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, , ,-.. . .V..V-.Y,-.-.,A..V,.. -. V,,. ,.,,-.-.,.J...........,,.....,,,.,..--.....,.,.. 4 1 4 rv 4 1 l I I Q L 5 I ' Q H K iw Y :fi vid 'K avg' i v F , I , 1 K i Q ,N .4 . ,Ji Q-my la, ,No ANNUAL TAFF V FIRST ROW: Jean Meyer, Marian Bolte, Mrs. Julius, Gerald Grote, Lorraine Sump, Norma Sauter, Deloris McBride. SECOND ROW: Elaine Franzmeier, Bill Spurllng, Beverly Boese, Russell Eddie, Leonard Brummer. THIRD HOW: Larry O'Leary, Sharon Dierenfield, Ruth Nehring, and Duane Strock. Co-Editors. . . Business Manager. . Boys' Sports. . . Girls' Sports. . Snap Shots. . Typists. . . .Gerald Grote Lorraine Sump . Russell Eddib . Duane Strock Larry O'Leary . . . . Jean Meyer Sharon Dierenrield . . .Norma Sauter Bill Spurling Russell Borkowski Leonard Brum er . . Marian Bolte Deloris McBride Elaine Franzmeier Beverly Boese Ruth Nehring PAPER TAFF Editors. . . . . . . Class News. . .Freshman. Sophomore Junior. . Senior. . Jr. High. Gossip and Humor. . . . Senior Sketches. . Social News. . . . Fashion Parade. . Art. . . . . . Song Shop. . Question of the Month. . Music. . . . . . . . . Boys' Sports. . . . . Girls' Sports. . Office News. . Advisor. . . Typists. . . PAPER STAFF 0 0 . . .Russell Eddie Sharon Dierenfield , , , Nancy Miller . .Margaret Davis . .Marleen Harms . .Delorla McBride . Shirley Miller . . Larry O'Leary Leonard Brummer . . . . Jean Meyer Elaine Franzmeier . . . .Jean Meyer Beverly Boese .Elaine Franzmeler . . . Norma Sauter Marian Bolte Leonard Bru mer Larry O'Leary . B111 Spurling . . Ruth Nehrlnq . .Duane SUPOCK Gerald Grote . .Lorraine Sump . Mr. Groskreutz . . . Mrs. Julius . .Shorthand Class 0 -. u R4 I . 11424 '55 1 1 l ip my if Ylirnfinn He, the Seniors of the class of 1956, wish to dedicate our annunl to the memory of Hyrtice Harms, who would have graduated with us. She was known for her studious ability, athletic ability, her friendly smile, and winning personality. She is greatly missed by everyone who knew her. irminiztrntinn Q w . MR. GROSKREUTZ Superintendent Luther College, B. A. University of Colorado: M, A, Iowa State Teacher's College University of Iowa Aavanced Algebra, Al- gebra, 7 8 8 Math. MR. FREDIN Girl's Coach Iowa State College, B.S Ames, Iowa Biologg, Jr. High Science Shop, irls Basketball, MRS. JULUIS Commercial Iowa State Teachers, B. A. Buena Vista College. Typ ing, Shorthand, Gen eral Business, Modern Problems, Office Practice, and Bookkeeping. MRS. FISHER Home Economics Business Education and Science. Mac Murray College For Women. Iowa Btate Teacher's College. Homemaking I k II, General Science, and 7th k 8th Science. MRS . SCHLEISMAN English Buena Vista College 7th k 8th English, Spel ling, Speech, Grammar, 9th k 10th English and Literature, llth R 12th bpeech, Contest Speech, and Drama. MR. PETERSON MRS. ROHLK Music Sth A oth Auaustanag Luther, Iowa as , K Iowa State Teachersg State TSHCUSPSS dr"'Sh Buena Vista College. Morningside ,j Daw Buena Vista Colleqe. L' 3 4 :tE?? lik E 11 ,V ,, I N ' , MRS. HORLACHER Kindergarten Iowa State Teachers 1 College. MRS. MORGAN MRS. HELKENN 3rd, R hth lst k 2nd. Buena Vista College Iowa State Teachers University of Colorado Buena Vista College University of South Daksto. CUSTUDIAN BERNIE UIRKIB is i , -I 53 4 A 11. ,pn E 1 Ml' K 1 . 2 A w ' A, b 1 'ff' ,ff W N 'lr rs! Q LM 5, llB.IIRKlSAlDlF5.lEYER 3-KS llg . 1 l3lliUI'5 n Ruth Nehring I 4 QM l NA1l work and no fun if 1f'l7 Elaine Franz eier 'Some think the world was made for fun and frolic-so do I.W Annual Staff h Sextet D Paper Staff 3,h Solo h Mixed Chorus h Treasurer h Mixed octet h Trio is no life for me.' Annual Staff Paper Staff President Secretary-Treasurer Mixed Chorus Band Glee Club Dramatics h 3,h h 1 h M 2,3,h 1,3,h Sharon Dierenfield WShe sighs at many, but loves only one.H Annual Staff 2,h Paper Staff 3,h Speech h Softball h Mixed Octet h Trio h Sextet h Basketball 3,h Solo h Secretary h Vice Pres. h Mixed Chorus ,h Dramatics 2,3,h Basketball l,2,3 mee Club 1,2,3,h h Dramatics l,3,h Glee Club 1,2,3,h 3- We P . Leonard Brummer w -' ' :Give me my car and ny woman, L.,-E' A and I think I shall 1iVe.' : 'f Vfij - ap" Annual staff I4 C, ' Z' Paper Staff 3,h Xxx Vice-President U a- Ah Mixed chorus 14 -. ' -A Track h Dramatics 5 y V M Baseball 1 2 3 3 1 Basketball Mgr. , , , 1 Q I Stage Mgr. 1,2,3,h K Wt xxx Beverly Boese 'I always get the better when I argue alone.n Annual Staff Paper Staff Basketball Mgr. Mixed Chorus Dramatics Glee Club Annual Staff Paper Staff Treasurer Vice President M1xed Chorus Mixed Octet Boy's Quartet 3,h 213 lu' Gerald Grote 'Worry little, study less, that's my idea of happ1ness.u Annual Staff Paper Staff President Mixed Chorus M1186 Octet Boy's Quartet Duane Strock Wwomen disturb me not.u M Solo A Band 3 Dramatics 2 Speech M b Track h Baseball A Basketball , Annual Staff Paper Staff Mixed Chorus Softball Sextet Mixed Octet Dramatica Basketball Glee Club M H 3,h M M J'92l3lu' 1,2,3,U Norma Sauter NShe's always willing and ready for a good t1me.n M 2!3Ih' M H M M 3.h 3,h 'LI2!3lLl' M sole 3,h Dramatics 3 Speech Q Track h Baseball 3,u Basketball 2 33 113114 M 1'l2!3,,'I' 1l2I3!,1L Jeanlhqwr Beware! I light do something sensational. Annual Staff 2,h H ar Staff h Sec.-'lreasurer 2 Mixed Chorus M Softball h nramatics 1,2,3,b Glee Club 1,2,3,h Basketball l,2,3,h i Russell Eddie 'I agree with no man's opinions, Annual Staff Paper Staff' President Secretary Mixed Uhorus igggig Lawrence O' Leary 'What he wants to get out of school most is himself.n Annual Staff A Boy's Quartet Paper Staff 3,Lg, Band President 2 Dramatics Mixed Chorus L., Baseball M1196 Octet Lg Basketball f L 'axis' Annual Staff Paper Staff Mixed Chorus Softball Speech Dramatics Basketball Glee Clda I have some of my own.' Lp Dramatics 2,3,Lp I4 Speech 1 l Track I4 3 Baseball .L,2,3,Ll Ll, Basketball l,2,3,Lp 1.2.3. Lorraine Sump 'Her friends are many, her foes--are there any." h h h h 3,h 3,h 1,2,3,h 1,2,3,h M h M H 1,2,h dussell Borkowskl Marian Bolte mhike the wise old bird, often seen but not heard.' Annual Staff u Paper Staff M Mixed Chorus A Dramatics 3,h Glee Club l,2,3,Ll. Delorls McBride mIt's all Greek to me.' Annual Staff h Paper 5taff M Mixed Chorus A Dramatlcs 3,u 5169 Club 2,3,h nAll that I've learned I've forzotteng and all that I know I've zuessea.n Annual Staff Jeb Paper 5taff M Dramatics 3,h Mixed Chorus 1,2,U Annual Staff Paper Staff Mixed Chorus Mixed Octet Uoy's Quartet William Spurlinv : O 5 D m 0 3 0 -.TQ v 'S P m H 3 '1 C2 w w O F9 "2 5 5 I iTF7iF!7F? Solo Dramatics Speech Track Baseball Basketball 3.h M 2,b 3,h 3.H SENl0R CLASS HISTORY In the fall of l9hb, we left Truesdale with a horse and carriage on our journey through- out the United States. He started out on this journey with our driver as Miss Jane Sutton and the passengers were as follows: Beverly Boese, Jim Crotty, Joan Frederick, Jane Grady, JoAnn Kent, Deloris McBride, Jean Meyer, Audrey Nordholm, Gary Porter, Sharon Richter, Jerry Robeson, Norma Sauter, Maxine Selleck, Duane Strock, Berna Rice, and Jimmie Banks. When we arrived at Salt Lake, our driver was still Miss Jane Sutton, Russell Eddie, and Ruth Nehring joined us and we lost Sharon Richter, Gary Porter, and Maxine Selleck. He changed transportation at Salt Lake to a prairie schooner and traveled to Denver. We picked up Patty Keats, Larry Norgan, and Rodney Hank, but lost Jim Crotty, Joan Frederick, Jane Grady, Berna Rice, and Jimmie Banks. Our driver was Miss Ardelle 1ay1or. He then took a Model T bus to Dallas. On the way JoAnn Kent, Audrey Nordholm, and Larry Norgan fell off. We picked up Janice Terrill, Sharon Dierenfield, Myrtice Harms, and Law- rence O'Leary3 our driver was Miss Elaine Priest. - We then took the steam engine, 'Tom Thumbn to San Antonio, and Mrs. Ann Binder took us on this journey. We lost Rodney Hank, picked up Eugene Newgaard, Paul Roberts, and Sally Lamblrth. we changed our transportation to a Model A bus on the way to Kansas City. For this trip our driver was Miss Thompson. He lost Eugene Newgaard and Janice Terrill, but no one joined us here. On our way to Duluth we decided to use a slower method of transportation , which was horseback. Our leader was Mrs. Ardelle Brums. We picked up Harley Clever, but Paul Roberts and Jerry Robeson fell off. On our next journey we took a steamboat to Chicago, our captain being Mrs. Hilbert Jensen. We picked up Marian Bolte and Leonard Brummer. Patty Keats and Sally Lambirth decided to leave us. In our 9th year, going to New Orleans, we had as our guides, Mrs. Skaar, Mr. Kruchten, Mr. Couch, and Mrs. McGinnis. We took a rowboat on this trip. The students each took a turn at rowing. They were Beverly Boese, Marian Bolte, Leonard Brummer, Harley Clever, Sharon Dlerenfield, Russell Eddie, Myrtice Harms, Deloris McBride, Jean Meyer, Ruth Nehring, Law- rence O'Leary, Norma Sauter, and Duane Strock. While swimming to shore, we picked up Elaine Franzmeier, Lorraine Sump, and Gerald Grote. On our way to Cleveland, we decided to take a Greyhound bus since no one had ridden on one. Our drivers were Mr. Couch, Mr. Wiedenfeld, and Mrs. Julius. Nobody joined us or left us as we took an airplane to Milwaukee. On this trip, our pilots were Mrs. Julius, Mr. Couch, Mr. wiedenfeld, and Mrs. Graham. He lost Harley Clever, who became air sick, and Myrtice Harms, who passed away after a lingering illness. He picked up Bill Spurling, who was stranded in mid-air. We then took a sky rocket back to good old Truesdale High. In our last and final year we had as our instructors: Mr. Groskreutzg Mr. Freding Mr. Peterson, Mrs. Julius: Mrs. Fisher, and Mrs. Schleisman. At the beginning of the second semester we hooked Russell Borkowski. We thus ended our journey around the United States. Class FLOWER C1355 001,015 Orchid Class M0770 Turquiose 5 Rose Find a way or make one. SENIUR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1956, of the city of Truesdale, of Buena Vista County and the State of Iowa of the United States of America, being of sou d mind and memory, do declare this to be our last will and testament: I, Marian Bolte, will my ability to be quiet to Doroth Lullman. I, Sharon Dierenfield, will my long hair to Beth McGarry. I, Ruth Nehring, will my typing ability to Jeanine Struck. I, Deloris McBride, will my ability to drive the car to Nancy Miller. 1, Beverly Boese, will m short hair to Barbara Schar. I, Norma Sauter, will my ability to get along with boys to Sharon Richter. He, the senior girls, will our ability to mind our own business to the sophomore girls. I, Leonard Brumm r, will my red hair and freckles to Bob Spurling. He, Bill Spurling and Duane Strock, will ou early morning life to Lyle Mosbach and Charles Fleming. I, Lorraine Sump, will my blushing ability to Lloyd Sauter. 1, Jean Meyer, will m ability to go with an underclassmen to Margaret Davis. I, Russell Borkowski, will m ability to be ornery to Wayne Sump. I, Russell Eddie, will m ability to get along with teachers Kespeclally Mrs. Fisherl to James Cradit. I, Lawrence O'Leary, will m nickname CPeteD to Gary Maxwell. I, Elaine Franzm ier, will my height to Karen Struck. 1, Bill Spurling, will m mustache to Jlm y Gustafson and Bruce Mandernach. I, Duane Strock, will all my attractive women to Richard Fleming. I, Russell Eddie, will my ability to stay off grass roads to James Cradit. I, Lawrence O'Leary, will my ability to avoid cops to Charles Gustafson. Gerald Grote, will my height to Dwa ne Kay. , the senior girls, will our knee socks to the sophomore girls. we, the senior boys, will all of the erasers left in the school to the underclassmen and hope they have as much fun throwing them as we did. I, Gerald Grote, will my basketball shoes to Lyle Mosbach. 1, Leonard Br mmer, will my ability to get the car to Richard Nehring. I, Russell Borkowski, will m cool temper to Bruce Mandernach. 1, Marian Bolte, will my blond hair to Jean Spurling. I, Sharon Dierenfield, will m ability to catch a man during leap year to all the kids who are still trying. CGood Luckl 1, Ruth Nehring, will m wit, sense of humor to Ronnie Dierenfield. I, Deloris McBride, will my ability to go home everyday at eleven o'clock to all the kids who want to skip school. I, Beverly Boese, will my basketball manager job to Sharon Richter. I, Norma Sauter, will all of my old boyfriends to Ph llis Harms. I, Lorraine Sump, will my ability to stay in the old maids club to Margaret Davis. I, Jean Meyer, will m ability to go out to Cobblestone dancing to Marleen Harms. I, Elaine Franzmeier, will my book on dieting to all who want to know how to do such a thing He, the senior girls, will our ability to have fun in school and on the bus to the underclassmen. Last but not least, we, the seniors, will all the fun we've had in high school to the new coming freshmen and hope they make good use of it. 1, We In Witness Uhereof, we, the class of 1956, have set our hands and seal hereto on this sixteenth day of May, 1956. Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for om' last will and testament by the class of 1956. p ' by yy M I DMN ff 'd""W'7 jgjfff My W W 4 J E l0R KETCHES Sharon Dierenfield, whose hobby is playing the piano and activitles in school include glee club, sextet, trio, and solo, was born August 21, 1938. She is 5'8n tall has black hair, and brown eyes. She names her favorite show as nTo Hell and Backu and enjoys watching Rock Hudson and Donna Reed, her favorite actor and actress. Sharon s favorite sport is basketball and her favorite song is NSong of a Dreamer.N She would en- joy watching her favorite sport, basketball, with her ideal boy who would be 6'2u tall, brown hair, blue eyes, good build, nice personality, and he must like sports. Women who smoke had better stay away from Sharon because that is her pet beeve. it seems Sharon spends most of her time doing her pastime, going with Larry. She has a weakness of clothes and would be very satisfied to sit down to her favorite meal, steak with all the trimmings. What Sharon will remember most about high school is the good times the senior girls have had together and the Jr. and Sr. Banquet. After graduation Sharon plans to be a tele- phone operator. Beverly Boese, better known as Bev was January 6, 1939. She is 5'6n tall, has brown hair, and blue eyes. Her activities include glee club and basketball manager. Bev's favorite movie was nThe Private War of Major Benson.u Her pet peeve is someone who talks behind her back. Bev would enjoy watching basketball, her favorite sport, with a guy who is 6' tall, meduim brown hair, and blue eyes, her ideal man. What she will remember most about high school is attending the basketball games. Bev would enjoy sitting down to her favorite meal which would consist of turkey and all the trimmings topped off with strawberry shortcake and listening to her favorite song nThe Yellow Rose of Texas.' She has no definite plans for the future. One day as I was walking down the hall I overheard two girls talking. Of course, I could hear one very plainly. They were talking about their likes and dislikes. I heard this girl say her favorite show was NThe Robeu and her favorite actor and actress were John Wayne and Jean Simmons. She also enjoys doing her pastimes either roller skating, going to shows, or watching Lawrence Welk. I suppose by now you know who I am talking about, yes, she is Elaine Franzmeier, better known as HFranzy.H She was born September 30, 1938, she is S'8n tall, has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hobby is drawing and her favorite sport is basketball. Her activities in school include glee club, sextet, trio, and solo. Elaine's favorite song is NMemories Are Made of Thisn by Gale Storm and her weakness is buying things. She describes her ideal boy as 6'2n tall, meduim brown hair, good looking, and must have a good personality. Any- one who is a smart alec had better stay away from Elaine because they are her pet peeve. A meat loaf dinner ranks tops with her. She will always remember the fun she had in high school with all the kids. She is undecided about her plans after graduation. Ruth Ann Nehring who is a 5'7n gal, was born September 12, 1938. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. er pastime is listening to popular music and would enjoy it very much if it would be her favorite song Poor People Of Paris.N Ruth's activities in school include: glee club, band, and mixed chorus. Her hobby is playing the piano or accordion. She enjoyed the show NThe High and The M1ghty,n gr any show with James Stewart or June Allyson, her favorite actor and actress. Ruth's weakness is clothes. She also has a dislike for two faced people. Ruth names her ideal guy as being 6' tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, nice personality, and fun to be with. She enjoys a meal with fried chicken with all the trimmings, topped off with chocolate pie. She will re- member the fun the Senior girls had in high school. As for her future, Ruth is undecided as to what she will do after graduation. One night as I was in the sh w I saw a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and who was 5'hH tall. She was with her ideal guy who is S'9H tall with dark wavy hair. it happened to be-her favorite show NRebel Without A Cause.n Her favorite actor and actress are James Dean and Debbie Reynolds. If you don't already know who she is, she is Norma Joan Sauter, better known to her friends as usawdust.N She was born June 1O, 1938. Norma spends most of her time collecting movie star pictures as her hobby or on her activities in school which include basketball, glee club, sextet, octet, and mixed chorus, which leaves her with no time for.a pastime. She enjoys basketball, which is her favorite sport or listening to HUT favorite song NBand of Gold.n Her weakness is clothes. If you are a person who talks behind someone's back you had better stay away from Norma because this is her pet peeve. If you would like to please her, she would enjoy a meal consisting of ham and all the trimmings topped off with strawberry shortcake. She will remember all the friends she had in high school and the fun they had together. After graduation Norma plans to work for a while and then attend business school. Gerald Grote better known as nStretchn was horn Nov. 16, 1938, he is 6'3u tall, has blue eyes, and brown hair. His hobby is raising cattle and his pastime is listening to popular music and he would enjoy it very much if it would be his favorite song, nMemories Are Made of This.u Jeralds favorite sport is basketball and his activities in school include basketball, baseball, and boys quartet. He names his favorite show as uLove Is A Many Splendor Thingn and favorite actor and actress as Rock Hudson and June Allyson. if you are a person who doesn't enjoy life you had better stay clear of nStretchn for that is his pet peeve. His weak- ness is girls and by the way, his ideal girl must be 5'kn tall, black hair, blue eyes, have a good personality, have the same interests he has, and should be easy to get along with. His favorite meal is duck and all the trimmings. He will always remember the fun he had decorating for the Jr. and Sr. Banquet, and when the boys went ot substate in baseball and basketball. Also, the good times he had in his senior year, and in study hall, etc. That should answer many questions. After graduation Gerald plans on going to college at Valpariso to take a business course. Russell John Borkowski is a 5'1On lad with blue eyes and blonde hair. He was born March 9, 1937. His favorite show was nBatt1e Cryn or any movie with Audie Murphy or Marjorie Main. His activities in school is mixed chorus. His favorite song is nCherry Pink And Apple Blossom White.n Russ spends most of his time fishing, swimming, or just having a good time. His weakness is food. His pet peeve is people who keep talking and you can't get a word in edge wise. Rus- sell names his ideal girl as 5'8n tall, blue eyes, brunette, and hav- ing a good personality. His favorite food is apple pie. He will remember the good times he had in school and what little he has learned. After graduation Russell plans on going to the navy and then being an electrician. This senior's hobby is watching T.V. He is 6'ln tall, has brown hair, and brown eyes. He was born June 9, 1938. His activities in school are baseball, basketball, track, and mixed chorus. He would like to see any show with Frank Sinatra or Donna Reed, his favorite actor and actress. His favorite show was NFrom Here To Eternity.n By now I suppose you know who he is. Yes, he is Russell James Eddie. His pastime is playing baseball, it is also his favorite sport. Russ's pet peeve is silly girls and his weakness is staying home too much. His favorite song is nIt's Almost Tomorrow.n Russ's favorite food is beef steak, mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake. His ideal girl must have a good personality, be a good cook, able to get along with others and must be interested in sports. What Russ will remember most about high school is Senior play practice. In the future Russell plans on going to college to become an engineer. I happen to be watching a baseball game the other dau. T glanced over and saw a 5'7?' girl, with blue eyes and light brown hair. Her name was Lorraine Marlee Sump and she was born on October ll, 1938. Lorraine's hobby is cooking and collecting pictures for a scrapbook. Lorraine's activities include glee club, mixed chorus, basketball, and speech. Her favorite show is uTo Hell and Back. As for her favorite actors and actress, they include Tony Curtis, Rock Hudson, and Jane Wyman. For a pastime, she likes listening to music or watching or basketball game. She says people who have to know everything is her pet peeve. Her favorite song is HA Tear Fellu and her weakness is clothes. As a favorite sport, she likes basketball. Her ideal boy must have black wavy hair, 6'2u tall, have brown eyes, nice personality, sense of humor, enjoy sports, and fun to be with. She would like to sit down to a steak and all the trimmings topped off with strawberry shortcake and ice cream. As to the future she plans to go to school at Mankato in June. What Lorraine most remembers about high school is the fun Jean and she had together in school and out of school, decorating for the Jr. and Sr. Banquet, and the fun we had in Des Moines this year. Deloris Irene McBride, better known as Dorie, is S'l Bfhn tall, has blue eyes and brown hair. She was born July 5, 1938. Her hobby is collecting earrings and her activities in school include glee club and mixed chorus. Deloris's favorite actor and actress are John Wayne and June Allyson. Her pastime is bicycle riding and her weakness ls eating. She would enjoy listening to her favorite song, NThe Jreat Pretenderu or rollerskating, her favorite sport. Deloris would en- joy sitting down to her favorite meal, which would be baked ham, mashed potatoes, ham gravy, scollped corn, chocolate milk and banana cream pie, with her ideal boy, who would be S'8iu tall, with blue eyes, and brown hair, he should be well-mannered. The other day I noticed a boy S'8n tall with blue eyes and brown hair, known as Duane Clarence Strock. He came into the world on January 23, 1939. His activities include baseball, basketball, and track, mixed chorus, band, quartet, octet, solo, and speech. His hobby is driving his car around town. His favorite show was nThe Benny Goodmen Storyn and his favorite actor and actress are Frank Sinatra and June Allyson. His pastime is playing his horn. He doesn't like people that start telling something and don't finish it. His favorite song is uThe Man With The Golden Arm.n His weakness is girls. His favorite sport is swimming. He claims his ideal girl has blonde hair, 5'2' tall, blue eyes, good personality, easy to get along with people and same interests. Duane would enjoy a meal of roast duck and the trimmings topped off with cherry pie alamode. As to the future, he hopes to be an engineer. what he remembers most about high school are the days we threw erasers in the assembly and the days he wasn't in school. Lawrence Austin O'Leary, better known as NLarryn is a 5'8u lad with brown hair and brown eyes. He was born May 30, 1937. Larry'S activities in school include mixed chorus, boy's quartet, octet, band, basketball,N and baseball, which is also his favorite sport. nRebel Without A Cause is his favorite show but would enjoy any show with James Dean or June Allyson his favorite actor and actress. He also has a weakness which is women, but if you are a woman smoker or someone that thinks you are better than someone else you had better steer clear of him because they are his pet peeves. His favorite song is nOnly Youu by the Hilltoppers. He would enjoy driving around, which ls his pastime, with his ideal girl who would be 5'6n tall, blue eyes, sandy hair, good cook, and dancer, must have a nice personality and get along with others, should like sports and also be a good dresser. His favorite food is steak, mashed potatoes, and all the trimmings topped off with banana pie. Larry will.always remember the good times the senior boys have had together, especially at the state tournament. After graduation Larry plans to go to college to be a veterinary. A William R. Spurllng, who is 6' tall with brown hair and blue eyes, was born July h, 1936. He is better known to his friends as 'Bill. His pastime is calling up girls, fnamely 'Kipnl and his weakness happens to be girls. Bill's activities in school include basketball, baseball, bovs quartet, octet, mixed chorus, and solo. His favorite show was 'Rebel Without A Cause,' or any show with Audie Murphy or Debbie Rey- nolds, his favorite actor and actress. His favorite sport is basket- ball, and his favorite song 'The Great Pretender.' B1ll' peeve is someone that starts telling something and then doesn't finish it. If you really want to know Bill's most embarassing moment you had better go ask Mrs. Schlelsman, she would know. His ideal girl should be over S' tall, no preference as to color of hair and eyes, nice personality, she must have the same likes as he has, and get along with others, also a neat dresser and have a good figure. His favorite food is French fried shrimp and all the trimmings topped off with lemon chiffon pie and ice cream. He will always remember the fun the senior boys have had together getting into trouble with the teachers. After graduation Bill plans to be a pilot and then get married and raise tall basketball players. I was looking at some music and glanced up to see a girl 5'3' tall, brown eyes, and black hair. Her name was Jean Marie Meyer and she was born on April 10, 1938. As a hobby, she collects pictures and clippings for her scrapbook. Her activities include basketball, glee club, and mixed chorus. Jean's favorite show is 'The Best Years Of Our Lives. As her favorite actor and actress, she likes Frank Sinatra or Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman. She likes basketball as her favorite sport. Jaan doesn't like people that act as if they don't see you but really do. She has two favorite songs, 'Stardust' and 'Among My Souvenirs. Her weaknesses are men and clothes. For her pastime she listens to music. She describes her ideal boy as having a good personality, easy to get along with, same interests, like sports, fun to be with. H011- mannered and a neat dresser. For the future, she plans to go to col- lege for a two year normal. The things she remembers most about high school is the Jr. and Sr. Banquets, Girls State Tournament in '56, and the fun she and Lorraine had. Leonard Brwmmer is a S'll' red-headed lad with blue eyes. He was born February 25, 1938. Leonard's activities include basketball as his favorite sport. His favorite show was 'Count Three and Pray' and favorite actor and actress John Wayne and June Allyson. Leonard's weakness is women, but his pet peeve is women smokers. His hobby is photography and his pastime is going to shows. His favorite song is 'The Bible Tells Me So.' Leonard names his ideal girl as blonde hair, blue eyes, and S'2' tall. She had better be able to cook his favorite food turkey with all the trimmings. What Leonard will remember most about high school is the Jr. and Sr. Banquet and the to be a farmer. basketball games. In the future Leonard plans As I was walking down the hall to a cla t d I t b d - haired 1r1 with bl " as O ay' me A 10" 6 S ue eyes and who was S'6 tall. She was born on January 27, 1030. I suppose by now you know who I mean, yes, she is Marian Bolts. Her favorite actor and actress are James her ideal man as being 5'9' are a person who thinks ou show mas 'Far Country' and her favorite Stewart and June Allyson. Marian describes tall, dark hair and blue eyes. If you y are better, stay away from her. Her pastime is playing the piano and she also participates in glee club. Her favorite song is 'It Is No Secret' and her favorite meal of turkey and H11 Of the trimmings. topped or' with apple sie ala mode. what she will remember most about high school is the Jr. and Sr, Banquet. She has no definite plans for the future. CLASS PINIPHECY In the fall of 1970 this story took place. I have always enjoyed the fall of the year, it always seems that something exciting is going to happen to me. As I tuned ln Channel 56 T. H. S. 'This Is Your Life' was just beginning. After work- ing all day, I became very tired and leaned back in W favorite chair and put W feet upon the hassock. I became very drowsy and soon was in dreamland. I began thinking of W classmates of 1956 and what they were doing. 'The first vision that came to W mind was Norma Sauter in the office of her boss, she was sitting on the boss's lap trying to get a raise. I went to the office to talk to Norma. We talked about our school days and the fun we had. I soon found that lorma was married to a wealthy oil man. As I was leaving the office I ran into Harlan Bolte who was also working for this firm. She is married to an Albert City businessman who has advanced to the Vice-Presb dency of the Frilly-Willy waving cream. Their permanent home is in San Antonio, Texas. She has two lively, little Texas rangers. I finished talking to Harlan just in time to catch the plane back to Iowa. It stop- ped in Council Bluffs for refueling. As I was going into a diner I saw Sharon Dlerenfield sitting in a booth with her four children sipping a soda. She 'is married to a former Alta High School graduate. We started talking about old times. She told me that Gerald Grote has now become a dog trainer ln Hollywood. He is training Lassie's son for a sensational movie which will soon be opening at your nearby theater. He is engaged to a perky blonde stewardess from the Transcontinental Airlines. He is planning to be married very shortly after the opening of the new movie. I went to the movie and was surprised to see Russell Borkowshi, who is now the man- ager of the Chicago Star Theater. He is married to a Truesdale under-graduate. They live ln a rambling ranch house in the society section of Chicago. He invited me to the Stork Club for supper. I was very surprised to see Jean Meyer as the singer of the famous Tom- W and Jimmy Dorsey band that was plqing there for the evening. She is happily married to her teen-age sweetheart, who formerly lived in Iowa. He plays the saxaphone in the band. As I was listening to one of Jean's entrancing songs, a very distinguished red-headed wait- er came to take W order. It was no other than Leonard Brummer. He told me that he is the head waiter of the club. He is a happy husband and the father of six little red-headed boys. After finishing W supper I thanked Russell Borkowski-and went back to W hotel to pack just in time to catch W plane to Florida. After arriving in Florida I went to a leading department store to do some shopping. While looking at some gloves, I saw Beverly Boese examining a sport jacket for her hus- band. They came to Florida for their wedding anniversary. She married a boy from a town near her home in Iowa. I went back to W hotel and found a letter waiting for me. I was surprised to learn that it was an invitation from Elaine Franzmeier to an open- ing exhibit of a portrait that took 12 years to paint. It was school days which gained her much fame. I called Elaine to congratulate her, it was then I found out that the exhibit was to be formal. Since I had not brought a formal with me, I had to go down- town to get one. When I got into a large department store, I was surprised to learn that Russell Bd- die had taken Christian Dior's place in designing women's fashions. His professional name was now Rochelle Adae, he looked very pleased with all the pretty models surround- ing him. I was very tired from W days sight-seeing, so I went down to the beach to relax where I saw Ruth hlehring doing her very famous mermaid performance. After an enjoyable afternoon I went back to W hotel to get ready for that evening. 'I'he next day I decided to continue W journey to Hollywood, California. I packed W suitcase and went to the airport. You might be interested in knowing that the pilot of this plane was none other than Bill Spurling. I learned that Bill was a bachelor, but not for long. He was very much interested in a stewardness. After I arrived in Hollywood I was in the hotel just long enough to unpack W clothes when I went sight-seeing again. I went to the famous Paramont Studios and saw Lorraine Sump directing a movie with the help of her boss. She is married to one of the movie actors. I went back to the dressing room and I saw Deloris McBride hustling around fix- ing the hair of two leading stars. She had taken hair styling in Iowa and had been so good that she was offered a Job at Paramont. After wondering around the studio I learned that Lawrence O'l.eary had become the chief veterinarian who kept Roy Rodger's horse, Trigger in excellent shape. Trigger had become known for the most contented horse on his list of patients. I went to ll.B.C. Television studios and found that Duane Strock was George Gobel's partner on the television show. He married a little blonde from back hone. I talked to him about old times and after a while I decided it was time to go back to the hotel. All at once things started to go around in a circle, around and around, I fell to the floor and when I opened ly eyes, I found I had fallen out of my easy chair and that I had been dreaming all the tlne. I got up and turned off the television set and decided to turn in for the night. This might have been a drean, but who knows, it might come true some day. BACIIALAUREATE The baccalaureate sermon was delivered May 13 at 8 p.m. Reverend Laverne Golbricht pastor of the Assembly of God Church, was the speaker. Music was furnished by the following: Echoesneoo eoeoeseoooml Hcliale "The Holy City!..... ....Elaine Franzmeler CLASS NIGHT 'Nesday evening, Hay 15, Class light and eighth grade graduation were held. Awards in music, athletics, etc. were presented. 'lhe Class History, will and Prophecy were also read. Music was furnished by the following: Colomlfaeeoeowos coco eeeeCQfO1 Amlfsm 'ny Heavenlooeooooee .....Boy5' "Moments to Remelber' "Crtsader's lUmn"......... ........ Glee Club 'Good Luck, Good I-lealth,... .....llarleen Harms God Bless You' T Commencement exercises were held on Wednesday evening, lay 16, in the school sull- torlun. Ednund Groones of Menlo, Iowa delivered the address. The girls wore white caps and gowns and the boys wce blue. The cords and tassles were blue and white. Music was furnished by the following: 'His Hmdshoeoaeeeoooaeeoee eoooJCanifw SKIP DAY On Thursdq, Hay 10, the Seniors along with Hr. and Hrs. Groskreutz notored to Uoodward and toured an institution. From there they journeyed to Veishm in Ales. I X 70" X Ylfed S W nie 'f' if 0 T1 r13Iu'J5mfH A IMPLE 145 5999 .IU l0R CLASS FIBT mth Jack Maxwell, Jeanine Struck, Robert Luft, Roger Anderson, Sharon Richter. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Sauter, Hrs. Fisher, Robert Spurling, Harleen Harms. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICEIB President--Robert Spurl ing Vice-President--Lloyd Sauter Secretary-Treasurer--Roger Anderson JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "Professor, How Could You?" Keats, a young history professor of the college, had an opportunity to become dean, with one stipulation, the position called for a married lan. His friends and his family all tried to help his with his efforts to find a wife. The struggle trmt ensued provi- ded some very hilarious incidents. The outcome of the wife-getting contest was very axarising to everyone but sly, old, Grandpa Perry, who won the jackpot with his can- te. JUNIOR-SEIIOR BAIQUET 'Pruesdale Jmior-Senior banquet sms held at the Bradford Hotel in Storm Lake on Saturday, lay 3- The theme 'South of the Border' was carried out in room and table decorations. A wrist corsage was given to senior girls and the boys received a bou- tonniere. After the delicious three-course meal, a short progrsn included accordion numbers by Hr. Peterson, welcome by the junior class president, Bob Spurllngg re- sponse by senior class president, Ruth Nehringg and a short speech by Flr. Groskreutz. Leonard Bruner concluded the program with the showing of movies which he had taken of various activities throughout the school year. 0PHOMORE E3 FIRST ROW: Margaret Davis, Dorothy Lullman, Alice Struck, Barbara Schar, Jean Spurling, Mrs. Julius. SECOND RON: Beth McGarry, Ronald Dierenfield, Charles Fleming, Charles Gustafson, Bruce Mandernach. THIRD ROW: James Cradlt, Duane Kay, Richard Nehring, Lyle Mosback. FRE HME 53 f FIRST ROW: Gary Maxwell, Jim Gustafson, Nancy Miller, Phyllis Harms, Wayne Sump, Karen Struck. SECOND ROW: Mr. Fredin, Garlan Grote, Richard Fleming, Jerry Boese, Kay Bell, Richard Worthan. EVE TH and EIGHTH l S I FIRST HOW: wayrglliarma, Marilyn Struck, Eugene Mandernacn, Craig Anderson, Carol Anderson, Dennis Fleming, Carol Wirkus, Sally Demers. SECGND HOW: Mrs. Scnlelsman, Garland Nenring, Bernice Brummer, Barbara Boese, Pat Flem- ing, Shirley Miller, Don McKale, Kay Spurling. THIRD ROW: Jean Carney, Polly Horlacher, Norma Bell, Leana Bolte, Beverly Moodle, Diane Luft, Mar- lene Spurllng, and Marcia Hoffman. FIFTH and IXTH FIIBT KN: Patty Maxwell, Cveneal Fairchild, Billy Gustafson, Kenneth McBride. James Helland, Marvin Harms, Cheryl H0ffman, Lynette Boese. SEMHD ROW: Hrs. Rohlk, Darrell Eddie, Allen Borkouskl, Sharon Uornn, Danny Helkenn, Jom lan- dernack, Charles Bell, Linda O'Leary. 1HIRD RJ!! Shirley llehring, Greg McCabe, David Taylor, Kathryn HcGarry, Frances Struck, Karen Hiller, David Hoffman, Di- ane Dierenfleld. 1 K, THIRD and FUURTH A A . -1...-,V W FIFST ROU: Diane McCabe, Harilyn Dlerenfield, Steven Hoffman, Dick Maxwell, Jean McCabe, Paul Heyers, Jean Worthan, and Gary Golbricht. SECOND RON: Hrs. Morgan, Juqf Miller, Becky Pewsey, Ton Erichson, Vicki Gutel, Paul Struck, Carolyn Halvor- sen, and Jim Miller. THIRD ROI: Barbara laylor, Dorothy Demers, Barbara Tomlin, David Fritz. Karen Moodle, and Susan HcCabe. E00 D I FIIET KJV: David Hagnussen, Ruth McCabe, Harley Hoodie, Linda Richter, Priscilla McBride, Jana Curry, Marilyn Halvorsen, Donald Johnson, Donna Curry. SBCDID IDU: Tiny Hiller, Bruce Hiller, Karolyn Hehring, Jeannine Handernach, Sally Helkenn, Ellen lcliale, Darlene Uelland, Robert Tomlin. THIRD RJR: Connie Fritz, Bruce Hoffman, Giles Struck, Clnrlotte Behring, Cheryl Berkler, Hary Fjorbak, Bonnie Engelnann, Hrs. Helkenn. 6,6 I1 11:61:11 .Q xXx. - f A x . A' , .- lt l X -if W W xi.. iz-f 1 ,f Q? , M, ,,, 5-.W .YM A... Y .. 1 5 wi X. X A gveig .fx I QQ QT , .V V . 3 jam GIRLS' SPORT x ....... .W W.. 6 I V M, A M 4. 12 v n LORRAINE JEAN I . f N.-N--Q-Y-12+-x-gfwf-XM E 3 W - a , - Q. IST 4 gm N ' "ig-Q , X ' ,...-, Lf ........... 'ivs ill , 4 I ,MW f' Q X f ' 4 lf .1 A N 'Q 2 Q'i' 4 'F JHNINE Ax R 4 ' 4M , CXDACH AND FIFST TEAM HARILEN LE., AY 2 f , X , ..,.... , ' Q ax W rr . . . -., rwmnzr BETH GIRLS' SPOR'l'S C0 T'D ,ua 'r FRONT ROW: Margaret Davis, Jean Meyer, Beth McGarry, Lorraine Sump, Marleen Harms, Jeanine Struck. SECOND ROW: Manager, Beverly Boese, Norma Sauter, Karen Struck, Nancy Miller, Coach Fredin, Kay Bell, Alice Ann Struck, Phyllis Harms, and Chaperon, Mrs. Fredin. TEAM Greenville-Rossie Sanborn Rembrandt Sulphur Springs Sioux Rapids Highview Linn Grove Primghar Rembrandt Su1pnur'Springs Hayes Brooke BASKETBALL SCORES Lg THEY TEAM S3 ze Odebolt an 5 Early hi 28 Fairview 52 M3 nRembrandt 76 53 4Linn G ove 57 5U -x-Fa irview 29 3b Hayes 0 32 Larrabae 30 hu aeScha11er 69 33 -H1-Newell 80 58 41-If Galva no 19 Fonda wcounty Tournament nasactional Tournament .THQ 79 so 61 M5 31 61 LL9 26 Mb 3b 63 bb GIRLS' SUFTBALL TEAM --Q-A-.. -.fx--"'- FIRST HOW: Karen Struck, Jean Meyer, Jeanine Struck, Lorraine Sump, Marleen Harms, Beth McGarry, Margaret Davis, and Nancy Miller. SECOND ROW: Coach Fredin, Phyllis Harms, Norma Sauter, Barbara Schar, Kay Bell, Alice Ann Struck, Dorothy Lullman, and Jean Spurling. Diane Luft, Pat Fleming, Polly Horlacher, and Dennis Fleming. BOYS' SPURT f nf-A W"-fs! 1 use-u-. ,- FIRST ROW: James Credit, Dwayne hay, Bob Spurling, Russell Eddie, Gerald Grote, B111 Spurling, Leonard Brum er, Larry O'Leary, Duane Strock. SECOND ROW: Coach Groskreutz, Bob Luft, Roger Anderson, Lloyd Sauter, Charles Gustafson, Ronnie Dierenfield, Richard Neh- ring, Garlen Grote, Bruce Mandernach, Jack Maxwell, Lyle Mosbach, and Manager Jerry Boese. HEERLEADER Barbara Schar, Dorothy Lullman, Jean Spurllng, and Jack Maxwell. BOYS' SPOR'I' C0 'l"D i::S7 nGuardsn Duane Strock k M,.v 'Q?h,555dd x I s :. Bob Spuriing M X f :hi if , fav ,f' fHfV Coach Groskreutz kegggfigx KVI' QWQ and first team ewffx' if A ' .,,, 3,4 Q , L AV . , f fl if 5 4 2' " ' Q 5? 11 . , Jr. In , 'ze ,he ' Q we A .. :X 5' - " uf -' it NWN Q ,nw I A mmfx . 'Forwardn Russell Eddie 'Centern Gerald Grote pi-r-'--' Eg 'Forward' B111 Spurling 1-I--v-.W , , BOYS' SPORTS 0 T'D FIRST ROW: Mr. Grostkruetz, Coach, Leonard Brummer, Manager. SECOND ROW: Gerald Grote, Russell Eddie, B111 Spruling, Bob Spurling, Charles Gustafson, Lloyd Sauter, Garlan Grote, Bruce Mandernach, Dwayne Kay, Duane Strock, Roger Anderson, James Credit. IEA! Greenville-Rossie Sanborn Rembrandt Sulphur Springs Sioux Rapids 4H1ghv1ew eL1nn rove nRsmbrandt esulphur Springs sHayes sBrooke Odebolt TEAM 4Hayes Fonda o4Fa1rv1ew sadreenviile-Rossie s1Rembrandt eH1ghv1ew EE 50 Su 73 51 60 82 61 73 75 71 85 45 IE HN S00-FN-CTSD BASKETBALL SCORES EEE! 33 U5 33 30 M0 as 57 M9 51 29 58 EEA! Early eFa1rv1ew Hayes Larrabee Scnaller St. Mary's Fonda Calumet Q4Rembrandt e4Linn Grove euHayes nnsSt.'Mary's BASEBALL scones THEY 7 2 0 1 3 3 uConference TEAM sBrooke 4Rembrandt ssulphur Springs Brooke Hayes St. Mary's nssectional Tournament usCounty EE U7 65 eo 97 80 7U 67 57 53 U'0'U'l Psbi lfa H VIVIUJJTLJSD THEY Sh 28 hb h8 M9 67 33 7 52 bb hu 72 EEE! 2 9 b 0 0 3 JR. HIGH Wayne Harms Eugene Mandernach Don McKale Coacn Fredin Garland Nehring Craig Anderson Carol Anderson .BAND X?-N 'YR fx J f4ffFQ J of SXCJSXYW KX NA fw A, ink x v! J Q 'fx W EW rfinififs 0 O 0 it I C' mf p. 0 UMM? all -1 11- gl vw: SE I0 R HSEVENTEETH sUMMER" Ga st of Players PLAY Angle the girl Lorraine Suap Margaret her engaged sister Sharon Dierenfield Lorraine her helpful sister Elaine Franzmeier Kitty her little sister Jean Meyer Mrs. Morrow her mother Ruth llehring Mr. Morrow her father Gerald Grote Jack the boy Russell Eddie Art Margaret's fiance Duane Strock Martin Lorraine's hope Bill Spurling Jane a menace Norm Sauter Tony a boy friend Lawrence 0'Leary Margie a girl friend Beverly Boese Fitz her 'steady' Leonard Brunner Synopsis of the Play The setting for the play takes place in the Morrow hone. The Morrow family consists of four girls. Lorraine is a sophisticated girl who is forever trying to catch a aan. Margaret is a very charming, understanding girl and is engaged to Art. Kitty is a little girl of ten and dispises boys very much. Angie is a sensitive girl of seventeen who has just graduated from a girl's acadeqy school. Ms. Morrow, who is a sweet and agreeable woman, is very disappointed to learn that her daughters all have dates but Kitty. Mr. Morrow, who is a kind and under- standing father, has decided to take his family to the carnival. Jack, a tall good-looking boy of 18, has asked Angie for her first date to the carnival. Then the trouble begins. Jane, who is Angie's best friend, tries to take Jack aww. All sumer long Angie goes with Jack. Jack asks Angie to the Country Club dance. That night Jack also asks her to aarry him, but she sqrs no. He decides to ask Jane to go to the dance with his because he thinks Angie would rather go with Tory. In the fall of the year, Angie is packing her clothes for college. Kitty is to tell Jack that Angie is leaving but when she goes down to the store, she finds that Jack isn't there. Just before Angie is ready to leave, Jack drops in to tell her good-by. Jack apologizes for thinking that they should have got aarried so young. She tells his she will be back some dq. She then leaves for college. This plq is typical of the average American family. GIRL ' GLEE CLUB T .V W S' 'I' I FII51' ROW: Margaret Davis, Bernice Brmmnner, Shirley Hiller, Delorls McBride, Nor- ma Sauter, Jean Spurllng, Jean Meyer, Kay Spurling, Carol Uirkus. SECOND ROJ: Barbara Schar, Nancy Hiller, Harleen Harms, Ruth Nehring, Beth McGarry, Lorraine Sump, Jeanine Struck, Sharon Richter, Marian Bolbe, Barbara Boese, Mr. Peterson THIRD ROW: Karen Struck, Dorothy Lullman, Beverly Boese, Sharon Dlerenfield, Kay Bell, Elaine Franzaeier, Nona Bell, Ptyllis Harms, Alice Ann Struck. V' FIIBT FDU: Margaret Davis, Bernice Bruner, Shirley Hiller, Deloris McBride, Kar- en Struck, Dorothy Lullman, Plvllis Harms, Pat Fleaing, lloraa Sauter, Jean Spurl- ing, Jean Meyer, Marlene Spurling, Carol lirkus. SECDID KN: Hr. Peterson, Bev- erly Boese, Barbara Schar, llancy Hiller, Harleen Harms, Ruth llehring, Beth HcGarry, Lorraine Suap, Jeanine Struck, Sharon Richter, Harlan Bolbe, Alice Ann Struck, Barbara Boese. THIRD IKJH: James Cradit, Dunne Strock, Laurence 0'I.eary, Sharon Dierenfield, Kay Bell, Elaine