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man mm HUtt InR! ■ - I Amy Segrest Editor-in-Chief Richard Armstead Associate Editor Susan Russell Associate Editor Leslie Braman Business Manager Ray Bendall Organizations Editor Tammy Catron Administration Editor Missy Enflnger Administration Editor Tony Morris Features Editor Jacquline C. Smith Advisor 1981 PALLADIUM Troy State University Troy, Alabama Volume 70 Wes LlewelKn Just a Closer Look . . . 2 Introduction 4 INTRODUCTION 18 FEATURES 60 ATHLETICS 122 GREEKS 178 CAMPUS LIFE 216 ORGANIZATIONS 284 ADMINISTRATION 322 STUDENTS 392 ADVERTISEMENTS Introduction 3 Jutst A Closer Look . . . u.x - The Campus The People 4 Introduction Troy State College — established as Troy State Normal School by the Alabama General Assembly in 1887. The Alabama Legislature has approved the following changes in the name: Troy State Normal College 1893, Troy State Teachers College 1927. Troy State College 1957, and Troy State University 1967. Land and the first building for the original downtown campus and the land for the present site were provided by the city of Troy. The college was moved to the present campus in 1930. The State Board of Education authorized the College to grant the Bachelors Degree in 1929 and the Master ' s Degree in 1956. Presently there are six schools which consist of Business and Commerce, Education, Nursing. Arts and Science. Jornalism and Fine Arts. Introduction 5 Donation Provides Troy State With Chapel, Four Academic Chairs Troy — A gift of approximately $4.4 million from the estate of Brundidge native Anise Johnson Sorrell is providing Troy State University with a chapel and four academic chairs. The chapel, to cost approximately $250,000. will be " ' a haven for people of all faiths on campus, " ' TSU President Dr. Ralph W. Adams said. The non-denominational facility will occupy about 2.800 square feet on a lot adjacent to Wallace Hall and will be used by students, faculty, staff and campus organizations. Preliminary plans are being coordinated by the Dothan architectural firm of Spann. Hall and Ritchie. Bids for the construction work will be let this winter. The chapel will be named in honor of Mrs. Sorrell ' s late husband Jeff, a native of Saco, who accumulated his wealth through land and timber. At one time. Sorrell owned 12.000 head of cattle and 35,000 acres of land. In addition to the chapel. TSU ' s Board of Trustees has agreed to name a building on campus in Sorrell ' s honor. The McCall Hall annex, connected to the original portion of TSU ' s science and history building, will be named Sorrell Hall. In Mrs. Sorrell ' s will, it was suggested a portion of the TSU donation be used for a chapel and to name a building after Sorrell. Adams said. The Troy State Board of Trustees has obligated $3 million of the TSU donation to endow academic chairs to be filled by professionals of national or international repute. Each chair has been endowed with $750,000 and a goal of $1 million has been set for each fund. Professionals will be hired on a quarterly or yearly basis. A chair in journalism has already been filled for fall quarter by Washington. D.C. columnist and commentator M. Stanton Evans. Evans is teaching, lecturing and planning guidelines for the chair, and will help select a name for the chair. The university has established the first chair in nursing in Alabama. The chair, one of 10 chairs in nursing in the nation, is named for Mrs. Sorrell and will be filled by January 1981. The Adams-Bibby Chair of Free Enterprise has been established in TSU ' s School of Business. The chair is named for Mr. and Mrs. Walter Berry Bibby of Dallas, former Birmingham residents, and Mrs. Bibby ' s father. Eason Young Adams. The Bibbys contributed $100,100 to the chair, bringing the total of the fund to $850,100. The business chair was the first one established at the university. Officials anticipate the chair will be filled by the first of next year. Another chair will be established later in either the School of Education or the College of Arts and Sciences. The remaining $1 million of the donation will be placed in an endowment fund, Adams said. " To be flexible, we didn ' t want to use all of the money at once. " The Sorrell donation places Troy State ahead of most universities in the establishment of chairs, he noted. " Of the some 3,000 colleges and universities in the country, only about 100 have chairs. And while most schools spend years trying to raise money for chairs, we have a good start in beginning our own. " Adams said. He noted that Harvard University has the largest endowment fund — about $100 Million — in the nation. " The Sorrell donation should grow from nearly $4.5 million to $10 million or $15 million by the time I leave Troy State, " Adams added. About $5 million has been deposited in TSU ' s endowment fund since Adams became president in 1964. University Press Release v f t.UUIOH SDttWfSr)llfMHION 6 Introduction In Memoriamum Dr. ( .t i aid Ray Mathis — Dr. Mathiv A I SI I history profes- sor since l%9. died in April 1 981, after an extended illness. Dr. Mathis, 43, wrote several histor ical books. One of them, ' South Caro- lina Aristocrat on the Alabama Fron- tier " was awarded a certificate of com- mendation by the American Associa- tion for state and local history. His last book will be published in June, which is a collection of Civil War letters which were turned over to him by the Historic Chattahoochee Com- mission. Dr. Mathis was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi K appa Phi, ODK, and Phi Alpha Theta, a historical society. He graduated from Birmingham Southern College with a BS, MS from Duke University and PhD from the University of Georgia. Dr. William Paul Lewis — Dr. Lewis, a TSU Education and Psychology professor for 22 years, died in February 1981 at the age of 61. A native of Columbus. Ohm. I)r Lewis joined the faculty in 1959 and later served as Chairman of the Educa- tion and Psychology Department Before coming to TSU, he taught at Utah State University and served the United Nations as Superintendent of the American School in Japan Dr Lewis also worked with the American Education Team in the Republic of Korea. A graduate of Ohio State and Pea- body College. Dr. Lewis was a mem- ber of the National Education Associa- tion, Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi. Mr. Thomas J. Seal — Thomas Seal, Supervisor of TSU Quick Copy died December 6, I9K0 His wife said that next to his church work, working with college students was the closest thing to his heart. Mr. Seal was 63 and had worked at Troy State for 1 1 years. In addition, he was pastor at the Old Lebanon Baptist Church located near Troy. I : : - ' vIkCVv vK Dr. Gerald Mathis Dr. William Lewis Mr. Thomas Seal Introduction Just A Closer Look JUNIOR MISSES AT TROY STATE Yolanda Fernandez — Florida 1980 Jodi Julson — North Dakota 1980 Diane Barfield — North Carolina 1980 Eva Carter — Illinois 1980 Diane Arnzen — Idaho 1980 Mariana Ianucci — Michigan 1980 Kristy Grant — Wyoming 1980 Nicole Carrier — Massachusets 1980 Sheri Ashmore — Oregon 1980 Susan Horvath — America ' s Jr. Miss 1979 Jenise Clark — South Carolina 1979 Jane Barbados — Missouri 1979 Barbara Lawrence — Rhode Island 1979 Tami Kuhn — Iowa 1979 Natalie Baldwin — Kansas 1979 Tamara Nerby — Minnesota 1979 Stacy Krebs — Wisconsin 1979 Kim Chewakin — North Dakota 1979 Becky Redd — Florida 1979 Ginny Haas — Virginia 1979 Linda Little — Georgia 1979 Dione Kennedy — Ohio 1979 Debbie Young — Virginia 1978 Laura Matherly — Nevada 1978 Pamela Rigas — Ohio 1978 Candace White — Indiana 1978 Tammy Bolt — Georgia 1978 Moria Kaye — Tennessee 1978 Carla Charles — New Mexico 1978 Joane Bayus — Ohio 1977 Paula Bergeron — Louisiana 1977 Cindy Wolfe — Maryland 1977 Candie Canoday — Indiana 1977 Delane Ingalls — South Dakota 1977 Angela Medders — Alabama 1977 Sharon Roesel Stark — Alaska 1977 Gayle Walker — Alaska 1976 Denise Ritter — Delaware 1976 Judy Campbell — Alabama 1976 Kelly Yost — Montana 1976 Yvonne Albee — Kansas 1976 Lisa Cloutier — Louisiana 1976 Sue Horvath America ' s Jr. Miss 1979 8 JrMiss Jr. Miss M much more than .1 pageant — 11 is, m essence, a reeling, .1 wa ol life, 1 program dedicated u recognitkM ol the achievements and unbitioni ol America ' s youth With the ICCepUace of hei title I Ji Miss assumes the retpotuibilh) oi representing the Bnes) ol her generation Superlative is bv no means her description She is ■ representative, tad as such displays her taJents. values, and attitudes in a wav most beneficial to her generation, socictv . and sell However, the personal growth and human interaction, primarj goals ot the Jr Miss program, would be nonexistent it not lor the support and encouragement ol the people who believe in us. people who recogni e tomorrow ' s leaders in todav s vouth lro State I mversitv is such an entity. Fof the support, mental enrichment, and emotional development, this institution has given us. I rov State, we oiler our futures. A bright and beautiful pledge to be all that Jr. Miss stands for — representatives of the best. Sue Horvath :ow 1: Sue Horvath. Kristy Grant. Paula Bergeron. Mariana Iaanucci. Ginny Haas. Beck) Redd. )ebra Young. Eva Carter. Row 2: Shari Roesel Stark. Shari Ashmore. Bobbie Laurence. Jodi lulson, ' am Rigas, Diana Arnzen, Yolanda Fernandez. Jr M SGA President Takes Job With Governor, Vice-President Assumes Duties Alot of excitement and sad- ness were main events in the SGA this year. Lamar Higgins, Troy State ' s first black SGA president resigned his post and took a job with the the gov- ernor ' s office in Montgomery. Lamar, a political science major, did his internship last Spring at the governor ' s office where he served as a liasion between James ' executive branch and the state Legisla- ture. In 1978, Higgins ran the TSU campaign for gubernatorial candidate, Fob James. As of January 13, 1981, Vice-President Richard Dean, a computer science math ma- jor from Montgomery, Alaba- ma will assume his duties. To Lamar, Congratulations and good luck; to Richard, our total support is behind you. We are proud to boast of the accomplishments of both. Hi • Mi 10 Introduction THE ARTS: Throughout the ages man has sought all sorts of means for expressing himself Today, sociologists sas despite the fact that we are so highK technically adv- anced and enjoy privileges never im- agined b an previous soeietv. vac ate suffering from an inward decline perhaps as dangerous as any natural earthquake or financial depression, and possibly just as capable of destroying us. As man seeks ways to fill the void, he often finds, strangely enough, that the more he gives of himself, the smaller the vacuum becomes, ironically, as mankind finds new ways to express himself indi- vidually, the quest for self-fulfillment is attained. So it is with art. The artist has the advantage of being able to express him- self in his work. At this university. Kilby Hall has long been the setting for many inspirational works of art. There is some- thing about the tired, old structure that is reminiscent of past achievements. The crumbling stucco walls seem to beg the best of those of us who are seeking to give, to receive. no e left: Jason Davis ' ■surrealistic stvlc is seen here in this dragon sculpture. Left: David L.tnter v. ho e jil « wd M»«al « uUUad- ing pieces in the J Art h hi " best of shov Introduction 1 1 Sound of the South . . . Past and Present. This year ' s homecoming activities included the first annual " Alumni Band " which was sponsored by Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi. The band was made up of past members of the Sound of the South. Jim Rolling, the original announcer for TSU bands, returned to announce the half-time show and Bruce Smiley served as Drum Major. Nearly 100 Alumni participated in the return of the " Sound " . While performing, students in the stands could be heard saying " When Dr. Long teaches, you don ' t forget! " , and the alumni band members confirmed that fact through their outstanding performance! To the Sound, we anxiously await your next performance. 12 Introduction Displays convey the true message Homecoming always gives dorms and fraternities their chance to convey their message to the opponent that year. Below is a sample of those messages. Theta Chi clearly wants to ring Tennessee Tech ' s neck while Hamil Hall calls on Kermit to mop them up and Tau Kappa Epsilon has the Eagles for a Saturday evening roast. Hamil Hall was awarded first place for Best On-Campus Display while Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternin was awarded Best Off-Campus Display and IFC and Alumni Yard Display. Congratulations to both groups and to the students who worked long hard hours on them. Introduction 1: Standard Chemical Company, Franklin ' s Destroyed by Fire No more daytime meals or nighttime dances will be made by the faithful customers of Franklin ' s and Standard. A 2- hour fire on May 5, proved to be the end of both these businesses. Smoke was spot- ted coming from between Franklin ' s and Standard at ab- out 8:45 p.m., half an hour af- ter the delicatessen had closed and before the Standard was open. Seven fire trucks answered the call, but both businesses suffered total loss. All across campus the next day students could be heard re- miniscing the great sandwiches Franklin ' s served and the good times they had dancing at Stan- dard. Standard and Franklin ' s are gone, but the memories and experiences which people shared will live on forever. 14 Introduction Atlanta Killings Produce A Response From Concerned TSU Students The SGA sponsored an " Atlanta Children ' s Day " April 21, 1981. All students were encouraged to wear green ribbons to remember the vic- tims. A program was held in the Adams Center Ballroom with President Ralph Adams giving his comments and Rev. Samuel Walker as guest speak- er. The TSU Gospel Choir sang and Carolin Crawford read scripture. A ceremony was held in Bibb Braves Quad, as pic- tured, where concerned stu- dents tied green ribbons around a tree in hopes that the killer would soon be caught and all other children would be safe. Students and instructors alike could be seen all over campus during this time wear- ing green ribbons showing their concern for the Atlanta victims. Introduction I Just A Closer Look Wes Llewellyn 16 Introduction Troy State University is a campus of many scenes which are looked upon but never actually seen. Perhaps each individual should stop and take ' Just A Close Look ' at our buildings, trees, and automobiles, but most important, at the students who make Troy State ALABAMA ' S MOST EXCITING CAMPUS!!! Introdi 18 Features Featun THE CHILDRENS ' HOUR 22 Play Cast Peggy Rogers — Terry Campbell Catherine — Arnessa Thomas Lois Fisher — Sheila Parker Mrs. Lily Mortar — Susan Powell Evelyn Munn — Debbie Pyfrom Helen Burton — Claudia Burton Rosalie Wells — Abbie Lipton Janet — Belinda Wright Mary Tilford — Barbara Laurence Karen Wright — Carls Charles Martha Dobie — Diane Burch Dr. Joseph Cardin — Bruce Miller Agatha — Krisly Grant Amelia Tilford — Margaret Rushing Grocery Boy — Stimp Moore 23 26 Mr. Fingers Directed by Dr. David Dye ( SI Martin Dysart David Klein Alan Strang Bob ( !aso Dora Strang Krift) (nam Frank Strang Stimp Moore Hester Saloman Dianne Hureh Jill Mason Barbara Lawrence Harry Dalton Bruce Miller Horseman Steve Fritz Nurse Claudia Burton Nugget Jerry Simmons Horses Steve Fritz Jamie Helms Glen Howard Tony McGuire X A CHRISTOPHER CROSS " RIDES LIKE THE WIND ? AT TROY STATE « r. • 28 Big Name Eddie Keith FEBRUARY 2, 1981 Photos by Lloyd Husley Big Name 29 30 Big Name P Iks ■ - ' -jj Ml 11 » k • - •• L ■ » ■ o M B ' JcVvMb ; ■HAVT¥ r i ' xmEQPW Li % i - 1 M ]B ■ 1 HE V • sM w»y j» . Jr ir tMa ut ' JB. ' . K fc : B ($hoto ty jftoyd ffluAaf Big Name 31 II1W.I EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE UiUASEL_ REAUY! 32 Homecoming LOVES A PARADE! Homecoming 33 J6 0 JfH y am tfliaa 34 Homecoming J O 2nd tflu wtcr-( A { t t uT-( h ,77 ' ,77 Sn tft z t wr-uft c c ( . 7c v ■ J tf REMEMBERING HOMECOMING 1980 ABOVE: The queen and her co urt. RIGHT: President Adams and Homecoming Queen Pam Rigas. 36 Homecoming LEFT: Queen Pam Rigas and escort Lamar Higgins. BOTTOM LEFT: 1st Runner-up Tammy Tase and escort Gil Robinson. MIDDLE: 2nd Runner-up Rudee Kritakara and escort Greg Estes. BELOW: 3rd Run- ner-up Joy Farmer and escort Scott Jacobs. REMEMBERING HOMECOMING 1980 Homecoming 37 An Opera Workshop Presentation Phillip Kelley — Director May 14 and 16 Public Poet (Haij) Paul R. McNeeley Marsinah, Daughter Moira Kaye The Caliph Terre Johnson Lalume, Wife of Wazir Mai ( oilier The Wazir of Police David Watson Omar, Advisor to the Caliph David Klein Jawan. Master Brigand Bob ( isi Chief Policeman Joe Wingard First Princess of Ababu Tonia Kirkland Second Princess of Ababu Suzie Amnions Third Princess of Ababu Claudia Bunon Princess Zubbediya of Damascus Jill Smiley Avah to Princess Zubbediya Susan Woodbury First Slave Girl Marcie lay lor Second Slave Girl Juaneysa Wilkms Third Slave Girl Margaret Rushing Fourth Slave Girl Rudee Kritakara Princess Samans of Bangalore . . . Barbara Lawrence The Bangle Man Mike Russell Hassan-Benn and First Guard Vincent Bonman First Beggar and Informer Cecil Yancey Second Beggar and Male Servant Doc Kirhy Third Beggar Bruce Hall Herald and Prosecutor Glen Howard First Silk Merchant Kelly Austin Second Silk Merchant Debbie Cnbb Pearl Merchant Jerry Thrash Widow Yussef and Pot Merchant Susan Powell CAST Argan David Klein Beline Dianne Burch Margaret Pyfrom Rushing Angeligue Debbie Pyfrom C laudie Burton Louison Janie Barbata Baralde Bo Henderson Cleante Bruce Miller Doctor Diafoirus Glen Howard Thomas Diafoirus Stimp Moore Doctor Purgon Tim Deagan Monsieur Fleurant Bob Caso Monsieur Bonnefoi Jerry Simmons Toinette Susan Powell Directed by . . . Dr. David Dye 40 Play • J(di £TrtH s Otates — Jfrlotra tf uf 42 MissTSU On April 2, 1981. Miss Moira Kaye was crowned Miss Troy State University. The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Kaye, Moira is a junior from Oak Ridge. Tennessee. She was sponsored by Kappa Delta sorority. Miss M Pat Griffin Candie Cannaday Wanda Gillman TOP TEN FINALISTS Juaneysa Wilkins Moira Kaye 44 MissTSU Diane Barfield Kim Gignilliat TOP TEN FINALISTS Dawn Humphrey Yolanda Ferndandez FSL 45 EXPRESSIONS REFLECT Xc£ fflu uier-ed 4tA (ftu uier-uA Sit Srffin tl rriti i ui JO UICO. .£y zn tfisier-ajb or Mivv TSU 47 48 MissTSU TSU 49 DARYL HALL AND JOHN OATES LIVE IN CONCERT 50 Big Name Presenting . . . WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges And Universities Since 1934. WHO ' S WHO AMONG Ml DENTS IN AMI K [CAN UNlVKKsriin s D( Di i i 01 Shu fathered the aim of higher education by rewarding and recognizing individual academic excellence on a national level. As is the procedure at most colleges and universities. I rm State ' s WHO ' S WHO recipients ait selected for nomination by their faculty members. The nominees are then selected by a com- mittee from the administration, and faculty members from all de- partments and schools on the Troy State campus. In making the selections, the committee considers those upperclassmen and graduate students whose academic standing, participation in cxtta curricular activities, community services, and potential for future achievement are above average. By participating in this program, T.S.U. joined over 1, 300 institu- tions of higher learning across the country who nominate each year for WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNI- VERSITIES AND COLLEGES. T.S.U. ' s quota for the 1980-81 academic year was 4H students LAMAR POWELL HIGGINS Argonauts, TSU Gospel Choir, SGA, Pres., Vice-Pres., Senator, University Comm., I.F.C.. Alpha Phi Alpha, Histo- rian, Sec., Vice-Pres., Pres., Member of Alabama Guarenteed Student Loan Author- ity Board. ROBERT LEWIS JORDAN Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Gamma Beta Phi, Mortar Board. Vice-Pres.; Omicron Delta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma, ISCO, Baptist Student Union, Pres. and Alabama Vice-pres.; Football. Track. Summer Missionary. TANYA JOY PARISH Sigma Tau Delta. Vice-pres.: Phi Alpha Theta. Alpha Lambda Delta. Gamma Beta Phi. Student National Education Assoc.. T- Club, Challenge Life. Volleyball. Unavailable For Photos JAMES RONALD PINKARD Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Advisory Council, Chief Justice of SGA, I.F.C. sec; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres.; Outstanding Young Man of America. TINA MARIE STEPHENSON SGA senator, Panhellenic. Phi Mu, pres.; Delta Chi Sweetheart and Little Sister, Young Republicans, Coordinator for Cystic Fibrosis and Project Hope. PATSY K. TROUTNER Gamma Beta Phi, Assoc, of Nursing Stu- dents, 2nd vice-pres.; Educational Re- sources Comm.. Nursing Curriculum and Evaluations Comm., Vice-pres. of Nursing Class. TAMMY LOUISE WHIGHAM Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Tau Delta, pres.; Phi Alpha Theta, sec; Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi. Alpha Lamb- da Delta, pres. and Jr. Advisor, French Club. Pres.; SGA Justice, Traffic Appeals Comm.. Ingall ' s Award Comm., Phi Eta Sigma Oxford Scholar. JENNIFER MARIE WORKUM Gamma Beta Phi. Kappa Delta Pi. Coun- cil for Exceptional Children. Tau Beta Sig- ma. Dist. Coord, and Vice-Pres.; House Council. Flag Corps. Who ' s Who 31 CHERYL K. ADAMS Gamma Beta Phi, Assoc, of Nursing Students; Pres., Costume Comm. " Orpheus and the Underworld " ; School of Nursing Soph. Class Pres. AANS State Conv.; Resolutions Comm.; Faculty Comm.; Search Comm.; Co-chairman Blood Pressure Clinic; Phi Theta Kappa LORRAINE MARIE BLOETH Alpha Lambda Delta; News Editor, Gam- ma Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Catholic Campus Minestry Assoc; Panhellenic; Treas., Alpha Delta Pi; Senior Panhellenic, Public Relations and Scholarship, The Trop; Fea- tures Editor. WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges And Universities KENNETH HAROLD BORLAND Alpha Lambda Delta; Treas. ; Phi Kap- pa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Student Computer Programers. BEVERLY JEAN BOSS Student National Ed. Assoc; Catholic Campus Ministry; Kappa Delta; Chaplain Standards; Delta Kappa Epsilon Little Sester; President, Cheerleaders. CHARLES RANDALL BRADLEY Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Pres., Kappa Delta Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Mu Alpha Sino- fonia; Secretary, Music Ed. National Conf. ; Baptist Student Union, Rejoice Christian Ensemble, Madrigal Singers, Collegiates; Pres., " Help, Help, The Globolinkes " ; " Orpheus In The Underworld " , and " Oka- lahoma. " 52 Who ' s Who 4 1 «S V - , a k t ' L Hl - i r 1 1 ' ■ i F - u TAMMY BURKS Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Angel Flight; Delta Kappa Epsilon Little Sister; Secre., Student Newspaper; Advertising Manag.; Majorette; Miss Venus and Miss TSU Contestants; Junior Miss Pageant Judge; Homecoming Contestant; " Little Angel " . JONI ELIZEBETH CHR1STENSEN Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi, V.P., Local Honor Soc. of Nursing; Mortar Board; Historian, Phi Eta Sigma, TSU Assoc. Student Nurses; 1st V.P. Angel Flight; Comander; Hamil Hall House Council. STEPHEN GAY CLIFTON Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; Gamma Beta Phi; Parlia- mentarian, Phi Mu Alpha Sinofina; Pres., Kappa Delta Pi; Episcopal Campus Min- istry; Pres., Collegiate Singers; Madgigal Singers; " Help, Help the Globolinks " , " Orpheus In The Underworld " ; Phi Kap- pa Theta; Sec. and V.P., Handel Society of Savannah. WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges And Universities FRANK JAMES COLBERT. JR. Gamma Beta Phi,; Phi Alpha Theta; Arnold Air Society; Deputy Commander, Baptist Student Union; Editor-in-Chief. Scholar ' s Ribbon; Outstanding Leadership Award. NORA ANN COLEE Sigma Delta Chi; Angel Flight; Area Vice- Commander; Assis. Dir. of Pace HaJI; Phi Mu, Secretary; Tropolitan; Business Man- ager, Prop Mistress, " Scapino " . Outstand- ing Angel Right Officer. Who ' s Who 53 ELIZABETH ANN DALRYMPLE Sigma Tau Delta, Sec.-Treas.; Kappa Del- ta P i, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Alpha, Theta, Honors ' Day Recipient. RICHARD CARY DEAN, JR. Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Computer Science Club, Vice-Pres. and Pres. of SGA, House Council, Catholic Campus Ministry. WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges And Universities JOY LYNN FARMER Mortar Board, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-pres; Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight, SGA, Challenge Life, Panhellenic, Sec; Kappa Delta, Pres. and Editor; Delta Chi Little Sister; University Dancers, pres.; Home- coming Finalist 1979, 3rd Runner-up Homecoming Queen 1980. JEANNIE CATHERINE HARDWICK Gamma Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, vice- pres.; Band, Collegiate Singers, Madrigal Singers, TSU Opera Workshop. GEORGE RANDOLPH JEFFERY Gamma Beta Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Music Educators National Conference, Phi Mu Alpha, Sec.-Treas. of 1979 Pledge Class, Student National Education Assoc, Band, Trombone Choir, Collegiate Singers, Sigma Alpha Iota Sweetheart. 54 Who ' s Who KENNETH PAUL JESSEN Gamma Beta Phi, Argonauts, SGA, I.F.C., Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Big Brother and Sweetheart, Stage craft. JOSEPH CLAYTON JONES Omicron Delta Kappa, pres.; Mortar Board, Gamma Beta Phi, Argonauts, SGA vice-pres. and senator, University Reten- tion Comm., Challenge Life, I.F.C., Delta Chi, Kappa Delta Big Brother, Track and Field. MOIRA ALICE KAYE Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, Trojan Trackettes, Catholic Campus Ministry, Kappa Delta, treas,; Miss Venus, Collegiate Singers, University Dancers, Miss TSU 1980 1st Runner-up, Miss Homecoming Finalist. Miss TSU 1981. WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges and Universities TERA JANE KIRKHAM Gamma Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor; Music Educators ' National Confer- ence, Angel Flight, Band, Collegiate Sing- ers, opera orchestra. ANITA KAY KIRKLAND Mortar Board, editor; Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Sigma Delta Chi, Trop. reporter, news editor and asst. editor; Jess Jordan Journalism Scholarship, Alaba- ma Women ' s Press Assoc. Scholarship. Who ' s Who 55 TONI GAYLE LUKER Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi Tau Beta Sigma; Alpha Gamma Delta, Public Relations; Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister; Head Majorette. WILLIAM FRANK McCLELLAN Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Kappa Psi; Argo- nauts; S.G.A. Senator; IFC, Reps, and Sec; Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, Sports Chair., Sgt. at Arms, Eexcutive Comm. ; Alpha Gamma Delta Big Brother, Basketball Coach; Sound of the South Band; Tutor for Computer Inf. Sci- ence Dept. WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges and Universities TIMOTHY JON MAGEE Gamma Beta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Stu- dent Advisory Council; Pres., Delta Sig- ma Pi, V.P., Pledge Education, Judiciary Comm. Chair., Nominations Comm., Publicity Comm. Chair., Miller Reclama- tion Comm. Chair. Delegate to 1980 Southeast Region Area Conf.; Delegate to Bi-Annual Grand Chapter Congress, Alternate Delegate to Southeast Regional Conf. ANGELA JO MEDDERS Gamma Beta Phi; Assoc, for Childhood Ed. ; Baptist Student Union; Challenge Life; Panhellenic Council Delegate; Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Ritual Chairman and Song Leader; Delta Chi White Carnation Girl LINDA ANN MONEYMAKER Gamma Beta Phi; Student Assoc, for Ser- ■ vice; Student Assoc, of Social Work; " T " Club; Member of Gardner House Council; Student Dir. of Gardner hall; Lady Trojan Volleyball Team. 56 Who ' s Who MARTHA LYNN MOON Gamma Beta Phi; T.S.U. HPKR Club. Pres., Publicity Chairman; SNhA; Ala. Assoc, for H PER, St. Member at Large Stu- dent Chairman; Lady Trojans Basketball Team; Student Representative to Ala. Spe- cial Olympics Comm.; Emcee of Ala. Maid of Cotton Pageant JACQUELINE (HEIDI) H. MOORE Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Omic- ron Delta Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega, Histor- ian; Angel Flight, Comptroller, Hostess Chairman; Phi Mu, Public Relations Dir., Pledge Class Chaplain, Chapter Chaplain; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Little Sister and Sweetheart; Miss T.S.U. ; Lead in: " The Damnation of Theron Ware " , " A Midsum- mer Nights Dream:, " Antigone " , and " The Rainmaker " . Whos Who Among Students in Amer. Colleges and Universitites. JOHN DANIEL MORRISON Phi Kappa Phi, Co-V.P.; Mortar Board; Beta Beta Beta, Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Omicron Chi; Catholic Campus Ministry; WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges and Universities PAMELA HELEAN RIGAS Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Chi Little Sister; Univ. Track Team; Univ. Dancers, V.P.; Homecoming Queen. Miss Alabama-USA. AMY DENISE SEGREST Delta Sigma PI, Publicity Chairm.. Newslet- ter Corresp., Nomination Comm.; Angel Flight. Area-H Public Affairs Officer. Din- ing-Out Comm.. Military Ball Comm.. Hostess; Palladium Editor. Assoc. Editor: Publications Board Member. Whos Who 57 E.J. ELTON SMITH Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-pres. and Sec; Gamma Beta Phi, Sec; Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Modern Language Club, Argonauts, treas.; House Council, Wesley Foundation, Trop, Band, Collegiate Singers. MELVA VIRGINIA SORRELLS Gamma Beta Phi, Music Educators ' National Conference, Sigma Alpha Iota, Treas. ; Student National Education Assoc. ; Band, " Help! Help! The Globolinks, " Stu- dent Affairs Comm. WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges And Universities SHERYL SPRADLING Phi Alpha Theta, pres. and sec; Gam- ma Beta Phi, Angel Flight, Wesley Fel- lowship, Kappa Delta, Guard; Miss TSU contestant, Homecoming Queen Candi- date, Collegiate Singers, Lead in " Winter Harvest, " America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces. SHARON ROESEL STARK Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, French Club, Student Computer Club, ISCO, Part in " The Damnation of Theron Ware, " Trojan Little Theatre. TAMARA ANN TASE Sigma Delta Chi, Angel Flight, Catholic Campus Ministry, Challenge Life, Panhel- lehic, Alpha Gamma Delta, pres. ; Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister and Sweetheart, WTSU- TV, Homecoming Queen 1st Runner-up, Miss Venus. 58 Who ' s Who SABR1NA JANK WARD Alpha Lambda Delta, treas.; Phi Eta Sig- ma, Gamma Beta Phi, Beta Beta Beta, Delta Omieron Chi, vice-pres.; Chi Omega. KIM ELIZABETH WILKINSON Mortar Board, Omieron Delta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delia, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Music Educations National Conference, BSU. Madrigals, Rejoice, Part in " Orpheus in the Underworld " , Outstanding Junior in Education. SHEREE SMITH WILDER Omieron Delta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota, Assoc, of Nursing Students, Angel Flight, Chi Alpha, pres.; Challenge Life, Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Chi White Carnation Girl, Collegiate Singers, Mad- rigal Singers, Rejoice, Trinity. WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges And Universities DIANE DANIEL WILLISON Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, vice- pres.; Phi Alpha Theta, SNEA, ACE. NARETHA WHITLEY Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, his- torian; Tau Beta Sigma, Arnold Air, Student Director at Cowart Hall, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Band. ROTC. Who ' s Who 59 60 Athletics ATHLETICS This is Tom Ensey ' s second year as TSU ' s Sports Information Director. His list of responsibilities is endless but it ' s obvious he enjoys his work. A graduate of the University of Alabama with a BA in English, Tom Ensey compiles, edits, and distributes all sports related publications. He also is in charge of running the press box and press row, compiling stats, and sending out press releases. For Ensey public relations is the name of the game. 62 Sports Preview An Active member of the University and local community, Robert Stewart was named TSU ' s athletic director in August, 1974. Upon taking command of the program, he set forth to make it competitive on every level. Stewart takes an active role in the Gulf South Conference and NAIA District 27. He is a member of NAIA District 27 Executive Committee and is currently chairman of the GSC ' s Athletic . ■£ Director ' s Committee. Juisi a closer look Director of Athletics Robert Stewart Secretar Harriel Pin Sports Information Tom Ensey Secretary Debbie Mens Men ' s Sport Head Football Coach Charlie Bradshav. Assistants James Berryman Robert Maddox Jim Tompkins Vic King Lee Snyder Jim Addison Bubba Helton Barry Hamilton Eddie Rohrbaugh Steve Mitchell Head Basketball Coach Wes Bi ilha Assistant David Felix Head Track Coach Rick Stetson Assistant Charles Oliver Head Baseball Coach Chase Riddle Assistants George " Buster " Bergstrom Gene Dews Head Golf Coach Mike Griffin Women ' s Sports Head Golf Coach Nancy Gregorius Head Volleyball Track Coach Ginger Sprague Assistant Charles Oliver Coordinator of Women ' s Sports Head Basketball Coach Joyce Sorrell Assistant John Ellerbee Intramural Coordinator Pat Archer Cheerleader Ad is »r Ron Pierce Voice of TSl Sports Ralph Black Sports Prcvieu M (7 A Winning Season 64 Football CHARLIE Head Coach Gives Team that Special Quality Entering his fifth year at Troy State and his 27th in the coaching profession is Charlie Bradshaw, one of the most re- spected men in the collegiate coaching ranks. Under his direction the Trojans have averaged over seven wins per sea- son, six of them against Gulf South Con- ference opponents. Bradshaw ' s winning percentage at the TSU helm is an im- pressive .705. Born in Clio, Bradshaw grew up in Montgomery and attended Lanier High School. In 1942, he entered the Universi- ty of Kentucky where he played offensive line under Wildcat football coach Paul " Bear " Bryant. Bradshaw ' s four-year college career was interrupted for 35 months by World War II. After receiving his discharge from the Marines in 1945, he returned to UK. In 1949 he received his bachelor ' s de- gree from Kentucky. The next year, he completed requirements for a master ' s degree. At that time, he launched his coaching career at Lanier High. Bradshaw spent four years at Lanier before returning to Kentucky as an assis- tant to Bryant in 1954. Four years later, he followed Bryant to the University of Alabama. Bradshaw remained at Alabama un- til 1963, when he was called back to Ken- tucky as head coach. Bradshaw served as Kentucky ' s head man from 1963 to 1969. BRADSHAW He resigned his position at Kentucky in 1969 and during the following four years, he served on the coaching staffs at Texas A M and Vanderbilt. In 1973, he step- ped out of the coaching ranks and entered private business Bradshaw and his family came to Troy in 1975. We here at Troy State are proud to have such a distinguished individual in our athletic program. " We ' re optimistic yet realistic about the season, " said Bradshaw. ' Reach out and touch someone " — Winter Recruiting Football 65 Behind the Scenes Action just a closer look Trainers and managers provide skilled assistance The TSU Athletic Training Staff is re- sponsible for the care and prevention of injuries sustained by athletes at Troy State University. These responsiblities include everything from setting up diets, administering physical therapy and re- habilitation exercises, taping, as well as conditioning programs to help prevent in- juries. The staff works throughout the school year traveling and administering help to all of our athletic teams. Our staff also assists Charles Henderson highschool during the fall. With the help of local team doctors, Dr. Jerri Beck and Dr. Merrill Barron, the entire health center staff of nurses and Dr. Jim Audrews of the Hughston Orthopedic Clinic, we feel the TSU athletes get as excellent medical aid. Front row: Anne Marie Wendel, James Brantley, Jerri Wright, Back row: Richard Piny an, Ross Phillips, James Pie, Gary Briggs (head athletic trainer), Laura Pierce. Managers like David Retherford keep lockers neat. 66 Football : Above: The 1980 Senior Team Members Front Row: Randy Eberhart, Center; David Talley, Offensive Guard: Charlie Bradshaw, Head Coach; Larry Washing- ton, Linebacker; Harris Spencer, Safety. Back Row: Mike Quinn, Punter; Gerald Hill, Defensive Tackle; Kenny Craik, De- fensive End; Willie Tullis, Quarterback: Jessie Wallace, Noseguard; Sherman Wilkinson, Cornerback; Marion Brown. Split End. Left: Trojan Hostesses are a group of ladies who dedicate their support to the Trojan Football Team. Their duties in- clude hosting a reception for recruits, players, and their families, giving cam- pus tours to recriut prospects, and host- ing recruits during football games. Front row: Kim Simpson, Pam Cochran, Patty Hall, Genie Hinson, Tyanna Jones. Back row: Patti Parker, Perianne Fiveash, Cynthia Smoke, Cynthia Brown, Tina DeLaigle . Cynthia McClain. Not pictured: Chris McCarthy, Tonia Kirkland, Glorianne Vines, Judy Maxwell, Janet Ward. Football 67 Hey, What Can We Say . . . TEXAS A I The season ' s opener was a hot one. The glaring sun of the Texas prairie ex- hausted both teams in a hurry, but Troy State pulled out a 14-6 win over the Jave- linas of Texas A I to avenge last year ' s 7-6 opening home loss to the Kingsville team. Defensively, the Trojans weakened at times, but broke only once as the Javeli- nas drove deep into TSU territory on three occassions. They were stopped short of the goal line each time. Sherman Wilkinson disappointed the Javs by blocking a 36 yard field goal attempt, thus ending another scoring threat. Troy ' s offense sagged in the first half as pass protection failed repeatedly making the situation even more difficult for Quar- terback Willie Tullis, but some big plays were still made. One such play was a picture-perfect pass from Tullis to Kevin Murdock that resulted in a 45 yard gain and a touch down. The Trojans only gained 75 yards pas- sing, out of 11 attempts, 4 were com- pleted with 1 interception. 172 yards were gained on the ground with tailback Anthony Fowlkes heading up the ground attack. With this victory, the Trojans headed back home to prepare for the next week ' s game with the University of Tennessee- Martin. A Family Affair TENNESSEE-MARTIN In the first home game of the season, Troy State rolled over Term. -Martin with a score of 38-0, gaining their second win of the year and the first Gulf South Con- ference contest. The TSU offense gained an exceptional 425 yards, while the defense held Tennes- see-Martin to 101 yards rushing and 57 yards passing. Quarterback Willie Tullis completed 10 of 13 passes for 235 yards and three touchdowns. Freshman Troy Brown led the rushers with six carries and a yardage gain of 55 yards. Kevin Murdock, ajunior split end, had another good game, taking in a 73 yard play on the first snap of the second half. Murdock led receivers with three passes and 114 yards. The Trojans were terrific defensively, intercepting four passes from three diffe- a rent quarterbacks. Junior linebacker Steve Stringfellow picked off two passes, had three tackles and one assist. Sherman Wilkinson intercepted his second pass of the season and ran it back 47 yards to set up another TSU touchdown. The fourth interception was made by Emmett Bright. The " Family " , the name taken on by the Trojan defense this year, has cer- tainly proved to be the correct identifica- tion for these super guys. Having had a rather impressive win at home the troop began to look ahead to their match up with Nicholh State with confidence of a winning season. " I hope we can sell our kids on the Chal- lenge that Nicholls State presents, " — Bradshaw. NICHOLLS STATE Even though Troy had traditionally had trouble on the Colonels ' home field, the Trojans entered game 3 remember- ing that a Charlie Bradshaw TSU team had never lost to Nicholls State. In Thibl- daux, Louisiana, Cajun Country, two teams battled it out. One with a 2-0 record and the other with a 1-2. 68 Football Careful to stress Nicholls ' famed pas- sing game Coach Bradshaw had warned that they would throw fifty percent of the time. There defense was a shifty five man set up similar to that of Texas A I. De- spite several injuries the trojans were ac- quiring by now, they pulled out a win of 25-15. The Trojans were now averaging 378.0 yards per game. MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE At this point in the season, Troy State is ranked third in the NCAA national small college poll and striving for number one with a 30-0 win over Mississippi Col- lege. The defense had a terrific game and gained their second shutout of the sea- son. Coach Bradshaw praised Kenny Craik, Alan Biddle, Steve Stringfellow, and Sherman Wilkinson who picked off two errant Choctaw passes returning them for 39 yards. Troy fullbacks. Tank Summers and John Anthony, both had 64 yards on 11 carries but Summers was in the game at key moments tying a TSU and Gulf South Conference record in scoring making 4 touchdowns. No serious injuries accured during the game and except for Marion Brown and Paul Morrison who are suffering from knee injuries from the Nicholls State game the Trojans are at full strength and improving all the time. " ... one of the most satisfying wins I ' ve ever had, " — Bradshaw. SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA Troy never trailed the entire contest opening the score with a 30-yard touch- down romp by Tank Summers at the 8:41 mark of the first quarter. Andy Lackey missed his first extra point try of the sea- son. The Trojans scored on their next possession and Tullis completed a two point conversion to John Anthony. The Lions struggled forward for awhile but it was obvious that they were fighting a loosing battle as Tullis ended the scor- ing with a one-yard sweep around right end with 1:01 left in the game. Tim Bryan, Troy ' s center, received the Gulf South Conference offensive player of the week award, the first offensive line- man to do so. It was over-all what a true sports enthusiast would call a " good game " ; the coach was satisfied and the Left: John Anthony forces his way through a " mean as J.R. " texas mob. Opposite page: The Texas Javs were able to jab our often forcing us to run. team was fast proving itself. DELTA STATE GSC opponent Delta State never had a chance. The Trojans knocked the States- men out early, scoring on their first two possessions of the game and finally wind- ing up with a win 35-7. The score became 21-0 early in the second quarter, as Troy drove 42 yards in four plays, most of which was gained on a 34 Tank Summers run. Only seconds remained in the second quarter as Bobby Fuller stole a Statemen pass and ran it back to TSU ' s 35. A face- mask penalty put the ball on the 50 for Troy, and a few plays later with no time showing on the clock, Tullis hit Summers for a 39 yard TD to make the halftime score 28-0. On their first possession of the second half, the Trojans gained another seven driving 74 yards for the TD. Delta State put an end to Troy ' s long string of shutouts on the home field in the latter fourth quarter, but the Trojans came out victorious. Football 69 TROY STATE 38 TENNESSEE-MAR TIN 70 Football HH HHHI Football 71 72 Football TROY STATE DELTA STATE 35 Troy al Hammond. La. TROY STATE 21 SOUTHEASTERN LA. 10 Football 73 1 fteg TROY STATE 22 UNIV. OF NORTH AL. 31 B? » • " ..-. - 74 Football TROY STATE m|B Football 75 NORTH ALABAMA Troy ' s proverbial bubble burst with game number seven as the Trojans fell from the ranks of the undefeated. The problem was that TSU ' s defense just couldn ' t hold up against the Lions. " We went up there and met a team that wanted to win more than we did, " — Bradshaw. " They were better prepared, and out executed us. We just made too many mis- takes to win, " said Bradshaw. Despite the fact that Troy never seemed to be able to establish a running game, late in the game the Trojans still had a chance to win. With a little over four minutes left in the game, TSU got a Lion fumble on their own 33 yard line. The Trojans advanced the ball to the 43, but four incomplete passes turned the ball over. Tullis and Anthony were the offensive names to mention and Steve Stringfellow with 19 tackles was Bradshaw ' s defensive choice for words of praise. TENNESSEE TECH Troy State bounced back from its only loss of the season with an awe-inspiring 52-3 pummelling of Tenn. Tech, a 1-AA Ohio Valley foe. It was Troy ' s home- coming. Tech took the ball on their first posses- sion and marched deep into TSU terri- tory, setting up a 36 yard field goal that gave the Golden Eagles 11 consecutive field goals this season, a new NCAA I- AA record. But that was all the offense the Tennesseans could muster as Troy struck back on a 70 yard march that was capped by Summers ' run. Troy led 7-3 at the end of the first period. But the Trojans exploded for 24 points in the second quarter and held a commanding 31-3 lead at intermission. Troy scored on four consecutive posses- sions during a period spanning the first to the third quarter. The Trojans held the Golden Eagles to only 106 yards passing. They had been averaging almost 190 yards per game. Tennessee Tech only managed 178 yards total offense all day long, and after the first quarter field goal never made a se- rious offensive threat. The coach passed out laurels to wide receivers Kelvin Murdock and Breck Up- shaw, running backs John Anthony, Tank Summers, Anthony Fowlkes and Robert Pennington, Freshman tailback Fred Mixon, and kicker Yong Ho Gilroy, who was seven-for-seven on extra points and kicked his first field goal of the sea- son. Troy faced its last two games of the season with a 7-1-0 record. Top: Bradshaw and Tullis, a winning team within a team, discuss strategy. Bottom: Sound of the South spirit seen in these shining faces. 76 Football The Notorious Red Wave Rocked a Few Boats This Season. Homecoming by Far the Most Colorful Game LIVINGSTON The big victory margin of Troy 37, Livingston 20, in no way reflected how close the game actually was. The tigers were the first opposing team all season to outgain the Trojans in yardage. Troy took an early 7-0 lead, marching 42 yards in 10 plays after freshman, Don- nie Arnold returned the opening kick-off 58 yards to give TSU good field position. It looked for a moment that Troy might make it a runaway when early in the second period, the Trojans mounted a 72 yard, 10 play drive that ended with full- back John Anthony carrying in from the one. But Livingston cut the margin to 14-7 on the ensuing possession, blazing from their 36 for their first score of the night. Then it was Troy ' s turn again as they scored with less than a half-minute re- maining in the half. Coming back for the second half, the first scoring with a pass and consequently giving the Tiger crowd hope for an upset; the score 20-13, Livingstons still, trailing. Troy once again took hold scoring first a 27 yard Yong Ho Gilroy field goal and then a fumble on the Tiger 6 resulted in a Troy score making it 30-14. Troy scored once more with no time left on the clock when safety Harris Spencer picked off a tiger pass and raced 27 yards to end the game. When the dust had cleared Troy had advanced it ' s record to 8-1 on the season and 4-1 in the Gulf South Conference. JACKSONVILLE STATE Why? There is no easy answer. Why does a team of superb athletes with high hopes of making the NCAA Division II playoffs have to sit back and watch it all fade away? The game at Jax State was a defensive battle on a rain-soaked, slippery field. Troy quarterback Willie Tullis passed for 329 yards completing 19 of 34 passes, but was held to minus eight yards rushing. The Gamecocks defense held the Trojans to only 42 yards rushing all night. Troy ' s only touchdown of the night came on a second quarter, 72 yard strike from Tullis to junior Kelvin Murdock. Murdock finished the night with seven receptions for 172 yards. The score was tied 6-6 at the half. TSU received two points for an intentional Jax State safety. Jax State scored once more then with just 15 seconds left on the clock Tullis cranked one deep to Murdock at the JSU 13. Murdock and a Jax State defensive back both had possession, but as they were falling the Jax State man won the wrestling match for the ball and Troy ' s hopes for a miracle ended. Football copy edited from press releases by S.I.D. Tom Ensey. Football 77 TROY STATE 1 H ftcg TROY STATE 8 J AX STATE 13 78 Football 0 L Basketball Team Breaks Even Wes Bizilia is in his eighth year at Troy State, his 22nd in the coaching profes- sion. He came to Troy in 1973 after a successful career as an assistant coach, freshman coach and recruiter for Auburn University. He came to Troy in 1973. In 1974 he was voted Gulf South Conference " Coach of the Year " when his young Trojan squad finished with an 18-8 record and third in the league, tying North Ala- bama for the league championship. Bizilia played guard at Livingston University from 1955-59. In 1959 he earned his de- gree from Livingston and launched his coaching career at Fairhope High School. From Fairhope he moved to McGill Insti- Wes Bizili ia tute, where he remained for three years. In 1966, he went to Auburn as a graduate- assistant. Later he returned to Mobile to become head coach at the University Military School. Then he rejoined the An burn staff in 1969 as assistant coach and recruiter where he remained until 1973. Bizilia finished the 1980-81 season at TSU with a 13-13 record. basketball Basketball 79 Men ' s Basketball Breaks Even For the first eight games it was back and forth with Troy winning every other game. As the season progressed TSU seemed to have the bad luck of having the clock run out on them. Such close games as 65-67 Tennessee-Martin, 43-45 Missis- sippi College, 54-56 Mississippi College, and 58-61 Livingston verify this. In the end Troy had won 1 3 of their 26 games — just breaking even. 80 Basketball Basketball 81 82 Basketball Front row: Mark Lindsey. Keith Mathews. Robbie Lang. Tim Lemons. Jerry Richards. ke in Averett, Julian Allen, Randy Pridgeon Back row: Coach Wes Bizilia. Joe Issac. Marvin Madison. Curits Caldwell. Bob Htllse) . George Cowan. Daron Fayson. Chris Northcutt. Assistant coach David Felix. Baskeiba Cross-country on the Move . . . Former track star comes back to lead Entering his first season as cross- country coach is Rick Stetson, who took over the reins of the track and cross- country program last year when 13-year veteran coach John Anderson vacated the position. In his first assignment as a head coach, he directed the Trojan track team to a Gulf South conference Cham- pionship, the school ' s first in four years. Stetson was a member and captain of Troy State ' s first conference champion cross-country team in 1971. He still runs daily workouts and is competitive in his age group throughout the southern Unit- ed States. Below: Stetson views meet from golf cart. Next Page: V enable and Randall finish last stretch together. Front: Steve Venable, Mike Randall, Rick Horta, Back: Guy Perella, Glen Banker, Larry Grant, Bubba Belcher. 84 Cross Country Cross Country 85 Bob Markey Row one: Bubba Belcher, Norman McKinsey, John Mitchell, Greg Glover, Dale Eiriksson, Kevin Steiner, Richard Haines, Steve Bryant, David Hollen, Row two: Ben Wells, Carlos McKire, Will Sierbert, Don Sherman, Paul Henry, Larry Campbell, Jim Harrison, Mike Marard, Guy Perrella. Row three: Reggie Cobb, Manny Socarras, Thomas Patterson, Randy Johnson, Willie Tullis, Ed Bush, Eddie Sullivan, Billy Truitt. Row Four: Wilbur Rollins, Scott Gee, Steve Veneble, Mike Matroni, Ronnie Clark, Mike Armstrong, Larry Grant, Glen Banker. 