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HERITAGE 1968 Truman High School 3301 South Noland Road Independence, Missouri Volume IV """'Y K S 9 "wp-Q.f-QVNWPNW N ,, ff, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - - QL? 'l T L---Z '? ': ,v:11,i."9F' ff':':f-f .:f 2 35622-JH M ' W'- 2 M w l , raooor as or - 1 2 2 f Table of Contents Introduction .......,.............. ..., 2 Administration , . . . , . . . 10 Academics ..... ..... 3 6 Activities ...., ..... 8 0 Sports ......... . . . 120 Classes ........... . . . 164 Directory-Index .... . . . 229 3 Splashes of Spirit. J., I' i?, Q ix 3 gk , QRWWI1 1 f 6 Soul K Patriotism Q ps Q 'Q I .... IN. W. ? T. Ky :no , 'nf 'll' 1 'Z 'ft ,113 Vw. 1 sw ' 11 111: 1 if -rf Q31 51.1135+A::2?3'-1gL.vVVrgfj,1gl1jg1fq1'Lim' sg:g121ssi9Pf'51:g""''?Qffis'f'P?'-'ff-ggffgaf8'i"' 22? , uf ' P-if 1 1 pf 621+ 1 V 11,1,V11f111111, ,,11, 1, 1 Q 1111111153111 11, 1193111111111 1 Q22 '1 11, K 5??5f7'1'f 1111-wf"'1'1111W,:,11111 11115 121111111 41121 1 .W ff 'MM 111 11 ,s 1 , 1,e.ffV:i1' Effe 1, ,V 1 111,15 1, 51,1 1 11112 111F11111'11,111Ffg111,1113 1 111 A111111 11:? 1111 V1 ' N 43,1 bs." , iff ' ' 1 ww ,',,,1,e1 1,1 ,,,,, ,jV.,,,,1111111q,g11,1111 1 L1 11:31-.1111,1,,11:1'w 11,g111MfV1 511111115511 1 11, V11119. 1,11,,,11g1V 1 , 1 3 5 m, 5'2" 1, 112 52311111 :V A fm 'ffgfifs ' wwf ,W 1115 1 1115233 1 V ,f Mg V V wg, YVQXV, VVQE VV- VVVVVVW 15,1 ,V cgi, 11pVfVE:3' 1111111 ,I 11 1 4 11 1 1 Visa+"f1kVQf-V is ' ziggy fa., ...ESV .1Ve5?.i,fg , 1 V Q xg: E V W , miss- 1111 H- 1 5 1 4311 1 111114 1 1 '?E?'V-QV, :V f f- V ' V ..f1": 1 is V 5 1 ix 13 ,zz Vg, Q .11 Q 1, QV 1+ , ,1 ,fm V 1: 1 11 1' 1 1 1 ff 1m 1 1 1 1 1f 11 1,11 ,fm ,ff 11, 31,,g,,21Q 'j1i?fw.,N1 1 1f11 'fF1FA, ,1"J'H11 Z? 1111111131 1 fl WM , N, L S i L 1 1 , ,,1L, MQ? J 1 11 11. 5 1 1 1 f A 4 VV .. T ,XV 1.5 -VSVVQV VV 1fVVV.,VVf 1- 11, ,V .V V SV ' QV 15 1 ,:S'11.1'1:5a Sa, 1,,,V2,1c1,,1,1?:1fVf-1 ',1?Vgf:1:11-1:feifwaa2f' 6 ww. V11,,11q1i,,, ,, 1-VK 1, 1 w , 1 E 1 M, 1 1 W0 1 A mm M L yf QM? 35 I LM,f1gi!i11LM J 1i15wiJ7Mgg941Mzw1A1M A111653 1111111113 W?WqWgV11i1Yf1m1i'g9 EE 1 md ?"'E13'g14511111,G1 Y 1QQW:gg11111149, 11111525111 1 ' gf 41 71'1'V 1 J W f 1 ll 1 1 '1 2 1 1 ew A He 'V 1 1 1, 1 16 F -fi A Vim 1 If 1 MV Q Q 1 F 4 if V.-.V -ggi' 1 1, f 1 1 3, 1,, 1 1 1 f bf 1 S1343 4,7 ,M ', .. W 1 1? 1 u Y 1. 1 I1 6 4' 2 z f N 1 N W ' 1 11 1 rm 1 1 1 1 11 111 Aw 1 1 1 1 M1 1111 ,, M5111 1115 ,11,3111L5 W 1 Q 111,1W1 111 am H1 , 1 , v W ,1 1 bl fs 1" I1 A 1 ' 9 ' "ef 1 f k 3' YA 3 f 6 fx SLM. , 41' 1 f if 11 ' 4 fa 1 131 1 1, w Q W V df 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 ' M i VW, N14,,Mrgg M Zi 1,111iV11,u11', AMW 1 11 My mt M,,r,fJ gmw Xmmf,111iEf1,efn1 Q1 4 ,W 11 :pkg 4 :N 4 ' it S A " W "' . af 1 f 11 R H' 11 1 1 ,' 1 f M 1 1 M 11' 1 'M 1 51111511 111 ,1?1,11.,, i1,111,M1MV 1115 ' 11 11,111 ,J1 511 1 H11 , 1-Q a 1 Q if ,, 11' 111 an f Q 1 4 11 EA 1,1 f Q- M I 'la' , 14 1 V V -JVVV , VV 1V 1 V ,V 1 1 VV ,VVV ,1 V. ,.V. ,VVVV11 V1 VVV, ,VV.V, .1 ,1 ,,,, .. 1 1 11 asv, ' ' ' 1111wxi11111111w1 Vw:,,:1W?f11111'11f':ga141111f3W1:111115111111M1,?fz.1111111'1V5'f1,:w1g12V"11+1Q,111,11W51 Vp! VV1.f ' V, , , 1 15,21 1g,.gg1.f1-g15:VM ff" -ll liz? 1 g :Till H? " , 1 -V fn 'Q' 'E11'fEf'1 1'E,Q--'?9f':ffff E93- 1:2, '1 1 1 VV 111w'f1f11 11113 1 ,T11Miff2i1,,11,V-,mai IZ14Pf1'11'1?iff111,11,11-1111111156111"W-11111 2.3f1111'11i'f1,51 1' 11 1 , 1 11' "1 1 1L , 1 ' 1 1' ,Q A 'ni 11" 9 1,1 1, M2 1, 1 f wr, w11n11':VwiL , ,V V111111 1,1,111:'1y1v 11.,11V,V111,,, ,ns Y 1.1f31,,,1 1111v1 11111 11111 ,Vw , ,1V1g,,111,1,M11,VN111 11,11,,,1111:,1,1111111,,1:q1w11,V,,V91111,111111111111111111f1V.111,11 141111, 1 1 .1 11 1f , 11 1 11 M 1 . gy, , W n5,,,W1w,1 ,111g4A, 1,.f gm 10-11151 11 1 ,- 1-.Vfc' sV1w' 1 1,LV'1111, ,, 'Q 1 11 I-:11,111111w1Vw,111' 1s1,1f1'111:1V1a1,1111 11zfV1111 ,111,1V51,11111,11r1w1 1111 19113111 11111 lf' 1 K ' 1 , 11 1 11 11 1,11 'vm '11' 7' ' M 11""f"11' Wm' MW 1"t"511a 11211111 V V1 ff '11, ,11111 111101 111,1,M111.1V3,,1 QVW: ,111 111111111411,111111,m1111111111,::111111'Ww+,,w1.111V,f1111,1'111r1m,111111111x111 1 V, 1111.-611111411111 11 1 ' f 1' 1 ,141 H 'Ji 1 11,-. 12 L' ff-1111 V .1 1n1q wg, M1-11"1,1 ww ' .1V1"'V V1 v1 111 V11 1111Z:iQ11115f'15 ' V V A ' 'i31"?,'- 1: 1' fif'f'E?s7 1:4 E-?:lE'-1-??f,-'ff xngkfii' 11 Kyff' 1 . 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" I V V- - . 1. Q V -,- -,zfr 1 -- -M "1,?'j,ff'ii . if 'f 51,1 1 f" -1 ,,,-21:1 11111:ffrf1,1W,gv ,1 ,, , 1, 1 1 , , V 1 -,Q 11 11 1 1.,1,1,11.,,,1,:1,11,1 :L A-1 11 11' 1 11 " WW 11 A R--'Vw ff 1- " A-M,-V' - 1251: V, -M 3 sz T'-'f " V ,...VVf 1' -.wwV-W11w1-- -W r " f ,,WV.....1.,....11.w., -Vm...-.1,..V...V,...,...... 1 1 . 1 XV J'-.1 n-1... mdlm 12 v e 4 ,W ,, .ng wk , f 1 Q .57 A . .W x .V :ESE X 1 5 mg? f?fif"1f 5 i Q 1 X P 'Q' 135 kk Simi? f Q J' 1 lx N255 W .K Jw ? , 1 ,M W g - v: P . : ' ,, V fix' .. S ' 77" A W., -4 sb ,. , ,,Q?i , wg .-1 x :Fw-'lfmfi ' . ffl ?imfTi i K i E, 5 2 5 i if Administration Dr. Guy Carter Superintendent of Independence Public Schools Mr. George Berkemeier President Mrs. Tom Buckley Vice-President Mrs. Lee Roy Schulenberg Mr. Elvin Lufi 12 Plans become reality for all-school stadium Plans for an all-school stadium materialized this year as the Board of Education appropriated adequate sums for major improvements on the football field atWilIiam Chrisman High School. New bleachers and a new press box transformed the old field into one which benefited all Independ- ence schools. The Board was not only responsible for this new facility, but also for the purchase of sites for fu- ture schools and for maintenance improvements on the junior high school buildings. As executive officer of the Board of Education, Dr. Guy Carter saw to the administering of the pol- icies set forth by the Board. He further aided the Board of Education as superintendent of schools. One of the many complex responsibilities which faced Dr. Carter as superintendent involved the painstaking preparation of the budget for every aspect in the school system. In addition to the is- suance of appropriations for the previously men- tioned improvements, Dr. Carter's budget includ- ed salary raises for all personnel. Numerous years of experience in the field of education enabled Dr. Carter to maintain his high position as superintendent. He was an elementary teacher, a social studies teacher, coach and high school principal. Striving to meet the needs of an ever-growing school complex, Dr. Carter compares growth patterns with those of other progressive school districts. Mr. Kenneth Patterson Mr- J0S9Ph Pef0fS 1 3 Principals share mutual interests in sports Going over last-minute changes, Mr. LeRoy Brown pre- pares for afternoon announcements. 14 Mr. Leroy Brown, principal, and Mr. Jerry Moore, vice-principal, shared a mutual inter- est in sports which developed in their high school days. Mr. Brown participated in all sports and activities at his high school in Green Ridge, while Mr. Moore played football and softball on Sunday afternoons in Moun- tain Grove. Both of Truman's principals played basketball and displayed their athletic skills in intramurals. When not on the golf course, Mr. Brown devoted much of his time in coordinating all activities and aspects of the student life at Truman. And when Mr. Moore wasn't playing basket- ball in his church league, he supervised the disciplinary measures at Truman. He was also responsible for scheduling, class changes, at- tendance and the audio visual schedules. Mr. Brown received his B.S. in Education at Central Missouri State College and his M.A. at the University of Kansas City. Mr. Moore earned his B.S. in mathematics from South- west Missouri State College and his M.S. in Secondary School Administration at the Un- iversity of Missouri, Columbia. LEFF - Keeping track of his daily schedule, Mr. Brown makes note of future ap- pointments. BELOW - Tak- ing time out to help repair a locker, Mr. Moore consults with custodian, Tom Gillis- pie. Walking up stairs, parents find their way to the various class- rooms. ABOVE - Buying a raffle ticket from the Booster Club, Sam Brock signs up for the drawing. RIGHT - Announc- ing at Meet The Squad Night, Russ Wiley, president of Booster Club, holds the microphone as Ron Bridges intro- duces himself. PTA, Booster Club support Trumanites The Truman Parent-Teacher Association brought together teachers and parents to dis- cuss and sponsor student activities. The PTA sponsored an open house, the Football Home- coming, a chili supper, the school mixers, the Senior Banquet and the Senior Prom. This year the officers were Mrs. Elma Dean Stark, president, Mrs. Phil Weeks, vice presi- dentg Mrs. Fred Smith, secretary, Mrs. Francis Kassen, treasurer, and Mrs. C. E. Sharp, histo- rian. Th Booster Club also strived to keep parents interested in active school support. The Boost- er Club provided programs at the football games, sold Patriot license plates, sponsored a raffle, the All-Sports Banquet, and the Meet- the-Squad-Nights. They planned a street dance, carnival and bake sale in September. The 1968 Booster Club officers were Mr. Russell Wiley, president, Mr. Howard Nichols, first vice president, Mr. Marvin Croft, second vice-president, Mrs. Virginia Basler, secretaryg and Mrs. Phillis Sturges, treasurer. With a greeting to all parents, Mrs. Elma Dean Stark opens the P.T.A. Back-To-School-Night. Wea i Mr. Kingdon Anderson Mrs. Rosemary Boetjer B.A., UMKC B.S., M.U. English lV English II Mr. Loren Booth B.S. Iowa University World History Mr. James Bowman B.S., NWSC Physical Science Physics 65 teachers educate Truman students They frowned at unruly behavior: They were amused at sudden outbursts of intelli- gence from generally quiet students. They were sad because of Truman defeats: They laughed loudest when a joke was told. They sympathized with upset studentsg They were relieved at the arrival of each day's end. "They" were the teaching army that fought the never-ending battle to educate the Trumanites. Mr. Louis Braley Miss Elaine Branham Ms., cmsc B.S. UMKC An Secretarial Practice Business Law TyPif1g 4 rx 1 tv Q Y K. ,X ai il Mr. Elwood Brown Mrs. Ruth Brown Mrs. Mary Clements M.M., UMKC B.S., M.U. B.S., K.U. Vocal Music Latin Spanish I, ll, Ill w l"- f " it " 95 e me -A - Q1 . 2, Q , . xi K , X 1 Q . - ' Ya 3 ."""6y my f .1 '-.' t. Mr. Ronald Clemons Mrs. Pallas Cockefair M.A., M.U. A.B. Ottawa Publications University Journalism English IV Literature Mr. Don Collman Mr. Lawrence Cook B.S., M.U. M.S., M.U. Spotter in the pressbox relays possible strategy to Coach Hob- Drivers EUUCBUOH COE ick on the sideline. I9 Mr. Norman Cox M.A., SMSC Trigonometry Math Analysis QQ' iivkaiimn. Miss Roselee Cox B.S., CMSC Art Mr. Edmond Davidson M.A., NESTC American History Geography Mr. Jack DeSeIms M.S., CMSC Woodworking Miss Witthar teaches 41st year 'snuff Retaining a tile of assignments, Mrs. Gill keeps a record of each student's progress. Mr. Jerry Dinsmore Mr. Robert Felling Mrs. Merideth Francis MVS- Sharon Frazier M.S., CMSC M.S., M.U. B.S., M.U. RS., CMSC Biology Physical Education English III Bookkeeping Mrs. Virginia Gill Mrs. Renee Goodijn B.A., Marycrest College B.A., M.U. Typing French Mr. William Hayes Mr. John Henderson Beckoning to her students to focus their attention on the M.A., Arkansas University M.S., CMSC chalkboard, Miss Witthar prepares to illustrate a signifi- Algebra American History cant point. Biology Contemporary Issues .fr-':..!f Mr. Laurel Hobick Mr. Floyd Hubble Mr. Kenneth Johns Mrs. Verna King M.A., Northern Arizona M.S., CMSC M.A., West Chester State B.S., CMSC State English III Physical Education Physical Education World History Economics Drivers Education 21 Teachers endeavor Miss Mary Klingner Mr. Lohman Landreth B.S., CMSC B.S., CMSC World History Drafting N Even while taking roll, Mrs. Ream seems to enjoy the students. S ri at y 1 .Q i Mr. Bruce Lowery Mrs. Barbara McBride Mr. Charles McCain Mrs. Heidemarie B.S., M.U. B.S., NWMS B.S., CMSC McGinness Terminal Math Physical Education Drafting B.A., UMKC Geometry German I, ll Taking time to talk to concerned parents, Mr. Hubble at- Mr. Bob McHenry Mrs. Linda Nagle tempts to help struggling student. M.S., CMSC B.S., Kansas State Physical Education College English III 22 to instill knowledge 5 S 4 5 Q 2 2 5 2 Q 2 Teachers must relax, also. Mr. Henderson and Mr. Davidson enjoy the few free moments while their students view a tilm. Mrs. Jeanne Nauser B.A., CMSC Psychology FW''u97ffS??f'siii?EH'ifisailtiisiiiififizflgii' iii-31 WSW - .w9G2gig2qgLi-'wzefvilfi''rf " .Messi ng :WW ' 'Q -'T f- . Hsin sf. A ... .. - if . .mf rm if we J s ,--'.:s:'f21'm,.1' .sw , 3, .msgggiggsf 2 EE sgl Mffggwua HQ21'..xQE?1 Qi? ww ag, we 1 . . . .5-, . sn' - . L, . sm., eflsmzsg wt - 14 at 1 .f ,g V www, ,W - .W 0 ' - .ff ,,s--Lies X -1,- S egg Lsmmgq- f.. 1. ,, -5 sf saw.-, f sf.: - . , ,V -e. ,Msg ,, . - , . . .. ...awe f-2 .. ' .. 0 sf sew 'A-we , 'ii' L .Q .3 . X 5 was ...Q . if if J ii I X yi . - Mrs. Julia Pearce B.S., CMSC Terminal Math Geometry Mrs. Mary Jane Ogle B.S., CMSC Basic Business Clerical Practice Mrs. Judy Pinnell B.S., CMSC English ll Mrs. Susan Ploger Miss Grace Pulliam Mrs. Doris Ream Miss Mary Sue Renaud B.A., Southwestern State B.S., CMSC M.S., CMSC B.S., SMSC American History Librarian Missouri History English ill Sociology 4 st. , Mrs. Sue Ridings B.S., Texas Technological College Family Relations Foods Mrs. Mary Robinson Mr. William Robinson Miss Grace Rowe B.S., CMSC B.A., Graceland M.A., Northwestern Clothing American History University Foods English Il Mr. Robert Scheele B.S., K.U. World History X k E X X , is 1 R Mrs. Juda Schell B.S., Lincoln University Dramatics English ll fe' ,.-vi Student teachers observe actual classroom situations Students pay close attention when Mr. Scheele emphasizes significant facts. 24 Mr. AI Schrik B.S., CMSC Functional Math Algebra Miss Diana Seward B.S., CMSC Shorthand Typing Mr. John Shinn Mr. Clay Snowden M.A.,CMSC M.S.,SMS Commerce Drivers Education Mr. Buel Stewart Miss Harriett Mr. Donald Welborn Mr. Lawrence Whisler M.S., CMSC Weatherford M.S., M.U. B.A., Iowa State Teachers Geometry M.S., Columbia Orchestra College University Band Speech Algebra Debate ffl iyii - Mr. Charles White Mrs. Sandra Wilson Miss Nora Witthar Mrs. Claudia Young B.S., CMSC B.S., CMSC M.A., Coumbia University B.S., NSC Vocational Machine Shop English ll Chemistry Typing Metals Counselors employ new procedures this year i " QL, fs x : 2 5 Kg Q, . f V - uf X ge . fl 'Www' 1 . xg I' Q 'ag-sv' Mrs. Shirley Freeman Mr. Bill Moyer Truman's counseling department under- went a facelifting to provide additional ser- vices to keep pace with the changing students. A new counselor, Mrs. Shirley Freeman, joined the stall and was assigned the task of counseling all Truman students whose last name begins with the letters L through Z. Retaining the position he has held since Truman was built, Mr. Bill Moyer aided stu- dents with Iast names beginning with A through K. Both counselors endeavored to contact everyone in the student body at intervals throughout the school year. Special attention was given to members of this year's graduat- ing class. Newly designed counseling procedures often compel Mrs. Freeman and Mr. Moyer, Truman counselors, to seek one another's assistance. Top administrators assume new titles Because of the significant roles which Mr. Emory Parks and Mr. Paul Landers play in the administration of the Independence schools, they were assigned newly originated titles this year. In addition to receiving the title of deputy superintendent, Mr. Parks assumed the re- sponsibilities of director of personnel and in- struction, two positions which were combined forthe first time this year. The division of business services remained the responsibility of Mr. Landers this year, and he received the new title of assistant superin- tendent of business services. Mr. Park's accomplishments involved im- provements in the areas of instruction, intro- duction of German ll, reorganization of the business department and redesigning of the math department. Mr. Landers introduced a new data process- ing system for the personnel records, pur- chased supplies and equipment and saw to the payment of bills. Two divisions, personnel and instruction, combine for the first time this year under the direction of dep- uty superintendent, Mr. Emory Parks. Assistant superintendent of business services, a title es- tablished this year by the Board of Education, Mr. Paul Landers directs the business service division. Mr. Merle Shafer and Mr. Kenneth Cline, visiting teachers. Mr. Keith Bench, director of Federal Funds and special programs. Mrs. Martha Jane Sears, school nurse Coach Norman James, director of physical education. 28 Trumanites benefit from numerous individuals The efficient operation of Truman High School involved the combined efforts of many persons. Director of buildings and grounds, Mr. Don Allee's duty encompassed the supervision of school property and custodians. Mr. Keith Bench was responsible for the coordination of federal funds and special pro- grams. As director of music, Mr. M.0. Johnson took care of all music activities for the secondary schools. Coach Norman James, director of sports, scheduled all games for secondary athletic programs. Visiting teachers, Mr. Kenneth Cline and Mr. Merle Shafer, checked attendance problems throughout the school year. Mrs. Martha Jane Sears contributed to school operations as a result of her duties as school nurse and Mrs. Sadie Kerrick as food service director. Mrs. Sadie Kerrick, food service director Mr. Don Allee, director of buildings and grounds. Dr. M. 0. Johnson, director of music. emu., lm-..., mm, rr:-P , ,,, Mrs Pauline Brown Mrs Sally Woolery Mrs Louise Davis Secretary to Dr Carter Secretary to Mr. Landers Secretary to Mr Parks Secretaries handle appointments, paperwork N 'Ng ABOVE-Mrs. Dorothy Sha- ron, secretary to Mr. Parks. RIGHT-Mrs. Ruth Arnold, head bookkeeperg Mrs. Faye Burrows, receptionist. 30 sm li '33 gg. 'Q A Hhs - as i'v,g'i if X -Q Aj H S' 5 25' 3 A 1 J! Attendance secretary, Mrs. Sherry Lankford, checks a list to assure the validi- for administrators V r ABOVE-Among various duties, Mrs. Phyllis Hanson, clerk, types correspondence to area schools. LEFT-Mrs. Alice Woirhaye, sec- retary-cashier, Mrs. Marcella Crawford, assistant bookkeeper. After depositing money from various clubs, Mrs. Mary Holladay, secretary to Mr. Brown, closes the vault door. 5 i daily custodial duties Before starting daily cleaning, Mr. Joe Peel checks pencil sharpeners and empties wastebaskets. Hours of work are in store for Mrs. Elta Pursley, matron, as she prepares to clean the girI's locker room after a full day of physical education classes. Assuring cleanliness in the cafeteria are Ernest Dole and Lee Austin. 32 .S S' i Alignment of chairs in classrooms follows a thorough lloor sweeping by Wayne Fleming. Head custodian, Tom Gillispie, pauses momentarily to gaze out the windows. A X.. r"""M' , Z..,,-. r .f ,,,. , , ,f At the end of their workshift, Grover Holliger and Cecil Lyle take a short rest. A Opening jammed lockers is one of the many duties of William Parks. Q l Cleaning the lobby, Bacil Thomas pre- pares the school for another day at Truman. 33 Cafeteria workers Supervisor of Truman's cafeteria, Mrs. Verna Graham, orders necessary food throughout the school year. Cashiers Jo Peterson, Ruth Van Fleet, Bunny Christensen and Dolores Ayers total the cash Trumanites spend on lunches. ik? 4.,v,,, if W " V i'. ' S if fp " x Q l V gg Q f 0 5 .s AL l Serving plate lunches is thejob of servers Vilma Hedges, Viola Krause, Nina Hawes, Norma Gleason, Ann Hale and Edith Erwin. 34 cook, serve, wash for four lunch periods Cooks Shirley Leaf, Reta Woodward, Agnes Mieweg, Lucille King, Ollie McLees and Eileen Hayes prepare 1400 meals every day. Routine jobs of cafeteria workers range from cutting pies for serving to cooking the main dish. gm These six workers, Freda Tippin, Dorothy Athon, Teresa Ragusa, Marise Sallee, Helen Aneonio and Lois Edmundson wash dishes during each lunch period. 35 -. 1 55912 rf " :' " ' ,ww swim ' 'K ,..v ,M , Q. ,-mmmgggqfgi -Iwwqfgv W xiimics:-,Av :M A f ' ' " 'H SK MSL. A E 1 fx K X ff 2 Q XX 1 1 2 H X fi? 359 any X W 'H Big f wif Ji jf . .H A - ff, nbsp Sf sk S 2 Ngswk L, ., ., 3 -if 5 .. 5 VM. ,E .My--. -.-- ff.-f,-M ,ff my , A K S S My ,gs f MQ, .. I 7 Q J ,Q 1 X S 5? U22 1 My - 'Will Q A L1 gi I h N ,1:gif , , EmLE, :, . R U Lk V NOVSMBHR 54 Academics English students strive for creative expression " Juniors Kathy Hanson, ZoAnn McConchie and Mark Proutt prepare to present a class discussion to their English Ill class. ' Y: A 5 , iv 1 3, , My, -,Q u Quiet study surrounds Mr. Anderson's English IV class. Students are assigned to write on the seven thought-provoking topics behind him on the black board. 38 by discussion, study Several steps were used this year to attain the goal of creative expression. Grammar was studied in sophomore through senior classes. Gerunds, participles, infinitives, nouns, adjective and adverb clauses, parts of speech and predicate nomi- natives remind students of the hours spent on exercises this year. Next came the study of novels. Dillerent styles of various authors were examined by class discussion in all literary genre. Elements of creative writing such as transi- tional phrases, parts of a composition, intro- ductions and conclusions were introduced in sophomore English and reviewed in English Ill and IV. Q re " V 2 'N -w .. can ' Five instructors acquaint Truman students Members of the second hour French class transfer their translations to the blackboard. Checking his assignment. we Q., - M Q. .I 3 ri work, Dennis Moore completes his German RIGHT-Spanish III student Debbie Parker writes an exercise on the board. with Latin, German, With a re-adjustment in statl, five teachers taught four foreign languages at Truman this year. For two hours a day, Mrs. Ruth Brown taught Latin. Her Latin I and ll classes studied verb construction, sentence order and Roman history. A special feature this year was "Latin in the News". Students contributed news clip- pings with words stemming from Latin. German students studied under Mrs. Heide- marie McGuinness, a native of "Deutchland." Posters and displays provided educational exhibitions for her room. Mrs. Renee Goodijn, a new teacher this year, ,,- 5 g is , E t K 1 I 5 1, -- ' ' I , . Vg' 4.59 Q, f 5 ,,.., ,TM,...s Z g .V AT P 4 'S' T5 L ll if ,, , , may-' W. Z 1 g. Wh.. 7 SV 3:5 I 5 I iv 5.1 '.-- A I ' ' ' " . ,..,i . as V t fli, 'Tfi . ,.,,. French, Spanish took over live hours of French. Mrs. Goodijn attempted to give her French classes all rudi- ments necessary to go on to the next course. The remaining language, Spanish, had such a large enrollment that it required two teachers. Miss Janette McDowell, a new addition to the department, taught Spanish for two hours. In contrast, Mrs. Mary Clements had taught Spanish at Truman for four years. Dialogue study dominated her Spanish I classes. Second-year classes reviewed the previous year with the use of tapes. Mrs. Clements in- troduced third-year classes to a study of the country's geography and history. German teacher Mrs. McGinness explains a point of grammar on the board behind her. Latin students take notes on Roman history as Mrs. Ruth Brown lectures. 'Heritage' staff focuses on many faces Producing Truman's yearbook, the Herit- age, was the main objective and responsibility of this year's Publications ll class. Named at a banquet last spring to their various positions on the staff, members of the class started planning cover, theme and picture ideas soon after. Maintaining and keeping within the budget allowed the yearbook staff was among the many problems faced by the staff members. A percentage of money from class pictures and class rings went to the publications depart- ment. A new staff arrangement was put to use this year by adviser, Mr. Ron CIemons.Instead of the usual assistant editor, there were four as- sociate editors, each in charge of a different section. Publications I students learn the basis and proper procedures for writing copy, captions, headlines and drawing layouts. The Christmas Formal, an annual dance 'where the Heritage Queen was crowned, was sponsored by both publications classes. Looking over pictures, Don Cain, editor, decides which one to use in the yearbook. Working on their various jobs, Judi McFadden, photography editor, goes over pictures while Margaret DeCamp, layout edi- tor, and Denise Clinton, copy editor, draw layouts and correct copy. of Truman Adjusting the camera, photographer Dave Talcott prepares to take a picture. w-..,,, -wuz.:-.u. .x . X Q, Putting junior class pictures in alphabetical order, typists Renae King, Nancy Cascairo and Linda Foster use the olfice tiles. eine 9 e 3 i .ee ,uf ' 'Q r.------f1--- W. Proofreading some copy submitted by typist Sheila Hum- phrey, Don stresses accuracy. Going over their diflerent sections, associate editors Nick Binninger, Nancy Livingston, Kay Constance and Phil Basler work toward a deadline. -gL..,,gfgf,.s,.. m,,My,,.4, . ,, f -.. , . Q- K Q, weft- ms, ti' S' . .. -:ff5.!.- U 2 s M, K. - .,...,--xt.. , .- ,, . ri. ,W .., . 5--f. 6 MQW af" W A W o J I 5 ' if -Tj T Ng 'C U. 'Sr ' 2 f 4 H is 'f-. X 'S , gs A 2 an Managing editor Bob Cole aims the stall for an AII-Ameri- can rating, the highest award available for high school journalists. Last year's stafl attained this honor. Journalism Il students All receipts and advertising bills are handled by Annette Shir- To insure uniform copy, Kathy Cline, copy editor proof- reads an article by Pat Heckmann, editorial editor. ky. Circulation editor Chris McClain sends copies of the news- paper to area high schools and local administrators. All photo- graphy is the responsibility of Shari Myers. Photographer Pat Fortner provides pictures for the "Spirit" 44 combine efforts to produce 'Spirit of '68' As feature editor, Wendy Hodges must okay all feature stories as well as write her own column, "Hodge Podge." News stories that appear throughout the paper are scrutinized by Donna Lamble, news editor, before they go to the printers'. Writing a column requires careful originality of Carol Warren who created "Take it orleave it. , ." Sports editor Steve Williams works with his assistant Donna Keith to produce page six. evoke self expression from l Speech,Dramatics - One phase of the speech course involves serving as a chairman. Presenting a humorous skit, Charles Novak and Sherry Norman perform in dramatics. Portraying an ingenue, Donna Miller prepares for the One Acts. 46 participating students Learning to express oneself claimed the main objective of both dramatics and speech classes. Special projects enabled students to develop this skill. Dramatics presented the One-Acts Novem- ber 16 and 17, and when they were not work- ing on the plays, they learned correct acting procedures. Speech classes spent time learning good organization before starting their required speeches. Some of these students stayed after school and helped in timing the debate tour- naments in order to gain debating knowledge. Discussing a stage move with Carol, Hollaman, Mrs. Schell gives advice. Speech I students, such as Annette Patterson, learn confi dence speaking before an audience. Tournaments reveal hours of research Through hours of research, planning and discus- sion, debaters prepared for tournaments. Debate coach, Mr. Lawrence Whisler, stressed organiza- tion as the key to a winning case. First-year debaters began the course with dis- cussions held at Fort Osage High School. Their study of the topic, "Combating Crime in the Unit- ed Sates" deepened as teammates were chosen and cases constructed. Practice debates to deve- lop versatile negative and affirmative cases were held with teammates during class and with other schools in the afternoon. Advanced debate classes applied the logic gained from the previous yearto contrast con- vincing cases. Debate tournaments attempted to single out the best teams by a process of elimina- tion. Both novice and advanced debaters entered contests in these categories: extemporaneous speaking, original oratory, impromptu speaking, humorous and dramatic interpretation and radio speaking. Introduction speeches provide novice debaters the opportunity to become acquainted with an audience. Debaters use their own transportation. Practice debates sharpen the affirmative plan of Mike Whitehead and Charles Conrad. Novice debaters Pam Gordon, Carol Sperry, Chris Wester- gard and Mike Pement discuss new negative attacks. 