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I .r 5 ff .U f 3, 1 -,uf eff. . 'Na ' 3' 1 4 . 1-LA 'Z vm r I-:,,11-1 it-if. ' V!- gf i' 4 D ' 1. . ' 5 -' ' - " A ' 'Eg r,J A " V' - J 44 v M 8 ws. O I is A' "Z4p ' K . IA- D 3, a- - S1 .4-' V., .v' ' '22 VA ,Q , . is 1 I gr 'C ,. 14? Ei 1. E1 '. M !- l I I 1 ii .i if ii iz l ff li I. gk E N , , WJQJ1 1 ,g.,. I li Pflixpl "rib A I 1 1 .1 Q.- s ' F1 uswni, , P- 4 5 l I I K ': 0 ss 3' 4 1-Af. V 'xxx-'I Q P. 'A5z.l I MQ vf -1 ,Waihalqg-0 Q 11:5 fi? ol Q. . rw- 'L' 'L-E 1 ' " ' ' lx' '4' this 1 'A-:-5,-ff. Jllpgfgvzg. .gy 'vii'-EQ, T' 1 1,57 :,- . " I 'Na-fi. F fr- . , I gy., T2 ' - , f ' -: 'Q wx -. L-1,.A.!lE..,' 1 ' 2 'U '-':.4P?L5: - 's-Ya fi ' " 9 I "",I?fj'J ' Viv..-wi Q- v.r+.' . - v - , N .. ' Al' I" A xfx Q I 5 . 5 df ., J.j':f " q'f.'g 757' 5 1, . ,v u g rf. i I 1 Q J r suelen can M lee'-2 I Q-,' lnqi Palladium 1985 Troy State University Troy, Alabama 36082 Volume 74 Campus Life 14 Features 42 Sports 70 Qrganizations I36 Creeks 2 I8 Entertainment 280 Administration 300 Classes 340 Closing 400 x XA ' Y A, .g f 1 0 'W 6' Q :.' I xxrkl, -I 'YN It is 8 matter of pride: Troy State University . T ' f 1 .-. mit ,I 'E' " 3 J '+- -l.A.. ', -'-'....-- . . EM ' E X . 'L , ,, r X ., - .-n- l n ' ', . A .,,4,f,llA4 4 Opening . .sin I 1 -.- P:.... I , L- X x -ix- J . 5' 25 VN ' if l , H as H25 Q Q' 2254512 M!! lllllll lllllllllll Illlli llillllhllllttul ll Ilia! ssl X V 5 X V A , i i , K X 5 ,:x,h5, ,,i....., , ..... - -- 5115. - , . 'X N D sz -- 1...-i 1'2- 'I +- Q :gs . r -5- - I , p -'Q s l nov-4-ox. HYXYHN' ' H1 KKK!!! . a 3,94 i1 ..-nn' Q 47 41' a 0. of . . -. , F T' Q, .5 012' ' O Q ' 1 A . 0 ff Haas, Or" S 0 1 1 hs A. 4 ,c 9-1. s .9 A' .. .9 wan, "TL, my .-A I, , 4. nv j .v 1' .-A' 1 L 1 . -in " 4 . . W ' i ' 4 win-N' U . FN , ' .A MX-Q73 x 5- . f t L , w ',f"Rii'xl i 1 -A .Q . aff! .1 1, I , ? I f g 4 if s. 4 I ' K, I Q J' f ji X! X, Pig g 5 N 'A o- iv k ': A-:XH77 7, . ,. -4 xuy 5 Inn N lurnrvmrmx rw ax Q ' A 1 ' Q-'x'F' - mpnrlnm, the- mm " w Uxu1N'x"nf1nY - 1 ll e-xvrfh fm! Tm LW .W 1. ' ll HN p.lL1t'.iHTN .lt.l'10""4 N s ul lmthvr trump HN' H1I!YN'1UY'V" fL,1v.1s'N , NNN VON" X pumr IN IU -I ' 'm'rnh.mtx sfNw1fYt'Y' .vw - lemlvu LLJHNM .1-frm H' N 111113 In UNM ll We- M p.if,hfv ,x 1,16 MVN- -1 ' 1 1 v 'nxuism xugmgn vi IHA N Zuxx"'nvxN .l'e' f"o v ' tm Ham WNf"l'NL1"f N w Q IHTN .lx mx rm IHJ1' s THX VAN' M "ww H-- N xg 'I n ,ftp 32, I . 5 5 ..K ' 4 -Q34 '-l" . 1 ' . f A ... 'iv' xA - - . , , NF . ...- - .1 ig- : ff 5 Q I Emw- .- ff' ""' sig. . I ,lN'l1IHg I 0 -- elf! -.I X.-,gas .. 6'-'JU' Q-:rw -'- . . s .vf S xfi NL .1g+'irj7d"ff '- ' 'ir ' ',d1g.'t xv - , ff! E- ' 3 v ... 9,33"r '.-ips.. --' 1 ' J PEW. lu ,O if-X I 1 ' O Penlng Y'0e em ' ive e X0 exso NOC 064 exe QR X e0 R X50 We dai q0e0x K'0e N. Q 'Q xexq0s e00xq0ev,Q, oes 00x0 e 'Sw X66 ei as 000640 6 40000q0e GM we 06e Qxixes 009 A0 aesQ0e0c se0se as Q18 as q00f5xc9 6e025xq0e0xs c000w6xe q00Q0'0 60i0xix6e e06ess'00ds 0K e0xexxq90f e Ks 0000 q000exx1 xexq0s ,box Kze000.fb0Q0 Q0e a66e0ees New 0K SSX-esxeeq0 N0 os zsyxeexxye ,as oi Q02 660069 xe 04004 0 x Um 06 A 00 'Get szixs Q02 0009 Q40 Ska 0000 e0ee . Rox RCS me ' 006 06 00 We X4 x ' Xxow 0,0 Q9 ,. 16 1 Q0 0x 099 ok Q 80 Q60 2 06 SY- OYA wx 0 YANG a06i0e0 'Oewxi 0K me, ?Si0'0 Cmxles 306 0960? N630 sewe C,0000606s Na06scz00b 00 q0z90Y-ei 6eq0e0xs'Q Q0e odwe 5 I C X.. PR' I . Q' . fx, lx Q 125 - 'xx . Q O 0.454 'Qc-1-r ' " .f" -'.'..? -'rv X X XI ops-mg u 7 F D 14 Camp Lte fashion TBUS Got the Npirtt Thank God Itk Ilmrwclttx Here Un Uurt Ntax Dax looking link CAMPUS LIFE Leslte Carroll ton t Audrey Nelson kent Odums Wavne Codwn Photographers Donald Normorthx Lorrt Studtoe Dan Smuth Angela Boswell Brent Scott Statt Sandra Scott Suzte Thurrnon Terrx Nttlncr lett lm C ret, lie nton ti Ntose If ro uoltt tn x -L--5-. n -il VD' J "ZW -3 ' In I.lwhl4u1 ii 1 o- 1. X, 1 W ,f 'I , .. A. Y Y . V, "-1. .,.'s-:A I Q g ' , w 1 . vr, , , , , g , , 2 . - 1 0 .,., K- , - .. , , 5 5-jfjfguvrxv o . v . Y . l ,. ' I 'Q I' S Y : ff 'Ill . 1. v . V w ,-J : , ' f J if. Y' i "A A 1 '1-'fi -. ,,.l . l .r .ml -. ,f . I .' ,h 5, ' l'l"'fT'Y7ZW i w 'aw , - ' uf us- . - , - VL ' ' . -, ' . f .. .i' 'L' .,- " Hg 1 - 'v x5 ' -' ' , ' 2111 .'v '- A I " '. ' ' ' .- ,f 0 ' .. - . - ' . , ...',,- -an-Q-S-v.---L. yu v- h -rQ""1,"7 ' ' V ' be , I H814 Q . ,-ry-a .' " . P -45 if ,' ' O . . ,l.' . . of J' fc . . X . 1 1 ' 7 ' I ' I 5 . I 1- L -sv W "5 ' h .' . 'l S 5 1 ', A ' . .L -.-,I . I Q . NN Q ,L ,A - '-0,,4',"w,x,. it ' 4 0 . Le. , :txt . .Q go' '. rd gifs' - G t. . 0 - I , . 1- 1, sais .f.- - M --ff--es. -- - 5, .0 A - Q .E 4 ' 5 I QXJ, 1 QI." '1 "n' Q ' 0- W - lp . vo F. s "s ' f? 7 --' 'f-" 7'f"'1""'5"' 7x ' . l - nfs: 5 ,ft ,.,1 - 'T-'-" , 1'-'f.'f" ' T," "' - 3"-'Q sf- , " . l ,gk o'., 4,,. ' 'L-Pg ff-1, 'V 4 L, Q- Iftq ,d. C " 0 Q 'QQ -5. . "va ' ' ' lu- - ' .Y"-f v'- ., - 2 , ff ,gi , ,. -,-L gs- 4 -. f. - ,,, ,4sify.1ub,+ -3 l Q ,-w,p....,q,+- :'v..,e,' , -'- , l ..s. - l' f . Q --1, I+-y.. L - ,. - -l 3 -gin:-, 'F Q A.. 'I p ,-'ry' if JTDXI' I ,- . ,- 0 .5 . , -. .9 5. :. h s . Q :'ii . ' ', T' -.' ' ' ' ' NAIS? '- 3 V Q"'f1-. i - A "+'i-ing. .-- 1 - V H '- . - . - A - . , 'gg' 'Q . 1 gb -' .' ,' 4. a Q 0 in ' 4 . l." l ' - .. ' - , 'fx LI .4-gs, . A A, ' . 'ox-' 31- Uur'1 - V I 4... 1.11 N1 Ji' - ' X ' ,,,f- 'Z . l 2 f ,ye I I I8 Fashton i' .-0. ' 9: .6553 . ' 1 1 ' ,..1-I - ' , .-s-'Viv A fu. . X 3 1 . Nj! J A V :'loQ- '- :-'li' . i 'LQ",.. I. , -off -r - 1 445-4?-,-t. , . :y-' f , ' j ., - ' nn V, ' - -725--A . '. ht rap-S .1 fy- 1 l -' '. rw -. - --,L 1,5 .,g, ,. . -:wht fr-", ' '-. 'Ura 1 -tHUl E Stew Laportnt, lstersten lund, mrwugh model the more dressx looks Mtchael Laxanaugh. Charles Ftnth. and that todays' men are turntng tomtrd Ulrtta tones show ott the newest and TOP lstersten Lund and Ulm tl lones most popular looks tnthetashton world. present the baggy. torntormhle looks OPPOHTE PACE BOTTOM Charles and the sprtngy, ready-to-go lst-dr that Ftnth. Steve Laportnt, and Mtthael La- TSU students have taught on to 4F limit from page ffl to the clothing world. Denim is "in," but with a new flare all its own and typical of this day in age: the two-tone look. ln addi- tion, stoned-wash and button- fly jeans became hot on the fashion scene. Both of these looks were perfect for the col- lege student because they could either be dressed up or down depending upon the stu- dent 's desired effect. Spring fashion evolved from the colors its season is charac- terized by: either jubilant, bright or quiet, pastel tones. From this. yellow, pink, orange, and green florescent colors became ex- tremely popular. Ribbons and clips for the hari, belts. bobbie socks, and even shoes lnot to mention everyday wearl took on this flashy personality. 'P' 'ff qi! -374,1 X I I . .A' Qu o . ' , 6' fix :Sf an if i .-iss, I fe" . N: il. ," hxv' 1 J, - 4'1" lagj . U r wr ,if fl 1 3 'IJ' ,Q ' 0 ' . . s al' -ff a vs W, tg ' 'W 1.55 . J . I guy-'IQ' 'O -Q S Keepingwifhtheindividuaity theme. hair styles took an thing goes" appeal. Both men and women turned to wearirg their hair shorter. Colege stu- dents showed favoritism to tlis because it cormlemented thei "free and easy." out-of-the classroom life styles. A trendy addition to hai care products wasbothacanofmouseanda iar of dippidy-do which. when added to ones hair either be- fore or after dying. enable the stylist to do new and creative things with the hai style. No matter where one looked on Troy's campus. students were dessed ii the most fash- ionable clothirg around. Troy State which is known for havig great athletes. scholars. and beauties may now clam host to great models. 'ldlll N 'li If 'if lI I U I H N '..- -- .- Y.-A 1 , , V A . Y . l-1' .4 pw , 20 Long Way I 4 I xdg YOU'VE COME -'r Y ili- iw-5'76'H W5 Women will never again be ignored in the world of Politics - 1984 made that undeniably true. In 1984 the people of America voted in women gov- ernors, women mayors, and for the first time in the history of the United States, a woman was nominated by a major political party for the second-highest of- fice in the United States. Geral- dine Ferraro effectively obliter- ated one of the last obstacles to sexual equality in our society without sacrificing one ounce of her feminity. A tough prosecutor from Queens, New York, Ferraro handled all the political heat without ever losing her cool. She behaved like the secure, in- telligent, politically sawy wom- an she is, even in the most diffi- cult situations. No longer will critics of women in politics be able to claim that women are too flighty or hysterical or emo- tional to succeed in the political world. In the 65 years since women obtained the right to vote, only now has one man- aged to make it to the forefront of the political scene. Although unsuccessful in the election. Geraldine Ferraro will be re- membered as a political pioneer who wasn't afraid to run with the big boys. The national scene wasn't the only place women made strides in 1984. Here at Troy State. Tra- cy Osmer was elected President of the Student Govemment As- sociation. Tracy's election showed that Washington wasn't the only place where women were making it big. Osmer's success was a testimo- nial to the ability of women to handle responsibility in an effec- tive manner. Tracy ran an effec- tive campaign and followed O CWA, BABY through with a decisive victory. Osmer's administration has shown no lack of capability, and being a woman has certainly been no handicap to Osmer. Her administration worked to reform Dorm visitation at Troy State, as well as introduce the new winter quarter event, "Ho- megoing." The election of a female to the Presidency of SGA showed that in 1984, students at Troy State like much of America, had confidence in a woman as a leader. Thereisnodoubt,whetheri1 the White House, the State House, the Courthouse or yes. even the Troy State SGA. wom- en have become as prominent- ly represented as they should be. You've definitely come a long way. baby. lull: Was JI u- -M 'vs . Q .'. 44 Y lt's a safe assumption that when the mighty Tro- jans became the,National Champ' ', i eiladivi- sion , ' , scliool given an extra collegiate rankings stand up with While outsiders see the great teams and the ad- vance of school spirit, there is another Spirit at ate - M ' of om work on Troy St versity s campus ing a differentw brotherhood ff "what most people first think of when they hear the word cept at wo and more re- lationships than any hu- man love. The Holy Spirit is a potent force on the TSU campus, and His "personnel staff" includes . 1, , J not a path students area ' , pressured into following, but rather an indepen- dent, personal decision each person makes for himself. Several organizations 'Spirit' Got the x "1 Spirit ll ,V 7"jw amp' ' . 45' I, I A ,s N! 1' . .:'f,f 1 ' f I ,f' on campus spread the Spirit's love a g ., . whim The leade f SFO'-'PS Ind the who te-it seek to other stu- dents gain a greater un- of the Holy Spirit work in the lives of havea Student ad iotsrseas by - Anderson yvih Out- Zlfifu C""""s "Even ' ' ' ' ulation of is Catholic, most people don't understand Cathoi- cism: from children they've been raised as a 1'-if These people are for the Gospel and totally open to its mes sage with an average in and that's all they I 's to diem, "nfs mia unit That's mm his as a mis- to Peru. The im- pact of the Peruvian peo- on Troy can be plainly the fact that he to Peru in years American country. Charleen's situation is a bit different, but just as important. Her work wl bah Long Beach, Califor- Na, and wil involve mov- hg around from dlldib churdi working it various programs with selected age groups. These include Vacation Bible Schools, youth retreats and fund- - Smith Auditorium during raisers, Sun- day dasses. and workshops for the elderly of a congregation. Her message is one of encour- agement, her plan one of enttusiastlcoutreach. and vokinteered to servelas ambassadors for their often been lansuesg. and the medtlhof . is an important part 272 nitistry ' oftheseorgani- ontheTSUcam- coordinated efforts of the Union e tian music grotp gave a moving concert Winter Quarter. Choirs are a source of Christian fellowship and a way of telling others the news of the Spirit's work in individ- uals and groups, the BSU Choir, the Wesley Singers, the Gospel Choir, and Majesty, the choir from the Christian Student Cen- ter tCSCl, perform regu- larly in Troy and the sur- amnding area. The CSC sponsored I conost presented by til pomp ACAPPEl.lA, tothe and held dlhg pring Quarter as part of a weekend program for youth. Music does indeed cross denominational lines and draw all Christians closer to the Most of the organiza- tions on campus offer similar ministries in the form of Bble studes, reg- tlar prayer sessions. and music and outreach pro- yams. Always, thei' goal is to proclaim lesus as lord. of-the! md of if gn p'Zii.... campus enpha- size that anyone seeks Christim is always lllhoqtorcannot pa- tiie. A few of the tn- usual aspects of, or niisi- tries o fered by tgdese grotps are hdiuit has been presented by members of Campus Omreach to the TSU Stu- dent iitheformofa Prayer Thisvii on students to spend my amount of time it prayer daring a specific 24-how mild., ard I has been the it Pra focus on personal needs, the students of TSU, and out "nation inder God" and its governhg bodes. s . 4 I- 1 Jn of I fb. -f ,kv 101' we . win' :I -4' . Tl-IQSIE LAZY, CRAZY, IDLE HQURS ' 5 -v-- -C"ar' IMI:-.--sc ,K 1 X x ' I x '- Hours - it 339 1 1" - s, - . -K -., . ' 'VZ' g- 1 ' - .,1-' - 1. K " . , 4 - --Mil - J . -' ' a . ' ve- I . ,-' Q . b,,,-- ' ' 1 ?a T, he N V 'lain X I 4 1, wire, 8 . ' --5-, xt 4' v 5 I 1 19"-,, - - ff, - , .-1.2 as "gf" ' ff" '-, Of-LY lit 1' . A., Vfpf' Q s 5 "I I ' A if. 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NW.: XI10' 1.11m!.1'1-1l"'1' "'.1L11".1' 11 HY 1'X1'YX1x'11' xN"1v .'..1'1 '1 11111111 -X L1'.11IL1.1t11 121111-"' 111.1011-11 191.17 rw- 1' Q1-'1 hV'PUW!.111111-.1'1x 1-11-'1 N.1'..' !11xx11!111U11-'v11v"'1111,1"1.1.' N111-111111113 111111-1-1 1,'f1-'- 1 ,,' sul! 111 P1.1x1mg 111.1'1' ' 1111- 1, mor Hum 1J'1.1f'1:1, ,111""'1 that 1011-11Q11-'1.11:'-11""-qv 111 1111 ur xx"1-'1 vw 141-'N 1: DVPNNV11 NPN' Lluew 11" vw 11111 Nprmw -XH1'V.171-xx !1.1111'11-1 111111 x11r111- N11-"1 xx .1"'1"111 "1 hvrp.1r1-r11N.11w11'11-'1111-11 1"'1 she' 1111151 1111 1m1"1-' "divx 111111111111 .1!11! 1 Y1111 12 '1 '1 1-L1 '.. Pwr Milt' '11 num In H111 -X11.1r'w 11-"tw " QAIYM' '1111r'1 11'1nx 11111 f"1- 111 I1-11 11l.111' tu "'1-1" "1"-1: .1' 11111111 1111111 W1-.1-11 XX '11-" .1111 XNYMH PN" '.lX1v'f1' .1"x '11- NNJN WNW! N111NQV11x1"1 "" .VM Uh!! NN- 11:1 R1-11 1111T"1- ".1fvT 1'1lllfWyl 1 M111 15 .lf1' 1" IW 1111 111 Kilfklgh v"11' UW- l'ul'1: "1" x F11r1IN Ngmu- ?""1- 1 11v"1-Y'-'-Q 1- 1'rx11'11' Pun T"1- xx.1x xv-1511-' V1 IN 1l'Y V'1lX 1111.1 1!1'1 Nw" 'ulvl' Xxlhgtfl"1N5NQ"1v'.Qql' K 11 III11- T:"11- 111 x111g1.z".7 w' !'F1"11s1's I"1'x xx11.11I 111.111, HMI 11111111' .'1' 5,111.1 11' "'-1 T11 11"1" 2'1.1f' .mf .1 1-.1-'-. .qw "11 111,11 N. ! ' . S S F -Ji 2. .. Q2 a K ,, 5 n u C 4' ,I 1 9445, "lvl U", . Q C :QW 5 fs . I. ... if H , 'S 5 .2 -.. !.1'5 f Y, X - -K v ws- . X" F " 'T' S NT vu A 5 ' P Q 'I' , 4 ...ex 'w B 1 . "x.x F -,xx G K Q l :rw--+ 'AQ 1 X' - THANK GCD lT'S THURSDAY Somepeoplelookforward to Fridays, others to Saturdays or even Sundays. Here Thursday is the big day everyone looks to with anticipation and even long- ing. What does this mean? Well. for one thing, it means the weekend starts early tfive in the aftemoon on Thursdays . . . at the Iatestl. Also, it means Friday classes are not a welcomed part of the week, especially during spring quarter. And as always. Monday moming continues to sneak up too soon. Not to wor- ry though . . . Thursday is only three days away. Faternity parties attract big crowds with promises of re- 1 las 1'5" l . Q gl freshments, dancing and tami- iar, friendy faces. Local bush- esses also draw folcs out of the dorm and hto the swhg of Tro 's ' ' tliie with . Y F""qU9"'8" . 599' cials like "ladies Night" and "Happy Businesses and school organizations often sponsor bands for the fun and enjoyment of the students and community. Many of these are held in concert at the amiery TSU's ACU8 also sponsors beg name bands like "Chicago" and "Hall and Oates." Troy students and residents alike are excited by the opportunity to go to Montgomery's Garrett Colise- um. 1 L -r 'V r , f I N THURSDAY CON'T During the fall, Homecoming brings a seven-day weekend to TSU and gets everyone in a fes- tive mood. Winter quarter be- gins in a frenzy as friends get together to catch up on things after a month of carousing at home. Formals are a large part of the winter's social scene. Most formals are held in Do- than, Montgomery, or Eufaula where the host group holds a banquet and dance. In the past few years some of the groups on campus have made their for- mal into a convoy to the Caroli- nas for a ski trip weekend. One fraternity did the unusual this year by celebrating the end of winter quarter with a cruise dur- ing spring break. Spring quarter is alive and ro- bust at Troy State. Beach par- ties, suntan contests, Greek Week, and pre-dead week bashes make up a long list of 'lthings I can't miss." Weekends definitely begin on Thursdays, if not a day or two sooner during this time of the school year. Thursday is not just another day of the week at Troy State. It is the week, or at least the be- ginning ofthe best part. THANK GOD ITS THURSDAY!! 28 Thursday "S S X X1 '21 X x X., y if Y ki 5 'x 7n'f'u7""?52,,.4i :ll I T7 XX -kqux l'l or- 0 1 PD f Bur C 3 ll I ' N I Ia t 1 A F I U .1 x .57 .l. V1 5 QUT HERE O OUR OWN Students at Irtmx tim me-r ther? IS d lol more In t ulle-ge than attendrng claw t ollegt- also means budge-tang tum- and money Somethung ex- Qfyone - not just tulle-ge StudPntS - tum! titttntutt However, the unuxersttx does attempt to make thus tn- al somewhat easter The book store an the -Kd- arns Center proxtdes the campus and comrnunutw xx nth TSU paraphernalta In add:- tion, students may purchase school and pemonal sup- plies, On-campus houwng taut:- -Gt Vlu, Q Q tu-s tmu- tdtmttw .Huh .mt xt-nrirng mat tvm-x 'f v w w-N. tit-nts to tm- tht- fn: w :mm lem thervattw tx T11 -to-my .sn anthle summit H' f1.ta"v-'N on ttdlttf tlfttf Tu ,o'.sf'F "ws fu vtaxh xuur env?'l'N Paying tuxtztr' tn K at tm last minute ts ture- ftrng "wx students haxe tn ttrY"YY!t2YY That ts xxhx Inv tzusznf-NN ot tate expo-nenuw Bong Im-N rtght betore the tie.ui'tm date The tmlx trttte-' time there rs a Iengtnx vta.t ts xx hen xxorkxhtp xxofmtucix grant and Ioan t het Rx .Ve ts sued I A 9-19,213 4--"7 X T333 I A uP ,, 2 fx 4 I i Troy State Gets A Face Lift ,,'v ,U Mi, 151 Q ' YXX I. ---4: L, I . gb fn Q Q33 'fy -2 For the second consecutive year the Adams Center Union Board May Day Carnival faced a major obstacle - rain. Ole' Mr. Sun just could not seem to peep through the myriad of clouds. Certain events were cancelled due to weather. However, oth- er activities were moved in- doors, and a gloomy day just TP x47 ' i .-'Q .44 F could not stop the fun. lello slur- pin' and Mellow Yellow chugin' were two events in which par- ticipants faced a major obstacle . . . who could slurp and chug fastest Entertainment was pro- vided by llThree on a String", and hamburgers and hot dogs were available for participants and spectators alike. All in all, May 2, 1985, ap- pearing at first to be tainted by rain, turned out to be an event- ful and fun-filled day. But, ACUB staff members still could be heard saying, 'lRain, rain, go away, you, you are such a pain." F 3 'IIAII I ui :ml I Il Q Ll X b STUDY AIDS Like those at other universi- ties, Troy State students must take time to dedicate to their studies. Most have found that, though the dorms have quiet hours allotted, facilities outside of the dorm are often more condusive to studying. Tutorial labs in all the schools provide students with the out- side help they need. The Writ- ing Center is not a place English 38 Studying Q .f . fl , . . I, 4 '34 H-0 students go to have their papers and other assignments written for them. Instead, the facilities and workers are there to lead the students in the right direc- tions and to point out sources for information and ideas. The computer lab is extreme- ly different from other labs on campus. Though there is some- one working to aid with techni- cal problems, computer users i ,AJ O I X i. .1-" 'M 24140, Ov . 'l.ll'1, 1 lp' P 1 Il STUDY PLACES s a -4 , ' :S 27 'Eff' -X pw -X-Gag-V 23, IQ' is 3111:-::f'. ix' 'H' '- -A ' -. ,,'!-T --.-H ir x K ' 'tri't..l"t::..'s!x1i1Xxl X . -'x '- X S S ' . ' - .4- .. - min the-ur 1mn1f.ww xx 1' 1 'W N-'H' " . ' VUUIU HMY'.,mfw'N :www-v 1 'f"k,'N"xQ" v Hulvx .l!'s1?'Q'1s"11""r' Mm .171 N .41 fv- Qgmvfx 'hex' 1 v H1n"'M!.if'ula"'fc" v-New 'X AI m . Ih.lX1""U'f"l1N4'NfUwf!""N s "' v miurmtw-my Tv'.e'x ' ' 'N ' ur hifi ,lxx N'.4"xl' N 1 AAN mmmNewt1'u!f.lZH'Nx.11Nf.! A "WV v giq'Hfx 'NVQ Q'rh,,:1 xvxx IW. nm' 4 1 , mrugqv Lu X'-vi' .a'w: NK IW f wx, .. ,n. .L "'e' x1"'f , 1 .M x. 'H ' '.L AX A E .sl ' Q xx, 5 N N . wx X S XX N xy Tr N 1984-u1985 The 1984 Summer Olympics were officially opened in Los Angeles, California on luly 28th. Over five million people attended the games in which 7,800 athletes from 140 different countries competed. The true American spirit shined through as 50,000 served as un- paid volunteers. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union and some of her allies chose to boycott the games as a result of some political disputes. The competition was intense with the United States winning a total of 17-l medals Q83 gold, 61 silver, and 30 bronzel. West Ger- many and Romania won 59 and 63 medals, respective- ly. The American athletes who captured hearts around the world included Carl Lewis who won 4 gold medals in track and field, Mary Lou Retton who won 4 medals in gymnastics, and Greg Lougnis who won medals in diving competition. ln the entertainment world, women vocalist hit the Charts and charmed the fans with a new, spirited style. Cindy Lauper and Madonna are two additions to the music world, while Tina Turner made a comeback with such songs as "Private Dancer" and "What's Love Got To Do lMth lt". Pop star Michael lackson's "Thriller" album released song after song of hits. Grammy award winners included lackson for his fast-paced "Beat lt" and the Police for their song "Every Breath You Take." Television remained an ever popular pastime as new shows aired and captivated the audiences. These new shows included the smash "The Cosby Show" and day- time drama's newest soap, "Santa Barbara." The world continues to demonstrate an adventurous personality, and, as the land and sea have been ex- plored to their greatest extents, the universe is the next step. In February of 1985, the United States launched the Space Shuttle Challenger on its fourth and, thus far, most important trip. Shortly thereafter in the same month, the U.S.S.R. sent up it Soyuz-10. lt was carrying three crew members. Those three, combined with the four Americans aboard the Challenger marked the first time in history that eight humans had been up in space Dealing with foreign attairs has been a topic on the minds of all American politic ians as s-sell as on those or the general public Mayor developments it foreign rela- tions occurred when the United States and the sos ic-t Union resuming SALT talks tor nuclear clisarmameni This could have possibly been spurred bs the pressure the American public put on the President added to the more open-minded Sosiet government ss hich is cur- rently under new leadership after the death ol Nun s Andropov. President Ronald Reagan and his ss ite 'sanc s toured Europe in the Spring as a part ot a national plan of the President to recognize those arms men and women who died as a result ot World War ll Unfortu- nately, the President was not welcome in all areas, as some of the Europeans opposed his foreign polic s tac - tics in Latin and South American As with every year, controversial issues arise which raise an eyebrow or provoke a whisper among the general public. At times the whispers become uproars and big time news is created This occurred with Vanessa Williams who held the title of Miss America until luly 23, 1984 when she ended her reign due to bad publicity and questions arising from a publication ol Penthouse magazine. Miss Williams was replaced bs first runner-up Suzette Charles. Another controversial issue has been prayer in school. This subiect has long caused debate between pro and con forces On Au- gust 11th, a bill was signed by the United States con- gress to open schools to religious worship Politics on the Homefront took an exciting turn this year as the 198-l Presidential Elections created land- marks in United States history On the Republician tick- et, President Reagan and Vice President Bush ss ere re- nominated which came as a surprise to no one Hoss- ever, the Democratic ticket was spiced up bs the addition of the United States' first female sshen the Presidential nominee, Walter Mondale, asked the Ness York native, Geraldine Ferraro, to serve as his Nice lcuvivilia K il ":' t"f?l ' ,f+:"' - f 15--5 ' -. .1 11, Q, , ,aixg 0 5 . ,T , A Kd Q . , I. , 4 .Tff iff .t ll, 4 -4 I 45? 5 0 -. 1 .,, -I "' 5 4 Q - 'UI ,Q . a's If . 1 fx .,9", fl 4 C E:F"w,' ,' sw' - 6 L I fl' 1 I.. Y ' A V. 'Il '. s, J .ff iw: W ,? 1. .QF . K4 Who's Who Homecoming Miss TSU Mascot Honor s Day FE TURES 5 11 liiigiygrcn L w -1 .A P .4-.,' ' - Rachel Drlskell S ion lditor Statt '-" nnalv' my -14 :H JH '54 .- I 1' '- ' . - -x ' 1 -4, ' ii Q' fi : -ix .Pixy 7 - J 1 rt! I' 6 . .rf 'xy I t -1- .. .... V ,f iff '. ' - I ,r - I 5 r ' Qect' c ' it ' Susan Teal Photography Lorri Studios Ed Moselex Donald Northsworthy Steve Sttihhleiielii VVHO'S WHO Among American College Students Alice E. Alsobrook ts Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Beta Lambda, iz 4 , Trojan, Ambassador. Alpha Gamma 'P V Delta, Sigma Chi little sister, Deans ' f, Adxisory Committee ' N At -4 ' 'Mtv i Thomas I. Bacote Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, , Gamma Beta Phi, Afro Club, Vice- . President, Tropolitan Staff, Assistant Director gl' Beth F. Brooks Gamma Beta Phi, Music Educators National Conference, Tau .Beta Sig- ma, Band, "Guys and Dolls", "Te Deumf' ,,. x - , . - A-, . ' ---r --7 Nancy Brown Gamma Beta Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, Phi Gamma Nu, Trojan Ambassador, Chorus H! Those students chosen for this prestigious award are hon- ored with other college stu- dents from all of the fifty states and are nominated by a campus nominating committee. This committee is comprised of re- presentatives from the faculty, administration, and student body. Each member of the committee is urged to judge Lucas I. Cade Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Phi Alpha Theta, Student Govern- ment, ACUB, Wesley Foundation, Collegiate Singers, Assistant Direc- tor. Elizabeth L. Cetti Gamma Beta Phi, Alabama State President Association of Student Nursing, Angel Flight, Arnold Air So- ciety, Campus Ministries, AFROTC, Student Government. Gregory F. Chandler Gamma Beta Phi, Data Processing Management Association, 1983 Pre- college Leader, 1983 Senior Day Leader, Trojan Ambassador, Sigma Chi, Alpha Gamma Delta Big Broth- er, Cheerleader, Dianna Daugherty Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Psi Omega, Trojan Ambassadorg Vice- President, President, Orientation Leader, Ingalls Award Committee, Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Chi Little Sister, students according to his or her own individual departmental standards. Academic excel- lence, talents, service to school and community are always im portant in such a decision while, at the same time a well-rounded representation of our student body. Moreover, these young adults exemplify and enhance the image of American youth. C7 44 Who's Who ACUB, Publicity Chairman, Best Ac- tress 1984, "The Real Queen of Hearts Ain't Even Pretty". S V 1, Xl 1 it ' l lm Iarmr lP"w' 1 1 im N X x x 'I P 1 f7.."".1N ' "'.11Jw-'.1 Nxywf ww! xv.-' VNU. V- bmw 1-IXHN.-H Xu..," MQW, N -,b UAV, ,,. -.uf K 1. Nmlwrlx R Flmxvrx Vw ywr., 1.-,M rw, Px.i:11w.z li:-'.e Y' . v, JJ Cx nthm I Geogfmgam VP' rxazvam "X Xzvm 1.1 X ff.!'u"'.1 HQ".l FW VM V.: N xl' '.aM:--M' xv-'mv rw IH-.1" R-v ntl. . QX1 leftrev lohnston Garnnia Beta Phi Umitron Delta kappa Phi Gainma Nu Phi Beta lambda Cirtlt- lx Student Gm t, Palladium Editor-inet hier Unix ersi- tx Student Publications Board Lisa Kantor Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Ntortar Board, Omicron Delta lxappa, Phi lxappa Phi, Alpha Delta Pi. Collegiate Singers, Box Office Ntanager, Angle Ftight, Arnold Air Societx Little Ntaior Mary Latham Sigma Phi Alpha, Gamma Beta Phi, American Dental Hygiene Associ- ation, Air Force Assocation, Arnold Society, AFROTC Andrew T. Martin Young Democrats, Student Govern- mentg Vice President, Sigma Chi, TSU Debate Team, Trojan Oaks Golf 8. Raquet Club Committee, Alumni Relations Committee. WHO'S WHO Q"-4 9-1 Charlie M. Middleton, lr. Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Gamma Nu, Phi Beta Lambda, Circle K, Young Re- publicans Sharyn S. Nunn Gamma Beta Phi, Student Nursing Association, GFWCXAFWC Out- standing, Volunteer in the State of Alabama, President of Troy lr. Wom- en's League, Troy Arts Council Board Member, Chairman of lean Lake Memorial Art Show, Chairman for C,F. Bike-A-Thon. Stephen E. O'Rear DPMA, Arnold Air Society, TSU Football. Dorothy A. Panton Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Trojan Hostess, ACUB, Young Republicans, Student Government, Catholic Campus Min- istries Association, Alpha Delta Pig President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, -lb Whos Who Thi 'Xlm-mil FH-n-J H! CHILI X1 Prmm-W S yu W ' 1 ,4'- 1 :H Le' 1--1 Z' . lv . -my W -' "9" 'lll.HllHY Q U Pwllx R Quuck , X C,.Q""".i ?ir",! l"' bv ' .5 x1,.f-,V N 1 G- 'Q fm..