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 - Class of 1953

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f -C- ZF' , D Q .3 44? EQ A 4 'S ' 1 - fu eh? PJ- 0 0 ,527 Y A 2 553' f5i"Z",? p Kg' 'Sf s..4f 'f , kde. -f .fy , 7 . a - ,. Q5 cy ca! p f ?f ,- s f 6 7 X so sfdf 0 f Z -lll-"'-' X Q4 0 r 2 S 0 ef 5 Jliiiiifll A if Qi? 9 E 'LK X! f ' S? A . so X ff mica X x 5 4635 ef, ef X Z D - - f-'f .ff Q fff' ' ' i ff 2 X ' xxi' X X E011 S Cf Q9 - , N gfjiff' V! p f fa 0 5-'X p E QV 2 J MBU' I K K 4 sri! - , XQX lp' f 1 r Six sss ge L'?" 5' S X . X., XX- f V p S Jim CJ, fad CCM' The U. S. S. Gannetaha sails September 11, 1952. All who Wish to join the crew are re- quested to report to Port T. M. C. September 9 to secure passports and make other necessary pre- paration for sailing. 1 Xxs X W. .L .Hearing flue cafg we :seamen ann! new recruifri hom georgia, 5oufA garokna, Weed Cparogna, ggwrida, llffrginia, jxad, Giga ana! mexico rwilzec! fo puff where 'we were greefec! Lg our Galefain. 1 our Capfazn fkqf af muaf a Jened o feafa Lekke Peceiuihg Iaaadlaorfa, efffzoae of ua w o were new recruifrf e Arif ,dome Q our enfkuaicwm . - . L , I Auf nof on Ang?" for Aefore we lean! fime fo Q 2 - k . uf ' L Q ecqme foo fgemuclz 1,c!L.4ecQ 1,f,gfageJ, , we were e e e ee infv e Lagun- e , V, kb, K ' N Affwf C0uI':ie6 cauziecl HQMCL m ,con5qAeJ fAe, mapa of Lnowdzclge relqeafeclfy ana! uqfuagk acluicg hom ,.-:wx A 9 , R ,., Q- 2 S 4 .,,.X Q? ,K ,:,:. 4 r'- xk k , 30' 1 if - ,, fgg uf? Q 1: vim -i , K 52 , r A A M- 4 - ' ' 'MW ff Mfg! W .4g, ki5'?f33?KEaj'?Q' f,i6,L'f'?w r I X f a , N, . :Qi ,QM - e aug, .Y n Wx NJ f ,H ,ww W2 . X ,flgflzgfr I?:11bQf'5'5 1,-W" - f If ' , , -' - JWZW Q W e , J, " X fatal W 3' ri K w , KL ' 1 kill V qi W.,.f - Z' ' ' , Q r 1-was-A,1W:g5v1f' ,, ,r z hw u m . 0 q . f ' , , 2 x W ,A - L s :Lg ' o C '4 T ' awk 12 :Q fi frsTQwI.Q' 4 W sfgiwf afiflxf 1.:,4y5g"'i'mgm.4Mw3,3gggZa S ai? "h w gg., ,.,, 4 , "f3f312--52f'f:j'qA A 1' .3 5' ' nz I W - LL r T 4 .fa f' K A-21' 5 Gr? S . f . QQ? 6.36 5 S . J E . A 342241: ' 1 V -, X J My a 67 M al' fi ffw f g'-e5'w a QQ ' 5 f ffwgwfft izfm'.s, iyiwuy urges fc' WQESQWSQIW ' 2 ' ' F ff fgfwigwmiwswivmf' ' f X3 +s5lf,AQVii, f ' 5 a 533 A A IM f A 'Q 1, ' 1 ' ' '. ' Ou VL? E ,,A iQ5'5fT ' i QM? fa 2 Q Q in .U Q :Rf 1 as :-: S e we , N x, 9 Q 'Q ' Spf? if-V :f:?w:.,ff, W' A 1fi3eEY1iNE M Q K 6 PM fe: uwwsmf WAQBQQQQ e ug .Q I Ou 1 gf X X 5 A-'ll we ,4LA N Vx K 2 :,,:,. A ' e Lune! fkaf fke couraea incbcafecl on paddporfd fecjucre Alaecza I qggeage, we purckaaeel from Me A004 Afore. P ' , 4 alone, we were reaely fo Jai . ' oufhfuf marinem E ll Oll Sptemgef II, we g Soon aher claw anckor, anal :Sef Aaif info fhe coidzge Loarzlezl our 5Lil0, Loidecl fAe year of 1952-53. me afar? of our oy grin? I0 clam nof on!!! foclay Auf alto fomorrow, orclecl in fAi5 our Ag, fhe . . . U age, wkick we LOPB wi!! Zzowure fo our rea 6LI'll'lQf6lA6t Mfg us 9 X X f' H", fy ff X X . AN 2 Ei l E, G Z'-2 X if 0 ' 5 ., 6 Z ' g E ogg? Z S f 9 QQX, z Q Zf f X df X , ! 9 C2 Z X' If 2 Q Q 2 TX 0 Cf? Q Z -U 7 09 Q 9 1:94 ,fn E 1 fl - if' 551' y,-'J4' 4 J CN, .n i-ix 6 A 5 144 viii? J? K Published by I-Jr - L gy jrucfl- Wcconneil junior Corby ff Q CLEVELAND, GEORGIA VOLUME VI 1953 f Q2 1, QS 2 Q ii If we could bestow one wish on you, lim sure it would be thisg Your life would always be sunny With never a Cloud or mist. You would never know a sorrow, You would never lmve ll cnreg Your path would be strewn with roses, There would be no cross to bear. But your future is GoCl'sg He'll take it, direct it, And make it a part of His plan. We pray that he will ever bless and keep you As only the Father can. To Miss Mnllis, the one who has helped to instill Christian Character in each of our lives, to one whose life has been an inspiration to every student at T.M.C., to one who is always kind, thoughtful and understanding, to one whom we love, honor, and respectg we proudly dedicate this 1953 edition of the Gannetaha. 386660, tion Seeing fhe Iarge waved, we fke fkes Waafer nal-Chrielg ao help us the vision of fner a world a reality. us to the Christian our power to bring about of opportunity for all. not only our duty but hard, to the utmost to 'make the most of ourselves great things for humanity and for Thee. Help ussto see the necessitylgi of the second mile, not being content with doing anything short of our Make us to see thatoufffworld can never becomes a better place until service above self. Teach us always to think first of others that in we may rise above our own selfish interest and thus help bring about kingdom of gg, .M p And, 'oh God, as we look upat the stars, as we hear the song of the , birds, and as we behold the beauty of flowers and all growing things, help us to see Thee clearly in all and know that only when men everywhere turn to ' " Thee as their Father and Guide, will love take the place of hate and Christ 2 be found in the hearts of men. - A-L . -wb,-sw . ,ssemmwp n emoriam MRS. C. E. BARRETT True Nobility Who does his task from day to day And meets whatever comes his way, Believing God has willed it so, Has found real greatness here below. Who guards his post, no matter where, Believing God must need him there, Although but lowly toil it be, Has risen to nobility. For Great and low there's but one test 'Tis that each man shall do his best. Who works With all the strength he can Shall never die in debt to man. we DMI ISTHATIU JOE HARDY MILLER, SR. President Baylor University, A. B.: Attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary we lqfediclenf .S?oeaL5 The Clll'lSfl.lI1 College is the ally of the local cllurcllg the local church is the scat of the New Testament faitllg both build the Kingdom of God. 12 'S we if if Vjifff' vi ,, ,, ,M H, .ev TEACHERS rarest gift' heart ' .X manner , J 3 impart. Q" ' A ,. , , steel and iron vw - . ::.:. - w if? - :- L ' ' their A n ,, , ff, - : gggfi ff? , V -,1"f5a?,i' rm. 3 A H fAwa"?mx2AgM f W 'R ,L ,N.M.5f af"'2Z:lfL5VY W A ff QV W U M 1?k?wsgL?:ggQ?6' 'Qmw vyxl A if fi H "'i"i-W c "WW f, f x 'U N 4 ffl' V - , ef fb' swf 7,gq:,,244fSf"3,5Q432ii33?7ZR ' X LEVW , k and -5?f7Q'Zw'i15f5i33 g 5fw' 'AQ' f' 'WW 4' ww-Fw , Q 1- 1 ,A 7 mf , f.'f'?z22f2g mSw 'f s wff'fif LK to but 5 W f A e Q 'f':Xf2ig2-:e.egsa'f'wif ,gQ5QZi4'91i19ft'W A A wi wif if ' A " ' wngggffg-mf F q ' Y"1'4f-RLS: ,idx '- . ,h.,, M! e M N Wg? fiffld 4. W ,e y f . W ,Q , .IL 3igf,g,S1 K e B' , ,Mp f ,ww W . 4 b"x2k555s3'f'M,f?k - 5 ' 3 w U Z v M' 'K r JULIUS H. SPEARS Dean Christian Education Mercer University, A.B.g Southern Baptist Theologi- cal Seminary, Th.M.g Duke University, M.A. LILLIAN LOUNELL MULLIS Dean of Women Commercial Education, Christianity XVoman's College of the University of North Caro- lina, B.S.S.A.g Baptist W.M.U. Training School, M.R.E.g Graduate Study, Emory University. 31,6 DEAN X X "A sunny smile and "What a piece of work is this man." friendly personality." 14 "A second mother to the girls in the dormitory." PAC LTY and ST FF CHARLOTTE S. FREEMAN Shenandoah Conservatory, B.M.E.g Graduate Study, University of Georgia. MRS. AGNES K. HALL Librarian University of Texas, A.B.g Emory University, B.L.S. WWW JOHN WILEY HAYNES Social Science North Georgia College, A.B.g Mer- cer University, M.A.g Graduate Work in History and Government, Peabody College, Vanderbilt Uni- versity, and Duke University. JACK B. HOLCOMB Mathematics, Physical Education Piedmont College, A.B.g Graduate Study, Peabody College. MRS. JOYCE HOLCOMB Bookkeeper Graduate, Perry Business School. MRS. LOUISE C. HOLCOMB Spanish, Commercial Education Piedmont College, A.B.g Graduate Study, Peabody College. Softly speaks and sweetl y smiles WILBUR D. JONES, JR. MRS. KATHRYN MCCLURE MRS. LETA ELSIE MILLER Science Piano Dietitian Emory University, A.B.g XVest Vir- Professional Music Teacher's Cer- Graduate, Decatur Baptist Junior ginia University, M.A.g Graduate tificateg University of Georgia, College. Study, University of Tennessee. Graduate, Atlanta Conservatory, Two Years' Study, Louis Thomp- -rhe Author and Finisher of son Studios, Xvasliington, D. C. the Literature Class. fl951J- 34.4 EULTY ans! 5 T ALICE PEARL NIX Education, Guidance EARL RAY PAYNE Piedmont College, A.B.g University English MRS. DESSIE E. SPEARS of Georgia, M.Ed.g Graduate Study, University of Kentucky, A.B., Assistant to the Registrar University of North Carolina and M.A.g Graduate Study, University Graduate, Averett College, Baptist University of Tennessee. of Birmingham, England. W.M.U. Training School, B.R.E. A ' MLW ' , 4 A' Q My Q 1 ,X .E 4 .J "M""-"vm--nn....,,,,,,4N J ' J 'a .g:7:r Q8 , ,J ' ,V f 1 MM , K1 J Q I N-----........,,,,,, , ----an-,--........, QE ,M f ,,,A.4,,,.,....1wlv" 'Q M S5 ,J 010' 619 o,.:o's"'9:'.+'6'0"v:.'.-0'0.1.vm:.I9:.+1'G.