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' M PALLADIUM 198 TROY STATE UNIVERSITY 51. h w Leslie Braman Editor-in-Chief Susan Russell Associate Editor Ray Bendall Associate Editor Jeff Johnston Business Manager Jacqueline ( Smith dvisor Palladium 1983 Troy State I fniversity y, Alabama Volume ■ V -.» .. . I " . ' .-•- ' •• " ' ■ ■ ■ ' in 1 1 Southern Accents Inside (Mjlr 11 pa t 17 ) • !»»• M I , V M " rS 7Af . v MP .. ' • The Southern Drawl in " Yall " 10 Southern Beauties 17 Southern Living 46 The Sound of the South 226 Southern Pride 303 Departments Features 14 Campus Life 42 Entertainment 78 People 96 Organizations 158 Greeks 232 Athletics 290 Administration 348 Etc. 392 ON THE COVER is an illustration by Susan Russell of Rosemont. I famous antebellum home in Alabama. t t va The Tranquility of Troy Set in the he art of the deep south is a university with an intense southern heritage. A co-ed may rush by low hang- ing magnolia limbs which bloom in silence. A commuter may pass by a speckled hori- zon of dewy cotton on his way to school. And still another student may find himself re- siding and having classes in buildings which date back to the early nineteen hundreds. In and around Troy there are remnants of the past and symbols of a simpler way of life that is all but forgotten by a world that thrives on a much faster and efficient life style of the twentieth century. Right: Wildlife thrives in the undis- turbed ecology of southern farmland. Below: Since the 1800 ' s railroads have played an important role in the development of the city of Troy. This channel of transportation just off Highway 29 is surrounded by a land- scape of kudzu. 4 The South Top: The agri-busine-s boom of the late L800 ' l brought a demand for fertilizer to im- prove the growing OOtton in- dustry. One l tin- Standard Chemical Companiee Ware- houses still stand- on the out- skirts of Troy as | reminder oi the dayi when cotton wai king. Left: The Episcopal Church located on the corner of College Street and Three Notch Street WSJ completed in L933. The English Gothic style building is just one ex- ample o unique architecture found in TYoy. Above: Cot ton field- -till sprinkle the sndscape oi Alabama but tin- crop is no longer number one nth ft TSU Tradition A Part of the Future The cornerstone of Troy Normal school was laid on August 24, 1887. The original campus was located in down- town Troy. Troy State Uni- versity has undergone many changes through the years. Today the oldest building still standing on the present campus is Kilby Hall which was built in 1923. The newest architectural structure is the Sorrell Chapel which is nes- tled in a grove of oak trees be- hind Wallace Hall. The camp- us stands in the heart of Troy as a monument of past achievements and as a contin- ual source of knowledge need- ed for the future. Alma Mater Our vows of love, our vows of faith dear school we ' ve said to thee. Strong man, each gentle maid will ever loyal be. Not for a day, not for a year shall we each other greet. as fellow students, fellow friends but till in heaven we meet. So hail, Alma Mater, dear school, we all love thee. So hail, Alma Mater, We ' ll aye be true to thee. So when in days that are to come fond memories we recall. The memories of dear Troy State, We ' ll cherish most of all. Your stately portals, spacious halls in dreams we will enjoy. And hearts again will sadly yearn for you, and days of Troy. So hail, Alma Mater, dear school we all love thee. So hail, Alma Mater, We ' ll aye be true to thee. by Kirven Solomon, class of 1930 TROY STATE UNIVERSITY Establithed a Troy State Normal School by the Alabama General Assembly In 1887. The Alabama Legislature has approved the following changes r in the name: TROY STATE NORMAL COLLEGE 1893 TROY STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE 1927 TROY STATE COLLEGE 1957 TROY STATE UNIVERSITY 1967 (See otbei side) •MWMIW - southern accents The Southland A Heritage of Beauty One way to note the history of a town is to observe its older homes. Troy has its share of aged dwellings. The two blocks of College Street between Cherry and Pine Streets contain a total of 18 beautifully preserved homes, some built as early as the 1870 ' s. They represent some of the regions finest examples of Victorian, Greek revival and other turn of the century Right: This federal style home noted for its braided brick work and ionic columns is the home of Dr. Wilkes, a professor in TSU ' s biology depart- ment. Below: Mr. Bashinsky, a Russian immigrant who made his fortune as a cotton broker, built this Greek Reviv- al home in 1906. It is located on the corner of College and Pine Streets. style architecture. Seldom does one find in such a con- centrated area so many beau- tiful and historic buildings. The peanut and cotton merchants, the city fathers, and the railroad presidents spent their spare time in the parlors and on the verandas of these beautiful homes around the turn of the cen- tury. 8 Homes M r if»i fjgii iiwii ill 1 IFi ■;- Left: I)r I )eni-. n d I ' Sl Musk Department and his family reside in this College Street Heme Built in the last quarter of the H»th century, it is a combination " I Kastlake and Queen Anne design. Below: In iharp co n t ra ! to the or nately decorated homes of old this Methodist Church which dates back to the 1800 ' s is simple, practical and functional It ' s impact lies in it proportion 10 Lifestyle People in the south seem to have a different outlook on life. Easy living comes natu- rally in a peaceful environ- ment. That is not to say that the south is all " Jasmine and Julips. " Alabama, itself, has several large cities with a wide range of industries. Hut even in the cities something is unique to this part of the United States. It might ap- pear that southerners know something that people in oth- er parts of the country have forgotten. The true southern- er knows how to take life with a grain of salt. Some obeerva tions that reflect thia theory are the southerner ' s unique speech patterns, his driving habits and his music. Home-grown southerners are sometimes ridiculed for their southern drawl in such words as " ya ' ll " which is a dis- tinct part of the vocabulary of Dixieland. It is very amusing to hear a person with a rich southern accent talking to someone from, say, Austria. Here on campus that would not be that uncommon since a majority of students are from the deep south and yet there is a large influx of foreign stu- dents as well. These slower speech patterns seem to re- flect an easy lifestyle that is commendable in this fast- pace society. Not only is this outlook on life observed in the region ' s colloquialisms but it can also •i ' ii in the highv. instaiu e, a Yankee will quick ly tell you that people down here just don ' t dm Kven in the ( itie of the south there is not that wide ; pandamonium in rush hour like one finds in northern cities. People in the south seem to be more passive. In such a sub-culture where la- dies are taught to be I and gentlemen are taught to be dignified, such a style of living is to be expected. Southern music has its own distinct sound. Country groups like Alabama and the Charlie Daniels Band sing what some people now call an " upbeat country sound. " It seems the one thing that all this music has in common is its straight forwardi Country songs don ' t " beat around the bush " so to speak. People in the south are most assuredly a proud breed. The stereotyped southerner relishes a good joke and a good homecooked meal. He takes life at his own pace. Top left A typical collection of southern BIttSti ' albui .nd in Hamil hall room 4H. which i- pied hv Jennj Holder and Su ie B ll. Left This bumper sticker found on Steve W.irren ' s CU i .in. ' t: • minder of the fierce pride loiind in the south .If 11 Below: A rainy afternoon in down- town Troy is inspiration for artist Larry Strickland. These two water color paintings were painted from two vantage points on Three Notch Street. Right: The Palladium forms a silhouette against the sunset. Far right: The city of Troy has many in- teresting architectural influences. Below Far Right: The newly ren- ovated square features the old con- federate soldier landmark. 12 Troy Stand Hill in 1983 Visualize a hill covered with tall oak trees and a valley of natural cane trees. It is said that the original site of Troy was once a hill that deer would race toward in search of shelter from the native hunters. Thus pioneers knew the settlement as Deer Stand Hill until it became Troy, Ala- bama in 1840. It is not certain why the name of " Troy ' ' was picked for the settlement. But it is most fitting that today, in the middle of the town, our very own Palladium, which crowns Troy States central building, stands guard over the city just as the fabled statue of Pallas Athena towered over the an- cient Greek city of Troy as a charm of safety. TYoy 13 eatures Miss TSU 1982 Juaneysa Wilkins 16 Miss TSU 1982 Southern Beauties Alabama, the beautiful landscapes, beautiful cities and towns, and beautiful girls. Troy State has been blessed with beautiful girls, but not necessarily confined to Southern girls. With an in- flux of state and county Ju- nior Misses and finalists in other beauty pageants, Troy had beautiful girls represen- tative of throughout the Unit- ed States and some foreign countries. The South has a heritage of fine beautiful " belles " and al- t hough she cannot claim all of the beautiful girls at TSU, her claims are substantial. The student body at Troy State saw Yolanda Fernandez, 1982 Miss TSl become Mis Ala- bama. With this new crown. Yolanda returned to Troy to give up her title as Miss TSl ' to 1st Runner-up Juaneyaa Wilkins. A native of Florida, Ms. Fernandez made Troy her new home. Almost the en- tire student body sat glued to the television set to see Yo- landa compete and claim 3rd Runner-up in the Mist Amer- ica Pageant. Cindy Willis, a junior from Montgomery, Alabama, chosen Miss Homecoming by popular vote. Her court con sisted of Sue Horvath, Diane Arnzen, and Becky Redd. Pat Griffin captured the hearts of the audience with her talent presentation of " They Could Not " in the L983 Miss 7 Si pagent. Her title of Miss TSU gave her the p portunity to compete in the 1983 Miss Alabama Pageant. Stephanie Hii made head- lines iftei receiving the title of Miss National 71 •- Other girls torn f ■ for titles varying from W . melon Queen to Sational ■ theart for their fraterni TSl ' had the opportunity of harboring many beautiful ladies and held true to the saying that " the South has the most beautiful women in the world. " cm fV i Miss Alabama 1982 Yolanda Fernandez 18 Miss Alabama Winning the title ol Miei Alabama 1982 in June wan the beginning oi exciting year for Yolanda Fernanda . Hei prim in luded I nea tldamo bile every 4,000 mile ,,! " iwttdrobe, , mink coat, m bola iahip moo- i gold watch, and i Ml of luggage. In preparation for the Miai Ameri ml in Atlantic ( ' 1 1 in w tember, Yolanaa ' i man) hours ol piano practice, work outa, arardi fittings, mock TV interviews, end photo sessions paid ofl arbei turned to Troy with the title of 3rd Elunnar up to Miai Ameri K Fernandez ' ! titles gave her opportunities tor app wide. There were parade-, -tore openings, luncheons, fashion ID Championship Horse show-, walk a thons, tel-athons. golt tournaments, and always autograph sessions. Yolanda also attended preetigioUf events lUCh as the Boh Hope Show in Florida and the Peanut Festival. Ipol the Alabama Legislature and with Governor Wallace, and visited the Veteran s Hospital and Children ' s Hospital. As the year winded down. Yolanda spent much of her time working towards the 1983 Miss Alabama Pageant — promotional commeri rehearsals, fittings, and more appearances. Yolanda still remained a. on campus at TSU with Mortar Board, O.D.K., Alpha Pai Omega, Angel Flight, girl scout meetings, appearances with Pied Piper- end College Singers, and a lead role in the production of The Miracle Wort Mm AUUnma 19 HOMECOMING Not Just An Ordinary Weekend Homecoming: a time for football fever, beautiful girls, and for the alumni, a time of remembering college days. Homecoming actually started about two weeks be- fore the big weekend. The Homecoming Pageant spon- sored by SGA, spotlighted forty-seven girls representing university greeks, organiza- tions, and honorary societies of which ten were chosen as semi-finalists. The student body voted on these contestants and a queen and her court were an- nounced at the Pep Rally Fri- day afternoon following the torch light parade. The cheer- leaders promoted spirit with a bonfire and a mock hanging of a dummy with a Delta State jersey. Saturday morning began with the Troy State Apprecia- tion Day Parade running through downtown Troy and ending at Memorial Stadium. TSU organizations, greeks, Top: Juaneysa Wilkins, Miss TSU, is featured at the Troy State Apprecia- tion Day Parade. Middle: The Sigma Chi ' s participate in the Homecoming display contest. Bottom: Semi-finalists shown are Anna Turman, Virginia West, Robin Salzarulo, Diane Arnzen, Eva Carter, Becky Redd, Pat Griffin, Cindy Wil- lis, Sue Horvath, and Juaneysa Wil- kins. civic clubs and downtown merchants, and, of course, the Queen and her court partici- pated in the parade. Alumni were invited back for a picnic in Bibb Graves Quad and various schools and organizations welcomed back graduates to private parties. At last the moment came for the Queen to be crowned. Diane Arnzen, third runner- up, Becky Redd, second run- ner-up, and Sue Horvath, first runner-up received their roses and applause. A stand- ing ovation was extended as Cindy Willis was crowned Homecoming Queen by Dr. Ralph W. Adams. The Band entertained dur- ing halftime and gave a stir- ring post-game show. Follow- ing the game a reception was held at the President ' s home for all students and alumni. The frenzy and excitement finally settled as another Homecoming at TSU became history. 20 Homecoming ■ ■II into ' l he ■ a Sen cominj Bottom KiKht Alumni g il (111 Mil 111 " • , ■ E Sr .» ■ ' V ■ I % ■ Cindy Willis Miss Homecoming ■ 4 -v : Z£ HOMECOMING COURT 24 Homecoming Court , 1 Sue Hot laiio Arn eri Homrcofr Miss TSU 1983 Pat Griffin 26 Miss TSU v Flexability Called For In Mis s TSU Pageant Some years a pageant will go smoothly. Then there are those times when things seem to take their own direction. Flexability was called for when one coped with illness, bad weather, and the emcee calling at the last moment from his sick-bed. Becky Redd and Phil Kel- ley stepped right in and co- emceed the final night show without any warning and saved the life of the show. On the other hand, the opening number just " fell together " with the direction of Natalie Baldwin, Tonia Kirkland, and the contestants. Pat Griffin was chosen among the 32 contestants to reign as Miss Troy State Uni- versity 1983. Lisa Phelps was presented the talent award and Dena Dubberly captured the swimsuit competition. Ms. Jacqueline Smith, pag- eant co-ordinator had these comments following the 1983 Pageant. " The pageant world takes so much preparation — not just the people who do the back stage work. The contes- tants have to prepare their talent, their walk, their hair, and on and on. With the prep- aration of all concerned, a pageant is pulled, pushed, folded, refolded, petted, and jolted into being by all who have any part in the show — and wow — when the show is over, everybody is tired, but, oh, so pleased and proud! " Top: Tammy Burdick captures the feeling of " Wings of Love " during the talent competition. Bottom: Contestants and Juaneysa Wilkins, Miss TSU 1982, are honored with a tea at the President ' s home prior to the pageant. 28 Miss TSU Pageant ]g " fr..m U I Kim ( ' .illilanHw talent m a " K " " Id ' " ' Oriffi " icrn " buck da; IU«yM Wilkin and Yolanda Fernanda . Lisa Phelps 1st Runner-Up The top ten finalists pictured are Cordelia Johnson, Ta- mara Kuhn, Jill Smith, Dena Dubberly, Pat Griffin, Lisa Phelps, Tammy Burdick, Kim Gilliland, Eva Carter, and Wanda Gillman. 30 Miss TSU Finalists Bowling Jill Smith 4th Runner-Up ■ National Pi Rose Becky Redd Becky Redd, a Broadcast Journalism and Social Sci- ence major from Auburndale, Florida, was presented the ti- tle of Pi Kappa Phi National Rose as part of the opening festivities at Pi Kapp College. Every chapter submits their local sweetheart Rose with a portfolio and resume of campus and company activi- ties and honors. The Board then selects through the pro- cess of a questionaire and a personal interview. Serving as National Rose has involved traveling to dif- ferent chapters and conven- tions for Becky. Ms. Redd has supported Pi Kappa Phi ' s na- tional project, PUSH, in which Pi Kapps design, build, and transport teaching units for the severely handicapped to various centers. Becky ' s main emphasis has been on improving the Little Sister program. She has lead seminars teaching how to make the program a separate yet vital part of the fraternity. Becky has felt, " a very spe- cial, and very real spirit of friendship which seemed to form an unbreakable bond between all the unique indi- viduals of the fraternity. Through the past three years, I have come to learn that the bond is more than just mere friendship, but a bond so sin- cere that it can actually be called ' brotherhood ' . This year, as National Rose, I ' ve had the rare and wonderful opportunity to witness that very same spirit in practice among Pi Kappa Phi brothers from all over the country. Of course, I ' m not actually a part of that brotherhood, but I ' ll always be grateful to National and TSU Pi Kapps for allow- ing me to share in their beau- tiful experience from the close female position of Na- tional Rose. " 32 Becky Redd iss National Teen-ager Stephanie Hix Stephanie 1 1 old freshman from 1 1 Miss N held in Lehigh, Flori Mix t ompeted against 51 oth cr contestants tor mora than $50,000 m tuition scholar ' -hip- and pr Bai h girl participated in in- terviews i onducted by ju and an evening-gown oompe tition. Conteatanta had their choice of writing an essay or giving a talent presentation Stephan v on Ahra ham Lincoln was award) $1(XX) scholarship from the National Heritage Founda- tion. Stephanie read about the pageant in the newspaper. " It stressed scholas! i at l. ment and appearance and I thought it would he good tor me. " she commented Miss Hil served as the am- idor teenager for the United State-. Her title opened such do. n in- terview on the " Today " show. a pres- conference in York, and national commer- cials. She also received a $3000 pergonal appearance contract. In addition. sh- presented manufacturers and businesses during -tore open- ing-, forums and parade- Stephanie dropped out of school for a quarter to d tensive traveling and meet various engagement-. The daughter ol Major and Mr- Max Hix, Stephanie hope- a major m accounting and business with a minor in ch and communications will help her in her i plans to one d.w baOOO I KMI agent Stephanie WM a memh. ( " hi Omega sorority and a lit- tle sister ot IKK fraternity Stephanie !• Who ' s Who Among American Universities Colleges Craig Akridge Alpha Lambda Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Argonauts; SGA; Treas., Delta Kappa Epsilon; IFC; ACUB Special Activities Chairman; Kappa Delta Big Brother. Nickolas Angelo Gamma Beta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres., Debate Forensics Squad; Phi Gamma Nu; SGA; ACUB; Sec, CCMA; Sigma Chi; AFROTC. Natalie Baldwin Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; SGA Secretary; Campus Outreach; SGA Alabama Student Co- alition Delegate; Homecoming Pag- eant Ent. Coordinator; Recorder, Univ. Self-Study Ed. Comm.; Pres., University Dancers; Choreographer, MissTSU Pageant; Chairman, ACUB; Pre-College Orientation Leader; Stu- dent Director, Shackelford. Bonnie Bohner Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Mortar Board; Rec. Sec, Student Nurses Assoc; Rec. Sec, Local Hon- or Society of Nursing; Alabama Dis- trict Treasurer of Circle K; National Student Nurses Association; BSU. Claude Brooks, Jr. Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Director, TSU Gospel Choir; SGA; Pres., Alpha Phi Alpha; The Tropolitan; AFROTC; Ar- gonauts. 34 Who ' s Who Steve Calton Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Argo- nauts; Sec, IFC; Treas., Pi Kappa Phi; Band; Pre-College Orientation Leader. James Carpenter Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Pres.. Beta Beta Beta; Sec. Treas., Delta Omicron Chi; Wesley Foundation; Collegiate Singers; In- gall ' s Award Committee. Brandt Cosgrove, Jr. Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa Gamma Beta Phi. Phi Eta Sigma Deputy Comm. Arnold Air Society Parliamentarian. DPMA. Young Re publicans; Trojanaire AFROTC. i Jt Lisa Compton Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Vice Pres.. Stu- dent National Education Association; Association for Childhood Education International; Circle K; BSU Execu- tive Council. Alicia Chambers - Caroline Crawford Gamma Beta Phi; Pres.. SNEA; SCEC; ACEI; SGA; Exec Council. Kappa Delta; Sigma Pi Sweetheart; Collegiate Singers. Historian. Mortar Board; Vice Pres.. Kappa Delta Pi; Asst. Treas.. Gamma Beta Phi; Student Council for Excep- tional Children; Student National Edu- cation Association; Circle K; Band. Yolanda Fernandez Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Little Major, Angel Flight; CCMA; Miss TSU; Miss Ala- bama; ISCO; 3rd Runner-up, Miss America; " Pirates of Penzance " ; " Miracle Worker. " , Darrell Hayes Vice Pres., Art Guild; DPMA; Pres., Afro Club; Argonauts; Young Demo- crats; SGA; Pres., TSU Gospel Choir; IFC; Sec, Alpha Phi Alpha; Sports Statistician; University Dancers. Marty Hulsey Parliamentarian, Gamma Beta Phi; Treasurer, Mortar Board; Kappa Del- ta Pi; Sec, MENC; " South Pacific " ; " Carousel. " Karen Haisten Beta Upsilon Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Delta Sig- ma Pi; TSU Cheerleader; Most Out- standing Junior in the School of Busi- ness Award. 36 Who ' s Who Tres., Beta Upsilon Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; DPMA; Band; Vice Pres., Phi Theta Kappa; Art Club; Circle K; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Junior Col- leges. Anne Kimmel Alpha Lambda Delta; Pres , Gamma Beta Phi; Sec. SGA; Justice Supreme Court; Unit Rep.. Hamil Hall; Panhellen- ic; Pres.. Kappa Delta; Wesley Founda- tion. Maria Mendoza Alpha Lambda Delta. Gamma Beta Phi. Kappa Delta Pi. Mortar Board. HPER; Vice Pres . Panhellenic. Pres . Alpha Delta Pi; Opera Workshop. Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Sigma Tau Delta; V- Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; SGA President; CCMA; Wes- ley Foundation; Rush Party Head. Scholarship Chrm.. Treas.. and Stan- dards Chrm., Kappa Delta; TSU Board of Trustees; Panhellenic. Carol LoCicero Pres., Mortar Board; V-Pres.. Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Sec. Treas., Sig- ma Tau Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; SGA; Rush Chrm.. Scholarship Chrm.. Hist., and Scholarship Award. Kappa Delta; Oxford Scholar; Ingalls Award Selection Committee. Alecia McKenzie Alpha Lambda Delta; Secretary. Poly- glots. International Student Cultural Or- ganization. Editor. The Tropolitan. Bruce Miller Gamma Beta Phi. Pres . Alpha Psi Omega; Argonauts. IFC. Sec Treas . Sigma Chi. Pied Pipers. Best Sup- porting Actor; Best Actor Who%Wt o 3 Jennifer Muer Gamma Beta Phi; Art Guild; Trojan Trackettes; Corr. Sec. Young Repub- licans; SGA; Dir. of Student Consum- er Board; Soc. Chrm. and Chapter Relations, Alpha Delta Pi; Pre-Col- lege Orientation Leader; Award Committee; Pres., Hostess. Marthanna Moore Vice Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Treas., Beta Beta Beta; Band; BSU. Tony Morris Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; ACUB; SGA Secretary; Newsletter Editor, Wesley Foundation; Features Ed., Palladium; The Tropolitan. Pat O ' Mara Mortar Board; Gamma Beta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice Pres., Phi Alpha Theta; T-Club; Alumni Hall Council; CCMA; Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes; TSU Football; All-Aca- demic Gulf South Conference. " Joe Partridge Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Treas.. Vice Pres.. Sigma Pi; Phi Mu Big Brother; Band. Charles Powers, Jr. V-Pres . Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres . Beta Beta Beta. Delta Omicron Chi. Pres . Circle K. V-Pres Wesley Foundation; SGA Clerk. Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Day Committee Secretary Jennifer Purvis Gamma Beta Phi; Psi Chi Award; Re- porter, MENC; ISCO; Wesley Founda- tion; Ingalls Award Committee. Phi Theta Kappa; Who ' s Who Among Ju- nior College Students; Spoon River Anthology " ; " Carousel " Valerie Privett Pres.. Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gamma Beta Phi; HPER; T-Club; Lady Trojans Bas- ketball. Britten B. Poulson Omicron Delta Kappa; Gamma Beta Phi; Treas.. Phi Mu Alpha; Circle K; SGA Vice President; Outstanding Senator of the Year; Pres.. Wesley Foundation; Collegiate Singers; Op- era Workshop. Debra Rainey pha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. Sec . Beta Beta Beta; Mortar Board. Delta Omicron Chi; Kappa Delta WW.sttU. » Becky Redd Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Rho; ACUB; Treas., Young Republicans; SGA; Chi Alpha; Vice Pres., Panhellenic; Membership Officer, Kappa Delta; National Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart; Opera Work- shop; Trojan Trackette. : Susan Russell Omicron Delta Kappa; Treas., Art Guild; Vice Pres., Trojan Trackettes; BSU; Editor, Palladium. R.J. Rohrlack, Jr. Argonauts Best Pledge; Pres., Na- tional Convention Delegate, Sigma Delta Chi; SGA Clerk; AD, Clement Hall; CCMA; Vice Pres., Delta Kappa Epsilon; Big Brother and King of Dia- monds, Alpha Delta Pi; Pre-College Orientation Leader. David Taylor Phi Eta Sigma; Pres., Jr. Advisor, Al- pha Lambda Delta; Pledge Trainer Phi Gamma Nu; Sec, Circle K; Colle giates; BSU Exec. Council. Kevin Scarbinsky Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Second V- Pres., Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Upsilon Sigma; Pres., Delta Sigma Pi; Athlet- ic Policy Committee; Bus. Manager, The Tropolitan; Delta Sigma Pi Southeastern Regional Undergrad- uate of the Year; Oxford Scholar. Robbin Tomlin Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Alpha The- ta; Gamma Beta Phi; Bodybuilding Club; SGA; The Tropolitan. Who ' s Who Among American Universities Colleges Beverly Webster Gamma Beta Phi; Pres.. Local Honor Society of Nursing; Corr. Sec, ANS; Trojan Seahorses; Angel Flight; Wes- ley Foundation; University Dancers. John Weekley Gamma Beta Phi; Young Democrats; SGA; Justice; IFC; President. Sigma Chi; Chi Omega Big Brother; Math Tutor. Sheila Williams Gamma Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Pres.. ACEI; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lit- tle Sister; Palladium. Katrina Hayes Kappa Delta Pi. Gamma Beta Phi. As- sociation for Childhood Education In- ternational; President. Phi Mu Tony Kirkland Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Mu Al- pha Smfonia Music Fraternity; MENC; Polyglots; LDS Institute In- structor; President. Band. Music Dept., Outstanding Senior Thomas Powell Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; DPMA; Chairman. Student Advi- sory Council to the Dean of the School of Business; Asst. Student Di- rector. Alumni Hall. Martha Wright Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Sigma Tau Delta; Debate Team. Cindy Willis Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Panhellenic Pres.; Greek Week Committee Co- Chrm., Kappa Delta. " Gracious Liv- ing Award " . " Pledge Scholarship Award " . " Sister Scholarship Award ' . Homecoming Queen; Superior Stu- dents Committee; Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Freshman Award " Who ' s Who 41 Honors Day 1983 Awards Eric Rodgers Phi Beta Kappa Association Award Jennifer Ann Purvis Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Award Mary Beth Bracewell Faye Ellis Memorial Scholarship and Service Award Gregory Ronald Owens Omicron Delta Kappa: Ralph W. Adams Leader of the Year Award Stacy Krebs Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Freshman Award Helen Annette Jones Gamma Beta Phi Scholarship and Service Award Marthanna Moore Beta Beta Beta Scholarship and Service Award Charles Kent Powers Kappa Delta Pi R.H. Ervin Award Judith Dean Slinker Phi Alpha Theta Scholastic Award Christopher Alan Aman Psi Chi Award Virginia Jeffers Abejon Sigma Tau Delta Outstanding Senior Award Carol Jean LoCicero Bernard E. Williams Award for Excellence in English Carol Jean LoCicero Colonial Dames of America Annual Award for the Outstanding Paper in American History Timothy A. Smith AFROTC Outstanding Senior Cadet Colin Brandt Cosgrove, Jr. Kappa Delta Pi W.P Lewis Award Marsha C. Cetti Virgil L. Collins Mathematics Award Hashim A. Raja Joyce B. Sorrell Award Laura J. Wallenfels Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key Kevin Martin Scarbinsky Alabama Society of CPA ' s Outstanding Accounting Student Award Greg Hembree Phi Gamma Nu Scholarship Key Donna L. Livingstone Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award Ronnie Durrell Wiggins Tex Whaley Association of Childhood Education Award Sheila Sanders Williams Health, Physical Education and Recreation Award Valerie Jean Privett Georgia Irene Gill Davis Memorial Award Jeanie A. Holt Troy State University: Oxford University Scholarship Mary Beth Bracewell Cynthia Willis Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards Mr. James O ' Neal Britten B. Poulson Natalie Baldwin 42 Honors Day 1 I AM NOT OF TcW Kk FOK I H Vf YFSTERrAV AND I LM Southern Living " Kick yore shoes off and stay awhile! " In a world of in- stant everything, the South has struggled to retain that easy type of lifestyle. While everyone has only 24 hours in a day, a Southerner learns to take life one day at a time, one step at a time. When a South- erner works, he works hard, but when he relaxes, he KNOWS how to relax. That thirty minutes or so of soli- tude can tide him over to an- other day. College is not the best place in the world to learn how to relax. Many students must learn to juggle their time be- tween classes, work, and so- cial life. Finding the time for an occasional " laid back " afternoon has been a distinc- tive part of being a resident in the South. A cool breeze through the trees lakeside offered an op- portunity for dates to enjoy a good home-cooked meal from a picnic basket. Basking in the sun gave many students the opportunity to escape from classes and " catch some rays. " A fishing pole and a can of worms offered solace for conscientious fishermen and gave time for one to gather his thoughts. Even a hall party with cokes and popcorn gave many students a chance to re- lax and enjoy one another ' s company. Whatever the situ- ation, a true Southerner knows how to take it easy and enjoys life for what it is. Stu- dents at Troy State took ad- vantage of most opportunities even if it only included stop- ping to " smell the flowers. " It, Southern Living H lit Derek Young finds monumental task. r I v a £ - r M 4h StiirtiriK Over Accepting changes was pari of Starting Over •lust when you ' re Comfort able with lomel bing ... it changes. The transition from high school to college is a per feet example of this change. Everyone has had this prob- lem but somehow managed to overcome it. Adjusting to changes and accepting new responsibil- ities were essential to a fresh ' man. At this stage of educa- tion they were not being pushed but rather had to push themselvr- These responsibilities in- cluded budgeting time and money and domestic, aca- demic, and social responsibil- ities. A major challenge for some freshmen was learning to budget their time and money. Sandy Kuchle commented, " The hardest adjustment I had was realizing I was here to get an education. " Jill Bailey found " the will power to study " was not always there. Lisa Ligon said " The respon- sibilities of studying plus ev- erything else is tripled in col- lege compared to high school. " With the pressure to live by the checkbook, many students found adjusting to a budget a new experience - one student said " There ' s never enough! " Another area that was new to students involved domestic responsibilities. Many stu- dents had their first experi- ence with washing clothes at Troy. Although many carried dirty laundry home to Mania. there came that time when Top: Krt-ihman .luhr Smith unit- to write u letter to humr Bottom: Lisa Smith calk home to " keep in touch " with her fnmilv then lean under left When Mother srai not around to threaten OIM not (leaning the room i.r : ing up the bed, things usually piled up. wa up ' Social responsibilil change when one enter the college lifestyle. The first choice for many -Indent - whether to " go ( ireek. or not " and then which one Regard- co-ed- were laced with decisions about where I and what to do constantly. Martha Da -aid -he had a hard time with the tempta- tion to go out when she need ed to study. Although many carried dirty laundry home t mama, there came a time when there ' s no clean underwear left. Academic reeponaibilitiea were usually tied in with all other responsibilities. There wafl alway- that chapter to read or that project to do or that term paper to write. Dead Week was always wel- comed because there ser- distractions so one could catch up from being behind all quarter. When one finally gi the freshman " greens 1 he feels he has finally adjust i this Den litest vie. But it time at all before be - ing his diploma and n that " just when you ' re i fortable with college lift time to ' -tart all mi. " Start; 50 Fashion Ransoa Keeping " In-Style " Foi manv students keeping " m Style " WfU B priority, yet the cost of Btaying in fashion was often a considi at urn. A natural transition from the western look was the Prairie look. Many girls ot out their western hoot- and co-ordinated them with dresses or skirts and shirt- donned with hundreds ol ruffles. The 1 ' raine look « welcomed by some girls for its modest touch. College students said " good-bye " to the alligator in place of the more popular (and expensive) Pol " shirt. Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein kept many students dressed in clean-cut plaids and the classic look. Calvin Klein also joined .Jordache and other trade-names to develop a trend in designer jeans usually the tighter the jeans, the better. The preppy look continued as co-eds adopted button- downs and Khaki ' s as their natural dress Btylc A- one student commented, " I feel the preppy l k is practical and clean-cut. I do feel that it can be taken to the - tremes, though. " cont. on pg. 52 Top: Twill Kvan. Cindy St John. and H- iak) model the Prai rie look Bottom: Joan Hugbie, herry Dud ' . ' ike Dickson md Andrea Pe fashion tor the vear Opposite Pan- • HTIS, Alii- son -lord a n. Brian R Adnene Slaughter, and David model current tfand fashion. F« h. Continued from Page 51 Bandanas met the needs of the more physical look. Bandanas were worn as headbands and belts or worn loosely around the neck or collar of one ' s shirt. The word for men ' s ties were skinny and wool or cotton knit Windsor knot ties that were very popu- lar. Brave colors such as purple and pink became very fashionable with men ' s attire. The tuxedo look became very popular as women ' s clothing took on a more aggressive theme. Women found the masculine bow and cumberbun to reflect a very sophisticated image. Dress lengths and pants lengths changed patterns alternately. Pants ranged from peg legs to knickers with big being the adjective for women ' s sweaters. Low-waisted dresses brought back styles from the 1920 ' s while pumps added an extra dimension to clothing. During winter months leg warmers were a fashionable accessory. Spring ushered in another change in dress lengths. Blousy miniskirts increased in popularity as tans were acquired. Panama Jack T-shirts flooded the market and the wearing of nylon run- ning shorts was not restricted to joggers. Opposite Page: Senior Tami Kuhn models the popular tuxedo look with help from sophomore Dykes Culp. Calvin Klein, Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Lee are some of the names in jeans that made it big on college campuses. 52 Fashion I CHRISTMAS IN TROY The classrooms lie idle, the sidewalks are virtually untra- velled, and the dorms are re- markably quiet. Troy State is no longer the heavy paced campus that it was just a few weeks before. When the trau- ma of final exams is over, there remain those students who have the opportunity to see Troy during Christmas. Many of these worked on campus or around the county. Those foreign students who stayed for the break made Dill Apartments their tempo- rary home. Although one might think that Troy would be " dead " without the college students, many townspeople appreciate its own distinct beauty. Beth Bracewell commented, " I like Troy better at Christmas than any other time of the year because the town takes on a different character. " This Christmas was special for Troy residents. Downtown merchants and civic organiza- tions decorated the newly renovated square and down- town area. PM Magazine covered the Christmas parade and judged the decorations. Top Left: A Santa wreath was one of the decorations on the square. Top Center: Beth Bracewell, a ju- nior from Troy, Alabama, wraps gifts at a local store in downtown Troy. Top Right: Decorating the Christ- mas tree is a joint project for the Alan Boothe family. Bottom Left: Homemade sweets are always an added extra during the holiday season. Bottom Right: Pam Goff lights a candle representing Christ as the light of the world. £t. ■ . •• I ■ . A Mr. EdwinWalter professor in the ' department, de rates his Chri- " tree with a bei glass ornamen Christ y The Commuter In today ' s colleges, many students found commuting a comfortable alternative to living on campus. The high cost of an education was the reason for many students to live at home while off-campus housing looked more attrac- tive to other students. Commuters faced many ad- vantages and disadvantages, but almost all commuters faced the problem of trans- portation. Students were of- ten faced with having to drive through bad weather and having to park far away from where their classes met. Often during earlier hours, vacant parking spaces were limited to almost none. Buddy King, a student ma- joring in art, commuted from a small community twenty miles northeast of Troy. Bud- dy commented that the drive to school enabled him to wake up and also to collect his thoughts about the coming day. A second concern of com- muting students was in the area of academic responsibil- ities. Shirley Reynolds, a se- nior from Troy, Al., found trouble in setting up her schedule without large time gaps between classes. Shirley was forced to stay on campus from 8:00 to 3:00 for her classes. She spent much of her free time studying or watch- ing television in the Adams Center. Many commuters had to stay late for night labs or work on projects in the li- brary. Advantages of living at home included such things as more privacy, a family life, and better food. Disadvan- tages could have included family pressures, obligations to do chores, or a curfew. Many commuters were dis appointed because they could not become as actively in- volved in campus activities as those who lived on campus. Distance restrained many from returning to club meet ings and other on-campus functions. Others felt unin- formed and were not interest- ed in living the " college life " Left: Donna Nicholson of Banks, AL spends her spare time studying be- tween classes. Right: Buddy King looks for a park- ing space beside Smith Hall. I 56 The Commuter Auburn Kurt-man ul • and Cinch Kx hburic from i htn. AL spend tbrir :r.»- time rwtWMB claMes catching a bite to rat «• Commuter ' ■■ ' i s . jD l a. f O a. 58 Art Show jf ■ 1 7 3 M fe J I J m m 1 Ikll r- Jean Lake Memorial Art Show pays Tribute to Southern Artist May 7 and 8, 1983 was history for the Troy Council on the Arts and Humanities. After much work and preparation, the Jean Lake Memorial Art Show was held on the grounds of the Pike Pioneer Museum. Artists from all over the South attended Troy ' s first professional art show. The art show was held as a tribute to Jean Lake. Born, reared, and educated in Troy, Jean Lake attended Troy State University. Mrs. Lake ' s major works centered on fading scenes of a rural South. Many of her famous works were displayed at the art show. Artists were selected to attend by submitting slides of their work which were juried by a committee from the Arts Coun- cil and only the best were invited to attend. Many Troy organizations pro- vided refreshment booths and such entertainment as the TSU Jazz Ensemble, a mime, Jim Bell, and Lynda ' s School of Dance were provided both days. Top: The girls take a try at the Jello Slurrin ' contest. Middle Left: Contestants compete to see who can chug a Mello Yello down the fastest. Bottom Left: September performs in the amphitheatre during the May Day Carnival. Bottom Right: Alpha Gamma Del- ta participates in May Day activities by sponsoring a kissing booth. A. v ■ ML " j ' ft " 250- h =J-J J 4 JT H ■ % v | | ' p 60 May Day m MAY DAY CARNIVAL Slurring, Chugging, Spitting, and More! jello slurp, a chugf contest (Mello t- 1 1 . of course) and dinnei on the grounds what mors i ould one ask for m I roy, AI. Adams Center ' nkm B offered this and much m i their Mav I)av Carnival held •- After 2 months ot | - aration, having had experi ence from a previous carnival, and much prayer time result ' ing in a beautiful day, Natalie Baldwin. A I B mem ' and many campus organiza- tions latv the 2nd M Carnival materialize in successful event. All-time favorite COnfc were the- -Jello Slurrin ' and Mello Yello Chugging, and ac- cording to Natalie Baldwin. " They are now annual events. " Randy Maudlin cap- tured the Jello Slurrin con- test while the Mello Yello Chugging contest winner fled the scene before being rt nized. Troy merchants donated prizes and Stacy Krebs was the big winner of a clock radio in the ticket drawing. Organi- zations sponsored booths with such notables as a pow- der puff throw, football throw. Weightlifting competi- tion, ring tOSS, kissing booth. and even a tobacco spitting contest. The Mr. May Day COi was a new event introduced to give TSl ' s males a chance to shine in competition, Bruce Hooper eras given the title of Mr. May Day and Wayne Strickland was 1st Runner- up. A concert was held in the amphitheatre bj " Septem- ber " to wind thinj and the second Maj I rnival :ne history Bruce Hooper receive applaiue after beinjc nami id Mr Ma I a 8 I That ' s The College Life! i V BOOKIN ' IT Books! Books! Books! Who needs them? Students do! Students are faced each quar- ter with the decision of where to buy books, and are amazed at the rising cost of textbooks. As freshman Anita Cumbie commented, " I was shocked as a college freshman to dis- cover the textbooks for my first quarter cost over $80.00 — for three classes! " In high school one ' s books are pro- vided at no cost, but as one advances to college, text- books are no longer " free- bies. " At TSU, there are three al- ternatives to purchasing books. The University Text- book Center is TSU ' s main source for new and used text- books. Many students who became dissatisfied with the Textbook Center found other alternatives. Junior Vicki Comer has found, " Paying a fortune for new books is bad enough, but the worst part of it is that when you sell them back to the Book Store — hardly used — you get less than half of what you paid for them. " Sherry Dudley stated, " As a sophomore, I have learned to buy and sell my books where I can get better prices for their value. " One al- ternative is the Used Text- book Exchange, a service al- lowing students to buy and sell books through the S.G.A. Also, students found selling books directly to other stu- dents to be the most profit- able method. One TSU student, Linda Kelley, had an optimistic out- look on buying books. " Prices of books for my major are somewhat expensive. I try to look at it from the standpoint of it being a good investment for my future. " Top: Students have their checks ap- proved before purchasing books in the University Textbook Center. Bottom: Paying for the books is the last and usually the most painful part. Hop I • Minting ii bp Righl kleford I " ' Using booki the wUtk Bottom Left Milu m, ■• in long hour- in the Textbook ' enter tin- 1 1 r t week " t the quail Bottom Kinht Selling booki through s ;a i- profltabli foi il ; ient Doll) Austin ' Going To School The Second Time Around I or many young people, college is the logical next step after high school, but others decide to wait and attend college later in life. Also many college graduates come back later for another degree. Charlotte Farmer, Mary and Drew Blythe, and J.C. Harden all found it ad- vantageous to attain a degree later in life. r J harlotte Farmer attend- ed Troy as a freshman ' in 1960. She was major- ing in HPER and minoring in English. In 1965, two children later, Charlotte returned for two quarters. Spring quarter 1981 marked the third time Char- lotte enrolled at TSU, this time as a full-time student with a new major and a new start at 39. After 15 years Charlotte ' s record still fol- lowed her and she spent two quarters on probation as a re- sult of " having fun " her fresh- man year. Ask any of the girls in Ha- mil and they ' ll tell you Char- lotte is " one of the girls. " Be- ing an A.D. in a dorm and eat- ing SAGA-style may seem unusual for a forty-year-old woman but Charlotte felt her studies should come first. She ' s had her share of dirty dishes and cleaning house. Charlotte says she thor- oughly enjoys school. After fifteen years of housework and diapers, she has not found one class that is boring. Charlotte makes a quick check of her daily duties as an A.D. in Hani i I Hall. 66 Second Time Around She also had no hangups with college-age students al- though she sometimes missed talking with people her own age group. Charlotte ' s advice to any- one is a saying her sister shared with her before Char- lotte returned to TSU: " Take one day at a time. " ary and Drew Blythe _ had always wanted to ■!•▼ Aget a college degree but waited until raising full- grown children to fulfill this dream. Mary ' s daughter, Merri Renfroe, from a pre- vious marriage, also attended TSU the same year. When asking if having her mother going to the same school as she attended presented any problems for Merri she com- mented, " No, it ' s really been a help! I ' m very close to my mother and having her around is great! I ' m very proud of my parents. I ' m ma- joring in CIS and my father helps me a lot with my school work. They both look after me and it makes me more se- cure knowing they ' re here to help. " Mr. Blythe majored in Computer Science in order to get a better job. Mrs. Blythe ' s major was Studio Art. Mr. Harden listens attentively dur- ing his general math course. Drew and Mary Blythe, and Merri Renfroe work on their homework to- gether. etirement didn ' t atop Mr. J.C. Harden from getting an education. Although Mr. Harden had been supposedly retired for over 12 years he still farmed after attending 2 classes at TSU daily. J.C. has farmed all his life. His ambition in the 1920s was to graduate from high school, attend TSU, and teach the following fall on a limited certificate. Like many people, his finances prevent- ed him from ever finishing high school. After retirement, Mr. Har- den saw his earlier ambition come true. After passing the G.E.D., he was admitted to Troy State. Mr. Harden com- pleted his history major spring quarter of 1983. J.C. says a man owes God and his fellow man somethng in return for his being here. He feels blessed to be able to return to school and enjoy an increase in knowledge. Thatever the circum- ' stances, most adults have found going to school different the second time around. Second Time Around 67 HALLOWEEN Halloween is that time of year dedicated to pranks and merrymaking, trick-or-treat- ing, witches and jack-o-lan- terns, parties and fun. Al- though Halloween is basically a children ' s holiday, the stu- dents at Troy State found many ways to celebrate Hal- loween this year. Clements Hall held its first costume party on their patio sponsored by the House Council. Clements Hall resi- dents and thier dates attend- ed the dorm celebration that lasted from 7:00 to 12:30 Hal- loween night. A variety of cos- tumes were donned, but the most outstanding one was that of a Tylenol bottle worn by Randy Mauldin. Other popular costumes included punk rockers, a Yankee Doo- dle Dandy, a guerilla, Yota from " Star Wars " , and a flasher. Several campus organiza- tions also had parties. Air Force ROTC had their annual costume party at the armory. Music fraternities Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi sponsored a band party con- sisting of a costume contest and a Jello throwing contest. Chi Omega sponsored a fund-raising project for Hal- loween. The pledges took or- ders for Halloween cookies with a message and delivered them on Halloween day. Gamma Beta Phi sold Spook- a-grams for UNICEF and ISCO went trick-or-treating for UNICEF. And finally, one way that some students achieved their " kicks " at Halloween was Top: Mafia members attend the Band Party in full dress. Bottom: Halloween costu mes at one TSU party include Melanie Railey as a crayon, Luke Landers and Dave Campbell as Smurfs, and Dawn Rai- ley as a clown. through pranks. Shackelford Hall is famous for its own be- nign ghost — Sally Shack. One " Shack " resident dressed up as Sally and left eerie mes- sages on other residents ' doors. One of the most memo- rable pranks included putting red dye in the shower nozzle for an unsuspecting girl. TSU students used any oc- casion to PARTY and Hallow- een was no exception. 68 Halloween Tbp Left ' ■ hn I.and and Cath nit s « tar ' he traditional I Bund ; Top Right Sail) now i rma nentl) in the Hall Bottom Lafl AKKoi ham it up " at their Annual ( ' «tume I Bottom KiRht One hand member ■how t1 hi " fhouliah Halloween 69 Tony Walters finds " digging a little deeper " doesn ' t do any good when there isn ' t any- thing to dig out. Americas Love Run V •.. 