Franzaeier, Gerald Grote, Russell Eddie, Bill Spur- ling. E PEECH GRO P FIRST ROW: Jeanine Struck, Sharon Dierenfield, Mrs. Schleisman, Lorraine Sump, Marleen Harms. SECOND ROW: Duane Strock, B111 Spurling, Gerald Grote, Garlen Grote. DEBATE TEAM Duane Strock, Plarleen Harms, Jeanine Struck, and Gerald Grote. .SFXTETS 9 BetnlMcGarry, Jean Spurling, Mar- iaret Davis, Alice Ann Struck, Bar bara Schar, and Dorothy Lullman. V OUARTET y -v V -- ,, My Duane Strock, Bill Spurling, Gerald Grote, and Lawrence O'Leary. Norma Sauter, Elaine Pranzmeier, Sharon Dierenfield, Karen Struck, Dorothy Lullman, and Nancy Miller ULUISTS in Qlalne Franzmeier and bharon Dierenfield 3 ni, "Y""!' FIRST ROW: Jean Spurlinq, Sally Demers, Marvaret Davis, Ruth Nenrinq, Alice Ann Struck, Karen Struck, Nancy Miller, David Hoffman, Eugene Man- cernacn, Diane Luft, Roger Anderson. SECOND HOW: Dorothy Lullman, Sar- bara Scnar, James Cradit, Duane Strock, Larry O'Leary, Phyllis Harms, hay Bell, Polly Horlacher, Jean Carney, Linda O'Leary, Carol wirkus, John Man- dernach. THIRD ROW: Carol Anderson, Don McKale, Marilyn Struck, David Taylor, and Mr. Peterson. UCTET y 1311811110 F'I'H1'1Zm6i6I', Nancy Miller' Duane Strock, Lawrence O'Leary, Bill and Sharon Dierenfield. n H Spurling, Jerald frote, Norma Sauter, Dorothy Lullman, Elaine Franzmeier, and Sharon Dierenfield. f ld APSHOT . 'tj Q E' fri Q -Q l nf 1. Just thinking it over. 9. 2. Maw and Paw at it again. 10. 3. Stop talking and get to work. il. U. Where are you going, boys?? 12. 5. Wowtiwhat a wiggle! 13. 6. Three Stooges. lk. 7. What an affair. 15. 8. Look familair, Duano?? 16. 5101! LAKE LUHBER W., Storl Lake, Imm .4- ,XJ Dreaming of Kenny again. Anybody got a feather??? One of those nights. Her majesty, the Queen. Wooden legs herself. Happy?? I am. What a way to kiss, Ruth. Receiving a trophy. FARHHUS ELEVAFNL St0Tl Likc, lout 1 g v , o Q at ' g :r'H n V.. - eo . nl FT 310 ZUJQP-'I-3'1l "1iD!DKZ1J'4DlDIU l'lD'4C3D!3'4O ' B Orfnrdg m5o5E'2 OHM 03'-SU "3d'cr'JJ H- O Hunt! 0200152 mopzavwn o- o ufgo H 5 x PJH Oflvo P' H w F15 Z Q - H Scum ora 0 m uv cnc 0 h'1:+ m 5 U '-434 33'II11U'l-I 5 m mehr-3 H m'1v U 0 cng'1h - 2 P' C4 5 .move 'UL-':3'o:J'o-'-0 v m M275 D' 230 S Q mo Slltltb 5- - P40 H D- I-'gil-' 233.53 1 U' DI 5 we l-' . Director and Stage crew. 2. The Wild Cats!!! 3. Butch: Come closer Dorothy. M. The Boese Twins. 5. Stealin a ain I-' Ow0CDNlO' 5 S - . What's he waiting for? . Kindergarten . She's in her glory. . Ready?? . What's he oreaching about now. 11. Okay, what did I do now?? 12. Watch dog. 13. Writing to Maymon again. lh. Anybody got a shoestring. 15, The Chamns, 16. R1ot?? Riot?? 17. They worked their fingers to the bone. FORDCHUNGE,Stonnlake,Iowu DR. LAIDE, Storm Luke, Iowa HMElllH!XERY,StonnLmkc,Iowa GUHH.FlHH 51UFl. Stbfl Llkc, ION! HELCHER FURITHEEL Storl Llkc, Iovl I g lg, g af. l g g -. 1 4' 'ix el . ..IF 1. I about died laughing. 9. Just looking for Jean S. 2. "Cute, Iin't, I???" 10. Tell hi! Offlll 3. Serennding. ll. Blasting! I I I I 14. Just the play cast.. 12. The old time band. 5. Receiving country trophy. 13. The professor himself. 6. Looking, for a short cut. lb. The camera un. 7. Aren't. scared are you???? 15. The eagle eye herself. 8. Feet clean??7???? 16. Giving her the old eye. Blllh VIS'm FAH! BUREAU. Storl Lake, lout SILLS JEUERLRY, Storm Lake, Iowa GNUNNFWNP l I The Garbage Crew. Do it again Jean!! The sleepy heads. Jim, you say the sweetest things. Say, Leonard, how about this!! Popcorn and beer go good together. Senior players. Don't shoot, I'11 marry her!! Russell and Leonard fighting as usual! It goes like this Freshman. Jacks first date. Wottsa mntter??? What a show off. She must be looking at Duane Leonards pride and joy. TH' NDCINI U'U'-FU! NP O O T lovgf n'x J RW ,iv ,Q ff' af J W3 1 Sore feet. While others are resting 0'Learys out looking. A1n't changed much have I. Writing to Margaret again. I just can't find the basket. For a lessen see Bob S. and Jeanine S. Teeth clean? Guess who? I did it Cspilled the garbage!!! E L Presto! Change! Where is my rabb1t?? Jim to Beth 'The night is ours Guess who? Just like to show off my feet. Cou1dn't find the basket so I went looking for it. Dangeous! Do not touch? Puppy love. A new one at every dance for Jean!! X. W A . -:W 4, A - , '7' X N Q C rn Q X X V ' .. 'Q Xxx vt- X ,f " V151 - - an 7 I I fb D x 'V' I f I A .YN - .1'LN. sz. K X ,,,V: xi i ,OJ N, A I, Su 5 fo H ' .R Xen, 6. M if B gf N 1 .S il NY 'S .X K xo g ,f Q 1 e 1 3' fl' 1 1 K '. ' 5 1. 'Q' ff' n- Oh . , .o 5 Q , wx J . Klp's nad again. So som? Flat again?? Propoaing. Show off. I'n cold. Another speech?? 8 9 10 11 12 13 1h Don't know what to sing. 15. Square dancing. 16. Doing her homework. 17. Whose chasing her now??? 18. Book worm. 19. Late for his date. 20. Rip Van Uinkle? Uho'3 a vo11'???? Go Cat Gollll Another st.rike?? Haters hotllllll 'lrylng to eat. Amt Sll. Q . 'IHCHPSOII LUHBER Q. Quality Building Materials Iruesdale, Iowa Phone 139-U1 CRADIT UELDIIIG G IHPLEHEIIT Hardware-Welding Supplies Farm Equipment Iruesdnle, Iowa 11-E QUAKER OMS CXIPANY Ful-0-Pep Feeds Iruesdnle, Iowa 'l'URlER'S BEAUTY 8 BARER SALOI, Storl Like, Imm SHEUELL PLIMBIN G IBATIE, SOUP! Like, Ioul l4EYER'S SERVICE AID REPAIR UELDIK3 'lruesdale , Iowa Phone 1146-R2 l4cBRIIE'S CAFE Truesdale, Iowa iw J EL- 1 2: , "' .-Iv A 14.1 ME 'Q' 1 - A W v H- - , I Q "' N7A"l,,3,?Q-I?-.411 ' HELLHAII E1.8CTRIC SERVICE Truesdele, Ion Phone 139-H2 'UDHPSOII A LAIRD, Stan Luke, Ioul IOIIIGGIERY HARD, Store Luke, Ion E? mms TRUESDALE CD-OPERATIVE CD. nagiirlfulgruck End Grain-Coal, Feed-Seed G Grinding mg Repanf Truesdalc, Iowa Iruzsdale , Iowa Phone 1146! GSONGERIQKSON om: a. ax IEAL asm: AGENCY 116 wt m1"""' 607 Lake Avenue Phone 896 Phone 115 CXJPDIEHJIALTTRBTGSAVIIEBAIK o.x. RUBBER vnu:-uvs 'gm' 702 me umm Phone 18 sosnuea Gnoceny, n-undue, Im Anson- A1110 ssnvrce, sem uk., Im FRAIICIS DUPOIT 8- 00-, Sf-on 1-'hh IM IUIA Rnaaou a. cmmu oo., sum Lane, Im EKALB AGRICUUIUM ASSY. INC. East Lakeshore Drive CMLISOH OIL SALE Phone 93 'link Wagon and Service Station 507 Terrence Phone 655 ,. ,Sf is. 1 TRIIKKEII LFATIER SID? IR. C.A. 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Suggestions in the Truesdale High School - Cub Yearbook (Truesdale, IA) collection:

Truesdale High School - Cub Yearbook (Truesdale, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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1956, pg 48

Truesdale High School - Cub Yearbook (Truesdale, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 17

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