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fe 1RAWES ItiP 1969 Palladium 1969 PaEadram 1969 Falladiiam 1969 Falladiran H Palladknin 1969 Falladinm 1969 Palladium! 1969 3F 1969 Palladium Troy State University Troy, Alabama Vol. 57 Chuck Smith — Editor Bob Goss — Business Manager CONTENTS . BOOKS FOR OUR MEN Til College Life 18 Organizations 124 Academics 202 Advertising 338 Then suddenly From a world Of our own We were thrust Into a hectic Land of Study Thought Laughter . . . r Of Rushing from one place To another. We talked With an old friend Or met a new one. And sometimes, we slept. We changed — Amid the seasons of our minds. nHHins Time to romp Through the winter ' s First chill And hear shouts Of activity Through the Cold, crisp air. w 1 1 I? To scream As we cheer Our team On to victory. Or feel The warmth Of a lasting friendship. 13 14 We shared our hopes, Thoughts and dreams Of a future away From the world of Study and classrooms. 15 m ' 3 •, : • • 9¥ " 16 ' ■v- I A world where we Could add our own Share of knowledge To that accumulated by Generations past . . . . . . And find Ourselves in the Reflections of Others. 18 COLLEGE LIFE Personalities 65 Sports 91 19 Personality Adds Variety to University Life Perhaps the most unique part of life on a university campus is the variation among the personalities of its students. Though students are constantly thrown together in residence halls and classrooms, they maintain that cer- tain something that makes an individual. Troy State offers a student a training ground for the many facets of life. Activities and student recreational facilities provide a link to the network of new ideas which attach today with plans for tomorrow. Always ready to receive a helping hand. People become wrapped up in their interests Ray Charles provided a change of pace at the SGA sponsored shew 20 Coeds add that extra something that keeps the girl watchers looking on. ' For all the world ' s a stage ' ' and each has his own part to play. 21 Hectic Activity Fills the First Week at TSU Endless lines, tedious information forms, and constant wait- ing are all a part of a student ' s first week at Troy State Uni- versity. Newly entering freshmen begin their orientation, while older students reorient themselves to life on the university ' s campus. Pictures must be made and fees must be paid, but the ending of the first frantic week pays off with excitement and the joy of being in the element of a beehive of activity which is part of university life. 1 PLEASE LEAVE LUGGAGE IN CAR UNTIL YOUR ROOM IS ASSIGNED I Signs are provided in various places to aid students. New Students begin to move to their newly assigned rooms. 22 Tired students and weary staff members struggle through registration once again. Endless numbers of forms must be completed. A new student pauses briefly to have her yearbook picture made. Slowly moving lines are still yet another inconvenience. 23 Students and Alumni Join Homecoming Festivities Troy State Homecoming 1968 was a colorful experience for stu- dents and quests at the University. The parade and game were splashed with the color of excitement. The rallies and parties were dashed with the tint of expectation. The week ' s events included a dance, parade, and pep rally. Home- coming was a time when students tightened the ties of fellowship. Alumni returned to blend the color of the past with the tones of today. • vfif -iiii ■Unt o Homecoming Queen, Ginger Creel and her attendants Celia Hutcheson and N ' aomi Heller, greet excited crowds during the parade. A record crowd cheers the Red Wave on to an easy victory over Concord. 24 Kappa Delta has the winning float for sorority entries. Homecoming attendant, Diddy Hardin, receives flowers from MacDowel Lee. 25 Bustling Activity and Color Make Homecoming Memorable Much time and effort went into the preparation of homecoming displays and floats. Students put forth an all-out effort to make this year ' s homecoming the most colorful in the university ' s history. Floats and residence hall exhibits were judged for originality and theme. Combined efforts produced noteworthy symbols of enthusiasm which urged the team to victory. Willing hands make paper mache for individual floats and displays. Fingers grow tired and stiff from stuffing chicken wire. Residents of Gardner Hall put List minute touches on their entry in the display competition. 26 £ 4fc fc fW OTLi Delta Chi Fraternity enlists feminine aid in constructing their Trojan horse. During Homecoming week a " date " may mean helping to build a float. Members of Alpha Delta Pi work long, late hours to complete their float before parade time. Clements Hall men begin construction on a giant football player for their display. 27 Phi Mu fraternity is expecting a victory. Dill Hall ' s entry is the winning one for men ' s residence hall displays. 28 Sigma Alpha fraternity says wipe out the Mountain Lions. Appreciation Activities Attract Record Crowd The final blaze of homecoming festivities brought light to the obvious efforts of many to produce a successful homecoming week. Students engulfed the campus with the color of spirit. The floats and victory cheers kindled excitement over the campus. The theme was " Now " and the conquering zeal of the University ' s students pushed expectations to a new high. A parade of exuberance passed in review for thousands of onlookers. The festivities of the week were more special than usual because this was the first homecoming which Troy State experienced with its newly obtained status as a University. A replica of a Concord player is escorted to the gallows where he will be hanged. 29 Wave Drowns Bearcats in NAIA Semi-final Game Danny Grant picks up another first down after pulling in a pass from Byrd. T« 30 The Wave offense is on the move with G.irv Loggins and Richard Brooks leading the way for Cecil Barber Troy Faces Texas A I for NAIA Championship • A B jarring tackle delivered by Larry Groce and a fumble recovery paved the vay for another Red Wa e score. Finishing the regular season with a 9-1 record the Red Wave was ranked number four in the National Associa- tion of Intercollegiate Athletics ratings. They were invited to play in the semi-final championship game which was held in Montgomery ' s Crampton Bowl. Willamette Uni- versity of Salem. Oregon, the number three team in the NAIA ratings, was selected as the Wave ' s opponent. The passing and running attack of Coach Atkins ' team seemed to stun the Bearcats as the Red Wave jumped to an early lead in the first quarter. During the second and third quarters the lead was widened and the final score of 63-10 gave Troy a berth in the NAIA national champion- ship game. Thirty-nine yards gained and a broken shoulder were the of Enslen ' s spectacular fingertip catch. result Troy ' s first score resulted from Cecil Barber ' s 53 yard run 31 Red Wave No. 1 - Wins NAIA National Championshi] Another point on the way as Randy Hicks piled up 9 extra points to break NAIA record during the Willamette game. Only one more step to six more points as Vince Greene takes a Sim Byrd pass to the end zone 32 With 43-35 Defeat Over Texas A I University The Red Wave returned t o Crampton Bowl this time to face the Javelinas of Texas A I Uni- versity. The NAIA national championship was at stake as the Wave faced, without a doubt, their toughest opponent. In a see-saw scoring battle during the first half Troy State got on the scoreboard first, but the A I team soon evened the score. At the end of the first half the record crowd of over 15,000 saw the score tied 21-21. In the second half it was Troy all the way, with the passing attack of Sim Byrd working perfectly. The game ended with A I trying valiantly to catch the Red Wave, which had amassed an eight point lead, 43-35. Nineteen NAIA championship game records were broken or tied during the play-off. Sim Byrd was voted the most outstanding backfield man and line- man honors went to Doug Taylor. The Red Wave defensive strength is shown as Don Hatcher throws Javelina quarterback Karl Douglas for a loss. Ronnie Shelly heads back up field with one of his three pass interceptions which set an NAIA championship game record. 33 Dynamic Pep Squad Cheers Teams to Victory Each year Troy State University ' s cheerleaders spur our teams to victory with great vigor; this year ' s cheer- leaders did even more than usual to promote an ex- uberant atmosphere at all games. Troy ' s cheerleading squad participates not only at football games, but also at basketball games during the year. Cheerleaders lead the spirited atmosphere of pep rallies and boost our teams at games played on and away from the campus. Troy ' s cheerleaders take pride in the aspects of good sportsmanship; in victory or de- feat they maintain unlimited spirit and help raise morales to a new high. Dianne Adams and Twyla Ellis take a break during one of Troy State ' s basketball games. Cheerleaders: Ginger Payne, Floyd Johnson, Twyla Ellis, John Kluttz, Jackie Coker, Butch Cauthen, and Dianne Adams. WW- N mm 1 Bff3B DU IV L mm BsT E 9 o l mK mm r WWW- KHBP ■H £K] ■ 9 wL Hj . v rW? Wm - ' mW Cheerleaders: Twyla Ellis, John Klutt , viewers in the stadium. Dianne Adams perform a stunt for 34 r- 9 fir r ' l SS ■ • I y ; HH 1 ■ ' is «v HRXZ ' S fH • |to 1 r Cheerleader Ginger Payne leaps in a cheer for Troy State ' s team. Flovd Johnson and Jackie Coker practice a stunt. 111! III! till :::r ■ ill ■ ill Troy State ' s cheerleaders participated in many parades during the year; here they are shown riding in front of the state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. « All Paths Eventually Lead to the Student Center One can always tell where the action is in a uni- versity, because all paths lead to the student center. Troy State University provides students with a cafe- teria, post office, book store, and activity center, all under the roof of one building; Smith Hall also houses Troy State ' s music department and the University ' s auditorium. Few students complete a day without, at some time, entering the student center. There are letters to be mailed, and friends to meet; the day ' s activities are summed up with the hum of conversation. Memos are posted on bulletin boards and various school organizations hold their meetings within the confines of Smith Hall. Here, too, are located the offices of the University ' s yearbook, newspaper, and student government association, and the office of Student Affairs. Students meet in the Student Center to discuss activities of the day with friends The Center is a place where friends can eat and converse among themselves. | C - — i During all hours of the day you will find the Student Center bustling with excitemenl and action 36 Students rush to the counter after eight thirty classes for cokes, coffee or egg sandwiches. A quiet moment in a corner of the Student Center. 37 Many Male Students Choose Off-Campus Living Many Troy State Students, especially the male factor, live off-campus. Through the cooperation of the Dean of Men ' s office, these students are al- lowed to live in approved student housing. Through the cooperation of the Dean of Men ' s of- fice, these students are allowed to live in approved student housing. Approval of off-campus living hinges on the fact that students must adhere to all campus regulations concerning non-residents. Ry living off-campus a student is given a new awareness of his independence and is faced with the inevitable situation of self-sufficiency. Off-campus living also offers more social activity and a chance for self-expression and creativity in the furnishing and decoration of apartments. One .id tange of off-campus Using is that pets may be kept in apartments. Mike Boisclair catches up on his washing and studying during a spare moment in the washateria. 38 Johnny Hatcher, Fred Gouge and Jem Scarborough o mb their yearbook for date possibilities. Music soothes the " savage minds " of these typical off-campus dwellers from TSU Jason Houk caught in a rare moment of studying. For some, anything is better than the dining hall food. 39 Combining Marriage and Study Proves Beneficial Young married students enter Troy State as a new frontier not only of learning, but also of learning to live in the co-relationship of married life and educa- tion. The education received does not always end in the classroom. Married students at the University are offered cam- pus housing, and housing locations are found through- out the city of Troy. No matter if the home is a pent- house apartment or a small, confining trailer, the end result can be home sweet home with the proper plan- ning. The blending of education and domestic life can result in a better grade of scholars and quality points in marriage. Billy and Peggy Davis enjoy the leisure of their off-campus apartment in Troy. Living in the barracks apartments, Faye and Bruce Kies are within easy access of their classes. 40 Bill Davis observes as his wife Peggy slaves away at the sink. Bruce Kies works on his assignment for Practice Teaching in his campus apartment. . ' T ' t I $ ♦ ♦ Time must be delegated for study if married life is to allow for an education. Faye Kies finds time to keep her apartment in order and pre- pare for class assignments as a part of married life. Alumni Hall residents relax with a game of cards in the recreation area. Inevitably the grind begins, and studying must come some- time. As desk-girl in Cowart, Bonnie Richburg is beset by communication problems. 42 Residence Halls Provide Friendly Atmosphere Lasting relationships and friendships are formed during one ' s years in residence at Troy State University. Residence halls provide a friendly atmosphere and modern conveniences to all students who choose to live on campus. Rooms must be kept clean and regulations must be followed, but the total experience of community living is well worth the limitations involved. Life at a university provides a new awareness of individualism and through companionship new friendships are established which may continue on a lifetime- basis. Troy State ' s residence halls provide not only proper sleeping and study facilities, but also ample recreational needs. Tele- vision viewing is open to all residents, and refreshment centers are housed within each building. Keeping one ' s room clean is one of the necessities of dorm living, as Mark ade has discovered. fl ..- j Bob Comander finds time between studies for magazine perusal. Diane Folsom, Janice Bowdoin, Claudine Bowdoin, and Sue Barkett enjoy a Sunday night snack in the dorm. 43 Commuting Students Comprise a Large Portion A steering wheel becomes a prop for a studying commuter. " And Wings of Angels fly thee to thy rest. ' The long dreaded hunt for a parking space soon becomes a tedious task. Sometimes a car becomes a community study center, more comfortable than a desk. 44 )f Troy State ' s Total Enrollment Each year Troy State University ob- tains a higher enrollment of commuting students. These students face problems entirely different from those who ob- tain on-campus residence. An automobile becomes a combined lunchroom and study hall, with much of the same qualities of a dormitory room. A commuting student must hustle to find a parking place and make his classes on time. As he steers his way through his studies, he is sometimes forced to rise with the sun and return home with the gray of dusk. Miles mount within each week ' s time as knowledge winds its way through a com- muter ' s journey in education. One ' s car becomes a make-shift study hall. Overcrowded parking lots emphasize the need for better parking facilities. 45 Perry Joyner is employed in the campus Bookstore as a student worker. Campus Jobs Offer Students Financial Assistance Many students at TSU would be unable to attend the university if it were not for the job opportunities which are afforded them through student employment. Students are offered a variety of worthwhile jobs, which, in some cases, will benefit them in the future. Job offerings range from student assistants for teachers to library assistants. Jobs are also available in the post office and cafeterias. These students are given special assistance in payment of expenses through this job system and are allowed to arrange their working schedules to follow their class schedules. Jobs are available with the Physical Plant of the University. 46 Glenda Wright has the job of keeping the University Scrapbook up to date. Larry Lawhon is one of the student workers for the printing department. Cleo Bedsole works in the snack bar of the Student Center. Tommy Burrough works in the Graphics Department of the TSU Library. Cathy Johnston is one of the many students employed as a student secretary. 47 Music Man ' Acclaimed Outstanding Success The Music Department ' s Opera Workshop, under the direction of Mr. William Snyder, pre- sented Meredith Wilson ' s " Music Man " in Feb- ruary. The production featured the largest cast ever assembled for a musical at Troy State. The orchestra was directed by Mr. John Long. Featured in the lead roles were Drusilla Crosby and Pete Helms. Sets for the play were designed by James Warren, and Paula Rush did the choreography. Jane Drake served as stu- dent director. Freida Crumple and Maria Bigot rehearse for their parts as River City citizens. Professor Hill, Pete Helms, is confronted by the ladies of River City, who question his credentials. « M — i x v olAfllE 48 As Professor Harold Hill, Pete Helms tries to win the favor of the townspeople and to convince them that he is legitimately a hand director. Music Man " featured many chorus numbers such as this presentation of Pete Helms sings to Drusilla Crosby, who played the part of Iowa Stubborn. " the librarian. Cindy Westberry. the Mayor ' s wife, is leading the " Wa-Tan-Ye Girls " in a dance number at the July 4th Celebration. The entire company joined in the singing of Wells Fargo Wagon " as the band instruments arrived. 49 Little Anthony and the Imperials were presented for the Big Name Entertainment during Winter Quarter. 50 The Student Go ernment Association brought The Lettermen to Troy for Sprint; Quarter entertainment. Concerts Each Quarter Bring Three Big Names Each year the Student Government Association sponsors Big Name Entertainment programs during each quarter. For fall quarter the SGA sponsored Ray Charles. Mr. Charles was presented in concert to a capacity audience. The winter quarter show presented Little Anthony and the Imperials. This was the second time that this group was part of the year ' s entertainment at Troy. The Lettermen were on the campus for the spring quarter Big Name Entertainment. This group had also previously appeared at Troy. Little Anthony and the Imperials made a return appearance to Troy this year. The Ray Charles Concert proved to be an exciting night of entertainment at Troy. 51 In the month of January the Lyceum Committee presented the Ballet America in a folk ballet. Varied Lyceum Programs Give School Year Sparkle As in each year, the Lyceum Committee brought top name entertainment to the campus of Troy State. Committee mem- bers selected a variety of programs to offer a diverse presenta- tion for this year. In October, the Committee featured a return engagement for Jack and Sally Jenkins. They sang selections from the field of popular music. Also featured in October was the Mobile Symphony Orchestra. General Thomas A. Lane spoke on the situation of the world today from a military standpoint in the month of Janu- ary, and, also in that month the Committee presented the Ballet America, a dancing company of forty-five members. The Ballet Amend featured offstage lyrics, which were projected over the sound system. General Thomas A. Lane spoke to University students on world military tactics. E2 During Fall Quarter the Playmakers presented Truman Capote ' s " The Grass Harp. Playmaker Productions Were ' Grass Harp ' and ' JET Cast members are seen in the production of the " Grass Harp " by the Play- makers. The Playmakers of Troy State produced several plays during the year on the campus of the univer- sity. The Playmakers Club is composed of students who excel in the field of dramatic interpretation. This organization is responsible for many of the productions which are presented at Troy. Among the featured attractions during the year were productions of " The Grass Harp, " by Tru- man Capote and " J. B., " by Archibald MacLeish. The Playmakers are under the direction of Mr. Jack Solomon. A Class Experimentation production featured the play " Man) Moons. " The Playmakers presented " The Royal Hunt of the Sun " during last year at Troy State. 53 Steve Bell played Mr. Nickles in the production of " JB. " Cleon Justice and Susan Dowling had leading parts in the Capote play, " The Grass Harp. ' Dennis Monaghan displayed his acting ability in " JB " during Winter Quarter. 54 Mary Parish was acclaimed for her acting in the production of " The Lesson. " " The Grass Harp " featured Andy Hill in a Playmaker presentation during the Fall. Linda Catrett, Bobby Magarino and Tom Henderson in " Many Moons. " Dennis Monaghan is shown in the win- ter production of " JB. " A 55 w A student assistant directs the male members of the Collegiate Singers. Many rehearsals are necessary before members are ready for a performance. Membership is limited to thirty women and thirty men. 56 Collegiate Singers Represent Best Vocal Talent Troy State University ' s Collegiate Singers arc under the direction of Dr. Charles V. Farmer. The group has made many tours and has been featured at several concerts dur- ing the year. The Singers performed for a Homecoming Concert, in a Concert for the Future Teachers of America and also for a Christmas Program on WSFA and WTVY television stations. The Collegiate Singers were also featured in a Christmas program for Mutual Radio. Student director for the Collegiates is David Willis. Membership is limited to sixty members and these positions must be earned through try-outs in the fall of each academic year. Members of the Collegiate Singers practice every afternoon in Smith Hal Choir members are directed by student assistant, David Willis. 57 Inauguration Trip Highlights Band ' s Many Activities Troy State ' s band appeared on national television this year and was invited to partic- ipate in the half-time festivities of many non-university games, such as the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. A highlight of the band ' s activities for the year was an invitation to play in the Inaugural Parade for the new President in Washington, D.C. Troy ' s band was the only one in the state of Alabama to be in- vited to take part in this parade. Band members were given the oppor- tunity not only to march in the parade, but also to tour Washington, its museums and public attractions. There was much time for relaxation before the band arrived in the nation ' s Capitol. Band members load the bus before the long trip to Washington. ilk ' fe r 58 Band members are shown marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. PRESIDENIIAL MIDNIGHT JANUARY 19 TO MIDNIGHT JANUARY 20 1969 INAUGURATION Special signs lined the streets in Washington for the Presidential Inauguration. Band members lined up at the busses before the long march in Washington. At the front of the Sound of the South a sign was carried to salute Mr. Winton M. Blount, the newly selected Postmaster General of the United States from Alabama. Ni nsylvania Avenue was the ie of the historic parade. Head majorette, Annette Colley. consults with others before the parade- begins. 59 ' Sound of South ' Continues Thrilling Thousands Troy State University has a sound in its band, which the South can be proud of. Mr. John M. Long directs the Univer- sity ' s Sound of the South band with an individualistic talent which serves to put the group in an excellent rating in the state and the nation. Through its many tours and representations in parades the band has given Troy State a reputation of merit. The band not only makes numerous public appearances throughout the year, but also has several recordings of marching and concert com- positions. Band members work hard to present precision performances before the public. Practice is evident in their pace setting presen- tations. Wavette, Kay Farris, struts to the Sound of the South. The band ' s color guard performs a precision drill. 60 ffiitf The band is seen marching in front of the state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama Director, John Long, during practice. Band members spent many hours in practice before games and performances. 61 Forty-five Co-eds Vie for Campus Beauty Spots Five young women of Troy state were chosen as Campus Beauties in a pageant held in the latter part of November. The campus Beauty Pageant was sponsored by the PALLA- DIUM. Girls chosen as the five beauties and also the five runners-up for beauties appear in the personalities section of the yearbook. Girls were sponsored by clubs and organizations on campus. A panel of three judges chose the winners from a group of forty-five girls. This year ' s pageant was directed by co-chairmen Bob Goss, and Ben Sims. Music was furnished by Dr. Carl Vollrath and entertainment featured Rod Henly and the In Crowd and the University Dancers. Master of Ceremonies was Rex Bryan. Somehow a frenzied and nervous group of girls walked before the judges in calm demeanor. A last minute practice before the real contest began. Judges Jim Robbins, Steve Neshum, and Madalyn Smith picked five top beauties from forty-five girls. 62 A pause before the judges before the final de- cision. All shared in the excitement as the final decision of the judges was announced. Behind the scenes the tension was mounting before the girls began their parade before the judges. 63 Greek Week Celebration Ushers in Spring Under the direction of the Inter-Fraternity and Panhcllenic Councils, Greeks organize a Chariot Parade and Costume Dance each spring. Greek Week is paralleled with the Greek Sponsored Campus Olympics. SorOrities and Fraterni- ties participate in an All Sing and organization members select a Greek Goddess. iV Phi Mu members parade their colors. Delta Chi Fraternity men escort Celia Hutcheson. Members of Si ma Alpha pull sweetheart Kcndra Baker. Ginger Creel, Rose of Phi Kappa Pi. is put on a pedestal for this event. bA PERSONALITIES f 65 66 __ ! fi i CAMPUS BEAUTY JEAN LOFTIN jean Loftin is a senior campus beauty from Montgomery, Alabama. She is an art major and enjoys riding horses. Jean was sponsored by Phi Mu. 67 68 CAMPUS BEAUTY JANET YOUNG Janet Young is a Freshman from Panama City, Florida. As campus beauty Janet was sponsored by Cowart Hall She is a music education major and enjoys water sports for recreation. 69 70 CAMPUS BEAUTY RITA THOMAS Rita Thomas is a campus beauty from Blakely, Georgia. Rita is majoring in English and is working toward a minor in music. She is a sophomore and was spon- sored by Phi Mu fraternity. fe- m 71 1 72 CAMPUS BEAUTY GINGER CREEL Ginger Creel of Pensacola, Florida, was selected as one of Troy State Uni- versity ' s Five Campus Beauties. Ginger is a Junior majoring in Secretarial Science. She was sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi. 73 ■ I III 74 CAMPUS BEAUTY JEAN ATKINS Jean Atkins is a junior at Troy State University, majoring in elementary education. She was sponsored by Pace Hall and is from Greenville, Alabama, jean enjoys reading and all types of sports. 75 Becky Yohn I KAPPA DELTA Finalists Iris Ann Graddy KAPPA DELTA 76 Sharon O ' Neal PHI MU ALPHA Diane Folsom DILL HALL Elaine Smith HAMIL HALL 77 Homecoming Queen Ginger Creel PI KAPPA PHI 78 Naomi Heller TAU KAPPA EPSILON Celia Hutcheson DELTA CHI d J r %• JCi i - + - M Homecoming Court -. Diddy Hardin PACE HALL AND ALPHA DELTA PI 79 Who ' s Who Honors Go to Twenty-four Leaders Twenty-four Troy State Students were selected this year for membership in Who ' s Who Among Students in Uni- versities and Colleges. Students were elected in the fall of the academic year. Judging was based on the basis of ex- cellence regarding service to the Uni- versity, personal character, extracurricu- lar activities, and academic standing. Students are nominated for member- ship by faculty members on the basis of service through the university. These twenty-four students were chosen as out- standing examples of well-rounded uni- versity scholars. JAMES HUTTO: Judiciary Committee of Alumni Hall . . . Chief Justice of Alumni Hall, Wing A . . . Associate Justice of SGA Supreme Court . . . Chief Justice of Student Gov- ernment Association Supreme Court . . . Curriculum Committee for Troy State. LINDA GLENBOSKI: Adelphes Honor society . . . Spires Honorary . . . Captain of Cheerleaders . . . Kappa Delta Pi Education Honorary Fraternity . . . President, Alpha Delta Pi . . . Member, Student National Education Association. 80 MARIE ROSS: Kappa Delta Pi ... Spires Honor Society, Secretary, Treasurer . . . Alpha Delta Pi Social Sorority, reporter, Scholarship Chair- man, Second Vice President . . . Co-Editor and contributor to 3-5-1 — Literary Magazine. MARTHA LEE: Wesley Eoundation . . . Adelphes . . . Kappa Delta Pi ... Psi Lambda . . . Wesley Foundation Secretary . . . Secretary, Treasurer Hamil Hall . . . Spires President . . . Women ' s Recreational Association. JOE MARTIN: SGA, Senator, Vice President . . . Basketball Varsity . . . People to People Sports Ambassador . . . Argo- nauts, Vice Pres. . . . Gamma Beta Phi. President . . . Alpha Phi Omega . . . Resident Hall Officer . . . Soph. Class Officer ... Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee . . . Rhodes Scholarship nominee . . . TSU Athletic Policy Committee. DAVID CROCKETT: Argonaut Freshman Honor Society . . . Kappa Delta Pi Secondary Educational Honor Society . . . Circle K Club, Parliamentarian . . . Intramural Football . . . Phi Alpha Theta History Society. V I m Ji I JUDY McGAFFEY: Wesley Foundation secretary . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Student National Education Associa- tion . . . Adelphes Honor Society . . . Spires Honor So- ciety . . . Hamil House Council . . . Dean ' s List . . . All College Council. GILBERT DOMINGUEZ: Football, Varsity ... Ar- gonauts Honor Society, President . . . Alumni B Proctor . . . Alumni Judiciary . . . Circle K, Vice President . . . Varsity, letterman . . . Dean ' s List . . . Phi Alpha Theta. SANDRA WEIBELT: Adelphe Honor Society . . . Gamma Beta Phi Society . . . American Childhood Education Association . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Spires Honor Society. 82 NORM MOORE: Ar- gonaut, Initiation and Planning ( hairman . . . Circle K Club, Treasurer . . . SGA, Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee . . . Stu- dent Representative to Business Faculty. CHARLOTTE RAWLS: President, Adelphes Honor Society . . . Vice President, Spires . . . National Education Association . . . Re- igious Council . . . Secretary -Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi ... Educa- tional Chairman, Baptist Student Union . . . Dean ' s List. EREDA PROTER: Dean ' s List . . . Adelphes . . . Gam- ma Beta Pi, secretary . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Phi Mu, Treasurer, Chaplain of Pledge Class . . . Tutoring serv- ice ... house judiciary. 83 BEVERLY KAY JOHNSON: Phi Mu President and secretary . . . Outstanding Member, Phi Mu . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Spires Honor Society . . . Adelphes Honor Society . . . Delta Chi White Carnation Girl . . . Gradu- ate, magna cum laude. F ROBERT SUTTLE: Playmakers, President . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . Tro- politan Staff . . . Baptist Student Union, drama chairman, President . . . House Council, Alumni Hall, Wing A . . . Student National Education Association. PHILLIP RALEY: Outstanding Freshman Resident . . . Delta Chi Fraternity . . . Argonauts, Secretary . . . Gam- ma Beta Phi Society . . . Alumni Hall House Council President . . . S.G.A. Judiciary, Chief Justice . . . Stu- dent Government Association President. 84 BILLY HENDERSON: President, Kappa Delta Pi . . . President, Phi Alpha Theta . . . Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society . . . Argonaut Honor Society . . . Proctor, Alumni Hall ... Education and Psychology Department Achieve- ment Award . . . Colonial Dames Award for Excellence in Historical Studies ... National Society Geographers . . . Candidate for Rhodes Scholarship . . . graduate, cum laude. WANDA DEAN SHIPMAN: Collegiate Singers . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, Chap- lain . . . Gamma Beta Phi, reporter, Vice-President, President . . . S.N.E.A. . . . Kappa Delta Pi, President . . . Spires . . . Baptist Student Union . . . Dean ' s List. GERALD IMBRIACCO: Basketball . . . Baseball Newman Club . . . Alpha Phi Omega . . . Soloman Award, Basketball . . . House Council Member . . . Eu- ropean Basketball Tour . . . member Student National Education Association. S A 85 DENISE McDONALD: President, Women ' s Gavel Club . . . Secre- tary, Newman Club . . . Panhellenic Representative and Treasurer . . . S.N.E.A. . . . Psychology Club . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Gamma Beta Phi . . . Spires . . . Adelphes . . . Kappa Delta Sorority . . . Associate Justice SGA Supreme Court. THAREL SHIRAH: Circle K Club . . . Student Government Associa- tion Senator . . . Assistant Alumni B . . . Intramurals . . . Circle K Club, Vice President . . . Proctor, Alumni B . . . Track . . . Senator at large . . . President, Circle K Club. WQjL SSI GLADYS FRANCES COLLEY: University Band . . . Col- legiate Singers, Secretary-Treasurer . . . Music Educators Na- tional Conference . . . University Madrigal Singers . . . Sig- ma Alpha Iota, treasurer . . . Dean ' s Honor Award . . . Choir . . . Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Student NEA . . . Assistant, Music. 86 EILEEN WILLIEORD WALKER: Kappa Delta Sorority, Reporter and Historian . . . Westminster Fellowship, secretary Spires Honor Society . . . Student Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee . . . Student Member of Professional Teachers Committee . . . Kappa Delta Pi. y DRUSILLA CROSBY: Collegiate Singers . . . Pro- gram Chairman, Choir . . . Music Educator ' s Na- tional Conference . . . University Madrigal Singers . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, Music Fraternity, Chaplain and President . . . Dean ' s Honor Award . . . Dean ' s List . . . Kappa Delta Pi ... Gamma Beta Phi . . . Spires Honor Society . . . University Choir . . . Opera Workshop . . . Cast, Music Man, Music Department Production. ALAN PRANCE: Argonauts . . . Men ' s Gavel Club, President . . . Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, Vice President . . . SGA Senator . . . Phi Alpha Theta . . . University Representative to Student Conference on National Affairs. 87 Mr. and Miss T.S.U. Phil Raley and Ginger Payne Ginger Payne and Phil Ralcy were selected to reign as Mr. and Miss TSLJ for the school year at Troy State. These honors arc given each year to outstanding seniors who have shown active participation in all phases of activities on the university campus. Ginger served as head cheerleader for Troy State and was homecoming queen in 1967. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi social sorority and is an Education and Psychology major. Phil was president of the Student Government Association. He is a history and social studies major and also a member of Delta Chi social fraternity. Students who are elected to serve as Mr. and Miss TSU must exempify the well-rounded student on campus in many aspects. Ginger Payne and Phil Raley are good representatives of the kind of students who give of themselves to bring sup- port and merit to the university. « r? ... In addition to her title as Miss TSU, Ginger Payne is also head of Troy ' s cheerleaders. Phil Raley and Ginger Payne were selected by students to serve as Mr. and Miss TSU .is a result of their many activities on campus. Phil Raley, SGA President, was selected as Mr. TSU for 1969. Phil Raley has been an outstanding member of Delta Chi for several years. ftP, Enslen and Byrd, a combination that few teams tared to even In the Blue-Gray Game, Sim passed for one touchdown and is shown here think about. scoring one for the Gray squad. Many Top Honors Awarded Troy State ' s Sim Byrd For the past three years the man on the field that has led the Red Wave football squad to successively finer season records was Charles Crawford Byrd, known on the campus and to the national press as Sim Byrd. In the 1968 football season, Byrd was not only the leader of the Troy team, the Alabama Collegiate Conference and the 27th District of the NAIA, but also led the nation in passing yardage, total offense and passing percentages. Many exist- ing records for post-season activity of the NAIA fell by the way-side when Byrd led the Red Wave Charge into Crampton Bowl for the semi-final and championship games for the nation. The only member of the TSU squad chosen for the Blue-Gray Classic in Montgomery, Byrd accounted for 1 2 of the South ' s total points. He passed for the third Gray touchdown and scored the fourth himself on the ground. . f - i " 4 Q3F ' A 90 On the home field, before the Troy crowd, Byrd ' s arm was unbeatable The othei side of Sim Byrd, going to J. isms, stu husmc ss course. SPORTS 91 Hard Work Results in First Championship Team 1968 was the season of the Red Wave on the gridiron. This team was victory bound from the first game of the season, right down through the final championship play-off game. Eight victories in a row out of the first eight games brought the press to their feet, with the realization that Troy State might record its first undefeated season in the history of the school. Teams such as Sam Houston State of Texas, Sam ford University of Birmingham and McNeese College of Louisiana fell before the onslaught of the Wave. The one unfortunate aspect in the 1968 season came in Martin, Tennessee, when the Wave tangled with the Vols of Tennessee. Their perfect record was marred for the season, but the Wavemen roared back the next week to swamp the Mountain Lions of Concord College in a Homecoming victory. Selected for the NAIA play-offs, the Wave stomped past Wil- lamette of Oregon 63-10, leaving wide speculation as to whether anyone could stop the Atkins-Byrd combination. The Javalinas of Texas A I tried in the NAIA championship game, but also fell short in the final tally. Again Coach Atkins and his Red Wave gridders eclipsed all records of the past and posted the finest records of any Troy football squad. During the course of the action Head Coach Billy Atkins makes mental notes of the plays and misplays . . . .mil at half-time, it ' s to the chalkboard for a new plan ol attack. 92 Keeping up with the latest methods in injur) ' treatment, Troy State managers practice on one another. K J f ■■ » • • " I ' ••• ■ 1 , r»«r »« «•■ »■•»« »»ri I ■■ ■■■■-»■■»»■ »i i ■■ Urtnimm ■ ■■ ■■ Ittl » • ■ B ■ I )■■ ■•«■« •• a. ! ' ■«■••••■•••• • Ittnmnnnnal ■■■■■■■■■■■■■»• ■ FJ»»L» ' — ■» »■« r »-»« ■ ■««•«•■ ! ■ «■■■) ■ ■■ «r r " i , ■ •«■« « ii - i mm i ■•■•» .1 Football equipment really takes a beating and requires constant attention by Wave managers. After three years of constant striving, The Wave finally pulled off the honor of being National Intercollegiate Football Champions, 1968. 93 Gatorade, tape, and broken equipment revolve around the lives of Troy State University managers. Samford Falls Before Birmingham Crowd, 49-31 Coach Billy Atkins ' fighting Red Wave opened the 1968 gridiron season in Bir- mingham against Samford University. The Bulldogs tried to stay with the Wave on a very hot afternoon, but soo n found that it was a losing proposition. As the after- noon wore on it soon became evident that this could be the season for Troy State. When the final dust had settled, TSU was on its way with its first victory of the sea- son, 49-31. 94 Wave Muzzles Gordon Bulldogs, 47-7 First it ' s Williams to the left Troy State scores again through the second efforts of running back Cecil Barber. As Troy State- students were re- turning to the campus, the Red Wave football team opened its home grid season against the Bull- dogs of Gordon. For the old students and incoming freshmen it was a night to remember as the Wave rolled over the Bulldogs 47-0. For the Gordonites it was a night of disaster as they were out-manned, out-thought, and out- played. finally that big third-down pass-play by Byn 95 Leaving a mass of humanity behind, Cecil Barber has nothing but green grass in front of him. The famous Red Wave pass protection holds again allowing Byrd to get off another aerial. Tigers Lose Battle to Wave in Shrine Game SHRINE BOWL GAME Livingston State University Troy State University Sept. 28, 1968 50c The Alkazar Shrine Bowl Game in Montgomery ' s Cramton Bowl drew a stu- pendous crowd to watch the I ( " »y state university Rec j Wave and the Tigers of Livingston State go at it for the second straight year. The Tigers, showing marked improvement over last season, gave the Wave a real run for the money, but finished sec- ond, 41-23. Coach Morris Higginbotham guided his Tiger team to a fantastic season, losing only one game to the Red Wave. At the season ' s end, Coach Higginbotham was elected ACC coach of the year, a post held formerly by Coach Atkins. 96 The going gets rough up the middle of the line. for the necessary yardage. but J. A. Williams plows through Troy Takes Sam Houston in Dothan Game iAM HOUSTON STATE S Ik, Q um. OlUu M f £m One of the new teams added to the Troy State schedule for the 1968 season, Sam Houston State was next in line be- fore the advancing Red Wave. Playing in Dothan, the Troy eleven trounced the Houstonites 37-19. The score was not in- dicative of the caliber of play, however. A great number of Red Wave starters suffered injuries against Sam Houston that sidelined them for many games to follow. In their fourth victory against no defeats, the Wave failed to score 40 points for the first time in the season. Put yourself in number 62 ' s position; what would you do? Vince Green takes a quick look-in pass against the Sam Houston team. 97 Statesmen ' s Filibuster Fails to Halt Troy TftOI STATf IMIVCRSm . !£IT SI«U C0U£ Back in Memorial Stadium for the second time, Coach At- kins ' men out-scored the States- 5 " - men of Delta State, 35-23. " . While the offense was moving the ball well, Atkins felt that too many passes were being dropped by the receivers. De- fensively, too many good plays were being allowed to the opposition. With the conclusion of this game Troy was ranked 8th by the NAIA and broke onto the UPI poll at number 18. That Red Wave line holds em out as kicking specialist freshman Randy Hicks puts another through the uprights. Truer words never spoken 98 Turning the corner behind the blocking of Ronnie Shelley, Enslen adjusts his speed for a long punt return. l host of Delta Statesmen tacklers close .the gap on Bobby Enslen, despite the efforts of Jeff lotton (34). Jeff Cotton looks for a hole as Hugh Cole comes across to furnish one. GOES our«p ' Cock Fight Won by Wave in Jacksonville Stadium On the road again, Troy traveled to J Jacksonville State, trying to break the jinx £— of the Gamecock stadium. With balanced offensive and defensive play the Wave set the Jaxmen back on their heels, 31-0. The Byrd passing attack continued to click, Sim hitting 34 of 49 for 325 yards. This raised his season total to 1,824 yards, 14 touchdowns and the leading passing per- centage in the nation — .644. On the ground Jeff Cotton returned to the starting line-up running for 131 yards. Into the second half of the season and the Red Wave was rated number 6 by the NAIA. WKSONVILLE SI»TR0Y SI 99 ' And the papers said 21-14. ACC Title Wrapped Up With Victory Over Lions Florenee State Umvmf Jroy State University October 26. 1968 •- Going into the game only one game away from the Alabama Collegiate Conference championship retention, there was little question in anyone ' s mind at the conclusion where the title belonged. For the second week against an ACC team, the Wave suc- cessfully shut-out their opponent. Surpassing the Jacksonville score, the Red Wave slammed the Lions of Florence State 41-0 in the latter ' s home stadium. Ryrd completed 15 of 30 passes and pushed his season total yardage to well over the 2,000 mark. 100 McNeese Cowboys Shot Out of Saddle, 52-0 McNeesc State, de- fending Gulf Coast Conference champi- ons, blew into Troy ( me of the most wide- ly acclaimed teams to face the Wave on the regular schedule. The Red Wave offensive unit went wild, scor- ing at will, while the defensive team failed to yield enough yardage to the Cowboys for a score. Ryrd hit for 310 yards to lead the Wave to a 52-0 grinding of McNeese. As the close of the regular season drew near the Red Wave was ranked number three by the NAIA and the national play-offs were look- ing like more of a reality. Cecil Barber (23) the new Wave rushing standout finds his own way when the hole fails to open. This time there is a hole for Barber, thanks to the blocking efforts of Jeff Cotton (34). 101 A Concord Bearcat finds the going rough as senior Jim Gillespie pulls him down from the rear. UTM Spoils Perfect Red Wave Record Disaster finally struck the high riding Red Wave on a cold, rainy day in Martin, Tennessee. The Vol- unteer jinx that has been held over Coach Atkins teams held true as the Wave fell to its only defeat 12-3. Nothing could go right for the Red Wave that day as passes were intercepted, fumbles lost and the defense couldn ' t hold. The national play-offs seemed to vanish before the eyes of Troy State after the loss to a team that was having a losing season. Sophomore Bobby Enslen takes a Byrd pass and turns it on to elude a Concord would-be tackier. Another pass interception for fleet-footed safety man Ronnie Shelley sends him down the sidelines towards the end zone. Red l ft v W 102 Wave Edges Concord in Homecoming Battle, 76-0 TROY SKI! UNIVSRSIH ... CONCORD COLLEGE Concord College was the unhappy re- cipient of the Red Wave wrath that al- ways follows a loss to UTM. Concord, rated among the best in the nation last season, found the going impossible against the Troy team, 76-0. The first homecoming victory in many years at Troy was turned into a rout when Coach Atkins, in an attempt to hold the score down, played his defensive line in the offensive secondary and still the Red Wave advanced. With this the conclusion of the regular season, the Red Wave was rated fourth by the NAIA and assured of a position in the national play-offs. Frank Elmore puts the stops on a Concord ball carrier, with Fran Collins coming up with the final touches on the tackle. Sim Byrd back to pass — a familiar sight to all defensive men who challence the Red Wave. An opposing safetyman ' s view of that famous Byrd to Enslen pass c - ination. 103 Out-of-State Teams Highlight Cage Schedule At the opening of the 1968-69 Wave cage season, there were abundant hopes that this would be at least a repeat of the last season ' s fine play. A host of returning lettermen and new talent made it all look possible. Fine ball handlers such as Roger Caldwell, senior; Joe Martin, junior; and Sonny For- rester, senior, were chosen to do the job at guards. Robert Hawkins, senior, and Jerry Imbriacco, junior, were slated for the forward slots and junior Billy Cannon looked like the man in the middle. Added to these men were the talents of newcomers such as junior Brant Blessing, sophomore Jeff Hinkle, and Rod Johns, also a sophomore. A host of out-of-state teams orna- mented the schedule: Roberts Wesleyan of New York; Rock- ford of Illinois; Berea of Kentucky; Northern Ohio University; Bethel College of Tennessee; Clarion State of Pennsylvania; Parsons of Iowa; and Anderson of Indiana. Huntingdon was added to the schedule, as they were admitted to the Alabama Colleuiate Conference this season. j... Coach John Archer outlines the plan of attack prior to the game. Troy State Athletes take their work seriously, on and off the floor. Losing at half-time is a bad way to go into the locker- room. 104 ■- • U ' II ' ■■■■■■■■■ ■ ■ m t ' . The blackboard is an invaluable asset to the coach in any game. Roger Caldwell sips a Coke at half-time waiting for the next period of play. Taping plays an important part in the pre-game activities of athletes. 105 ■ -; " ? Center Billy Cannon fights for a rebound under the bucket against the Gamecocks of Jax State. Rod Johns goes up for a shot from the key against the tough Spartak Berea team. Jeff Hinkle drives down the floor under the careful observa tion of a ref and an enemy defender. 106 Working the ball around the back court, Roger Caldwell and Robert Hawkins keep an eye out for an opening. The entire Red Wave cage team is on the run as Ron Billik brings the ball down court in Sartain Hall. High point man a greater part of the season, Jerry Imbriacco shows his one- hand push shot that puts so many through. Wave Cage Season Ends Unsuccessfully The Troy State Red Wave Basketball squad faced a heart breaking season winning less than ten games and finishing at the bottom of the Alabama Collegiate Confer- ence. Coach Archer ' s men boasted good ball-handling and fine shooting, but failed in the clutches too many times. January was a particularly bad month for the Wave cagers, when they failed to win a single encounter. Senior Jerry Imbriacco led the team throughout the season both in spirit and in scoring. His game average was well over 15 points a game and he finished in the top five scorers in the conference. The only man to be placed on the all- Conference squad from Troy, Jerry was a unanimous choice by the conference coaches. Billy Cannon and Ron Billik were named as Honorable Mentions to the All-ACC team. Trying to keep his man off-balance, Roger Cald- well drives, looking for a shot. 107 Two men under the basket insure the rebounds for Troy State during the Spring Hill game at TSU. 108 The typical Caldwell shot, high in the air. Billy Cannon goes high into the air for the game-starting jump-ball. r ' ,F %Mi ■ k j Kfsfl y i i i i i t» ■ » i mm m » I B . m M A A • i w i i M Ub » _ The big man under the boards is num- ber 33, Billy Cannon. A one-hand push shot for the bucket adds two more for Troy and Ron Billik. 109 Two Members of Red Wave Baseball J J) fT Iff Frank Elmore starts a mean sink- fur third base against Hope College early in the season. Coach Creel ' s Red Wave baseballers broke above even again last season, winning 12 games and losing only 10. The team showed great po- tentiality early in the season, but faltered late in the schedule against Alabama Collegiate Conference teams to put them out of the race for the ACC crown. Mike Whitner and Tommy Moffitt both were standouts for the Wave in the inter-conference competition, winning All- Conference honors. Whitner placed at the sec- ond base position and Moffitt placed in the out- field. Leading the Red Wave from the mound was Wes Rutledge, the best pitcher for 1968. It ' s another one for extra bases for Frank Elmore, a bit; batsman for the Red Wave. 110 Team Win All-Conference Honors Roger Hatcher puts on the " Big Stretch " for the ball at first. An awesome sight is Wave pitcher Wes Rutledge coming down off the mound. II III Red Wave Thinclads Sweep ACC Tournament Troy State ' s ovalmen did the job in the 1968 season, taking the Alabama Collegiate Confer- ence tournament, skipping past favorites Liv- ingston State, and Jacksonville State Universi- ties. In the distances it was Sterzenback, Tindall, Atkins, and Boyd. Andrews, Pilcher, and Wat- son finished high. Platas, Anderson, and Hiers put the shot for the Wave. In the discus, Tol- bert, Anderson, Smith, and Brand took high honors. Curtis and Tindall handled the pole vaulting assignments, while Tatum entered the broad jump and Watson, the high jump. Stretching and straining all the way, in the broad jump every inch can make the difference. Arthur Andersen follows-through after heaving the discus. 112 frjTx J ±iv % i Jimmy Andrews crosses the finish line first ,n tae relays for Troy State. Putting the shot looks so easy when someone like Vic Platas is in the SRW .11 - A half step back, David Walker goes all out in the high hurdles. 68 Cross Country Team Finish Season The 1969 edition of the Red Wave cross-country team finished with a winning record of five victories and four losses. Three of the losses were by a single point, showing the running strength of the Troy men. Enterprise and Yancey fell twice before the running power of TSU, and the Wavemen were victorious in the Calloway Gardens Invitational Meet. Leading the way for Troy in cross-country were Bobby Atkins, Steve Tindel and Mark Stertzenback. Mark and Bobby each broke the existing school record in the three mile event. m -■■ The Wa c cross course training for meets. country runners spend their free-time on the golf The hills present a formidable problem for the cross-country men, when they appear near the finish of a race Look out, here comes Troy State heading for the chute. 114 Linksters Cop Top Honors in Sixth ACC Tourney For the sixth straight season, the Troy State University golfers walked away with all the honors in the Alabama Collegiate Conference Tournament. Mike Griffin led the conference with a score of 139, Sam Robinson was three off the mark, and Warren Hanchey was four out. In the All-Conference selection, Troy State came through in fine style. Positions of one, two, and three went to the Wave. Warren Hanchey, Sam Robinson, and Mike- Griffin finished in the poll in that order. Finally — sinking a putt, cinches a one-under par. I First — a good drive for the start of a birdie 15 Sfrv Mickey Parish locks-up with his opponent early in the first period. Keeping a tight-waist ride can often prevent the opposition from escaping. I u 5-11 Record Does Not Tell Wrestling Story Under the leadership of Coach Rudy Argenti, the Wave grapplers spent an exasperating season losing more than they won. Despite a poor final record, the real story was on the mats in Sartain Hall. With the fine skill of such men as Steve Rogers, Bob Murphy and Don Bruggel, fans started for the first time to turn out for wrestling matches at Troy State. In dual meet competition the Wave grapplers finished 5-11. Troy amassed a total of 271 points, while allowing their opponents 343. A total of 62 matches were won by the Troy matmen, and 82 were taken by others. Rogers was the only senior on the squad, and his absence will be felt next season, but all other divisions will be in fine shape next year. Off of the edge of the mat sometimes is the only saving factor. Down close to the mat the referee has to be sure before calling a pin. Working for a pin, Steve Rogers controls his man. Getting free requires every- thing available 17 Jeff Gray comes across for a back-hand shot on the dead-run. Griffin ' s Netters Take Second ACC Title Coach Preston Griffin in his final season with the Troy State tennis squad led them to their second consecutive Alabama Collegiate Conference title. In addition, the Wave netters walked away with the ACC tourney to boot. The number one man on the 1968 team was Hank Garrett, Wayne Barnett was number two and Jeff Gray was three. Bobby Rogers and Kent Rettig were the number four and five men on the squad. The number six position alternat- ed between Mike West and King Bond. Other members of the team included; Bruce Barnes, Roger Bell, and Tommy Arrington. A new addition to the tennis program was the in- stallation of bleachers for the comfort of the spectators. This increased the number of fans watching as the netters faced ACC foes and teams such as Birmingham Southern, Rockford of Illinois and Cleveland State of Ohio. Working close to the net can present problems with a good return. 18 ! k » ' f ,• f 8%Wfi • r . w f t f t :: j wm :. .0 J o Bobby Rogers shows the strain of varsity competition. Sometimes there is no way other than just getting up there Blur for a racket shows the speed in the wrist that must for it. be developed. 119 Annual Delta Chi-Theta Chi Charity Bowl Game Ends in Tie, 7-7 Delta Chi and Theta Chi Fraternities squared-off for the second consecutive year in the Annual Charity Bowl Football Game late in the fall. Despite a cold night and last season ' s lopsided score a record crowd was on hand for the game this year. The final score of 7-7 did not tell any of the story of this once-a-year classic. The return of the " Slop of the South " marching(?) band high- lighted the half-time activities with the addition of the Dancing Southern Belles. Funds far exceeded last year ' s contributions and all proceeds went to the Cothee Lubert Scholarship Fund. Defensive pursuit envied by even varsity ■ players hreatens to close the- door on Jerry Vucouich 120 r Leading one of those famous band cheers, a Souther Belle dances with delight. ' Johnson Lme tUniS ' he C ° rner behmtl thC b, " ckin - " f J° hn Ha y " « ™ - ] Bobby Putting up a good front, one of the Southern Belles highlights the half-time show. 121 Intramurals Expand Under Coach Bingham Troy State students are given the opportunity of par- ticipating in team sporting events through Troy ' s offerings in intramural sports. All sororities, fraternities and any organized group or team may participate in intramurals. This year ' s events consisted of tournaments in football, basketball, and volleyball. Teams involved in intramural competitions competed among each other. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity won the competition in foot- ball and won the trophy for the year. The Intramural Trophy is given each year by the Inter-Fraternity Council to the fraternity gaining the most points in all three events. Participation in this year ' s intramural games was school- wide, showing a larger turnout for all of the student body, sororities, and fraternities. jfflf %g sk Johnny Lane lets one go for the Delta Chis at mid-field. The Gangbusters, one of the better organized independent teams, finished high in the intramural standings. Sigma Alpha, with the ball, entered into football for the first time last fal 122 —1 Under the basket it ' s just one tangle of bodies. John David Jones sets for a pass for Pi Kappa Phi. Right down the alley and it looks like two more points. The best defense is never letting the ball get to the basket 123 124 ORGANIZATIONS j BOOKS FOR OUR AEN L Clubs. 126 Greeks 151 Residence Halls 175 Student Leaders 189 Publications 195 125 Argonauts Continue Work As Freshman Counselors The Argonauts, a sophomore honor society of men, serve as counselors to freshmen in all men ' s residence halls . . . select successors on basis of scholarship, lead- ership abilities, character, ability to work with others . . . Homecoming activities included bonfire, pep rally, " hanging " of the rival football player, and Homecom- ing dance . . . Spring Quarter initiation activities in- cluded " fun and games " and " the chase " . . . Cissy Clark elected sweetheart. President Tommy Gilbert discusses plans with Bucky Brown, Stan Watson, and Phil Suttle. MEMBERS: John Maddox, Burl Napier, Skip Hillman, Gary Dismukes, Jim Barry, Don Seal, Bruce Thomas, Lamar Godwin, Mr. Arther Coker, Johnny Majors. 126 ■■ Members: Linda Smith, Berna Dean Gar)-, Norma Fortner, Sherry Sumner, Dixie Vinson, Sharon Ralston, Sherry Coley, Jeanie Devericks, Donna Cowart, Vicky Waters, and Celeste Sheehan. Freshman Women Aided by Adelphe Honor Society Sophomore women students who have a high scho- lastic standing make up the members of the Adelphe Honor Society . . . members are required to have high moral character and a sincere interest in Troy State . . . freshmen women are helped in their orientation to cam- pus life . . . Christmas skit presented for the girls of Shackelford Hall . . . Homecoming dance sponsored . . . tapping program featured during Spring Quarter . . . goals listed as upholding the ideals of honor, service and guidance. lAdelphe Officers: Hildred Deese, President, Linda Hood, Secretary-Treasurer, and Pat Lipscomb, Vice President. 127 Dave Hall, Joel Cohen, Thad Mixon, Geary Dismukes and Mr. Durwood Taylor, Advisor, at a meeting of the Troy State University Gavel Club. Gavel Club Members Aided by Speech Critiques The Men ' s Gavel Club of Troy State exists to aid men in gaining experience in public speaking . . . Troy Chapter is an affiliate of Toastmaster ' s Inter- national . . . sponsored by Mr. Durwood Taylor and Mr. Thomas D. Smith . . . programs consists of im- promptu and extemporaneous speeches . . . construc- tive criticism and the use of parliamentary procedure help members to develope a more effective means of verbal communication . . . critiques are offered concern- ing individual presentatiaon and methods of improve- ment . . . year ' s activities climaxed with the oppor- tunity to visit and participate in a program with the Parlance Gavel Club of Kilby Prison . . . several so- cial functions were sponsored during the year. Mike Linsey, John Grant, Gavel Club Advisor Mr. Tom Smith and Mr. R. Stewart during a meeting of the Gavel Club at Ingram ' s Restaurant. Gavel Club Members: Jack Boutwell, Mr. Tom Smith, Mackie Bruce, Ray Berry, Tony Riley, Mike Linsey, Al Trance, and Mr. Durwood Taylor. 128 appa Delta Pi members Wanda Shipman, Steve Hickman, and Martha Lee discuss innovations in the field of education with one of their sponsors, Dr. Horace kelson. Top Juniors, Seniors, Grads Honored by KAPi Kappa Delta Pi organized as honorary organization for education majors in colleges and universities . . . organized in 1946 . . . promotes excellence in scholarship, high personal standards, improvement in teacher preparation, distinction in achievement, and contributions to education . . . membership limited to juniors and seniors and graduate students in the upper one-fifth of the college academic rating . . . special award presented to outstanding senior in field of education . . . awarded L. S. Vanderford Memorial Scholarship Fund. Kappa Delta Pi ' s crest signifies members of the Executive Council. Davey Crockett, Stanley Walker, Judy McGaffey, Carolyn- Andress, Drucilla Crosby, Gladys Colley and sponsor Dr. R. H. Ervin. 