70 Adapting iSS =i L f)T Lil ! i Adapting to College Life Means Digging a Little Deeper " Not another price in- crease! " Rising tuition. Rising food prices. Rising utilities. " What goes up, must come down " is an encouraging thought, but little relief was evicjent for the increasing cost of living in 1982-83. Along with the rest of America, TSU students were forced to find ingenious ways of " stretching the dollar. " Transportation presented economic problems for some students. At a time when gas prices started declining, a 5c federal tax was tacked onto the price of gasoline. A trend toward smaller cars was evi- dent when the price of gaso- line became stable at three digits. Better gas mileage in newer cars helped balance out the price of fuel. Jeff Johnston, a sophomore from Ariton, AL commented, " On sunny days I save gas by walking to school rather than driving. " Mike Dickson from Dothan, AL saved money by living on campus. He didn ' t have to drive his car much be- cause the size of the campus allowed him to walk almost anywhere he needed to go. Ms. Jacqueline Smith, Sec- yyS y MW M retary to the V.P. of Student Affairs, lived almost four miles from the campus, but saved one-half on gas by car pooling four days a week. Kaye Leverette commuted 70 miles a dav from Brantlev, AL pcnse. Other methods of tniMpOf tation included riding I (lev 01 ntoptdt. Brandt I grove from Zephre HilU, FI. purchased a moped to rifle t and from classes on Minnv Along with the rest of America, TSU stu- dents were forced to find ingenious nays of " stretching the dollar. " in a two-people car pool. Kaye drove one week and her friend Ellen drove the next week. This saved her about $50 a month. A travel board was placed on first floor at Adams Cen- ter. This ACUB service pro- vided cards to fill out if one needed transportation home. This allowed many students the chance to catch a ride home and split the gas ex- Riding a bicycle is an effective way of combining saving money and getting exercise. days. Several other students rode bicycles to combine ex- ercise with saving money. Eating, although a necessi- ty, presented an economic hardship for many students. Those students living on campus were required to pur- chase at least an 8-meal plan. With an increase in the cost of meal tickets, some students had to go from a 20 or 14-meal plan to an 8-meal plan and tighten the belt. Living off campus allowed students to cook for them- selves. Bob Jones from Port Sandra Mobley. a »ophomore from Jack, AL clip Wendy coupon from The Tropolitan Buying generic fix d» instead of name brand i» one »« TSl »tudenU »aved fund Adapting " 1 Adapting cont. St. Joe, FL found " group eat- ing " a way of saving money. " Getting five or six people to- gether to eat spaghetti for $1.50 each is one way. " Living in a fraternity house meant " every man for himself, " but splitting expenses saved mon- ey and also provided privacy not often afforded in the dor- mitory. Using off-brands or generic brands also made eat- ing less expensive. Clipping coupons or catch- ing sales were other methods of saving pennies. Local fast- food places and restaurants offered specials to make " eat- ing out " possible. Wendy ' s made The Tropolitan a hot item with their weekly " Buy one, get one free " coupons. Western Sizzlin ' offered 99 t Night on Mondays and Tues- days and ran specials almost every day on different din- ners. Rising tuition and a cut in grants made getting an edu- cation harder for all involved. Scholarships and work-study jobs were available, although budget cuts meant a decrease in both. One work-study per- son emphasized, " If it were not for my on-campus job, I would not be able to go to col- lege at all. Every month the business office teller hands me my work-study check, I endorse it, and I hand it right back. " Those who don ' t qualify for work-study or financial aid often found jobs at local fast- food places or with Troy mer- chants. Auburn Foreman from Brundidge, AL worked Jeanne Nichols plugs another quar- ter into the pay phone in the Adams Center. at The Playmaker after his classes to help pay expenses. Others did odd jobs such as typing term papers to add ex- tra cash to their pocketbooks. Even the simple act of " reaching out to touch some- one " reached further into the pockets of students. The cost of a local call on a pay phone increased from a dime to a quarter. Calling information cost residents an additional 40c in many instances. Entertainment was often restricted due to a lack of funds. Playing cards or watching TV was a cheap means of entertainment. With the outrageous price of movies, many students only attended theatres on Bargain nights. Even dating felt the tight squeeze. A meal and a movie, a previous stereotype for a date, was often too expensive for most couples. Instead, many couples stayed in the dorm room or apartment and watched television. Crystal thinking ahead. " I don ' t take money to the Adams Center unless I have a reason for do- ing so. If I don ' t have it on me, I won ' t spend it. I usually " I don ' t take money to the Adams Center unless I have reason for doing so. If I don ' t have it on me, I won ' t spend it. I usually don ' t have any money, anyway. " Green and Dwaynd Thomp- son rarely went out for enter- tainment. They agreed that going out can hurt the purse and pocketbook. Their dates often consisted of spending time together. Amy Foster from Center- ville, AL saved money by don ' t have any money, any- way. " Whatever the situation, TSU students learned to adapt, but they learned that often " Adapting to college life means digging a little deep- er! " 72 Adapting m rc ' ii unci lr«-n Wilkr» ipend ihiir tftarnooo wauhmu i«-l«- viuaa together Br.imil CotfTOVa cirr. • CVDD .. ' ■ft V, 4 ' ,S v. • " .. ■ t 4 St m • Computer Registration Computet registration li not new to college campuses, but winter quarter marked the first time lYoy used computer registration. Computer registration e joint effort between the Re- cords office and the Comput- er Center. The business office was also involved in the plan- ning procedures. A total package was bought from IBM to be used for more than just computer registration. -John Davis adapted the sys- tem for the university. Mr. Sheryl Bees from Counseling commented, " After a few problems that are expected, it ran extremely well. It was very rare to see someone disenchanted with the process. " Students were very suspi- cious of computer registra- tion the first time around. A common response of students when completing ition I- thai ell? " A majored- V. ' illl - tin- ole was allowing -ludt-nts to see what cli readily available. Student- M U) the options the) had with- out going through the " tenth degree " -tress of the old sys- tem. I lehbis Hunt enjoyed r . tration because " it ' s a lol hassle. " Debbie said she n tered in 5 minutes as opp to T- . hours. ( i a i 1 Ripley en- joyed computer registration also because " it took a lot less time. " Doug McGriff computer registration was good because one didn ' t have to go back to get a teacher ' s signature when a class was fdled up. As one faculty mem- ber commented. " Computer registration is a welcome ad- dition. " Computer Rrgi«tmt Living Off-Campus involves weighing the pro ' s and con ' s Moving in, telephone bills, utilities, and deposit fees — they all make up living off- campus a new experience. For those students who desired to live off-campus, there were often some obstacles but to many the effort was worth the trouble. All married students who had not reached the age of 19 years prior to enrollment were required to live on- campus the entire academic year or remaining portion thereof, unless they resided with their parents. This gave many freshmen no option as to where they would live but as one student commented, " Everyone should live in the dorm their first quarter be- cause they are forced to meet new people. " After proving eligibility, many students jumped at the chance to get off-campus. Many students chose living off-campus because of the privacy not always offered on the campus. Leslie Braman said, " I moved into a house because it allowed me more privacy and room to move around in. With two people in a dorm room, it ' s hard to store things, let alone trying to get to them when you need them. " Another reason for leaving dorm life quoted by students was cooking for themselves. All students residing on campus were required to pur- chase at least an 8-meal plan in Stewart Hall. Many students did not like having to eat " Saga-style " but rather preferred to choose their own menus. Also cook- ing in the dorms was only per- mitted in the inner lobby kitchens of the dorm that pro- vided such facilities. Cooking was also quoted as a reason for not moving off-campus. Although Stewart Hall was not perfect, some students preferred prepared meals without having to clean dirty dishes. The Student Government Association published an " Off-Campus Housing Sur- vey " to assist students inter- ested in living off-campus. Apartment monthly rentals ranged from $150-$259 in the Troy area. Living off-campus definite- ly involved weighing the pro ' s and con ' s, but for approxi- mately 50% of the students attending the main campus, not living on campus was more popular. Mark Carter enjoys " hanging around " his apartment at WooddaJe Apartments. 76 Living Off-Campus • Living " it campui meant washing dirty diahai iur Susan Blake and Maria Soetillio V V _ Fads that made it " Gag me with a spoon! Not, like, another FAD! I mean, like totally Barf me out! " Val- ley talk was just one of the fads of 1982-83. Imported from California, valley talk did not catch on in the south as quickly, but young people used valley phrases to spice up conversation. Others found valley talk " grody to the max. " For those who got into mu- sic a popular trend was a Walkman. Unlike the large " jam boxes " the Walkman was compact and had ear- phones attached. Students could be seen walking on campus wearing their ear- phones with radio attached to hip. Music lovers in Troy also experienced another new fad in music. This was M-T.V., the video chanel enabling viewers to see their favorite songs performed in video 24- hours a day. Such performers as Men at Work, Prince, Jour- in 1982-83 ney, and Michael Jackson performed their songs with actions. This gave the advan- tages of " radio with vision. " Another trend that has in- creased in popularity was aer- obics and jazzercize. Losing weight became more than a national past-time — it be- came in insatiable desire. " Jane Fonda ' s Work Out Re- cord " was instrumental in combining music with exer- cise. F emales everywhere fell in love with Adoptable Dolls. Many of the dolls came with birth certificates and adop- tion papers. The ages of the dolls ranged from infant up Top: Sheri Ashmore does aerobics to " Jane Fonda ' s Workout Record. " Bottom Left: Ginger King cuddles her adopt-a-dolls in Hamil Hall. Bottom Right: One TSU student relaxes with his radio and earphones outside the Adams Center. BIG and they came in all sizes, sexes, and colors. The trend became so big that a hospital in Georgia was established strictly for adopt-a-dolls. Cartoon characters " made it big " with college students. Ziggy, a cute pudgy-faced man, poured out his problems on the world. Smurfs found their beginnings in Saturday morning cartoons, but soon became popular on the com- mercial market at stuffed ani- mals, posters, figurines, and other paraphanalia. Garfield even made points on TSU ' s campus. The Adams Center Bookstore sold posters with Garfield saying " For a good time call . . . Troy State Uni- versity " and " Here I am at Troy State — Big fat hairy deal! " 78 Fads ladt ■ ntertainment ENTER TAINMENT 1 1 ' k- - lr. • j 82 Introduction - i - »h ; LJ-JwbJ .. L M kaiw a«m m ■Ju i2iJlij •• 1 1 ' •I Aif r ( y iv j| i ' ♦ fl ' •■ -ij lil B ■ ■f V- bL 1 f: . 84 Juice Newton f LUM October 30, 1 982 5 Juk Norton 85 rtlanta f nutnm Section a r C TV 1 r — ; ; - 1 1 ■■ H . ■ . I L- .« H AKS lA arm-u ZJ ' i re fall s « m Jn Concert 4pri 22, 1983 ARS k: A RAISIN IN THE SUN by Lorraine Hansberry Ruth Younger Cordelia Johnson Travis Younger Tarrus Stringer Walter Lee Younger Jerry Simmons Beneatha Younger Brigitte Taylor Lena Younger Ronnette Walton Joseph Asagai Kola Olanrewaju George Murchison Ken Spear Karl Lindner Bruce Miller Bobo Edward Bell Moving Men Randal Kelley, Tim Getchell m 88 A Raisin in the Sun tftf A Raimn in th n V % THE MIRACLE WORKER Doctor -John Walker Kate Yolanda Fernandez Keller Lawrence Johnston Helen Gwin Elizabeth I Martha Tonya Wheeler Percy ( !edric King Aunt Ev Jamie Watkina •James Tbm Whitehead Anagnos Bruce Miller Annie Sullivan Sue Horvatfa Viney I tebra Seli Blind ( iirls Brantley Allen Angela BoutweU 1 H bbie ( " reen Cheryl Sehmalmaack ( ' arrie Taylor Mildred W. K. Jonee Voice of Jimmv Michael Mnselev CAROUSEL Carrie Pipperidge Debbie Cribb Julie Jordan Diane Barfield Mrs. Mullin K. Dozier Billy Bigelow David Watson 1st Policeman Marty Hulsey David Buscombe Jerry Spann Nettie Fowler Mary Collier Enoch Snow Michael Russell Jigger Craigin Thomas Smiley Boatswain Donnie Bablitz Arminy Anna Turman Penny Susan R. Brooks Virginia Beth Bracewell 2nd Policeman Tim Pearce Captain James E. Brasher, III Heavenly Friend Dave " Doc " Kirby Starkeeper Barney Lee Millisor Louise Pat Parker Enoch Snow, Jr Marx Sacks Principal Tim Reynolds Dr. Seldon Barney Lee Millisor Baby Sister Gwin Elizabeth Dye Baby Brother David Ferrell Dye Mrs. Bascombe Terry Lee i " Can UM l 9:i Fiddler - w on The Roof . W Te vc H.i I ). iiilcs Golde M lu-r Tzeitel tana Ttoman Hodel Stark Kelley Chava Tbsha Spotted Shprintze I. Bielke Frances Gamin Yente Erin Prederii kaon Motel Barnes MUlisor l ' erchik David Branning Lazar Wolf David " Dot " Kirby Mordcha Tun Vaught Rabbi Terry S. Kelly Mendel Dj kes ( !ulp Avrahm James Sherry Nachum Jamea Brasher Horse Seller Theron Montgon Horse Buyer Kd Hit k- Hussian Priest Mark Pierce Grandma Tzeitel Cindy Sutherland Fruma-Sarah Debbie Cribb Constable Thomas Smiley Fyedka Nathan Lahey Sasha Handy Kelley Shaindel Angie Irizarry Rifka Mari Harrison The Fiddler Tom Morris Ki.ldlrr ..ii th. I £ t People " T People Send in the The students here are from a colorful combination of cul- tures. They have all come to- gether in order to better pre- pare for a specific career. While here, we are a humor- ous bunch. We sing, we dance, we laugh, we cry, we complain and we flatter. When we leave this university we know we must begin living dreams that we have been so carefully cultivating. It is no wonder that we clown around so much when one considers the pressure of spending time and money all for a plan — a blue print of what we hope to become. Above: Bubbles and Breezy make a surprise visit at the open house of the school of Education. Fran Hutto and Brenda Monfee enjoy participating in this clown ministry which is spon- sored by the Baptist Student Union. Graduates 98 People ARMSTRONG I V. ION II. HH(|i I ORF i Md ii y Dl CURTIS DA ( YPR1AN PI DAI I ' . ' i Mil i Al DRINKARU SHI i.M.IA Hi GRIDEH I " i I TRIGGERS DON II M I KM I K, HAKKIs IK- l IIMil ESS I M I H HICKOX KATHERII Al KINS DONAI ! l. IKNKIN- U ■ I (•(• ih H ' ; MADDOX R0BER1 Mi ELRATH WANI ' Ml LENDON IAI KII Bi PETRITSIS MARIA I RODDAM HENFft i- l ROTH i HERY1 M SI HI MANN BRII HirmiiiKh..- SESSIONS SH K ' IN sH DI l I W1MI Wadfe) l SHANNON Hi IH Madam HaigbU SHIVER JANE1 Bi wd Igi SHOFNER REBEI I M l STINSON. GAYLE I- l STONE SI SAN Opo rERRELL I ' I ' i ' . I M. IHnHMiiN iMiKnnn TIPTON, CHERYL; Glenwood, AL WRIGHT, CHARLES; Tn.v. Al. WYLKE, ALLEN; Pi Walton Etch., PL Goals . . . Redirected Some people enjoy school so much they can ' t stay away. Although this may not be the consenus of Sherrie Drinkard she re- turned to Troy for a second major. Sherrie, born in Do- than, graduated from Troy in 1975 with a Social Reha- bilitation Service degree. She worked in this field for a year and then she mar- ried and moved back to the Troy area. When her son was two years of age she wanted to get back into SHS but because of the economy there were few jobs open in her field. So she went to work at the bank, for two years waiting tor something to open up. Sherrie was not satisfied working at the bank when she had a degree so she came back to Troy State to get a teaching certificate in Early Childhood Educa- tion. Sherrie said that it has been difficult to raise a family and be a full time student too. Her husband helps a lot at home becau-t he understands the pn sure she is under. Sherries son is now five and can ba- sically take care of himself without getting into tOO much trouble. She belli he is benefitting from her major because she tries all her activities on him and be ifl learning things. Sherrie would like to teach, obtain I masters in Counseling, and become a guidance counselor in an elementary school. X K P3 XT Mil i PY; Birmingham. AI. ADKINSON. TAMM1. D..than, AL AGNE. JEFF. Atlantic Beach. FL AKRTOGE, ANTHONY; Ozark, AL AKRIDGE. CRAIG; Huntersville. AI. AI.HKKT. REGINALD; Fernandina Beach. FL ALLEN. ELVIS; Melbourne. FL ALSTON. SANDRA; Atmore. AL AMAN. CHRIS; Apopka, FL AMNIONS, SUZANNE; Birmingham, AL ANDERSON. BOBBY; Eustis, FL ANDERSON. NANCY; Funston. GA ANDERSON. RODERICK; Mobile. AL ANDERSON. VICKI; Mobile, AL ANDREWS. SELBY; Huntsville, AL ANGELO, NICHOLAS; Prattville, AL ANTHONY. DEEWAYNE; Northport, AL ANTHONY, GREG; Evergreen. AL APLIN. DON; Crestview, FL ARGENTI, PETE; Miramar, FL ARGO, DEAN; Melbourne, FL ARMSTRONG, MIKE; Miami, FL ARNOLD, EVELYN; Shorterville, AL ARTHUR, LINDA; East Brewton. AL ASHER, JAY; Hawkinsville, GA AUSTIN, MICHAEL; Cincinnati, OH AUTREY, BECKY; Greenville, AL BAGLEY, TERRY; Birmingham, AL BAILES. BARRY; Huntsville, AL BAILEY, JOSEPH; Jack, AL BAILEY, RONALD; Troy, AL BAKER, GUSSIE; Dothan, AL BALDWIN, NATALIE; Arlington, TX BALOGH, DEBBIE; CoCo Beach, FL BANKER, GLEN; Chester. NY BANKESTER, SCOTT; Troy, AL BARFIELD, DEBRA K.; Opp, AL BARKER, ANN; Trov, AL BARNETT, MARY; Andalusia, AL BARRON. NANCY; Opelika, AL BASSETT, GARY; Childersburg, AL BASSETT, JANET; Lakeland, FL BAXTER, ZACK; Ozark, AL BELL, JESSE; Camden, AL BENDER, ALICE; Selma, AL BENDOLPH, GLEN; Mobile, AL BENSON, STEVE; Niceville, FL BERRY, CATHERINE; Troy, AL BIANG, THOMAS; Los Angeles, CA BICE, JAMES; Troy, AL BIDDLE, ALAN; Chattanooga, TN BLACK, SAMMIE; Ellaville, GA BLAIR, RONNIE; Andalusia, AL BLEDSOE, KENNETH W.; Andalusia, AL BLOUNT, JANE; Troy, AL BLOUNT, PHYLLIS; Andalusia, AL BLYTHE, DREW; Trov, AL BLYTHE, MARY L.; Troy, AL BOHNER, BONNIE; Honeoye, NY BOLLING, KENNETH; Glenwood, AL BOSWELL, DEBBIE; Andalusia, AL BOSWELL, ELISA; Elba, AL BOUTWELL, DIANNE; Elba, AL BOWERS, GLENN; Dothan, AL BOYD, KATHY; Indiatlantic, FL BOYD, MARYBETH; Leary, GA BOYD, MIKE; Albany, GA BRACKIN, STEPHEN A.; Hartford, AL BRADLEY, BERNESTINE; Headland, AL BRADLEY. FLIP; Huntsville, AL 100 People M« M iHEILA : HKr- II H MAN BRKV HKIIK, UK BROWN KI y BROW BROW . II Al. M BROWN KKIIH BROWNING ' IMm : BROWNING GERAJ • ■■. Al BRYAN BEVERI ' i I mo i i • BRYSON I ANh m Seln . M Bi yy ird i.i ew i i ; ■ HI LLARD, AMA Bib . Al. Hi Kk KENW Plomaton Al. Hi RKET1 MARE Di • . - ■ HI KK-- SANDRA HI HI HAM I AMMI rt, Al. Hi I l.KK BARBARA Ottri Al. BYN1 M DONALD I •• than M ( M)E I ' WII ' lr . I CALDWELL Mil H H Dak ■■ i AMPBELL DAVID I- • Al. I WII ' HKI.I. DOl N-rd Ukr- N ( WII ' HKI.I. WILLIAM V rth I ' .lm B I tPERS, DAVID ohimbui GA CAPRON SI SAN H irtl rd M CARPENTER JAMES Luven , AL KK. KARLA IVoj M CARROLL JOHN; VUk) l CARTER, BILLY; Annisti n l CARTER, CURTIS I- • l CARTER, ELIZABETH lr CARTER, KENNETH lr M CARTER, K ' iM Anton, Al. CARTER SANDRA I- ■ M CASR I VNDAI 1- HaynerOk, AL CASH Rl SS lr •• M CALTON I UlfflS Kadi CATRON I W1 n Milt, i- PI ■ i SE SHARON SUw I C w BR ROSAI IM ' tai I HAMBERS UJCIA D than M CH w ERY, Hit KN Baj Minatti CHAPMAN REBBI I Minora M CHERRY MARIE Montgomafj M CHESHIRE I ' WN ' i n ra ( ' INK RONAI D Pairhi pi l i l KK RONNIE M 1 CI OWER, DONNA Payvttavilla «. CI t KN Ell BEN • PL COAD, KAREN Wintei Part H COD Gl KN Pirn BI •• ' N, ( HERISE Bnt«i i I 01 KM n | Knl GraaoriUa, Al COI BMAN PAMBl P»n«m« I C01 BMAN -I ni E COU n STEVE Goahati Al C0L1 IKK NANETTE; Hirtn.n«h m. Al. C01 wt BT1 I HARJ BS t OMBS 1 OREN . OMPTON mils BraaUi Pet .pie 101 COMPTON. SUZANNE; Brundidge, AL CONNER, KATRINA; Avon Park. PL I OOK, DEBORAH; Union Springs, AI. COONE. BUTCH; Andalusia, AI. COOPER, PHILIP, BlakeK GA COOPER. RILEY; Bav Minette, AI. COOPER, TURNER; Mobile. AL COPE. CAROL ANN; Andalusia, AL CORN, BEVERLY; Dothan. AL COSC ROVE. BRANT; Zephvrhills, PL COTTRELL, RONNIE; Trov. AL COUCH, ANITA; Enterprise, AL COWAN, WILLIE; Ozark, AL COX, RAYMOND; Tuscon, AZ CRAWFORD, CAROLINE; Marietta, GA CREEL. C ' INDI; Elba. AL CRESWELL, THOMAS; Camden. AI. CRIBB, DEBORAH; Wavcross, GA CRITTENDEN. JACQUELINE; Enterprise, AL CROCHET. DENISE; HunUville, AL CROFT, KAREN; Brewton, AL CROFT, SHIRLEY; Brewton, AL CULPEPPER, JANE; Dothan, AL DALON, HELEN; Eufaula, AL DANIELS, DANNY; Troy, AL DARLINGTON, CATHY; Ozark, AL DAVENPORT, ANDREA; Blakely, GA DAVIS, BETSY; Thomasville, GA DAVIS, HEATHER; Panama City, FL DAVIS, JASON; Laurel Hill, FL DAVIS, JENNY; Troy, AL DAVIS, TANYA; Montgomery, AL DAY, MARK; Samson, AL DEARISO, ED; Moultrie, GA DEASE, GLORIA; Dothan, AL DEGROOT, TERESA; Anderson, IN DEES, MARTHA; Brewton, AL DELK, DENISE; Panama City, FL DELL, DENISE; Midland City, AL DENMAN, SCOTT; Orlando, FL DICKMAN, MARC; Valdosta, GA DONALDSON, ARCHIE; Ocala, FL DOUGLAS, CAROLYN; Newnan, GA DRAKE, WILLIAM; Lake City, FL DRINKARD, JAMES; Brundidge, AL DRINKARD, SHEILA; Troy, AL DUMAS, VINCENT; Montgomery, AL DUNCAN, DAVID; Clearmont, FL DUNNAM, KEITH; Camden, AL DURANT, PAT; Geneva, AL DYKES, CHARLES; Troy, AL EAGERTON, CHARLOTTE; New Hope, AL EARLE, HAROLD; Ft. Walton Bch, FL EASTERLING, RANDY; Clio, AL EDWARDS, JAMIE; Opelika, AL ELIAS, JANET; Ft. Mitchell, AL ELLIS, KENNETH; Phenix City, AL EMERY, ANNE; Prattville, AL ENEMCHUKWU, AL; Mobile, AL ENNIS, JAMES; Brantley, AL ETHEREDGE, ROGER; Demopolis, AL EVANS, LINDA; Ashford, AL FANNIN, DEBORAH; Goshen, AL FARMER, CAROL; Dothan, AL FARMER, CHARLOTTEY; Elba, AL FAYSON, DARON; Troy, AL FELTON, CLIFFORD; Troy, AL FELTS, JUDY; Millersferry, AL FINLAY, JAMES; Troy, AL FIVEASH, MARY; Donalsonville, GA Seniors 102 People H h m; M i i | H u-i ] POR1 MAN Ml ' H POWI ■ KLIN KOI H(l ■• M c;n H-HH-i Elbt U. M RMAN GAR GAFFORD DEBBIE PL GALI ' HER 11 M M. N KIH ' GAMBI E KHIH Pratlw i G v. ' - KIM tadal .- i M. GARRE1 I ' .l " Hl GARRE1 I KATHEI GEORGE ' I- NN1I l I GERMAN, Ml ' H H GILBER1 KIM H pkii -■• Ik, KV CILLER IIM " IH ' i : Gl OWER GRB PL GRAN1 ' AKI I l. GRANT, LAfUtt M GRA1 GOLDEN GREEN DEN1SE I lyl U- GREEN, LOI N l ■■■■■■ GA GREENE IENNH ER I r«U AI. GRIGGS BARBARA Webl l GRISSET1 I WIM ' i l- . 1 GROO MICHAEL Wintei I ' ark H GULLEY, JAN1 I • l. IHDW [ilWI- LlMU I. HADDOCK, SHEILA Chiptey, PL HAINES u III. AKI •■• HAIS1 EN k Kh Mi ■••..•.;,.. I HAIL JAMES vi.n.t.. GA HALL, MELISSA l uverw l H l I Mihh 1 ,-; : Sprii p H HWIII.M ' N GEORGE Headlai Not the Normal Eight to Five Left: .Jeanie demonstrates to Dani Ivans and .John Taylor the procedure for checking blood pressure. " Some people do not con- sider nursing a profession, but it is. " Jeanie Holt feels strongly about this. A twenty- one year old senior nursing student from Troy. Alabama. Jeanie knew she wanted to work in a health-related field while in high school. In high school, Jeanie served as chairman for the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon. Asa result of this, she became interested in working with birth defects. Jeanie weighed the facts and came to the con- clusion that a doctor has limited time with a patient but a nurse has constant care Jeanie has found nursing to be an exciting yet pressured major. Setting priorities and meeting scheduler are llwayi part of -Jeanie ' s day. leanie lives by the calendar. " The entire Bcope of nurs- ing should be willing to give more than to accept. You aren ' t doing it for the money or the normal eight to five job. You Brent working with ma chines or numbers but with people. You are dealing per- sonally with people and tht-re are not set rulea with individ- uals, n commented Jew Jeanie hope-- to eventually go into OB or nursery and BOmeday work with children horn with birth dt I premature babies tl J. 2. n DT HAMMOND. VICTORIA; Newnan, GA HANCOCK. MARK; Savannah, GA HANLEY, CONNIE; Troy. Al. HARDEN. J.C.; Banks. AL HARGROVE. BEVERLY; Elba. AL HARREI.L. JOE; Birmingham. AL HARRELSON, REG1NA; Andalusia, AL HARRELSON. RENE; Andalusia. AL HARRIS. DAVID; Trov, AL HARRISON, JIM; Mobile, AL HART. ANDREW; Evergreen. AL HATCHER, ARTHUR; Selma, AL HATFIELD, MIGNONNE; Prattville, AL HAUG, STEPHEN; Ft. Walton Bch.. FL HAWKINS. CRAIG; Montgomery, AL HAWKINS. MARTHA; Trov, AL HAWS, GERALD; Troy, AL HAWS. STAN; Brantley, AL HAYES. KATRINA; Elba, AL HAYNES, SHIRLEY; Blakely, GA HEADLEY. DONNA; Trov, AL HEMBREE, GREG; Albany, GA H ENKE, BILL; Shelby, AL HERALD, ANNELIESE; Enterprise, AL HERRING, THERESA; Springville, AL HEWITT, CARLA; Tuscaloosa, AL HICKS, MISTY; Abbeville, AL HICKS, WILLIAM; Bay Minette, AL HILL, BENNY; Silas, AL HILL, BONNIE D. JR.; Tampa, FL HILLSMAN, JOHN; Tifton, GA HOFFMAN, A.P.; Midland City, AL HOGG, LISA; Dothan, AL HOLLAND, TIMOTHY; Troy, AL HOLLEY, JULIE, Opelika, AL HOLLIS, MELISSA; Selma, AL HOLLIS, MORRIS; Dothan, AL HOLLIS, TAMARA; Lanette, AL HOLT, JEANIE; Troy, AL HONEYCUTT, BRENDA; Dothan, AL HOOD, BONNIE M.; Enterprise, AL HOPKINS, BEVERLY; Greenville, AL HOWARD, HERBIE; Eustis, FL HOWARD, SALLIE; Andalusia, AL HOWARD, SHERRI; Jacksonville, FL HOWELL, AME; Camden, AL HUDSON, JOE; Altoona, AL HUDSON, RICK; Luverne, AL HUDSPETH, MICHAEL; Chipley, FL HUFFSTETLER, SAM; Huntsville, AL HUGHES, JOHN; Vineland, NJ HULSEY, MARTY; Troy, AL HUNT, SUZANNE; Mobile, AL HURST, JIM; Butler, AL HUTCHERSON, SYNITRA; Tuskegee, AL HUTTO, FRANCES; Gardendale, AL INAUDI, SALOMON; Valencia, Venezuela ISOM, WILLIAM; Valley, AL IVINS, KELLY JEAN; Titus, AL JACKSON, GARY: Eufaula, AL JACKSON, SANDRA; Alexander City, AL JAMES, ARTHUR; Montgomery, AL JERNIGAN, ASA; Waycross, GA JENKINS, DAVID; Montgomery, AL JENKINS, ROBERT; Foley, AL JETER, JENNIFER; Enterprise, AL JOHNS, DENISE; Cottondale, FL JOHNSON, PAMELA; Troy, AL JOHNSON, PAUL; Jacksonville, FL JOHNSON, RONDA; Flomaton, AL Seniors 104 People I Mtt Al. BOB I . PI M JORDAN l II I H IORI - K Vi M KM l ' , IKFJ KKII H I -- kNDKA :• ran. Al. KhUn U(Ui Al KELLE l KELLER LINDA; Hradlan.: KKII K ' i KIM ' unbia Al KELSOE PAN1 ■ KERSEY IH ' .IC I- . Al KEY, GLEN i " ..U... H KES rERRY; I I KIM l-l- MIKE I ■• irwataf H KIM. I Will- Sain n Al. KIM, KKII " i I KIM. IAMMIK Def mial KIM. WALTER, l.uvfrnt. Al KIRKLAND, WIIH ' M I ...... KIRKLAND BETH Wei I Al KIRKLAND PONtA KIRKLAND l " Mt Webb Al. KIKK K ' i NINA MobJk M KNIGH1 DEE Blaki KM VH KI LuvenM KM ' WIl.Kikl) KIIhi. Al. KOERNBR JAM 1 KREBS, STACY; Halt man, wi KREMER, MM. Orlando, PL KUHN, I AMI Amai I A KINKY KIM Mont mar) LANDERS, JAMES; Birmingham. Al. LANEY, CHARLES; Etna LANEY, TIM Birmingham LANT1S rERESA; l.aMan : LARSON, KAREN; - ndalusia. AL LASSO, SILVIA; Panama Rap f Panama LATTEMORE WILLIE; LouievOV LAWSON l ' M M ■ tgomeo M I OCS IN l VRON H .-• n 1 IKK. PORRES1 G then, Al LEVERETT KIV LEWIS ' M ; LEWIS, REX ■ ' ■ I LEWIS, SHAM. Indian Harlw Kvh PI l.ll ' HWl SHARON Lanatti LINDSEY, JIM; [renton. FL LIVINGSTON DONNA 1 oraa H I LEWS! LYN. I 01 ICERO I Kl l Winlrr Ha%rn. FT LOCKLAR SUSAN I 1 I OH KI IKK R0BER1 Floo •■ LOBR, GAJO Hradrnt. n PI I OKK I ' HIl If Sun. LOWERS PRIEDA Ir i M II (KIK CONRAD MCBRIDE I ' KI PHIA Geneva Mi ■ Kim CHRIS Ota • • B Mi i I I »K1 BKi K Mi i RAR COLLIN; " " MCCRORY, PATRICIA; Frisco City, AL MCDANIKL. KK IN; Waal Palm Bch . PL MCDOWELL, WALTER; St Augustine, PL MCFARLAND, JULANK; Port St Joe, PL MCGOWAN, TERESA; Est... PL MCGRADY, LAURA; Rockford, AL MCINTOSH. MYRA; Knterprise. AL MCKINLEY. BARBARA; Trov. AL MCKNIGHT. PRISCILLA; Pinkard. AL MCI. KAN. CINDY; Troy, l MCLEAN. ELLEN; Eufaula. AL MCLENDON, RHONDA; Trov, AL MCMILLAN, CALVIN; Monroeville, AL MCNAB, MITCH; Pinckard, AL MCNABB, DAVID; Troy, AL MCNAIR. MARK; Trov. AL MCNEIL, LISA; Troy. AL MCQUEEN. AREATHER; Ozark. AL MCQUAIG, KATHY; Altamonte Springs, FL MABRY, JOEY; Meridan, MS MACDONALD, SUE; Birmingham, AL MACHEN, TINA; Port St. Joe, FL MACON, SARAH; Mobile, AL MADDOX. FRENSHOUN; Tuscaloosa, AL MALINSKI, PAT; Clearwater. FL MANSFIELD, LUSANN; Birmingham, AL MARLER, MART; Elba, AL MARRIOTT, KITTY; Enterprise, AL MARTIN, COSBY; Brewton, AL MARTINI, JAMES; Elba, AL MARTIN, JIM; Columbia, SC MASON, LARRY; Bessemer, AL MASSEY, KAREN; Montgomery, AL MATHIEWS, LINDA; Montgomery, AL MATTESON, KYMBERLY; Muskogee, OK MATTHEWS, BROOKS; Laurel. FL MAXWELL. JUDY; Melbourne, FL MEDDERS, CRAIG; Brent, AL MENDOZA, MARIA; Tallahassee, FL MERRITT, JAMEY; Slocomb, AL MESSICK, BETH; Troy, AL MILLER, CLIFFORD; Montgomery AL MILLER, JOSEPH; Notasulga, AL MILLISOR, BARNEY; Central College, OH MILLS, JONE; Winter Haven, FL MIMS, DEBRA; Headland, AL MIXSON, MARTHA; Enterprise, AL MOCK, TOM; Milbrook, AL MONK, RAMMONA; Clayton, AL MOONEY, CATHIA; Geraldine, AL MOORE, BENJAMIN; Harlingen, TX MOORE, CATHIE; Century, FL MOORE, DAVID; Milton, FL MOORE, MARTHANNA; Pennington, AL MOORE, TAMELA; Enterprise, AL MOORER, WILLIE; Georgiana, AL MORARD, MICHAEL; Huntsville, AL MORGAN, BILLY; Troy, AL MORRIS, DAVID; Panama City, FL MORRON, TIMOTHY; Elba, AL MRACEK, JON; Wetumpka, AL MUER, JENNIFER; St. Cloud, FL MULLINS, DENNIS; Prattville, AL MURPHY, MICHAEL; Ozark, AL MURRAY, DAVID; Daleville, AL MURRY, DONNA; Luverne, AL MYERS, NICKY; Crestview, FL NABORS, CHARLIE; Prattville, AL NAPERT, DAVID; Cocoa, FL NAUERT, TERRY; Birmingham, AL Seniors 106 People I ' HYI id I . OMAF M 01 II u IEFFEI OWINGS i : H . : ■ PA( SH UK IN I ' MIKHI DBBR l ' l(KH( KAREN I .-...•• PARTRIDGI I ' M RIl K KREGi M PATTERSON KATH PATTERSON SI SAN I ' h K h IIM " !■; l PENNINGTON ISON !• . AL PENNINGTON h IO V PEN! EI IOSEPH I PERDI K KENW Graam PERRELLA Gin ftoj l PBTRONE Mil H H Mian PETRY BARBARA I- . l. I ' HII LIPS l Mh- : :. . til L From Zimbabwe to Alabama . Not many Troy State stu- dents can profess to having killed an elephant. Nigel Smith, a junior from Salis- bury, Zimbabwe grew up in a very different environment than Alabama. After high school, he went into the Na- tional Service for eighteen months, where he fought in the Terriorist War. It was dur- ing this war that he had to put an elephant out of its misery after the poor beast lost his foot from a mine explosion. Nigel worked for the De- partment of Taxes in Rhode- sia, which is now called Zim- babwe. It was through the event of " majority rule " that Nigel retired from this posi- tion. It was through a good friend, TSl ' student Leslie Bondi, that he learned of Troy State and she persuaded him to come to America. When he first arrived in Troy he said that the afluence of the students wa- mi: Bive. It seemed evervone had nice cars and lived in a re- laxed lifestyle. Nigel wat impressed by the friendliness of his new community. The climate is one that Ni- gel found familiar. Back in Zimbabwe the country i very agricultural and ' the typical apparel is short.- and T-shirts. Since coming to Troy. v - has found our accents inter esting and had trouble initial- ly in what wa.- being -aid. though now he -avs he ha- be- come accustomed to our ac- cents. For recreation. Nigel has played Rugby for t ht- twelve year- He W9M actively involved with the 198 I TSl rugby team. Nigel love- rugby and says that it is not a- dan- geroufl as people leem to think it is; and in tact, he COO siders it leaf dangerous than football. I 9 - ■ J. - r 0 P1KKCK. DEYIN; Montgomery. AL PIKE, SUSAN; Warrior. AL PINYW RICHARD; Troy, AL POLK, BELINDA; Wauchula. FL PONDER. WILLIAM; Ocala. FL PORSCH. RAINKE; Pompano Bch.. FL POULSON. BRITTEN; Tallahassee. FL POWELL. BRIAN; Kinston. AL POWELL, CARROLL; Calhoun. GA POWERS. (HAS; Orlando. FL PRATHER. MONTE; Atlanta, GA PRESCOTT, GREGORY; Opp. AL PREUSZ, RACHEL; Enterprise, AL PRIYE ' IT. VALERIE; St. George, GA PUGH. BERNARD; Grove Hill, AL PURVIS. DENNIS; Dothan, AL PURVIS. JENNIFER; Slocomb, AL PYFROM. DEBORAH; Elba. AL QUALLS. TERRY; Henderson, AL QUATTLEBAl ' M. RUSSELL; Enterprise, AL RADFORD, ELIZABETH; Goshen, AL RADMARD. SHAHIN; Trov. AL RAILEY. DAWN; Troy, AL RAILEY, MELANIE; Trov, AL RAINEY, DEBRA; Troy, AL RASDALL, DON; St. Petersburg, FL RAULERSON, PAULETTE; Glen St. Mary, FL REAGAN, ELIZABETH; Huntsville, AL REAVES, NANCY; Jay, FL REEDER, CECILIA; Blue Springs, AL REEDER, STEVE; Jack, AL REGISTER, SHEILA; Troy, AL REDD, BECKY; Auburndale, FL REED. LARRY; Jacksonville, FL REEVES, JAY; Red Oak, GA REVILL, JESSE; Troy, AL RICKARD, LEIGH; Elba, AL RICKS, GREGORY PAUL; Midland City, AL RILEY, THERESA; Luverne, AL ROBINS, MIKE; Bronx NYC, NY ROBINSON, ZANALESICA; Louisville, AL ROBISON, JO ANN; Thomasville, AL RODRIGUEZ, VICTOR; Washington, D.C. ROGERS, DEBRAH; Ashford, AL ROGERS, TIMOTHY; Troy AL ROHRLACK, BOB; Longwood, FL ROSSELL, DEBRA; Panama City, FL ROTTON, ROBIN; Union Springs, AL ROUNDTREE, BARBARA; Troy, AL ROWE, DANA; Enterprise, AL RUSSELL, MICHAEL; Luverne, AL RUSSELL, RICHARD; Montgomery, AL RUSSELL, SUSAN; Grady, AL SALTER, CHRIS; Atmore, AL SALTER, SHARRON; East Brewton, AL SALZARULO, ROBIN; Pratville, AL SANDERS, CINDY; Brundidge, AL SANDERS, KIRBY; Goshen, AL SANSOM, WILMER; Kinston, AL SARGENT, ELIZ; Daytona Bch., FL SAUCER, JOANNE; Enterprise, AL SAWYER, CATHY; Enterprise, AL SCARBINSKY, KEVIN; Ozark, AL SCAY, MICHALE; Ozark, AL SCHALMAACK, CHERYL; Orlando, FL SCHMITT, BRIAN; Melbourne, FL SCHWERER, LAURA; Ft. Pierce, FL SCROGGINS, MIKE; Tampa, FL SEANOR, DAVID; Enterprise AL SEARCY, BOBBY; Andalusia, AL OiPIWII jWW Seniors 108 People MOI H SHAI PI R -II Ml 1 G SH Kl - 1 1 1 i Al II. SHEl.TON U SHKI 1 SHIN! SHIRKS BEN SHIRES -li SHIPLEY IHtl SHORE IKKK, l SIMMONS IIM SIMPSON K1MMKKI ' i I- ,i.l.. Al. SIMPSON I«m.H G tm SIMS I ONNIE M. -.„,„., H SKINNER KIKK S lma M SLINKER it hllH I ■ . -..Ik. Al. MI I H INGE! ' • ' ■ SMI1 H DORA; I ' rallv.llr Al SMITH i n I M -MIIH ll-H SMITH 1 KI., l SMI IH MORGAN Dothai SMITH I ERESA I •... Al. SMI1 H I IM K MO SMI rHERMAN I H «M - -ma. Al. SNELL, DEBRA 1 SNYDER SHARON Monroe SPIER I ai RA I undn l SPIVE1 PATS (han.rll.- SPOONER NN fanjM H STANTON I HARMAGNf STARK JAMES I- . I - I VRNESS W V dmluu« 1 l E ENS MJCIA - l STEWAR1 K lin V ' ..;.;. l MKU | | Kl l H.. l ••■ l BWARI ROBIN tadal an l STEW KI SI SAN l.tnf. H -I IDNICK DAVID; Moatcoow STIEHL, KKI- Nepl in B. ST1GGI FMW MARK STINSON MM INDA lad . ' UN BRIAN I ... I STONE DONALD. Niew STORCK Mil USai H STRICKI M k Vi Onrl i STR1CKI Wl LARR t STRN Kl h 1NNN WeUaj ► -I MMERS Mli H H I .:.•• SI MMERVII 1 h I i ' 1 ' l IE SI IHKIil V l SHARON SI [TON DO! i.l - N ccviDi PI v VNSON N Ni , i 1 ' . • t i •• M swin iHi ' u- - -. vi I INNER MARGARf 1 I iIm « K I Ih IKKKN I rAYLOR DAVID; Sh«lin.«r F1 I Vi I ( ' ! INDI ' ., •• If- l IAMIE Bi ll-U MAR rEDDER 1 ORNA l Mk TERRY, ALONZA; Sylvester. GA TEWS. SHIRLEY; Florala. AI. THAMES. MELISSA; Robertsdale, AL THARPE. DIANNE; Skipperville. AL THICKLIN. RENA ' ITA; Stockton. AL THOMAS. JAMES; Huntsville. AL THOMASON. TROY; Honoraville. AL THOMPKINS. SHIRLEY; Geneva. AL THOMPSON. LEON; Enterprise. AL THOMPSON. WILLIAM; Brundidge. AL THORNTON. SABRINA; Weisbaden. Germany THROWER, CONNIE; Haines City. FL TILLERY. ALISA; Dothan, AL TINDELL, LARRY; East Brewton, AL TOLBERT, GARY; Troy. AL TORRES. MIKE; Enterprise. AL TRAINOR. TONI; Mary Esther, FL TUCKER, TERESA; Troy, AL TULLIS, RONNIE; Headland, AL TURBERVILLE, GREG; Atmore, AL TURMAN, ANNA; Andalusia, AL TURNER, MARY; Grennville, AL UNGER, GREG; Panama City, FL UPSHAW, BRECK; Seale, AL VANBUREN, SUSAN; Valparado, FL VARNUM, STANLEY; Midland City, AL VAUGHAN, DEBRA; Samson, AL VAUGHN, TERRI; Ashford, AL VERNON, DAVE; Orlando, FL VINCETY, MARIBEL; Troy, AL WALDEN, BRUCE; Enterprise, AL WALKER, HEATHER; Elba, AL WALKER. SHERRY; Elba. AL WALKER, THOMAS; Naples, FL WALKER, VALERIE; Mobile, AL WALL, REBA: Mobile, AL WALLACE, KATHY; Ariton, AL WALLENFELS, LAURA; Englewood, CO WALLER, JOSEPH; Valley, AL WALLEY, TERI; Troy, AL WALLS, THERESA; Orlando, FL WALSINGHAM, BEVERLY; Enterprise, AL WALTER, SARA; Troy, AL WARD, PHILLIP; Frisco City, AL WARREN, MARK; Dothan, AL WARREN, STEVE; Banks, AL WATSON, HEATHER; Americus, GA WATSON, JAN; Mew Brockton, AL WEBSTER, BEVERLY; Troy, AL WEEKLY, JOHN; Laurel Hill, FL WEEKS, JON; Ft. Hood, TX WEEKS, LAURA; Elba, AL WEEKS, TERRY; Kinston, AL WEHR, BILLIE; Ft. Rucker, AL WEST, VIRGINIA; Troy, AL WESTBROOK, JACKIE; Mobile, AL WESTBROOK, LISA; Elba, AL WESTON, JOE; Louisville, AL WHEELER, VERA; Brundidge, AL WHITE, CHARLES; Troy, AL WHITE, RONALD;Eufaula, AL WHITTAKER, DAWN; Donalsonville, GA WHITEHURST, LYNN; Elba, AL WIGGINS, BEVERLY; Andalusia, AL WILKES, CONNIE; Troy, AL WILKINS, JUANEYSA; Warner Robins, GA WILKINSON, DAVID; Hartselle, AL WILLIAMS, ANGELA; Columbus, GA WILLIAMS, DEBBIE; Elba, AL WILLIAMS, CHARLES; Eufaula, AL 110 Peode MB WIN I AM Ull I I M Wll.l IAMS SANDRA Wll I l M- M1 I IVM- SHI MI I IW1- MI SON M I ' ' M I SO U l-l- I I- l. WIS! MYI ttl l- SI KPHRN IJ v u WISRNKH t ' HKI M 1 M K. I W(X)I)BI l ' ' i M ■■ ». Al. W( " ' i ' I INC I H ) I I W N IDS i N IN ' ■: : ■• WOOD WOODS l ' ' . ' i : WOOTEN IAMBS M I H UoKKH I U«|(.H I MAR [ HAG t Al. WRIGH1 rERESA P M WYAT1 I EDRK Ruam l N Ml DING l ICIA Sn •■ VOI NG iv Ml- Op i 1 YOUNG. SCOT! M I l S I I- -M ll I ■ Personality Sketch Artist Returns for Degree Student Larry Strick- land ' s story is a fairly unique one in that he has graduated from one of the most presti- gious art schools in America and he has now returned to Troy State University to fin- ish his Bachelor of Science Degree in Art. Strickland, a thirty-four year old senior from Florala, Alahama, has shown his work throughout the United States in art ex- hi hit ions and one man shows. Just what is his specialty ' . ' It is wood sculpture. Anyone visiting Larry ' s apartment finds himself in a world of imaginative creations. Strickland has a talent for seeing a figure in a piece of old knotted wood that most people would simply burn in the fireplace for kindling. He works with the wood to bring out the figure enough M that the rest of the world can see what he saw all along. All the while, he ifl careful to maintain the original integrity of the ma- terial. This artist is not limited to one medium, however. Watercolors are another fa- vorite of Stricklands. He stretches his watercolor pa- per over a canvas frame, a technique he picked up on the streets of New Orleans Some of Strickland ' s work is featured in the opening of this hook. I. tit l..irr Strickland work- in hi- apartment Itudk) o 111 ABBOTT. FRANK. Brundidge. AL ABDALLA, [SAM; Kuwait ABERCROMBIK, LADON; Louisville. AL ABERNATHY. AMBER; Sulacauga. AL ABNEY, GAIL; Shawmut. AL ADAMS. FRANCES; Hardawav. AL ADAMS. JEFF; Trov. AL ADCOCK. OMAR; Daleville. AL AIKAWA. HIROSHI; Japan AKINS. NANCY; Rome. GA ALEXANDER. CHARLES; Columbus, GA AL-MANSOUR. WAJEEH; Kuwait AMMONS, LISA; Jack, AL AMMONS, MARK; Dothan, AL ANDERSON, DEBORAH; Trov. AL ANDERSON, KIM: Thomasville, AL ANDERSON, TIMOTHY; Rhodesia ANDRESS, DIMPLE; Trov. AL ANDRESS, SUSAN; Monroeville, AL ANDREWS, LYNNE; Madison, FL ARCENCAUX, ROCKY; New Orleans, LA ARCHER, TIM; Trov. AL ARNOLD, DONNIE; Thomasville, AL ARNZEN, DIANE; Grangeville. ID ASHCRAFT. LAPREAD; Montgomery, AL ASHFORD, ANDREA; Glennville, GA ASH MORE, SHERI; Medford, OR ASKEW, CANDICE; Selma, AL ASKEW, MYRANA; Atmore, AL AUSTIN, BONITA; Leesburg, FL AUSTIN, BUDDY; Troy. AL AUSTIN, NANCY J.; Ft. Walton Beach, FL AVERETT. FRED; Enterprise, AL BADGER. LAURIE; Baker, FL BAILEY. CARLTON. Los Gatos, CA BAILEY, DEBBIE; Selma, AL BAKER, MOLLY; Auburndale, FL BARFIELD, DIANE; Kinston. NC BAGGETT, TONY; Evergreen, AL BAKER. RICHELLE; Indialantic, FL BATCHELOR, BRIEN; Donalsonville, GA BATCHELOR, LARRY; Ozark, AL BATES, BEN; Havanna, FL BARNES, SANDRA; Florala, AL BARR, TAMMY: Dothan, AL BARRON, SUSAN; Troy, AL BASS, TRIPP; Andalusia, AL BARTON, VALERIE; Andalusia, AL BEAN, SAMMY LEE; Troy, AL BEASLEY, FRANCIS; Selma, AL BEDSOLE, STEPHEN; Dothan, AL BEASLEY, MICHAEL; Troy, AL BEASLEY. STEVE; Troy, AL BELL, DEBORAH; Bay Minette, AL BELL, EDWARD; Marianna, FL BELL, SARAH; Montgomery, AL BELL. VERLENE; Troy, AL BENDALL, RAY; Athens, AL BENTLET, NATHOLIE; Monroeville, AL BENTON, PENNI; Opp, AL BELK, GLYNDA; Moultrie, GA BERG, DAUGHERTY; Stockholm, Sweden BERRY BOBBY; Troy, AL BERRY. CINDA; Butler, AL BLACK, NAOMI; Beatrice, AL BERRY, VANESSA; Stone Mount, GA BILLINGSLEY. WILLIAM; Ariton, AL BLACKMON, KARLA; Dothan, AL BLAKE, SUSAN, Troy, AL BLIZZARD, GENEVIEVE; Clearwater. FL 112 People u. Mm I ' BOLTEN, DAVII S ' ER MONRO! I- . Al. BORKKNH BOS PL BOYD l w BOI HUM I RAIG tada Mm rWELL PELN IA B V. BRAi EWELL Hh IM If . Al. BRADEN KATRi! HKAIiKiKh MIKI- HunUvillf. Al. BRADLEY ' LAP BRADLEY l El M. BRADSHAtt (. H " i !-.•.., Al. BRAGG KM Ml laj H BRANNING DAVID M.n.nn.. PL BRANNON PHI! Al. BRANNON I ' M - ' Clanl BRELAND DARLENE Gi l. BROADHEAD Staw I h«t-.m. Al. BROGDON BDIE .jt,urn. Al. BROOKINS HH n N I i BROOKS KIMBERU AbbawOla AL HI«ki IK HKH.KIM 1- U.nalwntil.. MI«i NN DEBORAH Hanama Cm PL BROWN DONALD; Andalu»ia. Al. BROWN, ! " i «■ PrattavilV BROWN GRACE l- . Al. BROWN, LISA ELLEN Ocala. PL BROW V MAR H h M BROWN, KOHKKI Burt VA BROWN, STEVE;( entury, PL BROWN VAI Ml M ■•. mei HHl K. CATHERINE W HKl NSON BETO Elba 1 BRYAN, CATHY; Pi Walton Kh n BRYANT, SONDRA; tuaon l BRYANT, REGGIE Montgomaqr, Al HKY.w l STEVI Ont ti Al. KKVK. IIM n : PL BUCCD2RO, JOY; Si Peta PI Hi NDRICK, SHEILA lr •. Al Hi NDY, PATRICIA; ftoj l BURCH, BEVERLY; msm. Al. HI H(IK» 1AIM VA. I ' inckard. Al. BURNETT, rRACI IYoj l CADY, BARRY; CI CAIN I BWIS ftoj M CALDWELL. CURTIS m H CALHOl N COl B CoiquiU I VLTON STEVEN I- raal I itj Nl I IMPBE1 I LEA Poley, Al ( wivv. LEI ftoj Al CARR CHAR] BS M CARTER, EVA BaUavilla. II CARTER IOHNHV Dothaa. Al CASH PETER IV • 1 I tSSAD M1CHAE1 Opp, Al I KTES l M I •• d k ■ CBT1 1 nnv r» . l CBTT1 MARSHA ftoj AL CHANDI ER nw Richland GA CHAPMAN Wl illAl VIN. CI KRENi I- 1 • -• CHILDBRS MHn l Skippen I i CHILDS I ' niHU Otart Al . 113 CLARK, KIM; Huntsville, AL CLARK, MIKE; Samford, FL I LARK, RUSTY; Dothan. AL CLARK, SCOTT; Dothan, AL CLARK. WILLIAM; .lack. AL CLEMENTS. TAMI; Dothan. AL COBB. REGGIE; Opelika. AL CODER. DEBORAH; Ozark, AL COE. CAROL; Hartford, AL COLEMAN. TRACY; Mobile. AL COLLEY, JENNIFER; Troy, AL COMBEE. KEITH; Lakeland, FL COMER, VICK1; Robertsdale, AL COMPTON, LISA; Brantley, AL COMPTON, RICKEY; Brantley, AL CONNELL, JULIE; Troy, AL COOK, GARY; Georgiana, AL COOPER, DAVID; Atmore, AL COOPER, MARY, Troy, AL COOPER, SHONA; Greenville, AL COPELAND, PETER; Troy, AL CORLEY, CASSANDRA; Elba, AL COUCH, CATHRYN; Montgomery, AL COWAN, CLAUDIA; Daleville, AL COWAN, GEORGE; Birmingham, AL COWART, HENRY; Canton, GA COX, SUSAN; Springfield, VA CRAFT. KENNETH; Montgomery, AL CRAFT, VICKI; Opelika, AL CRANE, DOUG; Moss Point, MS CRAWLEY, ANNE; Troy, AL CREWS, MARCUS; Abbeville, AL CRIBB, TIM; Avon Park, FL CRUMPTON, DEBORAH; Selma, AL CULBERTSON, SANDRA; Dothan, AL CULBRETH, RODNEY; Montgomery, AL CUMLANDER, SIDNEY; Grove Hill, AL CUMMINS, LINDA; Crystal River, FL CUNNINGHAM, DALE; Ft. Walton Bch., FL CURENTON, AMY; Enterprise, AL CURENTON, LON; Samson, AL CURTIS, SERETHA; Troy, AL DANIEL, DEBORAH; Luverne, AL DANIELS, TRACY; Elba, AL DANNER, MARY; Eufaula, AL DARBY, RONNY; Frisco City, AL DARYOONI, PARVIZ; Birmingham, AL DAVIS, ANGELA; Enterprise, AL DAVIS, BARBARA; Eufaula, AL DAVIS, MARK; DeFuniak Spr., FL DAVIS, TRACY; Dover, OH DEAN, DENNIS; Elba, AL DENNIS, GRACIE; Eufaula, AL DESTITO, JOE; Troy, AL DIAMOND, ALVIN; Evergreen, AL DIBBLE, BILL; Avon Park, FL DICESARE, JOE; Lakeland, FL DILLAR, TAD; Welaka, FL DODSON, SHIRLEY; Elba, AL DON, JERRY; Troy, AL DONALDSON, RAVEN; Troy, AL DORMAN, JUDITH; Opp, AL DOUGLAS, JOE; Grantville, GA DOUGLAS, MICHAEL; East Brewton, AL DOWLING, MIKE; Sarasota, FL DOWNES, DARCI; Orlando, FL DOZIER, LAURA; Enterprise, AL DUBBERLY, DENA; Auburn, AL DUBISAR, KAYE; Enterprise, AL DYKES, BETH; Troy, AL Iteip Juniors 114 People lyoflEj i i ' .i in ; u. H I KHI I " . C.HI M H I INl H I IS ROBIN H I ISON : H MOKI - I I ■■■ I ISH WM : P.NZOH klU |-1 V..!.,,,,.,. VI KKIC ' I I l n scon PARRII I " h • Pmt i h l I K KHIH • M FELLOWS IANI l Man tnna H IANOBZ. YOLAN ■ H PERRARA RON l I • FERREI I 1 : PITZGERAI D ROBIN PLOWI PLOWERS IOH! .chill. AL PLOWERS ROBER1 I PIXH l PLOYD MAR i - Puunil ij M FOREMAN M Bl If- KiKMW LISA M in H H KI SH !IM PenMO I.. H FOSTER Bll I BUki His ikk IAMBS V- Bi -»•• n. AL Hi-.-, K h D- thu l PRALISH KELLER ft ■ l PRANKS BAR! TV H LLER tLANDRA s, in ,., m H LLER l [ I Butler, AL Personality Sketch Just Read My Lips Imagine sitting in class when someone starts singing " Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog " and no one ' s mouth is open. This was the first time Mary- heth Boyd shared her ventril- oquism at school. " It took about five minutes hefore the teacher figured out it was me and the girls hesides me were dying laughing, " added Mary heth. Maryheth, a senior Broad- cast .Journalism major from Leary. Georgia, learned her hobby from a fellow staffer at (amp Dixie while working there as a sixteen year old. Maryheth has heen on local television twice, and per- formed for churches, schools. women ' s cluhs, and for elder I) people. Marvheth was eho sen as a non-finalist talent performer at the Miss TSU mt in 1981. Ms. Boyd knew she wanted to go into the broadcast jour- nalism field in the eleventh grade and hoped to use her " little friends " in some way. She served Bfl D6W8 producer of WTSl TV beginning fall quarter of L982 Marvbeth ' s goalfl are to become a l caster and ultimately to re place Barbara Walters ' Maryheth served as HistO rian to Alpha Kpsilon Hho. National Broadcasting S etv . 116 H I.I.KK. PERRY; Klba. AL FULMER, GREG; Mobile, AL FTJNDERBURK, BARBARA; Dothan, AL FUT( il LAMAR; Mulberry, PL GALLOWAY, TIM; Sipperville, AL GARDNER, JAMES; Trov, AL GARNER MIARON; Ozark. AL GAUTNEY. LINDA; Vallev. AL GEIKH. MITCH; Tarpon Spring, PL GELLERSTEDT, ANN; Fayetteville, GA GETCHELL, TIM; Umatilla. FL GHIOTO. KATHLEEN; Montgomery. AL GIBBS, RON; Florals, AL GIBSON, .JOHN; Elbs, AL GILLMAN. WANDA; DeFuniak Springs. FL GILROY. YONG; Crestview, FL GUDEWELL, DANIEL; DeFuniak Springs, FL GODWIN. JO ELLEN; Brantlev. AL GODWIN, NELDA; New Brockton, AL GOOCHER, LISA; Birmingham, AL GORDON, WANDA; Montgomery, AL GREEN, DARRYL; Montgomery, AL GREEN, FLETCHER; Slocomb, AL GREEN, GLORIA; Rome, GA GREEN, THOMAS; Brundidge, AL GREENE, CHARLOTTE; Mobile, AL GREER, DEBBIE; Montgomery, AL GREGORY, NATHAN; Pensacola, FL GRIFFIN, JACQUELYN; Brundidge, AL GRIFFIN, PAT; Troy, AL HOGUE, BETH; Dothan, AL HALE, GARRISON; Brantley, AL HALL, MELINDA; Opp, AL HAMILTON, MARVIN; Norman Park, GA HAMM. CHARLOTTE; Troy, AL HAMMOND, SHERRY; Eufaula, AL HAND, SHERRI; Geneva, AL HANSON, DANNY; Troy, AL HANSON, ROBIN; Fairhope, AL HARDEGREE, MATTHEW; Sylacauga, AL HARDY, DEENA; Ozark, AL HARNAGE, CURTIS; Tifton, GA HAROLD, CHRISTINA; Evergreen, AL HARRIS, RODGER; Sylacauga, AL HARRIS, PATRICK; Troy, AL HART, ELMEN; Cuthbert, GA HARTERT, JANA; Marietta, GA HARTERT, JOHN; Marietta, GA HARTSELLE, TIM; Rockledge, FL HARVELL, GLORIA; Troy, AL HARVELL, JAMES; Troy, AL HATTEN, SUEZETTE; Enterprise, AL HAWS, PATSY; Brantley, AL HAYES, DARRELL; Atlanta, GA HAYES, DONNA; Kenner, LA HAYES, SONJA; Greenville HAYLES, GENA; Atmore, AL HELLMUTH, DAVID; Alexandric, VA HELMS, BILL; Enterprise, AL HELMS, RITA; New Brockton, AL HENN, NANCY; Troy, AL HENNIGAN, JOHN; Troy, AL HENRY, BILLY; Sylacauga, AL HICKS, TERESA; Millbrook, AL HILL, TRAVIS; Sebring, FL HILSON, RODRICK; Birmingham, AL HOLC OMBE, CHIP; F. Walton Bch., FL HOLLEY, JOEY; Elba, AL HOLLEY, KATHY; Linden, AL HOLZMANN, GERALD; Invernss, FL . « l 116 People Mfc Hi I I ' . K IHKK1 I ' .Ulkj H H il - I i »N M H0WEL1 I IM ».Mrf Hn.r.. H HI BBARD MR. Al. HI BBARD DAV II ' i l. Hi BKH IA( Ql KLINE. Del .«.. PL HI DSON M.I KN ' rk Al. HI H- KF.NNF III ■ PL Hi M I [BBYE I ' •••.» . M Hi NTLE SHARON M HI rSON TODD lr . l ir.hH WADE I . IKNKK i HRI- Panaacola M IKNKK ROGEF l IKin VAI GHN ' • . : U IRELAND JOHN Imnpa H [RVIN, KEITH H.,. si,... " . IVIN HAM rtUM Al. JA KSON I ORI Poq . ■ I A Kmp NORM !-••■•: JAMES ' i ' I JAMES K l RIN •■• ' • JEFFERSON DEBORAH I JENKINS IAMES Entarpi JENKINS, MARK Gaaava l JEWELL, GREG; Salma, Al. JIMENEZ OS l l " Hialrah. Fl. JOHNSON Unhin Mi nroavilla. Al. JOHNSON ' UtOL Midwa) M. JOHNSON CORDELLA Bvargraao, AL JOHNSON iUIHH m ate n JOHNSON DOROI Hi Saima, Al. JOHNSON. GAR Al. JOHNSON J MM Elba Al. JOHNSON KENDAL I- ... 1 JOHNSON MARK Ottrk, Al. JOHNSON RANDY; Kiaaiininaa, PL JOHNSON, RICKY; Bnindid) JOHNSON, TRACT Brant, M JOHNSTON MARK Opp M JOINER, KIM. Winter Havai JONES, BRENDA; Newbarn I JONES, DAVID; Fl Wahoa H.h H JONES, LINDA; McKanxk M JULSON, JODI; Mayvflla, N l KEENEY, nn Graam KEITH, Al.. Blakelv. KI. KELLY. DONNA lr . M KELLEY, 1H HAE1 . cfTcr Sprinp l KELLEY, RANDAI Opp M KELLEY, YICKI; Andalusia l KENNINGTON KATHBRIN1 ,n . N.I Kll I AM. SHERR . FL KIMBROI GH, KEN; Bntarpriai M K1MME1 K. Dafunia) Fl KIM.. CHRISTOPHER; ivfumak Spr- . KI .KR. RANDY; Daphm, Al KNOTTS, MIKK IVo) Al KNOTTS RI( K l- j M KOSKI, RUSS; Port Chartotti H KRAMER GREGORY PI Kl CHI K SANDRA tap Coral, PI KYZAR R V i.. hm M 1 t N IOHN I . .--■ I U MICHBI K. 1 ' anama Citv H I KHK N lH s Wintat H.%m PI I ANDERS 1 I KK K.rm n«ham M I r l la I I VNGSTON I ORRAINB Loaaja . 117 I.AVKIKI.I), DARRELL; Hawkinsville, OA LAZENBY, SUE; MonraevOfe, AL LEANO, HARKKI.I., Jacksonville, AL LEDBETTER. STEPHANIE; Trov, AL LIERDEN. LAURA; Panama Citv. FL L1LES, CHUCK; Florence, AL LINTON, TRACY; Auburn, AL LITTLE. LORI; Andalusia, AL LOCKWOOD, DERRICK; Atlanta, GA LOLLEY, MIKE; Enterprise, AL LOVELACE. LISA. Birmingham, AL LOWE. TRACEY; Greenville, AL LUNSFORD, DAVID; Eufaula, AL LYNCH. MIKE; Baxley, GA LYNN, MICHAEL; Tyrone, GA MCCLELLAND, CHUCK; Trov. AL MCCRORY, CRYSTAL; Pensacola, FL MCCRORY, MARTIN; Jav. PL MCDONOUGH, KEITH; Ft. Lauderdale, FL MCENTEE. SANDRA; Warner Robins, GA MCGILBERRY, MARY; Arlington, AL MCGILVRAY, GREG; Banks, AL MCGOWAN, JIMMY; Enterprise, AL MCGRIFF, DILLARD; Winfield, AL MCGRIFF, KELLIE; Headland, AL MCHUGH, BRETT; Doraville, GA MCKENZIE, ALECIA; Spanish Town, Jamacia MCKINNON, JOHN; Plantation, FL MCKINLEY, MICHAEL; Crestview, FL MCKIRE, CAROLUS; Clewiston, FL MCLAIN, RICHARD; Troy, AL MCLAIN, SHELLY; Prattville, AL MCVICKER, MITCH; Gulf Shores, AL MADISON, GWENDOLYN; Enterprise, AL MADISON. MARVIN; Birmingham, AL MALONEY, MONICA; Tallossee, AL MANN, JEANNA; Dothan, AL MANN, THERESA; Mobile, AL MARABLE, FREDA; Tuskegee, AL MARABLE, MIKE; Orlando, FL MARLER, KATHY; Opp, AL MARSHALL, VICKI; Ocala, FL MARTIN, JACK; Brundidge, AL MARTIN, MARIE; Hartford, AL MARLOWE, BENJIE; Peachtree City, GA MARQUESS, SCOTT; Atlanta, GA MATTHES, SCOTT; Boulder, CO MARTZ, SUSAN; Griswold, CT MAYE, RHOLMA; Tuskegee, AL MEDLOCK, TAMMY; Kinston, AL MENGE, JOHN; Panama City Beach, FL MEREDITH, WANDA; Troy, AL MERKLINGER, SUSAN; Huntsville, AL MORRIS, SUZANNE; Troy, AL MERRITT, BILLY JOE JR.; Slocomb, AL MESSER, SUSAN; Geneva, AL MESSICK, PEGGY; Troy, AL MILAM, WENDY; Millbrook, AL MILLER, ANDREW; Coatesville, PA MILES, LISA; Elba, AL MILLER, MATTHEW; Sebring, FL MILLS, ANGELA; St. Simons Island, GA MING, LISA; Troy, AL Minorton, Joseph G.; Jackson, AL MIXON, FREDRICK; Clewiston, FL MOBLEY, PAUL; Pelham, AL MOBLEY, TERRY; Brundidge, AL MOORE, JAMES A.; Hollywood, FL MOORE, KATHRYN; Atlanta, GA MOORE, PAUL; Clearwater, FL Juniors 1 118 People M MOORE PHYI : U. Mi K.HI- KOHBM MORRIS : MOM BE l I I MARSHAI I • MON I - .i MAR1 H B PI SHU I l-i BE I- . Kuf.uU Ml RJXX K Bll Mi RPHREE VK Kl L MYMBRAYER WEN L Mi KI ' H ' i MAI NASH DEBRA Blab M I I l M • .. l Ml SON MELANII " VI BIT1 K i Mi HOL8 MIKE Pi PL Mi HOI - RA IIH I n •••« M. MI-MI- K1MBERU NIXON NOBIS KATIE: I M NOBLE, BRAIN Prattavilk, AL NOLEN, DAN II . Columbia. AL NORTH DAVf I OLIVER PAME1 Elyi i OH M ' l. Vl NM- ' .)alum«. AL OWEN M- l Ml ■• ■ GA OWENS PRAN Pit . ipplr. Al. PACE WANDA l PADGETT, I ' M KM iv k.-i Bn m PAGE, JENNIFER [ iakagai M PARK, DEBORAH Glemrood l PARKER, KATHYi Libura GA PARKER, MARK Una n l PATRICK, ANGELIA; Kl..mla. AL PATRICK, VICKI GA PATTERSON, I HOMAS I iGra PATTON, BETH Mobile, AL PEEL, MICHELLE; Loukvi PERRY, I KAVIS. Kinstoa l PHELPS, LISA Greenville l Making Ends Meet One of many students who finds it necessary to work while attending school is ju- nior, Tim Getchell from I ' ma- tilla, Florida. Tim first came to Troy on a two-year scholar- ship with paid full tuition and out oi ' state fees. Like many other students Tim works at odd jobs during the breaks but he also often holds down jobs during the school term. One such job was that of checking peanut moisture at a local peanut warehoi; Getchell ' a major is criminal investigation with a minor in computer m ience. He plans to be a marine Corps intelli- gence man and for hobbies he enjoys raquet ball, hunting. and jogging. 90 X s — • n . 119 PHIl.l.ll-v i, I ERRY; Colquitt, GA PHILLIPS, JAMES; Montgomery, AL PHILLIPS, ROSS; Adel. GA PHILLIPS. SHARON; Tn.v, AL PIERCE, ROBERT; Starke. PL PIG1 K. JIM; Crescent City, PL PICKETT. Rl ' THEL; Ruthledge, AL PITTS, PATRICIA; Selma, AL PLANT. GERRIANNE; Ft. Mvers, FL POMPKV. .IAN; Palmetto, FL POPE, PENNY; Trov Al POPE, KEVIN J.; Fairhope, AL POWELL. DAVID; Ruthledge, AL POWELL, EMILY; Samson, AL POWELL, THOMAS; Cedertown, GA PRATHER, ROBERT; Troy, AL PRESTON, STEVEN; Albany, GA PRICE, RHONDA; Abbeville, AL PROCTOR, MICHELLE; Cross City, FL PURTA, LORRAINE; Selma, AL PYE, JAMES; Jacksonville, FI PYLE, STEVE; Marianna, FL QUALLS, WILLIAM E.; Panama City, FL QUALTROUGH, LYNN; Montgomery, AL RAILEY, JEFF; Troy, AL RAJA, HASHIM; Pakistan RALLS, LESA; Evergreen, AL REED, KELLY; Abbeville, AL REESE, TIM; Bessemer, AL REEVES, HERBERT E.; Moultrie, GA REEVES. JERRY FRANK; Troy, AL REID, ALFONSO; Birmingham, AL REID, JAMES; Birmingham, AL REID. LETCHER HAWES; Richmond, VA RENFROE, GINA; Troy, AL REYES, JAMIE; Mobile, AL REYNOLDS, JIM; Carrolton, GA REYNOLDS, PAGE; Atlanta, GA REYNOLDS, SHIRLEY; Troy, AL RHODES, GARY; Albany, GA RICHARDS, ALAN; Louisville, AL RICHARDSON, PAMELA; Chatom, AL RICHARDSON, STELLA; Goshen, AL RICHBURG, CINDY; Troy, AL RICKS, CINDY; Andalusia, AL RIGGINS, EARNEST; Rockford, AL ROBERTSON, BRIAN; Montgomery, AL ROBINSON, PAT; Theodore, AL ROBINSON, RHONDA; Fairhope, AL RODGERS, MIKE; Opp, AL RODRIGUEZ, JOSE; Ft. Lauderdale, FL ROGERS, CLINT; Evergreen, AL ROGERS, JAMES; Blakely, GA ROGERS, KENNETH; Zionsville, IN ROLEY, MARTHA; Bav Minette, AL RUFFIAN, TAMMY; Orange Park, FL RUSSELL, EVA; Highland Home, AL RUSSELL, JANE; Orrville, AL RUSSELL, MIKE; Florence, AL RYAN, TWILA; Robertsdale, AL ST. JOHN, TERESA; Foley, AL SALAAM, MARX; Troy, AL SAMONS, TOD; Stark, FL SAMUEL, RYDELL; Evergreen, AL SANCHEZ, STEVE; Jacksonville, FL SANDERS, BELINDA; Dothan, AL SARHATT, MIKE; Mobile, AL SASSER, SUSAN; Pace, FL SCHMITZ, PATTY; Tuscaloosa, AL SCOTT, DONNA; Troy, AL 120 People SEITZ Wll I ! •••■ l. -HI VRKH MAI : -MM MM -HUM " -. II • l H GARfl : SHIVI M. sllol Sll El SIMM SIMM M SIMS KitliKHI SIPPER RHON N I ' HII I sMIIH HI •■ SMITH I KI SMITH I HARI SMI1 II I ' i MHIV Hurkville. AI. sMll H, DAVID; I SMITH DONAI D; Mol i l. -Ml I H DOI G ! SMI I H GARY; Fairfai SMI III IE l. SMI 111 KIM I .■■■ u SMI III KENNE I H M • • -..lit-. AI. SMITH KIM Grand I SMI I II MARK i SMITH ROBER1 sMIIH rERR SMITH mm I in Uun SNYDER, BRIAN l m N KI CS M M EL Miami PL SOS1 II I MARIA Rod H SPARKS, II W H I- iu . SPB K, l I I n ngsl i I % SPORNA I ' l- rER Mi bill l. SPORT, DERRI l SI tLLINGS MELANH rampa H STALLWORTH DANIEL; Pineapple. AI. STANLEY GIDGE1 Ba) M ■■■■■ STANTON IA( Ql ELINB I ' .-.rman. AI. -I KI.I (. HI DD I r . l Cheering in the Blood Each summer nine groups of cheerleaders from the Dy- namic Cheerleaders Associ- ation travel to thirty-nine states teaching cheers, skits. and routines to enthusiastic young women. Dawn Lea Butler, an eighteen year old freshman from Eclectic, Ala- hama, was one of those cheer- leaders. Dawn was a Panther cheer- leader for five consecutive years at Elmore High school. While in high school Dawn worked hard at being B good leader of cheers. Dawn be came interested in DCA one veai while attending one of its camps in Carrolton. Georgia. It was here that Dawn along with hundreds of other girls filled out an application to become a DCA instructor. Miss Butler was one of the few chosen. She traveled to Missouri to he interviewed and then she attended a two week training camp with 60 other new instructors where she learned cheers and rou- tines. The following summer she spent two and a half months traveling with five other instructors to collects in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsyl- vania, New .Jersey. New York, and various states m Canada. Looking hack on her sum mer as a DCA instructor. Dawn said. " Cheering has been one ( the greatest experiences i my life. " The DCA philosophy sums up Dawn ' s cheering. reer; " S.n s to the chal- lenges of being the best you can I STEARNS, JACKIE; Eclectic AL STEVENS, CRAIG; Palatka. FL STEVENSON, LAMAR; Uniontown, AL STEWART, DAVID; Montgomery, AL STEWART, WAYNE; Troy. AL STINSON. STAN; Enterprise, AL STOKES. QUINTIN; New Brockton, AL STORY. SAMMIK; Morrow. GA STOVALL. BRAD; Lumpkin. C,A STRICKLAND. BILL; STRICKLAND. DAWN; Dothan, AL STRICKLAND. JAMES; Ozark, AL STRICKLIN. DOTTIE; Brantlev, AL STROTHER, CINDY; Brundidge. AL STROUD, CHRIS; Andalusia, AL STUMP, MINDY; Sebring, FL STUMPF, WAYNE; Orlando, FL SUTHERLAND, SIDNEY; Knoxville. TN SUTLEY. LISA; Samson, AL SUTTON, DESIREE; Brewton. AL SWEARENGEN, ROBIN; Enterprise, AL SWICEGOOD, LUANNE; Dothan, AL TANNER, LYNN; Greenville, AL TARRANT. PATRICIA; Pensacola, FL TAYLOR. BRIGITTE; Greenville, AL TAYLOR. DAVID; Tallassee, AL TAYLOR, JOHN; Foley, AL TAYLOR, SUSAN; Highland Home, AL TEMPLETON, DONNA; Ozark, AL THOMAS, GABRIEL; Montgomery, AL THOMAS, JOHN; Donalsonville, GA THOMAS, JOHNNIE; Montgomery, AL THOMPSON, SANDRA; Anniston, AL THOMPSON, SCOTT; Phenix City, AL THORNTON, CHARLES; Tuscaloosa, AL TINDELL, CURTIS; Hartford, AL TOMLIN, ROBBIN; Andalusia, AL TOMLINSON, DIANE; Dothan, AL TOWNSEND, KIM; Troy, AL TRIPP, BARBARA; Citronelle, AL TUCKER, CAROL; Massena, NY TURNER, CAROL; Ozark, AL TURNER, PATTI; Dothan, AL TURNIPSEED, CHARLES; Goshen, AL TURRIN, LAURENCE; Tampa, FL VANCIL, HELEN; Selma, AL VAN WIE, DON; Gainesville, FL VAUGHAN, TED; Elba, AL VAUGHN, DERRICK, Mobile.AL VELLINES, CHARLES; Mary Esther, FL WALDEN, JOEY; Dozier, AL WALKER, ANCHYLUS; Union Springs, AL WALKER, DAVID; Elba, AL WALKER, JOHN; Huntsville, AL WALKER, MICHELLE; Clio, AL WALLS, LUCY; Dothan, AL WALTERS,, ANTHONY; Davenport, FL WALTERS, GLENDA; Goshen, AL WALTON, MIKE; Hartford, AL WARD, NORVELLE; Irvington, AL WASCOM, KIRK; Montgomery, AL WATFORD, TAMMY; Dothan, AL WATSON, RANDY: Gainesville, AL WEAVER, JOEY; Brewton, AL WEAVER, NORMA; Hardaway, AL WEEKS, LYNN; Kinston, AL WEEKS, TINA; Opp, AL WEITENBECK, JEFF; Huntsview, AL WELCH, JERRALD; Grove Hill, AL WELCH, TRINA; Enterprise. AL 122 People fc • I - . l I WHKA1 Ul II H Willi PI I SMI I • WIIIIK MM lr . M S|(.