+I?I6.3IsY03Z9BZ5BIQI6IQl9Ib1'9 fm wif. AT E MMU .M WQQQ PPEK u ECK HVW li!! E 'XT auclff 0U6 K HUTOIN a 5 ff: X CLASS OFFICERS I-'rom left fu right: Ira Morris, Vite Presirlcnfg Mrs. Jack Holcomb, Farulfy Advisory Sara Barrett, Trensurerg Paul Callicutt, Prvsidentg Clara jones, SL'f'l'Cfll1'J'Q Fred McGriff, Sfudeuf Counril Representative, fNof Sbowuj. Sophomore Vice President f7A., SUPHUMUHES This is our philosophy: lim gonna try to play the game, and play it hard, and play it fair. I may not win, but just the same lim gonna try to do my share. I may not always meet the test us well as some clever Uguyu, but while my heart beats in my chest, l'm gonna try. l'm gonna try to stand the gaff, yet keep my nerveg l'm gonna seek to love and work and play and laugh, and never show Q1 yellow streak. l'm gonna struggle to be kind, and not grow hard of face and eye. I'1l flop at times, but never mind, l'm gonna try. l'm gonna try to be L1 friend that folks can trust, and who they know will be the same way to the end, whether the luck runs high or low, I'll hitch my wagon to Ll star, and set my goal up in the skyq and though l may not get that far, l'm gonna try. SUE ABERNATHY LONEZ ADAMS SA "Thr filjglllill Vflllllfl'-1' gulf, "Chew ul lllllgfllllg umzmg Ulllll ll u fun 1 li SUPHUMUH SUE ABERNATHY Blue Ridge, Gu. lf.T.A.g Y.W'.A., Social Cil1.lil'I1'l11HQ Chorus B5 Trunell Trumpet Stnffg Basketball Team, Co- cnptainq I5.S.U. Council. LONEZ ADAMS Ramhurst, Ga. li.T.A.g Y.W'.A., Presiglentg Chorus Tig Trunell Trumpet Suiffg Torchbearersg B.S.U, SARA BARRETT Gainesifille, Gu. F,T.A., Publicity Chairman, Y.W.A,, Trune.l Trumpet Stiff, Ginnetnha Staff, Art Director: B.S.U. Council, Sophomore Class, Treasurer. I PEGGY BAUGH Murphy, N. C. lf.T.A.g Student Government Council, Secre- tnryg B.S.U.3 Y.W'.A.g Chorus B5 Girls' OCA tetteg Torehluearers. ESTHER BEARD Thomson, Ga. Truncll Trumpet staff, liditorg F.T.A.g Y.XV.A.g Chorus B5 Girls' Octette, Torch- beurersg l5.S.U. CHARLES CALLAHAN Tate Ga. 5 Ministerial Assoeintiong House President, Sto- will Hull, l5.S.U. SUZANNE CALLAWAY Cumming, Ga. l5.T.A., President, Y.XV.A.g Chorus B, Girls Oetette, Trunell Trumpet Stuff, Torchbear ers: B.S.U. Council. PEGGY BAUGH ESTHER BEARD "twill Illlfllfl' X.l?lll'kll'X in HLlf1 1 lor in I tr in f byr i'i'v.i,U If bling 122411113 X nn! ii f ll of 1 1 V39 'E PAUL CALLICUTT "BN flu' work, om' k?101L'5 ilu' u'orkman." EMOGENE CARRINGER Nlf1'l'Yj' rloml has a xilwr lining," MRS. SALLIE S. COLLINS "Sly is lldlllfllllj' Illl'!'.,' MRS. BERNICE CRANE ff I malu' ilu' mmf of all lliul cuv11's." HENRY DAVID "Sill-nw is strwlgflzf' WILTON DUCKETT ff Tlwy rmlqlwr, ulm Ilviult flwy l'dlI.,, Look at those smiles! They use Ipanaf' "Some more sportsf' SUPHUMIJHES PAUL CALLICUTT Columbus, Ga. Sophomore Class, President, Ministerial Association, White County Club, Vice President, Veteran's Club, Secretary and Treasurer, B.S.U. EMOGENE CARRINGER Hayesville, N. C. B.S.U., Secretary and Treasurer, F.T.A.g Y.W.A.g Chorus B5 Trunell Trumpet Staff, Torchbcarers. MRS. SALLIE COLLINS Cornelia, Ga. Y.W.A., Assistant Sponsor, B.S.U. MRS. BERNICE CRANE Cleveland, Ga. Library Friends Association, Sccrctaryg Y.W.A.g B.S.U.g F.T.A., Program Chairman. HENRY DAVID Atlanta, Gu. B.S.U,, Publicity Director, Torchbearers, Clioristcrg Minis- terial Association. WILTON DUCKETT Cornelia, Ga. Ministerial Association, Veterz1n's Club, B.S.U. SUPHUMUHES BLUEFORD DYER Blairsville, Ga House President, Barrett Hall. DARRELL FOSTER Gainesville, Ga Torchbearersg Ministerial Associationg Basketball Team B.S.U. HOWARD FOSTER LaGrange, Ga B.S.U., President, Fall Quarterq Ministerial Association Basketball Teamg Torehbearers. GLENN FREEMAN Daytona Beach, Fla Ministerial Associationg B.S.U. NELL GADDIS Cornelia, Ga Gannetalia Staff, Editorq House President, Mullis Hall' Student Government Councilg Y.W'.A.g Library Friends As sociariong B.S.U. I "Cute Thingfl OSCAR GARDNER Atlanta, Ga. Torchbearersg Gannetaha Staff, Advertising Managerg Minis- terial Associationg B.S.U. BILL GATLIN Atlanta, Ga. Chorus 100 B3 Torcllhearersg Ministerial Associationg B.S.U. NEIL GUNTER Atlanta, Ga. B.S.U., Presidentg F.T.A., Project Chairmang Ministerial As- sociationg Ganetaha Staff, Business Manager. BLUEFORD DYER HOWARD FOSTER "I'll not lmilgv an im'lJ." DARRELL FOSTER "P4'r.m11ulity ia ill furry you any GLENN FREEMAN "A lmlil, 120111 man. u'l11'1'f'." "A jolly good f1'llr11v." NELL GADDIS Allll7lfi0'7l rlllrs my brain, l0I'r' OSCAR GARDENER BILL GATLIN NEIL GUNTER my heart." "Sigh rw more, Iuilimf' "Gaif'fy liix x1n'i'iully." "W'oVry kills pmplv-uflvy iliw? l ae ,ssg4a',,1y1ggmm.g,,, SUPHUMURE5 REBECCA HARDMAN ANN HAWKINS "l7i1li'.v uri' mi' fuzoriii' Ulillllllf, "Ar11l1iffn11x gulf" JOHNNY HAYNES JOE HOLDEN "Ili'.v1i1mji,i 1zr1ilx14i'l'lu."' "Nu :mm izux uri' zwii' bi l'flxlIIl'l'.n "Roommates of the year." REBECCA HARDMAN Athens, Gu. Truncll Trumpet Stuff, Business Mnnzigcrg l3.'l'.A., Vicc Prcsidcntg Y.W'.A.g Chorus 100 BQ liqlslxctball Tc.1mg ll.S.U. ANN HAWKINS Aflu-ns, Ga. Y.W'.A,, Pianist: Cliorux 100 lig Truncll Trumpet Stuffg 'l'urclibc.1rcrsg l5.S.U. Grcnicr Cuuncil, linlistmcm Vice Presi- LlCIlf. JOHNNY HAYNES LaGrungc, Gu. library Friends Aesociatiun, 'l'rcnaurcrg 'llurclibcnrcr'-3 Minis- tcrinl Associntiong l5.S.U. JOE HOLDEN DOU1'Ill1, Gu. Ministerial Associntiong VcLcr.ln's Club, ll11.1pl.1ing 15.S,U. JIMMIE ANN HUTTO Barnwcll, S. C. l5.S.U., Second Vice President: F.T.A.g Y.XY'.A.. l'r0gram Clmirman, Sure Vice llrcsidcntg Clmriis 100 15: Girls' Outcttcg Cheerleader. CLARA JONES Doernn, Gu. Sophomore Class, Sccrctnryg Y.NV.A.g linukutball Tcamq l5.S.U. STANFORD LEWIS jacksonville, Flu. B.S.U., Pianistg Torclibcnxrcrs, Sccrcniry and 'licnsurcrg F,T.A.g Chorus 100 B, Pizlnistg Ministerial Association, Vice Prcwidcnt. BETTY MCGRAW Snlfunnnb, Ga. Torchbcarers, Prcsideniq l".T.A.g Y.W'.A.g Charm 100 llq Girls' Octcttcg l5.S.U. Greater Council, JIMMIE ANN HUTTO CLARA JONES STANFORD LEWIS BETTY MCGRAW "l.ilfli' lm! lomlf' ".'1 tquml xjmrl-fiiiwl, lui! uml "Bi'1lrr limi fllafz lIt'll'l'.U "A iiiwf, rlff1'lll'flI'1' kiml of ulzc'11Vi'.i." gran .U FRED MCGRIFF JEAN MCRAY Sill! Illlffl' rznn Ilww. S11I'I'I'.I.r IX mai' If '11 nugj you :mike I'1I'rI' Ifuy I'o1ruf." FRED MCGRIFF Marietta, Ga. Library Friends Association. l'I'oieeI Clmirmiuig Nlinisterinl Assoeiaxioiig B.S.U. Greater Clouneilg Veteraifs Club. JEAN MCRAY Gainesville, Gu. JOSE MENDEZ Gzmdalajrzru, Inlixra, Mexico F.T.A., Treasurer, l'.Ill L1Ll.lI'ICl'I Cliorus 100 BQ Nlini5teI'i.Il Assoeiuionq B.S.U. IRA MORRIS College Park, Ga. H , JOSE MENDEZ , IRA MORRIS , Llllvil lflflv jvllnu I'II'rIfmIl5 'IIN fbi' flfffv ffuuggx 111 11 I Sophomore Class, Vice President: l.ibr.Iry Fricmlsg Minisreriiil AIIUIUX-U lfwl l'01Hlf." Assoeiiuion. BILL O'BRIEN BOBBY PORTERFIELD HBL'ffA'l' fcrmu' flflfllfflg tfuzu buff "Turn oII'r 11 neu' leaf!" BILL O'BRIEN Atlanta, Gu. k""'f f"'Wf"'K"' F.-l'.A., l'l1oIogrI1plIerg Chorus 100 B3 Ganilctailiii Staff, As- sistant Arn Direetorg Ministerial Associationq Basketball Manngerg Stovall ll.Ill, PFOCLOFQ B.S.U. BOBBY PORTERFIELD WirItc1'IfiIIe, Gu. Stuclenl CiOVCl'IlIUCl1Y Council, Prcsielentg Clworus 100 Bg Torelibcarersg B,S.U. Greater Couneilg Ministerial Assoei .IIi:m. 1 , III, 1 . MM.-www Bill, you handsome hombrc! She always wears Z1 friendly smile. DUANE ROYAL SAM SCARBOROUGH EUPHUMUHES DUANE ROYAL Callaville, Va. Student Government Council, Vice President: F.T.A.g Chorus 100 B, Business Managerg Stovall Hall, Proctorg B.S.U. SAM SCARBROUGH College Park, Ga. Ministerial Assoeiationg Basketball Teamg B.S.U. WILLIAM SHADINGER New1la11, Ga. Ministerial Associationg B.S.U. KENNETH SHAW College Park, GH. B.S.U., Chorisrerg Library Friends Association, President: Ministerial Associationg Stovall Hall, Proctorg B.S.U. Quartet. CLARA SMITH Gainesville, Gu. Y.W.A., Secretary: Chorus 100 Bg Girls' Oetctteg Gannetalm Staff, Associate Iiditorg Basketball Team, Captaing B.S.U. Greater Council. "IIA equal is lmiul in find." "To u'oi'ri' lilllv, In .wluily lvxx, WILLIAM SHADINGER KENNETH SHAW HDVVIIM NUI' IlUV1l1-H ".fIf1i1ifj', TFA, i7Izfi'i'il." Determined Bachelor. EVELYN SMITH Augusta, Ga. i Y.W.A., Choristerg Chorus 100 B, Chorus Motherg Torch- bearers: Ministerial XVives Association, Secretary and Treas- i urerg B.S.U. l l MARION SMITH Augusta, Ga. N WJ' NIU' "fl'f1f'f""V-V'-U Chorus 100 Bg Torchbearersg Ministerial Association, Presi dent: B.S.U. Greater Council. F 3. CLARA SMITH EVELYN SMITH MARION SMITH "To lzrwu' ber is In lou' l7l'l'.,, "A really smile is a great u.m'l," "Thr lnfllvi' fmlff' .Q V, - i Two Love Birds. EUGENE STAFFORD RI H C ARD TINIUS MARY WATKINS PEGGY WIDENER Slow um! .wilful ,fx lbw umm: "Bait tbf- book well, Ibis fiiln "SiIruu' is golden, lm! I'u1 110 "Only om' low." will bilef, ' Diamonds to you, Peggy. A real family. "Tl1ere's a golf! lI'Iggl'l'.U EUGENE STAFFORD Library Friends Associationg Ministerial Associationg B.S.U RICHARD TINIUS Library Friends Associationg Gannctaha Staff, Typist. MARY WATKINS Madison, Ga F.T.A.g Y.W.A.g Trunell Trumpet Staffg Library Friends Association, Gannetaha Staff, Feature Editor, B.S.U.g Sunday School, B.T.U. PEGGY WIDENER Thomson, Ga. B.S.U., Third Vice Presidentg Torehbearcrsg F.T.A.g Y.XW.A.g Chorus 100 B5 Girls' Octctteg Truncll Trumpet, Society Editor. 