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I ► ' ..,:,.... " ■ fc ti ■ I :♦: i - S N J I j -i ? S 3 : PALLADIUM Campus Life Sports Administration Greeks Entertainment Organizations Features Classes Closing PALLADIUM Jeff Johnston Ray Bendall Jacqueline C. Smith Leslie Carroll, Business Man- ager; Holly Rousseau, Advertis- ing Manager; Suellen Snoek- stra, Greek Editor; Charlie Finch, Organization Editor; Sandra Mobley, Features Edi- tor. Staff Naomi Black, Dorell Dorsey. Au- burn Foreman. Lisa Helms, Ja- son Jones, Valerie Kelley, Ro- mona McCullough, Audrey Nel- son, Greg Purvis, Mary Blair Ray. Susan Taylor, Susie Thur- mon, and Susie Webber. Photographers Ray Bendall. Greg Benton. Keith Benton, Donny Bowling. Cecil Demonburn. Jeff Ellis. Ed Moseley. Donald Norsworthy. John Ranson. Brent Scott, and Derrick Vaughn p a warn 3 PROLOGUE m - i 4 Prologue Conceivably time is the most difficult thing we try to control and deal with during our stay at Troy State Uni- versity. In our attempt to learn, we often neglect to take time to observe our sur- roundings as they change and grow. We fail to appreci- ate the rewards of our jobs and various fields of study, because it is easy to lose oneself in them. For this reason, time has momentarily been frozen be- tween the covers of this book. Captured in the pic- tures and words within, it merely needs your imagina- tion and memories to come alive. Enjoy . . . now and for- ever, for time remains in your hands. ArA Prologue 5 ■ rov State A university of- fering the opportunity to develop a speciality in a vari- ety of fields which will later enable us to build our future. An atmosphere which stimulates creativity and curiosity, resulting in intellectual growth and so- cial awareness. Being in the " Heart of Dixie, ' ' TSU has the ideal location. It attracts a refreshing, diverse student pop- ulation. Its history portrays a tenacious pursuit of ex- cellence for the overall improvement of the university; thus, enriching the lives of all who attend both now and in the future. Troy State University ... our institution of higher learning. Our stepping stone to tomorrow. It is here we learn, grow and mature into talented, productive leaders who will determine the shape of things to come. 6 Opening Opmng 7 r ±y_ . tmm -y WLninjuiniiiH. « 8 Opening BRUNDIDGE TROY MONTGOMERY L—OCclt IOn . Troy. Alabama, lies in what is commonly known as the " Heart of Dixie. " But. living in Dixie does not necessitate listening to country mu- sic, wearing cowboy boots, and chewing tobacco. Moreover, being only one hour south of Montgomery and one hour north of Dothan, Troy ' s locale is ideal for those who want the peacef ulness of a quiet town with access to the big city life. In addition, just two hours south, the Florida gulf coast welcomes visitors who love to frolic in the sun and surf on lazy weekends and spring holidays. Troy ' s residents are full of that ever famous south- em hospitality. They support TSU students, faculty, and staff enthusiastically in all of the cultural, civic, social, and church functions the school holds. Alumni from all around the area participate in all of the Trojan activities and even help recruit prospective students to Troy. Highway 231 is the main strip through Troy and leads to other, larger cities. It accommodates stu- dents and residents alike with a variety of fast food restaurants and shopping areas. Just outside of Troy, the Pike County Museum brings back a thought of nostalgia to " metropolitan Troy " as its old decor re- minds us of a past too easily forgotten and a future anxiously lying ahead of us. Though Troy, population 15,000 is small in com- parison to other university towns, its warm, friendly residents and its convenient location are merely two of the many reasons people choose to be a TSU Trojan. Home is where you make it. Often, its love and pleasantness reflects the homemaker. Troy State stu- dents have made Troy, Alabama, their home and, in doing so, they have made TSU " Alabama ' s most ex- citing campus. " Op«wng 9 ■ i - bcA? 4 f f r S ' V 4ss 10 Opening People vUpivi On your way to class cxi any day you see these unique Troy people. They are as different as night and day. You will find them in a variety of clothes: Greek-letter jerseys or concert tee shirts, mini skirts or walking shorts, cowboy boots or penny loafers. Just as they all dress in a different style, they have varying preferences, interests, goals, and dreams. TSU people come from all over the state and coun- try. We even have students from abroad. There are junior misses from Idaho and New York, athletes from Colorado and Enterprise, hometown " Troy boys, " and forei gn exchange students from Japan and Jor- dan. Although the majority of students live here in Alabama, many travel from Florida and Georgia. Individuality . . . that is what bonds Troy State peo- ple together. A campus full of individuals. Yet, being so, it does not necessarily mean everyone cares only for themselves. Moreover, Troy is lucky enough to have a friendly, inviting student body. You very rarely pass someone on the sidewalks without saying " hi. " Everyone exchanges smiles and hugs. This is why the popular song " My Home ' s in Alabama " by the hit artists Alabama holds such a deep meaning for all TSU people. Once you have experienced the unique, special Troy way, nowhere else can quite compare. CtMrtng 11 History Troy State University traces its origins to two small buildings in downtown Troy when it first opened its doors on February 18, 1887, as Troy State Normal School. Shortly before 1 930, it became Troy State Teachers College, there- after moving to its present location which now occu- pies 433 acres. Troy State, as it is known today, continued to grow at a rapid pace, offering its first B.S. degree in 1931 . As the needs of society changed, the goals of this institution progressed to complement and facilitate such changes. The present name was authorized by the Alabama State Board of Education in 1 967. Since that time, the university has expanded to serve a variety of educational needs and to welcome a di- verse student and faculty population. Alumni Hall, where men residents are housed, ac- commodates over 800 male students and has been the largest dormitory thus far constructed in lower Alabama. Kilby Hall, the oldest building on campus, still stands proudly on University Drive and represents Troy State ' s history as it struggled to become one of the Southeast ' s finest universities. Though TSU remains one of the leading schools of the area, it recognizes a continual need to progress in all areas and to offer its students a well-rounded cur- riculum and modern facilities with which to learn; thus bettering itself and its students. Its history reveals a well trodded path leading to a future which serves the larger community and its needs. 12 Opening I :H n rr rv ■ .« Opamng IS I 1 n CAMPUS LIFE Legends and Myths of Troy 1 8 Getting Experience Now 22 Fashion 34 In Trivial Pursuit 38 Photo Gallery 40 Beach Weekends 46 Campus Life Ray Bendall Staff Auburn Foreman Valerie Kelley Ramona McCullough Audrey Nelson Tracy Osmer Terri Scott Susie Weber Section Editor Photographers Greg Benton Keith Benton Donnie Bowling Jeff Ellis Jeff Johnston Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy Brent Scott Derrick Vaughn Campus l • w • ' .. x- W 5 y -. M r, 16 The College Life The Color, The Excitement, and The Classes? The college life — high school students try to imitate t, alumni long for it, others ;ay that it ' s just not for them! Balancing a social life with jn academic schedule often affected a student ' s emotion- al stability. Although the own of Troy did not always )rovide the entertainment hat a college town implies, here was usually always something to do. For many students, the veekend began on Thursday lights. If not at the frat louses, then many party-go- rs hit places like the Front J orch and O ' Reilly ' s. Dry 3ush gave new opportunities or party-goers who chose lot to drink. Nothing could match the excitement in the air when ' rojan football got underway. ' he Sound of the South and graced the field at half- ime and the crowds went vild at the sound of " Dixie. " ' he Troy Jax State game vas the usual highlight of the eason, and Troy ' s victory 3ft fans in a frenzy. Prior to he game, parachutists Iropped on the field and lave an added touch to an Iready enthusiastic crow d. Showtime, the prelude to ' rojan basketball, gave class nd excitement to Sartam fall. The baseball team ' s trip o California for national lay-offs kept the campus hattenng. Spring brought with it arm weather and a massive xodus to the beach. The eautiful colors of the cam- us in full bloom was rivalled nly by the bright colors of dws of bikinis and one-piece athing suits at Hamil, Gard- er and Pace " beaches. Campus life gave many tudents the privilege (is that " ie right word?) to live in the orm. Being thrown into a cu- icle with a total stranger who plays AC DC at 2:00 a.m. gave many students a new change of scenery. After the first two weeks of chang- ing from room to room, one finally finds a compatible room-mate who shares the same bad habits as his own. Then the room slowly makes the transformation from a prison cell to a collage of posters, furniture, and dust- collectors. Some students felt dorm life was equivalent to " the college life ' " while others insisted on making the move off-campus. With dorm life came the dreaded cafeteria food SAGA became a hot spot, not necessarily because of the quality of food, but rather because it provided a place for rapping during meal times. For those who opted for fast-food, the hang-outs included Crowes. Wendy s, and the newly built Burger King. To many college students, the essence of campus life was getting involved in extra- curricular activities. Whether student government, publi- cations, service organiza- tions, or honor societies, the Parachuters drop down on Memorial Stadium prior to the Trov Jax State football game opportunities were there for the choosing A major part of fitting m on campus was learning the lan- guage Each university had its own choice of buzz words and phrases that coeds picked up on easily Even cliques within TSU had their own symbols and lingo typi- cal of college life. Phrases like Get a real job ' Get a clue 1 Get over it ' and I m scared of you ' were part of daily conversations A popu- lar commercial used for a play on words was Where s the beef 9 Anyone who was not knowledgeable of the language needed to get a grip Fun, fun, fun 1 That s the stereotype college lifestyle Unfortunately one cannot obtain a BS m fun and get a real job 1 That s where the com is turned and we see the other side — classes Classes ranged from the dreaded 8:00 class, generally filled with zombies, to the much avoided night class (taken only if necessary ) Or for the less serious student, classes were attended only on test days and finals Dead Week was designed to allow students time to dedicate themselves fully to their studies before final ex- ams Dead Week could be evidenced by bags under the eyes, circles around the eyes, and a glassy look that made on-lookers wonder just how many nights had been spent at the Front Porch Ob- viously, it was time for some TSU coeds to wake up and smell the coffee The library was standing room only The college life — for some it was the best four years of their lives AfteraM. Troy State does have the la- bel of being Alabama s Most Exciting Campus Legends are stories coming down from the past, especially those popularly regarded as his- torical, although not verifiable. The legends of Troy State are few but colorful, many not nec- essarily the whole truth, but rather based on true stories. One such example is the " Ghost the Presidential Mansion. " Dr. Frank Ross Stewart be- came president of Troy State University in 196 1 and held the position until his death in 1964. It is rumored that the ghost of Dr. Stewart, who suffered a stroke while sitting in the dining room of the mansion, can be described as a typical ghost, if there is such a thing. His foot- steps can be heard as he roams the house, certain pictures hang crooked on the walls no matter how many times they are straightened or where they are hung, and doors mysteriously open and close by themselves. Another typical legend is that of " OP Bullet. " He was a very old and faithful friend to the TSU students of the 1950s. He was, supposedly, a philosopher and humanitarian who hap- pened to enjoy the atmosphere of this small southern college. Perhaps it should also be men- tioned that " OP Bullet " was of the canine persuasion. Yes, " OP Bullet " was a dog. But, to the students of the 1950s he was a legend, and his story is indeed special. In the late 1950s there came a rabies epidemic that swept through Troy, Alabama. The epidemic was of such large pro- portion that the Troy City Coun- cil passed a city ordinance al- lowing policemen to shoot stray dogs on sight. " OP Bullet " , al- though he did not have the dis- ease, was one of the dogs shot. TSU students became angry over the death of their friend E D WA R D and rallied to have the ordi- times tell their freshman groups and appreciation for TSU. fnendletl ted classes, staged demonstra- theater. tions, and marched to city hall The third step of the TSU am- council members. Their efforts were not in vain. The ordinance was revoked a short time afterwards. Although their mission was successful it did not bring their friend back from the dead, or did it? Legend has it that " OT Bullet " was very grateful to the stu- dents and showed his apprecia- tion by making brief appear- ances around the campus. Not all TSU legends are his- mythological than legendary. Myths are traditional stories pertaining to historical events that serve to explain a belief, practice or natural phenom- enon. Many of TSU ' s myths be- gin at a typical pre-orientation. Pre-orientation leaders some- tain powers of persuasion. If a young man proposes to his sweetheart while she is sitting on the third step of the am- phitheater, she will be com- pelled to accept his proposal. However, the young man must possess a true and sincere bve for his betrothed or else the magical powers will not hold sway over her. Another typical orientation myth is the " Troy State Wall. " Wall, which is located along the side of the Bibb Craves building. through a phenominal change; The clinging ivy that grows alongside the wall begins to spell out the words Troy State. When this feat is accomplished the small pink flowers of the ivy come into full bloom. Probably the most popular myth on campus is that of " SaKy Shack. " There are several ver- sions of the story but the one most popular is the one in which Sally is jilted by her lover. 1 1. [■ im i w Tm «Ui 5 t 7j of the year when the flowers and trees bear their l eaves and blossoms, spirits of by-gone TSU students rise and roam freely about the campus. At the peak of spring quarter activities, these spirits gather at the Troy State Wall to show their bve posedly, the youngest and most beautiful daughter of Dr. Ed- ward Shackelford. She lived on the third floor of Shackelford Hall. She came to Troy State to be with her boyfriend, who during his freshman year be- came a football hero. Her boy- tl ' Ml 1l.-,V»y ' I «f» - r ' ilffX ' , " j ' »J less and less time with Saty. and more and more time with the dons about her boyfriend ' s fi- delity were confirmed when she caught her lover in the arms of another woman. Her heart was broken and she suffered an emotional breakdown. A few days later she was found hang- ing from the third floor stair rats of Shackelford Hat. It is said that Saty Shade, as she is now caked, st occupies a room on the third floor, and that she sometimes roams the hat- searching for the love that she so tragkaty lost. Myths and legends are fun to read as long as one remembers that they are only stories. They are just stories . . . aren ' t they? SHACKELFORD HKLL ev ' A Year Set Apart 1983-84 was a year of achievements, challenges, victories, and defeats. All cul- minated to make the school year much the same as other years, yet set apart. In the entertainment world Michael Jackson will surely be a name that lives forever. At the Grammy Awards Mi- chael walked away with eight of the coveted awards. His album " Thriller " sold 32 mil- lion copies world-wide and became the best selling LP of all time. The Police topped the charts with " Every Breath You Take " as the number one song for 1983. Boy George of Culture Club both shocked and fascinated audiences with his unique look. " Colour By Numbers " pushed out hit after hit. The movies " Flashdance " and " Footloose " took two approaches to dance, but both made hits as movies and pop chart smashes. Count Basie, the Dean of Jazz and Swing, died April 26, 1984 of cancer in a Holly- wood, Florida hospital. On the prime-time scene such shows as the " A-Team " and " Cheers " ranked high, but it was the prime time soaps that took the ratings. Thursday nights were re- served for " Knots Landing, " where Valline, who had writ- ten a successful book, found out that she was pregnant with Gary ' s child. Abbey and Gary tied the knot and Abbey is sti ll trying to tie up every- thing he owns. There were two Nielson favorites on Fri- day nights. On " Dallas, " Pam finds out that Mark is dying and decides to marry him so that he can die a happy man. Miss Ellie is planning her wedding date, but J.R. is try- ing to keep her dream from coming true. Another hour of excitement follows as " Fal- con Crest " comes on the screen. Julia has finally es- caped from prison and is out to kill. Melissa after giving up her son finds out that she can no longer have children and is trying desperately to get him back. Chase was de- clared the rightful owner of Falcon Crest. Maggie sur- vived brain surgery, but who survived the last episode ' s plane crash? The day time soaps were just as exciting and captivat- ed a wide variety of faithful fans. Beth and Phillip finally got together on the " Guiding Light, " but Beth left Phillip at the altar. Will Jim and Claire ever find a cure for the Dreaming Death? " All My Children ' s " Jenny and Greg got married and Cliff and Nina got back together. On the NBC soap " Days of Our Lives, " Roman and Marlena got married and Stephano was found to be alive. Liz was thrown into jail for shooting her lover ' s wife. The " General Hospital " fans saw Laura come back to the show and Luke and Laura re- united. This winter found our Olympic team in Saravejo, Ugoslavia for the 1984 Win- ter Games. Bill Johnson won the gold in the downhill and Phil Mahre won the gold in the slalom, while his twin brother Steve took the silver in the same event Scott Hamilton won the gold in the men ' s skating competition and Rosalyn Sumners won a silver medal in the women ' s skatina competition. In the world of tennis John McEnroe won the Masters. Mike Rozier won the Heis- man Trophy, one of the most coveted awards in college football. The University of Miami stunned the nation and became the number one college football team in America. The Washington Redskins suffered the agony of defeat on Super Bowl Sunday as the Los Angeles Raiders won the game 38-9 While professionals bat- tled it out on the field, many Americans fought the " battle of the bulge. " Running, work- ing out, and other physical activities continued in popu- larity. Richard Simmons proved that aerobics could be both rewarding and fun. During the Christmas sea- son Cabbage Patch dolls and Stompers were among the hot items to give a special small (or large) loved one. The personal touch was also evident as many people turned to the craft of cross stitching as an idea for gifts. Somehow George Orwells concept of 1984 is still a fan- tasy, although partially ful- filled. Hopefully. Big Brother will always remain in a book. Regardless. 1983-84 will re- main in our minds much the same as other years yet set apart. t t AYtvStt Apart 21 m Working as a disc jockey at WTBF is both a hobby and a job for Michael Lewis. £ iW A x Getting Experience Now Hollege is often thought of as a place for stu- dents to undergo four years of intensive study to prepare them for the " Work- ing world. ' ' With strong em- phasis on prior work experi- ence, Troy State students took advantages offered them while in school to get experience now. 0ne such student, Mi- chael Lewis, obtained a job at a local com- mercial radio station, WTBF, to help prepare him for a de- gree in broadcast journalism. The freshman from Alex- ander City, AL explained. " A part-time job in radio (is) ex- cellent because it helps con- dition a person to the kind of life that a broadcaster will lead, especially a news re- porter. You learn quickly not to expect a normal work day schedule as you find yourself being frequently called in at unholy hours to work. Radio is easier than television and so a better choice in which to begin for broadcasting stu- dents. " Dim Beasley, a junior broadcast journalism major from Dothan, AL found the campus TV sta- tion a valuable work experi- ence. Tim ' s title of technical director at WTSU encom- passed technically directing from the control room during airing by telling what shots to get, when to roll the tapes, and when to punch the chro- rnokey shots such as weath- er graphics and names over pictures. Tim explained his job as " similar to an air traffic controller; I make sure every- one is in synch. " Tim explained working at WTSU-TV as " very good ex- Jenniler Colley gains professional experience at Edge Memorial Hospi- tal penence for anyone working in broadcast. We may not reach as many people as, say Channel 12, but the news is just as important. We treat ourselves as a commercial station and cover all the events in Troy. Most schools don ' t have the equipment that we have. " Business students were given the opportunity to get first-hand expe- rience in the business world through a course entitled Small Business Institute. Mr. Joseph Creek, Director for the Small Business Develop- ment Center, selected cases referred by the Small Busi- ness Administration and hand-picked students whose majors fit with individual cases Mr Creek explained. " The business benefits from the expertise of the students, and the students gam practi- cal experience Patsy Haws, Ronnie Wig- gins, and Chris Stroud worked on a SBI course which dealt with a large office supply dealer in Southeast Alabama. The three-member team interviewed accounting professors, computer mar- keters, and local CPA firms in an attempt to evaluate their firm ' s accounting system. This also involved conduct- ing an anonymous telephone survey to local businesses questioning them about their accounting systems. Patsy Haws from Brantley. AL found the course benefi- cial from both seeing a prac- tical business in operation and working as a team (SBI) helped me through working with grou p members to get things done, working on time schedules, and set- ting our own goals Ronnie Wiggins felt his de- cision to take SBI over Policy and Decision Making was a wise choice l learned more from an actual case where answers are not cut and dry Answers don t always fit to- gether like they do in books Qnother department which emphasized professional experi- ence prior to graduation was Troy State s School of Edu- cation. Ms. Virginia Watson. Director of Professional Lab- oratory Experiences, ex- plained the purpose of the program. Our internship program gives hands-on. professional experiences During the internship the stu- dents can use what they have been taught in courses in a practical, realistic set- ting. The intern is guided by an experienced, qualified su- pervising teacher Cathy Bruce, a senior Eng- lish and Political Science ma- jor from W aycross. GA gained professional experi- ence through her internship at Charles Henderson Jr High School Cathy taught eighth grade students in Eng- lish and History Cathy s mo- tivation for teaching was feeling that I will have an in- fluence on the lives of our next generation, the people who will run the country when we re old and gray Ms Bruce s quarter of teaching was both eye- opening and rewarding Cathy explained. I learned more in these three months than all the years m textbook studies Ms Watson noted that ■•nenoe 23 Experience cont. Troy has no trouble placing their interns and graduates. Troy ' s School of Education Professional Laboratory Pro- gram has been cited by the National Council for Accredi- dation of Teacher Educators as one of the seven best schools in the nation. PVI ursing students began I H P artici P at i n 9 ' n practi- j cal job training upon entering the program. During the junior year, each student spends two days a week in a six-hour clinical working in the hospital. Each nursing student was assigned to indi- vidual patients with prob- lems relating to the subject they were covering at that time. The senior year for the nursing student became more specialized with less teacher involvement and more " on-your-own " situa- tions. Each student was re- Pat Boss teaches basic arithmetic to students at Laura Henderson Jr. High School during her internship. quired to do a preceptorship his or her last quarter involv- ing 48 hours each quarter un- der an RN. The preceptor- ship provided the transition from clinical to the " real world. " Wendy Milam, a senior from Millbrook, AL did her preceptorship at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery on the medical surgery floor. Wendy had total care for three or four patients each day. Wendy felt the precep- torship " builds confidence in yourself and improves your skills. " Kim Clark, a senior nursing student from Huntsville, AL explained the uniqueness of the nursing program, " Day by day you incorporate the things that you learn. " Wendy Milam further commented, " We (nursing students) have an advantage over other stu- dents who haven ' t worked in their major because we ' ve worked in the real world. " i 24 Experience I •;- MM B Foreign Students Foreign Students Henry Nahas from Jordon, Shaila Niskode from India, and Chindah Wami from Nigeria spend time chatting in the Adams Center. a 26 Foreign Students TDMGW] TJ The world is filled with peo- ple as diversified and as colorful as the rainbow And Troy State is lucky enough to have foreign students repre- senting at least thirty-one na- tions We are able to live side by side with foreign students despite racial differences and sometimes language bar- riers The reasons that foreign students come to Troy State are as varied as the nations represented Troy State has scholarships for students in England and Japan Stu- dents who have shown ex- cellence m academics and character have been chosen by their country to receive a scholarship to study at Troy State for a year Other students who desire to go to college find them- selves studying for a year m order to pass a difficult col- lege entrance exam, which may be taken only once Many foreign countries also have a quota as to the amount of students entering college. Once the school is filled, the student must look elsewhere Schools in the United States provide many more opportunities and areas of study that students would not find in their own country Students who have written away for information on col- leges receive a book with a list of colleges Alabama is usually listed first The cli- mate and reasonable tuition is appealing to most stu- dents On the humorous side, for- eign students are often asked why they came to Troy State One student said that he came because his enve- lope had been stamped as saying. Alabama s Most Ex- citing Campus For most foreign students, coming to study m the United States has been very re- warding And we. as Ameri- cans, were able to get a taste of the world without eve leaving our homes Foreign StixJ - Frances Gammage and Mark while she works in the Adams Cen- ter Information Booth. Hanging Out Everybody has a favorite place that they like to go. to relax and spend time with their friends. Most people hang out at some time or an- other. Some people stop on the sidewalks and talk, some congregate in the halls, and others visit in their dorm rooms. Hanging out is a great way to waste time between classes or while getting a snack. TSU has a campus full of people who love to talk The Adams Center is always filled with people. Upstairs in the study areas is a great place to get some studying done or just visit with your friends. Downstairs, the Ad- ams Center provides activity in the gameroom or around the mailboxes. The snack area always has a lot of peo- ple who are taking a break and getting something to eat at the same time. Lori Lang- ston enjoyed spending time in the break area next to the Adams Center game room studying, snackmg, and just shooting the breeze Although the library may be thought of as a haven for the studious elite, actually it is a great place for socializ- ing Breaks between study- ing often result m long con- versations SAGA has made more than a reputation for serving food but also as a coed hang- out. Many students arrange their schedule around a 12:00 lunch to take a much needed break from classes Schedules were also ar- ranged to include time gaps for watching favorite soaps TV rooms became congest- ed during times for favorite soap operas such as Gener- al Hospital and Days of Our Lives. Hanging Out is something that everybody does Hang- ing out does not take any preparation or planning, it is something done because people enjoy seeing and re- laxing with other people. Hanging Out 29 FACING ■. 30 Facing the Issues THE ISSUES A college has connotations if forums for the mtellectual- i elite. Although not neces- arily true, issues are ram- lant, but getting students in- olved was sometimes a najor task. The Student Government Association elections were ne excuse for students to ight apathy and back their :andidate for office. Fer-Rell Malone. Rappy Perez, and Tracy Osmer campaigned for the position of SGA Presi- dent in a long , heated race. Literature was distributed along with promises as the candidates went door-to- door and to each of the orga- nizations to win approval and votes. The Political Forum gave students a last chance to ask questions, and gave candi- dates one last chance to cov- er the issues. Such issues as visitation, food service, park- ing space, financial assis- tance, and student involve- ment were addressed. Each vote counted in a close race which resulted first in a run-off between Tra- cy Osmer and Rappy Perez, and Osmer was elected the new SGA President. National attention was giv- en to the Democratic primary in which Walter Mondale, Gary Hart, and Jesse Jack- son struggled for the ticket to the Presidential election. Political issues were not the only talk among stu- dents. An interdenomination- al Christian organization and a local church sponsored an apologetic seminar on cam- pus entitled " Contemporary Issues for Contemporary Christians. ' Such topics in- cluded medical ethics. Femi- nism, and war. The seminar was designed to confront critical issues challenging the 20th century Christian. ' Another area in which TSU students voiced their opinion was in heritage. The Afro- American Society recog- nized the month of February as National Black History Month on campus. The itin- erary included Black Politi- cal Reality Day. a salute to black women, a voter regis- tration day. and Black En- One TSU student gets involved m campus issues by voting tor SGA of- ficers and Ingaii s Award Committee trepreneurs Day As Afro-American Club President Fer-Rell Malone explained. This event was not just to inform blacks of heritage, but everyone, of the history which has been sup- pressed. The concept of celebrating black history began in the 1920s with Black History Week. In the 1940s this cul- tural happening expanded to Black History Month. With the introduction of Martin Lu- ther King s birthday as a na- tional holiday, black history will be celebrated beginning in January and lasting through March. Fer-Rell explained that his- tory books often neglect per- tinent facts about black achievements. In a country that stresses white suprem- acy, blacks can educate and motivate their children to take pride in their heritage Fer-Rell pointed out, if you go to France then I am an American. I am acknowl- edged here as a Black Ameri- can. As Martin Luther King once said. Judge me by the content of my character and not by the color of my skm. Issues — political, reli- gious, heritage, campus, or whatever — were given wide attention on Troy State s campus One needed only to jump m and go for it to get involved in the issues Facing the issues 31 Top: Studying drains junior Lyn Byrd as she prepares for an accounting examination. Bottom: Paul Mobley and Ellen Wigham meet in the Adams Center Lobby to review for a final. Opposite Page Top: Joe Wingard and Mike Alexander take time from studying for an Exam snack in the cafeteria. Opposite Page Bottom: Lynn Wil- liams and Sarah Bell get some " liq- uid energy " while studying. 32 Final Exams rms Final Exams Feel the tension in your neck. It aches as your blood- shocked eyes close tight and your head drops slowly to your Western Civ. book Your body is drained and your brain is filled to capacity. This is the story of one survivor of the dreaded, inevitable Final Exams. Final examinations were held at the end of each quar- ter, and for many students, the grade earned in a class was dependent upon the score made on the final exam. For some students. Dead Week was the first time they got serious about study- ing. For the more conscien- tious student, days on end were spent on one final to achieve that 3.0 for the quar- ter. Debra Nash, a student worker, noticed that the li- brary was fuller during Dead Week and during exams. Te- resa St. John admitted that she spent a lot of time in the library studying because the library was quieter than studying in the dorm. The Adams Center was another hot spot for group study because quiet restric- tions were not enforced. The pressures of final ex- ams were handled in many ways. One popular way of surviving exams was eat- ing Cmdy Womack from Lu- verne admitted to eating a lot. especially junk food, dur- ing exams. Teresa Williams, from Pleasant Grove. AL used the Double D as her outlet for frustration Twila Ryan from Robertsdale. AL depended on Vivarm to get her through exams. Frances Gable, a native of Leeds. AL took a break during exams by walking to the lagoon and feeding the ducks. Final exams were not only a hardship on the students, but also put pressure on pro- fessors. Instructors were of- ten forced to squeeze two weeks of lecture notes into three days of class. Mr O - Neal. Chairman of the Math Department, said. Final ex- ams are necessary for stu- dents ' development. I give comprehensive exams so the students can assimilate ev- erything as a total unit Regardless of the outcome of finals, students had one thing to look forward to — the break As Angela Boutwell said about final ex- ams. " I ' m just glad when they re over Fmal E««m$ 33 34 Fashion Fashion: Emphasizing the Individua am empha- was placed on aditional style ad been part of the college campus for sev- eral years were replaced by a more individual expression. The concept of expressing yourself through your clothes was accepted and practiced by the college stu- dent. The denim look also took on a new meaning. New de- signs and styles were added to the basic denim jeans to complete the new approach. The denim skirt and jacket were additions that gave a variety to the already estab- lished look. Active wear played a lead- ing role in this year s fashion. Comfort was not the only consideration as style moved into the scene. Sweat suits were not only used for exer- cise but were adopted as an essential part of the ward- robe. Today ' s sweats on the college campus have broken out of high school s long gray line and moved to a more dy- namic look. Colors ranged from snappy red and cool blue to neutrals from black to white. These bold colors dominated all of the year s fashions. A move back to the fifties was seen through the higher waisted pants tapered to- ward the hem The sleeve- lets muscle shirt wn»ch was a at reflection made a strong appearance college campus One design- er referred to the popu of the dark sunglasses as making a comeback landing right on the leading edge of fashion Also making a comeback was the all cotton apparel. Sweaters, sr s. and slacks were made with more cotton for comfort and practicality The loose } style in sweaters and shirts was worn by many stu- dents showing a carefree and easy style Belts and sashes were an added ac- cessory which was used to accent many different styles. The punk rock look brought with it a tot and different flair in fashion. This new look was a way for many students to express themselves through ere ity and individuality Unique- ness was the key word in de- scribing the punk look. style was also importa ' completing the punk look Fashions for the year were reflections of personality and individuality Through the many varieties of fashions on campus, a student had the style that best expressed his own taste % 1 The denim look worn by Neal Ander- son and Christie Gregory added a new approach to the basic denim style. » ' Mimi Carpenter and Mark Tallant model a popular style of dress frequently seen on campus. 36 Fashion ' ■ Suzanne Studstill and Robert Guy- ton model some of the fashions seen during the winter months. m I fetfr Nv t m N The punk look added a new liar to fashion Rooby Jaye. Judy Rhoades. and Todd Hutako ahow tome of these new styles 38 Trivial Pursuit Iwt. TSU Students Are in Trivial Pursuit m y It is sweeping the cam- pus . . . but. even if it wasn ' t, it is sweeping the nation. It ' s not a new food, it ' s not a new style of dress . . . it ' s a game! " Games are for kids! " you say? Not all games. The game is called Triv- ial Pursuit and it sells for about $30 retail. Quite a large investment to " play with " but one which trivia fanatics do not hesitate to part with. Trivial Pursuit is a board game. The object of the game is to acquire plastic pieces to complete your pie. Pieces are awarded when a player lands on designated areas and cor- rectly answers a question. Questions are in reference to sports, entertainment, history . . . trivia of all kinds, depending on the version of the game which you are playing. Now, perhaps we haven ' t captured your in- terest. You think that this game is just a revised ver- sion of Go To The Head Of The Class. Well, think again, and think hard. Have we got some ques- tions for you ' What TV movie took its theme song from " Foggy Mountain Breakdown? " What letter is on the hot water tap in France? What is the second most intelli- gent mammal in the world? Who made George Washington ' s false teeth? What two countries bor- der the base of Biscay? tf you didn ' t answer " Bonnie and Clyde. " " C. " the dol- phin. Paul Revere, and France and Spain, you were not right. And wrong answers will get you one place in the game Trivial Pursuit . . . Nowhere! This year ' s students looking for a real challenge found it in a board game. And they ' ll be the first to tell you that Trivial Pursuit is definitely not " child ' s play. " TnvialPur»urt 39 Baseball Stands Donnie Bowling Kilby Corridors Unknown Photo Gatory 41 Cloudburst Jell Johnston i 4F Photo Gallery Photo Gtftory 43 44 Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Ganery 5 Weekends EVERYBODY ' S GONE SURFING 1 ' . . . across TSUI Well, they might not be surf- ing, but they are headed for the beach! The weekend has come, or maybe it hasn ' t come just yet, but they car. smell it in the air or feel it in their bones . . . it ' s a beach, it ' s a party, it ' s a BEACH PARTY! Whether it was Fort Wal- ton, Panama City, or Pensa- cola Beach, Troy State stu- dents knew where to find the water, the sand, the fun, and the rest of the school. And when one could not find the students in class spring quarter, one knew that they had gone looking. Now parents may get a lit tie upset and wonder what their kids are doing soaking up the rays in Florida when they were sent to study in Alabama. Aw, come on Mom and Dad, a little extra study in Marine Biology never hurt a kid. And besides, WE didn ' t build the beach so close to the University. You can get to the beach in a shorter time than it takes to get through registration lines. The best part about a beach party is the group of people you go with. You en- joy everything about the beach and " getting out of Troy, ' ' but you love that fra- ternity, sorority, organization or group of friends you are with. They just make going to the beach a hot experience. Of course, the sun helps to do that, too . . . and many students had the sunburn to prove it. Even seniors were dumb enough to get burnt after a weekend at the beach; if not by the burning rays of the sun, then by their teacher on Monday who " tanned " all the sunworshippers hides with a pop quiz on Friday ' s lecture. Mitch McVicker reflects on the of Gulf Shores. Middle: Andy ' anda Gillman and Sherri Hand ays " at Ft. Walton Beach. Bottom: Brenda Monfee, Ron Chase and Doug McGriff take full advantage of the sand in Gulf Shores. ■ I f rtt-r Beach Weekends 47 »v -3 fRQY SPORTS Football Cheerleaders Volleyball Basketball Track Cross Country Golf Baseball Susan Taylor Staff Leslie Carroll Charlie Finch Jason Jones Audrey Nelson SPORTS Fall Winter Editor Photographers Greg Benton Keith Benton Donny Bowling Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy John Ranson Brent Scott Derrick Vaughn J Sports 49 4 ] If w r ' QUJi ' i «w Bjfi p« " i| jii, ff ' ww M jfr m m mmmM JT Bfk 2 3 : 21 =44 31 fc —to I lliii ri» to - i I «■■« The Men Behind The Lines Head Coach Chan Gailey A new era began during the 1983 football season with Chan Gailey serving as Troy State University ' s eleventh head coach. " Do everything the right way " was the slo- gan that Coach Gailey and his staff chose. Hard work, great effort, enthusiasm, and discipline defined the right way. The new coaches orga- nized a new system that be- gan in January and ended in November. Winter workout, spring training, and the f all regular season combined to form the system. Looking back on the year, Coach saw the highlights as a combina- tion of many things, not sim- ply as the wins or the losses. " The overall team attitude and the Senior ' s leadership were tremendous. We won our first 4 games. Then we lost 4 of the next 5; neverthe- less, the team showed their unwillingness to die and won the last 2. " Coach Gailey con- tinuously praised the coaches and the players for their contributions to the successful program. " The team unity, and their attitude plus the common goal of each player to be the best that they could be were all factors to success. " Finally, to Coach there is no one plan to a successful program. " Winning takes the intangi- bles, working hard, and pushing during the week, plus playing real ball on Sat- urday to win the game of football. " Top: Gailey discusses game plan ; rategy with the quarterbacks. Right: Gailey watches the Trojans in action. Far Right: Coach discusses the team at the Jax State Pep Rally. 52 Football £! . r. -• Assistant Coaches Top Row Jeff Inerney — Linebackers. John Fulkerson — Outside Linebackers. Kenny Jones — Defensive Ends, Bobby Fiveash — Tight Ends. Turner Cooper — Offensive Line. David Wilson — Wide Receivers Bottom Row Robert Maddox — Defensive Backfield. Rick Rhoades — Defensive Coordinator, Chan Gailey — Head Coach, Jay Jefcoat — Offensive Coordinator. Willie Slater — Offensive Backs Roster 1 Donnie Arnold DB 32 Freddie Thomas DB 60 Buck Hanson OG 2 Rufus Cox WR 33 Willie Miller RB 62 Norm Klemschmidt OT 3 Yong Gilroy K 35 Harold Jackson RB 64 Mike Rodgers OG 4 Donnie Van Wie K 36 Mike Haynes DB 66 Marty Gilley OL 5 John McKinnon QB 37 Robert Bradley LB 70 Steve Couihas OG 6 Jamie Hand P 38 Gerald Mayfield RB 71 Morgan Callaway OL 7 Doug Crane P 39 Fred Mixon RB 72 Pat O Mara DT 9 Doug Brown QB 40 Roderick Young DB 74 Joey Denison OL 11 Carey Chnstenson QB 41 Willie Sullivan LB 76 Mitch Geier OG 13 Lee Hollingsowrth WR 42 Gene Houston DB 78 Darryl Williams DT 14 Dickey Lillard QB 43 Greg Walls RB 79 Craig Stevens OT 15 Danny O ' Toole QB 44 Curtis Reynolds RB 83 Bennie Smith TE 16 Ernie Terry RB 45 Ted Horstead RB 85 Mike Shernll TE 17 Tommie Robinson DB 46 Greg Harris WR 86 Clarence White DE 18 Chuck Leano DB 47 Brad Woodham RB 87 Jeff Soweli OLB 19 Anthony Parks DB 48 Ron Gibbs DB 88 Anthony Henton OLB 21 Jerry Beverly RB 49 Bruce Harmon RB 89 Barry Golden DT 22 Carl Smith WR 50 Bart Williams C 90 Greg Stewart DL 23 Jimrmie Haywood RB 51 Jon Bjorgan OT 92 Bubba Muller DT 24 Bobby Barrett DB 52 Glen Corley LB 93 Kurt Smeltzer DE 25 Dwayne Thompson RB 54 Stewart Lowery LB 96 Rick Burgess DL 27 Tommy Dugosh RB 55 Jim Kremer C 97 Gary Bradshaw DE 28 Bobby Hooten FB 56 Willie Collins DT 98 Gary Rumph DL 29 Thomas Clark LB 58 Harold Carswell LB 31 Todd Hutsko DB 59 Charles Lundy NG f S3 Troy State Cheerleaders DC " Troy ' s Got That Ramma Jama " is one of the popular Troy State chants that summarized the squad ' s cheering year. Each one of the squad members worked extremely hard throughout the year to en- hance Troy State ' s sports season. Whether the Trojans were winning or losing, these cheerleaders worked hard in order to keep the players, the coaches, and the fans ' spirits high. Their various stunts, tumbles, chants, and cheers, all added a special flair to the playing arenas. Each Troy State cheerleader utilized his own spirit, dedication, and talent to benefit the " Ramma Jamming " Cheering Squad. The fun of being a Troy State cheerleader began in the Spring with tryouts. Each contestant was judged by a selected panel of qualified judges. Each contestant per- formed stunts, tumbles, chants, cheers, and a routine to our theme song, " Dixie " . Five boys and five girls were selected for the new squad. The new squad took the summer off, and they began the Fall enthusiastically. Their pride was high for the Trojan teams. During each game the cheerleaders led the fans in various cheers, chants, and routines. Throughout the year the TSU cheerleaders with their " Ramma Jama " spirit add- ed a special effect to sports at Troy State. 54 Cheerleaders 1 Mike Mayo — Dawn Butler. 2 Steve Shipman — Jennifer Clyatt. 3 Bill Ganspohl — Sharon McCrudden, 4 Lee Andrews— Dani Bullock 5 Group Shot. 6 Mike Mayo — Karen Ponds 7 Andy Martin — Tammi Burdick RAMMA JAMA Chad • ■ 5 The Making Of A Trojan Football was one of the Souths favorite pastimes during the 1983 football sea- son, as huge crowds gath- ered each weekend to enjoy the game. While watching the action, the fans wit- nessed only the four-quarter, fifty-six minute games that were the finale of the college football season. They saw only the finished product; moreover, they never real- ized the preparation and time that went into the game. For these fans football began in September, but the season originated in January for the Troy State football team. Coach Gailey, along with the other coaches, began their preparations for the 1983 season Winter Quarter by organizing an extensive weight and training program. The eligible players, return- ing from Fall break, were di- vided into three different groups according to the size and strength. All team mem- bers lifted weights, ran sprints, and performed quickness drills to increase their endurance and speed. The winter program served to establish a competitive team spirit as well as to con- dition them for the upcoming spring training. Spring training for the Tro- jans consisted of almost 3 weeks of intersquad prac- tices. The offense learned the wishbone, while the de- fense learned the " 50 Over- shift " . Both squads were grouped into opposing sides for the annual T Day Game on March 12. The Red team defeated the Whites, 14-6. The Reds scored first when Ted Horstead rambled six yards up the middle. Donnie Van Wie hooked his extra point attempt wide left. The White team rebounded with a 16-yard pass play from Carey Christensen to Rufus Cox. Yong Ho Gilroy ' s extra point was good. At halftime the Whites led, 7-6. The only second half score occurred when Jimmie Haywood rum- bled up the middle for a TD. Gilroy ' s extra point was good, making the final score, 14-6. Beginning in August the players returned from sum- mer layoff with a new spirit and determination. Each Tro- jan endured 3 weeks of 2-a- day practices, while prepar- ing for the opening game. Troy State learned to ex- ecute game plan strategies and practiced to refine each segment to the new offense and defense. Both the of- fense and the defense were shaped into a polished team that ended the preseason drills with the hopes of over- coming the previous 2-8 los- ing season. During the 1983 football season fans packed Memori- al Stadium to cheer their new team. Each player had worked hard under the new system in order to become a winner again! 56 Football TUSKEGEE — 33-6. The Trojan s season opener against Tuskegee was a game of firsts This game was the first historical meet- ing between the two teams The Pepsi Cola Company sponsored its first Pepsi Challenge Bowl Coach Gai- ley had his debut as Head Coach. Finally, the team combined to have its first season opening win since 1980. Tuskegee scored first on a 43-yard pass play, but they missed the two point conversion. Thomas Clark picked off a Tiger pass and scampered 24-yards for the TSU Tuskegee Institute score Donnie Van Wie boot- ed the extra point, and later kicked a 33-yard field goal to end the first half In the sec- ond half the Golden Tigers punter fumbled the ball and Jeff Sowell recovered it in the end zone Van Wie s extra poi nt made the score. 17- 6 Ted Horstead s 1-yard plunge ended an impressive scoring drive in the third quarter, and Donnie Van Wie kicked the extra point J R McKmnon hit Lee Hollmgs- worth on a 5-yard TD pass and Yong Ho Gilroy s extra point was blocked The scor- ing ended with a 35-yard field goal by Gilroy. NICHOLLS STATE — 33-6. The Trojans used a punishing ground attack to outscore the Colonels at Me- morial Stadium TSU opened the scoring when Gerald Mayfield raced 29-yards. and Donnie Van Wie kicked the extra point. Nicholls first score came as their Quarter- back. Keith Menard threw an eight yard pass, and the ex- tra point was good. Our sec- ond score came when Carey Christenson threw a 13-yard strike to Tommy Dugosh. and the extra point was blocked. The Colonels added 10 second quarter points with a 35 -yard field goal and a 2-yard run by Menard. To begin the second half Jimmie Haywood sprinted 80-yards to give the Trojans the lead for good. Van Wie booted two third quarter field goals TSU s final points were when Chnstensen tossed a 45- yard bomb to Carl Smith The Trojan defense spent the re- mainder of the game keeping the Colonels out of the end- zone, and their comeback ef- fort fell short. F 5 " pass from J. R. McKinnon to Carl Smith. The fourth quar- ter began with an 8-yard run by Doug Brown, and Gilroy booted the extra point. The Eagles with a late comeback effort scored on a 5-yard run. The Trojan ' s defense stopped their try for the two- point game winning conver- sion. MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE TSU with a 4 and record and ranked 7th in the week ' s NCAA Division II Poll trav- eled to Clinton, Mississippi to face the 2nd ranked Choc- taws. Many factors contrib- uted to the Trojan ' s upset. Mississippi College rambled VAL DOSTA STATE, 13-12. TSU opened its bid for the Gulf South Conference title match up with the Blazers. To open the scoring, Ted Horstead plunged in from the 1-yard line, and Donnie Van Wie booted the extra point. The Blazers came back and scored on a 4 and 1 conver- sion attempt at Troy ' s 4-yard line. Clarence White blocked the extra point. TS fumbled twice deep in their own terri- tory, but the defense held its ground. Valdosta scored on a 9-yard run and the Trojan de- fense stopped a 2-point con- version attempt. Troy State ended the scoring with an 8- for 378 total rushing yards to the Trojan ' s 122. Troy gave up the ball 6 times including 5 fumbles and 1 interception. Troy missed two field goals of 37 and 30 yards. Even with the 17 point deficit, there were some exciting moments for the Trojans. Mississippi College drove to the TSU 3- yard line, but they were stopped short of the plain by a tremendous goaline stand. This game was a big loss tor the TSU team; nevertheless, they showed pride, class, and courage to become win- ners again. SOUTHEASTERN LOU- ISIANA, 15-34. Troy State yard run by Carey Christen- sen. The team ' s 2-point con- version attempt was shot. GEORGIA SOUTHERN 28-27. TSU traveled to Georgia with a record of 3-0. Troy State scored first on a 7-yard option pass from Dwayne Thompson to Lee Hollingsworth. Yong Ho Gil- roy ' s kick was good. Troy wi- dened the margin when Ted Horstead ran for 69-yards for our second touchdown. Once again Gilroy ' s kick was good. Georgia Southern opened their scoring on a 5- yard run and the extra point was good. The Trojans scored again on a 10-yard TSU Nicholls State • : L . H ■WSedi- 1 M ;aJ r t f % - ' 4 B - M 40 ' £ lost a second disappointing game to the Lions. The Divi- sion l-AA team piled up 17 unanswered points to defeat the Trojans. The Lions scored first on an 80-yard run. Then, they kicked a 23- yard field goal, and three quick passes gave them a 3rd score before halftime. In the second half, Troy Drove 45-yards to set up a Donnie Van Wie 39-yard field goal. A SLU linebacker intercepted a Trojan pass from J. R. McKinnon and scampered 25 yards for six. TSU drove 94- yards and scored on an 11- yard pass play from J. R. McKinnon to narrow the gap. TSU Valdosta State Football ,?« The attempted pass play for the 2-point conversion was incomplete. Once again the Lions deflected a Troy State pass and raced 45-yards for their final TD. TSU gained some pride by accumulating a 52-yard scoring drive. Carey Christensen scored from the one yard line. The 2- point conversion failed. DELTA STATE, 26-21. The Trojans ended a 2 game los- ing streak with this victory over the Statesmen. Delta State scored first with a 1- yard run, and the extra point was good. Then TSU scored when Doug Brown raced in from the 1-yard line. Troy ' s " " ,4 oo • I second score was a 21 -yard field goal by Donnie Van Wie. The Statesmen scored again on a 66-yard pass play. The TSU Trojans came right back with a 58-yard pass from J. R. McKinnon to Carl Smith. TSU then booted a field goal after a big fumble recovery. Finally J. R. McKinnon scored a touchdown from the 3-yard line and the conver- sion attempt failed. TSU spent the remainder of the fourth quarter stopping a Statesmen comeback at- tempt. Finally Delta State scored on a 1-yard run. Troy stopped their 2-point conver- sion to win the game. NORTH ALABAMA, 2 1-42. Homecoming 1983 was spe- cial at TSU. Parades, parties, reunions, and the crowning of the queen all combined to form the festivities. This year the homecoming game was televised on CBS. Once again, turnovers hurt the Tro- jan ' s chances for a big victo- ry. The unbeaten and 6th ranked Lions turned each of these into first half points. The Lions scored four times during the half to take the lead 28-0. The score mount- ed 35-0 before TSU made a comeback attempt. Quarter- back Carey Christensen, the CBS player of the Game, scored from the 2-yard line. Donnie Van Wie booted the extra point. Our quarterback Carey Christensen scored two more times on 1-yard runs for an additional 12 points. Donnie Van Wie ' s PAT was good. Despite this big loss Troy State remained 5-3 and 2-2 in the Gulf South Conference. Troy set their goal for the remainder of the games, " to evaluate them- selves in order to make the team perform better. TENNESSEE MARTIN, 14-17. Martin, Tennessee was the setting for the Tro- jans eighth game of the sea- son. UTM scored first when they dove in the endzone from the 1-yard line. Then Jimmy Haywood returned the kickoff 47-yards, and 7 plays later Christensen scored from the 16-yard line. Troy had another magnifi- cent goal line stand with 1:18 remaining in the half, by stop- ping the Pacers on the TSU 3-yard line. The Pacers scored again when their quarterback threw a pass for a 79-yard touchdown. Doug Brown scored again for Troy on a 1-yard run. Finally, with 2 seconds left in the game, Tennessee Martin kicked a 27-yard field goal, breaking the tie. LIVINGSTON, 35-23. Troy State defeated the 6th ranked Tigers in a key Gulf South Conference match-up. Troy took advantage of 2 costly turnovers in the first quarter. Carey Christensen hit Carl Smith for a 5-yard touchdown, and Donnie Van Wie kicked the extra point. For our second touchdown, Ted Horstead crashed over the goal line for the one. Van Wie booted the extra point. Livingston came to life with a 29 yard " TD " . Van Wie ' s kick was once again good. TSU Quarterback — Christensen threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Carl Smith and Don- nie Van Wie kicked the extra point. Livingston narrowed the gap with a 34 yard field goal. Our next score came when Greg Walls rambled for 8-yards. The Tigers scored again on a 3-yard pass play. Christensen scored TSU ' s fi- nal six points on a 6-yard run. The Tigers attempted a late comeback effort on an 8-yard pass play. Their try for a 2- point conversion failed. JACKSONVILLE STATE, 45-3. Troy State ended the season with a blast by dev- astating the Jax State Ga- mecocks. TSU exploded for 471 total yards to give the Gamecocks their most humi- liating loss since 1967. Troy had an impressive 24-3 lead going in to the locker room at half-time. The Trojans simply " rolled " through the first half with a show of long pass plays and fast-breaking runs. TSU increased their lead to 31 -3 when Greg Walls scored on a 2-yard run. The score increased with Carl Smith ' s 50-yard pass reception for six. Troy scored again as Wil- lie Miller rambled 5-yards. This 5-yard score came after the TSU defense stopped the Gamecocks with a tre- mendous goal-line stand. Our final score of the season was a 1-yard run by Fred Mixon. Troy State buried the Gamecocks. 60 Football Old Faces . . Some of the old. familiar faces were replaced with new, unfamiliar ones during the 1983 season, moreover, these old faces who remain had a new air around them. There was a new excited feeling which greatly con- trasted with the blank, dis- gusted feeling of the last sea- son. This new excitement was enhanced by the pride and determination that was present last year. What brought all these new changes 9 No one factor at- tributed to these changes, but many factors contributed to these many changes. The retirement of Bradshaw, the hiring of Gailey. the organiza- tion of the new staff, and the installation of the new offen- sive and defensive systems all combined to form the one principal difference between . New Faces the 1982 and 1983 football seasons, winning and losing Troy State entered this sea- son with two back-to-back losing seasons With the hir- ing of a new coach, many thought 1983 would be a re- building season These peo- ple failed to realize the talent, pride, and determination that were were still present These factors simply needed reviving The 1983 football team had enough enthusi- asm to conque r the world A new, winning feeling ap- peared. The previously win- less Trojans ended the sea- son with a record of seven wins and four losses The new faces, the new changes, and the new additions put the TSU football team back on top again, where they belong! f 6 ' Troy State University Schedule Games Won 9-13 Tuskegee 3-0 10-10 Livingston 3-0 9-14 Huntingdon 3-0 10-11 Montevallo 1-3 9-19 Alabama State 3-2 10-15 University of South Alabama 1-3 9-23-24 GEORGIA TECH MINI 10-18 Huntingdon 3-0 TOURNAMENT 10-21-22 TUSKEGEE TOURNAMENT Erskine 2-0 Alabama A M 2-0 University of N. C— Charlotte 1-2 Tampa 0-2 Georgia Tech 2-0 Southern University 2-0 9-24 Montevallo 2-3 Florida A M 2-0 9-29 FLORIDA SOUTHERN Alabama State 1-2 TOURNAMENT 10-26 Jacksonville State 1-3 Jacksonville University — Florida 1 -2 10-31 Alabama State 3-2 Rollins College 1-2 11-1 Tuskegee 3-0 Florida International 2-1 11-4 West Georgia 2-0 West Georgia College 2-0 • 11-5 University of Tenn. — Martin 0-2 Tampa 2-0 11-6 University of North Alabama 0-2 Florida Southern 0-2 11-10 Livingston 3-0 University of Central Florida 1-2 11-17-19 GULF SOUTH CONFERENCE Jacksonville State 1-2 TOURNAMENT 10-4 Jacksonville State 3-0 11-18 University of Tenn. — Martin 2-3 COLUMBUS COLLEGE 11-18 Jacksonville State 3-2 TOURNAMENT 11-18 West Georgia 3-0 Mercer 2-0 11-19 University of Tennessee Martin 3-1 Wesleyan 2-0 11-19 University of North Alabama 3-2 Jacksonville State 2-1 11-19 University of North Alabama 3-1 Tuskegee 2-0 Alabama State 2-0 University of North Alabama 0-2 ? Volley be. Lady Trojan Volleyball Gulf South Conference Champions 1. Group Picture— Bottom Row: Malinda Ashcraft, Patty Scr Co-Captain, Lisa Pndgen, Katie Brown, Leah Bone Top Row Coach Ginger Sprague. Brenda Sirmon. Lisa Harper. Mc Co-Captain; Zella Robinson, Sandi Stein. Lori Robertaon. ar Anderson, Student Coach. 