49 Art revolves around creativity through Molding with clay is one of the more popular activities in art. Fulfilling an art assignment, Debbie Brown finds the per- spective of her subject. Learning to express creativity and imagina- tion through various aspects of art was the main objective of Truman's art department. Art l students began the year by studying the basics. They spent the first quarter draw- ing sketches, color wheels and abstractions. Art ll spent the first part of the school year drawing realistic figures from abstractions. Working with wood carving and paper plate lithography kept Mr. BraIey's Art Ill students busy. Art IV, the most progressive class, spent the entire year studying sculpture in depth. Besides making a sculpture, the students were required to make an intensive notebook on sculpturing. Art IV students were also required to keep a file of various pictures and examples of sculptors. ,-A ' , , X .. .,.. 1 A ""' . v thoughts, expressions, emotions Students often utilize nature as a model. 2 2 it W we , --4 51 Q essgf . .4 ,,,, kb. ' .,ipz::g X an 4 . First Violins - Sharon Westerlield, Kim Soper, Joyce McDoIe, Terry Levitt, Tom Deal, Phil Mengel Carolyn Hoss, Mary Goodyear, Gaye Hardy, Nancy Simpson, Rodney Rynearson, Lana Hanssen. Second Violins - Brenda Wolf, Harvey Cunningham, Ellen Bethel, Phyliss Robinson, Ka- thy Mahofly, Jan Hursig, Kathy Blackburn, Nancy Ander- son, Eddie Harris, Mark Crawford, Mary Wade, Harold Adams, Hague Howey, Diane Leighton-Floyd. Cellos - Nola Matthews, Charles Conrad, Diane Westerlield, Monte Cotton, Kathy Willis. Violas - Ann Knoche, George Hutch- inson, Cynthia Lilleston, Sharon Steele, Raliegh Woods, Mary Hoss, Larry Trowbridge. Bass Violin - Vicki Phillips, Renee Cox, Phillip Setchlield. Percussion - Harold Himes, Dennis Cramer, Ed Armstrong, Gary Allen. Trumpets - Ken Scholl, Gary Love, Kim Sherman. Trombones - Mark McGuire, Clyde Henry, Greg Ward. Tuba - Dwight Carl- son. French Horn - Dave Ralston, Steve Solomon, Rod Caldwell, Terry Charles. Clarinets - Kathy Thomas, Twy- Concerts spotlight orchestral talent Numerous concerts dominated the activities of Truman High SchooI's orchestra under the direc- tion of Mr. Donald Welborn, this year. The activities commenced in the early fall when Truman participated in a dual concert with South- west High School. On January 24, Truman's or- chestra attended the orchestra clinic at Southeast High School. Competition with two other schools, Oak Park and North Kansas City, provided Truman's orches- tra further opportunity to display its talent. Arbi- ters based their judgements on individual sight reading plus group ability to play for 20-minute durations. Valuable practice derived from these concerts prepared the orchestra for entering still competi- tion at the district and state music festivals held annually in Warrensburg and Colombia The major activity of Truman's orchestra are concerts. Renee Cox and Vickie Phillips play string base at a concert. f l V Obligatory practice generates band Performances at games, concerts and other school events required hours of practice for members of the varsity band. Activities started with the lirst home football game and the band performed at all home games thereafter. During the fall, much of the class time was spent practicingformations out-of-doors. Also at this time several stu- dents, mainly brass, started practicing for pep band appearances. Lead by Doug Phillips the pep band played at the pep rally and bonfire, pep assemblies and home basketball games. December 19 marked the date of the first band concert. Two other concerts were held during the winter and spring. Members of band occupied much of their time in the spring preparing solos, duets and ensemble numbers for Warrensburg and Columbia mu- sic contests in April. ,flag AJ gn CLARINETS - Donna Pritchard, Fred Pement, Terri Huff- man, Ed Armstrong, Sahdy Reed, Marilyn Benedict, Cindy Berndt, Phil Mengel, Pat Edmonson, Barbara Pltchford, Carol Nicodemus, Phil Setchfield, Robert Ruester, Mark Burriss, Peggy Shineman, Twylene Reynolds. TRUMPETS - Mike Manners, Ken Schofl, Glen Fickel, Gary Love, Kelly Smith, Mark Jordison, Dayle Robinson, Kim Sherman, 54 Ronald Finke, Janet Smith, Sam Dyer, Tom Ferguson. FLUTES - Mark Kelsey, Linda Vivian, Alick Wagner, Thea Pyper, Cindy Leibold, Sherry Johnson, Dorothy Denham, Anne Dickensheets, Connie Fickel, Marsha Rightmyer, Dale Ann Doubledee, Margaret Manuel, Deanna Ball. OBOES - Nancy Ellmaker, Denise Turk. TROMBONES - Doug Phillips, Vicky Bybee, Greg Ward, Clyde Henry, Mark ,W 1 Truman's majorettes practice often for performances. LEFT TO RIGHT are Joann Keyton, Celia Seaton fhead majorettej, Donna Fraizer, Paula Ries Qfeature twirlerj, and Carolyn Dixon. is , 5 M. A , 3. , 2 2 , g f E , I Q Whitehead, Mark McGuire. BARITONES - Glenn Bethel, sier. BARITONE SAXOPHONE - Clif Castle. ALTO SAXO- Rick Gold, Roger Comer, Michael Braun. BASSONS - PHONE - Linda Allen, Linda Raveill. ALTO CLARINET - Kathy Stark, Cheri Hardy. FRENCH HORNS - Pat Heck- Linda McPhaiI. PERCUSSION - Brent Constance, Gary mann, David Ralston, Steve Solomon, Kenneth Ward, Ter- Allen, Dennis Cramer, Janice Steele, Tom Deal, Sherrelyn ry Charles. BASSES - Steve Amos, Dwight Carlson, Ches- Knight, Harold Himes. ' ter Hurshman, Dennis Hart. BASS CLARINET - Kathy King. TENOR SAXOPHONES - Harry Workman, Don Mo- 55 r Y a ff ie Among many instruments making up the band, trumpets are a vital part. ls. Practice prepares Clarinet player, Mike Copenhaven, practices during sixth hour band. Qs? rrcc in ROW ONE - Patti Andes, Sherry Gunter, Becky Hart, Sharon Robison, Doug Campbell, Jay Barksdale, Sheldon Jones, Mike Carver. ROW TWO - Scheryl Coffel, Hope Hol- Iaman, Steve Cox, Jim Kauffman, Mark Crowley, Ken 56 Adams, Gary Ganson, Michael Barb, Jim Brittain. ROW THREE - Gharett Schaberg, Larry Voth, Mike Copenhav- er, Mike Hicks, Mark Clariday, John Norman, Cliff Hunt- sucker, Dennis DeLong, Norman Talbot. sophomores for Varsity Band ww W N Sophomore band members learn breath control as a technique for good playing. Practice prepares sophomores for Varsity Band membership. Many hours of practice prepare Sophomore band members for public concerts ,. ' -'AQW-'FL . fs a VW, ,Q 013536, , ,,.. . Z k ygif ' - M- fs, my I , M73 LL 57 ,w A w qqfazg, r "fu A , 535830, Daily practice prepares band members L String Quartet - Phil Mengel, Fred Pe- ment, Nola Matthews, Ann Knoche. Trumpet Trio - Ron Finke, Gary Love, Mike Manners String Quartet - Rodney Rynearson, Kim Soper, Mary Anne Hoss. Missing - Monte Cotton. Q K edevwemm E ss. for three concerts, individual contests l gel, . , l 2, During a pause in the music, Doug Phillips watches the sheet music for his cue to begin playing. up-.. , , ,1 .E t V, , Q Before class begins, Nancy Ellmaker assembles her oboe. Q N if -eiiliwe-K K -e.,.a" Band members provide music during an assembly. 59 A Cappella students find that pleasure accompanies sing- ing. Melani Montes and Sue King practice for the Christ- mas assembly. A cappella Truman vocalists sing for perfection Concerts, school assemblies, Pat Review and school operettas provided several outlets for Truman's a cappella to display its vocal talent. The main event was the Suburban Confer- ence Choral Clinic held at Truman in Febru- ary. It enabled choirs to listen to music from other schools. Clinic in the afternoon and concert in the evening provided these choirs an opportunity to sing together. It also gave these vocalists a chance to work with a college director, Dr. Conan Castle, from Central Mis- souri State College in Warrensburg. Schools attending were Truman, Oak Park, Blue Springs and Ruskin. Truman's a cappella at- tended the district music contest at Warrens- burg in the spring. A cappella officers were Doug Phillips, presi- dent, Steve Osiek, vice president, Kathy Horne, Shiela Schauer, secretary-treasurer, Kathy Mallett, accompanist. ln charge of pitch pipes were Nancy Meserve and Siebert Quick. The choir was under the direction of Mr. Elwood Brown. in ROW ONE - Terrie Sartwell, Barbara Smith, Kathy Willis, Pam Leaf, Pam Miller, Kathy Mallett, Teresa Robinson, ZoAnn McConchie, Joe Rice, Mark Comer, Walter Fergu- son, Phil Mitchell, Charley Wilson. ROW TWO - Jody Dean, Gayle Lynn, Marcy Weeks, Kathy Hanson, Donna Keith, Nancy Meserve, Kathy Horne, Mike Carr, David Leaf, Bill Balcom, Larry Martin, Gary Paris, Siebert Quick, Don Waggoner. ROW THREE - Jean Zumwalt, Sue King, Brenda Fizer, Melani Montes, Debby Friend, Cheryl I Timme, Pam Buttram, Jan Holliger, Donna Mueller, Jack Alley, Jack Slade, Willis Barnett, Kaipo Simpson, Doug R. Phillips, Chris Nave. ROW FOUR - Carol Clarke, Anne Knoche, Sheila Schauer, Donna McMurray, Ranae King, Christina Mulloy, Cathy Blackburn, Debbie Tittle, Linda Mooney, Rexanne Carmean, Cynthia Davis, Kent Chappe- low, Steve Green, Steve Osiek, David Shakespeare, Larry Clarke, Clifford McCarty, Kevin Ham. ml A Aw Mwmvwm .. 532 'l f - se.. - . .,.-W 'V-Q-ggfss'-2 iss, V. , - :grief-fi. Choir gurls delve 5, I I Q Q 1 'SF Choir members assemble for Christmas caroling in the halls. l into music origin During the classroom period, Girl's Glee Club and Girl's Choir learned the techniques and the finer points of singing. They also stud- ied how music was started in the different countries and the various composers and their particular styles. Throughout the year these girls sang at var- ious high school concerts, at the Thanksgiv- ing, Christmas and the Easter Assemblies, and also at the Pat Revue this spring. Girl's Choir officers ths year were Kathy Benson, president, Irene Talyor, vice presi- dent, Cindy Lotridge, secretary, and Arl Lee Childs, treasurer. -ww Emil ROW ONE - Janet Calvert, Ginny Scherer, Bev Gibler, Linda Slade, Kathy Ayers, Pam Hammons, Diane Schon- feldt, Carol Dunham, Cindy Lotridge, Gale Presnell. ROW TWO - Dianna Ball, Stephanie Hackett, Diana Trimble, Alice Ballew, lrene Taylor, Julie Perry, Kay Taylor, Sondra Kelley, ArlLee Childs, Kathy Shore. ROW THREE - Linda MW gk. gd! McMullen, Vicky Bybee, Glenda Lambert, Deloris Bay, Ter- esa Slayton, Susi Smith, Ellen Richardson, Jackie Bryant, Joanna Brooks, Mary Wilds. ROW FOUR - Shila Palms, Euadene Moulder, Becky Elliot, Peggy Seloy, Kathy Ben- son, Ronda Kelly, Susan Snedeger, Kathy Banning, Joyce Henley, Patty Lindsey, Nancy Scott, Karen Spiers. Q f Visiting student teacher, Mrs. Goetze, practices music with members of Girl's Glee Club. ROW ONE - Mary Zaner, Carolyn Truitt, Beverly White, Valarie Collins, Brenda Barlow, Sharon Cunningham. ROW TWO - Beverly Tuck, Raye Kauflman, Judy Dorland, Barbara Stanley, Shar- LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Johnson, David Fizer, Dean Daughtrey Charles Johnson Larry Kemper, Steve Coffel, Carl Bogue. on Leeper, Judy Burton, Renee Dent. ROW THREE - Boni Bergman, Mary Jane Gouge, Mar- ilyn Truitt, Teresa Davis, Margaret Land, Mona Miranda, Helen King. S 63 ,:.Qi S ' 'W , f ':.:q .-:' V 2 fi, f,,.fi -f'f X 'f i . . t .'A ,J Vyily ex 73,3 , V LV .,-,. M G ' VV ' E ' 2 2' 2 Q- J ff u Boys' Octet Jack Alley Kent Chappelow Steve Osiek Mike Carr Doug R. Phillips Chris Nave Kaipo Simpson Siebert Quick 1 4 2. 'E'-i"M'ff"W n i e . W K - Q4 . , .k-, . ,. , y i 9 Q fv-eww ,. .ms gw -'l, N- M- ROW ONE - Jean Zumwalt, Terry Sartwell, Kathy Horne, Cathy Blackburn, Pam Miller, Steve Osiek, Jack Alley, Lar ry Martin, Doug R. Phillips, Chris Nave, Siebert Quick ROW TWO - Carol Clarke, Sheila Schauer, Donna Mc Murray, Debbie Tittle, Nancy Meserve, Jan Holliger, Kent Chappelow, Bill Balcom, Mike Carr, Kaipo Simpson, Kevin Ham. , ., s '-..- V - ' ' 51 .. K V ' N E Q 3 ROW ONE - Jan Holliger, Cathy Blackburn, Nancy Mes- erve, Terry Sartwell, Kathy Horne, Jean Zumwalt, Sheila Schauer. ROW TWO - Mike Carr, Jack Alley, Steve Osiek, ,, 5 K 5 2 ,QL I , i Doug R. Phillips, Kaipo Simpson, Chris Nave, Kent Chap pelow, Kevin Ham. Select choirs sing during assemblies Sixteen selected students performed for Truman's student body throughout the school year as well as organizational functions. Spon- sor, Mr. Elwood Brown, selected this choice group known as Madrigals for their worthiness and capability of representing THS. Madrigal Choir practiced every Tuesday night and performed in Truman's assemblies with the assistance of Chamber Choir, also directed by Mr. Brown. Chamber Choir, pre- pared to sing any type of music, performed when a smaller group than A Cappella was needed. 65 Cathy Coffman prepares to ping-pong the ball. Relays with a volleyball en- hance agility and mobility. Broadjumping is one of seven phases of the physical fit- ness program. P.E. classes strive for better agility Physical proficiency was taught through a more strenuous program in this year's physi- cal education classes. Both girls and boys P.E. classes strived to develop better coordination along with football, basketball, baseball and volleyball. Again this year, improvements were made in both facilities and activities. Installed, as an addition to the girls exercise room, were chin- ning bars and an overhead ladder. Students learn driving skills behind wheel Developing safe drivers was the aim of Tru- man's driver education program. The semes- ter course started in the classroom where stu- dents learned the various rules and regula- tions of driving, along with basics concerning the automotive machinery itself. Driving 1968 Plymouth Satelites, the stu- dents practiced a variety of practical skills. Changing a tire, parking and learning to drive in city traffic and on the freeway were a few of the required tasks. Weekly tests were given and films and filmstrips were frequently shown to increase the knowledge of the learning drivers to help prepare them for everyday driving. The value of a driver's training course has been reflected in the discounts now being of- fered by many insurance companies. Drivers education course combines classroom learning and behind the wheel experience. During the semester, students spend six hours actually driving. ef? li A, .w"-a. Business department offers trainin Q l an L.. Tabulation is a major part of Pam Leaf's secretarial practice assignments. Truman High School's business department offered students practical training in the busi- ness world. The Cooperative Occupation Edu- cation and Secretarial Office Occupations pro- grams made it possible for seniors to partici- pate in actual on-the-job training. Students involved in COE were required to spend one hour a day in the classroom learn- ing the fundamentals of a business career. SOO students practiced secretarial and cleri- cal skills in the classroom two hours a day. Commercial business classes were provided for all interested students. Classes of typing, bookkeeping, and shorthand gave students a variation in subject choice. Bookkeeping students gain business experience by accurate records. 68 iil f ., A, , A. Ten key adding machine proves handy for Diana Berry as she totals her practice set. dents calculate large numbers. :ai- :sf-lf" f Seniors, Patti Grimes and Pam Albertson type various jobs for secretarial practice. Adding machines help business stu- H a, l - W :sl 9 ,A" "AA ' 'J "" if of Essential domestic skills become s,, it J fliffl A . - 2 V! , 1-""f sm ' - , -V NT! ,. ig-1 l Feeding cattle constitutes only one chore required of the Drumm Farm boys. After sufficient planning, Donna Dannels puts her pie in oven to bake. 70 part of Truman Developing practical skills constituted the major objectives of both the Home Economics department and the Drumm Farm Institute. Daily chores at Drumm Farm consisted of cleaning the grounds plus grooming and feed- ing livestock. Future Farmers of America of- fered the boys further opportunity for deve- loping these skills, while 4-H concentrated on dexterious skills. The home Economics classes at Truman included training in essential fields of cooking, child care and interior design. The girls learned to economize on the meals they cooked while retaining the nourishment need- ed. They also studied efficient methods in bathing, diapering and dressing an infant through practice with dolls. Catching 'George,' Randall Winkler checks the growth of his 4-H project pig. wigs.-,,l, ,,.,....--,- , FJ on -WP nk, The football hold is demonstrated by Pat Fortner as Miss Mellinger, Red Cross nurse, looks on. Showing proper metals procedure is Mr. Charles White, instructor. Holding the finished project, Mr. White explains final steps. l r r r r a T'a'ne95emP'0Y manual techniques Broadening students' knowledge of machi- nery and basic manual skills were the funda- mentals ofthe industrial arts department. Metals, woodworking and drafting offered a variety of opportunities to those interested in vocational experience. Aided by the presence of several new ma- chines, metals and woodworking classes con- structed a wide display of projects. Vocational machine shop utilized a new surface grinder and drill press while woods students acquaint- ed themselves with a newly acquired electric welder and a wood shaper and surfacer. The drafting department started a three- hour vocational class for students who desire drafting as a career. All classes were taught the basic fundamentals of drawing, reading and analyzing various drafting structures. Each pupil was required to finish 50 projects by the end of the year. 72 Utilizing the new wood shaping machine, Eldon Dilks maneuvers the crank to its proper position Drafting symbols are carefully designed by Bill Worth. 9 ws 0 4' ll 'Q 9' Vt Cgcif. M v. Ar 1 a Q , 'E 5 fl Q' Q' nfl-'dylan' if , .iii gl JQWHQ-gi' sag, ll 4' 'Qi ff! ,ff in an glint gs G er tg' 73 Math classes demand clear, logical thinking As always, the math department at Truman tried to establish a solid foundation in the art of working with numbers. ln the less advanced courses, terminal math, algebra and geometry, students strived for a more basic understanding which would help them in a vocation and the demands of everyday life. Trigonometry and math analysis were class- es for the academically minded students and college preparatory courses. -,r' Proving a geometric problem, Ann Lotridge uses the blackboard to solve exercise. A familiar sight to math stu- dents, Mr. Norman Cox shows uwhy-H . . 7 5 w - il ki, 'i , , LL-" , 5 f if T :sei i i EE ' i? I 5 4 Histories, While contemporary issues class listens intently, Major Rogers Ieciures on Viet Nam. Preparing for an upcoming test, Dale Ann Doubledee takes notes for World History. locations,peopIe,events define social sciences Many changes were made this year in the Truman social science department. The major change involved the appointment of Mr. John Henderson as supervisor of social sciences for the Independence secondary schools. Mr. Henderson taught contemporary issues and American history at Truman this year. Other changes included the hiring of three new teachersg Mrs. Jeanne Nauser, psycholo- gyg Mrs. Susan Ploger, American historyg and Miss Mary Klingner, world history. In the midst of these changes the format of the courses remained the same, and no courses were added or dropped. Scientific intricacies challenge THS students Using a volumetric flask, Larry Mann measures the de- sired amount of water for a chemistry experiment. Emphasizing experiments and challenging students in scientific fields were the aims of Truman's science department. General science was the less advanced field where students began to learn about the bas- ics of physics and chemistry. Biology students studied the various types of life and their requirements. Dissecting ani- mals also added tothe interest of this class. Lab work and individual study were major parts of chemistry. Experiments and chemis- try study helped students to better understand the basics of this class. Experiments in the various fields of electrici- ty and atomic energy were among the subjects studied in physics. Participating in a physical science experiment naw 1 and Doug McGowain notate comparative weights. Working on an involved chemistry experiment, Ralph Lesh and Carl Wildscheutz measure the amount of methane in the plastic bag. Structure of a unicellular protistan is only a part of study in biology. Calvin Monroe prepares for an upcoming note- book. AT SIUPE IQEYRE'-Ar FUUTBALL mu TRUNK v5 QDRIPSXOAISAS THICK CHSTRHIT KSU Activities -Dotty Craig, secretary Charles Cockerell, vice-president Mike Whitehead, president Lawrence Hjersted, treasurer Annette Shirky, parliamentarian Student Council endeavors to serve Striving to serve the students, the Truman Student Council continued its yearly sizable contribution to school and community. Using funds collected through Truman's most successful dances ever, concession re- ceipts, and Christmas and Valentine card ex- change service, Stuco provided student lD cards, Chatter-Matters and a major part of the AFS fund. Student council also sponsored a hootenan- ny, and all regularly scheduled assemblies and elections, besides making spirit posters for all games. To aid the community, Truman stu- dents, through the Council, adopted 13 needy families at Christmas. President Mike Whitehead journeyed to Camp Sheely, Colorado, to participate in a na- tional student council convention. Officers also attended the state conference last sum- mer in Columbia. Pat Heckmann, AFS chairman M- M ,sam-Q - 41:-fi' , R... me Debbie Harmon, Dance chairman Council members Steve Cofleland, Piper Wrigley load a car with goodies for the Christmas pro M Preparing Chatter Matters for sale are members ofthe tinance committee. Shown are Chuck Burks, Don Mosier, Debbie Tittle, Laurence Hjersted, Gary Soper, Jack Gilbertson and Steve Williams. Council upholds student government Dance committee members check out decorations to be ham, Jaf1iC9 Utterback, Debbie H6I'm0I1, Judy Hammett used. Members are John Seidel, Janet Hedges, Susie Grin- Linda McMullen, Marcia Duckworth and Eugene Wrigley. 84 Discussing an upcoming assembly is the assembly committee. ROW ONE - Gary Jacobs, Jane Savage, Terri Case, Rusty Ford, Larry Latimer, Charlie Cockerell, Steve Colfel, Jan Holliger. through responsible committee work Attaching newly-sold Bells for Peace is the AFS committee. ROW ONE - Scotty Hildebrand, Cindy Johnson, Carol Sperry, Peter Brook, Bruno Gastal, Pat Heckmann. ROW TWO - Patti Grimes, Dave Bennett, Suzi Nell, Andy Bryant, Don Cain. 85 Student Council Committees keep busy Members of the activities committee spend one night a Phillips, Laura Reneau, Jean Lewis, Barry York, ZoAnn week making and putting up posters advertising upcom- McConchie, Reta McCrary, Dotty Craig, and Jewell ing athletic events. Workers are John Courtney, Belinda Holmes. -QT' Election committee members tabulate the ballots for Homecoming Queen. Diana Berry, Marsha VanKirk, Debbie Nagel, Annette Shirkey, Mike Downard, John Skouse, Rick Gold. 86 'Ne Supervising the Christmas stockings, officers Bob Cole Debbie Parker prepare to have them sent out. ROW ONE - Gayle Lynn, Kathy Ayers, Sue Hoover, Pam Gordon, Margie Gearhart, Pam Leaf, Sharon Brewer, Edra Coflel, Shirlene Culver, Julie Perry, Peggy Thorne. ROW TWO - Paula Behee, Patty Brittain, Kathy Burlingame, Diana Berry, Susan Grinham, Debbie Parker, Cecilia Fain, Virginia Akers, Cynthia Davis, Donna Mueller, Ginger White, Wendy Hodges. ROW THREE - Mark Prout, Mike and Active Red Cross Serves community Filling Cristmas stockings for veterans ac counted for the major project of Truman's Active Red Cross chapter. Other projects con sisted of visiting nursing homes, helping nee dy families, and the United Fund Drive. Home rooms chose representatives for Red Cross at the beginning of the year. Monthly meetings were open to anyone interested in attending and helping the organization. Officers for the 1967 - 1968 school year were Bob Cole, president, Kathy Cofl man, vice president, Susan Grinham secretaryg Patty Brittain, treasurer, Kathy Burlingame, parli mentariang and Debbie Parker, reporter. Jacobs, Bob Cole, Mike Craig Phillip Collel, Paula Gates, Diane Leighton-Floyd, Nancy Scott, Debbie Browning, Gretchen Staley, Kathy Smith, Debby Kesner, Sharon Hoover. ROW FOUR - Ralph Lesh, Kent Price, Ron Link, John Dennis, Jerry Hughes, Brent Williams, Kathy Mor- gan, Ann Herbst, Alice Wagner, Carol Clarke, Anne Knoche, Carolyn Masters, Barbara Reiff. va if 87 Chess Club moves forward with play Pawns, rooks, kings, queens, knights and bishops - these were familiar objects to the Truman Chess Club members. While some members learned the fundamentals of the game, the others employed their chess knowl- edge in actual games. An elimination tournament in which the members competed against one another high- lighted the year of this club. Officers of the Chess Club this year were Dennis Bloomquist, president, Eric Hershey, vice president, Pam Simpson, secretary, John Francis, treasurer, Gary Jacobs, sergeant-at- arms. 155 5: Checkmating the red queen, Gary Richey and Charles Premoe "battle" after school. Kms' ROW ONE - Miss Linda Nagle, Mike Hiller, Steve Noll, Primoe. ROW THREE - Jerry Groom, Gary Holland, Cindy Everhart, Gail Newman, Pam Simpson, Becky Hart. Chuck Pope, Bob Hedges, Dennis Moore, Bill Hiller, John ROW TWO A Richard Colston, Dan Rice, Walter Ferguson, Seidel. Greg Booth, Russell Rose, Raleigh Woods, Terry Dennis Bloomquist, Gary Jacobs, Eric Hershey, Charles Brunson,SteveCol1eI, John Francis, Ted Morgan. ! VU: --:.1:3:v' s Jn 111, .1 V , ROW ONE - Bill Worth, Joe Laxson, Gary Allen, Marty Talcot, Eddie Duncan, Charles Cockerell, Steve Brown, Peter Brook, Bruce Lowe. ROW TWO W Sam Brock, Mack Carlisle, Mike Whitehead, Glenn Fickel, Bob Cole, Brad Crowley, Dave Ralston, John Ackerman, Rob Sturges, Lawrence Hjersted, Charles Laxson. ROW THREE - Steve Cable, Dick Smith, Dan Geivett, Rick Mangels, Cliff Castle, Rick Gold, John Dennis, Charles Conrad. ROW FOUR - Nick Binninger, Dave Talcot, Dennis Smith, Don Cain, Phil Basler, Don Mosier, Steve Brandt, James Hall, Dave Bennett, Richard Cockerell, Mike Porter. Interact Club response with service Interact Club continued in its tradition of school and community service. Sponsored by the Independence Rotary Club, this select group of junior and senior boys undertook projects and responsibilities in an effort to build individual character, integrity and com- munity pride. During the year, members contributed time, money and abilities to benefit club activities. During the Christmas season, canned hams were distributed to needy families. In addition to a contribution to the AFS fund-raising drive, Interact financed telephone calls home for the Truman exchange students fPeter Brook of New Zealand and Bruno Gastal of France, both honorary members of the clubj. Continuation of a tree-growing project along with helping at the polls on election days marked service to the community. Innovations this year included hostesses at the formal evening meetings and a winning entry in the annual Kiddie Kar Kontest. Officers for the 1967-68 year were Dave Bennett, president, John Dennis, vice-presi- dentg Bill Worth, secretary, Don Cain, treasur- erg and Glenn Fickel, parliamentarian. Execu- tive board members were Bradd Crowley, Bob Cole, and Randy Cole. Sponsoring Interact was Mr. Jerry Moore, vice-principal. Counting Travellog profits, Dave Talcot, Bob Cole and Cain learn the fruits of their service. Don gif Z Q 2 ij, 4, ROW ONE - Mr. Floyd Hubble lsponsorj, Renee Dent, Sue Satimer, Becky Hart, Sherry Gunter, Paulette Peterson, Janice Utterback, Susie Paxton, Carol Sperry, Mrs. Susan Ploger lsponsorj. ROW TWO - Sue Hoover, Scheryl Coflel, Teresa Warner, Patty Brittain, Debi Brown, Nancy Horne, Lani Berry, Barbara Smith, Donna Shemwell. ROW THREE - Janet Calvert, Debbie Nagel, Linda Slade, Renee Cox, Hope Hollaman, Jan Holliger, Dana Schondelmerer, Bar- bie Smith, Gaye Hardy. ROW FOUR - Debbie Burns, Kathy Dennis, Cindy Kuhn, Mary Goodyear, Lloyd Hawkins, Lon Mason, Sammy Brock, Steve Noll, Eric Slayton. FTA members make work much easier for teachers like Mr. Al Schrik, who takes time to record student markings. 