«. ■ l. Ull I • 1 1 I WILLIAM MI I l M Ull I 1AM Will MI I IAMS II! WILLIS I P.! ' ' . " VMM Wll SON II I i ' ■ Wll SON II I ' . WINGARI l W ING Mil WINGA1 l- ' A WDA I WOOD DIAN .. Al. WOODARO rHOMAS WOODHAM I RO WOODS I- II M WOOD ' ' ' i M ESS Spi • . . WOOl EN DIANE M WRIGH1 BRET1 Oark l WRIGH1 Kl IIMdi I linden l WYNCOOP, Howard. Lakeland, PL USN, GINGER; Montaomerj l WYNN, MARY; Mobile, Al. ZESSIN, BRENT; Plorala, AL Personality Sketch Roots in Italy Larry Turrin, a ' 20 year old junior, was born on Hahn Air Force Base in Germany. He really doesn ' t call any place home, after having lived in nine different cities thus tar His father, a former fighter pilot in the Vietnam War has been in the Air Force for 27 years at this writing. Turrin ' s father ' s family ia Italian. In fact, there is a town. Turin. Italy, named for Larry ' s ancestors. Larry ' s mother ' s bloodline is (ier man. Larry treasures the time when he has been around his relatr Troy State I fniversit) Larry ' s choice for further education because he liked the idea of 8 small school and because TSU is reputable foi having the beat ROTC pro gram in the southeast The fact that Larry ' s siater was al- ready attending TSl also had Borne hearing on his decision. Larry loves all sports and is particularly interested in football, basketball, and golf. With a major in computer mi ence, Larry plana to become an Air Force Fighter Pilot. He currently holds the position of Second Lieutenant. ABBOTT, THOMAS; Atlanta, GA ADAIR. RILEY; Goshen, AL U.BASSI. PAULINA; Nigeria AHLGREN, APRIL; Montgomery, AL ALBERTO, EDDIE; Mobile, AL ALEXANDER, MIKE; Dothan. AL ALLKN. DONNA; Milton. FL ALLEN, PAMELA; Elba, AL ALLEN. THOMAS; Birmingham, AL ALSOBROOK, ALICE; Cusseta, AL ANDERSON. KENT; Troy, AL ANDERSON, RANDY; Trov, AL ANDERSON, ROBERT; Andalusia, AL ANDERSON, TROY; Birmingham, AL ANDRESS, BOBBY; Trov. AL ANDRESS, KERRY; Troy, AL ANDREWS, LANESE; Mobile, AL ANDREWS, JACK; Umatilla. FL ANGELO. CHRIS; Prattville, AL ANGLIN, WILLIS; Louisville. AL ANDREWS, ELIZABETH; Thomasville. AL ARBOGAST, KAREN; Elba, AL AKRINGTON. JONEAN; Union Springs, AL AUSTIN, SANDRA; Troy, AL AVERY, ANGELA; Troy, AL AVERY. DAVID; Ft. Meade, FL BABATUNDE, GABRIEL; Ikun, Nigeria BAILEY. JILL; West Palm Bch„ FL BAKER, NANCY; Eufaula, AL BALDWIN, DAVID; Americus, GA BALLARD, JEROME; Ramere, AL BANKS, DAVE; Leesburg, GA BAREFOOT, BEBE; Ariton, AL BARKER, JEREMY; MaryEster, FL BARRON, TED; Birmingham, AL BARNES, ELIZABETH; Montgomery, AL BARNETT, KIM; Troy, AL BARNETTE, GREG; Troy, AL BARROW, ERA; Phenix, City, AL BAYMILLER, MIKE; Ridgefield, CT BASS. TIM; Slocomb, AL BASSETT, WAYNE; Union Springs, AL BEAMESDERFER, SELINDA; Hernando, FL BEASLEY, LINDA; Troy, AL BEASLEY, TIM; Dothan, AL BEATY, DAN; Clayton, AL BECK, JAMES; Defuniak Springs, FL BECK, JENNIFER; Defuniak Springs, FL BEDELL, RACHEL; Blakely, GA BEDSOLE, DIANN; Elba, AL BELASKI, CORINNE; Cocoa Bch., FL BELL, EVELYN; Camden, AL BENNETT, DEBRA; Alma, GA BENTON, KEITH; Dothan, AL BERNARDE, SCOTT; Wausau, WI BEVERLY, JERRY, Troy, AL BLACK, JERRY; Panama City Bch., FL BLACKBURN, SUSAN; Georgiana, AL BLACKMON, STANLEY; Dothan, AL BLOCKER, LORENZO; Columbus, GA BOHANNON, DEBBIE; Atlanta, GA BOLDEN, CINDY; Atmore, AL BOLES, TEDDY; Florala, AL BOOKER, JAMES JR.; Pensacola, AL BORNKESSEL, BONNIE; Indialantic, FL BOUTWELL, ANGELA; Greenville, AL BOWDEN, DONNA; Montgomery, AL BOWDIN, KRIS; Samson, AL BOYER, BETH; Eufaula, AL BRACKNEY, BETH, Medina, OH o BPH Umn Sophomores 124 People mm BRADSHAM I M I ' .l I BRADSHAM Al BRAINARD Ml ' HUl WaiMau ttl •. Eufatlla Al BRASWKI tula. Al. BRAN DAVID; I M BKKIDKNS ' I KIN BRKWSTKH I HARI I BRIN BRO K I HARJ M BRO( K. JKKK. I l BRONSON W VLTEI BROOKS, BARE Hl« Y BOBBN HHiiU N DA E MirimnKham. Al. BROWN I ' M i BROWN KAREN Mi bib l BROWN NAN l. BROWN NA1 HANIEL Bi BROW N, STEVEN; AL HI«i M- EAR] M. HKI l. BRYAN, IAMM ' . BRYAN1 M.IK Giwra Hill. Al. BRYAN1 LISA ■•■•r. Al. BULGER KEITH Plonk Al. BULLOCK, DANIELLA hi Walton B HI I.I.ik K GARY . •••..... H HI MA mnin lr . Al. BURKE1 l I HH ' . ' il Oiari Al HI RNEY GAIL; Hi-undidc- HI RNS, M1KK I Al. BUTLER, MARY Onrk, Al. BYRD, LAI RA PI W ill o Bch PL BYRD, SI SAN IY • Al. CABRERA, RICHARD; Bub Al. CADE, LI CAS; Auatall GA CALHOl N, SARA EU CAMBREY, CAROLYN; RidfMh CAMERON, DENISE NewvOla, Al CAMERON, JOHN; NewviUi CAMPBELL, JANA H..n..r»v.llr Al CAMPBELL, MICH K1 IV • 1 CANTER, ROBERT; Daleville. l CANTRELl M1KK l ■.:, l CAPE, ANDREW; Jack l CAPONIS CATHERINE; l ( K s| RO MIKh Mootgom« CARLISI E SUSAN; Goehei 1 CARODINE, CRAIG Huntavilk l CARRIER, ME1 INDA (•■■•• CARROLL I INDA Ubai ( UtROl I l WIM ' CARSON I AROl N nn Oneida I N CARTER ART Halabonj. Al CARTER l-HlI. I. II ' Anton M CASEY, CONNIE Haynavilla, Al. I Mi I IM; Neman GA CASTLBBERRY RICHARD 1- ( i kk ri BE M Baj m ••• C M I ' ll I LISA; M nt| mar) l CETTI, El IZABETH CETTI, MEI M ' FL CH INC1 -i E »■ v • • CHAPMAN GREG v ■• CHERRY CI IM Dotha 1 i Hl KU I- I H K1 ES Nigeria CHINBBRG, 1 INDA H u i I Kk I HOM - Hirminitha- CLAYTON M CLEAVER, JOAN; Pensacola. FL KRH I I UKA. O ark. Al. COLEMAN, YOl.ANhV fray, . COLLIER, HANDY; FT. Uuderdal. ' . PL COLLINS. SHANNON; Dothan, AL COLY1N. RITA; Fitzpatrick, AL CONNER. ELLEN; Trov. AL COOPER. MELINDA; Phenix City, AL COPE, CHARLOTTE; Uishen, AL CORD. HANK; Sebring, FL CORNELIUS, KAJMANSA; Adel. GA CORR. CAMARON; Tampa, FL COTTINGHAM, HANK; Leesburg. FL COTTON, ALLEN; Panama Citv. PL COULLIAS. STEVE; Alachua. FL COVEN, JOHN; Tavares, FL COWAN. BRECK; Cincinnati, OH COWART, CARY; Enterprise, AL COX, RUFUS; Gadsden, AL CRADDOCK. LINDA; Abbeville, AL CRAFT. MARIANA; Detroit, MI CRAIG, EDWARD; Ft. Deposit, AL CRENSHAW, ANDY; Greenville, AL CRIBB, KENNY; Avon Park, FL CRITTENDEN, PERRY; Fairhope, AL CUELLER. THERESA; Foley, AL CULP, DIANNA; Ozark, AL CULP, DYKES; Ozark, AL CULPEPPER, TONYA; Troy, AL CUMBIE, LISA; Greenville, AL CUNNINGHAM, KIM; Mobile, AL CUNNINGHAM, VALERIE; Birmingham, AL DAILEY, CLARK; Troy, AL DAILEY, JOHN; Troy, AL DANIEL, RICKY; Birmingham, AL DANIELS, PAMELA; Troy, AL DANIELS, STACY; Foley, AL D ' ARVILLE, J.D.; Orlando, FL DAUGHERTY, DIANNA; Mobile, AL DAUGHTRY, MICKEY; Troy, AL DAVENPORT, KEITH; Pelham, AL DAVIS, CHET; Mobile, AL DAVIS, JEFF; Troy, AL DAVIS, JOEY; Atmore, AL DAVIS, JOHN; Dothan, AL DAVIS, KAREN; Tuskegee, AL DAVIS, REBECCA; Troy, AL DAVIS, RONALD; Mobile, AL DAVIS, SHANE; Florala, AL DAVIS, TERI; Deatsville, AL DAVIS, TERRI; Atmore, AL DAY, MARTHA; Troy, AL DEAL, KEVIN; Montgomery, AL DEAN, WALTER; Luverne, AL DENISON, JOEY; Troy, AL DEN KEWICH, JEFFREY; Cumming, GA DENNIS, DAVIS; Millbrook, AL DeVORE, DAN; Ozark, AL DeWOLF, LAURA; Longwood, FL DIBARI, STEVE; Sarasota, FL DICKINSON, CLAY; Grove Hill, AL DIGGS, GEOFFREY; Florala, AL DIGULLA, LISHA; Satellite Bch., FL DILLARD, WILLIE; Demopolis, AL DIT TERLINE, JIM; Ft. Walton Bch., FL DIX, FELECIA; Troy, AL DORMAN, JAY; Highland Home, AL DOTY, CHRIS; Birmingham, AL DOWDLE, DEBBIE; Orlando, FL DOWLING, MARGIE; Dallas, TX Sophomores 126 People DOWNED i.l uKI (J DRAKE v DRAKE IVONNI Dl Dl B -hi in. i hi MAS POM ■ l I ' .l III •. . . M l Dl ■ ' i M NNING PRl» II IV I..m.|.« H D KES I ' .ll INDA HI Kl KM III l BAR! I ' . SH EAS I IK BE1 II Mui EDEKER •■ ELIAS M IO Phmii « it) l ELLIOT1 BOBBII ELLIS 1 1 -K h ' . ELLISON IOAN Prattvilli l III ISOR H Dothu U ELMORE MK MUI Opn l ENFINGEH WU 1 ERNEST. II NK i,. • . ESLINGER IENEANE - ESP II MNI . ESTES GLENDA l...i.r .. ... ETHERIDGE KAY; S l E I I ERLEE Hi DDY;Oi H EVANS MK H H I EVBAYIRO H DONALD Benin EVERET1 YOLANDA Onrii l PAIL PHAEDRA MobOi l PAIR) I. i ' l H MOLI " ir . l PAISON, LE M VbtwviUt M PARRAR, II- B.P1 PELDER JANE! Mobih l PELTS, EDWARD; Camdan l PENDLEY, JAMES; I undra l PEI ERBACH, DAVID Vklparaai n FIELDS, TERESA; Niccvilk H PINDLEY, ANDREW l FLANDERS, SHIRLEY; Brundidi FLOWERS, JACKIE; ftm l Personality Sketch A Long Way From Home Nineteen year old Latonya Thornton found Troy State I ' niversity to he the k)| place for her to continue her education since everyone in her family has graduated from TSU. Latonya was horn in I)e Riddler, Louiaianni hut her permanent resident • now m Wiesbaden, Germany. There is a TSU branch in Wiesbaden hut it only offers graduate oourses - Latonya came hack to the StaU - tend college. Miss Thornton i able to JO home twice a year, during Christmas md during ipring hreak. It tak ' to nine hours of flying to :ei to Ger- many. FLOWERS, KIMBERLY; Enterprise, AL FLOWERS, RHONDA; Trov. AL MOM). TREC1A; Tl FOLTZ, JAMIE; Ft Lauderdale. PL FOOTS, JACQUELINE; Cropwell, AL FOHI). CHARLTON; Enterprise. AL FORI). RALPH; Panama City, PL FOSTER. ALLEN; Greenville. AL FOSTER AMY; Centerville, AL FOSTER, KEN; Auburn. AL FRENCH, DEBI; Valparaiso, FL FREDERICKSON, ERIN; Phenii City, AL FRIDAY. ANGELA; Anniston, AL FROMAN. RUSSELL; Seminole. FL CADDY, JEANNEAN; Thomasville. AL GALLOWAY. MIRANDA; Geneva, AL GAM I. WGELA; Spanish Fort. AL GARDNER, JEPP; Chattahoochee, FL GARRISON, SUSAN; Longwood, FL GAUSPOHL, WILLIAM; Gulf Shores, AL GAVIN, TANJA; DeFuniak Springs, FL GEOGHAGAN, CYNTHIA; Paxton, FL GILMORE. EDWARD; Enterprise, AL GLASS, DARREN; Linden, AL GOFF, PAM; Trov. AL GOLDEN, BARRY; Marietta, GA GOLSON, GINNY; Montgomery, AL GOODREAU. JIM; Thomasville, AL GOODWIN, SAMUEL; Deland. FL GOTHARD, BRIAN; Clayton, AL GOWAN, LISA; Thomson, GA GRAF, MEG; Mobile. AL GRAMLING, LEANNE; Panama City, FL GRANT, ELAINE; Troy, AL GREEN. CRYSTAL; Columbus, GA GREEN, JAMES; Luverne, AL GREEN, PAMELA; Banks, AL GREENE, AMY; Thomaston, GA GREER, BRIAN; Homestead, FL GREGG, CATHY; Milbrook, AL GRESHAM, JEFF; Florence, AL GRIFFIN, CATHY; Gadsden, AL GRIFFIN, HAROLD; Fayetteville, GA GRIFFITH, ALICE; Crestview, FL GRIMES, CARL; Pestin, FL GRISSETT, LEANNE; Troy, AL GRISWOLD, VICTOR; Fitzpatrick, AL GROGAN, TINA; Pike Road, AL GRUBBS, RANDY; Dothan, AL GUNTER, GREGORY; Ft. Meade, FL HAINES, SARAH; Pensacola, FL HALFAKER, LEAH; Miami, FL HALFORD, MILARY; Arlington, GA HALL, CAROLINE; Marietta, GA HALLIDAY, GREG; Bay Minette, AL HAMILTON, BOBBY; Mobile, AL HAMILTON, KEN; Chattahoochee, FL HAMM, SUZANNE; Hernando, FL HANCHEY, JANE; Headland, AL HANCOCK, DEBORAH; Lake Placid, FL HARDEN, BART; Clio, AL HARRIS, BARBARA; Troy, AL HARRIS. ROBIN; Gulf Shores, AL HARRIS, ROSALINE; Monroeville, AL HARRIS, RUTHIE; Lanett, AL HARRISON, DAN; Greenville, AL HARRISON, SUSAN; Banks, AL HART, CHRISTOPHER; Daleville, AL HARTLEY, JOY; Montgomery, AL HARTMAN, STEVEN; Altamonte Springs, FL Sophomores 128 People HAH l HI MM! I n Irn Al. Al M MH M- I M HI " . l HERRING Rll • L i i. { SH M. iU.)i TOWER GERAI Hill KIM C, • M HILLSMAN H ' MH mi VER 1 11 I • Hlli » K PAMEI HINGER DIAN S| u • i ■■ M. HOBBS LAI Hoi. 1. 1 E D0N1 Hni | Mi WALTER • H IHH I 1- i. Ml M ... :.. • Hull I- SANDRA Headki Hoi.K HERBER1 • HOLMES DA ID; Di than M HOI MES ill i M. HOLZSl HI H IOHN Waal P i HOPPE I ' M LA taniati a M HORN, ' Al HERINE Hirm.n({h.m. Al. HORN DARRYL; Valdoata HnHSsin Wl M II- Hi H 1 1 iN BOBBY Hi ISEA. I ' i NNI Pai uul • h HOWARD Mil i ..ii. H HI DLEY I ' M Mli l Mrindidge. AL HUDSON, DONNA his... M HI DSON, GERRI; l ..ihiin. AL Hi PF, BRENDA Penaacola M Hi GHES MM l in Hob GA HUGHES, KENNY lr ■•-. M HUGHES. SUZANNI I Uoowood, AL HI GHEY GERAI D Marion, AL Hi NTE R I IMOTHY Bai Hi SSY RHONDA; Elba, AL Hi RST, JOHN Montatanatj M HI Ml MOSES v, ...-.-., GA HUSKEY, RICHARD; Salma M HUSSEY, BARBARA I- ■ M [NGALLS KK l lr -. M [OVINE, LAI M Centervilk GA QUZARRY tNGELIQUE Dalpville. AL JACOBS, l»Mi Watumpka, M JACKSON, ARIA; Atlanta GA JACKSON, Mil I lr .-. M JACKSON. JERRY Opaliki JACKSON STEPHANIE M I ile. AL JERIDO, SIBY1 I ukagaa, M .IKNKI DAPHNE; Cloptoo i JOHNSON BRENDA fto) Al JOHNSON. DAVID Kirmingham M JOHNSON. GINGER JOHNSON, I OKI Mi t..l. M JOHNSON STEPHANIE Willi JONES TODD; rh,:„, M JOHNSON NESSA Hnmdid . JOHNSTON IEFFREY - • • JONES GWEN ruskagw M JONES I I RI( i- . ■ JONES VIRGINIA JORDAN KIHIK ih. JORDAN « I IFI JORDAN KAREN JORDAN PETI JUDAH. THOMAS; Klba. AL JUDY, DAN; Clopton, AL H DD, DEREK; Selma. AL KANTOK. LISA; Trov, AL KAO, PETER; Hong Kong. China KKASLEK. VICKIE; Marion. AL KELLER. ROGER; Ozark. AL KELLEY, DEBBIE; Luverne. AL KELLEY, MICHAEL; Montgomery. AL KELLEY, STARLA; Ozark. AL KELLEY, VAL; Florala, AL KELLY, ANN; Davtona Boh.. PL KELLY. JOHN; Trov, AL KELLY. STEVE; Trov. AL KELLY. TERRY; Atmore, AL KENDRICK, PAULA; Montgomery, AL KILLOUGH, JILL; Luberne, AL KIMBRO, JOE; Dozier, AL KIMBROVV. SHARON; Union Springs, AL KIMBROUGH. JAMES; Troy. AL KINARD. ANTONIO; Marion, AL KING. ARTHUR: Troy. AL KIRKLAND, HOWARD; Grady. AL KITCHENS, DOUG; Troy, AL KLEINSHMIDT. NORM; Coral Springs, FL KNIGHT. DENA; Prattville, AL KOENIG, KAREN; Prattville, AL KOERNER, PAM; Troy, AL KOWALSKI, KAY; Indialantic, FL KROLL, TINA; Columbus, GA KUUSISTO, AMY; Zephyrhills, FL LAIRD, CLINTON; Highland Home, AL LAMARQUE, GLENN; Union Springs, AL LAMBERT, PHILLIP; Dothan, AL LANCASTER, KIM; Mobile, AL LANEY, JANET; Troy, AL LASSETER, CECIL; Union Springs, AL LAWRENCE, LINDA LEE; Panama City, FL LAWSON. KIM; Winter Haven, FL LEACH, DIANNE; Clanton, AL LECROY, MIKE; Troy, AL LEE, ARNATTA; Montgomery, AL LEE, BRENDA; Elba, AL LEE, TINA; Elba, AL LEE, SCOTT; Troy, AL LEE, SHEILA; Marion, AL LESSER, CYNTHIA; Cape Canaveral, FL LEIS, PEGGY; Longwood, FL LEVERETTE, KAYE; Brantley, AL LEWIS, WENDY; Phenix City, AL LIGHTFOOT, CRAIG; Orange Park, FL LIND, CECELIA; Saraland, AL LITTLE, JEFF; Troy, AL LITTLE, SCOTT; Troy, AL LIVINGSTON, TINA; Headland, AL LOCKE, MARTHA; Clanton, AL LOLLEY, CHRIS; Samson, AL LOVELL, SHARON; Ocala, FL LOVER, STEVE; Enterprise, AL LOVETT, DENISE; Bradenton, FL LOWERY, STEWART; Marbury, AL LUCAS, SAM; Prattville, AL LUNDY, CHARLES; Millegeville, GA LYLES, RENE; Bay Minette, AL LYNN, BONITA; Abbeville, AL MCALISTER, CURTIS; Davtona Bch., FL MCCALL, LYNN; Cross City, FL MCCALLISTER, MEG; Midland City, AL MCCALL, TAMMY; Union Springs, AL MCCARN, KELLY; Brewton, AL Sophomores 130 People M i l I H IANINI M ' I xii ' i HI I l. MCCI H MM M Miami Kl Mi KKOWN I ' M I .. lhatMl M Mi li) ll KIM I- . U Mi WHITE Ml : H MAI ' III ' .I N •I-. ' I • ' MAI l- l EIGH MADDOX in. I ■ MADDOX MM MANOI - II I- ■ MARELON1S I l- • H MARQI KM i HR1S MARSHAI l ' . l H ' i ' . ' i Petonnan. A!. MARSHALL Dl PL MARSHAI l i V.I- 1- 1 Wii ■••• , MARSHAI I I ERES ■ MARTIN MiHK Nicwillc PL MARTIN DAVID I nuOUk PL MARTIN HOWARD HtioM City PL MARTIN KATH M MARTIN MARIANNE Milton PL M -i PRANI INK Phenu I MAI I SANDR !••• ■ • • ■ MAI I IMS RANDY; Paktk H M.Vi DEBORAH Selma. AL MAYHAN IAMBS M l MAM i MIKE G METCALF, VIRGINIA GA MBZICK, DEBRA VUhy, Al. MICHALAK H NK Midd el - MILLS, IAMES Phenu City, I MIMS, BBAl 1 ' henu City, l MINCY, EVELYN; Kit... l MITCHELL, STACT ' ■ MOBLEY, MU lad l MONFEE BRENDA PrrttvOle, AL MOODY, U I.IK Monti MOODY, LARRY; Luverne, l. MOORE, JANICE MOORE, WILLIAM Orugi P rl H MOORER I ESSIE B M l MOORHEAD, IA K Montcomw) Al. MOREHEAD I IM Eufaula I Mom, CRYSTAJ - MOKCAN. RAYMOND; Cullman. Al. MORGAN, ROMONA; Cullman. M. Personality Sketch Give Everything Your Best Shot Paula Kendrick, a sopho- more majoring in Art with an emphasis in design, is an am- bitious young woman. She is a member of the Art Guild and she holds three offices in the Trojan Trackettes organiza- tion. These are secretary, rush chairman, and secret pals coordinator. She is also an honorary little sister for Sig- ma Phi Kpsilon at Auburn I fniveraity. Paula attended Jeff Davis High School wbere she was B cheerleader for five years. She was also editor of her high school yearbook her junior year. During her senior year, Paula joined the band where she played the cymbols. Miss Kendrick feels that women should have an equal place in the business world Her greatest inspiration has come from her father who once told her to M Gh thing your best shot. " Those words have s( U( . ' k in her head ever since Paula hopes that one day she can open an ad- vertising firm. MORIARTY, CATHLEEN; Virginia Bch . VA MORRIS, RHONDA: Ozark, AL MOSS JENNIFER Minter, AL MOSSHOLDER MARK; Mobile. AL MOTE, EMMKTTK; Hardawav. AL MOTE. SANDRA; Hardawav, AL MOTES, LYNN; Trov. AL MOTE. JANIE; Camden, AL MUNDINE BARBARA; Eufaula, AL MUNNERI.YN. RUDOLPH; Peterman. AL MURRAY, KEVIN; Ozark, AL MYERS, KEVIN; Ft. Pierce. FL NELSON, CATHY; Luverne, AL NELSON, DANA; Dothan, AL NELSON, LEO; Pensacola. FL NELSON. PALMER; Opp. AL NETTLES, LEE; Birmingham, AL NEREN, LANCE; Titusville, FL NEWTON. JACQUIE; Valdosta, GA NICHOLS. TERESA; Montgomery, AL NICOLUCCI, ELIZABETH: Camden, AL NOLAN, CHERYL; Pensacola, FL NOLAND, YULANDA; Livingston, AL NOLEN, ROBERT; Troy, AL NONNEMANN, CHRIS; Troy, AL NORMAN. JOSEPHINE; Columbus, GA NORRIS, DEBORAH; Troy, AL NORRIS, FRAN; Montgomery, AL NUGENT, LORIE; Sebring, FL NUNEZ, MARCO; Ouito, Ecuador OBRIEN, MARY; Cape Coral, FL ODUWOLE, OLUKAYODE; Nigeria OMEIHE, INNOCENT; Ontisha, Nigeria OTTINGER, MARY; Panama City, FL OWENS. SHAY; Samson, AL PALMER, SAMUEL; St. Petersburg, FL PANTON, DOROTHY; West Palm Bch., FL PARKER. TERRI; Mobile, AL PARKER, TRACI; Troy, AL PATTEN, JEAN; Montgomery, AL PAUL, DENNIS; Trov, AL PAUL, JEFF; Roswell, GA PAYNTER, LINDA; W. Hartford, CT PEPPER, KALA; Lanett, AL PEREY, RAPPY; Palm Bch., Gardens, FL PERRIN, MICHAEL; Gadsden, AL PESNELL, SUELLEN; Birmingham, AL PETRITSIS, ANDREA; Florala, AL PETTEWAY, CARL; Apalachicola, FL PHILLIPS, JAMES; Minot. ND PHILLIPS, STEVEN; Linden, AL PINNELL, BRIAN: Ft. Lauderdale, FL PIRES, JEONG HWA; Troy, AL PITTMAN, TIMOTHY; Troy, AL POFF, DERRICK; Troy, AL POFF, RHONDA; Troy, AL PONDS, KAREN; Ethelsville, AL POWELL, GINA; Grovehill, AL POWELL, PEGGY; Troy, AL POWELL, WILLIAM III; Tuskegee, AL PRESCOTT, BARBARA; Perote, AL PRESCOTT, EDGAR; Troy, AL PRESSON, LAURIE; Enterprise, AL PRICE, JERRY; Montezuma, GA PRICE, RHONDA; Lynn, IN PROPST, JOSEPH; Phenix City, AL PURNELL, ALEXIS; Mt. Vernon, AL QUICK, KELLY; Birmingham, AL RABINOWITZ, JILL; Troy, AL RAILEY, CHUCK; Troy, AL 132 People «t PWn .iH KAI1.IM I ' KII-I • M RAINI RAMEK ION ■•• PI RAI I KRSON SHERRIE I RAW1 INS vl HAW M .A KKKU KAI I H i ..- Al. km: PI. ,1 Hi h MERRI I i • M RHOADS IOHN Rl( HARDSON DARI I RINGSDERE JOHN Ell i M KISKs BRIAN Binninghai KhM-K I IND I luavilk H ROBERTS ROGERS UMM, ROSE WAI I ER Ktta •• l Km 1 1 IN IEFI ■ r»j», Al. ROWS Mil HAEI - ROWLAND MKi i (- H. . ■:. Rl MUM. I MM ' , lr . l Ki SSELL DOROTHY i HI STOM MM HER Air; : SAEED MOHAMMAD Pal SANDERS STEVE ' .-•..:. SANDERS SI • SAI LS CECILS ■ SI XKHI h 1 KHVIi. Osart SCARBOROI GH I h H Bufaula Al SCAVELLI, MARIAN; Pinatlai Part PL SCH i BLE ' HRIS ' h irt M SCHILLING GAFft H m ■ H SI HWERER KATIE Pi Pka • PL SCOTl K a N;Sa uuiah G SCOTT, Ql IMi ' N Prattvil SEARS, KKI n Osart l SEIFR1ED, BRENDA lla. PL SELF, I ISA. Alatandar CItj M SENN 1 M HA Brantlay, l SENN, ROXANNE Brundidga M SENN [X)NYA I r. ■. l SENN WN.h rro l SERDYNSKI I K V 1 taxi Part H SBYFOR1 H, VA1 ERIE Fanovilh Ml SEYMOUR, I.VNNK. I ' hfn.x Ci( SHARRON JAMBS Dotha SHAW JAMES Dunwoodj GA SHAW, I ' HII I IP Spanial rt l SHE1 TON l M RIE Cream SHIPMAN M K I H I: . l SHIVER, I ' M l I- . i SHIVER, RHONDA Opp M SHOWAJ I BR, OT1 1 vntm H SHRIN BR Stephanie; Hmnd Ba SIMMONS IOANN Osart 1 SIMPSON JEENA Evergreen. M SIMS KENNETH; BranUej U SIZEMORE I i ' M Veofca M SI GHTBR U)RIENNE Waahinei MII M 1 M i • SMITH l BBR1 ' • ••• • GA MIIH ' H H1 ES LEE M SMI I H CI I 1 IK Srlrn . Al. SMITH DAVID M b i l M1I H GINA 1 ..■.• SMITH JEFI Chattanooga I N SMITH JI1 I K SMI I H, 1 ISA; Anvru MIIH MARK M ■ SMITH, NICKL; Salisbury. Zimbabwe SMITH, SANDRA; Abbeville. AI. SMITH. TOMMY; Rutledge. AL SMTTHSON, KEN; Montgomery, AL SMOLENSK! HOLLY; Clearwater, FL SNELL, PEGGY; New Brockton, AL SNIPES, DONNIE; Brundidge, AL SNIPES, JOHN; Warner Robins. GA SPARKMAN. DEBBIE; Fernandina Bch., FL SPEARS, GREG; Geneva, AL SPEIR, VAN; Greenville, AL SPENCER. POLLY; Brundidge, AL SP1VEY, KATHRYN; Troy AL SPOTTER, TOSHA; Fineview, NY SPRINGSTEEN, JAY; Foley, AL SOWELL, JEFF; Tallahassee. FL ST. JOHN. CINDY; Foley, AL STACEY, GWEN; Stapleton, AL STALLINGS, LINDA; Tampa, FL STANTON, JOHN: Monroeville, AL STARKS, MARILYN: Brundidge, AL STEWART, DONALD; Abbeville, AL STEWART, STELLA; Troy, AL STEWART, TERRI; Dothan. AX STIGER, JOANNE; Margate, FL STILL, SHARON; Ramer, AL STINSON. LEIGH; Evergreen, AL STIVER, CARRI; Enterprise, AL STONE, LISA; Troy, AL STONE, TAWNI; Tallahassee, FL STRAUGHN, WYNNE; Andalusia, AL STROUD, CASSANDRA; Ozark, AL SUGGS, REGGIE; LaGrange, GA SULLIVAN, LEAH; Winder, GA SULLIVAN, WILLIE; Mobile, AL SURRENCY, BECKY; Hawthorne, FL SUTTON, STEVE; Niceville, FL SWEENY, DONNA; Pensacola, FL SYKES, LAURA; Matthews, AL TALLANT, MARK; Warner Robins, GA TATUM, JOHN; Dothan, AL TAUNTON, MELISSA; Reeltown, AL TAURIDES, LELIA; Lakeland. FL TAYLOR, CHERYL; Billingsley, AL TAYLOR, KATHY; Montgomery, AL TAYLOR, MARK; Atlanta, GA TEPPER, SOL; Selma, AL TERILLI, CHRIS; Atlanta, GA TERRY, REBECCA; Georgiana, AL THAMES, LYNN; Coffee Springs, AL THARPE, KEIGH; Ozark, AL THEIS, TOM; Daphne, AL THOMAS, BEATRICE; Columbus, GA THOMAS, CALVIN; Montgomery, AL THOMAS, GARY; Florala, AL THOMAS, MIKE; Troy, AL THOMAS, ROSCOE; Opelika, AL THOMAS, SHERRY; Highland Home, AL THOMER, TARA; Peachtree City, GA THOMPSON, DWAYNE; Columbus, GA THOMPSON, SUSAN; Dothan, AL THORNTON, CONNIE; Andalusia, AL THORNTON, LATONIA; Brundidge, AL TIERNEY, LANDA; Ozark, AL TOMLINSON, STEVE;Dothan, AL TOMPKINS, PAIGE; Troy, AL TRAWICK, DOUGLAS; Ariton, AL TUCK, DARLEEN; Troy, AL TWITTY, SEAN; Pensacola, FL UFOMADY, UDOCHUKWU; Umuahia, Nigeria Sophomores ®m 134 People 1 flip I NDKRWOOD I IMM varden rwii • M. i i.H v. DAVI HN ROM ■ VKKVII I I VII hi- I ' .- I ' M VOGBI KR1S1 . " ■ H w Mil- . n Ocala.FI WALDEN MEI IN W l KER I H l-.l BS Prall WAI KER IEI I w i KER RHONDA II. id WALI I- I •■ •■•• D. than M WAI l S, GREG I ' .--., PL w l I Hi- BARBARA w l rERS I IN WAI TON I h " l Sale • l IX)N RONNE in rhocaaat l Ion VINCEN1 I W | | MAKIHN I layfc n Al. WARREN H ' lIN M l W tTSON VLFRED Pane . , H WATSON Whkhw lackaoavilk H U lxi ll (.IM PUi wah rs I KK Pi -• f PL l 1- IH(h- Dalevilh WEED S l(l I- II Daphm l weeks scon opp m WEISS l N Mobil l w ELK BLAIR; Union Sprii . WEIR LISA; A tlanta . WEI SH DANE I I r Kufaula. AL WESTRY. MILTON M..l.ilr. Al. WHITE, GINGER Atinore, M Willi K lEFF Triton l WHITE, JON ttmon l WHITEN, ALISON; Birmingham. Al. WK ' KS MIKE ' l WILLIAMS. CHIP; Bufaula l WILLIAMS, KAKI.A. Bntarprwe, AL WILLIAMS JAMES Greenville l WILLIAMS NBENA Miami H WILLIAMS, I ' KlM III Montfcjoai WILLIAMS. ROBERT; nioo Springi M WILLIAMS, rHOMAS; Dothan Al WILLIAMS, Walter; Longwood PL WILLIAMS WENDE1 I M riti WILLOI GHBY, GAR M nl| • WILKERSON BETH I- ■ l WILKINS, ROB N I ret ■ PI WILSON, BRBT1 ttlanta GA WILSON, w hK. Atlanta, G WISE rRACY; Plorala l WISHARD IEFF; Friendly, Ml win K i,l Ployd Knobi IN WIMBISH, Mil I R1 ■ • Inal M WOODBI H PATRII B I- ifaula I WOODS, Ii ' KL Ktman i WOODWARD, CHRIS; Bufaula I WOOTEN, MICHEI I B Pan H« PI woun wn i- v m WORSH M PAM l Wl RTZ K K1-N Dothai WYNN l BON M bOa, M w ED YOl NG, IKK in Elba l Kl Ki MONICA Montfoa • ZOFtN ROGER Darungtcn PMph tBBOTT, MIKE; Daphne. AL AC PON, HID. Selma, AL ADAIR, WALTER: Jack, AL ADAMSON, MA1MORIE; Miami. PL VDERMAN, V ICKI; Veto Beach, PL AIKEN. JOHN: Faunsdale. AL AIKEN, STEPHANIE; Mobile. AL ALEXANDER MARSHEILA; Tuakegse, AL ALLISON. WARD; " 1 r. ■ ■- . 1. ALLEN, HOWARD; Immokalee. PL ALLEN. KIM; Hampton. VA ALLEN. KELLY; Eufaula. AL ALLEN. SANDY; Eufaula, AL ALLEN, SCOTT; Nashville, TN ALLEN. STEPHEN; Montgomery. AL ALLEN. TODD; Destin, FL ALLEN, TRINA; Abbeville, AL AMLONG, .JEFFREY; Elba, AL AMISON. MIKE; Elba, AL ANDERSON. DONNA; Ft. Myers, FL ANDERSON. DONNA; Troy, AL ANDERSON, ERIC; Mobile, AL ANDERSON, DENISE; Birmingham, AL ANDREWS, LEE; Huntsville, AL ANDERSON, TERESA; Greenville, AL ANDREWS, LAWRENCE; Daleville, AL ARMSTRONG, SHERRI; Troy. AL ASHCRAFT, MALINDA;Zephvrhills, FL AULTMAN. WILLIAM; Crestview. FL AUSTWICK, BRAD; Lakeland, FL BABLITZ, DONNIE; Crestview, FL BABB, FRED; Apapachicola, FL BARBAREE, ROBIN; Ft. Deposit, AL BACOTE. THOMAS; East Point, GA BAILEY. ZOBRIA; Opp, AL BANKS, HAROLD; Atlanta, GA BAREFIELD, DENNIS; Avon Park, FL BARNES, JULIE; Selma, AL BARR, JORETTA; Brundidge, AL BARRETT, JOHN; Milton, FL BARRON, LISA; Opelika, AL BAUMAN, WILLIE; Geneva, AL BARKER, BILL; Chelsea, AL BAKER, GWENDOLYN; Louisville, AL BAKER, MARIE; Wetumpka, AL BAKER, RICHARD; Brundidge, AL BALDWIN, KENNETH; Montgomery, AL BALLARD, CALVIN; Ramer, AL BALLARD, MELISSA; Troy, AL BALLARD, SHANNON; Troy, AL BANKESTER, DANIEL; Bay Minette, AL BARKSDALE, JEFF; Opelika, AL BARNES, LAURA; Lutherville, MD BARNES, TIM; Winfield, AL BARRETT, BOBBY; Auburn, AL BARRON, DAVEY LEE; Troy, AL BARNETTE, SONYA; Troy, AL BARTON, PHILLIP; Summerdale, AL BEATTY. DIXIE; Millbrook, AL BECK, JEFFREY; Brantley, AL BECKHAM, RANDY; Montgomery, AL BEITZEL, AMY; Canfield, CH BELL, SUSAN; Americus, GA BEND ER, CYNTHIA; Ft. Deposit, AL BENDER, FRANCES; Luverne, AL BENNETT, CYTHIA; Montgomery, AL BERRETTO, JUDITH; Winter Haven, FL BEVIS, SONYA; Haneyville, AL BINFORDI, LORI; Troy, AL BJORGAN, JON; Panama City, FL M ' fiJ Freshmen 136 People m HI ' K GIN M Ml v KHI I HI l! M • ' i 111 ' lM .,i I l ' l ' , If . M HI Vi 1 .-In... M HI ' i -Mil-: AL I ' . ' «.l ' . KIKK Hi H(M h- KARI • M ID uil I l M M BONN Hoc. M BORDERS DAW l HoKII- LEAH;I U BOS WEI I WALTER ' BOTTS hi iv. BOI SPORO LESI II- Opeliki HOI rWELI IAMES HiH rWELL IBPF BOWMAN SHAI mpka AL n II- KENNE Ill Phenu Cil) M BRAI KIN I tNDRE ■ HUM HI- I H Wetumpka. Al. BRADBERJtt M hlt lr . l BRADLEY, ROBB Eufaula M BRADLEY, ROBER1 tanpa H BREADWELI Wt.lK. Ukrlan.i H HKW1I- I I M DE Kaunrwdale. Al. BEERS, Ml Wilmw l BREWSTER MIKE Gadadao 1 BREWSTER Ml I ' MM i. .,.!»:• BREWS1 ER SHARON " K BROADWAY SHERRY I- . l BROCK, Ml ' HELE I il wriOa H BROCKMAN HoHHN I- il nila l BROOKS, SHIRLEY Brundidgi M BROWDER I. II 1 1- •• ' BROWN, M LISON MonV BROWN CHRISS Daphm l BROWN, BE " - - BROWN, CINDY; Dapfani l MHiiUN DEBRA Shallmar, M BROW s Iminn v BNm m BROWN, HENR l ' ..nama City, H BROWN, JOYI n S Y Millbrool U BROWN, LISSA Opp M BROWN, NOl rVTwkagM. AL BROWN, RAJ ) ' H. Oopton l HKl NDIDGE EDDIE Braatk) l HIU NS, MIKK Onrk M HHl Nx ' N HAR1 M . KIKa. AL BRYANT, DEBR l BRYANT] GARY; Mobil 1 HI CKNER, JOSEPH l Hi RDM K I MMl EtDUrpriai M HI KKKP1 I ' M 1 Miami H Hi RMAN BRIAN; Stain, PI HI K DEBBY; Gull Sh. :• Hi RNS IEFT Stamtl u Hi RR, BARBARA DoUmb M HI Ml K I .intmn (rrrk 1 HI II BR DAWN Hi ITS ».un Opp l Hi n SANDRA GrM i CAI HOI N DONNA It . M i IMPBEI L. JAW M CAMPBEI I REGIN ' ' ' WII ' HKl I -I B Utan dU -i v- , CARNES I WIM BrmnUt) M «• 13: CARNEY. SEAH; Winter Haven. FL CARR. CATHY; Luverne, AL I IARROLL, CYNTHIA; Trov, AL (ARSON. HOPE; Favetteville. GA KTER. NANETTE; Pace, FL CAVINESS. ROBERT; Gardendale. AL CHAMBERS, ROBERT; Jacksonville. FL CHANDLER. CHRISTY; Hanover. PN CHANDLER. GREG; Troy, AL CHAPMAN, BILLIE; Ft. Pierce, FL CHAPMAN, MARTHA. Titusville. FL CHASE. RON; Eclectic, AL CLARK, BUDDY; Elba, AL CLARK. JOHN; Troy, AL CLARK. MIKE; Eufaula. AL GLEM, BILL; Georgenna, AL CLEMENTS, CINDY; Auburn, AL CLENNEY, ROBIN; Avon Park, FL CLEVELAND, DAVID; Vincent, AL CLINKSCALES, DAVID; Tuskegee, AL CLOSE, TERESA; Dothan, AL COCHRAN, CATHY; Salem, AL COFTY, BOBBIE; Brinson, GA COLE, DOUG; Eufaula, AL COLEMAN, CATHY; Dothan, AL COLEMAN, PAUL; Eufaula, AL COLLIER, BRENDA; Birmingham, AL COLLINS, JAMES; Winter Haven, FL COLLINS, KEITH; Eufaula, AL COMBS, JACKIE; St. Cloud, FL COMPTON, BRUCE; Brantley, AL CONANT, PHILLIP; Umatilla, FL COOK, CAROL; Camden, AL COOK, DENISE: Lakeland, FL COOK, GLORIA; Greenville, AL COOPER, ANITA; Titus, AL COOPER, TERESA; Dothan, AL COPELA ND, CLIFFORD; Enterprise, AL CORBITT, BRYANT; Eufaula, AL CORLEY, GLEN; Hueytown, AL CORNELIUS, GARY; Jacksonville, FL CORSIND, SUSAN; Montgomery, AL COTTE, GARY; Andalusia, AL COTTRELL, ALONZO; Troy, AL COX, BOBBY; Ashford, AL COX, LORI; DuneDin, FL COX, PAUL: Elba, AL COX, SHERI; Milton, FL CREEL, ADAM; Montgomery, AL CRISWELL, ROY; Austin, TX CROSS, ANGIE; Montgomery, AL CROWE, ELIZABETH; Millport, AL CROWSON, HAROLD; Baker, FL CUMBIE, ANITA; Newton, AL CUTRUZZULA, MICHAEL; Benton, AL DADES, BETH; Phenix, City, AL DALEY, REBECCA; Luverne, AL DANIELS, JENA; Samson, AL DANIELS, TIMOTHY; Elba, AL DAN LEY, RAY; Troy, AL DARBY, PAM; Vidalia, GA DAVIS, ELIZABETH: Shellhorn, AL DAVIS, FRED; Elba, AL DAVIS, JAMES ROSS; Troy, AL DAVIS, JENNIFER; Luverne, AL DAVIS, JERRY; Bessemer, AL DAVIS, KAY; Troy, AL DAVIS, PAYTIE; Montgomery, AL DAVIS, PEGGY; Troy, AL DAVIS, SHARON; Luverne, AL P I Wi£if» 138 People I NPOR1 I M(IH( I DAWI l DAWSWEJ tlmnd Dl l H ' (YD I I ' M ' H M DELOAI H KIM DERAMI - v. ' .II DERAMI - l IN 1. DESHIEI D DIMSDAI I- riM H DIXON HI •.Mil y i DORK ' HARLI H I » i I : DOWDLE s l DOWN! DOYLE, H l i s Ki t DRAKE, MARK la ksoovilk DRIGGBRS BREN1 I u DREW, ROBER1 I .. hi BOSE I Ml ' lacfain l Hi in ikKKNn OpaUka. Al. DUNl I Kirm.nKh.rn Al. IH Nkl.lN EDWARD Pan HI SN II Ml ft . . l Hi NN IKD. Lindan l HI N VIRGINIA ft DURRANCE Jl STIN Waud EDEN Ikv n i blk M EDGE BRYAN rbotstq l ELLIS EMOR ftm l ELLISON, CHRIS1 1 Claatoo. Al. ELROD, LYNN; Sehna l EMMONS MI. I.. I.mdi-n. Al. BNDFINGER, IX)M Fowl Pari ENGLISH S On K- •• Elba l BSPENSHADB, HW I I- Mont| BTHRIDGE, kK IN Vbbevilk l Co-ed Siblings How would you like to be in -Jack Trippers shoes on Three ' s Company ' . ' Well, you should meet Gary Wisener who happens to live with two girls. Actually Gary lives with his two sisters, Cheri, a senior and Donna, a sophomore. Gary says that living with his two UBten makes being away from home a lot easier. When he decided to go away to college, Gary was hesitant because he knew he would have to leave behind good friends, and most of all a town that he had lived in all his life. Having two siblings around made the adjustment less tra- matic. He does not have the op portunity to go home on weekends but he does find time to keep in touch with hi family through the phone l) | tern. Gary likes the responsi- bility of being on hi Own for the first time and he likes the challenge i4 colli When Bsked what ITU his main reason for coming to Troy. ( ' .ar -.mi it va- he. he had heard so much about it from hi- X S 9 pc era EVANS, JOSEPH; Lizella. ( ' .A EVERATT, CHRISTY; Hollywood, FL EVERETT, 1ANNA. Sloeomb, Al. KAHAHBAKHSH. GLAYIJ; Tehran. Iran FARMER. GLEN; Prattville. AL PARMER, WENDY; Sloeomb, AL FARRAR. GINA; Troy, Al. FAULK, CATHY; Highland Home. AL FAULK. LOIS; Glenwood. Al. FA1 l.KNKR. 1 ' AM. Evergreen, AL FAUST, JAMES; McKenzie, AL FENN. DEBORAH; Brundidge. AL FLEMING. ALLEN; Jackson. AL FLOWERS, ALLOTS; Brundidge, Al. FLOWERS. FAVK; Dothan. AL FLOWERS, KELLY; Foley. AL FLOWERS. MELANIE; Trov. AI. FLOWERS. PATRICIA; Banks, AI. FLYNT, PAT; Niceville, FL FOLSOM, MICHELLE; Ocala, FL FONDREN, PAUL; Hartford, AL FOSS. KARLA; Dothan. AL FOUNTAIN. AUBREY; Crestview, FL FRADY. TROY; Uniontown, AL FREDERICK. WILLIAM; Mobile, AL FREEMAN, DEREK; Troy, AL FRITH. NANCY; St. Cloud, FL FRY, GREG; Winter Springs, FL GABLE, FRANCES; Leeds. AL CACHE, JACKIE; Cantonment, FL GALLOWAY, MARK; Brundidge, AL GALLUCCI, SALLY; Vero Beach, FL GAMACHE, MIKE; Altamonte Springs, FL GARLAND. BRYAN; Troy, AL GARLAND, JULIE; Albany, GA GARRETT, BRUCE; Talladega, AL GASS, TRACY; Rome, GA GAVRAS. JIMMIE; Andalusia, AL GAUSPOHL. PAUL; Gulf Shores, AL GEARHART, SUSAN; Troy, AL CELL, LARRY; Medford, NJ GIBBS, CHARLOTTA; Headland, AL GIBSON, DAVID: Ft. Walton Bch., FL GIBSON, KEN; Ariton, AL GIBSON, PAM; Mobile, AL GIDDENS. JEFF; Greenville, AL GILBERT, MICHAEL; Cuthbert, GA GILBERT. MICHELLE; Troy, AL GILBERT. SCOTT; Cocoa Bch., FL GILCHRIST, MARGARET; Opp, AL GILLIARD, MICHAEL; Jacksonville, FL GILLILAND, KIM; Billingsley, AL GILMORE, THOMAS; Forkland, AL GIRDNER, AARON; Troy, AL GIVANS, SANDRA; Montgomery, AL GLASCO, JANICE; Montgomery, AL GLASS, STELLA; Calera, AL GLENN, WILLIAM; Enterprise, AL GODWIN, DARLENE; Columbus, GA GOOCH, KENDALL; Florence, AL GOODMAN, BUDDY; Sloeomb, AL GOLDEN, LARRY; Eufaula, AL GORDON, FREDDIE; Atlanta, GA GORMAN, DAVID; Troy, AL GOSS, BRYANT; Marietta, GA GRAY, HENRY; Gainsville, FL GRAY, LESIA; Louisville, AL GRAYSON, NERISSA; Glenwood, AL GREEN, APRIL; Perote, AL GREEN, BRENDA; Louisville, AL Freshmen 140 People Ml GRKKN i AKI I l GREEN DAN lr . l GRKr N IRIS B mi tifhaiB Al GRKKN RAYMON GREGORY ' HRIS1 M- M bill Al GRH K ROBER1 lr ■• Al (.KIH-1N MAKKI ' i . M GRKKN IV , Al. . I ' I ■ I ! | GRISWI " |, DA M. (.1 ||. I OT.DAVU M (.1 I.I.KN SANDI i.l MKK -I Hl. DotlHP Al i,nin ROBER1 lampa PL HI Dl 1 . I l Hi DSON STAN ' Hi GHE I l ' ■ IN. M Al HI Ml ' HKK ' i I. ARK ' . Opalika, Al. Hi l DEBBIE Zephyrhilki PL Hi M SHELLY; Point, irar Al Hi I -K loi.b Brand n H HODGES MP HAEL; M try. M HODGES 1 ' in I.l I- Quii cy. PI HOPFMANN HKi K ' . Gain H HOGI K HARRIET1 IV ■• Al. HOHLBA1 GH n LEE IV . Al HOLDER, IKNN . HOLLAND, Bim HrundidK Al. HOLLINGSWORTH LEE hufaula. Al. HOOINS, PBLBI IA Mr.. Al DIXIE; Ir.A l HOI. I. In ELIZABETH; I nion Sprinfi M HOLLY, KIM. ( . dsadr. Al. HOLMES, am. IK. Union Spriap, Al. HOI I DAWN lr . Al. HOOPER, HKI K. Hanrlay, PA HOOTEN, RKKNDA. Gradj M HOPKINS, Hi SSBLL Nortbpon IL HORN. EDWARD; Valdai . GA HORSTEAD, I KD. Klba. Al. HORST, BRIAN Mob HOWARD. PEGGY; Union Spra HOWARD. TKKRI. Jackaonviua, PI HOWELL, (HI CK Poaaan B nd. Al. HOWELL, MARY IO. lichen. Al. HOGHEB, JOAN; DoiiKla illf. GA HYATT. TIM. YiitiHjtfnnii. PL HAODBN, KASEY; Cocoa Bch . PL HAGGERTY, 1.1NDA. H..uli..n. MN HAHN. l.ORl. Clear»at«r. PI HALE, MARY. ( " ant«.nmfnt. Kl HALE, VERONICA; Panaacok. PL HALL, AMY. Union Bprinan, M HALL, PBGC! Gt rfJMM, Al HALL, REX; Brantlay, IL HALL, WAJ I LaPini U HAMBY, MM Evergreen, Al. HAMRICK, BECKY; Brundidge Al HAND IAIM1K C.ardrndal. HANSON BUCK; Bntarpriai HARBISON. Rl SSEI 1 ( ramhill Al H.ARDKN CI AVION. Brunduu HARDY. MELVEN Gordo 1 HAKCROM- SHANNON Klba Al. HARPER, DAWN Panaacola, PI HARI ' KR ANTHONY Cuaaata.Al H.ARRKI.l. ROBERT; Rainbon City, Al HARRINGTON BK M IVoj Al H UUUS CRAWFORD; Air ■ HARRIS. PORTIA Cohnmbui People HI HARRIS. RICHARD; Prattville, AL HARRISON. MARI; Port St Joe, FL HART. MARY; Daleville. AL HARTSELLE, PAT; Rockledge, FL HARTSFIELI). ROBERT; TallahaM.-. PL HATFIKLD. MARK; Banks, AL HATTEN. ROMAINK; Tuskegee, AL HAWS PATSY; Troy, AL HAYES, SUSAN; Dothan, AL HAYNES. JAMES; Niceville. FL HAYNES, MICHAEL; Milledgeville, GA HAYWOOD. JIMMY: Birmingham. AL HEADERLIN. LORRI; St. Cloud, FL HEARD. ALICE; Camp Hill. AL HEATH. PATTIE; Winter Haven, FL H EATON, NATALIE; Richmond, VA HEISLER, CHARLEEN; Laurel Hill, FL HEISLER, LAURA; Longwood, FL HELMS, JUDY; Brundidge, AL HELMS, VIRGINIA; Trov, AL HENDERSON, JENNIFER; Greenville, AL HENDRIX, TRIP; Evergreen. AL HENLEY, KEITH; Troy, AL HENRY, JUAN; Wiesbaden, Germany HENTON, ANTHONY; Bessemer, AL HERBERT, HUGH; Altamont Spr., FL HEROLD, WILLY; Columbus, GA HICKS, CARLUS; Ft. Ord, CA HICKS, JAMES; Americus, GA HICKS, LISA; Tuskegee, AL HICKS, PAM; Evergreen, AL HICKS, WILLIAM; Troy, AL HIRTLE, DEBORAH; Clanton, AL INABINET, ROB; Vestavia Hills, AL INGRAM, GRADY; Union Spr., AL INGRAM, GREG; Abbeville, AL INGRAM, STEVE; Brent, AL IRIZARRY, MELANIE; Daleville, AL IRVIN, MIKE; Dothan, AL IVEY, KIMBERLY; Troy, AL JACKSON, AL; Troy, AL JACKSON, HORACE; Enterprise, AL JACKSON, SHARON; Troy, AL JACKSON, TODD; Montgomery, AL JACKSON, WILLIE; Selma, AL JAMAL, ASIF; Pakistan JEFFCOAT, JENNIFER; Troy, AL JEFFCOAT, RICHARD; Troy, AL JERNIGAN, RICHARD; Mobile, AL JINRIGHT, NATALIE; Troy, AL JOHNS, CHIQUITA; Enterprise, AL JOHNS, TERRI; Red Level, AL JOHNSON, DARRELL; Montgomery, AL JOHNSON, DAVID; Glenwood, AL JOHNSON, DAVID; Lockhart, AL JOHNSON, DAVID: Ozark, AL JOHNSON, GWENDOLYN; Shalimar, FL JOHNSON, HENRY; St. Petersburg, FL JOHNSON, RICHARD; Auburn, AL JOHNSON, SANDRA; Montgomery, AL JOHNSON, STACY; Madison, GA JOHNSTON, DONNA; Ariton, AL JOHNSTON, JENNIFER; Brundidge, AL JOHNSTON, LYN; Opp, AL JOHNSTON, Monty; Brundidge, AL JOHNSTON, RANDOLPH; Brundidge, AL JONES, ALISA; Montgomery, AL JONES, ANNETTE; Panama City, FL JONES, CAROLYN; Troy, AL JONES, JEFF; Tallassee, AL Freshmen 142 People I | sl I • n KS. RITA. H M JORDAN M I i JORDAN BKVI JORDAN I M ' .l h . M JOYNRH I ' . U.K. I .• KAIddl IAMI s Ukr I ' .rk H KM KFROATH Id ' K i KAY. VIVIKNNI H Kill II KENNf I H KELLAM ' ••..;•■ KKI I I- ' , .l KNDA I- ■ M. K I- I I • KELLER I Kid l. KKI. 1. 1 M MELISSA M.rmmicK.r KELLY, Id SSEU I? KENDR1I K I ' M I i ticUea KENNEDY, KAREN I KENNEDY KEVIN PL KENTON SANDRA I " Wkhi I KK-. BYRON; i oatilla H KIMBRO l • l KIMMINS n Mill lr... M KIM l ' i V tNESS AL KIN(. GINGER K.--.nm,r. H KIN(, JAMES lr . l KIM, JEFFREY Loukvilk M KIM. II I U KIH HENS PONYA l- . l KLETI Kl- CHUCK;! ».■.»•■ II KOERNER, I AM- I M KOLLER ' RAIG M. ,-- ., Living in the Real World Craig Roller now calls home Kwajalin Marshall Is- lands which are located in the South Pacific about 2,500 miles south of Hawaii. His out of state fees are incredibly about the same as those of a Floridian. Craig was born in Port St. Joe, Fl., but because his fa- ther is a Computer Engineer the family has moved around quite often. They have trav- eled from Massachusettes to New Hampshire, Minnesota. Alabama and California. In 197;? Craig and his family moved to the Marshall Is- lands and remained until 1977 when his parents thought they should return to the " real world. " They went from Florida to Georgia where they remained until 1980. Then the Hollers were ready to return to the Is lands. With all the layovers it takes approximately 24 hours to flv the S.000 miles from Kwayalin to Alabama. Craig does not get to go home very often, but one good thing is that for each child in hi- la ther ' s household still attend ing school, one free trip home is given per year by his com pain. On the Marshall Islands there are no particular styles, it is a beach atmosphere. There are no colleges on the island itself; the nearest one is in Hawaii. There are practi cally no personally owned automobiles, the major tram portation method is by bicy- cles. Craig came to Troy be there are relatives close by and because many friends from Kwayalin go to school in Alabama. : - j . M. KNOTTS. DONNA; Trov. AL LAND. JON; Calhoun. GA LANK, STEVE; Montgomery, AL I.ANKV. LISA. Trov. AL LAROCHK. SVI.V1K, Pompano Bch., FL LATHAM, DON, Millbrook, AL LAVOY, SANDRA; Birmingham. AL LAW, JEFF; Trov, AL LAWLESS, RICHARD; Brooksvffle, FL LAXSON, VIC; Houston. TX LEE, PHILLIP; Vestavia Hill, AL IKK. SHARON; Ooshen, AL I.KONARD, MICHAEL; Eutaw, AL LESLIE, ERICH; Woodbridge. VA LEWIS, TAMMY; Mobile, AL LIPSCOMB, LISA; Foley, AL LINCOLN, ZACK; Bradenton. FL LITTLE, JEANETTE; West Palm Bch., FL LITTLE, JEFF; Chelsea, AL LITTLE, LISA; Forest Home, AL LOAR. JUDITH: Winter Haven, FL LOCKE, MADOLYN; Tuskegee, AL LOCKLIN, DINAH; Opelika, AL LONG, DAWN; Trov, AL LONG, KARI; Avon Park, FL LOTT, CAROLYN; Bessemer, AL LOWERY, DONALD; Jacksonville, FL LOWERY, LESTER; Troy, AL LOVING, BRADLEY; Troy, AL LUCAS, DEBRA; Ariton, AL LUNSFORD, STANLEY; Troy, AL LYSON, CYNTHIA; Logansport, IN LYONS, VICITIAS; Forsyth, GA LYNN, SUSAN; Tyrone, GA MCBRYDE, CECIL; Troy, AL MCBRYDE, JIMMY; Troy, AL MCCARTHY, RICHARD; Brundidge, AL MCCARTIN, PAT; Cape Coral, FL MCCATHERN, AUDY; Dothan, AL MCCLAIN, BEVERLY; Ramer, AL MCCLAMMA, DEBRA; Smeads, FL MCCLELLAN, JEFFREY: Montgomery, AL MCCLELLAND, JIM; Troy, AL MCCLELLAND, RICK; Troy, AL MCCLOY, RANDY; Memphis, TN MCCLURE, KAREN; Wilsonville, AL MCCORMICK, AVERY; Brewton, AL MCCORMICK, JIM; Goshen, AL MCCULLOUGH, CYNTHIA: Troy, AL MCCURLEY, MARK; Dothan, AL MCGEE, NEAL; Selma, AL MCGOVERN, CATHY; Burke, VA MCGOWAN, KEITH; Enterprise, AL MCGRIFF, DOUG; Iron City, AL MCHOLLAND, SCOTT; Savannah, GA MCINTYRE, FELECIA; Eglin AFB, FL MCKENNEY, HUGH; Marietta, GA MCKENNEY, WALLY; Marietta, GA MCLAIN, KEITH; Ocala, FL MCLAIN, PAUL; Birmingham, AL MCLAUGHLIN, MARY; Pensacola, FL MCLENDON, MELISSA; Troy, AL MCNAB, WILLIAM; Pinckard, AL MCNAIR, LEIGH; Troy, AL MCPHERSON, SCOTT; Lowndesboro, AL MCVAY, BILLY; Thomasville, AL MABRAY, PAM; Troy, AL MADDALONI, CHRIS; Eclectic, AL MADDOX, AUNDREA; Tuscaloosa, AL MADDOX, LARILEE; Eclectic, AL 144 People !Pnpn|h.H MAI MXHXI-x ' . RK • MAINE IOHN • M MAN A I h M XI MAI MARJ (■ ITI MARGARt MARSHAI I Ml( HXM MARTIN l MAR I IN ' •• rfiana XI MAR l IN MM M -i IN. I.I XI. MASON SHIF M MAXWELI SI Pari M M.Vi GINA ! ' .•• • 1Vi lEFFRE I •i..!,!. H MAN l|i MM- 1 Grad) l M Vi MM 1 1 GERALD MAYO IEPF Gad lei M MAYS KH IIMUi M l MM IX)N. TOM M MBNI N ' HRISTOPHER Mr u | •... MERI ER LIZA Bra .-■.... H MEREDITH PAMEI • MERRI I I i Mh Defunial H MERR1 II MN Dal m ■• ; I Mh»l( K KMtl-N Pole) I MESSICK LISA IV . l MIHOVILK H, KM HARD St Uaj .-■ MILLER JANE1 h , ,- • . i MILLER ttll.l l M lr ■■. l MILUCAN MM Pairburn -x MILLS, LYNN Elba l MILNE, rODD; BerkeJe) Heigh) N Ml rCHELL PREDDIE X:....-- MITCHELL JACKIE Opalika XI MIH HELL Ml. I. IK i layl MIH MM L.LISA 1- .-. | MITCHELL MIKK ftoj 1 MIXON. MIKI- l MOBLEY, KAREN 1 uverw xi MCM K G UH I ••■• Springi l MOI. DEBRA; Cohunb u. GA MONEY, BOBBY; IVoj I MONEY, JACOB ftoj I MOORE XM.M Uurel Hill. PI Mot iKF ISSA( Den MOORE IAMBS D inedin, H MOORE JOHN ftoj M MOORE Mix I ' liei XI MOORE, X ICTOH Wia nvilV 1 MOREHOI SE l ' i • GA MORENO, BEVERJ Y; 1 H MORGAN CHRISTOPHEl MORRE1 I SHARON; GreeoviOi xi MOSES G xkv Bntarpc m XI MOSELEY. LOI WM MonroeviDt MOI ES M- x rroj xi Ml El I ER Mil I Dr» Inirt H Ml 1 i xin MIKK V MULDOON, CECILIA H Ml I 1 FN M GENE I- . XI Ml I I IN- XI I X-m Zephyr! MURPHY KIM Pirn Ml RRAS XMHi ' NX Newnai Ml MHW ix k: People 145 NALL. WALTER; Tuskegee. AL NELSON. WALTER; Mobile, AL NEWTON. JEFF; Pace. PL NEWTON. PAT. Slocomb, AL NICHOLS. CAROLE; Union Springs, AL NICHOLSON, DONNA; Banks. AL NICOLUCCI, DEBBIE; Camden, AL NOFFSINGER. HAVE; (lull Shores. AL NOLIN. JULIE; Montgomery. AL NORRIS. KATHRYN; Lakeland, FL NULL. ANTHONY; Walnut, MS NUNNALLY. SCOTT; Richmond, VA ODOWD. JAMES; Clearwater, FL OLANREWAJU. KOLA; Nigeria OLIVER, TIM; Troy, AL ONEAL, CINDY; Pike Rd.. AL OUTLAW, BELLIA; Troy, AL OUTLAW. JIM; Brundidge, AL OYERSTREET, DONNA; Savannah, GA OWENS. ANTHONY; Atlas, OK OWENS, GREGG; Troy, AL OWEN. MARK; Jacksonville. FL OWENS, MICHAEL; Greensboro, AL PAGE, JOHNNY; Ft. Walton Bch., FL PAIT. TINA; Eustis, FL PALMER, FELICIA; Clayton, AL PALOMARIA, SAM; Montgomery, AL PANTON, CATHY; W. Palm Bch., FL PARHAM, MIKE; Jackson, AL PARKER, KEVIN; Wedowee, AL PARKER, SHELIA; Phenix City, AL PARKMAN DANA; Opelika, AL PARKS, ANTHONY; Montgomery, AL PARRISH, KIMALA; Elba, AL PARSONS. RICHARD; Troy, AL PARSONS, ROBERT; Troy, AL PARTRIDGE, KEVIN; Pensacola, FL PEAY, GRACE; Chamblee, GA PEDERSON, TANYA; Altoona, FL PEEL, JEFF; Melvern, AL PENN, JANET; Montgomery, AL PENNINGTON, BEN; Umatilla, FL PEOPLES, CAROL; Troy, AL PERKINS, SUSAN; Dothan, AL PERRY, CATHY; Opelika, AL PERRY, DAVID; Eufaula, AL PERRYMAN, ENGRID; Montgomery, AL PERSON, PENNY; Clayton, AL PETERMAN, JANE; Abbeville, AL PETERSON, ROBERT; Eufaula, AL PETTY, KAY; Dothan, AL PETTY, SANDRA; Highland Home, AL PICKETT, LEE; Daphne, AL PIERCE, CRYSTAL; Millbrook, AL PIERSON, STEVE; Prattville, AL PINCKARD, RON; Prattville, AL PITTMAN, ANGELA; Brantley, AL PITTMAN, LEE; Troy, AL PITTS, DEREK; Eufaula, AL PITTS, JAMES; Adel, GA PLAYER, DARRYL; Tuskegee, AL PLEAS, CLINT; Tallahassee, FL POFF, DEBBIE; Luverne, AL POGUE, RODERICK; Camphill, AL POLLARD, ANDRE; Montgomery, AL POPE, CHRYS; Burke, VA PORTWOOD, DEBBIE; Arriton, AL POSTON, ROBERT; Enterprise, AL POTTINGER, SUSAN; Altamonte Springs, FL POTTS, RUBY; Troy, AL Freshmen 146 People Mi £. ' ft tlfcft J£ N ROGERS, CHARLOTTE Andalusia, M ROGERS, EDWIN; Greanville, Al. ROGERS, KKWKIK Auburn, Al. ROGERS, JEFF: Greenville, M Being a Freshman is Cool Charli e Dorr, a freshman from Winter Haven discov- ered when he arrived at Troy State University that there were lots of students here from his hometown, none of which he knew. Charlie says there is no dif- ference in being a freshman. He says it doesn ' t hot her him BJ long as people don ' t know. According to Dorr, in high school freshmen get hassled POWKI I : POWRI I I Mi M POWKI I Rl( HARD I POWKI I STKVI h PRATER VI. PRAT! MAR U PKKONO 1 • ION .J , I , .,•... ■ PRIDGKN LISA;M l PROPS! IEFI PI RYEAI h gi Ki i i Ql BE N Rli y I ' l ISH KIM RA1NER SANDH RAINES TODD RAMSEY CALVIN M RAt KhAIN Opalika M RA1 M H ' . M H RAYFIELD KBB y ■• REDDCM H STEPHANIE H pi n REED idMN r. ...... ■ . H REESE, MKi IV Birmingham. Al. REESE H MA Pbei REEVES JOB; Ada! . REID, OK lr . M REID RII H M Pin n M RENFROE H K.ifauU. Al. REVELLS, KoHKKI Blaki REYNOLDS, KIV RIALS SI On Grad) M KlliDl K KH HARD; GreenrOW, Al. RIGGS, SI EVE l • wviOa PL RIPLEY, GAIL; Zephyrhilli PL RIZZO, MIKE I ' anama Cit) PL RHOADES 11 l Sebrini PL ROBBINS CARME1 M hi i) Al. ROBBINS, JANE1 I.— ... M ROBBRSON, WILLIAM; K..rkland. AL ROBERTS PRANK; Pi La ROBERTS I ' AIKK K. Indialantu PL ROBERTS Wl Klr M. bile. Al. ROBERTSON l 0R1 Gadadaa M ROBINSON BSTEL1 M Dt| ROBINSON KATHLEEN San • ROBINSON loMMIK Pbenii Citj M ROBINSON ZELLA Mi bill M KODKlgt BZ, PATTY; Si I 1 1 H HOK SCO 11 o l hut it ' s no big deal at college. Being the all American type, he wrestled his senior year in high school and he worked this past summer in Wyoming at a dude ranch. Among his duties were the tasks of saddling horses for guests, feeding the h ■■ and just being the all around head gopher. Charlie is undecided about hi- major but is leaning to- ward business, and would possibly like to go int tate. -i c v. • 14 ' ROGERS, I ' AM; Ozark. Al. KOSENDF. GWS N; Hum., Vista, GA ROTTON. ALNA; Union Springs. Al. ROTTON. SCOTTIE; Union Springs, Al. ROUNTREE, JESSE; Troy, Al. RUFFIN, JERRY; Butler, Al. RUMPH, JOSEPHINE; Clayton, AL Hi SSELL, ROBVN. Aahford, AL RUTLAND. TERESA; Eufaula, AL RYAN. DERECK; Marion, AL RYAN. KIM; Orange Bch.. AL RYAN. TED; Atlanta. GA SADLER, BRYANT; Montgomery, AL SAHINER. CELALETT1N; Istunbul, Turkey SANDERS, DANIEL; Jack. AL SANDERS, DAVID; .lack, AL SANDERS, GEORGE; Aurora, CO SANDERS. GINGER; Birmingham, AL SANDERS. JAMES; Springville, AL SANDERS. MARK; Brundidge. AL SANDERSON, RICHARD; Selma. AL SANKS, GAIL; Phenix Citv. AL SAOUR, PAUL; .Jacksonyille, FL SAULS, DREW; Callahan. FL SAUNDERS, NANCY; Troy, AL SAVAGE. GINA; Phenix City, AL SCALES. CALLEEN, Selma, AL SCANN. PETER; Montgomery, AL SCARBOROUGH, BRET; Elba, AL SCHIPMAN, STEVE; Pensacola, FL SCHMELZER. TIM; Saginaw, MI SCHMIDT, JULIE KAY; Miami, FL SCHMIDTZ, DANIEL; Zephrvrhills. FL SCHRAEDER, SUSAN; Slocomb, AL SCHWERER. VINCE; Ft. Pierce, FL SCOTT, BRENT; Chipley, FL SCOTT, EDDIE; Boligee, AL SCOTT, SANDRA; Panama City, FL SCOTT, TAMMIE; Eufaula. AL SCOTT, TOMMIE; Troy, AL SCOTT, WILLIE; Troy, AL SCROGGINS. NANCY; Opelika, AL SC RUGGS, JOANN; Winter Haven, FL SCRUSHY, SHELIA; Grady, AL SEALS, JENNIFER; Temple Terrac, FL SEARCY, KENNY; Troy, AL SENN, ANITA; Brundidge, AL SENN, PAT; Brundidge, AL SENN, RENEE; Brundidge, AL SERDYNSKI. KELLY; Avon Park, FL SEYMOUR, SANDRA; Phenix, City, AL SHAW, DEAN; Wetumpka, AL SHEPHERD, RICKY; Troy, AL SHERMAN, DARLENE; Troy, AL SHRIVER, LISA; Grand Bay, AL SIMMONS, CARLA; Ft. Deposit, AL SIMMONS, SHELIA; Vernon, FL SIMS, DEIDRA; Troy, AL SINGLETON, PAM; Dothan, AL SIRMON, BRENDA; Daphne, AL SIRMON, LAURA; Dotham, AL SKINNER, VERLINDA; Elba, AL SLACK, MELISSA; Cape Coral, FL SMALL, RONNIE; Georgianna, AL SMART, REBECCA; Elba, AL SMELTZER, KURT; Middleburg, FL SMITH, AMY; Sebring, FL SMITH, CALVIN; Enterprise, AL SMITH, CLAY; Chattanooga, TN SMITH, DAVID; Ozark, AL Mwm Freshmen 148 People -Ml IH EVAN M -MIDI ' .. M. SMITH lAMKSi M SMI I II MM- Al SMITH IOH SMITH SMI I H HI IK v t ... . . MII H -MI 111 KM sMIl H 1 SMITH MARK I- ifa iU Al. SMITH Mil HAH ttlanu SMITH •■ M SMITH SHANNON TilUhw • MI I H - M. SMH H I VMM , . H SMITH II M. SMITH rERKSA I XI -MIIH WALTI SMOI ENSKI I RAIC ■ i ■ •- ■ 1 IIM Baj .■ Al. SMIDER I ' .l-ll l " ' . I- . Al ■ SOI [ " HARD RII HARD I tmtvwa H SPADER KATHER1NI SPANN JANA1 HAN I- . Al. SPARKS ANDREW Rufaula. Al. SPE MRS PIROZA 0| . SPEAR kh Piedmont, Al. SPEIR, DEBORAH ■ and SPINO -i l- l •• OH SPIVEX. i.l ENDA Bi ididfi M ' I M REGGIl spori scon ai. SPORT, IdM Luvarw vi SQ1 KK. BRENDA lacki nvilk H SQ1 IRES I S I Hi V Kamiah. Idaho STALLINGS K 1 1- Cocoa Bd) H SI v K KI HI. am Hh tbbaville, AI. M IvNFORD, KKVIS NapaM H SI UUJNG, CINTN Abbevilki Al. I vRJ ING Ni VI.. DoUmu STEELE -mi|| lacki I vitit PL STEPHENS BREN I»wi. STEPHENS I RQ U Baj M ■.■■■ STEPHENS KEITH; Andalusia. Al STEPHENS MARK I- ■ l STEVENS CHRIS KriUm vi STEW VKI KERRJ l- . 1 STEWAR1 IKKKI IVo) l STILL, DORIS Run r vi SI INSON BARBARA I- . M SI INSON MEUSA Jack vl SI INSON SHARON Pi I STOKES DAVID Pi I STOKES RAYMOND; Chancri: i SldNK RON Nicovilk H STOVER DAVI I mknd, OH STRN Kl v l BRl i K Rama I STRICKI v I MAI l- ifaula, Al STOI HER NANCT i- . Al STROTHER MARIA Bi • lid| STOMP MIKI- Sabring: H SULLIN V MI 1 1AM Hi ;- H SI FTIN ITUSH ZaphvrhilU PI SYKES rERESA Mathcra SW W MH ISSAH; Ukcland. H u nhn Kl 1 H Phanii I it) Al SWINDAI I STEVI 1 i.i. H 1 M KK Umpa H People 149 I HJIAN. ROXANNE; Weston. MA TATIS. CECILIA. Columbia. SA TAYLOR. CYNTHIA; Brundidge. AL TAYLOR. KRISTIN; Gainesville. FL TAYLOR, RUSSELL; Luverne. AL TAYLOR. JAY; Marietta. GA TAYLOR. LISA; Laurel Hill. FL TAYLOR. LISA; New Hope. AL TEAL. GLENN; Brundidge, AL TEASE. CHRISTIAN; Florence. AL TELLIS. IRENE; Trov. AL TERRY. ERNIE; Daleville. AL THOMAS. SUSAN; Tallahassee, FL THOMPSON. ANGELO; Bessemer. AL THOMPSON, DONNELLE; Piedmont, AL THOMSPON, THOMAS; Camden, AL THORINGTON, ROBERT; Montgomery. AL THORNAL. WES; Warner Robbins, GA THORNE. TAMMY; Slocomb, AL THORNE, TIM; Dothan, AL THORNTON, PHILLIP; Columbus, GA THRASHER, NANCY; Luverne. AL THREATT. TOMMY; Greenville, SC THORWER, WENDA; Samson, AL THURMON, SUZIE; Tampa, FL TODD. ERICK; Montgomery, AL TODD, KENNETH; Birmingham, AL TOLBERT, CHARLOTTE, Springville, AL TOMBERLIN, DEBRA; Luverne, AL TRIMBLE, ANN; Fairhope, AL TRUSSELL, RANDY; Union Springs, AL TUCKER, LUANNE; Troy, AL TURNER, CHRIS; Skipperville, AL TURNER, FRANCIS; Pittsview, AL TURNER, VIVIAN; Troy, AL TURPIN, NETTIE; Phenix City, AL TUTCHTONE, DEBRA; Greenville. AL TWYFORD, EDDY; Winter Haven, FL TYREE, LINDA; Andalusia, AL TYUS, RONALD; Marbury, AL UKULU. AUGUSTINE; Oxoro, Nigeria ULLBERG. HENRIK; Stockholm, Sweden UNDERWOOD, TUDY; Foley, AL VAIL, KATY; Gracvieli, FL VANDRBERRY, DEAN; Elmore, AL VARNUM, STEVE; Dothan, AL VAUGHN, SUSAN; Montgomery, AL VAUGHT, TIM; Troy, AL WADOWICK, MARY; Troy, AL WAIDLER, KURT; Atlanta, GA WALKER, CHRISITI; Headland, AL WALKER, KATINKA; Lakeland, FL WALKER, KELLY; Lakeland, FL WALKER, MICHELLE; Prattville, AL WALKER, ORLANDO; Birmingham, AL WALLACE, BRYAN; Atlanta, GA WALTERS, JULIUS; Troy, AL WAMI, CHINDAH; Nigeria WARLICK, AMIE; Tampa, FL WASHINGTON, RONALD; Houma, LA WATKINS, JAMIE; Birmingham, AL WATKINS, RANDY; Rome, GA WATSON, ANGELA; Phenix City, AL WATSON, DAVID; Greenville, AL WATSON, LORA; Greenville, AL WATSON, MELAINE; McKenizie, AL WATSON, SCOTT; Palm Bch., FL WEBB, NORMAN; Atlanta, GA WEBER, KARL; Longview, WA WEEKLEY, BRIAN; Laurel Hill, FL Freshmen 150 People WELLMAN U ■ OH I ' HVI I I M WH II WHITE. CU win 1 Will I I- IOHN " WHITE NATH wunt- i Will I K ROSEM Will I I- l l Will II EN K rOR B rni nghi Win " l I I r. WILKINS GREG wil KINSON PAM •.••.. i S 1 1 I IAMS l WILLIAMS VNNII - i i M WILLIAMS BAH I Birmingham, AL WILLIAMS, DARRYI M WILLIAMS DEBRA I • . l WILLIAMS I ESI ll- WILLIAMS, L0R1 iS will iwix l Hi r» ■ KL WII.I.IWlN | ' | |si II I i, WILLIAMS ROGER M WILLI VMS I HOR Omri l WILLIAMS I IM Ohu H Will I tMSON KIM H I r, -..!,. l WILLIS I HRIS - l WILLISON, NUN HunUviUe. AL i.llin DONN tritoa l WILSON I K ' i !•■ -..■■■!.. H w [LSON, GARY; dunning, G WILSON M l IE M « iffi •• .- WILSON I IMoim Zephyrfailk H WILSON WENDY; Brundidg M Wi Hi K K I RA( N R r»Tt»d«l . AL WISE Kl l l WISENER DONNA I- . M WISENER (. l ■ H WOELFEL, JOHN fto} I WOM K CIND I ir cr» l WOMBLE, I ' M Wighmm GA WOOD, HOWARD H WOOD, KKI 1.1 M.rminuhw: WOOD PHE1 1 lr ) i WOODARD, WANDA lr . l WOOD I ' KWi SpringviUn, AL WORSHAM CIND1 hwwi WRIGH1 ANDREA Omrl U WHICH I OKWi Uhl • WHICH I VONE1 Ell Grady. M Ml MM. VphsrMU PI w DAI B Onrl M YAN( V MHo I. . l YATES HOPE; I nkx - YATES 1 IM ' V Brantley, M YOS1 KKHWIN v Vol NG, DEREK M.ll«l«rvill, YOl c im h- r .-.. h vol NG, RODERK K YOl NGBOOD KKI I B o NGBI ooo IKHin Bnkm H M 1 NGBI OOD WYAT1 I- - I ZORN -i NM l People l.M AKIV- USA ALLEN, SARA ALLEN, SUSAN ALLEN, WANDA ANSLEY. JILL AUGHTMAN, KAYE BAILEY. CYNTHIA BAKER. NANCY BARKLEY, TOMMIE BARLOW. MINNIE BAUGH. JANE B HAS LEY. BRENDA BELL. VANESSA BITZER. SUE BLOUNT. CHARLOTTE BOATRIGHT, ANGELA BODIFORD, SANDRA BOGART, MARIA BOGGS, TERRI BOWEN. LINDA BOYD. MARY BRADFORD. INEZ BRADLEY. SANDRA BRENNAN, DIANE BREWTON, BRENDA BROOKE, GLORIA BROWN, JAYNE BULLARD. PATRICIA BUNCH, JOANNE BURNS, DARLENE BURTON, AMY BUSH, MICHELLE CALHOUN, JACQUELINE CALLOWAY, PATRICIA CAMPBELL, WANDA CANTRELL, LOIS CARMACK, REBECCA CARNLEY, CHERYL CARTER, MARGRET CAUSEY, FAYE CHAMBERLAND, G. CHADPELL, BILL CHERRY, GEORGIA CLARK, DENISE CLARK, MARY CLARK, NELLDA CLAY, LINDA CLAYTON, ANGELIA COBURN, MARY COKER, GAYLE COLLINS, TIMOTHY COLQUITT, DEBRA CONNELL, ANGIE COOK, JUNE COOLEY, ADRIENNE COOPER, JUDITH CORBIN, SANDRA COUSINS, SANDRA CRENSHAW, ANGELA CRESWELL, FARRIS CRISSINGER, ELLA CROMPTON, LINDA CROSS, DIANE CROWDER, SANDY DARUS, PAM DANIEL, NORMA DAVIS, FRANCES DAVIS, JAMIE DAVIS, JEAN DAVIS, PAM ASN 152 People HI I Hlh I. i l MMI I iV M ICi I l-h l »• DKBARDKI hh ' . Dl 1.1 l- . t- • I ' . • . I- DIGMI DISHKNNt III DOBBS Mil I II- DOBB.S I I ■••••.! DOBI DO RSI DOWDKI l DOWNS Tin I LIS |)K I GHON I ARRY DUCK I ' i hi Nl H DOROTHY hi -.i r N ••■ ' ' . hi i HAR1 OTTE Dl PREE, V Dl TTON hi I EN EAGERTON %n BASTERLING I HARJ OTTi I- STERLING SHEILA EDWARDS VENI - ELLISON SHARON ENSLE I HERI Kl HER I- I I«M EVANS, SOPHIA PARRAR I ' 1 PIELDER JAN FIELDS, I l l FLEMING, LINDA PLINT JOY B POSTER I ' M KM l PRAHRY, I RSI LA RAND PRANl ISCO I M- FRANKLIN PATRII IA PRA1 NFELDER JAMES FREEMAN I IM FRESH, JANIE FRYAR, Ylt Kl PULLER ELIZABETH GAMBLE, MARION GARDNER ESSIE GARDNER MILDRED GARRETI Kll t. kSTON KMin GATES SI SAN GILBER1 YVETTE (HI. I. IS BRENDA GILUS, IANA GIRDNER MAR wn GOODMAN I ' Mlllll ' GOWAN MAR JO t;t) i idWNi- t.KVi DONNA GREEN « ONNB GREEN I I i GREEN, I ' M KK l GRIGGS UI 1 IE MM- t ' ,1 NN I )!