86 Track TSU Track Finishes 1 atGSC s«a Trackettes take a " time. " out at West Georgia Invitational. Track 87 more Track Track TRACK TRACK TRACK T MOKCETTE Sitting: Sherry Ashmore — Secretary, Brenda Kher — Treasurer, Susan Russell — Vice President, Candy White — Presi- dent. Standing: Beth Patton, Misty Hicks, Cindy Stewart, Mary Beth Clark, Kathryn Patterson, Karen Cummings, Melissa Bloodsworth. Not Pictured: Suzie Ammons, Judy Carmichael, Nickie Carrier, Tammy Crawford, Darcy Downes, Lydia Irazarry, Moira Kaye, Lori Long, Karen Massey, Brenda Owens, Becky Redd, Tracy Stempkows- ki, Lynn Watson. Theresa Willians. Beth Yeakle, Barbara Hemming. This was the second year for the Trojan Trackettes. Being a Trackette means being dedicated to the TSU track team. Rush is held during Winter quarter but things really get cranked up in the Spring. One of the highlights of this year was the Gulf South Conference meet which several girls attended. Specifically, what the Trackettes do is officiate. No experi- ence is required because what is impor- tant is enthusiasm! Being a Trackette is rewarding because of the people you meet and the things you learn but most of all it is just plain fun. TrackTrackettes 89 Number 1 All Gulf South Conference Do It! ? w rr rt R FT ' " ' TIP T - Donald Norsworlhy 90 Baseball Row One: Bill Henke, Greg Hem- bree. Rich Bouchillon. Bob Brown. Mike Boyd. Pedro LaTor- re. Mike Rolfes. Reggie Albert. Mike Austin. Row Two: Coach Chase Riddle, Buddy Hobbs. John Brower. Moe Bassett, Jerome Til- lis, P.J. Hansen, David Bush. Dan Ostertag, Tony Kirkland. Ricky Knotts. Sammy Royse, D.R. Jenk- ins. Row Three: Kevin McDaniel. Wes Britt, Joe Coons. Mark Lee. Danny Cox, Kenny Carter. Steve Lowrey, Greg Gaines, Coach Gene Dews, Coach George Bergstrom. Baseball 91 92 Baseball CHASE ™ RIDDLE % Pro produces winners Born in Columbus, Ga. in 1925, Chase Riddle began his successful athletic career at Jordan High School, where he played football and basketball. At age 17, he signed a professional baseball contract with the Boston Red Sox organization. In, 1943, he entered the U.S. Navy and served in the Pacific, assigned to landing craft duty during World War II. Upon his discharge from the Navy in 1946, he re- sumed his baseball career and entered Troy State University. He played foot- ball and basketball at TSU during fall and winter quarters and reported to baseball camp during the spring and summer. He earned ail-American honors as a football player during his career at Troy. In 1951, he graduated from Troy State and began coaching at Troy High School — now Charles Henderson High — where he remained for three years. In 1955, he signed with the St. Louis Cardinal organization as a player- manager. During that time he played on and managed teams in Dothan. Albany, Ga., Billings, Mont., Winnipeg, Canada. Winston-Salem, N.C., Lancaster, Pa., and Portsmouth, Va. In 1963, he became the Cardinal ' s scouting supervisor for the Southeastern U.S. and Carribbean area. He joined the TSU staff in July. 1978. 1 t Baseball 93 Donald Norsworthx 94 Baseball 1981 Golf Team Tees Off Golf 95 TSU Golf Places First All GSC Griffin — Success at Early Age A 1970 graduate of TSU, Mike Griffin had long enjoyed success in golf as a play- er and a coach. He was a four-year letter- man at Troy State and the school ' s num- ber one player three of those years. From 1970 until turning professional in 1972, Griffin won more than 30 major amateur titles while teaching at South Montgomery County Academy. He joined the TSU staff in late 1973, after playing pro golf, to enjoy more suc- cess than probably any coach in the na- tion at such an early age. Before his 30th birthday, Griffin had coached 15 ail- American players, two conference cham- pionship teams, two NCAA national champions and a national runner-up. Back row: Mark Stiggleman. Donnie Phillips, David Martin. Bill Stewart, Mike Penn. Jeff Mehler, Collin McCrary. Perry Holmes, Bobby Williamon. David Hancock, Middle: Ben Bates, Rob Mhelic, Tracy Lowry, Front row: Coach Mike Griffin. Cathy Tatum. Eva Carter, Ann Spooner. Joni Mills. Dawn Whittaker. Beth Sargent. Kitty Neal. Rob Smithson. Not pictured: Paul Perini Golf 97 Focus in on the Action The motto of every good photo- grapher, the constant plea of a sports edi- tor, and the idea behind this yearbook is to zoom in on the expressions, the move- ments, and the spirits of the 1981 school year; thus creating just a closer look. Photographs can capture the feeling pre- sent at the time and or express an idea. In this particular instance the latter applies. As Eva Carter studies the putt ahead of her we are reminded that no matter what the task before us it is all in the way we perceive it that will determine our suc- cess. If Eva succeeds in making the shot she will have done so on her own and if she misses it will be a result of her own limitations. Thus the woman athlete ' s success will be determined by herself alone because success is an attitude. If you believe in yourself the distance between you and your goal is like the distance of Eva ' s putt, only a shot away. I i It ' s all in how you see it. : 98 Women ' s sports preview Golf ' Tutting " Your Best Foot Forward Understanding — Because She Has Been There Nancy (jregorius joined the TSU stall spring quarter to become the Women ' s Golf coach. Being an outstanding ' athlete herself, Nancy easik adapted to a one on one relationship with her cohorts. She- graduated from Troy State in the Summer of 1980 with a BS degree in Physical Education. While at Troy, Nancy played Vol- leyball for four years and was the Presi- dent of T club and HPER club. It is ob- vious that Nancy ' s active participation in sports will be an asset in her dealings with young women athletes. As the saying goes, " She knows where they ' re coming from. ' " Women ' s Golf 99 Volleyball on the Upswing Although this years season might be viewed by some as a disappoint- ment, the Volleyball program as a whole is definitely improving. Under the leadership of Coach Ginger Spra- gue, the 1980-81 TSU Volleyball Team ended the season with a record of 22 wins — 15 losses. Throughout the season, the team displayed com- mendable spirit and sportsmanship and one can most assuredly expect an exciting show of teamwork from these ladies next year. A, fc ill .pa SO .Si i 5 , frtfi J -tf 8 «J . 4u l «i 4 1| 1 " X: 1 ront row: Patty Schmitz, Jackie Stearns, Angie Coleman, DuRhonda Ashcraft, Debi French; Back row: Rosalyn Taylor, Cindy Moore, Linda Moneymaker, Molley Baker, Doris Russaw, Laura Matherly, Carmen Sylvain. 100 Volleyball a V -• l Xf f-jlS |M ■ v lb ' A A W ES Entering her third year as a mem- ber of the Troy State University staff is Ginger Sprague, a 1976 graduate of the university. Sprague returned to TSU as volleyball coach and assis- tant women ' s basketball coach in 1978 and assumed duties of women ' s track coach last year. She came to TSU from Monmouth (III.) College where she coached volleyball and was an instructor in physical educa- tion. Vollevball 101 102 Volleyball Volleyball 103 Women ' s Basketball Has Its Ups and Downs • M ' ' mWWFSi 1 4 W K 1 v i Jjj ' t-iwl ■rK N 3 Vj |thv . t » 3L fiAlb ' k !SMl Troy State finished with a 19-15 record, including a win over Alabama- Birming- ham and three over luskegee. hut a 1-7 slate against Division I opponents and three losses to rival Livingston gave TSU the most lossess in its history. " There were times when we did not play consis- tently, " Sorrell said, " but everyone came together at the state tournament. " " The final game against 1 Mktgft v ;is the culmination of " the whole season. Our play- ers maintained their poise and came through and won. " — Sorrell. — Trop, Wendy Parker Front row: Valine Brivett. Denise Monroe. Sheila Toombs, LuAnne Davis. Sherri Toney. Deborah Thompson, Back row: Assistant coach: John Ellerbee. Shirley Haynes. Teresa McGowan. Kimberly Tolbert. Vicki Carrek- er. Sharon Harkins. Kathy Russell, Head Coach: Joyce Sorrell. Manager: Sheila Hogan. Women Basketball 105 more B ' ball Opposite pa({e {insert pholtn ' art . the art ,,) good oiii lung it knowing when u t in look as f -n here by assistant " « h John EUerbee and i oat h SorreU. Coordinator o( Women ' s sports — a big job Joyce Sorrell, one of the founders of the Alabama Association of Intercolle- giate Athletics for Women, has made TSU a leading contender for state titles. She received a bachelor of science de- gree in education from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1967. In 1968. Sorrell completed requirements for a master ' s degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. As Coordinator of Women ' s Athletics. Sorrell is responsible for the develop- ment of the university ' s intercollegiate teams for women-basketball, volleyball, golf and track and field. Women ' s Track Starts Off on Ri ght Foot Assistant coach Oliver and coach Sprague could often be seen on the prac- tice field with the girls or sitting from a vantage point watching the girls progress. Front row: Lisa Gorospe. Felecia Stall- worth, Vicky Marshall. Valerie Gardner. Back row: Kris Stiehl, Countess Woody. Dianne Grimes. Noreen Hoffman. Women ' s Basketball Women ' s Track 107 Movin ' On . We ' ve come a long way, baby. Palladium recalls the good ol ' days of 1912 Women ' s Sports With the Equal Rights movement came an increased assurtiveness on the part of women in every field including sports. However, that is not to say that all women athletes are " women libbers " It is easy to see that today ' s wo- man is versatile. She can be what ever she needs to be to fit the occassion. Whether she ' s in sexy slit skirt or sweats, to- day ' s Lady Trojan is ready to meet the challenge of being both a lady and an athlete. Representing the four women ' s sports, volleyball, track, golf, and basketball, are respectively DuRhonda Ashcraft, Kris Stiehl, Ann Spooner and Vicki Carreker. Tim Bryan, Football Kelvin Murdock, Football Steve Stingfellow, Football Harris Spencer, Football Mike Quinn, Football Eddie Sullivan, Track Larry Grant, Track Bubba Belcher, Cross-country Collin McCrary, Golf Glen Banker, Track Ben Bates, Golf Mi ' " « ' % Paul Perini, Golf e Tullis, Foe " 5 Sherman Wilkinson, Football Mike Randall, Track Selby Andrews, Track Steve Venable. Track photo not available Danny Cox John Brower 1 w j t M r Kevin McDaniel. Baseball Mark Stiggleman. Golf Rob Mihelic. Golf " Football Champions — Pi Kappa Phi 112 Intramurals Intramurals IH PtaKfiW; 114 Intramurals Women ' s Softball Champions — HPER SARTAIN HP Men ' s Softball Champions — Mean Machine _ Intramurals 115 Rah Rah Rama Jama Best Team in Alabama Trojan Cheerleaders Really on Top of Things This Year Below: Leisa Benefield and Philip Baker, Below right: Beverly Boss and Bob Rohrlack, Opposite page, Top left: Candy Canaday and Paul McNair, Top right: Joe Jones, Robin Salzarulo, Donna Clower and Walter McDowell, Bottom left: Ave Schwerer and James Hudson, Bottom right: Lynn Strickland and David Smith i:i u4 T-roy T-roy The cheerleader ' s ncn mascot " Pete " id tmall cuddt) gopher) was a big hit with the crowds. KARATE dub Advancing the Martial arts is one of the purposes of the Karate Club. Karate pro- vides an outlet for both the athletes and non-athletes and the Karate Club can provide the atmosphere needed for the development of brotherhood among those involved in the martial arts. The Karate Club fosters a concern for success in physical education, self-control, and mental patience and serves to promote the physical and mental well being of the students, faculty, and staff of TSU. ™ ' • ltd | | benjamin Bonner, Charles lhornton Jr., H Smitty Smith, Carl Cooper, Kathlyn Robinson, k V L Wanda McElrath " Not pictured: Charlie Jones; m advisor, James Pitts, Yauvz Sentenci, and V Mr Randy Austin. Tclixb T-Club is an organization consisting of Troy State lettered athletes. Fellowship and interaction is the basis of the club providing for unity among the varsity athletes. Officers were: Bubba Belcher — President, Vicki Carreker— Vice-president, Cliff England— Secret- ary, Tim Bryan — Treasurer, TomEnsey — Advisor. Theresa McGowan, Valerie Privett, Sharon Har- kins, DuRhonda Ashcraft, Bubba Belcher, Vicki Carriker, Cliff England, Tim Bryan, Steve Bryant, Vicky Marshall, James Brantley, Rich Bouchillon, Don Ostertag, Yong Ho Gilroy, Ron Gibbs, Scott Gee, Kris Stiehl, Dale Erickson, Dianne Grimes, Tom Ensey, Pat Omara, Gary Bradshaw, David Napert, Jim Hall, Mike Richardson, Gary McGil- very, Glen Banker, Larry Grant 118 Sports Clubs HPER dub Serving to promote the continued prog- ress in physical education and to encour- age social and professional development through participation and leadership is the HPER club. The HPER club consists of Health, Physical Education, and Rec- reation majors and minors During Fall quarter the HPER club through the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, sponsored the " Jump Rope for Heart - " project which benefitted the American Heart Association. With the help of other organizations on campus over $700 was raised The Independent Award for the largest participation in the Red Cross Blood Drive was presented to the HPER club for the fifth consecutive yeai In addition to sponsoring sucli projects members of the club also attended AAHPERD conventions in Birmingham. Orlando, and Gulf Shores Tammi Shaddix. Kale Scroggini, Karen Tldwell, Tammy Criswold. Sheila Johnson, Kathy Murphy Dan Jeffrey, Turner Cooper, Mike Pharei, Jamet Brantley, Buhha Beh her, I ' aul v Nair, •ne Hun son, Cheryl Schmahnaack, Benjie Kinsaul, Gene Allen. Claude (iiddens A dvifor — Do Jeffrey Pres — Kuth M urn I iv Sports clubs 119 ■ " Football TSU OPPONENT 14 Texas A I 6 38 Tenessee-Martin 25 Nicholls State 15 30 Mississippi College 21 Southeastern La. 10 35 Delta State 7 22 North Alabama 31 52 Tennessee-Tech 3 37 Livingston 20 8 Jacksonville State 13 t Volleyball OPPONENT Huntingdon Judson Tuskegee Florida Southern Tournament Rollins Florida International Univ. Eckerd Univ. of South Florida Florida Southern Jacksonville State Alabama State Univ. of North Alabama Columbus College Huntingdon Auburn Tournament Univ. of Al. (AUB) Pensacola Jr. College Univ. of Georgia Pensacola Jr. College Univ. of Georgia Univ. of South Alabama Judson UAB Tuskegee 120 Closing LADY TROJANS W w w w L w w L W L W W W W W w w L L W w L Montevallo USA Alabama State Livingston Jacksonville State UAB West Georgia Tournament Huntingdon West. Georgia UT-Martin Valdosta Livingston AAIAW State Tournament UNA Judson ASU L L W W L L W L L W W L W L Track Men ' s Auburn Indoor USTFF Indoor Tuskegee Florida Relays Troy Relays Dogwood Relays Alabama, Florida State, South Al. Gulf South Conference Spectowns Tom Black Track Classic NCAA Divison II Cross-country Alumni Meet Auburn Invitational Florida State Azalia Classic Troy Invitational Tennessee GSC and NCAA Regional Meet NCAA Division II Championship Women ' s Montgomery Indoor Track Meet Lady Gator Relay Jacksonville State Troy Relays Tuskegee Relays AAIAW State Meet Region II Meet f Basketball Men ' s TSU OPPONENT 62 LaGrange College 55 65 Univ. of Georgia 108 59 Birmingham Southern 57 74 Columbus College 81 70 Athens State 63 52 Mississippi State 68 51 LaGrange College 43 57 Livingston 56 83 Columbus College 65 86 Delta State Webber College-Forfeit win 67 65 Univ. of Tenn. Martin 67 60 North Alabama 78 69 Athens State 58 71 Flager College 66 64 Univ. of Tenn. Martin 63 54 North Alabama 59 43 Mississippi College 45 67 Delta State 72 70 Birmingham Southern 60 54 Georgia Tech 50 54 Mississippi College 56 68 Jacksonville State 73 58 Livingston 61 63 Jacksonville State GSC Tournament 79 55 Jacksonville State Women ' s 74 TSU OPPONENT 64 Mississippi State 77 84 Georgia Southwestern 65 59 Auburn 72 89 Mercer 101 82 Montevallo 50 69 Tuskegee 64 64 Austin Peay 87 63 Southern Illinois 64 95 West Georgia 75 99 Judson 35 80 Georgia Southwestern 72 Livingston 73 62 North Alabama 75 Delta State 62 Livingston 97 Alabama-Birmingham 81 Union Univ. 55 North Alabama 84 Montevallo 82 Jacksonville State 70 Spring Hill 74 North Alabama 77 Valdosta State 76 Judson 69 Alabama 57 Auburn 71 Spring Hill 80 Tuskegee 84 Livingston 86 Jacksonville State 109 Montevallo 66 North Alabama 105 Tuskegee 85 Ft. Valley State UT-Martin Tournament GSC Tournament AAIAW Tournament t Golf 59 91 71 90 114 61 51 59 52 61 80 49 81 70 53 74 73 76 57 57 96 89 Men ' s Hart Invitational 2nd of 17 Trojan Oaks Intercollegiate 1st of 13 Broadwater Beach Intercol- legiate 1st of 14 Grenelefe Intercollegiate 14th of 18 Dixie Intercollegiate 15th of 28 Bluebonnet Bowl Invita- tional 5th of 19 Gator Invitational 1 1th of 23 Trojan Oak 2-day 1 st of 1 1 Shorter Invitational 1st of 1 1 Southern Jr-Sr. 10th of 15 Southeastern Intercollegiate 12th of 24 Southeastern Collegiate 3rd of 16 Alabama Intercollegiate 3rd of 1 1 Gulf South Conference 1st of 7 NCAA Division II National Championship 3rd of 19 Women ' s Golf Ladies Seminole Pat Bradley Invitational Peggy Kirk Bell Rollin Invitational University of South Florida Duke Invitational 4 77 Baseball r TSU OPPONENT 5 Auburn 6 1 Southeastern La. 2 1 Southeastern La. 5 9 West Georgia 6 8 Manchester (Ind) 10 Manchester (Ind) 13 Huntingdon 3 10 Western Kentucky 5 8 Butler (Ind) Univ. 7 10 Campbellsville 2 9 111. Benedictine 5 5 111. Benedictine 9 Jacksonville State 6 1 U.A. B ' ham 7 14 Georgia S.W. 3 6 Georgia S.W. 2 Livingston 6 Livingston 2 3 West Georgia 1 Jacksonville State 9 Jacksonville State 2 14 Huntingdon 2 8 North Alambama 6 North Alabama 3 8 Livingston 2 1 Livingston 4 North Alabama 9 North Alabama 5 7 Columbus 3 20 Tuskegee 6 10 Auburn 15 1 Tuskegee 2 5 Tuskegee 2 3 Columbus 2 9 Jacksonville State 7 Delta State 8 19 Livingston 7 8 Delta State 6 3 Delta State 2 Alabama-Birmingham 3 J ETC. Donald Norsworthy from TSU Photog- raphy and Jimmy Messiek from The Troy Messenger were a tremendous help in taking photographs for this sports sec- tion. Jimmy Messiek was so kind as to provide prints of the away football games which were greatly appreciated. Donald Norsworthy printed pictures endlessly, took pictures on the spur of the moment, and put up with such short notice esca- pades as the womens sports closing page. These two men are to be commended for their fine work and dedication to TSU Athletics. Lloyd Hulsey and Ed Moseley also assisted in developing and taking pic- tures. There is another department at TSU that was very helpful this year. A special thanks goes to our friendly and patient Sports Information Director. Tom Ensc and all those nice people over at the Field House and Pro Shop. Without the cooperation of the people mentioned above, this sports section would have never made it to the press - 121 II P£ E II N m. ■M « • r - ,.. - ' ' 122 Greeks k GREEKS Greeks 123 124 Sorority Rush Soronty Rush 12 s Greek Week 1981 began Monday after- noon, May 18, with an all Greek parade from the Parklane Shopping Center park- ing lot to Shackelford quad. That evening competition began with the annual swim meet. Tuesday was the day for displaying the " beauty " of the Greeks as the honor of Miss Venus was bestowed upon Eva Carter, sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. Also that evening the Mr. and Mrs. Greek awards were presented to Mr. Lar- ry Popwell and Mrs. Merle Jernigan, and Ronnie Pinckard was named Greek of the Year. The Greek Games followed the next day. Track and field games, includ- ing relays, tug-of-war, egg toss, skin-the- snake, long jump, and three-legged races tested the Greeks ' athletic abilities. The highlight of the week was the Greek Dance, held Thursday night at the Pike County Fair grounds, featuring a live band, " Bone, Holmes, and Friends. " Overall sorority winner for the week was Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Alpha Psi placed first among fraternities. The week was run efficiently by the IFC and Panhellenic councils which were headed by Eric Glover and Kim Gignilliat. Greek Week 127 - 128 Greek Life I Greek Life 129 Greek Life 131 Sf wJie Unic PANHELLENIC Row one: Melanie Stallings (Chi Omega). Cathy Bryan (Kappa Delta), Lorraine Bloeth (Alpha Delta Pi) — Secretary; Tracy John- son (Alpha Gamma Delta), Kim Gignilliat (Chi Omega) — President; Mary Fiveash (Alpha Delta Pi). Row two: Sandra McEntee (Alpha Delta Pi), Leigh Anne Wells (Chi Omega), Cindy Willis (Kap- pa Delta) — Vice President: Claire Collier (Alpha Gamma Delta) — Treasurer. Row three: Joyce Grif- fin — Advisor; Elana Mayhem (Phi Mu) — Second Vice-President; Laura Wellenfels (Alpha Gamma Delta). Anne Kimmel (Kappa Delta), Lori Earnest (Kappa Delta). IFC Row one: Cindy Willis — Panhellenic; Ben Thompson (Delta Kappa Epsilon) — President; Randy Bilbro (Lambda Chi Alpha) — Secretary; Eric Glover (Tau Kappa Epsilon) — Vice- President; Tom Genetski (Sigma Pi) — Treasurer; James Thomas (Alpha Phi Alpha) — Publicity Director. Row two: Greg Hammock (Sigma Pi), Jim Harvell (Delta Kappa Epsilon), Snag Gosha (Alpha Phi Alpha), Ernest Powe (Kappa Alpha Psi), Corne- lius Edwards (Kappa Alpha Psi), Mike Risley (Tau Kappa Epsilon), Teddy Hazen (Tau Kappa Epsi- lon). Robin Boutwell (Sigma Chi), David Coppage (Sigma Chi). Doug Lee (Pi Kappa Phi), Ken Martin (Sigma Alpha Epsilon). Row three: Allen William- son (Delta Kappa Epsilon). Dwayne Perry (Alpha Phi Alpha), Dennis Monroe (Alpha Phi Alpha), Bill Owens (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), Marty Skurla (Lambda Chi Alpha), Craig Akridge (Delta Kappa Epsilon), Bruce Killough (Sigma Pi), Scott Davis (Pi Kappa Phi), Jeff Andrews (Delta Chi), Larry Pop- well — Advisor. , fffi L 132 IFC Panhellenic ftfi »« o7C i m C9 i m Since Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded on the TSU campus in 1978. the women have been actively helping the commun- ity. AKA ' s have tutored reading projects at OCAP in Troy to help adult students prepare for the GED test or simply im- prove their reading skills. Annual Fashion shows are given by the sorority from which the proceeds are donated to charitable organizations such as the Can- cer Foundation and the Leukemia Foundation. The sisters were also volun- teer workers during the Special Olympics for the handicapped. Officers for the year were Patricia Poellnitz — Basileus, Darlene Kimble — Anti-Basileus, Beverly Reynolds — Grammateus, Cecropia Smith — Tamiouchos, Melanie Stafford — Ivy Leaf Reporter, Sonya Blackwell — Phi- lackter, and Valrie Perry — Dean of Pledges. Alpha Kappa Alpha 133 n 134 Alpha Gamma Delta .. Q$ f Aa t r »t WeAa Gamma Sigma Chapter of Alpha dam ma Delta celebrated their tenth anniversary here at Troy State Universi- ty this February, and the year was a very eventful and successful one. Sisters par- ticipated in Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Sorority President Kidnap and retired the trophy for donating the most canned food items. Theta Chi Soapbox Derby found the Alpha Gams in the winner ' s circle for the second straight year. Alpha Gamma Del- ta ' s current International Altuistic proj- ect was Juvenile Diabetes, and the Troy State Chapter contributed over one thousand dollars to the project with money raised through their annual Skate- a-Thon this year. Officers for the year included Tammy Tase — Pres., Marsha Rouze — Vice Pres. Fraternity Education. Lydia Swails — Vice Pres. Scholarship, Diane Brettel — Treas., Paula Bergeron — Recording Sec, Jan Evans — Corresponding Sec, Chris Thompson — Social Chrm.. Bon- nie Clower — Altruism Chrm., Susan Crews — Panhellenic Delegate. Donna Jo Stevens — Membership Chrm., Tami Caldwell — Rush Chrm., Missy Morse — Activities Chrm., Jana Vickers — Stan- dards Chrm., Angela Medders — Ritual Chrm.. Nancy Mathiews — House Chrm., and Jennifer Taylor — Guard. Big Brothers Rov% one: Doug Carroll. Forrest Lee, Greg Still. Glen Shaull. Row two: Todd Huton. Joe) Wiles. Van English. Barry Hamilton. Bill McClet Ian. Steve Shaffer. Martv Skurla. Mike Hale. Alpha Gamma Delta 133 I 136 Alpha Delta Pi 3$ d . W Aa @t ■ t ADPi ' s at isu strove tor excellence in everything (hey did during the school year. Not onlv were sisters members, hut they played active roles in such organiza t ions as the SGA Supreme Court, I Dk. Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Sigma Delta (hi. ISU Synchro- nized Swim team. University Dancers. Rho Lambda, ACUB, Delta Sigma Pi, S.C.E.C . Wesley Foundation, BS1 Catholic Campus Ministry Association. the TROP, and many others. They were the 1981 Greek Week Champions and placed second in the intramural swim meet. Helping others was a primary objective of the Epsilon Kappa chapter. Sisters donated necessary materials to their national philanthrophy, the Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham, and the sorority received first place during the Sigma Pi Powderpuff for the most donations collected. ADPi ' s hard work was rewarded as the group was recog- nized as a top chapter in Alabama during the 1981 ADPi State Day. The year ' s officers were Ellen Seymour — Pres., Maria Mendoza — Ex- ecutive V.P., Perian Benton — Pledge Education V.P., Lynn Seay — Rec. Sec, Laura Speir — Tres., Lorraine Bloeth — Panhellenic, Mary Ann Branch — Schol- arship, Chris McCarthy, Guard, Sherly Buck — House Chairman, and Robin Mock — Activities. ft Q 1981 Sweetheart — David Crutchfleld Big Brothers Row one Mike Carpenter. Scott Jacobs. Herbie Howard. I. on Curenton Row two Jamie Helms. Bob Rhorlack. Jim Reynolds. Jim Hall. Scott Hartley. Paul Stovall. John Ellerbee. Alpha Delta Pi 137 The 1980-1981 school year was an ac- tive one for Alpha Phi Alpha. Brothers were members of Mortar Board, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, Argonauts, and Who ' s Who. During the state con- vention the Xi Beta chapter was named Chapter of the Year. They were ranked academically number one in the state, as well as having the brother with the high- est academic average. They also had the first runner-up for Brother of the Year and first runner-up for Ms. Black and Gold. During fall quarter the Alpha ' s spon- sored a food drive for the needy and col- lected enough food to donate to several Troy families. Brothers also helped raise money for the American Cancer Society, and the Atlanta Task Force. In support of scholarship they founded a chapter schol- arship and donated money to the United Negro College Fund. 138 Alpha Phi Alpha Va % 3 1981 Sweetheart — Carol Thomas Little Sisters Carol Thomas. Sonya Malone. Annie Warren. Jamie Reyes. Cordelia Johnson. Angela Williams Alpha Phi Alpha 139 M 140 Delta Kappa Epsilon eUa Q }7Ca iAa (phtouvn The Pi Beta Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon had an eventful year. During fall quarter the DKE ' s held their annual Funeral Party with brothers and their dates dressing in funeral attire for the occasion. For a service project the fraternity renovated one of the living rooms at the Baptist Children ' s Home. Their Winter Formal was held at the Lamplighter in Montgomery and a Spring Bash with the SAE ' s and Lambda Chi ' s was the last major party of the year. Special awards were presented at the Founder ' s Day Banquet, held during Spring Quarter. The Oliver " Pi " Brant- ley Award for outstanding brother of the year was given to Ben Thompson and the Glynn W. Eiland Award for the brother with the highest scholastic average went to Jim Smith. Officers for the year were Ben Thomp- son — President, Dennis Clark — Vice President, Richard Skaggs — Secretary, Allen Williamson — Treasurer, and Gary Tolbert — House Manager. S-iTLSM 1981 Sweetheart — Heidi Moore Little Sisters Row one: Beck l) kes. BeverK Boss. Pat Boss. Donna Clower. Jennifer Jeter. Lydia Swails. Kathy Stewart. Row two: Traci Wen- ze ' l. Susan Pike. Jan Evans. Heidi Moore. Tammv Burks. Pam Jmwright Delta Kappa Epsilon 141 Delta Chi was originally founded as a professional law fraternity on October 13, 1890 at Cornell University, and was established on Troy ' s campus in 1966. Since then the fraternity has been a driv- ing force at TSU and has been involved in all facets of campus life. Scholastically. Delta Chi held high positions with brothers belonging to ODK and Mortar Board as well as several other scholastic honoraries. The group was well repre- sented in intramural sports and had several members on the Trojan Track team. Nationally. Troy ' s chapter was recognized as the Most Oustanding Chapter, which signified their continuing excellence. Officers for the year were Mike Fitch — President. Greg Smith — Vice- President. David Campbell — Secretary, Frank Frana — Treasurer, Steve Joiner — Corresponding Secretary, and Bruce McCauley — Sgt.-at-Arms. I : do you say Buchvcfccr? Delta Chi Little Sisters Row one: Kelly Calhoun. Shawn Jack- son. Nancy Smith, Tina Stephenson. Virginia West. Kim Lunsford. Marise Cotton. Row two: Leisa Be- nefield. Melissa Bloodsworth. Tammy Caldwell. Tonia Kirkland. Robin Robinson. Karen Wurtz. Re- nee Thagard. Delta Chi 143 » l 144 ThetaChi r y te i t T( r Theta Chi Fraternity was founded at Norwich University in Norwich. Ver- mont on April 10, 1856. The Zeta Theta Chapter was established at Troy State University on April 30, I%6. Since then the Brotherhood has been involved in var- ious school activities. Some Brothers were active in IFC activities as repre- sentatives and elected officers. The Fraternity was represented in the S.G.A. Senate and other appointed S.G.A. posi- tions. During the Spring Quarter Theta Chi held its Annual Soap Box Derby for the sororities. The end of Spring Quarter brought the " Theta Chi Dream Girl For- mal and Beach Party. " Officers for the year were: Mikell S. Hewell — President. Rick Helmer — Vice President, Gary A. Loer — Secre- tary, Skip Chauvin — Treasurer, and Pat McKeown — Pledge Marshall. I ISHU ilHillllllll! IIH ' IJTlM -T Little Sisters Carmen Sylvain. Debbie French. Cin- dy Ellisor, Tracy Noble. Lorraine Purta. Meg McCallister. Jodi Julson. Theta Chi 145 146 Kappa Delta l£r£atfui n ( f Kappa Deltas had a very successful year in all areas of Troy State life. Scho- lastically the sisters ranked first among sororities both fall and winter quarters. On the athletic side they were the number one sorority in intramural basketball. KD ' s were proud of having two TSU cheerleaders, SGA Vice-President, ODK student Leader of the Year, Outstanding Freshman of the Year, Miss TSU 1981, and the Troy State Volleyball team cap- tain. KD ' s also had one fraternity sweetheart, five pledge class sweethearts, and numerous fraternity lit- tle sister. The sorority sold magazines to help raise money for their national philan- thropy, the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Va. This year the Delta Delta chapter had the number one amount of sales in their region. Officers for Kappa Delta were Lori Earnest — President, Virginia West — Vice-President, Minnette Rogers — Secretary, Stacy Krebs — Treasurer, Jana Hartert — Assistant Treasurer. Moira Kaye — Editor, and Beverly Boss — Membership. wmmr 1981 Sweetheart — Jeff Andrews Big Brothers Row One: Gil Robinson. Brad Dun- ning. Jeff Andrews. Joe) James. Charles Jemigan. Row Two: Buba McDonald. Joe Jones. John Calhoun. Ken Carter. Philip Sims. Kenny Hughes. Jeff Massey. Steve Joiner. Mike May. Kappa Delta 147 148 Lambda Chi Alpha aCcvmuaa Tpn r r ' t Lambda Chi Alpha held its annual Sorority President Kidnap in whieh Sorority presidents were held hostage by the fraternity, Each sorority contributed canned goods toward the release of their president. The Alpha Gams contributed the largest ransom and all the sororties together gave ovei live thousand cans, which were given to the Pike County Pen- sions and Securities Department to be distributed to needy families. The hos- tages were released at an all Greek party at the house. For Halloween the Lambda Chi ' s treated the kids of the Baptist Children ' s Home to a cookout and an evening of fun and games. Also during the fall quarter the Lambda Chi ' s joined the Troy Arts Council for a fund raising project. Artist and Fraternity advisor Woodi Ishmal donated a painting, and the two groups divided the proceeds from the project. Brothers and Associates loved to part and held at least two major parties each quarter, of which many were inter- fraternal. The Annual Polynesian Party, an oriental luau, was the biggest and best of the year. Officers for the year were Mike Rhoda — Pres., Robin Stokes — V.P., Doug Sutton — Sec, Wayne Menard — Sec, Tommy Bedsole — Tres., Scott Schu- macher — Fraternity Educator. Woody Culpepper — Rush Ch., Greg White — Ritualist, Jay Reeves — Education Ch., Ken Wright — Social Ch., and Ken Bailey — Alumni Relations. 1981 Sweetheart — Debbie McCain Little Sisters Row one Robin Mock. Laura Martin. Brenda Owens. Debbie McCain. Paula Stokes. Julie Moore. Row two Kate Scroggins. Pam Ta lor. Carol Goodroe. Kim Medlev. Toni Luker. Karen Day. SherriGaskm Row three: Julie Huband. Vicki Anglin. Connie Holland. Kathryn Patterson. Janice Tucker. Anna Renalli. Glenda Lstes. Jill Ha atone. Donna F.lser. Tamrm Watford. Lambda Chi Alpha 149 The Gamma Gamma chapter of Pi Kap- pa Phi was very successful during the 1980-81 school year. In the fraternity football league brothers came out on top and became the first fraternity to win the overall football championship. They also placed second in the fraternity basketball league. The group won the Miller Re- clamation Drive during winter quarter, hosted the Pi Kappa Phi area conclave, and helped the Troy library move to its new location. The fraternity ' s biggest project was sponsoring the Spring Bunny Contest. This year Phi Mu Caron Laxon won the contest and over one thousand dollars was raised for project PUSH (Play Units for Severely Handicapped chil- dren). During spring quarter the Pi Kap ' s hosted their infamous Jungle Party. This was the last party before the summer and it allowed brothers to let out a little of their animal instincts. Officers for the year were Scott Hart- ley — Archon, Ron Tase — Vice Archon, Greg Still — Treasurer, Charles Jenigan — Secretary, David Crutchfield — Pledge Warden, Steve Shaffer — Chap- lain, and Ben Gurthrie — Historian. 150 Pi Kappa Phi 1981 Sweetheart — Carrie Pierce Little Sisters Row one Gina Gillian. Beck) Redd Row two: Donna Jordan. Cindy Hartley . Julie Hol- ly. Hope Wiggins. Tonye Frith. Row three Li Curenton. Connie Thrower. Genie Hmson. Susan Cooper. Melanie Chalker. Pi Kappa Phi 151 „ - . 152 Sigma Alpha Epsilon (5fiama rC t t f (( t: f The Phi Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon enjoyed a winning year. Brother Ronnie Pinckard was named Greek of the Year and Winter Pledge Class Sweetheart Eva Carter was sponsored by the fraternity in the Miss Venus pageant and came out a winner. The SAE ' s exhib- ited flair for " exterior " design by plac- ing second in the House decorating con- test during Homecoming. The brothers were also productive as they sponsored an interfraternity softball tournament and painted a community center in Troy. Officers for the year included Bill Owens — Eminent Archon. Ronnie Pinc- kard — Eminent Deputy Archon. Alan Richards — Eminent Recorder. Jim Mar- tin — Eminent Treasure. Bill Campbell — Rush Chairman, and Todd Hudson — Social Chairman. o ' r©is ■ Little Sisters Row one: Jalene Hyler. Michelle Forthman. Row two: Knsty Cook. Ann Allen. Ka Owens. Chris McCarthy. Row three: Linda Mathiews. Jennifer Taylor. Jackie Young. Diane Barfield. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 153 154 Sigma Pi The Delta Psi chapter of Sigma Pi was founded on the Troy State campus in 1971. Since that time the fraternity has tried to strive to excell in every aspect of campus life. This year brothers were in- volved in band, SGA, IFC. business fraternities, honor societies and several were sorority big brothers. During April, Sigma Pi held a food and goods drive for the people of Hurtsburo who had been the victims of a tornado. Also during spring quarter the brothers held their annual Powder Puff Football jamboree. Competition was between sororities and the proceeds went to char- ity. In addition to being active on campus and in the community, the Sigma Pis worked hard in order to move into a new- ly built fraternity house on campus during the 81-82 school year. Officers included Jay Hawthorne — President; Mike Hayles — Vice Pres- ident; Scott Jacobs — Treasurer; Tim Brown — Secretary; Lee Dobson — Sgt- at-Arms; Cecil McDonald — Herald; David Enfinger — Rush Chairman; Mark Wiggins — Social Chairman. Leigh Anne Hawthorne. 1981 Sweetheart, is shown above talking with Brother Tim Brown Little Sisters Row one: Stephanie Hallada . Mig- nonne Hatfield. Angela McKee. Sallie Howard. Caroline Crawford. Row two: Lisa Gantt. Rene McCamish. Connie Long. Ame Howell. Pat Perez. Maria Nix. Carolyn Douglas Sigma Pi 153 156 Sigma Chi si f f The highlight of the year for the Eta Phi chapter of Sigma Chi was its Fourth Anniversary, celebrated with a Formal House Dedication and Banquet on Janu- ary 31. Numerous alumni, parents, inter- national representatives, and friends con- vened for the commemorative occasion. Officers for the year were Chuck Hayes — Consul, Van English — Pro Counsul, Forrest Lee — Annotator. Marc Davis — Quaestor, John Weekley — Magister, Jamie Helms — Chapter Editor, David Coppage — Tribune. Keith Hagood — Rush Chairman, Sam Huff- stetler — Social Chairman. James Wooten — House Manager, Ronnie Cink — Rep. at Large, Steve Scruggs — Histo- rian, Dee Anthony — Scholarship. Ron- nie Cink — Ritual Chairman, Travis Hill — Kustos, Glen Shaull — Intramural Chairman, David Coppage — IFC. and Robin Boutwell — Derby Daddy. 1981 Sweetheart — Kim Gignilliat Little Sisters Row one: Helen Dalon. Sue Horvath. Leigh Anne Wells. Michelle Burdette. Kim Gignil- liat. Angie Bradsher. Cappi Fernandez. Rachel Boutwell. Marsha Rouze, W nn Row two Debbie Applegate. Laura Barksdale. Jill Killough. Wanda Gillman. Sigma Chi 157 158 Tau Kappa Epsilon r au (t tit f (( I he Lambda Zeta Chapter of Tau K.ip pa Fpsilon had a hannci year in 19X0-81. The height of its achievements came dur- ing Fall Quarter when the brothers uon the Inter-Fraternity Scholarship Trophy. They also won the scholarship tropin fol Winter Quarter, with a Fraternity aver- age of 2.004, the highest grade point aver- age any fraternity in the history of Troy State University has attained. For the second consecutive year Tau Kappa Fpsilon won the Homecoming yard display with the motto, " Roast the Eagles. " Brothers were also champs of the annual Greek Week games. TKE projects for the year included an annual softball tournament to raise money for Danny Thomas St. Judes Childrens Hospital, a painting party where the entire exterior of the TK1 house was renovated and a party in hon- or of TEKE ' s most distinguished alumni. President Ronald Reagan. Officers included: President: Eric Glover; Vice-President; Chuck Goss, Chaplain: Steve Timberlake. Treasurer: Tom Creswell, Secretary: Wade Hyde. Historian: Mike Risley, Sgt.-at-Arms: Tab Bailey, Pledge Trainer: Jim Shepherd. 1981 Sweetheart — Terry Brown Little Sisters Row one: Linda Penniman. Linda Abney.Gail Abney. Kathv Pettewa) . Lvnda Flovd. Kathy Haisten. Row two: Mane Br son. Barbara Edwards. Pam Coleman. LeAnn Mittler. Cand Snow. Ann Gwvn. Terr Brown Tau Kappa Epsilon 159 fr 160 Phi Mu W UqM» Kappa Gamma Chapter of Phi Mu be- gan the year enthusiastically by winning the spirit Award at SAE ' s Sorority night They also won recognition for having the best attendance at TSU home basketball games. The sorority was active in the Troy Community collecting for Cystic Fibrosis and participating in the Com- munity Club Awards. During Winter quarter Troy Phi Mu ' s hosted other chap- ters in the state at the Annual State Day. Spring quarter was a busy one as the sis- ters sponsored an April Fool ' s Dance featuring the band " Sho-nuff. " Proceeds from the dance went to Project Hope. Also during spring quarter Phi Mu Caron Laxon was selected as the Pi Kappa Phi Bunny. The annual Scholarship Banquet was held at Miss Blossom ' s with Dr. Max Raffery as guest speaker. Awards for Best Sister and best Phi were presented to Nora Colee and Jane Crosby. Officers included Tina Stephenson — President, Karen Harrison — Vice- President, Nora Colee — recording Secretary, Elaine Mayhann — Treasurer. Genie Hinson — Phi Director, Leisa Be- nefield — Rush Chairman, Pam Jinright — Corresponding Secretary, and Tami Ezell — Chaplain. 1981 Sweetheart — Kenny Jessen Big Brothers Row one: Ben Thompson. Rick Skaggs. Rusty Nell. Bruce Killough. J.i Haw- thorne Row two: Mark Wicems. Robert Martin. Tom Paxton. Sam HufTstetller. Tate Calvert, Robin Boutwell. Kenny Jessen. Robin Stokes. Kenn JOTS. Row three: Robb l.aing. Wood) Culpepper Phi Mu 161 162 Chi Omega »t ya s 1980-81 proved to be .1 successful e.u for Troy State Chi Omega ' s as they achieved many goals set by the chapter. ( impus activities other than Chi C) were a must for each sister as she strove to become a well-rounded individual. Some activities and organizations in which members were involved and held lead- ership positions were SGA Seriate. BNl Young Democrats. Gamma Beta Phi, Rho Lambda, ODK, Mortar Board. Who ' s Who, Phi Gamma Nu. the TROP, Alpha Lambda Delta. Sigma Delta (In. Beta Beta Beta, and many others, lota Kappa placed first in intramural vol- leyball and Softball thus capturing the All Sports Trophy for the school year. The fraternity also placed first in the Sigma Pi Powder-puff tournament, retiring the tro- phy for three straight victories. Chi Omega began the year with officers Shelle Campbell — President, Patricia Fletcher — Vice-Pres., Gina Prince — Treasurer, Donna Jeffcoat — Secretary. Michele Burdette — Rush Chairman, Shannon Shirey — Personnel, Kim Gig- nilliat — Panhellenic, and Carol Nelson — Pledge Trainer. In January elections were held and these officers completed the year. They were Sherly Rayford — President, Laura Barksdale — Vice Pres., Sandy Kuchle — Treasurer, Dar- lene Brown — Secretary, Gina Prince — Rush Chairman, Shannon Shirey — Per- sonnel, Leigh Anne Wells — Panhellenic, and Lea Ann Mittler — Pledge Trainer. Chi Omega 163 ABNEY, LINDA; Langdale, AL ANDRESS, DIMPLE; Troy, AL APPLEGATE, DONNA; Huntsville, AL ARNZEN, DIANE; GrangevUle, ID BERGERON, PAULA; Houma, LA BRADSHER, ANGIE; Montgomery, AL BRETTEL, DIANE; Mobile, AL BORKENHAGEN, DONNA; Satellite Beach, FL BOWERS, CHARLOTTE; Satellite Beach, FL CALDWELL, TAMI; Brundidge, AL CANNADAY, CANDIE; Noblesville, Ind. CARRIER, MELINDA; Evergreen, AL CASEY, CANDY; Gordansville, AL CHALKER, MELANIE; Montgomery, AL CLOWER, BONNIE; Fayetteville, GA CLOWER, DONNA; Fayetteville, GA COLLIER, CLAIRE, Atlanta, GA COOK, CHRISTY; Plantation, FL COOPER, WANDA; Titus, AL CRAFT, VICKI; Opelika, AL CREWS, SUSAN; Centerville, AL CULVER, VANESSA; Sylacaga, AL DUBBERLY, DENA; Auburn, AL EVANS, JAN; Hayden, AL FRITH, TONYE; Dothan, AL GODWIN, JO ELLEN; Brantley, AL JOHNSON, LISA; Mobile, AL JOHNSON, TRACY; Brent, AL LIVINGS, LINDA; Opelika, AL LONG, CONNIE; Banks, AL LUKER, TONI; Demopolis, AL MATHIEWS, LINDA; Montgomery, AL MATHIEWS, NANCY; Montgomery, AL McCAMISH, RENE; Camden, AL McDANIEL, KIM; Ozark, AL MEDDERS, ANGELA; Brent, AL MILAM, WENDY; Milbrook, AL MOORER, BETSY; Bay Minette, AL MORSE, MISSY; Huntsville, AL PARKER, PATTI; Enterprise, AL PARISH, LYNDA; Pansey, AL PIKE, SUSAN; Warrior, AL POLK, BELINDA; Bowling Green, FL RAULERSON, PAULETTE; St. Mary, FL ROUZE, MARSHA; Prattville, AL SANDERSON, LISA; Opelika, AL SMITH, CINDY; Burkville, AL STARKEL, JANET; Ft. Walton Beach, FL STEVENS, DONNA JO; Troy, AL STILL, CINDY; Pascagoula, MS SWAILS, LYDIA; Yulee, FL TASE, TAMMY; Indian Beach, FL TAYLOR, JENNIFER; Satellite Beach, FL THOMPSON, CHRIS; Florence, AL 164 Greek Composites £ reeA IBM AAn IHOMPSON. KIM, ( ollcgc Park, AL VICKERS. JANA; Panscy. AL WALLENFEI.S, LAURA; Longwood. II WARD, LAURA; Milbrook, AL WEN LI.. TRACY, PI. Walton, PL WIGGINS, TAMMY, Opp. AL WILLIAMSON, BECKY; Troy. AL YATES, DOTTI; Ashford, AL YATES, LEIGH; Union Springs, AL YOUNG, JACKIE; Opelika, AL ABBOTT, ROXANN; Montgomery, AL ABREY, GAIL; Shawmut, AL AUTREY, BECKY; Greenville, AL BASSETT, JANET; Lakeland, FL BENTON, PERIAN; Montgomery, AL BLOETH. LORRAINE; Winter Haven, FL BRANCH, MARY ANN; Warner Robins, GA BROOKS, TARA; Montgomery, AL BRUCE, CATHY; Waycross. GA BUCK. SHERYL; Winter Haven, FL BURNHAM, LISA; Dothan. AL BURTON, KIM; Kissimmee, FL COUCH, CATHRYN; Montgomery, AL DAVENPORT, ANDREA, Blakely, GA DeLAIGLE, TINA; Marietta, GA FIGG, DONNA; Tallahassee, FL FIVEASH, MARY; Donaldsonville, GA FIVEASH. PERJANNE; Donaldsonville, GA FLORA, KATIE. Troy, AL FLOYD, LYNDA; Fort Sill, OK GALLACHER, LIZ; Montgomery. AL HARTLEY, CINDY; Lakeland. FL HICKS, STORMY; Abbeville, AL HORVATH, SUE; Johnstown. PA HUBAND. JULIE; Miami. FL IVINS. DANLTituv l IVINS. KELLY; Titus. AL JORDAN. CIL; BlakeK.GA LANIER. BETH; Apalachicola. FL LEWIS. SHARI; Indian Harbor Beach. FL LOVE. TAMMY; Dothan.AL MAY. TAMMY; Oklahoma City. OK MCCARTHY. CHRIS; Ormond Beach. FL McENTEE, SANDY; Bonaire. GA McLAIN. SHELLY; Prattville.AL MENDOZA. MARIA; Tallahassee. FL MOCK. ROBIN; Montgomery .AL MORRISON. MEG; Cairo. GA MUER. JENNIFER; St Cloud. FL NEWTON. JACQLTE; Dothan. AL PETTEWAY. KATHY; Apalachicola. FL POWELL. LEIGH Mobile. AL REID. SANDY; Mobile. AL SARGENT. BETH; Daytona Beach. FL 1 Greek Composites 165 SEAY, LYNN; McRae, GA SEYMOU R, ELLEN; Union Springs, AL SIMPSON, KIM; Eufaula, AL SMITH, TERRY; Daleville, AL SPEIR, LAURA; Camden, AL STALEY, DEBBIE; Geneva, AL STOKES, PAULA; Chancellor, AL WISENER, CHERI; Sarasota, FL ZELKO, MONICA; Montgomery, AL BERCANT, EULA; Bay Minette, AL BLACKWELL, SONYA; Macon, GA BRYANT, DEBRA; Luveme, AL DAVIS, SHIRLEY; Hayneville, AL DUNCAN, SHELIA; Dothan, AL KIMBLE, DARLENE; Dothan, AL PERRY, VALRIE; Dothan, AL POELINITZ, PATRICIA; Mobile, AL REYNOLDS, BEVERLY; Fitzpatrick, AL STAFFORD, MELANIE; Barnes ville, GA VINES, GLOVIANE; Butler, AL WHITLEY, N ARETHA; Florala, AL WINDSOR, LYNNE; Slocomb, AL BLACK, SAMMIE; Ellaville, GA BROOKS, CLAUDE; Crystal River, FL DILLARD, WALTER; Demopolis, AL DUMAS, VINCENT; Montgomery, AL EPTING, JAMES; Birmingham, AL GANZY, JAMES; Riviera Beach, FL GOSHA, THOMAS; Columbus, GA GREEN, SOLOMAN; Montgomery, AL HART, ANTHONY; Valdosta, GA HART, CHRISTOPHER; Valdosta, GA HATCHER, ARTHUR; Selma, AL HIGGINS, LAMAR; Marbury, AL MADDOX, FRENSHOVN; Tuscaloosa, AL MITCHELL, DONALD; Selma, AL MITCHELL, KEVIN; Valdosta, GA MITCHELL, RONALD; Selma, AL MONROE, DENNIS; Quitman, GA PERRY, DWAYNE; Selma, AL TAYLOR, JOSEPH; Ramer, AL THOMAS, JAMES; Washington, D.C. AKRIDGE, CRAIG; Huntsville, AL BAILEY, CARLTON; Los Gatos, CA BAKER, PHILLIP; De Funiak Springs, FL BANKESTER, SCOTT; Troy, AL BENNETT, RICKY; Geneva, AL CARROLL, DOUG; Indialantic, FL CLARK, DENNIS; Indialantic, FL CLARK, MIKE; Sanford, FL nn 3n 5 166 Greek Composites reeA lijiti COPELAND, MILES; Birmingham, AL CROSSLAND, !IM. Icnaflv. N.J. DANSBY. CORNY; Abbeville. AL HALF.. MIKI ■.. Birmingham. AL HAMILTON. STEVE; Pcnsatola. FL HARRIS. DAVID. Troy. AL HARVELL. JIM; McGuirc AFB. NJ HALO. CHRIS; Ft. Walton Beach. FL HODGE, RANDY; Anniston. AL HORTA. RICK; Orlando. FL HUMPHREY. NEAL; Panama City. FL JERNIGAN. DENNIS; Mobile. AL McDONOUGH. KEITH; Hollywood. FL MOORE. JIM. Hollywood. FL NELL, RUSTY; Citnonelle, AL PIQUE. JIM; Crescent City. FL PRATHER. BOB; Melbourne. FL RINKS. BRIAN; Birmingham. AL ROBB. JOHN; Panama City, FL ROHRLACK. BOB; Longwood. FL SCOFIELD, DENNIS; Panama City. FL SKAGGS. RICHARD; Melbourne. FL SMITH. CHARLES; Mobile. AL SMITH. JIM; Mobile. AL SMITH, TIM; Altamonte Springs. FL SPRAYBERRY. JIM; Newnan. GA STORCK. BILL; Sarasota. FL TANNER. GUY; Mobile. AL THOMPSON. BEN; Guntersville. AL TALBERT. GARY; Troy. AL WEAVER. GARY; Birmingham. AL WELLS, KEN: Selma. AL WILLIAMSON. ALLEN; Jay. FL WOODBURY, ROBERT; Huntsville. AL YOUNG. SCOTT; Sarasota. FL BYRD. PATRICIA; Columbus. GA BELL. LINDA; Ramer. AL CLIFTON. CYNTHIA; Opclika. AL CRITTENDEN. CARLENA; Tuskegee. AL FOREMAN. SHERYL; Troy. AL HUFFMAN. PATRICIA; Grady. AL HUTCHERSON. SYNITRA. Tuskegee. AL McCLAIN. CYNTHIA Ramer. AL McWILLIAMS. VIOLA: Mobile. AL MILHOUSE. ALFREDA; Mobile. AL OWENS. JANET Tuskegee. AL WALKER. DORIS: Ozark. AL WARREN. ANNIE; Clio. AL WILLIAMS. OLIVIA; Troy. AL NHRI us. JEFF; Trov. AL ARCHER. TIM; Trov. AL BEASLEY. STEVE: Trov. AL Greek Composites 167 CALHOUN, COLE; Colquit. GA CAMPBELL, DAVID; Troy, AL CARTER, KENNETH; Troy, AL CORLEY, JUD; Elba, AL CULLEN. JERRY; Enterprise. AL DAILEY, CLARK; Troy, AL DAILEY, MARK; Troy, AL ENNIS, ANDREW; Dothan, AL FITCH, MIKE; Sebring, FL FRANNA, FRANK J.; Altamonte Spgs., FL HUDSPETH, MIKE; Chipley, FL JAMES, JOEY; Florence, AL JOINER, STEVE; Winter Haven, FL JONES, JOE; Vernon, FL LEE, DANNY; Troy, AL LITTLE, SCOTT; Troy, AL LO CICERO, JOE; Winter Haven, FL MARTIN, DOUG; Elba, AL MASHBURN, GREG; Adel, GA McCAULEY, BRUCE; Etowah, NC MEADOR, BILL; Uniontown, AL MOSLEY, WAYNE; Trenton, KY REYNOLDS, JIM; Carrollton, GA SANSOM, LEE; Dothan, AL SCHMIDT, CARL; Montgomery, AL SIMS, PHILLIP; Palmerdale, AL STEINER, KEVIN; Pensacola, FL STROUD, CHRIS; Andalusia, AL UNDERWOOD, SAM; Dothan, AL VICKERS, ED; Ashford, AL WEST, TOMMY; Troy, AL WHITAKER, ANDY; Ft. Walton Beach, FL WOODS, TONY; Dothan, AL ZURO, ALAN; Gulf Breeze, FL BREWSTER, CHARLES; Pensacola, FL BULLOCK, GARY; Niceville, FL CHAURIN, SKIP; Titusville, FL EDWARDS, SAMMY; Niceville, FL EWING, KEVIN; Sarasota, FL FEUERBACK, DAVID; Niceville, FL GUNTER, GREG; Ft. Meade, FL HEWELL, MIKELL S.; Jacksonville, FL HILMER, RICK; St. Petersburg, FL KELLEY, RANDY; Opp, AL KRAMER, GREG; St. Petersburg, FL KIRCHNER, RUSSELL J.; Sarasota, FL LAHEY, NATHAM; Winter Haven, FL McKEOWN, PAT; Tallahassee, FL REICHLE, SCOTT; Arcadia, FL ROESEL, CHARLES; Petersburg, AK SAMONS, TOD; Starke, FL SOULIS, PETER; Jacksonville, FL SPRINGSTEEN, JAY; Foley, AL P £ rPHI 168 Greek Composites 6 rc ' t. STANLEY. TED C ; Baker. 