129 Gamma Beta Phi Stresses Scholastic Excellence Gamma Beta Phi Society organized as an educational-service organization for stu- dents in colleges and universities . . . Troy State University Chapter organized in 1966 . . . encourages advancement of the educa- tional ideal and promotes scholastic effort . . . sponsored information desk at each registration during the year . . . participat- ed in the University ' s student tutorial pro- gram by supplying competent students to serve as tutors . . . plans made for sponsor- ship of an annual scholarship for deserv- ing students . . . members are required to maintain an over-all 2.0 average and must be recommended by a Society member . . . meetings for Gamma Beta Phi take place each month. Al France, Vice President, Wanda Shipman, President, and Tony Riley, Parliamentarian, for Gamma Beta Phi. Members: Sam Whatley, Martha Lee, Drusilla Crosby, Judy Martin, Dixie Vinson, Sherry Coley, Jo Bufkin, Carolyn Bass, Donna Cowart, Kathy Lawrence, Glenda Wright, Marilyn Eiland, Doug Taylor, Stanley Sasser, Sharon Raulston, Judy Harris. 130 History Honorary Upholds Grade Standards Phi Alpha Theta has become one of the most exclusive organizations on Troy State Universi- ty ' s campus . . . presently contains five members . . . each individual has either a major or a minor in the field of history, which serves as a requirement for Phi Alpha Theta . . . first organized at the University of Arkansas in 1921 . . . largest accredited honor society holding membership in the Association of College Hon- or Societies ... a professional society with ob- jective of promoting study of history by re- search, good teaching, and the exchange of learning and thought among historians . . . members required to maintain a 2.0 overall av- erage. Phi Alpha Theta sponsor, Dr. Brooks Thompson, and members: Lee Harris, Vice President Al France, President Gil Dominguez, Secretary David Crockett, and Treasurer Steve Hickman. Kappa Pi Members Work to Build Interest in Art Kappa Pi Members: Rosalyn Howard, Joy Barnes, Steve McGee, David Walker, James Warren, Gloria Grissett, Billie Knighton, Dennis Sullivan, Ken Bethea. Troy State ' s Chapter of Kappa Pi is a na- tional honor fraternity for art majors and minors . . . members strive to build a higher interest in art and art appreciation . . . students must maintain an overall B average ... or- ganization s ponsors various student exhibits, an art show during the week of homecoming, and special art exhibits by members of the Troy Chapter . . . local chapter designated as Delta Upsilon. 131 Sigma Alpha Iota members Janet Young, Celia Monk, Gail Beasley, and Cythia Westberry participate in a program for their Music Fraternity. Sigma Alpha Iota Hosts Province Convention Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity is limited to women music majors on campus at Troy State Univer- sity . . . members work to further the cause of music in the community and throughout the world . . .Troy ' s chapter was host to the Provence Convention of four southern states . . . members sponsored the American Composer ' s Concert in the Spring . . . members serve as ushers for all projects of the Music Department . . . meetings take place once each month. id d ' $ s ffi a Wanda Shipman, Drucilla Crosby, Sara Dean Evans, and Gladys Colley look over the Fraternity scrapbook. Delta Zeta Capter of Sigma Alpha Iota members Maria Bigot, Glen Dora Rolling, Carolyn Hancock, Annette Stinson, and Anita Steineker. 132 Sharon O ' Neal was elected Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart. Officers are Monty Tanner, Pledgemaster; Sam McNair, Treasurer- Lin- wood Erb, Warden; David Willis, Secretary; Buddy Hall; Richard Hand Vice President; not shown, Bruce Kies, President. Phi Mu Alpha Officers Attend Province Workshop Phi Mu Alpha is made up of students inter- ested in the field of music . . . Troy ' s chapter officers attended Phi Mu Alpha province work- ship at Jacksonville State University . . . spon- sored American Composer ' s Concert featuring Gershwin ' s " Rhapsody in Blue " . . . elected Sweetheart Sharon O ' Neal . . . sponsored float in Homecoming Parade . . . members served as ushers in Music Department sponsored concerts . . . Dr. Charles Farmer served as Faculty Ad- visor. £b G rn ll r- Members: Tommy Verran, Roger Daniels, Monty Tanner, Kenneth Knight, Buddy Hall, James Smith, Bill Mallory, Lindwood Erb, Gary Stnngfellow, Richard Kimmel. 133 University Choir members receive credit toward graduation through membership in this organization. Handel ' s Messiah Presented by University Choir Troy State ' s University Choir is composed entirely of students and gives students a chance to participate in musical programs on campus . . . members presented the Christmas program Handel ' s Messiah . . . group headed by Mr. Wil- liam Snyder and student director, David Willis . . . meetings for the University Choir take place each Monday in Smith Hall . . . students receive one hour ' s credit for participation in the choir each quarter. Student Director, Da id Willis, instructs students during practice for the Uni- versity Choir. Choir members present several programs during the year on campus. 134 Excellence in Drama Is Goal of Alpha Psi Omega Membership in Alpha Psi Omega is a reward for excellence in drama . . . members must accumulate a total of fifty points obtained through work in on and off-campus drama productions . . . plans were dis- cussed for a play in the spring of the year produced by Alpha Psi members . . . sponsored Paula Rush for Campus Beauty . . . organized as a nation-wide hon- orary drama fraternity . . . Faculty director, Mr. Jack Solomon . . . faculty advisor, Mrs. Mary Hilyer. Alpha Psi Omega Members: Cleon Justice, Patsy McLeod, Jane Drake, Ken Gibson. Linda Catrett, Larry Taylor, Bob Goss, Wayne Glover, Paula Rush. Dennis Monaghan, Dayton Long, and Mary Parrish. HPER Club Stresses Physical Education Interest HPER is Troy State ' s Physical Education Majors Club . . . members encourage interests in the profession of physical education and provide professional participa- tion and growth . . . special recreational activities are provided for students and faculty members . . . Health, Physical Education and Recreation club members are provided a club in which Physical Education majors may- get to know each other socially . . . Dr. Wilda Pickett served as advisor to HPER. HPER Members: President, Tharel Shirah, V. Pres., Richard Chapman, Secre- tary, Diane Folsom, Treasurer, Tommy Baker, Advisor, Dr. Wilda Pickett. 135 Karate Stresses Physical and Mental Perfection The Karate Club exists on the campus of Troy State University to promote an interest in the study of Karate and personal endeavor . . . members meet twice during each week . . . stress is placed on fighting ability and physical and mental perfection . . . plans made for Tournaments with the University of Ala- bama, Auburn University, and the Montgomery Karate Club . . . club sponsored by Dr. Don McDaniel . . . membership based on learning ability in the field of Karate. Mike Sadler holds a black belt in Karate for Troy State. Phil Tomporowski, Mike Sadler, and Tim Dunn demonstrate some Karate moves. 136 Members: Mike Sadler, John David Andress, Johnny Boswell, Frank Corbin, David Gray. Jerome Nail, Edsel Poole, David Funderburke, Tim Dunn, Phil Tomporowski, Mike Strickland, Ronnie Fageoni, John Curtis. Sports Managers: Suellen Snowden, Lawanna Hughes, Diddy Hardin, Donna May, Vivian Carmichael, (not pictured) Mildred Jones, Donna Crowder. Janis Bowden, Julia Nichols. WRA Membership Increases With University Growth Women majoring in physical educa- tion may gain membership in the Wom- en ' s Recreation Association of Troy State . . . members participate in volley- ball, tennis, basketball, badminton, table tennis, golf, football, and soft- ball . . . membership increased this year due to the variety of sports offerings through the university . . . goals exist to promote a better program in Physi- cal Recreation for the women of Troy State University. Officers: Beverly Wright, Publicity; Beverley Smallridge, President; Gail Thompson, secretary; and Mil- dred Deese, Vice President. 137 " Get Out the Vote " Urged by Local A Phi O ' s Sponsored used book sales . . . headed Ugli- est Man on Campus contest . . . initiated " Get Out the Vote " campaign, U.S. Presidential elec- tion . . . ushers, University sponsored entertain- ment, SGA big name entertainment . . . col- lected food and clothing for needy families in Pike County for Christmas Season . . . sold Troy State University decals . . . sponsor, intra- mural volleyball team . . . collected magazines for servicemen in Viet Nam . . . selected Rhonda Donaldson A Phi O Sweetheart . . . dedicated pledge class to Dr. Leonard Trapp. Mr. Jeff McCIain, Bob Sutphen, Mark Sterzenback, and Johnny Tatum talk with A PHI O Sweetheart Rhonda Donaldson. Members of Alpha Phi Omega discuss plans for the year before a chapter meeting. They are: Brad Mullins, Roger Cobia, Chuch Smith, George Tatum, |im Dunn, Don Seal, Travis Atkison, Donnie Dean, Steve Reimer and Dave Wright. 138 Circle K Members: David Crockett, Ralph Oppy, Secretary, Claudine Bowdoin, Sweetheart, Tharel Shirah, President, Gil Dominguez, Vice President, Jim Ferguson, Treasurer. Serving the University is Function of Circle K Members: Jerry Weeks, Colin Dacus, Joe Barfoot, Ray Berry, Riley Gibson, John Rogers. Circle K club maintains an eye toward service . . . strive to achieve motto, " we build " . . . pro- vides manpower for various campus activities . . . ushers at school functions . . . coordinate Home- coming Parade . . . maintain booths for information during Homecoming . . . best trophy for non fra- ternal float in parade . . . adopted a Navajo In- dian child . . . helped run Red Cross blood drives on campus . . . started scholarship fund . . . special 1969 project has put Club in close association with Troy ' s Baptist Children ' s home. Members: Paul Pope, Norm Moore, Mr. James O ' Neal, advisor, Bill Threadgil, Wayne Dean, Danny Blaclonan. 139 Officers: Ted Rountree, Earl Johnson, Larry Pollard, John Kyle, Freddie Brannon, Mr. Joseph Creek, Advisor, Larry Webb, Billy Flake, John Shipman, Mike Blevins, Gerald Tatum, and Mr. Tom Smith, Advisor. Delta Sigma Pi Members Begin Scholarship Fund Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity at Troy State . . . encourages scholarship, social activity and advancement by research and practice . . . members spon- sored a town-wide turkey shoot and shotgun raffle . . . dis- tinguished speakers were featured at meetings . . . profes- sional tour was given for several Mobile industries . . . scholarship fund started this year . . . Miss Sandra Bradley selected as Delta Sigma Pi Sweetheart. Members: Joe Adams, Rex Piennel, Bill Nipper, Dale Neu- endorf, Jim Berry, Tommy Green, Randall Scruggs, Ray Berry, Tommy Long, John Woodson, Tommy White, Jim Giganti, Jesse Flowers, Wayne Dean, Tyson Howard, Stanley Sasser, Jerry Brown, Robert Lowery, H. L. Watson, Perry Carter, and Danny Harris. During a regular chapter meeting members heard Ellery J. Lacy, secretary of their field office. 140 Delta Sigma Pi members listen attentively to a speaker during a meeting at Ingram ' s Restaurant. Local Business Men Work With Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda provides practical experience for business education and secretarial science majors at Troy State . . . organization exists as a professional busi- ness fraternity . . . various local business men provide programs for meetings . . . experience and scholastic training with the business world before graduation . . . training and critique given by contributing business men from the Troy vicinity. Members: Judy Williams, Ann English, Carol Saunders, Vallie Strickland, Bill Young, Sharon Walker, Carol Hampsher, Glenda Sutton, Larry Booker, Stanley Walker, Mr. William Walters, Advisor. Eta Kappa Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi members are shown presenting a check for SlOO.OO to President Adams for a student financial aid fund. Shown left to right are Perry Carter, Wayne Dean, Dr. Adams, and John Kyle. 141 ACE Works in Field of Elementary Education The Association for Childhood Education is composed of students whose interests lie in the area of elementary education . . . ACE pro- motes modern practices in elementary education . . . demonstrations provided through instruc- tional materials, speakers, and professional mov- ies ... organized in 1963 under sponsorship of Dr. Theo Dalton . . . sponsored by Mrs. Tex Whaley and Dr. Theo Dalton . . . meet- ings are scheduled twice each quarter . . . mem- bers are associated with Childhood Education International. Members: Charlotte Rountree, Evelynn Dukes, Carol McCormick, Jerri Woodham, Juanette Ross, Martha Diamond, Suellen Smith. Members of the Childhood Education Association discuss plans for the year at one of their bi-quarterly meetings. Linda Kirkland, Connie Crum, Sandra Rich, Mary Merrill, Jean Turney, De Nease Aldernman, Eva Clark, Rebecca Clark, Jeraldine Thomas, Judith Andrews, Florence Foreman. _ ' Treasurer, Margaret Calloway, Public Relations, Nellwyn Da- vis, President, Patty Stinett, Sponsor, Dr. Theo Dalton, Secretary Wyatt McClenny, Sponsor, Mrs. Tex Whaley, Vice President, Linda Gamble. 142 ' A Members: Janice Hand, Jean McCraney, Bonita Shelley, Karol Tyler, Sandy Lakeman, Verbie Curtis, Emily Knight, Wanda Brannon, Susan Price, Carol Shaw. Dames Club Sponsors Fund Raising Activities Mrs. Tom Stewart serves as director of the Campus Nursery for children of students. Composed of women whose husbands attend Troy State . . . members sponsor campus located nursery . . . exists for fidelity and friendship . . . keeps objectives of advancing the interests of the University, providing social contacts, and promoting a spirit of friendliness . . . Dames Club Members sponsor PHT Degree for wives who work to send husbands through school . . . prepared projects for club bazaar . . . promoted bakery sale . . . composed Dames Club Cookbook . . . raised funds through various club activities . . . annual Christmas project for children of students attending Troy State. Officers: Susan Helms, Pat Wave, Charlotte Rountree, Sharon Walker, Sarah Cline, Becky Madison, and Lynn Seal. 143 Beta Sigma Members Share Great Interest in Biology The purpose of Beta Sigma Biology Club is the assembly of students with a common interest in biological sciences, encouragements of fellowship among students and an ac- tive service organization ... to obtain goals, Beta Sigma sponsored a spelunking trip to Cheha State Park . . . future plans include a trip to Gayle Planetarium in Montgomery . . . club has agenda of outstanding speakers in the field of Biological Sciences including neurosurgeons, geologists, marine biologists, radiologists, and conservationists. Dr. J. C. Wilkes talks with interested club members. Mary Koehler, Vice-President, Johnny Mac Smith, Treasurer, Jane Drake, President, and Peggy Collins, entertain prospective members. 144 Members of the Tech Club meet in the Audito rium of McCall Hall. Pictured above, William Dykes, Frances June Johnson, Sally Allen, Mary Jane Oliver, Dr. D. C. Widdowson, Barbara Strutheit, Sharon Rawlston, Norma Fortner, Carol Headley, and Lisbeth Lugo. Medical Technology Students Form New Tech Club The Tech Club was organized in the summer of 1968 with the goal of expanding the educational and social horizons of all para-medical students . . . during the year members coordi- nated programs for the coming year which would be of in- terest to all members and students . . . programs include guests and speakers, special projects and trips to medical facilities . . . interning students at St. Margaret ' s hospital in Montgomery talked to group about hospital experiences . . . getting ac- quainted party featured for new members . . . personality re- search seminar plans discussed for future meetings. Officers: Karen Williams, Recording Secretary, Frances June Johnson, President, Barbara Strutheit, Corresponding Secretary, and Sally Allen, Parliamentarian. 145 University Dance Group Performs in Music Man The University Dancers is a newly formed organization on the campus of Troy State . . . Organized in the Fall of 1968 by Dr. Wilda Pickett . . . members performed at the Campus Beauty Pageant, sponsored by THE PALLA- DIUM . . . Troy Country Club Christmas dance . . . Co- operated with music department in production of Music Man . . . Open house for American Ballet . . . membership based on individual auditions . . . founded to further the study and appreciation of the dance media as an art form . . . Student director, Bob Goss . . . Dr. Wilda Pickett instructs a dance step. Bob Goss and Paula Rush practice for performing in the University Dancers. 146 Members: Hershel Talley, Paula Rush, Darrel Green, Betty Todd, Bob Messick, Karen Sullivan, Nancy Wright, Kevin Penn, Marie Henderson Not pictured, Kathy Witherington. Spires Membership Rewards Academic Excellence Spires Honor Society at Troy State is composed of senior women who have proved themselves as outstand- ing students based on scholarship, activities, and achieve- ments . . . members usher at campus events . . . par- ticipated in Homecoming Coffee . . . use as their sym- bol the Spire of the Palladium . . . service projects initiated to aid in a better relationship among students at Troy state . . . society exists to serve the University and promote academic excellence. Members: Marie Ross, Mrs. Emma Norris, advisor; Martha Lee, Judy McGaffey, Linda Glenboski, and Wanda Shipman. SNEA Sponsors Future Teachers Convention Men and women at Troy State in the field of education are afforded membership in the Student National Education Association . . . SNEA is one of the largest organizations on campus . . . serves on both the state and national levels . . . promotes education and works to increase quality in teaching . . . sponsors FTA Third District Convention and participates in state convention in Montgomery . . . Officers: Joe Rice, Reporter; Glen Dora Roling, Treasurer; Judy McGaffey, Secretary; Linda Glenbo ski, President; Steve Hickman, Vice President. 147 BSU Center Opens New Basement Coffee House The Baptist Student Union provides spiritual leadership and fellowship to all students . . . game room, library, Chapel, prayer room, kitchen, and lounge facilities open for members . . . welcome party featured for freshman and transfer students in fall quarter . . . members attended State Baptist Students Convention in Mobile, Alabama . . . Coffee House opened in basement of the BSU Center . . . Mid Year Conference featured theme of " Awareness of the World and Our Tasks Through the Arts " . . . Christ- mas party sponsored for underprivileged children in the Troy area . . . tutor program established for children at the Baptist Children ' s Home . . . members sponsored Mis- sion Work Days and RA and GA work . . . vespers spon- sored on each Monday night and discussions conducted on Thursday nights. k- f Baptist Student Union President, Robert Suttle. Secretary, Linda Mc-Cart, and Vice President, Julia Campbell. W i »4: Members of the BSU: Sandra Fowler, Bill Mallory, Shirley Taylor, Faye Rotton, Linda Patterson, Jerry Knight, Glenda Wright, Hildred Deese, and Frank Bray. -V Jl; Members: Ann Wise, Linda Patterson, Hildred Deese, Sherry Sumner. Julia Campbell, Charlotte Rawls, Mary Ramsey, Phillip Suttle, Wayne Glover. Robert Suttle, Joe Simpson, Director, Phil Royce, Linda Mc- 148 Cart, Glenda Wright. Wesley Foundation Works With Local Churches Wesley Foundation is a Methodist organization for fellowship and worship for all students . . . programs branched out over campus to include various interests . . . members worked closely with local churches to promote a Christian home for students . . . several trips made to the Veterans Hospital in Tuskegee, Alabama and to the Selma Children ' s home . . . during the year weekend retreats were featured and proved re- warding to students . . . building at Wesley Founda- tion offers students a place to study, watch television, play records or enjoy general recreation facilities . . . Wesley offers a kitchen and a well stocked library to its members . . . building is open everyday, and there are weekly meetings held on each Thursday of the week. Left to right: Linda Lowery, Sam Whatley, Norma Andress, Miss Diana Fowler, Linda Taylor, Connie Hughes, Sharon Rauston, Jo Blount, Martha Lee, Caro- lyn McGinty. Jo Blount, President; John Woodson, UCM Chairman; Connie Hughes, 2nd Vice Presi- dent; Judy McGaffey, Secretary; Sam Whatley, 1st Vice President. Robert Brown, Carolyn McGinty, Colin Dacus, Martha Lee, Betty Pinckard, John Woodson, Betty Greene, Sylvia Killingsworth, Jerry Rabuzzi, Jo Blount, Mr. Dick Kirkland. 149 Church Groups Represented on Religious Council The Religious Council is composed of representa- tives from religious organizations on Troy State ' s campus . . . members are elected within their individual organizations . . . council acts as a co-ordinator of the religious life at Troy State . . . sponsors two main ac- tivities during each year: an orientation program in the fall and a Religious Emphasis week in the spring . . . council meets once a month at the headquarters of various religious organizations on campus. Members: Jim Crosby, Martha Lee, Connie Bradley, Sam Whatley, Emory Helms, Tommy White. Psi Lambda Promotes Interest in Psychology Psi Lambda is composed of students who are major- ing in Psychology and who have plans for counseling professions . . . three social activities featured during the year . . . speakers from several parts of the nation presented at club meetings . . . subjects discussed on LSD, Witchcraft, and the Hippie movement ... in- terests promoted in various fields of psychology . . . tapes provided to aid students in their study of psy- chological topics . . . practical experience received by administering and evaluating student tests in the class- room. Members: Dr. Josephine Warner, Mane Henderson, Martha Lee, Hersel Talley, Mike Covin. 150 GREEKS 151 Programs of Fraternities Boosted Through IFC Troy State ' s Inter-Fraternity Council exists for the purpose of developing good will and cooperation be- tween the various fraternities . . . acts as a deliberative body for solving fraternity problems . . . serves as governing body for Troy State fraternities . . . outlines progress to be made by fraternity system in future times . . . IFC works with sororities in sponsoring Greek Week . . . members sponsor dances, charity drives, and pro- mote scholastic and athletic competition among the fra- ternities on campus . . . athletic trophies are awarded annually . . . trophies awarded by IFC for the fraternity with the best participation in Campus Blood Drives and also to the fraternity exhibiting the best float in the Homecoming Parade. Secretary Bob Hubbard, President Max Metcalf, and Floyd Johnson, of the Inter-Fra ternity Council. Members: Richard Myres, Bill Riddle, Spencer Brantly, Larry Adams, and Buddy Tomaini, are representatives of various fraternities in the IFC. Pi Kappa Phi Representatives Butch Cauthen and George Dickey talk with advisor Dean Robert Williford and IFC Vice President Henry Williford. 152 Kappa Delta representatives Suzanne Holsombeck, Bernadene Gary, and Claudia Bolich are on the Panhellenic Council. Ginger Payne served as President of the Troy State Panhellenic Council. Good Sorority Relations Promoted by Panhellenic Panhellenic Council promotes friendly relations among sororities on Troy State University ' s Campus . . . intellec- tual accomplishment and scholarship are encouraged . . . sororities must maintain high standards and comply to rules which govern rushing, pledging, and initiation . . . joined National Panhellenic Conference in 1966 . . . spon- sored rush orientation program, participated in various fund raising campaigns . . . maintained a revolving trophy to be presented to sorority with the highest over-all scholas- tic average each quarter . . . presents a trophy for home- coming floats each year . . . works with the Inter-Fraternity Council during each year for all Greek events on campus. Dean Margaree Delta Pi are part Knight, Dean of Women, and Linda Glenboski of Alpha of the Council. Council Members: Jean Lof- tin, Naomi Heller, and Judy Mayr of Phi Mu. 153 A n Members of Alpha Delta Pi pictured on their entry in the Homecom- ing Parade. ADPi ' s Still Hold Scholarship Trophy Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Troy in April of 1967 for the purpose of moral, mental, and social enrichment for its members . . . Epsilon Kappa chapter of Alpha Delta Pi has had the Scholarship Trophy for six consecutive quarters . . . Linda Glenboski and Marie Ross named to Who ' s Who . . . Ginger Payne served as Cheerleader Captain . . . members served as cheerleader cap- tain, president of Panhellenic Council, Pi Kappa Phi Pledge Sweetheart, Home- coming attendant and Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart. Mary Anne Darden is pushed to the starting line in the Theta Chi Grand Prix by Suzanne Barr and Bettie Robinson. 154 Officers: Linda Glenboski, President; dent; Ann Butler, Vice President. Pnid Griffin, Secretary; Rhonda Donal Member-at-Large; Diddy Hardin, Vice Presi- Alpha Delta Pi Andrea Alford Suzanne Barr Katie Bradford Judy Brown Ann Butler Margaret Callaway Coleen Carey Teresa Clark Connie Cmm Freida Crumpler Jill Curtis Mary Ann Darden Rhonda Donaldson Linda Glenboski Enid Griffin Diddy Hardin Barbara Howard Betty Hurt Winkie Jennings Ann Marie Johnson Wanda Long Martha McCarty Barbara McDonald Pat McLeod Linda Macon Deborah Marsh Teresa Moody Ann Morris Priscilla Park Ginger Payne Sandra Perdue Faye Phillips Lynn Phillips Judy Ray Sheila Roberts Bettie Robinson Marie Ross Martha Shaw Jane Strozier Ann Teal Barbara Tidwell Helen Wiggins Sue Williams Marilyn Zito 155 K A Members of KD aid children at the Baptist Home each afternoon in their studies for the day. KD ' s Win Homecoming Float Trophy The Delta Delta Chapter of Kappa Delta is in its third year of existence at Troy State University . . . four of the top ten campus beauties were KD ' s . . . sorority won Panhel- lenic Homecoming float trophy . . . two mem- bers represented in Who ' s Who . . . adopted a child from India to sponsor . . . members help children at the Baptist Home in their studies every afternoon . . . Kappa Delta co- sponsored the annual Blood Drive . . . Big Brothers from each farternity selected for the first time this year . . . seven senators repre- sent Kappa Delta . . . Delta Chi, Sigma Al- pha sweethearts and Permanent Delta Chi Carnation Girl were KD ' s. v 1 Big Brothers: John Kluttz, Don Saterino. Eddie Clements, and Eddy Hollington. V k.- , ' v| 1 I M III 1 • ' ' 1 1 1 156 K.ipp.i Delta i sponsored the Annual Blood Drive at Troy Stale this year Kappa Delta ? JP 9$ Sandy Adkinson Kendra Baker Claudia Bolich Janice Bowdoin Cissy Clark- Donna Cowart Jane Craft Clarel Deese Ginger DeVaughan Jeannie Devericks Angelinc Dooling Twyla Ellis Deborah Flowers Dianne Eolsom Berna Gary Iris Graddy Sara Hart Suzanne Holsombeck Celia Hutcheson Sue Jackson Edwina Kelley Ann Lawrence Beverly Lisenby Che ' Lowery Denise McDonald Donna Martin Sharon O ' Neal Rebecca Parish Sandra Potts Cheryl Reese Patricia Reeves Bonnie Richburg Terry Schwab Susan Seaborn Carol Shaw Lucille Smith Suzanne Solomon Charlsie Taylor Elaine Thorne Susan Tidwell Kathy Waller Mary Wilkerson Risa Wenzel Becky Yohn 157 M I ,A Phi Mu members work on their entry in the annual Theta Chi Grand Prix. Phi Mil ' s Dominate Campus Beauty Choices Troy State ' s Kappa Gamma Chapter of Phi Mu was the first sorority organized on Troy ' s campus . . . received first place honors during Greek Week . . . members chosen as Miss Venus . . . three of top five school beauties were Phi Mu members . . .Ginger Creel selected as Homecoming Queen . . . four members worked as majorettes and one as cheerlead- er ... Phi Mu ' s elected as sweethearts of Pi Kappa Phi and Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . pledge sweethearts for Delta Chi and Sigma Alpha . . . Charity Bowl Queen selected from Phi Mu ... Phi Mu Fel- low, David Walker won UMOC ... fall quarter Rush featured . . . Scholarship Ban- quet . . . Greek week Tea . . . money collected for Phi Mu Na- tional philanthrophy. I 58 Phi Mu Connie Baack Penny Birclifield Sandy Broun Sherry Carnes Sybil Chapman Jackie Coker Annette Colley Ginger Creel Kay Daer Kay Fariss Brenda Hale Elsie Hawkins Naomi Heller Sue Herring Diane Hopper Kay Johnson Lynn Johnson Susanne Johnston Sara Loft in Mirenda McCall Patricia McRee Patty Mayo Judy Mayr Glennelle Metcalf Debbie Miller Susan Nevels Julia Nichols Nancy Pate Shay Patton Freda Porter Robin Reaves Suzanne See Martha Shiver Marinda Stinson Rita Thomas Susan Taylor Pat Trawick Elizabeth Via Barbara Yarbrough Sharon Youngblood 159 A X Rushees are pictured at a Delta Chi Smoker party during Rush Week. Delta Chi Co-Sponsors Annual Charity Bow The brothers of Delta Chi strive toward develop- ing well-rounded individuals who contribute to all phases of campus life ... co-sponsored the An- nual Charity Bowl and $450.00 was contributed to the Cothee Lubert Scholarship Fund . . . brothers involved in Student Government, the band, cheer- leaders, and the IFC ... Cecelia Hutcheson repre- sented Delta Chi as sweetheart . . . advances made in growth and expansion and toward adopting the goals of the national constitution for Delta Chi. Jim Barnes Ken Beaudoin Gerald Booth Mike Brings Paul Brinsfield Steve Campbell Hugh Cole Boh Comander Rusty Crossland Tom Crusey Jim Curenton Frank Dagostin Pledges: B. Woodall, T. Dunn, R. Hart, L. Rainey, R. Coker, R. Nations, A. Hepburn, C. Mathies, J. Allen, K. Penn, E. Waddell, H. Erwin, D. Alderm ' en, M. Herring. 160 Delta Chi a © r- ' P ■ u ' VLy _37 j? r © ffr ..,. £.