• UK c,i n n HAJ 1 DIANE HAJ 1 I ' Kt.t. ' i HARMON NYMPHA HARRIS I K " l s HARRIS M I ' HH HARRIS, MARILYNNE HARRIS, MARY HATCH, .IAN HAYDEN. COLLEEN HAYES. BEVERLY HAYES, MELISSA HENDERSON, IVONNE HENKEL. BARBRA HESTER, LENA HILLS, BILLIE HILL. MARY HILYER, SUE HINDS, MARY HOLLAND. DONNA HOLLOWAY, JEANNETTE HOMAN, DEBRA HOLMAN, SHEILA HOLMES, ELEANOR HONAKER, CAROL HOPFER, SHANNON HOWARD, CRYSTEAN HUEY, SUSIE HUGHES, CHARLES HUGHES, KARREN IRISH, TERRI JACKSON, KAREN JAMES, JACQUELINE JARRETT. CHRISTINE JEFFERS, MAXINE JENNINGS, ROBIN JESSE, ROBERT JETT, SHERR JOHNSON, BILL JOHNSON, JANE JONES, DAN JONES, GAIL JONES, GORDON JONES, MARY FRANCES KILPATRICK, DEBBIE KIMBROUGH, CYNTHIA KING, RUTH KINMAN, DEBRA KIRKLAND, KATHY KISSANE, JANE KRACK, AUDREY KRATZER, LISA LAND, ANN LANIER, LINDA LAUBACH, VICKIE LAYFIELD, MARJORIE LEE, DALE LEE, LUCRETIA LEWIS, KIM LI, SUSAN LOCKHART, MARSMA LOVE, ANNITTA LOVE, DIANNE LOVVORN, DIANNE LUMPKIN, DOROTHY MCBEE, LINDA MCBRIDE, DOROTHA MCCALL, ANNIE MCCARDEL, BENITA MCCARLEY, DIANN MCCORMACK, JANET MCCOY, MARILYN MCENERY, KIM MCENERY, LAURIE MCGEE, PATRICIA MCGEHEE, SUSAN 154 People ASN M M .III-K IAI W 1 I Ml GRAW KATHI I ■ Mi KH ' . If- Mil HAEI MCLELI M il ' .v Ml l EN RRIN Ml ' .Ml MAR MADDOX VIRGINIA N I Mil I I- MARTIN l MMII- MATHERNE MMd MAI M- ' i ' I l-MM MATTHEWS KATHI REGAN MH HM D II I II- Mll ES M i«. kh I MONAHAM PATRH l MONI kll-l MM I OR] MMN Ii.iiMH ' . ' i I ' .l ' h MONTGOMERY I INDA MONTGOMERY SANDRA MOORE IOHN1 MOORE, JOSIE MORGAN I ESI II- MORR1S, UK I I ' i MORRIS GEORGI MOSELE I- ERNESTINE Mi ELLER MARGARf I Ml LLINS i. IH Ml KI ' HN i AROLYN Ml SCHARA MM N NEWB PATRII l NK TON KAREN NORMAN ii NI- SI IRKIS IX)MM NORTON, Hi in M IOK STARLBTI O ' BRIEN MARGARE1 OSBORN, YVONNE OS I I HANK I ' M MKK BETH PALMER, DONNA I ' M MKK JOSEPHINE PAPPAS, i ' N MHIA PARKS, MARY PAYNE i V PEARSON, Kl H SS PEOPLES, u ii. I. IK II K PBRDI K MARTHA PHILLIPS, MYRA PHILLIPS, SHIRLEY PIERCE SHIRLE PIERRE " MI PI n I I INDA POLKE PAMEI POI LSEN, FONDA POWELL PREOI PRESTWOOD, PBGG PRICE VMI PRICE l M K PRINE KI U KI ijl KK HI H IKKK KWMN CYNTHIA RATTE, LISA RAW1 INSON M KIH KM NANCT ROBERTS DEBRA ROBERTS RHONDA ROGERS LISA ROGERS N I M IK Kol FES SHARON Prop ■ ROMAN, ANN ROSE. J r I.IK ROWINSKY, KKI.l.KV RUDOLPH, DOROTHY RUFFIN, WANDA RUSH, BOBBIK Rl ' SHTON. KIM CYNTHIA. SCOTT SCRUSHY, DKBRA SEXTON, BONNIE SEXTON, RITA SHIELDS, CARI.IE SILCOX. CHARLES SINGER. ROBERT SINGLEY, PAM SLATTON, TERESA SMITH, GWENDOLYN SMITH, JL ' ANITA SMITH, TERESA SNOW, FLORA SPANN, JENNIFER TAMMI, SPEARS SPENCER, BRENDA CANDY, SPITZER SPIVEY, ELIZA STALEY, JOANNE STALNAKER, BARBARA STALNAKER, MELISSA STARR. BRENDA STEELE, MILDRED STEGMAN, JUDY STEPHENS. MAXIE STEVENSON, SANDRA STICE, JUDITH STOKES, CINDY STONE, BETTYE STOUGH, NANCY STRICKLAND, TERESA SUMMER, NANCY SWEENEY, ARTHEREAN TALLANT, TERI TANKERSLEY, BARBARA TAYLOR, MARY THOMAS, ALOSIA THOMAS, TERESA THORNELL, KIM THORNHILL, ELAINE TILLERY, SALLY TOLAND, JANICE TOMPKINS, CINDY TOWNS, WANDA TRIPP, CEBBIE TRUDY, SHERROD TURNER, CLETIS TWISS, GAYLE TYERS, HATTIE VERONA, BEVERLY VICKERS, JOHN VINSON, MARY WADAS, THERESA WALDROP, MARK WALKER, PATRICIA WAMBLES, JIMMY WARD, DEE WARNKEN, LAURA WASHINGTON, IRIS DEBORAH, WATTS WELCH, VERNELL WELDON, JEWELL WELDON, VIRGINIA 156 People UN I - I KI U WRSTM M gi MI WIHI K ' i DEBORAH UIU rSTONK HI WILKI umi Ull hr I.KKN Ull hi Ull KIN-UN |( Kl Ull I IAMS GEORGE ITf Ull LIAMS sMIHl E Ull I [AMS VERONII un i IAMSON I RYSTAI Ull I I tMSON ROY( V UIS1I-.HU " , 1 m. KKI WINDHAM KRA! Ul-h I ENORA WOOD PAI 1 WOOD 81 SIE WOODI h LINDA WOODS ELBA WOOTT N " ■ v. ' WRIGHT CATHERINE YELL, LINDA YOUNGBLOOD, ALICE ELAINE NELLIE, ZEBERT Personality Sketch ASN Student Strives for Excellence Mary Alice Vinson, a resi- dent of Montgomery is an ac- tive student at Troy State University in Montgomery. Mary is originally from Ramer. Alabama and had planned to attend Troy State ' s main campus before getting married. Mrs. Vinson was a full-time LPN at St. Margarets Hospital but she mm has returned to school to upgrade her skills. " The most interesting part of my life is that I ' m going to school to improve my career opportunities, " shy- Mr- Yinson. She likes the field of nursing because lbs M not confined to an office and she likes the idea o working with people. Among Mary ' s hob- bies reading and soap operas are included. c 157 , » •• =■ L Xfcu T " i J, an . New members were Row One: Don na Knotts, Lisa Lipscomb, Kaye Noffsinger, Sharon Brewster, Me- lanie Watson, Rebecca Hoffmann, and Walter Smith. Row Two: Maria Strother, Amy Hall, Debbie Hunt, Alisa Jones, Mary Blaydes, Justin Durrance, James Wyatt, and Stephen Riggs. Row Three: Thomas Ba- Suzanne Madison, Liza Mercer, Bart Williams, Jay English, Robert Harrell, Doug Midriff, and Wyatt Youngblood. Not Pictured: i.ori Buford. Brian Dove, Joan Ellison, Dane Griswold, David Hartzell, Dixie Hollis, Helen Jones, Virginia King, Mary Marlette. Jeffrey May, (linger Metcalf, Bobby Money. Crysta Pierce, Sherrie Raulerson, Edward Ryan, Sandi Seymour, Ram Single- ton, Jonathan Spann, Keith Ste- phens, Patricia Sutfin, Nonna Wil- loughby. Hope Yates, and Derek Young. Middle Left: Officers shown are Row One: Amy Kuusisto, Vice President; Cindy St. John, President; Lisa Kantor, Treasurer; and Cathy Owings, Sr. Advisor. Row Two: Lynne Seymour, News Editor; Ed- ward Felts, Secretary; Ms. Cordelia Gray, Advisor; and Vicki Comer, Jr. Advisor. Not pictured are Melissa Taunton, Historian; and Ms. Char- lene Hale, Liaison Administrator. Middle Right: Edward Felts dis- cusses business during an ALD meet- ing. Bottom: Cindy St. John and Ms. Cordelia Gray perform the initiation ceremony during fall quarter. 160 Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta ii i national honor society which honors high scholastic achievement during one ' s Irishman year. Membership is extended to one who has maintained a minimum 2.5 3.0 (1PA during the first quar- t er of which one must have completed 15 hours. Active membership is maintained through one ' s sophomore vear. Top: Ms. dray lights W ' yiitt Youngh- lood ' a candle during tha initiation ceremony. Middle: Mrs. Alice Perrigan ipaaki to the group about the Counseling (enter. Old member- pi t urc-d are Row One: Teri Davis, Cindy St. John, Cynthia Richhurg. Tina Helms, and I.ynne Seymour. Row Two: Cathy Owing , Ann KuusiatO, Cynthia Cen hagan, Vicki Comer, Jeena Simpson, and Pam Worsham. Row Three: Phae- dra Fail, Tom Williams. Ms Cordelia ( irav. Faculty Adviser; Kdward Felts, Bobby Andress. and Rappy Perez. Meetinj held c other week Gui such as Alice Perrigan, Dr Nolan Hatcher, and I)r Welch v.. irt-d to ciis i us- t,,pi, - ot nitcrst to -in denta. A picnic siai held members spring quarter A scholarship fund tabliahed which will be avail- able to Alpha Lambda Delta members based on a strict point System. The award will be judged on 609 academic and 509? leadership. The Outstanding Fresh man of the Vear Award was presented to Annette .Jones during Honors Day activities. Kdward Kelts and Cindy St John attended an Alpha Lambda Delta leadership seminar in Tuscaloosa h by the University of Ala- bama ' s chapter. Initiation ceremonies were held each quarter and gradu- ating members who met re- quirements were presented certificates of honor. Alpha l-ambda IVIui 161 Beta Beta Beta The Beta Beta Beta Honor Society is a national honor so- ciety for biological science majors and minors. The purpose of this organi- zation is the assembly of stu- dents with a common interest in the biological sciences, the encouragement of fellowship among these students, the recognition of scholastic achievement, and the provi- sion of an active service orga- nization for the Department of Biological Sciences at Troy State University. Top: Club entered jeep in Homecom- ing parade. Middle: Spring quarter Beta Beta Beta members have closing meeting to " wrap up " the year. Bottom: Members included Row One: Beverly Jones, Debra Rainey, Melanie Railey, Marthana Moore. Row Two: Gary Furman — Advisor, David Cade, Chas Powers, Greg Owens, James Carpenter. 162 Beta Beta Beta Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi, an adm .1 tional honor society, is the ol dcst honor BOCiety to ! ■ tabliahed on the TVoy State Campus. The L982-83 theme tor Kappa Delta Pi has been " A School Administrator ' a View of Public Education. " The program topics tor the year were " An Administrative View of Kappa Delta Pi " , " Should We Abolish the Pub i boola? " and " The Ad m in 1st rat or- Impact on I ' ,n her Kdui ation. " Kappa Delta Pi makes an- nual contributions to the fol- lowing scholarship funds; The Vandeford Memorial Scholarship Fund, The Foy Ingram Curnmings Memorial Fund, The Mary Will Berry Brown Memorial Scholar Fund, and the President ' s Club. The K.H. Krvm Award to the Outstanding Senior in Education and V. P. Lewis Memorial Award to the Out- standing Junior in Education are presented to Kappa Delta Pi during Honors Day cere mon Top lett Kappa Dell re Historian; ! r Mil vin. Vuc President; Alicia Cham lu-r-. President; Valerie Pi Counselor; Mr- Virginia W in Pauletle Ran Treasurer. I)r James I). Kimbroutfh Left Fall initial In Memory of Dr. Horace Nelson Dr. Horace Nelson, Counselor for Kappa Delta Pi from 1961-1982. will be remembered by all Kappa Delta Pi members. Dr. Nelson served as a professor at Troy State University from 1960 until 1982. He was a member of the National Kducation Association. Alabama Education - sociation, Troy State University Education rVsaociation, Alabama Association of Teacher Kducation. SouUm Region of Teacher Education. Association oi Supervision and Curriculum Development. Association oi Childhood Kducation, Kappa Delta Pi. and Phi Delta Kappa The Horace Nelson Distinguished Lectureship is held annual- Is at the Spring Initiation Banquet. 83 a - Kappa IVlu P Gamma Beta Phi Gamma Beta Phi is an hon- or society for students in the top 20 c ' c of their class. Pres- ently there are about 400 members at Troy State. Troy State is very active in the National Organization of the Gamma Beta Phi Society. Last year, Troy State was one of 16 chapters across the na- tion to receive a Distin- guished Chapter Award. Troy State received this award as a result of their outstanding service throughout the year. Fall quarter began with the annual coke break. The soci- ety also hosted an " All Ameri- can Picnic " for the members of ISCO to encourage better relations with foreign stu- dents. Spook-a-Grams were sold during Halloween to raise money for UNICEF. Members also participated in the annual homecoming pa- rade. The traditional canned food drive was held every quarter. Winter quarter brought the state convention in which several members participated in at the University of Ala- bama. Lisa Cetti was elected as state president for the next year. The faculty was honored on Teacher ' s Appreciation Day with a silk rose. A pro- gram called " Adopt An El- der " was initiated to help needy persons in the city of Troy. Many members travelled to Atlanta for the National Con- vention Spring quarter. Se- nior Marthanna Moore was announced the recipient of the Gamma Beta Phi Schol- arship and Service Award at Honor ' s Day. Gamma Beta Phi also made available a $100 scholarship to each of the Oxford Scholars. Induc- tion ceremonies were held during both winter and spring quarters for a total of 120 new members. Top: James Phillips informs initiates of their responsibilities of member- ship. Bottom Left: Marcia Cetti reads the purpose of Gamma Beta Phi. Bottom Right: A truck is decorated for the Homecoming parade. 164 Gamma Beta Phi fop I SCO Middl.- lift I •• :• • Kim nn-l prWBntl an imtinlr with hi liln r Middle KiKhl luring full r -p I gg£n siM; Sis s i i Gamma Bet Phi IW Mortar Board Mortar Board is an honor society which promotes the ideals of scholarship, leader- ship, and service and which recognizes outstanding mem- bers of the senior class who have distinguished them- selves in these areas. During fall quarter mem- bers sponsored the Wallace Silversmiths Silver Pattern Survey and also performed its annual project of raffling off a football at the Homecoming game bearing the signatures of the Trojan football team. During winter quarter the organization sponsored a Val- entine ' s dinner raffle. On April 12, twenty-three students were formally tapped during classes and were recognized on campus by wearing a mortar board for the rest of that day. There was also a reception for the new members that afternoon. A banquet in the Adams Center and formal initiation in the Sorrell Chapel were held April 24. The Annual Mortar Board Career Seminar was held April 19 featuring speakers from the University. Also, for any student who maintained a 3.0 GPA both fall and winter quarters, Mor- tar Board hosted its annual President ' s Tea on May 12. Greg Owens was presented the Faye Ellis Memorial Award during Honor ' s Day activities. Mortar Board pre- sents this award annually to the outstanding member of its senior class who best re- presents the ideals of scholar- ship, leadership, and service. Top Right: Kevin Scarbinsky speaks during the Career Seminar. Middle Left: An overenlarged mor- tar board is featured in the Home- coming parade. Middle Right: Carol LoCicero taps Vicki during class. Row One: Debbie Balogh, Jane Shinn, Maria Mendoza, Trisha McCrory, Secretary; Mona Womack, and Bonnie Bohner. Row Two: Val- erie Privett, Reba Wall, Becky Redd, Tamara Kuhn, Stacy Krebs, and Kim Kunky. Row Three: Barbara Fan- nin, Editor; Debra Rainey, Jeanie Holt, Mr. Omasta, Advisor; Dr. Ralph W. Adams, Brandt Cosgrove, Kevin Scarbinsky, and Wes Llewellyn. Row Four: Greg Owens, Vice Presi- dent; Dr. Rhae Swisher, Advisor; Mr. James O ' Neal, Advisor, Pat O ' Mara, Arthur James, Charlene Hale, Marty Hulsey, Treasurer; and Charles K. Powers, Jr. 166 Mortar Board m Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor so- ciety which recognizes out- standing students, faculty, and administrative staff. Omicron Delta Kappa rec- ognizes and encourages achievement in scholarship, athletics, social service, reli- gious activities, campus gov- ernment, speech, the mass media, and creative and per- forming arts. This year 36 students and faculty mem- bers were selected and initiat- ed into the Troy State Circle. Initiation was held in the Sor- rell Chapel on Thursdav Mav 19th. SGA President, Ms. Stacy Jean Krebs was pre- sented the Ralph Wyatt Ad- ams Leader of the Year award at Honors Day ceremonies held that night. Members elected to Omicron Delta Kii|)|),i during t h»- 1983 ichool ear included Arthur Craig Akridge, Diane Margarei Arnzen, William Raj Bendall I rem i it •■ Louise Rh ar i. Marj Beth Brai ewi U I Catherine Ann Bruce. James Robert Carpenter, Eva Catherine Carter, Vickie Denise Comer, Lisa Qwen Compton, Line Rita Crawford, Wayne Coaton Curits, Yolanda teresa Fernandez, James H Faulkner, Derrell Kavt ' eal Hayes, Cordelia Johnson, Lisa Lynn Kantor, Beorgia Anne Kimmell. San dra -Jeanne Kuchle, Ellis Lucas Landers, Caron I. Majors, Maria T. Mendoza, Matthew Bruce Miller. Sandra Mine McKntee. Patricia E. Schmit . I)e iree LaNay Sutton. Robert Karl Stewart, Anna Turman, Lorna Elaine Tedder, Tammy Wat ford, John F, WeekleyJr , Tracy Anne Wenzel. Cynthia Trammell Willis, and Patrice Elaine Woodburv. Omicron Delta Kappa Above: New and old members partici pated in the initiation service held in Sorrell Chapel on Honor- Daj Omicron [Vita Kappa 16T Phi Alpha Theta The Iota-Mu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta is a part of an international honor soci- ety in history numbering more than 100 chapters com- posed of students and profes- sors. Requirements for elec- tion as an undergraduate are a minimum of eighteen hours in history courses, an overall G.P.A. of 2.0, and a 2.25 aver- age in all history courses. New members are elected in the fall, winter, and spring quar- ters. During the fall and win- ter quarters of 1982-83 eleven new members, six students and five professors, were ini- tiated. During spring quarter, nine members of the chapter at- tended the Regional Conven- tion at the University of Mon- Top: Dr. Bowling discussed the self- study which he chaired for the De- partment of History and Social Sci- ences. Above: Fall dinner at the home of Dr. Norma T. Mitchell. Right; Row One: Dr. John Bowling, Tim Smith, Row Two: Laticia Wat- ford, Pat O ' Mara, Dr. Curtis Porter. Row Three: Mrs. Mathis, Dr. Jo- seph Mitchell, Mr. Grady Post, Lucas Cade, Steve Scruggs, Dr. Robert Pul- len, Dr. Norma Mitchell, Dr. Wayne Tway. tevallo. Three student mem- bers, Betty Greer, Timothy Smith, and Timothy Venable, presented papers to the con- vention. Funds for this trip were raised during the fall quarter by selling chances on meals donated by several lo- cal restaurants. During the winter and spring quarters Phi Alpha Theta joined with the De- partment to honor two retir- ing faculty members, Dr. Brooks Thompson and Dr. Leonard Trapp, both of whom had led in the founding of the Iota-Mu Chapter in 1964. Subsequently, Dr. Thompson served the chapter as faculty advisor and as fac- ulty treasurer. Dr. Trapp served as department chair- man for eleven years. At Honors Day, 1983, the Phi Alpha Theta Scholarship Key was presented to the graduating student in history with the highest G.P.A. 168 Phi Alpha Theta t H E ■ T Phi Eta Sigma Memben ele« led t " Phi • i " r I9fl mi luded I in. in, i- luan B i Mai . I ■• relic Blaydei 1 1 (iriawold, Robert Clark Harrel • ' .mil Jonea, Liaa Marie Li p ac tn ab, John DoUrIm Mi ' .rill . lilln . i-nl May, I • .! Re nee Men Renee Pien e, Sandra M riu hi r. Pam Singleton, Juhnathan Da nl Spann, Carolyn Diane Step h ana. Knih Mnxwcll Stephen , Mai Strut lii-r. Patrk in I Kane Sutfii David Williams III and Donna I. mid KlIutN Phi ESta Sigma 1- ■ national honor society which has it- purpose to recognise those Rreshmel) who maintained a minimum of 2.5 overall GPA (luring their first two quarters at Troy State University During the 1985 - academic year, 19 member- were initi ated into the TVoj Stale Chapter. Initiation was w eld in the Sorrel 1 Chapel on Thursday May L9, and the new member- were honored at the Honor- Da) ceremony held that night. Phi I 170 Phi Kappa Phi m Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega, a newh chartered club on campi; perienced a productive begin- ning year. The organization is dedicated to the support of the dramatic art- at TSU. Row One: Hrett McHu|{h. Anna Turrnan, -Janna Braswell. Micheal • III. .Jennie Arm strong, IY aha Spottek, Elands Kelley. Row Two: Rynetta Walton, her l Schmalmaack, Jamie Watkin-. Mr Turn Smiley. Yolanda Fernandez. .Iim Brasher, l r David Dye, Adrian Slaughter Alpha I ' m Omr « 171 Marybeth Boyd Anne Cetti Steve Cobb Karen Davis Kenneth Ellis Howell Tim Suzanne Hunt Terry Key 1 ? 1 ■ jk fe E - -▼ A 7 H i Deedie Knight Linda Lawrenc e Debra Rossell Doug Smith 172 Alpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Epsilon Rho Members ol AERho, the National Broadcasting 5 ety, art- outstanding students in broadcasting n collego, school and university cam puSSS and within the broad cast industry. Established in this Society continues to emphasize superior schol- arship and creative participa- tion in broadcasting produc tioD and activity. In this way, Alpha Epsilon Rho helps to prepare its members for fu- ture roles as responsible broadcasters. AERho encourages contin- ual self-improvement in skills and knowledge, promotes the exchange ideas among stu- dents, faculty, and profes- sionals, and explores direc- tions in which significant con- tributions may be made by its members in the field of com- munications. The motto of Alpha Epsilon Rho is " Always Excellent Radio and Televi- sion. " AERho entered its second year on the Troy State camp- us with only four returning members; but by the ••n l i f winter quarter, membership srsj back up t 23. During the tall quarter, the I - r chapter sent five memh. | the AERho regional confer erne held at Arl University in Jonesboro, Ai i- In March ol memberi ol tht I SI i hapter. along with Mr.Cobb, attend ed the Alpha Epsilon Rh tional Convention at the Sheraton Atlanta in Atlanta. Georgia. " The objectives oi tbii 9 ciety shall be to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment smong broadcasting students, and high level accomplishments in the art and BCien broadcasting by both student and industry professional, to promote the advancement of broadcast education. U tablish meaningful communi- cation between student and professional broadcasters, and to foster integrity in the use of the powerful instru- ments of radio, television, and film. " Serving as officers for 1982- 8:1 were: Kenneth Elis, presi dent; Douglas Smith, Nice- President; Suzanne Hunt, secretary; Linda Lee Law- rence, treasurer; Marybeth Boyd, historian; Anne Cetti. alumni affairs public rela- tions. The faculty advisor was Steve Cobb. Assistant Pr sor in the Hall School of -Jour- nalism. Top: Nancy and Debra » rk in the sound room Bottom: Memberi include; Row One: Bnnda Monfee. Ken F.l ' . rtii Divit, Dmm B.irfield. Suunnr Hunt. Marybeth Boyd, tad Smith Row T»n: Mn Rowell. N.uu Barron. I.inda Beasley. Tim H m I ' M. Tim Beealey, Anne tti. .lim Reed, and Mr Ste e Cobb Alpha Kpnilon Rh. Beta Upsilon Sigma As the Troy State Universi- ty Sorrell School of Business Honor Society, Beta Upsilon Sigma recognizes Jun iors and Seniors for distinguished ability and exceptional achievement in scholarship in the field of business. The Honor Society was founded locally in 1982 by Shari Stark, Robert Pearson, and Robert Palmer. Membership into Beta Up- silon Sigma is limited to Ju- niors with a GPA of 2.8 or above or who rank in the top 5% of their class and Seniors with a GPA of 2.6 or who rank in the top 10% of their class. Row One: Mindy Stump, Jane Shinn, Sheila Folmar, Cindy Rich- burg, Caron Majors — President, Ka- ren Haisten, Connie Sims, Mary Fleming, Donna Livingstone. Row Two: Greg Hemmbree, Mr. Robert Palmer — Faculty Advisor, Britt Poulson, Ron Gibbs, Ronnie Wiggins, Brenda Honeycutt — Vice-Presi- dent, Kevin Scarbinsky, Tom Powell, Lynne Bozeman, Patti Turner. Sigma Delta Chi The Troy State Chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi spent the year actively pro- moting the journalistic pro- fession. Fall quarter was spent successfully preparing for the national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where members heard guest speaker Andy Rooney speak on the best ways to make it in the profession along with receiv- ing advise from job hunting to how to improve the chapter. Spring quarter was the bu- siest, SDX co-sponsored a high school journalism work- shop and the Ninth Annual Spring Symposiem and Hec- tor Awards. The major fund raiser for the year was the sale of ads for the desk blotter the society distributes each fall. The end of the year was marked with the 1st Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi and Alpha Epsilon Rho, National Broadcasting Society ' s 11 Spring Banquet which was very successful. Officers for 1982-83 were; President Bob Rohrlack, Vice President Tracy Wenzel, Secretary Anne Cetti, Treasurer Christy Harold, Advisor Mer- rill Bankster. 0d Row One: Sherri Killam, Joy Lacey, Anne Cetti, Christina Harold, Pa- trice Woodbury. Row Two: Nancy Barron, Gerri Plant, Bob Rohrlack, Tim Howell, Tom Green, Gen Bliz- zard, Riley Adair. 174 Beta Upsilon Sigma Sigma Delta Chi SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta is a national honor society lor the recognition of academic excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and professional stud- ies in the English language and literature. Its purpose is to promote outstanding literary achievement in both creative and critical writing. To obtain membership, one must be pursuing a major or minor in the field of English. Members must also have completed twenty hours of upper level English have a 2.2 GPA in all English courses, as well as an overall GPA of 2.0 or better. TRjy V v v ▲ E o, 192 President Vicki Comer Vice President Myra Wise Secretary Treasurer Carol LoCicero Faculty Advisor Mary Hilyer Bebe Carol Barefoot Catherine Berg-Daugherty William Walker-Billingsley Catherine Anne Bruce Joy A. Bucciero Eva Catherine Carter Marsha Cosby Cetti Vicki Denise Comer Barbara K. Fannin Stacy Jean Krebs Kim Kunky Laura Iovine Carol Jean LoCicero Fran M. Norris Elizabeth Shores Patton Leigh Rickard Desiree LaNay Sutton Susan Elizabeth Taylor Robbin Lynn Tomlin Myra Wise Sijnn Tiu Delu IT Arnold Air Society Arnold Air Society is a ser- vice organization primarily designed to provide aid to the community, the cadets, the ROTC detachment and the Air Force Mission. Arnold Air is open to any member of the ROTC program with a 1.0 or higher grade point average who has successfully complet- ed the pledge training pro- gram. The members of Arnold Air Society are college students who fit into their schedules time to participate in a vari- ety of activities. Some of the services included in the past year were a Run For Hunger (held jointly with Angel Flight), activities at the Pike Manor Nursing Home and ushering at the big name con- certs. Top: Kim Gilliland, Homecoming candidate and Kelly Reed, Little Ma- jor ride in the Homecoming parade. Above: Art Galvan participates in the Arnolds Run for Hunger. Row One: Mary Wadowick, Renae Willis, Kelly Ivins, Patricia Tarrant, Bernestine Bradley, Felecia Mcln- tyre. Row Two: Glen Cody, Arthur James, Barry O ' Rourke, Gwen John- son, Andrea Petritsis, Becky Ogle. Row Three: Don Fuller, Greg Owens, Steve Reeder, Craig Wise. Row Four: Allen Wykle, Clark Har- rell, Laurence Turring, Capt. Blocker Advisor. This past year our Squad- ron competed against schools from Alabama, Georgia, Flor- ida and Puerto Rico for many awards that are given on the Area level. Some of these awards included Outstanding Squadron, Outstanding Squadron Commander (Kelly Ivins) and Outstanding Squadron Staff Officer (An- drea Petritsis). Also this past year our Little Major (select- ed from Angel Flight) was chosen to be next year ' s Area H. Little Colonel (Kelly Reed). During the summer of 1982, Arnold Air ' s sponsored Miss T.S.U., Yolanda Fernan- dez, went on to become 1982 Miss Alabama and 3rd run- ner-up to Miss America. The Advisor for Arnold Air Society is Capt. William E. Blocker. ' to 176 Arnold Air Society Association for Childhood Educational International The ACKI is a profession al organization lor Karly Childhood Education and Elementary Education ma- jors. It is designed to provide training and experience to persons working with young children. Its uals include the improvement of educa- tional values and practices for young children; and to enhance the knowledge and instructional ideas of pro- spective Teachers. Meetings are held at least twice each Academic Quar- ter and are designed to give specific help and informa- tion in a teaching area. This is accomplished through the use of workshops, presenta- tions, or guest speakers. The ACEI seeks each Quarter to conduct at least one service project, working directly with young children. Officer! in ludi retar) . Chariot I dent; Shelii Brannon, (it-lit Members included Ron One: Dr y, Bett) Hendrii k K w Two: Pennj l gerton, Jan Watson, and Carol Hum Three: I.ynn Whitehurst, SI • hie Elliott, and Kathryn I Kow Four: Pal B Jeanna Mann, Bai tier Kow v w v iihv Bonner, Teresa Marshall, Prant u Hull Ron - Denise Bonner, lane Kelly and Ginger Wynn. Below: Charlotte and Sherric Drin- kard work the table at the bake sale while Bobbie and Carol Tucker look on. V KI r DELTA SIGMA PI Professional Business Fraternity CRAIG AKRIDGE LINDA ARTHUR NATALIE BALDWIN GLYNDA BELK NAOMI BLACK DIANE BRETTEL BETTY BROOKINS KAREN COAD MICHAEL GERMAN MIKE MAYO KAY MCLENDON SANDRA MOBLEY SHARON PACE JEFF RAILEY LESA RALLS KEVIN SCARBINSKY JEENA SIMPSON GARRY SHIRAH BUDDY STARLING MINDY STUMP CHRIS TERILLI ANNA TURMAN RONNIE WIGGINS RENAE WILLIS HENRY WILSON 178 Delta Sigma Pi WBMU- I . lut Sign i I lional fraternit) organized to r the study c4 buiineii in universil ies; to em oui scholarship, social activity, and the aeeoi iation of stu denta tor t h»- 1 r mutual id •incuts by research practice; to promote ;i loaar affiliation between the com mercial world and itudenl commerce and to furthi higher standard of COmmet cial ethnici and culture the civic and commercial wel fare of the community. Delta Sigma Pi partici] ed in such campua activitiei as the Angel Plight Bed Race, the BSU Vol lev ha 11 M thon, and the Pi Kappa Phi Bunny Contest. Members also worked the ticket sail the Miss TSU Pageant. Top: Anna Turman r -pr. •-■ t« Sigma Pi in the Homecoming Fa rada Middle: Officen included Row One: Mary Harnett Sharon Face Sr Vice President, Jeff Railey — President. Jane Shmn Vice Preaidenl oi Profeaaioi tivities. Mike Mayo dent Pledge K d 1 1 . r Row Two: Garry Shira Chancellor. Karen Coad — Treasurer, (ilynda Belk CEIC, Anna Turman Historian. Bottom: Members included: Row One: Lesa Ralls. C.uen Madiaon, Ka- ren Coad. Naomi Klack. Judie WU son. C.lynda Belk. Frieda Lowers. Anna Turman, Mindy Stump. Fowell. Karen Haisten. lane Shinn. Richelle Baker Row Two: leena Simpson, Linda Arthur. Sandra Moblev. Deniae Dell. Garry Shira, Kay Mcl.endon. Mary Barne " vid Erukson. Renae Willis. Angela Smith. Brenda Honeycutl Row Three: Craig Akridge, Mr Robe rt Palmer. Sharon Fact- BettJ Broo kins. Buddy Starling. Chris Terilli. Jeff Railey. Henrj Wilaon, Kevin Scarbineky, Caron Major-.. Mike Mayo. Delta Sigma I ' KAPPA KAPPA PSI Tommy Allen David Campbell Roger Etheredge Earl Franks Phil Brannon Timothy Gilley Pat Hartselle Tim Hartselle John Hillsman Ken Huff Terry Kelly Darrell Layfield Jack Martin Todd Reed Doug Smith J. Morgan Smith Reginald Suggs 180 Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Psi ii the National Honorary Hand Fraternity serving both marching bands and concert bands across the nation. The chapter at Troy State Univer- sity was selected as one of the top ten in the nation for the 1982-83 school year. This honor came as the result of the hard work to make the " Sound of the South " an even better band. The clubs services went be- yond their own band, extend- ing into the recognition of band directors and conduc- Si ton across tin- countrj their musical contributions. Kappa Kappa I ' -i ; the F. Lee Howling Award to an outstanding junior high band student. Fall quarter the club pro vided food and drink band trips and they also ho t ed several of the band partie- along with Bister sorority Tau Beta Sigma. Winter quarter the organization initiated new brothers. Founders Day was celebrated during Spring quarter with a trip to the beach. %C . " V -3£ Top Right included I.uke Lander-. President; Dave Campbell. Vice President; Phil Hrannon. S tary: Ken Huff. Trea.-urer. end rell Layfield. Historian Middle Left: Student! bro one display at the Kappa Kap; Tau Beta Sigma Convention. Middle Right: Roger Ktheredge man- the Krapbooh table during the convention held in Long Hall. Knw One: Kerr Andresa. Nathan White, Hon Stoi ben Dawi well. Pit Prynt, Jaj [ay i Maine-. Bryant Gom Row IVrr Kellay, rtin, Davt Campbell, Luki . Da via, S Smith, Phil Hrannon. 1 - Row three Roger Ft: --mith. Id, lohn Hillsman. Ken Huff. Tim ; Norman Bi • - Not Pk tured: Tim iillex . Hill Bauman. an • lie Kappa Kappa 1 LOCAL HONOR SOCIETY OF NURSING M DE BONNIE BOHNER JANIE CALTON DR. PATRICIA STARK NANCY PATTERSON NANCY SWANSON BEVERLY WEBSTER 182 Local Honor Society of Nursing Local Honor Society of Nursing The local Honor Society of Nursing recognizes students who have superior scholastic- achievement, professional leadership potential, and or marked achievement in the field of nursing. The qualifi- cations for membership in- clude an overall GPA of 2.0 as well as 2.0 in all nursing courses. The local Honor So- ciety of Nursing encompasses the Troy, Dothan, and Mont- gomery campuses. On November 11, Dr. Rita Kroska spoke to the Honor Society. Dr. Kroska presently holds the Sorrell Chair of Nursing at Troy. She com- pared the maternity care in Russia to that in the United States. She also discussed cul- tural differences of R and its effects on health care practices. An on going project of the Honor Society included pro viding free tutorial assistance to the junior and sophomore nursing students. This year the Honor Soci- ety has strived to fulfill some requirements for applying for a Sigma Theta Tau charter — the national nursing honor society. Initiates for membership were honored at the fifth an- nua l spring ceremony. This year it was held on April 27, 1983 at the First Methodist Church in Troy. Top: Row One: MiM Vincy Patter son. Miss Alice Deal — ad Row Two: .lame Calton. Beverly Webster — President Row Three: Bonnie Bohner — Recording Secre- tary, Janie Holt — fiimnHimlinf Secretary. Row Four: Nanr (vp rian — Vice-President. Beverly Wal singham Not Pictured: Debbie Balogh — Treasurer. Bottom: Dr Rita Kroska (jives a lec- ture on maternitv care in Hu- Local Hen Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda is a na- tional vocational education organization for all students in junior colleges, vocational schools, and universities who are interested in and or pre- paring for business or busi- ness education careers. The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda is to develop compe- tent, aggressive business leadership and to strengthen the co nfidence of students in themselves and in their work. Anyone with a business major or minor is welcome. This year Phi Beta Lamb- da participated in the Home- coming parade, leadership conference in Birmingham, Bucks for Bricks — a project for National Headquarters in Washington, State Leader- ship Conference in Birming- ham, and addressed enve- lopes for Sport Art Affiliates, Inc., of Troy. Phi Beta Lamb- da sponsored a Tax Seminar in cooperation with WTSU- TV. LMM 25 SI5.00 FOB LOGKEST i— P— I--T 184 Phi Beta Lambda Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota is an in- ternational academic music fraternity for women. One has to he a music major or minor in order to be eligible for membership). Fall quarter the sisters raf- fled a homecoming dinner tor their money-making project. The sisters performed " Mo- vin ' On " at the Fall Sing. Jeannie Bubbett, a Delta Zeta alumni and now province president, visited her old chapter during this time. Spe- cial meetings were held and times were set up for many of the sisters to meet with her individually. Several teas were held near the end of the quarter to inform interested women about the fraternity. Winter quarter was pledge quarter. For a pledge project the pledges gave the chapter some beautiful tablecloths for use at formal social functions. The pledges sold Valentine balloons for a money making project. The annual rock-a- thon was held and the sisters and pledget rocked tor ken hour ' -. The listen thai not involved in the perfor- mance of the major sork ushered the concert Spring quarter proved to be a busy one tor the listen ! eral of the sisters performed solos or in ensembles at the Pops Concert, and others ushered. The American Com poser ' s Concert was held M,r. 3, 1983, and the usterg joined the brothers of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia for a striking con- cert The athletic spirit came out in the sisters in the annual softball game with Tau Beta Sigma. Many of the sister- participated in the produc- tion of " Fiddler on the Root " by performing on stage, in the orchestra, or by ushering. For their money making pro the sisters sold chances on a tanning kit and sold conces- sions at the Alabama State Choral Festival. The new offi- cers were inducted and took office during the quarter. Top: Officer- for 1982 83 .ire Tern Walls. Sergeant at Arm-, lane Swm die. Corresponding PeggJ Woodbury, Chaplain; AagM Ir Choral Dim tor; Mu bele Lafon, Vice President; John, TYi er; and Lorna Tedder, President Middle: SA1 listen psrforn m On " at the Fall Sing Row One: Kirt - - Big Brother. .lohn. Valerie Kelley. Jane Swindle, Siarla Kelley. Lorna Tedder, Sandra Scott, Spot ' - M in Scavelli, Muhele Lafoo and Ruasell, Si Bow I « o: I i-.i I " .;•. U ■. ' iinir . IVrn W ktr. Dataie Andi .lanna Braswell. I OU O ' Brien. Anna Turman. Kim Owing! and Lorie Nugent How Three: 1 Woodbury, Dawn Strickland, .loan Hughie. Bevsfi) Corn. Sand] Allen. Elisabeth Barn Sigm.i PHI GAMMA NU Professional Business Fraternity BERNESTINE BRADLEY PATSY BRANNON SHEILA BRANNON LYNETTE BRYSON RUSTY CLARK SUSAN CAPRON SHARON CAUSEY MARTHA DEES MELISSA HOLLIS BONNIE HOOD MARK JOHNSON LINDA KELLEY ANN KING WILLIAM LUCKIE JUDY MANOUS CRAIG MEDDERS MARTHA MIXSON MARY MCGILLBERRY CRAIG PRESTON DAVID TAYLOR 186 Phi Gamma Nu Phi Gamma Nu Several yean ego, I ' hi Gamma Nu uaed to be i Pro feesional Business Sorority, but now is known as a Pi sional Business Fraternity. Thepurpoec or goals) of the organization are as follows: 1. The fraternity wishes to achieve loyalty and friend- ship among its members. 2. It strives to promote a high standard of scholastic achievement. 3. It encourages participation in school activi- ties, and 4. The fraternity promotes to uphold the inter- est in civic and professional enterprises. Phi Gamma Nu undergoes various activities each year. This past year, the fraternity members visited four major businesses in Birmingham as one of the business trips. r. memben i ushers ,ii the Mi-- rS.I aanl and enfc i in Homecoming celebrations Also, Phi Gamins Nu aooom pushed fund raising pro • such as, the selling " I ?.S. cup- and doughnuts On February 17. the annual Founder l)a Banquet held. Dr. Stevi the gut--! ipeakei at the bration. The tratcrn Bponsoi is Dr. Felix Living- ston. Assistant Dean to the School of Business. Phi (Jam- ma Nu ' s officers for the I 83 school year are: President — Linda Kelley; V-Pn Judy Ma nous; Editor Craig Preston; Pledge Cap- tain — Melissa Hollis; and Sec-Treas — Lynette Bryson. Phi (iamma Nu entered a car in the Homecoming parade. Row One: Melissa Hollis. Tracey Lowe, Mark .Johnson, Lynette Brv son, Dianne Wood. Row Two: Con- nie Sims, Linda Kelley, Barhara Da- vis, Dawn VVhittaker, Martha Mix son. Mary .Jamshidian, .Judy Manous Row Three: I)r Living -ton. David Taylor, Ruatj Clark, Reha Wall. Sandra Jackaon, William Luckie. Row Four: Cl! J(M Waller, Shelia Brannon. Sandra Culherston. Donna Templeti.n Phi liamrna N - Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is an hon- orary service sorority at Troy State University. The sorority extends the privilege of mem- bership to outstanding band members. Tau Beta Sigma generates a respect and ap- preciation for band music and performance. Tau Beta Sigma started work in the summertime with the Sound of the South Freshman Orientation Pro- gram. The sisters sent out in- formation letters to each in- coming freshman band mem- ber concerning band camp. Fall quarter the sisters pro- vided the famous " notebook " and cookies in the long trips that the band took. They also sponsored the annual Hallow- een Party with events such as a costume conte st, jello throw, and a dance. They also pro- vided refreshments. As a ser- vice project, the sisters cleaned the opera depart- ment. Tau Beta Sigma was also responsible for the water and Kool-aid served during breaks at band practices. Winter quarter saw the sis- ters working as ushers, regis- trars and go-fers at the Southeastern States Band Clinic. Four new sisters were initiated during the quarter. At the beginning of Spring quarter several of the sisters went to Oxford, Mississippi to the District VIII Tau Beta Sigma Kappa Kappa Psi Convention. Troy ' s chapter was named one of the " Top Five " Chapters in District VIII. The newly elected offi- cers began their terms April 11, 1983. Top Left: Dr. Long prepares for a skit at the Halloween party. Middle Left: Tau Beta Sigma sis- ters perform skit at a formal func- tion. Middle Right: Prospective mem- bers enjoy refreshments at a tea. Row One: Cathy Horn, Mary Lou O ' Brien, Laura Iovine, Connie Wilkes, Alicia Yielding. Row Two: Dawn Railey, Janeel Marshall, Mrs. McGee, Betsy Davis, Cindy Berry, Teresa Lantis. Row Three: Ginger Metcalf, Donna Hayes, Lorie Nu- gent, Vicki Patrick, Roger Ethredge, Sweetheart; Robyn Russel, Beth Fos- ter, Lisa Gowan, Wanda McElrath, Kim Owings. 188 Tau Beta Sigma T Club The T Club ia in organi j . . r i confuting ( i 1 1 •. I i i tared athletes Fellowship and interaction ia the beeii of the dub. The r Club Members CBOSS COI NTRV C.lrn Ranker Sun Bell .irm Black Ruk Daniel Kc-inliall Coach Trivial Creen Rebecca Huffman Iina Kroll Vickv Marshall Michols Thomas Pattern. n Gu) f ' rrrr Hit Darlene Kichard»on Kathv RobUMOB Mannv Socarras Kurt Wilder l-aura Wllrnfel- Jeff Wnirnbech VOLLEYBALL Malinda Ashcrafl Moby Baker Leah Bone Katie Brown Rainee Porsch Lisa Pndiirn Lori Robertson Zella Robinson Patly Schmitz Brenda Sirmon Kim Anderson FOOTBM.I Roderick Anderson Donnie Arnold ■Jerry Beverly Jon Bjorgan Robert Bradlev purpose ill the i luh is t [»r ul»- unity among the differanl i |»-s ol ,irsii athletea Carv Hrad»hnw Mu hurl Rrrwvlrr Mltihrll Brrw.lrr D0U| Brown Keiinv Hurk David Ca|wr» Bobb) ' n k ■ Thomas (lark WUlit ColUrn Strve rmllllal Hufus Col I )oun Crane Mit.h (ieier Ron C.ihb Jim Hall Buck Hanson Michael Haynes .limm Hnvwoml Anthonv Henton Hollinn »orth dene Houston James J Norman Klemschmidt Jim Kremer Phillip Lee Stewart Lower) l-arrv Mason .1 K MiKinnon Fred Miion Bubba Muller David Napert Pal OMara Anthony Parka Andre Pollard Tommie Robinson Mike Rodgers Kurt Smeltzer Bennie Smith Carl Smith Jeff Sowell Craig Stevens Willie Sullivan C.abe Thomas Drwawir I ' bomuaon I .-nmc ah VA ir Robtfl aufhri l.rr C WUkl I kajryl illiama Rodaril k un| RobOTl U..wrr» I on BUBBOfal Albert smith W0MEN8 BA8KBTBAI i Nam Amlrrton Mar Rlavdr Rrrml I longer JohntOB lrre»a Mi ..-wan Angela M »-rr t.«.rr Valerie Pnvett Tammv Ruffian mi- x BASKETBALL Rtt kv Aneneaul Kevin Averett Tim Brown .limmv Brvr Curti. Caldwell (ieorge Cowan Daron r Mai M(oIi»mii Cecil McBryd Mark Smith Roscoe Thomas Sean Twittv Joab Willians WOMEN ' S BOLDGOLF Von Akins Debbie Hancock Jenny Holder Marian McShane lone Mills Ann Spooner Cathy Tatum CrlttJ Vogel MEN ' S C.OLF Ben Bates Flip Bradley Paul Ellington Chip Holcombe Joey Mabrv Collin McCrary lVrr Mobtty Ir 1 . ' I It Mrl Brrnt lo ) Wrtvrr I iin u -«(iiM ' r Joab s illiama sun MM I M..iu Bmkw l-eah B Sandra ( ulliertaon Maria Mrml-. a Rainre Porta b Liaa Pndgrn lennifrr Salter t.ina s a iage Put) s hmitz Brenda Sirmon Tammv Watford BASEBALL Builil Davt Banks Krith Bragg Jerry Bl Jeff Brinson Mrir Brown Tim Cash Rodney ( ulbreth Marcus Floyd Jeff (iresham Mark Ham k Muhael Hatuwav Bill Henke Brvan Hubbard Jon Hurst Osvaldo Jimenez David June Rick Knotls Brian Pinnell Michael Robins Joae Rodnquez John Snipes Van Starnes Greg I ' nger DR Jenkins - l-ar. Wl«pfainn Juhnssm I a .fa lerden MEM i lann »er lern ■ l.arv Bryant -.ant ark Rkk) Daniel Keith Davr- , •-. ,• Kdward Kunkin . Irankhn Sunle Barrnt Kendall B..nnie Hill ( raif I.ijhtf - I H ' .ward Martin Walter SIM I Mi Kir» Thomas Pa: • Andre Purvear Tiadd Rainev Timothy Res - Alfonsa Reid Te rente Sanders Mannv S.w arras Roacoe Thomas Eddy 1 1 Jeff Weitenbeck Milton Westn TRAINKR Rosa Davis Brent Vmsin TCI.. Music Educator ' s National Conference Music Educator ' s National Conference is a professional organization for music ma- jors, minors, or any individ- ual who shares a love for mu- sic. Troy ' s chapter of MENC is one of the few in the state. Fall quarter the members sold baked goods in an effort to help support future MENC projects. Winter quarter regular meetings were held and such noted speakers as Jim Bell, Dr. Ed Bahr, Mary Collier and Jim Mahaffey were on the program. S pring quarter the second annual womanless beauty pageant was held. Plans were made during the quarter to sponsor a campus sing to take place in the fall of 1983. The purpose of the sing will be to establish a scholarship pro- gram for incoming freshmen. Officers were elected and took office during this quar- ter. Dennis Purvis President Dave Campbell Vice President Tosha Spottek Secretary Lisa Phelps Treasurer David Morris Reporter Dr. Carl Vollrath Faculty Adviser Membership Jay Asher Sean Carney Larry Andrews Susan Stallings Kirby Sanders Randy Hughie Lorna Tedder Dennis Purvis Dave Campbell Tosha Spottek Lisa Phelps David Morris 190 MENC Student Council for Exceptional Children Tin- Si udent ( !oun il foi ptional Children il .111 nr ganization interested in pr . moting t-fluc ational opportu nities foi siu eptional children and adults. ittempts to promote professional growth end - dards. promote program! to involve students in the ( tain c il for Exceptional ( Children, and arouse public iwail and acceptaiu • ol 6X4 Spl children and adults. SCEC holds progra monthly and provides volun- teer opportunities to its mem her- in such areas as holiday parties. Special Olympics, funds for field trips, , • Membership requires noth- ing more than a love for chil- dren and a willingness to work. 191 LDS INSTITUTE The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides appropriate programs for all age groups. The purpose of this organi- zation is to promote spiritual fellowship for the LDS stu- dents. They meet weekly to study scripture. There are times when special programs called " firesides " are present- ed to the members and their friends. The local LDS congrega- tion will move into a new building within the next few months. The present cottage at 601 Collegedale will then become permanent head- quarters for this college-age group. Row One: Thomas Woodard, Presi- dent; Alicia Yeilding, Social Chair- man; and Chris Morgan, Secreatry. Row Two: Dr. W. Theo Dalton, Ad- visor; Elder Darren Yeager, Instruc- tor; and Elder Pat Minder, Mission- ary. SNEA Student National Educa- tion Association (SNEA) is a student affiliate of the Na- tional Education Association (NEA). Its function is to pro- mote standards of excellence for the teaching profession. The SNEA group on campus sponsored programs that were of interest and concern to students majoring in teach- er education. Such programs as The Legal Base for Educa- tion, Job Interview Tech- niques, and Problems of the C lassroom Teacher and re- presentative examples. Row One: Jan Smith, Denise Green, Dr. Robert McCombs, Jan Watson, Terry Fugit, Penny Benton, Teresa Marshall, and Carol Woodbury. Row Two: Caroline Crawford, Luann Mansfield, Martha Hawkins, Bar- bara Butler, Lisa Compton, J ' mel Johnson, Angela Mills, Judith Slinker, Ginger Wynn and Jane Kel- ly. 192 LDS Institute SNEA Association of Nursing Students During the 1982-8M school year the members ot the ' nation of Nursing Student- did many activities. During Fall quarter they were very busy. The Annual Capping ceremony was held for the Sophomore Nursing students. This was the largest and most impressive in the history of the School of Nurs- ing at Troy State University. The ceremony was held at the First United Methodist Church in Troy and the guest speaker was Dr. Rita Kroska holder of the Anise J. Sorrell Chair in Nursing. Many rela- tives and friends of the Soph- omore Nursing students at- tended. Refreshments were served and all bad I lovely afternoon. Also during fall quarter they bad ,i Horn oming dii play to show their ichool -pir it. Unfortunately aomebody burned the display the night before the game ao no one could enjoy it on Saturd 1- were -old to make mon- ey to pay for the Capping ceremony. Spring quarter ANS held a Freshman Reception tor those students who were to begin Level II Nursing Courses the next year. At the end of May ANS had a swim- ming party to relax before fin- als and the end of the school vear. Top: ANS participate in the home aiming parade. Middle Left: Sophomon -indent at the capping ceremony Middle Right 1 Star) ■ophomon Mil.: ' Bottom: Row One: K on B.hner. Debbie Haloghi. Kaye McBri I ' rt-ident. Sharon Phillip n. Vici .indy •luchle. Rec Secretary .Ipanu- Holt. How Two: Beverly ter, Con 5 SwWMOfl, Linda I- Back) Ogle, Vu i Pre dent INS Angel Flight Angel Flight is a well known service organization at Troy State and in the Troy Community. All female stu- dents at TSU are eligible to become members. The Angels swung into ac- tion fall with their annual Bed Race that raised $300.00 for a local leukemia victim. Montgomery ' s Mobilized Meals program was next with $315.00 proceeds to the char- ity through the " Run for Hunger " which was jointly sponsored by Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society. Pike Manor Nursing Home is a favorite place of visitation by the Angels. A Valentine ' s Day Pa rty held for the resi- dents was a lot of fun for the Top: Angel Flight members include; Row One: Dare Hennigan. Row Two: Connie Jones, Lisa Kantor. Row Three: Gen Blizzard, Angela Smith. Row Four: Kelly Reed, Mar- tha Montanez. Row Five: Monica Maloney, Judy Felts. Row Six: Ma- jor Duffell, Beverly Webster. Row Seven: Mrs. Barnes. Bottom: Officers from 1 to r: Angela Smith — Chaplin Parliamentarian, Dare Hennigan — Comptroller, Lisa Kantor — Historian, Judy Felts — Commander, Monica Maloney — Operations Public Affairs, Kelly Reed — Liaison, Not Pictured: Kim Gilland — Administrative Officer. Opposite Page: Top Left: Major Duffell greets Lori Shelton at a Rush Party. Top Right: Connie Jones and Brandt Cosgrove pose with Girl Scout Troop which Angel Flight sponsors. Middle Left: Angel Flight Rush Parties are a big success. Mid- dle Right: Angela Petrists, Kelly Reed and Kelly Ivins hold awards won at Area Conclave by Amies and Angels. Bottom Left: Commander Judy Felts pins Angel Flight pledge Leah Faison. Bottom Right: Major Duffell readies the participants at the Bed Race. girls. Sponsorship for the lo- cal March of Dimes Walk-a- thon was a big joint undertak- ing for Angel Flight and Ar- nold Air Society. The Flight ' s primary func- tion as a support organization for the AFROTC and Arnold Air Society was evident as they helped plan and organize the Fall Dining-Out and Spring Military Ball. The An- gels also sponsored Kool-Aid Labs after parade practice, attended the Corps ' fall and spring picnics, hosted recep- tions after awards ceremo- nies, graduation, and com- missioning ceremonies. Angel Flight had a great year! They were awarded the Samuel E. Anderson Award for the most supportive Flight in Area H and the Ci- ceoli Joint Operations. They ' re a super organization and are very proud of their ac- complishments. GROUP ARNOLD AIR SOCIE 194 Angel Flight An pl Flight 196 International Students Cultural The International Stu- dents Cultural Organization is a club for both foreign and American students alike. ISCO seeks to promote broth- erhood and cultural under- standing among people of dif- ferent nations and cultural backgrounds. ISCO also at- tempts to assist foreign stu- dents in adjusting to Ameri- can college life. Fall quarter activities in- cluded entering a float in the Homecoming parade and a candidate in the Homecom- ing Pageant. Members en- joyed several parties and get- togethers such as Homecom- ing and Halloween parties. The second annual Inter- national Festival was held by Organization ISCO on January 29, 1983. Foods from various countries around the world were served. Entertainment included a Parade of Nations, a Colum- bian candle dance, a martial arts demonstration, and a Le- banese belly dance. ISCO performers also pro- vided entertainment at a TSU basketball halftime show. Various ISCO members spoke to local community clubs and organizations about the customs and characteris- tics of their homelands throughout the school year. Spring quarter activities included a beach trip and soc- cer games. Top: Hashim Raja gives a martial arts demonstration. Opposite page Top Left: Martha Montanez represents ISCO in the homecoming parade. Top Right: Asif Jamal and Tamara Kuhn emcee the International Festival. Middle Left: Foods of different countries are served. Middle Right: Romona Murr per- forms a Lebanese belly dance. Bottom Left: Dr. Nolan Hatcher, Advisor to ISCO, makes recognitions prior to the International Festival. Bottom Right: Jeong Hwa Pires wel comes guests to the International Festival. Row One: Romona Murr, Jose Va- lero, Willie Moore, Jeremy Barker. Row Two: Dr. Nolan Hatcher, Tom Sizemore, Chindah Wami, Mrs. Wil- leta Hatcher, Abd Katbeh, Mo- hammed Saeed, Lisa Kantor, Linda Walters. Row Three: Becher Rus- tom, Tariq Al-Sabej, Mr. Sherry, Ni- gel Smith, Hashim Ameer Raja, Wa- jeeh Al-Mansour. 