1 I STUMPF. WAYNE; Orlando. FL TAYLOR. JOHN. Poky, FL BROWN, JAMES; Jacksonville. PL BRYANT, SIDNEY. Cairo. GA INGRAM. ANTHONY; Atlanta. GA AMMONS, SUZIE; Birmingham. AL ANDREWS. LYNNE; Madison FL ASHCRAFT, DuRHONDA; Montgomery, AL ASHCRAFT, I.aPREAD; Montgomery. AL BARNES. PAM; Abbeville. AL BASS, CINDY; Malvern. AL BLOODSWORTH, MELISSA; St. George. FL BOSS, BEVERLY; Panama City. FL BOSS, PAT; Panama City, FL BROWN, MARY FRANK; Montgomery. AL BRYAN. CATHY; Ft Walton. FL BURNETTE. TRACI; Troy. FL CARR, KARLA; Troy. AL CARTER. ELIZABETH; Troy. AL COOPER. SUSAN; Blakely. GA COTTON, MARISE; Panama City. FL CRAWFORD. CAROLINE; Marietta. GA EARNEST. LORI; Panama City. FL ELLISOR, JO; Ozark, AL FARMER. JOY; Birmingham. AL FERNANDEZ. CAPPI; Tampa. FL GLASS. KELLY; Birmingham. AL GOFF. PAT; Troy. AL GOOCHER, LISA; Birmingham. AL GREEN, GAIL; Troy. AL GRIFFIN. KIM; Troy. AL GRIFFIN. PAT; Troy. AL HALL. LILA; Malone. FL HARTERT. JANA; Marietta. GA HIGDON. RONDA; Pensacola. FL JOINER. KIM; Winter Haven. FL KAYE. MOIRA; Oak Ridge. TN KILLINGSWORTH. BETH; Greenville. AL KIMMEL. ANNE; Dufuniak Springs. AL KREBS. STACY; Milwaukee. WI LoCICERO. CAROL. Winter Haven. FL McCRUDDEN. SHARON; Lakeland. FL McLENDON. KAY; Trov. AL MACON. SARAH; Mobile. AL MORRISON. JULIA; Electric. AL MURCHISON. PAIGE; Wetumpka. AL Ml RCHISON. TANYA; Wetumpka. AL NEWMAN. ROBIN; Opelika. AL PADGETT. REITA; Jackson. AL PIERCE. CARRIE; Vero Beach. FL RAINEY. DEBRA; Troy. AL Greek Composites 169 »m; _ REDD, BECKY; Lakeland FL ROBISON, ROBIN; Eastpoint. FL ROGERS, MINNETTE; Birmingham, AL ROTTON. ROBIN; Union Springs, AL ROTTON, TAMMY; Union Springs, AL SMITH, DORA; Prattville, AL SMITH, NANCY; Colquitt, GA SPORT, DERRI; Luverne, AL SPRADLING, SHERYL; Mt. Dora, AL STIEHL, KRIS; Neptune Beach, FL STRICKLAND. LYNN; Wetumpka, AL STRICKLAND, SHARON; Wetumpka. AL WARD, JANET; Headland, AL WARD, SHAWN; Geneva, AL WATFORD, TAMMY: Dothan. AL WEST, VIRGINIA; Troy, AL WIGGINS, HOPE; Dothan, AL WILLIAMS, JUDY; Panama City, FL WILLIS, CINDY; Montgomery, AL WURTZ, KAREN; Dothan, AL WYNN, GINGER; Montgomery, AL BAILEY, KEN; Valparaiso, FL BEDSOLE, STEVE; Dothan, AL BEDSOLE, TOMMY; Dothan. AL BENSON, STEVE; Enon. Ohio BILBRO, RANDY; Ft. Eeposit, AL COMBEE, KEITH; Lakeland. FL CROILER, RONNIE; Dothan, AL CULPEPPER, WOODY; Pleasant Hill, AL DILLARD, TAD; Welaka. FL FERGUSON, JERRY; Fairfax, AL FERNANDEZ, EDWARD; Jacksonville, FL HARRIS, JIMMY; Montgomery, AL HILL. TOM; Tarpon Springs, FL HOUGH. TIMMY; Montgomery, AL ISHMAEL, WOODI; Advisor JESSEN, KENNY; Ft. Meyers, FL JORDAN, ROY; Coffee Springs, AL KENDRICK, JIMBO; Montgomery, AL KIMBROUGH, DAN; Troy, AL KIMBROUGH, JAMES; Advisor LEWIS, REX; Newton, AL MAJORS, KENNY; Kissimmee, FL MARKEY. BOB; West Palm Bch., FL MCCAIN. KYLE; Dothan, AL MCCLELLAN, BILL; Lakeland, FL MCKENDREE, LAMAR; Dade City, FL MCKENZIE, GIL; Evergreen, AL MENARD, WAYNE; India Harbor Bch., FL MILITANO, KURT; Satellite Bch., FL NELSON, NEAL; Montgomery, AL NORTH, DAVE; Ft. Lauderdale, FL PIERCE, DEVIN; Montgomery, AL PIERSALL, JEFF; Dade City. FL 170 Greek Composites A J 3 ml Ml _ c reeA PYE, JAMES, Jacksonville. I I REEVES, JAY, College Park, GA RHODA. MIKE. Stollsboro. AL SCHIRARD. KURT, Saniorii. FL si HNEIDER. LEE; DeMin. FL SCHUMACHER. SCOTT; Satellite Bch . FL SHORE. JERRY, Atlanta. GA SKURLA, MARTY. Satellite Bch . SMITH. KAREY; Lakeland. FL SMITH. KIT; Nicholls, GA STOKES, ROBIN; Chancellor. AL STONE. DON; Niceville. FL SUTTON, DOUG; Niceville. FL THOMPSON. PAT; Indialantic. II FL TORRES. MIKE; Enterprise. AL TUCKER. LARRY; Sweet Water. AL WADDELL. JOHN; Lake City, FL WHEELAN, MARTY; Opelika, AL WRIGHT. KEN; Montgomery. AL ALMAND. PAUL; Eustis. FL ANDERSON, JAMES; Montccello. FL BATCHELOR, DONALD; Donalsvjlle. GA BRUNSON, DAVID R.; Mobile. AL BURKETT. MARK; Donalsonville. GA CALHOUN. JOHN; Grove Hill. AL CALTON, STEVEN; Indian Harbour. FL COLLIER, RANDOLPH; Ft. Lauderdale, FL CRAIG, JR.. PAUL; Ft. Deposit. AL CURENTON. LON CLARK; Samson. AL DAVIS. SCOTT HOLMAN; Dothan. AL DUNNING. CURTIS; Donalsville. GA EARNEST. WILLIAM; Okechobee. FL FOSS. KENNETH; Dothan. AL GOODWIN. BARRY; Titusville. FL GREEK. DAVID J.; Keystone Hts.. FL GUTHRIE. JAMES B.; Montgomery. AL HAMILTON. GLENN; Decatur. GA HAMPTON. JOHN; Tampa. FL HARTLEY. SCOTT D.; Lakeland. FL HAWKINS. CRAIG; Montgomery. FL HEAD. JAMES; Andalusia. AL HILL. DAVID KEITH; Donaldsonville. GA HOBBS. LAWERENCE: Mobile. AL HORNSBY. WILLIAM. Iron City. GA HORST. MICHAEL; Mobile. AL HOWARD. HERBERT Fustis. FL JERNIGAN. CHARLES H ; Geneva. AL JOHNSON. MELBOURNE Mobile. AL JONES. RON HENRY. Wichita. KA JORDAN. MARVIN; Troy. AL KEY. GLEN IVAN. Lmitilla. FL KINCADE. MICHAEL; Clearwater. FL KING. JAMES. Clearwater. FL Greek Composites 171 (DC LEE. DOUGLAS; Enterprise, AL MASSEY, ALLAN; Sustis, FL MULLINS, DENNIS; Prattville. AL MURRAY, ROBERT; Arcadia, FL NIXON. KENNETH; Mobile, AL PAGE. ROGER B.; Melbourne, AL PENUEL, JOSEPH, Geneva, AL ROBINSON, GIL; Mt. Dona, FL SANDIFER, GLENN B.; Centerville, AL SHAFFER, STEVE L.; Prattville, AL SMITH, DONALD; Mobile, AL STILL, GREG; Pascagoula, MS STOVALL, PAUL JR.; Atlantic, GA TABB, PAUL ANTHONY; Colquitt, GA TASE, RONALD JR.; Indian Harbour, FL TASE, TERRY; Indian Harbour Beach, FL TRAYLOR, SCOTTY L.; Opelika, AL TURBERVILLE, ERVIN; Prattbille, AL TURRIN, LAWRENCE; Ft. Walton Beach, FL WARREN, MARK; Dothan, AL WILLIAMS, MACK; Clayton, AL ANDERSON, NEAL; Troy, AL BOTTS, RICHARD; Troy, AL BRASWELL, RUSSELL; Clio, AL BRATCHER, WAYDE, Eufaula, AL CAMPBELL, BILL; North Palm Beach, FL CASTELLANO, JACK; Tilburn, GA CLARK, MIKE; Eufaula, AL DAVIDSON, RUSTY; Bay Minette, AL DAVIS, JOEY; Atmore, AL ELLERBEE, JOHN; Marianna, FL FANT, SCOTT; Lumpkin, GA FOSTER, BUBBA; Ocala, FL GRAY, TOM; Satellite Beach, FL HARNAGE, KEITH; Tifton, GA HARRISON, JOHN; Tampa. FL HICKS, WILLIAM; Bay Minette, AL HOLK, BILLY; Atmore, AL HOLK, HERBERT; Atmore, AL HUTSON, TODD; Troy, AL IRELAND, BOB; Tampa, FL KEY, TERRY; Clio, AL KREIS, DON; Union Springs, AL LEE, MITCH; Eufaula, AL LOWE, WALLY; Lakeland, FL MARTIN, JIM; Columbia, SC MARTIN, KEN; Elba, AL MITCHELL, PHIL; Union Springs, AL MUNDAY, JEFF; Tilburn, GA OWENS, BILL; Troy, AL PARSONS, GREG; Glenwood, AL PINCKARD, RONNY; Troy, AL QUINNEY, DAVID; Eufaula, AL REESE, JEFF; Union Springs, AL 172 Greek Composites SreeAs, kn H ki)s i n I ouisvOk, AL RHOADS, Jons tncborafe, AK si -i MOI k. MARK; Union Springs, U SOI SA, I ' ll 1 l.unp., I I si i I IVAN, Al KN IVoj l IHKI I Kl 1 I) Al VcfbCM M M i I ki i» I uftuta U WARD Jl I 1 . ( layton. AL WARD. TIM. Clayton, AL WESTON. JOE. Louisville. AL WILLIAMS. CHIP; Eufaula. AL ATKISSON. DAVID: Wclumpka. AL Bkows. TDM; Aibford, AL DOBSON. LEE; Camden. AL ENFINGER. DAVID; Dothan. AL ESTES. GREG; North Pole. AK GENETSKI. TOM; Flushing. NY GLASS, DARREN; Linden. AL HAMMOCK. GREG; Linden. AL HAWTHORNE. JAY; HAYLES. MIKE: Uriah. AL HEAD. CHUCK; Atlanta. GA HOPPER. WILLIAM; Troy. AL HUGHES. CHRIS; Wetumpka. AL JACOBS. DRU; Wetumpka. AL JACOBS. SCOTT; Wetumpka. AL JONES. BOB; Port St. Joe. FL JONES. ROBERT: Camden. AL KILLOUGH. BRUCE; Prattville. AL McCORD. JAMES; Dothan. AL McDONALD. BUBBA. Monrocville. AL NEAL. JAMES. Huntsvillc. AL PARTRIDGE. JOE: Pcnsacola. FL PUCKETT. MIKE. Mobile. AL SMITH. TIM. Kansas C ' it . MS WEAVER. BILL; Linden. AL WIGGINS. MARK. Monrocville. AL WIGGINS. MIKE; MonroeMlle. AL WRJGHT. RICHARD Camden. AL ADAMS. JEFF. Trov. AL ANGELO. NICK; Troy. AL ANTHONY. DEE: Gordo. AL U STIN MITCHELL; Perrv PI BOUTWELI . ROBIN. Troy. AL ( 1 VERT. TATE; Huntsville. AL CARPI- MIR MIKI Mat) Esther. FL ( INK. RONNII . Fairhope. AL CRTm NDf n PERRY; Fairhope. AL IUVIS. BRAD. Birrrungrwim M DW IS IAY; Laurel Hill. FL DAVIS. MARC. Tros. AL Greek Composites 173 ENGLISH, VAN; Elba, AL HAGOOD, KEITH; Winter Park. FL HAYES, CHUCK; Gadsden, AL HELMS. JAMIE; Geneva, AL HERMETZ, TIM; Coullman. AL HILL, TRAVIS; Sebrina, FL HUDSON, RICKEY; Luverne, AL HUFFSTETLER. SAM; Huntsville. AL INSCORE, DAVID; Fairhope, AL KAISER, RANDY; Foley, AL LEE, FORREST; Goshen, AL LILES, CHUCK; Florence, AL MARQUESS, SCOTT; Stone Mountain, GA McCLELLAND. RANDY; Naples, FL McGRIFF, GUS; Winfield, AL MOZINGO. GREG; Montgomery, AL PALMER, BUD; St. Petersburg, FL PRIDE, SCOTT; Winterpart, FL QUALLS, TERRY; Goshen, AL RATCLIFF, JOEL; Huntsville, AL SCRUGGS, STEVE; Thomasville, AL SHAULL, GLENN; Huntsville, AL SHAULL, GREG; Huntsville, AL SMITH, DAVID; Ozark, AL SMITH, KEN; Huntsville, AL STAPLETON, PATRICK; Fairhope, AL STORY, SAM; Atlanta, GA SULLIVAN, BLAKE; Fairhope, AL WASCOM, KIRK; Montgomery, AL WEEKLEY, JOHN; Laurel Hill, FL WELLS, BEN; Harlem, GA WILLIAMSON, RUSTY; Troy, AL WOOTEN, JAMES; Allentown, FL CARAWAY, CHET; Louisville. AL TIMBERLAKE. STEVE; Pensacola, FL HYDE, WADE; Tallassee, AL BAILEY, TAB; Camden, AL GLOVER, ERIC; Clayton, AL CRESSWELL, TOM; Camden, AL JEWELL, GREG; Selma, AL FRENCH, ROB; Enterprise, AL ROTH, DAVID; Vero Beach, FL MEDER. RALPH; Winter Haven, FL MOORE, PAUL; Largo, FL SMITH, GREG; Orlando, FL MARABLE, MICHAEL; Orlando, FL RISLEY, MICHAEL; Vero Beach, FL CAMPBELL, BOYD; Montgomery, AL SHEPHERD, JIM; Anniston, AL FREY, JOHN; Cherry Hills, NJ COULTER, MICHAEL; Old Saybrook, CR GACHE, JIM; Pensacola, FL HAZEN, TEDDY; Chatom, AL GOSS, CHUCK; Pensacola, FL 174 Greek Composites reeA HOI (,S( HI H JOHN; West Point, GA ALLEN. CINDY. I Iba. AL BENEFIELD. I I ISA ( luyton. AL BOWS! K m V I ki v i ysn Pnttvffle, AL BOYD, KM in Indialanlic. FL BRADFORD. LAURA A.; Grove Hill. AL COLEE. NORA. Jones. AL CORLEY. CASSANDRA. Elba. AL CROSBY. JANE; Troy. AL DALON. HELEN; Eufaula. AL DANIELS. TRACI; Elba, Al DARLINGTON, CATHY; Ozark. AL DAY. CHESLEY RUTH; Robcrtsdale. AL EDWARDS. BARBARA; Ocala. FL ERCOLI, DEBBIE; Sebring. FL EZELL. TAMMY; Clayton. AL FONTAINE, CYNTHIA; St. Peterburg, FL GRAMLING, LEANNE; Panama City. FL GROOVER, HOLLY; Dothan. AL HALL, PATTY; Linden, AL HALLADAY. STEPHANIE; Mobile. AL HANSON, HANNAH; Troy. AL HARRISON. KAREN; Dothan, AL HATFIELD. MIGNONNE; Prattville. AL HAWTHORNE. LEIGH ANNE; Pace. FL HAYES. KATRINA; Elba. AL HINSON. GENIE; Thomasville. AL HOLMAN, KIMBERLY; Pensacola. FL HOLT. JEANIE; Troy. AL HOWARD. SALLIE; Andalusia. AL INGRAM. TERRY; Troy, AL JACOBS, CYNTHIA; Elba. AL JEANE. LAURA; Mobile. AL JINRIGHT. PAM; Troy. AL KAY. VANESSA; Ft. Meyers. FL KILLOUGH. JILL; Luveme. AL LAXSON. CARON; Cedartown. GA LECORNU. CYTHIA; Tampa. FL LIND. CECELIA; Saraland. AL LONG. MECHELE; Bay Minette. AL MCKEE. ANGELIA; Jackson. AL MCGRIFF. KELLY; Headland. AL MCMAIN. LESLIE; Troy. AL MAYHANN. ELANA: Dothan. AL MAXWELL. JUDY; Melbome. FL MEDLEY. KIM. Chancellor. AL MIDDLETON. CINDY; Colquitt. GA MOORE. HEIDI; Birmingham. AL NIX. MARIA D.;Opelika. AL PACE. SHARON; Bainhidge. GA PARKER. KATHY. Lilbum. GA PEEVY. LEISHA; Andalusia. AL PENN. TERESA; Troy. AL POGUE. GLENDA; Prattville. AL Greek Composites 173 POWELL, GAIL; Troy, AL PRESSON, LAURIE LEE; Enterprise, AL RAILEY. MELANIE; Troy, AL ROBISON, JOANN; Thomasville, AL ROSS, JACKIE; Conyers, GA SALZARULO, ROBIN; Prattville, AL SANDERS, SUYANNE; Jack, AL STEPHENSON, TINA; Troy, AL STEWART, KATHY; Abbeville, AL THROWER, CONNIE; Haines City, FL TAYLOR, PAM; Cape Coral, FL TAYLOR. MARCIE; Colquitt, GA VITTY, LAURA; Prattville, AL WILKINS, JUNAEYSA; Warner Robbins, GA WILLIAMS, KIM; Troy, AL ALLEN, ANNE; Cordele, GA BARKSDALE, LAURA; Doerun, GA BROWN, DARLENE; Greenville, AL BUNTIN, TERRI; Cottonwood, AL BURDETTE, MICHELE; Lanett, AL CAMPBELL, SHELLE; Rockledge, FL COLEMAN, PAM; Panama City, FL CROSS, SHERRIE; Linden, AL CUMMINS, LINDA; Crystal River, FL DuRANT, PAT; Geneva, AL FARMER, CAROL; Dothan, AL FELDER, JANET; Mobile, AL FLETCHER, TRICIA; Americus, GA FLOYD. TERRY; Troy, AL GRANTT, LISA; Titus. AL GIGNILLIAT. KIM; Palm Beach Gardens, FL GILLILAND, LEE: Winter Haven, FL GREGG. TINA: Millbrook. AL GUNN, LIZ; Savannah, GA GUNTER, JEANNIE; Perry, FL GWYN, ANN; Pace, AL HENRICKSON, AMANDA; Plantation, FL HORTA, MARY; Longwood, FL HOWARD, SHERRI; Jacksonville, FL JARVIS, DORIAN; Miami, FL JEFFCOAT, DONNA; Luveme, AL JETER, JENNIFER; Enterprise, AL JONES, JO; Evergreen, AL KEENE, PAM; Ideal, GA KILLOUGH, ANGIE; Greenville, AL KINSLOW, KELLEY; Americus, GA KUCHLE, SANDY; Cape Coral, FL LIGON, CINDY; Rockledge, FL LOWERY, FRIEDA; Troy, AL LUNSFORD, KIM; Troy, AL MASSEY, KAREN; Montgomery, AL McQUAIG, KATHY; Altamonte Springs, FL MERKLINGER, SUSAN; Panama Canal Zone MITTLER, LEA ANN; Destin, FL 176 Greek Composites SreeA NELSON. CAROL; Tallahassee, PL NELSON. JULIA; Mobile. AL OMASTA. DEBBIE; Troy. AL PATTON, BETH; Mobile, AL PETER, PENNEY; Dothan, AL PHILLIPS, GINA; Opp. AL PLANT. OERRI. Ft Myers. FL RAYFORD. SHERYL; Dothan, AL SAXON, ELLEN; Greenville. AL SHIRE Y. SHANNON; Sebnng, FL SMITH. LISA; Montgomery, AL SPECK, ANITA; Livingston. TN SPURLOCK, JENNY; Troy, AL STALLINGS. MELANIE; Tampa. FL STANLEY, GIDGET; Bay Minettc, AL TAYLOR, LEE ANN; Gulf Breeze. FL WALLEY. TER1; Troy, AL WALLS, DIANA; Apopka, FL WARD. SABRINA; Troy, AL WELLS. LEIGH ANN; Augusta. GA WYNN, MARY; Mobile, AL Greek Composites I " CAMPUS LIFE ¥ Campus Life 179 Just a closer look . . . at the people, places, and events 180 Campus Life that made 1980-81 a year to remember Campus life 181 _ PCO: A Sneak Preveiw of College Life — TSU Style Remember the first time you ever ate in SAGA? slept in a dorm room? visited Standard? For many upperclassmen these memories are too old to recall; yet if you wish to drag these memories up from the recesses of your mind, chances are they occurred during Pre-College Orientation. PCO is a two day introduc- tion to Troy State University; these ses- sions are held periodically throughout the summer. Incoming freshmen and transfer stu- dents are welcomed to Troy by PCO Leaders, twelve active leaders on the TSU campus. The leaders perform skits to entertain the prospective students and help them overcome the nervousness that accompanies an introduction to a new en- vironment. Tours are given of these new surroundings, which will one day become so familiar. PCO leaders also introduce the students to another new aspect of Troy, working out a class schedule. Stu- dents get the impression that choosing classes is a simple procedure since PCO leaders make the first time look like such a " breeze " . Their rude awakening will come winter quarter when they face the task of arranging their classes alone — a process about as simple as programming a computer. The new student leaves PCO with a swelled head, thinking he is now a " big college student " , only to return in the fall to face the cold reality of being simply " the new kid in town. " Top: PCO leaders pose for picture following skit. Middle left: PCO leader, Kelly Calhoun, helps to pre-register stadents. Middle right: Donald Gibson, Vice-President for Student Affairs, answers questions from parents of prospective students. Bottom: The message found on the shirt worn by Robin Robinson, in a skit with Greg Still, gives the reason why many girls come to TSU. 19 W - fl mr l j TROT V A AH m ■ 1 ■IPJk jS It H B- m k V i I 182 PCO Left: During a skit. Lamar Higgins prepares to en- tertain new TSU students. PCO 183 The Beginning of the Year — Always an Adjustment We all know the feeling. It ' s the one brought on by the excitement and apprehension that accompanies the be- ginning of a school year and it settles right in the pit of your stomach. For an upperc- lassman the feeling is not quite as intense as it is for the freshman, who for the first few weeks, is constantly worried about making a good impression on his new world. Whether old or new. it takes time to get into the swing of things. Upper- classmen have to see old friends and get back into activities while freshmen have to venture out to meet " soon to be " friends and find their niche. First on the list of priorities is getting moved in. Students arrive at TSU with cars filled to the brim with necessities and things needed to make a dorm room look a little like home. The first time is always the worst. Mom and Dad usually come and help with the moving process; however, there comes that moment when the parents must leave and a student has to face the new world alone. In addition to getting used to a new room, you also have to get used to a roommate. Whether the roommate is an old childhood bu ddy or a total stranger, adjusting to living with him will have its ups and downs. For many the new roomie is a blessing and becomes the new best friend; for others he is merely someone who shares the room and to get rid of at the end of the quarter. Following the moving comes the fun part. It ' s called registration. With its lines and headaches, this necessary evil drains you of money and energy, making you wonder if a nice 9 to 5 job wouldn ' t be a lot simpler. Why registration is so hard no one knows. Maybe it ' s designed to weed out the weak ones who break under pressure. After registration books have to be bought and then classes begin. With the start of classes comes the chance to get involved. Rush for frats, sororities and numerous clubs allows the student to find activities to help him keep busy and ad- just to his world a little better. Fortunate- ly, getting adjusted happens so fast that it ' s all over and he ' s settled in before he realizes what he ' s been through. Barbara Hemming begins the long process of mov- ing in. 184 The Beginning Top left: Freshmen Mary Frank Brown and La- Pread Ashcraft fill out forms necessary to obtain a phone and refrigerator as Senior Vicki Carreker looks on. Top right: Terri Williams hangs a poster to help make her dorm room more livable. Middle Left: Reita Padgett. Melinda. Carrier, and Cecelia Lind " cut up " in between sorority rush parties. Center: Students stop at one of many check points during registration. Middle right: Bill Gauspohl poses for ID picture during fall registration. Left: Senator Caroline Crawford sells Betty Brookins textbooks from the SGA Used Textbook Exchange. The Beginning 185 Coming to College Means Cutting the Old Apron Strings Being at college means " being on your own. " Well . . . almost on your own, and it is the first time most people are away from Mom and Dad for any significant amount of time. College life means finally acquiring the independence and freedom you have been yelling about since some- time right after you realized there was an opposite sex. This freedom gives you " room to be yourself since there is no one to tell you when to come in, when to clean your room (unless you get stuck with a roommate who emphasizes neat- ness), or when to go to class. For a while all this freedom is great, and it seems perfect until you realize that along with this new found independence comes a big dose of responsibility. It ' s up to you to get up each morning since Mom ' s not here to drag you out of bed. You can ' t even depend on your room- mate because he ' s in the same boat you ' re in. Whether or not you go to class each day is also your decision. You ' re the one who will enjoy the benefits of sleep- ing late, but you ' re also the one who will be getting behind in class. It ' s also up to you to learn to balance the checkbook because Mom and Dad usually get really ticked when the bank calls about an over- drawn account. To a certain extent coming away to school does mean being on your own. Your parents aren ' t here to tell you ev- erything to do; yet, when you get lonely, broke, or upset, you always know they ' re only a phone call away. The college years are a good time to try your wings and practice for the day when you really will be on your own and the apron strings are finally cut for good. The question is, " Are the apron strings ever really cut? " 186 Cutting Apron Strings jTm fl HI V ' H% Aa ?f5 OirtC Ou ' Top: Sue Ellen Pesnell and Carolyn Douglas try out something new in the kitchen. Bottom left: Not having Mom around means Joe Wingard must do his own washing. Bottom right: Cindy Stewart finds that along with the privilege of living in a Dill Hall apartment comes responsibilities like drying the dishes. Opposite page top: Tammy Catron struggles through the tedious task of balancing her check book. Opposite page bottom: Roommates Mike Hall and Don Thrash hunt for bargains while grocery shop- ping. Cutting Apron Strings 187 Friends: Surviving Campus Life Together Twenty years after you graduate, what do you think you will remember most about college? The classes? The profes- sors? The clubs? More than likely it will be THE FRIENDS you met there and all the fun moments you spent together. Mo- ments that may seemed insignificant at the time, yet, in later years came to be the most valued part of college life. While most college friendships begin and develop after students get to school, there are some exceptions to this rule. Randall Bradley, Brenda Livingston, Mike Williams, and Ricky Castleberry are such an exception . . . almost. Here ' s how the story goes. When Brenda graduated from high school she decided to come to Troy State. About the same time, a new music direc- tor was called to serve at her church. This new music director turned out to be Ran- dall Bradley, who was already a TSU stu- dent. Randall was planning on rooming with Ricky for the coming fall quarter and the three became good friends during the summer. When they arrived at TSU in the Fall they added a new friend to their " gang " . This friendship was the result of the ex- change of a third roommate. Someone had given Ricky and Randall the name of someone hunting a new room. This " someone " turned out to be Mike Wil- liams. On swap day Ricky, Randall, and Mike became roommates; the guys along with Brenda have been good friends ever since. Nora Colee and Sharon Pace are sis- ters. Phi Mu sisters that is. They are also very good friends and roomed together for Nora ' s last two years of college (which were Sharon ' s first two years). While Phi Mu helped their friendship grow it was not the sorority that caused their friendship to begin. They got to be friends because of a problem with Shar- on ' s room during her first quarter at school. Nora was an A.D. on Sharon ' s floor and there was an opening in her room so Sharon moved in. The two of them hit if off from the beginning. It was during spring quarter of that same year that Sharon received an open bid and pledged Phi Mu. Throughout the past two years they were so close and were seen together so often that to those who knew them well their names went together like those of Laverne and Shirley. 188 Friends Putting three girls together in a " two man " room usually makes chances for friendly life together a little difficult. This is especially true when two of the girls are members of two different sororities and the third is an independant. Freshmen Janet Felder, Laura Jeane, and Debbie Green overcame these obstacles and not only got along, but the three became very good friends. It wasn ' t enough that they were roommates and saw each other in the room, this threesome also spent quite a bit of their free time eating in SAGA, shopping, or going to movies. In addition to the time spent together during the week they often went home with one another for the weekends. While their room in Gardner Hall was small and sometimes very cramped, it brought three girls together and helped begin a very special friendship. When asked how they became such good friends neither Sharon Lipham, Lydia Deloach, or Ray Bendall could re- member because there was really no reason for them getting together. Lydia was majoring in Education, Ray was in Advertising, and Sharon wanted to be a nurse, so their majors weren ' t a contrib- uting factor to their friendship. They were from three different hometowns and didn ' t know one another before coming to college. The three weren ' t involved in the same activities and they weren ' t even classmates until after they had become friends. Yet neither were concerned about how or why the friendship de- veloped; they simply accepted it and were glad it happened. Going away to college is an experience filled with changes and adjustments for any college freshman. This was especial- ly true for Huw Baker and Joey James. Coming to Troy was the first time Joey had ever been away from his twin brother. While leaving home is hard for all students, leaving a twin, who has been a constant companion and friend is espe- cially hard. When Huw came to Troy, not only did he leave home, he also left his homeland. A native of Norfolk. England. Huw re- ceived a Scholarship to spend a year studying at TSU. When Joey and Huw arrived in Troy they discovered they had been placed together as roommates. The situation could not have been better; Huw helped Joey make the transition to college and Joey helped Huw get settled in a strange land. Fnends 189 Getting An Education: The Reason for Coming to College College life ... the parties, the con- certs, the ballgames, the friends, the fun . . . and oh yeah, the classes. Many times we ' re so busy living it up that we forget the reason we came to college was to get an education, and the only way to get that education is to go to class. Not only are we supposed to attend the class, we ' re expected to listen and take notes. For many this isn ' t too bad because once the notes are taken they ' re simply shoved to back of a notebook until the night before the test. That ' s when the panic sets in and we stay up all night hoping to cram in enough to at least pass. Even then there ' s not that much to worry about because after the test, there ' s always time for a good long nap. Everything finally catches up with these habitual procrastinators during that dreaded week of finals when the tests come one after another and there is no time for sleep. Of course there are those students se- rious about this business of getting an education. These are the ones who keep up and learn the material rather than cramming it in at the end. They ' re the people everyone else (the procrastina- tors) hate to have in class. While there are students like this who never forget the real reason for coming to school, there are also those who never really knew there was a reason for being here. Top: Many students like Mark Johnson find the BSU a quiet place to keep up with homework. Center: Suzanne Dean reviews notes before class. Middle right: George Underwood finds that getting a computer printout to work is sometimes very chal- lenging. Right: The amphitheater is often occupied by stu- dents like Terri Williams who enjoy studying out- doors. 190 Getting An Education Left: Computer classes mean many hours spent in the lab. Getting An Education 191 College students are constantly under pressure. With the average student taking at least three courses each quarter there is always work to be done in some class. Even when there is nothing due right away there is always that nagging feeling of guilt that you should be hitting the books in order to get ahead. However the pressure to get things done is often over- come by the desire to get away from it all. Study breaks, the term used for any time spent away from the books, are as diver- sified as the student body itself. Whether a, ; . -• ; ■ i i r for an hour, an afternoon, or an entire StUdentS Find IngeniOUS WayS Of weekend, students find many ingenious Getting Away from the Pressure XT 8et away from ,he pressure of Above left: Paul Almand spends some spare time keeping in shape. Above right: Dylene Cowan, Keith Matthews, and Cynthia Clifton enjoy a visit with friends. Right: Dawn Humphrey keeps up with campus ac- tivities by reading the weekly TROP. 192 Getting Away Left: A cookout brings a break from the routine for Phi Mu sisters. Bottom left: Mark Parker develops his talent at the piano. Below: Beth Bracewell and Diane Barfield spend an afternoon shopping for clothes. Getting Away 193 Students Find College Life Filled with ©ytQPSS Ho Hum. And they told us college would be so much fun! They somehow forgot to mention that along with the par- ties, concerts and movies there would be lapses of time where we would find ourselves in the same old routines day, after endless day. After cranking up in the morning, it ' s off to class. Somewhere in between classes we try to squeeze in time for a bite to eat (which is sometimes all we can force ourselves to swallow), a quick glance for mail, and a rushed stop at the Adams Center book store. In the after- noon the student body scatters, fromjobs to athletic workouts to a " snooze out " back at the dorm. It is so easy to let life pull you along especially at college where you are al- ways " a day late and a dollar short! " So raise your arm. Go on, do it! Lift it over your shoulder. Now pat yourself on the back. Wake up for a second and look back at all you have accomplished. Feel Good? Before your head gets too danger- ously swelled look at what still lies ahead. Never ending, is it? The moment is past and now its back to the grind . . . just keep on keepin ' on. Top: Checking her mailbox, Lisa Crews hopes to find a friendly letter. Bottom: Dave Vernon goodnaturedly accepts an intrusion into one of life ' s most basic routines — the daily shower. 194 Routines Routines 195 Night Life: A Variation of Activities Ask the parents of Troy State students how their children spend each evening and many would naively tell you their child spent every night in the library studying. Others would more knowingly admit their son or daughter thought the setting of the sun meant it was time to party. While some only studied and others only partied, there were many who found different ways to spend their even- For those students involved in campus activities nights were filled with meet- ings, meetings, and more meetings, i Watching TV, another popular pastime, was an addiction for some people. Each night there was at lea st one program which they simply had to watch. Dating or spending time with a girlfriend or boy friend was always an enjoyable way to kill an evening. Students who like to par- ty could either split a six pack with friends or head to the nearest bar. One of the best ways to spend an evening was simply in the company of good friends. Whether over a good meal or a close game of backgammon, it was relaxing to spend time discussing problems, school- work, or the latest TSU gossip. I £ s J Top: Robin Mock buys refreshments before the Wednesday night movie. Above: Watching TV was a relaxing way to end a hectic day. Right: Eddy Garner and Donna Langston find studying together makes it a little easier. Far right: Senator Gary Shirah presents legislation to the SGA Senate. 1% Night Life Left: Bob Rohrlack spends an evening on the job for a little extra cash. Below: Jill Hazatone keeps in touch with a friend. Bottom: Phillip Baker and Kevin Pope enjoy a com- petative game of backgammon. Night Life 197 Top: Tonya Murchison and Alan Plott look over the menu before ordering dinner at Miss Blossom ' s. Above left: SAE brothers, Tim Ward and Jeff Reese enjoy a fraternity party. Above right: For their date, Brandt Cosgrove takes Amy Segrest to a movie at the Pike Theatre. Right: Sunday afternoon provides nap time for Tam- my Rowe. 198 Weekends Weekends Provide a Break from the Rat Race During a regular school week, with classes demanding much outside work and extracurricular activities taking most of students ' free time, little time was left to relax or spend with friends. Weekends became almost a necessity. They pro- vided a chance for students to take a break from a busy schedule and do the things they wanted rather than the things required of them. For most of the country the weekend began on Friday; however, for many Troy students the weekend got going on Thursday night. These students saw Fri- day only as a day to skip class, so Thurs- day night was a time to cut loose and enjoy life. Night spots like Standard, Step Ahead, and the Front Porch were usually packed. Dorm halls became rowdy as stu- dents found new sources of energy since there was no intellectual activity re- quired. For a great many students the weekend was a time to pack the car and head for home. Boredom, jobs, girlfriends boy- friends, and Moms good cooking were some of the reasons there was a mass exodus from Troy around 1:00 p.m. every Friday. For those who did stick it out in Troy for the weekend there were as many things to do as there were people to do them. Frat parties were a popular pastime for many students. Socializing, drinking, and dancing could almost always be found going on in at least one fraternity house on Friday and Saturday nights. For many ' ' fortunate " TSU students the weekends provided a time for dating, with dinner and a movie being favorite dating activities. Sports enthusiasts used the free time to play tennis, swim, or simply enjoy the outdoors. Weekends during spring quarter were filled with trips to the beach. Fraternities, soror- ities, or carloads of friends left on Friday afternoons with intentions of partying and catching some rays; they returned late Sunday afternoon broke and blis- tered. Though the weekend was usually a time for unwinding after a week of hitting the books, some intellectual activity still occurred between Friday and Monday. Many used the weekend as a time to get that term paper written or to study for a big test. Others used the time to get things organized so the following week would run more smoothly than the hectic pre- ceeding one. There were also students that had to spend the weekend cleaning their room in order to make it livable for the following week. Whether spent at home or in Troy, weekends usually meant a break from the rat race of school. While they were a time of recuperation for many, they caused a need for recuperation in others. However they were spent weekends were always too short and as Monday morning rolled around students once again started the long wait for Friday afternoon. Left: Juanesya Wilkins loads her car before leaving for home. Above: Vanessa Culver spends her Sunday morning attending First Baptist Church. Weekends 199 Part-time Jobs Produce Profit and Pressure Most people on the outside seem to forget that every Troy State student has a job. This job is called " getting an educa- tion. " For those serious about the matter it becomes a very challenging occupa- tion, as studying for tests, writing papers, and preparing reports become part of their every day life. In addition to going to school, there are many students who hold down part-time jobs. These people belong to an unusual class. Life to them becomes a juggling act, for they must make time for friends, activities, and school work in addition to hours on the job. From desk assistants in dorms to cooks in fast food restaurants to cashiers in grocery stores, TSU students become part-time eployees. Sometimes these jobs are related to a student ' s major and give him valuable career experience; however, most students go to work to provide spending money or to help pay the bills. Whatever reason a student gets a job, it always adds pressure to an already hectic life. Above right: Lifeguard Larry Brass watches over pool activity. 200 Part-time Jobs HOT HAM CHEESE a 109 FAT FRANK C LDCUT SAND ■E LATE NIGHT POTATO C | CORN CHIP DRINKS 4! MILK 3C SNACK BAR OPEN FROM TILL 10 30 Top: Nancy Cook works for SAGA in the Adams Center snack bar. Bottom: Pre-law student Britt Poulson receives valuable career experience working for lawyer Tim Reynolds. Part-time Jobs 201 TSU Provides Opportunity for Involvement i " I ' m so busy. There ' s just too much to do. " Heard this line before? If you attend Troy State University not only have you heard it often enough but you ' ve prob- ably been guilty of saying it quite a bit yourself. This is the constant complaint of a college student and its true because the years spent in college are usually ac- tive ones. It ' s understandable that the majority of students need this involve- ment to enjoy school for without extra- curricular activities the monotomy of classes would become unbearable. Providing a break from boredom is not the only reason students get involved. Becoming a member of an organization is one of the best ways to meet people and make new friends. This is especially true for freshmen who are away from home for the first time. Clubs and other activi- ties also provide an outlet for students ' creative abilities. Whether its the Drama department. University Dancers, the TROP, or whatever, TSU offers students many opportunities to develop their tal- ent and creativity. Of course, there are always those ambitious souls who miss the mark altogether and get involved be- cause it looks good on the resume. While most college students complain about being too busy, if given additional hours in a day, most would fill this free time by joining another club. It seems that being involved is a need of college students and if you can ' t beat it, join it. Top: Toni Luker and Tammy Tase work registration table during Journalism workshop. Bottom: ACUB member Tony Morris takes up tick- ets for the Wednesday night movie. Opposite page top left: Lambda Chi, Wayne Menard, participates in intramural Softball. Opposite page top right: Sigma Pi ' s Richard Wright. Tim Smith, and Bruce Killough sell Greek Week T-shirts. Opposite page bottom: Using their creativity. Char- lene Hale and Tami Kuhn. put together the Gamma Beta Phi scrapbook. Involved People 203 a Top: President Kevin Scarbinsky informs Delta Sig- ma Pi brothers of the upcoming Spring Fling. Middle left: Sheri Ashmore and Darinda Strock play intramural Softball for Hamil Hall. Middle right: Carla Charles. Dianne Burch. Bruce Miller, and Bobbie Lawrence rehearse scene from " Children ' s Hour. " Bottom left: Alpha Lambda Delta initiates partici- pate in induction ceremony. 204 Involved People Involved People 205 Involved People l r@f Sftuft© SiMdirto Wmk fsmmU® ©m Mmt Many times during a regular school year Troy State students are confronted with an election. There is always a candi- date claiming he ' s the best, the hardest working, and the one who will do the best job. The 1980-81 school year was no ex- ception; however, with national and state elections held in November, the entire county joined TSU students in the pro- cess of choosing leaders. Fall quarter was the busiest for stu- dents when it came to elections. SGA Senate elections were held as students chose fellow classmates to represent them on the Senate floor. These elections were also required during both winter and spring quarters to fill vacancies left by graduating or resigning Senators. As Homecoming drew close the campus was plastered with signs bearing the names of seven Troy State coeds, asking students to vote for Homecoming Queen. Pam Rigas was chosen to represent the Uni- versity and Tammy Tase, Rudee Krita- kara, and Joy Farmer were elected as her court. Many TSU students got their first taste of national politics as national and state elections were held in early November. Ronald Reagan was elected over incum- bent Jimmy Carter and war hero Jere- miah Denton won over Jim Folsom, Jr. in the Senate election. These two races drew the interest of most Troy students. Evidence of this interest could be seen as Top: Chas Powers hangs posters asking Dill Hall residents to elect him SGA Senator. Right: Nick Angelo, Abbie Lipton, and Danny Mims work the polls during SGA elections. Far right: Susan Neumans shows her preference for Ronald Reagan during the US Presidential election. bumper stickers, buttons, and signs were seen all over campus, showing students ' preferences. The resignation of SGA President Lamar Higgins at the end of fall quarter lead to a general fruit basket turnover in the SGA. With Higgins ' resignation Vice- President Richard Dean advanced to the Presidency and appointed Secretary Sta- cy Krebs as the new VP. This left the Secretary slot open which required stu- dents to once again go to the polls. When the ballots were counted Senator Natalie Baldwin had risen to fill the executive opening. Heavy campaigning occurred during the Spring SGA elections. The four ex- ecutive offices were the prizes and the fight to get them was a tough one. All candidates held intensive campaigns and not a door, window, or wall on campus was safe from a campaign poster. The annual Candidate Forum during which candidates are asked questions by stu- dents, interested in SGA (or mud- slinging), turned into a very heated ses- sion. Candidates were questioned about their qualifications, their past record in SGA, and their integrity. On April 22, the student body elected Senate Floor Lead- er David Campbell as President and Sta- cy Krebs was elected for a second term as VP. Senator Anne Kimmel was chosen Secretary and Senator Chas Powers won the Clerk election the following week in a run off. While some students on campus were apathetic and could not have cared less about who was running for an office, most students were active participants in the year ' s elections. Whether Ronald Reagan or David Campbell, the majority of TSU students had their favorite candi- date and gave their time, their energy, and (most importantly) their vote to get him elected. 208 Elections Left. Natalie Baldwin discusses campaign strategy with SGA Senator Charlene Hale. Below: Gardner Hall doors bear witness of an up- coming SGA election. Bottom: By wearing a campaign badge Terri Wright supports her roommate Anne Kimmel for SGA Secretary. ■ s HWt , i mm • E2fcJl Elections 209 Top left: The Cowboy look hit big during ' 80- ' 81 as shown by Lisa Goocher and Jody Meyers. Top center: Serpentine chains with add-a-beads and charms, worn by Sheryl Rayford, were the favorites in jewelry. Middle left: The " prep " look was popularfor many students including Randy Bilbro and Mary Wynn. Center: Susan Russell and Vicki Comer show typic- al fall fashion in slit and plaid skirts. Right: Short hair for guys was popular as shown by Brandt Cosgrove. Right vertical column: Popular shoes for the year included Duck shoes, Tassle loafers, Pumps, Nikes, and Cowboy boots. 210 Style From " Prep " to " Cowboy " TSU Wore It All To say that Troy State students cared a little about what they wore during the ' 80- ' 81 school year is an example of understatement. It was obvious that some students firmly believed the old cliche that " clothes make the person " as they spent countless hours and dollars shopping for the clothes that gave them just the right look. The clothes seen on campus were as diversified as the student body; however, a walk across the quad made it evident that " prep " and " cow- boy " were the two main looks that dominated Troy State fashion. Call it collegiate. Call it classic. Call it what you will, but the prep look was in. From hairstyles to shoes, anything that resembled prep was popular among the majority of students. Kakhi, cotton, and courduroy were the biggies in slacks. Ox- ford cloth button downs, in every pattern and color imaginable were worn year round. Penny loafers, tassle loafers, top- siders, and Nikes were the shoes seen on preppie feet. Izod was the name brand associated with the prep look; however, almost all students owned at least one piece of clothing bearing the gator. He could be seen on slacks, shirts, shorts, sweaters, and dresses just to name a few. About the only people who did not own at least one piece of preppie clothing were those into the cowboy look. Plaid shirts, Levis, boots, and hats were the clothes required to obtain the " Urban Cowboy " look. While many students had style at the top of their lists, others spent about as much time deciding what to wear as they did choosing what flavor ice cream to have with lunch. To these people owning an Izod or a pair of cowboy boots was not one of their top priorities. For them style was what they liked, and you know when it comes right down to it, style, like beau- ty, is in the eye of the beholder. Top: Cool weather brought on blazers for Lori Ear- nest and Stacy Krebs. Middle left: Cindy Still stays warm in a goose down vest. Middle right: Izods came in a variety of styles and colors as shown by Britt Poulson. Ginger Wynn. Joe Wingard. Cindy Willis. Richard Armstead. and Page Reynolds. Far left: Minnette Rodgers wears the ever popular monogrammed sweater. Left: Natalie Baldwin. Sheri Ashmore. and Pam Rigas show what were the ' in ' " hairstyles. Style 211 THE I TROY STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM FOUNDED 1887 TROY, ALABAMA 36081 212 Alabama ' s Most Exciting Campus „ ALABAMA ' S MOST EXCITING CAMPUS Alabama ' s Most Exciting Campus 213 216 Organizations 1 £W .;i it Kl II in fi ORGANIZATIONS Organizations 217 E — - - _ 1 ■_; S TROY STATE SOUND OF THE SOUTH MARCHING BAND BAND BELIEVES PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT The Troy State University " Sound of the South " Marching Band is rated among the finest in the nation. Performing regularly for many bowl games, the band has the distinct privilege of having been seen on all three major networks. The 1980 edition of the " Sound of the South " performed for the Blue-Gray Classic in Montgomery as well as the Atlanta Falcons game. The band enjoys being the ambassador of Troy State University, but even more so in doing the half-time shows for the Trojans here at home. Countless hours go into practicing for the marching season. Many times on campus, the band can be heard in the background working on the next show. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of stadium can stop the band from its appointed practice. Through the many parades and numerous festivals, and untold half-times, the band is there and enjoying every minute of it. There is no greater honor than to have participated in the " Sound of the South " Marching Band. — Joe Flanagan DR. JOHN M. LONG DIRECTOR OF BANDS i .•i 3 - ■ f 220 Band »■ V« i I A$ MAJORETTES Front: Susan Pike, Cindy Ligon, Ginny Haas, Tammy Walker, Leslie Acker- man, Carol Farmer, Kim Hohlbaugh, Beverly Hargrove, Merry McWilliams, Kim Rigsby, Gina Phillips, Becky Wil- liamson, Tammy Burks, Terri Floyd, Scarlet Prince, Leslie Laham. Back: Shelli Campbell, Lynn Windsor, Karen Comer, Lou Anne Greene, Tami Jen- nings, Alicia Peavy, Toni Luker, Jim Pigue, Paulette Raulerson, Debra Bar- field, Tami Kuhn, Dena Dubberly, Tammy Wiggins, Kelly Reed, Anita Speck. ALUMNI BAND MAKES BIG DEBUT This year ' s homecoming activities were decorated by yet another event: the first TSU Alumni Band. Great planning was involved in preparation for the band ' s debut during half-time performance at Homecoming. Members met and rehearsed Saturday morning following the big parade to learn the music and drill for the afternoon performance. Jim Rolling, the original announcer for TSU bands, returned to announce the half-time show. Serving as Drum Major was Bruce Smiley. Nearly 100 alumni participated in reuniting the old " Sound " . The TSU Alumi Band was sponsored by Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary service sorority and fraternity for band members. Band 221 BAND SECTIONS FRENCH HORNS L to R: Greg Owens, Cynthia Lipscomb, Jack Martin, Danie Newberry, Gary Brad- ley, Lisa Crews, Ramona Briley, Betsy Davis, Cindy Salter. Not Pictured: Gary Thomas, Steve Pearce, and Patrice Wingard. COLOR GUARD Row One: Angie Irizarry, Dawn Railey. captain; Tim Goodson, Kirby Sanders, Royce Harrison, Andy Bullard, Neal Anderson, Susan Davis, Sheila Nelson, and Debbie Applegate. Row Two: Ricky Hood, Ginny Puckett, Melanie Railey, Col- leen Goodwin, Bonnie Hollet, Connie Mas- ters, Beth Baker, Alicia Chamber, June Womack, Joy Hill, Terri Campbell, Pam Williams, Shelly Shera, Debra Sappington, Sarah Bell, and Alicia Yeilding. Not Pic- tured: Ray Charles Siler, Shirley Graves, and Leann Barrett. CLARINETS Row One: Marsha Griffith, Jan Sasser, Tammy Aplin, Jo Mack, Kim McDaniel, Rhonda Duffey. Row Two: Jane Kirkham, Debra Massey, Cindy Morris, Maria Petrit- sis, Barry Golden, Cinda Berry, and De- siree Sutton. Row Three: Carey Barefoot, section leader; Kim Clark, Nita Roberts, John Home, Jennifer Armin, Mark Parker, Kelly Newman, and Melva Sorrells. Not Pictured: Kay Mecher, Julie Sanders. FLUTES L to R: Ken Kimbrough, Kim Williams, Barbara Funderburk, Karen Meyers, Patri- cia Brossman, Mira Talley, Pam Miller, Brenda Siltzer, Teresa St. John, Center: Barbara Snellgrove, section leader. i 222 Band - - at arm mm. -»ww SAXAPHONES Row One: Michcle LaFonte, Teresa Lantis, David Morris, Joe Partridge, Mary Ann Smith, Mary Ann Johnson, and Teresa Wil- liams. Row Two: Sydney Evans, Perry Floyd, David Rollins, Lamonte Isom, Joe Flanagan, Cathy Simmons, Lisa Farmer, Warner Chandler, Dwayne Reicker, Reita Padgett. TUBAS Row One: Dale Jackson, Willie Moorer, Jim Wadowick, Randy Hall, Chet Clancey, and Lamar McKendree. Row Two: Ken Huff, Daryl Layfield, Todd Reed, David Ivey, Larry Tidwell, James Seaboch, Jim Koer- ner, and Jerry Ferguson. TROMBONES Row One: Cathy Owings, Connie Wilkes, Marc Dickman, Jim Brunson, Keith Ow- ings, Larry Smith, Carlton McDaniel. Jerry Foreman, John Pettway, Asa Jernigan, Doug Smith, and Debbie Hancock. Row Two: Don Evans, Paul Fore, John Hills- man, Barry Sims, Tom Weldon, George Embling, Tim Hartsell, Norman Brooks, Dennis Hadaway, Jonnell Wallace, Steve Parish, and Jim Scarlet. TRUMPETS Row One: Rachel Nichols, Jay Asher, Marthanna Moore. Pam Corbitt, Belinda Wright, Kathy Harbuck, Suzie Kendrick. Louris Lambert, Wayne Bell, Tsina Bras- well, Luke Landers, Phillip Brannon, and Ken Floyd. Row Two: Jon Bubbett. section leader; Tony Kirkland, Randy Folsom. Earl Franks, Andy Williams. Gwen Self, Wanda McElrath, Jerry Thrash, Dwayne Holmes, Vincent Dumas. Tim Gilley. Keith Davidson. George Trimble. Morgan Smith. Not Pictured: William Bullock. David Cade. Steve Calton, Greg Chandler, Steve DeLoach, Cynthia Ellisor. Bobby Joe En- Finger, Jason Johnson, James Lloyd. Kerry Martia. Ralph Meder. Jerry Parr. James Pitts. Kit Smith, and Terry Tase. a Band 223 KAPPA KAPPA PSI Dave Campbell Ken Floyd Randy Folsom Tim Gilley Barry Golden John Hillsman Ken Huff Greg Owens Todd Reed Duane Rieker James Seaboch Robert Sims Andy Williams KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi is a National Honorary Band Fraternity operating exclu- sively in the field of college and university band. To be- come a member, one must have completed one quarter of band and have an overall GPA of 1.0 with a 2.7 in band. Membership is open to all majors. During Fall quarter. Kappa Kappa Psi members brought refreshments during band re- hearsals. They were also re- sponsible for setting up the band room and loading and un- loading the buses during band trips. Three pledges were accepted Winter quarter. These pledges, in conjunction with the pledges of Tau Beta Sigma, sponsored a Dance Marathon. A total of $130 was raised from Kappa Kappa Psi pledges alone. The main project for Spring quarter was helping with the State Band Contest. This was the first time that the State Band Contest was held at Troy. Working at the contest consisted of six days of setting up the stage and guiding the 1 buses for the seventy bands which competed. May 18-24 was Founder ' s Week for Kappa Kappa Psi, and such activities as dress up day and jersey day were spon- sored. The annual banquet was held May 20 to celebrate their founding in 1974. Other activities included a football game against Phi Mu Alpha during Winter quarter and a softball game during Spring quarter. The Paul Yoder Schol- arship, presented to an out- standing brother during the Spring Band Contest, was given to Gary Bradley this year. Each year Kappa Kappa Psi presents the F. Lee Bowl- ing Award to an outstanding Junior High School bandsman. Yet another honor this year included the inclusion of Troy ' s chapter of Kappa Kap- pa Psi as one of the top ten chapters in the nation out of 180 chapters in all. Troy was the only small school repre- sented in top ten ranking. Kappa Kappa Psi defeated Phi Mu Alpha on Saturday, May 16, in their Annual Spring rival game played on Sartain field. Kappa Kappa Psi members include Row One: Barry Golden. Dr. John M. Long. Luke Sanders. Dave Campbell. Randy Folsom. Greg Owens, and Mr. Jim Wadowick, advisor. Row Two: Robby Sims, Ken Floyd. Duane Riek- er, Tim Gilley, James Seaboch, Andy Williams, Gary Bradley, and Morgan Smith. Row Three: Norman Brooks. Anthony Null, Ken Huff. Bill Ashburn, Darrell Layfield. and John Hiilsman. Not pictured: Don Aplin and Todd Reed. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Gail Boone Gay Bowen Jeannie Hardwick Lydia Irizary Carol Thomas Terri Walls Kim Wilkinson Margaret Woodbury SIGMA ALPHA IOTA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FRATERNITY Delta Zeta is the TSU chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, and international fraternity for women in the academic field of music. SATs theme is " VITA BREVIS, ARS LONGA " which means, " Life is short, are is long. " SAI furthers the highest standards of study and musi- cianship, strengthen campus and community awareness of the chapter, and encour- age fraternity growth through vital chapter life which will attract strong new members. The sisters assist in various music-related projects and programs. In 1981, the Delta Zeta chapter presented its annual Spring Musicale using American composers as its 1981 theme, and ushered at " Kismet. " Eligible students must be music majors or minors, and have a 1 .0 overall GPA with a 2.0 in all music courses. Kim Wilkinson directs the members of Sigma Alpha Iota during their special song during the Collegiate ' s Spring Pops Concert. Members performed the song " Movin ' On. " Members seated are: Mrs. Jean Barr, Advisor: Gay Bowen. President: Julie Moore. Chaplain: Gail Boone, and Cindy Moore. Corresponding Secre- tary. Members standing are Diane Furlow. Jill Smiley. Lydia Irizarry, Pam Miller. Jane Kirkham. Editor: Melva Sorrells. Treasurer: Maria Pet- ritsis, Kim Wilkinson. Peggy Wood- burg, Recording Secretary; Carol Tho- mas, Sergeant-at-Arms: Jeannie Hard- wick. Choral Director; Terri Walls, and Susie Kendrick. Vice President. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a national professional music fraternity which promotes all types of music in America. The Iota Nu Chapter strives to up- hold these ideals on the Troy State campus. Activities for this year in- clude assistance with the band and collegiate singers, techni- cal crew for Opera Workshop production of " Kismet " , set- up crew for big name concerts (Crystal Gayle, Christopher Cross, and Hall and Oates), presented American Compos- ers Concert, participated in Officers for Phi Mu Alpha are: Steve Clifton. President; Carey Barfoot. 1st Vice President: David Watson. 2nd Vice President: Randall Bradley, Sec- retary: Joe Flanagan. Treasurer: and Brian St. John. Alumni Secretary. Row One: Vincent Dumas. Marcus Dickman. Jim Brasher. Steve Clifton. Dwight Green. Terry Sanders, and David Watson. Row Two: Sydney Evans. George Trimble. Kirby San- ders. Bobby Boutwell. Tony Kirkland. Richard Castleberry. Brian St. John and Randall Bradley. Row Three: Lamont Isom. Jon Bubbett. Joe Flana- gan. Carey Barfoot. and David Seanor. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA renovation of the community complex, and was presented a trophy for high attendance in March of Dimes Walk-A- Thon. Other projects included a car smash to arouse spirit be- fore Jax State game, support to MENC scholarship fund, and numerous other musical pro- grams, service and fundraising projects. During Winter Quarter, six new brothers were added to the Chapter. During this quarter, the new brothers were exposed extensively to the ideals and purposes of Phi Mu Alpha. With the addi- tion of these brothers, Phi Mu Alpha presently has 29 active members. 