'fl lf ,, V ROW ONE - Terrie Sartwell, Thea Pyper, Terri Levitt, Ka- thy Casey, Carole McCarter, Vicki Sanders, Kathy Huff- man, Donna Keith, Gail Hickam, Jewell Holmes, Jane Bennett, Jean Bennett, Mrs. Mary Jane Ogle fsponsorj. Cathy Blackburn, Paula Waterworth, Bobbie Vickers, Pam Simpson, Sandi Novak, Paula Ries, Susan Alsup, Claudia Richardson, Cheryl Salter, Diana Berry, Marsha Van Kirk. Future Teachers aid faculty, students Attending the district teacher's meeting in Warrensburg, heading a speed-reading pro- gram, giving recognition to teachers, during Honor Teachers Week, and spending a day working with a teacher and class in the Inde- pendence School System are just a few of the many projects that Truman's Future Teachers participated in during the 1967 - 1968 school year. The Service Corps was another project which enabled FTA members to gain hours through helping teachers by running errands and doing various other jobs during their study hall hours. Five members attended the leadership conference held in Columbia. Jan Holliger was elected treasurer of the Missouri State Future Teachers at this workshop. Truman's F.T.A. hosted a workshop for area schools with the theme of the workshop, "Steps to Teaching." Ollicers of Future Teachers during the 67-68 school year were Paula Ries, president, Lani Berry, vice president, Marsha Van Kirk, secre- taryg Lon Mason, treasurer, Sandi Novak, parli- mentariang and Jewel Holmes, reporter. ROW THREE - Linda Roberts, Jan Dill, Sherri Norman, Debby Kesner, Sherry Rice, Pam Thomas, Joyce Henley, Sandy Reed, Linda Smith, Kathy Hanson, Dorothy Den- ham, Sharon Steele. ROW FOUR - Jan Hursig, Chris Hall, Carol Nance, Vicki Skinner, Joyce Rabon, Terri Evers, Diane Brune, Peggy Shineman, Phil Setchfield, Lynn Wil- kinson, Janet Van Kirk, Alice Wagener, Becky Elliott. As part of her responsibility for FTA, Sherry Rice puts together a test. -me i Achievement of Forensic League awards depends on accu- mulated points. Pam Gordon and Carol Sperry ftop rightj record novice debaters' points from the Shawnee Mission tournament. These are sent to national headquarters for permanent record. Forensic contests Provide competition Designed to enhance the debate program, the National Forensic League provided the ground rules for speech and debate contests which enabled students to collect points for four honored degrees. Degrees of Merit, Honor, Excellence and Dis- tinction were awarded respectively for an ac- cumulation ofa certain amount of points. Par- ticipants in the contests attained points in a variety of categories, such as drama, radio speaking and extemporaneous speaking. Oliicers of the Truman chapter worked closely with Mr. Larry Whisler in promoting their interest in speech. ROW ONE - Carol Sperry, Madeline Fuchs, Kathy Stark, Pam Gordon, Linda Raveill, Jan Pearson, Donna Frazier, Judy Mastin. ROW TWO - Donna Pritchard, Chris Wester- gard, Sandi Novak, Philip Mengel, Cindy Walters, Marsha Righmyer, Dotty Craig, Ginger White. ROW THREE - Larry Towbridge, Dave Hines, Kent Sincox, Phil Pardy, Dan Rice, Steve Harris, Mike Whitehead, Kathy Smith. ROW FOUR - Mike W. Manners, John Green, Don Butler, Kim Soper, Mike Pement, John Brown, Charles Conrad, Philip Setch- iield, Lynn Wilkinson. ROW ONE - Jean Zumwalt, Sue King, Kathy Horne, Pam Miller, Nancy Merserve, Donna Mueller, Pater Brook, Mrs. Juda Schell. ROW TWO - Debbie Nagel, Jacki Thompson, Carol Warren, Linda Allen, Susan Dent, Chris Smalley, John Seidel. ROW THREE - Marsha Rice, Sheila Schauer William Michel, Sandi Novak, Terri Huflman, Bruce Carr Doug Cummins. Thespians concentrate on expression Producing all dramatic presentations for the school year 1967-68 occupied members of Thespians, sponsored by Mrs. Juda Schell. The One-Acts, an annual production, was the first project for the organization. Preparation for this and all plays required the appointment of costumes, lighting crews, complete backstage crews, help with make-up and publicity management. "Gray Bread" was Thespians' contribution to the One-Acts. A member of this cast, Carol Warren, was named "Best Actress" for her part in the play. The all-school play held every spring was also backed by the Truman chapter. Students participated in the production of "Harvey" by Mary Chase. Three officers of Thespians, Pam Miller, vice-president, Jacki Thompson, treasurer and Sheila Schauer, secretary, read parts to "Jacob Comes Home." President Carol Warren fnot picturedj was named Best Actress for her part in "Gray Bread." ,W LAS profits through contemporaries 4 President of Literary Arts Seminar, Don Moiser, displays the new L.A.S. sweatshirts. Razor's Edge, Raise High the Roof Beam Carpenters, Dr. Zhivago - informal discus- sions evolved around these novels plus a play, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, and Selected Poems by Robert Frost during the monthly meetings of Truman's Literary Arts Seminar. The major activity of LAS this year involved the annual publication ofTruman's Image. Contributions for this literary magazine were selected from among the best entries in the Image contest of which all Trumanites were encouraged to enter their own literary crea- tions. Officers of LAS this year were Don Mosier, presidentg Shari Meyers, vice president, Pam Beavers, secretary, Mary Hininger, treasurer, Wendy Hodges, reporter, Mr. Kingdon Ander- son, sponsorg and Mrs. Pallas Cockefair, co- sponsor. In order to obtain membership into this club, interested students with at least an "S" average took both a written and oral examina- tions. ROW ONE - Kay Constance, Celia Seaton, Mary Hininger, Shari Myers, Lani Berry, Wendy Hodges, Mr. Kingdon An- derson lSponsorl. ROW TWO - Mrs. Pallas Cockefair 1Co- sponsorj, Pat Heckmann, Pam Beavers, Carolyn Hoss, Gail Newman, Cindy Everhart, Cheryl Dunkel. ROW THREE 94 - Chris McLain, Ted Morgan, Lance Powell, Terri Huff- man, Lawrence Hjersted, Linda Allen, Diane Brune. ROW FOUR - Doug Cummins, Andy West, Steve Brandt, Don Mosier, Dave Bennett, Bob Cole, Nola Matthews. ROW ONE - Denise Clinton, Donna Lamble, Kathy Cline. ROW TWO - Judi McFadden, Wendy Hodges, Margaret DeCamp, Pat ty Heckman. ROW THREE - Don Cain, Phil Basler, Nick Binninger, Bob Cole. Quill and Scroll explores media Truman's chapter of Quill and Scroll, an international honorary so- ciety for high school journalists, made an effort to observe in action all phas- as of professional communication during the year. Tours were made of the Kansas City Star, the American Yearbook plant in Topeka, Kansas, and a local radio and television station. Requirements for entering Quill and Scroll, which was organized originally by Dr. George Gallup, founder ofthe Gallup Poll, included class ranking in the upper one-fourth, recommenda- tion by the publications advisor, coun- selor and principal, and finally, accept- ance by the national secretary. Officers for the year were Don Cain, president, Pat Heckmann, vice-presi- dentg Kathy Cline, secretary, Wendy Hodges, historian. Quill and Scroll was sponsored by Mr. Ron Clemons, publi- cations adviser. . , , ,,.,, Z, Q! 5 . i' -ref? .. '11, Q Looking over the agenda for their future trip to Topeka Mr. Ron Clem- mons, sponsor, talks with the officers. 95 Don Cain conducts a discussion on the tutoring service during a NHS meeting. National Honor Society members Pat Heckmann, Gary Young and Wendy Hodges represented Tru- man on the categories' quiz program. ,us-ig National Honor Society offers tutoring aid By offering a tutoring service for interested students who might have missed out on fun- damentals, the National Honor Society at- tempted to aid the student body. Private ses- sions as well as group classes were conducted in various subjects. NHS members were chosen through a pro- gram earmarked by four characteristics: lead- ership, scholarship, character and service. Originally, only the top five per cent of the senior class were involved. Then, in the spring, the second five per cent along with the top five per cent of the junior class were inducted at a formal initiation. Officers were Don Cain, president, Andy Bryant, vice-president, Nola Matthews, secre- tary, and Glenn Fickel, treasurer. Sponsor was Mr. Bill Moyer. ROW ONE - Phyllis Butcher, Linda Hedeen, Sue Huffman, Lani Berry, Kathy Cline, Paula Reis. ROW TWO - Linda Baker, Dotty Craig, Pat Heckmann, Karen Spiers, Debby Kesner, Wendy Hodges. ROW THREE - Denise Clinton, Nola Ll EEE EIU NHS tutor Kathy Cline helps a distressed English student. Matthews, Mike Whitehead, Larry Findley, Charles Cocker- ell, Laurence Hjersted, Curtis Klick. ROW FOUR - Gary Young, Don Cain, Kirk McClure, Gaylord Browne, Andy Bryant, Dave Shannon, Glenn Fickel. I , 97 Qs, ROW ONE - Roselee Cox fsponsorj, Patty Cain, Cheryln Warner, Marta Duckworth, Charlie Laxson, Debbie Parker, Louis Braley fsponsorl. ROW TWO - Gary Johnson, Deb- Art Club captures Kiddie Kar prize Pennants, sweatshirts and field trips monopolized the time of National Art Honor Society members. Pennants advertizing the Truman Patriots in blue, red and white were printed by members and sold dur- ing football season. Senior sweatshirts bearing the year of graduation were sold and distributed in Janu- ary. Art exhibits at the Nelson Art Gallery and the Country Club Plaza offered NAHS members a chance to see work of professional artists. "Even Cleopatra Couldn't Love a Bear" captured first place in Truman's annaual Kiddie Kar Kontest for NAHS. The semi-formal NAHS initiation during the first week of May, provided both a contest and initiation combined. As required, members and prospective members submitted ten projects for display and judg- mg. Officers of National Art Honor Society this year were Debbie Harmon, president, Marta Duckworth, vice president, Carolyn Hoss, recording secretary, Ann Herbst, corresponding secretary, Gary Jacobs, treas- urerg Patti Cain, reporter-historian-parliamentarian. Sponsors were Miss Rosalee Cox and Mr. Louis Braley. bie Harmon, Danny Bergman, Debi Brown, Donna Lamble, Carolyn Hoss. ROW THREE - Eric Hershey, Gary Jacobs, Phil Basler, Den Bloomquist, Barbara Reill, Ann Herbst. 98 ROW ONE - Pat Heckmann, Sue King, Kathy Mallett, Nancy Merserve. ROW TWO - Jean Zumwaet, Anne Knoche, Doug Phil lips, Steve Amos. ROW THREE - Nola Matthews, David Ralston, Don Mosier, Gary Allen. Modern Music Masters display talent H ,, I 0 Y To be eligible for the National Society of Modern Music Masters, a student must receive a I rating at Warrensburg and then receive a I or ll rating at state. Supporting musical activities, meeting with other chapters, or- ganizing their own music clinics, and honoring their own outstand- ing members at their monthly meeting are just a few projects of Tri-M. The last meeting of the year is involved with initiation of new members and installation of new officers. Once a student is initiated into this society, his membership is lifetime. After graduation they continue to receive the national Tri-M magazine. Sponsors for the 1967-68 school year were Mr. Donald Welborn and Mr. Elwood Brown. Tri-M member Doug Phillips leadstbe pep band in assemblies pep rallies and home basketball games. A32 Pep Club sponsors Tupperware sale, bake sale and annual Spring Banquet Yell Leaders for the 1967-68 school year are: Kathy Staf- ford, Ann Herbst, Marta Duckworth, Marsha VanKirk, Ka- thy Cline, and Debbie Baker. ROW ONE - Kathy Cline, Pam Hammons, Cindy Walters, Cathy Coffman, Jane Savage, Kathie Alexander, Margaret Manuel, Vicy Bybee, Ginger White, Fonda Smith, Paula Ries, Kathy Huffman, Lizzie Diaz, Debbie Reagan, Cindy Leibold, Kay Constance, Lana Hanssen, Nancy Simpson, Dana Schondelmeyer, Janice Seaver, Carol Sperry, Judy Hammett, Edra Coffell, Shirlene Culver, Patty Antle, Susan Grihnam, Diana Wilmoth, Sue Huffman, Vicki Sanders, Paulette Peterson, Marsha Beth, Celia Seaton, Debbie Baker. ROW TWO - Ann Herbst, Julie Perry, Carol Snow- ls 4. Getting an early start in money-raising pro- jects, Pep Club held a rummage and bake sale during the summer. Later on, they sponsored a Tupperware sale. The money from these sales paid for the rabbit feet given to the var- sity squads and helped pay for the busses to away games. Another project of Pep Club was the pur- chasing of large pennants of the Surburban Eight Conference schools to be displayed in the gym. Altering the usual format of four yell lead- ers, the officers elected six with two alternates. This was necessary due to the increased num- ber of Pep Club members. The annual Pep Club Banquet was held in April and all old members were invited along with the newly elected members. A picnic in May brought an end to all activities and pro- jects of the 1967-68 school year. Officers were Mary Hininger, president, Deb- bie Calocich, vice president, Paula Ries, secre- tary, Debbie Nagel, treasurer, Suzi Neff, re- porter, and Paulette Peterson, parliamentari- an. den, Susi Smith, Laura Reneau, Nancy Drokstrom, Sue Hoover, Sue Latimer, Ann Lotridge, Connie Wodds, Ruth Chitwood, Karen Wilson, Nancy Horne, Annette Shirky, Doris Negaard, Pam Gordon, Becky Smithson, Marcy Weeks, ZoAnn McConchie, Jan Holliger, Janelle Woods, Anne Frost, Nancy Anderson, Patti Andes, Diana Berry, Wendy Hodges, Lani Berry, Janice Utterback, Pati Reagan, Mary Hinninger, Dotty Craig, Debbie Harmon, Kay Taylor. ROW THREE - Kathy Stafford, Susie Baldus, Pam Simp- son, Bobbie Vickers, Paula Behee, Paula Gates, Janet Dan- ggsgl - M f- aw' ' - , 135 -' WW 3' 1 aw' are , .li g .,,. -N...-f Displaying their pom pon routine, the cheerleaders led Pep Club in yells. iel, Gretchen Staley, Marsha Rightmyer, Madge Baldwin, Paula Wingate, Gale Presnell, Sandy Reed, Linda Morris, Donna Lamble, Janice Cascairo, Linda Arnone, Paulette Powell, Crystal Borgman, Patricia Koury, Sharon Steele, Kaghy Hanson, Barbara Pichford, Donna Howland, La- Vonne Ball, Sharon Hoover, Donna Mueller, Debbie Calov- ich, Debby Parker, Lynn Dixon, Nancy Meserve, Lynn Dyer, Deanna Ball, Irene Taylor, Alice Wagener, Marsha Van Kirk. ROW FOUR - Cheri Hardy, Ranae King, Marilyn Corlett, Diane Brune, Kathy Dennis, Patty Brittain, Kathy Burlingame, Suzi Neff, Patty Binninger, Terri Evers, Cindy Kuhn, Nancy Lesh, Sherry Johnson, Linda Tittle, Marsha Rice, Pat Calvert, Belinda Phillips, Janis Bandlaw, Linda Smith, Reta McCrarey, Janet Weller, Michelle Harris, Dev- vie Burns, Mary Kuklenski, Debbie Whiting, Devvie Nagel, Kathy Sullivan, Ricki Homan, Regina Krism, Linda Keel- ing, Linda McMullen, Marce Duckworth, Barbara Rietl, Cheryl Fann, Karen Roberts. a - -4 1f1:',fe?iw: -1' 2-fm, . ,rwigezmvcmwwgesft 'eg,pv1.t,Qf-:Q m,53,,, lu - W, ,,,,.W,,,,m,,. Mwgwk, - , ...m...,,,,,-.w,,.,.., ,Q rg 5, Athletic competency determines A Q. Q as e ce V ROW ONE - Coach Bob Felling, Lonnie Price, Jack Alley, Mike Carver, Eddie Harris, Marty Talcott, .lim Handley, Bruce Lowe, Don Allinder, Lance Powell, Coach Clay Snowden. ROW TWO - Gary Allen, Gary Jacobs, Dennis Bloomquist, Doug Barnes, Jim Armilio, Charlie Cockerell, Terry Bass, Randy Rice, Steve Staley. ROW THREE - Ron Bridges, Steve Williams, Jim Zellmer, David Staves, Kent Sincox, Alan Kelley, Bill Allinder, Larry Kemper, John Sei- del, Dave Bennett. ROW FOUR - Russell Rose, Greg Rode- kopf, Bill Micheals, John Wilkinson, Phil Basler, Gary Val- Ieau, Calvin Monroe, Dan Geivett, Richard White, Gaylord Browne, Tom Wright. E 4' f AW- .www Jo illWlK1DSOH NWOT bca? mmf UT he 90iGP!F During Spirit Week, pep club fans of letterman John Wilkinson show their admiration. Wherever Don Allinder goes, he proudly displays his Truman let- terman's jacket. 102 club memberships Students obtained membership into PATS Club and Lettermen's Club based on their ath- letic competency. PATS Club members, chosen for their ability to play volleyball, were first judged by the old members and then by coaches and physical education teachers. The girls practiced at reg- ular weekly meetings in preparation for the Sports Day they sponsored in February. Boys in Lettermen's Club needed to letter in any sport at Truman. This club sponsored the annual Lettermen vs. Faculty Game which was followed by a game between the Booster Club and WHB dis jockeys. Officers of PATS this year were Kathy Staf- ford, president, Kathy Horne, vice president, Sandy Reed, secretary-treasurer, Debbie Brown, social chairman. Lettermen Club officers this year were Char- lie Cockrelle, president, Dave Bennett, vice president, Phil Basler, secretary, Gary Allen, treasurer, Jim Handley, sargeant-at-arms. 3 l During volleyball practice, Debbie Burns follows-through on a serve. QMS YW? 'QMS ROW ONE - Marsha Beth, Nancy Horne, Debi Brown, Sandy Reed, Barbera Pitchford, Kathy Horne, Patti Re- agan, Barbera McBride fsponsorj. ROW TWO - Madeline Fuchs, Linda Keeling, Sherry Rose, Sheila Humphrey, 016' 103 Carol Day, Marce Duckworth, Marta Duckworth, Kathy Stafford. ROW THREE - Sharon Hoover, Patty Binninger, Suzi Nefl, Debbie Burns, Frances Sedge, Mary Ragland, Karen Roberts, Tanya Hamilton. Future Farmers, Ho ROW ONE - Jean Lewis, Wanda Wilson, Irene Taylor, Car- ol Hollaman, Janet Nash, Janet Hedges, Cindy Lotridge, Diana Wilmoth. ROW TWO - Sharon Brewer, Rhonda Kel- ly, Linda Miller, Linda Dutcher, Lynn Dixon, Donna Dan- iels, Janice Myers, Lauetta Squires, Mary McCleery, Mrs. Mary Robinson. ROW THREE - Twila Milleson, Carol Mrs. Sue Ridings, sponsor, goes over child projects with mem- bers Bobbi Vickers, Pam Ferron and Connie Camerlynck. Escorting her guest at the kiddie-party, Pam Buttram shows her to the various games. memakers of America Nance, Kay Lotspeich, Pam Simpson, Bobbie Vickers, Steele, Bonnie Larson, Kay Fletcher. ROW FOUR K Camerlynck, Sheila Schauer, Pat Calvert, Pam , Pam Buttram, Sherri Norman, Susie Beltz, Joyce Rabon, Sharon Connie Ferron Claudia Richardson, Jan Dill. 104 4 L r..,'?..' , 'a X H if ,. at my V ROW ONE - Bill Balcom, Walter Ferguson, Micheal Hop- Kennedy, David Meadors, Mickey Chandler. ROW THREE kinson, Tim Elder, Randall Winkler, Joe Rice. ROW TWO - v Kerry Mitchell, Jim Payne, Ed Armstrong, John Czaj- Warren Evans, Steve Matson, Carl Riley, Lee Snell, Bob kowski, Bob Jackson, Ron Rivera,George Heotis. Through Future FarmersofAmerica Future Farmers Lee Snell, Bob Jackson, and Kerry Mitchell learn about livestock through observation. 105 and Future Homemakers of America, Trumanites were given the opportunity to apply practical knowledge garnered from activities in home economics and agriculture classes. Members of FFA participated in contest in which they competed in judging live- stock, farm products and butchering. Truman's FFA chapter hosted the Sub District Barnwarming in March. FHA sponsored Kiddies Day, which was planned, constructed and supervised by members, providing a party for small children brought by girls in the club. Money earned through concessions paid for curtains in the sewing room. FFA officers were Bill Taylor, president, David Meadors, vice-president, Mike Hodkibso, treasurer, Warren Evans, re- porter, and Lee Snell, sentinel. Officers for FHA were Kay Lotspeich, president, Sharon Brewer, vice-president, and Rhonda Kelley, secretary-treasurer. ROW ONE - Mr. Dinsmore, sponsor, Janice Butcher, Paula Gates, Kay Fletcher, Becky Hart. ROW TWO - Eugene Bordelon Hague Howey, Andy Bryant, Ralph Lesh, John Jeffries. cafe-'mm if asa: Microscopes prove helpful in Science Club projects. Mr. Jerry Dinsmore, Sponsor, focuses the microscope for John Jefferies. Meeting Activities feature field trips Field trips constituted the major activities of Truman's 1967-68 Science Club and Junior Engineering Technological Society. Science Club visited James Weldon Labori- tories, the Engewood Hobby Shop, and Mis- souri Water Company The IBM Computer Center in Kansas City was the object of a Jets Club field trip, plus trips to other area manufacturers dealing in the field of engineering throughout the year. Officers this year for Science Club were Andy Bryant, president, John Jeffries, vice- president, Paula Gates, secretary, Hague How- ey, treasurer, and Ralph Lesh, historian Mr. Jerry Dinsmore and Miss Nora Witthar were sponsors. Officers for the Jets Club this year were Lawrence Hjersted, president, Marty Talcott, vice-president, Bradd Cowley, secretary, and Dick Smith, treasurer. Faculty sponsorsiwere Mr. Norman Cox and Mr. James Bowman. f f-m..,,,,,,,,, , """""'Mi:, . .w..,,,,,,,,m Club meetings often spotlight guest speakers. Mr. Jim Tempin entertains members at a regular meeting. At regular meetings, Andy Bryant listens with inte guest speaker. if .5 F me F851 to ROW ONE - Walter Ferguson, Michael Barb, Bill Haw- Williams, Richard Smith. ROW THREE - Andy Bryant, thorne, Lawrence Hjersted, Marty Talcott, John Seidel, Doug Cummins, Greg Booth, Ralph Lesh, Ed Clemmons, Norman Cox, sponsor. ROW TWO - Dennis Priedrich, Mark Crowley, Bradd Crowley, Gharett Schaberg, Brent Dennis Smith, Garland Nieweg. First Club dance features "Classmen" The first club-sponsored dance turned in to a giant success for the French Club. Featuring the Classmen, a national recording group, the dance attracted over a thousand peo- ple. Highlights were a multitude of strobe lights, Campbell soup cans for candle holders, fluores- cent strawberry alarm clock and yellow submar- ines. A major portion of the funds went to the Americans Abroad program. Other activities during the year included a hay ride, Christmas caroling and a banquet. French Club officers for 1967-68 were Lani Ber- ry, president, Lon Mason, vice president, Wendy Hodges, and Kathy Burlingame, secretaries, Nan- cy Meserve, treasurer, Dave Ralston and Dave Haggard, activities chairmen, Don Mosier, parli- mentarian. Mrs. Goddjn was French Club sponsor forthe '67'68 year. A showcase for coming events and French Club accom- plishments, the bulletin board for the "Cercle Francais" informs members of activities. Jewell Holmes, senior member, displays an announcement for a dance commit- JJQN tee meeting. ROW ONE - Madeline Fuchs, Diana Wilmoth, Pete Brook, Cheryl Dunkle, Cathy Coffman, ZoAnn McConchie, Carol 4 Snowden, Julie Perry. ROW TWO 3 Cindy Walters, Diana if Berry, Marsha Van Kirk, Cecilia Fain, Sharon Steele, Kathy ff? Hanson, Susi Smith, Janice Seaver. ROW THREE - Dana Schondelmeyer, Janet Van Kirk, Susan Garnier, Steve Osiek, Carol Clarke, Bruce Lowe, John Seidel, Belinda Phillips. ROW FOUR - Lon Mason, Bruno Gastal, Steve Brandt, Don Mosier, Kevin Ham, Bill Hawthorne, Marcy Weeks, Nancy Simpson. ROW ONE Kay Constance Mary Hlnmger Kathy Thom- as, Sue Hoover, Sue Huffman, Nancy Meserve, Karen Wil- son, Sue Latimer, Janice Utterback, Marsha Beth. ROW TWO - Marilyn Corlett, Kathy Hancock, Kathy Burlin- game, Sherry Johnson, Lynn Dixon, Donna Lamble, Lani Berry, Wendy Hodges, Dan McCormick, Pam Beavers. ROW THREE - Patty Heckmann, Kathy Cline, Linda Fish er, Jewell Holmes, Regina Kresin, Janice Butcher, Paula Gates, Carolyn Hoss, Doris Negaard, Stephanie Hackett. ROW FOUR - Patty Brittain, Jan Hursig, Cindy Kuhn, Dan Rice, Ken McPherson, Terry Shelton, David Haggard, Pat Oliver, Renee Cox, Jeanne Chapman. ROW ONE - Nancy Coy, Paula Waterworth, Linda Baker, Linda Hedeen, Cathy Blackburn, Edra Coflel, Lizzie Diaz, Janet Hedges, Pam Miller, Patty Antle, Lavina Pitts, Nancy Horne. ROW TWO - Mary Clements, sponsor, John Olivar- ez, Phyllis Butcher, Beverlee Gibler, Kathy Stark, Marta Duckworth, Paula Behee, John Seidel, Bobbie Vickers, Pam Simpson, Debi Brown, Debby Kesner, Susie Baldus. ROW THREE - JoAnn Collins, Anne Frost, Diana Pennis- Studies continue after Spanish class Participating in a field trip to Guadelupe Center highlighted Spanish CIub's activities during the 1967-68 school year. Other activi- ties consisted of a hayride in the fall and a Christmas party, also the club, along with Mrs Mary Clements, sponsor, attended various Mexican restaurants. Projects which helped finance these trips were dues, garage sales and concessions at the football and basketball games. The People-to People Program adopted by the club helped send clothes and other house- hold necessities to needy overseas families. The meetings were held the first Thursday of every month and besides the regular business meeting the programs consisted of speakers and slides on Mexico. Officers were Linda Baker, president, Sherry Norman, vice president, Linda Hedeen, secre- tary, Debbie Kesner, treasurer, and Marce Duckworth, reporter. ton, Marce Duckworth, Patty Binninger, Linda McMullen, Barbara Pitchford, Suzi Nell, David Warner, Sherri Nor- man, Ruth Chitwood, Bruce Lowe, Debbie Chiles. ROW FOUR - William Michel, Larry Martin, Candy Conway, Cheri Hardy, Diane Brune, Connie McNamara, Ken Scholl, Rod Caldwell, Terry Brunson, Paggy Shineman, Janice Burt, Judy Shelton, Mike Jacobs. Three Spanish Club oflicers read over a letter from the People to People Program. Linda Baker, Debbie Kesner and Linda Hedeen prepare to present the idea to the club. ROW ONE - Nancy Ellmaker, Patty Cain, Sue King, Linda Mooney, Jackie Ferguson, Margie Gearhart, Pat Couch, Kathy Lewis, Gaye Hardy, Sharon Richey, Cathy Branstet- ter, Heidi Fritz McGinness fsponsorl. ROW TWO - David Thomas, Ron Twente, Charles Novak, Terri Huffman, Sandi Novak, Christy Mulloy, Leigh Anne Quint, Madge Baldwin, Annette Patterson, Karen Spiers, Gail Hickam, Alice Brizendine, Karen Strait, Jennifer Semran. ROW THREE - Diane Leighton-Floyd, Forrest Liggett, Dennis Hart, Gary Jacobs, Tom Pietzch, Steve Craven, Eric Her- shey, Travis Martin, Marilyn Schneikart, Vicki Phillips, Denice Blythe, Mary Wade. ROW FOUR - Kathy Morgan, David Warner, Harry Workman, Russell Rose, John Fran- cis, James Hall, Raleigh Parish, Dennis Moore, Dennis Priedrich, Harold Bryant, Cheryl Gailand, Ellen Bethel, Janice Crossley. German Club donates books, adopts refugee orphans, sell Patriot hats 1 110 Selling Patriot hats to adopting Red Chinese orphans numbered among the accomplish- ments of Truman's German Club this year. The members designed and made Patriot hats, donated books written in German to the school library and presented a German Festi- val. In addition, German Club adopted two Red Chinese refugee orphans and financially prov- ided one year of education, room and board for them. At Christmas, the club sent gifts to all the orphans in the Taiwan orphanage plus the gifts it sent some underprivileged children in Independence. The 1967-68 officers were John Francis, president, Raleigh Parish, vice president, Sandi Novak, secretary, Nancy Ellmaker, treasurer, Christy Mulloy, historian. Preparing for the parade of the annual 'Kiddie Kar Kon- test,' German Club members arrange their entry. As a part of her daily activities, Judy Hamilton, COE student, works at the Noland Road Bank. COE Club fills activities deficit Absent from the last two hours of every school day, Truman's Cooperative Occupa- tional Educational students found it nearly impossible to participate in extra-curricular activities, COE Club was designed to fill this deficit. This year the club provided Christmas for a Red Cross needy family and repaired toys which went to children at Mercy Hospital. In February, the members of the club attended a contest in Warrensburg, and in March, they attended the state contest in Columbia. An employer-employee banquet in April contrib- uted to the active year. COE Club officers were Steve Anderson, president, Dean Hale, vice president, Paula Jones, secretary, Brenda Porter, treasurer, John Maxtin, reporter, Linda Cornell, parli- mentariang Mr. Larry Cook, sponsor. ROW ONE - Doug Phillips, Dean Hale, Raymond Rast, Steve Amos, Peter Bradford, Kerri Stephens, Lynda Weller, Shirley Kemper, Debbie Kenley, Sherrelyn Glossip, Cathy Cantwell, Linda Force, Brenda Rapp. ROW TWO - James Welk, Glenda Heater, Judy Campbell, Janeece Buckner, Jim Zellmer, Linda Cornell, Rick Liles, Pat Deyman, Sherri Bradshaw, Natalie Hannoford, Paula Johnson, Jean Lewis. ROW THREE - Jim Randolph, Larry Latimer, Ronnie Sha- han, David Snedeger, Steve Anderson, Paula Jones, Jane Farnsworth, Bill Nance, John Schonfildt, Phyllis Butcher, Margaret Champ, Bob Chesley, Twila Milleson, Edna Was- raven. ROW FOUR - Randy Heflin, Mike Blankenship, John McCarty, Cary Bead, Mike Poe, John Maston, Stuart Keller, Jerry Andes, Jim Huffman, Bob Finkin, David Re- neau, Steve Izard, Judy Rabon, Janette Andrews. Truman One-Acts finish with flourish Being made up as an old lady, Carol Warren prepares for her role. She was named "Best Actress." "Golly, I keep forgetting that line!" "Break a leg." "Look at all those people!" "Oh, my make-up is smeared!" "Good luck!" "Let's go over this scene one last time!" "Get some more cold cream!" "Thank goodness, this will be over tomorrow!" "Five minutes!" "Gee, l'm scared!" . Nervousness and excitement prevailed as the dramatics students prepared for the pres- entation of the Truman One-Acts. Rehearsal went on for weeks until the final night when odors of grease paint, unique costumes and last-minute assurances created the seemingly confused scene. But as the last curtain low- ered, triumphant and proud smiles plastered relieved faces. "You were terrific!" "That wasn't so bad after all!" "I was so nervous! . .. " Grimacing to obtain the right effect, Donna Mueller applies the final touch. X - 'iw. .mf I ai? QJJQYJI Brewer Miss Heritage 1968 Annette Shirky Sherry Hawkins Senior Attendant Senior Attendant Vicki Titus Michelle Harris Junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant ll5 Patronizing the Heritage Dance, Phil Basler and Ann Lo- teridge dance to the music of the Fables. 