-' Lt,,.f,,m4 -. N I -, Cl, .-x:.e'.-N XX' ' 'wgf .- lx Ck? 5 X 5 x . C' QL If, . 1 i fse!m.1rRw1 tm X , 1 xx X A 'V' f Q Renew Rubbvm Tu . .pw 5m .N N Hs-"'1 .vv p,',N .. -.Ii .'.. , '1:1'H1N Q" Palladium, Imp, uw -- if ' T' 3 Ki-Iwi 1 tl l htlf't'l't x A pint laiiititta l Delta Ntortar Board .fir .fl Ntirsirwl lliirtiir Xlll it-lx lratlv e'Ti's Sitiizi-nt Nurses Xssotiation 4 i'v..i'Tllt1tlSt'4 ount il Xssistanl I Ji- ri-cl it Tammy L Underwood Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Student National Education Associ- ation Brett W Wilson Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Gamma Nu, toung Democrat, Student Gov- ernment, Chairman Traffic Appeals Committee, Troy State Board ot Publications Committee, Chairman, Adams Center Union Board, Student Director NOT PICTURED Dave M Banks Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Square Root C Math Club, Data Processing Management Associ- ation, Athletic Council Student 48 VVho's Who 4 G H . Q--v E? will Ellen V Conner Beta Gamma Phi, Beta Upsilon Sig- ma, Phi Kappa Phi, Data Processing Management Association, Christain Student Center. VVHO'S WHO lacquelyn O Cooper Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, Beta Llpsilon Sigma, Phi Gamma Nu, Tro- ian Ambassadors, Student Goxern- rnent, Audy D. McCathern Gamma Beta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa,Troian Ambassadors, Stu- dent Government, President: Sigma Chi Fraternity, Vice President: Sigma Chi Fraternity, Alpha Gamma Delta Big Brother. Chairmang Traffic ,Ap- peals Committee, Terri L. Parker Gamma Beta Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Beta Sigma, Opera Orchestra, Tosha L, Spottek Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Psi Omega,President Music Educators National Confer- ence, Math Club, Vice President Tro- jan Ambassadors, Student Govern- ment, Assistant Director, Wesley Foundation, Collegiates, 'Lunch Hour", "Guys 81 Dolls", "Fiddler On The Roof", Pied Pipers Michael D. Stump Gamma Beta Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Sig- ma Chi, TSU Tennis Team Charlotte V, Farmer Sophomore Nursing Center, TSU. Student Nursing Association, Stu- dent Director, ,Assistant Director. Mary-Louise O'Brien Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Sigma Alpha loa, Tau Beta Sigma, Catholic Campus Ministry Associ- ation, Band, Pied Pipers, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister, Delta Kappa Epsi- lon little Sister, Patricia E. Schmitz Omicron Delta Kappa, Health, Phys- ical Education and Recreation Ma- jors Club, T. Club, Student Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Varsity Volleyball Team Dawn L. Strickland Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha lota, President Sig- ma Alpha lota, Kappa Delta Pi, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Baptist Student Union Choir, Band, Collegiates Carol M. Turner Phi Theta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Local Honor Society of Nursing, Stu- dent Nurse Association, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister T - Troy States lunior Misses Since 1979, 56 lunior Misses :ave graced the TSU campus In ct, they have almost become rt of the university's way of e. TSU provides a special op- bortunity to all winners of state rlnior Miss competitions who ome to Troy. TSU offers the tour vear George c XX.ilI.iu- Leadership Scholarship to the lunior Misses, which includes full tuition, rooms ancl lioarcl Each recipient is requirc-.l to maintain a I 7 CPA lhere were four new lunior Misses ont am- pus this fall They were Rebec- ca le-rm lror11l'twrtciRicti lum- ln-rlx Ann lu-Ilex llcirulhx lcmn Hrcmn 6.1-cartqia .incl Arn.incl.1lorln-sc bln-r News Hampshire Six tormc-r luninr Nlisses xx ere returning stuclc-nic to our campus lhex were Nlirni Larpenterl New Nork, og X lRUl br , HOME JHIVE' t O a ? IUNIUR 'ES J ol -Xclfie-ru'Nf.itlL1l'H-Y""L1'ff" iff limi i.!Y'.iY i4n'4I.2 itrs' S Npcilek Nev. You 1, fr' .e lxnch XX.tsivnt.2icw lil .vm Nancx Polish Ntr, -F ss fr U1 H 6-com g . X I iq,-.'wK? NA, 1 Al: , . :T-L.-' ' G4 1 -.-,-,,,,...... X Q. ,.-ol -I ' ,. 32.47 :SN F Yr' Y" r -,, 1 , I - f I. A Homecoming Celebration Once again Homecoming Day was ushered in by drizzling rain and an overcast sky, but the dreary weather could not dam- pen the spirit on the campus at Troy State. Lawn decorations went up on campus and off. Spirited students braved the weather to represent their fra- ternities and sororities, and, of course, the beautiful Home- coming Queen Lisa Farrar and her court were presented to- gether for the first time. 52 Homecoming Q, GFP' Q. ":x'r Q A 'IT The game began after the crowning of our 1984 queen, and everyone, including an ex- cited group of alumni cheer- leaders, turned out to cheer for the Trojans. The unveiling of our mascot T-roy brought even more excitement to an already expectant crowd and the Tro- jans did not disappoint the crowd as they walked over the Pacers. Go Troy! x f s .51 .w-'-- ' : f ' ,,1 ,I P s fl ER I xv 'Ll- Y 34 Hcmwr omlng Court D. 41"-5 Q 5.6 ' , Q X1 V4 ,. x - u VSAVLXI X , I1 4 - 'I 'J,.,-ox .n.. , Homecoming '84 " 2, '., . get Q.. 7 , V J-H r E i I Q 4 . - A 7-2-1. .. - V- 11 I 'ms Y 'Tye' t Ll A-1' F W I 17337 19" 5 u I 'L 1 Tv' Ni In IIA I :ff M!! ian .1 . in .,,g, ' 'V . .'u ' n'Q Q V -1.54 :aff A I ,gf . . 4 g .61- 2 , L I 1 1. -'41 .,.- N. vo A , 5 , P 1 ,Q A 4 4,1 5' ,in V xg ,ji .x Qi V L- -1,8 ' Q 0,x'. ni A-11. 'fy 9 'l'.not .,'?'. 4- V I X :sxb E pop -,.as., . ' - 9 ,. 0 'Q 911' ,A ti ' x Wes TS . I , 1' k J A 1 " Sm I 3 " '7 .q YL vxgqx ii..-in 'X 11 , H J 1 ill plz-u-vi IHA 0 T-Roy T-Roy arm ed on Homecom- ing Day wearing the armor don- ated by TSU's -Xlumni Associ- ation, Right away T-Roy was welcomed to the campus by students who entered a contest to give him a name. Entries were given for consideration to the TSU Cheerleaders who nar- rowed the number to five Afterwards the student body voted on the five remaining choices to decide upon Angie Overstreets entry, One hun- dred dollars cash was presented to Angie, and our new mascot was appropriately named "T- Royf' Ron Pierce informed us that next fall T-Roy will be manned by a few regulars and alternates to insure that T-Roy will appear at as many events as possible. We can expect to see our mascot not only at sporting events, but at many different occasions. hi, a -4v'i's . 6-l T-Roy ,Z us.. OC 'a OO I 554- xi-- :,' 4 O i Ingalls Award Dr. Ianelle Elrod, an Associate Professor of Mathematics, has been selected as the recipient of the Ingalls Award for Excel- lence in Classroom Teaching. The Ingalls Award, given at TSU since 1971, is sponsored by the Ingalls Foundation of Birming- ham, a non-profit organization that supports quality teaching in colleges and universities. Nomi- nations are made by the student body, and a committee of stu- dents representing six broad lst as ll 1 X . areas of academic interest sub- mitted Dr. Elrod's name to TSL President Dr. Ralph Adams for approval. The award consists ol 51000 plus a citation plaque presented by the Ingalls Foun- dation. It is the highest awarc that can be bestowed upon 2 member of the faculty. Dr, Elroc has been a member of the TSL faculty since 1979. She has a B15 and MA from the University o Alabama. I l 2 I 1 I Q.. V9 6 I 1 , N. s Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award V98 l Dr. lames D. lsimhrough. 1 Dean of the TSU School ot Edu- f cation, Cindy Faye St lohn, .1 ' senior computer science rnaior I from Foley, and Dave Michael Banks, a senior math mayor trom l Leesburg, Georgia are the WHS recipients of the Algernon Syd- ney Sullivan Award This .mard lis the highest honor given hx l the university and is presented l annually to a non-student, male .student, and female student lbased upon their inspirational lexample to others Dr Isim- i I l l ,I ii l l 5 Recipients lbr lanies lb lsiinhrotiigh timis hi Irvs-s il.iti- llrcmugh xx as c itecl tor his lcuicicir- ship role in eciuc ation continu- nitx attairs .ind religious .ic list' ties since icwining the lst' stair in Nfl Nliss Nt Icilin ls listvcl in "XX hos XX ho -Xincing -Xini-ric .in Colleges and Llniwrsitii-s .incl is the current president tit Xlcir- tar Board She ssas citc-il lit-- cause - "she vwriiiiliticfs thi' highest spiritual .tncl htiin.init.i- tian qualities .ill slicttllcl .iilinirii Hllase Banks is lwst kiimsn in the c onimunitx tor his rim- tw the TNU B.iseh.iIl li-.ini lmxw .llsib lc'cc'ixc'cl T"n' l.!"'v's 'Mi"'s t Ieinc-nts Msmi: :vi-st Q-.1 :is llft' 'Xlllltft :ict tk lit" "ow clllll Nlrs l.l"'t's ll.,"'sl c" t lll 't'ttH:'Til cl" it' .lt .lcIt"' c .ichc-xc-'iw-"T its skirt- 1 it'lt'N .l"c! l'Q.l ll" X-l.l"'s v 1 .t" c1lll!c'Nc'.t'Mk.l'cl1t'n'si' ci: :ix tlfiticfiv' llc-',i rs,ig1gi,i 'ci' tt,,T Nldlftlilttl ,ti "c'X"'t"'f tt' t'X.l"' y r ' ,v rx 1 X v tv. ntrx i .i -. ...ic l ' A . in xv ui o c tlcldl .X l.l-.0 ,W .l . .llNl'ill -I qs I T fl al I I 1 . ich' ' K ' " ' ' .wkln l 7 -Q X N . vi' ll.,-r I .-gl x g,,4"v nv: 4 'fm . D' ' I Q I I --.L S--4. "9v- X H I A lfjfj, H.. "' a,' 4.1 ff 4 Q 3 9' f 5' 3-f"' N' e I . I 'its ' 3 'Q 'I Il I' 'QQ' '15 'tt' 0 v Qty , - .' gn . ..,, . K Q I' -Q 'I ,.: I I ,'e 1 - -- I 1 V, fs ta Beta Beta Scholarship and Service Award, Irina nn Vinson: Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Honor Gradu- e, Michael Paul Haysp Sigma Tau Delta Award, I 'atm ia . Benoit: Bernard E. Williams Award for Excellence in glish, Patricia G. Benoit: Phi Alpha Theta Scholastic ard, Kimberley R. How ers: Colonial Dames of Amer- a Annual Award for the Outstanding Paper in merican History, lseliy Rene Quic A ' The Professor Ray this Award, Patrick i1'arolclSacinc!c-rs Virgil L. Collins athematics Award, Yamini leann Uiicierwooti Ala- ma Society of CPAs Accounting Achievement ard, Ronaldlaines Grax 5 Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship y, Ronald laines Craig Phi Gamma Ni Scholarship y, Patricia lean Hucilel 4 Wall Street lournal Student hievement Award, Sharon Ising ltatson The Tex haley Association of Childhood Education Award, rla Ann Charnbersq Health, Physical Education and reation Academic Honor Award, H illi 'inn Llagt -s 'ie Eulene Hawkins Social Work Award, Stisair H. aclcburnp Psi Chi Award, lenniter leigh in-l.itig,':'r '.P. Lewis Outstanding lunior in Education Award, Y . Sharon iiifaiwtir mei R.H. lrxin Outstanding Senior in Education Award, K.ii,'?i: fi.'1'i"sS "i"- i . " cieiuooii Art and Classics C reatisits and Academic Excellence Award, Kat fri- ll tim H As Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate, Mm 'N Sire. A J "i ss Ntusic De- partment Outstanding Senior Award, l 'E' '- .f 5 .'.f. ttf-ti .iii Outstanding Graduate in lournalism Aw ard, lo!.imi.i it-nfs.: iwfr.ifwif School ot' Nursing: Georgia Irene Gill Dasis Memorial Awarct, sk :ii . T .1 . . S. ' it-ntl Panhellenic Scholarship Award, c - 1 lJin"!.1 St in will lntertraternitx Scholastic Awarct, Na c ir: f.'.l.'r'."T,.'l lhe lames Burns C Iements Aw ard, . mf Xt.' iiirrxs Alpha lamhda Delta Outstanding lreshman Award, .RV :ti-. .1 if mf Gamma Beta Phi Out- standing Senior ,Ntemher Awarct, U 'f sa .. "" S P' Ralph W. Adams leader ot the Near Award, . NlJi".ie'.'f.1"ss law lllis Award, Vat .. "'i V- .f Phi kappa Phi Scholastic Awarct, 1 .1 ri. lric Rodgers Phi Beta kappa Association Award, N uf '.,, Im. V.. - !t,fN.iil .7 ul. fu-'I B5-v L J s-- P-""" 1 U 3' 4-'uv l '-ni he I fy M S.: 'J' HN.. . 'lu 'L 5 i gf 10- '91 ti '15 aV qS Football Intramurals Track Volleyball Cross Country Basketball Baseball Cheerleaders SPORTS Leslie Carroll Andy Strecker Audrey Nelson Lorn Studios Donald Norsworthy Dan Smrth Steve Stubbletreld Start Susan Pottlnger Sandy Surnpson Photographers Ed Nloselex lf' T Ellrs Greg Benton Brent Scott ' Sect Andy Martin Caren Batchelor l I C 'F I 1 ". 3, QS no ang. ar ,J Q "" " Q Q C nn J.-QI: 1' ru' , .Ir "" .19 pk- ' PM X J- nl .1 A cgi .- . 1' as 1 ' " ,-1 5s .5 5 l FQ ' "l !.. -E i N-, Q11 Q .1 1--Da "' i ' uv - 1 O l '1 A A Qs' 10 n ' .QI 1,1 I., 1- -, - -' v' '- 1 x , r,:?.,-,hi xg :-...A ,lo 34.1, 74115.-, Qf. un 'v f'Qf ',' ? lx 1 5 ', . l ft' . 4... 4, U' L ' !'- a... Q- - 4 5 N!'l'. .?a-fr ,jf ' ,, ue- ga' - -- '. -Q """' 7"5f'i7'T.1.J 04- -97--'1 It ,Q 1: 'D L xt Z' T " any ia- gf -j--'r"'7'- ?"5""'f YB-4 'L ,f-. .-'- -3'-J -- ' '- . .1-'Ig 21 U 3 Q I , .A 5 9 ' Q,- ', If' -I V21 I - - 11--. . 1 gg ily!! . . :aft-, 'ii-.als-1. V, Or ' 1 la I L3-fa - o Lan if fir-Qvuna-uigil "1 ??f"' - K' " . -- - Q- . . 9 'Il' - J- I f 4 It -mal There is no doubt that 'lroian football xx as headed bi the best coat hing staff around for the WB-l season Head coach Chan Cailex treated a dynasty of a team and staff in his two year tenure at Troy State, leading the Trojans to a l.Z-l record - the best in the history of TSU foot- ball, winning the CSC title for the first time since 1976, and ul- timately securing the NCAA Di- vision II National Championship for the first time. All of this spanned the team's past two fall seasons, winter work-outs, and spring training sessions with Cai- ly as head coach. At the end of the season, Gai- ley was named CSC "Coach of the Year" and "Kodak Division ll Coach of the Year." For Cailey, the culmination was being asked to join the NFL's Denver Right Row One: Robert Maddox, De- fensive Backfield, leff Mclnerney, Line- backers, lay leffcoat, Offensive Coordi- nator, lxenny lones Defensive Ends Row Two: Rick Rhoades, Defensive Co- ordinator, lerry Beverly, Punters, Willie Slater, Uffensive Backs, Chan Galley, Head Coach, Marshall Smith, Head Ath- letic Trainer, lim lsremer, Tightendsg Bobby Hooten, Fullbacks 74 Football J Q A. ,ik ' . "s Q Z 175' . I 9 4 ,I ' ,'' - ., .1 ,I xl!" H 'N-cs J A-5 ,f I .4 fl K . I Y be-1-rw 11 ruvmfu-f fn Nw VN x . L - 'UM Hrwm-A f4M11MHHL1w111f' Ho' '-' FNUIUYN-xguxhw-r'v-' uwvw' , w-, If-Inrunrx fm My 'XI C..11!1-x N fiv'p.1r!.m, Q lrup.1miwxg.1ruWww mmf." .-.11 klJLHNHIl1ft'V .1 mv. 1 um ' RHF KTN1.Hff'N H.1A.1'wL1 ,1H'.11I. Q ccmchuwg Num mr U.-.M .v-.VX Khmmrif-s In-I ll fn- MMM" 'uf' X 1 I Ja 0 sl I away he would curwwmtmlw fm three areax rvcmntmg xtdtmhl- ing the ala!! .ami preparing Nw I9dm Ior the' Fall UT 83 Khcmciw stressed contmuntx Nou thv lmngge-xt Umm-mgv facing the me-xx fw.aciumUw.a'm1 the Trolam IN to mdmmm xm- Cess wmv or thv tmmkwxt timmy to do once xuL1g1vttutTw Ia W' CENTR-tl STATE OF OHIO: The Trojans hosted the first round of national playoffs against C O SU., the team who had fin- ished runners-up to the '83 na- tionals champs. This fame put extra determination in the Tro- jans who secured a 21-7 lead over the Marauders by the half. The second half saw both sides on the score path with a final Trojan victory of 31-21. The Trojans exploded in this bought with 579 yards of total offense. TOWSON STATE: Troy State welcomed the Towson State Ti- gers to Memorial Stadium for the second round of NCAA playoffs. The Trojans triumphed with a 45-3 win over the Tigers. Scoring highlights for T.S.U. in- cluded halfback Doug Brown's TD pass to Rufus Cox and later his 20 yard touchdown run. Mike Turk went in the endzone on a 7 yard keeper, while Cary Christensen passed to jimmy Haywood and Lee Hollings- worth, leaving Haywood to score on a 5 yard run . . . This paved the way to McAllen, Tex- as and the NCAA Division ll Championship game. 76 Football Twas the night ol the dth, the month of lbw wait A game was played we ll always re-me-miie-r Une Team from Dakota the other TRI JN slall They met in Mc Allen to settle their tatt- The coaches and players all set lrJT the game To win was their hope and certainly their aim While left hack in Troy lmanx fans couldnt goi Their really big wish was to see this gre-at show Our businessmen rallied, they rose to the occasion Getting sponsors to pay Channel -1 TX station To carry the game so everyone could sas, "l saw the Big Came, complete with replay if Said the crowd from Dakota, "Your trips w asted you kno We'll win just as surely as our state has snow The Trojans said nothing, hut looked straight ahead While visions of winning danced in their heads They sprang to the field as the ref' blew his whistle And both teams took off like a fresh fired missile On to the field ran boys from each side. While North and South cheered their team on with prir: The game was on, the battle was fought, At the end of first quarter it was 14 to ought Our team met at halftime and their thoughts they did a They returned 3rd quarter and w ere loaded for hear As clock pendulums swing both to and fro, So did the scores on the big board go It's down to fourth quarter, not much time remaining Still both teams fought bras ely , the honor to gain "On Rodgers, On Williams, On Hoarsteadf coach calls 'Un Lowery, On Haynes. On Smeltzer and Halls lust nine seconds were left, our team w as behind When Chan called out "Clem", and gate him the sign Three seconds to go, the story did unfold. When mighty Clems kick w ent right through the goal' It's 18-17? We've won the Big Camel '68 was the last time our team earned such tame I heard the crowd yell as I slept w ell that night We'ye done it . t .Were CH-XMPS XX e x e won a good 'igh - Alice lx Hayes TSU -Xlumnae L I . -..'f'z1xlsf.1'-if -5, 7. NICHOLLS STATE TSU, opening their '84 season against a I-AA opponent, rallied to a 26-7 vic- tory ox er the NSU Colonels. Highlights of the first game in- cluded placekicker Ted CIem's -15-yard fieldgoal during the first quarter which initiated a Trojan advantage that prevailed throughout the game. During the second half, the Trojan of- fense completed a 7-yard drive, capped by a touchdown from halfback Doug Brown. The Tro- jan defense held NSU back, al- lowing only one successful drive at the start of the fourth quarter. 9.0 W "n -'ve FLORIDA AEM: In Gator Bowl action against Florida A8tM, TSU racked up the Bold City Classic in a 17-3 triumph over the Ratlers. FAMU action was limited to a 26-yard fieldgoal during the first quarter. Howev- er, Trojan action was more di- verse, with a trick play in which Ted Horstead scrambled for 11- yards and a first down, fol- lowed by Ted Clem's 16-yard fieldgoal to give TSU a 3-0 ad- vantage. A 38-yard touchdown pass from Carey Christensen to Rufus Cox combined with Brad Simms' TD during the second half wrapped up another Trojan victory. 78 Football -, ..,..1, -- -64.4. nr' 1' N xx I. .iii c-MLP S 9 ' 1-,wr ..r .' D. -- QU id Nix 1 -' IJ- , rv-12 iv .'3'5x ' ,ti S-f"-"" ppl! 7- :gf-f11'-. 5 - 'RL M -' :-'- In-.05 I ix' 4t5L,?'W4"sv:g- - ,, .. Ir' .. '71I- 'fi 'lf -" 5 -ge .1 ,R 1 - 5. i 7 '. ti -Al i K' -.A ' QUT I .J L gk!! 1 U - i- is A, " ' -ffl! - . -- 5,-, Si. H 5.35 IIIINKAIHN ISI N rw rw HdIII1'kN.lN.!lIH" p.sf-u'f1.a'-"f- Iru1.1mr.sH'fI-1!Ir'.a"M-.1I ,', wtorw IIN' rmuvrx 'o..L1"' fir.: In IIN- I.lNI rvwmrv u. "' INI fir IIRIIIIILQ III1- Ing:-rx uk ju Im I1.iII.itIIUrIIfrrIW' I'n,.s'w '. lmrr1s-rIl.m- v.:IIw I J.I"v', In Iwo. poururrwg IIIY .I ro-uw' K.. , firm- M3 x.1rr1xror.a Iwx "mf down Iro-sIwm.Ir1 cx.I.1'Tw!,.a'- NIIIM' Iurk Trunk ful" .1"f' .1 custlx lrigurx In Na-rwv f,g'o-I, Chrrstc-rm-rw Iurk ro'r'rm.e"4-rg .1 ffl-y.1rrI tour Iwrioxxrw gmw In I rw mx Ihlxxxooci Io Ie'.1-.4-'vw 'ua' wrth .1 JH-' If-.III II.axx-.fwfr opvrwd thv wcomi Imlf nm .1 93-yard touchdovm rum at :rw klckott , VNIIIIW I Sl to go mow- guard Mike Brexxxlefr m.11Ie' .1 pass inte-rceptron touchfioxw run to tue up .1 um ror Irox I1 EST CHURCH ISL 'Inw- tamed IIN IJ I r.mI.rmg xx to .I .3 I- III XXIII Io Chl oppomfoi XM-NZ Georgia Irox x ori.-mxv nm serwsatrorml wth n1u.mftw:mI-.N Nhkef Iurk .md IJ.1'1'w U Imw complwtvd Hn unix fr :www ami with tho rurmrmgrml-.N 'o- Ialmg SHI mrm rxwv'-Q Im, ram ciefrvrww um o" too .V II1mgsI1rwIlm1IIu'ISr.1xwioo'w I3ix.1rcIsruNI1rm4 mo to rm rw' xxhrch um orr or orw Hn MALDOSTA STATE: T.S.U.'s bought against conference rival V.S.C. brought home a 27-12 win for the Trojans. The game, held at Dothan's Rip Hewes Sta- dium, was a triumph for T.S.U. football. The team rolled up 458 yards in total offense, 331 of which was on the ground. The Trojan defense held the Blazers to a mere 19 yards on the ground and 107 passing. This victory awarded T.S.U. the Na- tional Peanut Festival Classic trophy. N 1 -0 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE: T.S.U. faced its first major showdown for the G.S.C. title when the Trojans took on the Choctaws. The game resulted in a battle of the defenses with Miss-College maintaining a 7-0 lead until the fourth 'quarter The Trojan offense broke this lead in a 12 second span in the final minutes of the game. Initial- ly, it was tied up with Mike Turk completing a 62 yard TD drive with a quarterback keeper into the endzone. On the insuing kickoff, a Choctaw fumble al- lowed T.S.U. to recover the ball and set senior Rufus Cox up for a touchdown pass from Turk to give T.S.U. a 14-7 victory and place the Trojans atop the other G.S.C. opponents. 80 Football 2431 Yu' -Lf-" -I . o- ' - y-- ' I F' """"?'f"f1'- -'-5-'L,...a-,..e -,,.., 2 - - 'V A g Q - . 'ns X " '4 7- 1' ' -31'-24' 5'.vl' -' fi. - .49 -- - " ' " .4 'H . Q 'N sr- i' i 6' a l I-:Neff-1,4 f fmt. . H ,i 4,- ' 46. 'figs ,giffkgs " - A . . lr as ' '-C-"',f'Su5 W ,'f1",- A, , 9' , 'q'fL'?!.- 1 'IJ x I 'I' H" X X in 1 f wr E , .b+.x" ffl ' n Af. 's JBA, 5 W 4 ' 1 5 -,-. i Q 5 v if . r Dil-:Uv ' :l:,:,r , .1.. ,.,.-v 5 Fry is-a-,f 7- - 1-' A Q..T1,.,i-i 3 - 3 -if-J. N 'u I ,' ,Y-Q? 5 . ' 5 4- so 0 -' :"', lr.- N I fu imllv.. f' " il N W , l I-O Wh r- - .,f ' f nf.: stay . :.e0gig5 ,xqff 1 .I ,:""""i :il q -I ' - MS' -1-P , LG. J. . 'bf .-- i l '4 -s--gr :kin A . ' -A M I . . '- s Q .. 1' ' . ' ' Q' . L ' ' ' 'I -17' ' s pf-. -ff, tk 1 fi- 7--. -s 415.4 .CI " .."-..p- -..Q-uikh 4 ,x . -8 0"' -Q DELTA STATE: TSU triumphed over GSC foe Delta State with a 35-20 win. Sophomore Ted Horstead excelled during the confrontation with Ilb yards rushing, including a 30-yard touchdown run. Split end Lee Hollingsworth caught four passes for 116 yards and racked up 14 points for TSU with two touchdowns of 22 and 69 yards. NORTH ALABAMA: TSU suf- fered its only loss of the season against UNA with a 13- I0 upset causing the Trojans to fall from a :rl ranking toa 1t5in the NCAA Division Il poll. Ted Clem put TSU on the board with a 28- yard field goal in the first quar- ter, Freshman quarterback Mike Turk, a walk on during spring practice '84, scrambled over the one yard line for the only Trojan touchdown of the match-up football HI TENNESSEE-MARTINQ TSU's Homecoming brought another CSC opponent to Memorial Stadium and upped the Trojan record to 8-l with a 31-7 victo- ry for TSU. Quarterback Danny O'Toole had a successful day for the Trojans, rushing for 88 yards and passing for 89. TSU's defense held the Pacers back, allowing only 29 yards of rush- ing out of a mere 129 offensive yards for UT-M. 'ig , A 0 ni JAX STATE: Pitted against arch ri- val lax State, the Trojans tri- umphed with a 42-39 victory over the Gamecocks. TSU end- ed the first half with a 21-10 lead. Carey Christensen re- turned to the field as quarter- back during the second half after being out with an injury. Christensen directed a 74-yard binge ending with an 8-yard touchdown by Ted Horstead. With less than seven minutes to go the Gamecocks got the lead, 39-35, but the Trojans rallied for a 75-yard touchdown drive, giving TSU the GSC title. 82 Football ax . , fi lqfllff ,.. TS. 3 I is-' 'v as-VO 'v 5 V If KJ -QQ wil Lal x 6 I0 gn 1 qi 0 Q1 1 K Jw- X 1 v - .. l".!91s x 1 t f 'V It . I . 1 'A f 1 1 H I '. ,7-3" Q, Q 1 .1 QI D w.lQ,s Is L Tha- Ifcvymw Tim-Q:--H 'Xf,x'4w-,M , 15,4 . pl.1xe-fi .Hn :rvxpmfm-1 gm" ' U. ,,.1.,'v f,,,w, - Q". tht' lcmilmll H-crnilmg gww iw.nx.1'w1,f ,-,.-'wg 'w . gram ciuruwpq the- N1 Nfqwww w.1 mf1L,4+,, Mm' Q". 'Nut urwlx wild the-x rw-M w- funl' 'vw w. ,x cruatsprmrmihwhmm-glirzwx .,,.-f ww.. M, . . dfNif'IN1JkIfdjQf'1ht'IY! Ummm ffw' 'm.e "-.- ' . , Sl!1f'f .1lle'mim1.1 .md phulmg nnywu , -., Us ..1, n . In .ill mr lrux Slate- hui Xfwx Tri+' ,m'wxgpw' W, R - also corwllrmvci In re-crm! nur' xiprgmg "-.- w, s.-W Uma' mglhv xxmts-r qnmrlvr Icmrrmq nm thv campus naw par! fm? tm- me-xx sc h the hugh school whim! prfmv the- Imm, f,1,,A,A, ,mg pvc wwf In hvtlvr T.1rmh.1r 1s- vm ts mth thv ISU wax Hu- Q lYWiVf!'f1 1, , 1 wmvg 'r hrpxlf-xv-x'4,' 4 X 4 4 x .url 1"' 1"'u 4. ,N - Q, vv,v,. N X ' Huff! -"' hgh' Row One: ' VV, ' ,,.Q,NJ V, V L -'x"'.s M,w1f-'ww' N 5' " A L" Row - Two: .1.. .1 NU" ' N ' NN' r-.1 KJ. X-"' X Vmiv, , ,,,, i L ,. 7 X L lf-X 1- 1 Row Three: ' N. mu nz 1 1 C,w'.e .HN s' V! uv lmfx lie" x 'NDN YMP' N N Lx! Q Lisa K".1w11v WIUW . Hill! Ag U FOGTBALL Results Creeks lst: Pi Kappa Phi Znd: Sigma Chi , .' Independents PX . . .5 A 'I 2 lstz Taledo Mudhens 5.-ul ' I , " ' '- 3 ' ' - Znd: L. A. Boys ' 'I , ' - ' is, . , Lad . Q. t 1 Overall -0' - lst: Sigma Chi Znd: Delta Chi Top: With a strong defense, Pi played like a true Champ. Bot- Kappa Phi went undefeated un- tom Right: Once again the Go- til the playoffs began. Bottom spelettes prevailed, winning Left: Sigma Chi's lim Wyatt overall two years in a row. 84 Intramurals f WL use-. A - , 1 --.' '- ' -'il' I Q ' . Imp lv!! 'Xlpfm Ulm LH! H-1 slum-12 Nm! mm.. X n pll'tiL1l'N, l7Q'.1HH.i .IHA K4-H4-v rr!TPN'l1.1!vx1' H1I.'1'ff"' l"".x" .idcim-11.1 lu! to thwr lfw mwttm .H H K 'f ' 'xx Rig!!! HPIK 411-Innate-lx m1Q-'mm Cin Ile-lf.1frw vwv. f1w.'.' VGLLEYBALL Results Cgrvvkx Ixt Alpha Cnxrnrm Ile-fm Ind C hu Hrxwga Imivpvmie-mix INK CQuxpe'le'IIe'N Jud HPIK Ox MAH I U IN! Cmxpvlvttw -mi HHR i r Bb lntramurals BASKETBALL BASKETBALL Winter Results GREEKS GREEKS lst Kappa Alpha Psi lst: Chi Omega Znd: Alpha Phi Alpha 2nd: Alpha Gamma Delta MEN WOMEN INDEPENDENTS INDEPENDANTS lst Smurfs lst: Triple Threat 2nd Home Boys Znd: 76 ers OVERALL OVERALL lst: Home Boys lst: Triple Threat Znd: Smurfs Znd: 76 ers Winter Results if ii .XX El? 3- Mens Softball Greeks lst Sigma -Xlpha Epsilon Ind Sigma Chi lrd Pi lxappa Phi Independents lsti "T" Birds Ind -Xir Force ROTC lrd. The Plavmakers Overall lstt Sigma Alpha Epsilon Znd: Rod Squad Women s Softball Greeks lst: Kappa Delta Zndz Alpha Gamma Delta 3rd: Chi Omega Independents lst: Miller Lite Znd: Kapparettes 3rd: Brass Parrott Overall lst: Miller Lite Znd: Kapparettes I ', -. I 'Kr vw 1 :'rifi':.!'5r' f TS! .7 4'C 'L "' 1' Jn, 1 . , ar, , pa I 1, 4-Q-T l 1 -, ou.-"J"""T -' -fs F -wif? - 1. 4 - -Q ' - Q S, ...www neu -1. N' . - M ,ipfxr-v0f--Ln.a-4'-6-' , A -D-rf - ,- +1-S.-. .1 V+!" .-g.-.,, an ""'47l ., -' 17'-f lr V'-. fb' "4 A Ki,-,'LA. :OL ..fl-f-'m,ea+1.e5,v:'s,3?ai':?ff-F'f-fZ5d"ff-t - .t s . r ' - '. 1' - '.'.n " ' . , , we ,".?5Tff"lfXl41L1f'i!fs?I.UZ..wi',1 '.' "fr1'f-rs HH Intramurals 4 - .--.LJ " "v ,N . 1 1 -J.: I IQ .nv . . er- r 'rd -,-,- ' -,-,'.l.:.:.'...j.'. ' '5' 1':f12':f.-.'. .-Z- 1 I ',',','.'.'-Ifllljf A . f- -f - .1 Zfifluit-1-:fx 1' UQ 1 K 9 . , 4 . . . , 0 0 ' , .' .V f is ' Aft' 'x - V I ,W . . U V.. A Dlfly' fix fp D , r w---- mv. - M'-' - w y ' 45, .rg-pr sf .. ic- ov 'M .a 3 . n ' - M ' ' Q ' 0' 'v' . . . ' 2 ' X x ' 1'Mfli-f"H-f4Q"f"1'f'F1 , ., . :'l,.,l..,2:l.g,.IMyj',Q nib: , N l, -.L 'I ,F if -71. b. ,f 1.-..91+1:,---fp rig, n - , ,. -- , ,lux Q . A.,A ,,1...,-V. ' 7fA-.fx 'ply '4,f. V QXJ- ' .' K . ' ' . 5.1. - ax.: . ' L.!v 5.54 VA, , .. sn. In i. JvvL,. V, ' f ,H hirld, ' ff". A! , .' "-', ' .. - . , 4- ,ev-N ,. ' fl . 5i.m.k', 1 "j3L.f,,p .."P,f" Q '4' .,.. . ' ' A'f""'i1- 5-g.t2Q':."1'ii .V Q D ,. K 4 1 - - -- If --w.1vw sw..e Q 0- L, 1 5. ' 0 an ,sq s ', ,,, , D -IJ 4-. -' Q - ' ' ' Q... 7 I g . . . Q O I ,,s 1 . ' v F af"-'f 4 . 1, Ja he 8 .143 flip XN1 7' . ' ' W-I . '. -.,o. .. ,V 65441- - ' .-QJ' alll,-:ln s I" I 5 'Ons' 1' , lg--' f ,. I-A-.5 . uv- , 04.1.4 'hfq 1 lr tl' Rlblll Nlt-n N lmt k .intl lielcl and 4 'nut ountrx lt-rims Ron One Reggie xltt lam Iohn Nlunlix Cireg Hall, Cary llenilerson Stanlex Ciarrett, lPlT WPI- tt-nlietk craig Lightfoot Chris Palmer, lett Raupp Nlike Turtlo Row Two: loild Rainey keith Williams. Alonzo XX alker Harold lenderson, Donnie Rob- inson. Iames Sanders, kenny Banks. Shane Butler. S Cene Williams Wintord Monroe Row Three: Tony Robinson, Ecsley Mitchell, Eardley larxis. Stacey Ntitthell, Milton Westry, David Cauthen, Titus lrazier, Eugene Williams, Tim Martin, lxeith Davenport with SVN! Jr :O Troy State's track and field team accumulated 115 points to easily win their sixth Gulf South Conference Championship. Their win was a triumph with TSU winning first place in eleven of eighteen events. Individually the Trojan team members excelled. Milton Westry wrapped up the discus and javelin competiton while Chris Palmer placed first in the 1,500 and 5,000 meter runs. Other members finishing first in- 90 Track lr ' l-I 1 5 M Q cluded: Todd Rainey, Shot Put, Stanley Garrett, 400 Meters, Eardley larvis, 400-Meter hur- dles, Reginald McClary, Steeple- chase, Kenneth Banks, 800 Me- ters, james Sanders, High lump, and Gene Williams, Triple lump. Troy State was extremely proud to have two Trojan track and field members qualify for the NCAA Division ll Champion- ships: Eardley larvis in the inter- mediate hurdles and Kenneth Banks in the 800 Meter Run. ff K' -A-'r 4- nikki' .4-gn., Q91 I , .. - 1-.j..u.-vu I- iqwl. '7'Y"t-effx. 15" W 0 ..,?"2.!' if-fl pe V4--W ' l 055 'ilsrq f-' -'34-'A 'iff' - '., , '- 1' .,-.f.. .QQ ,gg HQ-. ,f . . '-0 5 "ff --,...,un-, .Q I. A' 155 ""'5:. 'ww .4 ' ,gn 1.-ianri Y . -. ', A 'A' ., A .4 '. 