„ R. £TJ i.bU krf J . ££ £ J Alan Dorn Darrell Falum John Ferguson Richard Fowler Bob Frederick Bush Gilchrist LeVoid Green O ' Neal Green Ken Guillen Stan Hall Danny Harrison Al Head Thomas Henderson Douglas Horn Bobby Johnson John Johnson Tommy Johnson Floyd Johnston Steve Johnston Mike Kelly John Kluttz Rusty Knorr John Lane Jimmy Lawrence Paul Lee Mike Marsh Max Metcalf Robert Miller Burl Napier Johnny Parducci Edwin Parrish Neal Phillips Marvin Pipkin Phil Raley Robert Reese Andy Schwab Rick Sheldon William Solomon Lowery Sparks Isaac Stokes Buddy Sullivan Steve Sutton Larry Taylor Bobby Torrillo Allen Tucker Dale Wilkinson Garry Williams Reggie Williams 161 n K Officers: Butch Cauthen, Bubba Goodwin, Johnny Majors, R. P. Etheridge, Doug Taylor, George Dickey. Pi Kappa Phi Moves Into New House Pi Kappa Phi has the distinction of being the first fraternity formed at Troy State . . . new Fraternity House obtained . . . won intramural football championship ... Pi Kappa Phi Rose, Ginger Creel, selected as Homecoming Queen . . . " Mother ' s Club " formed by Mrs. Brooks Thompson . . . pony raffle held to raise funds . . . thirty two men pledged for membership. Pi Kappa Phi members participated in a parade in Montgomery before the game with Livingston State University. Pledges: Duncan, Kanton, Williams, Hutto, Crawley, Azar, Jenkins, Masters, Singletary, Brugle, Owens, Vance, Coupel, King, Hall, Renfroe, Pegg, Worrell, Carter, Loftin, Donaldson, Crane, Tolbert, McHugh, Tucker, Spillers, Pinkard, Wright, Crane, Brackin, Houston. 162 Pi Kappa Phi c ft M. A :A M Tj 71 5 |T-.f p j ' (fc £ •» p V-f. p-i ifiii f i i: ▲ W tf : k47h h t±+:hM(±± A ,M : AA,+ lay Battle Kami)- Hanks 1 larvey Brand John ( ampbell William Cauthen William ( oker C harles ( loninger Art Dees George Dickey John Enslen ( !i raid Essary Robert Etheridgc Wayne Evans Steve Eeralin 1 toward Fox George Eurqueron Bubba Goodwin Don Hatcher Clifford Helms Donald I lodges Eddie 1 tollington Cass Howell Larry Huckabee Timothy Jennings John Jones Randy Long Jeff McKissick John Majors Danny O us ley Bobby Parrish Mickey Parrish James Ray Steve Rogers Vincent Roses Phil Spear Joe Spikes Douglas Taylor Denny Tomaini Bobby Trawick Joseph Vaitis David Walker Mike Williams 163 X -1 U-4 Theta Chi members are shown at their table during the Univer- sity ' s Rush Week. Theta Chi Captures Softball Intramu ral Crown c . ' Members of Theta Chi Fraternity are active in many phases of scholastic and social life at Troy State . . . sponsored the Annual Grand Prix . . . Co-Sponsored the Charity Bowl Game with proceeds going to the Cothee Lubert Scholarship Fund . . . elected Linda Prock as Theta Chi Dream Girl . . . won Softball Intramurals . . . raised funds for campus Cancer Drive . . . twenty-seven men pledged during the year . . . plans discussed for a new fra- ternity house. Prospective pledges attended a smoker during Theta Chi Rush Week 164 Pledges: Riley Gibson, Pledge Trainer; Wilson, Anderson, Adams, Waters, Browning, Sutphen, Clary, Snyder, Gill, Saunders Fernald, Proctor. Theta Chi William Adams George Anderson Fred Bassett Michael Brown Darrell Browning Jeff Carter George Clary Johnny Coats Ronald Cooper Dennis Duell Dennis Fzell Laurence Fernald Claude Frazier Ken Gibson Riley Gibson James Hastings Martin Juve William McCartha Charles Messick Randall Milner James Mitchell Patrick Mooney Richard Myers Bruce Neal Charles Norrell William Proctor Jack Ragin George Sanders Dominick Satornino 165 T K E um M Tekes Celebrate 70th National Anniversary Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . runner-up in Greek Games . . . Received trophy for plac- ing in all-sing . . . named Naomi Heller Sweetheart . . . celebrated 70th National anniversary . . . worked with Alabama Bap- tist Children ' s home for Public Service Week . . . Won 1st place for Homecoming Float . . . sweetheart placed in Homecom- ing Court . . . hosted dance for Vietnam bound soldiers . . . fielded teams ' in all in- termural athletics . . . IFC Vice President and Secretary Treasurer. The Tau Kappa Epsilon Float was part of the Homecoming Parade in the Fall. 166 TKE Pledges: Alvin Morgan, Gary Cardwell, Mike Murphy, Bill Shepherd, trainer; Frank Overhuls, Tim Bayles, O ' N ' eal Evans, Don Woods, R. ' ctr Norton, Bill Schultz, Stc c- Anthony. Tau Kappa Epsilon p. oiftft a » o 0t$ ktM£ AlA t 0P Jt i4iirnisJ Newton Amos Jim Andrews Thomas Ayers Beasley Mike Bishop Erie Hi wen Greg Brand Dick Brooks David I ' underburke Wayne Henderson Robert Hollon Robert Hubbard Steve Jankiewicz William Jones Thomas Kelly Bubba Kennedy Ray Knott John Lewis Dayton Long Kenneth McMillan Byron Neese Joe Newman Larry Owen Phil Pollard lack Savola Bill Shepherd Chuck Smith Reggie Sorrells Ronny Sorrells Charles Stagner Allen Taunton Stan Tew Robert Vaughan Jack Williamson Henry Willitord William Younger 167 I A Sigma Alpha pledge registration table during Rush Week. Sigma Alpha Is Newest Campus Fraternity Sigma Alpha was organized in March of 1968 on the campus of Troy State as a local social fratern- ity ... admitted into Inter-Fra- ternity Council . . . entered intra- mural competition and Greek week . . . escorted children from Baptist home on Halloween night . . . stressed importance of scholarship and won IFC Scholarship Trophy Spring quarter and in the Fall . . . Kendra Baker chosen as the first Sigma Alpha Swetheart. Sigma Alpha pledges seen at a Rush party at the Troy Country Club. Sigma Alpha Members during a party held for Rush week culmination. 168 Sigma Alpha John Berry Spencer Barntley Edward Clements Larry Jones Eddie Hicks Gavin Killam Jack Kirkland Jerry Knight Steve McGee Barry McLeod Mike Mathews John Mecklenburg Jerry Mithcell Glenn Ray George Turner Stanley Walker Eranklin Weathers William Riddle Charles Wood Marty Ziegler 169 Fraternity Sweethearts Naomi Heller TAU KAPPA EPSILON Ginger Creel PI KAPPA PHI 170 Celia Hutcheson DELTA CHI Linda Prock THETA CHI Kendra Baker SIGMA ALPHA 17! Greek Activities Kappa Delta sisters take a moment of relaxation during a meeting. The theme of " Gambling " was used at one of the parties held during Rush Week by Delta Chi. 172 A rush table was placed in the student center by the TKE ' s during Rush Week. Members of Kappa Delta worked with children at the Baptist Children ' s Home in Troy as a sorority project. Theta Chi Officers: Riley Gibson, Vince Campbell, Randy Milner, and Fred Bassett. Sigma Alpha Pledged Rod Lurie and Jerry Tew during the winter quarter. Pi Kappa Phi held a rush " smoker " at their fraternity house. 73 AD Pi Captures Second Annual Theta Chi Grand Prix The Annual Theta Chi Grand Prix was sponsored this year in February. All three sororities participated in this event. The race took place on campus, and consisted of soap-box derby racers which were driven by the mem- bers of the sororities. Alpha Delta Pi won this year ' s Grand Prix. This sorority will hold the Theta Chi Trophy for one year until the next race is held. Janice Bowdoin gives last minute instructions to the driver (if the Kappa Delta entry. Mary Ann Darden and Suzanne Baft cross the finish line in the winning Alpha Delta Pi entry. Vince Campbell, Theta Chi President, presents Alpha Delta Pi with the winning Grand Prix Trophy. 174 RESIDENCE HALLS 175 I Gardner ' s Assistant Directors Delanith Floyd, Marylyn Adair, and Patty Stinnette discuss their duties Gardner Hall Headed by Hughes as President Catherine Collins Gardner Hall is one of the most active woman ' s residence halls on Troy State ' s campus . . . houses 120 upperclass women ... is recognized as one of the Uni- versity ' s most modern housing facilities . . . contains an in- dustrious and effective House Council which sets policies and plans residence functions ... six member House Judiciary works in cooperation with Dean of Women and director, Miss Fowler in disciplining minor infractions of House Rules . . . girls hold many honors and are members in various clubs and campus organizations . . . during the school year Gardner women honored their First Lady at a valentine party. Gardner officers are Connie Hughes, President; Shelia Baker, Vice President; Patricia Tidmars h, Social Chairman; and Karen Williams, Secretray. 176 Miss Diane Fowler senes as Director of Gardner Hal .« i.: Hamil Officers: Risa Wenzel, Edwina Kelly, Deloris Whiddon, Margaret Moon, Beverly Smallridge, Clarel Deese, Donna May, Ann Lawrence. Hamil Twice Honored With Homecoming Display Award Hamil Hall is one of Troy ' s newer residence halls for women . . . award for best Homecoming Display won by Hamil for second consecutive year . . . Christ- mas Party held for a needy family in Pike County . . . Mrs. Earl Watson presented a program on life in Africa . . . Delta Chi and Sigma Sweethearts chosen from residents of Hamil . . . suggestion box offered for policy suggestions . . . house judiciary and house council serve as governing bodies. ■ Unit Leaders: Patsy Friery, Judy Andrews, Judy McGaffey, Judy Sewell, Judy Newsome, Byanthia Retherford. Assistants: Claudia Bolich, Phyllis Mendheim, Director, Miss Francis Rigsby, Kendra Baker, and Martha Lee. 177 Cowart House Council Members: Sharon Hauwke, Sally Bowdoin, Diane Wheeler, Laurel le Gregory, Linda McCart, Ramona McDurmont, Linda Jemison. Cowart Women Include Five Campus Sweethearts Cowart Hall houses 140 of Troy State ' s women . . . several Cowart girls featured in the Campus Beauty Contest . . . Janet Young placed in top five Beauties on campus . . . Phi Mu Alpha, Dill Hall, Pi Kappa Phi, Circle K, and TKP Sweethearts were chosen from Cow- art Girls . . . guest speakers offered girls an opportuni- ty to discuss timely matters concerning college coeds . . . girls participated in helping Coffee House operation . . . women representing many campus organizations are residents of Cowart Hall. A 4$ Council Members: Ramona McDurmont, Gayla Bullock, Sue Barkett, Sharon O ' Neil, Mary Wilson, Janice Bowdoin, Lisa Crouch, Alice Lamar and Diane Wheeler. Miss Mary Smith serves as Director of Cowart Hall. Assistant Directors: Sherry Day, Jo Bufkin and Pat Norris. 178 • V « ' ' HV. i» i JL ' ' Shackelford House Council Members: Ann Teal, Nancy Wright, Faith Manring, Erma Jean Day, Nancy Hart, Margie Wright, Rhonda Kelly.- 9 WMV.i I Shackelford Director Miss Jo Salter is in charge of Fresh- men girls in this residence hall. Shackelford Assistants: Hildred Deese, Betsy Panhorst, Vallie Strickland, Faye Roten, Vickie Waters, Dixie Vinson. Shackelford Provides First Dorm Life for Girls Shackelford Hall Officers: Becky Manley, Secretary Treasurer, Barbara Klutz, Vice Presi- dent, Mary Sharon Mungenast, President, Beverly Johnson, Social Chairman. Shackelford Hall serves as Troy State ' s only com- pletely Freshman Residence Hall for women stu- dents . . . houses Adelphes . . . Halloween Party featured in October . . . Homecoming display built . . . Christmas Party given for a needy family in Troy . . . Adelphes assist freshman women ... six assistants aid in providing guidance . . . girls rep- resenting many clubs and organizations are resi- dents of Shackelford Hall. 179 Jean Atkins, Martha Baldwin, Deidra Gunter, Bettie Robinson, Ann Marie Johnson, Pace Hall Assistants. Congenial Living Stressed for Pace Hall Women Matthew Downer Pace Hall is one of the most active women ' s residence halls on campus . . . mem- bers participate in all phases of college life: band, Col- legiate Singers, Sororities, and elected officers in campus organizations . . . Pace houses three sorority Chapter rooms . . . director assisted by house council of four elected officers . . . three assistants, unit leaders, and senators aid in governing Pace . . . codes formulated for congenial living on Troy State campus. House Council members are elected in Pace Hall to aid in governing policies. 180 Senators for Pace Hall, Shelia Roberts and Deborah Marsh. Pace Hall is governed by President Rheba Cash, Secretary Ann Butler and Vice President Susan Nevels. Mrs. Nettie Green, director of Pace Hall, looks over the Pace Hall scrapbook. Members of the Pace Hall House Judiciary: seated, San- dra Perdue, Naomi Heller, Martha McCarty, standing, Freida Porter, Mary Helen Carlisle. 181 Alumni ' A ' Men Lead in Blood Drive Donations The residents of Alumni A are both freshman and upperclass students . . . men are housed in one of the newest and most modern residence halls on Troy ' s campus . . . members played a leading role in the Blood Drive in the numbers of persons giving . . . student House Council provided for an expanded Recreation Room and for open game tournaments . . . proposal for an " in residence " tutorial program was submitted to assist in broadening educational facilities . . . House Council sponsored weekly devotionals . . . residents en- couraged to submit suggestions and assist in their im- plementation . . . Sylvia A 1 ford selected as Sweetheart for 1969 . . . better plans for campus living are con- stantly incorporated into the administration of Alumni Council Members: Mike Marsh, Rusty Knorr, Richard Fowler, O ' Neal Green, P. Raley, T. Styons, T. Johnson, R. Reese, J. Hutto, J. Driggers, F. Dagostine, T. Nowell, J. Toole, D. Crowe, L .Taylor, F. Mixon. Council Members: Dana Crocker, Marvin Glascow, Bobby McCord, Layton Bosarge, Larry Taylor, David Stewart, Mr. Sam Houston, Jimmy Driggers, James Williams, Len Plott, Tony Turner. Assistants: Dana Crocker, David Stewart, Larry Taylor, James Williams, Jimmy Drig- gers. 182 Staff Members: Barry McLeod, John Mecklenberg, Reggie Sorrells, John Lewis, Jimmy Harrison, Ben Thompson, Marvin Pipkin, Sam Watley, Wayne Mc- Millian, Allen Parker, Tharel Shirah. Alumni B House Council Studies Housing Policies Alumni B men are justly proud of their past achieve- ments and plans for the future . . . house council ' s special project included a re-examination of residence hall policies and expansion of recreation room facilities and services . . . postage stamp machines added and vacuum cleaners for residents . . . involvement increased in residence educational and recreational activities . . . closer affiliation with campus organizations . . . TSU Red Wave football team included in residents of Alumni B. Officers: Stan Watson, Steve Jankowitz, Jack Williamson, Mack McReynolds, Ar- Officers: Bob Chisolm, thur Anderson, Buddy Rushing. Jerry Tew, Frank Weathers. kowitz. Jack Williamson sick, House Council. Mack McRey . Jerry Tew, nolds. Frank Larry Em Weathers et, Steve Jan- Jimmy Mes- 183 John Kyle, President, Tony Riley, Treasurer, Stanley Sasser, Vice Proctors: Ridge Lent, Paul Lee, Steve Bragg, Geary Dismukes, Don Adams, Charles President, and Charley Burg, Secretary for Dill Hall. Wright, Donnie Holder, and James Rushing. Dill Repeats Homecoming Display Award Win Dill Hall houses both upperclassmen and fresh- men men . . . residents won Homecoming Display Award for the second year in succession . . . spon- sored Intramural sports teams . . . inter-dorm sports and game events sponsored . . . several in- teresting off-campus speakers presented to residents . . . elected Sweetheart, Diane Folsom . . . residents provided with Student Judiciary Council and a House Council . . . pool and ping-pong rooms, a library, television facilities, and a weekly newspaper were offered for recreation . . . new director, Mr. James Newton, held distinction as one of youngest directors on Troy ' s campus. Mr. James Newton served his first year as head of Dill Hall. Office Assistants for Dill Hall: Larry Smith, Ricky Parker, and Charles Burg. 184 Proctors: Ken Guillen, Mickey Herring, Allen Tucker, Bobby Moore, Danny Adams, Jim Barnes, Joel Cohen, George Lancaster. Clements Activities Feature Weekly Speakers Clements Hall started this year with a new Director, Mr. Fred Ponder . . . new color television set purchased for recreation room . . . speakers featured each week on various topics . . . Homecoming display prepared . . . intra- dorm sports tournaments held . . . date night featured during Spring quarter . . . judiciary and house councils govern residents . . . paperback book collections started for Clements Hall Library . . . Sweetheart Randella Ar- nette placed in Homecoming Beauty finalists. Assistants: Ken Beaudoin, Jim Crosby, Jim Ferguson, Paul Pope Mickey Herring, V President; Director Fred Ponder; Sweetheart, Randella Arnette; President, Jim Ferguson; George Lancaster. Mr. Fred Ponder served his first year as Director of Clements Hall at Troy State. 185 Dorm Life Develops Independence and Maturity Long hours of study occupy the time of students in the residence halls. mmttmmtmmmmmtmmmmtmmmmmm 11 1 i ■!■■■ With so few phones for so many callers, a three-minute limit is imposed. J » u . — m W ■ J 11 ■ b Lg y ■ ■1 [ffl H t - B ■ v B A student gets in some last-minute studying before bedtime. Various forms of creativity find an outlet. Sometimes it ' s comforting just to have a place to call one ' s own IR7 Bulletin boards are full of collector ' s items. 188 .STUDENT LEADERS. ■ M ILIil.M. 189 Prexy Raley and Veep Martin Lead SGA Activities Student Government Association gives students at Troy State a strong voice of representation . . . President Phil Raley led SGA members during the year . . . sponsored SGA Big Name Entertainment each Quarter . . . Ray Charles featured in Fall, Anthony and the Imperials in Winter, and The Let- terman for Spring Quarter . . . sponsored Blood Drive . . . sponsored Mr. and Miss TSU contest . . . maintained control of Senate and Judiciary . . . maintained active student-administration relations. •A, ) mi Richard Fowler served as Treasurer for the SGA. The position of SGA Clerk was taken by Charlsie Taylor for the 1968-69 year. 190 Phil Raley served as Troy State ' s President of the Student Government Association for the school year. Tharel Shirah served as Senator at Large. Secretary of the SGA was Ann Marie Johnson. As Vice President of the Student Government Association Joe Martin presided over the Senate. 191 Senate Members: C. Camp, M. Mulvaney, R. Daniel, G. DeVaughn, H. Wiggins, S. Carnes, D. Marsh, S. Roberts, E. Kelly, M. Butler, D. Floyd, B. Green F. Dagostin, J. Barfoot, B. Riddle, B. Howell, M. Giglio, P. Pope, T. Tucker, B. Sharpless, L. Chancey, C. Solomon, F. Dagostin, S. Matcalf, C. Solomon, B. Enslen, D. Hatcher, S. Watson, E. Hollington, J. Key, H. Williford, D. Neu r:-ndorf, R. Berry, P. Reeves, and B. Shepherd. Student Senate Determines Pulse of Student Body Representing all students on campus, the members of the Student Senate are the lawmakers of the SGA. Each Residence Hall has four senators and six senators are delegated to commuters. During the school year members of the Senate re- vised the constitution of the SGA. In the process of this revision a study was made as to the needs of the students on campus and new legislation was passed to cover these needs. In addition to attending Senate meetings, Senators perform many worthwhile functions on campus. Sena- tors serve as pollsters at all elections, help plan and set up the physical arrangements for the SGA Big Name Entertainment, determine the pulse of the stu- dent body through evaluation programs, and provide leadership in SGA sponsored functions. To qualify for senator, a student must be in good standing according to academic and social life. Mem- bers perform a service to the University which is es- sential to the operation of the SGA. 192 During the meetings of the SGA, Senate members discuss the general needs ol students on and off campus. Supreme Court Is Highest Campus Judicial Body The Student Government Association Supreme Court is the highest student judicial body on campus . . . court consists of nine justices which are appointed by the President with approval from the Senate . . . mem- bers review and interpret the constitution and are in charge of any cases which are considered a breech of this document . . . Senate is an advisory group to both the executive and legislative branches of the Student Government Association . . . reviewing power contained under court . . . students offered an appellate board . . . Traffic Appeals Court composed of two associate justices and the chief justice . . . involved this year with reviewing the newly composed SGA Constitution . . . Court exists for the benefit of students. Chief Justice for the Supreme Court, Jim Hutto, heads this SGA affiliated organiza- tion. Members of the SGA Supreme Court: Richard Fowler, Johnny Mac Smith, Connie Hughes, Sandra Bradley, Tony Riley, Doug Taylor, and Chief Justice Jim Hutto. 193 Eight Upperclass Women Compose Judiciary Women ' s Judiciary is involved with cases of breach of regulations not dealt with by the House Judiciaries of residence halls on the campus of Troy State. By striving to deal with cases and people as individuals with varying needs and personalities, the Women ' s Judiciary has attempted to project a more liberal as well as a more intelligent image. Women are allowed to review their cases before Women ' s Judiciary before a panel of unbiased judges. IBKTBITE DIE Members: Becky Tiller, Linda Macon, Pauline Nolan, Dean Margaree Knight, Janice McCormick, Rosemary Dell, Jo Bufkin, Bettie Robinson, Diddy Hardin. Women ' s Self-Government Centered in WRHA Troy State University ' s Women ' s Residence Hall Association strives to assume the privileges and respon- sibilities of self-government on campus, to promote the activities of women students on Troy ' s campus, to encourage scholarship, to develop the spirit of de- mocracy, and to uphold social standards, as well as further the ideals and principles of the University. Among other things, the WRHA has drawn up a new constitution this year. Also, working for stronger improvements in the residence halls, curfews are being extended to 1:00 a.m. on Saturdays and rules are being revised to better benefit women on campus. WRHA Members: Beverley Smallridge, Janice Bowdoin, Rheba Cash, Connie Hughes. Mary Sharon Munganst, Bettie Robinson. 194 PUBLICATIONS 195 Yearbook Planning Began With Trip to Dallas Members of the PALLADIUM staff are responsible for the publication of the campus yearbook. Chuck Smith served as editor for this yearbook. Staff members toured Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas this summer and sponsored a Year- book Workshop for area high schools and junior col- leges in affiliation with Taylor. The annual Campus Beauty Contest is also sponsored by the PALLADIUM. Five girls were chosen to be featured in the Person- alities section of the yearbook. Most members of the yearbook staff work on a vol- unteer basis. The Palladium is affiliated with the Asso- ciated Collegiate Press; members attend an annual ACP convention each year. Business manager for the 1969 PALLADIUM was Bob Goss. Ben Sims wrote all copy which was used in the year book. Chuck Smith spent many hours organizing page layouts as editor of the 1969 PALLADIL ' M. ' .- Brenda Adams helped in drawing layout pages for the yearbook. Ron Lolley spent many hours processing film and making prints. Assistant Editor was Nellwyn Davis. Dean Smith returned for the second year as PALLADIUM photographer. 197 r - -- T I IT Ernest McClenney checks student names and ID numbers. Wanda Lon made certain that class cards were in sequence. Pamela Wolf concent rates on typing the Senior Director} ' . Frances Johnson, Patricia Jones, Charles Jones and Tom Barber organized class cards before pictures arrived. Lisa Crouch was always present to lend a Janice Hand wrote headlines for PALLADIUM copy. Jason Houk numbered pictures for Greek and Clas! helping hand. sections. 198 Tropolitan Reports Campus News Each Week The TROPOLITAN, Troy State ' s Student Newspaper, is pub- lished weekly by an all student crew. A " wide-open ' editorial policy is consistent with the newspaper, inviting comments and opinions from students and faculty as well as interested individuals outside the University. This year has seen an increase in the University ' s interest in the TROPOLITAN. Students and faculty members have contributed much to the year ' s publications. The TROPOLITAN is " affiliated with the Associated Collegiate Press; members attend a yearly convention of press members in order to update news policies. Editor Dayton Long and his volunteer staff put in many hours each week to give the paper a special appeal of student originality. Mr. Bill Buchannon sents as TROPOLITAN Advisor. As Editor, Dayton Long spends many hours composing copy and planning page layouts. 199 Sharon Trawick is Assistant Editor for the campus newspaper. Editor, Dayton Long, talks with photographer Alan Weldon. Sports Editor for the I ROPOLITAN is John Mecklcnberg. 200 Bob Dillon serves as the newspaper ' s Business Manager. Feature Editor for this year was Francie Nfarler. Sherry Starling aids in typing and editing copy. 201 ■ 202 ACADEMICS 203 Governor ' s Actions Reflect Pride in Troy State Governor Albert P. Brewer ' s pride in Troy State University is reflected in his many encouragements and endeavors for the University. According to a Mont- gomery newspaper, when Governor Brewer was made an honorary member of the University ' s T. Club it was the realization of a life-long dream, to be a foot- ball player. On February 10, a letter to Band director Johnny Long, Governor Brewer further heaped praises on Troy State and the University Band when he said: " As your Governor, I take this opportunity to express to you the heartfelt thanks of all Alabamians for the outstanding representation that you and the Troy State Band have made for the State of Alabama during recent months. Our heart swelled with pride as you appeared before the nation at the Senior Bowl Game and in the Inaugural Parade, and the many fine compliments we received on your group only reinforces our conviction that you are indeed the nation ' s finest. We will continue to follow the Troy State University Band with interest and pride and congratulate you and the band on your out- standing success. " Troy State is proud to have Governor Brewer as head of its Board of Trustees. Governor Brewer with members of Boy ' s State, which was held at TSU. Coach Billy Atkins made Governor Albert P. Brewer an honorary TSU Letterman on the Foot- ball Team. 204 Board of Trustees Works for Better University Life Troy State University is operated through a board of Trustees, under the direction of Governor Albert Brewer. Board members control the University ' s opera- tion; this position was previously taken through the State Board of Education. The Board of Trustees is headed by chairman, Mr. McDowell Lee. Members are constantly striving for the betterment of all educational facilities at Troy State. Mr. McDowell Lee, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, officiated at the ground breaking ceremonies for the new library. Also participating in the ceremonies were head librarian Mr. Kenneth Croslin and President Ralph Adams. Board members: Jack Giles, Robert T. Wilson, Robert M. Guillot, Alice D. Mosley, Marvin K. Vickers, Robert E. Kelly, McDowell Lee, J. Wilbert Jordan, Dr. Lillian C. Manley, Dr. Ernest Stone, and Governor Albert Brewer. 205 President Adams works in close contact with his secretary Mrs. Jean Mary. Rapid Growth Continues Under President Adams President Ralph Adams serves as the administrative head of Troy State University. President Adams has had much to do with the growth and development of Troy State in the past year. The school was changed from a college to a University last year, and the building program has been expanded to include the construction of a new library and a new apartment building for married students. The University has increased in its enrollment and the graduate program has been expanded. President Ralph Adams serves Troy State with the sincere desire to improve the standards of the University. Many duties are placed upon President Adams in his office as President of TSU. 206 fp«k 9 Msrmummirr Troy State has known unprecedented growth and expansion under the leadership of President Ralph Adams. President Adams participated in the Shriner ' s Parade in Montgomery. Members of the Troy State Band talk with President Adams during the band ' s trip to Washington, D.C., for the Inaugural Parade. 207 The Office of Student Affairs is open at all times to students who need assistance concerning campus curricula at Troy State. TSU Gets New Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Donald McDaniel served this year in the newly cre- ated office of Vice President of Student Affairs. Through his office Dr. McDaniel serves students in all areas of university life. In addition to coordinating Student Personnel Services, Dr. McDaniel also serves as Chairman of the Publications Board, and supervises orientation during Fall Quarter. The office of Student Affairs is one of the most impor- tant on campus. Students are given advice and assistance concerning problems of campus life, and student personnel job reorganization programs have been started this year. Dr. McDaniel serves as Vice President of Student Affairs. Dr. McDaniel and his secretary Mrs. Jacqueline Crawley work with Student Personnel. 208 Office of Academic VP Assumed by Dr. W. T. Wilks Dr. W. T. Wilks is Troy State ' s newly appointed Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Wilks formerly head- ed the Science Department at TSU. He is responsible for the direction of instructional programs at the University and also directs related academic affairs. Faculty recruitment and development are also connected with the Office of Academic Affairs. Dr. Wilks controls budget dispersement and curriculum development. All aca- demic publications are released through his office. In his new position as Vice President for Academic Af- fairs, Dr. Wilks has worked closely with the University ' s Self Study Program. Dr. W. T. Wilks is concerned with the academic improvement of the University. Student opinion is invited for changes in academic offerings. Dr. Wilks consults with his secretary as he reviews academic reorganization plans for the coming 209 Disbursement of Funds Handled by VP Stabler All financial affairs are supervised by Troy State ' s Vice President of Financial Affairs, Mr. Clay Stabler. All funds for departments are routed through his office. Mr. Stabler is constantly informed of all expendi- tures of the business office, maintenance department, cafeterias, the bookstore, and the student center. Money designated for any general service must be directed through the office of Financial Affairs. Arrangements for the construction of new buildings on campus are also part of the work of this office. Mr. Stabler dictates to one of his secretaries, Billie Ann Starnes. As Vice President for Finance, Mr. Clay Stabler controls expenditures. I Among the many jobs of Mr. Stabler are the jobs of receiving bids and awarding contracts for University purchases. 210 University Provides Special Services for Students Mr. Donald Gibson helps students by providing financial aids toward education. The office of Financial Aids Director at Troy State is headed by Mr. Donald Gibson; Mr. Gibson is assisted by Mr. Jefferson G. Golden. All loans, scholarships and work-study programs are handled through this office, veteran benefits are also con- trolled. Mr. Donald Crapps is Guidance Counselor on campus. Stu- dents may consult Mr. Crapps concerning any matter which involves University policies or personal conflict. Information may be obtained about educational offerings. Students Activities are directed by Mr. Maurice McCord. Mr. McCord works with the SGA at Troy in coordinating stu- dent affairs. Mrs. Errin Teal is Placement Office Assistant for the Uni- versity. Graduates are helped in finding positions after grad- uation. Information is also offered concerning summer and part-time jobs. As Guidance Counselor Mr. Donald Crapps gives personal advice to students Student activities are coordinated by Activities Director Mr. Maurice McCord. at Troy. Mr. Jefferson Golden is the new As- sistant in Financial Aids. Graduating students are helped in finding jobs by Mrs. Erin Teal and the Placement Office. 