228 Phi Mu Alpha Top: One of the highlights of spring quarter included a softball game against Kappa Kappa Psi. Bottom Left: Lamont Isom helps move the props during rehearsal for " Kismet. ' " Middle Right: Phi Mu Alpha brothers relax be- fore a meeting in the Chapter room. Bottom Right: Ricky Castleberry. elected Secretary during Spring quar- ter, takes notes during a meeting. l Phi Mu Alpha 229 TAU BETA SIGMA CHOSEN AS TOP TEN CHAPTER Tau Beta Sigma is an honor- ary service sorority for college band students at TSU which promotes spirit within the band through service projects and activities. Out of approximate- ly 150 chapters of Tau Beta Sigma nationwide, Troy ' s chapter was chosen as one of the top ten chapters. This is based on on it record of being active and entitles them to compete for the Chapter Lead- ership Trophy at the national convention held August 2-8 in Cincinnati, Ohio. On the district level, three locan members hold district office. They are responsible for printing the district publica- tion, the Eighth Note. Troy has also been chosen as Big Sister Chapter to Valdosta State. On the local level, Tau Beta Sigma is also very active. Dur- ing Homecoming, they entered a display for the band. Sisters were in charge of a refresh- ment stand during the State Band Contest held April 6-11. They directed registration, ran scores for the judges, and kept the Hall of Fame open. They carried out these responsibili- ties also at the Southeast United States Band Directors Clinic. Pledge members spon- sored a Dance Marathon February 20 in conjunction Group members from left to right are Row One: Jan Sasser, Warden; Jenni- fer Armin. Historian; Shirley Graves. Treasurer; Kathy Harbuck. President; Belinda Wright, Vice-President ; Cindy Morris, Secretary; Louise L. Lam- bert, Alumni Secretary; and Vicki Pat- rick. Row Two: Pam Williams, Teresa Lantis, Betsy Davis, Pam Corbitt, Ali- cia Yielding, and Cindy Salter. Row Three: Linda Evans, Mary Anne John- son, Joy Hill, Dawn Railey, Cydne Smith, Donna Hayes. Lisa Crews, Wanda McElrath, District VIII Secre- tary. Row Four: Patricia Fry, Sponsor; Deborah Sappington, Jane Irby. Kim Williams, Connie Wilkes and Ramona Briley. with pledges from Kappa Kap- pa Psi. Several awards were pre- sented this year by Tau Beta Sigma. Kathy Harbuck re- ceived the Rosie Yoder schol- arship fund given each year at the Spring Concert. The Alum- ni Loyalty Award for dedica- tion to the sorority after grad- uation went to Lori Hart. The sorority also presented the F. Lee Bowling Award for an out- standing Jr. High School stu- dent who excels in band. Tau Beta Sigma initiated twelve pledges as sisters this year and selected three honor- ary members. The sponsor of Tau Beta Sigma is Patricia S. Fry. i m Yam 230 Tau Beta Sigma Troy State Collegiate Sing- ers is a choral organization open to all students at TSU. They perform some of the finest choral music, past and present. Collegiate members represent Troy State at various state and community levels and travel to recruit new mem- bers and to give members the opportunity to perform in a variety of settings. Collegiate Singers gave three concerts this year, one Top: The Madrigal Singers, an ensem- ble chosen from Collegiate Singers, was part of the entertainment at the Spring Pops Concert. Middle Left: Randall Bradley, president of Colle- giate Singers, pauses before his solo during the Spring Pops Concert. Mid- dle Right: Terre Johnson sings " Fallin ' " while accompanying him- self. Bottom: Dr. Dennison directs Col- legiate Singers during their Fall Sing. COLLEGIATE SINGERS each quarter. The Fall Sing, presented November 1 1, 1980, consisted of a mixture of folk and American Heritage. The winter concert, presented March 1, 1981, consisted of Haydn ' s The Creation, accom- panied by an orchestra. The Spring Pops concert, pre- sented April 28, 1981, featured lighter and more popular music. Along with the chorus numbers, many fine soloists and ensembles were featured. Members in alphabetical order are: Suzanne Ammons, Wanda Anderson. Jay Asher, Sheri Ashmore, Kelley Au- stin, Annette Bailey. Rita Baughman. Drew Bennett, Vice Bonam, Gail Boone, Donna Borkenhagen, Bobby Boutwell, Rachel Boutwell, Gary Bowen, Randall Bradley, Jim Brasher. Mary Frank Brown, Russell Bunker, Eva Carter, Anne Cetti, Danny Cheshire, Steve Clifton, Eileen Cluen. Gary Cook, Deborah Cribb, Keith Davidson, Randy Dean, Raven Donaldson, Mary Beth Driggers. Vince Dumas, Cynthia Ellisor. Lynda Ellisor. Yolanda Fernandez, Alice Flowers. Jerry Foreman. Diane Fur- low. Dwight Green. Patricia Griffin. Bruce Hall. Donna Hayes. Jeannie Hardwick, David Henderson, Tim Hermetz, Misty Hicks, Joy Hill. Tan- dra Holyfield, Lynn Hudson, Marty Hulsey, Angie Irizarry. Lydia Irizarry. Jennifer Jeter. Mary Johnson. Terre Johnson. Moira Kaye, Jackie Kelley. Jane Kirkham. Jim Koerner, Teresa Lantis, Brenda Livingston, Susan Locklar, David Lunsford. Wendell Maners. Debra Massey. Margare McCallister, Mary McDaniel. Denise Monroe, Cindy Moore, Julie Moore, Alan Oakley. Karen Pennington. John Pettway, Lisa Phelps, Lemar Porter- field. Jim Roesel, Charles Roesel. Mike Russell. Paul Ryan. Kirby San- ders, Michelle Sanders. James Scar- lett. Carl Schmidt. Tommy Self. Betty Senn. Tonya Senn. Barry Sims. Phillip Sims, Jill Smiley. Kathy Stephens. Cheryl Stout. Sharon Sutherland. Teresa Tate. Cheryl Taylor. David Taylor. Marcie Taylor. Carol Thomas. Johnny Till. Sonja Trenkler. Jennv Walden. Terri Walls. David Watson. Connie Wilkes. Juaneysa Wilkins. Lewis Williams. Mike Williams. Joe Wingard, Diane Woodbury. Peggy Woodbury. Susan Woodbury, and Jackie Yanagi. Collegiate Singers 231 TSU SCHOOL OF NURSING HONOR SOCIETY Row One: Joni Christensen. Libby Moss, and Lois Spivey. Row Two: Debbie Dunn, Ms. Jill Mayo, Mrs. Daphne Kennedy. Mrs. Betty Russell, Debbie Jones, and Mrs. Elviva Reynolds. The TSU School of Nursing Honor Society recognizes nursing students who have su- perior scholastic achievement, professional leadership poten- tial, and or marked achieve- ment in the field of nursing. The qualifications for mem- bership include an overall average GPA of 2.0 and 2.0 in all nursing courses. One of the main projects for the year was participating in the Special Olympics at the Baptist Children ' s Home in Troy. The TSU School of Nursing encompasses all three cam- puses. 232 Nursing Honor Society ANS: NURSING SOCIETY The Association of Nursing Students (ANS) is an organiza- tion which develops leadership among nursing students and promotes membership in a pro- fessional level organization af- ter graduation. They partici- pated in extracurricular activi- ties such as entering a car in the Homecoming parade, teaching projects at the TSU Group Home forjuvenile delinquents, assisting in the TSU Blood Drive, and participating in the Disaster Drill. Spring Quarter activities included sponsoring the March of Dimes Walk-a- thon on April 1 1. The highlight of Winter Quarter was the capping cere- mony for the Sophomore class. Twenty-one students were rec- ognized during the ceremony by receiving their official nurse ' s cap with ribbons. At that point in the Sophomores ' studies, those who were recog- nized had earned the right to wear the official nurse ' s cap. Dr. Pat Stark, Dean of Troy State System School of Nursing, partici- pated in the capping ceremony held in the Adams Center. Officers this year were: Row One: Patsy Troutner, 2nd V-P; Debbie BaJogh, Treas.; Mrs. Connie Webb, Adv.; Bonnie Bohner, Rec. Sec; Row Two: Kathy Lonsdale, Corr. Sec; Joni Christenden, 1st V-P; Cheryl Adams, Pres.. Group members left to right are Row One: Debbie Balogh, Bonnie Bohner. Row Two: Beverly Webster, Sharon Lipham, Patsy Troutner, Cheryl Adams, Joni Christensen, Beth Mes- sick, Barbara Rountree. Row Three: Leeann Borum, Jeanie Holt, Becky Ogle, Nancy Swanson, Connie Han- ley, Lisa Miles. Row Four: John Comp- ton, Alan Taylor, Beverly Coskrey, and Gina Compton. ANS 233 ART GUILD The Art Guild is a student organization open to all stu- dents enrolled in Troy State University. The Art Guild was established to encourage partic- ipation in social and educa- tional group activities, and to stimulate interest in the arts. This organization seeks to broaden the knowledge and appreciation of the arts here at Troy State University. The main project for the year consisted of an Art Exhibit held May 21, 1981. The art show was held outside the main entrance of Kilby and in- side the Kilby Courtyard. Front: Leslie Braman and Jo Jones. Back: Leighton Manley. Marie Bry- son. Vice President; Milton McPher- son. Cathia Mooney. Secretary; Mr. Mark Brewton. Advisor; Jason Davis, Jennifer Muer. and Paula Adams. Not Pictured: Susan Russell. Treasurer; Ramona Clark, and Timothy Webber. Among the things available for the entertainment of the eye were sculpture, paintings, photography, pottery, and sketches. In addition to the art entered by students, there was also an exhibit open to the pub- lic in the Kilby Studio which displayed select pieces from TSU art faculty ' s collection. The enthusiasm of the Art Guild was apparent in the theme of the day which de- picted the 60 ' s Revolution. 60 ' s music was played throughout the day and that afternoon a live band enter- tained. The highlight of the afternoon came when two pieces of Tim Webber ' s fine pottery were auctioned off. J i T? v K2 3 tJL L i ' Jl w 1 J i w jfl L ' J5 hi ■ £L B 1 y STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION The Student National Education Association, an organization consisting of all education majors, is the stu- dent group of the National Education Association and the Alabama Education Associa- tion. All members are kept up on national and state affairs through a weekly paper spon- sored by the Alabama Educa- tion Association. Their main project for Fall quarter consisted of sponsor- ing a trip for Mary Johnson ' s Junior High School class from Charles Henderson High School to Panama City Beach The officers of SNEA are pictured from left to right. They are; Robert J. McCombs, Advisor: Beverly Boss, Vice President; Kenneth Wells, Pres- ident; Lydia Swails. Secretary Treasurer, and Dr. Kimbrough. Advisor. for educational experience. Each meeting consists of a special guest. Among the ros- ter included Sarah Swindel, President of A.E.A., and Mrs. Carolyn Gibson from Place- ment. Dr. Hatcher spoke about the education in foreign coun- tries. The superintendants from Pike County and Troy city school systems and educa- tional coordinators from differ- ent levels spoke about their occupations. The purpose of these lectures are to expose members to things related to the field of education beyond Troy State University. 234 Art Guild SNEA UNIVERSITY DANCERS University Dancers is a group which wants to further explore dance beyond the classes on campus. They learn from each other and perform at various functions. Auditions are held at scheduled dates in each quarter, and those in- terested are required to audi- tion with a familiar dance routine. The main project for the year is a full production show dur- ing Spring quarter. This year ' s production, held May 21, 1981, was entitled " Dancin ' Amer- ican Style. " The show fea- tured such dance selections as a 50 ' s number; Bandstand Boogie, an unusual California Punk Rock number, several classical ballet dances, a salute to country dance, and finally a trip to the beach. Several of the members of University Dancers performed a selection from their Spring performance during the Spe- cial Olympics. Two selections from the production were also performed during the Miss Venus Beauty Pageant. Debbie Young, Rudee Krita- kara, and Kate Scroggins rep- resented the group in an inter- view with WTSU prior to the Spring performance. Top: Debbie and Amy are hoppin ' to Bandstand Boogie. " Middle Left: Dur- ing the show. University Dancers had some help with a salute to country dance. Middle Right: No dance pro- duction is complete without a chorus line. Front: Kate Scroggins and Cindy Childs. Row Two: Amy Comillion. Ma- rise Cotton. Debbie Young. President: Rudee Kritakara. Secretary; and Gen Blizzard. Row Three: Karen Tidwell. Treasurer; Natalie Baldwin. Pam Rigas. Vice President: Scarlet Prince, and Lou Ann Green. University Dancers 235 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CULTURAL ORGANIZATION The International Student Cultural Organization is an organization on campus which seeks to promote brotherhood and cultural understanding among people of different na- tions and cultural back- grounds. ISCO also attempts to assist foreign students in ad- justing to American college life. During Fall quarter, an open house was held for members at the home of Mrs. Robert Arnold. Numerous soccer games were played by mem- bers during the weekends. Also during Fall quarter, ISCO entered a car in the Homecoming parade featuring their candidate for Homecom- ISCO brings together many different cultures and backgrounds every Thursday night. Row one: Asif Jamal, Publicity Officer: Tish Watford, Publicity Officer; Les- ley Bondi, Historian; Carmen Sylvain, Secretary; Stevie Etheridge, Pres- ident; Otto Bohnenger, Vice Pres- ident; Wim de Groot, Treasurer; Terri de Groot; James Sherry, Advisor. Row Two: Charles Igive, Mike Mills, Hiroyuki Matsumoto, John 0 " Conner, Minoru Nukui, Michael Modozier, Kamran Amin, Nok Kritakara. Row- Three: David Ziama, Sharon Chevy, Danita Glass, Rudee Kritakara, Majed Al-Sabej, Wajeeh Al-Mansour, Felix Ijeoma, Michael Agbassi, Michael James. Row Four: Aiden Anuforo, Felix Okaye, Muhammed Mustapha, Benjamin Smith, Sidibe Birahima, Wahab Owokoniran, Wentsuey Gea, Omar Razzag, Gen Blizzard. Bobby Brom, Raul Armuelles, Mehdi Kaigho- badi, Joni Kaighobadi, Carol Johnson, Charles Chinakwe. Yolanda Fernan- dez, Nolan Hatcher, Advisor. Row Five: Addy Leung. Mary McGilberry. Abdulla Al-Yemeni, Raymond Wong, Shahin Radmard. Willetta Hatcher. Alecia McKenzie, Ilsen Chan, De- smond Lo, Edith Marley, Abdo Kat- beh. Martha Montanez. Margaret Tan- ner. Keith Pichanick. and Gav Neill. ing Queen. Meetings were held every Thursday night in the Adams Center. Meetings were open to internationals as well as to Americans. The advisor to ISCO is Dr. Nolan Hatcher. Stevie Etheridge, president of ISCO, discusses club business before intro- ducing the guest speaker. 236 ISCO POLYGLOTS: TSU FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB The TSU Foreign Language Club (Polyglots) is composed of what were formerly the French, German, and Spanish Clubs. The purpose of Polyg- lots is threefold: (1) to promote interest in foreign cultures and languages among Troy State University students; (2) to pro- vide opportunities for extra- curricular activities relating to the foreign languages taught at Troy State; and (3) to sponsor various projects that will be of service to Troy State and the community. Regular membership is open to all students and faculty members of Troy State. One need not have had formal for- eign language instruction or be enrolled in a foreign language course as a requirement for membership. Faculty advisors are Mr. James Sherry, Miss Cordelia Gray, and Dr. Peter Howard. Meetings are held bi- monthly. During the academic year 1980-81, Polyglots had three major programs. In the fall quarter, the French film " Di- aboligue " was shown. The club held a German-oriented dinner at the home of Dr. How- ard during the winter quar- ter, and a Spanish dinner dur- ing the spring quarter at the home of Miss Gray. The club also presented in the sping quarter, a French film entitled " The Red Balloon " . Row One: Tamara Kuhn. Secretary; Anthony B. Kirkland. Treasurer; Timothy A. Venable, President: Shar- on R. Stark, Vice President. Row Two: James Sherry, Advisor; Julane McFar- land, George Trimble, Karan Burton. Martha L. Montanet. Cathia Mooney. Otto Bohnenbenger, Nathan Laney. Row Three: Cordelia Gray, Advisor, Patrick B. Harris, Carmen Sylvain. Tim Smith, Stevie Etheridge. Reg Hall, and Peter Howard, Advisor. Polyglots 237 STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN The Student Council for Ex- ceptional Children is an orga- nization interested in promot- ing education opportunities for exceptional children. SCEC attempts to promote professional growth and stan- dards, promote programs to in- volve students in the Council for Exceptional Children, and arouse public awareness and acceptance of exceptional chil- dren. SCEC holds programs monthly, and provides volun- teer opportunities to its mem- bers in such areas as holiday parties, funds for field trips, and so on. Membership requires noth- ing more than love for chil- dren, a willingness to work, and payment of club dues. During Fall quarter, SCEC sponsored a Halloween party for the educable mentally re- tarded class at Oakland Heights Elementary School. They also participated in Project Help. As a community project, a group of junior high school EMC students from Charles Henderson were sent on a field trip to Panama City on funds Top: Mrs. Carol Loveland and Mrs. Carol Kimbrough, Advisors to SCEC, volunteered their efforts to repaint the Pike County Activity Center Work- shop. Middle: Some of the SCEC members are shown with EMC stu- dents before their field trip to Panama City. Row One: Branda Siltzer, President; Debbie Richey, Membership Chairman; Mrs. Carol Lovelady, Advisor: Larry Tindell, Secretary : and Bascom Gibson. Row Two: Mrs. Carol Kimbrough, Advisor; Lisa Rawls, Nancy Matthiews. and Dana Sheffield. Row Three: Curtis Savage, Danny Cheshire, Angela Lindsey. Mary Fiveash, Luke Hinson, and Tyanna Jones. raised by SCEC. SCEC sponsored Excep- tional Children ' s Week in Troy. Members also donated materials, supplies, and labor to repainting the Pike County Activity Center Workshop. Spring quarter SCEC sold T- shirts bearing " Cherish the Child " to raise funds for the next year. Members worked during the Special Olympics held at Troy on May 16. 238 SCEC PHI GAMMA NU Phi Gamma Nu is a busi- petency in the field of busi- ness society which fosters ness and furthering high the study of business in col- standards of ethics and culture leges and universities while in civic and professional enter- promoting professional com- prises. Membership is open to any business major or minor who has completed at least fifteen quarter hours and has a 1.0 overall GPA. During the year. Phi Gamma Nu sponsored professional meetings. Among the roster of guest speakers were repre- sentatives from Pike County Bank and Hudson Industries. Some group members traveled to Atlanta to tour Rich ' s Department Store and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Nationally, Phi Gamma Nu supports several foster chil- dren as well as project HOPE and Concern. Rush and initiation were held once a quarter. Phi Gam- ma Nu participated in Home- coming activities and the BSU Volleyball marathon, and served as ushers in the Miss TSU Pageant. Donna Langston prepares for a social following one of the meetings while others anxiously wait. Row One: Patty Blum, Editor; Dottie Culberton. Vice President; Jane Helms, Treasurer; Bill Cleveland. President; and Cynthia Brown, Secre- tary. Row Two: Suzanne Maxwell. Reba Wall, Alice Deese, Martha Mix- on, Nancy Tansey. Janice Skelton. Donna Langston. Lesley Bondi. Cynthia Lipscomb, Jim Krough. Susan Nuemans. Lizzie Peterson, and CarlSmidt. Row Three: Ricky Skelton. Ryan Shipman, Rob Gibson. David Taylor, Kathy Stephens. Gary Parker. Brenda Bascomb. Eddy Garner. Karen Burton. Mark Duncan, Sharon Burton, Dirk Olson, Patricia Cope, and Dr. Felix R. Livingston. Advisor. Not pictured: Sheryl Rayford and Sheila Brannon. Phi Gamma Nu 239 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Arnold Air Society is open to all Air Force Cadets within the ROTC Program at Troy State University. The purpose of this service organization is to provide service to the Cadet ' s ROTC Detachment, University, community, and the Air Force Mission. The " Amies " are active in all aspects of the campus com- munity. One of the services in- cludes ushering at all " Big Name " Concerts. The Second Annual Dining- Out was held at Maxwell AFB and was hosted by the Arnold Air Society. This function gave the Cadet Corps an opportun- ity of seeing first hand a formal Row One: Gaylan Jackson. James Epting. Debbie Boozer, Tad Bronson. Janet Shiver. Pete Cyprian, and Brandt Cosgrove. Row Two: Joe Phil- lip. Becky Ogle, Mike Humphrey, Becky Graham. Jesse Revill, Marie Dean, and Susan Neumans. Row Three: Don Stone. Jim Krough, Art military function. To attest to their outstanding accomplishments, the Dr. Marrs Squadron was honored as begin the First Runner-Up as the Most Outstanding Large Squardron in the Nation. This is one of the highest honors that can be given to a Squad- ron, seeing how they were competing against schools of Baylor ' s caliber. This coming year the " Amies " will have the oppor- tunity of leading a four state area as they will be the Head- quarters for Area H. This area is composed of schools from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Galvan, Greg Hataway. Alan Wykle. and Beverly Bridges. Row Four: Ken Bledsoe. Jon Weeks, Arthur James, Bill Detrick, Russ Boozer, Mike Landry. Mort Sheaver, Janet Elias. Gerry Brower, Bob Binford, Twila Prater. Jim Colbert, andd Bruce Her- ring. Officers for Arnold Air Society This year were: Becky Graham, Oper- ations; Twila Prater, Administration; Jim Colbert, Vice Commander; Joel Phillip, Public Affairs; Joe Stanton, Chaplain; Gerry Brower, Comp- troller; and Mike Landry. Projects. 240 Arnold Air Society Y i ■ i ■ i ■ i ■ ii Top: Becky Ogle, commander ol Arnold Air Society, presides over the last meeting of the year. Middle Left: Joni King, Lola Binford. Naretha Whitley, and Art Galvan assist with Blood Drive in the Adams Center Spring Quarter. Middle Right: Naretha Whitley is presented with " Arnold of the Week " award from Amy Segrest. As stated in the title, the award goes to the Arnold who has exhibited out- standing qualities for the past week and is to be recognized for their ser- vices from Angel Flight. Bottom Left: Judy Wilson " munches down " after the AAS party for graduating seniors while Susan Neumans and Russ Booz- er talk shop and Naretha Whitley cleans up. Bottom Right: AAS member Greg Hataway does his skit at the Corp Sponsored Masquerade Party. I Arnold Air Society 241 ANGEL FLIGHT Angel Flight is an honorary service organization of selected and dedicated women from colleges and universities across the nation who support the purposes, traditions and concepts of the USAF, pro- mote interest in the AFROTC, aid the mission of Arnold Air Society and create a fellowship among members through ser- vice to the university and the community. Angel Flight sponsors many activities on campus, one of which is the annual Bed Race Row One: Angela Williams, Jane Cros- by, Lindy McCracken, Rudee Krita- kara. Ginger Sledge, Toni Haines. Connie Jones, Bobbie Zoglman, Jan Thompson, Julane McFarland, Missy Enfinger. Kim Kunky, and Tammy Burks. Row Two: Mary Cooper. Darin- da Strock, Donna Headley, and Ange- la Smith. Row Three: Lynda Parish, Judy Williams, Beverly Steed. Laura Walenfields, Amy Segrest, Yoany Fer- nandez, Gen Glizzard, Gwen Madi- held each fall quarter. This year ' s theme was " Race for Richard, " a child suffering from brain damage. Money made from the Bed Race was applied toward medical ex- penses for Richard. The Dr. Theodore C. Marrs Flight at Troy State University is currently holding the posi- tion of Area-H Headquarters for the second year straight. There are two schools in Ala- bama, one in Georgia, two in Puerto Rico and five in Florida which compose the area. son, Brenda Owens, Jill Hazatone, Leslie Braman, and Tammy Crawford. Row Four: Brenda Shelton, Sharon Pace, Genie Hunter, Page Reynolds, Judy Wilson, Linda Perry, and Carolyn Douglas. Row Five: Annelle Kelly. Nora Colee, Barbara Edwards, Carol Nelson, Nancy Swanson, Jo Mack, Peggy Jassma, Tina Delaigle, Perriane Fiveash, Linda Turrin, and Tina Gregg. Officers for Angel Flight this year were: Perriane Fiveash, Pledge Trainer; Sharon Pace, Chaplain; Lynda Parish, Adminstration; Tina Gregg. Comptroller; Missy Enfinger, Liaison. 242 Angel Flight Angels held their Initiation Banquet at the Holiday Inn at Troy. Alpha Delta Pi and Chi Omega were only two of the organizations at Troy who participated in the Angel Flight Bed Race. Angel Amy Segrest, impersonating a Hershey s Kiss, enjoys herself with Brandt Cosgrove at the Masquerade Party as Cindie Sandberg looks on. Cherubs become true Angels after accepting their oaths at initiation. Angel Flight 243 The 17th Cadet group here at Troy State University is actively involved in training students for a commission in the United States Air Force as 2nd Lts. In addition to class- room instruction, the cadets actively participate in training exercises during leadership lab such as the pass and review with the F-4 Phantom flyover and a trip to the Air Force Base in Warner Robbins, GA. The Cadets also have the opportun- ity to participate in many social actvities, some of which are the Corps Costume party, Corps Picnic which was held at the Pike County Museum and the Military Ball which was held at Maxwell Air Force Base Officers Club in Mont- gomery, Alabama. The Air Force Association Trophy was awarded to Troy State ' s Det. 017 as being " The Most Outstanding Det. in Ala- bama for the 1981 school year. " The trophy will be accepted in July by Major Gunn in Mobile, Alabama and will be on display for the next school term. The purpose of the Cadet Group can best be described by their motto, " TODAY WE LEARN . . . TOMORROW WE LEAD! " Brandt Cosgrove AIR FORCE .Jfrv - Y 244 AFROTC RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS The annual Military Ball was held May 2, 1981. at Maxwell Air Force Base Officer ' s Club. Montgomery, AL. This year ' s social was expanded to include the group ' s annual award ' s ceremony. During the ball, which included members of Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society as well as cadets enrolled in ROTC, Yolanda Fernandez was selected the 1981-81 ' Little Major " . Marie Dean was the recipient of the first Dr. Duane C. Tway Leadership Award. Others receiving awards were Joel Phillip, Jim Colbert, and Brandt Cosgrove for their meritorious duty in the corps. Tom Randall was named as the new cadet corps commander for next fall quarter. Cecil Yancey Jr. AFROTC 245 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Student Government Association (SGA) is the lob- bying force of the students of Troy State University. The SGA uses the democratic Re- public governmental process to express the views of the stu- dent and at the same time pro- vides an educational experi- ence for those who become actively involved. The SGA encompasses an Executive Branch composed of a Presi- dent, Vice President, Clerk, and Secretary; a Legislative Branch composed of fifty- three Senators; and a Judicial Branch which consists of the Traffic and Appeals Commit- tee, and the Supreme Court. The SGA is the largest orga- nization on campus. Lamar Higgins of Marbury was re-elected without opposi- tion as president of SGA for the 1980-81 term. Lamar, however, resigned as president of SGA upon his appointment to serve under Governor Fob James. Richard Dean suc- ceeded Lamar Higgins as SGA president at the end of fall quarter following President Higgin ' s resignation. Stacy Krebs, elected secretary to the SGA, was promoted to the position of vice president. Natalie Baldwin filled the vacant position of secretary. Danny Mims was re-elected clerk without opposition. Shortyl following Richard Dean ' s assumption of the office of SGA president, he reinstated the student discount program. Fifteen local mer- STACY KREBS VICE PRESIDENT chants participated in the stu- dent discount program which offered discounts ranging from ten to twenty percent on non- sale items. The SGA also sponsored the Used Textbook Exchange, a student service that offered an alternative to the University Bookstore. Students were allowed to sell their textbooks at the exchange at their asking price. A large part of Winter quarter was spent toward the implementation of a perma- nent bookstore. During the spring break, a bookstore was built to accomodate the opera- tion of the Used Textbook Ex- change. Other projects researched were a commuter meal plan, a student directory, a student savings card, and an improved dormitory telephone service. Montgomerian Richard Dean is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Dean. Richard is a junior with double majors in computer science and math. Sophomore Natalie Bald- win, a native of Derby, Kan- sas, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baldwin. Natalie is a Business Administration major. Stacy Krebs, a sophomore history major from Hales Cor- ners, Wisconsin, is minoring in Engish and French and is the daughter of Richard and De- lores Krebs. Danny Mims, a Mobile na- tive, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lambert C. Mims, and is a junior Business Administra- tion major. DANNY MIMS CLERK k SGA 247 SGA SENATE The Senate makes up the Legislative Branch of the SGA. The SGA Senate com- prises 53 senators, 25 from off- campus and 28 on-campus: each dorm has three, except Alumni, which has seven. Sen- ate meetings take place every other Tuesday; committees meet on the odd Tuesday in be- tween. Senators are voted on by the student body. Top Right: The Senate votes on bills presented before the group. Middle Left: Britt Poulson was named " Sena- tor of the Year " at the SGA banquet. Middle Right: The Senate meets every other Tuesday night in the Adams Center. Row One: Snag Gosha, Fer-rell Malone, Carol Thomas, Jamie Reyes, and Claude Brooks. Row Two: Frank Maddox. Kim McDaniel, Kenn Ellis, Steve Joiner, Kenny Jessen, Bruce Killough, Sherri Howard, Steve Scruggs. Tim Hermetz, and Darrell Hayes. Row Three: Tim Kurtz, Bill Seitz, Tom Genetski, Caroline Craw- ford, Gary Shirah. Otto Bohnenber- ger. Debbie Green. Greg Estes. Bob- bie Zoglmann, Chas Powers, Charlene Hale. Amy Howell, and Robert Jones. Row Four: Carlisle McClure. Scotty Traylor, Ben Guthrie, Anne Kimmell, Steve Fritz, Joe Jones. David Smith. Michelle Forthman, Bill McClellan, Eric Glover. Britt Poulson, and Joey James. 248 Senate MLWL . i ' i r - d ADAMS CENTER UNION BOARD The Adams Center Union Board (ACUB) is geared to- ward reviewing student and community interest and de- veloping programs to meet these interests. ACUB has been responsible for bringing to campus this year such movies as " Amer- ican Gigolo, " " The Muppet Movie, " " Star Trek, " " Cad- dyshack, " " Moonraker, " " Fame, " and " 10. " ACUB hosts one major con- cert per quarter, and this year they brought such big names as Crystal Gayle, Christopher Cross, and Hall and Oates to Sartain Hall. ACUB also sponsors special activities such as Pizza Night and Casino Night, and tourna- ments in tennis, ping-pong, frisbee, and pool. ACUB also offers non-credit classes to stu- dents and non-students. Top: Two Troy students take advan- tage of Pizza Night. Middle Left: Rick Scaggs and Kathy Stewart call out numbers for a Bingo game. Middle Right: ACUB sponsored Casino Night during Winter quarter. Members are Row One: Dennis Mon- roe, Tournaments: Ben Thompson. Chairman; Kathy Stewart. Union Programming: Rick Skaggs. Vice- Chairman; Mrs. Helen Leverette. and Steve Cade. Movies. Row Two: Ron Pierce. Mr. Thomas E. Peeks. Dean Gibson, and Mr. James O ' Neal. ACUB 249 CIRCLE K Circle K. the world ' s largest collegiate service organiza- tion, provides the opportunity for leadership training in ser- vice for the campus and in the community. Circle K encour- ages participation in group activities and promotes good fellowship and high schol- arship. It attempts to develop aggressive citizenship and the spirit of service for improve- ment of all human rela- tionships. Four members attended the Alabama District Convention of Circle K held March 27-29 in Tuscaloosa. Alabama. Bonnie Bohner was elected as the Ala- bama District Treasurer. Circle K has grown tremendously since last year from a membership of seven to a currently enrolled twenty- four. During Winter quarter. Cir- cle K co-sponsored the Blood Drive with HPER Club. Approximately 300 donors participated. Members also sponsored a Haunted House at the Cherry Street Elementary School at their Halloween Car- nival. In another service project Circle K. members made Valentine messages and cards and distributed them to each of the occupants of the Pike- County Manor. During Spring quarter, they assisted with another Blood Drive sponsored by Arnold Air Society. Four- teen members worked at the Special Olympics held May 16 at Troy State University. Circle K members were re- sponsible for the flagraising ceremony at the Olympics. They also distributed orange drinks donated by McDon- ald ' s. Sack lunches for par- ticipants were donated by the Kiwanis Club of Troy and distributed by Circle K members. Top Left: Circle K assisted during both blood drives held in the Adams Center. Top Right: Circle K held meetings ev- en Wednesday afternoon at 5:00 in the Adams Center. Row One: Chas Powers. President: Robert Pearson. Vice President; Karla Fields. Treasurer: and Desiree Sutton. Secretary. Row Two: David Stewart. Debbie Balogh. Jerry Thrash. Karen Coad. Sharon Snyder. Bonnie Bohner. Mark Parker. Angela Smith, and Arthur James. Row Three: Keith Har- nage. Joyce Mueller. Greg Kennemer. Tony Walters. Lisa Compton. and Bntten B. Poulson. 250 Circle K AFRO CLUB Members of the Afro Club include Row One: Bernard Pugh, President; Cynthia Brown, Treasurer; Sherman Wilkerson, Parliamentarian; and Fer-rel Malone, Vice Pres- ident. Row Two: John Pettway, Chester Hammond, Leisha Jenkins, Darrell Hayes, Jamie E. Reyes, Willie Moorer, Levit- icus Palmer, Jeremy Bellamy, Angela Wilkerson, and Coun- tess Woody. Not Pictured: Des- iree Sutton, Chaplain; Bar- bara May, Pam Williams, Brenda Bascomb, Derrick Vaughn, and Doug Brown. — r» 11 L JB B li l f ii nuL ft, ►. AFRO Club 251 SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION FOR SERVICE The Student Ass ociation for Service, Sigma Alpha Sigma, is a service organization made up of students majoring in the fields of Social and Rehabilita- tion. The purpose of this orga- nization is to work with and promote a closer relationship between the students in the field of Human Services and the surrounding community. The purpose is most clearly stated by their motto: " Together we have the power to service humanity " . As an organization, their goal is to stimulate students and provide activities which will contribute to their growth in the field of human services. In the past SAS was known as the Social Rehabilitation Althea Freeman, Cecelia Johnson, and Lynn Moore, officers of Sigma Alpha Sigma, take a trial run over the route used in the Bike-A-Thon. SAS spon- sored the Bike-A-Thon held May 2 in Troy. Row One: Linda Moneymaker, Cecelia D. Johnson, President; Lynn Moore, Vice President; Althea Freeman, Secretary-Treasurer; and Edna Brown. Row Two: Debbie Lawyer, Althea Phillips, Areather McQueen, Dylene Cowart, and Gloria Gamble. Services Club. They provided volunteer services, co- sponsored the Dance-A-Thon with the SCEC, sponsored stu- dent trips (concerning the ma- jors) and planned all the activi- ties for Handicap Awareness Week. Activities included pro- viding volunteer services, and providing aid in the community whenever possible. One of the main projects for the year included spon- soring the Bike-A-Thon, held on May 2 in Troy. 252 SAS STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL WORKERS The Student Association of Social Workers (SASW) is a pre-profcssional associa- tion designed to prepare stu- dents for professionalism in social work. This is accom- plished through volunteer programs and educational activities. To obtain membership, one must be a social work major with a 1.0 overall GPA. During the year, SASW 1 ft : - t_ k mm — ■ - i3 - " _ fl I f ■ 4 4 L. . sponsored several guest speak- ers including the President of the local chapterof the Nation- al Association of Social Work- ers and the Pike County Volun- teer Co-ordinator who wanted to develop a TSU volunteer program. During Winter quarter, SASW sponsored a Halloween Party at Pike Manor. Members dressed up in Halloween cos- tumes and entertained the resi- dents. An Easter egg hunt was held by SASW members at the Dun- bar Daycare Center on April 17. During Winter quarter, SASW members participated in the BSU Volleyball Marathon. All Social Work majors are encouraged to obtain mem- bership into SASW. Top: Officers for this year were Cindy Steele. Vice President; Keith Ellis. President; and Valerie Perry. Secre- tary-Treasurer. Middle; Keith Ellis presides over the meeting and Valeri Perry reads the minutes from the last meeting. Group members present are: Row One: Cindy Steele. Vice President; Keith Ellis. President; and Valerie Perry. Secretary-Treasurer. Row Two: Cindy McLean. Donna Headier. Teresa Wil- liams, Beth Ledford. Susan Johnson, and Sherrie Cross. Row Three: Gloria Gamble. Anne Johnson. Carl Jackson. MalindaSnowdon. Leigh Rush. Sherri Shipman. Kate Griffen, and Debbie Staley. Not pictured: Mary Ann Wil- liams. Karol Beck, Sharon Cooper. Linda Mooneymaker, Kathy Russell. Vanessa Culver. Plyene Coward. Teresa Penn. Kim Houghbough. Tami Savage, Leigh Yates, and Phillip Twine. SASW 253 TSU DEBATE — FORENSICS SQUAD The summit of classical education was to become an orator, and this ideal, though changed in forum, continued into Medieval and Renaissance education. Subject matter was studied not simply to know and retain information, but pri- marily to be able to use this knowledge in the development of ideas and in the articulate defense of the ideas in the face of contrasting opinion: educa- tion was largely a series of dis- putations, the forerunners of modern debate. Current forensic activity is characterized by intense tournament activity, technolog- ical use, mobility, specializa- tion, professional organiza- tion, a renaissance in the indi- vidual events of interpretive reading and platform oratory, and a movement toward cross- examination debate as the pre- dominant tournament format. The TSU Debate-Forensics Squad is a representative, re- gional program that wins its fair share of awards. During the past academic year, the squad won over two dozen finalist trophies in debate and individual events in seven tournaments held at host col- leges throughout the South in competition with squads from the most prestigious colleges and universities. The TSU Debate Team traveled to events hosted by Middle Tennessee State Uni- versity, Mercer University, Montevallo University, Au- burn University for Women, Berry College, and The Citadel. When Troy ' s Debate- Forensics Squad attended Ber- ry College, they returned with a second and fourth place in Team Debate Speaking, a second in Prose Interpretation, a fifth in Dramatic Duet. They received a second place Sweepstakes award out of twenty-one Southeastern Con- ference schools competing. This is a fair representation of the success of the squad ' s academic year. Some of the " conquered " trophies can be seen in the trophy case on the first floor of Wright Hall. Row One: Danny Cates, Gail Wright, Dianne Burch, Bobbie Lawrence. Row Two: Jamie Reyes, Suzie Hamn. Row Three: Greg Croslin, Ken Bailey. George Tra- wick, Debbie Sappington, and David Taylor. Row Four: Nick Angelo. Not pictured: Latisha Wat- ford, Chris Haug, Debbie Pyfrom, Carol Thomas, Jane Russell, and Jackie Westbrook. SI 254 Debate Team ALPHA PHI SIGMA: CRIMINAL JUSTICE HONOR SOCIETY The National Criminal Justice Honor Society, Alpha Sigma is a fraternal association devoted to rec- ognizing and promoting high scholarship among students engaged in collegiate prepa- ration for professional ser- vices. The association spon- sors public educational prog- rams, seminars, and prom- otional activities at various levels to elevate the ethical standards of Criminal Justice professions and to establish in the public mind the benefit and necessity of education and pro- fessional training. Membership is granted to those students who have de- clared their major or minor in the Criminal Justice field and are among the top 359? of their class academically. One of Alpha Phi Sigma ' s main projects was the broad- casting of " Rape and Rape Victims " over WTSU-TV on October 14, 1980. The show fe- atured Charles Jones of TSU ' s Faculty and two guest speak- ers, Sgt. Leona Davis, detec- tive of Montgomery Police De- partment, and Mr. Alan Booth, TSU Campus Police. The show dealt with the issue of rape prevention and making the public more aware of the problems associated with rape. During the program, which was open to the public, people were allowed to call in and ask personal questions. As one member commented, " The response was good and I feel the campus really bene- fited from it. " Alpha Phi Sigma also partici- pated in Homecoming activi- ties by entering a float in the Homecoming parade. During Police Week, held in May, an award was presented to the outstanding law enforcement officer from the Troy area. Group picture: Fred Gorter. Mr. Charles Jones, Adivsor; Charlene Hale. President; Debbie Ercoli, Secre- tary; Robert Nocili, Sharon Kelly. Kris Stiehl, Pete Cyprian. Bridgette Trotter. Not pictured are: Bruce Her- ring. Vice-President, Sharon Cherry. Rick Gipson, Chuck Paulk, Sherry Fowler, Mike Poulin, and Russell Ramey. Toni Luker, moderator, discusses the issue of rape prevention with Mr. Charles Jones, Sgt. Leona Davis, and Mr. Alan Booth during the airing of " Rape and Rape Victims " over WTSU-TV, October 14, 1980. Alpha Phi Sigma 255 BSU MEANS INVOLVEMENT The Baptist Student Union is a campus outreach of the Baptist churches which pro- vides opportunity for Bible Study, Mission Activities, and Christian fellowship. Every Monday night the BSU holds a Vespers which could be described as an infor- mal worship service. Some of the Vesper programs this year included slide presentations, music by " Rejoice, " " The TSU Gospel Choir, " an on- campus revival, Valentine Day Dessert Banquet, movies, Tal- ent Night, and Creative Worship Services. Troy ' s BSU supported Sum- mer Missions through pledges made by members and its Annual BSU Volleyball Marthon held at Bush Memo- rial Baptist Church February 27-28. Also three members were accepted as BSU Sum- mer Missionaries: Beth Bracewell, Mark Parker, and Teresa Williams. Other pro- grams sponsored by the BSU in- clude a puppet ministry, in- tramural sports, Adopt-a- Grandparent Day, BSU Choir, Wednesday Night Bible Stud- ies including such topics as " The Parables " and " The Will of God, " seminars, and weekend retreats. Some of the group also attended the Fall Retreat in Auburn and the Spring Retreat at Shocco. Members pictured: George Under- wood, Mike Mills. Kathy Stephens, Sheryl Rayford. Mark Parker, Linda Perry. Tony Walters. Mike Jones. Ricky Skelton, Craig Medders, Steve Fairris, Mr. Elbert Williams, Cindy Ricks. Beverly Jackson. Bonnie Bohner. Jerry Thrash. Francis Hutto. Kenya Bess. Eddy Garner. Donna Langston. Valerie Barton. Alice Deese. Nancy McCrory, Mary Ing- ram, Anglea Medders. Vanessa Cul- ver. Vickie Comer, Twyla Ryan, Mary MacGilberrv. Marthanna Moore. Janice Skelton, Kay Strickland, Gina Compton, Deborah Nash, Ricky LockJar. Mike Shields, Mike Helms, Ken McElhaney, Fer-rell Malone, Mitch McVickers, David Taylor. John Menge. Beth Bracewell, Robert Per- kins, Diane Barfield, Tim Fortner, Dean Norton, Rusty Clark, Wes Llewellyn, Garry Shirah, Ray Bendall, Joe Wingard, Robert Maddox, Mark Johnston, Lisa Compton, Kent Smith, Keith Barnes, Russ Raney, Jay Whit- man, Craig Preston, Jimmy Bowen. HPER Club was just one of the organizations who competed in the BSU Volleyball Marathon. Players from the BSU played opposing teams February 27-28 in an effort to raise money for Summer Missions. Officers this year include Row One: Sheryl Rayford, Missions Outreach; Janice Skelton, Communications; Vanessa Culver, Promotions; Mr. Elbert Williams, Campus Minister; Row Two: Eddy Garner, President; Craig Med- ders, Vespers; David Taylor, Music; Ricky Skelton, Sports; Steve Fairris, Spiritual Growth. 256 BSU WESLEY OFFERS FELLOWSHIP The Wesley Foundation is a religious organization spon- sored by the Methodist churches. Wesley offers Chris- tian fellowship through the love of Jesus Christ to the stu- dents. Through Bible studies and Sunday school, members hope to learn more about their Christian beliefs and to grow in Christian maturity. Wesley sponsored dinners each Sunday night at 6:30 fol- lowed by a program at 7:00. On Tuesday nights, Bible study was held at 6:30 followed by choir at 7:30. The Wesley Singers travelled to different churches and organizations and shared God ' s word through music. On Thursday nights at 9:00, Wesley spon- sored a prayer and share group, and informal type of worship. The Wesley Foundation is open for fellowship and study from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Members participated in many activities such as in- tramural sports, weekend re- treats, welcome back parties, and Christian concerts. Top: The Wesley Foundation is lo- cated one block behind Sartain Hall. Middle: Dinners are held at the Wesley Foundation every Sunday night at 6:30. Row One: Alan T. Barrett. Director: Beth Barrett. Britten B. Poulson. Programs Chairman: Nanette Collier. Secretary-Treasurer; Ronnie Harde- man. Publicity Chairman: Cathy Gran- dy. Meals Chairman; Peggy Jaasma. Visitation; Gerry Brower. President; Chas Powers, Special Events. Row Two: Richard Armstead. Joy Hill, Jean Smith, Susan Andress, Denise Crochet, Samford Stanton, Thomas Danks, Riley Cooper. Deedie Knight, and Randy Langston. Wesley 257 Besides the Harvest Coffee- house, Chi Alpha has a litera- ture ministry along with an evangelism production team including drama, puppets, and singing. CHI ALPHA MINISTRIES Chi Alpha is an interdenomi- national religious organization on campus which is sponsored by the Assembly of God. Chi Alpha seeks to offer an alterna- tive to the student in providing a place where Christians can meet other Christians as well as introduce new people to Christ. Chi Alpha sponsored a Cof- feehouse on Friday nights which featured such movies as " What ' s Up Josh " , " The Cross and the Switchblade, " and " Sound of The Trumpet " . Top Right: Ray Farnell from Mobile sang popular Christian music while accompanying himself on the guitar during a fall quarter coffehouse. Row One: Billy Hoik. Ron Bissel. and David Holmes, President. Row Two: Jim Snyder, Sabrina Owens, J.R. Owens, Ray Owens, Chaplin; Rick Sullivan, Donna Blackburn, Angie Av- ery, Chona Lane, and Rick Lane. Many speakers and concerts were sponsored such as Daryl Kimbrel from Teen Challenge, Ray Farnell from Mobile, ASAPH, and Dawn Rodgers from Auburn. During Fall quarter, a retreat in Henderson, Al. was held with worship, teaching, and fellowship. Some of the members attended the Student Activist Leadership Training Decem- ber 29 through January 2 which featured well-known evange- lists. 258 Chi Alpha CHRISTIAN STUDENT CENTER The Christian Student Center is a new campus orga- nization that is affiliated with the Church of Christ. It is a group of people who work together to help each other with school and their rela- tionship with God. The Christian Student Center has a lot of activities planned year round such as weekly devotionals, Bible studies, get-togethers, non- credit Bible courses, cook- outs, camping, seminars. Homecoming Activities, hayrides, retreats, sports, and many other things. The Chris- tian Student Center meets at Collegedale Church of Christ, located at the corner of Col- legedale Drive and East Street, across from the intramural field. The campus minister is Larry Sawyer. Row One: Larry Sawyer. Minister; and Julie Lindsey. President. Row Two: Cynthia Brown, Janet Cochrane, Vice President; and Hubert Conner, Adviser. Row Three: Gracie Motley and Ginger Sledge. Secretary Treasurer. Row Four: Jerry Sawyer, Kathy Sawyer, Sherwin Bonds. Cindy Sexton. Becky McClusky, and Sheila Crowell. Row Five: Debra Daniels. Teresa St. John, Terri Campbell and Brian St. John. Row Six: Kim Autrey, Lisa Turner, Patrick Gregory, and Keith Givens. Bible Study is held every week in the Second Floor of the Adams Center. Although the CSC is sponsored by the Churches of Christ, anyone is invited to attend. Christian Student Center 259 CATHOLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY ASSOCIATION The Catholic Campus Minis- try Association (CCMA) promotes Christian fellowship among registered students at Troy State University and attempts to offer a program of educational development of Christian values. This goal is accomplished through such means as retreats and social activities. During Fall quarter, the CCMA sponsored a Barbecue at St. Martin ' s Catholic Church to welcome back stu- dents and introduce new stu- dents to the CCMA. Moira Kaye was sponsored by the CCMA in the Homecoming pageant and a car was spon- sored for her during the Home- coming parade. Also during Fall quarter a mini-retreat was held at St. Martin ' s Catholic Church with Father Troncale and his team talking about communication. A soup sup- per preceeded the retreat. During Winter quarter, the CCMA traveled to Montgom- ery for an ice skating party. The CCMA completed the year with a Barbecue at the church on May 17. The Barbe- cue was held to honor those members of the group who were to graduate. As a fund-raising project, money contributed on campus by CCMA students was used to purchase a nativity scene for St. Martin ' s Catholic Church. Above: Laura Wadowick, Yolanda Fernandez, and Gen Blizzard enjoy fun on the ice. Top Right: Lorraine Bloeth puts on her skates before attempting to ice skate. Bottom Right: Laura Wadowick, president of CCMA, was one of the group who traveled to Montgomery to go ice skating. Members include Row One: Laura Wadowick, President: John Hein. Moira Kaye, Pat O ' Mara, Pam Wil- liams, and Jackie Westbrook. Row Two: Stacy Krebs, Denise Crochet, Terry Smith. Gen Blizzard, Richard Dean, and Turner Cooper. Row Three: Doug Smith, Rodrick Hilson, John Morrison, Lorraine Bloeth, and Yolanda Fernandez. 