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PALLADIUM PALLADIUM Troy State University Troy, Alabama Vol. 58 Dean Smith — Editor Mike Boisclair — Business Manager I TV ' 0m W I ■1 Contents College Life - 18 Organizations — 130 Academics — 205 Advertising — 345 A university has emerged. i na ■i hi iiiii 19 ill ■ ■■■ EZ3W, . . Jr k 1 : : - v r C ir iimiiiilli liiiiiuiHiiiti.i in: ' . ' iUJIIHiiui- When it began it was small and insecure but on the threshold of a great adventure. Some years were lean; some were good, but even the lean years were good, because the university was striding forward. It grew . . . watching students come and go Adolescents became adults. Life became fact and reality. I shed a tear for those who stumbled and gloried in those who learned to cope. It was a catalyst, a mixer and leveller, producing leaders and thoughtful followers. 10 4 w IGC ?T4 7 s Black and white we stand together for the red, white, and blue. .v4$ And if you look beyond the blue, what do you see? 14 19 16 The university has emerged; it is proud, yet humble. So much has been done, but the tasks undone loom and clearly portend a beginning. 17 I m I College Life Personalities 65 Sports 95 19 Sigma Alpha ' s " Yosemite Sam " got the winning nod vanking lion tails. Alpha Omega, T.S.U. ' s newest social sororitv. captured first place honors in the Homecoming Parade by waving manes at their Beautv Sa-Lion. I Record Crowd Attends Homecoming Festivities Always a time of excitement, Homecoming 1969 was no exception. Prettv girls atop beautifulh con- structed floats waved charmingly to the crowds who came to see the parade downtown. High school hands from the surrounding areas joined in the pa- rade festivities and also attended the game as guests n P of the university. Over 100 units from university and citv organizations helped to make this the long- est homecoming parade ever. Alumni attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony be- fore the parade to open the new library officially " . Trov gridders followed through with a clean win . p p over Florence to make the dav a total success. To make the day ' s events a complete success, the T.S.U. Redwave rolled over and defeated the Flor- ence Lions. This warm sunnv Homecoming was one to remember. Queen Iris Anne and court reigned supreme. Circle K won top honors in the inde- pendent division with their Red Wave active enzyme. Tro gridders followed through with a clean win over Florence The Sound of the South drew raves from downtown parade watchers. 21 AO ' s at work on their " first " float. Colorful Floats And But Homecoming Day was only the climax of a week of frantic preparation when every spare minute was de- voted to floats and dorm displays. In addition, there was a homecoming queen to elect, a homecoming dance to at- tend, a pep rally to cheer at, and, worst of all, classes which had to be met. The SGA had a week of planned activities with which float building and dorm displays played an equal role. It seemed at the time that Homecoming needed to be two weeks long in order to get everything finished in time. Everyone enjoyed their triumphs, especially Hamil Hall and Dill Hall with their winning displays along with the Alpha Omega whose first float was the winning one in the sorority division. Sigma Alpha also took a first place stand. Dates were scarce during Homecoming week. Weren ' t thev? Clements enlisted troops from Alumni to dig lion graves. 22 )ecorations Mark End Of Frantic Week rapMi 23 TSU Victory Over Florence lf t. Hours of preparation went into each float. For the third straight year. Hamil placed first in the women ' s residence hall dis- plays. The football team did their part in making it a successful dav. 24 State Climaxes Successful Homecoming Weekend There is no doubt about this fan ' s allegiance! Dill Hall copped first place honors in the men ' s residence hall dis- plays. , Queen Iris Anne Graddv, escorted b S.G.A. President Eddie Hollington, was presented to the homecoming crowd in a pre- game ceremony. 25 I NDT HE. V BECxIN A NEW War Moratorium A Vietnam veteran cautioned against an imme- diate pullout. Eddie Hollington, SGA president, con- gratulates Troy students on their willingness to speak out. Left: Ellis Tallev, organizer of the rally, explains his negative position on the war. Observance Gives Student Chance To Voice Opinions Timorously at first, walking up in twos and threes, about three hundred students finally showed up for the first Moratorium Day observ- ance on Bibb Graves quadrangle. Entirely student-organized, the anti-war rail) gave stu- dents a chance to voice opinions cither attacking or defending the U.S. position in Vietnam. About twenty-five students took advantage of the opportunity to express themselves and appeared to be about evenly divided in their stands. A separate commemorative candlelight serv- ice was sponsored bv the Student Government Association that night. The overall effect of the Moratorium was im- pressive in that a number of people expressed their opinions and supported them substantially. The crowd listens attentively as speakers express their views. 27 Opera Workshop Produces ' Hansel And Gretel During the fall quarter, Troy State ' s outstanding Music Department ' s Opera Workshop presented " Hansel and Gretel ' ' in Smith Hall auditorium. The production was an outstanding success. It was under the direction of Mr. William Snyder with Dr. Carl Vollrath in charge of the orchestration. Plaving the leading roles for the production was Maria Bigot and Frieda Crumpler as Hansel and Gre- tel. The mother and father of Hansel and Gretel were portrayed bv Rommv Vistart and Jennifer Johnson. Donna Mays took the part of the wicked witch. The scenery was a very commendable part of the production which added the final touch to the per- formance. Angels floated earthward to add their special glow. Maria Bigot and Freida Crumpler plaved Hansel and Gretel in the Opera Workshop production of HANSEL AND GRETEL. 28 Rommv Vistart put on an impressive performance with his role of Hansel and Gretels father. Donna Mays lured the children awav in her por- trayal of the witch. Jennifer Johnson played the part of the mother in the produetion. 29 Coeds Protest Nets Dress And Hour Rule Changes Freedom at last. Coeds at Troy came — fought — conquered and even received more than they asked. The women ' s protest was a loud and pros- perous event with practically all of the cam- pus women involved. On the side lines a few men had wandered by to hear what the women had to say. The women charged in the protest that their rights were being infringed upon by the curfew and dress rules. The administration took the criticism well and were most agree- able to the changes. One of the changes stated that the wearing of sports clothes would be left to the wom- en ' s discretion. More important to the girls, as well as the fellows, was that co-eds would have twelve thirty permission on week nights and two o ' clock permission on week- ends with no more signing in and out of the residence hall. These were some of the prob- lems in question that were so graciously eli- minated by the administration. In this age of protest - WE PROTEST! Now, you ' ve come a long way, baby. 30 They came in droves. Some curious, many prepared to speak out, but all very deter- mined for change. Coeds termed curfew and dress rules almost as updated as hoop skirts and pantaloons. WANT RIGHTS We ' ve been the weaker sex too long! 31 q Dances For Weekend Recreation Sponsored By S.G.7 TSU students gather in the student center for one of several SGA sponsored dances. Maybe attendance is up on these dances. It ' s something to do on the weekends. 32 Sutler Provided Homecoming Entertainment Saturday night after the afternoon Home- coming game a large crowd enjoyed another in a series of SGA sponsored Big Name Entertainment. This time it was the great Jerry Butler. He thrilled the audience with his performance of his many hit records both past and present. This night of entertain- ment put a grand finish to a wonderful week of Homecoming. 33 Tired Students Struggle Through Registration Endless lines, tedious information forms, and constant waiting are all a part of a student ' s first week at TSU. En- tering Freshmen are bewildered by the seeming chaos of registration and are sometimes found crying in the halls by registration workers who are trying to help them get their classes. If there are any classes still left open. They do close so quickly. Pictures must be made and fees paid, but the ending of the first frantic week pays off when the new student real- izes he ' ll survive. 34 35 Million Dollar Resources Center Opened. The ultra-modern Educational Resources Build- ing was opened for full use in the spring of the year. It was dedicated to Alabama ' s only lady Governor, the late Lurleen Burns Wallace. The center has been designed to accommodate the many forms of printed and non-printed materials, media and equipment needed to assist students and faculty in achieving the educational aims of the Uni- versity. There are facilities for quiet study and re- search, for browsing, and for audio-visual and other services. Modern classrooms were put into use in the fall of 1969. These facilities also have the instructional benefit of closed circuit television. The building provides a variety of study spaces ranging from individual carrels to soundproof group rooms, allowing students to select the type best suit- ed to a particular need. Dedication ceremonies were a part of the activities of Homecoming week. Many alumni attended the morning service. 36 Little Miss Lee Wallace and sister Peggy assisted at the ribbon cutting ceremony. The building named in tribute to a great ladv. 37 38 -mmUF r " 39 TSU Students Pursue A Variety Of Leisure Time Activities 41 Mr. Earl M. McGowin is the State ' s leading industrialist and serves as Director of many outstanding companies throughout the south. He is a Rhodes Scholar and has made many outstanding contributions to education throughout his career. V ■1 hi W MORALITY 1 1 i j I 5oc iety 1 ! In 1 Senator John Sparkman has devot- ed many years of service to his country and Alabama. He served both in the House and Senate and was chairman of several important committees. Mr. Herman H. Hamilton received his law degree from Notre Dame University in 1950. He was also named a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. 42 Great Issues Forum Presents Outstanding Speakers Troy State University is proud to present a series of Great Issues to its students and friends. A distinguished group of faculty members from all phases of contemporary society explore many of the issues facing America today. Many of these leaders themselves have taken an active part in these issues and share invaluable first hand knowl- edge and understanding. Through this program the University seeks to challenge the stu- dent to new social, cultural, and intellectual responses by offering contemporary topics of particular interest. It is our desire that things in the course will shed much light on current events. Governor George C. Wallace is credited with bringing the issue of law and order to the attention of the Amer- ican people. Mr. Aubrey M. Cates, Jr. is a Rhodes Scholar and also a practicing attorney. Pictured left to right are Dr. W. T. Wilkes, Mr. Johnny Long, Mr. and Mrs. 0. K. Armstrong, President Ralph Adams, and Mr. Bill Buchan- non. Mr. Armstrong, a guest speaker of the forum, is on the editorial staff of Readers Digest. 43 Sound Of South Still Gaining Many Plaudits Every afternoon whether the back- ground is cold, rainy, pleasant, or fierce- ly hot, The Sound of the South works. Hard. That ' s how they became the band to represent the State of Alabama in the 1969 Inaugural Parade in Washington; that ' s how they won the honor of ap- pearing at half-time shows for the Atlan- ta Falcons, for the Senior Bowl, for the Blue-Gray and that ' s how they were in- vited to appear at the Super Bowl. Work. The striving for excellence. The best or nothing at all. It pays off. The Sound of the South is directed by Mr. Johnny Long. Band Captain is Bruce Smiley, Color Guard Captain, Ron Hart, and Majorette Captain, An- nette Colley lead the 150 member Sound. 44 Bruce Smiley, presenting the ' Sound of the South. ' Hup-two-three-four. The T.S.U. Band entertained many spectators in parades held at the state capital in Montgomery. DT — ' hrw 9 V t It V » « ) 7 v ■ 13 Majorettes practice before ' War Moratorium. ' 45 46 x 47 Nationwide Audiences Hear Collegiates Perform From Bach and Mozart to Bacharach and Bru- beck the Collegiate Singers provide vocal enter- tainment in schools, churches and on radio and television. WSFA-TV in Montgomery annually carries the Singers at Christmas and Easter. The group has also appeared on WTVY in Dothan, Alabama and WALA in Mobile. For the past nine years the Mutual Radio Christmas Program has included the Collegiates. Membership is limited to an average of thirty men and thirty women. Auditions are held in the fall of each year. The Collegiates ' director is Dr. Charles V. Farmer. The Singers are accompanied by Dr. William Denison and assisted by Romy Vistart, student director. 48 49 Judy Lumpkin as Mrs. Mullins hangs onto the arm of Billy Bigelow, played by Rommy Vistart. 50 " Carousel " Production Acclaimed By Students CAROUSEL, Rodgers ' and Hammerstein ' s ro- mantic musical of the love of Billy Bigelow for Julie Jordan, was the music department ' s spring produc- tion. With its themes of love and pride the plot of- fered drama; the sentimental tunes provided wistful- ness and the dancing was happv enough to make the audience want to join in! Mr. William S nyder of the music department was the director of the play. Dr. Paul Vollrath conducted the orchestra and Paula Rush and Darrell Green cho- reographed the dance scenes. Freida Crumpler as the comic valentine Carrie tells of her plans to marry " Darling Mr. Snow. " 51 52 Drama 1970 " John Brown ' s Body " Opens Busy Season Of Theatre The Plavmaker ' s began 1970 with the Pul- itzer Prize winning play JOHN BROWN ' S BODY bv Stephen Vincent Benet. The dramatic readings, based on the American Civil War and considered the American Epic, tell of the an- guish of war brought to the North and the South through the Northern characters. Jack Ellvat and Melore Vilas and the Southern couple Clav and Mary Lou Wingate. Mr. William Snyder of the music department at Trov State provided the musical effects. Pic- tured from the play are Carolyn McDaniel and President Carlisle. 53 Innovations Of " St. George " Well-Received In the fall quarter the TSU Playmakers presented St. George and the Dragon over a wide area in Ala- bama and Georgia schools and homes. This produc- tion was unusual in that it was performed off stage and that a collection was taken after each of many performances. This money was then given to UNICEF. The play achieved wide recognition when it was seen on Miss Patsy ' s Playouse, Channel 9, TV originating in Columbus, Ga. The Troy State Play- makers will again appear on television next Christ- mas season with St. George. One performance was given in the President ' s home for the faculty wives. 54 The Crucible Acclaimed As Winter Quarter Production Drama became more intense with the winter quarter production of Arthur Miller ' s THE CRUCIBLE. Based upon the Salem, Massachusetts Witch Trials the story centered around John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth who searched for truth in a world of contorted lies. The first period plav to be done in some time, THE CRUCIBLE provided interesting scope and beauty. Pictured are Bob Howell as Rev. Parris. and Paula Rush as Abigail Williams. Elizabeth and John Proctor were plaved bv Bvanthia Retherford and Richard Fagan. i MM Alpha Psi Presented ' Blythe Spirit ' 56 aUaiNkfc Cheerleaders Encourage Display Of School Spirit Troy State University ' s cheerleaders helped cheer our teams to victory this year through their unlimited spirit. Utilizing practice and vigor, the squad proudly represented TSU. Troy ' s cheerleading squad participated not only at football games, but also at basketball games during the year. Cheerleaders led the spirited atmosphere of pep rallies and boosted our teams at games played on and away from our campus. Troy ' s cheerleaders take pride in the aspects of good sportsmanship; in victory or defeat they maintain the unlimited spirit and help raise morales to a new high. Get those hands up! V . 5 ■ fcK =5 J 58 Cheerleaders Diane Adams, John Klutz, Karen Jackson, Lee Fong, Twyla Ellis, Darrell Browning, and Sandy Brown. • W i ?) ' ' - _ ' M i j= r . 1 1 J ' ;| lfl ||| 1 tei Hl MK— JrrV Cheerleaders ' car in Alcazar Shrine Bowl parade. 59 Earth Day Focused On Pollution Problems I Caw L •• " •■ T5 fan £ -• s° y . r ■ ' j, • II ' ' ■ ' ■in. iff. ' Mili 60 61 Sororities Battle It Out In Powder-Puff Game m til ♦ ttkM is VI A 1. 1 0Jt J S 1 ■ 1 MW ' ■ - On what had to be one of the coldest nights in January, the four sororities at Troy State met head on in the first annual Powder-Puff Jambo- ree in Memorial Stadium. The event was spon- sored by Sigma Alpha fraternity with proceeds going to the Wayne Evans Scholarship Fund. The AO ' s defeated the KD ' s in the first game and the Phi Mu ' s took the second game from ADPI. Then it was half time . . . A gala half time was enjoyed by every frozen fan. Each sorority presented a queen and escort. Johnny Majors was voted the loveliest of the group. The second half saw ADPi defeat KD and the super bowl ended with Phi Mu over AO. Alpha Omega ' s downed the Kappa Delta ' s in the opening game. Phi Mu took the second game from the Alpha Delta Pi ' s. 62 ' Would you just feast your eyes, fans? " " - a i Mr- " Grab it as she goes by, Donna. " 63 Palladium Staff Sponsors Annual Beauty Pageant The PALLADIUM again sponsored the annual beauty pageant in the fall. All fraternities, sororities, dorms, and other organizations entered their love- liest in this review. Amid a beautiful winter wonder- land setting, five young ladies were chosen Campus Beauties. These beauties and five semi-finalists are featured on the following pages. 64 Personalities 65 Eleanor Clark Collegiate Singers Ginger Creel Pi Kappa Phi 67 Susan Graddy Kappa Delta 68 Sally Simmons Phi Mu Janet Young Collegiate Singers 70 Jeannie Devericks Finalists Debbie Flowers 71 Carol Vaughan Alpha Omega Paula Rush Alpha Psi Omega Iris Graddy Pi Kappa Phi im 72 f : 1 73 Miss Venus 74 Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities ji-A. MARTHA B. DONALDSON: Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi. JANICE HAND: Dean ' s List . . . Spires . . . Adelphes . . . Tropolitan . . . Interim Co-ed, Assistant Editor, Reporter . . . Oracle Editor . . . Palladium, Assistant Editor . . . Band . . . Dames Club, Vice President, Secretary, National Merit. DIANE RAY: Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi, President. 75 ANN MARIE JOHNSON: Traffic Appeals Committee . . . All University Council on Teacher Education . . . Steering Committee for Professional Education . . . Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Spires . . . Adelph- es . . . SGA, Secretary, Senator, Clerk, Blue Ribbon Committee . . . Pace Hall Assistant Director . . . PAL- LADIUM Staff . . . Women ' s Judiciary, Chairman . . . Alpha Delta Phi. RUSTY NINAS: Kilpatrick Football Award and four years of Football . . . Delta Chi Social Fraternity . . . Record Holder at TSU for Javelin Throw. LINSON PICKARD: Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi, Historian, Reporter . . . Phi Alpha Theta . . . Argonaut, Second Vice President . . . 351 Creative Writing Maga- zine Staff. 76 DAVID WALKER: Pi Kappa Phi Key and Lamp Award . . . IFC Representative . . . Kappa Pi . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Argonauts . . . Ugliest Man on Campus . . . Phi Mu Sweetheart . . . Clements Pres- ident ... 3 Track Records . . . Letterman in Cross Country Track. SHERRY STARLING: Chairman of Judiciary Board Clements Hall . . . TROPOLITAN Assistant Editor and Reporter. BARBARA HOWARD: George Wallace Valedicto- ry Scholarship . . . Kappa Delta Pi. Secretary . . . SNEA . . . Gamma Beta Phi . . . Alpha Delta Pi. 77 LINDA GALE DUKES: HPER Club . . . Residence Hall, Assistant Director and Proctor . . . Intramur- als. ESTHER BECK: Dean ' s List . . . Spires . . . Psy- chology Club . . . Highest grade point average in his- tory of Troy. ROGER FRANKLIN: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, President . . . SNEA . . . Residence Hall, Dis- play Committee . . . Band, Vice President . . . MENC, Vice President ... Phi Mu Alpha Pledge Class, Vice President. RONNIE HOVEY: Transfer George Wallace Jr. College . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Gamma Beta Phi . . . Phi Alpha Theta . . . Dean ' s List. JOE MARTIN: SGA, Vice President, Senator . . . Basketball, NAIA Award . . . Argonauts, Vice President . . . Gamma Beta Phi, Vice President . . . Alumni Hall Council, Vice President . . . TSU Athletic Policy Committee . . . Student ADHOC Curriculum Committee . . . Alpha Phi Omega . . . Dean ' s List. 79 DIANE ADAMS: Dean ' s List . . . Stu- dent National Education Association . . . Association of Childhood Educa- tion . . . Student Government Clerk . . . Homecoming Committee . . . Adelphes . . . Cheerleader and Head Cheerleader. KATHY LAWRENCE: Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President . . . Spires . . . Gamma Beta Phi, President, and Vice President . . . Honorary Delta Chi Fraterni- ty Sweetheart. 80 DOUG TAYLOR: Gamma Beta Phi . . . SGA, Associate Justice, and Senator . . . Residence Hall Judicial Board, and Proctor . . . Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity Secretary . . . Football Lineman and NAIA Champions. DENNIS SULLIVAN: Kappa Pi President . . . Theta Chi Social Fraternity; Clements Commit- tee Chairman . . . TSU Bridge Club . . . TRO- POLITAN Cartoonist. CURT SOLOMON: Gamma Beta Phi . . . Student Government Association Senator . . . Alumni Hall Proctor . . . Delta Chi So- cial Fraternity Treasurer. 81 MARY RUTH SINGLETARY: WRA. . . SGA Sena- tor, Constitution Committee . . . House Council and the Bookstore Com- mittee . . . House Ju- diciary . . . BSU . . . Wesley Foundation. GLENDA CAROLYN WRIGHT: Dean ' s List . . . George C. Wallace Scholarship . . . Spires, President . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . SNEA . . . Gamma Beta Phi, Vice President . . . Adelphes . . . BSU, Vice-President, Freshman Council. JO BUFKIN: ACE Presi- dent . . . SNEA . . . Gamma Beta Phi . . . SGA Food Service Com- mittee, Residence Hall Council, Student Affairs Committee . . . President of Women ' s Executive Council . . . Chairman of Women ' s Judiciary . . . Residence Hall Assistant Director . . . Intramural . . . Majorette . . . Resi- dence Hall Staff. 82 JANET YOUNG: Sigma Alpha Iota, President . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . Wom- en ' s House Council . . . Collegiates. BUDDY BRACKEN: Vice President Elect, Student Govern- ment Association . . . Delta Chi. 83 CHARLES NORRIS: Collegiates . . . Opera Workshop. 84 ANNETTE STINSON: Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary . . . SNEA . . . Band. SHIRLEY CURRY: Alpha Gamma Delta Award, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Business Club . . . SGA Representa- tive . . . girl ' s Training Class. JUDITH LYNN MAYR: Dean ' s List . . . SNEA . . . Gamma Beta Phi . . . SGA Member ... Phi Mu, President, Most Out- standing Pledge, Most Outstanding Mem- ber, High Scholastic Award . . . Delta Chi White Carnation Girl. WHO ' S WHO NOT PICTURED: ANTANETTE BLACKWELL: Dean ' s List . . Residence Hall Treasurer . . . House Council. SHARON P. WALKER: Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Phi Beta Lambda, President, Secretary ... Dames Club, President, Secretary, Parliamen- tarian. TALLULAH SNELL: SGA Representative . . . Who ' s Who (68-69) . . . Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Notari Club (58-59). SAM WHATLEY: Kappa Delta Pi, President . . . Gamma Beta Phi, President . . . Wesley Founda- tion, President, Vice President . . . Religious Coun- cil. 85 ■■ !! — ■■■■- — Sports Championship Red Wave Faced Toughest Schedule The charging Troy State University Red Wave knew at the beginning the season would be tough. Along with a rougher schedule, the games would be made more important because they were the champions. Being the reigning NAIA national football chamqhnns, the Red Wave knew that everyone on the schedule would save their best for them. You like to knock off " Number 1. " , and the Wave was " Number 1. " Coach Billy Atkins said at the outset that the Red Wave was good. Barring injuries, the team had a good chance to keep the national trophy on display in Smith Hall. 88 1 1 e ». s 90 First Win Came Despite Pre-Season Injuries Injuries plagued the team even in pre-season practice. Early season games produced even more problems for the Red Wave ranks. Line- backer George Little broke an arm. Quarterback Al Head hurt a knee the first game. Mike Sadler, a defensive stalwart was hurt before the season beean. The Wave hitched up their britches and went to work. In Dothan, before a capacity crowd Samford fell 35-7. Stars were many as the stu- dent body knew that even if we did not repeat as national champs Troy would be in the running for the coveted title. 