85795 Watkins and Barrett, Inc. "Loafing a specialty." place for folks like these." QUR MESSAGE TO THE FRESHMEN Yesterday is a page turned. You cannot add one line to it, nor erase one word from it. It is closed forever, your mistakes and fears of yester- day need not be carried forward in the ledger of life. The past holds no mortgage on tomorrow. Tomorrow is yours, an immeasurable treasure h . . ouse of golden opportunities, a huge sea of un- fathomed possibilities, a forest of building pros- pects. No man has yet discovered the limit of accomplishment that may be crowded into it. Tomorrow is yours, Use it! Atco, Ga Nacoochee, Gu 'Na-we' CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Miriam Garbutt, Vice Prcxidentg Vivian Dyer, Trcaxurerg Hirsch Kennedy, Secretary. Sianding: Mr. Jack Holcomb, Farulfy A!,lf'iSOI'f Marc Bramblett, Presidenl. SAQFHESH E When the names of the seamen who were to sail as freshmen were called, we discovered that we were sixty in number. Some of us had different beliefs, ideas, and abilities, but all of us had come for the same purpose- to study and work to show ourselves approved. Each of us was issued instructions and assigned to his special task. XVork began early and ended late, but we didnit care as long as we were helped and encouraged by our fellow mates. We worked when it was time for work, but we didn't neglect the time for play. At various times we had banquets and special pro- grams with those who boarded from other ships to speak with us. These we enjoyed, but what we looked forward to most were our meetings together to worship the One who made all of these things possible. Many times we have run into storms and blizzards which would almost upset the shipg but we have always come through with a little more faith and courage. W'hile on this voyage we shall continue to strive to do our best, to make long lasting friendships, and to keep our keel steady until we hear the awaited shout "Land Ho", which to us will mean graduation. JAMES AIKEN PATRICIA ALLEN ,Ae F H E S H E HSl1iIflIg11l0f driflingu "A wgzrlav pal, a regular gal? THERRELL BANKS JACK BOLTON "Do if now." "Ca1wl1i'xs is Il glwzf !Il,l'lI7If1lgl'.,, JAMES AIKEN Gainesville, Ministerial Assoeiationg B. S. U. PATRICIA ALLEN Chicopee, Sunday Schoolg B. T, U.g Y. NW. A.g Torchbearersg Trunell Staffg Gannettah Staffg Chorus 100 Ag T. M. C. Beautyg B. S. THERRELL BANKS Sergent, Ministerial Assoeiationg Sunday Schoolg B. T. U.g Chorus Procter Barrett Hallg B. S. U. JACK BOLTON Atlanta, Sunday Schoolg B. T. U.g Ministerial Associationg Library B. S. U. JOHN K. BORUP East Point, Georgia Georgia Trumpet U. Georgia 100 B5 Georgia Friendsg Georgia Library Friendsg F. T. A.g Sunday Schoolg B. T. U.g Ministerial Asso-- ciationg B. S. U.g Male Quartetteg Chorus 100 B3 Mixed Quartettc. GENE BOWBAN Augusta, Georgia F. T. A.g Chorus 100 B3 Podium Managerg Trunell Trumpet, Associate Fditorg Torchbearers, Ministerial Association, Parliamentariang Sunday Schoolg B. T. U.g Library Friendsg B. S. U. MARCUS BRAMBLETT Greenville, Texas Most likely to succeed: President of Freshman Classg F. T. A.g Ministerial Assoeiationg Basketball Teamg Sunday Schoolg B. T. U.g Chorus 100 B3 Vice Presidentg Annual Staff, Circulation Managerg B. S. U. JOE BROWN Cornelia, Ministerial Associationg Day Student representative to Student :Veterans Clubg B. S. U. Georgia Councilg "How goofy can you get?" JOHN BORUP r'Gl'II!'ftI1Ijl Slwukifzg, luck gl'lIl'YlI1I-J' XlIl'lIkiIIg.,, MARCUS BRAMBLETT "To be mtfscr than to seein." "AS H GENE BOWMAN "I'll 1011 flu' world." JOSEPH BROWN zany fine poiulx as a of pins." puck We PRESHME "What is Ruby laughing about?', VVILLIAM BURGESS Defalllr, Ga. B.S.U., Councilg lf.'1'.A., Assistant Plwmgrapltcrg Annual staff, Phof lugrapltcrg ll.T.U,g Sunclay Sulmulg lruncll Trumpet, Pl10IOj.fl'LlPl1CI'Q Ministerial Associatinng Bowling. GERALD BUTTRAM Ma1'ieff1l, Ga. Gannctalia Staff: Trtmull Trumpctg Training Unionq Sunday Sclmulg Clmrus 100 BQ 'l'orcl1bu.trcr5g l5.S.U. RUBY CALLAHAN Atlanta, Ga. Baykutball Team: Cllwrus 100 B, Sucrctaryg Chorus 100 A, Podium Manager: Enlistmcnt Committee uf ll.S.U.1 Sunday Suhoulg Y.XV,A.g Negro School XY'ork fur Y.XY'.A. LUCILLE CAMPBELL Lula, Ga. F.'I'.A., llinoriatig Sunday Sclmnlg Y.W'.A.g 'lltxrclibcarcrsg l5.TiU.g llasltctballg B.S.U. CARENCE CANUP Gainesville, Ga. Clmrus 100 Hg Library Fricndx Assuciationg Basketball Teamg Baseball Tcamq B.S.U. JAMES CARMICHAEL Marietta, Ga. Miniitcrial Association: 'l't1rcl1bc.n'grsg lS.S.U. FRANCES CARNES Eutonton, Ga. Y.W.A., Vice Prcsitluntg Torclibcarcrs, Program Chairmang Cliorus 100 Ag l5.T.U.g Sunday Sclmolg l'roc1ur, Mullis llallg Trunell Trum- pet: l5.S.U. DONALD CARROLL Columbus, Ga. President of B.T.U,g Member of Circatur Council of l3.S.U.g lixccutivc Cnuncilq Basketball rl-CJIUQ Sunday Sclwolg llascball il-camg B.S.U. fffggfv .. ww-Ia V5'1f'fi . T Glyn' """' 'viii' g Z: -V b- . A: 2 --Al l.:' ii JAMES CARMICHAEL "Ax iluu' and silvul as HN moon." CLARENCE CANUP "TM, full zmgrnz mfllvx lm.xf.H WDP' BILL BURGESS GERALD BUTTRAM "N1'wv' ilu lmlay ulml you um "Ai 4xlH't'l'flllL1X lla' iluy ix lout do lmum'rou'." RUBY CALLAHAN LUCILLE CAMPBELL Slw lows lu lirc ami llIl'X lo "HK .tafrr lwing qnirl llmu 60 l01'c.', .Y,7lFll0llX.U ima MWF? FRANCES CARNES DONALD CARROLL "Wc'll dom' ix llrilcr fllllll u'1'll NS1l'l'l'f, sunny uml xim'crc'." xuiilf' qw...-ur M .746 PHESHME 1 CAROLYN COLEMAN RONALD CUMBIE ollning is impossible lo ix "Wit makvs its own welconivl' willing bvarlf' BILLY DANIEL VIVIAN DYER llllla' bull goes u long 'lVn'lj'.,, "lay is mine, for I ran luughf' Two Happy Boys. CAROLYN COLEMAN Dillard, Ga. Y.W.A.g F.T.A., Secretary, Sunday School, 1i.T.U., Chorus 100 A, B.S.U. RONALD CUMBIE Columbus, Ga. Wittiest Boy, Sunday School, Secretary, B.T.U., Vice President, Minis- terial Association, Basketball Team, Baseball, B.S.U. BILLY DANIEL Austell, Ga. Torchbearcrs, Ministerial Association, F.T.A., Library Friends Associ- ation, Baseball, Sunday School, B.T.U., Gunnetaha Staff, B.S.U. VIVIAN DYER Blairsville, Ga. Freshman Class, Treasurer, Cutest Girl, Y.W'.A., Sunday School, Presi- dent, l'i.T.U., Chorus 100 A, B.S.U. Greater Council Member, Basket- ball Team. DONALD FOLSOM East Point, Gu. Torchbearers, Vice President, Ministerial Association, Pianist, B.S.U. Male Quartette, F.T.A., B.T.U., Sunday School, Chorus 100 B, Library Friends Association, Negro School Work, B.S.U. Greater Council Member, Mixed Quartette. MIRIAM GARBUTT . Atlanta, Ga. Freshman Class, Vice President, Most Likely to Succeed, B.S.U. Greater Council Member, Torchbearers, Y.W.A., Sunday School, B.T.U., Chorus 100 B, Mixed Quartette. JOE GATLIN Atlanta, Ga. B.S.U., Publicity Committee, Torchbearers, Trunell Trumpet, Gan- netaha Staff, Second Assistant Art Director, Library Friends Associ- ation, Ministerial Association, F.T.A., Negro Mission W'orker, Chorus 100 B, Sunday School. FERMAN GREGORY Cleveland, Ga. DONALD FOLSOM MIRIAM GARBUTT JOE GATLIN FERMAN GREGORY Ha tbmks and fhmlzs once in "Napoleon was small, foof' "I wan! what I 'llftllfl-'IVDVI1 I "Mischief is 1ulJc'ri'yrm fiml it." awhile." want it." f7Le FHESHME Picnics are :always fun. GYPSY GRIFFIN Columbus, Gu. Y.W.A., Torehbearers, Ministerial Xlfives' Association, Chorus 100 B, F.T.A., B.S.U. JAMES GRIFFIN Columbus, Ga. Cheerleader, Ministerial Assnciltiong 'li0l'Cl'lbC11FCI'S1 Chorus I00 B, F.'li.A., l5.S.U. AYMEE GUERRERO Matanzus, Cuba Must Popular Girl, Y.W'.A., Sunday Schonlg l3.'l'.U., Chorus 100 Ag B.S.U. FRANCES GUILLEBEAU Hzlrlem, Ga. F.T.A., Y.W'.A., l5.T.U., Sunday School, Torchbearersg Chorus 100 A, B.S.U. RICHARD HARDY Columbus, Ga. Sunday School, l5.T.U., Ministerial Association, Secretary and Treas- urer, Cheerleader, B.S.U. JOHN HARRISON Gainesville, Ga. Library Friends Association, Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Veteran's Club, Sunday School, B.T.U., B.S.U. MARY HARTMAN Logunlfille, Ga. Sunday School, Stewardship Vice President, B.T.U., Secretary, B.S.U. Greater Council Member, Y.W.A., F.T.A., Torehbearers, Negru Mis- sion Wtirkg Chorus 100 A, l5.S.U, CLAUDE HEALEN, JR. Carl, Ga. Ministerial Association, Truuell Trumpet Staff, Assistant Advertising Manager, B.S.U. GYPSY GRIFFIN "A .wiilw Ilmf gluu'i'il.l' AYMEE GUERRERO III flu' H111 of slzilllmit .fbi HA'l'l'l' mips." JAMES GRIFFIN Civuizis is lmliulj nn ilffilir l'Ili'l'lQYX'.M FRANCES GUILLEBEAU Slim' ix lIlll'KlY,V ll grmil fI'lA'IItl M .1-Qi., .:f""..:!'