2. Leah Bone is digging (pass -xj) the ball to her fellow teammates 3. Molly Baker and Brenda Sirmon block a shot against Montevallo. 4. Coach Sprague disc game plan strategy with the Lady Trojans before the game 5 team meets in a huddle on the court before the game. 6 The Trojans set up a play for points w a TSU Volleyball " Magic in the Heart " The Lady Trojans during the 1983 Volleyball season took the court with four re- turning starters. In addition the Trojans had several walk- ons and some talented sig- nees to begin the season. This sophomore-dominated team, combating a previous 13-23 campaign, entered the new season with a hope of eventually becoming a cham- pionship team. This hope was finally fulfilled at the Gulf South Conference Champi- onship Tournament at Ten- nessee-Martin on November 19, 1983. " Magic in the heart " was only one of the key factors that led to the Lady Trojans ' success. This magic was present in each girls ' heart because they, themselves, believed that they could win. Each girl loved the game and possessed the determination to be a winner. Each girl was conditioned as the entire team completed a vigorous training program each week, which included exercises to improve their running and jumping and endurance drills to increase their timeing and coordination. Their goal while performing these var- ious exercises was to de- crease the time required to perform each segment. These girls were dedicated and worked hard through these drills in order to pre- pare for the regular season. These numerous exercises enhanced the player ' s re- performance on the court. The Lady Trojans endured the long, strenuous games and outplayed their oppo- nents on the playing field. The Lady Trojans ended the regular season with a re- cord of 24-14 and traveled to Martin, Tennessee for the Gulf South Conference Tour- nament. The Trojans were ceded third, but lost their very first match. Then the miracle took place. They came from the bottom of the loser ' s bracket and won their remaining games to become the 1983 Gulf South Confer- ence Champions. No one be- lieved that the team could come from behind and win, but these girls had magic in their heart " and came out champions. Some of the highlights of the year were their winning the championship, their beat- ing such teams as Jackson- ville State and North Ala- bama, and competing at Lakeland, Florida against na- tionally ranked teams. Coach Sprague ' s personal highlight was seeing the girls playing 64 Volleyball together with genuine love and support for one another In summary of the reason. Coach said. The whole sea- son has been fun We had less me, myself, and and more of us. This was the magic in the heart that made the Lady Trojan Volley- ball Team the Gulf South Conference Champions 1 TSU Volleyball team set ... ball tor points 2 Coach Sprague gives the girls final instructions be- fore the game 3 Trojans orga play 4 The girls prepare for play as they break huddle 5 Coach Spra- gue reviews her notes before the game 6 Lady Troians practice be- fore their game Coach Sprague ' s Thought Producers 1 . Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. 2 The main ingredient to stardom is the rest of the team. 3 It is amazing how much can be accomplished it no one cares who gets the credit. 4 When you re through improving you ' re through. 5 The best players help others be best players. 6 Three Ds Dedica- tion, desire, and discipline. 7 Determination is realizing that my pre- sent struggles are essential for future achievement 65 Troy State University " Catch the Excitement of Being a Trojan " Troy State Men ' s Basket- ball once again added to the moments of excitement at TSU. Coach Don Maestri be- gan his second year as Head Coach of the Trojans with en- thusiasm. He coached the team to a previous 15-13 re- cord, and he also led the team out of the cellar in the Gulf South Conference by coaching them to a fourth place finish in the final sea- son poll for 1983. Moreover, Coach Maestri had high ex- pectations for the 1983-84 Trojans, as he established a new identity for the team. Some of the highlights of the year were their win over Jacksonville State, their in- creased patronage from the fans, and their encore of " Showtime " . Troy State ended the year with a decisive game over North Alabama. The winner of the game would go on to represent the league in the Gulf South Conference in the NCAA Division II Playoffs. The Trojans fell short of their first trip to the playoffs when North Alabama defeated them in double overtime. North Alabama went on to the semi-finals of the NCAA Division III Playoffs before they were finally defeated . 66 Basketball Men ' s Basketball 1983-84 Madison tips the ball m for two points 5 Tim Brown — 21. shoots two tor Troy 6 Troians wait tor re- bound 7 A Valdosta State player at- tempts to block Tim Browns in- bound pass Troy State Basketball Robbie Lang, Assistant Coach; Don Maestri, Head Coach; David Felix, Assis- tant Coach. i r iA A 4 rjJI i i I p 4 53 32k stat; 68 Basketball Ban N Catch the Excitement . 70 Basketball When T-roy Has the Ball! 1 Rocky Arceneaux passes the ball to a fellow teammate 2 Tim Brown dribbles the ball down the court 3 Trojans jump ball 4 Anthony Brown tips the ball through the net 5 Mac Madison tries to steal the ball froma Valdosta State player 7 Ros- coe Thomas aims lor the net 8 Rocky Arceneaux brings the ball down the court to set up a TSU play F 0«ll 71 Troy State University No. 3 4 10 11 12 14 15 20 22 24 25 30 32 Roster 1983-84 Name Ginger Johnson Michelle Smart Janice Moore Tanna Hunter Val Karrasch Donna DiGiorgio Mary Blaydes Angela Moore Pam Adams Brenda Huff Tammy Thompson Tammy Ruffian Becca Brown Pos. CI. F-G JR G JR F JR G FR G JR G FR F SO F SO G JR F JR G JR G SR F-G FR 72 Women ' s Basketball Women ' s Basketball 1983-84 Head Coach Joyce Sorrell Joyce Sorrell has been a prominent figure in women s athletics for over ten years She is entering her ninth season as head basketball coach at TSU. and her eighth as coordinator of women s athletics Sorrell has made TSU a leader among small colleges m the state for the past six years In 1981. she coached the Lady Trojans to a Alabama AlAW State Title and then went on to place fourth m the Southern Regionais Troy State University has participated in post-season tournaments each of her seven years Under Sorrells leadership, the Lady Trojans have compiled a sparkling 127- 104 record. Season Results TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU TSU 81 61 73 47 63 57 87 70 48 63 63 63 69 64 94 68 69 68 78 80 50 53 96 75 70 68 67 78 68 Albany State William Carey Phillips College Alabama Montevallo Miss. Uni. for Women Talladega Tennessee Martin Mississippi State Tuskegee West Georgia North Alabama West Florida Livingston Jacksonville State Montevallo Valdosta State Miss. Uni. for Women West Georgia Georgia SW Tuskegee North Alabama Talladega West Georgia Livingston Jacksonville State Valdosta State Jacksonvil le State Valdosta State 61 65 70 68 70 69 70 62 67 61 71 70 73 57 58 52 86 61 60 71 58 76 49 54 50 53 79 52 79 Women s Ba ' n TSU Places Two on Ail-American Track Team ' p " JWj- k j5£ ( u _V L r ..- J X « . A m L -A £ The Troy State University Track team placed two mem- bers on the All-American team at the NCAA Division II Track and Field meet at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Countess Woody was the first girl at Troy State to be named All-American, as her 5-foot-8-inch jump in the high jump placed her fourth over- all. The top six in each event were named All-American. The women ' s mile relay team set a new school record at 3:50.56. placing 14th over- all. Jeff Weitenbeck finished sixth in the 5,000 meters for the men at 14:26.7. Gene Wil- liams placed 12th in the triple jump at 48 ' 10 ' . " We are pleased by our re- sults this year, ' ' TSU track coach Charles Oliver said. " All of our people will return next year with the exception of Countess Woody, so this was a good experience for us. ' ' The men handled the pressure well. They had their best meet since 10 years ago, and the women had their best finish ever, Oliver added. Troy State University track coach Charles Oliver named Tim Reese, Carolus McKire and Jeff Weitenbeck for the men ' s team; Countess Woody and Sherri Williams for the women Trojan team captains for the 1984 sea- son. Tim Reese, a Birmingham junior, a tri-captain of the Troy State University men ' s track team; was a two-time national qualifier in the 100 meters. He was freshman all- American, and earned All- Gulf South Conference hon- ors as a sophomore. Carolus McKire, a senior pole vaulter from Clewiston, Florida, was elected tri-cap- tain of the Troy State Univer- sity men ' s track team for the second straight year. He has been a member of three Gulf South Conference championship teams, and helped TSU to its fourth con- secutive championship last spring with his performances in the pole vault and long jump. 76 Track Jeff Weitenbeck, a junior distance runner from Hunts- ville, was elected as a tri-cap- tain of Troy State Universi- ty ' s men ' s track team. An all- conference cross country runner and captain of TSU ' s defending Gulf South Con- ference championship team in that sport, Jeff has won conference titles in 5K and 1 0K on the track the past two years. He is the University ' s recordholder at 10.000 me- ters (29:45.10) and ranks third on Troy ' s all time 5.000 meter list with a 14:57.33 best. Countess Woody, a Troy State University senior, was named co-captain of the 1983-84 Lady Trojan track team. A native of Sprmgville and a graduate of Sprmgville High School, she has held the TSU high jump record, both indoor and outdoor. since her sophomore sea- son. Shern Williams, a sopho- more distance runner from Birmingham, and a graduate of Mountain Brook High School, was named co-cap- tain of the 1983-84 Troy State University women s track team. Williams was an all-Gulf South Conference cross country performer for Jacksonville State m 1982. before transferring to Troy State. Since coming to Troy, she has performed outstand- ingly for the TSU Track Club, achieving personal bests at 3.000 meters (10:21 .2). 5.000 meters (17.51 .66) and 10.000 meters (36.08.63) Her 5K and 10K times would head TSU s all-time lists, and her eligibility in conference cross country and track in 83 will boost TSU s distance squad strength immensely. k 77 Men ' s Cross Country c The Trojan harriers had another strong campaign in 1 983, a year in which the men carried home their 10th con- secutive Gulf South Confer- ence title, and qualified for the NCAA Division II Cross Country Championships for the 9th straight time. Troy State qualified for the nation- al meet by placing 2nd in the Southern Regional Meet, the first time in 5 years that they have not captured this title. A 16th place national champi- onship finish was disappoint- ing, but TSU returns 6 of its top 7 national team members from 1 983 for an experienced and talented nucleus of per- formers for 1984. Troy State ' s top 7 perform- ers in 1983 featured an inter- esting blend of youthful and experienced performers. Freshman Julio Valdes led the TSU charge throughout the season, making good on his tremendous promise as 1983 Florida 4A State High School Champion at 2 miles. Consistent multi-all GSC standout Jeff Weitenbeck was TSU ' s 2 man all sea- son, making a strong come- back after repeated stress fractures injuries in the spring and summer. Sopho- more Kendall Gooch occu- pied TSU ' s 3 position, pro- viding solid backup to the top 2 with his courageous front running. The squads biggest surprise was the continued improvement of 4 runner Mike Turdo, a freshman who matured throughout the sea- son into a solid dependable scores. These four runners were the key to TSU ' s suc- cess this season, and they earned all conference honors for their top 7 finish in that meet. The future of TSU ' s con tinued improvement will be the strengthening of slots 5-7 in 1984. Three juniors occu- pied those positions in 1983, and their maturity and expe- rience will be vital in Troy ' s fortunes in 1984, especially with the loss of 3 performer Gooch. The most pleasant surprise was the running of 6 performer Gcaig Light- foot, who burst into conten- tion as a top 7 force in 1983 — his potential there is still to be explored. Ricky Daniel, a dependable 3 season per- former was a stablizing force, as was junior college transfer Reginald McClary, who occupied a top 3 slot un- til late in the season, With a strong recruiting year In 1984, Troy State hopes to improve its stock at the Con- ference, Regional, ane Na- tional levels once again. 78 Cross Country LADY TROJAN CROSS COUNTRY The Lady Trojan Cross Country continued to gain the respect of its southern ri- vals in 1983, with an im- proved version of its 1982 GSC and NCAA Division II Regional Championship teams. In the 1983 GSC Con- ference meet, the TSU wom- en swept the top 5 spots to win the meet with a perfect 1 5 point score. What is more, the Lady Trojans pulled a major upset by defeating heavily favored Florida Inter- national University at the NCAA Division II Regional Championship to win the re- gional crown from a 16-team field and earn the right to compete in their 2nd NCAA Division II Cross Country Championship. Only an opti- mistic note, the Lady Trojans returned all of their top 10 performers in 1984, 7 with national experience. This seasoned group with the ad- dition of a good freshman crop, looks like a good num- ber to be a national contend- er in 1984. Captain Sheri Williams ' 1st year as a Lady Trojan was a fruitful one, as she won the Gulf South Conference title, placed 2nd in the region, and was the first Lady Trojan across the line at the national meet. An AII-GSC performer for Jacksonville State in 1982, Williams was one of the largest factors in TSU ' s 1983 fortunes. Sophomore Kathleen Robinson made tre- mendous improvement all season long for the TSU women, occupying the num- ber 2 slot. She finished 2nd in the conference meet, and 4th in the region. Freshman Lee Duncan was 1983s biggest surprise, opening eyes with her bold early front running, 3rd place in conference, and 8th in region. Junior Tina Kroll, 1982 GSC Cross Coun- try Champion, made notable improvements in 1983. yet found herself only 4 runner on an improved squad. Tina placed 4th in conference, and 12th in region. Junior Darlene Richardson made a sizeable contribution to the 1983 team ' s success as 5 run- ner, with her best perfor- mances being her 5th at con- ference, and 17th place re- gional finish. Williams. Robinson, Duncan. Kroll and Richardson earned all con- ference honors for their 1 -2- 3-4-5 finish at the conference championships. TSU ' s 6-7-8 runners from 1983 return again in 1984, and are counted on to make further improvement to im- prove the team ' s future chances. Sophomore Suzy Bell made substantial im- provement in 1983 to earn her 6 position on the team. Second year performer Re- becca Hoffman filled out the 7 position in 1983. and can be expected to move up m position with yet another year of national experience behind her. Junior Katey Stallings, a top 7 performer throughout the year, was felled by back problems late in the year, and now healthy again, will bolster an ever im- proving Lady Trojan squad in its 1984 quest for confer- ence, regicr and national honors. Trx 79 Intramural championship teams include: Phi Kappa Phi, Fall Champions; Smurfs, Winter Champions; Kappa Delta, Spring Champions; and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Spring Champions. At time of publication photos for women ' s winter and fall championship teams were not available. Pi Kappa Phi Fall Champions Smurfs Winter Champions 80 Intramurals Sigma Alpha Epsilon Spring Champions Kappa Delta Spring Champior ■■ Playing the Racquet The 1983-84 Tennis Team ' s first year under the direction of Coach Dennis Rogers consisted of walk-on team members. Freshman David Good and Jeff Kock led the team with 8 wins, each. Followed by Juniors John Lane with seven victories and Mike Stump with five vic- tories. The over-all season record was 3-13. In the Gulf South Confer- ence, the Trojan Tennis team finished with a 2-5 record which was seventh in the Conference. Next year, scholarships will be created for the tennis team and addi- tional team members, and fall schedules will be added to the spring scheduling. Only one team member graduated from 1983-84, therefore most of the mem- bers will be returning. Top: Mike Stump practices his ace serve. Middle Left: Brent Scott and David Good stroke to a doubles victory. Middle Right: David Good prac- tices form and concentration in or- der to hit a cross-court backhand. Bottom: Members are Brent Scott, Mike Stump, David Good, Jeff Koch, and Dinnes Rogers, head coach. Not pictured are John Lane, Chris Sharp, John Troutt, Donnie VanWie, and Eddie Willis. 82 Tennis All Gulf South Conference FOOTBALL Carl Smith Thomas Clark Gary Bradshaw VOLLEYBALL Molly Baker Patti Schmitz Katie Brown CROSS COUNTRY — Men Jeff Weitenbeck Julio Valdes Kendall Gooch Mike Turdo CROSS COUNTRY — Women Shari Williams Kathleen Robinson Lee Duncan Tina Kroll Darlene Richardson BASKETBALL — Men Mac Madison Andre Hills BASKETBALL — Women Angela Moore Janice Moore BASEBALL Brian Pinnell Ray Stephens TRACK Roscoe Thomas Gene Williams Todd Rainey Byron Woods James Sanders Scott Ellis Donnie Robinson Tim Reese Ron Davis Thomas Patterson Jeff Weitenbeck Milton Westry Mike Brown Ed Bell Craig Lightfoot GOLF — Men Chip Holcombe David Stover Ben Bates 84 Sports Football Won 7. Lost 4 Second in Gulf South Conference. Walloped Jax State in final game. Thom- as Clark and Carl Smith named all-conference; Ron Gibbs academic all- conference. Baseball Won 33, Lost 13 Ranked in top 10 nation- ally most of year. NCAA Division II Central Region- al Champions. 3rd place in NCAA Division II World Series. Track Men won fifth straight GSC championship, total- ing more points than all other teams combined. Six men and five women qualified for national meet later this month. Spons as Softball Won 8, Lost 17 Finished third in GSC tour- nament. Molly Baker and Nancy Anderson named all- conference. Volleyball Won 29, Lost 15 Won GSC tournament championship. Molly Baker, Patty Schmitz and Katie Brown named all-confer- ence. Basketball Men won 18, lost 11 Finished 4th in GSC. Lost in three overtimes in confer- ence tournament in North Alabama, which went on to Division II final four. Mac Madison broke school scoring record with 1,761 points. Madison and Andre Hills named all-conference. Lady Trojans won 1 7, lost 1 2, including 12-3 home record. Lost in conference tourna- ment in overtime to Valdosta State, which went on to Divi- sion II final four. Angela Moore and Janice Moore named all-confer- ence. 86 Sports Golf Men won fifth straight GSC championship, 47 strokes ahead of nearest ri- val. Won-lost record of 32-2 against Division II competi- tion, ranked third in nation in Division II. Won four of last five meets, now participating in Division II national championship. Lady Trojans won national crown in Women ' s Golf Coaches Small College Na- tional Championship at Talla- hassee, Florida. Debbie Hancock and Traci Boone chosen Division II all- Americans. Hancock invited to play in Division I champi- onship tournament. Cross Country Men won 10th straight GSC championship, placed second in Division II regional and 16th in national meet. Jeff Weitenbeck, Julio Valdes and Kendall Gooch named all-conference. Lady Trojans won GSC and Division II re- gional, finished 11th in na- tional meet. Kathleen Robin- son, Lee Duncan, Tina Kroll and Darlene Richardson named all-conference. Sports 87 Baseball Awards Troy State secondbase- man Brian Pinnell was named to the NCAA Division II All American Second Team. Head baseball coach Chase Riddle was selected at the Central Region Coach of the Year. Pinnell, a senior, from Pompano Beach, Florida, led the team in batting with a .396 average. The infielder had 63 hits and 43 RBI ' s, while striking out only six times in 1 59 trips to the plate, prior to the College World Series held at Riverside, California. 1 1 I - " l] ' , V § a J %4 ■ 1 mmk 1 ••» iC- ' - 3$% aJ M J r- . - T? " -■ imm —----__ 88 Sports Hard-slugging, smooth fielding Dave Banks, first baseman for Central Region champion Troy State, was named to the NCAA Division First Team Academic All- Amencan. The selection was made by the Coaches and College Sports Information Directors Association. The talented junior helped lead Troy State to the 1984 Central Region champion- ship and an appearance m the Division II World Series h eld at the University of Cali- fornia — Riverside For the season. Banks clouted 19 homeruns and produced 63 RBIs. Sports 89 Ken Harris presents Dr. Adams and Robert Stewart, Athletic Director, with a $5000.00 check to help cover Trojan traveling expenses to World Series. 90 Baseball Dr. Adams and Head Golf Coach Mike Griffin along with Trojan Golfers Ben Bates, Chip Holcombe, Joey Mabry, David Stover, and Terry Mobley proudly display the NCAA Division II National Championship Trophy. a ■ M Few schools win the na- tional championship in a sport once, much less two championships. But the Troy State Golf team realized that dream for the third time as they became the NCAA Divi- sion II national champions in 1984. The Trojans had earlier Trojan Golf won championships in 1976 and 1977, but this year ' s team had one of the greatest years ever. Despite starting slow in the fall winning only their own tournament and finishing second in only one other tournament, the North- east Louisana Invitational. The team then went out in the spring and won six tour- naments, five out of their last six and their last four in a row. They started out by win- ning their own Trojans Oaks two-day. They then finished back in the pack at Imperial Lakeland against Division I competition. Division II con- (Continued on page 94) ■ mm ao • n tender Florida Southern fin- ished well ahead of them though. After finishing sixth at the Panhandle Intercollegiate behind the likes of Ole Miss, Alabama and Florida State, the Trojans began to jell. Ben Bates a senior from Havana, Florida was the individual winner in a playoff over SEC champion Dave Pegge of Ole Miss. In the Southern Jr.-Sr. the Trojans overcame a ten shot deficit on the last day to beat Auburn and number one ranked Columbus College. After the Southeastern Inter- collegiate in which Troy was the only Division II school, the Trojans went out and again defeated Columbus College and this time Florida Southern in the Southeast- ern Division II. Next was a victory in the Alabama Inter- collegiate, the state champi- onship, over Alabama, Hun- tingdon and Jacksonville State. Then came the Gulf South Conference Tournament in which the Trojans owned the title for the last four years. Again, this year was no dif- ferent as the Trojans domi- nated the Delta State course and won the tournament go- ing away by forty-seven shots. Chip Holcombe a se- nior from Ft. Walton, Florida was the individual winner. Bates and David Stover, a sophomore from Solon, Ohio, both made All Confer- ence. Next was the NCAA Divi- sion II National meet in Erie, Pennsylvania. Battling cold and windy weather, the Tro- jans took a one shot lead on the first round, stretched it to eleven on the second day and won the four day tourna- ment by 18 shots over Flor- ida Southern, and took the national title. Terry Mobley, Sr. from Brundidge, Alabama finished second individually and com- peted in the Division I nation- al tournament. Holcombe fin- ished second. Bates and Hol- combe were named first team Ail-Americans. Mobley and Joey Mabry, a senior from Meridian, Mississippi, were named second team. The Troy State Women ' s golf team spent most of the 94 Golf year competing against the best in college golf, but on the major college level. How- ever, when the time came to compete in their own divi- sion, the Ladies did it in style Realizing their dream the (Continued on page 96) Ek • M women won the National Championship. Since there is no NCAA Division II Wom- en ' s golf, the Golf Coaches Association got together and formed a national champion- ship for all the small colleges. After shooting three straight scores of 307 the Lady Tro- jans became the national champions for small college golf. Coach Chris Force was elated for his team, which consisted of Debbie Han- cock, Jenny Holder, Christy Vogel, Traci Boone, Tracey Tolomeo and Glenda Laster. Hancock was the small col- lege individual champion, and Traci Boone finished fifth making her an All-American. In other finishes for the year, the Ladies finished fifth in the Duke Fall Invitational, out of 16 teams. They fin- ished 8th in the Hudson In- dustries tournament hosted by Troy and held at Lake- point Resort in Eufaula. The tournament had 18 teams, which included the likes of Alabama, Florida State, Mis- sissippi State, and Penn State. 96 Golf Mike Griffin _ i Leaves TSU Mike Griffin, coach of NCAA Division II national champion Troy State, was named Director of Golf at Au- burn, according to an an- nouncement by Auburn Ath- letic Director Pat Dye. Griffin, whose Troy State team won the national title, was introduced at Auburn ' s athletic award ' s banquet. " We wanted to go after the best available golf coach in the country, " said Dye, " and we are very fortunate to have a man right here in our area who is everything we could hope to find. Mike is a proven winner. His record indicates that. He holds a Class A PGA card and you can ' t help but be im- pressed with his thorough- ness and his professionalism in everything he does. He will be a great credit not only to our athletic department, but to our community as well. We are very fortunate to have Mike join our staff. " Griffin will be Director of Golf at Auburn, overseeing the men ' s program and wom- en ' s program which will be reinstated as a competitive varsity sport in the fall of 1985. He will also oversee the growth and development of Auburn ' s program, includ- ing a series of summer golf camps. In addition to being head golf coach at Troy, Griffin has also been the head golf pro- fessional at Trojan Oaks Golf Course in Troy. His Troy State teams have won three of the eight NCAA division II championships held. Griffin, a native of Thomas- ville, played competitive golf at Troy State. He graduated in 1970 with a degree in edu- cation. " I ' m very pleased and hap- py to be coming to Auburn, " said Griffin, " and I look for- ward to getting on with the opportunities at Auburn, but this was not an easy deci- sion. Troy has been good to me and to my family over the years. It has become home to me and we will always have some of Troy in our hearts. " From the standpoint of my career, I knew the day would come when I would have to move on to a com- petitive program in Division I, and I am most fortunate to be going to Auburn. Coach Dye is genuinely interested in all sports and his commitment to an overall championship program is one of the key factors that influenced me to make the move. " Auburn has won some SEC champions in the past and there are several Auburn players on the pro tour now. The players at Auburn now give us a good nucleus to start from. I look forward to the challenge of winning championships at Auburn just as we ' ve been fortunate to do at Troy. " Griffin replaced Dr. Antho- ny Dragoin, who coached Auburn ' s golf team on a part- time basis for 25 years. Dra- goin, now teaching fulltime. continues to service the ath- letic department on an advi- sory basis. Mike Griffin 97 tm .ffSI Nr » Sr S? Kg 3 — £L .- - H ' n ¥tl " " T 1 984 TROJANS 1984 LADY TROJANS • x TROJAN TROJAN BASEBALL 1984 ROSTER NO. NAME POS. CL. HOMETOWN NO. NAME POS. CL. HOMETOWN 1 Brian Pinnell 2B SR Pompano, FL 22 Dave Banks 1B JR Leesburg, GA 2 Ed Nix SS 2B JR Foley, AL 24 Jeff Gresham P SR Florence, AL 4 Mark Tallant OF SO Bonaire, GA 26 Mark Floyd P SR Columbus, GA 6 Buck Watford SS JR Pensacola, FL 27 Buddy Austin LF JR Troy, AL 7 Bruce Rowland P JR Headland, AL 28 Eugene Marshall OF FR Peterman, AL 9 Mike Lott P JR Troy, AL 29 John Walker 1B SR Ardmore, AL 10 Jeff Brinson 3B JR Albany, GA 30 Tim Wheat OF JR Laurel, MS 11 Craig North P FR Brentwood, TN 31 Troy Elenz C JR Pensacola, FL 12 Rick Knotts P SR Troy, AL 32 Bart Wiginton C FR Leeds, AL 13 Ray Stephens C JR Charleston, IN 33 Jim Prewitt C JR Columbus, IN 16 Tim Cash P SR Newman, GA 34 Jody Ryan P JR Homosassa, FL 17 Chris Johnson 3B JR Albany, GA 35 Tim Cribb P JR Avon Park, FL 19 John Snipes P SR Warner Robbins, GA 37 Rodney Culbreth P SR Montgomery, AL 20 John Hurst P JR Montgomery, AL 44 Mike Hattaway C SR Mobile, AL 21 Kenny McKnighl OF JR Covington, GA 45 Mike Elmore OF FR Glasgow, KY HEAD COACH: Chase Riddle ASST. COACHES: Mike Russell MANAGER : D. R. Jenkins David Jones 100 Baseball BASEBALL y. M ■ I 52 ry.. , if % - - y - ' . » — ■ " + . ys. - •c ' s i jg5 ■ " J Row Ono: Troy Elenz, Jim Prewttt, Kenny McKnight, Buck Watford, Mike Loft, Ed Nix, Jeff Brinson, Mark Tallant, Brian PinneH. .. Davis. Student Trainer; Rodney Culbreth, Tim Wheat, Chris Johnson, Jody Ryan, Marc Floyd, Buddy Austin, Ray Stephens. John Snipes, Rick Knc Row Threo: D. R. Jenkins, Manager; David Jones, Assistant Coach; Johnny Walker, Mike Elmore, Tim Cash. Mike Hattaway, Craig North. T Dave Banks. John Hurst, Jeff Gresham, Mike Russell, Assistant Coach; Chase Riddle, Head Coach. 101 i • v • • i ' £ . ■ ' 4 J ■ I r 1 J f - v k Is . a fl i ■ -r r - " !T ' « __ -• : - - k m • " _ " fl 102 Baseball Trojans Rebound to Claim Central Region Title Like the mythological Phoenix rose from the ashes of destruction, the Troy State Trojans overcame an error-plagued opening loss to the University of North Alabama Lions to sweep two straight baseball games from those same Lions on the final day of the three-day tourney to claim the Central Region Championship. The Trojans accomplished the near- im- possible as they came from the losers brack to down highly favored North Ala- bama, the team that had put them in the loser ' s bracket with a 2-1 loss earlier in the season, by identical 9-3 scores on the last day of the tournament. " We had a hard row to hoe, " said a jubilant Chase Riddle, Trojan head baseball- coach. " We made it. These kids don ' t know how to quit. We got the momentum, over- came sloppy play to play good. We also got good per- formances from some tired pitchers. " " We ' re very happy and for- tunate to represent this re- gion in California (University of California-Riverside was the site of the NCAA Division II World Series). We started swinging our bats again which is what we needed " , added Riddle. The Lions appeared to be in the driver ' s seat for the tourney as they came in with one of the Gulf South Confer- ence ' s best pitching staffs. As Chase Riddle noted be- fore the tourney started, the team with the best pitching staff has the advantage. The Lions made that hold up the first day of the tourney as they handcuffed the Tro- jan bats enroute to a 2-1 win over the host team. By the tourney ' s end, the Trojans had begun to swing their bats with authority. The end result was two crushing wins over the Lions for the tourney crown and the trip to the World series. The Trojans opened the World Series as they battled the University of New Haven (Conn.), the winners of the Northeast Region. Other teams competing in the World Series were: Flor- ida Southern, winner of the South Region; Columbus (GA) College, winner of the South Atlantic; South Dako- ta State, winner of the Mid West; and the winner of Northridge-Chapman, which will represent the North West Region. The Trojans were well-re- presented on the all-tourna- ment team. Making the team were: Tim Cash, pitcher; Dave Banks, first base; Brian Pinnell, second base; Jeff Brinson, third base; Buddy Austin, left field; and Johnny Walker, designated hitter. Walker was also selected as the tourney MVR 104 Baseball 105 B, | ' y Ml4 A i 1 ' L i The TSU Trojans were alive and well in the NCAA Di- vision II World Series held in Riverside, California. The Trojans took two very tough decisions 5-4 over New Ha- ven and 12-6 over South Da- kota State to move into the winner ' s bracket in the dou- ble elimination tourney. The Trojans used the three-run homer of Dave Banks in the fourth inning and the two-run blast of Johnny Walker in the sixth to overcome the University of New Haven (Connecticut). The contest proved to be a real barnburner as Troy State faced first team All- American pitcher Mike Raczka. Unfortunately for Raczka, a big lefthander known for his breaking ball pitches, he went to his fastball two Pitches too many. Banks and alker unloaded on them and parked them over the fence. New Haven had jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the tr inning only to see Banks ri; his three-run shot in th fourth to put TSU up 3-1 After New Haven closed the gap to 3-2 in the fourth, Walk- er delivered his two run shot in the sixth to move the Tro- jans out to a 5-2 lead. New Haven battled for two runs in the seventh, sending starter Tim Cash to the showers. Reliever Tim Cribb retired seven straight batters In his 2 1 3 innings of work to claim the save and preserve the win for Cash. New Haven managed to get 1 hits off Cash, but good defense and timely double plays kept New Haven from putting together a big inning. Buck Watford, who had been playing great defen- sively In the series, went three for four on the day and was on board for both home runs. In the Second contest of the tourney for the Trojans. TSU jumped out to an early 106 Base: i Trojans Battle to Go 2-4 in World Series 8-0 lead and had to hold off a late South Dakota State rally to claim a 12-6 win and move into Monday ' s contest with number one ranked Florida Southern. Starter Rickey Knotts, after yielding one hit in the I until the nth inning. The Inning turned out to be a for Knotts and his Tr teammates. SDS ' s Daryl Denneke sin- Consecutive errors by Jeff Brinson and Brian Pin- " iim to score Re- gaining his composure, Knotts Tanned the next I ter he faced, only to walk the next man to load the Co; ed John e-n He v. a three run After getting the next man out Snipes voided an RBI- double to Tim Johnson u the lead to 8-6. Enter Tim Cribb for his second apf • m as many da yielded one single before set- down t Th fp«;t Kit I as Dave Banks over the 380-foot mark for ney. Walker ases he ith mg t in the d game : n II tide, California BaseDei , m i .. ■ ADMINISTRATION President Adams 110 Board of Trustees 112 Vice Presidents 116 Administration 118 College of Arts Sciences 1 24 School of Education 128 Sorrell School of Business 130 School of Fine Arts 1 32 School of Nursing 134 Hall School of Journalism 136 College of Special Programs 142 ADMINISTRATION Jeff Johnston Staff: Leslie Carroll Auburn Foreman Holly Rousseau Photographers: Donny Bowling Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy John Ranson Section Editor Administrator! 109 - . iMlIiBfffii PRESIDENT Ralph Wyatt Adams Dr. Ralph W. Adams was elected president of Troy State University by the State Board of Education on Au- gust 3, 1964. At the time, Troy State was a small state supported institute with bare- ly 2,000 students. Today, it is a multi-national University with more than 12,000 stu- dents attending classes on campuses located in Ala- bama, Florida, Georgia, and Europe. A native of Samson, Ala- bama, Adams holds earned Photogripny oy Bowling degrees from Birmingham- Southern and the University of Alabama He also did ex- tensive post-graduate work at the University of Colorado and George Washington Uni- versity. In education circles, he is known as an innovator. His " university without walls ' concept of taking education to the people has been en- vied and emulated through- out the nation. In academics alone, when Dr. Adams became presi- dent, Troy State was offering its students an opportunity to earn degrees in only four areas of study. Today, it is possible to earn degrees in forty-eight areas of study. Dr. Adams married his wife, Dorothy Kelly, in Sep- tember 1942. Mrs. Adams re- ceived her A.B. degree from the University of Alabama and her M.S. degree from Troy State University in 1971. Mrs. Adams is current- ly an Instructor of English at Troy State. Mrs. Adams is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi. Mor- tar Board, and is a Honorary Miss T.S.U. Both Dr. Mrs. Adams attended the English Speaking Union Summer School at Jesus College- Oxford University in Oxford England during the summer of 1983 Dr. Adams and his wife. Dorothy, have three children. Ralph Wyatt. Jr Kelly Cle- ments (Mrs James B Allen Jr.) and Samuel. Adams 111 TSU BOARD OF TRUSTEES Board of Trustees members are Mr. Charles B. Martin, Mr. C. J. Hartley, Mr. John lea- gue, Mr. Robert T. Wilson, Mr. Wallace D. Malone, Dr. Ralph, W. Adams, Mr. Joey James, and Dr. R. Douglas Hawkins. Members not pic- tured: Gov. George C. Wal- lace, Dr. Harold R. Collins, Mr. Robert Kelly, Dr. Wayne Teague, and Mr. Jack Wal- lace. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE » i ' A rVvS ' xf ■ i 1 ' V TBB f: ROBERT E. KELLY Mr. Robert E. Kelly of Montgom- ery is Executive Vice-President of the Union Bank and Trust Company. He is an attorney with a doctor of jurisprudence degree from the University of Alabama. He serves as a Mem- ber of the Board of the Alabama Heart Association. WALLACE D. MALONE Mr. Wallace Malone of Birming- ham is Chairman and Chief Ex- ecutive Officer of SouthTrust Corporation. The Dothan native is a Trustee and member of the Executive Committee of Sam- ford University. Mr. Malone is also active in the various civic associations of Birmingham. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Troy State University Foundation Board, he serves as President Pro Tern of the Board of Trustees. JOHN A. TEAGUE State Senator John A. Teague is a Sales Representative for American La France and Quality Manufacturing from Childers- burg. In the State Senate he serves as President Pro Tern. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Cheaha Men- tal Health Center and Director of the Alabama Motorsports Hall of Fame. 112 Board of Trustees GOVERNOR GEORGE C. WALLACE A native of Clio, Alabama, Governor Wallace graduated from the University of Alabama with a law degree in 1942. Since that time, Wallace has been an assistant Attorney General, a member of the Legislature, a Judge. » a candidate for the Presidency, and Governor of the State of Alabama. By virtue of his office, he serves as President of the Troy State University Board of Trust- ees. HAROLD R. COLLINS Dr. Harold Collins from Mobile, Alabama graduated from Troy State University. He then continued his education and obtained his master s and doctor s degrees from the University of Alabama. A former Superintendent of the Mobile Board of School Commissioners, he is now serving as a consultant in finance and education. C. J. HARTLEY Mr. C. J. Hartley of Tuscaloosa is a graduate of the University of Alabama. A leading merchant in Tusca- loosa, he was elected Man of the Year in 1967 by the Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Board and serves on the executive committee. Mr Hartley serves on the advisory board of Shelton State Technical School and Shelton State Community College. Mr. Hart- ley is a member of the Board of Directors of AmSouth Bank, Tuscaloosa. Alabama. CONTINUED ON PAGE 114 Board of Trustees 113 R. DOUGLAS HAWKINS Dr. Douglas Hawkins, a veterinarian from T roy, graduat- ed from Auburn University. A former President of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, he was named Troy Man of the Year in 1978. He serves as a Director of the Pike Museum, T.S.U. Foundation, and Troy Bank and Trust. He represents the Board of Trustee on the T.S.U. Publi- cations Board and the Athletic Planning Committee. CHARLES B. MARTIN A research engineer from Decatur Alabama, Charles B. Martin is the newest member of the TSU Board of Trust- ees. He is presently a member of the Alabama House of Representatives. Mr. Martin is quite active in his com- munity and was voted " Who ' s Who in Politics in the South and Southwest — 1980-81 " . He was also select- ed to " Personalities of the South — 1982-83. " WAYNE TEAGUE Dr. Wayne Teague, a native of Cullman, is a graduate of Auburn. He has held various educational supervisory positions throughout his career and is presently serving as State Superintendent of Education. He is a member of various civic clubs and was named Alabama Educa- tor of the Year in 1 975 by Kappa Phi Kappa Honor Soci- ety. JACK W. WALLACE Circuit Judge Jack W. Wallace of Clayton, is a graduate of the University of Alabama and the University of Ala- bama Law School. ROBERT T. WILSON Mr. Robert T. Wilson, former state senator from Jasper and one of the state ' s leading attorneys, is also one of the major powers in Alabama politics and a key figure in the support of higher education in the state. JOEY K. JAMES President of the Student Government Association, Joey James serves as the student representative to the Board of Trustees. Joey is a senior graduating in spring 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He is from Florence, Alabama. Portraits provided by Mr. Woodi Ishmael from the Troy State Art Department. 114 Board of Trustees Executive Committee Dr. James D.C. Robinson, Executive Vice President; Dr. Ralph Wyatt Adams, President; Dr. Edward Barnett, Vice Presi- dent for Academic Affairs; Dr. Robert Paul, Vice Presi- dent for Dothan Ft. Rucker. Row Two: Bill Buchan- non, Director Public Relations; Dr. Gene Elrod, Vice President TSUM; Ms. Jean Mary, Sec- retary; Mr. Don Gibson, Vice President for Student Affairs; and Mr. T. E. Peeks, Vice President for Finan- cial Affairs. Executive Committee 115 Right: Dr. James D.C. Robi- son, Executive Vice Presi- dent. Bottom Left: Mr. Donald J. Gibson, Vice President for Student Affairs. Bottom Right: Dr. Edward Barnett, Vice President for Academic Affairs. Opposite Page: Top Left: Mr. Edward Peeks, Vice President for Fi- nancial Affairs. Top Right: Dr. Fredrick Stewart, Director, Institu- tional Research and Grants Administration. Bottom Left: Mr. Kenneth Croslin, Director of Universi- ty Libraries. Bottom Right: Mr. Robert Williford, Dean of Student Af- fairs. 116 Vice Presidents Vk» Presidents 117 Mr. Bill W. Buchannon Director of Public Relations and Information Mr. Walter K. Henigan Director of Development TSU Foundations Mr. Dale Moseley Director of Communication Services Mr. James F. Williams Director of Veterans Services Mr. Robert E. Stewart Athletic Director Mr. Walter E. Sullivan Director of Academic Records Ms. Joyce G. Law Asst. Director of Academic Records Ms. Louise S. Goforth Assistant Registrar Ms. Ethal Sanders Assoc. Director of Library Services 118 Administration Mr. Rick Sandretto Director of Enrollment Services Mr. William N. Conway Asst. Director of Admissions Dr. Angela C. Rolling Director of Title ill Project Mr. Sherrel L. Bees Director, Counseling Career Development Center Mr. Jefferson G. Golden Director of Financial Aid Mr. Alan C. Boothe Chief of Campus Security Assoc Dir of Fin Aid Mr. Carl Precise Assoc. Director of Financial Aid Mr. James V. Bradsher Assoc. Director of Fmancia 1 Aid Mr. Charles Lee Director of Purchasing Inventory Control Textbook Center Administration 119 Ms. Carolyn H. Gibson Director of Placement Services Ms. Joyce R. Griffin Director University Housing Panhellenic Advisor Mr. Larry R. Popwell Coordinator of Men ' s Residence and Interfraternity Advisor Mr. Ronald I. Pierce Director of Adams University Center and Conference Services, Advisor to Student Organizations Mr. David Cambell Asst. Director of Adams University Center Ms. Dale Law Chief Accountant Mr. Jimmie Clark Director of Data Processing Mr. Don Jeffrey Director of Natatorium Mr. Ton Ensey Sports Information Director 120 Administration Ms. Erma Blair Postmistress Ms. Evelyn Price Asst. Postmistress Mr. Joe Johnson Director of Publications Ms. Susan Crews Admission Counselor Mr. Van English Admission Counselor Ms. Alice Perrigin Counselor ■ I ' J Ms. Nellie Smith Counselor Mr. Melton A. Carter Director of Physical Plant Mr. Frank W. Hurley Asst Director of Physical Plant Administration 121 Top Left: Library Staff: Row One: Patricia Porter, Martha Stewart, and Karen Simpson. Row Two: Betty Chancellor, Nell Bassett, Hubert Conner, and Theresa Trawick. Top Center: Campus Security: Ronnie Norris, Lt. Leon Bradley, Bobby Tew, and Sgt. Ervin Ander- son. Top Right: WTSU-FM: Row One: Quinton Scott, Mary Barnett, and Bruce Mims. Row Two: Val Cunning- ham, John McVay, Steve Holmes, and John Brunson. Not Pictured: Terry Stanton and Dwight Cleve- land, Director of Broadcast Ser- vices. Bottom Right: WTSU-TV; Channel 5: Henry Roddam, Assistant Pro- gram Director; Andy Finley, News Di- rector; Jeff May, News Producer; and James Clower, Program Direc- tor. University Store Staff: Margene Armstrong, Evelyn Owens, Margie Prescott, Mary Mosely, Diane Bark- er, Marie Adams, and Patricia Reeves, Manager. 122 Administration Health Center Staff: Gwen Mar- tin. Gloria Creek. Director. Health Center. Karen Richardson. iton 123 College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences devotes itself to the cultivation of ideas, indepen- dent thinking, and reason- able, critical judgements. Through a knowledge of both past and contemporary thought, it promotes appre- ciation for the achievements of mankind. Finally, it seeks to encourage a spirit of un- derstanding and tolerance toward greater and more in- formed participation in a democratic society. Right: Dr. John M. Long is Director of Bands, Professor of Music, and Dean of the College of Arts and Sci- ences at Troy State University. He is a Member of the American Band- masters Association and was se- lected one of the Ten Outstanding Band Directors in the United States and Canada in 1969 by The School Musician Magazine. In 1 975 the Troy State University Board of Trustees and the Alabama Legislature named the new band building on campus the John Maloy Long Hall. In 1 977 he received the national award, the Dis- tinguished Service to Music Medal at the National Convention of the Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity at Atlanta, Georgia, He also was the first active Alabama Bandmaster to be elected to the Alabama Band- masters Hall of Fame in 1 977. He is a well known civic and veteran leader, Dr. John Long Dean Dr. J. A. Carroll Associate Dean The College of Arts and Sciences is divided into sev- en departments: Aerospace, Biology, Physical Science, Criminal Justice, Mathemat- ics, English and Foreign Lan- guages, and History and So- cial Sciences. The Chairmen of the departments are: Lt. Col. Bruce Wallace, Dr. Rob- ert Dietz, Dr. Edward Ward, Mr. Glynn Eiland, Mr. James O ' Neal, Mr. Fred Davis, and Dr. Curtis Porter. having served as president of the School Board, president of the Chamber of Commerce, president of the Rotary Club, commander of Vet- erans of Foreign Wars — Post 96, and is currently in his second term as a member of the Alabama State His- torical Commission. Dr. Long has served throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe as a guest conductor, clinician, speaker, and adjudicator. Bottom Right: Dr. J. A. Carroll is the Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences and Distinguished Profes- sor of History. He is the winner of a Pulitzer Prize for a biographical vol- ume on George Washington. He was a founder of the Western History As- sociation, and he also has been the founding editor of a historical quar- terly. 124 College of Arts Sciences Lett Department of Aerospace Studies Lt Col Bruce A Wallace. Cpt Robert Duttell. Cpt William E Blocker. Sgt Duane Dean. Sgt An- thony Lynn. Sgt George E White, and Cpt Bobbie L Tott Bottom Dept ot Biological Sci- ences Row On«: Dr Donald Bar ras Mrs Kathy Grant Dr Danice Costes. Ms Teresa Kelly, and Meiba Adams. Secretary Row Two: Dr James Wilks Dr Robert Diet Chairman. Mr Gary Furman. Dr Raymond Kisner Dr Wayne Adams and Dr Robert Tucker College ot Arts 4 Sconces 125 126 College of Arts Sciences Opposite Page Top Department of English and Foreign Lan- guages: Row One Ms Suzanne Dean. Dr Gertrude Schroeder. Ms Mary Hilyer. Ms Elizabeth Dalnm- ple. Ms Faye Senn. Ms Dorthy Ad- ams. Dr Emma Norns and Ms Eli- nor Lee Row Two Ms Cordeia Gray. Mr James Sherry. Dr Peter Howard. Mr William Hicks. Mr Theron Montgomery. Mr Andrew Jackson. Mr Frederick Hetdemann. Mr Fred Davis. Chairman, and Ms Carol Adams Not pictured Rose- mary Canlield. Deborah ChappeN Opposite Page Bottom Depart- ment of History and Social Sci- ence: Row One Dr Duane Tway. Dr John Bowling. Dr Milton McPherson. Mr Earl Smith, and Dr Robert Pullen Row Two Dr Curtis Porter. Chairman. Dr Robert Knott. Dr Norma Mitchell. Dr Joseph Mitchell. Mr Grady Post. Dr Brooks Thompson, and William Welch Not pictured Dr J A Carroll. Dr Nicho- las D Andrea. Mr Pat Hams. Dr An- thony Kubek. Frank Lovench. Mary Mathis. Gov John Patt Perry Scruggs Above Depart- ment of Physical Science: Dr John Muller. Dr Billy Norman Dr B J Bateman.Mr Eugene Omasta. Dr Magdalena Wojoechowsha. Dr Ed- ward Ward. Chairman, and Mr Ed- ward Kantor LpM Department of Mathematics: ' Dr Lou Distito. Mr Cha ' es " . Mr James O Neai Mr John Lee Not : Conner. Ms Joyce G Pullen and Mr James r - CoNege of Arts Sciences 127 School of Education Dr. James Kimbrough Dean Dr. James D. Kimbrough is Dean of the School of Education and Chairman of the Department of Edu- cation at Troy State University. Prior to joining the TSU faculty in June 1972, he served as public school teacher and administrator in Geor- gia and Alabama. Dr. Kimbrough has held several leadership positions in a number of professional organiza- tions. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Trustees for the South- ern Association of Colleges and Schools, President of the Alabama Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, member of the State Education Advisory Committee, Ex- ecutive Secretary of the Troy Chap- ter of Phi Delta Kappa, and treasurer of the Troy chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. In addition, he serves as faculty advisor for Lambda Chi Alpha social fraternity. The School of Education is organized into four depart- ments: Education, Psycholo- gy, Health, Physical Educa- tion, and Recreation, and Hu- man Services. Programs offered in the Department of Education include Early Childhood Education, Ele- mentary Education, Secon- dary Education, and Nurs- ery-Secondary Education in art, health education, phys- ical education, and special education. Programs offered in the Department of Psy- chology include a major and a minor in psychology and combined majors in psychol- ogy and marketing and psy- chology and management. The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Re- creation offers teacher edu- cation majors in health and physical education, a non- teaching major-minor in health, physical education, and recreation, and non- teaching minors in dance and recreation. Programs offered in the Department of Human Services include a major and a minor in social and rehabili- tation services and majors in rehabilitation and social work. Dr. James D. Kimbrough serves as Dean of the School of Education and Chairman of the Department of Educa- tion. Other administrators in the Department of Education include Dr. Joavenell McCoy (Early Childhood Education Coordinator), Dr. Robert McCombs (Elementary Edu- cation Coordinator), Dr. Ralph Erickson (Secondary K-12 Education Coordina- tor), and Mrs. Virginia Wat- son (Director of Professional Laboratory Experiences). Dr. Anna Smith serves as Chair- person of the Department of Psychology; Dr. Gene Han- son serves as Chairman of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Re- creation; and Mr. Joe Har- rington serves as Chairman of the Department of Human Services. 128 School of Education Right Department of Education Row One Dr James D Kimbrough Chairman. Dr James Philpot. Dr JoaveneM McCoy. Dr Linda Harvey. Ms Joyce Weiss, and Dr Hazel Mar- sicano Row Two Ms Virginia Wat- son. Dr Patricia Hardin. Dr Forrest Petry. Mr Robert Evans Dr Ralph Enckson. and Dr Robert McCombs Below Left Department of Psy- chology: Row One Dr Rufus Hughes. Mr Pat Anderson, and Dr Stanley Echols Row Two Dr Anna Smith. Chairperson, and Dr James Dwyer Not pictured is Mr James Brantley Bottom Right Depart- ment of Human Services: Mr Tony Walker. Ms Charlene Nelson. Secretary. Mr Charles Whitson. and Mr Joseph Harington. Chairman Opposite Page Bottom Right De- partment of Health and Phys- ical Education: Row One Mr Ni- cholas Costes. Ms Kathy Flynn. and Ms. Joan Newman Row Two Dr Gene Hanson. Chairman. Mr John Archer, and Don Jeflery Not pic- tured is Dr Patricia Allison School of Education 129 Sorrell School of Business and Commerce I Dr. Wayne C. Curtis Dean Dr. Felix Livingston Asst. Dean For many years, The Sor- rell School of Business and Commerce was known as the Business Department — a carryover from the period when the University was Troy State Teachers College. In 1971, the School of Busi- ness and Commerce was for- mally established. Ten years later in June 1981 , the Sorrell School of Business and Commerce came into being. The school was named in honor of the late Jeff Sorrell, a prominent local business- man who bequeathed the University, particularly the School of Business and Commerce, a substantial sum upon his death. The basic objective of the Sorrell School of Business and Commerce, comprising over one-third of the total en- rollment of the University, is to provide the best possible education for students — a quality education to enable them to become more pro- ductive and better citizens. Personal attention is empha- sized; each student has an academic advisor from the School of Business and Commerce. Further, the educational philosophy of the school is strongly embedded in the free enterprise approach to business. The American po- litical system with its demo- cratic ideals, its emphasis upon individualism, and its reliance upon people has been supported by the Sor- rell School of Business and Commerce and by the pri- vate enterprise system. Above: Dr. Wayne Curtis is Dean of the Sorrell School of Business and Commerce and Professor of Eco- nomics. Active in university-wide af- fairs, Dr. Curtis chairs two commit- tees — Academic Review Commit- tee and Institutional Evaluation Committee. He is an Active member of Phi Kappa Phi and Omicron Delta Kappa. Dr. Curtis is a leader in civic orga- nizations and community and state affairs. He has served as a Director for the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and financial consultant for the Pike County School Board. In 1983, he was named chairman of the Joint University chairman of the Joint University Research Team to Study Reorganization of the Ala- bama Public Service Commission. He has served as an expert witness in court cases involving economics and statistics since 1971. Dr. Curtis is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. Recently he had two books pub- lished — Microeconomics Concepts for Attorneys: A Reference Guide and Statistical Concepts for Attor- neys: A Reference Guide — and is currently writing a microeconomics text book. Dr. Curtis received his B.S. degree from Auburn University, graduating summa cum laude. He continued his education at Auburn, receiving his M.S. degree in economics. Dr. Curtis received his Ph.D. degree from Mis- sissippi State University. During the 1983-84 school year, Dr. Livingston wrote and presented papers at the Southern Economic Association Meeting in Washington, D.C., the Mid-South Academy of Economist ' s Meeting in Little Rock Arkansas, the Small Business Insti- tute Director ' s Association Region IV Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Small Business Institute Di- rector ' s Association National Con- ference in Washington, D.C. For the fourth year Dr. Livingston prepared and presented a daily program " Business and Economic Commen- tary " which is broadcast on WTSU- FM, Troy State ' s 100,000 Watt Na- tional Public Radio affiliate. Dr. Liv- ingston also appeared monthly on the WTSU-TV program, " Views and Interviews. " During the past year Dr. Livingston spoke before four civic and professional groups in Dothan, Montgomery and Troy. In addition to teaching responsibilities Dr. Living- ston acts as faculty advisor for Phi Gamma Nu, Professional Business Fraternity and Lambda Chi Alpha. 130 Sorrell School of Business and Commerce 5 iMs -S Upper Left Department of Ac- counting and Business Law: Row One: Mr Robert Palmer, Chair- man. Row Two: Mr George Miner. Mr Daniel Rabinwoitz. and Mr Rob- ert Stewart Row Three Dr. Ira Pyron, Mr Eugene Sherman, and Mr. Calvin Grant. Not pictured Mr Nick Cevera Upper Right Depart- ment of Marketing, and Eco- nomics: Row One: Dr Steve Gar- rott. Row Two: Mr Charles Thomp- son, Or Fred Cam. and Dr Robert Sanders Row Three Dr GT Stew- art. Chairman. Dr Rhae Swisher. Dr Frederick Viohl Not pictured Mr Joe Creek and Dr Felix Livingston Lett Department of Computer Sci- ence and Quantitative Meth- ods; Row One Ms Cynthia Jacobs Row Two Mr Leroy Walton, and Mr Michael Lewis Row Three Mr Jerry Hattaway. Chairman. Ms Hester Miner. Mr Clifford Callis. and Dr Wil- liam Smith Above Department of Business Education: Dr Eva Carr. Chairman. Ms Helen Lever- ette. Mr Billy Walters, and M? cilia Garrott Sorreii Schooi of Business 131 Dr. John Long Dean Dr. David Eisler School of Fine Arts Assistant Dean Founded in 1871 with the divisions of music, visual arts, and speech dramatic arts, the Troy State Universi- ty School of Fine Arts is de- signed to stimulate academic and artistic excellence within a liberal art setting. The School of Fine Arts rein- forces the overall objectives of the university and places particular emphasis on de- veloping in students an in- creasing appreciation and enjoyment of the arts as a medium of rich personal satisfaction by providing a variety of experiences based on needs, interests and ca- pacities. The school provides an op- portunity for the entire stu- Top Right: Dr. John M. Long is Direc- tor of Bands, Professor of Music and Dean of the College of Arts and Sci- ences at Troy State University. He is a member of the American Band- masters Association and was se- lected one of the Ten Outstanding Band Directors in the United States and Canada in 1969 by The School Musician Magazine. In 1977 he re- ceived the national award, the Dis- tinguished Service to Music Medal of the Kappa Kappa Psi Band Frater- nity. He also was the first active Ala- bama Bandmaster to be elected to the Alabama Bandmasters Hall of Fame in 1977. He is a well known Alabama civic leader, having served as president of the School board, president of the Chamber of Com- merce, president of the Rotary Club, commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars — Post 96, and is currently in his second term as a member of the Alabama State Historical Commis- dent body to experience the richness of our cultural heri- tage through concerts per- formed by members of the " Sound of the South " Band, operas, operettas and musi- cal comedy performed by Opera Workshop partici- pants, visual arts exhibits sponsored by the Depart- ment of Arts and Classics, and a broad range of dramat- ic literature brought to life on the stage by the University Playmakers. sion. Dr. Long has served through- out the United States, Mexico and Europe as guest conductor, clini- cian, speaker, and adjudicator. Bot- tom Right: David L. Eisler joined the TSU music faculty in 1975. He holds the Bachelor of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees from the University of Michigan. His Mas- ter of Music degree is from Yale Uni- versity. Appointed Assistant Dean of the School of Fine Arts in 1982, he also serves as Coordinator of Instru- mental Music and Director of Gradu- ate Studies in Music. He is the Ex- ecutive Director of the Southeastern United States Concert Band Clinic held each year on the Troy campus. Dr. Eisler is the former solo clarinet- ist with the Michigan Symphony Band, the National Intercollegiate Band, and the McDonald ' s All Amer- ica Band. Dr. Eisler is an active adju- dicator, clinician and soloist. 