. faculty 162 Mr. Norman Cox, M.A., Math Analysis, Trigonometry, Calculus, Consumer Math. Miss Sheri Crawford, B.A., Geometry, Functional Math, Consumer Math. Mr. Edmond Davidson, M.A., American History, Geography. Mrs. Barbara Day, B.S., English III. Mr. Tom Demark, B.A., Drivers Education. Mr. Jack R. DeSelms, M.S., Vocational Drafting, Drafting II. Mr. jerry Dinsmore, M.S., General Biology. Mr. WiWiam H. Drinkwater. B.S., Geometry, Consumer Math. Mr. Phillip E. Dunham, MME, Vocal Music. Miss Karen Dyer, M.S., Advanced Biology, Girl ' s Physical Education. Mrs. Connie Foley, B.S., Librarian. Mrs. Merideth Francis, B.S., English III. Mr. Monte Cagliardi, B.S., Driver Education, Coaching. Mr. lames R. Handley, M.A., Counselor. Mr. Brent Heaviland, B.A. Algebra I, Consumer Math. Mr. John M. Henderson, M.S., American History. 6e ow: Taking notes and listening, teachers learn, too. faculty 163 Mr. Peter Hile, B.S., German I, II, Physical Education. Miss lane Holliway, M.Ed., English II. Mr. Frank Holwick, M. A., Counselor. Mrs. Genevieve Howard, B.S., English II. Mr. Floyd Hubble, M.S., World Cultures, Missouri History. Mr. Ike Hulver, M.S., World Cultures. Mr. FIdon L. Hunsicker, B.S., Business Law, Sales and Merchandising. Mr. Al Hunter, B.A., Photography. Mr. Gerald D. Jackson, M.S., Typing, Basic Business. Mrs. Karen Jackson, B.S., American History. Ms. janelle Jennings, M.A., French I, II, III. Ms. Rhea . Kalhorn, B.A., Contemporary Issues. Upper right: Pestering the teacher is a favorite past-time for Vito LaBruzzo. Lower right: After a busy day, Mrs. Jackson sorts homework papers. faculty 164 ill Teachers work with students individually Mr. Mike Kassen, B.S., Physical Education. Mr. Arthur Kelley, B.S., Vocal Agriculture. Mrs. Verna K. King, B.S., Girls Physical Education. Mrs. Mary Sue Layton, B.S., English III. Miss Louise Lyons, B.S., Physical Education, Music Appreciation. Mr. Ray Maher, B.S., Driver Education. Mrs. Janice Malott, B.S., Art I, II, III. Mrs. Marian Manuel, M.S., Typing, Clerical Practice. Mr. Charles McCain, M.S., Architectural Drafting. Mrs. Mary Ann McGovern, B.S., Foods I, II, Family Relations. Mr. Bob McHenry, M.S., Physical Education. Mr. Carl L. Mendicki, B.S., Art. Mrs. Linda Nagle, B.S. English III. Mr. Charles Naudet, B.S., Pre-Algebra, Computer Science. Mr. Charles Nelson, B.S., Chemistry, Algebra I. Mr. Charles R. Price, M. Ed., Counselor. Mrs. Janice Pule, B.S., Physical Education. Mrs. Doris Ream, M.S., Sociology, Missouri History. Mrs. Casilda Rice, B.A., Spanish. Mrs. Sue Ridings, B.S., Child Development, Consumer Education. Not pictured Miss Diane Lloyd, Physical Education. faculty 165 TO Mr. Saunders student teaches in woods Mrs. Mary Robinson, B.S., Home Economics, Clothing, Mr. Ed Russell, M.S., Driver Education, Mr. Allen L. Schnitzer, B A., World Cultures, American History. Mrs. Mar( ia yane Sears, R.N. , Nurse. Mr. Mark Senler, A.B., English III. Miss Karen Seward, B.S., Secretarial Practice, Typing. Mr. Merle Shafer, M.S., Visiting Teacher. Mr. John Shinn, M.A., C.O.E., Management, Bookkeeping. Mr. James Simmons, B.S., Metals I, Woods I. Mr. Ed Smith, M.A., World Cultures, Political Science. Mrs. Lois Snider, B.A., Bookkeeping, Typing. Mr. Buell Stewart, M.S., Geometry, Consumer Math. Mrs. Sharon Stinnett, M. Ed. Music Appreciation. Mr. lames Talbott, B.S., Psychology. Mrs. Nancy Tapp, B.A., English II. Mr. Harold Thomson, B.S., Industrial Arts, Woodworking. Mrs. Kathleen Tucker, B.S., Dramatics. Mrs. Harriett Weathertord, A.B., Algebra II. Mr. Don Welborn, M. Ed., Varsity Band, Orchestra, Junior Varsity Band. Mrs. MaryF. Wells, B.S., Typing, Shorthand. Mr. L. A. Whisler, B.A., Speech, Debate. Mr. Charles White, M.S., Drafting I, Machine Shop, Mrs. Cathie Williams, B.S., English II. Mrs. Carolyn Wrinkle, B.S., Secretarial Practice, Clerical, Bookkeeping. 6e ow. Mr. Gene Saunders, student teacher advises this student on his project. ■ faculty 166 Routine days offer secretaries various office tasks Varied duties kept office secretaries busy. Routine days included keeping books (money, student files, transcripts and teachers records). They kept rec- ords of attendance and bus riders. They also worked with teachers, helping with rosters and special projects. " There ' s so much to be done, I just do what ' s needed. ' 1 . The office is a common gathering place for students filling out announcements. 2. Mrs. Mary Holliday — Financial Secretary 3. Mrs. Bernice Bell — Attendance Secretary 4. Mrs. Phyllis Hanson — Records Secretary 5. Mrs. Alice Miller — Assistant Attendance Secretary secretarles 167 Cafeteria adds malt machine to give variety Changes in Truman ' s cafeteria gave students and faculty a wider variety of food to choose from. There was the addition of the malt machine and the changing of the salad bowl to a plate lunch. This included a sandwich with the sal- ad. Mrs. Lois Bridges headed and managed the staff of 27 cafeteria " We strive to give ttie students variety " . personnel. The custodial staff, headed by Mr. Lee Austin, worked different shifts around the clock. The new fine arts addi- tion brought the need for an add- ed custodian. Because of the school budget cuts, custodians were not given extra time to clean up after special evening activities. cooks-custodians 158 1. Mrs. Lois Bridges, manager of the lunchroom, shows pride in a new addition, the malt machine. 2. Cleaning the cafeteria after lunch is one of Mr. Ernest Doll ' s daily responsibilities. 3. Before the end of the day, Mr. Austin types instructions for the night custodians. 4. Row one; Frank Craw- ford, Gene Crist. Row two: Brian Rennell, Leroy Parks, Lee Austin 5. Row one: Mrs. Mary Pursley, James Pack, Ernest Doll Row two: Wayne Flem- ming, Elbert Wallace, Kenneth Wallace. 6. Row one: Joan Hall, Ann Hess, Mayme Crawford, Helen Cross, Mary Sexton, Velma Hedges, De- lores Ayers, Freda Tippin, Theresa Raguso Row two: Patricia Reagan, Glenna Cooper, Amalia Schaefer, Shirley Leaf, Geraldine Reed, Shirley Shellhorn, Floyd Smith, Dorothy Athon, Ruth VanFleet, Irene Masek, OIlie McLees, Nada Chenoweth, Rita Woodward, Lois Bridges (man- ager). 7. Mrs. Felix finds a way to preserve food until ready to be served. cooks-custodians 169 Booster Club helps provide equipment Educational benefits for students highlighted PTA and Booster Club activities. PTA showed filnns and had panel discussions concerning venereal disease. Booster Club, for the first time, worked with girls " The purpose of PTA is to edu- cate parents and students. " sports by helping purchase equip- ment for Gymnastics Club. They also provided football rosters at all home games and sponsored the WHB-Faculty basketball game January 31. 1-2-3. President of PTA, Mrs. Shoaf listens . . contemplates and reacts at a dis- cussion of the Senior Prom. 4. Marking yardage at Truman ' s football games was an extra activity for Mr. Howard Nichols, president of Booster Club. pta-booster club 170 W i . j nimiMWK i firt aMai when things are new — experiences, people, places — your nnind ponders and wonders how things are going to be; how you will fit your surroundings determine the outcome of you sophoniores 171 After this just two more years to go sophomores 172 f Candy Adams Jim Adkins Russell Adkins Patty Aker Pam Akers David Alger Paula Allee Janet Allen Judy Allen Susie Allen Joe Alllnder RickAlthaus Gary Alvis Lutricia Ambrosi Ray Andes Debbie Argo Eka Atagi Kim Atkins Lynn Austin Dwanna Ayres Michelle Bain David Baker Joe Balano Sherry Baldwin Bev Ballew Robert Banks Jenny Barnes Bill Barnett Bryan Bates Jeff Batson Mike Beall Brenda Beck Joe Beil Marcia Benedict Greg Benefield Jim Bennett Dawn Berkvam Kevin Berry Richard Biggs Gary Birch Angle Blakley Jan Blancas David Blatt Mark Blount Billie Bolander Valerie Booth Gail Boothe Pat Born Vicky Bowen Wanda Box John Boyd Paul Bradley Sheila Brammer Yvette Brand John Brandrlff Ron Branscom sophomores 173 Debie Brasfield Sarah Bray Lonnie Bresheares Bobby Brock Mike Brock Bill Brookshire Joe Broski Chris Bruch Debbie Bryant Brad Bunnell Rick Burmahl Cheryl Burt Cindy Burton Linda Burton Reba Burton Richard Buschhorn Debbie Butler Caria Cain Betty Calvert )an Cantwell Rosalyn Carlisle Danny Carmichael Sherry Carter Sheryl Chambers Mary Champion KathyChilds Jim Chinnery Patty Choplin Bruce Christian Kim Clariday Greg Clark Randy Clark Stacy Clark Susie Clark Susan Clark Valerie Clark PamClaypool Terry Clifton John Close Danny Clute Jim Coan David Coats JimCoddington BobCofer Barbara Coin Sue Coin Robin Combs BobConrick Mark Constance Bob Cook Keith Cook Lyn Cook Jerry Cooper Chris Copeland Tim Corbin Randy Corwin Chris Cox Debbie Cox Jerry Cox Randy Cox Walter Cox Liz Coy BrendaCrall sophomores 174 Spirit sign contests spark sophomore involvement An orange wall together with an orange pumpkin show signs of Halloween. Sophomores display their spirit by making signs during sophomore spirit week. Caroline Craven Teresa Crawford Dom Crescente kRay Crippen Cindy Crocker Rhonda Crouch 1 Cathy Crowley Jeanette Cullen Gary Culver Bill Cummins Dawn Curtis David Custead Bill Danforth Greg Daniels Cindi Davis Eddie Davis Steven Davis Connie Day Jill Deam Linda DeLapp Bill Dierkes Rodney Dilday Joe DiNicola Donna Dinwiddle Jeff Dittmer John Doan Charles Dodds Donna Dodson sophomores 1 75 Mike Dolan Gail Ann Donahoo Regina Donahue Kevin Doutt Jeff Dorris Gary Driskell Jim Duke Vicky Dummitt Stephanie Duncan Linda Dykes Elizabeth Eads Chuck Eastridge Sally Eckel Cheryl Eichenbergei Jayne Eiken Terri Elkins Tom Emmite Sayo Enomoto Vicky Epperson Lana Evans BillFann sophomores 176 The " Class of 75 " develops their school spirit by making team tables for the members of the sophomore football team. Cherry Farel Dottie Farris Duane Feely June Fehrman Sherry Felten Terri Ferrin Sharon Flippin Pam Foland Richard Ford Tom Fox Bob Franklin Laura Franklin Pam Franklin Ron Frazler Team tables help inspire pep for football players Kody Free Eddy French Kim French Danny Garber Maria Garcia Gene Gardner David Gamier Paula Garrison Dayrel Gates Glenda Gates David Geiter Teri Beth Geivett Daniel Gercone Fred Gerdeman John Gerean Mary Giambalvo JeffGibbs Tom Gilbertson Debbie Godfrey John Godfrey Bill Gordon Kathy Gouldsmith Joel Graham Mark Graham Paula Graham Mark Gran Cathy Granger Cindi Graves Jim Green Judy Green Helen Greenwood Sydney Greer MikeGregath Kathy Groom Danny Groves Ron Gwinn Eddie hiahn Joel Hahn Julie Hahn Greg Hall Marlane Hall Janet Ham sophomores 177 ii Steve Hammontree Barry Hancock Tammie Hanley Tim Hanssen Brenda Harbison Sharon Harding Dan Harp Debbie Harris Don Harris Robin Harrison Barb Hart Mark Harvey Curtis Hatch itt Jean Hausheer Sophomores Susan Nebel and Dee Dee Hunter, Trutone members, find it easier to adjust by being involved in extra activities. Cheryl Hawkins Tom Heck Marshall Hedges BarbHedlin Sara Hefner Mary Ann Heinonen Scott Heptig Bruce Hepting Pam Hern Rita Herod Tim Higgins Larry Hill Lori Hill Paul Hines Arthur Hodges Lynn Holmes Pam Holt Jeff Holzbaur Steve Hopkins William Hostetler Sharon Hudson sophomores 178 New students react, take part in school ' s activities ? Q X Tim Huffman Diane Hulett Suzy Hulett Celia Huneycutt DeAnn Hunter Nancy Hunter Louie Huntsucker Ray Ibarra Gaylyn Jackson Chris Jessen Mikejohann Donald Johnson Mark Johnson Tim Johnson Cora Jones Joanie Jones Robin Jones Sherry Jones Janean Jordan Pegi Jowett Priscilla Kaiser Sheila Keith Kerry Keithley Craig Keller Mickey Kelley Mike Kelley Terri Kelley Kathy Kelly Orvelle Kelly James Kenan Kathy Kendzora Paul Kimball Karen King Bill Kinnlson Bruce Kirk Vickie Kish Karen Kissee Bob Kllmt Lorri Kneisley Pam Knight Linda Knipp Jo-Beth Koenig Karen Kolar Austin Kreisler Allyson Krueger Rosann LaBruzzo Tom LaBruzzo Pam Lacey Stephanie Ladd Mike La Fevers VernieLafferty MIchele Lahey Cathy Lalla Vic Lamanno Richard Lance Danny Land JU-HEikXi sophomores 179 Ronald Lang Mike Langley Kenny Langston Ted Langston Rosa LaPorte J.R. Laquet Mike Laughlin Pam Lawrence Tim Layman Mark Leheney Deborah Lehman Carl Lemonds Valerie Lettelier Sidney Lewis Charlie Liebold Wanda Lierman Peggy Lindenmeyer Terry Linson Twila Littrell Dianne Lloyd Jim Lomax Andy Lomonaco Jerry Lowther Rick Luff Mark Lunceford Sherry Lunceford Rick Lutjen Mike Lynam f ' Jackie Lynch Mark Malott Chris Manfredi Greg Mark sophomores 180 Sophomores get into the spirit by running the concession stand during the Northeast basketball game. Carry Markley Bena Marrone Carl Martin James Martin Joyce Martin Denise Martinez Dan Mason Kathy Masterson Lisa Mathany Jim Matthias Mike McBride Kim McCarty Stephanie McCollur Jeff McConnell Diana McCorkle Dan McCullough Kenny McDonald Mike McDonald Steve McCraw Lorinda McKnight Brenda McPhail Cokes, brownies . . . contribute to sophomore income Cindy Medlin Tedd Melia Lyie Meyer Nancy Meyer Peggy Miller Terry Miller Mike Mills Patricia Mills David Minish Pamm Mitchell Kyle Moberly Ronda Mock Lee Moe Vicki Mohr Tim Monroe Michelle Moore Russell Moore Julie Mora Joyce Morgan Patricia Morgan Paul Morgan David Morris Mary Morris Mike Morris Theresa Morris Debbie Morton Pam Moseley Jim Motes Pam Moyer Ron Muirhead Debbie Murdock Bob Myers Clay Myers David Myers Kate Myers sophomores 181 Kathy Myers Sandy Myers Greg Nadeau Yvonne Nadeau Don Nance Ron Nance Terry Nash Vicki Nave Ruth Nead