196 ISCO - AFROTC The mission of the Air Force ROTC is recruit, edu- cate, and commission officer candidates to meet the needs and requirements of the Air Force through a college cam- pus program. The ROTC pro- gram at TSU was established in September 1971, and com- missioned the first 2nd Lieu- tenants in 1973. Since that time Detachment 017 has been consistently ranked in the top percentile of all ROTC units in the nation. Last year, only six other ROTC units commissioned more 2nd Lieutenants than Troy State. Regular classroom instruc- tions ranges from the devel- opment of airpower, to learn- ing to be an effective leader and manager of people and materials in the Air Force. In addition to this, Cadets at- tend a Leadership Lab once a week which teaches drill and ceremonies, military customs, and other general Air Force information that will be need- ed in their future careers. During the year the De- tachment participates in so- cial activities such as picnics and dinners, culminating in a formal Military Ball during the Spring Quarter. Two programs are offered in AFROTC at TSU. A four year program or a two year advanced program with both programs being open to stu- dents attending Troy State. Students can compete for scholarships available which pay for tuition, books, and $100 per month grant. T . m 198 AFROTC Above: Corps sponsor! annual Ital- ian night. Above Left: Rifle squad man I the Homecoming parade. Left: Corps lah on Kilbv Field Opposite page Top: Arthur corpi commander Fall quarter. Brandt CotgTOVC oorpt lommander Winter quarter and Alan k commander Spring quarter. VKI. Circle K Circle K is the world ' s colle- giate service organization. Circle K is self-governing and self-financing, working inde- pendently of, but in coopera- tion with the Kiwanis Club. At the beginning of Fall Quarter, members sold year- book covers. Circle K also spent a Saturday eating lunch and playing games with the children of Scott Cottage at the Alabama Baptist Chil- dren ' s Home. During Winter and Spring quarters, mem- bers sponsored a canned food drive for Pensions and Secu- rities Office. Annually, the Circle K members participate in Special Olympics in Troy by helping the Washington County Olympians. The Alabama District Con- vention in Auburn was at- tended by seven members. The highlight of the conven- tion was when President Ka- ren Coad received the Walker Curry Outstanding Alabama Circle K member award. Top and Middle Left: Circle K participates in the homecoming pa- rade. Middle Right: Karen Coad sells book covers for Palladiums. Bottom Left: Karen Coad is the Walker Curry Outstanding AL Circle K member and Bonnie Bonner is a past District Treasurer of Circle K. Row One: Laura Atkins and Karen Coad. Row Two: Bonnie Bohner, Anna Turman, Linda Gautney, Carol Woodham, LuAnn Mansfield, Detra Brown, and Diane Wood. Row Three: Robin Ellis, Charleen Heisler, Derik Young, Charleen Heisler, Derik Young, Chris Terilli, Jeff Railey, Lin- da Kelley, Greg Owens, and Stacey Williams. 200 Circle K Wesley Foundation Tin- Wesls} Foundation ii the i Hitcd Methodist W i sharing the I « v »- ol Jetui Christ and growing within the Christian faith to prepare to- day ' s Christian Collage stu- dents tor not only their colle giate Bxperience, but slso their future beyond Troy State. Spiritual growth and enrichment is encouraged by worshiping, studying the Word, praying, sharing, and singing. Sunday nights are the main fellowship featuring a home cooked meal prepared by Wesley Members followed by an inspirational program. Through Bible Study and Prayer and Share, an infor- mal worship of expressing concerns and praises, the members seek to learn more about how to apply more of their Christian beliefs. The Wesley Singers traveled to ral churchei and il lod ' i Word through a musi cal called " Home Again. A Portrait of a Family " The • red Other at tmtie- tor those -• ing Christian i ompanionship such as intramural ip weUonic back parties, chris- tian Concerts! outdoor out- ings, and week end retreat . The Wesley had thre- treatl thil sear. One of whic h it Panama City with All burn Wesley and South Ala- bama Wesley. The Wesley Foundation ex- tends a warm welcome and is open for fellowship and study all week. All denominations and nondenominations alike are invited to come hare Christ with Wesley people. A Wesley member commented. " We are a rainbow and to- gether we can strive to show the world he is alive. " Top: Denise Delk and Sandra Scott lead a chorus on Sun. night. Middle: Sunday night Vespers pro- grams include a wide variety of ac- tivities. Bottom: Row One: Heather Davit, Denise Crochet. Lynn McCall. Faith Reed. Row Two: Liza Mercer, Lau- ra Dozier, Michelle Lafon, Anne Km t-rv. ' . odham, I sell. Row Three: Sandra Peggy Powell, (imi Watson, Vanessa Kay. Caroline Douglas. Dem-e Delk. Caxotyn Pranoaa (lable, Tracy Osmer Row Four: Steve BmOfl Liaa Flanar, Hope Caraon, I -.Mia ' ar den. Carla Couhette. Marty Hamil ton. Row Five: Jonathan Dr Todd Gatlin, Hen Powell, Ch., era, Lucaa Cade, Ken Hamilton undstion 201 Christian Student Center The Christian Student Center is the place for you! Our main objective is to in- volve ourselves in the lives of others, to follow Christ ' s ex- ample as a servant. The stu- dent center serves in various ways. They sponsor mission trips, seminars, revivals, youth rallies and other activi- ties. However, the student center is primarily a people place. People helping people, loving people, serving people. You ' ll always find some- thing going on at the CSC. There are Bible Studies, de- votionals, recreational activi- ties, singing, weekend re- treats, and cookouts, all cen- tered around God ' s Word. If you ' d like to be a part of an active, enthusiastic, loving group of people dedicated to the Lord and His Word, then we ' ve got the place for you! It ' s easy to smile when some- one cares. Come smile with us! Larry Cline, Director introduces cho- ral group that shared at a revival. Row One: Shelia Crowell, Michele Henderson, Greg Brown, Rhonda Lane, Walter Bronson, Sherri Arm- strong, Lea Campbell, Jane Swindle, James Grayson, Casey Petty. Row Two: Linda Cline, Cindy St. John — Treasurer, Angie Davis, Allyson Mul- lins, Katinka Walkers, Teresa St. John — Secretary, Ellen Conner — Vice-President, Teri Young, Debra McClamma. Row Three: Andy Miller, Paul Shiver — President, Larry Cline, Chris Jackson, Ronnie Clark, Camaron Carr, Bill Brown, Brian St. John, David Cade. Opposite page; Top Four: Chris- tian Student Center on retreat May 7. Bottom: The Choral group sharing at the revival. 202 Christian Student Center Christian Student (rntr- The Baptist Student Union was established to help Chris- tians on their journey through college. Programs were de- signed to assist students on this journey. The journey inward lead to Bible studies, Vespers, choir, a Missions Emphasis Week, Youth Director ' s Workshop, and state and national con- ventions. This provided prep- aration to minister to others in Christian fellowship, in choir and drama presenta- tions in churches, missions programs in the nursing home and jail, and a week-long pro- ject in Georgia. The ensemble, Sunshine, enjoyed another year of shar- ing in churches. Outreach ' 83 was a week of evangelistic ef- fort in January. The annual ( J " nir) " n Volley ball Marathon was held in February to raise money for summer missions. Baptist Student Top: Council members are: Craig Preston, Sports; Mark Johnston, Pres.; Lisa Compton, Fellowship; Da- vid Taylor, Music; Mr. Elbert Wil- liams, Campus Min.; Ray Bendall, Vespers; Twila Ryan, Communica- tions; Valerie Barton, Spiritual Growth; Teresa Williams, Missions Outreach; and Robert Flowers, Pro- motion. Middle Left: Drama members pre- sent the skit " Touch of Faith. " Middle Right: Gary Swafford, Mis- sionary to Malawi, shares with junior Robert Flowers during Missions Em- phasis Week. Row One: Keith Benton, Ray Ben- dall, Sherry Dudley, Lynn Vincent, Terri Davis, Trish McCrory, Rachel Nichols, Julie Moody, Barbara Buri Tina Helms, and Mr. Elbert Wil- liams. Row Two: Jeannean Nichols, Valerie Barton, Yong Ho Gilroy, Kathy Vail, Teresa Williams, Marth- anna Moore, Laurie Badger, Char- leen Heisler, and Debra Nash. Row Three: Wes Llewellyn, Charlotte Rogers, Ken Foster, Bob Williams, Anita Cumbie, Joan Hughie, Amy Foster, Mark Jones, Steve Warren, Mike Kelly, Lyn Johnston, and Lisa Caudill. Row Four: Buddy Good- man, Vicki Comer, Donna Nicholson, Nathalie Bentley, Twila Ryan, Susan Russell, Mike Alexander, Bryant Goss, Garry Shirah, and Greg Owens. Row Five: Linda Kelley, Stephanie Akin, Mitch McVicker, Alvin Dia- mond, Jim Reed, John Reed, Wyatt Youngblood, Jay Taylor, Robert Flowers, Ken Reid, and Johnny Oak- ley. Row Six: Tim Beasley, Tony Walters, David McFarland, John Menge, Doug McGriff, Nate White, Billy Quails, Lisa Compton, Mark Johnston, and Criag Preston. 204 BSU Catholic Campus Ministry Association The Catholic Campus Min- istry Association at 1 State University prom fellowship and Christian val- ues among the registered stu dents through a van •• cial and educational activi- ties Member included How One Kelly, I. aura S hw ■■ Blizzard Vice President Smith — President. Pal Omera Row Two: Doroth) Pantoi .. Catherine «i ■ni . Rachel Bedell. I)on Meetiri, Paul S •John D. Verville, Vince Sir. Jaimie Hand Row Three: Kr Robert Pulton, Lorie Nu- gent. B. Rodnck Hilton, I.ucia Moo. tanez, Jeff Mclnernez. Turner Coo- per. John J Barrett. Theresa Cullar. William Powell) and James Ma hana. From arguing the merits of an unilateral nuclear freeze to debating the values of privacy in relation with other Consti- tutional rights, the Troy State Debate Team proved success- ful in the intercollegiate cir- cuit. During Fall Quarter, the debate team traveled to tour- naments sponsored by Mer- cer University and by Vander- built University. At the Van- derbuilt University Tour- nament, the team of Bonita Austin and Andy Martin won an octa-finalist trophy by posting a 5-3 win-loss record TSU Debate in preliminary rounds. Troy ' s other team Nick Angelo and Asif Jamal, missed breaking into the elimination rounds by one speaker point. Winter Quarter saw a change in the topic, but more of the same results. Troy State traveled to tourna- ments hosted by Auburn Uni- versity. Wingate College in North Carolina, Berry Col- lege in Georgia, and the Cita- del in South Carolina. At the tournament hosted by Au- burn University, the team of Nick Angelo and Danny Cates posted a 5-1 prelimi- nary record with Nick receiv- ing the second place speaker award. In the semifinal round, the team defeated North Alabama on a 3-0 deci- sion. At Wingate College, Danny and Nick won a quarterfinal trophy after posting a 4-2 re- cord in the preliminary rounds. Thev posted the same record at the Berry College tournament, but were unable to break into semifinal rounds. At Berry. Asif Jamal and Pat Harris in only their second tournament surprised the University of Florida by giving the top team their only loss. The victories accumulated over the 1982-83 year by the TSU Debate Team were such prestigious schools as Bob Jones University. Duke. University of Florida. North Alabama. Tennessee, and Wofford College. Such victo- ries exemplify the academic excellence pursued by 1 - intercollegiate competiti Members included Pat Harris ' ■ ■ Angelo. Bonita Austin. And Martin. ' amal Not pictured Danny CCMA TSU ivhete 206 TSU Gospel Choir The TSU Gospel Choir was founded during the fall quar- ter of 1980. They have grown to a present membership of approximately 70 students. Under the presidency of Mr. Darrell R. Hayes, the choir traveled to Montgom- ery, Al. to perform at the First United Methodist Church and to Clio, Al. at the St. Pe- ter ' s Baptist Church. The choir also performed at var- ious churches in the Troy area. In the past, the choir has received much recognition for performance in Georgia and Florida. The choir presented their annual on-campus concert May 22 in the Adams Center. Selections included " There is No Failure in God, " " When all God ' s Children Get To- gether, " and " Call Him Up " . Ads were sold for the concert bulletin to raise funds for the organization. The Gospelletes claimed the title of Women ' s Intramu- ral Volleyball Champions. 206 Gospel Choir SSSS SmSfs University Dancers Top Right: Occasional injuries are to be expected during rigid rehears- als. Above: Members perform at ISCO ' s International Festival. Bottom: Members included Row One: Tammi Burdick, Stella Stewart, Faye Flowers, Beverly Webster, Kim Flowers. Row Two: Lou Ann Green, Cindy Deloney, Sharon Stin- son, Wendy Williams, Dena Dubber- ly, Martha Warr. Row Three: Be- verly Hargrove, Andy Bullard, Dede Hinger, Vance Edeker. Opposite Page Top Left: Stretch exercises and warmups precede every rehearsal. Top Right: Martha Warr and Lou Ann Green perform in the Annual production. Middle Left and Right: A perfor- mance consists of many different types of music. Bottom: The University Dancers re- ceive a well deserved standing ova- tion. 208 University Dancers Inivrrum I « Collegiate Singers The Troy State University Collegiate Singers is a choral group open to all students at T.S.U. The group is directed by Dr. William R. Denison, and presents one concert each quarter. The beginning of fall quar- ter took up much of their time with rehearsals for the Fall Sing, November 9, 1983. The program included serious se- lections as well as popular Broadway tunes. The audi- ence even got in on the action through an audience partici- pation song entitled " Shen- andoah " . Winter quarter was a busy one for the Collegiate Singers. Several members of the group auditioned and were chosen to go on tour. The group toured February 13-16 in Georgia and Florida. March 6, the Collegiate Singers per- formed the major works, Peaceable Kingdom by Ran- dall Thompson andTe Deum by Verdi. Spring quarter saw the Col- legiate Singers working to- ward the Pop Concert which was held April 21. Several se- lections were performed by the whole group and several solos and ensembles by indi- viduals. Top: Lisa Phelps, represents Colle- giate Singers in the Homecoming pa- rade. Middle Left: Collegiates present their annual " Fall Sing. " Middle Right: A special performance for alumni is presented on Bibb Graves Quad Homecoming day. Bottom: Dr. Dennison directs during the " Fall Sing. " 210 Collegiate Singers Health Physical Education and Recreation The HPER Club ii a pro- fessional organization lor health, physical education, and or recreation majors mi- nors. The HPER Club bs its goal the professional de- velopment of its memhers through the medium of var- ious activities and projects with thi s aim in view. The HPER Club ' s project and activities for this school vear included two blood drives, the ASAHPERD fall and spring conferences, Jump Rope for Heart, and Special Olympics. Thank you majors for mak- ing tins 11 very uni ) l P HPER lustra tor i .in in a tquare Middle: HPER ilul ■JJXHW I Mlcx-d I)n - Bottom: members included Ko« One: Belh BUisor, Bonnie Humryaa. Moll) Bate, Joaa Milk, Hi Davit, Brett ZSSSUI How Tw d Watson, Jos Hudson, Valsi vitte.lim Lindsay, Mi-- Flynn Ad visor, Tammy Ruffian. John Ca- meron HPEH Trojan Seahorses The 1983 Troy State Uni- versity Synchronized Swim Team began practicing in September for the annual winter show. Synchronized swimming, commonly re- ferred to as water ballet, re- quires strength, endurance, flexibility, and exact timing. It combines skills of competi- tive, swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. Students interest- ed in joining must be at least an intermediate swimmer. The Trojan Seahorse Synchro Club practiced many hours in preparation for the winter show entitled " The Beat Goes On " . The show, performed in late February, featured music from the past to the future. The Charleston, Square dances, Waltzed, Samba ' s the Swing, Rock and Roll, Beatle ' s Disco and Punk numbers were performed. The numbers were choreo- graphed by the officers Sid- ney Sutherland, president, and Susan Sasser, secretary- treasurer. Bill Gauspohl, the vice-president, was the mas- ter of ceremonies. Row One: Susan Blake. Row Two: Cindy Bowden, David Clinkscales, Wesley Chapman, Susan Sasser. Row Three: Reba Wall, Marthana Moore, Sidney Sutherland, Pam Dar- by, Maria Sostillo, Cathy Colman. Not pictured: Bill Gauspohl. Trojan Hostesses The Trojan Hostesses are a group of ladies who dedicate their support to the Trojan Football team. Their duties include hosting a reception for recruits, players and their families, giving campus tours to recruits and hosting re- cruits during football games. fri»viUi Left: The Trojan Hostesses held a Football Throw to raise money. 212 Trojan Seahorse Trojan Hostesses Trackettes Trojan Trackettes is a ser- vice organization whose nun) ber one goal is to support the TSU track team. This in- volves officiating at track meets, helping out with fund raising projects, making signs and posters of encourage- ment, and cheering the track team on when they ' re in ac- tion. The 198H track season was a busy and exciting one for the Trackettes. Home track meets included the Troy Re- lays, a dual meet between TSU and Alabama State, a High School sectional meet, the Gulf South Conference meet, and to end up the sea- son, the High School State meet. Row One: Paula Kendrick. Kristen Taylor, Charlotte Tolbert, Shelia Parker, Michele Proctor, Judie Wil- son, Laura Wallenfels. Row Two: Becky Surrency, Lynn Vinton, Ann Kuusisto, Penny Woody, I armela Robbins, Karen Scott, ( " hristi Walk- er. Leigh Anne Mace, Patty Rodri- guez. Row Three: Blanche Stan lord. Sherry Dudley. Lisa Smith, Bet- ty Brookins. Stephanie Shiver, Danette Welsh, Valarie Roberts. She lia Lee, Pam Worsham, Kathy Hol- ley. Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a national music fraternity for men. Fall quarter the brothers presented a fall musicale in conjunction with Sigma Al- pha Iota. The brothers also performed a stirring arrange- ment of " Down in The Valley " at the Fall Sing. Several rush parties and smokers were held, the highlight being the Oktoberfest. Winter quarter was pledge quarter. For a pledge project, the pledges built a stereo cabinet and refinished the benches in the chapter room. Row One: Teresa St. John, Sweet- heart; Vance Edeker, Gary Cornelius, Marc Dickman, Denny Wright, Ken Kimbrough and .Jane Swindle, Little Sister. Row Two: Steve Lover, Jim Brasher. Gary Cook. Michael Russell, Jay Asher and Kirby Sanders. Row- Three: Murk Watts. Brian St John, Lamonte Isom, Nate Roberson, Vince Dumas, Britt Pouleon, Kddie Horn and Vaughn Irby. Nine pledges were initiated near the end of the quarter. The brothers presented the Orpheus Award to Donna Reynolds for her promotion of music. Spring quarter the brothers sold chances on the annual Beach Weekend give away. Sigma Alpha Iota joined Phi Mu Alpha for the annual American Composers con- cert. The theme for the con- cert was " Broadway Through The Years. " The softball team was also active this quarter, playing the BSU team and Kappa Kappa Psi. New officers were elected and took office during this time. The brothers observed their chapter day May 12. 1983. ' ■ ' ' ; ' ■ Sigma Alpha Sigma During this school year, Sigma Alpha Sigma has lived up to its primary goal of serv- ing others. The club strives to participate actively in service projects on the TSU campus and in the surrounding com- munity. Membership is com- posed primarily of those ma- joring in Social Work, Reha- bilitation, or Social and Rehabilitative Services. Any TSU student who is interest- ed in sharing this ideal is wel- come to join in this effort. A variety of activities gained the attention of the club membership. The reign- ing Miss Wheelchair America who is from Alabama was hosted by the club while she visited the campus and the Troy area. Individual mem- bers did volunteer work in so- cial service areas including helping with the distribution of food to needy persons, vis- iting those living in nursing homes, sponsoring a party for the residents of Pike Manor Nursing Home during Na- tional Nursing Home Week and participating in the orga- nization of a beauty pageant at Pike Manor. In addition, the club sponsored its first annual Womanless Beauty Pageant on campus which was tremendous fun. This was the kickoff effort for the club to raise funds for a scholar- ship to be offered to a major in the Department of Human Services. This scholarship will be named in honor of Ms. Kim Lunsford and will even- tually be awarded to those who demonstrate the desire and skill to work with those needing rehabilitative ser- vices. Top: Lynn Wilkerson, Joe Harring- ton and Nanette Collier chat with Miss Wheelchair America, Barbara Crozier. Middle: Martin McCrory alias Moonshine McTugs won the Woman- less Beauty Pageant. Bottom: members included Row One: Karen Nesbitt, Lynn Wilkerson — President, Debra Gafford, Donna Scott, Kaye Blackburn, Pat Padgett. Row Two: Shirley Reynolds, Ka- trina Braden, Sherwin Bond, Kelly McCarn, Vicky Kelley, Angela Wil- kerson, Tony Walker — Advisor. Row Three: Joe Harrington — Dept. Chairman, Mary Helen Dan- ner, Kathy Marler, Linda Gautney, Susan Blackburn, Johnnie Mae Thomas, Bob Whitson — Asst. Pro- fessor. 214 Sigma Alpha Sigma TSU Body Building The Bod) Building dtlb obtained iti charter in the spring of 19H2. The club now bai over 40 mamben ind is still growing. Through the generoeitj Charles Henderson Jeffcoet, the club has access to the high school weight room weekdays troin 30 to 8:30 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 1 pm. Student ma 118C the nautilus room on cam- pus. The club is open to all uni- versity students interested regardless of their physical condition. The club will also provide step by step training and instructions including diet for those who are inter ested. The club is designed to help each individual develop his or her potential to the fullest in all aspect.-. Top: Men make their bent poae for the judges Middle: Women let judges have a look from a side ). Bottom: At May Dav the club al- itlldentl t " tr their strength I St Student Government Association President Stacy Krebs " It is wonderful to feel as though you have had a part in making many college careers more fulfilling and at the same time experiencing 150 ' 7 of what your own college ca- reer can be. I hope our admin- istration has paved the way through our example, for con- tinued cooperation among student and administrators, constructive student input and encouragement of stu- dents in civic participation. — Stacy Krebs The Student Government provides a direct link between students and the administra- tion at TSl ' . By using the democratic, republic process the SGA is able to present the views of the students Under the leadership of President Stacy Krebs, the SGA took on several new stu- dent centered projects. The establishment of " Troy Day " was one of these new areas. Thii Iocs! bolidaj mi i n to recognize the city o4 TVoj and thoil work in helping make Trov State what it istO day. The SGA also took under it- wing the CO sponsorship of a campus wide hand d Another first was the que- tionnaire that Miss Krebs staff circulated for campui imput on an informal b And beginning in L983 the SGA became the yearly dona- t »r of the Mi-- I l i rOWD In addition to U.. tir-t-,tli. ■- - ' .Alain. I program designed to ' • responsible drinking without a moral lesson Tin- w... part o! .1 de Alchohol A w .ireiie-- 1 ' rogram. The 8 • actively nipporfc olution to create ■ pol ice major, il I 81 ■ Also, a student commit! lected to work as a la Ma yjsk tween the SAGA food service and the students. The SGA ' s used textbook exchange continued to thrive under the 1983 leadership and once again the SGA spon- sored the Homecoming Queen. With many new ideas and the assert iveness to go along with them the SGA was able to serve the student body in an efficient, low-key man- ner. " Anyone who wants to be a leader can be (one) if they are just given the right opportunities. For many the SGA is that opportunity. " — Britten Poulson Above right: Advisor — Robert Willi- ford, Dean of Student Affairs. Supreme court members included Row One: Sharon Pace, Ame Howell, and Anne Keimel. Row Two: Keith Harnage, Charles Alex- ander and Tom Creswell. SGA Senators included Row One: Wesley Sean, Ronnie Cine, Phillip Shaw, Mike Bradford, Gary Shirah, Kirk YVascom, Steve Riggs; Row Two: Marty Hamilton, Charlene Hisler, Lisa Ralls, Sue Thomas, Cul- lie Smith, Terri Howard, Sandra Bry- ant, Vivienne Kay, and Karen Scott; Row Three: Keith Gambell, Jenni- fer Muer, Dianne Arzen, Terrell Ma- lone, Chip Williams, Sol Tepper, Audi McCathern, Mike Hall, Joey Hames, Neal Starling, Dee Anthony, Sammi Story, Britt Wilson, James Odoud, Edward Craig, and Bill Pon- ders. SGA Senate and Supreme Court m - JL 3 11 V D k JM f T ! H v ■ if ' ■ m Si 1 ■ 1 1 i ' it 218 The Art Guild Supporting thfl arts at Troy State University H the Art Guild, an organization open to all art majors, minors and patrons. The club striv. support student artists by sponsoring several exhibits throughout the year. The Spring Art Show is usually the major project. However. this year, the club directed its energies, spring quarter, to the Jean Lake Memorial Art Show. This was a professional show supported by the Troy City Arts Council. Fall quarter was a time of recruiting new members and getting new officers oriented. The Art Guild was proud to sponsor Hillary Hallford in the Homecoming Pageant and a Halloween party was held to give the art 1 - • chance to be creative in tume design and cooking. During Winter and Spring quarter, several show were set up in Kilby Gallery. Top: The Art Guild -| oii-ored a Win ter Show in Kilhy C.aller Middle: Hillary Halford wa- the Art Guild ' s nominee for the Homecoming ml Bottom; Row One: Tina Richard -on. Suttfl Rutwll, Alecia McKi .lim Brasher. Mary Blvthe Row I si o Advisor. Mark BrtWtOD, Preu Blythe. I-arrv Strickland, and I Chance Art Guild Adams Center Union Board This year the ACUB pro- vided students with exciting entertainment! The Big Names were Juice Newton, Bob Dubac, Atlanta Rhythm Section, and Fire Fall. Annual events included the College Bowl Tournament and the May Day Carnival this spring which featured " September " . Family Fued has been added to the list of annual events. The Manhattan Rhythm Kings took us through music of the ages Winter Quarter. Competition could be felt and seen at the tournaments such as Ping Pong, Pool, Pin- ball, Spades, and Checkers. The Wednesday evening theatre screen was always alive with film favorites in- cluding Star Trek II, Raiders of The Lost Ark, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Polyester, Taps, On Golden Pond, Rocky III, Chariots of Fire and a double feature, The Birds and Psycho. Row One: Tony Morris, Mike Brad- ford, Phillip Shaw, Row Two: Mrs. Levertte, Eileen Cluen, Natalie Bal- dwin, Brett Wilson. Row Three: Mr. O ' Neal, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Peeks, and Mr. Sullivan. Not Pictured: Donald J. Gibson, V.P Student Affairs. 220 ACUB I.rfl During Um annual, A " I I ' , stmii •• paled in thr Slur) Miildliv lamara Kuhn M.C niirr !(. • Mr Mas Bottom i -fi rod a ridoo tournaBMBl 14 BottOH riKhl: MoDo Yolloii fan Chug ii in during ti ■ tivitiea. All !■ The Tropolitan The Tropolitan, a student- university community news- paper at Troy State Universi- ty, seeks to inform the stu- dents, faculty, administration and staff of campus events. The Tropolitan invites all readers to contribute letters and suggestions. The paper was published every Wednesday of fall, win- ter and spring quarters, ex- cluding the week before and of final examinations. All writing, editing, layout, pasteup and selling of adver- tising was done by students at TSU. The Tropolitan provided practical experience for the student journalists, who got an introduction to news re- porting, editing, photography and mechanical aspects of the newspaper. Achievements in the past year included acquiring two video display terminals which allowed the staff members to typeset copy and headlines. The number of pages of the paper increased from eight to twelve or more. Two alumni issues were produced and dis- tributed to 34,000 alumni and students. Spring quarter marked a " first " for the Tro- politan; the front page on April 27, 1983, featured a col- or picture for the first time in the newspaper ' s history. Copy was typeset by TSU typesetters. Mr. Jim Sellers served as advisor. Top: Jay and Patti fit ads together for the newspaper. Row One: Jay Reeves, Kevin Scar- binsky. Row Two: Barbara Griggs, Patti Woodbury, Alicia McKenzie, Larry Hobbs, Gen Blizzard, Art Carter, and Tom Sizemore. 222 Tropolitan Top Left: Brenda checks ccj err T- Top Right: Patti and Ke in % rk on layout t " K ' ether. Bottom: Alecia and " .en l k at the finished produd The : Editor in Chief Leslie Braman 224 Palladium Palladium Staff Business Mai Jeff .Johnston TSU ' s yearbook staff of 1983 was a small one. Throughout the year, the dif- ferent sections of the hook were juggled among the core of leadership as their sched- ules permitted. There were times when the staff was late for deadlines, behind on scheduling photographs and plagued with independable " help " from volunteers. But despite the problems, the staff seemed to know intu- itively that this book had a statement to make. This faith is what kept the Staff going. through the thick and thin. § Editor Leslie Hraman sin gle handedly designed and edited the greek section in ad- dition to designing many or ganization layouts and of course overseeing the entire publication. ' iitor Kay Bendall designed and edited the campus life and feature- sections. Jeff John- ston, was not only bus manager but also the -; editor. Susan Russell who served as an iitor moved from section U Section wherever needed and sh developed the opening tlv Advisor Jacqueline Smith once again yielded her sup port in all ti- er- PalUdiun — — — — — — — — — . The Sound ' s In Town " As the drum major calls for attention and signals the members onto the field, when the flash of the instruments is seen and the deafening notes of the fanfare are heard, you know . . . " The Sound ' s in town! " The T.S.U. " Sound of the South " has been the exhibi- tion band in many marching contests this year. During the Heart of Dixie Festival in Pratville, the Southeastern Marching Festival in Troy, and the Southland Marching Festival in Enterprise, the Top Right: The " Sound " pauses during the homecoming parade. Middle Right: The Drum section prepares to enter the stands. Bot- tom Right: Dena Dubberly per- forms a routine for the crowd. Bot- tom Middle: The color guard drills for precision. Bottom Left: Tony Kirkland performs a solo during half- time. younger musicians were daz- zled and amazed by the " Sound ' s " performance. At the football games, the Troy State Band played everything I from country, to rock-and- ■ roll, to the great American classics of " Gershwin " . Also, the postgame show consists of the show tunes from halftime plus many hymns, marches, jazz, and patriotic songs for the large crowd. The many hours of practic- ing that are heard campus- wide are not disrupted by the heat of the summer nor the bitter cold of the winter. The band has marched in several parades including the Troy State Appreciation Day Pa- rade and Torch Light Parade at Homecoming. Best of all, when we graduate, we can proudly say, " I was in the Troy State University " Sound of the South " March- ing Band! " Top Left: Dim Aplin direct the " Sound " t the South. " Top Middle: Beverlj Hargrove leads the major tiits 111 the homecoming parade. Middle Left: The lazaphoni tion ihowa their " Sax " appeal Mid- dle Kinht: The " Sound " prepare! t " leave tin- Raid Bottom Left featured twirlera are, from left !c right, Raj Charlei Silcr. Jim Pique, Sharrie Raulereon, and ' ill Bailej 11 82- 198:1 majorette line i- clod mnon Kim PaiTtfth, uN. Dane Dubberrj - Arm -troii M 3 nthia Taylor, Eliiabetfa Barm i, Kim Rainer, Beverl) Hargrovi Shay Owens I Farmer, Alison Whiu par, i lit nd Liae 1 tout • rmar, Janet Miller. Band Sections TROMBONES Row One: Connie Wilkes, Mark Dickman, Lorie Nugent, Dennis Hadaway, and Larry Smith. R ow Two: Antonio Kinard, Buddy Good- man, Brent Scott, Tim Hyatt, Jona- than Dawswell, and Scott English. Row Three: Jonathan Spann, Cathy Owings, Doug Smith, David Moore, and Rob Grice. Row Four: Lee Bradley, Tim Hartselle, Nathan White, John Hillsman, Newman Brooks — Section Leader, Asa Jerni- gan, and Ron Stone. FLUTES MELLAPHONES Row One: Ginger Metcalf and Jane Swindle. Row Two: Debbie Hirtle, Melanie Irizarry, and Val Kelley. Row Three: Laura DeWolf, Lynne Martin, Mary Wadowick, and Dawn Strickland. Row Four: Lisa Geowan, Betsie Andrews, Patsy Heath, Michelle Henderson and Joan Hughie. Left Row: Cathy Horn, Lisa Hicks, Tommy Allen, Ken Kimbrough, and Paul Burkett. Right Row: Betsy Davis, Crawford Harris, Pat Hartselle, Robert Trevelles, and David Watson. Center: Jack Martin. SAXOPHONES mmam COLOR GUARD Row One: Mary Ray. Row Two: David Morris, and Sean Carney. Row Three: Michele Lafon, Gini Watson, Darryl Player, and Mike Mitchell. Row Four: Gary Cornelius, Ronnie Chase, Iris Green, James Merritt, and Andrew Willisson. Row Five: Vanse Edeker, Jennifer Beck, Trish Sutfin, Alicia Chambers, Lamont Isom, and Chris Terilli. Row One: Anita Clayton, Monica Maloney, Mary Lou O ' Brien and Debbie Bahonnon. Row Two: Annette Jones, Gwyn Rosende, Kala Pepper, Pan Faulkner, and Portia Jones. Row Three: Kari Long, James Beck, Dennis Purvis, Jerry Ruffin, Bev Corn, and Rita Jones. Row Four: Jerry Jackson, Albert Mickle, Gina Smith, Andy Bullard, Angie Irizarry, Sandy Allen, and Reggie Suggs. 228 Band Band Sections I ' KRU SSION Bolton Sai ir. - Mill B vmhill. William K John Barn Petri) wuidi: John i Mark ■ ' Baaai - Vi k. Pali ■ Kii k Hart an TRUMPETS How One ■illr . Williford, Blair nun. V, Deniae ( row.. R ' Lukf Lander-. I Mike Buaaell, Charlton Mi Klralh. a: BOH I « " Mike BlZZO, h«-rr Andr- - Pitta, Vin • Bryant Grots. Chris Morgan, Pal Ph nt. Tim I Mark Jvin Hughi Smith. Tom Kirkland, vaughi Ralph Kurd. Kevin 1 Mike Mulcahv. and Earl I CLARINETS r- 1 r-t Row: Jon (hamberlaii Potter, Sandra Mobk •Janeel Marshall. lama (,a in. and Leigh Annt M •. • How I m slal I ' ltr. c. R ( « helk Sutton. Rohyn Russell, Mr shade. Glenda Kellev. and Ann hams Row Three: Allison Mullins. Ten Parker, Laura Iovine. Nannie Nil hols. Aluia Yielding. Andv Wat- son, and Mis- SOUSAPHONES Row One: Tbdd Reed, -lim Korrner. 1 ' amohell. Richard ; Williams, .dm U ind Darrell : Row Two: Willie M Willie Moore, lhaxh Hatihelor. Stai Johj Hurt. Robert Suns, and R -d|te Ran.: The SOUND 230 Band of The South Kan.. iiiiii uiii ffUUukiriiiiu GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS I 4 M V - ImIMUMIO 20 v, Tf- ' motoom is« ?4 P if 234 Sorority Rush GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS Sorority Rush - • nt Ki»»h The word " Pan-Hellenic " is derived from the Greek, meaning " all-Greek " . The Troy State University Pan- hellenic Association, consist- ing of eight sororities, strives to uphold universal panhel- lenic (all Greek) ideals. Each sorority is also very individ- ualized. Panhellenic serves as a co- ordinating body. Its actions evidence a spirit of coopera- tion by both collegiate and alumnae members as all so- rorities work together. Co- operation for furthering Greek life is the ideal that guides Panhellenic activity. Sororities offer leadership opportunities, scholastic en- couragement, and service re- Panhellenic Council sponsibilities as well as life- long friendship. Sorority life means so much to those who are a part of it. Panhellenic is more than a Greek system at Troy State University. In fact, it becomes a way of life. Officers included Dimple Andress, Secretary; Maria Mendoza, First Vice-President; Beth Patton, Trea- surer; Kim Holman, Second Vice- President; Cindy Willis, President. Council members included Row One: Dimpl e Andress, Debbie Dow- dle, Scarlett Weed, Maria Mendoza, Polly Spencer, Valerie Seyforth, Car- ol Johnson, Kim Holly, Brenda Jones, Mrs. Joyce Griffen. Row Two: Cathy Bryan, Linda Lee Law- rence, Beth Patton, Alison Wynn, Tina Lee, Sarah Macon, Mindy Stump, Janet Gulley, Kim Holman, Dorothy Johnson, Cindy Willis. 236 Panhellenic Council Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Coun- cil provides a means for the fraternities on camptb to unite for the purpose of (lis CUBSing questions of mutual interest. It also serves as the law governing body for all fra- ternities. The Interfraternity Coun- cil seeks to strengthen the Greek System, so that all Greeks will grow in size and will develop a mature, re- sponsible character as a fra- ternal organization which is respectful of each individual Greek fraternity sorority as well as Troy State University communities. lin« One Pop well, Ad -naul. • Kc. w rwo hi i - Ih- . I President - Todd Hul icity Din Council members included l(n« One: I .,irr Popwell Hing. Herbie Howard, Glenn Shaul 5 Calton, Darrell H ' ind Stump, Tad Dillai ■ l.ii obs, l " ii U.n.,i- Ji : Rappj Pi ■ Kt « Two: Mike Ki: Pant, Charles Thornton I Baldwin. Bruce Miller. Tcm Wil- liams, Pal McKeown, W Stumpf, Jim M ner Int rfrsl mitv I GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS l ra|BV|f f » - - mL V 1 A H gk H 238 Fraternity Rush GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS GREEKS Fraternity Rush FmtrrnitN i Abney, Gail Adkinson, Tammi Akins, Nancy Barnes, Laura Bassett, Janet Benett, Debra Breidenstein, Carla Brooks, Tara Brown, Lissa Bruce, Cathy Cunningham, Kim Daugherty, Dianna Davenport, Andrea Deloach, Kim Dowdle, Debbie Edwards, Jamie Faveash, Mary Foltz, Jamie Flowers, Faye Gallacher, Liz Gibson, Pam Hanson, Robin Hicks, Misty Hill, Kim Holley, Julie Huber, Jackie Ivans, Kelly Jordan, Cill Kantor, Lisa Kelly, Ann King, Julie Knight, Dena Knotts, Donna Lancaster, Kim Leis, Peggy Lewis, Shari Lovell, Sharon Lyles, Rene McCarthy, Chris McEntee, Sandy McLain, Shelly Marshall, Vicky May, Tammy Mendoza, Maria Newton, Jacquie Osullivan, Nan Panton, Dorothy Ray, Mary Blair Risner, Cindy Rodriguez, Patty Seyforth, Valerie Smith, Terry Snoekstra, Suellen Speir, Deborah Speir, Laura Tholrmon, Suzie Zelko, Monica Alsobrook, Alice Andress, Dimple Anrzen, Diane Ashmore, Sheri Barnett, Kim Beety, Dixie Borkenhagen, Donna Botsford, Leslie Bradsher, Angie 240 Greeks Bryai Hurdic k I t f M rm ' alhoun, ' • ' ■ 1. I. ind. i •iiuc ( ' lower. I » Inita (rail. V Dubberly, I N Ellison, l " .ni Elrod, Lv no • Gillman, Wands Gregory, hr Hinger, I tode i. I a line Hudson, I) " tina Johnson, Lori Lawerent e, I.mda Long. Kan Matthews. I.mda Parkman, Nana Parrish. Kim Pederson, Tanya Pike, Susan Polk. Belinda Rainer, Kim Raulerson. 1 ' aulette RaulerMin. Sherrie 3 ties, ( ' olleen Scroggins, Nam j Smith. Cindy Smith. Cullie Spencer. Polly Thompson, Susan Tounsend, Kim Walton. Carol Watkins, Jamie Wenzel. Tracy Wilkins. Robin Witten, (iina Yates, Hope Young, Jackie CoU in. Gwen I - uva Johnson, Dorothy •lone-. Brands Kinoey, I.ouann Mann. Valarie 1 i . i . Rholma Thornton. Dorothy Sutton. I e-iree Ballard. Jerome Hii r " . Mauri e Brook-. Claude Evans, Stdne) Green, I tarryi Hayi ft, I ' arrell Isom, William Lock wood, Derrick Malone. Farrall Pu h. Bernard Greek Rogers, Jimmy Sanders, Terence Thomas, James Thornton, Charles Warren, John Bailey, Jill Boozer, Janet Cummins, Linda Campbell, Susan Carter, Nanette Cox, Lori Crowe, Denise Daniels, Staci Davis, Karen Day, Martha Dowling, Margie Dunn, Beth Durant, Pat Felder, Janet Gache, Jackie George, Jennifer Gilchrist, Margaret Gregg, Cathy Hodges, Phyllis Holly, Kimberly Howard, Sherri Howard, Terri Hunt, Shelly Jeter, Jennifer Jones, Annette Keeshan, Angi King, Ginger Kowalski, Kay Kuchle, Sandy Lowery, Frieda McQuaig, Kathy Manders, Margaret Merklinger, Susan Miller, Janet Nelson, Julia Patton, Beth Plant, Gerri Reynolds, Kim Shirey, Shannon Sparkman, Debbie Speck, Anita Smith, Gina Smith, Julie Smith, Lisa Stanley, Gidget Walley, Teri Wynn, Alison Wynn, Mary Amison, Michael Andress, Bobby Archer, Tim Bassett, Wayne Beasley, Steve Beckham, Randy Branning, David Bray, David Calhoun, Cole Clark, Buddy Cottle, Gary Cotton, Allen .».»dP4H XQ 242 Greeks Ba " 1 Kit F p ■2 H - B ■f A tftll ■ « 1 1 t » ■ JAE9 Cutruzzuls i hrii Ethr .id Pord, Kalph Cell, Lan Gilley, I in Halliday, i H a i H.r Holl lt«r Hudspeth, Mike Hyatt, I in [ooim, Mark I.» !roy. Mike Little, Scotl Mi I lormick, Jin Mi ( " urlev. Mark r, Mark Richard Mihovilich, K Pens, Happy Pope, Kevin Reynolds, Jin Shores, Jerry Simmons. Mickey Spann, Jonathan Spivey, Ri Sport, Scot! Thornton, Philip Yickers, Kddie William. Joshua Art Woods. Tony Akridge, Craig Barton. Phillip Clark. Mike Duncan, Scot Hale. Mike Harris. David Kennedy, Kevin McDonough, Keith Moore. Jamei Morehouse. Dale Prather. Robert Ryan, Smith. Charle- Smith. David Tolbert. Gar} Vanderherrv. 1 Ashtord. Andrea Bradley. Bernestme Bliss, Janel Gardner, Valerie Gulley, Janel Hamilton. Xelda Herring, Theresa Hutcher-on. Svnitra Johnson, Carol Johnson, Cordelia lennifer imie Tnpp. Barbara William-. Angela C.rwK Albert, Reginald Blocker, Lorenzo Brown, James Cobb, Reginald Fayson, Daron Gibson, La Norris Hamilton, George Hightower, Gerald McKire, Carolus McNabb, David Owens, Thomas Robinson, Patrick Smith, Carl Tellis, Haywood Vaughn, Derrick Allen, Kelly Ammons, Suzie Anderson, Donna Andrews, Lynne Ashcraft, Lapread Averitte, Allison Bender, Frances Boss, Pat Broome, Annette Brown, Mary-Frank Bryan, Cathy Carr, Cathy Carr, Karla Cooper, Melinda Crawford, Caroline Doyle, Sharon Gantt, Angie Goff, Pam Goocher, Lisa Graf, Meg Griffin, Pat Grogan, Tina Hamrick, Becky Hartert, Jana Heisler, Laura Holmes, Angela Hughes, Suzanne Joiner, Kim Kelley, Starla Kimmel, Anne Krebs, Stacy Locicero, Carol McCrudden, Sharon McLendon, Kay Macon, Sarah Moore, Robbie Motley, Betsy Petty, Kay Rainey, Debra Reynolds, Page Rotton, Robin Rotton, Scottie Saunders, Nancy Singleton, Pam Slack, Melissa Smith, Dora Sport, Derri Smith, Teresa Sparks, Louane Stiehl, Kris Sykes, Laura KAJP Vk fl EJrRaJi 244 Greeks AXA I . r. .1 I Watford I !• I rets rletl Willis, i!i(i Alberto, Eddie ■ Belli Baldwin, I tavid ■ Combee, Keith Cumlander, Hum Dickinson, Claj Dillard, Tad Bspada, ( ttn Floyd, J H.irn ill, Hudson, S Kite bent, I uk I ..i -« .n. Vic Lewis, I ■ M : Markev. Bob l ■ Mote, Viinn Neven, Lent e Farham. Mike Reeves, -lay Shore. Jerrj Smith. Kit Stokes, Raj mond Sutton, I tout Ibmlinson, Steve Tucker. Lam BaU belor, Brian Calton, Steve Craig, Kdward Curenton, Lon Ken Hampton, Keale Hobos, Lawrence Holzmann, ( ierard H» rM, Brian Howard, Herbie Key, Glen Kincade, Michael LoUey, James Martin. Mark Miller. Al Mullins, Dennis OuatUebaum, Ru Snaffi Showalter, s i « ' tt Smith. ( ' ire s Turrin, l ii.ui. 1 a ui cr ille. Inhn n, Mark C.fWK Arrington, Jonean Binford, Lori Brown, Chrissy Brown, Cindy Bryant, Angie Brunson, Betsy Corley, Cassanera Daniels, Traci Darlington, Cathy Dykes, Belinda Eslinger, Jenny Faircloth, Molly Foot, Jackie Gramling, Leanne Green, Pamela Hayes, Katrina Holt, Jeanie Hudson, Gerri Huss ey, Barbara Kay, Vanessa Kimbrow, Sharon Krob, Ursula Lazenby, Sue McCall, Tammy McGriff, Kellie McLendon, Missy Martin, Melissa May, Gina Mumbrauer, Wendy Nelson, Dana Norris, Kathy O ' Neal, Lynne Pace, Sharon Parker, Kathy Peel, Michelle Railey, Melanie Robison, Jo Ann Salzarulo, Robin Scarborough, Leah Schmidt, Julie Scott, Tammie Smith, Shannon Stewart, Kathy Stiver, Carri Stump, Mindy Thames, Lynn Thrower, Wanda Williams, Karla Zorn, Suzanne Aiken, William Allison, Ward Anderson, Kent Baymiller, Mike Beaty, Dan Blevins, Joe Bradley, Robby Bryant, Reggie Campbell, Bill Dowling, Mike Fant, Scott Frady, Troy Griswold, Vic Harnage, Keith Hoik, Herbert Husky, Richard Hutson, Todd EAE 246 Greeks Ko) Iaiii. V •r. Rick Mi . Martin, Jim Mm. Molette, Robert ■m. Bod I ' ltlllUIII. Pittman, Tin RasdalL Don Reese. Bands Rhoads, .John Ru bards, Alan Rinks. Brum Shaw, Phillip Smdcr. Bntt lord. Kevin ill. Brad Strickland, Mac Sullivan, Andy Tapper, Sol Thompson, Scott Turner. Francis Williams, Chip Williams, Chuck Woodward. Chris Adair, Riley Adams, Jeff Alcorn, Jeffrey Angelo. Nichalos Aultman. William Barker. Bill Boles. Teddy Brown, Dave ( " ink. Ronnie Davis, -Jason Davis. Ross Drew, Robert Durrance. .Justin English, Scott Flowers, -Johnny Freeman. Derek Hendrickson, Shane Hudson. Rick Huffstetler. Sam .Jeffcoat, Ricky -Judy, Dan Karrh, -James Kendnck. Paul Kersey, Terry 1 .1 1 . I ■ ' . -• M. I lathers, Audy McClelland. Chuck Mi ( Ilelland, Jamat Mar , tt Mitchell. -Jackie Mitchell. Mike Moore. Scott Mossholder. Mark Palmer, Bud Pickett, I Ponder, Bill Quails. Tern Schmelser, Tim Scroggins, Mike Senn, W • Cm I Shaull, Glenn Smith, Kenneth Snyder, Brian Southard, Richard Starling, Neal Story, Sammie Stump, Mike Thornal, Wes Terrell, Lem Wascom, Kirk Weekley, Brian Weekley, John Wells, Benjaman Wespiser, Dan Whelpley, Ron White, Jon S. Wyatt, James Abbott, Mike Bell, Jesse Burkett, Paul Carney, Sean Cooper, Phillip Dunnam, Keith Enfinger, David Ferrara, Ron Genetski, Tom Glass, Darren Goodreau, Jim Howell, Chuck Inaudi, Salomon Jacobs, Dru Jones, Bob Keith, Al Millisor, Barney Partridge, Joe Partridge, Kevin Phillips, Steven Schipman, Stephen Smith, Tim Thomas, Gary Thorington, Robert Weaver, Joey Williams, Roger Wright, Richard Allen, Scott Babb, Fred Bankester, Daniel Bradford, Mike Cobb, Steve Cooper, Dave Coven, John Creswell, Tom Drake, Mark Ellis, Kenneth Floyd, Robert Gilbert, Scott Jewell, Greg Lathan, Don Marable, Mike Moore, Paul Petteway, Carl Phillips, James Ramer, Jon Williams, Tom Williams, Walt 248 Greeks Sorority Presidents Cathy Bruce, Alpha Delta Pi, Ka trm. i Conner, Alpha Kappa |ih.i. Janel lulley, I N i - i - Theta, Tra» j v enzel, Vlpha Gamma Delta, mu- Kimmel, Kappa Delta, Sand) Kuckle, Chi ( inn Brew ■ Fraternity Presidents ltn« One: lard. Ron I . .. I Epsili Alpha Delta Pi The BpSllon Kappa hap- tcr of Alpha Delta Pi ben Troy State University hei been quite active on campui this pa t year. The group ' tivitiea include parti ipating in the Lambda Chi Alpha- sorority president kidnap. participating in the Angel Flight Bed Race, taking the children of the Baptist Chil- dren ' s Home trick or treating and playing Banana Bingo with the residents of Pike County Nursing Home. Indi- vidual efforts include th Jennifer Muer and Maria Mendoza who were in Who ' s Who, Lisa Kantor was made Angel Flight Commander Spring Quarter. Sue Horvath who taught an Art dafl Troy State and had the lead in the Troy State production of The Miracle Worker, -Jen- nifer Muer was in charge of the Trojan Hostesses and Sandy McEntee who was the weather girl for WTSU-TV. Alpha IMu Pi 252 Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta b a great year with a full quota pledge clan i twenty girls Six of the Alpha Garni were choaen oi fraternity pledge (lass Bweethearto. One of the accompliohmentfl oi thi rority this year was f inning the Lambda Chi Alpha Soror- ity President ' s Kidnap can food drive. They were oloo the winners of the number 01 rority volleyball trophy. Three Alpha Game wen lected as Delta Chi Calendar girls for 1983. Winter Quarter the Alpha Cams raised over (1000 for Juvenile Diabetes at their an- nual Skate-a-thon. Four Al- pha Cams were top ten fina- lists in the 1983 Mioa TSU pageant, and the Alpha Cams were second on PanhellenicV sorority scholarship. Alpha (iatnm.i I 254 Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- ity Inc. was founded on How- ard University in Washing- ton, D.C. during the school year of 1907-1908. It was chartered on Troy State Uni- versity hy fifteen college la- dies on Fehruary 26, 1978. L ' 5 fl A Alpha Kappa Alph Alpha Phi Alpha The brother! of XI BETA chapter, do their best to up- hold the name of Alpha Phi Alpha at Troy State UniversJ ty. They strive to promote Greek unity and together- ness. The brothers are active- ly involved in a variety of campus organizations. Since chartering on May 27, 1978 Alpha Phi Alpha ' s have strived for nothing but the best and refuse to settle for less. A few significant accom- plishments of certain frater- nity brothers include; SGA president and Vice-President of IFC. The sweethearts (lit- tle sisters) have also been very active, which include Homecoming Queen for TSU and Miss Black and Gold for the state of AL. The Alpha I ' hi Alp: have leveral annual pr that they iponaor to involve the community and the stu dentaol TS1 In the Pall they had a Canned Food Dliv needy familial supplied by the Pensions and Security of lice. Winter quarter was the Dr. Martin Luther King .Jr. Gospel Tribute with the pro ceeds going toward the XI BETA ( " HAl ' l BR Scholar- ship. Spring quarter the $200.00 scholarship was awarded to a black student from the Troy area who will be attending TSl " in the Fall. We ' ve had a glorious past and look forward to an even brighter future. Look out fel- low Greeks, A-Phi-A is here to stay! Sweetheart Sabrina Thornton Alpha Phi Alpt tf fa Prp.mHpnt b ' m m • • • • Sandy Kuchle Vice-President. . ■ JM - T V Julia Nelson Spcrptary L» ,j T- GiHppt. Stnnlpv Treasurer .W. . Personell m. Janet Miller Janet Boozer Rush Chairman .Jbj W Anita Speck fr Beth Patton 258 Chi Omega The Iota Kappa chapter oi the ( hi Omaga fraternit j founded Feb. 19, 1977 m Troy State University ' ! main campua, Since then, the chap- ter has grown, capturing ma- jor titles all around campus. Chi Omegaa are majorettes in the Sound of the South Marching Band, little Biaten and sweethearts to the camp us fraternities, University Dancers, beauty pageant win- ners, writers for The Tropoli- tan, honor society members and senators in the Student Government Association. The Chi Omega ' s host an " Apple Polishing " annually to establish good relations with faculty members and help them to become familiar with the Greek system. They also performed a valuable ser- vice project for the communi- ty by helping elderly citizens with household and yard work. The Chi Omega ' s retired Chi mega the Signiii I ' i Powder Puff football trophy by winning the competition three years in a row. They also Iran the overall winners in the Sigma Chi 1982 Darby. The Chi Omegas are proud : ' . one of their own ftj won the title ofMias Nation- al Teenager " this year and also won the Delta Chi Calen- dar Girl com Chi Omega ' s stress the im- portance of being a well- rounded individual. Each ua- ter is required to be involved in two campus activiti- help with this goal. Study partners are provided for pledges to help them make good grades and awards are given to sisters with high scholarship. ( " hi Ome Delta Chi DELTA CHI Sweetheart Virginia V. lVIt Chi .. President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer House Manager Social Chairman ames F. Harvell James A. Moore David M. Harris Michael H. Clark Michael T. Hale harles M. Smith V KS T. 1 r- . ••«— r Oclti Jfcappa fpsilon I 262 Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon In the seven yean Helta Kappa Bpeilon hai been on campus, the Dekea have achieved a long list of BCCOm plishments. The biggest iB their outstanding academic success The Deke house dis plays many scholarship tr phies signifying their aca- demic prowess. However, the Dekes ' success is not limited to the classroom as they have scored victory after victory on the athletic fields. As ath- letes, the Dekes are always competitive in the fraternity league and are frequent visi- tors to the intramurals play- offs. The Dekes have struck a delicate balance between quality sports teams while maintaining high scholastic standards. The standards of the Dekes social life are fast and furious. The Fall quarter is packed Sweetheart Tracy Wenzel with the biggeel rush partial of the yeai and ths w lu ly Deke Funeral Party Win ter Formal and the inevitable week-end parties highlight Winter quarter. Spring brings the sunshine and the sun shine brings the Mud-Slide in the backyard and the week end ol pandemonium tl Beach Party. The parties, athletics, and BCholaatici are all re-wi- the brothers ' hard work and enthusiasm. The brother- ! Delta Kappa Kpsilon pride themselves on being well rounded individuals. The support from the Little Sil ters is immeasurable and they are undoubtedly some of the finest young women on cam- pus. The Deke Advisors, Mr. Merrill Bankster and Mr. Glynn Eiland continue to contribute their talents and efforts to making DKE the outstanding fraternity it is. The Dekes will continue in the fine tradition that is DEKE! Pelt Kuppn Kp l. President Vice-President. 2nd Vice-Presiden Rec. Secretary Corr. Secret Historian . . . Chaplain. Sgt. of Arms . . Janet Gulley fejrol Johonson drea Ashford arbara Tripp Theresa Herring Cordelia Johnson Jennifer Page Zelda Hamilton 264 Delta Sigma Theta Delta Sigma Theta In L913, Delta Sigma Theta was founded ilege women at Howard University. Today the sorority ! mem- bership OOOaistl of more than 100,000 members and over 679 chapters across the na- tion. Nu Theta Chapter chartered on Troy State ' s campus on May 22, 1976, be- coming Troy State ' s first black sorority. Delta Sigma Theta is a public service orga- nization pledged to serious endeavor and communis, vice, demonstrating a vital concern for social welfare, academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and de-empha- sizing the social side of soror- ity life. IVlta Sigma Theoi J£ Polemarch Vice-PolemarcH 1 Keeper of Reco Keeper of Excly Strategus Lt. Strategus Dean of Pled Faculty Advis 266 Kappa Kappa Psi » k I I I I -%.. Ssll Tni Left to Right: Miss Pi Por- tia Harris, Miss Phi Sharon Early, Miss Kappa Kappa Psi Valeria Cunningham. Not pictured: Miss Nu Charlotte Green. Kappa Kappa Psi ( )n the ni ht ot .Januar L911 Kap[ a Alpha I ' m iiuor porated a dream ol their motl revered founder, Klder Wat son Diggs, at Indiana I Diver- sity. The Theta Phi Chapter was chartered in November ol 1976 at Troy State Univi ty. The fraternity ' s ultimate existence stems from the con- cept of Achievement. The hrothers of Theta Phi strive to achieve in every aspect of college life, academics, athlet- ics, and many other extra- curricular campus activities. Kappa Alpha Psi is a social fraternity, which also lend- it self to community service. During the past year the hrothers of Theta Phi spon- sored tutorial services for the Children ' s Home, and also de- signed a community service program to aid the elderly citizens of Troy. Theta Phi will continue to grow and prosper through the concept of achievement at Trov State. Kappa Kappa 1 President Anne Kimmel Vice-President Tammy Watford Treasurer Kathy Taylor Assistant Treasurer Teresa Sykes Secretary Ginger Wynn Membership Starla Kelley Panhellenic Cindy Willis Editor Scarlett Weed 268 Kappa Delta Kappa Delta ■■■MBMHi Sweetheart Bobbv Anderson " Let us strive for that which is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest, " the motto that Kappa Delta live- by The Kappa Delta Ifl active in evt | of col- lege life. During 198: - Kappa Delta crowned Cindy Willis as Homecoming Queen and Lisa Goucher as one of the top twelve contestants in the Misi Alabama U S Pageant. Five sister- were chosen as America ' a Who ' s Who, one sister on the Uni- versity BOftball team and an- other one President of S.G.A. They play " Banana Bingo " at the Pike Manor Nursing Home for their local Philan- thropy and support an Alum- nae who is a missionary in Ja- pan. A Kappa Delta Lady is a unique individual and also shares the greatest bonds of all . . . Sisterhood!!:: Kappa [Vlu 269 President Vic e Presi Secretary Treasurer Rush Chairm Social Chairm racy Dillard mes Kitchens David Baldwin Steve Benson . . Carson Smith . . Lance Neven 270 Lambda Chi Lambda Chi Alpha The Sigma Tau ( ' hapter ol Lambda Chi Alpha had a great 1982-89 school year. During Winter quarter, the chapter played host (or the Dixie Conclave, an annual re gional meeting that was at- tended by Lambdas from across the Southeast. The event, which included semi- nars, meetings and a band party, was a huge success. Lambda Chi Alpha is still the only fraternity at Troy State which actively uses the innovative " associate mem- ber " system. New members are not termed pledges, and have the same rights in chap- ter matters as active mem- bers. lambda Chi Alpha 272 Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi had a pi parous year The Pi Kapi won the baseball Iraternits :: mural trophy which | the presentation i t the All Sports trophy. Pi Kappa Phi also won the overall football intramural championship. The Homecoming pan alumni held in the Armory was the biggeel ever. I h campus and overall campui display award was preeented to Pi Kappa Phi. Winter quarter ' s main event was a trip to S Mountain. North I ' aroiina tor | the Annual Winter Formal. • 4 ■ _ r« - : «. »» -r Pi Kappa PI President Paige Tompkins Vice-President Gina Powell Recording Secretary. . . r. .