.T RICHARD HARDY JOHN HARRISON CLAUDE HEALAN, JR. MARY HARTMAN "I.ifflv murz Milli tl big lm1r'l." "Tln'Yy rrzailu him uml llrwzl "lii'11'i1r'c.' I r11:1yj'i'fllwfurlmllx. "l,r'l your zmzulx ln' a IL ay flu' fltlfl1'I'II.,, iligf-Anil," NELL HEARN VIRGIL HOLCOMBE onzrulmi quirl, XUIIIVIUIJLIY "Wfl2i1e we lin' lat us enjoy life," Shy." JOHN HOLDER DOROTHEA HOLLAND 'or rrrrj nby ln' lux u 1llJt'I'l"- "When I my somrllring, I suy forwf, mnmllJir1g!,' We FHESHME Taking life easy. NELL HEARN Palmeffo, Ga. Sunday School: B.T.U.g Y.XV.Ag Torchbearers VIRGIL HOLCOMBE Smyrna, Ga. Trunell Trumpet Staff, Reporterg Sunday Sehoolg l5.T.U.g 15.S.U. JOHN HOLDER East Point, Ga. B.S.U. Qurlrtetg Torchbenrersg I3,T.A,g Chorus 100 B, President: B.T.U.g Sunday Sehoolg Ministerial Assoeiationg Trunell Trumpet Stuff, Feature liditorg B.S.U., Devotional Chairman of Greater Council. DOT HOLLAND Hapeville, Ga. Y.W.A.g Chorus 100 B5 Negro School W'orkg Torehbeurersg B.S.U. Greater Couneilg Boarding Student Representative to the Student Coun- cilg Basketball Tezung Trunell Trumpet sniff: Gannetaha stiff. JACKIE HORNSBY East Point, Ga. Torelibearersg Y.W.A.q Chorus l00 Ag Chorus 100 B3 B.T.U.g Sunday Sehoolg B.S.U. ROYCE JACKSON Basketball Team. THOMAS JOHNSON Logamfille, Ga Sunday Schoolg B.T.U., Bible Quiz Leuderg F.T.A.g Ministerial Associ- ationg Torchbcarers, Second Vice Presidentg B.S.U. GEROME JORDAN Tocroa, Gu Ministerial Associationg B.S.U. 211 JACKIE HORNSBY ROYCE JACKSON THOMAS JOHNSON GEROME JORDAN 'Gnml fuznmr' ix gomfllrxx will "I lmw xubruillml fo u mu' "C1n'ullJ0'jn'.v makr grim! men." "He fms ilu' nzilffwsl nmr1m'r ' ' " uml IDL' gullies! lu'url.U lmmor i'0lllbll1l'Ll.n zonlml. Cleveland, Ga. J., PHESHME I Reading a love letter, maybe? HIRSCH KENNEDY Aflunfa, Ga. Freshman Class, Secretary, Sunday School, Secretary, B.T.U.g F.T.A.g Y.W'.A., Community Missions Chairman, Chorus 100 A, Prcsidentg B.S.U. JERRY KIRBY Fayetteville, Ga. Y.XV.A.g Sunday School, Vice Prcsidemg l5.T.U.g 'Ilrrchbearcrsg Chorus 100 A, Pianist, Secretary and Trcasurerg Kiannetaha Staff, Negro School Vforkg Basketball Tcamg BSU. Greater Council. DEAN MCCLAIN Tiger, Ga. VIRLYN MCCLUNG Atlanta, Ga. JIMMY MCDOUGAL Winder, Ga. B.S.U.g l3.T.U,g Sunday School. WILSON MCENTYRE Smyrna, Ga. Sunday School, Prcsidentg Ministerial Association, Reporter, B.S.U. Greater Councilg Basketball Team. Co-captaing Baseball Team, B.T.U. JERROL MCGRIFF Marietta, Ga. Ministerial Associationg BSU. JUNE MCGRIFF Marietta, Ga. Y.W'.A.g Ministerial W'ives' Association, BSU. HIRSCH KENNEDY JERRY KIRBY "My fmzrf is wi." "l"i11w1vxs nf I 4' II rmrzjfrmulr Hlltlll si:f'." DEAN McCLAIN VIRLYN MCCLUNG "Oli, zvlvy .ilmlllil lift, all lulmrx "A A'fH'l'l'fl1l lQl'A'i'flfI.lf, aluwysf lufu JIMMY MCDOUGAL WILSON MCENTYRE JERROL MCGRIFF JUNE MCGRIFF "lii'Hrr lair llnm PIl'Zt'I'.,, "1li'igl1i nrirr hurl :HIj'!HI1'.H "Ti1m' is lm! tl slrmnz I go "iNIi'r'rylm1r'i run! z'ln'i'l'fl1 11-fixlnirz' inf' Iw1um'f's.' f7le PREEHME Who's in the Box? BETTY ANN MOORE Gainesville, Ga. BETTY ANN MOORE JOE NELSON Torchbearcrwg Sunday Sclmolg 15.T.U.g Y.XY',A.g Clmrus 100 Ag Gan- rz ln' zzzrrrx Inuitl11'rrn111'.rln-1'." "A ligluf lvrurf liwi long." 110111111 SUM- AdVCfllSin5Z B-S-Lk BOBBY PARKS CARRIE PASS JOE NELSON Calhoun, Ga. mm, HH, in my IMD., dm! HSIN,-A mm, but sbt, ix uhm Vctcrnn's Club: B.S.U.g Toruhbcnrcrsg Sunday Sclwoulg l5.T,U,: Minix- jmy rm mini." ilu-'w 1: lwrrn' for luv' .wi:r." will A55UCl'Hi0n' BOBBY PARKS Gtlil16Sl"i1lL', Ga. Basketball Team. CARRIE PASS Point Peter, Ga. Y.W'.A.g Sunday Sclioolg B.T,U.g Clmrus 1110 15, Assismm Social Chair- man: B.S.U. CARL QUEEN Blairsville, Gu. Trunell Trumpet Stuff, Assistant Circulation Manager, Sports llditorg Basketball Tcamg Devotional Chairnmn, Barrett Hallg lS.S.U. DOUGLAS RIGSBEE Athens, Ga. Ministerial Associationg B,S.U. ANNIE JO SHOOK Wfarne, N. C. Y.W'.A.. Trcasurerg Torchbcalrcrsg 15,T.A.g Sunday Sclmolg lS.T.U.g B.S.U. BARBARA SMITH Vlfuynesbnro, Ga. Trunell Trumpet Stuff, Distribution Mnnagurg Qi1lIII1Cl.ll1.l Staff, Mike Up Editor: Y.W'.A.g I5.T.A.g Basketball Team: Chorus 100 BQ ll.S,U,, linlistment Cummittceg Sunday Sclwulq B.T.U. CARL QUEEN DOUGLAS RIGSBEE ANNIE JO SHOCK BARBARA SMITH N1'1'1'r my num' llmu iv m'z'i'x "If you wan! your xlrvamx fu "l5rr11xglJt flu' XIHI.XlJlIl1' lu lm' "lli'r liki' ix only lmrn umv III xi1r'Yx'.,' Hum' ffIlL'-'AIOII7 0l'z'rSlf?Hl7." 5n1ilu." tl llfL'fl1lI1'.H .742 FRESH 'Wi t Q ME "A welcome to the freshmenf' . , REGINA SMITH NEAL TOLSON some freshmen at mealtlme' i "fl luuxqfw ix zaurllr ii 100 grumzi "I izlzztzii yr! Ulm! I Html, ufn' in any 111uv'k4'l."' I um!! il." BARBARA WILKINSON MARY HELEN WILLIAMS LE 'ss "Where the boys live in luxury." couple of freshmen." "Ni'14'r LUV, NA'l'L'V NNN, ufuuix "fl mf! l'llIl'L' Illrlli linux' 11'1'ilff2. lirlkinxv ulu in i in ill." REGINA SMITH Gdi11CXl'iI1C, Ga 'liorehbenrursg Y.XV.A.g Chorus 100 Ag Sunday Sehoolg B.T.U.g l5.S.I. NEAL TOLSON Columllus, G1 Ministerial Association, Choristerg Sunday Selwulg B.T.U.g Ilaseha Teamg llzisketlull Team: Library lfriends Assochition, Social Chziirmzlr' l5,S.U. 3 BARBARA WILKINSON Tampu, F14 Sunday Selumlq B,T.U.g Chorus 1011 Ag Torchhenrersg Y,XV.A., Pull licity Chaiirmnng Trunell Trumpet, Advertising Mnnngerg QiLll1l1CI21l'l Staffg Basketball Teamg lS.S.U. MARY H. WILLIAMS Dalton, Ga Uevotionall Chairman, Mullis Selmulg l5fI'.U.g BSU. Hnllg Y.XV.A.g Torehbenrersg Sundaj BUT ONCE We go this way hut once, O friend of mine, So why not make the journey worthwhile, Giving to those who travel with us A helping hand, Ll Word of cheer, 11 smile? XVQ go this way but once. Ah! never more Can we go back along the selfsame way, To get more out of life, undo the wrongs, Or speak love's words we knew but did not say. We go this way but once, then let us make The road we travel blossomy and sweet Witll helpful, kindly deeds and tender Words. Smoothing the path of bruised and stumbling feet. John C. Carpenter Thomas Elrod Robert C. Masters Wilda Palmer john Patterson Robgft F, wPitts Amos Skelton Wiliam G. Thompson Cecil Webb R. T. Wilson S P E E l A L 5 T U U E THOMAS R. BLACK ,,.., , ,,.. Clarksville, JOHN C. CARPENTER ,.., ..... C Ornelia, LAWRENCE H. ELROD ..... Clarkesvile, THOMAS J. ELROD ,,,,,,,, ..,... H abersham, CHARLES E. MASTERS . Habersham, Cnot showny ROBERT W. MASTERS .... .,,... H abersbam, WILDA PALMOUR , Cleveland, JOHN L. PATTERSON .. W Brunswick, JOHN H. PAYNE ,,,,,,, Cornelia, ROBERT F. PITTS , Habersbam, AMOS J. SKELTON ,,,,,,,, .... C larkesville, EDGAR HOYT THOMAS New H0lld11!l, C nwqs r shownp W. G. THOMPSON ,..,, Demorest, CECIL W. WEBB Clarlzesville, ROBERT T. WILSON .. Cornelia, AMOS WRIGHT .... Cornelia, TS Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Amos Wright Lawrence Elrod Thomas Black Howard Payne Hoyt Frank Adair Ernest Alvin Adams John Henry Adams John J. Adams Thomas Buford Adams Oran Hayden Adams Verner M. Adams Fred Alexander Harold C. Allen Louis D. Allen Paul Buford Allen Marion Carlison Allison Charles Edward Ansley Billy Arrendale W. A. Ash Dorsey Ausburn Otis L. Bands Riley Barrett Charles Edwin Bell Quinton Benfield Guy Black Mark Black Talmadge Blalock J. C. Bramblett John P. Byers Weaver Otto Byrd William S. Carpenter, J Norris M. Carver Howard M. Christian Lloyd Coker Ewell H. Cooper Jack Ervin Dixion Lewis Steve Duvall Wilson Dyer Charles A. Elrod Carlton L. Elrod Charles B. Elrod Eugene F. Elrod, Jr. Thomas J. Elrod Maurice Erwin Marvin W. Faulkner Thomas C. Gastley William J. Gibby Mrs. Agnes Hall Joe Holden George W. Hood John E. Howard Thomas H. Hulsey William R. Hulsey Mrs. Willie Mae Humphries Mrs. R. Holeman Hunt Willard E. Irwin John Kelley Ivey Bill Jackson Mrs. Carrie L. Jackson Mary Jackson John H. Jarrell Hershel C. Johnson, Jr. Robert Lamar Johnson Robert Henry Kimsey William P. Kinsey 1'. P ayne,s English Class I E Students who meet college en- trance requirements may receive regular college credit for night courses. Those who enter as spe- cial students, without meeting en- trance requirements, may select courses in keeping with their ability and interest. This work is ap- proved by the Veterans Adminis- tration for the education of vet- erans. Miss Mullis' Typing Class . Q32 Yi? -me . C Mr. Holcomb's Business Law Class. SEHUUL The college has expanded its pro- gram of education to include night classes. This additional service has been available to both young people and adults who cannot attend day classes and who live within driving distance of the college. Courses are organized on a quarterly basis and three and one-half quarter hours credit can be earned in each course. l, ,agp Ai ,x Mr. Holcomb's Business Law Class. Miss Mullis, Typing Class. A typical night school scene. Robert L. Kirby Tobert C. Lawson James A. London G. P. McCollum James L. McDonald Floyd W. McEntyre, J Jerrol McGriff Mrs. June McGriff Herman R. Masters Oscar H. Masters William L. Maxwell Barbara Meaders Milton B. Miller Charles D. Moore William Naglich Charles 0. Nix John D. Norton Telford R. Oliver Charles D. Palmer Robert J. Palmer Tobert F. Pitts John Podmanicky Grady Lee Poole Lonnie William Potts Marvin E. Reed Jack S. Reeves James R. Reeves Robert L. Robertson Bradford N. Robinson Mrs. Nellie Robinson J. C. Rogers John H. Rudeseal Robert W. Sexton Donald H. Shedd Paul W. Shoffeitt Edwon B. Sims Amos J. Skelton Jack W. Smith Reuben L. Smith Clarence Stamey Mrs. Bennie Stancil Karl E. Stancil Talmer Standridge Doyle L. Sutton Russell L. Sutton Sylvester Tanksley Hubert Taylor Chester A. Thompson William G. Thompson Donald E. Thurmond P. M. Tomlin Franklin Truelove Mrs. Ruth Truelove Hubert B. Vickery Lyvurn Wade John W. Warwick Jesse J. Watson Cecil W. Webb Jesse Westmoreland Lamar W. Wilson Robert T. Wilson if n Isn'f this a reW industr1005 C One whom all the students love. 130 83,15 I Ba rbara 