'Babes in Toyland' Features Fables On December 16, 1967, Sharon Brewer, sen- ior, was crowned the 1968 Miss Heritage. Sharon reigned over 'Babes in ToyIand', the theme for the fourth annual Christmas dance, with twelve foot toys surrounding the gym. Sharon and her attendants were escorted by their fathers to the throne and then danced the first dance with their escorts. Each girl was presented with a long-stemmed rose as she approached the throne decorated with large stuffed lions and a back-drop of red and green. Don Cain, editor of the Heritage, announced the queen and her attendants: seniors Annette Shirky and Sherry Hawkins, junior Vicki Titus and sophomore Michelle Harris. Couples entered the dance through a guard house with a twelve foot toy soldier on each side. A sixteen foot Christmas tree surrounded by presents and decorated with lights high- lighted the center of the floor. The Fables provided music for the tradition- al dance sponsored by the publications de- partmerlt. Senior attendants, Annette Shirky and Sherry Hawkins congratulate Sharon on her recent crowning. Gathering around the new queen, friends congratulate Sharon Brewer. Standing in line, Garett Schaberg and Randy Kassen wait at the re- freshment table. 117 L kii i' 2 ,14- har 1?f'W A K Tv b Q 5 f W mis W' X K am, .. ,,,,, :i ff 52 1 KX. v,..v A :sm '- -sa . , 5. .. Lf yrs ,aim X -Wswg :qw . . AW, w AE??f-ifixifm 7 Sw kille r 21 6 1 2333535-23311 fgxbiifvgsef-eafipzsag-fini! A 1 H s iv. A.V, SQM,.5.5QK.v 2 Q -mwfsv f ww-1 K , vis! .wi , A.,,,. , X miilffi , S' 1 wfsnsfzilly Qumwf:,1-151:w: M .W .,.L.,,.v,A W,,w,W2,. ,, V, ,wgM,,.W.v,,x,.,M. W W W .:,f mmfffs Q Mm' ' xzmaslfv, ' 'seein' H Y HEEL: T 3'f.'f.-iifffiiei iff z,1kesf:?K.-Qgfssgfszzlllgsgwsviias i. ' ,awwka:zQ:gwgs:sz'f,:-wg 1- Wkz:,,2,,ffmPZ-QM A ,, iggfvagff.,w1gfwg.f'vLPif'Pei0185463 ' ' Qfzseiiem 25535555213 my yff- 1, -, f Q41 -, w.'-R-v,y1f1.:1Q11, ,- M A.v,A.,.L my .yafm V . ?s1'As5"h - Qisii' " ' F5,iEiZwa:fez4:::: 355553'iii'-Sziigiif'FYif?fi?'?E-z? ' is-if -T . Ellfi km. .fx-:mmf -'mv K' vm' wiffff- ' PM :gh ,.,f,5gl' fgwwwawf:-acvffw"1 fi?iif 5' if:-2 1 ,mzixfz . :mn 15, 1., fJ111,,: Wf:iE:iEi?TEiZ5f1.:, ' EZESM2, i, .,., WW ,, . ww: f -may nz f 1 .,,. Sikh., ' . ..,A. my f 522557: ' 'Tiff - swim-'. mx Q1 75551 es 5' mf " Tiqfflif' , ' "W"""' 204.12 mmm . Wa: ?'Zl5Q3ii5??f?? rx w iffif i amiga M, LMT eb Nbraww A 'A K' ' '- .sswtg fggggi? Q,LL ,X ,K S Sz, fm sifigiayl, .Nw M, f 3 l4.ggLf'ggg3,.gg,zgsg W,.W,.. 11 1' A f K H352 LM, meims 4memm.a ,,.,..,W wihliiifzz . :Maw V 3 N W wie? Bill, Dotty snare Patriot spirit symbols Patriotism abounding, Dotty Craig and Bill Worth were elected as symbols of spirit. Trumanites swarmed to the polls in support of Dotty Craig during the annual Indepen- dence Queen of Flowers Contest. Competing against girls from other area schools, Dotty swept to the fourth crown for Truman in as many years as a tide of Patriots surged to vote. Bill Worth emerged victorious over Don Mo- sier and Gary Young in the balloting for 1968 Mr. School Spirit. Over the years, Bill was a loyal and boisterous supporter of all sports and club activities. After his nomination by the Pep Club, fellow students chose him as a rep- resentative of Patriot idealism. Through Dotty Craig and Bill Worth, Truman spirit, determination and loyalty were exempli- fied. Dotty Craig Queen of Flowers 119 Bill Worth Mr. School Spirit .W . -in . .. gm ' 'Y 4 .sq f f I X' Q 5 f f S L wi V5 2 , Qi! Sports Caked with mud and water, Charles Cockerell receives his new assignment from Coach Ken Johns 122 Assistant coach Clyde Kubli gains vital information from a Truman spotter. Truman ties for second in conference play 15 tim l23 N. Sophomore halfback Alan Kelley picks up valuable yardage. 124 Pats prove strength with decisive victories is 4' Prior to the Raytown ball game, Charles Cockerell calcu- lates future responsibility. Wet with perspiration, Phil Basler sweeps his left end for another Truman touchdown. Fighting for additional yards, Alan Kelley twists away from a Raytown tackler. Varsity competitors promote Truman spirit 3 , A 4 A ROW ONE-Charles, Sincox, Armillio, Corum, Johnson Duncan, Kramer, Norman, Harris Handley Laxson Mill er, Kelley, Brewer, White. ROW TWO-Henry, Chappelow, Hutchenson, Williams, Collel, Ballou, Tucker, Maus, Bar nett, Felix, Hammond, Blcom, Rupe, Allen, Cockerell, Fell ings. ROW TH REE-Micheals, Searcy, Bridges, Weber Fann, Sword, Czakowski, Bass, Stanfield, Fulmer, Wiss Oliver, Niccum, Johns. ROW FOUR-Basler, Smith, Rode kopf, Wilkinson, Murphy, Cook, Wright, Valleau, King Dyer, Rice, Nay, Riveria. E 1 Head cheerleader Pat Cain presents Coaches Johns and Hobick with rabbits feet. Charles Cockerell, Dennis Smith, and Randy Rice close-in on an Oak esc '-'A Park back. Another Truman first exemplified the per- formance of the Truman football squad. This year, the Patriots sported their best season ever by compiling a 5-5 record and finishing in a tie for second in the conference. The first two games proved disappointing as the Truman gridsters were handed crushing defeats by the Jefferson City Jays and the Cen- ter Yellowjackets. But the tide turned as Truman stunned the Raytown Bluejays for the first time in Patriot history. Traveling to De La Salle, the fighting Pats delt the Titans a striking upset which evened the Truman record at 2 wins and 2 loses. Ruskin, however, ended the Patriot win- ning streak by clinching a tight heartbreaker played on Truman's home field. Truman then won its first Homecoming game by rattling the Northmen of Oak Park for another thrilling upset. Then the Patriots rambled past North Kansas City by an overwhelming margin. Springfield Central added anotherloss to the Patriot record. Next, through mud and water ankle-deep, Raytown South edged out a slim victory over Truman. But the Pats retal- liated by blasting the William Chrisman Bears, victory number five in Truman's first victo- rious season. Truman's Mick Rupe, Tom Wright, John Tucker and Phil Basler were chosen for the independence Examiners All-Area Team. Also representing the Patriots were Larry Brewer, second teamg Alan Kelly and Dennis Smith, honorable mention. Picked to the Suburban Eight AIl-Confer- ence Team were Tucker, John Wilkinson and Basler. Honorable mention went to Rupe, Smith, Gordon Stanfield, Steve Williams and Charles Cockerell. Phil Basler was selected by the Independence Examiner as Back of the Year. Tri-captains for the Patriot football squad were Cockerell, Wilkinson and Basler. Under the leadership of Coaches Laural Hob- ick, Ken Johns and Robert Felling, Truman marched to their most successful season. Headed by Coach of the Year Laural Hoblck Gary Allen Jim Armillio Jim Ballou End Back Back a Phil Basler Larry Brewer Ron Bridges Back Back Tackle B B B yzqvly M1 353 ..::: V, J' ,E Charles Cockerell Jack Fulmer Ed Harris Back Guard Center Alan Kelley Joe Laxson Bill Michel Back Guard End 128 Truman displays courage, sportsmanship ,. .. ,RF I I l 1 John Murphy Steve Niccum John Norman End Guard End Greg Rodekopf Randy Rice Mick Rupe End Tackle Guard fy ca' an H N x"":f-' 7555, ' Jr '- -'1. A ,, l iii 1 m' ..2.,1,- - 'ff 48 Q r , A Namon Searcy Kent Sincox Dennis Smith Tackle Center Center Flowermen Joe Laxson, Dennis Smith, and Mick Rupe work on blocking positions. ! .xA4sQi Truman sports best season in football history Gordon Stanlield Steve Sword Tackle John Tucker nd I G-. Gary Valleau John Wilkinson End Guard Ed Wiss Tackle Preparing for a future ball game are Richard White, trainer, Terry Charles, statisticiang and David Shakespear, Mark McGuire, Larry Kemper, Clyde Henry, managers. Tom Wright Tackle lisa' was Steve Williams Back ,, , Kirk Weber Center 130 4 Sliding through mud and water, Phil Basler attempts to intercept a Cardinal pass. Truman .,... 0 Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Jeflerson City ..,,. ..... Center ....AA, Raytown , . . De La Salle . , . Ruskin . . . Oak Park . . . NKC .,.. Springfield ..,.. ..... Raytown South Chrisman .... Observant teammates await call for participation Truman.. 27 Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Sophomore Chrisman , . , Center, Ruskin , . , Raytown 0akPark .,....,.a NKC a.,a........ Raytown South Sophomores huddle at half to revamp strategy Sophs, J.V. gain experience through action ROW ONE-Kaull man, Halford, Bryan, Clossen, Ruofl, nedy, Bourne, Snowden. ROW THREE - Cauflman Moore Miller, Sincox, Chandler, Baldwin, Fuller, Jones. ROW TWO Ochs, Nichols, Hopkins, Whitehead, King, Hatfield Barret -Rice, Fitch, Webb, Leirman, Swift, Davis, Wagner. Ken- ,.:.h-f,1...a4A Truman JV's drive into the Chrisman secondary Mn . Junior Varsity Truman. .. 6 Chrisman ,....,. A 27 Truman Center , , ,... 27 Truman Raytown .. . .. . . 72 Truman Ruskin M. . ,. 6 Truman Truman Truman Oak Park , . . NKC .,,i..... Raytown South ....37 ..,13 133 Extending their congratulations on her recent crown- ing, friends gather around Debi. Debi reigns over '67 Homecoming Amid the colors of orange and brown, the 1967 Football Homecoming Royalty reigned over the theme of "Autumn Splendor." The queen, Debi Calovich, was escorted to the field by her father during halftime of the Truman- Oak Park game. Senior attendants were Annette Shirky and Debbie Heckg juniors, Judy Hammett and Dia- na Berry. Ditty King and Ann Lotridge were sophomore attendants. Another first was ushered into Truman this year by putting the traditional Homecoming float in the bleachers. Plans for this float be- gan several weeks prior to that night. Amid the theme of "Autumn Splendor," the 1967 Homecoming Court reigns over the second half of the game. Ns. i All eyes turn toward Debbie Heck as the senior candidate for queen arrives at the arches. dpi' Coming through the traditional arches, Mr. Virgil Shirky escorts his daughter, senior Annette. 135 'nf' Debi Calovich 1967 Football Homecoming Queen Debi Calovich reigns at 'Autumn Splendor 6 Annette Shirky Debbie Heck Senior Attendant Senior Attendant Judy Hammett Diana Berry Junior Attendant Junior Attendant Ditty King Ann Lotridge Sophomore Attendant Sophomore Attendant 137 Patriot harriers capture Suburban crown Successive wins marked the best cross country team Truman had seen in four years of competition. After losing their second meet of the season, the Patriots powered back to capture eight straight victories and the Subur- ban conference crown. Sparked by Don Allinder, a fleet-footed sen- ior, Truman's harriers led the Suburban Eight with an impressive showing of sportsmanship and determination. Following constant im- provement, Don decisively shattered the old school record of 10:54, and set a new two mile time at 10:21.4. Aside from Allinder, all Tru- man teammates performed with outstanding results. Truman placed fourth at the Ruskin Invita- tional and two weeks later scored high to take first place in the conference meet. The Pa- triots again displayed their power by claiming the runner-up position in District competition and 5th place in the final State meeting. -.1 'fi S Truman's cross-country team clusters around Coach Bill Robinson as he tabulates tinal points. 139 Exhausted, Don Allinder recuper- ates from his grueling run. Junior varsity displays unblemished record ROW ONE-Mike O'Hara, Lance Powell, Marty Talcot, Don trost, Mike Hodkinson, Gary Butcher, Bill Taylor, Steve Allinder, Bill Allinder. ROW TWO-John Seidel, Archie Ga- Staley, Steve Matson, Coach Bill Robinson. A Patriot runner finds com- fort and relaxation under near by shade tree. l film '41 ,M , .,,.:,, ,. K -..Q J misfit 140 Limbering his muscles, Lance Powell prepares forthe start of the meet. Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Ruskin Invitational ....,... Truman . . . 26 Chrisman Truman,..23 NKC.... Varsity Chrisman ..,....... Ruskin ,... . . . Center .... . . . Grandview ..,. . , . Raytown .... , . . Suburban Conference Meet ..... . . . ..,. 4th ...35 , .... 39 Truman . , , 22 Raytown South . , . 38 District Meet ,......,..,............... Truman . . . 20 Oak Park , .. 39 State Meet ,,.........,.... .... Lee's Summit ,,... Liberty ,..,., Fort Osage . . Fort Osage ....... Belton ..., Belton .4.. ....84 ,,.5th Intent on participation, Archie Gatrost observes a rival. 70 68 1st 92 2nd Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman . . , Truman Truman Junior Varsity Ruskin .....,..,,, Lee's Summit ..... Grandview . . . , , Raytown ...4 . . Chrisman .,.. , . N K C .,.......,.. Raytown South . . . Oak Park ,.... . , Center . . . Liberty A . , Fort Osage . Fort Osage . Belton . . . Belton , . . ....69 ....73 ,.....67 .,,.,.45 ....75 .,.,60 Cheerleaders corral dual firsts while rampaging through competition Sweeping all first-place ribbons, the '67-'68 cheerleaders nailed down the Grand Champs Award during a week spent at the Missouri Val- ley Cheerleading Clinic. Also during the summer, they vied with twenty other schools at the Mall contest, spon- sored by the Radio Station WHB, and captured the top spot. As a result of this win, the cheer- leaders recorded several broadcasts for WH B. During basketball season the cheerleaders gave a luncheon for the varsity squad before the Raytown South game. To finance activities, the cheerleaders held a rummage sale and a bake sale which together netted 5275. Cheerleaders this year were Patti Cain, head cheerleader, Sue King, Cynthia Davis, seniors, Debbie Brown and Vicki Titus, juniors, Ditty King and Dale Ann Doubledee, sophomores. Vicki Titus Patti Cain, head cheerleader Cynthia Davis 2 Q 1 C 3 4 . f .:.,.....W Q uni" vr-'--' Truman Patriots stampede to crown ABOVE: Showing the Patriots' jumping prowess Gary Soper double-dunks during warm-up. LEFT Stuffing an attempted reverse lay-up, Dave Ni chols is in command of the action. l VARSITY - Lawrence Hjersted, Bradd Crowley, Andy Brandt, Dave Nichols, Gary Soper, Gaylord Browne, Gary Bryant, John Wilkinson, Don Cain, Phil Basler, Steve Young, Dave Bennett, Kneeling, Coach Clay Snowden. Rampaging over foes, Pats sack titles Battling back from a one-loss deficit, the Truman Patriots bounced into their second consecutive Suburban Eight conference co- championship. The season cracked open with the Pats rack- ing up three quick victories over St. Pius X, DeLaSaIle and Westport. Truman then moved past Park Hill in the first round of the North Kansas City Tournament. The Pats entered into the championship game by upsetting Rockhurst 69-59. But Raytown South handed Truman its first defeat of the year, 63-52, in the finals. Recovering from the loss, the Patriots ripped Bishop Miege for another victory. Tru- man then started conference play by blasting Ruskin and Raytown. The Lee's Summit tournament proved to a repetition of the NKC bout. The Pats drove by Grandview and Lee's Summit only to fall to Rockhurst by two points in the championship bracket. Traveling to North Kansas City, the Patriots dealt the Hornets a jolting defeat. The follow- ing night also proved victorious for the Pats as they whipped cross-town William Chrisman 57-53. Disaster struck, however, when the Cardi- nals of Raytown South rapped Truman for the second time of the season. But regrouping their forces, the Patriots rampaged past Oak Park and Center to finish the first round of conference action. The Patriot machine powered forward with four more decisive wins over Ruskin, Raytown, NKC and William Chrisman. With these victo- ries, Truman carried an 18-3 mark against the Kansas City Stars number one ranked team, Raytown South. The game ended in an upset as Truman humbled the Cards 53-50. The Patriots needed to win their final two conference games to nab a share of the title. Oak Park and Center fell the following week, leaving the Pats with their second co-champi- onship. Hosting the regional, top-seeded Truman blasted Van Horn and William Chrisman to earn the championship. The Patriots closed out a 23-4 season with a loss to Southeast in the first round of the state tournament. Individual honors included the naming of Phil Basler and Gaylord Browne to the All-Area team. Team captain Dave Bennett and top rebounder Dave Nichols were given honorable mention. Truman Truman Truman 1967-68 Varsity Basketball 67 St. Pius X 53 Westport 68 De LaSalle North Kansas City Tournament Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman Truman 72 Park Hill 69 Rockhurst 52 Raytown South 87 Bishop Meige 63 Ruskin 67 Raytown Lee's Summit Tournament 72 Grandview 69 Lee's Summit 57 Rockhurst 58 NKC 57 Wm. Chrisman 43 Raytown South 61 Oak Park 64 Center 68 Ruskin 63 Raytown 62 NKC 67 Wm.Chrisman 53 Raytown South 68 Oak Park 67 Center Regionals 74 Van Horn 64 Wm.Chrisman District 64 Southeast Caught in a pensive mood, Coach Clay Snowden watches his team. Kamakazee squad member Don Cain, along with starters Dave Bennett, John Wilkinson and Pahil Basler warm-up before the second half. 7 tl,t, it .4 -if 147 W sf if Struggling for possession, Gaylord Browne scrambles with Lee's Summit players. Patriots produce powerful machine De LaSalIe's Jay Williams and Tru- man's Phil Basler light for loose ball. N' I If f 4' Captain Dave Bennett evades defense for two points 149 Lettermen perpetuate Truman tradition Truman's Dave Nichols snatches Chrisman carom. CSP 42 Phil Basler, 6'3" Senior Q Dave Bennett, 6' Senior Steve Brandt, 6'5" Senior Senior Gaylord Browne, 6'3" Patriot roundballers await instructions from coach Clay Snowden. lim Andy Bryant, 6'2" Senior sv-gf Bradd Crowley, 6' Senior Ga ry Soper, 6'4" Junior Don Cain,6'2" Anticipating first quarter action is Senior Dave Bennett. Lawrence Hjersted, 5'11" David Nichols, 6'4" Senior Junior ' if John Wilkinson, 6'2" Gary Young, 6'1" Senior Senior ISI Fourth quarter tip-ofl finds Dan Cornelius at a disadvantage Junior varsity explodes to 11-6 season Hard driving Craig Jones pops over Raytown defender. Truman St. Pius Truman De LaSalle Truman Bishop Miege Truman Ruskin Truman Raytown Truman NKC Truman Chrisman Truman Raytown South Truman Oak Park Truman Center Truman Ruskin Truman Raytown Truman NKC Truman Chrisman Truman Raytown South Truman Oak Park Truman Center JUNIOR VARSITY - Rick Miller, Neal 0'Conner, John Dennis, Mike Downard, Jack Gilbertson, Ron Tonyan, Kent Price, Craig Jones, Dan Cornelius, David Ralston, Bruce Schumakerg kneeling, Coach Bob McHenry. Extending beyond his opponent, Jack Gilbertson adds two more points. 153 Sophomores parade over conference eree a H qwwawgg V 7 A ,. -e.,.wowMwfw,emw:-A onewf,N,AmwwwnnQm,w.WQxww-Mwew'.'' 4 M Taking dead aim, Chuck Burks prepares to pile-up another Patriot point. 154 foes to rack up 10-2 record Truman Ruskin Truman NKC Truman Raytown South Truman Oak Park Truman Raytown Truman Oak Park Truman Center Truman Raytown South Truman NKC Truman Ruskin Truman Raytown Truman Wm. Chrisman Bob Hopkins tests the defense of Mickey Wyss ROW ONE - Don Bourne, Mark Crowley, Mick Wyss, Randy Noble, John Herbst, Kent Price Mike Hatfield Jack Gilbert Kassen, Chuck Burks, Rick Miller, Larry Voth, Jim Kauff- son, Bob Hopkins, Ken Evans man. ROW TWO - Coach Bob Scheele, Dan Cornelius, Gary Agility, skill formulate Pats' success N..-' Q1 ff Z' ,I Driving through three Raytown defenders, Phil Basler buckets another Truman score Hustling past a Chrisman player, Dave Bennett and John Wilkinson gain posses- sion ofthe ball. ,,-iff' fi Dg1Iu. mit .w - V Q f ,wfj i f Lf' '58 Q ff - 1 554 5 Wi NL M Vi mm J 113.-.r Escorted by her father, Mr. Raymond Harmon, Debbie happily receives the news of her distinction. Pink, white accent Debbie's coronation Trees with pink blossoms, and a backdrop of spring flowers accented the theme of the 1967-68 basketball homecoming, "Spring Splendor." While the band played "Laura," Sandi Cookston, last year's queen, crowned Debbie Harmon the 67-68 queen. During halftime of the Tru man-Raytown South game, Debbie and her two senior at- tendants, Mary Hininger and Kay Lotspiech, along with Judy Hammett and Dale Ann Doub- ledee, their junior and sophomore attendants, were escorted by their fathers to the court. After the crowning, Debbie was presented with a dozen carnations and chrysanthe- mums, then escorted to her throne where she and her attendants reigned over the victorious second half of the game. Debbie Harmon 1968 Basketball Queen in r i Working from the bottom, John Czajkowski maneuvers his opponent toward the mat. Matmen typify Patriot determination Diving for position, Charles Cockerell slams an opposing wrestler to the lloor 160 'H Eli r ' W arr llwrf if Entangled in a predicament is Mike Carver. Junior Randy Coil struggles to free himself A is 1' ,an i tl f ' ,Args . . mis? ,K f. 1 M3 Til T Ka ROW ONE - John Browning, Mike Carver, Bill Walker, Mike O'Hara, Randy Coil, Leonard Thompson, Tom Ryburn. ROW TWO: Charles Cockerell, Mike Woods, Richard Cockerell, Namon Searcy, John Czajkowski, George Hutchison,Gordon Stanfield, Coach Don Coffman. Senior Charles Cockerell battles with Chrisman grappler to gain advantage. Patriot wrestlers grasp dual thirds Finishing the season with third place in both the Center Invitational and District tourna- ments highlighted Truman's wrestling season. Overall, the Patriots posted a 4-8 record with decisive victories coming against Ruskin, East, Liberty and Hogan. Truman hosted the Suburban Eight confer- ence tournament, January 25-27. Charles Cockerell and Randy Coil placed third and fourth in their respective weight divisions. Junior varsity grapplers developed a win- ning margin with a result of 7 wins to 5 de- feats. Sophomores finalized with a loss to Oak Park and a tie with North Kansas City. The Pats were coached this year for the first time by Dr. Don Coffman, assisted by Mr. Ken Johns. Varsity Truman 5 Center 42 Truman 20 Raytown 26 Truman 16 Wm. Chrisman 30 Truman 29 Ruskin 16 Truman 11 NKC 33 Truman 37 East 9 Truman 17 Van Horn 25 Truman 8 Oak Park 33 Truman 13 Raytown South 35 Truman 17 Wm. Chrisman 21 Truman 29 Liberty 14 Truman 36 Hogan 14 Centerlnvitational 3rd District Tournament 3rd Junior Varsity Truman 17 Center 37 Truman 16 Raytown 32 Truman 37 Wm. Chrisman 15 Truman 29 Ruskin 23 Truman 18 NKC 30 Truman 32 East 23 Truman 24 Van Horn 26 Truman 5 Oak Park 45 Truman 27 Raytown South 19 Truman 29 Wm. Chrisman 20 Truman 35 S. M. South 13 Truman 36 Liberty 20 Sophomore Truman 8 Oak Park 42 Truman 24 NKC 24 T Gaining a decision, Mike Woods pins his opponent ROW ONE - John Naughton, Rusty Ford, Bill Rector, Ron ROW TWO - Duane Russell, Bob Jones, Ted Johnson, Kirk Brockman, Galyn Coll man, Mark Crawford, Tom Walfe. Weber, Bob Ochs, John Murphy, Coach Ken Johns. 'dw ELA 552 - r WW? :HM if an-Q 3 ,qi E 1522 . Wg qw will 1, Classes Michelle Harris, vice-president. , 5 . 1 Q ff.: f r rrrr L 3,3:,:g,. ' I K J 1, Kathy Hancock, secretary Mary Kuklenski, treasurer. r ,M r HW" . 