2 I New Dean Is Coordinator For Women ' s Activities The Office of Dean of Women serves as a coordinating unit for all phases of a woman ' s life on the campus of Troy State University. Women may receive counseling help and in- formation concerning campus regulations through the office of Dean Margaree Knight. Miss Knight works closely with residence hall officers and directors. All infractions of regulations and campus rules are governed under the auspices of the Dean of Women. Dean Knight also works closely with the sororities on cam- pus through the Panhellenic Council. Sororities must meet strict standards and are regulated bv standard codes. As Dean of Women, Miss Knight works to better improve Greek events and relationships. All students are welcome at all times to discuss their prob- lems and desires with Troy ' s Dean of Women. Dean Knight offers guidance and assistance to women students in all phases of life on campus at Troy State. Many students seek advice from Troy State ' s Dean of Women, Miss Margaree Knight. Dean Knight is an important coordinating factor for all parts of a woman ' s campus life. Students are always welcome to express honest opinions and ask for assistance from Troy ' s Dean of Women. 212 The Office of the Dean of Men is open at all times to students who have problems to discuss with Dean Robert Williford. Dean Williford Works for Improvements for Students Occasional moments of relaxation give Dean Williford time for leisure reading. aw The supervision of the men ' s dormitories is one of the foremost responsibilities of the Dean of Men. Mr. Robert Williford, Dean of Men, has done much to improve the conditions for students on campus. Dean Williford works not only with the residence halls on campus, but also with men living in off-campus dwell- ings and with the functions of campus fraternities. Through the office of Dean of Men students may bring appeals and grievances. Dean Robert Williford works for better rela- tionships between students and administration. The office of Dean of Men works with the Inter-Fra- ternity Council in coordinating Greek affairs and events and helps in the setting of rules and policies for the Coun- cil. His office is also instrumental in the setting of punish- ment for infractions on these rules and any other campus rules which govern students. Through the Dean of Men students are given an oppor- tunity for personal guidance and help in any phase of uni- versity life. Mr. Williford is always available for assistance be it personal or by way of telephone. 213 I « • I Mr. Jimmy Clark is in charge of the Data Processing for the IBM Department. Student qualifications for admission are checked by Mr. Walter Sullivan, Assistant Dean of Admissions. Admissions, Records, Payrolls Keep Many Busy Mr. Jeff McClain heads the operation of the Regis- trar ' s Office as Dean of Administrations. This office keeps constant records of student grades and informa- tion. Mrs. Nell Gibson and Assistant Dean of Admis- sions Walter Sullivan keep check on admissions and record requirements for entering students. Students are helped concerning necessary requirements for gradua- tion. The IBM Department at Troy State is headed by Mr. Jimmy Clark. All Records and statistical information pass through his office and all checks and grade slips are issued through the IBM Department. Mr. Robert Wakefield is Troy State ' s Comptroller; all purchasing, payrolls and student tuitions are handled through his office. As Registrar, Mr. Jeff McClain must maintain a constant check on student grades. All payments and requisitions must be managed bv Comptroller, Mr. Robert Wakefield. 214 As Associate Registrar Mrs. Nell Gibson aids students in keeping a record of their total earnings toward graduation. Special Programs Benefit Alumni, High Schools Dr. R. C. Kennedy, Director of Public Relations, consults with secretaries Gloria Bush, and Janis McCormick. Dr. R. C. Kennedy serves as Director of Public Relations for Troy State. Incorporated in his job is the program of individual school visitation and all publicity of school events and awards. Mr. Roy Jeffcoat, Director of Troy State ' s Alumni As- sociation and his Assistant Mr. Edward Gibson, are in con- trol of alumni news bulletins and funds. Mr. Jeffcoat is also director of Troy State ' s extension center program. Mr. Bill Buchannon is Assistant Public Relations Direc- tor, and also, Supervisor of Publications for Troy State. All University catalogues and publicity for Troy State ' s band and football team are handled through his office. Mr. Buchannon serves as the Advisor to the campus news- paper, the TROPOLITAN. In his newly appointed office Edwar d Gibson is Assistant in the Alumni Association. As Assistant Public Relations Director and Supervisor of Publications, Mr. Bil Buchannon publishes campus catalogues and aids in publicity. Mr. Roy Jeffcoat serves as Executive Director of the Troy State University Foundation. 215 Student Union Is Hub of Student Life, Activities The campus Student Center provides students with a cafeteria, post office, book store, and center of general activities, all under the roof of one building. The bookstore offers all needs for classwork and also sells records, art supplies and sundry items. Students may obtain snacks or a complete meal in the Student Center Cafeteria. Campus mail is directed through the TSU Postoffice This postoffice brings in outside mail as well as cir- culating on-campus handmail items. The services provided by these departments are neces- sary for the proper running of the university. Mail, sup- plies, and cafeteria service are needs which all students have in common. Mrs. Entys Clements and Mrs. Maggie Kyzar are well known faces in the Universitj Bookstore. 3 EPS« Mrs. Evelyn Price, Mrs. Rachel Newman, and Mrs. Pearl Johnson are always ready to serve students in the Snack Bar of the Student Center. The Student center Cafeteria is under the direction of Mrs. Man- Spencer. Her she is aided by Mrs. Stinson. 216 Alumni Dining Hall Staff: Mr. Russell Berry, Director; Mrs. Dorothy Collins, Mrs. Christine Boisclair, Mrs. Rose Lanier, Mrs. Lera Phelps. Dining Halls Serve All Dormitory Students The Dining Hall Facilities at Troy State are under the direction of Mrs. Martha Ward. Students are pro- vided with well trained staff members and a nutritional menu. Staff members in all dining halls are composed of both student and full-time workers. Many students are aided in their education by the financial aids which these jobs provide. The dining halls at Troy are kept in excellent condi- tion and employ the most modern methods of food preparation and service. Students are given cafeteria service at a minimum of cost and are provided with pleasant surroundings for dining. f l Staff Members: Mrs. Opal Powell, Sara Jones, Sara Ber- ry, Mary Jordon, Margaret Barron, Glen Starling, Alene Floyd, Betty Mann, and Ben Andress. 217 Troy State campus policemen: George McVay, Linthus McVay, E. E. Williams, and J. P. Jinright. Physical Plant Personnel Serve Many Areas Various campus facilities are kept in proper running order by the Physical Plant of Troy State University. Cam- pus grounds and buildings are under the supervision of this department. Mr. O. W. Bickel, head of the Physical Plant, has under his guidance the maintenance of all residence halls, office buildings, and classrooms on campus. This department also contains janitorial and sanitation services and the Troy State Campus Police Department. As chief of campus police, Mr. Bickel helps enforce University laws and keeps policemen on duty throughout each day to keep students safe and campus property secure. « .. 218 The job of Assistant Director of the Physical Plant is held by Mr. Troy State ' s head of the Physical Plant. O V. Bickel, is director of campus Melton Carter. maintenance. As head of the Health Center, Mrs. Elvira Reynolds must keep records of all students at Mrs. Erdie Smiley prepares medication for stu- Troy State. dents. Health Center Provides Medical Care for Students Troy State ' s Health Center is open at all hours for the benefit of students on campus. The center offers modern facilities and a trained staff for those requiring medical attention. The infirmary has accommodations for stu- dents to remain overnight for observation and care. The Mary E. Rich Health Center is head- ed by Mrs. Elvira Reynolds. Mrs. Marguritt Barron, LPN, assists part time. j»m Assistants in the Health Center are Mrs. Brenda Rosse and Mrs. Yvonne McCraken. Mrs. Gloria Creek checks a student ' s temperature. 219 Art Students Now Have Independent Studio Areas The Art Department at Troy State University lends proof to the talent found on campus and to the high calibre of teachers within the university. New programs and innovations in the art field are constantly being incorporated into the course offerings of the Art Department. Independent studio areas have been added and plans were made for a course in Photographic Art. Students on campus are given access to the most modern of equipment, including ceramic kilns, pho- tographic equipment, and studio areas. Works are ex- hibited in a formal gallery and also throughout the library and school. tJ r • Dr. Robert Paxson serves as head of the Art Department. Mrs. Alice Thornton has done much to further the appreciation of art and art forms at the University. In addition to art appreciation and methods courses Mr. Edwin Walter also teaches courses in ceramics, sculpture, and basic design. 220 Mr. Duane Harrisson is one of the newest additions to the Art De- partment at Troy State. Mrs. Jo Ann Easo n incorporates individual methods in her teaching in the field of Art. Mr. Mark Brewton works on a pottery creation during a free hour from his teaching. After several years of graduate study Mr. William Lower returned to the Art Department this year. 221 Business Department Plans Increase in Majors The Business Department of Troy State University has made rapid strides toward upgrading its faculty. The de- partment is headed by Dr. Thomas Eason. Several members of the department are working on their doctoral disserta- tions. There is also a proposed expansion of majors to be offered in the Business Department. The department pre- sented a Labor Seminar in March, entitled " Labor Projec- tions for the Future. " Assistance was provided for this seminar by the Alabama Department of Labor and Indus- trial Relations, and also by the United States Department of Labor. Advertising is taught by Mr. Tom Smith. Department Head, Dr. Thomas Eason participated in a research seminar on labor relations. 222 Accounting classes are taught by Mr. Eugene Sherman. Mr. Joseph Creek teaches courses in Economics as a Business Department member. V f Mr. Durwood Taylor and Mr. Frank Campbell observe the latest trends in Business Education. Mr. Robert Stewart teaches Economics. Business Education is taught by Mr. Billy Walters. 1 Mr. Hillman Batchelor lectures to his accounting class. Business Communications are related through Mrs. Johnnie Andress. Dr. Nick Cervera prepares for his class in law. 772 Education Department Adds Rehabilitation Course Department head for the Education and Psychology Department is Dr. Paul Lewis. The department has thirteen staff members and eight laboratory school in- structors. A tutorial program has been started this year, and includes three staff members. The department has added three new instructors this year and new courses are offered in Education and Psychological Rehabilitation. The program of reading improvement is now under the Education Department. The campus laboratory school is connected with the Education department. Students may do their practice teaching in this school. Dr. Horace Nelson is in charge of student teaching. • A Dr. Lewis has added several courses to the Education-Psychology Department as its head. Faculty Members of the Education Psychology Department: Dr. R. H. Ervin, Mrs. Mary Preer, Dr. Josephine Warner, and Mr. Carroll Cumbee. 224 V ' 1? Mrs. Foy Cummings is the Laboratory School Principal. Lab School Teachers: Mrs. Nell Bassett, Mrs. Nannette Carter, Mrs. Allyne Gibson, Mrs. Rhetta Johnson, Mrs. Ann Ray, and Miss Ellen Solomon. Mr. William Campbell prepares a lecture for one of his Education Classes. Elementary Educators are taught by Mrs. Tex Whaley. Courses in Social Rehabilitation are taught by Mr. William Jenkins. Dr. Harris Harvill has worked with the Education De- partment for many years. Abraham Lincoln Andrew Johnsoi I i Sandra Martin, Martha Wingard, and Robert Erk are in charge of the new tutorial program. Mr. Charlie Parker heads the Reading Center. 225 New English Department Head Plans Reorganization A total reorganization of the English Department is part of the plan of the new department head, Dr. Jo- seph Roberts. Several new teachers have been added to th English faculty. The outstanding feature of the English Department for this year is the fact that certain freshman students with relatively high scores on the English portion of the ACT test are being placed in advanced composition courses. Some of these students will advance into the English Honors Program. This department contains not only courses in English and Foreign languages, but also encompasses the De- partment of Speech and Dramatics. Research and audio visual aids will be expanded with the opening of Troy State ' s new library in September of next year. As Department Head, Dr. Joseph Roberts has begun a complete reorganization of offerings. - Current trends in creative writing are discussed by Mrs. M. Study Slater and Mrs. Frances Byrd. 226 Mrs. Carolyn Vickers teaches Freshman Composition. Mrs. Sarah Lawrence and Mrs. Rachel Mathison discuss changes which are planned for the English Department. British Literature courses are in- cluded in Mrs. Sonya Womack ' s class. Speech, Journalism and English classes are part of the duties of Mr. Wallace Waites. The English Department recently added Mr. James Lawrence to its faculty. Mrs. Dorothy Adams prepares a lecture for her British Literature class. Miss Mary Middleton compares notes with Mrs. Several courses in the language are Mary Hilyer. taught by Mrs. Lucille Mussleman. 227 •»1 - A native of France, Dr. Joseph James teaches French Grammar and Litera- ture. Mrs. Faye Senn was added to the department Wintei Quarter. SNOOPY. ' rJ l BULLETIN 80ARf Speech courses are taught by Miss Thelma Goodwin. 228 Spanish language and literature, courses are instructed by Mr. Jim Morris. Dr. Theo Dalton researches materials for his Children ' s Literature lecture. Classics and Religions Are Newest Departments Dr. Carl Purinton heads the Philosophy and Religions Department of the University. Stu- dents are offered courses on world religion study and on the interpretation of the Bible. This department is one of the newest on Troy ' s campus. Plans are being made to offer more extensive studies in the religions and philosophies of the world. Dr. Malcolm Agnew is head of the Classics Department of Troy State. Courses are offered in classical principles in philosophy and other related topics. Courses have been initiated in Latin and Greek and in Latin and Greek Literature. Dr. Agnew has studied in several foreign countries and has also been feature lecturer for several local clubs in Troy. Dr. Agnew studies his lecture notes before meeting with his Greek Literature class. Dr. Carl Purinton lectures to his Religions class on philosophies of the world. 229 History Department Gives View of Past and Future .Dr. Leonard Trapp is Chairman of Troy ' s History Department. There are approximately 450 students majoring in History. They ' re second to the business department only in terms of students obtaining majors. Four new teachers will be added to the department within the next year. These additions will include a husband and wife who are Phi Beta Kappa and also the return of a past faculty member, Mr. Grady Post. Plans are being made for the addition of a Political Science and a Sociology major in the future. Majors are now offered in History, and Social Science, and minors in History, Social Science and Geography are available. • • .•• •y Ml -■ WJ r Russian History is one of several classes taught by Mr. Cloyd Paskins. Dr. Leonard Trapp, Chairman of the History Department, teaches American History and History of the West. ■ 1 v j$$ SttKfisSsr ■ ;. Mr. Milton McPherson uses an instructional aid, which he designed, in his history class. U.S. and World History classes are taught by Mr. Ray Tindell. 230 Mr. Paul Mussleman reviews his lesson before going Geography classes are part of Mr. James Williams M r Donald Dodd teaches classes in Ala- to class. schedule. bama history. World and U.S. History Classes are among the courses taught by Mr. Patrick Harris. Dr. Brooks Thompson teaches Modern European History and Sociology. Dr. Eugene Sterk instructs in History of the South. 231 Mr. James O ' Neal explains an algebraic equation. The field of math is made clearer by Mr. Edward Barnett. Dr. Virgil Collins heads the Math Department of Troy State University. New Ideas in Math Department Meet Student Needs Troy State ' s Math Department is com- posed of eight teachers, and headed by Mr. Virgil Collins. A complete change of courses will be offered for student: next year. Students majoring in math range to three hundred in number; at this time only one major is offered in Math, but with the pub- lication of a new University catalogue a new schedule of offerings may be an- nounced. V , ? ' 1 • A new addition to the Math Department is Dr. Vito Destito. Classes in Engineering are taught by Mr. James Ray. : Mr. Luck Watford returned Mr. Charles Norris has taught Algebra this year from doctoral studies. for several years. Courses in Calculus are supervised by Mr. John Lee. 232 Science Department Gets New Chairman, Courses Seventeen members compose the Science Department of Troy State University with Dr. J. C. Wilks as head. New courses have been added this year in Radiation Biology, Instrumentation, and Electronics in Physics. Equipment facilities in X-ray, scale-rate meters, and de- tection have been added to accommodate new course offer- ings; phase microscopes and photomicrography equipment have also been added. Two members of the department served on the National Science Foundation and Mr. Spencer was elected Secretary of the Alabama Academy of Science. Grants have been established in Instructional Research and Sanitary Science. Dr. J. C. Wilkes is the new head of the Science Department at Troy. Mr. E. M. Kantor teaches courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Geology. Mrs. Pearl Wilkes, Mrs. Margaret Hubbert, and Mr. Charles Patterson review stencils for correction before they are printed. 233 f Mr. Eugene O ' Masta was added to the Science Department this year. Ih Mr. Billy Norman instructs a student in the use of the metric system. The Science Department Faculty included Dr. Raymond Kisner. Dr. Edward Ward and Mr. G. O. Spencer formulate an equation on the slide rule. 234 Dr. Sammy Ingram prepares an examination for one of his classes in Chemistry. Botany courses are taught by Dr. Robert Dietz. Dr. D. C. Widdowson has several classes in Sanitary Science. Miss Laureson Forrester aids students in Bio-Social education. 235 Mr. William Snyder instructs students in voice. Mrs. Violet Ervin aids a student in piano. Department Head for the Music Department is Dr. Charles Farmer. Music Department Provides Numerous Programs The Music Department of Troy State University is an important aid to the school both scholastically and cultural- ly. Students are given the best of instruction in music ap- preciation, voice and instruments, and the Unive rsity is also provided with numerous musical programs through- out the year. The Music Department produces several concerts and presentations during each year. The Opera Workshop, Col- legiate Singers, and the Red Wave Marching Band are just parts of the organization of the department. This year the department presented parades, concerts, and a production of " Music Man " in the winter. Students should be well-rounded in all phases of edu- cation. Troy ' s department of music offers a new insight into the field of music to all students and an extensive probe into all phases of music for the music major. Director of the " Sound of the .South " band is Mr. John M. Long. 236 Mr. Charles Calkins gives private instruction to students studying pian Mr. Douglass Davidson instructs students in the use of brass instruments. Students lear n to be more appreciative of good music under the instruction of Mrs. Olivia Rainer. Taking advantage of mild weather, Mrs. Lyra Crapps moves her music class to the quadrangle. Mr. William Dennison reviews the musical score with Mrs. Jean Barr teaches music appreciation to the Collegiate Singers. freshman and sophomore students. Students benefit from Dr. Carl Vollrath " s wide range of musical knowledge. 237 Miss Joyce Sorrell has recently Mr. Nicholas Costes keeps in shape for been added to the faculty. his courses in track. Dr. Rudy Argenti, Wrestling and Golf instructor, talks with Mr. Ben Bingham, Tennis Coach and director of Intramural Activities. Mrs. Pat Allison instructs students in Mod- ern Dancing. Basketball Coach at TSU is Mr. John Archer. The Red Wave Backfield Coach is Mr. Phillip Creel. Various Physical Education courses are taught by Mr. Frank Rosato, Baseball Coach. Mrs. Virginia Watson is one of the newer instructors of the Department. r 238 Director, Dr. Earl Watson, discusses physical education with city Recreation Director Mr. Scotty Sauers. Coach Max Howell is one of the Football trainers for the Red Wave Team. Five New Instructors Added to HPER Faculty The Physical Education Department, under the direc- tion of Dr. Earl Watson, is composed of seventeen full and part-time instructors. Five new teachers have been added to the department this year. Several new programs have been submitted for the department of Physical Education during the year. The submitted curriculum will include available majors in physical education, health and education, recreation, and athletics. Plans have also been submitted for a heated swimming pool, which will be added to Sartain Hall. Coach Billy Adkins is the newly appointed Athletic Director for the university. Dr. Wilda Pickett serves as Coordinator of Women ' s Physi- cal Education. 239 University Library Constantly Expanding Facilities Many new services have been added to the Library at Troy State during the year. The print- ing department has been enlarged and televi- sion and multi-channel FM sound has been added to the Audio Visual Department. Foremost for the future will be the opening of a new Library building in September of next year. The new building will offer students a circulating fiction section; this will enable many new and different books to be added to the library. Head Librarian, Mr. Kenneth Croslin has stated that " an exciting experience is in store for Troy State students and faculty in the next few years " with the addition of a new library for the University. The new system will switch from the Dewey Decimal catalogue method to one used by the Library of Congress for a more efficient classification of books. The new library will work for more educational materials for all departments on campus. Mr. Kenneth Croslin serves as head librarian. 240 Assistants: Marilyn Strickland, Gloria Maseley, Nina Swain, Mary Tim Nucndoff, Gertude Parnell. Cataloging books comes under the jurisdiction of Mrs. Lucy White, Cata- log Librarian. Mr. Dale Moseley operates the Printing Department, which is contained in the Library. Secretaries: Diane Copper, Verbie Curtis, Francis Conner, Peggy McClung. Mr. Martin Kruskopf assists in the printing department. Juliana Dillard heads Audio Visual Aids, Merline Carlisle and Donnie Vickery aid in the Circulation Department, and Betty Parrish orders new books. 241 Switchboard Provides Communicational Services All the University telephone facilities are con- trolled through the campus switchboards in Bibb Graves Hall. Full time and student workers oper- ate this switchboard throughout the day and night. The campus switchboards operate for private numbers as well as for the intra-university communi- cations system of three-digit dialing. All campus offices and residence halls are con- nected through switchboards on campus and out- side dialing for these private on-campus numbers must be obtained through local Troy operators. Switchboard operators have access to all vital num- bers and directories for the University and assist in placing telephone calls through the proper chan- nels. The directory assistance service at Troy State is essential for quick and efficient communications. ; Mrs. Ona Merle Davis serves as one of the Switchboard operators for campus telephones. Student operators are employed to aid in Switchboard Service. Campus telephone assistance is provided by Mr. Vera Hall. 242 FRESHMEN 243 Women ' s Week-Day Check-in Time Extended to 10:30 Adams, Eddie — Opp Adams, Harry — Troy Adams, Tyrone — Clayton Addesso, Louis — Elizabeth, New Jersey Allen, Charles — Montgomery Allen, Jerry — Troy Allen, Jimmy — Opelika Allen, Sally — Brundidge Anaya, Michael — Montgomery Anderson, Dolisca — Birmingham Anderson, Glenn — Br undid ge Andrew, Joe — Gent t a Andrews, Carolyn " Dusty " — Ozark. Anthony, Charles — Phenix City Anthony, Stephen — Montgomery Aplin, James — Montgomery Aplin, Joey — Flora a Armstrong, Dorothy — Greenville Arnctt, Randella — Crestview, Florida Austin, Fred — Banks Ayers, Betty — Genera Baack, Connie — Andalusia Bagwell, Bonnie — Luverne Bagwell, Tim — Ozark Barar, James — Montgomery Barber, Donald — Montgomery Barber, Thomas — Washintgon, D. C. Barfoot, Joel — Bike Road Barnes, Cheryl — Geneva Barnes, Jerry — Opp Barnes, Randall — Geneva Barr, Susan — Brundidge Barr, Suzanne — Banks Barrios, Ronald — Auburn Barrios, Tcrrel — Auburn Barrow, Carola — Brett ton Barton, Robert — Andalusia Bass, John — Troy Basset!, Marvin — Troy Bates, Nancy — MobiL B m ft • s b f! ,y %K9J 244 Battle, George Montgom Baxley, Maxine- Montgomery Baykewski, Robert — Elizabeth, New Jersey B.iylcs. Tim Eclectic Bean, Robert -Daytona Beach, Florida Beasley, Benton — Headland Beasley, Robert Clayton Beazley, Gayle Montgomery Becker, Donna -Montgomery Bedsole, Cleo — Florala Bell, Carole -Montgomery Bell, Vx d— Br undid ge Bell, Linda — Liu erne Bell, Linda : ( rgret u Bell, Shirley — Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Bernabi, Mert — Spencerport, Nt w York Berry, Nancy — Glenn- ood Best, Glenn — Phenix City Bingham, F.ugenia — Birmingham Birchfield, Penny— Montgomt ry Birdsong, Michael — West Point, Georgia Black, Sarah — Brundidge Blackburn, Phyllis — Greenville Blackwell, Alan — Foley Blair, Wayne — Demopolis Blake, Billy — Montgomery Blake, John — DeFuniak Springs, Florida Blissite, Patricia — New Brockton Blumberg, Richard — Dothan Boattield, Gloria — Verbena 245 Miss Knight Named to Fill Dean of Women ' s Post Boone, Bonnie — Montgomery Boothe, Barbara — Montgomery Bosarge, Layton — Grand Bay Boswell, Johnnie — Montgomery Boutwell, Ronald — Montgomery Bowers, Michele — Troy Bozeman, James — Montgomery Brannon, Patricia — Bon Air Brantley, Clarence — Troy Brantley, Mark — Montgomery Brantley, Spencer — Montgomery Braswell, Steve — Eufaula Brigham, Kathy — Donalsonville, Georgia Britt, Ronald — Montgomery Brookins, Janice — Union Springs Browder, Julanne — Andalusia Brown, Barry — Montgomery Brown, Beverly — Dothan Brown, Diana — Phenix City Brown, Janice — Andalusia Brown, Joanne — Montgomery Brown, Sandy — Jacksonville, Florida Bryan, John — Montgomery Bryan, Patricia — Crestview, Florida Bryan, Rex — Elba Buckhalt, Patsy — Dothan Burnett, Gene — Dothan Burton, Lu — Maxwell Air Force Base Buster, Doug — Selma Butler, Brenda — Sanford Butler, Cheryl — Rutledge Bylsma, James — Montgomery Byrd, Corrie — Troy Callin, Gary — Troy Cameron, Alec — Montgomery Cameron, Steven — Dothan Camp, Carol — Bay Minette Camp, Linda — Opelika Campbell, Carol — Montgomery Campbell, Jeanene — Opelika G PS 246 Campbell, Judith — Montgomery Campbell, Robert — Montgomery Canter, Wood -Montgomery Carden, Jimmy — Douglasville, Georgia Card well, Gary — Montgomery Carlson, James — Mierda, Panama Carnes, Sherry — Brantley Carpenter, Linda — Elba Carey, Coleen — Warner Robins, Georgia Carr, Linda — Eufattla Caudill, Suzan — Montgomery Causey, Shirley — Blakely, Georgia Caver, Teresa — Prattville Caylor, Wayne — Evergreen Chambers, Linda — Enterprise Chambless, Philip — Columbus, Georgia Chance, John — Selma Chapman, Michael — Valdosta, Georgia Cheshire, Debbie — Phen ' tx City Childree, Kay — Ozark Chisholm, Robert — Dothan Cinder, Michael — Ramer Clark, Cissy — Montgomery Clark, Lynda — Enterprise Clark, Pam — Dothan Clark, Robert — Montgomery Coker, David — Calhoun Collier, John — Montgomery Collier, Rogers — Montgomery Collins, Linda — Troy 247 Rita Thomas Reigns Over Greek Week Festivities Collins, Terrie — Donalsonville, Georgia Colwell, Debbie — Opelika ( oinpton, Elaine — Brantley Conner, Carolyn — Troy Cooper, Patricia — Wetumpka Cooper, Ronald — Clayton Cooper, Thomas — Montgomery Courson, Judy — Goshen Cowen, Charles — Elba Cox, Larry — Port St. foe, Florida Craft, Jane — Troy Crawley, James — Banks Crittenden, Jane — Troy Crutchfield, Jeanne — Milton, Florida Currie, Harold — Louisville Curtis, Jill — Troy Cutts, John — Mobile Daniel, Cecil — Greenville Daniel, Rhonda — Bay Minette Daniel, Thomas — Hono raville Daniels, Mike — Montgomery Daniels, Willie— Troy Darby, Randy — Troy Dasinger, James — Louisville Daughtry, Wanda — DeFuniak Springs, Florida Davies, David — DeLand, Florida Davis, Betty Jo — Neivnan, Georgia Davis, Donald — Troy Davis, Douglas — Montgomery Davis, Fred — Centreville Daivs, Kathryn — Luverne Davis, Roy — Troy Davis, Virginia — Montgomery Davis, Williams — Clayton Davis, William — Montgomery Day, Erma — Br undid ge Dean, Donnie — Dozier Dean, Hardy — Enterprise Dean, Linda — Tallasset Deason, Donna — Prattville i HA mm mm r ■? P M f (% f f) G 248 DeBray, ( huck S Ima DeLoney, Margie -Ozark Dennis, Steve Montgomery DePass, Gail — Dot ban DeVane, ( heryl Elba DeVaughan, Ginger New Brockton Dismukes, Myrtle Mil I brook Dixon, Bill -Theodore Donnell, Jay Himtsville Dover, Marjorie — Grand Hay Dowling, Gail — Troy Driver, Pamela — Dozier Dubose, Anita- Andalusia Dudley, Ronnie — Opelika Duncan, Dorothy— Pike Road Dunn, Charles — Troy Dunn, Kathy — Troy Dykema, John — Centra Dykes, Hilda — Do than Dykes, William — Troy Edenfield, Latrelle — Ou ' tncy, Florida Easterling, Michael — Prattville Easterling, Tony — Mobile Edwards, Ronnie — Selma Eiland, Jim — Opp Ellis, Kath ryn — Montgomery Estes, Carol — Selma Estes, Robert — Montgomery Estes, Suzanne — Montgomery Htheridge, Beth — Dothan 249 New Library to Be Named for Governor Lurleen Evans, Barbara — Troy Evans, O ' Neal — Montgomery Evans, Patty — Vlorala Evans, William — Montgomery Faggioni, Ronnie— Pensacola, Florida Fast, Arnold — Montgomery Fatheree, Charles — Pensacola, Florida Faulk, Cathy — Cairo, Georgia Faulk, Jane — Union Springs Fenn, Edgar — Union Springs Findley, Linda — Evergreen Finkelstein, Arnold — Opp Finlayson, Judy — Union Springs Flanders, David — Br undid ge Fleming, Laura — Banks Flowers, Deborah — Goshen Flowers, Donna — Troy Floyd, Roy — Troy Folmar, Lynne — Luverne Folsom, Edwin — Union Springs Foster, Charles — Florala Foster, Jennifer — Pensacola, Florida Foster, Joseph — Greeneville Frakes, Clyde — Foley Franklin, Anne — Luverne Freeman, Douglas — Montgomery Freeman, Jack — Pensacola, Florida Friday, Wayne — Selma Fulford, Beverly — Panama City, Florida Fulghum, Brenda — Lanett Fuller, Joe — Phenix City Funderburke, George — Albany, Georgia Gannarelli, Evadne — St. Cloud, Florida Gautney, Billy — Opp Gantt, Danny — Andalusia Garrett, Jamie — Banks Garrett, Scott — Troy Gibson, Dale — Baker, Florida Gibson, Linda — Honoraville Gibson, Thelma — Troy " I " . " 4. ! ,▲ ft fa 40 £ ' % (ft .