-. .-. Tina Lee Corr. Secretary .... £ l Chrissy Brown Treasurer lF m ' Cindy Brown Assistant Treasurer -Bfe fl. Ursula Krob Phi Director Bfi20. Mechele Long Rush Chairman N r. wtTeresa Hicks s SOEUt 9 274 Phi Mu Phi Mu The in I ' hi Mu been vwj bus) The gan with the annua ■ r Marathon for our tional Philanthropy, I ' r Hope. Phi Mu Also ontribut ■ ed tO " thcr I BUMS through do nations to fraternities on campus. During I the year Phi Mu hfl honors as a group. The hODOn include Sigma Alpha Bptilon Sexy Leggs winner. Sigma Al- pha Kpsilon dame CODI winners, Angel Flight I Race-Prettiest Bed A winner, as well --!-82 MlM TSU, Janeysa Wilkins. In the sports light. Phi M u had an outstanding volleyball season. Phi Mu is fortunate to have a very talented group of sisters known as the Phi Mu Washboard Band. During the fall, our band traveled to many fraternity houses on campus to perform at rush parties. Yes, Phi Mu has had a hectic year but what can we say, we have the Phi Mu Spir- it. ' LJ JPBr a Sigma Alpha Epsilon The brothers ol I bams Epsilon chapter ol 111,1 Alpha Epsilon I during the 1 ' •- - n.M.ises- SIOll. Things got oil to .1 g start during tall quarter with a very successful ruth and the winning ol the u holastii tro- phy for the hi. rade pomt average tor the quarter. Winter quarter brought the yearly " Sexy L egs Week " in- which SAE raised nearly one thousand dollar-- tor the Ma- cular Dystrophy Association by dribbling a basketball from the state capitol in Montgomery to the te; Bibb Graves Hall. The week came to an end with a band party at the armory. Su continued on through spring quarter with (ireek Week when brother Don Rasdall won the " Spirit of (ireek " award and little sister Jackie Young won the title ol Miss Venus. Sigma Mi President John Weekley Vice-President Ronald Cink Secretary Riley Adair Treasurer Audy McCathern Pledge Trainer Terry Kersey Historian Ronald Whelpley Social Chairman Jason Davis 278 Sigma Chi Sigma Chi In onlj eight yean, th Phi ( lhapter baa grown from an aspirin, olony brother! to toda) ' sfift) i hap ter inciii! Sigma Chi made iti d on the 1 ilt-n dax in man) iraye: eli brothers were elei ted ti ate positions in Student l ernment Aaaociatton; fof the second coneecut ii • {brother Glenn Shaull has Berved BJ president nt the In terfraternity Council. Miss .Juaneysa Wilkir. Little Sigma, served as Miss Troy State University. Miss Sue Horvath, the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi first runner-up in the Home- coming Queen elections. They were proud to init the Fall Quarter Pledge Class with the highest grade point average of any fraternity pledge class on campus. The Eta Phi Chapter is tru- ly an example of strong and enduring brotherhood, and they are proud to be part of the Troy State Greek System. President . Vice-President. . Secretary Treasurer Sgt. At Arms Historian Photography by Bowling 280 Sigma Pi - .- Sigma Pi What I year lor 8 The brotherhood had hied in size during 1983 and they continue to grow even through the ezpam true brotherhood prevailed. That ii what Sigma Pi . about. Not the parties, not the sports. | )Ut tfu . p( . ()p ] e The Sigma Pi traternit cloee-knil organization. Ply High With Sigma Pi " Presidenl V ice -President Secretary . . TreasuJ Chaplain Sgt. at Arms . Historian ..... Pledge Trainer .... m Creswell ohn Coven Jon Ramer ary Schilling ike Bradford reg Jewell enn Ellis aul Moore 282 Tau Kappa Epsilon ■fif ' afl • 1 fc al • J A 1 L ' _ w ' I ' Tau Kappa Epsilon . Kappa Bpailon en- I a busy and eventful year I b i annua. Roll from I roj to M ery for St arch Hospital w BUCCeae and a very rm-rii- rable rienoe for the fraternity. The social I KE continued to accent the unity of the fraternity and added new dimensions to thi times oi campus life. The 1982-83 school will he regarded as a pros ous one tor the brothers and little sisters oi Tau Kappa Epsilon. ; bne Tau 1 Presiden Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ne Stumpf Randy Kelley Pat McKeown Nathan Labey Pledge Marshal Greg Kramer First Guard Charlie Brewster House Manager Chris Marquardt HistorianOkXl. . SSSflK hf ijprreg Gunter Librarian y A John Taylor Publicity Director William Dibble Rush Chairman. vJUKevin Myers ■ v fc; 284 Theta Chi Theta Chi ■ Dream Girl Jodi Julson 1 Theta ( hi ua- the first tcrnitv to be charts T.S I ' . in April i ■ that time, Theta Chi itood fur brotherhood and working together for i i on mon purpose. Thii | DO Bll Option I he hr »th erhood along with the guid- ance from alumni brother and Grand Chapter members, have worked together to make our chapter flourish. The past year saw brol I active in IFC offices and BOOM initiated into honor BOCM Theta Chi ' s homecoming celebration was the besl in re cent memor. |] at our second annual " Winter Feast " party. Spring, of course, brought another . Dream Girl Formal and I • party. Additions to the year were the firat annual Caveman Party sponsored by the Daughters of the ( r Swords and Spring Harbeque Party for alumni brother-. Once again Theta Chi is on the move at T.S.U.! . — ' ♦ ' is, aaav ■• l I m jr f Theta Chi 286 Greeks r.r« k« 287 Top Left: Billie Ann Quails is pre- sented Ms. Greek by Mindy Stump. Top Right: Bob Jones is presented Greek of the year by Larry Powell. Bottom Left: Stacy Krebs is pre- sented Greek of the year by Joyce Griffin. Bottom Right: Ronald I. Pierce is presented Mr. Greek by Tom Cres- well. 288 Greek Week Miss Venus Jackie Young Left: Joan Kllisun. 2nd runner-up; .lac kie Young, Min Vmus; Sue Horvath. 1st runner-up. Kinhi: Top Ten wen- Robin Sslurulo, i Ann Robinson, Linds Tierney, Virginia Wi u kie Young, loan Ellison, Sue Horvath, Khi nda Walker. Kim Rainer. and Linda Lawrena ' ■ ' 292 Baseball m ■S TSU Baseball Places 11th In The Nation fl Troy State ' s 1983 baseball season was a good one, even though it was not up to usual Trojan standards. The season ended in the semi-final round of the NCAA Division II Central Region Tournament when the Trojans lost a pair of one run ball games, 5-4 to eventual Re- gion winner .Jacksonville State, and 9-8 to Wright State of Daj ton, Ohio. The Trojans were 11th in the final NCAA Division II poll. The 1983 Trojans were a hit- ting ball club. The school record for the team batting average was broken, as Troy hit .3.35 as a team. The 1978 record of 50 homers was also smashed, as L0 different players combined for 63 round rippers on the season. Keith Bragg hit .404 and launched 11 homers en route to taking first-team all-GSG hon- ors, along with second baseman .Jerry Briggs. who hit .345 and batted in 40 runs. Both players also made the All-Central Re gion first team. Ovie . limine, nior outfielder, wound up hitting .380 with 40 RBI and L0 homers, and set a school record with hits in 19 consecutive games, t win ad -team all-region honors. Trojan Coach Chase Riddle puked up his L50tfa win in just five seasons .it TSU, s thrashing o Columbus Col at Columbus, end TYoj S finished its season ranked 11th in the NCAA Division II Polls. 1983 TROY STATE BASEBALL RESULTS TSU 6 Auburn 27 Olivet (Mich) 11 Al-Birmingham 8 Al. Christian 8 Al. Christian 6 North Alabama OPP TSU OPP 5 12 Illinois Benedictine 3 2 1 Valdosta 10 6 Valdosta 1 7 West Florida 7 7 West Florida 2 Columbus 8 Illinois Benedictine 7 8 Tuskegee 17 Illinois Benedictine 7 14 Tuskegee 4 Illinois Benedictine 1 5 Huntingdon 6 6 9 5 2 6 294 Baseball Burball 286 296 Baseball Chase Riddle Head Coach 1 , • Pat Malinski Assistant Coach D.R. Jenkins Head Manager Jerry Brigg All GSC Award Mike Russell Assistant Coach Keith Bragg All GSC Award 298 Baseball Abo »-: 1969 1Yoj State Baseball H lun- I.rft tO Kinht: Ovk Jimines, Mike Robtnaoi Hrm-nn. Mark Tiillant. Brian I ' m ncll. Brian Hubbard, Mark Floyd, Stave Brown K « rwo — I .«- f t to Ki ht: K. ' ss I ' .irr Trainer Keith John Snipee, Rodnej ' ul lireth. .I.,hn Hui Rick) Km Ro« Ihrrr - I ,ft t.» Ki hi : liinv M H Bwddv A11M1: driqupi , 300 Basketball a new tradition . . . When the I •- . - I iskel ball s«.;, -.,,[) the Trojam wound up at 15- 13 on thi md fourth in the Gulf South Confi series oi close lonee late in the season took the Tr out ol the conf( and while th: r 1 1 a cause fur disappointment, there WU -till plenty to he happy about in retrosp " Our only goal this 808800, " said first year head coach Don Maistri, " Waa to win hack the respect of the people in ur league. We did that, plus, I think we worried the devil out of them. " It wa Troy ' s Rrsl winning id since 1976-77, and the best year since 1975-76. The schedule was no piece oi cake either. The Trojans heat five teams that were nationally ranked in the course of the season. Troy won its first tournament championship (Holiday World in Orlando. PL) since the 1960 8. TrO) State beat North Alabama twice this year, the first time that ' s happened since 1968. TSU doubled up on Delta State for the first time since 1976-77. And the victor} Jacksonville State at Troy was the first since 1979-80. But perhaps the brig! star in the TSU basketball crown th wis the re- vived interest in basketball, the tremendous crowds (over 2000 per game, a new school record i. Bwketba Don Maestri Robbie Lang David Felix Marvin Madison Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach All GSC Player 1982-83 S eason Result s TSU OPPONENT 76 AL Christian 75 80 Livingston 69 98 AL Christian 64 62 Columbus 88 80 Phillips Coll. 73 64 Jacksonville 62 57 Livingston 62 78 Georgia S.W. 89 56 Southwest Bap. 54 66 Athens St. 68 76 Jacksonville 85 89 Flagler 73 62 Miss. College 58 77 Valdosta State 80 58 Valdosta 60 84 Central FL 81 96 Delta State 77 60 Miss. College 82 75 Valdosta 77 53 Auburn-Mont. 51 57 Columbus 60 76 Delta State 72 49 Athens State 70 76 North Alabama 65 66 North Alabama 61 63 Columbus 56 77 UT— Martin 93 52 UT— Martin 55 302 Basketball Southern Pride Pride is not uniqueh Southern, we just have more of it. " — Tom Knsc Sports Information Director - I Basketball at T81 was, as the s aying goes, a whole new ballgame! " Much time and planning went into the idea of doing t Globetrot ter-type warm up and th- suit araa a fabulom -howtime that aroused Bchool spirit and the kind of pride one only finds in the South. New school records lor at- tendance were set during the 1983 season. " We had the beat crowd, the hest pep hand, and the best national anthem singer in the Gulf South Con- ference, " said Maestri many people contributed their time and talents, and got involved in the program, our players had to respond with pride. Opposite Page. Back Him: lim mv Brye, H n Washington, McBryde, Kevin Averett, ' Smith. Rocky Arceneaux. Tim Brown Front Row: Curtis McCal- lister, Curttt I sldweU, Scan Twitty, Daron Fayson, Marvin Madison, George Cowan. Roscoe Thomas. Basket ball 303 SHOWTIME Looking back on i he I9fi h: basketball season, one can ' t help b u t think ol " Showtime " . Showtime con listed " i the flashy festivities and pre-game shows that but rounded home games during the season. It also gave the team and the university a new identity. " Without a doubt we had the most enthusiastic, loyal support from our tans I ' ve ever seen. The entertain merit, the music by our pep band, the whole showtime package was something that we thmk appi sled I sort ol tan. " laid He, id • Don Maestri " I don ' t mind saying shooting in the dark when we began trying to put the shon together, " Maestri. " It not bigger than i r dreamed it would I have many people to thank lor that " (These included) " all t he indi idwal- N ho helped make this season something -penal, the people of Troy and our student body. " Lady Trojan Basketball Joyce Sorrell Head Coach Joyce Sorrell has been a prominent figure in Women ' s Athletics for over ten years. She finished her eighth sea- son as head basketball coach at TSU, and her seventh as Coordinator of Women ' s Ath- letics. Coach Sorrell has made TSU a leader among small colleges in the state for the past six years. Sorrell joined the Troy State Staff in 1968 as an in- structor in the Department of Health and Physical Educa- tion. She played a key role in the development of the wom- en ' s extramural program, coaching volleyball, basket- ball and tennis, the forerun- ner of today ' s inercollegiate women ' s team. She received a bachelor of science degree in education from the University of Ten- nessee at Martin in 1967. In 1968, Sorrell completed re- quirements for a master ' s de- gree from the University of Tennessee of Knoxville. Season Results TSU OPPONENT 60 Alabama 81 50 Central Iowa 53 60 Union 82 84 Montevallo 51 34 Auburn 71 49 South Alabama 73 84 Talladega 54 83 Miss. Univ. 76 67 Southern Miss. 84 80 Southern Miss. 84 83 Tuskegee Inst. 78 51 Miss. State 72 76 North Alabama 66 70 Talladega 54 73 South Alabama 70 64 Livingston 45 77 Jacksonville 47 57 Alabama 78 58 Valdosta State 76 63 Miss. Univ. 62 49 Tuskegee 50 73 North Alabama 69 97 Montevallo 62 64 Livingston 65 90 Jacksonville 71 80 Valdosta State 91 72 Miss. College 68 54 Valdosta State 59 306 Women ' s Basketball Kelly Hall Assistant Coach Kelly Hall joined Coach Sorrell as her coach for the 1982-83 basketball season. A native of Freeport. PL Hall was the haskethall captain and three year MVP for Freeport High School. Upon graduating from FHS, he entered Okaloosa Walton Junior College where he « guard on the haskethall team until O.W..J.C. dropped the program. In 1979. Hall en- rolled at Troy State and helped coach Wes Hi ilia, a student assistant coach in charge of scouting and re- cruiting. The ll ' " - marks hi- firel involvement with women ' s basketball. He graduated from Troy in the summer of ' 82 with a B.S. in Physical Education and is currently working on a gradu- ate degree in Secondary Edu- cation. Top: Row Oni ' : I V . Perrj h Cornelius, Dunm Ruffian Moor , (ir i Rhonda l ' r:.t Rom !«, hplia Kelly Hall — A»- listanl ( .ii h ' • i. .la lis, Brrnda Hull : . Rita Heir- Man.t, S rrrll Hrad Coach ■ • ■ w Lady Trojans compete against " Basketball Powers " in the GSC. The 1982-83 edition of the Lady TYo jans Basketball Team was a young but experienced team. Many of the return ing players were sophomores, who gained experience through playing time as freshmen. The team was led by senior point Yal Privett, senior forward Nancy Anderson and senior guard Teresa McGowan. Four returning players, the " Super Sophs " (linger Johnson, Janice Moore, Brenda Huff, and Gail Hollis; also added strength to this year ' s squad. All four returned with more confidence and play- ing ability. Newcomers this year included Tammy Ruffian and Rhonda Price. These two added more dimension to the offensive game plan. Mary Blaydes, Grace Peay, Angela Moore, and Cathy Perry joined the team and added depth at their posi- tions. Offensively, the Lad) Trojani worked hard during the earl) Reason t impi their offensive performance ol I The 198 ' - ISOn consisted Ol .1 run- ning offense. Coach Sorrel! believed in this philosophy in order to set up a D potent attack. Defensively, the Lad) Trojana ran a multiple scheme defense. Thia multiple scheme defense offset their opponents offensive game. This was a testing season tor the la dies. They faced a very rigorous sched ule, which included teams that were 1 OD sidered " Basketball Powers " in the Gulf South Conference. " The schedule un- designed that way, to prime the ladies tor the GSC Tournament in March. " said Head Coach Joyce SorrelL 310 Volleyball 1 Molly Baker GSC All-Conference Team Katie Brown GSC All-Conference Team Patty Schmits GSC All-Conference Team Season Results Ginger Sprague Head Coach TSU def. Tuskegee Institiute TSU def. Huntingdon College FLORIDA SOUTHERN TOURNAMENT Florida Southern College def. TSU Montevallo def. TSU University Central Florida def. TSU Tampa College def. TSU Florida International def. TSU Alabama State University def. TSU TSU def. University of North Alabama TSU def. Columbus College University of South Alabama def. TSU COLUMBUS COLLEGE TOURNAMENT TSU def. University of N. Georgia TSU def. University of W. Georgia Tuskegee Institute def. TSU Alabama State University def. TSU Jacksonville State def. TSU Alabama State University def. TSU Jacksonville State def. I S Montevallo def. TSU University of AL Birmingham def. TS1 TUSKEGEE TOURN MI T Jacksonville State def. TSU Columbus College def. TSC Alabama A M del. TS1 TSU def. Southern Mississippi University of South Alabama def. I 9 TSU def. Huntingdon College Jacksonville State def. TSU TSU def. Livingston TSU def. Columbus College GULF SOUTH CONFEREM K TOURNAMENT University of North Alabama def. TSl TSU def. Livingston TSU def. Jacksonville State Jacksonville State def. TSU UT-Martin def. TSU Bottom Right: Zt- 1 la Robinson w;iii-- ready for the serve Opposite page top: Patty Schmitz set up lor .1 keiTO Bottom: Lady Trojana Volleyball Team t ir-i row (Left to Right) Lisa Pridgen, Malinda Ashcraft, Verne March, Pat t Schauta, Katie Brown, and Leah Hone Second row: (Left to Right) Ginger Sprague, Head Coach, Brenda Sirmon. I. on Robertson, Molly Baker, .ella Robinson, John oie Smith. Raines Porsch, and Kin Ander on. Manager. Volleyball T LADY Trojans VOLLEYBALL 1982 Having held on to their fan giv- en name, " The Cardiac Kids, " this year ' s volleyball team was a young and competitive one. The 1982 Women ' s Volleyball team had to adjust to eight freshmen who were not accustomed to col- lege play. Even though the girls did not have a winning season they grew mentally and physical- ly. According to Coach Ginger Sprague, this year ' s team was another strong, but inexperi- enced group of young women, whose attitudes were excellent. These ladies exhibited a great deal of desire and competitive- ness during the season. The Lady Trojans placed in Gulf South Conference for the first time with a brutal, round rob- in capping of the season. They also traveled to the prestigious Florida Southern Tournament in Lakeland, Florida, where they met some of the stiffest competi- tion in the South. Such as FSC, Florida International and Univer- sity of Central Florida. The Lady Trojans had four re- turning players; Molly Baker, Ka- tie Brown, Rainee Porsch, and Patty Schmitz. Eight new fresh- men on the team included Ma- linda Ashcraft, Leah Borie, Ver- na March, Lisa Pridgen, Lori Robertson, Zella Robinson, Bren- da Sirmon, and Johnnie Smith. Three young ladies made the GSC All Conference Team. They were juniors Molly Baker, Patty Schmitz and sophomore Katie Brown. Throughout the season the squad provided fine enter- tainment to all who supported them. 312 Volleyball Opposite Page flop I eft luici.i ' • .1 jxr ' l p Hi ht Brown and M Bolton Right ' Teak from the huddlo to Ix- m the mutch Track: an Individual Sport Regardless of Obvious Team Effort Track has always been known as an individual sport regardless of obvious team ef- forts, said Head Track Coach Charles Oliver. He also said that the coaching approach for the season was one of " working toward individual- ity. " " We felt that if we could get each individual to per- form to his or her potential, then we would come together as a team when the points were added together " , Oliver said. His approach seem to work well for the Trojans because they won the Troy Relays. In one meet the Trojans finished second to Auburn. 314 Track The Trojans also won their fifth Gulf South Conference crown by 47 points. The men also broke two school records during the 1982-83 season. While the men were breaking track records, the Lady Tro- jans showed their ability, by breaking ten school records. Eight individuals qualified to participate in the national meet, to be held at Cape Gira- deau, Missouri. Among these were Kenneth Baldwin, Ron- nie Clark, Rodney Franklin, Stanley Garrett, Timothy Reese, Milton Westry, Tina Kroll, and Countess Woody. There were eleven All Con- ference selections, nine of which will he returning letter- men. The eleven selections were Hon Clark. Edward Hell. Jeff Weitenbeck, Stanley (iarrcii. Kenneth Baldwin, Rodney Franklin. Tim !■;■ Thomas Patterson, Hon I )., vis. Bonnie Hill and Al Held. All will return in the fall ex cepl for Hon Clark and Bon- nie Hill. • 316 Track . Upper Right, First Row: Kurt Waidler, Steve Bryant, Ricky Daniel, Eddy Twyford, Mike Nichols, Gene Williams, Gary Bryant, Reginald Cobb, Alfred Watson, Rodney Frank- lin. Second Row: Thomas Patter- son, Guy Perrella, Ken Foster, Jerry Black, James Sanders, K endall Gooch, Craig Lightfoot, Mike Perrin, Steve Schipman, Waiter McDowel, Kenneth Todd. Third Row: Guy Preston, Jeff Weitenbeck, Mike Gil- liard, Keith Davenport, Glen Banker, Tim Reese, Roger Simpson, Howard Martin. Fourth Row: Lanee Neven, Todd Rainey, Edward Bell, Andrew Puryear, Milton Westry, Edward Dunkin, Al Reid, Ben Wells, Ron Da- vis. Middle Right, First Row: Stephanie Johnson, Rebecca Hoff- man, Cecilia Muldoon, Martha Chapman, Josephine Norman, Susan Bell, Tina Krill, Sharon Early. Sec- ond Row: Wendy Lewis, Katie Stall- ings, Nettie Turpin, Kathleen Robin- son, Beverlee Bridges, Bonnie Ham- ryka, Darlene Richardson, Vicky Marshall. Third Row: Judy Carmi- chael, Crystal Green, Countess Woody, Kris Stiehl, Laura Zierden, Gina Witten, Christy Gregory, Tina Weems, Linda Haggerty, Penny Woody. s Charles Oliver Head Coach tf fc Ron Clark All GSC , I- i Ed Sheehan Av-i I Edward Bell All GSC Ron Davis All GSC Rodnev Franklin All CSC Kenneth Baldwin All GSl Thomas Patterson All i Tru. k 320 Track y a Men ' s Cross Country Participants Glen Banker Jerry Black Phillip Carter Ricky Daniel Keith Davenport Brian Doby Kendall Gooch Jim Harrison John Hays Russell Hopkins Scott Lee Craig Lightfoot Mike Nichols Tom Patterson Guy Perrella Manny Socarras Kurt Waidler Jeff Weitenbeck Sheehan comments on Men ' s Cross Country The 1982 men ' s cross coun- try season was a productive one for TSU, yielding the 9th straight GSC title and 4th Re- gional title. In 1983 the Tro- jans faced their most ambi- tious schedule, in hopes of be- ing more competitive for the NCAA Division II National Championships in St. Cloud Minnesota on November 14th. Auburn, Florida, Flor- ida State, Georgia, Western Kentucky, and several other top notch Division I teams were among the rivals of Troy in the 1982 season. Troy State showed that they could be competitive with the best of them. Only the snow and cold of St. Cloud, where the Tro- jans finished 14 out of the 16 national finalist teams, could put a damper on the 1982 sea- son. There were many bright spots in the 1982 schedule, but none as bright as sopho- more sensation Jeff Weiten- bech. Jeff, TSU ' s 10k school record holder and GSC 10K and 5K champion on the track in 1982. He was TSU ' s most consistent and durable performer throughout the cross country schedule. Jeff finished as the first TSU per- former in every meet on the schedule, including: a win and course record at the TSU In- vitational, an impressive sec- ond place overall finish at the Notre Dame Institutional Meet, and the GSC Southeast Regional Meet. Only an off day at Nationals prevented Jeff from earning the national recognition he truly deserves. Two other outstanding per- formers for the Trojans were all GSC standouts Glen Ba- ker, senior-captain, and freshman Kendall Gooch. Banker, who earned his third all GSC distinction, was a consistent hard working per- former, who despite injury ran his best races for Troy State when they counted the most, at the conference and national meets. As a captain, Glen Banker was an inspira- tion to his teammates as a performer and a leader. Freshman Kendall Gooch was one of the most pleasant sur- prises in 1983, as the number three runner for TSU in his rookie season. Gooch a no holds barred and daring frontrunner, is one of TSU ' s brightest promises for the fu- ture for his speed, durability, and toughness. Despite his in- experience, Gooch was an all GSC selection for his 5th place finish in the 1982 Con- ference meet. Our hopes for 1983 loom even brighter, as only Banker will be missed from the 1982 GSC and Regional Champi- onship Team. Junior Manny Socarras Sophomore Ricky Daniel, junior Thomas Pat- terson and freshman Kurt Walder will return one year wiser and stronger in 1983. TSU appears to be an even stronger force at the confer- ence, regional, and national level in the future. 322 Cross Country Men ' s Season Results Auburn Lost 17-42 Florida State Invt. 4th out of 11 teams Notre Dame Invt. 9th out of 31 teams Furman Invt. 4th out of 17 teams Troy State Invt. 1st out of 8 teams University of AL Invt. 3rd out of 9 teams GSC Meet 1st out of 5 teams NCAA DIV II Region III 1st out of 18 teams NCAA DIV II National Meet 14th out of 16 teams Women ' s Season Results Auburn Lost 16-42 Florida State Invt. 4th out of 10 teams West Georgia Invt. 3rd out of 10 teams Azalea City Invt. 2nd out of 6 teams Troy State Invt. 1st out of 8 teams Alabama Invt. 4th out of 9 teams GSC Meet 1st out of 5 teams NCAA DEV. II SE Regional 1st out of 13 teams NCAA DIV. II NATIONALS 11th out of 11 teams Women ' s Cross Country Participants Susan Bell Beverlee Bridges Crystal Green Rebecca Hoffman Tina Kroll Vicky Marshall Mary Ottinger Darlene Richardson Kathy Robinson Laura Wallenfels 1 .rh . I ■ arnu, Daniel v GS 7. Una Kroll, All G B 9. GS ■ " . SE I • . rial h«rr ship I i hall Hoffa ihj Robii Women ' s Cross Country An Overview In the first official year of their cross country program, the Lady Trojans Cross Country Team made an obvi- ous impression. With a large- ly fresh men -sop ho mo re squad, the TSl ' women faced an ambitious schedule, facing the best SE Conference schools. In their nine week season, the TSl ' women faced Division I ranked Auburn. Florida, Florida State. LSI . Alabama, and Georgia, as well a- the best of Division II women ' s competition. De- spite their inexperience and tough schedule, the Lady Trojans remained competi- tive in every meet, and got stronger as the 860800 pro grossed. Toughened by the best that the southeast could throw at them in Division I. the TSU women dominated their conference meet, and ran away with the NCAA Di- vision II meet on Oct. 90. In the conference, the TSU women placed sixth in the meet ' top thirteen, while putting the ame six in the re- gion ' s top thirty-five. Only the windy, cold (10 doj and snowi o ered (IT average depth) course at Nationals in St. Cloud. Minnesota could dampen the Lady Tri n. where they fin. 11th in the 11 teams qualify- ing field. But their youth and enthusiasm bode well for the . and the) seek to be more competitive in Division I and II competition in the f u- ture. ■-■ Trojan Golf Gulf South Conference Champions An impressive season of steady improvement " ™ •s «.. •■- 324 Golf The 1982-83 season was considered a successful one for several reasons. First the Trojans captured the Ala- bama Intercollegiate Cham- pionship in early March of 1983. By doing so they began thinking of a successful de- fense for the GSC Champion- ship. In early Spring the squad was anything but a sol- id unit capable of winning the GSC, but with hard work and determination the top players began to sense possibilities of a good year. Week by week and tournament by tourna- ment the men put together a string of impressive finishes. The week before the GSC, the team played well in the S.E. Collegiate in Valdosta, Geor- gia. In finishing second in this regional event the team gained more confidence in their abilities as a team. Then with their 18-stroke victory in the Gulf South Conference at Jacksonville State their confi- dence level was probably at its highest. Along with their bid for the teams ninth con- secutive trip to Nationals and the recent GSC win the teams attention turned to a chance, to bring home the " Gold " from West Virginia. At no time were the Trojans lower than second place in the Na- tional Tournament, and after the completion of the second round they possessed a seven Ben Bates All GSC NCAA All American Team Flip Bradley All GSC NCAA All American Team 326 Golf Collin McCrary All CSC NCAA All American Team Terrv Moblev All GSC NCAA All American Team Mike Griffin Head Coach Golf Roster Ben Batc- Plip Bradley Paul Ellington ( ' hip Holoomb Joer Babry Collin M ' Handy Dauldin Tarry Mobli Mike O ' Brien Kent Smith David Stover Season Results NORTHEASTERN LOUISIANA CENTRAL BANK COLLEGE M TSU 5th «ut L3 OHIO STATE BUCKEYE FALL CLASSIC TROJAN OAKS INTERCOLLEGIATE rSU Silver 1st out of 7 TSU Red 2nd out of 7 ALL-AMERICAN CLASSIC TSU 3rd out of 13 IMPERIAL LAKES GOLF CLASSH TSU 9th out of 21 ALABAMA INTERCOLLEGIATE TSU 1st out of 7 PANHANDLE INTERCOLLEGIATE GOLF TOURNAMENT TSU 3rd out of 12 SOUTHERN JR.-SR TSU 3rd out of 14 SOUTHEASTERN INTERCOLLEGIATE TSU 16th out of 23 SOUTHEASTERN COLLEGIATE TSU 2nd out of 16 GULF SOUTH CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS TSU 1st out of 7 NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - DIVISION II TSU 2nd out of 15 shot lead on the field. At tour- nament ' s end they found themselves in a solid second place. An impressive comple- tion of a season of steady im- provement. Looking hack on the 1982- 83 season, Head Coach Mike Griffin had the following re- marks. " Personally I feel very good for these young men who competed for us this season. They took on a challenge and managed to. on more than one occasion find themselves in the winning spot. Although they were unable to pull off the National Championship tbifl was the highest finish in the NCAA since our runner- up finish in 1978. and that is something to be verv proud of. " Goll .1 o • 4 . , u- S ' . • • ■{, ' ; ' ' ... • M IlBS ' £ Women ' s Golf Women ' i The 1982-83 season was a very good one for the Lady Trojan Golf Team. They started out the season know- ing that there was no longer a AIAW Division II Champion- ship, so they had to perform well in order to receive an in- vitation to the NCAA Nation- al Championship. The NCAA does not recognize any Divi- sion II National Champion- ship Teams, which meant they had to compete on a Di- vision I level with all of the National powers. Considering what they were up against, they had a very good season. The Lady Trojans finished 35th in the Nation out of 96 colleges and universities. Only one other Division II school finished in front of the Ladies, and that was by a margin of one stroke. The NCAA did not take any one team from Division II, but rather five individuals. Debbie Hancock received an invitation to compete as an individual at the University of Georgia in Athens, in the NCAA Women ' s Golf Nation- al Championship. Her 79.38 stroke average for the year placed her 81st out of the 745 women collegiate golfers in the Nation. Jenny Holder was selected as the 2nd alternate for Nationals. Her 80.24 stroke per round average placed her 143 in the long list of talented players. Both Hancock and Holder, along with Ann Spooner and Cathy Tatum were selected as AIAW Division II All-American last year. " Overall, we had a fantastic fall season, a bad winter tour- nament, and a mediocre spring season. Although we will be losing a great player in Ann Spooner, and a team leader in Jone Mills to gradu- ation. I look forward to great things from this team next year. We have done very well with recruiting, and the team we will have next year will be among the strongest ever " , said Head Coach Chris Force. Chris Force Head Coach 330 Golf Member of th- team include: Ann S|mm.. ' Shane. Lisa Weir. Cindy l.yi Spino, Joan Mills, Melame ¥.•:. Kristy Vogel, Debbie H i: Kathv GhiotO, Valerie Vaughn, Jenny Holder, and Vickie Vaughn TROJAN " £ W PI KAPPA PHI Men ' s Fall Intramural Champions 332 Fall Intramurals GOSPELETTES Women ' s Fall Intramural Champions Fall 1982 Intramural Teams: Mens: Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Chi. Delta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Chi. Sigma Pi, Tau Kappa Flpsilon. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Sharkey ' s Machine. .JD ' s, Body Snatch- ers, BSL ' , Regulators, Mean Machine. Womens: HPER. Wesley Foundation, BSU, Cowart Clan, Heartbreakers, Gospe- lettes, Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Phi Mu, Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Gamma Delta. Kappa Delta. Full Intramura - Spring Intramurals Bottom: Chi Omega Women ' s Champions: Susan Sasser, Lisa Smith, Martha Day, Lisa Liggon, Kim Holly, Pam Darby, Linda Tyler, Phylis Hodges, Debbie Sparkman, Cathy Gregg, Ginger King. Not pic- tured:Sandy Kuchie. Men ' sChampi- ons — Mean Machine, no photo available. • «.• : 334 Stars Men ' s Winter Intramural Champions First Row: Donnie Arnold, Rodrick Hilson, Scott Evans. Second Row: Roderick Young, Rufus Cox, Tommie Robinson. Rookies Women ' s Winter Intramural Champions Row One: Debbie Hancock, Katie Brown, Debbie Nicolucci, Alisa Jones. Row Two: Rainee Porsch, Lisa Weir, Melanie Edgar and Allison Jordan. Not Pictured: Elaine Espy, Vernae March, Malinda Ash- craft, Zella Robinson, Brenda Sirmon and Kristy Vogel. 336 Winter Intramurals Women ' s Softball The Lady Trojan Softball team under the direction of t loach Ginger Sprague, ended the 1983 BeasOIl looking for- ward to the next season, after an enthusiastic first J ear Playing a total of only 13 gamefl the Lady Trojan com- peted against teams that were much more experienced, due to the fact that some of them played 30 to 40 games during the season. The is i team posted a 2-4 season record, excluding tournaments, having lost tWO games to the University of West Florida and splitting twice with ( Solumbus ( College. The Ladies also made quite ,i respectable showing at a Montgomery Tournament. The Lady Trojans then traveled to Florence for the ' f ( c Tournament where tor tun days t in- team sal in their hotel room watching it rain. The tournament finally he gan in cold winds and mud. with the ladies losing their opening game to tht- eventual champions l I.N.A. 9 3. The Second game became another Ol the girls numerous mara thons, with Mississippi Col lege edging Troy out in extra innings, - An (in our.i niL; 1 1 ■ at the- end ol ' lie Mason ■ Senior Raines Pom h and Ju- nior Patty Sc hunt 1 to the lir-t All I Women ' s Softball te ting .1 L5 and I v. PoiW h ended th leading the team with tour home run-. With good talent returning on the team and the | hitting recruits Sprague has lined up tor the the Ladies -hould ha troiiL ' -(•( ond season. I .i r I .eft: I-! Soul I N ' icldlr Left miii All i Conference [earn Neur Left: Gin get Spi lgu H ' Hut torn I irsi Hnw : l.i-i Prid ' r.uiiin Watford Patl Scl Thomaa and ■ - Second Bow : Leal) i Ml-I.i: .t -rt -.nn. Moll) Baker, Jem Brenda Sinnon, Cathie Moore and Knlicn- Womrn- Softball 331 SPORTSMANSHIP The Name Of the Game In college football, winning is very important to the players, coaches and fans. Without the desire to win there would be no reason to keep score. Some peo- ple feel that winning should be achieved at all cost; however at TSU sportsmanship plays an im- portant part in college football. Football demands a combina- tion of physical skill and strength, an alert mind, enthusi- asm, and teamwork. These re- present accomplishment for which a person must work to become skillful. Many friendships are formed through football. The ability to get along with each other re- ceives one of its greatest tests in sports competition. Sportsmanship demands hon- esty, fair play, cooperation, re- spect for authority and rules, ac- ceptance of responsibility and respect for others. The true sportsman plays hard to win, but respects his opponent and ac- cepts defeat gracefully. That is why sportsmanship is " Big Time " at TSU. ill ;U9 340 Football But 1982 Is History. . . The year L982 saw I State finish 2 LO overall seventh in the Gulf South Conference. The team was a young only seven seniors wen the roster, bill the lindl men were seasoned by game experience and ofl workouts spawned optimism. The 1982 Trojans were a dedi- cated unit dead set on putting the program among the league ' s elite. During a year when the famous Crimson Tide ol Ala- bama experienced a less than perfect s (;l son. the fans ol TSU learned that some sons are better left to history. .11 .141 _ - ' y y m l %tt The Side Line Blues : IT I ti % Football Coaching Staff Jim Tompkins Defensive Line Robert Maddox Vic King Jim Berryman Defensive Backfield Offensive Backfield Offensive Line Steven Cole Head Athletic Trainer Gulf South Conference Awards Donnie Arnold Second Team All GSC Anthony Henton Freshman of the Year James Jones Second Team All American First Team All GSC Troy State Football Roster Roderick Anderson, Clay Anderews, Donnie Aronold, Bobby Barrett, Grover Barron, Sammy Bean, Jerry Beverly, Lorenzo Blocker, Gary Bradshaw, Mike Brewster, Mitch Brewster, Doug Brown, Kenny Burk, David Capers, Thomas Clark, Steve Coullias, Willie Collins, Hank Cottingham, Rufus Cox, Doug Crane, Dale Cunningham, Kevin Deal, T ny Dickey, Albert Dion, Arcnie Donaldson, Glen Farmer, Mitch Geir, Ron Gibbs, Yong Ho Gilroy, Barry Golden, Jim Hall, Buck Hanson, Gerald Hightower, Ron Holsonbeck, Gene Houston, James Jones, Norm Kleinschmidt, Jim Kremer, Chuck Leano, Stewart Lowery, Charles Lundy, Brendon McClary, John McKinnon, Larry Mason, Fred Mixon, David Napert, Pat O ' Mara, Andrew Perryman, Scott Quisenberry, Joe Reeves, Mike Rogers, Jim Singleton, Bennie Smith, Carl Smith, Dave Smith, Ken Smithson, Jeff Sowell, Seth Stebbins, Craig Stevens, Willie Sullivan, Gabriel Thomas, Mike Thomas, Chris Thompson, Dwayne Thompson, Donnie Van Wie, Robert Vaughn, Greg Walls, Theory Ward, Alan Weiss, Chip Wood, Roderick Young. 344 Football Bradshaw Resigns After Seven Years Of Service After hia seventh season ai the Troy State football helmsman, !narlie Bradshaw resigned. Charlie Bradsnaw ' a Trojan toot hall teams have posted a 40-27-2 cummulative won loss record. In Bradshaw ' s first season, 1976, Troy put together a 8-1-1 season, a sixth place finish in the NCAA Division II Poll and a (iulf South Conference Championship. Against GSC opponents, Troy is 29-1 1 - 1 tor Bradshaw years. Bradshaw has surely been influenced by Paul Bryant. He was first associated with the " Bear " when he played football under Bryant at the University of Kentucky in 1942. In 1949, he received his degree from the University of Kentucky, and a year later laimc bed In- ( 0,11 In; ;it Lanier High, ai an a taut. He -pent lour Laniei before returning to Kentucky as an assistant U) Bryant. He followed Br to the Universitj ol Alabama in l ' Bradshaw was an assistant with the Crimson Tide until L962,when he was called back to Kentucky at head coach. He Berved as Kentucky ' s head man for six years, during which time he was honored as UPI ' a " Coach of the Week " twice in 1964, and a- AP ' a " Coach of the Year 1 in 1965. He resigned his position at Kentucky in 19fi9, and during the following yean aerved on the coaching -tatN at 1 A M and Yanderbilt, until moving to Troy. Season Results (2-8-0, GSC 2-5-0) TSU OPPONENT ATT 10 UT Chattanooga 24 10,000 21 VALDOSTA STATE 24 9,000 3 Nicholis State 10 6,100 7 MISSISSIPPI COL. 31 3,000 7 SE Louisiana 21 7,200 10 DELTA STATE 13 7,246 38 NORTH ALABAMA 6 5,000 54 UT-MARTIN 10 2,000 45 LIVINGSTON 3,000 14 JACKSONVILLE ST 49 9,000 Scoring By Qua rters 2 3 TOT. TSU 29 55 49 44 177 OPP 56 61 38 65 220 TSU STATISTICS I I 124 First Downs 171 60 First Downs Rushing 101 48 First Downs Passing 61 16 First Downs Penalty 9 400 Rush Attempts 490 L526 Yards Gained Rushing 21(13 388 Yards Lost Rushing 209 1138 Net Yards Rushing 1084 Net Yards Passing L350 217 Passes Attempted 2 - 91 Passes Completed L06 22 Interceptions 617 Total Offensive Plays 722 2222 Total Offense 3244 23 Number of Interceptions 403 Net Yds. Imps. Returned 211 67 Times Punted - 2 PuntS Blocked 1 2462 Punting Yards 2119 36.7 Puntmg Average 36 Punts Returned 431 Net Yds Punt Returns 30 Kickofifa Returned 30 590 Net Yds. Kickofl Returns 61 Times Penalized 337 Yards Penalized ■ 9 31 Times Fumbled 17 Fumbles Lost 21 Cheerleaders 346 Cheerleaders c Robin Salzarulo Ricky Hudson Karen Jordan William Powell fm, 1 St Karen Ponds and Mike Mayo In the spring quarter of 1982 fourteen people were chosen as cheerleaders for the 1982-83 school year. The cheerleaders were selected OH their ability to do double stunts, cheers, jumps and pom-pom routines, as well as their enthusiasm. The cheerleaders attended the NCA Cheerleader Camp in Knoxville. TN. during the Bummerof " 82. When the) re turned to Troy, they brought hack with them main awards. Fall quarter marked the be- ginning of daily practices and a busy schedule. The cheer- leaders continued their busy schedule when they returned for the winter quarter, by cheering at the basketball games. TryoutS were In three open positions on the team. Mike Maraurd. I ( ' hauler, and .lerry Jackson filled the open positions to round out the Bquad for the winter quarter H Administrati ■ • ■ ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT Dr. Ralph Wyatt Adams TSU ' s president is a re- served yet friendly person. His dedication to this univer- sity is evident in the fact that on almost any given day his little Chevrolet can be seen parked in front of Bibb Graves Hall. His long hours of work have earned him the reputation of a fine adminis- trator who seeks the pursuit of excellence for the universi- ty both academically and physically. Dr. and Mrs. Dorothy Adams enjoy their President ' s Home which is lo- cated on a hill overlooking the uni- versity. Since they first arrived there in 1964, Mrs. Adams has compli- mented the interior of the house in many ways. 1 I 2 " ' " ' -tbPv ' l rr idrnt 351 TROY STATE UNIVERSITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES GOVERNOR GEORGE C. WALLACE A native of Clio, Alabama, Governor Wallace graduat- ed from the University of Alabama with a law degree in 1942. Since that time, Wallace has been an assistant At- torney General, a member of the Legislature, a Judge, a candidate for the Presidency, and Governor of the state of Alabama. By virtue of his office, he serves as President of the Troy State University Board of Trustees. C. J. HARTLEY Mr. C. J. Hartley of Tuscaloosa is a graduate of the University of Alabama. A leading merchant in Tusca- loosa, he was named Man of the Year, in 1967 by the Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce. He is active in Boys Club work, the Exchange and Elks Club, and the YMCA. HAROLD R. COLLINS Dr. Harold Collins from Mobile, Alabama graduated from Troy State University. He then continued his edu- cation and obtained his master ' s and doctor ' s degrees from the University of Alabama. A former Superinten- dent of the Mobile Board of School Commissioners, he is now serving as a consultant in finance and education. R. DOUGLAS HAWKINS Dr. Douglas Hawkins, a veterinarian from Troy, gradu- ated from Auburn University. A former President of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, he was named Troy Man of the Year in 1978. He serves as a Director of the Pike Museum. ROBERT E. KELLY Mr. Robert E. Kelly of Montgomery is Executive Vice President of the Union Bank and Trust Company. He is an attorney with a doctor of jurisprudence degree from the University of Alabama. He serves as a Member of the Board of the Alabama Heart Association. 352 Board of Trustees WALLACE I). MALON1 Mr. Wallace Melons ol Birmingham ie Chief Executive Officer of South Trust Corporation I he Dothan oativi a director t the Birmingham Area Chamber ol Com meres end trustee of Samford I ' niversity. In addition to lerving ai Chairman i the Troj niveraity Foun- dation Board, Ik- lervet as President Pro Tern i the Board t TYustei CHARLES B. MARTIN A research engineer from Decatur Alabama, ' harlei B Martin is the newest member l the I SI Board ol 1 rUSt He is presently a member of the Alabama House " t Representatives. Mr. Martin is quits active in I munity and was voted " Who ' i Who in Politics in the South and Southwest 1980 H1 " . He was also sele to " Personalities of the South - 1982 JOHN A. TEAGUE State Senator .John A. Teague is an insurance and real estate executive from Childersburg. In the Senate he serves as President Pro Tern. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Cheaha Mental Health Cen- ter and Director of the Alabama Motorsportl Hall of Fame. WAYNE TEAGUE Dr. Wayne Teague, a native of Cullman, is a graduate of Auburn. He has held various educational supervisory po- sitions throughout his career and is presently aervinj State Superintendent of Education. He is a member of various civic clubs and was named Alabama Educator of the Year in 1975 by Kappa Phi Kappa Honor Society. JACK WALLACE Judge Jack Wallace of Clayton is recognized as one of the state ' s key political leaders. A Circuit Judge, he is a graduate of the University of Alabama and the Universi- ty of Alabama Law School. ROBERT T. WILSON Mr. Robert T. Wilson, former state senator from Jasper and one of the state ' s leading attorneys, is also one of the major powers in Alabama politics and a key figure in the support of higher education in the state. STACEY JEAN KREBS President of the Student Government Association, Stacy Jean Krebs serves as the student representative to the Board of Trustees. She is a senior graduating in spring of 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Europe- an Asian History. She is from Hales Corners, Wisconsin. , Board of Trusts 363 354 Wallace Row One: Dr. Edward Barnett, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Ralph Wyatt Adams, President, and Dr. James D.C. Robinson, Executive Vice President. Row Two: Mr. Robert Paul, Vice President TSU Dothan- Fort Rucker, Mr. Ed Peeks, Vice Pres- ident for Financial Affairs, Mr. Donald Gibson. Vice President for Student Affairs, Mr. Bill Buchanan, Director of Public Relations and Information, and Mrs. Jean Mary, Secretary. Administration Right: Dr. James D.C. Rob- inson, Executive Vice Presi- dent Bottom Left: Mr. Donald J. Gibson, Vice President of Student Affairs Bottom Right: Dr. Edward Barnett, Vice President for Academic Affairs Opposite page: Top Left: Mr. Edward Peeks, Vice President for Fi- nancial Affairs Top Right: Mr. Robert Willi- ford, Dean of Student Affairs Bottom Left: Mr. Kenneth Croslin, Director of Universi- ty of Libraries Bottom Right: Mr. William Walters, Director of Counsel- ing and Pre-College Orienta- tion , m msHA ' J 1 H 356 Administration AdminislratH ' : TSU TV Staff: James Clower, Andy Findley, and Jeff May. Mrs. Joyce Griffin Director of Housing and Panhellenic Mr. Larry Powell Coordinator of Men ' s Residence and Interfraternity Ms. Charlene Hale Coordinator of Women ' s Residence Mr. Ron Pierce Director of Adams University Center and Conference services Mr. Melton Carter Director for Physical Plant Mr. Frank Hurley Asst. Director for Physical Plant Mn ( larolyn I ribeoo Director for Placement Mr. -lames Kceses Director i»r Personnel Services Mr Robert I )in-i tor i : Mr. Allen Boothe Mr. Walter Hennigan Assoc. Director for Financial Aid Director for Development and Chief of Campus Security and TSU Foundations - Q I if S Mr Jeff ( " mlden Director of Financial Aid TSU Radio St. in M.,rs Banwtt, John McVay, Linda Beaaley. Not pictured Mr I wi ;h- land. Director, Bruce Mime, John Brunaon and Chris Tatum. Administ: Publications Staff: Reba Allen, Susan Johnson, Bonnie Money, Patrice Anderson, Mr. Joe Johnson — Director of Publications, seated: Ruth Walker and Mildred Finley. Mr. Dale Moseley Director of Communications Mr. Jimmie Clark Director of Data Processing Mr. Charles Lee Purchasing Agent Mr. Walter Sullivan Director of Academic Records Mr. James E. Williams Director of Veterans Services Mr. Bill Buchanan Director of Public Relations lr Kirk Sanclrt ' tto Director ol Admissions Dr Angle Holing Director of Title III Projw I Mr Sherrel Bees I rim Um -I ' I Etla III Career Development Center Mrs. Alice Perrigin Counselor, Title III Project Dr. Ralph Taylor Kuropean Liaison Officer Mrs. Dale Law Staff Accountant Photographers: Brent Scott, Wee Llewellyn, Kd • Mux-ley. -left Kills. Donny Bowling am: Benton. AdminiMrati : Miss Susan Crews Admissions Counselor Mr. Mike Carpenter Admissions Counselor Bookstore Staff: Everlyn Owens, Margene Armstrong, Margie Prescott, Mary Mosely, Diane Barker, Marie Adams, and Manager Pat Reeves. Library Staff: Seated L to R: Nel Bassett, Mary Beth Martin, Pat Porter, Julia Dillard, Theresa Trawick, Betty Chancellor, Mary Mulloy, and Frankie Muller i r f . ,y x i zzf 3 ■ — — — ._,j • — i fl vWi 4f 1 tV fc ' — Mi I JL ' - - ■ B j I ■ — B fH _ r B i , a " Wm r i 1 .aIMW j i i ■T W 1 I Pm fl B 4 B ™ ' M P i a J - Jb ' -I V 3 5 w 1L r » ■ jr • n r " 3 1 w ■ f i 1 f i ► Mr. David Campbell Asst. Director of Adams University Center Mr- ■!• AmI Director of Academic Records Mr- l.inda Pnnrbach University Counselor Administration 363 College Of Arts And Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences devotes itself to the cultivation of ideas, indepen- dent thinking, and reason- able, critical judgements. Through a knowledge of both past and contemporary thought, it promotes appre- ciation for the achievements of mankind. Finally, it seeks to encourage a spirit of under- standing and tolerance to- ward greater and more in- formed participation in a democratic society. The College of Arts and Sciences is divided into seven departments: Aerospace, Bi- ology, Physical Science, Criminal Justice, Mathemat- ics, English and Foreign Lan- guages, and History and So- cial Sciences. The Chairmen of the departments are: Lt. Col. Broussard, Dr. Dietz, Dr. Ward, Mr. Eiland, Mr. O ' Neal, Mr. Davis, and Dr. Porter. Above: Dr. J. A. Carroll, Associate Dean. Right: Dr. John M. Long is Director of Bands, Professor of Music, and Dean of the College of Arts and Sci- ences at Troy State University. In 1977 he was elected to the Alabama Bandmasters Hall of Fame and is the only active bandmaster ever to be elected. In 1979 he received the dis- tinguished Service to Music Medal at the National Convention of the Kappa Kappa Psi National Fraterni- ty in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a well known Alabama civic and veteran leader having served as president of the School Board, president of the Chamber of Commerce, president of the Rotary Club, commander of Vet- erans of Foreign Wars Post 96, and is currently on the Alabama State His- torial Commission. Dr. Long has served throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe as guest conduc- tor, clinician, speaker, and adjudica- tor. 364 College of Arts Sciences V O ? i a ; Aerospace Studies ( huirman I rt DuflUI nth ' .n l.ynn I Sgt lohfl Williammn rd Biological Sciences I)r Wayne Adam- I)r. Donald Rarras I)r Daniie ' ste» Dr. Robert Dfa Chairman Mr (iary Furman Mr- Kalhy (Irani Ms. Theresa Kelle Dr Raymond Kisner Dr. Robert Tucker Dr. lames Wilkes Physical Science Dr. Benjamin Rateman Mr Kdward Kantor Dr John Muller Dr Rilly Norman Mr Kunene Omasta Dr Bdward Ward Chairman Dl Majjdalena Wojciechowtk Art and Science 366 Criminal Justice Mr. Glynn Eiland Chairman Mr. Charles Jones Mr. Leonard Moore Math Dr. Destito Dr. Janelle Elrod Mr. John Lee Mr. Charles Norris Mr. James O ' Neal Chairman Not pictured: Mrs. Joyce Griffin and Mr. James Ray, part-time instructor. English and Foreign Languages Mrs. Carol Adams Dr. Rosemary Canfield Ms. Cordelia Gray Mr. Frederick Heidemann Mr. Ed. Hicks Mrs. Mary Hilyer Dr. Peter Howard Mrs. Sue Mahaffey Dr. Theron Montgomery Dr. Emma Norris Dr. Gertrude Schroder Acting Chairman Mrs. Faye Senn Mr. Richard Shannon Mr. James Sher ry Not pictured: Mrs. Dorothy Ad ams, Mr. Fred Davis, Director ol Southern Association Self- Study, Mr. Andrew Jackson, and Ms Eleanor Lee. 366 Arts and Sciences History and Social Science I)r John Howling Mr Patru k Harrii Dr Anthonv K Mr- iir. Mathb Dr Milton M ! ' . ' .