5 sm., fs, rg . , , we 1 DH. I' 'RQ11' ai g'jhA.N we .s e Randy Rice, president. l 167 Novel sensations Stimulate sophs Halls seemed like a maze to sophomores as they struggled to acquaint themselves with the Truman High School building this year. Numerous and varied activities gobbled them up - a sophomore here, a sophomore there. Legally they chewed gum in class and sat be- side their best friends in assemblies. Responsibility slapped them in the face as the teachers and other Trumanites relied on their assistance. The patriot light became their ight, and the Iunchroom competition became their competition. However, they eventually grew accustomed to the groove of things. . , Truman introduces 468 sophomores Harold Adams Ken Adams Virginia Akers Diane Alexander Kathie Alexander Bill Allinder Susan Alsup Jeanie Alumbaugh David Anderson Nancy Anderson Patti Anderson Rod Anderson Launa Andes Patti Andes Linda Arnone Kathy Ayers Ed Baldwin Becky Ballew Michael Barb Joy Barksdale Robert Barlow Robert Barrett Barbera Basler Wanda Baugh Carl Beal Jane Bennett Jean Bennett Ellen Bethel Toni Beverstock Terry Blank Glenn Blankenship Larry Blatt Veryla Book Cherie Booth Eugene Bordelon Dennis Blythe Crystal Borgman Don Bourne David Bowman Bob Brackenbury Shannon Bradford Larry Brewer Steve Bridges Jim Brittain Ron Brockman Pam Brooks Linda Brown Debbie Browning John Browning Mike Bryan Larry Bunch Chuck Burks Bob Burns Debbie Burns Walker Burns Mark Burriss Mike Bush Tommy Bush Marietta Butler Karen Cain Janet Calvert Bill Campbell David Campbell f ,, .ir iy All A ,iyw f s. ., Q, Q . 5 "' 'E A A L 1. ,N L N, jk My L. L Q L L2 W A y W fine f L Ti A f K J if A Q Xl ' X L x ,. A' l ' K X QW-l K V, H J i' V Q K Qffxx y Q , K 1, It , , .. : "'i if--pf fy . 5 ' R i s if Qi' Q. E v ef z tw Q if t ff an J "' Ab f ,s :ZZIZQ Y g K if .1 1 .ff . Q , ,, Y. ls,. ,, . f ig . 1 J B? , rf A A ,gs I , ,, gg: JU, ' 1 .we as f ' 32 ak LA 5-.q X K X .A K LX 9 :-'ful "' J if i 'e.. l,,i 1 11 ,Fly ' . ' ' ,1 ,J 524, an V. ,.-Q A ,N A VK , 3 f 'N' 'W if -B so J L. W ak' i A-Q N- fs ' Hills' 'Q-wi ' 47 J' 'Ni n .i ' .- es ' , A221533 5' ' if x 'w ' ,W if , -,,. ..- 'N :.: I ff We K , 7 Q i7fgg,,.,,!4' if . -N K ,mn A A li is ' A if iieliss is limi? i LZ 'V' '14 is A E i '- ' E ,i e 2, a, J e , , yy , ggi I -My jaw. I ,i , p is K Q f M if M Q MW X3 5 ' I 'T , A it at E A W ,.- A t.- ,. ,, yziy RMA ' 1 z i , if L 'Wffetl 3 ' ",1f ti' f Q - ,gi .. A, 6 .. .2 ,., L ,V ,Q .. sei: fa-f-wifi 1- e .mi .1 ' sf ,ta I 5 ' ' , kr, Ah ayyi,,, hxyyy V y , ky .i We is 1 XV, ,Z 33: V vig t i s vi A iiyghiyy A we I ' "Y L -3 an , C 'CQ K 1 'W 5 ' ' K . V 5 J ssarei i X . 5 ' an K.- -Q var: 9 '52 I ,E y we N 5 ,. te. .L If it K In . Aww 'M dl gf ' , . .. rs e '23 'B Q 'M O 1, ,y rl ' ' ' gf If K l', ' iiwgi ww 7 X SH 1 Xt ,, 4 X W .l l a J' V L .0 P f 2 y . , g ,B M, ,L , A ,.. '-": .1 Q L ' Q E, gg J ,M , L I 15, 5 Af v K ig A y Q -Q 1 wc .- -. f A ' , A AL l, l .., J Xen lA tr J ' it . ' , . if Xl ' 5 O , F if f,Q, O 1: .5 r rc "L- , 'rs J' " if ' . 'il . A,:, K' 'E M 3 .... ' ii , ww- 1 e . ,.ifj, V 31 g Q' . T s by K' K J"-'z g""'7 :M if ff' 21 " it XE V.:k, ,,f: nf if 5 A '- xF ZOfs Doug Campbell Joyce Carmichael Mike Carr Tim Carr Bill Carroll Mike Carver Janice Cascairo Terri Case Benita Casey Kathy Casey Sheldon Chambers Mickey Chandler Bruce Chapman Jeanne Chapman Sharon Chinnery Joanne Chrisco Scott Christensen Mark Clariday Larry Clarke Jim Clayton Doug Clem Ray Clinton William Clossen Lindsay Cobb Sheryl Collel Karen Coin Louisa Colletti Rhonda Collins Valerie Collins Mary Ann Colston Roger Comer Rick Cook Alan Cooper Larry Cooper Mike Copenhaver 1 OFFICE AIDES. ROW ONE: Debbie Heck, Annette Shirky, Patti Grimes, Sharon Brewer, Connie Woods. ROW TWO: Margaret DeCamp, Bobbie Vickers, Lynn Dixon, Linda Heflin, Cheryl Warner. ROW THREE: Kathy Stafford, Kay Lotspiech, Ranae King, Suzi Nell, Sherry Rose, Linda Vivian. Truman students gain useful experience Denise DeHaven Louis DeCavelle Tom Davis Teresa Davis Sharon Davis Paul Davis Randy Davis Linda Davis Linda Davies Cathy Davidson Dean Daugherty Marie D'AngeIo Jack Curtis Judy Currier Connie Cupp Howery Cunning Shirlene Culver Cathy Crudele Mark Crowley Randy Crow Lynn Crawford Dennis Cramer Debby Coy Steve Cox Renee Cox Monte Colton Dan Cornelius Marilyn Corlett ham LIBRARY AIDES. ROW ONE: Carol Warren, Nan Sheehy, Debbie McLain, Janet Calvert. ROW TWO: Debbie Browning, Linda Davies, Carol Hollaman, Claudia Verdict. ROW THREE: Margaret Odom, Teresa Slayton, Carol Nance, Carol Rose. s . j a iff "i ' s I In hw .K F K 'Q in in 'T Ye? 15 M 1 - - - V ,ish M h 1 M , six , I 'z .gag M ,s - 'E A -f 5, 'ix S ' .f X rv. V ! XX, , X 'lzw .L Q rrfffeejsfii - 1 : K .-lalazfz V,afa"s. ' x in ig K, K-i . mx :K ' ug ,- .key g L- s fa K 1 J Y - .." - A 1 l V , ly , . l ,T k:.. 6 K 4 A wi f I 5 ' ' 'N V . t, if wi im' H Q L Q, i 5 - i ':V.' Q ii 'Ap . . f vj , R W F l70 from voluntary library duties , 1 - -. 1 - 1- 1 1 - fn., an fx.. -'f 1 -"" ' 5 V ai . ' ' K ' ' 3'-1 1 " ' Q 1 l ' as 4 - L - I LL! -4 in 458 - 1111- 11- Q1 1 J 8 9 ,win 1 W- Q 11 1 - . -1 '- 11 --W' 1- W3 ' M ' 2" F ' 1 g 1 1 " ' 11, 1 " ,, - 1 ' H' N' 2 , M- -1 u M I 1 1 11 y 1,52 yas. X ? Q A . 1. r 111 ' 2511, 1 ,.,. -53,1111 - A 1 Y 2 1 by rrrr y , W 1 31 rl . . f w N 1 1 1 " - 1 if-21 ' M11 ' 3 ' '-:LH 11 3 -1111 1 1 if if 'ff 1 , T1 1 11 j eifssliw .,"11 :guf 1-1.'zs1 , ' 7 ' 11 1 1 11 ,,, L 111 1 ' 'gf "' A mi il 111- - 1 W' 1' .LL f F Y ' , 1111-11, 1 11113 1 1 .E 1 17 ,- 11 A 1 is 11 1 1 ,' I 11 EX 'X '1 5,15 i 'wif' ff? " Vis? ' ' 7' 3 Y 1 1' V r ' 34 K fx B 5 it B 1 1 -1 M2151 ' sw Q 1 1 - - 1, w ' - 1.1. -1 1 1 1 ""' 1 1- M -1 M1 11111 I -1-' ' 11 1 EF' F 53+-ya Amgyuam '3:q1emf11,::4Q2zza:12s1'5l-14'f'sE"" 1 11, -1 1-'1511vi::'W?imi11"' V"7'f'51-ff' ' V597 12 ' '- ' " 'r-' r A fi iid 1' ' 1 ' 1 A I' "js, - 'X , 1 .1 " M'-qi :i a 1 1 ' 1 11-1, 1 me 1 1 1 1 gf - W Q em:-, 1 JZ-D3 m1.......L 1 1 as 111131711 11 1 I ,11, 1, ,,V, 11 ,I 1 Vg fl' F -'l-V -111 1- 'F 11,121 I 1 k y 1 71- K 33 5 11 'N 1, 1 W ' 11-1' 1 1 'ff .1 11 , 1 1 x 5, ,got vga 1 11 'T 7' f sg ' - 6 1 1 H Q 1 t 172 1 Q 1 1 V v I gl W 6 2, 1 - 1 ' 1 --ij111,, 1 1 1 'L Q' ,142 14. 1 ll w -1 411 ? '-1 "U 1 '-- J . 1 l - 1 1 za 4' f 1 1 l :.,,,1--11-1 1 .ax ,A 1 :.ffi,,,'.m, 111 ' -ff mains? 1-1-112-fix 1 11 1- ' 11- - 1 -vii, fixeiffwlf--'1'11z1Q1'f 1 li r I ,H if 11 1? A1 Dennis DeLong Kathy Dennis Renee Dent Connie Dickson Barbara Divine Carolyn Dixon Sharon Dorton Dale Ann Doubledee Debbie Downing Steve Draper Mike Dunham Deanna Edmondson Richard Edmondson Tim Elder Ken Evans Phil Evans Warren Evans Neil Farguhar Clill Felix Mike Ferrin Connie Fickel Denise Fields Ronald Finke Alan Fisher LeRoy Fisher Larry Fitch Kay Fletcher Rusty Ford Frank Fouts Donna Frazier Kenny Free Gary Fuller Larry Fuller Rick Galloway Gary Ganson Albert Gatrost Linda Gaughran Deborah Gebubort Jack Gilbertson Diane Gillispie Les Gilliland Mike Ginn Warren Gooden Mary Goodyear Pam Gordon Mary.Jane Gouge Steve Green Dana Griflin Joyce Groom Valerie Gusse Sherry Gunter James Hackler Brenda Hall Dennis Hall Daniel Hallford l" ' " ' 111 7 ' 1 'we "Mm of as W' L -f "' 1 A r I 1. A F . . 1 145115. 1 -- if . fri 1' 11 ' 15 if ,. 4. fm? 11-1 'XEYK .J ' ' ' ,f M 11 ll 1 1 ' 21 -4' 1 w11 l' "' 11 332 . vb xx Q wif- 4571, - was 11 I- A l7l -.,f - A 1 ,1.l 1 ,. .v ,K ri.. ,y if 'A 2 Y 1 7' i f- fi "' " Q ,V ' 'L D C K+ sf H l s Kay Halsey Robert Hamilton Pam Hammons Kathy Hancock David Handy Gaye Hardy John Harmon Sharon Harrington Michelle Harris Becky Hart Mike Hatfield Don Hawes Ray Hawk Bill Hawthorne Truman traditions bombard first we . 1 J, f as so J 5 fs s - ., i , - ' uv , s. 1 is J- 'V in , lf' j 'i'i as W K ., , M A . wry, 4,3 K K 'X ff A 1 K 1 Q J A w e W ei, ' y A 7 M Aa. ,. ,N L -N -N Viz cw.. - , - ,.,. ' " ' A 'J H Q N ' 1' 1 . LW s 4' as 1 it X 1 K .5 ,- A ,S r i, ZA gy ml' A v- M as 3 I W . ,L ,E ff ' lll,a gg. I 1 , 2. ' x we ik.. , "R V' 11 yi V ie- , 3 1 37? X 4 1 Z Klu V V H ' i sa V4 Q. V asc I l li? klkl' , . I xl 1, S - KL. ' Ta. RQ 1,A ,ifj Vg . ,- , fi U A ::.:, g X l M ' 5 J' " ' ,. " 4. - Ts V4 QS? 1' 54' , ,WI A 1 .. , SX !, QI? I J Xl gg J K , sg Wi Zi John Hays Lois Hendrickson Clyde Henry John Herbst Julius Herron Garry Holland Jim Hickam Mike Hicks Janice Highfill Cherie Hill Bill Hillen David Hines Danny Hobbs Mike Hodkinson Mike Hagge Hope Hollaman Doris Holmes Larry Holmes Sue Hoover Sharon Hoover Bob Hopkins Mary Ann Hoss Tim Hughes Chris Hulett Janet Humphrey Clill Huntsucker Denton Hyder Twilla Isbell Wesley Jackson Davy Jennings Bruce Jenson Charles Johnson Andy Johnson Jim Johnson Linda Johnson Mike Jones Wayne Jones Sheldon Jones Randy Kassen Jim Kauffman Alan Kelley Fred Kelley .Y 1 LJ.. ., 5 4 , X V , ' 1 ' A J, . ,5,.,s, - H, . Sandra Kelley Robert Kennedy ,Stiff , , 4, . Dennis Kidweii 5 A 6. QQ J if . V of 4 v Joann Keyton Q Lf ' x V Danny King W., E2ggiFMmg K X I V ef- V ,V 2 ff ,V Kathy King K i 1 f , 255 V D Linda King , V N Dennis Kinyon .1 'f v f"" , ' .J , , J- Karen Koon V Q W V 'N' V ""' V Aleah Koury . S' W ' , NV -5 I ' Nancy Krohstrom X, 1 L, 1 J 1 ' Cheri Krum i V- , f f V.i,f .AV V 4 V N C. d K h V VVVVWVVEV VVV Viy. Q ,V,Vj i in y u n year sophomores , f-1 C: iz ,J ,A ,-,, 1-1 1 A, ,Q Mar Kuklenski Y 51, . VJ ,V 411, Terry Lane A. f.1,,.f 11 ,wmfggz 2 i V , il .JH ,gk W V V ' 1- Bonnie Larson .J 1 ' A Sue Latimer 1 Q eney W f 'I-2x,,.--r..-""-'1---N 'Liz A e.s e,sr V V ,i,, I V David Lee Gary Leepe' History lectures require concentration. Randy Tinney provides 'J Q his full attention as he listens. 1 'oit J it M H ' f d Shawn '-Qevef f V A V D , J Marcia Lelbold 15, 9 LV. V 1 1 A Vuu V Y L V Janie Leighton-Floyd f V J .Q f J " ...' L' V YV" i'- 1 W , , im , Julie Leighton'Floyd L F- -,hy , L u 1 JE' 1 ' - j f ' ,Vw 3 ' ,X Nancy Lesh we ' if 1 70' 1 1 ' Q x 1 Wanda Lewis , , if X! Z Iiy Terry Lierman qi -mise V af gtg . H 1. ,xy '-"i K ' J Forrest Liggett VV ZVV . VV yy-: i 1 1 ' L Laurie Lightfoot V 'ii ,. ' ' 11 VV w- 1- V ,C V, " Cynthia Lilieston W i ,. D 'J "' Q EF Bob LONE 5- D' 1 , J A A Vj Ann Lotridge 1 - X ' ,. W ,AEH Brien Lowe 5 --a yv 1 V 1 cindi Lukhrofka .. V 1 V . , Gary Luna , 'e" ' V, , -1 Robert Lundquist Vi 'W" 1 V, V A , . if VV A, . L V ew. Debi Maddy V 1 I VV 3 ' . L ' V .. 1 , Rusty Maggard 1 ,VVV V L V 1 A 1, . V V , me i ii! Q1 ' Connie Mahaffy , .,u'5QM, ' A J H : fo. 'D ' Mike Malone am 1 .M 1 4 173 S John Masterson Judy Mastin Paula Maudlin Rick Mawhirten Joann McCarty John McComas Marcia McConnell Reta McCrary Lynette McDole Brenda McEntire Mark McGuire Debbie McLain Connie McNamara Lonnie McPheril Laurie McVay Tim Meador David Meaders Cindy Messick Curtis Meyer Cheryl Miller Steve Millikan L MJ,,g?E1, W, a,,,W,..,..v - -,-hk -.1 r 1 -f,- T so -1 1-Q i:,gq,'fZa U . ' J , 5 . 'H KU W .ff i M , ' - V ' - ,. -, f, . LM fp- 'Q-fl ' ' ,. T, , , '11 A - fm .fa - - . .Mfg ya , W 5 -i f V ' ll 'wig' - ! M , A, K 'ms ' Di, '-'.'i- ---. 'rri ' P , h'ii -- " M 'iii rf J - i ,-,. ' ' M525 2 A 7 ,, .' N f 211211-' ,aww x i"'- f 'P . .f I V, F S J 'af , S J W- ft "S .,.. ,- ' ' ,,-, fc? l ' "" if i 4 I '35, - 3 ' J J is J ' .. f f Q . :P S? i e ' ff Wixssi ., fit" ve , . QL' If 7' A F5 , 'fa mi Wiki s , Q,-'P' ,S S, , N v hsrs leg Q' 'i"3ZfQI 1 . Xxx K j 'A ophomores record accomplishments Joyce Moflet Kathy Montalte Paul Moore Micheal Morgan Jerri Morris John Murphy Jenice Meyers Shelley Myers Larry Nagel Carol Nance Janet Nash John Naughton Richard Neal Glen Nichols Peggy Nichols Penny Nichols Carol Nicodemus Gary Noble Bill Noland Steve Noll John Norman Bob Ochs Jim Osgood Teresa 0'MaIley Cindy Painter Sandra Parker Wayne Patience Vicki Patrick Rick Patterson Susie Paxton Jan Pearson Debra Pennington Diana Penniston Jeri Pepper Larry Phillips lt I ng 5 f v- A ii 1 ek H ' I . fi. ' V '- J ,M fi a t si 1, ff' ,le J 'Y I YA- V V X 4 ' 5 x F S S is L eo S or gg P 1,32 p t I , 35-Efkai Lili, ' . + - .fr . . .,, - 1 2" "' . W ggi: I gi AL A V- W ,. ,. W A 1f,L,,, f, o . 5 fr I ' A 'S' ' - J 'ti Q Q 1, tj is I Pe. G - as J Nu. fww. ' wtf ' L " ex if A G Q' K 4, A 'X My 2 i, I, my L ag . sk. ' 2 - f kv 1 ' f Efkl' , 1 f A H A - . . K, 7 i 'V vr-: H: . ,?,L , H. ' J .. Wt 5 Qi M 'flat 4 W- Q - - 'Q A ml 'L' 5513 " i' C? A H At ,. , -4' 3. 2,3 N ff? L S- iv' L M! lsiw ' 174 i fj i ., , R fi, MVWV .... V NL, V, , i in P' ' eser x " s is gl 'K , .. .. -l . . L. -1 f ' 7 " , fl . V ,Li VV FF H . Vf'Vf,i,L 8 . L , V 1 A W A rf V1 V B V 'V 2 A W V 'V V V ' x f , " V 1 ' ' " KY ,, . gf. V ff, 'X , 'X Xgsr- as L - P i 9 ' A V vs, : I QL ..- M bf' V' V A. Lx ,V Q A -, Y 1 a ,si , f N, Y W VV Wfte,aisegefissseee:,L V551 V L ew 5- A ' f' eg 'Z 'H' ' A Q ' L ' s L 'L NE? 4 ff' 'J l , 2 F so - M K ' V V 4' 'C 5 wi' 'G ' ' ' , S ,gg i .V P, -8 we ff W ,L 4 , fc I7 Q ks. gig: V K V i-cf V L, 43,1 - i 'W Rodney Rynearson 'S VM' L PM ,A - 1 Christine Sappenlield , .,..g L , L, " SV l e , , .L VV Lg M V Dennis Sartwell - L ,W . V L, Gay Saunders ' " N i' f Susie Saunders 1 L I 'S 'ie' , V VL H Charett Schaberg i f V 5 ' i Virginia Scherer VV Q- ' "VV LV5 V, Q N. V Jeanne Schilpp N, VV W 4 t ',LL, ii -I I Q5 , iv "r'e 'A 5 H" L f f Barbara Schnetzer PLL- f A , Diane Shoanfelt 175 Vicki Phillips Lawina Pitts Lee Marie Pollard Paula Porter Roger Poteet Kent Price Phil Purdy Joyce Rabon Linda Raveille Nancy Raynes Debbie Reagan Bill Rector Richard Reed George Reynolds Twylene Reynolds Dan Rice Joe Rice Randall Rice Rick Rice Sherry Rice Kathy Richards Ellen Richardson Sharon Richey Marsha Rightmyer Carl Riley Jerry Rivers Terri Roach Paul Roberts Cliflord Robertson Sharon Robinson Alida Roth Dorothy Roy Robert Ruester Steve Ruholl Farrel Rush Sophomore Pam Gorden is caught spying on basketball practice. Beverly Schulenburg Bill Schutz Roberta Sciortino Jackie Scott Mary Scott Michael Scott Nancy Scott Billy Seals Don Seaver Francis Sedge Kathy Seek Joyce Selder Philip Setchfield Nan Sheehy Judy Shelton Evelyn Shirk David Shoaf Kathy Shore Howard Shrout Tommy Simpson Kent Sincox Vicki Skinner Linda Slade Eric Slayton Cheryl Smith David Smith Kathy Smith Mike Smith Steve Smith Lee Smith Bob Snell Kim Soper Marilyn Elaine Soptic Lee Sparks Carol Sperry Bill Squires David Snader Gretchen Staley Barbara Stanley Brenda Stone Rick Stone J. D. Stoneman David Storms Dennis Stowell Jim Swift Norman Talbot Bill Taylor Carol Taylor Paula Taylor Jim Terranova Pam Thomas A ,Ql--l ,,,i M ra, gi l M Q A xp Wg, ix 1 L I '- KX, i M t JA s ss as , was 5a me .... V I W 4. ,W sf, hi my J gl .5 5 XX ' is ',, :y::.:: H x ' K -.,'- , Li 7 K g- , ' ' is I 1 yr, ,,,. ,Q ,ig W ,V "'M Counselors enlist girls' assistance s. A ,q s t , -J ff at-. +- f . ff.. -W Q mr, L -s K fi , . , ,. , - : - -. 13925 ' . ' 'il- tea? . 1 is i J f J , -1,,e i . N. . J J it J S A ' xi-Z i X J X A - as iilt 1 A ,gig 1, V ,i w i M, I 6 is i ,. M.: - "le as qw, ,,'y Y if K J S S J t-, B 7 LV- - fn' I fr -V V 1 I . . hw .l ' F3 ' if zjig 1" . Ei ' N., fn f ,kfiiffp neg N 5 J ' A 2 11+ b e r S 4 5 ' S' W i K K, Tliusff " ', . ,v 'g I ,Xl in I N My ,,., . R k is My 'isf P-QQ J V 176 Counselor's Aides, ROW ONE - Janice Salyer, Teresa Robinson. ROW TWO - Pam Mill- er, Pat Calvert, Kathy Cline. . W.. "fm . , ,A ., ., V - q ,R V . 1 ,, l - e ..., . T X' W' to T' A Q. f e, 4 S , y , Oxy : 1' ,V ngivfiligsl 75: ,1 N "" A' I .W L 'V -1' 'K K My , ff J 5, , if-Q ' ii' ei V ,A A . . --'L- Si .. if' i,,. RX " 1 M 'V 7"' K I QE? " - T , 1 gs, - 1 , ' lyvhh A O., ,gf . x I d 1 T J Y my if I 4 A, at ,F 1 13 f- l f-R D571 Ei A m f g: - sa, 2,-S"-Wszfi-, ' A , A ff' ' K . f 'V K J V? Q! V4 , I .. - Q A lj G ,,,, . Q' 1 H I W L K is Es A K4 ' ry ..: ' A .71 f sy. if S i ' L" , Q fy , Q 1,2 ,. z ,s Q iffy wig Q Y ff, I A Sn: J A .f I -.W ,O., , E " ' 51,43 i ' 1, .. - ii F ,A l Eg C , 4 X , my 'L' 1 . fe R'-1 w. 1,4 , if -sl W EE' J Y E of X.: , , I V . T 5 W 2 25 ss , f F1 I 44 A E Q J 5 , Q I 1? '53, . qw . , .pf N ee - . , ,. J e ,Y T?', H T .. 5 ff, gr! 'L 4 -A -A , .,.. 1 X yi' ' i, 35 2, ' 1 xg iii - J J div N f 5 riff! I77 Richard Thomas Cheryl Thompson Cynthia Thompson John Thompson Venita Thompson Peggy Thorne Dennis Tiereney Randy Tinney Linda Tittle Steve Tompkins Vicky Trader Diana Trimble Larry Trowbridge Denise Turk Ronald Twente Bill Ulshafer Karen Vader David Van Fleet Robert Vannatton David Vermillion Kathy Via Paula Via Larry Voth Judy Wadkins Mike Wagner Bill Walker Jan Walker Joyce Walker Dennis Wallace Lorraine Wallace Terese Warner Paula Waterworth David Watts Steve Webb David Webster Phil Weisbach Teresa Welch Janet Weller Mark West Diane Westerlield Robert White Virgnia White i Truman spirit overwhelms sophomores Dave Walkinshaw Mark Whitehead Debbie Whiting Mary Wilds Marty Wiggins Linda Wilkerson Lynn Wilkinson Kenneth Williams Robert Williams Joyce Wilson Mark Wilson Randal Winkler Pam Winsor James Wiss Brenda Wolf Connie Woods Ron Woolery Tom Woolf Connie Wright Micky Wyss Karen Zumbrunnen The quiet of Tru- man's library of- fers Sheldon Chambers an op- portunity to ac- complish some serious studying. I af f , K ,. if -nk 4 .... .gk . f ft .H K ' R' I V. X sign f ff 4 an It V-5 5:9 I K V, , J. f A k E H sm-- Q U, H, K - llnzll ' K ff .IW A ,. K y A T f .hr . bd-g f l Q VTBJLM J H V b 1 i ',:t,V T M ,,,,,,,,.-n, WW 178 Y In memoriam Charles Gordon Bishop May 31, 1952 - october 27,1967 Charles Gordon Bishop, Truman sopho- more, was fatally injured in an automobile accident on October 27,1967. Gordon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Bish- op, was killed near Sedalia, Missouri, as he was on his way to the Truman-Springfield Central football game. He was a member of the sopho- more football team and was an Eagle Scout. 179 527 juniors enroll at THS this year If Robert Frost failed to instill a lasting impression, then perhaps Scarlet Letter succeeded in supplying juniors with es- sential knowledge. If others trampled juniors in the lunch- room and halls, then perhaps they gained their superiority by yelling loud- est in pep assemblies. If senior activities obviously excluded them, then perhaps the junior prom sufliced this deficit. If juniors lacked sufficient identification, then perhaps the purchase of class rings furnished the desired identity. And if junior authority displeased many students, then perhaps the anticipation of senior life seemed more appealing. :f:::X:5?:if:l53-T 5l5:'.. II gm., - Q, Tom Aber swf- , fs 7 --3, H 5 in .3 P' 5, K John Ackerman ,fn at 5- ' jf: ' 54211 . 1 -H , S ,' . gi' -.. David Ailshire EER" W Clill Castle, vice-president Suzi Nell, secretary Diana Berry, treasurer .f-0""" .lah , : 5 V V 5 .111 ' 1 we V. .. Z .a J. , 'L ,g 1.7 f 1 A f' '12 ee. reee N 2 Y tiki ,fn ,',, I . cl W t M ,. f i'Qf 5,153 a t ? t A QM 'K 4 fl' at W . X , a. mt 1 2 I 'E 2 . M 'fy' ff X 'QE - t . getaway A img M me Y? J s K lg. i 'if 467 E V r 'nv w ,, .1 F Ip 4 ,L .'- ' 11" 47' , it A:vN,,x7 A 71' ' , ,, l8l 3, -Q W K ,ve . Ati 9' S , -ef-A S ,. is ii y ii fi Bruce Lowe, president Kathy Akers Vickie Albertson Debbie Anderson Mike Anderson Tom Anderson Bim Anderson Patty Antle Jerry Austin Melanie Baker Bill Balcom Madge Baldwin LaVonne Ball Bal Bradford Alice Ballew Janis Bandlow Kathy Banning Jackie Barnett Brenda Barlow Wendell Bass Leonard Bateman Deloris Bay Donna Beardsly Pam Beavers Francis Beck Bill Becker Susie Beltz Kathy Benson Danny Bergman Diana Berry Karen Beshore Bruce Betts Marsha Beth Greg Bice Patty Binninger Jim Blankenship Ron Blunt Debbie Blythe Bruce Bogue Carl Bogue Mary Bolander Gregory Booth J' 3? 2 T 3 S Y in 5 g...,r 'Aff' Xia i rm 'iii s we I K 1 V ' r e i B a 3 V L1 ig: if , U- . -13- .. 35. E-b e H . 'L ' , B -W- A fffv , -' big I, f K a' - , ' - -ff' B gf lf ' f ' 4' l .Fifi ,. , 1 f 17 'f f L 1., B B Tl ., PSAT test T 6' A ik., lt i W, r . lm.: .l.. ,X ,Mfg X W 1 if 1- AE Az! l I i 'mb sw K 'wwf y S... MYR ii, , ,. 1 X brings K In N I' We An interval for relaxation occurs after a hectic day as Sherry John- son waits for her ride. 182 f, ...e , -. 'Q X H .:. , ,"'?-21 1 ,: K is N D gl if 2 4 an 2 , I -W 2'2- 1 'F f . flif' I at .wtV.:csf1M-z:x.gAsf1e :f,, ,-,: It 2 57 A 8 M K A v.k,V L N I F 2 , .. :I in - E I , .-,- 11 x kv. V +V V aa, ,fm A K . " , QV XX 2 A1 'jim jk fluxgifdrg 7' xii Z.x-niciglzf 7 challenge to Junior intelligence . , , va, ,. M -gn: ,,,., v w ,Q Kd , new .EEL-, f,-g.,,,W ...... .W M, ' ,Me ,cf 1ff:fqwewe,L we W Mei? , Q- 1, Q If S ,fs ' 5 r . . -,,k QW, f 2 21:caPgifiiaseimfeflf Qs J " A t 5 safe-wteatglfrlgswgfzl ' f , , , Mu , , 6 ,, J- i 6 fu H U A I A J, .I ... ff' y ,wg X I Y, wr ,sf jk Rx M we 18 ' '49 A S ,, . 1 X 'I 5. 6! X an ',,ss-4 -ka la- . F 3 llllle Q fa S , vii' ' 5 ' 4 5 , -'2- "' 4' fic a n K 7,57 ' ff I " : -A -r 2. if ' Q , gk W c f a x l lQ , -l N 183 f I-Jig L, . 31, , m,A,-- George Bradley Catherine Bransetter Mike Bratcher Leslie Bratlen Mike Braun Georia Briggs Patty Brittain Alice Brizendine Sammy Brock Joanna Brooks Debbie Brown Steve Brown Phil Brown James Browining Diane Brune Harold Byant Jackie Bryant Larry Bryant David Buckener Kathy Burlingame Janice Burt Judy Burton Jerry Butcher Janice Butcher Donald Butler Vickie Bybee Steve Cable Rod Caldwell Mack Carlisle Dale Carlson In j . X X Q gi X '48 4' , I vw s fx P i S l ,U l a t Y s '55 ff 'L asf' K 1 ,V ,af . 31 W ' Q 3 6 V . J ,gm ,mn V , ,N 'Q--7 Q l A 19 l W ,W U w,y!sswaws:f-- 5 ,A 1 'J lc, V' K.. -if 1 :,, 'iw' .1 's.":::.G1 ka A ..F,..f'7Sffs- -5- ,- R, .Jiaaf v'.gH,Ai5g,, -li hf.3'::f.,,,- 'g rl 1. Elf ,N ,, 1, lv Aws ' 'i -z-1 msgs: f " m .,, i agus! fx! filly 5 me asa Bu? . sfsisw - is 'L 5 x 'ffl ..,,s,4 w f x f as M, , ' . - 7 .Jil :CJ T in V 1, KA " 'i 7 , , - A 1 K ,f 1 if J 'M ,N qw 'HILL-1 if Sit- S K is .. . 5 .ev fi - "" . 5 ,1 -f ,K -. , I 1 sl A . is f f few-I ky A, ,- g I aff. S A s is ff-ii "-" M W J - 'C -,-ff, F 1 . ,x . , -,1. 1 1-' " l , C LL,. K 5 W 1 fi f I L 'fa ' s ,5 45 'N' X - 1' Q .u'S' 'Ng X i 0 Q -au H at 'al s Q s 5.0.5 Oo U lg! D E 5 T AJ. t x W .. ' L ' ,ffi L, VM, ,LL,.. ik L 4 LL., I . 'Qs , .V J'-'F C ., 'f' -li. KV: ,A q 184 Dwight Carlson Linda Carlson Bruce Carr Roxanne Carmean Victoria Carpenter Clif Castle Janet Chapman Kent Chappelow Arl Lee Childs Debbie Chiles David Christian Mike Clay Ken Clayton Darrell Clifton Rick Cockerell Edra Collel Phillip Collell Cathy Collmann Galyn Coflman Randy Coil JoAnn Collins Richard Colston Ruby Combs Mark Comer Charles Conrad Brent Constance Cindy Constance Larry Cook Beth Cornell Russell Corum Maynard Courter Richard Cox Nancy Coy Carla Craig Mike Craig E .. it I fl' Anne Dickensheets Connie Dickey Ronnie Dickey Elden Dilks Teresa Dobbins Paula Dorland Debbie Dorrell Mike Downard Marcia Duckworth 185 t was ll N M3-' , rt g 5-'H A ' Steven Craven Mark Crawford Lynn Croft Janice Crossley John Czajkowski Janet Daniel Donna Dannels Bonnie Davis Carol Day Jody Dean Jody DeBarthe Dorothy Denham John Dennis Susan Dent Janette Depoortere Truman's trophy case often distracts students as they hurry past during the Charles Duncan Eddie Duncan Clyde Dyer Lynn Dyer Sam Dyer Terri Evers Dennis Evans Jan Erickson Bill Englebrecht Becky Elliot Ricky Ek Greg Edwards Pattie Edmondson Jack Eaton Jerry Eastwood Bunny Fagenstrom Cecilia Fain Cheryl Fann A Y H I ,,. iifvgg wiv- ' it ,e1,.1,1-1,,,X,f,fQ1f ,Qi--1:15, . wi.-wwfikvffwfi AM-,Loggi -, - Xi. ,,f-. 11- . L. :. ,Af swf . 2151 S if at ,Q S X : in 'Q galil- ns T Q Y 4 JK 375 . - 1, ..,. - 'Q if 'ik E 'QQ ' '1 ',. K at Q Y it 'Q' vw , 2 X., Xi rw . NK -S fs I, F ,f .lf 4 1 , . Q, S 1 . l ,.f.. f .L E- ,.,,5 lar 4.3 i is l I if f ,. 6. . f - lla? ' I uw' Junior prom plans arise from a meeting of the junior class oficers l ar' elii I A -' -P E.. f e , g W? 2 .!,,,v 5 .5 Q. V gi 5 ff l86 4 Junior Prom constitutes major events , G 3 - - 'Wig J 2 Gregory Fedo its -, J J A r Lee Fann E. , Walter Ferguson 9 g' L G' '1 Q , f -l Tom Ferguson 5 4 if Z 'C ff , fax K, X Michele Fey 1, SQxyg,'f5Xli fe, Maureen Fields eiilt iiiii A ,, 'Q iwif J' David Fizer igf 1 , J George Fothergill 1 ii- ff'?"f,' -as of 'ff Bill Freeman it 'W e S, . . 10 it X Carol Freeman il i e r e J -K rein H T351 at .e W A! . H . ,Q z . Dennis Freidrich 'U if Anne Frost Madeline Fuchs Julie Gaddis Glen Ganson - ' L L, ur 1, , Q52 ' Cheryl Garland gg iii , "9" ,G i dk Susan Garnier of f ieiri ig, ' Q : Dennis Gartin K K 2 Paula Gates Y if A James Gilmore 3 V .., Y ggi 45:63 if xg , , . A ,Q-he wi-as E' 3 .gg 7' 39 N, '-x ii If 'gs ' Juanita Goebel . 3, Q ai Rick Gold xx , ig, -:-, Q Kevin Goodridge Linda Gould Raymond Grace eg ' 1. so V "'i ' ' ' Ronald Graham John Green Susan Grinham Val Gross Jerry Groom m e J Z.. M J", VI . 'I iiffvv : , .. so J Q v X . F . ,: ii J 187 TV'S 'happening' features Tru manites David Haggard Christine Hall Kevin Ham Skip Hammers Judy Hammett Gary Hammond Steve Hammond Kathy Hanson Lana Hanson Rod Harlau Linda Harp Dennis Hart Brenda Hartley Floyd Hawkins Lloyd Hawkins Steven Heater Brent Heaviland Jim Hedding Janet Hedges Linda Hetlin Cherry Helton Joyce Henley George Heotis Scott Hildebrand .w,.,, Q, Lf - .tr .cj m ffm Tv Life- es .' 732 ' tilt-if '14-e,fr ., i :- .wt n,. ,,., m,MM sf,. s,t,,,.,., .L .1 , .Q - mn-,:,x , -x,, :. gems gsasvief if-is -fsfeagfe sara ' ?Zzg1as'.f ,,.e1W-fe-.Q - tame ' " 1 SNSZ ' -1: ltxxfx 'Watt s We et, . , , ssamiiiig I 1 l lem, H MSW , S , mg 'a fl: neg - Ps, if Q - V W , , f, g17gg21'4x1.'4igss1g,igg1t my-m1,., w 5' Q A tl .awf- sa , Y S Richard Herringtion 4 Anthony Hillen Wesley Holden Jan Holliger Dorothy Holmes Kathy Holmes P -'zgmiiifisifzgsg gwx im g- 33 ,f A ef mx 9 fx 1 'rx F 2 15 5 ,K M ' U V' is "flak f 7 t welve, ff' 1554? iqf i . . z ,. L' K f rscrs 5 Q wx 1, :gg fx, 5 ,Q ,- .N t 3 r A 2 A " f r y fe Ee 'K' 51 pf Si. .A I, , if .. if '-,V A E I i I, " K. .z M.gW. ,. ,, QQQW-Qz"' if ., ' if .. nary' ' I ,a Q 4---.. V 5. an iv ,tag , tv.-L' . S92 .I "' x 3, . A ft N l,-if QA- , !mz, A f ,Q Y, .4 , Na V ai - Ar ,QV 'QVMLS? ls,'2.5-iixziff-,,il 'f,5'Lf" yu w Q X 1 we it ,, ,wma it, s,w,e Q- eses:fQ?z1i5a'?ls's we W e H Ee .,L fewpie - f.i:fgsnt: , 1-me M-,iws w ,. -- 1, iw-s,l - we 1, 1-fx .it-, : , . ,ale ,e ,fr . it --ft... .gp . 4 Su xl ,ii 1 :MQ 'gf if E S S Q f. .411- s Al ' M wk l Q, Xgfiea s ,wwe f I .5 wwe' vs.. f 1 an ziwgbi ' A 5 -me f 1, 189 1 . Ee, ' ,Qu , . GA 40 Trumanites gather in the front hall before attending TV's "Happening " Rickie Homan Nancy Horne Carolyn Hoss Leslie Howell Roberta Howiland Donna Howiland Kathy Hullman Gerald Hughes Eva Hunt Nick Hurst Chester Hurshman George Hutchinson Robert lles Mike Jacobs John Jefleries Don Johnson Gary Johnson Larry Johnson Lon Johnson Sherry Johnson Ted Johnson Arlene Jones Bob Jackson Ted Keehler Janet Kelley Mike Kelley Kathy Kelley Mark Kelsey Lynda Kenan Helen King Gary Klein Patricia Koury Dennis Kramer Regina Kresin Frank Kuklenski Glenna Lambert James Lawson Charles Laxon David Leaf Sherry Lee Cindy Leibold Steven Leibold Grace LeMasters Deborah Leonard Ralph Lesh Terri Levitt Kathy Lewis David Liddle Patty Lindsey Freddie Link Jim Link Carla Logan Cindy Lotridge Gary Love Jim Loveland Added responsibilities confront ' in wg. 5. 2- 559, V gif' -W , . be -, .- e f .S1, .m- .2 - - as 1 : -. .f is .1 A ,,,-me f -f as , we 2.49 ,fe 5 ,nf5?fmwsW'lS14'ijy'Mgr 'figiiiiffflf ,f 13,15 ,. 1 ' '7lTf55if47fI4isff5Q ,,, fl? ff-rr 457' Ai , .pas N. P wr K, if 'f' yy -lv lyy A M- W ' 1 so J 1' g in lx, 'D J kf"0 '1 n . 1. 1 . his J, it Q 7 '57 ..., L 190 I V i i Truman's Juniors Bruce Lowe Andrew Luney 4 'HF Y i ff 4 Gayla Lynn L n f ' y M 1 ff Mark Luttrell we V wb W f-x.,.., Tix:-12.-A v ,. . vGAn nw Wi? I .. i w Kathy MaHaffy V . i Kathy Mallett rj ' N V so : - i 4' X fi 1 ,gg , ab M 1 Rick Mangels ' M , 1 Margaret Manuel at ' 'L' 'H-A ' ' i W Rf i i renr f 'fa r -he an -. 1 i if a qi ix efnr' + L 5 1 N K I 3 Q ww L 3 .I ,. fe, ,, L ri A SM Q ' 1 y"" a N 2 QR Q A V a X KYT, 5 if A e..,, " A 'er A' ' H Q eg if .rre , an xi N211 MiiQ,'g'5-5323353 e-" 191 3- ,, 5--v-Y.---7 , 01, I Juniors stand in line for the annual picture taking. Benny Marrone Gary Martin Larry Martin Dana Masterson Norman Masters Steve Matson Larry Mattonen Jim Maus Greg McArthur Mary McCleery ?' 