'G A QP' TRACK AND HELD HN' lnrh lr aim ix 1 at fnlfN'lXNfHIXlkXll!'1Q1 x 14 gfm 11 41 o fi- .AP Ile-Iciduiz-xlr r x tourrmrm-rw s IH cmlx Inu xv re Pu lf' um Inu Ie vnu X1 ll H. f. HN- lumix Iruimx ciwi rut XX Mm x he 4 r 1 haw- A CMI! South 1 :mu rq If Mi Imp, N, charwwpuurwmup 1 lhefrv is my um an the CM In lmwm I X 1 N , curnpvle-.1g.1 s x K sink Ima R thus, mc iw Important each llme' als, unlike L A 7, -A t , Q . A ' .', ' f,'av. Ziv+4ffF'-- 1 8 x 1 Vg ,-Q-ov Qs P 4 If 'MUSE' ' fg- A .pu ' , ., - ' M, q',:., M... , 'F gl A., .,,, , ' 'bf -vxdan-gal , . ,MQ Top Right: Trojan pole vaulter springs into action. Top Left: Trojan broad jumper scores hi h for TSU g . Bottom: Trojan runner wins it all. 92 Track 4 .-0' 1 'I-1 .41 1 fr 1 -,, , ,.-s- -,, v .til Q kk, .14 I Yi , gr .I T-' W -- f XS1+..1': -Sal f rj 1', +3 -.ii 'X f RACKETTES T5'U 'N 'VIN kf'lU'S NUPDUVI Him .alwpmrwm-fi11-.vw 'rw "'.1' "'0"1"0'N fr 1' v thetr.1ck.mdIwlrilmrmrrwwv ml., M 4g,.X,.g,,,,,,m 4, ,,., ,,., .,,. .,K,.,. I, . A , , , , eral vvays The-y h.1xvlwz-m.1n- pdl" ,,f,,wl,,,, HN, nm ,,,. 'NN f, .,,. ,MMM , , livv uni? ILWQ and hdxf' UMW' SIj.1Ht'f1 lu jilkf- HN' .1IP!Y4-M-N .1 1f!"..1"f.11l4AN 1' H L tributed by uttncmlnng rm-1-is "y,,,,,,1 ,.gr,. HN ,,,,.,. Lx , and V94 VUWW4 P0lf'm"l' UVNT' Track Crmch 4 lmrla-S firm-' xxzlv .rx . I4 r m9ml79VY svrxvs JN .idx :var Irwr TPM- Im: F. I?xfnmr"11 f1"'v 4 1 HighI'ghl5 0' N83 'WlUfif'fi ettvs HQ' vxpre-wlx mr-wwi Hur Inn kr-T14-N .rw ro f A , th? TV-5fkPUPS UVTICIMIYWH TUV Nw mimi tor more' glrlx In tn-1 fum- Hmmr 'N 'np 1 1 rr Stain High SCHOUI mem 'YW MAN lmoixmi rm Ihr' urg.mn1.a1um W XMIM .11-ri r.-.rv-X r , . .,, 0 U7:."x LINE? cd N -A . 4 4 r - ,-,-1.12 -. A--, 1-.. Q'?'v55" f'. T-xr' .'4' - - X O 'L ui xx 1' nw , Q - r fwfr? n 45" LVQ Q 1 .,N. N .VX 'x ,. -V Q .- whl X '- 3 1 'ri " v.1 N . . 11""r" NL x Row One: X- ' ,N .MN ,,.m,r Row Two: " ".A XM .,,.-Q., M., ,, X fi- Row Om' lx-W, .. -,,.!:.' lt -. nl, dh N ..-A K. Row Txsou .- f.!"'xi J, ..., NY -xx SCJFTBALL Lady Trojan softball began its second year at Troy State after finishing third in the GSC in M8-4, However, things did not look as promising this year, and the team did not rank as high overall in the conference, The softball program at TSU differed greatly from other ath- letic programs in that the team members covered their own traveling and uniform expenses. Another major difference was that recruiting was limited due to lack of scholarship funds to attract prospective players, 4 . A . , s . S 5' hm X. R s Yi rx 5 1 X I 'X ,xnx gg -X ji N , L 1 I Right: Row One: Michele Carroll, Ellen Henken, Leah Borie, Robyn Green, Becky Bobo, Tammy Ruffin. Row Two: Ginger Sprague-Coach, Debbie Thompson, Pam Putnal, Linda Borie, Suellen Shaw, Tammy Hollis, Diana Baz- zel, Randy Coy-Student Coach, Center Lett' Pam Putnal gives it her all, Center Righty Robyn Green slams one into right field Top Freshmen Linda Borie on the pitch- ers mound 94 Softball Many of the members of the Lady Trojan softball team par- ticipated in other sports pro- grams on campus as well. These softball players had the advan- tage of financial help from the university which was not made available to those members of the team who did not play an- other sport for the school. All in all, the Lady Trojans had an optimistic outlook about their next season. They all antici- pate more support from the Troy residents and TSU students in the future. -B is - - --so-1 Wd' Q . I 41 ,Q I gn. vi? Qi' l ' Q44 li' 'M 5. 3 .nv F'-Rau. P uf' I 4 . Q .N 4l'A'1: 9? .' 'ga I g Qs , T f. - +tff'1'f" X 'V'-'?I"' 'fi'-'A uf, --om ' 'i' fl T ...4 , ' Q. :5 ',.' N ,QQ HJ 4- ., , uliij 3 if S " GULF SOUTH 1 MENS B-XSIQETBALL MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY BASEBALL Dennis Garrett Chris Palmer Dave Banks Andre Hills leff Weitenbeck Chuck Stanhope luilo Valdez Ray Stephens es 'lefwoaooa 'll' "s- H WOMENS CROSS COUNTRY lanis Dehaye 'X Michelle Cornich 2 Susan Tilford Sheir Williams I P L J4 ---1 GULF SOUTH TROY El FOOTBALL Mitch Celer Anthony Henton Ted Horstead Mllce Turk Bart Williams C0 FERENCE WIN s IRM A lwn Bankx Smnlffx Cnarrwll lanllm l.m1s Rf'.KlLlll' X111 l.1rx f lun llalmvr lmlrl Ralrwx lanws mmlvrs Hilton He-sm Cfvw Hlllldllls -Q. ,...A 5- I VCDLLEYBALI C 6 H6 ll f ll Ill! W XA' Broun ljilm XMTUIUX - XXVH N 4.1 I ' gfpndd ugjrnvon Clie-mm Harwkvr - C ww K -l..""x C ham C..1:I4-x - !.1.v:m SCUFTB-XLL H c MUN x .lHNkf '14 xl Tammx Hollis 'Wllfl-1 W1""' lmwwfx l"w"'U C0 FERENCE IIBIBIL lmproxing from last year. Troy States Tennis Team tapped oft titth place this year in the Cult South Conference, two positions higher. Returnee from last year, lohn Lane, a se- nior improved as the season went on. His biggest match went three sets against the Conference winner. leff Ixoch also played well in singles going two tough sets with the Conference winner. David Good improved his re- cord as the season went on, de- feating Wallace Community Colleges undefeated 114 play- er. Newcomers this year include Wade Riley, a transfer from Wallace at Dothan playing at 82. Stan lones, from Germany, playing tri singles and doubles, and Dickie Nachman, a transfer from leff Davis lr. College seed- ed 111 in the Conference at his position. He also held the best overall record for singles and doubles. Highlighting doubles, Lane!Good were seeded 114 at their level while Nachman- fKoch were seeded 33. Coach Dennis Rodgers feels that more financial aid coming in this year could bring in more quality players. He feels that having stronger players in the top three positions will increase competition with other colleges and will result in more Confer- ence wins. Recruiting for the 85- 86 tennis team went very well, and Troy is expected to be in the top three teams in the Con- ference in their next season. Right: Row One: Chris Sharp, David Cood,EMcMe Nachman,lohn Lane Row Two:leH Koch Manlones Dwaine Paxson, Wade Riley, Coach Dennw Rodgem. 98 Tennis 1985 SCHEDULE Columbus College MZYIOH lnstltute George Wallace Manon lnstltute leff Davns Lnvlngston lacksonvnlle Troy UNA Troy Valdosta Troy lacksonvnlle Columbus College North Alabama Troy-Delta State Troy-U T Martin Troy lacksonvnlle Troy W Georgna Lrvlngston George Wallace Troy-W. Georgia GSC Q5 I . N - 100 Volleyball I U .-' . I'-' 'HI R --,.., . af-:swf Q I D6- : 5' 1 0 Q -rrf Ng. Q! .1- l'-"E'l-.. --.,,, ., ,- .nv- ,- . --- xfxn 'L' --?4:"i:fwTTEIi'J 4 F K '1 1', . '+-' coma f COACH 1hQWSdl1itz ' MANAI ' . Mlhda Ashcraft .g, . 'Kg 1 'ghphlielernoro will! 'a x -Y-' IHIYQIS. cmffl ml,4w1'liUKf0iIV!Ul 'hPWlllPfG'I J, ' gr mm-uv V ' 'var -4 E-lhnuht t " 7 'x fl- 'lb - Midi a' l." '- W' A.3,:.igakiia.'-' 1 f il N ' . l Q-V ff N.'l4Ll,'.f-,. gn. . K. "Lady Trojans Kiai" for an in- creditably progressive season." With injuries against them dur- ing their initial games, the young team worked together to form unity. Three of the six starters were freshmen, however, as the season continued, each of them gained valuable experi- ence from their playing time, from their older team members and from Coach Sprague. . , ....l ,, 4 ' ,' 102 Volleyball 4-3-05- xt- The highlight of the Lady Tro- jans' season was their victory over Florida Southem. In the many seasons T.S.U. has matched up against Florida Southem, this was the tirst time the Trojans came out victorious- ly. WHOOSH!! Voleybal 103 V f L 1 1 X P L I 1 . A 1 'L . VQ. A 7' ..s- - 1 1 4: . - u - ,-F f n , - , , K-Q. .5 "QM , 'I s D 'Q .N" C ,..t-.z...'-1,1 , K - ..g-WA, gtg J, Q, - 53 .4 gn. A A-'C j rf fkqig 1 sl 7' gba:-L f-' HH- ' N' " . Z ' "' Q6 .5 K A '1'H' IU-1 C r ms Country 105' , "H, 1 .- Q4f,-we-yqwq " !3',! 'Y Y . v-u-czf, :T JG:--K 'cl Q . .pa-nbld' . "' 'L . gls 1 Q3' , I N 0. I s -,! I . .. , , 'C I ' V cnxt' - , f 1 Q 1 Q- 4.-W r N .. ,df v.. n X .-'A - - E- " ' il x ' ffl' fNC,xX:X ,.. .4 .. IDIVISIC 1 f sc1+U m1 'xsl i Rrgcglc px ' , .'...xJ,. ' I. Q IPM' l'wg.1'N.s"'1l 112. f 4' " V Cruwf raL,r'T'x fo-.ww 1 . xictfrmw Yu' INL " fm!" TPM If vuiwrm HUT" f 1" P+! ' .ug .. px- 71 -. n , . W " . ' "M 5' Chl CM.1r1mur'v'm " - v.- ,' F , 'V' ' r aff 'fb 'j ,. U. frqd, ., ,g.:' ,p'1 ,w" A' . rmfm kwlmimq :MA 'w- 'H .' ff - 55- -- , ,. .- xx., vm Af A- ' , 'gl' - Q Q5 U 4 ... " ',' 1,51 15-1 1, A- A warm-culaxv Jw- .1 -: f '-'1 ,.,, KQV fi'-YM 15 . -f i -fl., W ..',' xxurm-P mf t'wr w fy fl, N04 . - , If .pi 55-K ,..l. 'Qqo x. Q UH MWA ' x .- - . 1"'rf"' 'L' w.,"' .,.-f-.uf f ., ,' -.Tk -, ,Q3 4, ST' f'f554l'?l f' Q 3'-5' Il1vmruwum"!'x 'e-.1"'v' I x -. ' :fu-Wk" -F . s 111, -'I . X 3, I U -',,f-W...-j,.,", ,X V, , 6311 , ' X 1-Iwi lu C Mrtlurw NIM wmv 1 .5 Q., "'. 'u-"V yr Q - ,' ' ' ., , . M 'ff' if f ',1 9' .' 'ff' ,fuin ,. 15:35, fx x. .ij rvgmrml umrwpe-Ipw' Vw-. x ML A' "'N'l' Y " A7 4 pf- A ' ' R ' P54 - " -in " lm ms lwttf-fmi "vm-'w-4 x Q, 'tl .""'-- 1 " if.. P28 x'lF-v-- 1-KJ ' . li ' ' ' - 441, vs-4-4" ' 1- -"- ' .' Q-I ....- '.'- .L 1 "J 4 " ' - ' 65,3 ig " ' 'Q w -3 - ft '7 --'45 Qu, 4'-1'4'TTA f '. 1' tum 4 n-15 In wut TW' ' "' 'w . ,,,. . .-X. ., '- '., f'.A. 'A .-:Ziff '."."-" . .pf "fu 0 ' L ' Q' '. fc fin 5 NC -X-X llrxmurw IINmz1'w'.xv Re-' , ' '. I.F"' - ' 'fb ' 'J ". '. - ' 1 it-521' ' ' If -' ff 'M' Ju' frfan.. - ',-QQ., bt gamma! C h.1r11p14wJv1m Vw- "w-" I r ' 1' o . ' ' ', ' . X ' '- - ' 'w 5 ' ' ',. . .. .. ' ' F".-.u.-v.n'1 ' .- . "N, 5'--r'. 1' - " Pawci hx Imax KAI f'1IA1"z" ' v 4 "."f"'f's"'1' 'l. 4'fX. X ' - 1' 9'-N "-"' ,, 43, ,Mlm . '.,,uxr-., -1-5, . -".. Q. l rg ': A-xi HWPIVTlDL1Vlf1Vtj.1mlfTdN l..e xv . ,. s , 4 kg, . 'I' .' . f.' .9 '. . "xx.'1.'xaQ"'X1Jf-gil' ll E I '.v 'A' ' 'I ykxfm. NPJFN !"'X ' "A"- . -17- ...-- ' .4 - yvv' rf- . .-5 ul -- .. -,-,-Vg-. wa' ..n- .- ,.4-, hw-4 19 , 10191. 2 4411 an f 'Q - - 5,14-n ,. . ig- Q ,:' . N- ,va I The Trojan golf team began its l98-I-85 year under the di- rection of a new coach, Ron Mobley, Mobley, a veteran Tro- jan golfer, took over the pro- gram which has not finished less than fourth nationally in ten years. With the anchoring of two TSU national champion- ships and being the first Troy State golfer to make All-Ameri- can, Mobley went into his new position with a strong, competi- tive returning team and a posi- tive outlook for the golf pro- gram. The Trojans began their sea- son in the Fall with the Southern Mississippi Invitational, placing eighth out of eighteen teams. The team went on to place third in the N.L.U. - Central Bank tourney, first in the Trojan Oaks Invitational, third in the Hart ln- vitational, and eighth in the Dix- ie Invitational. Thus, the Trojan golf team finished its Fall season with a promising light on what the Spring would bring. In Gulf South Conference competition, jacksonville State proved to be the Trojans' most rigid competition when TSU suffered one loss and one tie to lax State during the Fall. Troy State hosted the Gulf South Conference golf tournament and finished well. For the year, the team finished in the top ten in the NCAA Division Il. Out of nine team members, two graduated in 1985, Charlie Moller and Randy Mauldin. The team looks forward to having seven returners in addition to top notch recruits next year. T06 Golf fi' yQ ,ff-5 ' . u Fx yi -5 x L A 8- ' w,?"f'x X A I 4 I - K I -L.. Lk-. GHL 'ST' . 3' W- -f I Q E5 4:1 W. . E' i 1 3 xu' 1 ,'l 4 1. uf- L : a'. n x 1 .un q P Run Um' - Run Inu Q 1 123 5 f' 1' J .1 G CII TROIAN GULF SCHEISULE EiEgQFF"E'i.iZ+-.iQ"' ELC 5 A Fall Season I98-4 Southern Mississippi Invitational NIU. - Central Bank Trojan Oaks Invitational Hart Invitational Dixie Invitational Spring Season 1985 Suntree Intercollegiate Tigerpoint Intercollegiate Southern lunior 84 Senior Collegiate Alabama Intercollegiate Gulf South Conference Golf Tournament NCAA Division ll Nationals Panhandle Intercollegiate 81 College AM. - rr, LQ,-.. '. Y ., - - . r-Tvsx+'ZJ",,wA I Y' ' ,.-. ,. hw. . V - w',5:f,.-Las.-ix L. ,' '1',' H- -2 -I-sl-'gg 'Y-4-:::w,,i.2, N r .1 Qt, 5,-'hgiiiw . '-x'r':: .,.-J- V. . ,. '1' ' '- " 9 - 4 , 3' gh?-,L"'T,15'l Vi -4: I U 3 n-1:19,-I -- . 4-,. 3.35, 1 --7 neg: 1" 5.--ibggjfrqsr Q53 'rw .5-'-.,. 'Z . A , -,QUT f- - -fx 'ct' ff aff332-31'-'-yQ'ff7-:'1i'!,':i'59,1lf'iL"'-1: 1 ' v-45 . 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O- 9 1.5. 01 Q. .-be ' 4 ' ,,Qf51 ' u K 'X 1. v I 'cu' f - if 'hr' sa I gin nt. 1 .CLQ -.xv . ' .ol v- - f,,,:'l' , ,Y -Q fb .' ' S+- ns' .fp 52... - V' - - " - , ' .nz ., , A. -,,-,,,J' . ' . ' ' " vs- . by A ' ' ' ' .- - , ,1 , -, "' I . .' ' .4-. V- I . .- v T 3, . AQ. . I .'-Q' ,r V V- '- -:'A. , xi- ., rw - l- .I ,, 'I 1, S . - N . , -, . lx hh: xi A . - i I.: tails! .- ru, . 1 jg . ,. . s. "","7' -qi' ' -4. 'T' ' ' f . -w-- . -, D -'x--'Q .-.sq W, J- . -, ,--, ,- Q -s , - 1-15--A' Fw- '.'- 7 ' ' ' - "1-Q-..!U"' L' a v, Mo Y - ' ' ' . 'N X , X - .. , A ,. . "'. -,Y , ,f - ,. - ,Q.f"'., ' 4 ' , 1 V -. ', 15x V ' .'. .Hx gf- , f nf Ya ' ' - '- -.'- -M x,'4:'.ufQY' ' xi ' 'df in ' ..- .- ,, 5 C.. 'I' ' u f 'Q , 0. r.,p' 8-,xl X' I .f -. ny? ,, vs QA ?:'N wwfi- gf? , -95751 f' I ' 8 ,Aga u, 'Q ,. , -rf. lim I rt O- f .- .. :sr- This Page Top Left, Sophomore Tracey Tolomeo clunches a putt, Top Rlght Lynda Hughes demonstrates the Intense concentratlon necessary to be a competttive golfer, Bottom Glenda Laster, Lynda Hughes, lxrlsty Vogel, Tracey Tolomeo, Traci Boone, lenny Holder, Chris Force - Coach Opposite Page Glenda Laster adds vi- tality to the returnnng golfers' prospects. H0 Golf I xi: ,ft .K 1 J fy 8 Uqrai. ' 1'-' :mii- F?- ,-4, 4 Afqlpovb- -.f"'- f - 'J 41 K - Q., .. .-J'-1' ,. ,. A-4,54 rn-8 .1 -4-.I lf. , 1. I,-5, dx -A N." ., .-,J . . .1452-xg n ' ft' 'F-VY' r s- b M .1 .-3.15. ,r ls., fi Qf' 4 'ins . a 'eff- '35 The lafix Iffljdn L14v'1"N broke-trari1t1o'wat ine-:N-tg "'- "tg U! the WH-1 Nt'dNfJ" in "O'.i'f'XLf to Ohio rather than fttrfff-1 'or their opemng tfmrfwarw-'wi N417 being au ustontf-ct to mf h on temperature-N the- ISL' ff-.rn suttereci a citsappomttrvu .ow Loach Forte tvlt that tow 1-f down set the pace- for the- a- dtest xx hole xc-ar Sprnngk season starts-o oo! on a more postttxe note ax the Lady Trojans competed tum 1' Other teams at Duke L'n:xe-rx-Tx in North Caroltna Thx toarna- ment prox ed to he thetr of-xx o' the year, as thex ttntshwt 7-ith overallr The Ladx Trotans ended thezr season sec ond un the NC! AA IJ:- visuon Il behmd XM-her State Though thex lost hx a mere 4 shots, thex proudlx placed tour of their sux team memherx in the top fifteen tn the matron Hath two memherx grariuatmg we Sprung ot '83 Coach Forte looks torxxard to the returmpg four to add lncentrx e to new- Comers IH the next seaxon Ktt' N f "' 7' -sg 9 aes! as N af xt 4".f '35 .. ,V -." - fb 'n i, ," ' jf s -9. 1 -. rf qx Q x ' . 4 x . 'dx -wr, ' K ....- . .-Fr" 112 Golf . , .. 1 L r - ,f ami. -gs , - 1 , ,., ..,, .ws . -A ' ' L, ' 4? ., .-'v , .,'. " , Amo qw., , . I , , ,. 4 .,,,, ' - .. 4 ' - V' 1- f '.- ,- 1' ',,. K4 ,. J ir -lf", . .-.rj-,Q-,. , f-4 . :- ' X " ' , v , ... .. ,, ,...N .4. w. . . "' ,f-nkv5..A,f ,Y'- -, LM, X, .-I aj,. V-.-v R' 4 ,.f1,l'g---5 :IM',,w .- ,4 - 31.7, ti-fi: FUTFJAIL-tb " I' :4:':1v .' ..-3-HV! ' " -"L '3' ':-VL 4 I," lv fn" ., f . Q, n1.f'- , I .fggxik gf: ., .r Q. - If , 'fqtkhl J ', "'-u gf N , '. 1,1-A 4 : A141 ' -N., V any--, ' .-, "L. 1.-,1...f , -. fx. -,V. .1. 1 an .. rglvf -NJA., 15'Q" .nba 0,4- D -040:19 rv-' -9 -0 1 I' VV AN N... f 79 fa 'Q . v ' " . 44 QQ . x A fr.-1-+ 15' , n , 1,4 ,.. 5, Q ff .S s 0 1' 1 g,,J.- op. Fw: 'QW' S" tp-' I I qi .. ,A Q u . . . I .b ,-, '- ,A.A,' ' ' '. . - I . f' h - ' 1. -- -V-f' i., .' -. m .v' fl '1"W4'Y'f 'Sq' Au 'f ,, -'.,- -. -1'q'x44'l1'- x , VE' ' 'ski' ' L 'R "'. if: '-. -', ' .6597 LJ' ", "'.'u 'eds -'- +..g,:1Lg5'z 1 - iw F?-x S z-- Q H' 1. JR. f f. ww--a ,. N,'f.f-r-.g . -3. E1 wind,-1. -..n.. QL ,'-.x...QN." , j-l .154 ry ,.1 ' 1-vfp:7'lT-,ff .,.'-.-. Hx". -' - ..,.-, . - '- , f . L -,pl su A H .qt I dull- A. " ".' '1'f3f L- 5 ' Em Tile ' . f Jw' ?"'4' 7' 'Q "1 xdfc Q' -- 'Um - ' 'a 1 '. . 1. '.-- , . .3 . 1: -. x - - ' i fthe fwfr 'I-1:5 'plsfh ' I' "' 1' ,X - ,':- ' .' '.l4f -a . 'fn I . :.g'q, . " 'V' . , . , 1 f-,. ' .L 1 4 . V .:','-, . - wp, , wgiiic N -4 1' N' ff' . , f 'vx X L .,-.1L.'. '...,.'w-' ---c,- ,.,,.-s+:.'v- .. - ':5'vm"",L,4-..-lg'1--".. -' .qf-Fnzf , -..' . ., -- . - 1- .--I-,J....., 7- 'fkn-.1:"L',':5,' TN.,-.-1. 'qw-5 1aa':'JJg3S?'x ., by , Ji- h Xp,-45 V v."A Mfrs. ,.. ,--ag, -f.w.s.- -- , 3 .. Q. -:,.' I. as I. 1 nj 1. . gf Oki, -A I . N ,Q ,nywwx 1. .. 1 x, . ., .. ,:,fRi."'04R12 . . .,., ,M pxl. N' -WEEE? T-jg,QZg...:L if :fu . 0. V ' '. '- wwf, At. 31.1, 1-1 'ajft ri, Q. L,1.' "" smN-- Pl' ' -Af-is .1 I , A Lf' fr . A 5 , . ll .1 fi ' ' 'QT , -I. 1 - X. . is -Y-5-,f. x,,.,n " ff ' f f ,nu .-qv: . W ,a.AhZu. 5.5, it :LLL - " vtrris -:ya , ',-fr.: ..""'-KA + -,. , aio, " ' ' -1' A1 ' u' -4'-S. 4 1 ' ' - ,. . . v 1, 41131 J.,,:x,LI,4':f:hd ,1'l'lf,j?..,-f-. fur, , I. ,1-ink'-h.L'1.'.!4.-,4.dp55 X' . ' '5 - - ' I - fi, 4 -M. 1' . 5 '- jg ,,, - ""4Y,,v .NLM Z ,IQ i , Qui..-7: W ' 5 ' - f 11 ' ,., , -' ' .24 iisd-.-lr'1g,y,:'1 - '.-,. til. gxfff, ff? fv'!"'s '- 19. x 1 I ,. df 5 V 5. Y Q 7"'F1VT -,119-7 QQ lg 4 imc t0 tCl'fit0I'y ,- l .-'-q....C. 1 iq ll? 1984-85 SCHEDULE C S DATE OPPONENT Nov. 17 Alabama Christian College Nov. 26 Stillman College- Nov. 29 University of Montevallo Dec. 3 Stillman College Dec. 4 Alabama Christian College Dec. 6 Phillips College Dec. 8 West Georgia College Dec. 10 lacksonville State University Dec. 13 Spring Hill College Dec, 15 University of Montevallo Dec. 17 Bermingham Southern College lan. 5 Livingston University lan. 7 Delta State University lan. 12 West Georgia College lan. 14 lacksonville State University lan. 19 Livingston University lan. 21 University of Tennessee Martin lan. 26 University of North Alabama lan, Z8 University of Tennessee Martin Feb. 2 University of North Alabama Feb. 4 Mississippi College Feb. 9 Mississippi College Feb. 11 Valdosta State College Feb. 16 Delta State University Feb. l8 Spring Hill College Feb. 21 Valdosta State College l li ski-tlmll i-.ill-1 .ill- S 'Q- ,Q YY, Trojan basketball did not fair as well as other T.S.U. sports programs did dtlring 1984-85, but prospects for next year's season look promising. Many things contributed to the team's losing season. The loss of four starters from the 1983 put a young Trojan team on the court. Another down was that two of the top recruits did not completely finish the season. All in all, the Trojans can brag on junior Dennis Garrett who made all-conference this year which was his first year playing I lil lltisks-I l mil Q I vt? .I K 1' r f . 1 9 I i' 5 U. - V Q. 1 M ' ' i " - :L ' in the GSC league. He played center for the Trojans and placed third in the GSC in scor- .. ing f18.5j, fifth in rebounding I' f9.0j, and fourth in free throw percentages f.802j. Another plus for T.S.U. was guard Mar- lon McGaughy who was sec- ond in the conference in assists with more than seven each game. He also averaged over ten points a game. With these two men included in a group of four starters who will return to 9' Trojan basketball in 1985, the 'W' . team has reason to anticipate a l ' better season next year. ,f f 1 1 :I- fs. 0 4,1855 .9-:rid 'ian' OPP! lhlff P-KCI' Tnp lvl! lunnu- hxhmn and Mminn W Gnughx gn up IDF the re-hound Top Rrghl -XII-umlwvmv Dvnnvw Car- rvtl slams unv sn" Barnum Garrett shnols :mm tha- nul- xuk- IHISI'-XCI fnplvll NlXlfl'lHkgnvsqD mr lun .IQQIIIISI X.nldml.l Smu- lup Rrpghl I vnu-f lk-nuns I..lm-ll hm llw baske-I lmm the- nulwh- BOUlll7lfI'll lnnmilnlluihrmguunn-lmm tha- nulsnk' Hmmm Rrghl Xmrlnn Nh Caughx shuuls up IIN' fllldlai' lu sum' Ii.nLe-Ilmll I IW a Y" a.,. WJ' ,,..1:f ," ,W-+ 1 4 ,.-, ,.- -s ,..,..- V n Y A 1 .Tb E 1 I -av' i iv- i L axDN l lxUlA l The Lady Trojan basketball team made a name for them- selves during their 1984-85 sea- son. Under the guidance of Coach loyce Sorrell, the team finished second in the Gulf South Conference. In semifinal playoffs, they lost to archrival Valdosta State. The Lady Trojans had two team members make all-confer- ence. These were Angela Moore and Tammy Thompson. if I 1 ,? :.,2' 4 .5 . 3l,i i"'? inf- IN-'... U ik QSM. . X, W ,JV 1 AGL I!!! . Y C u if Y! x 2 ku "X ' 115, ef 41. 'e .Q f Q . in Q9 WN Q01 su ANS 7'-EN H . .q.,,- -- sm nV STAT? UYSTHT 5 2-'JJ' W AT5' I 4 7'-"W . f"'v J f'-eg' ad 1 ' ', 'fir' N I ia 'll ,W fs! -f, M , 1 1 3 3-Q .--pr BASEBALL Trojan baseball opened its 1985 season with big shoes to fill, coming in behind the '84 team who finished third-in-the- nation at the College World Se- ries. But that challenge is some- what like those Head Coach Chase Riddle has faced in pre- vious years, Since 1980, Trojan baseball players have traveled to nationals three times, each time leaving something for the next year's team to strive for. Returners from the 1984 team include the entire infield less the second baseman. This slot was filled by Ed Nix, who proved to be capable when he took over the slot a few times during the '84 season. Also re- turning was starter catcher Ray Stephens, third baseman leff Brinson, right fielder Chris lohn- son, shortstop Greg Frady, and first baseman Dave Banks. ills Baseball in iq 4-117 Top. Catcher Ray Stephens at the plate to tag an Auburn base runner, Center and Bottom Second baseman Ed Nix connects the play to tag out a Livingston man. V"-'f LQ' ' ,-ul 1, '.' Y Rms f,fN'l ' Inu: i 1 ',. 'i tik- LA. gl' .J .7. -0, 3 . , "' :sax Run m Imm- 1' h lIf..L-' r ,- v- g-- ' ",' j.- 'T' jg., , '04 Y'7:1419--"3 ----.'L:'-.E-.'7-'4 '.-1 4 -'5.. Q.: 31 1 'Vl- ,, 1 to 0. W 'QU . L K 128 Baseball HY., X . 2 - -,,, ,-sb Top: Trojans attempt pick-off play against Valdosta baserunner. Bottom Left: Intensity peaks in Bryan Hu- Chanson. Bottom Right: Trojan batter bunts a coaches signal. I n. v-P 9 1? 4 1 . -: :,'.r': -A 47. -' 'I -.U 1. ' ,.., z , -,.-- .rv '- ...v ' - 'L ,v- -s.. , ' -Y '- Q -' . .'!, , i -Q -- ,-M., . - ,V fo Ufig., 35-Q-','Ju1'1...--4-'.... -" --L . - - .' g I4-I Wo Q ,no L u Twp TNl'fmw mmf MIM 'X v ' v c'!Iu1 I1 x"Q"'n "1 1' HnIIcw'I ' ' , tha' puts 'w 1 KL' KY!! Fx-1111 11w.1' Q H1 will rv' ff garw- .v " ply xx'1n1'e"N1v"H"' I mc1n.1Is'n'r hm NIQ'x1"""N 'LJ g X x 1 A QU I SU Bawball Xu mf' X -', h -, .. - -"Ts . -Biggs... 5 if A D ,ov N I - - ... --X-'sx J nf ls- ... ana? I l . X , C xx ,qgalj -,. .s. Y. . -.4-Q-455-9 f wiv? T' wifi 3.915 , 1 .7 ini! X Kel, 4 at 6 I X . Z '1 I , X .5 K gs W' l r t H f 1 N 6 I I V 1 1 14B.atlI 1 i l...A..J-I Y NIIYI' '6'1f Y 117' "M -ibn 4- - 1 f'4 ml. ' 1 " Aff, '- . , , I M A, 5.456 -1 il' 1 -.,... - .. An--:Pe-Airi- h Y 1 Y - 7 lf --4' . I E "Cff's'1 1. I ,F P '.l ' I ' u...--ff? I'-M. ,,. 4 s ,JN -. N 5 . v - f' al lk 9-Q 4 5 "...4. '-P' D. '-.ri swf lN' was .fer- is X Q l I Q Erin Kelly, David Smith lt may look like fun, but cheerleading ac- tually takes a lot of hard work and dedica- tion. The cheerleaders must be able to ex- ecute precise movements and stunts which can often lead to injuries, as the Troy State cheerleaders discovered at their summer camp. Despite the injuries, some of the squad members suffered during camp, the Trojan cheerleaders were able to finish both the football and basketball seasons which included cheering for the football team's national playoff game. RIGHT- Row One: Latonia Thornton, Erin Kelly, Sara Kate Gibbs. Row Two: Bill Garispohl, David Smith, Neal Anderson, Sol Tepper. Row Three: lennifer Clyatt, Ka- ,x ,A t .- L, V 55... 5 A L Y ' . ' ai . . ' , X .--J 6 Y .ml ' N Ne Q - l Sara Kate Gibbs, Latonia Thornton IPHHIYH Uv-ill. Udvlfl Smith ren Ponds. Keri Dubberly. Row four: Dani Bullock. K ,ix X fl lx 1 I i 5 ---, I ll J. All ' H P "' I 14 Cheerleaders 1 X x q T i . Dann Bullock, Bill Garispohl lxeri Dubberly, Neal Anderson Sjxfkx X 1 I 4' Q T T g X l 1 Q Af!! . U .Y - . Ji 1x .S -ug, -1. "Qn. Karen Ponds. Sol Tepper ABOVE: Ken Dubberly leading the lam in 'Ramma lemma." RIGHT low One: Sara Kale Gbbs. Dani Ill- ock. Karen Ponds. Erin Kelly. lennrler Clyalt. ken Dub- berly. Lalonla Thornton. low Two: Bl Ganspohl. Sol Tepper, David Smrlh. Neal Anderson. Cheerleaders I IS ! 1 N V v A Q 'I ,H Band Student Government Honor Societies Professional Societies Service Societies Religious Societies University Service I ltl I-l-l Z CDRGANIZATIQNS Charlie Finch Section Editor Start Kenton Odum Susan Teal Kelly G Reilly Elizabeth Tracy Photographers leff Law Greg Benton leff Ellis Angela Boswell Donald Norsworthy Andy Martin Ed Moseley .S if ljeditation, hard work, and dist ipline are basic elements for a sun t esstul band To be a mem- ber ot the Sound of the South not only required these quali- ties but also pride in one's tal- ents and pride in the Bands su- perb reputation. Long, hard hours ot' practice Mondays through Thursday, learning new drills, music, and routines, proved to be well worth the ef- fort as audiences were kept captivated by the razzle dazzle of the Sound of the South On the lighter side of the Bands workaholic reputation was the friendship and com mon bond which made being in the Band so special Otten called the Biggest Fraternity on Campus the Band always managed to mix work with play At their annual Halloween Party beasts goblins and loony char acters filled the band room in search of fun and frolic The fra ternal spirit is always a funda mental aspect of the Sound of the South In November of 1984 the Band appeared in the Peanut Festival in Dothan AL The next stop on the long list of perfor mances was the Senior Bowl in Mobile AL ln freezing tem peratures Band members man aged to think warm and hope for sunshine But compared to the weather conditions during their next performance in Washington D C many mem bers realized that Mobile was not so bad after all The Sound of the South was one of the 7 715 bands to receive an invi tation to play in the Inaugural Parade in the nations capital The TSU Band was chosen to represent the state of Alabama With high hopes and excited anticipation four buses a van and a car pulled out of Troy on january 18 1985 Washington bound To the dismay of many band students the parade was called off by Pres Reagan due to the freezing temperatures and snowy conditions However the trip to Wash ington was not wasted The Band was asked to perform in the Smithsonian Institute H8 Sound ol the South 5 U X I Th Sound of the South lulm llIllNlll.ill lbrtlm Nhtlwr lor tlw Hutmcl tbl tlmt- Nfltltlw um lmrttmrvcl .mtl n.1Iltm.1llx .tt - clmme-tl mr has :lt-flat .mfcl xt-.arg mt se-rx rc s- tu tlwe- limcl Iulm mat wle-ctetl lbrum Nlayur mr Mt llurmltlx All--Xmvruc .lm lkmcl .mtl .lppt-.lrtftl Ill Xlm x X ll1dlWlxSf.1IXlllf.2, lJ.1x l'.1r.1tlc- .mtl Ilw Row litml lydftlflt' Hu i award .xugrwwmte-tl the' Htmclk highly respectful positron .ls .1 lmaml torall lmarwcls llr long tlw - Bamlls rllustruous cllrectur lwl ISU HTUNILIJDS to lw more than just a marchlng lmml - but .1 matter ot pride L , , 1 l1'.,'f, 1' f J x,,,' tr"' ff, -4 L'-' v,,t,, ,,H - r """Sw'E,.. . , sims-'S 'A ff -'A' M r.-an . I W4 Y I5 V I ' 4 . I , . , P Y v I . I . 0 9 -1? ' fb 'Q 'L ' 14 fx N 0' ' Oo 'P f il ,Q 4 Fifj !k nI',- ti' ' 1 'p. I , , ' '-. 0 AQ.:- ...fn 'L 'SL -1- ' ' -" J 19 4- ',.., A , x .-- ,,jtA,. 1 R731-g gQ.V., . n I -gif If I Jnlf - Q A r , ,:t.a- . .k . 'v , I A. . ".i":'wv ' ,r,. .1 ' ff ,Ja . 4. . N N , r 0 ' 9' 4 .ffg ,ft- ,-:AP A K 'Q ' A ar. h x lg' Q., S 's " U! H: :' .N ' x .K l ' .D l 's.. I 9- TSU BA D '59 ni 'X' 2 Top Left Hal Vwlliams performs dung the TSU Homecoming Parade Top RU1!:ColorM flags add przzaz to the half time show. Bottom: The brass sounds of the mel- gives a efiect to the nd's performance. + ni M "' M V 1 W w 4 I Y , . ' , . s,, ,, 1 , I NI vf 'fi L Lllg' A 5 ,I 1 Niki?" l I . f I 'v M-if 3 ' Q bg'-'nz' A' ' .7 f l f , . r" 'Za I f . ' 1 u' 14 ' X ' ' 9 A ,A fu fr f Q f '. Of. nl" ' ,,. 41 r U I I a x' 0 ' fl Evhlrqlv ,L ty I 'I - - ':'."o .r 0 , '5h5'f' 4 1 -' -" Y -13" lj' ' , , ' :'..,v.s.-- 4 - ' - Q' L, ',..' in ' ' P ij 7 r"'f' ii . fa f' - gf 'N V " -ff a' fa, .:'.' l :',' W? 5 l'?'f ,3,,. s 'W' . . '5 n vi v lb, 'f Al I 0 . . 4 C ! ff 1 7' - S .'L-', f , 1 I I 0 . 1 I Q s .sffg13f ffffw ' .fo ., 1.5 I il I 5 A, w. Y Q :' :P .f g . 1 .WJ I ' . 4 I 8 5 :- iepgolix. so 1 - ,W-':q..v:Q.J ' ...Q-'lh.-I-1.1: 'J . :yn I ,T'.g'- W Q ' .Q ai.. uv' r 9 'U' - 7.'7 V f- '-'-"+' .aa . if fi ,fl Q 1 - - .-a.: I!':,':' ff- x'7Oq . J,-Jwfs. I ' 6. I' fl' f hfkk' c f 0 ki I N M . r 4- 1- - . ,K ' Rl ' 2 ' rf' g ' V ,, - - Y Q .I X - ' .i ' - f ..f 'f .. Q y u ' 65 -xiii-hWi f '-v Q f s F B ' ' A rt -- "1 9- . 4' ' .1 9 hi' . 'H .E 4- A R I D sync-,-, , 2 4 5 1: UP, 'fi l w'v1+, :V 1 fn- A - - Eg: A r ,kai I: r 'm 'Wfvimf' 4 f' x lf , ' 1' I l II. 's I4-1 Slumivnl Um-rnnwrwl 131' lifdvs QS J Chlifmeh, C0'Chail'm3n, Baker, ParBamentariang and lane Dick- man0fSlud9n1W9If3r95 Riley P Green, len SDOPKSIYJ and Leshf- Carroll Ron leaders: IW 0002 Todd son. Co-Chairman of Student Life. Row Student Life Chalrman, and Brian week- Two: wx .me sawn ram caunum af-m AudreyNel- Two: David Greenspan, Chairman of Iey, Chairman or Cons:-:unions and Dunn and ken Harnsun of Academic life? Rikie Student Life: RJPPY Pefel, C0'Ch6if' Rules. Supreme Court Row One: Sue!- r-P" 1 . P -w .4, I' ,Q x D S, 'Q v 'Q i m I Q Fr ' , 11' I X I ll x'fAx' a F'?v. Q '-1 PM if I l . . Y -fi . .. . '! I 4 . If V- L-' ' f v l L54 1 l 3' . an . . fgftdtf I .9 9' o QI '21 it . l W4 . T' ' 9 N .1 f""' ani' u-T' ' .-lr pair- r-Y- Q T .JI be X law -eu is Sw 1 rr- . v . x A . A 1 4 Q., ., -.. -ln ' s N-M7 -ts:-g3f,'L.v+g Riu ' 'I .1 ' Q ..x , H f-v-"----.':,:-rv' yyr. 1 . 1P4Y ., - ,-1-v--o .' 'Bib 5 'S 0 Us sf I h . 0 yo ll. ' u 1 r 'Mg Q' "Iwi 1 5 . "DLX .L -2 Sui .O P9 524'- tn w ' u uf. n- X Q .vv.Y,V i ,x 1 N -'E , U ' us, ' VL.. . 