1001: . Int-ell 13 en tp M1r1e Rose 7 Our hero. a what comes H Doing Some cute gal. tg! ' Girls, girls, girls! GOD KNOWS God made the sea, and by bis bafuf Controls the raging uufufe, Thus from the dangvrs of the zleep Our God has power fo sure. God sees the ships of munfs design Tossed about at will. He sees from bis alnzigbt-1' Ibrom' W The elements that kill. God knows tba hearts that nobr, today For fbose upon the sea, He bears the searching cry of Noose Now torn by rzzmnory. God sees, He knows, Hv bears, He Cores What happens to bis own. And so you sailors on the sea. Crm never be alone! Eileen M. Ffeeton in our JWA :Am were .,,,,.,ff..,..f..M Amr ofgamnd Lu zmhuiduaf fight lo Eve M 4 Lee citizen. .7Le m,mte.l L, the otlm M W Jmml in an Aaming tb mfw of we!! 4,wLm fangmge, m :Le tba!! of .Lcfz.,M, am! an ex,,,-man, liwif, fo ueafgal in ua. we Larnecl me Inrincipad of we clemocrafic way of fhrougl acfuafli Auing 'rganizafiond L Left in rigbf, scuferl: joe Gat- lin, Patricia Allen, Bill Burgess, Photographer, Clara Smith, Ax- xoriafe Editor, Peggy Baugh, Bill O'Brien, Nell Gaddis, Edi- tor. Standing: Sara Nell Bar- rett, Art Ediiorg Mary Watltiils, Feature Editor, Richard Tinius, Barbara Smith, Make Up Editor, jerry Kirby, Mare Bramblett, Dot Holland, Class Editor, Pearl Nix, Facully Adlfixor. f 11-634' f7l,e GANNETAHA STAFF gave ud fAi5 Afory o our voyage We of the Staff and our little lndian, Gannetaha, fmenn- ing beside the mountainj present you this log telling the story of 21 voyage upon the sea of life-11 very special voyage for, you sec, you are the travelers. And all the records herein are the accounts of your own experiences which we hope will be treasured by you forever. ADVERTISING STAFF Left to right, front row: Gerome jordan, Bill O'Brien, Oscar Gardner, Advertising Manager, Neil Gunter, Buxiucss Manager, Bill Burgess, Billy Daniel. Sfmnling: Sue Abernathy, Pearl Nix, Barbara Wilkinson: Bernice Crane, Aymee Guerrero, Clara Smith, Nell Gaddisg Barbara Smith, Joe Gatlin. appear? Oil JZCL. ea ing or I9 eadure in ormafion wad D l0l'0ALl'l'L ll! ell !A0 UNELL MPET Through the five editions of our paper, we attempt to give the news while it is news. We believe that knowledge should precede action and we cer- tainly want action. Read the T7'1lIll'I1 TfIlIIIf7t'f. QW "H BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: Rebecca Hardman, Business Manager, Carl Queen, Sports Editor, Barbara Smith, Cirtulation Manager, Richard Tiniusg Jimmie Ann Huttog Claude Healang Barbara Wil- kerson, Advcfrtising Manager. EDITORIAL STAFF Left fo right, seated: Mr. Earl R. Payne, Farully Aririxorg Virgil Holcomb, Sara Nell Barrett, Emogene Car- ringer, Ann Hawkins, Frances Carnes, Sue Abernathy, John Holder, Dot Holland, Duane Royal. Standing: Bill Burgess, Betty McGraw, Pat Allen, Joe Gatlin, Peggy Widner, Suzy Callaway, Lonez Adams, Make Up Erlifnrg Esther Beard, Editor, Gene Bowman, Business Manager. 11 3 The courthouse represents a symbol of E748 STUUE T GU TEH ME T E U U E T T.. Legaerl uri ive fogefker fwrf v Our Student Government Association is organized so that the students might govern themselves. The aim of the association is directed toward carrying out the ideals of a democracy, therefore, it is a plan of government of the students, for the students, and by the students. The membership of the council is made up of representatives from the Freshman and Sophomore classes, the Baptist Student Union, and the officers of the Student Govern- ment Association. Through this rather large representative body, we Seek to practice the principles of a representative democracy based on Christian ideals. Our government is by the students and for the students. Bobby Porterfield, President, Mrs. Louise Holcomb, Farlllfy Advisory Duane Royal, Vice President, Iosepb Brown, Day Student Representative for the Freshman Classg Peggy Baugh, Scrrefaryg Blueford Dyer, Barre!! Hall Represeutativeg Nell Gaddis, Mullis Hull Repvesc1ztati1feg Mare Bramblett, Sfomill Hall Reprexeutzltiveg Dot Holland, Freshnmn Class Rvpresmitufilfeg Fred McGriff, Day Student Rep1'esentntiz'e for Sophomore Class, Paul Callieutt, P1'exin'eut of flue Sophomore Class, Howard Foster, B.S.U. Prtfxirfeufg Don Carroll, Freshman Class Representutizfc. u - M :L ... M :53'g.g,,:.,.,. . Gigi: ' M E X! so Mai lm VULLEY BALL Members of the college who participate in volley ball en- joy the game very much. During spring quarter we have a physical education course in volley ball two af- ternoons a week, on Barrett Hall lawn. BADMINTUN We have had badminton equipment for some time on our campus. Only the most energetic people ever have time or energy for this active and strenuous sport. How- ever, it is enjoyed by all who participate. HUHSE SHOES Behind Stovall Hall we have space for pitching horse shoes-one of the favorite pastimes of the boys through- out the year. Occasionally we girls find time to participate in a fast game of horse shoes, especially during the summer session of college. PING PUNG Ping pong provides many enjoyable hours for both stu- dents and faculty members during their free periods. The recreation room is the scene of some exciting and close games all through the day and especially on Monday and Thursday nights before study hall. Everyone wants to be in tip top condition for the annual tournament in which one is to be declared "Table Tennis Championfl SHUFPLE BUAHD The shuffle board court in the recreation room is an in- teresting place for many stu- dents. Some of them have become experts at knocking their opponent's disc into the 10-off block. This game is especially popular in the win- ter months when the weather is too bad for outdoor sports. "Time out for some picnics and fun," "A happy bride and groom." U American Education Week "Future Teachers? ,advwiw l or prokdoionaf growfd MA joinecl fde TUBE TEAEHEHS UF AMERICA The Columbus Roberts Chapter of the Future Teachers of America sponsors each year a variety of activities, including educational programs and socials for the student body. The annual Sweetheart Ban- quet is the highlight of our social activities. ln learning the art of planning and co-operating with the community, we find that participation in professional and civic projects all important. But our associ- ations do not end with the local communitvg district and state conventions extend our horiions and strengthen our ties with those who are busy at the task of educating America's youth. Left In right, seated: Oscar Gardnerg Aymee Guerrerog Peggy Baughg Frances Guillebeaug Bar- bara Smithg Peggy Wide- nerg Carolyn Coleman, Serretaryg Jose Mendezg Bernice Crane, Program Chairmang Sue Aberna- chyg Betty McGraw. Standing: Pearl Nix, Far- ulty Arlvisorg Lucilc Campbellg Becky Hard- man, Vice Presidcnig Sara Barrettg Mary Watkinsg Jimmie Huttog Billy Dan- ielg Suzie Callaway, Pres- identg Esther Beardg An- nie Jo Shookg Emogenc Carringerg Hirsch Kenne- dyg Loncz Adamsg Marc Bramblettg John Holden. Third row: John Borupg Bill O'Brieng Don Folsomg Gene Bowmang Bill Bur- gessg Joe Gatling Neil Gunter, Project Claairmang Stanford Lewisg Bill Gat- lin. No! Shown: Clara Jones, Treasurerg james Griffing Gypsy Griffin. B S U Welcomes New Students. Christian Focus Week. B.S.U. Christmas Banquet. SA.. BAPTIST STUUE T ma e our voyage counf or Cdridf. The object of the Baptist Student Union is to promote Christ on our campus and to encourage and challenge every student to participate in all Christian activities on the campus and in the work and worship services of the local church. W'e love and cherish the memories of the Baptist Student Union, because it is the Spirit of Christ. Our New President. Front, left to right: Miss Lounell Mullis, Sponsorg Howard Foster, President, Fall quarter, Jimmie Hutto, Ser- ontf Vice P1'2SillL'1lff Betty McGraw, Torflabenrcrx Representative, Emogcne Carringer, Secretary-Treasurer, Ber- nice Crane, Day Student Rel11'eseniafi1.'cg Marion Smith, Minisferial Assorinfion Represe11fafi1fz'g Peggy Widener, Third Virc President. Bark: Henry David, Pub1irifyDiretforg Wilson Mclntyre, Sunday Srbool RCI71'BSE11flIfil'?j Stanford Lewis, Pianist, Kenneth Shaw, Cboristerg Don Carroll, Training Union Represelztnfiveg Neil Gunter, President, Win- ter and Spring qlmrlcrs. fN0f slaownj: Anne Hawkins, Vire President, Lonez Adams, Y.W.A. Represenlutive. HG ,W mf' 15212.17 .