'aw .ww ,xi 3. ..zx,.- We im., ' , H A 7 sam A eglgfz' . - Z .1 My K M V iz in .,. .L . it .J i t i f S S fs- Q A N. f- J it 1. as s -e A J M 4. " ,M S J - ' J ' , E fy 1 'W - 'E , V! ' A ' ' si 'Q ,Hn it 2 I K K K .Zh g as 1 1 fa, t Kyra, ff . ww fx X. S f I - '- J y SK, J K Q f 1 ZoAne McConchie Dan McCormick Joyce McDoIe James McEIhone Louetta McEntire Randy McKinney Linda McMullen Linda McPhaiI Ken McPherson John Miller Juniors consider numerous colleges My if i is S in me .. ix S W " 2 so fs' M J iw - X ,y ,i.1 L ,R ls, 's y up J J ,ril J f 'Q y 9, sk E-1, -1 'ii I M i: x i XX S X 5 192 Rick Miller Melani Montes David Montogomery Miguel Moreira Norma Morgan Ted Morgan Linda Morris Robert Morton Evadene Moulder Vickie Mulhearn Mark Munger Don Myers Larry Nance Randy Nash Chris Nave Suzi Neff Steve Niccum Dave Nichols Garland Niegwieg Sharon Noll An afternoon sports event captures the attention of Randy Coll as they begin planning for future Q Qu "'w'l",3 we A , f 4?- e ig. i.,t .E an in 'xf it eff w if If if me -P if is as , -Q f '-.A f 1 ,1,L.t, .5 Sw .xr K rt if 'N am, lk x ,W XX f, ,E , eff? " ' qi t - r 1-'wi' f ' V f faiixfg- ' :f,'f'f5iLi54.'-fi A VLA ,LTI K , f f , , Q, , ,V ' ,535 t- e r- . -. .ki wtf" ir? , . 1 9 .,... F . 'Q P .J -. gewg his vi' my r , Q - x , ,.,, , f 42, , Q7 t,,. 3. ,gf X m ' 'r"- ' H 'A . 193 Duane Norman Jerry Norris Kathy Norris Charles Novak Neal O'Conner Margaret Odon Michael 0'Hara John Oliverez James Oliver Janet Olson Rose 0'MalIey Gerald 0'Neill Rebecca Orr Helen Ortez Steve Osiek Mike Overturf Phil Owen Sheila Palms Gary Paris Deanie Parrott Nichlas Pavlica Annette Patterson James Payne John Pement Gary Pence Dennis Pendelton Mary Penny Belinda Phillips Irene Player Tom Pietzsch Barbera Pitchford Ken Peters Paulette Peterson Julie Perry Charles Pope Lance Powell Paulette Powell Charles Premoe Gale Presnell Mark Prout Thea Pyper Siebert Quick Leighanne Quint Mary Ragland David Ralston Randy Randall Bal Rast Tim Rast Patty Reagan Raymond Reed Cynthia Reeves Laura Reneau Connie Reynolds Claudia Richardson Fred Rick '51 11111 11111- 1:1111 We ,,,,,, A 2321 K X Sf 1 1 1 1 '1 , 11 rf: wb , 3, 1 1 Q 1 . . E , ,1 S12 1 1. ,11. K 1 1, f A 4111 iv X 1 1 55 KS 5 e 9 111 4, H ' 5 1 vl, ' ' N1 'vs ' ' . ' 1' 21 K ' 1, -1 M11w1 1 221 ' i' ',. 1 ' V f ,S X , 'I' J 11 i f CTL 6,1 1. P 1 .11 4, E K XR 17 11 1 ' S 3 X A A .1 V , , 11 1 1 ' if N rj 1l11,.W, 1 fix 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 11-1 i .2113 A 1 1 13 v-Q 'K 11 .-f. 1 11111w 1 1 -111115 -11 1 ,--Q1 1 'J' Q mrs vs S1 1 J 1 1 -pw ,ua fix 14 l 1 111111Q11111:1e11s1m111,mg a1eev1114fa 1f1111111 111 ll :-- 1 iijzgglif. lg 15111 1 1? Q54- 5 5 fig, 45 1 K Q '41 'Qi S iii ? 11 'lat '.- am Q 11 Vfmgex 11 Qing is 'S L WVR A K 55 xii Q 91 r S 'X IS 1111 gi af' 11 3 f M I ,4 Jaw? vw 5 gf, -me 1 , 111,ji 1,1 1 1 Y"'s.s.'1'i: ' 1 ' 1 E, PJ11 1 1 'fl 1-:X-f 111151111 '-SQEW1' if aw 1,11 1' 'Q QQQ1 1 Y 11 1 1 2 A 1 91 xg 1 u 1 Q1, ,511 V 1 1 122 1 glee- 1- ,1 V, 1 ,WW -111111, 11 X .1 1' 111111 i, if nf si A 1' A1 he 154f.3J J 1168 K mails , T21 N14 Q 9- fi Q '.:YK1t flair l195?ii'9ii'4FLf5i!5i : ::m,.I: ,3u: ?1Y13tsi1sf1 ::1 1- 1 1. , VNBAWKX 1 f-161 91 L.. , 1 . RTW 1535112749 5155275 ' W "A g 'f 15513 3 ' ' "Ml '- 1 , fr. W- X' 1' 1 fu We ,X ,1 A 1 W, W -. 111W J 1 .F L '11 WM I - '-1- L, xi 1 1 M - 1' f ,Ah 15 1 1 1 , 1, 1 - 1 f -111. 1 1 111 5. ' ,. 1 .hwzgfze 1 '-JP , 1 w 1' 1: 'ia A 1:1 A fgf 12: 4 1"'1 X3'L...-1l - , X ".,'.i-f 1 far. 1 1 ""mu- QU' Q 1-. .1 2 1- K 194 12111111 1 1 1 111111 F .eg 11 1 ig s ' V ' "-V GaryRickey A ' s Ron Rivera Ng g 1 . W S L"L DougRoach es J at ' A, , David Roberts J L Karen Roberts is N J 1 M by 5 Xi NG- ' was 8 4.3 A 5? Q ' 'ws x if N ,f ' s 'af 2 ' M I Byron Robinson E Vt Phyillis Robinson , ' . 1 Teresa Robinson V UZWQ J "' L"' Leonard Rodenburg W 'L I 3, i . Dale Rogers Senior life appeals to many Juniors Students utilize the telephones throughout every school day for various reasons. Linda McMullen takes time out for a pleasure call. .1 is .-fk We - W, W. . J , K . Lk S A' . -':' 7 . WK s W Carol Rose -at be ' Sherry Rose ar K l e w v- X6 Debbie Rowley V Sandra Rowley , 1 fi V J ii wil, '51 A Avis' Bob Runyon mi James Russell AAAV A Q ' Wayne Russell - ,E .ybgl J A- H VickieSanders H sy Jane Savage A Darlene Scharnhorst ...V..: 2 ,,V .I M H Tom Scheier A aa J J 195 Marilyn Schneikart Dana Schondelmeyer Richard Schooling Karen Schumaker Bruce Schumaker Kent Schupback Deborah Scott Dixie Scott Janice Seaver Charles Seevers John Seidel Peggy Selvy Jennifer Semrau Clark Sharp Steve Sheddrick Delia Shelton Terry Shelton Donna Shemwell Kim Sherman Peggy Shineman Douglas Shoaf Kiapo Simpson Nancy Simpson John Skouse Barbara Smith Barbie Smith create kiddie kars 5 'TK ve if x 1. My , . ff 1 'Q as gi 7 'rl 'rf .'JLL'?Yi 1 -, zz ,. L H ' 1' ,QQ he Q .Q 6 we is 1 5' e'.. .ge up if to parade around the gym floor the assem- V bly. ' V,- .,.... . Wt ' ff .123 iiifnrft ",, ,. 2 wifi' A at , . , ,Am I WM,-f ,kk. .V , .A 53 srfiivfirs ef 'N S QQ it nf- fa gf t if 5 ,L 43 4 Q an 5 V f K MQ V N 4 an wb ai ,M ix N., I97 . Q 'ig i5""" ' Fonda Smith Kelley Smith Janet Smith Susie Smith Mike Smith Mike Smith Patty Smith Rebecca Smithson Gary Smokewood Susan Snedger Ben Snell Carol Snowden Soloman Stephen Gary Soper Joe Soptic Linda Sparks William Sparks Lavetta Squires Sharon Squires Steve Srader Steve Stacey Kathy Stark Mary Starnes David Staves Janice Steele Sharon Steele 'W di Q 1 4.3 ' si t S ws. Gene Stephens Hellen Stevens Charles Stewart Richard Stewart Susan Stobart Simi s 3 2 U7 N 'U U 2. : 5 CD 5 H- .fn U7 N '21 QD -h N 0 '21 O : U5 O O 3 -on W C 3 H- 1, g,,yP 5. te, , , ." ,KKK f kg, . - it S'Q3g' .J, ,.m.. . U4 E X 'x?2'f 5, , st, A sf -.N ' my 5 ew we ' ' 'H-rg 'ig-fy 5 N . 1? J. .I YN. sa-.Q ,X 5:1 'SA f 1' I at ,M :Q " ae N if ' :,, ., -M - 1525 - tl Q, lx V 3. 5. KL .1 J' WL 1 1 .ex fm N . X " Q53 sm L fi 47 if . . ati A , z u AQ, A . ,Wy . . e . .fi Donna Stokes Karen Strait Marlene Swezey Roger Sword Genevieve Taylor Kay Taylor Anthony Terranova Linda Testerman Kathy Thomas Debbie Thompson Leonard Thompson Thomas Thompson Pam Timm Diana Tittle Vickey Titus Steve Todd Ronald Tonyan Jim Trent Carolyn Truitt Marilyn Twitt Beverley Tuck Harold Turner Janice Utterback Debby Vandawer Janet Van Kirk L H, aww., is rf xi 5 1 -'Q Q1 ' 5 i .M l T s V , Y class of '69 .ff K f rv X 1 W an fx in S S' K Vx K W N Z vi' W ww lf? M i l ' 1 I. 'f T , '-5.4, f f . ,V M ffl' K e . do Q E1 X Janet Warren Susan Vantassee Claudia Verdict Virginia Via Richard Viller Mary Kay Wade Don Waggoner Peggy Wagner Cindy Walters Greg Ward Ken Ward Kirk Weber Marcy Weeks Larry Welsh Mike Wente li: 5 y f , , .ll .M sf , in , 1 EXT- an vf , in 1 Juniors plan flexible study schedules Chris Westergard Beverly White Pam White Richard White Richard Whitney Rex Wiley William Wiley Res Williard Lorene Williams Brenda Willis Joanne Willis Ken Willoughby Randy Willoughby Charles Wilson Karen Wilson Wanda Wilson Paula Wingate Ronald Wolf Dale Wood Gary Wood Robert Wood .gy f-122 ' 'i-- ' ,... in . ' A Ai' A as A A Q N -' x Q i X y - QLL ss af ,:'f, -1i- ,, ,.l, .W-13' X ?5?f"M?i3i H we X 1 , . - rws ',.1l1Q ' ., .. -.W ,- Q 'J -, 'W 've x , -R s is 17.5 1. ,ffm .aj - we 1 '. Q We w I ns, VV ,N . A , B.. 3 as , ml ' if . , J, , I - , ,Q---' ' U 1 ' , if , ,s - s , . ' 2. 2:35 K . sees-sue? we ewwfew J M .X 4.-sw rl- Q fig-:less A :Iv - , 3 .y .,. ' .. PM 4 .. is 1- .-.13 Sf ,nf W. Wages is EW in . . 3 J . 5 at LK L, Q51 J W if i.afi,f ff XR ff., Weill if in f ,V ,N 1 K ' K. , -::g.5..l. : 8 eww . s . Michael Woods Jon Woodward James Woolridge Judy York ,X E543 ' - M. , , 5 ',.m:1L.f. .ff..t-as : f f , a sm L.,-Q ,, .. K -4 -, ' - -. 2, ,4 sf ,A .n ' f. ,ew , A .. 1 ' .si 200 i -1 f..a.e..,., .. 'va if 2 inf it 5 if is l .... " 5: , ii , weigh -ii, f : c, ,- isfsx Lv 3' Q e ' 4 my rss e J , X u ss W E E F ei S sl f . , V, 'ic yf fu 3 ,R ,, to go H, P .VV . . K ' 'Spirit Week' inspires Tru manites Exemplifying Truman spirit, cheerleader Ditty King dresses for Kiddie Day. Going all out, Kay Constance decks out on Halloween Day, Representing NHS, Gary Young shows what creaming the Bears is all about. Pete, Bruno spend 67-68 school year as exchange students at Truman High Explaining their duties during AFS week, Mrs. Cockefair talks to Peter Brook and Bruno Gastal. For the second consecutive year, Truman High SchooI's finances enabled it to host two foreign exchange students. Hailing from Valence, France, Bruno Gastal spent the 1967-68 school year at the home of junior, David Haggard. Besides participating in varied AFS Club programs, Bruno was active in French Club. Sports were a favorite of Bruno's. Not only did he support football and basket- ball, but participated on the track team. When asked what he liked most about Truman he replied, "Basketball games, because where I come from, the games have no spectators, pep squad, or cheerleaders." Living with Charlie and Richard Cockerell this year was Peter Brook from Wellington, New Zealand. Pete enjoyed all sports and went out for the football team. Even though he was unable to play the entire season he supported all games. Pete also participated in French Club, AFS Club, Interact and Red Cross. "School Spirit" was the answer when he was asked what he liked best about Truman. Arriving for another school day, Bruno and his American brother David Haggard get out of their car. Qi iff. 3 ' I f L 7 Ii 33 . K S , . me '11 21 f ffgemq .. alia , ,. 1 Y ,i .. .. , A l 'iz' aria? K After the 2:15 bell, Richard and Charles Cockerell, on their way to wrestling practice, accom- pany their AFS brother, Pete, to play practice. Pete Brook, New Zealand V 1- J 203 .41 1.i'.?jZ A , rf , if FH-iz: 5+ , Ev, U .- giixfafv' 'K -ie- -s -it xsgf' in' ' iff Q K 51.1 .3 , Q V, , L1 -V4.4-at-Q, .V -,. , -A g 4-.7 ,Y -' 1, V W- Q 14 D at ,nw L' , ,,, my L, 1-55 5.- -K I -' .j :gig e -- ? 63.9 lf' we gy 'ga , f,.-:wjf.-- , Q ' vf' ' Q LL 1 F wy .f H A ?-.Ho Bruno Gastal, France Officers, class remember events of year Debbie Nagel, secretary. Mike Rupe, vice-president 1 Q '-..:- Larry Adams Pat Adcock Dale Allen Dennis Allen Gary Allen Jack Alley Linda Allen Don Allinder Steve Amos Unforgetable memories - both good and bad - smothered the '68 seniors. Frustrating memories arose from an un- read Exodus, a basketball defeat, a last-minute scribble in a writer's notebook, the lack of money for lunch when pizza was served, and perhaps even five minutes of cramming for a 55-minute test. Amusing memories developed from a joke played on an unsuspecting teacher, a humor- ous flop in the talent assembly, the sight of an underclassman tripping on the stairs, or the remembrance of a hairpiece yanked off a girI's head. Satisfying memories sprang from a glorious football victory, a hard-earned trophy, a deli- cious cinnamon roll, the crowning of a queen, and even the 2:15 bell which dismissed school for the day. However, sentiment crowded the memories of most seniors. The mere red, white and blue colors created a vivid memory. Senior rings, the yearbook and newspapers, or a pressed corsage claimed some cherished memories. 66? 1 we we wa we-:wi xwwsff mfs Y we : - ' mf as ,mf-2 ml' wr .rm wwf S -as Paula Ries, treasurer Dave Bennett, president. 'iw -Q... Steve Anderson Jerry Andes Jim Andes Janette Andrews 205 Janice Andrews James Armilio Ed Armstrong Janeece Arnold Deborah Baker Linda Baker Susan Baldus Deanna Ball Lon Balch Jim Ballou Douglas Barnes Willis Barnett Terry Bass Phil Basler Cary Beal it k,.gk Y . sr ,., A Q. Agua-"X Looking over his English IV assignment sheet, Gary Young anticipates future tests. High test score distinguishes Gary Young as National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist Paula Behee Kristine Beisley Alice Bellew Bonnie Bergman Cynthia Berndt Marilyn Benedict Dave Bennett Billie Berry 00' Lani Berry bf' N. Glenn Bethel Q v 'A mf r -ze , ., zrsffrrrflyr qifffffffsfvssgiezifs ! Rhonda Biggs Vickie Bilyeu ,,,, Nick Binninger Cathy Blackburn A 207 59' vawmh hm..,.,-1 T K? Suv' 'UW' is-,. Mike Blankenship Dennis Bloomquist Pete Bradford Sherri Bradshaw Steve Brandt Clark Brown John Brown Gaylord Browne Jack Breedlove Betty Breshears Sharon Brewer Ronald Bridges Peter Brook Terry Brunson Andy Bryant Richard Bullard Gary Butcher Phyllis Butcher Robert Butler Pam Buttram Shirley Cable Kenneth Cadwell Don Cain Pat Cain 448 Truman students compose senior class 'CG' Debby Calovich Pat Calvert Connie Cammerlynch Judy Campbell fi l I S? Providing necessary leadership for underclass men, seniors such as Dan Geivett and Mike Por- ter inlluence club activities. Nancy Campbell Cathy Cantwell Janice Carmichael Carolyn Carty Mike Carver Nancy Cascairo We 49' Margaret Champ Carolyn Chapman 209 Terry Charles Ruth Chitwood Dawn Clark Janie Clark his Carolyn Clarke Kent Clemens Ed Clemmons thoughtfully savors his victory Steve Collel Bob Cole Paula Cole Brenda Collins After breaking his own school record once again, Don Allinder Kathy Cline Denise Clinton Charles Cockerell J 'V "-'Hail ' 5 sf sh 0 Terry Colston Kay Constance Lloyd Cooper Linda Cornell Patricia Couch John Courtney Dotty Craig Bradd Crowley Danny Crudele Doug Cummins Tom Curtis Richard Dannels Robert Daniels Junior Davidson Cynthia Davis Tom Deal 1, QQ '51 'r-a.,.- f' fv 'EC' Allinder shatters two-mile record at THS 5. Jack Deatherage Margaret DeCamp Thomas Denton Elizabeth Diaz Robert Dickson Pat Dignan Jan Dill Lynn Dixon 211 i Lisa Diaz, native of Mexico, broadens her . f .:, "' 'Qui' to if S if lf' We Ea? My ' ,-us, -- We . 5 :',f e . 212 'nu 51'- Judi Dorland Marta Duckworth Carol Dunham Cheryl Dunkle Linda Dutcher Timothy Dwyer Dennis Edie Leah Elwell Marjorie Elliott Nancy Ellmaker Susan Ertz Lucinda Everhart Kathy Fain Samuel Farnsworth Jacquelyn Ferguson Kathy Ferguson Pam Ferron Glenn Fickel Ronnie Field Janet Fields education durin her year at Truman Larry Findley Q k W K , Bob Finken ' A Linda Fisher V it k Brenda Fizer 1? li 4 x 'fx Linda Force Pat Fortner Linda Foster John Francis Debra Friend Steve Frisbie James Fruit Jack Fulmer Wayne Gabbert Bruno Gastal Waiting her turn to buy a ticket, Lisa Diaz converses with friends in the office. 213 Archie Gatrost Margie Gearhart Danny Geivett Beverlee Gibler Sherrelyn Glossip Jim Glover Richie Graham Mike Gray Senior Lynn Dixon vies for 'Miss Flame' title Linda Griffin Patty Grimes Warren Grove Stephanie Hackett Glenda Hackler Dean Hale Deyanne Hale Bob Hall James Hall Charlotte Hamer Judi Hamilton Tonya Hamilton 'Hn' K .... , 35 n ., gg , x - 1 --, -. fl - -' :Sinai . - . W gg 15 Kgs M Q 5 'M f -,zsi I ff, 'is James Handley Natalie Hannaford Cheri Hardy Debbie Harmon Steve Harris Wallace Harris Leon Halt Sherry Hawkins After being chosen as a Miss Flame candidate Lynn Dixon relates Linda Hedeen the news to her mother Debbie Heck Pat Heckmann Robert Hedges Randy Hellin Ann Herbst Eric Hershey Gail Hickman David Higgimbotham r. - , J H J g -. 7 - A ,,... A - 5 we x "1g.T"' iv' 'Wf""' ali? Q H Seniors find study halls a good place to catch up on their outside reading. f . mi 216 Harold Himes Mary Hininger Lawrence Hjersted Terry Hobbs Wendy Hodges Carol Hollaman Lynda Holman Jewell Holmes Rodney Holmes Kathy Horne Hague Howey Jimmy Huflman Terri Huflman Sue Hullman Sheila Humphrey Janice Hursig Ray Hurst Janet Hyder Steve Izard Gary Jocobs Ohio Psych testing measures proficiency L.,: -W-:MM ff-:,' A -V f A We weave, was ww lm M, I . ia K ' ,,,: ,Q Y 5 5 is is 5 , 'fs K -assi - . ! in ag l 'i - A YE : f' J "wif el .rf U9 'ard' g h' , i 217 Barbara Johnson Mike Johnson Steven Johnson Paula Jones Mark Jordison Barbara Karch Linda Keeling Donna Keith Kathy Keller Steve Keller Stuart Keller Ronda Kelley Larry Kemper Shirley Kemper Deborah Kenley Deborah Kesner Jack Kiger Ranae King Sue King Anthony Kirksey Curtis Klick AFS grants Trumanite, Rod Knapp Anne Knoche Jerry Kraft Sybille Kurok il Donna Lamble Margaret Land ? me -...f' . -, e P A 5, 4' lr f if M K 1' V A Q ,. A N Vt Ylftz-'Qt ' Larry Latimer ' Tim Layden L V W it Slicing her bon voyage cake, Sherry Kennedy attends a party in her honor before leaving for Sweden. Pam Leaf Diane Leighton-Floyd Carl Lemen Nancy Levingston Dixie Jean Lewis Richard Liles Ron Link James Loftis its -, X at -N3 ,3 L S N' Q 4- 218 Sherry Kennedy, one year in Sweden Kay Lotspeich James Loftis Nancy L. Lyle Mark Maggi Mike Manners Jimmy Markley Bryan Martin Travis Martin Lon Mason Jerry Masten John Masten Carolyn Masters Nola Matthews Carole McCarter Dale McCarty John McCarty Kirk McClure Pat McDaniel Judi McFadden Richard McKie 219 Chris McLain Donna McMurry Mike McQuitty Nancy Meserve 'tu 1T':Qr Sir' Wendy Hodges, qualifies for Americans Bill Michael Linda Miller Pam Miller Paul Miller Twila Millesan Mona Miranda Phil Mitchell Calvin Monroe Linda Mooney Dennie Moore Kathy Morgan Donald Mosier Donna Mueller Christina Mulloy Shari Myers Debbi Nagel .A we .E .K ,E 1 itil, iw Pi W 8 sm W f if M' . L L if K, E be 5 1, 220 'GZ' "X"51'1'. 'CP Abroad Program Bill Nance Duane Nay Doris Negaard Gail Newman Sharon Norman Sandi Novak Writing creative features challenges Wendy Hodges, feature editor of The Spirit of '68. ,aw aff Trudie Oldenburg David Olvera Raleigh Parish Carol Parker 221 Deborah Parker David Patton Fred Pement Greg Perry ran, One of a senior's privileges is receiving the tuberculin test. wg., Ewa-- i efefz? 4: ,415 ' E 4-R .ff M- E 'J , -- 'W' A' i x R, QNQ 1 SS' X mm -am, vw J.: -233 M .. ,.-f ZL, if e 'ilk H 'Wi' x En Iish Joe Pfeifer Jerry Piker Douglas Phillips Doug Phillips Marilyn Pinkslon Don Player Mike Poe Brenda Porter Mike Porter Ronnie Pottker Ronald Powe Lonnie Price Donna Pritchard Judy Rabon Jim Randolph Raymond Rasl Mike Ray Sandy Reed IV probes man's inhumanity to man Q 8 Lee Reichardt 4' ' David Reneau 1 Sandra Reynolds Bernell Rice Marsha Rice Susan Rice ' Barbara Reiff Paula Ries Kathy Riley H H Gary Rising Linda Ritchie Jim Rivers If A Linda Roberts Connie Robinette Dayle Robinson Gregg Rodekopf figs. Russell Rose Charles Roy Mick Rupe Sylvia Russell ..-L vw 223 Student Council president, Mike Whitehead Cheryl Salter Janice Salyer Theresa Sartwell Stanley Sasser John Schaaf Sheila Schauer David Schnetzer Glenda Schnetzer Ken Scholl John Schonfeldt Edward Schulenberg Doug Schwarz Working at the concession stand, John Brown and Mike Whitehead aid the NFL. fgfmerm N, mmf Sibl- ,W .f 3 ff at Steve Staley Gordon Stanfield Judy Stanley Kerri Stephens 224 represents Truman High at Camp Cheely 'A Namon Searcy Ed Sexton Celia Seaton David Shakespeare an , Us Ronnie Shahan David Shannon Annette Shirkey Pam Simpson .ff R' M JackSlade 5' Teresa Slayton if Chris smaney DebbieSmith s i 5 fx 3 is 5.22551 415 Dennis Smith Gerry Smith Linda Smith Mark Smith Richard Smith David Snedegar Karen Spiers Kathy Stafford ,Vu I 225 Robert Sturges Coralie Sumey Brenda Sutherland Steve Sword Beauty, personality w or anae in title f R 0? 'ts' ' "5-J a r- Liv Must' 226 Dave Talcott Marty Talcott LaJuana Tann Irene Taylor Robert Taylor David Thomas Steve Thomas Jackie Thompson Don Thorne Cheryl Timme Shelley Tindall Debbie Tittle Janet Trimble John Tucker Vycki Turner Gary Valleau 'KX WW Wh.: fs, It W 1 'TK -""" Cindy West Sharon Westerfield Charla White Mike Whitehead 227 Marsha VanKirk Bobbie Vickers Linda Vivian Linda Waite Alice Wagener Ken Wallace Edna Walraven Cheryln Warner Carol Warren David Ward Bob Watkins Carol Wederski Richard Welch Lynda Weller James Wells Andy West Ranae King displays her joy after being named Roller Skating Queen of America Q',? its 228 Karen Wilcox Carl Wildschuetz John Wilkinson Diana Wilmoth Scott Wilson Dale Williams Janice Williams Brent Williams Steve Williams Kathy Willis Eddie Wiss Janelle Woods Raliegh Woods Harry Workman Bill Worth Eugene Wrigley Gary Young John Young Barry York Mary Zaner James Zellmer Jean Zumwalt Joe Laxson Katherine Collins 4444.1 .wp sf'-""3.4' faq, ,Zb- qgw ,C Y as S. ."'25f' I-, 1' 'K V 1+ :L f-3' v' .gill 41 '30 Wwma WX QC t Directory and Index The 1968 Heritage staff would like to express its appreciation and ac- knowledgement to some people who made this publication possible. Thanks go to the Board of Education and the Central Office administra- tion whose consideration helped us immensely. Our printing was done by American Yearbook Company whose representative was Mr. John Leuthold. We thank the Truman faculty and student body for their full- time cooperation. Also, we thank Rolland Studios who was responsible for much of our photography. Finally, a sincere thank you goes to the Truman office staff, and especially our principals, Mr. LeRoy Brown and Mr. Jerry Moore. Without the aid of all these people, the 1968 Heritage would never have left Room 108. Don Cain Editor 229 ...ff be jg, af' fi 'Q' Qw- 99' Seniors reme LARRY ADAMS: Student Council rep. PAM ALBERTSON: FTA: Girl's Glee Club: PATS. GARY ALLEN: Baseball: Band: Chess Club: Football: Interact: Lettermen's Club: Orchestra:Tri-M. LINDA ALLEN: Band: FTA: LAS: One- acts: Orchestra: School play: Thespi- ans. JACK ALLEY: A Cappella: Letter- men's Club: Operetta: Red Cross: Ten- nis,capt. DONALD ALLlNDER:Cross Country, capt.: J.V. Football: Letter- men's Club:V.Track:WeightIifting. STEPHEN AMOS: Band: COE: Orches- tra: Tri-M. STEVEN ANDERSEN: Basketball: COE, vice pres. TIM ANDERSON: Red Cross. JERRY ANDES: COE. JANETTE ANDREWS: COE: Girls Glee Club. JANICE AN- DREWS: GirI's Glee Club. JAMES ARMILIO: Football: Lettermen's Club. ED ARMSTRONG: FFA: Band: Orches- tra: School play: Tennis: Track. .IAN- ICE ARNOLD: COE: French Club: One- acts: Pep Club: School play. DEBBIE BAKER: FTA: Pep Club: Student Coun- cil rep.: Yell leader. LINDA BAKER: NAHS: NHS: Spanish Club, pres.: Sci- ence Club. SUSAN BALDUS: Pats: Pep Club: Spanish Club. DEANNA BALL: Band: Girl's Glee Club: Pep Club: Red Cross: Spanish Club. JIM BALLOU: Baseball: Football. DOUG BARNES: Lettermen's Club: Track. WILLIS BARNETT: A Cappella: School play. PHIL BASLER: All-State: Baseball: Bas- ketball: Boy's State: Soph. class pres.: Football, co-capt.: Heritage: Interact: Lettermen's Club: NAHS: Quill and Scroll: Student Council rep. TERRY BASS: Football: Lettermen's Club: Wrestling. CARY BEAL: COE. MARILYN BENEDICT: Band: FHA: French Club: FTA. PAULA BEHEE: FTA: Pep Club: Red Cross: Spanish Club: Student Council rep. DAVE BENNETT: Basket- ball, capt.: Boy's State: Senior Class pres.: AFS: Golf: Interact: LAS: Letter- men's Club, vice pres.: One-acts: Ju- nior Prom King attend.: Student Coun- cil rep. BONNIE BERGMAN: FHA: Girl's Glee Club: SOO. ALICE BELLEW: COE: Girl's Glee Club. CYNDI BERNDT: Band: FTA: Spanish Club: SOO. BIL- LIEANN BERRY: Pep Club: Red Cross. LANI BERRY: French Club: FTA: LAS: NHS: Pep Club: Student Council activi- ty award. JANIE BETHARDS: Girl's Glee Club: Pep Club: SOO. GLENN BETHEL: Band. NICK BINNINGER: Basketball: Band: Football: Heritage: Interact: Quill and Scroll: Student Council rep. CATHY BLACKBURN: A Cappella: FTA: 230 mber 13 years Library aide: Orchestra: Spanish Club. MIKE BLANKENSHIP: COE. DENNIS BLOOMQUIST: Basketball: Chess Club: NAHS: Red Cross: Student Council rep.: Track: Cross Country. PETE BRADFORD: COE: French Club: Red Cross: Student Council rep.: Wrestling. SHERRY BRADSHAW: COE: FHA: Red Cross: Student Council rep.: Wrestling. SHERRY BRADSHAW: COE: FHA. STEVE BRANDT: Basketball: Band: French Club: Interact: LAS: Red Cross. SHARON BREWER: FHA: Ollice aide: Heritage Queen: Red Cross. PETER BROOK: French Club: Interact: Red Cross: School Play: Thespians. WIL- LIAM BROOKS: Baseball: COE: Weight lifting. RONALD BRIDGES: Baseball: Football: Lettermen's Club: Sports Manager: Weight lifting: Wrestling. JOHN BROWN: AFS: Band: Debate: NFL: Red Cross: Student Council rep. GAYLORD BROWNE: Baseball: Basketball: Boy's State: Lettermen's Club: NHS: Jr. Prom King. TERRY BRUNSON: Chess Club: FTA : Red Cross: Spanish Club: Track. ANDY BRYANT: Basketball: JETS: NHS: Sci- ence Club: Student Council rep. ROB- ERT BUTLER: COUNCIL aide. GARY BUTCHER: Track: Cross Country. PHYLLIS BUTCHER: COE: Library aide: NHS: Spanish Club, Science Club. PAMELA BUTTRAM: A Cappella: Girl's Glee Club: FHA: Operetta: Red Cross. SHIRLEY CABLE: FTA: One-acts: Red Cross: SOO. DON CAIN: AFS: Baseball: Basketball: Boy's State: Heritage: NHS, pres.: One-acts: Quill and Scroll, pres.: Student Council rep.: 12 years of per- fect attendance. PATTI CAIN: Cheer- leader: German Club: NAHS: Pep Club: Student council rep. PAT CALVERT: Councelor aide: FHA: Pep Club. DEBBY CALOVICH: French Club: Girl's Glee Club: NAHS: Pep Club, parl., vice pres.: Football Homecoming Queen attend.: Football Homecoming Queen: Student Council rep. CONNIE CAMERLYNCK: FHA. JUDY CAMPBELL: Band: COE. NANCY CAMPBELL: Girl's Glee Club: Girl's Choir: Red Cross: SOO. CATHY CANTWELL: COE: Red Cross. JANIS CARMICHAEL: SOO. CAROLYN CARTY: German Club. MIKE CARVER: Band: Lettermen's Club: Spanish Club: Track: Weight lifting, V. Wrestling. NANCY CASCAIRO: Heritage, TERRY CHARLES: Band: Orchestra: Sports manager. MEG CHAMP: COE: One- acts. CAROL CHAPMAN: SOO. BOB CHESLEY: COE. RUTH CHITWOOD: Girl's Glee Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club. DAWN CLARK: FHA, FTA, Girl's Glee Club, Operetta, Spanish Club, Girl's Choir. CAROL CLARKE: A Cappel- la, French Club, Girl's Glee Club, NAHS, Operetta, Red Cross, Spirit of '68, KENT CLEMENS: Band. ED CLEMMONS: Interact, Jets. KATHY CLINE: Counselor aide, French Club, NHS, Pep Club, Yell leader, Quill and Scroll, sec., Spirit of '68. DENISE CLINTON: French Club, Heritage, NHS, PATS, Quill and Scroll. CHARLIE COCKERELL: Boy's state, Football, capt., Interact, Lettermen's Club, pres., NHS, Student Council vice pres., Wrestling, capt. STEVE COFFEL: Chess Club, Operetta, Science Club, Student Council rep., J.V. Tennis, J.V. Track, Boy's Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. BOB COLE: Basketball, Band, Interact, LAS, Quill and Scroll, Red Cross, pres., Spir- it of '68, Student Council Rep., Tennis. KATHRINE COLLINS: Spanish Club, SOO. KAY CONSTANCE: French Club, Heritage, LAS, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council rep. JOHN COURTNEY: Student Council rep. DOTTY CRAIG: Soph. class sec., Junior class sec., Debate, French Club, FTA, NAHS, NFL, pres., NHS, Pep Club, Hal- loween Queen, Junior Prom Queen attend., StudentCouncilsec.,Girl's State. JOHN CROWDER: COE. BRAD CROWLEY: J.V., V. Basketball, Band, Interact, Jets, sec., Track. DOUG CUMMINS: FTA, Jets, LAS, One-acts, Science Club, School play, Thespians. RICHARD DANNELS: Football, Inter- act, Track, Weight Iifting. JUNIOR DAVIDSON: Football. CYNTHIA DAVIS: A Cappella, Cheerleader, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council rep. MAR- GARET DECAMP: Girl's Glee Club, Heri- tage, Operetta, Quill and Scroll, Office aide, Red Cross. THOMAS DENTON: NAHS, Track. ELIZABETH DIAZ: Pep Club, Spanish Club. PAT DIGNAN: COE. JAN DILL: FHA, FTA. LYNN DIXON: FHA, French Club, Office aide, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council rep. JUDI DORLAND: Girl's Glee Club. MARTA DUCKWORTH: Gold-Key win- ner, NAHS, PATS, Pep Club, Basketball Homecoming Queen attend., Football Homecoming Queen attend., Red Cross, Spanish Club, Student Council rep., Yell leader, Girl's State. CHERYL DUNKLE: Band, French Club, LAS, Orchestra, Science Club. LINDA DUTCHER: FHA, Girl's Choir, Pep Club, Red Cross. CAROL DUNHAM: Girl's Choir, Girl's Glee Club. DENNIS EDIE: Football, JETS, One-acts, School play, Track. MARGIE ELLIOTT: FHA. NANCY ELLMAKER: Band, LAS, Orchestra, AFS. SUE ERTZ: Girl's Glee Club, Office aide, Red Cross, Spanish Club. CINDY EVERHART: Chess Club, French Club, LAS, One-acts, Pep club, School play, Student Council rep. KATHI FAIN: COE, German Club. SAM FARNSWORTH: COE. PAM FERRON: Band, FHA, Pep Club. GLEN FICKEL: Band, Interact, NHS. RONNIE FIELD: Track. JANET FIELDS: Pep Club. LAR- RY FINDLEY: Football, NHS, Track, Weight lifting. ROBERT FINKEN: COE, Red Cross, Track, LINDA FISHER: French Club, Girl's Glee Club, Operet- ta, Pep Club. BRENDA FIZER: A Cappel- la, Girl's Glee Club, SOO, Operetta, LINDA FORCE: COE. PATRICIA FORTNER: Spirit of '68. LINDA FOSTER: Heritage, JOHN FRANCIS: Chess Club, German Club, NAHS. DEBBY FRIEND: A Cappella, Girl's Glee Club. JACK FULMER: Football, Track, Weight lifting. WAYNE GABBERT: COE, Red Cross. BRUNO GASTAL: AFS stu- dent from France, AFS, French Club, Red Cross, Tennis, Track. ARCHIE GATROST: Track, Cross Country. MARGIE GEARHART: NAHS, Pep Club, Red Cross, German Club. DANNY GEIVETT: Basketball, French Club, In- teract, Track, Lettermen's Club. BEV- ERLEE GIBLER: Girl's Choir, Operetta, Spanish Club. SHERRELYN GLOSSIP: Band, COE, Pep Club, Red Cross. MIKE GRAY: Football, Spanish Club. LINDA GRIFFIN: SOO. PATRICIA GRIMES: French Club, Office aide, Pep Club, Student Council rep, SOO, AFS. STE- PHANIE HACKETT: French Club, Office aide, Pep Club, Red Cross, Spirit of '67, School play, Student Council rep., Thespians, Girl's Choir. GLENDA HACKLER: FHA, FTA, German Club, Girl's Glee Club, Operetta, Student council rep. DEAN HALE: COE, One- acts. DEYANNE HALE: SOO. JAMES HALL: German Club, Interact, V. Track. CHARLOTTE HAMER: Student Council rep., SOO. JAMES HANDLEY: Football, Lettermen's Club, Weight lifting. NA- TALIE HANNAFORD: COE. JUDI HAMILTON: Red Cross, Student Coun- cil rep., SOO. TANYA HAMILTON: PATS, SOO. RICK HARBISON: J.V. Baseball, Soph. Basketball, Orchestra, Student Council rep. CHERI HARDY: Band, FTA, Orchestra, Pep Club, Span- ish Club, Pep Band. DEBBIE HARMON: 231 NAHS, pres., Pep Club, Basketball Homecoming Queen, Heritage Queen attend., Student Council dance chair- man, Student Council rep. STEVE HARRIS: Debate, NFL. ED HARRIS: Football, Lettermen's Club, Orchestra, Weight lifting, Wrestling. SHERRY HAWKINS: One-acts, Heritage Queen attend. GLENDA HEATER: COE. DEB- BIE HECK: Office aide, Football Home- coming Queen attend., Heritage Queen attend., Student Council rep. PAT HECKMANN: Band, Drum major, French Club, vice pres., LAS, reporter, NHS, Orchestra, Quill and Scroll, vice pres., Spirit of '68, AFS, chairman, Student Council rep., Tri-M, Categories team. LINDA HEDEEN: NHS, Spanish Club, sec. ROBERT HEDGES: J.V. Base- ball, Chess Club. RANDY HEFLIN: COE, Football. ANN HERBST: NAHS, cor- resp, Pep Club, sec., Red Cross, Yell leader. ERIC HERSHEY: Chess Club, Jets, NAHS, Spanish Club, J.V. Wres- tling. GAIL HICKHAM: AFL, Debate, FTA, German Club, pres., NFL, One- acts, School play. DAVID HIG- GINBOTHAM: Track, Weight lifting, Wrestling, Boy's Choir. HAROLD HIMES: Band, Football, Orchestra. MARY HINNIGER: French Club, LAS, treas, Orchestra, Pep Club, pres., Bas- ketball Homecoming Queen Attend. LAWRENCE HJERSTED: J.V., V. Basket- ball, French Club, Interact, Jets, LAS, NHS, Student Council treas. TERRY HOBBS: Football, German Club, Stu- dent Council rep, Track. WENDY HODGES: AFS, French Club, sec., LAS, reporter, NHS, One-acts, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, hist, Red Cross, Spirit of '68, Student Council rep, Categories team. SHERRY HOLDER: FTA, Quill and Scroll, Red Cross, Spanish Club. DIXIE HOLLEY: COE, FHA, Student Council rep. KATHLEEN HORNE: A Cappella, sec., treas., Operetta, One- acts, PATS, vice pres., Pep Club, Stu- dent Council rep., Thespians. HAGUE HOWEY: Orchestra, Spanish Club, Sci- ence Club, treas. JIM HUFFMAN: COE, German Club. SUE HUFFMAN: French Club, Library.aide, NHS, Pep Club. TERRI HUFFMAN: Band, LAS, NHS, One-acts, Orchestra, School play, Thespians. SHEILA HUMPHREY: FTA, Heritage, One-acts,PATS,PepClub. JAN HURSIG: French Club, FTA, Or- chestra. RAY HURST: Football, Red Cross. JANET HYDER: SOO. STEVE IZARD: COE, NHS, Red Cross. GARY JACOBS: Chess Club, German Club, Preparing for graduation, seniors order Lettermen's Club: NAHS treas.: Sports manager: Spirit of '68: Student Coun- cil rep. PAULA JONES: COE, Sec.: FTA: German Club: One-acts: School play. MIKE JOHNSON: Football: Lettermen's Club. PAULA JOHNSON: COE, vice pres. BARBERA KARCH: One-acts. LINDA KEELING: PATS: Pep Club: Red Cross. DONNA KEITH: A Capella: Oper- etta: FTA: Spirit of '68: Student Coun- cil rep.: Girls Choir. STUART KELLER: COE: Red Cross: Student Council rep.: Track. RHONDA KELLEY: FHA, sec.: Girls Choir. LARRY KEMPER: A Cappel- la: Lettermen's Club: Sports Manager: J.V. Wrestling: Boy's Glee Club. SHIR- LEY KEMPER: COE: FHA: Girl's Glee Club. DEBBIE KENLEY: AFS: Band: COE: French Club: FTA: Pep Club: Sci- ence Club. DEBORAH KESNER: FTA: NHS: Pep Club: Red Cross: Spanish Club, treas.: Student Council rep. JACK KIGER: Baseball: Football. RAN- AE KING: A Cappella: Band: Girl's Glee Club: Heritage: Operetta: Office aide: One-acts: Pep Club: School play. SUE KING: A Cappella: Cheerleader: FHA: FTA: German Club: Operetta: One-acts: Orchestra: Pep Club, pres.: Red Cross, vice pres.: School play: Student Coun- cil rep.: Thespians: Tri-M. ANTHONY KIRKSEY: J.V. Baseball: Red Cross: V. Wrestling. CURTIS KLICK: NHS: School play. RODNEY KNAPP: COE. ANNE KNOCHE: A Cappella: French Club: FTA: Operetta: Orchestra: Red Cross: Tri-M. JERRY KRAFT: Track. DONNA LAMBLE: French Club: NAHS: Pep Club: Quill and Scroll: Spirit of 68. MARGART LAND: Girl's Glee Club. LARRY LATIMER: Band: COE: Football: French Club: Student Council rep.: Weight lifting. JOE LAXON: Soph. class treas.: Football: Interact: Red Cross: Student Council office: Student Coun- cil Rep.: Track: Weight lifting. TIMO- THY LAYDEN: Football: German Club: Track. PAM LEAF: A Cappella: German Club: Girl's Glee Club: Red Cross. DI- ANE LEIGHTON-FLOYD: Chess Club: German Club: Orchestra: Red Cross: Spanish Club. NANCY LEVINGSTON: FHA: Heritage: Office aide. RICK LILES: Baseball: German Club: COE: Football: Wrestling. RON LINK: Football: Ger- man Club: Red Cross. KAY LOTSPEICH: FHA: French Club: Pep Club: Basketball Homecoming Queen attend.: Science Club. NANCY LYLE: French Club: NAHS: School play: Thespians. MARK MAGGI: Band. JIM MARKLEY: Wrestling. NICK MANNERS: Band: Debate: NFL: Operetta: Orches- tra. BRYAN MARTIN: Red Cross: Wres- tling. TRAVIS MARTIN: German Club: Tennis. LON MASON: National Math Assoc. Award: Chess Club: French Club: FTA. JERRY MASTEN: Spanish Club. JOHN MASTON: COE: Spanish Club. NOLA MATTHEWS: AFS: Debate: LAS: NFL: NHS: Orchestra: Red Cross: Spanish Club: Tri-M. CAROLE MCCARTER: FTA: One-acts: School play. CLIFFORD McCARTY: A Cappella. JOHN McCARTY: COE: Football: Jets: Track: Weight Lifting. RICH MEKIE: Basketball: Debate: Spanish Club: Track: Student Council rep. KIRK McCLURE: NHS. PAT McDARRIEL: Football: Track. JUDI McFADDEN: AFS: Chess Club: Debate: French club: Heri- tage '68: NFL: Pep Club: Quill and Scroll. CHRIS McLAlN: LAS: Library aide: Office aide: One-acts: Spirit of '683 Student Council rep. DONNA McMURRAY: A Cappella: Girl's Glee Club: Operetta. PHIL MENGEL: Band: Debate: NFL: Orchestra. NANCY MESERVE: A Cappella: French Club: FTA: Operetta: One-acts: Pep Club: Thespians: Tri-M: AFS: Madrigals. BILL MICHEL: Debate: Football: Lettermen's Club: NFL: One-acts: Spanish Club: School play: Thespians: Track. LINDA MILLER: FHA. PAM MILLER: A Cappel- Ia: Counselor aide: Operetta: One-acts: Spanish Club: Thespians. PAUL MILLER: Chess Club: Spanish Club. TWILA MILLESON: COE: FHA: Girl's Choir: Operetta. PHIL MITCHELL: A Cappella: FFA. GLEN MOCK: COE: Track. LINDA MOONEY: A Cappella: German Club: Girl's Glee Club: Operet- ta: Pep Club. DENNIS MOORE: Chess Club: Debate: German Club: NFL: One- acts: School play. KATHY MORGAN: German Club: Spanish Club. DON MOSIER: Band: Debate: French Club: Interact: LAS: NFL: Student Council rep.: Tri-M. DONNA MUELLER: A Cap- pella: NAHS: Operetta: One-acts: Pep Club: Red Cross: Thespians. CHRIS- TINA MULLOY: A Cappella: German Club: Operetta: One-acts. JIM MEYERS: COE: Track: Wrestling. SHARI MYERS: LAS: Office aide: Pep Club: Red Cross: Spirit of '68: Spanish Club: Student Council rep. DEBBIE NAGEL: Junior class treas.: Senior class sec.: French Club: FTA: Pep Club, treas.: Junior Prom Queen: Red Cross: Student Council rep.: Thespians: Opti- mist outstanding senior award. DUANE NAY: V. Baseball: V. Football: 232 Red Cross: Student Council rep.: Weight lifting. DORIS NEGAARD: French Club: Orchestra: Pep Club: Student Council rep. GAIL NEWMAN: Chess Club: LAS: One-acts: Pep Club. SHERRI NORMAN: FTA: Girl's Glee Club: One-acts: Pep Club: Spanish Club Vice pres.: Student Council rep. SANDI NOVAK: AFS: Counselor aide: Debate: FTA parl.: German Club sec.: NFL: One-acts: School play: Thespians. TRUDY OLDENBURG: Pep Club. CAR- OL PARKER: Office aide. DEBBIE PARKER: NAHS: Pep Club: Red Cross, reporter-historian. RALEIGH PARISH: German Club. GREG PERRY: Football: Red Cross: Weight lifting. DOUGLAS C. PHILLIPS: Band: COE: Track. DOUG R. PHILLIPS: A Cappella, pres.: Band: Operetta: Orchestra: School play: Tri- M: Pep Band leader. JERRY PIKER: J.V. Baseball: J.V., V. Football: Student Council rep.: J.V. Track: Weight lifting. DON PLAYER: Basketball: Football. MIKE POE: COE. BRENDA PORTER: COE, treas.: FHA. MIKE PORTER: Golf: Interact: Student Council rep.: Track. LONNIE PRICE: Football: Lettermen's Club: Sports manager: Student Coun- cil rep: Weight lifting.JUDY RABON: COE: FHA: Pep Club. JIM RANDOLF: COE: Sports manager. BRENDA RAPP: COE. RAYMOND RAST: COE: J.V. Track. MIKE RAY: J.V. Basketball: J.V. Football: Golf: Track. SANDY REED: Band: FTA: Pats: Pep Club. BARBARA REIFF: NAHS: Pep Club: Red Cross. DAVID RENEAU: COE: Football: Ger- man Club: Track: Wrestling. LIN- DA REEVES: COE, parl. SANDRA REYNOLDS: Girl's Glee Club: Pep Club: Tennis. MARSHA RICE: NAHS: One- acts: Pep Club: Red Cross: Student Council rep.: Thespians: School play. PAULA RIES: DAR Good Citizenship Award: Senior class treas.: French Club: FTA pres.: Head Majorette: NHS: Pep Club sec.: Student Council rep. DAYLE W. ROBINSON: Band. GREGG RODEKOPF: Baseball: Basketball: Football: Lettermen's Club: Weight lift- ing. RUSSELL ROSE: Chess Club: Let- termen's Club: Science Club: Tennis. WILLIAM R. ROSS: COE. MICK RUPE: Soph. Class Vice-pres.: Senior class Vice-pres.: V. Football: Weight lifting. SYLVIA RUSSELL: Girl's Glee Club. TOM RYBURN: V. Wrestling. CHERYL SALTER: FTA: Pep Club: Spanish Club: Student Council rep. JANICE SALYER: Counselor aide: Girl's Glee Club: Oper- etta. THERESA SARTWELL: A Cappella: cards,keys,announcements A Cappella Vice pres.: French Club: FTA: Operetta: Orchestra: Red Cross sec.: Girl's Choir: Madrigal: Chamber Choir. STAN SASSER: J.V. Baseball: Basketball: German Club. KEN SCHOFF: Band: Orchestra: Spanish Club: Pep Band. SHEILA SCHAUER: A Cappella: FHA: French Club: Girl's Glee Club: Operetta: One-acts: Pep Club: Red Cross: School Play: Thespians: AFS. DAVID SNEDEGER: COE. GLENDA SCHNETZER: FTA. JOHN SCHON- FELDT: COE: Red Cross. DOUG SCHWARZ: Band: Lettermen's Club: V. Track. NAMON SEARCY: V. Football: Weight lifting: V. Wrestling. CELIA SEATON: Band: LAS: Head Majorette: Pep Club: Red Cross. RONNIE SHAHAN: COE. DAVID W. SHADESPEARE: A Cappella: Operetta: Sports manager. DAVE SHANNON: NHS. ANNETTE SHIRKY: French Club: Heritage: Office aide: One-acts: Pep Club: Football Homecoming Queen attend.: Heritage Queen attend.: Spirit of '68: Student Council parl.: Red Cross. PAM SIMPSON: Band: Chess Club sec.: FHA: FTA: Pep Club: Red Cross: Spanish Club. JACK SLADE: A Cappella: Operetta: Student Council rep. TERESA SLAYTON: Girl's Glee Club: Library aide: Operetta: Red Cross: Girl's Choir. CHRIS SMALLEY: A Cappella: Chess Club: German Club: Operetta: One-acts: Science Club: School play: Thespians. DEBBIE SMITH: SOO: Pep Club. DENNIS SMITH: Debate: V. Football: Interact: Jets: NFL: J.V. Track: Weight lifting. LINDA SMITH: FHA: FTA: Girl's Glee Club: Pep Club. RICHARD SMITH: Band: German Club: Interact: Jets: Track:AFS. DAVID SNEDEGER:COE. KAREN SPIERS: FHA: German Club: Girl's Glee Club: NHS. STEVE STALEY: Cross-country, co-capt.: Lettermen's Club: Red Cross: Science Club: Track. GORDON STANFIELD: Football: Wres- tling. KERRI STEPHENS: COE: French Club: Red Cross. KATHY STAFFORD: NAHS: Office aide: PATS, pres.: Pep Club: Red Cross: Yell leader. ROBERT STURGES: Baseball: Interact. CORALIE SUMEY: Library aide. BRENDA SUTHERLAND: Orchestra. STEVE SWORD: FFA: J.V., V. Football, Letter- men's Club: Track. DAVE TALCOTT: Heritage: Interact. MARTIN TALCOTT: Interact: JETS: Lettermen's Club: Track: Cross-country: Wrestling. I- RENE TAYLOR: FHA: Operetta: Pep Club: Student Council rep.: Girl's Choir. ROBERT TAYLOR: One-acts. DAVID THOMAS: German Club. STEVE THOMAS: Band: Orchestra. JACKIE THOMPSON: French Club: One-acts: Pep Club: Red Cross: School play: Thespians: AFS. CHERYL TIMME: A Cappella: Girl's Glee Club: Operetta: SOO. SHELLEY TINDALL: Red Cross: Student Council rep.: SOO. DEBBIE TITTLE: A Cappella: Bookkeeping Award: Girl's Glee Club: Operetta: Pep Club: Red Cross: Student Council rep. JANET TRIMBLE: Chess Club: FTA: NAHS: NHS: PATS: Spanish Club. JOHN TUCKER: Baseball: Football: Student Council rep.: Weight lifting. VYCKI TURNER: One-acts. GARY VAL- LEAU: Baseball: Football: Interact: Let- termen's Club. MARSHA VANKIRK: FTA: A Cappella: French Club: Operet- ta: Orchestra: Pep Club: Red Cross: Student Council rep: Yell leader. BOB- BIE VICKERS: FHA: FTA: Office aide: Pep Club: Spanish Club. LINDA VIVIAN: Band: Office aide: Pep Club. ALICE WAGENER: Band: French Club: FTA: Pep Club: Red Cross. EDNA WALRAVEN: COE: French Club: PATS. DAVID WARD: Spanish Club. CHERYLN WARNER: Counselor aide: NAHS: Office aide: Student Council rep. DA- VID WARNER: German Club: Spanish Club. CAROL WARREN: Library aide: NFL: One-acts: Spirit of '68: School play: Thespians. BOB WATKINS: Red Cross: Track. CAROL WEDERSKI: Girl's Glee Club: Latin Club. LYNDA WELLER: COE. JAMES WELLS: COE. ANDY WEST: French Club: LAS: One-acts: School play. CHARLA WHITE: French Club: Pep Club. MIKE WHITEHEAD: AFS: Curators Certificate: Debate: Football: Interact: NFL: NHS: Orches- tra: Student Council, pres.: Student Council rep: Track: Camp Cheley rep. CINDY WEST: Girl's Glee Club: Red Cross: SOO. KAREN WILCOX: Pep Club: Red Cross. CARL WILDSCHUETZ: JETS: Track: Cross-country. JOHN WILKINSON: Basketball: Tri-captain: Football: Lettermen's Club: Red Cross: Spanish Club. BRENT WILLIAMS: AFS: JETS: Red Cross: Science Club: Weight lifting: transferred from East H.S.: Basketball: Band: Drum Major: School play: Tennis. DALE WILLIAMS: FFA: Football. THOMAS WILLIAMS: Base- ball: Football: JETS: Lettermen's Club: One-acts: Red Cross: Spirit of '68: Stu- dent Council rep.: Track: Weight lift- ing. KATHY WILLIS: A Cappella: FTA: Girl's Glee Club: Operetta: Orchestra: 233 Student Council rep. DIANA WILMOTH: FHA: French Club: Pep Club. SCOTT WILSON: One-acts. EDDIE WISS: Foot- ball. JANELLE WOODS: One-acts: Pep Club. RALEIGH WOODS: Chess Club: Orchestra: Track. HARRY WORKMAN: Band: German Club. BILL WORTH: ln- teract: One-acts: Orchestra: Red Cross: Student Council: Mr. School Spirit. TOM WRIGHT: Football: Lettermen's Club: Track. PIPER WRIGLEY: Basket- ball: Band: JETS: One-acts: Student Council rep.: Track. BARRY YORK: Debate: Orchestra: Red Cross: Student Council rep.: Tennis. GARY YOUNG: Basketball: NHS: One-acts: Student Council rep. JOHN YOUNG: Band: Wrestling. MARY ZANER: Girl's Glee Club: Office aide: Student Council rep. JAMES ZELLMER: COE: Lettermen's Club: Sports Manager. JEAN ZUM- WALT: A Cappella: French Club: Oper- etta: Office aide:,One-acts: Red Cross: Thespians: Tri-M: Madrigals. Chapman Activities crowd seniors' past school life Aber, Tom 180 A Cappella 60,61 Ackerman, John 89, 180 Adams, Harold 52, 168 Adams, Ken 56, 168 Adams, Larry 204 Adcock, Patrick 204 Agriculture 70, 71 Ailshire, David 180 Aker, Kathy 181 Akers, Virginia 89, 168 Albertson, Pamela 69 Albertson, Victoria 181 Alexander, Diane 168 Alexa nder, Kathie 100, 168 Allee, Don 29 Allen, Dale 204 Allen, Dennis 204 Allen, Gary 52, 54, 89, 99, 102, 126, 128,204 Allen, Linda 52, 54, 93, 94,204 Alley, Jack 61, 63, 65, 102,204 Allinder, Bill 102, 138, 140, 168 Allinder, Don 102, 139, 140,204 210 Alsup, Susan 91,168 Alumbaugh, Jeannie 168 Amos, Steve 54, 99, 111, 204 Beisly, Kriss 207 Belieu, Henry Bellew, Alice 207 Beltz, Susie 104,182 Benedict, Marilyn 54,207 Bennett, Dave 85, 89, 94, 102, 1 207 149,152, 153, 157, 205, Bennett, Jane 91, 168 Bennett, Jean 91,168 Benson, Kathy 63, 182 Bergman, Boni 63, 207 Bergman, Danny 98, 182 Berkemeier, George 12 Berndt, Cindy 54,207 Berry, Billieann 207 Berry, Diana 69, 86, 89, 91, 108,137,180,182 101, Berry, Lani 90, 94, 97, 101, 108, 207 Beshore, Karen 182 Beth, Marsha 101, 103, 108, 182 Bethel, Ellen 52, 110, 168 Bethel, Glenn 54, 207 Betts, Bruce 182 Beverstock, Toni 168 Bice, Greg 182 Biggs, Rhonda 207 Bilyeu, Vickie 207 Binninger, Nick 43, 89, 95, 207 46, 152, 156, 208 Browning, Debbie 89, 168, 170 Browning, James 183 Browning, John 162, 168 Brune, Diane 91, 94, 100, 109, 183 Brunson, Terry 88, 109, 208 Bryan, Mike 132, 168 Bryant, Andy 85, 97, 106, 107, 146, 153,208 Bryant, Harold 110, 183 Bryant, Jackie 63, 183 Carver, Mike 102, 161, 209 Cascairo, Janice 100, 169 Cascairo, Nancy 43, 209 Case, Terri 85, 169 Casey, Benita 169 Casey, Kathy 91, 169 Carter, Guy 12, 13 Castle, Clif 54, 89, 180, 184 Chamber Choir 64 Chambers, Sheldon 169, 179 Champ, Margaret 111, 209 Bryant, Larry 183 Buckley, Mrs. Tom 12 Buckner, Dave 183 Bullard, Richard 208 Bunch, Larry 168 Burks, Chuck 84, 154, 155, 168 Burlingame, Kathy 89, 100, 108, 183 Burns, Bob 168 Burns, Debbie 90, 101, 103, 168 Chapman Chapman Chandler, Chapman, , Carol 209 , Jeanne 108, 169 ,Janet 184 Mickey 105,132,169 Bruce 169 Chappelow, Kent 61, 63, 66, 126, 184 Charles, Terry 52, 54, 126, 209 Chess Club 88 146, 147, 153, 208 , Rod 168 ,Steve 111,205 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Andersen Andersen Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Tim 181 David 168 Debbie 181 Kingdon 18, 94 Mike 181 Nancy 52,101,168 Patti 168 Prim , Tom 181 Andes, Jerry 111, 205 Andes, Jim 205 Andes, Launa 168 Binninger, Patty 100, 103, 109, 182 Bishop, Gordon 179 Blackburn, Cathy 52, 61, 63, 65, 91, 109,207 Blank, Terry 168 Blankenship, Glenn 168 Blankenship, James 182 Blankenship, Mike 111, 208 Blatt, Larry 168 Blickhan, Ron Bloomquist, Dennis 88, 98, 102, 208 Blount, Ron 182 Blythe, Debi 182 Blythe, Denice 110, 168 Andes, Patti 56, 101,168 Andrews, Janette 111, 205 Andrews, Janice 206 Aneonio, Helen 35 Antle, Patty 101, 109, 181 Armilio, James 102,126, 128, 206 Armstrong, Ed 52, 54, 105,206 Arnold, Janeece 111,206 Arnold, Ruth 30 Arnone, Linda 100, 168 Art Department 50, 51 Athon, Dorothy 35 Austin, Lee Austin, Gary 181 Ayers, Delores 34 Ayers, Kathy 63, 89, 168 Bailey, Judy 30 Baker, Debbie 100, 101, 206 Baker, Linda 97, 109, 206 Baker, Melanie 181 Balch, Lon 206 Balcom, Bill 61, 63, 105, 126,181 Baldus, Susan 100, 109, 206 Baldwin, Eddy 132,168 Baldwin, Madge 100, 110, 181, 233 Ball, Deanna 54, 63, 101,206 Ball, LaVonne 101, 181 Ballard, Brad 181 Ballew, Alice 63, 181 Ballew, Beckie 168,233 Ballou, Jim 126,128,206 Bandlow, Janis 101, 181 Banning, Kathy 63, 181 Barb, Michael 56, 107, 168 Barksdale, Jay 56, 168 Barlow, Bill 168 Barlow, Brenda 63, 181 Barnard, Bill Barnes, Douglas 102,206 Barnett, Jack 126, 181 Barnett, Willis 61, 206 Barrett, Bob 132, 168 Basketball 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151,152,153. 154, 155. 156, 157 Basketball Homecoming 158, 159 Basler, Barbara 168 Basler, Phil 43, 89, 95, 98, 102, 116, 125, 126, 128, 130, 146, 148, 152, 157, 206 Bass, Terry 102, 126, 206 Bass, Wendell 181 Bateman, Wayne 181 Baugher, Wanda 168 Bay, Deloris 63, 182 Beal, Carl 168 Beal, Cary 111,206 Beardsley, Donna 182 Beavers, Pam 94, 108, 182 Beck, Frances 182 Becker, Bill 182 Behee, Paula 89, 100, 109. 207 Boetjer, Rosemary 18 Bogue, Bruce 182 Bogue, Carl 65, 182 Bolander, Mary 182 Book, Veryla 168 Booster Club 16 Booth, Cherie 168 Booth, Greg 88, 107, 182 Booth, Laren 18 Bordelon, Eugene 106, 168 Gorgman, Crystal 101, 168 Bourne, Don 132, 155, 168 Bowen, Manard Bowman, David 168 Bowman, James 18 Boys Glee Club 63 Boy's Octet 64 Brackenbury, Bob 168 Bradford, Pete 111,208 Bradford, Shannon 168 Bradley, George 183 Bradshaw, Sherri 111, 208 Braley, Louis 18,98 Brandt, Steve 89, 94, 108, 146, 152 208 Branham, Elaine 18 Branstetter, Cathy 110, 183 Bratcher, Mike 183 Bratton, Les 183 Braun, Mike 54, 183 Breedlove, Jack 208 Breshears, Betty 208 Brewer, Larry 126, 128, 168 v Brewer, Sharon 89, 104, 114, 117 169,208 Bridges, Ronald 16, 102, 126 128, 208 Bridges, Steve 168 Briggs, Gloria 183 Brittain, Jim 56, 168 Brittain, Patty 89, 90, 100, 108, 183 Brizendine, Alice 110,183 Brock, Sam 16, 89, 90, 183 Brockman, Ron 163, 168 Brook, Peter 85, 89, 93, 108, 202, 203,208 Brooks, Joanna 63, 183 Brooks, Pam 168 Brooks, William Brown, Clark 208 Brown Debi 50, 90, 98, 103, 109 142, 183 Brown, Elwood 19 Brown, John 92, 208, 224 Brown, LeRoy 14,15 Brown, Linda 168 Brown, Linda Brown, Pauline 30 Brown, Phillip 183 Brown, Ruth 19 Brown, Steve 89, 183 Browne, Gavlord 97, 102, 146, 148, 234 Burns, Walker 168 Burriss, Mark 54, 168 Burrows, Faye 30 Burt, Janice 109, 183 Burton, Judy 63, 183 Bush, Mike 168 Bush, Tammy 168 Business Depratment 68, 69 Butcher, Gary 208 Butcher, Janice 106, 108, 183 Butcher, Jerry 140, 183 Butcher, Phyllis 97, 109, 111,208 Butler, Don 92, 183 Butler, Mary 168 Butler, Robert 208 Buttram, Pam 61, 104,208 Bybee, Vicky 54, 63, 100, 183 Cable, Shirley 208 Cable, Steve 89, 183 Cadwell, Kenneth 208 Cain, Don 42, 43, 85, 89, 95, 96, 97, Cain, Karen 168 Cain, Patty 98,110, 143,208 Caldwell, Rod 52, 109, 183 Caloxgch, Debby 101, 134, 135, 136, 20 Calvert, Janet 63, 90, 168, 170 Calvert, Pat 101, 104, 177, 209 Ca merlynck, Connie 104,209 Campbell, Bill 168 Campbell, David 168 Campbell, Doug 56, 169 Campbell, Judy 111, 209 Campbell, Nancy 209 Cantwell, Cathy 111, 209 Carlisle, Mack 89, 183 Carlson, Dale 183 Carlson, Dwight 52, 54, 184 Carlson, Linda 184 Carmean, Rexanne 61, 184 Carmichael, Janis 209 Carmichael, Joyce 169 Carpenter, Vicki 184 ' Carr, Bruce 93, 184 Carr, Mike 61, 63, 65, 169 Carr, Tim 169 Carroll, Bill 169 Carty, Carolyn 209 Carver, Michael 56, 162, 169 Childs, ArILee 63, 184 Chiles, Debbie 109, 184 Chinnery, Sharon 169 Chitwood, Ruth 100, 109,209 Chrisco, Jeannie 169 Christensen, Bunny 34 Christensen, Scott 169 Christian, David 184 Clariday, Mark 56, 169 Clark, Blake 112 Clark, Dawn 209 Clark, Janie 209 Clarke, Carol 61, 63, 89, 108, 210 Clarke, Larry 61, 169 Clay, Michael 184 Clayton, James 169 Clayton, Kenneth 184 Clem, Doug 169 Clemens, Kent 210 Clemons, Ronald 19, 95 Clemmons, Ed 107, 210 Clements, Mary 19, 109 Clifton, Darrell 184 Cline, Kathy 44, 95, 97, 100,177, 210 Cline, Kenneth 28 Clinton, Denise 42, 95, 97, 210 Clinton, Ray 169 Closson, Bill 132,169 Cobb, Lindsay 169 Cockefair, Pallas 19, 94, 202 Cockerell, Charlie 85, 89, 97, 102, 122,124,126, 127, 128, 160, 162 203,210 Cockerell, Rich 89, 162, 184, 203 Cockrum, .lonnie COE Club 111 Coflel, Edra 89,101, 109,184 Coflel, Phillip 89, 126, 184 Coflel, Scheryl 56, 90, 169 Coftel, Steve 65, 83, 85, 88, 210 Coffman, Cathy 66, 100, 109, 184 Coffman, Don 19, 132, 162 Coflman, Galyn 163, 184 Coil, Randy 161,162, 184,193 Coin, Karen 169 Cole, Paula 111,210 Cole, Robert 44, 87, 89, 94, 95, 210 Colletti, Louisa 169 Collins, Brenda 210 s ,Warm swf Collins, JoAnn 109,184 Collins, Kathrine 228 Collins, Rhonda 169 Collins, Valarie 63, 169 Colston, Mary Ann 169 Colston, Richard 88, 184 Colston, Terry 210 Combs, Ruby 184 Comer, Mark 61, 184 Conrad, Charles 49, 52, 89, 92, 184 Constance, Brent 54, 184 Constance, Cindy 184 Constance, Kay 43, 94, 101, 108, 201,210 Conway, Candace 109, 169 Cook, Larry 184, 226 Cook, Lawrence 19 Cook, Rick 169 Cooper, Alan 169 Cooper, Larry 169 Cooper, Lloyd 210 Copenhaver, Mike 56, 169 Corlett, Marilyn 100, 108, 170 Cornelius, Dan 152, 153, 155, 170 Cornell, Beth 184 Cornell, Linda 111, 210 Corum, Rusty 126, 184 Cotton, Monte 52, 170 Couch, Pat 110, 211 Courter, Maynard 184 Courtney, John 86, 211 Cox, Norman 20, 74, 107 Cox, Renee 52, 53, 90, 108, 170 211 Cox, Rick 184 Cox, Roselee 20,98 Cox, Steve 56, 170 Coy, Cliflord Coy, Debbie 170 Coy, Nancy 109, 184 Craig, Carla 184 Craig, Dotty 86, 92, 97, 101, 119, Craig, Mike 89,184 Cramer, Dennis 52, 54, 170 Cramer, Larry Craven, Steve 110, 185 Crawford, Lynn 170 Crawford, Marcella 31 Crawford, Mark 52, 163, 185 Croft, Lynn 185 Cross Country 138, 139, 140, 141 Crossley, Janice 110, 185 Crow, Randy 170 Crowder, John Crowley, Bradd 89, 107, 146, 153, 211 Crowley, Mark 56, 107, 155, 170 Crudele, Cathy 170 Crudele, Danny 211 Culver, Shrilene 89, 101, 170 Cummins, Doug 93, 94, 107,211 Cunningham, Harvey 52, 170 Cunningham, Sharon 63 Cupp, Connie 170 Currier, Judith 170 Curtis, Jack 170 Curtis, Tom 211 Czajkowski, John 105, 126, 160, 162, 185 D'Angelo, Marie 170 Daniel, Janet 100, 185 Daniels, Robert 211 Dannels, Donna 70, 104, 185 Dannels, Richard 211 Da ughtrey, Dean 65, 170 Davidson, Cathy 170 Davidson, Edmond 20, 23 Davidson, Junior 211 Davies, Linda 170 Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis, Davis, Davis, , Bonnie 185 ,Cynthia 61, 89, 143, 211 , Louise 30 , Lynda 170 , Paul 170 ,Randall 170 Sharon 170 Teresa 63, 170 Tom 132, 170 Day, Carol 103, 185 188 Deal, Tom 52, 54,211 Dean, Jody 61, 185 Deatherage, Jack 211 DeBarthe, Joseph 185 Debate 48, 49 DeCamp, Margaret 42, 95, 169,211 DeCavelle, Louis 170 DeHaven, Denise 170 DeLong, Dennis 56, 171 Denham, Dorothy 52, 54, 91, 185 Dennis, John 89, 153, 185 Dennis, Kathy 90, 100, 171 Dent, Renee 63, 90, 171 Dent, Susan 93, 185 N1 1... -...,....... Denton, Tom 211 DePoortere, Janette 185 DeSelms, Jack 20 Diaz, Elizabeth 100, 109,211,213 Dickensheets, Anne 54, 185 Dickey, Connie 185 Dickey, Ronnie 185 Dickson, Bob 211 Dickson, Connie 171 Dignan, Pat 111, 211 Dilks, Elden 73, 185 Dill, Jan 91,104,211 Di nsmore, Jerry 20, 106 Divine, Barbara 171 Dixon, Carolyn 55 Dixon, Lynn 101,104,108,169,211, 215 Dobbins, Terri 185 Dole, Ernest 32 Dorland, Judy 63, 212 Dorland, Paula 185 Dorrell, Debbie 185 Dorton, Sharron 171 Doubledee, Dale Ann 54, 76, 142, 158, 171 Downard, Mike 86,153,185 Downing, Debbie 171 Dramatics 46, 47 Draper, Steve 171 Driver's Education 67 Duckworth, Marce 84, 101, 103, 109, 185 Duckworth, Marta 98, 100, 103, 109, 212 Duncan, Chuck 186 Duncan Eddie 89, 126, 186 Dunham, Carol 63, 212 Dunham, Mike 171 Dunkle,CheryI94, 109,212 Dutcher, Linda 104, 212 Dwyer, Tim 212 Dyer, Anne Dyer, Clyde 186 Dyer, Lynn 101, 186 Dyer, Sam 54, 69, 126, 186 Eastwood, Jerry 186 Eaton, Jack 186 Edie, Dennis 212 Edmondson, Dianna 171 Edmondson, Patty 54, 186 Edmondson, Richard 171 Edmundson, Lois 35 Edwards, Geg 186 Ek, Ricky 186 Elder, Tim 105,171 Elliott, Becky 63, 91, 186 Elliott, Margie Ellmaker, Nancy 52, 54, 59, 110,212 Elwell, Leah Engelbrecht, Bill 186 English Department 38, 39 Erickson, Jan 186 Ertz, Sue 212 Erwin, Edith 34 Eskridge, Kent Evans, Dennis 186 Evans, Kenneth 155, 171 Evans, Phil 171 Evans, Warren 105, 171 Everhart, Cindy 88, 94, 212 Evers, Terri 91, 100, 186 Fagenstrom, Bunny 186 Fain, Cecilia 89, 108, 186 Fain, Kathi 212 Fann, Cheryl 101, 186 Fann, Lee 126, 187 Farguhar, Neil 171 Farnsworth, Sam 111,212 Fedo, Greg 187 Felling, Robert 20, 102, 126 Felix, Clifl 126,171 Ferguson, Jackie 110, 212 Ferguson,Kathy 212 Ferguson, Tom 54, 187 Ferguson, Walter 61, 88, 105, 107, 1 7 Gilbertson, Jack 84, 153, 155, 171 Gill, Virginia 20, 21 Gillespie, Diane 171 Gillespie, Mike Gillespie, Tom 15, 33 Gilliland, Les 171 Gilliland, Pat Gilmore, Jim 187 Ferrin, Michael 171 Ferron, Pam 104, 212 Fey, Michele 187 Fickel Connie 54, 171 Fickel, Glen 54,89, 97,212 Field, Ronnie 212 Field, Denise 171 Fields, Janet 212 Fields, Maureen 187 Findley, Larry 97,213 Finke, Ron 54, 171 Finken, Bob 111,213 Fisher, Alan 171 Fisher, Leroy 171 Fisher, Linda 108,213 Fitch, Larry 132, 171 Fizer, Brenda 61, 213 Fizer, David 65, 187 Fleming, Wayne 33 Fletcher, Kay 104,106,171 Force, Linda 111, 213 Ford, Rusty 85,163,171 Foreign Languages 40, 41 Football 122, 123. 124,125,126 127.128,129.13O,131,132,133 Football Homecoming 134, 135 Fortner, Pat 44, 71, 213 Foster, Linda 43, 213 Fothergill, George 187 Fouts, Frank 171 Francis, John 88,110, 213 Francis, Merideth 20 Frazier, Donna 55, 92, 171 Frazier, Sharon 20 Free, Kenny 171 Freeman, Bill 187 Freeman, Cerol187 Freeman, Shirley 26 French Club 108 Friedrich, Dennis 107, 110, 187 Friend, Debby 61,213 Frisbie, Steve 213 Frost, Anne 101, 109, 187 Fruit, James 213 Fuchs, Madeline 92, 103, 108,187 Fuller, Gary 171 Fuller, Larry 132, 171 Fulmer, Jack 126,128,213 Future Farmers of America 105 Future Homemakers of America 104 Future Teachers of America 90,91 Gabbert, Wayne 213 Gaddis, Julie 187 Galloway, Rick 171 Ganson, Gary 56, 171 Ganson, Glen 187 Garland Cheryl 110, 187 Garnier, Susan 108, 187 Gartin, Dennis 187 Gastal, Bruno 85, 108, 202, 203, 213 Gates, Paula 89,100, 106, 108, 187 Gatrost, Albert 171 Gatrost, Archie 140,141,214 Gaughran, Linda 171 Gearhart, Dehi171 Gearhart, Margie 89, 110, 214 Geivett, Dan 89, 102,209,214 George, Jack German Club 110 Gibler, Beverlee 63, 109, 214 235 Ginn, Michael 171 Girls' Choir 62 Girls' Glee Club 63 Gleason, Norma 34 Glossip, Sherrelyn 54, 111, 214 Glover, Jim 214 Goddijn, Renee 21 Goebel, Juanita 187 Gold, Rick 54,86,89,187 Gooden, Warren 171 Goodridge, John Goodridge, Kevin 187 Goodyear, Mary 52,90,171 Gorden, Les Gordon, Pam 49, 89, 92, 101, 171 Gouge, Mary Jane 63, 171 Gould, Linda 187 Grace, Ray 187 Graham, Rickie 214 Graham, Ronnie 187 Graham, Verna 34 Gray, Mik Green, Jo e 214 hn 92, 187 Green, Steve 61,171 Grilhn, Dana 171 Grillin, Linda 214 Grimes, Patricia 69, 85, 109, 214 Grinham, Susan 84, 89,101, 187 Groom, Jerry 88, 187 Groom, Joyce 171 Gross, Va I 187 Grove, Waren 214 Gulley, Dewayne 171 Gunter, Sherry 56, 90,171 Gusse, Valerie 171 Hackett, Stephanie 63, 108, 214 Hackler, Glenda 214 Hackler, James 172 Haggard, Dave 108, 188, 202 Hale, Ann 34 Hale, Dean 111, 133, 214 Hale, Deyanne 214 Hall, Bob 214 Hall, Brenda 171 Hall, Christine 91, 188 Hall, Dennis 171 Hall, James 89,110,214 Hallford, Dan 132, 172 Halsey, Kay172 Ham, Kevin 61, 63, 65, 109, 188 Hamer, Charlotte 214 Hamilton, Douglas Hamilton, Judi 111, 214 Hamilton, Robert 172 Hamilton, Tanya 103, 214 Hammers, Skip 188 Hammett, Judy 84, 101, 137, 158, Hammond, Gary 188 Hammond, Steve 126, 188, 233 Hammons, Pamela 63, 100, 172 Hancock, Kathy 108, 166, 172 Handley, James 102, 126 215 Handy, David 172, 233 Hannaford, Natalie 111,215 Hanson, Kathy 38, 61, 91, 101, 108 188 Hanson, Phyllis 31 Hanssen, Lana 52, 101, 188 Harbison, Rick Masten Hardy, Cheri 54, 100, 109, 215 Hardy, Gaye 52,90,110, 172 Harlan, Ronald 188 Harmon, Debbie 83, 84, 98, 101, 158, 159,215 Harmon, John 172 Harp, Dennis 54,188 Harp, Linda 110, 188 Harris, Eddie 52, 102,126, 128,215 Harris, Michelle 101,115,166,172 Harris, Steve 92, 215 Hart, Becky 56, 88, 90, 106, 172 Hartley, Brenda 188 Hatlield, Mike 132,155,172 Hawes, Nina 34 Hawk, Ray 172 Hawkins, Floyd 188 Hawkins, Lloyd 90, 188 Hawkins, Sherry 115, 117,215 Hawthorne, Bill 107, 109, 172 Hayes, Eileen 35 Hayes, William 21 Hays, John 172 Heater, Glenda 111,215 Heater, Steve 188 Heaviland, Bren 188 Heck, Debbie 135,137,169,215 Heckmann, Pat 44, 54, 85, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 108,215 Hedding, Jim 188 Hendeen, Linda 97, 109, 215 Hedges, Janet 84, 104, 109, 188 Hedges, Robert 88,215 Hedges, Vilma 34 Heflin, Charles Hellin, Linda 169, 188 Heflin, Randy 72, 111, 215 Hellin, Vicki Hein, Sharon Helton, Cherry 188 Henderson, John 21, 23 Hendrickson, Lois 172 Henley, Joyce 63, 91, 188 Henry, Clyde 52, 54, 126, 130, 172 Heotis, George 105, 188 Herbst, Ann 89, 98, 100, 215 Herbst, John 155, 172 Heritage Dance 42, 43 Herrington, Rick 188 Hershey, Eric 88, 98, 110, 215 Hickam, Gail 91, 110, 215 Hickam, Jim 172 Hicks, Mike 56,172 Higginbotham, David 215 Highfill, Jan 172 Hildebrand, Scott 85, 188 Hill, Cherie 172 Hillen, Bill 88, 188 Hillen, Mike 88, 172 Himes, Harold 52, 54, 216 Hines, Dave 92, 172 Hininger, Mary 52, 94, 101,108, 158,216 Hjersted, Lawrence 84, 89, 94, 107, 146, 153,216 Hobbs, Terry 216 Hobick, Laurel 19, 21, 123, 127 Hodges, Wendy 45, 89, 94, 95, 96, 97, 101, 108, 216, 221 Hodkinson, Michael 105, 140, 172 Hogge, Mike 172 Holden, Wesley 188 Holladay, Mary 31 Hollaman, Carol 47, 104, 170, 216 Hollaman, Hope 56, 90,172 Holland, Donna 188 Holland, Gary 88 Holleger, Grover 33 Holliger, Jan 61, 63, 65, 85, 90,101, 188 Holman, Lynda 216 Holmes, Holmes, Doris 172 Dorothy 188 HoImes,JeweIl86,91, 108,216 Holmes Lar 172 . VY Holmes, Kathy 188 Holmes, Rodney 216 Homan, Ricki101, 189 Home Economics 70, 71 Hoover, Sharon 89, 101, 103, 172 Hoover, Sue 89, 90, 100, 108,172 Hopkins, Bob 132,155,172 Horch, Vickie Horne, Kathy 61, 63, 65, 93, 103, 216 Horne, Nancy 90,100,103, 109, 189 Hoss, Carolyn 52, 94, 98, 108, 189 Hoss, Mary Anne 52, 58,172 Howell, Les 189 Howen, Roberta 189 Howes, Donald Howey, Hague 52, 106, 216 Hubble, Floyd 21, 22, 90, 199 Huddleston, Rita Hullman, Jim 111, 216 Hullman, Kathy 91, 100, 189 Huflman, Sue 97, 101, 108, 216 Hullman, Terri 52, 54, 93, 94, 110, 216 Hughes, Jerry 89, 189 Hughes, Tim 172 Hulett, Chris 172 Humphrey, Janet 172, 233 Humphrey, Sheila 43, 103, 216 Hunt, Eva 189 Hunt, Nick 189 Huntsucker, Clifl 56, 172 Hurshmen, Chester 54, 189 Hursig, Jan 52, 91, 108, 216 Hurst, Raymond 216 Hutcheson, George 52,126, 162, 189 Hyder, Denton 172 Hyder, Janet 216 Iles, Bob 189 Industrial Arts 72. 73 Interact 89 Isbell, Twila 172 lzard, Steve 111, 216 Jackson, Bob 105, 189 Jackson, Wesley 172 Jacobs, Gary 85, 88, 98, 102, 110 Jacobs, Michael 89, 109, 189 Jellries, John 106, 189 James, Norman 28 Jennings, Doug 172 Jensen, Bruce 172 Jets 107 Johns, Kenneth 21, 22,126, 127, 163 Johnson, Andy 172 Johnson, Barbara 217, 233 Johnson, Charles 65,172 Johnson, Cindy 85 Johnson, Don 126, 189 Johnson, Gary 98, 189 Johnson, Jim 172 Johnson, Larry 189 Johnson, Linda 172 Johnson, Lon 65, 189 Johnson, Mike 217 Johnson, M. 0. 29 Johnson, Sherry 54, 100, 108, 182, 189 Johnson, Steve 217 Johnson, Ted 163, 189 Jones, Arlene 189 Jones, Craig 152. 153 Jones, Mike 172 Jones, Paula 111,217 Jones, Ralph Jones, Sheldon 56,132,172 Jones, Wayne 172 Jordinson, Mark 54,217 Karch, Barbara 217 Kassen, Randy 117, 155, 172 Kauflman, Jim 56,11-12,155,172 Kauflman, Raye 63 Keehler, Ted 189 Keeling, Linda 101, 103, 217 Keith, Donna 61, 91, 217 Keller, Kathy 217 Keller, Steve 217 Keller, Stuart 111,217 Kelley, Alan 102, 124, 125,12G, 128, 172 Kelley, Fred 172 Kelley, Janet 189 Kelley, Mike 190 Kelley, Ronda 63, 104,217 Kelley, Sondra 63, 173 Kelly, Kathy 190 Kelsey, Mark 52, 54, 190 Kemper, Larry 65, 102, 130,217 Kemper, Shirley 111, 217 Kenan, Lynda 190 Kenley, Debbie 111, 217 Kennedy, Bob 105 Kennedy, Robert 132, 173 Kennedy, Sherry 218 Kerley, Mike Kerrick, Sadie 29 Kesner, Debby 89, 91, 97, 109,217 Keyton, Joann 55, 173 Kidwell, Dennis 173 Kiger, Jack 217 King, Danny 132,173 King, Fred 126, 173 King, Helen 63, 190 King, Kathy 54, 137, 142, 173, 201 King, Linda 173 King, Lucille 35 King, Ranae 43,61,100,169,217, 227 King, Sue 60, 61, 93, 99, 110, 142, 217 King, Verna 21 Kinyon, Dennis 173 Kirksey, Anthony 217 Klein, Gary 190 Klick, Curt 97,217 Klingner, Mary 22 Knapp, Rod 218 Knoche, Anne 52, 58, 61, 89, 99, 218 Koon, Karen 173 Koury, Aleah 173 Koury, Patricia 101, 190 Kraft, Jerry 218 236 Kramer, Dennis 126, 190 Krause, Viola 34 Kresin, Regina 101, 108, 190 Krokstrom, Nancy 173 Krum, Cheri 173 Kubli, Clyde 123 Kuhn, Cindy 90,100,108,173 Kuklenski, Frank 190 Kuklenski, Mary 101,166,173 Kurok, Sybille 218 Lambert, Glenna 63, 190 Lamble, Donna 45, 95, 98, 100, 108, 218 Land, Margaret 63, 218 Landers, Paula 27 Landreth, Lohman 22 Lane, Terry 173 Lankford, Sherry 31 Larson, Bonnie 164, 173 Latimer Larr 85 111 218 Lung, Andy 191 Luttrell, Mark 191 Lyle, Cecil 33 Lyle, Nancy 219 Lynn, Gayle 61, 89, 191 Maddy, Debi 172, 173 Madrigal 65 Maggi, Mark 219 Mahafly, Connie 173 Mahafly, Kathy 52 Mayorettes 55 Mallett, Kathy 61,99,191 Malone, Mike 173 Mangels, Rick 89,191 Mann, Larry 78 Manners, Mike 54, 58, 92,219 Manuel, Margaret 54, 100, 191 Markley, Jimmy 219 Markley, Larry 173 v Y Y I Latimer, Sue90, 100, 108, 173 Laxson, Charlie 89, 98, 190 Laxson, Joe 89, 126, 128, 228 Lawson, Jim 190 Layden,Tim 218 Leaf, David 61, 190 Marron e, Benny 191 Martin, Bryan 219 Martin, Gary 191 Martin, Larry 61, 109, 191 Martin, Travis 110, 219 Mason, Lon 90,108,219 , Jerry 219 Leaf, Pam 61, 68, 89, 218 Leaf, Shirley 35 Lee, Dave 173 Lee, Sherry 190 Leeper, Gary 173 Leeper, Sharon 63, 173 Leibold, Cindy 52,54,100,190 Leibold, Marcia 173 Leibold, Steve 190 Legglgon-Floyd, Diane 52, 89, 110, 1 Leighton-Floyd, Janie 173 Leighton-Floyd, Julie 173 Lemasters, Grace 190 Lemen, Carl 218 Leonard, Deborah 190 Lesh, Nancy 100, 173 Lesh, Ralph 79, 89, 106, 107 Letterman, Ernest Lettermen's Club 102 Levingston, Nancy 43, 218 Levitt, Terri 52, 91, 190 Lewis, Jean 86, 104,111,118 Lewis, Kathy 110, 190 Lewis, Wanda 173 Liddle, David 190 Lierman, Terry 132, 173 Leggett, Forrest 110, 173 Liles, Rick 111,218 Lilleston, Cynthia 52, 173 Lindsey, Patty 63, 190 Link, Freddie 190 Link, Jim 190 Link, Ron 89, 218 Literary Arts Seminar 94 Loftis, James 218 Logan, Carla 190 Long, Bob 173 Lotridge, Ann 74,100,116,137,173 Lotridge, Cindy 63, 104, 190 Lotspeich, Kay 104, 158, 169, 219 Love, Gary 52, 54, 58, 190 LoveIand,Jim 190 Lowe, Brian 172, 233 Lowe, Bruce 89, 102, 108, 109, 181, 191 Lowery, Bruce 22 Lufl, Elvin 12 Lukrofka,Cindi172 Luna, Gary 172 Lundquist, Robert 172 Masten, John 111, 219 Masters, Carolyn 89, 219 Masters, Norman 191 Masterson, Donna 191 Masterson, John 174 Masterson, Joyce Mastin, Judy 92, 174 Mathematics 74. 75 Matson, Steve Matthews, Nola 52, 58, 94, 97, 99, 105, 140, 191,219 Mattonen, Larry 191 Maudhin, Paula 174 Maus, Jim 126, 191 Mawhirter, Rick 174 McAIhonre, Jim McArthur, Greg 191 McBride, Barbara 22, 103 McCain, Charles McCarty, Cliilord 61, 219 McCarty, Jo Ann 174 McCarty, John 111,219 McCIeery, Mary 104,191 McClure, Kirk 97,219 McComas, John 174 McConchie, ZoAnn 38, 61, 86, 101 108, 192 McCormick, Dan 108, 192 McCrary, Reta 86, 101, 174 McDaniel, Pat 219 McDole, Joyce 52, 192 McDole, Lynette 174 McEIhone, James 192 McElwee, Steve McEntire, Brenda 174 McEntire, Louetta 192 McFadden, Judi 42, 95, 219 McGinness, Heidemarie 22, 110 McGowan, Doug 79 McGuire, Mark 52, 54, 130, 174 McHenry, Bob 22,153 McKie, Rich 219 McKinney, Randy 192 McLain, Chris 44, 94, 220 McLain, Debbie 170,174 McLees, Ollie 35 McMullen, Linda 63,84,101,109, 192, 195 McMurray, Donna 61, 64, 220 McNamara, Connie 109, 174 McPhaiI, Linda 54,192 McPhail, Ronnie McPherson, Ken 108, 192 McQuitty, Mike 220 McVay, Laurie 174 Meador, Tim 174 Meadors, David 105,174 Mengel, Phil 52, 54, 58, 92 Meserve, Nancy 61, 64, 65, 93, 99, 101, 108, 220 Messick, Cynthia 174 Meyer, Curtis 174 Michel 220 , Bill 93, 102, 109, 126, 128, Miewes, Agnes 35 Miller, Cheryl 174 Miller, Dwight Miller, John 192 Miller, Linda 164, 220 Miller, Pam 61, 64, 92, 93, 109, 177, 220 Miller, Paul 220 Miller, Rick 126, 132,153, 155, 192 Milleson, Twila 104,111, 220 Millikan, Steve 174 Miranda, Mona 63, 220 Mitchell, Phil 61, 105,220 Moflet, Joyce 174 Monroe, Calvin 79, 102, 220 Montalte, Kathy 174 Montes, Melani 60, 61, 192 Montgomery, David 192 Mooney, Linda 61, 110, 220 Moore Moore ,Dennis 40, 88, 110, 220 , Jerry 15 Moore, Paul 132, 174 Moore, Shawn Moreira, Miguel 192 Morgan, Kathy 89, 110, 220 Morgan, Michael 174 Morgan, Norma 192 Morgan, Ted 88, 94, 192 Morris, Jerri 174, 233 Morris, Linda 101, 192 Morton, Robert 192 Mgsier, Don 54, 84, 89, 94, 99, 108, 20 Moulder, Evadene 63, 192 Moyer, Bill 26 Mueller, Donna 46, 61, 89, 93, 101, 113,220 Mulhearn, Vickie 192 Mulloy, Christina 61, 110,220 Munger, Mark 192 Murphy, John 126, 129, 163, 174 Myers, Don 192 Myers, M SYS, Janice 104, 174 Shari 44, 220 Y Myers, Shelley 94, 174 Nagel, 220 Nagel, Nagle, Debbie 86, 90, 93, 101, 204, Larry 174 Linda 22, 88 Nall, Chris Nance, Bill 111, 221 Nance, Carol 91, 104, 170, 174 Nash, Janet 104, 174 Nash, Randy 192 National Art Honor Society 98 National Forensic League 92 Naughton, John 163, 174 Nauser, Jeanne 23 Nave, Chris 61, 64, 65, 192 Nay, Duane 126, 221 Nead, Joyce Neal. Richard 174 Nell, Su1i85, 101, 103, 109, 169, 180, 192 Negaard, Doris 100, 108, 221 Newman, Gail 88, 94, 221 Niccum, Steve 126, 128, 192 Nichols, David 145, 146, 152, 153, 192 Nichols, Glen 132, 174 Nichols, Peggy 174 Nichols, Penny 174 Nicodemus, Carol 54, 174 Nieweg, Garland 107, 192 Noble, Gary 155, 174 Noland, Gary 174 Noll, Sharon 192 Noll, Steve 88, 90, 175 Norman, Duane 193 Norman, John 56, 126, 128, 174 Norman, Sherri 46, 91, 104, 109, 221 Norris, Jerry 193 Novak, Chuck 46,110,193 Novak, Sandi 89, 91, 93, 110, 221 Ochs, Bob 132, 163, 174 0'Connor, Neal 153, 193 Odom, Margaret 170, 193 Ogle, Mary Jane 23, 91 0'Hara, Michael 140, 162, 193 Oldenburg, Trudie 221 Olivarez, John 109, 193 Oliver, Pat 108, 126, 193 Olson, Janet 193 Olvera, David 221 0'MaIIey, Rose 193 0'Malley, Teresa 174 One-Act Plays 112. 113 0'Neil, Gerald 193 Orchestra 52,53 Orr, Becky 193 Ortiz, Helen 193 Osgood, Jim 174 Osiek, Steve 61, 64, 65, 108, 193 Overturl, Mike 193 Owen, Phil 193 Painter, Cindy 174 PaIms,Shila 63, 193 Parent Teachers Association 17 Paris, Gary 193 Parish, Raleigh 61, 110, 221 Parker, Carol 221 Parker, Debbie 40, 87, 89, 98, 101, 221 Parker, Sandy 174 Parks, Emory 27, 30 Parks, William 33 Parrett, Deanie 193 Parsley, Elta 32 Patience, Wayne 174 Patrick, Victoria 174 Pats Club 103 Patterson, Annette 47, 110, 194, 233 Patterson, Kenneth 13 Patterson, Rick 174 Patton, David 221 Paxton, Susie 90, 174 Payne, Jim 105, 194 Pearce, Julia 23 Pearson, Jan 92, 174 Peel, Joe 32 Pement, Fred 54, 58, 221 Pement Mike 49, 92, 194 Pence, Gary 194 Pendelton, Dennis 194 Pennington, Penni174 Penniston, Diana 109, 174 Penny, Mary 194 Pep Club 100. 101 Pepper, Jeri 174 Perry, Greg 221 Perry, Julie 63, 89, 100, 108, 194 Peters, Joseph 13 Peters, Kenneth 194 Peterson, Jo 34 Peterson, Paulette 90, 101, 194 Pfeifer, Joe 222 Phillips, Belinda 86,101, 108,194 Phillips, Doug C. 111,222 Phillips, Doug R. 54, 59, 61, 64, 65, 99,222 Phillips, Larry 174 Phillips, Vicki 52, 53, 110, 175 Physical Education 66 Pietzech, Tom 110, 194 Pi ker, Jerry 222 Pinkston, Marilyn 222 Pinnell, Judy 23 Pitchlord, Barbara 54, 101, 103, 109 Pitts, Lavina 109, 175 Player, Don 222 Player, Irene 194 Ploger, Susan 23, 90 Poe, Mike 111,222 Pollard, Lee 175, 233 Pope, Charles 88, 194, 233 Porter, Brenda 222 Porter, Mike 89, 209,222 Porter, Paula 175 Poteet, Roger 175 Pottker, Ronnie 222 Powell, Lance 94, 102, 140, 141,194 Powell, Mary 100, 194 Premoe, Charles 88, 194 Presnell, Gale 63, 100, 194 Price, Kent 89, 153, 155, 175 Price, Lonnie 102, 222 Pritchard, Donna 52, 54, 92, 222 Prout, Mark 38, 89, 194 Publications Department 42, 43, 44. 45 Pulliam, Grace 23 Purdy, Phillip 92,175 Pursley, Etta 32 Pyper, Thea 52, 54, 91, 194 Quick, Eddie Quick, Siebert 61, 64, 194 Quill and Scroll 95 Quint, Leigh Anne 110, 194 Rabon, Joyce 91, 104, 175 Rabon, Judy 111, 222 Ragland, Mary 103, 194 Ragusa, Teresa 35 Ralston, David 52,54,89,99,153, 194 Rand Rand all, Randy 194 olph, Jim 111,222 Ra pp, Brenda 111 Rash, Tim 194 Rast, Bal 194 Rast, Raymond 111, 222 Raveill, Linda 54, 92, 175 Ray, Mike 222 Raynes, Nancy 175 Reagan, Debbie 100, 175 Reagan, Patti 101, 103, 194 Ream, Doris 22, 23 Rector, Bill 163, 175 Red Cross 87 Reed, Raymond 194 Reed, Richard 175 Reed, Sandy 54, 91, 100, 103,222 Reeves, Cynthia 194 Reichardt, Lee 223, 233 Reill, Barbara 89, 98, 101, 223 Renaud, Mary Sue 23 Reneau, David 86, 111, 223 Rene Reyn Reyn Reyn Reyn Rice, Rice, Rice, Rice, Rice, au, Laura 100, 194 olds, Connie 194 olds, George 175 olds, Sandy 223 olds, Twylene 52, 54, 175 Bernell 223 Dan 88,92,108,175 Joe 61,105,175 Marsha 93,100,223 Randy 102, 126, 127, 129, 167, 175 Rice, Rice, Rice, Rick 132, 175 Sherry 89, 91, 175 Susan 223 Richards, Janet Richards, Kathy 175 Richardson, Claudia 91, 104, 194 Richardson, Ellen 63, 175 Richey, Gary 88, 195 Richey, Sharon 110, 175 Rick, Fred 195 Ridings, Sue 24, 104 Ries, Helen 30 Ries, Paula 55, 91, 97, 100, 205, 223 Rightmyer, Marsha 54, 92, 100, 175 Riley,CarI105, 175 Riley, Kathy 223 Rising, Gary 223 Ritchie, Linda 223 Rivera, Ron 105, 126, 195 Rivers, Jerry 175 Rivers, Jim 223 Roach, Doug 195 Roach, Terri 175 Roberts, David 195 Roberts, Denise Roberts, Karen 101, 103, 195 Roberts, Linda 91, 223 Roberts, Paul 175 Robertson, Clifl 175 Robinette, Connie 223 Robinson, Dayle 54, 223 Robinson, Mary 24, 104 Robinson, Phyllis 52, 195 Robinson, Teresa 61, 177, 195 Robinson, William 24, 139, 140 Robison, Byron 195 Robison, Sharon 56, 175 Rodekopf, Gregg 102,126, 129,223 Rodenberg, Leonard 195 Rogers, Dale 195 Rose, Carol 170, 195 Rose, Russell 88, 102, 110, 223 Rose, Sherry 103, 169, 195 Roth, Alida 175 Rowley, Debbie 195 Rowley, Sandi 195 Roy, Charles 223 Roy, Dorothy 175 Rowe, Grace 24 Ruester, Bob 54, 175 Runyon, Bob 195 Ruoll, Steve 132, 175 Rupe, Mick 126, 129, 204, 222 Rush, Farrel175 Russell, Duane 163,195 Russell, Gary 175 Russell, James 195 Russell, Sylvia 223 Ryhurn, Tom 163 Rynearson, Rod 52, 58, 175 Sallee, Marise 35 Salter, Cheryl 91, 224 Salyer, Janice 177, 224 Sanders, Vicki 91, 100, 195 Sa ppenlield, Christine 175 Sartwell, Dennis 175 Sartwell, Terrie 61, 64, 65, 91, 224 Sasser, Stan 224 Saunder, Susan 175 Saunders, Gay 175 Savage, Jane 85, 100, 195 Schaaf, John 224 Schaberg, Gharett 56, 107, 117, 175 Schaefer, Merle 28 Scharnhorst, Darlene 195 Schauer, Sheila 61, 65, 93, 104, 224 Scheier, Tom 195 Schell, Juda 24, 47, 93 Scherer, Ginny 63, 175 Schilpp, Jeanne 175 Schneikart, Marilyn 110, 196 Schnetzer, Barbara 175 Schnetzer, David 224 Schnetzer, Glenda 224 Schotl, Ken 52, 54, 109.224 Schondolmeyer, Dana 90, 101, 108, 196 WW ,,...-- -...Jedi , 237 Schonfeldt, Diane 63, 175 Schonfeldt, John 111 224 Schooling, Richard 196 Schrik, Al 25, 90 Schulemberg, Beverly 176 Schulenberg, Edward 224 Schulenberg, Mrs. LeeRoy 12 Schumaker, Bruce 153, 196 Snell, Ben 197 Snell, Bob 176 Snell, Lee 105 Snowden, Carol 100, 108, 197 Snowden, Clay 25, 102, 132,146, 147, 152 Social Studies 76. 77 Soloman, Stephen 52, 54, 197 Seeve Schupback, Kent 196 Schutz, Bill 176 Schwarz, Doug 224 Science 78, 79 Science Club 106 Sciortino, Roberta 176 Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott Debi 196 Dixie 196 Jackie 175 Mary Diane 176 Michael 176 scan, Nancy 63, 89, 176 Seals, Billy 176 Searcy, Namon 126, 128, 162,225 Sears, Martha Jane 28 Seaton, Celia 55,94, 101, 225 Seave Seave r, Don 176 r, Janice 108,196 Sedge, Frances 103, 176 Seek, Kathy 176 rs, Charles 196 So per, 197 Soper, Gary 58, 84,145,146, 153, Kim 52, 92,176 Sophomore Band 56. 57 Soptic, Soptic, Joe 197 Marilyn 176 Spanish Club 109 Sparks, Bill 197 Sparks, Dave Sparks, Lee 176 Sparks, Linda 197 Speech Sperry, 176 Spiers, 46, 47 Carol 49, 85, 91, 92, 101, Karen 63,97, 110, 225 Squires, Bill 176 Squires, Lavetta 104, 197 Squires, Sharon 197 Srader, Srader, Stacey, David 176 Steve 197 Steve 197 Seidel, John 84, 88, 93, 102, 107, 108,109,140,196 Selder, Joyce 176 Selvey, Peggy 63, 196 Semrau, Jennifer 110, 196 Setchfield, Phil 52, 54, 91, 92, 176 Seward, Diana 25 Sexton, Ed 225 Shahan, Ronnie 111, 225 Shakespeare, David 130, 161, 225 Shannon, David 96, 225 Sharon, Dorothy 30 Sharp, Clark 196 Sheddrick, Steve 196 Sheehy, Nan 170,176 Sheele, Robert 24, 77 Shelton, Dee 196 Shelton, Judy 109, 176 Shelton, Terra 108, 196 Shemwell, Donna 90, 196 Sherman, Kim 52, 54, 196 Shineman, Peggy 54, 91, 109, 196 Shinn, John 25 Shirk, Evelyn 176 Shirky, Annette 44, 86, 101, 115, 117,135,137,169,225 Shoaf, David 176 Shoat, Doug 196 Shore, Kathy 63, 176 Shrout, Howard 176 Shumaker, Karen 196 Simpson, Kaipo 61, 64, 65,196 Simpson, Nancy 52, 101,108,196 Simpson, Pam 91, 100, 104, 109, 225 Simpson, Tom 176 Sincox, Kent 92, 102, 126, 128, 132, 176 Skinner, Vicki 91, 176 Skouse, John 86, 196 Slade, Jack 61,225 Slade, Linda 90, 163, 176 Slayton, Eric 90, 176 Slayton, Teresa 63, 170, 225 Smalley, Chris 93,225 Staflord, Kathy 100, 101, 103, 169, 225 Staley, Gretchen 89, 101, 176 Staley, Steve 102, 140, 224 Stanfield, Gordon 126, 128, 162, 224 Stanley, Barbara 63, 176 Stanley, Judy 224 Stark, Elma 17 Stark, Kathy 52, 54, 92, 109, 197 Starnes, Mary 197 Staves, Dave 102, 197 Steele, Janice 54, 197 Steele, Sharon 52, 91, 101, 104, 108, 197 Stephens, Gene 198, 233 Stephens, Kerri 111, 224 Stevens, Helen 198 Stevens, Melvin Stewart, Buel 25 Stewart, Chuck 198 Stewart, Richard 198 Stobart, Susan 198 Stokes, Donna 198 Stone, Brenda 176 Stone, Larry Stone, Richard 176 Stoneman, James 176 Storms, Dave 176 Stowell, Dennis 176 Strait, Karen 110, 198 Strung Quartet 58 StudentCounciI 82, 83. 84. 85. 86 Sturges, Robert 89, 226 Sullivan, Kathy 101 Su mey, Coralie 226 Sutherland, Brenda 226 Swayze, Randy Swezey, Charlene Swezey, Marlene 198 Swift, James 132, 176 Sword, Rod 198 Sword, Steve 126, 130,226 Talbot, Norman 56, 176 Talcott, Dave 43, 89, 226 Talcott, Marty 89, 102, 107, 138, Smith S mith ,Barbara 61, 90,196 Barbie 90, 196 Smith, Cheryl 176 Smith Smith Smith 128 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith S mith Smith Smith Smith S mith Smith Smith Smith Smith , David 79, 176 , Debbie 225 , Dennis 89, 107, 126, 127, ,225 ,Fonda 100, 197 , Gerry 225 ,Janet 54, 196 ,Kathy 89, 92, 176 , Kelly 54, 197 ,Linda 91,101,225 , Mark 225 ,Mike 197 , Mike 176 , Mike 197 ,Party 197 ,Richard 89, 107,225 , Steve 176 ,Susi 63, 100, 108, 197 son, Becky 101, 197 Smokewood, Gary 197 Snede ger, David 111, 225 Snedeger, Susan 63. 197 140, 226 Tann, LaJuana 226 Taylor, Bill 140, 176 Taylor, Carol 176 Taylor, Genevieve 198 Taylor, lrene 63, 101, 104, 226 Taylor, Kay 63, 101, 198 Taylor, Paula 176 Taylor, Robert 226 Terran Terran ova, Anthony 198 ova, Jim 176 Testerman, Linda 198 Thespi ans 93 Thomas, Bacil 33 Thomas, Kathy 52, 108, 198 Thomas, Pam 9, 176 Thomas, Richard 177 Thomas, Steven 226 Thompson, Cheryl 177 Thompson, Cindy 177 Thompson, Deb 198 Thompson, Jackie 93, 226 Thompson, John 177 Thompson, Leonard 162, 198 Thompson, Tommy 198 Thompson, Venita 177 Thorne, Don 226 Thorne, Peggy 89, 177 Tiereney, Dennis 177 Timm, Pam 198 Timme, Cheryl 61, 226 Tindall, Shelley 226 Tinney, Randy 173,177 Tippin, Freda 35 Tittle, Debbie 61, 64, 184,226 Tittle, Diana 198 Tittle, Linda 100, 177 Titus, Vicky 115,143,198 Todd, Steve 198 Tompkins, Steve 177 Tonyan, Ron 153, 198 Trader, Vicky 177 Trent, Jim 198 Tri-M 99 Trimble, Diana 63, 177 Trimble, Janet 226 Trowbridge, Larry 52, 92, 177 Truitt, Carolyn 63, 198 Truitt, Marilyn 63, 198 Trumpet Trio 58 Tuck, Beverly 63, 198 Tucker, John 126, 130,226 Turk, Denise 52, 54, 177 Turner, Harold 198 Turner, Vycki 226 Twente, Ronnie 110, 177 Ulshafer, Bill 177 Utterback, Janice 84, 90, 101, 108, 198 Vader, Karen 177 Valleau, Gary 102, 126, 130 Vandaveer, Debbie 198 VanFIeet, David 177 VanFleet, Ruth 34 Van Kirk, Janet 91, 108, 198 Van Kirk, Marsha 86,91,100,101, 227 Vannattan, Robert 177 Van Tassel, Susan 199 Varsity Band 54, 55, 59 Verdict, Claudia 170, 199 Vermillion, David 177 Via, Kathy 177 Via, Paula 177 Via, Virginia 199 Vickers, Bobbie 91, 100, 104, 109, 169,227 Villers, Rick 199 Vivian, Linda 54, 169 Voth, Larry 56, 155, 177 Wade, Mary Kay 52, 110, 199 Wadkins, Lynne 177 Wagener, Alice 54, 89, 91, 101, 227 Waggoner, Don 61, 199 Wagner, Michele Wagner, Mike 132,177 Wagner, Peggy 199 Walker, Bill 177 Walker, Jan 177 Walker, Joyce 177 Walkinshaw, Dave 178 Wallace, Dennis 177 Wallace, Lorraine 177 Waller, Ken 227 Wallis, Joanne Walraven, Edna 111, 227 Walters, Cindy 92, 100,108,199 Ward, David 227 Ward, Greg 52, 54, 199 Ward, Ken 54, 199 Warner, Cheryln 98, 169, 227 Warner, David 109, 110 Warner, Terese 90, 177 Warren, Carol 45, 93, 112, 170,227 Warren, Janet 199 Waterworth, Paula 91, 109, 177 Watkins, Robert 227 Watt, Jim Watts, David 177 Weatherford, Harriett 25 Webb, Steve 132, 177 Weber, Kirk 126, 130, 163, 200 Webster, David 177 Wederski, Carol 227 Wederski, Donna Weeks, Marcy 61,101, 108, 200 Weisbach, Phil 177 Welborn, Don 25 Welch, Richard 227 Welch, Teresa 177 Weller, Janet 101, 177 Weller, Lynda 111, 227 Wells, James 227 Welsh, Larrv 200 Wente, Mike 200 West, Andy 94,227 West, Cindy 227 West, Marcus 177 Westerield, Diane 52, 177 Westerfield, Sharon 52,227 Westergard, Chris 49, 92, 200 Whisler, Lawrence 25 White, Bev 63, 200 White, Charla 227 White, Charles 25,72 White, Genger 89, 92, 100, 177 White, Pam 200 White, Richard 102, 126, 130,200 White, Robert 177 Whitehead, Mark 54,132, 178 Whitehead, Mike 49, 89, 92, 97, 224 227 Whiting, Debbie 101, 178 Whitney, Richard 200 Wiggins, Marty 178, 233 Wilcox, Karen 228 Wilds, Mary 178 Wildschuetz, Carl 79, 228 Wiley, Bill 200 Wiley, Rex 107,200 Wiley, Russ 16 Wilkerson, Linda 178 Wilkinson, John 102, 126, 130, 146, 147, 153, 157,228 Wilkinson, Lynn 91, 92, 178 Willard, Rex 200 Williams, Brent 89, 101, 228 Williams, Dale 228 Williams, Janice 228 Williams, Ken 178 Williams, Lorene 200 Williams, Robert 178 Williams, Steve 45, 84, 102,126, 130,228 Willis, Brenda 200 Willis, Joanne 200 Willis, Kathy 52, 61, 228 Willoughby, Ken 200 Willoughby, Randall 200 Wilmoth, Diana 101, 104, 108,228 Wilson, Charley 61,200 Wilson, Joyce 178 Wilson, Karen 100, 108, 200 Wilson, Mark 178 Wilson, Ronald 178 Wilson, Sandra 25 Wilson, Scott 228 Wilson, Wanda 104, 200 Wingate, Paula 100,200 Winkler, Randall 71, 105, 178,233 Winsor, Pamela 178 Wiss, Eddie 126, 130,228 Wiss, James 178 Witthar, Nora 21, 25 Woirhays, Alice 31 Wolf, Brenda 52, 178 Wolf, Ronald 200 Wood, Dale 200 Wood, Gary 200 Wood, Robert 200 Woods, Connie 100,169, 178 Woods, Janelle 101,228 Woods, Mike 163,200 Woods, Raliegh 52, 88, 228 Woodward, Jon 200 Woodward, Reta 35 Wooldridge, James 200 Woolery, Ron 178 Woolery, Sally 30 Woolf, Tommy 178 Workman, Harry 54,110,228 Worth, Bill 73, 89, 119,228 Wrestling 160, 161 Wright, Connie 178 Wright, Thomas 102,126, 130 Wrigley, Piper 83, 84, 228 Wyss, Mickey 155, 178, 233 York, Barry 86, 228 York, Judy 200 Young, Gary 96, 97, 146, 153, 201, 206,228 Young, John 228 Zaner, Mary 63,228 Zellmer, Jim 111,228 Zumbrunnen, Karen 178 Zumwalt, Jean 61, 64, 65, 93, 99, 228 Autographs PN J' am.. 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Suggestions in the Truman High School - Heritage Yearbook (Independence, MO) collection:

Truman High School - Heritage Yearbook (Independence, MO) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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