41' 1 .I I I Top Right: Herbert Reeves - Coordinator of Mens' Residence Top Left: Calvin Thomas tor Alumni Student Direc- Proctors P P' f l Bottom: Row One: Proctors are - lerry Williams Steve Slngletary Dale Owen, Beverly, Mitch Appley, Lee Sexton, Mike Willie lackson Greg Doctson Steve Walden, Sidney Edwards, and Mike Lee Dabbs and Mike Elmore Row Two: Rob Bright, 'lim Barnes, Troy Hn 'xii-Us Rf-xiii!-me A 'UF ill I Yiil Y pi. 1 x....1 dh 4415. - 1QV Women's Staff Student Directors NN s Re-snfivruv ISU Q: U' Unlll 9451i UQ! Charlotte Farmer Tina Grogan Stephanie Coward Hall Pace Hall ei lamie Watkins Lynn McCall Gardner Hall Hamil Hall Clements Hall 0 n , , , 1 1 " ' I ' . I 9 , wllf I, S., A ,N Q- .4 , x '1 'SQ f Alpha lambda Delta 1 A K 9 lff fx. - 1' Left: low One: Linda Brookuns, Rachel Driskel, Dawana Rebecca Feria, leannine Por- DeHaye, Amanda Ober, Ali- Diane Ficke, and Cynthia Seymore. Row Two: Malt Mitchell, Phil- lip Sullivan, Burt Newsome, Chris Still- man, Andrew Pittman, lim Shipe, Barry Frost, Terry Milner, and Hope Senn. Below Right: Row One: Angela Cole- '1 iii ' ,. ol! gg, i man, limmy Carlie, Sharon Bradles Becky Bobo, kitty Blankenship, Angel Iohnson, lill kirkpatric, and Gayle Luh- mann Row Two: Tammy F Means Wayne Marlin, Susan Lumpkin Connie .Hia Pnuncex Ralph lvmlmm Nm.i'i lwim Brenda Sanrio and le-We-w Nw- 1 . v"f" t,5, 5a aff .lf BE .J-.2 'WY' Ci-. il ' an.......""'9-RL: .' V. Q v N' - " 9.51 Q' 4 Gamma Bvta Phu IG' IE! X X . xx xxx Q -A , ' N Q f' Y '. ' .. Wir' YA fE1la .s!,.g 5 'C' f '2 i. Fr, if QQ I 1 'Q ., -, ' ,-"-5 .l F' ' .',Ql, -. .li tan Il! FI Q, ww ' - '19 - . . nf ik -:E 9 X ', 1 -..--- h- ,vmfvr R was-, ,v-D -I " afar. :Vs , ., 41 '..?ff f5 . xv' A - . I 'K ' .4-v ,4- Q' la, 9 .' "'atr: lx H . ' J ',QfQ4a I K 1. . - x f,- ', '. A, ' ,' , ' o- .V r' A V . " - A., ' ' - 5'-in " 17 H" 'Q"N 'NEP -fl" 0' ' - 1 I . 'W' if-'frfw , , wwf f--. .. . . ., f.- ,,, , xv...-: -' . y xv ,, -.,- Ar . , l h ' - , A 1, in .A ., 'v-vm, 3 'Q YM - V I 1 'A . ' a A 4 ,. k.'u,"1 , '-,. , ' x - I. - . - i - ' "'x.1I-:wLJ",.- --" 2, -QM" -- 5 -. ali g7 Windy Bottom Left: Barbara Hussey, Molly Fair- Faith Reed, Dianna Daugherty, Lynn cloth, Dave Banks, Lisa Kantor, Martha McCall, Kelly Quick, Cindy St. lohn, and Day, Mary Lou O'Brien, Nancy Brannon, Mike Ellis. l58 Mortar Board UIQ' l I, fiiflfia ri 'Nt V7 Bottom Right: Dr. Eugene Omasta, Starla thy Adams li-lonorary Kelley, Dr. lan Elrod, Roxanne Senn, Ken lyn Gibson, Rachael Hamilton, Becky Surrency, Mrs. Doro- Helen Leverette. og R J lbw ittiacties are law One: lane Iones Lester. and Mary Blaydes. Green. LeRoy Walton, honorary mem- MarthaMixon,MeBsa Row Two: Thomas Bacote, Debbie ber: lonathan Spann, lames Odowd, Phyllis Ledbetter, Charlee Hunt, Alisa lones, and Liza Mercer Scott Sport, and Doug McGntf, Annette lones, Gwyn Ro- Lowery. low Thee: Doug Thompson, Stephens, Wendy Adams, Clark Harrell, Derek Young, Daniel Top Left. Wendy Adams and Ntrs I Jr mr thy Adams dtscuss Mortar Board N sut- cessful year Top Right. Lynn McCall and Fatth Reed are eager to great guests at the Prest- dents Lust Tea sponsored by Nlortar- Board s .,-dp, I X. Q At the spring initiation dinner the members heard and dis- cussed the student paper given the Colonial Dames Award as the best paper in American his- tory. Also during the spring quarter several student and faculty members attended the Regional Convention at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. At Honors Day the Phi Alpha Theta Scholarship Key was pre- sented to the graduating history major with the highest average in history. Top Left. The lota-Mu Chapter, Phi Al- pha Theta pictured at winter, 1985, initi- ation in the home of Professor and Mrs. Robert Pullen Top Right: Dr. Betty Brandon, Professor or History at the University of South Ala- bama, was the guest speaker for the winter initiation dinner ltill l"lti 'xitilmi lltvln ir' Bottom: Row One: Dr. Robert Knott David Avery, Kimberley Flowers, presi- dentg Pat Saunders, vice-presidentg Ra chel Bedell, treasurer: and Dr. Earl Smith. Row Two: Dr. Charles Watsong lustin Mitchell Dr Richard Durrance: Mr. Grady Post. Faculty Trea- Mr Matthew Campbel surerg Dr. Milton McPherson: Dr. Norma Mitchell, Faculty Adviser: Dr. joseph 0 1 'Z' Xfx l I 9 1 q1 of .-"""' 1--. .qik X' ' ix V I 'M IM 4 V DW W ' - W W . ' v 'Nh Top Right: Adviser Susan Pierce presents the Phi Eta Sigma certificate fo Michael Angelo lames. Top Left: Dianna Daugherty points out the various symbols in the Phi Eta Sigma Crest during induction. lfwl Phi Eta Sigma SORRELL Q -l' ik: 'Gb Q' ,- -. url f"'i j 'ly WWTF- Bottom: Row One: Susan Pierce, advis- ton Wheeler, Michael Angelo lames, Cotes, Tom Whitehead, er: Gina Asche, Krista Inman, Rebecca and Anthony Grafals. Row Two: Mi- ilton, Susan Lumpkin, and Feria, Gayle Luman, Brenda Sando, Bur- chael Walden, Angela Coleman, Kendall 1 Karen Ponds. Row Two: Fran Nor- Three: Dr. Tim Montgomery, Mr. lames ley Scott, and Tammy Finder I V'-if "5 hrrom: low One: Andy Fuqua, Secre- Shirley, Peter Kao, Robert Williams, Carl lie Moore, VicePresident ky-Treasurerc Davy Barron, President, Abercrombie, Melisa Buie, Hosea Kirk- ld Donna Nicholson. Row Two: lim land,andSusan Byrd. NotPictired:WiI- Row One: Sandra Scott, Francse, ris, President, loy Dunn, Vice-Presidentg Sherry, and Scott Enlish. Not Pictured: Spencer, Kim Saunders, Secretary, Ann lohnson, and ludy Henry. Row Pat Benoit, Treasurer, Laura lovine, Shir- Sigma Tau Delta The Pi Lambda Chapter of Sig- ma Tau Delta was established in lanuary 1972. Membership in the National English Honor Soci- ety is open to all English mayors and minors who meet the re- quirements of academic excel- lence, and the Society recog- nizes high achievement in lan- guage and literature. Troy's chapter seeks to promote a closer affiliation between the English faculty and the students An interesting fact to note is that of the 17 original members, five still remain active on campus: Fred Davis, Dorothy Adams, Faye Senn, Dr. Rosemary Can- field, and Dr. Gertrude Schroder. TSU Micro- Computing Club The TSU Microcomputing Club helps students understand what microcomputing can do, At meetings, demonstrations are given on ways to use the com- puters and the different types of computers and programs available. Also, students are giv- en tips on the best computer equipment and diskettes. The club is open to all students, L Q -'L' I . Q -5411. -,- xg. A 5 af Q ' w P a a', ' Q v Q, I ' ,.1 fx X ,,.g- . 1 A ' If , al W' f . ' -- - s ,.' " i' f 9 x 1 , ,P NI W a 'uf W , x K-'- , -gi H,..,vg5y. I 5 fj'g,.,f'fh ,, -,...g.,f- , "Tr- I64 Beta Upsilon Sigma and Bela Bela Beta , 1 ,ff J' ...Q ' ,..-f" .4-lr' Q r 1 v? A S. 46' 'I l 'i L.,..l 40 The Troy State chapter of Al pha Epsilon Rho was busy in creasing their membership The chapter co sponsored the an nual banquet featuring Frank Sutherland and planned a video for use on TV 5 using only members to produce direct and be active. Top Left: Officers are: Mr. Steve Cobb, adviser, Myra Merril, vice president, lim Walker, president, and Mary Mctaghi- lin, secretaryftreasurer. Top Right: Kelli Hill, Myra Merril, and lim Walmer work to keep TV-5 operating smoothly. ' ff -is. 'fl L...,.l lim 'Xlplm lilsilim Rllfl Bottomg R Walker, a Two: Lisa ow One: Myra Merril, lim Fredrickson, Lisa Harper, Kelli Hill, and Donnie Peppenhorst, and lohn nd Mary Mctaghilin. Row Pam Hardin. Row Three: Steve Cobb, Brewn. Jennifer Clyafl, Erin Bonnie Hall, loan luey, Mawk Arnold, s by 4,v ,. 1 fix- if Kr X r K low One: Dr. ludy Lewis, Eric Dianne Drawdy, and Wnce laye. Tresa Hardin and Pam Love. Three: Terry Milner, Donnie Pep- penhorst, Suzie Thurman, Steve Schip- man, Alex lohnson, Adrienne Slaughter. Dianna Daugherty, and Tom While- head. Row Four: David Dye, loe Probst L. l David Estes. Andy Tim Marlin, and Tom Smiley. Top Let! Pam luxe kph.: Pxr 4 ww-ga fT1E'fY1bt'I', slats IH Bus Stop Top Rlghl 'Klphd Psi Clvwgd rvis-win-rx Terry Milner and Starla kc-Ili-s war wir: Amanda Uber In "See Huv. The-x Rim r B 1, ai .-uufdil' speakers. The ACEl seeks each Quarter to conduct at least one service pro- ject, working directly with young children. li ll Xfll Z C7 Top: Officers are: Kim Deloach, Com- mittee Chairmang Cassy Stroud, Presi- dent: Leigh Rendezo, Committee Chair- man: Beverly Cravery, Committee Chairman: and Carla Chambers, Secre- tary. Y-I 1' Bottom Left: Ilow One: Cassy Stroud, Bottom Leigh Rendezo, and Shirley Brooks. Row and Carla Two: Billie Harrelson. Cravey, Terri Adviser. ,AD ,-ug Top Le!! Cmrix le-Q-wr urn!! :mix f lex prepare L errmr AIM mr I JIWM1 bers Top Right Presrrif-nt Un-ir. Q .arfrlm comes guwh In Ihr- IJPNN rmfwq 92 Markwlllrs Dave Banks Ka Slatton Howard Krrkland Hennck UI Brockman Ierry Harraway lekm. vt .al ,Steye Smith, and Leslie Hay. berg, and Mike Cantrell. Row Three' ton, and Wrlham bmrlh Two: Gad Preslwood, Shannon Cindy Leeser, Rick Bronson. Laura Zier- Qindy Sl. lohn, Mike Myers. Andy Crenshaw, Iill Fryer,'Teresa den, Yun heung, andy Fuqua Bobhx 8 'Sf' -1 il 9 5 I . 1 1 30 wt Q av' 4 9 SJ .J s F! -ig Row One: Walter Brunson, Scott, Greg Smith, and Gina Powell, Craug Caredine, Shay Owe-ny, Sandra Nichols. Lynn McCall, Sandra low Two: Charlie Finch, Faith Reed, Mobley, Iett Amlung, and Brent Stoll Top LPI! Part ol twang a .XXII pit-dgef Includes getting sagnature-s Pls-dgv Cam Vincent ge-ts sngrmturvs :mm Bmthe-f Charlne Punch Top Right Otllcers are ken H.mmum Vue-Pres tor Protewunal Mtuutu-. Sandra Mohley, Presndent, Shax t hw-'ws Secretary Cma Powell. LU t h.nrm.m and Brent Scott, Semnr X910-PWS m-.. Q'-0 g--. X ' Top Left: Bonnie Hamryka, Tammy Ruf- fian, and Suellen Shaw enjoy the HPER Halloween Party. Top Right: loan Newman, HPER adviser, ' '- helps out at the blood drive, sponsored each year by HPER. Two!! fa fi. ,MLVJI 8ottom:Row0ne: Randy Watson, Beth Ellis. Row Two: Tammi Hollis, lamie Sandi Stein, and.Katie Stalings. Ellisor, leanie Lesley, Sybil Rich, and Mike Foltz, Cynthia Squires, Polly Wages, The HPER Club IVY 0 x i X , ,. 'll X 1 X K N li- Zami ill I I ll -IIS i ri ll 1.1 lx 11 if llciil --I GSU ll X r" A...- X' lg! 'QNXY -Jllx J-J,ft'l rr-Q' "HF fl' .vt lf, IIN One: Gwen SIICGY and Andrew Carroll, Chet Davis, Calvin er, Byron Hall, lohn Woods, lulse LOU Nchols. law TWQ2 liql-Im Thomas, and Ken Spear. Row Three: Al and Charles L lones Doug Thompson, Blame Pnce, Fleming, Vwlliam Robertson. Alex Glov- fr Duff S Top Left Ottucers are Gwen Stats presldent, Charlesl lone-s adwser, ami Calvtn Thomas, treasurer Not pu lutetz Chet Davus, ure pressdent Cana Cm- more, secretary. and Le-she llmmpstm sergeant at arms Top Right At Lambda Alpha Epsnluns Career Day students were gtwn shr- opportunuty to gather mrormatnm rm prospectwe careers 1 Y Y I 3. Jil Q. J v Q I 'S iw IT-1 kappa kappa P51 IVIIUUIC, LIIIILCIB CIT lllllll IVIGIIICH. llfd' surer, kerry Andreas, Secretary Crass- ford Harris, Hlstonan, and lack Nlamn Presndenl Below Row One: George Curm Cram- ford Harris, lay Taylor, Daud Nlnslex Lydon Issac, and len Caldueld Row Two: lohn Mannes. Lee Robenson. Nuke Humphrey, Aura Wnlhams, Brvan Cnss. and Earl Franks Row Tlteez Morgan Smnth,Bryan1Henry,kem -Kndress lack Marian, Nathan White, and Darrell Lax- field Via Loral Humor Society ul Nursing ..-U? vs. Its., Nm' .SJ X ,V JJ l l l 4 2 Ifvx 'ff'- 47 'luv LHSN officers are Debra Davis, presi- dent-elect: Alice Deal, counselor, San- Sheri Ashmore, secretary. dent: Bett Thomas national treasurer, dra Witt' treasurer: Nancy Patterson Y I I I Sigma Theta Tau, Anne Boothe, presi- counselor: Ellen Webb, vice president: 5 f'pl J si Y. Top: Officers are: Kenneth Bracewell, Vice-President, Scarlett Weed, Treasurer, Leanne Black, President, Laura Sykes, Secretary. I fl Phi Iii-ia Lam qi ,,.! Z Bottom: Row One: Scarlett Weed, Ka- Black, Robert Fletcher, Keri Prather, Ken- ren Arbogast, Teresa Lee, Lyn Byrd, neth Bracewell, and Matt Middleton. Debbie Helms, Wendy Adams, and Lisa Row Three: Mr. Walters and Dr. Cle- Holmes. Row Two: Laura Sykes, Leanne ments, Advisers. YJ ' 0 gr "v"1van' - 4Q I . l V I v 180 Phu Garwma Nu LQ, -1 x Y Ill ,7 y- ,'. xx iv' U! , v -111 F I 6 v in f-A I TY' A 'fl I in-1 ' ntl' JS T X ""' f Upper Left: Phi Gamma Nu ofhcers Up' per Rghts Ph: Gamma Nu members par- ticipate in a car wash to rarse money for their charity. Bottom Phu Gamma Nu members for 1984-1985 -ds 1 i '1 low One: Randy Huhie, Hal Mainard.Row Two: Dana Lunley, Beme- Strickland, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart. Cifford Alred, Lonnie Parson, trus Watkins, Darrin Driggers, Chris Vance Edeker, Sieve Lover, ken lum- Valeriewomach, Phi Mu Young, Rae Denison, Iohn Richards, brough. and Marie Watts Brian Burman, Harrison Mike Mulchi, Sean Carney, Rob Grice, Tm Sparaggins, and Robert and Charles Ford. Not pictured: Dawn Top Olin ers are Kdiilh Alumni ?-ein-Kari surer Cllilurd NIH-mi IH Wright, Presideni .ami C hi Q fu Z. ily -7 R 1, 0 86 ' 0 ,A 0' E1 it One: Sanrka Scott and Gweethearrj. Row Two: Teresa Rley, Val Kelley, low Dune: Carolyn TROY S 'FATE UNIVERSITY aol 1 K l l Lott. Charlotte Rogers, Charleen Heisler. and Ramona McCullough. low Foul: Susan Perkens. Angie Vwlliams, Pam Sdurr, Val Womack, Cindy Seymour, Y v f rf! I and Teresa Smith. Row Five: Belsre Lover, Rosemary Merritt, Tosha Spot- tek, and loan Hughie Top Tosha Spottek, minor Candy, Sm- mour, Qoorespumlrng sf-rrvtarx Ion-aa Rule-y, socual chaurman Sandra 'Mull presrdenl, Val Vvomark, surral rharr- man, Val Kelley, choral clnwcmry and Mrs lean Barr, adnser Nu! Pulurwl Tracey Woodham, recordung wr re-lan and loan Hughne, treasurer vention. During winter quarter, Sigma Delta Chi members trav- eled to the University of Geor- gia in Athens for the regional convention. Spring quarter brought the annual Spring Sym- posium and the banquet featur- ing Frank Sutherland, the presi- dent of Sigma Delta Chi nation- ally. Sigma Delta Chi co-hosted the high school journalism workshop. Other activities were produc- ing the TSU desk blotters to be distributed during orientation and fall quarter and sponsoring Donnie Peppenhorst in the Kappa Delta Calendar Contest. ltifs Sigma Della Chi ' 'QT ili g s Y -. I ff XC ' 'FVRX -5 ' i l' Top: Officers are Row One: Kelli Hill, Bottom: Row One: Suzie Thurman, AI- Harvey, Hqpe vice-president and David Grimes, presi- Ieia Phipps, Terri Scott, Paz Green, and Erin Fredrickson, dent. ROW Two: Terri Scott, treasurer Kelli Hill. Row Two: Dean Bankester, lo- vid Grimes. and Suzie Thurman, SGCFGIBFY. sephine Rumph, Dave Cooper. .james LAME + -, 1-7 y, - t 1 s. f K l :V X +7 bw Renee Kathy Carr, Carolyn lones, Brett Kinsaul, PO!- WN0. Patncia IOWBFS. Gayie Denise lohnson, Debbie Walters, Doris lid TIINTIY Carrol. Row Two: Hunter, Brenda Godwin and Paul Phil- ,ilu Top Dr Philpot served as .advisor to the Student National Education -Xssouatuon NJ' Ji A . v.S3'!k X . 'Q T 'x W, 3k Y.. X -xx K f' r 1 F 'Y vi Jug, w Y A fi v AA- . y- mg I' ' L 4 ,, o a 1 wg 188 Tau Beta Sigma -1. it 'EBI 'E 1' Q, Ji 'Bl rg: 5 I l' TIE TBI 1 s.. 3? 1 QV- 'V 4 U 09 ai. ur J gi Top Left: Rachel Nichols sets up events Bottom: Ofncers are: for the SCEC Halloween Party for the presentativeg Wcky Wood treasurer and Deborah Mezldc Pike Activity Center. Don lenson, public relatnons Rachel Nr kent-1.'X 1 1 . gm.. t 9-.Q 4 , 4 Y ale: Kim Sheehan, presi- Bottom:llow One: Melanie Railey, Beth Hataway, Kathy larbse. karen Muller. Peacock, secretary and Bradtney, Kim Sheehan, Cynthia Pea- and Sharyn Nunn treasurer. cock, and Kristh Taylor. Row Two: Ianet 4' jg L Nl -Xrnulci Mr Souely -wiv- 1. 1. 'sa C 'SM Q 55 P0 , .Q K I i I'.4l I 1... . ' Q43 - -'cv 91" if S ' fi-fi X 'fl r I ! ifww Y 1 I YN. ' 'HZ il 1984 8 Cadets Top Len Colonel VN allace tells has lam ous war stones to Duane Fu he Top Rlgh! Members or the Radon C on trol Club are Wlllne Herold Paul Burkett and Carlton Barley The FIight's primary function as a support organization for the AFROTC and Arnold Air Society was evident in the continuing work with POW- XMIA awareness. I I S-7 4 vs , , s , ? 4 4 ' s I A i , 1 'T N i L i -- l Lf Top Left: Officers are Lisa Adams, Top Right: Sharon Green and Lisa Hobbs Wright, Lisa A comptrollerz Lisa Hobbs, commander, manage the cash flow at the AngeI's Ca- Row Two: Lisa and Leslie O'Rear, vice commander. sino Night held at the Brass Parrot. Bot- Mary-Lisa Barron. Lisa rom: Row One: Leslie O'Rear, Anna Kate Bibbs. I HJ -Xnigvl Hugh! W H M 1 "Tl, X up' ,- xi Q 'C sf' .Q- Q - A L 4 I 1 'v -'il I. , -. xi I' , W8 Tro1an Ambassadors N MAT? 44' ,Ll bassadors in the Homecoming parade, Bottom: Row One: Buddy Starling, ad- viser, Nancy Brown, Dianna Daugherty. president, and Van English, adviser. Row Two: Gina Powell, Gregg Chandler, and Suzanne Madison. Row Three: Kim Lo- limp 4 Tngyfll T 16 Cicero, Lisa Harper, publicity chairman. Kim Rainer, and Tami McCray Row Four: Tosha Spottek. vice president, Al- ice Alsobrook. Audy McCathern, Rikie Baker. and Tracy Osmer, Not Pictured: Cindy Dickey, secretary ,V gh' T 4 iv - N 4 'I' i X 2 2 mf , -at Y U vnu' Si" J' .SAY The most important activities that the Trojan Ambassadors are involved with are those directly concerned with college recruiting. Ambassadors conduct campus tours for prospective students and their parents, assist admissions per- sonnel at college day and career fairs, and are present at High School Day each year on our cam- pus. The Ambassadors remain on call with all university departments should their services be required, The familiar cardinal blazer of a Trojan Ambassador has become a traditional sight on the TSU cam- pus. A I' S J 54 I Q. 'xmgfx Q . 1 . , Lv 'ln' Q :YJ V , I ' .-"sf O1"': - I-":'T 'pg --'fr v:'27j:-A. .1 :TQ- .Jffmrs ,gb I .0'gz. .553 "I, Q. ' - , Ov A ,L Y 1 . V',. 0-T',Q up .Q V ., 'HL - rs':'ffw' . ' Egg mf' ff " 'f . . 7-Q T '- - "' 'XS I. nf- .. mx'- '.lVf9 M-'v',, '5- '2 N., " L.-0, . ' P . - . -.1 5 ' -J ,. 1.9 -.. x. . . . ' . v.-- -: ., , n D ,xxx x C -, i 1 Q 'X W X 5 N 1 ' . . ' X 1 X . . 5,1 !xXii 'E N 2 , Q x. X 1 xtxmxi XNXXX 2 A , 2- ' - . ' , T . I gl X L 4 200 ISCO ,Tl Q if lf al,-1. Isaa- f' 4 4' Q, v l' I mov Q STATE UNIVERSITY ALABIM . 'N . 'S . ., ,w L' ,Q .fr -r""".k EAI Top Right: Baptist Student Union officers Workshop. lay Taylor. Row Two: Tommy Gray, Ed- Bottom Rght: low for 1984-85. Bottom Left: Row One: Donna Nichol- die Parnell, Doug McGriff, Bobby Ad- Dana lrons, Paul Top Left: Charleen Heisler looks over son, Donna Allred, Kim Smith, Danny ams, Byron Hall, Michael Dickey, lay Brewster, Angie information offered during Missions Nix, Kenny Cranes, Trina Hughes, and Gates, Lyn lohnston, and Reggie Siggs. Rachel Nichols, and Ill-l Baptist Student Linton 01 X 1 . W, '41 4 4' Y .' -2,3 'x This past 84-85 year has been geared around personal growth in the Lord and a renewing of minds with weekly meetings and teachings on Monday nights in McCarth 119. Disci- pline and fellowship are very personal since XA is a small group. Outreach on campus is through posters, book tables, and concerts which fosters friendship evangelism. Chi Alpha would like to invite you to become part of the Christian faith and to get in- volved with a Christian fellow- ship for the growth and stability of your Christian walk. Faith in God is alive and well on cam- pus. Reach out and get in- volved. Jlllw C lu fxlplm I: J-kg . . ,Q 1 I 5K TOP Left-' Billy HOW leads the SVOUP on Top Right: Officers are: David Edgar, Bqffomgqaren Laglgy, M0078 hissuilar- Musiffellgvwshipisflfy imrwf- vice-Presidemg Phyllis Moore, secre- Hglk, Phyllis tant part of the Chl Alpha ministry. tary, and Sam Palomaria. President. Palomaria, and Nh! Bottom Left: Row One: Lynn McCall, Faith Reed, Sandra Scott, and Laura Heisler. Row Two: Carol Vancent, Hope Carson, Frances Gammage, Carolyn Lott. and Twila Varden. Row Three: 7 , lx 4 QQD Y YY Kenton Odllmi RRY Condon. Dwell lor, Lynn McCall Se-cretarx Ray hm- Dorsey, Rev. limmy leffcoat, Rob Grice, don, Presvdenr, Sandra Scott X u e--Pu-xr Missy Slack, leff Garden, ken Hamullon, dem, and lnmmy lemoat, Dfretmr Craig Carodine. Bottom Right' Rob Grice, Musuc Durec- F-?wW! '- In 7' , il '- '. ! .. N .-sl.: 0ne:AngieFarmer, Noah Row Three: Patti Meyers, Randall Four:8rian Martin, Camaron Carr, Chris Pnsdla Messef, Wanda Hollon, Meyers, Todd Bostick, Ginny Golsen, lackson, Robert Conner and Willie Silar Chdy St. Iohn. Row Two: Angela Michele Henderson, Stephanie Sullivan, Brenda Sando, and Allison Mullins. Gene Messick, and Lloyd Conner. Row Top Owners are Nliclwli- Hemi:-r-un Klum jackson, Camarnn Cain .ind C :mix Sl Min -ww, l El I X 1:1 CE S' . s If v- V 6 6 P 4 4. er Top, Alto Section, Row One: Vanessia Kyser, Bonita Lynn, Alethea Simmons, Lori Thomas, Cassandra Crenshaw, and jackie Noney Row Two: Bridget Carter, Countess Woody, Annette lohnson, I lfl buspel C huir Annie Williams, Suzanne Madison, Shar- on Merkeson, and Sonya Starks. Bottom Left: Soprano Section: Row One: Sonja Vaughn, Penny Woody, So- nja Jennings, Brenda Wilson, Andrea Ashford, and Choona lones. Row Two: tones, and Ken Spear. Row Two: Angela Coleman, Karen Scott, Rosie Mayfield, Fer-Rell Malone, and Lee, and Renee Robbins. ludkins. Bottom Right: Tenor and Bass: Row One: Michael james, Eric Finch, Soundra Q- Q- E+ I , -Mft-4 Top Urhcvrs are' ROW One: 4 oomix prw .ic uw rn . wr Son1aIvnnuwp,s .1wxZ.1'1' xlqe-prvszdwwl BTW .1 XX an am1CP,rmn.x c' ' .A fPldfN Row Two: -Xnrw XX :U Hdlrx NTdI't'd -Xvvlurd ' ue wlw luhnwn ruhm ' -.': muon N0Udilf'JfY". ' " or Rvm-0 Rulmhv r- . ' - 01 Nwrmrwv lnxvn-xv 4114 Musical Staffg Ken Spear, direc- soprano leader: Andrea Ashlord. pea- Mnhael lame-N, lvnor If-.nie-r ia . ' ,,A. . A A lennnngs assnstanl director, mst, Sonya Starks, alto leader, Angela Wlliams, pianist, Brenda Wilson, Coleman, soprano leader, Errc Punch and 5.51822 9 71, Tl H V X ,sg U lx1A Top Left: The TKE trivial pursuit team, winners of the ACUB tournament, listen carefully as Bert Kelly calls out the next question. Top Right: Two trivial pursuit team members square off as Bert "Richard Dawson" Kelly asks the toss-up ques- tion. 'Q Bottom: Row One: Laura Dozier, Deb- Two: Ron Pierce, Grett Vlhlson, Brock and T.E. Peekg 5. bie Niccolucci, Angie Overstreet, Dian- Davis, lay Davis, Bert Kelly, Donald Gib- A' na Daugherty, and Helen Leverett. Row son, james Robinson, Iames O'Neal, l ll -Xrlanis f 4-nlvr lliiurin llimril .1 J U' J i 2---712' 5: N - H .hbaieii ' 5" J , v--Y H, " ffm . 4 - I .4f,-hfci M .ge 611 Q17 FMA B 153 . A r f.1. il A ,.,,n b'.s 9 - 1-T4 N 1 1 Staff il1dUd8SZ ROW One: Suli Newt0n. ROW Two: Barnard Weston. Sharon Kimbrow, and Terri Scott, Pamela Comb. lulie Sffilh, Ken Crain Myers, Scott Bamarde, Malcolm Darlene Richardson, and Neil Wright, David Cooper, Matt Middleton, l 4 , , 1 Top Left' Darlene Rnchardson, Sharon Kimbrow. and Tern Scott dascuss x anous ideas for a Trop lay-out Top R1ght:EditonaI Staff- Tern Scott, Fea- tures Editorg Sharon Knmbrow, Busuness Manager, Darlene Rnchardson, Manag- ing Editorg and Scott Barnarde, Edntomn- Chief. AA . W. l. I .ICA 1 if Q 'FIU AD fflf , ' 1' 1 . , f D h , , - . K - . r ,. ...i t V Aki " 1 . -.J'V"5' N s ..,.-3 f V , . FL '1' 'gi-fi IL 'll . ., y.'L Z . I., In f .. :. Simi' " in -v'5 ...rj w'..,' w ,, 1-fm., . K. ...v....f --.m2'b'Q . , 5 f I, G' V t 15,4 , ' v Q, . vi: , '1y.i- I sv -avqgvlti ' 4 1. 1 n. v- P - . 4 1. if , 1 -'SF v . d U' ' 'I .1-':,sc'F.,B'1 '.-I, .lfA ank- llh UDIYQVSIIX Dancelrs I 1 0 S if hffa :'f.33 -fb , .91 ' 4 I 'K' 'bf' 4 'Sgr A 1 1 " 1 -051 7 I , 5. ,WEB ' . . I -Lx 'f' F' zo I. 'S' , If 5 ,- 213:11 Si vvw' If .xii r I8 Creek Week Composites Fraternities A4 Sororities Sorority Rush Pahnellenic Fraternity Rush ' wi P V4 ' t 'lla 1 7 4 WC lqfi I- ' 1 Pia ' I I '- 5-4 GREEKS Suellen Snoekstra Section Editor Leslie Carroll Suzie Thurmon Andy Martin Kent Gdums Photographers Andy Martin Lorri Studios Donald Norsworthy tall Susan Teal Susan Pottinger Dawn Harper Ed Moselei Greg Benton left Law 4 l Q I MISS VENUS IJ NI MISS VENUS TOP TEN FINALISTS DONNA ANDERSON IUDY BERRETTO CARLA CHAMBERS TAMMY FORD DARLENE CARNER DEANNA KLESH SHEILA MADDOX NANCY POLISH KELLY PRICE TAMMY SCOTT A-X x NY X Anim yx 'S 1 4 , -- .- ... -- . . I 1. F.- Oi I , Y' 4 'f ' 1 - l l 9 I' ' V .fr .Qc ' , X2 4"s1.:' s r rt. 6 u -Q, 5 fy . '14 'Ni .- . ' S . ,' Q g, ' J 7 '-C ' ?Q r . 5,.r,b,.3 I4 rf :ff 1' f 0 f yY.l'Qxo y 'I Q . Y? 1 s 5 I -X f ' V ' A .xy 'S' , Y .xxf 'Ili' .Of .QNA w. as , ..n'yA 'gf Qw 'B i'f'1C2'v+a'f?f c ' ez -. 1. ,'.'ff-f Q9 ' .5 G n I 3 A532115 'A 'Vg ' ,,.- 1 If CREEK EEK 198 J' gif ir " 'V ' -A . ' 1 Q V2 I," I -1 6 5 . Qu- . ...- . ' Ld - .Q n.. -45 'Qi ,J u-Q Q59 . R. . Y""'sf51'i5' -F-'-1 'I J' - Sorority Division Winner: Kappa Delta ll! brvek Wkek 4 .1 7 - --ii-52.5 ll L -9 ' 'q '-' lg 'f. F7 'lf ' sp a, ff 3. ,' m.sf UA if V 1 1 lv 1 is K M G Q' A r 1 ai . --...g-. AV X 'x 1 Ya 2 fx! X rfaif . ww' Q-,4 3 1 t. ij" 'il .u :Au .' '- W Qin' .-fqllw.-4 -my -. ,U 85' "ir:J"-cl r 1 4 65' :mam X -o-l""' .n ,..1. 'I his., .al .a-.u Y fvwm1Q,j: m+- mm- , '- '-.-- .Jar in -. r.,, v s I .ag 9"-fav.. .355 9 as 'PQ '1 P+ I 1 4 'C' Q an -fl mgiah' ' f 1-r 9 -'!"lSlfQg.,.Q,,w-14.'f-anln,:'. 1- -as ' .. . 54-Q'-.L.,.,.:, I Winner: Lambda Chi Alpha 'ffm x 'iid AAII v H1 .F H, 1. 5. b M Q.. Vx -x 6- .-". A I To v' N U - , 1 - 1 Q- A fr K n,' B- D ' '- f- ' , . , Q- 'K F., 5 s 5 'v Al' U ' a ' 1 wr ' . K5 X' 11 1 I l 1 'A m l V r . Q , Al' . 5 nu .N K A-NSI S51 A 'GTF' x 200 , . v ,l-' I- A 'vc 1 1 Q v' I lr Q gf, 'x Q l 1: Q ea WI 'r 'J AKA P91552 ACIJA 591' i I A- "H .. I 41 f a 1 1. ' J 1 .. ' 9 'X n I 'u f M l A 1F Q! rg Q Q Ah F1 2 H Q. ,,. 7 ,l Q ' I n 0 ' n P, - Q ,.. x' Q5 v - x,, I 1 .5 5 -fifil Y I. X X I 1 1 K 12' eq vvvxmmt 535:55 :ff lf! we 450 QF' FQ 563.57 Fa .ww J ',', K ,W . :V lib qrlmlmh .A I fi 4 VY T mnlnmnm AAL nm x if nmmpmlamq 5 mp rf ,L E AKE I nm. h4?0Tq.' ,f '0 f6! O -' ' . ' , lx w ' url 2 Inf IW llal I A26-If rg gm, KAW f "lil .hlfllh ff' 'ZR fmff ' 4. l . ? 'W P' 3279, Q5 KA I , i Eh' B 1 - , h X u --' 5- ,- F ' -I A fm -ff 1 -" .5- - . s- . . .' , . v in x - ' ' ' . - , fix L .1 ' . ' Sl' : I, 1 f Q' J! "1 . 1 11 , I 4 .J A 56- ran o,l 4-A. 1 v V x , . . I W , q , V . . it x 3 '1 J lo. j M29 ' 5 ' I mf if - -,U- 512429 ,I ' :E yi. 2 '74, 1 X. . I . '73 Jvx P, , Ev: , . fi. P W , E X' M 1 Q V ,,1 ' ' ,' , A F LE' lvw N gn Qqfk IQ f ,, a , - IQHKCD A i V . I L F Iqfs 'I ' Q ' ' r' 1 . 'QUE Q'- Y I 'Q. E 6 I I I ' A J 1. 2- ? 7 V ' 1 1 , A a . 4 . Y I I ' Y .V 1: I K ' I S I 31 s., 1 - 1 6' A 1 fm ,Qflbfi .. x' f I - -, l flN!I ffa . f' .K Q . ' T - On ' P WH ZAE ck , 6 .A V 9 ' ' m 0 I ' A B o S . N Again if 'li I- ' sq x .TF ,. ' ,- , v F q I 3, 3 w ,. AI ,i 4, 63 I I A .3 F1 I lr 1 x, ,Qs . Jffmrfiw N. ,s Mfi' li IN ji .1 JE, Isl J-H 1 Af'ffl?l, 1 ts 1 F6191 It lil tp t"s k I fl mmf f ? tin bag an "' ig .1 1 , ge. f fa i?f'. px hlfltllzllihlr " ml ml 6 L? I 1 IM ' x 'u 1 fl . 4 I fx! :il fix "Ml Fa F0 lf If 1 l 5'-55 sl - , ' ' 4' ' - ng - rl -- ' fl. 1 1- XL ' W ' 1 li Q1al'2. 'll In Fx' n' lb' X' F39 TKE if In lil? lf i V' 5-W9 FEV' Q1 .-Q ' K f ' W -,, 6-JX 'I' .-'1.- : F I 6,65 F ii m rf 5 r .v 1 . f . Y - f ' A ,.. , , ' lalm Q' l'i' f I 4 .hlll ln. Y ' I 5 : 5 ev V x 1 if- w ' ' . im: H I f' ai X I I , 1 -1 f- , lim as .111 1,, ,- ,,,---f-!d? ' It .1 A ,-. ,,Z,-- --' YK Cu- in--""" -df M.. ,ZA-""'1 ,jf l 'ji' I, , GK, ff' M .W -'ff' ',-! W' ,JK , f' Lf,f l rf ir f GREEK LIFE r Y - A 1 U li , 'S 'I I1 a '4vf'r N51 A74 -- -:QQ 5-if-"'i'zTfQ " ' '4s-. R., -- .-. X'- lafu .., Q 'S .Sany- 'A A'- ' 'ijt-abil! ' --1 ' ,qu li U ..- , ' I I - , .' P r - . "' 1 . N '4... -' , T'-1.1- ' -- -v F f-L-. - ' "T-f::. 4 I. -, I H C'.r+-wks C J, I' if G v AT ITS BEST gm S1 5 -4.1 -ef T ' . 45. v x HT-7"-f d L ALPHA DELT Pl Epsilon kappa began a very prosperous x ear with tall quarter filled with pledge swaps and mam campus activities. The highlight ot tall quarter was hav- ing tu o girls on the Homecoming court. Winter quarter Epsilon Kappa had its first weekend Black Dia- mond Formal. Spring quarter was filled with participation in many philantropodic activities with the other sororities and fraternities. Alpha Delta Pi emphasizes out- side involvement. This is evident by the many organizations ADPi is represented in. Some of the dominate areas are the 'Sound of the South," TSU womens Vol- leyball and Basketball teams, Tro- jan Ambassadors, Palladium staff, Tropolitan, many honor so- cieties and professional organiza- tions. This wide range of involve- ment displays the individualism of Alpha Delta Pi. Through outside activities not only does an individ- ual improve her character but also represents the oldest and the best . . . Alpha Delta Pi. D-v Big Brothers Row One: lay Bickel, Paul Saour, Andy Sullivan, Robert Guyton Row Two: Brian Weekley. lack Moore- head, Andy Martin, Ryan Daugherty, Reggie Bryant Row Three: lohn Schaper and Paul Cox 236 Alpha Delta Pi KRDX S X, 1 :F AAI I. u-1:1 Q.- 2 'iii '. ilglhll -ale w lip 'il fl 118111 ' - Crlckett White, Lnssa Broun, Rulue Baker, lxelll O'RelIly Row Two: Dehorah Spelr Cathy Coleman, Suzanne Stuclslull, Pam Rodriguez, -Xnn kelly, Sandx Roman, Laura Cockrell, Lee Mnlx er, Tammy ffl! 1-. 