(ft ( ? ft (% l L V 4d M 250 © Gilchrist, Richard — -Xroj Gill, John — Auburn Gilmore, Iris — Prattville Glarron, Frank — Montgomery Glasscock, Raymond — Montgomery Goethem, Roberta — Do than Golab, John — Montgomery Gomillion, Allona — Andalusia Goodroe, Vikki — Grand Bay Goodwin, Larry — Titusville, Florida Gordon, Robert — Theodore Gore, Kathy — Opelika Gorman, Leonard — Troy Graham, David — Mobile Granberry, Rickey — Ashford Grant, Cheryl — Greenville Grantham, Wayne — Florala Gray, David — Clanton Gray, James — Montgomery Gray, Vicki — Montgomery Graydon, Glenda — Luverne Green, David — Banks Green, Janice — Montgomery Green, Ralph — Union Springs Green, Roger — Louisville Green, Sharon — Clayton Greene, Anne — Florala Greene, Jeffrey — Gunter Air Force Base Griffith, Lou Ann — Andalusia Groce, Sandra — Tanner 251 Band Camp Draws High Schoolers From Wide Area Guthrie, Thomas — Montgomery Habbs, Richard — Smiths Habshey, Jeannie — Birmingham Hadley, Douglas — Polo, Illinois Hall, Amelia — Union Springs Hall, David — Georgiana Hall, Fran — Phenix City Hall, Jon — Orlando, Florida Hall, Pamelia — Mobile Halstead, Phillip— Dothan Ham, Wayne — Montgomery Hamm, Jefferson — Birmingham Hampsher, Carol — Selma Hancock, Bill — Phenix City Hanway, Kitty — Tallahassee, Florida Harden, Anne — McKenzie Harden, Marsha — Phenix City Hardesty, Shelia — San Juan, Puerto Rico Harlow, John — Estero, Florida Harrell, Chris — Troy Harrell, Virginia — Opp Harris, Jack — Hayneville Harrell, Jerry — Troy Hart, Nancy — Selma Hart, Ronald— Phenix City Hart, Sara — Dothan Hartzog, Alvin — Crestview, Florida Hassett, Richard — Union Springs Hataway, Carole — Troy Harvey, Helen — Andalusia Hays, James — Banks Hayes, Joseph — Troy Heartsill, James — Fort Deposit Helms, Paul — Glenwood Helms, Steve — Villa Rica, Georgia Jelms, Steven — Lnverne Henagan, Pat Andalusia 1 lenderson, Barbara — Banks lenderson, Freddie — Montgomery Henley, Curtis — Montgomery 252 s Vt v h J- ' ' s f%. C fB| O i f . Henley, Montgomery [epburn, I lenry — Auburn Hester, Pen is Cairo, Georgia Hickman, I ' rcd -Creemille Hicks, Robert — Alberta Hill, Andy — Donalsonville, Georgia Hilson, Robert Andalmia Hines, Myra — River View Hintenach, Albert — Baltimore, Maryland Hocutt, I.awanna Vdba Hoffman, Chip — Hitntsville Hn , Jennifer — Dozier Holcomb, Leslie — Sebring, Florida Hollingshead, Joe — Letohatchee Hoi Ion, Tommy — Montgomery Holloway, Gladys — Troy Holmes, Larry — Opp Hood, Diane — Montgomery Howard, Betty — Montgomery Howard, Martha — Montgomery Howell, Pamela — Montgomery Hudson, Wanda — Opp Huffstetler, Craig — Part Walton Beach, Florida Huggins, Susan — McKenzie Hughes, Ellen — Cottonwood Hughes, James — Florala Hurley, James — Troy Hutchinson, Barbara — Florala Hutto, Julianne — Montgomery Imbriacco, Michael — Elizabeth, New Jersey 253 Governor Brewer Speaks at Summer Graduation Ingram, Pam — Millbrook Ingram, Benny — Banks Ivey, Bill — Montgomery Jackson, Deborah — Montgomery Jackson, John — Selma Jackson, Karen — Huntsville Jackson, Sue — Opp Jefcoat, Joseph — Montgomery Jennings, Rose — A ontgomery Jess, James — Smiths Johnson, Allen — Brantley Johnson, Bertha — Georgiana Johnson, Beverly — Columbus Johnson, Billy — Dozier Johnson, Eugene — Pensacola, Florida Johnson, Frances — Dotban Johnson, Judy — Skipperville Johnston, Kathryn — Montgomery Johnson, Shirley — Pratt ville Jones, David — Dozier Jones, Jerald — Verbena Jones, Patricia — Montgomery Jones, Robert — Montgomery Jones, Sharon — Clanton Jones, Wayne — Greenville Jordan, Alonza — Brundidge Judah, Louis — Phenix City Justice, Elizabeth — Brundidge Keeler, Lee — Montgomery Kelly, Rhonda — Troy Kennedy, Billy — Montgomery Kennedy, John — Phenix City Kent, Linda — Chattahoochee, Florida Kidder, Sarah — Fort Payne Ki 1 1 i ngsworth, Sylvia — Greenville King, Anita — Montgomery King, W. P.— Hamilton, Ohio Kirk, William— Gordo Kirkland, Lucinda — Dothan Kline, Lawrence — Ozark 254 Kluttz, Barbara — Montgomery Knotts, Jerry — Troy Knox, Albert — Andalusia Kothc, Dorothy — Troy Krauss, Barbara — Elberta Krocll, Martha — Montgomery Lachney, Laura — Montgomery Lammon, Archie-— Montgomery Lancaster, Roy — Gordo Lancaster, Susan — Greenville Lane, Ronnie — Pensacola, Florida Langford, David — Troy Lanier, James — Montgomery Lawrence, Mike — Ashford Layton, Barbara — Clio Layton, Daphne — Ashford Layton, Martha — Brantley LeCroy, Benjamin — Troy Ledlow, Rhonda — Montgomery Ledlow, Stanley — Phenix City Leverette, Nancy — Chattahoochee, Florida Lide, John — Seltna Light, Jacqueline — Montgomery Ligon, Naomi — Troy Lindsey, Samuel — Troy Little, Candace — Greenville, North Carolina Livingston, Edward — Fort Walton Beach, Florida Livingston, Larry — Troy Lochte, Vernon — Alontgomery Horn, Douglas — Opelika 255 Offset Printing Presses Installed in Library Lock wood, Beth — Eufaula Loftin, Teresa — Montgomery Logan, James — Montgomery Lolley, Ronald — Qi incy, Florida Long, Charlotte — Opelika Long, Wanda — Montgomery Loveday, Monica — Enterprise Lower} ' , Che — Centreville Ludlum, Adris — Dotban McCarty, Martha — Dot ban McCraney, Jean — Cordon McCul lough, Charles — Lapine Mt Daniel, Carolyn — Andalusia McDougald, Christopher — Geneva McDuffie, Teresa — New Brockton McEachern, Jim — DeLand, Florida McElveen, Erskin — Pbenix City McEadden, Chris — Montgomery McLeod, Donald — Camden McLendon, Jerry — Banks McLcndon, Max — Troy McLendon, Teresa — Midland City McMillan, Bruce — Greenville McMillin, Jacqueline — Montgomery McNahh, Jimmy — Troy MacNeil, Janet — Pensacola, Florida McNuty, Esselton — Troy McPherson, Linda — Mobile McRight, Amanda — Dotban Mack, Darrell — Montgomery Macon, Linda — Andalusia Maddox, Steve — Montgomery Mahon, Benny — Mount Dora, Florida Mainor, Thomas —Montgomery Ma n I ey , Rebecca — Eufaula Mann, Morris — Montgomery Mathews, Dipne — Banks Manning, Faith — Fort Walton, Beach Marler, Carolyn — Elba Marler, Erancie — Andalusia P. fi 0. a nJl 256 Marsh, Shirley -Phenix City Marshall. Cammie — Montgomt ry Marshall, John Greenville Martin, Donna Gayle Dothan Martin, Marlaine Frisco City Massey, ( urtis Immokalee, Florida Mass v, ( rayle -Birmingham Massler, Victoria — Ozark Masters, Stephen — Newville Mathias, Chris — Haines City, Florida Maxey, Mike — Montgomery May, Dale — Greenville May, Kenneth — Union Springs Mayo, John — Sardis Medved, Arleen — Elbert a Meeker, Julia — Dothan Mendelheim, Donald — Dothan Meredith, Lynne — Montgomery Mertins, Dean — Wetumpka Mesaris, Buddy — Montgomery Messick, Robert — Dozier Metcalf, Gknnelle — Montgomery Metcalf, Sheldon — Montgomery Miley, Mary — Troy Miller, Debbie— Opelika Miller, Jimmie — Andalusia Milsted, Jim — Pensacola, Florida Mirabel la, Alfia — Apalachicola, Florida Mixon, Johnny — Dothan Mize, Bess — Dothan 257 Freshman Orientation Emphasizes Advisement Molnar, Orbie — Eujaula Monk, Cecilia — Flomaton Moody, William — Luverne Moore, Melodie — Montgomery Morgan, Mary — Greenville Morgan, William — Troy Mosley, Joyce — Birmingham Moseley, Julia — Montgomery Moses, Ronny — Troy Mullins, Brenda — Headland Mulvaney, Maureen — Montgomery Mungenast, Mary — Montgomery Murphree, Sam — Columbus Murphy, Mike — Montgomery Murphy, Stanley — Montgomery Nagem, Kathy — Phenix City Nelson, Nancy — Montgomery Newell, Jo — Troy Newton, Carol — Greenville Nick, Connie — Freeport, Florida Nolan, Pauline — Montgomery Nolen, Larry — Opp Nolin, June — Ariton Norrell, Linda — Troy Norris, Constance — Frisco City Norrow, Becky — Elba Norton, Roger — Dallas, Georgia Oakes, Kate — Eujaula O ' Brien, John — Phenix City Oliver, Linda — Wewahitchka, Florida Oliver, Mary — Montgomery O ' Neal, Lester — Andalusia Oswald, John — Montgomery Owen, Gary — Greenville Owen, Michael — Montgomery Pack, Debbie — Montevallo Padgett, Wanda— Daleville Park, Priscilla — Montgomery Parker, Alan — Dade City, Florida Parker, John — Troy 258 O ) f ft ft Parker, Marjorie — Holt, Florida Parks, Maribel — Andalusia Parmer, Betty — Orlando, Florida Patton, Shay — Geneva Paulk, Stephen — Ramer Payne, John — Lapine IV.irson, Geraldine — 57. Petersburg, Florida Penn, Kevin — Montgomery Perrin, Suzanne — Selrna Petrey, Patricia — Petrey Pierce, Brenda — Summerdale Pike, Betty— Troy Pilcher, Harvey — Columbus, Georgia Pinckard, Betty — Troy Pinckard, Bennett — Troy Pirkle, Jimmy — New Brockton Pissanos, Jimmy — Birmingham Pociask, Jim — Lemont, Illinois Poe, Jon — Prattville Pollard, Richard — Luverne Poole, Edsel — Florala Poole, Ronald — Montgomery Poorman, Dell Marie — Orlando, Florida Pope, James — Perote Pope, Patricia — Montgomery Porter, Steve — Gallion Potts, Sandra — Troy Poules, Angie — -Montgomery Poulos, Linda — Montgomery Powell, Earl — Samson 25? Enrollment Tops 3,000 Mark for First Time Powell, George — Ouincy, Florida Preddy, Thomas — Phenix City Prestwood, Morgan — Andalusia Price, Daniel — West Blocton Price, Delores — West Blocton Pugh, Jeanne — Montgomery Pugh, Myra — Evergreen Pugh, Vickie — Foley Purdy, Pam — Valparaiso, Florida Pynes, Sheron — Troy Racine, Gayle — Robertsdale Ragone, Richard — Brunswick, New Jersey Raley, Theresa — Andalusia Raley, Shelia — Troy Rasmussen, Julie — Montgomery Rattan, Jenni — Montgomery Ray, Judy — Troy Raybon, Judy — Montgomery Ready, Mike — Enterprise Reaves, Robin — Montgomery Register, Larry — Highland Home Register, Wonda — Lake City, Florida Reid, Cecelia — Garland Reid, Robert — Montgomery Renfroe, Jerry — Montgomery Rich, Mary — Florala Bollinger, Richard — Montgomery Richardson, Tommy — Montgomery Richburg, Rebecca — Troy Ricketts, Tommy — Dothan Riggs, David — Montgomery Riley, Kelley— Win field Rives, Carol — Selma Roberts, James — Brundidge Roberts, Marchetta — Decatur Roberts, Sheila — Troy Robertson, Bob — Clayton Robertson, Dave — Griffin, Georgia Robertson, Waldz—Winfield Robinson, Jacquelyn — Albany, Georgia 260 Robinson, Lawrence — Montgomery Robinson, Sue — Montgomery Robinson, Teresa — Montgomery Rochester, Sharron — Salem Rogers, Billy — Lnulen Rogers, Joanne — Lnverne Rogers, Mike — Orilla, Georgia Roper, David — Bessennv Ross, Linda — Brantlt ) Roth, Tom — Norristoivn, Pennsylvania Rushing, David — Montgomery Rushing, James — Montgomery Rushing, Ronald — Elba Russell, Susan — Elba Rustcr, Greg — Bartow, Florida Rutherford, Linda — Montgomery Sadler, Cal — Winter Garden, Florida Sanders, Grevlyn — Louisville Sanders, Keith — Mobile Sanders, Mary — Bri ndidge Sanders, Rex — Pkcnix City Saturday, Jacquelyn — Ad el, Georgia Schultz, Rick — Greenville Seay, Kathy — Brundidge Senn, James — Montgomery Shaffer, Emma — Montgomery Shaw, Patricia — Montgomery Shelton, Linda — Fairfield Shields, Elizabeth — At more Simmons, Nedra — Kins on 261 TSU Foundation Organized to Manage Gift Funds Simon, Johnny — Montgomery Singletary, Hudge — Phenix City Skinner, Alan — Upper Marlboro, Maryland Sluga, Frances — Tampa, Florida Smallwood, Tim — Lanett Smiley, Bruce — Daytona Beach, Florida Smith, Danny — Do ban Smith, Elaine — Montgomery Smith, George — Montgomery Smith, Joy — Daytona Beach, Florida Smith, Margaret — Colorado Springs, Colorado Smith, Margaret — Opp Smith, Mike — Linden Smith, Murray — Slocomb Smith, Ray — Panama City, Florida Smith, Sam — Knoxville, Tennessee Smith, Sandra — Montgomery Smith, Steven — Montgomery Smith, Stephen — Paxton, Florida Smith, Susan — Opelika Smith, William — Pensacola, Florida Smitherman, Lamar — Montgomery Smitherman, Sam — Selma Snell, Carol — Dothan Snell, Dale— Ozark Snellgrove, Linda — Ozark Sobera, Millie — Selma Solomon, Charles — Headland Sorrells, Ronald — Cottonwood Southwell, Janet — Andalusia Sowards, Ronnie — Elba Sowell, Douglas — Red Level Spires, Ronda — Montgomery Spivey, Howard — Troy Spooner, Edward — Greensboro, Florida Springfield, Albert — Montgomery Stafford, Butch — Montgomery Stafford, Kenneth — Montgomery Stanley, James — Montgomery Stanton, William — Montgomery A u 262 f o (O q a n sir i Steele, Marcia — P ensacola, Florida Stephens, Connie — Dothan Stevens, Danny — Troy Stewart, Bill — Montgomery Stewart, Steve — Montgomery Stewart, William — Milton, Florida Stinson, David — Headland Strickland, Billy — Troy Stringer, Thomas — Honoraville Strumpler, Douglas — Montgomery Strickland, Larry — Florala Stuart, John — Union Springs Strutheit. Barbara — Pensacola, Florida Sugrue, Katherine — Montgomery Sullivan, Gary — Montgomery Sullivan, Theresa — Riverview, Florida Sutton, Glenda — Molino, Florida Tad lock, Danny — Ozark Tatum, Carl — Montgomery Tatum, George — Montgomery Taylor, James — -Montgomery Taylor, Jeff— Pitts jord, New York Taylor, Linda — Opp Taylor, Robert — Montgomery Taylor, Susan — Pikeville, Tennessee Taylor, Walter — Greenville Teal, Alan — Deland, Florida Tew, Alan — Geneva Tew, Annabel — Florala Tew, Timothy — Geneva 263 Mobile Symphony Presented by Lyceum Program Tidwell, Susan — Panama City, Florida Tindall, Sandra- Union Sprnigs Thigpen, Linzy — Montgomery Thomas, Linda -Camden Thomas, Paula — Pensacola, Florida Thompkins, Sheila — Andalusia Thompson, Dennis — Ocilla, Georgia Threadgill, Gene — Troy Toellner, Bruce — Tonawanda, New York Tom 1 in, Lenore — Lttverne Tomporowski, Phi Hip — Montgomery Trawick, Pat — Opelika Traylor, Susan — Montgomery Trotter, Raymond — Luverne Tucker, Archie — Dot ban Tucker, James — Montgomery Turner, Jerry — Montgomery Turner, Larry — Montgomery Twitchell, Roger — Florala Tyus, Roger — Montgomery Ujlaky, Daniel — Hunts ville Underwood, Howard — Montgomery Vance, James — Selma Vandervort, Debbie — Montgomery Varner, Judy — Andalusia Vaughan, Carol — Florala Vickers, Thomas — Montgomery Villeneuve, Douglas — Jacksonville, Florida Wade, Mark — Montgomery Walker, Diane — Montgomery Wallace, George — DeFnuiak Springs, Florida Wallace, Thomas — Montgomery Waller, Connie — Asbjord Waller, Kathy — Andalusia Waller, William— Greenville Walsh, Mark —St. Petersburg, Florida Wat man, Rodney — Montgomery Ward, F.laine — Crestview, Florida Ward, Susan — Cottonwood Warren, Pansy — Fnter prise 264 Watts, Anne — Birmingham Watkins, Jim -Ozark Watts, William — Montgomery Wave, Pat — Panama City, Florida Wear, Mike -- Auburn Weatherlv, Mary — Montgomery Weatherford. Valerie Crettview. Florida Weaver, Debbie— Milton, Florida Weis. Sheridan — Montgomery Weldon, Paul — Montgomery Wellman, Tim — Phenix City West, Bill — Greenville Whi taker, Peggy — Montgomery White, Benny — River View Wh ite, Leslie — Brand id ge White, Robert — Cloplon White, Sheryl— Ozark White, Shirley — Dothan Whitehead, Ronald — Dothan Whitehead, Ronnie — A hford Whitehead, Willodean -Cottonwood Whitehurst, Wayne — Dothan Whitten, Linda — Camden Wick, James — Montgomery Wiggins, Helen — Andalusia Wiggins, Paula — A ndal tsia Wilkerson, Mary — Troy Wilkes, Sandra — Clanton Williams, Alton — Phenix City Williams, Richard — Montgomery 265 Will Will Will Will runs, Ronald — Euiaula ams. Sherry — Dontlxonville, Georgia ams, Shirley — Millport ams, Sue — Andalusia Williamson, Jack — Milton. Florida Wilson, Jamie — Brundidge Williams, Alyene — Troy Williams, Glenn — Montgomery Wilson, John — he Grande Wilson, Kathy — Tuscaloosa- Wilson, Lynette — Dothan Wilson, Mary — Luverne Wilson, Sarah — Castleberry Woodall, Anne — Grove Hill Woodall, Linda — Columbus, Georgia Woodward, James — Montgomery Worlund, George — Greenville Wright, Debra — Birmingham Wright, Ginger — McKenzie Wright, Johnny — Montgomery Wright, Margie — Samson Wright, Mark — Montgomery Wright, Nancy — Atmore Wright, Tim — Highland Home Wright, William— Troy Wyatt, Randall— Clanton Yancey, Billy — Greenville Yelverton, Von — Linden Yohn, Julie — Troy Young, Barbara — Troy Youngblood, Sharon — Montgomery Younger, Brenda — Montgomery Ziegler, Marty — Dothan Hudman, Ricky — Montgomery 266 SOPHOMORES 267 Adams, Brcnda — Troy Adams, Evan — Montgomery Adams, Jane — Clayton Adams, Phillip — Pascagoula, Mississippi Adams, William — Troy Addy, Henry — Pensacola, Florida Adkinson, Sandy — Daleville Anderson, Don — Montgomery Alderman, David — Bradenton, Florida Alexander, Jimmy — Lnverne Andress, John — Madrid Asher, Diane — Elba Atchison, James — Greenville Atwell, Bobbie Jean — Troy Autrey, Michael — Greenville Ayers, Jo Ann — Geneva Battle, Ctey—Eufa da Baker, Alice — Demopolis Baldwin, Martha — Ozark Barganier, Sandra -Fort Deposit Barnes, James -Opp Barton, Max —Andalusia Bassett, Fred —Lai-eland, Florida Battaglia, Barbara — Panama City, Florida 268 Jack and Sally Jenkins Make Return Visit to TSU Baxter, Mardra -Dothan Beasley, Jack — Monlgomer) Beasley, Randy — Highland Home Beasley, Wilkic — Haines City, Florida Belcher, James — Brundidge Bell, Hugh -Montgomery Bell, James — Flomaton Bender, Sharon — Montgomery Benton, Pat — Pensacola, Florida Berry, Ewell — Troy Berry, James — Dothan Berry, John — Pensacola, Florida Berry, Robert — Dothan Billik, Ronald — Elizabeth, New Jersey Bishop, Bruce — Cairo, Georgia Blackmon, Bert — Bay Minette Blackwell, Antanette — Red Level Boles, Linda — Montgomery Bonnett, Terr) ' — Montgomery Boothe, Charles — Opelika Boothe, Sherlon — Coffee Springs Bowden, Betty Lou — Clayton Bowden, Carol — Clio Bowden, Sally — Florala Bowdoin, Janice — Kinston Boutwell, Jack — Green rill V Bradley, Connie — Pensacola, Florida Bragg, Steve — Elba Brand, Greg — LaGrange, Georgia Brannon, Judy — Newville Brantley, David — Breuton Bray, Frank — Lincoln, Rhode Island . " - e a ■■ 269 Bray, William — Baker, Florida Briggs, Mary — Selma Brock, Becky — Enterprise Brogdon, Bonnie — Wetumpka Brooks, Annette — Union Springs Brown, Barney — Montgomery Brown, Donald — Phenix City Brown, Joy — Clayton Brown, Laura — Elba Brown, Michael — Jack Browning, Darrell — Frisco City Bruce, Joe — Elba Bush, Gloria — Montgomery Butsch, Dianne — Birmingham Byars, Van — Phenix City Byrd, Bob — Wilmington, Delaware Cain, Ronnie — Montgomery Cardwcll, Joe — Montgomery Carlisle, Dinah — Troy 270 ' Ballet America ' Well-Received by TSU Students Carlisle, Jimmy — Montgomery Carlisle, President — Enterprise Carmichael, Vivian — Montgomery Carroll, Linda — Troy Cash, Rheba — Troy Chance, Mary— Selma Chancey, Lamar — Neivville Chancy, Robert — Dothan Clary, George — Sarasota, Florida Cobia, Carla — Dothan Coker, Ronald — Greenville Coker, William — Troy Coleman, Alice — Dothan Coley, Sherolyn — Montgomery Collins, Freddie — Montgomery Collins, Patricia — Neivville Conner, Sissy — Mobile Copeland, Joyce — Milton, Florida Corbin, Herman — Kannapolis, North Carolina Corwin, Robert — Montgomery Cosson, Ricky — Milligan, Florida Cothran, Gary — Attalla Cottom, Nola — Killeen, Texas Councilman, John — Phenix City Cowart, Donna — Ozark Cox, Judy — Phenix City Craft, Sue — Elba Crocker, Dana — Milton, Florida Crouch, Lisa — Seale Crowe, Dale — Cartersville, Georgia Crowell, Mary — Marianna, Florida Crum, Connie — Loundesboro j 271 Crumpler, Frcida — Montgomery Culbreth, James Ronald — Dotha i Cunningham, William Glen — Palm City, Florida Curenton, James Grady — Vlomaton Curtis, John — Orlando, Florida Daais, Colin — Smiths Daer, Kay — Montgomery Dagostin, Floranne — Dotban Daley, Jerome — Athens Daniel, Carol — Orlando, Florida Danley, Dorothy — Robertsdale Dardcn, Mary — Brent Davis, Dana — Montgomery Dawk ins, Dewitt — Banks Dees, Art — Montgomery Deese, Clarel — Fairhope Deese, Hi Id red — Ash ford Devericks, Jeannie — Ozark Dismukes, Geary — Brenton Dodd, Sandra — Florence Donaldson, Gerald — Opp Dorn, Alan — Opelika Dorrill, Toni — Banks Douglas, Mike — Dothan $ 272 Appreciation Day Parade Features Over 100 Units Dowling, Susan — Headland Dreaden, Larry E. — Crestview, Florida Driskill, Lanell — Milton, Florida Duncan, Bruce — Valparaiso, Florida Dunn, Charlotte — Samson Dunn, Tim — Hopewell, Virginia Dunsan, Julia — Foley Dykes, Becky — Banks Ealum, Darrel — Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Early, Melinda — Robertsdale Edwards, William — Midland City Eiland, Dianne — Opp Eichen, John — Chicago, Illinois Ellis, Twyla — Fort Deposit Essary, Gerald — Montgomery Ellis, James — Brundidge Etheredge, Jack — Selma Etheridge, Trippy — Montgomery Ezell, Dennis — Kinston Eariss, Kay — Blakely, Georgia Farris, R. L. — Troy Finlay, Hugh — Goshen Flowers, James — Troy Floyd, Lee — Montgomery Folmar, Fran — Montgomery Fondren, Joel — Fort Deposit Fortenberry, Pamela — Lynn Haven, Florida Fortner, Norma — Mobile Foshee, Charlotte — Opelika Foster, George — Crestview, Florida Fowler, Michael — Dothan Frederick, Robert — Orlando, Fla. @©I5 A ' r, a £ 273 Fuller, Judy — Brundidge Funderburke, David — Albany, Georgia Cindy, Billy — Montgomery, John — Mobile Gardner, Jim — Greenville Garner, Edward — Banks Garett, Adair — Gainesville, Florida Gary, Berna — Savannah, Georgia Gibson, Ken — Troy Giganti, James — Abbeville Giglio, Gig — Phenix City Gilbert, Tommy — Blakely, Georgia Gilchrist, Bush — Montgomery Gillespie, Eugenia — Pra tville Gilley, Linda — Milton, Florida Glenn, Gayl — Ozark Godwin, Lamar — Rceltoivn Godwin, Mickey — Opp Gooden, Michael — Opp Goolsby, Julia — Andalusia Graddy, Iris — Dothan Green, Kathy — Montgomery Green, Lang — Dothan Gregory, Laurie — Cincinnati, Ohio 274 ' Many Moons ' Exhibits Drama Class Ingenuity Griffin, Linda — Troy Griffith, Harold — Eclectic Grissett, John — Pensacola, Florida Grissett, William C. — A more Groves, Sheila — Montgomery Greg, Cadenhead — Laurel Hill, Florida Guilford, George — Port St. Joe, Florida Hall, Stan — Montgomery Hall, Susan — Dothan Hall, William— -Panama City, Florida Hallman, Donald — Lakeland, Florida Hallman, Margie — Montgomery Hammet, Tommy — Montgomery Hanna, Kay — Troy Harden, Joe — Banks Harper, Mike — Montgomery Harper, Sandra — Ashford Ha rrison , J i mmy — Birmingham Harris, Clark — Uriah Hayes, Carole — Dothan Head, Al — Troy Head, Gloria — Millbr ook Headley, Carol — Prattville Hegler, Corene — Brundidge Hegler, Freddie — Brundidge Helms, Emory — Montgomery Henderson, Susan — Phenix City Henderson, Thomas W. — Live Oak, Florida Herbert, Jimmy — Jackson, Georgia Herman, William — North East, Pennsylvania Herring, Jack — Montgomery Herring, Michael — Greenville f fa A ' j-h. 275 Herring, Richard — Greenville Herring, Sue — Montgomery Hickerson, Kay — Andalusia Hicks, Eddie — Dotban Hiner, Geo — Elba Hinkle, Jeffrey — Jackson, Michigan Hinson, Donna — Troy Hollington, James — Arlington, Georgia Holsombeck, Suzanne — Prattville Hood, Linda — Montgomery Hopper, Diane — Montgomery Horn, Sheila — Luverne f$f? 1 + Howell, Bob, Jr. — Dotban Howell, Cass — Hartford Huckabee, Larry — Demopolis Hughes, Judy — Dade City Hughes, Lawanna — Samson Hunter, John — Opp Hunt, Betty — Montgomery Hutcheson, Celia — Vlorala Ingram, Bryant — Banks Ivery, Sherry — Monroeville Jackson, David — Fairfax Jankiewicz, Steve — Columbus 276 Jeffcoat, George — Gordon Jeff coat, Mary — Luverne Jemison, Linda — Greensboro Jenkins, Richard — Montgomery Johnson, Edsele, Jr. — Eufaala Johnson, Janice — Montgomery Johnson, John A. — Cullman Johnson, Math — Herndon, Georgia Alumni Meeting Feature of Homecoming Activities Jones, Anita — Prattville Jones, ( ' rarles — Georgiana Jones, Karen — Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Jones, Ronald — Castleberry Jones, Sherry — Troy Jordon, Kathy — Montgomery Jordon, Jon — Montgomery Jowers, Linda — Ozark Kelly, Alice — Prattville Kelly, Earnestine — Elba Kellt, Michael — Troy Kelly, Sharon — Dothan Kelly, Shelia— Headland Kelly, Thomas — Midway Kennedy, Milton — Montgomery Ketchum, Robert — Brundidge Killam, Gavin R. — McDavid, Florida Killingsworth, Tommy — Dothan Kimmel, Richard — Panama City King, Barbara — Luverne King, Jayne — Letohatchee Kirkland, Melissa — Panama City, Florida Kluttz, John — Goldsboro, North Carolina Knight, James — Prattville 277 Knowles, Frank — Headland Kroell, Martha — Montgomery Lamar, Alice — Pensacota, Florida Lambert, Robert — Monroeville Lamberth, Rebecca — Tallassee Lay, Nancy — Milton, Florida Lay, Frank — Milton, Florida Ledford, Paul — Ozark Lent, Norman — Montgomery Leverette, Ira — Highland Home Lindsey, Gloria — Hunlsville Lipscomb, Patricia — Pratt ville Little, Elizabeth — Forest Home Locklar, Wade — Banks Lucas, Susan — Troy Lugo, Lisbeth — Huntsville Lumpkin, Judy — Bessemer Lundy, Darryl — Baker, Florida Lyons, Steven — Langdale McCall, Charlotte— Elba McCall, Mirenda — Enterprise McCart, Linda— Opp McClure, Janice — Selma McCoy, Bobby — Geneva J hi 278 Collegiate Singers on Nationwide Radio Broadcast McDurmont, Ramona — Tallassee McHugh, Leslie — Montgomery Mdnnis, Roselyn — DeFuniak Springs, Florida McKinley, George — Montgomery McNease, Sherrie — Colquitt, Georgia MacNeil, James — Petisacola, Florida McRee, Patricia — Haynesville McReynolds, Mack — Dothan McWaters, Jerry — Ocala, Florida McKenzie, Joyce — Daleville McSwain, Earnest — Hartford Maddox, John — Port St. Joe, Florida Majors, John — Greenville Majors, Michelle — Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Mallach, David— Philadelphia, Pa. Marzella, Sandi — Montgomery Marchman, Michael — Dothan Marsh, Mike — Montgomery Martin, Melinda — Geneva Martin, Stephen — Hamilton, Ohio «A«» Masilla, Karen — Phenix City Mathews, Mike — Dothan Maxwell, Howard — Arab Mayo, Charles — Montgomery Mayr, Judy — Troy Mayson, Janice — Montgomery Meadows, Nancy — Lanett Meadors, Sandra — Lanett Messick, Jimmy — Opp Milan, Teresa — Phenix City Miller, Linda — Florala Mills, Olvia — Montgomery 279 McGuire, James — Montgomery Mills, Rcnnie — Mont gamer) Milner, Randall — Langdale Mitchell, Elsie — Headland Mitchell, Sally— Tallassee Moore, Pamela — Enterprise Moore, David — Georgiana Moores, Madonna — Montgomery Morgan, Billy — Montgomery Morris, Michelle — Dothan Mullins, Brenda — Opp Mullins, Mikey — Headland m , i E Murphy, David — Breuton Napier, Burl — Dothan Neal, Henry — Griffin, Georgia Neeley, Elisa — Dearborn, Michigan Neuendorf " , Wayne — Greenville Newell, Tim — Dothan Newton, Susan — Greenville Norred, Pennye — Pine Apple Norris, Phillip — Montgomery Norton, Bobby — Montgomery Nation, Robert — Montgomery Norwood, William — Montgomery ?80 Atkins to Become Athletic Director on June 1 Owens, Elmer — Troy Owens, Fred — Whiter Garden, Florida O ' Neal, Stzn—Troy Pair, Don — Montgomery Parish, Rebecca — Clayton Parker, Rickey — Elba Parrish, Bobby — Hartford Parrish, Jane — Ozark Parter, James — Bainbridge, Ga. Pate, Nancy — Loundesboro Patterson, Joy — Red Level Penland, Raymond — Opelika Penuel, WiWuxn—Ashjord Perry, Jan — Georgiana Pettis, Wanda — Panama City, Florida Phillips, Buzz — Montgomery Phillips, Charles — Headland Phillips, Lynn — Montgomery Phillips, Neal — Ozark Phillips, Marcia — Brund ' idge Pippin, William — Pensacola, Florida Plott, Leonard — Phenix City Pope, Paul— Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Pouncey, Mary — Monroeville Powell, Daniel — Florala Powers, Teresa — Prattville Prestwood, George — Brund ' idge Pridge, Hamp — Geneva Prestwood, Thomas — Andalusia Pynes, John — Luverne Quinn, Maragret — Phenix City Raines, Susie — Phenix City 28 Rattan, Fred — Montgomery Raulston, Sharon — Ozark Ray, Glenn — Montgomery Reese, Robert — Dothan (S ■m Reeves, Vickie — Red Level Ren f roe, Bobby — Troy Retherford, Byanthia — Milton, Florida Reynolds, John — Montgomery Reynolds, June — Union Springs Richburg, Bonnie — Abbeville Riddle, Davis — Greenville Riddle, William — Birmingham sy ■ ■ : ■- » t « ' • Roberson, Judy — Virginia Beach, Virginia Rodgers, David — Lanett Rogers, Robert — Troy Rollins, Arlene — Phenix City Ross, Larry— Banks Rotkiewiez, Leslie — Elizabeth, New Jersey Rotton, Faye — Union Springs Rush, Paula — Montgomery Reeves, Douglas — Dothan Robinson, Roger — Crestview, Florida Sanders, George — Crestview, Florida Sanders, Joe — Troy di t k 282 Saturday Classes Make Winter Quarter Unusual Sanders, Mabel — Brundidge Sanders, Royas — Louisville Sansom, Anne — Greensboro, Florida Dothan Scarborough, Miriam Seaborn, Susan — Dothan See, Suzanne — Montgomery Sexton, Gary — Andalusia Shaffer, Barry — Montgomery Shanks, Ronald — Greenville Shaw, Carol B. — Dothan Sheehan, Clester — Montgomery Sheldon, Rick — Montgomery Shell, Emma — Jay Shepherd, Harold — Tampa, Florida Shoults, Randy — Selma Sinkule, Thomas — Phenix City Smart, Rita — Elba Smith, Grover — Wicksburg Smith, Jill — Troy Smith, Larry — Greenville Smith, Randy — Tallahassee, Florida Smith, Regina — Florala Snowden, Soellen — River view Solomon, William — Headland Soverow, Fella — Montgomery Spear, Phil — Camden Spencer, Sarah — Milton, Florida Spikes, Joe — Hartford Stalker, Melody — Pensacola Stanford, John — Dothan Starling, Sherry — Hurtsboro Steineker, Anita — Montgomery 283 Stewart, William — Brundidge Stinson, Marinda — Troy Stokes, Judy — Andalusia Strickland, Douglasa — M ' niter Stringer, Faye — Highland Home Stringer, Ray — Highland Home Sullivan, Harold — Montgomery Sullivan, James — Troy Sumner, Sherry — Mulberry, Florida Suttle, Phil — Montgomery Sutton, Steve — Ozark Stalker, Melody — Pensacola, Florida Swofford, Susan — Montgomery Tanner, Franklin — Panama City, Florida Taylor, Charlsie — Eufaula Taylor, Doug — Columbus, Georgia Taylor, Herald — Highland Home Taylor, Larry — Greenville Thaggard, Tommy — Montgomery Thierf elder, Gerald — Honoraville Thomas, Bruce — Ouincy, Florida Thompson, Gail — Fairfax Thome, Elaine — Selma Tidmarsh, Patricia — Fort Rucker 284 Band Plays at Senior Bowl Halftime on NBC Tidwell, Barbara — -West Point, Georgia Tindell, Steve — Montgomery Tomlin, Paul — Luverne Tomlinson, Steve — Monroeville Toole, John — Dothan Tucker, Allen — Eclectic Turner, Anthony — Shelltnan, Georgia Vandervort, Daniel — Montgomery Vann, Jenille — Montgomery Varner, Nancy — Deatsville Vaitis, Joseph — Florala Vaughan, Robert — Montgonn ry Veazey, Guy — Childersburg Verran, Tom — Cairo, Georgia Via, Elizabeth — Dothan Vinson, Dixie — Montgomery Walker, Sharon — Fairhope Wallace, Susan — Montgomery Ward, Larry — Montgomery Ward, Paschal— Prattville Waters, Celeste — Hicksville, New York Waters, Vickie — Morrow, Georgia Watson, Stan — Dothan Wave, Robert — Panama City, Florida Weathers, Franklin — Dothan Webb, CAiz.