91 92 Livingston Win Followed Austin Peay Tie With Loyd Rainey filling in at quarterback the Red Wave went to Tennessee. When the smoke cleared and the officials ' flags ceased to drop they had been tied 16-16 by Austin Peay on a questionable call. Revenge was quick in coming for the team as rugged Livingston State was swept out of the sta- dium in Montgomery. Rainey showed that he was no stranger to moving the football and the team. NAIA rankings were out and the Red Wave found themselves in the top ten. The tie had not hurt them at this point. Stars were many as the Red Wave showed that it was a team. Pride of the players in their offensive and defen- sive units got the job done. The big plays came but never from just one or two. All the Red Wave got a piece of the action. Wave Blasts Sam Houston 24-14 The Troy State Red Wave blew into and out of Texas leaving a path of waste and destruction as wide as the Sam Houston football field by a score of 24-14. The Wave Units got the job done. J. A. Williams carried the offense load and the Wave defense confined Sam Houston when the chips were down. Randy Hicks ' magic toe contributed three extra points and a field goal. Danny Grant and Vince Green showed the Texans some pass catching magic. Delta State Battered 42-7 Sophomore Quarterback Al Head, re- turned to action against Delta State to play only one quarter. He threw three touchdown passes to lead the Wave to a 42-7 victory over the Statesmen. Defensive backs, Jack Smith and Ronnie Shelly set up touchdowns with timely interceptions. Vince Green and Danny Grant scored on long passes. Lionel Rainey threw a sixty-two yard touchdown pass to prove that the Wave had a quarterback combination that couldn ' t be equaled anywhere. 1 rnKt—JH M fjjf j Pm . tKmL ' f fj -n; .— ▲ m 95 ' ■ " " " 96 Jax Gamecocks Routed 37-6 Meanwhile back at home, Darwin Fowler, Vince Green, Bill Ragles, J. A. Williams and the tough defense unit bowled Jacksonville State ' s helpless Game Cocks 37-6. Randy Hicks added a field goal for good measure. Trov remained high in the rankings. The students and players alike are talking more often of a second straight play-off berth. 97 NAIA ranked Troy number two after the Red Wave blasted ACC foe, Flor- ence State 31-10 in a big Homecoming victory. The Wave defense held the Lions to only seven yards on the ground. The next week was fatal. The Cow- bovs of McNeese College put an end to the undefeated record of the TSU Red Wave. Trov had a 14-10 lead in the clos- ing minutes but a fumble put the Cow- boys ahead 17-14. Troy was on the four yard line as the game ended. This loss put Troy State out of conten- tion for the play-off because of a ruling that a team with two non-winning games is not eligible. The next week Troy won its first vic- tory ever against Tennessee Martin 23-13 and followed that up with a 31-6 devastation over the Mocs of Chattanoo- ga. The weather was cold but the Red Wave was hot. Chattanooga was never in the ball game. Two Victories Overshadowed By McNeese Loss Conference Championship Came After 8-1-1 Season Troy State ended the season with an 8-1-1 record. Five additional points would have meant an undefeated season. However, they had won the Alabama Collegiate Conference Championship for the fourth straight time. Ronnie Shelly was an Ail-American; George Little was nominated the Outstanding Player of the South in the Blue-Gray Classic. He and Shelly accepted offers to join the Pros. It was a great season. The Wave ended the year ranked in the top ten in all small Col- lege Polls. As for the National Champion ship, there ' s next year. 99 Inexperienced Squad Opened Basketball Play Coach John Archer ' s Troy State University Red Wave Cagers opened the 69-70 basketball season with a young inexperienced squad. There were many newcomers who had never played before. Tim Russell, and Tim Goolsby joined senior Billy Cannon in the starting lineup. It was obvious at the beginning of the season that it would take time for the Red Wave to per- fect their fast break game. There was a lack of height but the younger players contributed to the Wave with their hustle and desire. Turnovers and mental errors proved to be the Red Wave ' s downfall in early season games. However, before the beginning of the Christmas Holidays, Troy began picking up steam. The young players learned the fast break offense, with Cannon carrying the rebounding load, be- fore the holidays the team had a Conference record of one win and five losses. Before the sea- son was over, the Red Wave would redeem itself. ESfl L J OH Br H Hevl ■•— - " v r hi - 3 1 JfcJ fH ' — V m - HrV® 5 -sn Bi? Ik hi 1ft 101 -mimmm 102 103 Cannon, Russell, Goolsby Dominated Scoring TSU Fraternities and Sororities adopted the Red Wave basketball team. President Adams donated a trophy for attendance and the Fraternities and student organizations began showing up en masse. Entries played the Red Waves immediately after the Christ- mas Holidays. However, the team never slowed down in its hustle and desire. Billy Cannon continued to set the pace both on the boards and in scoring. He set a season ' s high for himself with thirty-five points against Jacksonville State University. The Red Wave play began to show prom- ise. As the season progressed it was obvious that a team was being built at Troy State. The names of Billy Cannon, Tim Russell and Tim Goolsby continued to dominate the Red Wave scoring statistics. 4 ' [J [ t •• ■f IUbi V Late Season Improvement Showed Great Promise Before the season was over the Red Wave was down to eight men, but it was a fighting eight. Coach Archer ' s men had a spirit and continued their run and shoot offense against manv taller opponents. When the season was over it was ob- vious that the Red Wave was the most improved basketball squad in the Alabama Collegiate Con- ference closing out with two wins over the Fal- cons of the University of Montevallo and over the Badgers of Spring Hill. The Waves showed that in the coming vear thev will be a factor for Alabama Collegiate Conference rates. 105 Spring Brought Baseball Play Hit, run, and throw is the name of the game and Coach Frank Ro- sato ' s baseball crew could do it with the best of them. The Red Wave swatters were young and green but when the season was over they had earned for themselves a third place finish in the tough Alabama Collegiate Conference. 106 Fvoy. A % ' Successful Season Ended 10-9 The Red Wave finished up the season with a 10-9 conference record. Along the way, they picked up victories with upsets over perennial power Livingston State and the pick of the sports- writers Jax State. 107 Outstanding Ability Shown The big bats of Scrap Austin, Johnny Majors, Jim Brackin, and Butch Brackin kept the Wave in conten- tion until late in the season. Mound stars Ricky Herring, Jerry Herring, and Hank Erwin proved to be hurlers of exceptional ability. There were big plays and the Red Wave nine showed they could handle them. The pick-offs, the double plays, the hit and runs, were all executed in major league fash- ion by the young squad. I •V- ' % •r ■ u i ' 71 Promises Much The season over and taking stock of the situation, it was learned that the nu- cleus of this Red Wave nine would be back another year. Before the end of the year talk had turned to speculation of a future conference crown in the Red Wave caps. Rosato had turned in a spectacular coaching job and the squad had respond- ed with inspiring plav. Hit, run, and throw is the name of the game and the Trov State Red Wave is adept at all three. 109 11 j; P l•■•p■ , ■■ i,, ■ , ' ■ -- " ,, ' , l ■ Hr fa lxJM l m | khSI Successful Wrestling Program Expanded In 1970 Coach Pete Jenkins had nothing but praise for Troy State grapplers after they finished a season that saw them not only hold their own against major opposition but, in most instances, come out on top. Bob Murphy and Milt Sherman re- ceived the honor of representing Troy State at the tough national champion- ships and represented themselves and the school in a fine manner. Heavyweight Marcus Calloway also set school records as the mainstay of the tough squad. For the first time in Troy history the wrestlers participated in major tourna- ments against large and small colleges and were in contention in each of them. » Top Universities Among TSU Mat Opponents Auburn, Florida State, Georgia Tech, you name them, Troy State wrestled them. Coach Jenkins summed up the season by saying, " In another season we will be right in the middle of the big schools, giving them a real fight for every match in every weight class. " 112 113 New Track Mentor Sees Much Success Coach John Anderson began his first sea- son as head mentor of the Trov State Uni- versity Tracksters and delivered the Ala- bama Collegiate Conference Championship to Trov State. Anderson ' s men faced a tough schedule. Thev entered such meets as the Florida Re- lavs, the Georgia UATFF, the SEC Indoor Meet, the Mobile Relays, Alabama Outdoor Meet, the Selma Invitation, as well as the Alabama Collegiate Conference tournament. Coach Anderson ' s new track program gave the South an exhibition that had never been seen before. Anderson said his boys gave " the best team effort of any team I ' ve ever coached. " James Batie won numerous first place titles in major track events in the South in 100-vard dash and the 220-yard dash. He placed number four in the 100-yard dash in the NAIA National Track and Field Meet in Billings, Montana. James Batie places high in all track events in which he participates. Latty Pitts participates in pole vaulting for Troy ' s track team. 14 r i IL V J E HL 115 mm ' 70 Cindermen Famous For Breaking Records Freshman James Batie broke every Troy State record in existence. Junior Rick Stetson estab- lished himself as a strong competitor. Mark Sterzenback was an old reliable. David Riddle, Tom Carroll, Ron Hurley, Larry Kline, Jim Per- kins, Walter Anderson and Rip Tolbert made major contributions to the championship. Will Whitehead, Owen Walton, Frank Lay, David Riddle, Rick Stetson, Mark Sterzenback, and James Batie all broke school records in the most successful track season ever. J Greeks Ginger Creel, serving as Panhel- lenic president, worked closely with Mrs. Mary Preer, Panhellenic advisor, and other members of the council: Ann Teal, Alpha Delta Pi; Penny Birchfield, Phi Mu; Rhonda Kelly, Alpha Omega. Panhellenic Promotes Good Sorority Relations Sandra Perdue represented ADPi. Kappa Delta representatives were Su- zanne Holsombeck, Shirley Causev, and Sharon O ' Neal. Other delegates included Kay Farris, Phi Mu; Faye Phillips, Alpha Delta Pi; Sue Robinson and Paulie Nolan, Alpha Omega. The Troy State University Panhellenic Council in- cludes the four social sororities on campus. Each group selects three members to represent their soror- ity on the council. This is usually the chapter presi- dent plus two additional members designated as sen- ior and junior delegates. The primary purpose of this council is to provide a medium and friendship among all Panhellenic groups. Panhellenic works to main- tain university and sorority standards, to promote scholarship, and govern rushing. 118 Interfraternity Council Coordinates Campus Frats The purpose of this organization is to promote the interests of the university, to promote the interests ol the several fraternities represented, to promote the interests of college fraternities in general, to insure cooperation between the fraternities and the college authorities to the end that the condition of the frater- nities and their relations with the college authorities may be improved, to insure cooperation among the fraternities of the campus, and to discuss questions of mutual interest and to present to the fraternities such recommendations as the Council sees fit. Discussing a point in the IFC office are Garv Cardwell and Mike Jones of TKE. Rusty Knorr, IFC President, and Mr. Eugene Sherman. IFC Advi- sor. Representatives (seated, left to right) included: John Campbell, Phi Kappa Phi: Rod Lurie. Si ma Alpha: Spencer Brantle . Sijima Alpha; Steve Sutton. Delta Chi: Glenn Williams. Pi Kappa Phi: Harry Adams. Theta (Ihi: Sonny Adams. Theta Chi. IFC President Rusty Knorr presided. Not pictured is Scooter Norris, Delta Chi. 19 Alphie Roars Beauty And Brains In Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Kappa 1969-1970. Another good year. ADPi ' s won the Panhellenic scholarship trophy for the twelfth consecutive quarter. Members tapped for Kappa Delta Pi and Spires, others named on Dean ' s List and in Who ' s Who. Sisters served as dorm officers, dorm assistants, Secretary and Chairman of Women ' s Judiciary Council, a senator, and Chairman and Co-Chairman of the SGA Homecoming Committee. Honors received by Alpha Delta Pi ' s including Homecoming attendant, two Theta Chi Lit- tle Sisters, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, Alumni Hall Sweetheart, Theta Chi Dreamgirl. Also, a Campus Beauty, Delta Chi White Carnation Girl, Collegiates Sweetheart, Theta Chi Pledge Class Sweetheart, and an attendant at the Theta Chi-Delta Chi Charity Bowl. Pi Guy, Glenn Williams was first runner-up in the Powder Puff Bowl Queen Contest. ADPi ' s serenaded Pledge Pal Buddy Sullivan and also honored their football coaches and Big Brothers at a Valentine party. Christmas and Trick-or-Treat parties held for Alabama Baptist Children ' s Home. Officers for the year were (seated, left to right) Diddy Hardin, Recording Secre- tary; Sandra Perdue, President; (standing) Lynn Phillips, First Vice President; Deborah Marsh, Second Vice President; Betty Hurt, Treasurer. Katie Bradford Judy Brown Coleen Carey Eleanor Clark Connie Crum Freida Crumple Jill Curtis Mary Ann Darden Rhonda Donaldson Brenda East Janice Eason Judy Eubanks Anne Harden Diddy Hardin Barbara Howard Rosa Hubbard Betty Hurt Helen Hutto 120 I Ann Marie Johnson Beverly Johnson . Wanda Long Linda Macon Deborah Marsh Barbara McDonald Beverlv McGlon Pam McKenzie Susan Miles Janet Millson Teresa Moody Priseilla Park Sandra Perdue Faye Phillips Lvnn Phillips Judy Roberson Sally Tangen Ann Teal Brenda Younger A A n Alpha Omegas Win Sorority Homecoming Float Trophy Alpha Omega is Troy ' s newest social sorority. Or- ganized May 22, 1969, it has grown to a membership of nineteen. In their initial year, Alpha Omegas have made much progress and have captured a number of honors. Their first entry in the Homecoming float competition captured the Panhellenic trophy for the best sorority float. Members were named to Dean ' s List, active in SGA Senate, Collegiates, BSU, Alpha Lambda, Palladium Staff, Gamma Beta Phi, House and Women ' s Judiciary Councils, Adelphes, and Pan- hellenic Council. One sister worked as a majorette, two as dorm assistants, one named in the top ten in the Beauty Pageant, while others were named Little Sis- ters for two fraternities. Rush parties were held both off campus and in the new chapter room in Pace Hall. Alpha Omegas tapped first Big Brothers and first Sweetheart. AO was first runner-up in both the Pow- der Puff Jamboree and the President ' s Cup Competi- tion. Spring Banquet held in March. AO Big Brothers were honored with a Valentine party in the new chapter room. From left to right, Mike Marsh, Delta Chi; Benny Pinckard, Pi Kappa Phi; Clayton Bush, Sigma Alpha; O ' Neal Evans, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Bill Proctor, Theta Chi. Fred Owens was chosen Alpha Omega ' s first " Sweetheart. " 122 ( lamia Barrow Nancj Bates Sherr) Cole) Jane Crittenden Jennifer Foster Rhonda Kelly Pauline Nolan Patricia Pope Angie Poulos Sheila Ralev Sue Robinson Patty Russell Glenda Sutton Linda Thomas Carol Vaughan A n Valerie Weatherford Judv Whitney Margie Wright Nancv Wright Chapter officers for 1969-70 were (left to right): Valerie Weatherford, Recording Secretary; Rhonda Kelly, Corresponding Secretary; (stand- ing): Nancy Bates, Treasurer; Paulie Nolan, President; Linda Thomas, Vice President. James W. Allen James D. Barnes Benton Beasley James Bensinjer Mike Briggs Clarence Brown Steve Campbell Hugh Cole Bob Commander Roger Daniels Don Davis Alan Dorn Hank Erwin Billv Gandy O ' Neal Green Thomas Guthre Stan Hall George Harper M M ;M Delta Chis Win Intramural Football Championship Ronald Hart John Hatcher Mickev Herring John Johnson Mike Kearnev John Klutz Rusty Knorr Paul Lee Sammy Lindsey Michael Marsh Curtis Massey Robert Miller Terry Morgan Ronnie E. Moss Robert Nation Rusty Ninas Scooter Norris Edwin Parrish Delta Chi Fraternity seeks to teach men how to live and work together, striving by precept and example for the personal development of the individual in the train- ing of mind and body. The Brothers of Delta Chi take pride in campus leadership and participate in various ac- tivities with the main objective being the betterment of Troy State University by contributing to its growth and development. A few of the achievements for 1969-70 include co- sponsoring the Annual Theta Chi-Delta Chi Charity Bowl with proceeds going to the Alabama Baptist Children ' s Home, winning the Intramural Football Championship, and forming a Mother ' s Club. Rusty Knorr served as President of IFC. Delta Chis were active in the SGA, band, cheerleaders, and varsity athletics. Miss Kay Far- iss served as Sweetheart and was selected Miss Venus during Greek Week in 1969. 124 A X Chapter o fficers for 1969-70 were: Mike Marsh, Recording Secretary; Alan Dorn, Treasurer; Scooter Norris, President; Alan Tucker, Vice Presi- dent; Dick Bensinjer, Sergeant-at-Arms; Buddy Sullivan, Corresponding Secretary. Neal Phillips Robert Reese Gary Rountree Bill ' Russell Rick Sheldon Curt Soloman Fella Soverow Harold Sullivan Steve Sutton Alan Tucker Whitey Tucker Anthony Tucker Jerry Vucovich Bill West Dale Wilkinson James Williams Kappa Delta Sister Reigns As Homecoming Queen Sandy Adkinson Trita Blaissitte Reba Boutwell Janice Bowdoin Shirley Causey Cissy Clark Susan Compton Donna Cowart Jane Craft Rhonda Daniel Rhonda Davis Ginger DeVaughan Clarel Deese Jeannie Devericks Twyla Ellis Debbie flowers Troy State ' s Delta Delta Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority is in its fourth year of existence on campus. During this year many honors went to KD ' s. Two were in the 1969 Miss Venus Court and four were named in the top ten in the cam- pus beauty pageant. Kappa Deltas were elected sweethearts of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Mu Alpha fraternities and Pledge Sweethearts of Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Chi, and Theta Chi. Members were also chosen sweethearts of Dill and Cow- art Halls. Iris Anne Graddy reigned as Queen of Homecom- ing festivities. Three KD ' s worked as majorettes while one served as a cheerleader. One Kappa Delta was selected as a Campus Beauty, the first Sigma Alpha Calendar Girl was a KD. The sorority continued this year to support a child in India, to hold study halls for children at the Baptist Home, and to contribute to their National Philanthropy, a crippled children ' s hospital in Virginia. 126 Donna Flowers Berna Dean Can 1 1 1- nne Graddv Susan Gradd) Joan Hall Suzanne Holsombeck Ellen Hughes Sin- Jackson Celia Johnson Donna Gail Martin Sharon O ' Neal Rebecca Parish Laura Pet rev Sandra Potts Carolyn Pouncey Vicki Powell Sara Ralev Bonnie Richburg Vicki Rushing Terrv Schwab Rebecca Seav Lucille Smith Suzanne Soloman Katie Sugrue Charlsie Tavlor Risa Wenzel Marv Lois Wilkerson Barbara Woods Beckv Yohn K A KD Officers for 1969-70 were (seated, left to right) Katie Sugrue, Editor; Iris Anne Graddy, Rush Chairman; Sharon O ' Neal, President (standing) Barbara Woods, Assistant Treasurer; Vicki Powell, Membership Chairman; Susan Graddy, Secretary; Sandra Potts, Treasurer. Connie Baack Barbara Battaglia Gail Beech Penny Birchfield Carol Boman Belinda Brent Sandv Brown Carol Camp Marv Ellen Carlisle Jackie Coker Annette Colley Cheryl Colley Ginger Creel Jeanne De Priest Sue Dorsey Toni Dorrill Fran Edwards Kay Fariss Denise Faulk Karen Gibson Nancy Hart Carol Hattaway Cav Little fl Phi Mus Won First Annual Powder-Puff Jamboree Troy State ' s Kappa Gamma Chapter of Phi Mu was the first sorority organized on Troy ' s campus . . . Two of the five campus beauties are Phi Mu members . . . For the third consecutive year Phi Mu holds the Miss Venus title . . . Phi Mus elected as sweethearts of Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Chi, Sigma Alpha, Circle K, Alpha Phi Omega . . . Pledge Sweethearts for Delta Chi, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha . . . Charity Bowl Queen selected from Phi Mu . . . Four members are majorettes and one cheerleader . . . Kay Farris selected as first runner- up in the Homecoming Court . . . Phi Mus were the winners of the first Powder Puff Football Game . . . John Majors selected as Phi Mu Fella . . . O ' Neal Green selected as Pledge Class Sweetheart . . . Judy Mayr selected for Who ' s Who . . . Four Senators represented in the S.G.A. . . . Service Projects — Trick or Treat for U.S.S. Hope, toy carts distributed at Christmas to the hospitals . . . Money collected for Phi Mu ' s National Philanthropies. Jtfk Phi Mu Officers (standing) Sandy Brown, Recording Secretary; Kay Fariss, Panhellenic Rep- resentative; Pat Trawick, Corresponding Secretary; Toni Dorrill, Treasurer; (seated) Sara Nave, Vice President; Judy Mayr, President; Susan Nevels, Rush Chairman. 