'J-f -File . Lexus Sand: Stern Num- lhurrnon Dorothy Panton Xaleru-Sexlortlw laura Surrnon, Paula Me-rare-r Imam- Xl.1rNh.mll Nlarx Blair Rax Iwn Lancaxu-r Rem- Lxles, lennx Enzor, lxun XXooflh.1n1 lar- Reginald Bryant, King of Diamonds l '-'Yi iii' iii: il 'lllitis tin i11!Svl LPHA GAMMA DELTA il he Gamma Sigma chapter of -Xlpha Gamma Delta has been quite active on campus this year. They began a great year by pledging quota of twenty- four girls during fall rush. Four of the Alpha Gamma pledges were chosen as fraternity pledge class sweethearts. During 1984-85 Lisa Farrar was crowned Homecoming Queen. Tresa Hardin was crowned Miss TSU and Miss Fall Rush. Other honors and awards acheived by the Gamma Sigma chapter include Panhellenic Scholarship trophy, first place in sorority volleyball, second place in Sigma Chi Derby and tied for first in sorority basket- ball. Winter quarter the Alpha Gamms raised over S2000 for luvenile Diabetes through their second 'lYou Bet Your Boots" Casino Night. Alpha Gamma Delta Big Brothers. Row One: Andy Puryear, left Brock, Eddie Alberto, Scott English, Todd Hutsko, Wes Thornal Row Two: Todd Bishop, Buddy Etterley, lim Wyatt. Alpha Gam- ma Delta Big Brothers FA i 238 Alpha Gamma Delta ow One: Tanya Pederson, -Xngel.1XNrI- Nltlioxx ell lxrm Ntttax Row Two: Tun.: WPNIHH lLlllt' Hmmm Ilenmrm hlttw fw CH" X erson, Nancy Polrsh, lxrm Ratner -Xlrte leter, Susan Pt-Ju Ham kate Cnlmlmx fire-.1 lwlwnwn lxrt-rwm ltrml R. -fX.- .A "" L' l ' -Xlsobrook, Beth XVlIkerson, Polly Spen' Tonla Rodgerx, lrsa Prrclgrm lxnne Ho- bumper le-slw C .rrmll Row Three: lwr lrl' N ' 1 Ser, kim Barnett, Tresa Hardmn, -Xrm XX rl- sea, Tammy Burdrc ltr Arm Barton lhmn lulwnwm Nlmtw Xtetmw Num IM, 'Ml l rams, Tana Hull, Cathy Odom, Mrtkr Harper, Terr: Turner, Bell-tx Haw lulre ll-YVVUYT lull Nt:-1-tv Slut-rrl Xttmgrtm- W' I-1 -I I A Sal Tepper, Sweetheart ALPHA K PPA ALPHA -Xlpha Kappa -Xlpha Sorority, lnt was founded lanuary, l908 at How ard University, Washing- ton, U C lt is the oldest Creek-letter so- rority founded by black women, In a period of 77 years Alpha Kappa Alpha has grown from one undergraduate group of nine women, to an international and interracial organization with more than 85,000 women. The Mu Alpha chapter of AKA was founded at TSU in 1978. Since then the sorors have strived to maintain academic ex- cellence and high ethnical stan- dards. The AKA's participate in many on campus and community ac- tivities. Donating money to char- ity, participating in area RIF pro- grams and working in the local nursing home are just a few of the community programs they participate in. Being an AKA means being able to reach the highest goals through love, dedication, sister- hood and dignity. AKA is here to stay. . I . , 1 n. x Officers Row One: Rholma Maye, president, Edna Bellemy, vice presidentp Karen Smaw, secretaryj Saundra lones, asst. dean of pledges, Sharon Huntley, corresponding secretary. Row Two: Aria lackson, social chairman, Valerie Cunningham, treasurerg Stephanie lack- son, dean of pledges 240 Alpha Kappa Alpha .rr-f Iv 3- lam 7 'ld It Q I' I li! lflg I f--.X Row One: Rholma Mayen karen Scott, dra lones, Sharon Huntley Row Two: N' Uuftlldf NI-1 ldfkwtt K-Irv" N"'-w- " ' -t "" "M Sonya Vaughn, Tomeka Caldwell, Saun- Wendy Lvwns, Veronuca Thomas, H fill J Den' hind Be-Ile-mx Str ph mu lat at tw X 1 . F, ,,,' LEI- "!'15?7" ' ALPHA PHI A l' YW-WSI' FWD! I1 "W-lil!!! -win' 'rv I1 . ' 1411 , f U , 'Hi rf, ' N 1 , . A ' XG Q Sweethearts: Row One: Karen Scott, Andrea Womack, Charrnane Griffen, Dannelle Thompson, Lashon Cooke, Edna Anderson, Tomeka Caldwell, Er- Since May 27, 1978 the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Beta chapter have strived to up- hold and highly promote unity among Greeks and students at Troy State. Trying to achieve these goals has been both chal- lenging and rewarding. Work- ing toward a goal is not an easy task, but with the cooperation and dedication of the brothers, their striving has not been in vain. The brothers of Alpha Phi Al- pha have been very active this year. Their accomplishments in- 242 Alpha Phi Alpha lean Coachman, Sonya lennings, Pearla Williams, Elaine Bethel. Row Two: Rene Robbins, Annette lones, Sonya Welch, Angela Fitch, Suzanne Madison, Sharon clude Fraternity Intramural Bas- ketball championships, Brother of the Year for state and region- al and the Leadership Award for the state of Alabama. The brothers have also started a tu- torial program at Oakland Heights Elementary School. This exemplifies the fraternity's dedi- cation to maintain the principles on which it was founded. 'xFirst of All, Servents of All, We Shall Transcend All." Brothers: Harold L. Barnes, Earnest Riggins 'lHold High the Name" Still, Deborah Hudson, Cassandra Cren- hams Alsa Reese Sonya Starkes shaw, Aria lackson, Martha Chapman, jones Brenda Wilson, Bonita Lynn, Andrienne Slaughter, Vicki Williams, Annie Wil- Az-' ff! Wgblig 0 Q, --.---0- f "" q 1 -,,, .-I 5 O RRH,,L H -PEL , lv, 5 i Row ODE! lohn WHFFPFT Cdlklfi Bdlldffi. Craucm X lc Illux Imam N1llP1.le'l Smith Ronald Tvus, Fer-Rell Malone, -Xmhom -'xlilulws Kllhlffi XXWMMQYV' Kwlw' f 4 Sweetheart: Sonya lennings CHI 0 EG C hi t bint-ga has hecome one nt the lastest grnvving traterni- ties on tampus In their nine wars ot existance they have achieved manv goals and are striving lovv ard many more. Chi Omegas are very well rounded voung women. They are involved in many aspects of campus lite Chi Omega places particular emphasis on scholar- ship: however, we also play a large part in other organiza- tions, such asg the Student Gov- ernment Association, Baptist Student Union, Mortar Board, as well as other groups on cam- pus, We are also active in con- tests, pageants and elections. Chi Omega stresses excel- lence and involvement on cam- pus, but most of all they pro- mote individualism. Chi Omega is not here to change anyone, only to enhance those qualities that make that person who she is. qgx ll U.. ll' 'll' ll ll I li li lt 'S K ll . ng Iglt "l.:ln u:'l -p n i:"'l. Ilia ' - 5 5 I li Big Brothers Row One: Brock Davis, lerrv Foster, Iohnnv Flovvers Tom XMI- liams Not Pictured: Tre-s Parker, Carv Tollberl 14-1 Chi Omega 'C r 'Q CT- ,Q 4 1 vibe . .-A Q Q'-3 ,,.nnu-'u'n'.,. , I QC 1.0 ,- gf in ' ' I J Q Q. Y 0' ll, X . L. - , 1 Y A16 M, L"- F-O fo-1" , 51 . Row One: Susan Murphy, Brock Ddxls, Penn: Paxton lulw Broun Donna C ul- Nmrlhd lmx lx.m'n Mn-. Q-' Hu -'-. 141 r "A 7 V' -- Nanetle Carter, Kathy Purcell, -Xllson xernouw, lodxe Rox P.1rnXNulIs.1rm C dr- Sanrio Row Three: -'vwmbrw "l"O'N H+-1" Row Fourrf ' V1 Wynn, Tammy Ford, Terr: Howard. Ia Chanwbers, Hope- NXhIll'hUL1NG' Irma llunn llc-norm Nmx Nf1.urfmvvli'1-x-min' iv' Nw nr. , f Staty Adklnson, Susan Weldon Row Loc lwtt, Ginger kung, Ixlm Nwxlon Ivrrn N1e1Im.1N1urwc+-x k.1Ihle-1-HN: mwx Mm" V-1" "'- f' Two: lanet Boozer, Veronnca Be-netueldr Lue-Ilar, Mvra Webb Lathx Hodpgknns Iurwx Inn.: Imhrngxnn Rho'-11.1 XX Povf' MH" T7 i X 4 ' Xu r l DELTA CHI .-11 ,-Ea. 1 ' " is UZ ,X The Troy State Chapter of Delta Chi Fraternity started the year strong by bringing their football team to the intramural championship game. Also the third annual Delta Chi Calendar girl contest was held fall quarter choosing twelve of Troy States most beautiful women to ap- pear on the calendar. Ski trip and the annual formal took place winter quarter and Beach Party and Luah followed in the spring. Delta Chi is proud of its many achievements and successes at Troy State and maintains its elite posture above all else, Little Sisters Row One: Martha Warr, Ginger Godwin, lamie Foltz, Pam Wil- liams, Tammie Scott Row Two: Lissa Brown, lxay Farrar Row Three: Angel lohnson, Rosanne Sharpnack, Monica Zelco, Christina Foust, Bonita Tanner, lull Brooks Row Four: Debbie Dowdle, Su- zanne Studstill Z-lb Delta Chi l - T? Q- 2 l ,ill '37 LR fr ,.- S N-4 ,I i 'Atv-4" lu cal ' Syl ' Uv' N 5 3 .. ri s--'-A L .fffvh , - R .1 1 Row One: Christine Fauxt, Randy Beck- kay Farrar larrx 1 mp K hxp Nnwrlh Hman Npann Row Four: irrwrw Rm-.Q-N K -' 1" ham, Tammle Scoll, Suzanne Sludstrll, Hone Row Three: law larrefn Howl.: ard Maw Hot, liarrw RH r'.r'r1 Nr".-. FVIYH' Llssa Brown, Rosanne Sharprack, Leslie Tanner Ralphkroe-mer Rappx Ps-rn-1 Ia in h C hm Hon WM- M-1 rm i-L...:f: R no 'mf I Perez, Monlca Zelko, lennlter Broun mme Foltz llarrvl 3lht'I1if'f XNaxm- Bax 4 l-HK Iam NM .mm Lx MM- V Brenda Sando, Pam N'VlIlIdl'T1S, Tre-sa Park- se-tl, Hal Bronson llefhlm- l Bmw mile- Roh- larrx C r1i14lQ'U N4 4 rn mr vt Row Iiw: er, Kevin Pope, Larry Cell Row Two: err N1axnard Ralph ford Iohnalhan Be-rt kr-llx Mwsr Cmrrm Nrwavr- fu K' " .71 iigsbx Sweetheart: Debbie Dowdle I DELTA KAPPA EPSILGN C -uw' f 4? So-1 AKE 1 1 l 248 llvlla kappa lpsnl sf-1 Y .. AK! A.. .4-..x -.L - " ,- w 1 n , -I f . --iii UM 'nan -- il-.X-, .1 Ymppl ,1 Alun' AKF P?" --v' A Q71 :ff cy, lKEf '4- I .V 18- Z1 . valefie Seyforth, sweerhean " I DELTA SIGMA THET -1'--F24 5 --f V I-- .-- A TT s n IT! D-V. p I YT I3 , I ' ls- 7 ' - A 1 I' 1.-1.-.- .--Q N 1 5 nu -il' -W """" " .: 1' V f I 7241? -: In 1978 Troy State's Nu Theta chapter of DST was founded. Since being on Troy State's cam- pus, Nu Theta has been uphold- ing the service organization that DST is noted for nationally. DST in Troy has participated and or- ganized many functions that are service oriented or socially geared towards the campus and community. Nu Theta is noted for it's nursing home visits and child tutoring service. Oth- er events during the year in- clude the following: Delta Week, Greek shows, dances, raffles, and exhibits. Overall, there are more than 120,000 members across the nation, in Haiti, the Bahamas, West Cer- many, and Liberia. Sweetheart Row One: lay House: her- ald Hightower, jimmy Rogers, Vlcitious Lyons Row Two: Bernard Westin, Mike Mays, Victor Whitten, Fred Thomas, Ted Horstead, Tim Martin, Michael Iames, lerry Taylor 250 Delta Sigma Theta .ul O n , Q 'B l I , ul 1, A fi if .J i 'had' 4-t'., 1 i .. , Q19 U 147' fi qfnf .-AN Uv, id ,X A-I' l ' 1 Q I A a 1 , It 'Q 1-,E 1,2 1 -1 1 I 1 0022 5hdfOf1 ldlkS0l1 VXUNIWVP, Ulrlculame-s,Clor1.1lxmh H1e-r1-s.1XN1I- Rwblmum Hfmrcm Hugh M1111-W1 lx rw:-1 xwv., BPH. Debbi? ThU'Y1-lNfdYU-NN hams, Ufmrwa U111111 Row Two: Re-:ww AXrr1.all.z lm- lHN1.,l 1 14111111 J. KAPPA ALPHA PSI Y 'l,. ,,,, 1 A The Theta Phi chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was chartered on November 27, 1976 at TSU. The charter line consisted of twenty members. From that original twenty, the chapter has initiated over seventy brothers. The Theta Phi chapter works in the community as well as on campus. Some of the projects include year clean-up for the el- derly, Adopt-a-Child for a day, raising money for OCAP, USA for Africa, and the annual Spring Greek Show. Over the years, the brothers who have pledged Kappa AI- pha Psi have come from varied aspects of life for one common purpose, to strive in brother- hood to maintain in their hearts and lives the true meaning of Phi Nu Pi. 252 lxapa Alpha Psi Z..- 'Q 5'i'Fd 'I u , Q rw, Law Lungk- f """'5"-1' "" AND KREHE ? I an l I l fi 9 ji? K PPA DELT Il'A"'fqf.f" 'D I j 1 I- 'lLet us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and high- est" is the motto that Kappa Delta lives byg During 1984-85, Starla Kelley was a finalist in the Homecom- ing court and MiMi Carpenter was a finalist in the Miss T.S.U. Pageant. Two Kappa Deltas were TSU. cheerleaders and a Kappa Delta served as the first official mascot for T.S,U. Other honors achieved by the Kappa Deltas include: President of Omicron Delta Kappa and Mor- tar Board, several members of Whos Who, and many other campus organizations. A Kappa Delta lady is a unique individual and also shares in the greatest bond of all . . . sisterhood. Big Brothers Row One: lric Donnely, Bnu Snider Xtavne Basseui Randy Reese I3-l Kappa l Delta I I s .I I 5 'a '. A -X V1 J we-as-f "-"f .1 'S '. . -Y' Z. - 1 l.'.1lIl'1v .. .- One: Leslie Allen, Ginger Street gre Bullard talhx t .rrr Unger trnllxxrn Nltfjtlt-e-'l lr limrm wh -'ut I f Carpenter. Leah Anne Celarrtlxr 'xanax Saunders t lu-rrNlatlt lrrnlwllt-x Nantx mln-X Row lun: ll -'-- Ml we Sxxertnger. lennlter lirtmn -Xngel lerulxn Dean llml l,lltlL1,f'll flllINlX lax lmlrnrm -Xr'tlt'rxrr" M- ll, 't .A-A l"t Sheila Nladdox lx-nn Patter- ton Lathx tum thnx Keen-N lwrr Nwrt l.1.rr.1llt-mx' N .V vit XM'--: l" leannre Porter, Lrsa Lum Iulre Turn- Rtmlwrtxun Allman Nttrllrnx lxrrn trmnt-ll lnt-lt-nt Mun lvl-1 4 'um' l.1..-rr N.-t Rhonda Waters, Smttle Roman. in- Angel lolmwrr lulrt- Saunders lmnna Nt.rrl.r kt-llt-l lr-.r llmw '.1 Sweetheart: Allen Flemming LA BDA CHI ALPH The Sigma Tau chapter of Lambda Chi had an outstanding N84-B5 year The fraternity's fubar and Polynesian parties prov ed to be popular all cam- pus events The Baptist Chil- drens Home and the Pike County Pensions and Securities Board were benefactors of Lambda Chi's fundraising pro- jects. Other outstanding achievements where the win- ning of SCA's Homegoing cheering contest, and winning its first ever Creek Week Cham- pionship, Lambda Chi Alpha boasts they are the only fraternity at Troy State which actively uses the innovated Uassociate mem- ber" system. Nevv members are not termed pledges and have the same rights in chapter mat- ters as active brothers. CIYIJ il 'lui 111' inf..- i' ,-Z .l'-hp, :lv 5 Div' L ll."5mi Little Sisters Row One: Carla Bullard, Tammy lewis, Ann Spasser, Allison lor- dan, lanet Schweizer, Wendy Ward Row Two: Mikie McDowell, Gina Powell, Tlelje Hinger, Nancy Brown, Deana Prego, Sue Callioras Nathalie Brentlev lleidra Callaway Row Three: Susan Peaxx Abby Raytield, Leigh Ann Ntate, lxirn Anderson, Beth Sanders, Civastal Pierce, -Xnita Reed, Laura Dos- ter Cassx Stroud 331, Lambda Chi Alpha ? Row One: Bryan Cooke Row Two: Scott Nelly, Paul Saour. Shannon Clollnns Frank Laxson Row Three: Carl.: Bullard Tammy Lewas, Ann Slasser, -Xllnson lor- dan, lanet Schweuzer, Wendw xxdfd, lohn Tatum Row Four: Muck: 1-'77 Mcllmxefll Cana Poms-II Dells' Hunger Nano Broun, IJ:-:frm Prvgro Sue Lal- IIOVAN Natholx Bc-ntle-x lhllcira Callaway hut Hnuln Row Five: Swan Peaxx -Xhhx Raxtlelci lee- Ann Nmce ken -Xnderson Beth Sands-rx john kor- nvliu "mmm Kew! lrmr.1lJm1+-f 4 .ew-X , 1 Stroud Nhark Pm 1' Row Six: r'f,,.3 F While hmm Voile-r hui IJw11.1'1: 1.e'w -- Nvxerw Scott Ionuu C'w!.1'5'f-ml M-" Corsuch Xu Lauryn NI:-xc-Nhrffx Row Seven: Ruk Nhvre- C nm Me-Q' -Rv 1.4 Nancy Brown, Crescent Girl PHI-MU 1 W l,,,- X YQ . 5' it 'l' 2' .Nts-fi as 'T"-1,1 A. -. ug' if-fa fl. Q dd' M K 'S'-1 ' . 0 1 . , i . Q ,Q- Q' 'F"1 I . ijiff-1 , ,-. .--N X r . . ', 'L " ' ' fs L .- -Q' . 544 fvebkff. . ,,. -K A F ,, I .. Q- .: -Qs'-"" ,- 713: .1 a' f' - Y A. ' - 1.1 - . .A N U . , . I V M if l' ' D - - ' ' " Q4 . :kk M -' . "' 1 1 , ' " ' 3. if" xv ' - " M - I - ' I , I xx I alba.. ... gi-+I t vt X ' -ngfiiffff'-1. -1 ,Q - ",,. V 'g- g. ...J Q ' - i fy -jf .I ,,2'.f" ' if ,- g,'A-' .. Since 1966, Phi Mu Fraternity has played an active role on TS-U's campus and in the Troy community. Not only do we have our share of beauties and scholars, but through our na- tional philanthropies, Phi Mu has shown herself to be a service organization as well. Our open motto, l'Les Soeurs Fidelesf' means "the faithful sis- ters" and Kappa Gamma Chap- ter's greatest asset is the sister- hood shared among her mem- bers. That spirit continues as we strive to reach Phi Mu's ideals of LOVE, HONOR, and TRUTH and to show that PHI MU is in- deed FOR THE FINEST. Row One: Tommy Dugosh, leff Cor- such, Neal Dykes, Steve Vvakelield, Mike Cassidy, Scott Dew, David Avery, and Dru lacobs Row Two: Buck Han- son, Robin Barbaree, and Larry Colden 238 Phi Mu -..-lr .X 'Ll XJ K. '1 X N Pg-r-n..?'. ... "'.f,yi lf?" 1 ' .-ll. -..Q-.-. X x .L 1, L-6 7-30-10 -..isa 5 L- Q -4'-' ,.--, 'us 745.- Qf' ' 1' -4' ll- g j-ful!!-.12 .. 1 R - 4 Q .JD ,. ..f fi. Lelt Group Row One: Lxnn Ham-x Debi Sallga, Meg Greene, lanet Crow ell Lisa Nelson, Lee Coate, Vlckl Barlovl Kam Hodges Row Two: Mellssa Scar brough, Vick: Pollard, Tammy Nellles. Tina Morns, Sharon Reed, Duana -Xpple A-IJ 4 'Q I V .'X , , .o- --1 - ,, . - -rj-5,1 ,J-.if'i,'Y5, :'5f'f'w5QQ . -,A ..7' . "'JQ.s,?g.,.q-. Q' Q' "'-5:0 5 CYS' ,. A "' ' v 'wi 9 A-13 ' , .V ' 4' "'b. u ' ' S " 5 5'--' A 4" J' Q a "- -. .94 - U I I 1 ' ., ' 1 gale? Rosanna UIC ware karen lm- Klmmlw lmwm mmf lllN.l.l kwin l.f""l' low- 1 Manllarnson, lxellx Cllrnure-, lharmlmx- Slam Norm lhmql- llrnqlw lon llnw--l Nl:-M - R Nm.: -V enport, Bonlla Tanner, lynn lldrxm Nll- Rlmnrla Cmnlwr lure-rw low-r l'll l X1 Xl 1 Nw' thrill? Harxex XM-ml Slmrun lxlnllmm I lllllX lim-.x" l-,fw..,, ew. r., 1 Right Group ROW One: llllNm1tlw ldurl lnrnrnx Nlri .all lxnn llxxnu-x 1,1-,, Duster, Lon Blnlorrl, K arrl Stax er, Nlollx Poxwll Row Two: l'.arnr'l.1 tm-1-n N M! Grnbpd .., ,. .a ll , 'yy 1 v L "Ps i Q Sweetheart: Robin Barbaree pu xx. l PIK PP lm' C iarnma t..imm.i chapter tit li' lsappal'hili,iilai.1reat tear iw lt Rails won the traternitx wmiihitl t hampionship The Kristi ti: Mamma Qamma Rene lxles was an attenclant in the lim State- Unixersitx home- toming ceremom This xears Hometoming party for parents and -Xlumni was also a big suc- cess The highlight ot the winter quarter was the ski trip to Sugar Ntountain Spring xx as a xerv busy time at Gamma Gamma, -X few ac- tivities ot the quarter were the beach party in Panama City, the annual Bunny Contest - spring tundraiser tor project PUSH - and, ot course, the Pi Kap "lun- gle Party" The Pi Kappa Phi rush pro- gram was also another big suc- cess as they initiated their 500th brother, within their first twenty years ot the charter date. This was a new national record tor Pi lsappa Phi. Q xv 4 it -ft f 5 L N .y QwQ??q33y si ff Wm-mf '49 ivfffyp' 4 ,x wevwvw 'VfW4Jf5xht9 A.,' t' Q". fo. . J- i, -- I . A -s little Nisters Row One: 'Xnn lohnson Row Two: l Ji-bbie liurns Molly Rhodes, fheiii- lfloi, l ailonna Ingram, l Juxs ana lfit titres, lsathx llunc an, tfiwen stone Row Three: Renee- lxles lsim N lancastt-r linilx Smit angie liri-.irlxxf-ll, sharon time-Il lxnn Wilson chris Heetes Row FOUTZ liei t .i Hrtixxn lrirl lohnsiin li-slie C arroll B , lfwtl Pi lsappa Phi A 'Q " 3 ' 3.0! J"".""h ' 1 ,-,,1.... 1 if "' ,. 'li f . - xi :' ' ' X ' ' X . 1 4 ,,, 3.4 .. V. N U- ' inn'-'Y-"' Q Q ' ' 1 J-7 V W 4 ' 'ff' - .. yn -I , , - I - " "' P -',xf,-.f X141 .1-..fxfx.N.vx.f X. -xi -fxvxifxlx' ' ,. - L v . glgil iillllll LLL, 344414994 A Ll 1 ' 0 1, W UQ O 1 H-3 "1 V1 ix rffx ix' il Row One: Trapp He-mirux Row Two: mwn Slum- In-It Bunk Row Four: Dan Harmon, Sault Shmxdlle-r thru Uwrw Hogan Clie-rm Sgmrwgle-r lumix Lolls Row Three: Leslie Larmll lor: Nun!! Be-ncaliruxxrw Blllx Hmx,xr4i Mmm- lohnson, -Xnn Iohnson lk-lable Burm Hrs-.uinvll Row Five: Num H.1g.15.1utl Ladonrmlngram Lum Hnlson lhmdrm Ixdthx llumdm hum'r WM' lacobs, Slexv Caporlm, lime Gaulle-I Burm Rvniflxlw 'whdruvwlmm-Il lbukm ,Xxx -, 'ii ,uv Q.' . 7 ff' fb 'N.1chm.m thu Ke-eww hem WN. N' ""- C N1lke-flifi?-11-11 Row Silt IW' Vw' I' 4 'N M' -Xuxtxxu R Shmvwfw H41 Um x RWM! J""" ' ' Paul Hrme'H ilml 4 lil, K V""- ' N11tmfxRmxl.imi lJ1m1LC.n-w"w.e" N1 R He-mmf! Twrx LN- Row Sewn: fr. Ann lohnson, Rose SIGMA ALPHA EPSILO J' L-,f lnrlfb ww-rx Row One: KIM Iumw, Pa I.: XI+-rue-r,IJumIIw IIdI1IUII,IdIIIITIN mx SIIMI NILINLUUXI' IIIIIIII Iw- Tw0: NIIII1t'III'5IIIdfI Iran Ixe-III IJPI I NIIIIILIIII Mm XXIIIIAIIIN C.xlIwx Im lrm Rubs-rlwm Ixzm Rmrwr, -Xllwr Www Idrwm hm M-Ilx -XIIMN Ixlf-sh I ,HIM IMI: ZA QIIJ Nfgrxm RIIIIM IIINIIUII 9 O 'Fr LSI if If -4-'X A Sv! x- . I 0 99 909 69009 EA ' I Y -'wks vs If I " 5 14' XI' tang-.4 nngii ir :vga an --1 :Qs v-va-1.4 runnin--s iuniu tn-qlil 12 a 1 Q Q ilreuuxlx more-in I u--,xr-n4,.--J. 'iw Q 1 q g .-Q-. Q--p p-. g -Q .9-95 lon- A nic 3 K' uni.. -.- r-1-...un .Q 11:11 Q. --- -,-11 1-fr-9.4 - n--Qhbg ...annnluv-who-1 1'1l'p . --an ncaa -qvvu rn-:PL an-vi-hliia . 1- -1 ' --511 - -u - ... fx.: .gv-1 51-1 1-ru 3.4: I . 4 - .N ll - . rl: Q r WQLQQZ I U lint' ui: Q : sgtalilor nhl" 511- u-1011. , Xi, . --n 1 p-- na ix --o 1---ig - --4-Q.-pa-an--it ' -- .-g -an 4 - annlsi 4. ua n -- angie: 0 va -Q'n sons f 1 11- 3 n as -A -, 1- . . g :ru nvn-s ---qnuvo-o-n--- 1 111.1 - n-:Qin-1 - . ang... - - ' 115751 5 1-Q -Q 1.442 L a 9-wig v- Q. f-1 1.-su:-1 .- ,Q ....- 3 -..lg -an -ini r-gg Q-1 v .- . --1 - . .. . 1.9.1. - Q . . -..rl ' uqo - can 1-ngnnw-:van n. 1 .-1 can--u -v-suv nn-1-u---- - ..ff.. 1 --Q-is 1' -1 :bi-0 l-vvugnf una aiiuuniuaan-1-.Q mga. -. - un-:-1 'li -vv u q 1 - - nz n -uv 3 .n.-- a-Qs - an v - ii-- ng Livi -lin 'wma' 5-link o -.Q-1 0 . - -5111: 1 - -. w v- -in--s-' lyk u' u Q li. """ if 1- lllas-Cl-Gil iid: 1- -ii 'Q - -1 1 n-. Q I 9 Quill gg gl .4 i Q 1 Q g. 1-gg.-' Q.: si.. -.4 -. 1 ug.-1-u -vu g- .. g -. 4 .uno nt- - wrt . -4- -i 'u 1 1 ll-- 1.lL-:s0 v- A-alien ,- n svn, lr'-li ' q an 0- in 1:1 '- o.- -5 1 .oil 5 ' .1 - a u v1w.w avi will-an - -.1 17 - nn ,--Q :bump- I1 I -0 0 iii ' - i runs: u ntl vu vw- -sQq - -ii:-1:5 w .3 Q-f .. -. g-4 ng- Q--1 It luisb-,B--" evil 1' A - n 1 ,A - e -rv--5s11v.iilb ani -1 n-:ilu . n 2.1 -vs a uv sa 111 n .I tvng' rv -Q1 1. 1- rl v . :viii ltlliloln -QQQQ. 4: -nn -1- -- . ,-. .-Q - 41-u-v1 au- 1- 7ii 21 114- 1' p-ev! 1 "2l1 I vtfniivtr u' C I L1 39011 'it-1 -ll .lv -in .1 in-2-1-ilw-0 1 Ao 34 q-L-Q. .vu 11410 .Q .Q 1 nr-3 111 Tl Q-sn.--. i 1- i 11 xv if A V X N... I sh .31 I , 1 'Row One: Bruin Hallmf' Imk Nunn- Nh-We-v Kumrfi Huxkx in-H Km-W u..-1 IH'-X Nw' X 'Muff M , 'ht'dd,lt'I15k'f' Frank IPINERIH' lmls- i lur- Rdmix Re-vw Row Two: Wm- N 'Mun-r if-vw T'l'1"N'f'1"' 4 WNW W ' ' N slRnchard Saruicfrwm Tum luhmwn K1'L1p1ls'lirx.lHI Hhnr XM-Wk lm' l'mIru.1'x HN-rw iiru1"RN"RN RW" 1" RUN Ilan Beam Kmirvxx lie-mis-rwm hlxlnr Rmdmrdllxrwm Ihsxullw New Inn' Iufw Three: XX NM!.1"' XX " " v' W " I Q. -7 I SIGMA CHI Ntotivated bv the Founders' dreams the Eta Phi Chapter has encouraged individual accom- plishment During the past year, Sigma Lehi brothers have been recognized with the Algernon Sydney Sulliv an Award, the Ox- tord Scholarship, and member- ship in Omicron Delta lxappa, Ntortar Board, Whos Who, and Phi lxappa Phi. The traternal spirit has en- iov ed a banner year indeed as the Sigs captured the All-Sports Trophy tor prowess in intramu- ral tootball, basketball, and soft- ballg the University Scholarship My ard tor the highest fraternity gradepoint average: and the coveted Peterson Significant Chapter Award presented by the fraternity's headquarters for achievement in all areas of cam- pus lite, l N little Sisters Row One: Linda Bone, Liar- lene Garner, Maureen Forthman, lisa Smiley and Suzy Hill Row Two: Donna -Xnderson, Teresa Sy kes, Pain Gibson, Patty Rodriguez, lon Hussey, Leah Bcar- bourgh, Nlvra NA ebb, and Toni Hudson Row Three: Tresa Harden, lxtm Hodges, Suzy Bell -Xmanda Stephens Christa Inf man, and lulte Brown 16,4 Sigma thi ---DQQI W Q S... -Xe- S54!! f iii 1 4- i .-fv.:r' - . .JNV -I '13-I KT.-if 4--,.'a',uv QA. 4. 8 1' '- a-"-J . V Q .0 9 11 'errrf' Row One: Donna -Xnderwn Pam Rodrrguez, Mwra Metab Arnanda Ste' vens, Teresa Sxkew, Sun. Bell, Sum Hull :Chrrsta Inman Tresa Harden lulre !Brown, kim Hodges, Darlene Garner nN1aureen Forlhman, lane! Laxrll Row rTwo: -Xudy McCathern. Mott war' rquess. Teddy Boles. Gene Bender, Ben Nrnrth indx Sire-QM-r lunda Bum- lm Srndex Pam Clrhwrw Tnnr Hudwn lun Huswex leah Scarlmrnugh Rntmrn Blar- haree Row Three: Nilkelhukwn kwin Gardner Clerrx Lannnn Rmn llaughr erlx Bnan Hee-klex lun Nhat! lirmn Snxder. Neal Dx kex, llxxaxne Crmduk Gregg Lhandler, luwtrn I Jurranre liuddx x is J , I s--fr: -QQ'-N ' dbx. - , 'V fb ' 1? n - .' - . , I J I. . V U , 4 r - Q . t I . . - 1 , . . . L, 1 ' ' .- lite-de-v Crle-nn Nfnsnd Il.rr 12 K ww- xrmnd IMA:-N K dip lm- Hrrdvv' Row u ", Four: Ne-an FR-Ir-rx If-'1 ligrvw-' If ww rr - lrr,L1 MPH limit' ldrnvrwlwr' fX"'r'rrrw M" ' r A wx N-n Hrrrnrlrrrn Nw' Harp X'w:. r Hu' Iam' -Wmrx Num Erwgv- H -. Parnte-r Bud F'.1Nrne-r Hal Harm-' X -Mhrrait hae-x ISrrrn4.1rdrw" Brfwrk X r Sweetheart: Leah Scarborough . 0 U N.,,A SIGM Pl . lv 'T' Little Sisters Row One: Cindy Dickey, Wendy Rogers Row Two: lynn Ferrari, Rhonda Whilloit, Pamela Green, Stella Keith, Lynn McPherson DedKaUon,smcenty and personal integrity put Sigma Pi Fraternity in the limelight during the 1984-85 year. The brothers of Delta Psi chapter set their goals high and took much pride in accomplishing these goals. During fall quarter the Sigma Pi's once again received recog- nition for their outstanding lawn display, and enjoyed welcom- ing parents and alumni to help them celebrate the Homecom- ing festivities. During winter quarter, the Sigma Pi's held their annual Or- chid Ball - a celebration of their national founder's day - in Dothan, Alabama. Sigma Pi Fraternity, International cele- brated its 88th birthday this year. Through the years, true brotherhood at Sigma Pi has prevailed. That is what Sigma Pi is all about. Not the parties, not the sports but the people, Sig- ma Pi is a close-knit brother- hood. 'U ,Nl 4,5 266 Sigma Pi 111 g f , , I QU I- YI! N Row One: Steve 5hlp.1rnn,C .smix link- Lynn Mwlwrsmw Stella Iwuth, Palm-I.: Two, pm yy,ly,d,,,N hmm Img.-f ww 6'.mZrm'..f' mv. H ey, Rhonda Whvllmt, Wendy Rogc-rw, Cree-rw, Dru lambs, luhn Carrwx Row mum lmmiu lem fhmm-N mum 4.1Hwr Num rw-.N f 'w RI KV' ts I ... J If IA 6 P rfb tl ' I Yj uw' 1, A "mg TAU KAPP EPSILC Tau lxappa Epsilon has estab- lished a tradition of excellence in the areas ot leadership, activi- ties and scholarship. TKE has consistently main- tained members of the SCA, -XCUB, and IFC. Teke also par- ticipated in most school related activities including intramural sports, and Greek Week, The Tekes are well known also for their excellence in scholarship. Tau Kappa Epsilon has the record for the highest fraternity grade point average in Troy State history, 9 ,, Q ti- 1' KE 4 546 Lil i It -. '71 f A I ' " O' A T-N l O i Little Sisters Row One: Michelle Walk- er, lania Gaxin, Ramona McCullough, -'tngie Ot erstreet Cvnthia tshancey -Xnne Sowell TKE lhtl Tau kappa lpsilon NT . Q-, . " ,fr 1' QQ 3 Q' ni E qu gg Q ' I 5 .... ' A Yi " r ' A -I ""' ' -7 t Q y ,S S ,' " ' ' ,- --.5 - --' J t N 1 g - X 'Y ' gl' 5 'I 1 I A .5 KN " . V 'fa , L a", ' X U x . r , Q X 4 5 I 'Q " X f ' 7 ' qu j H . ,J t - . 1 , h '. '-f w y j Aan, .sv J W .v '- FKE Brothers and Little Sl-sters Row chelle Walker, Denny Wrught. R.m1un.1 twrrxt -Xrwgwfm-rxtrt-1-I Row Two: Iww 'WW 1 F IP N One: Tama Cavan, Carl Pe-ttewxax, Ml- McCullough, Tum Wnllmrwt N1lke' Rmwrr -'wmv mtwll 4 - t N mt wx ll! IulrnpINI f'H NIJ f Angie Overstreet, Sweetheart Ti-:ETA ci-ii W at 'i v 4 1 fu I .' Q I 1,. 'i K ' " . 1 .. , I ... , , t Theta Chi Fraternity is syn- onymous with Brotherhood. The interaction of the group members, appropriately called brothers, is a valuable experi- ence that lets one work as well as play while learning, In striving to attain this experience, the Zeta Theta chapter of Theta Chi at Troy State University has done very well both past and present and will continue to do so in the future. The rewards and honors giv- en to the Theta Chi Fraternity are relatively immaterial when compared to the growing sense of brotherhood one exper- iences. In this spirit of Brother- hood, the men of Theta Chi continue to encompass the true spirit of a fraternity. 270 Theta Chi f,,.....f Vicki Gravlin, Sweetheart ZET PHI BETA YF If You can balance dreams with practicality and deal in facts, but never lose ideals, lf you can face the harshness of reality And find the truths, that prejudice conceals lf you can take resources that surround you And use them in the way you feel you should, You'll he a woman , , . and all those around you Will be the richer for your womanhoodl knights mx ei-fhearts Row One: Knlho U , in llinton lwn lbaxis, Qvralcl Xlax iielfl lre-rl 'xliwin lariies Sanders ZCDB +1 .1 H . . ..Q. ' ,, I 1 ,f, '5 I, K, P6-' ' -f, .1 ., . 9 Rmlhum Hmlnm Nwln-'ix Vvrrx Kun lhxxwx Irwm Kmru-x Xu-1'w 'K-'P 1 p l :LJ- 6 Nz-vw V4-'W XXHH-'x l""y'N "H 1 . , . . . Bottom: Tnsha Rainey, Penny Woody, Auciey Nelson. Kimberly Perry. SCDRORITY RUSH The Panhellenic sponsored 198-1 Fall Rush Week flew by with little, if any, hitches. For the 120 young ladies going through Rush, the memo- ries they made will last a lifetime, and for those who decided to go Greek, the new sisters they have will add much to their college life. Rush Week began on August 19th for the so- rority girls. They came back to Troy State from their summer vacation to learn the names and faces of 120 perfect strangers who were their potential sisters. Practicing skits and songs, mak- ing name tags, and fitting rush outfits made up a portion of the long list of things they had to do to prepare for the rushees. By the time August 26th rolled around - the first day of formal Rush - the sorority ladies had managed to catch up on summer happenings, lose a little weight and a lot of sleep, and enhance the strong bond of sister- hood each sorority possesses. Any sorority girl will tell you that Rush is when you realize exactly what sisterhood means and how important it is in their lives. For the rushee, Rush Week was four days of hair-pulling, nerve-racking torture. Every sorority at TSU had something great to offer each rushee which made choosing between them even more difficult. On the fifth day, known as l'Squeal Day," all the tension of the past few days was forgotten as the rushees-turned-pledges greeted their new sisters with delight and anticipation of their new life within their sorority. 17-l Sorority Rush '-if xsze AFA Q'-"" I TERFRATER ITY COUNCIL -.4-L , -x hi-.., , -- . 5,4 ver Row One: Dru lacobs, left Holmes. Wayne Basset, Dax id Brown, Vic itias Lv- ons, lohn Erdoesy, Paul Saour Row 276 IFC li- ek .- ,- , 5 Two: Cary Rolbert, David Baldwin, Larry Ddowd, Dax id Greenspan, Scott Sport, The lnterfraternity Council provides a means for the frater- nities on campus to unite for the purpose of discussing questions of mutual interest. It also serves as the law governing body for all fraternities. The lnterfraternity Council seeks to strengthen the Greek System, so that all Greeks will grow in size and will develop mature, responsible character as a fraternal organization which is respectful of each indi- vidual Greek fraternityfsorority as well as Troy State University communities. Officers Fer-Rell Malone, Vice-Presv dent, Larry Odowd, President, Vicitias Lyons, Secretary, lohn Erdoesy, Public- ity, Scott Sport, Treasurer PA HELLENIC T0p D9bl'd BPHUFII. 'NNN IIJTWYWWU UM! Odom Rhum1.1XN.m-rx 13111141111 kara-rw Pugh hams Hr!! lr-rw-rw Mr" . W1--W f ' ' Smulh, Lisa Harper, Lon Hussey, Calm ,N1clxonun Rrkwlidkf-r Ixxmt ulhm lugs, Prncvli wrwrmr Rr-r-.5 x.-ww lr,,,' f "Dem aumu,rresuemg Ann znd Vice Preademg use Harper, sem-- 4 1st Vice Presidntg Usa Smith. tary: and Lori I-hssey, Treasurer. Pdnhc-llvmc Cuumw .at Tmx Slate, fm arm cn Nw Natnurm Pdmhellle-rwln Crwumrl Ntrf-Mm Crvvk umm .md Ntmw In ww mow wrurltx sprrri imcie-rdmu xchularshlp .md srxtvrhumi Formed ID IWC the- TNU Pan- fwllemc Comma! hm grcmv Irom mo rrwrntwr wrurrtwx rw- Imllx to vugrwt currvmlx ln.mv11urt to m.1mI.ww Cm-vk spam .mdumlx ther ti4-2i34mm- all polmfci all the- wrurrtsw Iu- gexthvr m .1 Hurwwcurwrm Num! c.1mp.1ugn Nw urrntwwni ww- thusnasm .md fmrci mum of .xr tlw sururltlw nun Hmm-Hmm Ilrxt plaw .mardx VH Nw wrt .md skit umrwtwlx In acicixtuum P.mPwMQ-rm Imax' vivci to thx' Nm1t?1i,Ne-rm INN' rratvrmtx Curwrvrvmv vw FUUHA' r .lrx .md the' South fmtvrfw llam- hvllefrm Lnrm-rvmv ww -Xprr Bulb gaxv rmfmtww mlm .xml Lrwltlxv :drums mr prurmwirmg Ckrvvk Ihr' xx xt:-m .11 ISL: . I I L. N IIE 4 xg 4' 9. . 'I we-f 1 i I Q 1 'V ', ' T A .4-P 4 "I 1 , . .. VF I., Q P +75 X S 4' 1' ..-, 4 S 2... 1 .bl ,hr . 5 ' 1 Q' U' Q ,, Q 'W-5 I.. I f l i - . f Q ' F R.- I" 'IQ' 1 4 ,hw at 12' ff, J., xx Y' vhs ' W-A Q. 'Q Q 'Oo ff.: fi' N I 1 1 'fl I if v'., .5 'if 5 95 r ' ',, ,xl K. -' ' 1. 'ug 4' . 12426-ii , Qt ,K , an lv , A A. I '13, k" 'A-' I " . E " 1 - -X 0,07 at 1 ' ,Q by ' zz TH 11,0 -.. 5.1 ., ' I ., 1, , , . , . , .Q ,f - bn , 'fl 'Q I Y I IYL x . fr- 1, dLqf.xx'S' I I 1 'W X f I nhl , -.1 . ' I u 1:20, -S " K, n X s . 'W V A . I f 1 'I 3- ,Nl 1 . I '- Chicago See How They ixun Bus Stop Arms and the Min Hall and Oates Member ot the Wedding, Master Herold and the Bow Campus Speakers J ' 1 J M My M L . E TERTAINMENT in i 1 Charlie Finch Section Editor Photographers: Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy SC' Q ? ,. l' k"r 282 Chicago W L X 'I 1 YITK -si.-, ' 37 Ni gag-1-7. u Fl if .1 .s., - .J '- I A 1 a 1 F. '5 " X Y g b- I i CHICAGO On October 20, 1984 Chicago. the dynamic group with an amaz- ing seventeen albums to their credit, entertained an excited and exuberant crowd. Garrett Coise- um in Montgomery was the site for an audience, mixed with Troy State students and dedicated fans, to en- joy the sundry sounds of Chicago. For the tirst time in TSU history, the concert for the quarter was held in the capital city. Students piled into buses, trucks, and cars to make the 45-minute drive to Montgomery. The trip proved to be well worth it as Chicago per- formed such diverse hits as their oldies "Saturday in the Park" and "Color My World" and their sum- mer of '84 smashes "Stay the Night" and "You're a Hard Habit to Break." Percussion, brass, key- boards, and vocal talents all com- bined to make Chicago a "Hard Habit to Break." pg WMVQ ' 'tal' CCL. .. Chicago 783 by Phillip King Reverend Lionel Toop ....... . . . Donnie Peppenhorst Penelope Toop ........ ........ S tarla Kelley Corporal Clive Winton .... . , . Terry Milner The Intruder .............. ...... S cott Allen The Bishop of Lax ........... . . . Dee McLeland Reverend Arthur Humphrey .....,...... Tom Whitehead Sergeant Towers ,.......,..,.......... lerry Simmons Student Director and Stage Manager ..,.. Diane Drawdy Directed by Dr. ludith Lewis See Ho They Run See How They Run is a British farce written by Phillip King. Galloping in and out of the four doors of an English vicarage are an American actress, who is the victor's wifeg an American ac- tor, who is stationed in the Air Force in Englandg a cockney maidg and an old maid who 'ltouches alcohol for the first time in her life," Setting the plot are four men in clergymen's suits, one of whom is a dis- guised escape prisoner. Ear tries to figure out who is tl masquerading convict, while sedate bishop stands aghast L the complex situation which h' suddenly erupted. The pe' plexed bishop is left to deciphi a multitude of trumped-up Stl ries. See How They Run, with who-is-who plot, has been dr scribed as rollicking good hi mor. 284 See How They Run 4-3 X LJ 1 c A 41 J -1 en ll' fs 4 1 .. g W i - 'r -. .w , K , .lj 9 if A ' Q' 55 it 1 ll P I W - ff ' Q 4 I of .1 . ..:.., 'mp itll - X " I X54 0 xx J ur , . ua, I ' - ,s.'.. , u D 4 x' . K., l I I 'iff Al' 4- I J 5 4 - ' N ' gl . fl .. , 4 c- "t -, Q Q1 ' I! ll Q. ' QQ 'D QQ wffx U O N Q Bus Stop X by William Inge A Ixus out or Ixamagt :tx piillx up to a cheertul roatlsicle diner III tht' middle or a howling storm -XII roads are Imloc Iced, and tour or tix t- wearv traxelers are tort ed In wait until conditions iniprox e Ixirn Stan- ley, scurrxing through the door- way in a spangled nightt liilm gmt n and a seedy tur trimmed pac Iwi it the passenger with the rnoxt In worry about She has heen pur- sued, rnade loxe to, and tinallx kid- napped by a I l-I ear-oltl ctmlmm with a ranch ot his own and the rornantic methods ot an unucuallx Elma Duckworth a waitress IIJXX drix er ni. xhip t st lltmlt lwarlxtronig ti. l - lun. is in ll liislIHL1lit'r4mu N It tarrx her 'ilu I r A Nlnnhina lui tr Ig rvxlxt IIIIII 411+ ID rut she reallx luxe point In tht nil fi I tv I c prtmprieltrtil 'it 1 it I I I it Hllilt Itltlt it uni I it their own iittt L, iftilmtxltr t wllantlaxr tl LL, lllt-' idle Lltlw lltr N I v It Jllldlli P Grace Hoylarcl, on ner ot the rextaurant Will Masters, a Sheritt Cherie, a chanteuse Dr. Gerald Lvman, a former college protesxor Carl, a bus drix er Virgil Blessing, a ranch hand Bo Decker, a cowbox ' I M 163. MS AND THE AN Cast of Characters . . . . . . Alliea Phipps . . Erin Frederickson . . . . . lenny Girdner . . . . johnny Walker , . . , . Alex lohnson Thom Whitehead Donnie Peppenhorst Steve Schlpman Glenn Lafvlarque Terry Mnlner The TSU prociuctmn or George Bernard Slnmk umm- edy Arms and the Man um .1 study IH trrneiessness Ihe pldx was updated IUUxe.1rs, but Niall followed the scrap! as urrllen by Shaw Tht'Uflf.1llhll slum rw wel in I885inBuIg.1rr.1.1ndlellxul .m idealism young xxorrmrm Raimi, 4 : S Y , Q X ni U A I 1' 1 1 A- ii , 1 Q Q' -'!""' x x 'O' j Us X iiliii' VID!! Ol We ,. QF v . 3 'A i3f 'vu l . 1 1 'Q r I wx K I I SY - -v- . 1 . , - 'r ' 1 s ' 'JW ', A 1 J ' ', L' , ,, ,., f5.e,u.a - nr. " Q 'dia .r L -',.L,!r., L' -, 'W 1'x ' ' 1 I 'fr' A I 'I I Q I 'G 311 " T l-.2 1' 1 L Q 'sf .AF Cast of Characters Berenite Sadie Broun Shirley Scott Frankie -Xcldainx C-win Elizabeth Dye Iohn Henry XX ext David Ferrell Dye larxis Tom Whitehead lanite Tresa Hardin Mr Mlclains Bob Daffin Mrs West Tammy Claunch Club or Girls Meredith Barr, Melanie Gibson, Diane Kimbrough, Rachael Lilly T T, Williams Alex johnson Honey Camden Brown Eric Ware Barney Maclxean Paul Brantley Q, J xx! 1..'Y' 1 I? . N QA s -V' U", Nrfh' "0 9' "U X-Q, 'lf I 5 , xwvv, 1 Z U 'T .f si ' 'H rl twirl ' 292 The Member ol' the Hfedding iw., in., ,Q on The Member of the Wedding v eg I f dl i x' 5 C arson MLC ullers' The Member ofthe Wedding by Carson McCulIers is a touch- ing character sketch of a girl in that lonely state of hopes and fears when she first ceases to be a child, Frankie, an awkward, hot-tempered, and highly imagi- native ugly duckling of twelve, feels that the world should take notice of her, She longs for companionshipg she must have a "we," Her mother is dead, her father pays little attention to her, and the other girls refuse to elect her to their club. Most of her time she has to spend with Bernice Sadie Brown, the good- natured cook, and with her little cousin, lohn Henry, a nice, vsell- mannered busybody ot sex en Si' 'J N- Life must offer more to her In her frustration she clettdes to accompany her brother larxis and his bride on their hones- moons She is heartbroken ts hen they Ieaxe without her Three months laters Frankie has be- come Frances and the tretkletl thirteen-y ear-old football ltuskk next door appears to be a 1-mpg Creek goal Adapting her note 'o' the sldgb' Nlfs Nltk tillvts tlrtl 'Nttf attempt to tollotx the estab- lished pattern ot tlranwatt ion- struttton 'It IN an l1TXN.lTt1 it as she xsrites anti the ton' t's are inxxartl tonuitts l"e- Idpltmlsl IN HU! pvtstvt "t'i' t the human tontlitzon t i "'r KH "'tr Hansel '05-X g Gr tel ea QQ-f-"' ' fi ...o4'. - s- ' i A , ,," "'4 - ' 1 1 if ., . ' .hh V A. , A., W s .U lv ' U 1 M vi 2 D4 Ha sel and Grelel . Q4- 1 1 l l Cast of Characters Peter, A Broom Maker, Baritone ..... David Browning Gertrude, His Wife, Mezzo-Soprano .... lane Swindle Hansel, Tenor ..................... Lonnie Parsons Q Gretel, .Mezzo-Soprano .. ............... Starla Kelley The Witch Who Eats Children, Tenor . . . Robert Davis E Sandman lThe Sleep Fairyi, Soprano .... Tresa Hardin Dewman lThe Dawn Fairyl Soprano . . . Valerie Kelley Director Phillip Kelley ........................ Phillip Kelley A ,J UM x 'Q w as sb I The Troy State University Op- era Workshop presented Engle- bert Humperdinck's "Hansel and GreteI." The opera is based on the well known fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. ln the oper- atic version of the story, the chidren of a poor broom-mak- er become lost in the woods after leaving home to hunt for strawberries. Night descends upon the forest, but the two children sleep safely, watdwed by their guardian angels. ln the moming they see a sweet little housemadeofcandyandstr- romdedbyafenceofgirger- breadboysandgi'ls.Withi1the whmh:,seivesawidc:gkoldwkd1 isplannng' to egnger' - breadofHanseIandGreteI. However,thewickedwkdi's plansarespoiedasthedever Hansel and Gretel snare the witdr it her own frey oven. Theendtantedstoryendshap- pilyasHanseIandGreteIarere- mneawmrrheirparemsana thegiwgerbreadchitkenarere- turned totheihuman state. ..,, . , -05 , 1 xki Xk . ., ' s K '-Uv llllsellllflelel 295 Cast of Characters Hally Terry Milner sam Eric Ware Willie Alex lohnson Athol Fugard'sY Master Harold and th Bo l'Master Harold" is Hally, a precocious white South African teenager, and llthe boys" are Willie and Sam, two black men who work for his family, both of them old enough to be his fa- ther. lt is 1950 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and as the play opens, Hally, back from school, stops in at the family-owned tea room, where Willie and Sam are cleaning up - and practicing their ballroom dancing. Hally falls into conversation with the two men with whom he enjoys an immediate camaraderie, fa- miliarity, and affection. And they share common memories - Willie and Sam have been Hally's life-long second family. He also shares his learning with them, as they share the stuff of their daily lives with him. The mood is easy and calm, until Hally learns that his crippled, al- cholic father is about to be re- leased from the hospital and will be home again, where his pres- ence is painfully disruptive. De- spite Hally's desperate admoni- tions, his mother is either tot weak or too frightened lol bothl to try to prevent his re lease, and - suddenly angry and frustrated and afraid - Hal ly turns viciously on Willie ant Sam, lashing out at them as he"' never done before. ln the play? horrifying climax, each characi ter's anguish is illuminated in a blaze of emotional devastation and we are made to understanc how the underlying realities o place and time can come tc dominate what we do and who we are. ess- s easel Nh Master Harold and the Bois W7 'T ur ix QC' -N, 4432.-' 1 M L-'N '7 M r ,is YU' '1- 4-1 X Campus Speakers enhancing academic life Campus speakers provided insight into the complicated modern world. Their views on diverse issues opened minds and raised questions to impor- tant topics. Distinguished and honored men from across the nation as well as internationally lent their oratorical skills to the promotion of higher learning and better understanding. TSU students and faculty benefited from the speakers' first-hand experience in their respective careers. In addition to the speakers featured, there were several others who spoke on the TSU The Honorable Winston Churchill, grandson of the fam- ous Sir Winston Churchill, gave a public address Oct. 5, 1984 at TSU on "The Soviet Challenge to the Third World." Churchill has served in the English Parliament since 1970 as did his father Randolph, and his grandfather, Sir Winston, and his great-grandfather, Lord Ran- dolph. Churchill won the Strat- ford seat for Conservatives at the age of 28. Churchill's journalism career includes coverage of wars in ls- rael, Vietnam, Aden, Yemen, Angola, the Congo, and Bor- neo. He toured China in 1972 298 Campus Speakers campus. ludge lohn C. God- bold, who has had a distin- guished career in the Alabama judicial branch, spoke on 'The Impact of the Courts on Busi- ness and on Citizens." Thomas A. Nunnelly, executive vice president of Southern Com- pany Services - the service or- ganization for The Southern Co., spoke on i'Corporate So- cial Responsibility." And, Profes- sor Firuz Kazemzadeh of the Department of History of Yale University and a leading author- ity in the United States on Soviet Central Asia spoke on the topic, uRussia and the Middle East." before the first Nixon visit and has also made several extensive visits to the Soviet Union. Winston resembles his grand- father in name and physical ap- pearance but, more important- ly, in spirit and mind. He has wide appeal as a journalist and lecturer. Winston is co-author of the "Six Day War" on which he and his father collaborated. He wrote "First journey" after a 20,000-mile trip through some 40 countries of the Middle East and Africa, following roughly the same path Sir Winston and his great-grandfather, Lord Ran- dolph, had many years ago. Dr. Edward Teller On Oct. 24, 1984, Edward Teller, one of the world's foremost authorities on ther- monuclear energy and a for- mer colleague of Albert Ein- stein, answered questions from a panel on "Space Technology and Public Policy." The seventy-four year old native of Hungary became a U.S. citizen in 1941 and is now a resident of Berkley, Calf. He is actively engaged in several major research projects including efforts to combat the nation's energy problems. Af as. aj The Honorable Winston lleftj with President Adams Wllllafn C Harvard with Dr. Emma Norris Dr Russell Kirk Dr Russell Kirk one of the most prominent conservative thinkers in our nation today challenged a Troy State audi ence on Oct 23 1984 as he has since his designation as a distinguished visiting profes- sor in 1973, Kirk is a nationally syndi- cated columnist' his view- points appear in To The Point in daily newspapers across the nation through the Los Angeles Times Syndi cate The author of some 16 major works his books in clude The Conservative Mind, which has sold over a million copies and has been translated into several lan guages Decadence and Re newal in Higher Education and The Roots of Amencan reproduced as a 13 unit half hour television series Kirk has taught history and political science at a number of universities and is the only American to earn a Doctor of Letters degree from St Andrews University He holds honorary degrees from a half dozen Amen can universities W' iam C- Hxrvird, Phi Bc ti pa Associitcs lccturc , spa e on "The Search tor Southern Identity" Fc b A, Prot, Harvard is Chiirmin ot the Political Science llcpirt- ment of Vanderbilt University The widely published author and speaker is one ot the re- gional panelists provided by Phi Beta Kappa Associates through its Associates Lectureship series His visit to the campus was sponsored by the Southeast Alabama Phi Beta Kappa Associ- ation with the help of the Uni- versity. Harvard s career has conclud- ed academic appointments throughout the South and in the Northeast at Amherst and the University of Massachusetts, where he was VO. Key Profes- Q . t1 Sc hool c 1, X B wcl l- i., str . ISSL hc-1 ss is prolc ssor ot politi- cence nd i' ' varcl llotigliss Whitt - lu es in lfi, B ehtls he ss ls chos presiclent-elect or Pi Sigma Ai- pha, the nation il politic il honor society He also sets ed ssith novelist Walter Sullis in is co- chairman ot the celebration held in honor ot the Southern Agarians at Yanclerbuilt He has ssritten a number oi books and articles and is the tor- mer editor of The loumal of Politics His mayor xsorlcs deal with Southern politics and politi- cal theory Dr. Martin Feldstein spoke at TSU on April 9, 1985 on The Future of Economic Policy ' Feldstein is the George F. Baker Professor of Economics at Har- vard University and President ot the National Bureau of Econom- ic Research. From 1987 through 1984 he was Chairman of the Council of Economic -Xdsisers and President Reagans chief economic adviser. Dr Martin Feldstein Feldstein received his -X B from Harvard College in 1961 and his Doctor ot Phi- losophs degree trom Oxtord in 196 S His teaching and re- search have tocused on the problems ot the national economs and on the eco- nomics of the public sector In IQ", he receis ed the lohn Bates Ntedal oi the American Economic Associ- ation Feldstein is an eco- nomic adviser to Dean Hit- ter Reynolds and to Data Re- sources Inc md 1 regular contributor to the Wall Street loumal. He is zlso di- rector ot the Phenix Ntutuil Lite Insurance Co and TMX Inc He and his vs ite ls ithleen ss rite a column tor the Wash- ington Post and Los Angeles Times ss ndic ite A e ill . . 1. sor ot t.osc1rnmr-nt llc- ob Kap 1 . 1 1 1r IJII1 -cl his Ph ll trom the lon c k do rl lconomics and I 7 on 1 ' his- ar N X defrer- ori- Q' MBS, louisiana Stale Unisersits -Xi s , I 1 1 c l c A A 1 c cal s i a clelisc-red 'hc- , l 1 ' f Eclx '. 1 lc-c i 4 . r ' ffl ' Rec . en 1' , C F 1 K K I Q I K I L IQ l 14 In I ' , 'I I 1 n a is :. 44' O O O I O I l ' C C C K, C C I Y A- x C I f c i , .' . . - ' Order. The latter book was . - . . . . l . - . . Special thanks to Dr Emma Norris and Mr. Bill Buchannon l 'T' ty FN Lo 'Wx J Nl -0-, v 1 1. x ' ' .. 6 iliw -QQ ff ' rg... -1.1 ' 41 -1- 1 - -- -.1 -:up ' L-1 EE: .ZA 42, 55-2- :if TQ' 1, 'T .. 5,415 ..-24" ?' ' ..rr'5 -- .P 1, - :iff f V1 .i 'L .-'3"-r..-..- ' ' ' " - ' 'E fUW77"F- .1 J . '1- r Q I V2.1 MJ' nf: L 113: I ,QI-" 1 t'3 .,.:'..J I I ,f'1f: 3' . 1:11 . 1 ""'1'1T 1,f,.Y ? iff! H- fr ' -' - yrs T11 'T - f f if 3 V :WT Li I - ,.,, , . . jf' -- ff g- ., ' If x 1 o'! xv I y .0 Q 1i7lL:ftfiQri5'f,::?I' 1472 ...-vfi-I-31Q,2:' :'if:r7':7'f 'uiifl , -V .,-'irfl X . ' 'x N 2' X I X . 1-4- a'a: , O S HALL President Adams Board ot Trustees Vice Presidents and Deans Administration College ot Arts 81 Scif nccs School ot Education Sorrell College ot Business School ot Eine Arts School ot Nursing College ot Special Programs Graduate School Halls School of journalism ADMINISTR TIG Holly Rousseau Section Editor Staff: Leslie Carroll Elizabeth Tracy Photography: Lorri Studios Donald Northsworthy Ed Moseley lef f Law fi Ralph Wyatt Adams PRESIDENT Dr Ralph W. Adams was elet ted president of Troy State Universitw bythe State Board of Education on August 3, 196-1. At the time, Troy State was a small state supported institute with barely 2,000 students. Today, it is a multi-national University with more than 12,000 students attending classes on campuses located in Alabama, Florida, Ceorgia and Europe. A native of Samson, Ala- bama, Adams holds earned de- grees from Birmingham-South- ern and the University of Ala- bama. He also did post- graduate work at Princeton, Harvard, and Oxford University in England. He was elected to the Ala- bama Academy of Honor in 1977 and designated First Citi- zen of the Area by the Cham- ber of Commerce in 1979. ln education circles, he is known as an innovator. His Uuniversity without walls" con- cept of taking education to the people has been envied and emulated throughout the na- tion. In academics alone, when Dr. Adams became president, Troy State was offering its students an opportunity to earn degrees in only four areas of study. To- day, it is possible to earn de- grees in forty-eight areas of study. Dr. Adams married his wife, Dorothy Kelly, in September 1942. Mrs. Adams received her A.B. degree from the University of Alabama and her M.S. de- gree from Troy State University in 1971. Mrs. Adams is currently an instructor of English at Troy State and an Honorary Miss T.S.U. Both Dr. and Mrs. Adams are members of Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Delta, and Mor- tar Board. Dr. Adams and his wife, Dorothy, have three children, Ralph Wyatt lr, Kelly Clements lMrs. james B. Allen, lr.l and Samuel. l 102 President Adams Y I TSU BQARD QF TRUSTEES it Y. . if J I K -Q ' -s I I-C .ff . - :."a.""'+ . I f .J , 'T x SU-l Board or Trustees I I I I I I I l A I I l I I I I Wlfflll JZJA NIA!! I 'S- M ,Q g lp 2 guna-Q -Ad ll GOVERNOR GEORGE C. WALLACE A native of Clio, Alabama, Governor Wallace graduated from the University of Alabama with a law degree in 1942. Since that time Governor Wallace has been an assistant Attorney General, a mem- ber of the legislature, a ludge, a candidate for the Presidency, and he Governor of the State of Alabama. By virtue of his office, he erves as President of the Troy State University Board of Trustees. L HAROLD R. COLLINS Dr. Harold Collins from Mobile. Alabama graduated from Trot State University He then contin- ued his education and obtained his master's and doctors de- grees trom the Unixersitx oi Alabama A former Superinten- dent of the Mobile Board oi School Commissioners, he is now serxing as a consultant in finance and education C. I. HARTLEY Nlr Hartley ot Tuscaloosa is a graduate ol the Llnixersztx o' Alabama A leading mert 'want 'a Tuscaloosa he xx as eettei: Nlan ot the Near in luis' ox the Tuscaloosa Chamber of to "'- merte He is a member o' f"tt Tuscaloosa Countx lndusi'ra Dex elopment Board and st-'x i-s on the exetutixt- tomrnrtte-ti Nlr Hartlex serxes on int- am - sorx board oi Shelton State Tethnital School and b"t'Io" State tommunitx tolleile Nt' Hartlex ls a memtwr o' 'rw Board oi Directors o' -XNtSo.iZ Bank Tuscaloosa -'sIa!wa"'a R. DOUGLAS HAWKINS Dr. Douglas Hawkins, a veterinarian from Troy, graduated from Auburn University A former President of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, he was named Troy Man of the Year in 1978. He serves as a Director ofthe Pike Museum, T.S.U. Foundation, and Troy Bank and Trust. He represents the Board of Trustees on T.S.U. Publica- tions Board and the Athletic Planning Committee. CHARLES B. MARTIN A research engineer from Decatur, Alabama, Charles B. Martin is the newest member of the T.S.U. Board of Trustees. He is presently a member of the Alabama House of Representatives. Mr. Martin is quite active in his community and was voted "Who's Who in Politics in the South and Southwest- 1982-81". He was also select- ed to "Personalities of the South- 1982-83". , ...M ROBERT T. WILSON Mr. Robert T. Wilson, former state senator from jasper and one of the state's leading attorneys, is also one of the major powers in Alabama politics and a key figure in the support of higher education in the state. TRACY R. OSMER President of the Student Government Association, Tracy Ruth Osmer serves as the student representative to the Board of Trust- ees. Tracy is a senior graduating in Spring 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. She is from West Palm Beach, Florida. 306 Board of Trustees WAYNE TEAGUE Dr. Wayne Teague, a native of Cullman, is a graduate of . . 0' . . G . . . n I' He has held various educational supervisory postitions through his career and is presently serving as State Superintendent of Edu tion. He is a member of various civic clubs and was named Alaba . Educator of the Year in 1975 by Kappa Phi Kappa Honor Socie IACK W. WALLACE Circuit judge lack W. Wallace of Clayton, is a graduate of tl: University of Alabama and the University of Alabama Law Sch0C Portraits provided by Ml'- Woodi Ishmael from the Troy State Art Department. all Exectitiwe l tDr. Edward F. Barnett, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Robert M. Paul, Vice President for Dothan Ft, Rucker Dr. Ralph Wyatt Adams, President, Dr. Eugene l. Elrod, Vice President TSUM. Row Two: Dr. lames D. C. Rohinson Executive Vice President, Mr. Donald l. Gibson, Vice President for Student Affairs, Ms. lean Q. Marx, Secretary Xlr Thomas E. Peeks, Vice President for Financial Affairsg and Mr. Bill W. Buchanon, Director of Puhlic Relations. l l l l .l 308 Admxmstratlon i I I I I l I I I I i I I l I I I I I I I I 310 Administration IP Bill W. Buchannon Walter K. Henigan Dale Moseley Director of Public Relations Director of Development 8. Director of Communication and Information TSU Foundations Services ' I Robert E. Stewart Walter E. Sullivan loyce G. Law Athletic Director Director of Academic Records Asst. Director of Academic Records ini 1' I r - F 'N - - " 5 . ff.- .- -- L c ,r I I-K", .5 Q I L sw 4 - ,A Y L ur" f 2- 'JJ. I HIE. A : A ' ' :BIZ .. . .3-' it b 1 Ui... .J fxfj N Louise S. Goforth Ethal Sanders Angela C. Rolling. Assistant Registrar Assoc. Director of Library Director of Title lll Project Services Ni William N. Conway Asst. Director ot Admissions lim Hutto Dean of Enrollment P 1 fy rf-l - 3- if Carl Precise Assoc. Director of Financial Aid Alan C. Boothe Chief of Campus Security 81 Assoc. Director of Financial Aid 'W Carolyn H. Gibson loyce R. Griffin Director of Placement Services Director University Housing 8. Panhellenic Advisor .ls , x if Sherrel L. Bees Director ot University Counseling lames V. Bradsher Assoc. Director of Financial Aid lauianne Folmar Director ot Womens Residence 'H ffkif Iefferson C. Golden liirec tor ot lirmnc tat -M1 Charles lee Director ot Purchasing lnx entorx Control A Textbook Center Y A 4 -..Y l Herbert Reeves ector ot Nlen s Resicler cc X V i sf" T fx- Ronald l. Pierce David Cambell Dale Law limmie Clark Dir. of Adams Univ. Cen. 81 Conf. Asst. Director of Adams Chief Accountant Director of Data Processing Serv. 81 Adv. to Student Organ. University Center Q 41' ' A- ff- lr' 'ji MVR X5 f ,Ji-1-If I X . a fir ' A .g -f A X .. A i- v l A - C Don leffery Tom Ensey Erma Blair Linda Golden Director of Natatorium Sports Information Director Postmistress Asst. Postmistress 41. - ,Q - N r N., l U loe lohnson Susan C. Pierce Van English Sidney R. Starling, lr. Director of Publications University Counselor Admission Counselor Admission Counselor 312 Administration l L Alice Perrigin Nellie Smith Melton A. Carter Title III Counselor Director of Special Services Direrlor of Phwc al Plant for Disadvantaged ,li s Q-. I iii ii iip 7' .,NA- -is fig! f Jr i- TEE gil LCC 112. A-are f.-4 X I I in - 17 xi.vuw -A f.i"'gMn N'm.i"x XX 1' 5' i'Yur'ipxii" ,f ii-ri" fx' .X,,m.,N,,., KJ.,l.N ,-...M ,Xt yu .. N NP IA x L Right Library Stat! Mr Hubert Con- ner, N15 Nell Bassett, Ms Betty Chant ellor, Ma Martha Stewart, Ms Theresa Traxxick, Ms lulia Dillard, Nts Pat Porter, and Ms Mary Beth Green Bottomleft Health Center Staff' Ka- ren Richarcbon, Gwen Martin, and Gloria Creek, Director, Health Cen- IGF Upper Right: WTSU-FM: Row One: Ms. Lorrie Kjeldahl, Mr. Steve Holmes, Row Two: Quinton Scott and lohn McVay. Right: WTSU-TVi Donnie Peppen- horst, News Producer, Mark Ingram, News Director, lames Clower, Pro- gram Director: and ieff May, Pro- duction Coordinator. H4 Administration fx AZ 1 , I Facult Retirements J fir? Mrs. Dorothy Adams rec ers ed her Ati from the University ot -Xlabania in ll!-l l. MS from TSU in 1971 ln her clistin- guished career she has rec eis ed numer- ous awards including Omic ron Delta Kappa, Phi lsappa Phi. Honorary Miss TSU. and is an Honorars Mortar Board member. Mrs. Adams began teac hrng at TSU in 1965 and she has taught Fresh- man Writing classes, Sophomore litera- ture classes and Childrens literature, as well as being our First Lads since 196-1 Mrs. Violet Ervin came to TSU in 19-1 1, at which time she began teaching pri- vate music lessons on and off campus as well as working to earn her MS ln De- cember 1982 TSU published her book One Way To Tell. She received her B-K in 1916 from Tennessee. MB in 1926 from Chicago Musical College, MS in 1959 from TSU. Mrs Ervin will be missed and will always be remembered for her colortul methods ot teaching W .U V JI " ' J.: s ak' 1 I r.':t,'i-0, ' A ll I, .f' I K lo 'I '.'l,fu4"' I ft' '10, " ' ' ' 5' :IV ' ' l 2 H' 'fem ft-f Qi: 'u tue :.' 'ft 5 . Q ' 'I' 0 1' use , , O Q Q Q - 0 n - - Mr. lohn Archer bc-gan ic-ac lung Pins- ical lcluc ation at l'sU in lKi'its .ts ssc-ll .ts being the Xarsits liaslsc-tball t oac li lor 19 sears In those 19 sears lic- tools the tearn oxerseas and sson ncirnc-rous l In r- sion tharnpionslttps str -src lic-r isill rc-- tire lrotn his position as C oorcltnator ol Recreational Sports and will contincic- part time as lbirec tor ot Intrantural Pro- grants N Mr. Kenneth Croslin taint- lcv lst -- WMI as lltre-c lcir ol llitwi-fstls liti'.t' 1 Ms. lc its M. llarbv 1 ...Ni . '-, , s t . Nc-rxic c-s llc- bn 11.1.1111 all tow-s 1 i' l-:tic cl '-.cs .'-c tional print and non-pr:-it ti-.tri-ut .ts ' io- c.,,'t . 1 ssc-Il .tst'lt'tlltl111cs sssli'1iis1ciiLc"l'o-' 1- i-A it.' - 1- it one-btiilcling llc-ssorlcc-clssitl'ltr:-arc" s 's""tl ti'-I Ll.f"fi' lt'tlslciclt'sit.111lltvvttlitt'lNt1ll.tct'll.1 inc Iticlint: thc- l X Ntation plwotomip'-s tsti Press igratiltit s .incl citric is c c iris Nl' troslin xsas nanii-cl lint-rrtiis of lcluc ational Rc-socirc es tn lm-strtc"t' Kr: arns on rnarc li tt WISH fx x I, -.1 1 1 V' f ' i- g 5 .LA . 1 . 