— Webb Wells, Steve — Birmingham Westberry, Cindy — Pensacola, Florida Westberry, Richard — Pensacola, Florida Westenberger, Ralph — Clio White, Thomas— Prattville Williams, Judy — Clapton ( |f% I 0 6S h 1-1 It h m:± 285 Williams, Mike — Dothan Williams, Robert — Pensacola, Florida Wilson, Gary — Selma Wilson, Glenn — Troy Wissmann, Linda — Phenix City Woodall, Linda — Columbus, Georgia Woodall, Brownie — Grove Hill Woodham, Anne — Clayton Woods, William — Fort MacPherson, Georgia Woods, William — Panama Canal Zone, Panama Wright, Beverly — Langdale Wright, David— Dot ban Wright, John — Montgomery Young, Delilah — Troy Younger, William — Montgomery Zicgler, Mike — Dothan Students from Natasulga High School won a trophy from Taylor Publishing Company for the best yearbook planning during the Year- book Workshop. These representatives are shown with Taylor Publishing Company representative, Mr. Kenny Wilder. 286 JUNIORS 287 Adams, Danny — Dothan Adams, Dianne — Greenville Adams, James — Lake City, Florida Adams, Jimmy — Florala Alford, Jerry — Milton, Florida Allen, James — Dothan Amos, Charles — Enterprise Andrews, Jim — Montgomery Adams, Florence — Troy Addison, Dianne — Ashjord Alderman, DeNease — Holly Hill, Florida Arnold, Birdie — Montgomery Austin, Patricia — Newton Baker, Sheila — Ashjord Baker, Thomas — Andalusia Banks, Randy— Pell City Barar, Charlotte — Montgomery Barkett, Sue — Ozark Barnes, Jim — Pensacola, Florida Beasley, Thomas — Montgomery Beaudoin, Kenneth — Fort Walton Beach, Florida Beck, Esther — Enterprise Becker, Al — Montgomery Berry, Anelia — Troy Bigot, Maria — Fort Walton Beach, Florida Blackmon, Jamie — Troy Blessing, Brant — Dade City, Floida Boisclair, Michael — Troy 288 TSU Sponsors Yearbook Workshop for High Schools Booker, Lawrence — Selma Booth, Gerald — Montgomery Boroughs, Thomas — Montgomery Boutwell, Joe — Troy Bowers, Lavaughn — Of [ Bradford, Katie — Tallahassee, Florida Bradshaw, James — Montgomery Briggs, Michael — Macon, Georgia Britt, Richard — Mobile Brooks, Lester — Andalusia Brown, Manuel — Montgomery Brown, Michael — Montgomery Brown, Sandra — Ouassa Brugel, Donald — East Islip, Neiv York Burt, Jacqueline — Mobile Burt, Virginia — Greenville Bush, Clayton — Tort Deposit Butler, Anne — Selma Butler, Mary — Greenville Campbell, Cathy — Georgiana 289 Campbell, John — Montgomery Cam pbel 1 , Rosemary — Montgomery ( Campbell, Stephen — Troy Carlile, Mary Dot ban Carr, Lougenia — Abbeville ( ason, John — Montgomery Cauthen, Charlie — Montgomery Chambers, Linda — Enterprise Champion, Gloria — Montgomery Cheatham, Paul — Mont gamers Cherry, Ronald — Zephyrhills, Florida Childs, Cindy — Hartford Clark, Frank — Elba Clark, Mack — Enterprise Clements, Edward — Enterprise Cline, Sarah — Troy Cloninger, Charles — Honolulu, Hawaii Clower, James — Br indidge Cohen, Joel — Staten Island, New York Cole, Hugh — Sylacauga Comander, Bob — DeFi niak Springs, Florida Cooper, Gary — Opp Covin, Theron — Owassa Cox, Julia — Stockton Crane, Donnie — Pbenix City Crane, Ronnie — Pbenix City ( reel, Ginger -Pensacola, Florida ( unningham, Mary — Enterprise hd ito A 290 New Course Features Prominent Lecturers in Spring Curry, Ben — Montgomery Daniels, Wayne — Evergreen Davis, Ola Mae — Milton, Florida Day, Sherry — Columbus, Georgia SlSl Day, Sybil — Atmore Diamond, Martha — Greenville Dodson, Larry — Enterprise Donaldson, Olen — Enterprise Donaldson, Rhonda — Samson Dorman, Janett — Opp Dorrill, Syble — Brttndidge Driggars, James — Dothan Duell, Dennis — Enterprise Dunn, Sarah — Brewton Dye, Winnie — Andalusia English, Ann — Montgomery Evans, Wayne — Montgomery Edgar, Jessie — New Brockton Faulkner, Betty — Union Springs Feralin, Steve — Eujaitla w 4 291 Ferguson, John — Ozark Fiddler, Annette — Dothan Fox, Howard — Troy Frazier, Claude — Andalusia Frith, Gary — Dothan Frye, William — Montgomery Furlow, Mary — Montgomery Furqueron, George — Ozark Gantt, Rose — Gantt Garvin, Amy — Montgomery Gilchrist, Tony — Dothan Giles, Jack — Hitntsville Glenn, Dianne — Scottsboro Goodwin, Bubba — Montgomery Goss, Bob — Alexander City Grantham, Gary — Geneva Green, Eleanor — Honoraville Green, John — Montgomery Green, Tommy — Monroeville Greene, Roberta — Dadeville Grice, David — Midland City Griggs, Cheryl — Troy Gunter, Deidra — Pensacola, Florida Hall, David— Fort Walton Beach, Florida Hall, Donald — Montgomery Hall, Kenneth — Brantley Hamilton, Richard — Lanett Hamm, Joan — Tro) 292 Students Hear Archives Director Milo Howard Hand, Janice — Troy Hand, Richard — Demopolis Harbuck, Brenda — Dothan Harper, Jo Ann — Evergreen Harris, Judy — Dothan Harrison, Daniel — Vlorala Hauke, Sharon — Nokomis, Florida Hawkins, Robert — Spencer, Indiana [ayes, Trudy — Montgomery Headley, David — Tro) Hedges, Susan — Fort Walton Beach, Florida Heller, Naomi — Montgomery Helms, Clifford — Montgomt ry Helms, Susan — Montgomery Hemby, Terry — Opp Hendrix, Donald — Phen x City Holmes, John — La Fayettt Holmes. Patricia — Opp Holston, Richard — Montgomery Hooks, Jerry — Troy Hornsby, Joellen — Dothan Houk, Jason — Glen Bumie, Maryland Hovey, Ronnie — Louisville Howard, Barbara — Ennui id ge Howder, Donnie — Greenville Hughes, Connie — Pike Road Hughes, Linda — Bran ley Hurto, Lomax — Troy Hutto, Nal— Elba Hyde, Mar)- Jo — Evergreen Ivey, Catherine — Clio Jackson, William — Montgomery Johns, Rodney — Mundelein, Illinois Johnson, Ann Marie — Columbus, Georgia Johnson, Brooks — Montgomery Johnson, Earl — Andalusia Johnson, Elmer — Dothan Johnson, Jeffrey — Troy Johnson, Judith — Evergreen Johnson, Judy — Elba Johnson, Marilyn — Selma Johnson, Mar)- — Ozark Johnston, Susanne — Brand id ge Jones, Larry — Troy 294 Retired General Lane Among Noted Lecturers Jones, Mary Lou — Billingslt Jones, Robbie — Troj Jones, Margaret — Dozier Jones, Roger — Crestivew, Florida Jones, William — Pensacola, Florida Jordan, Jimi — Banks Jordan, Jerry — Dothan Keegan, Carol — Montgomery Kelley, Janice — Ozark Kelley, Patricia — Florala King, Nell— Troy Kirker, Thomas — Montgomery Kirkland, Jack — Banks Knighton, Billie — Blakely, Georgia Knorr, Rusty — Montgomery Kearney, Mike — Panama City, Florida Lawrence, Ann — Tro) Lawrence, Kathleen — Troy Layson, John -Gulf Breeze, Florida I lorrie — McKenzie Lee, Gloria — Troy Lee, Linda — Enterprise Lee, Paul — Hartford Lewis, John — Cottonwood Locklar, Wayne — Troy Loftin, Sara — Hartford Loggins, Rip — Opp Long, Randy — Montgomery Lurie, Rod — Dothan LaCarter, Patrick — Cowart Lainhart, Paul — Hamilton, Ohio Layton, Alfred — Gordon McCartha, William — Troy McClung, Robert — Troy McCord, Wauthu — Montgomery McCormick, Janice — Montgomery McCullough, Peggy — Samson McDonald, Barbara — Geneva McGee, Steve — Dothan McGough, Ronnie — Highland Home McMillan, Kenneth — Montgomery McPherson, Ann Beatrice Macnutt, Jana — Longivood, Florida Maggio, Anna — Orlando, Florida 296 Hollington-Martin to Head ' 69-70 SGA Slate Mallory, Bill— Elba Marcus, Linda — Montgomery Marshall, Robert — Montgomery Martin, Joe — Perry, Georgia Mason, Jerry — Daleville Mason, Rachel — Andalusia Mays, Donna — Quincy, Florida Mecklenburg, John — Crown Point, Indiana Mendheim, Phyllis — Dot ban Merrill, Mary — Dozier Messick, Charles — Selma Miles, Barbara — Elba 297 Morris, David — Prattville Nail, Jerome — Columbia Neal, Bruce — Mo)it gomery Neese, -Byron — Montgomery Nelson, Harold — Sylacauga Nevels, Susan — PheniX City Newman, Joe — Phenix City Nichols, Julia — Geneva Norn ' s, Clayton — Dozier Novotny, Jo — Robert sdale Napier, Pamela — Jacksonville, Florida Norwood, Danny — Evergreen Oates, Ruth— Headland Oppy, Ralph — Slema Overhuls, Frank — Tampa, Florida Owen, Nina — Troy Panhorst, Betsy — Montgomery Paramore, Janice — Cottomvood Park, Aletha — Brundidge Parramore, Stephen — Dothan Parrish, Edwin — Greenville Patterson, Linda — Montgomery Pelham, ( harles — Opp Perdue, Sandra — Fort Deposit Perry, Jane — Albany, Georgia Pettus, William — Montgomery Phillips, Faye — Colquitt, Georgia Phillips, Jane Greenville ' ' fi ( JrM rMn trM 298 New Tutorial Program Aids Selected Freshmen Paquette, Joe — Troy Pinckard, Dian — Troy Powell, Jerry — Monroi ville Price, Glenda — Ozark Price, Robert — Dothan Price, Ruseda — Louisville Proctor, William — Ouincy, Florida Puccio, Susan — Dothan Pugh, Linda— Opp Pugh, Patricia — Clayton Purvis, Johnny — Dothan Pyron, Walter— Opp Perry, Jane — Albany, Georgia Quails, Dot — Troy Raines, Edith — Union Springs Ramagasse, Julie — New Orleans, Louisiana Ransom, Grace — Montgomery Register, Howell — Dothan Reynold s, Timothy — Hartford Richarme, Sandra — Troy jAL. k A 4,h, 299 Robertson, John — Enterprise Robinson, Sue — Eufaula Roney, Trilbia — Neu ' ville Ross, Jaunett — Opp Rosser, Joe — Elberton, Georgia Roth, George — Falls Church, Virginia Royster, Walter — Montgomery Rushing, Buddy — Tuscaloosa Russell, Irvin — Luverne Rutland, Mildred — Breuton Sanders, Johnny — Troy Sanders, Joe — Troy Sasser, Stanley — Andalusia Satornino, Dominick — East Patchogue, Neiv York Savola, Jack — Pensacola, Florida Schmitz, Sharon — Bradenton, Florida Schultz, Becky — Panama City, Florida Scott, Sam — Frisco City Sellers, Jerry — Headland Sellers, Suanne — Troy Seymore, Brenda — Jacksonville, Florida Sharpe, Rebecca— Tampa, Florida Sharpkss, Buddy- Fort Walton Beach, Florida Shaw, Julia — Clio Shaw, Martha — Motitgomt ry Smith, Cheryl — Marianna. Florida Smith, James Panama City, Florida Smith, Johnny — Dozier 300 Town and Gown Brings " The Male Animal " to T.S.U. Smith, Larry — Prattville Smith, Snellen — Greenvilh Smith, Yvonne — Red Level Stewart, John — Perry, Florida Sparks, Katherine — Montgomery Stabler, Steve — Greenville Stanford, Yvonne — Ozark Stevens, James — Dothan Stewart, Wray — Cantonment, Florida Stinson, Annette — Georgiana Stinson, Ann — Brundidge Stokes, Dot — Andalusia Stokes, Isaac — Pleasant Home Strickland, Jo Anne — Enterprise Strickland, Vallie — Dothan Stubbs, Judy — Ozark Sullivan, Dennis — Montgomery Sullivan, Karon — Enterprise Talbot, Patricia — Florala Taunton, Johnny — Tallassee 301 Taylor, Sue — Troy Tew, James — Dothan Tew, Jerry — Union Springs Tew, Stan — Montgomery Thagard, Les — Ozark Thornblom, Marilyn — Atnwre Tolbert, Bobby — Evergreen Tucker, Frank — Montgomery Turner, George — Dothan Turney, Jean — Auburn Trawick, Sharon — Newi ' ille Tillman, William — Andalusia Vaughan, Barbara — Elba Waddell, Johnny — Cottonweed Walter, Edwin — New on Watson, Randall — Headland Watson, Robert — Hartford Weeks, Jerry — Kins on Weldon, George — Fairfield Whatley, Sam — Auburn 302 Great Issues Program Begins Spring Quarter Wheeler, Diann — Grand Bay White, Andy — Blakely, Georgia Whitman, Linda — Montgomery Whitworth, Allen — Montgomery Wilkinson, Dale — Crestview, Florida Williams, Garry — Bayou La Batre Williams, Murray — Dothan Williams, James — Panama City, Florida Williams, Karen — Gallant Williamson, Derral — Prattville Williamson, Pat — Litverne Williford, Henry — Montgomrey Wilson, Alice — Brundidge Wilson, Rodney — Castleberry Wilson, Margaret — Jack Wilson, Mary — Troy Wilson, Mar) ' — Troy Wilson, Dianne — Abbeville Whitson, Michael — Jacksonville, Florida Wolf, Pamela— mierhill 303 Wood, Charles — Clayton Woodson, John — Montgomery Worrell, William— Milton, Florida Wright, Glenda— Mt. Creek Yance, Eric — Yarbrough, Barbara — Geneva Young, Janet — Panama City) Florida Young, William— Blue Hills Wyatt, Joyce — Tampa, Florida f " 304 As President of the SGA. Phil Raley welcomes students to the yearbook workshop, sponsored by the PALLADIUM and Taylor Publishing Company. SENIORS Auburn Players Bring ' Alice in Wonderland ' Adair, March — Laurens, South Carolina Adams, Dennis — Birmingham Adams, Grace — Midway Adams, Joseph — Montgomery Adkison, Travis — Dothan Alford, Andrea — Montgomery Andersen, Arthur — Foley Anderson, George — Caryville, Florida Anderson, Judy — fay, Florida Andress, Norma — Honoraville Aplin, Charles — En f aula Ard, Norman — Elberta Atkins, Jean — Greenville Austin, Bernie — Banks Ayers, Thomas — Atlanta, Georgia Baker, Carol — Ashford 306 Baker, Kendra — Daytona Beach, Florida Baker, Penny — Frisco City Bartlett, Sandra — Dothan Bass, Carolyn — Napier Field Baxley, Max — Samson Baxter, Susan — Dothan Bell, Phillip— Dothan Bethea, Ken — Brent on Bishop, Michael — Cairo, Georgia Blair, Nancy — Kinston Blakely, Janie — Dothan Blanton, Freida — Brundidge Bolich, Claudia — Ozark Bolt, John— Ozark Boswel 1 , Fel ix — Montgomery Boswell, Wanda — Troy Bowdoin, Claudene — Elba Bowen, Eric — Lapine Brand, Harvey — Enterprise Brannon, Freddie — Newville 307 Imbriacco Rates ' All-Conference ' in Basketball Brinsfield, Paul — Atlanta, Georgia Britt, Mary — Bakerhill Brooks, Ricky — Montgomery Brown, Curtis — Repton Brown, Elaine — Abbeville Brown, Jerry — Abbeville Brown, Judy — Clayton Buford, Barry — Montgomery Last summer the PALLADIUM staff presented Dean Annette Gibbs with a silver tray in appreciation for her work on behalf of the yearbook. Bullock, Gale — Montgomery Bullock, Gayla — Andalusia Burch, Donna — Samson Burks, Robert — Troy Busby, Amelia — Montgomery Byrd, Glenna — Dothan Byrd, Mary — Milton, Florida Caldwell, Roger — Dadeville 308 Callaway, Margaret — Montgomery Campbell, Julia — Georgiana Carlson, Michael — Colon, Panama Carr, James — Niceville, Florida Carter, Jeff — Albuquerque, New Mexico Carter, Martha — Florala Carter, Perry — Ozark Catoe, Linda — Andalusia Catrett, Linda — Glenuood Cauthen, Butch — Montgomery Chapman, Martha — Union Springs Chapman, Sylbil — Troy Clark, Cheryl — Luverne Clark, Eva — Graceville, Florida Clark, Joy — Elba Clark, Teresa — Montgomery Cline, Joseph — Pensacola Coats, Johnny — Birmingham Cobia, Rodger — Dothan Colley, Gladys — Wetumpka « 309 Gibson Becomes Assistant for Alumni Affairs Cooper, Ronald — Atmore Cremer, Robert — Andalusia Crisp, Betty — Marianna, Florida Crocker, Shirley — Elba Crockett, David — Dothan Crockett, Rebecca — Dothan Crosby, Drusilla — Montgomery Crosby, James — Montgomery Crossland, Rusty — Tenafly, New Jersey Cumbie, Robert — Uriah Curtis, Henry — Troy Dagostin, Frank — Dothan Dale, Mary — Enterprise Daniels, Ernest — Geneva Davis, Billy — Headland Davis, Janice — Elba 310 Davis, Larry — 0[ f Davis, Nellwyn — Samson Davis, William — Luverne Dean, Robert — Repton Dell, Rosemary — Dothan Dickey, George — Montgomery Dillon, Patricia — Melbourne, Florida Dillon, Robert — Melbourne, Florida Dominguez, Gilbert — Hialeah, Florida Dominguez, Ginger — Maimi, Florida Donaldson, Paul — Opp Dooling, Angeline — Geneva Dowling, Timothy — Dothan Drake, Jane — West Palm Beach, Florida DuBose, Joseph — Red Level Duke, David — Montgomery Dunn, James — Ozark Ealum, Peggy — Troy Eddins, Larry — Frisco City Eiland, Marilyn — Opp P itdtj »A 31 Thompson First Pro-Football Draftee From Troy Eiland, Wyndel — Opp Flkins, Kathy — Breuton Elkins, Lester — Montgomery Emery, Mary — Enterprise Emlet, Larry — Bainbridge, Georgia Enslen, John — Montgomery Erb, Linwood — Montgomery Etheridge, Robert — Dothan TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY . ■ ■ ._ " - Evans, Sara — Montgomery Ferguson, James — Ocala, Florida Fernald, Laurance — St. Petersburg, Florida Flake, William — Fit j aula Fleming, Linda — Phenix City Flowers, Jamie — Brundidge Flowers, Jesse — Jack Floyd, Dtlanith — Atmore 312 Floyd, James — Troy Forrester, Leslie — Dothan Fountain, Ronnie — Excel Fowler, Richard — Greenville Fowler, Saundra — Dothan Fralish, Jerry — Ariton Fulford, Angeline — Enterprise Fuller, Marion — Bri ndidge Gamble, Linda — Headland Gantt, James — Montgomery Garrard, Joan — Okeechobee, Florida Garrett, Janet — Troy George, Deborah — Highland, California Gibbs, Janet — Panama City, Florida Gibson, Morgan — Troy Gibson, Robert — Laurel Hill, Florida Glover, Wayne — Turkey Creek, Florida Golden, Douglas — Coffee Springs Golden, Jefferson — Luverne Goolsby, Eugene — Pinckard J 313 Anthony and Imperials Make Return Appearance Gordon, Cynthia — Montgomery Gouge, Frederick — Slocumb Grant, John — Gulf Breeze, Florida Grant, Marianne — Troy Green, Darrell — Montgomery Green, Diane — Andalusia Green, Donnie — Montgomery Green, LeVoid — Coffee Springs Green, Robert — Dot ban Greene, Betty — Montgomery Griffin, Dale — Andalusia Griffin, Enid — Wicksburg Griffith, Rodney — Tallassee Guillen, Ken — Pensacola, Florida Guy, Curtis — Monroeville Hale, Brenda — Ozark 314 Hall, Donald— Brantley Hall, Sarah— Dothan Hall, Wayne — Montgomery Hallman, Stanford — Autaugaville Hancock, Carolyn — Bon fay, Florida Hannon, Donna — Tallassee Hardwick, Joy — Abbeville Harris, Daniel — Troy Hartin, Dianne — Honoraville Hastings, James — Freeport, Grand Bahamas Hatcher, Don — Pensacola, Florida Hawkins, Elsie — Eufaula Hayes, Alice — Troy Hayes, Sarah — New Brock on Helms, Robert — Dothan Henderson, Billy — Andalusia Henley, Rod — Montgomery Herring, Ronald — Montgomery Hewett, Thomas — Melbourne, Florida Hickman, Bryant — Union Springs 315 Opera Workshop Presents ' Telephone ' and ' Trial ' Hollon, Robert— Montgomery Home, William — Enterprise Howard, Tyson — Lowndesboro Hubbard, Robert — Montgomery Hudson, Charles — Campbellton, Florida Hughes, Suzette — Luverne Hutto, James — Andalusia Imbriacco, Gerald — Elizabeth, New Jersey Jackson, Jackie — Troy Jackson, Sue — Dothan Jefcoar, John — Montgomery Jeffcoat, P eggy — Elba Jennings, Timothy — Montgomery Johnson, Kay — Andalusia Johnson, Michael — Osco, Illinois Johnson, Richard — Dothan - M 316 Johnson, Robert — Demopolis Johnson, William — Montgomery Johnston, Clyde — Eclectic Johnston, James — Westville, Florida Johnston, Lynn — Eitfairia Johnston, Stephen — Mobile Jones, James — Miami, Florida Jones, Janel — Ozark Jones, John — Sopchoppy, Florida Jones, Joseph — Monroeville Joyner, Charles — Panama City, Florida Judah, James — Opp Juve, Martin — Little Neck, New York Kearley, Lee — Flomaton Keen, Roy — Grove Hill Kelley, Edwina — Enterprise Kelly, Charles — Troy Kervin, Mona — McKenzie Key, John — Troy King, Wade— Banks 9 317 Parking Problems Cause Chaos and Consternation Kirk, Martha — Dothan Kirkland, Linda — Panama City. Florida Knight, Jerry — Dothan Knight, Kenneth — Montgomi n Knott, Ray — Union Springs Knowlton, Alois — Robertsdah Koehler, Mary — Wetumpka Kyle, John — Uriah Lamkin, John — Pine Apple Lane, John — Pensacola, Florida Langford, Sula — Straughn Lawhon, Larry — Sopchoppy, Florida Lawrence, Deborah — San Antonio, Texa Lawrence, Jimmy — Opp Lee, Jim — Can Jen Farris, Johnnie Sue — Elba 318 Lee, Martha — Cullman Lee, Robert — Montgomery Lindsey, Shelley — Enterprise Loftin, Jean — Montgomery Loggins, Gary — Dothan Long, Dayton — Bay Minette Love, Mildred — Florala Lowery, Linda — Robertsdale Lurie, Doug — Dothan McClenny, Henry — Columbia McClenny, Wyatt — Columbia McCullough, Loretta — Niceville, Florida McCormick, Carroll — Ozark McCraney, Ronnie — Ashford McCu rley, James — Dothan McDonald, Denise — Fairhope McDonald, Melodie — Mobile McDougald, Sue — Lurerne McGaffey, Judith — Daleville Mclnnis, James — Kinston YA t- i4TJfc 319 McKinley, Gaines — Monroeville McKissick, Jeff — Montgomery McLendon, Randolph — Goshen McLcod, Barry — Camden McLeod, Patsy — Mobile McNeil, Thomas — Fort Lauderdale, Florida Madison, Larry — E t fa da Mahon, Marti — Orlando, Florida f Malaier, Patricia — Wetumpka Manning, Dessie — Andalusia Marler, Glenda — Elba Massey, Shirley — Honoraville May, Linda — San ford, Florida Mears, George — Kissimmee, Florida Metcalf, Max — Opp Miller, Alex — Edison, Georgia 320 Mills, Thomas — Goshen Miner, Karen — Sarasota, Florida Mitchell, James — San Antonio, Texas Mitchell, Mary — Brantley Mixon, Forrest — Foley Moore, Rebecca — Bayou la Batre Moore, Virginia — Li verne Morrow, Jo Anne — Elba Morrow, Julia — Selma Moss, Charlene — Ash ford Mullins, Paul — Greenville Murphy, Susan — Dozier Myers, James — Wetumpka Myers, Richard — Lebanon, Indiana Nelson, Dianne — Brewton Newsome, Judy — Ozark New Library to Be Ready by September 15, 1969 Norris, Patricia — Dozier Oswald, Roy — Montgomery Owen. Judith — Gordon Owen, Kenneth — Montgomery Owen, Larry — Red Level Parducci, Johnny — Montgomery Parker, Darrell — Br undid ge Parker, Thomas — Taylor ■■H1MBBB Parish, Mary — Pensacola, Florida Parrish, Michael — Hartford Penn, Janet — Luverne Pettie, Roland — McKenzie Pierce, Laura — Greenville Pierce, Linda — Luverne Pierce, Thomas — Of))) Pinckard, Lee — Elba 322 Pipkin, Marvin — Atmore Pollard, Larry — Brundidge Pollard, Phil — Birmingham Porter, Freda — Greenville Price, Carlos — DeFuniak Springs, Florida Price, Penny — Montgomery Pryor, Barbara — Troy Rabuzzi, Charles — Louisville, Kentucky Ra«in, Jack — Montezuma, Georgia Raley, Phil — Andalusia Ramsey, Mary — Andalusia Rawls, Charlotte — Andalusia Ray, James — Troy Reed, Malcolm — McLellan, Florida Reese, Cheryl — Phenix City Reese, Jimmy — Enterprise Reeves, Judy — Opp Reeves, Patricia — Troy Rhoades, Amelia — Kinston Rhone, Brenda — Opp 9 fv 11 ui : ■i 323 rms Go All-Out in Building Homecoming Displays Rice, Joe — Dothan Riley, Anthony — Greenfield, Indiana Roberts, Roy — Columbia Rogers, Judith — New Brock on Rogers, Steve — Mineral Wells, Texas Roling, Glen Dora — Troy Roses, Vincent — Pensacola, Florida Ross, Marie — Blue Springs Roten, Frances — Troy Rountree, Charlotte — Honoraville Rountree, Ted — Montgomery Rushing, James — Wetutnpka Ryals, William — Brundidge Sanders, Glenda — Rutledge Sanders, James — Montgomery Saunders, Carol — Samson y M ' M 324 Savola, Diane — Pensacola, Florida Sawyer, Guy — Frisco City Scarborough, Jerry — Dothan Schwab, Andrew — Montgomery Scofield, Barbara — Opp Scruggs, Randall — Excel Seal, Charles — Troy Sewell, Judy — Headland Sharp, Su2anne — Dothan Shaw, AnnaJa — Headland Shaw, Sandi — Union Springs Shell, Jettie — Owassa Shepherd, William — San Antonio, Texas Shipman, John — Brundidge Shipman, Wanda — Troy Shi rah, Tharel — Clio Shiver, Martha — Atmore Siggers, Amelia — Enterprise Simpson, Joe — Opp Sims, Marshall — Frisco City 325 Construction of New Married Apartments Begun Singletary, Eugene — Dotban Sipper, Cheryl — Luverne Skelton, Carla — Troy Skipper, John — Headland Smith, Carolyn — McKenzie Smith, Chuck — Montgomery Smith, Hilda — Kinston Smith, Rebecca — Union Springs Smith, Sherry — Dotban Sorrells, Reginald — Cottomvood Sparks, Lowery — Pensacola, Florida Spencer, Walter — Andalusia Stafford, Jerry — Westville, Florida Stagner, Charles — Montgomery Stewart, Carl— Pratt vill ' e Stinnette, Patty — Montgomery 326 Strozier, Jane — Fairhope Sutphcn, Bob — Hicksville, New York Suttle, Robert — Montgomery Sweeney, John — Moline, Illinois Tarter, Judith Martin — Ozark Tatum, Harry — Montgomery Tatum, Johnny — Montgomery Taylor, Georgia — Eufaula Taylor, Linda — Red Level Taylor, Shirley — Mobile Taylor, Timothy — Greenville Teel, Danny — Elba Tew, Cheryl — Midland City Tew, John — Dothan Thomas, Charlotte — Elba Thomas, Jeraldine — Troy Thomas, Larry — Eujaula Thomasson, John — Sanford Thompson, Julian — Jasper, Florida Threadgill, William — Troy 327 P.E. Class Sponsors County-Wide Field Day Tidwell, Nancy — Dot ban Tillman, Rosalyn S. — Troy Tisdale, Charlie W. — Andalusia Todd, Betty Joyce — Mob ' tU Tamaini, Denny — Hicksville, New York Tomberlin, Roger Curtis — Opp Torrillo, Robert F. — Montgomery Trammel I, Rosalyn — Newville Trawick, Bobby — Blakely, Georgia Trawick, David Lewis — Dothan Traylor, lone — Montgomery Vinson, Steven — Montgomery Walker, F.ileen Willi ford— Troy Walker, Stanley H.—Fairbope Watson, Howard — Frisco City Webb, Larry Alexander — Pensacola, Florida 328 Weems, Pate — Abbeville Weibelt, Sandra — Ozark Wenzel, Risa — Foley West, Shepherd — Luverne Whiddon, Deloris— Asbford Whiddon, Martha — Samson Whitfield, Janis — Milton, Florida Whitten, Jane — Opp -4. x r Wilson, Jack — Montgomery Wilson, Jessica — Brundidge Windham, Kathy — Ozark Wingard, Robert — Eclectic 329 Wise, Anne — Dothan Wise, Linda— Kinston Woodham, Glenda — Dothan Woodham, Jerri — Dothan Woodham, Joseph — Clayton Worrell, Clinton — Breivton Wright, Angelyn — Hartford Wright, Eddie — Troy 330 ADAIR, MARCH B.S., Elementary Education ADAMS, DENNIS T. B.S., Psychology; Transfer JSJC ADAMS, GRACE B.S., Business — English; Phi Beta Lambda ADAMS, JOSEPH B.S., Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. ADKINSON, TRAVIS WAYNE B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; College Choir, Alpha Phi Omega ALFORD, ANDREA LOUISE B.S., Elementary Education ANDERSEN, ARTHOR B.S., Physical Education — History; Track Team; Track Team Captain; Transfer Livingston State College ANDERSON, GEORGE K. B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Gavel Club; Theta Chi; Transfer Chipola Junior College ANDERSON, JUDY B.S., Psychology — History and Social Science ANDRESS, NORMA B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA; ACE APLIN, CHARLES D. B.S., Math — Social Science; Transfer Wallace Jr. College ARD, NORMAN M. B.A., Social Science, English ATKINS, DOROTHY JEAN B.S., Elementary Education; Playmakers; Alpha Phi Omega, Sweetheart; Pace Hall Assistant AUSTIN, BERNIE L. B.S., Social Science — History AYERS, THOMAS B.S., Biological Science — History; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Baseball; TKE Chaplain BAKER, CAROL Y. B.S., Business Education — Counseling Psychology; Social Committee, Gardner Hall; WRA Intramu- rals; SNEA; Phi Beta Lambda; Psychology Club; Transfer, Wallace Junior College BAKER, KENDRA Education, Elementary Education — Counseling; Kappa Delta Sorority; Sigma Alpha Fraternity Sweetheart; Psychology Club; Hamil House Coun- cil BAKER, PENNY LORRAINE B.S., English — Speech; Collegiates; Tropolitan; Alpha Psi Omega Senior Directory BAXTER, SUSAN B.S., Mathematics — History; Gamma Beta Phi; Adelphes, President; Kappa Delta Pi BELL, PHILLIP B.S., Business Administration and Accounting — History BETHEA, KEN B.S., Art — Business Administration; Gavel Club; Kappa Pi, Treasurer; Tau Kappa Epsilon; House Council BISHOP, MICHAEL WAYNE B.S., Biology — Geography; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramural Football and Softball; Student Judiciary BLAIR, MARGARET B.S., English — Social Science BLAKEY, JANIE CAROL B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer Wallace Jr. College BLANTON, EREIDA B.S., Elementary Education BOLICH, CLAUDIA B.S., English — History and Social Science; Pan- hellenic Council; WRA; Kappa Delta Sorority; SNEA; Cowart House Council; SGA Senator; Kappa Delta Vice President, President; Religious Council BOLT, JOHN R. B.S., Business — Psychology; Transfer, Birmingham Southern, and Athens College BOSWELL, FELIX EART B.S., Social Science — HPER; Argonauts; Alumni A House Council; Baseball Manager; Baseball Student Coach BOSWELL, WANDA JUDY B.S., Social Science — English; Psi Lambda; SNEA BOWDOIN, CLAUDENE B.S., Physical Education — Social Science, Art His- tory; WRA Publicity Chairman; HPER; Senator; Assistant, Cowart; Basketball Queens Court; Circle K Sweetheart; TKE Pledge Sweetheart. BOWEN, ERIC B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Foot- ball; Tau Kappa Epsilon BRAND, HARVEY C. B.S., Psychology and Social Science; Pi Kappa Phi; Intramural Football; Transfer, Enterprise Jr. College BRANNON, FREDDIE K. B.S , Business Administration, Math BRINSFIELD, PAUL B.S., Business and Marketing; Varsity Football; " T " Club; Delta Chi BRITT, MARY ANN HARTZOG B.S., Psychology — Sociology, History BROWN, JERRY F. B.A., Accounting and Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi BROWN, JUDY B.S., Psychology — Business, English; Cheerleader; Alpha Delta Pi BUFORD, BARRY LEE B.S., Business Administration; Transfer, Hunting- don College BULLOCK, GALE B.S., Accounting and Business Administration BULLOCK, GAYLA LEE B.S., Business Fducation — Social Science; Transfer, Jefferson Davis Jr. College; SNEA; Phi Beta Lambda; WRA BURCH, DONNA B.S., Business Education — English; Adelphe; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Beta Lambda BROOKS, ROBERT WAYNE B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Circle K BUSBY, AMELIA B.S., Social Science — Speech, English; Wesley Foundation; Playmakers BYRD, GLENNA B.S., Biological Science — English; BSU Freshman Council; BSU Executive Council; Adelphe, Vice- President; Collegiate Singers; SNEA BYRD, MARY LINDA B.S., Social Science — English; Transfer, Pensacola Jr. College CALDWELL, ROGER B.S., Physical Education — History; Basketball CALLAWAY, MARGARET B.A., Elementary Education — Spanish; Choir; Wes- ley; SNEA; ACE; Alpha Delta Pi, Sr. Panhellenic Delegate, Recommendations Chairman CAMPBELL, JULIA B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer, Jefferson Davis Jr. College; BSU CARLSON, MICHAEL R. B.A., English — Social Science; Transfer, Canal Zone Jr. College CARR, JAMES HOWARD B.S., Business Administrat.on and Marketing; Vice President, Junior Class CARTER, CHARLES J. B.A., History — French and Geography; Theta Chi CARTER, MARTHA H. B.S., Business Education — English; Phi Mu BARTLETT, SANDRA AVA B.A., History — Social Science and Psychology BASS, CAROLYN MARSHALL B.S., English — Social Science; Gamma Beta Phi Society; Dames Club BAXLEY, MAX B.S., Business Education — English; Circle K; Vice President Alumni Wing B; President Alumni Wing B; Intramural Basketball; SNEA BROOKS, RICKY B.S., Marketing — Business Administration; Choir; Band; Wrestling Team; Phi Mu Alpha BROWN, CURTIS A. B.S., Social Science — Geography; Transfer, Patrick Henry Jr. College BROWN, ELAINE MURPHY B.S., Math— English; Adelphe; SNEA; Kappa Del- ta Pi, Gamma Beta Phi CARTER, PERRY H. B.S., Accounting — Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Transfer Wallace Jr. College CATOE, LINDA B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer Jefferson Davis Jr. College CATRETT, LINDA B.S., English— Speech and Art History; Play- makers; Alpha Psi Omega 331 [] N, WILLIAM A. B S . Marketing — Business Administration; King, Week; Pi Kappa Phi; IFC; House Council, Alumni B; Cheerleader, Alpha Delta Big Brother CHAPMAN, MARTHA O. B.S., Elementary Education CHAPMAN, SYBIL B.A., English — Social Science; Phi Mu; Wesley Fellowship CLARK, CHERYL B A , English — Social Science; Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society CLARK, EVA REBECCA B.S., Elementary Education; ACE; SNEA; College Choir; Member House Council, Hamil; Transfer, ( hipola Jr. College CLARK, JOY LATANE B S Business Education — Biology; Phi Beta Lambda CLARK, TERESA B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Pan- hellenic Delegate; SNEA CLINE, JOSEPH H, B.S., Accounting — Math, Business; Football Letter- man COATS, JOHNNY D. B.S., Marketing— Art; Theta Chi; Gavel Club; Choir COBIA, RODGER B.S., Math — Business and Physical Science Col- legiate Singers; Alpha Phi Omega COLLEY, GLADYS F. BME, Music Education; Band; Collegiate Sing- ers; Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC, Choir, Dean ' s Honor Award; SNEA; Westminister Fellowship COOPER, RONALD L. B.S., Math — Physical Science; Theta Chi; Argo- nauts CREMER, ROBERT W. B.S., Math, Physical Science — Social Science CRISP, BETTY B.S., Medical Technology; Tech Club; Transfer Chipola Jr. College CROCKER, SHIRLEY JUNE B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA; Transfer En- terprise Jr. College CROCKETT, DAVID B.S., History — Social Science; Argonaut Honor Society; Circle K Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Intra- mural Football CROCKETT, REBECCA TURNER B.S., Elementary Education — History; BSU, Secre- tary Freshman Council; Children ' s Home Repre- sentative; ACE; All College Conference of Teacher Education CROSBY, DRUSILLA BLANCHE BME, Musu Education— Voice; Collegiate Singers; MENC; Sigma Alpha Iota; Madrigal Singers, Gamma Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota President; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires CROSBY, JAMES A. B.S., Psychology — Business CROSSLAND, RUSTY B.S., Biological Science — History; Delta Chi Sec- retary; Beta Sigma; Junior Class Treasurer 332 CUMBIE, ROBERT E., JR. B.S., History— Geography; Transfer, Patrick Henry Jr. College CURTIS, HENRY B.S., Business and Marketing DAGOSTIN, FRANK, JR. B.S., Biological Science — Mathematics; Alumni A Judiciary Council, Proctor, House Council Social Chairman; Delta Chi; Beta Sigma; SGA Senator, Alumni A DALE, MARY JANE B.S., English — Educational Psychology DANIELS, ERNEST LEON B.S., Accounting — Business Administration DAVIS, BILLY B.S., Social Science — English; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; Transfer Wallace Jr. College DAVIS, JANICE MARIE B.S., Elementary Education; SGA Supreme Court; Traffic Appeals Committee DAVIS, LARRY M. B.S., Lhysical Education — History; SNEA; Track; HPER Club; Transfer Alabama College DAVIS, NELLWYN B.S., Elementary Education— Math; WAA; Pal- ladium Staff, Assistant Editor; SNEA; ACE; Alpha Phi Gamma; Gardner House Council; Gardner House Judiciary DAVIS, WILLIAM MARTIN B.S., Business Administration DEAN, WAYNE ROBERT B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Dean ' s List; Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K, Gavel Club; Intramural Sports; Gavel Club DELL, ROSEMARY B.S., Math— Physical Science SNEA DICKEY, GEORGE G. B.S., Health and Physical Education — English; Senator, Freshman Class; Pi Kappa Phi; Senator, Clementa; Argonaut; Alumni A Proctor; Assistant, Clements; IFC SEIFC; President, IFC; Intra- murals DELLON, PATRICIA B.S., P.E. — Biology; Transfer Adams State College DILLON, ROBERT B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Base- ball; Judo Club; Newman Club; Argonauts; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Tropolitan Business Manager DOMINGUEZ, GILBERT B S., History, Social Science, Physical Education; Football Varsity; Argonauts; Proctor Alumni B; Circle K, Vice President, President; Who ' s Who, Dean ' s List; Varsity Track Letterman DOMINGUEZ, GINGER B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer, Miami Dade Jr. College DONALDSON, PAUL E. B.S., Accounting and Business Administration DOOLING, ANGELINE B.S., Business Education — English; Phi Beta Lamb- da; WRA; Kappa Delta Sorority DOWLING, TIMOTHY H. B S , Business Administration and Marketing; Ka- rate Club DRAKE, JANE P. B.S., Biology, English and Psychology; WAA; Playmakers; Gardner Hall House Committee; Beta Sigma, Secretary, President; Alpha Psi Omegi; Playmakers, secretary DUBOSE, JOSEPH W. B.S., Business and Marketing DUKE, DAVID C. B.S., Economics and Business Administration — Chemistry DUNN, JAMES C. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Alpha Phi Omega; Judo Club; Alpha Phi Omega, Secre- tary, Bookstore Manager EALUM, PEGGY B.A., English — Social Science; WRA; Committee on Admission to the Professional Education Pro- gram EDDINS, LARRY B.S., Social Science — Physical Education EILAND, MARILYN B.A., English — Spanish and Social Science; Gam- ma Beta Phi EILAND, WYNDEL B.S., Business Administration — Marketing ELKINS, KATHY HILLMAN B.S., Psychology — Math and English; Sigma Alpha Iota; Senate; Canterbury Club; Class Senator; Gamma Beta Phi, President; Psychology Club ELKINS, GLYNN LESTER, JR. B.S., Pre Law — Social Science; Freshman Class Senator; Sophomore Class Senator EMERY, MARY JANE B.S., English — Secondary Education — Social Sci- ence; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; Transfer, Enterprise Jr. College EMLET, LARRY B.S., Business Administration — Accounting ENSLEN, JOHN EUGENE B.S., Physical Education ERB, LINWOOD SHAW BME, Music; Troy State Band; Music Fraternity ETHERIDGE, ROBERT PAUL B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer; Student Executive Council EVANS, SARA DEAN B.S., Social Science — Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice President; NEA; Flute Scholarship Band FARRIS, JOHNNIE SUE B S., Business Administration — Accounting FERGUSON, JIM B.S., Business Maiketing; Argonauts; Circle K Club; Proctor, Clements Hall, President; As- sistant Director, Clements Hall FERNALD, LAURANCE NELSON B.A., Accounting and Business Administration; Theta Chi Fraternity FLAKE, WILLIAM L. B.S., Business FLEMING, LINDA JEAN B.S., History — English; Adelphes; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi FLOWERS, JAMIE KAY B.S., Math — Business Administration and Social Science FLOWERS, JESSE JAMES B.S., Marketing and Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi FLOYD, DELANITH B.S., Math— Business WRA, Senate; Bridge Club; Assistant, Gardner Hall FLOYD, JAMES L. B.S., Accounting and Business Administration FORRESTER, LESLIE MARTIN B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Bas- ketball, Baseball; Circle K Club; House Council, Alumni A; Solomon Award; European Basketball Tour; Business Club FOUNTAIN, RONNIE B.S., English — Biology FOWLER, RICHARD W. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Phi Mu Alpha; TSU Band; Alumni Hall House Council; Delta Chi; SGA Senator, Treasurer; Chairman Cof- fee House Committee FOWLER, SAUNDRA B.A., English — History; BSU Freshman Council, Advisory Council; Children ' s Home Chairman; SNEA FRALISH, JERRY DEAN B.S., Business Administration — Accounting, Math FULFORD, ANGELINE B.S., Elementary Education; Collegiates; SNEA; Transfer, Enterprise Jr. College FULLER, MARION B.S., History — Math and Geography GAMBLE, LINDA B.S., Elementary Education; BSU; ACE, Vice Pres- ident; Transfer, Wallace Jr. College GANTT, JAMES D. B.S., Business and Marketing; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Collegiates; Choir, President; Playmakers; Theta Chi GARRARD, JOAN B.S., Mathematics; SNEA GARRETT, JANET A. B.S., Business Ed.; Phi Beta Lambda, Treasurer, President GEORGE, DEBORAH B.S. Elementary Education; Social Committee — Gardner Hall; Wesley Foundation; WRA; Golf; ACE; WRA— Volleyball; SNEA GIBBS, JANET B.S., Elementary Education GIBSON, RILEY B.S., History; Theta Chi Fraternity, Circle K GIBSON, ROBERT B.S., Business Administration; Transfer, Belhaven College GLOVER, WAYNE S. B.S., History; Alpha Psi Omega, President; Play- makers, Vice-President; Alumni Hall Judiciary; Editor, BSU Newspaper; BSU Council; Lyceum Committee; Clements Hall Judiciary; Chief Jus- tice; BSU, President GOLDEN, DOUGLAS LAMAR B.S., History GOLDEN, JEFFERSON G. B.S., Business Administration and Marketing GOOLSBY, EUGENE B.S., Math GORDON, CYNTHIA B.S., Elementary Education; Collegiate Singers GOUGE, FREDERICK B.S., Social Science Transfer, Wallace Jr. College GRANT, JOHN L. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing GRANT, MARIANNE E. B.A., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires Transfer, University of Alabama GREEN, DARRELL B.S., Art History — Aesthetics; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Circle K; Dance Club GREEN, DIANE B.S., Art; SNEA; Psychology Club GREEN, DONNIE B.S., History Education; Sophomore — Class Presi- dent; TSU Band GREEN, LEVOID B.S., Biology; Basketball Team; Delta Chi Fra- ternity GREEN, ROBERT L. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Circle K; Playmakers GREENE, BETTY L. B.S., Business Education; SNEA; Phi Beta Lamb- da, Secretary; Wesley Foundation GRIFFIN, DALE CAMPBELL B.S., Social Science; B.S.U.; SGA Senator GRIFFIN, ENID B.S., Math; Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Class Vice- President, Parliamentarian; Pi Kappa Phi — Little Sister GRIFFITH, RODNEY B.S., Marketing GUILLEN, KENNETH L. B.S., Marketing; Clements House Council and Judiciary; Delta Chi GUY, CURTIS O. B.A., English — Speech; Playmakers, President HALE, BRENDA B.S., Business Education — Social Science; Phi Mu HALL, DONALD R. B.S., Business Administration, Accounting HALL, SARAH R. HALL, WAYNE B.S., Accounting — Business Administration HALLMAN, WILLIAM S. B.S., Business Administration, Marketing HANCOCK, CAROLYN ANN B.S., Music — History; Transfer, Chipola Jr. Col- lege; SNEA; Choir; Collegiates; Sigma Alpha Iota HANNON, DONNA B.S., Elementary Education; BSU Freshman Coun- cil; WRA; ACE; SNEA; Choir HARDWICK, JOY B.S., Physical Education — English; Collegiates; Lartibda Tau; WRA; HYPER Majors Club HARRIS, DANIEL MONROE, III B.S., Business Administration, Accounting; Circle K; Delta Sigma Pi HARTIN, DIANNE B.S., Elementary Education — -Art, Social Science; NEA; WRA HASTINGS, JAMES JEFFREY B.S., Accounting, Business Administration; I Chi; Phi Beta Lambda; Delta Sigma Pi, Treas- urer; Intramural Sports HATCHER, DON B.S., Business Administration, Pi Kappa Iota Fraternity HAWKINS, ELSIE B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer, Alabama College; Phi Mu HAYES, ALICE K. B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer, George Pea- body College HAYES, SARAH ELIZABETH B.S., Biological Science; Collegiates; SNEA HELMS, ROBERT JAMES B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Trans- fer, Wallace Jr. College HENDERSON, BILLY B.S., History — Geography; Argonauts; Kappa Del- ta Pi, President; Phi Alpha Theta, President; Gamma Beta Phi; Education and Psychology De- partment ' s Achievement Award; Colonial Dames Historical Award HENLEY, ROD L. B.S., Music — Business; Phi Mu Alpha; Band, Section Leader, President; Mobile Jazz Festival, Runner-Up; Bob Hope Show; The Waveman, Leader HERRING, RONAD LEON B.S., Accounting, Business Administration HEWETT, THOMAS L. B.S., Accounting, Business Administration; Intra- murals HICKMAN, BRYANT S. B.S., History — Social Science; SNEA, Vice Presi- dent; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President; Phi Alpha Theta HOLLON, ROBERT L. B.S., Business Administration, Marketing; TKE, Secretary " , Intramurals HORNE, WILLIAM B.S., Business Administration, Marketing; Intra- mural Sports TYSON, HOWARD B.S., Economics — Social Science, Business Admin- istration; Gavel Club; Delta Sigma Pi HUBBARD, ROBERT HUDSON, CHARLES F. B.S., Marketing, Business Administration HUGHES, SUZETTE M. B.S., Business Education — Art HUTTO, JAMES G. B.S., History — Social Science; Choir; Judiciary Committee, Alumni; Chief Justice of Alumni A; SGA Associate Justice; Chief Justice Supreme Court; TSU Curriculum Commitee IMBRIACCO, GER ALD J, B.S., History — Geography; Basketball, Baseball; 333 Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Solomon SNEA; House Council JACKSON, JACKIE B.S., Math — Science; Pi Kappa Phi JACKSON, SUE B.S., Physical Education — Social Science; HPER; Treasurer Gardner Hall; P.E. Major ' s Club; Trans- fer, Wallace Jr. College JEFCOAT, JOHN S. B.S., Music Education — Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Band JLITCOAT, PEGGY B.S., English — History; Student National Educa- tion Association JENNINGS, TIMOTHY S. B.S., Mathematics JOHNSON, KAY B.S., English — History; Adelphes; Phi Mu; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Mu, President JOHNSON, MICHAEL J. B.S., Business Administration — Social Science JOHNSON, RICHARD B.S., Biology — Chemistry; Transfer, Wallace Jr. College JOHNSON, ROBERT STANLEY BME, Music Education; Argonauts; Phi Mu Al- pha; Band; Collegiate Singers, V. Pres.; MENC; Delta Chi; Interfraternity Council; Newman Club; Alumni Hall President. JOHNSON, WILLIAM THOMAS B.S., Business — Marketing; Freshman Class, Vice Pres.; Alumni Hall Proctor; Phi Mu Alpha; Delta Chi; Band JOHNSTON, FLOYD C. B.S., Physical Education — History; Freshman Foot- ball Team; Delta Chi; Band; Cheerleader; Junior Class President; Inter Fraternity Council; HPER Club JOHNSTON, JAMES LARRY B.S., Mathematics — Psychology, Social Science JOHNSTON, LYNN B.S., Elementary Education; Freshman Class Treas- urer; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Majorette Cap- tain; Phi Mu JOHNSTON, STEPHEN GIBSON B.A., History, Psychology — Geography, Delta Chi; Clements Hall Judiciary; Transfer, Yancey State JONES, JAMES DURWOOD B.S., Business Administration and Accounting; Argonauts JONES, JANEL HUETTE B.S., Business Transfer, Wallace Jr. College JONES, JOHN DAVID B.S., Business Administration JONES, JOSEPH WILLIAM B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Phi Beta Lambda; Circle K; SGA; Transfer, Patrick Henry Junior College JOYNER, CHARLES B.S., Psychology — Biology JUDAH, JAMES CARSON B.S., Social Science, Business Administration; Transfer, Enterprise Jr. College 334 JUVE, MARTIN O. B.S., Physical Education — Biology; Alpha Phi Omega; Theta Chi KEARLEY, LEE B.S., Physical Education; History KEEN, ROY HILTON B.S., Business Administration and Accounting; Transfer, Patrick Henry Jr. College KELLEY, MARY EDWINA B.S., Elementary Education, Art; WRA; Kappa Delta; SGA Senator; Transfer, Auburn University KELLY, CHARLES R. B.S., Accounting — Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian KERVIN, MONA MARCELIA B.S., Math — Physical Science — Business Admin- istration KEY, JOHN R. B.S., History — Social Science; Band; Commuter Senator KING, WADE O ' NEAL B.S., Marketing and Business Administration KIRK, MARTHA ANN B.S., Medical Technology; BSU; Adelphe Honor Society; Circle K Sweetheart KIRKLAND, LINDA R. B.S., Elementary Education — Social Science; Tro- jan Rifle Club; ACE; Collegiate Singers; W RA KNIGHT, JERRY B.S., Social Science— History; BSU; Collegiate Singers; Phi Mu Alpha; Sigma Alpha; Transfer, Wallace Junior College KNIGHT, KENNETH B.S., Business Administration KNOTT, RAY ALLEN B.S., Math — Biology; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Gamma Beta Phi KNOWLTON, ALOIS B.S., Elementary Education; Association for Child- hood Education President KOEHLER, MARY B.S., Biology — Psychology; Beta Sigma Biology Club, Vice President; Lambda Chi Psychology; Intramural Volleyball; Transfer, University of Alabama KYLE, JOHN P. B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice President, President; Presi- dent Dill Hall; Transfer University of Alabama LAMKIN, JOHN C B.S., Physical Education — History, Baseball; HPER Club LANE, JOHN K. B.S., Marketing; Delta Chi LANG FORD, SULA B.S., Business Education — English; SNEA; Phi Beta Lambda LAWHON, LARRY B.S., Marketing — Business Administration LAWRENCE, DEBORAH B.S., B usiness Administration and Secretarial Sci- ence LAWRENCE, JAMES D. B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Delta Chi LEE, JAMES RAY, JR. B.S., Psychology — Biology; Proctor, Clements Hall; Transfer, East Central Jr. College LEE, MARTHA B.A., Social Science and Counseling; Wesley Foun- dation; Adelphes; Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Beta Phi; Psi Lambda; Secretary, Hamil Hall; Spires, President; WRA LEE, ROBERT B.A., Business Administration and Marketing; Transfer Alabama Christian College LINDSEY, SHELLEY R. B.S., Marketing and Business Administration LOFTIN, JEAN B.S., Art; Art Club; Delta Chi Sweetheart; Cam- pus Beauty; Palladium; Pace Hall Vice President; Panhellenic; Kappa Phi; Delta Phi White Carna- tion Girl LOGGINS, GARY ALBERT B.S., Physical Education — Social Science; Varsity Football Team LONG, DAYTON ALLEN B.S., History, Psychology and Speech; Chief Jus- tice Alumni Hall; Playmakers; Student Publica- tions; Editor, TROPOLITAN; Tau Kappa Epsi- lon; President, Alpha Psi Omega; Circle K. Divi- sion Lt. Gov.; Oracle Editor; IFC; Transfer Yan- cey State Junior College LOVE, MICKI MILDRED B.S., Elementary Education LOWERY, LINDA B.S., Social Science — History; Newman Club LURIE, DOUG B.S., Marketing; Business Administration and His- tory McCLENNY, ERNEST B.S., Marketing and Business Administration — Math; Palladium Staff; Transfer, Wallace Junior College McCLENNY, WYATT B.S , Elementary Education; ACE; Secretary; Trans- fer, Wallace Junior College McCOLLOUGH, LORETTA A. B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; WRA; SGA; ACE; Transfer, Okaloosa-Walton Junior College McCORMICK, CARROLL K. B.S., Elementary Education — Social Science; Kap- pa Delta Pi; ACE; SNEA; Transfer Wallace Jun- ior College, Georgia Southern McCRANEY, RONNIE B.S., Accounting and Business Administration McCURLEY, JAMES E. B.S., Psychology— Art Mcdonald, denise B.A., Education, History and Social Science — Counseling; President, Gavel Club; Gamma Beta Phi; Spires; Adelphes; Panhellenic, Treasurer; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Psychology Club; Kappa Delta Sorority Mcdonald, melodie B.S., Elementary Education; WRA; Newman Club; SNEA; Women ' s Gavel Club McDOUGALD, SUE B.S., English — Biology; Kappa Delta Pi; Beta Sigma McGAFFEY, JUDITH ANN B.S., Elementary Education — Mathematics; Wesley Foundation; Dean ' s List; Adelphes Honor Society; Playmakers, Secretary; Who ' s Who; Spires Honor Society; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA, Secretary McINNIS, JAMES B.S., Mathematics — Physical Science; Kappa Delta P. McKINLEY, GAINES E. B.S., English — History; Transfer Patrick Henry Junior College McKISSICK, JEFF R. B.S., Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi; Pledge Chaplain McLENDON, RANDOLPH B.S., Chemistry — Mathematics McLEOD, BARRY B.S., General Science — Math; Senator, Alumni A; Palladium; Beta Sigma; Sigma Alpha; Student Executive Council; Tropolitan; National Science Teachers Association; Alumni B., Proctor, Office Assistant, SGA, Clerk McLEOD, PAT B.S., English — Speech and History; Playmakers; Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega McNEIL, THOMAS B.S., Sanitary Science; President, Tech Club; Track and Field; Transfer University of Maryland MADISON, LARRY EARL B.S., History — Social Science MAHON, MARTI B.S., Elementary Education MALAIER, PATRICIA B.S., Elementary Education; WRA; ACE; Wesley Foundation MANNING, DESSIE JR. B.S., History and Social Science — Counseling; Transfer Jefferson Davis Junior College; SNEA MARLER, GLENDA JEAN B.S., Secretary Science and Social Science MASSEY, SHIRLEY M.S., Psychology; Playmakers; Psychology Club MAY, LINDA SUSAN B.S., Physical Education; Newman Club; Women ' s Recreation Association MEORS, GEORGE B.S., Economics; Tau Chi; Transfer Florida Southern College METCALF, MAX B.S., Marketing; House Council, Pace Hall; S.G.A. Judiciary Council, Vice President. Delta Chi; President Inter Fraternity Council; President Del- ta Chi MILLER, ALEX LEE III B.S., Social Science; Transfer Middle Georgia Col- lege THOMAS, LAMAR MILLS B.S., Business Administration and Economics MINER, KAREN B.S., Social Science MITCHELL, JAMES M. B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Theta Chi; Secretary MITCHELL. MARY HOLLIS B.S., Business Education MIXON, FORREST B S . Business Administration and Marketing MOORE, REBECCA ANN B.S., Elementary Education; WRA; Gavel Club, Vice President SNEA; Gavel Club President MOORE, VIRGINIA B.S., General Science; WRA; BSU; Biology Club; NEA; SNEA MORROW, JO ANNE B.S., Business Education; Transfer Enterprise Jun- ior College MORROW, JULIA B.S., History; Transfer Alabama College MOSS, CHARLENE B.S., Physical Education; HPER Club; Physical Education Club; Transfer George C. Wallace Jun- ior College MURPHY, SUSAN B.S., Elementary Education; Adelphe; Kappa Delta Pi; Gamma Beta Phi; Member of Committee for Admission to Professional Education MYERS, JAMES B.S., Mathematics; Argonaut MYERS, RICHARD H. B.S., Pre-Law; Band; Theta Chi; Wavemen; Wres- tling Team; IFC, Vice President; President Theta Chi NELSON, DIANNE B.S., English; Transfer Jefferson Davis Junior College; BSU SNEA NEWSOME, JUDY DIANNE B.S., Elementary Education; ACE NEWTON, KATHY B.S., English; Playmakers NIPPER, BILL B.S., Business Education NORRELL, CHARLES A. B.S., Mathematics; OXX NORRIS, A. D. B.S., English; Transfer from Huntington College NORRIS, PATRICIA B.S., Biology; Adelphe; WRA; Biology Club; Cowart Hall Council OSWALD, ROY LEE B.S., Marketing and Business Administration; Transfer Snead Junior College OWEN, JUDITH B.S., English; Vice President, Gamma Beta Phi OWEN, KENNETH RAY B.S., Business Administration OWEN, LARRY W. B.S., History; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alumni House Council; IFC PARDUCC I. IOHN A. B.A., History; Delta Chi PARISH. MARY ROWELL B.S., English; Adelphe; Playmakers; Alpha Psi Omega PARKER, DARRELL W. B S . Mathematics; BSU PARKER, THOMAS L. B S . History; Transfer George Wallace Junior College PARRISH, MI( HAEL F. B.S., Math and Psychology; Wrestling; Track; Pi Kappa Phi; Psychology Club PENN, JANET ANTHONY B.S., Art Education; Biology; Transfer, Harding College, Searcy, Ark.; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Pi PETTIE, ROLAND B.S., Physical Education; Social Science; Transfer, Jefferson Davis Jr. College PIERCE, LAURA B.S., English, History PIERCE, LINDA TALLEY B.S., Biological Science, Physical Science; Biology Club PIERCE, THOMAS JAMES B.S., English, History and Music; College Choir; Collegiate Singers; Alumni House Council; BSU Vice President ' s Council PINCKARD, LEE B.S., Business Administration and Accounting PIPKIN, MARVIN J. B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Del- ta Chi; Proctor, Alumni B. POLLARD, LARRY B.S., Accounting, Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Guide, Chancellor POLLARD, PHIL B.S., Marketing and Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, Chaplain PORTER, FREDA B.S., Math, History; Adelphes; Gamma Beta Phi, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Mu PRICE, CARLOS EDWARD B.S., Accounting; Transfer, University of Florida PRICE, PENNY S. B.S., Business Education; Women ' s Gavel Club; Phi Beta Lambda PRYOR, BARBARA A. B.S., English, Social Science; Transfer, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana RABUZZI, CHARLES J. B.A., Social Science, History; Trojan Rifle Club; Young Republican Club; Wesley Foundation RAGIN, JACK B.S., History, Psychology; Theta Chi; Alpha Phi Omega RALEY, JAMES PHILLIP B.S., Social Science — Counseling; Delta Chi, Out- standing Freshman Resident; Argonauts, Secretary; Gamma Beta Phi; Alumni Hall President; SGA Judiciary, Chief Justice; President SGA 335 RAMSEY, MARY FRANCES , Iinglish — History; SNEA; Religious Council; ■ ns Chairman, BSU RAWLS, CHARLOTTE B.S., Mathematics — Biological Science; BSU; Dean ' s List; Adelphes, President; SNEA; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary-Treasurer; Religious Council RAY, JAMES E., JR. B.S , Business Administration and Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi REED, MALCOLM B.S., Biological Science — Physical Science; Trojan Rifles REESE, CHERYL WOOD B.S., Physical Education — Social Science; SGA, Clerk; WRA; HPER; Kappa Delta; Homecoming Court REESE, JIMMY B.S., Social Science — English, P.E.; Intramural Sports; Transfer, Enterprise Junior College REEVES, JUDY B.S., Social Science — English; Transfer, Univer- sity of Alabama REEVES, PATRICIA B S., Business Administration; Kappa Delta, Ac- counting Club RHOADES, AMELIA B.S., Physical Education— English; HPER; WRA; Transfer, Enterprise Junior College RHONE, BRENDA J. B.S., English — Art and Psychology; Transfer, Uni- versity of Alabama RICE, JOE B.S., Physical Science — Math; Argonauts; Pace Hall House Council; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi RILEY, ANTHONY P. B.S., Accounting — Business Administration, His- tory; Proctor Dill Hall; Gavel Club, Treasurer; SGA Justice; Alumni A, Assistant; Gamma Beta Phi, Parliamentarian; Assistant Director, Dill Hall ROBERTS, ROY JAMES B.S., Business Administration — Accounting; Argo- nauts; Gavel Club; Alumni Judiciary ROGERS, JUDITH ANN B.S., Biology — English — Social Science ROGERS, STEVE B.S., Science; Wrestling Team; Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity ROLING, GLEN DORA B.S., Elementary Education; Band; Collegiate Singers; Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity, Vice- President; BSU; Treasurer, SNEA; ACE ROSES, VINCENT W. JR. B.S., History ROSS, MARIE B.S., English, History; Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-Pres- ident; Kappa Delta Pi; Co-Editor, Creative Writ- ing Magazine; Spires, Secretary-Treasurer ROTEN, FRANCES B.S., Mathematics, Social Science; SNEA ROUNTREE, CHARLOTTE B.S., Elementary Education; Dames Club; ACE 336 ROUNTREE, TED B.S., Business Administration; Band; Delta Sigma Pi RUSHING, JAMES H. B.S., Physical Education RYALS, WILLIAM JACOB B.S., Mathematics and Physical Science; Collegiate Singers SANDERS, GLENDA B.S., English; Kappa Delta Pi SANDERS, JAMES E. B.S., Business Marketing SAUNDERS, CAROL B.S., Business Education; Phi Beta Lambda SAVOLA, DIANE B.S., English; Transfer University of Alabama SAWYER, GUY B.S., History and Social Science; Transfer Patrick Henry Junior College SCARBOROUGH, JERRY T. B.S., Business Administration and Social Science SCHWAB, ANDREW BRUCE B.S., Mathematics; Men ' s Gavel Club; Delta Chi Fraternity SCOFIELD, BARBARA D. B.S., Business Education SCRUGGS, RANDALL B.S., Marketing Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi SEAL, CHARLES H. B.S., Mathematics SEWELL, JUDY B.S., Social Science; BSU; WRA; Hamil Hall House Council SHARP, SUZANNE B.S., History; Band; Women ' s Gavel Club; SNEA; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi SHAW, ANNADA M. B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer George C. Wallace Junior College SHAW, SANDI B.S., History; Band; MENC; Gavel Club SHELL, JETTIE THOMAS B.S., Music; Collegiate Singers; MENC; BSU; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; Transfer Birmingham- Southern College SHEPHERD, WILLIAM E. B.S., Mathematics; Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity; Palladium Staff; Intramurals; Tropolitan Staff SHIPMAN, JOHN B.S., Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi; Transfer George C. Wallace Junior College SHIPMAN, WANDA DEAN B.A., Education, English; Collegiate Singers; Sig- ma Alpha Iota; BSU; Gamma Beta Phi; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires SHIRAH, THAREL B.S., Physical Education; Argonaut; Circle K Club; SGA Senator; Proctor Alumni Hall SHIVER, MARTHA B.S., Elementary Education; Phi Mu Sorority- SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi SIGGERS, AMELIA B.S., Elementary Education; Band; Phi Mu Alpha, Sweetheart; Majorette SIMPSON, JOE B.A., English; Secretary, Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia Fraternity; BSU, Freshman Council; Religious Council; BSU Council; Band; MENC SIMS, MARS HALL B.S., Biology and Social Science SINGLETARY, EUGENE B.S., Physical Education; Transfer George C. Wal- lace Junior College SIPPER, CHERYL L. B.A., English; Kappa Delta Pi SKELTON, CARLA C. B.S., Elementary Education; ACE; SNEA SKIPPER, JOHN A. B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Transfer George Wallace Junior College SMITH, CHUCK B.S., Marketing and Business Choir; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Palladi- um Staff; Business Manager Palladium; Student Publications Board; Alumni Hall Council; Tro- politan Staff; Intramurals; Student Executive Council, Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge Class Presi- dent; Editor, Palladium; Vice President Alumni Hall B SMITH, HILDA J. B.S., Business Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Trans- fer Enterprise Junior College SMITH, LELA CAROLYN B.S., Elementary Education; WRA; Transfer Jef- ferson Davis Junior College; SNEA SMITH, REBECCA S. B.S., Business Education SMITH, SHERRY B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer George C. Wallace Junior College SORRELLS, REGINALD LEE B.S., Social Science; Sophomore Class Senator; Argonauts, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity; Sen- ator, SGA; Vice President TKE; Chairman of Campus and Traffic Committee SPARKS, LOWERY H. B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Delta Chi Fraternity SPENCER, WALTER B.S., Social Science; Psychology Club; Wesley Foundation STAFFORD, JERRY L. B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Transfer Chipola Junior College STAGNER, RUFUS CHARLES B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Tau Kappa Epsilon STEWART, CARL H. JR. B.S., Business Administration and Accounting STINNETTE, PATTY B.S., Elementary Education; President, ACE. STROZIER, J A NI- BS., English; Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; WRA; Literary Magazine SUTPHEN, BOB B.S., Social Science; House Council; Vice Presi- dent, Newman Club; Vice President Alpha Phi Omega; Track Team; Theta Chi Fraternity SUTTLE, ROBERT B.S., History, President, Playmakers; Tropolitan Staff; President BSU; House Council Alumni A ' ; Alpha Psi Omega SWEENEY, JOHN L. B.S.. History TARTFR, JUDITH MARTIN B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer Alabama College TATUM, HARRY GERALD B.S., Economics and Business Administration; Del- ta Sigma Pi TATUM, JOHNNY B.S., Art, Football Team, Track Team; T Club; Alpha Phi Omega House Council TAYLOR, GEORGIA ANNE B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA; Palladium TAYLOR, LINDA B.S., Business Administration TAYLOR, SHIRLEY LORENE B.S., Psychology; BSU; Psi Lambda; Transfer Yancy State Junior College; Wesley Foundation TAYLOR, TIMOTHY R. B.S., History; Choir TEEL, DANNY RAY B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Football; T-Club TEW, CHERYL JONES B.S., English; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires Honor So- ciety TEW, JOHN TERRY B.S., Mathematics THOMAS, CHARLOTTE B.S., Social Science THOMAS, JERALDINE B.S , Elementary; Transfer Daniel Payne College THOMAS, LARRY B. B.S., Mathematics; Transfer, Okaloosa-Walton Junior College; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta THOMASSON, JOHN B.S., Social Science — Physical Education; Transfer, Enterprise Junior College THOMPSON, JULIAN B., JR. B.S., Art — Counseling; Argonaut; Men ' s Gavel Club; