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1 Foreword Each school year leaves many pleasant memories with every student. This annual is presented to help you remember such happy activities. We hope that through the snapshots, jokes, and other features this year will long be remembered by the students of Truesdale High School. 1 The Cub 1950 Edited by the Staff of Truesdale High School Ig-. .' ,' ' - -J 'Q . QL5. ,' ,. ' 1. ' "' Q' av 4 1. 3. - .4- .' , W Z ywfS3 f C2 E X ff zzzgzfvzff zu ww F2 V mlb x f X .1 Q We, the students of 1950, wish to dedicate this annual to Mrs. Shaw, our favorite cook. Mrs. Shaw has been a part of Truesdale for five years. She will long be reznem- bered for her kindness, understanding, and her wonderful cooking. We hope that Mrs. Shaw will remember all of the students of T.H.S. for as long as they will remember her. 4 J i irW5 E Q K5 Q Q K Egwfmgffymmfimw N Z? If G x 2 I Q High School Faculty MISS LOIS VOGEL 'ls well said to be the speech of angels." B. A. Buena Visia College English, Music, American Literature MR. J. H. HALTERMAN, SUPERINTENDANT "There is a dine for speaking and a time br helq sill." B. A. Peru Shte Teachers' College University of Nebraska M. A. Drake University General Business, Bookkeeping, Typing R50 MR. DONALD MADSON, COACH and PRINCIPAL "There is a time for work and for nonsense." B. A. Buena Vinh College General Science, Geometry, Economics Grade Teachers Nl ,.-n.f MISS MARIAN LARSON, GRADES 7 and 8 MISS BEATRICE THOMPSON, GRADES 5 and 6 "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, "Kindness is virtue itself." and low--an excellent thing in a Buena Vista College woman." University of Nebraska Buena Vista College 'K 1 F .Mfg , , W YL MISS FRANCES FONLEY, GRADES 3 and 4 MRS. VIOLET SLY, GRADES land Z "The only way to have a friend is "To remain in nature always sweet to be one." and simple and humble, and there- Buena Vista College fore strong." Drake University 7 yEXU25 Q fl Q Bb X 65 cam QKCWLJFES F 4x db 5 Z bg ..-Q Q Wwfafw Seniorsif 'so LYLE ROSDAIL ' ' ROSS IE' "Success is getting what you want: happiness is wanting what you get." Class President ------- - Music ---------- ---- Baseball ---- - - l-Z 3 Annual Shit' ---- - - - - nge: 'run Shff- - - - - - - Drarnatics ----- - AUDREY TERRILL "AUD" "A woman's heart, like the moon,.is always changing: but there is . a man in it." Secretary-Treasurer ------- 4 Music ----------- l-Z-3-4 Basketball ---- ----- - - - 4 Annual Staff ----------- - 4 Tiger Tales Staff- - -' ----- 3-4 Dramatlcs ----------- 3-4 fbudliufv gl WARREN CLARK "CLARK "Pleasure's a sin, and surnetimes sin'n a pleasure Vice-President ----. - - - Music --------. .... 2 Basketball- ------... - 2 Baseball -------- - - 1-2 Annual Sta!! ------ -.... Tiger Tales Staff ----- - - - Dramatlcs ----- - - 9 ,ILM PHYLLIS DAVIS "Pl-IYL' ' "I have often regretted my speech: never my silence." Class President --------- 3 Vice-President - - - ---- - 2 A-mmm sun ----------- 3-4 Tiger Tnles Stn!! -------- Z-4 Drunntics ------ - - 3-4 Music - ------- - - Cheerleader- - - - DONALD BRAZEL "Bll.AZ" "I can resist anything but lenght-Inn." n..k.u..n ------- ---- - 1-4 B..eb.n---- ------- --- 4 Tiger 'rua sua ------- - - 4 Drnmnttcs - ------ - - - - 3-4 1-Z-3 - 3-4 ffffge MERLYN SCHRAMM ' ' MERT" "What is life without a hugh?" Class President ------- - Baseball --------- - - ' Annunl Shi! --------- - Tiger Tales Staff ------ - - - Z Z-4 --4 - 4 Music ------- ------- - 3 Dramstics ------- - - - 1 0 3-4 Senior Sketches WARREN CLARK is 5' 9" tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. His main interest is sports. T-bone steak and ice cream top the list as his favorite foods. His favorite song is "Some Enchanted Evening". QWonder whyfll Warren's dream girl is 5' 6" tall, dark hair, blue eyes, and must like everything in common. QMusic, sports, shows, etc., The thing he will remember most about high school is Skip Day. Warren's future plan is to be a farmer. AUDREY TERRILL is a pretty black haired lass of sixteen years. She is 5' 6" tall, has hazel eyes and the fateful day occured .Tune ll, 1933 at Mitchell, South Dakota when this old world was gladdened by the news of her birth. Her favorite food is hamburgers and shoestrings, When Audrey meets her dream boy QU he will be about 5' 10" tall and weigh around 170 pounds. He must have light brown hair and blue eyes. He must definitely like music and sports. The thing she'll remember most about high school is the fun we had while the teacher was out of the room. Audrey's future plans are to work but she hopes to go to a business school. DONALD BRAZEL is 5' 8 lfZ" ull and is 158 pounds full of orneriness. He has brown hair and hazel eyes and his plans after graduation are to be a farmer. His main interests are cars and girls. Donnies favorite foods are chicken and ice cream. The song that rates first with him is "Pm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover". He seems pretty sure of his dream girl. She must be 5' 6" tall and weigh 110 pounds and is 16 years, Z months, and 1 lfZ days old. The thing "Uncle Don" will remember most about high school is putting potatoes in the bus's exhaust pipe. fl wonder why? ? 'Pj LYLE ROSDAIL is 5' 8 lfZ" of craziness with brown hair and hazel eyes. He tips the scales at 140 pounds. Lyle's nickname is "Lyle Edmund Lester Raymond Rexter Ebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar Archibald Bartholomew Zanderholm Rosdiil. fShort isn't it? ?j Lyle's main interest is hunting, fishing, and baseball and of course the thing that he will remember most about high school is baseball. Lyle likes a light lunch. It consists of T bone steaks, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, ice cream with straw- berries, and a few extra trimmings. CLight the boy said!!! His plans after graduation are to be a forest ranger in some lonely northwestern forest. fSounds cozy doesn't it? ? U PHYLLIS DAVIS commonly known as Phyl, is a little shorty who came into this big wide world on September 26, 1933. She is a brownette, 5' Z" tall and has blue eyes. Her favorite foods are hamburgers and shoestrings and ice cold milk. The thing that Phyllis will remember most about high school is all the trouble she has gotten into. She says that her main interest is roller skating, naturally. Phyl's dream boy should be 5' 8" tall, blond hair, blue eyes and must have a sense of humor and be a lot of fun. Phyllis plans to go to a business school and train to be a secretary after graduation next spring. MERLYN SCHRAMM is envied by all of his classmates for his wonderful sense of humor. He is 6' tall and weighs 165 pounds. He has blond hair and blue eyes. "Mert" entered into this fair world on December 18, 1932. His hobby is guns and quite naturally his main interest is hunting. Also a few other sports. Merlyn's favorite foods the has quite a few, are: T bone steak, malts, hamburgers, ice cream with strawberries, and ham and eggs. The thing that he will remember most about high school are the good times he had in the assembly fwhich was most of the tinre, huh Mert?J. Merlyn has no definite plans after graduation. 11 Senior Class History ln 1939 the "Truesdale Consolidated" jet plane started on its long twelve year journey with eleven frightened children as its passengers. They were Charles Barlow, Dorothy Bolte, Donald Brazel, Warren Clark, Timothy Hoffman, Laura McConkey, Norma Jean McConkey, Darlene Ohrtman, Merlyn Schramm, George Weiland, and Marlene Weiland. Mrs. Horlacher at the controls stopped the plane to let off Norma .Tean McConkey. On the second flight of our journey with Mrs. Horlacher still at the controls, we had the same passengers with the exception of Warren Clark, who transferred to a country jet plane, and George Weiland, who parachuted out to take a later plane. Also there was one new passenger, Phyllis Rohwer, who we picked up in the middle of the year. Glendora Burbank took over the controls on the third flight of our journey. We lost Marlene Weiland but gained Jerry Stoltz so still had the same number of passangers. We continued our fourth flight with Miss Burbank still at the controls but lost three passengers at mid-year. They were Jerry Stolti, Charles Barlow, and Shirley Johnson. On our fifth flight our little group had dwindled to five. However, it increased one when Herbert Roberts