132 School of Fine Arts Top Left: Department of Art and Classics: Row One: Mr Woodi Ish- mael. Mr Mark Brewton. Mrs Patri- cia Duke, and Mr William Lower, Co- Chairman Row Two: Mr. Edwin Walters. Dr. Robert Stampfh. Co- Chairman; and Mr Sergi Shillabeer Top Right: Department o Speech and Drama Row One: Ms Judith Lewis and Dr David Dye. Chairman Row Two: Mr Thomas Smiley. Bottom Right Department of Music Row One: Carol McCoy. Mary Col- lier. Mrs Jean Barr. and Mr James Wadowick Row Two: Dr David Eisler. Dr Carl Vollrath. Mr Sam Fre- drick. Mr James Mahaffey. and Mr Norman Brooks Not pictured Dr William Demson. Assistant Chair- man and Mr Phillip Kelley School of Fine Arts 133 School of Nursing Dr. Patricia Stark, Dean Dr. Jean Mann, Associate Dean The Troy State School of Nursing, under the adminis- tration of Dr. Patricia L. Stark, Professor of Nursing and Dean, School of Nursing, is a multi-dimensional sys- tem of nursing education with various units, giving the student an option in type and location of program. The units are: Associate of Sci- ence in Nursing Degree pro- gram and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree program in Troy with out- reach courses in Montgom- ery, Dothan, and Phenix City. In addition to beginning freshmen, both programs of- fer advanced placement op- portunities for LPN ' s and RN ' s as well as for transfer students. The newest unit is the Master of Science in Nursing Program in Mont- gomery. The selection of the pro- gram is based on individual needs. Persons who select the Associate of Science in Nursing Program may com- plete the course of studies in seven sequential quarters and begin the practice of nursing. For associate de- gree nurses, who wish, edu- cational mobility opportuni- ties are available which lead to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Learners who elect to pur- sue the basic Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing proceed from a foundation of science and arts which lead to practice in a variety of pro- fessional settings. The Bach- elor of Science in Nursing De- gree also prepares the grad- uate for opportunities to pursue graduate education. Graduates of the Association and Bachelor ' s Degree Pro- grams are eligible to apply to write the State Board of Nursing Examination to be- come registered nurses. The Troy State University School of Nursing utilizes a variety of clinical facilities for learn- ing experiences. Hospitals, clinics, nursery schools, health departments and nursing homes are examples of agencies where students practice. Students in the School of Nursing participate in extra curricular activities on cam- pus. In addition, nursing stu- dents are involved in many community service projects such as health fairs, blood pressure screening clinics, blood drives, and disaster drills. n i « - £ Top Right: Dr. Patricia L Starck serves as TSU ' s Dean, School of Nursing. She graduated from Geor- gia Southwestern College with an associate in nursing and then contin- ued her education, completing her doctorate at the University of Ala- bama in Birmingham. In addition, Starck has written articles for such publications as Nursing Outlook and is currently on the American Rural Association Research Committee. In 1984 Dr. Starck participated in tours of the Soviet Union and Spain as an educational leader for Profes- sional Seminar Consultants, Inc. Bottom Right: Dr. Jean B. Mann is Associate Dean of the Associate De- gree Program and Associate Profes- sor of the School of Nursing. Dr. Mann joined the TSU staff in 1975. Prior to that time, she was in the Nursing Educational Administration in Northern Michigan. Dr. Mann holds the BSN, MSN, Ed.B, and Ed.D degrees. She is an honorary member of Gamma Beta Phi, mem- ber of the Auburn Nurses Honor So- ciety and is to be listed in the Who ' s Who in Contemporary Nursing. In 1982 Dr. Mann was appointed by the governor to the State of Alabama Board of Nursing on which she now serves as President. 134 School of Nursing Above: School of Nursing n Troy Dothan. and Phenix City Row one: Brenda McAvoy. Connie Webb. Don- na Bedsole. Alice Deal. Mary Weaver. Dr Patricia Starck Row Two: Dorothy Holland. Nancy Pat- terson. Ellen Webber Sandy Witt Claudia Price. Charlotte Koehier Row Three: Mernanne Douglass Betty Russell. Jean Bachman Anne Boothe. Brenda Riley. Sandra Fana Bottom Left: School of Nursing m Montgome r Row One: Dr Char- lene Schwab. Dr Tom Kneger Dr Jean Mann. Gerard Chamberiand Row Two Larry Silcox. Lillian Wise. Joanne Dowdell. Kay Fowler. Pegge Bell. Laura Hart. Venus Scann. Lo«s Hewlett. Sandra Donovan Row Three: Judith Cooper. Nancy Wilkin- son, Billie Scott. Lynn Norman. Ka- ren Warren Kathy Gaston. Dawn Reynolds. Denise Cailens. Sandra Stevenson School of Nursing 135 Hall School of Journalism Mr. Merrill Bankester Dean The School of Journalism is the youngest school on the TSU main campus with a be- ginning in 1972. But, it is the fastest growing journalism school in the State of Ala- bama with over 200 majors registered in the Fall of 1983. The school offers two areas of concentration, news-editorial and broad- casting. Broadcasting courses were offered for the first time in 1975 and now students produce their own nightly news show as well as other shows at a fully equipped campus Television station. Students in the journalism program have the opportuni- ty to train at the campus tele- vision station as well as on the campus newspaper which is a weekly newspa- per, and the school ' s year- book. A vital part of the journal- ism major is an internship program which is required of all students. The student must spend one quarter dur- ing his or her senior year at a newspaper, television or ra- dio station, or public rela- tions office. As an additional aid to the student ' s education, the School of Journalism spon- sors a symposium each spring whereby outstanding and nationally recognized journalists come to the cam- pus to participate in semi- nars. Also, an endowed Chair of Journalism was es- tablished in 1980, thus, giv- ing the students another means of contact with those in the profession. In order to involve stu- dents more with the field of journalism, a chapter of the Society of Professional Jour- nalists, Sigma Delta Chi, was established in 1975, and a chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, the National Broadcast- ing Society, was chartered in 1981 . The three full-time fac- ulty members all had several It y years of experience in the profession before getting into the world of academia. Stephen Cobb came to Troy State in the fall of 1 980 as an assistant professor of broad- casting. James Joseph is the newest member of the Jour- nalism faculty bringing 35 years experience in the newspaper field. Mr. Joseph came to Troy State in Sep- tember, 1983, from the Cin- cinnati Enquirer where he held the position of copy edi- tor for the past five years. Top right: Merrill Bankester became the Dean of the Hall School of Jour- nalism in June, 1981. He came to Troy State in 1979 from Memphis State University. Prior to getting into teaching, Mr. Bankester spent nine years in the newspaper profession in Alabama and Florida. He is a mem- ber of the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, and deputy director for the State of Ala- bama. He was a panelist at the SPJ, SDX national convention in Colum- bus, Ohio, in 1981. Bottom Left: Journalism in structors include Steven Cobb, Merrill Ban- kester and James Joseph. Graduate School - v " % « ■ «1 I ) I I V Dr. Rudi Argenti, Dean Authorized by the State Board of Education, Troy State University, then known as Troy State College, of- fered its first master ' s degree program in 1957 and award- ed the first master ' s degree in education in 1958. Since that time Troy State Univer- sity System has continued to meet the needs of its gradu- ate students and now the Graduate School offers ad- vanced degrees in the areas of Education, Business and Commerce, and the Arts and Sciences. The Graduate School of Troy State University Sys- tem is under the supervision of the Graduate Council. The Council is organized to pro- vide for a systematic exami- nation, approval and continu- ous evaluation of all curricu- lar offerings and degree requirements. All policies and regulations affecting graduate curricular and de- gree programs are formulat- ed by the Graduate Council. «■ =■£93= ' Graduate students must recognize that graduate level work differs appreciably from that of many undergraduate programs. While the under- graduate student often finds that his course of study re- quires that he pass a definite number of courses that are part of a specific and rather inflexable curriculum, the graduate student finds that his program is geared to meeting certain criteria. All regulations governing the Graduate School are de- signed to equal or exceed the minimum standards recom- mended by the Commission of Colleges and Universities of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; the State Board of Education, and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. All regulations re- garding admission, retention and completion are minimum and departments, schools, and colleges may prescribe more stringent requirements. Upper Left: Dr. Rudolph Argenti is Dean of the Graduate School and Di- rector of University Planning and As- sessment. In 1978 he was appointed to the position of Dean after holding the dual position of Chairman of the Department of Health and Physical Education and Director of the Grad- uate Division for seven years. Dr. Ar- genti came to Troy State in 1962 as an instructor. In 1966 he received a National Teaching Fellowship to the University of Tennessee and com- pleted his doctorate in 1968. Shortly after returning to Troy State. Dr. Ad- ams appointed him Chairman of the Department of Health and Physical Education. During his tenure at Troy State, he served on numerous local and statewide committees to im- prove teacher education. He hat served as president of the Kiwanis Club and is a member of the Board of Directors for Alabama Special Olym- pics. Right. Graduate Council: Row Ones Dr. Rudi Argenti. Dr. G. T. Stewart. Dr. Bill Smith. Dr. FaHx Livingston, and Dr. David Ba ler . Linda Harvey. Dr. Stanley Echols, Or. Gertrude Schroeder. Ma. Donna Dadaole. and Dr. Curtis Porter. Graduate School 137 TSU in Montgomery Dr. Kline Johnson Dean of Students and Director of Graduate Administration Dr. Gene Elrod Vice President Mr. Chris Summers Chairman, Department of Education Mrs. Helen Bern Director of Public Information I Dr. Dale Martin Chairman, Counseling and Human Development Dr. Gordon Pick ler Chairman, Arts and Social Sciences 138 Montgomery ■ Y ; Dr Martha L. Johnson Academic Dean Dr. Luck Watford Chairman of Math and Computer and Information Science 1 If Jack Joseph Director of Administrative Operations Donald Threlkeld Director of Intitution Research Dennis Gibson Acting Chairman of Business Department Walt Edmonds Business Manager Montgomery 139 TSU in Dothan Ft. Rucker Robert M. Paul Vice President R. Nolan Williams Dean, Student Services Dr. Robert E. Wilkinson Dean of Business Frank Walker, Director of University Libraries, and Dr. Marjorie C. Kirkland, Dean of Education Psychology. 140 Dothan Ft. Rucker Kenneth R Shuler Director of University Relations Gaye Peacock Director of Ft Rucker Dr Lester D Stewart Director of Alumni Affairs Richard Arthur Director of Financial Affairs DothanFt Rocket 141 College of Special Programs The College of Special Programs was organized Au- gust 1, 1981. It is comprised of four directorates: Applied Sciences, Continuing Educa- tion, Cross Disciplinary Courses, and Educational Services. The largest task of the College is the administra- tion of the Off-Campus Brances of TSU at Bay Min- ette and Phenix City, Ala- bama; Ft. Benning and Moody Air Force Base, Geor- gia, the Florida Region Incor- porated and thirty US mili- tary locations in Europe. In the Fall of 1983 there were approximately 4,500 students enrolled in the Col- lege of Special Programs. These students are usually older than Main Campus stu- dents and m ost have full time occupations outside their classrooms. Their classes are usually held at night and other off-duty hours. The most common academic pro- grams are business adminis- tration, management, ap- plied science, international relations, personnel man- agement, criminal justice and counseling and human devel- opment. The Main Campus person- nel in the College of Special Programs are Dr. Nolan C. Hatcher, Dean, Mrs. Barbara David, and Dr. Fredrick Stew- art. Above: Dr. Nolan C. Hatcher is Dean of the College of Special Pro- grams, Director of Continuing Edu- cation and Cross-Disciplinary Courses, and Coordinator of Coun- seling and Human Development. He retired from the US Air Force in 1967 where he served as a commander and senior Staff Officer and held the rating of command pilot. Before en- tering the service he was an elemen- tary school teacher and a high sc hool band director in Texas. He received his B.A. degree in Mu- sic and History from Abilene Chris- tian College, his Masters of Educa- tion degree from the University of Oklahoma, and his Doctorate of Education from Auburn University. He taught psychological founda- tions of education at Auburn Univer- sity prior to joining Troy State Uni- versity in Europe in 1974 as an As- sistant Professor. After serving as Coordinator for TSU — Europe in 1977-78, he was added to the staff on the Main Cam- pus. He has been a member of Psi Chi, Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Arnold Air So- ciety and the Rotary Club. At TSU he serves as Foreign Student Advisor and Advisor to the International Stu- dents Cultural Organization (ISCO). Right: Barbara R. David is Director of the Office of Educational Service. She has served as Assistant Regis- trar for the home campus and Regis- trar Director of Admissions for TSU — Europe prior to her present posi- tion. Mrs. David Monitors admissions and record activities for students en- rolled with the off-campus locations under the College of Special Pro- grams and advises former TSU stu- dents completing degree require- ments under the Servicemembers Opportunity College Program. n 4 i - m V ■ nfcRfc DM 0 142 College of Special Programs TSU in Phenix City Dr Frank Bonner Dean of Academics G J HiggmDotham Dean of Student Affairs V ' Dr. H. Curtis Pitts Director Dr. James T. Miller Chairman, Department of Ed James W Goodwin. Ill Coordinator. Business Mernan Douglas Coordinator, Nursing Su e Carey Coordinator, Criminal Justice Dr. Andrew Cox Coordinator, Social Sciences Lula Huff Coordinator. Accounting Frank Ferrel Coordinator. Evening Classes Rene Bonner Coordinator, Word Processing Cecilia Spivey Business Manager John Evans Assistant Business Manaqer f l Bi Carla Marion Supervisor, Admissions Kathy Wilson Admissions Clerk Jo Ann Welch Bookstore Manager Bud Edwards Undergraduate Counselor Phenix City 143 Florida Region, Inc. Troy State University, Flor- ida Region, Inc., is dedicated toward meeting the educa- tional needs of military and civilian personnel in North- west Florida. It had its begin- nings in 1973 at Hurlburt Field and later included Eglin Air Force Base, both of which are near Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Since then it has ex- panded its areas of ope ration to encompass the Naval Air Station, Corry Station and NAS Whiting Field in the Pen- sacola, FL area. The Florida Region offers baccalaureate degrees in Ap- plied Science, Business Ad- ministration, Computer and Information Science, Crimi- nal Justice, Psychology, and Social Science. Master of Science degrees are offered in Counseling and Human Development, Inter- national Relations Manage- ment, and Public Relations. The curriculum and format of course scheduling provide for flexible adaptability to the military and civilian working student ' s duty or work re- quirements without compro- mising academic quality. Dr. Gerald B. Gill President Dr. Joseph E. Zuro Academic Dean Mr. Morelle E. Larouche Business Manager Treas. Dr. Norbert Johnson Chairman, Human Develop. Dr. John F. Whitehouse Chairman, Dept. Gov ' t. Mr. Donald L. Jeffers Chairman, Dept. Management Mr. William J. Cullen Chairman, Dept. Business Mr. Carl S. Jennings Chairman, Dept. Electronics Mr. Gerald D. Hamann Chairman, Dept. Comp. Science 144 Florida Region Mr. James W. Dingle Ast. Prof. Bus Economics Dr. Jerone P. Johnson Asc. Prof. Counseling Dr Harry B Keller Prof Management Mrs Muriel O Landrum Chairman. Dept English Ms. Kathryn J. Gresko Registrar Ms. Mary C. LeFan Chief Librarian Mr. James W. Roberts Textbook Manager Ms Jacqueline D Sawye Academic Adv Coord Eghn Ms Mildred KW Blankenbeck Coord Pensacola Whiting Ms Mary H Campbell Academic Adv Eghn Duke Ms Patricia Cram Academic Adv Hurlburt Ms Julie L Woodard Academic Adv Pensacola Whiting Floods Region 145 Ms. Carol A. Chavis Director Admissions Records Ms. Ginny L. Kemper Chief Academ. Admin. Services Ms. Theresa Walters Management Information Services Ms. Jan Gottleib Supervisor Undergrad. Records Ms. Joan North Public Relations TSU Bay Minette The Bay Minette Branch of Troy State University started operation on the campus of Faulkner State Junior Col- lege, in the spring quarter of 1974. It is dedicated to offer- ing evening programs for the working adults of the sur- rounding community. This branch offers both upper di- vision of undergraduate work and graduate work. The prin- ciple programs offered are Business, Education, and Criminal Justice. Dr. Richard C. McEwen Director 1 (£ ■ «2 i Mrs. Margie Coleman Advisor Registrar Mrs. Billie Finney Coord. Student Acts. Mrs. Ana S. Durant Library Clerk Ms. Martha Roley Secretary 146 Florida Region Bay Minette TSU in Ft. Benning Dr Paul Stansel Director Dr. Homer Wright Academic Affairs Ms Carol Graham Registrar Mr. Thomas E. Wakefield Director of Undergraduate Prog Mr. Bill Martin Business Manager Ms. Priscilla B Gray Chief Administrative Officer Mrs Shorlin Hissom Undergraduate Counselor A Dr. Duconz Hancock Undergraduate Counselor Ms Vickie Chapman Graduate Counselor Mr. Paul Barnett Associate Professor of Business Mrs Sally Bernstein Undergraduate Admissions Dr Berta Dodge Coordinator. General Studies li.- ' Me Pete Mallet Coordinator. Continuing Ed Mr Lawrence Mowery Coordinator. Business Program Mrs Elizabeth 1 1 Bookstore Manager Ft Benning 147 Troy State Europe In 1974 the Board of Trust- ees of the University autho- rized the Graduate Council to establish the European Re- gion of the Troy State Univer- sity System. Graduate de- gree programs were estab- lished at United States Air Force Bases in Germany, Ita- ly, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. In March, 1976 the Troy State University Euro- pean Region began conduct- ing undergraduate degree programs on United States Air Force Bases in Europe. Troy State University Eu- ropean Region operates on the semester system. Most bases conduct four ten-week terms per academic year. A few bases use five eight week terms. Classes are usually scheduled Monday through Thursday evenings with classes meeting either once or twice each week. A few daytime and Saturday classes are also scheduled. Mr. James J. Littlejohn Director, Financial Affairs Dr. Charles R. Connell, III Director, Academ. Affairs Graduate Studies Mr. Peter J. Petersen Director, Undergraduate Studies Right: Ms. Allison C. Kelley, Counselor Evaluator; Mr. Raymond M. Horowitz, Counselor Evaluator; Ms. Jeannine Hooker, Program Information Manager; Mr. John S. Sease, Counselor Evaluator. 148 TSU Europe Mrs. June C. Cummings Director of Admissions Registrar Or Robert H Kelley Vice President and Mrs Mary Leach. Sec Middle Left: Mrs. Jane E Town- send. Acts. Specialist. Ms. Patri- cia Laurel-Baily. Clerk; Mrs. Faye Hammond. Financial Aid; Ms. Tru- dy Figley. Acts. Specialist Middle Center Mr. Buddy Kalmbach. Traf- fic Mangr., Mrs. Lucie Gehnng. Bookstore Mangr.. Mr. Louis D Macmillin. Logistics Specialist Bottom: Row One: Mrs Linda H Blair, Records Clerk. Ms Gmny Hahn, Records Clerk. Mrs Kath- leen Regnier. Records Clerk. Mrs. Jacqueline L. Burton. Records Clerk; Mrs. Barbara Padilla. Re- cords Clerk. Row Two: Mrs Meg Bauer, Records Clerk, Mrs. Chicke R. Connell, Records Clerk, and Mrs. Catherine D. Walker. Records Clerk. TSU Europe 149 Appreciation . . . Mr. Woodi Ishmael has been an Assistant Professor of Art at Troy State Universi- ty since September 1971. As a Professor of Art at Troy State, Mr. Ishmael teaches drawing and painting, art ap- preciation. During Mr. Ishma- el ' s thirteen years at Troy State he has shared his tal- ents with the University in many ways. Each year Mr. Ishmael designs the cover of the program for the Miss TSU Pageant, which is spon- sored by the Palladium. Mr. Ishmael has donated many works to the University. He has drawn sketches of many buildings on campus, promi- nent people on campus, and dis tinguished people in the surrounding communities and states. Mr. Ishmael graduated from Portmount High School in 1932, and in 1936 he graduated from the Cleve- land Institute of Art. Mr. Ish- mael feels that education is a continuing process, and over the years he has continued to study the works and lives of artists; European, American and even touching on the Ori- ental, particularly the Japa- nese. More recently in the past five years, Mr. Ishmael has done extensive research and study in oil painting tech- niques from the Renaissance through the Impressionist period. For over twenty years until 1961, he painted in all medi- ums for industry; advertising and illustration and covers for magazines as well as il- lustrating over thirty-five books. Since 1961, he has written and drawn a weekly syndicated column for Asso- ciated Press News features titled: " The Power of Faith. " In 1964, he was the only courtroom artist at the Jack Ruby trial who transmitted three of four drawings a day via wire photo to Worldwide A.P affiliates. For the past twenty-five Self portrait completed in 1980. years Mr. Ishmael has been one " of the Official Air Force artists. Portrait commissions for the Air Force include three. Chiefs of Staff, sixty-eight drawings of all the Air Medal of Honor winners and nine portraits hanging in the Air Force Academy, and 150 of his works are in Air Force Collections around the world. During his career Mr. Ishmael has painted on six continents, and has become known as a world famous artist and a noted individual for his accomplishments. In February 1968, he was the " Artist in Residence " on the S.S. United States, in Octo- ber-November 1970 he was " Artist in Residence " on HMS Queen Elizabeth II, and in February-March 1971 he was " Artist in Residence " on HMS Queen Elizabeth II for a two-week cruise in the Carib- bean. Also, in 1972, he paint- ed the official portrait of Mrs. George Wallace, wife of the Governor of Alabama. In No- vember 1974, he painted the official University portrait of Dr. Ralph W. Adams, Presi- dent of Troy State University. Mr. Woodi Ishmael is truly a distinguished individual on the campus of Troy State University. In May 1975 he was elected to Phi Kappa Phi, National Scholastic Hon- or Society. Mr. Ishmael ' s ar- tistic works have been dis- played in exhibitions at: Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio State Fair, University of Michigan, New York Manhat- tan Savings Bank, Montgom- ery Museum of Fine Arts, and Schumacher Gallery at Cap- ital University in Columbus, Ohio. Also, many of his por- traits and paintings are in pri- vate collections. The 1984 Palladium Staff would like to express our deepest appreciation to Mr. Woodi Ishmael. The Staff would like to say thanks for all the time and devotion he has given to the students and to the University. We would especially like to say thanks for the portraits of the Board of Trustees on pages: 112, 1 1 3, and 1 1 4; and the sketch of the Palladium on page 41 6. 150 IN APPRECIATION Professors Carr, Hilyer, and Ishmael Retire Eva S. Carr Dr. Carr, a native of Ala- bama, came to Troy State in 1972. After twelve years, Dr. Carr made the decision to re- tire at the end of fall quarter 1983. Dr. Carr received her B.S. degree in 1949 from Liv- ingston State University, her M.S. degree in 1960 from Au- burn University, and her Ed.D. in 1970 from Auburn University. During her stay at Troy State, Dr. Carr has taught Business Education, Voca- tional Education, Manage- ment, Supervision and Com- munications. At the time of her retirement, Dr Carr was Chairman of the Business Education Department. Dr. Carr has served on many uni- versity committees during her twelve years at Troy State. A few of these com- mittees are Curriculum Com- mittee, Graduate Committee. University Council on Teach- er Education, Steering Com- mittee for NCATW Self- Study, Committee on Evalua- tion and Follow-up, NCATE Self-Study, and Sub-commit- tee on Special Activities. SACS Self-Study Dr Carr has membership m many professional associ- ations Among these are Southeast Alabama Busi- ness Education Association. Alabama Business Educa- tion Association. Southern Business Education Associ- ation, National Business Education Association. Ala- bama Vocational Associ- ation, and Delta Phi Epsilon. Business Education Honor- Mary Rawlins Hilyer ary Society. Ms. Hilyer came to Troy State University in 1968, and after sixteen years of service she decided to retire at the end of the school year. Ms. Hi- lyer has taught at Ariton High School, Geneva County High School, Goshen High School, and Charles Henderson High School. Ms. Hilyer received her B.S. degree in 1957 from Troy State University and her M.S. degree in 1968 from Troy State University. During her stay at Troy State, Ms. Hilyear has taught such classes as: Basic Eng- lish, Composition and Mod- ern English, English Litera- ture, Grammar and Linguis- tics, Advanced Writing, and Method and Materials. Ms. Hilyer has been a member of various Universities commit- tees such as: Teacher Edu- cation, Alumni Relations. Educational Resources, and Student Affairs. She was su- pervisor of student teachers and sponsor of Sigma Tau Delta. Ms. Hilyer holds member- ship in several honor and professional societies Among these societies are Delta Kappa Gamma. Sigma Tau Delta. Kappa Delta Pi. Modern Language Associ- ation, and ACETA. Woodi Ishmael Mr. Ismael, a native of Lewis County, Kentucky, came to Troy State Universi- ty in 1971. For the past thir- teen years he has faithfully served the University. Mr. Ishmael chose to retire at the end of the 1984 school year Mr. Ishmael ' s talents and teaching ability will be missed by the University. Faculty p. 151 ►., I 1 • ■ -M v«r 152 In Memoriam v m m r vT — " " - " - ' w! L EKL PSt- " " • IP v k. _ ' 1 X M . 5f d3 , f- • .i , — !P .. iv-- , ' Tj ± . » Uv ;r, r%r «a» _•• «y- m - ■» Carl A. Lenahan Donald E. Price -v - % H CS- . £ ;?! 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JOSH WISE. ART WOODS. TONY ASHFORD. ANDREA BRADLEY. BERDESTINE CRADDOCK. LINDA HERRING. THERESA JOHNSON. CAROL JOHNSON. CORDELIA JONES. ULRICA LEE. ARNATTA LYNN. BONITA PAGE. JENNIFER REYES. JAMIE TRIPP. BARBARA ALBERT. REGINALD ALEXANDER. CHARLES BROWN. JAMES COX. RUFUS FAYSON. DARON HICKS. CARLUS HIGHTOWER. GERALD JONES. TYRONE MANORA. WADE McKIRE. CAROLUS OWENS. THOMAS PARKS. ANTHONY ROBINSON. PATRICK ROBINSON. TOMMIE SMITH. CARL TELLIS. HAYWOOD Greeks 161 VAUGHN, DERRICK VAUGHN, ROBERT WESTON, BERNARD WILLIAMS, EDDIE YOUNG, RODERICK ALLEN, KELLY ANDERSON, DONNA ANDREWS, LYNNE ASHCRAFT, LAPREAD AVERITTE, ALLISON BROOKS, JILL BROWN, MARY-FRANK BRYAN, CATHY BULLARD, ANGIE BULLARD, CARLA CARR, CATHY CLYATT, JENNIFER DOYLE, SHARON FLOWERS, KIM GANTT, ANGIE GODWIN, GINGER GOFF, PAM GORMAN, LEE GRIFFEN, PAT GROGAN, TINA HARPER, LISA HARTERT, JANA HUGHES, SUZANNE KELLEY, ERIN KELLEY, STARLA KIMMEL, ANNE LOCICERO, KIM McMAHAN, TRACI McWHORTER, ANJA MORRE, ROBBIE MOTLEY, BETSY MOLIN, AMY OLDHAM, CAREY PETTY, KAY PROCTOR, MICHELLE REYNOLDS, LESLIE REYNOLDS, PAGE RIGAS, MARTHA ROBERTSON, LORI SAUNDERS, NANCY SLACK, MISSY STARLING, CINDY SUITS, MADELYN SWIFT, EMILY SYKES, LAURA SYKES, TERESA TAYLOR, KATHY THOMPSON, LEIGH VAN ROO, ANJE WALKER, CHRISTIE WALKER, RHONDA WATERS, RHONDA WATFORD, TAMMY WATTS, TERESA WEED, SCARLETT WILLIS, CINDY WYNN, GINGER ABBOTT, TOM ALBERTO, EDDIE ALLEGRI, CHRISTOPHER BALDWIN, DAVID 162 Greeks BOYTE. KEN CLARK. RUSTY CLARK. SCOTT COLLINS. SHANNON COOKE. BRYON CORNELIUS. GARY DILLARD. TAD OIZMUKES. BILLY ELLIS. SELWRN FABER. QUY HARRIS. PAT HOGAN. TOM HOPPER. EARL HUGHES. JIM JAMAL. ASIF KAMEYAMA. MASAKAZU KITCHENS. DOUG KORNETTI. JOHN LAXSON. FRANK LINDBERG. WALLY VANN. MORE POTTER. KEVIN PUREYEAR. ANDY REID. TERRY SAUOR. PAUL SHORE. JERRY SMITH. KIT STEELE. SCOTT TATUM. JOHN TAYLOR. ANDY TOMLINSON. STEVE WEATHERSBY. GREGORY ARRINGTON. JONEAN BROWN. CHRISSEY BINFORD. LORI BURNS. DEBBIE CLENNEY. ROBIN DORSEY. SUSAN DYKES. BELINDA EVERETT. CHRISTIE FAIRCLOTH. MOLLY FOOTE. JACKIE GREEN. PAMELA GUNTER. RHONDA HELMS. JUDY HICKS. TERESA HUDSON. GERRI HUSSEY. BARBARA HUSSEY. LORI KIMBROW. SHARON KROB. URSULA LAZENBY. SUE LEE. TINA LONG. MICHELE MARTIN. MELISSA McCALL. PENNY McCALL. TAMMY MESSICK. KAREN MOI. DEBRA O ' NEAL. LYNNE PARKER. KATHY PEEL. MECHELLE POWELL. GINA PUGH. PAIGE SCARBOROUGH. LEAH SCOTT. TAMMIE SMITH. KIM SMITH. SHANNON ■ GfMfcs 163 STIVER, CARRIE STUMP. MINDY THAMES, LYNN WEED, PAM WILKINS. JUANEYSA WILLIAMS. KARLA ZORN, SUZANNE AUSTWICK, BRAD BASS, TIM BATCHELOR, DONALD BICKEL, JAMES BLANKENSHIP, JEFF BOWDIN, KRISTOPHER BROCK, JEFFREY CALTON, STEVEN CASSADY, MICHAEL COX, PAUL CRAIG, EDWARD CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD CURRENTON, LON DANKEWICH, JEFFREY DEAL, KEVIN DiCESARE, JOSEPH DOSS, SAM DUVAL, JOHN ERDOESY, JOHN FAUST, JAMES FOSS, KENNETH GASS, TRACY GUYTON, ROBERT HALL, JAMES HAMILTON, BOBBY HARRISON, DANIEL HENDRIX, GEORGE HOBBS, LAWRENCE HOLZMAN, GERARD HORST, BRIAN HOWARD, HERBERT HOWARD, WILLIAM IRVIN, MICHAEL o KEY, BYRON KNIGHT, KENNETH LOLLEY, CHRISTOPHER MADDALONI, CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, MARK MORGAN, KEITH NETTLES, DAVID NIXON, KENNETH O ' DOWD, JAMES PADGETT, MICHAEL PEEL, JEFFREY PERRY, TRAVIS REGISTER, MATTHEW RHODES, DAVID ROSKOS, MICHAEL ROWLAND, MITCH SANDUSKY, SAMUEL SCRUGGS, STEVEN SHOWALTER, SCOTT SKIPPER, BARRY SMITH, DONALD SPEARS, GREGORY TASE, TERRY TAYLOR, RUSSELL THOMAS, LAURENCE TURRIN, LAWRENCE VANLANDINGHAM, DARRIN VAUGHN, DAVID 164 Greeks WILSON. CARY WILSON. FRANKUN WORTHINGTON. MORRIS AIKEN. WILLIAM ANDERSON. KENT BAYMILLER. MIKE BEATY. OAN BLEVINS. JOE BOZEMAN. RUSS BRADLEY. BOBBY CLARK. JOHN CORD. HANK CURTIS. AL DUFFY. JEREMY ELLIS. EMORY FANT. SCOTT FUTCH. LAMAR GRISWOLD. VIC HARNAGE. KEITH HIGGINBOTHAM. MIKE HOLK. HERBERT HUGHES. KENNY HUSKEY. RICHARD HUTSON. TODD JOHNSON. TONY JOHNSTON. JOE KELLER. ROGER LEE. DONNY MAHAFFEY. WES MAHARRY. RICK McGEE. NEAL MOORHEAD. JACK MORRIS. CHRIS PARSONS. ROBERT PITTMAN. LEE PITTMAN. TIM REESSE. RANDY RHOADS. JOHN RICHARDS. ALAN SANDERSON. RICHARD SNIDER. BRITT SULLIVAN. ANDY THOMPSON. SCOTT THARPE. KEITH TURNER. FRANCIS WALLACE. BRYAN WILLIAMS. JEFF WELK. BLAIR WOODWARD. CHRIS ADAIR. RILEY AULTMAN. WILLIAM BARBAREE. ROBIN BOLES. TEDDY BRINGARDNER. JOE CHANDLER. GREGGORY CINK. RONALD CROWSON. HAROLD CULP. DYKES DAUGHERTY. RYAN DAVIS. JASON DICKENS. ANTHONY DYKES. NEAL ENGLISH. SCOTT ETTERLEE. BUDDY FLETCHER. ALFRED FLEMMING. ALLEN Greeks 165 GAUSPOHL, PAUL GAUSPOHL, WILLIAM GREENE, ROBERT GREENSPAN, DAVID GRISWALD, DANE HENDRICKSON, SHANE HERBERT, HUGH HEROLD, WILLY HICKS, TODD KARRAH, JAMES LEFEW, RICHARD LUNSFORD, CHARLES MARQUESS. JEFFERY MARTIN, ANDREW McCATHERN, AUDY McCLELLEND, JAMES McCRUDDEN, JAMES MITCHELL, JACKIE PALMER, SAMUEL PIERCE, TIM SCHMELZER, TIMOTHY SHAULL, GLENN SNYDER, BRIAN STARLING, BUDDY STARLING, NEAL STEPHENSON, JASON STUMP, MICHAEL THORNAL, WES WAKEFIELD, STEVE WAUSCOM, ALLAN WEEKLEY, BRIAN WESPISER, DANIEL WHITE, JON WYATT, JAMES ALVAREZ, JOHN BURKETT, PAUL CANTRELL, MIKE CARNEY, JOHN CARNEY, SEAN COOPER, PHIL COWART, HENRY ENFINGER, DAVID FERRARA, RON GILBERT, SCOTT GLASS, DARREN HAMMETTE, RACY HOLMES, JEFF HOWELL, CHUCK HOWELL, TIM INAUDI, SOLOMON JACOBS, DRU JONES, BOB KEITH, AL MAZERES, MICHAEL PARTRIDGE, KEVIN POWELL, STEVE ROGERS, MARK SCHIPMAN, STEVE SHIREY, BEN SOUSA, DAN WRIGHT, RICHARD ALLEN, SCOTT BANKESTER, DANIEL BRADFORD, MICHEAL DOUGLAS, JOE 166 Greeks ' ft. iJl IH HIHf MITCHELL. MICHAEL PETTEWAY. CARL PHILLIPS. JAMES RAMER. JON REOUS. JOHN SMITH. GLEN STARLING. ALTON TAYLOR. MARK WILLIAMS. THOMAS DENNISTON. JOEY MAROUARDT. CHRIS McKEOWN. PAT OMASTA. MARK STUMPF. WAYNE WILLIAMS. BRETT BRADLEY. NITA HOOTEN. BRENDA f 9 JOHNSON. SANDRA PATTEN. JEAN WALTON. RONNETTE WOODY. PENNY MISS PANHELLENIC: SANDEE McENTEE, ■ , MR. I.F.C.: DARRELL HAYES, » .. 1 if j T V ' H % MR. GREEK: ROBERT PALMER, »«. MRS. GREEK: PAL GRAVES, GrMks 167 ALPHA DELTA PI Row One: Gail Abney, Amy Jones, Molly Woodham, Karen Higdon, Ri- kie Baker, Kim Collins, Debra Speir, Kim DeLoach, Carla Breidenstein, Jacque Hendrix, Cathy Bruce, Su- zanne Studstill, Janna Everett. Row Two: Robin Hooper, Sandee McEn- tee, Shelly McLain, Debra Bennett, Dianna Da ugherty, Kathy Duncan, Josh Williams, Dorothy Panton, Pat- ty Rodriguez, Leah Faison, Monica Zelko, Tim Archer, Kirk Wascom. Row Three: Terry Quails, Alisa Jones, Tammy Lewis, Suzie Thur- mon, Cathy Coleman, Laura Cock- rell, Jamie Foltz, Sharon Lovell, Kim Lancaster, Rober Guyton, Dianna Culp, Carley Green, Jonnie Jo Monk, Valerie Seyforth. Row Four: Debbie Dowdle, Buddy Clark, Lissa Brown, Ben Wells, Misty Hicks, Ryan Daugherty, Mary Blair Ray, Billy Aultman, Jenny Enzor, Karen Schu- man, Suellen Snoekstra, Ann Kelly, Rappy Perez, Jeff Peel, Randy Maul- din, Paul Saour, Andy Sullivan. % r •OCXDOCXDl President Cathy Bruce Vice President Dorothy Panton Rec. Secretary Jamie Foltz Corr. Secretary Kim Lancaster Treasurer Nancy Brannon Pledge Trainer Ann Kelly 3 SmevAKXS 5 Sweetheart: Tim Archer 168 Alpha Delta Pi The Epsilon Kappa chap- ter of Alpha Delta Pi has been very active on campus this year The groups activities included placing first in the Angel Flight Bed Race. SAE Sexy legs contest, and par- ticipating in Sigma Chi Derby The girls also had an ex- cellent year in sports Alpha Delta Pi placed first m both sorority volleyball and bas- ketball They were overall Greek Week and Sigma Pi Powderpuff champions ndividual efforts included Angel Flight Commander. Miss Venus. Delta Chi Calen- dar Girls, fraternity sweet- hearts, and leading roles m the TSU drama productions Alpha Delta Pi also donat- ed money to their national Philanthropy, the Ronald Mc- Donald House again this year. Big Brothers Row One: Andy Sulli- van, Rappy Perez Row Two: Ryan Daugherty. Reggie Bryant Tim Ar- cher. Jim Reynolds. Kirk Wascom Row Three: Paul Saour. Randy Mauldm Alpha Delta Pi 169 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Row One: Colleen Scales, Kirsten Hanson, Hope Yates, Jamie Starck, Terri Turner, Angie Cross, Lynne Ho- sea, Tonia Rodgers, Cindy Klinner, Tana Hill, Sherri Musgrove, Lynn Byrd, Julie Weston. Row Two: Eva Carter, Keri Dubberly, Jamie Wat- kins, Susan Pottinger, Martha Min- shew, Ann Johnson, Dawn Harper, Kim McVay, Tanya Pederson, Susan Lynn, Christi Gregory, Lynn Elrod, Leslie Carroll. Row Three: Kim Rainer, Dimple Andress, Tracy Wen- zel, Shawn Webster, Micki McDowell, Dede Hinger, Donna Hud- son, Polly Spencer, Karen Grider, Tia Andoe, Sherri Hand, Lisa Farrar, Debbie Hunt, Robyn Wilkins, Carol Turner. Row Four: Dan Beatty, Ke- vin Pope, Keith Irwin, Wally Lind- berg, Abby Rayfield, Kari Long, Rodger Harris, Wanda Gillman, Scott Young, David Brown, Kevin Kennedy, Brian Snyder, Wayne Wil- son, Scott English, Kenny Hughes, Greg Chandler, Chris Woodward, Craig Preston, Sammy Woods. racy Wenzel Lynne Hosea Eva Carter Dawn Harper Donna Hudson Hope Yates 1 w 1 1 M ■ Ha, HiH fc 1 Hj Ba , - hW V ■ Sweetheart: Rodger Harris 170 Alpha Gamma Delta The Gamma Sigma chap- ter of Alpha Gamma Delta began a very successful 1983-84 school year by pledging quota of twenty- four girls during Fall rush The Alpha Gams ranked high in such competitions as the Homecoming pageant. Miss TSU, and Miss Venus During spring, the Alpha Gams placed second in Greek Week and won the sportsmanship trophy in the Sigma Pi Powderpuff games. Winter quarter, they won the Panhellenic scholarship tro- phy with an overall G PA of 1.92 The Alpha Gam fundraiser. Bet Your Boots . raised over S2000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Bit Brothers Row One: Dan Beaty. Sol Tepper. Brian Snyder. Jim Wy- att. Keith Irvin. Kevin Kennedy. Tim Howell. Wade Wilson Roger Harris. Steve Calton Row Two: Mark In- gram. Bud Palmer. Scott English. Kenny Hughes. Chns Woodward. i s7 Sammy Woods Alpha Gamma Delta 171 Row One: Rholma Maye, Karen Scott, Wendy Lewis, Sonja Hayes, Dawn Boyd, Sharon Huntley. Row Two: Mrs. A. Jones, Valerie Cun- ningham, Desiree Sutton, Alfreda Marable, Jacqueline Stanton, Alan- dra Fuller, Stephanie Jackson, Aria Jackson, Latonia Thornton. Basileu Anti-BaMeus Gramiwteus TamioShow Dean omPle Sonjk Hayes yVendl Lewis Karef Scott olrna Maye aron Huntley 172 Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- ity Inc. was founded on How- ard University in Washing- ton, DC. during the school year of 1907-1909. It was chartered on Troy State Uni- versity by fifteen college la- dies on February 26. 1978. Alpha Kappa Alpha 173 ALPHA PHI ALPHA Row One: Antonio Kinard, Nathan- Jimmy Rogers, Chris Hart, Lamont iel Robertson, Vicitas Lyons, Mau- Isom, Darryl Green, John Warren, rice Boggan, Michael Smith, Darrell Jerome Ballard, Derrick Lockwood, Hayes, Earnest Riggins. Row Two: Benjamin Bonner, John Lacy. Terence Sanders, Calvin Ballard, President ff . ? | « . Darrell Hayes First Vice-President Derrick Lockwood Second Vice-President John Warren Secretary Michael Smith Treasurer „ John Lacy Dean of Pledges Calvin Ballard yrtJJf 174 Alpha Phi Alpha Since May 27. 1978. the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Beta Chapter have stnved to uphold and highly promote unity among Greeks and stu- dents at Troy State Universi- ty Trying to achieve these goals has been both chal- engmg and rewarding Working toward a goal is not an easy task, but with the co- operation and dedication of the brothers, their striving has not been in vain This year the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha have achieved many outstanding awards. These accomplish- ments include Fraternity In- tramural Basketball Champi- ons, Alpha Phi Alpha State and Regional Basketball Champions. Brother of the Year for state and regional. State and Regional Service Award, Greek of the Year and others. Alpha Pt Alpha 175 CHI OMEGA Row One: Myra Webb, Lynn Vin- son, Martha Day, Elena Cuellar, Kathleen Scrushy, Melissa Minsey, Janet Miller, Wendy Farmer, Beth Dunn, Jill Bailey, Gina Smith, Susan Merklinger, Michelle Lanier. Row Two: Ginger King, Jackie Gache, Beth Patton, Sharon Brewster, Shelly Hunt, Linda Cummins, Lisa Li- gon, Kay Kowalski, Tom Williams, Susan Weldon, Terri Cuellar, Landa Tieriey, Anita Speck, Karen Fowler. Row Three: Donna Culverhouse, Susan Murphy, Karen McKeown, Ju- lie Garland, Cindy Clements, Terri Howard, Tina Babington, Lisa Smith, Paula Kendrick, Sandy Kuchle, Janet Boozer, Nanette Carter, Julia Nelson, Monica Cuellar, Sandra Hollis, Alyson Hughes, Deb- orah May. Row Four: Matt Regis- ter, Shane Hendrickson, Keith Har- nage, John Rhoades, Julie Brown, Julie Smith, Gary Tolbert, Joetta Manchac, Don Jeffery, Missy Mitch- ell, Annette Jones. President Martha Day Vice-President Annette Jones Secretary . T Nanette Carter Personnel Sharon Brewster Rush Chairman Kim Holly 176 Chi Omega Chi Omega founded on Feb. 19. 1977 has captured major titles all around cam- pus. Chi Omegas are major- ettes m the Sound of the South, Trojan Trackettes. University Dancers, little sis- ters to fraternities, beauty pageant winners, senators in the SGA, and members of Troy State s softball team. The Chi Omegas service projects included the Troy Relays and delivering singing valentines. The Chi s have had win- ners m the Delta Chi Calen- dar Girl contest and remain winners of Sigma Chi Derby. Chi O ' s stress being well- rounded individuals Big Brothers Row One Mike Le- croy. Mitch Geir. Bobby Hooten. Steve Keel. Keith Homage Row Two: John Rhodes. Matt Register. Johnny Flowers. Tom Williams. Gary Tolbert. Ross Davis. Danny Lee Chi Omega 177 DELTA CHI Row One: Richard Mayes, Sandee McEntee, Wayne Basset, Nancy Saunders, Janna Everett, Tami Scott, Missy McClendand, Pat Grif- fen, Suzanne Studstill, Angie DeR- anus, Lissa Brown, Cathy Bruce, Steve Barras, Debbie Dowdle. Row Two: Mickey Simmons, Scott Sport, Joe Knolf, Greg Garrot, Jim Reyn- olds, Mike Rizzo, Andy Findley, Eric Anderson, Larry Golden, Tony Woods, Jonathan Span. Row Three: David Watson, Buddy Clark, Mike Amison, Art Wise, Max Flem- ing, Jimmy Jones, John, Ron Mor- gan, Bob Barner, Tim Hyatt, Mark Ingram, David Bray, Bo Strickland, Randy Beckham, Gary Cottle, Chris Doty. Row Four: Scott Little, Rappy Perez, Kevin Pope, Cole Cal- houn, Danny Lee, Mike Lecroy, Mike Cutruzzala. President. JO[ Vice President. Rec. Secretary . Treasurer OZ Corr. Secretary, Sgt. at Arms. . . i°r ■°o c Scott Little Lu«£Reynolds Jonathan Spann . . Rappy Perez ark Ingram Chris Doty Sweetheart: Pat Griffin 178 Delta Chi 01 The Delta Chi Fraternity stays busy throughout the school year Each quarter they are involved with rush, but also there are other events that only occur once during a particular quarter They also participate in the intramural sports. Quarterly events include Delta Chi Calendar Girl con- test during Fall quarter Ski trip and White carnation For- mal are the highlights winter quarter and beach party, special Olympics and Luau Spring quarter. Summer quarter brings the excite- ment of Indian party late in August. Little Sisters Pat Qliffln, Ussa Brown. Tammy Scott. Missy McClendan. Janna Everett. Angie Deranus. Sandee McEntee. Nancy Saunders. Debbie Dowdle. Suzanne Studstill. Cathy Bruce Delta Ch, 179 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Row One: David Conely, Karen Smith, Gloria Harvell, Mary Horta, Cline. Row Two: Julie Middle- Scottie Rotton, Yvonne Stutzman, brooks, Ellen Henken, Kelly Reed, Kari Long, Anita Clayton, David Rhonda Allen, Kim Merril, Dick Brown, Julie Brown. Row Four: Ted McGill, Kevin Kennedy. Row Three: Ryan, Jamie, Breck Cowan, Jim Har- Gary Tolbert, Mike Clark, Bob well, Scott Young, Jim Moore, Phillip Prather, Valerie Seyforth, John Bartow, Billy Seitz, Richard Davis. President Jim Harvell Vice President Jim Moore Secretary Ted Ryan Treasurer Mike Clark House Manager Keith McDonough Social Chairman Gary Tolbert Sweetheart: Kelly Reed 180 Delta Kappa Epsilon In the eight years Delta Kappa Epsilon has been on campus, the DEKES have achieved a long list of accom- plishments The biggest is their outstanding academic success The DEKES have won the scholarship trophy the past five out of seven years, and the scholastic achievement award the past two years The DEKES have also won the All-Sports tro phy in one of the past vears and DEKE is always close to the top in athletics Thus, showing the unique balance found at Delta Kappa Epsilon which is second to none Little Sisters Row One: Julie Midd- lebrooks. Kelly Reed. Rhonda Allen Row Two: Kim Mernl Kan Long. Julie Brown. Valerie Seylorth. Yvonne Stutzman Delta Kappa Epsilon 181 DELTA SIGMA THETA Row One: Vanessa Kincey, Jennifer Hamilton, Ulrica Jones, Cordelia Page, Bernestine Bradley, Arnatta Johnson, Valerie Cardner, Linda Lee. Row Two: Bonita Lynn, Zelda Craddock. President— .« Vice-Presiderr 2nd Vice-President Rec. Secretary . . . Historian Chaplain Sgt. of Arrrl f l ernestine Bradley Jennifer Page kV Arnatta Lee Vanessa Kincey . . Ulrica Jones . . . Bonita Lynn Andrea Ashford 182 Delta Sigma Theta Nu Theta Chapter was chartered on Troy State s campus on May 22. 1 976. be- coming Troy State s first black sorority Delta Sigma Theta is a public service or- ganization pledged to seri- ous endeavor and communi- ty service, demonstrating a vital concern for social wel- fare, academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and de- emphasizmg the social side of sorority life. Big Brothers Row One Jerome Ballard. Gerald Hightower. Viaties Lyons Row Two: Gary Bryant Jim- my Rogers. Ted Horstead. Anthony Parks. Tommy Robinson. Terrance Sanders Delta Sigma Theta 183 Row One: Angela Watson, Sherelle Hollins. Row Two: Carlus Hicks, Gerald Hightower, Wade Manora, Robert Vaughn, Charles Alexander. Row Three: Tommie Robinson, Carl Smith, Rufus Cox, James Brown. Row Four: Anthony Parks, Andre Pollard, Roderick Young. Polemarch . .1 t» h». . Vftr. Derrick Vaughn Vice Polem ajch . . 7TC A.£ I U) .OltoSimie Lee Robinson Keeper of Records I .. . bUlwd Hightower Keeper of Exchequer James Brown Lt. Strategus Haywood Tellis Strategus . M-I-SF-- ••• Patrick Robinson Faculty Advisor Charles Oliver Sweethearts: Angela Watson, Sherelle Hollins. 184 Kappa Alpha Psi Founded on the night of January 5. 191 1 . on the cam- pus of Indiana University. Kappa Alpha Psi has stressed the encouragement of honorable achievement in every field of human endeav- or. During the 1983-84 school term, the brothers of Theta Phi chapter have participat- ed in many activities which encourage achievement and togetherness of brothers, as well as the entire Trojan com- munity. During the term, the brothers participated in ac- tivities such as the Adopt a Child Program. Elderly Peo- ple Clean-Up project. Semi- Pro Basketball Tournament. as well as other church ser- vices and humanitarian pro- jects. Kappa Alpha Psi 1 85 KAPPA DELTA Row One: Cindy Starling, Kathy Taylor, Teresa Sykes, Scarlett Weed, Starla Kelley, Ann Kimmel, Tammy Watford, Ginger Wynn, Cin- dy Willis. Row Two: Lori Robert- son, Lisa Harper, Jana Hartert, Rob- bie Moore, Michele Procter, Kelly Al- len, Lynne Andrews, Leslie Reynolds, Betsy Motley, Page Reyn- olds, Mary-Frank Brown. Row Three: Nancy Saunders, Teresa Watts, Christi Walker, Sharon Doyle, Tina Grogan, Pam Goff, Anje Van Roo, Carey Oldham, Anji Bullard , Erin Kelley, Cathy Bryan, Jennifer Clyatt, Leigh Thompson, Emily -,_ President Starla Kelley Vice President Kathy Taylor Treasurer ' . . Laurie Robertson Asst. Treasurer Erin Kelley Secretary Laura Sykes Membership Scarlett Weed Editor Kim Flowers Swift. Row Four: Rhonda Waters, Amy Nolin, Ginger Godwin, Cathy Carr, Melissa Slack, Donna Ander- son, Allison Averitte, Rhonda Walk- er, Lee Gorman, LaPread Ashcraft, Kim Flowers, Tracie McMahan, Jill Brooks, Pat Griffin, Madelyn Suits, Kim LoCicero, Laura Sykes, Angela Gantt, Martha Rigas, Kay Petty, Car- la Bullard, Suzanne Hughes. Sweetheart: Buddy Starling 186 Kappa Delta Let us strive tor that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest is the motto that Kappa Delta lives by The Kappa Delta ladies are in every aspect ot college life During 1983-84 Pat Griffin was crowned Miss TSU and Tammy Watford was selected as the first finalist m the Homecoming court and Miss Venus Other honors achieved by the Kappa Deltas include Presi- dent and Vice President of Omi- cron Delta Kappa. Secretary of SGA. 1983 Oxford Scholar, five members of Who s Who. Mortar Board, and many other campus organizations A Kappa Delta lady is a unique individual and also shares the greatest bonds of all sister- hood Big Brothers Row One Scott Little Lamar Futch. Bill Gausphol. Scott Thompson. Bntt Snyder and Randy Reese Row Two Andy Fmiey. Allen Flemming. Keith Tharpe. Jay Davis. Ross Phillips. Buddy Starling. Wayne Bassett. Mike Clark, and Jer- ry Shores Kappa Delta 187 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Row One: Kit Smith, George Shoe- flee, Rusty Clark, Andy Taylor, Chris Allegri, Frank Laxson, Paul Saour, Gary Mock, Scott Riley. Row Two: Asif Jamal, Greg Weathersby, Tad Dillard, Scott Clark, Masakazu Ka- meyama, Kevin Potter, Lance Ne- ven, Randy Shaw, Doug Devoy, John Kornetti, Tommy Hogan, Vic Laxson. Row Three: Neal Young, Ben Mallory, Everett McDaniel, Earl Hopper, Guy Faber, Richard Bracken, Bryan Cooke, Andy Per- year, Terry Reid, Hale Ellis, Billy Dis- mukes, Shannon Collins, Ben Hugghins, Steve Stubs. Preside Vice PrS Secretary Treasurer. Rush Chairman Social Chairman. oug Kitchens annon Collins , jJohn Tatum David Baldwin Randy Mauldin Scott Steele Crescant Girl: Gina Powell 188 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha is a fra- ternity that recognizes md: viduals as having their own personal identity Fall quarter the chapter conducted their annual S.P.K (Sorority President Kidnap) in which canned goods were collected for the American Red Cross The Lambda Chi s also partici- pated in many of the campus activities and Intramural sports program. Little Sisters Row One: Gen Bliz- zard. Sue Lazenby. Gma Powell. Kei- ley Quick. Lynn Thames. Karen Cul- pepper Row Two: Landa Tierney Belinda Dykes Michelle Pee - Anderson. Nancy Brown. Micki McDowell. Dede Hinger Row Three: Debbie Nicolucci. Kern Stewart. Amy Greene. Liz Nicolucci. Gen Hudson. Natholie Bentley. Lib- by Andrews. Sandra Colbertson. Barbara Kay Harris. Leigh Ann Mace. Anita Reid Lambda Chi Alpna 189 PHI MU Row One: Judy Helms, Leah Scar- borough, Mechele Long, Paige Pugh, Karla Williams, Ursula Krob, Tammie Scott, Karen Messick, Rhonda Gunter, Juaneysa Wilkins, Mindy Stump. Row Two: Kathy Parker, Robin Clenney, Lynn Thames, Tammy McCall, Penny McCall, Debra Moi, Jonean Arring- ton, Chrystie Everett, Belinda Dykes, Sharon Kimbrow, Carrie Stiver, Jackie Foote, Gina Powell. Row Three: Kim Smith, Shannon Smith, Lynn O ' Neal, Suzanne Zorn, Tina Lee, Chrissy Brown, Pamela Green, Teresa Hicks, Debby Burns, Michelle Peel, Susan Dorsey, Pam Weed, Lori Hussey, Barbara Hussey, Molly Faircloth, Melissa Martin, Lori Binford. President Gina Powell Vice-President Belinda Dykes Rec. Secretary Lynn Thames Corr. Secretary Barbara Hussey Treasurer Lori Binford Asst. Treasurer Judy Rhodes Phi Director Ursula Knob Rush Chairman Tammy McCall Sweetheart: Joe DiCesare 190 Phi Mu The Kappa Gamma chap- ter of Phi Mu had a great year, capturing Sigma Chi Miss Fall Rush, the cover of the Delta Chi calendar con- test and having finalists in Miss Venus. Their Philanthropic activi- ties included Easter Egg Hunting with Troy Childrens Home, donating Christmas presents to Pensions and Securities and their annual Teeter Totter Marathon for project Hope. The sisters were active as fraternity sweethearts, fra- ternity little sisters, the Sound of the South feature twirler, members of the Tro- politan, Gamma Beta Phi, Mortar Board and President of Panhellenic. Big Brothers Row One: Ken Foss. Larry Golden. Dru Jacobs. Kent An- derson Row Two: Joe DiCesare. Kevin Deal. Wes Maffey Row Three: Mike Cassidy. Robm Bar- baree. Doug Kitchens. Buck Han- son. 1 ft Phi Mu 191 PI KAPPA PHI Row One: Lawrence Turrin, Dan Harrison, Steve Scruggs. Row Two: Jay Bickel. Ann Johnson, Lori John- son. Christie Gregory, Lynn Wilson, Dewanna Jacobs, Angie Bredwell, Lisa Brown, Kathy Duncan. Row Three: Jeff Peel, Terry Tase, Sharon Lovell. Leslie Carroll, Judy Rhoades, Robin Cleany, Christie Everett, Jill Smith, Rene Lyles, Kathy Parker, Mi- chelle Long, Kim Barnett, Jana Har- tert, Tammy Watford, Cary Wilson, Steve Calton, Jeff Brock. Row Four: Mary Fran Senn, Kim Lancaster, Te- resa Hicks, Morris Worthington, Ricky Cunningham, Jimmy Faust, Larry O ' Dowd, Doug Gresham, Mike Padgett, Billy Howard, Tom Melton, Larry Hobbs, Trip Hendrick, Herbie Howard, Ken Foss, Tim Bass, Chris Maddaloni, Clay Dankewick. Row Five: Brian Batchelor, Paul Cox, Travis Perry, Byron Key, Lee Nettles, David Vaughn, Mitch Rowland. Row Six: Joe Diceasare, Jason Jones, Scott Showalter, Mike Cassidy, Matt Register, Bobby Hamilton, Bobby Duncan, Tracy Gass. Row Seven: Brian Horst, Luke Nixon, Robert Guyton, John Endoesy, Gerard Holz- man, Keith Irvin, Wade Wilson, Brad Austwick, John Duvall, Ken Knight. Row Eight: Kevin Deal, Barry Skip- per, David Guillet, Rusty Taylor, Mike Burns, Channing Thomas, Kris Bowdin, Darrin Vanlandingham, Keith Morgan, Sam Doss. Rose: Rene Lyles 192 Pi Kappa Phi I he Gamma Gamma chap- ter of Pi Kappa Phi has prov- en itself to be a well rounded and caring group of men who unite as one. Pi Kappa Phi contains several of the lead- ers who serve as members of IFC and the SGA Also the fraternity contains a number of athletes who enabled Pi Kappa Phi to win the Greek Week. Intramural Football, and All Sports trophies four years in a row. Pi Kappa Phi also raised money for their national charity PUSH (Play Units for the Severly Handicapped), through their annual Road Block and Bunny contest Little Sisters Row One: Leslie Car- roll. Ann Johnson. Tammy Wattord, Kim Lancanster. Kathy Duncan Lynn Wilson Row Two: Kim Bar- nett Christie Everett. Judy Rhodes. Angie Breadwell. Sharon Lovell. Mary Fran Senn. Lisa Brown. Dawana Jacobs Row Three: Smith. Michele Long. Lon Johnson. Theresa Hicks. Kathy Parker. Jana Hartert. Rene Lyles. Christie Greg- ory. Robm Clmney Pi Kappa Phi 193 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Row One: Russ Bozeman, Robert Parsons, Beau Mims, John Rhoads, Francis Turner, Lamar Futch, Mike Baymiller, Mike Higginbotham, Vic Griswold, Herbert Hoik, Andy Sulli- van, Jeremy Duffy. Row Two: Sol Tepper, Chris Woodward, Joe John- ston, Cindy Klinner, Kim Rainer, Tra- cy Ireland, Michele Proctor, Carol Turner, Angi Bullard, Kelly Allen, Erin Kelley, Sharon Doyl, Carolyn Cam- brey, Tana Hill, Kathy Taylor, Alisa Jones, Brian Wallace, Kent Ander- son. Row Three: Lynn Elrod, Tanya Pederson, Joe Blevins, Lee Pittman, Rodger Harris, Brent Snyder, Lisa Farrar, Ursula Krob, Anita Speck, Mike Lynn, Randy Reese, Wes Ma- haffey. Row Four: Richard Huskey, Todd Hutson, Diane Arnzen, Richard Parsons, Judy Berretto, Tony John- son, Cathy Odum, Sammy Williams, Dan Beatty, Keith Thorpe, Neal McGee, Al Curtis, Dorothy Panton, Keith Harmage, Lisa Bryant, Scott Thompson, William Aiken. Row Five: John Schafer, Jack Moorhead, Donny Lee, John Clark, Chris Mor- ris, Richard Sanderson, Scotty Mc- Donald, Scot Caraway. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Pledge Educat Scott Thompson . Mike Baymiller . Francis Turner . . . Tim Pittman . . Herbert Hoik Kent Anderson 194 Sigma Alpha Epsilon The 1983-84 school year started with an outstanding fall rush and an eventful Homecoming week The an- nual basketball dribble start- ed off a successful Sexy Legs week in which $2,000 was raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Association At the Province Epsilon conven- tion in Macon. Ga . the chap- ter was awarded the out- standing community service award by the eleven chapters in Georgia and Alabama. During Greek Week. SAE placed third in the overall competition. Little Sisters Row One Ahsa Jones. Cindy Klinner. Carolyn Cambrey. Mi- chelle Proctor. Kelly Allen. Anita Speck. Tracey Ireland. Lisa Farrar. Lynn Elrod. Row Two Dot Panton. Kathy Taylor. Tanya Pederson. Kathy Odom. Judy Berretto. Ursula Krob. Sharon Doyle. Kim Ramer. Carol Turner. Angie Bullard. Erin Kel- ly. Tana Hill, Lisa Bryant w r . M Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1 95 SIGMA CHI Row One: Brian Snyder, Kim Loci- cero, Wanda Gillman, Polly Spencer, Dianna Daugherty, Erin Frederick- son, Sharon McCrudden, Ginger White, Teresa Sykes, Leah Scar- bourgh, Donna Anderson, Martha Day, Lisa Ligon, Linda Cummings, Johnny Flowers. Row Two: Pam Gibson, Alice Alsobrook, Mindy Stump, Shannon Hargrove, Terry Quails, Misty Hicks , Patty Rodri- quez, Sue Thomas, Teddy Boles, Richard Jeffcoat. Row Three: Ady McCathern, Bud Palmer, David Greenspan, Shane McCrudden, Kirk Wascom, Neal Dykes, Paul Gau- spohl, Jon White, Ryan Daugherty, Hal Crowson, Buddy Etterlee, Joel President Audy McCathern Vice President Jim Wyatt Sec. Treasurer Johnny Flowers Pledge Trainer Jason Davis Historian Scott English Social Chairman Williams Aultman vmees l Ratcliff, Allen Flemming, Riley Adair, Dame Griswald, Jim McClelland, Willy Herold, Jim Wyatt. Row Four: Jason Stephenson, Arvin McCath- ern, Bob Greene, Kim Pierce, Mike Stump, Jackie Mitchell, David Hel- muth, Mark Mossholder, Bill Gau- spohl, Steve Wakefield, Keith Smith, Mike Dixon, Richard Lefew, Tim Schmelzer, Dan Wespiser, James Calvert, Ron Whepley, Shane Hen- drickson. Row Four: Dykes Culp, Andy Martin, Buddy Starling, Scott English, Billy Aultman, Bobby Drew, Justin Durrance, David McDowell, Jay Davis, Wes Thornal, Barry Gold- en, Todd Hicks, Greg Lunsford, Chuck Rutledge, Terry Kersey, Harry Gostelow. Sweetheart: Ginger White 196 Sigma Chi -• ► Little Sisters: Row One: Wanda Gillman, Polly Spencer. Dianna Daugherty. Erin Fredenckson. Shar- on McCrudden, Ginger White. Shan- non Hargrove. Terry Quails, Leah Scarborough, Sue Thomas. Teresa Sykes. Donna Anderson, and Lisa Ligon Row Two: Kim Locicero, Pam Gibson. Alice Alsobrook. Mindy Stump. Cindy Clements. Misty Hicks. Patty Rodriguez. Linda Cum- mins, and Martha Day. Troy State s Eta Phi chap- ter has continued its tradition of growth and achievement throughout the 1983-84 school year Fall quarter brought Eta Phi numerous successes, further adding to their wide- spread campus recognition They responded to the imple- mentation of Dry Rush with the acquisition of thirty-two pledges. This prosperous rush was followed by their worthy football team s being awarded the Intramural Foot- ball Championship, and Derby, the Fraternity s annu- al Philanthropic project, re- sulted in a record amount of proceeds. The highlight of winter quar- ter was their Seventh Anniver- sary Banquet, which honored newly-initiated brothers, little sisters, and the new Sweet- heart, Ginger White. Eta Phi chapter is noted for its unflinching support of the Greek system and its signifi- cant progression therein. Sigma Chi 197 SIGMA PI Row One: Tim Williams, Daniel Sousa, Mark Rogers, Jeff Holmes, Ron Ferrara, Dru Jacobs, John Car- ney, Henry Cowart, Sean Carney. Row Two: Steve Powell, Richard Wright, Keith Bulger, Solomon In- audi, Mike Cantrell, John Alverez, Ben Shirey, Al Keith, David Enfinger, Phil Cooper, Scott Gilbert, Paul Bur- kett, Chuck Howell. f " ;V crcrjz President. fj }+ ?). aV A • C Vice-President. Secretary . .v .), Treasurer. . . Ti Sgt. at Arms . J. Historian . . . . t i . Richard Wright David Enfinger L hou Ferrara ' Scott Gilbert (U . . . Al Keith Steve Shipman Sweetheart: Kelly McGriff 198 Sigma Pi It was a banner year for Sigma Pi 1 Fall quarter saw the return of the overall Homecoming display award and the scholarship tropny A prosperous fall and winter rush made for a terrific Win- ter Formal at Lakepomt Re- sort in Eufaula, Alabama Spring quarter was a busy quarter for Sigma Pi. Their annual powder-puff competi- tion was the biggest ever Another annual spring event was the trek to Fort Walton Beach, for their Bonzai Beach Bash. Sigma Pis prosperous year was a tremendous boost for their brotherhood Little Sisters Row One Page Reyn- olds. Stella Keith, Kelly McGnft Row Two Judy Manous, Chnssy Harold. Debbie Mims. Susan Perkins Sigma Pi 199 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Row One: Michael Granberry, Be- verly Moreno, Carl Petteway, Angela Overstreet, Mike Bradford, Lisa El- lis, Ken Ellis, Genaro Machhia, John Redus, Greg Jewell. Row Two: Mi- chelle Walker, Mark Taylor, Daniel Bankester, Jon Ramer, Doug Trawick, Lori Langston, Tom Wil- liams, Kay Kowalski, Glen Smith, Jeff Propst, Scott Allen. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Pledge Trainer Sgt. at Arms aylor . . Greg Jewell Mike Bradford . . Jon Ramer . . Scott Allen Alton Starling Sweetheart: Shelly McLain 200 Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon. has established a tradition of ex- cellence m the areas of lead- ership, activities and scholar- ship. TKE has consistently maintained members of the SGA. ACUB. and IFC Teke also participated in most school related activities in- cluding intramural sports and Greek Week. The Tekes are well known also for their excellence in scholarship. Tau Kappa Epsilon has the record for the highest fraternity grade point average in Troy State history. Little Sisters Lorraine Langston. Kay Kowalski. Lisa Ellis. Michele Walker, Angela Overstreet Beverly Marino Tau Kappa Epsilon 201 THETA CHI Row One: Cecil Lassiter, Dorion Simmons, Beth Hollis, Sharon Suth- erland, Meg McCalistee, David Feuerbach. Row Two: Britt Wil- liams, Brenda McCrory, Charlie Brewster, Katy Nobis. Row Three: Molly Baker, Lee Long, Sue Cox, Beth Ellisor. Row Four: Mike An- drews, Pat McKeown, Chris Mar- quardt, Marge Adams, Mark Drake, Vickie, Glenn Lamarque, Sid, Gary Bullock, Greg Gunter, Kenny Sim- mons, Del Long. Tb U Chi Preside Vice-President Secretary Treasurer. . First Guard Second Guard Chaplain Pledge Marshall . Chris Marquardt Pat McKeown Cecil Lasseter . Brit Williams Joey Denison . Steve Swindall Glenn LaMarque Charlie Brewster Sweetheart: Molly Baker 202 Theta Chi Theta Chi means living learning, working and playing together with a group of men you call your brothers Since 1964. the Zeta Theta chapter of Theta Chi has stnved to maintain these goals at TSU Trophies, awards, and hon- ors mean many things to many people, without Broth- erhood, these things count for very little The special mean- ing of Brotherhood guides the men of the Theta Chi Fraterni- ty. Brotherhood cannot be learned in a week, a month, or even a year; it is a continuing, growing experience Little Sisters Row One: Joe Sim- mons. Beth Hoths. Sue Cox. Leigh Long. Sharon Sutherland. Meg McCai- lister Row Two: Brenda McCrory. Molly Baker. Marge Adamson. Vicky Calhoun. Beth Ellison. Sid Sutherland Lon Jackson. Katie Nobis Theta Chi 203 ZETA PHI BETA Row One: Ronnette Walton, Penny Woody, Jean Patten, Clara Bradley, Brenda Hooten. Row Two: Gerald Mayfield, Chuck Deano, Fred Mix- son, Eddie Horn, Rydell Samuel, D ' Wayne Thompson, Ronnie Tullis. Presiden Vice-President. Secretary Treasur _ ■ Johnson Gussie Baker Penny Woody radley Sweethearts: Eddie Horn, Rydell Samuel, Fred Mixson 204 Zeta Phi Beta Zeta Phi Beta on Troy States Campus was char- tered on January 6. 1983 The chapter consists of six active members. The ladies of Zeta previously won first place in the Kappa Alpha Psi Greek show. Members in- clude: Etta Baker, Miss T.S.U. contestant. Ronette Wilson. Miss Gold, Penny Woody, a Gospel choir mem- ber and trackette. Jean Pat- ten, also a member of the Gospel Choir, and Nita Brad- ley. SGA Senator. Members Clara Bradley. Ronette Walton, Penny Woody. Jean Patten. Brenda Hooten Sweethearts Row One Gerald Mayfield. D Wayne Thompson. Ed- die Horn Row Two Ronnie Tullis. Chuck Deano. Fred Mixon. Rydell Samuel Zeta Phi Beta 205 m Miss Venus i Patty Rodriguez Miss Venus 206 MISS VENUS I ± y ' I 1 1 1 ■ f 1 iV ' iM Si J-.j ffl K K K ..Vl .1 i. J 1 c - ■ V . Top Finalists Tammy Watford Patty Rodriguez Kim Rainer Paula Mercier Sandee McEntee Kim LoCicero LaDonna Ingram Sherri Hand Mary Ann Floyd Rhonda Gunter Christie Gregory MISS VENUS 207 ft m 208 Greek Week .Veek 209 Sorority 4 Rush INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Row One: Herbie Howard, Richard Wright, Bob Jones, Kirk Wascom, Darrell Hayes, Rappy Perez, Maurice Boggan, Dwayne Owens, and Francis Turner. Row Two: Mr. Larry Popwell, Steven Powell, Larry Odowd, Paul Burkett, Tom Williams, Doug Kitchens, David Baldwin, Pat McKowen, Derrick Vaughn, Scott Young, Sandee McEntee, Randy Reese, Ronnie Cink, Scott Little, Scott Sport, Bob Prather, Dan Bankester, Antonio Kinard, and Brian Herrington. One Troy State University organization, the Interfrater- nity Council, plays an impor- tant role in the decision mak- ing that affects the fraternity system. The IFC is comprised of re- presentatives from each of the eleven fraternities. To- gether, the representatives work toward promoting bet- ter relations within the greek system and between the fra- ternities and the University. This year the IFC support- ed intramural sports, over- saw rush activities, and, to- gether with Panhellenic, sponsored Greek Week spring quarter. „ officers are Row One: Bob Jones, Secretary, Rappy Pere President; and Richard Wright, Treasurer. Row Two: Tom Williams, Vice President; Darrell Hayes, Publicity Director; and Mr. Larry Popwell, advisor. 212 IFC PANHELLENIC Row One: Brenda Hooten, Cathy Bryan, Cindy Willis. Beth Patton. Dimpel Andress, Kathleen Scrushy, Sandee McEntee. Debra Bennett, and Mrs. Joyce Griffen. Row TWo: Nita Bradley. Suzanne Hughes, Shannon Smith, Scarlett Weed, Susan Thompson. Pam Gibson, Jamie Watkins, Mindy Stump. The Panhellenic Council is defined as " the governing body " of the social sororities at Troy State. Three repre- sentatives from each sorority are elected to serve on the Panhellenic Council. They become the link between their sorority and the rest of the Greek system. Panhel- lenic offices are held on a ro- tation system based on the charter date of the sorority. Panhellenic was formed after two sororities received their charter on campus 17 years ago. Since then, Pan- hellenic has stnved to keep unity between all the sorori- ties and to promote the true sorority spirit, which is en- couragement of leadership, scholarship, and sisterhood. Panhellenic officers are Row Ono: Sandee McEntee. 1st Vice President, Dimple Andress, 2nd Vice Preisdent; Mindy Stump, President; Cathy Bryan, Treasurer; and Beth Patton, Secretary. Panheuentc 213 Fraternity Rush: ' ' To Drink or Not To Drink ' ' The Greek system did not have the option " to drink or not to drink " be- ginning fall quarter 1983 after a rule installing dry rush was passed by a committee of fraternity ad- visors. This rule was met with both approval and disap- proval. One fraternity president remarked, " I was enthusiastic that the rule went into effect, " but another felt the way the decision was made was unfair. He said. " The IFC made the decision to not accept dry rush; however, it was imposed by the ad- visors to the fraternities. I believe that we (IFC) should have been able to make our own decisions Surprisingly, dry rush was viewed as a success by a majority of the frater- nities. One Pi Kappa Phi member commented. It was great. We got the guys who were interested in the fraternity, not just the alcohol, and we also saved money this way. A Sigma Chi member said. ' It showed who knew their fraternity best and appre- ciated it the most. It worked to our advan tage. Making the switch to Dry Rush was a challenge to all involved. However, the successful answer to the question " to drink or not to drink " was not to drink " at T.S.U. Rush. ■ Fraternity Rush 215 Id! [ f i wj m Air Supply Real Queen of Hearts Beach Boys The Mousetrap Lunch Hour A Lesson From Aloes The Mikado Entertainment Ray Bendall Photographers Donny Bowling Keith Benton Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy Brent Scott Section Editor Entertainment 217 Suppl Air Supply :..- inesda lobe • (83 An upi . ; ' ••■ : Are Hall. r med a :mg All . " . n ii A ' irean I cur- . ' - . ove ng at A: und enhanced ade the • • ■ ■• mt mber ' J - The Real Queen of Hearts 220 Queen of Hearts Ain ' t Even Pretty Real Queen of Hearts involves four high school girls during the Real Queen of Hearts Beauty Pageant. Two of the girls are in the beauty pageant, and two are working back- stage. During the last 30 minutes of the play, Sherri Lee and Liz undergo a power struggle with Sherri Lee coming out on top and Uz left out in the cold. The play is set in Double Springs, Ala- bama, in 1976 where the Real Queen of Hearts Beauty Pageant is actually held. Brad Bailey ' s comedy has met wide approval throughout the South. Real Queen of Hearts was presented in Kilby Auditorium on April 18, 1984 under the direction of Dr. David Dye. Queen of Hearts 221 222 The Beach Boys i The Beach Boys On April 19. 1984. TSU students were ready for the sound of The Beach Boys. The concert, originally scheduled for winter quarter, was cancelled due to a death in one of the band member ' s family, and re- scheduled for spring quarter. Coeds came dressed in mini-skirts. OP swimwear. sunglasses, the works. They all assembled to greet the band that had been so popular during the 1960s The audience was filled not only by TSU students, but by older adults who had enjoyed The Beach Boys during their first time around. Prior to the concert, beach balls and frisbees were sent into the audience to get that " beachy " feeling. The same excitement that put The Beach Boys on the charts pervaded the concert in Sartain Hall. „ X, The Beach Boys 223 • r t I t- A ■»- V ■ 224 Mousetrap The Giles Ralston Mrs. Boyle Christopher Wrem Miss Casewell . . . Sergeant Trotter . Mollie Ralston . . . Mr. Paravincini . . . Major Metcalf . . . Tim Bailey Debbie Cribb . . . Harry Gostelow . . Melinda Madison Donnie Peppenhorst . . . Marian Scavelli Jerry Simmons Eric Ware I i] 6 The Mousetrap, the typical who-done-it play written by mystery master Agatha Christie, has proven to be the single longest running show in London s theatre history The Mousetrap found its way to Troy States stage on October 10 under the direction of Dr. Judith Lewis, Speech and Drama instructor The play takes place in the Great Hall at Monkswell Manor Guest House. The guests arrive along with one unexpected guest just in time to be snowed in for a few days The police are lucky enough to get a call through to the owners of the house and warn them of the impending danger and also tell them that a sergeant is on the way. The sergeant arrives but a murder takes place anyway. All the guests as well as the owners immediately become suspects. However, by the end of Act II the murderer is exposed through a number of Christie-like twists and the ice and snow begin to melt. Mousetrap 225 226 Lunch Hour Lunch Hour by Jean Kerr Erin Fredenckson and Tim Bailey starred as a pair whose spouses are hav- ing an affair, and who have to counter by inventing an affair of their own. He. ironi- cally, is a marriage counselor, and a bit of a stick. His wife juggles husband, lover, and mother and is a real go-getter. In fact, it was she who proposed to him. Of the other couple, the wife is a bit kooky. She can discourse on things tacky while wearing an evening gown with her jogging sneakers on; or, again, be over- joyed at the prospect of a trip to Paris. All ends forgivingly for both couples, as the aggrieved wife concedes that they both " need somthing to regret, " and the other husband concedes, " I knew when I mar- ried that everyone would want to dance with you. " Lunch Hour was presented by the TSU Department of Speech and Drama Febru- ary 6-7 under the direction of Mr. Tom Smi- Oliver Tim Bailey Nora Tosha Spottek Carrie Erin Frederickson Leo Jerry Simmons Peter Donnie Peppenhorst Lunch Hour 227 228 Aloes A Lesson From Aloes by Athol Fugard Set in a house in a white district of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 1963, Aloes gives a compelling portrait of a society caught in the grip of a police state, and the effect it has on individuals. The setting is in the house of a liberal Afrikaner and his wife. He has been actively in- volved in antiapartheid activ- ity; she is recovering from a recent nervous breakdown brought about by a police raid on their home. They are waiting for a Black family to come to dinner. In South Afri- ca, this is an absolutely for- bidden act of insurrection. The Black family never ar- rives, but the head of the family does. He has just been released from prison and plans to flee South Africa — after first confronting the Afrikaner with the charge that he has betrayed him. " Exile, madness, utter loneliness — these are the only alternatives Mr. Fu- gard s characters have. Aloes insists on the heroism and integrity of these harsh choices. Aloes 229 The Mikado of Japan Graham W. Fountain Nanki-Poo . . Ko-Ko. • ■ ■ ■ ■ Pooh-Bah . . . Pish-Tush . . . Yum- Yum . . . Pitti-Sing . . . Peep-Bo .... Katisha .... . . . Michael Russell . . . . David Branning Robby Davis . . . Joseph Wingard Anna Turman Starla Kelley . . . Denise Johnson Deborah Anne Cri KK « « J n Vt-% , ¥ h o ] " NP»Vtl 5 " fj Lj Y 1 w 230 The Mikado MIKADO The MA»do 231 V 6 1 1 i r h± : ■s i . v ORGANIZATIONS Band 233 Student Government 240 Honor Societies 243 Professional Societies 256 Service Societies 274 Religious Societies 286 University Service 296 L ORGANIZATIONS Charlie Finch Staff: Dorell Dorsey Valerie Kelley Photographers: Ray Bendall Greg Benton Keith Benton Donny Bowling Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy Derrick Vaughn Section Editor Organizations 233 234 Band The Sound of The South - Trojans One and All The " Dixie Fight Song echoed throughout the stadium as flags waved with striking colors, batons rose to new heights, and the sounds from sundry in- struments pierced the air with spmechillmg tones. Up and down the field the red. black, and white clad musicians marched in harmony as Drum Major John Hillsman kept the tempo. The Sound of the South s 220 members always performed with such pagentry and pizazz while inspiring the Trojan spirit. The ever enthusiastic Dr. Long kept the creative motivation high as a new show was practiced and performed every week. There were many high-lights in the band s season including performing at the Atlanta Falcon s game during half time and playing for thousands of viewers during the Home- coming game broadcasted on CBS. There were many other performances at marching festivals in Gunersville. Ala.; Tif- ton, Ga.; Enterprise, Al.: and the Troy Marc hing Festival. Such an active and de- manding season was rewarded in the end with an invitation to perform in the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Al. Dr. Long introduced an exciting fight song called Trojans One and All. " To his delight the song was enthu- siastically accepted by the student body. He dedicated his work to Dr. Ralph Ad- ams, the greatest Trojan of them all. and his wonderful student body. Left: John Hillsman directs the Sound ot the South Bottom Left: Majorettes for 1983-84 Bottom Right Rhonda Gunter. one of the feature twirlers. performs her half time routine Photography by Bowling Band 235 Band Sections Row One: Jane Swindle, Section Leader; Ginger Metcalf . Row Two: Val Kelley, Joan Hughie, Dawn Strickland. Row Three: Becky Dorell Dorsey, Donna Cude, Teresa Palmer, Kandy Ralph, Jackie Mack, Lantis, Susan Colmar, Nancy Christina Langley. Row Four: Summers. Row One: Vance Edeker, Albert Mickel, Gina Smith, Angie Irizarry, Kala Pepper, James Coleman. Row Two: Jill Waldrop, Tanja Ga- vin, Starla Whitehead, James Beck, Andy Bullard, Section Leader; Reg- gie Suggs, Anita Clayton, Teresa Fields, Michelle Lanier. Bottom to Top: Mike Roskos, Lori Nugent, Terrence Samuea, Doug Smith, Lee Bradley, Tim Hyatt, Brent Scott, Rob Grice, Nathan White, An- drew Dixon, Shane Watts, David Branning, Mike Jackson, Ben Mal- lory, Jonathan Spann, David Moore, Time Hartselle, Connie Wilkes. Far Right: Larry Smith, Section Leader; Asa Jernigens. Row One: Beth Fosles Laura lo- vine, Section Leader. Row Two: Desiree Sutton, Caroylyn Lott, Toney Hillsman, Terri Parker. Row Three: Jeff Homes, Valerie Womak, Melody Wilkes, Stephanie Kline. Row Four: Jon Chamberlin, Glenda Kelley, Rochelle Baker, Allyson Mul- lins, and Crystal Pierce. Row Five: Sandra Mobley, Leigh Anne Mace, Jeanne Nichols. 236 Band TRUMPETS Row On : Sonja Jennings. Mane Martm. Tracey Woodham. Mark Jones Susan Perkins. Phil Brannon. Debbie Thompson, and Denise Crowe Row Two: Charlton Ford. Terry Andrews. Tim Watson. Rand Hughey. Morgan Smith, and Vaughn Irby Row Threat Rail Ford Sonya Kethchum. Jeff Caldwell. Walter Nail Robm Roberts. Tim Giiley Sec- tion Leader. Luke Landers Yielding Teresa Reley. and Bryant Goss Row Four: Kerry Andrews. Mike Muicahy Antonio Johnathan Scott Tnsh Suftm. Roxland Smith. Mike Rizzo. Jay Taylor and David Reyn- olds TUBAS TUBAS ' 3 V Reginald Wright. Lendal Issac. Ever- ett McDaniels. Darren Leyfield Gra- ham Fountain. Robert Davis. Aura Williams. Sectm Leader. Randy Wymn, Stanley Watson. Norman Brooks. George Curtis Willie Moore, and David Campbell Not Pictured Stron Riss T L m ; PERCUSSION Row One: Steve DiBan. Andy Fu- qua. Terry Kelly. John Mames. Alan Nettles. Bill Bauman. Jimbo Jordan Charles Vellmes. Mike Lynch Larry Batchelor. Todd Reynolds. John Batchelor. and Kim Coiims Row Two: Roger Ethendge. Debbie Cnbb. Gma Savage. Harrison Mor- an III. Lee Robinson Doug McGr ark Watts and Ken Huff Row Three: William Roberson. Letnoa Rivers. Francme Mason. Glenda Walters. Edward Horn. Tncia Rainey. David Moslev Stacy Mitch- ell. Brian Burman. Donna Hayes. Pam Oats. Nan O Sullivan, and Johnny Thorton Row One: Tim Spraggms, Rose- marry Merritt. Darryl Player. Gini Watson, and Mary Blair Ray Row Two: Ronnie Chase. Jo Lynn Alex- ander. Sean Carney. Section Lead- er. Jennifer Beck, and Ryan West Row Three: James Mernt and Chris Terille. Row One: Crawford Hams. Neal Hudson. Naddie Littlejohn. Laura Weeks. Eddie Taylor, and Lisa Gow- an Row Two: Cathy Horn Jack Martin. Section Leader Ben Huggh- ms. Gail Ripley and Rae Denison Band 237 r=r 7 The Troy State 1 983-84 238 I nil ' i I 1 z „« Us?? V.;vX .- -- Sound of the South 239 " S.G.A. should be a vehicle for students ' free speech and thought. " — Joey James President " S.G.A. administers a practical and realistic form of government processes — Diane M. Arnzen Vice-President J) 240 S.G.A. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Student Govern- ment Association strove to make S.G.A. a voice be- tween students and admin- istration. By using various surveys, S.G.A. was able to get a broad perspective of student and faculty needs. With this information and input the organization was able to improve the social, academic, and physical as- pects of Alabama ' s most exciting campus. Many students at Troy State did not realize the full potential S.G.A. was able to achieve through more in- volvement. This was one of the primary hurdles Joey James and his officers had to overcome. " Whatever the students have to say, " remarked Mr. James, " the S.G.A. is a sounding board to the Administration and faculty. " In addition to being a ve- hicle for student involve- ment, S.G.A. also set out to accomplish certain goals: 1) improving student-facul- ty rapport; 2) building and strengthening academic standards; 3) bringing to Troy more objective speak- ers; and 4) improving li- brary facilities. ' S.G.A. is an important force on our campus. " — Lamar Futch Clerk " Everyone should play a part in our S.G.A. " — Page Reynolds Secretary SGA 241 SGA Supreme Court and Senate Supreme Court Members are Row One: Patrick Harris, Anne Kimmell, Bonita Austin, and Garry Shirah. Row Two: Ronnie Clink, Keith Har- nage, and Steve Scruggs. Not Pic- tured: Gwen Madison and Wayne Bassett. Senate Members are Row One: Te- resa Smith, Sue Thomas, Tracy Osmer, Myra Webb, Mary Horta, Sherri Musgrove, Charlotte Greene, Diane Arnzen, Chairperson; Kim Smith, Trip Hendrixx, Debra Ben- nett, Debbie Dowdle, Sharon Doyle, and Stephen Riggs. Row Two: Jim Wyatt, Teddy L. Boles, Joel Ratcliff, Wade Wilson, Dykes Culp, Bud Palmer, J. Shane Hendrickson, Ken- neth A. Nixon, Tim Archer, Billy Howard, Brian Weekley, and W. An- drew Ray. Row Three: Wes Thor- nal, Brian Snyder, Ron Whepley, Lu- cas Cade, Dan Harrison, Byron Key, Jeff Brock, Hank Cord, and Andy Martin. 242 S.G.A. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a national society which hon- ors scholastic achievement during the first year in col- lege. The Troy State chapter of AAA initiated fifty to sixty freshmen in 1983-1984 These freshmen must have maintained a 2.5 or higher GPA during fall or winter quarters. During the fall quarter, AAA began its busy year with a raffle to raise money for the scholarship fund. The organization met three times a year to plan activities in- cluding a picnic that was held during the spring quarter An award was given in spring to an outstanding se- nior and past member of A who maintained an overall 2.5. Another award was presented at Honors Day to the freshman of the year, Kathleen Scrushy Vicki Comer was selected for the recipient of the first annual AAA academic and leader- ship scholarship. Top: Clark Harrell and Ms. Gray. Faculty Advisor, preside at the Initi- ation Ceremony. Middle Left: Vicki Comer receives the A.VA Academic and Leadership Scholarship Middle Right: Officers are Ahsa Jones, secretary Debra McClamma. historian. Liza Mercer, news editor. Clark Harrell. president. Suzanne Madison, treasurer; and Annette Jones, vice-president. Not pictured are Edward Felts. Sr Advisor and Cindy St. John, Jr advisor Bottom: Members are Row One Sharon Green, Greg Smith, Jaime Starck. Brock Davis. Patty Starck. Belinda Sharpe. Linda Brookms. Kathleen Scrushy. Penny McCall. Anita Cumbie, and Sheila Lashiey Row Two Doree Harris. Leslie Car- roll. Dan Green. Sabnna Gaddy. Deena Pregno, Sharon Brewster. Chan Meacham. Kimberly Merreli. Keith Morgan. Cynthia Little. Pame- la Weed. Amy Hail, and Jason Jones Row Three Kris Weldon. Henry Nahhas. Craig Myers. Bart Williams. Harry Gostelow. Christina Langley Clifford Allred. Ginger Mine ' Spraggms. Stephanie Sanders Robbie Davis. Ted Leishner Danny O ' Toole, and Tommy Dugosh Alpha Lambda Delta 243 With a new group of eager officers, the TSU chapter of Gamma Beta Phi, an honor and service organization for the top 20% of the students of each class, began fall quarter with exciting goals in mind. Fall quarter activities in- cluded the annual Coke break held in cooperation with the Troy Coca-Cola Bot- tling Co. The chapter also sold Spook-a-Grams at Hal- loween for UNICEF, which provided candy and spooky greetings across campus, and held the second annual Great American Picnic, a pic- nic for members and Troy ' s foreign students. Gamma Beta Phi was also proud to have Cindy St. John represent the organization in Troy ' s 1983 Homecoming Pageant. Miss St. John was 3rd runner-up in the campus- wide election. During winter quarter the organization took part in the GAMMA BETA PHI state convention held in Do- than and received its second consecutive Distinguished Chapter Award given by the national branch of Gamma Beta Phi for superior achievement. Sandra Hollis was elected as state presi- dent for next year and Jean- ette Little was voted secre- tary treasurer-elect. Lisa Cetti, was nominated for Ala- bama ' s representative to the National Executive Commit- tee. In addition, the winter quarter saw ninety-nine new members join the society and the chapter participated in a teacher appreciation day. The national convention held in Nashville high-lighted spring quarter. Members spent free time visiting Opry- land and other tourist sites (cont. p. 245). Right: Initiates take their pledge during initiation ceremonies. Bot- tom: Members for 1983-84. 244 Gamma Beta Phi (cont from p. 244) as well as conducting business with chapters from across the country Also at national. Dr Rosemary Canfield. the chapter adviser, received recognition for her ten years of service to the organiza- tion. As a whole. Gamma Beta Phi grew m both service and distinction on the campus. The organization profitted from its growth and looked forward to another produc- tive year with the help of the new officers and the spring inductees. E3 Top: Inductees for the spring quar- ter Middle Left: President. James Phillips, congratulates a new mem- ber Middle Right: Frances Adams and Faith Reed prepare for the cook-out Bottom: Inductees for the spring quarter Gamma Beta Phi 245 Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi, and educa- tional honor society, is the ol- dest honor society to be es- tablished on the T.S.U. cam- pus. The 1983-84 theme for KAn was " Beyond 1984: Education for Freedom, Strength, Peace. " The pro- gram topics for the year were " An Overview to Orwell 1984, " " A Look at Kappa Delta Pi, " " Our Children Our Future, " and " The Role of Education in a 1984 Environ- ment. " Kappa Delta Pi made an- nual contributions to the fol- lowing scholarship funds: The L.S. Vandeford Memori- al Scholarship Fund, The Foy Ingram Cummings Memorial Fund, The Mary Will Berry Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the President ' s Club. Also, Kappa Delta Pi presents the R.H. Ervin Award to the outstanding se- nior in education during Hon- ors Day. Top Right: Dr. James Melvin, the Horace Nelson Distinguished Lecturer, speaks to KAFI members. Middle Right: Installation officers for 1983-84. Middle Left: Initiated members for 1983-84. KAn members for 1983-84 include: Row One (Top to Bottom): Marty Hulsley, Dr. James Kimbrough, Mary Gail Monk, Virginia Watson, Lynn Weeks, Terri Fugit, and Dr. Nolan Hatcher. Row Two: Bernice Talanda, Bobbie Elliot, Teresa Marshall, Lisa Compton, Ann Flowers, and Kelley Jaye. Row Three: Pamela McCullough, Lisa Jan Watson, Desiree Sulton, Martha Thompson, Deborah Cribb, Linda Cummings, and Jenna Mann. Row Four: Laura Broadway, Paulette Raulerison, Leslie Whitlock, Terri Parker, Helen Lane, Jane Thrash, Judith Dye, Gloria Harvell, and Beth Hogue. 246 Kappa Delta Pi I Mortar Board Mortar Board is an honor society for seniors who have excelled in scholarship, lead- ership, and service Each person is chosen through a selective process and then recognized in front of his peers by wearing a mortar board. During fall quarter, a car with mortar board mounted on top was included in the Homecoming parade. During half-time, a football with the Trojans ' names on it was raf- fled off. A display was set up in the Adams Center in coordina- tion with National Mortar Board Week February 13-17 Members also sponsored the President s Tea for any stu- dent maintaining a 3 GPA both fall and winter quarters A Career Readiness Seminar was held to instruct students on career objectives Twenty-six juniors were tapped in during their classes and then initiated in the Sor- rell Chapel. The Faye Ellis Memorial Scholarship and Service Award was present- ed at Honors Day to Vicki Comer. Top Right Vicki Comer taps Mrs Dorothy Adams into Mortar Board as an honorary member Top Right Luke Landers observes the display during National Mortar Board Week Members of Mortar Board included Row One: Gen Blizzard. News Edi- tor. Eva Carter. Sandy Kuchle. Mindy Stump, Beth Braceweli. Vice- President. Debbie Green, and Shern Ashmore. Secretary Row Two Dr Ralph Adams. Mr Eugene Masta. Jr Advisor. Diane Barfieid. Luke Landers. Susan Blake. Treasurer. Sancy McEntee. Tracy Wenzei. Vtcki Comer. President, and Cindy WHJis Row Three Dr Rhae Swisher. Sr Advisor, James Phillip- Woodbury. Lisa Compton. Aivm Dia- mond. James Harveii. Ray BendaM. Historian, and Desire Sutto r ptctured. Tim Smith. Yoiancv nandez. and Dr Jan Eirod. Sopho- more Advisor Mortar Board 247 Omicron Delta Kappa I Omicron Delta Kappa, Na- tional Leadership Honor So- ciety, recognized meritorious attainments in all-around leadership with a strong sec- ondary membership require- ment of scholarship. The So- ciety recognized outstanding students, faculty, and admin- istration based on achieve- ments in all arenas of leader- ship. Gen Blizzard presided over the Circle fall and winter quarters and was succeeded by Cindy Willis as President spring quarter. Cindy and Anne Kimmel represented the Society at National ODK Convention in Birmingham, Alabama. The Ralph Wyatt Adams Leader of the Year award was presented by ODK to Cindy Willis at Honors Day ceremonies. Top Left: Cindy Willis and Gen Bliz- zard are installed as the new officers for the 1983-84 year. Top Right: Lisa Kantor, Vicki Comer, and Pa- trice Woodbury examine literature for ODK Leader of the Year award. Bottom: Members are Row One: Starla Kelly, Anna Turman, Mindy Stump, Michelle Pr octor, Toscha Spottek, Page Reynolds, Tammy Watford, Dr. John Long, and Cindy Willis. Row Two: Ginger Sprague, Dawn Strickland, Christina Harold, Cindy St. John, Debbie Cribb, Vicki Comer, Diane Daughtery, Lisa Far- rar, Dr. D. C. Robins, Dr. Emma Nor- ris, and Ron Pierce. Row Three: Dr. Ralph W. Adams, Steve Scraggs, Anne Kimmel, Molley Baker, Joey James, Laticia Watford, Dr. Norma Mitchell, Jean Mury, Ed Barnett, and Ray Bendall. Row Four: James O ' Neal, Andy Bullard, Dr. Nick D ' An- drea, Jeff Johnston, Brett Wilson, Jason Davis, Tim Smith, Audy McCathern, and Dr. Rhae Swisher. 248 Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Alpha Theta The lota-Mu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, internation- al honor society in history, initiated fourteen members in 1983-84 and celebrated its 20th anniversary on the TSU campus. Three dinners were held in the homes of Dr. Welch, Dr. McPh erson, and Dr. Tway. Speakers at these dinners were Dr. Porter, Dr. and Mrs. Bowling, and Timo- thy Smith. ulty members participated in the 1 AB meeting during the Southern Historical Assoc annual convention at Charleston, S.C. in Novem- ber, and attended the Re- gional convention at Auburn Univ. in April. On Honors Day Robbm Tomlin received the Scholas- tic award and Timothy Smith received the Colonial Dames Award for the best paper in Several students and fac- American history. -nu Top Officers for t AB are Rachel Bedell, treasurer, Timothy Smith, secretary, and Robbm Tomlm. president Not pictured are Beth Bracewell, vice-president. Dr Norma Mitchell, faculty advisor, and Mr. Grady Post, faculty trea- surer Middle Left t 6 members m the Homecoming Parade are display- ing their various costumes Middle Right Patrick Harris. Timothy Smith, Patrick Saunders. Robbm Tomlm. James Jenkins, and Kim Flowers cele- brate J A0 20th anniversary Bottom I A0 members are Row One Dr Earl Smith. Cynthia Wil- lis. Robbm Tomlm. Rachel Bedell. Kim Flowers. Dr Norma Mitchell. Lee Harris, and Dr John Carroll. Row Two Dr Anthony Kubek. Dr John Bowling. Mrs Mary El- len Bowling. Justin Durrance. Dr Duane Tway. Mr Grady Post. Dr Milton McPherson. Patrick Mara Row Three Patrick Har- ris Patrick Saunders. Timothy Smith. Scott Gilbert. James Jen- kins. Dr Robert Pulten. and Dr Robert Knott Phi Alpha Theta 249 Sigma Tau Delta is an hon- or society for the recognition of excellence in the study of English. To become a mem- ber of ITA, one must have completed twenty hours of upper level English courses while maintaining a 2.2 GPA in these classes. Also, mem- bers must have an overall 2.0 GPA. Sigma Tau Delta was ac- tively involved in promoting Sigma Tau Delta closer affiliation between the English faculty and ITA members. During spring quarter the organization held a banquet with the English faculty. ITA also sponsored the guest speaker, Jesse Hill Ford. Mr. Ford is a distin- guished author from Troy who has had many stories and other works published nationally. v n f IS Jti p% r | l 5B yHj M A Cfl vfm IB lli ' m ' Top: Jesse Hill Ford, distinguished writer from Troy, speaks to members about the Best of American Short Stories. Middle: Desiree Sutton, president, introduces Mr. Ford. Bottom: Members are: Joy Dunn, Desiree Sutton, Pat Benoit, Marsha Cetti. Diane Lichtensteiger, Sandra Scott, Fran Norris, Karen Ponds, Cathy Bruce, and Jesse Hill Ford, guest speaker. Officers for ITA were Desiree Sut- ton, president; Marsha Cetti, vice- president; Eva Carter, secretary and treasurer; Fran Norris, publicity chairman and historian. 250 Sigma Tau Delta J I Phi Kappa Phi The primary objective of the national Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the recogni- tion and encouragement of superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. The Society strives to recognize and honor those persons of good character who have ex- celled in scholarship in their various fields. In the organization, gradu- ate fellowships are awarded to Phi Kappa Phi members each year on a competitive basis. In addition, Phi Kappa Phi meetings and publica- tions keep members in- formed as to what is happen- ing in their fields and who is doing the work These sources of information be- come increasingly valuable after one has left the aca- demic community. v. 1983-84 Phi Kappa Phi Initiates William Ray Bendall Eva Catherine Carter Marsha Cosby Cetti Vicki Denise Comer Jacquelyn Cooper Barbara Ann Elliott Barbara Kim Fannin Yolanda Teresa Fernandez Cynthia Joy Geoghagen Ronald Thomas Gibbs Gloria Ann Harvell James Fred Harvell Anneliese Herald Lisa Kantor Mike May Gregory Lomax Prescott Michelle L. Proctor Lesa Ellen Ralls Clint Lamar Rogers Susan Marie Sasser Peggy Lynne Seymour Mindy Sue Stump Desiree Sutton Melissa Taunton Tammy L. Underwood Ronnie Durrell Wiggins Cynthia Trammell Willis Tracy Wise 1 JSJSJHtfi appa Phi 251 Members of Alpha Epsilon Rho, the National Broadcast- ing Society, were outstand- ing students in broadcasting on college and university campuses and within the broadcast industry. The So- ciety emphasizes superior scholarship and creative par- ticipation in broadcasting production and activity. In re- turn, the organization helps prepare AERho members for future roles as responsible broadcasters. The Troy State chapter of AERho had a busy schedule of events. Fall quarter it host- ed the AERho South Region- al Convention. Speakers ranged from nationally known Larry Perry, and au- thority on broadcast law, to Skip Haley, former news di- rector at WSFA in Montgom- ery. Winter quarter members sold doughnuts to raise mon- ey. In April of 1984, three members of AERho, along with Mr. Cobb, attended the Alpha Epsilon Rho National Convention at the Sheraton- Universal in Los Angeles, California. Alpha Epsilon Rho Serving as officers for 1983-84 were Kim Gilliland, president; Karen Davis, sec- retary; Brenda Monfee, trea- surer; Jim Reed, historian; and the faculty advisor was Steve Cobb. Top Left: Linda Beasly sees all the action from her camera angle. Top Right: Joe Wingard predicts sunny skies as he plays weather man for WTSU-TV. Bottom: Members are Row One: Mr. Stephen Cobb, Advisor; Jill Bailey, Pat Griffin, Anne Cetti, Kim Gilliand, Brenda Monfee, Linda Beasley, and Karen Davis. Row Two: Jeff May, Andrew Findley, Tom Green, Robert Pierce, Tim Beasley, Henry Roddam, and Bruce Mims. 252 Alpha Epsilon Rho Arnold Society The Arnold Air Society is a national professional organi- zation of selected Air Force ROTC cadets. The objec- tives of the Dr. Theodore C. Marrs Squadron is to create a more efficient relationship among officer candidates and within the Air Force Re- serve Officers Training Corps; aid in the develop- ment of effective Air Force officers; and to further the purpose, traditions, and con- cepts of the US Air Force. The Society at Troy State had a staff consisting of eight positions that secure the ex- ecution of duties to be car- ried out while under the sponsorship of Captain Blocker. While Arnold Air Society is an organization for AFROTC cadets only, the mission of the Society is further sup- ported by Angel Flight. This years national project was a oint effort of Arnold Air Soci- ety and Angel Flight The subject was POW MIA or Prisoners of War Missing in Action. For the past year, both organizations have ac- complished much in promot- ing awareness for service men who are still missing in Vietnam. In commemoration of POW MIA week, the Soci- ety arranged for an American flag to be permanently placed in the Centennial Park of Troy. Among other accom- plishments the Society per- formed, community support was a constant objective. By supporting the March of Dimes, helping out in nursing homes, and aiding in the Baptist Children s Home, the members of the Society man- aged to accomplish much at Troy State as well as in the community. Members have truly lived up to their motto, " the warrior who cultivates his mind polishes his arms. mm " " " H 11 f yi Mm. ' ' , ■ VHp ' i ■K P? 5|jM Top: Angel Flight members and Ar- mes are together at the pledge party Shown are Momca Maione. Tracy Davis, and Kelly Reed Middle: Governor Wallace proclaims POW MIA Day with TSU Amies and An- gels present Row Ono: Patricia Tarrant. Charles Segrest Annette Rowe. Bernestme Brudley Brock Davis, and Willie Heroic! Row TWo: Don Fuller, Tracy Davis Mary Latham. Christina Langley. Diane Ficke. and Laurence Tumn Row Throo: Doug McGnfl. Todd I Jeff Koch. Art Cartr over. Barry O Rourke. Dan Green and Clark Harrell Arnold Air Sooety 2S3 Angel Flight I Angel Flight is an active or- ganization at TSU and in the Troy community. All female students are eligible to be- come members. The Angels experienced a variety of activities and achievements which resulted in national recognition for the Flight ' s excellence. A lot of time and energy went into aiding the annual Bed Race for charity, March of Dimes walk-a-thon and a local Girl Scout troop. The Flight ' s primary func- tion as a support organiza- tion for the AFROTC and Ar- nold Air Society was evident as they helped plan the first annual River Raft Race and this year ' s POW MIA Aware- ness Week. The Angels also sponsored a health fair which was a new and rewarding challenge. Top: Kelly Reed was chosen Angel Flight outstanding member in the na- tion. She is the first person from Ala- bama to receive this distinguished award. Middle Left: Jane Crosby and Jon Edward enjoy the annual ROTC dining out held in November. Middle Right: Angels make all the co-functions with Arnold Air Society entertaining. Bottom: Members are Row One: Lynn Motes, Robbin Tomlin, Monica Maloney, Lisa Kan- tor, and Gloria Harvell. Row Two: Martha Montanez, Jane Crosby, Debbie Anderson, Sherri Hand, Lau- ra Cockrell, and Kelly Reed. Row Three: Lori Langston, Dare Henni- gan, Diana Culp, Gen Blizzard, Yo- landa Fernandez, Ann Duffell, and Major Duffell, advisor. 254 Angel Flight I HPER The HPER Club is a pro- fessional organization for health, physical education, and or recreation majors mi- nors. The HPER Club has as its goal the professional de- velopment of its members through the medium of var- ious projects. HPER centered its goals on developing and improving new ideas for physical edu- cation. By participating in the HPER Fall Conference and the Southeast district HPER conference, the organization was able to learn, by attend- ing various classes, the cur- rent physical education trends The organization was also actively involved in campus activities The blood drive has become an annual event for HPER and once again proved to be successful in 1984 Assisting sporting events such as the women s basketball tournaments was also an important function for HPER members Top Loft: Officers are Molly Baker, vice president. Patty Schmitz, presi- dent, and Brent Zessm. treasurer Middle Right: HPER s obstacle course at the Children s Festival is fun for all Bottom: Members are Row On : Walter McDowell. Chuck Hitt. Molly Backer. Brent Ze Sandy Stinson. and Randy Watson Row Two: Tammy Rufian Katie Stallmgs. Bonme Hamnka. Patty Smitz. Kim Anderson M iinda Ash- craft. Lisa Caudill. and Beth [ HPER 255 J Delta Sigma Pi Betty Brookins Gary Bullock Anita Clayton David Erickson James Gardner Cynthia Geoghagan Ken Hamilton Zelda Hamilton Mark Jones Joyia Maddox Gwendolyn Madison Mike Mayo Lynn McCall Sandra Mobley Allyson Monfee Shay Owens Robert Palmer Rob Pierce Gina Powell Michelle Proctor Brent Scott Garry Shirah Jeena Simpson Suellen Snoekstra Mindy Stump Chris Terilli Anna Turman Renae Willis Judie Wilson Karen Wurtz Richelle Baker Mary Barnett Naomi Black Walter Bronson 256 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a national professional business frater- nity. Through many functions sponsored by the chapter, members experienced an in- sight into todays business world and its many facets. Brotherhood, within the aca- demic discipline, promoted a unity in achieving personal and chapter goals. Delta Sig- ma Pi produced profession- als working together, through service or social ac- tivities. Delta Sigma Pi means business! Top Prospective pledges sign-m at an orientation meeting Middle Left Officers are Row One Sandra Mobley. Chairman for CEl Gary Shirah president. Judie Wil son. vice-president for pledge edu cation, and Mmdy Stump, chancel lor Row Two: Betty Brookms se mor vice-president. Gma Powell historian. David Enckson vice president for professional activities Naomi Black, secretary, and Gwen Madison treasurer Not pictured: Robert Palmer, advisor Middle Right Delta Sigma Pi mem- bers at Morrison s headquarters m Mobile Members toured the facili- ties Bottom Members are Row One: Sandra Mobley. Sue Thomas. Anita Clayton. Michelle Proctor. Gary Shirah. Judie Wilson. Mmdy Stump, and Gma Powell Row Two: Janae Simpson, Mike Mayo. Naomi Black. Karen Wurtz. Mike Stump, Joyia Maddox. Lynn McCall. and Cindy Geoghagan Row Three: David Enckson. Brent Scott. Dorothy Pan- ton. Suellen Snoekstra. Nathaniel Brown. James Gardner Shay Owens. Ken Hamilton. Robert Pierce Kevin Ewmg. Gwen Madison, and Betty Brookms Delta Sigma Pi 257 Kappa Kappa Psi Kerry Andress Bill Bauman Phil Brannon Norman Brooks Dave Campbell Roger Etheredge Tim Gilley Bryant Goss Tim Hartselle John Hillsman Ken Huff Terry Kelly Luke Landers Jack Martin Doug Smith Morgan Smith Reginald Suggs Jay Taylor Nathan White Aura Williams 258 Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is the National Honorary Band Fra- ternity serving both marching bands and concert bands across the nation. Several brothers attended National Convention which was held in Luboch, Texas in late August. During the fall quarter Kappa Kappa Psi provided water for the band members during breaks at Thursday night practices, and also during band camp in the summer. The brothers were responsible for loading and unloading equipment for every performance the band made away from Troy State Winter quarter was a busy one for the brothers with pledging activities topping the list The brothers wel- comed 7 new brothers at the end of the quarter. They also worked along with the sisters of Tau Beta Sigma at the Southeastern States Band Clinic. During spring quarter some of the brothers attend- ed District Convention in Mi- ami, Florida. New officers were installed and the annual Softball game with Phi Mu Al- pha was held. Top: Jack Martin plays meiiopnone m the Sound of the South Marching Band Middle Left: Luke Landers cracks oysters at the cookout Mid- dle Right: Officers are Bryant Goss. Willie Moore. Tim Hartselie. Jack Martin. Kerry Andress. and Crawford Harris Members are Row Ono: Lee Robinson. Jay Taylor. Ker- ry Andress. Jack Martm Willie Moore. Bryant Goss. Crawford Har- ris, and Reggie Suggs Row Two: Shane Watts. Terry Kelly. Aura Wil- liams. Roger Ethendge. Tim Hart- selie. Earl Franks. Darryl Layfie d. Morgan Smith and Todd ReynoWs Kappa Kappa Psi 259 Lambda Alpha Epsilon i s an association devoted to the furtherment of profes- sionalism in all areas of crimi- nal justice. It strives to en- courage greater cooperation among criminal justice agen- cies and to promote greater understanding between the community and the profes- sion. Under the aegis of membership it fosters more responsive training and edu- cation to fulfill the needs of the profession through spon- sorship of seminars, techni- cal materials and personal contacts. The association serves as a unified national voice on key issues of the Lambda Alpha Epsilon profession. The Tau Sigma Upsilon Chapter of LAE sponsors several projects on the TSU campus as well as in the community of Troy. Some of the annual projects included: a scavenger hunt for campus organizations, a pistol match, the Criminal Justice Career Orientation Day, pre- senting an award to the out- standing law enforcement of- ficer of the year in Pike Coun- ty, and helping coordinate local events during National Police Week. LAE also spon- sored guest speakers, films, field trips, and social events for criminal justice students. Top: Linda Gautney, the LAE presi- dent at TSU, interned at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center winter quarter of 1 984. She and oth- er interns were the guest speakers at the Region V Conference of LAE at Jekyll Island, Georgia. Members of 1983-84 were: Dr. Charles Jones, Advisor; Suzanne J. Mullis, A. Kirk Wascom, Vice-Presi- dent; Barbara S. Daniels, Treasurer; Gwendolyn F. Stacey, Linda K. Gaut- ney, President; Chet S. Davis, Sgt. at Arms; Calvin O. Thomas, and Byron R. Hall. Members not shown were: Herbert E. Reeves, Secretary; Marjorie A. Adamson, Teresa Cooper, Joseph Davis, J. Darren Glass, Gregory L. Jewell, Crystal L. Morgan, Suzanne J. Mullis, and David A. Vernon. 260 Lambda Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Lambda is a na- tional vocational education organization for all students in junior colleges, vocational schools, and universities who are interested in and or preparing for business or business education careers. The goals of MJA are to: 1) develop competent, aggres- sive business leadership; 2) strengthen the confidence of students and their work; 3) create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise; 4) en- courage and practice effi- cient money management; 5) encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty; 6) assist students in the estab- lishment of occupational goals; and 7) facilitate the transition from school to work. Advisors for $BA were Mrs. Helen Leverette and Mrs. Prascilla Garrott. Phi Beta Lambda Top Loft: Officers are Pat Griffin secretary. Cindy Richburg. treasur- er. Phaedra Fail, vice-president, and Buddy Starling, president Top Right: Mike Mayo listens attentively to the t BA speaker Bottom: Mem- bers are Row On : Debra McClamma. Kim Payne. Auburn Foreman. Sharon Watson. Jeff Johnston. Buddy Startm Donna An- derson. Cindy Richburg. and Pat Griffin Row Two: Laura Sikes. Scarlett Weed. LeAnne Black Mike Phillips. Jackie Castleberry Kenny Bracewell. Mike Mayo Angie Over- street. Phaedra Fail. Tammy Bur- tram. Earl Jenkins, and Jim Reynolds Phi Beta Lambda 261 I Local Honor Society of Nursing Alice Deal Denise Delk Diane Johnson Donna Jones Sandy Kuchle Kay McBride Nancy Patterson Betty Thomas Sandra Witt 262 Local Honor Society of Nursing The Local Honor Society of Nursing recognizes stu- dents and community mem- bers who have demonstrated superior scholastic achieve- ment, professional leader- ship potential, and or marked achievement in the field of nursing. The qualifi- cations include an overall GPA of 2.0, as well as 2 in ail nursing courses. Winter quarter. Dr. Patricia Starck, Dean of the School of Nursing, addressed the Soci- ety. Dr. Starck spoke on the meaning of suffering. Her presentation was given after a banquet sponsored by the Honor Society. The Society s goal was to obtain a charter with Sigma Theta Tau. the national nurs- ing honor society The Soci- ety strove to meet the re- quirements for membership in the National Society and were not far from reaching their goal as the year ended During spring quarter, initi- ates for membership were honored at the sixth annual induction ceremony The ceremony was held on May 8. 1984 at the First United Methodist Church m Troy Twenty-nine new members were inducted into the Honor Society. Top New members sign the roster as they are initiated into the Honor Society. Middle Left President Sheri Ash- more discusses plans for the winter program during the LHSN meeting Middle Right: New members listen to guest speakers at the initiation cere- mony Bottom Troy State members of LHSN are Shen Ashmore. president. Kay McBnde. vice-president. Diane Johnson, treasurer. Donna Jones recording secretary. Denise Delh. corresponding secretary, and Sandy Kuchie. member Not pictured Ms Alice Deal, and Ms Nancy Patter- son, advisors Local Honor Society of Nursing 263 Phi Gamma Nu Rusty Clark Sandra Culbertson Barbara Davis Tracey Lowe Judy Manous Twila Ryan Casey Stoud Dianne Wood Cindy Richburg 264 Phi Gamma Nu Phi Gamma Nu is a Profes- sional Business fraternity. The goals of the organization are as follows: 1) The frater- nity wishes to achieve loyalty and friendship among its members; 2) It strives to pro- mote a high standard of scholastic achievement. 3) It encourages participation in school activities; and 4) The fraternity promotes uphold- ing the interest in civic and professional enterprises. Phi Gamma Nu participat- ed in many activites during 1983-84. Members served as ushers at the Miss TSU pag- eant and entered a car in the homecoming festivities. Also, Phi Gamma Nu had fund raising projects such as selling chances for various prizes. On February 16, the annual Founders Day banquet was held. Ed Sawyer, grocery store entrepreneur from En- terprise, was the guest speaker at the event. Felix Livingston, Assistant Dean to the School of Business, was the sponsor of the orga- nization. Top L ft: Officers for 1983-84 were Row One: Dianne Wood. Treasurer Rusty Clark. Editor, and Twila Ryan. Pledge Captain Row Two: Sandra Culbertson, Vice President; Judy Manous. President, and Barbara Da- vis. Secretary Top Right: Judy Manous served as homecoming re- presentative Members of Phi Gam- ma Nu are Row On , Top to Bot- tom: Brenda McCrory. Tim Archer Fran Ownes. Jan Powell. Melony Watson. Sandra Culbertson. and Dianne Wood Row Two: David Gil- more. Bobby Johnson. Jen John- ston. Mike Nichols. Judy Manous. and Twila Ryan Row Thro : Eddie Parneli. Crystal McCrory. Mary Smith. Sarah Bell. Rusty Clark, and Joan Wright Row Fours Barbara Davis. Mana SosMiio. Jackie Coo- per. Dixie Hofhs. Tma Grogan. Cindy Richburg. and Brenda Monfe Phi Gamma Nu 265 I Phi Mu Alpha Sidney Evans Eddie Horn Vaughn Irby Ken Kimbrough Mark Watts Denny Wright Gary Cook Vance Edeker 266 Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha is a national music fraternity for men In the fall several brothers attended a Province Work- shop in Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama Sev- eral parties and mixers were held for prospective mem- bers during the quarter For the Jax State Game, the brothers made a huge sign that carried the famous " Whup Jax State slogan. During winter quarter pledging activities were held and five new brothers were added to the chapter. Some of the brothers participated in the March 4 performance of Messiah Spring quarter was a busy one for the lota Nu chapter The brothers sponsored a car wash as one money-mak- ing project and the annual beach weekend give-away as the other Many of the brothers participated in the Spring Pops Concert as so- loists and m ensembles, with Madrigals, and the Collegiate Singers. The lota Nu chapter observed Chapter Day May 12. 1984. Top: Brian Burman. Denny Wright and Vance Edeker |om other T M brothers m washing cars as a fundraising project Middle Left: •I ' M brothers present their new sweetheart. Cathy Owings. with a rose and a jersey Middle Right: t 1 and L l m homecoming car in the parade Members are Row One: Ken Kim- brough. Steve Lover. Cathy Owings Sweetheart. Valerie Keiley Little Sister. Brian Burman. and Denny Wright Row Two: Antonio I Gary Cornelius. Vance Edeker Gary Cook. Vaughn Irtoy. Charlton Ford and Randy Hughey Row Three: David Seanor. Nate Roberson. Many Watts, and Clifford Allred Phi Mu Alpha 267 Sigma Alpha lota Beverly Corn Joan Hughie Angie Irizarry Starla Kelley Valerie Kelley Michele Lafon Lorie Nugent Cathy Owings Lisa Phelps Sandra Scott Tosha Spottek Teresa St. John Dawn Strickland Jane Swindle Anna Turman Patrice Woodbury 268 Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha lota, interna- tional music fraternity for women, was organized in 1903 " to form chapters of music students and musi- cians who shall by their influ- ence and their musical inter- est uphold the highest ideals of a musical education " . The Delta Zeta Chapter started off fall quarter with a joint barbecue with Phi Mu Alpha. Vaughn Irby was cho- sen as Sweetheart and David Seanor was chosen as Big Brother. The sisters hosted an informal party and a for- mal dessert tea as rush ac- tivities. The sisters partici- pated in the Fall Sing by smg- ing with the Collegiate Singers and by serving as ushers. The sisters also per- formed " Love Is a Song " by Natalie Sleeth. During winter quarter, such activities as a " MaKe Your Own Sundae " party for the sisters and new pledges were held. One weekend Jeannie Bubbet. a Delta Zeta Alumni and province presi- dent visited the chapter Meetings were held with each of officer and a lun- cheon was held at Western Sizzlin . A joint supper was held with the sisters of Tau Beta Sigma and everyone brought their favorite dish. Several of the sisters went on Collegiate tour and par- ticipated in the Messiah both in the chorus and as soloists The sisters started spring quarter by gaming six new sisters and a new slate of of- ficers. The sisters held the annual rock-a-thon and rocked ten hours. As usual, several of t he sisters partici- pated in the Pops Concert, singing solos and in ensem- bles as well as with Colle- giate Singers. The annual banquet was held May 24 The Delta Zeta Chapter sent one delegate to National Convention in Chicago in July. 1984. Top: I A I sisters enjoy hotdogs at the OMA-lAl barbecue Middle: The sisters of Sigma Alpha lota |Oin hands to sing the chorale Bottom Members are Row One: Tosha Spottek. Teresa St John. Valerie Kelley. Beverly Corn. Anna Turman. Sandra Scott. Tracie Woodham and Lone Nugent Row Two: Debbie Cnbb. Cathy Owings. Betsie Andrews. Jane Swindle. Te- resa Riley. Valerie Womack. and Sweetheart Vaughn Irby Row Three: Dawn Strickland. Angie Iri- zarry, Joan Hughie. Carolyn Lott. and Lisa Phelps Sigma Alpha Iota 269 I 270 Sigma Alpha Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma As a professional human service organization, Sigma Alpha Sigma actively in- volved itself in a variety of community projects aimed at helping students and com- munity residents. A major project was the sponsorship of an adopt-a-grandparent program which was initiated in conjunction with the Re- hired Senior Volunteer Pro- gram in Troy and the Orga- nized Community Action Program. Student volunteers became friends with individ- ual elderly people, who were limited in their social con- tacts, and provided services for them. Club members were also active in assisting O.C.A.P. distribute foods products to those in need. The club sponsored a family through the Christmas pro- gram operated by the Pike County Department of Pen- sions and security. IAI also utilized part of its time and effort to solicit contestants for the annual Miss Wheel- chair Alabama Pageant which recognizes significant achievement by a handi- capped person. Money-making projects were aimed toward estab- lishing a scholarship within the Dept of Human Services This scholarship, when es- tablished, will be named in the honor of Ms. Kim Luns- ford, a former TSU student who was seriously injured in an accident in 1981. Mem- bers of IAI also contributed greatly to the success of the Special Olympics Program held annually at Troy State. Social activities during the year included a " welcome back " weiner roast during the fall and a chili super dur- ing the winter quarter. Ms. Mary Horta represent- ed the club in the Homecom- ing festivities, and Ms. Tina Kroll was the contestant for Miss TSU. Top Left. Mary Horta represents IAI in the Homecoming parade Middle: IAI members sell bake goods to benefit the Kim Lunsford scholarship Row One Pat Padgett. Vicki Popwell. Sherwm Bonds. Michelle Peel. Arnatta Lee. Mary Horta. and Connie Casey Row Two: Charleen Heisier. Yulanda Noiand. Barbara Hussey. Cheryl Taylor. Amy Foster Charlotte Hamm, Lynn Wilkerson. and Mary Helen Dawwe- Row Three: Tony Walker. Bob Whitson. Charlene Nelson. Kathy Marten. Joe Harrington, and Susan Blackburn Not Pictured: Laurie Badge ' Kroll. Dimple Andress. Kala Pepper. Linda Gautney. Arthur Broxton. Rosemary White, Lynn Wallace. Jan Pompey. Angie Farmer, and Marcus Judkms L Sigma Alpha S»gma 27 1 I Sigma Delta Chi Tammy Chandler Jason Davis Pat Griffin Christina Harold Tim Howell Sheri Killman Joy Lacey Sue McDonald Brenda Monfee Gerrianne Plant Andrew W. Ray Riley Adair Tina Self Sidney Sutherland Tracy Wenzel Patrice Woodbury 272 Sigma Delta Chi The Society of Profession- al Journalist, Sigma Delta Chi, is the largest and oldest journalism organization in the country. The more than 300 professional and cam- pus chapters which comprise the organization conduct regular meetings, sponsor lo- cal award programs and scholarships, and promote freedom of information at lo- cal and state levels. Member- ship is open to sophomore journalism majors in good academic standing with the university. This year the TSU chapter sponsored a panel discus- sion concerning the press coverage of cases, such as the Todd Road Incident in Montgomery, and participat- ed in the national SPJ SDX convention in San Francisco and the regional convention in Miami. During the spring quarter, the society co-hosted and provided judges for the TSU high school journalism work- shop and the Hall School of Journalisms annual Spring Symposium. Other activities included sponsoring a Night on the Town ' in Montgomery, pro- ducing TSU desk blotters to be distributed during pre-col- lege orientation and fall quar- ter, and sponsoring Brenda Monfee in the Miss TSU pag- eant and Christina Harold in the homecoming pageant. Top Left: Row One: Christina Har- old. Treasurer, and Joy Lacey. Sec- retary Row Two: Anne Cetti. Presi- dent, and Shern Killam. Vice Presi- dent Top Right: Christina Harold served as homecoming representa- tive Members for 1983-84 include Row Ono: Shelly McLam. Brenda Monfee, Christina Harold. Joy La- cey. and Jacqueline Foote Row Two: Andy Ray. Gernanne Plant Merrill BanKster. Advisor, Anne Cetti. Shern (Oilman, and Patrice Woodbury Sigma Delta Chi 273 STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN SCEC is an organization interested in promoting op- portunities for exceptional children. SCEC attempted to pro- mote professional growth and standards while involv- ing the students. Programs were provided monthly in such areas as holiday par- ties, special Olympics, and guest speakers. Membership required nothing more than love for special children, a willing- ness to work, and payment of club dues. Top: Officers were: Beth Dunn, vice president; Rachel Nichols, presi- dent; Debra Mezik, secretary; and Cheryl Bucket, treasurer. Middle Left: Marge Paine from Young World speaks to SCEC members. Middle Right: Ann Henderson, from the Charles Henderson Health Center, shows the effective use of puppets in teaching. Bottom: Members of SCEC were Row One: Rachel Ni- chols, Beth Dunn, Valerie Barton, Dawn Boyd, Erika Evans, and Matt Evans (guests). Row Two: Dr. Ev- ans, Donna Kelly, Jan Sanders, Bri- an Powell, Dr. Hardin, and Dr. Petry. 