260 CCMA SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta is an hon- one must have completed or society for the recognition twenty hours of upper level of academic excellence in English and have a 2.2 GPA in the field of English and the all English curriculum and an promotion of outstanding overall GPA of 2.0 or better, literary achievements. Members must also be pur- To obtain membership, suing a major or minor in the field of English. During fall quarter, mem- bers sold donuts as a fund- raising project. Eater that quarter, Sigma Tau Delta sponsored a Poetry Reading at the home of Dr. Rosemary Canfield. During the reading, faculty members read original poetry. Sigma Tau Delta also spon- sored a special dinner at West- ern Sizzlin ' to honor those members who would graduate during the 1980-81 year. Dur- ing the dinner roses were pre- sented to the seniors. Row One: Tammy Whigham. Pres- ident; Brenda Livingston. Secretary- Treasurer; Kim Kunky. and Jackie McLendon. Row Two: Lorna Tedder. Myra Wise. Jim Sherry, Greg Meyer. Advisor; Dawn Humphrey and Connie Long. LDS INSTITUTE i The LDS Institute is a young adults group organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Lat- ter-Day Saints. Membership is open to all college students. LDS Institute sponsored open houses throughout the quarter. During the open houses, skits were performed, and films were shown. The purpose of these open houses was to encourage people to further their knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Other activities during the year included sponsoring a car during the Homecoming pa- rade. Sigma Tau Delta LDS Institute 261 Top: Connie Long works diligently to meet the 4:00 Monday deadline. Bottom Right: Ten Walley and Lori Smith complete paste-up work. Middle Left: The staff works late Tues- day to send off the finished paper to be printed. Bottom Left: Tim Deagan, photo- grapher to the staff, sizes a picture dur- ing paste-up. 262 TROP -- ' •»■«.. THE TROP The Trop is a university- community newspaper distrib- uted free of charge each week. It is designed to serve the campus community while helping those interested in the newspaper field to get first- hand experience with a pub- lication prior to graduation. Paste-up is completed on Tuesday night. Finding the lights on at 4:00 Wednesday morning was nothing out of the ordinary. It was often neces- sary to " burn the midnight oil " in order to put finishing touches on the paper before sending it off to be printed. The Trop was distributed every Wednesday, full of campus news, sports, features an so on. The staff was also responsi- ble for printing the pre-college orientation paper for all in- coming freshmen. All writing, editing, layout, paste-up, type- setting, and selling of adver- tisements is done by TSU stu- dents. The advisor is Mr. Boyd Campbell. Row One: Randy Austin, Lorraine Bloeth, Editor; and Connie Long. Row Two: Lori Smith, Sports Editor; Steve J. Scurggs, Tina Goodson, Photog- rapher; and Allison Monfee. Adver- tising Manager. Row Three: Mr. Boyd F. Campbell, Advisor; Tom Davis, Assistant Editor; Cecil Yancy, Craig Pittman, News Editor; Gerriane Plant, Teri Walley, Photographer; Jim Taylor, Time Kurtz, Circulation Man- ager; and David Murdock McFarland. Not Pictured: Nora Colee, Business Manager; Wendy Parker, Arts Editor. Lorna Tedder. Academics Editor; Tim Deagan, Photography; Patrice Ander- son, Bev Bowser, Jane Crosby. Donna Braffunder, Tim Hermetz. Larry Hobbs, Michael Peeples, Ginny Puck- ett, Carol Thomas and Tracy Wenzel. Lorraine Bloeth, editor of the Trop. discusses a story with Arts Editor Wendy Parker. TROP 263 KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi, an educational honor society open only to juniors, seniors, and graduate stu- dents in the upper one-fifth of the college academic rating, is proud to be recognized as Troy ' s oldest honor society, established on May 18, 1946. Kappa Delta Pi makes annual contributions to the following scholarship funds: The L.S. Vanderford Memorial Scholarship Fund, The Foy Ingram Cummings Memorial Fund, and the Mary Will Berry Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund. They hold the Horace Nelson Distin- guished Lectureship in Education during Spring quarter which involves a wellknown lecturer in the field of education. During Honor ' s Day two awards are presented by Kappa Delta Pi: The R.H. Ervin Award to the outstanding Senior in Education, and the W.P. Lewis Memorial Award to the Outstanding Junior in Education. Activities this year included: a Fall Initiation Banquet Nov. 13, a presentation by members of Troy ' s School of Education on Jan. 8, a panel of local principals and guidance counselors from local high schools on Feb. 12, and a Spring Initiation Banquet in May. Top: Dr. Horace Nelson, Couns.; Donna Fluker, Hist. Rep.: Diane Willison, V-Pres.; Martha C. Moore, Sec; Kathy Dement, Pres.; Dr. Mike Covin, Treas. Middle: Old Members present at Fall Banquet Bottom Left: Mrs. Barbara Halbert addresses members and initiates. Bottom Right: Initiates for membership to Kappa Delta Pi 264 Kappa Delta Pi SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi. the society of Professional Journalists, is an organization which seeks professionalism in the field of journalism. Membership is by invitation from the chapter to individuals actively engaged injoumalism. One of the main projects of Sigma Delta Chi was assisting in the High School Journalism Workshop on April 9. More than 2(K) high school students from Alabama, Georgia, and Florida attended the event. Highlights of the workshop in- cluded sessions on various aspects of the newspaper medium, a television produc- tion session, and an awards ceremony recognizing the work of young journalists. Also spring quarter, Sigma Delta Chi members assisted with the Journalism Sympo- sium. State and national report- ers, newscasters, and journal- ism-oriented people were guests. There was a panel dis- cussion of topics of importance to journalism and an awards program for state finalists. Fol- lowing the Symposium, a ban- quet was held for Sigma Delta Chi members and journalism alumnae. The officers for Sigma Delta Chi are Donna Jeffcoat. President; Lorraine Bloeth, Treasurer; and Carol Thomas. Vice President. Not pictured is Lorna Tedder, Secretary. Merrill Bankster. advisor to Sigma Delta Chi. presents certificates of merit to high school participants in the Journalism Workshop held May 9 at Troy State University. Members of Sigma Delta Chi which are pictured include Lorraine Bloeth. Tammy Burks. Donna Jeffcoat. Jim Taylor, Gerald Sonnier. Carol Thom- as, Steven Cobb. Laura Vitty. and Ken Ellis. Sigma Delta Chi 265 BETA BETA BETA: BIOLOGICAL HONOR SOCIETY Beta Beta Beta is a national honor society for biological science majors and minors. Beta Beta Beta promotes biological sciences through assemblies, projects, science fa ' irs, and other special proj- ects. To obtain active mem- bership one must be persuing a biological science major or minor, maintain a 2.0 overall GPA with a 2.3 in all biology Row One: Marena Miller. Denise Har- rison, Jan Thomason. President; Edith Marley, Vice President; Dr. Danice H. Costes. Advisor; Donna Headley, and John Morrison, Secretary. Row Two: Denise Crochet, Jackie Wade. Bill Grant. Roseanne Leonard, Sabrina Ward, and Susan Burkhart. Row Three: Gina Phillips, Tami Caldwell. David Mark Harris, John O ' Conner, Walter King. Penny Peter. Stevie Etheridge, and Pat Schweinsberg. Bottom Left: Mr. Phillip Ryals presents John Morrison with the Outstanding Scholastic and Service Award for Beta Beta Beta. Bottom Right: Chas Powers and Jan Thomason helped preside over initiation. classes. Associate mem- bership is open to those who do not meet GPA requirements but are biology majors or minors. Members sponsored a Homecoming Raffle Fall quar- ter which included dinner-for- two, a date ticket to the game, a corsage, and beverages. They also sponsored a car in the Homecoming parade. During Winter quarter, members held another raffle for Valentine ' s Day. Between Fall and Winter quarters, fif- teen active members and ten associate members were initi- ated. A Shrimp boil was held later Winter quarter to intro- duce new members to old members. During Spring quarter three faculty and eleven members attended the Regional Beta Beta Beta Convention held April 8-11, 1981, in Knox- ville, Tennessee at the University of Tennessee. A going-away party was given for Mr. Phillip Ryals and graduating seniors on May 18. Mr. Ryals, advisor to Beta Beta Beta, left Troy State University to complete his PhD. 1 [ill, J m 1 f IB ■ 266 Beta Beta Beta PHI ALPHA THETA: HISTORY HONOR SOCIETY Phi Alpha Theta is an in- ternational honor society in History that recognizes out- standing studies in the field of History. Requirements for membership are a minimum of eighteen hours of history courses, an overall 2.0 G.P.A., a 2.25 in all history courses, and election by membership. Initiation is held each quar- ter at one of the faculty ' s homes. Fall Initiation was held at the home of Dr. Porter. Mrs. Duane Tway gave a presenta- tion on her recent trip to Cana- da. Winter Initiation was held at the home of Dr. Norma Mitchell with Dr. Leonard Tway giving a humorous pre- sentation of five decades in the History Department at TSU. During Spring Initiation at Dr. Mitchell ' s home, the winner of the Colonial Dames Award for Best Paper in America pre- sented his paper. Sixteen peo- ple were initiated into Phi Alpha Theta this year. Sheryl Spradling, president of Phi Alpha Theta, repre- sented the group at the State Convention of all the chapters in Alabama. Sheryl presented her paper entitled ' " Alive to the Cause of Justice: ' Juliette Hampton Morgan and the Struggle Against Rascism in Montgomery, Alabama. " Phi Alpha Theta made a con- tribution to the Memorial Fund for the late Dr. G. Ray Mathis. As a fund-raising project, members sold chances for din- ners at local restaurants in the Troy area. Phi Alpha Theta 267 MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board is an honor society which recognizes col- lege seniors for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, and .e. The society proposes to support the ideals of the University, to promote equal- ity among all people, to ad- vance the spirit of scholarship. to encourage leadership, and to provide service to the cam- pus and the community of which it is a part. Membership requres a minimum grade point average of 2.3. During fall quarter. Mortar Board sponsored the Home- coming football raffle in which How One: Kim Wilkinson, Bill Owens. Treasurer: Joni Christenson. Histo- rian: Oaylan Jackson. Election! Chairman: Randall Bradley. Pres- ident; Annelle Kelly. Secretary: Vicki Carreker. and Joy farmer Row ' I wo: Heidi Moore. Steve Clifton. Or Nor- ris. Advisor; John Morrison. Dr. Bowling, Advisor: Mr. James O Seal. Advisor: Dr. Ralph Adams. President. IS C : Bill McCellan. and Tammy Whigham. a football with all the players ' names were written was raffled off during half-time. During April, a job place- ment seminar was sponsored by Mortar Board members. Speakers from different de- partments of the school talked about job interviews, how to secure a job, and so on. Any student who maintained a 3.0 GPA over Fall and Winter quarters were invited to attend the President ' s List Tea spon- sored by Mortar Board. On April 2, 1981 , twenty-one students were formally tapped during a class and wore a mor- tar board for the remainder of the day. Formal initiation was held April 26 in the Adams Center. During Honors Day Activ- ities, Cheryl Adams was presented the Fay Ellis Memorial Award. Mortar Board presents this award annually to the outstanding member of the Junior class who meets the necessary criteria. DELTA OMCIRON CHI Delta Omicron Chi is a pre- professional Honor Society which attempts to promote scholarship to develop profes- sional attitudes and qualities, and to promote communica- tion and cooperation between the various health professions. Membership to Delta Omi- cron Chi is extended to students enrolled in a pre-health profes- sion curriculum, and who have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.3. Row l: Gary Weaver Greg Owens — President. Arthur James. Walter King. Ko» 2: Greg Hammock. Chas Powers, Randy hasterling. «Tia Omicron Chi BETA IOTA TAU Beta lota Liu (Bl l in an organization on campus which attempts to improve the held of computer science al Iro Slate Universit) lo obtain membership, one must be a computer science major or minor w ith a 1 .0 o er- all GPA. Beta lota Tail is the chapter branch of Data Processing Management Association, a national professional organiza- tion. Beta Iota Tau sponsors guest speakers to be included in their meetings. Among the roster are Tom Gororski, Pres- ident o ' the Data Processing Management Association lo- cated m Montgomery . the data processing manager lor the State of Alabama, and the advisor to another student chapter in the state. Representations from Beta lota Tau travelled to Mont- gomer Spring quarter to lew a computer show held in the ci k center. On Ma) 2S. Beta Iota Tau sponsored a steak dinner in honor of all graduating seniors in BIT. The advisors to BIT are Jim- m Clark and I eRo Walton. Row One: Robert Pearson. Secretary- Elect; Min- Enfiager, President . and Mary Ann Smith. President-Elect. Row Two: Bob Binford. tec Pros idenuGuy Dunn, treasurer- Elect; and Brandt Cosgrove, Parliamentarian Row Three: Regina Smith. Brenda I n- glish. Debra Sappington. Marguerite Hanks. Annelle (telly, Beek Bind. and Lizzie Perterson Row Four: I Van Norton. DarreU Hayes, Greg Cole, and Rick) Skelton. Row Ki e: Charles Masterson, Mike Williams, and ' im De Groot. Row Si : kitson Yu, Mike Jones, David Smith, and lad Bronson Row Se en: Warner Chandler. Ste ie Ethendce. Willie Sasser, and Marty Skurk. " PHI BETA LAMBDA and in their work. Membership is open to an business major or minor. Phi Beta Lambda is a busi- aggressive business leadership As a campus ser ice project ness society which attempts and to strengthen the confi- Phi Beta Lambda sponsored a to develop competent, dence of student in themselves tax seminar in cooperation with WTSL-TY. During Fall quarter, mem- bers participated in the Home- coming parade and attended the Fall Leadership Confer- ence in Birmingham. Alabama. During Winter quarter. Phi Beta Lambda participated in " ' Bucks for Bricks. " a projecl for National Headquarters in V ashington. During Spring quarter, members took part in the State 1 eadership Conference in Birmingham. Members also addressed en elopes for Sport Art Affiliates, Inc.. of Tro Row One: l.vnn Mclnvale, Treasurer. Laurie Doner. Secretary . Elizabeth Spivey, President, and Carl Greene. Vice President Row Two: Damn 1 ee. Helen Leverette, Advisor; Teresa Fur- mace. Becky P.mlk. Gretcben Guest, and Sharon Strickland Beta lota Tau Phi Beta Lambda s) THE GAMMA BETA PHI SOCIETY Gamma Beta Phi is an honor and service society for stu- dents in the top twenty percent of their class. The present membership at Troy State is over 400. Nationally, there are over sixty chapters. Gamma Beta Phi Sponsors many projects to involve mem- bers in school activities. Fall quarter the club sponsored a Coke Break during registra- tion. Gamma Beta Phi, in cooperation with Coca-cola served free cokes to students going through registration. Club members sponsored a food drive for Thanksgiving and had a good response to it. Gamma Beta Phi sponsored Julane McFarland in the Homecoming Parade as their participant in the Homecoming Pageant. During Winter quarter, five people travelled to Bay Min- ette for the State Gamma Beta Phi Convention held January 20, 1981, to support Renee Wright as a candidate for State Vice President. Also during Winter quarter members presented silk red roses with a note of apprecia- tion to all faculty members in accordance with National Teacher ' s Appreciation Day on February 12th. A few of the members participated in the BSU Volleyball Marathon. Troy ' s chapter of Gamma Beta Phi hosted an informal so- cial at the National Convention in Montgomery so that mem- bers could get better ac- quainted with other chapters nation-wide. Dr. Canfield, Advisor, and several members were active at the National Convention. Spring induction was held May 13th. ACTIVE MEMBERS Cheryl K. Adams, Christopher A. Aman, Vickie L. Anglin, Deborah Marie Balough, Steve C. Benson, Lor- raine M. Bloeth, Patricia A. Blum, Bonnie L. Bohner, Kathy Cecile Booker, Gerry Lee Brower, Rita Dar- lene Brown, Tammy Burks, Gloriare Capers, Alicia Anne Chambers, Shar- on K. Cherry, Joni E. Christensen, Chris E. Christian, William Thomas Cleveland, Stephen G. Clifton, Frank James Colbert, Mary Collier, Mary L. Cooper, Patricia Ann Cope, Kenneth L. Craft, Denise L. Crochet, Dottie Culbertson, William Keith Davidson, Marcus A. Davis, Jr., Martha L. Deal, Alice Marie Deese, Patricia A. Dew- berry, Twyla Kay Dillard, Melissa J. Enfinger, Deborah K. Ercoli, Barbara K. Fannin, Steven B. Fairris, Donna Deloris Fluker, Suzanne D. Foreman, Teresa Michelle Furmage, Edwin Leon Garner, Scott Theodore Gee, Ronald T. Gibbs, Keith M. Givens, Lynn Lumon Godwin, Tonie Belinda Haines, Susan R. Haisten, F. Charlene Hale, Robert L. Hammock, Kathy Lynn Harbuck, Jeanne Hardwich, Kenneth Wayne Hart, Stanley D. Hawthorne, Pam Hayes, Donna Head- ley, Jane Helms, Charlotte Hilson, James Calvin Hines, James S. Hinkel, Jeanie A. Holt, Beverly H. Hopkins, Lynn S. Hudson, Becky Hulak, Dawn M. Humphrey, Donna June Jeffcoat, William David Jeschke, Clopton Wal- ker Jones, II, Robert B. Jones, Vanes- sa D. Kay, Karen A. Keller, Gary R. Kelly, Suzanne Kendrick, Gregory A. Kennemer, Russell T. Kirchner, Tera Jane Kirkham, Dee Ann Knight, Rudee Kritakara, Jimmy L. Krogh, Kimberly Lynn Kunky, Elizabeth P. Ledford, Rose anne Key Leonard, Jef- frey Merrill Leukel, Mary Leah Liles, Kenneth W. Linna, Cynthia Lips- comb, Brenda Livingston, Elizabeth Jo Mack, Edith F. Marley, James S. Martin, Barbara Jean May, Suzanne Maxwell, Julane McFarland, Tony McGuire, Keith A. Messenger, Mare- na Sims Miller, Pamela A. Miller, Lin- da A. Moneymaker, Martha Lynn Moon, Cynthia Gwen Moore, Martha C. Moore, Linda Crumpler Morgan, James Charles Moring, Jeffrey Alan Morrow, Kathy Lynn Murphy, Carol A. Nelson, Randy Warren Nelson, Susan C. Nelson, Susan B. Newmans, Joay A. Obert, Brenda Kay Owens, Gregory Ronald Owens, Sharon L. Pace, Cathy Marie Parker, John Mark Parker, Robert A. Pearson, Ernest F. Perdue, Don F. Phillips, Britten Poul- son, Charles K. Powers, Catherine V. Rainer, Debra Lee Rainey, Russell Kevin Ramey, Willie Fredd Reynolds, Julianne Richburg, Duane Edward Rieker, Jerry W. Ronson, Marsha E. Rouze, Viva Camille Sanders, Kevin M. Scarbinsky, Cheryl Ann Schmal- maack, Robert J. Seitz, William Ed- ward Seitz, Cynthia Leah Sims, James R. Skelton, Janice Noble Skelton, Elton Smith, Hugh Antonio Smith, J. Morgan Smith, Melva Virginia Sor- rells, Sheryl Spradling, Joe Stanton, Beverly Ann Steed, Kathy Sue Stephens, Henry Thomas Strother, Douglas William Sutton, Lydia D. Swails, Carmen M. Sylvain, Janice E. Thomason, Michael Anthony Torres, Bridgette Y. Trotter, Mary Lisa Tur- ner, Jane Vickers, Jacqueline M. Wade, Laura Ann Wadowick, Lisa Anne Waller, Sabrina J. Ward, Tom- mie Washington, Beverly L. Webster, Tammy L. Whigham, Tammy Jean Wiggins, Mike Wilson, Jennifer M. Workum, Gary Andrew Wosselik, Be- linda Leigh Wright, Renee Wright. 270 Gamma Beta Phi Officers (his year were left to right: Gary Wossilek, Head Photographer; Ernie Perdue, Asst. Photographer; Re- nee Wright, Pres.; Joni Christenson, V-Pres.; Lydia Swails, Rec. Sec; Julane McFarland, Treas.; Bridgette Trotter, Asst. Treas.. Not pictured are Elton Smith, Corr. Sec. and Steve Clif- ton, Parliamentarian. Lydia Swails presents Gamma Beta Phi sponsor Dr. R. Canfield with a silk rose on Teacher Appreciation Day held February 12. Cokes, distributed by Gamma Beta Phi volunteers, were a welcomed sight to hot students during registration. Gamma Beta Phi 271 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society which honors high scholastic achievement during the first year in college. To obtain membership one must have an overall GPA of 2.5 in their first quarter in college or their first year in college. Alpha Lambda Delta held an initiation ceremony dur- ing Winter and Spring quar- ters. Once accepted into membership, one remains an active member through his Sophomore year. Although membership is for life, one becomes an inactive member in his Junior year. Each year the honor soci- ety presents an award to an outstanding member of the freshman class. This year ' s award was presented to Cindy Willis during Honors Day cere- mony. The officers this year were: David Taylor, President; Les- ley Bondi, Vice President; Pam Miller, Secretary; Bill Cleveland, Treasurer; Denise Crochet, Historian; Richard Dean, Junior Advisor; and Charlene Hale, Senior Advisor. Top: David Taylor. President of Alpha Lambda Delta, presents Cindy Willis with the " Outstanding Freshman of the Year Award " during Honors Day Ceremony. Middle Left: Mrs. Joyce Griffin, Advisor, pins an initiate. Mid- dle Right: Mrs. Joyce Griffin. David Taylor, and Ms. Cordelia Grey pre- sided over the initiation ceremony. Row One: Kevin R. Doheny. Jamie L. Gould. Robbin Tomlin, Ginny Puckett. Charlene Hale, Senior Advisor; Pam Miller. Secretary; David Taylor. President; Lesley Bondi, Vice President; Denise Crochet. Historian; Bill Cleveland, Treasurer; Cathy Owings, Kim Kunky. and Greg Owens. Row Two: Bobby Brom, James. Harvell. Wade Seamon, Wes Trickland, John R. Lacy. Greg McGilvray. Tim Smith. Barry Eckert, Keith Harnage. Jeanie Holt, Paulette Raulerson, Anne Kimmel. Cindy Willis, Yolan- da Fernandez. Desiree Sutton. Bon- nie Bohner, Marthanna Moore, and Mike May. 272 Alpha Lambda Delta ARGONAUTS Argonauts is a compus ser- vice organization which hon- ors those students at Troy State University which pos- sess leadership qualities. In order for one to obtain membership, he must be nominated by an active mem- ber. The nominee must be a sophomore or junior with a 1 .5 GPA and must be active in another organization on campus. During Fall quarter, mem- bers sponsored a car in the Homecoming parade. Mem- mm — - ill r - 4 Ik wimml V f W V 1 - H J M rari B j bers also sponsored the pep rally parade and bonfire during Homecoming. Fun and Games Week was sponsored May 4-7. During this week, old members made initiates participate in various games. The week was wound up with a Steak Cookout at Murphree Park to introduce new members to the old mem- bers. Many faculty members were invited to attend. As a service projects, Argo- nauts participated in the BSU Volleyball Marathon. Top: Sheryl Rayford, secretary of Argonauts, enjoys a steak at the cook- out. Middle Left: New members were introduced at the Steak Cookout at Murphree Park. Middle Right: Phillip Baker. President of Argonauts, dis- plays the paddle that his little brother made for him. Row One: Debbie Young, Brenda Owens. Steve Austin. Treasurer. Sheryl Rayford. Secretary, and Phillip Baker, President. Row Two: Darlene Brown. Jane Irby. Tim Venable. Lamar Isom, Willie Sasser. Vice Presi- dent, and Mr. Arthur H. Coker. Not Pictured: Tim Smith. Mike Puckett. Ben Thompson. Althea Phillips, and Bruce Miller. Argonauts 273 u l tie primary objec- tive of the national Hon- or Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all academic disci- plines. The Society is convinced that in recog- nizing and honoring those persons of good character who have ex- celled in scholarship, in whatever field, it will stimulate others to espouse excellence. Moreover, the Society feels that it serves the interests of the student capable of excellence by insisting that in order to acquire a chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, an in- stitution provide the means and atmosphere conductive to academic excellence. Undergraduate stu- dents are eligible for consideration who have senior status and are scholastically in the up- per 10% of their class; or who have reached the final period of their junior year and are scholastically in the up- per 5% of their class. Those students meet- ing these requirements who were initiated into membership for 1980-81 are listed below. -£: Phi Kappa Phi Initiates Vint Peter Asciutto Kenneth Harold Borland Charles Randall Bradley Lee Gibson Bradley Gerry Lee Brower Cathy Alene Catoe Randall John Cohen James Lee Cole Elizabeth Ann Dalrymple Cornelious Dansby Julia Ann Parnell Dillard Joy Lynn Farmer Thomas James Foreman Frances Charlene Hale Sherri Kay Henderson Bruce M. Herring Dawn Marie Humphrey Anne T. Johnson Robert Lewis Jordan Rudee Kritakara Jimmy L. Krough Edith Francisca Marley V 1 William F. McClellan Merry Jane McWilliams Jacqueline Harriett Moore Kathy Lynn Murphy Susan Croft Nelson Mark Roy Olson Cathy Marie Parker Barbara Raynette Pettus James Ronald Pinckard Michael George Rhoda Jean Wratchford Sellers Sara Elizabeth Shaver J. Elton Smith Lois Faye Spivey Sharon Roesel Stark Mary Shriver Steimle Kathy Sue Stephens Glenda S. Terry Janice McLendon Waldrop Tommie Washington Kim Elizabeth Wilkinson Diane Daniel Willison Troy State staff member Vcorcbv I m 21 A Phi Kappa Phi PHI ETA SIGMA FRESHMEN HONOR SOCIETY Phi Eta Sigma is a scholastic honor society which honors freshmen who meet the re- quirements for membership. To obtain membership, one must be a member of the fresh- men class and have an overall grade point average of 2.5 at the end of his second quarter. Chapter fees are partially used to send a delegate to the national convention. Members receive a fraternity magazine. Initiation was held May 21, 1981. The initiation ceremony was conducted by Ron Pierce, advisor, and Diane Burch, out- going president. Officers were chosen at the close of initiation with Ray Bendall as president and Vicki Comer as vice presi- dent. Row One: W. Ray Bendall. E. Luke Landers, Linda D. Cummins, Vickie D. Comer, Nicole Carrier, Genevieve Blizzard, and Susan G. Blake. Row Two: Cathy Owings. Sandra M. McEn- tee. Lydia R. Deloach. David M. Klein. Vernon F. Harmon, Marvin L. Hamilton. Deborah L. Green, and ' Kristen L. Grant. Row Three: Yolanda T. Fernandez. Cynthia T. Willis. Lronetta K. Williams, Tracy A. Wen- zel. Mary J. Sutton. DesireeL. Sutton. Janet L. Sweizer. Virginia A. Puckett. and Gerrianne Plant. Not Pictured: Robert A. Brom. Beth Bracewell. Steven L. Calton. and Sheila G. Scholler. Phi Eta Sigma 275 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor soci- ety which recognizes outstand- ing student, faculty, and admi- nistrative staff. Omicron Delta Kappa re- conizes and encourages achievement in scholarship, athletics, social service, reli- gious activities, campus gov- ernment, speech and the mass media, and creative and per- forming arts. Membership in Row One: Tammy Whigham. Beverly Boss. Angela Medders. Kathy Mur- phy. Sherll Spradling. Toni Luker. Gammy Tase. Nora Colee. Heidi Moore. Tina Stephenson. Durhonda Ashcraft. Moria Kaye. Row Two: Dr. Mitchell. Paula Stokes. Dr. Mitchell. Vicki Carreker. Kim Wilkinson. Ms. Sprague. Stacy Krebs. Cheryl Adams. Lorraine Bloeth. Dr. Robinson. Row Three: Dr. Bowling. Charlene Hale. ODK is a mark of highest dis- tinction and honor. Initiation for new members was held May 21, 1981, at St. Martin ' s Catholic Church. Joe Jones, President and Mr. Rick Stetson, Advisor, conducted the ceremony. During Honors Day cere- mony, Joy Lynn Farmer was presented the Omicron Delta Kappa: Ralph W. Adams Leader of the Year Award. Eddy Garner. Richard Dean. Gaylan Jackson. Bubba Belcher. Jose Jones. Dean Gibson. Row Four: Dr. Barnett. Mr. Stetson. Dr. Hawkins. Larry Grant. Randall Bradley. Dr. Long. Dr. Adams, and Mr. Hennigan. Dr. Glenn O. Hilburn. National Presi- dent of ODK presents Beverly Boss with her certificate of membership. 276 Omicron Delta Kappa Top: Mr. Rick Stetson. Advisor to ODK, and Joe Jones, President of ODK. conducted the initiation cere- mony held May 21 at St. Martin ' s Catholic Church. Bottom Left: Eddy Garner enters his name into the chap- ter role book during initiation. Bottom Right: Dr. Glenn O. Hilbum, National President of Omicron Delta Kappa, presents Richard Dean with his certifi- cate of membership. Omicron Delta ' s Kappa 277 DELTA SIGMA PI . . . eta kappa Professional Business Fraternity Steve Austin Bill Belcher Mike Bozeman James Brown Christy Burkett Bruce Bush Elaine Ford Sharon Groom Chip Grouby Ame Howell Steven Harrelson Chris Harvey Gary Kelly Bruce Killough Mark MacGregor Tim Magee Elana Mayham Rene McCamish Nancy McCoroy Charles Moring Rusty Nell Sharon Pace Cathy Parker Joe Partridge Robert Pearson Laurel Rice Jeff Railey Kevin Scarbinsky Amy Segrest Gary Shi rah Billie Simmons Phillip Sims Richard Skaggs Alan Smith Angela Smith Jim Sprayberry Shari Stark Alisa Stuckey Lisa Whitstine Terry Whittington Cheri Wiesner . Woodbury Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a profes- sional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of stu- dents for their mutual advancement by research and practice; and extend these qualities into the Troy community. The motto of Delta Sigma Pi is " We Mean Business! " They sponsored and partici- pated in several activities as re- flected by their annual Spring Fling. Over 2 5 brothers traveled to Memphis, Tennes- see on April 22-25 and toured several different businesses in the city. Delta Sigma Pi sponsored a Career Day in the Adams Cen- ter where representatives from computer companies such as IBM were invtied to set up ex- hibits. Students were allowed to ask questions and take liter- ature. Speakers were at dif- ferent times throughout the day. Winter quarter Delta Sigma Pi participated in Jump Rope for Heart sponsored by the HYPER Club. Delta Sig mem- bers jumped rope for two hours in an effort to raise over $250 for the Heart Fund. Brothers also participated in the Angel Flight Bed Race and the BSU Volleyball Marathon. Delta Sigma Pi sponsors businessmen from outside the community as well as faculty to speak at meetings. To be eligible for mem- bership, a student must have a 1 .3 QPA, a business major with 12 hours completed and a pledge for a quarter. Del ta Sigma Pi prides itself in the belief that it offers the best of all possible worlds for business majors. Professional- ly, it offers First-hand experi- ence in small business opera- tion and fraternally it offers a lasting bond of brotherhood to men and women. Cathy, Glenda, and Debra man a recruiting table for prospec- tive pledges during class hours. Delta Sigma Pi 279 It ' s What ' s Between the Covers »■ " • The Palladium is Troy State ' s yearbook which is pro- duced by creative and imagina- tive TSU students. Work be- gins the first day of fall quarter registration when class pic- tures are taken. Several deadlines are estab- lished throughout the academic year at which times portions of the book are sent to the publishing company. The book is completed at the end of spring quarter and the new books are delivered fall quarter of the next year. Below: Whenever it seemed there was no answer to an in- surmountable crisis Mrs. Smith would pull us through with another one of her many brainstorms. Bottom right: Palladium photo- graphers were Wes Llewellyn, Rita Padgett, Charlotte Mc Donald and (not pictured) Bob Markey. 280 Palladium Staff That Counts. Top left: An occasional afternoon get-together was essential for the staff to maintain its sanity. Above: Leslie Braman displays a layout from the class section for suggestions from our publishing representative, Mark Colberg, as Mrs. Smith and Amy Segrest look on. Left: On chaotic deadline days the tables and desks are abandoned. Palladium Staff 281 Right: Ray Bendall — Ray was the editor of organizations. Below: Missy Enfinger and Tammy Catron — Thanks to these hard-working girls there is an administration section in this book. Bottom left: Tony Morris — The features section is to be credited to Tony. 282 Palladium Staff J H-i .Z . 1 1 IT U dl n «.»M, Above: Richard Armstead — Associate Editor. Richard was editor of Campus Life and the Greeks Above left: Susan Russell — Associate Editor. Susan was the Sports editor and staff artist. Left: Amy Segrest — Editor In addition to overseeing production Amy did the opening section. Palladium Staff 283 •-•, I I ll ADMINISTRATION Administration 285 DR. RALPH WYATT ADAMS 286 Administration Dr. Ralph Adams has served as Presi- dent of Troy State University since October 1 , 1964. Dr. Adams attended college at Birmingham-Southern Col- lege, the University of Alabama, the University of Colorado and George Washington University. He holds membership in the United States Supreme Court Bar, the Alabama Bar, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar, and Phi Kappa Phi. In 1977 he was inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor and in 1979 was designated First Citizen of the Area by the Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Adams has been a great asset to Troy State University during his tenure. His ded- ication is evident in his pursuit of excellence for the University both academically and physically. Mrs. and Dr. Ralph W. Adams Administration 287 TROY STATE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fob James — A native of Lanett, Alabama, Governor Fob James, Jr. graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. From 1962-78, he served as President and Board Chairman of Diversified Products Corp.. From 1972-74, he served as President of Alabama Citizens for Transportation. He was elected Governor in 1978 and took office in January, 1979. By virtue of his office, he serves as President of the Troy State University Board of Trustees. Jack Giles — Attorney Jack Giles of Huntsville is a graduate of the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama Law School. A native of Dallas County, he is a former state senator, has served as City Attorney in Huntsville, and has held several key appointments in Madison County as well as at the State level. He serves as Chairman of the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission which operates the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. C.J. Hartley — Mr. C.J. Hartley of Tuscaloosa is a graduate of the University of Alabama. A leading merchant in Tuscaloosa, he was named Man of the Year in 1967 by the Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce. He is active in Boys ' Club work, the Exchange and Elks Club, and the YMCA. Harold R. Collins — Dr. Harold Collins from Mobile, Alabama graduated from Troy State University. He then continued his education and obtained his master ' s and doctor ' s degrees from the University of Alabama. A former Superintendent of the Mobile Board of School Commissioners, he is now serving as a consultant in finance and education. Robert E. Kelly — Mr. Robert E. Kelly of Montgomery is Executive Vice President of the Union Bank and Trust Company. He is an attorney with a doctor of jurisprudence degree from the University of Alabama. He serves as State Treasurer of the Alabama Heart Association. Robert T. Wilson — Mr. Robert T. Wilson, former state senator of Jasper and one of the state ' s leading attorneys, is also one of the major powers in Alabama politics and a key figure in the support of higher education in the state. John A. Teague — State Senator John A. Teague is an insurance and real estate executive from Childersburg. In the State Senate he serves as Chairman of the Commerce, Transportation, and Utilities Committee and is a member of the Rules, Banking and Insurance, and Judiciary Committees. He is a Director of the Alabama Motorsports Hall of Fame and the East Alabama Cerebral Palsy Association. Wallace D. Malone — Mr. Wallace Malone of Birmingham is Chief Executive Officer of Southern Ban corporation. The Dothan native is Chairman of the Birmingham Area Chamber of Commerce, a trustee of Samford University, and Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Army Aviation Museum Association. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Troy State University Foundation Board, he serves as President pro tern of the Board of Trustees. Wayne Teague — Dr. Wayne Teague. a native of Cullman, is a graduate of Auburn. He has held various educational supervisory positions throughout his career and is presently serving as State Superintendent of Education. He is a member of various civic clubs and was named Alabama Educator of the Year in 1975 by Kappa Phi Kappa Honor Society. Jack Wallace — Judge Jack Wallace of Clayton is recognized as one of the State ' s key political leaders. A Circuit Judge, he is a graduate of the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama Law School. R. Douglas Hawkins — Dr. Douglas Hawkins, a ve ' .erinarian fr om Troy, graduated from Auburn University. A former President of the Trov Chamber of Commerce, he was named Troy Man of the Year in 1978. He serves as a Director of the Pike Museum. Richard Dean — As President of the Student Government Association, he serves as the student representative on the Board of Trustees. Richard is a junior, majoring in Math, with a CIS and Business Administration minor. He is from Montgomery. Alabama and is a member of Mortor Board and Omicron Delta Kappa. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Seated, L-R: Judge Jack Wallace, Attorney Jack Giles, Dr. Harold Collins, Mr. C.J. Hartley, State Senator John A. Teague. Standing, L-R: Dr. Ralph W. Adams, Mr. Robert E. Kelly, Mr. Wallace Malone, Dr. Douglas Hawkins, Mr. Lamar Higgins. Not pictured: Governor Fob James, Dr. Wayne Teague, and Mr. Robert T. Wilson. 290 Administration EXECUTIVE BOARD Seated, L-R: Dr. Edward Barnett, Dr. Ralph W. Adams, Dr. James D.C. Robinson, Ms. Robin Caldwell. Standing, L-R: Dr. Eugene Elrod, Mr. Robert Paul, Mr. Don Gibson, Mr. Ed Peeks, Mrs. Jean Mary. Administration 291 Dr. James D.C. Robinson, Executive Vice President Dr. Edward Barnett, Vice President for Academic Affairs Mr. Donald J. Gibson, Vice President of Student Affairs 292 Administration ' Administration Dr. Freddie Wood, Assistant to the President Mr. Ed. Peeks, Vice President for Financial Affairs Mr. Robert Williford, Dean of Student Affairs Mr. Kenneth Croslin, Director for University Libraries Mr. Sherrel Bees, Director of Counseling and Pre-College Orientation Administration 293 Mr. Walter Hennigan, Director for Development and TSU Foundation Mr. Robert Stew art, Director for Athletics Mr. Rick Stetson, Director of Alumni Affairs Mr. Jeff Golden, Director of Financial Aid Mr. Allen Boothe, Assoc. Director for Financial Aid and Chief of Campus Security Mr. Arthur Coker, Director of Housing and Conference Services Mr. James Reeves, Director for Personnel Services Mr. Melton Carter, Director for Physical Plant Mrs. Carolyn Gibson, Director for Placement Ms. Robin Caldwell, Director of University Relations Mr. Frank Hurley, Asst. Director for Physical Plant Mr. Ron Pierce, Director of Adams University Center 294 Administration Mrs. Joyce Griffin, Coordinator of Women ' s Residence, Panhellenic Mr. L.R. Popwell, Coordinator of Men ' s Residence, Interfraternity Mr. Jimmie Clark, Director of Data Processing Mr. Stephen Parker, Purchasing Agent Mrs. Dale Law, Staff Accountant Mr. Walter Sullivan, Director of Academic Records Mr. Dale Mosely, Coordinator of Printing Services Publications Staff: Seated, Joe Johnson. Standing: (L to R) Mildred Finaly, Tammy Grissett, Susan Johnson, Reba Allen. Ann Wilson, Larry Savoie Broadcasting Staff: (L to R) Henry Roddam. Laura Vitty. Bruce Mims Health Center Staff: Seated. (L to R) Trudy Walker, R.N.: Mrs. Gloria Creek. R.N.. Director. Standing: (L to R) Serna Weeks, R.N.; Rebecca Norsworthy. R.N. Administration 295 Mr. Carl Precise. Asst. Director of Financial Aid Mr. Jim Bradsher, Asst. Director of Financial Aid Mr. James E. Williams, Director, Veterans Services Mr. Rick Sandretto. Director of High School and Junior College Relations Miss Lisa Sharpless, Admissions Counselor Mr. Mike Carpenter, Admissions Counselor Mr. William Walter. Counselor Mrs. Louise Goforth, Asst. Registrar Mrs. Joyce Law, Asst. Director of Academic Records J F -vAy | 1 f 1 Mr. Charles Kite, Asst. Director of Dr. Ralph L. Taylor. European Adams University Center Liason Officer Dr. Nolan Hatcher. Director of Special Activities 2% Administration Mrs. Erma Blair, Postmistress Printing Department: (L to R) Ben Mason, George Law, Richard Thompson, and Kenny Boyd. Photographers: (L to R) Lloyd Hulsey, Ed Moseley, Donald Norsworthy, and Oscar, the Fisherman. Mrs. Maggie Kyzar, Manager of the TSU Bookstore. v ib i ' Miss Ethel Sanders, Assoc. Director of University Libraries. Library Staff: (L to R) Becky Howell, Nell Bassett, Hubert Conner. Lois Green, and Pat Porter. Administration 297 School of Business 1 wta ?!s a ■- iff 9§ 1 1 ' bI F 1 ' ■? w Dr. Rhae Swisher — Dean Dr. Don Hines — Assistant Dean ROW 1 L TO R: Mrs. Priscilla Garrott, Dr. Steve Garrott, Kitson Yu, Dr. Fred Cain, Dr. Don Hines, Mrs. Hester Miner, Robbins Sims, ROW 2 L to R: Mr. Daniel Rabinowitz, Mr. Joseph Creek, Dr. Eva Carr, Ms Helen Leverette, Mr. George Miner, Dr. Ira Pyron, Dr. Fred Viohl, Row 3 L to R: Mr. James Dykes, Dr. Ronald Toulouse, Mr. Robert Palmer, Dr. Leroy Walton, Dr. Jerry Hataway, Mr. Eugene Sherman, Dr. William Smith, Dr. Rhae Swisher. 298 Administration School of Nursing Ms. Patricia Starck, Dean J 1 1 1 C Left to Right: Ms. Jill Mayo, Sandra Witt, Mrs. Alice Deal, Ms. Brenda Riley, Carol Thomas, Madeleine Leiniger, Ms. Patricia Starck, Mrs. Elvira Reynolds, Mr. Leroy Pratt, Miss Betty Thomas, Ms. Sandra Faria, Mrs. Baphne Kennedy, Mrs. Connie Webb, Mis Janice Nelson Administration 299 College of Arts And Sciences Dr. John Carroll, Assistant Dean Dr. John Long Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Physical Science Department Dr. Edward Ward, Chairman Left to Right: Mr. Edward Kantor, Dr. Billy Norman, Dr. B.J. Bateman, Dr. John Mueller, Mr. Eugene O ' masta, Dr. Edward Ward Administration 300 DEPARTMENT OF AEROSPACE STUDIES Lt. Colonel Whitney Broussard — Chairman Row 1: Tech. Sgt. John Williamson, Staff Sgt. Anthony Lynn, Tech. Sgt. Duane Dean, Capt. Robert Barnes. Row 2: Maj. Thomas Carpenter, Sgt. Bill Morgan, Maj. William Gunn. CRIMINAL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT Mr. Glynn W. Eiland — Chairman Mr. Charles Jones — Assistant Professor, Mr. Gerald Carter — Assis- tant Professor. Administration 301 Department of Biology Dr. Donald Barris — Chairman First Row, L-R: Dr. Robert Dietz, Dr. James Wilkes, Dr. Danice Costes, Dr. Donald Barris. Second Row: Mr. Gary Furman, Dr. Wayne Adams, Mr. Phillip Ryals, Dr. Robert Tucker, Dr. Raymond Kisner. English and Foreign Language Mr. Fred Davis — Chairman First Row, L-R: Mrs. Mary Hilyer, Dr. Gertrude Schroeder, Mr. James Sherry, Dr. Emma Norris, Mrs. Dorothy Adams, Mr. Greg Meyer. Second Row: Dr. Joseph Roberts, Ms. Cordelia Gray, Mrs. Carol Adams, Mrs. Sue Mahaffey, Mrs. Faye Senn, Dr. Rosemary Canfield, Mrs. Keel, Mrs. Bassett, Mr. Ed Hicks, Mr. Marvin Bassett, Dr. Peter Howard, Mr. Fred Hidlemann, Mr. Fred Davis. 302 Administration HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Curtis Porter — Chairman Row 1: Mrs. Mary Mathis, Dr. William Welch, Mr. Pat Harris, Dr. John Carroll Row 2: Dr. Curtis Porter, Dr. John Bowling, Dr. Norma, Dr. Joesph Mitchell, Row 3: Mr. Grady Post, Dr. Duane C. Tway, Dr. Milton McPherson, Dr. Brooks Thompson, Dr. Leonard Trapp, Mr. Robert Pullen, Dr. Nick D ' Andrea DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS L to R: Dr. Lou Destito. Mr. John Lee, Dr. Janelle Elrod. Mr. James O ' Neal, Mr. Charles Norris Mr. James O ' Neal, Chairman Administration 303 School of Fine Arts Dr. John Long — Dean Department of Music o R: Mr. James Mahaffey, Dr. Carl Volrath, Mrs. Jean Barr, Mr. Vadowick, Ms. Patricia Fry, Dr. David Eisler, Dr. William nison, Mr. Franklin Jaeckle, Mr. Phillip Kelly, Seated: Mrs. Ann Patillo. Miss Sarah Whaley Dr. William Denison — Chairman 304 Administration Department of Arts and Classics Mr. William Lower and Dr. Robert Stampfli: Co-chairmans First Row: Mr. Woodi Ishmael, Mr. Sergei Shillabeer. Second Row: Mr. Mark Brewton, Dr. Robert Stampfli, Mr. Edwin Walter, Mrs. Patrica Duke, Mr. William Lower. Administration 305 Speech and Drama Department Dr. David Dye — Chairman Dr. Gerald Baxter, Mr. Tom Smiley School of Journalism Mr. Stanton Evans, Mr. Stephen Cobb, Mr. Merrill Bankster, Mr. Boyd Campbell 306 Administration School of Education Dr. Max Rafferty, Dean of School of Education Dr. Ralph Erickson, Assistant Chairman Education and Psychology SL L to R First Row: Dr. Robert McCombs, Mr. James Brantley, Dr. James Dwyer. Dr. Allyne Gibson, Ms. Joyce Weiss. Mrs. Carol Lovelady. Second Row: Dr. Ralph Erickson. Mr. Charles Whitson. Mr. James Anderson, Dr. Max Rafferty. Mrs. Anne Smith. Mrs. Carol Kimbrough, Dr. Charlotte McCombs. Dr. Patricia Harden. Dr. James Kimbrough. Mrs. Betty Hendricks. Administration 307 HPER [• l y f-nTTf T ] Dr. Gene Hanson Chairman GRADUATE DIVISION L-R: Mr. John Archer, Mr. Nicholas Costes, Mrs. Gracie Sauers, Mr. Don Jeffery, Dr. Gene Hanson, Ms. Virginia Watson, Ms. Kathy Flynn. Dr. Rudi Argenti Dean 308 Administration TSU SCHOOL OF NURSING ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING PROGRAM FACULTY Jean Mann, Associate Dean Gerard Chamberland Margaret Fuhr Dorothy Holland Frances Jean Kelley Vivian Peeks Alice Roberts Joanne Staley Sandra Stevenson Charlyn Vickers Mary Weaver Administration 309 PHENIX CITY BRANCH Dr. Frank Bonner Academic Dean Mrs. Janice Pitts Registrar Mr. Curtis Pitts Director Dr. James T. Miller. Assistant Director. Student Affairs and Chair- man of Special Education Dr. Andrew Cox, Chairman of So- cial Science Department I Mrs. Carolyn Andrews, Acting Chairman of Business Vi Mrs. Lula Huff, Coordinator of Per- sonnel Management Admissions. L to R. Bud Edwards. Counselor. Carla Marion. Undergraduate ons Clerk. Nelda Raines. Supervisor of Admissions and Records. Char Night Coordinator Business Office. L to R. Marlene Cain, Bookstore Clerk. JoAnn Welch. Bookstore Manager, Cecilia Spivey, Business Manager. John Evans, Accounts Receivable Clerk In The Bay Minette Branch of Troy State University started op- eration on the campus of Faulk- ner St. Junior College, in the Spring Quarter of 1974. It is dedi- cated to offering evening pro- grams for the working adults of the surrounding community. This Branch Campus offers both upper division of undergraduate work and graduate work. The principal programs offered are Business, Education, and Crim- inal Justice. Approximately 433 Degrees have been conferred in the period of 1979 to 1981. BAY MINETTE BRANCH Seated, (L to R): Margie Coleman, Robert Renz, Lisa Mosley, and Margaret Carthon. Standing. (L to R): Jim Coats, Sandra Kutzman, Rick Krustchinsky, Dennis Goodwin, Director; and Jack Bush. Administration 311 Dothan Ft. Rucker Mr. Robert M. Paul, Chief Executive Officer Dr. J. Wyatt Grimmer, Asst. Vice Pres. Academic Affairs Mr. Nolan Williams, Asst. Vice Pres. Administrative Affairs Administrative Officers Dr. William Thornton, Asst. Vice Pres. Student Affairs 312 Administration Mrs. Anne McCuistian, Director of Ms. Gaye Peacock, Registrar, Fort Mrs. Gayle Oberst, Business Manager Admissions and Records Rucker Dr. Frank Lovrich, Special Assistant Dr. Lester Stewart, Director, Graduate Dr. Larry Brown, Chairman Arts and Program Science Department Dr. Marjorie Kirkland, Chairman, Counseling and Human Development Dept. Dr. Eugene Calvasina. Chairman, Busi- Dr. Peter Benable. Chairman, Education ness Department and Psychology Department Administration 313 ' Dr. Gene Elrod, Vice President Dr. Martha Lewis Johnson, Assistant to Vice Presi- dent, Academic and Faulty Affairs Mr. Jack Joseph, Assistant to Vice President Adminis- Dr. Kline Johnson, Dean of Students and Director of trative Affairs Graduate Studies Mr. Jay LeVan, Director of Business Affairs Mr. Donald Threlkeld, Director of Special Activities and Institutional Research ?I4 Administration TROY STATE UNIVERSITY IN MONTGOMERY Mr. Dennis W. Gibson, Director of Conferences Institutes — Con- tinuing Education Mrs. Helen R. Bern, Director of Uni- versity Relations Dr. Dale Martin, Chairman, Psychology Counseling Dr. Gordon Pickler, Chairman Humani- ties and Social Science Dr. Chris Summer. Chairman, Educa- tion Dr. Luck Watford. Chairman, Science. Computer Information Science, and Mathematics Dr. Randall K. White. Acting Chair- man. Business Administration 315 TSU EUROPEAN REGION Dr. Jack Wilson From a beginning of gradu- ate programs at six bases on August 26, 1974, and an undergraduate program on one base on March 1, 1976, the European Region has grown so that Troy State is now located at 30 bases, with graduate programs at 27 bases and undergraduate programs at 20 bases. Several host-country citizens are enrolled in our overseas programs, and the European Region has a con- sortium with the University of Saarland in Germany. Several undergraduate stu- dents have come to the Troy campus to complete their de- grees, including students under the Bootstrap program as well as one foreign civil- ian. One undergraduate com- pleting our program has been accepted into law school at one of the Ivey League uni- versitites. The European Region has the greatest graduate enroll- ment of any of the Troy State locations. Plans are being im- plemented to increase the li- brary holdings at the Euro- pean bases. Dr. Wayne Curtis Dr. Neil Chamelin 4 JD . ' m w Dr. Kern Wofford Dr. William Stokes Dr. Winfield Hutton 316 Dr. Frank Barnes Dr. James Garnett Dr. Roy Franchino Dr. Christopher Lingle Dr. John Black Dr. Rodney Romig Dr. Robert Saueressig Dr. Carolsue Holland Dr. Victor Sapio Administration 317 Florida Region Dr. Gerald Gill Director Jacqueline D. Sawyer, Eglin Coordinator Academic Advisor Morelle E. Laroche, Business Manager Mary H. Campbell, Academic Manager Joseph E. Zuro, Academic Dean ■ i m B Kathryn Gresko, Field Registrar John F. Whitehouse, Assoc. Professor of Public Administration Donald L. Jeffers, Asst. Professor of Management Carol A. Charis, Admissions Supervisor James W. Dingle, Pensacola Coordinator Kerin E. McKay, Asst. Professor Of Management Mary C. LeFan, Librarian Thomas P. Goodwin, Hulburt Counselor 318 Administration Ft. Benning, Georgia 18 !!! rr V " ,, •• „ ' ! rr u rr rr rr - j IB fr Zt rr h rr ■ " IL v t Aiijhpiiiiiijiiii :nfantcy hall ImTtFO STATED M C.J. Martin, Asst. Director Dr. Paul Stansel, Director of Business Affairs Berta Dodge, Asst. Professor of Education Homer E. Wright, Asst. Director for Academic Affairs J i Shirlon Hissom, Registar Robert S. Paydasheff, Asst. Professor, Criminal Justice M®@mr TACTICAL AIR COMMAND 3? N M HOME OF 347™ TACTICAL FIGHTER WING Mrs. June Cummings, Director Administration 319 Honor ' s Day Enc Rodgers Pki Beta Kappa Assoc. Award — Cheryl J. Hall Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Award — James Pinckard Faye Ellis Memorial Scholarship and Service Award — Cheryl K. Adams Ralph W. Adams Leader of the Year Award — Joy L. Farmer Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Freshman Award — Cynthia Willis Gamma Beta Phi Outstanding Senior Award — James R. Hall Alph Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Scholastic Award — Bruce Herring Beta Beta Beta Scholastic and Service Award — John Morrison Kappa Delta Pi R.H. Ervin Award — Kathryn Dument Phi Alpha Theta Scholastic Award — Tammy Whigham Pse Chi Award — Tommie Washington Sigma Tau Delta Outstanding Senior Award — Elizabeth Dalrymple Bernard E. Williams Award for Excellence in English — Tammy Whigham Colonial Dames of America Annual Award for the Outstanding Paper in American History — Sheryl Spradling AFROTC Commander ' s Award — Bruce Herring Kappa Delta Pi W.P. Lewis Award — Debra Omasta Outstanding Senior, Music Department — Russell Bunker Virgil L. Collins Mathematics Award — Diane Willison James Burns Clements Award — Michael Randall Joyce B. Sorrell Award — Vicky Carreker Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key — Timothy Hussey Alabama Society of CPA ' s Outstanding Accounting Students Award — Wil- liam Owens Phi Gamma Nu Scholarship Key — Rose Braswell National Business Education Assoc. Award — Golda Donaldson Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award — William Owens Sigma Delta Chi Headliner of the Year Award — Toni Luker Tex Whaley Assoc, of Childhood Education Award — Mary Liles Alpha Psi Omega Scholastic Award — Tom Foreman Sigma Alpha Iota Dean ' s Honor Award — Kim Wilkinson Arts and Classics Faculty Award for Academic and Creative Excellence — Mary Stimle Health, Physical Education and Recreation Academic Achievement Award — Kathy Murphy ) Dr. Glenn O. Hilburn, National President, Omicron Delta Kappa - •■•• Ingalls Award Receiving the 1981 Ingalls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching was Mr. James F. O ' Neal. Mr. O ' Neal, who believes it is a teacher ' s responsibility to help a student get his or her education through hard work, is the personification of the spirit of the Ingalls Award. Mr. O ' Neal carries a full teaching load as well as chairing the Depart- ment of Mathematics, a position he has held since 1976. In his spare time he acts as a sponsor-advisor to the Baptist-Student Union, a junior advi- sor to the Mortar Board, and a mem- ber of the Adams Center Union Board, the Student Affairs Commit- tee, and the All-University Educa- tion Council. Mr. O ' Neal, the holder of a B.A. in Mathematics from Vanderbilt Uni- versity in Nashville, Tenn., a Master of Religious Education from South- west Baptist Theologic al Seminary in Fort Worth, Tx., and a Master of Arts in Mathematics from Columbia University in New York, feels that the award, which is accompanied by a check for $1,000 and a plaque, is a vote of confidence on behalf of his efforts. Administration 321 Jenti Students 323 Abbott, Roxann Abney, Gail Abney, Linda Ackerman, Leslie Acton, Ty Adams, Frances Adkinson, Jeff Alexander, Charles Alexander, Jeff Alford, Carol Allen. Bill Allen, Julian Al-Sabej, Majed Anderson, Matt Anderson, Neal Anderson, Wanda Andress, Dimple Andress, Susan Andrews, Jack Andrews, Lynne Aplin, Tami Applegate, Debbie Archer, Tim Arnold, Donnie Arnold, Rebecca Arnzen, Diane Ashcraft, LaPread Ashford, Andrea Ashmore, Sheri Austin, Buddy Austin, Kelley Austin, Mitchell Avery, Angie Avrett, Frank Bailey. Carlton Bailey, Clay Baker, Beth Baker, Charlotte Baker, Huw Baldwin, Linda Ballentine, Mike Barfield, Diane Bargainer, Furniss Barnes, Keith Barrett, LeAnne Barron, Johnny Barton, Valerie Basch, William Bass, Craig Batecholr, Donald Bateman, Phil Baugh, Wayne Baughman, Rita Baxley, Amanda Baxley, Danny Baxter, Mary Jane Beasley, Steven Bednarz, Clay Belcher, Lisa Belk, Glynda Bell, Maggie Bell, Sarah Bendall, Ray Berry, Calvin Berry, Cinda Beussee, Ricky Bilbrey, Ronald Black, Naomi Black, Wendy Blake, Susan 324 Classes Blitch, Derrick Blizzard, Genevieve Blocker, Sheila Blythe, Drew Blythe, Mary Bloggan. Maurice Bolan, Marcille Bonner, Benjamin Borchik, Kimberly Borkenhagen, Donna Borrego, Paul Boss, Pat Boutwell, Rachael Bowser, Beverly Boyd, Mary Beth Bracewell, Beth Braden, Katrina Bradford, Laura Bradford, Michael Bradley, Bernestine Bradley, Scott Brasher, Angie Branch, Mary Ann Brannon, Phillip Braswell, Rena Braswell, Tsina Breland. Darlene Brewster, Charlie Briley, Ramona Brodgon, Edie Brom. Bobby Brooks, Kimberly Brookins, Betty Bross, Larry Brossman, Patty Brown, Bill Brown, Bob Brown, Bobby Brown, Doug Brown, Lisa Brown, Mary Frank Brown, Ray Brown. Rhonda Brown, Troy Brown, Vaunita Brown, Yolonda Bruce. Cathy Bruemmer, John Brunson, Betsy Brunson, David w in X 2 