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q ■: ? -s- IJNIVi ' -MTY 91 v $» ' ?■«. r » ' ,. .. ,. . - ■ IV " :■■ ,. u Urn MI ■A Garry ID. Cannon Editor-in-Chief £ori Teatheringill Associate Editor Ginger 13lake Art Editor Jacqueline C. Smith Advisor CONTENTS Campus Life Features Classes Entertainment Organizations Greeks Sports Faculty Closing 10 44 76 138 160 232 290 348 392 The Tradition Continues PALLADIUM Troy State University Troy, Alabama 36082 Volume 77 . 1988 The Tradition Continues Troy State University has established many traditions in one hundred years but the one of which we are prou- dest is its devotion to learn- ing. A tradition of enlighten- ment through knowledge and understanding contin- ues to thrive at Troy State University as we enter our one hundred first year. Troy State students are in pursuit of excellence: to strive to be no less than the best ... to attain that goal and to some- how reach for more. Troy State University is the result of such a philosophy. From its humble beginnings as a normal school to the pre- sent day international uni- versity system, TSU adminis- trators, faculty, and students have endeavored to seek that which is best in them- selves and have strived to at- tain those goals that are no- blest in life. A tradition of spirit contin- ues to foster as TSU enters its second century. The Trojan spirit is more than cheering at a pep rally, 1 building a homecoming dis- play, or supporting one of the national championship teams. It is boundless enthu- siasm for all TSU represents ... its academics, sports,or- ganizations, dramatic pro- ductions, and so much more. The happy, prideful face of our mascot T-Roy denotes the spirit found in students, alumni, and other fans. Pride is an integral part of what comprises the Trojan spirit. Troy State students and administrators like to ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft B BB Ift . boast and have every reason to do so. With Junior Misses from all over the country, two national championship athletic teams, and a multi- tude of successful alumni, Troy State ' s pride is showing. TSU people do not carry an arrogant pride, but rather a secure, satisfied pride in knowing that they are a part of a unique university. ft ftsul ftH 1 HIv JBH BH BI Si ft ft B The Tradition Continues A proud tradition for TSU is its national championship sports teams. The success of our whole athletic program has resulted in enhanced school spirit and support of the teams. In this year alone, both the baseball team and the football team held their respective NCAA Division II national titles. In additon, the basketball team made it to the final four in competition for a naional trophy, being ranked in the final polls as fourth in the nation. To com- plement these successess, the athletic facilities have been improved to state-of- the art quality, with comple- tion of the R. Douglas Haw- kins Press Box and the base- ball complex at Pace Field. Trojan: a title every stu- dent wears with pride. The students of TSU are as differ- ent as can be. They have varying preferences, inter- ests, goals, and dreams. In a sense TSU is a microcosm of the melting pot for which our country is known. The students come from all over the world and nation to a quiet part of southeast Ala- bama to exchange ideas and further the understanding of each other. A TSU student not only faces the task of striving for the best in academic sta nd- ing, but also of learning the all-important lessons of good citizenship and social re- sponsibility. Sounds pretty awesome, but for most TSU students, this is regarded more as play than work. Z SUstU te " fc display th eir creative r , n « if1 ' he annua h becoming ski, c om Petition. Bottom- 10 Campus Life The Tradition Continues a ptft t tfe Cara English Jeff Freeman Regina Hudson Tim Jaeobs Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy Photographers Garrj ( ;iiiiioii S ( i lion Editor Ginger Blake (,ASW 1 uhmann Mand Merrill Metallic Sasser Beth eatherford ( ' outfit utiitg Editors • Top: Jim Lavendar and Phil Gray demonstrate the latest dance which is called " the gator " . Bottom Left: Bernie Little and a friend enjoy an evening on the town. Bottom Right: The Porch ' s dj enter- tains students with the latest hits. 12 Thursday Nights Opposite Page: Top: Greg Spears and Jeff Goodson socialize at the Pi Kappa Phi house. Bottom: Morris Bankston enjoys a game of pool with friends at The Front Porch. It " P F r ■ i catt fiuaA, Being somewhat unique is definitely an on-going tradi- tion at Troy State University. Most people look forward to Friday ' s, other ' s to Saturday ' s or even Sunday ' s. But here the weekends begin on Thursday nights. What difference does this make? Well, for one thi ng, it means the weekend starts early (five p.m. on Thursdays at the latest). The main rea- son for " Thursday Night Out " , most students would agree, is that a large percent- age of TSU students pack up and head home on Fridays. Therefore, in order to have as many students and as much partying as possible, the action starts on Thursday Nights. Also it means Friday classes are not a welcome part of the week, especially during spring quarter. And as always, Monday morning continues to sneak up too soon. Not to worry though; Thursday is only four days away. Special Thursday night n - tivities include band parties featuring entertainment like " Poo Nanny " , " Eli " , and " Klass " . Another special fea- ture of Thursday night are fraternity parties. These par- ties attract big crowds with promises of hot music, danc- ing and familiar friendly faces. Night spots such as the Front Porch, Cheers and Bumper ' s draw students out of the dorms and into the swing of Troy ' s unique night life with band parties and special contests. During the fall, Homecom- ing brings a sevenday week- end to TSU and gets every- one in a festive mood. Win- hursdiv Night 13 Parttj Animals 14 Thursday Nights tcr quartei begins in .1 fr .is friends get togethei to ( .He h up on things .titer .1 month of holida ties Formals .ire .i large p.irt ol winter ' s so ial si eric Some formals consist of bane and dan cs while others .in- convoys to Gatlinburg, len- nessee for a ski weekend Alter the w inter winds disap- peai everyone heads to the beaches for Spring Break; the week-long paru. Spring Quarter is alive and happening at TSU. Beach parties, Greek Week, pre- dead week bashes and sun- tan contests make up a long list of " things to do " . Week- ends definitely begin on Thursdays, if not sooner dur- ing this time of the year. Opposite Page: Pi Kapps compete against the Sigma Chis in a pool tour- nament at The Pub. Bottom Left: Lorrie Coholich, Steve Caporini, Beth Moulten and Russ Campbell dance the night away at a Pi Kappa Phi party. Bottom Right: Troy State students enjoy an evening on the town. Top: Designated druer s ( on Qui- senberr) makes .1 sobering choice. Bottom Left: Todd Norman and Phil Cray perform playful antus Botn m Rixht Bretl Kirkland ind lulu- Meadows perform the latest dam e steps Thu ' ' Adventures In Roommates They wear your clothes, eat your food, play their music too loud, or just get on your nerves. They are roommates, and can be your best friend and confidant or your worst enemy. Most Troy State students have experienced the joys of having a roommate at one time or other. To have one with which you get along is a real blessing according to Freshman Melanie Sasser. Her big- gest complaint with her rooom- mate is " She fills the sink full of water, fills it with dishes, but then does not wash them. " For brothers or sisters who room together, the problems are usually multiplied. " She always wants to know where I ' ve been or why I ' ve been gone so Top: A typical roommate scene, Missy Harris and Cinda Clingenpeel illustrate ev- eryday life in Dill. Middle Right: Yvonne Williamson and twin sister Yvette Williamson relax in their Gard- ner dorm room. long, " comments Pam Goodwin. Yvette Williamson, however, states one good thing about living with a sister, " When she makes you mad you don ' t hesitate to tell her, and that way things don ' t build up. " Consideration is a trait most say they wish their roommates had more of. " I have no privacy because my roommate ' s girlfriend lives with us, " states an anonymous sopho- more. For those who are very im- compatible, swap day is taken ad- vantage of in the residence halls on campus and those living off cam- pus move out (continued on next page) Lift: Stacey Coates reads over the days notes as his brother and roommate Kendall Coates looks on. Above: Viewing their favorite television show, Mike Edwards, Joey Colwell, Stacey Coates and Kendall Coates pass the time. 16 Adventures in Roommates or find a new roommate. Often. these situations lead to hard feel- ings. On the other hand the advan- tages of having a roommate are in- numerable. They help vou studv. re- member vour birthday, provide companionship when you are lone- ly and if vou ' re lucky, are will listen to vour problems. VC ' ith coo- peration, understanding and pa- tience, the roommate relationship can be an invaluable learning exper- ience, even if they do eat vour food. Roommates Mark Smarrt. Todd Howard. Wendell Holmes and Bill Wolf find that plaunj; spades is .. o use their leisure time The Roommate Game re ' s version of " The New- Game " entertained students forced roommates to commu- te during the month of Febru- Questions such as " How long I your roommate take in the ,. j«r? " gave the audience a laugh as students revealed their personal habits. The final round was held uary 25, the overall winners: Benn and Nathan Mooney. Bottom Left: La Uaa it her " rnmiiii h «ori« mgtt. LoraQoanognmr . Don C«r- i tfttt Rtghr: Pan) Backnmo and Li Ft- 1 c ' , Photos by Cara English and Jeff Freeman 18 Fashion $Mr v. b ; Fashion for a college stu- dent does not comply with the definitions of a prevailing custom or style of dress. Col- lege students realize that so- ciety places an extieme level of importance on first im- pressions, which are largely influenced by one ' s attire, and simply choose to display a vastley diversified array of fashion trends. Denim for the year fell somewhere between trend and tradition. In an arra of colors and styles, from stoned washed to baby blues to precisely torn jeans showed up at e er corner of campus. Kakhi pants and oversized sweaters added to the cam- pus casual look for both males and females. Comfort and ease of care made them a must for the on-the-go stu- dent. !%■, F«hioc r rwj wm M k rn «A — IHH M Bl . 1 iv . H H 1 11 ► Jf 3I9Bk i - ' HI fr i , C A H H 20 © f ■I Kb Tren h oats i arm the i lose! tor m inter nj - where from iho bask to i otton twill .is ], s.) . long, i! was worn Si dents lux k enough to ven- ture to the ski slopes of the Carolina took on the heavy sweaters and « ,v t to hit the slopes ol theii weekend v in- terland Photos by Cara English and Regina Hudson Spring wear had a look of its own. Spandex shorts and loose tank tops were a must for anyone desiring physical fitness accompanied by fash- ion. Swim wear took on a " whatever floats your boat " look, varying in styles and colors. Greek formals and beauty pagents made formal wear an important part of TSU ' s fash- ion scene. Jet black tuxes seemed to be in style for the males while formal gowns varied from sequined master pieces to Victorian whites. 22 Fashion n 23 Spring ' kn Each year the Adams Cen- ter Union Board brings in the month of May with an array of May Day festivities — this year was certainly no excep- tion. Troy State students, fac- ulty, and staff participated in activities held at the am- phitheater which ranged from lemon-eating to pie- throwing. Marriot Food Ser- vice, formerly SAGA, served hamburgers and hotdogs buffet style as the band " CURB " performed songs from their debut album. Var- ious campus organizations set up booths selling every- thing from car shades to brownies. Ten dollars was awarded to the winner of the pizza eating contest, who demolished a whole pizza in about three minutes. The person who could eat a lem- on the fastest was also award- ed ten dollars. Everyone who attended experienced a wonderful time — espec ially those faculty members who were annihilated by Boston cream or lemon meringue pies. At a time when students were getting restless and spring fever was running rampant, May Day was a wel- come diversion. ■ S a t the Deach It ' s that time of the year again! Troy State students cover the beaches each weekend of Spring quarter in an effort to get those savage tans and to party harder than the last two quarters com- bined. Panama City and Fort Walton, less than three hours away, fall prey to the relent- less students desiring sun, suds, and swimming. Car- loads leave on Friday (some more serious travellers who don ' t have classes on Friday leave on Thursday) and re- turn Sunday afternoon burned, tired, and ready for another wonderful week of English 101 and corp fin. Ho- tel owners in the Florida area are reported to love the Troy State travellers and live for their next visit because of their good manners and courtesy which can only be bred in South Alabama. The TSU students never leave messes or trash hotel rooms, but always show the utmost respect for their environ- ment. It ' s no wonder the residents of Panama City and Fort Walton look forward to Spring with such excitement. They know the Troy State Beach Crew is on the way to make everyone ' s Spring a memorable season. Top: Ian Hunt and Mark Rose are ready for festivities at Cash ' s in Fort Walton Beach. Middle Left: Phillip Gibson and Alan Abercrombie admire all the girls at the beach. Center: Pi Kappa Phi, Lambda Ch Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon team up for a game of volleyball. 26 TSU at the Beach TM_ Jt the Be m .J K Vl r 0 B 7op: A group of fun-loving Phi Mus. Middle Right: Frisbee on a stick — what a wild concept! Bottom Left: Ray-bans — the newest fashion trend. 28 TSU at the Beach Ben h weekends offer a number of activities tor the TSU student. One can choose to rent a sailboat or j -t ski, m snorkling, or just Ik on the . ' .hite sand inter- facing with friends. But the fun doesn ' t end when the sun goes down! Stud ' stampede to hot night spots in hopes of finding that someone special (or maybe even not-so-special). Live bands can often be heard blaring through hotels mak- ing everyone aware of Troy State ' s presence. If any quar- ter can be considered more festive than the others, Spring Quarter is it! Top: What good would the I be v nhout Bruce Buehler and Lang Thompson wallowing around in the sand? Middle Lett Chuck Norns — -what jrr ou hiding under that to ' . Middle K .irnf ■Nshle Gnswold and Mark Allesandroni flash those pearl whii ' Bottom: Hej Moml Want some Kool-Aid? II the Beach 29 3 5 L i Aio by A M In 1 CO Mi-jrt Attacks .« f M W- Michael Todd Rives reresa t» ( km- ney .i symbol i Ins love. The night has a thousand eyes, And the day but one; Yet the light of the bright world dies With the dying sun. The mind has a thousand eyes, And the heart but one; Yet the light of a whole life dies When love is done. Bv Francis William Bourdillon L Teddy bears, beautiful roses, heart shaped balloons, romantic outings and love are )ust a few of the things that dance in lovers minds on this special day. Valen- tines Day, February 11 was tradi- tionally believed to be the dav when birds began to choose their mates. The occasion has since developed into a day of giving to friends and lovers. As we all know, red roses have long been the most popular gift in the past. Pink, lavender and other soft pastel colors are also becoming big sellers. These colorful bouquets are often accompanied bv bounc- ing balloons of all shapes an»j Purchasing these balloons can be the perfect wav to express ones feelings to their special someone. Saying -om the deep I love you! " , to the simple. Be Mj Valen- tine ' " . Here at Trov State Univen the bookstore provided a Valen- tines board, that was a success Si dents left cute little messages on pink cards for each other. Some of the messages were trom secret ad- mirers which left people smiling and wondering Arrangements provided bv M xine h r merU P«t $1 Phcxos bv Ed V He -- " Building on tradition As far as most people are concerned, Troy State has al- ways been right here, sitting among the pecan groves and magnolia trees on the east- ern side of the city. Since 1887 Troy State has grown into much more than a normal school located on a single block by the railroad tracks in downtown Troy. Of the four original teachers colleges in Alabama, Troy is the only one to have become international, the only one with a right to boast of nu- merous regional and national intercollegiate athletic championships, and the only one to have abolished its for- mer open-door admissions policy. Troy State, a hometown university, has literally be- come a household word, es- pecially since 1964. At that time, Troy State College had conferred but 6,252 degrees since its estab- lishment seventy-seven years before. Called " a sleepy teachers ' college " by the press, Troy State consisted of a few buildings on 290 acres of land. There were 272 full- time employees. The annual budget was just over $2 mil- By Van English. All statistical infor- mation supplied by the Office of Fi- nancial Affairs and the Office of In- stitutional Research, Troy State Uni- versity, Troy, Alabama. Kilby Hall, the first building on cam- pus. lion. Behind Bibb Graves Hall was a field dotted with re- claimed army barracks build- ings, rusty quonset huts, and dilapidated mobile homes. Most of the 1,600 students were from a rather narrow geographic radius, and all of them were seeking teaching degrees. Though considered a reputable institution, Troy State College was limited in its purpose and scope. Then along came Ralph Adams. He arrived on cam- pus in October of ' 64 with- out a parade and immediate- ly set forth to put Troy and Troy State on the map. New academic departments were created and existing ones were expanded. The athletic department began to im- prove with the recruitment of top coaches and players. School spirit was heightened through the enhancement of the marching band when Johnny Long came to town. And highly qualified stu- dents were attracted by the George C. Wallace Scholar- ship program. Of course, none of this happened overnight. Literal- ly years of perseverance and stamina have been the hall- marks of one of the country ' s most remarkable college ad- ministrators, Chancellor Ad- ams. By the university ' s centen- nial, the name and reputa- tion of Troy State had spanned the planet. Attract- ing students from all over the country and all over the world to more than forty lo- cations, Troy State affords services to the soldier, the housewife, the working man, and the traditional student. Troy State has journeyed far since 1887, and the longest leg of the journey has been since 1964. There are some pretty im- pressive statistics about our hometown university. Per- haps the most significant of those is the number of de- grees we have given. Since 1964, Troy State has con- ferred a total of nearly 47,000 degrees; therefore, 89% of all the degrees ever con- ferred by Troy State have been given during Dr. Ad- ams ' administration. The li- brary holdings have grown to more than 700,000 volumes in bound and microtext forms. The " sleepy teachers ' college " of one campus with fewer than 2,000 students seeking education degrees has expanded into an inter- national, multicampus uni- versity system with more than 13,000 students matric- ulating in more than seventy academic disciplines on un- dergraduate, graduate, and special degree levels. Our main campus is locat- ed on more than five hun- dred beautifully landscaped acres. Gone are the eyesores behind Bibb Graves and Shackelford Halls. In their place are the Amphitheatre, the sparkling new Malone Hall of Fine Arts, and the se- renely inspirational Sorrell Chapel overlooking the la- goon. Gone are the kudzu- covered hillsides and in their place are the challenges of Trojan Oaks, our own golf and racquet club. In the midst of it all is Troy State ' s living room, the Adams Uni- versity Center. During 1989, additions to the Adams Cen- ter will include a movie the- atre and a bowling alley, at an estimated cost of $1,400,000. Back in the thirties, Dr. Shackelford began a campus beautification program that has become a hallmark of 32 Building on Tradition Troy State University. Al- though Dr. Adams does not tend the grounds himself the way Dr. Shackelford did, he has been a proponent of campus beauty, having seen to the planting of more than five hundred trees and shrubs in the last two years alone! A tour of the campus necessarily includes the Ar- boretum, a walking nature study just off Pell Avenue, designed by Dr. Wayne Ad- ams and his botany students. Just across Pell Avenue from the Arboretum is the Colle- geview Elementary School, recently acquired by the University. Once vacated, the building will house the TSU School of Nursing, al- lowing both physical and academic expansion. For more than sixty years, Thomas Kilby Hall, the first building on campus, served Troy State in a variety of du- ties: from laboratory school, to art galleries, to speech and theatre department, to but an empty ruin. She labored hard and was put to rest in December of 1986. From the ashes of Kilby is rising the Troy State University System Administration Building. Scheduled for completion in December of 1988, the $2.6 million structure will house all offices required for a stu- dent ' s enrollment, including admissions, financial aid, housing, the business office, public relations, and aca- demic records. The architec- ture of the building will be traditional, linking it with its neighbors around the quad- rangle. The completion of the ath- letic complex and its focal point, the R. Douglas Haw- kins Press Box, has afforded proper facilities for both players and spectators in Troy State ' s championship sports program. In addition, we have the most brightly-lit baseball field this side of Ful- ton County Stadium in Atlan- ta. The $2 million budget of 1964 pales by comparison to the figures for 1988: the main campus alone has multiplied more than a dozen times to over $25 million; the total TSU System budget is nearly $38 million. From just over 270 employees, we have grown to a family of more than 500 members, with more than 800 full-time and 300 adjunct faculty in the sys- tem. The main campus enroll- ment hovers around 4,000 students, while Troy State in Montgomery has around 2,300 and Troy State at Do- than has around 1,800. The balance of the system enroll- ment of 13,000-plus can be found in more than 5,000 courses in Florida, Georgia, and Europe. And we now of- fer courses in Cuba, Korea, Okinawa, Japan, and Hawaii. We are becoming a house- hold name from the castles of Bavaria to the pagodas of To- kyo! Troy State is truly a home- town university. People from all over the country are aware of our university ' s quality and impact. Many of our out-of-state students choose to make Troy and Alabama their permanent home after graduation. They become our attorneys, our physicians, our ministers, our bankers, our accountants, our entrepreneurs, our mer- chants, and the teachers ol our next generation. In April 1985, the most recent eco- nomic impact study c on- due ted, determining that the combined direct and indi- rect impact of Troy State University on the are.i is more than $35 million, mak- ing it the largest industry be- tween Montgomery and Fort Rucker. That ' s our home- town university! Troy State University. The first word of the name says it all. It should be a comfort to know that the TSU System has always been and will con- tinue to be directed from right here. And in our home- town, we continue to grow. The estimated replacement cost of our physical plant is in excess of $100 million, and we are adding to that with the newly acquired School of Nursing building and the new administration building. Our efforts to recruit more and more outstanding stu- dents is enhanced through continued academic and leadership scholarships and as we attempt toatlrjc t more «-nt sc holars. Our IH is about to burst .is we on- tinue to ln rease its voJui and v c jre one- of tiw nodes linked to the State t Ala- bama ' s Superc omputei based in Huntsville. From a single campus of singular purpose to an inter- national university system, Troy State has kept its mis- sion in sight: to pursue exc el- lence in every aspect of the collegiate experience. Our hometown university has al- ways been known as a pio- neer, identifying the needs of the citizens who have sur- rounded it and by fulfilling those needs. Sure, we could have remained an isolated teachers ' college, and we would have been a good one. But instead we have seized the opportunity to expand and we have developed into a university system of myriad scope and purpose. By so do- ing, we have strengthened our reputation on home shores and foreign, for the teenager, the soldier, the senior citizen. This home- town university of ours is tru- ly a household word. Building on Tradition 33 Alcohol Awareness Week Observed at Troy State " Partying Right " was the attitude advocated on cam- pus during the observance of the fourth annual National Collegiate Alcohol Aware- ness Week. To promote re- sponsible drinking, the Pan- hellenic and Interfraternity Councils co-sponsored " Project Gamma " - (Greeks Advocating Mature Manage- ment of Alcohol). A car that had been demolished by a drunk driver was displayed in the Bibb Graves Quadrangle. Both a coffin and a wheel chair were on display in the Adams Center. Both of these displays were sponsored by the Student Government As- sociation. Also included in the project were posters, and both a display case and a video in the Adams Center. Despite all the talk about al- cohol abuse and the haunt- ing statistics of its effects, the question remains - do such programs as Alcohol Aware- ness Week really do any good? That question must be answered by the individual drinker who may or may not take the statistics seriously enough to apply them to himself. " Perhaps the reason we make jokes about Alco- hol Awareness Week and blow it off is because we know what they ' re telling us is just for general informa- tion. It doesn ' t mean us, " said David Ritchie in a quote from the Trop . However the facts speak for themselves. The to- tal number of DUIs in Troy from September 1986 to September 1987 was 168, ac- cording to Troy police. In a survey of TSU students con- ducted by Mr. Sherrel Bees, a university counselor, 71% surveyed said that they had driven an automobile either after or while drinking. Moreover, 34% admitted to drinking and driving more than five times. Approxi- mately 1,000 TSU students fall into this category. KM " MIIMll ' ll »■ Top Center: Typical Troy State Partiers. Approximately 1,000 of TSU ' s students drove five or more times while intoxicated l ast year. Bottom: The results of drinking and driving-probably an accident, and possibly (Bottom Right) death. 34 Alcohol Awareness In addition, the survey re- vealed that there is a great deal of ignorace and misin- formation concerning alco- hol use and abuse. Forty per- cent did not know that alco- hol is a depressant, not a stimulant. Twenty-five per- cent thought a person could sober up by drinking coffee and taking a cold shower, when actually only time can bring back sobriety. Further- more, all of the users sur- veyed have experienced nausea or hangovers ,itter drinking. Twenty-four per- cent said they had exper- ienced this three or more times. Forty-six percent said they had a friend with a drinking problem, while only three percent admitted thai they themselves had a prob- lem. " Denial is classicalK the standard response, " said Bees. Nevertheless, the sur- vey indicated that there were fewer drinkers at TSU as compared to nation wide statistics. " Once being drunk ceases to be funny and becomes un- cool, less alcohol abuse will occur, " said Bees. " Until student groups themselves begin to push hard for change, nothing will happen. " Mr. Sherrel Br -. a ■■ Right: Rain is a condition sure to " dam- pen " the spirits of any Troy State student. David Qickner from Panama Gty endures the weather as he goes to his next class. Abovt: Stress often shows up in the form of the flu, but thanks to the Health Center non-prescription drugs are available. Debbie Carter selects some Tylenol for her cold. Bottom Uft: The future is definately a cause of anxiety for students facing immediate de- cisions. Tracy Lamb and Ryan Daugherty discuss such decisions in the counseling of- fice. Bottom right: Computerworks is the right place to work on Basic Microcomputing as- signments, according to Junior Derrick Carter. 36 Coping With College Life College Life Coping With The Pressures Adjusting tO the strenuous lift of College is not easy Preparing for the real world involves many hectic days and frustrating classes One I re •simian commented, " It seems as if tests, meetings and due papers all pile up during the same week. When this happens I )ust have to sit down and plan out my time, choos- ing tO let the less important things slide. " College is also a time when priorities are developed. For Shirley Taylor, a full time student and Elementary Ed. major, going to school means living away from her husband on weekdays, managing family life on weekends, and still finding time to study. Col- lege life can be especially stressful for married students and those with many extracurricular obligations. Troy State students find outlets Ahovt A quiet place tO studs is the Adams Center lobby, as Freshman I an discov- ers The solas are also a prime plate 10 tind students doting between nut] from the pressure in mini Partying is a favorite, from fraterni- ty parties to dorm room pizza ttth erings. The Adams Center Union Hoard also sponsors many activities which give students a chance to break away from the books Many students exercise as a way of keep- ing fit and keeping mentally healthy as well. Spiritual meditation is an outlet that allows students to find strength outside themselves. Sorrell chapel is a perfect place to find stu- dents praying, reading the Bible or meditation. With Christmas holidays and Spring break comes a chance for students to chill out " and forget about school for awhile. Together, the frustrations and rewards are all part of the learning and growing process of college life. Top Registration The process of choosing classes, waiting in line, and rearranging schedules as classes close Donald Blair a Junior from Trov. waits to see if his schedule will go through Copmn With Co A Sign of the Times Fifties Revisited In the fifties, you are drea- mily sitting on your bed, not believing he actually called. He asked you to the dance on Saturday night. The band has a lead singer who looks just like Elvis. You can ' t wait to buy a new poodle skirt and saddle oxfords for the big night. You are thinking about calling your best friend to help you with your beehive hairstyle. Hopefully, he will pick you up in his dad ' s De- soto. It ' s going to be the per- fect date. In the eighties, you are a go-get-it, moving ahead woman preparing for a fun night out. You can ' t wait to see White Snake - the hottest band ever. Your crinkle perm is almost dry and your pur- posefully ripped denim mini skirt is all ready for your big night. You can ' t wait to see him with his new spiked hair- cut and acid washed jeans. Maybe he even washed his Supra for the night. It ' s going to be the perfect date. See any similarities? Well, maybe not on the surface, but after a closer look, there are more resemblances than meet the eye. Most Americans would agree that college students have changed drastically since the sixties and seven- ties. Some even say that the eighties are a return to the conservatism of the fifties. The activism of the sixties gave way to the " Me " gen- eration of the seventies. And now the " Re-generation " of the eighties is in full bloom. Everything old is new again. Less makeup for girls and a clean cut look for guys are both back. The music of the eighties echoes the fifties sound in such tunes as " Stand By Me " , " Hip to Be Square " and " Blue Suede Shoes " . In the theater, Michael J. Fox returned to the fifties in " Back to the Future " , one of the top- grossing films of the year. But most importantly, the morals and values of college students have changed. A re- cent Gallup poll shows that 50 percent of college stu- dents feel that religion is im- portant. Five years ago, the figure was only 39 percent. Also, enrollment in religion classes is on the upswing. Students ' attitudes about careers have also changed. In the American Council on Education ' s survey of college freshmen, 76.2 percent said they went to college only to get a better job. Business ad- ministration and accounting were listed as the most popu- lar majors. In a separate study of col- lege students, diversity was found to be the most consis- tent factor. Apathy and activ- ism, promiscuity and chastity and needs for both self-ful- fillment and desires for high salaries are all found on col- lege campuses. In their personal lives, more and more students are planning to postpone mar- riage and concentrate more on their careers. Fear of di- vorce has influenced stu- dents to wait for matrimony. Today ' s college women wor- ry about juggling both a fam- ily and a career. In addition, more of them don ' t believe they can have it all. " Economic necessity " rather than " crass material- ism " is a key factor in stu- 38 Fifties Revisited dents ' obsessions with their careers. Almost 78 percent feel that choosing a low- pay- ing though appealing field is a mistake. In 1976, 53 percent felt that way, and in 1966, the figure was 37 percent. The promiscuity which raged on college campuses in the sixties has declined greatly in the eighties. " Sex is now a personal issue, " said a research psychologist who helped conduct the surveys. " In the fifties, you couldn ' t say ' yes ' and in the sixties, you couldn ' t say ' no. ' Now you are more likely to be re- spected for either decision, " commented a student who answered the survey. More- over, nearly one- third of the college students surveyed said that they felt the hippies of the sixties were too pro- miscuious. Apathetic is a word used to describe many college stu- dents. In fact, the American Council on Education survey of freshmen concluded that only 35.1 percent of the freshmen surveyed felt that it is important to keep up with politics. This figure compares to 54.7 percent in 1970. However, the number of po- litical groups on college cam- puses has doubled. " It would be a mistake to conclude that the new gen- eration yearns for the fifties, " concluded the survey. However, the facts show that " the group- oriented style of the sixties has given way in the eighties to one that is more solitary and seri- ous. " httn J 39 10 Constitution " We the People, the Words We Live By " was the theme for Troy State ' s 1988 celebration of the 200th an- niversary of the United States Constitution. Even though these words were written 200 years ago by our found- ing fathers, they still ring true for each of us today. However, creating this document was not an easy task. Before the Constitution was formed, the Articles of Confederation established the laws of our nation. But because the Articles lacked provisions for an executive branch and a federal court system, it could not regulate trade between states or levy taxes on the citizens. Under the Articles, each state had its own laws and even its own currency. No unity existed among the states and many citizens feared this lack of unity would lead Americans to take up arms against each other. IDe the ' People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, in- sure domestic Granquilitu, provide for the common defense, promote the general WcU fare, and secure the ' Blessings of Cibertu to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Finally some of the greatest leaders our country has ever had met together on May 25, 1788, in Independence Hall to try to bring our nation to- gether under one set of rules. Men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamil- ton, and James Madison de- bated on the best and fairest way to unify our nation. After four long months, the results of their efforts became our Constitution. After the Bill of Rights, which guarantees basic free- doms to every American, had been added to the docu- ment, the last two states rati- fied the Constitution and it became the supreme law of the land. The Constitution has made many changes since its birth 200 years ago. It has expand- ed and developed to meet the needs of our e er -chang- ing nation. James Madison ' s observation that " In forming a system we wish to last for ages, we should not lose sight of the changes whu h age will produce, " has allowed our Constitution to grow with us. Through the Civil War, the Great Depression, two world wars, and the Vietnam Con- flict, our Constitution has held us together and made us strong. Great Americans have come and gone, lea ing their mark on our nation, but the Constitution remains. Even though the Constitu- tion is only a piece of paper, we Americans give it life b allowing it to live through each of us. It establishes a boundar for our rights and freedoms and provides the hope that keeps us alive and even encourages us to con- tinue. While TSU celebrates the Constitution this war we each individuall) i elebrate it ever) day. B) patterning our lives to reflect what is just and fair , we elebrate the li - ing law of our land - FHI I NITED 51 XTES CONSTI- TUTION dilution 41 That Was Then Making news in 1987-88 were issues ranging from bloodshed in the Middle East to the bringing together of the world during the annual Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. It was described as one na- tional will against another when Palestineans revolted against Israeli rule in Gaza and the West Bank starting in early December. Rock throwing, bombings, bullets, and deaths resulted from the bitterness of the tw o peoples in the age old conflict over control of the Holy Land. Panama ' s arrogant military leader, General Manuel Ant- onio Noriega was the subject of much anger in his own country and the United States. Having been indicted for drug trafficking and mis- use of funds, as well as assert- ing a tyrannical influence in Panama, the United States pulled all aid to the Panama- nian government and en- dorsed Noriega ' s ousting. Due to his military harrass- ment of American citizens in the Panama Canal zone, the U.S. government, in an effort to protect its interest in the American controlled zone, increased its military pres- cence. Baby Jessica McClure, the eighteen month old girl from Midland, Texas aroused America ' s compassion upon falling into a 22 foot aban- doned well. The child was rescued after a grueling 58 hours. The residents of Mid- land, Texas came to the res- cue of the small child. An anonymous donor covered the child ' s immediate medi- cal expenses; which included Family Worship Center in Ba- ton Rouge, Lousianna on Sunday, February 28. He was later defrocked as a minister of the Assemblies of God for rejecting punishment or- dered by Church officials. Soviet leader Mikhail Gor- bachev and President Reagan met in Washington for Sum- mit ' 87 in December. Issues discussed were strategic forces, regional issues, and human rights. However the foot and forehead oper- ations. Wall Street received a shock on what the nation named " Black Monday, " Oc- tober 19. The Dow Jones In- dustrial Average lost 13% of it ' s value in one week, clos- ing at 1950.76, almost 800 points below the August high. Many investors pan- icked, but by mid-April, the market was once again push- ing it ' s previous highs. A sex scandal broke over one of America ' s most con- servative televangelists, Jim- my Swaggart, during mid- February. Accused of in- volvement with a New Orleans prostitute, Swaggart confessed his sin to a tearful congregation of 7,500 at the main order of business was the signing of a treaty elimi- nating intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF). This was the first time in history that a whole class of nuclear weap- ons were to be destroyed. Superman turns 50! The man of steel who has awed audiences in the states and abroad turned 50 in April of 1988. Created by Jerome Sie- gel and Joe Shuster, Super- man made his debut on the cover of the first issue of Ac- tion Comics. 42 That Was Then Disappointments domi- nated the winter Olympics for the Americans. Speed skater Dan Jansen, whose sis- ter had died of cancer a few days earlier, took two falls that cost him the gold, and figure skater Debi Thomas settled for a bronze after a regrettable slip during her routine. Soviet Katarina Witt was awarded the gold. Nancy Reagan ' s special in- terest in astrology surprised the nation in May. Former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan revealed Mrs. Reagan ' s secret in his book For the Record , in which he portrays her as a " scheming image - conscious first lady who depended heavily upon a astrologer ' s stargazing pre- dictions. " San Francisco as- trologer Joan Quigley openly admitted to being Mrs. Re.i- gan ' s consultant, likely on decisions such as time of travel, meetings, and treaty signing. Willie Darden, after being on Florida ' s death row for 14 years and six stays of evecu- tion, was put to death in Jan- uary for the murder of a fur- niture store owner in 1973. Opponents of the e e ution issue thought he rec ieved an unfair trail and proponents felt the longevity of the im- proved how the legal system offers the accused endless chances to appeal. Bass player for the rock group Motley Crue, Nikki Syxx, testified in a $1.2 mil- lion lawsuit in Athens, Ala- bama May 11, 1988. Bobby Miller and David Wrighl re- cieved injuries at a Huntsv, ille concert as a result of alleged debris from a special effects explosion. The two sued the band, the city of Huntsville, Von Braun Civic Center, and Sound Seventy Productions. Syxx testified that the special effects materials used b the band were safe and he had no idea how the youths re- ceived the injuries. George Michael ' s solo de- but album " Faith " and the movie soundtrack " Dirt s Dancing " took turns at the number one spot on the Top Pop Albums Chart. Cher had back-to-back Top 30 hits for the first time since 1974. Country Gramrm Winner. Randy Tra is took home five TNN Viewers Choice awards, two of which were for his al- bum " Always and Fore That a . Thrn 4 3 iS TSU contestants prac " ce for il i " ««nberof, h e P gent. 44 Features The Tradition Continues Lisa Palmisano Section Editor Cara English Jeff Freeman Regina Hudson Tim Jacobs Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy Mand Merrill Photographers t ' ontrihuting Editor Foatt Junior Misses at Troy State Troy State University has be- come the home away from home for a special group of young ladies. Talented, attractive, and possessing congenial per- sonalities while maintaining excellence in academics, characterize these special la- dies known to all as Junior Misses from their respective states. The Junior Misses are of- fered scholarships to TSU in reward for their accomplish- ments. While attending TSU, the Junior Misses play active roles on campus not only as liasions for the University, but also in such organizations as Pied Pipers, Trojan Ambas- sadors, TSU Drama Produc- tions and the Miss TSU pag- eant. This year we wish to welcome Erica Phillips, Kasey Kendall, Mary Elkins and Te- resa McKinney to the TSU role of honor. Front Row: Amanda Ober Tammy Wood, Dr. Adams, Liz Williams and Dottie Joe Brown-Davis. Back Row: Tarita Brown, Becky Feria, Kasey Kendall, Gena Benkowski and Jenny Atkinson. 46 Junior Misses I I ri( ,i Phillips Junior Miss Vermont Mary Elkins Junior Miss Ohio lunio ' 4 | . :m£ » B7 -• 4 1 A a K ft • Jtf , .(• N . ri i Gena Bentkowski (a 5 Homecoming Que$n 48 Homecoming r ' - ' -. s 4 ( i ft V 7 3 -• w Gretchen Crim KriNta Innun Homecoming 49 Another Side of Homecoming 50 Homecoming Opposite P nr: - ' l s( c p.iics in the i lome on • Bottom Left Gena Hemkowskt and ( ii-orge Dolhard • ompany at the Homecoming Ball Bottom Rinht S ( on Buff helps him- lell 10 tome tantih ing punch I " ' •— fc tH ■U This Pjffe: Top Left Mr irgil ( ol- a lins km eises 1 Cil Ifd Top Right: The In w MB lion at Chancellor and Mn A ' ijrm ' home wjs enjoyed by man) guestt Bottom William Hornsby, Judy An- ' gk_ 1 a H A derson and William Hopper rec i . TSL National Alumni Award ' 111 vh ■ " • ami H Lt a B r— 3 V J % w a ' ■ J, s, m ' VST- . li Homecoming 51 A Blast 52 Homecoming Oppositv f j)(c: fop Pam GooiIvmi. .iml I is.i I from Alpha Delta PI Big Brother? Bill i libbard and I omnt) Pmton Kllddle it rsi ttudenti did d ( .ir Imagine what the) did ' " i n- l nivrrsiU ot Norlli .t - Bottom fifty l line land • our dr This pjgv: Iiiik ' t gesture from T- K( ) ( on bettei believe m are number oiii ' i Homecoming 53 They ' re Hot but Row One: Scott Dew, Fred Waters, Louis Soission, Frank Maxwell, Chip Chance, Doug Mims and Sean Pe- ters. Row Two: Jim Babb, Chris Ad- ams, Chris McCracken, Chuck Boggs, Neal Nash, Richard Leffew, Larry Gay and Dario Grasso. 9 •» i } j A J ' B d - 1 L m w J|M I BL g ' 7 " • ■• ■■ ■■ ■■ mm m mm a I mb • | »- -v r-?jcag§ | 1 The SAEs entertain the crowd dur- ing admission. Neal Nash, second runner-up. 54 " Most Wanted Ma n " He ' s Wanted!! Have you ever wondered what the male equivolant to Miss TSU might be? The AD- Pis sponsered a Most Wanted Man contest May 3, 1988. The men competed for the " Most Wanted Man in Troy " title and 50 dollars in cash. A total of 16 men competed. The contest started out with an introduction by the Mis- tress of Ceremonies, Lisa Sprague. During the two in- termissions for judges to compile scores, there airbands for entertainment. Also during admissions, door pri es were ni cn out. The field was narrowed to the top eight and from their the top three were (h(. Second runner-up was Jim- my Babb, sponsered by Phi Mu and the " Most Wanted Man in Troy " was named Scott Dew, sponsered also by Phi Mu. Neal Nash, Scott Dew and Jim Babb. Jim Babb, first runner-up. Scott Dew Mom Wanted Man ' ted Mar Miss TSU 1988 Joanne Stone 56 Miss TSU - m 6 ll " f 1 u IBB J V ' ■ A rhe annual Miss t r « Stati t) pageant was m us 17th • isK-iu • and this partk liijr • In the t hr ■ I Hardin. 1985, An d Laura Benifield, 1987. Something that ttended i it the same luring the 1987 fall qu Trcsj Hardin p 1987 and now works in the I 51 missions Office Amanda Ober graduated winter quarter 1988 and works in her home state ot Hampshire at a television station Laura Benefield is currently attend- ing 1 ' This year ' s pageant hosted 30 Sutf women sponsored by many different organizations. The Satur- day evening contest ended months of physical and mental preparation II as a week of grueling pra - tices, rehearsals and sleepless nights The competition began with inter- views with the )udges all day Fndas The ulmination of the dav ' s esents came with the talent segment of the pageant that night, but the most ex- (iting part was to be the following night The emcee was Bob Howell, a TSU graduate and WSFA-T news direc- tor. Howell has hosted the pageant for the 12th year. As the contestants came out on stage during the Latin American theme and performed a dance to " La Bamba " , Howell intro- duced them with excitement. FinalK, after much anticipation and audience guessing of who was going to be cross ned Miss TSU 1988, the actual moment had slowK ar- rived! Drum roll please . . . Fourth runner-up was Leslie Fuller, Third runner-up was Li il- liams, Second runner-up «js M - loni Thompson, First runner-up vsas Sikki Risers and Mis- Trov State University 1988 ssas loanne Stone Coincident, Laura Benetiel. TSU 1987) had a wonderful time crowning her roomiru ' Top:Trm SttM vs.i- treated to a per- formance bs the three presiot TSUs still on campus Middle LafltJOMMM voneibefore she kness she vsjs going to b TSU ' 88 competes m bathing suit Middle Right: loanne Stone wearing the Mid I s l Cfown her roommate had the previous sear Bottom: MitS TSU and her court • Behind the Scenes of Miss TSU This Page: Tired Jacqueline Smit h is revived with a kiss from escort Mike Dickson. Opposite Page:Jop:The Miss TSU contestants realize that practice makes perfect. Bottom Left: The 1987 Miss TSU, Laura Benefield goes through the steps of her opening act Bottom Right: Jacqueline Smith dili- gently works on preparation liss TSU 1 |L A ■V F m 1 PJ 1 4 Bl B 1 p pt [BBMLBt BS 1 V J f fl Mm TSU 59 Miss TSU Finalists First runner-up, Nikki Rivers, gave the Miss TSU audience a skin-chilling performance when she sang the popular " Sister " from the movie, " The Color Purple. Miss Riv- ers won the talent segment of the pageant. Second runner-up, Me- loni Thompson, realizes that hard work and dedication have their rewards. " You have to be in the right state of mind and concentrate your hardest if you want to do well, " she said. Nikki Rivers First Runner-up Meloni Thompson Second Runner-up yikk JH HW Mi S .•-1 i — 1 60 Miss TSU W J ' ■ t ' i» " J t - " ! ••»i 4s= i ■ ■. V " " r Third runner-up, Elizabeth Williams (top), participates in intramural sports and per- haps her being an athlete gave " shape " to her sweep- ing away with winning the bathing suit segment of the pageant. Fourth runner-up, Leslie Fuller (bottom), said the main segment of the pageant was the talent since it is 50 per- cent. " I worked with Miss Mary Mims and together we found a song and worked with it until we both felt good about my singing it " . Liz Williams Third Runner-up Leslie Fuller Fourth Runner-up Mim TS who s who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Georgia Grant Baribeau: Beta Upsilon Sigma, Dean ' s List, President ' s List, Phi Beta Lambda, Circle K, Ad Club, vice president; SIFE - Adams - Bibby Chair. Johnnie Katrina Blanken- ship: Alpha Lambda Delta, treasurer and senior advisor; Gamma Beta Phi, treasurer; Omicron Delta Kappa, Square Root Math Club, president; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon little sister, Trojan hos- tess. Glenn Scott Bluff: Gamma Beta Phi, Trojan Ambassa- dors, president; Young Re- publicans, Student Govern- ment Justice, Sigma Chi, scholarship chairman; SIFE. John Russell Campbell: Gamma Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Student Government, president; secretary; senator; university standing commit- tee; Panhellenic Council, Pi Kappa Phi, secretary; Chi Omega Big Brother, Foren- sics Team, intramurals, Ala- bama President ' s Council, vice-president. Sharon Reginia Bradley: Alpha Lamnbda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Sigma, warden; Alpha Kappa Alpha, president; Co- lorguard, Concert Band, Special Support Services Tu- tor. I lM . 1 i » " prr i 1 2L " i » ' . » Cara Leigh Carter: Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Beta Lambda, fund raising chairman; DPMA, SNEA, Chi Omega, rush chairman; secretary as- sistant; Band, colorguard; Dean ' s List. Gerald A. Brooks: Omi- cron Kappa Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Alabama Associ- ation of Teacher Educators, Association of Childhood Education International, Stu- dent Government Senator, Sigma Chi , historian, schol- arship committee; Phi Mu Sweetheart. Angela G. Chancey: Kappa Delta Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, AATE, SNEA, Phi Theta Kappa, National Honor Fraternity of Junior Colleges, Tutorial Assistant Program, Divisional Award of Merit in English, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. 62 Who ' s Who Cinda Kay Clingenpeel: Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Psi Chi, vice-presi- dent; Sigma Alpha Sigma, Vlortar Board, Omicron Del- ia Kappa, Alpha Gamma Del- ia, standards chairman; vice- Dresident of scholarship rommittee; Lambda Chi Al- )ha little sister, Panhellenic )rug and Alcohol Abuse lommittee. Kendall Martin Coates: Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Beta Upsilon Sigma, Mortar Board, treasurer; Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, treasurer; president; chan- cellor; Dean ' s Student Advi- sory Council, Wesley Foun- dation, Campus Outreach, Sigma Chi, representative- at- large; assistant treasurer; Intramurals. Angela Veronica Cole- man: Alpha Lambda Delta, se retary; Phi Eta Sigma, trea- surer; Omic ron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Troy State Gospel Chior, section leader ; parlimentarian; Pre-College Orientation leader, Trojan Ambassador, Adams ( enter Union Board, public ity c hair- man; Student Government, justice; senator; Resident As- sistant, Baptist Student Union, Panhellenic Scholar- ship Award, Alpha Kappa Al- pha, parlimentarian; Tropoli- tan, reporter; Public An- nouncer for Adams Center. Elaine Frances Cox: dam- ma Beta Phi, Student Nation- al I due ation Assoc ution, Vice-president; Assoc iation for Childhood Education, Circle k, treasurer; Alpha Gamma Delta, philanthropy c hairman; Lambda Chi Alpha little sister, Tropolitan, re- porter; Intramurals, Student Government, student repre- sentative; Summer Orienta- tion Student Assistant. Harriet Jo Dillard: Alpha ambda Delta, Beta Beta leta, president; Gamma Beta ' hi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pre-Medi- :al and Allied Health Club, Natural Science Learning -enter Tutor. Emmie JoRetta Dunnaway: Mortar Board, communica- tions chairman; Gamma Beta Phi, Society of Professional Journalists, membership chairman; Tropolitan, assis- tant business manager; staff reporter; advertising sales- man; Kappa Delta Sorrorm, Circle K, Student Govern- ment, senator; Homecoming Attendant. Charles Michael Elmore: Alumni Hall Proctor, Center- bury Club, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, sports chairman; assis- tant pledge trainer; Kappa Delta big brother, Troy Suite Baseball Team, four year let- terman; all-conference play- er, Clements Award, Balti- more Orioles Baseball Team. Rebeca Feria: Mpha Lambda Delta, historian; Phi Eta Sigma, Pre-Medical Club Alumnae, Tri-Beta Biolog Honor Society, ice-p dent; ISCO, secretar , . president; - ir Force ROTC, Assistant Resident Director, Panhellenic Council, treasur- er Mpha Gamma Delta, pan- hellenic delegate; l nivt Dancers Intramurals Uh«. .Who 63 Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities Eric Reese Finch: Alpha Phi Sigma, vice-president; Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Stu- dent Government, senator; university standing commit- tee; Resident Assistant, TSU Gospel Choir, executive as- sistant; assistant treasurer; Troy State Band. Vera Ellen Henken: Gam- ma Beta Phi, HPER Club, president; Catholic Campus Ministry, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, secretary; Delta Kappa Epsilon little sis- ter, Special Olympics, co- program coordinator; HPER Curriculum, student repre- sentative; Physical Education Curriculum, student repe- sentative, Intramurals, co- captain. 64 Who ' s Who and Colleges Julie Ann Forrester: Gam- ma Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, president; Angel Flight, parliamentarian; Stu- dent Government, senator; Panhellenic Council, secre- tary; Alpha Gamma Delta. - v id Kr (V. ii Lisa Suzanne Hill: Beta Upsilon Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Mortar Board, American Advertising Federation, Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Delta Pi, scholarship chairman; Troy State Volleyball Team. Scott Alan Gilbert: Gam- ma Beta Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, IFC Judiciary Committee, justice; Sigma Pi Fraternity, president; treasurer; sear- gent at arms; Debate and For- ensics Team, graduate assis- tant; Intramurals. T ftg rf | 7S j Rev Z " ' iw ■ ■ II T s Krista Dawn Inman: Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Omicron Del- ta Kappa, Who ' s Who, AATA, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Gamma Delta, treasurer; rush counselor; Sigma Chi little sister, Troy State Cheer- leader, Intramurals, Trojan Ambassador, Pre-College Orientation Leader, Home- coming Court. Bart Fletcher Hendricks: Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Square Root Math Club, vice-president; DPMA, Baptist Stude nt Union. Donna Jean Ivey; Alphi Lambda Delta, Gamma Bete ' Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Bet; Lambda, treasurer; Kapp; Delta Sorority, editor, presi dent, best sister; Intramurals Trojan Hostess, President ' List, Dean ' s List, George C Wallace Leadership Scholar ship, Blount Scholarship American Legion Scholar ship, Kappa Delta Founda tion Scholarship. Michael Angelo James: Mortar Board, special pro- jects chairman; Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, induction treasurer; news editor; junior advisor; presi- dent; Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Kappa Del- ta Pi, Alabama Association of Teacher Educators, Troy State Afro-American Soci- ety, chaplain; president; Stu- dent Government, presi- dent; vice-president. Alex Johnson III: Omu rot) Delta Kappa, Alpha Psi Ome- ga, vice-president; Troy State Gospel Chior, artist; Alpha Phi Alpha, vice-president; " Othello " , " Master Harold and the Boys " , Pied Pipers, " One Flew Over the Cuck- oo ' s Nest " , " The Member of the Wedding " , " Of Mice and Men " , Best Supporting Ac- tor, Ryan Acting Awards, fi- nalist. Linda Kay Lee: Alpha Lambda Delta, Omu ron Del- ta Kappa, Moi tai Boai d . sophomore advisor ( ommit- tee chairman, Gamma Beta Phi, Math Club, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, president; philan- thropy chairman; standards committee; pledge class rit- ual chairman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister, Ingall ' s Award Committee. Michael Thompson lee: Gamma Beta Phi, Student Government, attorney gen- eral; Resident - ssist.ini Manager of Dill Apartments, Campus Outrea( h, mai men! team; soc | h.mman; Pi Kappa Phi, t haplain, i chairman, little sister chair- man, Kappa Delta Big Broth- er, ForensiCS Team, Intra- murals. Laura Virginia Leverette: Alpha Lambda Delta, treasur- er; Phi Eta Sigma, Square Root Math Club, Data Pro- cessing Management Associ- ation, Trojan Ambassador, Chi Omega Sorrority, assis- tant pledge trainer; vice- president; Collegiate Sing- ers, Summer Opera Work- shop, Miss TSU Pageant. Tina Lynn Lockett: Phi Al- pha Theta, treasurer; Troy State Debate Team, Student National Education Associ- ation, Young Republicans, Canterbury Club, vice-presi- dent; Chi Omega, treasurer; secretary; activities chair- man. John Wiley Lott: Phi Alpha Theta, sec retar ; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities, Academic All American, Omicron Delta Kappa, President ' s List, Young Republicans, presi- dent, Campus Crusade for Christ, Sigma Chi, Alabama College Republicans, execu- tive director. Gayle Dawn Luhmann: M- pha Lambda Delta. Gamma Beta Phi, Mortar Board Omi- ( ron Delta kapp. S ■■■ Tau Delta, Alpha Delta Pi Soror- ity , president se retary » - c ial c hairman, reporter, co- rush chairman, musi leader; Palladium, i opy editor Tro- jan Ambassador, Pre-CoJIege Orientation I eader riting Centei tutor Athletic De- partment tutor. Computer- works tutor • ' • ' 65 Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Dale R. Lunn: Student Government, secretary, chief justice, justice, senator, university standing commit- tee; Delta Chi Fraternity, De- bate Team. Amy Joy Markert: Alpha Horace Wayne Martin: Al- Lambda Delta, historian; Phi P na Lambda Delta, Gamma Eta Sigma, Pre-Med and Al- Beta Phi Sigma Tau Delta, lied Health Club, treasurer; Student Government, sena- resident director, Alpha Del- tor ' vice-president; West- ta Pi Sorority, historian, open minister Club, IFC, president; rush chairman; Sound of the Delta Chi Fraternity, vice- South, president. Christine N. McComb: Kappa Delta Pi, AATE, SNEA, ACEI. Meriann Theresa Mincey: Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Tro- jan Seahorses, ISCO, Catho- lic Campus Ministry, Chi Omega Sororoty, activities chairman; French Club, president. Sherri Lynn Musgrove: Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Tho, Sigma Delta Chi, Trojan Hostess, Wesley foun- dation, aerobic instructor; Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, activities and social chair- man; Sigma Alpha Epsilon lit- tle sister; Trojan Talk, coor- dinator and host; Dating Game, contestant coordina- tor, Intramurals, volleyball, basketball, softball. Amanda Forbes Ober: Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, vice-presi- dent; Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, vice- president, social chairman; Pi Kappa Phi little sister, drama productions, The Dining Room, Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, See How They Run; Trojan Ambassador, Miss TSU, TSU-TV, reporter. Ginger Marie Piazza: Gamma Beta Phi, Psi Chi, Trojan Ambassadors, resi- dent assistant, Catholic Cam- pus Ministry, Panhellenic council, first vice-president; Phi Mu Sorority, panhellenic representative; Palladium, fashion editor; President ' s List, Dean ' s List, Student Af- fairs Committee. 1 66 Who ' s Who Jeannine Louise Porter: Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, vice-president; Square Root of C Math Club, Canterbury Club, Kappa Del- ta, president, vice-president, treasurer; Ingalls ' Award Committee, Homecoming Attendant, Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universi- ties, National Collegiate Leadership Award, Pre-Col- lege Orientation leader, Tro- jan Ambassador. Jeffrey Herbert Preston: Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Upsilon Sigma, IFC, treasur- er; Sigma Pi Fraternity, presi- dent, treasurer; Adams Cen- ter Union Board, union pro- gramming, vice-chairman. Kathleen L. Pure ell: Gam- ma Beta Phi, Alpha I ambda Delta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pre-Medical and Allied Health Organization, re- cording se retary; Pre Medical Advisory Board, SGA, senatoi , sec i etary; Cowart, secretary; Panhel- lenic Council, president; Chi Omega, rush counselor, in- formation chairman, panhel- lenic representative; Student Publications Board, Centen- nial Homecoming Commit- tee. Sharon Lynn Reed: Gam- ma Bet.i Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Assoc lation for Childhood Education, Penhellenic Council, representative; Phi Mu Fraternity, V U e-presi- dent, ritual I hairman, W ho - Who Among Students in American Colleges and I Di- versities, Dean ' s I ist Julie Kay Saunders: Gam- ma Beta Phi, Kappa Delta Pi- , secretary; Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Asso- ciation for Childhood Educa- tion, social committee; Kappa Delta Sorority, vice- president, project excel- lence chairman; Pi Kappa Phi, little sister, pledge class sweetheart, fraternity sweet- heart; Association for Ameri- can Teacher Education, Stu- dents ' National Education Association. Valerie Elaine Seymour: Sigma Alpha lota, choral di- rector, editor; Collegiate Music Educators ' National Conference, representative; Wesley Foundaton, secre- tary, choir; International Stu- dent Culture Organization, Madrigals, Collegiate Sing- ers, section leader, vice- president. Wayne Allen Simpkins: Alpha Psi Omega, president, vice-president; Pied Pipers, president; Publicity Direc - tor-theater productions; Lamdba Chi Alpha Fraternity , vice-president; Pla makers. Cast of Theater Productions, two leading roles, six sup- porting roles; Forensics League, president, qualifier for national AFA NIET. Anita Cwen Stone: Gam- ma Beta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, president; Adams Center Union Board, chair- person; Alpha Gamma Delta Sororiu , treasurer, ritual and rush chairman; Pi kappa Phi fratnerit little sister V ho i ho 67 Who ' s Who among students in American Universities and Colleges Susan Diane Story:Alpha Lamba Delta, Music Educa- tors ' National Conferece, secretary; Sigma Alpha lota, corresponding secretary; Sound of the South March- ing Band, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band, Academic Ail-American President ' s List, Dean ' s List. Michael Laveon Walden: Al- pha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, president; Sigma Tau Delta, Alumni, assistant director; Clements, assisant director; Pied Pipers, Lead in two the- ater productions. Susan Willoughby: Mortar Board, secretary; Alpha Lamba Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Alabama Association of Teacher Edu- cation and School o Educa- tion, Curriculum Commit- tee, student advisor. Not Shown: Kimberly Denise Baxley: Gamma Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Psi Chi, Phi Beta Lambda, Circle K, vice-presi- dent, Baptist Student Union. Dolores Theresa Coho- lich: Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Theta Tau, Gamma Beta Phi, Stu- dent Nurses ' Association, senior president; Catholic Campus Ministry, Pi Kappa Phi little sister, Troy State track team, Troy State cross- country team. G reta Jean Kantor: Gam- ma Beta Phi, Alpha Delta Ep- silon, Pre-Med Club, TSU Cheerleader, secretary; Kappa Delta Sorority, maga- zine chairman, money-mak- ing chairman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister. James M. Carlile: Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Beta Beta Beta, chairman, high school relations committee; Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Pre-Medi- cal and Allied Health Club, secretary, Square Root of C Math Club, Academic Ail- American Collegiate Award, Outstanding College Stu- dents of America. Wendy Rene Lanham: Psi Chi, secretary treasurer; Sig- ma Alpha Sigma, Students in Free Enterprise, founding member; Panhellenic, junior delegate; Alpha Gamma Del- ta Sorority, panhellenic dele- gate, Sound of the South, majorette. Leigh F. Golden: Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha lota, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, ritual chairman; Palladium, section editor, associate editor. Anne Marie Pofahl: Alpha Delta Pi, chapter reporter; Tropolitan, features editor, assistant editor. 68 Who ' s Who Wh o ' s Who AMONG STUDENTS IN knerican T Jniversities . CpU e g es Each year Troy State University recognizes a select group of students by electing them to Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. The University ' s selection commit- tee is appointed by Chancellor Adams, and includes representatives recommended by the dean of each school and college within the University and from the Division of Stu- dent Affairs. All members of TSU faculty, staff, and ad- ministration are requested to nominate stu- dents whose academic achievement, partici- pation and leadership in academic and extra- curricular activities, citizenship and service to the University, and promise of future use- fulness are deserving of special recognition. The selection committee evaluates each nominee and selects the most deserving stu- dents for inclusion in Who ' s Who. Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award Linda Lee and Russ Campbell were the recipients of the Al- gernon Sydney Sullivan Award for 1988. The Alger- non Sydney Sullivan Award is presented annually to a male and a female student based upon their inspirational ex- ample to others. Lee, a senior mathematics major, was cited for " her de- votion to scholarship and to the spirtual well-being of all people which makes her a natural, inspirational leader. " " I was surprised and very excited, " said Lee. Campbell, a senior political science and economics ma- jor, was cited for his " sincere and abiding concern for the welfare of his fellow students which has merited the re- spect of his peers, faculty, ad- ministration and communi- ty. " " I feel like I ' ve reached the pinnacle of my education here at Troy State, " said Campbell. " I was very sur- prised and very honored. " Left to Right: Dr. Edward Barnett, Linda Lee, Russ Campbell, Dr. Ralph Adams and Mr. Jim O ' Neal, Chair- man of Sullivan Award Committee. 70 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Ingalls Award Left to Right: Dr. Edward Barnett, Matt Campbell and Dr. Ralph Ad- ams. The recipient of the 1988 In- galls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching, the highest honor a Troy State University faculty member can receive, was instructor Matt Campbell. The Ingalls Award consists of $1000 and a plaque presented by the In- galls Foundation of Birming- ham. The Foundation sup- ports quality teaching in col- leges and universities. Composing the selection committee was a group of students each representing his own academic discipline. The members select the re- c ipient through a series of lengthy meetings, narrovMni; the many applicants to onk three or four finalists. Then aftei t fit ' finalists .ire ob- served in their classrooms In the committee members one finalist is chosen. The choice is often er difficult because of the outstanding finalists. Ingalls ward " 1 Honors Convocation Congratulations go out to the thirty-five students awarded for their academic excellence and leadership qualities at Troy State Uni- versity. These students were recognized at the 1988 Hon- ors Convocation. The awards received at Honors Convocation in- clude: Susan Story, Sigma Al- pha lota Scholarship Honors award; Mary Coleman Hunt, Psi Chi and the Virgil L. Col- lins Mathematics awards, Rhonda Strong Tarbon; Sig- ma Tau Delta award, the Benard E. Williams Award for Excellence in English and the Eric Rodgers Phi Beta Kappa Association award; Richard H. Sobottka, Phi Gamma Nu Scholarship Key and the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship award; Rosa- linda Skeen, Professor Ray Mathis Award and the Ox- ford Scholarship, Steven M. Campbell; Sorrell College of Business Wall Street Journal Student Achievement award; Susan Lumpkin, the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants Accounting Achievement award. Harold Brackins, the Areo- space Studies Outstanding AFROTC Senior Cadet award; Michael Walden, the Colonial Dames of America Paper award; Kimberly Mi- chelle Stocks, the Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Graduate award; Talisman Ford, the Phi Alpha Theta Scholastic award. Amanda Helen Bast, the Music Department ' s Out- standing Senior award; Amy Michelle Meacham, the Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic award; Susan Willoughby, the Mor- tar Board Spires Honor Soci- ety Faye Ellis Memorial Scholarship award ; Glenn Scott Buff, the TSU English- Speaking Union Oxford Scholarship. Samuel Pearson Westmoreland, the Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Freshman award; Kendall Martin Coates, the Phi Eta Sigma Golden Key award; Lisa Suzanne Hill, the Joyce Sorrell award; Christian Al- len Palmer, the James Burns Clements award; Sheryl Anne McKnight, the School of Nursing Georgia Irene Gill Davis Memorial award. Julie Ann Forrester, the Out- standing Journalism Gra- duate award; Catherine Work, the Alpha Psi Omega award; Dorothy Richardson, the Art and Classics award for Scholarship and Leader- ship; Kelly Laroche, the W.P. Lewis Outstanding Ju- nior in Education award; Anita Chappell, the R.H.Er- vin Outstanding Senior in Education award; and Mary Ann Armour, the Eulene Hawkins Social Work Award. The Collegiate Singers perform during the Honors Conovation. 72 Honors Convocation Stanley !■ lpha Phi Sikiii.i ( t iminal Justu • » I ( ■r.nluate award to Y Carolyn Gibson bestowed thi ' ■ ' tar Board Spires Honor So lei . I • . •• Ellis Memorial Scholarship award to Susan Wiloughby. Julie Forrester is presented the Out- standing journalism Graduate award by Dean Merrill Banker Hon Honors Convocation Dean James Kimbrough presents Anita Chappell the R.H.Ervin Out- standing Senior award. Dr. Amanda Baker presents to Sheryl Anne McKnight, the School of Nursing Georgia Irene Gill Davis Memorial Award. Dr. John M.Long presents to Susan Story the Sigma Alpha lota Scholar- ship Honors award. 74 Honors Convocation Or Gerald - ' ( impbell the Sorrell Business Wall Street Journal St A hievemenl Su Hill receives the Joyce Sorrel award from Dr. Edward Barnett. Herbert Reeves awards the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity the 1987- 88 S holarship tropl S itton receives it with pi Hon, Cr ' s P and h fa dafe IOy the homecom, n 8 game. TSVK Bott onv s ectio n r J» " ° " 76 Classes The Tradition Continues (ZCtu ea Rachel Palmore Section Editor Ncreida Dew hern I ori Featheringill Cara English Pamela Goodwil Jeff Freeman Mand Merrill Regina Hudson ' isa Palmisano Tim Jacobs Melanie SftSMf Ed Moseley Jennifer Sohn Donald Norsworthy ,:uina Westfcroofc Photographers Worfj W halo ( ntrihutinx l.ditor ■ i 77 ABERCROMBIE, WILLIAM; Douglas, CA ADAIR, RACHAEL; Troy, AL ADAMS, CHRISTI, Vero Beach, FL ADAMS, CHRIS; Clayton, AL ADAMS, DAVID; Troy, AL ADAMS, PATRICIA; Brundidge, AL ADAMS, ROBERT; Venice, FL ADAMS, WILLIAM; Odenville, AL ADVANI, GAUTAM; India AGNEW, LAWANDA; Montgomery, AL ALAND, BEVERLY; Largo, FL ALEXANDER, BARRY; Valparaiso, FL ALEXANDER, EARNETVINE; Montgomery, AL ALEXANDER, FELICIA; Montgomery, AL ALEXANDER, JEFFREY; Tifton, GA ALLEN, KENDALL; Ariton, AL AMAN, DIANE; Troy, AL ANDERSON, BEVERLY; Midway, AL ANDERSON, BRETT; Panama City Beach, FL ANDERSON, JASON; Enterprise, AL ANUSZEWSKI, ALIS; Prattville, AL ARD, PAMELA; Webb, AL ARD, STACEY; Dothan, AL ARD, TRACEY; Dothan, AL ARMSTRONG, SCOTT; Dothan, AL ARMSTRONG, SHAY; Greenville, AL ARMSTRONG, WILBRUN; Ramer, AL ATKINSON, JENNIFER; Greeley, CO ATWATER, YOLANDA; College Park, CO AUSBURN, JEFFREY; Gadsden, AL AUSTIN, MICHAEL; Umatilla, FL AVERA, JOAN; MacClenny, FL BAAS, TROY; Mobile, AL BABB, MALCOLM; Daphne, AL BACKENSTO, PATRICIA; Orlando, FL BAILY, JENNIFER; Pensacola, FL BAILY, RICHARD; Pensacola, FL BAKER, BEVERLY; Tuskegee, AL BAKER, NATALIE; Montgomery, AL BALLARD, LORETTA; Ramer, AL BALLARD, RAY; Tuskegee, AL BALLARD, WENDY; Luverne, AL BANKS, WILLIAM; Hurtsboro, AL BANKS, WILLIE; Dothan, AL BANKSTON, LESLIE; Niceville, FL BARDLING, JANICE; Montgomery, AL BARKSDALE, MARK; Huntsville, AL BARNES, COREY; Repton, AL BARNES, MATTHEW; Elba, AL BARR, TONY; Troy, AL BARRON, GWENDOLYN; Troy, AL BARRON, JEFFREY; Troy, AL BARTON, TINA; Eufaula, AL BASS. VALERIE; Lockhart, AL BATIE, FATIMA; Troy, AL BATIE, LORETTA; Troy, AL BATTIN, LESLIE; Panama City, FL BAXTER, KAREN; Troy, AL BAYLES, PAMELA; Union Springs, AL BEASLEY, BOBBY; Luverne, AL BEATTY, CATHY; Troy, AL BEATY, DETRA; Louisville, AL BECKMAN, TONI; Gautier, MS 78 Freshmen n J r L ° " ° T H I BIK IKK. ROBIKI, M.. M 1511 1 . DANA. Monigi Hill. I)- SIH. Ozark. Al Hill KOI ASD. Elba. Al KISS IKK s. I„ ... AL Kissi 1 1 |ASON Eufaula, Al Bl SSI TT TRACY; V. Al BIKKY, ( HARLES; Troy, AL BIBA, PAMI1 A, Dothan. M BISHOP, ELIZABt III. Defuniak Springs, FL BLACK, GREGORY, Florence, ai BLACK, SUSAN Donakonville, GA BLACKMOs ( VNTH1A; Marianna, Fl BLACKMON, DOROTHY, Dothan. M BLAIR, DEBRA, Elba, AL BLAKELY, ANGELA, Panama ( BLASCHKA, ASTRID; Trcn Al BLEDSOE, WILLIAM, Eufaula, AL BLEICH, NICOLE, Tustin, CA BLOCKER, LORIE; Sylacauga. AL BLOCTON, JEANNIE; Selma. AL BOLER, MURRAY, Pine Hill, AL BOLIN, TIMOTHY; Cottonwood. AL BOOKER, REBECCA, Troy, M BOOTH, RICHARD, Trov Al BOOTHE. DOSS A. Opp, AL BOUCHET, soniF Vincent, Al BOUCK, RANDALL; Sarasota. FL BOWEN, TIMOTHY; Chipley, FL BOWES WFSDY, Portal, GA BOWERS, DANIEL, Dozier, AL BOWMAN, IERRY; Birmingham, AL BOYD NAS( Y; Montgomery AL BOYD, ROBERT; Lu. BOZEMAN, DENISE; Tro . Al BRACKIN. JUDY. Dothan Al BRADFORD, MARY; Huntsvil! BRASAS PISSY aldosia, GA BRANNON JF FERE Y Cl.-arf.cld PA BRASsOS LAURA Montgomers AL BRASTLEY ANDRFW l oy, AL BRANTLEY VIVIAN; Sdma, Al BRFWER, CHERYL. Birmingham. Al BRISLIS, ANDREW. Deatsvill. BRITT, IUDITH, Montgomery Al BROOKS. ANGELA. Montgomerv Al BROWS ASi.ll A. lay, Fl BROWS iimmy Live Oak, Fl BROWN. MARY Montgomerv AL BROWN MIRIAM. Opelika BROWS THOMAS B Dothan. AL BROWS THOMAxH Flomaton. Al BROWS Will ••■ . Al BROXSON IFRRY Milton. El BRl CI DENA [i-than. Al BRl ssos (AMES Baker Fl BRY AST MAKFND ' • Al BRY AST MARY BFTH Tun Al BULLOCK TrRRISA M BUOL. BOSSIl Auburndale. Fl Bl RTOS ANDRE A. Prattvill. Bl RTOS GINGER . ' . Al Bl Mt St ARIA Opeitka Al BUTLER BUTLER, KIPP; Tallassee, BUTT, KERI LYNN; New Brockton, AL BUYNAK, DEBORAH; Lynn Haven, FL BYNUM, DANYA; Eufaula, AL BYRD, ALPHONSA; Troy, AL BYRD, DONNA; Troy, AL CAIN, LAURA; Fairhope, AL CALLANS, ANGELA; Cardendale, AL CAMPBELL, CATHY; Selma, AL CAMPBELL, PAMELA; Brundidge, AL CANTY, DONNELLA; Troy, AL CAPPS, AMANDA; Dothan, AL CARLISLE, CARLA; Dadeville, AL CARPENTER, JOSEPH; Luverne, AL CARPENTER, SUSAN; Luverne, AL CARROLL, STACY; Brooksville, FL CARTER, MARTIN; Albany, GA CASTILLO, THOMAS; Pensacola, FL CASTILE, CHARLES; Bushnell, FL CAVER, PAMELA; Anniston, AL CERVERQ, RICK; Troy, AL CHAMBERS, ROBERT; Jacksonville, FL CHANCELLOR, DENISE; Troy, AL CHAPMAN, KENT; Sarasota, FL CHAPMAN, LAMAR; Brundidge, AL CHAPMAN, SIDNEY; Eufaula, AL CHESNUTT, ELIZABETH; Montgomery, AL CHESTEEN, LARRY; Dunnellon, FL CHILDS, RONALD; Phenix City, AL CHITWOOD, RANDALL; Montgomery, AL CHOQUETTE, MICHELLE; Montgomery, AL CHUNN, MARY; Uriah, AL CLARK, AMY; Hope Hills, NC CLARK, CELIA; Montgomery, AL CLARK, CHRISTY; Troy, AL CLARK, DAVID; Troy, AL CLARK, THOMAS H; Wetumpka, AL CLAWSON, MICHELLE; Trussville, AL CLAY, TRACY; Titusville, FL CLECKLER, DANI; Childersburg, AL CLECKLER, JEFFREY; Clanton, AL CLEGHORN, DEMPSEY; Arley, AL CLEMONS, RICHARD; Montgomery, AL CLOUD, MITZI; Enterprise, AL CLOWER, JIM; Troy, AL COBB, BRENDA; Tallassee, AL COBB, CHARLES; Troy, AL COKER, GEORGE; Monroeville, AL COLEMAN, AMELIA; Troy, AL COLEMAN, CURTIS; Brundidge, AL COLEY, JAMES; Montgomery, AL COLLEY, SHARON; Montgomery, AL COMSTOCK, JIM; Tipton, IN CONNER, JAMES; Hawkinsville, GA COOK, LAURIE; Union Springs, AL COOK, SANDRA; Warrior, AL COOPER, VICKI ANN; Montgomery, AL COOPER, VIVIAN; Montgomery, AL CORDREY, STAN; Haleyville, AL CORNETT, TAMMY; Cartersville, GA COSBY, CHRIS; Rutledge. AL COTTON, JEFFREY; Chamblee, GA COVINGTON, ARCHIE; Uriah, AL COX, JANINE; Birmingham, AL CRAWFORD, JAMES; Jacksonville, FL CRAWFORD, STACIE; Dothan, AL CRENSHAW, CASSANDRA; Montgomery, AL CREW, GARDNER; Birmingham, AL CREWS, HUELON; Bonifay, FL CROCKER, JANICE; Troy, AL 9 c n -z m ' £ . " £ J 80 Freshmen [ i r-.ffl.nn I ,V« J |1 ? ft r £ f«r« ° (KOOK st| M ( ki M Ml 1 . IN M kl Mill N ( MR ( ki rCHER MAR • CRYSEI CHARlOl ( I I VERHOI SI I i (I r ( I MMIS(,v MU I • ( I RENTON DAVII M c i kkii kkiMis M ( I kk MHERINI M ( i kiis i M k Hum ( i Klis. PHIIIIP. Huntiville AL ( l RIls RANDALI rroy, IMDI . IOMMi DMII Mlkl. Spring Mill II DANIEL, MAI I DANIELS, Bill DWIIls DONI D sil|s |[ Assil Brui IMSSBY. ALFRID; Eufau DANSBY, P l I V Eufaul DAUGHIRTY. I NI T Mobi • DAUGHERTY, RO DAUGHTRN SON I) -wis bisjvmis Goshen, M DAVIS, CHARLI M DAMS. CHIRIS-V Wjlusia. Al DAVIS, I E ARTls Brundidge, M DWIDSON (AMMHins Fori D Dl s j- ( k. Mobi • Dl s kl is MexanoV DEAN. ROBERT Hop.- Hull, M DEARMOS TIR|s m, ntgon er M DEAVOR, KIMBFRIV Sdma, M DEFALCO, CAPRK I Mokomrs II DEFEE, TONYA; Brantle. DIMIST CH-VRII- M DEMPsn M Rk M DISSV BR DESHIIIDs ( h- ri|s Forest Hon DEVER [Mill Troy, M DIWBIRRV NEREIDA ton on l)IM|s IOSIPH. Ijmpj II dixon c nn rro) l DOW I XSi.ll M DON M lisDS m r Fairhope M DONALDSON KOBIRT. Opp M DORsfl FTHAN Sndal isu to DOTV sTI f DOW Nil ( ON DOWNS DOSMD DO HR MKHIUI Tro M DRINK RD XSUI I itjula to Dl BOsi ( mristc)PM!K Brundid) Dl N( N Ph Dl S( vs :k 0 Ente Dl N ( OSSONDRA I i ah M Dl ss sos ' • Dl NSW VST Mil ' DWUR.DVSIH : DNkls IDW RD • VI DIMS UNNIIIR I MON si| l Norlh k Rl IDIlBIki IDW Vkl ' s kll H K ! Ill SD sHIH R ' I I kiss M k ' ' ■ HUNGION 1RM cLLIS, BRODERICK; Wetumpka, AL ELLIS, RUSSELL; Georgetown, GA ELMORE, LAURA; Florala, AL ELMORE, SUZANNE; Andalusia, AL ENGEL, DAVID; Troy, AL ESACHENKO, LISA; Bradenton, FL EVANS, LISA; Clio, AL EVERS, DIXIE; Georgiana, AL FAILS, MARY; Selma, AL FAIRCLOTH, JULIE; Grady, AL FAITH, ANDREA; Mobile, AL FALKENBERRY, STEPHANIE; Troy, AL FARRIOR, GAYLEN; Eufaula, AL FAULK, RHONDA; Honorville, AL FAULKNER, TONI; Wetumpka, AL FAVARULO, LAURA; Pembroke, FL FERNANDEZ, ROBYN; Miami, FL FIELDS, KEITH; Brewton, AL FINN, MICHAEL; Satellite Beach, FL FITZAPATRICK, JAMES; Bonifay, FL FIVIAN, MICHELLE; Dayton, OH FLEMING, EARL; Ramer, AL LORKIEWICZ, MATTHEW; Spanish Fort, AL FLOYD, CHARLES; Merritt Island, FL FLOYD, LESLI; Goshen, AL FLOWERS, DEBRA; Ocala, FL FLOWERS, LISA; Florala, AL FLOYD, HOLLY; Merritt Island, FL FOMBY, DAMEON; Alexander City, AL FORD, KRISTY; Montgomery, AL FORMAN, PATRICIA; Sarasota, FL FOSHEE, JOHN; Alexander City, AL FOSTER, BARRETT; Troy, AL FOSTER, STEPHANIE; Grady, AL FOWLER, DONNA; Atmore, AL FRANKLIN, JOHN; Troy, AL FRANKUM, WILLIAM; Montgomery, AL FREDERICK, ELIZABETH; Americus, GA FREIER, MARK; Nobleton, FL FRYER, JIMMY; Louisville, AL FUNK, HOLLY; Montgomery, AL GAINES, KENT; Mobile, AL GAMBINO, MATTHEW; Okeechobee, FL GAMMAGE, HOLLIN; Atlanta, GA GANT, CYNTHIA; Rockledge, FL GARCIA, PATRICIA; Colombia GARRETT, BRONDA; Brundidge, AL GARTMAN, ROBIN; Mobile, AL GARVIN, GARNET; Abbeville, AL GASKILL, HETHER; Ormond Beach, FL GAY, LAWRENCE; Sarasota, FL GEMME, CHRISTOPHER; Tamarac, FL GEORGE, ROBERT; Midland City, AL GERMANY, BRENDA; Montgomery, AL GEWIRTZMAN, NEIL; Montgomery, AL GIBSON, ANGELA; Selma, AL GIBBS, WILLIAM; Camden, AL GIBSON, HEZEKIAH; Brewton, AL GIBSON, JON; Opp, AL GIBSON, PAMELA; Ellijay, GA GIBSON, NANCY ; Jemison, AL GIBSON, SANDRA; Greenville, AL GILBERT, GLORY; Clayton, AL GILBERT, HEATHER; Kinston, AL GILES, ALICIA; Montgomery, AL GILLESPIE, VIVIAN; Montgomery, AL GILL, ROBERT; Winter Haven, FL GILLEY, RONALD; Dothan, AL GILLILAND, TRACI; Prattville, AL GINGRAS, PETER; Bedford, TX ngafWt 82 Freshmen fflai JTlfl t mMkM GINVARD, ( VNTHIAj If--. AL GIRDNfR. lit I. It. a. Al iRAY; Daphne, Al GOODWIN, M ' ki: ll (,u( ©WIN PAMEI ; Grand R GORDON IENNIFER; Montgi gra( l VviiiKM. [ oy, Al GRA ll KENNI in. t). Al CRAM HAM ANGIIIA. Fufaula. Al GRAVES UN ' • ■ ' . Al GRAVES, |ank l New Brockton AL GRAY, MARINA; Thomasville, Al (,riin DONALD; Brundidge, M (,KIIN. IIKR. I jlaula, AL GREEN, KIMHI Rl V, I mon Springs. AL GRIINIII. SHAWN; Dothan, Al (.RIIIIN. DONNA; Troy. Al. GRIFMN. IIFHRV rroy, AL GRIFFIN. |l NNII I R. Union Springs. Al GRIGGS. BInjamin Notasutga, Al GRISWOID. ANGIE; Bant GROSS, TRACEY; St Petersburg, FL GUNTER, TRONYA; Perry, FL GWIN, DEAN; Mom. HACKETT, MARY, Montgom.- HAGAN, GREGORY; Clearvsa-. HAGAN, TERRA; Milton, FL HAKLIN, DEBORAH; Douglas. GA HALL, JEFFREY; Brewton, AL HAMILTON, k AKIN, Montgomerv, AL HAMMOND, REBECCA, Brundidge. Al HAMPTON, ANGELA; Trov, AL HAMPTON, MARK, Rochester N HANCOCK, SHEILA; Defuniak Springs, AL IIWOS KATHRYN; Dothan At HARDEN, DALE; Banks, Al HARPER, HOLLY; Abbeville, AL HARRIS, BARBARA; Montgomery Al HARRIS, CARMFV New Brockton. AL HARRIS, EDDIE; Dothan. Al HARRIS, VALERIA; Brewton, AL HART, JILL; Brooksville, FL HART, ONDREA; Dothan Al HARTZOG, SABRINA; Dothan AL HASLF 1 ! MONK A Georgiana. AL HATFIELD, MIKE; Banks, AL HATTAWAY, Dl ANNA Opp, AL HATTEN, PAMELA, Trov. AL HAUPT, DARV Fl HAUPT, DEREK; Sarasota FL HARVARD, SCHERII. C ' restsievs Fl HAV THORN! DA ID Bradenton. FL HAYES I INI) A Marhurv. At HAM ANESSA Montgomery M HIAl IOHN Fl HF ARD. MARCIA. Montgomerv AL HI F NIK SCOTT; ero Beach. Fl HFN[)IRm n IO Orlando. Fl HINDIRm)N WIIIIAM Andalusia. Al MINDin DONALD Ktibt •• HFNIO PAl I Trov Al HERRING DIBBIF I mon Springs, Al HFWITT ll an New Orleans l a HEYMAN ( nthi Dothan ai HICKMAN VNDKIW Froj At Hl( Ks KHU laurel Hill Fl 5 KNDRI n Hill kiMBIRn Harpersville Al Hill TFRI Montgomery Al HilltR INl» Louisville Al en 83 HILLMAN, MACK; Neely, MS HINES, CARLA; Opp, AL KIM, HINES; Montgomery, AL HIVES, REHOBETH; Mobile, AL HIX, LEE ; Albertville, AL HODGES, GWENDOLYN; Troy, AL HOFFMAN, THERESA; Dothan, AL HOGAN, ANETA; Dothan, AL HOHLBAUGH, JOSEPH; Troy, AL HOLLAND, ANGIE; Dothan, AL HOLLAND, MICHAEL; Dothan, AL HOLLER, JEANETTE; Auburn, AL HOLLEY, JOHNNY; Elba, AL HOLLING, MARIE; Montgomery, AL HOLLINS, SHERRELL; Montgomery, AL HOLLIS, DAVID; Brundidge, AL HOLLOWAY, OWEN; Trussvifle, AL HOLMES, FREDERICK; Pensacola, FL HOLMES, GALE; Eastman, GA HORN, DAVID; Clayton, AL HORSLEY, JERWANDA; Abbeville, AL HORTON, JOHN; Satellite Beach, FL HOWARD, JAMES; Pensacola, FL HOWELL, CHRISTOPHER; Enterprise, AL HOWELL, DAWN; Blackshear, GA HUBER, HEATHER; Sarasota, FL HUDGENS, NOLLIE; Hope Hull, AL HUDSON, DAVID A.; Marietta, GA HUDSON, DAVID; Bessemer, AL HUFF, STEPHANIE; Camden, AL HUGHES, LEE; Ozark, AL HUGHES, TAMMY; Glenwood, AI HUGHES, TRACY; Ozark, AL HULTZ, WILFRED; Fairhope, AL HUNT, AMY KAY; Talahasses, FL HUNT, THERESA; Montgomery, AL HUNT, VALENCIA; Montgomery, AL HUTCHISON, AUDREY; Dothan, AL HYSELL, BRENDA ; Moblie, AL INGRA, WANDA; Troy, AL IRBY, REBECCA; Dothan, AL ISABELL, MICHELLE; Marbury, AL IVEY, BEVERLY; Clio, AL JACKSON, AMY; Eufaula, AL JACKSON, ANTHONY; Philadelphia, PA JACKSON, MERCHELL; Troy, AL JACOBS, RICHIE; Elba, AL JAMES, VALERIE; Troy, AL JENKINS, VERNON; Alachua, FL JERNIGA, JAMES; Mobile, AL JEHLE, GAIL; Montgomery, AL JINRIGHT, BETSY; Troy, AL JOHNSON, ALICE; Coden, AL JOHNSON, AMY; Donalsonville, GA JOHNSON, ANDY; Port Angeles, WA JOHNSON, ANN; Alex City, AL JOHNSON, CYNTHIA; Lakeland, FL JOHNSON, DARLENE; Mobile, AL JOHNSON, DAVID; Troy, AL JOHNSON, DAVID; Eufaula, AL JOHNSON, JANET; Troy, AL JOHNSON, JOHN; Glenwood, AL JOHNSON, RICKY; Mobile, AL JOHNSON, JENGER; Montgomery, AL JOHNSTON, MARK; Homewood, AL JONES, ADINE; Troy, AL JONES, BRENDA; Brundidge, AL JONES, CAREY; Dothan, AL JONES, CHESTER; Newbern, AL JONES, ELIZABETH; Troy, AL f O , mm ,_ 1 si 9 ft $ 84 Freshmen £ © wr . ' . I ft ' o e •; o .1 • 71 ffl I A rt CI A £ f . 4 . f .J- gi fv n f $ p Ionis now arm. Alabaster, Al IONES, IIMMY; Froy, Al IOMS. NADINE, I r - IONES, ROHlk i Pi :.,. n JONES, kf x,lk Fori Waltoi ; kOI ' MJ, Hr JOSIs kOI ASDO III,, SMIkllV If JORIMS. ( IMMII. Biloi |i DAH, MONA; rroy, AL KAISER, I lis Mont| Kl Al. ( YNTHIA; Enterpi Kliin. si astos Fkxala, M Klin MARTHA; I ufaula, AL KENDALI k nil. rx Kl K Ml M, MM i AL Kl I li Ik OLIVIA; Luverne At Killls(,swokin. kims, Elba, Al Kill isi.suokm, i oki. Brooksville, M KIMBROUGH. STEPHASII u,, Al kis(, ( RN.MM. Mobile, m KIRKLASD, PAMELA; Dothan, AL KIRKPATRICK. JILL. Guntersville, Al kmsir, BRisT; Montgoma KNIGHT. Bl.RIYSIM. ( amp Mill. AL KNIGHT, REGISALD; Sowton. AL KNIGHT, STEPHASIE, Newton, AL KOCK, BRADLEY; Coral Spring KSOTTS, MARK, Tros, AL KNOX, ANTHONY lit-. GA KOULOUKAS, MICHAEL. Miami, FL KRIST, MICHELLE; Dothan AL KUESTER.KIM; Eufaula, AL KUMMEL, ANTHONY; Montgomery AL KUSHMAR, TAMMY; Montgomer . KUYKENDALL. KIMS Brownsboro, AL LAGER, SEAN; Tallahassee. FL LAGRONE, TAMsn c entrevilte, AL LAGUARDIA MARK. Florala, AL LAMB, TRACEY. Wmfield, AL LAMB, PATRICK; Frostproof, FL I amberth. Java. Talhssee, Al LAMBERT. CHARLES Tms. Al LAMPLEY, CLARISSA Brundidge AL I asdri m SI AMR Wetumpka, AL LANE, DAWN Montgomery Al LANGDON, MELISSA; Birmingham, AL LASSITER, DERRK K L nion Sprint LAPP, STACEY, O ark Al LAVELY, JFSSIMR Ir.n Al LAWSOS TRAM! I A McKenl LEACH, sums Al II WINS llssiMR Spanish i hum as i Ai r a Eufaula. Al III DAVID; last Brunswick ' ill rosii rroy Al LEEPFR MARRIIT Ireland MM RI l ASC.fllSI PI II mos l asy Eastoboga AL LEONARD DONAY s •■ mos arm iyss Lakeland M in sos I OR AL LIWls |Os|pi. M II Wis I ISM A Dunrmill. 1 1 Wis PISSY: Palahatihu- Ms 1 1 Wis REGINA New Bri I HSHsn hismrk KS;Cn A MSIBIRUR IR Beaih. FL LIVINGSTON PINKY IL Frr«.hmcn 85 — — — LOGAN, JAMES; Eutaw, AL LONG, CAMIEL; Deland, FL LOPEZ, FERNANDO; Lakeland, FL LOPRESTI, KATHLEEN; Lagrange, GA LORSON, CHRISTINE; Opp, AL LOTT, LOR!, Mobile, AL LOTT, TAMMY; Union Springs, AL LOTT, TONYA; Citronelle, AL LOVVORN, CAROL; Florence, AL LOWE, ANGELA; Gordon, AL LOWELL, DENNIS; Fairhope, AL LOWMAN, DAVID; Gadsden, AL LUCAS, JAMES; Prattville, AL LUCY, STEVEN; Fort Payne, AL LUNDBERG, ROBERT; Lagrange, GA LYNN, TAMMY; Starke, FL MACK, JENNIFER; Montgomery, AL MADDOX, LONI; Montgomery, AL MADDOX, MELANIE; Childersburg, AL MADISON. BATHONIA; Montgomery,AL MADISON, SANDRA; Zolfo Springs, FL MAHAFFEY, WILLIAM; Union Springs, AL MAJORS, JOY; Troy, AL MANNING, ALICE; Palm Beach, FL MANNING, MARCUS; Monroeville, AL MARAMAN, MORT; Georgiana, AL MARRIOTT, ANNE; Phenix City, AL MARSH, ROBERT; Ariton, AL MARSHALL, STERLING; Montgomery, AL MARSHALL, JAMES; Brandon, FL MARTIN, JENNIFER; Talladega, AL MARTIN, KIMBERLY; Troy, AL MASON, JOSH A.; Brantley, AL MATTHEWS, HOLLY; Holiday, FL MATTOX, MARTIN; Grenelefe, FL MAXWELL, FRANK; Lankland, FL MAXWELL, STEPHEN; Prattville, AL MAY, LA NESA; Grady, AL MAY, SHARON; Union Springs, AL MAYS, BRENDA; Montgomery, AL MAYS, CARLOS; Tuskegee MCCALL, CHRISTOPHER; Montgomery, AL MCCARTHY, VICKI; Rutledge, AL MCCLAIN, CHANDRA; Pensacola, FL MCCLELLAN, CARA; Powder Springs, GA MCCORLEY, TAMMY; Dothan, AL MCCORMICK, DONNA; Goshen, AL MCCRARY, CARSON; Cuthbert, GA MCCRAW, MICHAEL; Bessemer, AL MCCULLOUGH, KIM; Smiths, AL MCDANIEL, HEATHER; Fairhope, AL MCDANIEL, JOHN; Prattville, AL MCDOWELL, BRAD; Sylacauga, AL MCDOWELL, ROBERT; Frostproof, FL MCDOWELL, PENNY; Montgomery, AL MCGEE, DONALD; Centerville, AL MCGINTY, MARK; Brantley, AL MCGOUGH, LETHA; Montgomery, AL MCGUIRE, CARLISE; Brundidge, AL MCKEE, KEVIN SCOTT; Atlanta, GA MCKETHAN, MARY; Brooksville, FL MCKINNEY, FLOYD; Georgiana, AL MCKINNEY, ROYCE; Ozark, AL MCKINNEY, TERESA; ANDERSON, SC MCLAIN, ROGER; Troy, AL MCLEAN, LISA; Montgomery, AL MCLENDON, DONNA; Troy, AL MCLENDON, TAMMY; Troy, AL MCLEOD, BRIAN; Troy, AL MCMICHAEL, CYNDI; Prattville, AL n p :f » On i t 0 S v ■ If. ? fi ft ft! f? r 86 Freshmen •_ p a W V M .C ti - . ' ' T 9 1 1 ! 1 IHLH v 1 fin d g £ A • 7? s n n n tit p n ft i » M NABB Al Uk A ; ■ M( wnok ilk RODNI V MEDLEY, KATHRYN AL Ml 1)1 IV k AklV Bi MIRRIIl. AMA ' Mlssik. LYNNE; H MINSK k PVR.Mk MIDDLEBROOKS ' H Ml Mil BR ( Mills ikANk Mai Mil 1 1 IK, I , CYNTHM Mil I Ik. A.NGEI Mil l Ik ( HRISTOPHER; Montgomery, Al Mllllk. ( IlklslOI ' HIk , l n. H MILLIk Dl( -Ml R Mi Al MILLER. Ill ABITH. Prattvill. MILLER. IIHkiV Hawkinsvild mii 1 1 R, joh ( New Pon F Mllllk. s| AN Al MILLIR, THOMAS, Buvston, AL miltos. u amja. rroy, Al MIMS, AM.Ill. I . Al MISC. DANIEL; Br.jr MI1CHIII M Albam, CA MIT( Mil I |ANIE; Montj MITCHLU. LOCAN; 1 jt.iuld, AL MITCHELL, SARAH Montgon ■•■■ AL Ml Ill IR AC M MOMVIOHSMI MOM V RIBIC C A MOSkOI. Allkll Brewton M MONTGOMERY, RIC; B. :«-, EL mooney, MARk Leeds AL MOORE, CARLOS; Holt.i MOORE, GORDVN Alumonte S; MOORE, TONI, Oki MORAN, LISA; Selrru AL MORGAN, TINA I roy AL MORGAN. Rl DONA Montgomc- MORIN, STEPHANIf, Tr.. MORRIS, Sllfkkl Eufaub M MORROW PAIGE; lib.! Al MOL ITkil. mic HI I LI Fitzgerald GA MULLls. MALISSA; Mulberry IL Ml ND ( AkOI Mobi ML RPin CMRISTINI Reston A MUIR MONK NAFTEL, Mill taburn u MUM AN BARR V. n, DE NIWSOMI IOIIN • MW ION PA! I I NIC HOI n RIKA Dalevil Nlkl SSSON H W NOI N IL III; Pjnjm.i City H NOI KN.LESIA NORTON CHAR1I- ODIN l)l TIR - i AL OHMAN ALISON D OII l PATRICIA V . Al OIIMR GINGER Bai ks M OHMR U ANP Bank OSBORNI PAL I ORBAl GH i IRON l dsrr il OnmiR RK H KD . si Pa • oniiin rRA " i : Ol ii W M Al Ol Tl AW RHITT Brur OWIN M RC I s P on R? OWENS, MICHAEL; Ope !,kd, AL OWENS, PAMELA; Headland, AL OWENS, SUSAN; Pine Appke, AL PAIR, DAVID; Ariton, AL PALMER, LEAH; Live Oak, FL PALMER, PATRICK; Cantonment, FL PALMER, SARA; Troy, AL PALMORE, RACHEL; Anniston, AL PANHORST, JENNY; Montgomery, AL PANTON, JENNIFER; Laurel, FL PANTON, THOMAS; West Palm Beach, FL PARKER, COMER; Dothan, AL PARKER, DIANE; Elba, AL PARKER, STEVEN; Eufaula, AL PARNELL, SCOTT; Roswell, GA PARRIS, DOUGLAS; Clewiston, FL PATOPRSTY, SCOTT; Marietta, GA PAYNE, CYNTHIA; Skipperville, AL PAYNE, PAUL; Ozark , AL PAYNE, WILLIAM; Graceville, FL PEACOCK, STEPHANIE; Samson, AL PEACOCK, TAMMY; Montgomery, AL PECCI, STACY; Lakeland, FL PECK, PATRICIA; Benton, AL PENNINGTON, ERIK; Montgomery, AL PENNINGTON, WAYNE; Troy, AL PEPPER, STAN; Lanett, AL PEPPY, ROBERT; Tuskegee, AL PETERSON, ELIZABETH; Ideal, GA PETERSON, PATRICIA; Highland Home, AL PETTIS, DAVID; Panama City, FL PETTIS, KELLY; Brandon, FL PETTUS, WARRICK; Montgomery, AL PETTWAY, LASHELE; Selma, AL PHILLIPS, CATHARINA; Chapel Hill, AL PHILLIPS, ERICA; Westford, VT PHILLIPS, ROBERT; Montgomery, AL PHILLIPS, RYAN; Montgomery, AL PHILLIPS, SHIRLEY; Montgomery, AL PICKETT, BENITA; Montgomery, AL PICKETT, STEVEN; Troy, AL PIERCE, HERBIE; Pensacola, FL PIERCE, SANDRA; Childersburg, AL PIPER, TONYA; Ozark, AL PITTMAN, JULIUS; Troy, AL PITTS, THERESA; Troy, AL PLISIEWICZ, PAUL; Erie, PA POKE, WILLIE; Ashford, AL POLK, CHARLES; Fort Meade, FL POLLAK, DIANNE; Huntsville, AL POOLE, BARBARA; Brundidge, AL POPE, ANNA; Troy, AL POPE, MARY; Troy,AL PORTER, MICHAEL; Miami, FL PORTWOOD, CARIN; Brundidge, AL POSEY, WILLIE; Greenville, AL POUNCY, JAMES; Goshen, AL POWE, SHARON; Dothan, AL POWELL, SANDRA; Montgomery, AL PRATER, MARK; Prattville, AL PRESSLEY, SARAH; Montgomery, AL PRICE, PAMELA; Ariton, AL PRICE, TROY; Fairhope, AL PRICE, VICTORIA; Jemison, AL PRIDGEN, SHERRI; DeFuniak Springs, FL PRIDGEAN, KELLY; Wewahitchka, FL PUCKETT, SALLIE; Blakely, GA PUGH, GREGORY; Union Springs, AL PULLIAM, DONNA; Robertsdale, AL PYLE, STEPHEN; Tallassee, AL o ©e r 1 f! f) wi i FE pagVH 88 Freshmen .1 »ir£.ii£ J f £ Jj A f LU. QUAlis, mmbiriv Goshen, ai (ji nils, li ihik, Lapine, m (ji INN i UtA; Iroy, AL ot inn ZANj Ml, k ( H. HMniin. Bloomingdale. RAFHNGION. ll ' .KOi k-msis li GENE; Lakland KMsn. DAVID; Brundidge, AL rmniv RONALD; Brun fidg M RAMBO, RICK; M Al RAMM1. ROBIRT. Port st be, II klDDING. PATRK IA; Eufaula, Al kllMXX II DONNA I- kIDIXX H, KIMBIklV Trov. AL REED, - mo v Hayneville, AL kill), KIMMIE, Bbkely, GA kllsi i,kl(,()kV Troy, AL REESE, ( HRISIOF ' HIR. MontKello, GA kllsi. iomi NDA; Montgomery, AL REEVES, JAMES; Gulf Shores, Al REEVES, JFNNIllk. Headland, M REEVES, STEPHANIE, Burkulle, AL REEVES, SU NN1 Jacksonville, H REGISTER, TIMOTiiv hipley, H REILLY, GIANNA; Dalewll. kINFROE, ROBFkT. Montgomery M RHYNE, DONNV Hitchcock, TX RIALS, LISA; Grady, AL RICE, ROBERT; Troy, AL RICHARDSON, GINA; Mananna, FL RICHARDSON, IULIF, Banks. M RICHARDSON, WANDA, Montgomery Al RICHARDS, LEIGH; Birmingham, Al RICH, RALPH; Bonifas 11 RICHTER, LOUIS; Sarasota, FL RIDDLE, JEFFREY; Palm Beach, FL RUGDON, DENISE; Montgom. RIGGS, ROBIN, lakeland. Fl ROACH, JILL; Andalusia, Al ROBINSON, GEORGE; Lanett, AL ROBINSON, LISA; em ( e, FL ROCHESTER, ERIC; Montevallo, AL ROE, JAMES; Pine Hid, Al ROGERS, CHARLES; Montgomery Al ROMANO, SUZANNE; Cocoa Beach FL ROSARIO, PEDRO; Puerto Rico ROSENQUIST, TR AC . Margate FL ROSS, shannon f, learwater Fl ROWINSk . MIKF. Andalus,, RUDOLPH, ERIC; luverne. AL RUSHING, GAJO GOSTM RUSHING, JAY; Montgomery Al RUTHERFORD, ANGH A. Duntamillc Al RUTLEDGE, JANNA; Tali. RYALI, BHARGWI. Montgomery AL RYLES. CARLENE; Ti SALLAS, ONTHIA Dolhan. AL SALTER WFNDN I mon Sprint SANDFRv U4 I uveme, Al sANIXRs BARBAR Banks AL SANDFRV lll ABIIU ( ol . SANDERS. ROBfRT Enterpri SANDiks SI t n froy, Al SASSlk MM ANIL Brantley Al - ss|R lOMMIF Branlle . M (,i REGINALD Montgome ' -Mllv GRA 11 Montgomery, M m RPIN- TO SANDR ■ Fl ( himmii iohn Enterprise M M HORN MKRI Fort lauderdale H Freshmen 89 SCHUNK, LAURA; Tallahassee, FL SCOTT, SUVAUGHN; Troy, AL SCOTT, WILLIAM; Montgomery, AL SCRUGGS, BRYAN; Quincy, FL SEAY, JANET LYNN; Banks, AL SEGERS, MELEA; Bonifay, FL SELLERS, KATHARINE; Holiday, FL SENECAL, DAVID; Luverne, AL SENN, CHANNING; Brundidge, AL SHAHADY, JOSEPH; Plantation, FL SHAMBURGER, STEVEN; Montgomery, AL SHARP, PATRICK; Leeds, AL SHELBY, DAVID; Herndon, VA SHEPHERD, THOMAS; Apopka, FL SHETTER, MICHEAL; Lakeland, FL SHIRAH, WILLIE; Montgomery, AL SHOEMAKER, NICOLE; Atmore, AL SHOEMAKER, MARK; Eufaula, AL SHORT, WILLIAM; Clearwater, FL SIMMONS, HERMIA; Atlanta, GA SIMS, KIMBERLY; Dozier, AL SIMS, SUSAN; Brantley, AL SIMS, TERESA; McKenzie, AL SIMS, TRACI; Luverne, AL SINGTON, FRED; Gadsden, AL SINGLETON, RODNEY; Montgomery, AL SIRMON, LISA; Silverhill, AL SMELTZER, KARL; Middleburge, FL SMITHERMAN, KAREN; Montgomery, AL SMITH, AMY; Andalusia, AL SMITH, BARRY; Blountsville, AL SMITH, BURTON; Huntsville, AL SMITH, DEBRA; Americus, GA SMITH, EVA; Georgiana, AL SMITH, KIMBERLY; Brantley, AL SMITH, KIMBERLY; Prattville, AL SMITH, MARSORIE; Montgomery, AL SMITH, MICHELE; Hinesville, GA SMITH, PAMELA; Selma, AL SMITH, PATRICK; Blakely, GA SMITH, RHONDA; Millbrook, AL SMITH, SHERRY; Marietta, GA SMITH, TIMOTHY; Montgomery, AL SMITH, TOBEY; Ormond Beach, FL SNIDER, BRYCE; Dothan, AL SOBEY, ARTHUR; Enterprise, AL SOBOTTKA, DIANA; Troy, AL SOHN, JENNIFER; Lake Placid, FL SOKOLSKI, CYNTHIA; Brooksville, FL SOLOMON, JAMES; Tallassee, AL SOUTH, CINDY; Bessemer, AL SOUTHERN, DAWN; Miami, FL SPEAKMAN, SONYA; Montgomery, AL SPEAR, TAWANA; Piedmont, AL SPIRES, QUINN; Clayton, AL SPOONER, MARY; Waycross, GA SPRINGFIELD, MICHAEL; Birmingham, AL STAFFORD, GREGORY; Hudson, FL STALEY, VICTORIA; Salem, AL STALLINGS, DUSTY; Andalusia, AL STALLINGS, WENDY; Andalusia, AL STANSBURY, VINCE; Winter Springs, FL STEARNS, STEPHANIE; Wetumpka, AL STEIN, SCOTT; Margate, FL STEINER, JEFFERY; Erie, PA STEPHENSON, CINDY; Dothan, AL STEPHENS, BEVERLY; Troy, AL STEPHENS, CYNTHIA; Troy, AL STEPHENS, RAE; Crestview, FL STEPHENS, RANDAL; Auburn, AL 90 Freshmen ZSi lit fT. u n i A $ ? il ' H STEPTOE, kki I. Gainesville M SII VINS. IK1 MA ' . SIIWAKI, AM ' STEWART, KIC HARD; Hi . STIW AK1. KOIilkl VI-... STEWART, SUSAN . Al sTIVtKS. ( AROI Andalusia. M STCM Ks, STEVEN; Sdma, AL slODDART, ASS. PutKille, Al siosi jamis. Childersburg, M STRATTON, GARY; Jacks STREIT, asdriw, Prattville, M STRICklT. ANDRI A. I: STRIKI. SHAKOS, Troy, AL STRLM. KK HARD, Birmingham STUDSTILL, LAW RISC I. Hawkinsville, CA SUCASskv si v. , Heilerton, PA SUJAS. HARESH; India SULLIV -vs. MIC HMI, W.tumpka. AL SULLIVAN, SHERRY. Fairhope, AL SULLIVAN, STEPEIASIF; Eight Mile AL SUMBRY, KEEL A, Phenn City, Al SUMMERl IS. C ASDY; Andalusia, AL SUMMERS, STEVES. P d nv IN SUTTER, BRADLEY, Sarasota, EL SWANN, SCOTT; Birmingham. Al SWINDLE, PATRICIA, Montgomery Al TANSiR, as(,h a ( rystal Rive IL I ASSER, CHARLES, Athens, GA TATE, PAMELA; Tuskeegee, AL TATOM, TONI; Dothan. AL TAYLOR. Dl ANSA Auburndale, EL TAYLOR, DEIDRA. Phennc Cits Al TAYLOR, LARRY; Tros. Al TAYLOR, SAMASTHA. Luverne, AL TAYLOR, SHIRLEY; Eufala, AL TAYLOR, SUSAS, Gadsden, AL TAYLOR, TERRY, Monroeulle, AL TENNYSON, NICKY, Montgomery AL THOMAS, DOSS A Montgomer Al THOMAS. JASOS; Tro , Al THOMAS, WILLIE. Troy. AL THOMPSOS. JENNIFER; Elorala, AL THORPE, TODD; Dothar TIDWELL, DOSSA; Highland Homo Al TILLERY, MELISSA; Tro . Al TIPPETT, DONNA, Clanton, AL TISDALE. SASDR A. Goshen AL TODD, STXO Sebring, EL IOV SMSD. BRETT; England TOWSMSD, DOROTHV Trov Al TOWSsOS IOS; Montgome- TRAMMELL AM AS!) A Birmingham. AL TRAMMlll A n Montg en Al TRIADAWAN OMNIA tadalusia, Al TRIROJ. PASOT; Thailand 11 C MR GEORGI Brent. Al TIRBFRMIll KRisT v Monro ■ Tl rsir kirn Vincent, ai el Rsik. 101s Luverne Al Tl RSIR RAMI I A Butler AL TYIIR. t " HRISTISA. Bresston Al AS Bl skIRK l)A in Ft Walton Boat h. El ss hoi IV Smiths, AL wis kHAMkls Montg ss s s( . Hollistei fi •is ribk rroj Al wsabii i amiros ral iss ICI RON Tn wcklRI C hristi McKenzie Al Freshn VICKERY, RUSSELL; McKenzie, AL WADDINGTON, MICHELLE; Leawood, KS WAGONER, BRIAN; Huntsville, AL WALDEN, JOSEPH; Gadsden, AL WALDEN, REBECCA; Cairo, GAVVAL DEN, SCOTT; Spanish Fort, AL WALDROP, DEVI; Florala, AL WALKER, DAWN; Clio, AL WALKER, JAMES; Headland, AL WALKER, PAULA; Live Oak, FL WALLEY, ROBERT; Troy, AL WALTERS, KATHY; Blakely, GA WARD, JOAN; Montgomery, AL WARD, LADON; Brundidge, AL WARR, GREGORY; Clayton, AL WARRICK, JEFFREY; Troy, AL WASHINGTON, LISA; Leeds, AL WATFORD, TRACY; Hurtsboro, AL WATFORD, VALERIE; McKenzie, AL WATKINS, MARK; Lake Mary, FL WATKINS, PAMELA; Dothan, AL WATSON, JENNIFER; Cottonwood, AL WATSON, JOSEPH; Troy, AL WEAVER, HARLIN; Clayton, AL WEBB, NINA; Prattville, AL WEBSTER, TY; Abbeville, AL WEED, KENNETH; Fairhope, AL WEINACKER, MICHELLE; Mobile, AL WELBORN, CYNTHIA; Montgomery, AL WELTER, ROBERT; Eustis, FL WEST, ANDREA; Montgomery, AL WEST, CARLETTE; Selma, AL WESTBROOK, JANNA; Elba, AL WESTMORELAND, SAMUEL; Beaumont, MS WHITE, CARL; Port St Joe, FL WITTE, JOSEPH; Miami, FL WHEELER, IRMA; Montgomery, AL WHITE, REGINA; Troy, AL WHITE, ROBIN; Eufala, AL WHITE, SHEREE; Troy, AL WHITEHEAD, LESLIE; Eufala, AL WHITEHEAD, RHONDA; Dothan, AL WHITMAN, JAMES; Troy, AL WICKERSHEIM, MICHAEL; Lakeland, FL WIGGINS, SAMMY; Eufala, AL WILDER, WILLIAM; Patterson, GA WILKES, MICHAEL; Troy, AL WILKINS, ROBERT; Troy, AL WILKINS, WILLIAM; Troy, AL WILKINSON, JEFF; Brundidge, AL WILKINSON, PHILLIP; Brundidge, AL WILLIAMS, ANTHONY; Troy, AL WILLIAMS, DAVID; Valley, AL WILLIAMS, DWAYNE; Donaldsonville, GA WILLIAMS, FELDMAN; New Augusta, MS WILLIAMS. GLENN; Ocean Springs, MS WILLIAMS, JACK; Chipley, AL WILLIAMS, JODIE; Red Level, AL WILLIAMS, LISA; Semmes, AL WILLIAMS, MARLA; Clayton, AL WILLIAMS, MYRON; Elba, AL WILLIAMS, SANDRA; Jackson, AL WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY; Blakely, GA WILLIAMS, TINA; Eufala, AL WILLIAMS, VERON; Vienna, GA WILLIAMS, VIVIAN; Pensacola, FL WILLIAMSON, ROSS; Pensacola, FL WILLIAMSON, TERRY; Andalusia, AL WILLIAMSON, YVETTE; Florala, AL f ' CI f , f f eve ftft ' Oi 92 Freshmen iail Wll I IAMSON, YVG WIIIIIORD Mi Willis joh i Peire M Wll moiii, BR Wllsos MIIONV f • AL Wll SOS. IRK Andalusia. Al wii sos mmhikiv I • Wll SOS SHAKI A. B Al WIMHERI ■ WISDHAM, I ' AMII V Hb.i Al WINDHAM, IHOMAs, i WISMER. 51 SANj Opo Al WOK WHO ' . I) ifuth, ms WOll R1 VS. Duluth. M WOIII. ]OHS - ' nKv. AL WOOD, BR IAS; Eufala. Al WOOD, TOMMY, Grow Hill, Al WOOD WIIIAM. Titus. AL WOODHAM kRW Al Dothan. AL WOODHAM, MARK. Tn WOODHAM. SAMASTHA Montgomc WOOI) .RODsn Thomassi. WOODS, THOMAS p dndma ( WORD. HIGH ass rroy, Al WOZNY, JAMES; Randolph, AL WRIGHT. DANA; Valrko, Fl WRIGHT. ELI ABET i Fl YAMAGUCHI, KAZI SORI. |apan YEAMAS, JAMIE. MoniKomc-rs. Al H)l NG, JASON; Panama City, Fl YOUNG, TONY; Alexandria. Al YOUNGBLOOD. HOW ARD. fto) Al ZEIGLER, SALLY; Montgomor . For The Record The rainless autumn was a hindrance to farmers, but to the ducks in TSU ' s lagoon it was deadly. A lack of rain be- gan to deplete the oxygen supply in the small body of water causing an infestation of botulism. The contaminat- ed water was harmful to the ducks who depend on the water for their livelihood. This caused concern and dis- tress for the city of Troy. To save the ducks, the physical plant installed a fountain in the lagoon whu h provides more effi ient wa- ter circulation. This fountain isa new solution to this prob- lem which has been haunting TSU ' s ducks for two years now. Two one-hundred pound anchors secure the fountain. Wires necessary to the oper- ation of the fountain lie on the floor of the lagoon. The city is responsible for install- ing the transformer for the aerator. Such pains were tak- en sim e the fountain is ex- pected to be a permanent addition to the university. Many people thought that the fountain was installed for looks. It is especially attrac- tive alter dark with the ret! lights retlei ting on the gen-rich water droplets. Thus the fountain has pr to be a grai etui ( (.implement to the lagoon ' s natural h Arlu li- En Scroir s SOPHOMORES ■ ABERCROMBIE, WILLIAM; Douglas, CA ADAMS, CONNIE; Dozier, AL ADAMS, TAMMY; Ft. Deposit, AL AGEE, LOUIS; Daphne, AL ALEXANDER, DEAN; Calera, AL ALFORD, JESSE; Crestview, FL ALLEN, DONALD; Florence, AL ALLEN, KATHLEEN; Hudson, FL ALLEN, PAT; Troy, AL ALLEN, STEVE; Huntsville, AL ALLISON, EDWARD; Troy, AL ALSUP, KEVIN; Winter Haven, FL AMISON, SONYA; Elba, AL ANDERSON, DONNA; Bellwood, AL ANDERSON, ERIC; Chancellor, AL ANDERSON, GARY; Orange Lake, FL ANDERSON, MONICA; Spanish, Fort, AL ANDERSON, TAMMY; Whigham, GA ANDERSON, TRINA; Bainbridge, GA ANDRESS, DIMPRE; Montgomery, AL ANDREWS, CELESTE; Dothan, AL ANTHONY, PHYLLIS; Union Springs, AL APLIN, DEBORAH; Andalusia, AL ARAIZA, LOUIE; Troy, AL ARGENTI, SUSAN; Miramar, FL ARMSTRONG, JUDI; Montgomery, AL {RINGTON, BERNADETTE; Montgomery, AL ARTHUR, WILLIAM; Troy, AL ATKINS, TIMOTHY; Pelham, AL ATKINSON, THOMAS; Birmingham, AL ASKEW, ROBERT; Greenville, AL BADGER, CATHRYN; Montgomery, AL BAILEY, PATRICK; Atlanta, GA BAKER, DEBBIE; Ariton, AL BAKER, GARY; Eufaula, AL BAKER, GINGER; Glenwood, AL BAKER, JANET; Troy, AL BAKER, JOY; Decatur, GA BAKER, RANDALL; Childersburg, AL BAKER, RUSSELL; Brundidge, AL BAKER, SABRENA; Troy, AL BARBER, DEBORAH; Gulf Breeze, FL BELL, TELISA; Ozark, AL BENDER, JANET; Greenville, AL BENNETT, LARTONYAR; Selma, AL BENNETT, SCOTT; Atlanta, GA BENTKOWSKI, GENA; Aiea, HI BIRKS, LAURIE; Seminole, AL BLACK, CAROLYN; Troy, AL BATES, THOMAS; Autaugaville, AL BATTISTELLI, FRANK; Merritt Island, FL BAUMAN, ANGIE; Troy, AL BAXTER, DEANA; Louisville, AL BECK, RONALD; Phenix City, AL BELL, DOUGLAS; Donalsonville, GA BELL, JUDY; Bay Minette, AL BARBER, ROBIN; Winter Garden, FL BARNES, RANDALL; Bonifay, FL BARNES, ROBERT; Troy, AL BARR, JANE; Opp, AL BARRON, WARREN; Troy, AL BARROW, JAMES; Pace, FL BASS, CONNIE; Montgomery, AL 94 Sophomores 3 l Oi n Tt)-. f : fix % ft i ' - ' ' ■ v jjj ««Mr A mM n 9. € k1 fl£ § e i f 1-, rv Hi 4 BLACKBURN, LAMES; Pulasa BLACKMON lll ABI HI. (,-jnd Bay, AL BLOODWORTH, SHARON Leary, GA BLOW, CHRIMIM Montgomery M BLUE, KM 1 1, Tampa, FL BLUE, OTMA ' AL BOATNER, TRA( V, f Iberia, AL BODIFORD, Patricia, Enterprise, ai BOCCS, CHARLES; Troy, AL BOLANOS, Ml! BOLEWARE, ANITA, Montgomery AL BOLIN, CAROL; SlocomE BONCE, CILBERTO; Miami, FL BOOTH, RECINA, Troy, AL BOROWSKI, VIRGINIA, Montgom- BOSHEI L, ALV IN, Ft Lauderdale, FL BOSHfll, ( HERlf. Haleyville, AL BOSWELL, KENNETH , Laurel Hill, FL BOUTWELL, ELECIA; Brundidge, AL BOWEN, BOBBIF; Wintei Haven, FL BOWEN, CAROL; Ashford, AL BOWENS, YVONNE; Tuskegee, AL BOWES, REBECCA; Lakeland, FL BOX, TERRI RENEE; Altoona, AL BOZEMAN, STEPHFN; Greenville, AL BRADEN, BRIAN; Enterprise, Al BRADLEY, SARAH; Trov AL BRANDON, MARLIN; Troy. AL BRANCH, ELIZABETH; Montgom. BRAY, BONNIE; Troy, AL BRENNAN, LORETTA; Montgomery Al BRING ARDNER, JOSEPH, Orlando. Fl BROOKS, FREDDIE; Trov Al BROOKS, SANDRA; Urif BROUSSARD, WHITNEY, Tro , Al BROWN, CAROL; Troy, AL BROWN, MICHAEL; Montgomery AL BROWN, SUZANNI Glenwoc BROWN PHM NGA; Live O • BROWN, REBECCA; Wetumpk BROUN SAMANTHA south Bend, IN BROWN, TAIRll ( avendrsh T URL NSON, EMMETT; Enterpr HRl ns HENRY; Eustis. FL BRt ANT, ALAN Leeds AL UFO vnt LANK I Tro) AL BRYANT PINN1 Trcn Al BRYANT sharon Luverne, Al BRYD, ADAM, Auburn. AL BR D, DIAN MontSJ ' ■ • M BULLARD, GECU iu Bahamas B A EH RKHAI 1ER PRIl Viburn, AL in mi iac (,n him Monroeville AL BNRNE MARK, Hudson, FL CADV mark Geneva M CAIN BRIAN Grand Bd. IRK Wetumpka, Al i Q EUNl M i tl vns nun Gardendak Mis Lou s le AL CAPPS HENRy In At PS ION Hr.idland. AL ( KPPS Mil anie Catherine Al Sophi MaSSm CAPRARA, BRADLEY; Pensacola, FL CARMACK, DEANNA; Notasulga, AL CARNEGIA, PAMELA; Montgomery, AL CARPENTER, SCOTT; Louisville, AL CARROLL, KEVIN; Columbus, GA CARTER, DERRICK; Troy, AL CASEY, STEVEN; Montgomery, AL CEASE, DIANE; Harrison, TN CELKA, CHRISTOPHER; Wetumpka, AL CHAMPION, BRADLEY; Marietta, GA CHANDLER, CHERYL; Troy, AL CHARNY, ADAM; Downing Town, PA CHASTAIN, HEIDI; Montgomery, AL CHEELY, ANDREW; Birmingham, AL CHESTNUT, CASSANDRA; Troy, AL CHIPMAN, WILLIAM; Arcadia, FL CHISM, RONDA; Fairhope, AL CHRISTENSEN, RAE ANN; Elberta, AL CLARK, DAWN; Largo, FL CLARK, PAMELA; Lake City, FL CLAYTON, ANGELIA; Montgomery, AL CLEMENTS, PEGGY; Montgomery, AL COATES, CHRISTINA; Bonifay, FL COATES, STACEY; Bonifay, FL COATES, JAMES; Leeds, AL COBB, WENDY; Ozark, AL COMPTON, TIA; Luverne, AL CONNER, NANCY; Montgomery, AL COOPER, MICHELLE; Montgomery, AL COOPER, STACY; Columbia, AL COPELAND, ANGELA; Brundidge, AL COPELAND, GENE; Troy, AL COTTINGHAM, GENE; Jay, FL COTTON, TENA; Montgomery, AL CRAWFORD, GAIL; Montgomery, AL CRAWFORD, MARGARET; Montgomery, AL CRENSHAW, TINA; Bessemer, AL CRIM, GRETCHEN; Alabaster, AL CROWSON, LEXIE; Tallassee, AL CRUMPTON, CHARLES; Crestview, FL CUNNINGHAM, JENNIFER; Brewton, AL CURRY, CHRISTOPHER; Panama City, FL CURRY, STEVE; Opelika, AL DANEK, DANA; Homosassa, FL DAOIS, TIMOTHY; Jack, AL DARDEN, FELECIA; Tuskegee, AL DASINGER, KEVIN; Midland City, AL DAVIDSON, SARAH; Montgomery, AL DAVIS, JEFFERY; Montgomery, AL DAVIS, DONNA; Pell City, AL DAVIS, LISA; Ft. Deposit, AL DAVIS, SHARON; Geneva, AL DAVIS, STEPHEN; Elba, AL DAWSON, DAVID; Ozark, AL DAWSON, KNOWLAN; Miami, FL DEBROSSE, THOMAS; Sarasota, FL DEER, LAURA; Mobile, AL DENHAM, DONALD; Pike Road, AL DENNIS, JAMES; Evansville, IN DENNIS, JOHN; Dothan, AL DEWBERRY, ALETA; Spanish Fort, AL DINSMORE, GEORGE; Cape Coral, FL DORN, CAROL; Montgomery, AL DOWDELL, PAMELA; Montgomery, AL DOWNING, DAVID; Monticello, FL DOZIER, JEANNE; Montgomery, AL DOZIER, LESLIE; Hurtsboro, AL DUBBERLEY, FRANK; Auburn, AL DUNCAN, HELEN; Troy, AL DUNCAN, MARLA; Tuscaloosa, AL r . i e « p. ■ %xn I r-t r ,i IT. O fi f Jfc- I - Cm • 96 Sophomores i-if ; f L XL anf n a -afi n i v f| f Q V ' ' rft- fj »ti GRAHAM DUNN. KOUIKI U.dsden, Al Di ss u mi ( l Monroeville, Al Di RHAM, lOKIs Fl Di I rON, SABRINA Ph. DM, fil ABt in. railahassee il DYlss krista. Elba, Al DYISs. Kl SSHI. Inl.-tprr. M L j k I kk hard, Fairhqpe. M EAGIPIOS UISDA. Gulf Shores. AL EDWARDS. DASH I .11 ELLIS, DAYNA M ELLIS, |AM(S, Mobile-, AL ELLIS, SHARON, Brundidge. AL II1ISOV ASDRI • AL ELLISON, JAMES; Eufaula, AL ELLSWORTH, ROXASSF; Brundidge, AL ELMORE, GARY; Mobile, Al ENGLISH, CARA; Elba, AL ETHERIDGE, JOHN I ergreen, AL ETZWILFR, NAOMI; Ft Walton Beath. FL EVANS, ANGELA; Selma, AL EVERETT, CAT HY; Greenville. AL FAITH, ALEXIS, St. Stephens, AL FALKENBERRY, WILLIAM. Troy, Al FALSTROM, BRIAN, Sarasota. FL FANNING, STEVE; Convers. GA FARMFR. CHARI - T mN Al FENIOR, KIMBERLY, Moninomf FENN, JAY; Louisville, AL FERNELL, OLIVIA; Dothan, AL FIELDER, AMY; Montgomery, AL FINDLATER, JOHN; Phenu City, AL FLETCHER, RICHARD; Bradenton, FL FLOWERS, SCOTT; Elba, AL FLOYD, CLINT; Thomasville, AL FOLMAR, PAUL; Kinston, AL FOOTE, ANDRIA; Ozark, AL FOWLER, JEFF; Port Sulphur, LA FOX, MARGARET; Brantle . Al FRANKLIN, LAURA; Daleville, AL FRANKLIN, SARAH, Montgomery Al FRAZIER, WENDALL; Montgome ' FRAZIER, JR., Enterprise, Al FREDERICK, THOMAS; Pensacola. FL FRYE, DIANA, Enterprise Al FULLER, LESLIE; Marion. Al FUQUA, JOSPEH, Breuton Al GAMBLE, ROBERT. Webb, AL GARDNER, ALFRED; Pensacola, FL GARRETT, MARCUS; Trov Al GARRETT, SHARON. Montgomerv Al GARVIN. DLNRY. Pensacola, FL GAY, GERALD; Sarasota. FL GHOLSTON IRONIC A Montgomery AL GIBSON IINNIFER Samson Al GILES, IfNNIFrR TfO) Al GILLEY, TIMOTHY; Dothan. AL GILLIS, STFPHIN Montgomery Al GILMORE, THOMAS A-hford Al GLADWfll Mic Hill! Montgomery Al GLOVER. JAPONIC A M GOGCANx JUDITH GOODWIN I RID Moi AL COP AID Ax. MANIS India GORi kimbirh Montgomery al GORIY MIC HI III Plantation. Fl GORIY xiirniN Plantation H GOTTXCHAII lAMIx o 7 ark Al GOL ' RDINI ANcn a Montgomen Al 1AM amy : : .r. Sophomori GRANT, MARY; Troy, AL GRANT, YOLONDA; Montgomery, AL GRAY, PHILLIP; Phenix City, AL GREEN, KIM; Montgomery, AL GREENE, DAFNI; Florala, AL GREEN, JOHN; Troy, AL GREGORY, ANDREW; Treasure Island, FL GREGORY, LAURA; Troy, AL GRIMES, KENNETH; Bessemer, AL GROOME, JOHNNIE; Montgomery, AL GUICE, DOMINEEK; Montgomery, AL GULLEDGE, VONDA; Clayton, AL HACKER, CAMILLA; Eclectic, AL H ADDOCK, WILLIAM; Pensacola, FL HAGADORN, TAMMY; MT. Dora, FL HALL, PAMELA; Milton, FL HALL, PAUL; Brewton, AL HAMM-WILSON, SHARON; Montgomery, AL HAMMONS, ANGELA; Scottsboro, AL HANCOCK, LARRY; Troy, AL HANNON, JULIE; Montgomery, AL HANSON, SCOTT; Killen, AL HARDEN, CLAYTON; Banks, AL HARKINS, KATHLEEN; Longwood, FL HARPER, BRIAN; Sarasota, FL HARPER, MONICA; Ashford, AL HARRELL, SONYA; Atmore, AL HARRELL, TRACY; Blakely, GA HARRELSON, JERRY; Evergreen, AL HARRINGTON, DWAYNE; Old Town, FL HARRIS, AL; Montgomery, AL HARRIS, LASINDA; Addison, AL HARRISON, RICHARD; Tuskegee, AL HARTMAN, LAURA; Greenville, AL HASSEY, SHERRY; Grady, AL HAWTHORNE, SCOTTIE; Opp, AL HAYES, BARBARA; Coral Gables, FL HAYNER, ALISA; Troy, AL HEAD, DONALD; Niceville, FL HEAD, RONALD; Niceville, FL HEATON, KIMBERLY; Thomasville, AL HELMS, GRETCHEN; Lillian, AL HELMS, JAMES; Brundidge, AL HENDERSON, STARLA; Elba, AL HEPLER, STEPHANNIE; Frostproof, FL 98 Sophomores Aft ft For Me Record A brand new musical sound was heard on the Troy State University campus this fall. The music came from Carillon Chimes that were in- stalled on August 27 in the Palladium of Bibb Graves Hall. The chimes, a gift to the university from Chancellor Ralph Adams, were devel- oped by the firm of Van Ber- gen. This distinguished com- pany was established in Hol- land in 1975 and has been located in the United States of America since 1939. Bill Buchannon, Troy State ' s public relations di- rector, said that the chimes can be programmed to play musical selections that coincide with special events such as holidays and gradu- ation. Controlled by a micro- processor clock, the chimes can also be programmed to play the Alma Mater, the Trojan Fight Song, and the Westminster Time Se- quence. Buchannon said, " The digital chips within the unit are the latest in technological developments and produce the true sound of cast iron bells. The high quality ampli- fication system provides a hearing range of approxi- mately three quarters of a mile from Bibb Graves Hall. " Since the chimes can be heard from such a distance, the surrounding community as well as the university can enjoy the melodious sounds. The chimes were first played extensively on Sep- tember 17 at 3:00 p.m. as part of a nationwide salute which marked the bicentennial year of the United States of Americas Constitution. Now every day at noon the chimes ring out a new song, and eat h quarter hour is marked by their music. Article by Beth Weatherford. MIKRING, JAMES, Ozark. AL HERRING. PAI(,f Montgonx -. Al w E, H ( HAKD. Lakeland, n HICDON. HEATHER. Quirx .. H HIGHIOVWR HOIM Bird Ingham, AL Hill . KAIHIRIM, Montgomery Al Hill, IORI Ozark. AL HILL, MICHAEL I Iba, AL HIPPS, DARREN. Sarasota, H HOFFMAN, KISM TH. (oral Sprll | HOI I AND, KAREN MontKomery, AL HOIIIV RAMMIi Sprague, M HOLMIS, SONURA; Troy, AL HOOD, TAMMV Montgomery. AL HOOMES. MARMN. Gi-orgiana. AL HORSE, REGINA, Marion Al HOWARD, KARMES, Troy, AL HOWARD, TODD; Houston, TX HOWELL, KIMBERLY; Chancellor, AL HOWES, ERIC FL HUANG, MICHAEL, Mananna, FL HUDSON, ANN; Boca Grande, FL HUDSON, JOHN; Elba, AL HUDSON, LISA; Montgomery, AL HUDSON, STARLA, Freeport, Fl HUGHES, DEANNA; Eufaula, AL HUGHES, SELINA; Ozark, AL HUGHES, STEPHANIE; Trov, AL HUGHEY, ANGELA, Marion, AL HUNER, JEFFREY; Trov, AL HUNT, TODD; Bradenton, FL HUTCHINS, REGINLD; Blakely. GA HUTCHINSON, DARLENE, Elba, AL HYATT, VICKI; Andalusia, AL HYDE, STEPHANIE; Andalusia, AL Sophomon «— IRVIN, DAVID; Lanett, AL IRVIN, KIMBERLY; Lakeland, FL ISOM, CAROLYN; Abbeville, AL JACKSON, KENNETH, Montgomery, AL JACKSON, TOMMIE; Jackson, AL JACKSON, TONY; Blakely, GA JAMES, TRACI; Troy, AL JEFFCOAT, WILLIAM; Montgomery, AL JINRIGHT, ROSS; Troy, AL JINRIGHT, YVETTE; Grady, AL JOHNSON, SHANE; Pensacola, FL JOHNSON, KIM; Cairo, GA JOHNSON, RACHEL; Coden, AL JOHNSON, RONNIE; Georgianna, AL JOHNSON, STEPHANIE; Chancellor, AL JONES, ANN; Montgomery, AL JONES, JOHN; Goshen, AL JONES, LESLIE; Holiday, FL JONES, MARILYN; Lakeland, FL JONES, TAMARA; Pratville, AL JONES, WILLIAM; Troy, AL JORDAN, MARY; Troy, AL JORDAN, THOMAS; Troy, AL KEEL, ALLYSON; Dothan, AL KELLEY, JAMES; Elba, AL KELLEY, MARIAN; Troy, AL KELLEY, SHERRY; Elba, AL KELLEY, YOLANDA; Montgomery, AL KELLY, BARBARA; Troy, AL KENNEDY, PATRA; Clayton, AL KILPATRICK, EARL; Montgomery, AL KINARD, RODNEY; Marion, AL KING, JENNIFER; Rolling Meadows, IL KING, TROY; Montgomery, AL KNIGHT, CAROLYN; Troy, AL KNIGHT, JOSEPH; Zephyrhills, FL KNIGHTEN, R. MICHAEL; Troy, AL KOBET, CYNTHIA; Scottsboro, AL KONTOS, ANTHONY; Miami, FL KONTOS, NICK; Coral Gables, FL KROLL, RANDALL; Apopka, FL KYSER, JOEY; Andalusia, AL LAMBERT, ROBERT; Dothan, AL LANSDON, DIANNE; Montgomery, AL MANNING, MATTIE; Montgomery, AL LEAKS, ALVIN; Thomasville, GA LAMPLEY, SABRINA; Brundidge, AL LARRIMORE, DAVID; Thomasville, AL LEAVITT, JEWEL; Troy, AL LEE, DANIEL; Troy, AL LEHMAN, KELLY; Atmore, AL LEMKER, MICHELLE; Montgomery, AL LEWIS, DAVID; Montgomery, AL LEWIS, LISA; Eustis, AL LEWIS, MARY; Andalusia, AL LEWIS, SHANE; Pensacola, FL LEWIS, STEPHEN; Hayneville, AL LEWIS, WILLIAM; Jackson, AL LIDH, TODD; Andalusia, AL LINDSLEY, PAUL; Miami, FL LINEBERGER, TRAVIS; Ft. Walton Beach, FL LITTLE, LUTHR; Troy, AL LOOK, WENDY; Cape Coral, FL LORD, ELLEN; Montgomery, AL LOTT, ALLYSON; Montgomery, AL LOUIS, PAUL; Malaysia LOVFALD, KARI; St. Petersburg, FL LOWE, RONALD; Macon, GA LOWERY, NANCY; Troy, AL LOZZI, JENNIFER; Tampa, FL Wit t Jfi 9 100 Sophomores p IS A i V 1 % I s( m. mk HAEI Greenville, Al MAC HEN M Vlmll.-. Al MA( ON I MK)SS . ' . Al MADDOX KELVIN; ( olumbia, Al MAGI io l , kl( K; Plantation H MAJOR. MARsHAtl it •■ MAJORS, BRI ' ■! Brundidge Al MARKS. k ARIN, Montgi MARTIN VARON M martin. SHARA; lallahassee, H MARTIN, I AMMII. ruskeegce, Al MARTY, an(,h a. Opp MATHiws, HRi c I. Greenville, ai matthius JAMES; Vero Beach, fi MAXWELL, JOHN; Prattville, AL MAY, KENNI in, Grady, U MAY, ROBIRT. Columbia. AL MCAIISIIR. ( ARI V Dothan. AL MCCAIN, ANNIl. Mont( MCCALL, JOHN, Ln Kirald, CA MCCLUNC, JOHN Greenville, FL MCCONICO, VVINKRH), Ndrjnid, FL MCCOOL, ERIC, Okeechobee H MCCRACKIN (HRhlol ' iHP rroy.AI MCCRAE, ADRII NNI ; ( lavton. AL MCCRAY, REGINAID. Jacksonville, FL MCCULLERS, )UDD; Marion, Al MCCULLOUCH, SANDI; Birmingham, AL MCCURDY, REESE, Lovsndesboro, AL MCDADE, MICH! Ill Montgomery AL MCDANIEL, MITZI; O ar- MCDONALD. RICHARD; Columbus, CA MCDONNELL, )UDI, Montgomery Al MCEWAN. PAMELA, Sarasota H MCFATTER, JILL; Bonifas. H MCFILLEN, PATRICIA; Dothan. AL MCGEE, WENDY; Rutledge, AL MCCILL, DEBORAH; Alachua, FL MCKEON. WILLIAM; Qumi fl MCLEOD, ROBERT, Goshen Al MCLENDON. SHIKI. Troy, Al MCLEOD, Will I am. Ba Minette, AL MCPHERSON, GRETCHIN ITo) Al MCQUAUGGF f MIIV Troy, Al MCSWAIN, SHARON It,.. Al MCWHORTER, SUSAN; Birmingham, AL MEADOWS ji in M lv ;h Springs fl MIRTDITH, IOSEPH; Troy, Al MERRILL, AUDRfN Heflin Al Ml ss|( K RAND All TtO) Al Ml RPHRII , STEVI Columbus, GA MURRAY, TAR A, ThomasMlle Al MITCHELL, KHin Montgomery M MITCHlll KINDRA; Bonita . II mik Hill S OTT; Riverdalt Mills PARALEE; Midway Al MllllR Al K t Safford, M MIIIIR MICHAEL; Thomasv.lle Al mims. pot 1,1 s Dothan At mini, i s MATTum rrov Al MOBin Ni.iiA. Brundidg MOBin K ATHV Bum. MOM Rill MAR " - Al MONH I U 01 HINI Tr.n Al monk 1 M R A Montgomer Al moori c HRis Miami H suiOKl Hll Enterpriv MOORI NPA laurel Hill, FL MORGAN Blin ritot MiRinnii ( amd Sophomores toi MORRIS ■i §■ MORRIS, MELISSA; Swannanoa, NC MORRISON, SCOTT; Lapine, AL MORROW, KAREN; Elba, AL MORTELLARD, JERRY; Brantley, AL MOTES, JANET; Troy, AL MOYE, TAMMIE; Jay, FL MUSGROVE, JOSEPH; Eufaula, AL MUSSLER, EDWARD; Melbourne Beach, FL NAPPER, SHARON; Geneva, AL NASH, NEAL; Clarkston, GA NEELY, CHARLES; Fort Walton, FL NEWMAN, ROBERT; Montgomery, AL NICHOLS, LOIS; Marion, AL NICHOLSON, DWAYNE; Banks, AL NORMAN, TODD; Greenville, AL NORQUIST, GREGG; Montgomery, AL OATES, SHERRIE; Prattville, AL OCONNOR, SHANNON; Sparks, GA ODELL, GAIL; Montgomery, AL ODOM, SHERRY; Dothan, AL ODOM, SHONDA; McKenzie, AL OGDEN, LESLEY; Lake City, FL OSBURN, JOHN; Elba, AL OSTEEN, DEBRA; Troy, AL PADGETT, MELINDA; Evergreen, AL PAGE, ANGELA; Dothan, AL PALMISANO, LISA; Melbourne, FL PANTON, JENNIFER; West Palm Beach, FL PARAMORE, MICHAEL; Ariton, AL PARKER, SABRA; Midland, AL PARRISH, KEVIN; Warner Robins, GA PAYNE, KEVIN; Montgomery, AL PAYTON, LADONNA; Montgomery, AL PEACOCK, CHARLES; Plant City, FL PEAK, RICHARD; Montgomery, AL PECCI, TRACY; Lakeland, FL PELTON, DERRICK; Goshen, AL PICHARD, ERRIN; Tallahassee, FL PIERCE, FELICIA; Fairhope, AL PHILLIPS, TAMMY; Ariton, AL PHILLIPS, SAMUEL; Ozark, AL PHINNEY, REBECCA; Sarasota, FL POE, THOMAS; Tuscaloosa, AL POLLARD, LORRAINE; Montgomery, AL POLLARD, VALERIE; Troy, AL POLISH, EMILY; Deer Lodge, MT PORTLOCK, CAROLYN; Montgomery, AL POWELL, PAULA; Andalusia, AL PREVATT, TONYA; Gordon, AL PRICE, KELLY; Loganville, GA PUGH, ANGELA; Grove Hill, AL PUGH, GENA LYNN; Thomasville, AL PUGH, LESLEY; Thomasville, AL QUALYLE, MELODY; Montgomery, AL RADNEY, LORI LUAN; Dothan, AL RAHMING, DIANNE; Nassau, Bahamas RAINES, AMY; Dothan, AL RANSON, JULIE; Marietta, GA RAULERSON, DANNA; Mary, FL REDDING, FRANK; Eufaula, AL REGISTER, PEGGY; Montgomery, AL REMSBURG. JOHN; Plantation, FL RESPRESS, WANDA; Dothan, AL REYNOLDS, REGINA; Samson, AL RHODES, JAMES; Troy, AL RICE, JOHNNY; Troy, AL RICE, LAWRENCE; Montgomery, AL UCHARDSON, BARBARA; Ft. Walton Beach, FL RICHARDSON, KIM; Troy, AL RICHARDSON, LANNIE; Troy, AL 102 Sophomores r A J) • ' «• a u 4 L W L SPRAGUE RlDGWAY, BKI-W Enterprise Al kim Miicn D irai • CH, VICKI ai ROBIRSOS ( kl •• ROBERTS, KATHIIIS idi-m, M KOBIM III KOHIKI I ' ROBINI ni IK ( I v..,,, M komssos I mm v Banks. Al ROBINSON, kit, is l u AL RODCERS KNI1 ' M ■ Lfl M kODURs riMOTH ( rtancellor, Al ROGERS INDY; Opp, AL ROLLINS, 1 1 l|AH. Marion, AL ROSE, MARK, Troy, AL ROSE, mic mm i Venice, FL ROSHON, MICHAEL; Bomfav, H ROSS, MARY; Montgom.-r [ ROWSER, RODSI V I), mopol.s, AL ROWSER, RODNEY; Dcmopolis, Al RUSHING, TAYLOR, Elba, AL RUSSELL, ALLEN; Tr ,. RUSSELL, DOUGLAS, Eli abetE RUTHEREORD, jldith. Montgomery, AL RUTLEDGE, RACHEL; Thomaswll, M RYMER, MIKE, Vcro Beach, FL SALTER, BETTY, Newville, M SALTER, WADE, Evergreen, AL SANDERS, DONALD Mewari OH SANDERS, )ERRV Troy, AL SANDERS, LAURA; Atlanta, GA SAUL, DOMINIC South America SCARBOROUGH, JOE; Frostproof, FL SCARBROUGH, VINCE. Clanton, M SCHERL, WADE; Gulf Breeze. FL SCHOFIELD, WADE; Highland Home, AL SEARS, TOBI, Lake Placid. NI SEGREST, Deborah; Montgomery M SENN, DOUG; Troy, AL SEWELL, ANTHONY; Selma, AL SEXTON, FAYE; Stark, FL SEYMOUR, M ERIE ■ Destin, FL SHANK, IODI; Seminole, FL SHARPE, ELLIE JANE; Andalusia. AL SHEPARD, MELANIE; Emelle, M SHERMAN, D sili Lakeland, H SHERRELL, KEITH; Huntsville, M SHONK, RHOND-V Ozark M SHORTER, DANIEL. Birmingham. AL SHOW ALTER. MICHE M Tasares. FL SIMONsQN D-UID. Imngton. AL SIMPSON, KELLEV Sosman. GA SIMPSON, PETER; Pensacola, FL sIMs stems Greenville M sIMs I IM S» .-•••, skEls LISA ss Oiarl SKELTOS KEITH Gad I SKEI TOS LISA S ' . n, M si VTOS MH HAEL; Cummin. SMITH CATH Montgomer. smith ids HaynevD . smith KIT ill Wetumpka M SMITH MELISSA Dothan. M SMITH MHOm P l smith. P TRIt " K Ormond BeacE sseii Dl os Fairhope M sSHI M RK sihoni KshU rd. M SOISSON 101 is Millbrook M scito CINA Mont M s| ' i | RTHl K Morgantown SPR GL E lis V ft Walton Beach EL Sophomon " Mir STANDERFER, WILLIAMS; Albany, CA STEELE, MILDRED; Montgomery STEELE, SUZANNE; Enterprise, AL STEPHENS, ANTOINETTE; Brundidge, AL STEPHENS, STEPHANIE; Troy, AL STEPHENS, TERESA; Troy, AL STEVENS, ELEANOR; Troy, AL STEWART, CHRIST; Flomaton, AL STEWART, MARY; Brundidge, AL STEWART, SHANNON; Millbrook, AL STEWART, TERRI; Dothan, AL STINNETT, MELISSA; Ariton, AL STONE, THOMAS; Union Springs, AL STREETS, SHERYL; Birmingham, AL STRICKLAND, MARY; Eclectic, AL STRICKLAND, SHANNONE; Frostproof, FL STROUSE, TRACY; Lakeland, FL STUMP, JASON; Andalusia, AL SULLIVAN, JENNIFER; Butte, MT SUMMERALL, DAVID; Vero Beach, FL SUMMERLIN, KAREN; Andalusia, AL SUMNER, ELIZABETH; Camden, AL SWEENEY, ARTHEREAN; Montgomery, AL TABLER, JEFFREY; Daleville, AL TALETON, CHERELL; Mobile, AL TARVER, MELISA; Montgomery, AL TAUNTON, RENA; Dadeville, AL TAYLOR, LATONOA; Montgomery, AL TAYLOR, LISA; Kissimmee, FL TAYLOR, WILLIAM; Death Valley, NV TEW, TIMOTHY; Echo, AL TILLERY, CYNTHIA; Greenville, AL TIMBS, TABATHA; Birmingham, AL TIPTON, CHARLES; Dade City, FL THAMES, MIRIAM; Beatrice, AL THOMAS, DARRYL; Atlanta, CA THOMAS, KURT; Montgomery, AL THOMAS, LESIA; Geneva, AL THOMAS, SALLY; Goshen, AL THOMAS, WILLIAM; Troy, AL THOMPSON, CHERYL; Louisville, AL THOMPSON, JOHN; Jefferson, GA THOMPSON, JULIE; Greenville, AL THOMPSON, KENNETH; Ashford, AL THORPE, JULIE; Lakeland, FL TODD, ELIZABETH; Butler, AL TOMLIN, HUGH; Milford, CN TOMLIN, TAMALA; Ozark, AL TRATHOWEN, CAROLINE; Valrico, FL TRAVIS, MARGARET; Sarasota, FL TRAWICK, PAIGE; Montgomery, AL TRIPP, MICHAEL; Lapine, AL TROMBETTA, MARY; Tallahassee, FL TRUESDELL, DENNIS; Seale, AL TUCKER, AMANDA; Gadsden, AL TUCKER, JILL; Honoraville, AL TURBERVILLE, CATHY; Monroeville, AL TURNER, AMY; Dothan, AL TURNER, ANGELA; Troy, AL TURNER, KIMBERLY; Bay Minette, AL VARNEY, SAMANTHA; Ozark, AL VAUGHAN, LUKE; Jacksonville, FL VICK, DARRON; Pine Hill, AL VINSON, JIMMY; Sarasota, FL VOYLES, LORI; Sarasota, FL WAGNER, ROBERT; Florence, AL WALKER, DOROTHY; Montgomery, AL WALKER, RAYMOND; Ozark, AL WALKER, VIOLA; Browns, AL WALLACE, HOWARD; Troy, AL M J ,. li 104 Sophomores 1 mmm a fl nan c Ifl Hf flB 1 ... WAILA( I. siilkkv Enterprise, m W Milk Ml( Mill I. Arlington, I x W XI MRS Kl III. In,. M W XI I IKS UI ' .Dl M W XkD klMBIkM M w XkD SYLVIA; Montgomery, M WAREN, CYNTHIA M W Xkk IOBV Hani- W XSHINClOV XNDkl I • AL -xilks ikID Fairhope, Al w niv mikov Fairhope,AL W MM) ' , Ik XN is. Ir. w xison m xkk Monroevlll l -XIIIIklOkD III -XBITH. L nah. AL WIBB, WILLIAM; Montgomery Wilkin. KEITH; ( antonment, H Wll( H riM; Sarasota, H WELI xndik SI Ml. Montgomery M wills, k xroi Stowe i WHALEY, (OSEPH, Port st ),„-. || wn-xn n kobiri. Montgomery, Al WHITSTOM. MMBIRIV Montgi whiii. h-xrxiv lacksonville, n WHITI. LARHONDX Mananna. FL WHITI kl IN Rapid Cm. so WILDIR. MXR( lake-land II WILKES, CHRIS; Goshen. XI WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA; WagerviUe, AL WILLIAMS, DOROTHEA; Montgomir WIILIAMS, DOl (,l S Tilusvillc, II WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH, Slidcll. I A WILLIAMS, FELICIA; Montgomery, AL WILLIAMS mk mi it Bowling Green, k WILLIAMS, SAMl II tadalin WILLIAMS, TRA( IV Brewton, AL WILLIAMS, WINIFRED; Montgomery, xi WILLIAMSON, CAROL; MontgOffM WILLIAMSON kOBIV Montgorm WILLIS, ami x Mobile, XI WIllOL GHBY, GARY; - nton. - L W II son XNDRI X, Eufaula. M WISOV ASHLEY; Goshen, AL wiison ( HARLES; Fairhope M W II SON Will I AM Mobile, AL WINBORNI RAYMOND I ' I WINDH-XM IOHN Tro -XI WlsMIR SHARON Opp. -XL WITHAM, c,l I nn Deerfleld, mi woi i Willi -xm Naples H WOOD. MONIQI I Georgiu wood n xni Greenville, al WOODXRD MIC Hill. Birmingham. -XL WOODH-XM slipH-XNII O ark. M WOOD - ( I XRK I Mobile M WOOLARD BARBARA Homestead, Fl WOODS ixmis Milton II work ( XIHIRIM lacksonville, H WRIGH1 ( XIHIRINI Montgonx wrk.hi ixmd Pensacola n WRl BllskV DXXID Monaca PA wx xii BR 1 ! xn Douglas W XI I k xm Montgomei ■ WINN llllll Kriu W Rk k NATALIE; Tallah xnc i I XMMif Lenox C x XIUDINi, BInni n Smiths, M IIQl HR OMH I ZORN 1 1 Ok X r.uala M Sophomores 105 JUNIORS — ABERCROMBIE, SARA; Louisville, AL ADAMS, AMY; Ozark, AL ADAMS, ELIZABETH; Blountsville, AL ADAMS, JAMES; Brewton, AL ADAMS, MARIA; Lagrange, GA ADAMS, RACHEL; Troy, AL ADAMS, ROWENA; Goodwater, AL ADAMS, SHAWN; Pensacola, FL AGEE, LISA; Andalusia, AL ALBURY, JACE; Bonifay, FLAL ESSANDRONI, MARK; York, PA ALICEA, ALBERT; Miami, FL ANDERSON, SHARHONDA; Grady, AL ANDREWS, DENISE; Ozark, AL ANGLIN, JOHN; Dothan, AL ANTHONY, CHERYL; Brundidge, AL ARNOLD, PAULA; Troy, AL ATKINS, TONY; Eufaula, AL AUBREY, LYNNE; Troy, AL AUGHTMON, CARYN; Dozier, AL AULTMAN, MARY; Crestview, FL AVERETT, STEPHA; Daleville, AL AVERY, DIANA; Fort Meade, FL BAKER, BENJAMIN; Tallahasee, FL BAKER, KEITH; Panama City, FL BAKER, TRACI; Indialantic, FL BALDUCCI, LYNETTE; Sarasota, FL BANKSTON, MORRIS; Ozark, AL BARB, JAN; Troy, AL BARDIN, KEVIN; Atmore, AL BARR MASON, JOANNE; Enterprise, AL BARRETT, JEFFREY; Port Huron, Ml BARTON, CHRISTINE; Rockledge, FL BARTON, KENNETH; Troy, AL BARTON, SHARON; Troy, AL BATES, TERRY; Daleville, AL BECK, TERESA; Lapine, AL BEDSOLE, DANNY; Kinston, AL BELL, ANNEMARIE; Florence, AL BELL, DAVID; Pensacola, FL BELL, DEBORAH ANN; Brewton, AL BENEFIELD, LAURA; Graceville, FL BENNETT, IRENE; Miami, FL BESTE, CARA; Andalusia, AL BHALLY, IMRAN; Troy, AL BIEGLER, MATTHEW; Titusville, AL BIRKS, JENNIFER; Seminole, AL BIRMINGHAM, WENDY; Wetumpka, AL BLAIR, DONALD; Troy, AL BLACK, MIKE; Phenix City, AL BLACKMON, BRYAN; Dothan, AL BLACKMON, GLENDA; Luverne, AL BLALOCK, DAN; Abbeville, AL BLOW, DARYL; Lakeland, FL BOATNER, PHILLI; Columbus, GA BODIFORD, SHERRY; Montgomery, AL BOLAN, BARRY; Alexander City, AL BOND, DAVID; Warner Robins, GA BONN, MARGARET; Enterprise, AL BOUTWELL, LISA ANNE; Troy, AL BOWDOIN, GARY; Louisville, AL BOWDOIN, SAMUEL; Durant, FL BOWEN, MICHAEL; Port St. Joe, FL nA m £ A ' 106 Juniors 8 OVf n W l i i t ( 1 BOYD, 5AMI I. H(ni I I. RONNII. Smill Al BOYKiv PAMEI A KAYI. Troy, Al BRADFORD. JONATHAN BRANTIIY IO AN-. Al BRASWIII |l ANNII. BuminKhjm, Al brinnan JOHN ( iMton, M BRFWSIIR |t III. Dothan. AL BRll ion im i. Montgomery Al BRODIRK K PATRH K • CA BRODIRK K. PIYTON I ' . ■., !,••,-. BROOKS, IRIK. Montgomery Al BROOks KIRRY. Phenh Chy Al BROOKS sorris Smiths Al BROVW DIRIK; Phcmx City, AL BROUN ions Brewton, Al BROWS TIMOTHY. Ilhd Al BRl Ylll. Bl IM ANSI. Hi K hland. IN BRYANT, GREGORY, Tr, BRY ANT, WILLARD Georgian , AL BUEHIIR BRl ( t Sarasota II BUFF, SCOTT; Marrieta, GA BUFFONC, IRANC IS; Boston, MA BURCH, PHILIP, Tro M BURKFTT JAN V New Brockton, AL BURKS, ROSEMARY; Entcrpr. BURREIL, ARRIN AL BUSH, MICHAEL; O ark Al BUSH, PHILIP; Andalusia Al BYRD, SHEILA; Troy, Al CAIN, ROBERT, Geneva, Al ( AIN. TODD; Phoomx. A CAMPBELL, MICHAH Miami Fl CARPFNTIR MARILEA; Ballston S: CARR, MICHELLE; O ark Al CARTER, CHARLES; Anton, Al CARTER, DEBORAH; Browton Al CARTER, I at am a. Bessemer, al CARTER, ROBERT Luverne, Al CARTER, THIRIsa. Enterprise Al ( AR IR ROBIR1 Starke II CARVIN, TRAi Al CASSADY, HRllY Pace, H CATRETT, PAY TON Bas Mmottr AL ( HAPPUl anita Enterprise Al CHILDS (OM Tun Al (I ARK BRY AN ( I ARK HINRY Elba, Al CLARK, STACEY; Milton II U ARK TR At IY I inon Spin. (II MMONS I ISA Chanceilc l IIC ' KNIR DAMD Columbia ( UK As ( ARRII Mananna. Fl i LOt D BRINDA Tuskegee Al l OBB HARRY COIMN SHPHANII Tun Al ( onnik inon rroy Al COOK CHARlls I ni. Al i ook (,UN Farmersvilk I OOK TIMOTHY Al AN BrCWtOn Al ( OOPIR DIANA Enterprise Al t opu and matthiu LaGranf RBITI KARA froy Al luniors 10 " II COSPER, CHRISTOPHER; Opelika, AL COSSON, MISTY; Ponce de Leon, FL COWART, LESSIE; Goshen, AL CRAIG, AMY; Selma, AL CRISP, LARRY, Jacksonville, FL CROW, CATHERINE; Montgomery, AL CULLEN, ANNA; Tallahassee, FL CURTIS, MELITA; Daleville, AL CURTIS, SAMUEL; Troy, AL DANSBY, KIMFJERLY; Troy, AL DANINGER, JANA; Midland City, FL DAUGHTERY, JENNI; Dothan, AL DAUGHTERY, SHAWN; Red Level, AL DAVENPORT, JAME; Jemison, AL DAVIS, BRIAN; Pace, FL DAVIS, MICHELLE; Andalusia, AL DAVIS, STANLEY; Troy, AL DAVISON, DEBORA; Fort Deposit, AL DEAN, JOHN; Dothan, AL DECKER, SHERRI; Margate, AL DEE, HELEN; Opp, AL DENNIS, FRANCI; Ozark, AL DENNIS, NAKITHIA; Prichard, AL DENNY, CATHERINE; Carrabelle, FL DERAMUS, PAMELA; Troy, AL DESMOND, KIM; Troy, AL DEWAR, BRENTON; Largo, FL DILLARD, HARRIE; Troy, AL DILLARD, MARICIA; Troy, AL DIX, THOMAS; Troy, AL DOBBS,CARLA; Birmingham, AL DONALDSON, ANTHONY; SAMSON, AL DORSEY, DAVID; Elba, AL DRIGGERS, WALTER; Union Springs, AL DUNN, ERIC; Jesup, GA a 1 v 1 ° " r ' ? : § i i z 24, 108 JUNIORS m $ H- in 1 fT k p n i For The Record Troy State ' s decision to provide cable service for it ' s students caused many to make new decisions. First, roommates consulted each other to decide whether or not they should have cable hooked to the TV set in their rooms. After the cable was hooked up, the roommates had to make forty decisions. With forty channels to choose from, a chronic at- tachment to the remote con- trol device became epidem- ic. This scene was not uncom- mon since 60° o of the male and female student popula- tion chose to get cable. Hav- ing cable in the individual ' s own room means that he or she does not have to sit in the lobby feigning sympathy for one ' s least favorite soap op- era characters on the lowest rated show simply because everyone else was intrigued. Of course no one was made to watch TV, but when pass- ing through on one ' s way to class, stopping before the set was a pastime. Cable in the rooms proved to be immensely po pular. The 1988-89 term presented the very real possibility thai basic cable will be included in the main room bill just as electricity. The student will be required to pay for premi- um channels and a remote control. With popcorn and theater ticket prices rising, students will find cable TV very economical. Article by: Ncrida Dewberry r ten 4 fl GIBSON 1)1 I ION ( ' AMI I V III,.. Al DVISS. Will I AM lit,.,. M l asii . nil, Huntsville, Al IDIIHIRf, k AIHAKIM M,„ I l I idimiiii; kinsv ( arerv ■■ EDGE, DARKI " Al IIA AKI s AM, II Abbevill nm k n - ( oKMin - p... ai IIA ARIlS Ml( HMI . has ards mnv e, ii l (OKI) UFONZIE; Louisville ai IIDIR. MIKll. rroy, ai li l is amv llbd, AL II I is DANA ! ' ,, m ELLIS, JIHIRV Semmes, AL lllis, STEPHEN; Brundidge M ELLISON, BIWRIV HI, : ISH, ] Mls llba, AL |sii (,ik |i ill Sarasota, fi I IHIRIIK.I ( YNTHIA; Ashtord Al FVFRHEART. ANGELA; Dothan. AL FAISON, SHAW v.. Foley, AL FARABEE. LITTA, Red Level, AL I ARNHAM. SUZY, Futa . Al FARNSWORTH, kl 1 1 V I nlerprise Al FEATHERINGS, LORI, Scoring, FI FEITSMA, LAURINDA; ChipU- . FERRY, DAYNA, Atkinson. Ml FLACK, TOM; Titusvillc, FL FLEMING, V III I AM. Tim Al FLETCHER, ALFRED, Indiantown, FL FLOYD, CARLA, Troy, Al FLOYD, ROBERT; Trm Al FORREST, WENDY; Lincoln, AL FORTUNE, DEBORAH; Trov. AL FOURMIK A I)RI A Man. h, 5t - Ml FRALISH, VINCE; Anton, M FRANCIS, DALTOV Enterpi FRFNCH, MAY; Dothan, l FRITH, ROBERT. Planlersvilk FROST, BOBBIE; Greenville Al FUSSELL. TFRRV M.lton. FL GARRETT II- • Al i.akri os lsn Harts i.lBsos phiiiip lemison Al lunio- ! au GILDER, CHARLES; Enterprise, AL GILES, SHIRLEY; Mobile, AL GLADDEN, PAULA; Birmingham, AL GLASS, CURTIS; Calera, AL GLASSCHO, ELIZABETH; Louisville, AL GLOVER, MARY; Eufaula, AL GODSEY, ROBERT; Killen, AL GOLDEN, LEIGH; Notasulga, AL GOODNIGHT, RONNIE; Hartford, AL GOODWIN, KRISTA; Tallahassee, FL GRANT, LEIGH; Ozark, AL GRANT, MARY; Bascom, FL GREEN, JAMES; Culloden, GA GHEEN, ROBYN; Montgomery, AL GREEN, WILLIAM; Billingsley, AL GRESSEL, MARK; Tallahassee, FL GRIFFITH, DENNIS; Opp, AL GRIFFITH, GINGER; Gadsden, AL GRIGGS, IANTHIA; Montgomery, AL GRIMES, KIMBERLY; Dozier, AL GROVER, TAMMY; Ashford, AL GUNN, MARY; Thomasville, AL GUNTER, DONNA; Troy, AL HALE, TRINA; Goshen, AL HALL, BENJAMIN; Troy, AL HALL, DARRYL; Union Springs, AL HALL, DEBRA; Opp, AL HALL, GREGORY; Crystal, FL HALL, JAMES; Brantley, AL HALL, MARK; Dothan, AL HALL, RICHIE; Marianna, FL HALL, TAMMY; West Palm Beach, FL HALLIDAY, WILLIAM; Bay Minette, AL HARRELSON, CHARLES; Andalusia, AL HARRINGTON, JOSEPH; Troy, AL HARRIS, CELESTE; Brewton, AL HARRIS, KEVIN; Bessemer, AL HARRIS, MELISSA; Ozark, AL HARRIS, RALPH; Albany, GA HARRIS, SAMUEL; Troy, AL HARRIS, SHERRY; Alma, GA HARRISON, DAVID; Florala, AL HARRISON, ROLAND; Tuskegee, AL HART, EUGENE; Louisville, AL HARTLEY, JEFFERY; Dothan, AL HARVEY, KIMBERLY; Tuskegee, AL HARVISON, LORI; Robertsdale, AL HARWELL, HAL; Troy, AL HARWELL, JEFFREY; Huntsville, AL HATCHER, TRACY; Fort Rucker, AL HAYES, RHONDA; Troy, AL HAYES, THERESA; Ozark, AL HEBERT, HUGH; Orlando, FL HENBY, DONALD; Honolulu, HI HENDERSON, CYNTHIA; New Brockton, AL HENDRICKS, BART; Jay, FL HENDRICKS, TEENA; Jay, FL HENRY, BRIAN; Hawkinsville, GA HENRY, LOU; Pittsburgh, PA HERBERT, VALERIE; Ozark, AL HERNANDEZ, JORGE; Puerto Rico HIBBARD, WILLIAM; Satellite Beach, FL HICKS, TINA; Tuskegee, AL HIGDON, KEITH; Pensacola, FL HILL, JENNIFER; Birmingham, AL HINES, DEBORAH; Eufaula, AL HIPSHER, AMY; Marietta, GA HOBBS, BETTY; Andalusia, AL HOLLON, KIMBERLY; Grady, AL HOLMAN, DONNA; Pensacola, FL ft p«f!««l 110 Juniors fi f o (1 9 ■i £) ■ f • £ 6 hoi Mis, ilfllkv i nion Spring Al hoi mis, I ' HlllP, Brewton, AL HONEY ill, MARTINA, Birmingham, Al hoi si ikk , Cull Breeze, n hoi sir. )iniK Montson en Al HOMY Wll MIR. (jmp Hill. M HOWARD, HRI I 1, JfOf, AL HOWARD, TRACI, Chuncliula. Al HOWELL, DAWNA, Troy, Al HUDLIV DANIEL; Brundidge, AL HUDSON, REGINA, Elba. Al HUGHES, IAMES, Antoi HUGHIS, LYNDA; Imv. Al HUGHES, MARY; Geneva, AL HUGHEY, EDWARD; Selmd, AL HUTCHESON, LISA; Elorala, AL INGRAM, DOROTHY, Troy, AL INGRAM, SHERRI; Davenport, FL INMAN, LAURA; Troy, AL ISHOLA, HAKEEM; Troy, AL IVEY, BARRY; Troy, AL IVEY, MARY; Dolhan, AL IVEY, ROBERT; Richland, GA IVY, DONNA; Hope Hull, AL JACKSON, DEBRA; Opp, AL JACKSON, JANE; Dothan, AL JACOBS, TAMI; Kinslon, AL JAMES, JENNIFER; Memphis, TN JAMES, PAMELA; Montgomery, AL JARMON, MONICA; Ozark, AL JINRIGHT, CARRIE; Trov, AL JINRIGHT, YVONNE; Grady, AL JOHNSON, CYNTHIA; Fort Walton Beach, FL JOHNSON, JENNIFER; Andalusia, AL JOHNSON, JOHNNY, Dothan, AL JOHNSON, JONATHAN; Montgomery, AL JOHNSON, LESLIE; Andalusia, AL JOHNSON, LINDA; Atmore, AL JOHNSON, MICHAEL; Eufaula. Al JOHNSTON, PAUL; Atlanta, GA JONES, JANET; Freeport, FL JONES, JEFFREY, Tampa, FL JONES, KENNETH; Tuscaloosa, AL JONES, MARCIA; Tuskegee, AL JONES, MICHAEL; Selma, AL JONES, TIMOTHY; Greenville. AL JORDAN, EDMUND; Montgomery AL JORDAN, TAMMY JUNIUS, CASAUNDRA; Selma, AL KANTOR, GRETA; Trov, AL KEESE, WHITNEY; Flomaton, AL KELLEY, GARY; Elba, AL KELLEY, KIMBERLY; Butte, MT KELLY, LISA; Enterprise Al KELLY, PATRICIA; Daleville Al KENNEDY, BARBARA; Troy, AL KERSEY, PAMELA; Phenix Cm M MIGORE. KIRK; Dothan, Al KIMBRO, JOE; Dozier. AL KIMBROUCH. TANJANIK Mobile. AL KING, SHERRI; Opp. AL KIRKL AND, BRETT; Tro. kl A A Q I NS, Defuniak Spring. FL KOPF, M ASM, Prattulle Al KOZIOL, JAY; Mt Prospect, II kROSZ, SHARON Tim Al kl NT LAN Saluda ni KVALSUND, RONALD T LAMBERT MICHAEL; Tr, . I AM sTIWV Brewton Al lunion 1 1 1 : LANGFORD, ROBERT; Notasulga, AL LAPAL, REBECCA; Ft Rucker, AL LARIMER, AMY; Coshocton, OH LAROCHE, KELLY Crestview, FL LARRY, RHONDA Troy, AL LARSON, JAMES; Andalusia, AL LAVERCOMBE, JILL; Marietta, GA LAW, ELZORA; Mobile, AL LAW, FRED; Union Springs, AL LAWRENCE, KRISTA; Dothan. AL LEDBETTER, TONY; Andalusia, AL LEE, CAROLE; Pensacola, FL BENNETT, LESLIE; Miami, FL LEVERETTE, LAURI; Brundidge, AL LEWIS, MITCHELL; Brewton, AL LEWIS, RODNEY; Birmingham AL LEWIS, WADE; Dothan, AL LIPTROT, BARBARA; Brundidge, AL LONG, JEFFREY; Okeechobee, FL LOTT, JANET; Troy,AL LOUIS, PETER; Troy, AL LOWREY, CARMI; Troy, AL LUNN, DALE; Troy, AL LUX, EDWARD; Spartanburg, SC LYERLY, WILLIAM; Alexander, LA MACK, DEBORAH; Linden, AL MADDEN, KARMEN; Kissimmee, FL MADDOX, DAVID; Brewton, AL MADDOX, JAMES; Elba, AL MADISON, PATRICIA; Luverne, AL MADISON, SONJA; Mobile, AL MAGEE, TIMOTHY; Greenacres City, FL MALISHAM, PATRICIA; Greenville, AL MANLY, TERANCE; Troy, AL MARAMAN, HERBERT; Georgiana, AL ( ' !fb I i IS For The Coming to Troy State pre- sented a massive change in Dominic Saul ' s life. Dominic, a native of Guyana, South America, transferred to TSU in the fall of 1987 after he re- ceived a track scholarship from Troy State. He had trav- elled in the United States on several occasions but had never been to Alabama be- fore he came to Troy. Domi- nic describes Troy State as being " much quieter and having a relaxed atmo- sphere. " He also added that he has found Troy to be very conservative in comparison with other places he has lived. Dominic is planning a ca- reer in agricultural engineer- ing. He ultimately plans to start his own business in some field of agriculture. He stated that American univer- sities have a greater variety of major fields of study, and that the teachers in American universities are more ad- vanced. One of Dominic ' s new ex- periences in America is eat- ing American food which he does not enjoy as much as the fresh fruits and vegeta- bles that are abundant in his home land. Sweet potatoes and root-like vegetable called " cassaua " are common dishes in Guyana. While Dominic can view most of the same television programming in Guyana as we do in America, he com- mented that he had never been to a football game be- fore he came to Troy. Since Dominic misses the warm weather in Guyana, he said that he goes home quite often, taking the five hour flight from Miami. When asked what he likes most about Troy he replied, " The slow pace and the beautiful landscape. " Most of Troy ' s Trojans would agree. , 112 Juniors r vr a g, n r ft n V u n i fl 1i ?ifl| r) ? 4- . ' a t n ?$ P iti jjft LA T ' j r » ft? j s MARAMAN, HUBLK I. Crorgiana. AL MARINO, TINA, (l M.x-rs, Fl markfrt, AMY; Newport Kh he) n MARLOWE, AM I A, Hof..l... AL MARTIN, BRIAN, I rffflfcjnd. H MARTIN MARY, Fl Ruckrr. Al MARTIN, NATHANIAI , I UVeme, AL MARTIN, SHELIA, Newton, Al MASON, LEEANNE, Fairhope, AL MASSEY, TAMMY; Bloutsville, Al MATHIEU, MARIANNI , Okc-c hnbee, FL MCBRYDF, FREDER, Troy, AL MCCAFFERTY, SUSAN, Birmingham, AL MCCALL, ALLEN, Marianna, FL MCCALL, BEVERLY; Elba, AL MCCALL, KYNA; Millbrook, AL MCCARTHA, JO ANN; Luverne, AL MCCARTHY, ELIZABETH, Brundidge, AL MCCOLLOUGH, RHETT; Elba, AL MCCORMICK, LOUIE ANN; Freeport, FL MCCRIMON, WANDA; Vincent, AL MCDANIELS, KAREN; Fayetteville, CA MCDONALD, TIFFANY; Troy, AL MCDOWELL, CALVIN; Tuscaloosa, AL MCINTOSH, JOHN; Seattle, WA MCKNIGHT, ANITA; Newton AL MCLEAN, JAMES; Troy, AL MCLEROY, CHRISTINA; Pace, FL MCPHERSON, HERBERT; Troy, AL MCPHERSON, LYNN; Lowndesboro, AL MEACHAM, AMY; Dothan, AL MEDLEY, STEFANI; Tallahassee, FL MEILLEUR, RON; Winnipeg, Canada MELTON, TRACY; Frisco City, AL MERKERSON, SHARI; Wetumka, AL MESSICK, LORI; Andalusia, AL MEYER, CRAIG; Casselberry, FL MEYER, JEFFREY; West Melbourne, FL MICELI, CRISTINE; Gulf Shores, AL MILLER, KIMBERLY; Donalsonville.GA MILLER, PATRICK; Union Springs, AL MILLER. SUSAN; Millbrook, AL MINCES, MERIANN; Tequesta, FL MITCHELL.BRIAN; Homewood, AL MITCHELL, CAROL; Mathews, AL MITCHELL, KINETA; Mobile. AL MITCHELL, KRAIG; Pensacola, FL MITCHELL, MATTHEW Eufaulj M MIXON, JAMES; St Petersburg. FL MOON, JEFFREY. Daleulle. M moovn imrv Excel, m MOOMV NATHAN Sefcm, M MOORE. FRED ; Laurel Hill. FL moori s m " i NewtonfAl MOORE, OLA, Birmingham. M Junior-. 114 MORGAN, CHRIS; Troy, A MORGAN, JOSEPH; Enterprise, A MORROW, DORSEY; Montgomery, A MORROW, KATHERINE; Ft. Rucker, A MORROW, NELSON; Elba, A MORTON, MICHAEL; Jackson, A MOTLEY, EVA; Pensacola, F MOSS, MARY; Satellite Beach, F MOTT, AMY; Andalusia, A MOULTRIE, SANDRA; Orlando, F MURDEN, TAMMY; Biloxi, M MURRAY, CORNELIUS; Murfreesboro, TN NELSON, AUDREY; Gadsden, A NORDMEYER, MARGO; Brewton, A NORRIS, CHARLES; Troy, A NORSTROM, JAY; Jackson, A NORTON, LISA; Troy, A NORTON, JAMES; Port St. Joe, F NORTON, VIRGIL; Troy, A NUNNALLY, SCOTT; Troy, A ODOM, SANDRA; Red Level, A OHMIN, VALERIE; Dothan, A OLIVE, NANCY; Dothan, A OLIVER, TIM; Troy, A OLSON, BLAKE; Denver, CO OROURKE, WILLIAM; Troy, A OVERTON, DELIA; Dothan, A OWENS, ANGELA; Andalusia, A OWENS, GREGORY; Opp, A PADGETT, JOHN; Chipley, F PARAMORE, BETHANY; Ariton, A PARAMORE, BRADLEY; Newton, A PARAMORE, MARCUS; Dothan, A PARHAM, MICHAEL; Troy, A PARISH, JOSEPH; Clayton, A PARISH, LUCILE; Geneva, A PARKER, JUDY; Troy, A PARKER, KATHRYN; Cocoa Beach, F PARKER, PATRICIA; Troy, A x PARKER, SHERRI; Ozark, A PARNELL, THOMAS; Auburn, A PARRISH, STEVAN; Montgomery, A PASTERCZYK, FRANKLIN; Ariton, A PAXTON, PENNI; Jupiter, F PAYNE, MICHELE; Montgomery, A PEACOCK, ANGELA; Hartford, A PEACOCK, ANGELA; Troy, A PEEPLES, LORENZO; Selma, A PETERS, SEAN; Tampa, F PETERSON, TRACY; Enterprise, A PETHEL, JOANNA; Enterprise, A PHELPS, MIKE; Troy, A PIAZZA, VIRGINIA; Birmingham, A PICHARD, REID; Tallahassee, F PINCKARD, JULIE; Bartow, F PIPPIN, KRISTI; Dothan, A PIPPINS, MARY; Troy, A PITTMAN, ANDREW; Brantley, A PITTMAN, SUZANNE; Brundidge, A PLESUR, DON; Enterprise, A POFAHL, ANNE; Des Plaines, I POOLE, REBECCA; Georgiana, A POPE, DOUGLAS; Webb, A POPE, ROBERT; Webb, A POWELL, RONALD; Greenville, A POWELL, TIM; Florala, A PRESTON, JEFFREY; Ozark, A PRICE, CARLA; Ariton, A PRICE, DAVID; Louisville, A PRICE, RAYMOND; Prattville, A 114 Juniors SKEEN i, " . V fW«2?L PI (Kin kisimi, Pemacoia H KABRIN rONY; Andalusia, Al KADIORD. VIRGINIA I " ... AL RAMSEY, NGEI A Midlai RANSOM, ( HARLES .•. II rash Kim, Enterprise, AL RFAVfs donald. Palmetto, GA REED, BIKWKI), Mobile, AL RHUS, SHARON Anton, AL RFID, KATHIRINI, Sdt. FL REISCH, AN(,I| ; Anton, Al REYNOLDS, JACQl ( 1 IM , I Irjdland, AL REYNOLDS, siiniii. DeFuniak Spring REYNOLDS. iiMOiin, Fairhope ai RIBEIRO, ALMIBETE; Andalusia, AL RICE, DEBORAH, Panama Crty, Fl RICHARD, JOHN; Lynn Haven. H RICHARDSON, CHARLES; Rutledge. AL RICHARDSON, LYDIA; Ozark, Al RICHARDSON, MARTHA, Franklin, CA RICHBURG, LORI, Luverne, AL RILEY, BRIAN, Andalusia, AL ROBBINS, DIANA, Shalimar, FL ROBBINS, KIM, Valdosta, GA ROBERSON, FELICIA, Chicago, IL ROBERTS, JOSEPH; Eclectic, AL ROBERTS, VICTOR; Orlando, FL ROBERTS, WILLIAM; Newville, AL ROBINSON, TONY; Campbellton, FL ROGERS, EMILY; Opp, AL ROUSE, PATRICK; Red Level, AL ROUTZONG, ROBERT Jack, AL RUSH, SALLY; Dothan, AL RUSHING, TERESA; Troy, AL RUSSAW, SHENIKA; Abbeville, AL RUSSELL, CELENA; Troy, AL RUSSO, MARC; Glen Cove, N RUUD, ALAN; Orlando, FL RYALS, WARREN; Montgomery, AL RYAN, STEPHEN; Bav Minette M SALLAS, ELIZABETH; Dothan, Al SAMARKOS, JOHN; Tarpon Springs. FL SANDERS, STEVE; Goshen, AL SANDERSON, SHARON. Mobile. AL SANDO, BRENDA; Enterprise, AL SAUCEDA, JEFFREY; Niceville. FL SCHOFIELD, MELISSA, Luvern SCHOFIELD, TAMMY; Georgiana AL SCOGIN, CYNTHIA; Atmorr. AL SCOTT, ALICE; McKenzie Al SEAY, SUSAN; Elba, AL SENN, RHONDA. Brundidge, AL SESSIONS, SHENANDONEA, Elba. AL SEWELL, ANDRrW Selma, AL sFXTON. TAMMY; O j-- SHACKLEFORD, DOBORAH Palm Ba Fl SHARION, COUNCIL, Dalevi! SHELBVPAMHA Montgomery AL MiirARD 5ALL Ran ■ SHERA, RICHARD Cape Coral. FL SHIELDS, lOH, Hartford. AL SHIELDS MMBFRLV Hartford. Al SHOQL 1ST M Mobile Al SHORT, KATHV Opp, AL MIIR DOLOIS; Troy Al slSH) I Kl F N Pr.chard. Al SIMON I ARIf AN Mobile Al MMPMNs YNE; Dunnellon. Fl slMx ( VKl TON K.n Minette Al skllN ROSALIND I a Fl Juniors in ■ SKEEN, STEVEN; Ozark, AL SKELLY, MARGARET; Troy, AL SKELTON, LINDA; Gadsden, AL SKIPPER, JEFFERY; Winter Haven, FL SKIPPER, ROSALIND; Eufaula, AL SKOWRON, SUSAN; Orlando, FL SLAUGHTER, CAROLYN; Enterprise, AL SMALLWOOD, HOWARD; Selma, AL SMILLIE, LISA; Cocoa Beach, FL SMITH, CHRISTOPHER; Clanton, AL SMITH, JANICE; Enterprise, AL SMITH, KRISTI; Leeds, AL SMITH, LAURIE; Jacksonville, FL SMITH, JEFFREY; Pine Hill, AL SMITH, MICHAEL, Andalusia, AL SMITH, REBECCA; Butler, AL SMITH, ROXLAND; Alma, GA SNEED, GRICELLE; Troy, AL SNEED, TERRY; Brundidge, AL SOMERFORD, DEBRA; Midland City, AL SOWELL, GLENNIS; Dothan, AL SPEARS, DOLORES; Apalachicola, FL SPENCER, CYNTHIA; Beatrice, AL SPENCER, TRACY; Mobile, AL SPIKES, TERESA; Geneva, AL SPIVEY, KEVIN; Louisville, AL SPURLIN, SKIPPER; Opp, AL SPURL1N, TINA; Opp, AL STABLER, KATHLEEN; Greenville, AL STEADHAM, RONALD; Troy, AL STENGER, ROBIN; Andalusia, AL STEVENS, TRACY; Ft. Walton Beach, FL STEWART, CYNTHIA; Troy, AL STOCKS, KIMBERLY; Selma, AL STONE, KATHERINE; Chipley, FL STORY, SUSAN; Panama City, FL STOUGH, MARTHA, Lapine, AL STRICKLAND, MALCOLM; Eufaula, AL STRINGFELLOW, JOSEPH; Gulf Breeze, FL SUEHR, JULIE; Lansing, Ml SULLIVAN, JOHN; East Islip, NY SVOPA, STEVE; Coral Springs, FL SWEAT, YVONNE; Lake Wales, FL TABB, HAROLD; Andalusia, AL TANSEY, LAURA; Greenville, AL TARVER, DEBORA; Midway, AL TATE, DEBRA; Montgomery, AL TAYLOR, CAROLYN; Birmingham, AL TAYLOR, DAVID; Sarasota, FL TAYLOR, FREDDIE; Ozark, AL TAYLOR, LISA; Jack, AL TERRELL, MICHELLE; Montgomery, AL THIERFELDER, DANA; Honoraville, AL THOMAS, LAWRENCE; Eufaula, AL THOMAS, LYNN; Greenville, AL THOMAS, ZANETTA; Troy, AL THOMLEY, MERLON; Dothan, AL THOMPSON, CARRIE; Bonifay, FL THOMPSON, FRANCES; Andalusia, AL THOMPSON, SALLY; Andalusia, AL THOMPSON, STACEY; Enterprise, AL THRASH, TRACEY; Troy, AL TILLIS, JOHN; Cairo, GA TOWNSEND, ANDREA; Brundidge, AL TRAVIS, SCARLETT; Hartford, AL TRUETT, YOLANDA; Lanett, AL TUFARIELLO, DANIEL; Fort Myers, FL VALENCIA, JORGE; Tuscon, AZ VANDAGRIFF, SANDRA; Dothan, AL VAN SANT, OLGA; Tampa, FL 2l©i«j(|gy20 © ® 3 f: i £T 116 Juniors Ai ft 9 fl ' bi r 4NSKIVER, k kl. k.-.i Level, At i( k |ANI l ;l M ish.sii k I. Birmingham, AL WA( hob. PENNY; Dothan, ai WADE, 0( II Mobile, M wacnir. kissl ill. Pembi waldin. mk 1 1 n Pensacola, n WALDR1P, SI- ( 1, AiMiiMori, AL WALKIR. DAVID; Mobi i WAIklk M- k n(idlusi.i, M WALKFR. PATRICIA M WALLACE, JAMIs Lowell. AR WAllfR. LAMES; Greenville, AL WARD. CODY; AnHjIusu. M WARRIV JIIIRIV MontKon I w mirs. |i in. Banl WATFORD. IINSIflk. Webb, AL WATSos. . (,n , Dozier, AL WATSON. BlllND , Andalusia. AL WOODS, PHELIX; Troy, M WATSON, donn- Greenvil • WATSON, LANA; Clayton, AL WATSON, LORI; Georeiana, AL WATSON, RUBfN, Mobile M WATTERS. JINNIMR s,.|ma, AL WEAVER, JAMES; Brewton, AL WEAVER, PHILLIP, Troy, AL WEEKS, LLOYD; Tro. WELCH, DOUGLAS, Brewton, AL WHALI . WINDY; Ozark, M WHEELER, RHONDS; Andalusia. AL WHIDDON iinnihr Fayette, M WHIDDON, MARY; Headland. AI WHITE, MARY; Troy, AL WHITE, RAY; Marianna, FL WHITE, THOMAS; Atmorc, AL WHITNEY, MIRIND-V Tro M WICKLINE, KIMBERLY, Enterprise, AL WIGGINS, SHERRI; Kinston, M WIGGINS, TAMMY; Andalusia M WILKES, WILLIAM, Trov, M WILLIAMS, BILLY; Enterprise M WILLIAMS, BOBBY; Alma, GA WILLIAMS, CAM! RON Panama Cm El WILLIAMS. ERIC, Montgomery M W II LIAMS, MARY; Samson. AL WILLIS, GREGORV Wetumpka. AL WILSON, CHARLES; Abbeville M WILSON, DEIDRE. Opel.ka. AL WILSON kill V Opp, M W II SON rwill Selma M WISE, iinnihr Samson M WITCHER, BRIAN, El Rucker M WITHAM, ROBERT Deerfield Ml WOHORD WENDY; L nion Spnr. WOOD. BRANTLEY; Dothan. Al WOOD 1 1 1Y UnihburK. A WOODARD TFRI A ITo) Al URM IAMES lacksonville FL WRU.HT CERALD; ! " ro Al WRICH1 MMCOl m Elba l WRICH1 iR-un Melbourne (l Wl TURK H DA ID Clearwat winn son 1 ! Geneva Al him ELIZABETH; lemison M oi ni, dwid rro) M ■MR MARIBFTH. ( Fl Junior ' . 11 " ADAMS, VIRGINIA; Lakeland, FL ADERHOLT, ROBYN; Sylacauga, AL ADKINSON, STACY; Damascus, GA ADKINSON, TRACY; Enterprise, AL AGERTON, RANDY; Ariton, AL ALEXANDER, DENA; Dothan, AL ALLEN, BROOKE; Ft. Payne, AL ALLEN, LESLIE; Troy, AL ALLRED, CLIFFORD; Birmingham, AL ALLRED, DONNA; Pinson, AL AMISON, MIKE; Elba, AL AMOS, CLIFFORD; Thomasville, AL ANDERSON, MARK; Andalusia, AL APLIN, RHONDA; Dothan, AL APPLEGATE, DIANA; Madison, AL ARCHIE, CHARLES; Opp, AL ARCHIE, KEVIN; Kinston, AL ARMOUR, MARY; Luverne, AL ARNOLD, DONNA; Jack, AL ARNOLD, JACQUELINE; Troy, AL ASCHE, GINA; Lakeland, FL ASHBY, MARSHALL; Troy, AL ASHMORE, WINFORD; Opelika, AL ASMUSSEN, TINA; Ft. Peirce, FL ATKINS, TRACY; Opp, AL BABCOCK, BRENDA; Selma, AL BACON, DEBORAH; Sanford, FL BAILEY, ANNETTE; Andalusia, AL BAILEY, KINBERLY; Graceville, AL BAKER, REBECCA; Chipley, FL BAKER, RHONDA; Troy, AL BAKER, RICHARD; Chipley, FL BALDWIN, DOUGLAS; Dothan, AL BANKS, KENNETH; Dothan, AL BARFIELD, CAROL; Opp, AL BAREFOOT, TINA; Salem, AL BARIBEAU, GEORGIA; Columbus, GA BARLOW, VICKI; Troy, AL BARNETTE, EVERETT; Fairhope, AL BARRAS, STEVEN; Troy, AL BARRON, BRENDA; Milledgeville, GA BARRON, CATHY; Troy, AL BARROWS, PETER; Montgomery, AL BARRY, MARGARET; Tallahassee, FL BARTON, AMY; Tallahassee, FL BASS, REBECCA; Troy, AL BAST, AMANDA; Daleville, AL BATCHELOR, CAREN; Ozark, AL BAXLEY, KIMBERLY; Dothan, AL BAXLEY, WILLIAM; Montgomery, AL BAXTER, JANNIQUE; Troy, AL BEAN, LESIA; Louisville, AL BEASLEY, MARY; Troy, AL BECK, JENNIFER; DeFuniak Springs, FL BENDER, CHARLES; Ft. Deposit, AL BENEFIELD, VERONICA; Dothan, AL BENNETT, MICKEY; Geneva, AL BICKEL, JAMES; Troy, AL BIGHAM, JACQUELINE; Dothan, AL BIRKS, JOANNE; Seminole, AL BLACK, ED; Troy, AL BLACKWELL, GARRY; Opp, AL BLAKE, GINGER; Alexander City, AL q mo 118 Seniors ft r i «V« D ft o , 1, Mr . iff H- ► . ' Alfa 1 ' • »» HI AND. I ARKV rroy, AL Hi ANKENSHIP IOHNNI m br ol Al biidsoi. LOI i tfaula, AL BLEVINS iosiph, Sdma Al BOBO. RFBF( ( -V Gardendale, AL BOBROWSK S, IOSEPH; Vero Beach, H BOOKfK. DFW M I l BORIF, LINDA; Palm Bay, FL BOSTICK, TODD. 1 AL BOSWELL, ANGELA; Montgorru-r . Al BOWERS, CHRISTOPHER, Selma. AL BOWERS, KFVIN, Doihan. AL BOYD, PAMELA; Wilmer, AL BR AC! Will, ALBERT, Troy, Al BRACEWELL, IDA; Andalusia, AL BRACKINS, HAROLD, Newvilli BRADLEY, SHARON, Montgomer BRADSHIK lll ABf TH BROOKS, GERALD; Roo BROOKS, RODNEY; Prattull. BROUSSARD, KARFN. Troy, Al BROWN, DOROTHY; Valdosta, GA BROWN, HOLLAND; Doihan, AL BROWN, JI 1 U fto) Al BROWN, STEPHANAS Dothan, AL BRYAN, SONDRA; Eufaula, AL BR ANT, CHARLES; Brundidgr Al BULLOCK, ROBERT. Brundidge, AL BUNDRICK, LOL ANNI , Troy, AL BURMAN. BRIDGETT, Venice, FL BUTLER, SHANI Eck tic, AL BYRD, CAROLL; f . L CAFFEY, TAYLOR; O ark, AL CALABRESE, ROBERT; Plantation, FL CALDWELL, JEFFREY, Marbur Al CALLIORAS, SUE; Kennebunkport, Mf CAMPBELL, JOHN j hita Falls. T CAMPBELL, STEVE; Cantonment, FL ( nnon,garr , Andalusia, Al CAPORINI sTFPHFN; Palm Beach Gardens. FL CARLILE, JAMES; Brantlev Al CARLSON, anthonv Montgomery, Al CARTER, BRENDA; Tuskegee Al CARTER, CARA; Cosher CARTER OMHiv Newton AL CASKET MIRRIN hit, CATRETT, THOMAS. Tro Al ( AYANAGH MICH AH Bo nton Beach FL CHAMBERS, LOREN Enu-rpr CHANCE, WALTER; Seln CHANCER am.h Samson Al CHANDLER PATRICIA Luverne AL CHEATHAM ro („ rxgiana Al CHERRY IANIC1 :,n. CLARk ABRAHAM I nion xprinss. Al CLARK FR NKII Cottonwo cl ARKl rHOMAS; Enterprise, Al CLEM, TED; Georgiana CLEMMONS U ' iford Al ( IINGFNPFH ( INI) V Bradenton Fl CLOL D 1 AW RIM 1 Bon, lav Fl COATFs KINDAI1, Bomfa Fl COBB MINIM a, Fl v n COBB, LAMAR; Pensacola, FL COE, DENNIS; Dothan, AL COFIELD, CHONDA; Seale, AL COHOLICH, DOLORES; Peachtree, GA COLEMAN, ANGELA; Smiths, AL COLLIER, PATRICIA; New York, NY COLLVER, CARON; Dothan, AL COLLVER, CATHERINE; Dothan, AL COLWELL, JOEY; Thomasville, AL COMPTON, DEBRA; Brantley, AL CONNER, ROBERT; Troy, AL COOK, JANET; Abbeyvil(e,AL COOK, LARRY; Griffin, GA COOK, LASHON; Prattville, AL COPE, DIANA; Goshen, AL COPELAND, HARRIET; Fort Walton, FL COPEN, CATHERINE; Enterprise, AL COPES, MATTIE; Enterprise AL COPPAGE, WILLIAM; Troy, AL CORLEY, JULIA; Glenwood, AL CORNELIUS, SUZANNE; Jacksonville, FL CORSON, JEFFREY; Ozark, AL CROWELL, JANET; Troy, AL COTTEN, ROBERT; Brewton, AL COURSON, RUSSELL; Phenix City, AL COX, BOBBY; Ashford, AL COX, ELAINE; Bradenton, FL CRENSHAW, DEMET; Greenville, AL CREW, LINDA; Enterprise, AL CROWE, GEORGE; Booth, AL CRUTCHFIELD, SANDRA; Bonifay, FL CUDE, DONNA; Moultrie, GA CULPEPPER, CATHY; Troy AL CULVERHOUSE, CONNA; Dothan, AL CURTIS, GEORGE; Montgomery, AL CURVIN, JEFFREY; Okeechobee, FL DABBS, STEPHEN; Bessemer, AL DA1LEY, DARRYL; Trussville, AL DANIEL, ROBERT; Troy, AL DAVENPORT, VIVIAN; Troy, AL DEW, JACKSON; Atmore, AL DAVIS, KIMBERLY; Goshen, AL DAVIS, PAMELA; Brewton, AL DAVIS, ROBERT; Troy, AL DAVIS, TOMMY; Monroeville, AL DEAL, ROGER; Vicksburg, AL DEAL, RONALD; Troy, AL DEAN, CAROLINE; Opelika, AL DEES, JOHN; Brewton, AL DENISON, WILLIAM; Troy, AL DENNY, SCOTT; Pace, FL DICKSON, JAMES; Troy, AL DICKINSON, CYNTHIA; Mobile, AL DICESARE, ROSANNA; Lakeland, FL DISMUKES, LAURA; Brewton, AL DIXON, ANDREA; Jensen Beach, FL DIXON, TITUS; Clewiston, FL DOBBS, RICHARD; Gadsden, AL DORMER, CHARLES; Troy, AL DORSEY, DORELL; Demopolis, AL DOSS, JAMES; Troy, AL DOTHARD, GEORGE; Jacksonville, FL DOTY, SHAWN; Troy, AL DOVIN, BARRY; Enterprise, AL DOYLE, VIRGINIA; Dothan, AL DRAUGHON, WELLS; Geneva, AL DRIGGERS, JEAN; Elba, AL DRURY, JEFFREY; Smiths, AL DUFF, SUSAN; Enterprise, AL DUGOSH, THOMAS; Panama City, FL " A " ' AO i, . HTIw 0-a 120 Seniors » n £° £ i p? r mJ? DUKI. sun IA; ( olumbia, Al hi NBAR, DI NISEj Dotha 1)1 ■.( KN (ONM N I M jr. ' . I Di PR, MADIll, Abbeville, Al DUNAWAY ( t f I Kit . Dothan, AL Di nnaw ay. l MMII 51a omb, Al DUP Al miss, joil. Enterprise, AL DYklS. HOWARD rroy M DYKES, iinda Ozark, M DYkls, |l ( ||||, I,. EAST, KATH B R HUH), Troy, AL IDW ARDs. I MM Y; ( alera, ai llllkl ions, Montgomery, AL IIDIR. W anda, Tn HIIS, (AMSDOI VN i nion Springs, AL lllis, rONIA; l oy M ELLISON, STEPHANIE; Robertsdale, AL ELMORt, CHARLFS, Glasgow, kY ENGLISH. ( IIRIs. Elba, Al ENZOR, LORI; Andalusia, AL ELSER, WILLIAM; Ft. Lauderdale. FL EVERS, JOHN, Andalusw Al FAIRCLOTH, JOHN; Grads. Al FAITH, JOSEPH. Si Stephens, AL FAULK, BRFNDA. Dothan, At FERGUSON, DEBBI, Do ier, AL FERIA, REBECA; San Juan, Puerto Rico I INK. SUSAN; Samson, AL FINK, TERESA; Samson, AL FINLAY, PATRICIA; Enterprise, AL FISHER, ANITA; Fort Rucker. AL FITCH, ANGELA; Butler, Al FINCH, ERIC; Americus, GA FISH, JUDY; Fort Rucker. AL FLEMING, GREGORY; Brundidge, Al FLORES, GREISY; Defumak Springs Fl FLOWERS, MARCELLA, Alexander City Al FLOYD, JAMES; Trov. Al FLOYD, VONCILA; Brund.d«e. Al FOLMAR, CHERYL; Tro; Al FOSHIt. si SAS Alexander Cits AL FOLMAR. NANC Y Troy Al FORD, TALISMAN Bonifay, Fl FORRE STER, JULIE, Bradenn.n. Fl FORTHMAN mai RUN. Cape Canaveral, FL FOWLER, SHERI; Port Sulphur I A FOX, ROBERT; Mt. Dora, FL FOXWORTH. ANDR! A IVoy FREE, CATHY; Ozark, Al FREEMAN IIMRIY Mialimar. FL FREEMAN i ammy Abbeville M FROST, BARRY; Perdido Beach AL FULFORD. jdw RD Geneva, ai FULLER, KIMBFRLY Mh.i Al FULLER, PI BUY Defuniak Springs H GADDY. SABRINA Thomassil GARDnir will i am Grady Al GASTFR, KIMM Dotfui GATES, KINNHH Minn gibson iw n Grady ai GIBSON sniRHY Greenville Al GILBERT, C AMI RON Atlanta. GA (.IK.RISI TODD. Chicago II GILHi ART l amis Fairhope Al GILLEY mart Newbrockton, AL GILLEY si s Enterprise GILLIS C HARlls Montg Gil I is MK HAH. s. GINDL, NANCY; Pensacola, FL GIVENS, JACQUELINE; Troy, AL GLASCO, LINDA; Glenwood, AL GODMIN, KEVIN; Geneva, AL GODWIN, NANCY; Altha, FL GOLDEN, LINDA; Banks, AL GOMILLION, LISA; Florala, AL GOOD, DAVID; Panama City, AL GOODSON, JEFFREY; Dothan, AL GOODSON, JERRY; Ariton, AL GOODSON, TERRY; Ariton, AL GORDON, DAWN; Montgomery, AL GORDON, JAMES; Troy, AL GRABER, JOHN; Samson, AL GRANT, BERNARD; Atmore, AL GRANT, DEBORAH; Troy, AL GRASSO, DARIO; Ontario, Canada GREEN, EMILY; Troy, AL GREEN, RILEY; Troy, AL GREENE, MARJORIE; Selma, AL GREENSPAN, DAVID; Savannah, GA GRIFFIN, CHARLOTTE; Goshen, AL GRIFFIN, CHARMINE; Troy, AL GULLY, MELISSA; Troy, AL GULLY, REGINA; Tuskegee, AL GUNN, JAMES; Thomasville, AL GUYTON, ROBERT; Tampa. FL HADDOCK, PORTER; Damascus, GA HADDOCK, SHARON; Chipley, FL HALEY, MATTHEW; Warrior, AL HALL, BYRON; Marietta, GA HALL, DENISE; Hartford, AL HALL, MARY; Elba, AL HALL, PATRICK; Pounce De Leon, FL HALE, RANDOLPH; Union Springs, AL HAM, MATTHEW; Ozark, AL HAMILTON, MARGARET; Ozark, AL HAMM, TRACI; Louisville, LA HAMMACK, AMY; Lakeland, FL HAMMOND, ELIZABETH; Mobile, AL HANEY, TOMMIE; Troy, AL HANS, WALDEN; Ozark, AL HARDIN, CHARLOTTE; Ozark, AL HARDIN, TRESA; Tuscaloosa, AL HARRELL, ANDY; Enterprise, AL HARRELL, CURTIS; Selma, AL HARRIS, CRAWFORD; Alma, AL HARRISON, JAN; Atlanta, GA HARRIS, LAURISE; Greenwood, FL HARRISON, MILTON; Atlanta, GA HARRISON, WILLIAM; Selma, AL HARVEY, JAMES; Troy, AL HATCHER, KAREN; Sneads, FL HAWK, ROBERT; Whitesburg, GA HAYES, LINDA; Cottonwood, AL HEAD, JAMES; Andalusia, AL HEATH, KENNETH; Warner Robins, GA HEATON, LISA; Cantonmont, FL HELMS, WAYNE; Enterprise, AL HELMS, JENELLE; Kinston, AL HELMS, MONA; Brundidge, AL HELMS, SANDRA; Clayton, AL HENDERSON, FELECIA; Opp, AL HENDERSON, JAMES; Alexander City, AL HENKEN, VERA; Huntsville, AL HENLEY, MELISSA; Troy, AL HETZEL, BERNADETTE; Inverness, FL HICKS, ANGELA; Georgiana, AL HIGDON, KAREN; Quincy, FL HILL, DENISE; Lexington, AL . cl 9 f T l fit ' . 1 o m n 122 Seniors dbkr - t. Wit, mt K £J e t» iMti Mill. LISA; rown i reel Al mil. I NA; rroy, Al iir. sos |AMI 5 Slocomb, M HISSON, PATTI; Dothar HINSON, V ool)R .. M HINTON w KNDA Phei HOBBS, LISA rroy, AL IIOHSON I ATI, I • Al HODGE, ROHIKI, rrov Al. HODGES, KIMBIRIV Bay M MOMMAS, RIHK V . M HOGAN. ( HIRII; Hudson, FL HOLU V ion. Elba, AL iioin i ; ivllle, AL HOOKS, MOLLY; Barton, M MORIS SARAH, O ark, AL HORNSBV, |ASI I, Brundidg Al HORTOS. ji ill. Hartford, M HOSKINS Kins Nokomh, FL HUBBARD, BRYAS, Cha tom. Al HUDON, JUDITH; Luveri HUDSON, ANSA; Elba, AL HUDSON, GERALD, Dothan, Al HUDSON, ROBERT; Opp, AL HUDSON, THEODORE; Troy, AL HUGGINS, SANDRA; Tro. HUGHES, FRANCES; Skipperville, AL HUGHES, JEFFREY, Opp, AL HUNT, BARRY; Enterprise, AL HUNT, MARY; Troy, AL HYDE, CHRISTINA, Troy, AL IKNER, BRUCE; Daphne, AL INGRAM, CAROLYN; Evergreen, AL INMAN, KRISTA, Tro . AL IRBY, KARLA; Mobile, AL IRIZARRY, RUBEN, Daleville, AL IRWIN. MICHAEL; Selma. AL ISHOLA, TAOFEEK; Trov. AL IVEY, DEBORAH, Ariton At JACKSON, CHARLIE, Prichard, AL JACKSON, CHERYL, Dothan, AL JACKSON, HOPE; Starke, FL IACKSON JOMPH Florala, AL I ( KSON MARTHA; Glenwood, AL JACOBS, MICKEY; Brundidsr AL JAHANNEMA, HAMID. Iran JAMES, MICHAEL, Wavcross, GA JARMON, ELISA; O ark Al JARRELL, TONV Bjn Minette. AL JEFFCOAT, RICHARD, Trm Al JEHS, JIM; Largo, FL JESSE, VICKY; Daleulle. AL JOHNSON. ALEX Evergreen, AL lOHSsos ssi ; ; Matl . IOMSSON, DARLLSL Fairfield. AL lOHSsOS. GERALD; Brantlos AL IOMNSOS lAMn S. wlon, AL iomssos iifiRn rroj loiissos k Saraland, AL lOMSsos l sm n Ozark AL lOHSsos P m I Headland, AL IOMVOS RK IO Brantle . Al lOIINMIS ROBIS, [ntorpr.-. jomsnos SCOT! Vacav IOMSSOS l(M)l) Brantl« Al johssos osd Newton, al IONES BIHV Opp, AL lOSIs MARins Pruhard Al IOS|s MARK Int. losn RISK IR M JONOVITCH JONOVITCH, ANTHONY; Tampa, FL JUDAH, AMY; Ozark, AL JUDY, ERIC; Dothan, AL KEEL, JEFFREY; Dothan, AL KELLER, GREGORY; Ozark, AL KELLEY, ERIN; Ozark, AL KELLEY, MARY; Samson, AL KELLEY, MICHAEL; Troy, AL KELLEY, SHERRY; Andalusia, AL KELLEY, STEPHEN; Fairhope, AL KELLY, KIMBERLY; Midland City, AL KELLUM, KIMBERLY; Troy, AL KENNETT, MELISSA; Enterprise, AL KETCHAM, SONYA; Albany, GA KILLEBREW, JANE; Abbeville, AL KING, DONALD; Montgomery, AL KING, GWENDOLYN; Clio, AL KIRKLAND, KIMBERLY; Monroeville, AL KLANG, JAMES; Enterprise, AL KNIGHT, CARL; Troy, AL KNIGHT, JOSEPH; Opp, AL KNIGHT, KENNETH; Blakely, GA KNIGHT, RODERICK; Birmingham, AL LAMBERTH, MICHAEL; Eufaula, AL LAMKIN, DONNA; Pineapple, AL LANGLEY, TRAVIS; Saraland, AL LANIER, THELESA; Troy, AL LANHAM, WENDY; Brewton, AL LASSITER, JAMES; Slocomb, AL LAXSON, FRANK; Montgomery, AL LAZZARI, PATRICIA; Daphne, AL LEDBETTER, MICHAEL; Opelika, AL LEE, LINDA; Troy, AL LEE, MICHAEL; Climax, GA LEFFEW, RICHARD; Vero Beach, FL 124 Seniors Mi JB or The Record With the Adams Center ever searching for new ways to entertain TSU students and the video craze spread- ing its way through thecoun- try, the obvious addition to Adams Center was a video store. Not only would it pro- vide entertainment, but also a source of funds to expand other services. The prices at the video store are competitive with other video stores in Troy because its main objective is to serve, not to profit. During the week rates in- clude one movie at $2.00 a day or three movies at $5.00 a day. Three movies and a VCR are offered for $9.99 or three movies for $7.00 are offered as weekend specials. The store offers dramas, adven- tures, comedies, horrors, and classics. More popular titles in stock are " The Golden Child, " " Jumping Jack Flash, " and " Crocodile Dundee. Confidence in the success of the store was high even though it is in heavy compe- tition with cable television and home football games. Business saw some busier days in winter and spring quarters as the home football game competition was elimi- nated. The video store serves its purpose by entertaining the student population as it faces gruesome weekends and the decision between studying or movie watching. Article by Neredia Nowberrv LETT, DEBRA; I M MWIS. Mill. In.,. At 1 1 wis si s||, Meundria, VA MM) KMHIKIM. S df ,| d nd. Al LINTON, MARY, Anddlusu. Al ill III. l) Rf I. Ozark, AL io M 1 1 riNA; rroy, AL losDo. Dl nisi, Enterprise, AL l()l I. JIRRY. Ire, M Kill jOt AL MAI IT, JOHN. J.mison, Al iowirv DAVID; Greenville, AL LOWERY, DONALD; ZephyrhiUs, H LUDWIG, WAYM Niceville, Fl IN, GAYLE; Cullmdn, AL LUMPKIN, SUSAN; Columbus, GA LUNSFORD, CHARLES; Apdld( hi ok 1 1 MABRAY, MICHMI Troy, M MACHIN, una. Ozark, m MACK, DARNISHA; Mobile M MACON, SHEILA, Birminghdm, M MADDOX, PHYLIS; Montgom. MADDOX, WILLIAM; Elba, AL MALONI I INDA; Phi-mv City, AL MARTIN, ANDREW; Entcrpri- MARTIN, HORACE; Brooksville, FL MATAYOSHI, LAURA, Ozark, AL MATES, MATTHEW; Orlando, FL MATHENY, JAMES; Dothan, AL MAVRIDOGLOY, THEODOROS; Troy, AL MAY, JEFF; Union Springs, AL MAYFIELD, WINC EST, shalimar, FL MCADAMS, LOUIS; Enterpn-.. MCCALL, KIMBERLY; Fitzgerald, GA MCCALL, TAMMY; Troy, AL MCCLAIN, DEBBIE, Ramer, AL MCCLENDON, DEBORAH. Eufaula, AL MCCOMB, CHRISTI; Enterpn MCCONNELL, FR Sk Dalev MCCR-U MS K- THR N. Webstei Gri MCCRORY, iacmi. Frisco City M MCCRORVMMRlRh Brovion M MCCRORY MICH ML Panama Cit) FL MCCROR MICH Ml N M MC CULLOI GH C " HRI » ' - M S MCDONALD MCDONALD, MARY; Fitzgerald, GA MCGARRY, DALE: Enterprise, AL MCGEE, ANGELA; Greenville, AL MCGINTY, LESLIE; Walnut Hill, FL MEGOWAN, MARK, Geneva, AL MCGRAW, MICHAEL; Dothan, AL MCGRIFF, DONALD; Headland, AL MCKEE, MICHAEL; Opelika, AL MCKNIGHT, KARAN; Dothan, AL MCKNIGHT, SHERYL; Newton, AL MCKINNEY, PAMELA; Ozark, AL MCLENDON, SHIRLEY; Clio, AL MCLEOD, RITA; Luverne, AL MCMILLIAN, JACK; Repton, AL MCPHERSON, MITCHELL; Beatrice, AL MCWHORTER, ANJA; Troy, AL MEANS, TAMMY; Bay Minette, AL MEDLEY, JONATHON; Brundidge, AL MELTON, CYNTHIA; Geneva, AL MELTON, MELINDA; Geneva, AL MEREDITH, TIMOTHY; Enterprise, AL MERRITT, JAMES; Defuniak Springs, FL MESSICK, ANNA; Goshen, AL MIDDLEBROOKS, JULIAD; Selma, AL MIDDLEBROOKS, TAMMY; Brundidge, AL MIKLOS, MARK; Seminole, FL MILLER, JACQUELINE; New Brockton, AL MILLER, KARLA; Cottondaie, FL MILLER, MARK; Dozier, AL MIMS, WILLIAM; Thorsby, AL MINCEY, MELISSA; Tequesta, FL MIXON, SHANNON; Ozark, AL MOCK, DANA; Troy, AL MONEY, BETH; Abbeville, AL MOODY, TAMARA; Opp, AL MOONEY, CHARLES; Opp, AL MOORE, JUANITA; Andalusia, AL MOORE, MARGARET; Troy, AL MOORE, RONALD; Chalcler, AL MORGAN, AMY; Ariton, AL MORGAN, ELIZABETH; Luverne, AL MORRISON, WILLIAM; Troy, AL MOSLEY, TIMOTHY; Columbus, GA MOTES, LYNN; Troy, AL MOULTON, ELIZABETH; Troy, AL MOULTRY, CYNTHIA; Highland Home, AL MOUNT, DARYL; Brantley, AL MOUNT, MARTHA; Troy, AL MOUNT, SUSAN; Ozark, AL MOZO, REBECCA; Enterprise, AL MULLER, TINA; Troy, AL MURDOCK, JAMES; Gadsden, AL MUSICK, MICHAEL; Midland City, AL MYERS, CLARK; Huntsville, AL NEAL, TODD; Louisville, KY NELSON, CYNTHIA; Elba, AL NELSON, LISA; Brantley, AL NELSON, REGINA; Fairhope, AL NELSON, ROBERT; Troy, AL NESMITH, DAVID; Enterprise, AL NESSI, MATTHEW; Enterprise, AL NETTLES, ALN; Monroeville, AL NEWBY, CHARLES; Greenville, AL NEWSO, BETTY; Ozark, AL NEWSOME, BURTON; Columbus, GA NEWTON, KINBERLY; Thomasville, AL NIX, DANIEL; Fairhope, AL NORRIS, STACY; Lakeland, FL OBER, AMANDA; Bedford, NH ODOM, KIM; Frisco Ci ty, AL «(1 ,(1 rV m , CI P ® n 4 1 1 {J ft ©; gl f» 0 - ifl l 0 k n ft - 126 Seniors jPJtf ft It- Ar q " ' " ? A r IffjVHHB fi fie ft 9 a, 1 4 ram CT OLDS, IOHN; Louisville, AL oiivir kiiTii. rroy, m oison KIM, lacfcsonville, M owis imiiiip, Woodstod GA OWENS, nkon rroy, ai OWINs ( hari is Pineapp ■ OWINS. darrin, Daphne, M PACI JINNIIIR. ruikegee, Al pmsiik, vmiiiam. Vero Beach, H PAIMIK. ( HRISIIAN, Largo, H PANACI S, DANIE; Dothan, AL PARAMESW ARAN, nay A, l I ' AKKI K. GRf ! I -V (one , AL PARKIR, rHOMAS; Port si |oc, FL PARSHALL, WILLIAM; Troy, AL PATTERSON, DAPIIM • AL PATTIRSON, PATRICIA; Luverne. AL PAWLIK, DOUGl as Enterprise, ai PAYNE, JIMMY; Skipperville, El PEEL, MICKEAL; Malvern, AL PEEVY, SUSAN. Brewton, Al PEPE, KIMBERLY, Troy, AL PETERMAN, MARY, Abbeville. AL PETERS, NAN( Y; Ozark, AL PHILLIPS, ALISON; Ozark, AL PHILLIPS, LILLIE; Tuskegee, M PIERCE, JAMES; Opp, AI PIERCE, LISA; Tuskegee, AL PIMIENTA, GARRICK; Tampa, EL PIPPINS, GERRY; Troy, AL PITTS, JACQUELINE; Seale, AL PIZARRO, JOSE; Troy, AL PLESS, KELVIN; Amencus. GA POPE, RICHARD; Panama City, FL PORTER, JEANNINl, Trm AI POTTER, KEVIN; Troy, AL POUNCEY,CON lt Brantlv.AL POWE, MICHEAL; Silas, Al POWELL, BARBARA, Florala, AL POWELL, CLARENCE; Chicago, IL POWELL, VINCE; Grove Hill, AL PRICE, KELLEY; Slocomb, AL PRICE, MARY; Louisville. AL PRIDGEN, DENISE.Opp, AL PRIDGEN, LISA; Trov AL PRIDGEN, RENEE; Opp. AL PRUITT, KEITH; Dothan, AL PURCELL, KATHLEIN. Crystal River, FL PURIFOY, T ANGEL A; Atmore. Al PYNES, SUSAN; Luverne, AL QUATTLEBAl 1. MARTIN Vo QUINN, AUDREY; Birmin ha RAILEY, BONNIE; Tun, AL raliy. bkinda, Enterprise, al REED, SHARON, Spanish For REESE, IIIMRV Ke) West, FL REEVES, CHRlsTINI l.u ksonville. FL RHODES, DAVID Kinston, M RHODls MAI RUN RHODIs s ( RiET: Elba Al RICH " ! R1 SN Alexander City, Al Rl( HARDSON FRANC mrrv Al RICHARDSON KARIN Lexii RICCINS l M M RlLEt mark Dothan Rim tirrv rroj M RlllY v ADI. Enterprise, l RlTCHii da id Pensacola H RIMRs. MR Ml Al Opel.ka Al RI O miche Al Panama ( ity, FL Senior-. 127 ROBERTS ROBERTS, ALLISON; Ozark, AL ROBERTS, HOMER; Newville, AL ROBERTS, RUSSELL; Eclectic, AL ROBERTSON, WILLIS; Montgomery, AL ROBINSON, ERIC; Lanett, AL RODGERS, CEDRIC; Selma, AL ROE, RODNEY; Pineapple, AL ROGERS, PAMELA; Fort Walton Beach, FL ROGERS, WENDY; Abbeville, AL ROLLING, RUBY; Luverne, AL ROSKOS, MICHAEL; Melborne Beach, FL ROY, JODIE; Birmingham. AL RUMPH, GARRY; Troy, AL RUMPH, SHIRLEY; Midway, AL RUSS, DONNA; Pansey, AL RUSSELL, CHARLES; Montgomery, AL RUTLEDGE, CHARLES; Miami, FL RYAN, JAMES; Marion, AL SALTER, MARY; Newville, AL SAMUEL, TERRENCE; Cairo, GA SANDERS, CHRISTOPHER; Eclectic, AL SANDERS, DANIEL; Troy, AL SANDERS, JERRY; Troy, AL SANDERS, LYNN; Troy, AL SANDERS, TAMMY; Dothan, AL SANDS, HARRY; Ft. Pierce, FL SASSER, JANET; Slocomb, AL SASSER, JANIE; Florala, AL SAUNDERS, JULIE; Abbeville, AL SCARBROUGH, WILLIAM; Thomasville, AL SCAVELLI, MARIAN; St. Petersburg, FL SCHAPER, STEVEN; Newton, AL SCHLEY, CHARLES; Windermere, F L SCHNEIDER, DARRELL; Jacksonville, FL SCHOFIELD, TERESIA; Opp, AL SCHURR, PAMELA; Pensacola, FL SCHWALLIE, BETTINA; Ozark, AL SCOTT, EDDIE; Troy, AL SEALE, MARK; Georgiana, AL SENN, PATRICIA; Jack, AL SENN, STEPHANIE; Troy, AL SEXTON, BARBARA; Florala, AL SEYMOUR, CYNTHIA; Pensacola, FL SHARP, CHRISTOPHER; Leeds, AL SHAW, SUELLEN; Montgomery, AL SHEPHERD, CHARLES; Georgiana, AL SHIPMAN, ALAN; Troy, AL SHIPMAN, JAMES; Troy, AL SHIPMAN, SONJA; Dothan, AL SHIPMON, DIANE; Troy, AL SHIRAH, JONATHAN; Geneva, AL SHIVERS, WILLIAM; Flomaton, AL SHORES, DEBBI; Bonifay, FL SHORES, LISA; Birmingham, AL SHORES, LORI; Birmingham, AL SHORT, CHRISTOPHER; Andalusia, AL SHOUSE, STUART; Ft. Walton Beach, FL SHOWS, KERRI; Troy, AL SIDES, SUSAN; Tampa, FL SIEVERS, PAUL; Ozark, AL SIKES, NANCY; Luverne, AL SILVA, GUSTAVO; Ft. Lauderdale, FL SIMS, DOUGLAS; Thomasville, AL SIMS, MICHAEL; Troy, AL SKILLMAN, CHRISTOPHER; Walnut Grove, AL SKILLMAN, JAMES; Walnut Grove, AL SLACK, CHERYL; Cape Coral, FL SLOAN, ROGER; Dayton, OH SMARTT, MARK; Tucker, GA SMITH, CAMMY; Ashford, AL 6 1 B f P ft ,f f m a v r fill at ' ifetf, ftft J 128 Seniors BESS! m f o 9 e ff a„i « a a r lr V ' ' - . I .1 r 1 sMim. jamis. Dothan, Al SMIIU )ll aysi Dothan, Al SMITH, KAREN; Pineapp • SMITH, KiMHlkn ■ I, Al SMITH MMBIRIV Iroy. AL Ainu kimbiri , Opeiika, M smiih I wmi Gn • rwille, Al SMITH, MARCARI I. Brewlon, Al SMITH MARK; Midland, AL SMITH. OHW, Daleville, AL SMI1H. TIMOTHY. Dothan. Al SMITH, IRA I Al smi I, ANESSIA Dothan, AL SNELLGROU. JAMIs ( ulumbia, AL SOBOTTKA, RICHARD; Troy, AL SPANN, DANNI; Troy, AL SPANS Rl( HARD, Troy, AL SPI ars (,ki (,or Geneva, AL SPENCE, BIS) AMIS; Troy. AL SPENCE, MARY, Eufaula, AL SPENCE, SHARON; Enterprise, M sPINGLER, GLENN; Troy, AL SPIVEY, GLENDA; Brundidge. AL SPURGEON, CHRIsini Troy, AL SQUIRE, MYLAN; Troy, AL STAFFORD, GREGORY; Claxton, GA STANLEY, JANUS Tufaula, AL STARKS, CYNTHIA; Brundidge. AL STEBBINS, SHANNON. Brooksvil!. STEELE, MARTHA; Entcrpr,M Al STEELE, SCOTT; Jacksonville, FL STEELE, TAYLOR; Enterprise, A I STEPHENS, PAUL; Troy, Al STEPHENS, SCOTT; Dothan, AL STEPHENS, WENDELL; Trov, AL STEVENSON, BRYAN, Uniontown Al STEWART, BLAINE, Trov, AL STEWART, GREGORY; Decatur Al STEWART, WILLIAM. Brundidge. Al STIDON, CHRISTINA Ft Ruckei Al STOkES, LESLIE; Goshen, AL STOKLEY, CYNTHIA; Opelika. Al STOKELY, LINDA; Millry, Al STONE, GWEN, New Brcxkton. AL STOREY, ZACKARY; Elba. AL STOUGH, ANNETTE; Tro Al sTRADIR FELICIA; Birmingham. AL STRENGTH, FREIDA; Dalevillc Al STRICKLAND, JUDY; Louisvil!. STORY. klNNlTH; Ozark Al STUTTS, STIWS Dothan, Al STUTZMAN YVONNE; Brandon. FL SULLI AST. JL III Elba, Al SUTTOS si| | !-,,, AL TABRON, RHONDA; Dalevill. TANNER. JESSINR. Greenvill. TATUM, LANCE; O ark Al TAYLOR. CHARLES Do«l TAYLOR. JERRY; Dothai I amor MAR rroy Al TEAI SI SAN Mad Al TNIls klNNINI 1 tippir soi Selma Al Tl si ANIIY O ark. Al ihomas nnis Pemacoia, fi thomas friddii Montgomery M THOMAS SHARON I .nafa AL THOMPSON MELONI rhot THOMPSON SABRI vn thompsos shakos I ■• . , Park, II Seniors i- 1 - 1 Hi THORNTON, LISA; Andalusia, AL TIELKING, DONALD; Oneonta, AL TIPTON, TIM; Louisville, KY TISDALE, JAMES; Brantley, AL TODD, MICHEAL; Winter Haven, FL TOLAR, MANLEY; Pansey, AL TOMPKINS, GEORGE; Ramer, AL )V, AL TRAVIS, JERALD; Pensacola, FL TRAYLOR, EUGENI; Phenix City, AL TRUETT, JAMES; Skipperville, AL TUCK, ALVIN; Alexander City, AL TURDO, MIKE; Troy, AL TURK, MICHAEL; Lynn Haven, FL TURNER, LAUVONE; Greenville, AL TURNER, DONALD; Midland City, AL TYLER, CARLOS; Mobile, AL TYREE, LINDS; Andalusia, AL TYUS, RONALD; Marbury, AL UNDERWOOD, COURTENAY; Dothan, AL VANLANDINGHAM, DARRIN; Geneva, AL VANDANDT, MARK; Millbrook, AL VANSANT, CURTIS; Troy, AL VERRETT, DELORIES; Troy, AL VOILAND, THOMAS; Dundein, FL WADDELL, DENISE; Georgetown, GA WAKEFIELD, STEVE; Florence, AL WALDROP, RAYMON; Phenix City, AL WALKER, ALONZO; Mobile, AL WALKER, CHARLIE; Birmingham, AL WALKER, CHRISTOPHER; Dothan, AL WALKER, CYNTHIA; Montgomery, AL WALKER, LARRY; Troy, AL WALKER, SARAH; Headland, AL WALKER, SONJA; Newville, AL WALLACE, HENRY; Troy, AL WALLACE, KEITH; Prattiville, AL WAMBLES, SALLY; Opp, AL WAREN, MARK; Camden, AL WASDEN, ROBERT; Selma, AL WASHINGTON, JUAN; New Oreleans, LA WATERS, AMELIA; Enterprise, AL For The Record The American Red Cross blood drive had the effect of bringing out the bravery or cowardice in TSU students. The mere thought of a nee- dle that resembled a minia- ture sword was enough to make some students stray from the Adams Center ball- rooms on October 26 and 27. Excuses not to give blood ranged from anemia to fear of watching one ' s own blood flow through a clear tube. More serious excuses stemmed from the incorrect assumption that one can be infected with the AIDS virus by donating blood. There were some people who bravely gave a pint of life ' s precious fluid. On the firs t day of the drive 137 pints were donated and the next day 31 pints were donated. Those who donated proudly exhibited their bruised arms as evidence of their humana- tarion effort. There was a certain amount of joy that filled the hearts of the givers because it could be their blood that saved the life of a stranger or possibly a friend. Article by Nereida Dewberry. 130 Seniors WA1IRS, JIRkM .ill.-. M WATKISV hi Ml Ikli St Ima, Al lsu NCELA;Phei WEAVrR, ROOM V Ire. AL Ullkll V NNNCY; Doihan, AL WEEKS, BRIAN; Kmston, AL WEEKS, DOUGLAS; Opp, AL WELCH, SONJA; Tust WHISONWT CHARLES, Opp. AL WHISONANT, SHARON; Winter Haven, FL r s 131 WHITE, AUGUSTUS; Troy, AL WHITE, BETHANY; Orange Beach, AL WHITE, CHRISTY; Troy, AL WHITE, DEBORAH; Mobile, AL WHITE, DOROTHY; Troy, AL WHITE, ELLA; Troy, AL WHITE, JOE; Clearwater, FL UNITE, NATHAN; Rapid City, SD WIGINTON, DONALD; Leeds, AL WILKERSON, ANGELA; Troy, AL WILKINS, DAVID; Troy, AL WILLIAMS, ALTO; Eufaula, AL WILLIAMS, ANNIE; Seale, AL WILLIAMS, DAVID; Troy, AL WILLIAMS, ELANIE; Andalusia, AL WILLIAMS, JULIA; Frisco City, AL WILLIAMS, KEN; Opp, AL WILLIAMS, PAULA; Moody, AL WILLIAMS, PEARLA; Abbeville, AL WILLIAMS, PENNY; Georgetown, GA WILLIAMS, RANDOLPH; Troy, AL WILLIAMS, VICKIE; Pittsview, AL WILLIAMSON, JOHN; Troy, AL WILLIFORD, ERIC; Slocomb, AL WILLIS, GLEN; Mobile, AL WILLOUGHBY, SUSAN; Ariton, AL WILSON, BRENDA; Enterprise, AL WILSON, JANA; Dothan, AL WILSON, RICHARD; Troy, AL WINDHAM, CHARLES; Robertsdale, AL WINDHAM, WILLIAM; Ashford, AL WOELFEL, JOHN; Troy, AL WOLF, NICHOLAS; Seminole, FL WOMACK, CHARLES; Panama City, FL WOMACK, CINDY; Highland Home, AL WOOD, PAMELA; Enterprise, AL WOODHAM, KIMBERLY; Webb, AL WOODHAM, TRACEY; Midland City, AL WOODS, CINDI; Troy, AL WOODS, NELLIE; Troy, AL WOOTEN, DONALD; Atmore, AL WRIGHT, ANDREW; Blakely, GA WRIGHT, KENRIC; Mobile, AL WRIGHT, VONCEIL; Grady, AL WYATT, WENDY; Opp, AL YAKUBOWSKI, KEVIN; Titusville, AL YOUNG CHRISTOPHER; Ft. Walton Beach, FL YOUNG, DEBORAH; Andalusia, AL YOUNG, SUSAN; Eglin AFB, FL YOUNG, SUSAN; Baker Hill, AL YOUNG, WANDA; Selma, AL YORK, ANNA; Holiday, FL ZAPATA, DAN; Brundidge, AL ZORN, DAVID; Slocombe, AL MS flfl fiO l I 132 Seniors For The Record Van English admires the only original building of Troy State University still standing on the old downtown cam- pus. It was used as the library until the campus moved to it ' s new loca- tion. It is now home of the Troy City Hall. With Troy State University in its 101st ot existence, did you ever wonder how it all began and what happened along the way? Well thanks to Van English, you dont have to wonder any more. Mr. English, who is a Troy State University graduateand now serves as assistant dean of enrollment services at the university, has recently com- pleted a history of Troy State - Beyond the Normal: A Cen- tennial History of Troy State (1880-1987). The Elba native began his student career at Troy State in 1976 and secured a job with the university in 1983. Upon employment, one of his first duties was to revise the university viewbook which is used primarily for recruiting purposes. After the viewbook was complet- ed and approved, Chancellor Adams requested thet Mr. English write a history of the university. The author describes his research process as " going through your grandmother ' s attic " . Mr. English began his research by reading two pre- vious university histories - The First Fifty Years of the State Teachers ' College at Troy Alabama, by Edward Shackleford and Troy State University 1937-1971, by Charles B. Smith. Other sources of informa- tion include Mr. English ' s fa- ther and brothers, all of whom attended Troy Normal School. Informal interviews with Troy residents and alumni also help comprise imformation for the book. Pictures, old newspaper arti- cles, archives, old university catalogs, old university hand- books, and especially old yearbooks pro ed to be helpful. Mr. 1 nglish commented thai the first w.irbook was published in 1912, and the sec ond one nol published until 1926 Produ( ing yearbooks i regular basis began in the 1940s After two years o( re- se.irc h ing and rec oulmg, Mr. English dedided thai the book would have to be sepa- rated by chapters. The c hap- ters are grouped according to university presidents and their administrations, with multiple chapters dedicated to such presidents as Smith, Shackleford, and Adams. The book also inc ludes ap- pendices that list distin- guished university students, alumni, and university per- sonnel. Some of those named are athletic A. 1 1 - Americans, Hall of Fame members, Palladium and Tropolitan editors, and past and present members of both the University Board of Trustees and the University Executive Committee. While Mr. English, an Eng- lish major, has written nu- merous articles for newspa- pers, magazines, and profes- sional journals, he credits Beyond the Normal as being his first major work. The book, which is being pub- lished by the Tro State Uni- versity Press, will be copu- ighted and listed in the I i- brary of Congress. Beyond the Normal, which was begun in No ember of 1983 and reached full com- pletion in the spring of 1987 contains a preface, an intro- duction, eleven c hapters fif- teen appendu es an epi- logue, and ovei three hun- dred pictures. Refle ting on his completed work Mr I nglish des i ibes his book as " a readable enjoyable and informative history ol the universit • Graduate 1 u GRADUATES ADAMS, LINDA; Montgomery, AL ADAMS, MARY; Troy, AL ALLEN, CERALDINE; Montgomery, AL ARNETT, SUSAN; Eufaula, AL BAKER, JEANNE; Enterprise, AL BARNER, ROBERT; Troy, AL BARR, CAROL; Banks, AL BATTACLIA, MARY; Montgomery, AL BATTAGLIA, MARY; Montgomery, AL BAZELL, JUDY; Montgomery, AL BEAIRD, REGINA; Montgomery, AL BENNETT, KAREN; Okeechobee, FL BEVERLY, JOY; Troy, AL BLACK, JILL; Troy, AL BLAIR, ELAINE; Troy, AL BOOTHE, ANNE; Montgomery, AL BOSWELL, DIANE; Troy, AL BRANTLEY, CATHERINE; Troy, AL BRASHER, JAMES; Montgomery, AL BREAZEALE, GWEN; Columbus, GA BROOKS, RACHEL; Enterprise, AL BROWN, LINDA; Montgomery, AL BURNHAM, LISA; Clayton, AL BUSH, JACQUELINE; Montgomery, AL CONOLY, DAVID; Montgomery, AL CRAWFORD, NADINE; Montgomery, AL CRENSHAW, WILLIE; Montgomery, Al CREWS, JILL; Geneva, AL DANIEL, FRANKIE; Montgomery, AL EDMOND, FRANCINE; Troy, AL ELLIS, CAROLYN; Troy, AL ELMORE, SARAH; Florala, AL FLANDERS, SHIRLEY; Montgomery, AL FLOWERS, MARY; Troy, AL FONTAINE, WANDA; Montgomery, AL FORTNER, TIMOTHY; Pensacola, FL FOWEE, DEBORAH; Troy, AL FUGIT, TERRY; Elba, AL GAMMAGE, FRANCES; Luverne, AL GILBERT, SCOTT; Ware, MS GRAFFUNDER, DONNA; Highland Home, AL GREER, JAMES ALLEN; Luverne, AL GREGORY, WILLIAM; Greenville, AL GUILD, JONI; Montgomery, AL HARTER, BETHANY; Montgomery, AL HERRINGTON, TAMARA; Troy, AL HERSMAN, NED; Montgomery, AL HICKS, CARMELA; Troy, AL HINESLEY, MILDRED; Andalusia, AL HOUSE, PEGGY; Monroeville, AL HOUSE, ROBERT; Monroeville, AL IVEY, TIMMY; Ozark, AL JACKSON, DEBRA; Enterprise, AL JAMES, PATRICIA; Andalusia, AL JENNINGS, BARBARA; Montgomery, AL JERNIGAN, SANDRA; Eufaula, AL JOUDEH, RAMI; Syria KEETON, BRENDA; Troy, AL KEETON, LINDA; Troy, AL KILLIAN, SUZANNE; Allison Park, PA KLEINSCHMIDT, NORMAN; Troy, AL LAWRENCE, ELLEN; Union Springs, AL LAZENBY, RAMONA; Montgomery, AL d2 £ 8 2 r « g|j] H fti fr jgl fj f| f 1 4% 1.f ° ' 3 «.£.•■ ' 134 Graduates • 1 • 9 A ' lm I 1,1 ft o t " 4 J 4 1fr i ■♦ n„ i r in, ( ism Montgomery. Al in k if ii MID Moi •••■•. Al iisinbv CROWELI Al IOWRIV I AWRC ' Al MASON NAN V; Moi M MCCRAW, KATin Montgomery Al Mikkii, I ' Amu MITCHFLL, SUSAN, I nterpnse. Al MUSGROYI SHIRRI. I ufaula, AL niko mark it a, Montgomery, Al O ' BRIIN WIN Al OR I MAN IRIDRK k Montgom. PATE, )l AN, Montgomery, Al PRICE, MARTHA; Brundidge, AL QUATTLEBAUM, CHERM. Opp, AL RADFORD, ELIZABETH Iro) Al REED, SUSAN; Montgomery, AL RICHBURC, CYNTHIA; Goshen, AL RIDDLE, David, DeFuniah Springs, H ROBERTSON, ELLA; Montgomery. Al ROTH, STEFAN; Troy, AL RUSHING, LINDA; Elba, AL RUSSELL, CATHERINE; Montgomer RUSSELL, NANCY; Montgomery Al RUTLAND, MARY, EufauL, AL SANDERS, JACQUI I INI Montgomery, Al SCROGGINS, SHEILA; Montgomer. SHAW, WAYNE; Troy, AL SHOEMAKER, DIANE Montgomery Al SICKLER, MARGARET. Enterprise Al SLEDGE, YVONNE, Montgomery AL SPENGLER, SANDRA, Montgomery Al STARLING, ALTON, Troy, Al STEPHENS, KAY; Montgomery Al SMART, DAVID; Troy, AL SMART, MICHELLE; Trov, AL SPIVEY, MICHAH Montgomery Al THOMAS, PATRICIA; Hu THOMPSON. MARILYN. Troy Al THREADGILL, LAMES; Troy Al WEAVER, CAR 1 ) Ev AL WILSON, JOHN; Dothan Al WINGATE, MARGARl I Enterprta WOELFEL, LAURA, Troy VI WOMACK, CINDY, Highland Hon WOODHAM MYRA; Montgomery AL WOODIE, MADGE; Montgomery Al YAWN, LESA. Troy Al YU, JULIE; Montgomery AL AHU A THIR|s Troy AL fsMN BRINT Andalu-ia. Al Graduates 135 f 136 In Memoriam In Memoriam Sean Miller Mark Chipman Sean Miller, 20, and Thom- as Miller, 19, freshman foot- ball players at Troy State Uni- versity were killed only two days after they helped TSU win the national champion- ship game. The brothers were killed in a car accident just north of their hometown, Brewton, on December 14, 1987. Mark Chipman, 20, a ju- nior defensive tackle for the national championship foot- ball team lost his life east of his home in Arcadia, Florida on June 9, 1988. Thomas Miller 138 Entertainment The Tradition Continues £, itezt it u4tevit I.ori Featheringill Section Editor Cara English Jeff Freeman Regina Hudson Tim Jaeobs Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy (.arr Cannon Photographers Contributing Editors Fniortjinmenl 139 Before the Curtain Rises . . . In presenting a stage pro- duction, the amount of work that is involved surprises many people. Those who are not familiar with a drama production may be baffled by the way everything seems to fall together at the last minute. After the director has se- lected the show, which is the first step in a long line of events, the costume and scene designers, lighting and sound technicians, chorus mistress and orchestra direc- tor, and the choreographer meet together to discuss plans for the show. Then, each designer goes his own way and after several weeks of diligent work, will meet again as the show comes to- gether, bit by bit. While the actors are in re- hersal, sometimes on stage and sometimes in the class- room, work behind the stage is huming to the tune of hammers and saws and to the whisper of paint brushes. All of these efforts blend to- gether to create the visual mood and setting of time and place. The costumer sketches de- signs of each costume and measures the actors. Fabrics and colors are selected to match the time and place the play is depicting. Color schemes are many times cru- cial in presenting an eye-ap- pealing picture as the curtain rises on each scene. The cos- tumer and several assistants work to ensure that each costume well represents the character and his personality. The lighting and sound de- signer create magical moods on stage. Sunrises, rain storms, romantic moons and stary nights are just a few of the settings these techni- cians can create. The audi- ence, through sound and light, can artificially be car- ried to exotic or romantic places. With all this hard work and preparation finished, open- ing night arrives and the cur- tain rises. Scene by scene and line by line, a story unfolds. At the close of the perfor- mance, amidst the apprecia- tive applause of the audi- ence, cast and crew realize that " Yes, it was worth it all. " After the production, the stage is taken down, cos- tumes are put away, props and furnitures are stored, scores and scripts are ac- counted for and filed. The lighting gels are striped away, and the stage again is swept bare and lies waiting for the next production. Right: Dr. David Dye watches a dress rehearsal with a critical eye. Left: Elizabeth Fowler paints a background for an upcoming pro- duction. 140 Before the Curtian Rises Top: Set building is a crucial part of the behind the scenes work and is started many weeks before the actu- al performani e. Bottom Left: DeeDee Hall and Kurt McCall work on a costume to be used in the production of " Came- lot " . Bottom Right: Tom Smiles and San- dra Multree work on designing .1 set 141 Abe Trio jBr JMtf ■nt2L $ j H v [ szs ■ ■{ ■■■■■■■■■■fl B 1 SttM a-W «4 . -«• P ■L tbP nl I F v irwl r - - hW ■ ■HlT J y Wf ' l ■-i IB 1 bRf HbibH .V$33«b««bbbb» jMT ji Br ' ffiHBTflffl " Poetic ' Playing of £»rue CDasters " The Troy State University Lyceum Series presented the Abegg Trio on October 12, 1987 in the Adams Center Ballroom. The talented trio consists of Ulrich Beetz; vio- linist, Birgit Erichson; cellist and Gerret Zitterbart; pia- nist. Through concert ap- pearances, major recordings and broadcasts the world over, the Abegg Trio has es- tablished itself as one of the most illustrious ensembles of its kind. Since the Trio ' s for- mation in 1976, they have won numerous awards and increasing recognition for their unique abilities. The program consisted of a vari- ety of classical pieces by such composers as Debussy, Schu- mann and Mendelssohn and proved to be an evening of cultural enhancement. 142 Abegg Trio Uhe Urou State University Cuceum Series ' Presents the Atlanta Symphony " Brass Quintet On November 2, 1987, Troy State University hosted the Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet in Smith Audito- rium. The quintet consists of the talents of Joe Waltall; trumpet, Mark Hughes; trumpet, Brice Andrus; horn, Harry Maddox; trombone and Michael Moore; tuba. The first half of the pro- gram, the quintet played an assortment of music by such composers as Praetorius, Horovitz and Bach. The sec- ond half of the program was the quintet ' s performanc e ot " Hornsmoke " , a mini-horse opera w i i 1 1 en b Pel ei Schickele. " Hornsmoke " , tells a humorous story of tiny-town life in the late 19th century, as presented by a narrator and a brass quintet The setting is The West and the characters come to life through the instruments, rntisK and dance. ISU ' s own Phill Kelley, de ked out in western attire, narrated the story of romance, marriage and .i true-to-life, horn pa Ic- ing vidian, jiornsmoke J Mlanta S mphon Brass Qums PEIMDERECKI String Quartet The Troy State University Lyceum Series presented the Penderecki String Quartet on March 22, 1988, in Sorrell Chapel. The quartet, made up of Zbigniew Szoltysek; cello, Mariusz Smolij; violin II, Adam Smyla; viola and Piotr Buczek; violin I, pre- sented a program of classical pieces composed by such artists as Mozart and Tchai- kovsky. The Penderecki String Quartet, founded in 1981, is considered one of Poland ' s finest ensembles. The quar- tet has performed through- out Poland, West Germany, France and Italy and most re- cently, America. They have received numerous rewards and recognition for their tal- ent and performance. 144 Penderecki String Quartet Prndcm ki String Qujrtct 145 m mv On November 21, 1987, Tina Turner brought the fun and ex- citement of her Break Every Rule World Tour to Garrett Coli- seum in Montgomery. After the performance of the opening act, Level 42, Tina took the stage and the audience by storm. She performed a lengthy concert, singing such hits as " Proud Mary " and " What ' s Love Got to Do With It " . She concluded her thrilling performance with a song from her newest album, " Paradise is Here " . Photo by Cara English and Ed Moaeley. 146 Tina Turner THE fOHEiqNEIV Cast of Characters S Sgt • ' Froggy " LeSueur CHRIS RICH Charlie Baker WAYNE SIMPKINS Betty Meeks CATHERINE WORK Rev. David Lee PATRICK HALL Catherine Simms KAREN HAMILTON Owen Musser ROBBIE DAVIS Ellard Simms BOB WELTER Townspeople. PAUL HALL, KURT McCALL, MARK PRATER, SAM WESTMORELAND 148 The Foreigner During winter quarter, under the direction of Mr. Tom Smi- ley, the TSCI Department of Speech and Drama presented a comedy by Larry Shue entitled The Foreigner. The story takes place at Betty Week ' s Fishing Lodge Resort in Tilghman County, GA and centers around the adventures of Charlie Ba- ker, the " foreigner " . Charlie Baker has lots of per- sonal problems, namely he ' s caught his wife " making eyes at some bloke. In the SHOWER! " So his pal, Sergeant Froggy Le- Sueur, a demolitions expert with the British Army, takes him to Betty Meek ' s Fishing Lodge to get away from it all. Charlie doesn ' t want to meet anyone so Froggy tells Betty that Charlie ' s a " foreigner " and can ' t speak any english. This leads Betty to constantly bug Charlie about the customs in his " foreign " land. Ellard Sims, another guest at the lodge, takes it upon himself to teach Charlie english and Ellard ' s sis- ter, Catherine, thinking Charlie can ' t speak any english, con- fides her personal thoughts to him. Along come Reverend David Lee, Catherine ' s fiancee, and Owen Musser. the local building inspector who want to have the lodge condemned so they can secretly take it over for the Klan. Charlie learns that by pre- tending to be a foreigner, he can confuse and bemuse them, and throw a monkey wrench in their plans. But Owen, who already hates aliens, gets riled at this and storms off. threatening to return. Charlie, a sci-fi fan, comes up with a plan. When the Klan comes back. Charlie starts act- ing w-e-i-r-d and scares off the Klan. Catherine finds out David was in the Klan and was only marrying her for her money, and she and Charlie, Ellard. Bet- ty and Froggy-who arrived in time to blow up David ' s van-live happily ever after. The Foretgner 149 B [M$ Qffi " One Flew Over the Cuck- oo ' s Nest " , by Dale Wasser- man, was presented during fall quarter by the Troy State Uni- versity Department of Speech and Drama. The play focuses on a competent fellow, Randall P. McMurphy, who chooses to be institutionalized at the state mental hospital to avoid serving a prison sentence. McMurphy brought the real world into the hospital. Once again the other patients, includi- ng a violence-obsessed vetern a nd a selfconcious teenager, are exposed to partying, sports on television and gambling, all of which were previously not al- lowed at the hospital. McMurphy ' s angry, yet seemingly provoked behavior, leads him to a cruel demise-a lobotomy. The other patients, who have since regarded McMurphy as their friend, real- ize that he will no longer be the same energetic and full of life man they had come to admire. One of the patients, Chief Brombden, smothers Mc- Murphy to prevent him from liv- ing an empty life. Brombden es- capes the facility, leaving be- hind the world of " mentally ill " people-people that because they are presumed insane are expected to not exhibit normal tendencies but to exhibit soci- ety ' s image of the " mentally ill " . 150 One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest « Cast of Characters Chief Brombden C.J. Wilson Aide Warren Fitzie Williams Aide Williams Paul Hall Nurse Ratched Jamie W. Whitaker Nurse Flinn Gianna Reilly Dale Harding Chris Rich Billy Bibbit Todd Lidh Scanlon Sam Westmoreland Cheswick Wayne Simpkins Martini Taylor Rushing Ruckly Allen McCall. Jr Randle P. McMurphy Larry Cook. Jr. Dr. Spivey Patrick Hall Aide Turkle Alex Johnson Candy Starr Karen Hamilton Technician Gerry Brooks Sandra Tresa Hardin Aide Mark Prater One Rew Over the Cuckoo s !Nest 151 George Carlin Live! On April 11, 1988, Troy State University ' s Adams Center Union Board hosted comedian George Carlin in Sartain Hall. Following the opening act by comedian Dennis Blair, Carlin proceed- ed to entertain TSU students with a humorous routine which included exerpts from his latest album and televi- sion shows. Carlin, the long awaited for " winter quarter " concert, proved to be a hu- morous change fom the usu- al musical concerts hosted in the past. 152 George Carlin George Carlin 153 The National David Syrotiak ' s National Marionette Theatre present- ed a performance at Troy State University on March 1, 1988 in Smith Auditorium. The program was jointly sponsored by the Troy Arts Council and the TSU Lyceum Series. The nationally acclaimed company presented a per- formance of " Sleeping Beau- ty " . The performance fea- tured the music of Tchai- kovsky ' s ballet, however the classic tale is told from the prince ' s viewpoint. Utilizing modern stage techniques, beautifully crafted figures and talented puppeteers, the show was enthralling. One special feature of the show was a " curtain down " following the performance in which the front masking of the stage was removed and the audience was shown how the marionettes are manipu- lated and how some of the lighting and set changes are done. 154 National Marionette Theatre PtMMCH by Donjid Norwonhy Sdiionjl Mirioneitp Thojtre 155 Purlie Victorious The TSU Drama Depart- ment presented Ossie Davis ' " Purlie Victorious " on April 12-13, 1988 in Smith Audito- rium. The play was under the skillful direction of Dr. David Dye. The humorous tale is set in the cotton plantation coun- try of the Old South. Purlie Victorious, a preacher, has come back to his shabby cab- in to announce that he will reacquire the local church and " ring the freedom bell " . There is an inheritance due to a colored cousin, which would be sufficient to buy the church, but unfortunate- ly it is under the control of the white-head plantation colonel. Purlie tries to send someone to impersonate the heiress, however, not only is she found out, but the colo- nel makes a pass at her! Even- tually, after much effort, the church is recovered, services are again held in it and the freedom bell rings. And as for the colonel? Well, he dies of a heart attack while stand- ing up and is buried in just that way. Cast of Characters PURLIE VICTORIOUS Alex Johnson LUTIEBELLE JENKINS Anissa Stewart MISSY JUDSON Melody Smith GITLOW JUDSON Paul Hall CHARLIE COTCHIPEE Taylor Rushing IDELLA LANDY Tracy Bogan OL ' CAPTAIN COTCHIPEE C.J. Wilson THE SHERIFF Tom Smiley THE DEPUTY Chris Rich 156 Purlie Victorious Purlic ictonou- 157 Camelot As soon as Dr. Deni- son ' s orchestra began the overture, the au- dience knew it would be a night of knights, of pomp and pageantry, of magic and sorcery, of romance and rev- elry. It was unmistakably Camelot! As King Arthur and Queen Guenevere, Patrick Hall and Laura Leverette were per- fectly cast. " Patrick looked like a king, " remarked one patron. And Miss Leverette ' s arduously trained English ac- cent, coupled with the vi- brant coloratura of her so- prano, allowed her to rival Julie Andrews ' performance in the original Broadway pro- duction. A more tragic romantic fig- ure than Lancelot du Lac does not exist, and the role was beautifully portrayed by the versatile Allen McCall, Jr., who was also chief cos- turner for Camelot. Perhaps the most endear- ing of the characters in Camelot is Merlyn, the aging sorcerer who sees the future in reverse and is able to help Arthur plan his life. This role was memorably captured by Sam Westmoreland. But the climax of the show was heralded by the long- awaited appearance of the reclusive Morgan Le Fey, aunt of Arthur ' s illegitimate son Mordred, who is at- tempting to usurp his father ' s throne. Lynn Balducci won the audience ' s appeal with her garish portrayal of Mor- gan. The hauntingly serene " If Ever I Would Leave You, " sung by Lancelot is consid- ered the most famous solo in the show. Other pieces, such as " Saint Genevieve, " by Guenevere; " I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight, " by Arthur; and " Fie on Goodness, " by the Knights of the Round Table under- scored the rich costumes, the gorgeous sets, and the professional acting in Came- lot. A typically fabulous Phil Kelley production, Camelot was certainly a highlight of Spring Quarter. 158 Camelot Camelot 159 ■ ,-rabron Rhonda ' au f est- The soun Bottom- 160 Organizations The Tradition Continues 0%a U stft w4, Lori Ecatheringill Section Editor Cara English Jeff Freeman Regina Hudson Tim Jacobs Ed Moseley Pamela Goodwil Donald Norsworthy Melanie Sasser Photographers Contributing Editors Organizations 161 Student Government Association Russ Campbell SGA President A Message from the President The Student Government Association began the year with one goal in mind-to restore the SGA as an efficient and credible organiza- tion. As a result, student partici- pation flourished and voter tur- nout soared. Troy State ' s Student Govern- ment also excelled in statewide politics. President Russ Camp- bell was elected to the position of Vice President of the Ala- bama President ' s Council. President Campbell led a move to solidify the SGA President ' s ex-officio status on the Board of Trustees for all colleges and uni- versities in the State of Ala- bama. Students became famil- iar with the ins and outs of lob- bying with some first hand experience as they aided Presi- dent Campbell in pushing for passage in the State Legislature of the bill concerning the SGA President ' s role on State Boards of Trustees. On campus, the SGA spon- sored the most successful Col- legiate Alcohol Awareness Week Troy State has seen. Other projects included im- proving safety on campus, the annual basketball tournament and the community Easter egg hunt. The SGA was especially proud of their unity and low tur- nover rate. This sparked a team mentality within the office and aided the SGA to increase both participation and efficiency. The Student Government start- ed the year off with an innova- tive and highly successful homecoming and never looked back! 162 SGA Row One: Beth Bruynell. Beth Moul- ton, Kim McCall and Leslie Dozier Row Two: Scott Bennett. Scott Steele, Tay- lor Caffey. Curtis Harrell, Wade Adams, Patrick Meek and Pat Smith Row Three: Ray Winborne. Doug Senn. Sam- uel Curtis, Vince Stansbury, Daniel Dwyer. Chip Vice. Jeff Long, Ray Wind- ham and Robert Wagner. Row One: Kari Lovfald. Sheryl Streets, Nina Jo Webb, and Becky Phinney. Row Two: Yvette Williamson. Caprice Defalco. Mitzi Cloud, Penny Brannan. Mike Ledbetter. Andy Higgs, Debbie Flowers. Christi Adams, and Sherry Sul- liva. Row Three: Carl White, David John- son, Clint Connor, Shannon Frith and Martin Carter. SGA 163 Student Government Association 5 A vl Tm raB 1 Wayne Martin 5 fcrt ii B li 1 Bi Pfe iO» Vice President Debbie McGill Clerk Kathleen Purcell Secretary 164 SGA Supreme Court: Row One: Angela Coleman and Donna Watson Row Two: Larry Crisp. Gwen Stone. Dale Lunn. Monica Anderson and Scott Buff Traffic Appeals Committee: Jeff Cor son. Shirley Gibson and Charles Schley SGA 165 Mortar Board Top: Members for 1987- 1988: Row One: Susan Willoughby, Cinda Clin- genpeel and Mary Hunt. Row Two: Carolyn Gibson, Sr. advisor, Kendall Coates, David Zorn, Michael James and Dr. Rhae Swishe Jr. advisor. Bottom: New initiates elected for 1988-89: Row One: Cassaundra Jun- ius, Dr. Janelle Elrod, newly elected honorary member, Greta Kantor, Deborah Bell, Kim Desmond, Kelly Laroche, Dawn Hill, Rhonda Hayes, Anita McKnight, Johnny Johnson, Meriann Mincey, Ginger Piazza and Dr. Rhae Swisher. Row Two: Mark Alassandroni, Scott Bluff, Stacey Clark, Jeff Preston, Ian Hunt, Steve Grice, Ricky Padget,, Tammy Mur- den, Donna Ivey, Valerie Ohman, Laura Leverette, Amy Meacham, Shellie Reynolds, Joanne Stone and Shannon Frith. 166 Mortar Board The I roy State I niversi- 1 Spires ( hapter ot Mortar Botird was ret - ognized by the national Mortdr Board Society as an ottu ial chapter in April, 1979. Since its establishment on campus, the Spirt ' s Chap- ter has continually ret og- nized outstanding seniors from diverse disciplines. New members are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership and service. Can- didates must be at least in their junior year and must have .lit. lined .1 minin GPA ot .1 1.0 on .i 4.0 scale Board also fostered several new a tivities during 1987. One sue h at tuit. the selec hon ot the " I e.K her of the Month " . This aw. ml was given to honor outstand- ing instr u tors .it I si Mor- tar Board Member of the Week " and a calendar pro- ject were two other spec ial a ti ities that tin- Mortar Board memebers undertook this year. Top: Mortar Bodrd member lu hael lames presents Mrs Carolyn Gibson with d Chdpter Citdtion for her out- Standing contributions to Mortal Board. Bottom Left: Linda Lee taps Dr. Jan- elle Elrod while Susan Willoughbv and Mrs. Carolyn Gibson look on. Bottom Right: Mary Hunt poses .i question during a meeting Mortar Board 167 Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi, the oldest honor society at Troy State University, is an international honor society which recognizes outstanding contributions to education. To this end it invites to member- ship persons who exhibit com- mendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals and sound scholarship. The society endeavors to maintain a high degree of pro- fessional fellowship among its members and to quicken pro- fessional growth by honoring achievement in educational work. Only juniors, seniors and graduate students in the upper one-fifth of the college aca- demic rating are invited to membership. Top Right: Dr. James Kimbrough pre- sents the AATE Outstanding Teacher Award to Mrs. Joan Newman. Middle Right: Dr. Robert Saunders, Lec- turer, Horace Nelson Distinguished Lec- ture Series, speaks at the Kappa Delta Pi Initiation and Banquet. Top Left: Fall initiates: Tracy Adki- son, Becky Bobo, Catherine Brantley, Donald Bynum, Jana Burkett, Joan Cal- houn, Robert Davis, Virginia Doyle, John Garner, Susan Gilley, Robert Hawk, Nellie Helms, Michael James, Mark Jones, Sherry Kelley, Donna Lam- kin, Laura Martin, Beverly McCall, Christine McComb, Terri McKeel, Anita McKnight, Cynthia Melton, Douglas Pawlik, Angela Reisch, Suzanne Rogers, Tammy Sanders, Dianne Schofield, Shenandonea Sessions, Margaret Sickler, Sara Stinson, Judy Strickland, Robert Wasden, Phillip Weaver, Tammy Wright, Tracy Wright, Lesa Yawn and Susan Young. Bottom Left and Bottom Right: Spring initiates: Sheila Bundrick, Angela Chan- cey, Charles Chapman, Anita Chappell, Grade Chinn, Teresa Cook, Susan Fink, Voncila Floyd, Ralph Ford, Theresa Har- den, Alice Hayes, Frances Hughes, Barry Hunt, Catherine Jacobs, Vonda Johnson, Amy Judah, Donna Kelly, Kathryn Lee, Karla Miller, Gerry Pip- pins, Penelope Pope, Rebecca Powell, Mary Jo Price, Sharon Reed, Julie Saunders, Lisa Stinson, Patricia Thom- as, Lisa Vaughn, Jose Velez, Patricia Whitehurst, Haroldine Williams and Wendy Zessin. -4- 168 Kappa Delta Pi Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta is a bio- logical society for un- dergraduate students. it emphasizes a three-fold program: stimulation of scholarship, dissemination of scientific Knowledge and promotion of biological re- search. It seeks to encourage scholarly attainment in this field of learning by reserving its active membership for those who indicate special aptitude for and a major in- terest in the natural sciences. Odum, Marilsn Norsworth Harriel Dillwrd tagela Reischei Marylvey, nffany McDonald, m Larimer, Retina Home and Mar w;u- Bonn. Row Two: Kitt) Blaken hip K. h Hudson Teresa Moore ad. HansWalden NidcWoll Robert Bottom Ri ht Row One: Sandra and Tim Mosle) Beta Beta Beta 169 Alpha Lambda Delta ■ » Top Left: Stacey Coates presents the Senior Certificate Award to Susan Lumpkin. Top Right: Faculty advisor. Mary Smith, pins new initiate Lee Dean. n tr w m A H l W 1 BpS%« L Vfl 1 K N I l nl Alpha Lambda Delta is a national society which honors high scholastic achievement during the first year of college. The purpose of the organization is to encourage superior scholastic achieve- ment among students in their first year in institutions of high- er education, to continue a high standard of learning and to as- sist men and women in recog- nizing and developing meaning- ful goals for their roles in soci- ety. Alpha Lambda Delta meets monthly and one of its main pro- jects is working with the admin- istration on the Honors Convo- cation program. Row One: Cathy Turberville, Leslie Do- zier, Lexie Crowson, Catherine Work, Alison Hayner, Cindy Kobet, Cassie Chestnut, Amy Larimer, Karen Morrow and Alesra Williams. Row Two: Stacey Coates, Curtis Frazier, Chere Williams, Rosalinda Skeen, Amy Meachan, Diana Sobottka, Susan Lumpkin, Debra So- merford, Carol Bowen, George Dins- more, Laura Sanders, Tammie Yancey and Taylor Rushing. 170 Alpha Lambda Delta Top Lett Officers: Row One: Cathy Turberville; Treasurer. Catherine Works; hews Editor and Rosalinda Skeen; Secretary Row Two: Taylor Rushing, Historian, Stacey Coates; •.an. Jr Advisor and Curtis Frazier. vice-president Top Right Cordelia Gray, faculty advi- sor, gives a pin and her congratulations to id Bryan Denny A?ro Hew Initiates: Row One: Rick Cer vera. Andy Brantley. Mark Dempsey. Gordan Moore. Robert Sanders. Bryan Denny. Carson McCrary, Lee Dean. Tim Rack and Stacey Lapp Row Two: Jen nifer Baily. Alison Ohman. Carol Lou- vorn, Pamela Owens, Traci Mizell, Re- nee ' Frederick. Carin Portwood. Audry Hutchison. Tracy Hughes and Michille Smith Row Three: Pam Price. Yvette Williamson. Wendy Bowen. Jimmy Fryer. Nereida Dewberry. Cossondra Dunn. Katharine Sellers. Terra Hagan. Elizabeth Miller. Monica Hasley. Sallie Puckett. Holly Funk. Bonnie Buol Leigh Mundy. Cindy Treadav..?. gela Blakeley. Julianne Edelberg. Ja nice Crocker. Zan Quinn. Sara Palmer Sherri Pridgen. Amy Mitchell. Cara Mc Clellan. Candy Summerhn. Pam Kirk land. Burlynda Knight. Jill Hart Gibson. Stanton Kelly and Ben Griggs Alpha Lambda Delta 171 Alpha Epsilon Rho TSG ' s outstanding stu- dents in broadcasting were invited to join Al- pha Epsilon Rho. Superior scholarship and creative partici- pation in broadcasting and pro- duction are the points emphasi- sized within the society. Alpha Epsilon Rho members find methods to prepare themselves for future roles as responsible broadcasters through the orga- nization. Row One: Celena Russell, Paige Rucker, Shane Butler, Lea Cornelius, Jimmy Wright, John McClung, Erik Brooks and Emily Green. Row Two: Mawk Arnold; advisor, John Anglin, Jim McLean and Blake Olson. Beta Gpsilon Sigma Beta Gpsilon Sigma is the Sorrell School of Busi- ness ' s honor society. The Troy State University chap- ter recognizes juniors and sen- iors for distinguished ability and exceptional achievement in scholarship in the field of busi- ness. The society was found lo- cally by Shari Stark, Robert Pearson and Robert Palmer. Membership into Beta Gpsi- lon Sigma is limited to juniors with a GPA of 3.8 or above or who rank in the top five percent of their class and seniors with a GPA of 2.6 or who rank in the top ten percent of their class. Row One: Shannon Frith, Debra So- merford, Jeffrey Preston and Robert Palmer; advisor. Row Two: Amanda Cosper, Caron Batchelor and Alice Scott. Row Three: Douglas Bullock, Michael Musick, Theresa Hayes and Pa- mela Davis. Row Four: James Tisdale and James Hall. 172 Alpha Epsilon Rho Beta CIpsilon Sigma Phi Eta Sigma ;• ' " ■ W OfTT it Members elected for 1988-89 are: Gau- tarn Advani, Patricia Backensto. Jenni- fer Bailey, Matthew Barnes. Angela Bla- keley. Michael Browning. Rick Cervera. Robert Dean, Emily Dever, Nereida Dewberry. Elizabeth Frederick. Jimmy Fryer. Holly Funk. Benjamin Griggs, Burlynda Knight, Jana Lamberth. Harri- et Leeper. Donovan Leonard. Cara McClellen. Carson McCray. Donald McGee. Teresa McKinney. Amanda Merrill, Elizabeth Miller, Michelle Moul- trie. Carol Mundy. Julie Nolan. Alison Ohman, John Patillo. Catharine Phil- lips. Dianne Pollak. Pamela Price. Tracy Rosenquist, Elizabeth Sanders. Robert Sanders. Katharine Sellers. Burton Smith and Candy Stallings. P hi Eta Sigma is a national freshman honor society that recognizes students who have attained an overall grade point average of 3.5 dur- ing their first two quarters of college. With over 200 chapters nationwide, Phi Eta Sigma pro- motes campus scholarship by providing " Hints on How to Study " booklets to all incoming students during their Pre-Col- lege Orientation session. Sigma Delta Chi low One: Vicki Hyatt. Emmie Teresa Spikes. Dana Ellis. Cynthia Eth- )unnaway. Liz Williams. Kim Gore. eridge and Lynda Hughes Row Three: .aura Franklin and Julie Forrester Michael Cavanaugh, Cile Parrish. Steve tow Two: Bonnie Buol. Celena Russell. Murphree and Jimmy Wright The Society of Profession- al Journalists. Sigma Delta Chi. is the oldest journalism organization in the country. The society conducts regular meetings, sponsors lo- cal awards and scholarships and promotes freedom of infor- mation at local and state levels. Sophomore journalism majors in good academic standing with the university are able to join Phi Eta Sigma Delta Sigma Chi 173 Psi Chi Psi Chi is a national hon- or society in psycholo- gy. Its membership is open to those psychology majors and minors who meet its eligibility requirements. The membership require- ments are to have a 3.0 GPA overall and 3.2 GPA in the area of psychology. Psi Chi emphasizes academic achievement and strives to uphold the principles of the field in psychology. Top: Officers: Cristina Coates; sec- retary, Ginger Blake; president and Cinda Clingenpeel; vice-president. Bottom Left: Row One: Lori Feath- eringill, Cherie Boshell, Cristina Coates, Ginger Blake, Cinda Clin- genpeel, Ginger Piazzo, Dr. Pamela Manners; advisor, Elizabeth Yost and Kari Lovfald. Row Two: Andrew Wright, Keith Skelton, Linda Grisset, Mary Hunt, Ron Kvulsand, Suzanne Pittman, Paul Stephens, Shannon Stebbins and Steve Sutton. Bottom Right Keith Skelton and Lin- da Grissent enjoy refreshments after the induction ceremony. 174 Psi Chi Phi Alpha Theta The lota Mu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, an in ternational honorary so- ciety in history, promotes his- torical study by students and faculty members. Its member- ship is elected on the basis of excellence in the study or writ ing of history. Top: Phi Alpha Theta ends its year with a cookout at Murphee Park Bottom Left: Jeff Moon and other Phi Alpha Theta members enjoy the food during the spring quarter cookout. Boffom Right: History professor Dr. Jackie Carroll helps himself to another helping of food at the cookout. Phi Alpha Theta 175 Phi Kappa Phi Organized at the Univer- sity of Maine in 1897 as a local honor society, Phi Kappa Phi became a nation- al society in 1900 and was the first honor society to recognize superior scholarship in all fields of study. Election to member- ship in Phi Kappa Phi is the highest academic honor at Troy State University. Generally, the initiates come from those out- standing seniors who are in the top ten percent of their class and have compiled a cumula- tive GPA of at least 3.6. Juniors who are elected must have a minimum average of 3.8. Members of Phi Kappa Phi are Jeannine Porter, Julia Dilliard. Dr. Gerald Skelley. Dr. Anna Smith and Mary Hunt. ■:: -:- . ; .is - ' da MC M 176 Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa O micron Delta Kappa, a national leadership so- ciety, recognizes meri- torious attainments in all- around leadership with a strong secondary membership require- ment of scholarship. The soci- ety recognizes outstanding stu- dents, faculty and administra- tion based on achievements in all areas of leadership. Top: Gwen Stone, president of ODK. Bottom: The members of ODK are as follows: Dr. Ralph Adams. Mark Ales- sandroni. Cliff Allred, Ben Baker, Dr. Edward Barnett. Johnnie Blankenship. Rebecca Bobo. Gerry Brooks. Rebecca Brown. Glenn Buff. Taylor Caffey, Jr., Russ Campbell. James Carlile. Jr. Cinda Clingenpeel, James Clower. Ken- dall Coates. Joey Colwell, Gloria Creek. Dr. Nick D ' Andrea. Robert Davis. Jr. , William Denison. Kim Desmond, Shawn Doty, Emmie Dunnaway. Dr. David Dye. Jill Eastin, Dr. Janelle Elrod. Julie Forrester. Tammy Freeman, Shannon Frith, Dr. Steve Garrott, Carolyn Gib- son, Donald Gibson. Scott Gilbert. Leigh Golden. Patrick Hall. Bart Hendricks. Walter Hennigan. Ian Hunt. Mary Ivey. Donna Ivy, Michael James. Jonathon Johnson. Casaundra Junius. Michael Ledbetter. Linda Lee. Michael Lee. He- len Leverette, Laura Leverette. Judith Lewis. Todd Lidh. Dr. John Long, Wiley Lott. Gayle Luhhmann. Amy Markert. Jean Mary. Jeffrey May. Meriann Mm- cey. Dr. Joseph Mitchell, Dr. Norma Mitchell. Danny Nix, Dr. Emma Norris. Dr. James O ' Neal. Valerie Ohman. Eu- gene Omasta. Ricky Padgett. Virginia Piazza. Ron Pierce. Susan Pierce. Jean- me Porter. Jeff Preston. Kathleen Pur cell. Shellie Reynolds. Angela Roling. Taylor Rushing. Julie Saunders. Charles Schley. Eugene Sherman. Wayne Simpkins. Dr Mary Smith. Jac- queline Smith. Richard Sobottka. Gin ger Sprague. Robert Stewart. Gwen Stone. Dr Rhae Swisher Mar nn Tighe. Leroy Walton. Virginia Watson. Robert Williford. Greg Willis. Catherine Work. Christopher Young and David Zorn Omicron Delta Kappa 177 Gospel Choir The Troy State University Gospel Choir is an orga- nization open to all stu- dents who enjoy gospel music. The choir was organized with the belief that every good life stems from an inner peace. The members strive to bring this in- ner message, which is the Good News of God, to God ' s people through song and praises. The choir performs on the campus and in churches throughout the area. Top: Gospel Choir members sing in perfect harmony. Bottom: The choir practices for an up- coming performance. 178 Gospel Choir Top Left The soprano section re- hearses their part of a new song Top Right: Choir members rehearse ev- ery Sunday at the BSCI Bottom Row One: Constance Dow me. Kimberly Helms and Adnenne tAc- Crae Row Two: Michael-Angelo James. Elizabeth Glasscho. Tony Rob- inson and Loretta Ballard Gospel Choir 179 Baptist Student Union BAPTIST STUDENT CEHTER BSU The Baptist Student (Jnion is the spiritual out- reach on campus pro- vided by the Baptist Churches. The BSU strives to provide fel- lowship, fun and opportunities for spiritual growth through reg- ular weekday activities and spe- cial weekend events. The BSG also serves area churches by presenting creative worship ser- vices with drama, choir and puppetry. Members are active participants in the state sum- mer missions program as well as with short-term mission in- volvement. Top Right: BSU members talk about an uncoming retreat. Row One: Ricky Baker, Herb Marra- man, Tracey Lamb, Becky Baker, Leslie Bennett, Candy Summerlin, Donna Fowler and Scott Hanson. Row Two: Kim Green, Tronya Gunter, Mary Beas- ley, Melissa Morris, Nancy Vass, Angela Rutherford, Susan Gilley, Nancy Peters and Debbie Bell. Row Three: Rick Fran- cis, Phil Weaver, Frank Aiken, David Zorn, Ken Maraman, Tim Foster, Der- eck Lise, David Larrimore, Paul Herring, David Dawson, Jim Campbell, D ' ric Wil- liford, Scott Reaves, Ben Griggs, Troy Baas, Stacey Coates, Mark Smith, Charles Russell and Kevin Goodnight. 180 Baptist Student Union Top Right Phil Weaver and David Zorn lead hymnal songs during a Monday night devotional Top Left: Jim Campbell, D ' nc Williford and Ben Griggs man the doors before a Monday night devotional Bottom Left BSCI students en evening ' s guest speaker Soffom Right Scott Reaves awaits the start of the meeting Baptist Student Union 181 Christian Student Center The Christian Student Center is a group of dedi- cated Christians wanting to serve the Lord. Weekly ac- tivities of the CSC include group devotionals, Daily Bread classes, prayer breakfasts and Bible studies. Other activities are retreats, youth rallies and seminars. One special activity that the CSC is involved in is a group called the Drama Troupe. They are a talented group that per- forms plays for the local churches. The Drama Troupe have traveled to Atlanta and Tuscumbia performing their plays for churches and youth groups. Row One: Tommy Wasden, Kim Stocks, Todd Bostick, Karen Bough, LauVone Turner and Wade Schofie ld. Row Two: Brian Witcher, Delynn Ni- chols, Marie Johnson, Cheryl Brewer, Lloyd Conner, Irene Bennett, Lynn Gil- liam and Cheryl Chandelor. Row Three: Randall Myers, Donna Tidwell, Paul Lindsley, Kim Fuller, Gene Messick, Jim English, Michael Spain, Kip McCall, Janna Lambeth and Brian Mar- tin. 182 Christian Student Center Christian Student Center 183 Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation believes that ministry must meet the needs of the whole individual. Therefore, programs are set up to provide a balance of social, physical and spiritual activities. Wesley offers discipleship and Bible study as a means of encourag- ing spiritual growth. Wesley tries to provide opportunities for fellowship and fun with such activities as retreats, Christian- speakers, concerts and other in- teresting events. It also pro- vides opportunities to play var- io us intramural sports such as volleyball, football, softball and basketball. There is also oppor- tunities to use ones talents and abilities in the field of ministry. Top: Officers. Row One: Betsy White. Sandra Moultrie and Frances Ga- madge. Row Two: Rothel Moody, Ricky Padgett and Ladd Lewis. Row One: Kathleen Stabler, Deborah Aplin, Jennifer Birks, Frances Ga- madge, Cemeron Venable and Betsy White. Row Two: Ladd Lewis, Angela Ramsey and Sandra Moultrie. Row Three: Steven Casey, Lynn Powell, Sandee Wilson. Angie Hicks, Annette Peters, Morgan Boyd and Chuch Shepard. Row Four: John Dean, David Lowery, Rothel Moody, Ricky Padgett and Clay Pierce. 184 Wesley Foundation AD CLCIB T he Troy State University Advertising Club was or- ganized in 1986 in affili- ation with the American Adver- tising Association. The TSCJ chapter was organized to help advertising students on cam- pus have a better understand- ing of the advertising field and to network with professionals in this area. Row One: Mr Sanders; faculty advi- Coursin Row Two: Jonathan Bush. Roskos. Maureen Forthman. Channing sor. Deanna Olive. Lisa Smillie and Jeff David Chckner. Melea Segers. Mike Thomas and Caprice Defalco Ad Club 185 ISCO ■ The International Stu- dents Cultural Organiza- tion (ISCO) was estab- lished on the TSCI campus in 1975. Its purpose is to promote brotherhood with foreign stu- dents attending the university. It is the only social group that meets weekly through the sum- mer term as well as during the full academic year. Programs were presented each Thursday night by students, faculty, staff members and guests. The high- light of the year was the ISCC " Valentinefest " . Foreign and American foods were served, followed by special entertain- ment presented by members of the organization. Row One: Whitney Keese. Row Two: Alison Ohman, Patricia Garcia and Beth Ribeiro. Row Three: Rosalinda Skeen, Susan Young and Caroline Mithika. Row Four: Willeta Hatcher, Pam Mer- kel, Naushaba Khan, Theresa Hayes and Evangeline Lemari. Row Five: Kel- ly Laroche, Sandy Cook, Govind Menon, Amy Markert, Manish Gopaldas and Meriann Mincey. Row Six: Ed Mer- kel, Charles Cook, Todd Lidh, Haresh Sujan, Rita Patel, Scott Hough, Imran Bhally and Guatam Advani. Row Sev- en: Jim Sherry, Paul Louis, Sahail Ag- boatwala, Debbie Rice, Valerie Ohman, Derek Dupuy. Phillip Curtis, Dr. Hatch- er and Joe Morgan. 186 ISCO Opposite Page: Top: ISCO members perform the Thai Circle Dance This Page: Top Left: Pamela Merkel displays a Spanish costume Top R ight Offi cers.Row One: Jim Sherry and f.d Mer kel, faculty advisors Row Two: Whit- ney Keese; vice-president, Kelly Lar- oche; secretary, Susan Young; in, Paul Louis, treasurer and Gau tarn Advani. publicity oMiter Not shown Peter Louis prrsidrnt Bottom Left: ISCO members and guests enjoy a world . of foods at the " Ve- lentinefest Bottom Right Rhonda Ta bron performs an Egyptian dar ISCO 187 Afro-American Society The Afro-American Soci- ety received its charter at Troy State University in 1971. The society was orga- nized to stimulate, promote and encourage social and academic success among black and nonb- lack students, to encourage cooperation among students and to foster an intelligent inter- est in all phases of college citi- zenship. As one of their many ethnic-oriented activities the Afro-American Society recog- nized Dr. Martin Luther King ' s birthday with a symbolic cere - mony held in the Bibb Graves quad. Another activity included the designation of the month of February for " Awareness of Black History. " The theme for Black History Month was " The Dream Lives On. " Top: Officers: Constance Downing; Secretary, Shelia Martin; Vice Presi- dent, Michael-Angelo James; President and Nikki Rivers; Treasurer. Bottom Left: Row One: DeWaune Wil- liams, Zoe Law, Constance Downing, Maria Adams, Nikki Rivers and Tony Robinson. Row Two: Michael James, Elizabeth Glascho, DeLisa Thomas, Adrienne McCrae, LaFran Knight, She- lia Martin and Ken Banks. Bottom Right: Secretary Constance Downing reads the minutes of a pre- vious meeting. 188 Afro-American Society Madrigal Singers The I ro State I rmersi- ty Madrigal Singers is .i select group of stu- dents who combine t he tal- ents and skills of singing and dancing to entertain others The talented ensemble is un- der the direction of Dr. Wil- iam Denison, and accep- tance into the group is by au- dition only. One of the highlights of the year was the Christmas tour during the Christmas break as well as the annual tour during winter quarter. The Madrigal Sing- ers also perform a major con- cert on campus each quarter. The Madrigals enhance their perfof - mances by combining both their singing and dancing talents. Row One: Mike Moore, Tiffany Mc- Donald, Michael )ones, Barry Frost, Lisa Lewis and Demetrius Watkins. Row Two: Ladd Lewis, Yvonne Sweat, Jason Grace and )im Brasher Row Three: Dorrell Dorsey, Meloni Thompson, Ken Maraman and Becky Baker. Madrigal s mKor s 189 Arnold Air Society The Dr. TC Marrs Squad- ron of the Arnold Air So- ciety at Troy State Uni- versity is an organization of elite AFROTC Corps Cadets whose purpose is to promote and further the goals of the GS Air Force ROTC and to support their community. The support is provided in the way of service projects, joint projects with the auxiliary society of Angel Flight and the national projects each AAS squadron is required to partici- pate in. Community projects for the year included weekly visits to the nursing home to entertain the residents with games and the like, a " Hallelujah " party for the children ' s home, a fund rais- er called " Jail and Bail " for the March of Dimes, and along with the local Lion ' s Club they had a fund raiser to benefit the area ' s blind. pr i Top: Row One: Whitney Keese, Pam Campbell, Tobi Sears, Wade Brackins, Misty Cosson and Catherine Copen. Row Two: Randy Williams, Diana Rob- bins, D.H. Frances, Jr. and Ronnie Boyett. Row Three: Chris Skillman, Christine Spurgeon, Stephanie Peacock and Gordy Nesmith. Row Four: Cap- tain Mark Eaton; Advisor, Vincent May- field, Fieldman Williams, Bryce Snyder and Chris Morgan. Bottom Left: Row One: Catherine Co- pen, Whitney Keese and Misty Cosson. Row Two: Stephanie Peacock, Gordy Nesmith and D.H. Frances, Jr. Row Three: Feldman Williams, Bryce Sny- der, Chris Morgan and Captain Eaton. Bottom Right: Gene Broussard instructs the cadets during field training prepara- tion. 190 Arnold Air Society Angel Flight Angel Fliqht service organization on the TSCJ Campus and in the Troy community All stu are eligible and invited to become members. The Angels have participated in many ac- tivities which have served to better the campus and the com- munity. Top Row One: Julie Sullivant. Debbie Bell. Pam Schurr, Donna Collins and Vince Powell Row Two: Mary Parrish, Martha Kelley. Rachel Palmore. Sabrina Dutton and Noelle Bouchet Row Three: Marina Gray. Donna Tippett. Diane Cease. (Jrleen Simone. Lisa Washington and Jerry Martin Row Four: Hermia Simmons. Nakithia Den- nis. Cunthia Milledge. Yolanda Kelley and Darlene Johnson Bottom: The Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight often join together to per- form their duties Angel Flight 191 Air Force ROTC 192 Air Force ROTC The mission t the Air Force ROTC program is to educate and conn sion officers for the United States Air Force. AFROTC Det. 17 (TSU) was established in September 1971. Recently named the most improved de- tachment in the southeast area. Det. 17 is ranked as one of the best detachments in the coun- try. The ROTC curriculum in- cludes classroom instruction, jobs within the corps and a weekly one hour leadership lab. Cadets are encouraged to par- ticipate in all college activities and many are involved in sorori- ties, fraternities, religious orga- nizations, varsity sports and various other programs. The de- tachment has its own social life including picnics, dinners and parties. Two AFROTC programs are offered; a four or two year pro- gram. Students can compete for scholarships or a tax-free monthly allowance of one hun- dred dollars. Troy State Univer- sity ' s ROTC cadets are ready to meet the challenge of the fu- ture. Top: Preparing sophomores for field training is one of the special duties of Cameron Gilbert Bottom Left Peyton Broderick. Nathan Mooney and Fieldman Williams have many questions to ask during leader- ship lab. Bottom Right Sophomore field training preparations are being instructed by Major Kranz. Gene Broussard and Ca- meron Gilbert rce ROTC 193 The Student Council for Exceptional Children, SCEC, is an organization that is designed to promote pro- fessional growth and standards in students that are interested in working with exceptional chil- dren. Each quarter guest speak- ers are invited to lecture on to- pics that will help students be- come better equipped to work with special children. The mem- bers involve themselves with the Children ' s Festival, Special Olympics and the Pike County Activities Center, for which they provide an annual Hallow- een Party. The members also provide leadership by working as weekend counselors at Camp ASCCA, Alabama ' s Spe- cial Camp for Children and Adults, which is located at Jackson Gap on Lake Martin. Top: Virginia Doyle, Susan Young and Vicky Jesse discuss plans for the orga- nization ' s future activities. Bottom Left: Row One: Becky Mozo, Vicky Jesse and Susan Young. Row Two: Jerilyn Cassidy, Tammy Moye, Virginia Doyle and Dr. Pat Hardin. Bottom Right: Susan Young fills the oth- er members in on some useful informa- tion about SCEC. 194 SCEC SNEA The Student National Education Association, SNEA, was formerly Fu- ture Teachers of America until it was renamed in honor of for- mer TSG instructor, Celeste Darby, in 1958. The purpose of SNEA is to prepare student edu- cators for their future careers by keeping them informed on current issues and legislative provisions concerning educa- tion. The meetings of SNEA consist of such themes as gra- duate preparation, interviewing and resume skills and career awareness. Under the direction of advisor Dr. Forrest Petry and elected Chapter President, An- drew Martin, membership more than doubled in 1988. Also. TS(J Chapter President. An- drew Martin, was elected to the position of Southeastern Re- gional Coordinator. The main activity of the year was the Faculty Appreciation Luncheon which had an atten- dance of over 200 members, ad- visors, and faculty members. This function was held to honor all education-oriented faculty members at TSCJ. 8B« ' JK fttvu inivUi Top: Vonda Johnson; Secretary, San- dra Helms; Treasurer. Dr. Forrest Petry; Advisor, Elaine Cox; Vice President and Andrew Martin; President. Middle: Dr. Robert McCombs. Chair- man of Department of Education, speaks at one of the various SNEA meetings. Bottom left. Chapter President. Andrew Martin, presides at a meeting. Bottom Right Row One: Susan Miller. Karmen Madden. Lori Voyles. Ginger Griffth. Tracy Atkins. Sandra Helms and Andrew Martin Row Two: Karen Higdon. Kathleen Stabler. Jane Jack- son, Tracy Pecci. Elaine Cox, Debra Compton. Vonda Johnson and Erin Kel le) Row Three: Margaret Sickle garet Fox. Allison Traylor and Cheryl Folmar Row Four: . «■•• Moon. Janna Blackmon. Gerald Gay. Julie Saunders. Karen McKnight. Angela Chauncey. Lisa Skipper. Janice Cherry and Dr For- rest Petr SNEA 195 Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Sigma is an organization designed for students who wish to help people. It is a profes- sional service organization located within the Depart- ment of Human Services. The purpose of this organiza- tion is to make the communi- ty aware of the special needs of handicapped individuals. Members are primarily social works, SRS or rehabilitation majors, but any student who wishes to work in a service capacity is welcome. Special events for the year included several fund raisers which were held for the handicapped and other needy community organiza- tions. Top: Advisor Charles Whitson pre- sides over a meeting to discuss a ser- vice project. Bottom Left: Row One: Peggy Pip- pin, Leigh Golden, Leigh Grant, Pen- ny Paxton and Mr. Charles Whitson; advisor. Row Two: Joan Dean, Fele- cia Williams and Felecia Robertson. Row Three: Ben Arellano, Ginger Baker, Jaye Alexander, Sharon Krantz and Ron Kvulsand. Bottom Right: President Leigh Gold- en calls a meeting to order. 196 Sigma Alpha Sigma Top: Officers: Ron Kvulsand; vice president, Leigh Golden; president and Leigh Grant; secretary. Bottom: Rober Kvulsand brings up a new idea for the upcoming fund raiser. Sigma Mpha Sigma 197 ACEI The Association for Child- hood Education Interna- tional (ACEI) is unique among professional education organizations. It is the major professional organization whose sole purpose is con- cerned with all aspects of the growth and development of children from infancy through early adolescence. It provides a set of foci and mechanisms by which the purposes of the orga- nization are carried out. Its goals include the improvement of educational values and prac- tices for young children; to pro- vide wholesome development for all children; and to enhance the knowledge and instruc- tional ideas of prospective teachers. Top: Officers: Row One: Allison Tray lor; Vice President of Service Commit- tee and Cheryl Folmar; President. Row Two: Tina Hicks Vice President of Re- search, Donna Lambkin; Vice President of Social Committee and Cindy Melton; Secretary; Row Three: Denise Wad- dell; Palladium Representative, Sherry King; Vice President of Program Com- mittee and Kay Parker; Vice President of Membership Committee. Bottom: Row One: Robin Fernandez, Tammy Moye, Janet Daughtery, Susan Gilley, Cheryl Folmar, Allison Traylor, Donna Lambkin, Lee Whiddon, Mary Pope and Michelle Cobb. Row Two: Tina Hicks, Kelly Bleu, Debbie Bell. Denise Waddell, Kay Parker, Janet Jones, Tammy Jordan and Dr. Joaven- elle McCoy; Advisor. Row Three: Kath- leen Stabler, Alecia Boutwell, Betty Hobbs. Vonda Johnson, Sherry King, Kelly Sears, Jennifer Johnson, Andrea Foot and Cindy Melton. 198 Alpha Psi Omega The purpose of Alpha Psi Omega is to stimulate in- terest in theatre ac tlvl ties at Troy State University. It also secures for the university all the advantages and mutual helpfullness provided by a large national honorary fraternity. By electing students to member- ship, the organization provides a reward for their participation in the University ' s theatre per- formances. Top Row One: Tresa Hardin. Monica Anderson and E lizabeth Fowler Row Two: Paul Hall. Larry Cook. Dr Judith Lewis. Lynn Balducci. Jim Brasher. Pat- rick Hall and Wayne Simpkins Bottom Row Monica Anderson. Jim Brasher. Patrick Hall and Paul Hall dis- cuss their scenes for Camelot Alpha Psi Omega 199 STGDENT NGRSES ASSOCIATION The Student Nurses Asso- ciation is an organization open to all students who are accepted into the School of Nursing. The organization elects new officers from the ju- nior class each fall quarter. Also, fall quarter, the juniors go through a convocation to which they wear their nurs- ing uniforms for the first time. The Seniors have a pin- ning ceremony each spring quarter when they finish the nursing program. bEr EL ' 1 P9V ir Left: In Cooperation with SNA, the Red Cross sponsors their quarterly blood drive. Top Right: Dana Thierfelder and Lisa Runk prepare Rick Maglione for his blood donation. Bottom Right: Janet Sasser checks Stacy Pecci ' s blood pressure. 200 Student Nurses Association Top Left Officers: Row One: Susan Mount; secretary and Tina Asmussen. president Row Two: Nancy Moore, vice-president and Lisa Hamilton; trea- surer. Top Right: Members of SNA assist the Red Cross during the blood drive Bottom Row One: Susan McCaf- farty, Jennifer Hill. Rhonda Hayes. Kim Kelly. Tina Asmussen and Dana Thier- felder Row Two: Mereen Caskey. Su- san Mount. Joy Kersey. Valerie Herbert. riancy Moore and Lisa Hamilton Row Three: Anita Marlowe. Marika Hudson. Kim Hollon. Deborah Mack. Eddie Ashby and Tracy Stevens Student Nurses Associat ' on 201 Pre-Med Club The Pre-Medical and Al- lied Health Association is an organization open to all pre-medical students. The newly formed organization strives toward helping the com- munity in all medical aspects, as well as preparing students for career in the medical field. The groups activities include assisting in the spring quarter blood drive and attending a con- vention in Birmingham. Row One: Paula Dansby, Lee Dean, Yvette Williamson, Kathy Purcell, Dayna Ferry, Mary Ivey, Kevin Green, Amy Markert, James Carlile. and Jenni- fer Bailey. Row Two: Scott Mitchell, Paul Williams, David Peacock, Taylor Rushing, Mike Peak, Carrie Clikas, Gre- ta Kantor and Margaret Bonn. Row Three: Nicholas Wolf, Michael Rushon, Gilbert Bonce. Lexie Crowson, Tammy Yancey, Dr. Chapman and Dr. Riley. Row Four: Dr. Barras, Valerie Ohman. Keith Weekly, Chris Cosper, Christy Vickery and Lori Letson. DPMA The Data Processing Man- agement Association is the largest professional association serving the informa- tion processing management community. DPMA student chapters provide students the opportunity to exchange infor- mation with the members of the information processing com- munity and explore various ca- reer opportunities. The Troy State student chapter has been active since 1981. Row One: Mark Hennigan, Richard So- botka, Charlie Schley, Laura Tanzey, Samuel Curtis and Tammy Middle- brooks. Row Two: Allen Harrison, Scott Roberts, Jimmy Tisdale, Gautam Advani, Chris Short, Curtis Frazier, Ce- drik Rodgers, Aian Ruud, Charlie Ste- phens, Tim Meredith, Imran Bhally, Bonnie Railey. Kevin Bower and Warren Burrell. 202 Pre-Med DPMA c Math Club ThcVT Math Club is di ganization thai pro- motes th - study of math- ematics among students at Troy State University. Each quarter the club conducts sev- eral meetings that are designed to help the math student better understand the various areas of math and promote better stu- dent-teacher relations. Each spring quarter the club spon- sors Math Week. The entire week is devoted to the idea of presenting math in ways that are both interesting and educa- tional. Top Officers: Ricky Padgett: Presi dent. Bart Hendricks; Vice-President, and Susan Willoughby: Treasurer Bottom Row One: Govind Menon. Tif fany McDonald. Vance Beck. Kitty Blankenship. Gautam Advani. Cathy Denny. Karen Morrow. Rhonda Peters. Jim Carlile. Beth Lewis. Susan Wil- loughby. and Dr Jan Elrod Row Two: Bart Hendricks. Warren Burrell Ruk Padgett. Jason Anderson. Wayne Lud- wig. Clay Walden. Randy Agerton. Charles Morris and James O N eal VTMath Club 203 Lambda Alpha Epsilon Lambda Alpha Epsilon is an association devoted to the promotion of profes- sionalism in all areas of criminal justice. It strives to encourage greater cooperation among criminal justice agencies and to promote greater understanding between the community and the profession. Under the aegis of membership, it fosters more responsive training and educa- tion to fulfill the needs of the profession through sponsorship of seminars, technical materials and personal contacts. The as- sociation serves as a unified na- tional voice on key issues of the profession. Top Right: Pam Dutton, Tim Jacobs and Kim Desmond conduct business at a LAE meeting. Top Left: Officers: Tim Jacobs; Trea- surer, Kim Desmond;President, Pam Dutton; Secretary and Kim Stocks; Vice-President. Row One: Tim Jacobs, Kim Desmond, Pam Dutton and Kim Stocks. Row Two: Lisa Robinson, Wendy Bowen, Neireida Dewberry and Mary Ann Min- cey. Row Three: Anthony Wilson, Den- nis Griffin, Alvin Tuck and Jennifer Sohn. Row Four: Stephanie Ellison, Tracy Clark, Renee Foxworth and Eric Finch. 204 Lambda Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Lambda Row One: Lynn Thomas. Tina Wat- Two: Ben Spence. Chuck Owens. Ru- ford. Donna Ivy. Jan Harris. Jackie ben Irizarry. Mr. Billy Walters. Mark McCrory and Georgia Baribeau. Row Miklos. and Mike McCrory. Row Three: Lanny Smith. LauVone Turner. Don Lowery, Bert Mewsome and Tommy Da- vis. Phi Beta Lambda is a na- tional organization for students preparing for a business or business education career. The goals of Phi Beta Lambda are to develope compe- tent leadership, to strengthen the student ' s confidence in him- self and his work, to promote a better understanding of the American business enterprise system and to assist the stu- dent in the establishment of oc- cupational goals. Phi Beta Lambda members have meetings every other Wednesday afternoon which are often highlighted by the at- tendnce of guest speakers. They take business tours and every year they attend a leader- ship seminar in Montgomery. Top Left Officers: Lanny Smith. ice President. LauVone Turner: President. Donna Ivy; Treasurer. Don Lowery; President. Jackie McCrory. Secretary, and Mr. Billy Walters; Advisor Top Right Mr Billy Walters speaks at a Phi Beta Lambda meeting as Don Lowery listens closely Phi Beta Lambda 205 Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha lota is an in- ternational music fra- ternity for women, founded in 1903. Sigma Al- pha lota seeks to promote professional musicianship while building a strong sister- hood based on a common in- terest in the universal Ian- gauge of music. Top: Cindy Kobet, Chaplain, gives a devotional to their SAI sisters. Bottom Left: Row One: Cassie Chestnutt, Yvonne Sweat, Tiffany McDonald, Betsey White, Elizabeth Yost and Christina Tyler. Row Tow: Kelly Laraoche, Talisman Ford, Cin- dy Seymour, Susan Story, Cindy Ko- bet. Row Three: Lynn Price, Lisa Lewis, Cyndi Sallas, Trina Anderson, Robin Gartman, Tina Hicks, Leslie McGinty, Jeannie Birks, Jennifer Birks and Mary Mims, advisor. Bottom Right: SAI sisters discuss an upcoming project. 206 Sigma Alph lota HPER The purpose of Troy State University ' s Health, Physical Edu- cation and Recreation major and minor club is to foster a concern for progress in physical education, to ad- vance the standards of the profession and to cooperate with state and national edu- cational associations. Row One: Shayne Armstrong, Shar- on Wismer and Jennifer Lozzi. Row Two: Ellen Heinken, Becky Bobo and Scarlett Rhoades. Row Three: DeeDee Taylor, Glenda Locklar, Tony Adcock, advisor and Barbara Sexton. HPER 207 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a pro- fessional business fra- ternity organization ot foster the study of busi- ness in universities. This years activities consisted of, among other things, the touring of several local bu- sinesses. A few of the busin- esses included Troy Bank Trust, General Electric Co- operative, and Ansell Indus- tries. The main event for the year was the annual Spring Fling. This years trip was to St. Louis, MO. While visiting the city the fraternity toured such businesses as Anheiser- Busch, Purina Farms and the Bardenheiers Winery. The fi- nancing of the trip was aided by a donut sale which was conducted by the memberrs. Another of the highlights for the year included the Grand Chapter Congress which was held in New Or- leans. Top: Officers: Row One: LauVonne Turner; VP professional activities, Debra Somerford; VP of chapter op- erations, Kendal Coates; chancellor, Jan Barb; secretary and Mike Ed- wards; ' sr. VP. Row Two: Tony Rob- inson; scholarship chairman, Mr. Robert Palmer; advisor, Kenneth Knight; treasurer and Joey Colwell; ritual chairman. Not shown: Mike Dickson; president. Bottom Left: Row One: Melody Smith, Jan Barb, Debbie Rice, Rachel Johnson, Debra Somerford, April Burkhalter and Dawn Fietsma. Row Two: James Hendricks, LauVonne Turner, Stacey Coates, Kendall Coates, Mark Rose, Mike Edwards and Joey Colwell. Row Three: De- Vonne Snell, Tony Robinson, Mr. Robert Palmer; Advisor, Kenneth Knight, Cal Abercrombie, Michael Miller and Paul Hovey. Bottom Right: Kendall Coates dis- cusses an upcoming project. 208 Delta Sigma Pi Alpha Phi Sigma Members of Alpha Phi Sigma are Marianne Mincey, Eric Finch and Kim Desmond. Alpha Phi Sigma is an honor so iety for all r imindl justic • and ( orre tions majors and mi- nors who meet its eligibility requirements. I he eligibility requirements im ' to have a JO overall GPA and a 3.2 GPA in eithei nminal justK ■ or corrc t ions. Alpha Phi S - ma works in conjunction with Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the criminal justice fraterni- ty, on projects, fundraisers and outings. Forensics Row One: Sam Westmoreland, Eliz- abeth Fowler, Tresa Hardin, Muffy Edelberg, Rosalinda Skeen, Dr. Ju- dith Lewis, advisor, Yvonne Sweat, Lynn Balducci, Ginger White and Mack Hillman. Row Two: Clint Con- nors, Danny Dwyer, Larry Cook, Rod Pic hard, Todd Lidh, and a) nc Simpkins T he TSU Forensics Team consists of stu- dents who compete intercollegiatelv in cross-ex- amination debate and indi- vidual events. The team has competed in many events during the year and has re- presented TSU well. The team has won over 70 awards during the past vear includ- ing some national honors. Larry Cook and Elizabeth Fowler finished in the top sixteen in the country in the area of dramatic duo. Wayne Simpkins placed in the top 40 in the country in the area of dramatic interpretation. Throughout the year the team hascompeted through- out the southeast and hosted the district Six tournament, at which Dr. Judith Lewis was elected as district chairper- son to serve on the national commit t Mpha Phi SiKmd Forensics 209 Women ' s Residence The Women ' s Residence staff is composed of a group of responsible and mature female students who work together to create a home- like atmosphere for oncampus residents. Cinder the direction of Laur- ianne Folmar, coordinator of the Women ' s Residence pro- gram, the work of the residence staff is a real asset to on-cam- pus living. Laurianne Folmar Coordinator of Women ' s Residence Stacy Adkinson Director of Desk Assistants Amy Markert Residence Director Gardner Hall Resident Assistants: Row One: Amy Markert, Theresa Zabela, Rachel Rutledge, Lesley Ogden, Angela Evans and Becky Hughes. Row Two: Cassaundra Junius, Angela Reisch, Deborah Mack, Sharon Thomas and Kay Parker. Row Three: Bernadette Hazel, Cynthia Blackman, Carol Lee, Tammy Martin and Stacy Adkinson. 210 Women ' s Residence Becky Bobo Residence Director Shackelford Hall Kim Kelley Residence Director Pace Hall Theresa Zabela Residence Director Hamil Hall Lesley Ogden Residence Director Clements Hall Resident Assistants: Row One: Lisa Taylor. Ann Hudson, Yvonne Sweat. Kim Kelley and Barbara Hayes Row Two: Tammy Murden. Susan Skowron. Tammy Wood. Becky Bobo and Ellen Lord Row Three: Stacy Clark. Gwen Ellis. Angela Hammons. Valerie Ohman and Angela Coleman. Women s Residence 211 Men ' s Residence Herbert Reeves Coordinator of Men ' s Residence Greg Hall Residence Director Clements Hall Michael Lee Resident Manager Dill Mall Charles Tipton Residence Director Alumni Hall Resident Assistants: Row One: George Dothard and Bobby Williams. Row Two: Mike Ledbetter, Danny Tufariello and Ted Clem. Row Three: John Holley, Andrew Sewell and Mark Miklos. Row Four: Eric Finch. 212 Men ' s Residence The Residence Hall pro- gram at Troy State plays an important role in the lives of the oncampus resi- dents. The members of the resi- dence hall staff work to create a home-like atmoshphere in the dormitories, while at the same time maintaining a sense of or- der. Gnder the direction of Her- bert Reeves, Coordinator of Men ' s Residence, students are selected for the positions of resi- dent directors and resident as- sistants. Selection for staff posi- tons is based on an application and interview process. Men in- terested are expected to main- tain an appropriate grade point average and to promote the Uni- versity and its functions. Top: Resident Assistants Row One: Wade Brackins and Bart Wigintor Row Two: Tommie Jackson and Eric Howes Row Three: Lauvone Turner and Don Lowers Row Four: Morris Brooks. Ber- nard Grant and Tim MosIeK Assistant Residence Directors Row One: Susan Miller and Adam By rd Row Two: Steve Gillis and Charles Gillis Residence 213 Collegiate Singers The Troy State Universi- ty Collegiate Singers is an active and talented group of students which in- cludes music and non-music majors. The group is under the direction of Dr. William Denison, the assistant chair- man of the music depart- ment. The Collegiate Singers perform at many special events throughout the year, including Honors Day and Homecoming. Each quarter the singers present a major concert, varying in types from spiritual to pop. Top: The Bankok Crew, made up of Rob Ivey, Yvonne Sweat, Tiffany McDonald and Michael Moore per- form during the spring quarter con- cert. Bottom Left: Meloni Thompson sings " You are the Wind Beneath My Wings " . Bottom Right: Ken Maraman per- forms a solo as part of the spring concert. 214 Collegiate Singers Top Left: Dorrcll Dorsey entertains the audience with her rendition of " Out Here On My Own " . Top Right: " The Flashbacks " per- form a fifties medley as part of the special entertainment program for the spring con erl Row One: Yvonne Sweat, Cathy Collver, Emily Dever, Penny Lewis, Leslie Bennet, Carol Bolin, Holly Vann, Chere Williams, Kelly Brad- ford, Kathleen Loprest, Leslie Jones, Dawna Howell, Cassie Chestnut, So- nja Harrell and Laura Leverette. Row Two: Gina Reilly, Lisa Skeen, Lori Armstrong, Lori Lott, Cindy Hender- son, DeeDee Hughs, Dorell Dorsey, Lisa Lewis, Liza McCarthy, Betsy White, Tiffany McDonald, Devi Wal- drop, Jennifer Birksand May French. Row Three: Michael Jones, Annette Herring, Deborah Aplin, Becky Ba- ker, Shannon Mixon, Stepahnie Woodham, Tammy Tomlin, Mike Spivey, Taylor Caffey, Meloni Thompson, Ruthel Moody, Jim Brasher and Demetrius Watkins. Row Four: Ricky Baker, Troy Baas, Jason Grace, Rob Ivey, Clifford Allred, Don McGee, Alvin Tuck, Vernon Williams, Kurt McCall, Clif- ford Cannedy, James Ellis, Barry Frost, Ladd Lewis, Michael Moore, Patrick Sharp, Stanton Kelly, Ken Maraman and Jeff Hartley. Collegiate Singers .MS Phi Gamma Nu Top: Officers: Row One: Gwendolyn Ellis; President and Jannique Baxter; Vice-President. Row Two: Andrea Townsend; Historian and Linda John- son; Secretary. Not pictured: Sheila Ma- con; Treasurer. Bottom: Row One: Betty Scilter, Anita Willis, Carolyn Ingram, Angie Edwards and Jackie Reynolds. Row Two: Glory Gilbert, Gwendolyn Ellis, Lisa Pierce, Chassie Junius, Andrea Townsend and Jannique Baxter. Row Three: Angela Fitch, Andrienne McCrae, Consteince Downie, Linda Johnson, Mr. Volet; advi- sor and Delisa Thomas. The Beta lota chapter of Phi Gamma Nu business fraternity is proud of the accomplishments of its mem- bers. Phi Gamma Nu promotes friendship and encourages mem bers to strive for scholas- tic achievement. Annual events that the fraternity participates in include Homecoming activi- ties, May Day and various fund raisers. The Beta lota chapter ex- tends a helpful hand to all busi- ness majors and minors and en- courages them to get involved in the fun Phi Gamma Nu has to offer. HPS 216 Phi Gamma Nu Pied Pipers The Troy State University Pied Pipers have given children across the southeast their first taste of live theatre. The group was formed in order to provide additional performance opportunities for the theatre students. The ensemble, a group of the- atre majors and minors, present children ' s stories without using settings or properties. Actors become walls, trees or animals to create the setting. Since its organization, the group has per- formed for more than 100.000 youngsters in Alabama ' s public schools and at art and craft fairs. Row One: Karen Hamilton, Felicia Pierce and Leslie Jones Row Two: Bob Welter, Gianna Reilly and Wayne Simp- kins Row Three: Elizabeth Fowler and Jill Roach Row Four: Alex Johnson and Tracy Bogan Row Five: CJ Wil- son, Sam Westmoreland. Patrick Hall and Chris Rich Circle K Club The Cirlcle K Club is spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club of Troy. The objec- tives of this club are to provide an opportunity for training in leadership and to promote good fellowship and high scholar- ship. The club ' s charitable events for 1988 include nursing home visits, a scavenger hunt which raised funds to buy food for the needy and a donation drawing for a television in which the proceeds went to the Pike County Pensions and Secu- rity program Row One: Cal Abercrombie. Laura Sanders. Jody S illiams. Debbie Barber. . Walters. Urleen Livingston. Dan- iel Dwyer and Lavonne Turner Row Two: Lexie Crowson. Tammy Yancey. Angela Hammonds. Dan Blalock. Laura Favarulo. Bonnie Buol. Al Eford. Lisa Clemmonds and Anne Marie Johnson Circle K Club Pied Pipers 217 Trojan Ambassadors The Trojan Ambassadors are the elite group of campus leaders who are chosen to serve as TSU ' s offi- cial hosts and hostess ' . The Ambassadors are seen at a vari- ety of functions throughtout the school year. They assist the Chancellor and First Lady at the Homecoming Reception, serve as ushers for the Miss TSCI pa- gent and the Gniverstiy Danc- ers ' Evening of Dance and they escort distinguished campus guests, as well as prospective students and their parents, on campus tours. 218 Trojan Ambassadors Opposite Page: Top Laura Leverette and Julie Forrester serve punch at the Chancellor ' s mansion Bottom Left Alfred Fletcher and Pearla Williams prepare to assist visitors dur- ing the Homecoming festivities Bottom Right Monica Anderson, Mrs Adams, and Shellie Reynolds await the arrival of the guest at the Homecoming Reception This Page: Top: Jenny Adkinson and Shellie Reynolds search for perspective TSCI students during High School Day Row One: Muffy Edelberg. Julie For- rester. Laura Leverette and Ginger Piaz- za Row Two: Van English; advisor. Scott Buff. Don Wooten. Meal Nash. Jim Norton and Ian Hunt Tro an Ambassadors 219 Tropolitan The " Tropolitan " , a stu- dent-university and com- munity newspaper at TSG seeks to inform students, staff, faculty and administra- tion of campus events and is- sues. The newspaper also prints the views of students on campus. The " Tropolitan " is published each Thursday of fall, winter and spring quarters, excluding the week of final ex- ams. All writing, editing, layout, paste-up, typesetting and sell- ing of advertisement is done by Troy State students. The " Tro- politan " provides practical ex- perience for student journalists by giving them an introduction to news reporting, editing, pho- tography and the mechanical aspects of the newspaper. i fc m - j m I I Top: Staff members: Joanne Birks, David Ritchie; editor, fall and winter quarters, Amy Pofahl; editor, spring quarter, Christina Tyler, Jodi Shank, Ben Baker, Shari Crout and John Sulli- van. Bottom Left: Darlene Hutchinson works on her article for an upcoming issue. Bottom Right: David Ritchie goes over a layout design with Jodi Shank. 220 Tropolitan Tropolitan 221 ACGB The Adams Center Union Board, ACGB, works to provide a variety of en- tertainment and actvities for Troy State students. The main events of the year are the big name concerts. This year they were the appearances of Tina Turner at Garret Coliseum in Montgomery and Comedian George Carlin here on campus. The Board also presents popu- lar movies every week for the viewing pleasure of the stu- dents. Tournaments are spon- sored regularly by the ACGB. These include things such as Trivial Pursuit, Ping Pong, Pool and Spades tournaments. The Board also hosts the very popu- lar " Roommate Game " and the " Puttin ' On the Hits " contests. ZZ m ' ■% T 1 %£ ' k A r? i 5 u V a , 2 m Ms Plk P ' Bl mmm Ml [ , »v H .mDN mjT . J T H A . H Am • M w HOT - UV m 1 IT 3W 7 1 1 3T tLL f v JiT K v ■ | 1 4 +w jS 7 V V i ' . - Jigx 1 1 w kd Top: Students present their tickets on the way in to the Wednesday night mov- ie. Bottom Left: The Tina Turner con- cert was the highlight of fall quarter. Bottom Right: Students ejoy the enter- taining " Puttin ' on the Hits " contest. 222 ACGB Top: Students intently concentrate during the Spades tournament Bottom Board members: Row One: Laura Dismukes. Gwen Stone. Helen Le- verette and Shirley Gibson Row Two: Herbert Reeves. Jim Hutto. Donald Gib- son, Tony Robinson, James O ' Neal. Joey Colwell. Ron Pierce. Joey Knight. Jeff Preston and Ed Peeks ACGB 223 University Dancers The University Dancers is a student directed, per- forming group consist- ing of people who enjoy danc- ing. The dancers are selected at the beginning of each quarter by audition only. Upon selec- tion, the dancers begin prepar- ing for their numerous school and community performances by participating in rigorous practices which are held twicw a week. The culmination of the year is an annual dance review. The annual show entitled " Hurray for Hollywood " was performed during winter quar- ter in Smith Auditorium. The dancers also participated in the Homecoming Pep Rally by per- forming a dance routine to Mi- chael Jackson ' s " Bad " . Top: The dancers step in perfect time together. Bottom Left: The dancer ' s dazzle the Homecoming pep rally crowd with their performance. Bottom Right: Amy Smith, Kelly Turner and Felecia Pierce concentrate on learn- ing a new routine. 224 University Dancers Bottom Row One: Nina Jo Webb and Mari Beth Zwayrr Row Two: Janna Rutledge, Tracy Strouse. Amy Smith and Mary Elkins Row Three: Felecia Pierce, Judy Bell. Shellye Amison, Emi- ly Green. Kelly Turner and Deborah Hut- ton. (Jnivcrsitv Dancers 225 THE SOUND ARCHIN OF THE SOUTH Sections =3 - j i r ==g j i Top Right: Tubas: Row One: Tim Sims Row Two: Mike Rowinskyand Dean Barrow. Row Three: Jon Gibson, Paul Johnston and Jay Wilder. Row Four: Kevin McKee, Kevin Goodnight, John Mike McCall and Norman Brooks. Cen- ter Right: Saxophones: Row One: Paige Morrows, Jeff Griffin, Douglas Russell, Dawn Feitsma and Dale Gates. Row Two: David Engel, James Merritt, Alvin Tuck, Eric Williams and Tim Reg- ister. Bottom Right: Feature Twirlers: Hether Gaskill and Joseph Wood. Top Left: Clarinets: Row One: Pebley Fuller and Cindy Seymour. Row Two: Valerie Bass, Linda Stokley, Meg Gunn, Elizabeth Miller, Janis Spooner, Lea Williams, Carole Lee and Krista Turber- ville. Row Three: Regina White, Angela Hampton, Ann Anuszeuski, Michelle Weinacker, Bruce Steptoe, Michelle Moultrie, Christina Coates and Kathleen Loptesti. Bottom Left: Piccolos: Aman- da Bast, Cyndi Sallas, Trina Anderson, Lori Lott, Diane Cease, Debbie Haklin, Renee ' Frederick, Christina Tyler, Les- lie McGinty, Tonya Lott, Delisa Thom- as, Sandy Cook and Kelly Laroche. Op- posite Page: Top Left: Majorettes: Row One: Lisa Rolling and Kelly Price. Row Two: Carol Ann Louvarn, Jennifer Wise, Angie Grantham, Kristi Pippin, 228 Band Wanda Young, Stephanie Stearns, Pen- nie Paxton, Rhonda Smith, Nicole Shoe- maker, DeeDee Hughes and Tammy Jordan. Row Three: Lynn Padget, Julie Waters, Carol Brown, Elizabeth Adams, Suzanne Steele, Jill Kirkpatrick, Mi- chelle Krist, Emily Edwards, Lasinda Harris, Tammy Massey, Bronda Gar- rett, Chere Williams and Kim McCall. Top Right: Trumpets: Row One: Ver- non Williams, Charles Poke, Jeff Ays- born, Angie Marty, Christopher Gemme, Angie Hughey, Susan Black, Richie Jacobs and Rhey Ingran. Row Two: Roxland Smith, Frank Miles, Jack Williams, Jason Anderson, Scott Yield- ing, Cindy Kobet, Glenn Fuqua, Charles Floyd and Brian Witcher. Row Three: Rob Ivey, Rusty Courson, Curtis Harrell, Chuck Weely, John Richard, Mike Rizzo, Todd Bostick and Jeff Caldwell. Center Left: Percussion: Row One: Howard Youngblood and Pedro Rosario. Row Two: Brad Caprara, Scott Swann, Jeff Miller, Thee Dasher, Dean Alex- ander, Mark Vansandt, Chris Galloway, Mark Alexander, Paul Henley, Eric Rochester, Grady Blue, Lynn Price, Kim Martin, Dwayne Williams, Niclole Bleich, Bob Barner, Lariee Maddox, Todd Clecker, Kevin Baker, Brian Hen- ry, James Jordan, Tim Bowen, Olie Wade, Lisa Evans, Kent Marrow, Stuart Shouse and Eric House. Row Three: Elizabeth Watson, Sherry Bodiford, Alexis Faith. Pete Barrows. Kent Gaines and Leslie Bankston. Center Right: Flags: Row One: Betsy White. Robin Gartman, Dayna Ellis, Suzy Jones, Ca- price DeFalco, Jeannie Birks, Valerie Seymour, Shannon O ' Connor. Becky Baker and Pamela Wilson Row Two: Kim Turner, Tracy Stevens, Patty Kel- ly. Jennifer Birks. Leigh Mundy. Noelle Bouchet, Kimberly Wilson and Donna Tippett Row Three: Gina Nelson, JoAnne Birks. Dawn Cunningham. Gin- ger Oliver. Michelle Isabell. Beth Bish- op, Amy Jackson and Holly Vann. Bot- tom Left: Mellophones: Row One: Holly Floyd. Debra Smith, Kim Robbins. Susan Story and Shawn Greenlee Row Two: Lawrell Studstill. Rae Denison, Crawford Harris and Kirk Kilgore. Bot- tom Right: Trombones: Michael Wick- ersheim, Martin Carter, Kelvin Pless. Jim Fitzpatrick. Douglas Bell. Eric Finch. Stanton Kelley, Terrence Sam- uel, Lyndon Isaac. Ben Mallory. David Newsome. Mark Watkins. Dennis Kirby. Brent Tielking, Elizabeth Yost. John Paul Jones. Jeff Fowler and Holly Mat- thews. Band 229 Top: Dean Alexander, Paul Henley, Sam Fredericks and Billy Schliecher step to the beat. Bottom Left: Dean Barrow, Rodney Woods, Jay Wilder, Paul Johnston and John McCall march off the field after a spectacular halftime performance. Bottom Right: Curtis Harrell delights the crowd with a medley of Presley ' s most memorable songs. 230 Band TROY STATE BAND For those who have only seen a band and never participated in one, it is just a bunch of people moving around a field and making mu- sic with a variety of twisted metals. However, as one be- comes more familiar with marching and learning songs the band suddenly becomes a glorious synchronization of movements and music. A great- er respect is given to those who brave the long hours of practice that bring sweat, tired feet and little time for homework. One band in the south always brings to mind excellence, endurance and perseverance. The band of course is Troys own Sound of the South, under the direction of Dr. John Long The people that make up the band are talented individuals with personalities so varied that each lends his own sytle to play- ing his instrument. There is a certain sense of pride that ac- companies being a member of such a renowned group. The band serves as a representative of TSG at varies parades, foot- ball games and concerts. Whether they are playing the TSG fight song or a current tune, everyone knows it will be music at its finest. Top: Vernon Williams. Norman Brooks and Dennis Kirby are featured during halftime. Bottom Left; Renee Frederick awaits her cue to begin Bottom Right Holly Floyd. Kim Robbins and Kirk Kilgore entertain the crowd Band 231 Bottom- 232 Greeks The Tradition Continues Lisa Palmisano Section Editor (;ira English Jeff Freeman Regina Hudson Tim Jaeobs Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy Mand Merrill Photographers Contributing Editors 234 Rush Rush 235 USH JTOSfl RXSFi Top: A social gathering at the " E " house. Middle: The Pi Kapps have an an- gle on Rush. Bottom: Sean Peters demonstrates how to brush teeth. 236 Rush Top: The Phi ' s have a bond. Middle: Alpha Gamma Delta ' s new " Squealin Squirrels. " Bottom: Al Bracewell and Wade Adams converse at the Delta Chi house. ; " ; V ? ■ or m 1 ° ' " - Rush GO GREEK!! GO GREEK!! Every fall quarter those words so incoherently go along with rush parties, smiles, fun and frolic bring to most freshmen a quite in- triguing invitation. It is a big decision to go greek because indefinitely it will change the rest of your life. There ' s nothing like the experinces shared with sis- ters or brothers; the smiles, the bonds of friendship, the crying, the caring, the spon- taneous road trips to other universities, outrageous par- ties, living, loving, growing and learning with each other. The spirit of being a greek is uncharacterized and unchal- langed, it is free, it is each in- dividual who is himself. The learning experience at college is not all academic. Half of it is learning who you are and what you want to be- come. Having greek sisters and brothers at your side makes personal enrichment all the more special. So, the next few pages are dedicated to all who are Greek .... and LOVE IT!!! Top: Dave Young, Joanne Stone, Carla Musgrove and Lea Cornelius relax after a Rush party. Bottom: The Alpha Delta Pi ' s enjoy the time they spend together. Opposite page: Top: Michelle Whitmer, Susan Foshee, Cile Parrish and Kimmie Smith promote Panhel- lenic spirit. Bottom: The Alpha Gamma Delta ' s rest after squealing! M »1»JXMI|C Rush 238 Rush 239 BATTIN, LESLIE BREWSTER, JULIE CULLER, ANNA DAVIS, SHARON DRINKARD, ANCIE FAISON, SHAWN FIVIAN, MICHELLE FLOWERS, LISA FOWLER, ELIZABETH GOODWIN, PAM GRISSETT, LINDA HARRIS, LASINDA JACKSON, JANE JOHNSON, JANET JORDAN, CIMMIE KEEL, ALLYSON KELLEY, KIM LANDRUM, SLATER LAVERCOMBE, JILL LUHMANN, GAYLE MARKERT, AMY MCCLELLAN, CARA MCCORMICK, DONNA MCMICHAEL, CINDI MITCHELLE, AMY MOCK, DANA MORAN, LISA MYLER, MONICA OLIVE, DEANNA PALMER, SARA PANTON, JENNIFER PANTON, JENNIFER POFAHL, AMY POPE, ANNA PRIDGEN, SHERRI QUINN, ZAN SPRAGUE, LISA SULLIVAN, JENNIFER TAYLOR, LISA TRAVIS, MARGO TROMBETTA, MELANIE TROMBETTA, MOLLY TURNER, AMY VENABLE, CAMERON VOYLES, LORI WACHOB, PENNY WELLS, KAROL WHITE, CRICKETT ADERHOLT, MICHELLE ANDERSON, MONICA AULTMAN, MARGARET BELL, ANN MARIE BENNETT, TRACY BLOCKER, LOR1E BOWES, BECKY BROWN, JEAN BROWN, MIMI BUSH, MARIE CASSIDY, JERILYN CLECKLER, DANI CLIKAS, CARRIE CLINGENPEEL, CINDA CORNETT, TAMMY COX, ELAINE CRIM, GRETCHEN DEAVOR, KIM DESMOND, KIM DUNCAN, MARLA DUNCAN, PEGGY FORRESTER, JULIE FULLER, LESLIE GILLILAND, TRACY GOLDEN, LEIGH HAMILTON, KAREN HARDIN, TRESA HARKINS, KATHLEEN HATCHER, KAREN HEPLER, STEPHANIE IVEY, MARY JONES, LESLIE KING, CHRISTY KRIST, MICHELLE LANHAM, WENDY LEE, LINDA A n 240 Greeks .£ fi£flfi iflf fl AKA m 42fl£ n • . LOT! Mil MCLEAN, USA KAY ■ •.« Ml HK n ( hkissii ■ MlllIK SI SAN MURRAY. TARA OHIK SMMM 00OM SHONDA OWEN MSA PIIY) poiish imiiy KM IIKso-, ; «•.-,« ki( HARDS LEIGHANN SHARP! Illll SMITH. AMI SMITH USS SMITH MK HELU SMITH SMITH. RHONDA STEPHENS NIKKI STEPHENS STEPHANU STEVENS nils STONE. CAMS sJONE JOANNf Ml art SHANNON SUMMER, Bl r H TRATHOWEN, CAROLYN WADDINCTON, MICHELLE WATFORD Y ALERIf VS II HAMS. USA WILLIFORD AIIIson WOOD. TAMMY BRADLEY. SHARON COLEMAN AN(,llA DUNBAR. DENIst FREEMAN MMM) GLADDEN. PAULA CORDON, DAWN IUNIUS, CASSAUNDRA RUSSAW, SHENIKA AlKER SONY A WILLIAMS PfARIA WOODS, CINDY ABERCROMBIE. AlllsON ADAMS, CHRIS ADKINSON STA I AMISON shell YE BARBER ROB IN Bl AIR DEBBIE BOUTWELL, LISA BRANNON KIM BRl YNEll, BETH BUTLER. MPP CARLISLE CARIA CHISM, RONDA CLOUD. MITZI CIRRI! KRISTIN DAUGHERTl Ianet 1)11 Mi i APRElcl DENNIS. ERANl I DOZIER If si II DUNCAN TRMY EllWORTH ROYANNE IYANS AN(.,[1A l IRs DIYII FLOV ERS DEBRA GIBSON AM ,11 HAYfs BARBRA HIGDON HEATHER HOWEU KIM HI BtR HEATHER IM KSON TINA KAISER Ills tERRI LIYERITTI I Al M ■ITT TINA MADOEN KARM1N MASON IEE ANNE NIfl HEATHER Greek- ;j 1 MCEWAN, PAM MCCIIL, DEBBIE MILLER, KIM MINCEY, MARIANNE MONCRIEF, MARY ANNE MOORE, ANCIE MORGAN, MEREDITH MOTLEY, EVE MOULTON, BETH MOYE, TAMMIE NEWTON, KIM NEWTON, PATTY NOLAN, JULIE PAXTON, PENNI PHINNEY, BECKY PIERCE, FELICIA POWELL, PAULA PRICE, KELLEY I. PRICE, KELLEY PURCELL, KATHY REYNOLDS, RECINA ROBINSON, LISA ROSENQUIST, TRACY ROY, JODIE RUCKER, PAIGE SCHUNK, LAURA SEXTON, MICHELE SHOQUIST, AMY SMITH, KIM SULLIVAN, SHERRY TAUSEY, LAURA TAYLOR, LAINIE WALLACE, SHERRY WHITEHEAD, LESLIE WILLIAMSON, YVETTE WILSON, JULIE WRIGHT, TOBY AUSBORN, JEFFERY BOGGS, CHUCK BRISLIN, ANDREW CRAWFORD, JAMES CREWS, SCOTT CRISP, LARRY DIAZ, EDGANDWYER, DANIEL EDWARDS, DANNY FLEMING, BILL HEFNER, SCOTT KELLEY, GARY KNIGHT, JOEY KOCH, BRADLEY LINDSEY, HENDRICKS LONG, JEFF LOVETT, JOHN LUNN, DALE MADDOX, MICHAEL MARTIN, WAYNE MCDOWELL, BRAD MEEK, PATRICK MOORE, CHRIS OSMER, RICHARD RAINEY, DEAN ROGERS, CHARLES SCHNEIDER, DARRELL SMITH, PATRICK STANSBURY, VINCE STONE, DOUG TABLER, JEFF VICE, CHIP WAGNER, ROBERT WALLACE, JAMES WINDHAM, RAY BABCOCK, BRENDA ELLIS, GWENDOLYN GANT, CYNTHIA GULLEY, REGINA JARMON, ELISA MACK, DARNISHA MACK, DEBORAH MCCALL, KYNA SHELBY, PAMELA SPENCER, TRACY TERRELL, MICHELLE Qfflk n MA a A20 3saa£ ■ ■ kr J t 242 Greeks KAT KA Id $9 ft flaflffl ft fit fiA IVbiftlfj 2 ' 7 Al AXA BINS IKK •HkAHAM NATHAN BLOODWORTH SI MH I Mill HOI I VM I I 1 1 I ( I A »SSA IIKISS ' I ARMIR ( MARIA FAUIKSIR I, ARMS 1)1 SRh CORE. KIM CRASI LEIGH MARPIR, HOLIV HARTZOC sahrisa Ml Mll MS- mi; ms iisiiii hoffman. traci HUFF, USS HUGHES, TRACY IVY, DOSS A IINRIGHT. Bllsl IORDAN. BFTSY KASTOR GRIT A MT( Ml M MIT I LEHMAS I Al KA lllsos LORI LEWIS, BETH LOTT, TAMMY MCDAMEIS KARIS MITCHELL, CAROL MORRIS, SHERRI MURDES UMM PARISH, CILE PARKER PAT PHILIPS, TAMMY PORTER IIASSIS! PUGH, CIS A REEVES, STEPHANIE REEVES, SUE REYNOLDS, SHEUII RUSH, MICHELLE SALTER ttlSI) SAUNDERS, II 1 II SHEPARD, ME1 ASH SKELTON LISA STABLER, KATMIIIS STERNS STEPHANA STREETS SHIRM TATOM, TOM VK kIR ( MRISTI WARD. LEIGH ASS V FBB SIS A IO WHITEHEAD, RHONDA WILLIAMS. LIZ WOODHAM KR STAL WOODMAM SAMANTHA ORS ILORA AIM P KIMS RAMR RANDAL! BARSfs ROBERT BOBRO sK - C Al ARRIM ROBERT ( AMPRill MM HAH C APRARA BRADin CARROll KEVIN CMAMBIRs ROBERT COTTISCMAM GEM CLRTIS SAMLI1 DAUGHEftTl shaws FLOYD IA CEMMI i MRBTOPHER GILL ROBERT :ai os ompm lOHNSON DAVD KIRM AMI BRFTT • KROLL, RANDALL HARRELL. CURTIS HOUGH, SCOTT MATTOX, MARTIN MCDOWELL, ROBERT MITCHELL, MATTHEW MURDOCK, LAMES NEWSOME, BURT PARHAM, MICHAEL POLK, CHARLES RILEY, TERRY ROCHESTER, ERIC RUSSELL, DOUGLAS SAUCEDA, |EFF SCARBOROUGH, JOHN SHERA, RICHARD SILV A, GUSTANO SIMONSON, DAVID SMITH, TIMOTHY STEELE, SCOTT STRICKLAND, SHANNON STUMP, JASON TUCKER, BERNIE YOUNG, DAVID WARD, GOEFTERY WITHAM, GLENN ADAMS, DUANE ANDERSON, BRETT ASCHE, GINA ATKINSON, JENNY BESTE, CARA BLASCHKA, ASTRID BOSHELL, CHERIE BROWN, TAIRITA BUSH, JULENE CAMPBELL, CATHY CRAWFORD, BETH CRUTCHNER, CHRISTY CUMMINGS, ASHLEY ESLINGER, JULIE GARRISON, WENDY GROSS, TRACEY GUNTER, RENEE HIGHTOWER, HOLLY HOOKS, HOLLY HUGHES, SELINA HUNT, AMY JOHNSTON, JENGER KUSHMAR, TAMMY LEAVINS, JENNIFER LOTT, JANET LOVFALD, KARI MACHERN, AMY MARRIOTT, ANNE MARI MCKINNEY, TERESA MULLIS, MALISSA NELSON, LISA PECCI, STACY PECCI, TRACI PETTIS, KELLY PI .ZZA, GINGER PRIOGEON, KELLY REDDING, PATRICIA REDDOCH, KIM REED, SHARON RICHARDSON, FREDA RICHARDSON, GINA RICHARDSON, KRISTYN RIGGS, ROBIN ROACH, JILL ROSS, SHANNON RUTHLEDGE, JANNA SCARPINATO, SANDY SCHOFIELD, MISSY SKOWRON, SUSIE SMITH, KIMMIE SMITH, PAM SOTO, GINA STROUSE, TRACY TANNER, ANGIE TAYLOR, DEIDRA TRAMMELL, AMANDA TURNER, KELLY WILSON, DEIDRE man pm f A 244 Greeks nK$ 1 r i i 1 r 1 ? 1 1 1 i • 1 r i m i J " ? 1 £ n I i i L 1 1 J n i A, i ? ft v 1 ? r t SAE r -; s .; ■ J BROWN DIKIK KVAN1 « •• ( MS HI BHA ( MPBEU I M ' cmiNI TIW , ».»-.» ..•■ ■■• ( HMDS CUC . Ill I UOS RD dviss 10m II I is. ' ELMORI -ary GRMORI l ■ .mn KEVIN GRAY. PHII harrhson vnayni ■OHNSON OHNNY ill MK HAH LEWIS IOEY |YN H MIKI MADDOX, KIIYIN MAXWEU ipank MURPHREE. STEVE MUSSLFR HJ NEWBY. CHUCK NORMAN. TODD MORRIS, CHI ■ NORRIS. SCOTT PRICE. TROY PRUITT, KEITH RIDEWAV BRIAN Rim v M)i RUUD. ALAN SCHLEY. CHARLES SCRUGGS. BRYAN SHAMBURGER. STLU SHIELDS. IOEL SHIVAH, IOHNATHAN SHOWALTIR MIKI SMITH, Al AN SMITH I ANN!! SPEARS. GREG SPENGLER.GLINN STEADHAM, RONNIE WILLIAMSON, IOHN ADAMS, ROB ATKINS, TONY BAKER. GARY BECK, YAM I BLAIR DONALD BOLAN. BARRY BOWEN, BRAD BOYFTT RONNI1 BRITTON DAVE CLARK, DAY ID CLARK. TOMMY C IK KMR DAVID COOPIR SIM DIMISA IOI ELMORI MIKI FINDLATSR IOHN FOSHER FRANK K)sT(R BARRETT FRANKLIN BRITT GREEN RILIY HENDFRsON ANDRIW HICE. RICHARD HOLLAND MIKI HUANG, SCOTTY LAGER s| N I AW FRED LEE. DANNY LOWREl ( armi SH C RACKIR C HRIS SU I Ml I HRIS MIKLOS s RK MILUR I HRIS SUM. I - MATT MOONIY I MARKS NIVSS1 N ROB P NTO HIM PARISH ED K nmis- CHUCK RILEY. MARK SENN, DOUG SHERMAN, DAN SHOEMAKER. MARK STANDERFER, SCOTT STEWART, BLAINE TRUESDEIL, DENNIS WAN, TOBYWILDER, MARC WINBORNE, RAY WHALEY, ED WOODS, RICKY ABERCROMBIE, ALAN ALBURY, IACE ALLESSANDRONI, MARK BELCHER, BOBBY BOWDEN, SAM BRINCARDNER, JOE BROOKE, ALLEN BROOKS, GERRY BUEHLER, BRUCE BUFF, SCOTT BUTLER, SHANE BYRD, ADAM CAIN, BRIAN CAMPBELL, JIM CANNON, GARRY CAL, ABERCROMBIE CERVERA, RICK CHAPMAN, KENT COATES, KENDALL COLWELL, JOEY COTTON, JEFF DEW, SCOTT DRURY, JEFF DUBBERLY, FRANK DYE, ANDY ELDER, KEN ETHRIDGE, AL FINN, MIKE FREEMAN, JEFF GAY, LARRY GIBSON, PHILLIP GOREY, STEVE HAGAN, GREG HANCOCK, TODD HARPER, BRIAN HARWELL, HAL HATFIELD, MIKE HAUPT, DARYL HAUPT, DEREK HEALY, JOHN HERBERT, HUGH HORTON, TROY HOWES, ERIC HOVEY, PAUL JACKSON, KENNY JACOBS, TIM GAY, JERRY LEFFEW, RICHARD LUCY, STEVE LUNSFORD, GREGORY MARAMAN, KEN MILLER, MICHAEL NORTON, JIM NORTON, JOE ORBAUGH, CAM PAINTER, WILLIAM PARRISH, KEVIN PERRY, ROB PHILLIPS, BO PICHARD, REID PUCKETT, KEN RAMSEY, ROBERT ROSE, MARK SANDERS, CHRIS SCARBROUGH, BILL SHORT, CLIFF SIMS, DOUG SMITH, CHRIS SLITHER, BRAD TATUM, LANCE TODD, MIKE THOMPSON, LANG TIPTON, CHARLES WAGNER, BRIAN WALDEN, CLAY fcltJlTlSjtlfi ATk • ? uXi i , u kii 246 Greeks TKE . ft ft WALDCN VSM IIH MAM I IIM .-. .-. DON " KIS VIU HAWTHORN! DAVD HOFFMAN • MIXON |IM HRIMOS MM RHODI «Hh KEITH SUOPA. STIW TOMMY MUCH WORtY MARK HARRIS!, ION HR1AM HUDSOS SIAI loiissov pai i MADDOX. T()S MOVERS. CLARK. PIZARJtO IOSE ROWMSK1 MIM SHIPMAS. T[RR THOMAS VMM II Above left: Elaine Cox, Julie Forres- ter, and Tammy Grover flash their " pearly whites! " Right: SAE . . Bad as they wanna be! Above right: Dewayne Harrington, Lea Cornelius, and Dave Young so- cialize together at the Lambda Chi house. • M?JJADtlTA?I . Row One: Lori Voyles, Pam Good- win, Penny Wachob, Zan Quinn, Amy Marked, Kim Woodham, Cayle Luhmann, Beverly Aland and Scar- lett Travis. Row Two: Monica Myler, Deanna Olive, Amy Turner, Mary Trombettia, Meloni Thompson, Traci Baker, Susan Pynes, Dana Mock and Donna McCormick. Row Three: Michelle Clawson, Karol Wells, Kim Kelley, Lisa Flowers, Ca- meron Venable, Jane Jackson, Mar- garet Travis, Sharon Davis and Sara Palmer. Row four: Melanie Trom- bettia, Linda Grissett, Cara McClel- lan, Cimmie Jordon, Janet Johnson, Anna Pope, Jennifer Panton, Kristi Smith and Slater Landrum. Row Five: Michelle Fivian, Sherri Prid- gen, Jill Lavercombie, Leslie Battin, Cynthia McMichael, Patricia McFil- len, Lisa Taylor, Anna Cullen, Lasinda Harris and Elizabeth Fowler. Kim Kelley and Anna Cullen are ready for Halloween. 248 Greeks Year Founded: 185 1 Name of Organization: Mpha Dell Group Colors: - ;jr - Blue and White House Awards: Dorothy Shaw Leader- ship Most Common Major: Business Most Common Class To Blow OH: Anything before noon Favorite Hangout: Dill 214 House Tradition: V elling TATA BMi across campus to any ADPi . At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us At: Foodworld Number One Memory Of The Past Year: Lisa Sprague ' s Candlelight A Great Evening To Us Is: A Bonhn- with our sisters and big brothers- Top Left: The Best Lil ' SoronK at TSU! Top Right: Mike Ledbetter and Ca le Luhmann- What a scandal! Bottom Lett: Jim Jehsand Pam Goodwin take time out to give each other a hug. Bottom Right: Elizabeth Fovsler and Slater Landrum keeping ADPi all in the family. Az n Greeks 249 Top: Row One: Donna McClendon; Tara Murray, Beckey Bowes, Shan- non Stewart, Traci Gilliland, Carolyn Trathowen, Rhonda Smith, Tracy Bennett, Robyn M. Aderholt and Alison Williford. Row Two: Leigh Mundy, Susan Owens, Crystal King, Mimi Thames, Susan McWhorter; Peggy Duncan, Danna Kay Rauler- son, Marie Bush, Mary Ivey, Karen Hamilton and Joanne Stone. Row Three: Dani Clecker, Lynne Messer, Sheri Schorn, Margaret Aultman, Maria Duncan, Beth Sumner, Leslie Anne Jones, Jerilyn Cassidy, Ellen Stevens, Laura Benefield and Christi- na McLeroy. Row Four: Linda Lee, Karen Hatcher, Lorie Blocker, Valer- ie Watford, Shonda Odom, Tammy Wood, Kim Deavor, Leigh Ann Rich- ards, Stephanie Hepler, Allyson Lott, Amy Smith, Lisa Williams, Grethen Crim and Kim Desmond. Row Five: Lisa Palmisano, Julie Forrester, Tammy Cornett, Leigh Golden, Nikki Stephens, Suzanne Kopf, Ellie Jane Sharpe, Annemarie Belland, Mimi Brown, Michele Waddington. 250 Doesn ' t Leslie Anne Jones look pre cious sitting like a little kid? Year Founded: 1 ( )04 Name of Organization: Alpha Gamma Delta Group Colors: Red, butt and green House Awards: loo numerous to men- tion Most Common Major: Jour n.ilism Most Common Class to Blow Off: Physic al I fu( dtion ( lasses Favorite Hangout: The Quad House Tradition: Sot (leaning the ( haptei room At Any Single Night You Could Find the Majority of Us: Anywhere together Number One Memory of This Past Year: When Cheese ' s python was miss- ing in Pace Hall Top Left: Row One: Ru k Maglione, Kenny Jackson, Seal Nash and Hal Harwell. Row Two: Lois Soisson, Carmi Lowery, Ken Elder and Stuart Vines. Row Three: Mike Parem, Jay Floyd, Dave Young, Wade Adams and Scott Steele Top Right: As usual, one could find a " pile " of Alpha Cams in a room cut- ting up and being goofy. Bottom Left: The " Leslii Sisi t rs swing into action to RIO for their sisters during a (non?) talent show. Bottom Right: Did Pierre Cardin come out with a man ' s facial mask or is that Ken Elder travelling incogni- to? Creek Alpha Kappa Alpha Top: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Row One: Sonja Madison, Sharon Bradley and Dawn Gordon. Row Two: Angela Coleman, Pearla Wil- liams, Sheneika Russaw, Cindy Woods, Tammy Freeman, Paula Wil- liams and Casaundra Junius. Bottom Left: Alpha Kappa Alpha Big Brothers: Row One: Richie Hall, Andrew Sewell and Nathan Moo- ney. Row Two: Alvin Leaks, Albert Willis and Eric Benn. 252 Greeks Founded- 1908 Howard University Name of Organization- Alpha Kappa Alpha Colors- Pmk and Green House Awards- Panhellenu Scholarship Most Common Major- Business Most Common Class to Blow Off- Physical Education Favorite Hangout- Dawn and Sharon ' s Apartment House Tradition- All Night Partying After Initiation On Any Single Night, You Could Find The Majority Of Us At- Trilllion Apartment Complex Number One Memory Of The Past Year- Night Of Initiation A Great Evening To Us Is- Dinner, Shopping, Movie Favorite House Road Trip Is- Statewide Greek Show We Like To Be Known As- " intelligent, pretty girls " With High Ethical And Moral Standards . . . " Prissy Misses " •U free rt a .i j. a - " " Pearla Williams and Denise Dunbar look Jver vital Rush information. The beautiful AkAs are ready for Rush to begin. Greek ttfl CMcA ■ Row One: Paula Powell, Angela Ev- ans, Yvette Williamson, Franci Den- nis, Suzanne Steele, Meshelle Amison, Julie Meadows, Toby Wright and Kim Howell. Row Two: Kelley Price, Faye Sexton, Kim Bran- non, LeeAnne Mason, Debra Blair, Debbie McGill, Beth Moulton, Ca- price DeFalco, Janet Daugherty, Roxanne Ellsworth and Julie Thorpe. Row Three: Samantha Taylor, Kim Smith, Tracy Duncan, Debbra Flow- ers, Julie Nolan, Penni Paxton, Eva Motley, Sandra Moultrie, Trey Ro- senquist and Amy Shoquist. Row Four: Leslie Dozier, Dixie Evers, An- gela Gibson, Christie Adams, Paige Rucker, Allison Abercrombie, Laura Leverette, Heather McDaniel, Sher- ry Sullivan, Lisa Robinson and Sherri King. Row Five: Margaret Moore, Meredith Morgan, Kipp Butler, Feli- cia Pierce, Ronda Chism, Mary Anne Moncrief, Karmen Madden, Robin Barber, Tammie Moyle, Pam McEwan and Lynn Balducci. 254 Greeks Year Founded: Name of Organization: ( hi On Croup Colors: ( ardinal and s ' r House Awards: Silvei .wi ' i Gold Owl .iv ,ir ls Most Common Major: Education Most Common Classto Blow Off: isu- al Arts Favorite Hangout: d,ims ( entei House Tradition: Pass the Gavel At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us At: Ihiui Moor Pat c Number One Memory Of The Past Year: Beat h PartJ A Great Evening To Us Is: A fraternm so( ial Favorite House Road Trip Is: Top Left: The ChiOs love to spend time together. Top Right: Ronda Chism found out her Big Sis was Felicia Pierce. Bottom Left: Sherry Wallace and Kim Howell give the camera a smile. Bottom Right: Debbie McGill loves her lil sis. Heather Huber. Creek Dm A c i j Row One: Wade Adams, Mike Mad- dox, Dow Clark, and Jimbo Craw- ford. Row Two: Larry Crisp, Joey Knight, Brandon Sellers, Keith Gris- set, Greg Pugh, Josh Sauls, Scott Cruise, Jeff Tabler, Dale Lunn, Pat Smith, John Mike, Chip Vice, Brad Koch, Ray Windham, Mark Green, Chris Moore, James Ellison, Dan Ed- wards, Marcus Paramore, Phillip Gil- ley, Paul Davis, and Andrew Brislin. Row Three: Robert Wagner, Chuck Boggs, Daniel Dwyer, Charles Rog- ers, Jeff Long, Vince Stansbury, Gary Kelley, Scott Hefner, Patrick Meeks, and John Lovett. Row Four: Darren McKethan, Grady Capps, Hendricks Linsey, Doug Stone, and Brad McDowell. Cindy McMichael and Jimbo Craw- ford at the Delta Chi formal. 256 Greeks Year Founded: 1966 Name of Organization: Delta C In Group Colors: Red and Buff Most Common Major: Business Most Common Class to Blow Off: All morning i lasses and any afternoon i l.iss Favorite Hangout: Our house House Tradition: f irsl ( bartered trjicr- nity on campus, George the Ghost At Any Single Night You Could Find the Majority of Us at: Our beautiful mansion at 500 V Threenotch Number One Memory of the Past Year: Luau , ' i , It 9 AX Top Left: Delta Chi Lil Sisters Row Three: Beth Davis, Pam McEwan. Toby Smith, Donna Watson, Marv- ann Mancreif, and Tina Bradley. Row Two: Tracie Baker, uki Roach, Felicia Pierce, Paige Rucker, Shelley Amison, and Sherrie Prid- gen. Row One: Lisa Boutwell. Bottom Right: Charles Rogers and Felicia Pierce look outstanding for Formal. Bottom Left: Can ou Guess who they are? Doug Stone and Hendricks Linsey). Top Right: Jimbo Crawford, Chuck Boggs, Larrv Crisp, and Phillip Gille are hanging out " down under " their house. ■ mu mm Row One: Tracy Spencer and Kyna McCall. Row Two: Pamela Shelby, Gwendolyn Ellis, Regina Gulley, Mi- chelle Terrell and Terrance Manley. Row Three: Freedie Thomas, Elisa Jarmon, Cynthis Gant, Brenda Bab- cock and Darryl Hall. The Delta Sigs participate in the " white lincoln " , a game offered dur- ing Greek Week. 258 Greeks Year Founded: Name Of Organization: Delta Sigma 1 Croup Colors: ( rimson and ( ren House Awards: First place Kappa W( 1987 ( ireel s li .-. Most Common Major: ( IS Most Common Class To Blow Off: ( lassii al My thology Favority Hangout: On tl libb ( j(.i cs House Tradition: Delta Week At Any Given Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us: In our ( haptei room Number One Memory Of The P.isl Year: convocation at uburn I niver- sit) A great Evening To Us Is: So ial usher- ing with sorors and Delta L 1 1 1 Cv W B • 1 mnt lV m ft 4H9) v w rAvm ' M 4 - k L I • ' Jl feral ! WW 1 V w Top Left: It - .1 jam session " in K iki ' s room. Top Right: The Delta s gS g . • their helping hand and spread their good ( heei Bottom Left: Hanging out with their Kappa buddies at a TSU football game Bottom Right: The Delta SigS show ott their dci orated hall. A 20 ks : g i$m ff ifti KAPPA ALPHA PSI 260 Greeks Year Founded:1911 Name of OrganizationrKappa Alph. Group Colors:Kc l and White Most Common Major:Broadcast Jour- nalism Most Common Classto Blow Off intro- duction to Criminal Justice Favorite Hangout: " Under the Tree " At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us AtcBrad ' s House Number One Memory Of The Past Year:Death Of A Brother (Thomas Mill- er) A Great Evening To Us Is: Just Hanging Out With The Brothers Favorite House Road Trip: Auburn Uni- versity at Montgomery We Like To Be Known As The: The Nupes " We Try Hard To Hide The Fact ThatrWe Are Cool Top: Gar Bla kwell attempts to lift 360 pounds. Bottom Left: t n« Benn participates in innertube water basketball. Bottom Right: The Kappas struggle through the thick mud at the mud volleyball game. m?fk mm ? Top: Row One: Carla Farmer, Dun- rey Garvin, Sally Rush, Krystal Woodham, Sheryl Streets, Mary Lewis, Kim Heaton, Laurs Lehman and Sharon Bloodworth. Row Two: Sherrie Vice, Nina Jo Webb, Kath- leen Stabler, Shellie Reynolds, Sher- rie Morris, Sharla Wilson, Leigh Word, Samantha Woodham, Kayse Kendall and Lynn Huff. Row Three: Tonya Lott, Leigh Grant, Melanie Shepard, Angela Brown, Liz Wil- liams, Rhonda Whitehead, Mary El- kins, Tracy Hughes, Jill Easton and Theresa Hoffman. Row Four: Christy Vickery, Greta Kantor, Stephanie Reeves, Janet Lott, Mitzi Ketchum, Lori Letson, Nancy Sikes and Suzanne Reeves. Row Five: Tammy Phillips, Elecia Boutwell, Stephanie Stearns, Pat Parker, Betsy Jinright, Carol Mitchell, Jenny James, Donna Ivy, Stefanie Medley, Cherie Dunaway and Kim Gore. 262 Greeks Year Founded: 1897 Name of Organization: Kappa Delta Group Colors: dreen and White House Awards: Quota and Awards Mosl Common Major: Education Most Common Class to Blow Off: n . I riday ( lass Favorite Hangout: Halloween Party At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us At: The KD Hall Number One Memory Of The Past Year: Winter White Rose Banquet Kappa Delia would like to thank the following special guvs tor their en- couragment and support through- out the year: First Row: Britt Fran- kum, Kenny Edenfield, Rick Rickard and Sam Bowden. Second Row: Doug Senn, Richard Dobbs and Charles Schles Third Row: Ian Hunt, Steve Cambell, Henr Bruns, Michael Lee .ind Trey Cant Top Right: The Kappa Delta ' s- all dressed up and nowhere to go?? Bottom Lett: Joanna Brantle , Cile Pdrrish and Janet Lott have things " ship-shap Bottom Right: Ed Parrish threw Stephanie Medley ten feet in the air and he caught herll Creek 264 Greeks Top: Row One: Glenn Witham, Jeff Sauced, Scott Steele, Gus Silva, Bur- nie Tucker, Chris Gemme and Tim Smith. Row Two: Rick Sheara, Ran- dy Kroll, Jason Stump, Terry Riley, Dave Johnson, Eric Rochester, Jay Floyd, Shannon Strickland, Doug Russell, Trey Parham, Burt Gill and Trey Bennett. Row Three: Donald McGee, Geoff Ward, Barry Scar- bourgh, Jim Murdock, Sean Daug- tery, Moose Harington, Kevin Alsup, Dave Young, Martin Maddox and Rob White. Row Four: Brad Craper, Sam Curtis, Joey Jackson, Charles Polk, Jeff Osbourne, Scott Carpen- ter, Curtis Harrell and Mark Alex- ander. € Joanne Stone has a real teddy bear . . . it ' s Dave Young. Year Founded: 1909 Name of Organization: I .imbda Chi M- | ih.i Croup Colors: Purple, Green and Gold House Awards: I irst Place Scholarship Winici Quartet Most Common Major: Accounting Most Common Class to Blow Off: Any I r iday c Liss Favorite Hangout: Ihr Fraternity House The Number One Memory Of The Past Year: The Building Of the Deck At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us At: Playing Volley- Top Left: Row One: Angie Moore, Lea Cornealus, Christy Pitman Row Two: Rachel Johnson, Kim McCall, Cindy Johnson, Christy Stewart, Joanne Stone, Stephanie Stearn, Dana Danik Row Three: Shorn In- gram, Elaine Cox, Cinda Clu peel, Janet Dasinger, Lisa Nelson. Row Four: Allyson Lott, Leslie Do- zier, Michelle Aderholt, Kelly Price. Top Right: Iwryone loves to play volleyball since the Lambda Chis put up a court. Bottom Right: The Lambda Chi ' sen- jo) hanging out together Bottom Lett: Charles Polk on cool drink on a hot day AXA Row One: Kim Reddock, Jennifer Leavins, Sheri Fowler, Cynthia Til- lery, Stacy Pecci, Patricia Forman, Brett Anderson, Kelly Pettis, Marga- ret Crawford and Kimmie Smith. Row Two: Julie Eslinger, Cara Beste, Deidre Wilson, Tracy Pecci, Gina Soto, Missy Schofield, Kelly Turner, Ashley Cummins, Astrid Blaschka, Gina Richardson and Jenger John- son. Rwo Three: Patricia Redding, Selina Hughes, Julene Bush, Wendy Rogers, Holly Hooks, Amy Hunt, Cherie Boshell, Kari Lovfald, Shan- non Ross and Becca Walden. Row Four: Rae Ann Christensen, Gena Bentkowski, Lisa Nelson, Gus Silva, Angela Tanner, Tracey Gross, Robin Riggs, Aleta Dewberry, Carla Price, Meg Greene and Mary Crutcher. Row Five: Virginia Adams, Vicki Bar- low, Payton Catrett, Sharon Reed, Barbara Richardson, Tracy Strouse, Martha Richardson, Caroline Bar- field, Tammy Kushmar, Jill Roach, Ja- net Crowell and Missy Mullis. 266 Greeks -d_ Founded: Names Of Organization: Phi Group Colors: Rose and White House Awards: Pledging Quota Most Common Major: Business Most Common Class To Blow Off: Moi mm; ( lasses Favorite Hangout: Foodworld House Tradition: Individuality A Great Evening To Us Is: n evening spent togethei Favorite House Road Trip: Phi Mu For- mal We Like To Be Known As: rhe girls l door We Try Hard To Hide The Fact That: o eat First Row: i Roberts, (jrrr Brooks, Scott Sanders, Dan Morri- son, Stacy Stewart, Clip Gilhart and Cus SiK.i Second Row: Brian Cain, Scott Dew, Micheal Miller, Bo Phil- lips, Brian Hubbard, Jimmy Babbs, )ay Kozial and Winn Barnett Top Right: dene Bentkowski and lenrt) Atkinson rest between RUSH skits Bottom Left: Missy Schotield t her " pearl) w hites " . Bottom Right: julene Bush smiles lor the camera PiRtffkmi m K Top: Row One: Shorty Klang, Mike Lynch, Charlie Dormer, Steve Sims, Tim Hewett, Brian Scruggs, Ed Musler, Mike Shetter, Jim Lavender, Mike Showalter, Mike Roskos, James Head, Greg Spears, James Ellis, Mike Cavanaugh, Alan Smith, Rich- ard Dyke, Kevin Godwin, Steve Murphree, and Vic Roberts. Row Two: Russ Campbell, Brian Ridgeway, Robert Guyton, Scott Norris, Jeff Corsin, Jeff Goodson, Johnny Johnson, Keith Maddox, Todd Neal, and Gary Elmore. Row Three: Todd Norman, Chuck Norris, Alan Ruud, and Alan Bryant. Row Four: Chad DeNeve, Bubba Cain, Frank Maxwell, Kelvin Maddox, and Phil Gray. axsg Ba The Pi Kapps spending a typical night together. 268 Greeks r% " H H Br bW K r Sl h b . % ■ IBs k iAV- WT 1 III 1 L rflPBftaT B L ■ Pa PJ jP PJ H% ■ Bm Br H BBr BflR ' S Bl i H 1 A 1 B BB ■BBM BBpI ■ K V - Pfl Year Founded: 1966 Name of Organi dtion: Pi Kappa Phi Group Colors: ( ol f and royal blue House Awards: Best Hornet oming dis- play Most Common Major: Accounting Most Common Class to Blow Off: Art Favorite Hangout: Acj.ims ( entei House Tradition Greg Spears At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us At: th Ho The Number One Memory Of The Past Year: I lomecoming Top Left: Pi Kap Lil Sisters Row One: Lee Grant, Emily Polish, Deidrr Jong, Amy Marker!, and Michelle Fi- vian. Row Two: Gena Benk Roxanne Elsworth, Trac Pecci, Shannon Stebbins, Pam Macfillin, and Cfu ket W hite Top Right: Pi Kapps cheer on the Trojans Bottom Right: is Phil Gr.i . ing now i Bottom Lett: l n ( orsin and Rusv Campbell talk on the front porch of the house. SiCflUIpWd i ■MM — Top: Row One: Gary Baker, Julie Meadows, Jody Talor, Tommy Clark, Ed Whaley, Rob Adams, Sean Lager, Mark Miklos, Marc Wilder, Steve Grice, John Finlater, David Clickner, Danny Lee, Rob Newman and Bobby Rice. Row Two: Ed Parrish, Strother Gibbs, Carmi Lowery, Riley Green, Blaine Stewart, Richard Hice, Julie Thorpe, Scott Huang, Greta Kantor, Vance Beck, Tom Panton, Chip Chapmen, Allison Williford, David Clark, Jerilyn Cassidy and Mark Owens. Row Three: Chris McCall, Steve Parrish, Jason Bennett, Greg Fleming, Mark Shoemaker, Donald Blair, Dennis Truesdale, Ellen Ste- vens, Britt Frankum, Kitty Blanken- ship, Joe Dimisa, Chrissie McLeroy, Chris Adams, Toby Ward, Stacey Cooper and Chris McCracken. Row Four: Brit Snyder, Mike Cody, Frank Foshee, Dean Gwin, Tony Atkins and Doug Senn. Carolyn Trathowen and Dennis Truesdale are buddies. 270 Greeks Year Founded: 1856 Name of Organization: Sigma Alpha 1 psilon Croup Colors: Purple and Gold House Awards: Robert I ( OUSiflS Award Most Common Major: Business Most Common Class to Blow Off: P I Favorite Hangout: I root of Mc( .til Hall House Tradition: Spending time with bl others At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us At: 1 he front Port h Number One Memory Of The Past Year: Winning the 1987 intramural foot- ball championship Top Lett Row One: Julie Meadows, Christie Smith, Julie Thorpe, Greta Kanior and Allison Williford Row Two: Kitty Blankenship and Ellen Stevens. Row Three: Chi McLeroy and Jerilyn Cassids Top Right: Parnsh lo t ' s his dog Cas- sie Bottom Left: Joe Dimisa cuddles with his teddy bears. Bottom Right: frank Foshee and Sean Lager make a sandvsich out of Chrissie McLeroy. Greeks 271 sicnhcm Dubberly, Larry C3y, GVegHagef), Joe Bringardner, Diane Blackmon, Doug Simms, Grethen Crim, Amy Smith, Troy Horton, Joey Colwell, Jace Albyry, Don Wooten,,.Scptt Walden and Lance Tatum. Row Two: Penny Bryant, Cal Ambercrombie, Scott Buff, Jeff Steinet, Joe Norton, Jeff Moon, Brian Cain, Paul Hovie, Tom DeBrosse, Brad Mitcbel, Derek Haunt. 1 ang T ffjinson . Darvl r k UL Haupt, Bobby Belcher, Jeff Brannon, Ian Hunt, Sean Peters, John Healy, Cam Orbaugh, Andrew Gregory, Brian Harper and Henry Bruns. Row Three: Nikki Stephens, Hal Harwell, Jim Whepley, Errin Pichard, Rob Perry, Shane Butler, Chris Sanders, Joe Norton, Bill Scarbourgh, Cliff Amos, Kendall Coates, Lee Daugh- erty, Bruce Buehler, Clay Walden, Jim Campbell, Ryan Daughtery, Todd Hancock, Kyle Smith, Scooter Flether, Rick Maglione, Billy Painter, Jeff Freeman, Phil Gibson, Daune Adams, Neal Nash and Van English. Row Four: Steve Lucy, Gerry Brooks, Cal Ambercrombie, Rick Cervera, Ellie Jane Sharpe, Mike Miller, Chris Smith, Ken Puckett, Kennt Chapmen, Bryan Wyatt, Bo Phillips, Jeff Cotton, Brad Sutter, Kimmie Smith and Maureen Frath- orn. Row Five: Jean Brown, Meloni Thompson, Molly Trombettia, Tere- sa Mckinney, Reid Pichard, Steph Hepler, Andy Dye, Annemarie Bell, Leslie Anne Jones and Jenni James. Row Six: Lisa Palmisano and Garry Cannon. Sifma Cbi Let ' s Party!! 272 Greeks Year Founded: 1855 Name of Organization: Sigma Chi Croup Colors: Blue and Old Gold House Awards: Peterson Significant ( haptei Most Common Major: Business Most Common Class to Blow Off: P ( hology Favorite Handout: 402 Pell m At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us At: The Fraternity louse Number One Memory Of The Past Year: The new addition to the Fraternity House Bottom Left: Just after t ing the knot, Jason Stevenson and his beau- tiful wife, Laura Inman-Stevenson, drink to their happiness. Bottom Right: One of the Miss Spring Break escorts, Chris Young, and his date, Monica Anderson . . . " is this love that thev ' re feel; Top Right: s always, everyone gets their daily dose of the " Quad " . Top Leff: Sigma Chi Lil Sisters Row One: Maureen Frathorn, Kimmie Smith, Leslie Anne lones, ■Xnne- marie Bell, lean Brown, Duane Ad- ams and Lisa Palmisano. Row Two: Penn Brvant. )enni lames, Nikki Stephens, Molly Trombettia, Meloni Thompson, Crethen Cnm, Steph Helpler, Teresa Mckinnev , Ellie lane Sharpe Ams smith and Diane Black- mon. ks 273 sum pi Left to Right: Ricky Martin, Kieth Ryals, Steve Svopa and Scott Morri- son. i i ml in. m $e Jeff Preston tries a new facial mask!? 274 Greeks Year Founded: 1971 (TSU) Name of Organization: Sigma Pi Group Colors:Whilr and Purple Hose Awards: Sc hol.irship Trophy Most Common Major:Manage- ment Most Common Class To Blow Off: English Favorite Hangout: Ihc front Porch At Any Single Night You Could Find The Majority Of Us At: Cheers A Great Evening To Us Is: Drink- ing beer Favorite House Road Trip: Au- burn We Like To Be Known As: The Pi ' s We Try Hard To Hide The Fact That: Even though we are small, we still love the Greek life. sn Top Left: The Sikjm.i Pi- love to party together Botlom Left: Steve Svopa Jnil Tr.ii Boatnei take a stud) break m the so- cial room. Bottom Right: Scoti C ' ' ' niter- tains hi- guests .it .1 house part) fl ft¥ torn i Top: Tony Maddox, Paul Johnston, Kevin McKee, Wayne Ludwig, Steve Sutton and Keith Shipman Bottom Right: 1987 Fall Associate class Willie Thomas, Mike Rowinsky and Steve Sutton show off their new jerseys. 276 Greeks Name of Organization: Tail Kappa I , silon Group Colors: ( lurry and Gray Most Common Major: Accounting Most Common Class To Blow Off: Physic al due ation Favorite Hangout: Adam ' s Center Re- creation Room At Any Single Night You Could Find the Majority Of Us At: Our House on Park Street A Great Evening To Us Is: Spending it Together We Try Hard To Hide The Fact That: Even Though We Are The Smallest At TSU, We Are The Largest World-wide i 1 1 m i : = TKE Top Left: TKE Little Sisters: Carol Capps, Kim Turner and Shannon O ' Conner Top Right: The Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s enjoy spending time together. Bottom Left: Donna Cude and Mark Hall relax for a few seconds. Bottom Right: Mike Rowinsk . Shannon O ' Connor and Clark Myers clown around for the camera. Gree vA NHEAZ£V e COUNCIL The TSU Panhellenic Council stands for good scholarship, good health and maintenance of fine stan- dards. Panhellenic at TSU be- gan in 1967 and has since uni- fied the women ' s fraternities on campus. The Panhellenic council meets two times a month to discuss and take care of Greek matters. Representa- tives from each sorority at- tend the meetings and act as a liaison between the council and their fraternity. Panhellenic also works with IFC monthly to promote unity throughout the entire Greek system. Together, the two councils plan Greek week, Rush and other Greek related activities. Top: Row One: Miss Patterson, ad- visor; Marilyn Fitzpatrick, Ginger Pi- azza, Scarlett Travis and Betsy Jor- dan. Row Two: Pam McEwan, Holly Hooks, Becky Phinney, Michelle Fi- vian, Shannon Stewart and Julie For- rester. Row Three: Regina Gulley, Pam Shelby, Lisa Nelson, JoAnna Brantley, Penny Whacob and Cinda Clingenpeel. Bottom: Officers: Row One: JoAn- na Brantley; President, Michelle Fi- vian; Second Vice President and Ginger Piazza; First Vice President. Row Two: Julie Forrester; Secretary and Becky Phinney; Treasurer. 278 Panhellenic - Vo o u a c _ tftfERFKArfflv, COUNCIL The Interfraternity Coun- cil is the governing body for all fraternities and is com- posed of representatives from each of the TSU frater- nities. The officers and represen- tatives of the TSU Interfrater- nity Council do solemly af- firm that they will work hard in executing their responsi- bilities as members of the In- terfraternity Council and will to the best of their ability strengthen the Greek sys- tem, so that all Greeks will grow in size and will develop a mature, responsible char- acter as a fraternal organiza- tion which is respectful of ea h individual Greek fr.iUM - nity and sorority as well as the Troy and Troy State Uni- versity commu nities. Top: Row One: |im Muon, Wayne Martin, Pat Smith and Jeff Preston. Row Two: Darrell Schneider, Daniel Dwyer, Kevin Carroll, Kevin Alsup, Terry Shipman, Ed Parrish, Daniel Dawson, Neal Nash and Mike Rhodes. Row Three: Greg Lunsford, Kenny Jackson, Scott Steele, Chuck Norris, James Klang, Clark Myers and Herbert Reeves, advisor. Bottom: Officers: Jim Mixon; Vice President, Wayne Martin; President, Pat Smith; Public it Chairman, Jeff Preston; Treasurer. Not Shown: Bri- an Cain; Secretary. Interfraternit) Council 279 Mr. IFC and Miss Panhellenic Charles Schley Linda Lee Each year, two Greeks, one male and one female are chosen Mr. IFC and Miss Panhellenic. The award is based on outstanding contri- butions to the Greek System and on superior leadership in an individual Greek organi- zation and in campus activi- ties. Charles Schley, a broth- er of the Pi Kappa Phi Frater- nity, is a strong supporter of the Greek System. Charles was active throughout the past year in sports as well as in campus organizations. He has won the respect of his brothers, peers, and faculty. Linda Lee is a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta and served as president for the past year. Linda is very active on the TSU campus and recently was awarded the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award. This award is the highest award a student at TSU can receive. Linda Lee has also won the respect of the entire campus community. Both awards were made during the Miss Venus Pageant at the begin- ning of Greek Week. 280 Greek Awards Mr. and Miss Greek Herbert Reeves Billie Ann Quails The Mr. and Miss Greek award is determined by the sororities and fraternities through their respective Greek Week chairperson. The chairperson nominates a faculty member, advisor or any person involved with Troy State that he or she might find particulary helpful to the Greek system. The nominees are voted on and the winners are recognized during the Miss Venus Pag- eant held early spring quar- ter. This year ' s winners of the Mr. and Miss Greek awards were Herbert Reeves and Billie Ann Quails. Herbert Reeves is the Interfraternity Council advisor and aides the fraternities in any matter with which may need assis- tance. Mr. Reeves is Coor- dinator of Men ' s Residence. Billie Ann Quails is secretary in the Office of Student Ac- tivities and as such deals ith Greek Organizations dail . Both Herbert Reeves and Bil- lie Ann Quails are strong supporters of TSU ' s Greek system and are respected bv all. Creek Awards 281 ORTtKWLtK Greek Week is a special week which is recognized anually by all sororities and fraterni- ties on Troy State ' s campus. Usually held in the month of April, this week encourages athletic competition while promoting good sportsman- ship. The events ranged from the Miss Venus pageant, in which the winner reigns over the exciting week, to the ever-so-competitive swim meet which brings an end to the athletic competition. Other events included dizzy bat, tug-of-war, mud volley- ball and musical ice chairs, to name a few. Top: Mike Ledbetter makes a powerful serve effort in Greek Week tennis. Bottom: And they ' re off!!! The so- rority girls compete in the three- legged race. 282 Greek Week Top: Allison Lott (ACD) gets iced buns in musical ice chairs Left: John Healv (Sig) takes careful aim as to get points for his team in innertube water basketball Right: The Phi Mus pull together with all their might in tug-ot-vsar Creek VNeek 283 A Week For Greeks Top: Lisa Palmisano watches closely as Aleta Dewberry takes careful aim on her next shot. Middle: Adam Byrd works up a sweat as he goes on to win the Ping Pong Tournament for Sigma Chi. Bottom: Stephannie Hepler returns the serve. 284 Greeks Greeks 285 AD Pi and Sigma Chi are Greek Week Champs . . . again! Victory is sweeter when it happens twice in a row! Al- pha Delta Pi sorority and Sig- ma Chi fraternity were the winners of Greek Week games. The winners were an- nounced after the swim meet and tennis games. In the fraternity division, the Pi Kapps came in second, four and a half points behind Sig- ma Chi and Lambda Chi placed one point behind Pi Kapps. The competition for the sororities was also close, with Alpha Gamma Delta placing four points behind Alpha Delta Pi and Chi Omega plac- ing nine points behind them. Top Left: A new event added to the games this year, archery was a suc- cess. Top Right: Darren Hipps makes a clean sweep. Bottom: Gwen Ellis participates in the softball throw. 286 Greek Week Greeks are Great!! Top: rhe Kappa Alpha Psit are read) in . olle) Bottom: V .i(i - ' i.ims pr.. shooting before ' he or tion begins. Crock Work 287 Miss Venus Liz Williams 1988 Greek Week began with the annual Miss Venus pageant. Thirty-one young ladies re- presenting various fraterni- ties and soroities competed for the title of Miss Venus 1988 and for the honor of reigning over Troy State ' s Greek system for the next year. From the original thirty- one contestants, the judges choose ten finalists. After a walk by the semi-finalists, the judgees named the final five contestants. Each of the five women answered a question about Greek life at Troy State. The judges considered the answers as well as the beauty and pois of the five finalists and chose the win- ner. The second runner-up was Gena Bentkowski sponsered by Pi Kappa Phi, first runner- up was Christina McLeroy re- presenting Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, and Miss Venus for 1988 was Liz Williams sponsered by her sorority Kappa Delta. 288 Greeks Creeks 289 ' ■ " r — r, to n make ra nnor un ' 290 Sports The Tradition Continues Sft ifo Andrew Gregory Section Editor Cara English Jeff Freeman Regina Hudson Tim Jacobs Ed Moseley Gingef Blake Donald Norsworthy I mik Doer Photographers C ontrihuting Editors i ) ma j jS ' 1 W v vV tHHH ■ t v mB ji ' Pflc 3r k Bf A ■ 5 ,W Jff HHiH Ml r ' W± 1 292 Football - SLOW START, SWEET SEASON After a disappointing con- clusion to the 1986 football season, the Troy State Tro- jans had a slow start in 1987. The loss to Southeast Mis- souri (18-17) and the tie to Nicholls State (17-17), both on the road, were soon over- come with a crushing shut- out of West Texas State (45- 0). The winning pattern was soon established as Troy State defeated Livingston (24-17) on their own terri- tory. Back at home the fol- lowing week, Troy State de- livered a stunning blow to West Georgia (44-6). The match with Valdosta State ended with Troy State on top (44-7), an almost identical score to the preceding week. The Trojan offense once again scored big in the defeat of Mississippi College (48-21) the next Saturday. Once again on the road, Troy State was victorious over Delta State (38-6). North Alabama was the next in the line of conquests as they fell to Troy State (38- 3) in an almost machine-like win. The Trojans were now in full gear to roll over UT-Mar- tin (31-21). In the last regular season game, Jacksonville State as usual gave Troy State an annual tough game, and the Trojans barely came out on top (14-9). This was by far the football team ' s most diffi- cult task of the season. In the post season, Troy State once again rolled. They were letting the nation know that they were men with a mission. Winston-Salem State was the easiest of the playoff games as Troy ran up the score (45-10). Next in the way on the road to the na- tional championship came Central Florida and in the most largely attended game except the national cham- pionship they won (31-1). Football 293 DEFENSE The Troy State defense was led by a very able junior, inside linebacker Gerrick Piminta, who led the Trojans this year in tackles. Don ' t think that this was a one-man show; No, it was a very hard-hitting, team-ori- ented defense. The defense was also led by senior safety and inside linebacker, Freddie Thomas and Bryan Hubbard, respec- tively, who contributed greatly in tackles this season. The defensive line, which was led by Dave Summerall, Andrew Wright, Greg Stew- art, and Mark Chipman served as a great backbone to the defense. This outrageous " D " was first run-oriented and they gave up only 1351 yards this season. This is not a slur on the pass defense, whatsoever, it is only a reli- ance of the coaches in the deep backs that the wide recievers would not get away and they also only gave up 2459 yards. Deep backs, Doug Mims, Mitch Parnell, and Doug Parrish, along with Thomas, are a very depend- able bunch. The mainstay of the defense has to be the linebackers. The two leading tacklers, Pimienta and Hub- bard were supported by fine linebackers such as Morris Bankston, Thomas Miller, and Shane Lewis. Defense gave up 280 yards per game. SPECIAL TEAMS As all foot- ball players know, special teams can make or break a team. This year we must give a salute to the exceptional special teams. Ted Clem ' s fantastic soccer-style kicking came through in the end, fin- ishing the season with 16-23 field goals. Glen Klava was also sure-ffooted with a 39.3 yards per punt average in 48 attempts. On the other side of the coin, the return men also did an excellent job of getting the ball into great field posi- tion. The main returners were composed of Titus Dix- on and Greg Harris, the " dy- namic duo. " Dixon was the leading kick-off returner with a 26.3 yard average. Har- ris returned a sure-handed 30 punts this season. Row One:Head Coach Rick Rhodes, Willie Slater, Robert Maddox, John- ny Williams, Chris YeagerRow Two- :Mike O ' Toole. Tim Davenport, Shannon White, Chris McCrory. 294 Football The main stay of the Troy State Offense this year was the wishbone attack led by Troy ' s field general, Mike Turk. He was also supported by such outstanding runners as Tony Jackson, Freddie Taylor, Tony Young, Jimbo Payne, Tommy Dugosh and Mitch Lewis. Troy offense also had a very explosive at- tack with wide outs Greg Harrisand Titus Dixon. This is all well and fine, but an of- fense cannot be smooth without a strong line. This line was headed by Mark Storey, Ed Hughey, sieve ( ampbell, Ray Blar k- man and Richard Dobbs. As- tonishing as it may seem, the Troy State offense gained more than 427 yards per game this season. In addition, this almost doubles the yards gained by each of their op- ponents. Troy State offense rolled up over 33.6 points per game, while their oppo- nents averaged a measly 11 points per game. Bottom: Doug Parris (15) makes an- other stunning tackle for the Trojans as the University of North Alabama Lions. Top: Bob Godsey running another sure-handed quarterback keeper. Top: Doug Parris (15), Freddie Thomas (32), Bryan Hubbard (47), Mitch Parnell (38), and Phil Brown (30) utilize their tackling techniques as they swamp a Lion in the Home- coming game. Football 295 Mike Turk-1; Kenny Eddenfield-2; Titus Dixon-3; Ted Clem-4; Glenn Klava-5; Julius Pittman-6; Greg Har- ris-7; Barry Smith-8; Mike McCraw- 10; Bob Godsey-11; Randy Barnes- 12; Ken Faircloth-13; Tommy Wad- sen-14; Doug Parrish-15; James Lucas-16; Jay Kozoil-17; Steve Sum- mers-19; Travis Linesberger-20; Freddie Taylor-21; Alfred Gardner- 22; Rodney Singleton. -23; Tracey Linesberger-24; Rob Jones-25; Doug Mims-26; Tommy Dugosh-27; Jimbo Payne-28; Shane Lewis-29; Phyl Brown-30; Kent Alexander-31 Freddie Thomas-32; Robert Carter 33; Pete Hives-34; Steve Leach-35 Eric Wilson-36; Willie Banks-37 Mitch Parnell-38; Mitch Lewis-39, Kerry Brooks-42; Al Harris-43; Mark Olds-44; Tony Young-45; Tony Jack- son-46; Bryan Hubbard-47; Steve Campbell-50; Knowlan Dawson-51; Ryan Poe-52; Gerrick Pimienta-54; Daryl Blow-55; Stewart Vines-56; Ray Blackmon-57; Keith Weekley- 58; Gary Blackwell-59; Reginald Hutchinson-60; Trey Coley-61; Ran- dy Wilkes-63; David Van Buskirk-64; Mark Storey-65; Pat Palmer-66; Mike Wilkes-67; Chris Cosper-68; Sean Miller-69; Don Head-70; Rich- ard Dobbs-71; Jerald Travis-72; Car- los Moore-73; George Coker-74; Connie Chesteen-75; Ed Hughey- 76; Tim Bolin-77; Rusty Hultz-78; Garry Rumph-79; Brent Roe-80; Ken Weed-81; Mike Kelley-82; Jeff Hall- 83; Thomas Miller-85; Tommy Ed- wards-86; Brett Jones-087; James Howard-88; Morris Bankston-89; Greg Stewart-90; David Summerall- 91; Glenn WiIliams-92; Jimmy Brown-93; Mark Chipman-94; Ken- ny Wagner-95; Duffy Cordrey-96; Andrew Wright-98; H ' 9 4 ' ' 9 " 39 V- M 1 28 27 1 Troy Stat lCM I - ' J 296 Football Top: Greg Stewart (90) and Freddie Thomas (32) celebrate along vuth their teammates after winning the NCAA Division II National Cham- pionships. Bottom: Mitch Parnell (38) about to make a stunning stop of the Portland State quarterback. Bottom Left: Tony Jackson, (46) after taking a hand-off from Turk, picks up some yardage . Opposite Page Left: Mitch Parnel (38), Greg Stewart (90), and Dave Summerall (91) take a breather on the sidelines. Right: Tony Young (45) takes a hand- off from Bob Godses ill Football P.k It was a fitting final season for Troy State quarterback Mike Turk. After four years and countless completed passes, Turk once again led the Trojans to the National Championship win. Though he is small in size, Turk is a formidable oppo- nent on the football field. He has a deadly aim to his passes and he is quick and agile when running the ball. But the thing that stands out most about Turk is his excel- lent grasp of teamwork. Turk has never played the showman. Countless times when he could have made a big play and been the hero, he instead handed off the ball and allowed his team- mates to be the stars. Turk is truly a great athlete and sportsman who will long be remembered fondly at Troy State University. We sa- lute you, Mike. You deserve to be number one. 298 Football four years, il team ended a n by winning the sion II National Cham- fp The Trojans defeated tland State (31-17) in a hard- fought battle. „ The Trojans advanced to the championship after winning the Gulf South Conference and the play-off games. Troy State Univesity defeated Winston-Salem State (45- 15) in Troy and Central Florida (31- 10) at the Citrus Bowl in Lakeland, Florida. The championship game was played at Bradley Stadium in Flor- ence, Alabama on December 19. The weather was perfect for football and the spectator turnout was excel- lent. The first half of the game was a closely-fought match with the ad- vantage shifting back and forth to each team. Troy State made a couple of crucial fumbles which probably cost them several points. At the beginning of the second half it was as if a whole new game had started. When the Trojans retook the field, nothing could stop them. The offensive unit gobbled up the yardage and added points to the scoreboard while the defense stomped everything in its path. The most spectacular part came when Mike Downs intercepted the ball from Portland State in the end- zone and a few plays later Mike Turk made a 53 -yard touchdown run. This was just one example of the offen- sive prowess theTrojans displayed throughout the second half of the game. The Trojans played a brilliant game and as a reward Troy State Uni- versity became the only university in Alabama to win two national cham- pionships in both baseball and foot- ball in the same year. Football 299 RETURN OF THE WINNING TRADITION Volleyball Team: Row One: Leslie Jill Eastin, Natlie Wyrick, Jodi Pierce, Bennett, Tricia Lazzari, Jenni James. Trainer; Sue Killian, April Goodwin. Coach; Ginger Sprague, DeeDee Row Two: Kay Phillips, Berna Het- Taylor, Suzy Hill, Karen Richardson, zel, Linda Borie, Pam Caver. 300 Volleyball Top Left: April Goodwin hustles to make a substitution as Coach Ginger Sprague directs the action from the sidelines. Middle Left: Tricia Lazzari prepares to fight for the point as she awaits the return of her spike. Lower Left: Tricia Lazzari in action again as she spikes the ball. Upper Right: Susie Hill digs to re- turn the ball. Lower Right: Coach Sprague watch- es and prepares to give advice to her players to gain their next victory. Volleyball 301 302 Volleyball Three years ago Head Coach Ginger Sprague issued a challenge to the Lady Tro- jan Volleyball Team. She challenged them to better themselves as players and as a team. For three years straight they had a losing season, but this year they finished on the winning side with a 25-17 re- cord. Injury was a key factor in those seventeen losses. With the starting setters injured, Coach Sprague had to call upon new talent. With that new talent, the Lady Trojans had several big wins against teams such as Middle Ten- nessee University and Florida A M University. The Lady Trojans only l ost three con- ference matches. These losses were to Jack- sonville State, University Tennessee at Martin, and University of North Alabama. Another contributing fac- tor to the success of the vol- leyball team was " the bench. " When the occasion arose, Coach Sprague knew she could count on anyone standing on the sidelines. This year ' s team really worked well together. They will miss the five seniors that graduated, but the Lady Tro- jans are looking forward to a good team with the return- ing players. Coach Sprague wants to begin a tradition at Troy State University. She plans to do so by scheduling all home matches at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday nights, hopes to host two tourna- ments. oll.nkiH 303 A UNEXPECTED Troy State University ' s Trojan basketball team made a first-ever trip to the NCAA Division II Final Four, and fin- ished the year with a 24-10 record, the third most wins in the school history. The 1987-88 Troy basketball team scored more points in a sea- son (2896) than any other TSU team, and hit a record 50.8 from the field in doing so. The defense made itself known as well, with a best- ever 292 steals and 150 blocked shots. They were led by all-Gulf South Confer- ence center Juan Washing- ton ' s record-setting 78 blocks. Including a single game record six against West Georgia on the road. Wash- ington also holds the school ' s career record for blocks with 123 in three seasons. Point guard Neal Murray made 68 steals, breaking the old school record of 57 set by as- sistant coach David Felix in his senior year of 1976-77. Murray also attempted and made more three-pointers than any other Trojan in his- tory at 64-for-139 (46.0 per- cent). Sensational junior forward Darryl Thomas rewrote the individual scoring records en route to making all-Gulf South Conference, MVP of the South Atlantic Region, and a member of the Final Four all-tournament team. Thomas smashed the single season points scored total with 815, bettering Andre Hill ' s old mark of 565 set in 1984-85. He also had the highest scoring average with 24.0 mean, the old record of 21.1 was held by Doug Car- michael back in 1967-68. He took and made more field goals than any other Trojan, with 640 attempts and 320 made, an even 50 percent. He also took and made more free throws than anyone, hit- ting 148 of 201. Sixth man Calvin McDowell came within an eyelash of getting the indi- vidual season field goal per- centage record, hitting 59.3, Top: Eugene Raines chews on a peice of the net after the thrashing of Gannon University. Left: Neal Murray shows his out- standing ball handling skills. Bottom Right: Anthony Reed dis- plays some emotion while making a lay-up against West Georgia. 304 Basketball AWESOME SEASON Top Row: Eddie Harris. Juan Wash- ington, Darryl Thomas, Tim Tipton, Anthony Reed and Matthew Cope- land. Bottom Row: CaUin McDowell, Mark Stringfellow, Eu- gene Haines, Rod Knight, Carnell Cheatham and Seal Murra lop left: Matt Copeland attempts another acrobatic drive to the bas- ket. Top: Calvin McDowell goes up for his pattened one-handed jumper. Right: Darryl Thomas, the leading scorer on the Trojan Basketball Team pops another shot. Basketball 305 just under the record of 59.5 set by Marvin Sales in 1977- 78. Along the way, the Trojans played in front of more home fans than any team in school history, received by the highest national ranking (4th), during the season and at the end, and hosted an NCAA quarterfinal game, the first such post season contest to come to Sartain Hall. The team broke the 100 point barrier five times during the year, and amassed 124 against Tuskegee at Troy, the third highest single game point to- tal in school history. While Troy lost its two games at the Final Four in Springfield, Mass., the team surprised perhaps everyone but itself in making its way into the elite group. And with five of the top six play- ers returning, optimism is high for the future of Troy State ' s basketball program. lv • $v at •A fli 1 j « 4 f i N 306 Basketball f% U ' 1 -.H 1 v U5T % MP ■Xt3 T i A ¥ r J Jfr? 1 • i Opposite page: Top: Darryl Thomas shoots a jumper from the key. Bottom right: Calvin McDowell drives strong to the basket Bottom left: Juan Washington helps cut down the net after a victory in quarterfinals. This page: Top left: Calvin McDowell shoots over some West Georgia players. Bottom left: The team celebrates after the quartertmal win over Gan- non University Top right: Mark Stringfellow I lumper against ruskegec l niversity Bottom right: |uan trVashingtC another eas) rebound. Baksetball 307 Rebuilding Women ' s Top:Row One: Angie Lowe, Angie Callans and Chandra Medain. Row Two: Freda Moore, Shirley Williams, Kimmie Lee Reed, Pam Gibson, Hol- lin Gammage and Tammy Anderson. Row Three: Frances Bulfong, Amy Hipsher and Clarise Woods. Left: Frances Bulfong plays goodde- fense. Right: Frances Bulfong lays up an- other Trojan basket. Opposite Page Top Left: Amy Hipsher shoots a jumper from out- side of the key. Bottom Left: Chandra Median blocks our for a rebound. Top Right: Shirley Williams shoots a jumper from the top of the key. 308 Women ' s Basketball Basketball The Troy Stae University Women ' s Basketball Team went through a rebuilding season. This was prevelant in the amount of underclass- men that were pressed into play and were on the roster. There were seven freshman and three sophomores. Sophomore sensation An- gie Lowe led the Trojans in scoring this year with an ap- proximate 16 points per ■■■ Hjj H [ ■ 1 11 ftr 1 U game average scoring means. Miss Lowe also led the Tro- jans in rebounding with a near eight rebounds per game. Miss Lowe was the player that the Lady Trojans went to this season. Amy Hisper was the sec- ond leading scorer for the Lady Trojans this year. Miss Hisper was a transfer student from Truett-McConnel Ju- nior College. Miss Hisper also contributed greatly from the three-point line. Frida Moore, the Trojan ' s only senior, was the floor general this season, accord- ing to the number of assists she contributed with this basketball season. Miss Moore also was the third leading scorer for the Lady Trojans. The Lady Trojans, as of the twenty-fourth game, were eleven and thirteen with a Gulf South Conference re- cord of four and eight. The one bright spot for the L.ui Trojans was the fact that the knew how to win home games, with a nine and one record. On the opposite end of the spectrum, their away record was a little disap- pointing, as the had a tw lev e and two record. The Lady Trojans are looking tor a bright future with the under- classmen that they are now sporting. nen t B.Mrthall 309 Opposite page: Top left: Angie Lowe shoots a jumper from the key. Top right: Hollin Gammage shoots a turn-aroud jumper from the key. Middle left: Tammy Anderson at- tempts a driving jumper. Middle center: Lady Trojan takes a shot from the key. Middle right: Frances Bulfong pays a good defense against West GEorgia. Bottom left: Head Coach Joyce Sor- rell instructs her team on which play to run. This page: Top Left: Angie Lowe pulls up for another jumper. Top Right: Angie Lowe shoots again. Bottom: Tommy Anderson shoots a fall-away jumper. 310 Basketball Baketball 311 BASEBALL ISA TROY STATE WINNING TRADITION Top: Coach Riddle consults with the umpire about a questionable call. Bottom Left: Lou Henry drives a pitch into right center. Bottom Right: Tony King has his sight on another Troy State strike out. Opposite Page: Top Left: Mark Russo consults with the pitcher James Wray. Top Right: Steve Eaton takes a mean cut. Middle Left: Assis- tant. Coach Mark Smart surveys the team for later use. Bottom left: Lou Henry prepares to throw to first. Bottom Middle: Steve Eaton and Eric Dunn celebrate a Glen Willis ho- merun. Bottom Right: Steve Farring keeps his head down on the ball as he hits the ball up the middle. 312 Baseball i 5Li Swinging Toward Success Top: Lou Henry stands in the batters box awaiting a pitch. Bottom Left: Keith Black Hits an- other long drive for the Trojans. Bottom Right: Steve Eaton barely slides into third on a close call. Opposite Page: Top: Mark Dempsey makes a head first slide into third. Bottom Left and Right: Steve Eaton completes his slide. 314 Baseball And Sliding into Base Bjm-MI 315 — — Top Right: Row One: Coach Chase Riddle, Asst. Coach Gene Dews, Andy Johnson, Mike Mahady, Steve Fanning, Glen Willis, Rodnev Brooks, David Wrublesky, Steve Ea- ton, Lamar Smallwood, Tony King, Marc Russo, Ross Jinwright, Asst. Coach Wendell Stephens and Asst. Mark Smartt. Row Two: Ron Meiller, Scott Boatner, David Wuth- rich, Keith Backer, Dirk Williams, James Wray, Louie Araiza, Eric Dunn, Lou Henry, John Maxwell, Jorge Hernandez, Keith Higdon, Keith Black and Brian Dunn. Top Left: Keith Baker abstains from swinging at a bad pitch. Bottom left: Marc Russo sits down Detween innings to take a rest. Troy State University ' s baseball team received a bid to the 1988 South Central Regional after falling short of garnering its third consecu- tive Gulf South Conference championship. TSU lost to Delta State 3-2 in the first round of the tournament , then came through the los- er ' s bracket of the double- elimination tourney to the championship series, defeat- ing Livingston 20-9 and Jack- sonville State 8-6. Troy de- feated the Statesmen 10-1 in the second meeting of the tournament to force a final game, but DSU rebounded for an 8-6 victory to take the tourney title. The Trojans, 34-14, trav- eled to face the ninth-in- the-nation Columbus Col- lege, 32-14. It was to be the final regular season game be- fore Troy traveled to Delta State for regional play, which got underway on Friday, May 20. Jacksonville State, 38-7, 316 Baseball M and Central Missouri State 34-17, will comprise the four-team field. The winners of the six regional tourna- ments will meet at Montgo- mery ' s Paterson Field for the Division II Baseball Cham- pionship Tournament May 27-June 1. Troy has won their region seven times in the past nine years, and the last four con- secutively. The Trojans are two-time defending national champions. The Troy State Baseball team ' s offense was led by senior Steve Eaton who led the Trojans with forty-six runs batted in. He was also second in homeruns with Top: Team celebrates a James eleven as of the forty-eighth Wray victory. game. Keith Baker had a Middle: lames Wray delivers a AQQ+ battjng avera ge for pi,c most of the Trojans ' season. Baker was the team ' s key senior: when he got on, the team scored. Steve Fanning ended the regular season with the Trojans ' best bating average; a surprising .354. Fanning was also a very much improved hitter since com- ing to Troy. Lou Henry, a shortstop from last year ' s Na- tional Championship Season, proved that his hitting was no fluke; he is now batting a re- spectable .333. Eric, a transfer form Brewton-Parker Junior College came through with some good hitting times this year. Glen Willis showed good power this season but he did not hit for an averse as most people predicted, i eluding Coach Riddle Black, one of the goo men on the Trojan respectable .322 offense at tirr silent. The ball teaa thin na am, hit a . he team ' s s can be very i roy State Base- ■ ._ ■ »_ .or the Regional Tour- Baseball 317 i Top Left: Marc Russo instructs the team as to what to do. Top Right: Steve Fanning swipes second base. Middle Right: Coach Riddle takes Rodney Brooks out of the game after a good performance. Bottom: Steve Eaton throws to first. Opposite page: Top Left: Marc Russo and James Wray talk over a sit- uation. Top Right: Tony King smiles after a homerun. Middle Left: Marc Russo gets ready for the pitch. Middle Right: Wendell Stevens looking puzzled. Bottom Left: Keith Black circles the bases after a homerun. Bottom Right: Ross Jinwright sits on the bench watching the game. 318 Baseball r , cj- fc-. 1 7 1 rt , 4 iTr- J The defense of the Trojans was shored up when Steve Fanning moved to short and Lou Henry moved to second, a devistating double-play combo. As any baseball fa- natic will tell you, the team must have a good awareness up the middle. The Trojans do well with Henry and Fan- ning. Russo and Baker, two of the most talented defensive players on the Trojan team, Russo, being the catcher, is the key to solidifying the fielding. Russo ' s ability to be the field general has given the Trojans a boost. Baker, who with his good speed and baseball sense, moves as well as any better-than-average collegiate outfielder. The Trojan defense fielded an ex- ceptional .955 fielding per- centage. Defense is a strong point on the Trojan team. Baseball 319 BRIGHT LIGHTS LITTLE CITY Trojans Keep the Winning Tradition Top: Coach Riddle and Assistant Coach Dews watch the team and prepare to make changes. Bottom: A ball and a glove: the tools of the trade. 320 Baseball Top Left: Assistant Coach Dews consults with the umpire. Top Right: Trojan ball player ad- vances to second on the thrown away ball. Bottom Left: Glen Willis takes a strike on the corner of the plate. Bottom Right: Assistant Coach Mark Smartt looks over some stats of the other team. TROJAN SPORTS: 9 T 7 t 1 " ft " 1 V A fl » w3pf p , ' B. x l L_ 322 Trojan Sports A WINNING TRADITION IN J lN -. ' AmS Opposite page: Top: Bob Godsey does an end aruond. Bottom: Darryl Thomas puts a little pizazz into a monster dunk. Top: Members of the Trojan Base- ball team receiving thier Champion- ship rings. Bottom: Sue Sucansky goes into her back swing, she playes for the sec- ond ranked Lady Trojan Golf team. Trojan TENNIS The Troy State tennis team asa tradition also did well this season. They finished the season with a fifteen and five record. The tennis team trav- eled to such places as Rome, Goergia; Auburn University Montgomery; Huntington; and in the fall Panama City. Hans Niklasson was the flame from which the team caught fire. He played in the number one slot this year. The second slot was held by Mark Rose, a junior from Dayton, Ohio, who had some what of a rough season, not placing well in too many matches. The third and Opposite Page: Top Left: Dario Grasso sets up for a volly. Top Right: Tony Malila shows good form on a back hand slice. Middle Right: Tommy Dade puts it all in the two-hand backhand. Bottom Left and Right: Tony Malila volleys and sends a running fore- hand down the line. 324 Tennis . - — ' n mjr ■ v i I Tennis 325 Trojans are Running Scared fi The Troy State University Track Team has had an ex- ceptional year. The team has placed well in all events, but mostly they shined in the sprints. They did well in all the hundred meters; two hundred meters; the four hundred meters; the four- by-one hundred relay and the four-by-four hundred relay. These sprints have all qualified for Nationals. There are seven new team membrs who have qualified for Na- tionals, the First of whom is Reginald McCray, who quali- fied for the hundred , two hundred meters, the four hundred meters, the four by one hundred relay, and the four-by-four hundred relay, Titus Dixon, who will run the four-by-one hundred relay and the hundred meters, George Bellard will also run the four-by-one hundred re- lay and the four hundred meters sprint. Rodney Rous- er will run the four-by-one hundred realy and the four- by-ffour hundred relay. Ken- neth Gracie will also be run- ning the the four by four hundred relay. Next, Antho- ny Walker will run the four- by-one hundred relay and the four-by -four hundred relay. Chris Palmer will be the only long distance run- ner attending Nationals from Troy this year. He will be run- ning the ten thousand me- ters. 326 Track ■ . a The track team has five prospective Olympians. They are George Bullard Ba- hamas; Nashaba Khan, Paki- stan; Jovian James, Jamaica; Reginald McCray, Jackson- ville; and Kenneth Gracie, Tallahassee, in 1992. In addi- tion, Kenneth Gracie was asked to the T.A.C. (The Ath- letic Congress) where he hopes he will place well for the betterment of his unvar- nished talent. Coach Oliver expects the team to place in the top ten at Nationals. He will also ex- pect the team to be stronger and have more depth due to the fact that Troy ' s track team will only lose Alanzo Walker and Chris Palmer. Coach Oliver said, " This is the best Troy State Track Team I have ever coached . . . they are dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable. " Troy will begin looking to have a 8 to 10 all Americans on the squad next season. This will show in the amount of team wins for the Trojans in the next three years. Opposite page: Top: Row One: Reginald McCray, Alonzo Walker, Marshall Majors, Chris Palmer, Ken- neth Gracie, George Bullard, Hugh Livingston Row Two: Tons Robin- son, Jeff Harwell, Brent Dewar, Nil k Wolf, Robert Lambert, Titus Dixon, Rodney Rowser Bottom: George Bullard and Mar- shall Majors showing some of their running technique. Top Left: George Bullard and Alonzo Walker push it through the turn. Top Right: u k Wolf leads the rest oi the Trojan long distance runners pictured here. Bottom: George Bullard clowns around with a female spectator. Trad Trojan Track Is Tradition Top: Nick Wolf, Chris Palmer, Jeff Harwell, Bud Lambert, Jennifer Lozzi, Kenneth Cracie get off to a quick start. Bottom Left: Wendy McConico get- ting into stride as she pushes throught the turn. Bottom Right: Members of the Tro- jan track team train hard during an afternoon work out. 328 Track Top: Row One: Kathrine Reid, Ste- phanas Brown and Wendy McCon- ico. Row Two: Nashaba Khan and Jennifer Lozzie. Bottom: Stephanas Brown ranked second in the nation in the 400 me- ter hurdles. Trac Intramural Sports (1st) Sigma Alpha Epsilon (2nd) Pi Kappa Phi Independents (1st) Cock-Pits (2nd) Power Station Overall (1st) Clements Crew (2nd) GDI ' S Overall (1st) Cock-Pits (1st) GDI ' S (2nd) Sigma Alpha Epsilon (2nd) Kappa Delta Fall Quarter Top right: The Greek chapions set up for another play. Bottom right: The Cock-Pit ' s who became the overall champs consult each other. Left: An outstanding attempt by a member of the Cock-Pit team. Opposite page: Top: Row One: Mike Holland, David Ritchie, Jody Taylor, Mark Knotts, and Dennis Truesdell. Row Two: Gary Baker, Tony Atkins, Mike Elmore, Mike Cody, Richard Hice, Steve Schaper, Joe Dimisia, Thomas Panton, Brad Bowan, and Ed Parrish Bottom: Mike Elmore and Tony At- kins chase a wodby scorer. Intramurals 331 MEN ' S WOMEN ' S OVERALL OVERALL 1st-Tau Kappa Alpha 1st-Hamil 2nd-Tau Phi 2nd-Alpha Gamma Delta GREEK GREEKS 1st-Sigma Chi Ist-Alpha Gamma Delta 2nd-Pi Kappa Phi 2nd-Chi Omega INDEPENDENTS INDEPENDENT 1st-Tau Phi 1st-Hamil 2nd-Tau Kappa Alpha 2nd-Clement ' s Crue Intramurals «■ ! i ww WINTER " Intramurals 333 334 Intramurals TRAMURAL ORTS N Ssmi GREEKS GREEKS 1(st) Pi Kappa Phi 2(nd) Sigma Chi 1(st) Alpha Gamma Delta 2(nd) Phi Mu INDEPENDENTS INDEPENDENTS 1(st) Cock-Pit 2(nd) Brew Crew l(st) Hamil 2(nd) GDI ' S OVERALL OVERALL 1(st) Cock-Pit 2(nd) Pi Kappa Phi 1(st) Hamil 2(nd) GDI ' S Intramurals 335 Experience it . . . 336 Cheerleading Top: Muffy Edelberg, alias T-ROY, reveals her true identity in the am- phitheater. Bottom left: Gretchen Crim waves to a young Trojan fan. Bottom right: Greg Willis and Keith Weeks display national champion- ship spirit. Cheerleading 337 CHEERING ON THE WINNING TRADITION Although many people think of cheerleading as one of the easier or more glamor- ous sports, the award-win- ning Troy State University cheerleaders put in many hours of demanding training and practice in order to per- fect their cheers and stunts. They work hard at ball- games to raise school spirit, and participate in fundraisers and other charitable events. Yet through it all, they dis- play good attitudes and hap- py smiles, always willing to lend a helping hand in order to get a job done. The cheerleading squad consists of seven ladies and seven men who are chosen each spring quarter at tryouts. They are judged on interview, cheers, routine, and stunts. They practice twice a week for two hours during football season and once a week durin g basket- ball season. They perform at all football games, and all home basketball games as well as all playoff games in- both sports. They also hold pep rallies and perform at halftime during ballgames. This year the cheerleaders attended the Universal Cheerleaders Association cheerleading camp in Mem- phis, Tennessee. They com- peted against 18 other squads from various colleges around the nation. They won awards in both sidelines competition and fight song competition. They also learned much of the materidl they use during the season at summer camp. The whole student body can take pride in the excel- lent cheerleading squad. They are backed with excel- lent support and advice from their advisers, Ron Pierce and James Bradsher. TSU; Top Far Left: Bottom Row: Tim Ja- cobs, Keith Weeks, Greg Willis, Jeff Drury, co-captain, Bill Haddock, Charles Boggs, and Neal Nash. Top Row: Danna Kay Raulerson, Daune Adams, Kim McCrory, Greta Kantor, Jean Brown, Gretchen Crim, cap- tain, and Tonya Prevatt. Far Bottom Left: Greg Willis and Kim McCrory; Far Left Center: Bill Haddock and Jean Brown; Jeff Drury and Greta Kantor.; Top left: Danna Kay Rauler- son and Tim Jacobs; Neal Nash and Tonya Prevatt; Charles Boggs and Daune Adams; Lower Right: Keith Weeks and Gretchen Crim. Photos by Ed Moseley Cheerleading 339 i WVW " t 1 J r JfilttiL - »l l - 1 Top: Todd Gilchrist blasts from the sand to land softly on the green. Bottom Left: Alan Floyd chips to the green. Bottom Right: Mike Morton uses good form on the putting green. The Troy State Trojan golf team had an outstanding sea- son this year. In tournament play they won 4-8 matches. These tournaments included the Tri-State Classic; Ala- bama Intercollegiate; in which the Troy golf team won over the likes of Ala- bama and Auburn, the Southern Junior-Senior; and the Gulf South Conference. The Trojans also played well in the other tournaments, they placed twice once, third twice and eighth once. The golf team ' s head-to-head re- cord was 72-20-2, including a record of 22-8-1 against divi- sion one schools. The Troy State golf team is led by Robbie Cotten and Mike Wright, the number one and two players, respec- tively. Robbie Cotten has been the number one player for the last two years. Cotten, along with Wright, have been the keys to spark the rest of the team. Robbie is the only top five player to be graduating will be soi I , Gottschall Brad Cham; ber three, ' ur ers, respect coach said winning in r h ■ level. This )oe Shahad also contri: The Tro m.i was given a al tournar. ■[ ' , feels Unive University » ridge are tin- w, will be the tion at t h i - . » tournamen ' li will have to tort at the i out on top. years Troy • i champions ond twice Coach aid, " Th pleasure reason an son and issed. tortonai rethenu id five p a They, as the key ivision ff Skip lawn D jreatly. golf t the natio to m n- The coai ■■ Tampa, KJ iia Nor teams at it comp tir 115 Top: Left: Mike Wright drives straight down the fairway. Top: Right: Jeff Skipper lines up an- other putt. Bottom: Barrv Alexander tees off with a cannon like dmr Top Left: Mike Morton puts his weight in to the ball on this drive. Top Right: Barry Alexander shows good form on this drive. Middle Right: Shawn Doty practices some putting on the practice green. Bottom Left: Jeff Skipper putts once again. Bottom Right: Alan Floyd chips from the sand trap. Opposite page: Top Row one: Shawn Doty, Jeff Skipper, Alan Floyd, Joey Shahady and Robbie Cotton. Row Two: Coach Burnett, Jim Gottschall, Mike P.W. Wright, Barry Alexander, Mike Morton, Todd Gil- grist, Mark McVay and Brad Cham- pion Bottom Left: Todd Gilgrist show us his putting technique. Bottom Right: Mark McVay also shows good form. 344 Womep ' s ftolf I lie I roy si. tic Lady Trojan golfers started off to «i very slow start to the season. They finished only as high as eighth in one of the seven tournaments they played in this season, the Alabama Invi- tational. The team was com- prised of Lynn Aubry, Tracy Wright, Lynda Hughes, Tr.i y Clay and Sue Sukansky. Tracy Wright the second team all- American was the women the players looked up to this season. The Lady Trojans suddenly came around to finish the season a respect- able second in the National Tournament. The Lady Tro- jans are looking to be stron- ger in the future due to the fad that they had a er strong recruiting year. Good luck in the future Lady Tro- jans. Middle left: Tracy Clay shoots from Bottom right: Sue Sucansky warms the bunker. up on the practice tee. Bottom left: Sue Sucansky has a look of determination. Ch ce or and K Adams Icome their 8 u «t at the Chancel, ° rs Mansion d uringtnenome coming open h ouse. c e ov S° chan ce of BoUO " ' - 348 Administration The Tradition Continues s4 ctmc U ia£co4i Jennifer Sohn Section Editor Cara English Jeff Freeman Regina Hudson Tim Jacobs Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy Mandy Merrill Photographers Contrihutim; Editor AdminiMration 349 I % • ' if I t » 3. X BB. L M _ ■ ' ■ .150 Chancelloi ti.ims h Wyatt Chancellor Troy State University Board of Trustees Troy State University Board of Trust- ees: Row One: Robert E. Kelly, Ralph Wyatt Adams, Wallace D. Ma- lone and Robert T. Wilson. Row Two: R. Douglas Hawkins, John Rus- sell Campbell, Charles B. Martin, C.J. Hartley, Jack W. Wallace and Harold R. Collins. Sot shown: Guy Hunt and John A. Teague. Governor Guy Hunt Governor Guy Hunt was born on June 17, 1933, in Cullman County, Alabama. He was raised on a farm near Holly Pond. He graduated from Holly Pond High School in 1950 and a year later on February 25 married the for- mer Helen Chambers. Governor Hunt and First Lady of Alabama Helen Hunt have four children: Pam Hunt, Mrs. Sherrie Williams, Keith Hunt, and Mrs. Lynn Gaddis. Governor Hunt served in the U.S. Army during the Ko- rean conflict as part of the 101st Airborne Division and the 1st Infantry Division. Since then, Governor Hunt has served as Probate Judge in Cullman County, an appointee in the Reagan Ad- ministration as State Execu- tive Director of the Agricul- ture Stabilization and Con- servation Services of the United States Department of Agriculture, and many chari- table organizations. Governor Hunt became a member of Mt. Vernon Primitive Baptist Church in 1946 and has served for the last 12 years as the elected moderator of the Mt. Zion Association of Churches. On January 19, 1987, Guy Hunt was sworn in as the 53rd Governor of the State of Alabama. By virtue of his of- fice, he serves as president of the Troy State University Sys- tem Board of Trustees. Wallace D. Malone Mr. Wallace D. Malone was born on August 3, 1936, in Dothan, Alabama. He at- tended Dothan High School. After graduation, he attend- ed the University of Alabama where he received his Bach- elor of Science Degree. He later received his Masters in Business Administration from the Unviersity of Penn- sylvania. Mr. Malone is married (con ' t next page) 352 Board of Trustees to Ocllo S. Malone. They have three children: Wallace Davis Malone III, Catherine D. Malone,and Alyson Davis Malone. Mr. Malone presently re- sides in Birmingham, Ala- bama, where he is chairman and chief executive officer of the Southtrust Corporation, a 6.1 billion dollar bank hold- ing company. A member of the Alabama Academy of Honor, he is in- volved in many civic endeav- ors. Among these are direc- tor of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, director of the Business Council of Ala- bama, trustee of the Eye Foundation Hospital, Inc., di- rector of the Birmingham Boy Scouts Council, director of Birmingham Chapter of the American National Red Cross, trustee of the Bir- mingham Symphony Asso- ciaton, vice-chairman of the Modern Banking Associ- ation, director of the Bir- mingham Alliance of Busi- ness,and many other organi- zations. Ralph Wyatt Adams Since October 1, 1964, when Chancellor Adams was named President of Troy State College, he has guided a small school of barely 2,000 students into a giant, multifa- ceted university system of over 13,000 students. On July 1, 1985, Dr. Adams was named Chancellor of Troy State Unviersity by the board of trustees. On May 27, 1987, the Honorable Governor Guy Hunt present- ed Dr. Adams with Alabama ' s first Chancellor ' s Medallion. Elected the Alabama Acad- emy of Honor in 1977, Chan- cellor Adams has made great accomplishments in his life but he still remains a simple man who listens to his stu- dents, dreams for greater things for the University, and when he can find the time, enjoys a friendly game of dominoes. Chancellor Ralph Wyatt Adams is a native of Samson, Alabama. I le attended high si hool at I Ward in Camp Hill. After high sc hool, he attended Birmingham- Southern College and the University of Alabama Law School. There he met Doro- thy Kelly and they were mar- ried in September of 1942. Chancellor and Mrs. Ad- ams have three children: Ralph Wyatt, Jr., Kelly Cle- ments Allen and Samuel. Through the years, Chan- cellor Adams has been an in- novator in the field of educa- tion. His university without walls concept of taking edu- cation to the people has been emulated throughout the nation. John A. Teague Dr. John A. Teague was born on July 9, 1944. He re- ceived an honorary doctor- ate degree from the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind in Talledega, Alabama. Dr. Teague is married to the former Judy Duke of Goldwater, Alabama. They have four children: Kristi Bai- ley, who received a B.A. from Jacksonville State; Tracey Bailey, who received a B.A. from the University of Ala- bama; Allison Teague, who presently attends the Uni- versity of Alabama; and Todd Teague. He resides in Childers- burg, Alabama, where he is working in the field of public relations and serves as a lo- byist. Dr. Teague has spent most of his life in public service to the people of Alabama, in- cluding serv ing as a State Re- presentative from 1974 to 1976, and State Senator from 1976 to 1986. He was presi- dent pro-tem of the Senate from 1983 to 1986. He I as re- ceived many awards for his exemplary service to the public , including Who ' s Who in American Politics and " Outstanding Legislator " in 1984 and 1985. In his free time, he enjoys being with his wife and chil- dren and working on charita- ble projec ts. Robert E. Kelly Mr. Robei t I Kelly born on January 30, 1929, in I vergreen, Alabama. ! • at- tended Evergreen 1 1 igh Sc hool until his graduation in 1947. After graduation he .it- tended the University ot Ala- bama where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He later received his law degree from the University of Ala- bama in 1956. He is married to Betty Motes Kelly. They have three children: Brenda Kelly Knapp, Lee Ann Kelly Hanan, and Robert A. Kelly. He presently resides in Montgomery, Alabama, where he is an executive vice president for Union Bank and Trust Company. He is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Pi Alpha Delta and Omicron Delta Kappa. C.J. Hartley Mr. C.J. Hartley was born on April 15, 1926. He was raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he attended the Uni- versity of Alabama. He re- ceived his degree in 1949. In the same year, he mar- ried Mary T. Hartley, who is a graduate of the University of Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Hartley have three children: Weston T. Hartley, a graduate of Shel- ton State, C. Jeff Hartley, a graduate of the University of Alabama, and Stuart A. Hart- ley, a graduate of the Univer- sity of Alabama Mr. Hartley is a member of the South Highland Church, where he is a member of the financial strategy committee. He also serves on the board of direc- tors of AmSouth Bank, on the Industrial Development Au- thority Executive Commit- tee, is a member of the Ex- change Club, and Shelton State Technical College Ad- visory Board. Mr. Hartley enjoys selling real estate and in his free time he relaxes by playing a round of golt at Indian Hills Country Club. R. Douglas Hawkins Dr. K Douglas l lawli im born on April 15, 1935 He attended high s( hool in his hometown ot Imerne, l,i- bama. After graduation he .fr- iended Auburn University where he rec eived his do - torate m Veterinary Medi- c ine in 1959. I )e is married to the tor rner Ra hel Youngblood. l hey have three children: Martha Lynn Drinkard, Holly D. An- derson, and Robei i l) I lav - kins, Jr. He presently resides in Troy, Alabama, where he is a practicing veterinarian. He is also active in the community, serving as vice chairman of the T.S.U. Foundation, a member of T.S.U. Publica- tions Board, advisor to the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, direc- tor of the Pike Pioneer Mu- seum, director of Troy Bank and Trust, and a deacon at the First Baptist Churc h. In 1986 the TSU Board of Trustees rewarded Dr. Haw- kins for his years of faithful service by naming the new press box, located in Memo- rial Stadium, in his honor. Harold R. Collins Dr. Harold R. Collins was born on March 14, 1919. He earned his bachelor ' s degree from Troy State College in 1946, a master ' s degree from the University of Alabama in 1953 and a doctoral degree in 1968. Dr. Collins is married to Ruth B. Collins. The have two children: H. Ray Collins, Jr., and Gene B. Collins He presently resides in Mobile, Alabama, where he is a consultant in finance and education. He is involved in mam i i - ic endeavors including Ro- tary Club, Intestel, and Phi Delta Kappa He has rec eived the honor of being named Tro State University Alumnus of the Year and is listed in Who ' s Who in American Education. He received the " Outstand- ing I du ation award from the Capstone s oc iety . Board ot Trustees 353 Board of Trustees Charles B. Martin Mr. Charles B. Martin was born on July 12, 1931. He at- tended the University of Ala- bama at Huntsville. He is married to Mary John Garrett Martin. He has two children: Charles Lee Martin and Treva Jo Martin. Mr. Martin has a long his- tory of public service. He served as a member of Deca- tur City Council in 1968 and was re-elected in 1972, in the Alabama House of Represen- tatives from 1974 to 1978, in the Alabama Senate from 1978 to 1982, and returned to the Alabama House of Re- presentatives in 1982. Mr. Martin presently lives in Montgomery where he serves as Associate Commis- sioner, Place 2, on the Ala- bama Public Service Com- mission. His term ends in 1990. Mr. Martin adds his years of experience to such pro- grams as the Morgan County Young Democrats, Morgan County Mental Health Asso- ciation, Decatur Chamber of Commerce, and the Ameri- can Association of Retired Persons. Jack W. Wallace Mr. Jack W. Wallace was born on December 22, 1922. He obtained his Bachelor ' s Degree f rom the University of Alabama in 1947. He ob- tained his Juris Doctorate de- gree from the University of Alabama Law School in 1949. He married Betty Jean Ev- ans and has two children: Jack W. Wallace, Jr., and Jean Wallace Gantt. He is also the grandfather of three: Will Wallace, Kate Wallace, and Chase Gantt. He is a member of the Far- rah Order of Jurisprudence and is a past president of Ala- bama Circuit Judges Associ- ation. He retired as circuit judge and is a member of the law firm of Wallace, LeMaistre, and Reeves in Eufaula. He lives in Clayton and enjoys fishing, woodworking, and spending time with his grandchildren. Wayne Teague Dr. Wayne Teague was born on November 19, 1927, in Cullman, Alabama. He at- tended Cullman High School, graduating in 1946. He received a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Auburn University. He then went on to receive his Masters in Educational Ad- ministration, and in 1962, he obtained his doctoral de- gree. He resides in Dadeville, Alabama, and is married to Josephine Jones Teague. They have two children, Ka- ren Delana and Dewey Tea- gue. Dr. Teague is involved in many civic endeavors. Some of his activities include sup- porting the Leukemia Soci- ety of America, serving on the board of trustees of the Southern Association of Col- leges and Schools, and serv- ing on the Healing Arts Board of Alabama. He is also a mem- ber of the board of directors of the Council of Chief State School Officers. Dr. Teague has worked di- ligently to improve the qual- ity of education in Alabama. Robert T. Wilson Mr. Robert T. Wilson was born on April 23, 1922. After graduating from high school he attended the University of Alabama where he received an L.L.B. degree from the Alabama Law School in 1950. He is married to the former Ruth E. McDaniel and has four children: Sue Stough, Robert T. Wilson, Jr., Sally Dewitt, and Alice Wilson. He presently resides in Jasper, Alabama, where he is a prac- ticing attorney. In his spare time he enjoys relaxing while watching a good match of tennis. He has served 12 years in the Alabama Senate. While there he was chosen Out- standing Orator for two terms and was named Out- standing Member as well as Most Popular Member. John Russell Campbell John Russell Campbell was born on February 10, 1966. He attended high school in Crystal River, Florida. He was elected president of the Student Government Associaton in the spring of 1987. By virtue of his elected office he is the voice of the students on the Board of Trustees. He majored in Political Sci ence and Government with a major also in Economics While an undergraduate stu dent, he was active in organi- zations such as Student Gov ernment Association, Uni- versity Standing Committee, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Ch Omega Big Brother, Gamma Beta Phi, Alabama ' s Presi- dents Council, and was the TSU nominee for the Harry S Truman Scholarship. In May of 1988, he was presented the prestigious Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award. 354 Board of Trustees Executive Committee Row One: Mr. Thomas Harrison, President Dothan Ft. Rucker; Dr. Ralph Wyatt Adams, Chancellor; Dr. Eugene Elrod President TSU Montgomery. Row Two: Dr. Edward F. Barnett, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Mr. Donald J. Gibson, Vice President for Student Affairs Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor; Ms. Jean Q. Mary, Secretary; Mr. Bill Buchannan, Director of Public Relations; Mr. Joel L. Williams, University Attorney; and Mr. Thomas E. Peeks, Vice President foi Ki ademk Affairs. Not Shown: Mr. Robert H. Kelley, Vice President and Coordinator of the European Region. Administration Mr. Donald J. Gibson Vice President for Student Affairs and Administrative Asst. to the Chancellor Dr. Edward Barnett Vice President for Academic Affairs Mr. Thomas E. Peeks Vice President for Financial Affairs 356 Administration Mr. Fred Davis Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs Mr. Robert Williford Dean of Student Affairs Mr. Bill Hopper Assistant Vice President for Financial Affairs Mr. Thomas Souter Dean of Library Services Administratis ADMINISTRATION Bill W. Buchannon Director of Public Relations and Information Dale Mosley Director of Communication Services fi r, Walter K. Henningan Jim Hutto Director of Development and Dean of Enrollment Services T.S.U. Foundations r Walter E. Sullivan Joyce G. Law Director of Academic Records Asst. Director of Academic Records Jodie Harrell Academic Records Administrative Assistant Jefferson G. Golden Director of Financial Aid Jimmy W. Holley Angela C. Rolling Debbie Sellers Marry Griffin Director of Center for Director of Title III Project Director of Student Support Coordinator of Computer Developmental Education Services Works 358 Administration iIIi.imi N. Conway Dir. of Graduate Admissions Jr. College Articulation Van Knglish Asst. Dean of Enrollment Services Carolyn M. Gibson Director o( Placement Services 1 Shard I .. Bees Director of I ni crsit ( " tinseling Carl Precise Alan C . Boothe Assoc. Director of Financial Chief of Campus Securit) and Aid Assoc. Director of Financial Aid Alice Perrij;in Title III Counselor James V. Bradsher Assoc. Director of Financial id Charles I H Director of Purchasing. Inventor) Control and Textbook Center Diane Porter Natural Sciences Instructor Title III Carol Kimbroagfc Special Services Reading Instructor Title III I bum l a Writing Center Instructor Title III Administration 359 Joan Word English Instructor and Coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum Title III Laurianne Folmar Director of Women ' s Residence Herbert Reeves Director of Men ' s Residence Barbara Patterson Director of Housing and Greek Affairs Ronald I. Pierce Director of Adams Center, Conference Services and Adviser to Student Organizations Dan Boswell Asst. Director of Adams University Center Robert E. Stewart Athletic Director Don Jeffery Director of Natatorium Tom Ensey Sports Information Director Joe Johnson Director of Publications Susan C. Pierce University Counselor Sidney R. Starling Jr. Director of High School Relations and Pre-College Orientation 360 Administration Jimmie Clark Director of Data Processing Dale Law Chief Accountant Melton A. Carter Director of Physical Plant I rank . Ilurk ssi. Director ol Physical Plant Dr. Emma Noris Dr. Donald J. Barras Dr. Dwight Cleveland r rma Blair •ireetor of Archives Director of Pre- Medical and Director of Department of Postmistress Allied Health Studies Radio and Television I.inda (.olden Asst. Postmistress Campus Securit : .lames Leon Bradley, Russell Thomas, Ingalls. Thompson. Ervin Anderson. Thomas Livingston, and Kevin Administration 361 ■ Top Left: Library Staff: Row One: row ' Hubert Conner, Carla Guthrie, Top Right: Bookstore Staff : Patricia Margene Armstrong, Michael Thomas Souter. Row Two: Betty Mar Y Beth Green, Ethel Sanders. Reeves, Lynn Motes, Diane Barker, Trippi. Chancellor, Julia Dillard, Lucy Far- Evelyn Owens, Margie Prescott, Middle Left: TSU-TV: Tal Eaton, May, Mike Fairfield. James Clower, Jim McClean, Jeff Middle Right: WTSU-FM: John Sul- Banks, Steve Holmes, John McVay, livan III, Celena Russell, Harold Sheray Boutwell. I | Bottom Right: Infirmary Staff: Row Gwen Martin, RN; Rebecca Nors- One: Gloria Creek, Director, RN. worthy, RN. Row Two: Karen Richardson, RN; 362 Administration I RETIREMENTS ■ V Curly Austin Mr. Curly Austin has served as Equipment Opera- tor for Troy State University. In all, Mr. Austin has given Troy State 13years of service. Martha Byrd Mrs. Martha Byrd has re- tired after working for Troy State for the last 20 years. Mrs. Byrd served as House- keeper. Nicholas Costes Mr. Nicholas Costes erved as the Assistan Profes- or of Physical Education. Mr. lostes served Troy State Jniversity for 31 years. Mrs. Gloria Creek Mrs. Gloria Creek, RN, has retired form the position of Director of University Health Services. She has held this on for the last 21 years James Joseph Mr. James Joseph ha»een Associate Professor of Jour- nalism and Advisor to The Tropolitan for the past five years. t%0 Charles Norris Mr. Norris has served as the Associate Professor of Mathematics. He has done so for the past 23 years. Ira Pyron Dr. Ira Pyron served T roy State University for 10 years. He has served in the capacity of Assistant Professor of Fi- nam e. Mttl k Ruth Seal Mrs. Ruth H. Seal has served Troy State Lniversiu as a Library Technical Assis- tant II. She has done so for the past 11 years. College of Arts and Sciences The mission of the Col- lege of Arts and Sci- ences is the traditional one of providing a broad lib- eral education. This goal em- braces the cultivation of ideas and independent thinking, the stimulation of reasonable and critical judg- ment, and the broadening of past and contemporary knowledge. The desired re- sult is to deepen one ' s ap- preciation of the achieve- ments of mankind, to devel- op fuller understanding and tolerance, and to encourage each individual student to- ward greater and more in- Dr. John Long Dean formed participation in the life of a free society. The College of Arts and Sciences is divided into eight departments: History and Social Sciences, English, For- eign Languages, Biology, Mathematics, Physical Sci- ence, Criminal Justice, and Aerospace Studies. Chairing these departments are Dr. Curtis Porter, Dr. Rosemary Canfield-Reisman, Dr. Peter Howard, Dr. Robert Dietz, Mr. James O ' Neal, Dr. Ed- ward Ward, Mr. Glynn Eiland and Major Cornelius Ryan. 364 College of Arts and Sciences Department of English: Row One: Dr. Stephen Cooper, Duane Smith, Edward Hunt, James Da is, Will Hood, Dr. James Day, Dr. Theron Montgomery, Ed Hicks Row Two: Dr. Joshua Copeland, Al Glover, Deborah C. Hicks, Dr. Rosemary Canfield-Reisman; Chairman, Be- verly Gibson, Lottie Summerville, Dr. Gertrude Schroeder, Dr. Mar - Ann Tighe. Department of Math: Row One: Charles Norris. Ian Ekod Row Two: James F O ' Neal; Chairman, |ohn I • • Lou Destito. College of Art«. and Sciences 365 College of Arts and Sciences Cont. Department of Biological Sciences: Row One: Melba Adams, secretary, Danice Costes, Kathy Grant, Teresa Moore. Row Two: Robert Tucker, Raymond Kisner, Charles Chapman, Chairman, Donald Barras. Not pic- tured: Wayne Adams, Robert Dietz. Department of Physical Science: Dr. Edward Ward, Dr. Billy Norman, Edward Kantor, Dr. B.J. Bateman, Dr. Eugene Omasta, Dr. John Mulles, Dr. Magdalena Wojciechowska, and Dr. Nicholas D ' Andrea. Department of History and Social Sciences: Row One: Patrick Harris, Dr. Earl Smith, Dr. J.A. Carroll, Dr. Joseph Mitchell, Ddr. Curtis Porter, Chairman, Grady Post. Row Two: Matthew Campbell, Dr. Richard Denworthy, Dr. Charles Watson, Dr. Druann Heckert, Dr. Robert Pullen, Dr. Gary Bullert, Dr. Milton McPherson, Dr. William Welch, Jr. Not Pictured: Dr. Norma Mitchell. Aerospace Studies Dept.: Lt. Colo- nel Christopher Ryan, Major Ste- phen F. Kranz, Captain Stanley C. Raab, Captain Mark R. Eaton, Sgt. Frank A. Hayden, Sgt. Willis R. Walk- er II, Mrs. Saralene Hines. 366 College of Arts and Science Department Mr. James L French, Ms. of Foreign Languages: ciate Professor of Spanish, Dr. Peter Sherry, Instructor of N. Howard Chairman and Associate Depjrtmenl of Crimkul Justice: Charles L. J Drdelia L. Gray, Asso- Professor of Foreign Languages. St jn|cy |onos G|cnn E||and jnd [)r Cor ones College of Arts and Science 367 School of Education The School of Education at Troy State Universi- ty is organized into four departments: Educa- tion, Psychology, Health, and Physical Education. Under- graduate and graduate teacher education programs are offered in early child- hood education, elementary education, special educa- tion, elementary secondary education (art, health, music, and physical education), and secondary education pro- grams in all academic disci- plines. The Department of Psychology offers majors in psychology, psychology- marketing, and psychology- management. Teacher edu- cation programs in health and physical education, are offered by the Department of Health and Physical Educa- tion. The Department of Hu- man Services offers programs in health and physical educa- tion, are offered by the De- partment of Health and Phys- ical Education. The Depart- ment of Human Services offers programs in human services, rehabilitation and social work. There are approximately 1,400 students enrolled in programs offered by the School of Education. More than 1,100 students (under- graduates and graduates) are Dr. James D. Kimbrough Dean enrolled in teacher educa- tion programs which are ac- credited by the Alabama State Department of Educa- tion, the Southern Associ- ation of Colleges and Schools and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Approximately fifty students are majoring in psychology, while the non- teacher health physical edu- cation programs and human services programs have roughly one hundred ma- jors. Inservice Education Center: Row One: Janice Folkesand Terry Quails. Row Two: John Osburn, director, and Betsey Dismukes. 368 School of Education Department of ftyc h ologf l Row One: Dr Rufus Hughes I Manners Mrs Cindy Ddilin Rom Two: Dr Stanley fehols Or Anna Smith, Chairman, and Dr James Dwyer. S hool of Education 369 Department of Education: Row One: Dean James Kimbrough, Janice Folkes, Dr. Robert McCombs, Dr. Hazel Marsicano, Dr. Joavenell Mc- Coy, Barbara Hornsby, Alice Hayes. Row Two: John Osburn, Betsy Dis- mukes, Dr. Forrest Petrey, Dr. Dar- nell Pearson, Dr. Jack Dalton, Vir- ginia Watson, Linda Kelley, Dr. No- lan Hatcher. Department of Human Services: Peggy Pippin, Joe Harrington, chair- man, Bob Whitson, Charlene Nel- son, and Tony Walker. 370 School of Education Department of Health and Physical Education: Row One: Clenda Lock- lar, Debbie Bacon, Nick Costes, Cathy Flynn, and Joan Newman. Row Two: Anthony Watson, Bill Gauspohl, Gene Hanson, Chairman. Hall Schoo urnausm Mr. Merrill Bankester Dean The Hall sc hool ot jour- nalism is the youngesl s( hool on the TSU main campus with a begin- ning in 1972. However, it is the fastest growing journal- ism sc hool in the State of Ala- bama with over 200 majors registered in the Fall of 1983. The School offers two areas of concentration, news-editorial and broad- casting, with modern equip- ment and facilities provided for students in both concen- trations. Broadcasting courses were offered for the first time in 1975, and, in 1987, students produce their own nightly news show as well as other shows at a fully equipped campus television station. In 1982, a complete video display terminal system was installed for students in the newspaper program. This placed the students on a more competitive basis when entering the job mar- ket Students in the journalism program have the opportu- nity to .it the .impus television station .is well as on the ( ampus newspa and the sc hool ' s yarb students are also n to seek part-time work in their area of encentration with off-campus media. As an additional aid to stu- dents ' education, the School of journalism sponsorsa sym- posium each spring whereby outstanding and nationally recognized journalists come to the campus to participate in the seminars. Also, an en- dowed Chair of Journalism was established in 1980, thus giving the students another means of contact with those in the profession. In order to involve stu- dents more with the field of journalism, a chapter of the Society of Professional Jour- nalists, Sigma Delta Chi, was established in 1975, and a chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, the National Broadcast- ing Society, was chartered in 1981. Hall School of Journalism Faculty; Mordci.n Arnold. nclto V ' Merrill Bankostrr and M Manton Evans No sho»n: |im |o .oph hool o» (ourrul I Sorrell College of Business In June 1981, the Sorrell College of Business and Commerce came into be- ing. Prior to this date, it was known as the School of Busi- ness and Commerce and even earlier as the Depart- ment of Business. The Sorrell School of Business and Com- merce was named in honor of the late Jeff Sorrell, a prominent local business- man who bequeathed the University, particularly the School of Business and Com- merce, a substantial sum upon his death. The basic objective of the Sorrell College is to provide the best possible education for students. Programs are designed to develop leader- ship for the business com- munity. Professors teach skills and attitudes of mind that enable individuals to cope successfully with prob- lems of the business commu- nity in a rapid, changing eco- mony. Personal attention is em- phasized; each student has an ecademic adviser from the School of Business. The faculty of the Sorrell College is highly qualified and dedicated to the pur- pose of providing a quality education to enable students to become more productive 372 Sorrell College of Business Dr. Gerald Skeely Dean and better citizens. The faculty background is one of diversified academic and business experience. The Sorrell School is divided into four departments: the Department of Accounting, Finance and Business Law, Department of Computer Science and Quantitative Methods, Department of Marketing, Management and Economics, and Depart- ment of Office Administra- ton and Business Educa- tion. Department of Accounting. Palmer, Dr. Thomas Ratcliffe, Chair- man, Eugene Sherman, Calvin Cram and Dr. Ira Pyron. Sorrell College of BuMnr |7 Sorrell College of Business Department of Office Administra- tion and Business Education: Priscil- la Garrott, Billy Walters, Helen Le- verette and Dr. Robert Wheatley, Chairman Center for Business and Economic Services: Row One: Janet W. Brad- shaw; Associate Director, Joseph W. Creek; Director and Sandra P. Lucas; Client Coordinator. Row Two: Judy Callin; Operations Manager, Patricia Davis; Senior Researcher and Mac R. Holmes; Research Professor of Busi- ness and Economics. 1 Iwil ■ K-» Department of Computer Science and Quantitative Methods: Row One: Mary Smith, Dr. Jerry Hattaway; Chairman and Cindy Carnley. Row Two: Dr. Bill Smith, Lee Volet, and Leroy Walton. Department of Marketing and Eco- nomics: Row One: Chuck Thomp- son, Dr. Steve Garrott, Dr. Earl In- gram and Dr. G. T. Stewart; Chair- man. Row Two: Robert Sanders, Dr. Fred Cain, Dr. E.T. Merkel and Dr. R.M. Swisher. 374 Sorrell College of Business School of Nursing Nursing is a rapidly c hanging field with many opportunities for interesting positions in the health ( are field for both men and women. Employ- ment opportunities are ex- cellent for Registered Nurses and the future looks even better. There is a projected short- age of Registered Nurses across the country which will seriously affect the health care provided for citizens of Alabama. TSU hopes to alle- viate this problem by provid- ing nursing education at three levels: Associate De- gree, Bachelor ' s Degree, and Master ' s Degree, and on four campuses: Troy, Montgom- ery, Pheniz City, and Dothan. Eldridge Hall on the Main Campus in Troy is the head- quarters for the School of Nursing. The Dean, Dr. Amanda Baker, arui the Ad- ministrative Assistant, Mrs Kathy Omasta, are located on the main ( ampus and jre re- sponsible for the four i puses. All programs haw well qualified fa( ulty an(J staff and meet national accredidation standards. The Assistant Dean, Ms. Brenda Rilev, and faculty for the baccalaureate program are also located in Eldridge Hall. Troy State University School of Nursing will con- tinue to provide quality edu- cation for nurses who will contribute to improved health care for individuals and communities. The nurs- ing faculty and administra- tion encourage all individuals who are looking for a re- warding career with excel- lent employment opportuni- ties to consider nursing. Dr. Amanda Baker Dean Dr. Sandra Stevenson Associate Dean Associate Degree Program Dr. Charlene Schwab Assistant Dean Master of Science and Nurs- ing School ot Surv Brenda Riley Assistant Dean Bacculaureate Program Dr. Edith Kitchens Director of Research and Sorrell Professor 376 School of Nursing Baccalaureate Program facul- fy.Row One:Dr Sandra Witt, B Yaubrough, Merriau Douglass, Dr )can Bachman, Betty Russell, Bren- daa Riley, Alice Deal and Susan Stokes. Row Two: Sandra Faria, Connie Webb, Darlene Bouton, Su- san Halley, Cathy Dunn, Nancv Pat- terson, Anne Boothe and Jeanette Hall. Masters Program Faculty: Row One: Dr. Charlene Schwab, Dr Debra Da- vis and Dr. Sandra Witt Row Two- :Cathy Dearman, Sandra Faria and Dr. Edith Kitchens. Associate Program Facult :Ro OneAaomi Blassingill. Gcrrv Cham- berland, Lois Meadows Dr 1ar c Henderson, Jovce Jenkins Linda North and Judith Cooper Row Two: Mar) Weavei Shirley Curran Me- londie Carter, Dr. Sandra Stevenson, |an Kimble, Lillian i .«- Mar Grace C rawford and Daphne Kennedv Row Three: L j r r Sikox Tina Mien, Lynn Norman. Bornita Hamilton, Dawn Cox Kath) Gaston .Hi ' ' saundra Henderson. School of Nursini; I " School of Fine Arts The School of Fine Arts at Troy State Universi- ty is dedicated to the concept that every person needs the opport unity to ex- perience the arts and culture of our existence. It firmly be- lieves this search for intellec- tual, emotional and aesthetic satisfaction can help develop objectives and meaning for life. Created in 1971, the School of Fine Arts encom- passes the disciplines of dra- ma, music, speech and the vi- sual arts. Through a curricu- lum which encourages performance, but tecognizes the need for a thorough background in history and theory, students can pursue an avocational experience or prepare for a career in the arts. These opportunities are Dr. John Long Dean guided to fruition through the dedicated efforts of fac- ulty artists concerned with the total educational exper- ience. Awide variety of cultural events are presented by the School throughout the aca- demic year. These includes student and faculty exhibits in the visual arts; gridiron performances by the " Sound of the South " marching band, concerts by the Jazz Band, Symphony Band, Col- legiate Singers and Madri- gals; operas and musicals performed by the Opera Workshop, student and fac- ulty recitals, intercollegiate debate competition, chil- dren ' s theatre presented by the Pied Pipers and a broad spectrum of dramatic pro- ductions. M .1 II • i F lot , ' ■f • Dr. David Eisler Assistant Dean 378 School of Fine Arts Top: Department at Musk. Row Whaley, Dr Diana i tola, Ralph I (ltd Mary MimsandDr. Phillip kcll.-, Row Two:lv David Eisler, Carol McCoy, Norman Brooks, James Wadowick, Dr liam Denison, Sam Fredrick and Dr. Carl Vollralh. Middle: Deparfmenf of Arts and C ass ' cs:Joanne Staley, Edwin jl- ter, Mark Brewton, Larrv Shilabeer, Dr. Robert Stampfli; acting chairman and Bill Lowery. Bottom: Department of Speech and Drama: Dr David Dye Dr. Ju- dith Lewis and Tom Smile) School ot Fme rts 379 Graduate School The first graduate de- gree earned at Troy State University was conferred in 1958. In 1958 the mission of the graduate program was to prepare stu- dents in Teacher Education and to meet the needs of the elemetary and secondary schools, the degree of Mas- ter of Science Education was offered in several areas of professional eduction. Early in the 1970 ' s, the need for knowledge and ad- vanced education in special- ized and professional fields required the University to add several new master ' s programs in arts and sci- ences, business, counseling and human developemen- tand criminal justice. Several professional degree progams were added. In 1972, Educational Spe- cialist Degrees were added in Couseling and Human Deve- lopement and Human Deve- lopement and in Administra- tion and Supervision for those students working boyond the master ' s level. In 1981, the Educational Spe- Craduate School Committee: Row One:Dr. Debra Davis and Dr. Rufus Hughes. Row Two:Dr. Milton McPherson, Dr. Gene Hanson, Dr. Andrew Cox, Dr. Norma Mitchell, Dr. Fred Viohl, Dr. John White- house, Dr. David Eisler and Dr. Rudy Argenti. Dr. Rudi Argenti Dean cialist Degree program was expanded to include early childhood, elemetary, and secondary education. The School of Nursing initiated its master ' s degree program in 1982. In order to meet the grow- ing complexity and need of a diverse student body, the Graduate School currently offers fourteen master ' s and five educational specialist degrees. The Graduate School as the administrative unit is coincerned with all as- pects of graduate education. Its primary responsobilitie- sare are the maintenance and enhancement of the gra- duate programs within the TSU System. The graduate program is administered by the Dean in cooperation with hte undergraduate deans. Policies and regula- tions which govern graduate studies are formulated by the Graduate Council. iZ ' A i 380 Graduate School College of Special Programs T he College of Special Programs was orga- nized August 1, 1981 to administer the off-campus programs. It is comprised of four directorates: Applied Sciences, Continuing Educa- tion, and Education Services. During the 1987-88 school year has seen an increasing interest in noncredit courses. Eighteen new courses were offered for community service on the main campus. However, the largest task of the College is the administration of the Off-Campus Branches of TSU at Phenix City; FT. Ben- ning, and Mody Air Force Base, Georgia, and the Flor- ida Region Incorporated and Dr. James D. Young Dean the thirty US military loca- tions in Europe. In the Fall of 1987 there were approximately 5000 students inrolled in over 7000 courses with the Col- lege of Special Programs. These students are usually older than the Main Campus students and most have full time occupations outside of the school. Thier classes are usually held at night and oth- er off duty hours. The most common academic programs are Business Administration, Management, Applied Sci- ence, International Rela- tions, Personal Management Criminal Justice, Counseling and Human Development. Mrs. Barbara M. David Director College of Special Programs 381 Troy State University in Europe The Troy State University European campus is com- posed of sixteen mini cam- puses in four countries: two in Italy, three in Turkey, four in England and seven in West Germany. Since its concep- tion in August, 1974, the Eu- ropean Divison with 14 courses at eight US Air Force installations, and an initial enrollment of 221, has grown to 52 courses at 16 bases and an enrollment of 687; the ac- tual student body has grown from 177 to 430 students. Individuals with a Bache- lor ' s Degree from an accre- dited university are eligible for the programs, which grant Master of Science De- grees in Management, Inter- national Relations, and Counseling and Guidance. Enrolling in two courses per term can enable the individ- ual to have his degree in fourteen months, without having to write a thesis. This especially provides the ser- viceman with an opportunity to broaden his education and even earn his Master ' s while stationed in Europe. Dr. Robert H. Kelley Vice President Dr. Charles R. Connell III Director of Academic Affairs Phillip Wittenberg Director of Supportive Services 382 TSU in Europe Janet V. Hughes !)iic( lor of Admissions Registrai Middle Lett: European Faculty: Mr. Byron Dissell, Dr. Dean Caldwell, Mr. Jerry Cantrell, Dr. Adrian Car- ello, Mr. John Clingerman, Dr. Er- nest Correia, Dr. Jean David, Dr. Dan Davis, Dr. Arthur DeVaney, Dr. E. Ted Gladue, Dr. William Hazen, Dr. frier Hefron, Dr. Carolsue Holland, Dr. John Hughes, Dr. Winfield Hut- ton, Dr. Edward Jaynes, Dr. Jerry Johnson, Dr. David Keithly, Dr. Mark MtConathy, Dr. Manindra Mohapa- tra, Dr. Robin Montgomery, Dr. Ar- chibald Patterson, Dr Hans Peter- son, Dr. DoM ' ph Pisciotte, Dr |ohn Riggs. Mr. Charles Schwendmi;er Dr. Harry Shine, Dr. David Sprague, Dr. Frederick Viohl and Dr. Robert u essel. Bottom eft: European Field Repre- sentatives: Ruh.ud Sgee Laura Booke, Jum Cormode, M Costa, Susie DeBee, Pamela Doster, Pat Douglas, Cindy leliu. u ku- Goodman, Alice Humphreys, Gwen lones |an Lackerman, Lmda I den Maggi Monroe, Donii Virginia Oleszek Dave Pruitt, ni t Reid, Susan Rivera Mberta Rivers, Kathie Simpson, Kristin smith Mary Smith, Beth Stipp, Cheryl Talbot, I one) and Beverly illia Bottom Rii;ht TSU- Europe Head- quarter ' s Staff: Row One: |an Hughes rheresa rrottei labatha lones ii.u l dwards and P - ' terson Row Two: Budds kalmh.n h Rnk smith, Carol Duranth. Dcnj Knauer, lanei lones Sandy Neihon Karin Berget Phil Wittenberg, Paul " oung Di t harles ( onnell and Dr Robert H ke isi in Europe 383 Phenix City Branch ft , " 4 Dr. H. Curtis Pitts Director •. , Carl Aycauk Assistant Director Frank Bonner Coordinator Andrew Cox Chairman, Social Sciences [ " —: %fc- t Merriam E. Douglass Coordinator Harold P. Edwards Chairman, Department of Student Services Sheryl Alifarham Coordinator, CIS 1 Cherie Fretwell James Miller Chairperson, Business Chairman, Education Department Department 384 Phenix City Branch Cecilia Spivey Bookstore Manager ■ TSU In Fort Benning Jisr Dr. Paul L. Stansel Director, TSU Fort Benning Larry Mowery Dean for Academics Duconz Hancock Registrar Dr. Paul Barnett Donald W. Gluck Chairman, Department of Chairman, Business and Applied Science Management Carol E. Graham Chairman, General Studies Dr. Charles J. Mendoza Coordinator, Criminal justice Homer E. Wright Professor Emeritus; Chairman, History Wayne J. Voter Assistant Professor, Business Department |1_ Dr. Laura Bird Assistant Professor, English C. J. Martin Assistant Professor for Financial Affairs I 1 11 Ju ' l | Regina Cain Graduate Counselor Cynthia Millikin Instructor, CIS Elisabeth Martin Bookstore Linda Nash Information Systems Coordinator TSU in Fort Benning 385 Florida Region, Inc. Troy State University Sys- tem, Florida Region, Inc., is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of military and civilian personnel in Northwest had its great beginnings in 1973 at Hurlburt Field and later in- cluded Eglin Air Force Base, both of which are near Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Since then, it has expanded its areas of operation to encom- pass NAS Pensacola, Cory Station, and NAS Whiting Feild in the Pensacola, Flor- ida area. The Florida Region offers baccalaureate degrees in Ap- Ms. Kathy Gresko Vice President and Assistant Academic Dean plied Sciences, Business Ad- ministgration, Computer Sci- ence, Criminal Justice, Psy- chology, and Social Sciences. Masters of Science de- grees are being offered in Counseling and Human De- velopment, International Re- lations, Management and Public Relations. The curriculum and format of course scheduling provide for flexible adaptability to the military and civilian working the student ' s duty or work requirements with- out compromising academic quality. Dr. Joseph E. Zuro President and Academic Dean Mr. Morelle E. Larouche Business Manager Dr. John F. Whitehouse Chairman, Dept. of Gov ' t. William T. Cullen Chairman, Dept. of Business Donald L. Jeffers Chairman, Dept. of Management James C. Pike Chairman, Dept. of Computer Science James W. Dingle Asst. Prof. Bus. Economics Jerone P. Johnson Asc. Prof. Counseling 386 Florida Region c fT w Dr. Harry B. Keller Prof. Management Muriel O. Landrum Chairman, Dept. of English Tuny Jennings Director of Library Services James W. Roberts loibook Manager Jacqueline D. Sawyer Academic Adv. Coord. Eglin Cindy Martin Academic Advisor Pensacola and Whiting Jeri Blankenbeck Coord. Pensacola and Whiting Carol A. Reinarts Director Admissions and Records Patricia A.L. Cram Academic Advisor, Hurlburt Assistant Registrar Jerrie Kirk Asst. Academic Advisor Eglin Cinny Kemper Chief Academic Admin. Services Kalhy Young Supervisor Grad Records Debbie Wills Data Processing Manager Walter W. Henley Academic Advisor Pensacola and Whiting Dr. Robert M. Brown Coordinator, MAS Pensacola Complex Assoc. Prof, of International Relations Honda Region In. TSU at Moody Air Force Base Troy State University at Moody Air Force Base offers programs for active duty offi- cers, airmen, department of defense civilian employees, militarydependants, and lo- cal community citizens to enhance their job perfor- mance and managerial skills to become more effective employees, supervisors, and leaders. Troy State University at Moody has been in service at this Air Force Tactical Air Command Base for a little over ten years (1976-1986). Thomas E. Wakefield Coordinator Priscilla B. Washington Registrar 388 Moody Air Force Base TSU At Dothan Ft. Rucker — Thomas Harrison President Troy State University at Dothan Ft. Rucker traces its origin to the Troy Stair Nor- mal School. In the late 1950 ' s, in re- sponse to the need of the military at Ft. Rucker, Troy State began offering courses at the post and in 1961, a resi- dent center was established at Ft. Rucker. In 1967 the branch on the military base was named Troy State Uni- versity at Fort Rucker. By the mid 1970 ' s, TSU at Ft. Rucker had outgrown its facilities available at Ft. Rucker. Wallace State Community College in Dothan offered the use of its classrooms and in 1974 Troy State University began offering ourses in Dothan I he ampus al Do- than is loc .tied neai the I oi the downtown dr -«i in an eight-story building Hou Mall. The campus in Fort Rue ker finds iiselt lodged in t lass- room space, which is pro- vided by the military in sev- eral modern instructional buildings, administrate e space and library space- is provided through the Uni- versity. Cayle F. Oberst Vice President for Financial Affairs and Administration Dr. Lawrence Brown Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Edwin Baxley, Jr. Dean of the School of Business Dr. J. Wyatt Grimmer Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Jack R. Sublette Vice President for Student Affairs and Development Dr. Betty Kennedy Dean, the School of Education Dothan Ft Rucker 389 TSU in Montgomery Troy State University in Montgomery traces its origin through the parent campus of Troy State University, Troy, AL. In fall of 1966, Troy State in Montgomery was designated a branch and was authorized to offer degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The branch offered programs leading to Baccalaureate degrees with majors in Business, History, and Psychology, and a Mas- ter of Science degree in Edu- cation. In 1968, the first students to complete academic re- quirements through Troy State in Montgomery were graduated. From a small be- ginning in 1965, the student body has increased to more than 2,000 students. In 1983 Troy State University in Montgomery was indepen- dently accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Dr. Millard E. Elrod President Helen R. Bern Vice President for Public Affairs Walter E. Edmonds Vice President for Financial Affairs 390 TSU in Montgomery Donald H. Threlkeld Vice President for Institu- tional Research Dr. Martha Lewis Johnson Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Kline Johnson Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Gra- duate Administration Ray Warren Acadcmn Services: Row One: Dr. Dale Martin and Di John Tarver. Row Two: Dr Gordon Pic k lor , Dr. Luck Watford and Dr. Chris Sum- mers. tm. in Montgomei . 392 Closing The Tradition Continues to4i iy (»arr CUUMM Section Editor Cara English Jeff Freeman Regina Hudson Tim Jaeobs Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy I.ori Kcathcringill Photographers ( ontrihutinx Editor CIOMJ , 394 Ads GREEN ' S CITY DRUGS Your Favorite Cosmetics Candies Gilts Complete Card and Novelty Shop " A Complete Drug Center First Aid Supplies Vitamins Photo Equipment and Supplies Tape Players PRESCRIPTIONS 400 Parklane Shopping Center i Blocks from Campus Gam Green and Spencer Burkett 566-3180 566-4740 ROY BANK IRISI ( OMPANl I IBM 24 ll()t K BANKERS IN IKON rO 5ERVI OU • I SI -M)AMS CI Nil K • FOOD WOK I I) • TB T SOUTIII s||R BRANCH MEMBER OF THE ALIKI, AVAIL, AND HONOR NETWORKS Wilma ' s Beauty Salon 566-2192 Walk-ins Welcome Redken Products Kerra Products 1114 South Brundidge Owned by Wilma Mullis and Penny Dees Ads 395 396 Ads Adams Center Union Board . . . 222-223 Advertising Club . . . 185 Association for Childhood Education International . . . 198 Air Force ROTC . . . 192-193 Alpha Delta Pi . . . 248-249 Alpha Gamma Delta . . . 250- 251 Alpha Kappa Alpha . . . 252- 253 Alpha Lambda Delta . . . 170- 171 Alpha Psi Omega ... 199 Angel Flight ... 191 Arnold Air Society . . . 190 Forensics . . . 209 Omic ron Delta Kappa . . . 177 University Dancers 225 225- 175 205Phi HPER ... 207 Phi Alpha Theta . 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46,78,244 ATKINSON, THOMAS 94 ATWATER, YOLANDA 78 AUBREY, LYNNE 106,346,344 AUGHTMON, CARYN 106 AULTMAN, MARGARET 240,250 AULTMAN, MARY 106 AURBURY, LINDA 347 AUSBORN, JEFFERY 78,228,242 AUSTIN, MICHAEL 78 AVERA, JOAN 78 AVERETT, STEPHA 106 AVERY, DIANA 106 BAAS, TROY 78,180 BABB, MALCOLM 78,54 Babbs, Jimmy 267 BABCOCK, BRENDA 118,242,258 BACKENSTO, PATRICIA 17,78,173 Backer, Keilh 316 BACON, DEBORAH 118 BADGER, CATHRYN 94 BAILEY, ANNETTE 118 BAILEY, KINBERLY 118 BAILEY, PATRICK 94 BAILY, JENNIFER 78,171,202,173 BAILY, RICHARD 78 BAKER, BECKY 118,180,189,229 BAKER, BEN 106,177,220,221,413 BAKER, BEVERLY 78 BAKER, DEBBIE 94 BAKER, GARY 94,245,270,331 BAKER, GINGER 94,196 BAKER, JANET 94 BAKER, JEANNE 134 BAKER, JOY 94 BAKER, KEITH 106 BAKER, KEVIN 228 BAKER, NATALIE 78 BAKER, RANDALL 94,243 BAKER, RHONDA 118 BAKER, RICHARD 118 BAKER, RICKY 180 BAKER, RUSSELL 94 BAKER, SABRENA 94 BAKER, TRACI 106,248,257 BALDUCCI, LYNN 106,199,209,254 BALDWIN, DOUGLAS 118 BALLARD, LORETTA 78 BALLARD, RAY 78 BALLARD, WENDY 78 BANKS, KENNETH 118,188 BANKS, WILLIAM 78 BANKS, WILLIE 78,296 BANKSTON, LESLIE 78,229 Bankston, Morris 12,106,296 BARB, JAN 106,208 BARBER, DEBBIE 94,189,217 BARBER, ROBIN 94,241,254 BARDIN, KEVIN 106 BARDLING, JANICE 78 BAREFOOT, TINA 118 Barfield, Caroline 266,188 BARIBEAU, GEORGIA 62,118,205 BARKSDALE, MARK 78 BARLOW, VICKI 118,266 BARNER, ROBERT 134,288 BARNES, COREY 78 BARNES, MATTHEW 78,173 BARNES, RANDALL 94,296 BARNES, ROBERT 94,243 Barnett, Winn 267 BARNETTE, EVERETT 118 BARR MASON, JOANNE 106 BARR, CAROL 134 BARR, JANE 94 BARR, TONY 78 BARRAS, STEVEN 118 BARRETT, JEFFREY 106 BARRON, BRENDA 118 BARRON, CATHY 118 BARRON, GWENDOLYN 78 BARRON, JEFFREY 78 BARRON, WARREN 94 BARROW, DEAN 228,230 BARROW, JAMES 94 BARROWS, PETER 118,229 BARRY, MARGARET 118 BARTON, AMY 118 BARTON, CHRISTINE 106 BARTON, KENNETH 106 BARTON, SHARON 106 BARTON, TINA 78 BASS, CONNIE 94 BASS, REBECCA 118 BASS, VALERIE 228 BAST, AMANDA 118,228 BATCHELOR, CAREN 118,172 BATES, TERRY 106 BATES, THOMAS 94 BATHONIA, MADISON 86 BATIE, FATIMA 78 BATIE, LORETTA 78 BATTAGLIA, MARY 134 BATTIN, LESLIE 78,240,248 BATTISTELLI, FRANK 94,192 BAXLEY, KIMBERLY 68,118 BAXLEY, WILLIAM 118 BAXTER, DEANA 94 BAXTER, JANNIQUE 118,216 BAXTER, KAREN 78 BAYLES, PAMELA 78 BAZELL, JUDY 134 BEAIRD, REGINA 134 BEAN, LESIA 118 BEASLEY, BOBBY 78 BEASLEY, MARY 118,180 BEATTY, CATHY 78 BEATY, DETRA 78 BECK, JENNIFER 118 BECK, TERESA 106 BECK, VANCE 94,203,245,270 BECKMAN, TONI 78 BEDSOLE, DANNY 106 BELCHER, ROBERT 79,246,272 BELL, ANNEMARIE 106,240,250,272,273 BELL, DANA 79 L eslie Fuller enters the stage for the Miss Venus Pageant. 398 Index BUI, DANIEL 79 BELL, DAVID 106 BELL, DEBORAH 106,166,180,191,198 BELL, DOUGLAS 94,229 BELL, JUDY 94,225 BELL, ROLAND 79 BELL, TELISA 94 BENDER, CHARLES 118 BENDER, JANET 94 BENEEIELD, LAURA 58.106,250 BENEFIELD, VERONICA 118 BENN, ERIC 17,79,243 BENNETT, IRENE 106,182,183 BENNETT, JASON 79,270 BENNETT, KAREN 134 BENNETT, LARTONYAR 94 BENNETT, LESLIE 112,180,300 BENNETT, MICKEY 118 BENNETT, SCOTT 94,163 BENNETT, TRACY 79,240,250 BENNETT, TREY 264 BENTKOWSKI, CENA 46,94,266,269 BERRY, CHARLES 79 BESTE, CARA 106,244,266 BEVERLY, |OY 134 BHALLY, IMRAN 106,186,202 BIBA, PAMELA 79 BICKEL, JAMES 118 BIEGLER, MATTHEW 106 BIGHAM, JACQUELINE 118 BIRKS, JENNIFER 106,184,206,229,206 BIRKS, JOANNE 118,220,229 BIRKS, LAURIE 94,229,206 BIRMINGHAM, WENDY 106 BISHOP, ELIZABETH 79,229 BLACK, CAROLYN 94 BLACK, ED 118 BLACK, GREGORY 79 BLACK, |ILL 134 Black, Keith 314.316 BLACK, MIKE 106 BLACK, SUSAN 79,228 BLACKBURN, JAMES 95 BLACKMON, BRYAN 106 BLACKMON, CYNTHIA 79,210 BLACKMON, DIANE 272,273 BLACKMON, DOROTHY 79 BLACKMON, ELIZABETH 95 BLACKMON, GLENDA 106 BLACKMON, JANNA 195 BLACKMON, RAY 296 BLACKWELL, GARRY 118,296 BLAIR, DEBRA 79,241,254 BLAIR, DONALD 37,106,245,270 BLAIR, ELAINE 134 BLAKE, GINGER 118,174,415 BLAKELEY, ANGELA 79,171,173 BLALOCK, DAN 106,189,217 BLAND, LARRY 119 BLANKENSHIP, JOHNNIE 62,119,177 BLANKENSHIP, Kitty 169,203,270,271 BLASCHKA, ASTRID 79,244,266 BLEDSOE, LOU 119 BLEDSOE. WILLIAM 79 BLEICH, NICOLE 79,228 BIEU, Kelly 198 BLEVINS, JOSEPH 119 BLOCKER, LORIE 79,240,250 BLOCTON, JEANNIE 79 BLOODWORTH, SHARON 95,243,262 BLOW, CHRISTINE 95 BLOW, DARYL 106,2% BLUE, GRADY 228 BLUE, KELLI 95,243 BLUE, OTHA 95 BLUFF, GLENN 62 BIUFF, Scott 166 BOATNER, PHILLIP 106,316 BOATNER, TRACY 95 BOBO. REBECCA 119,168,177,211,207 BOBROWSKAS, JOSEPH 119,243 BODIFORD, PATRICIA 95 BODIFORD, SHERRY 106,229 Bogan, Tracy 156,217 BOGGS, CHARLES 95,242,256,257.338,339.54 BOLAN. BARRY 106.245 BOLANOS, MELISA 95 BOLER, MURRAY 79 BOLEWARE. ANITA 95 BOLIN, CAROL 95 BOLIN, TIMOTHY 79.2% BONCE. GILBERTO 95.202 BOND. DAVID 106 BONN, MARGARET 1%, 202,169 BOOKER, DEWAYNE 119 BOOKER, REBECCA 79 BOOTH, REGINA 95 BOOTH. RICHARD 79 BOOTHE, ANNE 134 BOOTHE. DONNA 79 G ena Bentkowski up for bat for the Phi Mus during intramural Softball season. BORIE. LINDA 119,300 BOROWSKI, VIRGINIA 95 BOSHELL, ALVIN 95 BOSHELL, CHERIE 95,174,244.266 BOSTICK, TODD 119,182,228 BOSWELL, ANGELA 119 BOSWELL, DIANE 134 BOSWELL, KENNETH 95 BOUCHET, NOELLE 79,191,229 BOUCK, RANDALL 79 BOUGH, KAREN 182 BOUTWELL, ELECIA 95,243,262,198 BOUTWELL, LISA 106,241,257 BOWAN, BRAD 331 BOWDOIN, GARY 106 BOWDOIN, SAMUEL 106,246,263 BOWEN, BOBBIE 95 BOWEN, BRAD 245 BOWEN. CAROL 95,170 BOWEN, MICHAEL 106 BOWEN, TIMOTHY 79,228 BOWEN, WENDY 79,171,204 BOWENS, YVONNE 95 BOWER, KEVIN 202 BOWERS, CHRISTOPHER 119 BOWERS, DANIEL 79 BOWES, BECKY 240,250,95 BOWMAN, JERRY 79 BOX, TERRI RENEE 95 BOYD, MORGAN 184 BOYD, NANCY 79 BOYD, PAMELA 119 BOYD, ROBERT 79 BOYD, SAMUEL 107 BOYETT. RONNIE 107,190,245 BOYKIN, PAMELA KAYE 107 BOZEMAN, DENISE 79 BOZEMAN, STEPHEN 95 BRACEWELL, AL 119,237 BRACEWELL. IDA 119 BRACKIN, JUDY 79 BRACKINS, HAROLD 119,190,213 BRADEN, BRIAN 95 BRADFORD. JONATHAN 107,243 BRADFORD, MARY 79 BRADLEY. SARAH 95 BRADLEY, SHARON 62,119,241 BRADLEY, TINA 257 BRADSHER, ELIZABETH 119 BRANAN, PENNY 79,163 BRANCH, ELIZABETH 95 BRANDON, MARLIN 95 BRANNON, IEFFREY 79,272 BRANNON, KIM 241.254 BRANSON, LAURA 79 BRANTLEY, ANDREW 79,171 BRAMIIY ( AIHERINE 1)4.168 BRANTLEY. JO ANNA 107.243,278.413 BRANIIIV YIYIAN 79 BRASHER lAMEs 134,199,189 BRASWELl. It ANNIE 107 BRAY BONNIE 95 BRI A EALE. CWEN 134 BRENNAN OHN 107 BRENNAN, LORETTA 95 BREWER, CHERYL 79.182 BREWSTER, JULIE 107,240 BRINGARDNER. JOE 95,246,272 BRISLIN, ANDREW 79,242,256 BRITT, JUDITH 79 BRITTON, DAVE 107,245 BRODERICK, PATRICK 107 BRODERICK, PEYTON 107,193 BROOKE, ALLEN 246 BROOKS, ANGELA 79 BROOKS. ERIK 107,172 BROOKS. FREDDIE 95 BROOKS. GERALD 62,119.246,272.177,267 BROOKS, KERRY 107,296 BROOKS, NORRIS 107,213 BROOKS, RACHEL 134 BROOKS. RODNEY 119,316 BROOKS, SANDRA 95 BROUSSARD, GENE 193 BROUSSARD, KAREN 119 BROUSSARD, WHITNEY 95 BROWN. CAROL 95.228 BROWN, DEREK 107,245 BROWN, DOROTHY 119 BROWN, HOLLAND 119 BROUN IE AM 240,272.273.336,338,339 BROWN, JIMMY 79,119,296 BROWN, JOHN 107 BROWN, KIM 79,243,262 BROWN. LINDA 134 BROWN. MARY 79 BROWN. MICHAEL 95 BROWN, MIRIAM 79.240.250 BROWN, PHYl ANCA 95,296 BROUN. REBECCA 95.177 BROWN. SAMANTHA 95 BROWN. STEPHANAS 119 BROWN, SUZANNE 95 BROWN. TAIRITA 46.95.244 BROWN, THOMAS B 79 BROWN. THOMAS H 79 BROWN. TIMOTHY 107 BROWN. WILLIAM 79 BROWN-DAVIS, DOTTIE 46 Browning, Michael 173 BROXSON. IERRY 79 BRUCE, DENA 79 BRUNS. HENRY 9S.: BRUNSON, EMMETT 95 BRUNSON, JAMES 79 BRUYELl BUM ANSI 107 BRUYNELL. BETH 1h 1 . ' 41 BRYAN. SONDRA 119 BRY ANI Al AN IS :4S . ' (.« HRY AM ( MARIES H9 BRY ANT GREGORY, in- BRY AM IANICE 95 BRYANT MARINDA " 1 BRY ANI MARY BETH 79 BRY AN! PINNY 95.272.273 BRY ANI SHARON 95 BRYANT Will ARD 10 " BRYD ADAM 95 BRYD DIANA 95 HI EHLER BRI ( I 107,246.272 Bud, Glenn 177 BUFF, SCOTT 107,219,246,272 BUFFOM, FRANCES 107,308.309.310 BULLARD. GEORGE 95 Bullock. Douglas 172 BULLOCK ROBERT 119 BULLOCK. TERRINA 79 Bl NDRK K lOt ANNE 119 BUNDRICK. SHEILA 168 BUOL. BONNIE 79.171.173,189.217 Bl R( H, PHILIP 107 Bl RKITT IANA 107.168 BLRKHALTER, APRIL 95.208 BURKS. ROSEMARY 107 BURMAN. BRIDGETT 119 Bl RNHAM USA 13-4 BLRREll WARREN 107.202.203 Bl RTON ANDREA 79 Bl RTON GINGER -9.243 BUSH, JACQUELINE 95.134 HI SH IONAIHAN 185 Bush, Julcne 266 BUSH. MARIE 240.2S0.7- BUSH, MICHAEL 107 HI SH PHILIP 107 Bl SKIRK. DAVID 2% Bl TIER KIPP 80.241.254 BUTLER. SHANE 119 BL TT KIRI IYNN 80 Bl YNAK DEBORAH 80 HYNl M DANY A 80 BYNl St DON AID 168 BYRE) ADAM 21 BYRD UPHONSA 80 BYRD. CAROLL 119 BYRD DONNA 80 BYRD SHEILA 10- HYRNI MARI c ( AI1Y MARI I AEIIY 1 AY I OR 11 •■ ■ I AIN BRI U I AIN HI BRA 24S . ' 68 ( AIN ERIC 95 I AIN I Al RA 80 UN ROBERT 10- ( AIN lODD 10- l Al ARRIM ROBIRT I I AinWEII IIIEREY 119 t AIDWIll IOIY is ( AlHOt N IAI Ql ELM AIHOI N IOAN 168 I All ANS ANI. II A 80.306 Index 399 M ike Finn, Steve Lucy, Neal Nash, and Andy- Gregory practice for the Step Contest. CALLANS, BILLY 95 CALLIORAS, SUE 119 CAMBELL, STEVE 263 CAMPBELL, CATHY 80,244 CAMPBELL, JAMES 95,180,181,246,272 CAMPBELL, MICHAEL 107,243 CAMPBELL, PAMELA 80,190 CAMPBELL, Russ 15,62,119,177,245,268,269 CAMPBELL, STEVE 119,296 CANNON, CARRY 119,246,272,413,415 CANTY, DONNELLA 80 CAPORINI, STEPHEN 119,245,15 CAPPS, AMANDA 80 CA PPS, GRADY 95,256 CAPPS, JON 95 CAPPS, MELANIE 95 CAPRARA, BRADLEY 96,228,243 CARLILE, JAMES 68,119,202,203,169 CARLISLE, CARLA 80,241 CARLSON, ANTHONY 119 CARMACK, DEANNA 96 CARMICHAEL, DOUG 304 CARNEGIA, PAMELA 96 CARPENTER, JOSEPH 80 CARPENTER, MARILEA 107 CARPENTER, SCOTT 96,264 CARPENTER, SUSAN 80 CARR, MICHELLE 107 CARROLL, KEVIN 96,243,279 CARROLL, STACY 80 CARTER, BRENDA 119 CARTER, CARA 62,119 CARTER, CHARLES 107 CARTER, CYNTHIA 119 CARTER, DEBORAH 36,107 CARTER, DERRICK 36,96 CARTER, LATANYA 107 CARTER, MARTIN 80,163,229 CARTER, ROBERT 107,296 CARTER, THERESA 107 CARVER, ROBERT 107 CARVIN, TRACY 107 CASEY, STEVEN 96,184 CASKEY, MERREN 119 CASPER, Amanda 172 CASSADY, JERILYN 107,194,240,250,270,271 CASTILE, CHARLES 80 CASTILLO, THOMAS 80 CATRETT, PAYTON 107,266 CATRETT, THOMAS 119 CAVANAGH, MICHAEL 119,245,268,173 CAVER, PAMELA 80,300 CEASE, DIANE 96,191,228 CELKA, CHRISTOPHER 96 CERVERA, RICK 171,173,80, 246,272 CHAMBERS, LOREN 119 CHAMBERS, ROBERT 80,243 CHAMPION, BRADLEY 96 Chance, Chip 54 400 Index CHANCE, WALTER 119 CHANCELLOR, DENISE 80 CHANCEY, ANGELA 62,119,168 CHANDLER, CHERYL 96,182 CHANDLER, PATRICIA 119 CHAPMAN, CHARLES 168 CHAPMAN, KENT 80,246,272 CHAPMAN, LAMAR 80 CHAPMAN, SIDNEY 80 CHAPMEN, CHIP 270 CHAPPELL, ANITA 107,168 CHARNY, ADAM 96 CHASTAIN, HEIDI 96 CHAUNCEY, ANGELA 195 CHEATHAM, CARNELL 305 CHEATHAM, ROY 119 CHEELY, ANDREW 96 CHERRY, JANICE 119,195 CHESNUTT, ELIZABETH 80 CHESTEEN, CONNIE 296 CHESTEEN, LARRY 80 CHESTNUT, CASSANDRA 96,170,206 CHILDS, FOYE 107 CHILDS, RONALD 80,245 CHINN, GRACIE 168 CHIPMAN, WILLIAM 96,296 CHISM, RONDA 96,241,254 CHITWOOD, RANDALL 80 CHOQUETTE, MICHELLE 80 CHRISTENSEN, RAE ANN 96,266 CHUNN, MARY 80 CLARK, ABRAHAM 119,243 CLARK, AMY 80 CLARK, BRYAN 107 CLARK, CELIA 80 CLARK, CHRISTY 80 CLARK, DAVID 80,245,270 CLARK, DAWN 96 CLARK, DOW 256 CLARK, FRANKIE 119 CLARK, HENRY 107,256 CLARK, PAMELA 96 CLARK, STACEY 107,166,211 CLARK, THOMAS 80,245,270 CLARK, TRACEY 107,204 CLARKE, THOMAS 119 CLAWSON, MICHELLE 80,248 CLAY, TRACY 80,344,346,347 CLAYTON, ANGELIA 96 CLECKER, TODD 228 CLECKLER, DANI 80,240,250 CLECKLER, JEFFREY 80 CLEGHORN, DEMPSEY 80 CLEM, TED 119,212,296 CLEMENTS, PEGGY 96 CLEMMONS, LISA 107,189,217 CLEMMONS, TONYA 119 CLEMONS, RICHARD 80 CLICKNER, DAVID 36,107,185,245,270 CLIKAS, CARRIE 107,202,240 CLINGENPEEL, CINDA 16,63,119,166,174, 177,240,265,278 CLOUD, BRENDA 107 CLOUD, LAWRENCE 119 CLOUD, MITZI 80,163,241 CLOWER, JIM 80 COATES, CHRISTINA 96,228,174 COATES, JAMES 96 COATES, KENDALL 16,63,119,166,177, 208, 246,272 COATES, STACEY 16,96,170,180,208 COBB, ALENDA 119 COBB, BRENDA 80 COBB, CHARLES 80 COBB, HARRY 107 COBB, LAMAR 120 Cobb, Michelle 198 COBB, WENDY 96 CODY, MIKE 270,331 COE, DENNIS 120 COFIELD, CHONDA 120 COHOLICH, DOLORES 68,120,15 COKER, GEORGE 80,296 COLEMAN, ANGELA 63,120,211,241,253 COLEMAN, CURTIS 80 COLEY, JAMES 80 COLEY, TREY 296 COLLEY, SHARON 80 COLLIER, PATRICIA 120 Collins, Donna 191 COLLVER, CARON 120 COLLVER, CATHERINE 120 COLVIN, STEPHANIE 107 COLWELL, JOEY 120,177,208,223,246,272 COMPTON, DEBRA 120,195 COMPTON, TIA 96 COMSTOCK, JIM 80 CONNER, JAMES 80 CONNER, LLYOD 107,182 CONNER, NANCY 96 CONNER, ROBERT 120 CONNOR, CLINT 163,209 CONOLY, DAVID 134 COOK, CHARLES 107,186 COOK, GLEN 107 COOK, JANET 120 COOK, LARRY 120,199,209 COOK, LASHON 120 COOK, LAURIE 80 COOK, SANDRA 80,186,228,186 COOK, TERESA 168 COOK, TIMOTHY ALAN 107 COOPER, DIANA 107 COOPER, MICHELLE 96 COOPER, STACY 96,245,270 COOPER, VICKI ANN 80 COOPER, VIVIAN 80 COPE, DIANA 120 COPELAND, ANGELA 96 COPELAND, GENE 96 COPELAND, HARRIET 120 COPELAND, MATTHEW 107,305 COPEN, CATHERINE 120,190 COPES, MATTIE 120 COPP AGE, WILLIAM 120 CORBITT, KARA 107 CORDREY, DUFFY 296 CORDREY, STAN 80 CORLEY, JULIA 120 CORNELIUS, LEA 172,238,247,265 CORNELIUS, SUZANNE 120,238,247,265 CORNETT, TAMMY 80,240,250 CORSON, JEFF 120,245,268,269 COSBY, CHRIS 80 COSPER, CHRISTOPHER 108,202,296 COSSON, MISTY 108,190 COTTEN, ROBERT 120 COTTINGHAM, GENE 96,243 COTTON, JEFFREY 80,246,272 COTTON, TENA 96 COURSIN, JEFF 185 COURSON, RUSSELL 120,228 COVINGTON, ARCHIE 80 COWART, LESSIE 108 COX, BOBBY 120 COX, ELAINE 63,120,195,240,247,265 COX, JANINE 80 CRAIG, AMY 108 CRAPERO, BRAD 264 CRAWFORD, BETH 244 CRAWFORD, GAIL 96 CRAWFORD, JAMES 80,242,256,257 CRAWFORD, MARGARET 96,266 CRAWFORD, NADINE 134 CRAWFORD, STACIE 80 CRENSHAW, CASSANDRA 80 CRENSHAW, DEMET 120 CRENSHAW, TINA 96 CRENSHAW, WILLIE 134 CREW, GARDNER 80 CREW, LINDA 120 CREWS, HUELON 80 CREWS, JILL 134 CREWS, SCOTT 242 CRIM, GRETCHEN 96,240,250,272,338,339,769 CRISP, LARRY 108,242,256,257 CROCKER, JANICE 80,171 CROOK, STEVEN 81 CROUT, SHARI 220,221 CROW, CATHERINE 108 CROWE, GEORGE 120 CROWELL, JANET 120,266 CROWSON, LEXIE 96,170,189,202,217 CRUISE, SCOTT 256 CRUM, MELVIN 81 CRUMBLY, CHRIS 81 CRUMPTON, CHARLES % CRUTCHER, MARY 81,266 CRUTCHFIELD, SANDRA 120 CRUTCHNER, CHRISTY 244 CRYSEL, CHARLOTTE 81 CUDE, DONNA 120 CULLEN, ANNA 108,240,248 CULPEPPER, CATHY 120 CULVERHOUSE, DONNA 120 CULVERHOUSE, LEE 81 CUMMINGS, ASHLEY 81,244,266 CUMMINGS, STACEY 81 CUNNINGHAM, DAWN 229 CUNNINGHAM, JENNIFER 96 CURENTON, DAVID 81 CURRIE, KRISTIN 81,241 CURRY, CATHERINE 81 CURRY, CHRISTOPHER 96 CURRY, STEVE 96 CURTIS, GEORGE 120 CURTIS, LAURA 81 CURTIS, MELITA 108 CURTIS, PHILLIP 81,186 CURTIS, RANDALL 81 CURTIS, SAMUEL 108,163,202,243,264 CURVIN, JEFFREY 120 DABBS, STEPHEN 120 DADE, TOMMY 81,324 DAHL, MIKE 81 DAILEY, DARRYL 120 DANEK, DANA 96,265 DANIEL, FRANKIE 134 DANIEL, MATT 81 DANIEL, ROBERT 120 DANIELS, BILLY 81 DANIELS, DONNA 81 DANIELS, JEANNIE 81 DANINGER, JANA 108 DANSBY, ALFRED 81 DANSBY, KIMBERLY 108 DANSBY, PAULA 81,202 DAOIS, TIMOTHY 96 DARDEN, FELECIA 96 DASHER, THEE 228 DASINGER, JANAT 265 DASINGER, KEVIN 96 DAUGHERTY, JANET 81,241,254,198 DAUGHERTY, LEE 272 DAUGHERTY, RON 81 DAUGHERTY, RYAN 36,272 DAUGHERTY, SHAWN 108,243,264 DAUGHTRY, JENNI 108 DAUGHTRY, SONIA 81 DAVENPORT, JAMES 108 DAVENPORT, VIVIAN 120 DAVIDSON, GWENDOLYN 81 DAVIDSON, SARAH 96 DAVIS .MICHELLE 108 DAVIS, BENJAMIN 81 DAVIS, BETH 257 DAVIS, BRIAN 108 DAVIS, CHARLES 81 DAVIS, CHERINA 81 DAVIS, DONNA 96 DAVIS, JEFFERY 96 DAVIS, KIMBERLY 120 DAVIS, LEARTIS 81 DAVIS, LISA 96 DAVIS, PAMELA 120,172 DAVIS, PAUL 256 DAVIS, ROBERT 120,148,168 DAVIS, SHARON 96,240,248 DAVIS, STANLEY 108 DAVIS, STEPHEN 96 DAVIS, TOMMY 120,205 DAVISON, DIBORA 108 DAWSON, DANIEI 279 DAWSON, DAVID 96,180 247 DAWSON, KNOWLAN 96,296 DIM. ROGER 120 1)1 Al RON Ml) 120 DEAN, CAROLINE 120 DEAN, IACK 81 IV. in lojnn 196 1)1 AN IOHN 108,184 1)1 N MSIN 81 DEAN, LEE 37,171,202 1)1 AN KOHIKI I ' HI 1 ' I 17 3.202 DEARMON, TERESA 81 DEAVOR. KIMBIKIY HI 240,250 DEBRONM. THOMAS 96,272 l)K MR SHERRI 108 DEE, HELEN 108 DEER, LAURA 96 DEES, IOHN 120 DEFALCO, CAPRICE 81,163,185,229,241,254 DEFEE, TONYA 81 Dl MIM ( HARLES 81 DEMPSEY, MARK 81 ,171 314 DIMM, CHAD 268 DENHAM, DONALD 96 DENISON, WILLIAM 120,229 DENNIS, FRANCI 108,241,254 DENNIS, IAMES 96 DENNIS, IOHN 96 DENNIS, NAKITHIA 108,191 DENNY, BRYAN 81,171 DENNY, CATHERINE 108,203 nt NNY, SCOTT 120 DERAMUS, PAMELA 108 DESHIELDS, CHARLES 81 DESMOND, KIM 108,166,177,204,240,250 DEVER, EMILY 81,173 DEW, JACKSON 120.246 Dew, Scotl 54,267 DEWAR, BRENTON 108 DEWBERRY, ALETA 96,266 DEWBERRY, NEREIDA 81.171,173,204 DIAZ, EDGAN 242 DICESARE, ROSANNA 120 DICKINSON, CYNTHIA 120 DICKSON, JAMES 58,120 DILLARD. IARRIET 63,108,169 DILLARD, MARICIA 108 DIMISA, |OE 81,245.270,271,331 DINSMORE. GEORGE 96,170 OISMUKES, LAURA 120,223 DIX, THOMAS 108 DIXON, ANDREA 120 DIXON, CATHY 81 IIXON, TITUS 120,296,298 DBBS, RICHARD 120,263,2% JBBS.CARLA 108 INALDSON. ANTHONY 108 jONALDSON. MARY 81 DONALDSON, ROBERT 81 DORMER, CHARLES 120,268 DORN. CAROL 96 DORSEY, DAVID 108 DORSEY. DORELL 120.189 DORSEY, ETHAN 81 DOSS, IAMES 120,245 DOTHARD, GEORGE 120,212 DOTY, SHAWN 120,177,342 DOTY, STEVEN 81 OVIN, BARRY 120 JOWDELL, PAMELA 96 DOWE, ANGIE 81 DOWNIE, CONSTANCE 81.188,216 DOWNING. DAVID 96 DOWNS, DONALD 81 DOYLE. VIRGINIA 120,168,194 DOZIER, IEANNE 96 DOZIER, LESLIE 96.163.170,241,254,265 DOZIER, MICHELLE 81 DRAUGHON. WELLS 120 DRIGGERS, IEAN 120 DRIGGERS, WALTER 108 DRINKARD. ANGIE 81.240 DRURY, IEFF 120,246.336.338,339 DUBBERIEY. FRANK 96,246,272,334 DUBOSE, CHRISTOPHER 81 DUFF, SUSAN 120 DUGOSH, THOMAS 120,296 DUKE, SHELIA 121 Dl NAWAY, CHERIE 121.262 DUNBAR, DENISE 121,241,253 DUNCAN, CONSTANCE 121 DUNCAN, HELEN 96 DUNCAN. MARLA 96,240.250 DUNCAN. PEGGY 81,240,250 DUNCAN, TRA( 1 81 241 254 Dunn, Brian 316 DUNN ( OSSONDRA 61 Di ss ikii IM 116 DUNN, ROBER i 97 DUNN. SON) A HI DUNN, WMIMI 97 Dl ss M41 MK ill M 81 di nnaw ay l MMII 63,121 173,177 1)1 COM MNNY 121 DUPUY. Dl RlK 166 Dl RHAM lOKIN 97 DURR,MM)lll 121 Di i ion PAMEI A 109,204 Dl I ION SAHKINA ■ DWYER l AN.1I L HI 1M. 189,217, 242. 9 209 DYE, ANDY 246,272 DYE, lll ABITH 97 DYISS |ODY 245 DYESS, |OH 121 DYESS, KRISTA 97 DYESS, Kl ssILl 97 DYESS, WILLIAM 109 DIM Kl( HARD 97,245,268 DYKES IDWARD 81 mkls, HOWARD 121 DYKES, IINNIMR HI DYKES, LINDA 121 DYMs II ( llll 121 Iv ss MMGEI I i ANS USA I vt Kl l I i HTHl 1 EVERHI API AN,(.I t A 109 IWRs DIXII i iks JOHN 121 EAGERTON, GLENDA 97 I M KATHY 121 I As UN llll 109,177,262,300 EATON, STEVE 81,314,316 EDDENFIELD, KENNY 296 EDELBERG, IULIANNE 81,171 EDELBERG, KATHARINE 109,219,337,209,219 EDENFIELD. KENNY 109,263 EDGAR, DAVID 121 EDGE, DARRIS 109 EDMOND, FRANCINE 134 EDWARDS, ANGIE 109,216 EDWARDS, CORNELIUS 109,243 EDWARDS, DANIEL 97,242,256 EDWARDS, EMILY 121,228 EDWARDS, MICHAEL 16,109,208 EDWARDS, RICHARD 81 EDWARDS, THOMAS 109,296 EFORD, ALFONZIE 109,189,217 EGGLESTON, REGINALD 81 EIFERT, JOHN 121 EILAND, ASHLEY 81 ELDER. KEN 246,251,272 ELDER, VALERIE 109 ELDER, WANDA 121 ELKINS, MARY 81,225,243,262 ELLINGTON, TRACY 81 ELLIS, AMY 109 (Ills BRODERICK 82 ELLIS, CAROLYN 134 ELLIS, DANA 109,173 ELLIS. DAYNA 97,229 ELLIS, GWENDOLYN 121,216,242,258,211 ELLIS, IAMES 97,245,268 lllls II MIRY 109 lllis RUSSELL 82 mis SHARON 97 Mils slIPHEN 109 lllis TONIA 121 ELLISON, ANDREA 97 ELLISON BIVERIY 109 ELLISON |AM|s 97.256 iiiison STEPHANII 121,204 ELLSWORTH ROVANN1 9 ' 2S4 ELMORI CHARLES 121.63 ELMORE. GARY 97,245.268 ELMORE. IALRA 82 II MORI MIM 245.331 ELMORI SARAH i M ELMORI si ANNE 82 IIMR WILLIAM 121 INi.ll DAYID 82.228 ENGLISH, CAR A 9 " 41 1 ENGLISH ( HRIs 121 ENGLISH (AMES 109.182 IN OR IORI 121 ism HENKO LISA 82 l si iNi, i r ii ill 109 244 HMIRilx.l ( YNTHIA 10 ■ ETHERIDGI IOHN ETHRIDGI ai 246 IT WHIR NAOMI 97 FAILS, MARY 82 I AIRl LOTH, IOHN 121 i MR( LOTH, JULIE 82 Fain loth Ken 2% FAISON, SHAWN 109.240 I Mill AMXIS 97,229 I AI I M ANDKI A H. ' I mih IOSEPH 121 I AIMNBIRRY SHPHANIE 82 l aimnhikky WILLIAM 97 i M.STROM BRIAN 97 l anninc, STEVI 97 116 FARABEE, IITTA 109 l.irnni ( irll 262 I ARMIK ( HARI A 97.243 FARNHAM, SUZY 109 I MtNSWORTH KELL1 109 I ARRIOR l.AYIIN 82 FAULK, BKINDV 121 FAULK Kilo-. I M LKNER ioni H2.243 FAVARULO I Al RA 82,189,217 FEATHERINGS, IORI 109,174 415 FEITSMA I Al KINDA 109,228,208 Felix, David 304 IINIOR. KIMBERLY 97 FENN, )AY 97 FERGUSON, DEBBI 121 Itru. Rebeca 63,121,46 FERNANDEZ, ROBYN 82,198 IIRNIIL, OLIVIA 97 TIRRY, DAYNA 109,202 FIELDER, AMY 97 FIELDS, KEITH 82 Fietsma, Dawn 208 FINCH, ERIC 121.204,212,229,64 FINDLATER, JOHN 97,245 FINK, SUSAN 121,168 FINK, TERESA 121 Finlatcr, John 270 FINLAY, PATRICIA 121 FINN, MICHAEL 82,246 FISH, |UDY 121 FISHER. ANITA 121 FITCH, ANGELA 12T.216 lll ». FlUpal 276 • 109 II ANDERS SHIRK FLEMING Hi IIIMI . II I M FLEMIN III l HIP U.FREO III ! HIP Pl HAI llll, ' . 14 FLOWEI • HARMS , Hoy;. IIOYD FLOYD Hsu 82 K)BIRT 109 . 1.168 • FOLM ■ • IO " . 82 1 1J4 FOOT ' 198 Kalph 166 MISMAN ' Forn • 1 14 ■ n PATRN LA 82 266 IORRISI WINDY 109 MR II III 121 ' 250,278.64 FORTHMAN MAI RUN 121,165 IORTNIR TIMOTHY 134 IE, DtBORAH 109 Foihee. Frank 270 . FOSHEE, |OH FOSHEE, SUSAN 121,238 FOSHER. FRANK 245 FOSTER. BARRETT 82.245 FOSTER, STEPHANIE 82 Foster, Tim 180 FOI KNUR ANDRI A 109 IOW IE, DEBORAH 134 FOWLER, DONNA 82.180 Fowler, Elizabeth 140,199.209,217.240.248 FOWLER, IEFF 97,229 FOWLER, SHERI 121,266 IOV MARGARET 97.195 FOX, ROBERT 121,169 FOXWORTH, ANDRI A 121 A It ' ll flow) s.ns, " Hello, Norma )t in! ' Index 401 K athy Harkins demonstrates her style at Trojan Oaks Racquet Club. Foxworth, Renee 204 FRALISH, VINCE 109 FRANCIS, DALTON 109 Francis, Rick 180 FRANKLIN, BRITT 245 FRANKLIN, JOHN 82 FRANKLIN, LAURA 97,173 FRANKLIN, SARAH 97 Frankum, Britt 263,270 FRANKUM, WILLIAM 82 Frathorn, Maureen 272 Frazier, Curtis 170,202,97 FRAZIER, WENDALL 97 FREDERICK, ELIZABETH 82,173 Frederick, Renee ' 171,228,231 FREDERICK, THOMAS 97 FREE, CATHY 121 FREEMAN, JEFF 246,272,413,121 FREEMAN, TAMMY 121,177,241,253 FREIER, MARK 82 FRENCH, MAY 109 FRITH, ROBERT 109 FRITH, SHANNON 163,166,172,177 FROST, BARRY 121,189 FROST, BOBBIE 109 FRYE, DIANA 97 FRYER, JIMMY 82,171,173 FUCIT, TERRY 134 FULFORD, EDWARD 121 FULLER, KIMBERLY 121,182 FULLER, LESLIE 97,240 FULLER, PEBLEY 121,228 FUNK, HOLLY 82,171,173 FUQUA, JOSPEH 97,228 FUSSELL, TERRY 109 G GADDY, SABRINA 121 GAINES, KENT 82,229 GALLOWAY, CHRIS 228 GAMADGE, FRANCES 184 GAMBINO, MATTHEW 82 GAMBLE, ROBERT 97 GAMMAGE, FRANCES 134 GAMMAGE, HOLLIN 82,308,3 10 GAMMAGE, HOLLIN 309 GANT, CYNTHIA 82,242,258 GANT, TREY 263 GARCIA, PATRICIA 82,186 GARDNER, ALFRED 97,296 GARDNER, WILLIAM 121 GARNER, JOHN 168 GARRETT, BRONDA 82,228 GARRETT, JESSE 109 GARRETT, MARCUS 97 GARRETT, SHARON 97 GARRISON, WENDY 109,244 GARTMAN, ROBIN 82,206,229 GARVIN, DUNREY 243,262,97 GARVIN, GARNET 82 GASKILL, HETHER 82,228 CASTER, KIMM 121 GATES, KENNETH 121,228 GAY, GERALD 97,195,246 GAY, LARRY 54,246,272,82 GEMME, CHRISTOPHER 82,228,243,264 GEORGE, ROBERT 82 GERMANY, BRENDA 82 GEWIRTZMAN, NEIL 82 GHEEN, ROBYN 110 GHOLSTON, VERONICA 97 Gibbs, Strother 270 GIBBS, WILLIAM 82 GIBSON, ANGELA 82,241,254 GIBSON, HEZEKIAH 82 GIBSON, JASON 121 GIBSON, JENNIFER 97 GIBSON, JON 82,228 GIBSON, NANCY 82,171 Gibson, Pam 308,309,82 GIBSON, PHILLIP 109,246,272 GIBSON, SANDRA 82 GIBSON, SHIRLEY 121,223 GILBERT, CAMERON 121,193 GILBERT, GLORY 82,216 GILBERT, HEATHER 82 GILBERT, SCOTT 134,177,64 Gilchrist, Todd 340 GILDER, CHARLES 110 GILES, ALICIA 82 GILES, JENNIFER 97 CILES, SHIRLEY 110 GILGRIST, TODD 121,342 Gilhart, Clip 267 GILHEART, JAMES 121 GILL, BURT 264 GILL, ROBERT 82,243 GILLESPIE, VIVIAN 82 GILLEY, MARTY 121 GILLEY, PHILLIP 256,257 GILLEY, RONALD 82 GILLEY, SUSAN 121,168,180,198 GILLEY, TIMOTHY 97 GILLIAM, LYNN 182,183 GILLILAND, TRACI 82,250,240 GILLIS, CHARLES 121,213 GILLIS, MICHAEL 121 GILLIS, STEPHEN 97,213 GILMORE, THOMAS 97,245 GINDL, NANCY 122 GINGRAS, PETER 82 GINYARD, CYNTHIA 83 GIRDNER, JILL 83 GIVENS, JACQUELINE 122 GLADDEN, PAULA 110,241 GLADWELL, MICHELLE 97 GLASCO, LINDA 122 GLASS, CURTIS 110 GLASSCHO, ELIZABETH 110,188 GLENN, WILLIAMS. 92 GLOVER, JAPONICA 97 GLOVER, MARY 110 GODMIN, KEVIN 122 GODSEY, ROBERT 110,296 GODWIN, KEVIN 245,268 GODWIN, NANCY 122 GOGGANS, JUDITH 97 GOLD EN, LEIGH 110,177,196,240,250,68 GOLDEN, LINDA 122 GOMILLION, LISA 122 GONAS, GRAY 83 GOOD, DAVID 122 GOODNIGHT, KEVIN 180,228 GOODNIGHT, RONNIE 110 GOODSON, JEFFREY 122,12,268 GOODSON, JERRY 122 GOODSON, TERRY 122 GOODWIN, APRIL 83,300,301 GOODWIN, FRED 97 GOODWIN, KRISTA 110 GOODWIN, PAMELA 83,16,53,240,248 GOPALDAS, MANIS 97 Gopaldas, MANISH 186 GORDON, DAWN 122,241 GORDON, JAMES 122 GORDON, JENNIFER 83 GORE, KIM 173,243,262 GORE, KIMBERLY 97 GOREY, MICHELLE 97 GOREY, STEPHEN 97 GOREY, STEVE 246 GOTTSCHALL, JAMES 97 GOURDINE, ANGELA 97 GRABER, JOHN 122 GRACE, JASON 189 GRACE, WILLIAM 83 GRACIE, KENNETH 83 GRAFFUNDER, DONNA 134 GRAHAM, AMY 97 GRAHAM 97 GRANT, BERNARD 122,213 GRANT, DEBORAH 122 GRANT, LEE 269 GRANT, LEIGH 110,196,243,262 GRANT, MARY 98,110 GRANT, YOLONDA 98 GRANT 98 GRANTHAM, ANGELIA 83 Grantham, Angie 228 GRASSO, DARIO 54,122,324 GRAVES, GINA 83 GRAVES, JANICE 83,221 GRAY, MARINA 83,191 GRAY, PHIL 12,15,245,268 GRAY, PHILLIP 98 GREEN, DONALD 83 GREEN, EMILY 122,172,225 GREEN, JAMES 110 GREEN, JERRY 83 GREEN, JOHN 98 GREEN, KEVIN 202 GREEN, KIM 98,180 GREEN, KIMBERLY 83 GREEN, MARK 256 GREEN, RILEY 122,245,270 GREEN, WILLIAM 110 GREENE, DAFNI 98 GREENE, MARJORIE 122 GREENE, MEG 266 GREENLEE, SHAWN 83,229 GREENSPAN, DAVID 122 GREER, JAMES ALLEN 134 GREGORY, ANDREW 98,272,415 GREGORY, LAURA 98 GREGORY, WILLIAM 134 GRESSEL, MARK 110 GRICE, STEVE 166,270 GRIFFIN, CHARLOTTE 122 GRIFFIN, CHARMINE 122 GRIFFIN, DENNIS 204 GRIFFIN, DONNA 83 GRIFFIN, JEFFERY 83,228 GRIFFIN, JENNIFER 83 GRIFFITH, DENNIS 110 GRIFFITH, GINGER 110,195 GRIGGS, BENJAMIN 83,173,171,180,181 GRIGGS, IANTHIA 110 GRIMES, KENNETH 98 GRIMES, KIMBERLY 110 GRISSET, KEITH 256 GRISSETT, LINDA 240,248,174 GRISWOLD, ANGIE 83 GROOME, JOHNNIE 98 GROSS, TRACEY 83,244,266 GROVER, TAMMY 110,247 GUICE, DOMINEEK 98 GUILD, JONI 134 GULLEDGE, VONDA 98 GULLEY, REGINA 242,258,278 GULLY, MELISSA 122 GULLY, REGINA 122 GUNN, JAMES 122 GUNN, MARY 110,228 GUNTER, DONNA 110 GUNTER, RENEE 244 GUNTER, TRONYA 83,180 GUYTON, ROBERT 122,268 GWIN, DEAN 83,270 H HACKER, CAMILLA 98 HACKETT, MARY 83 Haddock, Bill 338,339 HADDOCK, PORTER 122 HADDOCK, SHARON 122 HADDOCK, WILLIAM 98 HAGADORN, TAMMY 98 HAGAN, GREGORY 83,246,272 HACAN, TERRA 83,171 Haines, Eugene 305 HAKLIN, DEBORAH 83,228 HALE, RANDOLPH 122 HALE, TRINA 110 HALEY, MATTHEW 122 HALL, BENJAMIN 110 HALL, BYRON 122 HALL, DARRYL 110,258 HALL, DEBRA 110,141 HALL, DENISE 122 HALL, GREGORY 110,212 HALL, JAMES 110,172 HALL, JEFFREY 83,296 HALL, MARK 110 HALL, MARY 122 HALL, PAMELA 98 HALL, PATRICK 122,148,177,199,217 HALL, PAUL 98,148,156,199 HALL, RICHIE 110 HALL, TAMMY 110 HALLIDAY, WILLIAM 110 HAM, MATTHEW 122 HAMILTON, KAREN 83,148,217,240,250 HAMILTON, MARGARET 122 HAMM, TRACI 122 HAMM-WILSON, SHARON 98 HAMMACK, AMY 122 HAMMOND, ELIZABETH 122 HAMMOND, REBECCA 83 HAMMONS, ANGELA 98,211,189,217 HAMPTON, ANGELA 83,228 HAMPTON, MARK 83 HANCOCK, LARRY 98 HANCOCK, SHEILA 83 HANCOCK, TODD 246,272 HANEY, TOMMIE 122 HANNON, JULIE 98 HANS, WALDEN 122 HANSON, KATHRYN 83 HANSON, SCOTT 98,180 HARDEN, CLAYTON 98 HARDEN, DALE 83 Harden, Theresa 168 HARDIN, CHARLOTTE 122 HARDIN, TRESA 122,199,209,240 Harington, Moose 264 HARKINS, KATHLEEN 98,240 HARPER, BRIAN 98,246,272 HARPER, HOLLY 83,243 HARPER, MONICA 98 HARRELL, ANDY 122 HARRELL, CURTIS 122,163,228,230,244,264 HARRFLL, SONYA 98 HARRELL, TRACY 98 HARRELSON, CHARLES 110 HARRELSON, JERRY 98 HARRELSON, WAYNE 245 HARRINGTON, BRYANT 247 HARRINGTON, DWAYNE 98,247 HARRINGTON, JOSEPH 110 HARRIS, AL 98,296 402 Index HARRIS BARBARA 83 HARRIS. ( AKMIN HI HARRIS. Illstl 110 HARRIS. RAWFORD 122,229 HARRIS 1 1 [ ill Hi. 305 Hirrii, Greg K HUrrli, la " 205 HARRIS KEVIN 110 HARRIS I VslNDA 6 HARRIS, LAURISE 122 HARRIS, MIIISSA 1HI Hums Mis-. lb HARRIS, RALPH 110 HARRIS SAMUEL 110 HARRIS SHIRRY 110 HARRIS, VALERIA 83 Harrison, Allen 202 HARRISON, DAVID 110 HARRISON, |AN 122 HARRISON Mil ION 122 HARRISON, RICHARD 98 HARRISON, ROLAND 110 HARRISON, WILLIAM 122 HART, EUGENE 110 HART, |ILL 83,171 HART, ONDREA 83 HARTER, BETHANY 114 HARTLEY, IEFFERY 110 HARTMAN, LAURA 98 HART OC, SABRINA 83,243 HARVARD, SCHERIE 83 HARVEY, lAMfs ]. ' . ' HARWY. KIMBERLY 110 HARVISON, LORI 110 HARWELL. HAL 110,246,251,272 HARWELL, JEFFREY 110 HASLEY, MONICA 83,171 HASSEY, SHERRY 98 HATCHER, KARc 122,240.250 HATCHER, TRACY 110 HATFIELD, MIKE 83,246 HATTAWAY, DEANNA 83 (IMIIS, PAMELA 83 HAUPT, DARYL 83,246,272 HAUPT, DEREK 83,246,272 HAWK, ROBERT 122,168 HAWTHORNE, DAVID 83,247 HAWTHORNE. SCOTTIE 98 Hayes, Alice 168 HAYES, BARBARA 98,211,241 HAYES, LINDA 83,122 HAYES, RHONDA 110,166 HAYES, THERESA 110,172,186 HAYES, VANESSA 83 HAYNER, ALISA 98 HAYNER, ALISON 170 HAZEL, BERNADETil 210 HEAD, DONALD 98,296 HEAD. IAMES 122,268 HEAD, RONALD 98 HEALY, |OHN 83,246.272 HEARD, MARCIA 83 HEATH, KENNETH 122 HEATON, KIM 243,262 HEATON, KIMBERLY 98 HEATON, LISA 122 HEBERT. HUGH 110 HEFNER, SCOTT 83.242,256 HEINKEN, ELLEN 207 HELMS. GRETCHEN 98 HELMS. IAMES 98 HELMS, IENELIE 122,243 HELMS, MONA 122 HELMS, NELLIE 168 HELMS, SANDRA 122,195 HELMS, WAYNE 122 F1ENBY, DONALD 110 HENDERSON, ANDREW 245 HENDERSON. CYNTHIA 110 HENDERSON, FELECIA 122 HENDERSON. IAMES 122 HENDERSON. |OY 83 HENDERSON. STARLA 98 HENDERSON. WILLIAM 83 HENDLEY. DONALD 83 HINDRICKS. BART HENDRICKS. IAMES 208 HENDRICKS, TEENA 110 HENKEN, VERA 122,64 HENLEY, MELISSA 122 HENLEY, PAUL 83,228.230 HENNICAN, MARK 202 HENRY, BRIAN 110.228 HENRY. LOU 110.314.316 HEPLER, STEPHANNIE 98,250.240.272,273 HERBERT, HUGH 246 HERBERT, VALERIE 110 HERNANDEZ. IORGE 110,316 HERRING, DEBBIE 83 HERRING. IAMES 99 HIKKINC PAICI M Herring, Ptul 180 HERRINCTON I asiaks im HERSMAN Nil) 134 HI l ll BERNADI I II 122 WO Hewed rim 268 HEWITT n AN HI HEVMAN I nihia 83 IIIHHARI) WILLIAM II " 13 UK I KK HARD ' I ' l . ' 4 ' , . ' 70,331 UK kSIAN ANDRIVY HI Mil ks ASCII 122 164 Hl( ks ( AKMIl A 134 IIK ks Mill 83 Hli ks Suzinm I ' 4 IIK ks IIN», 11(1 118.206 HIGDON III MHIR 99,241 HIGDON, kAKlN i IIK, DON klllll 110,316 HICCS KNDREW hi 163 HICHTOWER HOLLY 99,244 ii.n Diwn 166 HILI DENISI 122 Hill IINNIIIR 110 inn KATHERINI 99 Hill MMBIRIY 83 inn LISA 123,64 Hill IORI99 Hill Mil HAEI 99 HOHLBAI CH iosiph 84 IIOII AND ANI.II 84 HOII AND k AM ' . ■ I IIOII AND Mil HAII H4 HOII AND Mlkl . ' 4 ' , III HOI I IK II ANI I II 84 HOI in |OI ■ noun |OHI hoi in RANDAI in IUINC MARII 84 hoiiins SHERREU »4 lion is DAVIO h HOIION KIMBERLY 110 HOLLOW a OWEN 84 HOLLY iisa li HOI S1AN no-. -.a 110 HOLMES, FREDERH k 84 HOI MIS i. Ml 84 HOLMES, IEFFER1 in HOI SMS F ' HIIIP in HOI Nil s MINORA 99 dell 17 HONEY! i 1 1 MARTINA 111 HOOD, TAMMY 99 HOOKS HOLL1 123 244 . ' 66.278 HOOMES MAR HOREN sarah 123 HORN DAVID 84 HORNI RM.INA SS.169 Q ueen for a day? Scott Dew is TSU ' s " Most-Wanted Man. " Hill, Su2y 300,301 HILL, TANA 123 HILL, TERI 83 HILLER. WENDY 83 HILLMAN, MACK 84,209 limes Carla r,84 IIINIS. DEBORAH 110 HINESLEY. MILDRED 134 HINSON, JAMIS 123 HINSON, PATTI 123 HINSON, WOODROW 123 MINION ANDA 123 HIPPS. DARRt HIPSHIR. AMY 110,308 Hives, Pele 296 HIV is. RIHOBITH 84 HIX, LEE 84 HOBBS Bllll 110 198 HOBBS I isv 123 HOBSON, TATE 123 HODGE. ROBERT 123 HODGES, GWENDOLYN 84 HODGES, KIMB1RIY 123 HOFFMAN, KENNETH HOFFMAN RIBK I A 123 HOFFMAN 1HIRISA H4 262 HOFFMAN 1RA( I 243 HOGAN, ANETA 84 HOGAN. (HIRII 121 HORNSBY. IANICE 123 HORSLEl IIRWANDA84 HORTON |OHN HJ HORTON. IULIE 123 HORTON IR(» 241 HOSKINs IWIYN 123 HOUgh, Scotl 186.244 HOI si IRK 111 HOI SI PEGGI 114 HOUSE. ROBERT 134 HOUSER IIIHRY 111 Hovey, Paul 208.24b IU . HOW ARD HRI 11 111 HOW ARD LAMES 84.2% HOWARD kAKMIN 99 Howard. Todd 17.99 HOW ARD 1RM I 111 HOWELL. CHRISTOPHER 84 HOWEll DAWN 84 HOWELI DAWNA 111 HOWfll kimbiriy 99 . ' 4 1 254 HOWES IRK • " 21 ' 246 III AN(, S( om HI HBARD BRYAN 123 ■ • HI HIR HI MHIR 84 241 HUDGENS. NOLL II 84 HUDllY OAN.H | 111 HUDON It DITH 123 HUDSON SNN H 211 HI D - ' J • 84 HI D " 1 41) ■ hi II : ' 99 168 HI .H|S IAMIS 111 HI (.HIS II ' - HI i .HIS. Ill A4 HI CHI hi (.Ml-. MARY 111 hi (.His SUINA ' . ' -.••4 266 Hi CHI ■ I 99 ■ ■ 84 HI (,H|s 1K»( , |4 HI (.hi • ' ' 1,228 Hi CHE1 nns ARD 111,296 Hi 11 Will RID 84 HI nir inn- ' Ml Nl AM 244.266.84 HI NT, BARRY 123,168 ■ • HI Nl MARY 123 lb6,174 HUNT, THERISA 84 HI Nl TODD 99 . MINCIA 84 HI n HESON, iisa in D 99 HI K HINSON DARIINl 99.220 Hutchinvon, Reginald 2% HUTCHISON ai DRI I • Hulton, Deborah 22S HI All VK kl «•. 173 HYDE, CHRISTINA 123 HYDE, STIPHANIl 99 HYSlll HRINDA 84 IkNIR BRUCE 123 A AND A 84 INORAS1 C AROIYN 1.1 216 IN(.K M. DOROTHY 111 INGRAM sMIRRI 111,264 Ingran. Rhe 228 INS1AN kRIsTA 123,64 INMAN I AI RA 111 IRHY KARI IRBY RIBKCA 84 IRI ARR1 Rl BIN 123.205 IRYIN DAY ID 100 IRYIN KIMBERLY 100 IRWIN MIC HAII 123 Isaac Lyndon 229 IsABIIl Mil Hllll 84 229 ISHOLA HAKEEM m ISHOLA TAOFIIk 123 ISOS1 I AROIYN 100 l IY HARRY 111 l IY BlYiRLY 84 IYIY 111 BORAH 123 rVEY, MARY 111.H • 250 rVEl ROBIRl 111 IWY TIMM1 134 •SNA 111,17 ■N SS ' S -. |A( ksON VN ' . ' ONY 84 |A KSON ( HAW • KSON.I HER1 N DIBRA 111 134 • |A s Incicv 403 IACKSON, JOSEPH 123,243,264 JACKSON, KENNY 246,251.272.279,100 JACKSON. MARTHA 123 JACKSON MERCHELL 84 JACKSON, TINA 241 JACKSON, TOMMIE 100,213 JACKSON, TONY 100,296 Jacobs. Catherine 168 JACOBS, MICKEY 123 JACOBS, RICHIE 84,228 JACOBS. TAMI 111 Jacobs, Tim 204,246,338,339 JAHANNEMA, HAMID 123 lames Carlile, Jr. 177 James, Jenni 272,273,300,111,262 James, Michael-Angelo 188,65,123,166,168,177 JAMES, PAMELA 111 JAMES, PATRICIA 134 JAMES, TRACI 100 JAMES, VALERIE 84 JARMON, ELISA 123,242,258 JARMON, MONICA 111 JARRELL, TONY 123 JEFFCOAT, RICHARD 123 JEFFCOAT, WILLIAM 100 JEHLE, GAIL 84 JEHS, JIM 123 JENKINS, VERNON 84 JENNINGS, BARBARA 134 JERNIGA, JAMES 84 JERNIGAN, SANDRA 134 JESSE, VICKY 123,194 JINRIGHT, BETSY 84,243,262 JINRIGHT, CARRIE 111 JINRIGHT, ROSS 100,316 JINRIGHT, YVETTE 100 JINRIGHT, YVONNE 111 JOHN, REMSBURG. 102 JOHNSON, ALEX 123,156,217 JOHNSON, ALICE 84 JOHNSON, AMY 84 JOHNSON, ANDY 84,316 Johnson, Anne Marie 189,217 JOHNSON, ANNETT 123,84 JOHNSON, CYNTHIA 84,111,265 JOHNSON, DARLENE 84,123,191 JOHNSON, DAVID 84,163,243,264 JOHNSON, GERALD 123 JOHNSON, JAMES 123 JOHNSON, JANET 84,240,248 JOHNSON, JEFFREY 123 JOHNSON, JENNIFER 111,198 JOHNSON, JOHN 84 JOHNSON, JOHNNY 111,166,245,268 JOHNSON, JONATHAN 111,177 JOHNSON, KAY 123 JOHNSON, KIM 100 JOHNSON, LASHAWN 123 JOHNSON, LESLIE 111 JOHNSON, LINDA 111,216 Johnson, Marie 182 JOHNSON, MICHAEL 111 JOHNSON, PAUL 123,247 JOHNSON, RACHEL 100,208,265 JOHNSON, RICKY 84,123 JOHNSON, ROBIN 123 JOHNSON, RONNIE 100 JOHNSON, SCOTT 123 JOHNSON, SHANE 100 JOHNSON, STEPHANIE 100 JOHNSON, TODD 123 JOHNSON, VONDA 123,168,195,198 JOHNSTON, JENGER 244,84,266 JOHNSTON, MARK 84 JOHNSTON, PAUL 111,228,230 JONES, ADINE 84 JONES, ANN 100 JONES, BILLY 123 JONES, BRENDA 84 Jones, Brett 296 JONES, CAREY 84 JONES, CHESTER 84 JONES, ELIZABETH 84 JONES, HOWARD 85 JONES, JANET 111,198 JONES, JEFFREY 111 JONES, JIMMY 85 JONES, JOHN 100, 229 JONES, KENNETH 111 JONES, LESLIE 100,217,240, 250, 272, 273 JONES, MARCIA 111 JONES, MARILYN 100,123 JONES, MARK 123,168 JONES, MICHAEL 111,189 JONES, NADINE 85 JONES, RENECER 123 JONES, ROBERT 85, 296 JONES, ROGER 85 JONES, ROLAND 85 JONES, ROLANDO 85 JONES, SHIRLEY 85 Jones, Suzy 229 JONES, TAMARA 100 JONES. TIMOTHY 111 JONES, WILLIAM 100 Jong, Deidre 269 JONOVITCH, ANTHONY 124 JORDAN, BETSY 243,278 JORDAN, EDMUND 111 Jordan, James 228 JORDAN, MARY 100 JORDAN, TAMMY 111,198,228 JORDAN, THOMAS 100 Jordon, Cimmie 248 JOUDEH, RAMI 134 JUDAH, AMY 124,168 JUDAH, MONA 85 JUDY, ERIC 124 JUNIUS, CASAUNDRA 111,177, 166, 210, 241 KAISER, LEIS 85,241 KANTOR, GRETA 111, 166,202,243,262,270,271,338,339,68 KEAL, CYNTHIA 85 KEEL, ALLYSON 100,240 KEEL, JEFFREY 124 KEESE, WHITNEY 111,186.190 KEETON, BRENDA 134 KEETON, LINDA 134 KELLER, GREGORY 124 KELLEY, ERIN 124,195 KELLEY, GARY 111,242,256 KELLEY, JAMES 100 Kelley, Kim 211,240,248,111 KELLEY, MARIAN 100 Kelley, Martha 191 KELLEY, MARY 124 KELLEY, MICHAEL 124 KELLEY, SHERRY 100,124,168 KELLEY, STANTON 85,229 KELLEY, STEPHEN 124 KELLEY, YOLANDA 100,191 KELIUM, KIMBERLY 124 KELLY, BARBARA 100 Kelly, Donna 168 KELLY, KIMBERLY 124 KELLY, LISA 111 KELLY, MARTHA 85 KELLY, PATRICIA 111 Kendall, Kayse 46,262 KENDALL, RACHEL 85 KENNEDY, BARBARA 111 KENNEDY, PATRA 100 KENNETT, MELISSA 124 KERSEY, PAMELA 111 KETCHAM, SONYA 124 KETCHUM, MITZI 85,243,262 KETTLER, OLIVIA 85 Khan, Naushaba 186 KILGORE, KIRK 111,229,231 KILLEBREW, JANE 124 KILLIAN, SUZANNE 134,300 KILLINGSWORTH, KEVIN 85 KILLINGSWORTH, LORI 85 KILPATRICK, EARL 100 KIM, HINES 84 KIMBRO, JOE 111 KIMBROUGH, STEPHANIE 85 KIMBROUGH, TANJANIKA 111 KINARD, RODNEY 100 KING, CHRISTY 240 KING, CRYSTAL 85,250 KING, DONALD 124 KING, GWENDOLYN 124 KING, JENNIFER 100 KING, SHERRI 111,241,254,198 King, Tony 316 KING, TROY 100 Kirby, Dennis 229,231 Kirkland, Brett 15,111,243 KIRKLAND, KIMBERLY 12 KIRKLAND, PAMELA 85,171 KIRKPATRICK, JILL 85,228 KISTNER, BRENT 85 KLANG, JAMES 124,279 Klang, Shorty 268 KLAVA, GLENN 111,296 KLEINSCHMIDT, NORMAN 134 KNIGHT, BURLYNDA 85,171,173 KNIGHT, CARL 124 KNIGHT, CAROLYN 10 KNIGHT, JOSEPH 100,124,223,242,256 KNIGHT, KENNETH 124,208 Knight, LaFran 188 KNIGHT, REGINALD 85 KNIGHT, RODERICK 124,305 KNIGHT, STEPHANIE 85 KNIGHTEN, R. MICHAEL 100 KNOTTS, MARK 85,331 KNOX, ANTHONY 85 KOBET, CYNTHIA 100,170,206,228 KOCH, BRADLEY 242,256 KONTOS, ANTHONY 100 KONTOS, NICK 100 KOPF, SUZANNE 111,250 KOULOUKAS, MICHAEL 85 KOZIOL, JAY 111,267,29 Krantz, Sharon 196 KRIST, MICHELLE 85,228,240 KROLL, RANDALL 100,244,264 KUESTER.KIM 85 KUMMEL, ANTHONY 85 KUNTZ, JAN 111 KUSHMAR, TAMMY 85,244,266 KUYKENDALL, KEVIN 85 Kvulsand, Ron 174,196,111 KYSER, JOEY 100 B urn rubber, baby! One of the many challenging events of Greek Week. LAGER, SEAN 85,245,270 LAGRONE, TAMMY 85 LAGUARDIA, MARK 85 LAMB, PATRICK 85 LAMB, TRACEY 85,180,36 LAMBERT, CHARLES 85 LAMBERT, MICHAEL 111 LAMBERT, ROBERT 100 LAMBERTH, JANA 85,173,182 404 Index T roy King proudly shows what he learned in class today. LAMBERTH. MICHAEL 124 IAMKIN. DONNA 124.168.198 LAMPLEY, CLARISSA 85 LAMPLEY, SABRINA 100 LANDRUM, SLATER 85,240.248 LANE, DAWN 85 LANE, STEVEN 111 LANCDON, MELISSA 85 LANCFORD. ROBERT 112 LANCLEY, TRAVIS 12 LANHAM, WENDY 124,240,68 LANIER, THELESA 124 LANSDON, DIANNE 100 LAPAL, REBECCA 112 LAPP, STACEY 85,171 LARIMER, AMY 112,169.170 LAROCHE, KELLY 112,166.186,206,228 LARRIMORE, DAVID 100,180 LARRY. RHONDA 112 LARSON. IAMES 112 LASSITER, DERRICK 85 LASSITER, JAMES 124 LAVELY. IENNIEER 85 Lavender, Jim 268,12 LAVERCOMBE, JILL 112,240,248 LAW, ELZORA 112,188 LAW, FRED 112,245 LAWRENCE, ELLEN 134 LAWRENCE, KRISTA 112 LAWSON, TRAMELA 85 LAXSON, FRANK 124 LAZENBY, RAMONA 134 LAZZARI, PATRICIA 124,300,301 LEACH, STEVEN 85,296 LEAKS, ALVIN 100 LEAVINS, IENNIFER 85,244,266 LEAVITT, JEWEL 100 LEDBETTER, MICHAEL 124.177,163,21 LEDBETTER, TONY 11 LEE, CAROLE 112.228,210 LEE, CINDY 13 LEE, DANNY 245.270.100 LEE, DAVID 85 Lee, Kathrsn 168 LEE, LINDA 124,177,240.250.65 LEE, MICHAEL 124,177,212,245,263,65 LEE, RICHARD 135 LEE, ROSIE 85 LEEPER, HARRIET 85.173 Leffew Richard 54,124.246 LEHMAN. KELLY 100 LEHMAN, LAURA 85.243 Lehman. Laurs 262 LEMARI, EVANGELINE 85,186 LEMKER. MICHELLE 100 LEMON, TANYA 85 LEONARD, DONAVAN 85,17 LEONARD, LYNN 85 LETSON, LORI 85,202,243,262 LETT, DEBRA 125 LEVERETTE, LAURA 166,177,219,241,254.85 .1 12 LEWIS, BETH 203,243 LEWIS, DAVID 100 LEWIS. JOSEPH 85,245 LEWIS, KELLI 125 LEWIS, LADD 184,189 LEWIS, LINDA 85 LEWIS, LISA 100,189,206 LEWIS, MARY 100,26 LEWIS, MITCHELL 112,296 LEWIS, PENNY 85 LEWIS, RECINA 85 LEWIS, RODNEY 112 LEWIS, SHANE 100.296 LEWIS, STEPHEN 100 LEWIS, SUSIE 125 LEWIS, WADE 112 LEWIS, WILLIAM 100 LIDH, TODD 100,177,186,209 LIND. KATHIRIN1 125 LINDSEY. HENDRICKS 85,242 LINDSLEY, PAUL 100,182,183 UNEBERCER, TRACY 85,296 LINEBERGER. TRAVIS 100,29 I Insey, Hendricks 256,257 UNION, MARY 125 liriROT. BARBARA 112 LISE. DERECK 180 IIMNBY. CROWELL 135 LITTLE, BERNIE 12 I I III I. DARCI 125 LITTLE, LUTHR 100 LIVINGSTON. PINKY 85 LIVINGSTON, URLEEN 189.21 MM Kill nNA 125.241,65 LOCKLAR, CLENOA 107 LOCKLAR, JOSEPH 85 LOGAN, JAMES 86 LONDO. DENISE 125 LONG, CAMIEl 86 Lon| leff 163,242,256.11 LOOK. WENDY 100.241 LOPE2 MRNANDO 86 LOPRfSTI KATHLEEN 86.22 LORD. HUN 100 .211 LORSON. CHRISTINE 86 LOTT, ALLYSO -0.265 loll |ANI I 112,244 mil iirri Lou lohfi Wile) 63 125,177 i ( ) 1 1 LORI (V n hi i asisiy M row » M . LOI IS I ' M I 100.186 LOUIS PETER 112 Louvorn vol i ' 1.226 LOVED ions I2S 242 256 LOVFALD KARI 10 LOWORN MtOI 86 Lowe n|l« 108,309,310,66 kiwi RONALD H " i LOWELI iiinnish LOWERY DAVID 125,184 Lowery, Don 205.213 LOWERY l ion Mi) 12S LOWERY nam y 100 LOWMAN DAVID 86 LOWREY MIMI ' LOWREY i AWRENI I LOZZI IINNIMR 100.207 LUCAS, IAMES Hb.2% LUCY, STEVI 246 272,8 LUDWIG, WAYNE 125,20 LUHMANN CAVLI I.5 240.248.415.177,65 LUMPKIN, SUSAN 125,170 II NDBIRl, ROBIRT 86 II NN I) Ml 112,242,256,6 LUNSFORD MRK.ORY 246,279.125 LUX, EDWARD 112 LYERLY, WILLIAM 11 LYNCH, MIKE 245,268,101 LYNN, TAMMY 86 M MABRAY. MICHAEL 125 Macfilhn, Pally 269 MACHEN, AMY 101,244 MACHEN, TINA 12 MACK, DARNISHA 125,242 MACK, DEBORAH 112,210.242 MAI K If NNIFER 86 MACON, LADONNA 101 MACON, SHEILA 125 MADDEN. KARMEN 112.195,241.254 MADDOX, DAVID 112 MADDOX, JAMES 112 Maddov Kcnh 268 MADDOX, KELVIN 101,245.268 Maddux Lariee 228 MADDOX. I ONI Hb Maddox, Martin 264 MADDOX Mil AN1E 86 MADDOX, MICHAEL 242.256 MADDOX, PHYUS 125 MADDOX. TONY 247 MADDOX, WILLIAM 125 MADISON, PATRICIA 112 MADISON, SANDRA 86 MADISON, SONJA 112 MAGEE, TIMOTHY 112 MAGUONE, RICK 101,200.251.272 Mahadv, Mike 316 MAHAFFEY will km 86 MAJOR, MARSHALL 101 MAJORS BRINT 101 MAJORS IOY 86 Mahla. Tony 324 MAI ISHAM PAIRK IA 112 Mallory. Ben 229 MALON1 LINDA 125 Mam nil Maryann 257 MANLY 1IRAM I 112.258 MANNING. ALICE 86 MANNING, MARCUS 86 MANNING MATTH 100 MARAMAN HtRBIRI 112113.18 Maraman. Ken 180, 1R 1 246 MARAMAN MORI 86 MARINO UNA 113 MARKfRI AMY 111 1 " 186. 202 210 240 248 2h9,66 MARKS KARIN 101 MARIOYM ANITA 113 MARRIOTT ANN! S1ARII Marrow Kem " MARSH, ROBIRT 86 MARSMAII IAS1IS86 All sum 101 MARTIN BRIAN 1 MARTIN Marl ,1»l ■ ■ I jura 166 MARTIN M 11) 101 MARIIN SMIIIA 113.186 1 101.210 MART . MARIY AN(,II A : II M I Sfc MASSfy TAMMY MM . mams MATTHEW MATMINY |AMI MATHEWS bri I 101 MATHIEI ' ' 13 MATTHEWS HOLLY f» MATTHEWS IAMES 101 MATTO) MARTIN 86.244 Maureen fraihorn 273 MAVRIDOl 125 Maxwell I ' auk 54 66.245.266 MAXWELL, IOHN 101 )ib MAXWEU STEPHEN 66 MAY Kf NNI TH 101 MAY 1 A NfSA 86 MAY ROBIRT 101 MAY SHARON 66 MayfieM Vbtceni 190,125 S1AYS BRINDA 86 MAYS ( ARlOS 66 M( ADAMS MM IS 125 M AllslfR ( ARIA 101 M( BRYIII IRIDIR 113 M( ( AIMRTY si SAN 113 MCCAIN ANNIl 101 MCCAll AUIN 11) MCCAll. BIYIRIY 113 .168 MCCAU ( HRIS 24 5 2-0.86 su ( All IOHN 101.230.226 M,( all. Kim 163.228.265 Md all K,p 182 McCall. Kurt 141.148 MCCAll KYNA 111 242,258 MCCAll TAMMY 125 M( ( ARTHA IO ANN 111 Ml ( ARTHY lll ABITH 113 SU c ARTHY l( Kl 86 Mi Unite) ' • •• sa 30 Mr ( I AIN ( HANDRA 86 Ml ( 1 AIN DIBBII 125 S1( ( llll AN AK « NixiN DEBORAH 125 idon Donna 250 MCCLI Nl, ions ■ su COUOUCH RHITT 113 nb, Christine 168,66 125 su r onko WINIFRED 101 SU ( ONNIll (RAN. Ml I OOl IRK 101 SU ( ORIIY TAMMY 86 MCCORtV ■ ' nnv M :t MCCORMK K IOI II ANN 11) SU ( RA( KIN I HR5TOPHER 101 S4 SU RA( KIN KATHRYS SU ( RAl KIR I HR SU ( K Al ADRIINM 101 186.216 SU RSKY ( SKsON M ' Ml l RAYS Mlt HAH 8 ' SU ( KSY KM NMD 101 SU ( RISUYN Y ANDA 113 su i ROKY |AI Kit 125.205 ■ SU ( RORY S1K HAM 1. SU I I MIKs K DO 101 ■ su CUUOI CH kim 66 MCCUUOUGH -5NDI 101 SU ( l K ' llY Kl|s| 101 M( DADI MM HMII 101 SU DANIM HI ATHIK Sfc I SUDANI!! IOHN 86 SU DANIM Mll I 101 SU DANIIts KARIN 11 sAlD K1AK 01 MCDONALO Till any I1XW39.10JUJR6 NNMI II 1)1 101 .MM BRA; Inciox 40S D ebbie McGill, SGA Prez for ' 88- ' 89, chats with her constituents. MCDOWELL, CALVIN 113,304,305,307 MCDOWELL, PENNY 86 MCDOWELL, ROBERT 86,244 MCEWAN, PAM 242,254,257,278,101 MCFATTER, (ILL 101 MCFILLEN, PATRICIA 101,248 MCCARRY, DALE 126 MCCEE, ANGELA 126 MCCEE, DONALD 86,173,264 MCGEE, WENDY 101 MCGILL, DEBORAH 101,242,254 MCGINTY, LESLIE 126,206,228 MCGINTY, MARK 86 MCGOUGH, LETHA 86 MCGRAW, KATHY 135 MCGRAW, MICHAEL 126 MCGRIFF, DONALD 126 MCGUIRE, CARLISE 86 MCINTOSH, JOHN 113 MCKEE, KEVIN SCOTT 86,228 MCKEE, MICHAEL 126 McKeel, Terri 168 MCKEWON, WILLIAM 101 McKethan, Darret 256 MCKETHAN, MARY 86 MCKINNEY, FLOYD 86 MCKINNEY, PAMELA 126 MCKINNEY, ROYCE 86 McKinney, Teresa 46,86,173,244,272,273 MCKNIGHT, ANITA 113,166,168 MCKNIGHT, KARAN 126,195 MCKNIGHT, SHERYL 126 MCLAIN, ROGER 86 MCLEAN, JAMES 113,172 MCLEAN, LISA KAY 241,86 MCLENDON, DONNA 86,241 MCLENDON, SHERI 101 MCLENDON, SHIRLEY 126 MCLENDON, TAMMY 86 MCLEOD, BRIAN 86 MCLEOD, RITA 126 MCLEOD, ROBERT 101 MCLEOD, WILLIAM 101 MCLEROY, CHRISTINA 113,250,270,271,241 MCMICHAEL, CINDI 240,256 MCMILLIAN, CARALYN 87,86,248 MCMILLIAN, JACK 126 MCNABB, AUDRA 87 MCPHERSON, GRETCHEN 101 MCPHERSON, HERBERT 113 MCPHERSON, LYNN 113 MCPHERSON, MITCHELL 126 MCQUAUGGE, EMILY 101 MCCAIN, SHARON 101 MCVAY, MARK 87,342 MCWHORTER, ANJA 126 MCWHORTER, RODNEY 87 MCWHORTER, SUSAN 101,241,250 MEACHAM, AMY 113,166,170 Meadows, Julie 15,101,254,270,271 MEANS, TAMMY 126 Medain, Chandra 308 MEDLEY, JONATHON 126 MEDLEY, KAREN 87 MEDLEY, KATHRYN 87 MEDLEY, STEFANI 113,262 Meek, Patrick 163,242,256 MEGOWAN, MARK 126 MEILLEUR, RON 113,316 MELTON, CYNTHIA 126,168,198 MELTON, MELINDA 126 MELTON, TRACY 113 Menon, Govind 186,203 MEREDITH, JOSEPH 101 MEREDITH, TIMOTHY 126,202 MERKEL, PAMELA 135 MERKERSON, SHARI 113 MERRILL, AMANDA 87,173,415 MERRILL, AUDREY 101 MERRITT, JAMES 126,228 MESSER, LYNNE 87,241,250 M:SSICK, ANNA 126 Messick, Gene 182 MESSICK, LORI 113 MESSICK, PARKER 87 MESSICK, RANDALL 101 MEYER, CRAIG 113 MEYER, JEFFREY 113 MICELI, CRISTINE 113 MIDDLEBROOKS, CHARLES 87 MIDDLEBROOKS, JULIAD 126 MIDDLEBROOKS, TAMMY 126,202 Mike, John 256 MIKLOS, MARK 126,205,212,245,270 MILBRY, CANDACE 87 MILES, FRANK 87,228 MILES, PARALEE 101 MILLEDGE, CYNTHIA 87,191 MILLER, ALICE 101 MILLER, ANGELA 87 MILLER, CHRIS 245 MILLER, CHRISTOPHER J. 87 MILLER, CHRISTOPHER 87 MILLER, DECATUR 87 MILLER, ELIZABETH 87,171,173,228 MILLER, JACQUELINE 126 MILLER, JEFFREY 87,288 MILLER, JOHN C. 87 MILLER, KARLA 126,168 MILLER, KIM 242 MILLER, KIMBlRLY 113 MILLER, MARK 126 MILLER, MICHAEL 101,208,246,267,272 MILLER, PATRICK 113 MILLER, SEAN 87,296 Miller, Susan 195,213,241 MILLER, THOMAS 87,296 MILTON, WANDA 87 MIMS, ANGELY 87 MIMS, DOUGLAS 101,54,296 MIMS, WILLIAM 126 MINCES, MERIANN 113 MINCEY, MARIANNE 242 MINCEY, MELISSA 126,204 Mincey, Menann ibb,i ,it»b,bb MING, DANIEL 87 MINGUS, MATT 245 MINGUS, MATTHEW 101 Muchel, Brad 272 MITCHELL, AMY 87,171 MITCHELL, CAROL 113,243,262 MITCHELL, JANIE 87 MITCHELL, KELLEY 101 MITCHELL, KENDRA 101 MITCHELL, KINETA 113 MITCHELL, KRAIG 113 MITCHELL, LOGAN 87 MITCHELL, MATTHEW 113,244 MITCHELL, SARAH 87 MITCHELL, SCOTT 101,202 MITCHELL, SUSAN 135 MITCHELL, BRIAN 113 MITCHELLE, AMY 240 Milhika, Caroline 186 MIXON, JAMES 113 MIXON, JIM 247,279 MIXON, SHANNON 126 MIZELL, TRACI 87,171 MOBLEY, ANGELA 101 MOBLEY, KATHY 101 MOCK, DANA 126,240,248 MONCRIEF, MARY ANNE 242,254 MONCRIEF, MARY 101 MONEY, BETH 126 MONEY, JACQUELINE 101 MONEY, JOHNNIE 87 MONEY, REBECCA 87 MONK, LAU " A 101 MONROE, VALERIE 87 MONTGOMERY, RIC 87 Moody, Rothel 184 MOODY, TAMARA 126 Moon, Jeff 195,272 MOON, JEFFREY 113 MOONEY, CHAKLES 126,245 MOONEY, LAURA 113 MOONEY, MARK 87 Mooney, Nathan 17,113,193,243 MOORE, ANGIE 242,265 MOORE, CARLOS 87,296 MOORE, CHRIS 101,242,256 MOORE, FELIX 101 MOORE, FREDA 113,308 Moore, Frida 309 MOORE, GORDAN 87,171 Moore, Jeff 175 MOORE, JUANITA 126 MOORE, MARGARET 126,254 Moore, Mike 189 MOORE, NANCY 113 MOORE, OLA 113 MOORE, RONALD 126 MOORE, TONI 87 MOORE, WANDA 101 MORAN, LIS 87,240 MORGAN, AMY 126 MORGAN, BILLY 101 MORGAN, CHRIS 114,190 MORGAN, ELIZABETH 126 MORGAN, JOSEPH 114,186 MORGAN, MEREDITH 101,242,254 MORGAN, RUDONA 87 MORGAN, TINA 87 MORGAN 101 MORIN, STEPHANIE 87 MORRIS, MELISSA 102,180 MORRIS, SHERRI 87,243,262 Morrison, Dan 267 MORRISON, SCOTT 102,247,274 MORRISON, WILLIAM 126 MORROW, DORSEY 114 MORROW, KAREN 102,170,203 MORROW, KATHERINE 114 MORROW, NELSON 114 MORROW, PAIGE 87 Morrows, Paige 228 MORTELLARD, JERRY 102 MORTON, MICHAEL 114 Morton, Mike 340,342 MOSLEY, TIMOTHY 126,169,213 MOSS, MARY 114,241 MOTES, JANET 102 MOTES, LYNN 126 MOTLEY, EVA 114,254 MOTLEY, EVE 242 MOTT, AMY 114 MOULTON, ELIZABETH 126,15,163,242,254 MOULTRIE, MICHELLE 87,173,228 MOULTRIE, SANDRA 114,184,254 MOULTRY, CYNTHIA 126 MOUNT, DARYL 126 MOUNT, MARTHA 126 MOUNT, SUSAN 126 MOYE, TAMMIE 102,242,194,198,254 MOYERS, CLARK 247 MOZO, REBECCA 126,194 MULLER, TINA 126 MULLIS, MALISSA 87,244,266 Multree, Sandra 141 MUNDY, CAROL 87,173 Mundy, Leigh 171,229,250 MURDEN, TAMMY 114,166,211,243 MURDOCK, JAMES 126,244,264 MURPHREE, STEVE 101,173,245,268 MURPHY, CHRISTINE 87 MURRAY, CORNELIUS 114 Murray, Neal 304,305 MURRAY, TARA 101,241,250 Musgrove, Carla 238 MUSGROVE, JOSEPH 102 MUSGROVE, SHERRI 135,66 MUSICK, MICHAEL 126,172 MUSSLER, ED 245,268 MUSSLER, EDWARD 102 MYERS, CLARK 126,279 Myers, Randall 182 MYLER, MONICA 87,240,248 N NAFTEL, KELLY 87 NAPPER, SHARON 102 Nash, Neal 54,102,219,251,272,279,338,339 NEAL, TODD 126,268 NEELY, CHARLES 102 NELSON, AUDREY 114 NELSON, CYNTHIA 126 Nelson, Gina 229 NELSON, LISA 126,244,265,266,278 NELSON, REG1NA 126 NELSON, ROBERT 126 NERO, MARIETTA 135 NESMITH, DAVID 126 Nesmith, Gordy 190 NESSI, MATTHEW 126 NETTLES, ALN 126 NEWBY, CHARLES 126 NEWBY, CHUCK 245 NEWMAN, BARRY 87 NEWMAN, ROB 245,270 NEWMAN, ROBERT 102 NEWSO, BETTY 126 NEWSOME, BURT 244,205 NEWSOME, BURTON 126 Newsome, David 229 NEWSOME, JOHN 87 NEWTON, KIM 242 NEWTON, KINBERLY 126 NEWTON, PATTY 87,242 Nichols, Delynn 182 NICHOLS, LOIS 102 NICHOLS, REBA 87 NICHOLSON, DWAYNE 102 NIKLASSON, HANS 87 NIX, DANIEL 126,177 NOLAN, JULIE 87,173,242,254 NOLAN, LESIA 87 NORDMEYER.MARGO 114 Norman, Todd 15,10 2,245,268 NORQUIST, GREGG 102 NORRIS, CHARLES 114 NORRIS, CHUCK 245,268,279 NORRIS, SCOTT 245,268 NORRIS, STACY 126 NORSTROM, JAY 114 Norsworthy, Marilyn 169 NORTON, CHARLES 87 NORTON, JAMES 114 Norton, Jim 219,246 NORTON, JOE 246,272 NORTON, LISA 114 NORTON, VIRGIL 114 NUNNALLY, SCOTT 114 o O ' BRIEN, WINI 135 OATES, SHERRIE 102 Ober, Amanda Forbes 66,46,126,241 406 Index ()( ONNOK SHANNON 10 ODELI CAII ' 02 oi)i DEXTER 87 ODOM, KIM 126 ODOM SANDRA 114 i iihi ' .i sMIRRY 102 ODOM sllONDA in- ' . ' 41.250 Odum, Ol.DIN I I si I y HI. ' 210,211 OHMAN MIsON 87,171,173.186 Ohman Merle 166 177,186,202,211 OHMIN M.ERII iiJ OLDS |OHN 127 Oldl M.ifk 296 OlIVIR KIMII 127 Olive Daanru IBS 240,248 OLIVE, NANCY 114 oiiu PATRK IA67 OLIVER GINGER B OLIVER riM 114 OLIVER vs ANDA 87 OLSON HI AM 114,172 OLSON. KENT 127 ORBAUCH, CAERON 87 ORBAUCH, CAM 24 OROURKF. WILLIAM 114 ORTMAN. FREDRICK 1 iS OSBORNE. PAUL 87 Oshoiitne, leii 264 OSBURN, |OHN 102 OSMER, RICHARD 87,242 OSTEEN, DEBRA 102 OSIIIN IRACY 87 OUTLAW, AMY 87 OUTLAW, RHETT 87 OVERTON, DELIA 114 OWEN, PHILIP 127 OWENS, ANGELA 114 OWENS, CARON 127 OWENS, CHARLES 127,205 OWENS, DARREN 127 OWENS, GREGORY 114 OWENS, MARCUS 87,270 OWENS, MICHAEL 88 OWENS, PAMELA 88,171 OWENS, SUSAN 88,241,250 P Padget, Lynn 228 PADGETT, |OHN 114 PADGETT. MELINDA 102 Padgcll, Ricky 166,177,184,203 PAGE, ANGELA 102 PAGE, IENNIFER 127 PAINTER, WILLIAM 127,246.272 PAIR, DAVID 88 PALMER, CHRISTIAN 127 PALMER, LEAH 88 PALMER, PATRICK 88.296 PALMER. SARA 88.171,240,248 PALMISANO, LISA 102.241,250,272,273.415 PALMORE, RACHEL 88,191 PANACEAS, DANIE 127 PANHORST, IENNY 88 PANTOS. JENNIFER 88.102,240.248 PANTON, THOMAS 88.331 PANTON, TOM 245.270 Panton, Tommy 53 PARAMESWARAN, NAVA 127 PARAMORE, BETHANY 114 PARAMORE, BRADLEY 114 PARAMORE, MARCUS 114.256 PARAMORE. MICHAEL 102 PARHAM, MICHAEL 114,244,251 Parham. Trey 264 PARISH, CUE 243 PARISH, ED 245,413 PARISH, IOSEPH 114 PARISH, LUCILE 114 PARKER. COMER 88 PARKER, DIANE 88 PARKER. GRETTA 127 PARKER, JUDY 114 PARKER, KATHRYN 114 Pjrkrr, Kay 198.210 PARKER. PAT 243,262 PARKER. PATRICIA 114 PARKER. SABRA 102 PARKER. SHERRI 114 PARKER, STEVEN 88 PARKER, THOMAS 127 Parnell. Milch 2% PARNIII SCOII HH PARNIII rHOMAS 114 P ARRIS DO! 1,1 As Pvrhh Hi I Ptrrlih i.l 270,271 . I ' ARRISH KEVIN || P.miO. I ' M I ' ARRISH Sll AN I PARSHALI WILLIAM PASlIRl yk IKANkllN 114 RATI II AN 1J5 Pai.-I R.m 186 Patlllo lohn i ' 3 RATI H ' Ksiy. SCOTT 88 I ' M IlksON DAI ' MNI I : ' PATTIKSON PAlkll IA 127 PAWLIK, DOUGLAS 127 168 PAXTON, PINNI 114 . ' 4. ' . ' r .4 228,1% PAYNI i NIHIA 88 PAYNE. |IMMY 127,296 payni KEVIN 102 PAYNI MIC Hill 114 PAYNI PAUL 88 PAYNI Will I AM 88 PA ION, LADONNA 102 PEACOCK, ANGELA 114 PEACOCK, CHARLES 102 Peacock, David 202 PEACOCK, STEPHANIE 88,190 PI IIRSON PAIKH IA BO P| IIRSON IRA( 1 114 PITHI H4 n i lis DAVID an PETTIS kin • I ' l I II s y skKii k 88 PI i n Ay i ashiii 88 PHELPS sum U4 PHILIPS I AMM PHILLIPS Ai i ON PHILLIP PHILLIPS ( aihak ;-. 47,68 Phillip . Kay 300 phiiiii ' s mi PHILLIPS Rohiri SB PHIUIPS. RYAN 88 PHIUIPs A ll II 102 PHIIlll ' s SHIRIEY 88 PHILLIPS i AMMy 102.262 PHINNEl kihk « 102 163 242,278 Pu j, C,in K - ' 166 2 1H 244.278,66.174 PIA A SIRUNIA : I ' ll HARD IRKIN in. PK HARD REID IU 209 . ' 46.272 Pl( Kl I I HINITA 88 PK Kl 11 shun 88,192 PIERI I IIHCIA I ' ll k I Ml KBIE 88 POIISM I Mil y ' ■ I ' 88 » 198 ■ ■ 114 88 • ■ Will II 88 POTTER • -IS 88 N 88 Pcmrll. Lynn 184 POWEU I " j 168 POWI 114 A ngela Coleman consults the all-knowing Adams Center Info Booth. PEACOCK, TAMMY 88 Peak. Mike 202 PEAK, RICHARD 102 PECCI, STACY 88,200.244,266 PECCI, TRACI 244 PECCI, TRACY 102,195.266,269 PIC K PATRICIA 88 PEEL, MICKEAl 127 PHPIIs IORENZO 114 PlUt SI SAN 127 24 1 PELTON DIRRK K 102 PENNINGTON (RIK 88 PI NNINGTON. WAYNE 88 PI PI KIMBIRLY 127 PIPPIR si A N 88 PIPPY ROBERT 88 PIRRV ROB 246 272 PI TIRMAN S1ARY 127 Pints Annctle 184 PETERS sam y 127,180 Peters, Rhond Peters, scan S4 114 PSHRSON lll ABITH 88.17 PIIRC I IAMES 127,184 PIIRC I USA 127,216 PIIRC I SANDRA 88.300 PIS1IINT A (,AKRK K 127 Pinii. 1 • . ' 96 PIN( KARD II III 114 PIPER. TONYA 88 PIPPIN KRIS1I 114 PIPPINS (,|RRy 12 ' . 168 PIPPINS S1ARY 114 Puman c hrhl PITTMAN ANDRIW 114 PI11S1AN II III s 88.2% PII1S1AN si SNN1 114 Pills |M Ql MINI 127 PIUS 1HIRISA 88 PI ARRO lost 127 147 puss mi in |27 PIISI R DON 114 PIISIIWK PAl I 88 poi rHOMAS I0; POI AHI ANNl 114 • POM WILLI! 88.228 POWEU SANDRA 88 . TIM 114 POWEU in PRATER MARK 88 .148 PR|sm( SSRAH88 N IIHRiy • PRt All !ON A PRU I C ARl A 114 PRIl I DAVD 114 ■ I Pn.r : . • 168 I PRIl I RAYSIOND 114 I04S PRICI IC IORIA 88 PRIDGEAS KIUY 88 PRIIi. Ind. i PRIDCEN. LISA 127 PRIDCEN, RENEE 127 PRIDCEN, SHERRI 88.171,240.248,257 PRIDCEON. KEU 144 PRUITT, KEITH 127,245 PUCKETT. KEN 246,272 PUCKETT, KENDAl 115 PUCKETT, SAILIE 88,171 PUCH, ANGELA 102 PUGH, CENA LYNN 102 PUCH, CENA 243 Pugh, Greg 256 PUCH, CREGORY 88 PUGH, LESLEY 102 PULLIAM, DONNA 88 PURCELL. KATHLEEN 127,177,67,202,242 PURIFOY, TANGELA 127 PYLE, STEPHEN 88 PYNES, SUSAN 127,248 QUALLS. KIMBERLY 89 QUALYLE, MELODY 102 QUATTLEBAUM, CHERYL 135 QUATTLEBAUM, MARTIN 127 QUILLEN, LUTHER 89 QUINN, AUDREY 127 QUINN, LARA 89,17 QUINN, ZAN 89,171,240,248 Quisenberry, Scott 15 RABREN, TONY 115 RACH, TIMOTHY 89 Rack, Tim 171 RADFORD, ELIZABETH 135 RADFORD, VIRGINIA 115 RADNEY, LORI LUAN 102 RAFFINGTON, LENROY 89 RAHMING, DIANNE 102 RAILEY, BONNIE 127,202 RAINES, AMY 102 RAINES, EUGENE 89,304 RAINEY, DAVID 89 RAINEY, DEAN 242 RAINEY, RONALD 89 RALEY, BRENDA 127 RAMBO, RICK 89 RAMSEY, ANGELA 115,184 RAMSEY, ROBERT 89,246,272 RANSOM, CHARLES 115 RANSOM, CHUCK 245 RANSON, JULIE 102 RASH, KIM 115 Raulerson, Danna Kay 250,338,339 RAULERSON, DANNA 102,241 REAVES, DONALD 115,180,181 REDDING, FRANK 102 REDDING, PATRICIA 89,244,266 REDDOCH, DONNA 89 REDDOCH, KIM 244,266 REDDOCH, KIMBERLY 89 REED, ANTHONY 89,304,305 REED, BERNARD 115 REED, KIMMIE 89,308 REED, SHARON 127,168,244,266,67 REED, SUSAN 135 REESE, CHRISTOPHER 89 REESE, GREGORY 89 REESE, JEFFERY 127 REESE, TOMUNDA 89 REEVES, CHRISTINE 127 REEVES, JAMES 89 REEVES, JENNIFER 89 REEVES, SHARON 115 REEVES, STEPHANIE 89,243,262 REEVES, SUE 243 REEVES, SUZANNE 89,262 REGISTER, PEGGY 102 REGISTER, TIMOTHY 89,228 REID, KATHERINE 115 REILLY, GIANNA 89,217,215 REISCH, ANGELA 115,168,210 RENFROE, ROBERT 89 RESPRESS, WANDA 102 RIYNOLDS, JACQUELINE 115,216 REYNOLDS, REGINA 102,242 REYNOLDS, SHELLIE 115,166,177,219,243,262 REYNOLDS, TIMOTHY 115 RHODES, DAVID 127 RHODES, JAMES 102 RHODES, MAUREEN 127 RHODES, MIKE 247,279 RHODES, SCARLET 127,207 RHYNE, DONNY 89 RIALS, LISA 89 RIBEIRO, ALMIBETE 115,186 RICE, DEBORAH 115,186,208 RICE, JOHNNY 102 RICE, LAWRENCE 102 RICE, ROBERT 89,270 RICH, CHRIS 148,156,217 RICH, RALPH 89 RICH, STARLYNN 127 RICHARD, JOHN 115,228 RICHARDS, LEIGH 89,250 RICHARDS, LEIGHANN 241 RICHARDSON, BARBARA 102,266 RICHARDSON, CHARLES 115 RICHARDSON, FRANCES 127 RICHARDSON, FREDA 244 RICHARDSON, GINA 89,244,266 RICHARDSON, JULIE 89 RICHARDSON, KAREN 127,300 RICHARDSON, KIM 102 RICHARDSON, KRISTYN 244 RICHARDSON, LANNIE 102 RICHARDSON, LYDIA 115 RICHARDSON, MARTHA 115,266 RICHARDSON, WANDA 89 RICHBURG, CYNTHIA 135 RICHBURG, LORI 115 RICHTER, LOUIS 89 Rickard, Rick 263 RIDDLE, DAVID 135 RIDDLE, JEFFREY 89 RIDEWAY, BRIAN 245 RIDGWAY, BRIAN 103,268 RIGGINS, JAYE 127 RIGGS, ROBIN 89,244,266 RILEY, BRIAN 115 RILEY, MARK 127,246 RILEY, SHERRY 103 RILEY, TERRY 127,244,264 RILEY, WADE 127,245 RITCHIE, DAVID 127,220,331,413 RIVERS, MICHEAL 127,188 RIZZO, MICHEAL 127 Rizzo, Mike 228 ROACH, JILL 89,217,244,266 ROACH, VICKI 103,257 ROBBINS, DIANA 115,190 ROBBINS, KIM 115,229.231 ROBERSON, CARLA 103 ROBERSON, FELICIA 115 ROBERTS. ALLISON 128 ROBERTS, HOMER 128 ROBERTS, JOSEPH 115 ROBERTS, KATHLEEN 103 ROBERTS, RUSSELL 128,202 ROBERTS, VICTOR 115,267,268 ROBERTS, WILLIAM 115 ROBERTSON, ELLA 135 Robertson, Felecia 196 ROBERTSON, WILLIS 128 ROBINETTE, ROBERT 103 ROBINETTE, TRACI 103 ROBINSON, EMMA 103 ROBINSON, ERIC 128 ROBINSON, GEORGE 89 ROBINSON, LISA 89,204,242.254 ROBINSON, REGINA 103 ROBINSON, TONY 115,179,188,208,223 ROCHESTER, ERIC 89,228,244,264 RODGERS, ANITA 103 RODGERS, CEDRIC 128,202 RODGERS, TIMOTHY 103 ROE, JAMES 89 ROE, RODNEY 128,296 ROGERS, CHARLES 89,242,256,257 ROGERS, CINDY 103 ROGERS, EMILY 115 ROGERS, PAMELA 128 Rogers, Suzanne 168 ROGERS, WENDY 128,266 Roling, Angela 177 Rolling, Lisa 228 ROLLING, RUBY 128 ROLLINS, ELIJAH 103 ROMANO, SUZANNE 89 ROSARIO, PEDRO 89,228 ROSE, MARK 103,208,246 ROSE, MICHAEL 103 ROSENQUIST, TRACY 89,173,242,254 ROSHON, MICHAEL 103 ROSKOS, MICHAEL 128,185,268 ROSS, MARY 103 ROSS, SHANNON 89,244,266 ROTH, STEFAN 135 ROUSE, PATRICK 115 ROUTZONG, ROBERT 115 ROWINSKY, MIKE 89,228,247 ROWSER, RODNEY 103 ROY, JODIE 128,242 Rucker, Paige 172,242,254,257 RUDOLPH, ERIC 89 RUGDON, DENISE 89 RUMPH, GARRY 128,296 RUMPH, SHIRLEY 128 Runk, Lisa 200 RUSH, MICHELLE 243 RUSH, SALLY 115,262 RUSHING, GARY 89 RUSHING, JAY 89 RUSHING, LINDA 135 RUSHING, TAYLOR 103,156,170,177,202,413 RUSHING, TERESA 115 Rushon, Michael 202 RUSS, DONNA 128 RUSSAW, SHENIKA 115,241 RUSSELL, ALLEN 103 RUSSELL, CATHERINE 135 RUSSELL, CELENA 115,172,173 RUSSELL, CHARLES 128,180 RUSSELL, DOUGLAS 103,228,244,264 RUSSELL, NANCY 135 RUSSO, MARC 115,316 RUTHERFORD, ANGELA 89,180 RUTHERFORD, JUDITH 103 RUTHLEDGE, JANNA 244 RUTLAND, MARY 135 RUTLEDGE, CHARLES 128 RUTLEDGE, JANNA 89,225 RUTLEDGE, RACHEL 103,210 RUUD, ALAN 115,245,268,202 RYALI, BHARGAVI 89 RYALS, KEITH 247,274 RYALS, WARREN 115 RYAN, JAMES 128 RYAN, STEPHEN 115 RYLES, CARLENE 89 RYMER, MIKE 103 Sales, Marvin 306 Sallas, Cyndi 206,228 SALLAS, CYNTHIA 89 SALLAS, ELIZABETH 115 SALTER, BETTY 103 SALTER, MARY 128 SALTER, WADE 103 SALTER, WENDY 89,243 SAMARKOS, JOHN 115 SAMUEL, TERRENCE 128,229 SANDERS, AMY 89 SANDERS, BARBARA 89 SANDERS, CHRIS 246,272 SANDERS, CHRISTOPHER 128 SANDERS, DANIEL 128 SANDERS, DONALD 103,267 Sanders, Elizabeth 173,89 SANDERS, JACQUELINE 135 o ne more lash before the big bash 408 Index SANDERS, IIRRY 103,121 SANDERS. IAURA 10 J. 170. 189.2 17 SANDIRS, LYNN 128 SANDIRS ROBER1 89,171.173 SANDERS. STACY 89 SANDIRS SIIVI 115 SANDIRS TAMMY l. ' H,168 SANDIRSOY SHARON 115 SANDO. BRENDA 115 SANDS MARRY 128 SASSER, |ANET 128.200 SASSIR IANII 128 SASSER, MALANIE 89,16,415 SASSER, TOMMIE 89 SAUCEDV IIIIRIY 115,244,264 SAUL, DOMINIC 10J Sauk losh 256 SAUNDERS, IULIE 128,168,177,195,243,67 SAVAGE. REGINALD 89 SAYLES. GRACII 89 SCARBOROUGH. |OE 103 SCARBOROUGH, |OHN 244,264 SCARBROUGH, BILL 246,272 SCARBROUGH, VINCI 103 SCARBROUGH, WILLIAM 128 SCARPINATO. SANDRA 89 SCARPINATO SANDY . ' 44 SCAVELLI, MARIAN 128 SCHAPER, STEVEN 128.331 SCHERL. WADI 103 SCHIMMEl, |OHN 89 SCHLEY ( HARLES 128,177,245.263,202 Schliecher, Billy 230 SCHNEIDER. DARRELL 128,242,279 SCHOFIELD, MELISSA 115 SCHOFIELD, MISSY 244,266 SCHOFIELD, TAMMY 115 SCHOFIELD, TERESIA 128,168 SCHOFIELD, WADE 103,182,183 SCHORN, SHERI 89,250 SCHUNK, LAURA 90,242 SCHURR, PAMELA 128,191 SCHWALLIE, BETTINA 128 Scilter. Belly 216 SCOGIN, CYNTHIA 115 SCOTT, ALICE 115,172 SCOTT, EDDIE 128 SCOTT, SUVAUGHN 90 SCOTT, WILLIAM 90 SCROGGINS, SHEILA 135 SCRUGGS, BRYAN 90,245,268 SEALE, MARK 128 Sears, Kelly 198 SEARS, TOBI 103,190 SEAY, JANET LYNN 90 SEAY, SUSAN 115 SEGERS. MELEA 90,185 SEGREST, Deborah 103 Sellers, Brandon 256 SELLERS, KATHARINE 90,171,173 SENECAl, DAVID 90 SENN, CHANNING 90 SENN, DOUG 103,163,246,263,270 SENN, PATRICIA 128 SENN, RHONDA 115 SENN, STEPHANIE 128 SESSIONS, SHENANDONEA 115,168 SEWELL, ANDREW 115,212 SEWELL, ANTHONY 103 SEXTON, BARBARA 128 SEXTON, FAYE 103,254 SEXTON, MICHELE 242 SEXTON, TAMMY 115 SEYMOUR. CYNTHIA 128,206,228 SEYMOUR, VALERIE 103,229,67 SHACKLEFORD. DOBORAH IIS SHAHADY, IOSEPH 90 SHAMBURGER, STEVE 245 SHAMBURGER, STEVEN 90 SHANK, JODI 103.220.221 SHARION, COUNCIL 115 SHARP. CHRISTOPHER 128 SHARP, PATRICK 90.215 SHARPE, ELLIE |ANE 103.250,272,273 SHARPE, ELLIE 241 SHAW, SUELLEN 128 SHAW, WAYNE 135 sheara. Rick 264 SHELBY, DAVID 90 SHELBY, PAMELA 115.242,258,278 SHEPARD, MELANIE 103,243.262 SHEPARD. SALLY 115 SHEPHERD, CHARLES 128,184 SHIPHERD, THOMAS 90 SHERA. RICHARD 115,244 SHERMAN, DAN 246 SHERMAN. DANIEL 103 SHERRELL, KEITH 103 SHETTER, MICHEAL 90 Shetler, Mike 268 SHIELDS ion n SHIELDS KIMBERLY US SHIPMAN M AN 128 SHIPMAN, |AMIs 121 SHIPMAN SONJA 128 SHIPMAN 1 1 KKY . ' 47,279 SHIPMOK DIANI 128 SHIRAH JONATHAN 128 SHIRAH, WILLI! 90 mii mi IOHNATH I SHIVERS WILLIAM 128 MIDI MAklk DIANI I3S SHOIMAMR, MARK 90,246,270 SHOI mamr Nil hi i ' »i 228 SHONK RHONDA 103 SHOQI isl M 11 i 24 SHORES dibbi 128 SHORES iisa 128 SHORES, LORI 128 SHOR1 HRISTOPHER 128,202 SHORT, mi 246 SHORT, KATH1 115 SHORT WILLIAM 90 SH RIIR DANIEI 103 SHOUSE, STUART 128,229 SHOWALTER. MICHEAL 103 SHOWALTER Mlkl . ' 45,268 SHOWS, KERRI 128 SICKLER, MARGARET 135,168,195 SIDES, SUSAN 128 SILVERS. PAUL 128 SIKES, NANCY 128,262 SILER.DOIOIS 115 SUVA, GUSTANO 244,264,266,267 SILV A. GUSTAVO 128 SIMMONS, HERMIA 90,191 SIMON, EARLEAN 115 Simone, Urleen 191 SIMONSON, DAVID 103,244 SIMPKINS, WAYNE 115.148,177,199,209,217,67 SIMPSON, KELLEY 103 SIMPSON, PETER 103 SIMS, CARLTON 115 SIMS, DOUGLAS 128,246,272 SIMS, KIMBERLY 90 SIMS, MICHAEL 128 Sims, Sieve 268 SIMS, STEVEN 103 SIMS, SUSAN 90 SIMS, TERESA 90 SIMS, TIM 103,228 SIMS, TRACI 90 SINGLETON, RODNEY 90,296 SINGTON, FRED 90 SIRMON, LISA 90 SKEEN, LISA ANN 103,215 SKEEN, ROSALINDA 115,170,186,209 SKEEN, STEVEN 116 SKELLY. MARGARET 116 SKELTON, KEITH 103,174 SKELTON, LINDA 116 SKELTON, LISA ANN 103 SKELTON, LISA 24 1 sklllMAN, CHRISTOPHER 128,190 SKILLMAN, JAMES 128 SKIPPER JHFIRY 116,341,342 Skipper, Lisa 195 SKIPPER, ROSALIND 116 SKOWRON, SUSAN 116,211 SKOWRON, SUSIE 244 SLACK, CHERYL 128 SLATON, MICHAEL 103 SLAUGHTER. CAROLYN 116 SLEDGE, YVONNE 135 SLOAN, ROGER 128 SMALLWOOD, HOWARD 116,316 SMART, DAVID 135 SMART, MICHELLE 135 Smartl. Mark 17 128,316 SMUT IR kARL 90 SMILLIE, LISA 116.185 SMITH. ALAN 245.268 SMITH, AMY 90,224,225,241,250,272,273 SMITH, BARRY 90.296 SMITH Bl RTON 90,173 SMITH, CAMMY 128 SMITH. CATHY 103 SMITH MRIS 246.272 Smith. ( " hrivtii- 2 I SMITH, CHRISTOPHER 116 SMITH, DfBRA 90.229 SMITH, EDNA 101 SMITH l A 90 smith LAMES 129 SMITH IANICE 116 SMITH JEFFREY 116 SMITH III AYNI 129 SMITH kARIN L29 SMITH. kIM 242 254 SMITH. KIMBERIY 90.129 o ne more cram before my exam. Smilh, Kimmie 238,244,266,272,273 SMITH, KITTIE 103 SMITH, KRISTI 116,248 Smith Kyle 272 SMITH, LANNIE 129,245 smith Lanny 205 SMITH, LAURIE 116 SMITH, LYNN 241 SMITH. MARGARET 129 SMITH, MARK 129,180 SMITH, MARSORIE 90 SMITH, MELISSA 103 SMITH, MELODY 103,156,208 SMITH, MICHAEL lib sMIIH MICHELE 90 SMITH, MICHELLI 241 171 SMITH, OLIVE 129 SMITH, PAM 244 SMITH, PAMELA 90 SMITH. PATRICK 90,103,242,161 SMITH, REBECCA 116 SMITH. RHONDA 90.228,241,250 SMITH, ROXLAND 116,228 SMITH, SHERRY 90 SMITH TIMOTHY 90.129,244,264 SMITH TOBEY 90 SMITH, TRACI 129,241 SMITHERMAN kAREN 90 SNEED, GRICELLE 116 SNEED TERRY 116 SNELL, DEVON 103,208 SNELl. MARK ANTHONY 103 SNELL, VANESSIA 129 SNELLGROVI IAMES 129 SNIDER BRYI I 90.190 Snyder. Bril 270 SOBEY. ARTHUR 90 SOBOTTKA. DIANA 90.170 SOBOTTKA RICHARD 129 177 SOHN IINNIHR 90.204 SOISSON IOI is 10 1 54 251 SOKOlskl ( YNTHIA 90 SOLOMON LAMES 90 SOMEREORD 1)1 BR A lit, 170 1 2,208 Sorrell low • 310 SOTO, c.ina 103 . ; SOUTH C in: SOUTHERN DAWN 90 SOWELL. GLENNIS 116 Spam MidlMl 182,183 sI ' ANN DANNI 129 SPANN Kl( HARD 129 SPI AkMAN SONY A 90 SPI AR TAW ANA 90 SPI ARS DOLORES 116 spi ARs GREGORY 129 12 245 268 SPINC I BINIAMIN 129 SPINC I MARY 129 SPIN! I SHARON 129 SPENI IR ( YNTHIA 116 s| ' IN( IR TRA( Y in. .42 2S8 SPENCLER GLENN 129.245 SPENCLER sandRA 135 SPIKES tiki- ■ sPIRIs Ql ISN 90 SPIWY ARTHl R 103 SPIWY CLENDA 129 SPIVEl KEVIN 116 SPIVEY MICHAEL 135 • 215 SPOON! R MARY 90,228 sPRAI.l I MSA 103.240 SPRINGFIELD MICHAEL 90 SPI RGEON HRISINI 129.190 SPURLIN. SklPPER 116 SPI RUN TINA 116 SQI IRI MYl AN 129 sTABMR KATHLEEN lib 184 195 19? STAFFORD GREGORY 90 129 STALEl KTORIA90 STALLINGS Dl sty • STALLINGS WENDl 90 sIANDIRMR SCOI sTANDIRIIR WILLIAMS 104 sTANUY IANIIN Sunhq Paul 1 4 S1ANSFH RY UNCI 90 • ST ARks C YNTHIA 129 STARLING M.TON sTI ADHAM RON AID 116 STI ADHAM RONNII 245 STI ARNs STEPHANII 90 slIBHINS SHANS slllll MARTHA 129 STIMI MILDRED 104 slllll SCOTT 129 slllll si ANNI slllll TA ' STMN s ( OIT 90 sTMNIR IIIHRY - sTINl.lR KOHIN lib STEPHENS ANTOINITTI 104 STEPHENS BIMRIY 90 •utlir 202 sllPHINs l YNTHIA 90 STEPHENS K sllPHINs STEPHENS pai i SllPHINs K , sTIPHINs K ANDAl 90 sTIPMINs s, STIPHINS S1IPHANII | InciYi 409 STEPHENS. TERESA 104 STEPHENS. WENDELL 129 STEPHENSON, CINDY 90 STEPTOE, BRUCE 91.228 MIRSS. STEPHANIE 243 STEVENS, ELEANOR 104 STEVENS, ELLEN 241,250,270,271 STEVENS, TRACY 116,229 STEVENS, TRUMAN 91 STEVENSON, BRYAN 129 sTtV RT ANISSA 91,156 slf RT, BLAINE 129,246,270 STEWART, CHRIST 104 STEWART. CYNTHIA 116.265 STEWART, GREGORY 129,296 STEWART, MARY 104 STEWART, RICHARD 91 STEWART, ROBERT 91,267 STEWART, SHANNON 104,250,278 STEWART, SUSAN 91 STEWART, TERRI 104 STEWART, WILLIAM 129 STIDON, CHRISTINA 129 STINNETT, MELISSA 104 Stinson, Lisa 168 Slinson, Sara 168 STIVERS. CAROL 91 STOCKS, KIMBERLY 116,182,204 STOCKS, STEVEN 91 STODDART, ANN 91 STOKELY, LINDA 129,228 STOKES, LESLIE 129 STOKLEY, CYNTHIA 129 STONE. THOMAS 104 STOREY, ZACKARY 129,296 STORY, KENNETH 129 STORY, SUSAN 116,206,229,68 STOUGH, ANNETTE 129 STOUGH, MARTHA 116 STRADER, FELICIA 129 STRATTON, GARY 91 STREETS, SHERYL 104,163,243,262 STREIT, ANDREW 91 STRENGTH, FREIDA 129 STRICKLAND, )UDY 129,168 STRICKLAND, MALCOLM 116 STRICKLAND, MARY 104 STRICKLAND, SHANNON 244,264 STRICKLAND, SHANNONS 104 STRICKLIN, ANDREA 91 STRIKE, SHARON 91 STRINGFELLOW, JOSEPH 116,305,307 STROUSE, TRACY 104,225,244,266 STRUM, RICHARD 91 STUART, SHANNON 241 STUDSTILL, LAWRENCE 91,229 STUMP, JASON 104,244,264 STUTTS, STEVEN 129 STUTZMAN, YVONNE 129 SUCANSKY, SUSAN 91,344,346 SUEHR, JULIE 116 SUJAN, HARESH 91,186 SULLIVAN, JENNIFER 104,240 SULLIVAN, JOHN 116,220 SULLIVAN, MICHAEL 91 SULLIVAN, SHERRY 91,163,242,254 A Trojan Hostess entertains high school recruits during football season. SUMMERLIN, CANDY 91,171,180 SUMMERLIN, KAREN 104 SUMMERS, STEVEN 91,296 SUMNER, ELIZABETH 104,250 SUSAN, MILLER. 113 SUTHER, BRAD 246 SUTTER, BRADLEY 91,272 SUTTON, STEVE 129,174 SVOPA, STEVE 116,247,274 SWANN, SCOTT 91,228 SWEAT, YVONNE 116,189,206,209,211,215 SWEENEY, AR THEREAN 104 SWINDLE, PATRICIA 91 STONE, DOUG 242,256,257 STONE, GWEN 129,177,223,241,413,67 STONE, JAMES 91 Stone, Joanne 166,238,241,250,265 STONE, KATHERINE 116 SULLIVAN, STEPHANIE 91 SULLIVANT, JULIE 129,191 SUMBRY, KEELA 91 SUMMER, BETH 241 SUMMERALL, DAVID 104,296,298 TABB, HAROLD 116 TABLER, JEFF 242,256 TABLER, JEFFREY 104 TABRON, RHONDA 129 TALETON, CHERELL 104 TANNER, ANGELA 91,266 TANNER, ANGIE 244 TANNER, CHARLES 91 TANNER, JENNIFER 129 TANSEY, LAURA 116,202 TARVER, DEBORA 116 TARVER, MELISA 104 TATE, DEBRA 116 TATE, PAMELA 91 TATOM, TONI 91,243 TATUM, LANCE 129,246,272 TAUNTON, RENA 104 TAUSEY, LAURA 242 TAYLOR, CAROLYN 116 TAYLOR, CHARLES 129 TAYLOR, DAVID 116 TAYLOR, DEANNA 91 Taylor, DeeDee 207,300 TAYLOR, DEIDRA 91,244 TAYLOR, FREDDIE 116,296 TAYLOR, JERRY 129 TAYLOR, LAINIE 242 TAYLOR, LARRY 91 TAYLOR, LATONOA 104 Taylor, Lauvonne 189 TAYLOR, LISA 104,116,211,240,248 TAYLOR, MARY 129 TAYLOR, SAMANTHA 91,254 Taylor, Shirley 37,91 TAYLOR, SUSAN 91 TAYLOR, TERRY 91 TAYLOR, WILLIAM 104,270,331 TEAL, SUSAN 129 TELLIS, KENNETH 129 TENNYSON, NICKY 91 TEPPER, SOL 129 TERRELL, MICHELLE 116,242,258 TEW, STANLEY 129 TEW, TIMOTHY 104 Thames, Mimi 250 THAMES, MIRIAM 104 THIERFELDER, DANA 116,200 THOMAS, DARRYL 104,304,305,307 THOMAS, DELISA 129,188,216,228 THOMAS, DONNA 91 THOMAS, FREDDIE 129,296 THOMAS, JASON 91 THOMAS, KURT 104 THOMAS, LAWRENCE 116 THOMAS, LESIA 104 THOMAS, LYNN 116,205 THOMAS, PATRICIA 135,168 THOMAS, SALLY 104 THOMAS, SHARON 129,210 THOMAS, WILLIAM 104 THOMAS, WILLIE 91,247 THOMAS, ZANETTA 116 THOMLEY, MERLON 116 THOMPSON, CARRIE 116 THOMPSON, CHERYL 104 THOMPSON, FRANCES 116 THOMPSON, JENNIFER 91 THOMPSON, JOHN 104 THOMPSON, JULIE 104 THOMPSON, KENNETH 104 THOMPSON, LANG 246,272 THOMPSON, MARILYN 135 THOMPSON, MELONI 129,189,215,248,272,273 THOMPSON, SABRIAN 129 THOMPSON, SALLY 116 THOMPSON, SHARON 129 THOMPSON, STACEY 116 THORNTON, LISA 130 THORPE, JULIE 104,254,270,271 THORPE, TODD 91 THRASH, TRACEY 116 THREADGILL, JAMES 135 TIDWELL, DONNA 91,182 TIELKING, DONALD 130,229 TILLERY, CYNTHIA 104,266 TILLERY, MELISSA 91 TILLIS, JOHN 116 TIMBS, TABATHA 104 TIPPETT, DONNA 91,191,229 TIPTON, CHARLES 104,212,246 TIPTON, TIM 130,305 TISDALE, JAMES 130,172 TISDALE, SANDRA 91 TODD, ELIZABETH 104 TODD, MICHEAL 130 TODD, MIKE 246 TODD, STACY 91 TOLAR, MANLEY 130 TOMLIN, HUGH 104,247 TOMLIN, TAMALA 104 TOMPKINS, GEORGE 130 TOWNSEND, ANDREA 116,216 TOWNSEND, BRETT 91 TOWNSEND, DOROTHY 91 TOWNSEND, EDWARD 130 TOWNSON, JON 91 TRAMMELL, AMANDA 91,244 TRAMMELL, AMY 91 TRATHOWEN, CAROLINE 104 TRATHOWEN, CAROLYN 241,250 TRAVIS, JERALD 130,296 TRAVIS, MARGARET 104,248 TRAVIS, MARGO 240 TRAVIS, SCARLETT 116,248,278 TRAWICK, PAIGE 104 Traylor, Allison 195,198 TRAYLOR, EUGENI 130 TREADAWAY, CYNTHIA 91,171 TRIPP, MICHAEL 104 TRIROJ, PANOT 91 TROMBETTA, MARY 104,248 TROMBETTA, MELANIE 240,248 TROMBETTA, MOLLY 240,272,273 TRUESDELL, DENNIS 104,246,270,331 TRUETT, YOLANDA 116 TRUETTJAMES 130 TUCK, ALVIN 130,204,215,228 TUCKER, AMANDA 104 TUCKER, BERNIE 244 Tucker, Burnie 264 TUCKER, GEORGE 91 TUCKER, JILL 104 TUFARIELLO, DANIEL 116,212 TURBERVILLE, CATHY 104,170 TURBERVILLE, KRISTA 91,228 TURDO, MIKE 130 TURK, MICHAEL 130 Turk, Mike 296 TURNER, AMY 104,240,248 TURNER, ANGELA 104 TURNER, DONALD 130 TURNER, KELLY 91,224,225,244,266 Turner, Kim 229 TURNER, KIMBERLY 104 TURNER, LAUVONE 130,182,205,208,213,217 TURNER, LOIS 91 TURNER, PAMELA 91 TYLER, CARLOS 130 TYLER, CHRISTINA 91,206,220,228 TYREE, LINDS 130 TYUS, RONALD 130 u UNDERWOOD, COURTENAY 130 V VALENCIA, JORGE 116 VALERIE, BASS. 78 VAN BUSKIRK, DAVID 91 VAN SANT, OLGA 116 VANDAGR1FF, SANDRA 116 VANDANDT, MARK 130 410 Index VANLANDINGHAM, DARRIN 130 VANN, HOLLY 91,215,229, Mark 228 VANSAM, CURTIS HO MsJSKIVER, KARL 117 VARNEY, samanima 104 VASS, NANCY 91.180 VAUGHAN. LUKE 104 Vjushn, Lisa 168 VAUGHN, REBEi ( A 91 Velez, |om 168 VENABLE, CAMERON 91.184,240,248 WKRl ll DELORIES 130 VICE, ROY 91,163,242.256 , u r Sherrle 262 VICK, DARRON 104 VICK, IANET 117 VICKERY, CHRISTI 91,243 i k.-rs. C hristy 202,262 VK MIO RUSSELL 92 VINES, STUART 117,251,296 VINSON, JIMMY 104 VOILAND. THOMAS 130 VON, KHAMKIN 91 VOYLES. LORI 104,195,240,248 w WACHOB. PENNY 117,240,248 WADDEll. DENISE 130,198 WADDINCTON, MICHELLE 92,241,250 WADE, OCIE 117 Wade. Olie 228 Wadsen, Tommy 296 WAGNER, BRIAN 246 WAGNER, KENNETH 117 WAGNER, ROBERT 104,163,242,256 WAGONER, BRIAN 92 WAKEFIELD, STEVE 130 Walden, Han 169 WALDEN, JOSEPH 92,203.246,272 WALDEN, MICHAEL 68,117 WALDEN, REBECCA 92,266 WALDEN, SCOTT 92,247,272 WALDREP. STACY 117 WALDROP. DEVI 92,215 WALDROP, RAYMON 130 WALKER, ALONZO 130 WALKER, CHARLIE 130 WALKER. CHRISTOPHER 130 WALKER, CYNTHIA 130 WALKER, DAVID 117 WALKER, DAWN 92 WALKER, DOROTHY 104 WALKER, JAMES 92 WALKER, LARRY 130 WALKER, MARY 117 WALKER, PATRICIA 117 WALKER, PAULA 92 WALKER, RAYMOND 104 WALKER. SARAH 130 WALKER, SONJA 130 WALKER, SONYA 241 WALKER, VIOLA 104 WALLACE, HENRY 130 WALLACE, HOWARD 104 WALLACE, JAMES 117.242 WALLACE, KEITH 130 WALLACE, SHERRY 105,242 WALLER, JAMES 117 WALLER, MICHELLE 105 WALLEY, ROBERT 92 WALTER, CHANCE 247 WALTERS. KATHY 92 Wallers. Mr Billy 205 WAITERS, RUTH 105 WALTERS, WENDY 105.189,217 WAMBLES, SALLY 130 WAN, TOBY 246,270 WARD, CODY 117 Ward, Geoff 264 WARD. GOEFTERY 244 WARD. JOAN 92 WARD. KIMBERLY 105 WARD. LADON 92 WARD. LEIGH ANN 243 WARD. SYLVIA 105 WAREN, CYNTHIA 105 WAREN, MARK 130 WARR. GREGORY 92 W RR, TOBY 105 WARREN. JEFFREY 117 WARRICK, JEFFREY 92 w asdin robiri 130 n.a.182 W AMIINI.ION ANDRI A 105 WASHINGTON II AN 1 10,304. 305,307 V AslllM.ION llsA 92,191 ft miks, amIIIA 130, is 1 1 r l 54,105 WATERS ll kki K y 131 VA -MIKs ll III I T.228 WATFORD iinmiir 117 Watford i« j 205 WATFORD, ikm y 92 WATFORD, VALERII w VTKINS DEMI ikh S 131 189 W MklNS MARK 9 w MKINS PAMEI S 92 WATtIV HURON 105 WATSON, ASCII 117 131 w lsos BELINDA 117 W AlsON, DONNA 117,257 vA.itsmi I li .il),-th 229 WATSON FRAN( is 105 WATSON JINNIMR 92 WATSON, JOSEPH 92 WATSON, LANA 117 WATSON, LORI 117 WATSON, MARK 105 WATSON, RUBEN 117 WATTERS, JENNIFER 117 Weilherford, B«h 415 WEATHERFORD, ELIZABETH 105 WEAVER, GARY 135 WEAVER, HARLIN 92 WEAVER, JAMES 117 Weaver. Phil 180,181 WEAVER, PHILLIP 117,168 WEAVER. RODNEY 131 Webb, Nina Jo 163,225,243,262 WEBB, NINA 92 WEBB, WILLIAM 105 WEBSTER, TY 92 Weed, Ken 296 WEED, KENNETH 92 WEEKLEY. KEITH 105,296 WEEKLEY, NANCY 131 Weekly, Keith 202 WEEKS, BRIAN 131 WEEKS, DOUGLAS 131 Weeks, Keith 337,338,339 WEEKS, LLOYD 117 Weely, Chuck 228 WEINACKER, MICHELLE 92,228 WELBORN, CYNTHIA 92 WELCH, DOUGLAS 117 WELCH, SONJA 131 WELCH, TIM 105,247 WELLANDER, SUSIE 105 WELLS. KAROL 105,240.248 WELTER, BOB 148,217 WELTER, ROBERT 92 WEST, ANDREA 92 WEST, CARLETTE 92,413 WESTBROOK, JANNA 92 WESTMORELAND, SAM 148,209,217 WESTMORELAND, SAMUEL 92 Whacob, Penny 278 WHALEY, ED 246,270 WHALEY, JOSEPH 105 WHALEY, WENDY 117 WHATLEY. ROBERT 105 WHEELER, IRMA 92 WHEELER, RHONDS 117 Whepley, Jim 272 WHETSTONE, KIMBERLY 105 WHIDDON, JENNIFER 117 Whiddon, Lee 198 WHIDDON. MARY 117 WHIsONANT. CHARLES 131 WHISONANT. SHARON 131 WHITAKER. JEFFERY 131 WHITAKER. KEVIN 131 WHITE, AUGUSTUS 132 WHITE. BETHANY 132 White, Betsey 206 White, Betsy 184.215,229 WHITE. CARL 92,163 WHITE. CHRISTY 132 White Cr, kct 269 WHITE, CRICKETT 240 WHITE DEBORAH 132 WHITE. DOROTHY 132 WHITE. ELLA 132 White, Cinscr 209 WHITE HARVEY 105 WHITE. |OE 132 WHITE JOHN 92 WHITE. LARHONDA 105 WHITE. MARY 117 WHITE. NATHAN 132 WHITE. RAY 117 WHITE. REGINA 92.228 w ater basketball made for especially chal- lenging competition during Greek Week. White. Rob 264 WHITE, ROBIN 92 WHITE RUTH 105 WHITE SHEREE 92 WHITE, THOMAS 117 WHITEHEAD, LESLIE 92,242 WHITEHEAD. RHONDA 92.243.262 Whitehurst. Patricia 168 WHITMAN |AM[S 92 Whitmet, Michelle 238 WHITNEY MIRINDA 117 Wl( KERSHEIM MICHAEL 92.229 WK mine KIMBERLY 117 WIGGINS, SAMMY 92 WIGGINS, SHERRI 117 WIGGINS T AN1MY 117 Wtginton, Bart 213 WIGINTON DONALD 132 Wilder lay 228.230 WILDER, MARC 105.246,270 WILDIR WILLIAM W1LKERSON m.h v 132 WILKES ( HRIS HIS 24 " WR.KES Mil HAB 9 WILKES will km 117 296 WTLKINS DAVID 132 WtLKINS ROBERT 92 W II kiss Will KM 92 WILKINSON mi 92 WILKINSON PHILLIP 92 Williams Mrsrj I ' ll WILLIAMS Mill 132 WILLIAMS NNII 132 WILLIAMS anihony 92 WILLIAMS nun 117 WILLIAMS HOBBY ir 212 Will I AM- ( AMI RON 117 Willums I • . ' 28 WILLIAMS l N.NTHIA 105 WILLIAMS DAVID • William D.rk 316 WILLIAMS DOROTHI A 105 WILLIAMS DOI Q AS 105 WILLIAMS I ' W MM 92 188228 WILLIAMS H ami 132 WILLIAMS lll ABITH 46 105 r WILLIAMS IRK IV WILLIAMS KIDMAN s : 190 WILLIAMS FELICIA 105.196 Williams, heldman 193 WilBarra Williams Haroldine 168 wnitAJ - ' 28 WILLIAMS KJOn 92 189 WRXIAMS ll ha WRXIAMS Kl wiiiias ' i:so WRXIAMS mari t WRXIAMS MARI il " WILLIAMS Mil Fit 1 1 1 105 WRXIAMS MYRON Williams Paul 202 WRXIAMS PAl I A 132 WRXIAMS PI ARi s WRXIAMS PENN1 WRXIAMS I ' W.lliams Rands 190 WRXIAMS SAMI ll 105 WRXIAMS - ' Wll UAAss SHIRKS s,; 108.309 WILLIAM Willi 105 Index 411 Williams. Vernon 215.228.231 WILLIAMS, URO 92 WILLIAMS. VICKIE 132 WILLIAMS, U I N 92.228 WILLIAMS, WINIFRED 105 WILLIAMSON, CAROL 105 WILLIAMSON. |OHN 132,245 WILLIAMSON, ROBIN 105 WILLIAMSON, ROSS 92 WILLIAMSON, TERRY 92 Williamson, Yvetle 16,92,163,171,202,242,254 Williamson, Yvonne 16,93 WILLIFORD, ALLISON 93,241,250.270,271 Williford. D ' ric 180.181 WILLIFORD. ERIC 132 WILLIS, ANITA 105,216 WILLIS. GLEN 132.316 Willis, Greg 117,177,247,336,337,338,339 WILLIS, JOYCE 93 WILLOUGHBY, GARY 105 Willoughby, Susan 68.132,166,203 WILMOTH. BRYAN 93 WILSON, ANDREA 105 WILSON, ANTHONY 93,204 WILSON, BRENDA 132 WILSON, CHARLES 105,117,156,217 WILSON, DEIDRE 117,244,266 WILSON, ERIC 93,296 WILSON, JANA 132 WILSON, JOHN 135 WILSON, JULIE 242 WILSON, KELLY 117 WILSON, KIMBERLY 93,229 WILSON, PAMELA 117,229 WILSON, RICHARD 132 Wilson, Sandee 184 WILSON, SHARLA 93,262 WILSON, WILLIAM 105 WIMBERLY, SONYA 93 WINBORNE, RAYMOND 105,163,246 WINDHAM, CHARLES 132 WINDHAM, JOHN 105 WINDHAM, PAMELA 93 WINDHAM, RAY 242,256 WINDHAM, THOMAS 93 WINDHAM, WILLIAM 132 WINGATE, MARGARET 135 WISE, JENNIFER 117,228 WISMER, SHARON 105,207 WISMER, SUSAN 93 WISON, ASHLEY 105 WITCHER, BRIAN 117,182,228 WITHAM, GLENN 105,244,264 WITHAM, ROBERTA 117 WITTE, JOSEPH 92 WOELFEL, JOHN 132 WOELFEL, LAURA 135 WOFFORD, WENDY 117 WOLF, AARON 93 Wolf, Bill 17 WOLF, NICHOLAS 132,169,202 WOLF, RYAN 93 WOLF, WILLIAM 105 WOLFE, JOHN 93 WOMACK, CHARLES 132 WOMACK, CINDY 132,135 WOOD, BRANTLEY 117 WOOD, BRIAN 93 Wood, Joseph 228 WOOD, MONIQUE 105 WOOD, NANCY 105 WOOD, PAMELA 132 Wood, Tammy 46,117,211,241,250 WOOD, TOMMY 93 WOOD, WILIAM 93 WOODARD, MICHELL 105 WOODARD, TERESA 117 WOODHAM, KIMBERLY 132,248 WOODHAM, KRYSTAL 93,243,262 WOODHAM, MARK 93 WOODHAM, MYRA 135 WOODHAM, SAMANTHA 93,243,262 WOODHAM, STEPHANIE 105 Woodham, Stephnie 215 WOODHAM, TRACEY 132 WOODIE, MADGE 135 WOODS, CINDI 132,241 WOODS, CLARICE 105,308,309 WOODS, NELLIE 132 WOODS, PHELIX 117 WOODS, RICKY 246 WOODS, RODNEY 93,230 WOODS, THOMAS 93 WOOLARD, BARBARA 105 WOOTEN, DONALD 132,219,247,272 WOOTEN, JAMES 105 WORD, LEIGH ANN 93,262 WOREN, MARK 247 WORK, CATHERINE 105,148,170,171,177 WOZNY, JAMES 93 WRAY. JAMES 117,316 WRIGHT, ANDREW 132,174,296 WRIGHT. CATHERINE 105 WRIGHT, DANA 93 WRIGHT, ELIZABETH 93 WRIGHT, GERALD 117 WRIGHT, JAMES 105,172,173 WRIGHT, KENRIC 132 WRIGHT, MALCOLM 117 Wright, Mike 341 Wright, Tammy 168 WRIGHT, TOBY 242,254 WRIGHT, TRACEY 117,168,344,346,347 WRIGHT, VONCEIL 132 WRUBLESKY, DAVID 105,316 WUTHRICH, DAVID 117,316 WYATT, BRYAN 105,272 WYATT, KAM 105 WYATT, WENDY 132 WYNN, LILLIE 105 WYNN, SONYA 117 WYRICK, NATALIE 105,300 YAKUBOWSKI, KEVIN 132 YAMAGUCHI, KAZUNORI 93 YANCEY, TAMMIE 105,170,189,202,217 YAWN, LESA 135,168 YEAMAN, JAMIE 93 YEILDING, BENNETT 105,228 YORK, ANNA 132 YOST, ELIZABETH 117,174,206,229 YOUNG, CHRIS 247 YOUNG, CHRISTOPHER 132,177 Young, Dave 238,247,251,264 YOUNG, DAVID 117,244 YOUNG, DEBORAH 132 YOUNG, JASON 93 YOUNG, SUSAN 132,168,186,194 YOUNG, TONY 93,296 YOUNG, WANDA 132,228 YOUNGBLOOD, HOWARD 93,228 YU, JULIE 135 ZABELA, THERESA 135,210,211 ZAPATA, DAN 132 ZEIGLER, SALLY 93 ZEIQULER, CYNTHIA 105 ZESSIN, BRENT 135 Zessin, Wendy 168 ZORN. DAVID 132,166,177,180,181 ZORN, FLORA 105,243 ZWAYER, MARIBETH 117,225 w ould you trust your child with this person? Brad Sutter helps a future Trojan on his search for the elusive Easter egg. 412 Index Student Publications Board Student Publications Board Members: Row One: ).h - queline Smith, Gwcn St jf i • . Merrill Bankester; chairman and Johanna Brandts. Row Two: Brian Jordan, G.irr Cannon, Ben Baker, Thomas Peeks, W.E. Hardin, Fred Da- vis, Dr. Donald Gibson, Ed Parish and David Ritchie. T S U Photography Troy State University Pho- tography Department: Row One: Cara English and Taylor Rushing. Row Two: Ed Mo- seley, Carlette West and Re- gina Hudson. Row Three: Donald Norsworthy and Jeff Freeman. Student Publications Board Photograph) 413 7 e ' PaiC uUcupt A small light glows from the second floor of the Ad- ams Center on a rainy Satur- day night. The building lays silent except for a lonely stu- dent worker studying for his lit. final in the first floor game room and a few students left in the Palladium office. The computer comes to a sudden stop as the sound of tape sealing a box echos through the building. It is done. Another Palladium fin- ished!!!!! What do you do on a year- book staff? Ultimately the goal is to produce a book of memories that uniquely cap- ture the year in pictures, sto- ries and captions. Along the way you try to have a little fun and keep your sanity. You hope to produce a book that will do that, record the year and its memories for many students. The reward is being able to have the simple satisfaction that you have done your best and hopefully gained a few new friends along the way. Garry Wayne Cannon Editor-in-Chief Lori Featheringill Associate Editor Ginger Blake Art Editor Jacqueline C. Smith Adviser 414 Palladium Staff Suui Palladium Staff: Row One: English, Beth Weathcrford, ger Blake, Lisa Palmisano, Not shown: Emiley Dever. Lori Featheringill, Gayle Luh- and Amanda Merrill. Row Melanie Sasser and Garry mann, acting advisor Van Two: Andrew Gregory, Gin- Cannon. The first issue of the Palladium was published in the fall of 1904. It ran as a monthly publication, up until 1912 the Palladium was primarily a literary magazine sponsored by the Calhoun Literary Society. In October of 1912 the memorial volume of the Palladium was printed in the format of an annual, with pictures and information of the passing year. Additional volumes were published in 1919, 1923, 1929 and 1937. It was revised as a regular yearbook in 1948. • " " Palladium Staff 415 cC £ t o- % TtOe This is the final page!!! This has been an experience I have to say I could not have gotten anywhere else. This position of Editor-in-Chief gives new meaning to adventure. It is long hours, hard work and many headaches, but it has given me a greater understanding of responsi- bility and delegating responsibility. The staff has gone through many changes this year. The beginning of the year brought with it a new staff and a new computer copy system. It was a challenge for Man (Persons) and Machine but by the end of the year the challenge had been met. The staff jokingly suggested that before you can get a degree from TSU you should be required to work on the Palladium during spring quarter, then a graduate would understained the meaning of deadlines. Well maybe, but I know that this staff knows what one is, even if they don ' t all know how to type, (please learn) Never before have I seen so many deverse talents and personalitys work together so well. I have to thank Ginger, Emiley, Pam, Andy, Mandy, Lisa, Meliane and Beth for a job well done. I have to give a special thanks to the associate Editor Lori, who helped me train the staff and yet remained a friend even through the rough days. Also a special thanks goes to Donald Norsworthy and his photogra- phy staff for their hard work and Cheryl Murchison, our Herff Jones representative, for her time and assistance. The year would not have been bareable without the support and advice of our adviser Jacqueline Smith. She is a women to be admired for her 25 years of service to Troy State University and the numerous students she has touched over the years. I am thankful I can call her my friend. A special thanks goes to my parents, Jerry and Gloria, for support- ing me in my decision to be editor and to my fraternity brothers and roomates a thanks for helping when I needed it. It is over for this edition, but as I write these words the next editi on has started. The staff of the Palladium is a group that deserves the highest possiable praise for their unselfish dedication to their Univer- sity and its students. Again Thanks!! Sincerely, ZL aax CoL. asnsrurTi-. Garry Wayne Cannon Editor-in-Chief 416 Editors Note

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