274 SCEC Student National Education Association The Student National Edu- cation Association is a pro- fessional organization for students in education. It pro- vides the members with es- sentially the same benefits as the National Education Association members. It sponsors a variety of semi- nars that contribute to the growth of the future educa- tors. This organization also provides the students with insurance policies, discount purchasing programs, and educational savings bonds. The 1983-84 SNEA year was full of excitement. Some of the members attended the SNEA state convention in November, 1983 at the Uni- versity of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. The orga- nization also participated in seminars on leadership in education, NEA placement programs, and NEA benefits. The University of South Ala- bama hosted a cruise on the school ' s private yacht in which Troy ' s SNEA members were invited. During the winter quarter, members attended several NEA sponsored workshops on subjects like leadership, management, color analysis, and motivation. In April, 1984 the spring convention was held at the University of Au- burn in Montgomery. There were meaningful workshops, and activities that benefitted SNEA members greatly. SNEA ' s officers for 1983- 84 were Lisa Caudill, presi- dent; Ginger Wynn, vice- president; Teresa Williams, secretary treasurer; Gloria Green, publicity chairman; and Penny Pope, historian. Troy State s SNEA was also honored to have members serve on the State Executive Council, Lisa Caudill, vice- president; Teresa Williams, secretary treasurer; and Lisa Compton, southern regional coordinator. Below: Officers elected for 1984-85 are Debbie Jimerson. secretary treasurer; Natholie Bentley. presi- dent. Kathleen Robinson, historian. Dr. McCombs. sponsor; Tammy Car- roll, publicity chairman; and Lynn Vinson, vice-president. SNEA 275 Tau Beta Sigma is an hon- orary service sorority at Troy State University. The soror- ity extends the privilege of membership to outstanding band members. Tau Beta Sigma generates a respect and appreciation for band music and performance. Some of the activities sponsored by Tau Beta Sig- ma began before the regular school year. During band camp they held a Freshman orientation party for all new and old band members. They also held the annual fresh- man picnic. One of the things that the band looks forward to throughout the year are the notebooks and cookies that Tau Beta Sigma pro- vides for band trips. The an- nual Halloween party was a great success as usual. The Tau Beta Sigma sisters helped Kappa Kappa Psi paint the Mighty Mite. Winter quarter is perhaps the busiest ones for the sis- ters. The sisters worked at the Southeastern States Band Clinic as ushers, regis- trars and gofers. The winter quarter is pledge quarter and there were seven new pledges this year. The pledges sold doughnuts for a fundraiser. In the spring several of the members attended National Convention in Miami. New of- ficers were elected April 16. The sisters sponsored a sup- per for the band. The chapter also worked at the Alabama State Band Festival Founders Week was ob- served May 14-18 and they celebrated their tenth anni- versary with all of the alumni. Top: Ginger Metcalf and Lisa Gow- an rest during the Tau Beta Thing-a- thon. Middle: TBI sisters sing at a Fall tea. Members are Row One: Letrica Rivers, Kandy Ralph, Steph- anie Kline, Leah Anne Mace, Monica Maloney, Teresa Lantis, Cathy Horn, Laura lovine, Terri Parker, and Lisa Gowan. Row Two: Connie Wilkes, Beth Foster, Tricia Rainey, Toney Hillsman, Ginger Metcalf, Lorie Nu- gent, Pam Oates, and Donna Cude. 276 Tau Beta Sigma I Trackettes Trojan Trackettes is a ser- vice organization whose number one goal is to sup- port the TSU track team. This involves officiating at track meets, helping with fundraismg projects, making signs and posters of encour- agement, and cheering the track team when in action. The 1984 track season was a busy and exciting one for the Trackettes Home track meets included the Troy Relays, the Gulf South Conference meet, a High School sectional meet. and. to end the season, the High School State meet. Top: Even Trackettes find them- selves on the run. as shown by Lau- ra Dozier Middle Left: Officers are Paula Kendnck. president. Lisa Smith, vice-president. Leigh Anne Mace, secretary, and Kris Taylor, treasurer Middle Right: Valerie Dumas and Lynn Vinson keep the time for the various track events Bottom: Members are Row One: Paula Kendnck. Penny Wood. Don- lelle Thompson. Val Dumas, and Su- san Weldon Row Two: Kris Taylor. Lisa Harper. Lisa Smith. Arnetta Lee. Kim Anderson, and Sheila Lee Row Three: Andrea Ashcra " ren Scott. Cheryle Taylor. Laura Do- zier. Cindy Worsham. Audrey Nel- son. Allison Mullms. and Leigh Anne Mace Trackettes Forensics Debate Team Forensics is viewed as an educational activity con- cerned with using an argu- mentative perspective in ex- amining communication. In colleges and universities for- ensics forms a wide umbrella of activities which include de- bate and individual events. Individual events cover a number of activities and in- clude public speaking and in- terpretation literature. The forensic function of the ora- tor, the reader, and the de- bater is to identify and com- municate the argumentative dimension. The TSU Forensics com- peted in several tournaments during the 1983-84 school year. At Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, the debate team of Martin and Harris advanced to the finals to be defeated by Wingate College by a 2-1 score. At Wingate College (NC), Waring and Harris advanced to the semi-finals and were defeated by Bob Jones Uni- versity. Martin brought home a speaker award. Middle: Members are: Dr. Judy Lew- is, Gary Spangler, Tammy McCray, Jerry Simmons, Pat Harris, Andy Martin, Captain; Beverly Mareno, Harry Gostelow, and Eric Ware. — — DPMA | Data Processing Management Association is the largest profes- sional association serving the in- formation processing manage- ment community. The DPMA stu- dent chapter at TSU is open to students planning careers in infor- mation processing or related fields. Speakers from IBM, Burroughs, and the Information Systems of Farm Bureau addressed the Chapter. Members attended a Montgomery chapter meeting of DPMA and an exposition in Mont- gomery. Row One: Michele Proctor, Pres.; Cindy St. John, Sec; Merri Renfroe, Mitch McVicker, Vice-Pres.; Mike Anderson. Row Two: Daryl Barron, Walter Bronson, Robin Ellis, Treas.; Vicki Comer, Mary Koch. Row Three: Gary Jackson, Ray Bendall, Stan Stinson, Kevin Ewing, Craig Carodine, Charles Wyborny, Mr. Le- Roy Walton, Advisor. 278 Debate Team DPMA I Circle K Circle K is the world s larg- est collegiate service organi- zation, represented by over 700 clubs located on cam- puses throughout the West- ern Hemisphere It is com- posed of students who wish to become actively involved in community concern via service projects and activi- ties. As an organization on the Troy State campus, Circle K did not limit itself to one or two particular activities. On the contrary, the club was in- volved in many service pro- grams in relation to the uni- versity as well as the commu- nity One of the goals of Circle K was to sponsor so- cial, recreational, and educa- tional activities for mentally and physically disabled chil- dren and adults This goal was achieved when the club successfully sponsored the Special Olympics In addi- tion, another important goal was to aid in campus and service programs of all sorts Once again, this was achieved through the clubs involvement in the Blood Drive, the Haunted House for elementary children, and Val- entine s day at the nursing home. Top Left: Derek Young presides over Circle K Middle Left Circle K oHicers were Derek Young. President. Charleen Heisler. Vice-President. Room Ellis. Secretary, and Tina Helms. Treasur- er Middle Right Members dress up for Halloween and entertain at the nurs- ing home Bottom Members were flow One Diane Wood. Carol Woodham. Rob- in Ellis. Derek Young, Gma Lashley and Linda Gautney Row Two Lee Bradley. Donny Peppenhorse Clif- ford Allered. Todd CoH Louanne Mansfield. Denny w Joan Wright. Steven Russ S Effurd. Demse Cameron. Stacy Webster. Jeff Johnston, and Jim Badsher. Advisor Circle K 279 The International Student Cultural Organization is an organization for both foreign and American students. ISCO had a very successful 1984, starting with a cook- book sale held in January of 1984. ISCO also organized an International picnic at Blue Springs Park in the win- ter of 1984. Besides recreation, ISCO organized cultural presenta- tions by foreign students ev- ery week at their regular meetings. ISCO was highly indebted to Dr. and Mrs. Hatcher and Mr. Jim Sherry for being advisors of the or- ganization. The 1984 executive com- mittee was chaired by Asif Jamal. Other officers includ- ed: Yolanda Fernandez, Vice- President; Martha L. Mon- tanez, Secretary; Susan Sasser, Treasurer; Chindah Wami, Publicity Officer; and Diane Ficke, Historian. Top: Mr. Sherry serves international food in the ISCO festival. Middle Left: Mrs. Matcher and Mo- hammad Saeed proudly display the ISCO banner in the Homecoming pa- rade. Right: Henry Nahas, from Jordon, performs his native dance. 280 ISCO INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CULTURAL ORGANIZATION Top Loft: Asif Jamal presides dur- ing the ISCO meeting Top Right: Asif Jamal. Joey James Chindah Wami and James Phillips discuss the agenda for the cook -out Loft: ISCO members are Row Ono: Tom Green. Tim Smith. Mohammad Saeed, Henry Nahas. Amir Masm. Asif Jamal. and Majed Ai-Sabej Row Two: Diane Ficke. Chindah Wami. Miiagros Lahue. Cecilia Tatis Mrs Hatcher. Martha Montanez. Tammy Chandler. Dr Hatcher. Walid Al-Akhdar. and Ephraim Okundye ISCO 281 The primary mission of the Air Force was to organize, train and equip for offensive and defensive combat oper- ations. The mission of Air Force ROTC was to recruit, educate and commission of- ficers who will help fulfill the mission of the Air Force. The cadets at Detachment 01 7 worked very hard toward becoming effective officers through various methods. Regular class instruction ranged from the structure of the Air Force, the develop- ment of airpower, the acquir- ing of leadership and man- agement skills, and the ex- amining of U.S. defense policies. The cadets also at- tended a weekly leadership lab which taught drill and ceremonies, military cus- toms, and other general Air Force information. f N » Top Right: Cadet Leslie Thompson receives an award from Lt. Col. Wal- lace. Top Left: 1983-84 corps command- ers were: Lt. Col. Bruce A. Wallace, PAS Mark Minkler, Jon Edwards, and Patricia Tarrant. Bottom: Members of the 1983-84 Troy State University AFROTC. 282 AFROTC a C I Air Force ROTC The hard work was also balanced by many social ac- tivities during the year. The cadets participated in picnics and dinners ending with a formal Military Ball in the spring. Two programs were of- fered in AFROTC at TSU. a four year program and a two- year advanced program, both of which were open to all students attending Troy State. There were scholar- ships available which payed tuition, books, fees and a S100.00 per month grant. Row One: Jon Edwards. Lt Col Wallace. Dr. Adams. Patricia Tar- rant Row Two: Annette Rowe. Charles Segrest. Bermstme Brudley. Willie Herold. Brock Davis Row Three Don Fuller. Tracy Davis. Jeff Koch. Christina Langley. Laurence Turrin. Mike Rowe Row Four Doug McGnff. Todd Hicks. Barry O Rourke. Mary Latham. Susan Martz. Diane Ficke. Steve Lover. Art Carter. Dan Green. Clark Harre " Bottom Right Lt Col Wallace con- gratulates outstanding cadets Bottom Left Color Guard cadets in- clude Wilhe Herold. Todd Hicks. Jeff Koch, and Mr Mayfield AFROTC 283 Trojan Ambassadors Dianna Daughtery Jason Davis Yolanda Fernandez Kim Gilliand Sandy Kuchle Gwen Madison Sandra McEntee Tony Morris Tosha Spotteck Kathy Taylor Tammy Watford Cindy Willis 284 Trojan Ambassadors The Trojan Ambassadors is a g roup of select students who are sponsored by the Admissions Office and are trained in etiquette, protocol, and University policy in order to serve Troy State Universi- ty as the official student hosts and hostesses During their first year of existence, the Trojan Am- bassadors gave campus tours to prospective stu- dents and their parents. In an effort to further recruit new students, they manned boothes, complete with bro- chures, catalogs, and infor- mation request cards, at ath- letic functions on campus, as well as at the South Alabama State Fair. In winter quarter, the Ambassadors success- fully sponsored the Student- Get-A-Student Program to promote involvement in the recruitment of students Top: Yolanda Fernandez greets guests at the President s reception held during the Homecoming festivi- ties Bottom Left: Trojan Ambassadors are. from bottom to top: Jim Wyatt. Tosha Spotteck. Tony Morns. Su- san Pierce, advisor. Sandra McEn- tee. Dianna Daughtery. Van English. Advisor. Pam Goff. Cindy Willis. Tammy Watford. Diane Barfield. Lisa Farrar. Sandy Kuckle. and Jay Davis Bottom Right Ambassador Gwen Madison shows prospective stu- dents around the TSU campus Troian Ambassadors 285 WESLEY FOUNDATION I I :.:. 1 ■ ■ The Wesley Foundation aimed at developing fellow- ships which were warm, lov- ing, and deeply committed to Christ. Members tried to mu- tually strengthen one an- other in Christian thinking and living. Activities were provided to allow students to exercise their creative pow- ers through the process of learning and spiritual growth. These activities included such events as " Welcome Back " parties, retreats, work days, or intermural sports. Wesley strove to provide stu- dents with a balance be- tween the intensity of book- work and the excitement of Christian fellowship. Top: Rob Grice, choir director, be- lieves practice makes perfect. Mid- dle Left: Officers for Wesley were: Row One: Frances Gable, Evangel- ism; Faith Reed, Kitchen Supervisor; Gini Watson, Publicity; Lynn McCall, Publicity; and Tracy Osmer, Visita- tion. Row Two: Hope Carson, " Mustard Seed " Editor; Rob Grice, Choir Director; Ken Hamilton, Presi- dent; Denise Delk, Secretary, and Twila Varden, Kitchen Supervisor. Wesley Members include Row One: Cheryl Strickland, Gini Watson, Faith Reed, and Sandra Scott. Row Two: Christine Meeks, Twila Varden, Cathy Rish, Dorell Dorsey, Tracy Osmer, Teresa Smith, Carolyn Lott, Frances Gable, Lynn McCall, Betsy Bowden, Terry Scott, and Becky Surrency. Row Three: Charlie Finch, Tim Watson, Jimmy Mullin, Jeff Wishart, Lucas Cade, Jeff Gard- ner, Rob Grice, Tom Miller, and Kris Taylor. Not Pictured: Robert Carpen- ter. 286 Wesley I BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is a Christian organization that fosters fellowship through Bible study, out- reach, and mission activities. Bible study was led by Buddy Gray each Thursday Some of the outreach oppor- tunities included drama, pup- pets, and choir. Top: Executive Council members advertise the annual Volleyball Mar- athon Middle Left: Charleen Heisler and Ken May warm up by the fireplace after the Winter Witness Weekend retreat Middle Right: SPOTS members prepare ceramics for classes at the Savannah Baptist Center on their mission trip and communit tions in raising Missions were stressed through Missions Emphasis Week, in which missionaries shared about their exper- iences The annual Volleyball Marathon involved campus jnity orgamza- ng 51800 to as- sist in sending out over fifty summer or semester mis- sionaries from Alabama. Nine BSU ers from Troy spent a week of their Thanksgiving holidays doing mission work in Savannah. Georgia. Winter Witness Weekend was held Feb 3 and 4 to in- struct students how to better share their faith. Row One: Charleen Heisler Anita Cumbie. Valerie Womack. Ramona McCullough. Dianne Wood. Jay Tay- lor. Robert Flowers. Nathan White, and Ray Bendall Row Two: Vicki Comer, Twila Ryan. Sheila Lashiey. Clifford Allred. Angie Williams. Julie Moody, Jeannean Gaddy. Donna Nicholson, Kern Prather. Debra Nash, and Tonya Senn Row Three: Bob Williams. Mitch McVicker. Amy Greene. Joe McKee. Tina Helms. Te- resa Williams, and Steve Pyle Row Four: Bill Gunter. Henry Nahas. Ed- die Parnell. Wyatt Youngbiood. Reg- gie Suggs. Susan Garrison, and John Menge Row Five: Cindy Richburg. Chantay Bedford. Sandra Lavoy. Dana Irons. Sherry Dudley Lisa Caudiii. Paul Matthews. Lisa Compton. Lyn Johnston, and Char- lotte Rogers Row Six: Eddie Willis. Alvin Diamond. Tommy Gray Mike Mulcahy. Byron Hall. Joan Hughie Mark Johnston, Steve Hartman. and Ed Tucker BSU 287 Christian Student Center Theres a place for any stu- dent at the Christian Student Center. The CSC was a group of active Troy State students dedicated to serv- ing the Lord. One could al- ways find members of the Christian Student Center in- volved in many activities such as mission trips, youth rallies, and seminars on Christian living. Weekly ac- tivities included devotionals, dorm Bible studies, prayer and singing sessions, cook- outs, weekend retreats, and recreational activities. Two special ministries de- veloped by the CSC were the drama troupe, " Portraits of Christ " and a singing group called " Majesty. " If anyone would like to be a part of an active, enthusias- tic, loving group of people dedicated to the Lor d and His Word, then CSC is the an- swer. Top Right: Officers are: Theresa St. John, Cindy St. John, Greg Brown, and Cameran Carr. Bottom: Members are: Row One: Anita Clayton, Sherri Armstrong, Augie Farmer, Ellen Conner, There- sa St. John, Michele Henderson, Cindy St. John, Glenda Belk, and David St. John. Row Two: Randal Myers, Patti Myers, Angie Davis, John Miacek, Camaron Corr, Darryl Horn, Chris Jackson, Lloyd Canner, Allyson Mullins, Ginny Golson, and Willie Siler. Row Three: Robert Con- ner, Julie Duff, Greg Brown, Jane Swindle, and Jeffery St. John. 288 Christian Student Center Christian Student Center 289 GOSPEL CHOIR I Top Left: Row One: Annette John- son, Shawnta Ware, Edna Ander- son, Bonita Lynn, and Etta Baker. Row Two: Annie Williams, Vickie Williams. Sue Madison, Ulrica Jones, Countess Woody, and Gwen Madison. Top Right: The Trou- veres sing before the Gospel Choir have their main performance. %. f Bottom: Row One: Martha Chap- man, Karen Scott, Myrana Askew, Andrea Ashford, and Sharon Early. Row Two: Brenda Wilson, Penny Woody. Sonya Vaughn, Carmela Robbins, Areather McQueen, Son- dra Bryant, Sonya Jennings, Cor- delia Johnson, Donnelle Thompson, Vanessa Kincey, and Suezette Hat- ten. 290 Gospel Choir The Troy State Gospel Choir was founded and orga- nized during the fall quarter of 1980 by six enthusiastic students. These students were known as the original six and were able to organize the choir with the help and support of the BSU With the belief that every good life stems from an inner peace, the six founders of the choir united to bring this inner message, which is the word of God, to people through songs. With concerts throughout the tri-state area, the choir has grown into a respectable and admired organization. Members not only performed in churches such as First Methodist in Montgomery, but also on campuses of uni- versities across the South The Gospel Choir was spon- sored by Dr. Emma Norns. and John Lacy served as President. Other officers in- cluded Renae Robbms. vice president, Ulrica Jones, sec- retary, Clifford Copeland. treasurer, Sue Madison, as- sistant treasurer; Willie Dil- lard, director; and Ken Spear assistant director. Top: The choi. performs at BSU Middle Left: Gussie Etta Baker plays Just Ten Jesus for the Middle Right: Antonio Kmard. John Lacy. Clifford Copeland. Willie Dillard. Stevan Russ. Ryan Tyus. and Derrick Lockwood Bottom: Row One: Kan Spear. Linda Crad- dock. Sharon High. Sandra Jones, and Darrell Hayes Row Two: Dan- iel Stallworfh. Arthur Jordan ford Canady. William Rob«nson. and Edward Tucker Gospel Cho r 291 Association for Childhood Education International The Association for Child- hood Education International strove to better the educa- tion provided for children. The main objective of the or- ganization was to render ser- vices to the Early Childhood Learning Center. They sup- ported this objective by buying books for the Center as well as providing activities for the children such as Eas- ter Egg hunts, a Thanksgiv- ing Day dinner, and a festival full of fun and games. This festival gave members a chance to use their creative skills to entertain and edu- cate children. The organiza- tion also held an Open House during Homecoming to in- form alumni about the educa- tional dept. Top: An ACEI booth attracts a young onlooker. Middle Left: Nath- olie Bentley, Bernice Talanda, and Cathy Bryan present Beth Hogue with colorful lels. Middle Right: Ce- celia Lind entertains children with a felt display. Bottom: Members are Row One: Debbie Jimmerson. Sue Lazenby, Ginger White, Ann McDou- gaid, Cecilia Lind, president; and Cassy Strous. Row Two: Debbie Kelley, Tim Fortner, secretary-trea- surer, Susan Reinfroe, Lisa Am- nions, vice-president, Advisors are Dr. Marsicano and Dr. McCoy. 292 ACEI I Collegiate Singers The Troy State University Collegiate Singers is a group of students including music and non-music majors. The group is directed by Dr. Wil- liam R. Denison, who is the assistant chairman of the music department. Fall quarter is always an exciting time for the Colle- giate Singers and this one was no exception. On No- vember 1, they presented their annual Fall Sing. Their program included such selec- tions as " Ezekiel Saw The Wheel ' Psalmkonzert, " and a " Broadway Medley. ' ' During the winter quarter the Singers worked toward their performance of Han- dels Messiah. They present- ed their program March 4 Several of the members audi- tioned for tour group and toured in Mississippi, Louisi- ana and m Texas The Pops Concert was held May 1 and the Collegiate Singers truly looked like spring with the ladies in their brightly colored dresses and the men in their tuxedos. The program consisted of several numbers by each class and the whole group. There were also several solos and en- sembles in the program. On May 17 they sang " American Salute " at the Honors Day activities. Top: Collegiate Singers perform at Honors Day Middle Left: Anna Turman. Starla Ketley. and Tosha Spottek smg Fire as recorded by the Pointer Sisters Middle Right: Madrigal Singers perform one of their exciting numbers at the Pops Concert Bottom: Collegiate Sing- ers perform at the Pops Concert. Collegiate Singers 293 Top Right: Kim Newton keeps a smile for the audience. Top Loft: University dancers, Jimmy Faust, Andy Bullard, Martha Warr, and Dena Dubberly promote " Workout " T-shirts and muscle shirts as a fund- raiser. Members for 1983-84 include: Mid- dle, Top to Bottom: Dena Dubber- ly, Jane Thames, Faye Flowers, and Martha Warr. Back Row: Kim New- ton, Missy Madison, Teresa Cooper, Andy Bullard, Tomeka Caldwell, Jimmy Faust, Sydney Neece, Keri Dubberly, and Janet Miller. 294 University Dancers hw I UNIVERSITY DANCERS The University Dancers presented their own brand of musical excitement in each performance. Whether the show consisted of jazz, bal- let, or tap, the audience was always in for a real treat. Flashy sets and costumes added the needed environ- ment for each entertaining show. The dancers sponsored one major performance dur- ing the winter quarter, with the theme " Razzle Dazzle. " The organization also pro- vided entertainment at fra- ternity parties, sorority bene- fits, basketball games, and local social clubs. Officers for 1983-84 were Jane Thames, President; Martha Warr, Vice-President; Faye Flowers, Secretary; and Melinda Madison, Trea- surer. Top Left: Andy Bullard and Dena Dubberley form their duo Bottom Left: Sydney Neece and Dena Dub- berly prepare carnations to sale at Valentines Day Bottom Right: The dancers prepare for their act University Dancers 295 Top Left: Anna Turman served as business manager for the Trop. Top Right: Christina Harold edited the Trop during the spring quarter. Bot- tom: Seated: Shelly McLain, Sherri Killam, Gerrianne Plant, and Christina Harold. Standing: Andy Ray, Patrice Woodbury, Jacqueline Foote, Anna Turman, and Scott Ber- narde. 296 Tropolitan The Tropolitan, a student- university community news- paper at Troy State Universi- ty, sought to inform the stu- dents, faculty, administra- tion, and staff of campus events and issues. The Tro- politan was published weekly each Thursday of fall, winter, and spring quarters, exclud- ing dead week and the week of final examinations. The Trop provided practical ex- perience by giving students introduction to news report- ing, editing, photography, and mechanical aspects of the newspaper. The editorial staff for fall and winter quarters included: Gernanne Plant, editor; Anna Turman, business manager; Sherri Killman, managing editor; Patrice Woodbury, news editor; Shelly McLain, features editor, and Ken Rogers and Scott Bernarde, sports editors. Spring quar- ter the staff included: Christi- na Harold, editor; Anna Tur- man, business manager Andy Ray, managing editor Scott Bernarde, news editor Shelly McLain, features edi- tor; and Larry Hobbs, sports editor. The Tropolitan advis- er was Jim Joseph Top L«ft: Adviser Jim Joseph re- views the latest copy of the paper with Christina and Gern Top Right: Anna Turman and Shelly McLain compile the needed copy Bottom Left: Gernanne Plant served as edi- tor for the fall and winter qu.: Bottom Left: Shern Killam and Pa- trice Woodbury do paste-up Tropolitan 297 Members of BIT are Row One: Frankie Muller, Mindy Stump, presi- dent; Joyia Maddox, and Michelle Proctor. Row Two: Martha Day, Karen Toner, Ellen Conner, Vicki Comer, and Anneliese Herald. Row Three: Teri Davis, Patricia Hudley, Leanne Black, and Maribel Vincenty. Row Four: Susan Martz and Jac- quelyn Cooper. Row Five: Howard Kirkland, Robert Palmer, Michael May, and Patrick O ' Mara. Beta Upsilon Sigma As the Troy State Universi- ty Sorrell School of Business Honor Society, Beta Upsilon Sigma recognizes juniors and seniors for distinguished ability and exceptional achievement in scholarship in the field of business. The Society was founded locally in 1982 by Shari Stark, Rob- ert Pearson, and Robert Palmer. Membership into Beta Up- silon Sigma was limited to ju- niors with a GPA of 2.8 or above or who rank in the top 5% of their class and seniors with a GPA of 2.6 or who rank in the top 10% of their class. Trojan I The Trojan Hostesses are the official support group of the TSU football program. They assist football coaches with public relations and with recruiting. Hostesses were selected on the basis of their aca- demic major, year in school, poise and appearance, and, of course their interest in the football program. The Host- esses represented a wide cross section of the Troy State campus. Members are Jackie Huber, Frances Adams, Colleen Scales, Judy Bar- retto, Emily Williams, Andrea Kel- lam, Amy Foster, Sheri Hand, Doro- thy Panton, Ann Kelly, Diane Arnzen, Cathy Moriarity, Jackie Westbrook, Renee Robbins, Charlotte Tolbert, and Eva Carter. 298 Beta Upsilon Sigma Trojan Hostesses Phi Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a scholas- tic honor society which hon- ors freshmen who met re- quired standards of aca- demic excellence. Freshmen who have maintained an overall 2.5 GPA are invited into membership spring quarter of their freshman year. Phi Eta Sigma conducted its annual initiation ceremony May 17. 1984 in Sorrell Chap- el. During the ceremony, fif- teen initiates were briefed on the history and the symbols used in the society The new members were recognized during the Honors Day cere- mony. Top Left: Christina Langley re- ceives her certificate of membership from Ron Pierce Top Right: Ron Pierce welcomes Ted Leichner into (Mil Bottom: Members are Row One: Jav.e Starck. Patty Starck Susan Murphy and Denna Pregno Row Two: Vd Leichner. Jimma Lawson. Rebecca Swanton. Ann Johnson, and Matthew Hmes Row Three: Ron Pierce Free oh •agner. Harry Gostetow. Gary Mount C tma Langley. and O ' ord Aiired Phi Eta Sigma 299 MEN ' S RESIDENCE Opposite Page: Top Left: Kim McVay and Billy McVay enjoy the comforts of Dill Hall. Top Right: Andy Ray, Assistant Di- rector of Dill Hall. Right: Assistant Directors for the men ' s halls were Row One: Andy Ray, Billy McVay, Brett Wilson, Larry Popwell, Director of Men ' s Halls; Herbert Reeves, Craig Preston, and Calvin Thomas. Row Two: Turner Cooper, Mike Alexander, Troy An- derson, Lucas Cade, Ken Huff, Tim Laney, Dave Banks, David Dennis, Tim Hartselle, Kent Smith, and Brett McKugh. 300 Men ' s Residence The residence hall pro- gram at Troy State Universi- ty offers unique opportuni- ties for those students inter- ested in providing educa- tional, social, and cultural ad- vantages for on-campus stu- dents. The men ' s residence staff, comprised of responsible college men from Alumni, Clements, and Dill Halls, en- ables male students to ac- cept a position of authority while at the same time help- ing to create a relatively home-like and intimate atmo- sphere for dormitory stu- dents. Under the direction of Larry R. Popwell, Coordina- tor of Men ' s Residence, stu- dents are selected for staff positions through applica- tions and interview process. Opposite Page: Left: Proctors for 1983-84 were Row One (Top to Bottom): Scott Mathes, Mark Tal- lant, Bobby Brown, Derek Young, Jeffery Walker, and John Fulkerson Row Two: Bill Murdock. Mike Dick- son, Emery Ellis. Bill Stork, and Joe Wingard Row Three: Thomas Ba- cote and Jerry Shores Bottom Left: Herbert Reeves — Assistant Director of Alumni Hall. Bottom Right: Brett Wilson — As- sistant Director of Clements Hall Men interested are expected to maintain an appropriate grade point average while promoting the university and its functions, especially as the functions apply to gener- al residence hall administra- tion The staff consists of stu- dent directors, and proctors A student manager and as- sistant manager are em- ployed in Dill Hall, the on- campus apartment building All these students are gener- ally considered the leaders on the campus and are em- ployed through either the col- lege work-study or work-ship programs. Each man on the staff re- ports directly to the Coordi- nator of Men ' s Residence and the Dean of Student Af- fairs. Promotions for the po- sitions occur from within the staff and are based on the outstanding performances of specific duties. These duties include both check-in and check-out of dormitory stu- dents, periodic room and hall inspections, and enforce- ment of residence hall regula- tions. Residence 301 In 1 983-84 the Adams Cen- ter Union Board, challenged by the changing needs of TSU students, brought excit- ing and diverse activities to Troy ' s campus. The board was happy to bring back an- nual events such as the Fam- ily Feud Tournament, Let ' s Make A Deal For Charity, and the May Day festivities. ACUB also hosted a campus comedy night which featured the antics of Jack Gallagher. In addition, major nights of musical entertainment were provided by the Australian super group Air Supply and the ever-popular Beach Boys. For students with a competitive edge, ACUB brought a variety of tourna- ments including pool, tennis, ping pong, video, etc. And, of course, there were always the Wednesday night films to provide entertainment for all. ADAMS CENTER UNION BOARD Top: Joe Wingard asks, " Can you guess the price of these items? " Bottom Left: ACUB members dress-up for Movie Madness Night. Bottom Right: Tony Morris greets movie goers as the dreaded Dracula. 302 ACUB Top Loft: Joe Wmgard plays host in the Family Feud Contest Top Right: The Tekes discuss strategy Middlo: Wild characters boogie- down at the ACUB Halloween festi- val Bottom: Members of the ACUB were Row On : Helen Lev Laura Dozier. and Desiree S Row Two: Dr James Robinson. Don Gibson. Joe Wmgard Bradford. Brett Wilson. Andy Ray. Tony Morns and Ron Pierce ACUB 303 FEATURES Homecoming 306 Pi Kap National Rose 312 Miss TSU 314 Who ' s Who 320 Honor ' s Day 330 FEATURES Sandra Mobley Photographers Donny Bowling, Ed Mosley, Donald Norsworthy, and John Ranson. Section Editor L Features 305 Jh 71).) ( (- A " A ®U wrs y r Oa t w J r$ Miss Homecoming 307 Homecoming: A Day to Remember Homecoming may be just another day to some people, but to the students of Troy State it is one of the most ex- citing days of the year. Preparations were made weeks in advance for the Homecoming activities which began on Friday. Lawn dis- plays were put up all over campus by sororities and dorm residents, and off cam- pus by fraternities. Classes Right: Sigma Chi ' s participate in Homecoming Parade. Bottom Left: President Adams crowns Home- coming Queen Sheri Ashmore dur- ing pre-game. Sheri ' s escort is SGA President Joey James. ended at noon which gave everyone time to put final touches on displays and to get ready for the torch light parade. At the end of the pa- rade a bonfire and pep rally was held and the Homecom- ing Queen and Court was an- nounced for the first time. Saturday ' s festivities be- gan earlier than was original- ly planned. The game was televised by CBS Sports and Bottom Right: The Homecoming Court is represented during the pep rally. They are Cindy St. John, Beth Patton, Tammy Watford, and Sheri Ashmore. game time was moved back. Lawn display judging began at daylight and shortly after daylight the Troy State Ap- preciation Parade began. High school bands, clowns, beauty queens, and many others came out in the driz- zling rain to join the Sound of the South. Following the crowning of Homecoming Queen Sheri Ashmore, the Trojans hit the field for battle against the Lions of the University of North Alabama. After the game the third annual Alumni Band performed and the Sound of the South played a post-game concert. Although the game was over, homecoming was not, as alumni, friends, and ac- quaintances got together to celebrate. 308 Homecoming bury uon Top The Sigma Pi s take first place in the yard display contest Middle Left The Alumni Band per- forms during post-game Middle Right The student body fires up the pep rally spirit Bottom Van English. Admissions Counselor, and Yolanda Fernandez. Troian Ambassador, assist Presi- dent and Mrs Adams in welcoming guests to the luncheon following the game Homecoming 309 310 Homecoming Court Jf lh frr yamma - ir t S4 Homecoming Courl 311 Pi Kappa Phi National Rose Jana Hartert Jana Hartert joined a tradi- tion for Troy State Pi Kappa Phis when she was chosen Pi Kappa Phi National Rose. Jana, a senior Management major from Marietta, Geor- gia, was the second Troy State co-ed named as Na- tional Rose. The first Natl Rose from Troy State was Becky Redd in 1982. It was Becky who crowned Jana at the opening festivities of Pi Kap College in the summer of 1983. Jana was selected as the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Rose 1 983 and then submitted as a candidate for National Rose. Ms. Hartert submitted a port- folio and a resume consisting of five standardized essay questions. After preliminary selection she had a phone in- terview with the panel of judges and was later con- gratulated upon her selection as Pi Kap National Rose. Jana explained that the judges were hesitant at first about choosing a National Rose from the same chapter two years in a row — some- thing never achieved before in Pi Kap history — but after much discussion felt Jana deserved the title. Jana ' s being crowned by Becky was notable not only because they were little sis- ters from the same chapter but also because they were sisters of the same sorority, Kappa Delta, where Jana has served as Assistant Treasur- er and Social Chairman. Jana also chose as her Rose Queen goal to continue Becky ' s goal of upgrading the little sister program and stressing unity between the brothers and little sisters. Jana ' s year as National Rose involved traveling to several chapters, leading seminars, and assisting in P.U.S.H., Pi Kap ' s philanthro- py project. Should a chapter have problems, Jana could also assist with such things as initializing a little sister program. Jana commented, " This past year has really been a learning experience to ob- serve the different Pi Kappa Phi chapters. This fine group of men all over the country work and share together; they learn to accept each other as they are; and most importantly the brothers pro- vide a home away from home. As National Rose, I would like to say I was blessed with a great honor which I will never forget. Thank you TSU Pi Kappa Phis for making this possi- ble. ' ' 312 National Rose Miss TSU 1984 The 1984 pageant was the thirteenth annual Miss TSU pageant sponsored by the Palladium Staff. Cordelia Delisa Johnson, a 21 -year-old speech and dra- ma major from Evergreen, Alabama, was crowned Miss TSU 1984. Miss Johnson was the first Black to win the title since the pageant began in 1971. Other Top-five finalists were: first runner-up Chris- tina Gregory, of Mobile; sec- ond runner-up Tammi Bur- dick, of Enterprise; third run- ner-up Andrea Ashford, of Glennville, GA; and fourth runner-up Victoria Bergquist, of Ozark. The pageant week began on Sunday, with a tea held by Mrs. Dorothy Adams in the President ' s home. At the tea Mrs. Adams was given the ti- tle of honorary Miss TSU. She was given a silver com- pact engraved with her title by Jacqueline Smith, Pag- eant Director. The following week was filled with practices and dress rehearsals. One night of talent competition was held. Three non-finalist tal- ent winners performed dur- ing the final night of competi- tion. The final night of competi- tion was full of excitement. Mr Bob Howell of WSFA-TV in Montgomery was the em- cee for the event Miss Ala- bama, 1983, Pam Battles, was a part of the entertain- ment. Miss TSU represents Troy State in the Miss Alabama pageant, a preliminary to the Miss America pageant. This year, four TSU stu- dents have qualified for the Miss Alabama pageant. The contestants and their pag- eant preliminaries are Miss Spirit of 76, Maria Franklin, Miss TSU, Cordelia John- son, Miss World Celebration, Pam Love, and Miss Deep South, Juaneysa Wilkms Top L«fti Jacqueline Smith pre- sents Mrs Adams with the title of honorary Miss TSU Top Right: Contestants practice their dance routine during dress rehearsal Bot- tom Left: Contestants wait back stage tor their turn on stage Bot- tom Right: Janet Miller perlofms during talent night Miss TSU 313 Coraeila AonnSon Miss TSU Below: Mrs. Dorothy Adams receives gift from former Miss TSU 1982, Yo- landa Fernandez, and Miss TSU 1983, Pat Griffin. Mrs. Adams was named an Honorary Miss TSU at a tea which she held for the contestants. Right: Miss Alabama 1983, Pam Battles performs 316 Miss TSU Miss TSU 317 2nd f unner- Up ZJammi QSurdick - tlplta Lfamma Jjelta 1st f unner- Oft Cnridti tier- uip na {jregoru -Mlpna Lfamma oDelta -Mlii lumnae w Wi U osn 4th Kunner- UJp Victoria (JSeraauibt 3SC0 3rd r unner m tin Atndrea Arslilora rea Jruihctti ( tun Who ' s Who Each year at commencement exer- cises across the country, a select group of students are called forward to accept one of the most prestigious awards the academic community can bestow — be- ing selected to Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents In American Universities And Col- leges. This exclusive honor is conferred by more than 1,000 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and symbolized by the presentation of an award certificate. Selections to Who ' s Who are made each fall. In nominating the upperclass- men and graduate students eligible for the program, campus nominating com- mittees are urged to apply their own lo- cal standards of academic excellence. In general, these committees are com- posed of representatives from the facul- ty, administration and student body. This procedure of local nomination serves to highlight the individual and di- verse talents of America ' s most promi- nent students. For through their contri- butions and service to community and school, these are the young adults who enhance the positive image of American youth. Because curricular and extracurricu- lar programs at schools vary greatly, each college is assigned a quota of nominees. This quota is carefully calcu- lated to insure a well-rounded represen- tation of the student body. All nomina- tions must be endorsed by a college ' s faculty of administration. It should always be remembered that college students are the reservoir from which our nation draws its leadership strength. This feeling about American students is the guiding principle behind the Who ' s Who program and efforts to proudly continue to aid campuses in honoring their students who demon- strate consistent excellence. Among the many selected to Who ' s Who are Reubin O ' Donovan Askew, 1 951 , Governor of Florida; John B. Con- nally, Jr., 1939, Former Secretary of the Treasury; Rogers Harrison Mudd, 1950, CBS National News Commentator; and George McGovern, 1956, U.S. Senator from South Dakota. Diane Arnzen Gamma Beta Phi; Omicron Del- ta Kappa; Trojan Hostess; ACUB; Treas., Hamil Hall; Ass ' t. Dir., Gardner Hall; Campus Out- reach; CCMA; Jr. Panhellenic; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon Little Sisters. Vice President, Student Gov ' t As- soc. Uriit K. Sheri Ashmore Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Mortar Board; Pres., Local Honor Nursing Society; Trackette; Wesley Foundation; Campus Outreach; Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters; Ass ' t Dir., Hamil Hall. Ray Bendall Alpha Lambda Delta; Pres., Phi Eta Sigma; Hist., Mortar Board; DPMA; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres., BSU; Associate Editor Palladium; Phi Kappa Phi. Gen Blizzard Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; An- gel Flight; ISCO; Pres., CCMA; Editor, Tropolitan. 320 Who ' s Who Eva Carter Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sec. Treas., Sigma Tau Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; SGA; Vice-Pres., Alpha Gamma Del- ta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters; Golf; Trojan Hostess; Ingalls Award Committee. Vicki Comer Phi Kappa Phi; Pres., Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gamma Beta Phi; DPMA; BSU; Sigma Tau Delta; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Vice-Pres.. Phi Eta Sigma Deborah Cnbb Gamma Beta Phi. Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. Pres . Al- pha Psi Omega. Band. Colle- giate Singers, Madrigals. Opera Workshop. Jason Davis Gamma Beta Phi; Art Guild; Trojan Ambassador; Sigma Delta Chi; Sigma Chi; Kappa Delta Big Brother; Tropolitan; ACUB. Andrew Findley Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Delta Chi; Kappa Delta Big Brother; " Matchmaker ; Pi- rates of Penzance ' ; Pied Pip- ers. Lamar Futch DPMA; House Council. Cle- ments Hall. BSU; Wesley Foun- dation. Pari.. Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Band; Kappa Delta Big Brother Debbie Green Mortar Board; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; SGA; House Council Rep., Gardner Hall; Wesley Founda- tion; " Miracle Worker " ; Presi- dent ' s House Council. Gloria Harvell Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; SNEA; Informations Officer, Angel Flight; Delta Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters. James Harvell Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; AFROTC; IFC; Pres., Delta Kappa Epsilon; Pre-Col- lege Orientation Leader. Darrell Hayes Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice- Pres., Art Guild; Argonauts; Pres., Afro Club; SGA; House Council, Alumni Hall; BSU; Pub- lic Relations Director, IFC; Pres., Alpha Phi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Alpha National Sweet- heart; Statistician, Football, Track, and Basketball; Gospel Choir; AL State Chairman, Southeastern IFC. Tina Helms Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Gam- ma Nu; Treas., Circle K; Treas., Gardner House Council; BSU; ACUB; Assistant Director, Gardner Hall. Joey James Pres., Argonauts; Gamma Beta Phi; Pres., Young Democrats; Pres., SGA; IFC; Delta Chi. 322 Who ' s Who Cordelia Johnson Omicron Delta Kappa; Gamma Beta Phi; Circle K; Rep., Gard- ner; BSU; Sec. and Historian, Delta Sigma Theta; Collegiate Singers; " Raisin in the Sun " ; In- galls Award Committee; SGA; Miss TSU. Jeff Johnston Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Beta Lambda; Phi Gamma Nu; Circle K; Editor, Palladium; Omicron Delta Kappa. Lisa Kantor Gamma Beta Phi; Treas.. Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa, Historian and Com- mander, Angel Flight; Registrar, Alpha Delta Pi; Ingalls Award Committee; Title III Student Re- presentative; Collegiate Sing- ers. Starla Kelley Alpha Lambda Delta; Pres., Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Treas., Sigma Alpha lota; BSU; Assistant Treas., and Vice- Pres., Kappa Delta; Madrigal Singers; Opera Workshop. Anne Kimmel Alpha Lambda Delta; Pres., Gamma Beta Phi; Omicron Del- ta Kappa; SGA; House Council, Hamil Hall; Main Event; Panhel- lenic; Pres., Kappa Delta. Sandra Kuchle Mortar Board; Local Nursing Honor Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; Association of Nursing Students; Sec. Trojan Ambas- sadors; Argonauts. Assistant Dir., Pace Hall; Pres.. and Treas.. Chi Omega. Sigma Pi Little Sisters, Ingalls Award Committee Who s Who 323 Luke Landers Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice-Pres., Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma; Pres., Kappa Kappa Psi; Band. Fer-Rell Malone Alpha Epsilon Rho; Pres., Afro Club; Argonauts; Young Demo- crats; SGA; TSU Gospel Choir; BSU; Alpha Phi Alpha; Tropoli- tan; Pre-College Orientation Leader. Tony Morris Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Chairman, ACUB; Pres., Trojan Ambassadors; Wesley Founda- tion; Sec, SGA; Palladium; Tro- po fan; Pied Pipers; " Fiddler on the Roof " . Pat O ' Mara Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres., Phi Alpha Theta Gamma Beta Phi; T-Club House Council, Alumni Hall Catholic Campus Ministry As- sociation; Fellowship Christian Athletes; TSU Football; All- Academic Gulf South Confer- ence. Gerrianne Plant Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Chi Omega; Tau Kappa Epsilon Lit- tle Sisters; Editor, Tropolitan. Michele Proctor Corr. Sec, Gamma Beta Phi; Pres., DPMA; Delta Sigma Pi; Social Chairman, Trojan Track- ettes; House Council, Clements Hall; BSU; Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters. 324 Who ' s Who Page Reynolds Omicron Delta Kappa; Angel Flight; Argonauts; SGA; House Council, Gardner Hall; Panhel- lenic; Kappa Delta; Sigma Pi Lit- tle Sisters; Palladium; Pre-Col- lege Orientation Leader. Susan Sasser Gamma Beta Phi; Pres., Beta Beta Beta; Treas., ISCO; Chi Omega; Sec. Treas., Trojan Seahorses Synchro Club; " Guys and Dolls " . Tosha Spottek Sigma Alpha lota; Historian, Al- pha Psi Omega; Sec, MENC; Trojan Ambassadors; Assistant Dir. , Clements Hall; Wesley Foundation; Collegiate Singers; " Fiddler on the Roof " ; " Guys and Dolls " ; Pied Pipers. LaLJ Tim Smith Mortar Board. Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Al- pha Theta. Delta Kappa Epsi- lon; ISCO Dawn Strickland Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha lota; BSU; Band; Collegiate Singers; Madrigals. Mindy Stump Pres.. Beta Upsilon Sigma. Gamma Beta Phi, Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi. Chancel- lor, Delta Sigma Pi; Pres . Pan- hellenic; Scholarship Chairman Phi Mu; Sigma Chi Little Sis- ters. Ingalls Award Committee Becky Surrency Alpha Lambda Delta; Treas., Student Nurses Association; Trackettes; Wesley Foundation. Desiree Sutton Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres., Sigma Tau Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Circle K; Afro Club; SGA; Panhellenic; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Gospel Choir; Sec, ACUB. Tammy Watford Omicron Delta Kappa; Trojan Ambassador; Argonauts; SGA; Vice-Pres., Kappa Delta; Lamb- da Chi Alpha Little Sisters; Tro- politan; Softball. Teresa Williams Gamma Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Sec. Treas., SNEA; ACEI; Executive Council, BSU; Band. Cindy Willis Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Vice- Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; SGA; Pres., Panhellenic; Kappa Delta; Homecoming Queen; Ox- ford Scholar. Patrice Woodbury Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Sigma Alpha lota; Tropolitan; " Pirates of Penzance " ; " Fiddler on the Roof " ; Collegiate Singers. 326 Who ' s Who Tracy Wenzel Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Mortar Board; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Delta Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters; Tropolitan. Anne Booth American Nurses Association; AL State Nurses Association; Girl Scout Troup Leader; PTO; Gamma Beta Phi; Local Honor Society of Nursing. Marty Hulsey Gamma Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Treas., Mortar Board; Sec, MENC; SNEA; Collegiate Sing- ers; " South Pacific " ; " Carou- sel " ; " Guys and Dolls " . Beth Bracewell Vice-Pres . Mortar Board. Phi Kappa Phi. Omicron Delta Kappa. Gamma Beta Phi. Phi Eta Sigma. Vice-Pres , Phi Al- pha Theta. Alpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Lambda Delta. Campus Outreach; BSU, Tropolitan, Carousel " . Oxford Scholar Marsha Cetti Gamma Beta Phi; Vice-Pres . Sigma Tau Delta. Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. Yolanda Fernandez Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Psi Omega; Pied Pipers; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Angel Flight; CCMA; Miss TSU; Miss Ala- bama; 3rd Runner-up, Miss America; " Pirates of Pen- zance " ; " Miracle Worker " . Jean Watford Phi Alpha Theta; Gamma Beta Phi; French Club; Angel Flight; ISCO; CCMA; Tropolitan; De- bate team. Lynn Qualtrough Alpha Epsilon Rho; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Tropoli- tan. Who ' s Who Whos Who 327 ■ my Dr. Rhae Swisher receives the Ingalls Award from Dr. Adams. Ingalls Award The Ingalls award is an honor given each year by the Ingalls Foundation of Bir- mingham, a non-profit orga- nization which supports quality teaching in colleges and Universities. The award provides students an oppor- tunity to show their apprecia- tion for outstanding teaching in colleges and carries with it a $1 ,000 check and an appro- priate plaque. This year, the Ingalls award, the highest honor a Troy State University faculty member can receive, went to Dr. Rhae Swisher. Dr. Swish- er joined the TSU staff as a management instructor in 1972. He served as Dean of the School of Business and Commerce from 1975-81. He has also served for 12 years in major executive po- sitions with Westinghouse Corporation and Internation- al Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Before coming to TSU, he was Vice Presi- dent of Simpson College of Indianola, Iowa and the Di- rector of Management Ser- vices for the College of Busi- ness Administration of Kan- sas State University. 328 Ingalls Award MB r : N»- ! ;: $ . X ' i xl 1984 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Winners Dr. Barnett, Ms. Ashmore, and Mr. Starling Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award The Algernon Sydney Sul- livan award, the highest hon- or given by the University, is presented each year to a non student, male student and fe- male student based upon their inspirational example to others. This year ' s recipients were Dr. Edward F. Barnett, TSU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Sidney Raymond Stalling, Jr., a senior busi- ness major from Troy, and Sherri Ashmore, a senior nursing major from Medford, Oregon. Dr. Barnett was cited for taking a leadership role in education, religious and community service activities of Troy since 1959 when he joined the TSU faculty. The judges said, " Barnett is a leader by example, one who accepts his responsibil- ities and the challenges of daily living with integrity and humility. Starling, a member of Sig- ma Chi, social fraternity, was cited for his outstanding con- tributions to the community. " He possesses the traits and aspirations of one who loves God, his country and his fellowman intensely. He is a leader and a lover of life, ' ' his citation said. Ashmore, a former Oregon Junior Miss and the 1983 TSU Homecoming Queen, was cited for her Christian leadership. " Sheri Ashmore is an active Christian campus leader. She is admired by fac- ulty, staff and peers alike — She epresents the qualities of tne Sullivan award be- cause of her proven scholas- tic ability. Christian behavior and her varied involvement in campus organizations. " 329 Right: Michele Shirley Proctor receives the Gamma Beta Phi Scholarship and Ser- vice Award from James Phillips. Bottom Left: Phi Gamma Nu Scholarship Key is awarded to Mindy Stump by Dr. Fe- lix R. Livingston. Bottom Right: Mr. Robert Palmer awards the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship award to Ronnie Wiggins. i liiii 330 Honors Day Left: Dr. Rhae Sw.sher presents the Faye Elhs Memorial Award to Vicki Comer. Ah»»e- Susan Mane Sasser receives the Beta Beta Beta " olarsnip and Service Award from Mr. Gary C. Furman. I Eric Rodger. Phi Beta Kappa Association Awjrd m§ Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Award Trammell Wllhs Mortar Board Faye Ellis Memorial Award Omicron Delta Kappa: Ralph W. Adam. ZlTSL Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Freshman Award Gamma Beta Phi Scholarship and Service Aw.rd Beta Bet. Beta Scholarship and Service Award Phi Alpha Theta Scholastic Award L TQmhn Kappa Delta Pi R. H. Erivin Award Cosby Ce „, Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Academic " °™ a ™« Gautney Sigma Tau Delta Outstanding Senior Award Catttenne Carter Psi Chi Award Verlene Bell Virgil L. Collins Mathematics Award Seymour Bernard E. William. Award for Excellence in English Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Aw.rd «■ i-.w « rPAm Accounting Achievement Award Alabama Society of CPAs Accoum g Wiggins Colonial Dames of American Paper in American History Annual Award for the Outstanding Timothy A Smith W.P. Lewi. Outstanding Junior in Education Award Un(jerw00d Music Department Outstanding Senior Award Sigma Delta Chi Outstanding Journalism Graduate Ctat.on School of Nursing: Georgia .r.n. Gil. Davis Memor... Aw.rd Patricia Leigh Tarrant Dianna Daug ' Ronnie D Wiggins Outstanding AFROTC Senior Cadet Alpha Psi Omega Scholastic Award Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key Tex KelpatricK Wha.ey Association of Childhood Education Award HPER Senior Academic Honor Award Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate Phi Gamma Nu Scholarship Key James Burns Clements Award Sorrell Award Oxford University Scholarships Gerald Steven Browning Deborah Anne Cnbb KAindy Sue Stump Ronald Thomas bbs Charlotte Maureen Baker Lisa Lyn Kantor Robert Clark Ham Honors Day 331 CLASSES Freshmen CLEP vs. General Studies Sophomores Building Body and Mind Juniors CBS Seniors Alums in Miss America Graduates CLASSES Leslie Carroll Staff Ray Bendall Naomi Black Auburn Foreman Lisa Helms Jason Jones Ramona McCollough Audrey Nelson Greg Purvis Susie Weber Keith Benton Donny Bowling Cecil Demonburn Ed Moseley John Ransom Brent Scott Section Editor Photographers Classes 333 ' - w v - -% J V I - ■ ft . :: - • - . i ■ S? y M : -• Classes . . . ultimately why everyone was here r »f not to liftgfcn, then o in Hg R) ac- quire aj ucatMFand have Efun all the while was ain purpose a nd objec- f each Troy student. Fall quarter, it was evident among the freshmen, if no one else, for they hustled and hurried about in a frenzy and completed their classes with a sign of relief and with an eager smile at thoughts of re- turning home for Christmas. Winter must have been the most dismal looking time of the year, as the barren trees and constant rain tended to dampen everyone ' s spirits. Many times the challenge of facing the cold morning air was enough to get students going again. For the seniors, spring re- ' suited in aTilH f reminiscing about the past and appre- hension about the new life they faced. It was not as easy to get up and go to class, as the brilliant sun and warm air tantilized and tempted everyone on cam- pus. Still ... we made it through another year, one which we will never regret. 