- ::. . :..E. ' "--:ff 'Q ' -353.215 Y if 2 ,W Q ,gy I. ,:....,. g ,igim sf -T '4y'm'5"' K: f- Q S I 2 ug '- f -V ' :wx SU UAYSEHUUL UPFIEEH5 Girls: Jerry Kirby, Vice Presi- dentg Miss Mullis, Sponsor, Hirsch Kennedy, Secretary nf Girls Class, Vivian Dyer, Presi- dent of Girls Class. Boys: Rich- ard Hardy, Vice Prcsidentg Ron- nie Cumbic. Secretary of Bays Class, Wilson McEntyre, Presi- dent of Bays Class. H. T. UFPIEEHS Miss Mullis, Sponsor, Ronnie Cumbie, Vire Presidenfg Richard Hardy, Group Captain, Jack Bolton, Group Captain, Donald Carroll, President. Our pastor and his wife. is 9 . ,, ih- The Girls' Octettc. THE PASTOR'S MESSAGE: A Christian must be found in the House of NVorship to grow in Grace and in favor with God and man. The Sunday School teaches the Scrip- tures and the way of life as taught by Christ, Paul and others. The Training Union trains the indi- vidual in church membership, Christian Ethics, Missions, Stewardship and evan- gelism. The Sunday School and Training Union combined with all the Xworship Services tend to make a well-rounded, better-balanced life of service for the Lord. 1 f 4- W? 5 may-:g-'z:.a:' 5 -1' bg Q. , A 1 ., 1 in e i its i i f ou remember Do Y uggitions? those de? EHUHUS A Dircrior: Mrs. Char- lotte Freeman, Frou! row, left to riglvf: Regina Smith, Frances Carnes, Ruby Callahan, Jackie Hornsby, Aymee Guer- rero, Frances Guillebeau, Carolyn Coleman. Bark row: Gerry Kirby, Pat Allen, Barbara Wilkiiison, Hirsch Kennedy, Betty Anne Moore, Vivian Dyer. , ..r. l,i,,... , .,,l. t h,,l., . , 'gt U- . .MT ... .Y .,.. .K .- if 'V UW 3.1 ....,. 5, 'Wi EHUH 5 H Front: Stanford Lewis, ,4 Piunisfg Mrs. Charlotte Freeman, Direffor. Firxf row, Ieff Io righf: Emo- gene Carringer, Evelyn Smith, Betty McGraw, Es- ther Beard, Clara Smith, Suzanne Callaway, Peggy Widener, Peggy Baugh, Jimmie Hutto. Serourl row: Lonez Adams, Becky Hardman, Carrie Pass, Dot Holland, Sue Aber- nathy, Ruby Callahan, Serrcfaryg Ann Hawkins, Jackie Hornsby, Mirizliii Garbutt, Barbara Smith. Third row: Marion Smith, Marc Bramblett, John Holder, Prexidenfg Gene Bowman, Bill O'Brien, Therrell Banks, Duane Royal, Don Folsom, joe Gatlin, Bill Gatlin, Jose Mendez. urging in .742 EHUHU5 ABF! Olll' Aeflfffi Hleffg. Our choruses have had many opportunities for giving God's message of love through song to the people of Georgia. We sang at the State l3.S.U. Convention, the Georgia Baptist Con- vention, and the M Night Program in Gaines- ville and have presented musical programs in a number of churches. Always we seek to magnify our Christ and bring joy and gladness to others. RK Q, ,,,,, . ,, B fi? y Aroughf ua c one fo fke miaaion hefclo. Mary Gay Amos speaks at the Y.W.A. Mother-Daughter Banquet. The aim of Y.W'.A. is to stress the importance of each member's using her life as a Christian Missionary. Through studying God's Word, through prayer, and through Christian service, the girls grow in accordance with Godis Will. I Meetings of the organization are held at a time when both boarding and day Students can attend' A Tea for our Adopted Mothers and Mrs. F. Q. Leavell. Front row, kneeling: Mrs. Sallie Collins, Assistant Sponsor: Mrs. Julius Spears, Sponsor, Betty McGraw, Emo- gene Carringerg Frances Guillebeaug Regina Smithg Carolyn Coleman, Peggy Baughg Rebecca Hardman, Mary Wat- kins, Sara Barrett, Sue Abernathy, Sofia! Chairman, Carrie Pass, Nell Gaddisg Lucile Campbell, Annie Jo Shook, Treasurerg Frances Carnes, Pat Allen, Hirsch Kennedy, Jackie Hornsbyg Barbara Wilkinson. Standing: Lonez Adams, President, Jimmie Hutto, Program Chairman, Evelyn Smith, Chorixterg Aymee Gucrrerog Barbara Smith, Vivian Dyer, Miriam Garbuttg Ann Hawkins, Pianist, Jerry Kirbyg Dot Holland, June McGriffg Mary Helen Williams, Ruby Callahan, Clara Smith, Secretary, Bernice Crane, Peggy Widenerg Esther Beard, Betty Ann Moore. Not shown: Gypsy Griffin, Vice President. 00 Prayer meeting in girls lobby. Two of our members. Religious Focus Week. e TUHEH BE!-XHEHS L0 fde fhriff of Aegaing ofdem. "The 'I'orchbearers" is the one Christian organiza- tion on the campus which includes both men and women. lt is composed of those of us who are volun- teers for mission work and those who are vitally mteiested in missions. Although we invite students to join this organization, we place major emphasis not on membership, but on service rendered. Some of the types of service in our community are: Negro mission, G.A.'s, R.A.'s and benevolence. All these provide rich experiences which will help us to be better prepared to spread the Kingdom of God in the future. Our Sponsor. Leff to right, sented' Oscar Gardener Bett M . , y oore, Jose Mendez, Miriam Garbutt, Frances Carnes, Lonez Adams, Frances Guillebeau, Lucile Campbell, Barbara Wilkinson, Bill Gatlin, Peggy Widener, Billy Daniel, Suzanne Callaway, Esther Beard. Sfmzdirzg: Ann Hawkins, joe Gatlin, Emogene Carringer, Pat Allen, Evelyn Smith, Marion Smith, Betty McGraw, Presizlenfg Bobby Porterfield, Regina Smith, Dot Holland, John Holder, Miss Lounell Mullis, Sponxorg Jackie Hornsby, Joe Nelson, Annie Jo Shook, Mary Helen Williams, Jerry Kirby, Don Folsom, Vice Presizlenf' John- ny Haynes, Howard Foster, Henry David Fe B 'h ' ' , ggy aug, , Stanford Lewis, Semefaryg Gene Bowman. y 118 I G was -Q54 'HW Dean Julius H. Spears, Faculty Advisor. Left to right, front row: Marion Smith, President, Ira Morris, Ronnie Cumbie, Richard Hardy, Secretary-Treasurer, Oscar Gardner, Jose Mendez, Tom Johnson. Second row: Glen Free- man, Stanford Lewis, Vice President, Don Folsom, Pianist, Bobby Porterfield, Henry David, John Holder. Third row: Jack Bolton, Joe Nelson, Gene Bowman, Bill Burgess, Bill O'Brien, Joe Gatlin, Joe Holden. Fourth row: Bill Gatlin, Joseph Brown, Wilson McEntyre, Billy Daniel, Claud Healan, Paul Callicutt, Fred McGriff. Fifth 7010! Johnny Haynes, Therrell Banks, Gerome Jordan. Sixth row: Neil Gunter, John Borup, Neal Tolson, Marc Bramblett, William Shadinger, Howard Foster, Kenneth Shaw. Not shown: Sam Scnrbrnugh. e fauna! Jfrengfh for :Service in fhe MI ISTEHIAL ASSUEIATIU NVQ of the Ministerial Association are that group of young men A model family- who have felt the high call of God for full-time Christian Service. Our group includes ministerial students, music directors, educational directors and missionaries. Wfe have united ourselves through Christian love and common purpose in order that we might have strength and that we might better prepare ourselves for the mighty work that is ours to do. It is our purpose to radiate by our own lives the highest characteristics of the Christian personality. Meeting the ministers during Religious What could Gene be saying to Focus Week. Mr, Lanier? ' einfAe MI ISTEHIAL WI ES X-XSSUCIATIU. Mom-ue 1 . . iii Seated: Mrs. Charlotte Freeman, Mrs. Lois Shores, Mrs. Dessie Spears, Prvsidcntg Mrs. Evelyn Smith, Serretary- Treasurer, Mrs. Minnie Callicutt. Standing: Mrs. Evelyn Holden, Mrs. Gladys Womble, Mrs. Calista McGriff, Reporter, Mrs. Kathleen Shndinger, Vive President, Mrs. Amy Brown. The ministers, wives association was organized to meet the needs of each member for inspiration, information and fellowship. Jn fne WHITE EUU TY BLUE we .mfoge ine Lfgzwanila of ofa! Lien 4 'SQ From left to right: Mrs. Bernice Crane, President, Mrs. June McGriff, Ioe Holden, Paul Callicutt, Secretary- Treasurerg Fred McGriff, Richard Tinius, Miss Pearl Nix, Farully Attifisor. 50 L... Front row: Nell Gaddis, Bernice Crane, Serretaryg Mrs. Agnes Hall, Librarian, Mary Watkins. Second row: Bill O'Brien, Billy Daniel, Ira Morris, Don Folsom, Neal Tolson, Social Chairman, John Borup. Burk row: Kenneth Shaw, Presillentg Eugene Staf- ford, Fred McGriff, Projert Chairman, Johnny Haynes, Treas- HTPT. ololoorfunified or We of the Library Friends Association, composed of those students and members of the faculty who give at least one book to the library, seek means of increasing interest in and use of our library. Through the use of films and pamphlets, we try to acquaint the student with the library and to improve his skill in using the resources available. We members enjoy book reviews, become ac- quainted with Georgia authors and initiate projects de- signed to stimulate personal growth, of which our most recent is a discussion group. 3A,,.,,.,L fr. VETEHA 5 EL B f we Olin A caring experiences The Veterans Club of T.M.C. was one of the latest groups formed. This club was organized when several vet- erans of World War II en- tered the college. We mem- bers, with much in common, enjoy these informal meet- ings. One of the principal reasons for our club is to keep each member well informed on matters pertaining to the Veterans. Sometime during the year, we are privileged to enjoy a dinner meeting to- HAQ LIBRARY F H I E U S ASSUEII-XTIU few lid fo lA? Agfafg "Interested in something besides books?,' Mr. Earl R. Payne, Mr. Wilbur D. Jones, Advisor, Fred McGriff, joe Holden, Clmpluing Paul Callicutt, Setrehzry-Trenxlirerg Ira Morris, Joe Brown, Jerome Jordan, Joe Nelson, Wilton Duckett, President. Not shown: Glenn gether. Freeman, Vice President. jim Social ,ikglzgglzfd of ur ogage Mrs. W. D. Jones, Jr. Mr. and Mr bmw d Mrs. Earl Payne 52 til A ig if 3,1 X, , n clecl' we enfoye a porin The Three Musketeers V l Frou! row, left Io right: Neal Tolson, Bobby Parks, Cuptuing Howard Foster, Ronnie Cumbie, Sam Scnrbrough, Mrs. Jack Holcomb, Coavh. Bark row: Carl Queen, Wilson Mclintyrc, Mare Bramblett, Donald Carroll, Dar- rell Foster. Not xlmlvn: Royce Jackson, son, Gerald Buttram. U Y S ' BASKET BALL The boys team of l9S2-S3 is a greatly improved team over last year's. W'ith the addition of eight freshmen to the returning tivo sophomores, our team has proved to be one which works and eo- operates together. The boys play ball under ll very strenu- ous schedule and are highly praised for their high spirits. Mr. jack Holcomb, very efficient coach of both boys and girls teams, worked the boys under a series of five plays with many variations. and states that he is pleased with the team work. The big, five s-ff l l fN"tNs s W-t.. CHEERLEADERS Left tn right: Emogcne Carringcr, Jimmie Hutto, Betty lN'icGraW, Bcckic Hardman, Henry David, Susie Callaway, Richard Hardy. GIRLS' BASKET BALL 'l'i'uett-McConnell is the only college in this area that maintains a girls team which plays interscholas- tie basketball. This year our girls' team has made an outstanding record. Three returning players along with seven freshmen work very efficiently on the court and each one has always played her best until the final buzzer. Even though this is just the second year that the girls have entered interscholastic games, they have made con- tinuous progress. and Mr. Holcomb is pleased with their spirit of good sportsmanship. "The bcnchwarmcrsf' Kneeling, lefl to righf: Sue Aher- nathy, Co-rnphiiug Clara Smith, Calw- tuing Jerry Kirby, Vivian Dyer, Dot Holland. Bark row: Barbara Smith, Barbara Wilkiiison. Jackie Hornsby, Ruby Callahan, Bcckic Hardman. No! 5l70ll'IlI Clara Jones. Jr aa 5 ---- V 0 Q QL 25 WH :QM Q frhi' 3 hm., P F1 I! Q5 DQ' .-..:.:,:.:..,.,..:.,1. I 2 .1 ' , Q-W, wa Tohlson, hlgarrellliib-sterTTVilson JMcIntyx:e, Keifneth Shaw, Billy Daniel, Gene Bowman. gy: E5g'v-etrwgg,,R, Q A 5 1, .,.wfgMQWf V as e .sv 'MTEM lfiif if weefffflliw fi be . .::1f:22E1:m?W HE .sawggy ff ziwfzzs gaffegaf Tolhurst Field is the scene of the base ball games played in Cleve- land. The members of the baseball team can be found on the Held each afternoon training to improve their skill. They spend much time in bat- ting and fielding practice since each one is trying to become a "home run king." Cooperation is the theme of all base ball practice as the fielders practice getting the ball to the right baseman at the right time. This is our second year of inter- collegiate participation and the boys are really doing a fine job in putting Truett-McConnell on the map in the field of sports. Many in- teresting base ball trips are taken to near-by schools and colleges, Sometimes transportation is a little crowded as the entire team gets into Coach Holcomb's, Sam Scar- brough,s, or "Tiny', Harrisonis cars. Games are played on a home and home basis with such teams as North Georgia Trade School, North Georgia College, Boys Industrial In- stitute, Local athletic clubs and various mill teams. xii- 4 2131221 fs isis A skillful player! Hitting the ball comes natural Hits a "homer" every time. to him. 2 Q WWE, M 4',,w,,f,, fwmgm mweafwwwf' 0 ,Q-,ff fe,z--N-aww' ,K ,U YW? f -Y' 45,W,3.3,,.,,,, ,N V, f -,W 7 Www , , . Q ,fmwww-m...w..-Mwmw is M M 'Y f sfk if 5 k ' .:iJf'f.i?5i Wad popufar . . AYMEE GUERRERO and JOSE MENDEZ "Good words are worth mucli, and cost little." griendgedf . . . PEGGY WIDENER and BILL GATLIN ,x,,,!,,.. .QA faithful friend is tlic medicine of lifuy- l,.,,,-f-' f fo SMCCQEJ - MARCUS BRAMBLETT and MIRIAM GARBUTT "Hu profits most who serves bcslf' vm' QW Won Jnfefbffuaf . . NELL GADDIS and WILLIAM SHADINGER "A grcnr mind becomes L1 great fortune V' Cufedf ana! Wad .lclandaome . . VIVIAN DYER and NEIL GUNTER "Good qualities need no advertisinx l , H ill 2 MXA A MW nw? . -wwf, Wffzegf . . . RONNIE CUMBIE and DOT HOLLAND "A pun is I1 pistol let off at the CLIFQ not A1 fentlmer to tickle the intellect." Md af! lQounJ . . . JIMMIE ANN HUTTO and STANFORD LEWIS K'Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soulf, V if ,av 9Wkmwn, DUI' ff' iii ii YV e laU0l' fke ,MM- eir . nia ,gi E " 1 A1 ., K Vw Sp V3.2 wh 5 ii is , as E 'sf 52 6 F ' CANTON COTTON MILLS 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 Manufacturers of Fine Denim For Over 50 Years E CANTON, GEORGIA I T T 4 'T I L ::::::: ::::v:::: 70 F 1 TllLON INC. Makers of the Quality Zipper Cleveland, Georgia Plant No. 6 Best Wishes l Compliments of Nally Discount ' E5 alter W. ood Company ' W W Y ' l SUCHES, GEORGIA c:A1NEsv1LLE, GEORGIA ' 71 Compliments of Republic Granite Company, Inc. James T. McLc1nclI1un Clarence R. McLanuhc1n ELBERTON, GEORGIA f-'I I I I 1 I 1 ED BEAZLEY'S STUDIO Rhodes-Wood Bldg. GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Compliments of WALL JEWELERS Finest in Diamonds, IVatchPs, Silver, Gift Items" 104 N. Bradford St. GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA AUTOMATIC GAS COMPANY C0IIIj1l1f1f6 Sffrzfice- BUTANE ZIIIC1 PROPANE 115 N. Main Sweet Phone 1641 Gainesville, Georgia GAS 1 'I 'I L 3 L , 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I fa F Cleveland lumber Company P l Kiln dried and air dried Yellow Pine and White Pine 5 Paneling, Framing, Siding, Ceiling, Sheathing, 5 Finishing, Moulding, Trimming, Doors, Windows, . Roofing, Stone, Brick and Cement Delivered Anywhere, Any Time PLANTS AT CLEVELAND AND CLARKESVILLE PHONE 25 Cleveland, Georgia tl Lf -: I ll Compliments of l l if W. L. lllllllllllllll AGENCY if 5 WhC'fleY'S PhC"mf'CY 1' ' . RELIABLE DRUGS 5 Inc' 5 PRESCRIPTIONS 4 1, Phone 600 214-15 Jackson Isuilding GAINESVILLEI GEORGIA ' PHONE 319 EE INSURANCE BONDS f :::::::::::::::::::f::xxx' 1' 'l Lg l REAL EsTA'1'1c LOANS l 3, 4, 'Q Fine Portraits if "C0mj1lete lnsumnce Protectiorzl' :E 1 ' Q, + GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA ,l P lp 1 4: 9 :J 9:: 73 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Chambers Lumber Company BUILDERS' SUPPLIES H25 S. Main Street I GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 1 4' vvv... v v , , .-:.-:v-::.-:::::::::::::::: 1 Office Machine Company IJist1'il111t01's for Royal Tyjzewriters PHONE l 296 Gainesville, Georgia QUEEN ' EIT? ' PBUITRY vziiicl FEED CO., INC. Chicks-Poultry-Feeds-Supplies Phone 468 - 856 Box 646 117 Railroad Ave GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA FRIERSON-MCEVER CO. Mengs Welzr GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA R 0 L L E R D R 0 M E "For Health's Sake Go RolIerskating" BARRETT'S ROLLERDROME Cleveland, Georgia P ' For the Best in Entertainment I Visit E ROYAL RITZ STATE I, Royal and Ritz Open Sunday Afternoon EE from 4 2:00 P. M. to 6:00 P. M. 4 f::::::::::::::::::::::::"::::::: P 5E Georgia Equipment Co. fi uNoERwooD TYPEWRITERS " PROPES FURNITURE I Gainesville, Georgia COMPANY 2 -,,, ,, -::,::,,--- .i Furniture Appliances ::::::::::::::::::v 7 Pianos, New and Used .' Compliments of 5: Phone 2912 Phone 423 , A and P TEA COMPANY 15 Gainesville, Ga. Cornelia, Ga ' Gainesville, Georgia r f ----------vvv vvvv----v--vv---v---""-" - -- 1 BARNES' FLOWER SHOP "Say it with Flowers-Say it with Ours!" 1 ATLANTA ROAD Phone 24l5-J Gainesville, Georgia 75 GEM JEWELRY COMPANY Authorized Dealer Bulova Keepsake Diamonds Elgin Tritari Jewelry Benrus International Silver Mida Titton Crystal Whittnaaer Duncan Crystal Hamilton Syracuse China Gruen Bavaria China Longines Samsonite Luggage Croton Parker Pens Gem Sheaffer Pens WATCHES Eversharp Pens Flexlet Watch Bands Small Appliances No Extra Charge for Credit! Gem Jewelry Company "Where Satisfaction Costs so LittIe." Gainesville Toccoa Cumming Georgia Georgia Georgia H. D. QUINN'S FLORIST Closed All Day Sunday 522 East Avenue Phone 2552 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA "Ser Iimmiz' first, always a 17!'ffl'T rival" MATHIS MOTORS 450 S. Main St. Phone 3077 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA llillll l ilSllllllG'l'0N llll. Building Materials PHONE 196 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA -v ---- v-- ---- --- -----fp 1 WARD' FU ERAL ll0ME Inc. PHONE 51 PHONE 479 Cleveland f Gainesville Georgia Georgia J. C. Penney Company "Where Savings are Greatest" GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Pilgrim Estes Furniture Co. "WE SELL FOR LESS" Gainesville, Gu. Martin Motor Company YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER Gainesville, Georgia Welcome to BLAIR GRILL Fine F0011 MARY HUDGINS, Prop. Blairsville, Georgia R. L. Courtney and Co. Jewelers Watch and Jewelry Repairing Phone ll03 GAINESVILLE, GA. GAINESVILLE PURE MILK Phone 1103 GAINESVILLE, GA. Blairsville Hotel Cafe JAKE PLOTT, Manager Blairsville. Georgia F R E E D M A N S "The Friendly Storei' CORNELIA, GEORGIA BLAIRSVILLE CLEANERS Alterations and Me-riding 7 All Work Glli1l'2lIll00Cl D. L. MARTIN, Pro-lr. Blziirsvillc. Genrga C A K E B O X GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA JOHN L. CROMARTIE CO. Wayne Feeds--Poultry Poultry Supplies-Quality Chicks GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA BLAIRSVILLE HARDWARE Building Materials, Electrical Supplies, Seed and Fertilizer Blairsville, Georgia Kimsey' Drug Store THE REXALL STORE Phone I76 Toccoa, Georgia Mint Jelly A favorite everywhere with Hotels, Air lines, Clubs and Restaurants. ' ..gjI52xlunW'::: X -t ' lwlf. I x'x'f5 If you cannot purchase this in your home town-write us-P.O. Box J. S., Chicago l90J Sexton -Quadff It Eagle Drive-In and Sea Food Kitchen lies! Coffee' in 'l'nurn FRICIJ R. TERRELI, Tuccoa. Georgia Complilnents of Cleveland Service Center CI,I'iYIfl.ANIJ, GEORGIA LOVETT'S