• - l)r Jotepfa Mit hell Dr Norm. i Miti hell Dr Curtis I ' ortcr Mr (ir.ich ■ Dr Robert Pullen Dr Leonard Trapp Dr Duane I n ■ . Dr William Welch Not pictured: Dr Nu hoi, is D ' Andi and Dr. Brookl Thompaon Art ai School of Business and Sorrell Commerce For many years, the Sorrell School of Business and Com- merce was known as the Busi- ness Department — a car- ryover from the period when the University was Troy State Teachers College. In 1971, the School of Business and Com- merce was formally estab- lished. Ten years later, in June 1981, the Sorrell School of Business and Commerce came into being. The school was named in honor of the late Jeff Sorrell, a prominent local businessman who be- queathed the University, par- ticularly the School of Busi- ness and Commerce, a sub- stantial sum upon his death. The basic objective of the Sorrell School of Business and Commerce, comprising over one-third of the total en- rollment of the University, is to provide the best possible education for students — a quality education to enable them to become more produc- tive and better citizens. Per- sonal attention is empha- sized; each student has an academic advisor from the School of Business. Good teaching is stressed. Further, the educational philosophy of the school is strongly embedded in the free enterprise approach to busi- ness. The American political system with its democratic ideals, its emphasis upon in- dividualism, and its reliance upon people has been sup- ported by the Sorrell School of Business and Commerce and by the private enterprise system. The Faculty of the Sorrell School of Business and Commerce adhers to the principles and virtues of this system. Top Right: Dr. F. R. Livingston, As- sistant Dean. Right: Dr. Wayne Curtis, Dean. 368 Business ® 51? I s» «er s i.tilv l k V i r i Accounting Mr I Mr G ' -r Mr Robert Pi hr Ir.i Pyron Mr I i.iiml Rabioowiti Mr- I Mr Robert Business Education I r Eva Can Mr- Pri ill. i G Mr- Helen Leverette I)r Hun. ild TbulouM Marketing, Management, and Economics I r Pred Cain Mr Joseph (reek I)r G T Stewart l r Rhae Swisher Mr Charles Thompson Dr Pred ViohJ I r Ranik Wl Computer Science Mr Clifford Callis I r t«-rr H Mr- Hi - - i • Miner I r William Smith Mr LeRoi Walton School of Education The School of Education is organized into four depart- ments: Education, Psycholo- gy, Health and Physical Edu- cation and Human Services. Education programs offered include Early Childhood (Nursery-Grade 3), Elemen- tary (Grades 1-6), Middle School (Grades 4-8), Secon- dary (Grades 7-12), and Nursery-Secondary (Nurs- ery-Grade 12) in art, health and special education. Pro- grams offered in the Depart- ment of Human Services in- clude Rehabilitation, Social Rehabilitation Services, and Social Work. Dr. James Kimbrough serves as Dean of the School Education and Chairman of the Department of Educa- tion. Other administrators in the School of Education in- clude Dr. Joavenell McCoy (Early Childhood Education Coordinator), Dr. Robert McCombs (Elementary Edu- cation Coordinator), Dr. Anna Smith (Chairperson of the Department of Psycholo- gy), Dr. Gene Hanson (Chair- man of the Department of Health and Physical Educa- tion), and Mrs. Virginia Wat- son (Director of the Profes- sional Laboratory Experi- ence). Right: Dr. Kimbrough Dean of School of Education Human Services Mr. Joseph Harrington Mr. Tony Walker Mr. Charles Whitson Mr. Virendra Yadav C5 Q 370 Education 9 fb fa ,v A i A O £ @ © Education tlph .1 Kr Dr Robart Evan |)r Nhirl. i)r Patrk iu Hardin l)r Uadi H n Mr l ' ,. H-. Hi adricki l»r Robert M» l l r Joavcnell M Dr. 1 ' r " - Mi Virgin Mi •■•■is» M I ft r r Health and Physical Education Dr. Patricia Allison Mr John Archer Mr Nicholaa ' I Ma. Cathy Flynn HB Dr. Gene Han-mi Mr Don Jaffra) Mr- -loan Newman Q £ «9 t n Psychology Mr . I. unc- Ami ' Mr JtBM Brantkj Dr lame- Da JIM Dr Stank) Bcnoh Dr Anna Smith Education Music Mrs. J. Barr Dr. W. Denison Assistant Chairman Mrs. Ervin Mr. J. Mahaffey Dr. C. Vollrath ' Mr. J. VV ' adowick Not pictured: Mr. Frederick Art and Classics Mr. Brewton Mrs. Patricia Duke Mr. Woody Ishmael Mr. William Lower Co-chairman Mr. Shillabeer Dr. R. Stampfli Co-Chairman Mr. Walter Speech and Drama Dr. D. Dye Chairman Mr. Smiley Not pictured: Dr. G. Baxter V ' ' Vfctl f 372 Fine Arts School Of Fine Arts I . f t : I I ' .m ol th - s hool I l)r Johm Below It-ft: I : pm, a dramatic group {Mil ing audui ■ Below riRht: Aw.i»tani dean. I)r l)avuj Kislcr Founded in 1971 with the divisions of music, visual arts and speech dramatic arts, the Troy State University School of Fine Arts is designed to stimulate academic and artis- tic excellence within a liberal art setting. The School of Fine Arts reinforces the over- all objectives of the university and places particular empha- sis on developing in students an increasing appreciation and enjoyment of the arts as a medium of rich personal sat- isfaction by providing a vari- ety of experiences based on needs, interests and capaci- ties. The school provides an op- portunity for the entire stu- dent body to experience the richness of our cultural heri- tage through concerts per- formed by members of the " Sound of the South " Band, operas, operettas and mi. comedy performed by Opera Workshop participants, visu- al arts exhibits sponsored by the Department of Arts and Classics, and a broad ran.. dramatic literature brought to life on the stage by the Uni- versity Plavmak- - ol of Pine Arti College of Special Programs The College of Special Pro- grams was established August 1, 1981. It is comprised of all off-campus regions, branches, and educational locations. These are located at Bay Min- ette and Phenix City, Ala- bama, the Florida region (Eg- lin AFB, Hurburt Field, Pen- sacola NAS, and Whiting Field), Ft. Benning and Moody AFB, Georgia, and on thirty military bases in Eu- rope and Turkey. The cam- puses at Dothan and Mont- gomery are not in the College of Special Programs because they are candidates for sepa- rate accreditation. The students at off-campus locations are usually older than those on the main camp- us and classes are normally scheduled for evenings and other off-duty hours. Also, most of the students have full-time occupations outside the classroom. During a typical academic quarter, more than 3,000 stu- dents are enrolled in under- graduate programs and ap- proximately 1,700 students are in graduate programs. Typically, more than 3,000 faculty members are in- volved. The most common aca- demic programs offered at the College of Special Programs are business, management, international relations, per- sonnel management, and criminal justice. The College is adminis- tered by Dean Nolan Hatcher who is assisted by Mrs. Bar- bara David, the Director of Education Service, and Dr. Ralph Taylor, European Liai- son Officer. The University was autho- rized by the State Board of Education to offer the mas- ters degree in 1958. In 1978, the administration organized all graduate education into a Graduate School with pro- grams leading to advanced degrees in the Arts and Sci- ences, Business and Com- merce, and in Education. The School is part of the centralized supervisory sys- tem which is responsible for the thousands of graduate students from Oslo, Norway to Fort Walton Beach, Flor- ida. There are 34 European locations on military bases in West Germany, England, Holland, Turkey, Norway, Greece,. Italy, Spain and the Isle of Crete. The School has extension graduate education programs in Florida and Georgia in addition to those programs within the State of Alabama at Troy, Dothan, Fort Rucker, Montgomery, Bay Minette, and Phenix City. Currently, graduate de- grees are offered in Interna- tional Relations, Public Administration, Business, Management, Personnel Management, Computer and Information Sciences, and Counseling and Human De- velopment, Foundations of Education Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Spe- cial Education, Adult Educa- tion and several other teach- ing areas of Secondary Edu- cation. The Graduate Schools pur- pose fits nicely in the Univer- sity ' s philosophy which is to provide educational opportu- nities for the people of the state of Alabama as well as for military personnel serving their country. Graduate School 374 Special Programs Graduate School From a modest beginning in 1972, the Hall School of Journalism has become the fas test -growing journalism program in the state. Frequent seminars and the annual Spring Symposium sponsored by the School of Journalism have brought many outstanding journalists to the campus. These semi nars and symposiums are a regular part of a journalism program designed to benelit the students. Professionals from every realm of journal- ism offer the students many viewpoint! and the opportu- nity to meet possible employ- ers, School of Journalism Top left: Dean of the School of .Jour- nalism. Mr Merrill Bankester Below left: Broadcast . Journalism major. Dianne Barfield demonstrates giving the weather forecast on the set ofWTSU Mr. Stephen Cobb Mr. Jim Sellers School of .Journalism S76 School of Nursing The TSU School of Nurs- ing, under the administration of Dr. Patricia L. Starck, Pro- fessor of Nursing and Dean, School of Nursing, is a multi- dimensional system of nurs- ing education with four units, giving the student an option in type and location of pro- gram. The units are: Associ- ate of Science in Nursing De- gree program and the Bache- lor of Science in Nursing Degree program in Troy with outreach courses in Mont- gomery and Dothan. In addi- tion to beginning freshmen, both programs offer advanced placement opportunities for LPN ' s and RN ' s as well as for transfer students. The selection of the pro- gram is based on individual learner needs. Persons who select the Associate of Sci- ence in Nursing Program may complete the course of studies in seven sequential quarters and begin the practice of nursing. For associate degree nurses, who wish, educational mobility opportunities are available which lead to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Learners who elect to pur- sue the basic Bachelor of Sci- ence Degree in Nursing pro- ceed from a foundation of sci- ence and arts which lead to practice in a variety of profes- sional settings. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree also prepares the graduate for opportunities to pursue grad- uate education. Graduates of the Associate and Bachelor ' s Degree Programs are eligible to apply to write the State Board of Nursing Examina- tion to become registered nurses. The Troy State University School of Nursing utilizes a variety of clinical facilities for learning experiences. Hospi- tals, clinics, nursery schools, health departments and nurs- ing homes are examples of agencies where students prac- tice. Students in the School of Nursing participate in extra curricular activities on camp- us. In addition, nursing stu- dents are involved in many community service projects such as health fairs, blood pressure screening clinics, blood drives, and disaster drills. Below: Dean of School of Nursing — Dr. Patricia Starck. Bottom left: Colleen Dilorio, Assistant Dean. Be- low left: Jean Mann, Associate Dean. 376 School of Nursing TS1 BSN faculty meml er- include: Roa one: Alice Deal. Many Patter son. Beck) Livingston, Charlotte Koehler Row two: Connie Webb, Dr Dilorio, Sands Wi tt. Dr Kro k . Sorrel! Pro! . Ht- tt Russell, and Brenda Rile Not Pictured: San dra Faria. LeRoj Pratt. Claudia Price, Betty Thomas. Kllen ' • ' . and Merrian Douglass. Montgomery ASN June Bangs, Fac. Allie Brown, Fac. Margaret Fuhr, Fac. Laura Hart. Staff Marv C. Henderson, Fac. Mary Weaver, Fac. Nancy Wilkinson, Fac. Margie D. Henry. Staff I.ynn Hollis. Staff Tom Krieger. Admin. Melissa Mills. Staff Vivian Peeks. Admin. Not Pictured: Danna Bedsole. C.erry Chamberlm. Amy Carr. .Iiidy Cooper, Marj Grace Crawford. Sandy Donovan, .loanne Dowdell. oidra Henderson. Lois Hewlett. Dorothy Holland. Peggy I ee. Tommy Murphree. l.ynn Norman. .lane Oxford. Dawn Re nolds. Billie Scott, Larry SUcoX, -loanne Stales. Sandra Stevenson. I-ou Ward. Karen Warren. Kathv Warren, and Cath (ie»ton School of Nun History Professors Trapp and Thompson Retire Dr. Leonard Young f.A Trapp I l Professor of History 1 li B.S., 1949, Florence State; M.A., 1947, Ml .Jfl George Peabody; J| M Ph.D., 1955, George gd i Peabody. F fl PI M Dr. Trapp came to the Uni- J B versity in 1948. fe k % Dr. Brooks Thompson Professor of History B.S., 1949, Alabama; M.A., 1951, Alabama; Ph.D., 1955, Alabama. Dr. Thompson came to the University in 1954. In Memory of Mr. Roy Tew Richard Roy Tew was em- ployed by Troy State Univer- sity in 1964. He began as a carpenter and then became a carpenter foreman. In 1970, he was made Foreman of Grounds Crew. He remained in this position until his re- tirement in 1982. While grounds chairman, Teu main- tained a well-manicured campus that many considered the best kept campus in the state of Alabama. Mr. Tew also travelled with the collegiate singers as their equipment and setup man for several years. He was always there to help set up such big events as homecoming and big name entertainment shows. Troy State University was saddened by his death on March 13, 1983. He was a loy- al and conscientious worker. Mr. Tew was one of those unique individuals that took great pride in all that he did. In keeping with the 1983 Pal- ladium theme of Southern Pride we commemorate this man ' s faithful support of Troy State University. 378 Retired Professors Memorial Dr. Garrott I)r. Stephei km [ate Profeseoi oi Market ing in Troy State i i. Sorrel] School " i Busi and Commei awarded the highesl honoi ■ State Univereit) faculty member can receive during the 19H. ' i Honor;- I nies. 1 . irrotl v..i given t he In galls Award, an honor riven annually by the Ingalls Foun- dation of Birmingham, a non- profit organization which supports quality teaching in colleges and universities. The award providei stu- dent! an opportunity t show their appreciation for out- standing teaching in colleges and universities and carries with it a $1,000 check and an appropriate plaque. Dr. Garrott has been with the university -nice 1971. He obtained his B.S. and MBA at Murray State University and earned a doctorate from the University of Arkansas in 1979. His wife. Priscilla, is also an instructor of business education on the 1ST si ' The university is pleased that Dr. Garrott was selected to receive this high honor. " Dr. Ed- ward F. Harnett. Vice President tor Academic Affairs Baid. M We appre- ciate the high quality of our faculty and Dr. Gar- rott symbolizes the tact that our students appre ciate outstanding ef- fort. " Troy State University in Montgomery T Dr. Gene Elrod — Vice President ! F i i i i r W7 Dr. Kline Johnson — Dean of Students and Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Martha Lewis Johnson — Academic Dean Mr. Jack Joseph — Director of Administrative Operations 380 TSUM Mr. Jay LeVan — Business Manager Mr- Helen H Herns Director of Public Information Mr Dannie Gibson — Acting ( hinrmiin Department ■•! H . V n ' ' - J A M o ' . l m Mr. Donald Threlkeld — Director of Institutional Research Dr. Chris Summers — Chairman Education Dr Dele Martin - Chairman Coun-ehng and Hu- man Development Dr. Gordon Pickler — Chairman Humanities and Dr Luck Watford Science, Computer , and Infof Social Sciences mat ion Science and Mathematics Florida Region Inc. Dr. Joseph E. Zuro Academic Dean Mr. Morelle E. Larouche Business Manager Dr. Gerald B. Gill Director Dr. Norbert Johnson Chairman — Counseling and Human Development Dr. Jerone P. Johnson Assoc. Prof, of Counseling Dr. John F. Whitehouse Chairman — Government Ms. Jacqueline D. Sawyer Academic Advisor Coordinator, Elgin Ms. Jo S. Spencer Coordinator, Pensacola and Whiting Mr. William J. Cullen Chairman — Business Mr. James W. Roberts Textbook Manager 382 Florida Region Ms. Kathryn J. Gresko Registrar Ms. Mildred Blankenbeck Academic Advisor l ' ensacola and Whiting Ml Mary H. Campbell Academic Advisor, Elgin Ms 1 ' atrn i.i ram Admi: istr Hulr Mr. James W. Dingle -»t. Prof, of Business and Economics Mr. Donald L. Jeffers Chairman — Management Mr. Carl S. Jennings Chairman — Electronic Engineering Technology Mi i I - Chief Librarian Ms. Jaciel Fowler Office Manager and Veterans Certifying Official i 1- i ' arol A.Ch;i ■ Chief of Admissions and Academic Records Ms .lan H Gottlieb Supen isor . ' i Academic Records ' .a Region TSUin Phenix City Dr. Frank Bonner Academic Dean Dr. H. Curtis Pitts Director G. J. Higginbotham Assistant to the Director Sue Carey Coordinator, Criminal Justice James W. Goodwin HI Depart, of Business Dr. James T. Miller Dean of Student Affairs Administration not pictured: Rene Bonner, Secretary Neresuia Buckner, Secretary Glen Clark, Fa- cilities Supervisor Kathy Devlin Bookstore clerk Bud Edwards, Un dergraduate Counselor John Evans Asst. Business Manager Jan Hender son, Branch Registrar Cecilia Spivey Business Manager Jo Ann Welch Bookstore Manager Kathy Wilson Admissions. 384 Phenix City Branch Bay Minette Branch The Bay Minette Branch of Troy State University started operation on the campus of Faulkner St. Junior College, in the Spring Quarter of 1974. It is dedicated to offering evening programs for the working adults of the sur- rounding community. This Branch campus offers both upper division of undergrad- uate work and graduate work. The principle programs of- fered are Business, Educa- tion, and Criminal Justice. Standing I. to K: Ms. Anna Durant Librai Assistant Professor and Coordinator ol Educational AdminisU nd Su- pervision Program, M- Margie Coleman I nd • d In- structor in Business, Ma Lenoral ollini VAAdvisoi Mi Billk ' • u Finney — Financial Secretary, and K Karen Billingslej Seated: Dr. Dennis (ioodwin Director Admini tr«tif! TSUin Ft. Benning, Georgia I m £3$ f Ms. Carol Graham Registrar Dr. Homer Wright Academic Affairs Dr. Paul Stansel Director Bill Martin Business Manager Mrs. Shorlin Hissom Dr. Duconz Hancock Undergraduate Counselor Undergraduate Counselor Ms. Vickie Chapman Graduate Counselor Ms. Mary Buze Undergraduate Records Paul Barnett Associate Professor of Business Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Mrs. Sally Bernstein Suzie Neal Bookstore Manager Undergraduate Admissions Secretary Mr. Dennis Kafka Workstudy Mr. Bobby Johnston Veteran ' s Administration Representative Dr. Berta Dodge Coordinator, General Studies Mr. Pete Mallet Coordinator, Continuing Education Mr. Lawrence Mowery Coordinator, Business Program Ms. Michele Jolley Graduate Records and Admission 386 Ft. Benning TSU in Dothan Ft. Rucker Mr Robert Paul Vice President and Chief Executive Office] Dr. J. Wvatt Grimmer — Dean of Academic Affairs Mr Nolan William- Dean ol Student . . . more on Ft. Benning ADMINISTRATION Mr. Richard Arthur Director of Financial Affairs Mr. Kenneth R. Shuler Director of University Relations Dr. Marjorie Kirkland Dean of Education-Psychology Dr. Eugene Calvasina Dean of Business Administration Dr. Lawrence Brown Dean of Arts and Sciences Mrs. Gaye Peocock Director for Ft. Rucker Mr. Frank M. Lovrich Special Assistant tor Institutional Research Dr. Lester Stewart Director of Foreign Studio Not pictured: Mr Thomas K Wakefield Director ol Undergraduati Pro SMllb Admissions and Business Man agar l)r William P Pannell I tiro tor. ( Graduate Professor Ms Ptum . i B Chief Adminisl 4 MOODY v . • ; : • ' ■:.■- TACTICAL AIR COMMAND J S ti HOME OF 347 TACTICAL FIGHTER WING rM- TSU in Europe Dr. Robert H. Kelley — Vice President Mr. James J. Littlejohn — Director, Admissions and Records Registrar Mrs. Sylta Kalmbach Public Relations Director, Julie Entziminger — Admin. Asst. and JoAnne Bates — Secretary Clerk. Mr. Peter J. Peterson — Director, Undergraduate Affairs Other Administrators Dreveskracht, Charles L. Sub-coordinator for United Kingdom Taylor, Ralph L. European Liaison Officer European Professors Brockway, Gary R. Assistant Professor of Marketing Chamelin, Neil C. Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Connell, Charles R. Associate Professor of Management, Director of Graduate Studies Ferguson, Earl J. Professor of Management Franchino, Roy P. Professor o f Business Administration Gray, George R. Associate Professor of Management Hefron, Peter 0. Assistant Professor of International Relations Herrick, Thomas R. Professor of Economics Hill, C. Jeanne Assistant Professor of Marketing Holland, Carol S. Associate Professor of International, Relations and Public Administration. Hutton, Winfield T. Associate Professor of Economics Johnson, Wallace R. Associate Professor of Management Larson, David A. Professor of Economics Merkel, Edward T. Assistant Professor of Economics Pike, Terrell F. Professor of Management Rodgers, Edward G. Associate Professor of Management; Chairman, Department of Computer and Information; Information Sciences Romig, Rodney P. Assistant Professor of Economics Stapleton, R. John Professor of Management Stokes, William S. Assistant Professor of International Relations Ware, Fred A., Jr. Professor of Management Wothington, James S. Professor of Accounting 388 European Region Top I.i-ft: " hurchill rad nation m m ,i» Kuhrrt H Kel Otto Jacob, and " l Anthony Hivito liHik on Middle I.fft: right • - I Ml ol I i!ik Gadboia, Mildenhall hbrar i, m Bottom Left: 1 31 with HerrSchott in front Vade Kottom Kitfht 331 -Indent OUtaidc the Herman Po Academy building at Koblenq with their inatructor, I)r Neil Cha- mehn. (2nd from the right Dr. Max Rafferty A Man of Conviction Known nationwide for his conservative views on educa- tion, Dr. Rafferty served on the Troy State Education fac- ulty for 10 years. Not only was he the author of many books on the topic of education, but he also had a syndicated radio program en- titled, " Education Today " and he maintained a newspa- per column, called the Max Rafferty Column " syndicated by the Los Angeles Time. Rafferty was certainly known throughout America as an educator with strong convictions about our coun- try ' s school system. Those who knew Max Rafferty, the individual, remember him as a delightful speaker, a digni- fied gentleman, and a con- vincing fighter. Memorial 390 Ad 11 " " « - ;;; ta © 5 • • ' 394 Remember to itfro at e nt j • . t 8 toaV Stea if vt» vbe oW l tvx v 9 Rcmemh ■ Senior Directory Nicholas P. Angelo . . . Prattville, AL.; Mathematics Speech, Econom- IS . . . Sigma Chi-Chapter Edi- tor: Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Gamma Nu; R.O.T.C. — Phase III Officer; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who Among American College and Uni- versity Students; Debate Team — President, Tournaments: 3rd place team, MINT 1979, Semifinal team, Appalachian State 1979, Semifinals team, Auburn 1981, Quarterfinals team, MUW 1981, 3rd place team Berry College 1982, 5th Best Speak- er, The Citadel 1981, 2nd place team, Auburn 1983, 2nd Best Speaker, Au- burn 1983, Quarterfinals Team, Win- gate 1983. Linda R. Arthur . . . East Brewton, AL.; CIS Bus. Admin, and Econom- ics .. . Data Processing Management Association; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Beta Lambda. Joseph Thomas Asher, Jr. ... Hawkinsville, GA.; Music Education Applied Trumpet . . . MENC; Alpha Lambda Delta; Collegiate Singers; Reading Band; Marching Band; Con- cert Band; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia- Pledge Class Treasurer, Historian ' 80- ' 81, Wander ' 81 - ' 82, 2nd Vice- President ' 82- ' 83; Opera Workshop Orchestra — Pirates of Penzance; Dean ' s List; Orchestra — Te Deum. Barry Bailes . . . Huntsville, AL.; Criminal Justice Business Admin. . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon — Sar. At Arms; Alumni Hall Proctor; Assis- tant Director Alumni Hall; Alumni Hall House Council — Secretary; In- tramural Football and Softball. Natalie K. Baldwin . . . Arlington, TX.; Business Administration . . . Who ' s Who Among American Col- leges and University Students 1982 and 1983; Omicron Delta Kappa — President; Delta Sigma Pi — Pledge Class President; SGA — Senator, Ala. Student Coalition Delegate, Sec- retary; ACUB — Committee Mem- ber, Vice-Chairman, Chairman; Uni- versity Dancers — President; Uni- versity Self Study Education Committee — Committee Recorder; 1980 Homecoming Pageant Enter- tainment Coordinator; 1982, 1983 Miss TSU Pageant Choreographer; PCO Leader 1981, 1982; AD Gardner 1981; SD Shackelford 1982, 1983. Mary Blythe . . . Troy, AL.; Studio Art Business . . . Art Guild — Trea- surer; Gamma Beta Phi. W.A. Blythe . . . Troy, AL.; Comput- er Information Science Art and Bus. Admin. . . . Gamma Beta Phi; DPMA; Art Guild — President. Leslie Elizabeth Braman . . . Mobile, AL.; Early Childhood Educa- tion . . . House Council Pace ' 78- ' 79; House Council President Hamil ' 79- ' 80; Art Guild three years; Angel Flight 4 years; Palladium — staff member ' 79- ' 80, Business manager ' 80- ' 81, Associate Editor ' 81 - ' 82, Edi- tor ' 82- ' 83; Daughter of Theta Chi fraternity. Secretary of Daughter ' s; Rugger Hugger — Rugby 2 years; President ' s List Summer ' 82; A.C.E. I. Karla Carr . . . Troy, AL.; Social Work . . . Kappa Delta Sorority — Appointive Officer; SGA Commuter Senator; Trojan Trackette; Human Services Organization; Derby Dar- ling first runner-up; Delta Chi Calen- dar Girl; George C. Wallace Leader- ship Scholarship. James B. Caton II . . . Andalusia, AL.; Business Admin. Marketing . . . Phi Mu — Big Brother 1982, Sweet- heart 1983. Deborah McQueen Coder . . . Chillicothe, OH.; Art Studio . . . Gamma Beta Phi. Ronald Wayne Cottrell . . . Brew- ton, AL.; Physical Education and Bi- ology . . . Student Assistant Football Coach 1981, 1982; Kappa Delta Pi 1880-1983; Gamma Beta Phi; HPER Club; NCATE Self-Study Committee 1981-1982; All University Council on Teacher Education 1982; Outstand- ing Young Men of America 1981; Dean ' s List 4 quarters. Caroline Crawford . . . Marietta, GA.; Special Education . . . George C. Wallace Scholarship; Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society; Student National Education Association — President; Student Government Association — Senator, Student Life Committee Chairperson, Executive Council; Sig- ma Pi Fraternity — Sweetheart, Lit- tle Sister; Collegiate Singers; Student Council for Exceptional Children; Kappa Delta Sorority — Editor, Ex- ecutive Council; Association of Childhood Education; President ' s List; Dean ' s List. Marc Dickman . . . Valdosta, GA.; Music Ed . . . Sound of the South; TSU Jazz Ensemble; Director of TSU Jazz; Ensemble; Vice-Presi- dent, Program Director of Phi Mu Alpha Professional Music Fraternity; Euphonium soloist with the TSU Symphony Band; Bass Trombone for " Kismet " and " South Pacific " ; Music Scholarship; Tech Crew for " Orpheus in the Underworld " Collegiate Sing- ers; Trombone Choir; Bass-Trom- bone Montgomery Symphony Or- chestra; Assistant Trombone section leader, SOTS; All American College Marching Band, EPCOT Center. Janet Elias ... Ft. Mitchell, AL.; Computer Science Bus. Admin, and Aerospace . . . Delta Sigma Theta So- rority — Treasurer; Arnold Air Soci- ety; Phi Gamma Nu; Gamma Beta Phi. Anne Carol Emery . . . Prattville, AL.; Broadcast Journalism History and Dramatic Arts . . . Sigma Delta Chi; Wesley Foundation. Mary L. Fiveash ... Donalson- ville, GA.; Elementary and Special Education . . . Alpha Delta Pi-Regis- trar, Historian, Scrapbook Chair- man, Guard; Angel Flight; The Coun- cil for Exceptional Children; Student National Education Association; Was the recipient of the Lucy Martin Stewart Memorial Award for out- standing senior talent in Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Kimberly Renita Ganus . . . An- dalusia, AL.; Business Administra- tion Accounting . . . Gamma Beta Phi. Michael L. German . . . Ladson, SC; Resource Management . . . ROTC — Deputy Commander of Lo- gistics, Deputy Commander of Staff; Delta Sigma Pi. George Franklin Hamilton III . . . Headlind, AL.; Biology Social Science and Recreation . . . Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Bonnie Marie Hood . . . Enter- prise, AL.; Management . . . Phi Gamma Nu; Gamma Beta Phi. Jennifer Jeter . . . Enterprise, AL.; Social Science Education Political Science . . . Chi Omega; Collegiate Singers; Collegiate Tour Group; Stu- dent National Education Associ- ation; Alabama Association of Teach- er Education. Stacy Jean Krebs . . . Hales Cor- ners, WI.; European History English and French . . . Student Government Assoc. — President; Kappa Delta So- rority; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Sigma Tau Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; Oxford Scholar 1981; Home- coming Finalist 1981; Leader of the Year 1983; Kappa Delta Gracious Living 1982; Delta Chi — Miss No- vember 1983; Who ' s Who Among American College and University Students; University Re-accredita- tion Steering Committee; University Board of Trustees; Intramural Soft- ball and Volleyball. Kimberly Lynn Kunky . . . Mar- bury, AL.; English Writing Arts . . . Angel Flight — Operations Officer 1981-1982; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Tau Delta; Mortar Board. Forrest A. Lee . . . Goshen, AL.; Health, Physical Education and Re- creation Geography . . . Phi Eta Sig- ma Freshman Honorary Society; SGA; Argonaunts; HPER Club; Dean ' s List; Alpha Gamma Delta Sweetheart ' 81- ' 82; Alpha Gamma Delta Big Brother ' 80- ' 83; Sigma Chi Social Fraternity — President, Vice- President, Secretary, Tribune, Histo- rian; Intramurals. Donna Livingstone . . . Lorain, OH.; CIS Bus. Admin, and Math . . . Data Processing Management Asso- ciation; Gamma Beta Phi. Patricia McCrory . . . Frisco City, AL.; Psychology Business and Soci- ology . . . Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board — Secretary; Baptist Student Union; George C. Wallace Scholar- ship. Alecia McKenzie ... St. Cather- ine, Jamica; Journalism Art and Spanish . . . Alpha Lambda Delta; Art Guild; Zeta Phi Beta; The Tropo- litan, Editor; Polyglots — Secretary; Founder Editor of Moods Literary Magazine; Sigma Delta Chi; Tutor of English and Spanish; National Dean ' s List; TSU Dean ' s List; TSU President ' s List; Who ' s Who Among American College and University Students; International Student Cul- tural Organization. Barney Lee Millisor . . . Central College, OH.; Resource Manage- ment Military Science . . . Sigma Pi Fraternity — Treasurer, House Man- ager, IFC Rep., Social Chairman, Chaplain, Athletic Chairman, IFC Panhellenic Rep.; AFROTC — Sup- ply Officer, Recruiting Officer, P.O.C., Advisor; Wesley Choir; Varsi- ty Soccer and Football at Ohio Uni- versity. Jone M. Mills . . . Winter Haven, FL.; Physical Education Psychology . . . Fellowship of Christian Athletes — President; Three Letterman Var- sity Women ' s Golf; Team captain Golf 1982-1983; Most Outstanding Christian Woman Athlete — College Division — AL. FCA 1981-1982; Stu- dent Director Cowart Hall. Martha Elizabeth Mixson . . . Enterprise, AL.; Business Educa- tion Music Education . . . Sigma Al- pha Iota — Corresponding Secretary, Editor, Pledge Class President; Phi Gamma Nu Business Fraternity; Gamma Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Student National Education Associ- ation. Gregory R. Owens . . . Montgom- ery, AL.; Biology and Chemistry Mathematics and History . . . Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching Band; Concert Band; Bap- tist Student Union; Beta Beta Beta; Gamma Beta Phi; Ingall ' s Award Se- lection Committee; Pre-Med Adviso- ry Committee — Student Represen- tative; Assistant Director Alumni Hall; Circle K; Who ' s Who Among American College and University Students; ROTC; Arnold Air Society — Chaplain, Parliamentarian; Mor- tar Board — Vice-President; Omi- cron Delta Kappa. Sharon Leigh Pace . . . Bain- bridge, GA.; Management . . . Phi Mu Sorority — Recording Secretary, Membership Director; Delta Sigma Pi — Vice-President; Angel Flight — Chaplain, Parliamentarian, Comp- troller; Argonauts — Pledge Captain; SGA — Senator, Administrative As- sistant, Supreme Court Justice; Who ' s Who Among American College and University Students; Pre-Col- lege Orientation Leader; Pace Hall Student Director; Sigma Pi Little Sister; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi. Karen A. Parker . . . Tuskegee Inst., AL.; Psychology Sociology and Corrections 396 Senior Directory Susan Patterson . . . Titusville, PL.; Business Administration . . . Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Beta Lambda; DPMA; Dorm Council Vice Presi- dent of C ' owart Hall. Britten B. Poulson . Tallahas- see, FL.; Accounting . . Wesley Foundation — President, Vice-Presi- dent; Student Government Associ- ation — Vice-President, Executive Committee, Executive Assistant, Constitution and Rules Committee Chairman; Academic Life Commit- tee Chairman. Senator; Alumni Hall, Dill Hall; Phi Mu Alpha — Treasur- er, Pledge Class Vice-President; Wes- ley Foundation — Discipline Group, Singers; Kappa Delta Big Brother; Circle K; Opera Workshop Principal (Orpheus in the Underworld); Colle- giate Singers; Outstanding Senator of the Year 1980-81; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who Among American College and University Students; President ' s List; Dean ' s List; Colle- giate Singers Scholarship; Gamma Beta Phi. Chas Powers . . . Longwood, FL.; Biology and Chemistry Math. . .Cir- cle K — President; SGA — Senator, Clerk; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma — Vice-President; Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Beta Beta — President; Wesley Foundation — Vice President; Intramural Football; Delta Omicron Chi. Becky Redd Auburndale. PL.; Broadcast Journalism and Social Si i ence ... Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity National Rose; Kappa Delta Sorority — Executive Council; Mortar Board; Miss TSU 1980; Homecoming Top Ten 1980. Third runner-up 198, ond runner-up 1982; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi. College Re- publicans; Trojan Trackette; Trojan Golf Hostess; W I ' M [A . a- I-;, porter; Hostess ol television talk show " Something Special " WTSU- TV; Sigma Delta Chi Society ol Pro fessionaJ Journalists; Alpha Bpsilon Rho Broadcasting Honor Society; In- gall ' s Award Committee; Student Government Association — Senator; Adams Center Union Board; Panhel- lenic Association — Vice-President; President ' s List; Dean ' s List; WTSU- TV Weather Girl; Who ' s Who Among American College and University Students Junior and Senior year. James P. Reeves, Jr. . . . College Park, GA.; Journalism PR . . . Sound of the South; Tropolitan Staff — Fea- tures Editor, Columnist, Photogra- pher; Lambda Chi Alpha — Presi- dent, Ritualist, Scholarship Chair- man, Alumni Coordinator; Dean ' s List; President ' s List Robert James Rohrlack, Jr. Rohrlack Corners, FL.; Broadcast Journalism Geography and Political Science . . . Argonauts Leadership Society — Best Pledge; Sigma Delta Chi Society of Professional Journal- ists — Secretary, President, National Convention Delegate; College Re- publicans; Student Government As- sociation — Clerk; Catholic Campus Ministry; Delta Kappa Epsilon — Rush Chairman. Alumni Relations Chairman, Vice-President; Alpha Delta Pi — Pledge Class Sweetheart. Big Brother. King of Diamonds; Pre College Orientation Leader; TSU Cheerleader; Clements Hall Assis- tant Director; Who ' s Who Among American College and University Students; Dean ' s List. President ' s List. Susan Ann Russell Gradv A I Art Education . . . Art Guild — Trea- surer ' 81; Trojan Trackettes Vice President ' 82; Palladium Aasoi i ate Editor ' 80 SI. Editor Spring ' 82 Associate Editor ' 82 ' 83; Omicron Delta Kappa; SGA — PubUdtj Di rector. Baptist Student Union; BSU Choir; Who ' s Who Among American College and I niversity Students Dale SaiiMim kin-l ' .ii Al Elementary Bdw stion Laura nm- Bafcwarai i- 1 II. Market i hoi ogj Student rovemmi i I ' • ation Senator; Phi San Lionel I ' u itholii ( !ampua Ministry ion; I r.ii in Appeals I ommitu • Inti Sports Shannon Judith Shirr inn. PL; Blementarj Education Aaaoi uit Kin for Childhood Ed in International; Studenl National Ition Assim latum. A I B; ' hi Omega Sorority Office ol Person nel. Assistant Pledge Trainer, Assis- tant Big Brother Chairman. Timothy I). Simmons Enter prise, AL . Accounting Head Manager for Football team; Gamma Beta Phi; T-Club; AD Alumni Hall Staff. Jeffrey Alan Smith franklin, IN. ( lomputei and Information s i ence Math and Business Adminia tration . . . Data Processing Manage- ment Association; Gamma Beta Phi; President ' s List. Dean ' s Ltsl Douglas William Sutton Nut- ville, FL.; Computer Science Busi- ness Administration . . . Lambda Chi Alpha - Secretary, Ritulist; ROT Arnold Air Society Public Affairs Officer; Gamma Beta Phi — Vice- President; Debate Team. David G. Tavlor . . . Plavground Daily News; CIS ACT ... Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta — President. Jr. Advisor; Who ' s Who Among American College and Uni- versity Students; Baptist Student Union — Music Chairman; Phi Gam- ma Nu — Pledge Captain; Circle K — Secretary; Collegiate Singers. Madrigal Singers. Shirley Ann Tompkins . . . Gene- va, AL.; Social Work . . . Social Work Club; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. I eon I horn pson. ,)r ' Mabama I •er Chri " ithnde ( Chrl Laura .) Flight. Al pha Lambda I N Its jniry Stavaa D. VFatrraa Panama City, FL - dent I iiioii. W( Jon nthons Week Pi 1 ' ompuU • Adminiatration H nold Air S ' ' ball. Data l. nn Whitehurst Early Childl . ' ation M I- SNI V hi Bavarl] DawaWlajajtaa Anda lusia, l. Lrstion and Ai i oiint i r i r lamma Phi Mona Womaik I fl Business Administration Manage- ment . Mortar Board. B dent l num. Gamma Beta Phi. Colle- giate Singers. Intramural . James O. Woolen AUa utU W U , PL.; Economu i CIS and Bu Administration Sigma Chi Fra- ternity. BPU; Denas Student Advi sorv Council School ot Bw nomics Rep. Timoth I . Anderson bury. Rhodesia; English Bui Administration Found) I Vice-President Rugby Club Charlotte Allen Kggerton Jack, AL.; Early Childhood — President. Kappa Delta Pi. Gam ma Beta Phi. SNEA ■ I K Senior Din Abbott. Lyman F Jr 112 Abbott. Michael D 136 Abbott. Thomas K 124 Abdalla. Isam M 112 Abercrombie. Landon 112 Abernathy. Amber D 112 ney. Gail J 112 240 Acton. Eugene 136 Acton. Tyrus R. 100 dair. Riley M. 124 Adair. Walter 136 Adams. Frances C. 112 Adams. Jeff U 112 Adamson, Marjorie A 136 Adcock. E.O. Jr. 112 Aderman. Victoria L 136 Adkinson. Tammi S. 100 240 Agbassi. Paulina O. 124 Agne. Jeffery G. 100 Ahlgren. April A 124 Aikawa. Hiroshi 112 Aiken. John W. 136 Aiken. Stephanie A. 136 Akins. Nancy F 112 240 Akridge. Craig A. 34 100 243 Akndge. Anthony E. 100 AIMansour. Wajeeh 112 Albert. Reginald F 100 244 Alberto. Edwin M. 124 245 Alexander. Charles A. 112 Alexander. Marsheila 136 Alexander.Michael D. 124 Allen. Donna M. 124 Allen. Elvis J. 100 Allen. Eric T. 136 Allen. Howard. Jr. 136 Allen. Kelly L. 136. 244 Allen. Kimberly L. 136 Allen. Pamela 124 Allen. Sandy Jean 136 Allen. Scott J. 136 Allen. Stephen R. 136 Allen. Thomas S. 124. 248 Allen. Trina D. 136 Allison. Edward D. Jr. 136. 246 Alsobrook. Alice E. 124. 240 Alston. Sandra F 100 Aman. Christopher A. 100 Amlong. Jeffrey A. 136. 242 Ammons. Lisa A. 112 Ammons. Suzanne 100. 244 Ammons. Timothy M. 112 Anderson. Deborah L. 112 Anderson. Donna G. 136 Anderson. Donna L. 136. 244 Anderson. Eric R 136 Anderson, Kenton C. 124. 246 Anderson. Kimberly A. 112 Anderson. Michael R. 136 Anderson. Nancy J. 100 Anderson. Randy K. 124 Anderson. Robert B 100 Anderson, Robert C. 124 Anderson. Roderick L. 100 Anderson. S. Denise 136 Anderson. Teresa A 136 Anderson. Timothy 1 112 Anderson. Troy Damon 124 Anderson. Vicki L. 100 Andress. Dimple A. 112. 240 Andress. Kerry Wade 124 Andress. Robert S Jr 124, 242 Andress. Susan D 112 Andrews. C. Lanese 124 Andrews. Elizabeth D. 124 Andrews. Jack Edward 124 Andrews. Jenny L 112. 244 Andrews. Lawrence W. 136 Andrews. Marshall L. 136 Andrews. Selby F 100 Angelo. Christopher 124 Angelo. Nickolas P. 34. 100 Anglin. Willis E. 124 Anthony. Dee W 100 Anthony. Gregory L. 100 Aplin. Donald E. 100 Arbogast. Karen L 124 Arceneaux, Joseph J. 112 Archer. Tim M 112 Argenti. Pete J. 100 Argo. Dean R 100 Armstrong. Lawton E. 99 Armstrong. Michael E 65. 100 Armstrong, Sherri L 136 Arnold. Donnie M. 112 Arnold. Evelyn A. 100 Arnzen. Diane M. 17. 20 . 25. 112. 240 Arrington. Brenda Jo 124. 245 Arthur. Linda R 100 Ashcraft. Allyson. L. 112. 244 Asher. Joseph T. 100 Ashford. Andrea A. 112. 243 Ashmore. Shen K 112. 240 Askew. Candice L. 112 Askew. Myrana A. 112 Aultman. William D. 136 Austin. Bonita A. 112 Austin. Donald L. 112 Austin. Michael 100 Austin. Nancy J. 65. 112 Austin, Sandra L. 124 Austwick. Brad A. 136 Autrey. Rebecca G. 100 Averett. Kevin D. 112 Avery. Angela J. 124 Avery. David P. 124 Avrette. Allison L. 244 B Babb. III. Fred E. Bablitz. Donnie Babtunde. Gabriel Bacote. Thomas J. Badger. Laurie A. Baggett. Anthony L. Bagley. Terry D. Bailes. Barry Bailey, Carlton J. Bailey. Debbie L. Bailey. Jill K. Bailey, Joseph Bailey, Kenneth E. Bailey. Ronald Bailey. Zobria Baker. Charlotte M. Baker. Gussie E. Baker. Gwendolyn D. Baker. Marie R. Baker. Nancy E. Baker, Richard L. Baker, Richelle L. Baldwin. Kenneth C. Baldwin. Natalie K. Baldwin, William D, Ballard. Calvin Ballard. Jerome Ballard. Melissa S. Ballard, Shannon E. Balogh. Deborah M. Banker, Glen R. Bankester. Daniel T Bankester. S. Scott Banks. Dave M. Banks. Harold J. Barbaree. Robin S Barefield. Dennis Barefoot. Bebe C. Barfield. Debra K. Barfield. Nancy D. Barker. Bill S. Barker. Jeremy J. Barker. V. Ann Barksdale. Jeffrey L. Barnes. Elizabeth C. Barnes, Julie A. Barnes. Laura R. Barnes. Sandra D Barnes, Tin Barnett, Kimberly A. Barnett. Mary E. Barnette. Charles G. Barnette. Sonya L Barr. Joretta Barr. Tammy R. Barrett. Bobby L. Barrett. Joh n J Barron. Davy L. Barron. Mary L. Barron. Nancy L Barron. Susan M Barron. Ted L. Barrow. Era A. Barton. Phillip R Barton. Valerie A Bass. Tim Bass. Timothy Bassett. Edward W Bassett. Gary A. Bassett. Janet E Batchelor. Donald O Batchelor. Larry C. Bates. Benjamin E. Bauersfeld. Kenneth Bauman. Willie G. Jr. Baxter. Zachary T Baymiller. Michael S. Beamsderfer. Selinda 124 Bean. Sammy L. Beasley. L. Francis Beasley, Linda F Beasley. Michael R Beasley. Steven W. Beasley. Tim M. Beatty. Dixie Beaty. Robert Daniel Beck. James H. Beck. Jeffrey D, Beck, Jennifer Beckham. Randall K. Bedell. Rachel S. Bedsole. Savanah, D. Bedsole. Stephen M, Beers, Alva E Beitzel. Amy C. Belaski, Corinne S. Belk. Glynda S. Bell. Deborah K Bell. Edward E. Bell. Evelyn Bell. Jesse Bell, Sarah E. Bell. Susan M. Bell. Verlene Bendall. William R. Bender, Cynthia A. Bender. Frances L. Bender. Mary A. Bendolph, Glen Bennett. Cynthia E, Bennett. Debra Elyse Benson, Steve C. Bentley. Natholie Benton. Charles K Benton, Penni S. Berg. Daugherty C. Bernarde. Scott L. 124, 245 Berretto. Judith A. 136 Berry. Bobby L. 124. 241 Berry. Catherine 136 Berry Cinda P. 136 Berry, Vanessa L. 100 Beverly, Gerald W. 100 Bevis, Sonya D. 136, 248 Biang, Thomas R. 100 Bice, James R, 124 Biddle. Alan E. 136 Billingsley. William 112 136 Binford. Lori A. 136 Bjorgan. Jon E. 124 Black, Ginger 100 Black, Jerry D. 1 12 Black, Naomi R. 136 Black, Sammie D. 124 Blackburn, Pamela K 100 Blackburn. Susan A. 136 Blackmon. Karla K. 124 Blackmon. Phillip S. 136 Blair. Jennifer 136. 240 Blair, Ronnie J, 112 Blake. Susan G. 136 Blakey. Thomason L 124. 240 Bland. Larry G. 100 Blaydes, Mary G. 124 Bledsoe. Kenneth W 136 Blevins. Joseph P. 136 Blizzard. Genevieve 112 Blocker, Lorenzo A. 136 136, 248 124 136 112 112 100. 245 100 112 112 124. 242 100 245 100 136 112 100 136 136 124 136 112 136 100 28. 34 136 Blount. Jane 100 136 Blount. Phyllis A 100 136 Bly. Shirley 137 136 Blythe. Mary Lou 67. 100 73 100 Blythe. William A. 67, 100 112 Bogen. Kirk R 137 124 Boggun. Maurice 113. 241 124 Bohannon. Debbie S. 124 136 243 Bohner, Bonnie L. 34. 47. 100 112 Bolden. Cindy L 124 124 Bolen. Annette V 113 112 Boles. Karla J. 137 124 242 Boles. Teddy L. 124 100 Boiling. Kenneth W. 100 100 240 Bolton. David W. 113 112 Bond. William 137 112 Bonds. Sherwin S. 113 112 Bonner. Lynda J. 137 99 Bonner. Monroe C. 113 136 Bonner. Priscilla D. 113 100 Booker. James 1 Jr. 124 124 Boozer. Janet M. Borders. Dawn R. 137 242 137 112 Borie. Leah D 137 112 Borkenhagen. Donna L 113. 240 124 Bornkessel. Bonnie A. 124 112 Boss, Patricia A. 113 244 112 242 Boswell. Debora J. 100 124 Boswell, Debrah E. 100 136 240 Botsford, Leslie J 137 240 124 Botts. Julianne 137 124 Boutwell. Angela K. 124 136 Boutwell. Craig 113 124 Boutwell, Dianne 100 136 242 Boutwell, Felicia C. 113 124 Boutwell. James H. 137 124 Boutwell. William J. 137 112 245 Bowden. Donna K. 124 137 Bowden. Kristopher R. 124 136 Bowers, Glenn R. 100 124 Bowman. Sharon A. 137 112 Bowser, Beverly L. 113 112 Boyd. Dawn R. 113 112 Boyd, Katherine L. 100 124 Boyd, Marybeth 100 115 100 Boyd, Michael D, 100 112 Boyer, Bethany P. 124 136 Boyte. Kenneth J. 137 245 112 Bracewell. Mary Beth 54 113 112 Brackin. Stephen A. 100 136 Brackin. Tandrea L. 137 136 244 Brackney. Beth A. 124 100 Bracy. Aretha D. 137 100 Bradberry. Sandra D 137 136 Braden, Katrina M. 113 124, 240 Bradford. Michael D. 113. 248 100 Bradley. Bernestine 100, 248 112 Bradley. Clara A. 113 124 Bradley, Lee 113 112 Bradley, Philip Hugh 100 112 Bradley, Robby W 137. 246 124 Bradley, Robert 137 136 Bradshaw. Gary D 113 112 Bradshaw. Laurel A. 125 100 Bradshaw, Tamera P 125 112 Bradsher. Angela M. 101, 240 112 Bragg, Donald K. 113 124 Brainard. Michael K. 125 136 Braman, Leslie E. 101 100 Brame. Claude 137 100 Branning. William D. 113. 242 100 Brannon, Nancy Marie Brannon. Patsy A. 125 113 136. 245 Brannon. Phillip E 113 136 Brannon, Sheila A. 101 137 Brasher, James E. 101 124 Braswell, Jana 125 112 Bray. David G. 125. 242 100 Breadwell. Angela L. 137 136 Breidenstein. Carla 125. 240 124 Breland. Rebecca D. 113 112 Brettel. Loris D. 101. 241 124 Brewer. Faron C. 101 137 Brewster. Charles D. 125, 248 100 Brewster. Michael IV 137 112 Brewster, Mitchel 137 137 Brewster, Sharon L. 137 137 Bridges-Hart. Beverly 101 137 Briggs. Gerald E. 101 100 Brinson, Jeff B. 125 137 Broadhead. Steven 113 112 Broadway. Sherry L. 137 124, 244 Brock. Charles R 125 398 Index Brock Jeffrey i M.chele C Brockman. Bobby C Brogdon. Edie I Bronson. Waller Brookins. Betty J Brooks. Barbara Brooks. Claude Brooks. KimberK Brooks. Norman D Brooks. Shirley Brooks. Tara Lynn Broome, Brigette A Browder. Lll Brown. Allison M Brown. Arlean F Brown. Benjamin Brown, Bobby J Brown. Cassandra D Brown. Ch ' Brown. Cm Brown. Connie C Brown, David R Brown. Debbie L Brown. Deborah J Brown Detra M Brown. Donald K Brown. Donna J Brown, Grace H Brown. Henry D Brown. James D Brown. Joycelyn R Brown. Karen D Brown. Lisa E Brown. Lissa C Brown. Mar F Brown. Nancy O Brown. Nathaniel Jr. Brown. Nola M Brown. Ralph M Brown. Raymond J Brown. Robert Brown. Steven Brown. Steven Brown. Vaunita R Brown. William K Brown Earl L Browning. Cynthia A Browning. Gerald S Bruce. Catherine A Brundidge. Eddie L Bruns. Michael F Brunson. Betsy Brunson. Harland G Brunson. John Bryan. Beverly A Bryan. Catrn R Bryan Tammv D Bryant. Angela J Bryant Belinda C Bryant Debra Bryant. Gary L. Bryant. Lisa Bryant. Reginald J Brvant. Sondra L Br ant. Steven M Brye Jimmy Bryson. Sharon L Bucciero. Joy A Buckner. Joseph P Bufford. Lueweeta Bulger. William K Bullard. Andy B Bullock. Daniella N Bullock. Gary P Bundnck. Sheila C Bundy. Cynthia L Bundy. Patricia L Burch Beverly A Burdick. Tammi D Burgess. Tajuana S Burk Kenny R Burkett Arnold P Burkett. Cheryl A Burkett. Mark H Burks. Sandra Burman. Brian E Burnett. Traci Burney. Abbie G Burns Debbie L Burns. Jeft- Burns Michael K 34. 125 Burr. Barbara K 137 137 Burtram. Tammi R 101 137 Bush. E 137 113 Butler. Barbara J 101 " 125 Bulk 121 137 Chef 113 ■ 125 Char 125 Butt 137 Che 101 241 Butts. Sandra M 137 Cher 113 Bynum. Donald R 101 Cha ' 101 : Corrie C 99 Char 137 Byrd. Laura Ann 125 Chat 101 240 Byrd. Susan M 125 Chapman. G R 113 244 137 137 101 137 125 245 c Chapman. Gregory P Chapman. Martha J Chapman Chapman, Will, i Chase. Ronald J Chauvin. Cherry. Anna M 137 Cabrera. Richard 125 Cherry. Clinton G 137 245 Cade. David A 101 Cheshire. Danny 101 Cade. Lucas 1 125 Childers. Anthony C 125 Cady. Bans 113 Childs. Cynthia 137 Cain. Thomas L Jr 113 Chinakwe, Charles C 113 Caldwell. Curl 113 Chinberg, Linda M 125 Caldwell, Michael G 101 Cink, Ronald J 113 Calhoun. Donna C 137 Clark. David S 137 Calhoun. Larry C 113 242 Clark. John A Jr 113 Calhoun. Sara J 125 Clark. Kimberly A 137 Calton. Steven L 35. 113 245 Clark. Michael G 113 244 Cambrey. Carolyn A 125 Clark, Michael H 137 Cameron, Billie D 125 Clark, Ronald M 125 Cameron. John E 125 Clark, Ru 1 113 Campbell. David E. 68 101 Clark. Thomas R 137 240 Campbell Donna L 101 Clark. William 113 . ■:•: Campbell. James D 137 Clayton. Anita J 125 Campbell. Jana K 125 Cleaver, Joan D 125 Campbell. Michael J 125 Clem. William H III 137 Campbell. Regina D 137 Clements. Cynthia L 137 Campbell. Susan M 137. 242 Clements. Tami J 101 Campbell, Tern L 113 Clenney. Robin M 113 Campbell. William W 101 Cleveland. David L 113 Canaday. Thomas L 113 Clinkscales. David E 125 Canter. Robert 125 Close, Teresa P 113 Cantrell. Michael A. 125 Clower. Donna A 101 Cape. Andrew 25 Cluen, Eileen D 125 Capers. David L 101 Coad. Karen L 101 Caponis. Catherine 125 Cobb. Reginald J. 101 Capron. Laura S. 101 Cobb. Stephen E 113. 240 Carastro. Michael J 125 Cochran, Cathy D. 137 Carlile. Debra J 99 Cockrell. Laura L 137 Carlisle, Susan 1. 125 Coder, Deborah M 113. 245 Carnes. Tammy L. 137 Cody. Glen E 137 Carney. Sean J 138. 248 Coe. Carol V 125 Carodine. Craig E 125 Coe. Donaldson C. 101 Carpenter. James R 35. 101 Cofty. Bobbie D 113. 244 Carr. Cathy D 138. 244 Cole. Samuel D 125 Carr. Charles L 113 Coleman. Carol 125. 245 Carr. Karla D. 101 Coleman Catherine H 101 Carrier. Susan M 125. 241 Coleman. Pamela W 137 Carroll. Cynthia W 138 Coleman. Paul J 137 Carroll. John E 101 Coleman. Stanley R 125. 241 Carroll. Linda G 125. 241 Coleman. Trac " 113. 246 Carroll. Tammy R 125 Coleman. Yolanda V 113 Carson. Carolyn A 125 Colley. James S 113 Carson. Hope A 138 Colley. Jennifer H 113 Carter. Arthur L. 125 Collier. Brenda J 101 Carter. Bills Mi 101 Collier. Pe : 113 Carter. Curtis E 101 Collier. Randy S 137 Carter. Elizabeth 101 Collins. R . 101 Carter. Eva C 20 . 30. Collins. Shannon R 125 113. 241 Colquett, Charles L 101 Carter. Johnny M 113 Colvin. Rita D 125 Carter. Kenneth M 101 Combee. Brian K 125 Carter, Kimberly A. 101 Combs. Jacqueline S 113 Carter. Phillip A 125 Combs. Lorenzo 125 Carter, Sandra G 101 Comer. Vicki D 113 Carter. Susan N 138. 242 Compton. Bru ■ 113 Casey. Candace 101. 241 Compton, John C 28 . 33. Casey. Connie 125. 241 Compton. Lisa G 137. 241 Cash. Peter L 113 Compton. Rickey B 113 Cash. Russ L 101 Compton. Suzanne E 101 Cash. Timothv 1 125 Conant. Philip B 137 Cassady Michael D 113 Connell. Julie H 125 Castleberry Rick A 125 Conner. Ellen 101 Cates. Allan D 113 Conner. Katnna L 101 Caton. James B 101 Cook. Carol C 137 Catrett. Rebecca L 125 Cook. Deborah J 113 Catron, Tammy A 101 Cook. Denise C 125 Caudell Lisa R 125 Cook. Gray Eugene 137 Causey. Sharon L 101 Cook. Gloria J 137 Caver. Rosalind Y 101 Coone. Ralph 125 Caviness. Robert V. 138 Cooper. Anita R » 114 101 114 •: » 138 113 101 138 101 138 138 113 101 138 113 138 138 113 101 125 101 113 113 125 125 101 114 138 114 243 138 101 114 125 114 125 126 138 138 114 138 138 138 138 241 101 101 244 248 138 126 114 101 114 101 138 138 101 138 101 137 101 114 126 101 114 138 101 126 138 126 101 126 245 138 101 114 138 101 114 114 102 138 114 126 102 138 102 138 114 138 102 241 , 114 248 ■ ' a R Coop«- 138 102 A i D 138 indra 114. 138 Corr 102 Co»r • 139 a M 126 amaron B 126 138 102 Cottk 138 Cotton Ph 126. Cottrell. Ronal 102 Cottrn 139 Couch. Anita 102 Couch Cathryn J 114 Coullias. Michael S 126 Coven. John E 126. 248 Cowan. Brr 126 Cowan. Claudia 114 Cowan. George 114 Cowa ' 102 Cowart. Ca 126 Cowan H»- 114 Cox. Bobt 138 Cox. Lon A 138 242 Cox. Paul M 138 Cox. Raymond E 102 Cox. Rufus Jr 126 Cox Sheri L 139 Cox. Susan E 114 Craddock. Linda L 126 Craft Kenneth L 114 Craft Mariana 1 126 Craft • 114 241 Craig Paul E 126 245 Crane. Doug E Crawford. Caroline R 35. 102 244 Crawley. Anne Botts 114 Creel. Adam J ■ 1 38 Creel. Cindi J 102 Crenshaw. Anderson E 126 Creswell. Thomas L 102. 242 • - Marcus L 114 Cribb. Deborah A 102 Cribb. Kenneth A 126 Cribb. Timothy E 114 Cnswell a 139 Crittenden. Jacqueline 102 Crittenden 1 126 Crochet. Denis L 102 Croft. Karen K 102 Croft Shiri. 102 Cross. Angie J 138 Crouch M 248 Crowe. Elizabeth D 138 Crowson. Harold Jr 138 Crumpton. Debc- • Cuellar Angelica T 126 Culbertson. Sandra Culbreth. Rodn. 114 Culp Dianna K 126 Culp 126 Culpepper Paula 102 Culpepper Tonya K Cumbie. Anita C 138 Cumbie Lisa Gail 126 Cumlander Sidr- 114 Cummins Linda D 114 242 Cunningham Delmus 114 Cunningham 126 240 Cunn 126 Curent 114 Curenton. Ron C 114 Curtis David Cutruzzula Michael 138 A 99 Indei D D ' Arville. John D Dades. Elizabeth A. Dailey. James C. Dailey. John Daley. Rebecca S. Dalon. Helen D Dalrymple. Elizabeth Daniel. Deborah C Daniel. Richard L Daniels, Danny Daniels. Jena Daniels. Pamela Daniels. Staci D. Daniels. Timothy L. Daniels. Traci L. Danley. Allen R Danner. Mary H. Darby. Pam E. Darby. Ronny W. Darlington. Cathy E. Daryoooni. Parviz A. Daugherty. Dianna W. Daughtry. William M. Davenport. Andrea D. Davenport. Bryan K. Davenport. Carter F Davis, Angela D. Davis. Barbara A. Davis. Becky N. Davis. Chet S. Davis. Deborah K. Davis, Fred L. Davis. Heather B. Davis, James R. Davis, Jason W. II Davis. Jeffrey W. Davis. Jennifer L. Davis. Jenny C. Davis. Jerry W. Davis, John D. Jr. Davis. Joseph T. 126 138 126 126 138 102 99 114 126 102 138 126 126. 242 138 114. 245 138 114 138 114 245 114 240 126 240 126 139 114 114 102 126 138 138 102 138 102 126 138 102 138 126 126 102 126 102 Davis. Karen D. Davis. Mark D Davis. Mary E. Davis. Paytie L. Davis. Peggy L. Davis. Rebecca K Davis, Ronald Kirk Davis, Shane Davis. Sharon D. Davis. Tanya Yvette Davis. Teri L Davis. Tracy A. Davis. Vicki L Dawswell. Jonathan A Day, Mark Day. Martha J. Deal. James Boyd Deal, Kevin Earle Dean, Dennis L. Dean Jo Ann S. Dean. Suzanne E. Dean. Watler B. Deariso. Edward H. Dease, Gloria Dees, Martha J. Degroot. Teresa Delannoy, Philippe Delk, Denise L. Dell, Lindsay D. DeLoach. Kimberly J. Denison, Joseph P. Denkewich. Jeffrey Denman, Lance A. Denman. Scott E. Dennis, Gracie Dennis, Karlton D. Deramus. Angela D. Deramus. Linda S. Deshields, Elizabeth Destito, Joe A. Devore. Daniel L. Dewolf, Laura M. Diamond, Alvin R. Dibari, Steven Dibble, William A. Dicesare, Joseph T 126. 242 Dickinson. Clay C. 126. 245 114 Dickman. Marcus Jr. 102 138 Diggs. Geoffrey 126 138 Digulla, Lisha R. 126 138 Dillard. Tracy A. 114 126 Dillard. Willie L. 126. 245 126 Dimsdale, Timothy S. 139 126 Ditterline. James E. 126 138 Dix. Felecia A. 126 102 Dixon. Reko T. 139 126 Dodson. Shirley S. 114 1 14 Don. Jerry N. 114 139 Donaldson. Archie W 102 139 Donaldson. Raven J. 114 102 Donnelly, Eric A. 139 126, 242 Dorman, Jay A. 126 139 Dorman, Judith A. 114 126 Dorr. Charles S. 139, 147 114 Doty. Christopher J 126.243 139 Doucet. Ellen M. 139 99 Douglas. Carolyn D. 102 126 Douglas, Joseph W. Jr. 114 102 Douglas. Michael W 114 102 Dove. Brian K. 139 102 Dowdle, Deborah L. 126. 