334 Classes 8,|Q£I FRESHMEN ABDALLA. WAUED Kuwait ADAIR WALOER JK . AL ADCOCK DEBORAH Ozark AL ADERMAN VICTORIA. Veto Beadv FL AGEE ARY Montgomery AL AKINS LISA. Montgomery AL ALAKHDAR. WALID. Lebanon ALDAY ALICIA Taianassee FL ALEXANDER JO LYNN. Bfmrgham AL ALEXANDER MELVIN. Tuskegee AL ALICEA USA Miami FL ALLEGRI CHRISTOPHER Ft Lauderdale FL ALLEN DEBORAH KAY Moo AL ALLEN KIM. Ocean Springs MS ALLEN, LAWRENCE Newton. AL ALLEN. RHONDA. Brandon. FL ALLEN. STEPHEN. Montgomery AL ALLRED CLIFFORD Pinson. AL ALMUZAINI AVE I ALVAREZ. JOHN. Palm Beach FL AMASON. WANDA. M orook. AL AMESBURY GREGORY MoMe. AL AMISON MIKE Elba AL ANDERSON BARBARA Troy AL ANDERSON. EDNA SUE Selma AL ANDOE KATHRINA Guntersville. AL ANDREWS. OSCAR. Enterprise AL ANDREWS. MARSHALL. Huntsvite AL APLIN. JAMES. Manchester GA APPLEY MITCHELL. Seminole FL ARMOUR. SARAH Luverne. AL ASBURY LAWRENCE Trussville. AL ASKEW. ROBERT. Greenville AL ASMUSSN. TINA. Ft Pierce FL ATKINS. PAMELA Decatur. AL AULTMAN. WILLIAM. Crestvew. FL AUSTIN. MENDY. Troy. AL AUSTWICK BRAD. Lakeland FL AVERY MAMIE Hartford. AL BABINGTON KRISTIN. Montgomery AL BADAMI. DAWN. Spring Hill FL BAILEY. LEARTIS Montgomery. AL BAILEY. TIMOTHY. Birmingham. AL BAILEY. ZOBRIA. Opp AL BAIN. LORI. Montgomery. AL BAKER JAMES. Monroeville. AL BAKER. JEAN. Montgomery. AL BAKER MARIE. Wetumpka AL BALL JOANN. Montgomery. AL BALLARD. CALVIN. Ramer AL BALLARD. SUZANNE. Opelika AL BALLOW. LEIGH ANN. Montgomery AL BANKESTER SCOTT, Troy. AL BANKS. KENNETH Dothan. AL BARRETT JOHN. Milton. AL BARRON. BRENDA. Miedgev GA BARRON. DAVY. Troy. AL BARTEE. MARILYN. Miorook. AL BATIE. LORETTA: Troy AL BAUMAN. WILLIE Geneva AL BAZZELL DEANNA Deatsvie. AL BEAN GLORIA. Troy. AL BEDFORD CHANTAY Troy. AL BELL. JACQUELINE. Pemacoia. a BELL. SHARON Troy. AL BELLAMY EDNA. Union Spnrv: BENDER. CYNTHIA Ft Deposit. AL BENNETT ANDREW Brant , BENTON. GREGORY. Dor-a- a. BENOIT PATRICIA. Troy. AL Freshmen 335 FRESHMEN BERRY. CASSANDRA; Butler. AL BERRY, CHARLES, Glenwood. AL BESS. IDA; Miami, FL BICKEL, JAMES; Tampa, FL BILLINGS, DAVID; Gardendale, AL BILLINGSLEY, MARY; Marion, AL BISCEGLIO, DAVID; Gulf Breeze, FL BISHOP. KENNETH; Thomasville, AL BLACKMON. STEPHEN; Greenville, AL BLACKWELL. GARY; Troy, AL BLACKWELL, TINA, Highland Home. AL BLAIR, LINDA; Grady, AL BLAND, SHEILA; Eufaula. AL BLANKENSHIP, JEFF; Montgomery, AL BODDEN, MARCIA; Montgomery, AL BODIFORD, DAVID; Montgomery, AL BOGGUS, ANN; Live Oak, AL BONNER, LYNDA; Forest Home, AL BOOKER, WANDA; Troy, AL BOONE, TODD; Elizabethtown, KY BOONE, TRACI; Elizabethtown, KY BOOTHE, RONNIE; Opp, AL BOULWARE, JEAN; Montgomery, AL BOUTIN, DONNA; Montgomery, AL BOWDEN, AMY; Greenville, AL BOWDEN, BETSY; Brundige, AL BOWERS, CHRISTOPHER; Selma, AL BOYD, BOBBY; Clayton, AL BOYD, MARY; Louisville, AL BOYTE, KENNETH; Phoenix City, AL BOZEMAN, RUSSELL; Hayneville, AL BRACEWELL, ALBERT; Troy, AL BRACEWELL, KENNETH; Andalusia, AL BRACKEN, RICHARD; Ozark, AL BRADLEY, ROBBY; Eufaula, AL BRADLEY, ROBERT; Tampa, FL BRADLEY, TAMYA; Montgomery, AL BRANTLEY, JACQUELINE; Goshen, AL BRANTLEY, LINDA; Montgomery, AL BRANTLEY, MARK; Troy, AL BRANTLEY, SARAH; Troy, AL BRANTON, FOY; Jay, FL BRASSELL, BOWEN; Phenix City, AL BRAUER, ROBERT; Ozark, AL BRAY, PAULA; Brundidge, AL BREADWELL, ANGELA; Lakeland, FL BRIDGES, HARRY; Fairfax, AL BRIGHT, ROBERT; Birmingham, AL BRINGARDNER, JOSEPH; Altamonte, FL BROCK, MATTHEW; Birmingham, AL BRONAR, MARY; Columbia, AL BROOKINS, LINDA; Columbus, GA BROOKS, KAREN; Troy, AL BROOKS, SHIRLEY; Brundidge, AL BROWN, ANTHONY; Montgomery, AL BROWN, ASHLEY; Montgomery, AL BROWN, DAVID; Cocoa Bch., FL BROWN, DAVID; Ozark, AL BROWN, JOYCELYN; Millbrook, AL BROWN, JULIE; Brandon, FL BROWN, LISA; Ozark, AL BROWN, MICHAEL; Montgomery, AL BROWN, NOLA; Tuskegee, AL BROWN, REBECCA; Northport, AL BROWN, STEVE; Eufaula, AL BROWN, YVONNE; Ashford, AL BRUNDIDGE, EDDIE; Brantley, AL BRYANT, DIANNA; Selma, AL BUCE, WILLIAM; Troy, AL BULLARD, ANGELA; Troy, AL 336 Freshmen FRESHMEN r ir ' fe i-l J t BULLARD CARLA Dothan. AL BULLARD PATRICIA. Monlgomt- ■ BULLOCK ROBERT. Br jnddge AL BUNDRICK LOUANNE Troy. AL BURGESS RICHARD Oxlord. AL BURMAN BRlDGETT. Venee. FL BURNETT. DARLENE Montgomery. AL BURNS. DARLENE. Montgomery. AL BUSBY TERRI. Kissmnmee FL BUSH MONIQUE MoWe AL BYARS JOHN Montgomery AL BYRD MERRILYN Frisco City. AL BYRD SUSAN. Brundidge AL CALDWELL JEFFERY Marbury. AL CALDWELL. JOHN Geneva AL CALDWELL KIM. Brundidge AL BALDWELL TOMEKA. Btrrangham AL CALHOUN, MARY. Frisco City. AL CALHOUN, PAMELA. Montgomery. AL CALHOUN, SANDRA. AoDevile AL CALHOUN, VICKI. Springfield. VA CALHOUN, WEBBIE Montgomery. AL CALLAWAY MORGAN. Hueytown. AL CALLIORAS SUE. Northwood, NH CAMP. CARA Dothan. AL CANNEDY. CLIFFORD. St PetefSOurg FL CANNEDY. JOHN. St PeterstXirg FL CAPPS DARLENE Troy, AL CARNES. BRIAN Camilla GA CARPENTER, MARILEA. Ballston Spa NY CARPENTER ROBERT Grand Ridge. FL CARROLL. JUANITA, Columbia AL CARROLL. LESLIE. Mt Dora. FL CARSWELL. HAROLD Hollywood. FL CARTER. CAIROL. Pinapple. AL CARTER, CHARLES. Troy. AL CARTER. DONNA. Montgomery, AL CARTER, MARIE. Montgomery AL CARTER, NANCYLOU Dothan. AL CARTER. RUDOLPH Bradenton. FL CARTER. THOMAS. Jacksonville. FL CARTER. TRAVIS. Fernandina Ben , FL CARTER TROY. Selma AL CASSADAY. ANGIE. Montgomery. AL CASEY CHERYL Haynevilie. AL CASEY. DANA Georgiana AL CASEY, SHANE Troy. AL CASEY. WANDA. Chipley. FL CASTLEBERRY. JACKIE. Andalusia. AL CAUTHEN. WILLIAM. Montgomery AL CHANCEY, DONNA. Grady. AL CHERRY. GEORGIA. Montgomery AL CHILDS. BURNICE Columbus GA CLARK. JOYCE. Montgomery AL CLARK. LISA. Montgomery. AL CLARK. PATRICIA. Montgomery. AL CLARK. SUSAN. Montgomery AL CLAYTON GWENDOLYN, Montgomery. AL CLAYTON JUANITA. Waverty GA CLEARY KERRI Longwood. FL CLECKLEY JOY. Montgomery AL CLEM. WILLIAM. Georgiana AL CLEMENTS. CYNTHIA. Auburn, AL CLENNEY. CAROL. Aobev e AL CUNE KAREN. Brooksv e. FL COBB AUSA Troy AL COBURN MARY Montgomery AL COCHRAN. LONNIE AsWrjrd. AL COLE NENA. Montgomery. AL COLEMAN DORTHY Montgomery AL Freshmen 337 FRESHMEN COLEMAN, JAMES; Defuniak Springs. FL COLEMAN, PAUL; Eufaula, AL COLLINS, KIMBERLY; Sarasota, FL COLMAR, SUSAN; Dothan, AL COLSON, MITCHELL; Jacksonville, FL COMBS, BEVERLY; Huntsville, AL COMPTON, BRUCE; Brantley, AL CONDER, MICHAEL; Ozark, AL CONOLY, DAVID; Montgomery, AL COOK, CAROL; Camden, AL COOK, LASHON; Prattville, AL COOKE, BRYAN; Leesburg, FL COOPER, EDWINA; Montgomery, AL COOPER, RENEE; Jackson, AL COPLEN, KELLY; Montgomery, AL CORBITT, BRYANT; Eufaula, AL CORSINO, KIMBERLY; Montgomery, AL CORSINO, SUSAN; Montgomery, AL CONSGROVE, PHYLLIS; Wauchula, FL COSTON, THOMASETTE; Union Springs, AL COTTLE, DAVID; Montgomery, Al COUNCIL, TOMMY; Grove Hill, AL COX, BRENDA; Montgomery, AL COX, PAUL; Elba, AL CRABTREE, KELLEY; Elba, AL CRAVER, SHELBY; Montgomery, AL CRAWFORD, ALFONSO; Birmingham, AL CREEL, JEFFREY; Seattle, WA CRENSHAW, ALICE; Montgomery, AL CRENSHAW, TIMOTHY; Montgomery, AL CREWS, RORY; Dothan, AL CRITTENDEN, LINDA; Montgomery, AL CROCKETT, EILEEN; Montgomery, AL CRONK, STEPHEN; Mobile, AL CROSS, ANGIE; Montgomery, AL CROWE, ELIZABETH; Millport, AL CROWSON, HAROLD;Baker, FL CUDE, DONNA; Moultrie, GA CUELLAR, MARIE; Florala, AL CUELLAR, MONICA; Foley, AL CULPEPPER, KAREN; Dothan, AL CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD; Rockledge, FL CURENTON, ARTHUR; Dothan, AL CURTIS, GEORGE; Montgomery, AL CURTIS, HENRY; Troy, AL CURVIN, JEFFREY; Okeechobee, FL CUSEY, TAMMY; Montgomery, AL CUTRUZZULA, MICHAEL; Benton, AL DABBS, STEPHEN; Bessemer, AL DALE, JOHN; Snow Hill, AL DALEY, REBECCA; Peoria, IL DANIEL, DAHL; Montgomery, AL DANIEL, LORETTA: Montgomery, AL DANIELS, PEGGY; Troy, AL DARBY, MARY; Troy, AL DASINGER, KEVIN; Midland City, AL DAUGHERTY, RYAN; Mobile, AL DAVENPORT, DANA; Dothan, AL DAVIS, BETTY; Montgomery, AL DAVIS, BROCKTON; Homewood, AL DAVIS, CAROLYN; Montgomery, AL DAVIS, DONALD; Thomasville, AL DAVIS, LAMAR; LaPine, AL DAVIS, JAMES; Troy, AL DAVIS, RICHARD; Birmingham, AL DAVIS, ROBERT; Gadsden, AL DEAN, GLORIA; Geneva, AL DEAN, JODY; Greenville, AL DEEN, LESTER; Carrollton, GA DEES, JOHN; Brewton, AL 338 Freshmen FRESHMEN w DEMONBREUN SHERRY Kroion AL DENISON WILLIAM Trc. DUSHlON Detr DENNIS GEORGE Montgomery AL DEWBERRY JANE Vai . DICKENS ANTHONY. TfOy. AL DICKEY CYNTHIA, Sytacauga. AL DICKSON MIKE Doma- DlGlORGlO DONNA. B n ngr m. AL DINGLE ARETHA Troy AL DlSMUKES. DANNA Unon Spnngs AL DIXON ANDREW. MoUlr GA DIXON. DAVID. M! Dora FL DIXC ' Dora FL DOOLEY. SHARON. Montgomery AL DORSEV DORELL. Demopofcs AL DORSEY LESLEY Montgomery. AL DORSEY SUSAN. ER a. AL DOSS JAMES. Bessemer AL DOSTER. LAURE Jack. AL DOWNES. DANA. Troy. AL DOZIER BRENT. Troy. AL DRAKE HARRY Jacksonvie. FL DRAUGHON. LARRY. Montgomery. AL DUBBERLEY KERI. AuOum. AL DUBOSE. BRAD. Jachin, AL DUBOSE. CHICO Jachm, AL DUCK DERRELL. Montgomery. AL DUFF. JULIE. Dothan. AL DUGOSH, THOMAS. Panama City. FL DUMAS. VALDA. Montgomery. AL DUMPERT. TRACY Dothan AL DUNCAN. CONSTANCE. Huntsvi»e. AL DUNCAN DOROTHY. Montgomery AL DUNCAN HELEN Montgomery AL DUNCAN. KATHY. Clermont. FL DUNN. CHARLOTTE. Montgomery. AL DUVAL. JOHN. Tam| DYKES. HOWARD. Troy. AL EASLEY ROBIN. Mt Otive. AL EDGE BRYAN. ThorSDy AL EDWARDS. BELINDA. Goshen. AL EDWARDS. JUDITH. Montgomery. AL EDWARDS KAREN. Montgomery. AL EDWARDS, SAUNDRA. Lighthouse Pi FL EDWAROS. SIDNEY. Ozark. AL EHLEY RON. Dothan. AL EILAND BETH Zephyrf . FL EILAND. RANDY Troy. AL ELDER. WANDA. Troy, AL ELDRIDGE. KELLY. Ft Lauderdale FL ELLER SHARON. Montgomery AL ELLIARD. MAURICE. Elba. AL ELLIS. CHARLES. Phemx City. AL ELLIS. MARK BrundOge. AL ELLIS. SELWYN. Andalusia. AL ELMORE. CHARLES. Oasgo I ENFINGER MARY Black AL ENGRAM. JERRY. Dor-; ENZOR. JENNIFER. Andakjs; EPTING SHIRLEY. B nwgham. AL ERDOESY. JOHN Lady ;• ESLER. WILLIAM Plantahon. a ETHERIDGE. CARLTON. Stocomb. AL ETHERIDGE CAROL. Montgomery AL EVANS SHARON. ValdosU EVERATT CHRISTY. Hotywood. FL EVERETT JANNA. Skxomt. AL FABER GUY Leesfu ' : FAIL ' jnchola AL Freshmen 339 FRESHMEN FARMER. ANGELA; Slocomb. AL FARMER. WENDY; Slocomb. AL FAULK. FRANCINE; Troy, AL FAULK. LOIS; Glenwood. AL FAULKNER. PAMELA; Evergreen, AL FAULKNER. ZACHARY; Troy, AL FAUST. JAMES. McKenzie, AL FENN, JANET; Clayton, AL FEWELL, JASON; Jay. FL FICKE, DIANE; Montgomery, AL FIELDS, TIM; Montgomery, AL FINCH, CHARLES, Lynn Haven, FL FLEMING, MAXWELL; Abbeville, AL FLETCHER, ALFRED; Indiantown, FL FLOWERS, EDNA; Brundidge, AL FLOWERS, REBA, Troy, AL FLOYD. JAMES, Troy, AL FOLEY, DONNA; Jack, AL FOLMAR, NANCY; Troy, AL FONTENOT, CHRIS; New Orleans, LA FOOTE, JEANNE; Cropwell, AL FORD, DOROTHY; Enterprise, AL FORD, LORI; Shawmut, AL FOSTER, BARRETT; Troy, AL FOSTER, DIANA; Montgomery, AL FOSTER, MILDRED; Enterprise, AL FRAZER, HUNTER; Montgomery, AL FRAZIER, ARLESTER; Montgomery, AL FREEMAN, CHARLES; La Grange, GA FREEMAN, DEREK; Troy, AL FRYER, JILL; Opp, AL FULLER, LINDA; Titusville, FL FUQUA, ANDY; Union Springs, AL GABLE, FRANCES; Leeds, AL GACHE, JACQUELINE; Cantonment, FL GADDY, SABRINA; Thomasville, AL GAINES, JOSEPH; Huntsville, AL GALBRAITH, CONNIE; Eufaula, AL GARDNER, DARLENE; Winter Haven, FL GARNER, DAVID; Montgomery, AL GARNER, MICHAEL: Lakeland, FL GARRETT, BRUCE; Talladega, AL GARRETT, CYNTHIA; Banks, AL GARTHRIGHT. WARREN; Montgomery, AL GARTMAN, SHEILA; Sunflower, AL GASS, TRACY; Rome, GA GATES, SUSAN; Montgomery, AL GERBER, MICHAEL; Dothan, AL GERMAN, FRANKLIN; Ozark, AL GIBBS, SARA; Camden, AL GIBSON, JASON; Grady, AL GIDDENS, JEFFREY; Greenville, AL GILES, EDYTHE; Mobile, AL GILLEY, MARTY; Enterprise, AL GIVENS, MALIA; Mobile, AL GLASS, SAMUEL, Calera, AL GLASSFORD, DOUGLAS, Miami, FL GLOVER, ALEX; Brewton, AL GODWIN, VIRGINIA; Tampa, FL GOLDEN, MONA; Goshen, AL GOOD, CLAUDETTE; Montgomery, AL GOOD, DAVID; Panama City, FL GOODMAN, PHILLIP; Montgomery, AL GORMAN, DAVID; Troy, AL GORMAN, ELIZABETH; Bartow, FL GORSUCH, JEFF; Orange Park, FL GOSTELOW, HARRY; England GOVER, LARRY; Eufaula, AL GRANBERRY, DONALD; Ozark, AL GRAVLIN, ED; Springfield, VA 340 Freshmen FRESHMEN ,9i§ GREEN DRUELMA Montgomery AL GREEN EVA Troy AL GREEN LUTHER Banks AL GREEN. SHARON. Troy AL GREEN SHELIA Umofl Spf AL. GREENE ROBERT Auste GA GREENSPAN DAVID Htnevte GA GREINER TINA. St Pete FL GRlCE LINDA. Troy AL GRiDER KAREN Elba AL GRIFFIN CHARMENE Troy. AL GRIFFIN DONNA. Troy AL GRIFFIN. STEPHANIE EulaiAa AL GRIGGS. IANTHIA. Montgomery AL GULLEY MELISSA Troy. AL GUNN. CORNELIA Montgomery AL GUNTER BOBBY Newton. AL GUNTER RHONDA Troy AL GUNTER. WILLIAM. Perry AL HALL DIANE. Montgomery. AL HALL DONALD Union Spr . AL HALL. LISA. Gtenwood AL HALL, RONDOLPH. Umon Spf AL HALL REX Brantley AL HALL. RICKY. Brantley AL HAMILTON. TONY. Enterprise AL HAMLIN, THOMAS Tavares FL HAMM. MELISSA. Louisville, AL HAMMETTE RAYFORD Winter Haven FL HAMNER, WILLIAM. DeatsvrUe AL HAMPTON. MELVIN. Troy AL HANDWERK. LISA. Tampa FL HANDY. GREGORY Ft Rucker. AL HANSON. KIRSTEN. Freeport IL HARGROVE SHANNON. Elba AL ITS JUST PLAIN rUM!! During the 83-84 school year, as well as in previous years, Troy State was fortu- nate to house organizations which demonstrated aware- ness to the needs of others through community fund raisers and other altruism projects. Each year the num- ber of participants in charity works increased. The benefi- ciaries of these projects can be found on both a local and national level. Locally, canned food drives for needy families proved to be successful for the brothers of Alpha Phi Al- pha. In addition, both the Kappa Delta and Alpha Delta Pi sororities spent their spare time playing ' Banana Bingo and making friends with the residents of Pike Nursing Home. The Adams Center Union Board sponsored Let ' s Make A Deal For Charity " to raise money, while the HPER Club sponsored " Jump Rope for Heart, both for the American Heart Association. Charitable projects were successful not only from a philanthropic perspective, but also because of the im- pact on the community. Stu- dents were able to make a difference and enjoy each other s company. As one stu- dent commented. " It ' s just fun ' " Freshmen 341 FRESHMEN HARGROVES. KAREN; Montgomery. AL HARMON, BRUCE, Oxford, AL HARRIS, DOREE; Patterson, GA HARRIS, LAQUILLA; Troy. AL HARRIS, WILLIAM; Indiantown. FL HARRIS. WILLIAM; Goshen, AL HARRISON, CHRIS; Troy, AL HARRISON, MARI; Port St. Joe, FL HARTLEY. BETTY, Montgomery. AL HARTZOG. CHRIS; Clio, AL HARVEY, JAMES; Brundidge, AL HATAWAY, LUTHER: Ramer. AL HATCHETT, TAMERA; Notasulga. AL HEARD. ALICE; Camp Hill, AL HEATH, JOHN; Treasure Is., FL HEATH, PATRICIA; Winter Haven, FL HELMS, HUGH; Lillian, AL HELMS, LISA; Louisville, AL HELTON, KRISTOPHER; Brundidge, AL HENDERSON, BONNIE; Montgomery, AL HENDERSON, CHRIS; Montgomery, AL HENDRICKS, JAMES; Troy, AL HENDRIETH, ALMEDIA; Montgomery, AL HENDRIX, GEORGE; Evergreen, AL HENKEN, VERA; Huntsville, AL HENLEY, MELISSA; Troy, AL HESTER, JOYCE; Montgomery, AL HICKS, ANTONIO; Pelham, GA HIGDON, KAREN; Quincy, FL HIGGINBOTHAM, MICHAEL; Macon, GA HILL, KELLIE; Saraland, AL HILL, TANA; Opelika, AL HINES, MATTHEW; Elgin AFB, FL HOBBS, LISA; Troy, AL HODGE, ROBERT; Daleville, AL HOGAN, THOMAS; Dothan, AL HOGUE, HARRIETT; Troy, AL HOLLAND, KATHLEEN; Live Oak, FL HOLLINGSWORTH, DARON; Eufaula, AL HOLLINGSWORTH, SAM; Monroeville, AL HOLLINS, FELECIA; Mobile, AL HOLLOWAY, JEANNETTE; Montgomery, AL HOLMES, HOPE; Abbeville, AL HOLMES, JANE; Montgomery, AL HOLMES, JEFFREY; Union Spr., AL HOOPER, ROBIN; Montgomery, AL HORST, BRIAN; Mobile, AL HORSTEAD, CARA; Elba, AL HOWARD, PEGGY; Fitzpatrick, AL HOWARD, THOMASINE; Montgomery, AL HUDSON, DAVID; Eufaula, AL HUDSON, JAN; Montgomery, AL HUDSON, NEAL; Dozier, AL HUEY, MARI; Tallassee, AL HUGGHINS, BEN; Opp, AL HUGHES, ALYSON; Quincy, FL HULL, JAMES; Troy, AL HUNT, SHELLY; Pt. Clear, AL HUNTER, TONNA; Jay, FL HUSSEY, LORI; Troy, AL HUTSKO, TODD; Brandon, FL HYATT, TIMOTHY; Panama City, FL INABINET, ROBERT; Vestavia Hill, AL INGRAM, JOHN; Abbevjlle, AL INGRAM, LADONNA: Apalachicola, AL IRVIN, CAMILLA; Montgomery, AL ISSAAC, LYNDON; Yulee, FL IVERSON, DORIS; Montgomery, AL IVINS, WESLEY; Titus, AL JACKSON, ALDUS; Troy, AL ffi ilW 342 Freshmen FRESHMEN JACKSON GWENDOLYN. Mob - JACKSON JOSEPH. Florala AL JACKSON KENNY Montgome ' . JACKSON KIMBERLY Eu»auU. AL JACKSON LETITIA. Troy. AL JACKSON MICHAEL. 04 Spnngs FL JACKSON WILLIE. Seima, AL JAMES. JACOUEUNE. Th | JARVIS EARDLEY TituSv e. FL .AURA. MoMe. AL iRLE. Miar JENKINS JAMES Dalev e AL JENNINGS. SONYA. Vatey. AL JESSAL. CARLA. St Petersburg. FL JOCHEN JERE State Co»ege PA JOHNS SHEILA Troy. AL JOHNSON ANGELA EutauU. AL JOHNSON. ANN. LaGrange GA JOHNSON ANNETTE Mathews AL JOHNSON. DAVID. Lockhart. AL JOHNSON. DENISE. Enterprise. AL JOHNSON. SANDRA Montgomery. AL JOHNSTON. JOE.MOway AL JOHNSTON. RANDOLPH. BrunoMge AL JONES. AMY. Montgomery. AL JONES. ANNETTE. Troy. AL JONES. DONNA. Troy. AL JONES JAMES, Eulauia AL JONES. JASON. Taiiassee. AL JONES. JEROME. Troy. AL JONES JULIA. Montgomery. AL JONES. MARY. Troy, AL JONES. PEGGY Selma AL JONES RENECER. Fort Hamrton. NY JONES. TERRI. Troy. AL JONES. WARREN Troy AL JORDAN. JIMMY. Phernx City. AL JOYNER. DONNA. Dothan. AL KALISKY. TERESA. Troy. AL KAMEYAMA. MASAKAZU. Newbem. AL KEARSON. DIANN. Troy AL KEETON. BRENDA. Troy. AL KEETON. LINDA. Troy. AL KEITH ANDREW WagarviOe. AL KELLER. GREGORY. Ozark. AL KELLEY ANGIE Grove Hi . AL KELLEY ERIN. Ozark. AL KELLY. SHARON. Palm Bay FL KENNEDY KEVIN. Cocoa Beach. FL KENNEDY. MURDOCK. Monroev . AL KENNEDY. ROY. Mobile. AL KENNY COLLEEN. Cocoa Beach. FL KENTON. SANDRA Ft Walton Beach. FL KERR SELENA. BnjndKige. AL KERSEY ANTHONY. Troy. AL KETCHAM SONYA. Anton. AL KILGORE. TERESA. Eutaula. AL KING JEFFREY Loursv e. AL KINGRY DENISE. Troy. AL KJELDAHL. CRAIG. Troy. AL KUNE STEPHANIE. Mrton. R KUNNER. CYNTHIA Ope a AL KNAUFF JOSEPH W ston. FL KOCH JEFFREY Coral Spnngs a KORNETTI. JOHN. Marathon. FL LAMAR TANNIE. Troy. AL LANGLEY CHRISTINA Grady. AL LANGLOIS DAVID, Jacksonvile R, LANIER. SONDRA Perry, a LANIER THELESA. Bjrrwnghi- Freshmen 343 FRESHMEN LANKFORD. JAMES, Montgomery, AL LARSEN, SHARON; Snellville, GA LARSON, JO; Andalusia, AL LASHLEY, KAREN; Langdale. AL LASHLEY. SHELIA: Pahokee, FL LAWRENCE, KELLY; Eufaula, AL LAWSON, JIMMA; Sneads, FL LAXSON, FRANK; Bainbndge. GA LEE. DONALD; Elba, AL LEE, MARGIE. Shorterville, AL LEE, PHILLIP: Vestavia Hill, AL LEFFEW, RICHARD; Vero Bch., FL LEICHNER. EDWARD; Adel, GA LENAHAN. CARL; Jacksonville, FL LESSLEY, SARAH; Sylacauga, AL LESTER, LORETTA; Glenwood, AL LEVERETTE, JUANITA; Lafayette, AL LEWIS, BARBARA, Madison, AL LEWIS, KIMBERLY; Eufaula, AL LEWIS, MARGARET; Wilmer, AL LEWIS, MICHAEL; Alexander City, AL LEWIS, VONDA; Dothan, AL LILLARD, RICHARD; Dothan, AL LINDBERG, WALTER; Troy, AL LINGO, KAREN; Eufaula, AL LIOTTI, PENNY; Montgomery, AL LITTLE, CYNTHIA; Georgiana, GA LITTLEJOHN, CHARLES; Daleville, AL LOCICERO, KIM; Winter Haven, FL LONG, CINDY; Montgomery, AL LONG, DON ALD; Wauchula, FL LOONEY, DORRIS; Montgomery, AL LOONEY, GORDON: Montgomery, AL LOPER, JANET; Mobile, AL LOTT, DEBORAH; Montgomery, AL LOUDIN, TODD; Atwater, OH LUCAS, CYNTHIA; Troy, AL LUNSFORD, CHARLES; Apalachicola, FL LUX, EDWARD; Seabrook, TX LYLES, MARGARET; Cocoa, FL LYNCH, GLORIA; Washington, DC LYNN, SUSAN; Tyrone, GA LYONS, SHEILA; Chicago, IL MACDONALD, TAMMY; Crystal River, FL MACFALL, MARTHA; Riverdale, GA MACK, JACQUELINE; Destin, FL MADDERRA, DONNA; Montgomery, AL MADDOX, ANNA; Troy, AL MADISON, MELINDA; Troy, AL MAHAFFEY, JAMES; Union Spr., AL MAHARRY, RALPH; Troy, AL MAHONE, DWAYNE; Goshen, AL MALLORY, BEN; Elba, AL MANCHAC, JOETTA; Quincy, FL MANN, TARA; Warrior, AL MANN, YOLANDA; Montgomery, AL MANNING, HUGH; Troy, AL MANORA, WADE; Montgomery, AL MARLER, CHARLES; Elba, AL MARSHALL, WILLIE; Peterman, AL MARSHBOURNE, JAN; Titusville, FL MARTIN, LYNE; Dothan, AL MARTIN, MARVIN; Montgomery, AL MARTIN, MELISSA; Elba, AL MASSA, SUSAN; Pensacola, FL MASTERS, DOUGLAS; Laverne, AL MATHIS, LAURA; Ozark, AL MATHIS, TRACEY; Ozark, AL MATTHEWS, ARUNA; Grady, AL MATTHEWS, PAUL; Getzville, NY 344 Freshmen FRESHMEN " ' flAfiift 1- -V 1r mk i r H k " H K " 1 M -A 1 r MAYFiELD GERALD Vatejo. CA MAYO JEFFREY Gadsden Ai MAYS CAROLYN ForVland AL McCALL PENNY Un»n Spr AL McCLELLAN JEFFREY Montgomery. AL McClelland james Troy al McCLURE KAREN. WisonvJte. AL McCONNELL MITCHELL Treasue U FL McCORD MAXlE Montgomery AL McCRAY TAMI Lake City FL McCRORY MICHAEL Panama Crty, AL McCULLOUGH RAMONA B mrgnam. AL McOANIEL CHARLES. SwartttXDro GA Mcdowell Michelle. Sytacauga al McGILL. RIGHARD. Farhope. AL McGOWAN KEITH Enterprise AL McGRIFFlN. AUCE. Montgomery. AL McHOLLAND SCOTT Troy. AL McKEE JOSEPH Getzvie NY McKEOWN KAREN Oi icy. FL MCKNIGHT JOSEPH Pnckard. AL Mcknight stacy. st Pete, fl McLENDON. GWEN. BruxWge. AL McLENDON. MEUSSA. Troy AL McLENDON PAMELA. Troy. AL McLEOD ROBERT. Goshen AL McMAHAN TRACIE. Daphne AL McSHANE MARIAN. Dunwoody GA McVAY. KIM, Thomasv . AL McWATERS. GALEN, Enterprise AL McWHORTER ANJA. Troy. AL MEACHAM. CHARI. Dothan AL MEADOWS JEFFREY. Lousvie AL MEDLEY. GARY. Troy. AL MEEKS. KIM Montgomery. AL MERRILL. KIMBERLY PPO N Y NY MERRITT. WANDA. SeJma AL MIDDLEBROOKS BETSY Brunddge AL MIDDLEBROOKS HORACE. Atlanta GA MIDDLEBROOKS. JULIE Selma AL MIERSWA MARY Enterpnse AL MILES ESTELIA Ft Mitchel. AL MILLER. MARK. Thomaston GA MILLER. WILLIE Dothan. AL MILLIGAN CARLA. Montgomery. AL MILLS. ANNE. Montgomery. AL MILLS. DAVID. Troy. AL MINCEY. MELISSA. Tequesta. FL MINER. LORI. Chipley. FL MINOR GINGER. Enterpnse AL MINSHEW. MARTHA. Annrston. AL MITCHELL LILLIE Clayton AL MITCHELL MARVIN. Talassee AL MITCHELL. MICHELE Pensacoia MIXON. ALVIN. Evergreen, AL MOFFATT LORI. Mob ? AL MOLETTE ROBERT Eufaula AL MONAHAN PARTICIA. Montgomery. AL MONK. JONNIE Clayton. AL MONTGOMERY LINDA. Montgomery. AL MOORE ALBERT. Demopoks AL MOORE DEANNA. G eenv e AL MOORE JAMES Montgomery. AL MOORE. JOHN Edectc. AL MOORE LEONARD Troy. AL MOORE MICHAEL Uncn Spr AL MOORE PHILLIP. Ranks AL MOORE WILLIAM Montgomery MOREMAN. CAROLINE. Ope a. AL MORGAN HARRISON LeesPurg. GA Freshmen 345 FRESHMEN MORGAN, KEITH; Tavares. FL MORGAN, LISA, Montgomery, AL MORGAN. MELINDA; Ozark, AL MORGAN. RONALD; Troy. AL MORRIS. CHRIS; Satellite Bch„ FL MORRIS, ELIZA8ETH; Montgomery, AL MOSLEY, DAVID; Demopolis, AL MOTES. RANDALL; Troy. AL MOUNT, GARY; Brantley, AL MULLEN, JAMES; Troy, AL MURPHY, KIM; Pine Level, AL MURPHY, SUSAN; Spanish Ft., AL MUSGROVE, SHERRI; Eufaula, AL MYERS. CRAIG; Mcalla, A L NAHHAS. HENRY; Jordan, AL NEECE. SYDNEY; Mobile. AL NEIL, JAMES; Lanett, AL NELSON, AUDREY; Gadsden. AL NETTLES, ALAN; Monroeville, AL NEWMAN, ORALIA; Montgomery, AL NEWTON, ANGELA; Troy, AL NEWTON, KIMBERLY; Thomasville, AL NEWTON, LOIS; Montgomery, AL NILES, RICHARD; Mobile, AL NOLIN, AMY; Orlando. FL NONNENMANN, EDIE; Troy, AL NORRIS, STACY; Lakeland, FL O ' STEEN, DEBRA; Troy, AL OATES, PAMELA; Marbury, AL ODOM, CATHY; Union Spr., AL ODOM, JULIE; Florala, AL OLDHAM, CAREY; Leesburg, FL OLSON, KENT; Jax, FL OTOLLE, DANIEL; Palmerdale, AL OVERSTREET, ANGIE; Satellite Bch., FL OWEN, JAN; Altoona, AL OWEN, PHILLIP DALE; Woodstock, GA OWEN, RILEY: Geneva, AL OWENS, SABRINA; Eufaula, AL PACE, BRAD; Birmingham, AL PADDOCK, ROBERT; Columbia. AL PADGETT, DONNIE; Montgomery, AL PADGETT, MICHAEL; Eufaula, AL PALMER, REBECCA; Mobile, AL PALMER, VALERIE; Abbeville, AL PARISH, CHARLIE; Newville, AL PARK NINA; Montgomery, AL PARKER, DAVID; Ramer, AL PARKER, KATHY; Montgomery, AL PARKER, MARY; Montgomery, AL PARKER, SHERRY; Montgomery, AL PARKER, THOMAS; Pt. St. Joe, FL PARKS, ANTHONY; Montgomery, AL PARNELL, DEBRA; Troy, AL PARRISH, KIMALA; Elba, AL PARSONS, RICHARD; Troy, AL PASSMORE, WANDA; Troy, AL PATTERSON, LINDA; Decatur, AL PAYNE, JIMMY; Skipperville, AL PAYNE, KIMBERLY; Skipperville, AL PAYSON, KELLY; Montgomery, AL PEARSON, DEE; Opelika, AL PEAVEY, JOHN; Foxborough, MA PEAVY, PAMELA; Georgiana, AL PEAVY, SHARON; Monroeville, AL PEEL, JENNIFER; Dothan, AL PEEL, MICHAEL; Malvern, AL PELT, KENNETH; Gulf Breeze, FL PEPPENHORST, DONALD; Linden, AL PERDUE, MARY; Montgomery, AL 346 Freshmen FRESHMEN CLEPi AX ALTERNATIVE tt) GENERAL STUDIES There is a common ex- pression among college students, " General stud- ies . . general boredom. ' ' Greg Chandler, a junior double majoring in busi- ness and computer sci- ence, found a way to es- cape this problem. His method was participating in the College Level Ex- amination Program, or CLEP. As a Senior in high school, Greg ' s guidance counselor advised him about the ex- ams. After talking it over with his parents, Greg decided to take the full battery, the entire testing series. His de- cision paid off. as he gained 36 hours of general studies credit. The CLEP exams are com- prehensively designed to test a person s overall knowl- edge of a particular subject. The costs of taking the tests are relatively low when com- pared to the costs of college tuition. Greg advised anyone interested to stop by TSU ' s counseling center for infor- mation. Already being regis- tered in college should not in- hibit a student from earning CLEP credit for courses he has not yet completed. Many professors are against CLEP credit, but Greg felt that, in certain situ- ations, being relieved of the extra hours required for ba- sic courses was an asset Having a double major in- volves more hours of study and more time in college His CLEP hours alleviated some of this extra burden. Howev- er, Greg cautioned freshmen and sophomores who are un- decided about a major not to follow the CLEP route. He said that general studies classes could possibly aid them in choosing a major. Like taking the SAT or ACT, the CLEP exams are lengthy and require a lot of time. The battery Greg took called for an entire day of testing. He commented, " When the exams were over, I felt mentally drained, but it was worth it! " PEREZ. LESLEY. Palm Beach. FL PERRY. BORIS Bessemer AL PERRY ill. HUGH Eufauia. AL PERRY. KIMBERLY Hueytown AL PERRY. MERIDETH Palm Bay. FL PERRY. SUNITA. Montgomery. AL PETERSON. DORIS. Montgomefy. AL PETERSON. JAMES. Abbeville. AL PETTY. ANNA, Dothan. AL PHILLIPS. LILLIE. Tuskegge. AL PHILLIPS. MICHAEL. Andalusia AL PHILLIPS. ROBBIE. Snortervrte AL PHILPOT. PAUL Troy. AL PHILYAW. SHERRY Montgomefy. AL PIERCE ROBERT. West PaJm Beach. FL PIERCE THERESA. Montgomefy. AL PIERCE. TIMOTHY. Op« ka. AL PINKSTON. ANGELA. Hamden. AL PITTMAN ROBIN Asntord. AL PITTMAN. WILUAM. BrurxMge. AL PITTS DEREK. Eutaula AL POLISH. NANCY. Deef Lodge. MT POST ANNIE. Montgomefy. AL POTTER. KELVIN Marathon. FL POUNCEY DAVID. Montgomery U POWELL. BEVERLY Anton. AL PRATHER KERI D0Z«r AL PRATT MARY Prattvitte AL PREGNO DEENA Montgome . PRESSON SCOTT. Amston. AL PRICE DONALD Eu»8ma . PRIDGEN USA A Moo- . PRIDGEN LISA C Lou«v e. AL PUCH SONDRA. Tnom sv e. AL PURVIS GREGORY. M edgev t 3 347 Freshmen FRESHMEN PURYEAR, ANDREW; Stuart. FL RAINEY, MAE; Brundidge, AL RAINEY, TRICIA; Thomasville, GA RALPH, KANOYCE, Orlando, FL RAMOS, SANDRA; Montgomery, AL RANKIN, CYNTHIA; Montgomery, AL RAY, BRIAN; Jacksonville. FL RAY, MARSHA; Montgomery, AL RECK, CHRISTOPHER; Enterprise. AL REDUS, JOHN; Brandon, FL REESE, BRIAN; Phenix City, AL REESE, DONALD; Montgomery, AL REGISTER, CONNIE; Troy, AL REGISTER, MATT; Havana, FL REID, TERRY; Thomasville, AL RENFROE, DANA; Montgomery, AL REYNOLDS. JAMES; Crestview; FL REYNOLDS, JAMES: Clanton, AL REYNOLDS, LESLIE; Atlanta, GA REYNOLDS, TODD; Waycross, GA RHODES, GAIL; Troy, AL RHODES, MAUREEN; Avon Park, FL RICHARDSON, EMMA; Montgomery, AL RICHARDSON, JOHN; Montgomery, AL RICKS, TERESA; Andalusia, AL RIGAS, MARTHA; Mobile, AL RIGGS, STEVE; Titusville, FL RILEY, ROBERT; Geneva, AL RILEY, TERESA; Bonifay, FL RISH, CATHERINE; Pt. St. Joe, FL RIVERS. LETRICIA; Birmingham, AL RIZZ O, MICHAEL, Panama City, FL ROACH, NANCY; Montgomery, AL ROBBINS, JANET; Tuskegee, AL ROBBINS, MARCHALLA; Montgomery, Al ROBERSON, FELICIA; Chicago, IL ROBERTS, JOHN; Troy, AL ROBERTS, PATRICK; Indialantic, FL ROBERTS, ROBIN; Enterprise, AL ROBERTSON, BERNICE; Montgomery, AL ROBINSON, ESTELLA; Montgomery, AL ROBINSON, JACQUALINE; Union Spr., AL ROBINSON, LEE; Shalimar, FL ROBINSON, RODGER; Eclectic, AL ROBINSON, VARNETTE; Montgomery, AL ROBINSON, ZELLA; Mobile, AL RODGERS, CHARLENE; Brundidge, AL RODGERS, TONIA; Bessemer, AL ROE, RONALD; Opelika, AL ROGERS, CHARLES; Montgomery, AL ROGERS, CHARLOTTE; Troy, AL ROGERS, MARK; Dothan, AL ROGERS, PAMELA; Ozark, AL ROGERS, SHARON; Zionsville, IN ROLLER, JAN; Montgomery, AL ROPER, WESLEY; Montgomery, AL ROSKOS, MICHAEL; Melbourne Bch., FL ROTTON, ALAN; Union Spr., AL ROUNTREE, JESSE; Troy, AL ROYAL, MARY; Tampa, FL RUMLIN, MARILYN; Brundidge, AL RUMPH, GARRY; Troy, AL RUMPH, SHIRLEY; Midway, AL RUSHING, ELIZABETH; Montgomery, AL RUSHING, JENNIE; Seale, AL RUSHTON, ELEANOR; Montgomery, AL RUSS, LOUIS; Gordan, AL RUSSELL, KRIS; Birmingham, AL RUTLAND, RUBY; Eufaula, AL RUTLEDGE, CHARLES; Miami, FL 348 Freshmen FRESHMEN RUTLEDGE DEBORAH PenuooU FL SAMUEL TERRENCE. C ro. GA SANDERS DANIEL Jao SANDERS DAVID Jack AL SANDERS ELIZABETH Tampa FL ' SANDERS GEORGE Aurora CO SANDERS JAMES Spmgv AL SANDERS STEPHANIE Gtonwood. AL SANDERS VlCKl Clayton AL SANDUSKY SAM Lakeland. FL SANFORD PEGGY Montgomery. AL SANKEY EDDIE Goshe- SANKS. GAIL. Phenix Crty. AL SASSER JASON Milton FL SATCHEL FILOMENA. Doman AL SAUNDERS NANCY. Troy AL SAUNDERS. PATRICK. Skxomo. AL SAUNDERS RICHARD. Montgomery AL SAVAGE. DONNA. Phenix City AL SCALES. STEPHEN. Gadsden. AL SCARBOROUGH. BRET Efca AL SCARBROUGH. BRIAN. ThorsDy AL SCHAPER STEVEN Newion. AL SCHAUBLE EDITH Ozark AL SCHEUFELE GEORGE Orlando FL SCHNEIDER DARRELL. Jacksonv e FL SCHRIEBER DOMENIC Troy. AL SCOTT AVERY Jacksonville. FL SCOTT. BRENDA Troy AL SCOTT. CALVIN Montgomery. AL SCOTT. JONATHAN SwamstCfO. GA SCOTT. TERI. Ozark AL SCROGGINS. NANCY Opeiika AL SCRUSHY KATHLEEN. Haynev e AL SEAY. CATHY. Hartlord. AL SELF LISA Sylvama. GA SENN ANITA Brundidge. AL SENN. JOHNNY. Brantley AL SENN. MARY. Opp AL SENN. PAM. Brundidge. AL SENN RUSSELL. Troy AL SESSION. SAUNDRA. Ne Brunswck, NJ SEXTON. MATTHEW. Panama City FL SHARP. CHRISTOPHER Leecs U SHARPE BELINDA Phenix Oty AL SHAW WAYNE Brurxkdge. AL SHIPMAN ALAN Troy. AL SHIPMAN DIANE. Troy AL SHIPMAN RUBY. Troy. AL SHIRAH RHONDA Montgome-, SHIRLEY CHRIS Ashtord. AL SHOULTS TINA. Montgomery. AL SIDES SUSAN Tampa FL SIGERS CAROL Brantley. AL SIMMONS ALETHEA. Montgomery. AL SIMS MICHAEL Hartseae AL SIMS SUSAN. Montgomery. AL SINGLETON MOLLY Montgorn SIRMON BRENDA. Daphne AL SKIPPER CHARLES Grove Hi AL 5MALLEY PRISCILLA Troy. AL SMILE- NAM • ■ SMITH ALICIA Clanton AL SMITH. BERKLEIGH. L an. AL SMITH. DEBRA Montgomery. AL SMITH. DONALD. Favettev e GA SMITH DWAYNE. Pompano Bcft . a SMITH GD Trc, SMITH JOHN Or- KIMBERLY Ope ■ Freshmen 349 FRESHMEN SMITH. LINDA; Cantonment, FL SMITH, ROXLAND; Alma. GA SMITH, SHANNON. Atmore. AL SMITH, STEVEN; Andalusia, AL SMITH. VICKI; Brantley, AL SNEED, LARY, Troy, AL SNEED. TAMMYBanks, AL SOUSA, DANIEL; Tampa, FL SOUTHERLAND. WILL; Panama City, FL SPANGLER, GARY. Orlando, FL SPANN, JANE, Montgomery, AL SPEAR. CHARLOTTE. Montgomery, AL SPORT, JOSEPH; Luverne, AL SPRAGGINS. TIMOTHY; Thomaston, GA SPRUCE, TERESA; Montgomery, AL STARCK, JAIME; Troy, AL STARCK, PATRICIA; Troy, AL STEADHAM, RONALD; Camden, AL STEAGAIL, VIRGINIA; Selma, AL STEPHENS, KELLI; Fairhope, AL STEPHENS, LISA: Goshen. AL STEPHENSON, JASON; Florence, AL STEVENS, RICHARD; Montgomery, AL STEVENSON, SUANE; Florala, AL STEWART, GREGORY; Decatur, AL STIFFLER, ELIZABETH; Magnolia Springs, AL STINSON, JACQUELYN; Chattahoochee, FL STOKES, LESLIE; Goshen, AL STOKES, RAYMOND; Chancellor, AL STOKES, STEPHEN; Tallasee, AL STRASSBURGER, JULIE; Montgomery, AL STREET, VIRGINIA; Fairhope, AL STREIT, KATIE; Montgomery, AL STRICKLAND, CHERYL; Tallahassee, FL STRICKLAND, EDMOND; Ramer, AL STRICKLAND, MAC; Eufaula, AL STRINGER, DEBBIE; Grady, AL STUTZMAN, YVONNE; Brandon, FL SUITS, MADELYNN; Dalton, GA SULLENTRUP, RAYMOND; Pinellas Park, FL SUMLAR, PARYMAN; Dothan, AL SUMMERLIN, PAM; Montgomery, AL SUMMERS, NANCY; Prattville, LA SUTHERLAND, CYNTHIA; Troy, AL SUTTON, KIMBERLY; Lillian, AL SWANSON, JUANITA; Phenix City, AL SWARTZ, JODY; Vero Beach, FL TALETON, SUSIE; Mobile, AL TANNER, JENNIFER; Greenville, AL TATE, DOREME; Montgomery, AL TAYLOR, ANDREW; Satellite Beach, FL TAYLOR, CAMMIE; Brundidge, AL TAYLOR, KEITH; Dothan, AL TAYLOR, LISA; Jack, AL TAYLOR, MICHAEL; Lapine, AL TAYLOR, RICHARD; Eufaula, AL TAYLOR, RUSSELL; Luverne, AL TAYLOR, WILLIAM; Goshen, AL TELLIS, KENNETH; Tuskegee, AL TEMPLES, WANDA: Montgomery, AL TERRY, ERNIE; Daleville, AL THOMAS, DEBBIE; Gary, IN THOMAS, DONNA; Elba, AL THOMAS, FREDDIE; Montgomery, AL THOMAS, KELVIN; Goshen, AL THOMAS, LAWRENCE; Eufaula, AL THOMPSON, DAN; Montgomery, AL THOMPSON, DEBORAH; Samson, AL THOMPSON, JUAN; Decatur, AL THOMPSON, LESLIE; Troy, AL 350 Freshmen FRESHMEN THOMPSON MARSHA Ozark AL -0 y Al THOMPSON THOMAS Camden. AL THORNTON JANICE. Monlgoffw- , THORNTON JOHNNY Tuscaloosa AL THORNTON MARY. Panama C I . THORNTON THERESA Ux«v e. AL THRASH, USA, Montgorr - TOLBERT ROBERT Troy AL TOLOMEO TRACEY PensacoU. FL TOWNS WANDA Montgomer, TOWNSEND. MARY. Montomgery. AL TRIMBLE ANN. Fairhope AL TUCK. WILLIAM. TruSSv e AL TUCKER JIM. Pine Mt . GA TURDO, MIKE Palm Spn r | TURNER BEKKl. Montgomery AL TURNER DONALD. Midland City. AL TURNER DOUGLAS Dothan AL TYUS RONALD Marbury AL UNDERWOOD VlCKI, Henagar AL VAIL CAROL. Montgomery AL VALDES JULIO Miami FL VANLANDINGHAM, DARRIN. Geneva AL VANROO. ANJE Montgomery AL VAUGHN, SONYA Germany VICE ROY. Linden AL VINES. JACE. Montgomery. AL VINES. KIM, Montgomery. AL VOSSLER. ROBERT Tallahassee FL WAGAMAN. GREGORY. Montgomery. AL WAGNER FREDERICK St Pete FL WAKEFIELD STEVE, Florence AL WALDROP TRISTA Dadev . AL WALKER DEBBIE Headland. AL WALKER. NOOJIN Pensacoia FL WALKER. PATRICIA. Montgomery. AL WALKER THOMAS. Montgomery. AL WALLACE BRIDGET. Montgomery. AL WAMBLES SHEILA, Foley. AL WARD. SUSAN. Newton AL WARD TAMMIE. Dothan AL WARE. ERIC. Montgomery, AL WARE. SHAWNTA Loachapoka AL WARLICK. AMlE. Tampa FL WARREN. CHARLES Troy AL WATERS. RHONDA Bowling Green FL WATSON DAVID Greeny . AL WATSON. DONNA. Montgomery. AL WATSON. DONNA. Enterprise. AL WATSON. SHARON Fnsco City. AL WATSON. TIMOTHY Platers • WATTS. WILLIAM. Panama City. FL WEBB MYRA. Livingston. TN WEBB NORMAN Atlanta GA WEBER. SUSIE Qu ntw . VA WEBSTER SHAWN. AM M WEED PAMELA Troy, AL WEEKLEY. TAMMIE P e Roa : WEEKS LAURA Ozark AL WEIN2ETL CHERYL Ft Walton Bch WELCH. SONJA Tusnegee . WELDON. AMY Montgomery. AL WELDON. SUSAN Deatsv EufaUa AL WEST. RYAN. G ' ' I U WESTON JULIE Ljoovie. AL WHITE CECELA Qart -. WHITE DONNA Atmore AL " E DOROT- R Freshmen 351 FRESHMEN WHITE, JEANETTE; Troy. AL WHITEHEAD, STARLA; Elba. AL WHITMAN, KIMBERLY; Elba, AL WHITTLE, ROSE; Castleberry, AL WIGGINS. TAMMY. Montgomery. AL WIGINTON. DONALD; Leeds, AL WILKES, MELODY; Troy. AL WILKINS, GREGORY; Troy. AL WILLIAMS, ALTO; Eufaula. AL WILLIAMS. ANGELA; Dothan. AL WILLIAMS, ANNIE; Seale, AL WILLIAMS, ASHLEY; Elba, AL WILLIAMS. CARISSA; Troy, AL WILLIAMS. CAROLYN; Goshen, AL W;lLIAMS, CHARLES; Bradford, FL WILLIAMS, DARRYL; Mobile, AL WILLIAMS, ELLIA; Troy, AL WILLIAMS, FRED; Alexander City, AL WILLIAMS, JEFFREY; Newton, AL WILLIAMS, LORRI; Troy, AL WILLIAMS, PAMELA; Elba, AL WILLIAMS, TERESA L, Sharpsburg, GA WILLIAMS. TROY; Jacksonville, FL WILLIAMS, VICKIE; Pittsview, AL WILLIAMSON, JAMES; Thomson, GA WILLIAMSON, JAMES; Troy, AL WILLIAMSON, RHONDA; Laurel Hill, FL WILLIAMSON, VONDON; Fayetteville, GA WILLIS. ANGELA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL WILLIS, EDWARD; Sebring, FL WILSON, BRENDA; Enterprise, AL WIND, RANDOLPH; Cairo, GA WINDHAM, FRANCES; Montgomery, AL WINGARD, LINDA; Montgomery, AL WINGATE, TIM; Bristol, FL WOELFEL, DEBORAH; Troy, AL WOELFEL, JOHN; Troy, AL WOMACK, CINDY; Highland Homes, AL WOMACK, VALERIE; Ashford, AL WOOD, JERRY; Ozark, AL WOOD, TONY; Brantley, AL WOODHAM, MARY; Abbeville, AL WOODHAM, TRACEY; Midland City, AL WOODS, HARRIETTE; Tuskegee, AL WRIGHT, ANDREA; Ozark, AL WRIGHT, CATHERINE; Montgomery, AL WRIGHT, GEORGIA; Montgomery, AL WRIGHT, JAMES; Monroeville, AL WRIGHT, JULIUS; Ashford, AL WRIGHT, MERLE; Montgomery, AL WRIGHT, REGINALD; Lanett, AL WRIGHT, VONECEIL; Grady, AL WYNCOOP, SUSAN; Lakeland, FL YARBROUGH, FELECIA; Montgomery, AL YARBROUGH, TERRY; Montgomery, AL YATES, LINDA; Brantley, AL YOST, KEITH; Jacksonville, FL YOST, KERWIN; Mobile, AL YOUNG, BARBARA; Montgomery, AL YOUNGBLOOD, ALICE; Montgomery, AL YOUNGBLOOD, DEBORAH; Union Spr„ AL YOUNGBLOOD, KELLEY; Troy, AL ZABELA, THERESA; Sykesville, MD ZESSIN, KIRK; Fkxala, AL ZORN, CLIFTON; Montgomery, AL ZORN, SUSANNE; Montgomery, AL 352 Freshmen SOPHOMORES ADAMS SHARON Laurel H FL AOAMSON. MARJORIE Cuiman AL AHLGREN APRIL. Montgomery AL AIKEN JOHN Faunsdale. AL AIKEN. STEPHANIE. Mot AL ALLEN DONNA. Mrfton FL ALLEN EVA Banks AL ALLEN KELLY EulaUa. AL ALLEN. SCOTT Nashv e. TN ALLEN. SUSAN Montgomery AL ALLEN TRINA Shortervfe. AL ALLEN WANDA. Montgomery. AL AMBERS DEBORAH Montgomery AL AMLONG JEFFREY. Etoa. AL ANDERSON. DONNA. Troy. AL ANDERSON ERIC MoWe. AL ANDERSON KENTON. Troy. AL ANDERSON RANDY. Troy. AL ANDERSON TERESA. Greemrie. AL ANDERSON TROY. rr«ngham. AL ANDREWS. MICHAEL Starke FL ANDERSON. NEAL. Troy. AL ANGELO. CHRISTOPHER Prattv e. AL ARD STARLA ANN. Dothan AL ARMSTRONG SHERRI Troy AL ASHCRAFT, MALINDA. Zephyrh s FL AUSTIN SANDRA LYN Troy AL BACON. DEBORAH ANN. SanforrJ. FL BACOTE. THOMAS. East Pomt. GA BAGGET JEFFREY. Evergreen AL BALDWIN. WILLIAM. Troy. AL BALLARD. MELISSA Troy. AL BALLARD. SHANNON. Troy AL BANKESTER DANIEL Bay Mnette AL BANKS HAROLD. Atlanta GA SEARCH FOR TALENT WINNERS AT TSU! In 1983 the WSFA-TV Search for Talent ended its fourth year with semi-finalists competing at the Alabama State Fair last Oc- tober. Of the thirty semi-fina- lists. eight finalists were select- ed. Two Troy State students, ju- nior Starla Kelley and senior Mi- chael Russell, were semi-fina- lists in the competition. Both frequented the campus stages in various musical productions and concerts. Michael was a featured entertainer at several TSU pageants, while Miss Kelly held the leading role in last year ' s production of " Guys and Dolls. This past contest pro- vided both with additional expo- sure and valuable experience. First prize in the 83 Search for Talent was presented to a familiar and much admired TSU alumnae. Donna Reynolds. Donna, who has performed for Troy audiences for more than twelve years, received S1 .000 in prize money as well as national exposure for her winning per- formance of " The American Trilogy. As a Troy State student in the early 1970s. Donna majored in Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in music, physical educa- tion, and recreation. She has been an active alumnae, helping several music organizations on campus. In addition to the Search for Talent, one of Don- na s highest honors was receiv- ing honorary membership to the Sound of the South. Sophomores 353 L SOPHOMORES BANKS. NEDRA, Mobile, AL BARBAREE, ROBIN; Brooklyn. AL BARGER. THOMAS; Linden. AL BARKER, JEREMY; Mary Ester. FL BARNES. WILLIAM; Wmfield. AL BARNETTE, SONYA; Troy. AL BARRETT, BOBBY; Auburn, AL BARRON, MARY; Opelika, AL BARTON. PHILLIP; Summerdale. AL BASS, JOAN; Montgomery, AL BASS, TIMOTHY; Malvern, AL BASSETT, EDWARD; Union Springs, AL BEASLEY, LINDA; Troy, AL BECK, JENNIFER; Defumak Spr„ FL BECKHAM, RANDALL; Montgomery, AL BELL, SUSAN; Amencus, GA BERGQUIST, VICTORIA; Ozark, AL BERRETTO. JUDITH; Winter Haven, FL BINFORD, LORI; Troy, AL BITZER, SUE; Montgomery, AL BJORGAN, JON; Panama City, FL BLACK, JERRY; Panama City, FL BLANKENBEKER, DENNIS; Seattle, WA BLAYDES, MARY; Cairo, GA BLEVINS, JOSEPH; Selma, AL BOGEN, KIRK; Brantley, AL BOGGS, TERRI; Montgomery, AL BOND, BRENDA; Troy, AL BOOZER, JANET; Marion, AL BORDERS, DAWN; Ozark, AL BORIE, LEAH; Palm Bay, FL BOTTS, JULIANNE; Troy, AL BOWDIN, KRISTOPHER; Samson, AL BRACKIN, TANDREA; Enterprise, AL BRACKNEY, BETH; Troy, AL BRADBERRY, SANDRA; Troy, AL BRADLEY, LEE; Reform, AL BRADSHAW, LAUREL; Pinellas Pk„ FL BRENNAN, DIANE; Montgomery, AL BREWSTER, SHARON; Owasso, OK BROADWAY, SHERRY; Troy, AL BROCKMAN, BOBBY; Eufaula, AL BROOKS, BARBARA; Troy, AL BROWN, ALLISON; Montgomery, AL BROWN, CHRISSY; Daphne, AL BROWN, FOYE; Troy, AL BROWN, KAREN; Mobile, AL BROWN, LISSA; Opp, AL BRUNSON, HARLAND; Elba, AL BRUNSON, JOHN; Troy, AL BUCKNER, PHILLIP; Sanford, FL BUGG, ROBERT; Opelika, AL BULGER, WILLIAM; Florala, AL BUNCH, JOANNE; Montgomery, AL BURDICK, TAMMI; Enterprise, AL BURKETT, ARNOLD; Miami, FL BURMAN, BRIAN; Venice, FL BURNS, DEBBY; Gulf Shores, AL BUTLER, DAWN; Eclectic, AL BUTTS, SANDRA; Greenville, AL CALVERT, RED; Gadsden, AL CAMERON, JOHN; Newville, AL CAMPBELL, SUSAN; Altamonta Sp„ FL CARNES, TAMMY; Brantley, AL CARNEY, JOHN; Winter Haven, FL CARNEY, SEAN; Winter Haven, FL CARR, CATHY; Luverne, AL CARROLL, CYNTHIA; Troy, AL CARSON, HOPE; Fayetteville, GA CARTER, MONICA; Brundidge, AL 354 Sophomores SOPHOMORES CARTER NANETTE Pa I CASTILLO MILAGROS Venwu CATRETT THOMAS. Tioy. AL CHANDLER GREGORY. Goshen AL CHAPMAN MARTHA TituSville FL CHASE RONALD Edectc AL CLARK. JOHN JR Troy. AL CLARK THOMAS. armmgham. AL CLARK WILLIAM JR EJba AL CLENNEY ROBIN. Avon Part FL CLYATT. JENNIFER. Miami. FL COCHRAN. CATHY. Salem. AL COKER GAYLE Montgomery. AL COLEMAN. CATHERINE. Dothan. AL COLLIER. BRENDA. Ft Dix. NJ COLVIN RITA. Fitzpairc AL CONANT. PHILIP Umat a FL CONNELL ANGIE. Montgomery. AL COOPER TERESA Dothan. AL COPELAND CLIFFORD. Enterprise AL CCRBIN. SANDRA. Montgomery AL CORLEY GLEN Hueytown. AL CORNELIUS. GARY. Jacksonvile FL CORR. CAMARON. Apollo Ben FL COTTLE GARY. Andalusia. AL COX, LORI. Clearwater. FL COX. RUFUS. JR . Gadsden AL CRAFT. MARIANA. Troy. AL CREEL. ADAM. Montgomery. AL CRENSHAW. FERNETTE. Montgomery AL CRIBB. KENNETH. Avon Par FL CULP. DYKES ALLEN Ozar . AL CULPEPPER. MIKE. Troy. AL CULVERHOUSE. DONNA. Ft Perce FL CUMBIE. ANITA. Newton. AL DANKEWICH. CLAY. Cumming. GA DAVENPORT. BRYAN. Syracuse. NY DAVIS. DAVID. Geneva. AL DAVIS. DEBORAH KAY. Troy. AL DAVIS. JAMES ROSS. Troy. AL DAVIS. JAMIE. Mon tgomery. AL DAVIS. JESS. Demopolis. AL DAVIS. NANCY. Troy. AL DAVIS. RONALD. Mobile AL DAVIS. VICKI. Longwood. FL DEAL JAMES BOYD Elba. AL DEAN. JO ANN. Luverne. AL DELANNOY. PHILIPPE. Troy AL DELOACH. KIMBERLY. Troy. AL DENMAN. LANCE A Orlando. FL DERAMUS. ANGELA D . Troy. AL DESHIELDS. DENISE. Forest Home AL DICKEY. GREGORY. Sanford. FL DIGULLA. LISHA R . Satefcte. Ben FL DISMUKES. BILLY. Fairhope. AL DIXON. REKO. MobHe AL DONALDSON LINDA Enterprise AL DONNELLY. ERIC. New Orleans LA DOUCET ELLEN. Manchester. GA DOVE. BRIAN KEITH. Troy. AL DOWNEY. GLORIA ANN. Butock. NC DOYLE. SHARON. Ft Walton Beach. FL DOZIER. LAURA. Enterprise AL DREW ROBERT. Talahassee. FL DUBOSE. MARY. Troy. AL DUDLEY SHERRY. Dothan. AL DUFFY. JEREMY. Ope±ka. AL DUNCAN. SCOT. B m»igham. AL DUNLAP NANCY. Montgomery. AL DUNN TED. UxJen. AL Sophomores 355 SOPHOMORE S DUPREE. MARY, Montgomery. AL DURRANCE, JUSTIN. Wauchula. FL EARLEY. SHARON; Brooklyn. NY EDGAR, DAVID; Elba, AL ELLIS. EMORY; Troy. AL ELLIS. JEFF; Georgetown. GA ELLISON. CHRISTI; Clanton. AL ELROD. LYNN; Selma. AL ENDFINGER, THOMAS; Atlanta. GA ENGLISH. J SCOTT; Elba. AL EVANS, JOSEPH; Uzella. GA EVERETT, YOLANDA; Ozar, AL EVERS, JOHN; Andalusia. AL FAISON. LEAH; Abbeville, AL FARMER, GLENN; Prattville, AL FAULK. CATHY; Honorville. AL FERRARI, KAREN; Troy, AL FITZWATER, JOHNNY; Smiths, AL FLANDERS. WALTER; Brundidge. AL FLEMING. ALLEN; Jackson, AL FLOWERS, ALLOIS; Brundidge, AL FLOWERS. ANNETTE; Elba, AL FLOWERS, FAYE; Dothan, AL FLOWERS, MARK; Elba, AL FLOWERS, MELANIE; Union, AL FLOWERS, PATRICIA; Troy, AL FLOYD, MARIANNE; Thomasville, AL FOSTER, KENNETH; Auburn, AL FOUNTAIN, AUBREY; Crestview, FL FRANKLIN, MARIA; Birmingham, AL FRY, GREGORY; Winter Springs, FL FRYAR, VICTORIA; Montgomery, AL GADDY, JEANNEAN; Thomasville, AL GALLUCCI, SALLY; Vero Beach, FL GAMACHE, MICHAEL; Altamonte Spgs., FL GAMBLE, MARION; Montgomery, AL GAMMAGE, FRANCES; Luveme, AL GANTT, ANGELA; Daphne, AL GARLAND, JULIE; Albany, GA GARNDER, ESSIE; Montgomery, AL GARRETT, STANLEY; Talladega, AL GATLIN, RICHARD; Tupelo, MS GAUSPOHL, PAUL; Gulf Shores, AL GAVIN, TANJA; DeFuniak Spnngs. FL GAVRAS, JIMMIE G.; Andalusia, AL GEARHART, SUSAN; Troy, AL GEETER, FRANCES; Troy, AL GEWIRTZMAN, NEIL; Montgomery, AL GIBSON, CHARLES; Ft. Walton, FL GIBSON, KENNETH; Anton, AL GIBSON, PAMELA; Mobile, AL GIBSON, SUSAN; Troy, AL GILBERT, SCOTT; Cocoa Beach, FL GILLILAND, KIM; Billingsley, AL GIRDNER, KEITH; Troy, AL GODWIN, RUBY; Columbus, GA GOFF, PAM; Troy, AL GOLDEN, LARRY; Eufaula, AL GOLSON, HELEN; Montgomery, AL GOOCH, KENDALL; Florence, AL GOSS, JOSEPH; Marietta, GA GRAY, HENRY; Gainesville, FL GRAY, LESIA; Louisville, AL GRAY, TOMMY; Donalsonvile, GA GREEN, CARLENE; Troy, AL GREEN, CRYSTAL; Columbus, GA GREEN, DANIEU Troy, AL GREEN, PAMELA; Banks, AL GREEN, PATRICIA; Greenville, AL GREEN, PATTY; Banks, AL eUkfli 356 Sophomores SOPHOMORES GREENE WARY Clayton AL GREGORY CHRISTINA MoWe. AL GREGORY LAURIE. Troy. AL GRESHAM DOUG. Ashford AL GRICE ROBERT Troy. AL GRIFFIN RENEE Montgomery AL GRISWOLD DANE. Troy AL GRUBBS. RANDY. Doman. AL GUILLOT DAVID Montgomery, AL GULLEY SANDRA Tucfcege - GUNTER STARLA. Dothan AL GUYTON ROBERT Tampa FL HADDEN KASEY Cocoa Beach FL HAGGERTY. UNDA. Houlton. ME HALE MARY Cantonment Fl hal€ V€f»ON eA- Pensacoi.-. HALL AMY. Union Springs. AL HALL NORMA. Montgomery AL HALL PEGGY. Georgiana AL HALL WILLIAM. LaPme AL HALL YOLANDA. Montgomery. AL HAMM. GARRY. Clayton, AL HAMRICK REBECCA Brundidge AL HANCOCK CHERYL Elba AL HAND. JAMIE Gardendale AL HANSON ANTHONY. Enterpnse. AL HARPER. DAWN. Pensacoia FL HARRELL KENNETH. Daleville AL HARRELL. ROBERT. Rainbow City. AL HARRINGTON. JOSEPH. Troy AL HARRIS. CRAWFORD. Alma GA HARRIS. PORTIA. Columbus GA HARRIS. RALPH. Luverne. AL HARRIS RICHARD Prattville AL HARRY JEFFREY. Luveme. AL HART. CHRISTOPHER. Daleville. AL HART. MARY Daleville. AL HARTSELL MICHAEL. Montgomery. AL HATTEN. ROMAINE. Tuskegee. AL HAYDEN. COLLEEN Montgomery AL HAYNES. MICHAEL. Miliedgviiie GA HAYWOOD. JIMMIE. Birmingham AL HEABERLIN. LORRI. St Cloud. FL HEATON MARY Montgomery AL HERBERT HUGH. Altomonte Springs FL HEISLER. CHARLEEN. Laurel H . FL HELMS JUDY. Bnjrxlidge. AL HENDRIX JACQUELINE. Crestview FL HENRY JUAN. Wiesbaden GERMANY HENTON. ANTHONY. Birmngham AL HEROLD. WILLY. Columbus. GA HICK CARLUS. Monterey. CA HICKS JAMES Amencus. GA HILDRETH. CHARLES. Enterprise AL HIRTLE. DEBORAH Clanton AL HODGES. MICHAEL. Montgomery AL HODGES PHYLLIS Quncy. FL HODGES SPENCER. Troy AL HOFFMANN. REBECCA Ga«esv e FL HOHLBAUGH JULIE Troy AL HOLDER JEN NY LYNN. Columbus GA HOLLAND BRYAN. BrurOdge AL HOLLAND. WALTER. Juno. FL HOLLENBECK MICHAEL Dotnan AL HOLLINGSWORTH. THOMAS. EufaUa AL HOLDS. DIXIE. Troy. AL HOLUS ELIZABETH Unon Spnnc HOLLY KIMBERLY Coosada. AL HOLT. DAWN Goshen AL HOOPER BRUCE Stoudsburg PA ... Sopnorrxxes 357 Body building has been a challenge to both the novice and the athlete. Locally, there has been an increased inter- est in weight lifting and phys- ical fitness as evidenced by the formation of the TSU Body Building Club and the new fitness center in Troy. Contests both on and off campus offered TSU stu- dents the opportunity to be rewarded for their diligence and hard work. Randy John- son, a sophomore at Troy State, participated in several of these contests. Randy, dissatisfied with his physique, decided to start lifting weights two years ago and has proved to be ex- tremely successful in compe- tition. Among the many con- HORSTEAD, TED; Elba, AL HOWARD, BILLIE JO; Troy, AL HOWELL, CHARLES; Camden, AL HUDSON, GERRI; Dothan, AL HUDSON II, THEODORE; Madrid, Spain HUFF, BRENDA; Pensacola, FL HUGHES, JAMES; Carrollton, GA HUGHES, KAREN; Montgomery, AL HUGHEY, CALVIN; Marion, AL HUGHEY, GERALD; Marion, AL HUGHIE, JOAN; Douglasville, GA HUNT, DEBBIE; Zephyrhills, FL INGRAM, GRADY; Union Springs, AL IRONS, DANA; Bay Minette, AL IVEY, KIMBERLY; Troy, AL JACKSON, ARIA; Atlanta, GA JACKSON, HORACE; Enterprise, AL JACKSON, MARY; Troy, AL JACKSON, TINA; Alexander City, Al JACOBS, JERAL; Wetumpka, AL JAMAL, ASIF; Pakistan JEFFCOAT, JENNIFER; Troy, AL JEFFCOAT, RICHARD; Troy, AL JENKINS, DAPHNE; Clopton, AL JESSE, ROBERT; Montgomery, AL JINWRIGHT, NATALIE; Troy, AL JOHNS, RICKEY; Opp. AL JOHNS, WILLIAM; Dothan, AL JOHNSON, CHRISTOHER, Albany, GA JOHNSON, DAVID; Ozark, AL JOHNSON, GINGER; Waycross, GA JOHNSON, GWENDOLYN; Shalimar, FL JOHNSON, LORI; Mobile, AL JOHNSON, RANDALL; Troy, AL JOHNSON, RICHARD; Auburn, AL Building Body and Mind tests he competed in, he placed third in the Teenage Alabama Contest and first in the teenage division of the Teenage and Junior Body Building Meet. Later, he en- tered the Junior division to expand his experience on stage and, much to Randy ' s surprise, he placed first over- all in the contest. Randy felt his biggest re- ward through weight lifting and competition is a sense of self-satisfaction and an in- crease of self-confidence. When not in class or in com- petition, Randy spent his spare time working at the Pike Fitness Center helping others in their attempts of building body and mind HOOTEN, BRENDA; Grady, AL HORN, EDWARD; Valdosta, GA " ' «r, M 358 Sophomores SOPHOMORES JOHNSON. STEPHANIE W«CCOOChee GA JOHNSON WILUE Ozark AL JOHNSTON JENNIFER BruncMge AL JOHNSTON. LYN Opp AL JONES ALlSA Montgomery AL JONES. CAROLYN Troy AL JONES CHOONA Montgomery AL JONES. DAVID M xook AL JONES DAVID Chelsea. AL JONES. HELEN Panama Crty. FL JONES. MARK. Miamr FL JORDAN ALUSON. Montgomery AL JORDAN ARTHUR Athens. AL JOWERS. CECIL. Hghiand Home. AL JOYNER BARRY. L an. AL KARRH, JAMES. Lake Park FL KAY. VIVIENNE. Ft Myers Beach FL KEASLER VICKI Manon. AL KELLAM. ANDREA Athens. GA KELLY DAVID. Dothan AL KELLY JOHN. Troy AL KELLY. RUSSELL. Troy AL KENNEDY KAREN. Tuskegee AL KEY. BYRON. Umatilla FL KIMBRO BENJAMIN. Dozer AL KIMBRO JOE. Dozer. AL KIMMINS. JUDITH. Troy. AL KINARD. ANTONIO. Manon AL KINCEY VANESSA. Ctopton AL KING VIRGINIA Kissimmee FL KLEINSCHMIDT. NORM. Coral Spgs FL KLETCKE. CHARLES Chcago. IL KNIGHT KENNETH Elba AL KOERNER JANET. Montgomery AL KROB URSULA. Silverhi. AL KURTTS. KATHY. Montgomery. AL LANE. JOHN. Colquitt. GA LANGFORD. THOMAS Greemnde AL LAROCHE SYLVIE Pomp Beach FL LESSETER CECIL. Union Springs AL LAVOY. SANDRA. Troy. AL LAW. JEFF. Troy. AL LAWHORN. BLENDA. Ft Lauderdate FL LAWSON. LUCRETIA. Montgomery. AL LAXSON. VIC. Bambndge. GA LEE CHERYL Montgomery AL LEE LUCRETIA. Montgomery. AL LEE. SHARON. Troy. AL LEMMOND. DONNA. Montgomery. AL LEVERETTE. GLORIA. Brantey AL LEWIS. KIM. Montgomery AL LEWIS. TAMMY. MoWe. AL LEWIS. WENDY. Phenu City. AL UNNINS. SUSAN. Montgomery. AL LIPSCOMB. USA. Foey AL LITTLE. JEANETTE. Ashtord AL LOCKLIN. DINAH. Ope a AL LONDON CELESTE. Cambridge. MA LONG. DAUN. Troy AL LONG. KARI. Avon Par FL LONG. MICHAEL Phemx City. AL LOTT JERRY Troy AL LOVING. BRADLEY. Troy. AL LOWERY. DAVID. Greenv e AL LUNDY. CHARLES M«edgev e GA LUNSFORD. STANLEY. Troy. AL LYONS. VICITIAS. Forsyth. GA MACRIS EL1AS. Troy. AL MADDALONI CHRIS EcectC. AL MADDOX. AUNDREA. Tuscatoosa. AL Sophomores 359 SOPHOMORES MADISON. SUZANNE; Chancellor. AL MAINES. JOHN; Blountstown. FL MARQUARDT. CHRISTOPHER; W. Haven. FL MARSHALL. JANEEL; Winter Haven. FL MARTIN. HOWARD; Troy. AL MASON, FRANCINE; Smiths. AL MASRI. AMER; Jordan MATTHEWS. KAY; Montgomery. AL MAXWELL. SUSAN; Avon Park, FL MAY, JEFFREY; Union Spr., AL MAYS, RICHARD; Montgomery. AL MAZERES, MICHAEL. Cookeville. TN McADAMS. LOUIS; Florence, AL McBRIDE. DOROTHEA. Montgomery. AL MCCARTHY, JANINE; Jacksonville. FL McCARTIN. PATRICK; Cape Coral. FL McCATHERN, AUDY; Dothan, AL McCLAMMA, DEBRA; Sneads, FL McCLARY, DANIEL; Calera, AL McCLARY, REGINALD; Jacksonville. FL McCLELLEND. MATALIE; Troy, AL McCORMICK, JAMES; Goshen, AL McCRORY, BRENDA; Pensacola, FL McCRUDDEN, SHAWN; Lakeland, FL McDOWELL, DAVID; Semmes, AL McGEE, THOMAS; Selma, AL McGHEE, AVA; Montgomery, AL McGOWAN, JEANIE; Montgomery, AL McGRIFF, DOUG; Iron City, GA McHENRY, RICHARD; Orlando, FL MclNTYRE, FELECIA; Florida City, FL MCLAUGHLIN, MARY; Pensacola, FL McLENDON, SHIRLEY; Ozark, AL McNAB, WILLIAM; Pmckard, AL McNAIR, LEIGH; Troy, AL MELTON, THOMAS; Lakeland, FL MERCER, LIZA; Brooksville, FL MERCIER, PAULA; Dothan, AL MERRITT, NINA; Defuniak Spr., FL MESSICK, LISA; Troy, AL METCALF CHARLES; Montgomery, AL MIHOVILICH, RICHARD; S. Augustine, FL MILES, GARCIA; Montgomery, AL MILLER, JANET; Donalsonville, GA MILLER, WILLIAM; Quitman, GA MILNE, TODD; Berkeley, NJ MIMS, SHARI; St. Pete, FL MIMS, WILLIAM; Phenix City, AL MITCHELL, MARGIE; Montgomery, AL MONERIEF, MALLORI; Montgomery, AL MONEY, BOBBY; Troy, AL MOORE, ANGELA; Laurel Hill, FL MOORE, ISSAC; Demopolis, AL MOORE, JAMES; Dunedin, FL MOORE, JANICE; Sparks, GA MOORE, JOHN ; Banks, AL MOORE, JOHNNY; Montgomery, AL MOORE, JUANITA; Dozier, AL MORENO, BEVERLY; Robertsdale, AL MORGAN, CHRISTOPHER; Demopolis, AL MORSE, BRENDA; Florence, AL MOSS, JENNIFER; Minter, AL MOTES, MARK; Troy, AL MULCAHY, MICHAEL; Montgomery, AL MULLINS, LESLIE; Zephyrhills, FL MULLIS, PAUL; Killen, AL MURPHY, BETHEL; Montgomery, AL MUSCHARA, MARY; Montgomery, AL NALL, WALTER; Tuskegee, AL NETTLES, DAVID; Birmingham, AL ftiNftfi ? a 360 Sophomores SOPHOMORES fo fr jj-u m. ht TT ' . " h cr- - H 1 NEWMAN LAURA. Ozark. AL NEWTON PATRICK. Stocomb AL NEWTON. NEIL. Greenv e. AL NICHOLS. CAROLE. Uncn Spr AL NICHOLSON DONNA Banks AL NICOLUCCI DEBBIE. Camden. AL NOUN JULIE. Montgomery. AL NONNEMANN CHRIS. Troy. AL NORMAN JUNE Montgomery AL NORTH CRAIG Brentwood TN NUNN. SHARYN. Troy AL ODELL DEBRA Midland City. AL ODELL. PATRICK. Mrfand City AL ODOWD. JAMES Clearwater FL OLIVER JOHN. Ozark AL ONEAL. CYNTHIA. Pike Rd AL OWEN. SUSAN. Troy. AL OWENS. WILLIAM, Troy AL PALMER. BARBARA Montgomery AL PALOMARIA SAM. Montgomery. AL PANTON. CATHERINE. W Palm Bch , FL PAPPAS CYNTHIA. Montgomery AL PARHAM. MICHAEL. Jackson. AL PARKER. RANDALL. Whistler AL PARKER. SHEILA. Phernx City. AL PARTRIDGE KEVIN. Pensacola FL PAYNTER. LINDA. W Hartlord. CT PEACH. CHARLES Bonrfay FL PEACOCK. CYNTHIA Enterpnse AL PEDERSON. TANYA. Altoona FL PEEL. JEFF. Malvern, AL PEPPER. KALA. Lanett. AL PERKINS. SUSAN. Dothan. AL PETERMAN. MARY. Abbeville AL PETTY. BRENDA, Montgomery AL PETTY. SANDRA. Highland Home. AL PHILLIPS. JAMES. Minot AFB. ND PHILLIPS. ROBERT. Montgomery AL PHILLIPS. STEVEN. Unden. AL PIERCE. CRYSTAL. Millbrook. AL PIERCE, JUANITA, Montgomery. AL PIGUE. JAMES. Montgomery. AL PINCKARD. RONALD. Prattv e. AL PITTMAN. ANGELA. Branttey. AL PITTMAN. LEE. Goshen. AL PLAYER. DARRYL. Tuskegee. AL PORTIS. LISTER. Mobile AL POTTINGER. SUSAN. AlUmonte Spr FL POTTS. RUBY. Troy. AL POWELL. ARTHUR. Tuskegee. AL POWELL. DENISE. Trarford. AL PRATER. EVAN Eufauta. AL PREGNO. RENAE. Montgomery. AL PRICE. DARLENE. Montgomery. AL PRICE. TAMMY. Montgomery. AL PROPST. JEFF. Smiths. AL QUARLES. SUSAN. Troy. AL QUEEN RICHARD Atlanta. GA RAILEY CHARLES. Troy. AL RAINER. KIM. Taiassee AL RAINER. SANDRA. Pensacola FL RATTE. LISA. Montgomery. AL RAWUNSON. MARTHA. Montgomery. AL RAWLES. LEELLEN Montgomery. AL RAY. KEVIN Ope ka AL RAY. MARY. Wrter Haven, FL RAYFIELD ABBY Evergreen AL REECE FRANK Enterprise AL REED ANITA. Miry AL REED JOHN. Pensacola. fl Sophomores 361 REEVES. JOE. Adel. GA RENFROE. PAM. Montgomery. AL RHOADES. JUDITH; Sebrmg. FL RHODES. SHARON; Troy. AL RICHBURG. NERISSA, Luverne. AL RIGGS. JAN MARIE. Troy. AL RIPLEY. GAIL. Zephyrhills. FL ROBBINS. CARMELA; Midway. AL ROBERSON. WILLIAM; Forkland, AL ROBERTSON, LORI; Gadsden. AL ROBINSON, DONALD. Mobile. AL ROBINSON, KATHLEEN. Seminole. FL ROBINSON, TOMMIE; Phemx City, AL RODGERS. CHERRY; Tuskegee. AL ROGERS. CHARLOTTE; Andalusia. AL RODRIGUEZ, PATRICIA; St. Cloud, FL ROMAN, ANN; Montgomery, AL ROSENDE, GWYN. Buena Vista, GA ROTTON, SCOTTIE. Union Springs, AL RUMPH, JOSEPHINE. Clayton, AL RUSSELL, CHRIS; Mobile, AL RUSSELL. DOROTHY; Union Spr . AL RYAN. EDWARD; Atlanta, GA RYAN, JAMES; Marion, AL RYAN, JODY; Homosassa. FL RYAN, KIM; Orange Bch., AL SAEED. MOHAMMAD; Pakistan SAHINER, CELANLETTIN; Turkey SANDERS, STEVE, Goshen, AL SANDERSON. RICHARD; Selma. AL SAOUR. PAUL; Jacksonville, FL SAVAGE, GINA; Phenix City, AL SCALES. CYNTHIA; Selma, AL SCARBOROUGH. LEAH; Eufaula. AL SCHAUBLE. CHRIS; Ozark. AL SCHIPMAN, STEPHEN; Pensacola, FL SCHWERER. VINCE; Ft. Pierce, FL SCOTT, JOSEPH; Chipley, FL SCOTT, SANDRA; Panama City, FL SCOTT. TAMMIE; Eufaula, AL SCOTT, TOMMIE; Troy, AL SEAGLE, WAYNE; Louisville, AL SEALS. JENNIFER; Temple Terrace, FL SEARCY, KENNY; Troy, AL SELF, TINA; Alexander City, AL SENN, DAWN, Brundidge, AL SENN, PATRICIA; Brundidge, AL SENN, TONYA; Troy, AL SERDYNSKI, TRACY; Avon Park, FL SEYMOUR, SANDRA; Phenix City, AL SHAW, JOHN; Valley, AL SHERRILL, MICHAEL; Pensacola, FL SHOWALTER, SCOTT; Tavares, FL SHRIVER, LISA; Grand Bay, AL SINGER, ROBERT; Montgomery, AL SINGLETARY, STEPHEN; Birmingham, AL SIRMON, LAURA; Dothan, AL SKINNER, VERLINDA; Elba, AL SLACK, MELISA; Cape Coral, FL SLAUGHTER, ADRIENNE; Washington, DC SMELTZER, KURT; Middleburg, FL SMITH, ALBERT; Cordele, GA SMITH, BRIAN; Valley, AL SMITH, CARSON; Troy, AL SMITH, CASSAUNDRA; Mobile, AL SMITH, JULIE; Apalachicola, FL SMITH, KAREN; Port St. Joe, FL SMITH, LAQUAN; Thomasville, GA SMITH, LISA; Amencus, GA SMITH, MARCUS; Eufaula, AL 362 Sophomores SOPHOMORES SMITH MICHAEL Atlanta GA SMITH ROBERT Ft Walton Bcf SMITH tammy Pensacoia FL SMITH TERESA. Dothan. AL Smith Walter She»t y al SMOLENSKl CRAIG Clearwater FL SNIDER BRlTTON Troy AL SNOEKSTRA SUELLEN Krssrvnee FL SNYDER BRIAN Goshen AL . JONATHAN Troy AL SPARKS ANDREW. EulaiMa AL SPEAR KEN. Piedmont AL SPEARS FIROZA Opp. AL SPEARS. GREGORY Geneva AL SPITZER KATHERINE Montgomery AL SPIVEY GLENDA Brundrtge AL SPIVEY KATHRYN. Troy AL SPIVEY REGGIE Ctopton. AL SQUAIRE BRENDA, Jacksonv e FL SQUIRES CYNTHIA Karmah. ID STALLINGS. LINDA Tampa. FL STALNAKER MELISSA. Montgomery. AL STARLING ALTON. Carrabeie FL STARLING. CYNTHIA. Abbev e AL STARLING TERRY. Dothan AL STEELE. HENRY Jacksonville FL STEELE MILDRED. Montgomery AL STEGMAN. JUDY Montgomery AL STEPHENS. CAROLYN Bay Mmette IL STEPHENS KEITH Andalusia IL STEVENS CHRISTOPHER. Anton. AL STEWART JAMES. Troy. AL STEWART TERRI. Troy AL STILL DAVID. Asnford AL STILL. DORIS. Ramer AL STOUGH JAY. Geneva AL STOUGH NANCY Montgomery. AL STRINGER DARLEEN Troy AL STRINGER JAMES. Troy. AL STROTHER MARIA. Bamdidge AL STUDSTILL. SUZANNE. Andalusia AL SUGGS REGINALD. LaGrange. GA SULLIVAN. WILLIAM. Hope Hu«. AL SUTFIN. PATRICIA. Zephyrhils. FL SWANSON. RUTH Pnenu City AL SWEARINGER LISA Pike Road. AL SYKES TERESA. Mathews AL TASHJIAN ROXANNE Weston. MA TAYLOR. BELINDA. Opp. AL TAYLOR. JAMES. Marietta GA TAYLOR. KRISTIN. Marietta GA TAYLOR. MARK. Marietta GA TEPPER SOL Manon June " TERRILLI. CHRIS. Sne»v e GA THOMAS. RHONDA. Montgome ' . THOMAS. ROSCOE JR . Ope THOMAS. SUSAN Tallahassee FL THOMAS VERONICA Bessemer AL THOMPSON. DONNELLE. Piedmont AL THOMPSON. DOUGLAS. Sneads FL THOMPSON. DWAYNE. Columbus GA THOMPSON TAMMY. Orange Park. FL THORNAL. KEITH Maxwe AFB AL THROWER. WANDA. Samson AL THURMON SUZANNA Tampa. FL TILL JOHNNY Gn?env e AL TISDALE TERESA Brantley AL TOLBERT CHARLOTTE Spnngv e. AL TRAWICK NEAL MttV AL TRUSSELL CHARLIE. Unon Spnngs AL res 363 SOPHOMORES TUNAGUR, OSMAN; Turkey TURBEVILLE. ANTHONY; Lakeland. FL TURNER, DELLIA; Montgomery, AL TURNER. FRANCIS; Pittsview, AL TURNER. TERESA; Ozark, AL TURNIPSEED, CHARLES. Grady, AL TUTCHTONE, DEBRA; Greenville, AL TWISS, GAYLE; Montgomery, AL TYREE, LINDA; Andalusia. AL ULLBERG, HENDRICK; Troy, AL UNDERWOOD. TRUDY; Foley, AL VAUGHAN, MICHAEL; Samson, AL VAUGHN. ROBERT; Griffin. GA VAUGHT, TIMOTHY; Troy, AL VIGNOLA, JEANE; Elba, AL WADOWICK, MARY; Troy, AL WALKER, CHRISTI; Headland, AL WALKER, MICHELLE; Robertsdale. AL WAMI, CHINDAH; Nigena WATKINS, JAMIE; Birmingham, AL WATKINS, TOMAS; Rome, GA WATSON, ANGELA; Phenix City, AL WATSON, MELANIE; McKenzie, AL WATTS, TIMOTHY; Enterprise, AL WEATHERSBY, GREGORY; Bambridge, GA WEBER, KARL; Mobile, AL WEEKLEY, BRIAN; Laurel Hill, FL WEEMS, LEONTYNE; Mobile, AL WELK, BLAIR; Union Spr., AL WESPISER, DANIEL; Oxford, OH WHITE, CLARENCE; Mobile, AL WHITE, NATHAN; Lemmon, SD WHITE, PAULA; Atmore, AL WHITE, ROSEMARY; Dozier, AL WHITE. VALORIE; Montgomery, AL WILKINSON, ARLEEN; Montgomery, AL WILKINSON, SANDRA; Montgomery, AL WILLIAMS, BART; Birmingham, AL WILLIAMS, DEBRA; Troy, AL WILLIAMS. KARLA; Enterprise, AL WILLIAMS, ROBERT; Union Spr, AL WILLIAMS, SHERI; Birmingham, AL WILLIAMS, TIMOTHY; Ozona, FL WILLIAMS, VERA; Troy, AL WILLIAMSON, ELMA; Troy, AL WILLIAMSON, KIMBERLY; Honoraville, AL WILLOUGHBY, DONNA; Ariton, AL WILSON, BECKY; Glenwood, AL WILSON, CARY; Pensacola, FL WILSON, TIMOTHY; Zephyrhills, FL WILSON, WENDY; Brundidge, AL WISE, MACK; Luverne, AL WOMBLE, PATRICIA; Whigham, GA WOOD, JAMES; Georgiana, AL WOODARD, WANDA; Troy, AL WOODS, BYRON; Birmingham, AL WOODY, GLADYS, Springville, AL WORSHAM, CYNTHIA; Inverness, FL WORTHINGTON, JAMES; Luverne, AL WORTHINGTON, MORRIS; Geneva, AL WRIGHT, DENNY; Ashford, AL WYATT, JAMES; Zephyrhills, FL WYNN, JONATHON; Ozark, AL YATES, ANGELA; Union Spr., AL YOUNG, DEREK; Milledgeville, GA YOUNG, RODERICK; Theodore, AL YOUNGBLOOD, TERRY; Baker, AL YOUNGBLOOD, WYATT; Troy, AL ZEBERT, NELLIE; Montgomery, AL ZORN, SUZANNE; Florala, AL 364 Sophomores JUNIORS Skateboarding: An Old Past Time Skateboarding, a favorite pastime just two years ago, has now become one of the many trendish fads to fade away. However, in its prime, skateboarding was a marvel sport which demanded much skill and many hours of prac- tice. Its masters have now drifted on to other interests, but the knowledge that they were once a state or national champion leaves them with pride and with a fondness for the sport which will never die. Clark Harrell, a sophomore at Troy State, was once a practiced, famous skate- board celebrity. He not only rode the board for fun, but also for competition. In 1980. Clark was the Alabama skateboard champion. In ad- dition, he managed Flying Wheels Skatepark in Gads- den. Alabama when he was only sixteen years old. When asked if he had lost interest in skateboarding, Clark was quick to reply. " No! I wouldn t say I ve lost interest. There is just no where to ride in Troy. " Clark did admit that he has set his ambitions higher, for now he has visions of flying jets, something he feels the ROTC will enable him to achieve. ABDALLA. ISAM. Kuwait ABGASSI PAULINA Nigeria ADAIR. RILEY. Troy. AL ADAMEC MICHAEL Troy. AL ADAMS CATHY Montgomery. AL ADAMS. PAM, Manetta. GA AKIN. CAROL, Montgomery. AL ALBERTO. EDWIN. Mobile. AL ALEXANDER. MICHAEL Dothan AL ALS0BR00K. ALICE Cusseta AL ANDERS HAZEL. Montgomery. AL ANDRESS. KERRY. Troy AL ANDREWS. BETSIE. Foley. AL ANDREWS. ELIZABETH. Grove Hi. AL ANDREWS. LANESE Mobile. AL ANDREWS JACK. Altoona FL ANDREWS. JACKIE. Ozark. AL ANGELYN. HOLLEY. Enterprise AL ANSLEY, JILL. Montgomery. AL ANTHONY. DEXTER Brewton AL ARBOGAST KAREN. Elba. LA ARCENEAUZ. JOSEPH. New Orleans. LA ARMSTRONG. WARD AfXJaKi a AL ARNOLD. DONNIE. Thomasvie. AL ARRINGTON. BRENDA. Umon Spr . AL ASHFORD. ANDREA Glennv e GA AVERY. DAVID. Ft Meade FL BAILEY JILL. Mt Washington VA BAILEY ROBERT Mont;;-- . -. BALDWIN. LINDA. Grove Hi. AL BALLARD. JEROME Ramer AL BANKS DAVE Leesburg GA BARE LEILA. Ft Payne AL BARNES ELIZABETH. Montgomery. AL BARNETT KIM. Troy. AL BARNETTE CHARLES Troy. AL BARRERO MAUEL Arkngton VA BARROW ERA Pnem Cm . AL BATCHELOR. DONALD T 0) BAYMILLER MICHAEL RogetaKJ. CT BEAMSDERFER SEUN Hernando. FL BEASLEY TIM Dotha " . Juniors 365 JUNIORS BEATY. ROBERT; Clayton, AL BECK. JAMES. DeFuniak Spgs . FL BEDELL. RACHEL. Blakely. GA BEDSOLE. SAVANAH; Elba. AL BELL, KAREN; Montgomery. AL BENNETT, DEBRA; Alma, GA BENTON. KEITH; Dothan, AL BERRY. VANESSA; Stone Mtn.. GA BEVERLY. GERALD; Troy. AL BILBREY, TERRY. Thomasville. AL BLACKBURN. SUSAN. Georgiana. AL BLAIR. STACY; Andalusia. AL BOGAN, ALVEDA; Luverne. AL BOGGUN. MAURICE. Georgiana, AL BOLES. TEDDY; Florala, AL BONNER. BENJAMIN; Oak Hill. AL BOWEN, LINDA. Montgomery. AL BOWER. LISA; Rock Island. IL BOYER. BETHANY, Eufaula, AL BRADEN, MARY; Montgomery. AL BRADFORD, INEZ, Montgomery, AL BRADLEY, ELIZABETH; Andalusia. AL BRANNON, NANCY; Eufaula, AL BRANNON. PHILLIP; Clanton, AL BRAUER, MICHAEL; Ozark, AL BRAY, DAVID; Port St. Joe, FL BREIDENSTEIN, CARLA. New Brocton, AL BRINSON. JEFF; Albany, GA BROCK, JEFFREY; Evergreen, AL BRONSON. WALTER; Union Springs, AL BROOKS. BRENDA; Frisco City, AL BROOKS, RACHEL, Enterprise; AL BROWN, BOBBY JOE; Millbrook. AL BROWN, GREGORY; Enterprise, AL BROWN, JAMES; Marbury, AL BROWN, JAMES; Atmore, AL BROWN, JAYNE; Montgomery, AL BROWN, MICHAEL; Birmingham, AL BROWN, NANCY; Ozark, AL BROWN, NATHANIEL; Enterprise, AL BROWN, STEVEN; Montgomery, AL BROWN, TINA; Daleville, AL BROWN, WILLIAM; Ozark, AL BRUNS, MICHAEL; Troy, AL BRUNSON, RICHARD; Daleville, AL BRYANT, DEBRA; Luverne, AL BRYANT, LISA; Tyler, AL BRYANT, WILLIAM; Eufaula, AL BULLOCK, DANIELLA; Ft. Walton Bch., FL BULLOCK, GARY; Niceville, FL BRUNDRICK, SHEILA; Troy, AL BURKETT, CHERYL; Ozark, AL BURNEY, ABBIE; Brundidge, AL BURNS, MICHAEL; Gulf Shores, AL BUTTS, BARY; Opp, AL BYRD, LAURA; Ft. Walton Bch., FL CADE, LUCAS; Austell, GA CAIN, THOMAS; Troy, AL CAMBREY, CAROLYN; Ridgefield, CT CAMERON, BILLIE; Newville, AL CAMPBELL, JANA; Honoraville, AL CANADAY, LEE; Troy, AL CANTRELL, LOIS, Montgomery, AL CANTRELL, MICHAEL; Mobile, AL CAPONIS, CATHERINE; Mobile, AL CARMICHAEL, JUDITH; Mobile, AL CARODINE, CRAIG; Huntsville, AL CARROLL, TAMMY; Hartford, AL CARROLL, WILLIAM; Troy, AL CARTER, ARTHUR; Columbia, AL 366 Juniors JUNIORS CARTER MARGARET Montgomery AL CASEY CONNIE Haynesv e AL TIMOTHY E . Newnan GA CASTLEBERRY RICK Troy AL CAUDELL LISA Montgomery AL CAUSEY FAYE. Montgomery. AL CETTl ELIZABETH USA. Troy. AL CHAMBERLIN JON. Montgomery AL CHAMBERS JOHN T Samson. AL CHANCE. STEPHEN. Troy. AL CHANDLER TAMMY. Enterprise AL CHINAKWE CHARLES C Ngena CHINBERG UNDA. Huntsvu- CHRISTENSEN CARY. Foley AL CLARK. WILLIAM. Jack. AL CLAYTON. ANITA Brewton AL COCKRELL LAURA. Ozark AL COLEMAN YOLANDA Troy AL COLLINS. SHANNON Dothan. AL COLLINS. WILLIE Troy AL COMBEE BRIAN. Lakeland. FL CONNELL BILL Montgomery AL CONNER ELLEN. Troy AL COOPER JAQUELYN. Dothan AL COOPER MELINDA. Columbus GA COOPER TONNIE. Dothan AL COPE CHARLOTTE Goshen. AL COPELAND PETER. Troy. AL CORBET T JYON Orange Beach AL CORD. HENDRIK. ZoHo Springs FL COTTINGHAM WALKER. Leesburg. FL COULLIAS. MICHAEL. Alachua FL COUNTS. TERESA. Enterpnse AL COUSINS SANDRA Montgomery AL COVEN. JOHN EDWARD. Tavares FL COWAN. GEORGE. Bessemer AL COWART CARY Enterpnse AL COX BOBBY Ashlord. AL CRADDOCK. LINDA. APoeviHe AL CRAIG. PAUL. Fort Deposit. AL CRANE. DOUG. Moss Point. MS CRENSHAW. ANDERSON. G eenv e AL CRENSHAW. RUTH. Montgomery AL CRITTENDEN PERRY Fatrnope. AL CRUMPTON DEBORAH Selma AL CUELLAR ANGELICA. Foley AL CULP DIANNA Ozark AL CULPEPPER TONYA. Troy. AL CUNNINGHAM. VALERIE. Birmngham. AL CURRY MARY C . Dothan. AL D ARVILLE JOHN. Altamonte Spr FL DAILEY. JAMES Troy AL DAI LEY. JOHN. Troy. AL DANIEL. RICKY. Birmingham. AL DAUGHERTY DIANNA. MotHe. AL DAUGHTRY. WILLIAM. Troy AL DAVIS. CHET Mob AL DAVIS. FAY Moo . AL DAVIS KAREN Tuskegee AL DAVIS. PAM. Montgomery. AL DAVIS. TERi. Deatsv e AL DAVIS TERRI Atmore AL DAWSON KIMBERLY. MoWe AL DAY MARTHA J. Troy. AL DEAL KEVIN EARLE Montgomery AL DEAN SHIRLEY Montgomery. AL DEES MELODY. Montgomery. AL DELOACH RUTH Montgcvv. AL DENISON. JOSEPH. Troy. AL DENNIS KARLTON. Montgomery. AL Juniors 367 JUNIORS DERKS, JOSLYN; Mobile. AL DESTITO, JOE, Troy. AL DEVOY, DOUGLAS; Amherst, VA DIBARI. STEVEN; Sarasota, FL DILLARD, WILLIE; Demopolis. AL DOBBS, REBECCA; Troy. AL DORMAN, JAY; Highland Home, AL DOTY, CHRISTOPHER; Birmingham, AL DOWDLE, DEBORAH; Casselberry, FL DUMAS, THOMAS; Clio, AL DUNCAN, BOBBY; Clermont, FL DUNN, ELIZABETH; Valparaiso, FL DUNN, KATHY; Troy, AL DUNN, TONY; Troy. AL DUNNING. PRISCILLA; Tampa, FL DURR. RALPH; Abbeville, AL DYKES, BELINDA; Troy, AL EDEKER, VANCE; Evergreen, AL EFURD, SANDRA; Ashford, AL ELENZ, MICHAEL; Pensacola, FL ELLENBERG, KEVIN; Elba, AL ELLISON, SHERRY; Alexander, AL ELLISOR, MARY; Dothan, AL ELMORE. MICHAEL; Opp. AL EMMONS, JOE; Brewton, AL ENFINGER, DAVID; Dothan, AL ENGLISH, TIP; Elba, AL ESLINGER, JENEANE; Sarasota. FL ETTERLEE, FARRIS; Orlando, FL EVANS, JOSEPH; Brewton, AL EVERS, ROBERT; Andalusia, AL EWING, KEVEN; Nokomis, FL FAIL, PHAEDRA; Mobile, AL FAIRCLOTH, MOLLY; Troy, AL FAIRLY, JULIA; Ft. Walton Beach, FL FARABEE, SHERRIE; Hartford, AL FARRAR, ALLYSON; Troy, AL FARRAR, LISA; St. Petersburg, FL FARRAE, TOM; Troy, AL FELTS, EDWARD; Millers Ferry, AL FENDLEY, FAMES; Catherine, AL FEUERBACH, DAVID; Calparaiso, FL FIELDS, TERESA; Niceville, FL FINDLEY, ANDREW; Evergreen, AL FITZGERALD, ROVIN; N. Palm Beach, FL FLOWERS, HACQUELI N; Troy, AL FLOWERS, KIM; Enterprise, AL FLOWERS, RHONDA; Troy, AL FLOWERS, SHELDREL; Troy, AL FOOTE, JACQUELINE; Cropwell, AL FORD, CHARLTON; Enterprise, AL FORNNER, TIMOTHY; Pensacola, FL FOSTER, AMY; Centreville, AL FOSTER, BETH; Altamonte Spg., FL FOSTER, THOMAS; Montgomery, AL FOUNTAIN, GRAHAM; Crestview, FL FOUST, CHRISTINA; Decatur, AL FOWLER, KAREN; Troy, AL FRANDSEN, JANA; Daleville, AL FREDERICHSON, ERIN; Phenix City, AL FULLER. ALANDRA; Selma, AL FULLER, DONALD; Butler, AL FULLER, ELIZABETH; Troy, AL GALLOWAY, MIRANDA; Geneva, AL GAMBLE, THOMAS; Troy, AL GARDNER, JEFFREY; Chattahoochee, FL GARRISON, SUSAN; Longwood, FL GAUSPOHL, WILLIAN; Gulf Shores, AL GEIER, MITCH; Tarpon Springs, FL GEOGHAGAN, CYNTHIA; Defuniak S.. FL 368 Juniors JUNIORS w EXERCISE CAN I5II PUN!?I Contrary to Garfield s pop- was free to everyone One ular comment, " 1 might as evening it attracted as many well exercise. I ' m in a bad as thirty-eight participants mood anyway! ' many Troy Tammie concentrated on students discovered that ex- problem areas such as the ercise can be fun. Not only waist, hips, and thighs, while does it help in achieving and at the same time took care to maintaining physical fitness, lead a thorough work out but also in releasing frustra- Exercising to the popular tion and easing mental fa- tunes of pop artists Michael tjg U e. Jackson and Irene Cara, she Tammie Moore, a senior held daily classes on Mon- nursing major, led an ex- days through Thursdays tremely successful aerobics As one of Tammies faithful program during winter and exercisers described. The spring quarters of 1984. class was so challenging, Sponsored by the Associ- when I left I felt as though I ation of Nursing Students, had accomplished some- this one hour exercise class thing monumental. ' ' + T f»£ft£ GEOHAGAN KELLEY. Montgomery. AL GIBSON. CHRISTOPHER Ft Deposit AL GIBSON. ELAINE. Troy. AL GILMORE DAVID. Enterprise AL GIRDNER MARY. Montgomery AL GOLDEN. BARRY. Marietta. GA G00DS0N. JAMES. Chancellor AL GOTHARD. BRIAN, Dayton AL GOWAN. ELIZABETH. Thompson GA GRAVES. PAUL. Troy. AL GRAY. RONALD. Kmston AL GREEN DARRYL Montgomery AL GREENE. AMY. Thomaston GA GREER. JAMES Luverne. AL GRESHAM JEFFREY Florence AL GRIDER. OLIVIA. Montgomery. AL GRIFFIN. HAROLD Fayettev . GA GRIFFIN MARION Troy. AL GRIMES. DAVID. Loxley. AL GRISSETT. LEANNE. Troy. AL GRISWOLD. VICTOR Fitzpatnck AL GROGAN. TINA. Pike Road AL HALFAKER LEAH. Miami. FL HALFORD HILARY. Arlington GA HALL BYRON Marietta GA HALL. JOHN. Evergreen. AL HAMILTON. BOBBY. Mode AL HAMILTON. KENNETH Chattahoochee FL HAMRYKA BONNIE Lawrencev . GA HANCOCK. DEBORAH, u Placid. FL HANSON ROBIN Fartxjpe AL HARDY. D EENA. OzarV AL HARMON. NYMPHA Montgome ■ HAROLD CHRISTINA Evergreen. AL HARPER. USA Santord. FL HARRIS. BARBARA Trc, HARRIS. MARILYNNE. Montgomery AL HARRIS. MARY. Montgomery. AL HARRIS ROSALINE Monroev • HARRIS. RUTHIE. Lanef- HARRISON DANIEL Grnenvn HARRISOK ldy. AL Juniors 369 JUNIORS HARRISON. SUSAN; Banks. AL HARTMAN. STEVEN. Altamonte Spgs.. Fl HARVEY. DEADRA; Stockton, AL HATAWAY. JANET; Enterpnse. AL HATCH, JAN; Montgomery, AL HATTEN. SUEZETTA. Enterprise, AL HAY, LESLIE; Wadley, AL HAYES. SONJA; Greenville, AL HAYS, JOHN; Mobile, AL HENDERSON. DURWARD; Banks, AL HENDERSON, MICHELE; Millbrook, AL HENDRICKSON. JAMES; Plantation, FL HENN, NANCY; Troy, AL HENNIGAN, DARE; Troy, AL HERRING, RICKY; Anton, AL HIGH, SHARON; Bessemer, AL HIGHTOWER, GERALD; Columbus, GA HILL, MARY; Montgomery, AL HILLS, ANDRE; Columbia, SC HILLSMAN, TONEY; Tifton, GA HINGER, DIANA; Spanish Ft., AL HOBBS, LAWRENCE; Mobile, AL HOFFERBER, RODNEY; Dothan, AL HOLLADAY, WENDELL; Montgomery, AL HOLLINS, SHERRELL; Montgomery, AL HOLLIS, SANDRA; Headland, AL HOLMES, JEFFERY; Goshen, AL HOLMES, WILLIE; Brewton, AL HOLST, JUDY; Montgomery, AL HOOTEN, ROBERT; Palaika, FL HOPPER, EARL; Mobile, AL HORN, CATHERINE; Pinson, AL HORN, DARRYL; Valdosta, GA HOSEA, NORA; Panama City, FL HOUSTON, DANIEL; Slocomb, AL HOWARD, WILLIAM; Jacksonville, FL HUBER, JACQUELINE; Defuniak Spgs., FL HUDLEY, PATRICIA; Brundidge, AL HUDSON, DONNA; Elba, AL HUGHES, KENNETH; Troy, AL HUGHES, PAMELA; Goshen, AL HUGHES, SUZANNE; Cottonwood, AL HUNTER, TIMOTHY; Troy, AL HURST, WILLIAM; Montgomery, AL HUSKEY, RICHARD; Troy, AL HUSSEY, BARBARA; Troy, AL HUSSEY, RHONDA; Elba, AL IRELAND, JOHN; Troy, AL JACKSON, CONSTANCE; Mobile, AL JACKSON, BARY; Gulfport, MS JACKSON, JOSEPHINE; Enterprise, AL JACKSON, STEPHANIE; Mobile, AL JACOBS, DAWANA; Port St. Joe, FL JARRETT, CRISTINA; Montgomery, AL JERIDO, SIBYL; Tuskegee, AL JIMERSON, DEBORAH; Ashford, AL JOHNSON, BRENDA; Troy, AL JOHNSON, TONY; Newton, AL JOHNSTON, JEFFREY; Ariton, AL JONES, CLARICE; Mobile, AL JONES, GLENDA; Troy, AL JONES, KARON; Troy, mL JONES, SANDRA; Montgomery, L JONES, TYRONE; Troy, AL JONES, ULRICA; Ft. Valley, GA JORDAN, KAREN; Troy, AL JUDAH, THOMAS; Elba, AL JUDY, DANIEL; Clopton, AL KANTOR, LISA; Troy, AL 370 Juniors JUNIORS ,ft@|E| KAO PETER CHUN Hong Kong KELLER ROGER 0 anv AL KELLEY DEBORAH Luveme. AL KELLEY STARLA. Ozart. AL KELLEY VALERIE FtoraJa AL KELLY ANN Dayiona Beach FL KENDRICK. PAULA Montgomery. AL KERVIN JEFFREY. Troy. AL KIMBROUGH. JR . JAMES. Troy. AL KIMBROW. SHARON. Hardaway. AL KING ARTHUR. Troy. AL KING. ELIZABETH. Troy. AL KINSAUL BRETT. AndaJui»a AL KIRKLAND. HOWARD Grady AL KISSANE. JANE Montgomery AL KITCHENS. DOUG Troy AL KIZER RANDALL. Daphne AL KNIGHT DENA PrattviHe AL KNOTTS. MICHAEL. Troy. AL KOENIG KAREN PrattviHe AL KOSKI RUSSFLL. Port Charlotte FL KOWALSKI. KAY. Indialantc. FL KROLL. TINA MARIE Columbus GA KYZAR. RAYMOND. Goshen AL LACEY. JOY. Biakety GA LACHANCE AVA, Ft Rucker AL LAFOLLETTE. KIMBERLY Stocomb. AL LANCASTER KIMBERLY. MoWe. AL LANGSTON. LARRAINE. Longwood. FL LEANO HARRELL. Birmingham. AL LECROY. MICHAEL. Troy. AL LEDBETTER. STEPHANIE. Troy. AL LEE ARNATTA. Montgomery. AL LEE SHELIA. Marion. AL LEESER. CYNTHIA Canaveral FL LIGHTFOOT. CRAIG. Jacksonville. FL LITTLE. JEFF. Troy AL LITTLE. ROLAND; Troy. AL LLOYD. SHIRLEY. Salem. AL LOCICERO JOSEPH Winter Haven. FL LOCKE. MARTHA. Clanton. AL LOLLEY. JAMES. Samson. AL LOTT. CAROLYN. Bessemer AL LOVE. TAMMY. Dothan. AL LOVER STEVE Chancellor. AL LOWERY JAMES. Marbury. AL LOWRY. JEFFREY. Dothan. AL LUMPKIN. DOROTHY. Montgomery. AL LYLES. CAROLYN. Bay Mmette. AL LYNN. BONITA. Abbeville. AL LYNN. MICHAEL. Tyrone GA MACCHIA. GENARO Montgome . MACE LEIGH. Duncanvile. TX MADDOX. JOYIA. Andalusia. AL MADISON. MARVIN. Bessemer AL MAJOR. SHARON. Detnot. Ml MANOUS. JUDY LYNN. Canton. GA MARCELONIS. LISA. Troy FL MARLER HAZEL. Opp. AL MARSHALL DENNIS. Orlando. FL MARTIN. ANDREW Enterprise AL MARTIN. ANDREW. Valparaiso. FL MARTIN. MARIANNE. Troy AL MARTIN. STEVE. Enterprise. AL MARTIN. TAMMIE. Montgomery AL MATT. SANDRA. Phennt Or. MAULDIN RANDALL F • ■ ' • MAY DEBORAH Selma. AL MAYE RHOLMA. Tuskegee AL MAYHAN JAMES Montgorrv Junic JUNIORS MAYO. MIKE; Gadsden, AL MAYS, REGAN; Montgomery, AL McBEE, LINDA; Montgomery. AL McCALL, MARY; Cross City, AL McCALL. TAMMY; Union Spr., AL McCALLISTER. MARGARET; Midland City, McCARN, KELLY; Brewton, AL McCATHERN. ARVIN; Dothan, AL McCLELLEND. CHARLES; Troy. AL McDANIEL, JENNIFER; Montgomery, AL Mcdonald, scott; Vitamer Robbins, ga McGRAW, SANDRA; Hybart, AL McGURK, JEANETTE; Miami, FL Mcintosh, patricia; Ozark, al McKEOWN, JOHN; Tallahassee. FL McKIRE, CAROLUS; Clewiston, FL McWHITE, MELINDA; Belleview, FL MEEKS, CHRISTINE; Lynn Haven, FL MENGE, JOHN; Andalusia, AL MEREDITH, WANDA; Troy, AL MERKLINGER, SUSAN; Harvest, AL MESSICK, RICKY; Opp, AL MEZICK, DEBRA; Valley, AL MIDDLETON, CHARLIE; Chancellor, AL MILLS, MICHAEL; Phenix City, AL MINCY, EVELYN; Elba, AL MITCHELL, LINDA; Millry, AL MITCHELL, LIONEL; Valdosta, GA MOBLEY, SANDRA; Jack, AL MOBLEY, TERRY; Brundidge, AL MOLLER, CHARLES; Stone Mt., GA MONAHAN, BRIAN; Ozark, AL MONFEE, BRENDA; Prattville, AL MOODY, JULIE; Montgomery, AL MOORE, JAMES; Troy, AL MOORE, WILLIAM; Orange Park, FL MOOREHEAD, JACK; Montgomery, AL MORGAN, CRYSTAL; St. Pete, FL MORGAN, RAMONA; Cullman, AL MORGAN, RAYMOND; Troy, AL MORIARTY, CATHLEEN; Virginia Bch., VA MORRIS, MONICA; Ozark, AL MOSELEY, LOUANNE; Monroeville, AL MOSSHOLDER, MARK; Mobile, AL MOTE, VANN; Hardaway, AL MOTES, LYNN; Troy, AL MULLEN, EUGENE; Troy, AL MULLEN, KENNETH; Pensacola, FL MUMBRAUER, WENDY; St. Pete, FL MUNNERLYN, RUDOLPH; Peterman, AL MURRAY, KEVIN; Troy, AL MYERS, MICHAEL; Crestview, FL NALL, STEPHEN; Andalusia, AL NELSON, CHARLES; Opp, AL NELSON, JULIA; Mobile, AL NENVEN, LANCE; Titusville, FL NEWTON, JACQUIE; Dothan, AL NICHOLS, RACHEL; Town Creek, AL NICOLUCCI, ELIZABETH; Camden, AL NOBLE, BRIAN; Prattville, AL NORMAN, GINA; Troy, AL NORMAN, JOSEPHINE; Columbus, GA NORRIS, FRAN; Troy, AL NORTH, DAVID; Ft. Lauderdale, FL NORTON, JANE; Troy, AL NUGENT, LORI; Sebring, FL NUNLEY, MARTY; Montgomery, AL OBRIEN, MARY; Cape Coral, FL ODUWOLE, OLUKAYODE; Nigeria OKUNDAYE, EPHRAIM; Nigeria 372 Juniors JUNIORS ftOi.piH r c ? OMEIHE INNOCENT Nqena OSBORN MARTHA Montgomery. AI OSMER TRACY W Palm Bch Fl OWENS CAROL. Samson AL OWENS CARON. Samson AL PALMER BETH Montgomery AL PALMER SAMUEL. St Pete FL PANTON DOROTHY W Palm Bch . FL PARKER. TERRI. Mob ? AL PARNELL EDWARD. Ashlord. AL PARTRIDGE. KERRY Troy AL PASSERO ROBERT Huntsv e AL PATTEN LYDIA Montgomery AL PATTERSON THOMAS. Lagrange. GA PAUL. FRANK. Goshen AL PEEL. MICHELLE. LouiSv e. AL PETTEWAY CARL Apalacftcola FL PHILLIPS. BEVERLY Gracev e. FL PHILLIPS SHARLENE Dalev . AL PIERCE MARK Enterprise AL PIERCE SHIRLEY. Montgomery AL PINNELL. BRIAN. Pompano Ben . FL PITTMAN. TIMOTHY Goshen. AL PONDS. KAREN Ethelsville AL POTTS. MELINDA Dothan AL POWELL. GINA. Grove Hill. AL POWELL. JAN. Monroev e. AL POWELL. PEGGY. Troy AL POWELL. ROBERT. Greenville AL PRESCOTT. EDGAR. Troy. AL PREWITT. JAMES. Columbus. IN PRICE. BLAINE Shreveport. LA PUTNAL. PAMALA. CarrabeUe. FL PYLE. STEPHEN. Chattahoochee FL QUICK. KELLY. Birmingham AL RAILEY. DEIDRE. Greenville. AL RAINEY. RALPH. Troy AL RAMER. JON. Melbourne FL RANDOLPH. TERI. Montgomery AL RATCLIFF. JOEL. Huntsville AL RAWLS. CHARLES. Pine Level. AL REED. BELINDA. Jones. AL REED, JAMES. Pensacola. FL REESE. ALECIA. Bessemer AL REESE. TIMOTHY. Bessemer. AL REGISTER. SHEILA. Troy AL REID. ALFONSO. Birmingham. AL RENFROE MERRI Troy. AL RENFROE. SUSAN BrunoVJge AL REYNOLDS. JAMES. Carrolton GA REYNOLDS MARGARET. Atlanta GA RHODES. DAVE. Kmston. AL RICHARDSON. DARLENE. Rrverdale GA RIGGINS. EARNEST. RocMord AL RINGSDORF. JOHN. Elba AL ROBERTS. DEBRA Montgomery AL ROBERTS. NANCY Key West FL ROBERTS. SHERRY. St Pete FL ROBINSON GIL. Troy. AL RODDAM. MELANIE. Pensacola FL RODGERS MIKE. Opp AL RODGERS. JIMMY Montgomery. AL ROPER. CALLIE Montgomery. AL ROSE. WALTER. Atmon? AL ROUSSEAU. HOLLY. MoWe AL ROWLAND. BOBBY. Headand. AL ROWLAND. BRUCE Headtand. AL RUMPH EVELYN. Clayton. AL SANDERS TERENCE Pensacola. FL SANSOM. JOHN. Opp. AL Juniors 373 JUNIORS SASSER. SUSAN. Milton. FL SAULS. CECILY. Anton. AL SCHMELZER. TIMOTHY; Ocala. FL SCOTT. CYNTHIA; Montgomery. AL SCOTT, HERBERT; Troy, AL SCOTT. KAREN. Savannah. GA SCROGGINS. JOEANN; Montgomery. AL SEARS, KELLY; Ozark. AL SEGREST. NANCI; Craceville. FL SENN. ROXANNE; Brundidge. AL SESSIONS, MELANIE; Troy. AL SEXTON. RITA, Montgomery. AL SEYFORTH, VALERIE; Fennville. Ml SHARPNACK. ROSANNE; Columbus, IN SHARRON. JAMES; Dothan, AL SHAULL. GLENN; Huntsville. AL SHAW. JAMES; Dunwoody. GA SHIELDS. CARLIE; Montgomery, AL SHIPLEY. TERRI; Troy. AL SHIPMAN, MARTHA; Troy, AL SHORES. JERRY; Pt St. Joe, FL SHRIVER. STEPHANIE; Grand Bay, AL SILER. ANNETTE; Troy, AL SIMMONS, CYNTHIA; Prattville, AL SIMPSON, GLORIA; Evergreen, AL SIMS. GEORGE; Ft. Walton Bch.. FL SIMS, KENNETH; Brantley, AL SLATTON, TERESA; Talladega, AL SMART, MICHELLE, Waycross, GA SMITH, BRENDA; Montgomery, AL SMITH, GINA; Lanett, AL SMITH, JEAN; Ft. Deposit, AL SMITH, KAREN; Enterprise, AL SMITH, ROBERT, Camden, AL SMITH, SANDRA; Clopton, AL SMITH, SHARON; Kinston, AL SMITH, TERESA; Montgomery, AL SMITH, TOMMY; Ozark, AL SMOLENSKI, HOLLY; Clearwater, FL SNIPES, JOHN; Warner Robins, GA SNOW, FLORA; Montgomery, AL SOWELL, JEFFREY; Tallahassee, FL SPENCER, POLLY; Brundidge, AL SPIVEY, ELIZA; Montgomery, AL SPOTTEK, TOSHA; Fmeview, NY ST. JOHN, CINDY; Foley. AL b TACEY, GWENDOLYN; Stapleton, AL STALLINGS, KATHLEE; Cocoa Bch., FL STALLWORTH, KENNETH; Daphne, AL STARKS, MARILYN; Brundidge, AL STEBBINS, SETH; Troy, AL STEIN, SANDRA; Peoria, IL STEVENSON, LAMAR; Uniontown, AL STEWART, ALFRED; Skipperville, AL STEWART, BERNARD; Andalusia, AL STEWART, DAVID; Montgomery, AL STEWART, FREDDIE; Troy, AL STEWART, KERRI; Troy, AL STEWART, STE LLA; Troy, AL STEWART, TERRI; Dothan, AL STICE, JUDITH; Montgomery, AL STINSON, LEIGH; Evergreen, AL STIVER, CARRIE; Enterprise, AL STOKES, CINDY; Montgomery, AL STONE, LISA; Troy, AL STRICKLAND, DANA; Dothan, AL STRICKLAND, JOE; Clio, AL STROUD, CASSANDRA; Ozark, AL STUMP, MIKE; Sebnng, FL SULLIVAN. WILLIE; Theodore, AL 374 Juniors JUNIORS CBS Comes to Troy -While the crowd at TSU s 1983 Homecoming game was able to watch the action against UNA live, thousands of others were able to view the match-up in the comfort of their own homes. This convenience was made pos- sible by CBS s regional tele- vised coverage. Much work as well as a few changes went into the prep- arations for the presentation. The originally planned kick- off time of 2:00 p.m. was res- cheduled for 11:35 a.m. The cameramen and crewmen had the film rolling as the clock began counting down the first quarter. The CBS crew consisted of three cameramen, two audio specialists, and two announcers. In addition, eight TSU students were hired to help in the produc- tion. They performed such jobs as statistician and pro- duction assistant. Everyone involved was ex- tremely pleased with the cov- erage. Fred Davis, TSU s chanman of the Athletic Poli- cy Committee, commented on the crews friendliness and flexibility. Head football coach Chan Gailey added. " It was great exposure for the players. " Though Troy did not enjoy a Homecoming victory in 83. the presence of CBS added much excitement to the fes- tivities. It was definitely a memorable experience for the players and the fans alike. SURRENCY, REBECCA. Hawthorne. FL SUTHERLAND. SIDNEY; Troy, AL SUTTON. STEVEN. Neev e, FL SWIFT. MARY. Monroeville. AL SYKES. LAURA. Mathews. AL TALLANT. MARK. Wamer Robins GA TATIS. AMPARO. Columbia TATUM. CATHY. Atlanta. GA TATUM. JOHN. Dothan AL TAUNTON. MEUSSA. Dadev e. AL TAYLOR. CHERYL. Brtlmgsley. AL TAYLOR. DAVID Tallassee AL TAYLOR. KATHY Montgomery AL TAYLOR. SUSAN. Highland. AL TERRY. KATHY. Jackson. AL TERRY REBECCA. Georgiana AL THAMES CHARLA. Coffee Spr AL THARPE. NORMON. Ozark AL THEIS. THOMAS. Daphne AL THOMAS. CALVIN. Montgomery AL THOMAS. GARY Ftorala AL THOMAS MICHAEL. Troy. AL THOMAS SHERRY. Hghiand Home. AL THOMPSON. KIRBY. Jacksonv FL THOMPSON. SUSAN. Dothan AL THOMPSON. TIMOTHY. Smiths AL THORNTON. LATONIA. Apo. NY TIERNEY. YOLANDA. Ozark AL TOLAND. JANICE Montgomery AL TOLES. NORRIS. Grady AL TOLLIVER. GLENNA Ma a " TOMLINSON. JOHN Dothan. AL TONER. KAREN Ptw • TOWNSEND. KIM Trc, TRIPP BARBARA C ' trone e. AL TURNER. CLETIS. Montgome TURNER WENDELL Daiev JunKXS 375 JUNIORS TWITTY, SEAN; Pace. FL UNDERWOOD. TAMMY; Ozark, AL VARDEN, TWILA; Jemison, AL VAUGHN. DERRICK; Mobile, AL VICKERS. EDDIE; Ashford. AL VINSON. EDNA; Atmore, AL VINSON. MARY. Montgomery. AL VOGEL. KRISTY; Melbourne. FL WALKER. CHARLES; Robertsdale, AL WALKER. JEFFREY; Birmingham, AL WALKER, KARLA; Clio, AL WALKER, RHONDA; Headland, AL WALLACE, BRYAN; Atlanta, GA WALLACE, EMILY; Dothan, AL WALLS, GREGORY; Destm, FL WALTERS. JULUIS; Troy, AL WARD, JACKIE; Montgomery, AL WARR, MARTHA; Clayton, AL WARREN, JAMES; Montgomery, AL WARREN, JOHN; Montgomery, AL WATFORD, WALTER; Pensacola. FL WATSON, RANDALL; Gainesville, FL WATSON. VIRGINIA; Plantersville, AL WATTS, JOHN; Grand Ridge, FL WATTS, MARK; Pt. St. Joe, FL WATTS, TERESA; Daijville, AL WEAVER, JOSEPH; Brewton, AL WEBER, LISA; Beaver Falls, PA WEED, SCARLETT; Daphne, AL WEITENBECK, JEFFREY; Huntsville, AL WELSH, DANETTE; Eufaula, AL WESTRY, MILTON; Mobile, AL WHEAT, TIM; Laurel, MS WHITE, ELLA; Troy, AL WHITE, ELLA; Troy, AL WHITE, GINGER; Troy, AL WHITE, HAMPTON; Garyville, LA WHITE, JON; Troy, AL WHITEN, ALISON; Bessemer, AL WILKERSON, LINDA; Troy, AL WILKINS, ROBYN; Crestview, FL WILLIAMS, AURA; Pt. Clear, AL WILLIAMS, JAMES; Greenville, AL WILLIAMS, SAMUEL; Ozark, AL WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY; Montgomery, AL WILLIAMS, THOMAS; Dothan, AL WILLIAMSON, JENNIFER; Montgomery, AL WILLIAMSON, MARK; Troy, AL WILLIS, WILLIAM; Headland, AL WILLOUGHBY, GARY; Montgomery, AL WILSON, BRETT; Fairburn, GA WILSON, FRANKLIN; Cumming, GA WILSON, LYNN; Lynn Haven, FL WIMBISH, MILLARD; Tuskegee, AL WINGARD, JOSEPH; Birmingham, AL WISE, TRACY; Florala, AL WOODBURY, PATRICE; Eufaula, AL WOODLEY, LINDA; Montgomery, AL WOODS, EZZIE; Midway, AL WOODS, VICKI; Atmore, AL WOODWARD, CHRIS; Eufaula, AL WOODY, COUNTEESS; Springville, AL WOOTEN, MANCY; Montgomery, AL WORSHAM, PAMELA; Inverness, FL WRIGHT, JOAN; Ashford, AL WRIGHT, LAURA; LaGrange, GA WRIGHT, RICHARD; Camden, AL WYNCOOP, HOWARD; Lakeland, FL YARBROUGH, HUGH; Mobile, AL ZIERDEN, LAURA; Panama City, FL 376 Juniors SENIORS ADAMS FRANCES Haroaway Al ADAMS JEFF Troy AL ADAMS ROBIN Montgomery. At ADCOCK E . Troy. AL ASHBEE SHALAH Dothan AL AKIN Mome. GA AKRIDGE ANTHONY. Ozark AL ALEXANDER CHARLES Cusseta. GA AMMONS. USA. Troy. AL ANDERSON DEBORAH. Gretna LA ANDERSON. KIMBERLY. Thomasv e. AL ANDERSON. MICHAEL. Andalusia AL ANDERSON, NANCY Funston GA ANDERSON PATRICE Troy AL ANDRESS. DIMPLE, Troy. AL ANDRESS SUSAN. Monroevie. AL ANDREWS JENNY. Madrson FL ANDREWS. SELBY. Huntsv e AL ANUMBAH OFONNACHEBE. Ngena ARCHER. TIM. Troy AL ARMSTRONG. JOSEPH. Andalusia AL ARNZEN. DIANE Grangev e. ID ASHCRAFT. LAPREAD. Montgomery. AL ASHMORE SHERI. Medford OR ASKEW. MYRANA. Atmore AL AUSTIN. BONITA. Gosden AL AUSTIN. DONALD. Troy AL AVERETT. KEVIN. Enterprise AL AVERITTE ALLISON. Milton. FL BAGGETT. ANTHONY. Evergreen. AL BAGLEY. TERRY. Troy. AL BAILEY. CARLTON Los Gatos. CA BAKER CHARLOTTE. Winter Haven. FL BAKER GUSSIE. Dothan. AL BAKER. ROBIN. Troy. AL Alums Score High in Miss America Pageant Pamela Rigas Miss Ohio 1983 Moira Kaye Miss Tennessee 1983 Two Troy State alumnae. Pamela Rigas and Moira Kaye. found Atlantic City, New Jersey a dream come true ' at the 1983 Miss Amer- ica Pageant. Pamela Rigas, reigning as Miss Ohio 1983. was chosen as 4th Runner-up to Miss America. A 1982 graduate of Troy State University with a major in Business Adminis- tration and Accounting, Pa- mela continued her education through the University of Cin- cinnati s law school. Receiv- ing a scholarship for being Ohio s Junior Miss 1978, Ms Rigas later served as the 1980 Homecoming Queen for TSU As 4th Runner-Up to Miss America. Pamela s scholarships included S5000 as a finalist and $1000 as a swimsuit preliminary winner. Miss Tennessee 1983. Moira Kaye. was recognized with a S2000 Talent Scholar- ship for her vocal presenta- tion. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Troy State. Moira majored m Broadcast Jour- nalism Ms Kaye served as Tennessee s Junior Miss 1978 and reigned as Miss Troy State University, a pre- liminary to the Miss Alabama Pageant, in 1981. As Miss Tennessee. Moira travelled throughout Tennes- see and adjoining states as a good-will ambassador to pre- limmary pageants, civic clubs, charitable events, and commercial promotional functions Seniors 377 r SENIORS BANKER. GLEN; Chester, NY BARBEE. JUDY; Troy, AL BARFIELD, DIANE; Kmston, NC BARNES, SANDRA; Florala, AL BARRON, SUSAN; Troy, AL BARTON, VALERIE; Andalusia, AL BATCHELOR. LARRY, Ozark, A ' BEASLEY, FRANCIS; Troy, AL BEDSOLE, STEPHEN; Dothan, AL BELK, GLYNDA; Moultrie, GA BELL, EDWARD; Mananna, FL BELL. SARAH; Montgomery, AL BELL. VERLENE; Troy, AL BENDALL, RAY; Athens, AL BENTLEY, NATHOLIE; Monroeville, AL BENTON, PENNI; Opp, AL BERRY, BOBBY; Troy, AL BICE, JAMES; Troy, AL BLACK, NAOMI; Beatrice, AL BLAKE, SUSAN; Troy, AL BLIZZARD, GEN; Clearwater, FL BLOUNT, PHYLLIS; Andalusia, AL BONDS, SHERWIN; Andalusia, AL BOOTHE, ANNE; Troy, AL BORKENHAGEN, DONNA; Troy, AL BOSS, PATRICIA; Panama City, FL BOSWELL, DEBRAH; Elba, AL BOUTWELL, ANGELA; Honoraville, AL BOUTWELL, CYNTHIA; Troy, AL BOYD, DAWN; Warner Robins, GA BRACEWELL, BETH; Troy, AL BRADFORD, MICHAEL; Huntsville, AL BRADLEY, BERNESTINE; Headland, AL BRADLEY, CLARA; Castleberry, AL BRADLEY, PHILIP; Huntsville, AL BRADSHAW, GARY; Elba, AL BRAGG, KEITH; Jay, FL BRANTLEY, CHATERINE; Troy, AL BROCK, CHARLES; Evergreen, AL BROOKINS, BETTY; Columbus, GA BROOKS, BARBARA; Lanett, AL BROOKS, TARA; Montgomery, AL BROOME, DOYLE; Ozark, AL BROWN, DONALD; Andalusia, AL BROWN, GRACE; Troy, AL BROWN, KENNETH; W. Blocton, AL BROWN, LISA; Ocala, FL BROWN, MARY; Montgomery, AL BROWN, ROBERT; Burke, VA BROWN, VAUNITA; Montgomery, Al BROWNING, GERALD; Frisco City, AL BRUCE, CATHERINE; Waycross, GA BRYAN, CATHY; Ft. Walton, Bch„ FL BRYANT, SONDRA; Atmore, AL BRYE, JIMMY; Pensacola, AL BULLARD, ANDY; Elba, AL BURCH, BEVERLY; Samson, AL BURGESS, TAJAUNA; Pinckard, AL BURNETT, TRACI; Troy, AL BURTRAM, TAMMIE; Spanish Ft., AL BUTLER, BARBARA; Ozark, AL CALDWELL, MARY; Montgomery, AL CADLWELL, MICHAEL; Daleville. AL CALHOUN, LARRY; Colquitt, GA CALLIN, JUDY; Troy, AL CALTON, STEVEN; Forest City, NC CAMPBELL, DAVID; Andalusia, AL CAMPBELL, TERRI; Troy, AL CARTER, EVA; Belleville, IL CARTER, KIMBERLY; Ariton, AL 378 Seniors SENIORS CARTER MARC Troy. AL CASBY LOLA Montgomery. AL CASSADY MICHAEL Opp AL CATRON TAMMY. Mrfton FL CETTI ANNE. Troy. AL CETTI MARSHA Troy. AL CHANCELLOR DEBRA OwcaftX. AL CHANDLER ROBERTA Richtand GA CHRISTIAN DEBRA BfanOey AL CINK RONALD Fa nope AL CLARK. DAVID. Doman AL CLARK KlMBERLY Huntsv AL CLARK MICHAEL Santord FL CLARK. RONALD Montgomery AL CLARK RUSTY. Doman AL CODY GLEN. Pine Btufl AR COLLEY JENNIFER. Troy AL COMER VICKI. Rooertsdaie AL COMPTON LISA Brantley AL COMPTON. RICKEY Brantley. AL COOK DEBORAH. Umon Springs AL COOK. GARY Georgiana AL COOPER PHILIP Blakely GA COOPER. SHONA Greenv e. AL COOPER. TURNER. Mootte AL CORN, BEVERLY Dotha AL COUCH, CATHRYN. Mo- " t.,omery. AL COWART. HENRY. Canton. GA COX. SUSAN. Spnngfiled. VA CRAFT. KENNETH. Montgomery. AL CREWS. MARCUS. Samson. AL CRIBS. DEBORAH. Wayaoss. GA CRIBB. TIMOTHY. Avon Park FL CULBERTSON. SANDRA. Dothan. AL CUMMINS. LINDA. Crystal River. FL CURENTON. AMY Enterprise. AL CURENTON, LON. Samson. AL DANIEL. DEVORAH Luveme AL DANNER. MARY. Eulaula AL DARBY. RONNY. Fnsco City. AL DAVIS. ANGIE. Enterprise. AL DAVIS. BARBARA, Eulaula. AL DAVIS. JASON. Laurel Hill. FL DEAN. DENNIS. Elba. AL DELK. DENISE. Panama City. FL DENNIS. GRACIE. Eulaula. AL DEVAUGHN. JENNIFER. Elba. AL DIAMOND. ALVIN. Evergreen. AL DICESARE. JOSEPH Lakeland. FL DILLARD. TRACY Weiaka FL DODSON. SHIRLEY. Enterprise AL DOHENY JOHN Ozark AL DORMAN. JUDITH. Opp AL DOUGLAS CAROLYN. Newn-i DOUGLAS MICHAEL Bnswton. AL DOWLING JOHN. Troy. AL DUBBERLEY. DENA. Notasulga. AL DUBISAR. KAYE. Efca. AL DUNN. BARBARA. Cocoa Ben FL ELlINGTON. PAUL. Lous I ELLIOT BARBARA. Enterprise . ELLIS. KENNETH. Phem Oty AL ELUS. ROBIN. Lanett. AL ELMORE STEVEN. Enterprise . EVANS. DAVID Thomasv e. AL EVANS. SIDNEY. Montgome ' . FANNIN. BARBARA Tv . FANNIN DEBORAH Gc hen. AL FANT SCOTT. Lumpkir 3 FARMER CHARLOTTE Et» AL Seniors 379 .. SENIORS FARMER. DEIDRE; Enterprise. AL FAULK. KEITH; Flomaton. AL FAYSON. DARON; Troy, AL FELLOWS. JANET; Mananna. FL FERNANDEZ, YOLANDA; Clearwater, FL FERRARA. RONALD; Kissimmee, FL FLANDERS, SHIRLEY; Brundidge. AL FLOWERS, ANN; Enterprise, AL FLOWERS, JOHN; Brundidge, AL FLOWERS, ROBERT; New Brockton, AL FLOYD, JAY; Thomasville, AL FLOYD, MARCUS; Columbus, GA FOREMAN, AUBURN; Brundidge, AL FORMAN, LISA; Miami, FL FORTHMAN, MICHELLE; Cp. Canaveral, FL FOSS, KEN; Dothan, AL FOSTER, JAMES; New Brockton, AL FRALIE, RANDY; Montgomery, AL FRANKLIN. RODNEY; Birmingham, AL FUNDERBURK, BARBARA; Dothan, AL FUTCH, LAMAR; Mulberry, FL GALLOWAY, TIMOTHY; Skipperville, AL GARDNER, JAMES; Troy, AL GARDNER, VALERIE; Albany, GA GARNER, SHARON; Ozark, AL GAUTNEY, LINDA; Valley, AL GELLERSTEDT, ELIZABETH; Fayette., GA GETCHELL, TIMOTHY; Umatilla, FL GIBBS, RONALD; Florala, AL GIBSON, JOHN; Elba, AL GIBSON, MARK; Mobile, AL GILLEY, TIMOTHY; Dothan, AL GILLMAN, WANDA; Westville, FL GILROY, YONG; Crestview, FL GLASS. JAMES; Linden, AL GODWIN, NELDA; New Brockton, AL GREEN, DEBORAH; Montgomery, AL GREEN, TERESA; Troy, AL GREEN, THOMAS; Brundidge, AL GREENE, CHARLOTTE; Mobile, AL GREENE, JENNIFER; Florala, AL GREGORY, NATHAN; Pensacola, FL GRIFFIN, JACQUELYN; Brundidge, AL GRIFFIN, PATRICIA; Troy, AL GRIFFIS, BARBARA; Ariton, AL GROUX, THOMAS; Troy, AL HALL, JAMES; Douglasville, GA HALL, LINDA; Clio, AL HALL, MELINDA; Opp, AL HAMILTON, ZELDA; Headland, AL HAMM, CHARLOTTE; Troy, AL HAMMOND, SHERRY; Eufaula, AL HAND, SHERRI; Geneva, AL HANSON, MICHAEL; Troy, AL HARDEN, MARY; Montgomery, AL HARDEN, THERESA; Pensacola, FL HARMON, JAMMIE; Marianne, FL HARNAGE, CURTIS; Tifton, GA HARRELL, RICKY; Cottonwood, AL HARRELSON, CINDY; Audalusia, AL HARRIS, PATRICK; Troy, AL HARRIS, RODGER, Sylacauga, AL HARRIS, THERESA; Ozark, AL HART, ANDREW; Evergreen, AL HARTERT, JANA; Marietta, GA HARTERT, JEFF; Marietta, GA HARTSELLE, TIMOTHY; Rockledge, FL HARVELL, GLORIA; Troy, AL HARVELL, JAMES; Troy, AL HAWS, GERALD; Troy, AL 380 Seniors SENIORS HAWS PATRICIA Brantley AL }, DARRELL. Atlanta GA , DONNA Troy. AL HAYLES GENA Escamb AL HELMS FLORENCE Enterprise AL HELMS. TINA, LouSv e AL HENNIGAN. JOHN Troy AL HERALD ANNEUESE. Enterprise. AL HERRING THERESA. Sprmgv e. AL HICKS. MISTY. Aboev e. AL HILL BENNY. S4as AL HILL RICHARD. Bristol FL HILL TRAVIS. Sebnng. FL HILSON. RODRICK. rn ngharn. AL HITT CHUCK. Loxley AL HOGUE MARY Dothan AL HOLK HERBERT Atmore AL HOLLAND EDDIE Troy AL HOLLEY KATHY Linden AL HOLLIS TAMARA. Lanette. AL HOLZMANN. GERARD. Inverness FL HORTA. MARY. Longwood. FL HOWARD. HERBERT EuStiS FL HOWARD. WILLIAM. EuStiS FL HOWELL. TIMOTHY. Winter Haven. FL HUBBARD CHARLES. Montgomery AL HUBBARD NORMAN. Enterpnse. AL HUDSON. ALLEN. Ozark. AL HUEY. SUSAN. Montgomery. AL HUFF. KENNETH. Cooper Crty. FL HUGHES. JOHN. Vmeland. NJ HULSEY. MARTY. Troy AL HUNT. LIBBYE. Dothan AL HUTSON. LELAND. Troy. AL HUTTO. FRANCES. Gardendaie AL IKNER. ROGER. Daphne. AL INAUDI. SALOMAN. Venezuela IOVINE. LAURA. Centerville GA IRBY. WILLIAM. VakJosta. GA IRIZARRY. ANGELIQUE. DaleviHe. AL IVINS. DANI. Troy. AL JACKSON. GARY. Eulaula. AL JACKSON. LORI. Troy. AL JACKSON. NORMA Enterpnse. AL JENKINS. MARK. Woodbndge. VA JERNIGAN. WILLIAM. Wayooss. GA JIMENEZ. OSVALDO. H.aleah. FL JOHNSON. BILL. Montgomery. AL JOHNSON. BOBBY. Monroev e. AL JOHNSON. CAROL. Midway. AL JOHNSON. CORELLA. Evergreen. AL JOHNSON DOROTHY. Setma. AL JOHNSON. MEL. Elba AL JOHNSON. RICKY. BnjnoVJge AL JOHNSON RUTH OzarV AL JOHNSON. TOMMY. Enterprise. AL JOHNSON. ALTRICE. BrunOdge AL JOHNSTON. JERRY. Troy. AL JOHNSTON. MARK. Opp. AL JONES. CHARLES Pi St Joe FL JONES. DAVID. Ft Walton FL JONES DONNA. Opp AL JUDD. DEREK Se ma AL JULSON. JODl. Mayv e. ND KARRASHC VALERIE. Bradford. PA KAY VANESSA Ft Myers. FL KEELS BRENDA. ChallanoooN- KEITH GEORGE Bake»y. GA KELLEY. FRED. Andalusia. AL KELLEY MICHAEL. Coftee Spr . AL Seniors 381 SENIORS KELLY, DONNA; Troy. AL KEY, GLEN; Umatilla, FL KILLAM. SHERRI, Pensacola, FL KIMBROUGH. NORMAN; Enterprise. AL KIMMEL, GEORGIA; Defuniak Spr., FL KING. CHRISTOPHER; Defuniak Spr., FL KNOTTS. RICHARD, Troy, AL KREMER, JAMES; Apopka, FL KUCHLE. SANDRA; Cp. Coral, FL LACY. JOHN; Tallassee, AL LAFON. MICHELLE; Panama City, FL LANDERS, ELLIS; Birmingham, AL LANE. ALAN; Selma, AL LANE, HELEN; Selma, AL LANEY, TIMOTHY; Birmingham, AL LANTIS, TERESA; Lakeland. GA LATHAM. MARY; Seminole, FL LATTIMORE. WILLIE, Louisville, AL LAWSON, ANGELO; Claymont, DE LAYFIELD, MARJORIE; Montgomery, AL LAZENBY, SUE; Monroeville, AL LIGON, LISA; Rockledge, FL LIND, CECELIA; Saraland, AL LOCKWOOD, DERRICK; Atlanta, GA LOLLEY, MICHEAL; Enterprise, AL LOWE, TRACEY; Greenville, AL LYNCH, MICHEAL; Baxley, GA MADISON. GWENDOLYN; Chancellor, AL MALONE, FER-RELL; Waycross, GA MALONEY, MONICA; Tallassee, AL MANN, JEANNA; Dothan, AL MANSFIELD, LUANN; Dothan, AL MARABLE, ALFREDA; Tuskegee, AL MARLER, KATHY; Opp, AL MARRIOTT, KITTY; Enterprise, AL MARSHALL, TERESA; Brantley, AL MARTIN, JACK; Brundidge, AL MARTIN, MARIE; Hartford, AL MARTZ, SUSAN; Voluntown, CT MATTHES, SCOTT; Ft. Walton Bch., FL MAY, MICHAEL; Union Spr., AL McBEE, PEGGY; Daleville, AL McBRIDE, DELPHIA; Geneva, AL McCLUSKY, REBECCA; Gulf Shores, AL McCRARY, COLLIN; Cuthbert, GA McCORTY, CRYSTAL; Pensacola, FL McCRUDDEN, SHARON; Lakeland, FL McDOWELL, WALTER; St. Augustine, FL McENTREE, SANDRA; Bonaire, GA McGILVARY, GREGORY; Banks, AL McGOWNA, FRANK; Montgomery, AL McGOWAN, TERESA; Esto, FL McGRIFF, ISA; Headland, AL McHUGH, BRETT; Doraville, GA McKENNEY, ELIZABETH; Ft. Rucker, AL McKINNON, JOHN; Eufaula, AL McLAIN, SHELLY; Prattville, AL McNORTON, JOSEPH; Jackson, AL McVAY, BILLY; Thomasville, AL McVICKER, MITCH; Gulf Shores, AL MENDOZA, MARIA; Tallahassee, FL MESSER, SUSAN; Geneva, AL MESSICK, PEGGY; Troy AL METCALF, VIRGINIA; Valdosta, GA MILAM, WENDY; Millbrook, AL MILES, LISA; Elba, AL MILLER, JONES; Enterprise, AL MILLS, ANGELA; St. Simons Is., GA MIMS, DEBRA; Headland, AL MING, LISA; Troy, AL 382 Seniors SENIORS MITCHELL CINDY. B jnOOy MIXON FREDRICK. Oewrtton FL MOBLEY PAUL Perfham AL MONFEE ALUSON. Macon. GA MONK MARSHALL Clayton AL MONTANEZ MARTHA. Troy AL MOORE CATHERINE Fiomaton. AL MOORE DATHERYN. Conyers. GA MOORE. KENNETH Montgomery. AL MOORE PHYLUS. Bar- MOORE. ROBBIE Wetumpka AL MOORE TAMELA Enterprise AL MOORER CECILIA. Troy. AL MORRIS. DAVID. Panama City Fl MORRIS. RICHARD. Enterprise AL MOTLEY. Betsy Eutaula AL MRACEK. JONATHAN Wetumpka AL MULLIS. SUZANNE. K en. AL MURDOCK. WILLIAM. AJbany GA MURPHY. MALCOLM. Abbev . AL MURRAY. DAVID. Troy. AL NASH. DEBRA. Biakety GA NELSON. MELANIE. Mathews AL NELSON. PALMER. Opp AL NEWTON. PAUL. Troy AL NG YIN. KEUNG. Hong Kong NICHOLS. MICHAEL. Panama Qty. FL NIXON. KENNETH. Mobile AL NOBIS. KATE. Fairhope AL NOLAND YULANDA Livingston AL BRIEN. MICHAEL. APO N Y . NY MARA. PAT. Marietta GA NEAL, TERRI. Andalusia. AL REAR. STEPHEN. Warner Rooons. GA SULLIVAN. NAN, Montgomery. AL OAKLEY. JOHNNY. Evergreen AL OROURKE BARRY. Troy. AL OWEN. THOMAS Albany GA OWENS. FRANCES. Pine Apple. AL OWING. IRMA. Demopoiis. AL PADGETT. PATRICIA E Brewton AL PADGETT THOMAS. Strongv e. OH PAGE. JENNIFER. Tuskegee AL PARKER. KATHY. Dothan AL PATTON. BETH. Mobile AL PENNINGTON. KAREN. Mob . AL PERRY. TRAVIS. Kmston AL PHELPS. ANN. Montgomery AL PHELPS. LISA. Greenv . AL PHILLIPS. BOBBY. AOH GA PHILLIPS. JAMES Montgomery. AL PHILLIPS. SHARON. Memphe. TN PIERCE ROBERT Starve FL PLANT. CERRIANNE Ft Myers. FL POMPEY. JAN. Palmetto. FL POPE KEVIN Ft Myers. FL POPWELL. VICKI. Troy AL POPE PENELOPE. Troy. AL POWELL. BRIAN. Knston. AL POWELL. CARROLL. Troy. AL POWELL. EMILY Samson AL PRESTON. CRAIG Albany GA PROCTOR. MICHELE. Cross O ' . PURTA LORRAINE. Setna. AL PYFROM DEBORAH Eba AL QUALLS. THERESA. Goshen. AL OUEDENS EDMUND. Pnem C " . RAILEY RALPH. Troy AL RAY. WILLIAM. Coiege Panv GA RAWLINSON JAMES. Verbena. AL Z Sentors 383 SENIORS REED. KELLY; Abbeville. AL REEVES. HERBERT; Moultrie. GA REEVES. JERRY; Troy, AL REID. JAMES; Montgomery, AL REID. LETCHER; Troy. AL REYNOLDS. SHIRLEY; Troy, AL RICHARDS, ALAN; Louisville, AL RICHARDSON, MASON; Marion, AL RICHARDSON, STELLA; Goshen, AL RICHBURG. CYNTHIA; Goshen, AL RILEY, SCOTT; Dothan, AL ROBERTSON, BRIAN; Montgomery, AL ROBERTSON. CHERYL; Daleville, AL ROBINSON, PATRICK; Theodore, AL RODRIGUEZ, JOSE; Ft. Lauderdale, FL ROGERS. CLINT; Evergreen, AL ROGERS. JAMES; Blakely, GA ROGERS. KENNETH; Zionsville, IN RUFFIAN, TAMMY; Orange Park, FL RUSSELL. JANE; Orrville, AL RUSSELL. RICHARD; Montgomery, AL RUSSELL, THOMAS; Luverne, AL RYAN, TWILA; Robertsdale, AL SALTER, SHARRON; E. Brewton, AL SAMONS, TOD; Starke, FL SAMUEL, WILLIE; Castleberry, AL SANCHEZ, STEVEN; Sarasota, FL SANDERS, BELINDA; Dothan, AL SANDERS, CINDY; Brundidge, AL SARHATT, MIKE; Mobile, AL SCHMITZ, PATRICIA; Tuscaloosa, AL SCHRIEDER, REBECCA; Troy, AL SCRUGGS, STEVEN; Winter Haven, FL SEANOR, DAVID; Brownsville, PA SEGREST, CHARLES; Auburn, AL SEIDLER, PAMELA; Chatom, AL SEITZ, WILLIAM; Selma, AL SEYMOUR, PEGGY; Phenix City, AL SHEARER, MART; Jackson, MS SHEEHAN, SUZAN; Troy, AL SHEFFIELD, PAMELA; Kinston, AL SHERROD, TRUDY; Montgomery, AL SHIRAH, GARRY; Clio, AL SHORE, JERRY; Norcross, GA SIMMONS, JERRY; Ft. Rucker, AL SIMMONS, MICKEY; Ozark, AL SIMS, ROBERT; Troy, AL SIPPER, RHONDA; New Brocton, AL SKEEN, PHILIP; Newville, AL SLAY, MICHAEL; Ozark, AL SMITH, BENJAMIN; Troy, AL SMITH, CARL; Tallahassee, FL SMITH, CHARLES; Jack, AL SMITH, DAVID; Ozark, AL SMITH, DONALD; Mobile, AL SMITH, DOUGLAS; Dothan, AL SMITH, KEELA; Pineapple, AL SMITH, KENNETH; Huntsville, AL SMITH, LARRY; Slocomb, AL SMITH, MARK; Littleton, CO SMITH, MORGAN; Dothan, AL SMITH, ROBERT; Pt. St. Joe, FL SMITH, TERESA; Elba, AL SMITH, TIMOTHY; Altamonte Spr, FL SMITHERMAN, THOMAS; Selma, AL SOCARRAS, MANUEL; Hialeah, FL SORRELLS, JO; Luverne, AL SOSTILLIO, MARIA; Troy, AL SPECK, ANITA; Livingston, TN SPORNA, PETER; Mobile, AL 384 Seniors SENIORS ST JOHN. TERESA Fotey AL STALLWORTH. DANIEL. Ptraappie AL STANLEY THERESA. Bay Mrwtte. AL STANTON. JAQUEUNE Peterman. AL STARK JAMES. Troy. AL STARLINGS SIDNEY Troy. AL STARNS ROBERT. AndaJusa AL STEVENS. AUCIA. SoottstXXO. AL STEVENS JEROME E Palatka FL STEWART STEVEN Passgnie Bch . FL STINSON. STANLEY. Enterprise AL STORCK. WILLIAM. Sarasota FL STORY SAMMIE. Morrow. GA STRICKLAND. DAWN. Dothan. AL STRICKLAND. JAMES. Ozark. AL STUMP. MINDY Sebrmg. FL SUTTON. DESIREE. Brewton. AL SWICEGOOD. GLENDA. Dothan AL TANNER. PATRICIA. Greertv e. AL TARRANT PATRICIA Pensacota FL TAYLOR. ARIGITTE. Greenv . AL TEDDER. LORNA. Donalsonv e GA TELLIS. HAYWOOD Defumak Spr FL THICKUN. RENATTA Stockton AL THEIRFELDER. SCOTT. Honorav e AL THOMAS. GABRIAL. Montgomery AL THOMPSON LESINCE. Troy AL THORNTON. CHARLIE. Tuscaloosa. AL THORNTON. CONNIE. Andalusia AL TINDELL JEROME Hartlord. AL TLANDA. JANET. Enterpnse. AL TOLBERT GARY. Troy AL TOMLIN. ROBBIN. Andalusia AL TOMLINSON. DIANE. Dothan. AL TULLIS. RONNIE. Headland. AL TURMAN. ANNA. Andalusia. AL TURNER. CAROL. Ozark AL TURNER. PATTI. Dothan AL TURRIN. LAURENCE. Tampa. FL UNGER. GREG. Panama City. FL VELUNES. CHARLES. Mary Esther FL VERNON. DAVID. Orlando. FL VINCENTY. MARIBEL. Ft Rucker AL WALDEN. JOSEPH. Dozer AL WALDEN. MICHAEL. Dalevfle. AL WALKER. ANCHYLUS. Umon Spr AL WALKER. JOHN. Huntsvfle. AL WALTERS. ANTHONY. Troy. AL WALTERS. GLENDA. Goshen. AL WALTON. RONNETTEE. Tnomaston. AL WARD. NORVELLE. Troy. AL WARREN. BRENDA. Dothan AL WASCOM. ALAN. Montgomery. AL WATFORD. TAMMY. Dothan. AL WATTS. DEBORAH. Montgomery AL WEAVER. NORMA Hardaway. AL WEBSTER. STACY. Seima AL WEEKS LYNN. Kreton AL WEEKS. TINA. Opp. AL WENZEL. TRACY. Ft Walton Bch . FL WHELPLEY. RONALD. Huntsv e. AL WHIGHAM RUTH Chatom. AL WHITE. CHARLES. Troy. AL WHITEHURST PATRICIA. Efca. AL WHITTEN VICTOR. rmr gham AL WHITTLE WILLIAM. Troy. AL WIGGINS. RONNIE. Ozark. AL WILKERSON. ANGELA. Atlanta. GA WILKERSON. SUSAN Opp. AL WILKES. CONNIE. Troy. AL Seniors 385 SENIORS ■• Lebanon: A National Crisis During the last months of 1983. America felt anguish and grief over the loss of 229 Marines in Lebanon. The kill- ings were the result of a mas- sive explosion inacted by a lone driver on a suicidal mis- sion. The terrorist forced his way past the American guards and crashed through the doors of a large building in which 310 Marines slept. Only eighty-one survived the resulting explosion. The Lebanon conflict erupted into a major crisis. Some Americans, seeing an- other Vietnam in the making, began to question the pur- pose of the forces in the Mid- dle East. Others saw that the attempt to discourage Ameri- ca ' s involvement only meant that the peace-keeping force was accomplishing too much in the eyes of the opposition; therefore, the Marines ap- peared a valuable asset and should remain in Lebanon. Amer Masri West Bank of Jordan Bus. Management Major I believe it would be much bet- ter if the American Marines with- drew from Lebanon. Because Lebanon has many different reli- gious and political factions, much turmoil and dissension is created. Lebanon needs stabil- ity and peace, but before this can happen, leaders in the coun- tries have to sit down, talk, and work out many differences . . . an impossible task with so many conflicting beliefs. Robert Carpenter Sneads, FL Criminal Justice Major I think we should be involved in Lebanon due to the fact that we need to keep peace and hold back Communist aggression. Being a world power, we must stay in order to be effective. It makes me mad that Congress is so unsupportive of Reagan. He needs more support. Dr. Emma Norris Montgomery, AL Asst. Professor, English My first reaction to the Lebanon involvement is the fear of another Vietnam. But, the real question is if we can afford the loss of lives or risks in keeping a pax Americana all over the world. America has to maintain a deli- cate balance between helping other nations and getting caught in mili- tary conflicts that are not our own. Conflicts in the Middle East go back so far and have been so destructive that an outsider such as America cannot understand. WILLIAMS, DELPHINE; Montgomery, AL WILLIAMS, EDDIE; La Grange, GA WILLIAMS. EMILY; Dothan, AL WILLIAMS, HORACE; Eufaula, AL WILLIAMS, JOSHUA; Columbia, AL WILLIAMS, TERESA; Pleasant Grove, AL WILLIAMSON, VANCE; Honoraville, AL WILLIS, CYNTHIA; Montgomery, AL WILLIS. JANICE; Atlanta, GA WILSON, DAVID; Troy, AL WILSON, DREW; Ft. Walton, FL WINGATE, WANDA; Bristol, FL WISHARD, JEFREY; Ft. Washington, MD WOOD, ELIZABETH; Selma, AL WOOD, TERRI; Union Spr., AL WOODARD, THOMAS; Troy, AL WOODHAM, CAROL; Hartford, AL WOODS, SEGARS; Ozark, AL WOODS, TONY; Dothan, AL WURTZ. KAREN; Dothan, AL WYNN, VIRGINIA; Montgomery, AL YEILDING. ALICIA; Smiths, AL YOUNG, JACKIE; Opelika, AL YOUNG, SCOTT; Sarasota, FL YOUNG, TERRY; Elba, AL ZELKO, MONICA; Montgomery, AL ZESSIN, BRENT; Florala, AL ZIMMER, TONIA, Ft. Rucker, AL 386 Seniors GRADUA TES ARMSTRONG DEBE Luveme. AL . CANDICE Selma AL ' ON. USA Dothan AL BARR NANCY. Troy AL BASSE TT JANET. LakeOrv: Montgomery. AL BEDSOLE JOHN Trc. BOGART MARIA. Montgorr -- . BRENDEMUEHL ROBERT Mananna FL ROOKS NORMAN Troy AL BROWN LINDA Montgomery. AL BROWN LINDA Montgomery AL BRYANT JIMMIE Lebanon. IN BUCKNER SHAREEN Montgomery. AL BUSH. ALICE. Montgomery AL CARPENTER RITA Brantte. CARROLL KIMBERLY Troy AL CHAMBERLAND. GERARD. Troy AL COBB STEPHEN Troy AL COPE. BEVERLY. Troy AL COWLES. MARLENE Troy AL CRAWFORD PAM. Troy. AL CROSBY. JANE Troy. AL DENMAN. SCOTT. Orlando FL DONALDSON. MARY Samson AL DUNCAN DONNA Troy. AL ENNIS. ANDREW. Dothan AL FAULKNER. JANE. Midway AL GARRETT. JEANNE. BrundOge AL GRIDER LOUISE. New Brocton. AL HARDEN RITA. Troy AL HEMBY. JAMES. Opp AL HOWINGTON. MARTHA. Troy AL JENKINS. DONALD. Stocomb. AL JENKINS. WARREN. Troy. AL JOHNSON. LOUIS. Fkxala. AL KETCHAM. ANN. Montgomery AL KJER CAROLYN. Montgomery. AL LAECHELIN BRENDA San Antonc. TX LEE TERRY Brundidge AL LENNON. STEPHANIE. Merntl Is . FL LOT! JUDY. Montgomery. AL McCANTS. MONICA. Dothan AL McCAULEY. THOMAS. Clayton. AL McHARDY. GLENDA Montgomery. AL MONROE. DENlSE. Quitma- MONROE JOHN. Maxwell AFB AL MULLEN KAREN Mobile. AL OSBURN PAULA Montgomery AL POWERS. JOAN. Troy AL PRAETORIUS MARCELLE Montgomery. AL PITTS DENNIS. Cottonwood AL RAILEY. MELANIE. Troy. AL REEVES BRENDA. Troy. AL RICE VELMA Troy. AL RODDAM HENRY. Troy. AL SANDERS. MARGARET Luver- SIMPSON GEORGIA Montgome-. SHEPPARD. ROBERT Troy AL STALUNGS. SUSAN. Ft Ruche- TAYLOR DEBORAH Newvie. AL THOMAS NORMA. Troy. AL WALLACE. JUDIE Montgomery AL WALLACE. KATHI. BrantV. WARD GLENDA. Trc . WILLIAMS PAMELA Opp. A L -ON GARY Troy AL ; ERLY. WANDA Montgome-. WINGARD ROSE Luveme. AL WYBORNY CHARLES TK ■ 387 Graduates . " -I M. Student Publications Board 390 Palladium Staff 391 Closing 394 Senior Directory 398 Index 402 CLOSING Staff: Ray Bendall Jeff Johnston Holly Rousseau Photographers Donny Bowling Ed Moseley Donald Norsworthy John Ranson Ck sir g 389 University Student Publications Board The University Student Publications Board (UPSB) serves as a policy setting Board whose chief respon- sibly is to exercise supervi- sion over the Tropolitan, the Palladium, and any other Uni- versity publication the Presi- dent of the University places under the Board ' s jurisdic- tion. The USPB promotes the highest standards of journal- ism in the operation of stu- dent publications under its jurisdiction. The Board also ensures that those publica- tions are responsive to the concerns and needs of the University community. Also the Board assures that these publications operate in the spirit of fairness, decency, truthfulness, and accuracy including the correction of er- rors in factual reporting pre- viously disseminated. The USPB assures the publications freedom from censorship and the editor of those publications the right to develop their own editorial policies and news coverage. The USPB serves a manage- ment board. The Board se- lects, employs, and termi- nates the editors and busi- ness managers of the Tropolitan, the Palladium, and any other University publications placed under its jurisdiction. Similarly, the Board also supports those editors and managers against arbitrary suspension and removal because of stu- dent, faculty, administrative or public disapproval of edi- torial policy or content. Members of the 1984 Student Publi- cations Board include: Jacqueline Smith, Leslie Carroll, Debra Bennett, and Christina Harold. Row Two: Jeff Johnston, Douglas Hawkins, Edward Peeks, Merrill Bankester, and Rappy Perez. Row Throe: Joey James and Brett Wilson. Mem- bers not pictured include: Don Gib- son, Jim Josephs. 390 USPB Palladium Staff The Palladium Staff was composed of many people all of which came from various fields of study. Each came to- gether to work, to study, and to play in order to produce this book. This book reflects the views and talents of each staffer. Each member of the Palladium Staff played a vital role in the completion of the Volume of the Palladium. Members of the staff shown above include: San- dra Mobley, Features Editor; Susan Taylor. Sports; Suel- len Snoekstra, Greeks Edi- tor; Valerie Kelley, Organiza- tions; Holly Rousseau, Ad- vertising Manager; Ray Bendall, Associate Editor; Charlie Finch, Organizations Editor; Susie Thurmon, Greeks; Jeff Johnston, Edi- tor-in-Chief; Mary Blair Ray, Greeks; Jacqueline C. Smith, Advisor; Leslie Carroll, Busi- ness Manager; Susie Web- ber, Campus Life; and Au- burn Foreman, Campus Life. Members of the staff not shown above include: Naomi Black, Dorell Dorsey, Lisa Helms, Jason Jones, Ro- mona McCullough, Audrey Nelson, and Greg Purvis. Paiiodium Staff 391 Jeff Johnston Editor k l Ray Bendall Associate Editor Leslie Carroll Business Manager Jacqueline C. Smith Advisor 392 Palladium Charlie Finch Organization Editor Suellen Snoekstra Greek Editor Holly Rousseau Advertising Manager Sandra Mobley Feature Editor Palladium 393 1983-84 . . . After countless hours of classes, labs and midnight study sessions, practical jokes and " pity parties, " ro- mances and broken hearts, national championships and " Whup J ax State " rallies, summer break arrives. It seems only yesterday that we were moving into the dorm. Time seems to pass so quickly. This year has definitely been a " learning experi- ence. " College has taught us much about living. College helped us become mature adults without ever forget- ting how to play. 1983-84 . . . one year along life ' s journey, yet a spe- cial year filled with special memories. 4, ? 394 Closing Closing 395 Though time was frozen for you to play with, to enjoy, to dream about, it was mere- ly postponed. As it moves on, so must you. On to bigger and better things. On to brighter tomor- rows and newer dreams. Hold on to your dreams, for if they die, life is a broken- winged bird which cannot fly. Dreams build goals, andgols build futures. But, remember your past dreams as well. For without them, you would not be where you are today. Our pictures and words captured a small reflection of your dreams and made them last. They merely need your imagination and memories to come alive. So, enjoy. . . (and keep dreaming) now and for- ever, for time remains in your hands. f x v m ATV tfM M ih Wa Z ft ,-- ' - v . A kZ i 396 Closing Closing 397 Senior Directory Diane M. Arnzen Grangeville, Idaho; Business Administration Marketing; Student Government Associ- ation: Executive Committee, Vice President, Energy Con- servation Standing Commit- tee, Publications Board, Sen- ator from Gardener Hall, Co- Chairman Student Services, Co-Chairman Student-Get- A-Student Program; Ala- bama President ' s Council of Student Government Associ- ations; Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Uni- versities; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gamma Beta Phi; Trojan Hostess; Catholic Campus Ministry; Campus Outreach; Adams Center Union Board Committee Member; Hamil Hall House Council — Treasurer, 1981; Assistant Director Gardner Hall 1982, 1983, 1984; Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority: So- cial Chairman, Chapter Guard, Greek Intramurals: Softball, Basketball; Jr. Pan- hellenic; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon Little Sister; Dean ' s List; 1982 Miss Venus; 1st Run- ner-up to Homecoming Queen 1981; 3rd Runner-up to Homecoming Queen 1982; George C. Wallace Leader- ship Scholarship 1980-84. Allyson LaPread Ashcraft Montgomery, Alabama; Psy- chology Sociology; Kappa Delta Sorority: Philanthropy Chairman, Fraternity Rela- tions Chairman; Troy State Volleyball Statistician; Sigma Alpha Sigma. Laurie Ann Badger Baker, Florida; Political Sci- ence Social Science; Baptist Student Union: The Peace Corps; Tropolitan Staff; Sig- ma Alpha Sigma: Newsletter editor; Wesley Foundation; ACUB. Ray Bendall Athens, Alabama; Business Administration: CIS; Phi Eta Sigma: President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Del- ta Kappa; Mortar Board: His- torian; DPMA; Baptist Stu- dent Union: President; Palla- dium: Associate Editor; Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who Among American Universi- ties and Colleges. Genevieve Blizzard Clearwater, Florida: Print Journalism Public Relations; Angel Flight; ISCO; Tropoli- tan Staff: Reporter, Photog- rapher, News Editor, Editor; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa: Presi- dent; Mortar Board: Editor; Sigma Delta Chi; Catholic Campus Ministry Associ- ation: Vice-President, Presi- dent; University Dancers; Who ' s Who Among Ameri- can Colleges and Universi- ties. Bernestine Bradley Headland, Alabama; Busi- ness Administration Man- agement; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: President; Phi Gamma Nu: Secretary; Liai- son of Management Majors to Administration; House Council Representative for Pace Hall; Arnold Air Society: Comptroller; Assistant Direc- tor Pace Hall; Afro American Society; AFROTC: Staff Member. Mary Frank Brown Montgomery, Alabama; Pub- lic Relations; Kappa Delta; DMA; Baptist Student Union; Collegiate Singers; Sigma Delta Chi. Cathy Bruce Waycross, Georgia; English- Political Science Education; Alpha Delta Pi: President, Vice-President, Correspond- ing Secretary; Sigma Tau Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Tro- jan Ambassador; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Del- ta Kappa, SNEA, Delta Chi: White Carnation Girl. Ronald J. Cink Fairhope, Alabama; Busi- ness Administration Ac- counting; Student Govern- ment Association: Senator, President Pro Tern-Senate, Supreme Court; Sigma Chi: Rush Chairman, Vice-Presi- dent, President. Gary E. Cook Georgiana, Alabama; Busi- ness Administration — CIS Music; Collegiate Singer: Vice-President, Tour Group; Baptist Student Union: En- semble; Gamma Beta Phi, Outstanding Young Men of America, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfo- nia. Vicki Comer Robertsdale, Alabama; Busi- ness Administration CIS French; Phi Kappa Phi; Mor- tar Board: President; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta: President: Alpha Lambda Delta: Secretary, Ju- nior Advisor; Phi Eta Sigma: Vice-President; Gamma Beta Phi; DPMA; Baptist Student Union: Executive Council, Ensemble; President ' s and Dean ' s List. Lisa Gwyn Compton Brantley, Alabama; Early Childhood Educatoin; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Circle K; Baptist Student Union; Assiciation for Child- hood Education Internation- al; Student Alabama Educa- tion Association; Who ' s Who Among American Universi- ties and Colleges. Deborah Anne Cribb Waycross, Georgia; Music Education; Band: Marching, Concert Symphonic; Colle- giate and Madrigal Singers; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Psi Omega: Presi- dent; Sigma Alpha lota; Op- era Workshop Productions: Carousel, Fiddler on the Roof, Kismet, South Pacific, The Pirates of Penzance, Guys Dolls, and The Mika- do; Drama Department Pro- ductions: Matchmaker and Mousetrap. Sandra Lynn Culbertson Dothan, Alabama; Business Administration Accounting; 398 Senior Director Dothan Advertising Feder- ation Scholarship Recipient, National Dean ' s List Associ- ation; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Theta Kappa: Vice-Presi- dent; Phi Gamma Nu: Vice- President; Lambda Chi Al- pha: Sweetheart; Student Government Association: Senator; TSU Softball Team; " T " Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Linda Daurice Cummins Crystal River, Florida; Ele- mentary Education; Chi Omega Fraternity: Vice President, Assistant Secre- tary, Historian; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Argonauts; Kappa Delta Pi; AATE; Sig- ma Chi; Little Sister. Barbara Susan Daniels Aliceville, Alabama; Criminal Justice Art; Sound of the South Marching Band; TSU Concert Band; Lambda Al- pha Epsilon: Treasurer; American Criminal Justice Association. Robin Ellis Valley, Alabama; Computer Science-Math French; French Club; Square Root of C Math Club; Gamma Beta Phi; Circle K: Secretary; DPMA: Treasurer; House Council Cowart: President. Auburn Ray Foreman Brundidige, Alabama; Palla- dium Staff; Phi Beta Lambda: Social Committee; Collegiate Singers; Opera Workshop: Oklahoma, chorus. Homer Lamar Futch, Jr. Mulberry, Florida; Computer and Information Science Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Delta: Big Brother; DPMA, Who ' s Who Among Colleges and Universities, Wesley Singers, Wesley Foundaion. Christina Dianne Harold Evergreen, Alabama; Jour- nalism Political Science; Sig- ma Pi Little Sister; Gamma Beta Phi; Tropolitan: Type- setter, Copy Editor, Report- er, Editor; Christian Student Center, Dean ' s List; George C. Wallace Scholarship; Ala- bama Women ' s Press Asso- ciation Scholarship; Sigma Delta Chi: Treasurer. Zelda Angelia Hamilton Headland, Alabama; Com- puter Science Criminal Jus- tice; Afro American Society; Phi Gamma Nu; Delta Sigma Theta: Vice President; DPMA: Secretary; Panhel- lenic. Tina Louise Helms Louisville, Alabama; Busi- ness Administration Ac- counting; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Circle K: Treasurer; Phi Gamma Nu; Baptist Student Union; Assistant Director: Gardner; Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Uni- versities. Joey K. James Florence, Alabama; Europe- an History ' Political Science- Geography; Student Govern- ment sociation: President; Omicron Delta Kappa, Ox- ford Scholar, Delta Chi Fra- ternity; Interfraternity Coun- cil; Debate Team, Truman Scholarship nominee. Mark Johnston Opp, Alabama; European- Asian History Political Sci- ence Computer Science, Baptist Student Union: President Chairman of Vespers; Circle K; Outstan- dingYoung Men of America Bob Jones Port St. Joe, Florida; Busi- ness Administration Market- ing; George C. Wallace Scholarship; Sigma Pi: Histo- rian, Secretary, House Man- ager, President; Inter-Frater- nity Council: Secretary, Greek of the Year 1983; Stu- dent Government Associ- ation Senate. Sherri Diane Killam Pensacola, Florida; Print Journalism Political Science; Gamma Beta Phi; Presi- dent ' s and Dean ' s List; Sig- ma Delta Chi: Vice President; Tropolitan: Managing Editor, News Editor, Copy Editor. G. Anne Kimmel DeFuniak Springs, Florida; Business Administration-Fi- nance; Kappa Delta: Parlia- mentarian; Treasurer; Presi- dent; Vice President; Omi- cron Delta Kappa: Vice President; Gamma Beta Phi: President; Student Govern- ment Association: Senator, Secretary, Supreme Court Justice; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Deans List; George C. Wallace Leadership Scholar- ship, Who s Who Among American Colleges and Uni- versities Sandra Kuchle Cape Coral, Florida. Mortar Board: Omicron Delta Kappa. Trojan Ambassador. Local Honor Society of Nurs- ing; Association of Nursing Students, Chi Omega: Presi- dent, Treasurer. Assistant Director Pace Hall, Ingall s Award Committee, Argo- nauts. Judy Lynn Manous Canton, Georgia; Phi Gam- ma Nu: President, Vice Presi- dent; Sigma Pi Little Sister. ACUB; Gamma Beta Phi, Ad- visory Council. Lu Ann Mansfield Birmingham. Alabama; Math Education Physics Educa- tion; Circle K; Math Club; Student National Education Association. Brett M. McHugh Doraville, Georgia. Business Administration, Alumni Hall Proctor; Assistant Director Alumni Hall; Assistant Direc- tor Clements; Student Gov- ernment Association Sena- tor; Alpha Psi Omega. John K. Menge Panama City Beach, Florida. Political Science. Circle K. Student Government Associ- ation: Traffic Appeals Court. Collegiate Singers. Baptist Student Union. Wesley Foun- dation. Newsletter Editor Senior Director 399 Betsy Anne Motley Eufaula, Alabama, Business Administration; Kappa Delta Sorority; DMA. Cathy Owings Demopolis, Alabama; Com- puter Science Math Music; Alpha Lambda Delta: Presi- dent, Senior Advisor; Sigma Alpha lota: Sergeant-at- Arms; Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Sound of the South Marching Band. Ken Pennington Mobile, Alabama; Elemen- tary Education; Collegiate Singers; ACEI; SNEA: SCEC: A ATE. James Cypriano Phillips Montgomery, Alabama; Busi- ness Administration Com- puter Science; Gamma Beta Phi: President, Vice Presi- dent; Mortar Board; George C. Wallace Schol arship; Business Statistics Tutor; Traffic Appeals Committee Member; Student Govern- ment Association Senator; College Republicans; TSU Council of Honor Societies Member. Gerrianne Plant Fort Myers, Florida; Journal- ism Political Science; Tropo- litan: Reporter, News Editor, Editor; Sigma Delta Chi; Chi Omega; Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Gam- ma Beta Phi; Student Publi- cations Board; President ' s Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Michele Shirley Proctor Cross City, Florida; Comput- er and Information Science; Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister; Delta Sigma Pi; DPMA; Gamma Beta Phi: Corresponding Secretaries; Trojan Track- ette; Dean ' s Student Adviso- ry Council; Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities; Wesley Singers; Baptist Student Union; Clements Hall Stu- dent Director. Lynn Qualtrough Montgomery, Alabama; Broadcast Journalism Busi- ness Administration French; WTSU-TV; WTBF; Tropolitan; Public Relations for TSU Plays; Writing Cen- ter Tutor. William Andrew Ray College Park, Georgia; Speech Communications Journalism English; ACUB: Vice-Chairman; Student Government Association: Senator, Traffic Appeals Committee; Gamma Beta Phi: Recording Secretary, First Vice-President; Sigma Delta Chi; Tropolitan: Copy Editor, Managing Editor; Dill Hall Apartments — Student Manager; George C. Wallace Scholarship. Margaret Page Reynolds Atlanta, Georgia; Social Sci- ence Geography Political Science; Kappa Delta; Angel Flight; Sigma Pi Little Sister; Omicron Delta Kappa; Stu- dent Government Associ- ation: Secretary; PCO Lead- er; Palladium Staff; Who ' s Who Among American Col- leges and Universities. Twila G. Ryan Robertsdale, Alabama, Busi- ness Administration Fi- nance; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Beta Lambda; Phi Gamma Nu; Palladium Staff; Campus Outreach; Baptist Student Union: Executive Council, Drama, Choir. Susan Sasser Pace, Florida; Chemistry Bi- ology Math; Gamma Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta: Presi- dent; Tro jan Seahorses: Sec- retary-Treasurer; Chi Ome- ga; Phi Kappa Phi; ISCO: Treasurer. David Lester Seanor Enterprise, Alabama; Music Education; Sound of the South Marching Band; Con- cert Band; Symphonic Band; Opera Orchestra; Phi Mu Al- pha: President. JoEllen Godwin Sorrells Brantley, Alabama; Business Administration; Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Phi Beta Lambda. Anita Lee Speck Liningston, Tennessee; Computer and Information Science Music; Chi Omega: Secretary; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon Little Sister; Sound of the South Majorette DPMA; George C. Wallace Leader- ship Scholarship. Teresa Lynn Watts Daleville, Alabama; Psychol- ogy Sociology; Kappa Delta; Sound of the South Major- ette; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Psi Chi. Tracy Anne Wenze Fort Walton Beach, Florida; Journalism Advertising; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Delta Kappa Epsilon: Sweetheart, Little Sister Treasurer; Alpha Gamma Delta: President; Sigma Del- ta Chi: Vice President; Tropo- litan; Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Uni- versities. Emily D. Williams Dothan, Alabama; Criminal Justice Social Rehabilitation Service; Bodybuilding Club; Trojan Hostess; Alpha Phi Sigma; Sigma Pi Little Sister. Cindy Willis Montgomery, Alabama; Soci- ology History Political Sci- ence; Kappa Delta; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa: President; Trojan Ambassador; Homecoming Queen; Oxford Scholar 1983; Panhellenic President; Supe- rior Students Committee; University Publications Board; Phi Alpha Theta; Out- standing Young Women of America; Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Uni- versities. Elizabeth Dianne Wood Selma, Alabama; Business Administration Manage- ment; Baptist Student Union: Choir, Drama Group; Phi Gamma Nu: Treasurer; Circle K. Carol Woodham Hartford, Alabama; Early Childhood Education; ACUB; Association for Childhood Education International; Stu- dent National Education As- sociation; Circle K. 400 Senior Directory Index 401 335, Abbott, Thomas K. 162 Abdalla. Isam M. 365 Abdalla, Walied M. 335 Abney, Gail Juanita 168, 178 Adair, Riley M. 165, 196, 365 Adair, Walter L. 335 Adamec, Michael J. Adams, Cathy Adams, Pamala Sue Adams, Sharon Leigh Adamson, Marjorie A. Adcock, Deborah L. Aderman, Victoria L. Agbassi, Paulina O. Agee, Mary Ahlgren, April A. Aiken, John W. Aiken, Stephanie A. Akins, Lisa Akin, Carol Akins, Nancy F. Al Akhdar, Walid Al-Sabej, Majed Albert, Reginald Alberto, Edwin Alday, Alicia D. Alexander, Charles A. Alexander, Jo Lynn Alexander, Melvin Alexander, Michael D. Alicea, Lisa Marie Allegri, Christopher Allen, Deborah Kaye Allen, Donna Michele Allen, Eva Hallford Allen, Kelly L. 162,186,195,353 Allen, Kimbely L. 335 Allen, Lawrence Burt 335 Allen, Rhonda D. 180, 181, 335 Allen, Scott J. 166, 353 Allen, Stephen R. 335 Allen, Susan 353 Allen, Trina D. 353 Allen, Wanda 353 Allred, Clifford E. 243, 279, 335 Almuziani, Amel M. 335 Alsobrook, Alice 196, 197, 365 Alvarez, John M. 166, 198, 335 Amason, Wanda Sue 335 Ambers, Deborah 353 Amesbury, Gregory C. 335 Amison, Mike D. 160, 178, 335 Amlong, Jeffrey A. 353 Anders, Hazel 365 Anderson, Barbara L. 335 Anderson, Donna G. 162, 186, 196, 197, 353 Anderson, Edna Sue 335 Anderson, Eric R. 178, 353 Anderson, Kenton C. 191,353 Anderson, Michael R. 278 Anderson, Neal 353 Anderson, Randy K. 353 Anderson, Teresa A. 353 Anderson, Troy Damon 353 Anderson, William N. 36 365 365 365 353 203, 353 335 335 365 335 353 165, 353 287, 353 335 365 158 281, 335 281 161 162, 365 335 161, 184 335 335 365 335 162 335 353 353 Andoe. KathnnaF. 158,170,335 Andress Dimple Ann 170, 213 Andress, Kerry Wade 258, 365 Andress, Susan D. 158 Andrews. Betsie M. 268, 365 Andrews C. Lanese 365 Andrews, Elizabeth D. 365 Andrews, Jack Edward 365 Andrews, Jackie B. 365 Andrews, Jenny Lynne162, 186 Andrews, Marshall L. 335 Andrews, Michael D. 353 Andrews, Oscar C. 335 Angelo, Christopher 353 Angelyn, Holley 365 Ansley, Jill 365 Anthony, Dexter W. 365 Aplin, James G. 335 Appley, Mitchell Sco 335 Arbogast, Karen L. 365 Arceneaux, Joseph J. 365 Archer, Tim M. Ard, Starla Ann Armour, Sarah L. Armstrong, Sherri L. Armstrong, Ward L. Arnold, Donnie Marsh Arnzen, Diane M. Arrington, Brenda Asbury, Lawrence Ashcraft, Allyson L. Ashcraft, Courtney L. Ashcraft, Malinda J. Ashford, Andrea Ashmore, SheriK. Askew, Robert S. Asmussn, Tina Atkins, Pamela C. Aultman, William D Austin, Mendy L. Austin, Sandra Lynn Austwick, Brad A. Averett, Kevin D. Avery, David Avery, Mamie G. Avrette, Allison L. 160, 167, 168, 265 353 335 288, 353 365 365 158, 34 163, 365 335 162, 186 164 353 161, 365 158,247,263 335 335 335 165, 196, 335 335 353 164, 335 162 365 335 186 B Babington, Kristina Bacon, Deborah Ann Bacote, Thomas J. Badami, Dawn M. Baggett, Jeffrey S. Bailey, Jill Kathlee 160 Bailey, Leartis Bailey, Robert C. Bailey, Timothy O. Bailey, Zobria Bain, Lori Baker, Charlotte M. Baker, Gussie Etta Baker, James M. Baker, Jean 160, 335 353 353 335 335, 353 ,252,365 335 365 335 335 335 203 268 335 335 Baker, Richelle L. 158, 168, 256 Baldwin, Linda Faye 365 Baldwin, William D. 353 Ball, Joann 335 Ballard, Calvin 159, 174, 335 Ballard, Jerome 159, 174, 365 Ballard, Melissa S. 353 Ballard, Shannon E. 353 Ballard, Suzanne 335 Ballow, Leigh Ann 335 Bankester, Daniel T 166, 353 Bankester, S. Scott 335 Banks, Dave Michael 365 Banks, Harold J. 353 Banks, Kenneth W. 335 Banks, Nedra Y. 354 Barbaree, Robin S.165, 191 , 354 Bare, Leila K. 365 Barfield, Nancy Diane 247, 284 Barger, Thomas Dale 354 Barker, Jeremy James 354 Barner, Robert M. Jr. 178 Barnes, Elizabeth 365 Barnett, Kimberly 158, 365 Barnett, Mary 256 Barnette, Charles 365 Barnette, Sonya L. 354 Barras, Steven 178 Barrero, Manuel 365 Barrett, Bobby Lee J. 354 Barrett, John J. 335 Barron, Brenda L. 335 Barron, Davy L. 335 Barron, Daryl 278 Barron, Mary Lisa 158, 354 Barrow, Era A. 365 Bartee, Marilyn 335 Barton, Phillip R. 180, 354 Barton, Valerie A. 274 Bass, Joan 354 Bass, Timothy J. 164,354 Bassett, Edward 160, 178, 354 Batchelor, Donald O. 164, 365 Batie, Loretta 335 Bauman, Willie G. Jr. 258, 335 Baymiller, Michael S. 365 Bazzell, Deanna 335 Beamsderfer, Selinda 365 Bean, Gloria J. 335 Beasley, Linda F 252, 354 Beasley, Tim M. 252, 365 Beaty, Robert D. 165, 170, 366 Beck, James H. 366 Beck, Jennifer 354 Beckham, Randall K. 160, 178, 354 Bedell, Rachel S. 249, 366 Bedford, Chantay C. 287, 335 Bedsole, Savanah Dia. 366 Belk, Glynda Sue 288 Bell, Jacqueline 335 Bell, Karen 366 Bell, Sarah E. 265 Bell, Sharon R. 335 Bell, Susan M. 354 Bellamy, Edna C. 335 Bendall, William Ray 247,251, 278, 287 Bender, Cynthia A. 335 Bennett, Andrew J. 335 Bennett, DebraE. 158. 168.213, 366 Benoit, Patricia 250, 335 Benton, Charles Keith 366 Benton, Gregory J. 336 Bergquist, Victoria 354 Berretto, Judith A. 195, 354 Berry, Cassandra C. 336 Berry, Charles 336 Berry, Vanessa L. 366 Bess, Ida E. 336 Beverly, Gerald 366 Bickel, James J. 164, 336 Bilbrey, Terry L. 366 Billings, David 336 Billingsley, Mary L. 336 Binford, Lori A. 163, 354 Bisceglio, David A. 336 Bishop, Kenneth T. 336 Bitzer, Sue 354 Bjorgan, Jon E. 354 Black, Jerry D. 354 Black, Naomi R. 256 257 Blackburn, Susan A. 271 366 Blackmon, Stephen K 336 Blackwell, Garry D. 336 Blackwell, Tina Marie 336 Blair, Linda 336 Blair, Stacy N. 366 Blake, Susan G. 247 Bland, Sheila R. 336 Blankenbeker, Dennis 354 Blankenship, Jeff 164 336 Blaydes, Mary G. 354 Blevins, Joseph P. 165 354 Blizzard, Genevieve 247 272 Bodden, Marcia 336 Bodiford, David W. 336 Bogan, Alveda R. 366 Bogen, Kirk R. 354 Boggs, Terri 354 Boggun, Maurice 159 174 , 366 Boggus, K. Ann 336 Boles, Teddy L. 165 196 , 366 Bond, Brenda 354 Bonds, Sherwin 271 Bonner, Benjamin 159 174 , 366 Bonner, Lynda J. 336 Booker, Wanda L. 336 Boone, Todd K. 336 Boone, Traci K. 336 Boothe, Ronnie L. 336 Boozer, Janet M. 160 , 354 Borders, Dawn R. 354 Borie, Leah D. 354 Botts, Julianne 354 Boulware, Jean 336 Boutin, Donna 336 Bowden, Amy K. 336 Bowden, Betsy D. 286 , 336 Bowdin, Kristopher R . 164 , 354 Bowen, Linda 366 Bower, Lisa T. 366 Bowers, Christopher 336 Boyd, Bobby L. 336 Boyd, Dawn R. 159 , 172 , 274 Boyd, Mary E. 336 Boyer, Bethany P. 366 Boyte, Kenneth J. 163 , 336 Bozeman, Russell F. 165 , 336 402 Index Bracewell, Albert 336 Bracewell, Kenneth P. 336 Bracewell. Mary B 247 Bracken, Richard V. 336 Brackin. Tandrea L. 354 Brackney. Beth A 354 Bradberry. Sandra D 354 Braden, Mary C. 366 Bradford, Inez 366 Bradford, Michael D 166 Bradley, Bernestine 161, 182, 283 Bradley, Clara A. 167, 213, 204, 205 Bradley, Elizabeth R 366 Bradley, Lee 279, 354 Bradley, Robby W. 165,336 Bradley, Robert 336 Bradley, Tamya 336 Bradshaw, Laurel A. 354 Branning, William D 161 Brannon, Nancy M. 366 Brannon, Phillip 258. 366 Brantley. Jacqueline 336 Brantley, Mark 336 Brantley, Sarah F. 336 Branton, Foy D. 336 Brassell, Bowen H. 336 Brauer, Michael V, 366 Brauer, Robert R. Jr. 336 Bray, David G. 161. 178, 366 Bray, Paula D. 158, 336 Breadwell, Angela L. 336 Breidenstein, Carla 158. 168, 366 Brennan, Diane 354 Brewster, Charles D. 202 Brewster, Sharon L. 243, 354 Bridges, Harry D. 336 Bright, Robert D. 336 Bnngardner, Joseph 165, 336 Bnnson, Jeff Bryan 366 Broadaway, Laura 246 Broadway, Sherry L. 354 Brock, Jeffrey Train 164, 366 Brock, Matthew 336 Brockman, Bobby G. 354 Bronar, Mary B. 336 Bronson, Walter 256, 278, 366 Brookins, Betty J. 256, 257 Brookins, Linda Joyce 243, 336 Brooks, Brenda G. 366 Brooks, Karen J. 162, 186, 336 Brooks, Norman D 258 Brooks, Rachel W. 366 Brooks. Shirley A. 336 Brown, Anthony Q. 336 Brown, Ashley D. 336 Brown. Bobby J 366 Brown. Chrissy 163 Brown, David E. 336 Brown, David R. 170, 180, 336 Brown, Gregory W. 288. 366 Brown, James D. 161, 184. 366 Brown, James F 366 Brown, Jayne 366 Brown, Joycelyn R. 336 Brown, Julie A. 160. 180, 181. 336 Brown. Lisa E. 336 Brown, Lissa C 158, 168. 178. 179 Brown, Mary Frank 162. 186 Brown, Michael 336. 366 Brown, Nancy O 366 Brown, Nathaniel 257, 366 Brown, Nola M 336 Brown, Rebecca L. 336 Brown, Steve B 336 Brown, Steven D 366 Brown, Tina G. 366 Brown, Yvonne F. 336 Bruce, Catherine A. 158, 168, 178, 179, 250, 284 Brundidge, Eddie L. 336 Bryan, Cathy R. 162. 186. 213 Bryant. Dianna M. 336 Bryant, Lisa 195 Bryant. Reginald J 167 Buce. William D. 336 Bucket, Cheryl 274 Bulger, William K. 198 Bullard, Andy B. 294, 295 Bullard, Angela K. 162,186,195, 336 Bullard, Carla J. 162, 186, 337 Bullard. Patricia 337 Bullock, Gary 256 Bullock, Robert E. 337 Bundrick, Louanne 337 Burgess Richard L. 337 Burkett, Arnold P. 166, 198 Burman, Bridgett E. 337 Burnette. Darlene 337 Burns, Darlene 337 Burns, Debby L. 163 Busby, Terri L. 337 Bush, Monique 337 Byars, John B. 337 Byrd, Mernlyn M. 158, 170, 337 Byrd, Susan G. 337 Cade. Lucas I. 286 Caldwell. Jeffrey S. 337 Caldwell, John R. 337 Caldwell, Kim J. 337 Caldwell. Tomeka D. 294 Calhoun, Larry C. 161, 178 Calhoun, Mary L. 337 Calhoun, Pamela 337 Calhoun, Sandra L 337 Calhoun, Vicki L. 203, 337 Calhoun, Webbie 337 Callaway, Morgan O. 337 Callioras, Sue E. 337 Calton, Steven L. 164 Cambrey, Carolyn A. 195 Cameron, Denise 279 Camp, Cara A 337 Campbell, David E. 258 Cannedy, Clifford F 337 Cannedy, John Fitzgerald 337 Canner, Lloyd 288 Cantrell. Michael A. 166. 198 Capps. Darlene P. 337 Carner. Ellen 288 Carnes. Brian W 337 Carney. John B 166. 198 Carney, Sean J, 166. 198 Carodine. Craig E 278 Carpenter, Marilea C. 36. 337 Carpenter. Robert E. 337 Carr. Cameran 288 Carr, Cathy D 162. 186 Carroll, Juanita G. 337 Carroll, Leslie Rae 34,158,170, 243. 337 Carson, Hope A 286 Carswell, Harold 337 Carter, Arthur L. 283 Carter, Cairol Ruth 337 Carter, Charles W. 337 Carter, Donna 337 Carter, Eva C. 170,247,251 Carter, Marie 337 Carter, Nancylou 160, 337 Carter, Nanette 355 Carter, Rudolph 337 Carter, Thomas E. 337 Carter, Travis 337 Carter, Troy L. 337 Casey, Cheryl 337 Casey, Connie 158, 271 Casey, Dana Jane 337 Casey, Shane Douglas 337 Casey, Wanda J. 337 Cassaday, Angie 337 Cassady, Michael D. 164, 191 Castillo, Milagros 355 Castleberry, Jackie 337 Catrett, Thomas D 355 Cauthen, William D. 337 Cetti, Anne C. 252. 273 Cetti, Marsha C. 250. 251 Chancey, Donna Leigh 337 Chandler, Gregory F 165, 170, 347. 355 Chandler. Tammy Gail 272. 281 Chapman, Martha J. 355 Chase, Ronald J. 355 Cherry, Georgia 337 Childs, Burnice A. 337 Cink, Ronald J. 165 Clark, David S. 163 Clark, John A. Jr. 165. 355 Clark, Joyce 337 Clark. Lisa 337 Clark, Michael H. 180 Clark, Patricia 337 Clark, Rusty 163. 264. 265 Clark. Susan 337 Clark, Thomas R 355 Clark, William G Jr. 178. 355 Clayton. Anita 180, 256. 257. 288 Clayton, Gwendolyn 337 Clayton, Juanita A. 337 Cleary, Kern Denise 337 Cleckley, Joy 337 Clem, William H III 337 Clements, Cynthia L. 160. 197. 337 Clenney, Carol S. 337 Clenney, Robin M. 163. 355 Chne, Karen M. 180. 337 Clyatt. Jennifer M 162.186.355 Cobb. Ahsa L 337 Coburn. Mary 337 Cochran. Cathy D 355 Cochran. Lonme J 337 Cockrell. Laura L 158 168 Coker, Gayle 355 Cole. Nena 337 Coleman. Catherine H 1 58. 1 68 355 Coleman. Dorothy 337 Coleman. James D 338 Coleman, Paul J 338 Coleson. Todd 279 Collier, Brenda J 355 Collins, Kimberly An 158. 168. 338 Collins. Shannon R 163 Colmar. Susan Lynn 338 Colson. Mitchell Tod 338 Colvin. Rita D 355 Combs, Beverly Denis 338 Comer. Vicki D 243. 247. 251. 278. 287 Compton. Bruce W 338 Compton. Lisa Gwyn 246. 247. 287 Conant. Philip Byron 355 Conder. Michael E 338 Connell. Angie 355 Conner. Robert 288 Conoly. David Alan 180. 338 Cook. Carol Cruise 338 Cook. Gary Eugene 266 Cook. Lashon 338 Cooke. Bryan Gary 163. 338 Cooper, Edwina 338 Cooper. Jacquelyn O. 251. 265 Cooper. Philip D 166. 198 Cooper. Renee 338 Cooper. Teresa 294 355 Copeland, Clifford D 355 Coplen. Kelly 338 Corbm. Sandra 355 Corbitt. Bryant D 338 Cord. Hendnk Leende 165 Corley. Glen A 355 Corn. Beverly Lee 268 Cornelius. Gary W. 163.355 Corr. Camaron Bartle 288. 355 Corsmo. Kimberly Re 338 Corsino. Susan D 338 Cosgrove. Phyllis Jo 338 Coston. Thomasette L 338 Cottle. David 338 Cottle. Gary L 161. 178. 355 Council. Tommy W 338 Cowan. Breck M. 180 Cowart Cary S 166 Cowart Henry Cievel 198 Cox. Brenda 338 Cox. Lon A 355 Cox. Paul M 164. 338 Cox. Rufus. Jr 161. 184. 355 Cox. Susan Elizabeth 203 Crabtree. Kelley Jea 338 Craddock. Linda Loui 161. 182 Craft. Mariana lannu 355 Craig. Paul Edward J 164 Craver. Shelby 338 index 403 Crawford, Alfonso C. Creel, Adam J. Creel, Jeffrey S. Crenshaw, Alice Crenshaw, Fernette Crenshaw, Timothy R. Crews, Rory C. Cribb, Deborah Anne Cribb, Kenneth Allan Crittenden, Linda Crockett, Eileen Cronk, Stephen Cross, Angie J. 158, Crowe, Elizabeth D. Crowson, Harold Jr. Cude, Donna R. Cuellar Marie E. Cuellar, Monica Ann Culbertson, Sandra L. Culp, Dianna Kathryn Culp, Dykes Allen165, Culpepper, Karen Lei Culpepper, Robert M. Culverhouse, Donna L. Cumbie, Anita C. 243, Cummins, Linda Dauri Cunningham, Richard Cunningham, Valerie Curenton, Arthur D. Curenton, Lon Clark Curtis, Geore Lewis Curtis, Henry Alvin Curvin, Jeffrey Lynn Cusey, Tammy Jean Cutruzzula, Michael 338 355 338 338 355 338 338 246 355 338 338 338 170, 338 338 165, 196, 338 338 160, 338 160, 338 264, 265 158, 168 196, 355 338 355 160,355 287, 355 160, 196, 197, 246 164, 338 159, 172 338 164 338 165 338 338 161, 178, 338 D Dabbs, Stephen Powel 338 Dale, John Dwayne 338 Daley, Rebecca S. 338 Daniel, Dahl 338 Daniel, Loretta 338 Daniels, Barbara S. 260 Daniels, Peggy Yvonn 338 Dankewich, Clay J. 164, 355 Darby, Mary Jean 338 Dasinger, Kevin Edwa 338 Daugherty, Dianna Wy 158,168, 196, 197, 284 Daugherty, Ryan Wane 1 65, 1 68, 196, 197, 338 Daventport, Bryan Kei 355 Davenport, Dana Lee 338 Davis, Angela D. 288 Davis, Barbara Ann 264, 265 Davis, Betty 338 Davis, Brockton S. 243, 283, 338 Davis, Carolyn 338 Davis, Chet S. 260 Davis, David A. 355 Davis, Deborah Kay 355 Davis, Donald Dougla 338 Davis, James II 338 Davis, James Ross 355 Davis, Jason W.ll 165,196,272, 284 Davis, Lamar 338 Davis, Karen Denise 160, 252 Davis, Richard Liles 338 Davis, Robert Lee 243, 338 Davis, Tracy A. 283 Dawwer, Helen 271 Day, Martha Jean 160, 196, 197 Deal, Alice Warren 262 Deal, Kevin Earle 164, 191 Dean, Gloria Elaine 338 Dean, Jody Annette 338 Deano, Chuck 204, 205 Deen, Lester Rippy 338 Dees, John Calvin 338 Delk, Denise Leslie 262, 263, 286 Deloach, Kimberly J. 158, 168 Demonbreun, Sherry S. 339 Denison, Joseph P. 167 Denison, William Rae 161,339 Dennis, Dushion 339 Dennis, George 339 Deramus, Angela D. 178, 179 Dewberry, Jane E. 339 Diamond, Alvin Roose 247, 287 Dicesare, Joseph Tho.164, 191 Dickens, Anthony Way 165, 339 Dickey, Cynthia Anne 339 Dickson, James M. 196, 339 Digiorgio, Donna Mar 339 Dillard, Tracy Alvin 163 Dingle, Aretha Ann 339 Dismukes, Billy Ray 163 Dismukes, Danni G. 339 Dixon, Andrew Morris 339 Dixon, David E. 339 Dixon, Jane F. 339 Dooley, Sharon 339 Dorsey, Dorrell L. 286 Dorsey, Lesley 339 Dorsey, E. Susan 163, 339 Doss, James Samuel 1164, 339 Doster, Lauri Ann 339 Doty, Christopher Ja. 161, 178 Douglas, Joseph W. Jr. 166 Dove, Brian Keith 161 Dowdle, Deborah Lynn 158, 168, 178, 179 Downes, Dana K. Doyle, Sharon L. 162, Dozier, Brent Lawson Drake, Harry L., Jr. Draughon, Larry Drew, Robert S. Dubberley, Keri Leig 186, Dubberly, Dena Lyn Dubose, Brad Dubose, Chico V. Duck, Derrell Dudley, Sherry Ann Duff, Julie Elizabeth Duffy, Jeremy L. Dugosh, Thomas Leroy 243, 339 Dumas, Valda Lynn 339 Dumpert, Tracy Alan 339 339 195 339 339 339 196 158, 170, 294, 339 158, 294, 295 339 339 339 287 288, 339 165 Duncan, Constance Le 339 Duncan, Dorothy 339 Duncan, Helen 339 Duncan, Kathy L. 158, 168, 339 Dunn, Charlotte 339 Dunn, Elizabeth K. 160. 274 Dunn, Joy A. 250 Dupree, Mary 356 Durrance Justin K. 196, 356 Duval, John Home 164, 339 Dye, Judith 246 Dykes, Belinda Rae 163 Dykes, Howard Oneal165, 196, 339 Everett, Janna L.158, 168, 178, 179, 339 Everett, Yolanda 356 Evers, John 356 Ewing, Keven James 257, 278 Earley, Sharon Y. 356 Easley, Robin Elaine 339 Edeker, Vance Duke 266 Edgar, David M. 356 Edge, Bryan 339 Edwards, Belinda Col 339 Edwards, Jon D. 282, 283 Edwards, Judith 339 Edwards, Karen 339 Edwards, Sandra Gaye 339 Edwards, Sidney 339 Efurd, Sandra Louise 279 Ehley, Ron A. 339 Eiland, Beth A. 339 Eiland, Randy 339 Elder, Wanda 339 Eldridge, Kelly A. 339 Eller, Sharon 339 Eilliard, Maurice 339 Elliot, Barbara A. 246, 251 Ellis, Charles M. 339 Ellis, Emory E. 165, 356 Ellis, Jeff A. 356 Ellis, Mark Brian 339 Ellis, Robin Joan 278, 279 Ellis, Selwyn H., Jr. 163,339 Ellison, Christl D. 356 Ellison, Elizabeth 203 Elmore, Chartes Mich. 339 Elrod, Lynn M. 159, 170, 195, 356 Endfinger, Thomas L. 356 Enfinger, David Lama 166, 198 Enfinger, Mary Lucil 339 English, J. Scott 165, 170, 196, 356 Engram, Jerry P. 339 Enzor, Jennifer L.158, 168, 339 Epting, Shirley Derr. 339 Erdoesy, John F. 164,339 Erickson, David Arno 256, 257 Esler, William B. 339 Etheredge, Roger Gra 258 Etheridge, Carlton W. 339 Etheridge, Carol 339 Etterlee, Farris Der 165, 196 Evans, Joseph 356 Evans, Sharon Michel 339 Evans, Sidney Darnel 159, 266 Everatt, Christy A. 163,339 Faber, Guy Frederick 163, Fail, Sandra Darlene Faircloth, Molly Faison, Leah Ellen 158,168, Fannin, Barbara Kim Fant, Vernon Scott Farmer, Angela G. 288, Farmer, Glenn K. Farmer, Wendy K. 160, Farrar, Lisa A. 159, 170, Faulk, Cathy Faulk, Francine Iren Faulk, Lois M. Faulkner, Pamela F. Faulkner, Zachary Ed Faust, James W. 164, 294, Fayson, Sheila Rena Felts, Edward Louis Fenn, Janet Fernandez, Yolanda T. 247, Ferrara, Ronald Paul 166, Ferrari, Karen L. Feuerbach, David A. Fewell, Jason Larue Ficke, Diane Carol 280, 281 , Fields, Teresa Marie Fields, Tim Finch, Charles H. 286, Findley, Andrew Dewa 161, Fitzwater, Johnny Va. Flanders, Walter B. Fleming, Allen Thomp165, Fleming, Maxwell Jr. 178, Fletcher, Alfred 165, Flowers, Allois Schu Flowers, Ann C. Flowers, Annette R. Flowers, Edna Dianne Flowers, Faye 1 58, 1 86, 294, Flowers, John Douglas Flowers, Kimberley R. Flowers, Mark Daniel Flowers, Melanie Ann Flowers, Patricia Ann Flowers, Reba Flowers, Rhonda Kim Flowers, Robert K. Floyd, Marianne 207, Foley, Donna Folmar, Nancy Delois Foltz, Jamie Elizabe 158, Fontenot, Chris Bern Foote, Jacqueline C. 163, Foote, Jeanne Lee 339 339 163 356 251 165 340 356 340 195 356 340 340 340 340 340 161 243 340 251, 284 198 356 202 340 283, 340 160 340 340 178, 252 356 356 196, 356 340 340 356 246 356 340 356 196 249 356 356 356 340 162 287 356 340 340 168 340 273 340 404 Index Ford, Dorothy Michel 340 Ford. Lori Ann 340 Ford, Ralph Eugene I. 161 Foreman, Auburn Ray 34 Foss, Ken Christin 164, 191 Foster. Amy Jean 271 Foster, C Barrett 340 Foster, Kenneth Dewa 356 Foster, Diana 340 Foster, Mildred A. 340 Fountain, Aubrey A. 356 Fowler, Karen Alane 160 Franklin Maria 356 Frazier, Arlester 340 Fredenckson. Erin L 196. 197 Freeman, Charles M. 340 Freeman, Derek W 340 Fry, Gregory Thomas 356 Fryar, Victoria 356 Fryer, Jill 340 Fugit. Tern 246 Fuller, Alandra Gail 159. 172 Fuller, Donald P. 283 Fuqua, Andrew M. 340 Futch. H. Lamar 165 Gable. Frances N. 286. 340 Gache. Jacqueline E. 160, 340 Gaddy, Jeannean 287, 356 Gaddy, Sabrina Lewis 243, 340 Gaines, Joseph M. 340 Galbraith, Connie M. 340 Gallucci, Sally D. 356 Gamache, Michael J. 356 Gamble, Marion 356 Gammage, Frances C. 356 Gantt, Angela Diane 162. 186. 356 Gardner, James A. 256, 257 Gardner, Jeffrey Sco. 286 Gardner, Valerie 182 Garland, Julie K. 160. 356 Garnder, Essie 356 Garner, Darlene Mari 340 Garner, David Edward 340 Garner, Michael D. 340 Garrett, Bruce 340 Garrett. Cynthia Lei 340 Garrett. Doyle Greg 178 Garrett, Stanley 356 Garrison, Susan R. 287 Garthnght. Warren 340 Gartman, Shelia Rena 340 Gass. Tracy W. 164, 340 Gates, Susan 340 Gatlin Richard T 356 Gauspohl.PaulEdwar 166.196, 356 Gauspohl. William Ed 166. 196 Gautney, Linda K. 260. 279 Gavin, Tanja Theresa 356 Gavras. Jimmie G. 356 Gearhart, Susan R. 356 Geeter, Frances Loui 356 Gell, Larry T 161 Geoghagan, Cynthia J 251 . 256. 257 Gerber, Michael Bret 340 German. Franklin Mar 340 Gewirtzman. Neil 356 Gibbs. Ronald Thomas 251 Gibbs, Sara Kate 159, 340 Gibson. Charles D 356 Gibson, Jason Wayne 340 Gibson, Kenneth Euge 356 Gibson, Pamela K. 196, 197, 213. 356 Gibson, Susan Lee Giddens. Jeffrey W. Gilbert, Scott A. 166. 198. 356 340 248. 356 340 340 258 356 Giles, Edythe M. Gilley, Marty Lee Gilley. Timothy Rola. 161 Gilliland, Kimberly252. 284 Gillman. Wanda Lanay 159,170, 196, 197 Gilmore, David E. Givens, Malia Anne Glass, James Darren Glass, Samuel Curtis Glassford, Douglas R. Glover, Alex Leroy Godwin, Ruby D. Godwin, Virginia Kay 162, 265 340 166 340 340 340 356 186, 340 356 196 Goff, Pam L. 162, 186 Golden, Barry Douglas Golden, Larry Lennan 161, 178, 191, 356 Golden, Mona 340 Golson, Helen Virgin 288, 356 Gooch, Kendall L. 356 Good, Claudette 340 Good, David Laurence 340 Goodman, Phillip Gorman, David F. Gorman, Elizabeth Le. 340 340 162,186. 340 Gorsuch, R. Jeffrey 340 Goss, Joseph B. 258. 356 Gostelow. Harry 196, 243, 278, 340 Gover, Larry E. 340 Granberry, Donald H. 340 Gravlin, Edward F. 340 Gray, Henry L. 356 Gray, James Thomas 356 Gray, Lesia A. 356 Green, CarleneR. 158.168.356 Green, Crystal Ann 356 Green, Daniel L. 243. 283. 356 Green, Darryl W. 159, 174 Green, Deborah L. 247 Green. Druelma 341 Green. Eva Mae 341 Green. Luther Clinto 341 Green. Pamela Sue 163, 356 Green, Patricia L. 356 Green, Patty J. 356 Green. Sharon E. 243. 341 Green. Shelia R. 341 Green, Thomas Weston252. 281 Greene, Mary Elizabeth 357 SUPER FOODS Home Owned and Operated 710 North Three Notch Troy, Alabama 36081 (205) 566-1640 Chester Garrett. Manager oJ!«ff t. . Greene, Robert D. 166.196,341 Greenspan, David Sam 166, 196, 341 Gregory, Christina D. 170 Gregory, Laurie H. Greiner, Tina Irene Gresham, Doug Gnce, Linda H. Grice, Robert E. Jr. Gnder, Karen Leigh H Griffin, Charmene D. Griffin, Donna Denis Griffin, Patricia D. 162 186. 252 Griffin, Renee Griffin, Stephanie E. Griggs, lanthia Rene Gnswold.DaneA. 166 Gnswold, Victor Fie. 36. 159. 207. 357 357 341 357 341 286. 357 159. 170. 341 341 341 178. 179. 272 357 341 341 196.357 165 243 260 Grogan. Tina M. 162. 186. 265 Grubbs. Randy Devon 357 Guillot. David M. 357 Gulley, Melissa K. 341 Gulley, Sandra R 357 Gunn. Cornelia 341 Gunter. Bobby 341 Gunter. Rhonda M. 163.207.341 Gunter, Starla L. 357 Gunter. William L. 287. 341 Guyton. Robert E 36. 164, 168. 357 Hadden, Kasey Shaw Haggerty. Linda Hale, Mary E Hale. Veronica R. Hall. Amy C. Hall. Byron Russell Hall, Diane Hall, Donald C Hall, James Thomas Hall, Lisa Lynn Hall. Norma Hall. Peggy S Hall. Rex A Hall. Ricky Lamar Hall. William Randolph Hall. William W . Jr Hall. Yolanda Hamilton. Bobby R Hamilton. Kenneth Ch 256 Hamilton. Tony D Hamilton. Zelda A 182 Hamlin. Thomas S Hamm. Charlotte Lee Hamm. Garry Lamar Hamm. Melissa Kaye Hammette. Rayford L 166 Hamner, William V Hampton, Melvin C 357 357 357 357 357 287 341 341 164 341 357 357 341 341 341 357 357 164 257. 286 341 256 341 271 357 341 341 341 341 Index 405 Hamrick, Rebecca A. 357 Hancock, Cheryl B. 357 Hand, Jamie P. 357 Hand, Sherri Lynn 159,170,207 Handwerk, Lisa 341 Handy, Gregory L. 341 Hanson, Anthony D. 191,357 Hanson, Kirsten P. 159,170,341 Hargrove, Shannon D. 196,197, 341 Hargroves, Karen 342 Harmon, Bruce Wayne 342 Harnage, Curtis K. 165 Harold, Christina D. 272, 273 Harper, Dawn L. 159, 170, 357 Harper, Lisa Dianne 162, 186 Harrell, Kenneth 357 Harrell, Robert Clark 243, 283, 357 Harrington, Joseph B. 271, 357 Harris. Crawford E. 357 Harris, Doree France 243, 342 Harris, Laquilla D. 342 Harris, Patrick B. 1 63 , 248, 249, 278 Harris, Portia R. 357 Harris, Ralph William 357 Harris, Richard W. 357 Harris, Rodger Lee 161, 170 Harris, William Greg 342 Harris, William Ralp 342 Harrison, Christopher 342 Harrison, Daniel All 164 Harrison, Mari J. 342 Harry, Jeffrey Scott 357 Hart, Christopher Er. 159, 174, 357 Hart, Mary D. 357 Hartert, Jana Jean 162, 186 Hartley, Betty 342 Hartman, Steven P. 287 Hartsell, Michael St. 357 Hartselle, Timothy C. 258 Harvell, Gloria Ann 1 80, 246, 251 Harvell, James Fred 180, 247, 251 Harvey, James M. Jr. 342 Hataway, Luther L. Jr. 342 Hatchett, Tamera R. 342 Hatten, Romaine D. 357 Hayden, Colleen 357 Hayes, Darrell Rayfe 159, 167, 174 Hayes, Sonja Mecishe159, 172 Haynes, Michael K. 357 Haywood, Jimmie L. 357 Heard, Alice F. 342 Heath, John D. 342 Heisler, Charleen 271, 279, 287 Hellmuth, David J. 196 Helms, Hugh William 342 Helms, Judy C. 163 Helms, Lisa Kaye 342 Helms, Tina Louise 279, 287 Helton, Kristopher D. 342 Henderson, Bonnie 342 Henderson, Christine 342 Henderson, Michele L. 288 Hendricks, James E. 342 Hendrickson, James S. 166,196 Hendrieth, Almedia 342 Hendrix, George E. II. 164, 342 Hendrix, Jacqueline 158, 168 Henken, Vera Ellen 180, 342 Henley, Melissa Dawn 342 Herald, Anneliese 251 Herbert, Hugh 166 Herold, Willy W. 166, 196, 283 Herring, Theresa Lyn 161 Hester, Joyce 342 Hicks, Antonio Monte 342 Hicks, Carlas 161, 184 Hicks, James T. 166, 196, 283 Hicks, Misty Lee 158, 168, 196, 197 Hicks, Teresa R. 163 Higdon, Karen A. 158, 168, 342 Higginbotham, Michael165, 342 Hightower, Gerald An 161, 184 Hill, Kellie Marie 342 Hill, Tana D. 170, 195, 342 Hillsman III, John M. 258 Hines, Matthew Bradl 342 Hinger, Diana Sue 159, 170 Hobbs, Lawrence C. 164 Hobbs, Lisa Anne 342 Hodge, Robert Kent 342 Hogan, Thomas Valor 163, 342 Hogue, Harriett I. 342 Hogue, Mary Elizabeth 246 Hoik, Herbert Edward 165 Holland, Kathleen L. 342 Holland, Walter Jeff 161 Hollingsworth Daron 342 Hollingsworth, Sam 342 Hollins, Felecia M. 342 Hollins, Sherrell D. 184 Hollis, Dixie Leigh 265 Hollis, Elizabeth A. 202, 203 Hollis, Sandra Rebec 160 Holloway, Jeannette 342 Holly, Kimberly R. 160 Holmes, Hope Latrell 342 Holmes, Jane 342 Holmes, Jeffery M. 1 66. 1 98, 342 Holzmann, Gerard C. 164 Hooper, Robin R. 158, 168, 342 Hooten, Brenda F 167,204,205, 213, 358 Hopper, Earl S. 163 Horn, Darryl Tederic 288 Horn, Edward L. 204, 205, 266, 358 Horst, Brian K. 164,342 Horstead, Cara Denes 342 Horstead, Ted 358 Horta, Mary Margaret 180, 271 Hosea, Nora Lynne 159, 170 Howard, Billie Jo 358 Howard, Herbert Wade 164 Howard, Peggy L. 342 Howard, Terri L. 160 Howard, Thomasine 342 Howard, William V 164 Howell, Charles A. 166,198,358 Howell, Timothy W. 166,272 GREEN ' S CITY DRUGS YOUR FAVORITE COSMETICS CANDIES GIFTS COMPLETE CARD AND NOVELTY SHOP " A COMPLETE DRUG CENTER " FIRST AID SUPPLIES VITAMINS PHOTO EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES TAPE PLAYERS 4 AND 8 TRACK TAPES PRESCRIPTIONS 400 Parklane Shopping Center 3 Blocks from Campus Gam Green and Spencer Burkett 566-3180 566-4740 406 Index TROJAN INN MOTEL " Home Away From Home " Air Conditioning Cable Color TV " Direct Dial Telephones Swimming Pool " Courteous Efficient Service At Door Parking Near Shopping Center Restaurant Lounge 1 1 2 Mile From Troy State Campus AL . MAJOR CRKDIT CARDS HONORED Highway 231 South Troy, Alabama 36081 (205) 566-1630 Huber. Jacqueline J. 158 Hudson. David E. 342 Hudson, Donna Maria 159, 170 Hudson, Gerri Gayle 163, 358 Hudson, Jan 342 Hudson, Neal Thomas 342 Hudson, Theodore S. 358 Huey, Man Angela 342 Huff, Brenda Michell 358 Huff, Kenneth 258 Hugghins, Benjamin B. 342 Hughes. Alyson A. 160, 342 Hughes, James Russel 163.358 Hughes, Karren 358 Hughes, Kenneth Max 165, 170 Hughes, Suzanne162. 186, 213 Hughey, Calvin R. 358 Hughey. Gerald Brett 358 Hughie. Joan D 35. 268. 287. 358 Hull. James Edwin 342 Hulsey. Marty C. 246 Hunt. Debbie L. 159. 170, 358 Hunt, Shelly C 160, 342 Hunter. Tonna Dale 342 Huntley. Sharon D. 159. 172 Huskey. Richard L 165 Hussey, Barbara Caro 163, 271 Hussey, Lon Denise 163. 342 Hutsko, Todd M. 37. 342 Hutson. Leland Todd 165 Hyatt. Timothy W. 161.178,342 I lanudi, Solomon Inabmet, Robert L. Inaudi, Salomon P. Ingram, Grady M. 161, Ingram, John G. Ingram, Ladonna Irby. William Vaughn Ireland, Tracey Inzarry, Angehque Irons. Dana R Irvin, Camilla Irvin, Michael K. Isom, William L. Issaac. Lyndon C. Iverson, Dons Ivey, Kimberly J. Ivins. Wesley R 166 342 198 178, 358 161, 342 207, 342 266 195 268 287. 358 342 164. 170 174 342 342 358 342 Jackson, Aldus Jackson, Ana Jackson, Chris 342 159. 172, 358 288 Brundidge Banking Company ( orner College and Main St. Brundidge, Alabama MOIItl OI OSll INiutANCl COMOtA Jackson, Gary W. 159 , 278 Johns. William A. 358 Jackson, Gwendolyn 343 Johnson. Angela Faye | 343 Jackson, Harold 358 Johnson. Ann Hubbard 159 170. Jackson, Joseph L. 343 343 Jackson, Kenny L. 343 Johnson, Annette 343 Jackson, Kimberly B. 343 Johnson. Bobby L. 265 Jackson, Letitia 343 Johnson. Carol Y 161 Jackson, Lon A. 203 Johnson. Christopher 358 Jackson. Mary M. 358 Johnson. Corella D 161 182 Jackson. Michael Ray 343 Johnson. David H 343 Jackson, Stephanie M. 159 ,172 Johnson. David M 358 Jackson. Tina Yvonne 358 Johnson. Denise C 343 Jackson, Willie E. 343 Johnson, Diane 262 263 Jacobs, Jerald 166. 191. 198. Johnson, Ginger L 358 358 Johnson, Gwendolyn M 358 Jamal. Asif 163. 281 348 Johnson, Lon Ann 159 358 James. Jacqueline 343 Johnson. Randall S. 358 James, Joey Kynn 281 Johnson. Richard D 358 Jarvis, Eardley E 343 Johnson. Sandra D 167 343 Jaye, Bryan Kelley 246 Johnson. Stephanie J 359 Jaye. Robert J. 37 Johnson. Tony Earl 165 Jeane. Laura Ann 343 Johnson. Willie Rosa 359 Jeffcoat. Jennifer K 358 Johnston. Jeffrey 248 261. 265. Jeffcoat. Richard A 196 358 279. 390. 391 392 Jenkins. Daphne Kay 358 Johnston. Jennifer L 359 Jenkins. Earle E 343 Johsnton. Joe P 165. 343 Jenkins. James H 248.249.343 Johnston. Lyn 287. 359 Jennings. Sonya E. 343 Johnston. Mark Allen 287 Jessal, Carla 343 Johnston. Randolph G 343 Jesse. Robert 358 Jones. Alisa C 158. 168 195. Jinwnght. Natalie K 358 243. 359 Jochen. Jere E 343 Jones. Amy C 158. 168. 343 Johns. Rickey Joe 358 Jones. Annette 160. 243 343 Johns. Sheila Renae 343 Jones. Carolyn A ■• in 359 407 BRANTLEY MOBILE HOMES A good lot for your mobile home 566-2499 Compliments of KIRK, GIBSON CARDEN Public Accountants Troy, Alabama Jones, Choona Shenis 359 Jones, David E. 359 Jones, David Todd 359 Jones, Donna Marcell 262, 263, 343 Jones, Helen A. 359 Jones, James Lewis J. 178,343 Jones, Jason F. 243, 343 Jones, Jerome N. 343 Jones, Julia 343 Jones, Mark D. 256, 359 Jones, Mary Jane 343 Jones, Peggy J. 343 Jones, Renecer 343 Jones, Robert 166 Jones, Terri 343 Jones, Tyrone 161 Jones, Ulrica 161, 182 Jones, Warren Ozell 343 Jordan, Allison L. 359 Jordan, Arthur Lee 359 Jordan, Jimmy Dean 343 Jowers, Cecil 359 Joyner, Barry C. 359 Joyner, Donna 343 K Kalisky, Teresa 343 Kameyama, Masakazu163, 343 Kantor, Lisa Lynn 158, 251 Karrh, James 166, 359 Kay, Vivienne T. 359 Kearson, Diann Denis 343 Keasler, Vicki Rose 359 Keeton, Brenda Joyce 343 Keeton, Linda Joan 343 Keith, Andrew Lee 343 Keith, George Aldwin 166, 198 Kellam, Andrea K. 359 Keller, Gregory Alan 343 Keller, Roger Anthony 165 Kelley, Angie R. 343 Kelley, Erin E. 162,186,195,343 Kelley, Starla Kaye 1 62, 1 86, 268 Kelley, Valerie 268 Kelly, Ann Michel 158, 168 Kelly, Donna Dunn 274 Kelly, James David 359 Kelly, John A. 359 Kelly, Russell P. 359 Kelly, Sharon S. 343 Kelly, Terry Stephen 258 Kennedy, Karen T. 359 Kennedy, Kevin J. 170,180,343 Kennedy, Murdock McC. 343 Kennedy, Roy Michael 343 Kenny, Colleen Louis 343 Kenton, Sandra L. 343 Kerr, Selena 343 Kersey, Anthony Lee 196, 343 Ketcham, Sonya Lee 343 Key, Byron D. 164, 359 Kilgore, Teresa L. 343 Killam, Sherri D. 272, 273 Kimbro, Benjamin M. 359 Kimbro, Joe Jeffrey 359 Kimbrough, Norman K. 266 Kimbrow, Sharon L. 163 Kimmel, Georgia Anne 162, 186 Kimmins, Judith C. 359 Kinard, Antonio D. 1 57, 1 74, 359 Kincey, Vanessa 182, 359 King, Jeffrey W. 343 King, Virginia J. 359 Kingry, Martha Denise 343 Kitchens, James Doug 163, 191 Kjeldahl, Craig A. 343 Kleinschmidt, Norman 359 Kletcke, Charles E. 359 Kline, Stephanie Lyn 343 Klinner, Cynthia A. 1 59, 1 70, 1 95, 343 Knauff, Joseph F. 178, 343 Knight, Dena Rebekah 158 Knight, Kenneth Wayne 1 64, 359 Koch, Jeffrey A. 283, 343 Koch, Mary Frnnces 278 Koerner, Janet C. 359 Kornetti, John V. 163,343 Kowalski, Kay Ann 160 Krob, Ursula 163, 195, 359 Kuchle, Sandra Jeann160, 247, 262, 263, 284 Kurtts, Kathy 349 Lacey, Joy K. 272 273 Lacy, John Reuben 160 174 Lafon, Michele Linn 268 Lahue, Milagros Cast 281 Lamar, Sarah E. 343 Lancaster, Kimberly 158 168 Landers, Ellis Lucas 247 258 Lane, Helen V. 246 Lane, John David 359 Langford, Thomas M. 359 Langley, Christina L. 243, 283, 343 Langlois, David Alan 343 Lanier, Sondra Marie 343 Lanier, Thelesa M. 343 Lankford, James 344 Laroche, Sylvie Lyse 359 Larsen, Sharon L. 344 Lashley, Gina 279 Lashley, Karen N. 344 Lashley, Sheila 243, 287, 344 Lasseter, Cecil E. 202, 359 Latham, Mary K. 283 Lavoy, Sandra A. 287, 359 Law, Jeff Glenn 359 Lawrence, Kelly Ann 343 Lawson, Jimma Jo 343 Laxson, Frank Jordan 163, 343 Lazenby, Sue E. 163 Leoroy, Michael B. 178 Lee, Arnatta Renee 161, 182, 271 Lee, Danny 178 Lee, Donald Mack Jr. 165, 344 Lee, Margie M. 344 Lee, Phillip A. 344 Lee, Tina Marie 163 Leffew, Richard B. 166,196,344 Leichner, Edward C. 243, 344 Lenahan, Carl A. 344 Lessley, Sarah J ean 344 Lester, Loretta Lynn 344 Leverette, Juanita 344 Lewis, Barbara Ann 344 Lewis, Kimberly R. 344 Lewis, Margaret Rosa 344 Lewis, Michael C. 344 Lewis, Tammy D. 158, 168 Lewis, Vonda 344 Lewis, Wendy Renay 159, 172 Lichtensteiger, Dian 250 Ligon, Lisa M. 160, 196, 197 Lillard, Richard F 344 Lindberg, Walter Eve 163, 170, 344 Lingo, Karen F 344 Liotti, Penny 344 Little, Cynthia Lynn 243, 344 Little, Roland Scott 161, 178 Littlejohn, Charles 344 Locicero, Kimberly A. 162, 186, 196, 197, 207, 344 Lockwood, Derrick B. 160, 174 Lolley, James Christ 164 Long, Cindy 344 Long, Donald E. Jr. 344 Long.KariJ. 159,170,180,181 Long, Leigh Amber 203 Long, Mechele Laura 163 Looney, Dorris 344 Looney, Gordon 344 Loper, Janet Ann 344 Lott, Carolyn Raye 286 Lott, Deborah 344 Loudin, Todd Owen 344 Lovell, Sharon Elesi 158, 168 Lover, Steve L. 283 Lowe, Tracey Anne 264 Lucas, Cynthia Marie 344 Lunsford, Charles Gr. 166, 196, 344 Lux, Edward A. 344 Lyles, Margaret Deni 344 Lynch, Gloria Adrian 344 Lynn, Bonita Pandora 161, 182 Lynn, Susan J. 159, 170, 344 Lyons, Sheila J. 344 Lyons, Vicitias T, Jr. 160, 174 M Macchia, Genaro R. 200 Macdonald, Tammy Sue 344 Macfall, Martha L. 344 Mack, Jacquelyn Ann 344 Maddaloni, Chris A. 164, 192 408 Index Madderra, Donna 344 McCall. Tammy A 163 190 McWhorter, Anja G 162 . 345 Mincey. Melissa S 16C .176.345 Maddox, Anna E. 344 McCalhster. Margaret 202 203 Meacham, Chan L 243. 345 Miner. Lori Y 345 Maddox. Joyia A. 256, 257 McCarthy. Janine L. 360 Meadows. Jeffrey H 345 Minkler. Mark W 282 Madison, Gwendolyn 256, 257, McCartin. Patrick S 360 Medley Gary M 345 Minor. Ginger L 243. 345 284 McCathern. Arvin W 196 Meeks. Christine R 286 Minshew. Martha R 159. 170. Madison, Mehnda Sue 294. 344 McCathern. Audy D 166, 196. Meeks. Kim 345 345 Madison, Suzanne 243. 360 360 Melton Thomas L 192 Mitchell. Lilhe R 345 Mahaffey, James W., Jr. 165. McClamma. Debra L 243 360 Menge John K 287 Mitchell. Marvin J 16€ .196 345 191 194, 344 McClary, Daniel B 360 Mercer Liza R 243 Mitchell. Michael F 167. 345 Maharry, Ralph R. 165. 344 McClary, Reginald R. 360 Mercier . Paula D 158. 207 Mitchell. Michele C 160 176 Mahone. Dwayne Deon 344 McClellan, Jeffrey L. 345 Merklm ger. Susan K 160. 176 Mixon, Alvin 164 345 Mames, John E. 360 McClelland, James B. 166. 196. Merrell Kimberly A 180. 181. Mixon. Fredrick J 204 205 Mallory. Benjamin W. 188. 344 345 243. 345 Mobley, Sandra K 256. 257 Malone, Fer-Rell Mau 160 McClelland. Natalie 360 Merritt. Wanda R. 345 Mock. Gary T 188 Manchac, Joetta R. 160, 176. McClure. Karen L 345 Messick. Karen L. 163. 190 Moffatt, Lon A 345 344 McConnell. Mitchell 345 Mezick Debra A. 274 Moi. Debra J 163 190 Mann, Jeanna Elizabeth 246 McCord. Maxie 345 Miacek John 288 Molette. Robert C 345 Mann, Tara Dawn 344 McCormick, James E. 161 360 Middlebrooks. Betsy 345 Monahan. Patricia 345 Mann, Yoland 344 McCray, Tami F. 278 345 Middlebrooks, Horace 345 Money. Bobby T 160 Manning. Hugh Richard McCrory, Brenda E. 202, 203, Middlebrooks, Julia 180. 181, Monfee. Allison J 256 Manora Wade 161 184. 344 265 360 345 Monfee. Brenda D 252 265 Manous, Judy Lynn 199. 264. McCrory, Crystal A. 265 Mierswa, Mary K 345 272 273 265 McCrory, Michael C. 345 Miholvi ich, Richard 161 Monk, Jonnie J 158 168 345 Mansfield, Luann E. 279 McCrudden, James S. 166, 196. Milam, Wendy L. 159 Monk, Mary R 246 Marable, Alfreda 159, 172 360 Miles, Estella 345 Montanez. Martha L 281 Mareno, Beverly 278 McCrudden, Sharon D . 196 ,197 Miller. Janet L. 16C , 176. 294 Montgomery. Linda 345 Marien, Kathy 271 McCullough, Pamela 246 Miller, Mark J. 345 Moody. Julie A 287 Marler, Charles C. 344 McCullough, Ramona A. 287, Miller, Thomas E. 286 Moore. Albert F 345 Marquarot, Christophi jr 167, 345 Miller, Willie E. 345 Moore, Deanna R 345 202. 360 McDamel, Charles E. 188 345 Milligan , Carla 345 Moore, James A 180 345 Marquess, Jeffry S. 166 McDonald, R.G.S. 194 272 Mills, A nn 345 Moore. John D 345 Marshall, Janeel And 360 McDowell, David S. 196 360 Mills, David W. 345 Moore. Leonard S. 345 Marshall, Teresa 246 McDowell, Michelle L. 159, 170, Mims, I 3ruce 252 Moore. Phillip M. 345 Marshall, Willie 344 345 Mims, I Debra L. 199 Moore. Robbie A 162 186 Marshbourne, Jan 344 McEntee, Sandra M. 34, 158. Mims. William B. 194 Moore. William C 345 Martin, Andrew L. Martin, Andrew T. 166, 196 278 167. 168, 178, 179, 212, 247 213. 284 Martin, C. Lyne 344 McGee, Thomas O. 360 Martin, Howard Wilson 360 McGee, Neal 165 Martin, Jack Frederi 258 McGhee, Ava 360 Martin. Marvin 344 McGill, Richard L. 180 345 Martin. Melissa A. 163 Martz, Susan L. Mason, Francine J. Masri, Amer Salah ,190,344 283 360 281, 360 McGowan, Jeanie McGowan, Keith M. McGriff, John D. 199 McGnffin, Alice 360 345 360 345 283 i I I i w n. i 1 Massa, Susan G. 344 344 McHenry, Richard J. McHolland, Scott H. 360 345 $ HUUQ iSXXX i Masters. Douglas E CV. V Mathis. Laura Shannon 344 Mclntyre, Felecia A. McKee, Joseph J. McKeown, John P. 1 67 287 .176. 360 345 202. V ▼ o» ww 1 Mathis, Tracey Elaine 344 Matthews, Aruna G. t m aram.0 • Matthews, Kay Matthews, Paul C. 360 287, 344 167, 168 McKeown, Karen E. McKire, Carolus D. 160 212 345 161 — ..-.-• Mauldin, Randall G. Maxwell, Susan R. 360 McKnight, Joseph A. 345 May. Deborah D. 160, 176 McKnight, Stacey R. 345 May, Jeffrey 0. 252. 360 McLam, Shelly L. 158 168 273 May, Michael D 251 McLaughlin, Mary M. 360 REST .URANT Maye, Rholma M. 159, 172 McLendon, Janett G. 345 Mayfield, Gerald L. 204 .205.345 McLendon, Melissa C 345 C( DCKTAI L LOUNGE Mayo, Jeffrey L. 345 McLendon, Shirley 360 Mayo, Micheal J. 256. 257 McLeod. Robert E. 345 MEETIN G BA NQUET ROOMS Mays. Carolyn L. 345 McMahan, Tracie L. 162. 186. Mays, Richard A. 161 . 178, 360 345 566- " 1150 Mazeres. Michael E. 166, 360 McNab, William M. 360 McAdams, Louis T. 360 McNair, Leigh A. 360 HWY . 231 BY ■PASS TROY McBnde, Delphia K McBnde, Dorothea 262 360 McShane. Marian E. McVay. Kimberly A 159, 345 170. ONE MIL E WEST OF DOWNTOWN McCall. Mary L. 256. 257. 286 345 McCall.PennyA. 163 190.243. 345 McVicker, Mitch McWaters. Galen L. 278 287 345 index 409 Moorhead, Jack S. Moreman, Caroline A. Moreno, Beverly M. Morgan, Homer H. Morgan, Keith A. 164, Morgan, Lisa K. Morgan, Melinda E. Morgan, Ronald M. Jr Morris, Christopher Morris, Elizabeth Morris, Tony Mosley, David E. Mosshoider, Mark A. Motes, Randall N. Motley, Betsy A. Mount, Gary D. Mulcahy, Michael H. Mullen, James P. Mullins, Leslie A. Mu llis, Suzanne J. Murphy, Kimberly J. Murphy, Susan K. Musgrove, Sherri L. Myers, Craig R. Myers, Patti 243 165, 194 345 200, 201 345 192, 243, 346 346 346 178, 346 165, 194 346 284 346 196 346 162, 186 346 287 286, 346 288 260 346 176, 346 159, 170, 346 288, 346 288 Nunn, Sharyn S. 361 N Nahas, Henry B. 243, 280, 281, 287, 346 Nash, Debra A. 287 Neece, Sydney A. 294,295,346 Neil, James G. 346 Nelson, Audrey A. 346 Nelson, Charlene 271 Nelson, Julia L. 160, 176 Nettles, Alan F. 346 Nettles, David L. 164, 192 Neven, Lance G. 188 Newman, Laura J. 361 Newman, Oralia 346 Newton, Andrew N. 361 Newton, Angela S. 346 Newton, Kimberly A. 294, 346 Newton, Lois 346 Newton, Patrick A. 361 Nichols, Carole J. 361 Nichols, Michael L. 265 Nichols, Rachel L. 274 Nicholson, Donna R. 287, 361 Nicolucci, Debbie A. 361 Niles, Richard T. 346 Nixon, Kenneth A. 192 Nobis, Kate M. 202, 203 Noland, Yulanda A. 271 Nolin, Amy C. 162,346 Nolin, Julie A. 361 Nonnemann, Christopher 361 Nonnemann, Edie L. 364 Norman, June 361 Norris, Fran M. 250 Norris, Stacy L. 346 North, Craig E. 361 Nugent, Lori A. 268 o O Steen, Debra C. Oates, Pamela L. Odell, Debra A. Odell, Patrick Odom, Cathy L. 159, Odom, Julie D. Odowd, James L. 164 Okundaye, Ephraim K. Oldham, Carey K. 162 Oliver, John F. Olson, Kent C. Omasta, Mark Oneal, Cynthia L. 163, Orourke, Barry W. Osmer, Tracy R. Otoole, Daniel P. Overstreet, Angela A. Owen, Jan W. Owen, Philip D. Owen, Riley S. Owen, Susan R. Owen, Thomas N. Owens, Carol S. Owens, Frances E. Owens, Sabrina L. Owens, Thomas D. Owens, William G. Owings, Irma C. 346 346 361 361 194, 195, 346 346 192,212, 361 281 ,186,346 361 346 167 190, 361 283 286 243, 346 200, 201, 346 346 346 346 361 161 257 265 346 212 361 268 256 Pace, Brad L. Paddock, Robert A. Padgett, Donnie Padgett, Michael C. Padgett, Patricia R. Page, Jennifer E. Palmer, Barbara Palmer, Rebecca A. Palmer, Robert Palmer, Samuel S. Palmer, Valerie Palomaria, Sam P. Panton, Catherine G. Panton, Dorothy A. 194 Pappas, Cynthia Parham, Michael W. Parish, Charlie T Park, Nina Parker, David M. Parker, Kathy Parker, Ka thy E. 163 Parker, Mary Parker, Randall C. 346 346 346 164, 192, 346 271 161, 182 361 346 256 166, 196 346 361 361 158, 168, 195, 257 361 361 346 346 346 346 190, 192 346 361 410 Index Parker, Shelia A Parker, Sherry Parker, Tern L Parker, Thomas E. Parks, Anthony J. 161 Parnell, Debra A. Parnell, Edward C. Parrish, Kimala Parsons, Richard R. Parsons, Robert P. Partridge, Kevin A. Passmore, Wanda M. Patten, Lynda J. 167, Patterson, Linda M. Patterson, Nancy J. Patton, Elizabeth S. 361 346 246 346 346 346 287 346 346 194 361 346 204. 205 346 161. ,184. 265. 159, 194, 165. 166, 160. Payne, Jimmy W. Payne, Kimberly D. Paynter, Linda J. Payson, Kelly Peach, Charles W. Peacock, Cynthia K. Pearson, Dee A. Peavey, John A Peavy, Pamela E. Pederson, Tanya P. Peel, Jeffery L. Peel, Jennifer Peel, Michael D. Peel, S. Michelle Pelt, Kenneth E. Peppenhorst, Donald Pepper, Kala L. Perdue, Mary Perez, Alfred L. Perez, Lesley L. Perkins, Susan F. Perry, Boris A. Perry, Hugh D. Perry, Kimberly A. Perry, Merideth E. Perry, Sunita Perry, Travis W. Peterman. Mary J. Peterson, Doris Peterson, James D Petteway, Carl Guess 167. 200 Petty, Anna K. 162, 186, 347 262 176, 213 346 346 361 346 361 361 346 346 346 170, 194, 195, 361 164, 168, 192. 361 346 346 163. 190. 271 346 279, 346 361 346 161, 168. 178, 197, 212 347 199 347 347 347 347 347 164, 192 361 347 347 Petty, Brenda Petty, Sandra D Phelps, Lisa Ruth Phillips. Bobby R. Phillips, James B. Phillips. James C. Phillips, Lillie M. Phillips, Michael J Phillips, Robbie L. Phillips, Robert S Phillips, Steven B Philpot. Paul W. Philyam, Sherry Pierce, Crystal R. Pierce, Juanita Pierce, Robert A Pierce. Theresa 361 361 268 186 361 166.247.281 347 347 347 361 361 347 347 361 361 252.256.257. 347 347 Pierce, Timothy M 166, 196.347 Pigue, James 361 Pmkston, Angela A 347 Pittman, Lee T 165, 194 Pittman, Robin 347 Pittman, Timothy L. 165 Pittman, William E. 347 Pitts, Derek G 347 Plant, Gernanne 160, 272. 273 Polish, Nancy M 347 Pollard, Andre J. 184 Ponds. Karen L. 250 Pope. Kevin John 161, 170, 178 Popwell, Vicki E. 271 Post, Annie 347 Potter, Kevin L. 163, 188, 347 Pottinger, Susan Y. 159, 170 Pouncy, David 347 Powell, Beverly 347 Powell, Brian K. 274 Powell, Gina M. 163. 190, 256, 257 Powell, Jan M. 265 Powell, Steven C. 166.198.212 Prather, Ken L. 287, 347 Prather, Bob 212 Pratt, Mary K. 347 Pregno. Deena L. 243. 347 Prescott, Lomax Gregory 251 Presson, Scott O. 347 Preston, Steven C. 170 Price, Donald E. 347 Pndgen, Lisa A. 347 Pridgen, Lisa C. 347 Proctor, Michele S. 162, 186. 194, 195, 251, 256, 257, 278 Propst, Jeffery L. 200 Pugh, Sondra P. 163, 190, 347 Purvis, Gregory A. 347 Puryear, Andrew K. 163. 188. 348 Pyle, Stephen W. 287 Q Quails, TheresaS. 158, 168. 196. 197 R Rainer. Kimberly D. 194, Rainey, Mae Alice Rainey, Tricia Ann Ralls, Ellen Lesa Ralph, Kandyce Elise Ramer, Jon Vincent Ramos, Sandra Rankin, Cynthia Ratchff. Joel Shayn Raulerson. Susan Pau Ray. Andrew Ray. Brian Eric 159. 170. 195. 207 348 348 251 348 167. 200 348 348 196 246 272. 273 348 Ray, Marsha 348 Ray. Mary B 158. 168 Rayfield. Abby 159. 170 Reck, Christopher T. 348 Redus, John A 167, 200, 348 Reed, Belinda Faith 286 Reed. James Thompson 252 Reed. Kelly Louise 180. 181 Reese, Brian R 165, 186. 194. 212. 348 Reese, Donald 348 Reeves. Joe M. 362 Register, Connie Era 348 Register, Matthew W. 164, 176. 177, 192, 348 Reid, Terry Wayne 163,188.348 Renfroe, Dana 348 Renfroe, Mem J 278 Renfroe. Pam 362 Reyes, Jamie Elizabeth 161 Reynolds, James Curt 348 Reynolds, James D. 161, 167, 178, 348 Reynolds, Leslie G. 1 62, 1 86, 348 Reynolds, Margaret P. 162, 186. 199 Reynolds, Todd Dame 348 Rhoades, Judith A. 37.192,362 Rhoads, John Mark 165, 176, 177, 194 Rhodes. David Jeffer 164 Rhodes, Gail Floyd 348 Rhodes, Maureen A. 348 Rhodes, Sharon Park 362 Richards, Alan Clare 165 Richardson, Emma 348 Richardson, John F 348 Richburg, Cynthia A. 264, 265. 287 Richburg, Nenssa P. Ricks, Teresa Anne Rigas, Martha lola 162, Riggins, Earnest Riggs, Jan Marie Riggs, Steve M. Riley, Adair Riley, Brenda J. Riley. Scott D. Riley, Teresa L. Ripley, Gail Louise Rish, Catherine E. Rish, Catherine E. Rivers, Letncia Ren Rizzo, Michael P. Jr. Roach, Nancy Robbms, Carmela R. Robbms, Janet M. Robbms, Marchalla Roberson. Felicia Roberson, William N. Roberts, John Richard Roberts. Patrick E. Roberts. Robin Sawye Robertson. Bernice Robertson. Lon D 162. Robinson. Donald G Robinson. Estella Robinson. Jacquhne Robinson. Kathleen D. Robinson. Lee Alan 178. 362 348 186.348 160 362 348 272 348 188 348 362 348 286 348 348 348 362 348 348 348 362 348 348 348 348 186.362 362 348 348 362 348 160. Robinson. Patrick O 161 Robinson. Rodger F 348 Robinson, Tommie L 161. 184 Robinson. Varnett 348 Robinson. Zella J 348 Roddam. Henry Johnth 252 Rodgers. Charlene 348 Rodgers. Cherry Deni 362 Rodgers, Tonia Lynn 159. 170. 348 Rodriguez. Patricia 158. 168 196. 197. 207. 362 Roe, Ronald Scott 348 Rogers, Chales J 348 Rogers. Charlotte287. 348. 362 Rogers. Clint L 251 Rogers. Jimmy Lee 160 Rogers. Mark H 166. 198. 348 Rogers. Pamela A 348 Rogers, Sharon E. 348 Roller. Jan 348 Roman, Ann 362 Rosende, Gwyn Ellen 362 Roskos. Michael Robe 164. 348 Rotton, Alan R. 348 Rotton, Scottie 180. 362 Rountree. Jesse R 348 Rowe, Annette 283 Rowe, Dana Mike 283 Rowland, Bobby M. 164 Rowland, Bruce M. 192 Royal, Mary Ann 348 Rumhn, Marilyn L 348 Rumph, Garry Lamar 348 Rumph, Josephine 362 Rumph, Shirley 348 Rushing. Elizabeth 348 Rushing. Jennie Gail 348 Rushton, Eleanor 348 Russ. Louis S. 279. 348 Russell. Christopher 362 Russell, Dorothy Sue 362 Russell, Kris Lynett 159. 348 Rutland. Ruby T. 348 Rutledge. Charles E. 196. 348 Rutledge. Deborah Sy 349 Ryan, Edward J. 180. 362 Ryan. James D. 362 Ryan. Jody A. 362 Ryan. Kim A. 362 Ryan. Twila G. 264. 265. 287 Saeed. Mohammad 280.281. 362 Sahmer, Celalettin 362 Samuel. Terrence L 349 Samuel. Willie R 204. 205 Sanders. Daniel S 349 Sanders. David O. 349 Sanders. Elizabeth A 349 Sanders. George A . Jr 349 Sanders. James W 349 Sanders. Jan 274 Sanders. Stephanie D 243 349 Index 411 Sanders, Steve Roswe 362 Sanders, Terence Lav. 160 Sanders, Vicki Leigh 349 Sanderson, Richard C. 165, 194, 362 Sandusky, Sam T. 164, 349 Sanford, Peggy 349 Sankey, Eddie Lewis 349 Sanks, Gail E. 349 Saour, Paul J. 1 63, 1 67, 1 68, 1 90, 362 Sasser, Jason Wendal 349 Sasser, Susan Marie 160, 251, 280 Satchel, Filomena J. 349 Saunders, Nancy A. 162, 178, 179, 186, 349 Saunders, Patrick 248,249,349 Saunders, Richard 349 Savage, Donna Kay 349 Savage, Gina Marie 362 Scales, Cynthia C. 170,362 Scales, Stephen Davi 349 Scarborough, Bret H. 349 Scarborough, Leah E. 163, 190, 196, 197, 362 Scarbrough, Brian K. 349 Schaper, John Arnold 194 Schaper, Steven Earl 349 Schauble, Christian 362 Schauble, Edith Jane 349 Scheufele, George E. 349 Schipman, Stephen A. 166, 362 Schmelzer, Timothy T. 166, 196 Schneider, Darrell S. 161,349 Schrieber, Domenica 349 Schuman, Karen E. 158, 168 Schwerer, Vincent S. 362 Scott, Avery Mario 349 Scott, Brenda Sue 349 Scott, Brent 256, 257 Scott, Calvin Jr. 349 Scott, Jonathan I. 349 Scott, Joseph B. 362 Scott, Karen Y. 159, 172 Scott, Sandra K.250, 268, 286, 362 Scott, Tammie 163, 178, 179, 190, 362 Scott, Terri Lynn 286, 349 Scott, Tommie L. 362 Scroggins, Nancy L. 349 Scruggs, Steven Jose 164, 192 Scrushy, Kathleen L. 160, 192, 203, 213, 243, 349 Seagle, Wayne Harris 362 Seay, Cathy Elizabeth 349 Segrest, Charles A. 283 Seitz, William Edward 180 Self, Lisa M. 159, 349 Self, Tina Louise 272 Senn, Anita M. 349 Senn, Johnny Phillip 349 Senn, Mary Frances 158, 192, 349 Senn, Pam R. 349 Senn, Russell Douglas 349 Senn, Tonya R. 287 Session, Soundra Lyn 349 Sexton, Matthew Lee 349 " Fashion and Quality Since 1893 " Southland Village Troy, Alabama 36081 Phone 566-6671 Seyforth, Valerie K. 158. 168, 180, 181 Seymour Peggy Lynne 251 Sharp, Christopher J. 349 Sharpe, Belinda Gail 243, 349 Shaull, Glenn Joseph 166 Shaw, James R. 188 Shaw, Wayne Kevin 349 Shipman, Alan K. 349 Shipman, Ruby Lee 349 Shipmon, Diane 349 Shirah, Garry Lee 256, 257 Shirah, Rhonda 349 Shirey, Ben J. 166, 198 Shirley, Christopher 349 Shore, Jerry Micheal 163 Shores, Jerry Todd 187 Shoults, Tina 349 Showalter, Scott Wes 164, 192 Sides, Susan G. 349 Sigers, Carol Jeanet 349 Siler, Lillie J. 288 Simmons, Alethea Den 202,349 Simmons, Cynthia R. 203 Simmons, Jerry A. Ill 278 Simmons, Mickey W. 161, 178 Simpson, Jeena 256, 257 Sims, Michael Keith 349 Singleton, Molly 349 Sirmon, Brenda D. 349 Sirmon, Laura J. 158 Skipper, Charles Bar 164, 349 Slack, Melissa Sue 162 Smalley, Priscilla W. Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sw Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm 349 ley, Nancy Ann 349 th, Alicia Gaye 349 Berkleigh Ann 349 Carl Lenard 161,184 Debra 349 Donald Greg 164,243 Donald Wesley 349 Douglas Miles 258 Dwayne A. 349 Gina L. 160, 176 Glen D. 167,200,349 John Merele Julie A. Kimberly Anne Kimberly C. Kit Linda Ann Lisa Ann Mary Michael A. Morgan Robert Mark Roxland Levan 180, 349 160, 176 349 163, 190 163, 188 350 176 265 160, 363 258 363 350 Shannon 163, 190, 213 Shannon Eliza 350 Sharon Jill 192 Steven Anthony 350 Tammy L. 363 Teresa L 286, 363 Timothy A. 247,248,249, 281 Smith, Vicki Jane 350 Smith, Walter G. 363 Smolenski, Craig 363 Sneed, Lary Andrew 350 Sneed, Tammy Marie Snider, Britton J. 165, 194, Snoekstra, Suellen 158, 256, 257, Snyder, Brian Keith 34, 166, 196, Sostillio, Maria Ann Sousa, Daniel J. 166, 198, Southerland, William Spangler, Gary Lee 278, Spann, Jane Spann, Jonathan Davi 161, Sparks, Andrew D. Spear, Charlotte Spear, Ken L. Spears, Firoza A. Spears, Gregory Wayn 164 Speck, Anita Lee 160,176, Speir, Deborah M. 158, Spencer, Polly 170, 196, Spitzer, Katherine Spivey, Glenda Spivey, Kathryn Webs Spivey, Reggie A. Sport, Joseph S.148, 161, Spottek, Tosha Lynn 35, Spraggins, Timothy L. 243, Spruce, Teresa Squaire, Brenda D. Squires, Cynthia G. St. John, Cindy Faye 243, St. John, David St. John, Jeffery St. John, Teresa Lynn 268, Stacey, Gwendolyn F. Stallings, Linda W. Stallworth, Daniel T Stalnaker, Melissa Stanton, Jaqueline R. 159, Starck, Jaime C. 159, 170, Starck, Patricia A. 159,243 Starling, Alton E. 167, Starling, Cynthia E. 162, Starling, Sidney R. 166,186 Starling, Terry N. 166, 196, Steadham, Ronald W. Steagall, Virginia A. Steele, Henry A. 163, Steele, Mildred Stegman, Judy W. Stephens, Carolyn D. Stephens, Keith M. Stephens, Kelli D. Stephens, Lisa Kay Stephenson, Jason J. 166, Stevens, Christopher Stevens, Richard Stevenson, Suane Stewart, Gregory Dar. Stewart, James Chris 350 186, 363 168, 363 170, 363 265 350 350 350 350 178, 363 363 350 363 363 363 194, 195 168 197 363 363 363 363 212, 350 268, 284 350 350 363 363 278, 288 288 288 288 260 363 160 363 172 243, 350 ,350 363 186, 363 ,196 363 350 350 363 363 363 363 363 350 350 196, 350 363 350 350 350 363 412 Index Stewart, Tern L. 363 Stiffler, Elizabeth 350 Still, David P. 363 Still, Doris J. 363 Stinson. Jacquelyne 350 Stinson, Stanley T. 278 Stiver, Cam F. 164. 190 Stokes, Leslie Mane 350 Stokes, Raymond H 350 Stokes, Stephen Doug 350 Stoud. Casey 264 Stough, Jay Scott 363 Stough, Nancy 363 Strassburger, Julien 350 Street, Virginia K. 350 Streit, Katie 350 Strickland, Cheryl L. 286. 350 Strickland, Dawn L. 268 Strickland, Edmond B. 178. 350 Stringer. Darleen T. 363 Stringer, James 363 Strother, Maria S. 363 Stubs. Steve 188 Studstill, Suzanne36, 158. 168. 178, 179, 363 Stump, Mike D. 166, 196 Stump, MindySue164, 190, 196. 197. 213, 247, 251, 257 Stumpf, Wayne Harris 167 Stutzman, Yvonne K. 180. 181 Suggs, Reginald 258, 287, 363 Suits. Madelynn Deni 162, 186 Sullivan. William A. 165, 167, 168, 194 Surrency, Rebecca Ly. 286 Sutherland, Sharon A. 202, 203 Sutherland, Sidney 203, 272 Sutton. Desiree Lana 159, 172, 246, 247, 250. 251 Swift. Mary Emily 162, 186 Swindle. Jane D. 268. 288 Sykes, Laura Mane 162. 186 Sykes, Teresa M. 162.186.196. 197 Talanda, Bernice 246 Tallant. Mark Brown 36 Tarrant. Patricia L. 282, 283 Tase, Terry Mark 164, 192 Tatis. Amparo Cecili 281 Tatum, John F. 163 Taunton, Melissa Ann 251 Taylor. Andrew F. 163. 188 Taylor, Cheryl Lee 271 Taylor, James F. 258 Taylor. Kathy Ann 162.186.194, 195. 284 Taylor, Kristin Ann 286 Taylor, Mark W. ' 167. 200 Taylor, Russell B. 164. 192 Tellis, Haywood J. 161 Tepper, Sol Hagedorn 194 Tenlli. Christopher 256 Thames, Charla Lynn 164. 190 Thames. Melissa Jane 294 Tharpe, Normon Keith 165. 186 Thomas, Betty 262 Thomas, Calvin O., Jr. 260 Thomas. Lawrence Cha164. 192 Thomas, Susan J 196,197,257 Thompson, Dwayne Dav 204. 205 Thompson, Leslie Woo 282 Thompson, Marsha Lei 1 62, 1 86. 351 Thompson, Martha M 246 Thompson, Sabnna Ma. 351 Thompson, Susan M. 159, 213 Thompson, Thomas M. 351 Thompson, Timothy SC 165. 186. 194 Thornal, Keith Wesle 166, 196 Thornton, Connie J. 351 Thornton, Johnny Lee 351 Thornton, Latonis Ly 159. 172 Thorn ton, Mary Franc 351 Thornton, Theresa Ma. 351 Thorpe. Keith 194 Thrash. Delilah Jane 246 Thrash, Lisa 351 Thurmon, Suzanna 158, 168 Tierney. Yolanda Lin 176 Tolbert. Gary Mackl 76. 1 77, 1 80 Tolbert, Robert Jay 351 Tolomeo, Tracey A. 351 Tomlin, Robbin Lynn 249 Tomlinson, John S. 163 Towns, Wanda 351 Townsend, Mary 351 Trawick, Neal Douglas 200 Trimble, Ann T. 351 Tripp, Barbara Ann 161 Tuck, William Wesley 351 Tucker, Jim Edward 287, 351 Tullis, Ronnie 204, 205 Tunagur, A. Osman 364 Turbeville, Anthony 364 Turdo, Mike Joseph 351 Turman, Anna 256, 268 Turner, Bekki 351 Turner, Carol M. 159, 170, 194, 195 Turner, Dellia 364 Turner, Donald L. 351 Turner, Douglas Darr 351 Turner. Francis Haze 165, 194, 212, 364 Turner, Teresa Louis 159, 170, 364 Turnipseed. Charles 364 Turnn, Laurence Sco. 164, 192, 283 Tutchtone, Debra J. 364 Twiss, Gayle 364 Tyree, Linda C. 364 Tyus, Ronald A. 351 a MOTOR LODGE £! . _ . ._ • Telephones • . PH| 1 Color TV — Cable 1% . At — Door Parking Ill |f| ' Restaurant Lounge Air Conditioned UlxJ v ' Swimming Pool JWffijT } Mb fc : w All Rooms Ground Floor k»- " v ' " C. ' Major Credit Cards Accepted Commercial Family Rates U. S. Highway 231 Troy, Alabama 36081 566-4090 Ullberg, Hennck W. 364 Underwood, Tammy Lea 251 Underwood, Trudy D. 364 Underwood. Vicki Lyn 351 w V Ufomadu. Udochukwu F Vail. Carol 351 Valdes, Julio Enriqu 351 Vanlandingham, Darn 164. 192, 351 Vann, More 163 Vanroo, Anje Mane162 .186.351 Varden, Twila Carole 286 Vaughan, Michael Dav. 164 .364 Vaughn, Derrick Lama 162 212 Vaughn, Franklin D 192 Vaughn, Robert Henry 162. 184. 364 Vaughn. Sonya R. 351 Vaught, Timothy L. 364 Vice. Roy Pascal Jr. 351 Vickers, Eddie Ray 161 Vignola E. Jeane 364 Vines, Jace Foreman 351 Vines. Kim 351 Vinson. Edna Lynn 160 176 Vossler. Robert Jame 351 Wadowick. Mary M. 364 Wagaman. Gregory How. 351 Wagner. Frederick H 351 Wakefield. Steve Rob 166. 196. 351 Waldrop, Tnsta J. 351 Walker, Chnsti L. 162. 186. 364 Walker. Debbie Ann 351 Walker. Michelle D. 200. 201 . 364 Walker. Rhonda Gayle 162 Walker, Tony 371 Wallace. Bryan Moser 165 Walton. Ronnette167. 204. 205 Wami, Chindah K A 280.281 364 Ware. Eric 278 Warr. Martha 294 Warren, John T. 160 Wascom. Alan Kirklan166. 167. 168. 196. 212. 260 Waters. Rhonda S 162. 186 Watford. Tammy Yvonn 162. 186. 192. 207. 284 Watkms. Jamie L 159.170.213. 364 Watkms. Thomas R 364 Watson. Angela D 184. 364 Watson. David R 178 Index 413 Anderson Tractor Company Parts, Service and Sale 231 By-Pass North - Phone 566-4181 Troy, Alabama 36081 We Appreciate You! Flowers By Mary 519 South Brundidge 566-0548 FOUNTAIN PLAZA 2988 ROSS CLARK CIRCLE SW P.O. BOX 2225 DOTHAN, ALABAMA 36302 (205) 794-0686 Watson, Lisa Jan 246 Watson, Melanie C. 265, 364 Watson, Timothy E. 286 Watson, Virginia Rut. 246, 286 Watts, Mark Scott 266 Watts, Teresa Lynn 162, 186 Watts, Timothy Shane 364 Weathersby, Gregory 163, 188, 364 Webb, Myra Jane 160,176 Webb, Myra Jane 160, 176 Weber, Karl D. 364 Webster, Gene S. 279 Webster, Shawn Marie 159,170 Weed, Pamela Alise 164, Weed, Scarlett Eliza 162, Weekley, Brian K. 166, Weeks, Lynn B. Weems, Leontyne Weldon, Amy K. Weldon, Susan Kay 160, Welk, Blair Roger 165, Wells, Benjamin David Wenzel, Tracy Anne 159, 247, Wespiser, Daniel Josh 166, 190, 243 186, 213 364 246 364 243 176 364 168 170, 272 196, 364 Weston, Bernard 162 Weston, Julie Lynn 159, 170 Whelpley, Ronald John 196 White, Clarence 364 White, Ginger D. 196, 197 White, Jeanette 352 White, Jon Steven 166, 196 White, Nathan J. 258, 287, 364 White, Paula Y. 364 White, Rosemary 364 White, Valorie 364 Whitehead, Starla Da. 352 Whitlock, Leslie M. 246 Whitman, Kimberly Ka. 352 Whitson, Bob 271 Whittle, Rose Ann 352 Wiggins, Ronnie D. 251 Wiggins, Tammy 352 Wiginton, Donald B. 352 Wilkerson, Linda Eli. 271 Wilkes, Melody Chery 352 Wilkins, Gregory R. 352 Wilkins, Juaneysa Ly. 164, 190 Wilkins, Robyn F. 170 Williams, Alto Alexa 352 Williams, Angela 35, 287, 352 Williams, Annie R. 352 Williams, Ashley S. 352 Williams, Bart D. 243 Williams, Carissa Le 352 Williams, Carolyn 352 Williams, Charles Do. 352 Williams, Darryl D. 352 Williams, Eddie F. 162 Williams, Ellia M. 352 Williams, Fred A. 352 Williams, James B. 167,202 Williams, Jeffrey Ke. 165,352 Williams, Joshua H. 161,168 Williams, Karla Lyn 164, 190 Williams, Lori 352 Williams, Robert Cor 287 Williams, Samuel B. 170, 194 Williams, Teresa Ann 287, 352 Williams, Teresa Lyn 352 Williams, Thomas Pat 167, 176, 177, 200, 212 Williams, Timothy K. 198 Williams, Troy D. 352 Williams, Vickie A. 352 Williamson, James 352 Williamson, James An 352 Williamson, Rhonda B. 352 Williamson, Vandon D. 352 Willis, Angela Marti 352 Willis, Cynthia F. 162, 186, 213, 247, 249, 251, 284 Willis, Edward F. 287, 352 Willis, Janice Renae 256 Wilson, Brenda Joyce 352 Wilson, Cary T. 165, 192 Wilson, Franklin Wad 165, 170, 192 Wilson, Judy Linda 256, 257 Wilson, Lynn 192 Wind, Randolph H. 352 Windham, Frances 352 Wingard, Joseph 252 Wingard, Linda 342 Wingate, Timothy A. 352 Wise, Mack A. 161, 178 Wise, Tracy Nanette 251 Wishard, Jefrey S. 286 Witt, Sandra 262 Womack, Valerie A. 287 Wood, Dianne 264, 265, 279, 287 Woodbury, Patrice El 247, 268, 272, 273 Woodham, Carol Faye 279 Woodham, Mary Andrea 158, 168 Woods, Tony R. 161, 178 Woodward, Chris Alan 165,170, 194 Woody, Gladys Elizabeth 167 Worthington, Morris 165, 192 Wright, Denny W. 266, 279 Wright, Joan 265, 279 Wright, Richard A. 166,198,212 Wurtz, Karen Elizabeth 256,257 Wyatt, James L. 166, 196 Wyborny, Charles A. 278 Wynn, Virginia L. 162, 186 Yates, Angela H. 159, 170 Young, Derek L. 279 Young, Neal 188 Young, Roderick Bern 162 Young, Scott Owen 170, 180, 212 Youngblood, Wyatt 287 Zelko, Monica R. Zorn, Suzanne M. 158, 168 164, 190 414 JJf 98 ., »» , W " , " .»•? ' to -»- ' jN $ »■ ►.,■ m s lH| s w Si 1 J 11 Hi Si i Jm m R |°ii i S . TATE UNIVERSITY 3 0598 1QQ1 0450 1 RESERVE BOOK ONE HOUR C fot0 j YW kS 10 ' ZL a is . " I ■ ' n r ■ CAVLORO PAINTED IN U K, LD 5361 T75 P3x 1984 c.2 Alabama. State College, Troy The Palladium . . . T. S. U. LIBRARY — TROY, AL.

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