Dianz on rls- IIWIIICITCSY-',ICIl'ClTj' Toccna, Georgia BLUE FRONT CAFE cAlNESvl1,1,u, GEORGIA Compliments of CRENSHAW HATCHERY Cleveland. Georgia Cleveland Frozen Foods Freezer Lucifer and Vegetables CLICVELAND, GEORGIA Parker-Newman Pharmacy Tor'i'0a. Georgia TaIIent's Super Market glleuts-Cror'cr1'es-- Feeds Plwm- 67 Clarlwsville. fit'OI'gld Gainesville Machine Company Machine Shop Facilities for Repairing on Farm and Industrial Equipment- Mill Supplies, Electric and Acetylene Welding 728 S. Main Street Phone 57 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA KIMSEY and HILL New and Used Cars Phone IO8 Clarkesville, Georgia Bennett Hatchery, Inc. Quality Chicks 360 E. Mrytle Street Phone 2927 Gainesville, Georgia A fs East wishes f'f fi fl!! 1 wh 4 gli fi I ffl All H -J lffl X .lvlji-R' I I N all L I gomfo unafn Aumomrv or me cocxcou comvmv av CORNELIA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CHICOPEE MANUFACTURING CORPORATION CHICOPEE, GEORGIA George W. Moore Coal and Colm GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA B est Wis'l1es PARKS FEED STORE GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Compliments of Dixie Bowling Center GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Brewer Drug Company THE REXALL STORE "A I,I?l7CIlflIllIl6 Driig Store" PHONE Il5 Clurkcsville, Gcorgi 1 PLUMBING AND HEATING Oil Burner Specialist Phone 2494 Night 527-W Gainesville, Ga. JHEKLFE FORD DEALER Phone 8 Blairsville, Georgia Lf- .... ............ - I I -,v:--J 9- 'I I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I I I I 'I 4 I J 'I I I I I I I J '7 I I I I I I I I J ------------vv-------------v-- 6 'r Brock Tire Company 1: Pennsylvania Tires and Tubes Recapping and Rebuilding 1 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA I lr li ---------,,,-----,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1+ F' I' Cleveland Dry Cleaners if g Pick-up and Delivery Service Ii On the Square Phone l9 Ii CLEVELAND, GEORGIA 1' , Co111jJIi111w1ts of Drs. and C. B. Kimsey PHONE 38 Kllurkcsvillc, Georgian :::::::::::::::::::::::::::.-::: J L :::::::.-:::::::::::::::::::- Q- Habersham Furniture if Cmnplinzzmls of Nix Hardware and l u ' Furnrture Company Company! Inc' Phone Cleveland, Georgia L:::::::::::::-.:::::::v-:::::::::: "Everything for the Home" 1 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,-, LOW PRICES EASY TERMS S T O V A L L I S . . :g 5, 10, and 25a STORE Clarkesville, Georgia 1, CLEVELAND GEORGIA .l. D. .IEWELL ,l0. GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA OSCAR W. GARDNER and SONS SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS 2555 Jonesboro Road, S. E. PHONE MAIN 4078 Atlanta, Georgia 79 C. M. HARRISON Supplier of SINCLAIR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Gainesville, Georgia P P P P P I P P P P P P I P P P P P P P P P P ::::-::::::::::v-:::::::::::::::- 1 r DIAMOND TRUCK Il ': VVASIJUVG and GREASHVG 1 Telephone 229 G. R. JONES :P Atlanta Highway No. 23 - Gainesville, Georgia H 0 A. I G ::::::::::::::::::::::'A::::::::' I' I A A A:::v I :::::::::EZEiZi5iTZ5?2?"' ' ' T 1, GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 1 P GEORGE HARRIS 5. ,C TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE 1, :P Lakewood Heights Atlanta, Georgia :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.-:v J L :I '::- :::::v A::- 4 F :::::::::::::::::::::::::-'::' 1' I ALTMAN PRINTING Prosser MOIO1' CO. I gl OFFICE SUPPLIES 3, ,P I I7 Foreac re Street Phone I23 D650 To-PL YMO UTH :I I :x:::::I2f'fgffffff::::::::, WHITE TRUCKS 1' I f -:::::::::::::::: - II Ii Compliments of 427 S. Green St. . 0 Gmesvme, Georgia 5 11 Gainesville Jewelers 4 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA I P -::- :::::::::::- -.P L :::::::::::::::::::::: - Txxxmx::::m:::::::::ml F ATTTTT ' Thomas I. McGahee -E il Be., Wishes Furnit1n'e-Funeral Directors 1' f AMBULANCE SERVICE 1 P 'om 552:EEL,,,,i2221if52.,,,,ifii5Q-,l 'Q TH E STAN DAR D OIL 'P i .P COMPANY Compliments of 4, P R. G. LeTOurneau, Inc. 5' I, E' L' HUGHES' AW' TOCCOA, GEORGIA 5: I: Gainesville, Georgia i. 'P 80 BELK-GALLANT The Largest and Most Complete Department Stores in Northeast Georgia "FOR ALL THE FAMILY" Cornelia, Georgia Best Wishes From THE PEOPLES BANK lServing White County! Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. CLEVELAND, GEORGIA HEI-XD'S STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Cleveland, Georgia BANK OF TOCCOA TOCCOA, GEORGIA Burch's Trading Post FEEDS, SEEDS, FERTILIZERS PHONE I54 Cla rkesville, Georgia FRED L. HAYES "A Good Place to Trade" TOCCOA, GEORGIA CONIfJll'lII67ll.S' Of Bcrrrett's Super Market GUARANTEED GROCERIES, PRODUCE and MEATS Phone 40-J Cleveland, Georgia v .... - Cornelia Motors, Inc. CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service PHONE 193 Cornelia, Georgia Franklin Discount Co. Persomzl Fz'nam'ing and Investments TOCCOA, GEORGIA :TEES:E::f6:2H2TE3E:Qi51iE:: Ezfcr5ltl1ing,in Ihr Dime Stow' CLARKESVILLE, GEORGIA BYRD'S JEWELER CLARKESVILLE, GEORGIA Compliments of CENTER CHEMICAL COMPANY Atlanta, Georgia JI M MANNING, Represenlalive ""'s"L"NE'LMs""" T l INSU.RAi4CE AGENCY 5: Representing Hartford Fire Insurance Co. 1, U. S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co. If Atlanta, Georgia MA. 0792 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: q NEAL's DRUG STORE ,, "You're Always Welcome" I 4 COMMERCE, GEORGIA -k::::::::::::::::: A J ::::::::::.-::::::::::- - :::: .... 4 l lr Harper's 5 and 'IO Cent Store I: 'r COMMERCE, GEORGIA lr - -:::::::::::::::::::, .5 Dr. James Hope ii COMMERCE DRUG STORE 1: i ,,,,----,-----,,,,,--,,,,,,,,AA-4 1 H vnvngbvllilllvflflllunw LUMBER COMPANY Complete line of Kiln Dried Lumber and Building Materials Cornelia, Georgia Conzplimmfs of AUSTELL CLEANERS Austell, Georgia M I L L N E R ' S "The Style Center of Gainesville" GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Pittman's Launderette Austell, Georgia Ragsdale Furniture and Appliance Store AUSTELI., c:1aoRG1A li J Arnold Drug Company VVAl.GRl'1liN AGENCY - Cornelia. Georgia "Where You Get the Most of the Best for the Least" MURRAY'S SUPER MARKET Cornelia, Georgia Quality Used Cars Quality Used Cars PHONE 61 Cleveland, Georgia :.A::::::-:f-::v'::::::::::A'::::::ET 5'ff-':::::::::::::::::::::::::v : I I LEE ROUTl'l'S DEPT. STOIRE COIRNELIA FLORISTS MODERN, CONVENIENT, COMFORTABLE .Say it with Flowery, Cmirleous Sales Penplv :I :I N DALTON, GEORGIA :I :I CORNEUA' GEORGIA I I ::::::::::::-::::::::::::::: A -:: I, I, :f ::::::::::::::::::::::::: , : 4, 4, I I CITIES SERVICE STATION :I Il Mullinix Service Station GAS and OIL 4: 4: 4 4 . . . . 41 41 TOGCOA, GEORGIA C.4Irnel1a, beorgia 4, 4, 4, 4, ::::::-A::::::::::r-:::::f::::::: lj lp A ':::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 4, 4, 4, 4, FARMER'S SUPPLY COMPANY JACKSON'S JEWELERS 4, 4, CLARKESVILLE, GEORGIA ll ft CORNELIA, GEORGIA I I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I I """ ::::::::: A:::- ----A-- : 4 4 Iffmzfvlinzrrzlx of 1, 1, ACE SUPPLY COMPANY B1AIIN'l'l'1NANI'lC ANU SANITARY SITPPLIES :I P. 0. HUX 1721 ATLANTA, GEORGIA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'I 'I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'I 'I wIu.IAM's DRESS sl-lor fl SANDERS FUNERAL HOME Cornelia-Cleve,and-Toccoa The homo of dignity where the service is s4e4'4IIId to none . 4 4 Georgw ,I :I COMIIIERGE, GEORGIA I I : A A A:::: -::::: --AA :::: A - - A:::J L::: ::::::::::::::::::: A A A A A: f-:::.A.A : : : ::::::::::: : : :::::::- M E T C A L F ' S Columbus, Ga. - Montgomery, Ala. 83 3 ab S 0 E Ho o, . A U 9 fl ' J I CQ Original layouts, distinctive typography and G sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain Q by standard layout, mass-production methods. - . O owen, gonj ffgounj, Jac. . 110 TRINITY PLACE oEcA'ruR,GEoRGlA g 'f -m -uf-.x,. f .. ,,. , . 1 f ,. , , ,. , .mr .. ,lk s f ' hw 4 1 5 X is X3-25'LL,,.,:.-f,.. i , .- f rink' .ra wii- Q ' ' :-Q-5 .ax gv y . r,,, W7 fcfl ,... ,, M13-gf..,m ,. f f A "-15.2 64' 'SR gill! f . 1 .... 45' Af. .V r I L L Q , , Y ,fn-, ,mt ,wg-, mf., xm- 7 1 4 N ,- A, fx .- ,,. . 1 'i 4 'J ' 1 W 1 - 2 ii A s IQ fi' fir jr Ay 4 .3 5 W. 5

Suggestions in the Truett McConnell College - Gannetaha Yearbook (Cleveland, GA) collection:

Truett McConnell College - Gannetaha Yearbook (Cleveland, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 44

1953, pg 44

Truett McConnell College - Gannetaha Yearbook (Cleveland, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 65

1953, pg 65

Truett McConnell College - Gannetaha Yearbook (Cleveland, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 18

1953, pg 18

Truett McConnell College - Gannetaha Yearbook (Cleveland, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 59

1953, pg 59

Truett McConnell College - Gannetaha Yearbook (Cleveland, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 23

1953, pg 23

Truett McConnell College - Gannetaha Yearbook (Cleveland, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 48

1953, pg 48

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