128 Sara Loft in Charlotte Long Judv Mavr Pattv Mayo Mirenda McCall Tish McRee Glennelle Metcalf Lish Mullis Sara Nave Susan Nevels Julia Nichols Shav Patton Nancy Pate Robin Reeves Cindv Redeker Suzanne See Sally Simmons Suzanne Travlor Pat Trawick Debbie Vandervort Elizabeth Via 1 Pi Kappa Phi Introduces First Frat House Mother Being first on Troy State ' s campus, Gamma Gamma Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi has again led the way by having the first Housemother. Mrs. Mimi Parks, a native of Brundidge, has brightened the hearts of all the brothers and has added a new dimension to the fraternity. This year has brought many outstanding achievements. Miss Iris Anne Graddy, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, was elected Homecoming Queen, Johnny Majors was selected Phi Mu Fella, Glen Williams was elected Alpha Delta Pi Guv, and Johnny Wright was named Kappa Delta Pledge Class Sweetheart. Eddie Hollington served as President of the Student Government Association while other brothers served as SGA Senators. Miss Ginger Creel, past Rose of Pi Kappa Phi, was selected as Campus Beau- ty as was Miss Sally Simmons, Pledge Class Sweet- heart. The new Rose named at the " Rose Formal " was Miss Iris Anne Graddy of Kappa Delta sorority. The fra- ternity pledged twenty-two men winter quarter. Mrs. Mimi Parks Randy Banks Clay Battle Robert Brigham John Campbell Woody Canter Ronnv Coker Chan Cox Donald Crane Ronald Crane Rufus Davis Art Dees Gerald Essary Steve Feralin Tim Flanagan Howard Fox George Furqueron Bubba Goodwin Clifford Helms Donald Hodges Eddie Hollington Cass Howell James Hurley Richard Jenkins 130 fe ifcAffc David Jones Paul I ..null. ill Sonnv Loftin Randy Long John Majors Stephen Masters Stan O ' Neal Dannv Ouslev Bobby Parrish Benny Pinckard Jerry Renfroe Glen Richards Hudgen Singletarv Phillip Spear Joe Paul Spikes Johnny Steed Doug Taylor Ronnie Titshaw John Toole Archie Tucker David Walker Stan Watson Glenn Williams Alan Worrell Johnny Wright Hj ■ ' U 1 1 b i ' " b1 Ib b bbbbI 1 F V BBfe M Hf 1 1 111 Bk B bW 1 Pj |HL i fc. BBjBJr B Bw l. 01 r ! ■• B » " -. ■ " — w MB ' ' 1 5533 JUL 1 ■bV bL. bbbbbbIbbbbbbI Officers for 1969-70 were: Stan O ' Neal, Secretary; Richard Jenkins, Historian; John Campbell, Archon; John Toole, Chaplain; Ronnie Coker, Treasurer; Glenn Williams, IFC Representative; Ronnie Crane. Pledge Warden. Sigma Alphas Sponsor Powder-Puff Jamboree Sigma Alpha as the newest fraternity on campus made as- tonishing progress during 1969-70. An SA won the Ugliest Man On Campus Contest and the fraternity also walked away with the trophy for the best fraternity Homecoming float. The brothers participated in intramurals and various Greek activities. The scholarship trophy went to the Sigma Alphas for the fifth consecutive quarter. January saw the first of the to be Annual Powder-Puff Jamboree. This game featured the four sororities in competition with the proceeds going to the Wayne Evans Scholarship Fund. SA ' s carried children from the Baptist Home out for Halloween. Moving into their new house was one of the big events of the year. And remodeling it was one of the bigger jobs. Miss Shay Patton was selected Sigma Alpha Sweetheart. Parties were given honoring all sororities. Sigma Alpha petitioned for a Sigma Alpha Epsilon charter. Li ;. { -. x i ■ ■ ' ■ ' 4 ■■■ ■ _ v v 1 3 wt Edward Barganier James R. Barnes James Belcher Spencer Brantley Clavton Bush Tim Cowling Bynum Duren David Hinson Gavin Killam Jack Kirkland Thomas Kirker Rod Lurie Mike Mathews Steve McGee Donny McLeod John Mecklenberg Jerry Mitchell Glenn Ray Robin Reid Bill Riddle Jerry Tew Frank Weathers Charles Wood Tim Youngblood 132 Sigma Alpha ' s Yosemite Sam took top honors in the Homecoming parade. Sigma Alpha officers were: (standing, left to right) Rod Lurie, Secretary; Gabe Killam, Vice President; Glenn Rav, Treasurer; (seated) Spencer Brantlev, President. TKE ' s Place First In Annual Greek All-Sing The year 1969-1970 saw Troy State ' s chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon establish both an Alumni Association and a Board of Control. The brothers also established an Order of Diana chapter. Three new advisors, David Dreher, Luck Watford, and Donald Isbell, were initiated. The ground floor of the Teke fraternity house was remodeled with carpeting installed in three rooms. A color television set was also pur- chased for the chapter house. The Teke float finished second in the IFC sponsored Homecoming float contest, and the fra- ternity also placed second in the President ' s Cup Competi- tion. Mike Jones was voted Best Frater for 1969-70 and Lit- tle Sisters chosen included Kathy Jordan, Sandy Brown, Sue Robinson, Twyla Ellis, and Mary Ann Darden. The winter quarter pledge class enjoyed a pledge swap at the Teke chap- ter at FSU. Mayor James Ray proclaimed March 26-27 TKE Public Service Weekend. Charles Amos Stephen Anthony Tom Beasley Brant Blessing Gary Cardwell John Curtis Geary Dismukes O ' Neal Evans David Funderburke Carlos Hagler Richard Hassett Wayne Henderson Charles Jones Mike Jones Thomas Kelly Bubba Kennedy itlrtcJitAtt 134 dtAt;M John Lewis Jim MacNeil Chris McDonald Johnny Moslev Joe Newman Frank Overhuls Jim Pope Billy Rowell Jack Savola Joe Spratt Alan Taunton Stanley Tew Larry Ward Henry Williford Don Woods TKE officers were: (seated) Joe Newman, Historian; Mike Sadler, Pledge Trainer; Bubba Kennedy, Vice President; Mike Jones, President; (stand- ing) O ' Neal Evans, Treasurer; Charles Jones, Chaplain; Frank Overhuls, Sergeant-at-Arms. Not pictured, Thomas Kelly, Secretary. Evan Adams Thomas Adams Fred Bassett Darrell Browning Philip Chambless Charles Christmas Hove Clary James D. Cook Larry Dreaden Dennis Duell Theta Chis Proudly Acquire New Fraternity House Officers for 1969-1970 were Harry Adams, President; Fred Bassett, Vice Presi- dent; Evan Adams, Secretary; Douglas Cook, Treasurer. Yes, it ' s a fraternity house! Troy State ' s newest and largest. Theta Chi brothers and pledges moved into a new house at the beginning of winter quarter. It features private rooms, Edward H. Ward Library, an archaeology room, plus a large party room where the guys hold all their big " operations. " Theta Chi again co-sponsored the Annual Theta Chi-Delta Chi Charity Bowl with proceeds going to the Alabama Baptist Children ' s Home. Bill Proctor was named to the Dean of Student ' s Advisory Commit- tee. Miss Sandra Perdue was selected Theta Chi Dreamgirl and Pledge Class Sweethearts were Pam McKenzie and Donna Flow- ers. Little Sisters chosen for 1969-70 included Nancy Wright, Beverly McGlon, Denise Faulk, Sandy Adkinson, Jane Chatham, Susan Traylor, Mary Lois Wilkerson, and Nancy Bates. The an- nual Theta Chi Grand Prix was held in April with each of the four sororities participating. Highlights of spring quarter were the Dreamgirl Ball and the Spring Retreat to Panama City. ft i Dennis Ezell Steve Fernald Claude Frazier Scott Garett Ken Gibson John Gill Jeffrey Greene Richard Jones Darrvl Lundv Steve Maddox William McCartha Jerrv McWaters Charles Messick Randall Milner Bruce Neal Charles Norrell Bill Proctor Lee Snvder Donnie Stanley Joseph Stanley- Dennis Sullivan 138 Organizations Clubs Publications Student Leaders Residence Halls 139 The Baptist Student Union provided spiritual leadership and fellowship to all students . . . game room, library, chapel, prayer room, kitchen, and lounge facilities open for mem- bers . . . members attended State Baptist Convention in Mo- bile, Alabama . . . Coffee House in basement of BSU Center . . . Christmas Party for underprivi- leged children in the Troy area . . . vespers on Monday nights and discussions on Thursday nights . . . BSU sponsored both the Varsity Singers and the Pil- grim 20. Although the Union was without a director last year, Mr. Edward Williams has re- cently come to fill the position. Baptist Student Union 140 Wesley Foundation Since its opening in 1967, the Wesley Foundation has led Troy State ' s Methodist Students in religious and spir- itual life on campus. Members of the foundation welcome all students to their new facilities. The building houses lounging areas, radio, television, a library, and a kitchen. Through the leadership of their faculty advisor, the organization offered various speak- ers, programs, and entertainment for Troy State. The group meets every Thursday and the building is open to all students, daily. Dames Club Troy State University ' s chapter of the Dames Club is composed of women whose husbands attend TSU. The club is in its sixth year of operation. The purpose of the club is to sponsor a cam- pus nursery year-round. This club promotes a spirit of friendliness between the wives and provides social contacts on the University. Mrs. Ralph Adams served as the Dames Club advisor. Tech Club The Tech Club of Trov State Uni- versity was organized in the summer of 1968 with the goal of expanding the edu- cational and social horizons of all para- medical students . . . during the year members coordinated programs for the coming year which would be of interest to all members and students . . . pro- grams include guests and speakers, spe- cial projects and trips to medical facili- ties. Officers and members pictured are: Frances Johnson, Secretary; Norma Fortner, Vice-President; Mary Oliver, President; Emily Eares, and Russell Killingsworth. Kappa Pi Trov State ' s Chapter of Kappa Pi is a National honor fraternitv for art majors and minors . . . members strive to build a higher interest in art and art appreciation . . . students must maintain an overall B average . . . organization sponsors various student exhibits, an art show during the week of homecoming, and spe- cial art exhibits by members of the Troy Chapter . . . local chap- ter designated as Delta Upsilon. 143 OFFICERS: Ralph Oppy, President; Paul Pope, Vice-President; Debbie Vandervort, Sweetheart; Jimmy Weeks, Treasur- er; and Mike Covin, Secretary. Circle K The Kiwanis sponsored Circle K Club strives to serve the campus and community through club projects. Troy State ' s K Club provided man- power for various campus activities which in- cluded helping with the campus Blood Drive . . . ushering campus activities . . . and coordinating the Homecoming parade. The club won the non- Greek float trophy for the second competitive year . . . placed emphasis on giving money to a scholarship fund to be used by students. i MEMBERS: Advisor: Mr. O ' Neal, Johnny MacSmith, Steve Stabler, Tom Carrol, Jerry Lane, Joe Newton, Paul Pope, Debbie Vandervort: Sweetheart, Ralph Oppy, Jerry Weeks, Mike Covin, Don Foster, Rod Spivey, Julian Stevens, Colen Dacus, and Earl Lewis. 144 Alpha Phi Omega Members are: Jim MacNeil, Eugene Fucci, Don Seal, Bill Woods, Ed Rogers, Larry Turner, Carl Smith, Rick Stetson, Sammy Davis, Danny Adams, and David Graham. Alpha Phi Omega The Nu Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is a service frater- nity headed by President Jim Mac- Neil. The annual UMOC contest provided more money for a scholar- ship fund. APhiO Sweetheart Carol Camp . . . operates a Used Book Ex- change . . . ushered various campus activities and other community proj- ects. j2 SM 145 Joe Newton, Vice President; Frank Lay, Publicity; Lawana Hughes, Secretary; Bob McCracken, President; Jamelia Syfrett, and Orval Porter, Treasurer give a big smile as thev represent the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Major ' s Club. Physical Education Majors Club The Physical Education Majors Club is com- pleting its second year of organization. The HPER Club had a very exciting year . . . Jackie Snellgrove as a Semifinalist during Homecoming . . . sponsored a square dance Winter Quarter. Special speaker, Dr. Kozan, Head of the Depart- ment of HPER at the University of Tennessee. The HPER Club members are provided a club in which Physical Education Majors are given the opportunity to get to know each other socially. Miss Joyce Sorrell and Dr. Gene Hanson served as advisors to HPER. 146 Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha is a national honorary profes- sional music fraternity which was founded on Troy State Campus in 1960. This fraternity ex- ists to foster brotherhood of students in music ... to promote music in America . . . and to develop truest fraternal spirit among its mem- bers. This year Phi Mu A lpha ushered at music functions, and participated in performances throughout the year. Also, they presented their annual American Composers Contest. Phi Mu Alpha members are: Buddy Hall, James Smith, Don Brown, David Moore, Ray Smith, and Roger Franklin. Members, Dan Gillespie, Rick Shirley, Tommy Hammit, Paschal Ward, John Harlow, LeVan Dubose, Don Brown, Larry Barton, John Hale, and Mike Chapman pose for their pictures. 147 Psi Lambda Psi Lambda is composed of students who are majoring in psychology and who have plans for counseling professions . . . interests promoted in various fields of psychology . . . tapes provided to aid students in their study of many psychological topics . . . practical experience received by administering and evaluating students ' tests in the classroom. Chi Alpha Chi Alpha is an organization for Pentecostal stu- dents. It is a national college program designed to fos- ter Christian fellowship on campus. The chapter ac- tivities are geared to provide opportunity for fellow- ship, worship, and training. In order for interested students to become ac- quainted with the organiztion a party was held fall quarter. This informal occasion was sponsored by Mr. william Walters and Reverend James McHaffie. Officers for the 1969-1970 year included: Randall Larue Lee, President; Terry Hester, Vice-President; and Sarah Dunn, Secretary-Treasurer. 148 Sigma Alpha Iota The Delta Zeta chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity has been active on the Troy State University campus for seven years. Membership is limited to women music majors. The purpose of this organiza- tion is to promote music in the community and the world. The members went on various field trips, and went to a convention in South Carolina. Members Beckv Manley, Pat Massev, Ellen Hardy, Pat Snyder, and Peggy Tommie gather round to sing a song. Carol Campbell, Marlaine Martin, Janet Young, Cecelia Monk, and Gayle Beasley read over the minutes of the last meeting. Eva Dunn, Carol Snell, Jacquie Brugel, Suzanne Perrin, Bettie Hardy, and Pat Brannon look over the Sigma Alpha Iota scrap- book. 149 I Delta Sigma Pi meeting proves profitable. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity open to all busi- ness majors at Troy. The purpose of Delta Sigma Pi is to foster the study of business in universities; to en- courage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by re- search and practice; to promote clos- er affiliation between the commer- cial world and students of com- merce, and to further a higher stand- ard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial wel- fare of the community. Jackie Dykema exhibits his skill on skis for Delta Sigma Pis. Fraternity members pose for scrapbook. 150 After discussion members are antici- pating dinner. 151 Adelphes The Adelphe Honor Society is composed of Sophomore University Women with a high scholastic aver- age and with a well developed moral character. The goals of the Adelphes are chiefly concerned with uphold- ing the ideals of honor, service, and guidance. Some of the activities of this se- lect group are concerned with aiding Freshman women in their orienta- tion to campus life. They also take part in sponsoring a Homecoming Dance, and presenting a Christmas skit for the girls of Shackelford Hall. The tapping ceremony of the organi- zation occurs during the Spring Quarter. Officers are: Martha Layton, Secretary-Treasurer; Connie Norris, Vice-President; and Valer- ie Weatherford, President. m Xj Jt Beta Sigma The purpose of Beta Sigma Biology Club is the as- sembly of students with a common interest in biolog- ical sciences, encouragements of fellowship among students and an active service organization ... to obtain goals, Beta Sigma sponsored a spelunking trip to Gayle Planetarium in Montgomery . . . club has agenda of outstanding speakers in the field of Biolog- ical Sciences including neurosurgeons, geologists, marine biologists, radiologists, and conservationists. 153 Argonauts The Argonauts, an honor- ary service organization of Sophomore men, serve as counselors to Freshman men. Those men who re- ceive this honor are selected by the recommendation of club members. They are recommended on the basis of scholarship, leadership abilities, character, and the ability to work with others. Mr. Arthur Coker, advi- sor, meets with the members in Alumni Hall. OFFICERS: Mr. Arthur Coker, Advisor; John Blake, Vice-President; Goerge Wallace, President; Lee Fong, Secretary-Treasurer. 154 avel Club Public speaking is an important part in pro- fessional life and the purpose of the Gavel Club is to enhance this quality in its members . . . Sponsoring this Troy State Gavel Club Chapter are Mr. Tom Smith and Mr. Durwood Taylor. Shown at a Club meeting are (standing) Daniel Pichon, Bill Pettus, Mr. Taylor, Richard Britt, and Mr. William Sanford; (seated) Tony Warner, Mr. Smith, and Frank Bray. Jim Czap, Mike Bamonte, David Westburv, Jack Dvkaman, (seated) Joel Cohen, Richard Bird, John Westberry. mm— ) ' t John Westberry, Jim Czap, Joel Cohen, Richard Britt, and Richard Bird. 155 Music Educators National Conference Troy State ' s student chapter of Music Educators National Confer- ence is designed to introduce under- graduate music educators to the edu- cational fields of music. Members are shown the benefits of a well- rounded music education. Through membership students share views and experiences of outstanding mu- sicians and become better equipped in their field. Religious Council Representatives from religious organizations, residence hall, sorori- ties, and fraternities compose the Religious Council. This group acts as a co-ordinator of the religious life at Trov State. Members are elected withi n their individual organization. The Religious Council sponsors two main activities each year: an orientation program in the fall and a Religious Emphasis week in the spring. The Council meets once a month in the Little Assembly Room. 156 Publications 157 Palladium Members of the PALLADIUM staff are responsible for the publication of the campus yearbook. Most of the staff work on a volunteer basis. Students who are inter- ested in journalism regardless of whether or not they have previous experience working on a yearbook are en- couraged to work on the PALLADIUM staff. Members of the staff enjoyed a trip to Dallas, Texas to tour the Taylor Publishing Company plant where our yearbook is processed. Members also attended the annu- al Associated Collegiate Press Convention in Miami in October. The annual Campus Beauty Pageant is sponsored by the PALLADIUM. Each year five girls are chosen to be featured in the personalities section of the yearbook. Gail Hines served as one of two Associate Editors. PALLADIUM staff members worked with Freshman pictures before school opened in the fall. Rhonda Kelly served as an Associate Editor this year and will assume responsibilities as Editor-in-Chief for 1970-71. 158 Business Manager for the 1970 PALLADIUM was Mike Bois- elair. Mr. Wallace Waites served as PALLADIUM Advisor. As Editor-in-Chief Dean Smith took a million pictures. 159 Wf • Sharon Alexander is Editor of the TROPOLITAN. Tropolitan The TROPOLITAN, Troy State ' s Student News- paper, is published weekly by an all student crew. A " wide-open " editorial policy is consistent with the newspaper, inviting comments and opinions from students and faculty as well as interested individuals outside the University. This year has seen an increase in the University ' s interest in the TROPOLITAN. Students and faculty members have contributed much to the year ' s publi- cations. The TROPOLITAN is affiliated with the Associ- ated Collegiate Press; members attend a yearly con- vention of press members. Sports Editor for the TROPOLITAN is John Mecklenberg. 160 Sherry Starling served as Assistant Editor this year. Charles Jones worked on the Trop Staff. • " ' t aVBO Thomas Barber worked as News Editor and will assume the title of Editor-in-Chief for 1970-71. Susie Raines 161 162 Student Leaders 163 Student Government Association The Student Government Association was headed bv President Eddie Holling- ton, and assisted by Vice President Joe Martin. The SGA sponsored Big Name Entertainment each quarter . . . Jerry Butler in the Fall, Friends of Distinction in Winter, and The Vogues in Spring Quarter . . . maintained control of Sen- ate and Judiciary . . . headed school elections . . . kept rest on Troy State University ' s campus during the morato- rium. Eddie Hollington as President of the Student Government Association keeps very busy arranging for the Big Name Entertainment, and keeping the students happy with the choices. Vice-President Joe Martin presided over the Senate. 164 Serving on the Student Senate are four student Sena- tors from each of the residence halls and six commuter Senators. This Representative branch of the Student Government make and revise the laws that the SGA fol- lows. This advisory body carries out main duties. The vote on the Big Name Entertainment that is brought to Troy; take care of the polls in all elections; help to pass laws which will benefit their fellow students. SGA Senate Charlsie Tavlor was Secretary of the Senate. 165 t B pw One function of the SGA is to coordinate student elections. 166 167 Rules Infractions Reviewed By Women ' s Judiciary Women ' s Judiciary deals with the cases that the House Judiciaries of the residence halls cannot handle. Women involved in infractions of rules are al- lowed to review their cases before a panel of unbiased judges. Members are: Rheba Cash, Mandy McRight, Patti Russell, Carol Campbell, Linda Macon, Advisor Dean Wimberley, and Ann Marie Johnson. Executive Council Gave Women New Privileges The Women ' s Executive Council brought new privileges to the girls of Troy State Uni- versity. Permission on week- ends is 2 A.M. and on Sunday through Thursday, until 12:30 A.M. MEMBERS: Dean Wimberly, Sponsor; Ann Marie Johnson, Women ' s Judici- ary Chairman; Hildred Deese, Vice- President Women ' s Executive; Jo Bufkin, President of Women ' s Execu- tive; Janice Paramore, Secretary- Treasurer of Women ' s Executive; Linda Macon, Secretary of Women ' s Judiciary. 168 Residence Halls Clements Hall Clements Hall took on an air of femi- ninity this year when it became a wom- en ' s dorm. Some say the change-over was for the benefit of Alumni Hall resi- dents — the guys seemed to get lonely down the hill all by themselves. Residents participated in the Home- coming display contest by painting a few lions in their front yard graveyard. Residents claim to have the best dorm on campus as a group. There ' s alwavs something brewing down our way. Miss Anita Powell, director, has a laugh with two students. 170 mY ' « ' Shackelford Hall The residents of Shackel- ford Hall worked with Troy ' s Communitv Action Program in tutoring under- privileged children. Two of the top five campus beauties were from Shack — Adelph- es who reside in this dorm gave the residents a Christ- mas Party . . . Homecom- ing display was built — The " Shack Yak ' the Dorm Newspaper, was published monthly — Residents par- ticipated in all phases of campus life including soro- rities, student government, and the inter-dorm sports. Miss Margaret Green was director of Shackelford. f X% 4fl| M 171 Gardner Hall Catherine Collins Gardner Hall is one of the most active dorms on campus. The girls proved this claim by exerting themselves at a skating party. They are also in various club and organiza- tions and hold many honors. Gardner Hall is recognized as one of the Uni- versity ' s most modern housing facilities. It hous- es about 120 upperclass women. The residence hall is governed by a six mem- ber House Judiciary which works in cooperation with the dorm director and the Dean of Women. 172 Hamil Hall Hamil Hall won the award for the best Homecom- ing display for the third consecutive year. A Christ- mas party was held for underprivileged and a sugges- tion box placed so that policy suggestions might be voiced. Hamil Hall is one of the newer women ' s dorms and is air-conditioned. It is governed bv both a house council and a house judiciary. Pre-college counseling for incoming Freshmen was begun after summer quarter began. Hamil Hall housed coeds who came for the counseling sessions. 173 Pace Hall The women of Pace Hall play an active part in all phases of campus life. The residence hall houses four sorority chapter rooms. A good many of the sorority members reside in Pace. Residents are actively participating in the band, Collegiate Singers, opera workshop, Playmakers, and a variety of campus organizations. Assistant directors, House Council, and House Ju- diciary members and senators play a large part in for- mulating life in Matthew Downer Pace Hall. Dean Rachael Wimberly served as director in Pace Hall. Director oi Dill Hall was Mr. James Newton. Dill Hall Dill Hall is largely concerned with both the aca- demic and athletic side of campus life. They have continued educational programs and inter-dormitory tournaments and sports events. The residents proudly state that for the third con- secutive year they have been presented the Home- coming Display Award. The days in Dill are filled with everything from pool playing to their self-sponsored intramural sports team. Along with their extracurricular activities and student judiciary and house council keep everything under control. Alumni Hall Alumni Hall is the largest and newest of the housing facilities on Troy ' s campus. Wings A and B are joined in the center by a lobby, offices, date TV lounge, and mod- ern recreation room. During the summers of both 1969 and 1970, Alumni Hall became a co-ed dorm. The situation proved satisfac- tory and quite convenient for all residents. But, at first it seemed strange for the guys to come down to the lobby and have their dates paged right there in their own dorm. The men of Alumni Hall are active in all phases of University life. They strive for increased involvement in residence educational and recreational activities as well as a closer affiliation with campus organizations. Mr. Don Crapps served as dorm director. 177 Cowart Hall The men moved onto the ladies quadrangle this year as Cowart Hall became a men ' s dorm. They said it would never do . . . but it did, didn ' t it girls? The Cowart men participated in the Homecoming display contest, intramurals, and other recreational activities. Mr. J. Robert Westbrook was the director of Cow- art Hall. Mr. Westbrook was always willing to listen to and advise his residents. 178 179 I ■ ■ » ▼ f ' w e? V 182 Academics Administration Faculty Classes 183 Governor Of Alabama Governor Albert P. Brewer ' s pride in Troy State University is reflected in his many en- couragements and endeavors for the University. Troy State is proud to have Governor Brewer as head of its Board of Trustees. Troy State University is operated through a Board of Trustees whose members control the University ' s operation; this position was pre- viously taken through the State Board of Educa- tion. Members of the Board of Trustees are constantly striving for the betterment of all edu- cational facilities at Troy State University. University Trustees Governor Albert P. Brewer 1 9 f J m ■■■■■ 1 fi W L m ill III lluU III 1 fllMB 1- IZ£4 P ; - HA « ' - ' S ' « V iMk j gg - P Sp il " ,- k Board of Trustees members are Robert E. Kelly, Mrs. Alice D. Moseley, Mr. J. Wilbert Jordan, Mr. Robert T. Wilson, Dr. Ralph W. Adams, Mr. McDowell Lee, Mr. Jack Giles, Dr. Lilian Manley, Mr. Marvin K. Vickers, and Mr. Robert M. Guillot. 