240 102 Dowdle, Walter D. 139 139 Dowling, John 114,246 102 Dowling, Margie M. 126, 242 102 Downes. Dana K. 139 139, 240 Downes, Darci A. 114 126 Downey. Gloria A. 127 126 Doyle. Sharon L 139, 244 139 Dozier, Laura L. 114 102 Drake, Alison J 127 114 Drake, Ivonne E. 127 126 Drake, William E. Jr. 102 139 Drew. Robert S. 139 139 Driggers. Thomas B. 139 139 Drinkard, James L. 102 114 Drinkard, Shelia 102 126 Drinkard. Sherrie H 99 126 Dubberly, Dena L. 28, 30. 114 114.241 126 Dubisar, Kaye 114 114,249 Dubose, Chico V. 139 114 Dudley, Sherry A. 127 Duffy. Jeremy L. Dumas. Thomas A. Dumas. Vincent R. Duncan. David D. Duncan, Scot J. Dunklin. Edward C. Dunn. Elizabeth K. Dunn. Juanita Dunn. Kathy L. Dunn. Ted P. Jr Dunn, Tony H Dunn, Virginia Dunnan. Derron K Dunning, Priscilla H Durant. Patricia Durr, Ralph Louis Durrance, Justin K. Dykes, Belinda Dykes, Beth A. Dykes. Charles T Eagerton. Charlotte Earle, Harold G. Earley, Sharon Y. Easter. Beth Easterling, Dan A. Easterling, Randy M. Edeker, Vance D. Eden, Tracey J. Edge. Bryan Edwards, Jamie L. Elias. Janet Elias, Mary A. Ellenburg, Kevin G. Ellington. Paul L. Jr. Elliot, Barbara A. Ellis. Emory E. Ellis, Jeff A. Ellis, Kenneth W. Ellis, Robin J. 139 127 102 102 139. 243 139 127. 242 139 127 139 127 139 102 127 102. 242 127 139 127. 245 114 102 102 102 127 127 115 102 127 139 139 102. 240 102, 243 127 115 115 127 139 127 102 115 TROY AUTO PARTS INC. Complete Line of Parts, Tools Garage Service Station Equipment Complete Machine Shop Service Hydraulic Hoses RADIATOR SERVICE AUTO-TRUCK-TRACTOR PARTS STORE 1 566-3210 201 E. WALNUT STORE 2 566-5250 1118 S. BRUNDIDGE MACHINE SHOP 566-0202 1118 S. BRUNDIDGE 400 Index Ellison. Chnstl D Ellison. Joan E Ellison. Tere- j R Ellisor. Mary E Elmore. Michael i Elmore. Steven E Elrod. Lynn M Emery. Anne C Emmons. Jill B Endfinger. Thomas L Enemchukwu. M Erne Enfinger. David L English J Scott English. Wallace T Ennis. James J Jr Enzor. Rhett S Enckson. David A Ernest. Henry P Eslinger. Jeneane M Espado. Otto Espenshade. Bruce M Espy. Susan E Estes. Glenda F Etheredge. Roger G. Ethendge. Kay M Ethndge. Kevin E Etterlee. Farris D Evans. David S Evans. Joseph Evans. Linda L Evans. Michael M Evans. Sidney. D Evbayiro. Hilary D Everatt. Christy A Everett. Janna L Everett. Yolanda Fail. Phaedra E Faircloth. Molly Faison. Leah E. Fannin. Deborah A Fant. Vernon S. Farahbakhsh. Glavij Farmer. Carol L Farmer. Charlotte V Farmer. Glenn K Farmer. Wendy K Farrar. Lisa A Farrar. Regina A. Fa mil. Joey Faulk. Cathy Fa ulk. Keith L Faulk. Lois M. Faulkner. Pamela F Faust. James W Fay son. Daron D Felder. Janet C Fellows. Janet Felton. Clifford Felts. Edward L Felts. Judith L Fendley. James N. Fenn. Deborah D Fernandez. Yolanda T Ferrara. Ronald P Ferrell. Malone Feuerbach. David A Fields. Teresa M Findley. Andrew D Finlay. James S Fitzgerald. Robin S. Fiveash. Mary L Flanders. Shirley G Fleming. Allen T Fleming. Fox M Fleshman. Sarah D Flowers. Allois S Flowers. Andy C Flowers. Ann C Flowers. Faye Flowers. Jacqueline Flowers. James G Flowers. John D Flowers. Kelley J Flowers. Kimberley R Flowers. Melanie A Flowers. Patricia A 127 139 127 127 139, 115. 139 241 115 127 127 115 241 102 139 139 102 248 139 115 102 115 115 127 245 245 139 127 127 102 127 243 127 115 140 102 127 241 127 140 140 127 127. 66. 127. 127 245 127 102 115 140 102 102 140 140 241 140 115 140 115 140 140 140 102. 244 127. 242 115 102 127 102 127 140 115 248 115 127 127 127 102 115 240 127 140 103 103 140 103 115 140. 240 127 103 115 140 128 140 140 17. 36 115 102. Flowers. Rhonda K Flowers, Robert K Floyd Floyd. Lynda M Floyd. Marcus T Floyd. Trecia E Fl nt Patrick A Folsom. Michelle A Foltz. Jamie E Fondren. Paul D Foote. Jacqueline Ford. Charlton K Ford. Ralph E I Foreman. Auburn R Forman. Lisa D Forthman. Michelle 7 Former. Timothy S Foss. Karla L Foss, Ken C Foster. Amy Foster. Bill F Foster. James G. Foster. Kenneth D Foster. Thomas A. Fountain. Aubrey A Fowler. Joan Frady. Troy C Frahsh. Kelley A. Franklin, Rodney A Franks. Lennis E Frederick. William Frederickson. Erin L Freeman. Derek W. Freeman. George D French. Deborah Friday. Angela M Frith. Nancy C. Froman. Russell Fry. Gregory T Fugit. Terry K Fuller. Alandra G Fuller. Charles K Fuller. Donald P Fuller. William P Fulmer. Greg A Funderburk. B Furman. Gary C. Futch. H Lamar 115. Gable. Frances Gache. Jacqueline E Gaddy. Bruce N. Gaddy. Jeannean Gafford. Debra J Gaines. Gregory B Gallacher. Elizabeth Galloway. Mark C Galloway. Miranda L. Galloway. Timothy H Gallucci. Sally D Galvan. Arthur Gamache. Michael J Gamble. H Keith Gantt. Angela D Ganus. Kimberly R. Gardner. James A. Gardner. Jeffrey S Gardner. Valerie Garland. Bryan Garland. Julie K Garner. Sharon Garrett. Bruce E Garrett. Gloria C Garrett. Kathenne M Garrison. Susan R Gaspohl. William E. Gass. Tracy W Gauspohl. Paul E Gautney. Linda K Gavin. Tanja T Gavras. Jimmie G Gearhart. Susan R Geier. Mitch A Gell. Larr 1 Gellerstedt. Elizabeth Genetski. Thomas Geoghagan. Cynthia J 128. 115. 128 115 245 103 115 128 140 140 128. 240 140 128. 245 128 243 115 115 103 115 140 245 128 115 115 128 128 140 103 140. 246 115 103 115 140 128 140 103 128 128 140 128 140 103 115 115 115 116 116 116 103 116 103 128 140 140. 242 99 128 103 103 240 140 128 116 140 103 140 103 244 103 116 128 243 140 140 116 140 103 103 128 128 140 140 116 128 243 140 116 243 116 248 128 140 140 George. Jennifer l German. M -II timothy G Ghioto. Kathleen A Gibbs Ronald T Gibson, Charles D Gibson. John 1 16 Gibson. Kennr " Lanorns Gibson. Pamela K Gidd- Gilbert. Kim Gilt -IB Gilb.- Gilbert. Scott A Gilchrist. Margaret Gilley. Timi I Gilliard. Michael A Gilliland. Kimfcx Gillman. Wanda I Gilmore. David E Gilmore. Thomas E Jr Gilroy. Younc] Girdner. Aaron K Givan. Sandra D Glasco. Jams Glass. James D Glass. Stella P Glenn. William N Glidewell. Daniel T Glover. Gregory A Godwin. Jo Ellen Godwin. Nelda C Godwin. Ruby D Goff. Pam I Golden. Barry D Golden. Larry L Golson. Helen V. Gooch. Kendall L Goocher, Lisa A Goodman, William L Goodreau. James A Goodwin. Samuel Gordon. Freddie L Gordon. Wanda F Gorman. David F Goss. Joseph B Gothard. Brian W Gowan. Elizabeth F Graf. Margaret L Gramling. Leanne M Grant. Carldon Grant. Elaine E. Grant. Larry M Gray. Golden L. Gray. Henry 140 Gray. Lesia A Green. April L. Green, Brenda K Green. Carlene R Green. Crystal A Green. Daniel L. Green. Darryl W Green. Denise A Green. Fletcher D Green. Gloria C Green, Iris D Green. James Green. Lou Ann Green. Pamela S Green. Patricia L Green. Patty J Green. Raymond L Green. Thomas W Greene. Amy N. Greene. Chariot ' Greene. Jennifer M Greer, Debbie Greer. James A Gregg. Catharine A Gregory, Christina D Gregory. Nathan S Gresham. Jeffres I Grice. Robert E Jr Grider. Louise Griffin. Cath Griffin. Har Griffin. Jacquelyn Griffin. Marrion J Griffin. Patricia D 28. 29. Griffith. Alice M Gnggers. William D 103. 242 Griggs. Bart-a - 103 103 Gnrr ' - 116. 119 116 ■ " • 116 • • 141 140 1 F 128 248 Grogan Tina M 128 244 140 Groo " 103 ' b» Randy D 140. 240 141 140 103. 103 Ira R 140 Guntet. Gregor . 128 140 via L 141 140 Guyton. Rotor- 1 141 140. 242 103. 140 29. 30. 140 LJ 30. 116. 128 140 n 116 Hadaway. Der 1 103 140 Hadden Kate) 141 140 Haddock. Sheila R 103 140 Haggerty Linda 141 128 Hahn. Lc 140 Haines. Sarah L 128 140 Haines. Willard E 103 116 Haisten. Sandra K 36 103 103 Hale. Mary E 116 Hale. Michael ' • 243 116 Hale. Vergil G 116 140 Hale. Veronica R 141 54. 128. 244 Halfaker. Lea ' 128 128 Halford. Hilary 128 140 Hall. Arr,. 14! 128 Hall Caroline D 128 140 Hall James K 99 116. 244 Hall. James T 103 140 Hall. Melinda C 116 128. 248 Hall. Melissa L 103 128 Hall. Mike 103 140 Hall. Peggy S 141 116 Hall. Re 141 140 Hall. William W Jr 141 140 Halliday. Fredrick G 128. 243 128 Hamby. Jame 141 128 Hamilton. Bobby R 128 128. 244 Hamilton. George F 103 244 128 Hamilton. Kenneth C 128 103. 245 Hamilton. Marvin L 116 128 Hamilton. Zelda A 2 43 103 Hamm. Charlotte L 116 103 Hamm. Suzanne E Hammond. Sh«- 128 116 140 Hammond. Victoria E 104 140 Hampton. John R 245 140 Hamrick. Rebecca A 141 244 141 Hanchey. Jane C 128 128 Hancock. Deborah J 128 141 Hancock. Mark K 104 116 241 Hand. Jamie P 141 103 Hand. Sherri L 116 116 Hanley. Connie G 104 116 Hanson. Anthony D 141 141 Hanson. Michael D 116 128 Hanson. Robin L 116 240 103 Harbison. Russell L 141 128. 245 Hardegree. Matthew K 116 243 141 Harden. Bartlett. J 128 141 Harden. Clayton L 141 141 Harden. J C 67 104 116 Hardv Deena R 116 128 Hardy. Melvin L 141 116 Hargrove. BeverK L 104 103 Hargrove. Shannon D 141 116 Harless Laura J 99 128 Harnage. Cur! 116 128. 242 Harold. Christina D 116 141 241 Harper Antho- . 141 116 Harper. Da- 128 Harrell. Josep ' 104 245 141 Harrell. Robert C 141 99 Harrelson. Cind R 104 128 Harrelson. Regina 104 128 Harrington. Joseph B 141 116 Harris. Barbara K 128 141 Harris. Crawford E 141 17. 20 . 26. Harris. Da i 104 30. 116. Harris Patrick B 116 128 Harris. Portia R 141 99 Harris. Richard U 142 Imi. Our People Make It Better " Pizza Sandwiches Soft Drinks Salads Beverages 1104 Hwy. 231 Eat In or Carry Out 566-2672 Harris, Robin A. 128 Haywood, Jimmie L. 142 Harris, Rodger 99, 243 Heaberlin, Lorri M. 142 Harris, Rosaline M. 128 Headley, Donna L. 104 Harris, Ruthie C. 128 Heard, Alice F 142 Harrison, Daniel A. 128 Heath, Patricia F 142 Harrison, James R. 104 Heaton, Natalie E. 142 Harrison, Susan M. 128 Heisler, Charleen 65, 142 Hart, Andrew H. Jr. 104 Heisler, Laura M. 142, 244 Hart, Christopher E. 128 Hellmuth, David J. 116 Hart, Elmer L. 116 Helms, John W. 116 Hart, Mary D. 142 Helms, Rita K. 116 Hartert, Jana J. 244 Helms, Tina L. 129 Hartert. John J. 116 Helms, Virginia L. 142 Hartley, Joy 128 Hembree, Greg S. 104 Hartman, Steven P. 128 Henderson, Jennifer 142 Hartselle, Patrick W. 142 Henderson, Michele L. 129 Hartsell, Timothy C. 116 Hendrix, George E. II 142 Hartsfield, Robert P. 142 Henke, William P. 104 Hartzell, Matthew D 129 Henken, Katherine L. 129 Harvell, Gloria A. 116 Henley, Keith A. 142 Harvell, James F 116 Henn, Nancy W 116 Hatcher, Arthur G. 104 Hennigan, Dare 129 Hatfield, Deesa M. 104 Hennigan. John M. 116 Hatfield, James M. 142 Henry, Billy E. 116 Hatten, Romaine D. 142 Henry, Juan S. 142 Hatten, Suezetta 116 Henton, Anthony 142 Haug, Stephen F 104 Herald, Anneliese 104 Hawkins, Craig S. 104 Herold, Willy W 142 Hawkins, Martha L. 104 Herring, Ricky J. 129 Haws, Gerald K. 104 Herring, Theresa L. 104, 243 Haws, Patricia D. 116 Hewitt, Carla G. 104 Haws, Patsy M. 142 Hickox, Katherine 99 Haws, William S. 104 Hicks, Carlas 142 Hayes, Darrell R. 36, 116, 241 Hicks, James T 142 Hayes, Donna L. 116 Hicks, Lisa 142 Hayes, Katrina S. 41, 104. 245 Hicks, Misty L. 104, 240 Hayes. Sonja M. 116, 241 Hicks, Pamela D. 142 Hayes, Tracy L. 129 Hicks, Teresa R. 116 Hayles, Gena A. 116 Hicks, William 104 Haynes, James M. 142 Hicks, William 142 Haynes, Michael K 142 High, Sharon D. 129 Haynes, Shirley A. 104 Hightower. Gerald A. 129, 244 Hays, John Foster Jr. 129 Hill, Benny R. 104 Hill. Bonnie D. Jr. 104 Hughey, Calvin R 141 Hill, Kimberly A. 129 240 Hughey, Gerald B. 129 Hill. Travis K. 116 Hulsey. Marty C 36. 104 Hillsman. E. Toney 129 Hunt, Debbie L 141 Hillsman III. John M 104 Hunt. Libbye D. 117 Hilson. Rodrick 116 Hunt. Shelly C 141, 242 Hilyer, Bill O. 129 Hunt. Suzanne 104 Hilyer. Pamela J. 129 Hunter. Timothy W. 129 Hinger, Diana S. 129 241 Huntley. Sharon D. 117 Hirtle, Deborah L. 142 Hurst. James S. 104 Hix. Stephanie R. 17, : Hurst. William J. 129 Hobbs. Lawrence C. 129 245 Hurt, Moses, Jr. 129 Hodges. Michael M 141 Huskey, Richard L. 129. 248 Hodges. Phyllis P. 141 242 Hussey, Barbara C. 129 Hoffman, Abner P. Ill 104 Hussey, Rhonda K 129 Hoffman, Rebecca A. 141 Hutcherson, Synitra 104 243 Hogg, Lisa B. 104 Hutsko, Todd M. 141 Hoggle, Donna J. 129 Hutson, Leland. T 117 248 Hogue, Harriett 1. 141 Hutto. Frances A. 47. Hogue, Mary E. 116 98 104 Hohlbaugh. Julie M. 141 Hyatt, Timothy W. 141 243 Holcombe, Frank M. 116 Hyde. Wade A. 117 Holder, Jenny L. 141 Hoik, Herbert E. 129 248 Holland, Bryan R 141 Holland, Timothy 104 T Holland, Walter J. 129 243 Holley. Joey E. 116 M. Holley, Julie E. 104 240 Holley. Kathy L. 116 Ikner, Christopher D. 117 Hollingsworth, Thomas 141 Ikner. Roger D. 117 Hollis. Dixie L. 141 Inabinet, Robert L. 142 Hollis, Elizabeth A. 141 Inaudi, Saloman P. 104 248 Hollis, Gail D. 129 Ingalls. Kevin N. 129 Hollis, Melissa J. 104 Ingram, Grady M. 142 243 Hollis, Morris H. 104 Ingram. John G. 142 243 Hollis, Sandra R. 129 Ingram, Steve A. 142 Hollis. Tamara L. 104 lovine, Laura A. 129 Holly, Kimberly R. 141. 242 Irby, William Vaughn 117 Holmes, Angela 141, 244 Ireland, John R. 117 Holmes, David Z. 129 Irizarry, Angelique 129 Holmes, Jeffery M. 129 Irizarry, Melanie 142 Holt, Dawn J. 141 Irvin, Michael 117 Holt, Jeanie A. 103, 104 Irvin, Michael 142 Holzmann. Gerard C. 116, 245 Isom, William Lamont 104 241 Holzschuh, Robert J 129 Ivey, Kimberly J. 142 Honeycutt, Brenda Jo 36. 104 Ivins, Dani M. 103 117 Hood, Bonnie M. 104 Ivins. Kelly J. 104 240 Hooper, Bruce E. 141 Hooten, Brenda F 141 Hooten. Robert R. Jr. 117 Hopkins, Russell E. 141 T Hoppe, Paula M. 129 J Horn, Catherine E. 129 Horn, Darryl T 129 Horn, Edward L. 141 Jackson, Aldus S. 142 Hornsby, Natalie J. 129 Jackson, Aria P. 129 Horst, Brian K. 141, 245 Jackson, Gary 104 Horstead, Ted 141 Jackson, Horace C. 142 Horton, Robert M. 129 Jackson, Jerry L. 129 Horvath. Susan A. 17 , 20, Jackson, Lori A. 117 24, 117 Jackson, Norma B. 117 Hosea, Nora L. 129, 241 Jackson, Sandra A. 104 Houston, Daniel G. 117 Jackson, Sharon R. 142 Howard, Billie Jo 129 Jackson, Stephanie M. 129 Howard, Herbert W. 104. 245 Jackson, Todd 142 Howard, Peggy L. 141 Jackson, William L. 129 Howard, Sallie 104 Jackson, Willie E. 142 Howard, Sherri L. 104, 242 Jacobs, Jeral D. 129, 248 Howard, Terri L. 141, 242 Jamal. Asif 142 Howell, Ame L. 104 James, Arthur M. 36, 104 Howell, Charles A. 141 James, Joey K. 117 Howell, Mary Jo 141 James, Katrina L 117 Howell, Timothy Ward 117 Jeffcoat, Jennifer K. 142 Hubbard, Charles B. 117 Jeffcoat, Richard A. 142, 247 Hubbard, N. David 117 Jefferson, Deborah W. 117 Huber, Jacqueline J. 117, 240 Jenkins, Daphne K. 129 Hudley. Gloria F 141 Jenkins, David W 104 Hudley, Patricia J. 129 Jenkins, Donald R. 99 Hudson, Allen T. 117 Jenkins. James G. 117 Hudson, Donna M. 129, 241 Jenkins, Mark A. 117 Hudson, Gerri G. 129 Jenkins, Robert A. 104 Hudson, James R. 104 Jenkins, Warren D. 99 Hudson, Joseph W 104 Jerido, Sibyl M. 129 Hudson, Theodore S. 141, 245 Jernigan, Richard W 142 Hudspeth, Michael W. 104, 243 Jernigan, William A. 104 Huff, Brenda M. 129 Jeter, Jennifer 104, 242 Huff, Kenneth 117 Jewell, Gregory L. 117, 248 Huffstetler, Samuel 104 Jimenez, Osvaldo A. 117 Hughes, James R. 129 Jinwright, Natalie K. 142 Hughes, John T 104 Johns, Chiquita Y. 142 Hughes, Kenneth M. 129 Johns. Patricia D. 104 Hughes, Suzanne 129, 244 Johns, Terri M. 142 402 Index Johnson. Alton G 117 Keith, Qe 117 Johnson. Anthony L 105 Keith Kenneth B 143 Johnson. Bobby I 117 Keiiem, Andrea K 143 Johnson. Brenda L 129 Krllfl Ro,|ri 130 Johnson. Carol Y 117. 243 Krllry DrU.iah C 130 Johnson. Cordelia 1 1 30. 117 Kelle) 1 ri 109 Johnson. Corella D 117. 243 Kelle) Olenda D 141 Johnson. Cynthia D 117 Kelle) )• ' 105 Johnson. David 129 Kelle) i li 105 Johnson David D Kelley, Mark A 143 Johnson. David M Kelle) m had H 117 Johnson. David M 142 Kelley, Michael S 130 Johnson. Ella V 129 Kelley, Randal E 117 Johnson. Ginger I 129 Kelley, Starla K 130 Johnson. Gwendolyn M Krllry. Terry J 143 Johnson. Henry 142 Kelle Valerie 130 Johnson. J M.-l 117 Kelle) Vlckl 1 117 Johnson. Jones P 104 Kellum. Melissa K 141 Johnson. Kendal 117 K»-lly. Ann M Donna D Kelly, John A 130 240 Johnson. Lori A Johnson. Mark A Johnson. Paul G 129. 241 117 104 1 17 130 Johnson. Randall M 117 Kelly. Lester S Kelly, Russell ?. 130 143 Johnson. Richard D 142 Johnson. Richard D 142 Kelly. Terry S 130 Johnson. Ri k 117 Kendnck. Paul G 143 Johnson. Ronda A 104 Kendnck. Paula C. 130 131 Johnson. Sandra D. 142 Kennedy. Karen T 143 Johnson. Stacy E 142 Kennedy. Kevin J 143 243 Johnson. Stephanie J 129 Kennington. Kathenn 117 Johnson. Tracy L. 117 Kenton. Sandra L 143 Johnston. Altrice A. 105 Key. Byron D 143 Johnston. Donna C. 142 Key, Glen 1. 105 245 Johnston. Jeffrey 129. 225 Key, Terry G. 105 Johnston, Jennile! I 142 Killam. Sherri D 117 Johnston. Jerry L. 105 Killough, Jill 130 Johnston. Lyn 142 Kimbro. Benjamin M 143 Johnston. Mark Allen 117 Kimbro. Joe J. 130 Johnston. Randolph G 142 Kimbrough, James D 130 Joiner. Kimberly J. 117, 244 Kimbrough. Norman K 117 Jones. Alisa C. 142 Kimbrow. Sharon Li 1 30 Jones. Brenda G 117. 241 Kimmel. Georgia A. 37. 117 244 Jones. Carolyn A. 142. 242 Kimmins, Judith C. 143 Jones. Charles R 105 Kinard. Antonio D. 130 Jones. Connie A 105 Kincade, Michael C. 105 Jones. David 117 Kincey. Vanessa 143 245 Jones. Donna M 105 King, Arthur C. 130 Jones. Gwendolyn C 129 King. Christopher T 117 Jones. Helen A 142 King. James R 143 Jones. James D. 105 King. Jamie V 105 Jones. Jeffrey G 142 King. Jeffrey W. 143 Jones. Karon V. 129 King. Julie L 143. 240 Jones. Lia L. 105 King. Kelly C 105 Jones. Linda A. 117 King. Tammie B. 105 Jones. Marie E. 105 King. Virginia J. 143. 242 Jones. Mark D 143 King. Walter B. 105 Jones. Rita 143 Kirkland. Anthony B. Kirkland. Betty F Kirkland. Howard L. 105 Jones. Robert B 105 105 Jones. Shannon R 143 130 Jones. Todd 129 Kirkland. James A. 105 Jones. Ulrica Jordan. Allison L 129 143 Kirkland. Tonia R 41. 28. 105 Jordan, Arthur L 129 Jordan. Beverly A Jordan. Carl 143 143 Kirksey. Nina C Kitchens. James D. 130. 105 245 Jordan. Cecila A 105. 240 Kitchens. Tonya J 143 Jordan. Clifford D 129 Kizer. Randall K 117 Jordan. Karen M 129 Kleinschmidt. N 130 Jordan. Marvin P 129 Kletcke. Charles E. 143 Jordon. Roy A 105 Kniqht. Dee A 105 Joyner. Barry C 143 Knight. Dena R 130. 240 Judah. Thomas G 130 Knotts. Donna L. 144. 240 Judd. Derek R 130 Knotts. Michael A 117 Judy. Daniel L. 130 Knotts. Richard G 117 Julson. Jodi A K 117 Knox. Vicki S. Knox. Wilford Koenig. Karen L Koerner. James R Koerner. Janet C Koerner. Pamela G. Koller. Craig E. Koski. Russell A 105 105 130 105 143 130 141 117 Kantor. Lisa L. 130. 240 Kowalski. Kay A 130. 242 Kao. Peter C 130 Kramer. Gregory J 117. 249 Karrh. James 143 Krebs. Sta ' 37. 105. 244 Kauffroath. Ri k 143 Kremer. James D 105 Kay, Vanessa D 105 Krob. Ursula 141 Kay. Vmenne T 143 Kmll. Tina M 130 Keasler. Vicki R 130 Kuchle. Sandra J 117. 242 Keeney. Anna M 117 Kuhn. Tamara L 29. 30. 105 Keeney. Jeffrey J 105 Kunky. Kimberly L. 105 Keeshan. Angela C 143. 242 Kuusisto. Amy R 65. 130 Keith. Cassandra D 105 Kyiar. Raymond J 117 •• 130 f 144 n R 144 L-i 130 John R 117 130 Mil hrlr I 117 in W 117 . 130. ■ 144 130 144 i amber I 1 130 105 -• f 1 V 130. a K Land. Jon F 144 a A 105 Landeis 1 ii 68. 117 105. I anders, James E 105 in L 105 Lane Man 1 117 144 Lane, William S 144 riy R 130 harlrs H 105 lura 118 Laney. Janet A 130 130 Laney 144 118 1 imothy R 105 144 Langston, I - 117 130 i .intis reresa L 105 105 Laroche. Sylvie L 144 Linton. I 118 Larson. K.i 105 105 Lasseter. Ce il 1 130 i M 144 Lasso. Silivia A 105. 247 I Ittle 144 Latham. Donald M 144. 242 130 Lattimore. Willie H 105 Little lisa K 144 Lavoy. Sandra 144 118 Law. Jeff G 144 ■ J II 144 Lawless Rk hard J 144 Roland S 130. 243 Lawrence. Linda L 130. 241 Livingston. Tina B 130 Lawson. Charla P 105 .stone. Donna L 105 Lawson. Kimberly A 130 1 le . 105 Laxson. Caron 105 Loar. Jud 1 144 Laxson, Vu 144. 245 Locicero. Carol J Layfield. Darrell V 118 105. 244 Lazenby. Sue E. 118 Locke. Madolyn C 144 Leach. Valetta D 130 Locke. Martha 1 130 Leano. Harrell L. 118 Locklar. Susan D 105 Lecroy. Michael B 130. 243 Lockher. Rob " I 105 Ledbetter. Stephanie 118 Locklin. Dinah L 144 Lee. Arnatta R 130 Lockwood. Derrick B 118. 241 Lee. Brenda K 130 Loer. Gat . 105 Lee. Forrest A 105 Lofe. Philip L 105 Brundidge Banking Company Corner College and Main St. Brundidge, Alabama Lolley. James C. Lolley. Michael J. Long. Daun L. Long. Kari J. Lott. Carolyn R. Lovelace. Lisa G Lovell. Sharon E. Lover. Steve L. Lovett. Denise F Loving. Bradley S. Lowe. Tracey A. Lowery. Donald J Lowery. Frieda M. Lowery. James S. Lowery. Lester B. Lucas. Debra A. Lucas. Samuel Luckie. William C. Lundy. Charles C Lunsford. Stanley B. Lyles. Carolyn R Lynch, G. Michael Lynn. Bonita P. Lynn. Michael E. Lynn. Susan J. Lyons, Cynthia S. Lyons. Vicitias. T. Jr. M Mabray, Pamela A. Macchia, Genaro R Macdonald. Marlene S. Mace, Leigh A. Machen, Tina D. Macon. Sara E. Maddaloni. Chris A. Maddox. Aundrea D. Maddox, Frenshoun B. Maddox. Joyia A. Maddox. Melanie Maddox. Phylis L. Maddox. Robert A. Madison, Gwendolyn Madison, Marvin C. Madison, Suzanne Maharry, Ralph R. Maines. John E. Malinski, Edward P. Malone, Ferrell M. Maloney, Monica J. Maloy. Bobby G. Manders, Margaret A. Mann, Jeanna E. Mann, Theresa E. Mann. Valarie A. Mandra, Wade Manous, Judy L. Mansfield, Luann E. Marable, Alfreda Marable, Mike L. Marcelonis, Lisa M. March. Vernae Marler. Kathy M. Marler. Mart W. Marler. Ray Marlette, Mary Marlowe. Claude B. Marquardt. Chris Marquess, Jeffry S. Marriott, Kitty B. Marshall, Dennis W. Marshall, Janeel A. Marshall, Marvin A. Marshall, Michael T. Marshall, Teresa Marshall, Victoria M. Marshbourne, Jan M. Martin, Andrew Martin, C. Lyne Martin, Cosby H. Jr. Martin, David E. Martin, Howard W. Martin, Jack F Martin. James D. Martin, James L. Martin. John M. Martin, Kathy L. Martin, Marianne 130 Martin, Marie G. 118 McKnight. Priscilla 106 Moody. Julie A. 131 1 18. 245 Martin. Melissa A. 145 McLain. Keith A. 144 Moody. Larry W. 131 144 Martz, Susan L. 118 McLain. Paul E. 144 Mooney, Cathia L 106 144. 24! Mason. Francine J. 131 McLain, Richard 118 Moore. Angela L. 145 144 Mason. Larry D. 106 McLain. Shelly L. 47, 118. 240 Moore. Benjamin R. 106 118 Mason. Leroy 145 McLaughlin. Mary M. 144 Moore. Catherine M. 106 130. 240 Mason, Shirley A. 145 McLean. Cindy R. 106 M oore, David R. 106 130 Massey. Karen D. 106 McLean, Ellen K. 106 Moore, Issac D. 145 130 Mathiews. Linda 106. 241 McLendon. Jacqueline 99 Moore. James 118 144 Matt, Sandra R. 131 McLendon, Melissa C. 144 Moore. James C. 145, 243 118 Matteson. Kymberly K 106 McLendon, Rhonda K. 106. 244 Moore, Janice F 131 144 Matthes. Scott R. 118 McMillan, Calvin L. 106 Moore, John T 145 105. 242 Matthews. Robert B. 106 McNab, Frederick M. 106 Moore, Juanita J. 145 130 Mauldin, Randall G. 131 McNab. William M. 144 Moore, Katheryn D. 118 144 Maxwell. Judith D. 106 McNabb, David 244 Moore. Marthanna 38. 106 144 Maxwell. Susan R. 145 McNair, Leigh A. 144 Moore. Paul J. 118. 248 130 May, Deborah D. 131 McNair, Mark H. 106. 243 Moore, Phyllis A. 119 105 May. Jeffrey D. 145 McNeil, Lisa Gayle 106 Moore, Robbie A. 119. 244 130 May. John W. 145 McPhail, Kim R. 131 Moore, Tamela A. 106 144 May. Michael D. 145 McPherson, Scott C. 144 Moore, Victor S. 145 1 30. 240 May, Tammy L. 240 McQuaigm, Margaret K. 106, 242 Moore, William C. 131 118 May. Virginia K. 145 McQueen, Areather L. 106 Moorer, Tessie J. 131 130 Maye. Rholma M. 118. 241 McVay. Vance B. 144, 245 Moorer, Willie E. 106 118 Mayfield. Gerald L. 145 McVicker, Mitch H 118 Moorhead, Jack S. 131 144 Mayhan, James M. 131 McWhite. Melinda E. 131 Morard, Michael C. 106 144 Mayo, Jeffrey L. 145 Medders, Craig T 106 Morehead, Tim P. 131 144 Mayo, Michael J. 131 Medlock, Tammy R. 118 Morehouse, Dale L. 145. 243 Mays. Richard A. 145, 243 Melton, Thomas L. 145 Moreno, Beverly M. 145 McAlister, John C. 130 Mency. Christopher 145 Morgan, Billy D. 106 McBride, Dephia K. 105 Mendoza. Maria T 37, 106 Morgan, Christopher 145 McBryde. Cecil D. 144 240 Morgan, Crystal L. 131 McBryde. Jimmy D. 144 Menge. John K. 118 Morgan, Ramona G. 131 McCall, Mary L 130 Mercer, Liza R. 145 Morgan, Raymond H. 131 McCall, Tammy A. 130 Meredith, Pamela S. 145 Moriarty, Cathleen M. 132 144 McCallister, Margaret 130 Meredith, Wanda D. 118 Morrell, Sharon D. 145 131 McCarn, Kelly R. 130 Merklinger, Susan K. 118. 242 Morris, David E. 106 106 McCarthy, Chris 105 Merritt, Billy J. 118 Morris, Rhonda D. 132 131 McCarthy, Janine L. 131 Merritt, James 106 Morris, Richard A. 119, 38 106 McCarthy. Richard J. 144 Merritt, James 145 Morris, Suzanne G. 118 106. 244 McCartin, Patrick S. 144 Merritt, Nina R. 145 Morrow, Timothy C. 106 144 McCathern, Audy D. 144 Messer, Susan R. 118 Moseley, Louanne 145 144 McClain. Beverly A. 144 Messick, Karen L. 145 Moses, Gary 145 106 McClamma, Debra L. 144 Messick, Lisa G. 145 Moss, Jennifer 132 131 McClary, Daniel B. 131 Messick, Mary B. 106 Moss, Nicky D. 119 131 McClellan, Jeffrey L. 144 Messick, Peggy P. 118 Mossholder, Mark A. 132. 247 144 McClelland, James B. 144 Metcalf, Virginia E. 131 Mote, Emmette, V. 132, 245 99 McClelland, Richard 144 Mezick, Debra A. 131 Mote, Sandra L. 132 118 McClellend, Charles 118 Michalak, Frank A. 131 Motes, Lisa A. 145 118 McCloy, Randolph M. 144 Mihovilich, Richard 145 243 Motes, Lynn 132 145 McClure, Karen L. 144 Milam, Wendy L. 118 Motley, Betsy A. 119, 244 145 McClusky, Rebecca A. 105 Miles, Lisa F 118 Moye, Janie E. 132 145 McCormick, Avery L. 144 Miller, Andrew V. 118 245 Mracek, Jonathan J. 106 106 McCormick, James E. 144, 243 Miller, Janet L. 145 242 Mueller, William A. 145 241 McCrary. Collin L. 105 Miller, Joseph M. 106 Muer, Jennifer S. 38, 106 118 McCrory, Brenda E. 131 Miller, Matthew B. 37 118 Mulcahy, Michael H. 145 145 McCrory, Crystal A. 118 Miller, Owen C. 106 Muldoon, Cecilia A. 145 145, 242 McCrory, Martin W. 118 Miller, William 145 Mullen, Eugene D. 145 118 McCrory, Patricia A. 106 Millican, Timothy W. 145 Mullins, Dennis A. 106, 245 118 McCrudden, Sharon D. 244 Millisor, Barney L. 106 Mullins, Leslie A.il45 241 McCullough, Cynthia 144 Mills, Angela D. 118 Mundine, Barbara A. 132 145 McCurley, Mark L. 144, 243 Mills, Dorothy L. 145 Munnerlyn, Rudolph V 132 131 McDaniel. Clarence K 106 Mills, James M. 131 Murdock, William T. 119 106 McDaniel, Jennifer L. 131 Mills, Jone M. 106 Murphree, Vicki L. 119 118 McDonough, Keith A. 118, 243 Milne, Todd B. 145 Murphy, Kimberly J. 145 118, 249 McDowell, Walter H. 106 Mims, Bruce W. 131 Murphy, Malcolm B. 119 131 McElrath, Wanda F 99 Mims, Debra L. 106 Murphy, Michael D. 106 145 McEntree, Sandra M. 118, 240 Mincy, Evelyn 131 Murphy, Anthony 145 118 McFarland, Julane 106 Ming, Lisa K. 118 Murray, David 106 106 McGee, Thomas O. 144 Minorton, Joseph 118 Murray, Janet 145 145 McGilberry, Mary A. 118 Mitchell, Freddie L. 145 Murray, Kevin S. 132 145 McGilvray, Gregory K. 118 Mitchell, Lillie R. 145 Murry, Donna D. 106 118 McGovern, Catherine 144 Mitchell, Lionel S. 131 Myers, Kevin A. 132 131 McGowan, Jimmy R. 118 Mitchell, Marvin J. 145 247 Myers, Nicky G. 106 118 McGowan, Keith M. 144 Mitchell. Michael E 145 247 Mymbrayer, Wendy 119 106 McGowan, Teresa L. 106 Mitchell, Ramona L 145 131 McGrady, Laura J. 106 Mixon, Alvin B. 145 131 McGraw, Sandra 131 Mixon, Fredrick J. 118 131 McGriff, Dillard J. 118 Mixson, Martha E. 106 1M 145 McGriff, Isa R. 118 Mobley. Karen R. 145 1 1 131 McGriff, John D, 144 Mobley, Paul T. 118 A A 118, 240 McGurk, Jeanette H. 131 Mobley, Sandra K. 71 131 145 McHolland, Scott H. 144 Mobley, Terry L. 118 Nabors, Charles P. 106 131 McHugh, Brett M. 118 Mock, Gary T 145 245 Nail, Walter R. 146 145 Mcintosh, Myra 106 Mock, Thomas 106 Napert, David 106 106 Mcintosh, Patricia T. 131 Moi, Debra J. 145 Nash, Debra A. 119 131 Mclntyre. Felecia A. 144 Money, Bobby T 145 Nauert, Terry L. 106 131 McKenney, Hugh W. 144 Money, Jacob L. 145 Neal, James C. 119 118 McKenzie. Alecia D. 37, 118 Monfee, Allison J. 119 Nelson, Barney 107 106 McKeown, John P 131 Monfee, Brenda D. 47 , 98, Nelson, Catherine G. 132 106 McKinley, Barbara J. 106 131 Nelson, Dana L. 132 145, 245 McKinley, Michael D. 118 Monk, Marshall L. 119 Nelson, Julia L. 119, 242 131 McKinnon, John R. 118 Monk, Ramona S. 106 Nelson, Leo 132 131 McKire, Carolus D. 118, 244 Montanez, Martha L. 119 Nelson, Melanie D. 119 404 Index first Alabama D3riKofTroy Park Street Branch Conveniently Located to Serve Your Banking Needs Member FDIC « Your friendly banking personnel include Magnus Starling. Muriel Middleto wn. Ann Smith. Martha Davis and Annie fuller Nelson. Palmer W 132 Nelson. Walter IV 146 Nesbitt. Karen D 119 Nettles. David L 132 Neven. Lance G. 132. 245 Newsom, Robert F 107 Newton, Jacguie D 132. 240 Newton. Jeff E. 146 Newton. Patrick A 146 Newton. Vickie L 107 Nichols. Carole J 146 Nichols. Michael L 119 Nichols. Rachel L 119 Nichols. Teresa L 132 Nicholson. Donna R 146 Nicolucci. Debbie A. 146 Nicoluccie. Elizabeth 132 Nierste. Kimberly A 119 Nixon. Kenneth A 119 Nobis. Kate M 119 Noble. Brian A. 119 Noble. Tracy C 107 Noffsinger. Kaye A 146 Nolan. Cheryl A. 132 Noland. Yulanda A 132 Nolen. Robert A 132 Nolen. David M 119 Nolin. Julie A 146 Nonnemann. Chris 132 Norman. Josephine 132 Norman. Phyllis J 107 Norris. Deborah 132 Norris. Fran M 132 Norris. Kathryn L. 146 North. David L 119 Norwood. Tracie D 107 Nugent. Lori A 132 Null nthony L 146 Nunez. Marco A 132 Nunnally. Scott T 146 o O ' Brien. Michael K 107 O ' Neal. Tern I 119 O Sullivan. Nan E. 107 Oakley. Johnny H 107 O Brien. Mary L. 132 O Donnell. Angela L. 107 O ' Dowd, James L 146 O ' Duwole. Dlukayode A 132 Ogle. Rebecca L. 107 Oglesby. Pamela J 107 Olanrewaju. Raphew K 146 Olive. Bonnie B. 107 Oliver. Pamela D 119 Oliver. Tim J 146 O Mara. Patrick B 38. 107 Omeihe. Innocent 132 O ' Neal. Cynthia L 146 Oswalt. Debbie 107 Ottinger. Mars t 132 Outlaw. Bellia S. 146 Outlaw. James H 146 Outlaw. Jeffery L 107 Overstreet. Donna 1. 146 Owen. Mark R 146 Owen, Thomas N 119. 244 Owens. Anthony L 146 Owens. Carol S. 132 Owens. Frances E. 119 Owens. Gregory R 38. 107 Owens. Michael G 146 Owens. Thomas D 107 Owens. William G 146 Owing , Irma C 69. 107 Pace. Sharon L. Pace. Wanda K Padgett. Patricia R Page. Jennifer E. Page. Johnny W Pjit Tina L Palmer. Felicia Palmer. Samuel S. Palomana. Sam P Panton. Catherine G. Panton, Dorothy A Parham. Michael W Park. Deborah B Parker. Debra O Parker. Karen A. Parker. Kathy E. Parker. Kevin Parker. Mark T Parker. Shelia A Parker, Tern L Parker. Tract Parkman. Dana 1 Parks. Anthony J Parnsh. Kimala Parsons. Richard R Parsons. Robert P Partridge. Joseph F Partridge Ke% In A Patrick. Angelia D Patrick. Gr I ' .itrn k Vlcto I Patten I snda J Patterson. K.ithrvn I Patterson. Patsy S Patterson. Thomas C Patton. Elizabeth S 38. 107 119 119 119. 243 146 146 146 132 146 146 132. 240 146. 245 119 107 107 119 146 119 146 132 132 146. 241 146 146. 241 107. 248 248 119 107 119 107 107 119 242 39. 146 Paul. Frank D Paul. Jeffi ' Paynter. Linda J Pearce. Timott Peay. Rebecca G Pederson. Tanya P Peel. Jeffe Peel. S Michelle Penn. Jan- Pennington. Ben P Pennington. Ison J Pennington. Karen C Penuel. Joseph B Peoples Carol W Pepper. Kala L Perdue. Kennv T Pert-. Perkins. Susan F Perella. G Pemn Michael (I Cathy r [) in Person. Per Snellen Peterman M • . Peterson. Robert I Petntsis drea ' iria I wl G • andra D -a R 119 Phillips Phillips Phillips Phillips Jam- Jarrv ■ Jartv- Shai ■■ 132 132 132 107 146 146. 241 146 119 146 146 107 107 107 146 107 146 107 146 146 119 146 146 146 146 99 107 107 146. 244 146 28 30. 119 120 120 120 Phillips. Steven B. 132 248 Powell. Gina M. 132 Qualtrough. Gisela E. 120 Reed. John L. 147 Phillips, Terri L. 146 247 Powell. Laura L. 147 Quarles, Susan H 147 Reed. Kelly L. 120 Pickett. Lee H 120 Powell, Peggy P. 132 Quattlebaum. Howard 108. 245 Reed, Larry C. 108 Pickett. Ruthel W. 120 Powell, Richard C. 147 Queen. Richard E. 147 Reeder. Cecilia 108 Pierce. Crystal R. 146 Powell, Steven C. 147 Quick, Kelly R. 132 Reeder, Charles S. 108 Pierce. James D. 108 Powell, Thomas E. 41. 120 Reese. Alecia A. 147 Pierce. Robert G 120 Powell. William III 132 Reese. Brian R. 147 Pierson. Stephen S. 146 Powers Charles K. 39. 108 Reese. Timothy E. 120 Pigue. James R. 120 Prater. Evan W. 147 D Reeves. Herbert E. 120 Pike. Susan E. 108. 241 Prather Monte 108 f Reeves, James 108 Pmckard. Ronald T. 146 Prather Robert W. 120. 243 Reeves. Jerry F 120 Pinnell. Brian D. 132 Pratt, Mary K. 147 Reeves. Joe M. 147 Pinyan. Homer R. 108 Pregno Renae N. 147 Rabinowitz, Jill 132 Register. Sheila D. 108 Pires. Jeonghwa 132 Prescott, Barbara A. 132 Radford, Elizabeth 108 Reid. Alfonso 120 Pittman. Angela L. 146 Prescott, Edgar S. 132 Radmard. Shahin 108 Reid. James K. 120 Pittman, Lee T. 146 Prescott. Gregory L. 108 Railey. Charles W 132 Reid, Letcher H. Ill 120 Pittman. Timothy L. 132 Pressor . Laurie L. 132 Railey, Deidre L. 133 Reid. Ok Im 147 Pitts. Derek G. 146 Preston . Guy S. 147 Railey. Martha D. 68, 108 Reid, Richard J. 147 Pitts. James E. 146 Preston , Steven C. 120 Railey, Melanie J. 68. 108 Renfroe, Gina A. 120 Pitts. Patricia A. 120 Preusz, Rachel L. 108 Railey. Ralph J. 120 Renfroe, Merri J. 133 Plant. Gerrianne 120. 242 Price, Rhonda C. 120 Rainer, Kimberly D. 147. 241 Renfroe, William E. 147 Player. Darryl E. 146 Price. Rhonda M. 132 Rainer. Sandra K. 147 Revells, Robert 147 Pleas. Clint O. 146 Price. William J. 132 Rainey, Debra L. 39. 108, Revill, Jess F 108 Poff. Debbie S. 146 Pridgen . Lisa A. 147 244 Reyes, Jamie E. 120. 243 Poff. Derrick O. 132 Privett, Valerie J. 39 108 Rainey, Ralph R. 133 Reynolds, Donna L. 21 Poff. Rhonda W 132 Proctor Michele S. 120 Rainey. Todd G. 147 Reynolds, James D. 120. 243 Polk. Belinda T. 108, 241 Propst. Jeffery L. 147 Raja. Hashim Amir 120 Reynolds. Kimberly 147. 242 Pollard. Andre J. 146 Propst. Joseph K. 132 Ralls. Lesa E. 120 Reynolds. Lisa G. 120 Pompey. Jan V. 120 Pugh. Bernard B. 108 241 Ramer. Jon V. 133. 248 Reynolds, Margaret P 244 Ponder. William C. 108. 247 Purnell Alexis L. 132 Ramsey. Calvin 147 Reynolds, Shirley A. 120 Ponds. Karen L. 132 Purta. _orraine H. 120 Rasdall. Donald R. 108 Rhoades, Judith A. 147 Pope. Chrystopher M 146 Purvis, Coley D. 108 Raulerson, Sherrie E. 133, 241 Rhoads. John M. 133 Pope. Kevin J. 120, 243 Purvis, Jennifer A. 39, 108 Raulerson, Susan P. 108, 241 Rhodes, Gary A. 120 Pope. Penelope J. 120 Puryea , Andrew K. 147 Rawlinson, James R. 133 Rials. William S. 147 Poque. Roderick 146 Pye, Ja mes L. 120 Rawls, James D. 133 Richards, Alan C. 120, 247 Porsch. Rainee D. 108 Pyfrom Deborah R. 108 Ray, Kevin A. 147 Richardson, Darlene 133 Portwood, Debbie L. 146 Pyle, Stephen W. 120 Ray, Mary B. 147 Richardson, Pamela 120 Poston, Robert A. 146 Ray, William A. 133 Richardson, Stella L. 120 Pottinger. Susan Y. 146 Rayfield, Abby 147 Richburg, Cynthia A. 120 Potts. Ruby L. 146 Reagan, Elizabeth J. 108 Rickard, Leigh L. 108 Poulson. Britten B. 39, 108 f Reaves, Nancy J. 108 Ricks, Cindy L. 120 Powell, Brian K. 108 Idc Redd, Rebecca F 17, 20 , 24, Ricks, Gregory P. 108 Powell Carroll B. 108 te B 28, 32, 40, 108 Riddle, Sidney R. 147 Powell David K. 120 Reddoch, Stephanie D. 147 Riggins, Earnest 120 Powell Denise S. 147 Quails, Terry D. 108. 247 Reed, Belinda F 133 Riggs, Steve M. 147 Powell Emily 120 Quails. William E. 120 Reed, James T 133 Riley, Theresa 108 GREEN ' S CITY DRUGS YOUR FAVORITE COSMETICS CANDIES GIFTS COMPLETE CARD AND NOVELTY SHOP " A COMPLETE DRUG CENTER " FIRST AID SUPPLIES VITAMINS PHOTO EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES TAPE PLAYERS 4 AND 8 TRACK TAPES PRESCRIPTIONS 400 Parklane Shopping Center 3 Blocks from Campus Gam Green and Spencer Burkett 566-3180 566-4740 406 Index Ringsdorf, John F Rinks. William B Ripley, Gail I Risner, Cynthia L Rizzo. Michael P Jr Robbins. Carmela R Robbins. Janet M Roberson, William N Roberts. Frank A Roberts. Nancy P Roberts Patrk k E. Roberts valarle D Robertson. Brian L Robertson, Lori D Robins. Michael P Ro binson. Estella M Robinson. Kathleen D Robinson. Patrick O Robinson. Rhonda R Robinson. Tommie L. Robinson. Zanalesica Robinson. Zella J Robison. Jo Ann Roddam. Henry J. Rodgers. Mike M Rodriguez. Jose G. Rodriguez. Patricia Rodriguez. Victor J Roe. Ronald S Rogers. Charlotte Rogers. Clint L. Rogers, Debrah L. Rogers. Edwin N Rogers. James L. Rogers. Jeffrey W. Rogers. Jimmy L Rogers. Kenneth M Rogers. Pamela A Rogers. Timothy Rohrlack. Robert J. Roley. Martha A Rose. Walter R Rosende. Gwyn E. Rossell. Debora L Roth. Cheryl Rotton. Alan R Rotton. Jeffery D Rotton. Robin Rotton. Scottie Rountree. Barbara A. Rountree. Jesse R Rowe. Dana M Rowe. Michael Rowland. Bruce M Ruffian. Tammy L. Ruffin, Jerry Rumph, Josephine Rushing. Tammy Russell. Dorothy S. Russell. Eva E. Russell. James M Russell. Jane E. Russell. Richard E Russell. Robyn E. Russell. Susan A Russell. Thomas M Rustom. Becher Rutland. Ruby T Ryan, Edward J Ryan. James D Ryan. Kim A. Ryan. Twila G. Sadler. Robert Saeed. Mohammad Sahiner. Celalettin Salamm. Mary S Salter. Christopher Salter. Sharron J Salzarulo. Robin R Samons. Tod J Samuel. Willie R Sanchez. Steven R Sanders. Belinda J. Sanders. Cindy B Sanders. Daniel S Sanders. George A. Jr. 133 Sanders, Ginqn I 133, 247 San,: 147 Sanders, Kirby 1 I ii. 240 San.J.-is M.nk A 147 S.ii ..- R 147 Sandns, Suzanne 147 Sanders. Terem ■ I 147 Sanderson. Richard C 147 Sanks. Gall I 133 Sansom. Wilmer D 147 Saour Paul J 147 Sargent I llnbeth A 120 Sarhatt. Met-. 147 Sasser. Susan M 108 Saucer. Joanne A 147 Sauls. Cecily 147 Sauls. John D 120. 244 Saunders. Nancy A 120 Savage. Gina ' 147 Sawyer, Catherine R 108 Scales. Cynthia C 147 Scann. Peter F 108 Scarbinsky. Kevin M 99 Scarbinsky. Kraig R 120 Scarborough. Bret M 120 Scarborough. Leah E 147. 240 Scavelh. Marian R 108 Scay. Mic hale 147 Schauble. Chris 147 Schilling. Gary 120 Schipman. Stephen A. 108 Schmalmaack. Cheryl 147 Schmelzer. Timothy T. 120 Schmidt. Julie K 147 Schmitt. Brian D 133. 242 Schmitz. Daniel J. 120 Schraeder. Susan P 148 Schumann. Eric E. 108 Schwerer. Katherine 40, 108 Schwerer. Laura A 120 Schwerer. Vincent S 133 Scott. Donna L 148 Scott. Eddie L 108 Scott. Joseph B 99 Scott. Karen Y 148 Scott. Quinton 133 Scott. Sandra K 108. 244 Scott. Tammie 148. 244 Scott, Tommie L 108 Scott. Willie C 148 Scroggins. James M 108 Scorggins. Nancy L. 133 Scruggs, Joann 133 Scruggs. Steven J. 120 Scrushy. Shelia M. 148 Seals. Jennifer L. 148 Seanor. David L. 133 Searcy. Bobby E. 133 Searcy. Kenny H. 120 Sears. Kelly C. 108 Seay. Sheila A 120 Segrest. Charles A. 108 Seirfreid. Brendan J. 148 Seitz. William E. 40. 108 Self. Debra A 120 Self. Tina L 133 Senn. Anita M 148 Senn. Kenneth L 148. 243 Senn. Laura E. 148 Senn. Patricia M 148 Senn. Roxanne M. 120 Senn. Tonya R Senn, Wesley E. Serdynski. Kelly A. Serdynski. Tracy L. Sessions. Sharon S Sexton. Gerald A. Seyforth. Valerie K Seymour. Jennifer T 148 Seymour. Mark W 133 Seymour. Peggy L. 148 Seymour. Sandra M 120 Shaddix. Tammi W 108 Shaffer. Steven L 108 Shannon. Ruth M 20. 108 Sharpe. Rodney A 120 Sharron. James M 120 Shaull. Glenn J 120 Shaw. James R 120 Shaw. Phillip R 108 Shaw. Ronnie D 148 Shearer. Mart H 148 Sheehan. Brian 148 in K 109 ' ■ 148 121 149 108 Slu-ll 109 107. 148 Shrlt 1 M 148 134 i 13 i M 109 242 nun i tai • 148 148 Shinn. J.lfir- 1 109 148 Shl| V Ii-in 1 109 149 108 Shlpman " 109 240 148 Shlpmon, Peggy A ? 108 shirah . 1 121 120 Shlrej Ben J 109 A 109 120 Shirey Shannon J 109 " 108 Shiver Janet 1 99 • 134 133 Shivrr ' h M 121 149 148 Shiva Paul A 133 ■■an. Thon. • 109 148. 244 Sh, . ■ Rhond.i 1 ' hsori. John K 134 148 Shofner, Rebecca L 99 Srri ' jig 149 108 Sf» Mf-rrv Mk hael 109 Smiji ' 134 148. 241 She . T. 121 245 Sneed. Timothy B 149 148 Showalter. Scott V» 133 1 [.wbfa 109 40. 108 Shriver, Lisa A. 14 8 igy 134. 248 133 Shriver. Stephanie K 133 Snider. Bntton J 149 148 Siler, Anr,. 121 Snipes. Donald 134 133 Simmons, Carla L 148 • s. John J 134 133 Simmons. Jerry A III 121 Snoekstra. Suellen 149 240 108 Simmons. Jo Ann 133 Snyder. Brian K 121. 248 133 Simmons, Mickey W 121 243 Snyder. Sharon L 109 133 Simmons. Shelia R 148 Socarras. Manuel 121 148 Simmons, Timothy D 109 Sostilho. Maria A 121 108 Simpson. Gloria J. 133 Southard. Richard R 149 148. 247 Simpson. Kimbelry D 109 Sowell. Jeffrey Ray 134 148 Simpson, Roger D. 109 Spader. Kather ■ 149 108 Sims. Connie L. 109 Spann. Jonathan D 149. 243 148 Sims, Deidra 148 Sparkes. Luanne 121 148 Sims. Kenneth R 133 Sparkman. Deborah S 134. 242 99 Sims. Robert P 121 Sparks. Andrew D 149 133 Singleton. Pamela Y 148 244 Spear. Ken L 149 108 Sipper Rhonda A 121 Spears, Firoia A 149 148 Sirmon. Brenda D 148 Spears. Gregp . 134. 245 120 Sirmon. Laura J 148 Speck. Anita L 121. 242 148 Sizemore. Harvery T 133 Speir. Deborah M 149. 240 148 Skeen Philip B 121 Speir. James V. 134 133 Skinner. Verlinda L 148 Speir. Laura E 109 133 Skinner. William K 109 Spencer. Polly 134. 241 148 Slack. Melissa S 148 244 Spino. Susan L 149 148 Slaughter. Adrienne 133 Spivey. Glenda 149 148 Slinke . Judith D 109 Spivey. Kathryn W 134 148 Small. Ronald D 148 Spivey. P r 109 108. 247 Smeltzer. Kurt J 148 Spivey. Reggie A 149. 243 148. 241 Smith. Alan G. 133 Spooner. Nanc A 109 148 Smith. Albert J 133 Sporna. Peter A 121 121 Smith. Amy F 148 Sport. Derri L 121. 244 148 Smith. Angela B. 109 Sport. Joseph S 149. 243 148 Smith. Benjamin F 121 Sport. Thomas 1 149 108 Smith. Calvin 148 Spottek. Tosha I 134 108 Smith. Carl L. 121. 244 Springsteen, James L 134 148 Smith. Carson L 133 Squaire. Brenda D 149 133 Smith. Charles 121 Squires. Cynthia G 149 109 Smith. Charles L. 133 St John. Brian L. 109 109 Smith. Charles M 243 St John. Cm : . 134 133 Smith. Clay C. 133. 148 St John. Teresa L 120 121 Smith. Colleen R 241 Stacey. Gwendolyn F 134 109 Smith. Cynthia E. 121. 241 Stalhngs. Kathleen 149 133 Smith. David A 121 Stalhngs. Linda W 134 148 Smith. David L. 133 Stallings. Melar 121 109 Smith. David 148. 243 Stallworth. Daniel T 121 133 Smith. Donald G. 121 Stanford. Blam • 149 148 Smith. Dora P. 109. Stanford. Kevin D 149. 248 133 Smith. Douglas M 121 Stanley. Gidget 121. 242 133. 148 Smith. Evan E. 149 Stanton. Charmagne L •09 133. 247 Smith. Gary W 121 Stanton. Jaqueline R 121 148 Smith. Gina I 133. 242 Stanton. John H 134 133 Smith. Glen 149 Stark. James P 109 99 Smith. J Morgan 109 Starks. Marilyn 134 109 Smith. James R 149 Starling. Alton 1 121 133. 240 Smith. Jan E 109 Starling. Cynth 149 109 Smith. Jean Evyan 121 Starlu 149. 248 109 Smith. Jeff A 109 Starnes. Robert 109 133 Smith. Jeffrey N 133 Stearns. Jacqueline 122 148 Smith. Johnnie M 149 Stephens. Care ' . 149 99 Smith. Jonathan R 149 Stephens. Gerald B 149 109. 245 Smith. Julie A 149. 242 Stephens. Mark 149 99 Smith. Karen A 149 Stevens. Alicia G 109 109 Smith. Keela F 121 Stevens. Christopher 149 133 Smith. Kenneth E 121. 248 crome C 122 109. 248 Smith. Kent W 121 • ison. Lai- 122 133 Smith. Laguan C 149 122 133. 240 Smith. I arrv T 109 - ut Dono 134 148 Smith. Lisa A 133. 242 . irt Frrd.:. 121 Smith, Marcus E 133 ' 1 109. 246 109 Smith. Mark A 121 ' .. Kern D Inde 149 Tatum, John F 134 Trawick. Neal D. 134 Taunton, Melissa A. 134 Trimble. Ann T. 150 Tavrides, Lelia V. 134 Tripp. Barbara A 122. 243 Fl JR Taylor. Brigitte L. 122 Trussell. Charlie R. 150 if It Taylor. Cheryl L. 134 Tuberville, Gregory 110 II r Taylor. Cynthia K 150 Tuck, Darleen 134 11 fi Taylor, David A. 40, 47. 109 Tucker, Carol 122 M 1 M Taylor, David G. 122 Tucker, Luanne E. 150 Taylor, India M. 109 Tucker. Teresa D. 110 Taylor, John D. 103. 122 244 Tu Mis. Ronnie Turman. Anna 110 20. 110 Taylor, Kathy A. 134, 245 Turner. Carol M. 122 Taylor, Kristin A. 150 Turner. Christopher 150 The First Ya rio ia Ba nk of Brundidgi -» Taylor, Lisa J. Taylor, Lisa M. 150 150 Turner, Francis H. Turner, Mary L. 150 110 Taylor. Mark W. 134 Turner, Patti K. 122 Taylor. Russell B. 150 Turner, Vivian M 150 Taylor. Susan E. 122 Turnipseed. Charles 122 Phone (205 ) 735-2351 Teal, Jamie Teal, Mary Teal, Ronald G. Tease, Chrisitan D. Tedder, Lorna E. Tellis. Haywood J. 109 109 150 150 109 244 Turpin, Nettie M. Turrin, Laurence S. Tutchtone, Debra J. Twitty. Sean P. Twyford, Edward C. 150 122. 123 245 150 134 150 P.O. Box Drawer 775 Tellis, Irene Templeton, Donna M. Tepper, Sol H. 122, 150 247 134 Tyree. Linda C. Tyus. Ronald A. 150 150 Terilli, Chris 134 Terrell, William D. 99 Terry, Alonzo 110 I Brundi dge, AL 36010 Terry, Ernie R. Terry, Rebecca L. Tew, Shirley S. Thames, Charia L. Thames, Melissa J. Tharpe, Dianne G. Tharpe, Norman K. Theis, Thomas J. 150 134 110 134 110 110 134 134 u (Jfomadu, (Jdochukwu Ukulu, Augustine O. Ullberg, Henrick W Underwood, Tammy L. Underwood, Trudy D. 134 150 150 135 150 r A FULL ' Thicklin, Renatta C. Thomas, Beatrice 110 134 Unger, Greg L. Upshaw, Breck S. 110 110 SERVICE Memb er Thomas, Calvin O. Jr. Thomas, Gabriel 134 122 IBANK j FDK Thomas, Gary Scott Thomas, James E. Thomas, John A. 110, 134 242 122 V Thomas, Johnnie M. 122 w Thomas, Michael R. Thomas, Roscoe Jr. Thomas, Sherry E. 134 134 134 Vail, Kathy R. Van Buren, Susan 150 110 Stewart, Kevin L. Stewart. Robin C. Stewart. Stella 109 109 134 Stroud, Christopher Stump, Mike D. Stump, Mindy S. 149, 122, 122 248 246 Thomas, Susan J. Thomas, Troy S. Thompkins, Shirley Thompson, Angelo B. 150 110 110 150 Vancil, Helen Vanderberry, William Vanwie, Donald J. Varden, Twila C. 122 150, 243 122 135 Stewart. Susan J. 109 Stumpf, Wayne H. 122 Thompson, Donnelle 150 Varnum, Stanley A. Jr. 110 Stewart, Terri L. 134, 149 Suggs. Reginald T. 134 Thompson, Dwayne D. 134 Varnum, Steven 150 Stidnick, David M. 109 Sullivan, Leah 134 Thompson, Leon 110 Vaughan, Debra G. 110 Stiehl. Kristin G. 109, 244 Sullivan, William A. 149. 248 Thompson, Sandra L. 122 241 Vaughan. Michael D- 135, 245 Stiger. Joanne M. 134 Sullivan. Willie A. 134 Thompson, Susan M. 134 Vaughan, Ted G. 122 Stiggleman, Mark R. 109 Summers, Michael 109 Thompson, Thomas M. 150 Vaughn, Derrick L. 122, 244 Still. Doris J. 149 Summerville, Lottie 109 Thompson, Timothy S. 122 Vaughn, Robert H. 135 Still. Sharon D. 134 Surrency, Rebecca L. 134 Thompson, William H. 110 Vaughn, Susan E. 150 Stinson. Barbara S. 149 Sutfin, Patricia D. 149 Thorington, Robert D. 150 Vaughn, Teri J. 110 Stinson, Leigh M. 134 Sutherland, Sharon A. 109 Thornal, Keith W. 150 248 Vaught, Timothy L. 150 Stinson, Melinda A. 109 Sutherland, Sidney 122 Thorne, Tammy C. 150 Vellines, Charles E. 122 Stinson. Melisa G. 149 Sutley, Lisa C. 122 Thorne, Timothy L. 150 Vernon, David A. 110 Stinson. Sara G. 99 Sutton, Desiree, L. 122, 241 Thorner, Tara L. 134 Verville, John D. 135. 245 Stinson. Sharon IS. 149 Sutton, Douglas W 109, 245 Thornton, Charlie W. 122 242 Vickers, Eddie R. 135, 243 Stinson, Stanley T 122 Sutton, Steven L. 134 Thornton, Connie J. 134 Vincenty, Maribel 110 Stiver, Carri F 134 Swann, Melissah J. 149 Thornton, Dorothy M. 99 241 Vinson, Edna L. 135 Stokes, David H. 149 Swanson, Nancy 109 Thornton, Latonis L. 127 134 Vinson, Lori A. 135 Stokes, Quintin L. 122 Swanson, Ruth A. 149 Thornton, Philip 150 243 Vogel. Kristy L. 135 Stokes, Raymond H. 149, 245 Swearengen, Robin J. 122 Thornton, Sabrina F 110 Stone, Donna S. 99 Sweeny, Donna T. 134 Thrasher, Nancy C. 150 Stone, Lisa M. 134 Swicegood, Glenda L. 122 Threatt, Tommy C. 150 Stone, Ronald L. 109, 149 Swift, Thomas 109 Thrower, Connie L. 110 I Stone. Tawni M. 134 Swindall, Steven D. 149 Thurmon, Suzana 150 240 w Storck, William L. 109 Sykes, Laura M. 134, 244 Tierney, Yolanda L. 134 w w Story, Sammie C. 122. 248 Sykes, Teresa M. 149, 245 Tillery, Alisa A. 110 Stovall. William B. 122, 248 Tindell, Jerome C. 122 Wade, Dorothy G. 135 Stover. Dave R. 149 Tindell, Larry E. 110 Wadowick, Mary M. 150 Straughn. Wynne M. 134 Tipton, Cheryl D. 99 Waidler, Kurt P. 150 Strickland. Dawn L. 122 T Todd, Erick L. 150 Walden, Joseph B. 122 Strickland, Dottie T. 122 1 Todd, Kenneth L. 150 Walden, Melinda 135 Strickland. Edmond B. 149 Tolbert, Charlotte A. 150 Walden. Michael B. 110 Strickland. James T 122 Tolbert, Gary M. 110 243 Walker, Anchylus Z. 122 Strickland. Kay R. 109 Taggert, Mark W. 149 Tomberlin. Debra L. 150 Walker, Charles H. II 135 Strickland, Larry S. 109, 111 Tallant, Mark B. 134 Tomlin. Robbin L. 40 122 Walker, Christi L. 150 Strickland. Lynn 109 Tanner, Margaret E. 109 Tomlinson, Diane M. 122 Walker, David L. 122 Strickland. Malcolm 149, 248 Tanner, Patricia L. 122 Tomlinson, John S. 134 245 Walker. Heather C. 110 Strother, Cindy L. 122 Tarrant, Patricia L. 122 Tompkins. Paige L. 134 Walker, Jeffrey S. 135 Strother, Maria S. 149 Tashjian, Roxanne M. 15C Torres, Michael A. 110 Walker, John D. 122 Strother, Nancy W. 149 Tate, Terry E. 109 Townsend, Kimberly A. 122 241 Walker, Katinka A. 150 Stroud, Cassandra 134 Tatis, Amparo C. 15C Trainor, Margaret R. 110 Walker, Kelly D. 150 408 I ndex Walker. Michelle D Walker. Michelle R. Walker. Orlando M Walker. Rhonda G. Walker. Sherry Walker, Thomas R Walker. Valerie A Wall. Reba C Wallace. Bryan M Wallace. Emily L Wallace Kathy S Wallenfels. Laura J Waller. Joseph M Walley. Ten D Walls. Gregory E. Walls. Lucy Walls, Theresa J Walsingham, Beverly Walter. Sara J Walters. Anthony L W.ilters, Barbara J. Walters. Glenda S Walters. Julius E Jr. Walters. Linda K Walton. Carol E Walton. Michael A Waltoo. Ronnette Walton. Vincent K Wami. Chindah K Ward. Norvelle N. Ward. Phillip D Warlick. Amie K Warr. Martha Warren. John T. Warren. Mark A Warren. Steven D Wascom, Alan K Washington. Ronald L Watford. Tammy Y Watkins. Jamie L Watkins. Thomas R Watson, Alfred Watson, Andrew E. Watson. Angela D. Watson, David M. Watson. Heather A. Watson, Lisa J Watson. Lora A Watson. Melanie C Watson. Randall C Watson. Virginia R Watts. Mark S. Watts. Teresa L. Weaver. Joseph B II Weaver. Norma J Webb. Norman H Weber. Karl D. Webster. Beverly L. Weed. Scarlett E Weekley. Brian K. Weekley. John F Weeks, Jon A Weeks. Laura J Weeks. Lynn B Weeks. Terry W Weeks. Scott Weeks. Tina L Weems. Leontyne Wehr. Billie L Weir. Lisa Weiss. Alan L Weitenbeck. Jeffery Welch. Jerald Grant Welch. Trina G Welk. Blair R Wellman. Lisa Wells. Benjamin D Welsh. Danette D Wenzel. Tracy A Wesley. Mary J Wespiser. Daniel J West. Phyllis West. Teresa West. Virginia L. Westbrook. Lisa Westbrook. Jacquelin Weston. Bernard Weston. James F Weston. Joe N Westry. Milton J Wheat. Julie C Wheeler. Vera L. 135. 110. 122 150 lt 0 245 110 110 no no 150 135 no no no 242 135 122 no no no 122 135 122 150 135 135. 241 122 135 135 150 122 110 150 135. 245 135. 242 1 10. 245 no 122. 248 150 245 241 150 135 135 150 150 no no 150 150 122 135 135 245 122 122 150 150 41. 110 135. 245 150. 248 122. 150. 135. 41. 123. 20. no. 248 no no 122 no 135 122 151 no 135 135 122 122 122 135 151 248 135 241 151 151 151 151 110 110 110 151 151 no 135 123 no Whelpley. Ronald J WhlddOO, Jrnrntrr I H White h riet M White, Clarence White, Ella Otngei D White. Jeanette White, Jeffery i White, J hn H. White, Jon S. White, Nathan J. White, Penny D White, Ronald l W hlte, Rosemary White. Samuel S. Whitehurst. Patricia Whiten. Alison L Whlttaka Karen D. Whitten. Victor G Whynott. Tina J Wlck», Michael D. W Igglns, Beverly D. Wiggins. Ronnie D. Wilkerson, Angela D Wilkerson. Linda E. Wilkerson. Susan L Wilkes. Gregory K Wilkins. Gregory Wilklns, Juaneysa L. Wilkins. Robyn F Wilkinson. David J. Wilkinson. Pamela S. Williams. Adrianne D Williams. Angela D Williams. Annie R Williams. Aura C. Williams. Bart D Williams. Charles W. Williams. Darryl D Williams. Debbie D. Williams. Debra A Williams. Eddie F Williams. Emily D Williams. James B. Williams. Joshua H Williams. Karla L Williams. Leslie Williams. Lori Williams. Mack M Williams. Mary B. Williams. Neena Williams. Priscilla Williams. Priscilla Williams. Robert C Williams. Roger K Williams. Sandra D. Williams. Sara Williams. Sheila S Williams. Teresa A Williams. Thomas P Williams. Thor Williams. Timothy K Williams. Walter H. Williams. Wendell T Williamson. Kimberly Williamson. Vance W Willis. Christopher Willis. Cynthia F Willis. Janice R. Wilhsson. Andrew L Willoughby. Donna Willoughby. Gary D. Wilson. Alice V. Wilson. Brett W Wilson. Cary T Wilson. Donna G Wilson. Franklin W Wilson. Gary A. Wilson. Henry B Wilson. Jeff L Wilson. Judy L Wilson. Natalie C. Wilson. Timothy S. Wilson. Wendy Wimhish Millard B Winborne. Tracs I Wingard. Cinda J Wingard. Joseph Winqate. Wanda J Lisa 73. 17. 28. 135. 10. 123. 123 151 123 110 151 123 135 151 135 151 135 151 151 110 151 151 110 135 no 151 151 135 no 123 123 135 123 110 151 20. 110 241 110 151 151 243 151 123 151 110 151 no 151 123 123 135 243 135 151 151 in 151 135 135 151 135 151 111 111 111 123 248 151 151 248 135 151 111 151 17. 20. 22 41. 123. 245 123 151 151 135 111 135 151 111 135 151 in 123 123 151 151 151 135 151 123 123 123 111 111. 41. 135. 135. - A 15 1 I 111 III ■■.11 111 •! Donne M 151 Jr 151 ■■■ Wiii-ti Gli 151 Wom.v 151 Womack. Ramona III Womhl.- I ' i ' . |a M 151 Wood 1 llxabetfl 1) Wood. How.i 151 Wood. Kelli R 151 Wood. Ton . Woodard. Thomas A WochI 151 Woodbury. Margan-i 1 111 Woodbury, Patrice E. 135 Woodham, Carol F 123 Woodling, Charles A 111 Woods. Donald R 111 Woods. Ezzle L 123 Woods, Susan mi Woods. Tony R in Woods V li • 135 Woodward, Chris A 135 Woody. Counti " » . 123 Wooten. James O. 111 Wooten. Michelle S. 135 Wooten. Ruth D 123 Word. Amy C. 135 Worrell. Joseph D III Worsham. Cynthia A. 151 Worsham. Pamela J. 135 Wright, Andrea J. 151 Wright. Brett J 123 Wright. Denn W 99. 151 Wright. Martha G 41. Ill Wright. Richard A 123 Wright. Teresa M 111 Wright, Voneceil 151 Wurtz. Karen E 135. 245 Wyatt. Cedric E 111 151. 248 n A - n B Jonathan 151 thony R 151 Angela H 151 241 Linda D 151 ■• III Yo t. Kerwin A 151 Your , 151 Young III Youn.. 151 Young. Roderick B 151 Young. Scott O III 135 Youngblood. Keli ' 151 Youngblood 151 Youngblood. Wyatt 151 Zamam. Esmail Zelko. Monica R Zessin. Brent L Ziglar. Shyron Zorn. Roger J Zorn. Suzanne M III 135. 240 123 111 135 151 246 " Fashion and Quality Since 1893 " Southland Village Troy, Alabama 36081 Phone 566-6671 A SOUTHERN COLLEGE GIVES YOU MANY MEMORIES OF . . . 410 Etc. FUN TIMES 411 FRIENDSHIPS 412 Etc. BUSY TIMES LOVING TIMES . . . 414 Etc. and MEMORIES . . . m I m EDITOR ' S NOTE: " No one ever said that it was going to be easy. " This quote went through my mind many times this year, especially when problems arose. Life is not easy, but with the help of others it can be made a little easier. Many people made it easier for me. Ray was always there with a smile to make the day seem brighter. Jeff was so organized and made every- thing work well. Susan had the ideas and carried them through. Donny took " a lot of bull " from me, but always smiled and got the job done. Jacqueline had the faith in me which kept me going to the very end. To all of you, I owe everything for a job well done. You made it all a little easier. I Sincerely Thank You! d ob O LO yta F»t97 ?V4w

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