'N' tx 4 K 1 1 . Mrs. l0uiSe Gotorth has been the assis- tant Registrar at TSU since 19' S and has been assistant Registrar tor ill sears tor threedrtterent unnersittes Llnisersits ot Florida. Iac lcsonxille Llnixersits in l loricla and TSU -Xrnong the rnans responsibil- ities ot her position at lros State lic-r rnost enros able sers ic r- ss as ssorlsing xsith the athletic eligibilits at lros Dr. Duane C. Tvsay tsas appontc-ct Mr. George Miner T"'L.:'t cltairrnan ot tlicf llistors .incl Nova' Nc l'--s s1.i'r-t"c.-'sw 'f "F s ence- llc-partrnc-nt in l"'II llc- ina" few- "t- 'nts ''i' um' tctinvcllltispositicitttin1'l l"rl'i'l une" 'ti l"co"tc- last .assi-s 1 1' c-lc-clvcl to return to cl.iss'oo"' 11.11 vs cl"if "' "c's-1' M- -1 'i N 'N ciltls lllsclt'LlYt't'stsc'1i'c'.1t'1t'c!.11lid" r" 'tw i' ww! " 'th ' ' ' " ll ton ll-X 1941 Nc-xx to'k Nts l"Jo .init Ntlli " TW- ses '-NN Us l 'X lwllll l"ti 1 lit'lrtYt'tci'tt lixlftl lNl ltr- taught at tlti- -Xir lorc 1- -'tc actc "" x llc- ssas sc-cretars lic-.istrt-' ot llv- -'sa lhtltttt "Kssctc:.tlici't ci' ll:sTct'..i"s .t"c1 .1 tnc-rnbc-r ot l'lii lsappa l"t' llis stwc .t is in llistors xsas llritisl' lrniv'c- .'- 's"' -Gifs College of Arts and Sciences Dr. lohn Long Dean Academic tradition gives the College of Arts and Sci- ences its central, integral role in the University structure. lt has primary responsibility for the dissemination of general knowledge and broader learning, and for the cultivation and refinement of those basic skills that mark the educated person. Its courses and programs foster independent thinking, analytical and critical judgement, and a deepen- ing appreciation of the achievements of mankind. Finally, it seeks to encourage a spirit of understanding and tolerance toward the student's greater and more informed participa- tion in a free society. The College of Arts and Sciences has eight departments: Aerospace, Biology, Criminal lustice, English, Foreign Lan- guages, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Science. Dr. lohn A Carroll Assistant Dean College ol Arts and St :ences V1 ps XY X "'1 X 4I'l'r",v " 3--gf Row Onv: 1' .v 'vmlkv' ". l' v ', IN '.,, J-X XX-x K, , , ii' K1-fr a-" IHA' ..,,,,.1:,XN,., . ,. , i NYVIM1 ", 'N M '- '.,N .w 1' 1 , , .1w"x'g'-' vi -' Nh- -X Row Unis: ' XXAQ xg, . 4 lv 4 'MPL' 1 " '- Russ Inu v"' HH", 1 'I ,- 4 X1 Nu' .hw x .Xl ,v ' mv NY' N .eff " ,1 VN ,gy ' Russ hum 518 College of Arts and Sciences I' qi s.l Top: Department of English: Row One: Ms. Faye Senn, Ms. Marsha Cetti, Dr. Gertrude Schroeder, Dr. Rosemary Canfield, Ms. Deborah Chappell, Mrs. Dorthy Adams, and Dr. Mary Ann Tighe. Row Two: Mr. Frederick Heide- mann, Mr. William Hood, Mr. Ed Hunt, Mr. Duane Smith, Mr. Fred Davis, Chair- man, Dr. Theron Montgomery, Mr. Ed Hicks, and Mr. Albert Clover, Not Pic- tured, Mr. Simon Partner. Bottom: Department of History and So- cial Sciences: Row One: Dr. I. A. Carroll, Mr. Mathew Campbell, Dr. Curtis Por- ter, Chairmang Mr. Perry Scruggs, Dr. Robert Pullen. Row Two: Dr. loseph Mitchell, Mr. Pat Harris, Dr. Charles Watson, Dr. Norma Mitchell, Dr. Rich- ard Kenworthy, Dr. Robert Knott, Dr. Milton McPherson, Dr. Anthony Kubek, and Mr. Grady Post. Not Pictured: Dr. Earl Smith and Dr. Dwayne Tway. 'X 1 U 5 fffff 1 4f 1 Y gn 'fd fx' 1959 J Q A ff- A9 f ,fy 5 School of Education Dr. james D. Kimbrough Dean The School of Education is organized into four depart- ments: Education, Psychology, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, and Human Services. Programs offered in the Department of Education include Early Childhood Edu- cation, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Nursery-Secondary Education in art, health education, physical education, and special education. Programs of- fered in the Psychology include a major in psychology and combined majors in psychology and marketing and psy- chology and management. The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation offers teacher educa- tion majors in the health and physical education, a non- teaching major-minor in health, physical education, and recreation, and non-teaching minors in dance and recrea- tion. Programs offered in the Department of Human Ser- vices include a major and a minor in social and rehabilita- tion services and majors in rehabilitation and social work. Dr. james D. Kimbrough serves as Dean of the School of Education and Chairman of the Department of Education. Other administrators in the Department of Education in- clude Dr. loavenell McCoy iEarly Childhood Education Coordinatorj, Dr. Robert McCombs tElementary Educa- tion Coordinatorj, Dr. Ralph Erickson tSecondary K-12 Education Coordinatorj, and Dr. Patricia Hardin tSpecial Education Coordinatorl, and Mrs. Virginia Watson CDirec- tor of Professional Laboratory Experiencesj. Dr. Anna Smith serves as Chairman of the Department of Psycholo- gyg Dr. Gene Hanson serves as Chairman of the Depart- ment of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, and I Mr. loe Harrington serves as Chairman of the Department of Human Services. Bottom Right: Department of Hu- man Services: Mr. Charles Whitson, Mr. Tony Walker, Mr, loseph Har- rington, Chairman, and Ms Char- lene Nelson, Secretary. 520 School ot Education 'P' -uzl 'Q ZA. S B Y x , . , v K V ki 5+ . f 'N'1 Fx fi Ill! YQ - 1. Ip . s X'4 I - 7? xpu I K f Xi I x F N. N . 1 X ' Rem Umx ' V l .'. Run Inu. " Nu! Pidurrri: ll'-gm" w fi' f.g"'q-NN'-'. flu XYN 1'.e'N. IJ' HA!" 'NM'- Row Two: 'I' -X ag.-,, ,..,. , X'l".1's'1 'I' KIM" iyv, V. jj. AH.. X Ron Inn: ' X... H. A.. . Ross Um' Run Um Sorrell College of Business Dr. Wayne C. Curtis Dean In lune 1981, the Sorrell School of Business and Com- merce came into being. Prior to this date it was known as the School of Business and Commerce and even earlier known as the Department of Business. The Sor- rell School of Business and Commerce was named in honor of the late leff Sorrell, a prominent local busin- sessman who bequeathed the University, particularly the School of Business and Commerce, a substantial sum upon his death. The basic objective of the Sorrell School is to provide the best possible education for students. Programs are designed to develop leadership for the business com- munity, they teach skills and attitudes of mind that en- able individals to cope successfully with problems of the business community in a rapidly changing economy. Personal attention is emphasized, each student has an academic advisor from the School of Business. The faculty of the Sorrell School of Business and Commerce is highly qualified and dedicated to the pur- pose of providing a quality education to enable the students to become more productive and better citi- zens. The faculty background is one of diversified aca- demic and business experiences. The Sorrell School is divided into four departments: Department of Ac- counting, Finance and Business Lawg Department of Computer Science and Quantitative Methods: Depart- ment of Marketing, Management 81 Economics: De- partment of Office Administration and Business Educa- tion. Dr. Frederick A Viohl Assistant Dean 322 l L. x N 0 S I V -f"'-'gf . X E z' CD fr U tl if X, br ,f , 0 L wav Jpper Left Department ot Marketmg. md Economucs Row One: Dr Steu- Sarrott, Dr Rhae Swisher, and Mr Iharles Thompson Row Two: Dr Fred lain, Dr C T Stewart, Chairman, and Jr, Ed Merkel t T XX. loner Le!! llepmtme-nl ot titmrww Educatton Row One: Nts Praxtulla Care rott, and Mr Hnllmm Haltt-rs Row Two: Ms Heien lex erette .md Hr He-A len Clements C,h.11rm.m f H'T,X , , Nq' 1,1-f" "I Ig 11? rg H7 Ill' . ju-" . . 91 , VW, A z""T" V V 1 1 6 Ir T r 1-A L. q- 1 'Qin g:.'Qs 1 UI -ll fl - 1 -R x. I' 1 - 4- l 7 DB rf Y . N' , Lflffwfkrllht IVF'-artrwwt-f-1 1-' lt "" wh' .-'HV' 'USM' ' " ' '- St It-tu 1' .md t2tt.mZt1.t1u' Xtvi'H'u "xl .VME F90 "f xx Row Unvi R0wOn9:Ntrx lSurwwC.1"w Nm tn-X i'vt-'- Ni' E..L "'t 1 Ve' -X ft'fN1tHt'f .mtiN1N Cvwit t .ww-x Row 4vw"n1v- VW" Ron Two: Two: Ntr tt-rut XX.1K-V' Nt' it-"t Row".-.1-'.' Ni' 1.1 . -' 1 '- H.1tt.1xx,lx th.lrtY".t't .VMI Ni' N1t".tv' K--1w"' 1'.l"'v" 1 " "' " lvxxxx x 4 ,,L, 4 School of Fine Arts Dr. lohn Long Dean In 1963 lohn F. Kennedy said, UI see little of more impor- tance to the future of our country and our civilization than full recognition of the place of the artist . . . art tmusic, drama, dance, the visual artsl establishes the basic human truths which must serve as the touchstones of our judg- ment." Through its diverse cultural offerings, the Troy State University School of Fine Arts provides opportunities for students to find emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic satisfaction as they prepare themselves to realize their life's objectives. Under the deanship of Dr, lohn M. Long, the School of Fine Arts was established in 1971 with the disciplines of music, visual arts, and speech communication and drama. With a dual focus on theory and performance, each disci- pline provides laboratory experiences for examination and refinement of performance skills for the student with pro- fessional or avocational interests. The school provides an opportunity for the entire stu- dent body to experience the richness of our cultural heri- tage through concerts performed by members of the l'Sound of the South" Band, operas, operettas and musical comedy performed by Opera Workshop participants, concerts by the Collegiate Singers and Madrigals, visual arts exhibits sponsored by the Department of Art and Classics, a broad range of dramatic literature brought to life on the stage by the University Playmakers and the Pied Pipers, and intercollegiate competition with the TSU Tro- jan Debate Squad. Dr. David Eisler Assistant Dean if-1 School of Fine Arts X 1 I 4 l. i UPQJ' ,- I .', L ' 1 1 -. . arf, A. 1 l 1 -'I Upperlerl llepartnwnl ul ,Nlusrc Row One: Dr Wulllam De-unison, Nix Nmrx Collier, MS Sarah Ann XX halvx, Nlr Nor- man Brooks, Ur C..1rIXollr.1Ih, lJr lim ul Eusler, and Mrs lean Barr Row Two: Nlr Sam Fredrick, Ms Karol Nlckm. Nlr lames VYddONNICk, and Nlr IJIUPN Nm- hallflv, DOI plclureld, Nlr Phillip lxvllvx 'In .. ru ll' Lg I qi Llppvr Rlghl lla-rmrlrm-rw! ur -Kr! .lllll In lf . v-uw,-x' ur lhpq rl'N mm' 4 n-. r , , l rlru lllulu wr llr lhlxwlllxw l".e"".r" re'vZN1N C lawn N Row One: Nlrx '. r. ' . Ur l.1rl Nrwtll llw.rrrm.m Nlr lirll lrlrflrll lem:-rx ROW Two: Nlr l.rrrx lN1'H1t'll wx Sl11ll.1lme-wr Nlr lrl Halt:-r Nlr Hmnllr- lxlwrrmc-I llr Ruln-rl Nmmpllu .ami Nlr Xmrk lire-xxlurw VKX x Nu' pr' wr: Xl' N'- I" School of Nursing Dr. Sandra Witt Acting Dean The school of nursing offers students various options in type and location of program of studies. The Associate De- gree program is offered in Montgomery, the Bachelor De- gree program is offered on the Troy campus with outreach courses offered in Montgomery, Dothan and Phenix City and our newest program, the Master of Science program is con- ducted in Montgomery. Students in the School of Nursing participate in extra cur- ricular activities on campus and are involved in many commu- nity service projects, such as health fairs, blood drives, blood pressure screening clinics, and disaster drills. The School of Nursing is the first in the state and one of the few schools in the nation to have an endowed chair in Nurs- ing. The Anise l. Sorrell Chair is occupied by Distinguished Visiting Professors of national and international distinction. Additionally, TSU is one of two schools of nursing in the state to have to have a Department of Continuing Education. This department offers workshops and seminars to provide working nurses with up-to-date knowledge in a rapidly changing health care field. 4... Dr. lean Mann Associate Dean l X 326 School of Nursing QQ lf""' '- L , r' I 9 5In,.., .1 Q 7421 'J K wr -2 9 I 'Of -.-q u--Q-Q-n , I f 'IQ' as 1' I 'X I .,, lb, .1 MMI.: N . .1 . Row Om v'4p" fhlty 1-p"'f NM , .wl. Nut- ."'f ' XXe'!rIv fi'v"wf. . RUVN 'NHL ' HAI "" 1" .V N.: A " 'N' ' Nh-'T.A" ll '.Ll.fN XXA .M 2' l .z.wI. -. . ' fin' " 16" Nm"1H- VNQ- ill' Q-n Row Om-1 ew - X1!'.lAlI's"N NYU. 4 '.1 t.,,.',,.', MM, ,I HJUQN .P.11N"' XM.l.s'w' me. ' f'10""'." V' "'4 RUY5 IWIIIX -v' v' 'N qv" .. f .ivmf -I'.1 4",.i.1:, RJ'!MXX.1"f" N 1. U. ith.. . .I..! . 4' I Graduate School Dr. Rudi Argenti Dean The first graduate degree earned at Trov State University was conferred in 1958. Since that time, graduate work at Troy State has been characterized by steady growth and development in degree programs in accordance with the changing mission and role of the Unix ersity. ln 1958, the primary objective of the graduate program xx as to prepare students in teacher education. In the 1970's the need for knowledge and advanced education in specialized and professional fields soon required the University to add several new degree programs in the Arts and Sciences, Busi- ness and Commerce, Counseling and Human Development, and Education, professional degrees at the Masters level were also added. In 1972, Educational Specialist Degrees were added in Counsel- ing and Human Development and in Administration and Supervi- sion. In 1981, Educational Specialist Degrees were added in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education. A cooperative program leading to the Doctor of Education Degree with the School of Education, Auburn University was approved in 1982. The School of Nursing initiated a master's level degree program in 1982. The Graduate School offers fourteen master's degrees and five educational specialist degrees to reflect the growing complexity and needs of a diverse student body. The Graduate School is the administrative unit dealing with all aspects of graduate study. Its primary responsibilities are the maintenance and enhancement of quality in graduate programs. Row One: Ms Donna Gertrude. Dr llaxid Eisler lJr Rudi -Xrgenti, llr GT Stewart Row Two: Dr Curtis Porter Dr Norma Ntitt hell H8 Graduate St html Hall School of journalism a 'is l. i Mr ,Nlc-rnll llcllllxt -stc-ri lltc' Schoolot ltlllllltlllNlll1Nlllf'XtJliV'l.1l'Nl '-c"c1u,11""'v' ln. " campus with cl lac-141111111114 in l't'J liut lt N iw- 'avr-s' uw. iournalisrn school in thc- 5l.llt' ot 'iXl.tll.tlll.i 1-.vo o.1- Htl " . rc-rc-gtsterc-cl in the t.1ll cyl IWES-l lhe School otters lucy .1rc'.1s ot conc c-r1tr.1':o': '11-.-.s 1-1, .1ncllJro.1clc.1st1ng liroaclc asttntg cclttrsvs xxc'rc'ol'c-'c'rI'f1 "1- " time Ill l'lf3 .incl now stuclc-nts procluc c- their ow" " 11" '. "1'.-.s X shcm as xxellasotl1c'rsl1cms .1t tl tullx 1-ciuippc-cl c .1rv1p..s lv- 11. s o it station Stuclentsinthe iournalrsrnprograrn ll.tXt' tltc'c1tJtJc1ftt1tN'x 'o ci Y at the campus telex :sion station as nc-ll as on the c .lfl'lDlJN sql.: per xx htcrh ts a xxeelclx r1exxsp.1pc'r1 .1ncl thc- sc nooi s Nf'.i'll4lft'x -'K vital part ot the tournaltsrn inaior is dll lnternsnp p'otg'.1"' which is required ot .1ll stuclents lhcf stuclents rnust spf-no ow' quarter during his or her senior xe.1r.1t cl r1mxsp.1pc1r rc-lvl. sion o' radio station, or pulmlic relations otttce -'ts an additional arcl to the stuclents ecluc ation tlwc- Nc 1-oo o' lournalisrn sponsors a sxrnposrurn e.1c h sprang 11 hclrc-tn o..tst.1'1c:- ing and nationally recogntzecl iournalrsts come to the tclfmllcnx 'o participate in seminars Also, an encloxwcl t,h.1tr ot lourn.11s'n .1s established in WSU, thus, gixtng the stuclents another rw-.1'1s o' Contact with those in the protesslon ln order to involve stuclents more xx ith the ttelcl or lclUFll.l.,N"T tl Chapter of the Society ot Protesstonal lournaltsts Nignwa lJc'lt.1 C 'X was established in WTS, and .1 chapter ot Alpha Epsrton Rno vw National Broadcasting Society tc .1s charterecl in ltttil O l l , , S 4-. , 4' . . 1 Troy State in Europe 330 TSU in Europe ln 1974 the Board of Trustees of the University authorized the Graduate Council to establish the European Region of the Troy State University System. Graduate degree programs were established at United States Air Force Bases in Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Troy State University European Region operates on the semester system. Most bases conduct four ten-week terms per academic year. A few bases use five eight week terms. Glasses are usually scheduled Monday through Thursday evenings with classes meeting either once or twice each week. A few daytime and Saturday classes are also scheduled. S.. Mrs. lune C. Cummings Director of Admissions!Registrar J Kal -.J Dr. Robert H. Kelley Vice President, TSU in Europe Gilt Dr. Charles R. Connell III Director, Academic Affairs 'Q aq- .uv-nr"+ 1 'Q I ' Mr. Peter I. Petersen Director of Marketing 81 Development I 1,1 la , V f . 1 X , A r V is kr -' r' ,Q - W 5 'II I ' 1 .1-Aggf.. Mr. lerry Cummings lllrvclur ul Nuppurl Nvrxlu-N '25 Ms. Carolin Duranth Support Serxlws Cflvrk - -'Y-'?"'fl V 4' fx fi 3 N 5. + J Jr" Mrs. law Hammond Irr1.rrum.rN Xu! in t 'Q'-Q4 ' Ms. linda Dugan M mivrrm Mhllrx Q lvrk 'UN I! 5 Mrs. Linda H. Blair Mrs. Meg Bauer RH Unix C Ivrk .A KQ'ln'n1s I 1"x V' Mr, Buddy kalrnhack V' :' ww' IT. Mrs. lui iv be-hring H1urwx'1v'r' 'M,1".MI"' GQ KU Nirs, kalhs Rm-gnu-r 'uw HB Vx College of Special Programs Dr. Nolan Hatcher, Dean The College of Special Programs was organized August 1, 1981. lt is comprised of four directorates: Applied Sciences, Continuing Education, Cross Disciplinary Courses, and Educa- tional Services. The largest task of the College is the admin- stration of the Off-Campus Branches of TSU at Phenix City, Alabama, Ft. Benning, and Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, and the Florida Region Incorporated and the thirty US military locations in Europe. In the Fall of 1984 there were approximately 5,000 students enrolled in the College of Special Programs. These students are usually older than Main Campus students and most have full time occupations outside of the school. Their classes are usually held at night and other off-duty hours. The most common academic programs are business administrations, management, applied science, international relations, per- sonnel management, criminal justice and counseling and hu- man development. The Main Campus personnel in the College of Special Pro- grams are Dr. Nolan C. Hatcher, Dean, Mrs. Barbara David, and Dr. Fredrick Stewart. Mrs. Barbara David, Director and Dr. Fredrick Stewart 332 College of Special Programs Phenix City Branch 'T' "T" Q? 1' if 1' Z . I 1 Dr. H. Curtis Pitts Director 'Z7' Dr. Andrew Cox Rene Bonner Coordinator. Social Sciences Coordinator, Hurd Processing K.. I. Higgvnlmlhan'r"'s'.ii:i--1' Ur. Hank Hunm-r Dr. lames T. Miller K,i1.iirin.1n lim-p.irirni-ni nf ilk Mcrrian Douglas 'Na lames W. Goodwin III Sue tares Cmiriiinfirimr liiisineiss tu- i' "nf"-' 1 ' i Li: 'J' 'CCA I.. . ,, , f ' an ' 1 W -Y 4--o-v i -x i 1 1 X Q Lula Huff Conrriinatur, M r nuniing Frank Ferrel Coordinator, Evening Classes J' 5-. 1 A I 1 ll Bud Edwards Cecelia Spivey Undergraduate Counsel:-r Business kathy Wilson 14" un'-xi ws Carla Marion Nupe-rxiwr fxiiiirssznr D In Ann VS vim h X-,,',,K,. lohn ham -xwsim-1 liiiw-.M xim-.mi-' FLORIDA RECIQN, INC. Troy State University, Florida Region, lnc., is dedicated to- ward meeting the educational needs of military and civilian personnel in Northwest Florida. lt had its beginning in 1973 at Hurlburt Field and later included Eglin Air Force Base, both of which are near Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Since then it has expanded its areas of operation to encompass the Naval Air Station, Corry Station and NAS Whiting Field in the Pensacola, Florida area. The Florida Region offers baccalaureate degrees in Applied Science, Business Administration, Computer and information Science, Criminal justice, Psychology, and Social Science. Master of Science degrees are offered in Counseling and Human Development, international Relations Management, and Public Relations. The curriculum and format of course scheduling provide for flexible adaptability to the military and civilian working students duty or work requirements without compromising academic quality. l :QW Dr, Gerald B. Gill President Dr. loseph E. Zuro Academic Dean r 51-ll Mr. Morelle E. Larouche Business ManagerfTreas. Y 531 Dr. Norbert lohnson Dr. lohn F. Whitehouse Mr. William Cullen' Chairman, Human Develop. Chairman, Dept. Gov't. Chairman, Dept. of Business 334 Florida Region NU Carl N If-rmmgw C hrm Help! llmtmrm N C UIIILJLIIQ-V lii ff" I Dr Harry B keller Nm Ntum-IU hxmirum Chmrrwmrw De-pt lmginxtw Nh lmmw XX ivy.- Xwl PIU' HHN f1'Y""" 'N ll I 4 gf? 4 1. Nh lx.eI?"x"I CUVNK4 RQ'lQmfV.i' Nh lmrlllvllm- Il Emu-r Nh X!u1'vw!NX'x 'i,e"-1--'-vw Textbook Nhmger -Mmimwm Mix 1 wma fum f1uu'4'L'o'xu1f1XX-'- x Florida Region Con't TSU in Montgomery 336 FloridafMonIgomery YI? Ms Patricia Cram Ms Cindy Martin Academic Adv, Hurlburt Adacemic Adv Pensacola V, 1, T? Ms. Ginny L. Kemper Ms, lan Cottleib Chief Academ. Admin, Services Supervisor Undergrad. Records T7 Ms, Carol A. Reinarl Director Admissions 81 Records Mr, Charles Crume Manager, Adm. Data Processing Dr. Gene Elrod Vice President 391 I ,-: Dr Kline lohnson ot Students 8. lllr ul Grad -Mint Dr Cordon Pnckler Chrm, Arts 8. Socnal Sciences Donald Threlkeld Dlr of Instltutlon Research , s - Q ,. , . 4- I A l f r 431 . j sq .I -Jfltkx I " , Ur Martha l Iuhnson Xtr Im R Inwpt' it' ,- - -Xcadclntnc llvan lm ul -Xttv11trwtr.xt'xe-tJgw'.a7tvw 4 ' "" ' 1" x 1 If x Q. " '35 AUX B 'V f . il N -I Y l X, i 14 1 5 I ff? - o , 4 . I 'saggy . . r , S- Q fv- Mr luwph F Ntcfnmx Ntr XX.l'7 lt1vw11w:N C.h.urnmn Btmm-ss IM-pt t4m"'v'N- NM"-Hl"' TSU in Dotham!Ft. Rucker 3 38 DothanfFt. Rucker '.l 1 Mr, Robert Paul Vice President . ,M .A ION ' -fx 7' Q., uv' 31'- Dr. Larry Brown Dr. Wyatt Grimmer Mr. R. Nolan Williams Dean of Arts 81 Sciences Dean of Academic Affairs Dean of Student Services 'T' Dr. Marjorie Kirkland Mr. Frank Walker Mr. Kenneton R. Shulu Dean of Education Dir. Library Services Dir. of University Relations 's . 8 l I L .X Q 1 1 . f A A t 5' 1 x s N Mr Rnchard Arthur Hr lf-Nr.-r IJ Nr.-war: DIV O! Flndncldl 'NHJIFN liar uw 'XILHHHI vX!I.urx ,., 1 cv 'i xl ?"""' . -9- 3.5 N 9 Mrs Cay? Peacock Ntrs Cldlw 1 Ibn-sl Dlr or Fort Rucker Ms! to tin- K nw! lu-1 OMIM-V TSU in Ft. Benning 4 1 I ,J ' Dr Paul Slansel N1r l.mre-mv Nhme-rx i Dlr TSU Fl Benning Courdnnator ul C',r.n1u.m- A Bm l'mqf.l'w I i ai X TSU in Moody AI B 'ff rw ,Q K 40 I I ' .yn Hr B1IlP.1nne-ll Ihre 1 mr I"-N1 W' gf -, X1"-- " 1 lY'Hlit'fL1TJ1iLl-H 1 l v V11!w.1,n' v '.. IH In .1YM17E" 3 f1NHn!".if-V N'l'1 1 N, 4 ..A., N1-' 1- - J .04 .sf ,- I., if I' P, 4 +4 QL Zn. -NL T- -3 A .,: Fw lreshrne n luniors Seniors Graduates 3, yi l 4 l 1 S-l ' Sophontores int v 5 1 'til . 'K za CLASSES 1 Suellen Snoekstra Kent Odom Ehzabeth Lewus Eluzabeth Tracy Susan Teal Suzle Thurmon Andy Martln Photographersi i Lorri Studios l leff Law Section Ldttor tall Susan Pottlnger Dawn Harper Ramona Duncan Leslie Carroll Cnarlne Frnth Greg Benton Ab Q ,V 13. :UN Lfij ' . , flu taxa' X ,HL " 'lla -13 oy, V 4 . xzxei' ' I A-CQ Y Y A - "V if 'Z-1 .11 L v u l L ALLECRI, CHRISTOPHER, Ft. Lauderdale, FRESHME FRESHME FRESHME FRESHME FRESHME FRESHME .ADAMS, ELIZABETH: Mobile, AL 'J ADAMS, ROWENAg Coodvvater, AL " V A ADAMS, SYLVIA5 Fairhope, AL 3 'T fi ADEYEMI, ADIIATg Nigeria '- 'z ADEYEMI, ISHOLAg Nigeria I ADKINSON, STACYg Damascus, CA AGERTON, RANDYg Ariton, AL ALBURY, IACEQ Bonifay, FL ALEGUAS, TONY, Cocoa Beach, FL ALEXANDER, IO LYNN, Birmingham, AL FL ALLEN, BROOKE, Ft. Payne, AL ALLEN, IAMESQ Troy, AL ALLEN, IEFFRENC Brundidge, AL ALLEN, LAWRENCE, Newton, AL ALLEN, LESLIE, Goshen, AL ALLEN, MONICA, Montgomery, AL ALLEN, PAT, Troy, AL ALLEN, RHONDA, Springfield, VA ALLEN, STEVEN, Bulter, AL . ANDERSON, MARKQ Andalusia, AL ANDRESS, RHONDA, Troy, AL APPLECATE, DIANE, Huntville, AL ARCHIE, MIKEg Midland City, AL ARMOUR, MARY ANN, Luverne, AL ARNOLD, IACQUELINEg Troy, AL ASCHE, CINA, Lakeland, FL ASHCRAFT, ARTHUR, Zephyrhills, FL ASHCRAFT, COLJRTNEY, Montgomery, AL ASHE, TN, Auburn, AL ASHMURF, VVINFORIJ, Opelika, AL ATFS, RFHFCQCA, Atrnore, AL ATRINS, SN LVFSTER, Creenxille, AL ATRINS, TONY Fulaula, AL ATWELL, PAUL, Panama City, FL I 71' g-x f MII .I Q L I v W 1 I J Ii'-" "Ill IVVI II'-'Nl :N II'-'lf' If III '-NI ' HI'.'W1JI'L. II. ,. I,I.w ILMI fr U51 I- E'-- , .1.:. IM" A IIIII XXIIJ IIIII IvfI.'INf1'- ISIN-'-Kim Rf'-9-' . HINIJIIQ fb"-I-LINI I IIINIIILII .IRHN4 I IIINNII II II' IiINxr IN II'-Rr pjwf IIIIIIRTI IN 1"-xx ' IIIIKMINKDN IVXNIIN . I L I III HKS '-.NNII I ISIKKN IIIIKN1 WI. 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BQIXXILA 4 UR1N'I mi -I x III INN I KN N XXI WK R I BMX IIRKI 11'-1-.-'-' lit YY IJ RXNI Xlolnle AL lit YYIJ Rt JIIIIII lrox AL B4 IY I 5 XX I IIS I I R I ouisx llle AL Ill MI Nl XX RL 'SSI l I Ilaxnex :Ile AL BR-Xt INN Ill Nt-XRY trystal Rix er FL HR Xt NNN Ilxltc Pl IJ Nexxx llle, AL IIR Xl Jlt PRI? lit DLR il -XS Selma, AL BR 'xl JI IY t lIt JP-XIRA Castlebury AL ISR-Xl Jl IY Sl IARQ JN, Montgomery, AL ISRPXNNC JN IOHN, Dothan, AL BRNNIIFY ARTHUR, Brewton, AL HRK It YRS IJFNISE, George A FB, CA BROt DRS GERALD, Rockledge, FL BRO4 DRS, RERRY, Smith, AL llROt HRS MITCHELLE, Troy, AL BROXXN ANTH! PNY, Montgomery, AL BROWN, DOROTHY, Valdosta, GA BROXX N, IACQUELINE, Birmingham, AL BROWN, IENNIFER, Glenwood, AL BROWN, IIMMY, Troy, AL BROWN, IOHN, Brewton, AL BROWN, IULIE, Wetumpka, AL BROVVN, MELINDA, Trinity, AL BROVVN, MICHAEL, Troy, AL BROWN, NOVELLA, Union Springs, AL BROYVN, STEPHANAS, Dothan, AL BROWN, TIMOTHY, Elba, AL BRUCE, IAMES, Avon Park, FL BRUNSON, BILLY, Elba, AL BRYAN, RENEE, Brantley, AL BRYAN, WARNER, Atmore, AL BRYANT, TODD, Trenton, FL BRYANT, WILL, Georgiana, AL BUEHLER, BRUCE, Sarasota, FL BULLARD, TINA, Banks, AL BURKHARDT, DANIELA, Dothan, AL BURRINSHAW, IAMES, England BUSBY, TERRI, Kissimmee, FL BUSH, BYRON, Orlando, FL BUSH, IONATHAN, Iackson, AL BUSH, MICHELLE, Montgomery, AL BUTLER, SHANE, Eclectic, AL BUTTS, IOHNNY, Columbia, AL BYARS, IOHN, Montgomery, AL BYRD, CAROLL, Evergreen, AL CAFFEY, TAYLOR, Ozark, AL CAHILL, EDWARD, Milton, FL CAIN, TODD, Ozark, AL CALHOUN, MICHAEL, Abbeville, AL CALLIORAS, SUE, Northwood, NH CAMPBELL, IOHN, Crystal River, FL CAMPBELL, MARLA, Chattahoochee, FL CAMPBELL, MICHAEL, Marbury, AL CAMPBELL, PAULA, Georgetown, GA CANADY, DANIEL, Prattville, AL CANNON, GARRY, Andalusia, AL CANNON, ROSETTA, Troy, AL CAPPS, DARLENE, Troy, AL CARLILE, JAMES, Brantley, AL CARLSON, ANTHONY, Montgomery, AL CARPENTER, CATHYNETTEQ Elba, AL CARPENTER, CHARLIE, Eufaula, AL CARR, FRANCES, Troy, AL CARROLL, IOCQUETTE, Dothan, AL CARROLL, IUANITA, Columbia, AL CARROLL, MICHAEL, Prattville, AL CARROLL, MICHELLE, Gardendale, AL CARTER, BRENDA, Tuskegee, AL CARTER, CARA, Goshen, AL CARTER, CYNTHIA, Newton, AL .9 Q. '1-ov A E - 'Qld U um lx ' I ' 5 1 Y 1 , v 'Y - I S W 1 5 X V v ,Q V055 O1 4-0 4 F A if -r Y '.,. I ,Lv 1 , v I 'f ."'. I .Kf A17 'I 515 A f3'.'f 1 fr'4'5 D 'QV- ibfiii N V- ' f ..'. .. . L 4351. 4-IN ,'- F 131 gag xy 1,3-y. rp! HR xx Lf1I"' 11135 R1 1?-LEA f frHfbLI1" 'nw' MMM'-N '-Nfl N r1LEN1'A.N,'-'Aix f UEENQKN N-'un + rnixs'-.N ww-"-E UHXEK f W1 'N - HLLIEK 1'-'-'Vi '- UHNN Nwfw'-I MMNN NFEVH'-NE 5 HLXNEL. ME' HXXHN Eiikii-L,N KVNI N VN R '-N 'y'1'N I UNA Vx 'Rl V' '-.1 v KDNNEK '-,ND 9 HNNEK .J WP MNNEK KI Niki' 4NJK4"'-K5N N C51 YK H14 '- I .1 qu xx T444 vp -.N K, CNWUQ KLM, KYVE QD'-.N5 L,-N tTi'VNCf XX ., '-X' uqlgx ., 1 c flKN15N,fHKfN N' mxl'ER qv--qvm--H w"1iN R1 SHE-4' ' lTXN'w3i' 1 '-LU " f . URN XR' .EXW 1 K-XXLEN Nr'-R1 'N " REE. 'KX--'-. 41 -"f. -- RENVHV. Q '-xv-NN '- R01 ' NW'-KKK NN '- R1 'XX 1 1'-'ERN N x RMU? 1,51 Wm: KHXXE.. 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D-XMRON, DAVID, Troy, IJAUGHT RN, FREDERICK, Troy, IMUGHERTY RN AN, Mobile, DAVENPORT, VIVIAN, Troy, DAVIS, I-XMES, Montgomery, D-XXIS, KIMBERLY, Goshen, Troy, Troy, DAN IS, PEGGY, IJ-WIS, SANDRA, DAX-'lS, STANLEY5 DAVIS, W'lLLl,-XM, Troy, Troy, IMWSON, BURNEST: Pensacola DAWSON, lUDlTl-lg Defuniak Springs DEAGAZIO, CHRISTINE, Troy, DEAN, IEROLYN, Peterman, DEAN, IOHNQ Opp, DEEM, IOHN, Homosassa Springs DEHAYE, IANICEQ Huntsville, DENNY, SCOTT: Milton DERAMUS, CECILIA: Bessemer, DEVAUGHN, VICKI, Troy, DEWBERRY, LYNWOOD: Camilla, DIAZ, EDGAR, Pike Road, DICESARE, ROSANNA, Lakeland DICKEY, KENNY, Glenwood, DIGGS, CATHY, Florala, DIGIORGIO, DONNA, Birmingham, DILL, EMILg Farmington, DILLARD, DONALD, Dothan, DISMUKES, LAURA, Brewton, DIX, THOMAS, Troy, DIXON, DAVID, Mt, Dora DIXON, TITUS, Clewiston DOBBS, RICHARD, Gadsen, DONALD, IOHNg Pine Apple, DONALDSON, DAVlD,,Pinellas Park DORMAN, VICKI, Luverne, DOROSHOW, MICHAEL, Largo DOSTER, LAURI: lack, DOTHARD, GEORGE, lacksonville, DOTY, SHAWN, Crystal River DOUGLAS, STEPHANIE, Headland, DOWDELL, SONlIAg Loachapoke, DRIGGERS, WALTER, Union Springs, DRINKARD, SANDREA, Troy, f 1 1 f 1 -XL AL -XL -XL AL FL AL -XL FL FL LA -XL AL AL AL AL AL ,AL AL AL AL AL AL FL FL AL AL AL FL AL FL AL AL GA AL ,FL AL AL AL ME AL AL AL FL FL AL AL FL AL FL AL AL FL AL AL AL AL DRISKELL, RACHEL, Acworth, GA DUNCAN, HELEN, Montgomery, AL DUDDY, MARQUERlTEg Troy, AL DUGOSH, IAMES, Panama City, FL DUNCAN, lEFFREYg Cartersville, GA DUNCAN, ROMONA: Billingsley, DUNKIN, DAWN, Troy, DUNN, STANFORD, Auburn, DUNSON, DANIEL, Montgomery, DUNSON, SUSAN, Cantonment DURR, MADELLQ Abbeville, DYE, MICHAEL, Tallahassee, AL AL AL AL FL AL FL DYER, TAMMY, Whigham, GA av-5 - Y s Q A ' A . , L 4 L '. 1'.f "L V t ,Q I 'x 4? 1 Q N Xa lb 7 .S Q ' Y S if-jf , xr ,X FI-U'xluN It 4 , , A 'FKA NIH?" 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AL HOWARD EEIECIA Ntontgomery, AL HOWELL, DAWN-X, Gmhen, AL HOU Elt TANN A, Ntontgomery, AL HUBBARD, BRN AN, Chatom, AL HUDSON, GERALD, Atlanta, GA HUDSON, TONI, Eiha, AL HUDSPETH, LAURIE, Eutaula, AL HUGHES CHARLES, Montgomery, AL HUGHES, FRANCES, Sk1ppervlIIe, AL HUGHES, LYNDA, Dublin, Ireland HUGHES, MARGRETTEQ Troy, AL HUGHES, TRINAQ Goshen, AL HUGHEY, EDWARD, SeIma, AL HUMPHREY, DONNg Enterprise, AL HUNTER, STACEYQ Ft Deposit, AL HURST, ROBERT, Louisville, AL HURST, TRACIE5 Letohatchee, AL HUTSON, DEBORAH, Acvvorth, GA HUTTON, LAURIE: Clayton, AL HN DE, CHRISTINA: Birmingham, AL INGR-XM, CAROLYNQ Evergreen, AL INGR AM, LADONNAg ApaIachicoIa, FL IRBY, KARLAg Mobile, AL ISAAC, LYNDON, YuIee, FL IVINS, WESLEYg Titus, AL IACRSON, THERESAQ Birmingham, AL IACRSON, DEBORAH, Montgomery, AL IACKSON, IOSEPH, FIoreIa, AL I-XCRSON, THOMASg Montgomery, AL IAMES. IACQUELINE1 Montgomery, AL IAMES, GREGORY, Lakeland, FL IAMES, MICHAEL, Waycross, GA IARRETT, PERRYQ Headland, AL IARVIS, EARDLEYQ Titusville, FL IENKIS, AUTRIAQ Montgomery, AL IENNINGS, GINAQ Montgomery, AL IETER, TRINAQ Goshen, AL IOHNSON, ALEX, Evergreen, AL IOHNSON, ANDREA, Milbrook, AL IOHNSON, ANGELA, Rutledge, AL IOHNSON, ANNIE, Troy, AL IOHNSON, CHERRYLQ Evergreen, AL IOHNSON, GREGORYQ Eufaula, AL IOHNSON, IEFFREYL Troy, AL IOHNSON, TANGELAQ Miami, FL IOHNSTON, IOEQ Midway, AL IONES, ANNIE, Goshen, AL IONES, GENE, Geneva, AL JONES, IEROMEL Troy, AL JONES, MARYQ Troy, AL IONES, RENECERQ Fort Hamilton, NY IONES, SOUNDRA, Wilmer, AL IONES, STEPHEN, Cantonment, FL IONES, TAMELAg Birmingham, AL 'PN 'SC' 24 f 1 H. Ili: i 57 4: ly I ly, 1 f,, rl,,lv '.f 'l. '.' fl'.'.iJ l ' '-l'.'.lf, r l l-'Ni' hiyt 1 - K V-ulf,X.Jf 1 hllLl9iF'l - kl'.ll1l-fll 53:5 ul MNIMHJ .'N4 l'xlNf. '-L '-N 9 lxINf. 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AL Xt-XRSII-XII IJIANI West Palm Beach, FL NIARSIIAII GRFGURN Eutaula AL X1-XRIIN BRIAN, Lakeland, FL XIARTIN IIURACE, Brooksville, FL NIARTIN IINIC DTHN, Phenix Citx, AL NIASC JN LE ANNE, Fairhope, AL NtASSLN SANDY Montgomery AL NIATES, MATTHEXN, Orlando, FL MATHENN IAMES, Dothan, AL NIAIHIS RHONDA, Mobile, AL MATTINGLN, LISA, Crestview, FL MANS, CAROLYN, Forkland, AL NICANNALLN, MICAH, Garclendale, AL xICCALL, RIMBERLY, Fitzgerald, GA NICCARTHN CAROLYN, Atlanta, GA NICCLAIN, MELODY, Goshen, AL MCCL ARN, REGINALD, lacksonville, FL MCCQLELLAND, RICHARD, Troy, .AL MCCOLLOLJGH, RHETT: Elba, AL NIC,C.RAClxEN, RATHRYNQ Webster Groves, MO MCCRARN, TAMARI, Stevenson, AL NICCREEDY, MELISSA, Montgomery, AL MCCRIMSON, VVANDA, Vincent, AL VICCRITE, DAWN, Seagrove Beach, FL X16 DONALD, CHRISTOPHER, DeFuniak Springs, FL MCDONALD, MARY, Fitzgerald, GA MCDOWELL, WENDYg Brundidge, AL MCDUFFEE, TINA, Montgomery, AL MCGARRY, DALE, Enterprise, AL MCGEE, ANGELA, Greenville, AL MCIVER, LEE, Montgomery, AL MCLAUGHLIN, LYNN, Montgomery, AL MCCLENIJON, XAXENDELLQ Valley, AL NICPHERSON, THERESA, Lowndesboro, AL MCWHIRTER, PAMELAQ Dothan, AL MEANS, HAMES1 Montgomery, AL ME ANS, TAMMY, Bay Minette, AL MEECE, IILL, Brandenton, FL MEESR A, TAMMY5 Troy, AL xIFRRENRSON, SHARON, Wetumpka, AL MESSER, PRISCILLA, Iron City, GA MIKEL, TAMMY, Dozier, AL MILES, ESTELLA, Fort Mitchell, AL MILLER, ALICIA, Sharpsburg, GA MILLER, MARRQ Edison, GA MILNER, ROBERT: Clinton, MS MIMS, VVILLIAM, Thorsby, AL MITCHELL, ESSLEY, Mobile, AL MITCHELL, MATTHEW, Eufaula, AL MIXON, IAMES, St Petersburg, FL I FRESHM N is- ' .tx '2 X. rl-vw I f , I ,I 'GI 4.25. 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I FRESHMEN I l I 'ryl N I PEAVY, PAMELA, Ceorgiana, PENDERSON, CHRIS, Altoona, PEEVY, SUSAN, Brewton, PENDER, IACQUELINEQ Montgomery, PEPE, KIMBERLY, Eastaboga, PERDUE, CHRISTINE, Montgomery, PERKINS, GLINDAg Montgomery, PETERS, SEAN, Tampa PETTENGILL, SEBINAg Montgomeryf PETTEWAY, KAREN, Apalachicola PICHARD, REID, Tallahassee PIERCE, DAVID, Millbrook, PIERCE, LISA, Tuskegee Institute, PIMIENTA, CARRICKg Tampa PINKNEY, RAMONAg Fernandina Beach, PITTMAN, ANDREW, Brantley, PITTMAN, BYRON5 Mobile, PIXTON, lOSEPHg Troy, PLESS, KELVINg Americus, PLESS, PAMELA, Franklin, POLLARD, KELLY, Nostasulga, POLLARD, VlCKIg Troy, PORTER, IEANNINE, Troy, PORTER, RITAg Montgomery, POUNCEY, CONNIEQ Brantley, POWELL, IANET, Troy, POWELL, LUCILLEQ Boligee, POWELL, ROLINDAg Elba, POWELL, VlNCEg Grove Hill, POWER, SAMUEL, Mobile, PRICE, KELLEYg Slocomb, PRIDCEN, DENISEg Opp, PRITCHARD, RALPH, Dothan, PRUITT, MARTHA, Troy, PRYOR, WILLIEQ Troy, AL FL AL AL AL AL AL FL AL FL FL AL AL FL FL AL AL AL GA CA AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL gxxza ,Ii 1 x I il 10' ' 5 I I Q0 1.II1 I ' 1 . 1 1.1 I'.'. 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NTILKS lllill Alilwxillt' AL SXLXNIR XIRBII ltitlt AL St Alvifllt ul' NIIIISSA lrox AL Sl ?IAl'lrl SllXlN Newton AL st lik lill IIJIIII Ozark AL St IIIIN IIIXRIIS Xmiitlerriis-re FL St HLIRR PXNIILA Lillian AL st i"'.X KB IION-XRD Lharlniette, LA Sc MNIIRS Nllt HAIL Lakeland, FL st OIT IX JROTHN Troy AL st t II I LIL JI A Ntontgomery AL Sl AIS ILNNIIIR Temple Terrace, FL SLI IIFFRFY West Bend, WS SLLLIRS LEANNE Montgomery AL SELLERS, SUSAN, Eutaula, AL SENN STEPHANIE, Troy, AL SEN xtt JLIR CYNTHIA, Pensacola, FL SHELBY PAMELA Montgomery, AL sHELLNUTT, TIMOTHY Sylacauga, AL SHELLHOLJSF, DEBORAH, Macon, CA SHERA RICHARD, Cape Coral, FL SHIPE, IAMES, Lakeland, FL SHIPMAN, WILLIE, Troy, AL SHIPMON, DIANE, Troy, AL SHIX ER, REIEANA, lakin, GA SHL JWS, DEBOR.AH, Montgomery, .AL SHUFORD, NERONICA, Montgomery, .AL SIDES, SUSAN, Tampa, FL SICERS, CAROL, Brantley, AL SllxES, NANCY, Luverne, AL SILVA, CUSTAVO5 Ft Lauderdale, FL SIMMONS, MARK, Selma, AL SIMMONS, VICTOR, Birmingham, AL SIMPSON, FLOYD, Ceorgiana, AL SIMS, BRAD, Montgomery, AL SIMS, DOUGLAS, Thomasville, AL SINCLETON, CAROL, Union Springs, AL SRILLMAN, CHRISTOPHER, Walnut Grove, AL SRVORZ, DEBRA, Madison, AL SLACR, CHERYL, Cape Coral, FL SMILLIE, LISA, Cocoa Beach, FL SMITH, CAMMY, Ashford, AL SMITH, IAMES, Andalusia, AL SMITH, IOHN, Montgomery, AL SMITH, KIMBERLY, lack, AL SMITH, KIMBERLY, Opelika, AL SMITH, NOAH: Atlanta, CA SMITH, THOMAS, Longwood, FL SMITH, TIMOTHY, Iackson, AL SMITH, WALTER, Lakeland, FL SNEED, LARY5 Troy, AL SNEED, TERRY: Brundidge, AL SNELL, MELONY, Ozark, AL SOBOLOWSKI, MEGAN, Pell City, AL SOSEBEE, LORI, Warrior, AL SOWELL, CLENNIS, Dothan, AL SPANCLER, CARY, Orlando, FL SPANN, DONALD, Honoraville, AL SPANN, IANE, Montgomery, AL SPENCLER, GLENN, Winter Park, FL SPIVEY, TONESA, Birmingham, AL STALLINCS, MARVIN, Phenix City, AL STEELE, IANET, Montgomery, AL STEELS, MILDRED, Montgomery, AL STEPHENS, AMANDA, Troy, AL STEPHENS, CYNTHIA, Troy, AL STEPHENS, IENNIFER, Troy, AL STEPHENS, IULIE, Montgomery, AL STEVENS, RICHARD, Montgomery, AL STEVENSON, BRYAN, Uniontown, Al FRESHMEN Q- c Y 2- S 4 5 x -A , 4 ' ' ' 1 . in qc ' 'lf F' on ,I X, 5 Y x H. 1 I . 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INEAX ER RODNEN, Atntore, IN EBB ANITA, Cotteexille, XX EBSIER, SHAWN, Abbeville, WEERS, LAURA, Geneva, WEEKS, LLOYD, Florala, XNIETHERINGTON, STEVE, Lakeland NN HITE BETH-ANY, Orange Beach, IN HITE, CHAD, Clearwater WHITE. lOEg Clearwater, WHITE, THOMAS, Montgomery, WHITEHEAD, CHARLIE, Troy, WHITEHE AD, SANDRA Troy, NN HITEHURST, IOHN, Montgomery, WHITTLE, ROSE: Castlebury, WHITTLE, WILLIAM, Hayneville, WILHOITE, RHONDAQ Mt. Olive, WILKERSON, ANGELAL Troy, INILKES, KENNY, Troy, WILKINS, DAVID: Troy, WILLIAMS, AMY, Birmingham. WILLIAMS, DIANA, Tallahassee WILLIAMS, ERIC, Graysville, WILLIAMS, IVY, Montgomery, WILLIAMS, IEANETTEQ Eufaula, WILLIAMS, IEFFREYg Boston, MA WILLIAMS, PAULA: Montevallo, AL INILLIAMS, PEARLAg Abbeville, AL INILLIAMS, PENNY5 Georgetown, CA WILLIAMS, WANDAg Montgomery, AL WILLIAMSON, IAMESg Thomson, GA WILLIAMSON, VANDONQ Fayetteville, wiLLiroRo, IAMESQ Troy, WILLIS, ANGELA, Leesburg, WILLIS, GLEN, Mobile, WILLOUGHBY, SUSAN: Ariton, WILSON, COMERQ Andalusia, WILSON, RICHARD, Mobile, WINDHAM, CHARLES: Robertsdale, WINSTON, LORETTAg Montgomery, WRIGHT, CHARLIEg Troy, WOELFEL, DEBORAH, Troy, WOOD, GEANIE, Selma, WOOD, IOHN, Thomasville INOOUFIN, IOHN, Montgomery, WOODHAM, IANE, Troy, WOODHAM, KIMBERLY, Webb, WOODS, NELLIE, Troy, WOOLEY, IAMES, Brantley, FRESHMEN L ,X ii' ""' r . .I 5 ' 1 i I fs 3-6 ... ,A il XLR WW .in A--fy ,Q ' I ,fr 1 V 1 5 Q. . o - I L iv . ,ta -! W-K igi B. . AA Q ing Na-'-L--5 -1 .Q N X P L- L, L - 1 I" f ' 15 fp- f ' 4' 'I . 411 ,4 yu ,ii pv-'I n , H . '. 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IOHNg Pace, FL BARRON, BRENDA, Milledgeville, GA BARTON, PHlLLIPg Summerdale, AL BAUMAN, GERALD, Tampa, FL BAVARO, RICKY, Enterprise, AL BAZZELL, DEANNA, Deatsville, AL BELL, IACOUELINE, Pensacola, FL BELL, SHARON, Troy, AL BELLAMY, EDNAQ Louisville, KY BERRETTO, lUDlTHg Winter Haven, FL BICKEL, IAMES, Tampa, FL BISHOP, KENNETH, Thomasville, AL ,16- 'X"4Q Ari: -5 4 1 A lr W- '-,mf w- '-f,1- . ww , 1, f,,, I . x V an QQLQ '.. 4 HF-'9 V 1 MLM! I, .' 1 , 1 Hi-if rf F Mir H r- NNN 1 HK! M pkg p '.-.- HKV IRIN f YN' r' 1 HK! PRIX J INN PiKf1'x'xN 14 J--NN f I ISKYMKN il ,H "3 HK! MXN .NW 'I HK! MXN Nf v. '- HRKJXXN Rifiiff '- X HKNXXN R. "' BRL NI JH M .i 51145 HL if XNILUHRN Fil ll 'XRIJ '-'xr J. '- BLM -XRD MMR r ,M BLM-XKIJ V'-I 21. ,--' HL'll1M A Rf MR' HLNIDRK IN L1 5. '-,NNE BLNKNMXN HRH If .E W W HN RID NLNKN E43'.."1:N:x1f- 4-XHJXXIZL WHEN Nha" cbxllwkxm NWN CQ "Nf CMIJXXH1 Icmvfxl ' C-XHMJLN NMKN iw f C 'Xlfii FL 'N N XXI BR 1. 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MELISSA, West Palm Beach, FL MIXSON, CHARLES, Troy, AL MOBLEY, KAREN, Luverne, AL MOCK, GARY, Elba, AL Momrf, Roaster, Eufaula, AL I MOODY, TAMARA, Opp, AL MORRE, ALBERT, Demoplis, AL MOORE, RONALD, Chancellor, AL MORGAN, HOMERg Leesburg, GA 4, MORGAN, KEITH, Tavares, FL MORRELL, SHARON, Troy, AL MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER, Troy, AL MOSLEY, DAVID, Demopolis, AL MOUNT, GARY, Brantley, AL MULLEN, IAMESg Bay Minette, AL -31- MURPHY, HALg Gilbertown, AL MURPHY, SUSAN, Spanish Ft,, AL MUSGROVE, SHERRlg Eufaula, AL MYERS, CRAIG, McCalIa, AL NAHHAS, HENRY, Troy, AL NELSON, AUDREY, Gadsen, AL NETTLES, ALAN, Monroeville, AL NEWMAN, ORALIA, Mongomery, AL NEWTON, ANGELA, sieeemb, AL fix A N NEWTON, KIMBERLY, Thomasville, AL R -ig in l MORRISON, WILLIAM, Greenville, sc . In w ,l x x PE -K PE RX '1 mfr tif' I' ily . fw'.'. I lL- L N1 pb-'L' x -.K xxx rf 1 VJ ri 11 VA Vin"- 12" gm HY if M MH-'N' AX I N :XX i NN MX f 'NN :NX I NN AX I NN 5'-xr! HR 1 R F'-'xlJf,l!IX1fHf. 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AL TOLOMEO, TRACY, Pensacola, FL TROUTT, IOHN, Troy, AL TURDO, MIKE, Palm Springs, EL TURK, MIKE, Prattville, AL TURNER, THERESA, Greenville, .AL TY US, RON ALD, Marbury, AL VALDES, IULIO, Miami, FL XIANN, DARCY, Dothan, AL X ANROO, ANIE, Montgomery, AL VASSER, WANDA, Troy, AL VAUCHN, ANDREW, Douglas, GA VAUGHN, ROBERT, Enterprise, AL WAUGHN, SONYA, Wiesbaden, Germany VINES, IACE, Montgomery, AL WAKEFIELD, STEVE, Florence, AL WALKER, KIM, Mobile, AL WALKER, MICHELLE, Robertsdale, AL WALKER, PATRICIA, Montgomery, AL WALLACE, YOSHA, Mobile, AL WAMBLES, ANITA, Samson, AL WARD, SUSAN, Newton, AL WARE, ERIC, Montgomery, AL WARLICK, AMIE, Troy, AL WARREN, CHARLES, Troy, AL WARREN, KAREN, Montgomery, AL WARTMON, WILLIAM, Ashford, AL WATERS, RHONDA, Bowling Green, FL WATKINS, THOMAS, Rome, GA WATSON, IOHN, Dothan, AL WEBB, MYRA, Livingston, TN WEED, PAMELA, Troy, AL WELDON, AMY, Montgomery, AL WELDON, SUSAN, Deatsville, AL WELLS, LAURIE, Montgomery, AL WEST, KAREN, Montgomery, AL WEST, RYAN, Ciberton, AL WESTON, BERNARD, Boligee, AL WESTON, IULIE, Louisville, AL WHETSTONE, HESSIE, Montgomery, AL WHITE, CECELIA, Ozark, AL WHITE, ELLA, Troy, AL WHITE, IEFFREY, Ozark, AL WHITFIELD, BRADLEY, Troy, AL WHITTEN, VICTOR, Birmingham, AL WHITTLE, DEVIN, Geneva, AL WIGGINS, WALTER, Andalusia, AL WILKES, MELODY, Troy, AL WILLIAMS, ALTO, Eufaula, AL WILLIAMS, ANGELA, Dothan, AL WILLIAMS, CHARLES, Branford, FL WILLIAMS, CONSTANCEg Bay Minette, AL WILLIAMS, DARRYL: Mobile, AL HJR Lf! il N1 r' W, xl 7' Nfl' 1521 4p'4'. fIN1-'- 112155 frflx frflf MH! th-'H f fr HIMHI HI r RIUIH in pf I HIKJU NN!! 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Pierce, FL CURTIS, SUSAN, Ozark, AL CUTRUZZULA, Benton, AL DANIEL, LORETTA, Montgomery, AL DAVENPORT, CARTER, Brundidge, AL DAVIS, ANITA5 Ozark, AL DAVIS, IENNIFER, Luverne, AL DAVIS, IESS: Demopolis, AL DAVIS, MARSHA, Brundidge, AL DAVID. RONALD, Mobile, AL DAVIS, VICKIE, Sanford, FL DEHOTMAN, SANDRA, Enterprise, AL DELOACH, KIMBERLY, Alexander City, AL DELLNER, YVONNE, Montgomery, AL px x IT: l s l Q- Q- Q 4 ,JUNE 0 -. . lg. fu cb 'fx I . 7 T -1' Q L , X . 5 Q L 1 I D -D ik- M , s v- v T I v X vhs-W jx T ,f!N, L .- V ci 1 n lf l X 4 1 , 1 X I X X if m Isl r - 'll'.l'wl TN 'PFW' lllE"'x'.T, H '-'JJ lllf rlv Xllf v"fi. llIf,f,N klfrlll-'l'5 .JW V- ,1'.l '.'.' T , I14:' 1 lrf:.l HF!-'-'. 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IAMIE, Gardendale, .AL HANEY, ELAINE, Troy, .AL HANSON, ANTHONY, Enterprise, .AL HARPER, DAWN, Pensacola, FL HARRELL, RICKY, Cottonwood, AL HARRELL, ROBERT, Gadsden, AL HARRIS, CRAWFORD, Alma, GA HARRIS, RICHARD, Prattville, AL HARRIS, WANDA, Montgomery, AL HARRISON, MARIQ Troy, AL HARRY, IEFFREY, Luverne, AL HART, CHRISTOPHER, Daleville, AL HARTMAN, CAROLYN, Greenville, AL HATTEN, ROMAINE, Tuskegee, AL HAWKINS, MARIORIE, Gadsden, AL HAYNES, MICHAEL, Milledgeville, GA HEISLER, CHARLEEN, Laurel Hill, FL HEISLER, LAURA, Longwood, FL HEMLICK, HARRY, Andalusia, AL HELMS, IUDY, Brundidge, AL HENDERSON, FELECIA, Opp, AL HENDERSON, IAMES, Enterprise, AL HENDRIX, GEORGE, Evergreen, AL HENLEY, KEITH, Troy, AL HEROLD, WILLY, Columbus, GA HICKS, IAMES, Americas, GA HICKS, ROSA, Union Springs, AL HIGGINS, CECIL, Montgomary, AL HILL, MARK, Brantley, AL HILSON, RODRICK, Birmingham, AL HILYER, BILL, Ashford, AL HINTON, IOHNNA, Montgomery, AL HIRTLE, DEBORAH, Clanton, AL HOFFMANN, REBECCA, Gainesville, AL HOLLAND, STEVE, Dothan, AL HOLLAND, WALTER, luno, FL HOLLINGSWORTH, THOMAS, Eufaula, AL HOLLIS, DIXIE, Troy, AL HOLMES, DAVID, Troy, AL HOLMES, LISA, Opp, AL HOLT, BARBARA, Prichard, AL HOOTEN, BRENDA, Grady, AL HORN, DARRYL, Valdosta, GA HORN, EDWARD, Valdosta, GA HOWARD, TERRI, lacksonville, FL HOWARD, WILLIAM, lacksonville, FL HOWELL, CHARLES, Camden, AL HUDSON, NEAL, Dozier, AL HUDSON, THEODORE, Madrid, Spain 39 S, , 9- ' I 1. 95 JUNIORS Ss 5 vw 5 , K H I l S J s. 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STILL, DAVID, Ashford, STILL, DORIS, Ramer, STINSON, SHEILA, Ceorgiana, STIN ER, CARRI, Burke, STOUCH, FREDERICK, Andalusia, STOLJCH, IAY, C-eneva, STRICRLAND, DAN-Ag Dothan, AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL VA AL AL AL STUTTS, STEVEN, Dothan, AL GA SUCGS, RECINALDg Lagrange, SLILLIXAN, WILLIAM, Hope Hull SUMLAR, PARYMANQ Dothan SUMMERS, NANCY, Brattyille STUTLEY, LISA, Elba, SUTTON, KIMBERLY, Lillian, SWINDLE, STEVEN, Troy, SWINDE, IANEQ Foley, SYKES, TERESAQ Mathews TAYLOR, BELINDA, Opp, I AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL T,AYLOR, IAMES, Marietta, CA TAYLOR, RRISTENg Marietta, GA TAYLOR, RUSSELL, Luverne, TEPPER, SOL, Marion Iunction, AL AL THATCHER, PAUL, Croyeland, IL THOMAS, MICHAEL, Troy, THOMAS, ROSCOE, Opelika, THOMAS, RUTH, Enterprise, THOMAS, STEVEN, Enterprise, THOMAS, SUSAN, Tallahassee, THOMPSON, DONNELLE, Piedmont, THOMPSON, DOUGLAS, Sneads, THOMPSON, LESLIE, Troy, THORNAL, KEITH, Maxwell AFB., THURMON, SUZANNAQ Tampa TILL, IOHNNYg Greenville, TINDAL, MICHELLE, Robertsdale, TISDALE, DAVID: Brantley, TIDSALE, TERESSAg Brantley, TOMBERLIN, DEBRA, Luverne, TUENNEPOHI, DANIEL, Vero BeaCh Tuckfiz, BARRY, ooihan, TUCKER, IONNg opp, AL AL AL AL FL AL FL AL AL FL AL AL AL AL AL FL AL AL TUNACUR, OSMAN, Istanbul, Turkey TURBEVILLE, ANTHONY, Lakelane TURNER, FRANCIS, Plttsyiew, TURNER, TERESA, Ozark, TLJTCHTONE, DEBRA, Greenville, ,FL AL AL AL '4 up ,, 'W Q I 'Q ,v- 3 ' 1 Q .uk Q Q Q . 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JR AH, Casselberry, FL DOZIER, LAURA, Enterprise, AL DRIVER, SHANNON, Dozier, AL DUCK, DERRELL, Montgomery, AL DUMAS, THOMAS: Clio, AL DUNN, BARBARA, Cocoa Beach, FL DUNN, ELIZABETH, Valparaiso, FL DUNN, KATHY, Troy, AL DUNN, TONY: Troy, AL DUNNINC, PRlSCILLAg Tampa, FL DURR, RALPH, Abbeville, AL DYKES, BELINDAQ Troy, AL EDEKER, VANCE, Evergreen, AL EDWARDS, SIDNEYg Ozark, AL EFURD, SANDRA: Ashford, AL ELENZ, MICHAEL, Pensacola, FL ELIAS, MARY, Phenix City, AL ELLINCTON, PAUL, Boling Green, KY ELLIS, CHARLES, Phenix City, AL ELLISON, CHRISTLQ Clanton, AL ELLISON, SHERRYg Alexander, AL ELLISOR, MARYQ Dothan, AL ELMORE, STEVEN, Enterprise, AL EMMONS, IOEQ Brewton, AL ENFINCER, MARY, Black, AL ENOMOTO, SHIMA, lapan ERICRSON, DAVID, Troy AL FTHEREDCE, ROCER5 Demopolis, AL FTHERIDCE, CARLTON, Slocomb, AL ETHERIDCE, DONNA, Montgomery, AL EVANS, IOSEPH, Brevvton AL EVLRETT, BARBARA, Enterprise, AL EVERS, IOHNg Andalusia, AL EVERS, ROBERT: Andalusia, AL FVERETT, YK JLANDA, Ozark, AL EWINC, KEVEN, Nokomis, FL 388 Seniors O X 18" J KX 1 f'N .- K P :xl 'v fx ."f! 5 fflq 3 lf" 0- Q x fr - - ' l!.'!.f?: '15 4 E' S v r ol A 1 1 . :Jn r I111., 31, ,il un' L17".,I 1 f if IEW bflixzil rr if 'KKK'-X , HIKYNW ' 1 Pmxrfiii Primm '4',fvf HMNY'-IN 4,-1 Hnx' LU!" 1 ll YXMYK F '-'-IFN IK'-NHNEN '-N1 FH'-.L N5f1Nb:'-1 1" FKXXHK V'-'KY '- PKHliK1fxxmN :RX FRN LKH I 'HN '.'. 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Walton, FL HOLDER, IENNY, Columbus, GA HOLK, HERBERT, Troy, AL HOLLENBECK, MICHAEL, Dothan, AL HOLLINGSWORTH, S, Monroeville, AL HOLLIS, SANDRA, Headland, AL HOLLIS, SHERRELL, Montgomery, AL HOLLIS, TAMARA, Lanett, AL HOLLY, KIMBERLY, Coosada, AL HOLMES, IANE, Montgomery, AL HOLMES, IEFFERY, Goshen, AL HOLMES, WILLIE, Brewton, AL HOOTEN, ROBERT, Palatka, FL HOPPER, EARL, Mobile, AL HORN, CATHERINE, Pinson, AL HORNSBY, ROBERT, Eufaula, AL HOSEA, NORAg Panama City, FL HOUSER, IAY, Montgomery, AL K A D Rfq qv 7 1 , ,bv Q. .fill .QI 3 ,Tl :J-4 X , - al L Q 3-'. , 4. Q - ' -. N , V 5' L I 1 ' ' ffA..:L -, , 1 ' 1 1 4 1 .l 1 .1 1, xr 4 ,,.1. Kuff' If N ' 1 H '-Ni H 4 5 E PM H NF ENN E! NNE N IH-lHn1 r NNN! 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DN, DOROTHY, West Palm Beach, FL P-XRRER, TERRI, Mobile, AL PARNELL, EDWARD, Ashford, AL PARSON, CHRISTINA, Montgomery, AL PARTRIDGE, KERRY, Troy, AL P-XTTEN, LYNDA, Montgomery, AL PE AMY, SHARON, Monroeville, AL PEPPENHORST, DONALDQ Linden, AL PEPPER, lx-XLAg Lanett, AL PEREZ, LAFRED, Mobile, AL PERRIGIN, ALICE, Enterprise, AL PERRY, TRAVIS, Kinston, AL PETTEWAY, CARL, Apalachicola, EL PHILLIPS, IOYQ Troy, AL PHILLIPS, NANCY, Troy, AL PHILLIPS, MICHAEL, Andalusia, AL PHILLIPS, SHARLENEg Daleville, AL PIERCE, ROBERT, Starke, EL PIRES, RANDALL, Troy, AL PIWINSKI, SHARON, Ozark, AL PONDS, KAREN, Ethelsville, AL POPE, KEVINg Troy, AL POWELL, GINAQ Grove Hill, AL POWELL, IAN, Monroeville, AL POWELL, PEGGY, Troy, AL PRESCOTT, EDGAR, lack, AL PRESSON, LAURIE, Enterprise, AL PRESTON, ROBYN, Enterprise, AL PREWITT, IAMES, Columbus, IN PRICE, BLAINE, Shreveport, LA PUGH, SHERLRELQ Trfi, XL PURVIS, COLEY, Dotlicn AL PUTNAL, PAMELA, Carrabell, EL PYLE, STEPHEN, Chattachoochee, FL QUICK, KELLY, Troy, AL RALIEY, DEIDRE, Greenville, AL RAMER, ION, Melbourne, EL R-XNRIN, CYNTHIA, Montgomery, AL RATCLIFF, IOEL, Huntsville, AL RAWIINSON, MARTHA, Montgomery, AL X! ,84- 111 Q Q , . 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ANDREW, Satellite Beach TAYLOR, IENNIFERg Troy, TAYLOR, KATHY, Montgomery, T.AYLOR, MARKQ Marietta, TAYLOR, SUSAN, Hlghland Home, TEDFORD, PEGGY, Montgomery, TERRY, REBECCA, Ceorgianna, TEW, KAREN, Troy, TEW, PATRICIA, Brundidge, THAMES, CHARLA, Coffee Springs, THARPE, NORMAQ Ozark, THIERFELDER, SCOTT, Honoraville, THOMAS, CALVIN, Montgomery, THOMAS, DONNA: Elba, THOMAS, SHERRY, Highland Home, THOMAS, VERONIC,Ag Bessemer, THOMPSON, ELLEN, Opp, THOMPSON, KIBBY, Iacksonville THOMPSON, SUSAN, Dothan, THf JMPSON TAMORA, Orange Park THORTON, CHARLIE, Tuscaloosa, THORTON, CONNIEg Andalusla, THORTON, LATONLAQ Blloxia, TIERNEY, YOLANDA, Ozark. TLANDA, IANET, Enterprlse, TONER, KAREN, Phenix Cnty, TOWNSEND, KIMBERLY, Troy TRAWICR, NEAL, .Anton ir 5 A, Os 989 Q A . ? -X 1 T 711 .,L J X ,o 2 Xu A JS xx J x 1 . ,H ,I Q r x .x Xxx. -K' Mx 1M 1. XXX! xx- "1-.. XXI '-.-x XX! -.rv Xxffifk' 'X HHH X1 ,W ,. Wilx' "M - NU! H 'Fl' XNHNH XNFNUQW XM' I VP ID KWH '47 "M V' x , x XXHHVL? ' Fix JN XXHIH fxi. 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A ,'1NxX1i R 'x xN GRADUATES GRADU TES CIRADU TES GR DU TES GR DU TES CR DU TES BANRESTER, SCOTT, Troy, AL BAXLEY, IIMMIE, Hurtsboro, AL BIRNIINCHAN1, CHRISTINE, Iunctron City, KA BL ACR, IILL SMITH, Brundrdge, AL BROWN, MASON, Montgomery, AL BROWN, SUSAN, Montgomery, AL BRNRER, GLEN, Troy, AL S BRN ANT, DEBRA ANNETg Luverne, AL BULLARD, ANDYQ Elba, AL BURIKS, SANDRA, Troy, AL O45 BN NUM, LARRY, Dothan, AL CARTER, QRROLYN, Enterprise, AL I Q CUCHRANE, ADRlENNEg Montgomery, AL COLLIER, LISA, Troy, AL CRAVEY, BEVERLY, Florala AL CROSBY, IANEJ Troy, AL ' fr CULYER, SHERRIE ANN, Fort Rucker, AL I, y DEVANE, BRUCE, Enterprise, AL f DUNNINC, LILLIAN, Montgomery, AL ' ENNIS, ANDREW, Dothan, AL FINCHER, REGINA, Montgomery, AL FLOM, MARY ELLEN, Montgomery, AL FOCLEMAN, MARGARET Enter rise, AL . I P FR ANCIS, DIANE, Montgomery, AL ' ' FULIKERSON, IOHN, Troy, AL CIBBS, RONALD, FIoraIa, AL - I GILMORE, CINA, Troy, AL I 5- K GRIFFIN, MARY, Troy, AL HARRISK JN, VALERIE, Montgomery, AL HARRELLSUN, BILLIE S, Enterprise AL HASSETT, CENTRYg Troy, AL HEMBY, IAMES, Opp, AL HERRINC, SUZANNE, Montgomery AL HILDERBR ANDT, IOHN, Mobile, AL . I 'W CREEK, ION MICHAEL, Troy, AL f-sr v 1 P' s , -.. ri, Q 4 I 1 14' is 1 X , Alf I . p I1 1, 1 'I If 1 1 .uk f fp"1, fy' ,YH 1 l'l.F XV HE '-H' 1 fr Niff '-NN '.' f N11 lr'-NIH " NUM'-HIM f..r' X1ll1fNF1i? N1l MIN N f'-N' VFKVNH ,wN':'- ' VR-'xi If :NL N 'J PRENTNV M fi, ff- 5'K1CIf,'-LIr'- ' l2l'INfNHPW4' 1 vN R-XIHN N1il1N'f ' R-UNF YVNI 1K'- N REMIX H-XRH'-K '- REIIJ Mfr mv, ia R RENIRI vi HHH' lf' Rr DIJIJAX1 HENKW RLNNEH 1-HHN 2 NlN1N1fVNN HNIJAX NNHTH HlNl'xX1lN NNHTH UU A NM' NT-XUINKN NA N'-N NY-XNINC, Hi 'll Y' NHXNNR' fkxsix NL x1N1ER,1N ki . 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N, V? it-L' Y N if .PX tw ,343 QS bl Q x 8 rg I 0 J l N 45 D in. 5,9 Q X 9 '55 L' 5 .bmi -V is ,gi 'X' 1? 10,3 72 G' A X i c-, ' , Liu!! QR ff'- K S 'S .J' I A Special Thanks 'To TSU Photography Staff ' 'A pictured' Donald Normorthx L hmm Phorngranm-r I Greg Benton, Brent Scott Angela Bowwll Ed Mowlexg Awsranr Photographvr Noi Pmtarvn IQ L xx P LLADIUM STAFF -A uf , x aaa JIJJ llillafliunn Stall "A Hard Working Group" The Palladium has been called, hardheaded, hard to get along with, but most of all, hard workers. This years staff had a tough act to follow but proved they could do it with ease, de- spite their young experience. To be on the Palladium staff takes, giving 10000 to many long hours of identifying pictures, writing copy and creating layouts, The results of all this hard work and dedication? . . . headaches, failed classes, bitten fingernails, dark circles, no sleep, and little social life, but most of all, self satisfaction and a book that captures memories for life. Row One: Elizabeth Tracy, lxent Odum, Holly Rousseau, Suzie Thurmon, Charlie Finch, Andy Martin, Row Two: Elizabeth Lewis, Lelie Carroll, lacquellne Smith, Advisor, Rachel Driskell, Suellen Snoek- stra. Not Pictured: Susan Teal, Audrey Nelson, Ramona Duncan, Wayne Godwin. !,. MQ sky," P Suellen Snoekstra, Editor V O 4 'F-l ,, Holly Rousseau Y Leslie' Carroll, -Xssmllte lclll r i '9 S! ff CJ 4 Lp-.s . ' v 1 - .,,.7 J: 'ff'2.lgifftL4 'ft Kent Odurnsi Photography Mgr Specialities: Suzie Thurmon: Creeks Andy Martin: Everything Rachel Driskellz Features 4136 iliiiafiitirii Stat! 2. The University Student Publi- cations Board QUPSBJ serves as a policy setting Board whose chief responsibility is to exercise supervision over the Tropolitan, the Palladium, and any other University publication the Presi- dent of the University places under the Boards iurisdictioni The USPB promotes the high- est standards of journalism in the operation of student publi- cations under its jurisdictions The Board also ensures that those publications are respon- sive to the concerns and needs of the University community Also the Board assures that these publications operate in the spirit of fairness, decency, truthfulness, and accuracy in- cluding the correction of errors in factual reporting previously disseminated. The USPB assures the publica- tions freedom from censorship and the editor of those publica- tions the right to develop their own editorial policies and news coverage. The USPB serves as a management board The Board selects, employs, and termi- nates the editors and business managers of the Tropolitan, the Palladium and any other Univer- sity publications placed under its iurisdiction. Similarly, the Board also supports those edi- tors and managers against arbi- trary suspension and remox al because of student, faculty, ad- ministrative or public disap- proval oi editorial policy or c on- tent. Nic-rniit-rs pitltiretl Rim flrti- I i Riitisst-au Kim lxxii l'i'illJ.5'.'N lx lie-rmirfli' ti'i4l l.i"'r's liisi'ii" Student Publications Board With Our Thanks COOK-HUDSON CHEVRCLET-OLDS-CADILLAC Hwy. 231 Sol 12051 566-9500 Troy Ala. 36081 l CHEVROLET 0LDSM08lLE ffm' RCE oQ.x.c9.o.52vm, BRASS PARROT Meeting 81 Banquet Rooms 566 1150 Hwy 231 By Pass Troy One 'vtule West of Downtown I GREEN'S C TY D GS Your Favorite "A Complete Drug Center" Cosmetics Ftrst And Supplies Candles 8. Cults Vrtarntns Complete Photo Equipment and Supplies Card and Novelty Tape Playerj Shop 4 and B Track Tapes PRE5CRlPTlON5 400 Parklane Shoppung, Center 3 Blocks from Campu Cam Green and Spencer Burkett PIKE COUNTY BANK The Most Convenient Bank In Town Open Saturday Until Noon 566 6000 231 Bypass fAt Elba Hwyj Troy A FULL SEM FDIC BANK - Y Y Y I . Q E 1 ,, l i ARBOR RESTAURANT P ' ' . . I S -108 Ads '41-:mv WHALEY CONSTRUCTIGN CO INC P 0 Box 768 TROY AL 36081 4 in SORRELL CHAPEL New Fume Arts Center Con t uct an 'fp--gn. 4 New Physlcal Plant Con truct on We are Proud to be a Part of TROY STATE UNIVERSITY J qjfzmma aammfffpf A 1" l -:gg 1' Q .il LxM44Fk41wN- R T U Tradltlon THE FRONT PORCH MADISON STREET TROY AL TRUE VALUE my Open All Day Saturdays Fashlon and Quallty Sunce 1893 Q, M Y D Southland Village Troy Alabama 36081 Phone 566 6671 566 3 28 A l S O O 01 ' il ' , ' ' 57 O0 S hB d'dg " uaity e ' 7 lllant More Food ForXbur Money Every TimeYou Go Shopping? Its lnTheBag 3' we Ef3"'w-5 f Z? fb x 'X A Supporter of Education llllllxv lialwr lllr- ll-ml-Im .NlnYf'l 'L Nifl F' N fl" 4' MOTOR LCDGE Telephones Color TV Cable A Door Park ng x Restaurant 8. Lounge Alr Condntloned fel, K Swlmmang Pool 0 of Qx All Rooms Ground Floor Mayor Credlt Cards Accepted Free Satell te T X Commercfal 8 Famlly Flares U S Highway 231 Troy Alabama 36081 566 4090 lllrk -Xl ,HMV 13213 ' A' ' . .Qc If W I 1 tl . A .IW jf!! ' 1. .fa ,, UM'-l. l.l la a. ff , , fa l l a'- ,l. Z J I' Z X ' f 'Q 2 XIAIIN llllllll l gag 5 0 6 V . . . . U .H UUQUWQ L , .4fg,7,fgli4i:g4lgfkajg, A ,ff 1 ' X "f1',f ' fvfgwfami. . - X M -.UN-N A 1- ' I Y ' . ,, cz, ,,, xx - '2u.fg- -, . - ,C ' .A I Xa ki! rst bama of Troy Park Street Branch ,, for the Builder rawrmrmvurwrawk and ' D0 It Materials dm Your SeIfer" Hardware CEMENT BATH FIXTURES CONCRETE BLOCKS CABINETS CEILING TILE DOORS GUTTERING BRICK ELECTRICALDEPT HARDWARE INSULATION LADDERS LUMBER LAWNSIGARDEN DEPT LIGHTING FIXTURES LOCKS PAINT PANELING PLYWOOD ROOFING TOOLS PUMPS CHAIN SAWS WINDOWS WALLPAPER 8m PLUMBING SUPPLIES HELPING BUILD A BETTER WAY OF LIFE IOO S Brundrdge Trox AL lll'NIlllII K IIUMI Ll' N ll ll I Ozark AL -1 III I I . I I a af a Q n in a w w 1 1 Q if f n 1 ur Q w a 1, 1 ir 1 w I it 71 1 1 ' 566-78110 J J L A 1 W 1 1 Y 1 1 4 4 2 A J A J 77 - 12 rf 4 44-741 3'-,pfzxrvfa X Q em! 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N11 lwl Q B Q j lll4 lllll Kar 11.1 l'l11 l'V c L " A '1 1 1 " ' ' . ll1'l l,l1I Nl .' 151 -1 'UB lll1l N111 ' l11l1.1 lf-Q Delt. CQl1i 341 l'1 K.111p.1 lll1l 3'1" 1 . . . C ,ll 1411 l'1c1cl l'1c1rs L11 1 1 1 1 ' lftl l'rc-1cl1-111 -Xcl.111s H13 1 . . C 1 . 1311 Rc-1 11 ents 1l1 , , , H11 8c l 111 lcl11c11111111 13" ' -ll hcl lc1ll11111 'XI 'Q-1 '. A illl ll .1 1."1 1 . ' Htl P81111 llcm lhe R1111' Jill-1 A 1 ' ' C' ' 1 1117 1 -ir'-4 ' , . A H-l '11 1 Nlpl. lt l1Jl1 JNL 72 fy 1 -Xlpl . lc11.1 lcl-l ' - 111 11 1 . L K1 Q l'11 Fort Rucker HB SlglTTd Chl Q11-4 Q 1-l- f1 . llelta C,l11 It-L11 ' I3-1 f . lau lJel1.1 l'11 . HB . P1 H111 LB Q 4 114 ll lllf ,Q 'SW' , ' 2111 Q 1 1 1 I 1 UQ . -alll f 14 ' 311113 , ' A Q 3-9 Q 1 c1 ' ' 1 ' . B - l"t' " , " ,, l-l ,G 1 1 Q l-l-1 , ' ' . 173 Q 1 1 l. ' . g . I 1 . 11-L' ' 50 Q 1 L ,' 1 . ' ' lktl ' ' ' 1 ' 371 Q 'C ' C 411' ' , ' ' -110 P lid'-1 , ' "' 1 84 L1 'S ' LJ Q 11' ' , B173 - ' F11 , ' -1 ' 'N' ' -5-l 1 J 111 ' lff ' ,jc j WH ' lf'-l f . 1. H11 , ' IT! ' Q14 ' -fb ' ' 1 I QI11 ' ' ITI1 13' j ' 1. , ' 11' C4 'l V l c llll '1 ' " ,1, 1 g 1 1 ' 311' ' ' l-18 ' 'L L -14 9136 ' f ' ' W' ' 331 ' fl l'8 ' IST . . ho, X ll , FVQ If dl I . , .- X L., 34 'I Q Q K,r I. Nl X l H5032 . 1 .i, 'i:'1' , ,,! gf? 4 , F As I look back on this year, I can truly say being Editor has been an experience I will never forget. I have learned a great deal about re- sponsibility, the University, and myself. g Being satisfied with yourself and proud of your accomplishments is to me one of the greatest rewards possible. A poem l once read de- scribes this: I would like to express my thanks to my Associate Editors, Business Manager, and staff for a job well done. A special thanks goes to lacque- line Smith, our Advisor for her continuing dedication and support, Thank you for this opportunity. PATA. 9 ',-1 Q- Y l ,.. fa -1 . 5, ,p I. '-, ,.: 1 lg, - v u v.. 4. . Ju' ', 5 x Q - u . N g hu. s L' 4-I X I .. r PH' I .'-6 81" :ax 4' .,, .1 ...w- x ? Fav! 4 D I f ? I w V n r u u 1 4 ,il ifgtl I if - 6 j Q ! 4 5 li 2 ' Q 9 .M .5 WP' i ff' , , .H ' V It 'fl 5- , af- Y' ' 714' 1 Q.5s:5'f4 ' , ff- 2 . ' V-'-:T 'I "H rv gt , Q Q51-"'Q,gg,' I, ' 1 gh 1 5 P - ' '-4 rf!" , . . I V .5 A I' . sy. is 3. ,lvv':' Y 1 , qvkff. , .fur 4 I "'-I xr sf. 2 ., i Il. E - 'T wi-: .M

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