184 m K Lj t Board of Directors for the TSU Foundation are (seated, left to right) Mr. 0. R. Booker, Jr., Mr. Earl D. James, Mr. W. D. Malone, Jr., Pres. Ralph W. Adams, Mr. Corley Chapman, Mr. McDowell Lee, Mr. Frank S. Anderson; (standing) Mr. L. Clav Stabler, Jr., Mr. Brantlev Wilev (University Attorney), and Mr. Roy E. Jeffcoat. iron w e Mr. Roy E. Jeffcoat served as Executive Director of the TSU Founda- tion. New TSU Foundation Seeks Alumni Support The Troy State University Foundation is a permanent non-profit organization which receives and administers funds and other assets given to Trov by individuals, foun- dations, corporations, and other private organizations. The purposes of the Foundation are to promote, support, and carry out broader educational opportunities for and services to the students and alumni of Troy State Uni- versity. The Foundation encourages gifts, grants, devises, and bequests of all types of property including cash, securi- ties, real estate, works of art, historical documents, muse- um specimens, and all other material having educational value. The Foundation is governed bv a Board of Direc- tors and maintains an office at the University under the supervisi on of the Executive Director. 185 Adams Continues Pursuit Of Excellence For TSU Foremost in the mind of any University President should be the growth of an improved academic sys- tem, both in the areas of facilties offered and the scholastic standards. As President of Troy State Uni- versity, Dr. Ralph Adams heads a team of adept teachers and staff members. The University has expanded its facilities with the addition of a new library and classroom complex. The new structure also will offer the benefits of a closed circuit educational television system. The building program also encompassed the opening of new Married Students apartments. President Ralph Adams leads Trov State Uni- versity in its endeavor to promote the highest qualitv of academic programs. Through his efforts and the efforts of the faculty and staff, Troy State rates high in the field of education. Dr. Adams takes time to talk with students on campus for band camp. 186 ' m Mrs. Dorothy Adams welcomes yearbook workshop students to a reception at the President ' s home. 187 Academic Affairs Are Guided By Dr. Wilks Dr. W. T. Wilks is the Vice President of Academ- ic Affairs at Troy State. Under his direction falls all of the instruction programs of the University along with other related affairs that are pertinent to the ac- ademic field. All faculty recruitment and budget are a part of his job. Academic involvement of Troy State University is under his worthy control. Student opinions are al- ways welcome to help consider changes in academic offerings of the University. 188 Financial Operations Are Headed By Stabler Mr. L. C. Stabler is the director of financial business for the University. Through Mr. Stabler ' s office all uni- versity funds are passed. All university facilities are alloted their expenditures through his department. Even the expenditures and plans for new buildings must be approved by Mr. Sta- bler ' s office. 189 New Student Affairs Dean Meets Varied Challenges Donald J. Gibson served this year as Acting Dean of Student Affairs. Through his office, Gibson serves students in all areas of university life. In addition to coordinating Student Personnel Services, Gibson also serves as Chairman of the Publications Board, and supervises orientation dur- ing Fall Quarter. The office of Student Affairs is one of the most im- portant on campus. Students are given advice and assistance concerning problems of campus life. Dean Donald J. Gibson Mrs. Jacqueline S. Crawley is Secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs. 190 1 Williford Handles Many Student Problems Working for the Students of TSU is the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Dean Robert Williford. He works in all areas of men ' s living conditions on and off campus. Working with the Inter-Fraternitv Council, he helps better the relationship between the Greek af- fairs and events. This is done bv helping set the poli- cies and laws with which the Greeks abide. Through his office, the Dean helps men students with problems dealing both with school and personal problems. Wimberly Began Work As New Dean Of Women Dean Rachael Wimberly serves Troy State as the new Dean of Women. Duties of this office are to regulate women ' s activities and all phases of their campus life. This office also deals in some counseling services for the women. Dean Wimberly also serves as the residence hall counselor for Pace Hall. While this is one of her duties she also works hand in hand with the other residence halls. Panhellenic Council is supervised through by the Dean. Deam Wimberly works for better relationships and improvements of Greek activities and events. ■U MttUCl W lftU . 192 Sing brcokioit Medical Care Provided By Health Center The Mary E. Rich Health Center is under the direction of Mrs. Gloria K. Creek. A new change has taken place and now the infirmary has specific hours that it is open. Only in case of emergency will anyone be seen after hours. The Health Center is equipped with both excellent staff and equipment. They also have accommoda- tions for those who need overnight supervision. Also on the staff of the Health Center are Mrs. Margaret Baron, Yvonne McCraken, Annie Grace Stevens, and Mrs. Erdie Smiley. 193 Director of University Relations is Mr. Bill W. Buchannon. University Relations Serves Many Publics Serving the university ' s many publics is the responsi- bility of the University ' s Relations staff. Director of Uni- versity Relations Mr. Bill W. Buchannon guides the in- stitution ' s efforts in public relations, publicity, publica- tions, Alumni affairs, and acts as spokesman for the uni- versity in matters dealing with the media. He is also advi- sor to the student newspaper, The Tropolitan. Dr. R. C. Kennedy aids in the preparing of university news releases and directs the high school relations of the university. He spends a great deal of time traveling all over the south to talk with high school students about Troy State. Mr. Roy E. Jeffc.oat directs, under a board of direc- tors, the affiars of the Troy State University Foundation. The Foundation was created to raise funds from private and corporate sources for the University. Mr. Thomas E. Harrison is Director of Prospective Student Services. Mr. Roy E. Jeffcoat directed the Troy State University Foundation. Dr. R. C. Kennedy releases campus news. 194 I I All requisitions and payments are managed by Comptroller, Mr. Rob ert Wakefield. Mr. Arthur H. Coker, Jr. is Director of University Housing and Conferences Services. Troy State ' s head of the Physical Plant, Mr. Melton Carter, is director of campus mainte- nance. 195 Counseling, Job Placement Services Offered Mr. Jeff Golden, Director of Financial Aids for his second Year helps interested students se- cure jobs and grants. Included in Mr. Golden ' s job trying to help students gain scholarships and work-studv programs along with the handling of veteran benefits. Counseling services are provided to the Troy State student bv the office of Dr. Dale Martin. His office also has information pertaining to test- ing which is used for applications for graduate school. Tutorial help for the students is also pro- vided. Mrs. Erin Teal helps the graduating students find jobs through the placement office. Dr. Dale Maritn Mr. Jeff Golden Mrs. Erin Teal 196 mt As Registrar, Mr. Jeff McClain must maintain a constant check on student grades. Mr. Jimmy Clark is in charge of the Data Processing for the IBM Department. Mr. Walter Sullivan is Director of Admissions. Three Cafeterias Provide Food Service Students always hungry, not just for book learning, make the service center in the Student Center a busy place for necessary refueling be- tween classes. Heading this service is Mrs. M. K. Spencer. New interior decorating has made the dining hall a more pleasant place for the students to enjoy fellowship at meals. Nutritious meals are served by the qualified staff of students and professionals. The dining hall is under the supervision of Mrs. Mar- tha Ward. 198 Post Office And Bookstore Serve All Students The mail " women " of the University Post Office sort and distribute the mail to the students who have post boxes on campus. Along with the administrative helpers are student workers who help with the mail delivery. Serving as head of the University Post Office is Mrs. Wease Rose. Mrs. Dot Starling, manager of the bookstore provides the students of the University with selections ranging from the most intricate mathematics book to the most necessary tube of toothpaste. ' ■ " Jin. i« _ " ■ " 199 Student Artists Study In Many Areas Dr. Robert Paxson serves as head of the Art Department. The Art Department at Troy State University lends proof to the talent found on campus and to the high calibre of teachers within the university. New programs and innovations in the art field are constantly being incorporated into the course of- ferings of the Art Department. Independent studio areas have been added and plans were made for a course in Photographic Art. Students on campus are given access to the most modern of equipment, including ceramic kilns, pho- tographic equipment, and studio areas. Works are exhibited in a formal gallery and also throughout the library and school. Mrs. Alice Thornton pauses briefly before instruction in her Elementary Art class. 200 Mr. William Lower discusses the art of painting. Mr. Mark Brewton plans his next class. T 1 Mrs. Pat Duke and Mrs. Joanne Eason discuss registration over a cup of coffee. Mr. Edwin Walter instructs his class enthusiastically. 201 Business Department Enrolls Most Students The sense of personal achievement is stressed in Troy State ' s business department. Students are trained in the most modern methods of busi- ness and secretarial skills. Troy ' s business department is the largest, categorically, on campus. Students are given the opportunity to study both the professional and teaching aspect of business education. The Department Chairman is Dr. Thomas Eason. Mr. Thomas Smith and Mr. Donald Isbell Dr. Nick Cervera prepares for his class in law. Department Head, Dr. Thomas Eason Mrs. Johnnie Andress Mr. Eugene Sherman Mr. Joseph Creek teaches courses in Economics. Mr. Durwood Taylor and Mr. Frank Campbell Mr. Albert Whittle Mr. Hillman Batchelor Mr. Billy Walters Mr. Robert Stewart Dr. G. T. Stewart 203 New Special Education Program Begun Serving as head of the Department of Education and Psychology is Dr. W. P. Lewis. His department has fourteen staff members, including seven doc- torates, and six Laboratory School instructors. A new program has been adopted for this depart- ment in Special Education. This program was added this year. This department has received three " Distin- guished Achievement " awards from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in the past six years. This is an important honor for which to boast. Dr. Harris Harvill has prepared future teachers for life in the classroom for manv vears. Dr. W. P. Lewis explains a notice to his secretary Dot Thomas. Dr. Horace Nelson, Mrs. Tex Whaley, and Mrs. Foy Cummings discuss the curriculum for the coming year. 204 Mrs. Timothy Walker. Dr. Crane Walker, and Mr. Charlie Parker give a big grin to the students arriving for registra- tion. i Dr. Wilda Pickett faces another early morning of classes. Mr. Carroll Cumbee teaches psychology courses. ' fowi Dr. Josephine Warner pauses for a moment to relax from her busv dav. Mrs. Mary Preer gives her secretary a report to type. 205 English Curriculum Underwent Many Changes Dr. Joseph Roberts as head of the English De- partment has been successfully reorganizing the courses. Several new teachers have joined the staff. The advanced composition courses are still being offered to freshman students who scored high on the English portion of the ACT test. The English Department not only offers Eng- lish and Foreign Languages, but also Journalism, Speech and Dramatics. The research and visual aids for the department are housed in the new li- brary. Not pictured are Mr. Robert Dewberry, Mr. Aidan Gara, Mrs. Carolyn Haldeman, and Mr. Georee Vickerv. Mrs. Dorothy Adams teaches British Literature. Dr. Joseph Roberts prepares a lecture for his well-known Advanced Writ- ing course. Freshman and Sophomore English are taught by Mr. James Lawrence. Mrs. Fayc Sonn helped Freshmen with writing. 206 Mr. John Pritchett was a new member to the English staff. Mrs. Carlanda Green also teaches in the English Department. u Dr. Gabriel Engerrand is another new faculty member. Dr. Jeffrey Johnson is preparing Mr. William Morton taught several English for another course. courses. r Dr. Joseph James is a familiar face to French students. Mrs. M. Study Slater faces another day of classes. Mr. Raul Reyes and his Seven Steps to Theme Writing are new assets to the English Department. Mrs. Louise Collins thinks about her new students this quarter. Dr. Theo Dalton is ready to head for home after a long day. I II I J 4 Mr. Jack Solomon looks into the future, after a successful year in the drama department. Dr. Gertrude Schroeder teaches advanced English courses. Mr. Wallace Waites pauses for a moment to think about the remarks in his Discussion and Debate class. In addition to her courses in Chaucer, Dr. Sanders Laubenthal has won awards for her creative writing. Mrs. Mary Hilyer explains some work to Miss Mary Mid- dleton. I 208 Mrs. Thelma Goodwin practices her phonetics. Mrs. Lucille Mussleman reviews her Advanced Gram- mar. Philosophy, Religion, Classics Gain Popularity Dr. Carl Purinton, head of the Philosophy and Religions Department of the University, will re- tire at the end of the school year. Students are offered courses on world religion study and on the interpretation of the Bible. This department is one of the newest on Troy ' s campus. Dr. Malcolm Agnew is head of the Classics Department of Troy. Courses are offered in clas- sical principles in philosophy and other related topics. Mr. Joel Auble Dr. Carl Purinton 209 Many Students Find History Challenging Dr. Leonard Trapp is Chairman of Troy ' s His- tory Department. The History Department is second to the business department only in terms of students obtaining majors. New teachers were added to the department during the year. These additons included a hus- band and wife who are Phi Beta Kappa and the return of a past faculty member, Mr. Grady Post. Mr. David Dreher Dr. Leonard Trapp Dr. Edwin L. Williams and Mr. Cloyd Paskins approve trial schedules. 210 Mr. Paul Mussleman Mr. James E. Williams Dr. G. Ray Mathis Mr. Patrick Harris Dr. Brooks Thompson Mr. Nicholas D ' Andrea Mr. Grady Post Mrs. Marv K. Mathis Mr. James O ' Neal lectures one of Dr. Edward Barnett watches a class his calculus classes. take his test. Mr. Virgil Collins serves as head of the department. Pre-Engineering New To Math Curriculum Trov State ' s Math Department composed of eight skilled and quali- fied instructors is headed by Mr. Virgil Collins. Included in changes for the Math Department for this vear is a new curriculum and advanced place- ment. Also, the pre-engineering major has been added with a total of sixtv pre-engineering majors. Mr. Luck Watford pauses to give his students a chance to comment. 212 Mr. John Lee discusses a recent test with his class. Mr. Charles Norris signs up students for his classes. Dr. J. C. Wilkes is the head of the Science Department at Troy. Science Department Adds Much New Equipment Seventeen members compose the Science Department of Troy State University with Dr. J. C. Wilkes as head. Courses in Radiation Biology, Instrumentation and Elec- tronics in Physics are fairly new additions to the Science Department. Equipment facilities in X-ray, scale-rate meters a nd detection accommodate course offerings; phase micro- scopes and photomicrographv equipment are also verv new in the Department. Mr. E. M. Kantor teaches courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Geology. This was Mr. G. 0. Spencer ' s last year at Troy. He taught Physics and Astronomy. 213 Miss Laura Garland, a new additon to the Science Department, taught Bio-Social at Troy. Dr. Sammy Ingram prepares an examination for one of his Chemistry classes. Dr. Carl Widdowson and Mr. James Brantly prepare schedules for Bio-Social Mr. Charles Patterson studies his lecture notes, classes. 214 The Science Department Faculty included Dr. Raymond Kisner. Dr. Edward Ward prepares schedules for his Chemistry classes. Dr. Robert Dietz speaks to students on pollution during Earth Day. Dr. Billy Norman is a member of the Faculty of the Science De- partment at Troy State University. } Mrs. Pearl Wilkes teaches Biology and Bio- Social courses at Trov. Mr. William Norton approves schedules for his Bio-Social classes. 215 Mrs. Violet Ervin instructs one of her piano students. Mr. Charles Calkins has been with the Music department for many years. Long Now Heading Music Department The Music Department of Troy State University is under the direction of Mr. John M. Long. In this field of study students receive instruction in music appreciation, voice and instruments. Activities of the department in- clude organ and piano recitals, voice recitals, and other programs. This year the department presented " Hansel and Gretel, " and " Carousel. " 1 Dr. William Dennison and Mrs. Jeffrey Johnson explain course re- quirements to a registering student. Mr. John M. Long, Director of the " Sound of the South " band relaxes for a few minutes. 216 F J Mr. William Snyder Mr. Douglass Davidson Dr. Carl Vollrath Mrs. Lyra Crapps 217 A , M toWMgMgjgtt fc Dr. Rudy Argenti is Head of the Physical Education Department. Department Of HPER Serving All Students The Physical Education Department, under the direction of Dr. Rudy Argenti, is composed of seven- teen full time and part-time instructors. New programs were added to the Department dur- ing the year. Majors are available in physical educa- tion, health and education, recreation, and athletics. Mr. Nicholas Costes is the Cross-Country Coach for Troy State University. 218 Mrs. Gracie Sauers signs up students for her golf classes. Coach Frank Rosato is the TSU baseball coach. He also teaches P.E. classes. Miss Joyce Sorrell gives some important tips to her basketball class. Coach John Archer teaches tennis and handball as well as being the head basketball coach. 219 Coach Billy Atkins is Head Coach and Athletic Director at Troy. Coach Max Howell is part of the coaching staff at Troy. T Athletic Department Mr. John Anderson is track coach at Trov State University. CMCHINt SNfi i C 0»CH|N Andv White and Don Hatcher were student coaches for the Red Wave. 220 Troy State ' s Backfield Coach is Mr. Phillip Creel. Degree Program For Nursing Announced Plans are underway for a new program at Troy Stale University. The four year program will be open for ad- mission in September, 1970. This is a baccalaureate pro- gram in nursing consisting of a combination of courses in liberal arts and professional education in an academic setting. The program provides general education courses on the Troy State University campus and professional nursing courses with carefully selected clinical experi- ences which extend into the community hospitals and health agencies in Montgomery and the surrounding areas. Students share in the educational, cultural, recrea- tional and personal resourses and services of campus life. The Troy State University School of Nursing offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. This baccalaure- ate program is the only program of its kind offered in South Alabama. Sister Lucille Marie Beauchamp is the new Dean of the Troy State University School of Nursing. Sister Lu- cille ' s Order has over 100 years experience in the field of nursing. Sister Lucille Marie Beauchamp, new Dean of the School of Nursing. President Ralph Adams announces plans for the new School of Nursing at a news conference. 221 Library Staff Moved To Modern New Facility Mrs. Thelma Mershon, Associate Librarian, at Troy State Un- iversity keeps busy all of the time. V mW .. Mr. Kenneth Croslin serves as Head Librarian of the new library. Mr. Dale Moseley operates the Library Printing Department. 222 Mrs. Betty Chancellor is one of the helpful staff members in the li- brary. Mr. Martin Kruskoff is busily taking care of the duties in the duplica- tion department. Mrs. Ethel Sanders stays quite busy at her job. Mrs. Nina Swain is the library ' s book checker. 223 o 224 225 226 u 227 228 229 230 231 7| j i s • i i 232 |B3 M MX 233 235 236 237 J 238 239 J 240 241 (VP n t . I I 242 Freshmen 243 TSU Band Plays On National Television Show f mYA ) 244 B i £ Adams, Cheryl — Greenville; Adams, Deborah — Orlando, Fla.; Aitken, Michael — Montgomery; Anderson, Donna — Geneva; Anderson, Myron — Laurel Hill, Fla.; Andress, Kenneth — Trov; Andrew, Joe — Tro ; Aplin, Bruce — Crestview, Fla.; Askins, William — Montgomery; Atchi- son. Johnie — Greenville. Bagg, Lorraine — Greenville; Bailey, Steve — Abbeville; Barganier, Ed- ward — Fort Deposit; Barnes, Curtis — Abbeville; Barnes, Marna — Short- erville; Barton, Joseph — Andalusia; Barton, Larry — Andalusia; Bass, Dottie — Crestview, Fla.; Baxley, Dennis — Clayton; Baxter, Marie — Go- shen. Beach, Pamela — Winter Garden, Fla.; Beaslev, Donald Ray — Louisville: Beech, Gail — Panama Citv, Fla.; Bell, Sharon — Montgomery; Bigger, Emily — Montgomery; Bilbro, Wanda — Fort Deposit; Blackwell, Mary Anne — Ozark; Blastow, Robert — Montgomery; Blount, Victor — Mont- gomery; Boone, Robert — Geneva. Borden, Patricia — Haddenfield, N. J.; Boswell, Robert — Summerdale; Boudoli " , Patricia — Fort Walton Beach, Fla.; Boutwell, Max — Elba; Bout- well, Thomas — Lagrange, Ga.; Bowers, Janice — Opp: Bowers, Joy — Ev- ergreen; Bovd, Gail — Clayton; Brackin, Harry — Headland. Bradford, Dianne — Grove Hill; Bradley, James — Mobile; Brannon, Rose — Samson; Branson, Mark — Clio; Brantley, Terry — Trov; Branton, Danny — Dothan; Braswell, Samuel — Demopolis; Brazzell, James — Flo- rala; Brigham. Robert — Pensacola, Fla.; Brock, Peggy — Trov. fesL ' m 4 Brown, Teresa — Montgomery; Brvan, Lynda — Bellwood; Brvant, Linda — Enterprise; Burrill, Howard — Selma; Burrows, Sandra — Montgom- ery; Burvn, Annette — Bonifay, Fla.; Bush, Donald — Montgomery; But- ler, Brenda — Sanford; Caldwell, Phillip — Montgomery; Campbell, David — Montgomery. Capell, Mary — Montgomery; Capshaw, Marcia — Brundidge; Carlisle, Jo- seph — Trov; Carlisle, Marsha — Montgomery; Carmichael, Ronald — Montgomery; Carpenter, Brenda — Milton, Fla.: Carroll, Nina — Ariton; Carroll, Thomas — Andalusia; Carter, Richard — Brundidge; Caylor, Mit- chell — Enterprise. Champion, Rebecca — Greenville; Chatham, Jane — Montgomery; Cheath- am, Daniel — Fort Deposit; Clark, Eleanor — Montgomery; Clecker, Far- ris — Chicago, 111.; Clements, Patsy — Luverne; Cleveland, Gloria — Mill- brook; Cobb, Betty — Montgomery; Coker, Deborah — Dothan; Collev, Jessie — Tavares, Fla. 245 Iris Ann Graddy Chosen TSU Homecoming Queen 246 Colley, Mary — Troy; Colquett, Joey — Opp; Cornelius. Larry — Pensaco- la. Fla.; Coulter, Susan — Phenix City; Courtney, Guy — Demopolis; Cren- shaw, JoNeal — Smyrna, Ga.; Crenshaw, Steven — Albany, Ga.; Crew, Vicky — Union Springs; Daniel, Daine — Luverne; Daniel, Patricia — Millbrook. Davidson, Linda — Montgomery; Davis, Morris — Montgomery; Davis, Rhonda — Trov; Davis, Rufus — Dothan; Dean. John — Dozier; Dean, Randell — Dothan; Dean, Steven — Montgomery; Deason, Frank — Andalusia; Depriest. Jeanne — Montgomery; Dial, Pamela — Geneva. Diamond, Barry — Queens, N. Y.; Dominev, Deborah — Samson; Done- gan. Gary — Montgomery; Dorsch, James — Montgomery; Dorsev. Sue — Opp; Driggars, Daniel Alan — Dothan; Dubose, Edsell — Opp; Dubose, Jimmy — Opp; Dukes, Deborah — Montgomery; Dunn, Judv — Eclectic. Dunn. Rueva — Brewton; Eason, Janice — Montgomery; Eaton, Don na — Montgomery; Eckermann, Barrv — Montgomerv; Edgar, Joseph — Ozark; Edmonds, Diane — Richmond, Va.; Edwards, Mary — Montgomerv; Ewards. Michael — Grove Hill; Edwards, Richard — Andalusia; Eggerton, Hugh — Montgomerv. Ellis, Everette — Prattville; English, Lana — Luverne; Evans, Dwight — Florala: Faireloth, Andrew — Louisville; Faison, Brenda — Port St. Joe, Fla.; Farley, Flake — Opelika; Farris, Marv Beth — Elba; Faulk, Denise — Ormond Beach, Fla.; Fernander, Kav — Hialeah, Fla.; Forrester, Joel — Newton, Ga. Foshee, Barbara — Red Level; Foshee. Linda — Opelika; Foster. Donald — Smiths; Franklin, Charles — Luverne; Franklin, Georgia — Montgom- ery; Franklin, Gwendolyn — Luverne; Freeman, Vicki — Trov; Friday, Willie — Gordo; Friedman, Johnny — Eufaula; Fulmerm, Deborah — Clanton. Fulton, Jerrv — Trov; Gardner, Donald — Frisco Citv; Garner, Carl — Clayton; Garrard, Joe — Montgomerv; Garrett, Bettve — Ozark; Gates. Neal — Montgomerv; Gatewood, Cordelia — Montgomerv; Gautnev. Ronald — Opp; Gavin, Rayford — Montgomerv; Gav, Elizabeth — Apa- lachicola, Fla. Gaylard, Thomas — Troy; Gellerstedt, Shea — Dothan; Gibson. Karen — Florala; Gilley, Carol — Cantonment, Fla.; Goins, Becky — Phenix Citv; Goodson, Johnnie — Montgomery; Goodwin, Billy — Courtland; Graddy, Susan — Dothan; Graham, Robert — Selma; Grant. Sharron — Dozier. 