Classes 325 — Bryan. Cathy Bryan. John Bryan. Mac Bucciero, Joy Buchanan, Carolyn Buckles, Steve Bugg. Robert Bullock. Billy Bullock, Gary Bundrick. Shelia Buntin, Joe Bunting, Carol Burdette. David Burgess, Margaret Burguillos, Moni Burke. Mitchell Burke, Thomas Burkett, Scott Burkett, Terry Burnett, Traci Burnham, Lisa Bush, Odessa Byrd, Renne Caldwell, Curtis Callen, Malcolm Calton, Steve Campbell, Michael Campbell, Richard Campbell, Terri Canaday, Thomas Carden, Doak Carmichael, Judy Carrier, Nicole Carrier, Susan Carrillo, Mark Carroll, Cindy Carroll, Cynthia Carroll, Greg Carroll, Julia Carter, Belinda Carter, Eva Carter, Harvey Carter, Melissa Carter, Robert Casey. Kathryn Caso, Bob Castellano, Tina Cates, Allan Caver, Rosalind Cetti, Anne 326 Classes a t Cetti, Marsha Chamblis. Fannie Chamblis, Wendy Chan, Chung Chandler. Deborah Chandler, Roberta Chapman, Linzal Chapman, Wesley Chauvin, Bob Chellman. Douglas Childs, Cindy Christian, Carl Clark, Carla Clark, Chuck Clark, Jack Clark, Joseph Clark, Kim Clark, Linda Clark, Mary Beth Clark, Mike Clark, Mike Clark, Ronald Clark, Rusty Clark, Thomas Clark, Tina Clayton, Caraway Coats, Jacqueline Cobb, Reginald Coleman, Angie Coleman, Tracy Collier, Randy Collins, Beverly Collins, Melvin Collins, Mike Colqett, Charles Colvin, Wanda Combee, Keith Comer, Vicki Compton, Gina Compton, Lisa Cook. Brian Cook, Christine Cook, Donna Cook, Gary Cook, Glenda Cooper, Carl Cope, Charlotte Copeland, Mary Copeland, Peter Cordle. Rudoph Corley, Cassandra Correnti, Ken Costello, John Cottingham. Hank Cotton, Marise Couch, Cathryn Coullias, Steve Courtland, Mary Cowan, George Cowan, Willie Cowart, Henry Cox, Susan Craft, Kenneth Craft, Vicki Craig, Edward Crawford, Tim Crawford, Trent Creel, Steven Creswell, Thomas Crews, Lisa H GO X Classes 327 Cnhb. Debbie Crittenden, Perry Crossland, Tim Cross, Lisa Cross, Stephanie Crow ell. Sheila Cummings. Mary Cummins, Linda Cunningham, Charles Cunningham, Dale Dailey, Clark Dailey, Mark Dale, Ginger Daniel, Deborah Daniels, Traci Dankewich, Clay Darby. James Davidson, Jerry Davis, Barbara Davis, Brad Davis, Deborah Davis, Joey Davis, Kathy Davis, Laura Davis, Luanne Davis, Mark Davis, Ronnie Davis, Susan Davis, Terri Dawson, Aron Deal. Kevin Deal, Tony Deal, Rhonda Deagan, Tim Dean, Shirlon DeAntonio, Harry Deavers, Karen Defee, Patsy Dell, Denise Deloach, Lydia Deloach, Steve DeVore, Debbie Dicesare, Joe Dierksheide, Robin Dierksheide, Theresa Dillard, Willie Dix, Genold Dixon, Karleen Dobson, Lee Doggett, Kim Doheny, John Doheny, Kevin Donaldson, Raven Dorman, Jay Dowling, Michael Dowries, Darci Drake, Alison Drake, Kathy Driggers, Mary Beth Dubberly, Dena Duffey, Ronda Dykes, Ann Eagerton, Phillip Eason, Rita Eckert, Barry Edmondson, Lori Edwards, Sam Ellenburg, Greg Ellison, Teresa Ellisor, Lynda " - 328 ( Enfinger, Bobby Knfinger, David Knfinger, Deanna Engstrand. Glenn Erickson, David Ernest, Henry Estes, Glenda Estes, Greg Esteves, Luis Evans, Imogene Evans, Michael Evans, Sidney Evers, John Ewing, Keven Faas, Tom Fairly, Julia Fant, Scott Farrior, Henry Felder, Janet Fell, John Fellows, Janet Fendley, Toni Fernandez, Caprice Fernandez, Yoany Feuerback, David Figg, Donna Filson, Kay Fitzgerald, Robin Fleming, Rodger Flowers, Bernice Flowers, Johnny Flowers, Kim Flowers, Shelrel Floyd, Ken Floyd, Perry Floyd, Tim Folsom, Michael Fontaine, Cynthia Fore, Paul Foreman, Auburn Fortner. Tim Foss, Ken w GO X Classes 329 Foster, Bill Fralish, Vince Franks, Earl Frazier, Denise French, Debi Fretwell, Caryl Fritz. Steven Fryman, Dave Fuller. Alandra Fuller, Donald Fuller, Perry Funderburk, Barbara Fuqua. Dan Futch, Lamar Gache, Jim Gafner, Glenn Gamble, Keith Gardner, Valerie Garner, Sharon Gates. Cynthia Gauspohl, William Gay, Steve George, Jennifer George, Sandra Getchell, Timothy Gibbs, Ronald Gipson, Hootie Gilliland, Lee Gillman, Wanda Gilroy, Yong Givens, Macy Glass, Darren Glass, Kelly Glidewell, Danny Graham, Dianne Graham, Tim Graham, Vicki Gramling, LeAnne Grant, Kristy Grantham, Mark Gray. Pamela Gray. Tommy Green. Darryl Green, Deborah Green, Donald Green. Gloria Greer, Scott Griffin, Kate Griffin, Pat Griffin, Teri ' lasses Griggs, Janete Grimes, Beth Grimsley, Kim Godfrey, Quinton Gomillion, Amy Goodson, Timothy Goodson, Tina Goodwin, Colleen Godwin, Jo Ellen Godwin, Nelda Gorospe, Lisa Gould, Jamie Gould, Jay Gunn, Liz Gunter, Greg Gunter, Jeannie Guttery, Mark Gwin, Don Hair, Joe Haisten, Karen Halcomb, John Hale, Mike Hall, Karen Hall, Randall Hall, Yolanda Hamilton, Leon Hamilton, Marty Hamm, Charlotte Hamm, Suzanne Hammock, Greg Hampton, Reale Hamrick, Jacki Hancock, Deborah Hanks, Debra Hanning, Chris Hanson, Danny Hardy, Billy Hargrove, Beverly Harmon, Vernon Harnage, Keith Harold, Christina Harrell, Curtis Harris, David Harris, Larry Harrison, John Harrison, William Harry, Paige Hart, Elmer Hartselle, Tim Hartert, Jana Harvell, James Harvey, Laurie Hatch, Jan Haug, Christopher Hawk, Karen Hayes, Darrell n t« ' • a : m Hayes, Sonja Hazatone, Jill Head, James Head, Scott Helms, Michael Henderson, Durward Henderson, Richard Hendrickson, James Hennigan. Dare Henry, Dee Dee Hernandez, Kathy Hershey, Scott Hicks, Gwen Hicks, Misty GO X Classes 331 Hicks, Teresa Higdon. Ronda Higgins. Carra Hill. Joy Hill. Travis Hilliard, Renee Hilmer, Rick Hilson. Rodrick Hinson. Mark Hitchock, Keith Hobbs, Larry Hodge, Randy Hoik, Herbert Hollis, Mark Holman, Kimberly Holyfield, Tandra Holzmann, Gerard Holzschuh, John Hood, Ricky Home, John Hornsby, Liz Horta, Mary Horton, Bobby Hough, Tim Houston, Gene Howard. Herbie Howard, Irvin Howard, Jeff Howard, Jessie Howell, Jenine Huber, Jacqueline Hudley, Faye Hudson, Mark Hudson, Melinda Hufford, Nancy Huggins. Tam Hughes, Chris Hughes, Lewis Huling. Fletcher Hulsey, Bob Humphrey, Neal Hunt. Libbye Huntley, Sharon Hutchings, Layne Hyde. Wade Iannucci, Mariana Immel. Mark Ijeoma. Felix Irelan, Kelly Ireland, Bob Irizarry, Angie Ivins, Dani Jackson, Dale Jackson, Josephine Jackson, Lori Jacobs, Dru Jamal, Asif James, Joey Jarvis. Dorian Jeane, Laura Jefferson, Deborah Jenkins, John Jenkins, Mark Jenkins, Rhonda Jenkins, Tami Jennings. Mark Jennings. Tami Jewell. Greg Johns. Stephanie Johnson. Brenda m ii H - T ■DBHI 0 k w n W- zvtgm Johnson, Carol Johnson, Cordelia Johnson, David Johnson, Dimetra Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, James Johnson, Jason Johnson, Mary Anne Johnson, Mel Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Tracey Johnson, Vanessa Johnson, William Johnston, Mark Joiner, Kimberly Jones, Bob Jones, Jo Jones, Robert Jones, Stanley Jones, Timothy Jones, Wayne Jordan, Marvin Jordan, Maxie Julson, Jodi Keith, Al Kelley, Jackie Kelley, Randal Kelley, Shelia Kelly, Cheryl Kelly, Donna Keltner, Chris Kendrick, Jim Kennedy, Vivian Kennington, Kathy Kestec, James Key, Stuart Key, Terry Killough, Jill Kilpatrick, Johnny Kimbrough, Dan Kimmel, Anne King, Alan 00 X Classes 333 King, Ann King. Arthur King. Deborah Kirk. Robby Kirkman. Donna Klein. David Knighten. Robert Knotts, Mike Knotts, Rick Koski, Rusty Kourlas, Panagiota Kramer, Greg Kratzer, Lisa Kuchle, Sandra Kuhfeld. Jeff Kurtz, Claude Kyzar, Ray Lacy, John Lackey, Andy Lafon. Michele Lahey, Nathan Laird, Clinton Landers, Luke Lang, Lori Langston, Lori Lanier, Beth Lanier, David Lantis, Teresa LaPlante, Christy Lawal, Mulikat Layfield, Darrell Leano, Harrell Ledbetter, Stephanie Lee. Kelly Lee, Marie Lee, Thomas Lemons, Tim Lecornu, Cindi Lepore, Debbie Lewis, Jama Lewis, James Leung, Shinghlay L — 334 Classes Le Veque, Steve Leverett, Kim Liles, Charles Liles, Scott Lind, Cecelia Lindsey, Arlene I.mdsey, Mark Linzey, Cynthia Little, Jeff Little, Scott Livingstone, Nancy Lloyd, James Locicero, Joe Lockwood, Derrick Long, Mechele Lonza, John Lowe, Beverly Lowe, Lawerence Lowery, Denny Lowery, Frieda Lowery, James Love, Tammy Lovelace, Lisa Lovelady, Diane Lovering, Steve Lucas, Samuel Lunsford, David Lynch, Mike Lynn, Mike Mack, Kathy Madison, Gwen Madison, Marvin Mallory, Charles Malone, Fer-Rell Mann, Valarie Marable, Mike Marion, Susan Marquess, Scott Martin, Bentley Martin, Craig Martin, Dale Martin, Jack Martin, Tammie Mason, Wendi Masters. Connie Mastin, Kathy Mastroni, Mike May, Jo Anne May, Mike Maye, Rholma Mayes, Brenda Mayo, Mike McCain, Kyle McCallister, Meg McCartney, Irving McClellend, Chuck McCormick, Ralph McCrary, Collin McCrudden. Sharon McCurdy, Keith McDaniel, Carlton McDaniel, Kim McDonald, Charlotte McDonough, Keith McElhaney. Suzanne McEntree, Sandra McGilberry, Mary McGilvary, Greg McGowan, Jimmy McGraw, Sandra PO w Z Classes 335 McKenzie, Alecia McKenzie, Andy McKeown, Pat McKire. Carolus Ml Lain. Shelly McLendon, Carla McPhail. Kim McQueen, David McRee. Kelley McVicker, Mitch McWhirter. Sharon Meador, Dorothy Menge, John Meredith. Wanda Merklinger. Susan Merrill, Vonna Messick, Peggy Meyers, Karen Michalar, Mitch Middleton, Edith Milam, Wendy Miller, Andy Mills, Angela Miller, Linda Mitchell, Phil Mitchell. Susan Mixon, Fred Mixson, Michael Mndani, Mohd Mobley, Paul Mock, Robin Monfee, Allison Monfee, Brenda Monk, Marshall Montanez, Martha Montgomery, Daphne Moore, James Moore, Marthanna Moore, Paul Moore, Phyllis Moore, Robbie Moore, Sanford Moriarty, Patti Morris, David Morris, Tony Morrison. Denise Morrison, Julia Morrison, Meg Morrow, David Moss, Nick Mossholder, Mark Motley, Betsy Mozingo, Greg Mueller, Joyce Muer, Jennifer Murchison, Page Munnerlyn, Rudolph Muller, Bubba Murph, Micheal Murphree, Vicki Murray, Jeff Murray, Patrick Murrey, Robert Murry, Donna Nash, Debra Neal, James Nelson, Julia Nelson, Melanie Nelson. Melinda Newman, Robin " ■ 336 Classes ] Newman, Ronald Newman, Theresa Newton, Jacquie Newton, Larry Nichols, Rachel Nickels, Sonia Nix, Maria Nixon, Kenneth Noble, Brian Norris, Debbie Northcutt, Chris Norton, Dean Notman, Robert Nukui, Minoru Oakley, Allen O ' Dell, Pat O ' Ferrell, Dean Oliver, Pamela O ' Neal, Lynne Orange, Matthew Oswalt, David Owens, Doe Jean Owings, Cathy Pace, Robin Pace, Wanda Page, Jennifer Palmer, Beth Ann Palmer, Bud Pappaceno, Paul Paramoure, Laura Parker, Bob Parker, Karl Parker, Kathy Parker, Traci Parkman, Doug Parr. Jerry Patronas, Scarlett Patton, Elizabeth Patterson. Thomas Paul, Barry Paul, Dennis Peeples, Michael GO X Classes 337 Perry, Lee Pesnell, Suellen Peters, Karen Phelps, Lisa Phillips, James Phillips, Ross Pichanick. Keith Pierce, Rob Pilcher, Glenn Pique, Jim Pittman, Tim Pitts, James Plant, Gerrianne Pompey, Jan Poole, Keith Pope. Kevin Pope, Penny Porterfield, Lemar Posey, Brenda Posey, John Powell, Keith Powell, Kyle Powell, Leigh Powell, Shari Powell, Tom Powell, Troy Prather, Robert Prinkard, Shelia Prescott, Barbara Prescott, Craig Presson, Laurie Preston, Steven Prestridge, Julie Price, Cathy Price, Derrick Pridgeon, Randy Prince, Scarlett Purcell, Ken Puckett, Ginny Purta, Lorraine Pye. James Qualtrough, Lynn Quarles, William Ralls, Lesa Ratcliff, Joel Rawls, Charles Ray, Andy Reach, Joey Reed, Kelly Reed, Todd Reese, Jeff Reeves, Herbert Reid, Sandy Renfroe, Gina Reyes, Jamie Reynolds, Jim Reynolds, Page Rhoads, John Rhyne, Jeff Richards. Alan Richardson, Merit Richardson, Pam Richardson, Stella Ricks, Cindy Ricks, Greg Riggins, Earnest Rinks, Brian Roberts, Bonita Robertson, Brian Robinson, Elvira Robinson, Kathleen Robinson, Linda Robinson, Mark Rodgers, Mike Rodman, Joe Roesel, Chuck Rogers, Jay Rogers, Ken Rollings, David Roth, David Rouse, Katrina Rouse, Michael Rowe, Stephen Rudder, Joseph Rumbaugh, Susan Rushing, Larry Russell, Charles Russell, Jane Ryan, Twila Saggus, Nancy Samons, Tod Sander, Mike Sanders, Belinda Sanders, Jan Sanders, Mark Sanders, Michelle Sanderson. Lisa Sanders, Shelia Sanders, Suzanne Sanders, Vicki Sanford. Melissa Sangster, Brenda Sappington. Deborah Sargent, Beth Scarlett, James Scath. Joe Schirard, Michael Schmitz, Patricia Schweizer, Janet Scoller. Shelia Scott. Donna Scott. Glenn w GO X z " Classes 339 ■ Scott, Walter Scruggs, Steve Sculley, Sandra Seamon, Wade Segler. Kathy Self, Gwyn Selman, Dave Setenci, Yavuz Shahrd, Kevin Sharron, James Shaull, Glenn Shearer, Mart Shelton, Scott Shera, Shelly Shore, Jerry Shreves, Beverly Shute, Sandi Siebert, Will Silas, Michael Siler, Annette Simmons, Dorian Sims, Barry Sims, Kenneth Sizemore, Kenny Skeen, Philip Slaughter, Pam Sledge, Ginger Smith, Ann Smith. Benji Smith, Brian Smith. Carl Smith. Carsonlee Smith, Doug Smith, Greg Smith, Smith. Smith. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith. Gregory Jean Johnnye Karey Keela Kenneth Kent Smith, Lisa Smith, Lori Smith, Mark Smith, Michele Smith, Mike Smith, Patricia Smith. Robert Smith. Sandra Smith, Terry Smith, Tim Smothers, Pamela Snipes, Donnie Socarras, Manuel Sommerville. Billy Sonneville. Pamela Sowell, Jeff Speck, Anita Spence, Eric Spera, Carl Springsteen, Jay Squires, Dale Stallings, Melanie Stall worth. Brenda Stallworth, Daniel Stallworth, Felecia Stanford, Wayne Stanley, Theresa Stanton, Jacqueline j Slapleton, Patrick Starling, Buddy Stearns, Jackie Steiner, Kelli Stephens, Diedre Stevens, Blaine Stevens, Craig Stewart, Freddy Stiles, Sharon Still, Cynthia Still, H.V. Stinson, Melinda St John, Teresa Stokes, Quintin Stone, Sharon Strickland, Wayne Strickland, Wes Stringfellow, Donna Strother, Gennie Stubbs, Judy Sullivan, Blake Sultenfuss, Nancy Sutherland, Sydney Sutton, Desiree Sutton, Mary Tackett, Wayne Tanner, Guy Tanner, Lynn Tase, Terry Tate, Teresa Tatum, Cathy Tatum, Melody Tavrides, Lelia Taylor, Brigitte Taylor, Cheryl Taylor, David Taylor, John Taylor, LeeAnn Taylor, Mark Taylor, Rosalyn Taylor, Sharron Teal, Glenn W X 2 Classes 341 342 Classes fliorfp w» Waston, Lynn Watford, Tammy Watts, Mark Weaver, Bill Weaver, Gary Weaver, Norma Weeks, Jon Weldon, Thomas Welsh, Danette Wendel, Anne-Marie Wenzel, Tracy Whatley, Cynthia Wheelan, Martin Wheeler, Dolores Wheeler, Dwayne Wheeler, Vera Whigham, Ellen Whiten, Alison Whittaker, Dawn White, Jeff White, Mark White, Paula White, Ray White, Tracey Wiggins, Ronnie Wilkerson, Angela Wilkes, Connie Williams, Britt Williams, Cary Williams, Chip Williams, Greg Williams, Kim Williams, Teresa Williamson, Becky Willis, Cindy Willis, Janice Wilson, Gary Wilson, Judy Wilson, Wade Wingard, James Wingard, Joe Wise, Richard Wolverton, Gloria Wood, Tommy Woods, Cathy Woods, Cynthia Woods, Ezzie Woods, Shirley Woody, Countess Wooten, Diane Wright, Brett Wright, Richard Wright, Rosa Wright, Vicki Wurtz, Karen Wyatt, Jimmy Wyncoop, Howard Wynn, Virginia Yancey, Cecil Yoke, Mike Young, Scott Yung, Jenny Zachry, Cheryl Zelko, Monica Ziglas, Shyron Zoglmann. Roberta ■Tfl w GO X " Classes 343 Adair. Patricia Adamec. Mike Abney, Donald Adams. Jeffrey Adcock. Scott Akridge. Craig Albert. Reginald Alford. Jane Allen, Cindy Aman. Chris Ammons. Suzanne Anderson. Curtis Anderson, Deboral Anderson, James Anderson. Laura Anderson. Philip Anderson. Roderick Angelo. Nick Anglin, Vicki Annis, Doug Ansley, Eva Anthony, Dee Argenti, Pete Armin, Jennifer Armstead, Richard Armstrong. Mike Arrington. Wayne Asher, Jay Atkins, Steve Austin, Karen Austin, Nancy Autrey, Kimberly Averett, Fred Bailey, Ken Bailey, Laura Baker. Philip Baldwin, Natalie Balogh. Debbie Banker, Glen Bankester, Scott Barbata, Janie Barfield, Debra Barron, Nancy Bass, Cynthia Bass, Jeff Bassett. Janet Bassett, Gary Batchelor. Larry Bateman, Jeff Bates, Ben Bates, Jean Baxter, Zack Bell, Jesse Bell, Kimbi Bell, Wayne Bence, Leisa Bendolph, Glen Bendolph, Len Bennett, Drew Benson, Max Benson, Steve Benson, Wayne Berry, Catherine Bice, James Binings, Elizabeth Bishop, Mike Blackburn, Donna Blackman, George Blakely, Paula Bodine, Judy 344 Classes Boggan, Glen Bohnenberger, Otto Bohner. Bonnie Boiling, Ken Boman, Laura Bondi, Lesley Botts, Charles Boothe, Glenda Bowers, Robin Boyd, Kathy Boyd, Michael Bradshaw, Gary Brannon, Sheila Brant, Judith Bratcher, Wayde Brentnell, Mike Brettel, Diane Bridges, Beverlee Brodnax, Chlora Brock, Sylvia Brooks, Claude Brooks, Brooks, Brower, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Donna Tara John Arlean David Grace Harold Brown, Harry Brown, Kim Brunson. John Bryan, Cindy Bryant, Steve Buck, Sheryl Bullard, Andy Burdy. Pat Burch. Dianne Burgess, Raynene Burkett, Mark Burkett, Tina Burkett. Wayne Burks, Sandra C 3 O X o o w C 3 " Classes 345 Burlison. Keith Burns. Ken Burton, Kim Burtram, Tammi Bush, Kim Bush, Robert Buskey, Karen Byrd, James Cade, David Calhoun, James Calvert, Tate Campbell. David Campbell, Mark Campbell, Peggy Campbell, William Cannon, Denise Capers, David Carlton, Hollis Carlton, Katrina Carmichael, Marcas Carnley, Lydia Carpenter, James Carr, Charles Carr, Karla Carter, Andria Carter, Elizabeth Carter, Kenneth Carter, Kym Carter, Pam Cartwright, Michele Casaday, Cynthia Cash, Pete Casey. Candy Cashwell, David Castellano, John Castro, Victor Catron, Tammy Caudill, Lisa Causey. Sharon Cawley. Debbie Chambers, Alicia Chauvin, Clarence 346 Classes 2 Chivington, Darrell Cink, Ronnie Clancy, Chester Clark, Dennis Clements, Donna Cleveland, Bill Clower, Donna Cluen, Eileen Coad, Karen Cochran, Pam Coleman, Carol Collier, Nanette Comer, Karen Conner, Katrina Cook, Donna Cook, John Cook, Nancy Coons, Joe Cooper, Jimmy Corder, Greg Cordle, Leon Cosgrove, Brandt Coskrey, Beverly Cotton, David Crawford, Caroline Creel, Jerry Crochet, Denise Crutchfield, Cheryl Cueto, John Dacus, Pam Dalon, Helen Daoust, Dan Darlington, Cathy Davenport, Andrea Davenport, Sandra Davis, Angela Davis, Lisa Davis, Pamela Davis, Scott Davis, Tim Day, Kimberly Day, Melissa Dean, Cathy Dees, Martha DeGroot, Teresa DeGroot, Wilhelmus Denman, Scott Dent, Scott Dillard, Tad Don, Jerry Douglas, Carolyn Drinkard, James Drinnen, Wayne Dumas. Vincent Dunn, Guy DuRant. Patricia Dykes, Charles Easterling, Randy Edwards, Cornelius Elias, Janet Ellis. Ken Enemchukwu, Al English, Tip Ennis. Andrew Estes, Kenneth Evans. Jan Fairris. Steve Faith, Robert Fannin. Barbara Farahbakhsh, Farima CO O hd X O X o w CO Classes 347 Farmer. Carol Farrar. Greg Farris, Demse Fay son. Daron Feiton. Clifford Felts. Judy Fennal. Audrey Ferguson, Gerald Findsen. Ben Fiveash, Mary Flemins, Bill Fleshman. Diane Fletcher. Patricia Floumoy, Agnes Flowers, Francine Floyd. Lynda Foreman. Jerry Foster. James Frazier, Lennie Freeman, Linda French. Tamara Fretland. Erik Fridoonfar. Faramarz Fuller, Bill Gaines, Greg Gallacher, Liz Gantt, Lisa Garland, Gerald Garrett, Gloria Garrett, Susanne Gassett, Dianne Gewirtzman, Gayle Gibson, James Gibson. William Goemaat, Kathryn Goocher, Lisa Goodwin, Barry Gravat, James Graves, Linda Gray, Tom Green, Fletcher Green, Lou Ann Green, Thomas Greene, Carl Gregory, Nat Griffin, Sandra Grimes, Dianne Gilley, Tim Givens, Keith Gowins, Richard Grimsley, Gerry Grizzle, Sam Gufford, Mark Gulley, Janet Haas, Virginia Haddock, Shelie Hall, Angie Hall, Lee Hall, Melissa Hall, Sandra Hammerly, Patt Hanning, David Happy, Greg Harrell, Joe Harris, David Hart, Kenneth Hatcher, Arthur Hatfield, Mignonne Hawkins, Craig Hawkins, Sheila wmM - ' 3 i 348 Classes Haws, Stan Hayes, Donna Haynes, Katrina Haynes, Monica Helms, Jane Hembree, Greg Hemphill, Ruth Henderson, Deborah Hermetz, Tim Hicks, Stormy Hicko, William Higdon, Gayle Hill, Bonnie Hill, Thomas Hobden, Kenneth Hoffman, Jennifer Hogg, Lisa Holland. David Holland, Timothy Holley, Joey Holmes, David Holmes, Perry Holt, Jeanie Hopkins, Beverly Horst, Michael Horvath, Sue Houser, Jay Howard, John Howard, Sallie Howard, Sherri Howell, Ame Hudson, Joe Hudson, Rickey Hudspeth, Mike Huff. Ken Huffststler, Sam Hughes, Suzanne Hulsey, Marty Hussey, Delores Hutcherson, Synitra Hutson. Todd Hyler, Jalene Ingram, June Isom, William Ivins, Kelly Jaasma, Peggy Jackson, Sandra Jacobs, Cindy C 3 O X o o w Jacobs, Nadine Jackson, Sandra Classes 349 Jackson, Tammy Jcrnigan. Asa Jernigan, Frank Jenkins, David Jeter, Jennifer Johns, Kellie Johnson, Chris Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Randy Johnson, Ronda Johnson, Vicki Joiner, Steve Jones, Bob Jones, Connie Jones, Marie Jones, Mike Jordan, Cill Jordan. Deborah Karick, Kevin Kay, Vanessa Keene. Pam Keith, Cassandra Keller, Karen Kelsoe. Panda Kennamore, John Kersey. Terry Key, Glenn Killick, Debra Kinard, Terry Kirchner, Russ Kirkland, Tonia Kirksey, Nina Klages, Tim Knight, Dee Ann Knotts. Jeff Krebs, Stacy Kremer, James Kunky, Kim Kurtz, Tim Kincade, Michael King. Jamie King, Lynn Kinslow, Kelley Lacey. Cora Lambert, Phillip Lambert, Renee Landers, James Landrew, Susan Laney, Janet LaTorre, Pedro Lawrence. Barbara Lax on, Caron — Letherwood, Marilyn Lee, Betty Lee, Danny Lewis, James Ligon, Cindy Ligon, William Lindsey, Jim Linna, Donna Lipham, Sharon Lipton, Abbie Livings, Lynda Llewellyn, Wesley LoCicero, Carol Locklar, Susan Logan, Kelly Long, Connie Long, David Long, Leigh Lovering, Ronnie Lowe, Elizabeth Lowery, Lia Luckie, William Lunsford, Kim Lusk, Patrick Lyle, Charlotte MacGregor, Mark Macon, Sarah Maddox, Robert Mainor, Mary Jane Manley, Leighton Markey, Robert Marquith, Ron Marshall, Sharon Marshall, Vicky Martin, David Martin, Caryn Martin, Doug Martin, Laura Martin, Mildred Massey, Debra Mathiews, Linda Mathews, Brooks May, Tammy McBride, Kay McCarthy, Chris McClusky, Becky McCracken, Lindy McCracken, Margaret McCoy, Myrtle McDowell, Walter McGinley. Patti McGowan, Teresa McGrifT, Gus McGriff, Kellie McKenzie, Tom McKinney. Joyce McKinnon, John McLean. Cindy McLeandon. Kay McNab, Mitch McNabb, David McNeil, Lisa McQuaio, Kathy Mechiel, Joni Medders, Craig Medley, Kim Mendoza. Maria Messick, Beth Middleton. Cindy Milam. Marianne GO O X o o w GO ( Classes 351 Miles. Lisa Miller. Cliff Miller. Bruce Miller. Joseph Miller. Pamela Miller, Patricia Mills. Jone Miner. Kevin Mobley. Mary Montgomery. Thomas Mooney. Cathia Moorer. Willie Morgan, Billy Morrow. Steve Mott. Kenneth Mracek. Jon Mullins. Dennis Navert, Terry Neal. James Nelson, Neal Nelson. Sheila Neumans. Susan Newsom. Bob Newton. Paul Nichols, Mary Niles, Ronald Nix, David North, David Norwood. Trade Oqlesby. Pamela O ' Mara, Pat Omastra, Debra Orozco. Sondra Pswalt. Debbie Owen, Roger Owens, Brenda Owens, Dewayne Owens. Greg Ousley, Vera Pace. Sharon Padgett. Reita Pair, Janet Paramore, Shane Parish. Lynda Park, Dennis Parker. Eugene Parker. Wendy Partridge, Joe Patterson, Sylvia Peacock. Ronda Peariso, Ed Pearson. Lisa Pearson, Robert Pennington. Ison Pennington, Robert Penuel, Joe Perrella, Guy Perry. Charlotte Perry, Linda Petrone, Mike Pettis, Elain Pettway. John Phillips, Beverly Phillips. Dewitt Phillips, Myra Phillips, Sharon Pierce. Devin Pike, Susan Pinyan, Richard Poitevint, Mike fl M • ,+ J ■ Poliquin, Marion Polk. Belinda Pope, Patricia Poulson, Britten Powell, Dudley Powell, Gail Powers, Chas Price, Pamela Pride, Scott Priori, Terry Privett, Valerie Pruitt, Janette Pugh, Bernard Pyfrom, Deborah Ragan, Russell Railey, Jeff Railey, Melanie Rainer, Melanie Rainey, Debra Ramsey, Judy Rankin, Triva Rasdall, Donald Raulerson. Paulette Rayford, Sheryl Redd, Becky Reed, Larry Reeder, Cecilia Regan, Mary Reid, Ken Reid, Wanda Reilly, Pat Richards, Jerry Rideaux, Marlar Rigsby, Kim Riley, Theresa Risley, Michael Roach, Rhonda Robinson, Jo Ann Rohrlack, Bob Ross. Jackie Rotton, Robin Rountree, Barbara Rudolph, Dorothy Russell, Richard Russell. Susan Rutherford, David Ryan, Gregg Savage, Tami Salzarulo. Robin Sanders. Kirby C 3 O X o o w C 3 Classes 353 Sanders, Randy Sanders. Roy Scarbinsky, Kevin Schmitt, Brain Schneider, Lee Schwerer, Laura Scrushy, George Seitz, William Self, Debra Senn, Laura Sergeant, Kelli Sexton, Ramona Shaffer, Steve Sheffield, Lori Shelton, Brenda Sherman, Don Shirah, Garry Shirley, Cindy Simmions, Donna Simmions, Jerry Simms, Ronald Simpkins, Joe Simpson, Kim Sims, Cynthia Sims, Evetta Sims, Mona Skinner, Kirk Sleelan, Brain Smith, Alan Smith, David Smith, Dora Smith, Ellen Smith, Jeff Smith, Jim Smith, Larry Smith, Mark Smith, Morgan Smith, Teresa Snell, Regina Snider, Mary Snow, Nancy Speir, Laura Spooner, Ann Sport, Derri Stacy, John Stanley, Ted Starling, Linda Stempkowski, Tracy Stephens, Teresa Stevens, Alicia 3 354 Classes Stevens, Donna Stewart, Kathy Stewart, Kevin Stewart, Lester Stiehi, Kris Stinson, Danny St. John, Brian Strickland, Kay Strickland, Lynn Stoeker, Marjorie Stone, Don Stoneking, Crystal Storck, William Story, Sammie Stoudenmire, Denene Stumpf, Wayne Sullivan, Mark Sullivan, Ron Summerville, Lottie Sutherland, Sharon Sutton, Doug Swanson, Nancy Swartz, Stacy Takacs, Stephen Talley, Mira Tanner, Johnny Tanner, Margaret Tate, Terry Taylor, David Taylor, Jacqueline Taylor, Jennifer Taylor, Marcie Tedder, Lorna Terry, Alonzo Thomas, Eddie Thomas, Gabriel Thomason, Troy Thompkins, Shirley Thompson, Chris Thompson, Leon Thompson, Pat Thomson, Carrie Thornton, Wayde Tindell, Larry Tisdale, Teresa Tolbert, Chris Torres, Mike Toy, Cindy Trolinger, Todd Tucker, Teresa Tullis, Ronnie Turner, Lisa Uelez, Rudy VanderMeer, Joyce Varner, Jeff Vaughan, Ted Venable, Tim Vernon, Dave Vinson, Murray Walding, Dan Walker, Daisy Walker. Heather Walker, Steve Walker, Tammy Wall, Reba Waller, Karen Walley, Teri Walls, Theresa Ward, Timothy Ward, Verneller GO O X o o w go Classes 355 Waters, Jeflery Weary, Annie Webester, Beverly Weekley, John Weeks, Jan Welch. Jerrald Welcher. Ardenea Wells, Leigh West, Virginia Westbrook, Lisa Westbrook, Win Westmoreland. William Weston, Joe White, Mike Whitehurst. Wendel Whitman, Jay Wiggs, Todd Wilcox, Dallas Wilkins, Juaneysa Williams, Angela Williams, Charles Williams, Carolyn Williams, Mack Williams, Mellonee Williams, Pamela Williams, Sandra Williams, Tate Williams, Terri Williamson, Allen Williamson, Carol Williamson, Dexter Williamson, Jill Williamson, Vance Wilson, Donna Wilson, Henry Wilson, Kathleen Wingard, Patrice Wise, Layne Wise, Lisa Wisener, Cheri Wong, Oi Wood, Laura Wood, Wetzel Woodbury, Robert Woodling, Charles Woods, Debbie Wooten, James Wright, Debra Wright, Gail Wright, Terrie Wynn, Mary Yarbrough, Hugh Yeackle, Beth " 356 ( PLAY KICK FOR CASH Win $1,000 In Cash Plus A Set of Steel-Belted Radial Tires At the end of the first quarter, one number will be called. If that number matches the number printed on this page, report to the South Gate immediately. At the end of the second quarter, before the band takes the field for the half-time show, you will be directed to the ten yard line and allowed one try to make a 20 yard field goal. Split the uprights and go home with $1000 cash and a new set of steel-belted radial tires! GO o X O o w GO We Have A Winner: Jim Rodgers 79 T.S.U. Graduate Your Kick For Cash Number: Classes 357 Abdalla, Faried Abernathy, Richard Adams, Cheryl Adams, Paula Adams. Rusty Agne, Jeff Alford. John Allen, Anne Allen, Elvis Allison, Robin Almond, Jamie Alter, Bruce Anderson, Bernard Anderson, Leisha Anderson, Lynette Anderson, Robert Andrews, Jeffery Andrews, Selby Aplin, Donald Argo, Dean Armstrong, Lawton Ashburn, William Atkisson, David Austin, Michael Austin, Randy Austin, Steve Autrey, Rebecca Avery, Barbara Ayers, Frances Baker, Patsy Barksdale. Laura Barnity. Vicki Bartleson, Rebecca Bascomb, Brenda Bassett, Candace Bass, Janet Beaird, Kathy Beasley, Mitchel Beauchamp, Richard Belcher, William Bemis, DeAnne Benton, Perian J 358 Bercant, Eula Berry, Patty Bess, Kenya Biddle, Alan Bilbro, Randy Blackman, Donna Black, S. mimic Bledsoe, Ken Bloeth, Lorraine Bloodworth, Melissa Blunt, Larry Buntin, Terri Bonne, Gail Boozer, Debbie Boozer. Russ Borum, LeeAnn Bostick, David Botts, Richard Boutwell, Robin Bowdoin, Steve Bowen, Cindy Bowen, Gay Bowen, James Bowers, Charlotte Bowers, Glenn Bozeman, Kyle Bozeman. Mike Brackin. Brad Bradford, Tommy Braman, Leslie Braswell, Russell Bright. Emmett Brightwell, Mary Briggs. Gerald Britt, Wes Broadway, Wendell Brooks. Jennice Brooks, Norman Brown, Becky Brown, Danny Brown, Darlene Brown, James Bryson, Marie Buchele, Reuben Buckelew, David Bufford, Lveweeta Burk, Kenneth Burkett. Christy Burnett. Rita Burton, Dave Bush. David Byars. Dena Byrd. Glenda Caldwell. Tami Calhoun. Donnie Calhoun, John Calhoun. Kelly Callander. Bob Campbell. David Campbell. Sydney Caraway, diet Castleberry. Richard Caton, Jimbo Cates. Aubrey Chalker. Melanie Chamblee. Bobby Cherry. Sharon Cheshire. Dannv Chevis. Phillip Christensen. Cyd G o 00 1 Classes 359 Clark, Steve Cochrane, Janet Coleman, Geraldine Coleman, Osmund Coleman, Pam Coleman, Stanley Collier, Lisa Cook, Danny Cooper, Mary Cooper, Riley Cooper, Shona Cooper, Susan Cooper, Turner Cooper, Wanda Cope, Patricia Copeland, Miles Corley, Jud Cottle, Mackie Coulter, Mike Courtney, Deborah Craig, Elaine Craig, Ricky Crawford, Tammy Crews, Susan Crim, Donna Crosby, Jane Cross, Sherrie Crosslin, Greg Crowley, Larry Crum, Lisa Crozier, Ronald Cullen, Terry Culp, Morgan Culpepper, Cathy Culver, Vanessa Cunningham, Bonnie Cunningham, Yuell Curry, Kenneth Cyprian, Pete Daniel, Herman Danks, Thomas Daves, Geary Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis. Davis, Betsy David Janice Jason Jenny Kar en Marcus Davis, Tanya Davis, Teresa Davidson, George Dawkins, Larry Dean. Richard DeBeaugizine, James Deese, Alice DeLaigle, Tina Dement, Kathy Denman, Rebecca Detrick, Billy Dickman, Marc Dillard, Walter Dillender, Daniel Dodd, Tony Dodson, Shirley Donaldson, Archie Dorriety, Laura Douglas, Walter Dubisar, Lynn Duke, Kellie 360 ( Duke, Max Duncan, Octavia Dunnam, Keith Dunne, Tim Durham, Tammy 1 Dykes, Becky Earnest, Lori Earnest, William Edwards, Barbara Edwards, Jamie Ellis, Keith Elliott, Steve Ellison, Sharon Ellisor, Cynthia Ellisor, Jo Enfinger, Missy England, Tommy English, Brenda Espoda, Otto Evans, Billie Evans, Linda Faircloth, Ronald Fernandez, Edwards Finn, Henry Fiveash, Perianne Flora, Kathryn Flowers, Alice Floyd, Terry Folsom, Randy Foreman, Thomas Fowler, Sherry Fowlkes. Anthony Frederick, Mark Frenett. Rob Frey. John Frith, Tonye Fuller, Bobby Furmage, Teresa Galvan, Arthur Gamble, Gloria Gamble, Sandra Garner, Edwin Garrett, Janice Gea, Wentsvey Gee. Scott Genetski, Tom Gibson, LaNorris Gibson. Rob Giddens, Aaron Giddens, Claude c O 00 Classes 361 Gignilliat. Kim Gilliam, Robert Glover. Eric Godwin. Lynn Goff, Pat Godwin. Chuck Gorum, Billy Grady. Cathy Grant, Larry Grant. Michael Grantham. Laura Graves, Shirley Greek. David Green. Dwight Green, Gail Green, Hollye Green. John Griffin, Cindy Griffin. Kim Griffin. Terri Grimm, Pat Groover, Holly Grouby. Chip Grubbs, Sherrie Hadaway. Dennis Hagood. Keith Haines, Richard Haines, Toni Haisten, Susan Hale, Francis Haley, Patrick Hall, Aubum Hall, Glenda Hall, Jim Hall, Patricia Halladay, Stephanie Hamilton, Steven Hamm . Mike Hammond. Chester Hand, Mae Hand, Phyllis Harbuck, Kathy Harden, J.C. Hardeman. Ronnie Harless, Laura Harkins. Sharon Harrelson, Steven Harrison. Angela Harrell, Teresa Harrison, Karen Harsten, Kathy Hart, Christopher Harvey, Christine Haug, Stephen Hawkins, Martha Hawthorne, Stanley Hayles, Mike Haynes, Shirley Hayen, Teddy Head, Chuck Helms, James Hemming, Barbara Henderson, David Henderson. Dennis Hendricks, Bobby Hendricks, Mary Kaye Hendrickson, Amanda Hendrix, Ed Hendrix, Laura Henke, Bill Hewell, Mikell Hill, Mason Hillsamn, John Hinrichs, Rick Hinson, Genie Hinson, Luke Hoffman, Sharon Hohlbaugh, Kim Holcomb, Arnie Holley, Julie Hollis, Tamara Holmes, Dwayne Hooten, Catheleen Hooten, Eligha Hornsby, William Horta, Rick Howard, Lisa Howard, Wayne Huband, Julie Hudson, Becky Hudson, Lynn Huffman, Patricia Hufnagel, Gene Hughes, Bill Hussey, Cheryl Hutchins, Bren da Hutchinson, Thomas Ingram, Terry Irby, Jane Isaac, Joe Ishee, George Jackson, Beverly Jackson, Carl Jackson, Lynn Jackson, Scherry Jeff coat, Donna Jenkins, Warren Jemigan, Dennis Jinright, Pam Johnson, Anthony Johnson, James Johnson, Janice Johnson, Ken Johnson, Louis Johnson, Patti Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Tim Joiner, Jamie Jones, Helen Jones, Jacob O Classes 363 Jones. James Jones. Robert Jones. Tyanna Jordon, Roy Jordon. Terrie Kaye. Moria Keating, Mike Keeney, Jeff Kelley. Butch Kelly, Gary Kelly. Kim Kelly. Sharon Kendrick, Suzie Kennemer, Greg Khan. Talat Kidd. Paula Killough, Angela Killough. Bruce Kilpatrick, Steve Kimble, Darlene King, Glenna King. James King, Walter Kirkham, Jane Kirkland, Anthony Kirkland, James Kreis, Don Kritakara, Rudee Kuhn, Tamara Landreth, Michael Langdon, Randy Langenberg, Bob Lanham, Leslie Langhammer, Marie LaPointe, Jerome Large, Fred Lasselle, Erica Ledford, Elizabeth Lee, Daniel Lee. Doug Lee, Forrest Letourneau, George Lewis, Bob Lewis, Rex Lewis, Shari Liles, Angela Lindsey, Angie Lindsey, Julia Lipscomb, Cynthia Livingston, Brenda Long, David Lowry, Tracy Loy, Richard Lynn, Ricky Maddox, Frenshoum Majors, Kenny Malone, Sonya Maloy, Larry Manning, Jeff Martin, James Martin, James Martin, Kenneth Mashburn, Greg Mason, Tony Lee Massey, Karen Matherly, Laura Mathiews, Nancy Maulding, Joy Maxwell, Judy May, Barbara Mayham, Elana McClelland, Randy McCord, James McDonald, John McDurmont. Beth McElhaney, Ken McFarland, David McFarland, Julane McGiluray, Gary McGowin. Everette Mclnnis. Tut Mclnvale, Lynn McKee, Angelia McKellae, Voncile McKeller, John McKendree, Lamar McKinney, Dennis McLeod, Keith McQueen, Areather Meador, Bill Meadows, James Meeks, Greg Megginson, Robert Mency, Dorothy Merchant. Stephen Mihelic. Robb Mikel, Becky Miller, Marena Mills, Carolyn Mills, Jimmy Mills, Lynn Mims, Danny Mincy, Beverly Mitchell, Brenda Mitchell, Donald Mitchell, Kevin Mitchell, Ronald Mittler, Lea Mixson, Martha Modozie, Michael Montgomery, John Moore, Benjamin o GO Classes 365 Moore, Cynthia Moore. Phillip Moore. Rhonda Moorer, Betsy Morgan. Michael Morris. Arville Morrison. Paul Morrow, Jim Mosley, Wayne Mothershed. Margaret Murchison. Tayna Murdock, Kelvin Myers, Jerod Myers, Nicky Nabors, Charlie Napert, David Neal, Kitty Nell, Rusty Nelson, Carol Nelson, Frankie Nelson, Randy Nichols, Lynn Noble, Greg Noble, Tracy Null, Benny Nuss, James Ogle, Becky Ostertag, Don Oyler, Vicki Page, Roger Palmer, Leviticus Parker, Cathy Parker, Mark Parker, Patti Parker, Shelia Parsons, William Paulk, Becky Paulk, Charles Peacher, Jeff Peevy, Leshia Penn, Mike Pennington, Karen Perdue, Kenny Perkins, Robert Perry, Stuart Perry, Valrie Peter, Penny Peterson, Lizzie fHIVH Petritsis, Maria Petteway, Kathy u Pettus, Kathy Phares, Mike Phillip, Michaela Phillips, Gina Pierce, Craig Pinckard, Ronny Pittman, Craig Plott, Allen Pogue, (Jlenda Powell, Susan Powell. Susan Prince, Kegina Pruitt, Sandra Puckett, Mike Pyles, Cheryl Quails, Terry Quinney, David Rabren, Vickie Rabren, Wanda Railey, Dawn Rainer, Catherine Ramage, Dee Ramage, Michael Randall, Thomas Rauls, Lisa Rayfield, Joey Rayfield, Sandra Reagan, Ford Redford, James Reed, Kenneth Reeves, Vickie Reilly, Charles Rembert. Glenda Revill, Jess Reynolds, Billy Rhode, David Richardson. Gail Richburg, Julianne Rickey, Debra Richarson, Mike Rieker, Duane Rigas, Pamela Robertson, Devery Robinson, Gil Robinson, Robin ' Rogers, Minnette Rogers, Renay Rogers, Timothy Rolfes, Michael Rollings, Danny Rollins, Wilbur Rose, Mary Lynn Rouze, Marsha Rowe, Tammy Rushing, Doris Rushing, Margaret Russell, Kathy Russell, Mike Ryan, Robert Saffold, Carmen Sandberg. Cindie Sanders. Camille Sanders. Joan Sanders, Julie Sansom, Lee Sasser, Jan Schirard, Kurt Schmitz, Linda Schwere, Ave Scofield, Dennis G o jo GO Classes 367 Scott, Carolyn Scroggins, Kate Scyphers, Sonny Seaboch, James Sedor, Sue Segrest, Amy Senn, Betty Senn. Kenneth Seymour, Mark Shaddix, Tammi Shephard, Jim Shirey, Ben Shirey, Shannon Shiver, Ann Shiver, Janet Shook, Craig Sims, Robert Sizemore, Mike Skanty, Joy Skelton, Janice Skelton, Ricky Skurla, Martin Smiley, Janet Smith, Joy Smith, Jim Smith, Lisa Smith, Mary Smith, Mary Ann Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smoke Nancy Pamela Steve Terry Timothy Violetta , Cynthia Sneed, Melissa Snowden, Malinda Solomon, Leo Sorrells, Melva Sowell, Brenda Spencer, Harris Staley, Debbie Starkel, Janet Steele, Cindy Stegall, Brenda Stein, John Stephens, Kathy Stevens, Gwendolyn Steverson, Nancy Stewart, Lester Stewart, Patricia Stokes, Paula Stokes, Robin Stother, Hank Stout, Cheryl Stovall, Paul Stiggleman, Mark Stricter, Scott Strock, Darinda Struthers, Michael Studstill, Samuel Sullivan, Alan Sullivan, Catherine Summe, Jon Swails, Lydia Swinney, Laura Sylvain, Carmen Tabb, Paul Tansey, Nancy Tate, Lee 368 CI Taylor, Alan Taylor, Dotlie Taylor, Jim Taylor, Kent Taylor, Trent Teal, Larry Tellis, Jerome Thomas, Arnessa Thomas, Carol Thomas, Samuel Thompson, Ben Thompson, Deborah Thompson, James Thornton. Dorothy Thrash, Don Tidwell, Karen Timberlake, Stephen Tolbert, Tina Toles, Michael Toombs, Sheila Traylor, Scotty Trimble, George Trotter, Bridgette Trousdale, Kathy Tucker, Brenda Tucker, Janice Tullos, Clyde Turner, Pete Underwood, Lou Underwood, Samuel Underwood, Terri Upshaw, Breck Vaughan, Sharon Verhaar, Jeanette Vickers, Jana Vickers, Martha Vines, Gloriane Vitty, Laura Wade, Jackie Walden, Jenny Walker, Doris Walker, Ginga Walker, Valerie Wallace, Jessie Wallace, Olivia Wallace, Steven Waller. Janie Waller, Lisa Ward. Janet Ward, Jeff Ward, Sabrina Ward. Shawn Waters. Craig Weaver. John Weber, Timothy Wells, Greta Welsh, Debbie Westbrook, Jackie White. Candy White. Delain White. Edward White. Gregory Whittington. Mark Whittington. Terry Wiggins. Mark Wiggins. Tammy Wigginton. Mike Wigley. Kathryn Wilkes, Greg Wilkinson. Sherman g o 00 Classes 369 - « c o CO Classes 371 Alexander, Patricia Allen, Brian Allen, Cynthia Allen, Gene Allen, Margaret Allen, Veronica Almand, Paul Anderson, Michael Anderson, Patrice Anderson, Rosemary Andress, Joe Andrews, Ken Andrews, Phyllis Anglin, Mark Anthony, John Applegate, Donna Armstrong, Teresa Armvelles, Raul Arnette, Susan Arthur, Donna Arnold, Brenda Asciutto, Vint Ashcraft, DuRhonda Bailey, Janice Bailey, Pamela Bailey, Travis Baker, Alan Baker, Cathy Bannar, David Barfield, Sonya Barfoot, Carey Barnes, Pamela Barnes, Phoenix Bass, Teresa Bearden, Lottie Beasley, Jane Beck, Karol Bedsole, Tommy Belcher, Dewayne Bell, Linda Bell, Lisa Bell, Pamela Bell, Richard Bellamy, Jerome Benaquis, Melanie Benefield, Leisa Bennett, Ricky Bergeron, Paula Betts, Willie Binford, Bob Bishop, Neal Bissell, Ron Black, Jacob Blackmon, Annie Blackwell, Sonya Blanton, Wendy Blevins, Cecelia Blum, Patty Bonam, Vincent Booker, Kathy Boothe, Alice Borland, Kenneth Boss, Beverly Bouchillon, Richard Boutwell, Bobby Boyd, Rebecca Bradley, Gary Bradley, Randell Branson, Jerry Brantley, James Brasher, James Braswell, Rose Brewer, Donald Briggs, Kevin Bright, Donald Bright, Eddie Brooks, Barbara Brooks, Barbara Broughton, Adele Brower, Gerry Brown, Cynthia Brown, James Brown, Kerry Brown, Renee Brown, Synthia Brown, Terry Browning, Jeff Bruner, Wanda Bryan, Richard Bryant, Debra Bubbett, Jonathan Bunge, Cheri Bunker, Russell Burdette, Michele Burks, Tammy Burlison. Dara Burhardt, Susan Burton, Claudia Burton, Karen Burton, Sharon Bush. Bruce Butt, Kathleen Byrd, Patricia Byrd, Robert Cade, Stephen Cain. Roy Cain, Susan Camp. Dorothy Campbell, Larry Campbell, Shelle Candwell, Kathy Cannaday. Candie Capps, Randy Carpenter. Michael Carreker, Vicki Carroll, Douglas Cars well. Cheryl Carter, Joy Casey, Christy Casey. Rick Castes, Patricia Catoe, Cathy Cauley. Mike Chandler. Greg Chandler. Warner Classes 373 KW$ Dean, Marie Dean, Randy Dean, Suzanne Dillard, Twyla Dismukes, Delisa Dixon, Don Doby, Andrea Donaldson, Golda Dorr, Chuck Dozier, Laurie Drinkard, Lisa Driskell, Mary Dudley, Sybol Duncan, Cheryl Duncan, Mark Duncan, Mary Ann Duncan, Shelia Dunn, Debbie Dunnam, Russell Dunning, Curtis East, Deborah Eberhart, Randy Edmondson, Johnny Eiriksson, Dale Elder, Donna Ellis, Beverly Embling, George England, Cliff English, Van Epting, James Ercoli, Debbie Etheridge, Stevie Evans, Don Evett, Stephen Ezell, Tami Farmer, Joy Farrar, Mike Feaster, Kelly Fedor, Mark Feiner, Greg Fields, Karla Felton, Jacklyn Fitch. Mike Flanagan. Joe Fluker, Donna Force, Christopher Ford. E. Elaine Forte, Tressa Foster, William Fowler. Dewey Freemon. Althea Fulford. Mylon Fuller. David Fuller. Leola Gaddy, Bruce Galluzzi. JoAnne Ganzy, James Gibson, Carolyn Gillian. Gina Gipson. Rick Gorter, Fred Graffunder. Donna Grant, Boyd Green. Solomon Gregg. Tina Griffin. John Griffin, Sharon Griffith. Marsha Grimes, Tim Griswold, Tammy GO M O 73 GO Classes 375 « Groom, Sharon Groover. Debbie Grubbs, Gracie Gosha, Thomas Guest. Gretchen Guthne. James Gutschlag. Elizabeth Gwyn, Ann Hall, Amy Hall. Bruce Hall. David Hall, James Hall. Kelley Hall. Lila Hamilton. Glenn Hamilton, James Hammett, Sandra Hammock. Bobby Hampshire, Sheila Hancock, David Hanks, Marguerite Hanley, Connie Hanson. Hannah Hanson, P.J. Hardwick. Jeannie Harrington. Greg Harris, James Harris, Russ Harris, Wayne Harrison, Michael Hart, Anthony Hart, Marcus Hartin, Donna Hartley, Scott Harvey, Angela Hataway, Greg Haws, Gerald Hawthorne, Leigh Anne Hayes, Chuck Hayes, Pamela Hein, John Helsm. David Helms, Victor Helton, Bubba Henderson, Jimmie Hendrickson, Laurie Heninger, Michael Henken. Veronica Henley, Totsie Herndon, Sherrie Higgins, Lamar Hill, David Hill, Gerald Hilson, Charlotte Hines, James Hines, Linda Hinkel, James Hogan, David Hogan, Shelia Hoik, William Hornsby, Joey Homsby, Virginia Houston, Greg Howard, Glen Howell, Jim Huggins, James Huling, Rob Hullett, Bonnie Hulsey, Lloyd Humphrey, Dawn Ingram, Mary Ingram, Tony [nscore, David [rizarrj . Lydia Ivie, David Jackson, Gaylan Jackson, Shawn Jackson, Tommy Jacobs, Scott Jeffery. George Jenkins, Donald Jenkins, Sharon Jernigan. Charles Jernigan, Donna Jeschke. William Jessen, Kenneth Johns. Billy Johnson, Anne Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Cecelia Johnson, Cliff Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Keith Johnson. James Johnson, Susan Johnson. Sheila Johnson, Terre Joiner. Kathy Jones, Ben Jones, Jo Jones, Joseph Jones, Deborah Jones. Kenneth Jones, Ron Jordan, Bob Jordan. Donna Kaiser, Randal Keene. Richard Keil. Charles Keith, Edward Keller. Mark Kelly. Ann Kelsoe. John Kennamore. Sylvia Kemmet. Alvin Kennedy, Julius Kennington. Harold Ketchum. Annetta Ketcham, Paula Killingsworth. Beth Kimbrough. Emma Classes 377 . Kincey, Lou King, Joni King, Kimi King. Ollie King, Polly Kinsaul, Benjie Kirkland, Carolyn Kirkland, Kay Kirkland, Mace Kite, Charles Koerner, Jim Kritakara, Hathaijanok Krough, Jim Kurtz, Danny Laing, Robert Lambert, Lourie Landers, Gerald Landry, Michael Lane, Chona Laney, Charley Langston, Donna Laplante, Mike Larson, John Latimer, Lisa Lawyer, Debbie Le, Tein Lee, Mark Leonard, Roseanne Leveque, James Leukel, Jeffrey Liles, Mary Leah Linna, Kenneth Littlefield, Beverly Littlejohn, Fredd Locklar, Ricky Long, Charlie Lowrey, Steve Lucas, Jon Luker, Toni Luther, John MacGuire, Louise Maddox, Ronny Magee, Tim Maloy, Wanda Makowski, David Maners, Wendell Manuel, Charlie Marley, Edith Martin, James Massey, Jeff — ; ' I ' ■ Masters, Pat Mastin, Charles Matthews, Keith Matsumoto, Hiroyuki Maxwell, Suzanne Mayer, Walter McCain, Deborah McCamish, Laurel McCauley, Bruce McCauley, Cynthia McClain, Rosalind McClellan, William McClure, Carlisle McClure, Kylia McCrory, Nancy McCoy, Janet McDaniel, Kevin McDaniels, Vivian McDonald, Bubba McDonough, Noreen McEfrath, Wanda McGhee, Bill McGuire, Tony McKenzie, Gil McLendon, Jackie McLead, Alecia McMain, Leslie McNair, Paul McNeal, Enola McWilliams, Merry Medders, Angela Mehler, Jeff Merlino, William Messenger, Keith Mickelson, Diane Milam, Robert Milhouse, Alfreda Militano, Kurt Miller, Donna Miller, Melisa Miller, Yolanda Mills, Michael Mims, Paula Mitchell, Jeroline Mitchell, John Mitchell, Stephen Moneymaker, Linda Monnow, Joe Monroe, Dennis Moon, Lynn Moore, Cindy Moore, Heidi Moore, Julie Moore, Sissy Moore, Thomas Moore, Tommie Moore. William Morgan, James Morgan. Linda Moring, Charles Morris, Cynthia Morrison, John Morrow, Alan Morrow, Michael Morse, Missy Moses, Johnnie Mosley, Woody Moss, Elizabeth Motley, Gracie Mount. Mike Classes 379 ' Murphy. Bonnie Murphy. Kathy Murry. Deb ra Mustapha, Muhammed Myers, William Neeley. Charles Newman, Kelly Newman, Sheryl Newton, Barbara Nichols, Brian Nichols, Nick Nirmaier, Martha Northrop, Medrick Norton. Jack O ' Connor, John O ' tlanlon. Elizabeth Outlaw. Bobby Outlaw, Starla Owens, Janet Owens, Susan Owens, William Owings. Keith Pace, Susan Olson, Dirk Osborne. William Parrish, Steven Parish, Tanya Parker. Gary Parker, Karen Parson, Bill Parsons, Cory Parsons, Gary Parsons, Greg Patrizi, Marisa Paulin, Michael Pearce, Stephen Pelliccione, Larry Penn, Teresa Penniman, Linda Perdue, Anita Perez, Pat Perini, Paul Perry, Dwayne Peterson, Loretta Phillips, Althea Phillips, Don Phillip, Joel Pinckard, Tamerah Pierce, Carrie Piersall, Jeff Poellnitz, Patricia Powell, Penny Prater, Twilia Price, Kevin Puckett, Chip Quinn, George Radford, Elizabeth Pace, Doretha Ramey, Russell Randall, Michael Ray, Charlotte Reese, Steve Reichle, Scott Retherford, David Reynolds, Beverly Reynolds, Debbie Reynolds, Willie Rice, Dale Rice. Laurel Rigdon. Charles flranw i HJnBL , j 3 i m 380 Robbins, Donnre Roberts, Debbie Roberts, Olivette Robinson, Paul Rodgers, Pamela Rogers, Lynette Rohrbaugh, George Rotton, Tammy Royse, Sam Russaw, Doris Russell, John Ryles, Sanford Salter, Cynthia Salter, Leah Sanders. Ellen Sasser, Willie Savage, Curtis Jr. Saxon, Ellen Schmidt, John Schumacher, Scott Schweinsberg, Patricia Scruggs, Steve Seay, Lynn Seeger, Jill Seitz, Robert Self, Thomas Sellers, Jean Sessions, Charlotte Seymour, Ellen Sexton, Cindy Shaull, Gregory Shedd, Jim Shell, Caroline Shelton, Debra Sheppard. Rene Shill. Karen Shipman, Ryan Siltzer, Brenda Simmons, Billie Simmons, Cathy Sims, Ann Sims, Patricia Sims, Phillip Skaggs. Richard Skinner. Rickey Smith, Cecropia Smith, Daniel Smith, David Smith, Elton Smith. Greg CO Z o 70 Classes 381 Smith. Hugh Smith. Lee Ann Smith. Regina Smith. Richard Smothers. Kathy Sneed. Randy Snell. Ann Snellgrove. Barbara Sonanstine. Sharon Sonnier. Jerome Spivery, Elizabeth Spivery. Lois Spradling. Sheryl Sprayberry. Jim Stafford. Melanie Staggers. Pamela Stanton. Sanford Stark. Shari Steed. Beverly Steimle, Mary Steiner. Terrill Stephenson. Cindy Stephenson. Tina Stevens, Slay Stewart, David Stewart. James Stewart. William Still. Greg Strickland, Ken Strickland, Sharon Stingfellow. Steve Stroud. Kent Stroh. Gerald Suddath. Suzann Sullivan, Eddie Summers, Michael Sutherland, Jerry Suttle, Teddy Tase. Tauara Talley, David Tase, Ron Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Pamela Taylor, Robert Thagard, Rene ' Thagard. Tammy Thomas, Arlene Thomason. Jan Thompson, Kim Thompson. Nina Thornton, Gwendolyn Thorton, Vann T hrelkeld, Al Thurman, Ray Timmons, Duane Timdell, Karen Tolar, Teresa Tolbert, Robert Tomlin, Debra Toole, William Trenkler, Sonja Troutner, Patsy Tucker, Constance Tullis, Willie Tuberville, Erwin Turner, Joel Turrin, Linda Underwood, George Van Buren, Conrad Venable, Steve flJlll Verran, William Vines. Beverly mi ' Alan ZastTOW, Patricia Wadowick, Laura Waldrop. Janice Ward, Laura Warren, Annie Warren, Ethel Warrick, Joey Washington. Alice Washington, Larry Washington, Tommie Watkins, Rhonda Watson, Elsie Watson, David Watson. Donald Weed, Dana Weems, Gwendolyn Welden, Linda Wells, Kenneth West, Tommy Whigham, Tammy Whitley, Naretha Whitaker, Andy Whitstine, Elisa Wiggins, Carolyn Wiggins, Daniel Wiggins, Greg Wilkerson, Sherry Wilkins, Mike Wilkinson, Kim Wilkinson, Steppenwolf Wilks, Dave Wilder, Sheree Wiles, Joey Williams, Britt Williams, Carrie Williams, Cathy Williams, Costella Williams, Debbie Williams, Harold Williams, John Williams, Kelly Williams, Kim Williams, Michael Williams, Olivia Williamson, Hollie Willison, Diane Wilson, Michael Wimberly, Doris Windham. Janice Winland, Susan Wise, Jeff Womack, Carolyn Woodbury, Diane Woodham, Jerry Workum, Jennifer Wossilek, Gary Wright, Renee Wynn, Hal Young, Deborah GO W o GO Classes 383 Addison, Jim Andress, Dickey Bergstrom, George Blankenship, Stan Bonner. Mark Bowden, Dennis Branum. William Bray, Annie Brown, Marron Cagle, Donald Collier, Lynda Collier, Mary Crawford, William Culpepper, Woods Curtis, Bobbie Day, Jeff Dews, Eugene Ellerbee, John Evans, Ronald Golden, Barry Grant. Martha Gunn. Lola Flowers, Henrietta Hassett, Gentry Hawthorne, Jay Hopkins, Virginia Hughes, Connie Jackson, Debra James, Micheal Jones. Walter L Jordan, Oliver Katbeh, Abed Kirbey, Dave Lane. Richard Ledbetter, Buddy Logan, Rick Long, Walter Maddox, Kathy McCarty, Sarah McCraw, Craig Moseley, John O ' Heron, Rhonda Pitchford, Peggy Palmer, Robert Paxson, Duane Rhodes, Carol Ridgway, Paula Roberts, Patsy Short, Exa Smiley, Jill. Smith, Benjamin Snyder, Lee Spurlock, Betty Strickland, Susan Troutner, Jim Threadgill, Gwenneth Thagard, George Valdes, Peter White, Carl Yu, Mabel Classes 385 Allen, Brian . . . Westfield, NY-Computer Sci- ence Air Force ROTC . . . Arnold Air Society; Intramural Football; Deputy Commander of Logistics, ROTC; Anderson, Patrice . . . Grady, AL-Journalism-Art ... Art Guild; Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Phi Ome- ga; Trop Staff, Layout. Ashcraft, DuRhonda . . . Montgomery, AL- Physical Education Music . . . TSU Lady Trojan Volleyball Team, Captain (2 yrs.), All State Award (2 yrs.), Top Server in State; Kappa Delta Sorority, Chaplin, Philanthropy, Chairman, Song Leader, Best Pledge Award; Athletic Policy Com- mittee Student Delegate for AAIAW; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; " T " Club; HPER Club; SNEA; BSU; Challenge Life; TRINTY; Sang National Anthem for Athletic Events; Assistant Director for Dorm; Rho Lamb- da Honor Society. Baughman, Rita . . . Fairburn, GA-Nursing . . . TSU Collegiate Singers; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President; Lambda Chi Alpha, Little Sister; Association of Nursing Students; Gamma Beta Phi; TSU Christian Student Center, Vice- President. Sister, President; Student National Education Assoc, Vice-President, President; Catholic Cam- pus Ministry, Secretary; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges; Rho Lambda; Membership Chairman — Kappa Delta Sorority. Bradley, Randall . . . Uriah, AL-Music Education . . . Band; Collegiate Singers, President; Madrigal Singers; Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary ; Alpha Lambda Delta, Outstanding Freshman Award 1979; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board, President; Music Education National Confer- ence; Rejoice Christian Ensemble; Opera — Help, Help, the Globolinks, Orpheus In the Underworld; Musical — Okalahoma. Brasher, James Eschol III . . . Montgomery, AL- Music Education . . . Collegiate Singers, Li- brarian and soloist; Madrigal Singers; Sound of the South Marching Band; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoni- a; Opera Workshop-roles in: A Masked Ball, Orpheus In the Underworld, Bridgegroom, Bye Bye Birdie, Okalahoma; WTSU-FM Radio, Operator, Technician; Catholic Campus Ministry Association. Brooks, Barbara . . . Montgomery, AL-Secretaial Science . . . BSU; Phi Beta Lambda. Belcher, Dewayne . . . Athens, Al-Physical Education — Biology . . . Crosscountry, 77, ' 78, ' 79, ' 80; Track, ' 78, ' 79, ' 80, ' 81; " T " Club, ' 78, ' 79, ' 80, ' 81, President, Treasurer; Argonauts, ' 78-79; HPER Club, ' 77, ' 78, 79, ' 80, ' 81; Beta Beta Beta, ' 80, ' 81. Bell, Linda Joyce . . . Ramer, AL-Broadcast Jour- nalism Writing Arts-Speech Communications . . . Intramural Sports, Baseball, Volleyball, Basket- ball; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Afro Club; Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Sgt-at-arm; WTSU-TV (Sports); Speech and Drama, Exit the King, Rub-A-Dub. Blanton, Wendy Jo . . . Phenix City, AL-Nursing . . . Association of Nursing Students, Three Years, Junior Representative on the Search Com- mittee, Senior Representative on the Faculty Committee, President of the Nursing Class of 1980-81. Broughton, Adele . . . Andalusia, AL-Accounting . . . Gamma Beta Phi. Brower, Gerry L . . . Fort Wayne, IN- Mathematics Political Science ... Phi Eta Sigma (Freshman Honorary); Arnold Air Society, Comptroller; AFROTC (w yrsz; Gamma Beta Phi; Intramural Basketball; Wesley Foundation, President, Intramural Football, Wesley Singers. Brown, Cynthia . . . Eclectic, AL-Accounting . . . Phi Gamma Nu, Secretary; Angel Flight; Afro Club, Vice-President; Trojan Hostess; Adams Center Staff. Bruner, Wanda A . . . Cottonwood, AL- Journalism History-Spanish . . . Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi, Secretary; Spanish Club, Treasurer; BSU; SGA Senator. Booker, Kathy . . . Evergreen, AL-Accounting . . . Gamma Beta Phi; Dean ' s List. Boss, Beverly Jean . . . Panama City, FL-Soc. Sci- ence Seem Education History . . . Troy State Cheerleader; Kappa Delta Sorority, Chaplin, Standards Chairman; Delta Kappa Epsilon, Little Bubbett, Jonathan OuValle . . . Dothan, AL- Music Education . . . Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Sound of the South Marching Band, Reading Band, Section Leader, Trumpet Ensemble; Opera Workshop; Pit Orchestra. Bunker, Russell Frank . . . Troy, AL-Music Education . . . Accompanist for Madrigal Singers, ectory Accompanist for Collegiate Singers, Vice- President; Organist First Baptist Church Troy; Instructor for Piano Fort Rucker Rec. Center. Burdette, Michele L . . . Lanett, AL-Marketing . . . Pied Pipers; SGA; Chi Omega Sorority, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Sigma Chi Little Sis- ter, President; Second Runner-up Miss TSU 1980; Member of Panhellenic. Burks, Tammy . . . Montgomery, AL-Journalism- Marketing . . . Sound of the South Majorette 4 yrs; Angel Flight, Little Angel Award ' 80, Girl Scout Troop Leader 242, 1980-81 John P. Robins Silver Wings Award; Gamma Beta Phi; Delta Kappa Epsilon Little Sister, Secretary; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges 1979-80, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1980-81; Sigma Delta Chi; Trop Staff, Advertising Manager. Education ... Phi Mu Sinfonia, President ' 80- ' 81 ; Episocopal Campus Ministry, President ' 79- ' 81 Gamma Beta Phi, Parliamentarian ' 80-81; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces; Student National Education Association; Alabama Association of Teacher Educators; Col- legiate Singers; Madrigal Singers; Sound of the South Marching Band; Help, Help, the Globo- links!; Orpheus In the Underworld; Collegiate Singers Tour Group; Rejoice. Cole, James L . . . Thibodaux, LA-Criminal Jus- tice Corrections . . . Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Phi Sigma. Colquett, Angela . . . Opp, AL-Business Compu- ter Science Emphasis . . . Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Beta Lambda. Bush, Bruce . . . Elba, AL-Economics Business Adm . . . Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi, Pledge Class President; Air Force ROTC; U.S. Jaycee Member Board of Directors Elba Chapter; Intramural Football. Corbitt, Pamela K . . . Crestview, FL-Bio- Chemistry Music . . . Marching Band (4 yrs.) Reading Band (4 yrs.) Concert Band (2 yrs.) Tau Beta Sigma, Pledge Class Vice-President; In- tramural Softball and Volleyball. Butt, Kathleen Anette . . . Enterprise, AL- Nursing . . . Student Director Hamil Hall; Vice- President 1981 Senior Nursing Class. Creel, Debra Sue . . Blakely, GA-Biology Education Physical Science . . . Gamma Beta Phi. Carreker, Vicki Lynn . . . Americus, GA- Environmental Science Recreation . . . Chi Ome- ga, Vice-President, President, Activities Chair- man, Outstanding Senior; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Rho Lamb- da, Treas. ; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Beta Beta Beta, Historian; Mortar Board; " T " Club, Vice-President; Women ' s Varsity Basket- ball 4 years. Davidson, William Keith . . . Valdosta, GA-Music Education . . . Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; TSU Marching Band; Symphonic Band; Concert Band; TSU Collegiate Singers. Dean, Alice Marie . . . Dothan, AL-Criminal Jus- tice Aerospace Studies, History . . . ROTC Cadet; Arnold Air Society. Carroll, Douglas Michael . . . Indialantic, FL- Accounting . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon, Ritual Chairman, Financial Committee, Social Com- mittee. Christensen, Joni Elizabeth . . . Clayton, AL- Nursing . . . Angel Flight, Commander 1979-80; Gamma Beta Phi. Vice-President 1980-81; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Mortar Board, Historian 1980-81 ; Local Nursing Honor Scoeity; Association of Student Nurse ' s, Vice-President 1980-81; Assistant Director in Hamil Dorm; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Deese, Alice Marie . . . Macon. GA-Business Adm. -Accounting . . . Phi Beta Lambda; Phi Gamma Nu; Gamma Beta Phi: BSU. Doby, Andrea Lynn . . . Dothan, AL-Secondary Education-Speech and Theatre Education- European History Education . . . Gamma Beta Phi; Drama Department, production of Robber ' s Bridegroom. Equss. Donaldson, Golda T . . . New Brockton-Business Education Data Processing . . . Kappa Delta Pi. Clifton, Stephen G . . . Savannah. GA-Music Driskell, Mary A English. Foley, AL-Social Science- Senior Directory 387 Farmer, Joy Lynn . . . Birmingham, AL- Broadcast Journalism Business, Writing Arts . . . Mortar Board; Faye Ellis Memorial Scholarship and Service Award-Outstanding Junior; Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Society; Kappa Delta Sorority, President, Editor, Panhellenic Rep.; Angel Flight, Operations Officer; Arnold Air Society " Little Major " , AAS AnF Area-H " Lit- tle Colonel " ; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-Pres.; Gamma Beta Phi; University Dancers, Co- Founder and President; ACUB; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Eta S igma; Panhellenic Council, Sec; Orientation Leader; Homecoming Queen 1980- 3rd runner-up; WTSU-Channel 5-Weather, Girl and Hostess of Lifestyles. Eroli, Deborah Kay . . . Sebring, FL-Criminal Jus- tice Psychology . . . Phi Mu Sorority, Sports Chairman; Alpha Phi Sigma, Secretary, Treasurer; Gamma Beta Phi; Intramural Sports. Ford, Elaine E . . . Alexander City, AL-Business Adm . . . Delta Sigma Pi. Gibson, Carolyn . . . Opelika, AL-Business Adm. Secretarial Science . . . Phi Gamma Nu; Football Hostess; Intramural Softball, Volleyball; Phi Beta Lambda. Goss, Charles Edward . . . Pensacola, FL- Business Adm. -Computer Science . . . Tau Kap- pa Epsilon, Vice-President 0- 81 , Treasurer " 77- ' 79; Intramural Football Champions Fall ' 80; Greek Week ' 80 Swimming Champions; Sigma Delta Pi; Alumni Relations Chairman TKE; National Crysophylous Achievement Certificate TKE; Order of Diana Brother of the Quarter Spring 1980. Gregg, Tina M . . . Millbrook, AL-Accounting . . . Chi Omega; Angel Flight, Comptroller; Phi Gamma Nu. Gwyn, Ann . . . ence Business . Order of Diana. Pensacola, FL-Computer Sci- . Chi Omega; TKE Little Sister; Hamilton, Steven Dale . . . Pensacola, FL-Social Science Political Science, Business Adm . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon, Social Chairman; SGA, Academic Affairs Chairman. links!, Okalahoma, Orpheus In the Underworld; Phi Mu Alpha Little Sister ' 80- ' 81. Hein, John J . . . Dothan, AI-Business Manage- ment . . . Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Intramural ROTC Softball and Football. Henken, Veronica . . . Huntsville, AL- Psychology Business-Recreation . . . Angel Flight (4 yrs.); Freshman, Chairman of Bed Race, Soph. Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, Chairman of Bed Race Girl Scout Leader, Junior, Girl Scout Leader, Senior, Commander; Outstanding AnF Member Soph. ACUB, Publicity Committee; De- lta Kappa Epsilon Little Sister (3 yrs.); Alpha Gamma Delta (2 yrs.). Hines, Linda Outlaw . . . Brundidge, AL- Computer and Information Sciences Business, Biology . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister. Howard, Glen . . . Troy, ALdDramatic Arts- Business Adm . . . Playmakers ' 77- ' 81; Pied Pip- ers ' 78- " 81; Argonauts " 79-81, Vice-President ' 79- ' 80; Gamma Beta Phi ' 77- ' 81; Alpha Lambda Delta ' 77- ' 79; Phi Beta Lambda ' 77- " 81, Reporter 77- ' 80, State Treasurer ' 79- ' 80; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges ' 79- ' 80; Alpha Psi Omega 78- ' 81, Vice- President ' 79- ' 80, President ' 80- ' 81; GCW Scho- larship. Hulsey, Lloyd . . . Daleville, AL-Marketing . . . Palladium Head Photographer; TSU Photo- graphic Lab Technician. Humphrey, Dawn Marie . . . Panama City, FL- English French, Speech and Drama . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon Pledge Class Sweetheart Fall (79), DKE Little Sister; Kappa Delta Pledge Class President Fall (79); SNEA; Sigma Tau Delta; Col- legiates; Wesley Foundation: Intramural Softball " Father ' s Best " ; Top Ten Miss TSU ' 80; Gamma Beta Phi; Pied Pipers; Phi Kappa Phi. Jacobs, Jeffery Scott . . . Wetumpka, AL- Marketing . . . University Student Publication Board; Interfraternity Council, President; Sigma Pi, Treasurer, Interfraternity council representa- tive, social Chairman; Alpha Delta Pi, Big Brother. Wh Hardwick Jeannie Catherine . . . Alabaster, AL- Music Education . . . Honor Guard Sound of the South; Collegiate Singers. Alto Section Leader: Madrigal Singers; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice- President ' 79- ' 80, Choral Director ' 80- ' 81; Opera Workshop Productions — Bridgroom, A Masked Ball. Bye Bye Birdie, Help, Help, the Globo- Jeffery, George Randolph . Valdosta, GA- Music Education . . . Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Kappa Delta Pi: Gamma Beta Phi; Music Education National Conference; Stu- dent National Education Asso.; Marching Band. Concert Band, Symphonic Band; Trombone nior Directory Choir; Collegiate Singers; Cast of Help, Help the Globolinks; Orchestra of Orpheus In the Under- world and The Creation; Deans List; President ' s List; Sweetheart, Sigma Alpha Iota. Lee Randy Foley, AL-HPER . . . HPERClub; Argonauts; Circle K; Sigma Chi; Clements Hall House Council. Jenkins, Donald Ray " Dr. " Dothan, AL- History Political Science . . . Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary-Treasurer; Young Democrats of TSU; Candiate for Delegate to Democratic Convention in 1980 Kennedy, and in 1976 uncommitted; Man- ager of GCWSCC Baseball and Basketball Teams ' 77- ' 78, ' 78- ' 79, and Statics Keeper For GCWSCC of Dothan Baseball team ' 79- ' 80. Letourneau, George B . Manchester, NH- Mathematics Physical Science, Computer Scien- ce .. . Jog; Chess; Computer Applications. Magee, Tim . . . Troy, AL-Business Adm.- Management . . . Delta Sigma Pi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Delta Sigma Pi, Brother of the Year. Jenkins, Sharon . . . Montgomery, AL-Physical Education Psychology . . . Marley, Edith F . . . Rialton CA-Biology . . . Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President; International Student Cultural Organization; Gamma Beta Phi. Johnson, Cecelia Delphine . . . Pritchard, AL- Psychology-SRS Criminal Justice . . . SRS Club, Secretary; Student Association for Service, Pres- ident. McCauley, Bruce Louis . . . Etowah, NC- Marketing . . . Delta Chi; Intramural Football, Softball. Joiner, Kathy Kennedy . . . Dothan, AL- Journalism Writing Arts, French . . . Sound of the South Marching Band and Concert Band; Entre Nous; Polygots; Clements House Council Rep. Jordan, Robert Lewis . . . Gordo, AL-Biology Math, Sociology . . . Football ' 77- ' 78; Track ' 78- ' 79; BSU Sports Chairman ' 78-79, President ' 79- ' 80, State Vice-President ' 80- ' 81, Summer Mis- sionary for N. Carolina ' 78, Connecticut ' 79, Bangladesh ' 80; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Mortar Board, Vice-President; Omicron Delta Kappa; International Student Cultural Organization. Kelly, Annelle . . . Enterprise, AL-Computer Sci- ence Math . . . Angel Flight, Liason Officer ' 79, Area H Commander ' 80; Gamma Beta Phi; Mor- tar Board, Secretary; Beta Iota Tau. McCauley, Cynthia Mingledorff . . . Keystone Heights, FL-Early Childhood Education ... Phi Mu Sorority; ACEI. McClellan, Bill . . . Lakeland, FL-Computer and Information Science-Geography . . . Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kapp; Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian, Senior Advisor; Gamma Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Argonauts; Kappa Kappa Psi, Historian; Band, Percussion Ensemble; I.F.C. Secretary; Representative SGA; Lambda Chi Alpha, High Sigma, I.F.C. rep. Sgt.-at-Arms, Sports Chairman, Brother of the Qtr. ; Cyrvi Duke Flad Nominee ' 80; Alpha Gamma Delta, Big Brother; Intramural Football, Basketball, Soft- ball; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Beta Iota Tau. McCrory, Nancy S . . . Frisco City, Accounting . . . Delta Sigma Pi. AL- Ketchum, Annetta . . . Clayton, AL-social Reha- bilation Corrections, Criminal Justice . . . Kincey, Lou Ann . . . Abbeville, AL-Accounting . . . Mortar Board; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi, CEI Chairman; Phi Beta Lambda; Alpha Kappa Alpha, Asst. Secretary; Delta Sigma Pi, Life Member. Kritakara, Hathaijanok . . . Banckok, Thsiland- Math-Computer Science . . . ACUB; Internation- al Student Cultural Organization; Intercollegiate Tabel Tennis. McWilliams, Merry J ... N. Fort Myers, FL- General Business . . . Band, Majorette; Concert Band; Collegiate Singers; Gamma Beta Phi; Sig- ma Alpha Iota; Opera; Phi Gamma Nu. Medders, Angela . . . Brent, AL-Early Childhood Education . . . Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice- Preaident of Pledge Class, Ritual Chairman; BSU; TRINITY: Gamma Beta Phi; ACEI; AATE; Delta Chi White Carnation Girl: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Rho Lambda. Miller, Yolanda F . . . Blakely, GA-Chemistry . . . Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Theta Chi Senior Directory 389 Little Sister; Daughter of the Crossed Swords. Moring, James Charles . . . Pinkard, AL-Business Adm. -Marketing . . . Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Vice- President; Gamma Beta Phi; Circle K. Morrow, Joe Edmond . . . Elba, AL-Psychology- SRS . . . Won Frisbee Tournament in 79; TSU Baseball Team 79. . . . Social Rehabilitation Service Club; Student Association of Social Workers; National Associa- tion of Social Workers. Rotton, Tammy . . . Union Springs, AL- Computer Science Business Math . . . Kappa Delta, Rush Chairman, Reccommendations Chairman, Sgt. of Arms, Social Chairman; Delta Chi White Carnation Girl; Angel Flight, Vice- Commander; SGA Senator; Girl Scout Troop Leader 394. Morse, Missy . . . Huntsville, AL-Broadcast Jour- nalism Business, French . . . Alpha Gamma Delta, Scribe 78-79, Activities Chairman ' 80- ' 81; Palladium, Associate Editor 78-79; French Club 78- ' 81 ; Sigma Delta Chi ' 80- ' 81 ; WTSU-TV ' 80- ' 81. Murphy, Kathy Lynn . . . Greenville, AL- Physical Education . . . HPER Club, President; Gamma Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Circle K; Intramural Sports, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, CPR Instructor. Sims, Phillip Lecil . . . Palmerdale, AL-Business Administration Management . . . Delta Sigma Pi, President, Alumni Director; Delta Chi, House Manager, Little Sister Director; School of Busi- ness Student Advisory Board; Collegiate Singers; Lyceum and Assembly Committee; Inter- Fraternity Council, Public Relations Director; Kappa Delta Big Brother; Alabama Student Coalition Representative; Student Government Assoc, committee co-chairman; ' Intramural Football; Basketball; Softball; Tennis; Varsity Football. Owens, Janet Denise . . . Tuskegee, AL-Social Re- habilitation-Sociology . . . Panhellenic Council; SRS Club; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Chaplin, Historian; Miss Delta; Volleyball, Baseball. Parish, Tanya Joy . . . Montgomery, AL-English Education History . . . Sigma Tau Delta, Vice- President; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; SNEA; " T " Club; Baptist Student Union; Challenge Life; Intramural Basketball, Inter- Collegiate Volleyball; Phi Alpha Theta. Poulin, Michael Robert . . . Brunswick, ME- Criminal Justice Military Science . . . Alpha Phi Sigma; Active Duty in the AIR Force. Prater, Twilia Jean . . . Eufaula, AL-Elementary Special Education Aerospace . . . Circle K; AFROTC; Arnold Air Society, Administration Officer; SCEC; Intramural Volleyball, Basket- ball, Softball. Pyles, Cheryl . . . Troy, AL-Business Manage- ment ... Chi Alpha. Randall, Michael David . . . Atlanta, GA-Business Management . . . " T " Club; Cross-Country Team; Track Team. Skaggs, Melbourne, FL-Business Administration- Management . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon, secretary; Delta Sigma Pi, Cashier; Baptist Student Union; Phi Mu Big Brother; Adams Center Union Boardn Vice-Chairman; Interfraternity Council; NECAA Delegate; SGA Traffic and Appeals Committee. Smith, EMJ. Elton . .Is Montgomeryn AL lsls. EuropeandAsian History-Social Science Music . .Is Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary, Vice-President; Gamma Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary; Argonauts, Treasurer; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; French Club; Modern Language Club; Concert Band; Collegiate Singers; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Al umni Hall House Council Mem- ber, Parliamentarian; Wesley Foundation; The Trop. Smothers, Kathy June . . . Lanett, AL . . . Special Education . . . Gamma Beta Phi; Council for Ex- ceptional Children, Reporter-Historian; Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer, President, Registrar; Pi Kap- pa Phi Little Sister. Snell, Dorothy Ann . . . Dothan, AL . . . English Education Journalism . . . Student National Education Association Clements Assistant Director; Trop Staff; Shackelford House Council, Sec. Treas. Rice, Laurel . . . Rome, GA-Secretarial Science . . . Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary. Roberts, Olivette . . . Mobile, AL-Social Work Spradlingn Sheryl . . . Mount Dora, FL-American History Sociology-Spanish . . . Kappa Delta, Guard Songleader, Historian; Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary, President; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges; American Outstanding Names and Faces; Dean ' s List; President ' s List; Miss TSU Contestant; Homecoming Queen 1980 nominee; Foreign Lan- guage Club; Angel Flight, Liaison Officer; Col- legiate Singers; Gamma Beta Phi; History Dept. Tutor. nalism Dramatic Arts-Biology . . . Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, Publicity Chairman, Alumnae Chairman; Theta Chi Fraternity, Little Sister; Palladium, Editor, Associate Editor; Pre-College Orientation Leader; Student Publications Board Member; Intramural Sports; Trojan Trackettes; Sigma Delta Chi. Sprayberry, Jimmy Houston . . . Newhan, GA- Management . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Sig- ma Pig Interfraternity Council Judiciary Commit- tee Member; DEKE Social Committee. Steedn Beverly Ann . . . Brudidge, AL-Secretarial Science . . . Angel Flight; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Lambda; Circle K; School of Business Advisory Committee. Stephenson, Tina M . . . Troy, AL-Marketing . . . Student Government Association Senator; Phi Mu; President, Recommendation Chairman; Young Republicans; Panhellenic; House Council; Hostess; Pi Kappa Phi Bunny Contest; Sigma Chi Derby Contest; Powder Puff Football; Tutor Business Statistics; TSU Housing and Confer- ence Services. Strickland, Sharon . . . Wetumpka, AL-Business Adm. Marketing . . . Kappa Delta, Social Chairman; Phi Beta Lambda, State President, State Who ' s Who, National Who ' s Who, Local President; Chairman for School of Business Advisory Council; Ingalls Award Committee. Suddaht, Suzann Elizabeth . . . Eufaula, AL-Early Childhood Education . . . Alabama Association of Teacher Education Association of Childhood Education International, Sec; Gamma Beta Phi. Thomason, Janice E . . . Dothan, AL-Biology- Chemistry Math . . . Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Beta Beta Beta, President; Angel Flight. Turrin, Linda Maria Theresa . . . Niceville, FL- Psychology-SRS Spanish . . . Angel Flight; Theta Chi Little Sister. Van Buren, Conrad . . . Lawton, OK-Computer Science Business-Ae rospace . . . Intramural Sports; Arnold Air Society; AFROTC. Verran, Tommy . . . Cairo, GA-Music Education . . Marching Band, Concert Band, Stage Band; Music Educator ' s National Conference; Phi Mu Alpha; Opera Workshop, Orchestra; Dean ' s Liat. Ward, Laura . . . Millbrook, AL-Broadcast Jour- Washington, Tommie . . . Eufaula, AL-Social Sci- ence-Psychology Military Science . . . Gamma Beta Phi. Whigham, Tammy Louise . . . Opp, AL-English- European-Asian History French . . . Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Oxford Scholar 1980; Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Jr. Advisor; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary; Phi Kappa Phi; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; French Club, Pres- ident; SGA Supreme Court Justice; Ingall ' s Award Committee; Clements Hall Student Director. Wilkinson, Kim . . . Blue Springs, AL-Music- Math . . . Kappa Delta Pi, President; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota, President; SNEA; BSU, Drama, Choir; Madri- gals; Rejoice Singers; Ingall ' s Award Committee; Dean ' s List; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Music Educators National Conference, Vice-President; Gardner House Council, Officer; Collegiate Singers, Tour Group; Operas, Bye, Bye, Birdie, Orpheus; SAI Undergraduate Scholarship Award. Woodbury, Diane Marie . . . Eufaula, AL- Business Adm. -Emphasis in Finance . . . Collegi- ate Singers, Secretary; TSU Marching Band; Bye, Bye, Birdie, Orpheus in the Underworld; Chairperson of Opera Patron Committee, Co- Chairperson of Opera Box, Office Ticket Sales; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-President of Pledge Class, Education for Delta Sigma Pi, Pledge Class Pres- ident; Gamma Beta Phi; Collegiate Singers Tour Group. Workum, Jennifer . . . Titusville, FL-Spe Elem Education . . . Kappa Delta Pi; Council for Exc. Children; Tau Beta Sigma, District Coord., Vice- President; Sound of The South Flag Corps. Burkhart, Susan Kay . . . Selma, AL-Biology- Physical Science . . . Beta Beta Beta; Intramural Softball League, Rookies Softball Team, Dynast- y;BSU. Lasselle, Erica Hallie . . . Pompano Beach, FL- Mathematics-General Science . . . Student Coun- cil for Exceptional Children; Student National Education Association; Beta Beta Beta; BSU. 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Craig 166. 278, 344 Al Yemeni, Abdulla 236 Al-Mansour, Wajeeh 236 Al-Sabej Majed 324, 236 Albert. Reginald F. 91. 344 Alexander, Charles A. 324 Alexander. Jefferson 324 Alexander, Patricia 372 Alford, Carol J. 324 Alford, Jane L. 344 Alford, John 358 Allen. Brian L. 372 Allen. Cynthia 175. 344 Allen, Cynthia 372 Allen, Elvis J. 358 Allen, Julian D. 83, 324 Allen, Lee A. 358 Allen, Margaret A. 372 Allen, Veronica J. 372 Allen, William E. 324 Allison, Robinette E. 358 Almand, Paul M. 171, 372 Almond, Jamie L. 358 Alter, Bruce B. 358 Aman, Christopher A. 344 Amin, Kamran 236 Ammons, Suzanne 169, 344, 231 Amos, Barbara B. 344 Anderson, Alton M. 324 Anderson, Bernard 358 Anderson, Curtis A. 344 Anderson, Deborah L. 344 Anderson, James L. 171, 344 Anderson. Laura L. 344 Anderson, Leisha G. 358 Anderson, Lynette 358 Anderson, Michael 372 Anderson, Patrice 372 Anderson, Philip 344 Anderson, Robert G. 358 Anderson, Roderick L. 344 Anderson, Rosemary 372 Anderson, Wanda Jean 324 Anderson, William N. 222, 172, 324, 231 Andress, Dimple A. 164, 324 Andress, Joe M. 372 Andress, Susan D. 324, 257 Andress, William 384 Andrews, Jack E. 324 Andrews, Jeffery W. 167, 183, 358 ews, Jenny L. 324 Andrews, Phyllis E. 372 Andrews, Reginald K. 372 Andrews, Selby F. 358 Angelo, Nickolas P. 173, 344, 208 Anglin. Mark A. 372 Anglin, Vicki L. 344 Annis, Douglas W. 344 Anthony, Dee W. 173, 344 Anthony. John E. 69. 372 Anuforo, Alden I. 236 Aplin, Donald E. 224, 358 Aplin, Tammy S. 222, 324 Applegate. Deborah L. 222, 164, 32 Applegate, Donna K. 372 Archer, Timothy M. 167, 324 Argo, Dean R. 358 Armin, Jennifer J. 222, 230 Armstead, R. Richard 211, 344, 257 Armstrong, Lawton E. 358 Armstrong, Michael E. 86, 344 Armstrong, Teresa A. 372 Armuelles, Raul T. 372, 236 Arnette, Kerri S. 372 Arnold, Brenda N. 372 Arnold, Donnie M. 324 Arnold. Rebecca A. 324 Arnzen, Diane M. 8, 9, 16, 324 Arlington, Wayne C. 344 Arthur, Donna B. 372 Asciutto, Vint P. 274, 372 Ashburn, William H. 224, 358, 225 Ashcraft, Allyson L. 185, 169, 324 Ashcraft, Durhonda S. 109, 169, 372, 276 Asher, Joseph T. 223, 344, 231 Ashford, Andrea 324 Ashmore, Sheri K. 8, 9. 211, 324, 231 Atkins, Steven F. 344 Atkisson, David E. 173, 358 Austin, Karen D. 344 Austin, Kelley L. 324, 231 Austin, Michael 91, 173, 358 Austin, Nancy J. 344 Austin, Randy L. 358, 263 Austin, Steven D. 278, 358, 273 Austin, Thomas M. 324 Autrey, Kimberly 344 Autrey, Rebecca G. 165, 358 Averett. Keven D. 83, 344 Avery. Angela J. 324 Avery, Barbara C. 358 Avrett, Ray F. 324 Ayers, Mae F. 358 B Bailey, Carlton J. 166, 324 Bailey, Cheryl A. 231 Bailey. Janice H. 372 Bailey. Kenneth E. 170, 344 Bailey, Laura L. 344 Bailey, Pamela J. 372 Bailey, Robert C. 324 Bailey, Travis A., 174, 372 Baker, Catherine E. 372 Baker, Charlotte M. 324 Baker, Elizabeth C. 222, 324 Baker, Huw J. 324 Baker, Patsy B. 358 Baker, Philip S. 116, 166, 344, 273 Baker, Richard 372 Baldwin, Linda F. 324 Baldwin, Natalie K. 8, 211, 344, 235, 247 Ballentine. Mike P. 324 Balogh, Deborah M. 233, 344, 250 Banker, Glen R. 84, 86, 344 Bankester, Stephen S. 166, 344 Bannar, David R. 372 Barbata, Jane P. 40, 344 Barfield, Debra K. 344 Barfield, Nancy D. 8, 256, 324 Barfield, Sonya A. 372 Barfoot, Carey W. 222, 372, 228 Barganier, Furniss P. 324 Barksdale, Laura F. 176, 358 Barnes, Donald K. 256, 324 Barnes, Pamela A. 169, 372 Barnes, Pheonix 372 Barnitz, Vicki S. 358 Barrett, Leanne 324 Barron, Johnny 324 Barron, Nancy L. 344 Bartleson, Rebecca S. 358 Barton, Valerie A. 256, 324 Basch, William C. 324 Bascomb, Brenda F. 358, 239 Bass, Cynthia P. 169, 183, 344 Bass, Janet M. 358 Bass, Steven C. 324 Bass, Teresa E. 372 Bass, William J. 344 Bassett, Candace K. 358 Bassett, Gary A. 91, 344 Bassett, Janet E. 165 Batchelor, Donald O ' . 171, 324 Batchelor, Larry C. 344 Bateman, Jeffrey A. 344 Bateman, Phillip G. 324 Bates, Benjamin E. 97, 344 Bates, Ruby J. 344 Baugh, Alvin W. 324 Baughman, Rita J. 324, 231 Baxley, Amanda J. 324 Baxley, Danny J. 324 Baxter, Mary J. 324 Baxter, Zachary T. 344 Beardon, Lottie C. 372 Beasley, Lee J. 372 Beasley, Mitchell W. 358 Beasley, Steven W. 167, 324 Beauchamp, Richard 358 Beck, Karol 372 Bedsole, Stephen M. 170 Bedsole, Thomas B. 170, 372 Belcher, Dewayne W. 84, 86, 372 Belcher, Lisa K. 324 Belcher, William C. 278, 358, 276 Be ' k, Glynda S. 324 Bell, Jesse 344 Bell, Kimbi L. 344 Bell, Linda J. 167, 372 Bell, Lisa J. 372 Bell, Maggie M. 324 Bell, Pamela K. 372 Bell, Richard T. 372 Bell, Sarah E. 222, 324 Bell, Wayne O. 223, 344 Bellamy, Jerome 372, 251 Bemis, Velma D. 358 Benaquis, Melanie 372 Bence, Leisa K. 344 Bendall, William R. 276, 256, 324, 275 Bendolph, Glenn L. 344 Bendolph, L. 344 Benefield, Leisa 116. 175. 372 Bennett, Andrew N. 344, 231 Bennett, Ricky E. 166, 372 Benson. Gerald 344 Benson, Robert M. 344 Benson, Steve 170, 344 Benton, Perian 165, 358 Bercant, Eula F. 165, 359 Bergeron, Paula A. 8, 9, 164, 372 Bergstrom, George 63, 384 Bernarz, Clay A. 324 Berry, Calvin 324 Berry, Catherine 344 Berry, Cinda P. 222, 324 Berry, Patty J. 359 Bess, Kenya B. 256, 359 Betts, Willie C. 372 Beussee, Richard G. 324 Bice, James R. 344 Biddle, Alan E. 359 Bilbrey, Ronald M. 324 Bilbro, Charles R. 210, 170, 359 Binford, Robert G. 372, 240, 269 Bishop, James N. 372 Bishop, Michael A. 344 Bissell, Ronald L. 372 Black, Jacob D. 372 Black, Naomi R. 324 Black, Sammie D. 166, 359 Black, Wendy S. 324 Blackburn, Donna J. 344 Blackman. Donna K. 359 Blackmon, Annie C. 372 Blackmon, George L. 344 Blackwell, Sonya C. 166, 372 Blake, Susan Gail 276, 324, 275 Blankenship, Stanley 384 Blanton. Wendy J. 372 Bledsoe, Kenneth W. 359, 240 Blevins, Cecelia E. 372 Blizzard, Genevieve 235. 275. 276, 325, 260, 242, 236 Blocker, Sheila A. 325 Bloeth, Lorraine M. 265, 260, 52, 165, 359, 276, 263 Bloodworth, Melissa 169, 359 Blum, Patricia A. 372, 239 Blunt, Lanny 359 Blythe, Mary L. 325 Blythe, William 325 Boggan, Robert G. 345 Boggun, Maurice 325 Bohnenberger, Otto F. 345, 236, 237 Bohner, Bonnie L. 233, 256, 345, 272, 250 Bolan, Beulah M. 325 Boiling, Kenneth W. 345 Bonam, Vincent S. 372, 321 " 4: T -sley M. 345, 236, 272, i.i.aiii, i maa (j. 359 Bonner, Benjamin 325 Bonner, Mark C. 384 Booker, Kathy C. 372 Boone, Felicia G. 226, 277, 321 Boothe, Alice 372 Boozer, Df " ' ,0 Boozer. Robert t. 241, 240 Borchik, Kimberly A. 325 Borkenhagen, Donna 164, 325, 231 Borland, Kenneth H. 52, 274, 372 Borrego, Paul M. 325 Borum, Leeann 233, 359 Boss, Beverly J. 116, 169, 372, 276, 234 Boss, Patricia A. 169, 325 Bostick, David R. 359 B» W Baal Bo Bs hi hi hi Br £ J Botts, Charles A. 345 Botts, Richard E. 172, 359 Bouchillon Richard 91, 372 Boutwell, Bobby R. 372, 231, 228 Boutwell, Rachel L. 325, 231 Boutwell, Robin F. 173, 359 Bowden, Dennis F. 384 Bowdoin, Steven P. 359 Bowen, Cynthia A. 359 Bowen, Gay M. 236, 359, 231, 277 Bowen, James M. 256, 359 Bowers, Charlotte B. 164, 359 Bowers, Glenn 359 Bowers, Robin R. 345 Bowser, Beverly L. 175, 325 Boyd, Katherine L. 175, 345 Boyd, Marybeth 325 Boyd, Michael D. 91, 345 Boyd, Rebecca G. 372, 269 Bozeman, James M. 278, 359 Bozeman, Kyle S. 359 Bracewell, Mary B. 276, 256, 325 Brackin, John B. 359 Braden, Katrina M. 325 Bradford, George T. 359 Bradford, Laura A. 175, 325 Bradford, Michael D. 325 Bradley, Bernestine 325 Bradley, Charles R. 228, 52, 274, 231, 372,276, 268 Bradley, Gary D. 222, 224, 372, 225 Bradley, Lee G. 274 Bradley, Michael S. 325 Bradshaw, Gary D. 345 Bradsher, Angela M. 164, 325 Braman, Leslie E. 359, 242, 234 Branch, Mary A. 165, 325 Brannon, Phillip E. 223, 325 Brannon, Sheila A. 345 Brantley, James N. 66, 372 Branum, William R. 384 Brasher, James E. 373, 231, 228 Braswell, Rena A. 325 Braswell, Rose R. 373 Braswell, Russell E. 172, 359 Braswell, Tsina N. 223, 325 Bratcher, Byron W. 172, 345 Bray, Annie V. 384 Breland, Rebecca 325 Brentnell, Frank M. 345 Brettel, Loris D. 164, 345 Brewer, Donald R. 373 Brewster, Charles D. 168, 325 Bridges, Beverly J. 345, 240 Briggs, Gerald E. 66, 359 Briggs, Kevin H. 373 Bright, Donald D. 373 Bright, Eddie H V " Bright, Emnieu ». . .,„. Brightwell, Mary G. 359 Briley, Ramona A. 222, 230, 325 Britt, John 91, 359 Broadway, Donny W. 359 Brock, Sylvia J. 345 Brogdor C,J ' " " Brom, Roben Ai. .. .. , 325, 236, 272 Bronson, Jerry W. 240 Brookins, Betty Jane 185, 325 Brooks, Barbara 373 Brooks, Barbara G. 373 Brooks, Claude 166, 345 Brooks, Jennice 359 Brooks, Kimberly Ann 325 Brooks, Norman D. 223, 224, 359. 225 Brooks, Tara L. 165, 345 Bross, Larry W. 325, 200 Brossman, Patricia L. 222, 325 Broughton, Adele B. 373 Brower, Gerry L. 274, 373, 240, 259 Brower, John 91, 345 Brown, Arlean F. 345 Brown, Bobby J. 325 Brown, Cynthia A. 373, 67, 251, 239 Brown, David E. 345 Brown, Grace 345 Brown, Harold J. 345 Brown, Harry 345 Brown, James D. 325 Brown, James E. 278 Brown, James M. 359 Brown, Janet K. 345 Brown, Johnny R. 325 Brown, Joseph Daniel 359 Brown, Kerry F. 373 Brown, Lisa E. 325 Brown, Marion 67, 384 Brown, Mary F. 185, 169, 325, 231 Brown, Rebecca J. 359 Brown, Rhonda 325 Brown, Rita D. 359 Brown, Robert C. 273 Brown, Robert R. 325 Brown, Synthia M. 373 Brown, Terry P. 373 Brown, Troy C. 325 Brown, Vaunita R. 325 Brown, William T. 173 Brown, Yolanda S. 325 Browning, Jeffrey B. 373 Bruce, Catherine A. 165, 325 Bruemmer, Ernest J. 325 Bruner, Wanda G. 373 Brunson, Betsy 325 Brunson, David Rouse 171, 325 Brunson, John 345 Bryan, Cathy R. 169, 236 Bryan, Cynthia P. 345 Bryan, John Russell 326 Bryan, Kenneth M. 326 Bryan, Richard T. 373 Bryant, Debra A. 166, 373 Bryant, Steven M. 86, 345 Bryson, Bertha M. 359, 234 Bubbett, Jonathan D. 223, 373, 228 Bucciero, Joy A. 326 Buchanan, Carolyn N. 326 Buchele, Rueben T. 359 Buck, Sheryl L. 165, 345 Buckelew, David K. 359 uckles, Steven C. 326 ufford, Lueweeta 359 Bugg, Robert W. 326 Bullard, Andy B. 222, 345 Bullock, Gary P. 168, 326 Bullock, William H. 326 Bundrick, Sheila C. 326 Bundy, Patricia L. 345 Bunge, Cheryl L. 373 Bunker, Russell F. 373, 231 Buntin, Joseph G. 326 Buntin, Terri 176, 359 Bunting, Carol J. 326 Burch, Dianne R. 24, 27, 40, 345 Burdette, David L. Jr. 326 Burdette, Lisa M. 176, 373 Burgess, Margaret 326 Burgess, Raynene S. 345 Burguillos, Romona L. 326 Burk. Kenny R. 359 Burke, Mitchell 326 Burke, Thomas 326 Burkett, Christy L. 278, 359 Burkett. Mark H. 171, 345 Burkett, Scott D. 326 Burkett, Terry W. 326 Burkett, Tina M. 345 Burkhardt, Susan K. 373, 266 Burks, Sandra 345 Burks, Tammy 53, 373, 242, 265 Burlison, Dara L. 373 Burlison, Keith H. 346 Burnett, Traci E. 169, 326 Burnham, Lisa A. 165, 326 Burns, Kenneth 346 Burton, Claudia S. 27, 40, 373 Burton, David K. 359 Burton, Karen F. 373, 239, 237 Burton, Kimberly A. 165, 346 Burton, Sharen K. 373, 239 Burtram, Tammi R. 346 Bush, Bruce A. 278, 373 Bush, David K. 91, 359 Bush, Edward Jr. 86 Bush, Kimberly L. 346 Bush, Odessa M. 326 Bush, Robert D. 346 Buskey, Karen L. 346 Butt, Kathleen A. 373 Byars, Dena G. 359 Byrd, Glenda Diane 359 Byrd, James E. 346 Byrd, Patricia A. 167, 373 Byrd, Robert R. 373 Byrd, Susan R. 326 Cade, David A. 346 Cade, Stephen D. 373, 249 Cagle, Donald R. 384 Cain, Roy W. 373 Cain, Susan R. 373 Caldwell, Curtis A. 83, 326 Caldwell, Tami B. 164, 359, 266 Calhoun, Donnie R. 359 Calhoun, John F. 171, 359 Calhoun, Kelly 182, 183, 359 Calhoun, Larry C. 168 Callander, Robert B. 359 Callen, J. Malcolm 326 Calton, Steven L. 276, 171, 326 Calvert, William T. 173, 346 Camp, Dorothy F. 373 Campbell, David E. 346 Campbell, David K. 168, 359 Campbell, Lawrence E. 86, 373 Campbell, Mark M. 346 Campbell, Michael J. 326 Campbell, Peggy L. 346 Campbell, Richard D. 326 Campbell, Shelle 176, 373 Campbell, Sydney 359 Campbell, Terri L. 326 Campbell, William W. 172, 346 Canaday, Thomas L. 326 Cannaday, Candie L. 8, 44, 116, 164, 373 Cannon, Priscilla D. 346 Capers, David L. 346 Capps, Benjamin R. 373 Caraway, Chester D. 174, 359 Caraway, Clayton S. 327 Garden, William P. 326 Carlton, Hollis D. 346 Carlton, Katrina H. 346 Carmichael, Judith L. 326 Carmichael, Marcus R. 346 Carnley, Lydia R. 346 Carpenter, James R. 346 Carpenter, Michael F. 173, 373 Carr, Charles L. 346 Carr, Karla D. 169, 346 Carreker, Vicki L. 268, 109, 185. 105, 373, 276 Carrier, Nicole 8, 276. 326, 275 Carrier, Susan M. 185, 164, 326 Carrillo, Mark D. 326 Carroll, Cynthia L. 326 Carroll, Cynthia W. 326 Carroll, Douglas M. 166, 373 Carroll, Julia L. 326 Carroll. William G. 326 Carswell, Cheryl M. 373 Carter, Andria S. 346 Carter, Belinda F. 326 Carter, Elizabeth 169, 346 Carter, Eva C. 126, 8, 9. 97, 326, 231 Carter, Harvey L. 326 Carter, Joy A. 373 Carter, Kenneth M. 91, 168, 346 Carter, Kimberly A. 346 Carter, Melissa 326 Carter, Pamela 346 Carter, Robert E. 326 Casaday Cynthia J. 346 Casey, Candace 164, 346 Casey, Christy T. 373 Casey, Katherine 326 Casey, Ricky V. 373 Cash, Peter L. 346 Cashwell, William D. 346 Caso, Robert J. 24, 27, 40, 326 Castellano, John A. 172, 346 Castellano, Tina 326 Castleberry, Richard 359, 229, 228 Castro, Victor 346 Cates, Allan D. 326 Cates, Aubrey E. 359 Cates, Patricia 373 Catoe, Cathy A. 274, 373 Caton, James B. 359 Catron, Tammy A. 346 Cauley, James 373 Causey, Sharon L. 346 Caver, Rosalind 326 Cawley, Debbie A. 346 Cetti, Anne C. 326 Cetti, Marsha C. 327 Chalker, Melanie T. 164, 359 Chambers, Alicia A. 346 Chamblee, Bobby N. 359 Chambliss, Wendy J. 327 Chan Chung Bun 327 Chandler, Deborah L. 327 Chandler, Roberta L. 327 Chandler, Warner H. 223, 373, 269 Chandler, William G. 373 Chapman, Kevin L. 374 Chapman, Linzal W. 327 Chapman, Wesley L. 327 Charles, Carla L. 8 Chauvin, Clarence A. 346 Chauvin, Robert P. 327 Chavis, Phillip M. 359 Chellman, Douglas W 327 Cherry, Sharon K. 359 Cheshire, Danny 359, 238 Index 401 Child-. Cynthia L. 327. 235 Chmakwc. Charles 236 Chivmgton. Darrell 347 ChriMensen, Cydney 359 Chnstensen. Joni E. 53, 233. 374. Christian, Carl E. 327 Cink. Ronald J. 173.347 Clancy, Chester E. 223. 347 Clark. Carla L. 327 Clark. Charles H. 327 Clark. Dennis A. 166, 347 Clark. Jack D. 327 Clark. Joseph P. 327 Clark. Kimberly L. 222, 327 Clark. Linda A. 327 Clark. Michael G. 172, 327 Clark. Michael H. 166 Clark. Ramona A. 374 Clark. Robert C. 86 Clark, Ronald M. 327 Clark, Rusty 256, 327 Clark, Steve A. 360 Clark, Tina 327 Clark, William T. 327 Clements. Donna S. 347 Cleveland, William T. 347, 272, 239 Clifton, Cynthia E. 167. 374 Clifton. Stephen G. 53, 374, 268, 228 Clower. Bonnie P. 164, 374 Clower, Donna A. 116, 164, 347 Cluen, Eileen D. 347 Coad, Karen L. 347, 250 Coats, Jacqueline B. 327 Cobb, Reginald J. 86. 327 Cochran. Pamela L. 347. 67 Cochrane, Janet L. 360 Cohen, Randall J. 274, 374 Colbert, Frank J. 53, 374, 240 Cole. Anita S. 374 Cole. Gregory F. 374, 269 Cole. James L. 274, 374 Colee, Nora A. 53, 175, 374, 242, 276 Coleman, Angela D. 327 Coleman, Carol 347 Coleman, Cathy L. 374 Coleman, Geraldine 360 Coleman, Osmund A. 360 Coleman, Pamela J. 176, 360 Coleman, Stanley R. 327, 360 Coleman. Suzanne L. 374 Coleman, Tracy M. 327 Collier, Bonnie L. 360 Collier, Claire L. 164 Collier. Lynda L. 384 Collier, Mary 24, 384 Collier, Peggy N. 347, 257 Collier, Randolph S. 171 Collins, Beverly A. 327 Collins, Melvin A. 327 Collins, Michael A. 327 Collins, Willie H. 374 Colquett, Angela 374 Colquett, Charles L. 327 Colquitt, Judith B. 374 Combee, Brian K. 170, 327 Comer. Karen E. 347 Comer, Vicki D. 276, 210, 256, 327. 275 Compton, Gina L. 233, 256, 327 Compton, John C. 233 Compton, Lisa G. 256, 327, 250 Compton. Sherry J. 374 Conner, Katrinia L. 347 Cook. Christine R. 164, 327 Cook, Danny F. 360 Cook, Donna F. 347 Cook, Donna J. 327 Cook, Gary E. 327 Cook, Glenda 327 Cook, Jeffrey, B. 327 Cook, John M. 347 Cook, Nancy M. 347, 201 Coons, Joseph L. 91, 347 Cooper, Carl G. 327 Cooper, Jennie S. 169 Cooper, Jimmy L. 347 Cooper, Mary L. 360. 242 Cooper. Riley B. 360, 257 Cooper, Sharon I. 374 Cooper, Shona R. 360 Cooper, Turner, M. 360, 260 Cooper, Wanda M. 164, 360 Cope. Charlotte M. 327 Cope, Patricia A. 360, 239 Copeland. Mary E. 327 Copeland, Peter 327 Copeland. Robert M. 167, 360 Coppage. David B. 374 Corbitt, Pamela K. 223, 230, 374 Corcoran, Rose M. 374 Corder, William 347 Corder, William 347 Cordle, Leon C. 347 Cordle, Rudolph P. 327 Corley, Cassandra A. 175, 327 Corley, Jack J. 168 Correnti, Kenneth W. 327 Cosgrove, Colin B. Jr. 198, 210, 243, 269, 347, 240 Coskrey, Beverly J. 233, 347 Costello, John W. 327 Cottingham, Walker H. 327 Cottle, Mackie H. 360 Cotton, Carl D. 347 Cotton, Salie M. 235, 169, 327 Couch, Cathryn, J. 165, 327 Coullias, Michael S. 327 Coulter, Michael P. 174, 360 Courtland. Mary 327 Courtney, Deborah 360 Cowan, Dylene 374 Cowan, George 83, 327 Cowan, Willie F. 327 Cowart, Henry C. 327 Cox, Danny B. 91, 374 Cox, Susan E. 327 Craft, Kenneth L. 327 Craft, Vicki C. 164, 327 Craig, Carol E. 360 Craig, Paul E. 171, 327 Craig, Ricky D. 360 Craik, Kenneth R. 67, 374 Cravey, Deborah R. 374 Crawford, Caroline R. 185, 169, 347 Crawford, Tammy K. 242 Crawford, Timothy H. 327 Crawford, Trent L. 327 Crawford, William E. 384 Creel, Debra S. 374 Creel, Jerry C. 347 Creel, Mike L. 374 Creel, Steven A. 327 Crenshaw, Mary C. 374 Creswell, Thomas L. 174, 327 Crews, Lisa A. 222, 230, 327 Crews, Susan L. 164, 360 Cribb, Deborah A. 328 Crim, Donna K. 360 Crittenden, Carlena 167, 183, 374 Crittenden, Perry 173, 328 Crochet, Denise L. 257, 347, 272, 266, 260 Crosby, Jane E. 175, 360, 242 Crosby, Mary A. 374 Cross, Lisa A. 328 Cross, Sherrie L. 176, 360 Cross, Stephanie R. 328 Crossland, Timothy D. 167, 328 Crosslin, Greg D. 360 Crowell, Sheila 328 Crowley, Larry B. 360 Crozier, Ronald J. 360 Crum, Lisa 360 Crutchfield, Cheryl 347 Crutchfield, David E. 374 Cruz, Frank W. 374 Cueto, John R. 347 Culbertson, Dorothy 374, 239 Cullen, Terry A. 168, 360 Culp, James M. 360 Culpepper, Bruce B. 374 Culpepper, Cathy R. 360 Culpepper, Marvin W. 170, 384 Culver, Vanessa C. 164, 256, 360 Cummings, Mary K. 328 Cummins, Linda D. 276, 176, 328, 275 Cunningham, Bonnie M. 360 Cunningham, Charles 328 Cunningham, Delmus 328 Cunningham, Ywell K. 360 Curenton, Elizabeth 374 Curenton, Lon C. 171 Curry, Kenneth W. 360 Curtis, Bobbie 384 Curtis, David 374 Cyprian, Willie P. 255, 360, 240 Dailey. James C. 168, 328 Dailey, John M. 168, 328 Dale, Ginger L. 328 Dalon, Helen D. 175, 347 Dalrymple, Elizabeth 54, 274, 374 Daniel, Deborah C. 328 Daniels, Debra A. 374 Daniels, Traci L. 175, 328 Dankewich, Clay J. 328 Danks, Thomas P. 360, 257 Dansby, Comelious 274, 374, 167 Darby, James R. 328 Darlington, Cathy E. 175, 347 Davenport, Andrea D. 165, 347 Davenport, Sandra 347 Daves, Geary D. 360 Davidson, Aubrey L. 374 Davidson, George J. 360 Davidson, Jerry M. 328 Davidson, William K. 223, 374 Davis, Angela F. 347 Davis, Barbara 328 Davis, Chyvonne D. 360 Davis, Deborah K. 328 Davis, Hollis B. 328 Davis, Janice M. 360 Davis, Jason W. II 173, 360, 234 Davis, Jenny C. 360 Davis, Joseph T. 172, 328 Davis, Karen 360 Davis, Kathy L. 328 Davis, Laura A. 328 Davis, Luanne 105, 328 Davis, Marcus A. 173, 360 Davis, Mark W. 328 Davis, Mary E. 222, 230 Davis, Robert B. 173 Davis, Ronald K. 374 Davis, Ronnie L. 328 Davis, Scott H. 171, 347 Davis, Shirley 166, 374 Davis, Susan L. 222, 328 Davis, Tanya Y. 360 Davis, Teresa A. 360 Davis, Terri L. 328 Davis, Thomas W. 374, 263 Davis, Tim 347 Dawkins, Larry 360 Dawson, Aaron L. 328 Dawson, Mark 374 Day, Chesley R. 175 Day, Jeffery C. 384 Day, Karen J. 374 Day, Kimberly E. 347 De Groot, Teresa 236, 347 De Groot, Wilhelmus 347, 236, 269 Deagan, Timothy J. 40, 328, 262 Deal, Anthony A. 328 Deal, Kevin E. 328 Deal, Martha L. 374 Deal, Rhonda R. 328 Dean, Alice M. 375, 240 Dean, Cathy H. 347 Dean, James R. 375 Dean, Richard 260, 272, 276, 54, 289, 246, 183, 360, 277 Dean, Shirlon J. 328 Dean, Suzanne 375 Deantonio, Harry A. 328 Deavers, Karen D. 328 Debeaugrine, James P. 360 Dees, Martha J. 347 Deese, Alice M. 256, 360, 239 Defee, Patricia A. 328 Delaigle, Tina F. 165, 360, 242, 67 Dell, Lyndsey D. 328 Deloach, Lydia R. 276, 328, 275 Deloach, Steve L. 328 Dement, Lenora K. 360 Denman, Rebecca 360 Denman, Scott E. 347 Dent, Scott J. 347 Detrick, Billy R. 360, 240 Devore, Deborah J. 328 Dews, Eugene 384 Dicesare, Joseph T. 328 Dickman, Marcus 223, 360. 228 Dierksheide, Robin O. 328 Dierksheide, Theresa 328 Dillard. Twyla K. 375 Dillard, Walter 166, 347 Dillard, Willie L. 328 Dillender, Daniel T. 360 Dismukes, Delisa K. 375 Dix, Gerald H. 328 Dixon, Don A. 375 Dixon. Karleen 328 Dobson, Lee F. 173, 328 Doby, Andrea L. 375 Dodd, Anthony R. 360 Dodson, Shirley S. 360 Doggett, Kimberly D. 328 Doheny, John T. 328 Doheny, Kevin R. 328, 272 Don, Jerry N. 347 Donaldson, Archie W. 360 Donaldson, Golda T. 375 Donaldson, Raven 328 Dorman, Jay A. 32 8 Dorr, Charles E. 375 Dorriety, Laura 360 Douglas, Carolyn D. 347, 242 Douglas, Walter 360 Dowling, John M. 328 Downes, Darci A. 328 Dozier, Laurie J. 375, 269 Drake, Joan A. 328 Drake, Kathryn E. 328 Driggers, Mary E. 328 Drinkard, James L. 347 Drinkard, Lisa A. 375 Driskell, Mary A. 375 Dubberley, Dena L. 164, 328 Dubisar, Dinah L. 360 Dudley, Sybol E. 375 Duffey, Ronda A. 222, 328 Duke, Deborah K. 360 Duke, Max J. 361 Dumas, Vincent R. 166, 223, 347, 228 Duncan, Cheryl A. 375 Duncan, Mark G. 375, 239 Duncan, Mary A. 375 Duncan, Octavia T. 361 Duncan, Sheila A. 166, 375 Dunham, Derron K. 361 Dunn, Debra G. 375 Dunn, Guy S. 347, 269 Dunnam, Russell S. 375 Dunne, James T. 361 Dunning, Curtis B. 171, 375 Durant, Patricia 176, 347 Durham, Tammy J. 361 Dykes, Becky 361 Dykes, Beth A. 328 Dykes, Charles T. 347 Eagerton, Phillip M. 328 Earnest, Lori R. 211, 169, 361 Earnest, William T. 171, 361 Eason, Rita Faye 328 East, Deborah R. 375 Easterling, Randy M. 347, 268 Eberhart, Thomas R. 67, 375 Eckert, James B. 328, 272 Edmondson, Lori A. 328 Edmundson, John D. Jr. 375 Edwards, Barbara J. 175, 361, 242 Edwards, Cornelius 347 Edwards, Jamie L. 361 Edwards, Samuel M. 168, 328 Eiriksson, Dale A. 86, 375 Elder, Donna C. 375 Elias, Janet 347, 240 Ellenburg, Kevin G. 328 Ellerbee, John L. 63, 172, 384 Elliot, Steve L. 361 Ellis, Beverly A. 375 Ellis, Keith L. 361 Ellis, Kenneth W. 347, 253, 265 Ellison, Sharon A. 361 Ellison, Teresa R. 328 Ellisor, Cynthia L. 361 Ellisor, Joanne E. 169, 361 Ellisor, Lynda J. 328 Embling, George F. 223, 375 Enemchukwu, Al. E. 347 Enfinger, Bobby 329 Enfinger, David 173, 329 Enfinger, Deanna L. 329 Enfinger, Melissa J. 361, 2 42. 269 England, Clifford N. 375 Kngland, Thomas 361 English, Brenda F. 269 English, Van D. 174, 375 English, Wallace T. 347 Engstrand, Glenn E. 329 Ennis, Andrew T. 168, 347 Epting, James C. 166, 375, 240 Ercoli, Deborah K. 175, 255, 375 Erickson, David A. 329 Ernest, Henry P. 329 Espada, Otto 361 Estes, Glenda F. 329 Estes, Gregory 37, 173, 329 Esteves, Luis A. 329 Etheridge. Stevie C. 375, 236, 269, 266, 237 Evans, Barbara J 164, 347 Evans, Billie D. 361 Evans, Donald W. 223, 375 Evans, Linda L. 230, 361 Evans, Michael M. 329 Evans, Ronald 384 Evans, Sidney D. 223, 329, 228 Evers, John 329 Evett, Stephen 375 Ewing, Keven J. 168, 329 Ezell, Tami L. 175, 375 Faas, Thomas K. 329 Faircloth, Ronald O. 361 Fairly, Julia K. 329 Fairris, Steven B. 256, 347 Fannin, Barbara K. 347 Fant, Vernon S. 172, 329 Farahbakhsh, Farima 347 Farmer, Carol L. 176, 348 Farmer, Joy L. 274, 375, 268, 35, 37, 54, 169 Farmer, Lisa D. 223 Farrar, Gregory P. 348 Farrar, Michael L. 375 Farrior, Henry L. 329 Farris. Betty D. 348 Fayson, Daron D. 83, 348 Feaster, Kelly A. 375 Fedor, Mark E. 375 Feiner, Gregory 375 Felder, Janet C. 176, 329 Fell, John E. 329 Fellows, Janet 329 Felton, Clifford 348 Felton, Jacklyn L. 375 Felts, Judith L. 348 Fendley, Toni L. 329 Ferguson, Gerald L. 170, 348 Ferguson, Jeanne 223 Fernancez, Caprice L. 169, 329 Fernandez, Edward J. 170, 361 Fernandez, Yolanda T. 275, 236, 8, 9, 276, 272, 260, 329, 242 Feuerbach, David A. 168. 329 Fields, Karla J. 375, 250 Figg, Donna J. 165, 329 Filson, Remona K. 329 Findsen, Benjamin G. 348 Finn, Henry V. 361 Fitch, Michael D. 168, 375 Fitzgerald, Robin S. 329 Fiveash, Mary L. 165. 348, 238 Fiveash, Perianne 165, 361, 242, 67 Flangan, William J. 223, 375, 228 Fleming, Roger W. 329 Fleming, William M. 348 Fleshman, Sarah D. 348 Fletcher, Patricia D. 176, 348 Flora, Kathryn B. 165, 361 Flourney, Agnes 348 Flowers, Bernice 329 Flowers, Francine 348 Flowers, Henrietta F. 384 Flowers, John D. 329 Flowers, Rhonda K. 329 Flowers, Shelrel 329 Floyd, Kenneth A. 223, 224, 329, 225 Floyd, Lynda M. 165, 348 Floyd, Perry C. 223, 329 Floyd, Terry S. 176. 361 Floyd, Timothy N. 329 Fluker, Donna D. 375 Folsom, George R. 223, 224. 225 Folsom, John M. 329 Fontaine, Cynthia L. 175, 329 Force, Christopher H. 375 Ford, Emma E. 278, 375 Fore, Paul G. 223, 329 Foreman, Auburn R. 329 Foreman, Jerry L. 223, 348 Foreman, Sheryl L. 167 Foreman, Thomas J. 274, 361 Forte, Tressa L. 375 Fortner, Timothy S. 256, 329 Foss, KenC. 171, 329 Foster, Bill F. 330 Foster, James G. 348 Foster, William K. 375 Fowler, Dewey R. 375 Fowler, Sherry L. 361 Fowlkes, Anthony I. 361 Fralish, Vince R. 330 Frana, Frank J. 168 Franks, Lennis 223, 330 Frazier, Denise M. 330 Frazier, Lennie S. 348 Frederick, Raymond M. 361 Freemon, Alethea R. 375 French, Deborah A. 330 French, Robert R. 174, 361 Fretland, Erik 348 Fretwell M. Caryl 330 Frey, John M. 174, 361 Fridoonfar, Faramarz 348 Frith, Karen 164, 361 Fritz, Mark S. 27, 330 Fryman, William D. 330 Fulford. Mylon C. 375 Fuller, Alandra G. 330 Fuller, Bobby W. 361 Fuller, David C. 375 Fuller, Donald P. 330 Fuller, Leola M. 375 Fuller, William P. 330, 348 Funderburk. Barbara 222, 330 Fuqua, Thomas D. 330 Furlow, Eva D. 227 Furmag, Teresa M. 361, 269 Futch. H. Lamar 330 Gache, James M. 174. 330 Gaddy. Bruce N. 375 Gafner, Glenn T. 330 Gaines, Gregory B. 91, 348 Gallacher, Elizabeth 165. 348 Galluzzi, Joanne M. 375 Galvan, Arthur 361. 240 Gamble. Gloria (). 361, 253 Gamble. Halbert K. 330 Gamble, Sandra L. 361 Gantt, Mary L. 348 Ganzy, James D. 166. 375 Gardner, Valerie 330 Garland. Gerald R. 348 Garner, Edwin L. 256, 361, 277, 276, 239 Garner, Sharon 330 Garrett, Gloria D. 348 Garrett, Janice D. 361 Garrett, Susanne 348 Gaspohl, William E. 185, 330 Gates, Cynthia G. 330 Gay, Stephen U. 330 Gea, Wentsuey 361, 236 Gee, Scott T. 86. 361 Genetski, Thomas A. 173, 361 George, Jennifer L. 330 George, Sandra D. 330 Getchell, Timothy G. 330 Gibbs, Ronald T. 330 Gibson, Carl B. 238 Gibson, Carolyn 375 Gibson, James M. 348 Gibson, Lanorris 361 Gibson, Robert D. 361, 239 Gibson, William 348 Giddens, Claude R. 361 Giddens, John A. 361 Gignilliat, Leah K. 176, 362, 126 Gilley, Timothy R. 224, 225, 348 Gilliam, Robert 362 Gillian, Gina R. 375 Gilliland, Laura L. 176. 330 Gillman, Wanda Lanay 44. 330 Gilroy, Yong, Yo 330 Gipson, Hannibal M. 330 Gipson, Richard D. 375 Givens, Alice M. 330 Givens. Keith M. 348 Glass, Danita J. 236 Glass, James D. 173. 330 Glass. Kelly R. 169, 330 Glidewell, Daniel T. 330 Glover, Eric H. 174, 362, 126 Glover, Gregory A. 86 Godfrey, Quinton T. 331 Godwin, Jo E. 164. 331 Godwin, Lynn L. 362 Godwin, Nelda Carrol 331 Goemaat, Kathryn L. 348 Goff, Patricia I. 169, 362 Golden, Barry S. 222, 224. 384. 225 Gomillion, Amy L. 331 Goocher, Lisa 210, 169, 348 Goodson, Timothy H. 222. 331 Goodson, Tina W. 331. 263 Goodwin. Barry K. 171, 348 Goodwin, Peggy C. 331 Gorospe, Lisa A. 331 Gorter. Fred E. 255, 375 Gorum, Willie M. 362 Gosha, Thomas H. 166. 376 Goss, Charles E. 174 Gould, Jamie L. 331, 272 Gould. Jay E. Jr. 331 Gowins. Richard A. 348 Grady. Anna C. 362, 257 Graffunder. Donna K. 375 Graham, Dianne 330 Graham. Rebecca J. 240 Index 403 in. Timothy A. 330 Graham. Victoria L. 330 Cram ling. Leanne M. 175. 330 Grant. Boyd 375 Grant. Knsten L. 275. 8. 9. 276. 176, 330 Grant. Larry M. 84. 86. 362. 276 Grant. Martha J. 384 Grant. Michael M. 362 Grant. William L. 266 Grantham, Laura R. 362 Grantham. Mark A. 330 Gravat. James F. 348 Graves. Shirley M. 230. 362 Gray. Pamela K. 330 Gray, Thomas R. 348 Gray, Thomas W. 330 Greek. David J. 171. 362 Green. Brenda G. 169. 362 Green. Darryl W. 330 Green. Deborah L. 276. 330, 275 Green. Donald L. 330 Green. Dwight K. 362, 228 Green. Fletcher D. 348 Green. Gloria C. 330 Green. Hollye M. 362 Green, John R. 362 Green. Lou A. 348, 235 Green, Solomon H. 166, 375 Green. Thomas W. 348 Greene. William C. 348, 269 Greer. Brian S. 330 Gregg, Tina M. 176. 375. 242, 243 Gregory, Nathan S. 348 Griffin. Cynthia M. 362 Griffin, John M. 375 Griffin. Kimberly A. 169, 362 Griffin. Mary K. 330 Griffin. Patricia D. 44, 169, 330 Griffin. Sandra L. 348 Griffin. Sharon R. 375 Griffin. Teri M. 330 Griffin. Terri L. 362 Griffith. Marsha L. 222. 375 Griggs, Barbara A. 331 Grimes, Charles T. 375 Grimes. Dianne L. 348 Grimes, Elizabeth S. 331 Grimm, Patricia L. 362 Grimsley, Kimberly L. 331 Grimsley, William G. 348 Griswold, Tammy J. 375 Grizzle, Sammie C. 348 Groom. Sharon E. 278, 376 Groover, Deborah A. 376 Groover, Holly S. 175, 362 Grouby, Edward A. 278, 362 Grubbs, Grade A. 376 Grubbs. Sherrie L. 362 Guest. Gretchen 376, 269 Gufford. Warren M. 348 Gulley, Janet L. 348 Gunn, Elizabeth M. 176, 331 Gunn, Lola A. 384 Gunter. Gregory W. 168, 331 Gunter. Jeannie 176, 331, 242 Guthrie. James B. 171, 376 Gutschlag, Elizabeth 376 Guttery, Mark D. 331 Gwin, Donald O. Jr. 331 Gwyn. Nell A. 176, 376 H Haas. Virgina S. 8. 9. 183. 348 Hadaway, Dennis 223, 362 Haddock, Shelia R. 348 Hagood. Dennis K. 183, 362 Haines. Richard W. 86, 362 Haines, Toni M. 362, 242 Hair, Joe F. 331 Haisten. Kathryn, 331 Haisten, Susan R. 362 Halcomb, John H. 331 Hale, Frances C. 255, 274, 276, 362, 272 Hale, Michael T. 167, 331 Haley. Patrick K. 362 Hall, Amy S. 376 Hall. Angelia L. 348 Hall, Auburn E. 362 Hall, Bruce A. 376 Hall. David J. 376 Hall, Glenda L. 362 Hall. James 362 Hall. James 376 Hall. James 376 Hall. Karen L. 331 Hall, Lee R. 348 Hall, Lila 376 Hall, Melissa L. 348 Hall. Patricia A. 175, 362, 67 Hall, Randall L. 223, 331 Hall, Sandra S. 348 Halladay, Stephanie 175, 362 Hamilton. Glenn E. 171, 376 Hamilton. James B. 63, 64. 376 Hamilton, Loen J. 331 Hamilton, Marvin L. 276. 331, 275 Hamilton, Steven D. 167, 362 Hamm, Charlotte L. 331 Hamm, James M. 362 Hamm. Suzanne E. 331 Hammett, Sandra K. 376 Hammock, Charles G. 173, 331 Hammock. Robert L. 376 Hammond. Chester A. 362, 251 Hampshire, Sheila A. 376 Hampton, John R. 331 Hamrick, Jacki J. 331 Hancock, David S. 97, 376 Hancock, Deborah J. 223, 331 Hand, Mae B. 362 Hand, Phyllis G. 362 Hanks, Debra A. 331 Hanks, Marguerite 376, 269 Hanley, Connie G. 233 Hanning. Christopher 331 Hanning. David M. 348 Hanson, Hannah J. 175, 376 Hanson. James A. 376 Hanson. Michael D. 331 Harbuck. Kathy L. 223, 230, 362 Hardee, William G. 331 Hardeman, Ronnie E. 362, 257 Harden, J.C. 362 Hardwick, Jeannie C. 376. 227, 54, 226 Hargrove, Beverly L. 331 Harkins. Sharon L. 105, 362 Harless. Laura J. 362 Harmon. Vernon F. 276, 331, 275 Harnage, Curtis K.-250, 231, 272 Harold, Christina D. 331 Harrell. Curtis L. 331 Harrell, Joseph M. 348 Harrell, Teresa E. 362 Harrelson, Steven L. 278, 362 Harrington, Gregory 376 Harris, David A. 331 Harris, David M. 348, 266 Harris. James G. 170, 376 Harris, Larry 331 Harris, Patrick B. 237 Harris, Russell 376 Harris. Wayne C. 376 Harrison, Denise 266 Harrison. James R. 222 Harrison, John Norto 172, 331 Harrison, Karen Lynn 175, 362 Harrison, Mary A. 362 Harrison, Michael R. 376 Harrison, William R. 331 Harry, Paige E. 331 Hart, Anthony C. 166, 376 Hart, Christopher R. 166, 363 Hart, Elmer L. 331 Hart. Ken 348 Hart. Marcus A. 376 Hartert, Jana J. 169. 331 Hartin, Donna L. 376 Hartley, Cynthia L. 165 Hartley. Scott D. 171, 376 Hartselle, Timothy C. 223, 331 Harvell, James F. 167, 331, 272 Harvey, Angela D. 376 Harvey, Christine 278, 363 Harvey. Laurie L. 331 Hassett. Gentry A. 384 Hataway, Gregory L. 376, 241, 240 Hatcher, Arthur G. 166, 348 Hatfield. Deesa M. 175, 348 Haug. Christopher J. 167, 331 Haug, Stephen F. 363 Hawk, Karen L. 331 Hawkins, Craig S. 171,348 Hawkins, Martha 363 Hawkins, Sheila J. 348 Haws, Gerald K. 376 Haws, William S. 349 Hawthorne, James E. 173, 384 Hawthorne, Leigh A. 175, 376 Hawthorne, Stanley D. 363 Hayes, Charles R. 174, 376 Hayes, Darrell R. 331. 269, 251 Hayes, Donna L. 230, 349 Hayes, Katrina S. 175, 349 Hayes, Pamela J. 376 Hayes, Sonja M. 331 Hayles, Michael T. 173, 363 Haynes, Shirley A. 105, 363 Hazatone, Jill 331. 242 Hazen, Walter 174 Head, Charles M. 173 Head. James H. 171. 331 Head. Michael S. 331 Headly. Donna L. 242, 253, 266 Heathfield. Michael 376, 260 Hein, John J. 376. 260 Helms, James C. 27, 174 Helms, Jane 24, 349. 239 Helms, John M. 256. 331 Helms, Victor 376 Helton, Winfred 63. 64, 376 Hembree. Greg S. 91. 349 Hemming. Barbara 184, 363 Henderson, David A. 363 Henderson. Dennis F. 363 Henderson, Durward M. 331 Henderson, Jimmie L. 376 Henderson, Richard B. 331 Henderson, Sherri K. 274 Hendricks. Bobby R. 363 Hendricks, Mary K. 363 Hendrickson, Amanda 176, 363 Hendrickson, James S. 331 Hendrickson, Laurie 376 Hendrix. Edgar P. 363 Hendrix. Laura L. 363 Heninger, Michael C. 376 Henke. William P. 91. 363 Henken. Mary V. 376 Henley, Totsie J. 376 Hennigan. Dare 331 Henry. Deedee L. 331 Hermetz. Timothy M. 174, 349 Hernandez, Kathy L. 331 Herring, Bruce 274, 240 Hershey, Scott W. 331 Hewell. Mikell S. 168. 363 Hicks. Gwendolyn S. 331 Hicks, Misty L. 331 Hicks, Stormy 165, 349 Hicks, Teresa R. 332 Hicks, William H. 172. 349 Higdon. Daphne R. 169, 332 Higgins. Carra E. 332 Higgins, Lamar P. 376, 37, 51, 166, 290, 183 Hill. Bonnie D. Jr. 349 Hill, David K. 376 Hill, Gerald D. 376. 67 Hill. Mason 363 Hill, Paula J. 230, 332. 257 Hill, Thomas B. 170, 349 Hill, Travis K. 174, 332 Hilliard. Alena R. 332 Hillsman. John M. 223, 224, 363, 225 Hilmer, Frederick L. 168, 332 Hilson, Charlotte A. 376 Hilson, Rodrick 332 Hines, James C. 376 Hines, Linda O. 376 Hinkel, James S. 376 Hinrichs, Richard J. 363 Hinson. Eugenia A. 175, 363, 67 Hinson, Luke 363, 238 Hinson, Mark S. 332 Hitchcock, Michael K. 332 Hobbs, Lawrence C. 91, 171, 332 Hobden. Kenneth W. 349 Hodge. George R. 167, 332 Hoffman. Jennifer L. 349 Hoffman, Sharon A. 363 Hogan. David L. 376 Hogan. Sheila F. 105, 376 Hogg. Lisa B. 349 Hohlbaugh, Kimberly 363 Holcomb. Arnold W. 363 Hoik, Herbert E. 172, 332 Hoik. William F. 172, 376 Holland. David A. 349 Holland. Timothy 349 HoUey, Joey E. 349 Holley. Julie E. 363 Hollis. Mark A. 332 Hollis, Tamara L. 363 Holman. Kimberly I. 175. 332 Holmes. David B. 349 Holmes, Dwayne E. 223, 363 Holmes. Perry A. 97, 349 Holt, Jeanie A. 175, 233, 349. 272 Holyfield. Tandra M. 332 Holzmann. Gerard C. 332 Holzschuh. Robert J. 332 Hood, Ricky L. 222, 352 Hooten, Cathleen 363 Hooten, Eligha, 363 Hopkins, Beverly H. 349 Hopkins, Virginia R. 384 Horn, William J. 332 Home, John Howard 222. 332 Hornsby, Elizabeth A. 332 Hornsby, Joey 376 Hornsby, Virginia S. 376 Hornsby, William L. 171. 363 Horst, Michael K. 171. 349 Horta. Mary M. 176. 332 Horta. Rick 84, 167, 183, 363 Horvath, Robert M. 332 Horvath. Susan A. 8. 9. 165. 349 Hough. Timmy L. 170. 332 Houser, Jay A. 349 Houston, Daniel G. 332 Houston, Gregory S. 376 Howard, Herbert 171. 332 Howard, Irvin E. 332 Howard, Jeffery J. 332 Howard. Jesse J. 332 Howard. John E. 349 Howard. Lisa G. 363 Howard. Sallie 175. 349 Howard, Sherri L. 176, 349 Howard, Thomas G. 376 Howard. Wayne S. 363 Howell. Ame L. 278, 349 Howell, Asa J. 376 Howell. Jenine M. 332 Huband. Julie A. 165. 363 Huber, Jacqueline J. 332 Hudley, Gloria F. 332 Hudson. James R. 116. 174 Hudson. Joseph W. 349 Hudson, Lynn 363 Hudson. Mark A. 332 Hudspeth, Michael W. 168, 349 Hudson. Martha M. 332 Huff. Kenneth 223. 224. 349, 225 Huffman. Patricia A. 167. 363 Hufford. Nancy 332 Huffstetler. Samuel 174, 349 Hufnagel. Louis F. 363 Huggins, James B. 376 Huggins. Tamara D. 332 Hughes. Chris M. 173, 332 Hughes. Constance L. 384 Hughes. Lewis H. 332 Hughes, Suzanne 349 Hughes. William L. 363 Huling. Fletcher B. 332 Huling. Sam R. Ill 376 Hullett, Bonnie A. 376 Hulsey. Lloyd W. 376 Hulsey. Marty C. 349 Hulsey. Robert A. 83, 332 Humphrey, Alton O. 167. 332 Humphrey. Dawn M. 274. 376. 261 Humphrey. Michael J. 240 Hunt. Libbye D. 332 Huntley. Sharon D. 332 Hussey, Cheryl A. 363 Hussey. Delores E. 349 Hutcherson. Synitra 167. 349 Hutchings, Layne L. 332 Hutchins. Brenda K. 363 Hutchinson. Thomas A. 363 Hutson. Leland T. 172. 349 Hutto, Frances. Ann 256 Hyde. Wade A. 174. 332 Hyler. Jalene L. 349 I Iannucci. Mariana M. 8. 9. 332 Ijeoma. Felix I. 332. 236 Immel, Mark S. 332 Ingram. Anthony 169, 377 Ingram, June 349 Ingram. Mary H. 256, 377 Ingram, Terry L. 175, 363 Inscore. David H. 174. 377 Irby. Jane E. 230. 363. 273 Irelan, Kelly A. 332 Ireland. John R. 172 Irizarry, Angelique 222, 332 Irizarry. Lydia M. 226, 377, 227 Isaac, Joseph R. 83. 363 Ishee. George C. Jr. 363 Isom. William L. 228. 223, 349. 273, 229 Ivie, William D. 223, 377 Ivings. Dani M. 165. 332 Ivins. Kelly J. 165, 349 Jaasma, Margaret A. 349, 242, 257 Jackson, Beverly D. 256, 363 Jackson, Carl H. 363, 253 Jackson. Debra 384 Jackson, Gaylan 377, 276, 240, 268 Jackson, Henry D. 223, 332 Jackson, James T. 377 Jackson, Josephine D. 332 Jackson, Lori A. 332 Jackson, Lynn 363 Jackson, Sandra A. 349 Jackson, Scherry E. 363 Jackson, Shawn R. 377 Jackson, Tammy R. 350 Jacobs, Cynthia A. 175, 349 Jacobs, Jeffery S. 37. 173, 377 Jacobs, Mickey R. 173 Jamal, Asif 236, 332 James, Arthur M. 268, 240, 250 James, Joey K. 168, 332 James. John M. 384 Jarvis. Dorian L. 176, 332 Jeane, Laura A. 175, 332 Jeffcoat. Donna J. 176. 363, 265 Jefferson. Deborah W. 332 Jeffery, George R. 54, 377 Jenkins, David W. 356 Jenkins, Donald R. 91, 377 Jenkins. John Thomas 332 Jenkins, Leisha D. 251 Jenkins, Mark A. 332 Jenkins, Rhonda G. 332 Jenkins, Sharon L. 377 Jenkins. Tami 332 Jenkins. Warren D. 363 Jernigan. Charles H. 171, 377 Jernigan. Dennis G. 167, 363 Jernigan. Donna K. 377 Jernigan. Frank D. 350 Jernigan, William A. 350 Jeschke, William 377 Jessen. Kenneth P. 55, 170, 377 Jeter. Jennifer 176. 350 Jewell. Gregory L. 174, 332 Jinright. Pamela G. 175, 363 Johns, Billy J. 377 Johns. Kellie E. 350 Johns. Stephanie K. 332 Johnson, Anne T. 230, 377, 253 Johnson. Anthony L. 363 Johnson. Brenda L. 332 Johnson, Carol 333, 236 Johnson, Cecelia D. 377 Johnson. Christopher 350 Johnson. Clifford 377 Johnson. Cordelia D. 333 Johnson. Cynthia A. 377 Johnson. David (i. 333 Johnson. Dimetra B .333 Johnson, Dorothy G. 333 Johnson. Ella V. 333 Johnson. James C. 377 Johnson, James H. 333 Johnson. James L. 363 Johnson. Janice W. 363 Johnson, Jason D. 333 Johnson. Keith D. 377 Johnson, Kenneth D. 363 Johnson, Lisa E. 164, 350 Johnson. Louis B. 363 Johnson, Mary A. 223, 333 Johnson, Melbourne 171, 333 Johnson, Patricia L. 363 Johnson, Randall M. 86. 350 Johnson, Ricky 333 Johnson, Robert Timo 363 Johnson, Ronda A. 350 Johnson, Sharon 363 Johnson, Sheila D. 377 Johnson, Susan 377, 253 Johnson, Terrence A. 377, 231 Johnson, Tracy L. 164, 333 Johnson, Vicki S. 350 Johnson, William R. 333 Johnston, Mark A. 256, 333 Joiner, James H. Jr. 363 Joiner. Kathy K. 377 Joiner, Kimberly J. 169, 333 Joiner, Steven K. 168, 350 Jones, Benjamin A. 377 Jones, Connie A. 350, 242 Jones, Deborah C. 377 Jones, Jacob L. 363 Jones, James D. 364 Jones, Jennifer 364 Jones, Jo E. 234, 176, 377 Jones. Joseph C. 55. 116, 168, 377, 277, 276 Jones, Kenneth L. 377 Jones, Marie E. 350 Jones. Robert B. 333 Jones, Robert C. 333 Jones. Robert M. 173. 350 Jones, Robert M. 364 Jones, Ron H. 171, 377 Jones, Roy W. 333 Jones, Stanley R. 333 Jones, Timothy 333 Jones, Tyanna N. 364, 67. 238 Jones, Walter C. 384 Jordan. Cecila A. 165. 350 Jordan. Deborah L. 350 Jordan. Donna M. 377 Jordan. Marvin P. 171. 333 Jordan, Oliver T. 385 Jordan. Robert L. 274. 51. 377 Jordan. Roy A. 170. 364 Jordan, Terrie 364 Julson. Jodi A. 8. 9. 333 K Kaighobadi Mehdi 236 Kaiser. Randal R. 174. 377 Karick. Kevin F. 350 Katbeh. Abed 385. 236 Kay. Vanessa D. 175. 350 Kaye, Moira A. 276. 8. 42, 43, 44. 55, 169. 364 Keating. Michael 1.. 364 Keene, Pamela S. 176. 350 Keene, Richard V. 377 Keeney. Jeffrey J J64 Keil. Charles E. 377 Keith. Cassandra I). J50 Keith. Edward A. 377 Keller. Karen A. 350 Keller, Mark D. 377 Kelley. Jackie L. J33 Kelley, James R. 364 Kelley, Randal E. 168. J33 Kelley. Shelia 333 Kelly. Ann L. 377. 242. 268, 269 Kelly, Donna D. 333 Kelly, Gary R. 278. 364 Kelly, Melissa K. 364 Kelly, Sharon A. 255. 364 Kelsoe, John A. 377 Kelsoe. Panda L. 350 Keltner, James C. 333 Kemmet. Alvin R. 377 Kendrick, James E. 170, 333 Kendrick, Suzanne 223. 226. 364, 227 Kennamore, John R. 350 Kennamore. Sylvia D. 377 Kennedy. Julius 377 Kennedy, Vivian E. 333 Kennemer, Gregory A. 364 Kennington. Harold B. 377 Kennington. Katherin 333 Kersey. Terry G. 350 Kester. James M. 333 Ketcham, Paula K. 333 Ketchum, Annetta 377 Key. Glen I. 171. 350 Key. Stuart 333 Key, Terry G. 172. 333 Khan. Talat R. 364 Kidd. Paula Y. 364 Killick. Debra S. 350 Killingsworth. Anna 169. 377 Killough. Angela W. 176. 364 Killough. Bruce C. 173. 278. 364 Killough. Jill 175. 333 Kilpatrick. Byron S. 364 Kilpatrick. John H. 333 Kimble. Lillie D. 166. 364 Kimbrough. Emma J. 377 Kimbrough. James D. 170. 333 Kimbrough. Norman K. 222 Kimmel, Georgia A. 272. 169. 333 Kinard. Terry A. 350 Kincade. Michael C. 171. 350 Kincey. Lou A. 378 King. Arthur C. 334 King. David A. 333 King. Deborah D. 334 King. Elizabeth A. 334 King, Glenna D. 364 King. James G. 171, 364 King. Jamie L. 350 King. Joni L. 241. 378 King. Kimi 378 King. Ollie H. 378 King. Polly M. 378 King. Walter B. 364. 268. 266 Kinsaul. Benjamin D. 378 Kingslow. Kelley A. 176. 350 Kirby. David M. 385 Kirchner. Russ J. 168. 350 Kirk. Robert L. 334 Kirkham. Tera J. 55, 222. 226. 364. 227 Kirkland. Anita K. . 378 Index 405 nd. An . -- Kirkland. Tonii nan. Donna S. ■la H Jr Klage Timet - Kk».Dav,dM 1 ■ Knignten. Robf Knotts. Jeffery G. 350 Richard Jr. 9 Knotis. Michael A. 334 - er. James R 11 171 Koski. Russell A. 334 Kourias. Panagiota 334 Kramer. Gregory J. 168. - Stac J. 260. 8. 211. M»„ :-- i " :- ' Kreis. Donald H. 172. 364 - -■ James D. 350 Kritakara. Hathaijan 378. 236 Krilakara. Rudce Z35 15 Z74 364 1-1 2 Krogb. Jimmy L ' . ' - I7K.24B, 239 Kuchle. Sandra J. 176. 334 Kuhfeld. Jeffre A. 334 Kuhn. Tamara L. 8. 364. Z37 Kunky. Kimberly L. 261. 243. ' :-: : " : Kurtz. Claude t Kurtz. Clinton T. 350 Kurtz. Darnel L. Jr. 378 Kyzar. Raymond J - Lackev. Thomas A. 334 Lacv. JohnR 134 272 Lafon. Michele L. 223. 334 Lahey. Nathan W. 168. 334 Laing. Robert A. 378 Laird. Clinton D. 334 Lambert. Loune L. 223. 230. 378 Lambert. Phillip W. 350 Landers. Ellis L. 223. 334 H ' Landers. Gerald P. 276. 378 Landers. James E. 350 Landreau. Susan R. 350 Landreth. James 364 Landry. Michael J. 378. 240 Lane. Chona F i 71 Lane. Richard L Laney Charles 378 Laney. Janet A. 350 Lang. Lon A. 334 Langdon. Rand 0.364 Langenberg. Robert W. 364 Langhammer. Donna M. 364 Langston. Donna L. 256. 378, 239 Lanham. Lesbe K 364 LanieT. David Charle 334 Lama. Elizabeth 165. 334 Lands. Teresa L. 223. 230. 334 Laplante. Christine 334 Laptante, Michae! A Lapointe. Jerome L 364 Lars. - Erica H Latimer L sa M Latorre. Pedro 91. 350 Lawal. Muhkai - Lawrence. Barbara A. 8. - 1 " 350 Lawyer. Debbie D. 378 Laxson. Caron M. 175. 350 Layfield. Darrell V. 223. 334. 225 Le Tien. Xuan Leano. Harrell L. 334 Lecornu. Cynthia D. 175. 334 Ledbetter. James H. 385 Ledbetter. Stephanie 334 Ledford. Elizabeth P. 364. 253 Lee. Daniel E. 364 Lee. Danny K. 168.351.269 Lee. Douglas W. 172. 364 Lee. Evelyn M. 334 Lee. Forrest A. 174. 364 Lee. Kelly It 334 Lee. MarkC. 91. 378 Lee. Thomas M. 172. 334 Lemons. Timothy L. 83. 334 Leonard. Roseanne K. 378. 266 Lepore. Debra J. 334 Letourneau. George B. 364 Leukel. Jeffrey M. 378 Leung. Shing H. 236. 334 Leveque. James L. 378 Leveque. Stephen E. 335 Leverett. Kimberly W. 335 Lewis. Jama A. 334 Lewis. James F. 334 Lewis. James T. Jr. 351 Lewis. Rex D. 364. 170 Lewis. Robert 364 Lewis. Shan L. 165. 364 Ligon. Cynthia G. 176. 351 Ligon. William T. 351 Liles. Angela J. 364 Liles. Charles W. Jr. 174. 335 Liles. Mary L. 378 Liles. Scott A. 335 Lind. Cecelia E. 185. 175. 335 Lindsey. .Angela I. 364. 238 Lindsey. James E. 351 Lindsey. Julia A. 364. 335 Lindsey. Troy M. 83. 335 Linna. Donna 351 Lmna. Kenneth W. 378 Linzey. Cynthia V. 335 Lipham. Sharon M. 351 Lipscomb, Cynthia R. 222. 364. 239 Lipton. Abbie G. 351. 208 Little. Louie J. 335 Little. Roland S. 168. 335 Littlefield. Beverly 378 Littlejohn. Freddie 378 Livings. Lynda L. 164. 351 Livingston. Brenda F. 364. 261 Livingstone. Nancy 335 Llewellyn. Wesley E. 256. 351 Lloyd. James A. 335 Lo. Desmond 236 Locicero. Carol J. 169. 351 Locicero. Joseph A. 168. 335 Locklar. Ricky G. 256. 378 Locklar. Susan D. 351 Lockwood. Derrick B. 335 Logan. Rick 385 Long. Charlie J. 378 Long. Connie E. 261. 164. 351. 263 :•: Long. David B. 351 Long. David M. 364 Long. Leigh A. 351 Long. Mechele L. 175. 335 Long. Walter L. 385 Lonza. John M. 335 Love. Tammy S. 165. 335 Lovelace. Lisa G. 335 Lovelace. Diane L. 335 Lovenng. Ronnie D. 351 Lovering. Steve 335 Lowe. Beverly D. 335 Lowe. Elizabeth A. 351 Lowe. LawTence S. 335 Lowery. Dennis M. 335 Lowery. Frieda M. 176. 335 Lowery. James S. 335 Lowery. Lia 351 Low-rev, Steve A. 91, 378 Lowty. Tracy E. 97. 364 Loy. Richard R. 364 Lucas. Jon T. 378 Lucas. Samuel 335 Luckie, William C. 351 Luker. Toni G. 56. 164, 255, 378. 276 Lunsford, David C. 335 Lunsford. Letha K. 176, 351 Lusk. Patrick J. 351 Luther. John N. 378 Lynch G. Michael 335 Lynn. Michael E. 335 Lvnn. Rickv E. 364 MacGregor, Mark A. 278. 351 MacGuire. Caroline L. 378 Mack. Elizabeth J. 222. 242 Mack. Kathy L. 335 Macon. Sarah E. 169. 351 Maddox. Frenshoun B. 166. 364 Maddox. James R. 378 Maddox. Kathy J. 385 Maddox. Robert A. 63, 256. 351 Madison. Gwendolyn 335, 242 Madison. Marvin 83. 335 Magee. Timothy J. 56. 278. 378 Majors. Kenneth B. 364. 170 Makowski. David F. 378 Mallory. Charles E. 335 Malone Fer-rell M. 256. 335, 251 Malone. Sonya C. 364 Maloy, Larry E. 364 Maloy. Wanda M. 378 Maners. Wendell R. 378 Manley. Thomas L. 234 Mann. Valarie A. 335 Manuel. Charlie T. 378 Marable. Mike L. 174. 335 Marion. Susan 335 Markey. Robert C. 170, 351 Marley. Edith F. 236, 266, 274, 378 Marquess. Jeffry. S. 174. 335 Marshall. Victoria M. 351 Martin, Bentley R. 335 Martin. Caryn A. 351 Martin. Craig 335 Martin, David A. 97. 351 Martin. Howard D. 335 Martin. Jack F. 222, 335 Martin, James 168. 351 Martin. James 364 Martin. James 364 Martin. James 378 Martin. Kenneth E. 172. 364 Martin. Laura F. 351 Mashburn. Gregory L. 168. 364 Mason. Tony L. 364 Mason, Wendi A. 335 Massey. Allen J. 172, 378 Massey. Debra L. 222, 351 Massey. Karen 176, 364 Masters, Connie L. 222, 335 Masters. Patrick W. 379 Mastin, Charles K. 379 Maston. Kathy 335 Mathiews. Linda 164, 351 Mathiews. Nancy 164. 364, 238 Matroni, Michael J. 86, 335 Matsumoto, Hiroyuki 379. 236 Matthews. Keith 379 Matthews, Robert B. 83, 351 Mauldin, Joy D. 364 Maxwell, Judith D. 175, 364. 67 Maxwell. Karen S. 379. 239 May. Barbara J. 364 May, Jo A. 335 May. Michael D. 335, 272 May. Tammy L. 165. 351 Maye. Rholma M. 335 Mayer, Walter F. 379 Mayes. Brenda 335 Mayhann. Elana S. 175. 278. 365 Mayo. Michael J. 335 McBride, Delphia K. 351 McCain, Deborah R. 379 McCain. Kyle D. 170. 335 McCallister. Margare 335 McCamish. Laure R. 164. 278. 379 McCartney, Irving C. 335 McCarty, Sarah E. 385 McCauley. Bruce L. 168, 379 McCauley, Cynthia M. 379 McClain. Cynthia M. 167. 67 McClain, Rosalind E. 379 McClellan, William F. 56. 170, 274, 379, 268 McClelland. Randy A. 174, 365 McClellend. Charles 335 McClure, Howard C. 379 McClure, Kylia 379 McClusky. Rebecca A. 351 McCord. James A. 173, 365 McCormick. Ralph E. 335 McCoy, Janet L. 379 McCracken, Lindy A. 351. 242 McCrary, Collin L. 97, 335 McCraw, Craig A. 385 McCrory, Nancy S. 256, 278, 379 McCrudden, Sharon D. 169. 335 McCurdy. Keith G. 335 McDaniel. Carlton, L. 223, 335 McDaniel. Mary K. 164, 335 McDaniels, Vivian 379 McDonald, Cecil E. 379 McDonald, Charlotte 335 McDonald, John 365, 200 McDonough. Keith A. 167, 335 McDonough. Noreen E. 379 McDowell, Walter H. 116, 351 McDurmont. Beth A. 365 McElhaney. Suzanne 335 McElhaney. W. Kenneth 256. 365 McElrath. Wanda F. 223, 230, 379 McEntee, Sandra M. 276, 165, 335, 275 McFarland. David M. 365, 263 McFarland. Julane 365, 242, 237 McGhee. William R. 379 McGilberry. Mary A. 335. 236 McGilvrary. Gary R. 365 LA McGilvray. Gregon. K. 272, 333 McGinley. Patti A. 351 McGowan. Jimmy R. 335 McGowan. Teresa 105. 351 McGowin. Everett III 365 McGraw. Sandra 335 McGriff. Dillard Jr. 174, 351 McGriff, IsaK. 175. 351 McGuire. Tony 24. 27, 379 Mclnnis. Eldred L. 365 Mclnvale. Nancy L. 365. 269 McKee. Angela 175. 365 McKellar. Voncile 365 Sic Keller. John M. 365 McKendree. Kenneth L. 364. 170. 223 McKenzie. Alecia D. 336. 236 McKenzie. Andrew K. 336 McKenzie. Norman M. 86 McKenzie. Timothy D. 351 McKenzie. William G. 170. 379 McKeown. John P. 336 McKinney. Dennis W. 365 McKinnon, John 351 McKire. Carolus D. 86. 336 McLain. Shelly L. 165. 336 McLean. Cindy R. 351, 253 McLendon. Carla Jean 336 McLendon. Jacqueline 379. 261 McLendon. Rhonda K. 169. 351 McLeod. Alecia E. 379 McLeod, Keith D. 365 McNab. Frederick M. 351 McNabb, David 351 McNair. Paul H. 116. 3 79 McNeal. Enola G. 379 McNeil. Lisa G. 351 McPhail. Kim R. 336 McPherson. Milton 265 McQuaig. Margaret K. 176. 351 McQueen. Areather L. 365 McRee. Kelley A. 336 McVicker. Mitch H. 256. 336 McWhirter. Sharon K. 336 Mc Williams. Merry J. 226. 274. 379 Nk Williams. Viola L. 167 Meador. Dorothy K. 336 Meador. William V. 168, 365 Meadows. James L. 365 Mechiel. JoniN. 351 Medders. Angela J. 8. 56. 164. 256. 379. 276 Medders. Craig T. 256. 351 Meder. Ralph J. 174 Medley. Kimberly R. 175. 351 Meeks. Gregory W. 365 Megginson. Robert B. 365 Mehler. Jeffrey L. 379 Menard. Wayne J. 170 Mency. Dorothy A. 365 Mendoza, Maria T. 165. 351 Menge. John K. 256. 336 Merchant. Stephen B. 365 Meredith. Wanda D. 336 Merklinger. Susan K. 176. 336 Merlino. William 379 Merrill. Vonna L. 336 Messenger. Keith 379 Messick. Mary B. 233. 351 Messick. Peggy P. 336 Meyers. Karen D. 222. 336 Mickelson. Linda D. 379 Middleton. Cindy 175. 351 Middleton. Edith 336 Mihelic. Robert 365 Mikel. Rebecca L. 363 Milam. Marianne C. 351 Milam. Robert D. 379 Milam. Wendy L. 164. 336 Miles. Lisa F. 233. 352 Milhouse. Alfreda 167. 379 Militano. Kurt A. 170. 379 Miller. Andrew V. 336 Miller. Donna G. 379 Miller. Frances M. 379 Miller. Joseph M 352 Miller. Linda Nell 336 Miller. Marena S. 365. 266 Miller. Matthew B. 2 " . 40. 352 Miller. Owen C. 352 Miller. Pamela A. 222. 22 22 " . 352. 272 Miller. Patti 352 Miller. Yolanda F. 379 Mills. Angela D. 336 Mills. James 365 Mills. Jone M. 97. 352 Mills. Lynn 365 Mills. Martha C. 365 Mills. Michael G. 256. 379. 236 Mims. Louis D. 365. 347. 208 Mims. Paula C. 379 Mincy. Beverly 365 Miner. Kevin L. 352 Mitchell. Brenda 365 Mitchell. Donald A. 166. 365 Mitchell. Jeroline A. 379 Mitchell. John C. 86. 379 Mitchell. Kevin M. 166. 365 Mitchell. Phillip VI 172. 336 Mitchell. Ronald A. 166. 365 Mitchell. Steve 379, 63. M Mitchell. Susan A. 336 Mittler. Lea A. 365 Mixon. Fredrick J. 336 Mixson. Martha E. 365. 239 Mixson. Michael 336 Mobley. Paul T. 336 Mock. Robin M. 165. 336 Modozie. Michael C. 365. 236 Moneymaker. Linda A. 56. 379 Monfee. Allison J. 336. 263 Monfee. Brenda D. 336 Monk. Marshall L. 336 Monroe. Denise 105. 379 Monroe. Dennis D. 166. 249 Montanez. B. Martha 336. 236. 23 " Montgomery. Daphne V. 336 Montgomery. John S. 365 Montgomery. Thomas M. 352 Moon. Martha L. 379. 57 Mooney. Cathia L. 352. 234. 237 Moore. Benjamin 365 Moore. Cynthia 22tv 366. 277 Moore. Cynthia 379 Moore. Jacqueline H. 276. 57, 175. 268. 274, 379 Moore. James A. 167. 336 Moore. Julie D. 226. 379. 277 Moore. Marthanna 223. 256. 336. 272 Moore. Paul J. 174. 336 Moore. Phillip A. 366 Moore. Phyllis A. 33c Moore. Rhonda G. 3t 6 Moore. Robbie A. 336 Moore. Sanford S. 336 Moore. Thomas C. 379 Moore. Tommie L. 379 Moore. Willie H. 379 Moorer. Bets L. 164. 306 Moorer. Willie E 223. 352. 251 Morgan. Billy D 352 Morgan. James 379 Morgan. Linda C. 179 Morgan. Richard M. 366 Monng. James C. 278, 379 Moms. Arville N. 366 Morris. Cvnthia R. 222. 230. 379 Morris. David Earl 223. 336 Morris. Richard A 336 Morrison. John D. 260. 57, 379, 268. 266 Morrison. Julia 169. 336 Morrison. Meg M. 165, 336 Morrison. Paul W. 3m Morrison. Viclti D. 336 Morrow. Clarence S. 352 Morrow. David G. 336 Morrow . James F. 366 Morrow. Jeffrey A. 379 Morrow. Michael W. 379 Morse. Michelle A. 164. 379 Moseley. John M 385 Moses. Johnnie P. 379 Mosles. Wayne 168. 5w Moss. Elizabeth A. 379 Moss. Nicky D. 336 Mossholder. Mark A. 336 Mothershed. Margaret 366 Motley. Bets A. 336 Motley. Gracie A. 379 Mott. Kenneth O. 352 Mount. Mike D. 379 Mozingo. William G. 174. 336 Mracek. Jonathan J. 352 Mueller. Joyce M. 336. 250 Muer. Jennifer S. 165. 234. 336 Muller. Kenneth J. 336 Mullins. Dennis A. 172. 352 Munday. Jeffrey D. 1 " 2 Munnerlyn. Rudolph V. 336 Murchison. Rhonda P. 169. 336 Murchison. Tanya M. 169. 366 Murdock. Kelvin L. 366 Murph. Michael E. 336 Murphree. Vicki L. 336 Murphy. Bonnie J. 380 Murphy. Kathy L. 2 " 4. 380, 276 Murray. Jeffrey B. 336 Murray. John P. 336 Murray. Robert 172, 336 Murry . Debra D. 380 Murry. Donna D. 336 Mustapha. Muhammad 380. 236 M ers. Jerod L. 366 Mvers. Nicky G. 366 Mvers. William T. 380 N Nabors. Charles P. 366 Napert. David 366 Nash. Debra A. 2 6. 336 Nauert. Terry L. 352 Neal. James C. 336 Neal. James L. 173. 352 Neal. Kitty M. 97, 366 Neeley. Charles E. 380 Neill. Gary D. 236 Nell. Lawrence H. 167, 278. 3t 6 Nelson, Barney 352 Nelson. Carl F. 366 Nelson. Carol A. 177. 366. 242 Nelson. Julia L. 17-7. 336 Ndson, Metinda I 336 Nelson, Rand W. 366 Nelson, Sheila I 222. 352 Neumanv Susun B. 241. 352, 240. 20S. 239 Newbem . Daniel 222 Newman. KelK I 222. 380 Newman. Robin D. 169, 336 Newman. Ronald D 332 Newman. Sheryl H. 380 Newman. Theresa 1 Newsom. Robert F 352 Newton. Barbara A 380 Newton. Jacquie D. 165, 137 Newton. Larr ; 17 Newton. Paul M 352 Nichols. Brian C 380 Nichols. Mars C 152 Nichols. Nick L 380 Nichols. Rachel L. 223. 366 Nickels. Sonia ML 337 Niles. Sidne 352 Nirmaier. Martha R. 380 Nix. John D. 352 Nix. Maria D. 175. 337 Nixon. Kenneth A 172, ;; " Noble. Brian A. 337 Noble, Gregory T. 366 Noble. Trac C. 366 Norris. Deborah K. 337 North. David L. 170, 352 Northcutt. Chris B. 83. 337 Northrop. Mednck R 380 Norton. Dean M. 256. 337, 26 Norton. Jack 380 Norwood, Tracie D. 352 Notman. Robert Veil 337 Nukui. Minoru 337, 23t Null. Anihon L 225 Null. Benjamin H. 366 Nuss. James E. 366 ODell. Patrick A. 337 OTerrell. Edward D. 337 O " Heron. Rhonda L. 385 Oakle . Earnest A. 33 " O ' Connor. John T. 380. 256. 266 Ogle. Rebecca L 253. 366. 241. 240 Oglesby. Pamela J. 352 Ohanlon. Elizabeth 380 Okoye. Felix 256 Oliver. Pamela D. 63. 337 Olson. Dirk J. 274. 380. 239 Omara. Patrick B. 352. 260 Omasta. Debra L. 17 " . 552 Oneal. Terry L. 337 Orange. Mathew D. 337 Osborne. William R 380 Ostertag. Donald E. 91. 366 Oswalt. David M. 337 Oswalt. Debbie 352 Ousley. Gennie L. 352 Outlaw. Bobb H. 380 Outlaw. Starts C. 380 Owen. Roger A 352 Owens. Brenda K 352. 242. 273 Owens. Doe J. 33 " Owens. Gregory R. 272, 222. 224. 2(v8. 352, 225 Owens. Janet D. 167, 380 Owens. Susan L. 380 Owens. Thomas D. 352 Index 40 " 5l William WO, 268 Owiogs, lrma C. 276. 223. 337, Owings, Ulrion K. 223. 380, 2 2 Owokoniran, Wahab A. 236 Oyler, Vicki L. 366 Pace. Robin W. 337 Pace. Sharon L. 175. 278, 352. 242 Pace. Susan E. 380 Pace, Wanda K. 337 Padgett. Reila E. 185, 169. 223. 352 Page. Jennifer E. 337 Page. Roger B. 172, 366 Pair, Janet D. 352 Palmer. Beth A. 337 Palmer. Leviticus 366, 251 Palmer. Robert L. 385 Palmer. Samuel S. 337 Pappaceno, Paul J. 337 Paramore. Gavin S. 352 Paramoure, Laura J. 337 Parish. Tanya J. 380 Parish. Lynda C. 164, 242, 352 Park. Dennis D. 352 Parker. Cathy M. 175, 278, 274, 366 Parker, Eugene C. Jr. 352 Parker. Gary S. 380, 239 Parker. John M. 222, 366, 250 Parker. Karen A. 380 Parker. Kathy E. 337 Parker. Patricia L. 164, 366, 67 Parker. Robert A. 337 Parker. Sheila D. 366 Parker, Traci 337 Parker, Wendy G. 352 Parkman. John D. 337 Parr. Gerald F. 337 Parrish, Steven O. 380 Parson. William 380 Parsons, Gary G. 380 Parsons, Gregory A. 172, 380 Parsons, William G. 366 Partridge, Joseph F. 173, 223, 278, 352 Patrick. Vicki L. 230 Patrizi, Marisa A. 380 Patronas. Scarlett M. 337 Patterson. Thomas C. 86, 337 Patton. Elizabeth S. 177, 337 Paul. Barry M. 337 Paul, Frank D. 337 Paulk, Charles L. 366 Paulk. Rebecca J. 366, 269 Paxson. Robert D. 385 Peacher, Jeffrey C. 366 Peacock. Rhonda 352 Pearce. Stephen F. 380 Pearson, Lisa M. 352 Pearson, Robert A. 278, 352, 269, 250 Peeples. Mike A. 337 Peevy. Leshia A. 175. 366 Pelliccione. Larry D. 380 Penn. Michael M. 97. 366 Penn. Teresa M. 175. 380 Penniman. Linda J. 380 Pennington. Ison J. 352 Pennington. Karen C. 366 Pennington, Robert L. 352 Penuel. Joseph B. 172. 352 Perdue, Anita J. 380 Perdue, Kenny T. 366 Perez. Patricia A. 380 Penni. Paul D. 380 Perkins. Robert L. 256, 366 Perrella. Guy M. 84, 86, 352 Perry, Charlotte L. 352 Perry. Dwayne O. 166. 380 Perry. Linda L. 256, 352, 242 Perry, Mikel L. 338 Perry, Stuart L. 366 Perry. Valrie I. 166, 366, 253 Persons, Cory P. 380 Pesnell, Suellen 338 Peter, Penny S. 177, 366, 266 Peters, Karen S. 338 Peterson, Lizzie P. 366, 269, 239 Peterson, Loretta 380 Petritsis, Maria I. 222, 226, 366, 227 Petrone, Michael S. 352 Petteway, Kathryn L. 165, 366 Pettis, Lora E. 352 Pettus, Kathy A. 367 Pettway, John A. 223, 352, 251 Phares, Michael A. 367 Phelps, Lisa R. 338 Phillip. Joel 380. 240 Phillip. Michaela R. 367 Phillips. Allen D. 352 Phillips. Althea 380 Phillips, Beverly E. 352 Phillips. Bobby R. 66. 338 Phillips, Don F. 97, 380 Phillips, Gina L. 177, 367, 266 Phillips, James C. 352 Phillips, James D. 338 Phillips. Sharon 352 Pichanick, Keith A. 338, 236 Pickard, Tamerah G. 380 Pierce. Carolyn E. 380 Pierce, James D. 170, 352 Pierce, Robert G. 338 Pierce, Stephen C. 367 Piersall, Jeffrey C. 170, 380 Pike, Susan E. 164, 352 Pilcher, Donald G. 338 Pinckard. James R. 51, 172, 274, 367, 126 Pinyan, Homer R. 66, 352 Pique, James R. 167, 338 Pitchford. Peggy M. 385 Pittman. Craig W. 367, 263 Pittman, Timothy L. 338 Pitts, James 338 Plant, Gerrianne 276, 177, 338, 275, 263 Plott, Allen D. 367 Poellnitz, Pat 166. 380 Pogue, Glenda S. 175, 367 Poitevint, Mikey W. 352 Poliquin, Marion E. 353 Polk, Belinda T. 164, 353 Pompey, Jan 338 Poole, Basil K. 338 Pope, Kevin J. 338 Pope. Penelope J. 338 Porterfield, Levy L. 338 Posey, Brenda A. 338 Posey, John E. 338 Poulson, Britten B. 257, 211, 353, 250, 201 Powell, Charles K. 338 Powell, David K. 338 Powell, Dudley S. 353 Powell, Elizabeth G. 176, 353 Powell, Patricia L. 165, 338 Powell, Penny M. 380 Powell, Shari L. 338 Powell, Susan 367 Powell, Susan 367 Powell, Thomas E. 338 Powell, Troy W. 338 Powers, Charles K. 257, 208, 353. 268, 266, 250 Prater, Twilia J. 380, 240 Prather, Robert W. 167, 338 Prescott, Barbara A. 338 Prescott, W. Craig 338 Presson, Laurie L. 176, 338 Preston, Steven C. 256, 338 Prestridge, Julie A. 338 Price, Cathy L. 338 Price, Derrick 338 Price, Kevin 380 Price, Pamela R. 353 Pride, Scott M. 174. 353 Pridgeon, Randolph 83, 338 Prince, Regina 367 Prince, Scarlett O. 338, 235 Privett, Valerie J. 353 Pruitt, Sandra C. 353, 367 Puckett, Mike 173, 367 Puckett, Virginia A. 276, 222, 275, 272 Puckett, William E. 380 Pugh, Bernard B. 353, 251 Purcell, Kenneth J. 338 Purta, Lorraine H. 338 Pye, James L. 171, 338 Pyfrom, Deborah R. 40, 353 Pyles. Cheryl A. 367 Q Quails. Terry D. 174, 367 Qualtrough, Gisela E. 338 Quarles, William 339 Quinn. George M. 67, 380 Quinney, William D. 172, 367 Rabren. Vickie L. 367 Rabren, Wanda S. 367 Radford, Elizabeth 380 Radmard, Shahin 236 Ragan, Harvey R. 353 Railey, Martha D. 222, 230, 367 Railey, Melanie J. 222, 176, 353 Railey. Ralph J. 278, 353 Rainer, Catherine V. 367 Rainer, Melanie L. 353 Rainey. Debra L. 169, 353 Ralls, Lesa E. 339 Ramage. Deborah J. 367 Ramage. Michael R. 367 Ramey, Russell K. 380 Ramsey, Judy A. 353 Randall, Michael D. 84, 380 Randall, Thomas J. 367 Rankin, Treva M. 353 Rasdall, Donald R. 353 Ratcliff, Joel S. 174, 339 Raulerson, Susan P. 164, 353, 272 Rawls, Charles R. 339 Ray, Charlotte L. 380 Ray. William A. 339 Rayfield, Joseph A. 367 Rayfield, Sandra F. 367 Rayford. Sheryl A. 210, 177, 256, 353, 273 Razzo, Omar 236 Reach. Joseph P. 339 Reagan, J. Ford 367 Redd. Rebecca F. 9, 353 Redford, James W. 367 Reed, Kelly L. 339 Reed, Kenneth J. 367 Reed, Larry C. 353 Reed. Todd 223, 224, 339 Reeder, Cecilia 353 Reese, Jeffery K. 172, 339 Reese, Steve 380 Reeves. Herbert E. 339 Reeves, James P. 171 Reeves, Vickie H. 367 Regan, Mary L. 353 Reichle, Scott A. 168, 380 Reid, Sandra E. 165, 339 Reid, Wanda G. 353 Reilly, Charles J. 367 Reilly, Patrick F. 353 Rembert. Glenda 367 Renfroe, Gina A. 339 Retherford, David B. 380, 66 Revill, Jess 367, 240 Reyes, Jamie E. 339, 251 Reynolds, Beverly R. 166. 380 Reynolds. Billy K. 367 Reynolds, Deborah 380 Reynolds, James D. 168, 339 Reynolds, Margaret P. 211, 339, 242 Reynolds, Willie F. 380 Rhoads. John M. 173, 339 Rhoda, Michael G. 171, 274 Rhode, David R. 367 Rhodes, Carol 385 Rhyne, Jeff S. 339 Rice, Dale E. 380 Rice, Laurel B. 278. 380 Richards, Alan C. 173, 339 Richards. Jerry J. 83, 353 Richardson, Lyndia G. 367 Richardson, Merit L. 339 Richardson. Michael 367 Richardson. Pamela A. 339 Richardson. Stella L. 339 Richburg. Julianne 367 Richey, Debra 367, 238 Ricks, Cindy L. 256, 339 Ricks, Greg 339 Rideaux, Marlar R. 353 Ridgway. Paula M. 385 Rieker, Duane E. 223. 224, 367, 225 Rigas. Pamela H. 235, 8, 9, 34, 36, 37. 57, 211, 367 Rigdon. Charles W. 380 Riggins. Earnest 339 Rigsby. Kim 353 Riley, Theresa R. 353 Rinks, William B. 339 Risley. Michael W. 174, 353 Robb, John W. 167 Robbins. Donnie R. 381 Roberts. Bonita L. 339 Roberts, Debbie K. 381 Roberts. Olivette 222. 381 Robertson, Brian L. 339 Robertson. Devery H. 367 Robinson. Elvira P. 339 Robinson. Harold G. 37, 172, 367 Robinson, Kathleen J. 339 Robinson, Linda F. 339 Robinson, Mark H. 339 Robinson, Paul M. 381 Robison, Jo A. 176, 353 Robison, Robin L. 367. 170. 182, 183 Rodgers, Mike M. 339 Rodgers, Pamela 381 Rodman, Joe N. 339 Roesel, Charles M. 168, 339 Rogers, James L. 339 Rogers, Kenneth M. 339 Rogers, Lynette E. 170. 381 Rogers, M. Renay 367 Rogers, Minnette L. 211,367 Rogers, Timothy 367 Rohrbaugh, George E. 63. 64, 381 Rohrlack, Robert J. 116, 167, 353 Rolfes, Michael C. 91, 367 Rolling, Danny E. 367 Rolling, David A. 223, 339 Rollins, Wilbur 86, 367 Rose, Mary L. 367 Ross, Jackie A. 176, 353 Roth. David B. 174, 339 Rotton, Robin 170, 353 Rotton, Tammy 170. 381 Rountree, Barbara A. 233, 353 Rouse. Katrina I. 339 Rouse, Michael S. 339 Rouze, Marsha E. 164, 367 Rowe, Stephen D. 339 Rowe, Tammy R. 367 Royse, Sam B. 91, 381 Rudder, Joseph E. 339 Rumbaugh, Susan M. 339 Rushing, Doris L. 367 Rushing, Larry L. 339 Rushing, Margaret 24, 40, 367 Russaw, Doris E. 381 Russell, Charles J. 339 Russell, Jane E. 339 Russell, John R. 381 Russell, Kathy 105, 367 Russell. Richard E. 353 Russell, Susan A. 210, 353 Russell, Thomas M. 367 Rutherford. David M. 353 Ryan, Robert P. 367 Ryan, Steven G. 353 Ryan, Twila G. 256, 339 Ryles, Sanford L. 381 Saggus, Nancy 339 Salter. Cynthia M. 222, 230, 381 Salter, Leah H. 381 Salzarulo, Robin R. 116, 176, 353 Samons, Tod 168, 339 Sandberg, Cindie B. 243, 367 Sanders. Belinda J. 339 Sanders, Ellen W. 381 Sanders. Jan 339 Sanders, Joan S. 367 Sanders. Julie E. 367 Sanders, Kirby L. 222, 353, 228 Sanders, Mark A. 339 Sanders. Mark A. 339 Sanders, Michael L. 339 Sanders, Michelle 339 Sanders, Randy W. 354 Sanders, Roy F. 354 Sanders. Sheila L. 339 Sanders, Suzanne 176. 339 Sanders, Terence L. 228 Sanders, Vicki R. 339 Sanderson, Lisa K. 164, 339 Sandifer. Glenn B. 172 Sangster, Brenda K. 339 Sansom, Lee A. 168, 367 Sappington. Deborah 222, 230, 339, 269 Sargent, Elizabeth A. 97, 165, 339 Sasser, Jan M. 222, 230, 367 Sasser, Willie H. 381, 269, 273 Savage. Curtis R. 381, 238 Savage, Tami 353 Scarbinsky, Kevin M. 278, 354 Scarlett, James A. 223, 339 Schath, Joseph P. 339 Schirard, Kurt W. 171, 367 Schirard, Sydney M. 339 Schmidt. Carl B. 168, 239 Schmidt, John W. 381 Schmitt, Brian D. 354 Schmitz, Linda A. 367 Schmitz, Patricia E. 339 Schneider. Lee E. 171, 354 Scholler, Shelia G. 276 Schumacher, Scott A. 171, 381 Schweinsberg, Patric 381, 266 Schweizer, Janet L. 276, 339 Schwerer, Ave M. 116, 367 Schwerer, Laura A. 354 Scofield, Dennis F. 167, 367 Scott, Carolyn 368 Scott, Donna L. 339 Scott, Herbert G. 339 Scroggins, Elizabeth 368, 235 Scruggs, Steven E. 340, 381 Scruggs, Steven J. 174, 263 Scrushy, George T. 354 Sculley, Sandra Y. 340 Scyphers, Sonny G. 368 Seaboch, James R. 223, 224, 368, 225 Seamon, Robin W. 243, 340, 272 Seanor, David L. 228 Seay, Exie L. 381 Sedor, Lara S. 368 Seeger, Jill L. 381 Segler, Kathy E. 340 Segrest, Amy 198, 242, 57, 243, 278, 368, 241 Seitz, Robert J. 381 Seitz, William E. 354 Self, Beverly G. 223, 340 Self, Debra A. 354 Self, Thomas L. 381 Sellers, Jean W. 274, 381 Selman, Walter D. 340 Senn, Betty M. 368 Senn, Kenneth L. 368 Senn, Laura J. 354 Sessions, Charlotte 381 Setenci, Yavuz B. 340 Sexton, Cindy A. 381 Sexton. Ramona D. 354 Seymour, Ellen 166, 381 Seymour, Mark W. 173, 368 Shaddix, Tammi W. 368 Shaffer. Steven L. 172, 354 Shahid, James K. 340 Sharron, James M. 340 Shaull, Glenn J. 174 Shaull. Gregory W. 174. 340, 381 Shearer, Mart H. 340, 240 Shedd, James S. 381 Sheffield, Dana L. 238 Sheffield. Deborah H. Sheffield. Lori A. 354 Shell, Caroline E. 381 Shelton. Brenda A. 354, 242 Shelton. Debra G. 381 Shelton. Robert S. 340 Shepherd. James D. Jr. 174, 368 Sheppard, Martha R. 381 Shera, Shelly M. 222, 340 Sherman, Donald E. 86, 354 Shields, Michael T. 256 Shill, Karen R. 381 Shipman, Ryan O. 381, 239 Shipman, Sherri M. 253 Shirah, Garry L. 256, 278, 354 Shirey, Ben J. 368 Shirey, Shannon J. 177, 368 Shirley, Cynthia L. 354 Shiver, Ann L. 368 Shiver, Janet L. 368, 240 Shook. Craig G. 368 Shore, Jerry M. 171, 340 Short, Exa J. 385 Shreves, Beverly J. 340 Shute, Sandra J. 340 Siebert, William F. 86, 340 Siebert, William F. 340 Silas, Michael J. 340 Siler, Annette 340Siltzer, Brenda J. 222, 381, 238 Simmons, Billie M. 278, 381 Simmons, Catherine J. 223, 381 Simmons, Dorian J. 340 Simmons, Jerry A. 27, 40, 354 Simms, Ronald 354 Simpson, Kimberly D. 166, 354, 67 Sims, Ann B. 381 Sims, Barry L. 223, 340 Sims, Cynthia L. 354 Sims, Kenneth R. 340 Sims, Mona R. 354 Sims, Patricia 381 Sims, Phillip L. 168, 278, 381 Sims, Robert P. 224, 368, 225 Sizemore, Kenny D. 340 Sizemore, Michael R. 368 Skaggs, Richard J. 167, 278, 381, 249 Skantz, Joy A. 368 Skeen, Philip B. 340 Skelton, James R. 256, 368, 269, 239 Skelton, Janice N. 256, 368, 239 Skinner, Ricky A. 381 Skinner, William K. 354 Skurla, Martin J. 171, 368 Slaughter, Pamela S. 340 Sledge, Ginger L. 340, 242 Smiley, Janet L. 368 Smiley, Jill T. 385, 227 Smith, Alan G. 278 Smith, Angela 278, 340, 242, 250 Smith, Anita J. 368 Smith, Benjamin 385 Smith, Benjamin 236 Smith, Benji S. 340 Smith, Brian K. 340 Smith. Carl L. 340 Smith, Carson L. 340 Smith, Carson L. 340 Smith, Cecropia C. 381 Smith, Charles 167 Smith, Cydne 230 Smith. Cynthia E. 164 Smith. Daniel K. 381 Smith, David A. 354 Smith. David H. 381, 269 Smith, Donald G. 172 Smith, Dora P. 170, 354 Smith, Douglas M. 340, 260 Smith, E.J. 58, 274, 381 Smith, Glen D. 223 Smith, Gregory 340 Smith, Gregory 381 Smith, Hugh A. 382 Smith, J. Morgan 354 Smith, James 354 Smith. James 167. 368 Smith, Jean E. 340, 257 Smith, Jeff A. 354 Smith, Johnnye E. 340 Smith. Karey J. 171, 340 Smith. Keela F. 340 Smith, Kenneth E. 174, 256, 340 Smith, Larry T. 223, 354 Smith, Leeann 382 Smith, Lisa D. 177, 368 Smith, Lori J. 340, 263, 262 Smith, Mark A. 354 Smith, Mary A. 223, 368, 269 Smith, Mary J. 368 Smith, Michael P. 340 Smith, Nancy 170, 368 Smith, Pamela D. 368 Smith, Patricia L. 340 Smith. Regina D. 269, 382 Smith, Richard L. 382 Smith, Robert W. 340 Smith, Sandra L. 340 Smith, Stephen 368 Smith, Teresa 354 Smith, Terry 260, 340 Smith, Timothy 167, 368, 272 Smith, Timothy 173, 340, 237 Smoke, Cynthia D. 368, 67 Smothers, Kathy J. 382 Smothers, Pamela W. 340 Sneed, Melissa A. 368 Sneed, Randell 382 Snell, Dorthy A. 382 Snellgrove, Barbara 222, 382 Snipes, Donald 340 Snow, Nancy R. 354 Snowden, Malinda J. 368, 253 Snyder, Lee M. 63, 64, 385 Snyder, Sharon L. 250 Socarras, Manuel 86, 340 Solomon, Leo 368 Sommerville, William 340 Sonanstine, Sharon E. 382 Sonnerville, Pam 340 Sonnier, Jerome S. 382, 265 Sorrells, Melva V. 57, 222, 226, 368, 227 Soulis, Peter 168 Sousa, Joel H. 173 Sowell, Brenda S. 368 Sowell, Jeffrey R. 340 Speck, Anita L. 177. 340 Speir, Laura E. 166, 354 Spence, Eric C. 340 Spencer, Harris D. 67, 368 Spera, Carl 340 Spivey, Elizabeth A. 382, 269 Spivey, Lois F. 274, 382 Spooner, Nancy A. 109, 97, 354 Sport, Derri L. 170, 354 Spradling. Sheryl 58, 170, 276. 382 Sprayberry, Jimmy H. 167, 278. 382 Springsteen. James L. 168, 340 Spurlock, Betty W. 385 Spurlock. Jenny 177 Index 409 Squires. Bobby D. 340 Si John. Brian L. 355. 228 Si John, reresa L. 222. 340 Stacy, John H. 354 Stafford. Melanie D. 166. 382 Staggers, Pamela G. 382 Staley. Deborah A. 166. 368, 253 Stalling?, Melanie S. 177. 340 StaDwoith, Brenda 340 StaOworth, Daniel 340 Stallworth. Felecia 340 Stanford. Wayne A. 340 Stanley, Ted C. 169, 354 Stanley. Theresa C. 177, 340 Stanton, Jacqueline R. 340 Stanton, Joe W. 240 Stanton, Sanford 382. 257 Stapleton. Patrick 174, 341 Stark, Sharon R. 237, 8, 9, 68, 278, 274, 382 Starkel, Janet R. 164, 368 Starling. Linda C. 354 Starling, Sidney R. 341 Stearns, Jacqueline 341 Steed, Beverly A. 382, 242 Steele, Cynthia J. 368, 253 Stegall, Brenda 368 Steimle, Mary J. 274, 382 Stein, John M. 368 Steiner, Kelli E. 341 Steiner, Terrill K. 86, 168, 382 Stempkowski, Tracy E. 354 Stephens, Diedre A. 341 Stephens, Kathy S. 256, 274, 368, 239 Stephenson, Cindy K. 382 Stephenson, Tina M. 51, 176, 382, 276 Stevens, Alicia G. 354 Stevens, Blaine 341 Stevens. Donna J. 164, 355 Stevens, Gwendolyn 368 Stevens, Jerome C. 341 Steverso n, Nancy L. 368 Stewart, David A. 382, 250 Stewart, Freddy W. 341 Stewart, James C. 382 Stewart, Kathy L. 176, 355, 249 Stewart, Kevin L. 355 Stewart, Lester D. 355 Stewart, Patricia G. 368 Stewart, William L. 368 Stiehl, Kristen G. 109, 170, 255, 355 Stiggleman, Mark R. 97, 368 Stiles, Sharon S. 341 Still. Cynthia M. 211, 164, 341 Still, H.V. 341 Still, Ralph G. 172, 182, 183, 382 Stinson, Danny L. 355 Stinson, Melinda A. 341 Stoeker, Marjorie J. 355 Stokes. Paula J. 166, 368, 276 Stokes, Quinton L. 341 Stokes, Robin L. 171, 368 Stone, Donald E. 171, 240 Stone, Sharon A. 341 Storck, William L. 167, 355 Story, Sammie C. 174, 355 Stoudenmire. Jewell 355 Stout, Cheryl A. 368 Stovall, Paul S. 172, 368 Strickland. Kay R. 256, 355 Strickland. Ken B. 382 Strickland, Lynn 116, 170, 355 Strickland, Sharon 269. 382. 170 Strickland, Susan D. 385 Strickland, James W. 341, 272 Strider, Scott K. 368 Stringfellow, Dona F. 341 Stringfellow, Stephe 382 Strock, Darinda D. 368, 242 Stroh. Gerald L. 382 Strother, Henry T. 368 Strother, Virginia 341 Stroud, Christopher 168 Stroud, Joseph K. 382 Struthers, Michael D. 368 Stubbs, Judith A. 341 Stuckey, Alisa B. 278 Studstill, Samuel L. 368 Stumpf, Wayne H. 169, 355 Suddath, Suzann E. 382 Sullivan, Alan 173, 368 Sullivan, Blake F. 174, 341 Sullivan, Catherine 368 Sullivan. Edward N. 86, 382 Sullivan, Mark 355 Sullivan, Ronald G. 355 Sultenfuss, Nancy M. 341 Summe, Jon E. 368 Summers, Michael Q. 382 Summerville, Lottie 355 Sutherland, Jerry E. 382 Sutherland, Sharon A. 355 Sutherland, Sidney 341 Suttle, Teddy A. 382 Sutton, Desiree L. 250, 276, 222, 341,275,272 Sutton, Douglas W. 171, 355 Swails, Lydia D. 164, 368, 234 Swanson, Arlene N. 233, 355, 242 Swartz, Stacy S. 355 Swinney, Laura G. 368 Sylvain, Carmen M. 236, 237 Tabb, Paul A. 172, 368 Tackett, Wayne L. 341 Takacs, Stephen B. 355 Talley, David A. 67, 382 Talley, Mira L. 222, 355 Tanner, Guy V. 167, 341 Tanner, Johnny R. 355 Tanner. Margaret E. 355, 236 Tanner. Patricia L. 341 Tansey. Nancy J. 368, 239 Tase, Ronald L. 172, 382 Tase, Tamara A. 276, 35, 37, 58, 164, 382 Tase, Terry N. 172, 341 Tate, Lee 368 Tate, Teresa 341 Tate, Terry E. 355 Tatum, Cathy D. 97, 341 Tavrides, Lelia V. 341 Tavrides, Lelia V. 341 Taylor, Brigitte L. 341 Taylor, Cheryl L. 341 Taylor, David 256, 355 Taylor, David G. 341, 239 Taylor, Dottie 369 Taylor, India M. 176, 355 Taylor, Jacqueline 355 Taylor, James 369 Taylor, Jennifer A. 164, 355 Taylor, John A. 169, 369 Taylor, John D. 341 Taylor, Joseph 166, 382 Taylor, Kent A. 369 Taylor, Leeann A. 177, 341 Taylor. Pamela A. 176, 382 Taylor, Richard T. 369 Taylor, Robert J. 382 Taylor, Rosalyn Y. 341 Taylor, Sharron D. 341 Taylor, Sharron D. 341 Teal, Larry W. 369 Teal, Ronald G. 341 Tedder, Lorna 355, 261 Tellis, Haywood J. 369 Terry, Alonzo 355 Terry, Glenda S. 274 Thacker, Tracy L. 342 Thagard, George 385 Thagard, Mary R. 382 Thagard, Tammy R. 382 Theis, Timothy S. 342 Thomas. Arlene H. 382 Thomas. Amessa D. 369 Thomas, Carol A. 226, 369, 227. 265 Thomas, Eddie H. 355 Thomas, Gabriel 355 Thomas, Gary S. 222, 342 Thomas, James E. 166 Thomas, Johnnie M. 342 Thomas, Meloney J. 342 Thomas, Samuel P. 369 Thomason, Janice E. 382. 242, 266 Thomason, Troy S. 355 Thompkins, Shirley 355 Thompson, Agnes C. 164 Thompson, Benjamin B. 167, 369, 249 Thompson, Deborah A. 105, 369 Thompson, Harold J. 342 Thompson, James D. 369 Thompson, Kim V. 165, 382 Thompson, Leon 355 Thompson, Nina N. 382 Thompson, Patrick J. 171, 355 Thompson, Sandra L. 342 Thomson, Carrie 355 Thornton, Dorothy M. 369 Thornton, Gwendolyn 382 Thornton, Vann C. 382 Thornton, Wayde P. 355 Thrash, Don L. Jr. 369 Thrash, Jerry C. 223, 256, 342, 250 Threadgill, Gwen 385 Threlkeld, Albert H. 173, 382 Thrower, Connie L. 176, 342 Thurman, William R. 382 Tidwell, Karen S. 223, 369 Till, Johnny Lee 342 Timberlake, Stephen 174, 369 Timmons, Duane A. 382 Tindell, Karen S. 382, 235 Tindell, Larry E. 355, 238 Tisdale, Teresa A. 355 Tolar, Teresa Y. 382 Tolbert, Christopher 355 Tolbert, Gary M. 167, 342 Tolbert. Kimberly 105, 342 Tolbert, Robert D. 382 Tolbert, Tina 369 Toles, Benjamin N. 342 Toles, Michael C. 369 Tomlin, Debra S. 382 Tomlin, Robbin L. 342, 272 Toney, Sherri L. 105, 342 Toole, William S. 382 Toombs. Sheila A. 105. 369 Toper, Ahmet M. 342 Torres, Michael A. 171, 355 Travis, Susan L. 342 Traylor, Scotty L. 369 Trenkler, Sonja M. 382 Trimble, George F. 223, 369, 237, 228 Tripp, Barbara A. 342 Trolinger. Todd S. 355 Trotter. Bridgette Y. 255, 369 Trousdale. Katherine 369 Troutner, Jim F. 385 Troutner, Patsy K. 51, 233, 382 Truitt, William A. 86, 342 Tucker. Al S. 342 Tucker, Brenda K. 369 Tucker. Constance L. 382 Tucker. Janice M. 369 Tucker, Larry W. 171 Tucker, Teresa D. 355 Tullis, Ronnie 355 Tullis, Willie 67, 76, 86, 382 Tullos, Clyde S. Jr. 172, 369 Turberville. Erwin F. 382 Turner, Joel T. 382 Turner, Lori A. 342 Turner, Mary L. 355 Turner, Pete E. 369 Tumipseed. Charles 342 Turrin, Lawrence S. 172, 342 Turrin. Linda M. 282, 242 Tymes. Gwendolyn D. 342 Tyre, Marcus D. 342 u Underwood, George W. 256, 382 Underwood, Linda L. 369 Underwood, Pamela 342 Underwood. Samuel N. 168. 369 Underwood. Terri 369 Upshaw, Breck S. 369 Valdes, Peter A. 385 Vanburen. Conrad L. 382 Vanderwerf. Jennifer 355 Varner. Jeffery B. 355 Vaughan, Sharon D. 369 Vaughan, Ted G. 355 Vaughn, Derrick L. 342 Velez, Rudy A. 173 Velline, Charles E. 342 Venable, Steve D. 84, 86. 382 Venable, Timothy A. 355, 273, 237 Ver Haar, Jeannette 369 Vernon. David A. 355 Verran, William T. 383 Vickers, Eddie R. 168, 342 Vickers, Jana K. 165. 369 Vickers. Martha P. 369 Vines, Beverly J. 383 Vinson, Murray A. 355 Vitty, Laura F. 176. 369, 265 w Waddell. John S. 171, 342 Wade. Jacqueline M. 369, 266 Wadowick. Laura A. 383. 260 inde x Walden, Jenny S. 369 Walden, Joseph B. 342 Walding, Henry D. 355 Waldrop, Janice M. 274. 383 Walker, Anchylus Z. 342 Walker, Daisy 355 Walker, David 342 Walker, Doris D. 167, 369 Walker. Ginga S. 369 Walker. Heather C. 355 Walker, Jerry S. 355 Walker, Tammy E. 355 Walker, Valerie A. 369 Wall, Reba C. 355, 239 Wallace, Jessie C. 369 Wallace, Jonnell 223, 342 Wallace, Keli J. 67 Wallace, Olivia V. 369 Wallace, Steven M. 369 Wallenfels, Laura J. 165, 342, 242 Waller, Janie 369 Waller, Karen 355 Waller, Lisa A. 369 Waller, Sherry L. 342 Walley. Teri D. 177, 355, 263, 262 Walls, Dianna S. 177, 342 Walls, Theresa J. 236, 355, 227 Walters. Anthony L. 256, 342, 250 Walters, Lloyd T. 342 Walton, Vincent K. 342 Wamsley, Mark T. 342 Ward, Janet K. 170, 369, 67, Ward, Laura D. 165, 383 Ward, Sabrina J. 59, 369, 266 Ward, Shawn 170, 369 Ward, Thedriea P. 342 Ward, Timothy R. 173, 355 Ward, Verneller 355 Ward, William J. 173, 369 Warren, Annie J. 167, 383 Warren, Ethel M. 383 Warren, Mark A. 172 Warren, Phyllis R. 342 Warren, Tommy D. 342 Warrickn Joey L. 383 Wascom, Alan K. 174, 342 Washburn, Lisa K. 342 Washington, Alice M. 383 Washington, Larry L. 67, 383 Washington, Tommie 274, 383 Waters, Charles C. 369 Waters, Jeffery C. 356 Watford, Laticia J. 236 Watford, Tammy Y. 170, 343 Watkins. Rhonda R. 383 Watson, David H. 24, 383, 228 Watson, Donald E. Jr. 383 Watson, Elsie M. 383 Watts, Mark S. 342 Weaver, Gary L. 167, 342, 268 Weaver, John R. 369 Weaver, Norma J. 343 Weaver, William W. 173, 343 Weber. Timothy T. 369 Webster, Beverly L. 233, 356 Weed. Dana F. 383 Weekley, John F. 174, 356 Weeks, Jon A. 343, 240 Weeks, Laura J. 356 Weems. Gwendolyn 383 Welch, Jerald G. 356 Welcher, Ardenia 356 Weldon. Thomas A. 223, 343 Wells, Benjamin D. 86, 174 Wells, Greta 369 Wells, Kenneth H. 167, 234. 383 Wells, Leigh A. 177, 356 Welsh, Danette D. 343 Welsh, Debbie A. 369 Wendel, Anne M. 343 Wenzel, Tracy A. 276, 165, 343. 275 West, Tommy R. 168, 383 West, Virgina L. 200, 170. 356 Westbrook, Edward W. 356 Westbrook, Jacquelin 369. 260 Westbrook, Lisa A. 356 Westmoreland, W. 356 Weston, Joe N. 173, 356 Whatley, Cynthia L. 342 Wheelan, Martin H. 171, 343 Wheeler, Dolores V. 343 Wheeler, Dwayne 343 Wheeler, Vera L. 343 Whigham, Ruth E. 343 Whigham, Tammy L. 261, 51, 383, 276, 268 Whitaker, Gerald A. 168, 383 White, Candace A. 8, 369 White, Carl C. Jr. 385 White, Charles M. 356 White, Delain 369 White, Edward C. 369 White, Gregory M. 369 White, Jeffery T. 343 White, Mark R. 343 White, Paula J. 343 White. Tracey L. 343 Whitehurst, Wendel C. 356 Whiten, Alison L. 343 Whitley, Naretha 59, 166, 383, 241 Whitman, Jay S. 256, 356 Whitstine. Elisa L. 278, 383 Whittaker, Karen D. 97, 343 Whittington, James 369 Whittington, Terry A. 278, 369 Wiggins, Carolyn H. 170, 383 Wiggins, Daniel E. 383 Wiggins, Gregory E. 383 Wiggins, John M. 173 Wiggins, Mark T. 173, 369 Wiggins, Ronnie D. 343 Wiggins, Tammy J. 165, 369 Wigginton, Michael D. 369 Wiggs. R. Todd 356 Wigley, Kathryn L. 369 Wilcox, Dallas C. 356 Wilder, Sheree S. 59, 383 Wiles, Joey E. 383 Wilkerson. Angela D. 343, 251 Wilkerson, Sherry L. 383 Wilkes, Connie 223, 230, 343 Wilkes, Gregory K. 369 Wilkins, Gregory M. 383 Wilkins, Juaneysa L. 44, 176, 356 Wilkinson, Kim E. 277, 268, 59, 226, 274, 383, 276 Wilkinson. Samuel R. 383 Wilkinson, Sherman J. 67, 369 Wilks, Dave E. 383 Williamon, Robert D. 97 Williams, Angela D. 356, 242 Williams, Britt S. 383 Williams, Carrie D. 383 Williams, Charles H. 173, 370 Williams, Charles W. 356 Williams, Costella 383 Williams, Debbie F. 383 Williams, Harold E. 383 Williams, John P. 383 Williams, Julia A. 370, 242, 170 William, Kelly V. 383 Williams, Kimberly A. 176. 222. 230, 383 Williams. Lena M. 356 Williams, Lornetta K. 276, 275 Williams. Mack 172, 356 Williams, Michael 370 Williams, Michael 383 Williams, Olivia 167, 383 Williams, Pamela K. 222, 230, 370, 260 Williams, Pamela Y. 356 Williams, Samuel W. 370 Williams, Sandra D. 356 Williams, Tammy L. 370 Williams, Ted T. 356 Williams, Teresa A. 223, 343, 253 Williams, Theresa 356 Williams, William H. 370 Williamson, Barbara 370 Williamson, Becky C. 343, 165 Williamson, Hollie M. 383 Williamson, Jill 356 Williamson, Marvin A. 167, 356 Williamson, Morris D. 356 Williamson, Russell 370 Williamson, Vance W. 356 Willis, Cynthia T. 272, 276, 211, 170, 343, 275 Willis, Janice R. 343 Willison, Diane D. 59, 264, 274, 383 Wilson, Donna G. 356 Wilson, Gary 370 Wilson, Gary 343 Wilson, Henry B. 356 Wilson, Judy H. 343, 241, 242 Wilson, Kathleen 356 Wilson, Mike S. 383 Wimberly, Doris 383 Windham, Janice F. 383 Windsor, Lynne T. 166, 370 Wingard, James C. 343 Wingard, Joseph 211, 256, 343 Wingard, Patrice 356 Winland, Susan A. 383 Wise, Alvin L. 356 Wise, David J. 383 Wise, Lisa 356 Wise, Myra L. 370, 261 Wise, Richard 343 Wisener, Cheryl L. 166, 356 Womack, Carolyn J. 222, 383 Wong, Oi Tung 356 Wood, Charles T. 343 Wood, James A. 370 Wood, Laura L. 356 Wood. Melodie K. 370 Wood. Wetzel W. 356 Wood, William J. 370 Woodbury, Diane M. 278, 383 Woodbury, Margaret L. 226 Woodbury, Robert L. 167, 356 Woodbury. Susan I. 370 Woodham. Jerry E. 383 Woodling, Charles A. 356 Woods, Cathy L. 343 Woods, Cynthia D. 343 Woods, Darren E. 370 Woods, Deborah Y. 356 Woods, Ezzie L. 343 Woods. Shirley 343 Woods, Tony R. 168 Woody, Counteess A. 343, 251 Wooten, James O. 174, 356 Wooten, Ruth D. 343 Workum. Jennifer M. 51, 383 Worrell, Joseph 370 Wossilek. Gary A. 383 Wright, Belinda L. 223, 230, 370 Wright, Brett J. 343 Wright, Kenneth A. 171, 370 Wright, Martha G. 356 Wright, Renee L. 383 Wright, Richard A. 173. 343 Wright. Teresa M. 356 Wurtz, Karen E. 343, 170 Wyatt, James L. 343 Wykle, Gene 370, 240 Wyncoop, Howard F. 343 Wynn. James H. 383 Wynn. Mary B. 210, 177, 356 Wynn, Virginia L. 343, 170 Yancy, Cecil H. 343, 263 Yarbrough, Hugh E. 356 Yates, David G. 370 Yates, Dotti A. 165, 370 Yeackle, Elizabeth J. 356 Yielding, Alicia A. 222, 230, 356 Yelvington. Kevin 356 Yoke, Michael D. 343 York, Pamela G. 370 Young, Deborah L. 8, 9, 383, 273, 235 Young, Jackie C. 165, 356 Young, Mona L. 370 Young, Robert S. 370 Young, Scott O. 167, 343 Yu, Mabel, G. 385 Yung, Jenny C. 343 Zachry, Cheryl F. 343 Zastrow, Patricia S. 383 Zelko, Monica R. 166. 343 Ziama, David G. 236 Ziglar, Shyron 343 Zimmerman, John C. 370 Zoglmann, Roberta A. 343, 242 Zuro, Alan J. 168, 383 Index 411 If %r 5k " H yjr ' feSS ss ' rH ' ?• -; •■Rfc- " ' - ' " %rL : V aif. tfiJ 1 " " 9JtKt ■ " _a»4H W L t— . Ai % V DC " ■ V P m 0 " ' HlMflil - ' . • Mi !l Closing 413 Jurt A Closer Look . . . Closing 415 T-uihni _.,the 198 1 Pal- ladium is finished and back in your hands, I only wish each of you knew all the hard work and fun times that went into the production of this book. I ' ve often wondered why singers thank everyone including their pets when they win awards but now I understand. There are so many people who helped us out this year and believe me, we thank you graciously for your help. The people I want to name specifically is my staff and I write this copy for them. Susan, your cheerful smile and ready hand with the artwork is great!! Richard, even if you have trouble writ- ing captions you ' re a very creative guy and I ' m glad you were here with me. Ray, de- spite the problems we had with pictures, you ' ve shown your- self to be a true leader and a great worker. Tammy, you ' re cute. Seeing your work in actual print is a rewarding ex- perience isn ' t it? Missy, you did a great job with the faculty for we all know how difficult it is to catch them in their office. Tony, your one-man-show during office hours kept us laughing and we all enjoyed the disco lessons. Leslie, you ' re such a woman. Where the slack needed to be pulled, you were always there to pull it for us. Ms. Smith, words cannot express to you how much I per- sonally appreciate all the help and guidance you have given me this year and the past years I have worked on the staff. Donald and Ed, you ' ve been such a help with last minute pictures, thanks for under- standing. Mark Kullberg, thanks for the special attention you ' ve shown us, it has meant alot to my staff and me. My dream of being a uni- versity yearbook editor has been fulfilled. I hope you ' ll en- joy the book as much as we have putting it together for you. Again to my staff, thank you for being there when I needed you most . . . you ' ll never know how much you all mean to me. But most of all, thanks Mamma and Daddy for putting up with me for the past 8 years of yearbook talk, it ' s meant alot to me to know you were always there. JPi rirBM " -J » - % - _, r - , v 4 ' • !

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