hopped on board. We succeeded that year with a new pilot at the controls, Miss Eulalia Miller. The list of passengers on our sixth trip included Donald Brazel, Laura McConkey, Phyllis Rohwer, Dorothy Bolte, and Herbert Roberts. Four new passengers were let on board. They were Lyle Rosdail, who transferred from the plane "RembrandtI': Roberta Hassinger and Phyllis Davis, who changed from the jet plane "Newell", and Merlyn Schramm who hopped back on board from taking a short ride on the "Parochial" plane. However, we lost two of our regular passengers, Dorothy Bolte and Herbert Roberts. Miss Miller was guiding us at the controls. The seventh year of our journey Mrs. Margaret Koch replaced Miss Miller as our pilot. We lost one passenger, Phyllis Rohwer, who boarded a plane for Colorado, but were joined by two new ones: June Banks and Phyllis Lloyd. On taking our eighth flight together we were joined by an old friend, Warren Clark, who started out on our plane. We had two pilots that year. Mrs. Koch started us out smoothly but Mrs. Lyle McDiarmid succeeded her at the controls. lZ Starting out on our ninth year together, we discarded the old plane and a new super jet plane replaced it. The pilots 1? ? ?l M. H. Noragon, Mrs. Linda Potter, and Francis McCabe took over the controls. The passengers were Laura McConkey, Phyllis Davis, Warren Clark Lyle Rosdail, Roberta I-lassinger, and Donald Brazel. We lost Roberta who boarded a plane for Illinois. We were joined by Merlyn Anderson and Merlyn Schramm. With three new pilots, I. H. Halterman.and Mr. and Mrs. T. C. McCulla, we flew on through our tenth year. We had another new passenger, Audrey Terrill, who boarded from-a "Rembrandt" plane. Our eleventh flight flew by with Mr. Halterman and the McCullas still at the controls. On our twelfth and last flight we had two new pilots, Mr. Donald Madson and Miss Lois Vogel in addition to J. H. Halterman. We lost two of our regular passengers, Laura McConkey and Merlyn Anderson. The ones that completed the journey were Phyllis Davis, Audrey Terrill, Warren Clark, Merlyn Scharmm, Lyle Rosdail, and Donald Brazel. 4 13 Senior Class Prophecy The seniors of '50 on graduation night agreed to again rneet in the halls of our old Alma Mater in exactly twenty years. So here it is May 18, 1970, and I, Audrey Teri-ill, am again venturing back once again into the dusty old halls of Truesdale High. None of the sights look familiar, in fact, the whole building is different. It is about ten tizrps larger. ll was told that they have expanded tt to include Storm Lake, whkh is now a suberb of Truesdale.J Wandering down the halls I spy a skinny looking lady gazing with a fixed stare at the pictures. Yes sir, it's none other than Phyllis Davis. Phyllis is President Manley's sec- retary. She is not married yet, since she says she doesn't care for men and never has. Phyl uses her spare tirne visiting older people in mental hospitals. She drives around in av- old '50 Buick, which her Dad gave her. The next person to arrive was Lyle Rosdail. My has he changed. Lyle is now an old man who seems to have no sense of humor and his sour old face reflects the life of misery he has led. Lyle tells us that he inhetrited 815,000 from a rich uncle in Vermont, which he lnvested in a cosmetics company. He is married and has two children. Donald Brazel is the next class member to stroll in. He tells us that he is a bachelor at the present tllne. lThere are ruxnors that he may znarry the wife of the late President Stanley., Donald is the owner of the "Jet Cars Inc.". He seems to be quite the white collar type of business man, with an interest in only richer people. Naturally he drives one of his new "Jet Cars" for advertising purposes, I imagine. Arriving ne 'is none other than Warren Clark. It was quite a shock when.a thin bald man walked in. ouths fell open when he was finally recognized, but we soon recovered when it was discovered that he was still the same old Warren. He relates that he has settled ln a small town and is a manager GI a small chain organization. Warren is also married and ls the father of triplets , all girls. The last one to arrive of the classmates is none other than,Merlyn Schramrn. I-Ie's not hard to recognize since he is known nation-wide. He is billed as the second "Bob Hope". He has his own radio and television shows. When asked the key to his success, he answered, "I just act natural." Merlyn is married to a. movie actress and they have two bundles of joy, one 15 years old and the other 10. Slnce everyone has told of their achievements, I guess that I might as well tell mine too. I seem to be the only one of our class that hasn't faired very well, but I'm satiifted. I'm married and have four children. Since my husband is out of work at the present tina, as usual, I have to take in washings for our living. They tell me that l have changed In only one way. I am now quiet and reserved, After we had visited for some time a wonderful meal was served by the Truesdale Ladies' Aid, headed by Miss Yogel. Mr. Donald Madsen acted as head walter. We were informed that Mr. Halterman was chief cook. The meal and visit were enjoyed by everyone and the former class of 1950 wiht back to their old jobs much refreshed and ready for more work.. '14 Senior Class Will We, the seniors of Truesdale High School, class of '50, being of sound bodies and minds, we hope, do hereby bequeath the following possessions to our fellow students, the underclassmen: I, Warren Clark, will Eugene Dierenfield my ability to get along with the girls. I, Merlyn Schramm, will my curly hair to Ronald Spencer. I, Lyle Rosdail, will my sense of humor to Ronald Nehring. I, Audrey Terrill, will my ability not to study to Darlene Sweet, I, Phyllis Davis, will my good looks to Delores Anderson. I, Donald Brazel, will my ability to type to Merrill Christy. We, Merlyn, Donald, and Lyle, will our chewing tobacco to the freshman boys. I, Audrey Terrill, will my dating technique to Lorraine Peterson. We, the senior boys, will coach a lifetime supply of Roi-Tan Cigars. I, Warren Clark, will my excess weight to Eldon Davis. We, the seniors, will next years basketball teams lots of success. I, Lyle Rosdail, will to Ronald Spencer my ability to get the car. I, Phyllis Davis, will my cheerleading outfit to Mary Agnes 0'Leary, We, the senior girls, will to coach a permanent set of false teeth. I, Merlyn Schramm, will to Eugene Dierenfield an electric razor so he can stay cleanly shaven. And last but not least, we, the seniors of 1950, will Mr. I-Ialterman a speaking system so that he won't have to yell quite so loudly. MW W was MW S' as 15 Baccalaureate ' Baccalaureate services are to be held Sunday night, May l4. The sermon will be delivered by Reverend Robeson. Musical nuxnbers will be "A Prayer" by the girls' glee club. There will also be two solos, "The Holy City" by Darlene Lullmann and "Thank God for a Garden? by Norene Schramm. Commencemen t " Commencement exercises will be held May 18 at the Truesdale Auditorium. A, O. Yoogd, Superintendent of Schools at Rock Rapids, Iowa, will give the address. Norene Schramm will play "Pomp and Circumstandu. The girls! sextette will sing "Clouds" and a solo, "The Hills of Home", will be given by Warren Clark. The class will be presented by Mr. Halterman and the president of the board of education will present the diplomas to the seniors. Junior-Sen ior Banquet " Very few details have been disclosed about the Junior-Senior Banquet and Proxn. The Juniors have the seniors! colors, blue and white. and their class flower, the red tulip, to work in with their chosen theme. The anticipated event will he held May 9, in our new auditorium. We are all looking forward to this big event and hope that the juniors and seniors will all have many happy memories to put in their "memory albums" of the past. Skip - Day ' No special plans, as yet, have been made for the long awaited skip-day. The seniors have quite a large sum of money in the treasury so have discussed taking a chaperoned trip to some special destination. 'Subject to change as annual goes to press February Z0 and all these are future events as of this time. 16 3 E wmwgxqfamssmgm ff Junior Class FRONT ROW: Darlene Lullmann, Marlys Frederick, Lorraine Peterson, Lois Roberts BACK ROW: Eugene Dierenfield, Miss Vogel. Bill Brugger CLASS OFFICERS President ------------ - - Bill Brugger Vice-President -------- - Lois Roberts Secretary-Treasurer - - - - ns-lam: Lullmann YEARLY ACTIVITIES On September 13, the Junior Class held initation for the "green" freshmen. They received their class rings in November, and December 15 they presented their class play in the new auditorium. They sponsored a Junior-Senior Banquet in the Spring. 18 9 'i QF .qo- A6 7 cf W Sophomore Class FRONT ROW: Beverly Kay, Mary Agnes 0'Leary, Bonnie Meyer, Leota McCarty, Margie Wuxland MIDDLE ROW: Ralph Brazel, Norene Sdnalnm, Marilyn Mxller, Delores Anderson, Rosalxe Hansen, Mr. Madson BACK ROW: Ronald Cradit, Merrill Chrisiy, Richard Andrews, Robert Pr-wsey, Eldon Davis an if .9 f'NI'0Sl1illUIl Class FRONT ROW: Mary Roberts, Mr. Madson, Darlene Swee! BACK ROW: Lee Demers, Ronald Nehring, Myron Franzmvier, Ronald Spencer 19 I We ' vu 'naw -Y is ij FRONT ROW: Seventh and Eighth Grades Jone Meyer, Llla Hansen, Vivian Davis, Ruth Weiland, Iene Meyer, Gladys Roberts, Verlie Schenatzki MIDDLE ROW: Dwain McBride, Bernard Terrill, Miss Larson, Joan Sennert, Howard Anderson, BACK ROW: 1 4 FRONT ROW: MIDDLE ROW: BACK ROW: John O'Leary Paul Cradit, Robert Miller, Gerald Holirnan, Harlan Johnsen Fifth and Sixth Grades Marlene Harms, Norma Sauter, Patty Keats, Ruth Nehring, Beverly Boese, Sally Lambirth, Delores McBride, Sharon Richter Roger Anderson, Lawerence O'Leary, Lloyd Sauter, Russell Eddie, Sharon Dlerenlield Miss Thompson, Myrtice Harms, .Terry Robeson, George Keats, Wayne Jungemann, Paul Roberts Bill Lambirth, Bob Lambirth, Duane Strock, Jack Maxwell, Wayne Bockelman Z0 Third and Fourth Grades FRONT ROW: Jeanekte Bralel, Nancy Miller, Margaret Davis, Peggy Keats, Barbara Schar, Phyllis Harms, Karen Jungemann MIDDLE ROW: Gary Maxwell, Richard Nehrlng, .Terry Boese, Miss Fonley, Charles Gustafson, Bruce Mandernack, Jamea Gustafson BACK ROW: Lyle Mosbach, Richard Worthan, James Cradlt, Dwayne Kay, fablentl Ronald Dlerenfleld First and Second Grades FRONT ROW: Dorothy Roberta, Donna Tracy, Marcia Hoffman, Polly Sue Horlacher, Jean Carney, Carole Christy MIDDLE ROW: Bruce Carlson, Robert Robeson, Barbara Boese, Shirley Miller, Garland Nehring, Dennis Lambirth BACK ROW: Mrs. Sly, Eugene Mandernack, Wayne Harms, Craig Anderson, Carol Anderson, Bryan Halterman, David Bockleman Zl J W w se am wmgg 5 mfs J J J 7jff c 7,6 Baseball 30'-MT F404-1, S FRONT ROW: Ronald Spencer, Ronald Cradit, Warren Clark, Eugene Dierenfleld, Lyle Rosdail, Robert Peursey. Eldon Davis BACK ROW: Bill Brugger, Ralph Brazel, Richard Andrews, Merlyn Schramm, Donald Brazel, Merrill Christy, Coach Donald Madson Jsettermen Position Grade Warren Clark Lyle Rosdail Merlyn Schramm Donald Brazel Eugene Dierenfield Ralph Brazel Eldon Davis Ronald Cradit Merrill Christy Ronald Spencer Pitcher, first base Pitcher, first base Center field Right field Catcher Right field Second base Shortstop Pitcher, left field Right field Z3 Scores For 194 9-50 Basketball Season TEAM BOYS GIRLS THE Y WE T HEY W E Sulphur Springs 5 l Z5 80 17 lrebke 56 15 Z 8 I l lhyue 44 1 8 43 9 Lil! Grove 37 9 5 8 1 S skill! Like KB, 34 1 5 54 42 llgbview 40 14 47 33 Fairview 62 17 41 14 Hayes 51 Z6 75 17 Rembrandt 48 35 Z7 24 Bl'00ke 44 1 T 32 33 Hlghvlew 54 36 61 16 Linn Grove 47 16 ,3 5 2,6 The boys and girls have had a very unsuccessful basketball season. The girls have won only one game and the boys have won none. Hcfwever with our new gymnasium we are hoping for a much better team in the future years. Here's wishing them lots of success in the years to come. Scores For Fall Baseball Season T EA M T HEY W E Brboke 15 0 Highview 8 0 B1'00ke 18 8 Fairview 7 'I Iiirview fTourname.ntl 1 1 l Hlghview 1 7 9 Rembrandt 18 1 5 Royal Z1 9 Rembrandt Z 1 22 The "Tigers" baseball team was turned over to our new coach, Donald Madson, last fall. Though the coach and team tried hard they won only one game and lost eight. The boys main difficulty was their inexperlence. Buth the "Tigers" are hoping for a better season next spring.and we know that all the boys and the coach will work to fulfill that hope. Z4 .1 11,93 A if Boys 33fBasketball Q- 1 f 1 1 x J FRONT ROW: BACK ROW: Ronald Spencer, Ronald Cradil, Roberi Pewsey, Warren Clark, Eugene Dierenlield, Eldon Davis Coach Donald Madson, Bill Brugger, Donald Brargl, Richard Andrews, Rllph Brazel, Merrill Christy, Manager Paul Cradit Z5 Boys' Cheerleaders Norene Schramm Marilyn Miller Lois Roberis Phyllis Davis Basketball Girls 4 5 ' ' w . . . i Q 1 il ,Fi 'R ' T .T ,Q FRONT ROW: Darlene Sweel, Vivian Davis, Mary Roberts, Bonnie Meyer, Audrey Te Hansen, Marilyn Miller, HcCarQy, Beverly Kay BACK ROW: Manager Mary 0'Leary, Manager Margie Weiland ,H-, H rrill, Roaslie Marlys Frederick, Norene Schramm, Joan Senneri, Loeta Coach Donald Madson, Girls' Chaperone- Francis Fonley, 1 5 Lois Roberls Phylli: Davis ze Girls ' Clu'w'lc'mIw'.s' 55iQW'yWf?fS 5 6 3 E LUGWKWIFIES if Q The Annual Staff SITTING: Ronald Credit, Phyllis Davis, Lorraine Peterson, Lyle Rosdail STANDING: Myrlys Frederick, Darlene Lullmann, Mr. I-hltern-nn, Merlyn Sclxramm, Warren Clark, Lois Roberts, Audrey Terx-ill Editor-in-Chief -------- -- - ------ Phyllis Davis Assistant Editor - - - ------ Lorraine Peterson Business Manager - - - - - ------- Lyle Rosdail Sports Editor ---- - - - Warren Clark Humor Editor - - - - Merlyn Schramm Snapshot Editor - - - Ronald Cradit Typist ------ - - Phyllis Davis Typist - - - - - ---- Audrey Terrill Typist - ---- - - Lorraine Peterson Typist - - - - - -Darlene Lullmann Typist - - - ----------- Lois Roberts Typist ------ -------- M arlys Frederick Faculty Sponsor- - - - - J..H..Halterman,,Superintendent The Annual Staff is proud to present this year's annual to you. We hope you enjoy "The Cub" as much as we enjoyed making it, Z8 The Paper Staff SITTING: Miss Vogel, Lois Roberts, Phyllis Davis, Warren Clark STANDING: Marlys Frederick. Darlene Lullnmnn, Lyle Rosdail. Merlyn Schramm, Donald Brazel Audrey Terrill, Lorraine Peterson Editor ---- Boys' Sports - Girls' Sports Humor Editor - - - - Gossip Editor - - ---- - - Grade News - - TIGER TALES STAFF - -- Lois Roberts - - Warren Clark Marlys Frederick - Merlyn Schramm - - - Phyllis Davis - - - Lyle Rosdail Typist - - - - - - Phyllis Davis Typist - - ---- Audrey Terrill Typist - - - -Lorraine Peterson Typist - - - Darlene Lullmann Typist - - - - 4 - Lois Roberts Typist ----- - - Marlys Frederick Mimeographist - ---- Lyle Rosdail Mimeographist- - - - - - -Audrey Terrill Questionnaire. - - - - - - Donald Brazel 29 fmbif f sv . x ,H if .IM ,., ,.:1 ,. . my Music - 'Wulf J Y ew 4 MIXED OUARTET: Norene Schramm Eugene Dierenfield Warren Clark Darlene Lullman 2 5 1 ie' J 1 'iw Xl Lv- ! n 1 G Q f Q- ,.f GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW: Darlene Sweet, Darlen Lullrnann. Margu-r We-iland, Leota McCarty, Mary Agnes O'L.cary, Phyllis Davis BACK ROW. Bonnie Meyer, Beverly Kay, Lois Roberts, Mary Roberts, Marilyn Miller, Norene Schramm, Audrey Terrill 30 E f z ws, 5 l 5 P5 C5 x ei' m Mixed Chorus FRONT ROW: Gladys Roberts, Darlene Sweet, Darlene Lullmann, Leota McCarty, Mary Agnes 0'Leary, Phyllis Davis, Jene Meyer SECOND ROW: Vivian Davis, Bonnie Meyer, Lois Roberts, Beverly Kay, Marilyn Miller, Norene Schramm, Audrey Terrill, Ioan Sennert THIRD ROW: John O'Leary, Lyle Rosdail, Warren Clark, Bernard Terrill, Eugene Dierenfield, Robert Pewsey, Howard Anderson BACK ROW: Harland Johnsen, Dwain McBride, Paul Cradit, Buddy Frederick, Ronald Nehring, Ronald Cradit, Ronald Spencer, Robert Miller, Gerald Hoffman The mixed quartet gave their first public performance at the Christmas program by singing "Deck the Halls". The mixed chorus composed of 31 voices made their way through the gymnasium in a candlelight procession singing "O Come All Ye Faithful" and closed the program by singing "Silent Night". The girls' glee club made no public appearances but they progressed rapidly in the musical field. . The highlight of the year for the mixed quartet came with their entrance into the music contest which was held at Storm Lake. 31 Truesdaleis' New Auditorium Truesda1e's new gymnasium and community building was started with proceeds of a 340,000 bond issue voted in March of 1948. A second bond issue of 315,000 was voted in October of 1948, after failure to receive bids low enough. The new structure cost approximately S63,000. Money was transferred from the school's general fund to make up the balance of money needed. The building has a seating capacity of five hundred. Only exclamations of pride have been heard from the patrons who have taken advantage of the seating space. 32 School Parties Many good times have been had at class sponsored activities here at Truesdale High School the past year. The Freshman Class and their advisor, Mr. Madson, have given two parties. The first was a Halloween party in the old gymnasium. They gave the high school an afternoon of- fun by holding a "Truth or Consequences" show and Christmas party before dismissing for the holidays, December Z3. The annual freshman initiation and square dance kept the juniors and Miss Vogel busy. Initiation was a highlight of September, which made our green freshmen true students of Truesdale High School. They went through quite an ordeal. The girls were shabbily dressed tn men's clothes and braided their hair in Z5 pigtails tied with rags, while the boys wore a girl's bathing suit over long underwear. They all wore onion necklaces and were the victims of many jokes. The several square dances were held at irregular times and brought a large attendance from the adults of the community, as well as the students. The early dances were held in the assembly. Later the gymnasium was completed and "Sox Hops" were held so we could continue our dances and yet preserve the gymnasium floor. The music was furnished by .Tohn Lullmann and Harvey Buckendanl. Callers for the dances were Mr. Charles Foote of Storm Lake and Mr. Henry Wellmann, a local resident of Truesdale. ' Several skating and miscellaneous parties were sponsored bv the classes and provided the students with evenings of fun together. May we long remember the hours of fun and enjoyment these activities have given us. 33 Junior Class Play The junior class play, "What a Family", was presented to a large audience on December 14, at the new Truesdale auditorium. Here are a few highlights of the play. Probably you have heard of the typical Sperry family. Here is Pa fMer1yn Schramml nervous and excitable, and always in a stew: Ma fLois Roberts, with a saving sense of humorg Ted fEugene Dierenfieldl a typical college youth with a charming personalityg his younger brother and sister, Mickey fRonald Craditl and Shirley fMarlys Frederick! both very important personages in their own eyes: Judy fDarlene Lullmannl who has seen something of the world beyond their own little sphere and has grown more or less sophisticatedg and not forgetting Granny fLorraine Peterson! who enters into all the family with a vim that is not only amusing but refreshing. Then too, there is Steve Bradford fBil1 Bruggerl a plain but likeable small-town boy, whose social standing is somewhat below that of the snobbish Eric Van Nuys fLyle Rosdaill whom Judy met while spending three months at the home of the fashionable Stanleys. But what a disappointment to the family when Judy arrives home with the worldly-wise Van Nuys, of whom Shirley is very fond. Steve takes a back seat for awhile until the true character of the city rival is revealed. However, Steve remains faithful and loyal to Judy through it all, much to the disgust of Ted. The family worries along through first one mishap after another until the very end. I think that everyone that saw the play said, WHAT A FAMILYII 34 'yAiQffw1S R9 K2 Q K5 S dh scwggzz, MW if If id , YN-ff--Q Q :us Tse. P' .LJ Snapshots pda 4- ' 1 -ll 4 M...-.. V,1:m, s I Pretty scene ryl Womenll iii MQ' I rv" A.. .agy V Tha! hard working Schramm girl. Posing? Who havv wc- here? Lovers. Muscle man. 36 What a pussl Why so glum girls 7 Any resemblance to No. 4? Guess who, Wherelf Mutt and Jeff. Bashful Marg. In days of yore. Slatue of Terrill. l" Snapshots 0 'gf 2? N. ff Yee Gadsl One of our sophomores. Pretty pony isn't it? Wish I had 1 BB gun. Sunbltning in winter. Mrs. Chnrles Atlas Just another sophomore. 37 runnin... Inn't one enough? This in so suddon. Lo! hu' fly, klddol Study hull Irene. Punn-l. Who have we here? 70 N. .Af C -. . T., .',,.' ov'. , .,,, I .lv S -'iwqft Snapshots - '-qmw-. ,aegis :fr-rf . W , . Q, QM-653 f i ' '--ag w- ' A Q I X Five lifflv trvxlune, Guess whul 0nr4- upnu v fum' Brmonx Pm-fflxv-,, Cugxmlim IW.:-ui nv. n .md how they grew. .axlhng pretty WALSWORTM 1 . ,,.,,., .H A nm... wnzsw-wan: lmwm 11.7. .hm in v. s 38 -......., 'yWw33 3 K 3 B AUM WZ? KD ZMSYXMG if V f i wiv J Ex Truesdole Co-op Elevator Co FERTILIZER FELCO FEEDS PORTABLE GRIN DIN G PHONE 46-R-3 TRUESDALE, IOWA Sporfsmcms, Inc. FEATURING MAC GREGOR - GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT SPORTING GOODS FOR EVERY EVENT STORM LAKE, IOWA Thompson Lumber Co. I COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE HIGH QUALITY - QUICK SERVICE PHONE 67-R-1 TRUESDALE, IOVVA Bunfrock-Scalie Studio DUANE SALIE KERMIT BUNTROCK SPECIALISTS IN SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY - WEDDING PICTURES - AERIALS AND BABY PORTRAITS PHONE 69 STORM LAKE, IOVVA Lorson Implement Co. MCCORMICK-DEERING FARM IMPLEMENTS INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY AND TRUCKS REFRIGERATION PHONE 121 NORTH LAKE AVENUE STORM LAKE, IOWA L U C I A S Fine Footwear Storm Lake, Iowa SWANSON'S SUPER MARKET Storm Lake's Ideal Food Center Set's Your Table Better for Less THE COMMERCIAL TRUST and SAVINGS BANK The Bank of Friendly Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Storm Lake, Iowa LAKE SHORE Cafe - Groceries - Service Station Friendly Place to Stop Storm Lake, Iowa COBBLESTGNE INN Banquets - Meals Storm Lake, Iowa Draperies - Curtains - Bedding in Our Downstairs Department Dry Goods - Notions - Infant Wear on Our Main Floor J A N Z E N ' S Storm Lake, Iowa Set Your Radio Dial at 990 Complete Entertainment for: Student - Businessman - Housewife - Farmer - Sportsman 'RADIO K A Y L STATION Storm Lake, Iowa WILKINSON'S JEWELRY 614 Lake Avenue d Storm Lake, Iowa Elgin - Bulova - Gruen Watches - Fostoria Glass - Parker and Sheaffer's Pens - Gifts Keepsake Diamond Rings A Small Store Means Low Prices 0. K. RUBBER WELDERS Complete Tire Service Phone 18 702 Lake Avenue' Storm Lake, Iowa PAYTONS JEWELRY Registered Jeweler - American Gem Society Storm Lake, Iowa Fine Clothing Good Shoes Smart Sportswear DOUGLASS CLOTHING CO. Storm Lake, Iowa Clothing and Furnishings for Men and Boys TOOHEY CLOTHING CO. Storm Lake, Iowa JULIUS CLEANERS Northwest Iowa's Finest Cleaning Plant 210 East 5th Street Phone 1000 Storm Lake, Iowa DE KALB The Greatest Name in Corn DE KALB AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION, Inc. Storm Lake, Iowa THE QUAKER OATS COMPANY "Full-O-Pep" Feeds Buyers of Grains Phone 67-V-1 Truesdale, Iowa CRADIT WELDING 8z IMPLEMENT Hardware - Welding Supplies - Farm Equipment Phone 39-R-12 Truesdale, Iowa GEORGE WEILAND'S GARAGE General Auto and Tractor Repair Phillips "66" Oil and Gas Phone 67-J-3 Truesdale, Iowa IRELAND DRUG COMPANY "The Rexall Store" We Specialize in Prescription Service When It's Drugs - If It's Rexall - It's Right Storm Lake, Iowa MEYERS MOBIL SERVICE Car Repair and Accessories -A General Welding Phone 67-R-11 Truesdale, Iowa ROSDAIL AUTO SERVICE U. S. Royal Master Tires - Accessories - Fulton Visor b Tow-In Service Phone 67-J-12 STORM LAKE AUCTION CO. Livestock Auction Every Saturday Wm. Gaffney, Manager Phone 727 Storm Lake, Iowa RESSLER-WILKINSON DRUGS Fountain Service - Farm Supplies - Toilet Articles - Gifts I Storm Lake, Iowa 4 4 -V- BERG .J EWEL-RY Hamilton - Elgin - Bulova Watches - Diamonds - Silver Phone 100 Storm Lake, Iowa PAUL G. PRICE Watchmaker with Paytons Storm Lake, Iowa ROYAL LUNCH A Friendly Place to Meet Lunches - Beer - Ice Cream Omer Combes, Proprietor Storm Lake, Iowa ANDERSEN'S GARBAGE SERVICE Phone 67-R-2 Storm Lake, Iowa TYMESON-BOYCE CLOTHING CO. Phone 217 Storm Lake, Iowa WHITE 8z WHITE Attorneys at Law Z. Z. White -:- Don White Jones Building Phone 450 Storm Lake, Iowa PASTIME TAVERN Cigarettes - Beer - Cigars - Sandwiches Phone 1179 Storm Lake, Iowa ROBINSON DAIRY Pasteurized - Homogenized Dairy Products Phone 674 Storm Lake, Iowa Compliments of ' STORM LAKE HAT SHOP WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE Q 25722355 Mgfafif mi? x",'ff'ff'k- Q5 ogg Pty my wif' WMA, W JWAU A5244 fic-A 7"'K L! 7a'W'-f N,,6,,,,g1A!, 4 ' is Z7mZ2fWM Q MWF. '

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