Gary Neal Susan Nebel Julie Needham Kevin Nibert Rosa Nichelson Loretta Nickerson Steve Nickle Alvin Noble Frankie Noland Joe Nolan Tim Norlie Tonya Norman Carol Norris Debra Nunn MarkO ' Dell Jamie Ogle Wanda Oskins Teresa Owens Lodema Painter Larry Page! Maria Pantoja Donna Patrick Carol Patterson Laurie Pay Charles Paylor Kathy Peck Greg Peel John Penrod Jennifer Penrose Pete Petentler Annette Peters Jan Peters Connie Petet Dan Phelps Steve Phillips Cindy Pietzsch Mark Pinson Mary Pitchford Cheryl Plain Craig Poese Terri Pointer Pearley Pope Dan Porter Kevin Porter Rusty Porter Laura Potter Todd Potter sophomores 182 Sophomore Orientation leads to new way of life Terry Prater Mark Preaton Carrie Preston Becci Price John Pritchard Sandi Proctor Nora Pruetting Larry Pursley Jon Ralston Jeff Ragsdale David Rash Lisa Raviell Kim Reed Steve Reed Steve Reid Gregg Reynolds Karen Rice Rachelle Rice Steve Rich Pam Richards Liz Riley Sophomore orientation provides an opportunity for these girls to discuss their past experiences of the summer and upcoming events of the new school year. sophomores 183 A Soph raffle expresses school spirit After purchasing 12 tickets, Dan Mason hesitates and buys just one more in hopes of first prize. Sheri Salazar Linda Sallee Mil e Sanchez Jackie Scanlan Tonya Scanlon Carl Schaefer Cathy Scherer Linda Schieher Jerry Schulenberg Steve Schumaker Dee Dee Schmidt Ken Schowengerdt Joyce Schroeder Mark Schweer Debbie Searcy Becky Seeh Donna Sell Jeff Serum Mike Sesler Scherri Sexton Sherri Shandler Bryan Shane Kevin Shearer John Sheehy Mark Shepherd Brian Sherman Bruce Shields Bill Shipley Bob Shipley Mark Shirky Eileen Shultz Joe Sieg Cheryl Simon Greg Simpson Mike Skaggs Deanna Skinner Danny Slatten Jeff Small Buddie Smith Carolyn Smith Don Smith Doug Smith sophomores 184 Kendra Smith Randy Smith Sharon Smith Sherwyn Smith Sue Smith Teresa Smith Terr! Smith Tim Snell Kathy Snyder Kathi Solomon Paula Sooter Denise Soulis Debbie Speer Susan Spencer Lisa Stanley Dennis Starks Andy Staver Gloria Steele Laura Steffen Arthur Stepp Don Stewart Garry Stewart Mark Stilwell Denny Stolfa Diana Strait Tom Stribling Dennis Strickland )im Stuckey Maria Studter Sandy Summers Scott Summers Michelle Sutherland Mark Suttie Gail Swadiey Monty Sweetland Sharon Swift Mark Swigert Neal Sympson MarkTaitt Denise Tanner Becky Taylor Graham Taylor Robert Taylor Eddie Theno Tammy Thiel Brenda Thomas Mark Thomas Jeff Thompson Jennifer Thompson Penny Thompson Lee Toner Debbie Tripp Teresa Tripp Scott Trotta Bill Trotter Becky Turley Debbie Turner Diana Turner Laura Turner Mike Turner Ray Twyman Cheryl Ubank Bob Uptegrove sophomores 185 Sophomores end drama of first-year experiences Roma Umsted mp Randy Umsted t f ' Sandy Wade Wpo ■ . Kim Waggoner Iv A Frank Waitzmann fl Greg Walker June Walker m: 1 V» i ' Cris Walkinshaw Kenneth Walls Nannette Walls Carol Ward Chad Ward Grant Ward Karen Ward Carl Warrene Dave Watt Don Weaver Debra Webb Gail Webb Jeanette Webb Genelle Weber Phil Webster Lee Ann Weiss Dana Wells Doug Weston Loren Wheaton Gene Wheeler Donna Whetsel Kathy White Jini White Sue Whitson Liz Williams Daniel Willis Bruce Wilson Kirby Wilson Sandi Wilson Linda Windfrey Teresa Wingo Joyce Winsor Eddie Witthar Becky Wolf Janet Wood John Wood Teresa Woods Brian Woodward Suzie Woolery Jeanie Wooten Blaine Wright Charles Wright Vince Wright Sidney Yack Mark Yoder Lisa York Scott Young sophomores 186 as time passes by you sometimes wonder when it will be time for you. sometimes it seems as if you are standing still going nowhere waiting for a change to come juniors 187 Junior class in the midst of knowledge all things begin and end and 1 all things .1 must have substance like a " m .-_-i , center — ■■ t- . ' " . ■._ juniors [? ■ ■ ■ ) • ■ ' ■ ,_ ' ' . are the fc-v • -; ' . ■ center of this phase needed to complete a what ' s ' already begun and those involved are still, waiting for an end " Terri Schultz SecretarT " " juniors 188 Steve Reagen discovers ' haste makes waste ' as he struggles to open his locker and still be on time. 18 37 ... 42 ... or is it 42-37-18? Oh! Wrong locker! Rick Adams Ton! Adkins Jill Allen Michael Allen Rodney Allen Dan Alsop Jim Allgrumn Kenna Andrews Dana Apple Debi Ashbaugh Liz Austin Connie Baier Russell Bailey Rebecca Bair Steve Barber Keith Barker Robert Barnett Arthur Barth Fred Bass Paula Bateman Harry Bates Sharon Bay Jerry Bean Ann Beatie juniors 189 Linda Beck Daniel Becker Phyllis Beel John Beil Tony Bell Doug Bennett Gary Bennett John Bennion Roxanne Bigler Chip Bingham Pam Birch Stan Blackley Nancy Boatright Randy Booth John Border Randy Borgman Gary Borne Grace Botkin Creativity exercised in band, orchestra, pep band Jeanne Botts Jeanne Bouyear Craig Bowen Charles Bowers Rhonda Bowers John Boyles Barbara Brady Eric Brand David Bransletter Susan Bratcher Sherry Braven Pat Brendel Mike Bright David Brock Donna Brogdon Jerry Brooks Devan Brown Greg Brown Nancy Brown Debi Brownfield Cynthia Browning Roxanna Bryant Jacci Bunnell juniors 190 Taking part in band, orchestra and pep band enables John Keehart to express, develop and use his instrumental ability. if .v.yv 221 A Mitch Burks Barbara Burns Herman Burns Mike Burns Cathy Butcher Carol Button Danny Campbell Terressa Cantwell Dan Carlson Cathy Carpenter Keith Carpenter JeannineCarr Michael Case Debbie Casey Leroy Casteel Alan Chamberlain V Sandy Chamberlain ■ Kevin Champion Emma Chapman Kim Chappell Don Cherry David Childers JoeChoplin Susan Chrisman juniors 191 Getting anentionk can be tiring BL for students Ken Christensen Randi Christensen Bill Clark Richard Clark Karen Cline Tom Coan Kim Coates Bill Cole Rhonda Coleman MarciaColletti Denise Collins Diane Comer Peggy Connor David Cook Denise Cook Ralph Cooper Jeanette Corliss Sandi Cotner Karen Cox Lee Anne Cox Rhonda Cox )im Coy Russell Coy Biilie Craig Craig Crismon Charles Crook David Crouch Joanne Custead Karl Danielson Bruce Daugherty juniors 192 Lois Daughterty Louella Daughtrey Sheila Davidson Jay Davis Richard Davis Ron Davis Bill Dean Frank Dempsey David Denham Randy Dillion Paula Directo Tom Doici Janice Dorland Mike Dorrell Denise Dorth Debbie Doutt Ron Droun John Dungan Martha Dunn Susan Duvall Dan Dyer Kristi Eckard Patty Edmonds Jack Egli Susan Ekiund Martha Ellis Jim Elser Lynn Erickson David Es helman Mike Estes Steve Estes Greg Fasse Kirby Ferguson Yvonne Fife Jeff Finken Larry Fisher Paul Fizer John Fleming Lisa Fletcher Gene Foree Jeanette Frances Jeri Freels Richard French Eileen Gallagher Debbie Ganson Ed Gardner Steve Gerit Joyce Gain l| juniors 193 Mark Gibson Chris Cillison Mike Gilmore Sue Glazier Charie Clover Devona Goebel John Gooden Ken Graham Chris Granger Connie Grant Susan Graskewicz Mark Graven Larry Green Lori Green Marty Green RickGregath Stephanie Grinham Jeanne Gross Steve Gross Delbert Grindstaff Cathy Gustafson JoeHale Mike Hall Russ Hall Russell Hall Wanda Hall Pat Hammond Adrienne Hammontree Sylvia Harless Frances Harmon Nancy Harmon Denia Harp Denlse Harp Mark Harris Mike Harris Elaine Hart Wanda Hastings Chris Haston Doug Hatch John Hathorn Alan Hauser Joy Hawkins Paul Hays Eugene Hayton Roxanne Heath Wess Heavner Scott Hedlin Cindy Heim juniors 194 To finish forgotten homework, junior Rick Westerfield stops to add the finishing touches to his paper. Students take advantage of hall to finish honnework Cynthia Hendrix Carol Henley Brad Henson Judy Heriford Gayle Hern Tom Higginbotham Diana Hildebrand Becky Hill Chris Hill Nancy Hinks David Hoffman Jim Holmberg Keith Holmes Steven Holsworth Melonie Holt Linda Homan Mike Hood Sam Hoover Vicky Horton Jim Hoss Jim Howard Rick Howell Allen Howen Don Hubble Denise Huff John Hughes Will Hughes Rick Hulett Gene Hummel Jacque Hunter juniors 195 I Creating marlir provides break in English II The study of Hemingway ' s " Old Man and the Sea, " inspires the construction of a marlin in Ms. Nagle ' s fourth hour. juniors 196 n Bruce Hurshman Debbie Hurst )im Jackson )oe Jackson Don James Lori Jett Peter Johann Bill Johnson Mike Johnson David Jones George Jones Jeff Jones Lee Jones Mark Jordan Darrell Jourdan Christine Judd Bobjuhn Philjunod Debra Justice Liane Kaleikau Mark Kane Mark Kauffman John Keehart Shari Keeler Mark Keith Ronnie Kelley Mickey Kelly Janice Kelton Debra Kendzora IHarold Kerns Dennis Kimbrell Dru Kimbrell Jayne King Gail Kirk Peggy Kissling Lynne Kneisley Mary Knox Diane Kraft Brian Kraxberger Gary Kresin Jody Krokstrom Linda Kueck Sharon Kuhn Jerold Lafferty Debby Lamberty Richard Lambird Khristy Lane Linda Lane I juniors 197 Debbie Larison Mary Larabee Paula Larson Steve Lawrence Patty Lawson Larry Lehman Dorothy Lemasters Lynda Lesh Barry Lewis Kathy Liddle Suzanne Lindermeyer Tim Link Fred Lipowicz Darrell Lowe Dennis Lowe Judy Lukrofka Julie Luttrell Rick Lynam Tony Mackay Bonnie Malcolm Connie Malcolm KimMallett Mike Manning Joe Manns Christine Martin Denny Martin Jane Martin Ted Martin Tricia Martinez Cheryl Massey Kevin Mattonen Karl Mawhirter Tim May Brenda McClaran Cheryl McCray Jim McDaniels Connie McEvers Susan McKee Judy McMahan Mark McMillan Chris McMillian Nancy McPheeters Tim McQuerry Sue Meador George Meadors Mike Metz Paul Meyer juniors 198 Cheryl Milby Jean Miller Jerry Miller Nancy Miller Scott Miller Paula Mitchell Band members make plans for trip to state capital Ramona Mitchell Dian Mobley Terry Mock Laina Moe Trish Mohrbacker Tony Montalte Charles Moore Gary Moore Randy Moore Ron Mora Peggy Morin Barbara Morton Tris Mulloy Sally Munshaw Michael Murphy Judy Myers Paul Nadeau Elaine Nathaniel Kim Neal Cindy Neer Jim Newport juniors 199 sherry Nichols Craig Nienhueser Martha Nino Gregg Noland Dan Nowlin Dana Ochs Connie O ' Conner Lori O ' Dell Audrey Odem Steve Odem JimOdom Steve Getting SAM Spirit pal decorates locker to promote team mo rale Carol Ogden Pam O ' Neill Jon Onstot Les Otis Linda Owen Buddy Owens Laurie Parker Daniel Patrick Paula Pattyson Tom Paul Marianne Payne Linda Payton Jeff Pearson Mark Pearson Gary Peel Steve Pement Rodney Pemberton Donna Pencey Spirit pals discreetly adorn the lockers of football players. junlors 200 I Paula Petrechko Diana Phillips Donna Phillips Robert Piepergerdes Dale Pierce Mary Pimblott Ted Pope Dan Poteet Doug Potts Dwight Potts Amy Powell Susan Proctor Cheri Proell Robert Prout David Price Paree Pyper Emmett Queener Julie Raiford Cheryl Row Steve Reagan Barbara Reece Stewart Reed John Reek Scott Rehkop Paul Reneau Bev Reynolds Marshall Reynolds Ray Reynolds Richard Rice Steve Rice Mary Richardson Tom Richardson Rehne Ridge Patti Ries Sandy Rios Mark Robbins A Alan Roberson Paul Robert Diane Roberts Lorraine Roberts Lisa Robertson George Robinson juniors 201 " Bow down and say what? " retorts Karl Danielsor i an attempt to fulfill Lettermen initiate rites. Jim Rollo Michael Rose Cynthia Roso Jill Ruoff Jerry Russell Saundra Russell Delores Ryan Laura Salee Karen Sawyer Greg Schaberg Terry Scharig Raymond Schnetzer Mary Schondelmeyer Randy Schroeder Steve Schussler Ken Schutz Gary Schwab Caria Schwartz Randi Searcy Gregg Shane Randy Sharp juniors 202 Initiation rites precede acceptance to sonne clubs Richard Sharp Nancy Shaw Judy Shelton Jill Shockley Steve Shockey Mike Shoemaker Donna Shultz Terri Schultz Pam Silvey Morgan Simmons Kurt Skinner Judy Slaght Debbie Sloan Chris Smith Lygia Smith Pat Smith Steve Smith I Mike Smothers Gil Snell Vicki Solito Scott Spiers juniors 203 MikeStaley Deedee Starr Brent Stearns Danny Stevens Kathy Stephenson Greg Stewart Bob Still Ron Still Robin Stockdale Julie Stone Gary Strack Debbie Strait Joe Stroesser Cindy Stroud James Sullivan David Sunderland Toby Sutherland Deborah Swadiey ShereeTatom David Taylor Lora Taylor Pat Taylor Rebecca Taylor Ray Taylor Tom Tepesch Debbie Thomas Allen Thompson Roxanne Thompson Terry Thompson BobTice MIkeTilley Diane Titus David Todd Marsha Todd Ron Toloso Gary Tompkins Junior Students make decisions, choose rings kTd- hiA .,. y i juniors 204 Patty Trotter Janet Turnbow Ann Turner Jon Tyree Joni Umbach Larry Vader Diane VanArsdall Jim Vinson Kristi Vittetoe Kathy Wade Cheryl Wagner Craig Walker Roger Walker Larry Wallace Mike Wallace Larry Waller Micol Walsh Debbie Ward Terry Ward Brenda Warren Brenda Waterworth Terry Watts Louise Wayman Jeff Webb Jim Webb Richard Webb Owen Webster Vernon Weddle Don Weiss Deborah Wells What style? color? size? price? Only one more important decision for soon-to-be seniors. juniors 205 Doug Wescott Blake West Rick Westerfield Candy Westmoreland Ron Wheeler Bradley White Catherine White James White Paula White Tom White Ron Whiting Scott Whittock Jane Whitworth Randy Wicker Brad Wikoff Pat Wiles Terry Wilkerson Gregg Wilkinson Ron Willard Diane Wille David Williams Lloyd Williams Mark Williams Brian Williamson Barbara Willis Deborah Wilson Matt Wilson Mike Wingo Lavonne Wiss Russell Won Chris Wood Renee Wood Alice Woodward Robert Wright John Yardley Debbie Yocum Randy Young Terrie Zehnder Jeff Zornes juniors 206 you came and you bought what they gave you only now it is different because now it ' s up to you and decisions arise and your mind accepts and knows what ' s in it for use seniors 207 Seniors depart, lives renewed, now we decide for a while now i ' ve been coming to school it was something i had to do but now it ' s over no more coming back and now it ' s my turn to let my life take its own direction which way? there is so much to do and a lifetime to do it well, life is a constant change you will change and i where we go what we do we ' re going it ' s my choice now seniors 208 I Seniors go to assemblies, and finding themselves together, give up their Individual personalities to become one giant mass, relating and sharing reactions. Connie Aaron Julie Agee Susi Ailshlre Debra Akeman Robert Alger Ramona Allee Clifford Allen Debbie Allen Larry Alter Cindy Anderson Mike Andes Randy Andes Vicki Andes Larry Andrews Glenn Appelbaum Ann Arni Ifo AtagI Carol Atkins Carol Ayers Debbie Bair seniors 209 Stuart Baker Bob Ballew Robert Bandlow Robert Barber David Barttrum Barbara Beal Galen Beasley Ben Beck Steven Beck Monica Beil Joseph Bellis Roxanne Berkvam Laura Berry Randy Belts Mark Bickel Arlene Biggers David Biggs Vince Bindi Theresa Birch Dana Blatt Kathy Blunt Allen Booth Kem Boswell Gin a Botts Kerry Bowen Jim Bowers Paul Bradford Marilyn Bratton Mickey Brendel Susan Brenneman senio rs 210 J Honor study hall gives students freedom of study Rhonda Briggs Mary Brittain Teresa Brocato Richard Brock David Brown Cathy Browning Gary Bryant Ruth Bucey Don Buckle Ingrld Bunk Many senior students were given an honor study hall sixth hour this year. One student finds a more comfortable way to study as he relaxes on a table. seniors 211 . D. Carey Teresa Carlock Darrell Carlson David Carmichael Judy Carmichael Kenneth Carpenter Ywanna Carroll Karen Case Rhonda Casey Debbie Castle Mario Castro John Champion Kenneth Chapin Donald Childers Susan Chiles Rae Ann Chrisman Duane Christian SalvotoreCirino r i mS seniors 212 J Students express their views on current affairs Debra Claypool Randy deary Mark Clifton Kristy Cline Susan Cobb Marsha Cofer )anet Coffel Cynthia Coin )im Coin Robert Cole Jack Collins Cindy Comer Rocky Comstock Brent Conger Lorna Connell Cayla Conoley Clifford Conrad Bradley Constance Terry Constance Debbie Cook William Cook Vicki Cookston JaneCopeland Patricia Copenhaver Mark Cordes Ron Corwin Barbara Cottle Virginia Couch Joseph Cox Sherry Craig seniors 213 Keith Davenport Randy Davidson Chris Deal Larry DeCavelle Kim DeHass Bruce DeMoss John Dempsey Myriam d ' Estaintot Paula Dicl ensheets Phil Dicl ens Gary Dickson Gary Dielman Richard Dierl es Janet Dine John DiNicola Style of dress adds to scene in woods class seniors 214 Vici Dinkel Mary Dirck Jana Dix Robert Dodd Jeanne Dodds Kim Dodson Frank Doici Randy Dollins Marie Dorsey Kris Dunham Lois Dykes Dan Eads Fritz Eckel Gary Edmondson Larry Eiken Jack Emmite Kevin Empson Gary Engelmohr Rose Enriquez Michael Estes Home on the farm? No, Mark Leibold finds comfort in casual dress in woods class. senlors 215 Robert Etter James Farris Mark Feiser Cheryl Ferguson Marsha Fields Kent Fisher Kirk rusher Roy Fisher Nancy Fitch Murray Ford Alberta Frakes Dawn Franklin John Franklin Barbara Freeman Aimee French Gerald Friedrich Jim Fuller Diane Caddis JanineCallaghei Paula Gamm In spare time senior girls, Francine Hefner and Darlene Muirhead take advantage of library references. seniors 216 Jeffery Garrett Robert Garrison John Gaughron Mark Gibbs Carol Gibson Gwen Goeres Karl Gooch Randy Goodman Caryl Goodyear Barbara Graeff Library reference proves helpful in senior studies Richard Grahar Kim Graves Kathy Green Loretta Green Greg Greer Terry Groves MikeGulotta Candy Haag Charna HaertI Mike Hahn Beverly Haley Gary Hamilton Pam Hamilton Scott Hammons Paula Hanaway Bill Hancock Shirley Hansen Nancy Hargus Keith Harmon Mike Harness senlors 217 Doug Harr Mike Harrington Kevin Harris Robert Harvey Bruce Hatcher Kim Hatfield Fred Hausheer Gene Hawes Beth Hawkins David Hayes Debbie Hayes Doug Head Debbie Hedrick Francine Hefner Vickie Heidtbrink Kathi Helling Mike Hendley Lloyd Hendrickson Rhonda Hieronymus. Denise Hildebrand Steve Hines Terri Hisle Steve Hoback Dan Holland Lucinda Holmes Keith Holmes Michelle Honaker Steve Hope Bill Home Cindy Home Students break monotony by using phone senlors 218 Tom Horton Rexanne Howe Elaine Howen Jacque Huddleston Teresa Hughes Paula Hunt Curtis Huntsman Karen Hurlburt Michael Hurst Chuck Jackson Cindy Jennings Tom Jensen Cheryl Jessen Cathy Johnson Laurie Johnson Terry Johnson Larry Johnston Cathy Jones Jim Jones Hope Jordon Rickjullff Barbara Justice Dennis Kaleikau Mike Kane Jack Emmite takes time out from his busy activities to use the phone. senlors 219 Seniors can ' t escape those quarter exams John Kaylor Belinda Keck Teresa Keehler Dennis Keith Pat Keller Beverly Kelly Denice Kenley Marvin Kennedy Malea King Teresa Kinnison Steve Knight Terry Knipp Eddie Koeing Larry Kolar Marti Kuhn Nick LaBruzzo Vito LaBruzzo DeAnn Lamberty Dennis Lane Mike Lane Robert Lane Karen Larison Linda Larsen Debbie Larson Shelly Larson David Laster Scott Leach Hal Ledeen Deborah Lee William Leeper seniors 220 " What did that teacher say? " — the thoughts of Janet Coffei as she studies for a quarter examination? Julie Leibold Mark Leibold Janie Lewis Rick Lewis Robert Lewis William Lewis David Lindsey John Link Joe Locascio Dennis Loftis Barbara Lomax Charles LoPorto Ronnie Loucks Luanne Luff Hans Lynn Michelle Maier Steven Maier Roberta Mallory Richard Mark Emma Marrone seniors 221 TB shots: OUCH— they hurt! ■I • ■• " •fc. anil i Debi Shoaf cringes, turns her head a nd holds her breath as the nurse injected the tuberculin shot. David Martin Denna Martin James Martin Vickl Mashburn Gary Matthews John Matthias Doris Maxwell Pat May Randy McArthur Terry McArthur Sarah McCoy Judy McDanlel Mark McDonald Cayle McEvers Don McGee Diane McGlathery Dona Mcintosh David McKinney Mark McLallen Elaine McMilian seniors 222 Pam McMilian Sherry McWilliams Brian Mickiewiez Cheryl Middleton Mike Middleton Keith Miller Terry Miller Sheila Minnis Debie Mitchell Randy Mock Lupe Moe Mary Mohr Paul Morales Holly Morgan Lois Morgan Lynne Morgan Martha Morris Diane Mosier Darlene Muirhead Miriam Mulrenin Theresa Murphy Richard Myers Janice Nagel Melinda Nance Valerie Newman Robyn Nichols Dennis Nickerson Jody Nield Neil Nolan Debbie Nordike seniors 223 Karen Norlie Glena Norris Sandra Norris Mark Novak Al Nowlin John Nunamaker Tim Oakes Calvin O ' Brien MelindaO ' Dell Vicki O ' Dowd Cheryl Olson Twyla Olson Darrel Opalka Debra Owens Robert Owens David Palermo Richard Palmer Donna Parker Shelby Patterson Nelletta Patton Perry Patton Danny Paul Karen Paxton Linda Pearce Eric Pearson Beckie Peel Jennifer Penniston Debra Peoples Stanley Peters Richard Petrechko Relaxed atmosphere encourages thoughts seniors 224 Paper and pop show signs of concentration as Lynne Boone and Mrs. Robinson work together after school. Paul Phillips Shelia Philpott Dennis Pierce Ronald Pike James Piker Morris Pippin Roger Pointer Faith Porter Harold Porter William Potter Tedd Potts Stephanie Poush Doug Premoe Dean Presnell Richard Preston Barbara Provost Liz Pruitt Anna Pully Bruce Queen Sarah Raab Sheryl Ramsey Lynda Randolph Michael Ravelll Rob Rector Marsha Reynolds seniors 225 1 Steve Reynolds Debby Rhodelander Dierk Rice Ricky Richards Jim Roach Brad Rogers Mike Rogers Tom Rose Darwin Ross Deborah Russell Jackie Rynearson Vincent Saluto Debbie Salyer John Sanders Jr. Evelyn Saunders Amy Schnakenberg David Schreckenghaust David Schuize Carol Sciortino Jess Scoggins " Advertising ' s the thing, " so hopes officers Sandy Norris, Jana Dix, and Deborah Claypool as they prepare hall signs to boost their club membership. seniors 226 Posters announce upconning FHA meeting Janet Scott Keith Scott David Seaver Debi See Tim Semler Mike Semrau Kathy Shandler JeannieShaw Ronnie Sheldon Sherry Shelton Dana Shepherd Don Sherman Cheryl Shields David Shipman Debi Shoaf Sally Shoaf Diana Shultz Patricia Sieg Barbara Simmons Susan Simpson Vicki Simpson Debbie Skinner DickSlaught Mark Slayton Debbie Sligar Jared Sloan Cathy Smith Patrick Smith Gary Snow Jerry Snow seniors 227 Lee Snyder Thomas Soloman Terry Spain Ronnie Sparks Paul Spencer Trudy Sperry Mary Spielbusch Daniel Squires Terry Squires Roxann Srader Gary Staley John Stanley Gloria Stears Linda Stice Debbie Still Robert Stockdale Steve Stockton Chris Stolfa Denise Stuart James Suttle Stephen Sweetland Doug Taylor Gary Taylor Karen Taylor Tamara Taylor Virginia Taylor Vicky Tennis Diana Thomas Sharon Thompson Vicki Thompson Literature students strive for perfection seniors 228 mm Rich Timm Kathy Todd David Town Donna Trader Lionel Trowbridge Becky Trussell Vicki Turner Robin Tuttle Teresa Uptegrove Richard Van Fleet Bryan Vaughn Darrell Vaughn Deborah Verdict Debbie Vermillion Betty Wade Susan Wagner Brenda Walker Cindy Walker Karen Waller Tim Walters Diane Warden Darrell Warner BillWatkins Becky Watson seniors 229 " I got ' cha " — chef Vicki Turner grabs a slippery hot dog at the annual pep rally. Donna Watts Robert Waye Dale Webb David Weber Steve Weber Cindy Weddle Sherry Welch Kandy Wheelei MikeWhetsel Debra White Robert White Robin White Robin White Chris Whitnell Beth Wilcox seniors 230 Varsity cheerleaders prepare for annual pep rally Sandy Wille Doug Williams Pam Williams Robert Williams Joe Willis Kenneth Willoughby Kay Wilson Elizabeth Wolf Paul Woodward Billy Woolrldge Daryl Woolery Nancy Woolf Jack Wright Donna York Eddie York Jim Young Yun Youngoh DeaneZehnder Richard Zellmer Beckl Zimmerman Kathy Zunbrunnen All she needs are two sticks and maybe a match as Holly Morgan prepares a bon fire for the pep rally. senlors 231 index . . . there is no end without a beginning directory clivision 232 the end comes of something only to bring the beginning of something else directory division 233 Agee, Julia: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Basketball Homecoming (Soph. Att.), Tri-M, FTA, STUCO, APS, French Club (Pres.), Pep Club, Cheer- leader (J.V. Var.head), Trutones, Con- cert Choir. Akeman, Debra: Red Cross, SOO. Alger, Bob: COE. Alee, Ramona: Girls Choir, Concert Choir, SOO. Allen, Debbie: Library Aide. Andes, Randy: Track (Var.), Letterman Club. Andes, Vicki: Office Aide, Red Cross, Wrestlerettes, SOO. Ami, Ann: Harriers, Girls Choir. Atkins, Carol: Basketball Homecoming (Queen), Spanish Club, Pep Club (Yell Leader), Concert Choir, NHS, NSHS. Ayers, Carol: Counselor Aide, Red Cross (Pari.). Ballew, Robert: State Honor, Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Musical ( " The Boy- friend, " " Fiddler on the Roof " ), NHS, Thespians, Tri-M, Red Cross, Interact, STUCO, AFS, Trutones, Concert Choir, Football (Var., J.V., Soph.). Barthrum, David: Audio Visual Aide. Seal, Barbara: Harriers. Beatty, Kathy: Library Aide, Red Cross. Beck, Ben: Football (Var.), Defense Football Award. Beil, Monica: Orchestra. Bellis, Joseph: Red Cross, STUCO, AFS. Betts, Randy: Mr. Marvelous Att. (Sr.). Biggers, Arlene: FHA. Bindi, Vincent: Football (Var., Soph.), Track (Var.), STUCO. Birch, Theresa: Fall Play ( " You Can ' t Take It With You " ). Blunt, Kathy: Office Aide, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), STUCO, Con- cert Choir. Boone, Lynne: Library Aide, Mixed Chorus. Booth, Allen: Debate, Mixed Chorus. Boswell, Kem: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ). Botts, Gina: Heritage Queen, NAHS, FTA, Pep Club, Yearbook Staff. Bowen, Kerry: Red Cross, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Tickers. Bradford, Paul: Football (Var., J.V.), Track (Var., J.V.), COE, Band. Bratton, Marilyn: Library Aide, STUCO, Spanish Club, Pep Club, COE. Brenneman, Susan: Red Cross. Briggs, Rhonda: Heritage Att. (Sr.). Brightwell, Sandy: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Concert Choir, Girls Choir. Brittain, Mary: Library Aide, Red Cross, SOO. firocato, Teresa: Debate, NFL, COE, NHS. Brown, David: X-Country (Jr. Var.), Wrestling (Var., Jr. Var.), Interact, Year- book Staff. Browning, Cathy: SOO, Girls Choir. Bryant, Gary: NHS, NAHS. Bucey, Ruth: One-Act Plays, Office Aide, Pep Club, Harriers, FTA, STUCO. Buckle, Don: Audio Visual Aide. Bullard, Harold: Football (Var., Jr. Var., Soph.), Letterman Club. Bunk, Ingrid: NHS. Burgess, Vicki: Harriers, Yearbook Staff. Burks, Ro6;n; Pep Club, DECA. Burlingame, Bill: Basketball (Var., Jr. Var., Soph., Capt.), Track (Var.), Letter- man (V. Pres.), NHS. Burmahl, Lori: Red Cross, FTA, FHA, Spanish Club, Tickers, Girls Choir, Har- riers. Buschhorn, Steve: Football (Var., Jr. Var., Soph.), Basketball (Soph.), Base- ball (Var., Jr. Van), STUCO, Letterman Club. Bush, Don: Football (Soph.), Swimming (Jr. Var.), Baseball (Var., Jr. Var.) Bush, Sheila: Wrestlerettes, Girls Glee Club, Red Cross, STUCO. Carder, Debi: Library Aide, Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Pep Club, Mixed Cho- rus. Carey, J.D.: STUCO, Chess Club, Radio Club (Pari.), JETS (Treas.). Carlock, Teresa: Harriers. Carroll, Yawnna: Mixed Chorus. Case, Karen: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Band, Orchestra, Tri-M. Casey, Rhonda: FTA, FHA, Yearbook Staff, Wrestlerettes. Castro, Mario: STUCO. Champion, John: Wrestling (Var.). Chiles, Susan: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Thespians, Red Cross, FTA, STUCO, French Club, Girls Choir, Pep Club (Yell Leader). Chrisman, Rae Ann: Office Aide, Red Cross, FTA. Cirino, Salvatore: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Football (Var.). Claypool, Debra: AFS, FHA (V. Pres.), Mixed Chorus. Clifton, Mark: Basketball (Soph.), X- Country (J.V.), Baseball (Var., J.V.). Cline, Kristy: French Club, Pep Club, (Yell Leader), TWIC, Band, Orchestra NHS. Cobb, Susan: SOO, Red Cross. Cofer, Marcia: Girls Choir, Concert Choir. Coffel, Janet: Tri-M, FHA, Spanish Club, Girls Choir. Cole, Robert: Yearbook Staff. Collins, Jack: Audio Visual Aide. Comer, Cindy: Girls Choir. Conoley, Gay a; Concert Choir. Constance, Brad: Debate, Swimming (J.V.), NFL, Spanish Club, Band, STUCO (Treas.), NHS, TWIC. Constance, Terri: Office Aide, STUCO, AFS, French Club, Pep Club, Cheer- leader (J. v.). Gymn astic Club. Cook, Debra; Debate, NHS, NFL, FTA, STUCO, Band. Cookston, Vicki: Pep Club, Red Cross, Wrestlerettes. Copeland, Jane: Harriers, Concert Choir. Copenhaver, Patricia: Red Cross, FTA, STUCO, AFS, Orchestra. Cordes, Mark: Basketball (Soph, J.V., Var.), X-Country (J.V.), NFL, Mr. School Spirit. Craig, Sherry: Pep Club. Crites, Debby: Debate (Squad capt.), NHS, NFL (V. Pres.), Quill Scroll, Newspaper Staff. Crouse, Rebecca: FHA. Cutsforth, Roy: Football (Soph., J.V., Var.). Danaher, Helen: Red Cross, FTA. D ' Angelo, Anita: Counselor Aide, Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Span- ish Club, Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls Choir. Danielsen, Steve: One-Act Plays, Foot- ball (Soph.). Davenport, Keith: Swimming (Var.). Davidson, Randy: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Class Officer (Soph., Jr.), Junior Prom (Att.), X- Country (J.V.), NHS, Interact, STUCO (Pres.), Spanish Club, Band, Concert Choir. DeCave e, Larry: Track (Var.). DeHass, Kim: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Class Officer (Soph. Sec), Football Homecoming (Jr., Soph. Att.), NHS, NAHS, FTA, STUCO, AFS, French Club, Pep Club, Cheerleader (J.V., Var.). d ' Estaintot, Myriam: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical, ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Thespians, AFS Student, French Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Band. Dickensheets, Paula: NHS, Pep Club, Band. Dickson, Gary: X-Country (JV.), Wres- tling (J.V.). Dierkes, Richard: Debate, Golf (J.V.), NFL, STUCO, NHS. DiNicola, John: FTA, Chess Club (Pres.), Band. Dinkel, Vici: Debate, NHS, NFL, Red Cross, STUCO, French Club, Pep Club. Dirck, Mary: Red Cross, FTA, Mixed Chorus. senior directory Cap and gown pictures — reflections of graduation I Dix, ]ana: Musical, ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), NHS, Quill Scroll, Tri-M (Hist.), Red Cross, FTA, (V. Pres.), TWIC, Pep Club, STUCO, APS, FHA (Sec), Spanish Club, (Sec), Trutones, Yearbook Staff, Concert Choir, (Sec). Dodd, Robert: Spring Play ( " A Hatful of Rain " ), X-Country (J.V.), STUCO. Dod.ds, Jeanne: Pep Band, Band, Con- cert Choir. Dodson, Kihm: NAHS, Spanish Club. Doici, Frank: State Honor, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), NAHS, TRI-M, Orchestra. Dollins, Randall: STUCO. Dorsey, Marie. Office Aide, STUCO. fads, Dan; Swimming (Var.), Thespians. Emmite, lack: DECA, COE. Empson, Kevin: NHS, NAHS (V. Pres.), Chess Club. Etter, Bob: Track (J.V.), Swimming (Var.). Farris, Tony: Football (J.V.). Feiser, Mark: Football (Var., J.V., Soph.), Track (J.V.), Wrestling (Var., J.V.). Ferguson, Cheryl: Counselor Aide, Tri- M (Treas.), Red Cross, Girls Choir, Concert Choir. Fields, Marsha: Spanish Club. Fisher, Kent: Football (Var., J.V.), Bas- ketball (Var., J.V.), Baseball (Var., J.V.), Honors, (Honorable Mention All-Area, All-Conf.). Ford, Murray: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Pep Band, NHS, Band, Orches- tra. French, Aimee: Debate, NHS (Sec), NFL (Sec), STUCO. Friedrich, Gerald: Yearbook Staff. Gaddis, Diane: Office Aide, FTA, AFS, FHA, Spanish Club, TWIC, Mixed Cho- rus. Gallagher, Janine: FTA, FHA, Spanish Club, Tickers, Harriers. Camm, Paula: State Honor, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Pep Band, Tri- M, Red Cross, STUCO, Band, Orches- tra. Garrett, Jeff: Debte, NHS (Treas.), NFL, Interact. Gibbs, Mark: One-Act Plays, Football (Var., J. v.. Soph., Capt.), Basketball (Var., J.V., Soph., Capt.), Track (Var., J.V.), Baseball (J.V.), STUCO, Letterman Club, Honors (Honorable Mention Football All Conf.), NHS. G 6son, Leanne: STUCO, AFS, French Club, Girls Choir, Orchestra, COE, NHS. Goeres, Gwen: Office Aide. Gooch, Karl: Football (Var., J.V.), Track Senior Roger Pointer has his cap and gown picture taken as he tries to capture something to remember. (J.V.), Wrestling (Var., J.V.) Goodyear, Caryl: Counselor Aide, Tickers (Pres.), STUCO (V. Pres.), Pep Club, Band. Graham, Rick: Swimming (J.V.). Graves, Kim: Swimming (Var., Capt.), Honors (Most Valuable Swimmer, Swimming Athlete of the Year), Mixed Chorus. Green, Kathy: Debate, NFL, Quill Scroll, Newspaper Staff, NHS. Greer, Greg; Football (J.V., Soph.), COE (Treas.). Griffey, Kent: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Concert Choir. Gulotta, Mike: NHS, Tri-M, Trutones, Concert Choir. Haag, Candy: Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Musical ( " The Boyfriend " ), Red Cross, French Club, Pep Club. HaertI, Vicki: Pep Club. Hahn, Mike: Concert Choir. Hamilton, Gary: NHS. Hamilton, Pam: Office Aide, FTA, soo. Hammons, Scott: Tennis (J.V.), Spanish Club (Pres.). Hanaway, Paula: Library Aide, FHA, TWIC. Hancock, Bill: X-Country, (J.V., Manag- er), Track (Manager), Radio Club (Treas.), Yearbook Staff. Hansen, Shirley: Office Aide, Class Of- ficer (Soph. Treas., Jr. Treas.), Pep Club, Cheerleader (Var.). Hargus, Nancy: NHS. Harmon, Keith: Basketball (Soph.). Harnes, Mike: NHS. Harrington, Mike: Debate, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Pep Band, Tennis (J.V.), NHS (Pres.), NFL, STUCO, Band, Orchestra. Harris, Kevin: Football (J.V., Soph.). Hatcher, Bruce: STUCO, Mixed Cho- rus. Hatfield, Kimberly: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), STUCO. Hausheer, Fred: Audio Visual Aide, senior directory 235 Debate, Wrestling (Var., J.V.) NFL, AFS, Band, Orchestra. Hawkins, Beth: Office Aide, Class Offi- cer (Sr.), Junior Prom (Att.), Quill Scroll, (Sec), Pep Club, Gymnastic Club, Newspaper Staff, Heritage Dance (Soph. Att.). Head, Doug: Football (J.V.), Track (Var.). Hedrick, Debbie: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), NHS, NSHS, Tri-M, Spanish Club, Triple Trio, Pats (Treas.), Girls Choir, Band, Orchestra. Hefner, Francine: SOO, Girls Choir. Heidtbrink, Vicki: Concert Choir. Helling, Kathy: State Honor, Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Basketball Homecoming (Sr. Att.), Dance Chair- man, Tri-M, Red Cross, STUCO, AFS, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Girls Choir, Concert Choir. Hendrickson, Lloyd: Audio Visual Aide, Wrestling (J.V.), Spanish Club (Treas.). Hieronymus, Rhonda: FT A, Pats, Ma- jorette. Hisle, Terri: FTA, Spanish Club, Pep Club (Yell Leader), TWIC. Hoback, Steve: Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Thespians, Red Cross, JETS. Holland, Dan: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), JETS, Mixed Chorus. Holmes, Keith: One- Act Plays, Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), COE. Holmes, Lucinda: Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Musical ( " The Boyfriend " ), Thespians (V. Pres.), Newspaper Staff, Mixed Chours. Hope, Steven: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Thespians, Tri-M, Concert Choir (Pres.), Trutones. Home, Bill: One-Act Plays, STUCO, Band. Horton, Tom: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Football (Manager), Tennis (J.V.), Interact, FCA, Letterman Club. Howe, Rexanne: Mixed Chorus. Hughes, Teresa: Mixed Chorus. Hunt, Paula: Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Red Cross, COE. Hurst. Mike: Debate, NFL, NHS. Jackson, Chuck: Musical ( " The Boy- friend " ), Concert Choir. Jensen, Tom: Track (J.V.). lessen, Cheryl: NSHS (Sec), Red Cross, FTA, Spanish Club, Pep Club. Johnson, Cathy: Red Cross, STUCO, Concert Choir. Johnson, Dave: COE. Johnson, Laurie: One-Act Plays, Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Junior Prom (Att.), Football Homecoming (Sen. Att.), NAHS, Thespians (Sec-Treas.), STUCO, Pep Club, Girls Choir, Year- book Staff. Jones, Cathy: DAR Good Citizenship Award, Service Chairman, Quill Scroll (V. Pres.), STUCO, French Club (Sec-Treas.), Harriers (Pres.), Yearbook Staff. Jones, Jim: Football (Soph., J.V., Var.), Track (J.V., Var.), STUCO, Letterman Club (Sergeant at Arms). Juliff, Rick: Wrestling (Var.), Tri-M, In- teract, Band, Orchestra, NHS. Justice, Barbara: Red Cross (Recorder- Hist.), SOO. Kaleikau, Dennis: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Concert Choir. Kaylor, John: Audio Visual Aide. Keck, Belinda: Girls Glee Club, Red Cross. Keehler, Teresa: Girls Choir. Keller, Patrick: Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " , " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Mus- ical ( " The Boyfriend " , " Fiddler on the Roof " ), NFL, Thespians, Tri-M, Tru- tones (Pres.), Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir. Ke y, fiev: Library Aide, Office Aide, Red Cross, Pep Club, Science Club. Kenley, Denice: Class Officer (Sr. Treas.), Quill Scroll, FTA, STUCO, AFS, Pep Club, Yearbook Staff. King, Malea: FTA, STUCO, AFS, SOO, Pep Club. Knipp, Terry: Basketball (J.V., Soph.), Red Cross. Koenig, Eddie: COE. Kuhn, Marti: Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " , " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Mus- ical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), AFS Chair- man, NHS (Reporter-Historian), FTA (Pari., Pres.), STUCO, French Club, Pep Club. LaBruzzo, Nick: Football (Soph., J.V., Var.), Letterman Club. LaBruzzo Vito: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Football (Soph.), Track (J.V.). Lane Dennis: Golf (Var.). Larison, Karen: Quill Scroll, FTA, Pep Club (Yell Leader), Newspaper Staff. Larsen, Linda: Mixed Chorus. Larson, Debbie: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Tri-M (V. Pres.), Band, Orchestra. Larson, Shelley: NHS, Gymnastic Club. Ledeen, Hal: FFA, Concert Choir. Lee, Debie: Red Cross, COE. Leibold, Julie: Red Cross (V. Pres.), Gymnastic Club, Harriers. Leibold, Mark: Track (J.V., Var.), Foot- ball (Soph, J.V., Var.), Baseball (J.V.). Lewis, Janie: Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), STUCO, AFS, FHA (Treas.), Pho- to, Club (Sec), Pats, Yearbook Staff. Lewis, Rick: X-Country (J.V.), Swim- ming (J.V.), Track (J.V.), TWIC, JETS. Lindsey, David: Wrestling (J.V.). Locascio, Joe: Audio Visual Aide, Musi- cal ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Football (Var.), Wrestling (J.V.), Mixed Chorus (Pres.). Loftis, Dennis: Track (J.V.), Wrestling (J.V.). LoPorto, Charles: Audio Visual Aide, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Foot- ball (Soph.). Luff, Luanne: O ffice Aide, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), FHA, Concert Choir. Lynn, Hans: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Concert Choir. Mallory, Roberta: COE. Mark, Richard: Audio Visual Aide, Football (Soph.), X-Country (J.V.), Track (J.V.), Golf (Var.), NHS (V. Pres.), NSHS. Marrone, Emma: Library Aide, Office Aide, Girls Glee Club. Martin, David: Basketball (Statistician), Newspaper Staff. Martin, Denna: Junior Prom Queen, Football Homecoming Queen, Red Cross, STUCO, COE (Sec). Martin, James: Audio Visual Aide, Debate, Football (Var., J.V., Soph., Manager), Track (Var.), Wrestling (Var.), NFL, Letterman Club. Mashburn, Vicki: Office Aide, FHA. Matthews, Gary: Letterman Club, Bas- ketball (Var.,J.V., Soph.), Track (Var., J.V.). Matthias, John: Football (Var.), Base- ball (J.V.). May, Pat: X-Country (Var.), Track (Var.), Swimming (Var.), Letterman Club (Sec), Interact. McArthur, Randy: Tennis (Var., J.V.), Newspaper Staff. McArthur, Terry: Debate, NFL, STU- CO, NHS. McCoy, Sarah: Concert Choir. McEvers, Cay e: Office Aide, SOO. Mcintosh, Dona: Office Aide, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Thespians, FTA, STUCO, AFS, FHA, Spanish Club, Pep Club, TWIC, Girls Choir, Concert Choir. McLallen, Mark: Baseball (Var., J.V.). McMilian, Elaine: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Fall Play ( " The Boyfriend " ), Quill Scroll, Tri-M, Trutones, Mixed Chorus, Yearbook Staff, Concert Choir (V. Pres.). McMilian, Pam: Newspaper Staff. McWilliams, Sherry: Quill Scroll, STUCO, Harriers, Yearbook Staff. Mengel, Les: X-Country (J.V.), Soph. senior directory 236 Unlikely combination: Clean lockers, busy seniors Band, Band. Middleton, Cheryl: Red Cross. Middleton, Michael: Track (Var.), Wrestling (Var.). Minnis, Shelia: Girls Choir. Mitchell, Debie: Red Cross, FTA, STU- CO, Harriers, Yearbook Staff, FHA, Spanish Club. Mock, Randy: Swimming (Var.). Moe, Lupe: Red Cross (Pres.). Mohr, Mary: Counselor Aide, Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), French Club. Moon, Sherry: Library Aide, Girls Choir, Concert Choir. Morales, Paul: Audio Visual Aide, Pa- triot Mascot, Track (Var., J.V.), Baseball (Manager), Interact, FCA, Concert Choir. Morgan, Holly: Halloween Queen, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Bas- ketball Homecoming (Jr. Att.), French Club (Pres.), Cheerleader (Var., J.V.), Football Homecoming (Soph. Att.). Morgan, Lois: Pats. Morgan, Lynne: Pats (V.Pres., Pres.), Office Aide. Morris, Martha: Red Cross, FHA, Pep Club. Mosier, Diane: State Honor, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Pep Band, NHS, Tri-M, Red Cross, TWIC, Band, Orchestra. Muirhead, Darlene: Library Aide. Mulrenin, Miriam: Red Cross, FHA, French Club, Girls Choir, Concert Choir. Myers, Richard: Basketball(Soph.),NHS. Nagel, Janice: Library Aide. STUCO. Newman, Valerie: Basketball Home- coming (Sr. Att.), Red Cross, FTA, STU- CO (Sec), AFS, French Club (Pres.), Pep Club, Cheerleader (J.V.), Gymnas- tic Club (V. Pres.). Nichols, Robyn: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), NAHS. Norlie, Karen: STUCO, Pep Club (Yell Leader), Girls Choir (Sec, Pres.). Norris, Ciena: Quill Scroll, Red Cross, STUCO, French Club, Pep Club, Yearbook Staff. Norris, Sandra: Red Cross, FTA, FHA (Pres.), LAS, Yearbook Staff. Oaks, Timothy: Basketball (J.V.), Track (J.V.). O ' Brien, Calvin: STUCO. O ' Dell, Melinda: Red Cross, FTA, COE (Historian). O ' Dowd, Vicki: NAHS, SOO. Olson, Cheryl: Library Aide, FTA, STU- CO, AFS, French Club, Pep Club (Yell Leader), Band. Olson, Twyla: NAHS (Corresponding Sec), FHA. Opalka, Darrell: Track (J.V.), Swimming (Var.). Owens, Debra: SOO. Palmer, Rick: Baseball (Var.). Parker, Donna: LAS, Spanish Club, " El Puente. " Patterson, Shelby: Library Aide. Paxton, Karen: Pep Club, COE. Pearce, Linda: Library Aide, COE. Pearson, Eric: Football (Var., J.V., Soph.), Debate, Sophomore Pilgrim- age, Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Boys State, NHS, NFL, STUCO, Letterman Club, " El Puente. " Peel, Beckie: Wrestlerettes. Penniston, Jennifer: Red Cross, STU- CO, Pep Club, TWIC, Girls Choir. Peoples, Debi: Office Aide, Tickers, Red Cross, STUCO, Concert Choir. Petrechko, Rick: Basketball (Manager), Track (J.V.). Phillips, Paul: Class Officer (Soph. V. Pres., Sr. V. Pres.), Junior Prom King, Basketball (Var., J.V., Soph.), Baseball (Var., J.V.), Interact (Pres.), STUCO, Newspaper Staff. Pierce, Dennis: Football (Soph.), NHS. Pike, Ronald: NHS. Pippin, Morris: Mr. Marvelous (Sr. Att.), Letterman Club (Treas.), Football (Var.), Basketball (Var., J.V., Soph.), Track (Var., J.V.), Football Honors (Soph. Honorable Mention, All-Area, Jr. Honorable Mention All-Area, Hon- orable Mention All-Conf., Sr. All-Area, All Conf., Honorable Mention All- Metro.). Pointer, Roger: X-Country (Var., J.V.), Swimming (Var.), Band. Porter, Faith: Red Cross (Treas.), NHS, FHA. Potter, joe: Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Football (Var., J.V., Soph. Man- ager), Thespians, Red Cross, Letterman Club. Potts, Tedd: Track (J.V.), Swimming (J. v.), NHS, French Club. Preston, Richard: Football (Var., J.V., Soph.). Provost, Barbara: SOO. Pruitt, Liz: Library Aide, Pep Club, Mixed Chorus. Pu ey, Anna: Red Cross, SOO. Quakenbush, Don: COE. Queen, Bruce: Football (Var.), Baseball (Var.). Raab, Sarah: Debate, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), NHS, NFL (Pres., V. Pres.), STUCO, Concert Choir, Orches- tra, FTA. Ramsey, Sheryl: SOO. Some lockers can become messy, but as Mary Spielbusch opens her locker she finds hers to be a disaster. senior directory 237 Randolph, Lynda: Office Aide, FTA, AFS, Pep Club. Raveill, Michael: Radio Club (Pres.), Band, Orchestra, NHS. Rector, Robin: Football (Var., Soph.), Basketball (Var., J.V., Soph.), Baseball (Var,J.V.). Reynolds, Stephen: Football {J.V., Soph.), Basketball (Soph.). Rhodelander, Debby: Library Aide, Fall Play ( " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Musi- cal ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), STUCO, FHA. Richards, Ricky: Photo. Club. Roach, Jim: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Football (Var., J.V., Soph.), Honors (Honorable Mention All-Area, All-Conf.), NAHS (Pres.), Concert Choir. Ross, Darwin: Audio Visual Aide, Foot- ball (Var., J.V., Soph.), Wrestling (Var., J.V.),JETS. Russell, Debbie: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Red Cross, Girls Choir, Girls Glee, Mixed Choir, Concert Choir, NHS. Rynearson, Jackie: NAHS (Sec), Tri-M, FHA, Tickers, Orchestra. Salyer, Debbie: AFS, Spanish Club. Sanders, John: Debate, NFL, STUCO, Football (J.V., Soph.). Saunders, Evelyn: NHS, Quill Scroll, Newspaper Staff, NHS. Schreckenghaust, David: COE (Pres.). Sciortino, Carol: Outstanding Senior, Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Musical ( " The Boyfriend, " " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Quill Scroll, STUCO, Thespi- ans (Pres.), AFS, Pep Club (Jr. Pari., Sr. Pres.), Girls Choir, Yearbook Staff, FTA, Miss School Spirit. Scott, Keith: Swimming (Var., J.V.). Seaver, David: Wrestling (Var., J.V.), Band. See, Debi: Office Aide, Red Cross. Semler, Tim: COE. Semrau, Mike: Tennis (J.V.), COE. Shaw, Jeanmarie: Library Aide, Office Aide, Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain " ), Musi- cal ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Mixed Chorus. Shelton, Sherry: Pep Club, COE. Shepherd, Dana: Fall Play ( " Hatful of Rain, " " Come Blow Your Horn " ), Thespians, Red Cross, FTA, STUCO, AFS, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls Choir, Yearbook Staff. Sherman, Don: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), German Club, Photo. Club, Band, Orchestra. Shipman, Dave: Football (Soph.), Swimming (Var.), NAHS, Photo. Club. Shoaf, Debi: FTA, Spanish Club, Pep Club (Jr. Reporter Hist., Sr. V. Pres.), Majorette. Wishing to bring a little happiness to these Kospitalized children. Holly visits Independence Medi- cal Center. Shoaf, Sally: Spanish Club. Shultz, Diane: Tickers, SOO. Sieg, Pat: Office Aide. Simpson, Susan: Counselor Aide, Tick- er (V. Pres.), NHS, Pep Club, Band. Simpson, Vicki: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Tri-M (Pres.), Trutones (Sec.-Treas.), Concert Choir. Slaght, Richard: Track (J.V.), Band. Slayton, Mark: Musical ( " The Boy- friend, " " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Wrest- ling (Var., J.V.), Thespians, Tri-M, Red Cross, STUCO, DECA, COE, Trutones, Concert Choir. Sloan, Jared: Debate, NFL. Smith, Patrick: Debate, NFL, Quill Scroll, Newspaper Staff, NHS. Snyder, Lee: Swimming (J.V.), Tennis (J.V.),COE. Spain, Terry: Football (Var.), Baseball (Var.). Sparks, Ronnie: COE. Spencer, Paul: Debate, Musical ( " Fid- dler on the Roof " ), NFL, Tri-M, STU- CO, Band, NHS. Sperry, Trudy: Counselor Aide, Red Cross (Jr. Sec, Sr. Pres.), Class Officer (Jr. Sec). Spielbusch, Mary: NHS, Red Cross, AFS, Pep Club, SOO, NHS. Squires, Dan: COE (V. Pres.). Squires, Terry: Red Cross, SOO, Girls Choir. Srader, Roxann: Musical ( " Fiddler on A the Roof " ), Pep Band, Tri-M (Sec), W Band, Orchestra. S(a ey, Gary; X-Country (J.V.), Track (J.V.). Stanley, John: Football (Var., J.V., Soph.), Swimming (J.V.), JETS. Stears, Gloria: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Pep Band, Red Cross, Pep Club, Band, Orchestra. Soloman, Thomas: Debate, Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Track, NHS, Band, Orchestra. Stice, Linda: Debate, NFL. Stockdale, Robert: Debate, NFL, STU- CO, LAS, NHS. Sweetland, Steve: Basketball (Var., J.V., Soph., Capt.), Honors (Jr. Honorable Mention, All-Conf., All-Area), Interact. Taylor, Doug: Debate, X-Country (Var.), Track (J.V., Var.), Swimming (Var.), STUCO. Taylor, Gary: X-Country (Var.), Track senior directory 238. Halloween Queen Holly Morgan shares happiness (J.V.), Red Cross. Taylor, Karen: FHA, Red Cross. Taylor, Virginia: Office Aide, Girls Choir. Thompson, Vickie: Office Aide. Thompson, Sharon: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Pep Club, Concert Choir. Thomas, Diana: SOO. Todd, Kathy: STUCO, Mixed Chorus. Trowbridge, Lionel: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir. Trussell, Rebecca: Tri-M, Gymnastic Club, Pats, Orchestra. Turner, Vicki: Musical ( " Fiddler on the Roof " ), NAHS, TWIC, Cheerleader (Var., J. v.). Concert Choir. : Uptegrove, Teresa: Class Officer (Jr. V. Pres.), FTA (Reporter — Hist., Sec), STUCO, Pep Club (Sec), Cheerleader (J.V.), Concert Choir. Van Fleet, Richard: Wrestling (J.V.), Interact (Treas.), Spanish Club, JETS (Pres.), Band, Orchestra, Pep Band. Vaughn, Darrell: Track (J.V., Var.), j Swimming (J.V., Var.). ] Wagner, Susan: FTA, Girls Choir. Walker, Brenda: Office Aide, Red Cross, Mixed Chorus. Walker, Cindy: Library Aide, Red Cross, STUCO, FHA, Wrestlerettes. Waller, Karen: Mixed Chorus. Walters, Tim: Debate, State Honor (Senate Youth Semi-Finalist), NFL, In- teract, STUCO (Pari.), Boys State, Sena- tor Park College Model Senate, Band, NHS. Warden, Diane: Red Cross. Warner, Darrell: Audio Visual Aide, NAHS, Band. Webb, Dale: Track (J.V.). Weber, David: Basketball (Manager), Interact, Letterman Club. Weber, Stephen: Class Officer (Sr.), X- Country (Var.), Track (Var., Most Valu- able Runner). Welch, Sherry: Heritage Dance (Sr. Att., Jr. Att.), Yearbook Staff. Wheeler, Kandy: STUCO. Whetsel, Mike: Football (Var.). White, Debbie: Office Aide. W 7cox, Beth: Quill Scroll, French Club, Pep Club, Yearbook Staff, NHS. Wille, Sandy: Pep Club (Treas.), Girls Choir. Williams, Pam: FTA, Spanish Club, Pep Club, SOO, Band, Majorette. Wilson, Kay: Quill Scroll (Pres.), Pep Club, Band, Newspaper Staff. Winsor Marilyn: Library Aide. Wolf, Elizabeth: COE Woolf, Nancy: Library Aide. Woofenjen " : TWIC. Wright, Jack: Swimming, (Var., J.V.), Pep Band, JETS, Band. York, Donna: Library Aide, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee. Young, Jim: X-Country (J.V.), Track (J.V.), Wrestling (J.V.), Band. Yun, Youngok: (Transfer Student) V. Pres., Office Aide, Gymnastic Club, Newspaper Staff, Homeroom Rep. Zellmer, Richard: Track (Var.). Zimmerman, Becki: FTA, Spanish Club, Pep Club, SOO. In Memoriam Fritz Eckel, senior, died November 4 of head inju- ries suffered in a neighborhood football game. Funeral services for Fritz were held at Carson Chapel with burial in Mt. Moriah Cemetery. Money from the Fritz Eckel Memorial Fund was donated to the football program to buy protec- tive equipment. Fritz was a member of DeMolay. Fritz Eckel senior directory 239 Aaron, Connie 209 Adams, Candy 173 Adams, Rick 189 Adkins, James 152, 173 Adkins, Russell 173 Adkins, Toni 189 Agee, Julie 33, 124, 125, 132, 150 209 Ailshire, Susie 209 Akeman, Debi 209 Aker, Patty 173 Akers, Pam173 Alger, Bob 209 Alger, David 173 Allee, Paula 173 Allee, Ramona35, 155, 209 Allen, Clifford 209 Allen, Debbie 209 Allen, Janet 173 Allen,Jill82, 119, 134, 146, 189 Allen, Judy 173 Allen, Mike 135, 189 Allen, Rodney 189 Allen, Susie 173 Allgrunn,Jim189 Allinder, Joe173 Alsop, Dan 189 Alter, Larry 209 ' Althaus, Rick 173 Alvis, Gary 173 ' Ambrosi, Tricia 127, 173 , Anderson,Cindy 35, 209 ' ' ■Andes, Mike 209 Andes, Randy 209 Andes, Roy 173 Andes, Vicki 127,155,209 Andrews, Kenna 189 Andrews, Larry 209 _ — ' Appelbaum, Glenn 209 Apple, Dana 14, 135, 189 Argo, Debbie 173 Arni,Ann35,127,209 J Art 36-37 f Ashbaugh, Debi 189 % Atagi, Eka173 Atagi, Ifo 209 Atkins, Carol 62, 63, 65, 209 Atkins, Kim 173 Austin, Liz 189 Austin, Lynne 119, 127, 150, 173 Ayers, Carol 209 Ayers, Dwanna 173 B Baier, Connie 189 Bailey, Russell 189 Bain, Michelle 173 Bair, Debbie 209 Bair, Rebecca Ann 189 Baker, David 173 Baker, Stuart 151, 210 Balano, Joe173 Baldwin, Sherry 33, 35, 173 Ballew, Beverly 173 Ballew, Bob 33, 132, 134, 148, 210 Band 26-27 Bandlow, Bob 210 Banks, Robert 173 Barber, Bob 43, 49, 210 Barber, Steve 189 Barker, Keith 152, 189 Barnes, Jenny 173 Barnett, Bill 152, 173 Barnett, Bob 101, 103, 121, 189 Barth, Arthur 189 Barttrum, David 155, 210 Bass, Fred 189 Bateman, Paula 189 Bates, Bryan 173 Bates, Harry 189 Batson, Jeff 112, 173 Bay, Sharon 189 Beal, Barbara 35, 127, 210 Beall, Mike 173 Bean, Jerry 189 Beasley, Galen 210 Beatie, Ann 189 Beck, Ben 210 Beck, Brenda Sue 173 Beck, Linda Ann 190 Beck, Steve 210 Becker, Daniel 190 Beel, Phyllis 151, 190 Beil, John 190 Beil, Joseph 173 Beil, Monica 210 Bell, Tony 190 Bellis, Joe210 Benedict, Marcia 127, 172, 173 Benefield, Greg 173 Bennett, Doug 190 Bennett, Gary Del 190 Bennett, Jim 152, 173 Bennion, John 190 Berkvam, Dawn 173 Berkvam, Roxanne 155, 210 Berry, Kevin 173 Berry, Laura 210 Betts, Randy 70, 210 Bickel, Mark 210 Biggers, Arlene153, 210 Biggs, David 210 Biggs, Richard 173 Bigler, Roxanne 35, 151, 190 Bindi, Vince210 Bingham, Chip 190 Birch, Gary 173 Birch, Pam 190 Birch, Theresa 155, 210 Blackley, Stan 190 Blakley, Angle 173 Blancas,Jan173 Blancas, Liz119 Blatt, Dana 210 Blatt, David 173 Blount, Mark 173 Blunt, Kathy 210 Boatright, Nancy 127, 1 Bolander, Billie173 Boone, Lynne 225 Booth, Allen 210 Booth, Randy 190 Booth, Valerie 127, 135,173 Boothe, Gail 173 Border, John 190 Borgman, Randy 112, 196 Born, Pat 173 Borne, Gary 190 Boswell, Kern 210 » Botkin, Grace 190 Botts, Gina 19, 67, 69, 133, 210 Botts, Joanne 190 Bouyear, Jeanne 63, 65, 76, 118, 125, Bowen, Kerry 127, 210 Bowen, William Craig 88, 89, 90, 121 Bowen, Vicky 35, 173 Bowers, Charles 190 Bowers, James 210 Bowers, Rhonda 190 Box, Wanda 33, 35, 173 Boyd, John 173 Boyles, John 190 Bradford, Paul 155, 210 Bradley, Paul 173 Brady, Barbara 190 Brammer, Sheila 173 Brand, Eric 190 Brand, Yvette 23, 119, 127, 173 Brandriff, John 173 Branscom, Ronny 173 Bransletter, David 190 Brasfield, Deborah 174 Bratcher, Susan 85, 190 Bratton, Marilyn 155, 210 Braun, Nancy 127, 190 Bray, Sarah 35, 174 Brendel, Mickey 210 Brendel, Patricia 190 Brenneman, Susan 210 Bresheares, Lonnie 174 Briggs, Rhonda 67, 68, 211 Bright, Mike 190 Brittain, Mary 155, 211 Brocato, Teresa 155, 211 Brocato, Vince 39 Brock, Bobby 174 Brock, David 190 Brock, Mike 174 146, 190 ,190 1 Brock, Richard 211 Brogdon, Donna 190 Brooks, Jerry 190 Brookshire, Bill 174 Broski, Joe174 Brown, David 19, 148, 211 Brown, Devan 190 Brown, Greg 190 Brown, Nancy 190 Brownfield, Debi 132, 146, 151 Browning, Cindy 118, 151, 190 Browning, Cathy 155, 211 Bruder, Jeff 135 Bruch, Cris 174 Bryant, Debbie 133, 174 Bryant, Gary 211 Bryant, Roxanna190 Bucey, Ruth 211 Buckle, Don 211 Bullard, Harold 120 Bunk, Ingrid 211 Bunnell, Bradley 174 Bunnell, Jacci 190 Burgess, Vicki19, 127, 211 Burks, Mitch 191 Burks, Robin 211 Burlingame, Biinoi, 120, 211 Burmahl, Lori 35, 127, 153, 211 Burmahl, Rick 174 Burns, Barbara 191 Burns, Herman 190 Burns, Mike 137, 191 Burt, Cheryl 151, 174 Burton, Cindy 174 Burton, Linda 127, 174 Burton, Reba 174 Buschhorn, Richard 174 Buschhorn, Steve 211 Bush, Don 211 Bush, Sheila 127, 211 Business 52-53 Butcher, Cathy 191 Butler, Debbie 174 Butner, Kathy211 Button, Carol 151, 191 Cain, Caria 35, 153, 174 Calvert, Betty 133, 174 Campbell, Danny 191 Cambers, Randy 211 Cantwell, Jan174 Cantwell, Terressa 191 Carder, Debi 211 Carey,]. D. 212 Carlisle, Rosalyn 174 Carlock, Teresa 212 Carlson, Danny 191 Carlson, Darrell 212 190 1 . f Carmichael, Danny 174 Carmlchael, David 212 Carmichael, Judy 212 Carpenter, Cathy 191 Carpenter, Keith 191 Carpenter, Kenneth 212 Carr, Jeannine191 Carroll, Yawnna 133, 212 Carter, Sherry 174 Case, Karen 212 Case, Mickey 191 Casey, Debbie 191 Casey, Rhonda 19, 127, 212 Casteel, Leroy 191 Castle, Debbie 212 Castro, Mario 212 Castro, Teresa 135 Chamberlain, Alan 191 Chamberlain, Sandy 191 Chambers, Sheryl 174 Champion, John 212 Champion, Kevin 191 Champion, Mary 174 Chapin, Ken133,212 Chapman, Emma 191 Chappell, Klm191 Cherry, Don 191 Childers, David 191 Chllders, Don212 Childs,Kathy174 Chiles, Susan 35, 134, 146, 212 Chinnery, Jim 174 Choplin, Patty 174 Choplin, Joe191 Chrlsman, Rae Ann 212 Chrisman, Susan 12, 191 Christensen, Ken 192 Christensen, Randl 192 Christian, Bruce 107, 174 Christian, Duane 212 Cirino, Salvatore212 Clariday, Kim35,174 Clark, Bill 192 Clark, Greg 174 Clark, Randy 174 Clark, Richard 133, 192 Clark, Stacy 127, 174 Clark, Susan 174 Clark, Susie 174 Clark, Valerie 174 Claypool,Debra153,213 Claypool, Pam 35, 174 Cleary, Randy 155, 213 Clifton, Mark 213 Clifton, Terry 174 Cllne, Karen 192 Cline, Krlsty150,213 Close, John 174 Clute, Danny 174 Coan, Jim 174 1 226 Coan, Tom 192 Coates, Kim 192 Coats, David 174 Cobb, Sus an 155,213 COE 154 Coddlngton, Jim 174 Cofer, Bob 174 Cofer, Marsha 213 Coffel, lanet 35, 127, 153, 213, 221 Coin, Barbara 174 Coin, Cindy 213 Coin, Jim 213 Coin, Sue 174 Cole, Bill 192 Cole, Robert 19, 213 Coleman, Rhonda 192 Colletti, Marcia192 Collins, Dawn 35 Collins, Denise192 Collins, Jack 155, 213 Combs, Robin 174 Comer, Cindy 35, 213 Comer, Diane 192 Comstock, Rocky 134, 213 Concert Choir 30-31 Conger, Brent 213 Connell, Lorna 213 Connor, Peggy 192 Conoley, Gayla 213 Conrad, Cliff 213 Conrick, Robert 174 Constance, Brad 14, 135, 139, 213 Constance, Mark 174 Constance, Terry 213 Cook, Bob 174 Cook, David 192 Cook, Debbie 135, 213 Cook, Denise 135, 150, 192 Cook, Keith 174 Cook, Lyn 174 Cook, William 213 Cookston, Vlcki213 Cooper, lerry 174 Cooper, Ralph 192 Copeland, Chris 174 Copeland, Jane 213 Copenhaver, Pat 146, 213 Corbin,Tim175 Cordes, Mark71,101,213 Corliss, Jeanette 192 Corwin, Randy 174 Corwin, Ron 213 Cotner, Sandi 192 Cottle, Barbara 213 Couch, Ginnie 35, 213 Cox, Chris 174 Cox, Debbie 35, 174 _ g Cox, Jerry 174 Cox, Joe 213 .- Cox, Karen 151, 192 % ' Cox, Lee Anne 151, 192 Cox.Randy 107, 174 Cox, Rhonda 192 Cox, Walter 174 Coy, Jim 12, 192 Coy, Liz 174 Coy, Russell 192 Craig, Billie 192 g. Sherry 213 ,Brenda174 James 214 Craven, Caroline 175 Crawford, Teresa 175 .Crescente, Dom 39, 175 rites, Debby 17, 135, 136, 214 Crocker, Cindy 35, 175 Crook, Charles 112, 146, 151, 192 1 Crouch, David 192 _ Crouch, Rhonda 175, C rouch, Rob 214 Crouse, Rebecca 153, 214 Crawl, Doug 214 Crowley, Cathy 175 Cullen, Jeannette 35, 175 Culver, Gary 163,175 " Cummins, Bill175 ' Curtis, Dawn 175 ' Custead, Dave 112, 175 Custead, Joanne 118, 127, 146, 150, 153, 192 Cutsforth, Roy214 • D ' • ■ . f Danforth, Bill 135, 175 ; D ' Angelo, Anita 214 Daniels, Greg 175 Danielsen, Steve 214 Danielson, Karl 96, 192 , % Daugherty, Bruce 192 " ' Daughtrey, Louella150, 193 Davenport, Keith 214 Davidson, Becky 127 Davidson, Randy 58, 82, 130, 139, 214 , Davidson, Sheila 193 Davis, Cindi 35, 135, 175 Davis, Eddie 175 Davis, Jay 193 Davis, Richard 193 Davis, Ron 193 Davis, Steven 175 Day, Connie 175 Deal, Chris 49, 214 ' Deam, Jill 175 Dean, Bill 193 Debate 21 DeHass, Kim 72, 124, 125, 133, 146, 150, 214 DeLapp, Linda 175 DeMoss, Bruce 214 f ■1 : iP Dempsey, Frank 193 Dempsey, John 214 Denham, David 193 d ' Estaintot, Myriam 80, 150, 151, 214 Dickens, Phil 37, 133, 214 Dickensheets, Paula 131, 214 Dickson, Gary 214 Dierkes, Bill 175 Dierkes, Rick41,135, 214 Dilday, Rodney 175 Dill, Chris 49 Dillon, Randy 193 DiNicola, Joe 175 DiNicola, John 146,214 Dinkel,Vici150,215 Dinwiddle, Donna 175 Dirck, Mary 215 Directo, Paula 193 Dittmer, Ieff98,175 Dix, Jana 19, 30, 33 53, 1 M. 136, 146, 151, 153, 215, 226 -«— ; Dean, John 175 Dodd, Robert 215 Dodds, Charles 135, 175 Dodds, Jeanne 30, 215 Dodson, Kihm 215 Dodson, Donna Sue 33, 35, 175 Dolan, Mike 176 Doici, Frank 25, 13 133, 215 Dolci,Tom132,151,193 Dollins, Randy 215 Donahoo, Gail 176 ,t Donahue, Regina 176 » Dorland, Ja nice 193 Dorrell, Mike 193 Dorris, Jeff 176 Dorsey, Marie 215 Dorth, Denise193 % Dougherty, Lois 193 ' Doughty, Jim 44 Doutt, Debbie 193 ' Doutt, Kevin 176 Drama 22 njf Driskell, Gary 107 17 Drown, Ron 193 Drumm Farm 44-4f Duke, Jim 176 Dummitt, Vicky Duncan, Steffi 1 Dunham, Kris f Dur gan, JohnJJP Dunn, Martha 193 Duvall, Su n 193 Dyer, Dan 193 Dykes, Linda 176 L kes, Lois 215 Eads, Dan 134, 215 J A Elizabeth 127, 176 lasTWige, Chuck 176 Eckard, Kris 193 Erkel, Fritz 215 239 Etkel, Sally 58, 176 Edmonds, Patty 33, 132, 150, 193 Edmondson, Gary 215 Egli, Jack 101, 193 Eichenberger, Cheryl 35, 127, 176 Eiken, Jayne 176 Eiken, Larry 215 Eka,Atagi210 Ekiund, Susan 193 Elklns,Terri33,35,176 Ellis, Martha 193 Elser,|lm193 Emmite, Jack 215, 219 Emmite, Tom 176 Emomoto, Sayo 118, 176 Empson, Kevin 130, 215 English 12-13 Engelmohr, Gary 215 Enriquez, Rose 215 Epperson, Vicky 176 Erickson, Lynn 193 Eshelman, David72, 134, 193 Estes, Mike 215 Estes, Steve 193 Etter, Bob112,216 Eubank, Cheryl185 Evans, Lana176 F Faces, 156-231 Fann, Bill 107, 176 Farel, Cherry 119, 177 Ferris, Dottie 177 Farris, James 216 Fasse, Greg 193 Feely, Duane 177 Fehrman, June 177 Feiser, Mark93,120,216 Feiten, Sherry 177 Ferguson, Sheryl 132, 216 Ferguson, j|ki 3 Ferrin, TerW?T — FFA, 152 FHA,153 Fields, Marsha 216 Fife, Yvonne 193 Finken, Jeff 148, 193 Fisher, Kent 101, 216 Fisher, Kirk 216 Fisher, Larry 121, 150, 193 Fisher, Roy 216 Fitch, Nancy 216 Fizer, Paul 193 Fleming, John 193 Fletcher, Lisa 127, 151. 193 Flippin, Sharon 177 Poland, Pamela 35, 177 Foreign Language 14-15 Ford, Murray 216 Ford, Richard 177 Force, Gene 193 Fox, Tom 177 Frances, Jeanefte 193 Franklin, Bob 177 Frakes, Alberta 155, 216 Franklin, Dawn 216 Franklin, John 70, 93, 120, 148, 216 Franklin, Laura 177 Franklin, Pam 177 Frazier, Ron 177 Free, Kody 177 Freels, Jeri 193 Freeman, Barbara 215 French, Aimee 130, 216 French Club 150 French, Eddy 177 French, Kim 33, 35, 177 French, Richard 193 Friedrich, Jerry 19, 216 FTA, 156-147 Fuller, Jim 216 Caddis, Diane 151, 153, 216 Gain, Joyce 199 Gallagher, Eileen 153, 193 Gallagher, Janine 127, 153, 216 Gamm, Paula 43, 132,216 Ganson, Debbie 119, 193 Garber, Danny 177 Garcia, Maria 177 Gardner, Ed 193 Gardner, Eugene 177 Garrett, Jeff 130, 135, 217 Garrien, David 177 Garrison, Bob 133, 217 Garrison, Paula 177 Gates, Dayrel 177 Gates, Glenda 177 Gates, Steve 155 Gaughran, John 217 Ceites, David 177 Geivett, Teri 35, 177 Gercone, Danny 177 Gerdeman, Fred 177 Gerean, John 177 Gerit, Steve 193 Giambalvo, Mary 127, 177 Gibbs, Jeff 107, 177 Gibbs, Mark 93, 94, 101, 120, 141, 217 Gibson, Leanne 35, 217 Gibson, Mark 112, 194 Gilbertson, Tom 177 Gilllson,Chris67,68,118,151 Gilmore, Mike 194 Girls Choir, 34 Girls Glee, 35 Glazier, Sue 194 Glover, Charie 194 Godfrey, Debbie 177 Godfrey, John 177 Goebel, Devona 194 Goln, Joyce 35 Goeres, Gwen 217 Gooch, Karl 217 " Gooden, John 194 Goodyear, Caryl 127, 138, 217 Gordon, Bill 135, 177 Gouldsmith,Kathy177 Graeff, Barbara 217 Graham, lack 177 Graham, Mark 107, 133, 177 Graham, Rick 217 Graham, Kenneth 194 Graham, Paula 177 Gran, Mark 177 Granger, Cathy 177 Granger, Chris 146, 194 Grant, Connie 194 Graskewicz, Susan 194 Graven, Mark 194 Graves, Cindy 127, 177 Graves, Kim 112, 217 Green, Jim 177 Green, Judy 35, 177 Green, Kathy 17, 135, 136, 217 Green, Larry 194 Green, Loretta 217 Green, Lori 153, 194 Green, Marty 112, 194 Greenwood, Helen 177 Greer, Greg 155, 217 , reer, Sydney 177 Gregath, Mike 177 Cregath, Richard 194 Grindstaff, Delbert 194 Grinham, Stephani Groom, Kathy 177 Gross, Jeanne 19 ' Cross, Steve 194 Groves, Danny 177 Groves, Terry 217, 229, Gulotta, Mike 33, 76,1 Gustafson, Cathy 194 Gwinn, Ron 28, 177 H Haag, Candy 217 Haertl,Charna217 Flafner, Sara 178 Hahn, Eddie 177 177 Flahn, Julie 177 Hahn, Michael 217 Hale, Joe 194 _ Haley, Beverly 135, 217- Hall, Greg 177 Hall, Marianne 35, 177 Hall, Mike 194 Hall, Russell 194 Hall, Wanda 127, 194 Ham, Janet 177 Hamilton, Gary 217 Hamilton, Pam 155, 215 Hammond, Pat 194 Ham mons, Scott 1 35, 217 Hammontree, Adriennel94 « ' Hamtnontree, Steve 178 H5J vay, Paula 217 Hancock, Barry 178 Hancock, Bill 19, 217 Hanley, Tammie 177 Hansen, Shirley 217 Hanssen, Timothy 178 Harbison, Brenda 178 Harding, Sharon 178 Hargus, Nancy 217 Harless, Sylvia 194 Harmon, Frances 194 Harmon, Keith 217 Harmon, Nancy 194 Harness, Mike 217 Harp, Daniel 178 Harp, Denia 194 Harp, Denise 194 Harr, Doug 218 Harrington, Mike 135, 218 Harris, Debra 178 Harris, Donald 107, 178 Harris, Kevin 218 Harris, Mark 194 Harris, Mike 194 Harrison, Robin 178 Hart, Barbara 146, 178 Hart, Elaine 73, 118, 125, 134, 194 Harvey, Bob 218 Harvey, Mark 178 Hastings, Wanda 194 Haston, Chris 70, 112, 194 Hatch, Doug 194 Hatcher, Bruce 218 Hatchitt, Curtis 178 Hatfield, Kim 218 Hathorn, John 194 Hauser, Alan 103, 121, Hausheer, Fred 218 Hausheer, Jean 119, 127, 132, 178 Hawes, Gene 218 Hawkins, Beth 17, 136, 208, 212, 218 Hawkins, Cheryl Ann 178 Hawkins, Joy 194 ,194 _«--» « t ■ . ;;« . 3g 5:V ► 4 ' rMxi- Hayes, David 218 Hayes, Debbie 218 Hays, Paul 194 Hayton, Eugene 194 Head, Doug 218 Heath, Roxanne 146, 194 Heavner, Wess 194 Heck, Tom 178 Hedges, Marshall 178 Hedlin, Barb 151, 178 Hedlin, Scott 194 Hedrick, Debbie 33, 35, 132. 218 Hefner, Francine 35, 155, 216, 218 Hefner, Sara 178 Heidtbrink, Vicki 218 Heim, Cindy 194 Heinonen, Mary 178 Helling, Kathi 62, 63, 64, 132, 140, 146, 151, 218 Hendley, Mike 218 Hendrickson, Lloyd 151, 218 Hendrix, Cindy 195 Henks, Nancy 35, 195 Henley, Carol 153, 195 Henson, Brad 101, 103, 121, 1 Heptig, Scott 107, 178 Heriford, Judy 195 Hern, Gayle 127, 195 Hern, Pam 178 Herod, Rita 178 Hieronymus, Rhonda 26, 218 Higginbotham, Tom 133, 195 Higgins, Tim 178 Hildebrand, Denise 60, 218 Hildebrand, Diana 195 Hill, Becky 195 Hill, Chris 195 Hill, Larry 112, 178 Hill, Lori 178 Hines, Paul 178 Mines, Steve 218 Hinks, Nancy 195 Hisle,Terri218 Hoback, Steve 134, 218 Hodges, Arthur 178 Hoffman, David 195 Holland, Dan 218 Holmberg, James 195 Holmes, Keith 195, 218 Holmes, Lucinda 17, 134, 218 Holmes, Lynne 150, 178 Holsworth, Steven 195 Holt, Melonie 35, 55, 195 Holt, Pam 35, 178 Holzbaur, Jeff 178 Homan, Linda 195 Home Economics 46-47 Honaker, Michelle 218 Hood, Mike 195 Hoover, Sam 195 Hope, Steve 30, 33, 132, 134, 218 Hopkins, Steve 178 Home, Bill 218 Home, Cindy 218 Home, Rick 51 Horton, Tom 120, 121, 148, 219 Horton, Vicky 195 Hoss,Jim90, 195 Hostetler, Will 178 Howard, Jim 137, 195 Howe, Rexanne 219 Howell, Rick 195 Howen, Allen 195 Howen, Elaine 55, 192 Hubble, Don 195 Huddleston, Jacque 35, 118, 219 Hudson, Sharon 178 Huff, Denise 146, 195 Huffman, Tim 179 Hughes, John 195 Hughes, Teresa 53, 219 Hughes, William 195 Hulett, Diane 179 Hulett, Rick 195 Hulett, Suzy 179 Hummel, Mike 148, 195 Huneycutt, Celia 119, 150, 179 Hunt, Paula 155, 219 Hunter, DeAnn 33, 178, 179 lunter, Jacque 12, 195 lunter, Nancy 179 Huntsman, Curtis 219 Huntsucker, Louie 179 Hurlburt, Karen 219 Hurshman, Bruce 197 Hurst, Debbie 197 Hurst, Mike 219 Ibarra, Ray 179 Index and Directory 222-2! Industrial Arts 48 Interact 148 Introductory Section 1-9 J Jackson, Chuck 219 Jackson, Caylyn 179 Jackson, Jim 197 Jackson, Joe 197 James, Donald 197 Jennings, Cindy 219 Jensen, Tom 219 Jessen, Cheryl 137, 219 Jessen, Christine 146, 179 Jett, Lori 151, 197 Johann, Michael 179 johann, Peter 197 Johnson, Bill 149, 197 Johnson, Cathy 219 Johnson, Dave 155 Johnson, Donald 179 Johnson, Laurie 19, 35, 60, 134, 219 Johnson, Mark 103,179 Johnson, Michael 197 Johnson, Terry 219 Johnson, Tim 179 Johnston, Larry 219 Jones, Cathy 19, 82, 127, 136, 140, 143, 219 Jones, Cora 179 Jones, David 134, 135, 197 Jones, George 197 Jones, Jeff 33, 103, 121, 197, 199 Jones, Jim 93, 120, 219 Jones, Joanie 179 Jones, Lee 197 Jones, Robin, 179 Jones, Sherry 35, 127, 179 Jordan, Hope 219 Jordan, Janean 179 Jordan, Mark 197 Jourdon, Daryl 197 Journalism 16-17 Jowett, Pegi119, 127, 179 Judd, Christine 197 Juhn, Bob197 