247 New Campus Literary Magazine To Be Named ' Epos ' 248 Gray, Shirlev — Sardis: Green, Kav — Dothan; Green, Latty — Talledega; Green. Ralph — Union Springs: Greene. Hue — Andalusia; Griffin, Mars Sue — Elba; Griffin, William — Brent: Griggs. Harr Hampton — Sam- son; Grove, Davirl Andrew — Montgomery. Hadlev, Douglas — Dothan: Hagler, Ronald — Huntsville: Hale, James — Davtona Beach, Fla.; Hall, Charles — Union Springs; Hall. Joan — Ash- ford; Hamm. Daniel — Elba: Hammett. Rirhard — Dozier; Hargrove. Tho- mas — Fitzgerald. Ga.; Harrell, Veronica Lee — Tro ; Harrelson, Richard — Opelica. Harris. Eddie — Montgomery; Harris, Fave — Trov: Harrison, Cindv — Tallassee; Hartlev. Ruth — Quincv. Fla.; Hartzog. Ronald — Selma: Has- sev. Beth — Montgomery; Hastv. Ann — Blakelv. Ga.; Hatcher. Larrv — Ashford; Hatcher. Rickv — Geneva; Hatcher. Bill — Svlacauga. Hathcock. Hal — Atlanta. Ga.; Hav. James — Greenville: Head, Bobbv — Troy; Heggod. Ruth — Shawmut; Henderson, Gloria — Andalusia; Her- ring, Joseph — Abbeville; Herring, Roger — Abbeville; Hightower, Bren- da — Montgomery; Hill. Pamela — Brewton; Hill, Robert — Greenville. Hitson, Clovis — Montgomery; Holladav. Nancy — Mobile: Holland. Kittv — Mobile: Holland, Virginia — Brewton; Hollev. John — Foley; Hollev, Ralph — Selma; Hollington, Larrv — Arlington. Ga.: Hollis. Judith — New Brockton; Hollowav, Gladys — Trov; Holt, Dave — Haines City, Fla. Hood, Anita — Montgomery: Hooper. William — Enterprise; Horn, Billie — Trov: Hubbard. Rosalee — Trov; Hudson. Jack — Elba; Hughes. Karen — Dothan: Hughes, Patty — Montgomery; Humphrey. Melinda — Tallas- see: Hutcheson. Wvndall — Montgomery; Hvbart, James — Mobile. Inabinett, Michael — Dozier; Ingram. Joyce — Trov; Jablecki, Joseph — Ozark; James. Alan — Montgomery; Jav, John — Andalusia; Jay, Rebekah — Andalusia; Jeffcoat, Sherril — Luverne; Jehle, Frank — Montgomery; Jernigan, Sandra — Enterprise: Jinright, Robert — Troy. Johnson, Albert — Demopolis; Johnson. Carol — Phenix Citv; Johnson, George — Montgomery: Johnson, Mack — Montgomery; Johnson, Tommv — Opp; Johnston, Darrell — Ozark; Johnston. Stephen — Huntsville; Jones. Billy — Montgomery; Jones, Gary — Montgomery; Jones. Henrv — Fort Myers. Fla. 249 Rally Held To Discuss Rules For Women 250 Jones, Nancv — Greenville; Jordan. Jacqueline — Goshen; Jordan. Terr) - Troy; Keller, Richard - Valdosta, Ga.; Kelley. Kaihryn - Elba; Ker- sey, Donna — Geneva; Riser. Thomas — Pensacola. Ha.; Knight, Brenda — Lanett; Knighton, Charles — Montgomery; Lakeman. Sandi — Troy. Lakeman, Sandi — Troy; Lambert, John — Selma; Lane, Jerrv — Andalus- ia; Lawrence, Barbara — Fort Walton Beach, Fla.; Lawrence, Carol — Pensacola, Fla.; Lawrence. George — Dothan; Ledbetter, John — Notasul- ga; Lee, Dewey — Montgomery; Lee, Dorothy — Red Level; Lee, James — Montgomery. Lee, Patricia — Fort Deposit; Leonard, Thomas — Montgomery; Lewis, Daniel — Dothan; Lewis, Michael — Mobile; Lewis, Robert — Trov; Little. Rickie — Forrest Home; Little, Rosalind Cav — Jacksonville, Fla.; Llovd, Libbye — Greenville; Logan, Brenda — Tyler; Logan, Henrv — Samson. Loncon, John — Bluffton, S. C; Long, John — Trov; Long. Roger — Webb; Long, Ronald — Union Springs; Lowery, Jerry — Montgomery; Maddox, John — Port St. Joe, Fla.; Mallory, Ella — Elba: Manci, Linda — Daphen; Marcus, Gregory — Stuart, Fla.; Marshall. Margaret — Montgom- ery. Marshall, Walter — Pensacola, Fla.; Martin, Caroline — Montgomery; Martin, Stephen — Montgomery; Mason, Cheryl — Shawmut; Massey, Pa- tricia — Huntsville; Mavs. Mvra — Birmingham; McClure. Ronnie — Selma; McCurlev, Kaye — Dothan; McGee, James — Florala: McGlon. James — Troy. McKenzie, Pam — Montgomery; McLeod, JoAnn — Trov; McLeod, Linda — Goshen; McMurphv, David — Greenville; McQueen. Althea — Fort De- posit; McQueen, Ed — Hayneville; Meadows, Elizabeth — Trov; Meeks, Donald — Samson; Mercier, Betty — Troy; Meredith. Sandra — Union Sp rings. Merrell, Kathy — Andalusia; Messick, Johnny — Montgomery; Meyers, Kathy — Huntsville; Miles, Suzan — Columbus, Ga.; Miller. David — Ge- Neva; Miller, Joseph — Luverne; Miller, Wanda — Donalsonville, Ga.; Millson, Janet — Atmore; Mintz, Tobe — Dothan; Mitchell, Pat — Crest- view, Fla. Mobley, Thomas — Montgomery; Moore, Donald — Montgomery; Moore, Janet — Opp; Morado, Anthony — Montgomery; Morgan, deborah — New Brockton; Morgan, Pamela — Montgomery; Morgan, Tom — Haines Citv, Fla.; Morris, Kathleen — Montgomery; Morrison, James — Clayton; Mountz, Jeffrey — Reading, Penn. 251 Sister Beauchamp New Nursing School Dean 252 Mullis. Elizabeth — Jacksonville. Fla.: Murchison, Bruce — Montgomery; Murphree, Ginger — Montgomery; Murphv. Patrick — Montgomery; Nason. Cindy — Phenix Citv: Neale, Jean — Fort Walton, Fla.; Nelson. Charlotte — Dothan; Nestor, LaDonna — Montgomery; Newman. June — Trov: Newman. Randall — Montgomery. Nichols, Jacqueline — Columbiana; Nichols. Michael — Thomasville: Nor man, Robert — Ramer; Norton. Steve — Clanton; Odom, Dale — Do .ier; Oglesbv. Larry — Prattville; Osbourn. Michael — Montgomery; Outwater. George — Lindenhurst, N. Y.; Owens, Conrad — Kinston: Padgett, Becky — Andalusia. Page, Susan — Eaugallie, Fla.; parish, Nancy — Montgomery; Park. icki — Trov: Parker, Brenda — Greenville; Parmar, Nancv — Fairhope; Par- mer, Joel — Dothan; Paul, Miriam — Glenwood; Paul, Neana — Immok- alee, Fla.; Paul, Sheila — Trov. Paulk. Dwight — Ramer; Pearce, Linda — Enterprise: Perry, Bettie — Richmond. Va.; Petrev. Laura — Petrev; Phelps. Bobbv — Greenville; Pierce. Deborah — Wilmer; Pilcher, Anne — Cocoa Beach, Fla.: Pilcher. Harvev — Columbus. Ga.; Pilkilton, Jeniffer — Crestview. Fla.: Pipia, Philip - Bay Shore, N. Y. Pissands, Nick — Birmingham; Pitts, Larrv — Chattahoochee, Fla.; Po- doll, leland — Montgomery; Pokav, Joan — Miami Springs, Fla.; Pope, Louise — Montgomery; Powell, Herbert — Havneville; Powell, Rav — Trov; Powell, Vicki — Fort Rucker; Prescott. Cecilia — Montgomery; Prvor, Rebecca — Montgomery. Pugh, Rickev — Foley; Pursell. Robert — Pensacola, Fla.; Pvnes. Sheron — Trov: Ragon, Cheryl — Pensacola, Fla.: Raines, Janice — Miami Springs. Fla.; Rasburv, Ginger — Perdido Beach; Rawls, Joanne — Gantt; Redeker. Cvnthia — Largo, Fla.: Reeves, David — Trov; Register. Melba — Geneva. Reickenback, Gerard — Montgomery; Reynolds. Donna — Montgomery; Rice, Charles — Marbury; Rice, Richard — Marburv: Richardson, James — Perote; Riggs, David — Montgomery: Rodgers, Alice — Trov; Rogers, George — Valdosta, Ga.; Rogers, David Neal — Milledgeville; Rogers, Ste- phen — Wetumpka. Roth. Mary — Pensacola, Fla.; Roundtree. Gary — Bay Minette; Rucker. Larry — Montgomery; Russell, Lynn — Jay, Fla.; Russell, Eddie — Brun- didge; Russell, Patricia — Montgomery; Rvland. Daria — Hartford; San- ders, Albert — Montgomery; Saunders, Susan — Phenix City; Scarbrough, Judv — Elba. 253 Homecoming Parade Biggest In History Of School 254 Schlich, Serena — Loxley; Scott, Mary — Ashford; Sellers, Deborah — Mobile; Senn. Elizabeth — Opp; Sewell, Ronnev — Eufaula; Seymour. Christopher — Union Springs; Seymour, Jack — Phenix City; Shaddix, James — Mulberry, Fla.; Sharpless, Robert — Atmore; Shaw. Clay — Montgomery . Shaw, James — Union Springs; Shaw, William — Union Springs; Sher- man, Milton — Arlington, Va.; Shoemaker, William — Gainesville, Fla.: Simmons, Lvnnette — Hialeah, Fla.; Simmons. Sallv — Decatur. Oa.; Sims, James — Trov; Skinner, Karen — Immokalee, Fla.; Smith. Allen — Davtona Beach. Fla.: Smith. Ben — Banks. Smith, Charlotte — Phenix City; Smith. Davie — Huntsville; Smith, Evel- yne — Montgomery; Smith, Patricia — Andalusia; Smith. Paul — Dothan; Smith. Robert — Montgomery; Smith, Sarah — Montgomery; Smith, Syl- via — Elba; Snell, David — Dothan; Snider, Patricia — Edison, N. J. Solomon, Jav — Dothan; Sowards, Ronnie — Elba; Spivev, Max — Anslev; Spivev, Rodnev — Prattville; Sport, William — Dozier; Spotts, Leslie — Pensacola, Fla.; Stanley, Donnie — Opp: Stanley, Earl — Davtona Beach, Fla.; Stephens, Howard — Svlacauga; Stephens, Julian — Selma. Streed, Sharon — Grand Bay; Strickland, Rebecca — Atmore; Stringfel- low, Lee — Montgomery: Suttle, Patricia — Montgomery; Swindle, Barba- ra — Prattville; Svlvest, Jimmie — Montgomery; Tabb, Thomas — Ozark; Tatum, James — Phenix Citv; Tavlor, Jov — Highland Home; Taylor, Charles — Greenville. Taylor, Robert — Phenix Citv; Tavlor, William — Elba; Teal, Alan — De- land. Fla.; Teal, Jane — Clavton; Teel, Darylene — Eufaula; ' Terrv, Roger — Millbrook; Tew, Alan — Geneva; Thomas, Donna — Dcatsville; Tho- mas, Karen — Brewton; Thrash, Mark — Demopolis. Till, Pamela — Greenville; Tillman, Ellen — McKenzie; Tindol, William — New Brockton; Tipton, Karen — Dothan; Tommie, Peggy — McCalla; Tompkins, Brenda — Montgomery; Towns, James — Birmingham; Tve. Margaret — Abbeville; Vann, Kathryn — Panama City, Fla.; Vinson, Carl — Montgomery. Wade, James — Montgomery; Waits, George — Andalusia; Walker, Charles — Elba; Walker, Helen — Milton, Fla.; Walker, Lauresa — Eufau- la; Ward, Eddie — Selma; Weathers, Douglas — Troy; Weibelt. Aubrey — Ozark; Wells. Phillip — Montgomery; Wells, Sandra — Millbrook. 255 Whigham, Sammy — Kinston; White, Danny — Troy; White, Debra — Prattville; Whitney, Judy — Montgomery. Wible, Diane — Huntsville; Widner, Sharon — Donaldsonville, Georgia; Wilks, Judson — Mont- gomery; Williams, Walter — Shawmut. Williford, Jim — Montgomery; Wilson, Ginny — Highland Home; Wilson, Ronald — Prattville; Windham, Jack — Elba. Wingard, Marquis — Glenwood; Winter, Clifford — Huntsville; Wood, Lynn — Anniston; Wood, Sandra — Phenix City. Woods, Barbara — Headland; Wright, David — Montgomery; Wright, Marie — Samson; Wright, Shelia — Ozark. Yancey, Thad — Troy; Yarborough, Rick — Hope Hull; Young, Kenny — Montgomery; Zirkelbach, John — Pensacola, Fla. 256 Sophomores 257 Adams, Johnny — Baker, Fla. Adams, Tyrone — Clayton Alburl, Voncile — Midway Allen, James — Montgomery Allen, Jerry — Troy Anderson, Dolisca — Birmingham Andrews, Dusty — Ozark Anthony, Stephen — Montgomery Aplin, James — Montgomery Ayers, Betty — Geneva Baack, Connie — Andalusia Bailey, Roy — Camden Barefoot, Joel — Pike Road Barnes, Julia — Troy Barr, Susan — Brundidge Barrow, Carola — Brewton Bates, Nancy — Mobile Baxley, Maxine — Panama City, Fla. Baxter, Mardra — Dothan Beasley, Benton — Headland Beasley, Robert — Clayton Beazley, Gayle — Montgomery Becker, Donna — Montgomery Bedsole, Cleo — Florala Bell, Linda — Luverne Bernabi, Mert — Rochester, N. Y. Berry, Nancy — Glenwood Birchfield, Penny — Montgomery Blackwell, Alan — Foley Blissitte, Patricia — New Brockton Blocker, Richard — Montgomery Boatfield, Gloria — Verbena Bonifay, Edward — Gulf Breeze, Fla. Bonsinger, James — Birmingham Booker, Carol — Selma 4, J 258 Sophomores Boothe, Barbara — Montgomery Boswell, Johnnie — Montgomery Boutwell, Ronald — Montgomery Bovd. Lee — New Brockton Brackin, Julian Brannon. Patricia — Bon Air Branson. Kenneth — Clio Brantlev. Mark — Montgomery Brent. Belinda — Mobile Briant, Steve — Pensacola. Fla. Britt, Ron — Montgomery Brock, Doug — Milton. Fla. Brookins. Janice — Union Springs Brown. Joanne — Montgomery Brown. Michael — Jack Brown, Patricia — Maxwell AFB Brown, Peggy — Montgomery Bryan, David — Montgomery Bryan. Patricia — Crestview, Fla. Bullock, Barbara — Troy Burkett, Lov — Elba Burkett, Phillip - Elba Burkett, Wiley J. — Dothan Butler, Brenda — Andalusia Butterworth, Robert — Talladega 259 Callander, Bruce — Maxwell AFB Camp, Carol — Bav Minette Camp, Linda — Opelika Campbell, Carol — Montgomery, Ga. Campbell, Jeanie — Opelika Campbell, Judith — Montgomery Canter, Woody — Montgomery Capps, Buddy — Brantley Cardwell, Gary — Montgomery Carey, Coleen — Warner Robins, Ga. Carrillo, Millie — Columbus, Ga. Cattel, Dayid — Kokomo, Ind. Causev, Shirley — Blakely, Ga. Caver, Teresa — Montgomery Chance, Martin — Selma Childree, Kay — Ozark Christmas, Susan — Troy Clark, Priscilla — Montgomery Coker, David — Calhoun Collier, John — Montgomery Collins, Terri — Jacksonville, Fla. Compton, Susan — Montgomery Cook, Tom — Macon, Ga. Cooper, Tom — Montgomery Cooper, William — Camden Costa, John — Pensacola, Fla. Courson, Judy — Goshen Cowan, Charles — Elba Craft, Jane — Troy Crawley, James — Banks Crowe, Barbara — Ramer Crusev, Linda — Evergreen Curtis, Jill — Troy Danford, Frances — Enterprise Daniel, Rhonda — Bay Minette 260 Sophomores Daniel, Thomas — Honoraville Daniels, Charles — Greenville Davis, Bettv Jo — Anniston Davis, Cindv — Tro Davis, Don — Trov Davis, Kav — Luverne Davis, Rav — Montgomerv Davis. Rov — Monroeville Davis, Samuel — Dolhan Davis. Tex — Dolhan Davis. William — Clayton Dav, Joseph — Gosport Dean. Linda — Tallassee Deas. Milton — Coffeeville Deason. Donna — Prattville . Debire, Theda Sue — Samson Delonev, Margie — Ozark Dennis, Greg — Montgomerv DeVane, Chervl — Elba DeVaughan. Ginger — Elba Donaldson. Ronnv — Montgomerv Doran, John — NE Atlanta, Ga. Dover, Margie — Grand Bay Dowling, Gail — Montgomery DuBose, Martha — Elba 261 Duncan, Bruce — Valparaiso, Fla. Duncan, Dorothy — Montgomery Dunlap, Joel — Pensacola, Fla. Dunn, Charles — Troy Dykema, John — Geneva Dykes, Freddie — Troy Dykes, J ' lane — Dothan Dykes, William — Troy Early, Grace — Troy East, Brenda — Alexander City Edmiston, Martha — Melbourne, Fla. Edwards, Ronnie — Selma Eiland, James — Opp Emmanuel, George — Pensacola, Fla. Evans, Barbara — Troy Evans, O ' Neal — Montgomery Evans, Patty — Florala Fadden, Chris — Montgomery Faggioni, Ronald — Pensacola, Fla. Faulk, Catherine — Cairo, Ga. Finlay, John — Goshen Finlayson, Judy — Union Springs Fish, Glenn — Troy Flanagan, Tim — Montgomery Flemming, Jean — Banks Flowers, Debbie — Goshen Flowers, Donna — Troy Flowers, Olivia — Brundidge Folmer, Joyce — Goshen Fong, Lee — Brewton Foster, Butch — Florala Foster, Jennifer — Pensacola, Fla. Francisco, Chris — Pensacola, Fla. Franklin, Anne — Goshen Fulford, Beverly — Panama City, Fla. 4M fj f-i t wi 262 Sophomores Gaberlavage, Stanley — Troy Gaines, Bonita — Montgomery Gannarelli, Evadine — St. Gloud, Fla. Garrett, Jamie Sue — Banks Garrett, Scott — Trov Gary, James — Montgomery Gassert, Guv — Lakewood, N. J. Gautnev, Billv — Opp Gibson, Bascom — Trov Gibson, Gail — Honoraville Gilchrist, Richard — Trov Gill, John — Trov Goodwin, Larrv — Titusville. Fla. Gorday, Mike — Pensacola, Fla. Gore, Kathy — Opelika Gorman, Leonard — Trov Graham, Currell — Eastman, Ga. Graham, David — Mobile Gray, Vicki — Montgomery Greene, Don — N. Highland, Galif. Gregory, Barbara — Smiths Griffith, Lou Ann — Andalusia Groce, Sandra — Athens Guthre, Thomas — Montgomery Habshey, Jeanne — Birmingham 263 Hagler, Carlos — Clayton Ha lstead, Phillip — Dothan Hamilton, Richard — Pensacola, Fla. Hancock, Bill — Phenix City Harden, Anne — McKenzie Harden, Marsha — Phenix City Hardesty, Shelia — San Juan, P. R. Harper, Thomas — Ft. Deposit Harrell, Virginia — Opp Harris, Bob — Lanett Hart, Ronald — Phenix City Hart, Sara — Dothan Harvey, Helen — Andalusia Hassett, Richard — Union Springs Hataway, Carole — Troy Hawkins, Thomas — Montgomery Haymon, Rufus — Newton Hays, James — Troy Helms, Bill - Clio Helms, Steve — Luverne Henderson, Barbara — Banks Henderson, Freddie — Montgomery Henley, Marvin — Montgomery Hepburn, Andy — Auburn Herndon, Robert — Montgomery Hester, Purvis — Cairo, Ga. Hill, Andy — Donalsonville, Ga. Hillier, David - W. Palm Beach, Fla. Hines, Myra — Riverview Hocutt, Lawanna — Elba Hoffman, Chip — Huntsville Hogg, Jenny — Dozier Hollingshead, Joe — Montgomery Home, Diane — Louisville Hornsby, Larry — New Brockton 264 Sophomores Howard, Bettv — Montgomery Howard, Martha Jo — Montgomen Howell, Sandra — Eufaula Hudson, Wanda — Opp Huffstetler, Llovd - Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Huggins, Larrv — Brantley Huggins, Susan — McKenzie Huguley, Bert — Phenix City Hurley, James — Troy Hutchinson, Barbara — Florala Ingram, Bennv — Banks Jackson, Debbv — Montgomery Jackson, Karen — Dothan Jackson, Linda — Goshen Jackson, Ronnie — Ozark Jackson, Sue — Opp Jankiewicz, Steve — Columbus, Ga. Jeffcoat, Kline — Luverne Johnson, Beverly — Columbus, Ga. Johnston, Travis — Opelika Jones, Patricia — Montgomery Jones, Richard — Pensacola Beach, Fla. Jones, Robert — Montgomery Jones, Sharon — Clanton Jones, Wayne — Greenville ii rtfe 265 Jordan, Betty — Banks Kearley, Harrv — Montgomery Keeler, Lee — Montgomery Kellv, Rhonda — Troy Kennedy, John — Phenix City Key, Jerry — Clio Kirkland, Lucinda — Dothan Kiser, Tommy — Pensacola Kline, Faith — Troy Kline, Lawrence — Troy Kluttz, Barbara — Montgomery Knotts, Jerry — Troy Kothe, Dorothy — Troy Krauss, Barbara — Elberta Labudde, Lizabeth — Dothan Lachney, Laura — Montgomery Land, Jerry — Panama City, Fla. Lane, Larry — Madrid Lane, Ronnie — Pensacola, Fla. Langford, David — Troy Langford, William — Reurto Rico Lawrence, Michael — Ashford Lavton, Daphne — Ashford Lavton, Martha — Brantley Ledlow, Rhonda — Decatur PK T C 7 tkhmk Leverette, Nancy — Chattahoochee, Fla. Lewis, Henry Earl — Dothan Lindsey, Sammy — Troy Locke, Mildred — Enterprise Lockwood, Beth — Eufauld Loftin, Sonny — Hartford Logan, James — Montgomery Long, Charlotte — Opelika Long, Wanda — Montgomery Lowrey, Che — Centreville 266 Sophomores McCall, Linda — Samson McDaniels, Caroline — Andalusia McDougald, Chris — Geneva McDuffie, Teresa — Hartford McGhee. Tony — Sylacauga Mcintosh. Judv — Enterprise McLendon, Jerrv — Banks McLendon, Teresa — Midland City McLeod. Donnv — Hayneville McMillin. Jackie — Montgomery McNabb. Timmv — Troy McRight, Mandy — Dothan MacDonnell, James — Huntsville MacNeil. Janet — Pensacola Macon, Linda — Andalusia Man lev, Becky — Eufaula Markris, Jacob — Mobile Marler, Carolyn — Elba Marsh, Shirley — Phenix City Martin, Donna — Dothan Massev, Carl — Honoraville Massev, Curtis — Immokalee, Fla. Massler, Vicki — Ozark Masters, Stephen — Newville Mathews, Virginia — Banks 267 Mathis, Michael — Dothan Maxey, Michael — Montgomery Medved, Arleen — Elberta Meredith, Lynne — Montgomery Mertins, Dean — Wetumpka Messick, Robert — Dozier Metcalf, Glennelle — Montgomery Miller, Charles — Montgomery Miller, Doug — Pensacola Mims, Tom, Jr. — Abbeville Mixon. Johnny — Dothan Mize, Bess — Dothan Mobley, David — Montgomery Monk, Cecilia — Flomaton Morgan, Marv Kay — Greenville Morgan, Terry — Troy Morris, Donald — Prattville Morrison. Dale — Bav Minette Morrison, Linda — Eulaula Moseley, Gail — Montgomery Moselev, William — Montgomery Mulvaney, Maureen — Montgomery Newton, Carol — Greenville Nolan, Pauline — Montgomery Norrell, Linda — Troy Norton, Sarah — Wewahitchka, Fla. Nix, Johnnv — Montgomery Obrien, John — Penix City Oliver, Mary Jane — Grove Hill Parks, Maribel — Andalusia park, Priscilla — Montgomery Patton, Shav — Geneva Pearce, Charles — Elba Perrin, Susanne — Selma Petrey, Patsy — Petrey 268 Sophomores Phillips, Jan — Headland Pichon, Daniel — Eufaula Pike, Brenda — Montgomery Pinckard, Benny — Troy Pinckard. Bettv — Trov Pissanos, Jim — Birmingham Plott, Len — Phenix City Poorman. Delmarie — Paris, Ark. Pope, Jim — Perote Pope, Patricia — Montgomery- Porter, Steve — Gallion Potts, Sandra — Troy Poulos, Angie — Montgomery Pugh, Vickie — Foley Racine, Gayle — Robertsdale Ralev, Sheila — Troy Raley, Theresa — Andalusia Real, James — Beatrice Reaves, Robin — Montgomery Reid, Cecelia — Garland Reid, Robin — Montgomery Renfroe, Jerry — Troy Rich, Mary — Florala Richards, Glen — Hartford Rives, Carol — Selma 269 Roberts, James — Brundidge Robertson, David — Griffin Robinson, Jacquelyn — Albany, Ga. Robinson, Robert — Montgomery Robinson, Sue — Montgomery IJrtJ Robinson, Teresa — Montgomery Rogers, Diane — Luverne Rogers, Joanne — Luverne Russell, Susan — Elba Ruster, Greg — Bartow, Fla. Rutherford, Linda — Montgomery Sadler, Cal — Winter Garden, Fla. Sanders, Deborah — Goshen Sanders, Mary E. — Troy Saturday, Jackie — Adel, Ga. Shear, Donna — Montgomery Sheppard, Robert — Troy Simmons, Larry — Miami, Fla. Singletary, Hudgen — Phenix City Skinner, Alan — Upper Marboro, Md. Sluga, Frances, McDill AFB, Fla. Smith, Billy — Mobile Smith, Elaine — Montgomery Smith, George — Montgomery Smith, Margaret — Opp Smith, Margaret L. — Tyndall Smith, Raymond — Troy Smith, Stephen — Florala Smith, Steven — Montgomery Smith, Susan — Opelika Smitherman, Lamar — Montgomery Smothers, Stephen — Warrington, Fla. Snell, Carol — Dothan Snell, Dale - Ozark Snellgrove, Carol — Ozark 270 Sophomores Snellgrove, Jackie — Elba Snoddv, Elizabeth — Tampa, Fla. Spikes, Joe P. — Hartford Spires, Ronda — Montgomery Spivev, Wilev — Montgomery V i Starling, Charles — Abbeville Steed. Johnny — Brundidge Stephens, Chris — Dothan Stewart, Glvnn — Camden Stewart, John — Union Springs Sugrue, Katherine .— Woodbridge, Va. Sutton, Gerald — Pensacola, Fla. Svmonds, Pamela — Ft. Walton, Fla. Tadlock, Danny — Ozark Tallev, Charles — Phenix City Tangen, Sally — Eau Gallie, Fla. Tarner, Judy — Andalusia Taylor, Linda — Theodore Taylor, Robert L. — Montgomery Teal, Ann — Troy Thaggard, Tom — Montgomery Thigpen, Lucinda — Montgomery Thomas, Bill — Wetumpka Thomas, Linda — Camden Thomason, James — Selma £ $ 271 Thorpe, Diane — Bradenton, Fla. Thornton, Cynthia — Trov Threadgill, Gene — Troy Thrower, Anthony — Lanett Till, Jimmy — Montgomery Tindall, Sandra — Union Springs Toellner, Bruce — Tonawanda, N. Tomlin, Lenore, — Luverne Traylor, Susan — Montgomery Tucker, Archie — Dothan Tucker, Shirley — Elba Turner, Jerry — Montgomery Turner. Larry — Montgomery Tyler, Greg — Dothan Tvler, Karol — Hartford Ujlaky, Daniel — Huntsville Vance, Jim — Selma Vandervort, Debbie — Montgomery VanGoethem, Roberta — British Columbia, Canada Vaughn, Carol — Florala Wade, Mark — Montgomery Walden, Wayne — Pensacola, Fla. Walker, James — Gulf Breeze, Fla. Wallace, George — DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Wallace, Tommy — Montgomery Waller, Connie — Ashford Warner, Tony — Montgomery Weatherford, Valerie — Crestview, West, Bill - Greenville White, Sheryl — Ozark Fla. White, Shirley — Dothan Whitehead, Ronnie — Dothan Whitehead, Ronnie — Ashford Whitehead, Will — Cottonwood Wiggins, Helen — Andalusia liUi 272 Sophomores Wiggins. Paula — Andalusia Wilkerson, Man Lois — Troy Wilkerson, Pamela — Tro Williams, Alyene — Troy Williams. Ann — Donalsonville. Ga. W illianis, Glenda — Dothan Williams. Glenn — Montgomery Williams. Shirley — Millporl illiamson. Jack — Milton, Fla. llson. Jamie — Brundidge Wilson, Mary John — Luverne Wilson. Sarah — Evergreen Wilson. Wavne — Headland Wingett. Ellen — Greenville Wi ted. Lee — Lvnn Haven. Fla. Wolfe. Rebecca — Milton. Fla. Woodall. Ann — Grovehill Woodham. Wavne — Trov Wright. David T. — Highland Home Wright. Ginger — McKenzie Wright. Johnny — Montgomerv Wright. Margie — Samson Wright. Nancv — Atmore Wvrosdick. Darline — Georgiana Yancev, Billv — Greenville Yohn, Beckv — Trov Youngblood. Tim — Union Springs Younger. Brenda — Montgomerv 273 Juniors 274 Women Enjoy New Freedoms As Rules Are Changec Adams, Eddie — Opp Adams, Evan — Montgomery Adams, Thomas — Troy Addison, Dianne — Ashford Akins, Cheryl — Elberta Allen, James — Dothan Allen, LaMonde — Tampa, Fla. Aman, Cindy — Ashford Anderson, Christa — Chancellor Anderson, Ziba — Pine Apple Andrews, Rebecca — Milton, Fla. Asher, Dianne — Elba Autrey, Michael — Greenville Baker, Mary Alice — Demopolis Bannister, Sarah — Falls Church, Va. Barr, John — Banks 275 Jk m SA Bassett, Fred — Lakeland, Fla. Battaglis, Barbara — Panama City, Fla. Battle, Clay — Eufaula Beasley, Beverlv — Troy Beasley, Jack — Montgomery Beasley, William — Clayton Belcher, James — Brundidge Bell, Gurnee — Troy Bell, Linda — Evergreen Bell, Mickey — Ozark Bender, Sharon — Montgomery Benton, Pat — Pensacola, Fla. Berry, James — Dothan Bigger, Carol — Montgomery Bigot, Maria — Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Blackmon, Bert — Bay Minette Blackwell, Toni — Red Level Blackwell, Bunnie — Foley Blankenship, Ann — Newville Blevins, Mike — Montgomery Bodenhamer, David — Foley Bone, Richard — Montgomery Booth, Sherlon — Coffee Springs Boothe, Charles — Opelika Bovvden, Betty — Clayton Bowdoin, Janice — Elba Brackin, Gloria — Dothan Bradley, Ronald — Dothan 276 Four Troy Students Named To Advisory Committee Bragg, Rebecca — Elba Bragg, Steve — Jack Brannon, Judv — Newville Brantley, Spencer — Montgomery Brijigs. Jane Ellen — Troy Briggs, Marv — Selma Brooks. Annette — l ! nion Springs Brooks, Richard — Griffin, Ga. o « a Brown, Barney — Montgomery Brown, Donald — Louisville, Ky. Brown, Emma — Elba Brown, James — Montgomery Brown, Sandv — Jacksonville, Fla. Browning, Darrell — Frisco City Bruce, Joseph — Elba Brugel, Donald - East Islip, N. Y. ' 277 Bruner, Lottie — Bascom, Fla. Bryars, Beverly — Bay Minette Bryan, James — Elba Bryan, John — Montgomery Bryan, Willie - Westville, Fla. Burnes, William — Enterprise Bush, Waylon — Brantley Butler, Tommy — Pensacola, Fla. Byrd, Richard — Troy Byrd, Rosa — Troy Cadenhead, Millage — Laurel Hill, Fla. Cain, Julie — Chattahoochee, Fla. Campbell, Steve — Troy Carlisle, Dinah — Troy Carlisle, President — Enterprise Carnes, Donna — Brantley Carr, Libbie — Panama City, Fla. Caswell, Glenda — Free Port, Fla. Chambless, Philip — Columbus, Ga. Chapman, Harold — Troy Cherry, Harriett — Zaphyrhills, Fla. Christmas, Charles — Troy Clary, Hove — Sarasota, Fla. Coker, Jackie — Greenville Coker, ronny — Troy Coley, Sherolyn — Montgomery Colley, Annette — Troy Collins, Freddie — Montgomery 278 Breakfast Conferences Aided Students And Faculty Collins. Patricia — Newville Cooev, Larrv — Westville, Fla. Cook, James — Montgomery Corwin. Robert — Montgomery Councilman, John — Montgomery Cowart, Donna — Ozark Cox, Judy — Phenix City Creel, Dayid — Panama City, Fla. Crews, Annie — Samson Crittenden, Jane — Troy Crocker, Dana — Milton, Fla. Crouch, Lisa — Seale Crowe, Dale — Cartersv ille, Ga. Crowe, Fredrick — Ramer Crum, Connie — Lownesboro Crumpler, Freida — Montgomery 279 Curtis, John — Orlando, Fla. Dacus, Luther — Phenix City Daly, Jerome — Athens Daniel, Carol — Gadsden Daniels, Roger — Panama City, Fla. Darden, Mary Ann — Brent Davis, Annette — Troy Day, Dianne — Troy Dear, Carla — Dothan Dees, Art — Montgomery Deese, Judy — Dothan Devericks, Jeannie — Ozark Dismukes, Geary — Brewton Donaldson, Gerald — Opp Dorn, Alan — Opelika Dowling, Susan — Meadland Dreaden, Larry — Troy Drinkard, Marv — Brundic Dukes, Linda — Dothan Dunn, Willie — Troy Dunson, Julia — Foley Duren, Bynum — St. Petersburg, Fla. Eaves, Emily — Wilmer Edge, Thomas — Greenville Elder, Wanda — Cleveland, Tenn. Ellis, Twyla — Letohatchee Erwin, Henry — Birmingham Essary, Gerald — Montgomery 280 Rachael Wimberly Became TSU ' s Dean Of Women Etheridge. Tippv — Montgomery Eubanks, Judy — Pansev Ezell. Dennis — Kinston Falgout, Connve — Pensaeola. Fla. Fannin. Oren — Shady Grove Farris. Kav — Blakely. Ga. Farris. Randall — Troy Flowers, James — Trov Folmar, Fran — Montgomery Fortner, Norma — Mobile Foshee, Charlotte — Opelika Foster, George — Crestview. Fla. Fowler. John — Panama City, Fla. Fowler, Michael — Dothan Free, Randy — Marianna. Fla. Funderburke, David — Albany, Ga. 281 Fussell, Marie — Ozark Gandy, Billy — Montgomerv Garner, Edward — Banks Garrett, Adair — Gainesville, Fla. Gary, Berna Dean — Savannah, Ga. Gibson, Dale — Baker, Fla. Giglio, Mike — Phenix Citv Gilbert, Tommy — Blakely, Ga. Giles, Jack — Huntsville Gill, Linda — Troy Gilley, Linda — Milton, Fla. Glenn, Gayle — Ozark Gooden, Michael — Opp Graddv. Iris Anne — Dothan Graham, Richard — Tuscaloosa Green, O ' Neal — Dothan Greene, Anne — Florala Gregory, Laurie — Naples, Italv Griffin, Regina — Dothan Griffith, Harold — Eclectic Grissett, Steve — Pensacola, Fla. Hall, Stan — Montgomery Hallman, Marjorie — Montgomery Hamilton, Nicky — Lanett Hamiter, Harold — Brooklyn Hammons, Leu — Elba Harden, Joe — Banks Harder, Janis — Dothan 282 Wallace Educational Resources Center Dedicated Harper, George — Montgomery Harper. Virginia — Tallahassee, Fla. Harrison, Jimmy — Birmingham Hartley, Callie — Ozark Haucke, Sharon — Nokomis, Fla. Hayes, Carole — Dothan head, Gloria — Millbrook Headley, Carol — Prattville Hegler, Corene — Brundidge Hegler, Dianne — Troy Hegler, Freddie — Troy Helms, Durwood — Louisville Henderson, Susan — Phenix City Henderson, Wayne — Montgomery Herring, Mickey — Greenville Hicks, Sherrill — Lee, Fla. j Ar ru C!y (v ?£p 283 hdM 7? Trf. I f £ { J Higdon, Bill — McKenzie Hilburn, Patsv — Goshen Hillman, Skip — Lakeland, Fla. Hinson. David — Trov Hirabella, Alfia — Apalaehicola, Fla. Hollev, Judv — Samson Hollington, Eddv — Arlington, Ga. Holmes. Lvnda — Dothan Holmes, Mike — Lal ' avette Holsombeck, Suzanne — Pratlville Horn. Sheila — Luverne Horn, Tommy — Troy Howell, Cass — Hartford Hughes, Ellen — Cottonwood Hughs, Lauanna — Samson Hurt, Bettv — Montgomery Ivev, Reba — Ariton Jemison, Linda — Tallahassee, Fla. Jenkins, Richard — Montgomery Johnson, Frances — Dothan Johnson, Ileta — Trov Johnson, John — Cullman Johnston. Martha — Cowarts Jones, Anita — Prattville Jones, David — Port St. Joe, Fla. Jones, Karen — Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Jordan, Alonza — Banks Jordan, Jimmy — Geneva 284 Troy State Who ' s Who In American Colleges Named Julian, Dwight — Letohatehee Kearnev. Mike — Panama City, Fla. Kelly, Sharon — Headland Kelly. Thomas — Midway Kennedy. Milton — Montgomery Killam. Gayin — McDa id. Fla. Killingsworth. Russell — Headland King, Edwin — Andalusia King, Jayne — Letohatehee King. Johnny — Ashford Kirkland. Melissa — Panama City, Fla. Kluttz. John — Montgomery Knighten, Jimmy — Dublin Kroell, Martha — Prattyille Land. Wayne — Panama City, Fla. Langham. Anita — Dothan 285 Law, Stella — Troy Lay, Frank — Milton, Fla. Ledbetter, Margaret — Troy Ledford, Paul — Ozark Lee, Richard — Seale Lent, Norman — Montgomery Lett, Edmond — Atlanta, Ga. Leverette, Ira — Greenville Lewis, Earl — Dothan Lewis, Larry — Eufaula Lipscomb, Patricia — Prattville Lucas, Susan — Troy Lumpkin, Judy — Bessemer Lurie, Connie — Dothan Lyons, Steve — Langdale McCall, John — Wetumpka McCart, Linda — Opp McClure, Janice — Selma McCoy, Robert — Geneva McDaniel, Paul — Robertsdale McDurmont, Ramona — Tallassee McGhee, Ellen — Atmore McGill, Ruth - Perdido McGinty, Carolyn — Montgomery McHugh, Leslie — Montgomery McKenzie, Joyce — Daleville McKnatt, Arthur — Troy McKnatt, Dolores — Eastanollee, Ga. 286 The PALLADIUM Holds Annual Beauty Pageant McLendon, Sarah — Evergreen McRee, Patricia — Havneville McRevnolds, Edward — Dothan McWaters, Jerry — Troy McWhirter, Myrtle — New Brocton MacNeil, Jim — Pensacola Majors, John — Greenville Mallach, David — Philadelphia, Penn. 6 1 ia I ft P Mallette, Marilyn — Greenville Marler, Rebecca — Elba March, Michael — Montgomery Martin, Melinda — Geneva Masilla, Karen — Phenix City Mathews, Mike — Dothan Mattews, Annice — Ozark Matthews, Linda — Enterprise 287 %J JthdXh 4 dth ih ,± Maxwell, Paul — Arab May, Charles — Montgomery Mayr, Judy — Troy Meadows, Michele — Enterprise Meadows, Nancy — Lanett Messiek, Jimmy — Opp Middleton. Jean — Bay Minette Middleton, Joyce — Georgiana Miller, Linda — Florala Milner, Randall — Langdale Mitchell, Elsie — Dothan Mitchell, Sally — Tallassee Money, Gloria — Troy Moody, Teresa — Montgomery Moore, Pam — Enterprise Moorer, David — Georgianna Morgan, William — Coy Morris, Michelle — Dothan Morrow, Becky — Elba Moss, Ronnie — Dothan Murphy, David — Brewton Murphy, Mike — Montgomery Murphy, Ronald — Dothan Mvrick, Clarence — Greenville Myrick, Ralph — Greenville Myrick, Ruth - Mobile Nave, Sara — Troy Neeley, Kathryn — Dearborn, Mich. y vv ' VV 288 " Fantasticks " Gave Campus A Dose Of Culture Newman, John — Troy Newton, Joe — Arcadia, Fla. Newton, Nancv — Dothan Nichols, Walter — Enterprise SJL Nobles, Linda — Florala Nolin, June — Arinton Nowell, Greg - Enterprise O ' Neal, Sharon — Opp mhdrJ O ' Neal, Stan - Troy Pace, Jan — Selma Pair, Baxter — Montgomery Parker, Rickey — Elba Parish, Rebecca — Clayton Parrish, Bobby — Hartford Pate, Nancy — Lowndesboro Paul, Ernest — Trov 289 Paulk, Sidney — Dothan Pearson, George — Monroeville Penuel, Rex — Ashford Perrv, Jan — Georgiana Phillips, Charles — Headland Phillips, Jane — Greenville Phillips. Lvnn — Montgomen Phillips, Neal - Ozark Pirkle, Jimmy — New Brockton Pope, Paul — Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Potter, Gloria — Chattahoochee, Fla. Powell, Janie — Samson Powell, Tony — Troy Powers, Alice — Clio Powers, Teresa — Prattville Price, Daniel — Troy Price, Delores — Troy Prickett, Belinda — Dothan Pugh, Elizabeth — Bay Minette Pynes, John — Luverne Raines, Susie — Phenix City Rawston, Sharon — Ozark Ray, Glenn — Tampa, Fla. Redditt, Wanda — Atmore Reese, Robert — Dothan Reeves, Ginger — Dothan Regentine, Peggy — Montgomery Retherford, Byanthia — Milton, Fla. 290 Collegiate Singers Featured On Christmas Show Reynolds, June — Union Springs Richburg, Bonnie — Abbeville Richards, Diana — Troy Riddle, William - Troy Roberson, Judy — Virginia Beach, Va. Roberts, Charles — Dothan Rollins, Arlene — Phenix City Ross, Linda — Brantley Mf fr Rotkiewicz, Leslie — Elizabeth, N. J. Rotton, Faye — Union Springs Rush, Paula — Montgomery Rushing, Vicki — Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Sasser, Dwight — Luverne Seay, Rebecca — Enterprise Searcy. Betty — Andalusia Sexton, Gary — Andalusia 291 Shanks. Ronald — Greenville Sheehan, Celester — Montgomery Sheffield, Brenda — Brundidge Shepard, Harold — Tampa, Fla. Sheldon, Rick — Montgomery Shirah, Deborah — Dothan Sinkule, Thomas — Phenix City Smith, Cornelia — Milton, Fla. Smith, Dean — Cecil Smith, Linda — Andalusia Smith, Lucille — Troy Smith. Randy — Tallahassee, Fla. Smith, Regina — Florala Snowden, Suellen — Riverview Snyder, lee — Ft. Ru ker Snyder, Patricia — Monroeville Soloman, Curt — Headland Soverow, Fella — Montgomery Spear, Phillip — Tyler Spillers, Gary - Milledgeville, Ga. Spratt, Joseph — Labelle, Fla. Stanford, John — Montgomery Starling, Bill — Cuthbert, Ga. Starling, Sherry — Hurtsboro Strickland, Douglas — Minter Stringer, Ray — Highland Home Sullivan, Buddy — Montgomery Suttle, Phil — Montgomery 292 m ik M t Jfc Sutton, Steve — Ozark Swofford, Joyce — Montgomery Syfrett, Jamelia — Mariana, Fla. Tanton, Boh — Dothan Taylor, Bill - Wantagh, N. Y. Taylor, Doug — Columbus, Ga. Tavlor, Harold. Jr. — Highland Home Teague, Dianne — Iriah Thierfelder, Gerald — Honoraville Thompson, Marilyn — Bradenton, Fla. Tiller, Bebecca — Fairfield Toole, John — Dothan Tucker, Allan — Tallassee Tuekerman, John — Glenside, Penn. Turner, Anthony — Shellman, Ga. Vaughn, Judson — Brundidge Verran, Tom — Cairo, Ga. Via, Elizabeth — Dothan Voss, Brenda — Alex City Walker, Carol — Brewton Walker, Reginald — Ozark Walker, Sharon — Trov Ward, John — Montgomery Waters, Celeste — Hicksville, N. Y. Waters, Vickie — Morrow, Ga. Watson, Stan — Dothan Weather, Frank — Dothan Weaver, Calvin — Flomaton 293 TSU TV Studio Installed In " Wallace " Library Webb, Celia - Webb Westberry, Cynthia — Pensacola, Fla. Westberry, Richard — Pensacola, Fla. Westenberger, Ralph — Clio Wheelock, Dixie — Marianna, Fla. White. Diane — Troy White, Thomas — Prattville Whitworth, Allen — Montgomery Wiginton, Sandra — Gulf Breeze, Fla Williams, Judith — Dothan Williams, Mary — Louisville Williams, Montea — Mobile -. 4 rf, ' h Williams, Robert — Pensacola, Fla. Wilson, Ginger — Opp Wissman, Linda — Phenix City Wood, James — Troy Young, Delilah — Troy Youngblood, James — Montgomery 294 Seniors 295 Abare, Judy — Macoo, Ga. Abrams, James — Troy Adams, Danny — Dothan Adams, Dianne — Greenville Adams, James — Florala Adkinson, Sandy — Ozark Alexander, Betsy — Georgiana Alderman, David — Bradenton, Fla. Alderman, Denease — Hollyhill, Fla. Amos, Charles — Enterprise Amos, Michael — Troy Andress, Robert — Greenville Andrews, Greg — Pensacola, Fla. Arnold, Birdie — Montgomery Arnold, Stanley — Troy Austin, Max — Greenville Austin, Patsy — Newton Baker, Thomas — Enterprise Baldwin, Martha — Ozark Ball, Richard — , Dothan rV fl (-5 f 296 Annual Blood Drive Conducted At University Banks, Randv - Pell Cih Barkett. Sue — Ozark Barar, Charlotte — Montgomery Barnes, James — Dothan Barnes, James — Opp Barron, Genie — Trov Baston, Brenda — Enterprise Beaslev, Thomas — Montgomery Beaudoin, Kenneth — Andalusia Beck, Esther — Enterprise Beech, Diane — Jackson Bennett, Hiram — Grand Ridge, Fla. Benson, Phillip — Downers, 111. Berry, Anelia — Troy Blessing, Brant — Dale City, Fla. Bodie, Terry — Troy Boisclair, Mike — Troy Booker, Larry — Selma Booker, Terry — Selma Boroughs, Thomas — Montgomery 297 Stetson Named Chairman Of Advisory Committee Boutwell. Joe — Troy Brown, Robert — Hamilton Brown, Stephen — Robbins AFB, Ga. Brown, Mike — Troy Brown, Laura — Elba Brown, Gail — Owassa Brown, Donald — Phenix Citv Brown, Clarence — Ozark Britt. Richard - Dothan Brings, Mike — Troy Bray, Frank — Lincoln, R. 1. Brantley, David — Brewton Brannon, Stephen — Montgomery Bradley, Sandra — Montgomery Bradford, Katie — Tallassee. Fla. Bradley . Diane — Ozark Bradley, Connie — Pensacola, Fla. Bowers, La Vaughn — Opp Bowden. Sally — Florala Bouden. Carol — Clio 298 Bufkin, Jo — Winter Garden, Fla. Butler, Anne — Selma Bush, Clayton — Ft. Deposit Bush, Robert — Phenix City Buryn, Henry — Bonifay, Fla. Burt, Jacqueline — Mobile Bullock, Gayle — Colquitt, Ga. Byrd, Doreen — Luverne Campbell, John — Montgomery Campbell, Rosemary — Montgomery Canaday, Martha — Troy Capps, John — Auburn Carlile, Martha — Brantley Carlile, Mary Ellen — Dothan Carlson, Roy — Ozark Carr, Brenda — Abbeville Carroll, Linda — Troy Cash, Rheba — Troy Cason, John — Montgomery Chambers, Linda — Enterprise 299 New Apartments Are Opened To Married Students Champion, Gloria — Montgomery Cheatham, Paul — Montgomery Cherry, Ronald — Zephrylls, Fla. Childs, Cindv — Hartford Clark, Frank — Elba Clark, Thomas — Opp Clements, Zilpha — Newville Clower, James — Brundidge Cohen, Joel — Staten Island, N. Y. Cole, Hugh — Sylacauga Collins, Peggy — Izmir, Turkey Comander, Bob — Defuniak Springs, Fla. Cooper, David — Troy Cooper, Frances — Clayton Cooper, Gary — Opp Cooper, Rose G. — Pike Road Copeland, Joyce — Milton, Fla. Cothran, Gary — Atlanta Covan, Ray — Georgians Covin, Theron — Owassa 300 Cox, Chan — Milton, Fla. Craft, Sue — Elba Crane, Donald — Phenix City Crane, Ronald — Phenix Citv Creel, Virginia — Pensacola, Fla. Crowell, Marv — Marianna, Fla. Cummings, Brenda — Sutta Curry, Shirley — Brundidge Dagostin, Floranne — Dothan Davis, Herbert — Troy Davis, John — Ft. Walton, Fla. Dav, Sherry — Columbus, Ga. Deese, Clarel — Fairhope Deloarh, T ommy — Troy Deloney, Ronnie — Midland City Donaldson, Dianne — Elba Donaldson, Martha — Pike Road Donaldson, Rhonda — Samson Dorman, Janet — Opp Dorrell, Alan — Milton, Fla. 301 Brooklyn Bridge Presented By SGA As Big Name Dorrill, Syble — Brundidge Dowling, Tim — Dothan Driggers, James — Dothan Duell, Dennis — Boise, Idaho Duncan, Kenny — Moultrie, Ga. Dunn, Sarah — East Brewton Dykes, Becky — Banks Ealum, Darrel — Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Early, Melinda — Robertsdale Eddins, Sherry — Monroeville Edgar, Henry — Ozark English, Elizabeth — Montgomery Evans, Kimmel — Troy Farish, John — Warner Robins, Ga. Faulkner, Betty — Union Springs Fenn, Thomas — Troy Feralin, Steve — Eufaula Fernald, Steve — St. Petersburg, Fla. Fiddler, Annette — Dothan Fleming, George — Troy 302 Foreman, Florence — Brundidge Fountain, Kenneth — Excel Fox, Howard — Montgomery Frakes, Harry — Foley Frazier, Claude — Andalusia Freeman, Jack — Montgomery Fuller, Judy — Brundidge Furgqueron, George — Ozark Gaberlavage, Marv — Troy Gamble, Terry — Ozark Garvin, Amy — Montgomery Gibson, Ken — Troy Giddens, Wayne — Troy Gilchrist, Tony — Dothan Glenn, Dianne — Scottsboro Gooden, Yvonne — Opp Goodwin, Bubba — Montgomery Goolsby, Julia — Andalusia Grant, Marianne — Troy Grantham, Gary — Geneva 303 Band Performs For Mobile ' Senior Bowl ' Gray, Clara — Ashford Greene, Betty — Montgomery Green, Darrell — Montgomery Greene, Janet — Ozark Greene, Roberta — Dadeville Green, Tommy — Monroeville Grice, David — Midland City Griggs, Cheryl — Troy Grissett, Willi am — Atmore Hall, Donald — Montgomery Hall, Kenneth — Brantley Hall, William — Lapine Hand, Janice — Troy Hand, Richard — Troy Hardin, Diddy — Montgomery Harrison, Daniel — Florala Hatch, Virginia — Enterprise Hatcher, John — Dothan Hayes, Trudy — Montgomery Helms, Clifford — Montgomery d, jM 304 Henderson, Mvra — Enterprise Hendrix, Don — Phenix Cit) Herman, William — North East, Penn. Hester, Thomas — Ft. Rucker Hines, Gail — Eufaula Hodges, Donald — Montgomery Holman, Adrian — Ozark Holmes, Pat — Opp Holston, Richard — Montgomery Hood, Raymond — Westville, Fla. Hooks, Jerrv — Troy Hoomes. Jerry — Rrewton Houk, Jason — Glen Burnie, Md. Hovev, Ronnie — Louisville Howard, Barbara — Brundidge Hudson, Barbara — Dothan Hughes, connie — Pike Road Hungerford, Sherry — Auburn Humphrey, Mar iqween — Georgiana Hunter, John — Opp " John Brown, " And " St. George " Play At Troy Hutcheson, Celia — Florala Hutto, Neal — Greenville H de, Marv Jo — Evergreen Jackson, Beverly — Ashford Jackson, William — Montgomery James, Anita — Columbus, Ga. Jernigan, Morris — Warner Robins, Ga. Johnson, Ann M. — Columbus, Ga. Johnson, Earl — Andalusia Johnson, Edsel — Eufaula Johnson, Jeffery — Troy Jones, Jo Ann — Troy Jones, Mary Lou — Billingsley Jones, Mike — Pensacola, Fla. Jones, Richard — Crestview, Fla Jones, Roger - ■ Crestview, Fla. Jordan , Janice -0 PP Jordan , Jimmy — Banks Keith, Lloyd - Abbeville Kelley , Janice ■ - Ozark Mtk lk mM ' ■ Jh A 306 Kelley, Pam — Winter Garden, Fla. Kelly, Shelia — Headland Killebrew, James — Montgomery King, Jane — Midway King, Sara — Troy Kirker, Tommy — Montgomery Kirkland, Jack — Banks Kirkland, Trilbia — Newville Kistler, Hazel — Dothan Knighton, Billie — Blakely, Ga. Knorr, Russell — Montgomery Lacarter, Patrick — Cowarts Lainhart, Paul — Hamilton, Ohio Lakeman, Carroll — Troy Lambert, Robert — Monroeville Lamberth, Rebecca — East Tallassee Lancaster, George — Lockhard Lawrence, Kathy — Troy Layson, John — Gulf Breeze, Fla. Layton, Alfred — Gordon dLZA 30; Former SGA Prexy To Head Prospective Students Lee, Florie — McKenzie Lee, Paul — Hartford Lewis, John — Cottonwood Lewis, Martha — Trov Locklar, Wayne — T ro) Loftin, Sara — Hartford Logins. Rip — ( pp Long, Mary Lynn — Tro) Long, Patricia — Troy Long, Randv — Montgomery Lowe, Carol — Montgomery Lurie, Rod — Dothan Lynn, Margaret — Dothan MacNutt, Jana — Ft. Myers, Fla. Marcus, Linda — Montgomery Marrison, Johnny — Clayton Marsh, Deborah — Brundidge Marshall, Robert — Montgomery Martin, Joe — Perry, Ga. Mayo, Patty — Montgomery MfJ 308 Mays, Donna — Quincy, Fla. McCall, Mirenda — Enterprise McCartha, William — Trov McClelland. Mary — East Brewton McClung. Robert — Trov McCord, Wauthu — Montgomery MeCracken. Robert — Trov McDiU, Al - Trov mMm M McDonald. Barbara — Geneva McGee. Steve — Dothan McGough. Ronnie — LaPine Mclnnis, Yoncille — Defuniak Springs. Fla. McKean, Harvev — Montgomery McMillan. Wavne — Montgomery McNair, Samuel — Trov M Swain. Earnest — Hartford Meadors. Sandra — Lanett Mecklenburg. John — Crown Point. Ind. Messick. Charles — Andalusia Miles. Barbara — Elba 309 President Ralph Adams Spoke On Next Decade Miller, Robert — Greenville Millson, John — Atmore Mitchell, Jerry — Dothan Mixon, Henry — Georgiana Money, Arnold — Opp Moores, MaDonna — Pike Road Morgan, Alvin — Montgomery Mosier, Mary — Melbourne, Fla. Mullins, Brenda — Andalusia Mullins, William — Ozark Murdock, Jerry — Enterprise Nagle, Eddie — Montgomery Nation, Robert — Montgomery Neal, Bruce — Troy Neese, Byron — Montgomery Nevels, Susan — Phenix City ft ft Newman, W. Joe — Phenix City Newsome, Max — Phenix City Nichols, Julia — Geneva Nichols, Marilyn — Enterprise 310 Nichols, Mildred — Brewton Nichols, Neal — Enterprise Ninas, Ham — Melbourne, Fla. Norrell, Charles — Troy Norred, Pennv — Pineapple Norris, Mary — Dozier Norris, Scooter — Troy Norsworthv, Jerry — Montgomery North, Gareth — Opp Novotny, Jo — Robertsdale Oppy, Ralph — Selma Ouslev, Danny — Manchester, Ga. OverhuJs, Frank — Tampa. Fla Owen. Nina Jo — Trov Owens, Sandv — Troy Paquetee, Joseph — Trov Paramore, Janice — Cottonwood Parrish, Edwin — Greenville Patterson, Linda — Montgomery Pearson, Juliet — Trov fJLik 311 Ferrante And Teicher Perform For Troy Students Peeples, Romana — Dothan Pelham, Charles — Opp Perdue, Sandra — Ft. Deposit Perry, June — Dothan Pettis, Wanda — Panama Citv, Fla. Pettus, William — Montgomery Petty, Margene — Troy Pettv, Richard — Trov f " 1 Phillips, Dennis — Greenville Phillips. Helen — Andalusia Piekard, Linson — Trov Pigman, Minie — Pineapple Powe, Sharon — Opp Powell, Jerry — Troy Price, Robert — Dothan Price, Ruseda — Louisville Prichett, Barbara Jo — Union Springs Proctor, Bill — Quincy, Fla. Proffit, Constance — Ozark Pugh, Pat — Clayton 312 Puhl, Wannette — Chancellor Purvis, Johnny — Dothan Rahuzzi. Jerry — Jefferson Town, Kv. Raloon, Ollie - Webb Ramagasse, Julie — New Orleans, La. Ray, Diane — Brundidge Reeder, Johnny — Millbrook Register, Hilton — Dothan Reynolds, James — Banks Reynolds, Timothy — Troy Rodgers, David — Lanette Ross, Lawrence — Troy Ross, Linda — Evergreen Russell, Bill - Hartford Ryals, Jackie — Dothan Ryland, Betty — Andalusia Sanders, Johnny — Troy Sanders, Joseph — Brundidge Sanders, Suzanne — Brundidge Sasser, Stanley — Andalusia i ■ i j i » v - ' M l s Bu H 313 i i Friends " Are Coming To Troy For " Big Name " Savola, Jack — Pensacola, Fla. Schmitz, Sharon — Bradenton, Fla. Scott, Sam — Frisco City Sellers, Jerrv — Headland Sexton, Linda — Brantley Sharpe, Rebecca — Tampa, Fla. Sharpless, Buddv — Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Shaw, Carol — Trov Shaw, Sandi — Union Springs Shell, Emma — Jay, Fla. Simmons, Pat — Atmore Simms, Ben — Dothan Singletary, James — Troy Singletary, Mary — Troy Smart, Rita — Elba Smith, Cheryl — Marianna, Fla. Smith, Elaine — Andalusia Smith, James — Panama City, Fla. Smith, Johnny Mac — Dozier Smith, Sydney — Dothan 314 Smith, William — Pensacola Smith, Yvonne — Red Level Snell, Philip - Midland City Snell. Tullalah — Dothan Soloman, Suzanne — Abbeville Spikes, Jimmv — Phenix City Stabler, Steve — Greenville Starnes. Billie Ann — Birmingham Steele, Chuck — Eufaula Stevens, James J. — Dothan Stinson, Annette — Georgiana Stinson, Elizabeth — Trov Stokes. Dot — Andalusia Stokes, Isaac — Trov Stokes, Martha — Troy Strange, Sara Ann — Havana, Fla. Strickland, JoAnn — Enterprise Stubbs, Judv — Ozark Sullivan, Dennis — Montgomery Taunton, Alan — East Tallassee 315 Falcons Of Montevallo Were Final Wave Opponent Tavlor, Charlsie — Eufaula Tavlor, Sue — Troy Taylor, Timothy — Greenville Terry, Harriett — Enterprise Tew, James — Dothan Tew, Jerry — Union Springs Tew, Stan — Troy Thompson, Francis — Columbus, Ga. Thompson, Martha — Columbus, Ga. Thompson, William — Trov Tillman, Vance — Dozier Titshaw, James — Pitts, Ga. Tucker, Frank — Montgomery Turney, Berta — Auburn Vickers, Elizabeth — Troy Vocovich, Jerry — Monroeville Walker, David — Troy Watkins, Linda — Opp Watson, Alice — Excel Weaver, Glenda — Mobile 316 Weeks, Jerry — Kinston Weldon, George — Fairfield enzel, Risa — Foley Whatlev. Sam — Auburn White. Andrew — Blakelv. Ga. Wilkinson, Dale — Crestview, Fla. Williams. Duren — Colquitt, Ga. Williams. James — Panama Citv. Fla. Williams, Jerrv — Dothan Williams. Murray — Dothan Williams, Patricia — Eufaula Williams, Sandra — Headland Williamson, Pat — Luverne Williford, Henrv — Troy Williford. Joellen — Trov Wilson, Alice — Brundidge Wilson, Linda — Elba Wilson, Margaret — Jack Wilson, Mary Ida — Troy Wilson, Mary Pickens — Trov 317 Wilson, Phyllis — Brundidge Wilson, Rodney — Castleberry Wolfe, Pam — Fairhope Wood, Charles — Troy Woodham, Anne — Clayton Woodson, John — Montgomery Wright, Glenda — Mt. Creek Yelverton, Gladys — New Brockton Young, Janet — Panama City, Fla. Zorn, Carl — Dothan In Memoriam Wayne Evans Dan Shell Curtis Huggins 318 V Zfr® J 319 320 322 m i 323 325 326 • L 4 1 327 32S • m 330 1 ■ ' ' « 331 Senior Directory 1 ABARE, JUDITH T. B.A. Art — French ADAMS, DANNY K. B.S. Biology — Chemistry; Beta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega, President; Transfer George Wallace Jr. Col- lege ADAMS, SANDRA DIANNE B.S. Elem. Education; Adelphe; Head Cheerleader; SNEA; ACE; SGA Clerk; Homecoming Committee; Who ' s Who ADAMS, JAMES A. B.S. Social Science — Physical Education; Intramur- al Football. Basketball, and Volleyball; HPER Club; ' Transfer Jefferson Davis Jr. College ADKINSON, SANDY B.S. Physical Education — Social Science; Kappa Delta Sorority, Magazine Chairman; SGA Senator; Theta Chi Little Sister; HPER Club; SNEA; Transfer Enterprise State Jr. College ALDERMAN, DAVID B. B.S. History — Social Science; Transfer Manatee Jr. College ALDERMAN, DENEASE MAE B.S. Elementary Education; University Choir; ACE; Pace Hall House Judicial Board; Transfer Daytona Beach Jr. College ALEXANDER, BETSY B.S. Social Science — English; Gardner Hall House Judicial Board; Transfer Patrick Henry Jr. College AMOS, CHARLES NEWTON B.S. History — Mathematics AMOS, MICHAEL R. B.S. Social Science — Physical Education ANDRESS, ROBERT EDWARD, JR. B.S. Math — History; Argonauts; SGA Senator; Dill Hall Judicial Council; Intramural Football and Soft- ball ANDREWS, GREGORY B.S. Business Administration — Economics ARNOLD, BIRDIE C. B.S. Elementary Education ARNOLD, STANLEY DEAN B.A. Social Science — Psychology; Transfer Ameri- can University AUSTIN, PATSY B.S. Elementary Education; SNEA; ACE; Transfer George Wallace Jr. College BAKER, THOMAS R. B.S. Physical Education — Counseling BALDWIN. MARY MARTHA B.S. Social Science — Psychology; Assistant Dir. — Pace, Alumni, Hamil BALL, RICHARD K. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing BARKETT. MARY SUE B.S. Social Science — Art BARAR, CHARLOTTE ANNE B.S. Elementary Education; ACE; Transfer Judson College BARNES, JAMES D. B.S. Accounting BARNES, JAMES REESE, JR. B.S. Physical Education — Counseling; SGA Sena- tor; Sigma Alpha; HPER Club; Transfer Enterprise State Jr. College BARRON. GENIE H. B.S. Art — Psychology; Kappa Pi BASTON, BRENDA A. B.S. Physical Education — History; Transfer Enter- prise State Jr. College BEASLEY, THOMAS R. B.S. Physical Education — History; Tau Kappa Epsi- lon; Intramural Football and Softball; HPER Club; SNEA BEAUDOIN, KENNETH P. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Delta Chi Fraternity; Transfer Pensacola Jr. College BECK, ESTHER ANN B.S. Psychology — Biology and Mathematics; Spires; Gamma Beta Phi; Psi Lambda; Who ' s Who; Transfer Enterprise State Jr. College BEECH, DIANE YACUK B.S. Marketing. Business Administration — Art; WRA; Newman Club; Phi Beta Lambda BENNETT, HIRAM F.. JR. B.S. Biology — Chemistry; Beta Sigma; Transfer Gulf Coast Jr. College BERRY, ANELIA JOHNSON B.S. Physical Education - History; HPER Club BLESSING, BRANT B.S. Physical Education — Biology; Basketball; HPER Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Ad Hoc Intramural Committee; Transfer Yancey State Jr. College 332 BODIE, TERRY E. B.S. General Science — Geography BOISCLAIR. MICHAEL F. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Palla- dium. Business Manager BOOKER, LAWRENCE J. B.S. Business Administration — Accounting BOOKER. WILLIAM TERRY B.S. Business Administration — Marketing BOROUGHS. THOMAS RAY B.S. Math and Physical Science: Alumni House Council; Pi Kappa Phi: Transfer Huntingdon College BOUTWELL, JOE P. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing BOWDEN. JUDY CAROL B.S. Elementary Education; Collegiate Singers BOWDEN, SALLY MARGARET B.S. Business Education — English: Cowart House Council; Cowart and Hamil Judiciary BOWERS. JOSEPH LAVAUGHN B.S. Marketing — Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi: Transfer Enterprise Jr. College BRADFORD. ANN KATHERINE B.S. Elementary Education BRADLEY. CONNIE B.S. Elementary Education: Religious Council; West- minster; Band; Transfer Pensacola Jr. College BRADLEY. DIANE S. B.A. English — Spanish: Transfer University of Northern Iowa BRADLEY. SANDRA B.S. Accounting — Business Administration; Associ- ate Justice SGA Supreme Court: Pace Hall Secretary- Treasurer; Rose of Delta Sigma Pi; Hamil Proctor BRANTLEY. MALCOLM DAVID B.S. Physical Education — English: Clements House Council; Clements and Cowart Staff BRAY. FRANK SCOTT B.S. Business Administration and Economics; Ga el Club BRANNON. STEPHEN FRAZIER B.S. Business Administration and Marketing BRIGGS. MICHAEL E. B.S. Psychology and History; Delta Chi: Argonauts BRITT, RICHARD A. B.S. Economics and Business Administration; SGA Senator; Ga el Club — Vice President BROWN. CLARENCE B.S. History and Counseling; Newsman Club: Delta Chi Fraternity BROWN, DONALD RAY B.M.E. Music; Band — Section Leader; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity — Treasurer; MENC BROWN, LAURA STEVENS B.S. Elementary Education BROWN. SANDRA GAIL B.S. Elementary Education: Transfer — Jefferson Da is Jr. College: ACE; SNEA; BSU BROWN, STEPHAN J.. JR. B.S. Business Administration and General Business Administration McRae College; Women ' s Judicial - ) Representative and President; Gamma Beta Phi — Social Chairman; Women ' s Residence Hall Assoc. — President: Wom- en ' s Executive Council: Student Affairs Committee; Food Service Committee; ACE — President; Ma|o- rette; ho ' s Who mong Students in American Col- leges and I diversities; Residence Hall. Assistant Di- rector BULLOCK. GAYLE B.S. Business Administration and Marketing: Band: Delta Chi Pledge Sweetheart BURT, JACQUELINE B.S. Elementary Education; Transfer ior College: SNEA; ACE Yancey Jun- BUSH, HUDSON CLAYTON, JR. B.S. Business Education and Psychology; Sigma Alpha Fraternity; HPER Club BUTLKR. ANNE BARKSDALE B.S. Elementary Education and History; I . SNEA; Homecoming Committee; Skit Night Com- mittee BWYN, HENRY J. B.S. Physical Science and Math BYRD, DOREEJN B.S. Business Education and History; Transfer — Enterprise State Junior College CAMPBELL. JOHN DAVID B.S. Business Administration and Marketing: Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity — Treasurer and President CAMPBELL, ROSEMARY B.A. Art and History; Pace Hall Publicity Chairman, Proctor; BSU Summer Missions Chairman; " Mu n Man " Production BUFKIN. JO B.S. Elementary Education: Transferred — Lees 333 4! - • ■ S )i m m t M ■ $ £ ■ I vV, ,v»j ■ t . r ' -f ■ S-7 ■ I CANADAY, MARTHA SUE BARRON B.S. Psychology and English CAPPS, JOHN ALAN, JR. B.S. Business and Marketing; Transfer — Marion Military Institute CARLILE, MARY ELLEN B.S. Elementary Education; Transfer — Montevallo Univ.; Pace, House Judiciary, Assistant Director; ACE; Phi Mu Fraternity CARLSON, ROY F. B.S.E. Social Science and History; Transfer — Univ. of Omaha, Neb. CARR, BRENDA CAROL B.S. Physical Education and Art; Transfer — George Wallace Jr. College; HPER; WRA, Secretary CARROLL, LINDA SMITH B.S. Biology and Chemistry; Collegiate Singers; Beta Sigma CASH, RHEBA NELL B.S. Math and History CASON, JOHN CALVIN B.S. History and Music CHAMBERS, LINDA F. B.S. Business Education and English; Transfer — Enterprise Junior College CHAMPION, GLORIA B.A. History and Spanish; Pace Hall, President; Women ' s Executive Board; Clements Hall — House Judiciary; SNEA CHEATHAM, PAUL S. B.S. Accounting and Business Administration CHERRY, RONALD ALLEN B.S. Math and Physical Science; Transfer — Yancey Jr. College CHILDS, CYNTHIA LOUISE B.S. Elementary Education CLARK, FRANK J., SR. B.S. Social Science and Guidance; Transfer — Enter- prise Junior College; Kappa Delta Pi; Psi Lambda CLEMENTS, ZILPHA JANE B.S. Social Science and English; Transfer — Wallace Junior College; SNEA; Proctor — Gardner Hall CLOWER, JAMES MICHAEL B.S. Business Administration and Marketing COHEN, JOEL M. Transfer — Staten Island Community College; Gavel Club — President; SG A Senator; Delta Sigma Pi COLE, HUGH B.S. Business Administration; Football; Delta Chi Social Fraternity, Outstanding Pledge; Pledge Train- er COLLINS, PEGGY A. B.S. Art; Playmakers; Beta Sigma; Theta Chi Pledge Sweetheart; Hamil Hall Judiciary COMANDER, ROBERT M. B.S. Music and Business; Collegiate Singers; Band; Delta Chi Social Fraternity COOPER, DAVID EUGENE B.S. Business Administration COOPER, FRANCES SCOTT B.S. History and English; Transfer — Wallace Junior College; Westminster Fellowship — President; Reli- gious Council; Choir COOPER, GARY STEPHEN B.S. Business Administration and Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity COOPER, ROSE GANTT B.S. Social Science and English; Adelphe; House Council COPELAND, JOYCE LORRAINE B.S. Elementary Education; Transfer — Pensacola Junior College; ACE; SNEA; Collegiate Singers; BSU; WRA COTHRAN, GARY HOYD B.S. Biology and Physical Science; Transfer — Gads- den Junior College; Beta Sigma, Vice President COVAN, ULLMAN RAY B.S. Business Administration and Marketing COVIN, THERON M. B.S. Social Science and Biology; Psychology; Trans- fer — Jefferson Davis Junior College; Psi Lambda, President; Circle K, Secretary; BSU, Chairman; Beta Sigma COX, CHAN EUGENE B.S. Social Science and Counseling CRAFT, OLLIE SUE B.S. Math — Biological Science; SNEA CRANE, DONALD PATRICK B.S. Business Administration — Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi; Transfer Columbus Jr. College CRANE, RONALD A. B.S. Business Administration — Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi; Transfer Columbus Jr. College CREEL, GINGER B.S. Business and Secretarial Science: Phi Mil. Asst. 334 Treasurer and Membership Director; Pi Kappa Phi Rose; Panhellenie President; Basketball Queen; Homecoming Queen; Pi Kappa Phi Pledge Class Sweetheart; Homecoming Court; Campus Beautv CROWELL, MARY LOUISE B.S. Biology — Physical Science; Kappa Delta Pi; Gamma Beta Phi; Beta Sigma Secretary; Hamil House Council; Transfer Chipolo Jr. College CUMMINGS, BRENDA GAIL B.S. Elementary Education CURRY, SHIRLEY B. B.S. Mathematics and Business Education; Who ' s Who; Transfer Freed-Hardeman College o DAGOSTIN, FLORANNE B.S. Elementary Education — Psychology; SGA Sen- ator; Playmakers; Palladium Staff; ACE; SNEA DANLEY, DOROTHY B.S. Business Education — English; Transfer Yancey State Jr. College DAVIS, HERBERT B.S. Business Administration and Marketing DAVIS, JOHN F. B.A. Physical Education — Counseling; Football DAY, SHERRY DEESE, CLAREL B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Treasurer; SGA Senator; ACE DELOACH, TOMMY L. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Gayel Club; Transfer University of South Alabama DELONEY, RONNIE B.S. Business Administration and Marketing DONALDSON, DIANNE B.S. English — Psychology DONALDSON. MARTHA B.S. Mathematics — Physics; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; Transfer Enterprise State Jr. College DONALDSON, RHONDA B.S. English — Psychology DORMAN, JANETT B.S. English, Speech and Psychology; Playmakers; Transfer Auburn University DORRELL, ALAN DORRILL, SYBLE B.S. Elementary Education DOWLING, TIMOTHY B.S. Business Education DRIGGARD, JAMES LEWIS Pre-Optometry — Biology; Gamma Beta Phi; Argo- nauts; Proctor, Assistant Director, House Council, Vice President, Judiciary Recorder, Alumni Hall DUELL, DENNIS B.S. Business and Marketing DUNN, SARAH ETHEL Elementary Education; Transfer Jeff Davis Jr. Col- lege; SNEA; Chi Alpha, Secretary Treasurer DYKES, REBECCA English and History EALUM, DARREL B. B.S. History, Social Science and Physical Education; Delta Chi; Band; Opera Workshop; HPER Club; Choir EARLY, MELINDA B.S. Physical Education and Counseling; Transfer Yancey State Jr. College; HPER; WRA; SNEA EDDINS, SHARYL IVEY B.S. Art Education and Physical Education; Assist- ant Director; WRA: Adelphes; Pace Hall Honor Scroll; SNEA ENGLISH, ELIZABETH ANN B.S. Business Administration and Secretarial Science; Adelphes Honor Society; Phi Beta Lambda EVANS, K. K. B.S. Economics and Business Administration; Track: ACC Mile Relay Champion FARISH, JOHN P. B.S. Business Administration and General Business; Men ' s Gavel Club, Sgt. at Arms FAULKNER, BETTY B.S. Business Education and History; SNEA; Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary FENN, THOMAS C. JR. B.S. Business Administration and Math; Transfer Auburn University FERALIN, STEVE B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi; SGA Senator FERNALD, STEVE B.S. Psychology and Math; Theta Chi FIDDLER, WNETTE D. B.S. English and Social Science; Transfer Wallace Jr. College FLEMING. GEORGE R. B.S. Pre-Engineering, Math and Social Science FOREMAN, FLORENCE B.S. Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi: ACE FOUNTAIN, KENNETH RONALD B.S. History and English; Kappa Delta Pi, ice Pres. FOX, HOWARD RUSSELL B.S. Art and Math; Argonauts; Kappa Pi; Pi Kappa Phi FRAKES, HARRY B.S. Accounting and Business Administration; Transfer West Florida FRAZIER, CLAUDE H., JR. B.S. Physical Science and Math: Theta Chi Fraterni- ty, Secretary FREEDMAN. JACK B.S. Social Science and History FULLER, JUDY F. B.S. Social Science and Psychology FURQUERON, GEORGE B.S. Business Administration and Marketing GABERLAVAGE, MARY HELEN B.S. Elementary Education; Pace Hall House Coun- cil; WRA 335 GAMBLE, TERRY B.S. Psychology and Philosophy and Religion GARVIN, AMY RUTH B.S. Elementary Education and Psychology; Fresh- man Favorite; Cheerleader; Gavel Club Sweetheart GIBSON, KEN B.S. History and English GIDDENS, KENNETH WAYNE B.S. History, English, and Math; Circle K GILCHRIST, TONY B.S. Marketing and Business Administration; Trans- fer Wallace Jr. College; Tennis Team; Intramural Council, Supervisor GLENN, DIANNE B.S. Business Education and History; Transfer Jef- ferson State Jr. College; Choir; Clements Hall House Judiciary GOODEN, YVONNE B.S. Elementary Education GOODWIN, FRED D., JR. B.S. History and Social Science and Business Admin- istration; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian; IFC Representa- tive; Senator; Proctor GRANT, MARIANNE E. B.S. Elementary Education and Art GRAY, CLARA G. B.S. Elementary Education; ACE; NEA; AEA GREEN, DARRELL B.S. Art — History, Aesthetics and Classics and His- tory; Circle K; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Dance Club GREEN, TOMMY RENA B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Delia Sigma Pi, Secretary; Transfer University of Alabama GREENE, BETTY LOUISE Business Education and Psychology; Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary; SNEA; Senator; Wesley Founda- tion, Secretary; Gardner Hall House Council; Proc- tor; Opera Workshop; Choir GREENE, JANET B.S. Psychology and History GREENE, ROBERTA HADEN B.S. History, Social Science, and Psychology GRICE, DAVID L. B.S. Math, Physical Education and History GRIGGS, CHERYL G. B.S. English and History; SNEA; Phi Mu Fraternity; Playmakers GRISSETT, WILLIAM C. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Trans- fer Jeff Davis Jr. College HALL, DONALD JOBY B.S. Social Science and Business; Transfer Alabama Christian College HALL, KENNETH B.S. Social Science and Geography HAND, JANICE PRESCOTT B.A. English — Classics, History; Spires; Adelphes; Interim Co-Editor; Assistant Editor; Tropolitan; As- sistant Editor, Palladium; Vice President, Dames Club; Band; Who ' s Who; Graduation Cum Laude HAND, RICHARD L. B.S. History — English, Social Science; Band; Colle- giate Singers; Vice President, Phi Mu Alpha; Wave- men; MENC; Mobile Jazz Festival; Palladium Staff HARDIN, DIDDY B.S. Art — Art History and Aesthetics and Psycholo- gy; Parliamentarian, Executive Board, Guard, Vice President, and Secretary — Alpha Delta Pi; SGA Senator; Pace House Council; Sophomore Class Sweetheart; Delta Chi White Carnation Girl; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Women ' s Executive Council; Cothee Lubert Award; Homecoming Court; Secretary, Wom- en ' s Judiciary; Campus Beauty; President, Pace Hall; President ' s Council; Kappa Pi HAYES, TRUDY B.S. Elementary Education HARRISON, DANIEL L. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Argo- nauts; Clements House Council; Collegiate Singers HATCH, VIRGINIA B.S. Accounting; Transfer Arkansas State University HELMS, HARVEY CLIFFORD, JR. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian HENDERSON, MYRA B.S. Elementary Education HENDRIX, DONALD W. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Varsity Baseball HERMAN, WILLIAM B.S. History and Art HINES, ELEANOR GAIL B.S. Social Science, Writing Arts and English; 3-5-1 Creative Writing Magazine, Editorial Staff; Associate Editor, Palladium; Pace Hall Honor Scroll HODGES, DONALD E. B.S. Business Administration — Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi HOLMAN, W. ADRIAN B.S. Marketing — History HOLMES, PATRICIA ANN B.S. English — History; Transfer Enterprise State Jr. College HOLSTON, RICHARD M. B.S. Math, Chemistry and Physics; Transfer Auburn University HOOD, RAYMOND B.S. Business Administration and Accounting HOOMES, JERRY B.S. Biology, Chemistry and Psychology HOUK, JASON B.A. Psychology — Social Science; Circle K; Wres- tling; Psi Lambda; Palladium Staff; German Club HOVEY, RONNIE HAROLD B.S. Social Science — History; Kappa Delta Pi; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Alpha Theta; Who ' s Who HOWARD, BARBARA SUE B.S. Math — Physical Science; Co-Scholarship Chair- man, Alpha Delta Pi; Secretary and Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; Gamma Beta Phi; Who ' s Who; George Wallace Valedictory Scholarship HUDSON, BARBARA HUGHES, CONNIE MARIE B.S. Elementary Education; Secretary, Vice Presi- dent, Wesley Foundation; Vice President, Pace Hall; President, Gardner Hall; Supreme Court Justice; ACE HUMPHREY, MARIGWENN B.S. Social Science — Geography HUNGERFORD, SHERRY B.S. Physical Education, History and Business HUNTER, JOHN 336 HUTTO, NEAL B.S. Business Administration and Marketing HYDE, MARY JO B.S. Art, Psychology, Art; WRA; Kappa Pi; Mem- bership Chairman, Psi Lambda JACKSON, BEVERLY B.S. Elementary Education; ACE; Transfer Wallace Jr. College JACKSON, WILLIAM W. B.S. Business Administration — Accounting; Phi Mu Alpha; Band JACKSON, YVONNE SMITH B.S. History — English; Band JAMES, ANITA L. B.M.E. Music Education — BSU; Collegiate Singers; Musicals — " Trial By Jury " and " Music Man; " Transfer Norman College JERNIGAN, MORRIS C. B.S. Accounting — Business Administration; Gavel Club; Graduation Cum Laude JOHNSON, ANN MARIE B.S. English — History JOHNSON, CECELIA HUTCHESON B.S. Elementary Education; Social Chairman, Kappa Delta; WRA; Hamil Judiciary; President ' s Commit- tee; Delta Chi Pledge Sweetheart, Sweetheart; Bas- ketball Court; Homecoming Court JOHNSON, EARL B.S. Business and Economics JOHNSON, EDSEL E. B.S. Social Science — History; Cowart House Coun- cil; Transfer Jefferson Davis Jr. College JOHNSON, JEFFERY B.S. Business Administration and Marketing JONES, JO ANN H. B.S. English and Biologv; Transfer Jeff Davis Jr. Col- lege; SNEA JONES, MARY LOU B.S. Elementary Education; BSU Advisory Council; ACE; Clements Hall House Council; Choir JONES, RICHARD LYNN B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Trans- fer Okaloosa-Walton Jr. College; Tneta Chi JONES, WILLIAM MICHAEL B.S. History and Speech; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Presi- dent, Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain; IFC, Vice Pres- ident JONES, WILLIAM R. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Trans- fer Okalossa Walton Jr. College JORDAN, JIMMY B.S. Math, Physics and Chemistry JORDAN, SARAH JANICE B.S. Social Science, and English; SNEA KEITH, RICHARD LLOYD B.S. Accounting and Business; Transfer Andrew Col- lege KELLEY, JANICE A.B. English and History; SNEA; Hamil House Council; Assistant Director; Transfer George Wal- lace Jr. College KELLEY, PALMA LEE B.A. Elementary Education; ACE; Transfer Orlando Jr. College KELLY. SHEILA B.S. English — Historv; Transfer George Wallace Jr. College K1LLEBREW. JAMES ALLEN B.S. History. Physical Education and Geography; Baseball KING, EDWIN K. B.S. Physical Education — Biological Science; Trans- fer Jefferson Davis Jr. College KING, JANE B.S. Business Administration and Psychology KING. SARA HICKS B.S. English — Biological Science; Transfer Jefferson Davis Jr. College KIRKER, THOMAS BUTLER, JR. B.S. History — Art; Sigma Alpha; Kappa Pi; Board of Directors, Circle K KIRKLAND. JACK B.S. Business Administration and Marketing KIRKLAND. TRILBIA B.S. Business Education — History KISTLER, HAZEL M. B.S. Business Administration — Marketing; Transfer George Wallace Jr. College KNIGHTON, BILLIE M. B.S. Art — English; Social Chairman, Volleyball, Cowart Hall; President, Kappa Pi KNORR, RUSSELL J., JR. B.S. Social Science — Counseling; Rush Chairman, IFC Representative, Vice-President, Delta Chi; House Council. Judiciary, Alumni Hall; Argonauts; Band Color Guard; SGA Senator; IFC President; Graduation Student Marshall LACARTER, JOSEPH PATRICK B.S. Social Science, History; Transfer Wallace Jr. College LAINHART, PAl L B.S. Physical Education — History; Track; Pi Kappa Phi LAKEMAN, CARROLL D. B.S. Accounting — Psychology; Psychology Club; Gavel Club; Band LAMBERT. ROBERT B.S. Business Administration and Marketing LAMBERTH, REBECCA B.S. Social Science — English; Treasurer, SNEA LANCASTER, GEORGE RONALD B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; House Council, Staff, Clements Hall LAYSON, JOHN B.S. Business Administration and Marketing LAYTON, ALFRED B.S. Business Education — History; Transfer George Wallace Jr. College LEE, FLORRIE B.S. Psychology, English and Social Science; Psi Lambda LEE, PAUL MARTIN B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Delta Chi; Band, Color Guard; Asst. Director, Dill Hall; Transfer Enterprise State Jr. College LEWIS, JOHN FRANKLIN, JR. B.S. Physical Education, and Math; Argonauts; Dill Hall Judiciary; Tau Kappa Epsilon LEWIS, MARTHA B.A. English, History, and Classics LOCKLAR, WAYNE B.S. History and English LOFTIN, SARA B.S. Elementary Education LOGGINS, RIP B. B.S. Social Science and Psychology LONG, MARY LYNN B.S. Elementary Education; Transfer Huntingdon; Faculty Wives Club, President; Outstanding Young Women of America LONG, PATRICIA B.S. Biology and Math LAWRENCE, KATHLEEN L. B.A. English and History; Westminster Fellowship, Vice President; Kappa Delta, Best Pledge; Gamma Beta Phi; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President; Who ' s Who LONG, RANDALL JOSEPH B.S. Business and Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi. Chap- lain LOWE, CAROL B.S. History and English; Transfer South Eastern College; Spires; Chi Alpha LURIE, RODNEY ALLEN B.S. Business and Marketing; Alumni House Coun- cil: Sigma Alpha, Social Chairman LYNN. MARGARET JONES B.S. English and History; Transfer Valdosta State College MACNUTT, JANA B.S. English and Biology MARCUS. LINDA LOUISE B.S. Social Science and History; Transfer Jackson- ville State University; SNEA MARRISON, JOHNNY N. B.S. Social Science, and Historv; AEA; NEA MARSH, DEBORAH B.S. Social Science, and History; Alpha Delta Pi; Cheerleader; Delta Chi White Carnation Girl; SGA Senator; Pace Hall House Council MARSHALL. ROBERT B.S. Business and Marketing MARTIN, JOE A. B.A. Math, English, and History; SGA Senator; Vice President; Basketball, Ambassadors European Tour; NAIA Soloman Award; Who ' s Who; Argonauts, Vice President; Gamma Beta Phi, President; Sophomore Class, President; Alumni Hall Council; Vice Presi- dent; Athletic Policy Committee; Curriculum Com- mittee; Alpha Phi Omega; Dean ' s List MAYO. PATRICIA ANN B.S. English and Music; Phi Mu; Collegiates McCALL. MIRENDA B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu; Social Chair- man. Scholarship Chairman; Collegiates; Pace Hall House Council McCARTHA, WILLIAM PATRICK B.S. Biology and Chemistry; Theta Chi; Circle K McClelland, mary katherine B.S. Social Science and English; Transfer Jeff Davis Jr. College McCORD, WAUTHU B.S. Business and Marketing M. CRACKEN, ROBERT J. B.S. Physical Education and Historv; Physical Edu- cation Majors Club. President; Transfer University of Tampa McDILL, AL B.S. Business and Accounting; Track and Cross Country Mcdonald, Barbara jeanne B.S. Physical Education and English; Alpha Delta Pi. Guard, Executive Council; Standards; Band Majo- rette; WRA, Softball Manager; SNEA, Social Chair- man; HPER McGOUGH. JERRY RONALD B.S. Business and Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi 338 NEWMAN, W. JOE B.S. Business and Marketing; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, Rush Chairman; SGA Senator; Tropoli- tan. Circulation Manager NEWSOME, MAX B.S. Accounting NICHOLS. JULIA B.S. Physical Education and English; Phi Mu, Pledge Chairman. Ritualistic Chairman; Beauty; Collegiate Singers, Sweetheart; HPER Club NICHOLS. MARILYN B.S. Elementary Education NICHOLS. MILDRED NINAS, HARRY R„ II B.S. Accounting and Business Administration; Who ' s Who; Kilpatrick Football Award; Football; Delta Chi; Record Holder, TSU Javelin Throw NORRED, PENNYE B.S. Elementary Education NORRELL, CHARLES B.S. Accounting and Business Administration; Theta Chi NORRIS. MARY MERRILL B.S. Elementary Education; ACE; SNEA NORRIS, SCOOTER B.S. Accounting. Math, Business NORSWORTHY, JERRY B.S. Elementary Education McINNIS, ROSELYN VONCILLE B.S. Psychology, History and Social Science McKEAN, HARVEY F. B.S. Social Science and History; Transfer Universitv of Alabama McMillan, kenneth wayne B.S. Accounting and Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Argonauts; Alumni Judiciary McNAIR, SAMUEL R. B.M.E. Music; MENC; SGA Senator; Wavemen: Band, Co-Secretary. Custodian, Student Director: Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer; Opera Workshop Orchestra; Senior Recital McSWAIN. EARNEST HILTON B.S. Business Administration and Marketing: Delta Sigma Pi: Transfer Chipola Jr. College MEADORS, SANDRA B.S. Social Science, Geography MECKLENBURG, JOHN R. B.S. English and Writing Arts; Tropolitan Sports Ed- itor; Palladium Sports Editor; Sigma Alpha, Presi- dent and Pledge Trainer; Proctor; Circle K; Sports Information Director; Collegiate Singers; Class Offi- cer, Treasurer, Vice President; Intramurals MESSICK, CHARLES B.S. Social Science, Guidance MILES, BARBARA GUIN B.S. Elementary Education MILLER, ROBERT B.S. Business Administration and Marketing MILLSON, JOHN W. B.S. History. Speech, and Business MITCHELL. JERRY L. B.S. Accounting and Business Administration; Sigma Alpha, Vice-President, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Big Brother: Alumni Judiciary MIXON, HENRY B.S. Economics, Business MONEY, ARNOLD REAGAN B.S. Social Science, Business and Psychology; Trans- fer Enterprise State Jr. College MOORES, MADONNA B.S. History and English; WRA; BSU MORRISON, DANIEL L. MOSIER, MARY ELIZABETH B.S. Elementary Education and History; Feature Twirler for Band MULLINS, BRENDA JOYCE B.S. Biology and Physical Science: Biology Club and SNEA MULLINS, WILLIAM B.S. Business Administration and Marketing MURDOCK, JERRY B.S. Social Science and Business Administration NAGLE, EDDIE B.S. Psychology, Business Administration NATION, ROBERT PAUL B.S. Business and Marketing: Transfer Snead Col- lege: Delta Chi: Tennis Team NEAL, WILLIAM BRUCE B.S. Business and Marketing; Tropolitan and Palladi- um Photographer; Judiciary; Theta Chi. House Man- ager, Social Chairman; IFC Representative: Alpha Psi Omega; Inter-Fraternity Council, Secretary and Treasurer NEESE, BYRON WAYNE B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Vice President of Pledge Class NEVELS, SUSAN B.S. Art, History NORTH, GARETH B.S. Business and Marketing NOVOTNY, ELIZABETH JO B.S. Elementary Education; ACE; House Judiciary OPPY, RALPH D. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Circle K, Secretary, President OUSLEY, DANNY L. B.S. Elementary Education, Psychology; Pi Kappa Phi; ACE OVERHULS, FRANK B.S. Math, Physical Science OWENS, ELMER B.S. Business Administration and Accounting OWEN, NINA JO B.S. Social Science, English PAQUETTE, JOSEPH B.S. Business and Accounting PARAMORE, JANICE B.S. Social Science and Counselin g; House Council. Cowart and Clements; Supreme Court Justice; Secre- tary and Treasurer, Women ' s Executive Council PARRISH, EDWIN PATTERSON, LINDA B.S. Elementary Education; BSU Executive Council: ACE; Gardner House Council; Transfer Samford Universitv PEARSON, JULIET B.S. Business Education, and History PEEPLES, RAMONA GARCIA B.S. Elementary Education, Music; Collegiate Sing- ers; Universitv Choir; ACE PELHAM, CHARLES B.S. Business, Marketing 339 PERDUE, SANDRA B.S. Psychology, Social Science and History; Presi- dent, Alpha Delta Pi; Chairman, House Judiciary; Dream Girl, Theta Chi; Psi Lambda PERRY, JUNE S. B.S. Social Science, Business Administration and Psychology PETTIS, WANDA K. B.S. Physical Education, History; WRA; PE Major ' s Club PETTUS, WILLIAM DAVID, JR. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Gavel Club: Transfer Marion Military Institute PETTY, MARGENE STRIPLING B.S. Elementary Education and Art PETTY, RICHARD WALDO B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi PHILLIPS, DENNIS M. B.S. General Business, Business; Transfer Living- ston State PHILLIPS, HELEN B.S. English, Art; WRA, Volleyball Team; Transfer Enterprise State Jr. College PICKARD, LINSON B.S. History, Writing Arts; Second Vice President, Argonauts; Historian, Reporter, Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Who ' s Who PIGMAN, MINIE LOUISE B.S. English, History; WRA, Volleyball; SNEA; Gardner Hall Senator POWE, SHARON EILEEN B.S. Elementary Education; ACE; SNEA POWELL, JERRY DOUGLAS B.S. Business Administration and Accounting; Transfer Patrick Henry Jr. College PRICE, RUDESA B.S. Elementary Education PRICE, ROBERT LAMAR B.S. Business Education, History; Transfer George Wallace Jr. College PRICHETT, BARBARA JO PROCTOR, WILLIAM B.S. Accounting, Business Administration; Vice President, Theta Chi; Transfer Chipola Jr. College PROFFIT, CONSTANCE B.S. Elementary Education PUGH, PAT B.S. Elementary Education PUHL, WAUNETTE THOMPSON B.S. English, History and Psychology; Transfer Pen- sacola Jr. College PURVIS, JOHNNY G. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing, Social Science; Pledge Class President and Social Chair- man, Delta Sigma Pi RABON, OLLIE RABUZZI, CHARLES JERRY B.S. Social Science, History; Wesley Foundation; Trojan Rifles; Young Republican Club RAMAGASSE, JULIE B.S. Art, Business; Secretary, Alpha Psi Omega; Vice President, Playmakers; Transfer L.S.U.N.O. RAY, DIANE B.S. English, History; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who REEDER, JOHNNY HASKELL B.S. Mathematics, Business Administration and His- tory; Transfer Alabama Christian College REGISTER, HILTON HOWELL, JR. B.S. Social Science, English; SNEA; Transfer George Wallace Jr. College REYNOLDS, JAMES RICHARD B.S. Biological Sciences, Psychology, and Geogra- phy; Biology Club REYNOLDS, TIMOTHY B.S. Physical Education, History RODGERS, DAVID EDWIN B.S. Art Education and History; Transfer Southern Union Jr. College; T ennis Team; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President; House Council of Cowart ROSS, LAWRENCE B.S. Physical Education and Social Science SANDERS, JOHNNY W. B.S. Mathematics and Chemistry, Physics; Band; Wavemen; Phi Mu Alpha SANDERS, JOSEPH CARMEL B.S. Chemistry, Math and Physics; Band SANDERS, SUSANNE JOHNSTON B.S. Business Education, History; Wesley Founda- tion; Pledge Director, Chaplain, Phi Mu Alpha SASSER, STANLEY WYATT B.S. Business Administration and Accounting; Argo- nauts; Parliamentarian, Gamma Beta Phi; Senior Vice President, Delta Sigma Pi; Vice President, As- sistant Director, Office Assistant, and House Coun- cil, Dill Hall SAVOLA, JACK B.S. Social Science, Psychology SCHMITZ, SHARON B.S. Physical Education, Biology; Representative, WRA; Women ' s Executive Council; Board of Women Presidents; HPER Club; President, Assist- ant Director, House Council, Gardner Hall; Transfer George Wallace Jr. College SCOTT, SAM LESTER B.S. Physical Education, Biological Science; Physical Education Major ' s Club; Associate Justice, Judiciary Board, Alumni Hall; Transfer Patrick Henry Jr. Col- lege SELLERS, JERRY B.S. Marketing, Business Administration; Argo- nauts; Delta Sigma Pi SEXTON, LINDA HUGHES B.S. Elementary Education SHARPE, REBECCA ANNE B.S. Physical Education, Biology; President, WRA; Physical Education Major ' s Club; Transfer Chipola Jr. College SHARPLESS, BUDDY B.S. Business Administration, Marketing; Argo- nauts; Playmakers; SGA Senator-at-Large, Senator, Dill Hall and Clements Hall; Chairman, Southern University Student Government Association in Ala- bama (SUSGA) SHAW, CAROL B. B.S. Elementary Education; ACE; Secretary- Treasurer, Shackelford Hall; Delta Chi White Carna- tion Girl; Activities Chairman, Kappa Delta SHAW, SANDI B.S. History, English, Religion and Philosophy; Se- cretary-Treasurer, Band; Band Council; Women ' s Gavel Club; MENC; Choir; SGA Student Assistant SNELL, EMMA MAE B.S. Elementary Education; ACE; Social Chairman, SNEA SIMMONS, PATRICIA C. B.S. History, English; Transfer Jefferson Davis Jr. College SIMS, BEN S. B.S. English, History Art; Palladium 340 SINGLETARY, JAMES H. B.S. Business Administration. History SINGLETARY. MARY RUTH B.S. Mathematics. Counseling; BSU Choir: Pace Hall House Council; Gardner Hall House Council. Judici- ary; SGA Senator; Intramural Sports; Who ' s Who SMART, RITA ANN B.S. English and History SMITH, YVONNE SMITH, SYDNEY B.S. Social Science, Biology SMITH. CHERYL J. B.S. Psychology. History, and Social Science SMITH. ELAINE B.S. Art Education and Speech; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Pi; Spires SMITH, JAMES WHITTEIELD. JR. B.M.E. Music; Band: Band President; Phi Mu Alpha. Secretary SMITH, JOHNNY MAC B.S. Sanitary Science: Track Team: Beta Sigma Treasurer; Argonauts, President: Alumni House Council, House Judiciary; SGA Senator: SGA Su- preme Court Justice, Chief Justice; Circle K SNELL, TALLULAH G. B.S. Business Education and English; Transfer Wal- lace Jr. College; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List SNELL. PHILLIP SOLOMON, SUZANNE B.S. English and Speech; SGA Secretary; Panhellen- ic Secretary; Kappa Delta; Circle K Sweetheart; Delta Chi Carnation Girl; Adelphe Honor Society SPIKES, JIMMY B.S. Business and Marketing STABLER, STEVE B.S. Physical Science, Math, Psychology STARNES, BILLIE ANN B.S. Aesthetics and English; Transfer Jefferson State Jr. College; Hamil Hall President. House Council, House Judiciary STEELE, GRADY M. B.S. Business STEVENS. JAMES H. B.S. History and Social Science: Trojan Rifles, Presi- dent STINSON, ANNETTE B.S. Math and Music; Band; Sigma Alpha Iota, Secre- tary; MENC: Who ' s Who STINSON, ELIZABETH ANN B.S. Math, Business Administration, and History STOKES, DOT B.S. English and History; Cowart, President; Colle- giate Singers STOKES, MARTHA SHAW B.S. English and History; SGA Senator; Women ' s Gayel Club; Alpha Delta Pi, Guard, Vice-President STOKES, SAMUEL ISAAC B.S. Social Science, and English; Class Treasurer; Delta Chi Fraternity; Playmakers STRANGE, SARA ANN B.S. Elementary Education STRICKLAND, JO ANN B.S. Social Science and English; Transfer Enterprise Jr. College STl BBS, JUDY B.S. Elementary Education SULLIVAN. DENNIS E. B.S. Art and Art History; Kappa Pi, President: Theta Chi; Who ' s Who; Clements Hall Committee Chair- man; T.S.U. Bridge Club: Tropolitan Cartoonist TAUNTON, J. ALAN B.S. Accounting and Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer TAYLOR. CHARLSIE B.S. English and Social Science; SGA Clerk, Secreta- ry; Kappa Delta, Vice-President TAYLOR, SUE GREEN B.S. Accounting and Business Administration TAYLOR, TIMOTHY R. B.S. History, Business Administration, Philosophy and Religious Studies TERRY, HARRIETT T. B.S. History and English: Transfer Enterprise Jr College; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List TEW, JERRY LAVELLE B.S. Physical Education anil History; Intramural-: Alumni House Council; HPER; Sigma Alpha Frater- nity TEW, STANLEY B.S. Business and Economics THOMPSON, FRANCIS B.S. Math and English; Transfer Vanes State Col- lege; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' - List THOMPSON, MARTHA LAVINIA B.S. Art and English; Transler Columbus College THOMPSON, WILLIAM KEY B.S. Business Administration and Marketing TILLMAN, WILLIAM VANCE TITSHAW, JAMES R. B.S. Business and Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi, Pledge 34 Warden, Acting President; Transfer Piedmont Col- lege. TUCKER, FRANK ALLEN B.S. Social Science and Psychology; Transfer Ala- bama Christian College; Delta Chi, Pledge Counselor and Vice-President; SGA Senator; Kappa Delta Big Brother; Band Color Guard TURNEY, BERTA JEAN B.S. Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation; Col- legiates; ACE; SNEA VICKERS, ELIZABETH B.S. Elementary Education VUCOVICH, JERRY B.S. Business and Marketing WALKER, DAVID B.S. Art Education and History; Pi Kappa Phi; Key and Lamp Award; Kappa Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Argo- nauts; Who ' s Who; Phi Mu Sweetheart; Clements Hall President; IFC Representative; Three Track Re- cords WATKINS, LINDA PUGH B.S. Math and Social Science; Transfer University of Alabama WATSON, ALICE B.S. Elementary Education WEEKS, JERRY LA VON B.S. Math and Speech; House Council; Circle K, Treasurer WELDON, GEORGE A. B.S. Business Administration; Transfer Jefferson State Jr. College WENZEL, RISA B.S. Business Education, English WHATLEY, SAM B.A. English and Historv; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Pi, President; Gamma Beta Phi, President; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President, President; Religious Council WILKINSON, DALE EUGENE B.S. Biology and Physical Science; Transfer Pensaco- la Jr. College; Delta Chi; Beta Sigma WILLIAMS, DUREN M. B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Trans- fer Furman University; Delta Sigma Pi WILLIAMS, JERRY B.S. Business and Marketing 342 WILLIAMS. J. Ml RRAY B.S. Business and Marketing WILLIAMS. PATRICIA ANN B.S. Business Education and Historv: Transfer Wal- lace Jr. College: SNEA WILLIAMS. JAMES B.M.E. Music WILLIAMS. SANDRA B.S. Social Science and Physical Education: Transfer Livingston University WILLIAMSON. PAT B.S. Business Administration. Marketing, and Eng- lish: Gavel Cluh; Delta Sigma Pi WILLIFORD, HENRY WILLIFORD. JOELLEN WILSON. LINDA C. B.S. Business Education and English: Transfer En- terprise Jr. College: Dean ' s List: Kappa Delta Pi WILSON. MARGARET ELAINE B.S. Social Science and Speech; Enterprise Jr. Col- lege WILSON. MARY IDA B.S. Elementary Education: President Student Na- tional Education Assn.: ACE. Vice President WILSON, PHYLLIS POLLARD B.S. Historv and Biology; Gamma Beta Phi: Kappa Delta Pi: Dean ' s List WILSON. RODNEY EUGENE B.S. Math. Business and Historv: Transfer Jeff Davis Jr. College WOLF. PAMELA B.A. English. Spanish, and Historv: Tropolitan Staff, Associate Editor: Pla makers WOODSON. JOHN DANIEL B.S. Business Administration and General Business: Phi Beta Lambda; Alumni House Council: Wesley Foundation: Choir: Opera Workshop; Delta Sigma Pi WOOD, CHARLES WORRELL. ALAN B.S. Business Administration and Marketing; Trans- fer Pensacola Jr. College; Pi Kappa Phi WRIGHT. GLEM) B.S. Math and Business Administration; Adelphes; BSl . President. ice President; Missions Chairman, Freshman Council: Kappa Delta Pi; Spin ' s. Presi- dent; Gamma Beta Phi: W ho ' s Who YELYERTON. GLADYS B.S. Music: Transfer Enterprise Jr. College; SNEA YOUNG, JANET B.M.E. Music Education: Transfer Gulf Coast Jr. ( Al- lege; Sigma Alpha Iota. President: Alpha Psi Omega. Membership Committee; Collegiates, Secretary; ( lam- pus Beautv; Who ' s Who; Lead Role in LA BOHEME and ODD COl ' PLE ZORN. CARL B.S. Psychology. Biology, and Social Science 34: Advertisements 34! TROY IS PROUD OF TROY STATE UNIVERSITY Mayor David D. Conrad Commissioners James E. Ray and G. A. Gibbs 346 Jud Colley Jr. Judson Colley MARY CHEVROLET CO. Chevrolet Cadillac Oldsmobile Sales and Service 507 North Three Notch Street 566-2740 34 I. vlH 9HHRHHHMHI - %J L I ■» W ■M Judge Ben Reeves S. E. Green A. L. (Pat) Boyd S. A. Graham Jim West Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner District 2. District 1. District 3. District 4. Our Sincere Thanks to the Students, Faculty and Staff of Troy State University for Your Many Contributions to Pike County. PIKE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS COURT Pike County, Alabama 348 Stan ton ' s where fashions begin Stanton ' s a p easanf place to shop Shop the STANTON ' S tiQzreQt you — • Troy • Sylzcaugz • AndaluQia 349 LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 307 Elm Street 566-2141 CONNOR-FLOYD MILLWORKS INC. Incorporated Specializing in Commercial Millwork South Three Notch Road 566-4264 WAYNE POULTRY CO. a division of ALLIED MILLS INC. South Three Notch Road 350 566-0840 " Plymouth makes it " PIKE PLYMOUTH 400 North Three Notch Street 566-3102 CITY DRUGS 400 Parlane Shopping Center We Deliver 566-3180 400 Free Parking Spaces • Prescriptions • Sickroom Supplies • Baby Needs • Max Factor Cosmetics • Yardley Cosmetics • Coty Perfumes Faberge Cosmetics • Greeting Cards • Whitman ' s Candies • Color Film Processing Tape Players 4 and 8 Track Tapes Gam Green fet Jake Doty Serving You With Fine Things for Your Home for Over 90 Years WOOD FURNITURE CO. 200 South Market Street 566-0907 TROY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. all lines of insurance Troy Bank Trust Company Building HOLMAN JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHER 1 33 North Three Notch Street 566-4588 WISE OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. complete office outfitters THE GIFT MART Gifts for All Occasions Hallmark Cards WISE OFFICE SUPPLY 566-3790 GIFT MART 566-4752 LEFTY ' S PLACE Keep Lefty " Green " on 231 VARSITY BARBER SHOP Open 7:30 am — 5:30 pm Every Day Except Sunday and Monday 415 South Brundidge Street " SAM THE BARBER " 352 r T TROY BANK TRUST COMPANY — Banking to Make a Better Community — Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 300 North Three Notch Street 566-1490 353 HOWARD ' S GRAND-BURGERS • Drive-In • Dining Room • 566-1984 Your Order Will be Ready Intersection of U.S. Hwy. 231 By-Pass and Elba Hwy. TIRES FEED FERTILIZER SEED PIKE FARMERS CO-OP, INC. Owned by Those We Serve 566-1834 Luverne Highway in Troy LUMBER Wholesale and Retail Pulpwood and Saw Timber GREEN WOOD PRODUCTS, INC. Luverne Highway — Troy 566-0113 354 showplace of fashion FASAREE OF TROY 1006 South Brundidge Street 566-3748 HARRY BAKER the JEWELER 1 1 2 North Three Notch Street 566-1585 KELLY ' S Since 1941 • B. F. Goodrich • Kelvinator • Motorola HOUR RECAPPING Where Your Business Is Appreciated the Most • TROY • BRUNDIDGE FARMER ' S MERCHANT ' S INSURANCE COMPANY For All Your Insurance Needs See Mrs. Betty W. King 62 South Court Square Troy Dial 566-2644 DIANA SHOPS 71 w 5 s 4 ; 2 Square MODERN CLEANERS 2 LOCATIONS • 509 S. Brundidge St Call 566-2892 • 204 Walnut St. Call 566-0277 FIRST FARMERS MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF TROY The Bank With a Plan for Your Future Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 566-2270 Member Federal Reserve System Troy, Alabama 357 TRAILERS MOBILE HOMES TRAILER PARK WE RENT - BUY - SELL BANK FINANCING TERMS L. L. DOZIER Office Next to Gulf Station Intersection of George Wallace Drive and U.S. Hwy. 231 566-3807 " the family clothing store " WALTER ' S CLOTHING STORE 109 South Three Notch Street 566-1216 PIKE PROPANE GAS AND APPLIANCE CO. • We Sell . . . • We Service . . . All Gas Appliances 566-1340 Day 566-4048 Night U.S. Hwy. 231 - Troy CAFE ON THE SQUARE Try Total Performance FORD OFcC PHIL ADAMS MOTOR CO. 3 1 2 North Three Notch Street 566-3400 CARTER RAY distributor of PURE OIL Products Bulk Station on Luverne Hwy. in Troy 566-3370 358 J. C. Harden, Lisa Harden, Dale Harden, Alfred Harden BARBER PURE MILK COMPANY J. C. HARDEN AND SONS Producer and Distributor PIKE COUNTY ' S ONLY LOCAL DAIRY " 5 1 5 Second Avenue 566-3112 35 ROSENBERG ' S Troy ' s Best Department Store TROY BILLIARD HALL 104 North Three Notch Street — clean, wholesome recreation — Quality First That ' s the Difference at BILLS CLEANERS 3 1 2 Academy Street, Troy Phone 566-1207 MOTES FURNITURE COMPANY 106 North Three Notch Street Phone 566-0833 " complete home furnishings " SYNCO DRUGS prescription specialists we fill all Doctor ' s prescriptions REVLON COSMETICS 200 North Three Notch Street Phone 566-2610 360 O F AMERI C A WELCOME TO TROY HOME OF CHAMPIONS SOUND OF THE SOUTH U.S. Highway 231 at Intersection of U.S. Highway 29 RESTAURANT 566-1150 LOUNGE 361 Sparkling . . . t lavo r ful . . . distinctive 1 Miller High Life ALLSTATE BEVERAGE COMPANY, INC. fegjjfcy flr ' iMiiii1ilifc 1 mjii il Th T e Champagne of Bottle BEER )££ distributors MILLER HIGH LIFE JIM INGRAM TAILOR DRY CLEANER " for your every cleaning need " Phone 566-1774 Pickup and Delivery Service 1 09 Market Street Best Wishes From Nelson and Mittie Frances Jones BAMBOO RESTAURANT LOUNGE On the By-Pass — Troy For All Your Parts Needs See the Man From G.A.P. GENUINE AUTO PARTS COMPANY, INC. Phone 566-3301 BILLY JINRIGHT 310 Oak Street JIMMY JINRIGHT TROY SUPER SERV and KEY ' S BAIT TACKLE " prompt service day or night " On the By-Pass — Troy LAWRENCE HARDWARE 56 East Court Square Phone 566-0688 RLO GUTHRIE LICE S ftCSTAu ' KANT 1 I ■■■■■■ ' I ■■■ THE STALITP DRIVE-IN THEATRE SEE A GOOD MOVIE TONIQH1 MOVIES ARE YOUR BEST ENTERTAU H! it GIBSON ' S GULF SERVICE U-HAUL 400 South Three Notch Street Phone 566-2855 TROY ONE-HOUR CLEANERS " DRIVE-IN " 204 North Three Notch Street " We Appreciate Your Business " THE BRANDING IRON MOTEL AND RESTAURANT On the By-Pass Troy, Ala. JUST THE PLACE FOR GOOD FOOD AND CONVERSATION SAVE! Save Money on Name Brand Shoes and First Class Shoe Repairs MOONEYHAM ' S CANCELLATION SHOES 60 South Court Square 566-372 36 THE APOTHECARY Prescription Service 314 West Walnut Street $66-3620 LEON ' S Troy ' s Finest Style Shop 67 West Court Square QuaLLtu m £z POWELL PRINTING COMPANY dommttclaL CPxinbinq -- tDffias SufiJ2Liti. PHONE 566-4190 CECIL C. POWELL P. O. BOX 303 TROY, ALA. B. M. GREEN JAMES PINCKARD Real Estate Insurance 1016 South Brundidge Street 566-3142 Troy RITE PRICE FURNITURE APPLIANCES INC. • Furniture • Television • Appliances RCA VICTOR - WHIRLPOOL 1 004 South Brundidge Street 566-3310 MEEKS TERMITE PEST CONTROL Complete Termite and Pest Control • Home Owned and Operated • Call 566-1222 Charlie Meeks - the " BUG MAN " 364 " THE CLEAN AIR VEHICLES " L. P. GAS SERVICE COMPANY, INC. • Metered Gas Service • Propane Gas and Appliances 1 500 North Three Notch Street 566-1670 P.O. Box 450 Troy, Alabama Headquarters for Automotive Parts and Supplies TROY AUTO PARTS, INC. 201 Walnut Street 566-3210 MARCUM OIL COMPANY Distributor AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTS U.S. Hwy. 231 566-279C The Whoppaburger 304 Madison Street 566-0601 " It ' s a Meal on a Whoppa Bun " — Phone Your Order In — 36! WTBF TROY 970 On Your Radio Dial In Step With Today ' s Modern Radio WHALEY LUMBER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 225 Madison Street, Troy FASHION KLEAN CLEANERS " Just a little bit better — than the best " Across From the Post Office Phone 566-2074 MRS. GEORGE (Christine) GILMORE, JR. ROYAL TIRE SERVICE, INC. 301 North Three Notch Street Phone 566-1140 366 — a great name in clothing NEWMAN ' S MENS SHOP " Suits the South " 1 1 6 North Three Notch Street Phone 566-0557 O ' NEAL MOTORS Dodge • Chrysler • Dodge Trucks 2 1 2 Academy Street, Troy Phone 566-1624 367 BOYD £s PORTER INSURANCE APPLIANCES BOYD AND PORTER, INC. • household appliances • housewares 66 West Court Square • gifts • insurance 566-0781 TROY MAID BAKERY Fresher by at least 50 miles " YOUR EVERY BAKERY NEED PIKE COUNTY ' S ONLY BAKERY 1 1 7 East Elm Street 566-2663 FOOD TOWN GREEN ' S DRUGS 607 North Three Notch Street 566-4740 RED WHITE FOOD TOWN 1007 South Brundidge Street 566-4060 368 RED WAVE dari-delite DRIVE-INS U.S. 231 By-Pass Open 1 A.M. - 1 P.M. 7 Days a Week 556-3165 566-3241 W. C. Watkins Buy the best... buy ffixAcq] BLACK BOTTS OIL CO., INC. Distributor TEXACO PRODUCTS L. Q. JOHNSTON REPAIR SHOP, INC. AIR-CONDITIONING MOTOR REWINDING REFRIGERATOR REPAIRS 1 07 Madison Street 566-1373 RED BERRY CITY BEVERAGE CO 3 1 7 Love Street 566-2434 369 this space reserved for REX ' S RESTAURANT Jim Barnette TROY MOTOR COMPANY • PONTIAC • BUICK 231 By-Pass • GMC • OPEL KADETT 566-1890 ' fad 1« fy Qomtf Congratulations From the Friendly Folks at • 23 Varieties • Made Fresh Daily U.S. Highway 231 566-0626 When It ' s Flowers Be Sure They ' re Ours JEAN ' S FLOWERS AND GIFTS Phone 566-2480 370 HOW. Madison The Smart Place To Go... i oc Good Thirtos lb Eflt In " Sfay-Fresh Plastic Bags COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY Hi-Way 80 West and Newcomb St. Montgomery, Alabama the " eight-hour " loaf 371 the NEW ELMORE ' S Parklane Shopping Center 2 Convenient Locations in Troy 54 104 $1 ELMORE 54 104 $1 Court Square Downtown Troy " Where Shoppina is Pkssm 372 THE the college girls store in Troy 6Aw4 u On the Corner of the Square SHOPPE 566-4501 ;•• HENDERSON, BLACK GREENE, INC. hardware and building materials building contractors 110 Pike Street 566-4133 Troy, Alabama 373 ■ ' -- i j » . 1 1 ii i w w wj i n; ! j . . .; jfWM w wgwijii ia THE TROY QUARTERBACK CLUB salutes the RED WAVE and COACH BILLY ATKINS grimes MOTEL RESTAURANT U.S. Hwy. 231 566-1630 _r SINCE 1859 EVERYTHING IS ' TO SATISFY - OR MONEY BACK! L. H. CHAPMAN Distributor Gulf Oil Products Troy, Alabama AUTO PARTS • TOOLS ACCESSORIES DISCOUNT Never Undersold STAPLETON Health and Beauty Aids a smmv m inm 604 North Three Notch Street 566-0640 3 tO ? C7 jave STORES 80 North Court Square 566-9877 374 Who built the world ' s largest brewery? _• ' J • •_ B __7 - _fci. € ••»» •• • _____ v . ■•• . weise G «. M ft fc. E » , _ fJ fV 4j tft I . AND BOTTLED BY i _TAmpa. ■ 1 L CITY BEVERA BILL HORN You did. (and we thank Earthmoving, Logging, Landscaping and Materials Handling Equipment ANDERSON TRACTOR CO. U.S. Hwy. 231 566-4181 CUSTOM BUILT TRUCK BODIES Mobile Health Clinics Special Purpose Units ALUMINUM VAN BODIES WALK-IN VANS PICK-UP TOPPERS FIELD TEST LABORATORY UNITS LYNCOACH TRUCK CO. 566-4330 231 By-Pass— Troy INGRAM ' S CURB MARKET Open 6 A.M. — 10 P.M. Seven Days a Week 101 Fairview Street 566-2593 RAY GIBSON SAWMILL FERTILIZERS TOOLS LAWN MOWERS LAWN AND GARDEN SUPPLIES WHALEY FARM SUPPLY Old Fairground 566-1394 208 South Oak Street 566-3524 HER MAJESTY SHOPPE 376 566-0936 WILMA ' S BEAUTY SALON 1114 South Brundidge Street 566-2 1 92 WYAOOSYAOOB Dallas Distributing Company Wholesale Distributors of Malt Beverages BYRD DRUG COMPANY 81 North Court Square Phone 566-0100 SHOP SEARS : SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY 600 North Three Notch Street Telephone — 566-4300 THE DAILY MESSENGER Serving Troy and the Pike County Area: Banks, Goshen, and Brundidge for 103 Years INGRAM ' S RESTAURANT GRADY and MARGARET INGRAM " good Southern cooking " U.S. Hwy. 231 By-Pass at U.S. 29 566-4234 377 HEATING INC. Cooling Equipment Installations • Repairs • Contracts 1 5 North McDonough Street Montgomery, Alabama Representatives BUTCH CAUTHEN - SANDRA BRADLEY |HHH T TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made "

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