Juliff, Rick 132, 148, 219 Junod, Phil 197 Justice, Barbara 155, 219 slice, Debra 146, 197 Kaiser, Priscilla 179 Kaleikau, Dennis 219 Kaleikau, Liane 197 Kane, Mark 197 Kane, Mike 219 Kauffman, Mark 197 Kaylor, John 220 Keck, Belinda 35, 220 Keehart, John 191, 197 Keehler, Teresa 35, 220 Keeler, Shari127, 197 Keith, Dennis 220 Keith, Mark 197 Keith, Shiela 179 Keithley, Kerry 35, 179 Keller, Craig 179 Keller, Pat 33, 132, 134, 135, 220 Keliey, Mickey 94, 96, 179 Kelley, Mike 179 Keliey, Ronnie 197 Kelley, Terri 179 Kelly, Bev 220 Kelly, Kathy 179 Kelly, Mickey 94, 197 Kelly, Orville 179 index 244 Kelton, Janice 197 Kelton,)eanette151 Kenan, Jim 179 Kendzora, Debbie 197 Kendzora, Kathy 179 Kenley, Denice19, 136, 208 Kennedy, Marvin 220 Kerns, Harold 197 Kimball, Paula 179 Kimbrell, Dennis 197 Kimbrell, Dru197 King, Jayne 197 King, Karen 179 King, Malea 155, 220 Kinnison, Billy 179 KInnison, Teresa 220 Kirk, Bruce 179 Kirl , Cain97 Kish, Vickie 179 Kissee, Karen 179 Kissling. Peggy 132, 146,151 Klimt, Bob179 Kneisley, Lorri 179 Kneisley, Lynne 19 Knight, Pam 179 Knight, Steve 220 Knipp, Linda 179 Knipp, Terry 220 Knox, Mary 197 Koenig, Eddio220 Koenig, Jo Beth 179 Koenig, Odie 155 Kolar, Karen 179 Kolar, Larry 155, 220 Kraft, Diane 35, 118,197 Kramer, Ann 23 Kraxberger, Brian 197 Kreisler, Austin 179 Kresin, Gary 197 Krokstrom, Jody 197 Krueger, Allyson 127, 179 Kueck, Linda 197 Kuhn, Marti 141, 146, 220 Kuhn, Sharon 197 220 197 LaBruzzo, Nick 220 LaBruzzo, Rosann 61, 172, 179 LaBruzzo, Tom 179 LaBruzzo, Vito 43, 77, 220 Lacey, Pam 26, 151,179 Ladd, Stephanie 179 LaFevers, Mike 179 Lafferty, Jerold197 Lafferty Vernie179 Lahey, Michelle 35, 146, 179 Lalla, Cathy 35, 179 Lamanno, Vic 179 Lamberly, DeAnn 220 Lamberty, Debby 197 Lambird, Richard 197 Lance, Richard 179 Land, Danny 179 Lane, Dennis 220 Lane, Kristy61,188,197 Lane, Linda 197 Lane, Mike 220 Lane, Robert 220 Lang, Ronald 180 Langley, Mike 180 Langston,, Kenny 180 Langston, Ted 180 LaPorte, RosaLee21,180 Larabee, Mary 134, 150, 198 Larison, Debbie 127, 198 Larison, Karen 17, 136, 220 Larsen, Linda 220 Larson, Debbie 132, 220 Larson, Paula 35, 198 Larson, Shelly 118, 220 LaQuet, J. R. 180 j Laster, David 220 I Laughlin, Mike 180 Lawrence, Pam 180 Lawrence, Steve 198 Lawson, Patty 198 Layman, Tim 43, 180 Leach, Scott 220 Ledeen, Hal 152, 220 Lee, Debi 155, 220 Leeper, William 220 Leheney, Mark 135,180 Lehman, Debbie 180 Lehman, Larry 198 Leilbold, Charlie 112, 180 Leibold, Julie 118, 221 Leibold, Mark 215, 221 Lemasters, Dorthey 198 Lemonds, Carl 135, 180 Lesh, Lynda 127, 132, 198 Letellier, Valerie 35, 180 Lewis, Barry 198 Lewis, Bill 221 Lewis, Bob 221 Lewis, Jane 19, 153, 221 Lewis, Rick 221 Lewis, Sidney 180 Liddle, Kathy 198 Lierman, Wanda 180 Lindenmeyer, Peggy 180 Lindermyer, Suzanne 198 Lindsey, David 221 Link, John 221 Link, Tim 112, 198 Linson, Terry 180 Lipowicz, Fred 198 Littrell, Twila 67, 68, 127, 180 Lloyd, Dianne 180 Lloyd, Dorothy 151 t: T Locascio, Joe 221 Loftis, Dennis 221 Lomax, Barbara 221 Lomax, James 180 Lomonaco, Andy 180 LoPorto, Charles 221 Loucks, Ronnie 221 Lowe, Darrell 90, 198 Lowe, Dennis 89, 90, 198 Lowther, Jerry 180 Luff, Luanne 153, 221 Luff, Richard 180 Lukrofka, Judy 55, 151, 198 Lunceford, Mark 107, 149, 180 Lunceford, Sherry 180 Lutjen, Rick 180 Luttrell, Julie 35, 150, 198 Lynam, Mike 180 Lynam, Rick 198 Lynch, Jackie 180 Lynn, Hans 221 A M, F M, Mackay, Tony 198 Maier, Michelle 221 Maier, Steve 221 Malcolm, Bonnie 198 Malcolm, Connie 198 Mallett, Kim 198 Mallory, Roberta 221 Malott, Mark 180 Manfredi, Chris 180 Manning, Mike 198 lanns, Joe12, 198 Mark, Greg 107, 180 Mark, Richard 121, 130, 137, 146, Markley, Garry 181 Marrone, Bema 127,181 Marrone, Emma 35, 221 Martin, Carl 181 Martin, Christine 37, 198 Martin, David 17, 222 Martin, Denna 58, 60, 222 Martin, Denny 198 Martin, James 198, 222 Martin, James 135, 181 Martin, lane 35, 127,198 Martin, Joyce 181 Martin, Ted 198, 23 Martinez, Denise 63, 64, 127, 181 Martinez, Tricia 37, 198 Mashburn, Vicki153, 222 Mason, Dan 135, 181, 184 Massey, Cheryl 33, 198 Masterson, Kathy 181 Math 40-41 Mathany, Lisa35, 127, 181 Mattening, Keefer 135 Matthews, Gary 101, 120, 222 148,151,221 index 245 Mlii wmm» Vt .iitfi, Kevin 198 nirter, Karl 198 Maxwell, Doris 222 May, Pat 112, 120, 222 May, Tim 198 Mayer, Paul 146 Mayo, Kathy 137, 198 McArthur, Randy 17, 222 VlrArthur, Terry 222 fVkBride, Mike 181 McCarty, Kimiai McClaran, Brenda 132, 150, 198 McClaran,Sheryl80, 145 MtCollum, Stephanie 127, 181 McConnell, Jeff 181 McCorkle, Dianna 127, J81 McCoy, Sarah 222 McCray, Cheryl 198 McCulloch,Dan181 McDaniels, Jim 198 McDaniel, Judy 222 McDonald, Kenny 181 McDonald, Mark 222 McDonald, Mike 181 McEvers, Connie 198 McEvers,Gayle155,222 McCee, Don 222 McGlathery, Diane 222 McCraw, Steve 181 Mcintosh, Dona 134, 151, 153, 222 McKee, Susan 135, 198 McKinney, David 222 McKnight, Lorina 181 McLallen, Mark 23, 222 McMahan, Judy 198 McMillan, Elaine 19, 30, 33, 132, 136, 222 McMillan, Mark 198 McMillan, Pam 17, 223 McMillian, Barney 90 McMillian, Chris 198 McPhail, Brenda 181 McPheeters, Nancy 198 McCraw, Steve 181 McQuerry, Tim 198 McWiiliams, Sherry 19, 136, 223 Meaders, George 198 Medlin, Cindy 181 Melia,Tedd181 Metz, Mike 90, 121,198 Meyer, Lyie 181 Meyer, Nancy 181 ,Meyer, Paul 198 ' Mickiewicz, Brian 223 Middleton, Cheryl 41, 2B Middleton, Michael 120, 223 Milby, Cheryl 146, 199 Miller, Jean 199 Miller, Jerry 199 ' 1 Miller, Keith 223 Miller, Nancy 199, 310 Miller, Peggy 181 Miller, Scott 199 Miller, Terry 148, 223 Miller, Terry 181 Mills, Mike 181 Mills, Patricia 181 Minish, David 152, 181 Minnis, Sheila 223 Mitchell, Debie 19, 153, 223 Mitchell, Pamm 35, 127, 150, 181 Mitchell, Paula 199 Mitchell, Ramona 199 Mobley, Dian 199 Moberly, Kyle 181 Mock, Randv 223 Mock, Rond.i 181 Mock, Terr V 199 ' V1oe, Laina 199 Moe, Lee181 Moe, Lupe 77, 223 Mohr,Mary73,223 Mohr,Vicki181 Mohrbacher, Trish 153, 199 Monroe, Tim 181 Montalfe, Tony 199 Moore, Charles 199 Moore, Gary 135, 199 Moore, Michelle 181 Moore, RnncJy 199 Moore, Rusty 103, 172, 181 Mora, Julie 181 Mora, Ron 199 Morales, Paul 125, 148, 223 Morgan, Holly 82, 118, 124, 130, 133, 1 Morgan, Joyce 181 Morgan, Lois 117, 119, 223 Morgan, Lynne 117, 119, 223 Morgan, Patricia 181 Morgan, Paul 181 Morin, Peggy 146, 199 Morris, David 181 Morris, Martha 153, 223 Morris, Mary 181 Morris, Mike 181 Morris, Theresa 119, 181 Morton, Barbara 199 Morton, Debbie 181 Moseley,Pam181 Mosier, Diane 25, 132, 223 Motes, Jim 181 Moyer, Paml46, 181 Muirhead, Darlene 155, 216, 223 Muirhead, Ron 181 Mulloy, Iris 199 Mulrenin, Miriam 153, 223 Munshaw, Sally 35, 199 Murdock, Debbie 181 Murphy, Michael 199 A •- s 50, 223, 231 MugjIiiBtheresa 223 Music 23 Myers, Bob 181 My ics Clay 181 Myers, Dave 112,181 Myers, Judy 199 Myers, Kate 35, 58, 1 19, 1 27, 181 Myers, Kathy 182 Myers, Richard 223 Myers, Sandy 182 N Nadeau, Greg 182 Nadeau, Paul 199 Nadeau, Yvonne 127, 182 Nagel, Janice 223 NAHS133 Nance, Don 182 Nance, Melinda 43, 223 Nance Ronnie 182 Nash, Terry 182 Nathaniel, Elaine 199 Nave, Vicki 182 Nead, Ruth 182 Neal, Gary 182 Neal, Kim 199 Nebel, Susan 33, 146, 178, 182 Needham, Julie 182 Neer, Cindy 199 Newman, Valerie 62, 63, 64, 118, 138 Newport, James 199 NFL 135 NHS 130-131 Nibert, Kevin 182 Nichols, Sherry 200 Nichols, Robyn 133, 223 Nichelson, Rosabeth 182 Nickerson, Dennis 223 Nickerson, Loretta 182 Nickle, Steve 135, 182 Nield,Jody223 Nienhueser, Craig 200 Nino, Martha 119,200 Noble, Alvin 152,182 Noble, Ron 44 Nolan, Neil 223 Noland, Frankie182 Noland, Gregg 200 Noland, Joe 182 Nordike, Debbie 223 Norlie, Karen 35, 71, 224 Norlie, Tim64, 70, 107, 182 Norman, Tonya 182 Norris, Carol 153,182 Norris,Glena19,136,224 Norris, Sandra 19, 153, 224, 225 Novak, Mark 120, 224 Nowlin, AI42, 224 Nowlin, Daniel 200 s 146,223 index 246 7 Nunamaker, )ohn 155, 224 Nunn, Debbie 35, 182 O Oakes, Tim 224 O ' Brien, Calvin 224 Ochs, Dana 35, 200 O ' Conner, Connie 200 O ' Dell,Loril27,200 ODell, Mark 182 0 ' Dell,Mindy224 Odem, Audrey 23, 200 Odem,|im200 Odem, Steve 200 O ' Dowd, Vicki 133, 155, 224 Oetting, Steve 200 Ogden, Carol 200 Ogle, Jamie 119, 182 Olson, Cheryl 224 Olson, Twyla 133, 153, 224 O ' Neill, Pam 200 Onstot,|on 135,200 Opalka,Darrel112,224 Oskins, Wanda 135, 182 Otis, Les 200 Owen, Linda 200 Owens, Buddy 200 Owens, Debbie 155, 224 Owens, Robert 224 Owens, Teresa 182 Pagel, Larry 182 Painter, Lodema 119, 182 Palermo, David 224 Palmer, Rick 224 Pantoja, Maria 119, 127, 151, 182 Parker, Donna 151, 224 Parker, Laurie 200 Patrick, Daniel 200 Patrick, Donna 35, 182 Patterson, Carol 182 Patterson, Shelby 224 Patton, Nelletta 224 Patton, Perry 224 Pattyson, Paula 150, 200 Paul, Danny 155, 224 Paul, Tom 200 Pay, Laurie 153, 182 Paylor, Charles 152, 182 Payne, Marianne 127, 200 Payton, Linda 35, 200 Paxton, Karen 155, 224 Pearce, Linda 155, 224 Pearson, Eric 93, 120, 224 Pearson, Jeff 200 Pearson, Mark 200 Perk, Kalhv 182 Peel, Beckie 119, 127, 224 Peel, Gary 200 Peel, Greg 182 Pemberton, Rodney 200 Pement, Steve 200 Pencey, Donna 200 Pciiniston, Jennifer 35, 224 Penrod,John 182 Penrose, Jennifer 182 Peoples, Debi 127,224 Petentler, Pete 112, 182 Peters, Annette 182 Peters, Jan 127,182 Peters, Stan 49, 224 Petet, Connie 150, 182 Petrechko, Paula 146, 151, 201 Petrechko, Richard 224 Peyton, Linda 33 Phelps, Daniel135, 182 Phillips, Diana 119, 201 Phillips, Donna 135, 201 Phillips, Paul 17, 101, 148, 208, 225 Phillips, Stephen 182 | Philpott, Sheila 225 I Physical Education 54-55 Piepergerdes, Bob 94, 103, 201 Pierce, Dale 103, 201 Pierce, Dennis 71, 225 Pietzsch, Cindi182 Pike, Ronald 225 Piker, James 225 Pimblott, Mary 201 PInson, Mark 182 Pippin, Morris 70, 71, 94, 120, Pitchford, Mary 182 Plain, Cheryl 182 Poese, Craig 182 Pointer, Roger 112, 225 Pointer, Terri 35, 182 Pope, Pearley 182 Pope, Ted 112, 201 Porter, Dan 182 i Porter, Faith 153, 225 Porter, Kevin 182 Porter, Rusty 135,182 Porter, Wade 225 Poteet, Dan 201 Potter, Joe 82, 225, 134 Potter, Laura, 118, 182 Potter, Todd 133, 182 Potts, Douglas 201 Potts, Dwight 201 Potts, Tedd 225 Poush, Stephanie 225 Powell, Amy 201 Prater, Terry 182 Preator, Mark 182 Premoe, Doug 225 Presnell, Dean 115, 225 Preston, Carrie 182 Preston, Riard 22 Price, B|) 82 Price, £avid 201 Pritchard, John 135, Proctor, Sandi 182 Proctor, Susan 118, ' Proell, Cheri 201 ' Provost, Barbara 155, 225 Prout, Robert 201 Ptuetting, Nora 18: j_ Pruitt,Lizbeth 21, 1 ,225 Publications 18-19 Pulley,,Anna155, 225 " Pursley, Larry 182 Pyper, Paroe127, 201 Quakenbush, Don 155 Queen, Bruce 225 Queener, Emm tt 90, 135, 201 QuiliL oll136 jilL c I " ' aab, Sarah 135, Ragsdale, Jeff 121, 183 Raiford, Julie 201 Ralston,Jon132, 183 Ramsey, Sheryl 155,225 Randolph, Lynda 225 Rash, David 183 —Raveill, Lisa 151, 183 — Raveill, Michael 225 Raw,Cheryl55, 119, 201 Reagan, Steve 189, 201 Rector, Rob 94, 101, 225 Red Cross 144-145 Reece, Barbara 201 Reed, Kim 183 Reed, Steven 183 Reed, Stewart 201 Reek, John 201 Rehkop, Scott 201 Reneau, Paul 101, 188, 201 Reynolds, Beverlee 146,151, 201 Reynolds, Gregg 183 ' • ' ..- Reynolds, Marsha 35, 225 Reynolds, Marshall 201 Reynolds, Rav 201 Reynolds, Steve 226 Rhodelander, Debby 153, 226 Rice, Dierk 226 Rice, Karen 183 Rice, Rachelle 127, 151,183 Rice, Richard 137, 201 Rice, Steve 151, 183, 201 Rich, Steve 107, 135,183 Richards, Pam 146, 183 Richards, Ricky 226 index 247 Richardson, Mary 35, 201 Richardson, Tom 201 Ridge, Rehnee 201 Ries,Patti 146, 151,201 Riley, Liz 116, 119, 183 Rios, Sandy 32, 35, 201 Roach,Jim77,94, 133, 226 Robbins, Mark 137, 201 Roberson, Alan 201 Roberson, Steve Robert, Paul 201 Roberts, Diane 55, 119, Roberts, Lorraine 153, 201 Roberts, Mark 183 Robertson, John 183 Robertson, Lisa 201 Robinson, Brenda 183 Robinson, George 112, 201 Rockhold, Cheryl 146, 183 Rogers, Brad 226 Rogers, Mike 122, 152,226 Rohrbach, Debbie 127, 183 Rollo,|im202 Romdall, Barry 183 Ronan, Maureen 119, 127, 183 Rose, Michael 202 Roso, Cynthia 202 Roso, Thomas 226 Ross, Darwin 226 Ross, Melanie 183 Roush, Eddie 107, 183 Ruegg, Bobby 182 Ruoff, Jill 202 Rush, Eddie 121, 183 Rush, George 183 Russell, Debbie 35, 226 Russell, jerry 202 Russell, Saundra 202 Russum, Terry 35, 183 Ryan, Delores 202 Ryburn,Joe183 Rynearson, Jackie 133, 153, 266 Sager, Susan 183 Salazar Sheri 184 Sales, Laura 202 Salee, Laura 202 Saluto, Vincent 226 Salyer, Debbie 151, 226 Sanchez, Michael 184 Sanders, John 226 Saunders, Evelyn 17, 136, 226 Sawyer, Karen 119, 146, 202 Scanlan,Jackie127, 153, 184 Scanlan, Tonya 184 Schabery, Greg 202 Schaefer, Carl 184 Scharig, Terry 202 f I , Scherer, Cathy 184 Schierer, Linda 184 Schmidt, Dee Dee 184 Schnakenberg, Amy 226 Schnetzer, Raymond 88, 89, 90, 120, 202 Schondelmeyer, Mary 202 School Life 56-85 Schowengerdt, Ken 184 Schreckenghaust, David 155, 226 Schroeder, |oy 184 Schroeder, Randy 202 Schulenberg, Jerry 184 Schuize, David 226 Schumaker, Steve 184 Schussler, Steve 202 Schutz, Ken 202 Schwab, Gary 202 Schwarz, Caria 151, Schweer, Mark 184 Science 42-43 Sciortino, Carol 19, 35, 71, 82, 134, 136, 226 Scoggins, Jess 226 Schaberg, Greg 202 Scott,Janet55, 119, 227 Scott, Keith 112, 227 Searcy, Debbie 184 Searcy, Randi 202 Seaver, David 227 See, Debi 227 Seeh, Becky 184 Sell, Donna 184 Semler, Tim 155, 227 Semrau, Mike 227 Serum, Jeff 98, 184 Sesler, Michael 135, 184 Sexton, Scherrie 184 Shandler, Kathy 227 Shandler, Sherri 184 M Shane, Bryan 184 mm Shane, Gregg 202 Wjk Sharp, Richard 203 ' Sharp, Randy 202 Shaw, Jeannie 227 Shaw, Nancy 35, 203 Shearer, Kevin 184 Sheehy, John 184 Sheldon, Ronnie 227 Shelton, Judith 203 Shelton, Sherry 155,227 Sherman, Brian 184 Shepherd, Dana 19, 35, 134, 151, 227 Shepherd, Mark 31, 39, 184 Sherman, Brian 107, 184 Sherman, Don 227 Shields, Bruce 184 Shields, Cheryl 227 Shipley, Bill 184 Shipley, Robert 184 Shipman, Dave 133, 227 m i Shirky, Mark 184 Shoaf, Debi 26, 146, 222, 227 Shoaf, Sally 227 Shockey, Steve 203 ' " ' " Shockley, Jill 203 H Shoemaker, Mike 203 Shultz, Diana 155, 227 Shultz, Donna 127. 203 Shultz, Eileen 127, 184 Schutz, Ken 202 Shultz,Terri125, 188, 203 Sieg, Joe 184 Sieg, Patricia 227 Silvey, Pam 35, 203 Simmons, Barbara 227 Simmons, Morgan 203 Simon, Cheryl 184 Simpson, Greg 107, 184 Simpson, Susan 127, 227 Simpson, Vicki 227, 132 Skaggs, Mike 184 Skinnner, Deanna 184 Skinner, Debbie 227 Skinner, Kurt 203 Slaght, Judy 32, 33, 203 Slaght, Richard 227 Slatten, Danny 184 Slayton, Mark 32, 33, 76, 132, 134, 227 Sligar, Debbie 227 Sloan, Debbie 12, 203 Sloan, Jared 227 Small, Jeff 184 Smith, Buddie 103, 107, 184 Smith, Carolyn 151, 184 Smith, Cathy 227 Smith, Chris 148, 203 Smith, Don 184 Smith, Doug 184 Smith, Kendra 185 Smith, Lygia 203 Smith, Pat 17, 135, 136, Smith, Pat 203 Smith, Randy 185 Smith, Sharon 26, 127, 185 Smith, Sherwyn 35, 185 Smith, Steve 203 Smith, Sue 185 Smith, Teresa 37, 185 Smith, Terri 185 Smothers, Mike 203 Snell, Gilbert 203 Snell,Tim185 Snitzee, Ray 89 Snow, Gary 227 Snow, Jerry 227 Snyder, Kathy 185 Snyder, Lee 155, 228 Social Studies 38, 39 Sollto. Vicki 26, 192, 203 IW Solomon, Kathi Mi, 185 Solomon, Tom 135, 228 S00155 Sooter, Paula 185 Sophomore Band 28-29 Soulis, Denise185 Spain, Terry 248 Spanish Club 151 Spanish Honor Society 137 Sparks, Ron 155, 228 Speech 20 Speer, Debbie 185 Spencer, Paul 135, 228 Spencer, Susan 185 Sperry, Trudy 228 Spielbusch, Mary 155, 228 Spiers, Scott 90, 203 Sports 86-127 Squires, Dan 228 Squires, Jim 204 Squires, Terry 35, 228 Srader, Roxann228, 132 Stadter, Maria 133 Stafford, Mark 135, 204 Stafford, Vickie 204 Staley, Gary 228 Staley, Mike 133, 204 Stanley, John 149, 228 Stanley, Lisa 185 Starks, Dennis 185 Starr, Dee-dee 204 Staver, Andy 185 Stearns, Brent 103, 204 Stears, Gloria 228 Steele, Gloria 185 Steff en, Laura 185 Stephenson, Kathy 127, 207 Stepp, Arthur 185 Stevens, Danny 204 Stewart, Don 185 Stewart, Garry 90, 185 Stewart, Greg 204 Slice, Linda 228 Still, Bob 26, 33, 121, 199, 204 Still, Debbie 228 Still, Ron 133,204 Stilwell, Mark 185 Stockdale, Robert 135, 14€, 228 Stockdale, Robin 204 -i Stockton, Steven 228, 133 Stolfa, Chris 228 Stolfa, Denny 185 Stone, Julie 150, 204 Strack, Gary 90, 204 ' Strait, Debbie 204 Strait, Diana 185 Stribling, Tom135, 185 Strickland, Dennis 185 Stroesser, Joe 204 Stroud, Cindy 127, 204 r- Stuart, Denise 228 Stuckey,Jim185 Student Council 138-143 Studter, Maria 185 Sullivan, Jim 204 Summers, Sandy 35, 185 Summers, Scott 185 Sunderland, David 204 Sutherland, Michele 185 Sutherland, Toby 204 Suttie, James 228 Suttie, Mark 185 Swadley, Debbie 204 Swadley, Gail 185 Sweetland, Monty 107, 185 Sweetland, Stephen 101, 102, 148, 228 Swift, Sharon 185 Swigert, Mark 185 Sympson, Neal 185 Taitt, Mark 70, 88, 89, 90, 185 Tanner, Denise 61, 185 Tatom, Sheree 35, 204 Taylor, Becky 35, 185 Taylor, David 204 Taylor, Doug 112, 120, 121, 228 Taylor, Gary 90, 140, 228 Taylor, Graham 112, 185 Taylor, Karen 22B Taylor, Lora 204 Taylor, Pat 204 Taylor, Rebecca 204 Taylor, Ray 204 Taylor, Robert 185 Taylor, Tamara 49, 228 Taylor, Virginia 35, 228 Teal, Tammy 28 Tennis, Vicky 228 Tepesch, Tom 204 Theno, Eddie 185 Thiel,Tammy28, 127, 185 Thespians 134 Thomas, Brenda 185 Thomas, Debbie 204 Thomas, Diana 53, 155, 228 Thomas, Mark 185 Thompson, Allen 204 Thompson, Jeff 185 Thompson, Jen 35, 185 Thompson, Penny 185 Thompson, Roxanne 47, 204 Thompson, Sharon 228 Thompson, Terry 204 228 .204 f " ? ' - Todd, David 93, 204 Todd, Kathy 229 Todd, Marsha 204 Toloso, Ron 204 Tompkins, Gary 204 Toner, Lee 185 Town, David 229 Trader, Donna 53, 229 Tri-M132 Tripp, Debbie 185 Tripp, Teresa 185 Trotta, Scott 185 Trotter, Bill 185 Trotter, Patty 127, 151, 205 Trowbridge, Lionel 229 Tmssell, Becky 55, 118, 119, 229 Turley, Becky 185 Turnbow, Janet 205 Turner, Ann 205 Turner, Debbie 35, 185 Turner, Diana 185 Turner, Laura 35, 185 Turner, Michael 185 Turner, Vicky 125, 133, 229, 230 Tuttle, Robin 229 Twyman, Ray 185 Tyree, Jon 205 U Umbach, Joni 12, 26, 132, 205 Umsted, Randy 186 Umsted, Roma 186 Uptegrove, Bob 172, 185 Uptegrove, Teresa 123, 146, 229 Vader, Larry 112, 205 Van Arsdall, Diane 205 Van Fleet, Richard 148, 149, 229 Vaughn, Bryan 229 Vaughn, Darrell 112, 229 Verdict, Deborah 229 Vermillion, Debra 229 Vinson, )im 205 Vittetoe, Kristi 205 W Wade, Betty 229 Wade, Kathy 205 Wade, Sandy 127, 186 Waggoner, Kim 186 Wagner, Cheryl 205 Wagner, Susan 33, 35, 229 Waitzmann, Frank 37, 186 Walker, Brenda 229 Walker, Cindy 229 Walker, Craig 121, 205 index 249 r Walker, Crte 186 Walker, )ur 186 Walkpi, Roger 205 V alkinvhdw, Chris 186 W,ilLui-, Larry 205 VValidee, Michael 2 ' ri Waller, Kar-. Waller, Lan - Wall, Ken 186 Walls, Nan 186 Walsh, Micol 151, 205 Walters, Tim 130, 135, 138, 150, 229 Ward, Carol 186 Ward, Chad 186 Ward Debbie 205 Ward, drant 186 Ward, Jerry 205 Ward, Karen 186 _ _ Warden, Wne 229 1 Warner, qtrell 133, 229 Warren, nda151,205 Warren efd 44, 152, 186 Watert th, Brenda 33, 35, 151, 205 Watkins, Bill 229 Watson, Becky 229 Watt, David 132, 186 Watts, Donna 230 Watts, Terry 205 Waye, Robert 155 Wayman, Louise 151, 205 Weaver, Don 186 Webb, Dale 14, 230 Webb, Debra 186 Webb, Gail 186 Webb, jeanette 186 Webb, Jeffrey 205 Webb, jim 135, 205 Webb, Richard 205 Weber, David 230 Weber, Genelle 127, 150, 186 Weber, Steve 43, 121, 208, 230 Webster, Gwen 35, 205 Webster, Phil 121, 186 Weddie, Cindy 230 Weddle, Vernon 12, 205 Weiss, Don 33, 85, 150, 205 Weiss, Lee Ann 150, 186 Welch, Sherry 19, 67, 69, 230 Wells, Dana 186 Wells, Debbie 33, 35, 205 Wescott, Doug 206 West, Blake 206 Westerfield, Rick 90, 121, 195, 206 Westmoreland, Candy 127, 206 Weston, Douglas 186 Wheaton, Loren 186 Wheeler, Gene 186 Wheeler, Kandy 230 Wheeler, Ron 206 , Whetsel, Donna 146, 1 Whetsel, Mike 230 White, Brad 206 White, Cathy 206 White, Debbie 230 White, lames 206 White, JIni 186 White, Kathy 186 White, Paula 206 White, Robert 230 White, Robin 230 White, Robin 230 White, Thomas 206 Whiting, Ron 206 Whitneil, Chris 230 Whitson,Sue127, 186 Whittock, Scott 206 Whitworth, Jane 206 Wicker, Randy 206 Wikoff, Brad 206 Wilcox, Beth 19, 230 Wiles, Pat 35, 206 Wilkerson, Terrie 206 Wilkinson, Greg 206 Willard, Ron 206 Wille, Diane 206 Wille, Sandy 141, 231 Williams, David 206 Williams, Doug 231 Williams, Elizabeth 119, 186 Williams, Lloyd 206 Williams, Mark 206 Williams, Pam 26, 155, 206 Williams, Robert 231 Williamson, Brian 206 Willis, Barbara 35, 206 Willis, Daniel 186 Willis, joe 231 Willoughby, Kenneth 231 Wilson, Bruce 186 Wilson, Debbie 60, 206 Wilson, Kay 17, 136, 231 Wilson, Kirby 186 Wilson, Matt 206 Wilson, Sandi 35, 186 Winfrey, Linda 186 Wingo, Mike 206 Wingo, Teresa 186 Winsor, Joyce 186 Wiss, LaVonne 206 Witis, Pat 206 Witthar, Eddie 186 Wolf, Elizabeth 231 Wolf, Rebecca 186 Won, Russell 206 Wood, Chris 206 Wood, Janet 28, 186 Wood, Renee 135, 146, 206 Woods, Teresa 186 Woodward, Alice 206 Woodward, Brian 186 Woodward, Paul 231 Wooldridge, Bill 231 Woolery, Daryl 231 Woolery, Susie 186 Woolf, Nancy 231 Wooten, |eanie186 Wright, Blaine 186 Wright, Charles 186 Wright, Elaine 186 Wright, Jack 149, 231 Wright, Robert 206 Wright, Vincent 186 Yardley, John 206 Yocum, Debbie 127, 206 Yoder, Mark 186 York, Donna 35, 231 York, Eddie 231 York, Jill 26, 132, 151,206 York, Lisa 186 York, To m 206 Young, Jim 135, 231 Young, Randy 135, 206 Young, Scott 186 Yung, Young 231 Zehnder, Deanne231 Zehnder, Terrie 206 Zellmer, Richard 231 Zimmerman, Becki 155, 231 Zornes, Jeff 23, 112, 134, 206 Zumbrunnen, Kathy 231 index 250 i Band, Orchestra, ' Fiddler on the Roof Directory Orchestra Monica Beil, Karen Case, Pat Copenhaver, Frank Doici, Murray Ford, Paula Camm, Leanne Gibson, Mike Harrington, Debbie Larson, Diane Mosier, Wade Porter, Jackie Rynearson, Don Sherman, Tom Solomon, Roxann Srader, Gloria Stears, David Brock, Paula Directo, Susan Ekiund, Delbert Grindstaff, Brenda McClaran, Mark Pearson, Mary Pimblott, Julie Stone, Richard Westerfield, Ron- ald Wheeler, Patty Trotter, Bill Danforth, Lynne Holmes, Nancy Hunter, Jonie Jones, Vickie Kish, Daniel Land, Kim McCarty, Sheryl McClaran, Wanda Oskins, Connie Petet, Gregg Reynolds, Susan Sager, Gary Stewart, Dave Watt, Rebecca Wolf, Elizabeth Austin, Drew Kimbrell, Peggy Kissling, Paree Pyper, Beverly Reynolds, Judy Slaght, Jill York, Kathy Gouldsmith, Jean Hausheer, Craig Bowen, Gene Foree, John Keehart, Buddy Owens, Steve Pement, Greg Schaberg, Kurt Skinner, Don Weiss, Brian Williamson, Dayrel Gates, Daniel Harp, John Pritchard, Jon Ralston, Tim Layman, Roxann Heath. Concert Band Flute and Piccolo: Diane Mosier, Gloria Stears, Myriam d ' Estraintot, Peggy Kissling, Jill York, Nancy McPheeters, Jacquen Hunter, Mary Morris, Jean Hausheer, Gaylyn Jackson, Deanne Skinner, Dawn Berkvam. Oboe: Paree Pyper, Patty Trotter. Bassoon; Karen Case, Joe Choplin. B-flat Clari- net: Debbie Larson, Beverlee Reynolds, Judy Slaght, Brian Williamson, Cheryl Olson, David Seaver, Marianne Payne, Karen Sawyer, Jo Ann Botts, Cindy Medlin, Cherry Simon, David Garmier, David Sunderland, John DiNicola, Emma Chapman. Alto Clarinet: Roger Pointer, Keith Holmes, Terry Linson. Bass Clarinet: Roxann Srader, Jeanne Dodds, Jill Shockley. Contra Bass Clarinet: Dick Ford. Alto Saxophone: Kay Wilson, Paul Bradford, Blake West, Greg Noland, Mark Keith. Tenor Saxo- phone: Mark Harris, James Coy. Baritone Saxophone: Gary Strack, Jeff Finken. Cornet and Trum- pet: Mike Harrington, Murray Ford, Bob Still, Gene Foree, Rick Van Fleet, Jack Wright, Joe Manns, Tim Layman, Chris McMillian, Ron Willard, Tony Bell, Greg Walker, Kathy Wade. French Horn: Tom Solomon, Steve Pement, Mike Hood, John Pritchard, Dayrel Gates, Kathy Gouldsmith. Trom- bone: Don Sherman, Dwight Potts, Buddy Owens, Kurt Skinner, Jon Ralston, Ken Schowengerdt, Don Harris. Banfone; Jim Young, Dick Slaght, Tim Fleming, Tim Link. Tuba: Fred Hausheer, Jeff Jones, Daniel Patrick, Daniel Harp. String Bass: Paula Gamm. Percussion: Rick Juliff, Greg Scha- berg, John Keehart, Drew Kimbrell, Roxanne Heath, Gregg Mark, Rick Calvert, Charles Dodds. V r Junior Varsity Band Clarinets: Tammy Theil, Ron Gwinn, Rita Herod, Brenda Beck, Jacqueline Lynch, Becky Seeh. Cor- net and Tmmpet: Jeffery Ragsdale, Steve Davis, Laren Wheaton, Donald Nance, Vincent Wright, Carl Schaefer, Larry Hill, Gary Birch, CXiane Feely , Ed Roush, Christine Jesson, James Stuckey, Neal Sympson, Brian Woodward. Flute: Caroline Craven, Sandy Wade, Barbara Hart. Alto Saxophone: Valarie Booth, Janet Wood, Marshall Hedges. Tenor Saxophone: Ron Muirhead. Bass Saxophone: Joe Romdall. Trombone: Lee Toner, Robb Conrick, Steven Reed. Baritone: Mark Stilwell, Steve Phillips. French Horn: Neal Sympson. Percussion: Jeff Dorris, Rick Lutjen, Steve Rich, Mark Rob- erts, Mike Tope. r Musical Cast Mordcha (The Innkeeper), Mark Slayton; Avrahm (The Bookseller), Vito LaBruzzo; Nachum (The Beggar), Jim Hoss; The Rabbi, Tom Horton; Mendel (His Son), Bob Still; Shaindel (Motel ' s Mother), Vicki Simpson; Grandma Tzeitel, Holly Morgan; Fruma-Sar- ah, Julie Agee; Constable, Rocky Comstock; Sasha, Joe Locasio; Russian Singer, Steve Hope; Priest and Dancer, Jim Roach; Dancer, Kent Griffy; 1st Woman, Lohella Daughtry; 2nd Woman, Cheryl Massey; Two Young Boys, Mike Sheehe and J. R. Ross; Fathers: Bob Cofer, Gary Driskell, Hans Lynn, Ron Nance, Stewart Reed, Paul Spencer, Lionel Trowbridge; Mothers: Kathy Blunt, Jana Dix, Linda Kueck, Lu Ann Luff, Dona Mcintosh, Debbie Russell; Sons: Dennis Kaleikau, John Ralston, Bob Uptegrove, Don Weiss; Daugh- ters: Roxanne Bigler, Debbie Brownfield, Lee Ann Cox, Pany Edmonds, Kathi Helling, Deb- bie Hedrick, Judy Slaught, Perry Piper. ' The production of this yearbook has taken the time, effort, and pa- tience of many people. The 1973 " Her itaj e " staff would like to thank all those people, who with- out their help, our book wouldn ' t be what it is. The American Year- book Company who printed our book and their representatives Mr. Gary Byrne and Mr. Cleo Sharp for their advice; Rolland Studios and Mr. Al Hunter for their help with photography. We ' d like to thank the office, fac- ulty and especially our principals Mr. LeRoy Brown, Mr. Jerry Moore, and Mr. Clay Snowden for their cooperation. We are especially grateful trj Mr. Rrjn demons, our adviser whose ex- perience and guidance was deep- ly appreciated. Finally, we would like to thank you — the student body — for being a part of 1972-7 ' J h i s t o r y r e c o r d e d i n t h f ; " Heritage. " Carrjl Sciortinrj Editor-in-Chief index 251 final 252 a- 1 14. Vj ' fro -C 5 (-1 n ; " - 3 6 c 7 -4- O U 9, 9 - d Q r i O 0 o - 2 ■07 • 0 3 b 3 o J ooj -TvJUuXV -yvvcxoSU U r ?- CCo Jvi dJiL . jl ycL. lhj lmP. : ; yi u (Ut ylAJ iLji " 6 -t - " tjb- (Ju UlT-OCA J ' - 7f a ■p ij o5 i § 8 ' ' T.c r« i5- - % .. ' ' v 6 t) jO . " J O J2 f V b ' c - - - : scsJr ' « - " " ■ ' r r := Q .y - O. 5:5 " . - N - - i s P cr- JO e - . e ro ' tC

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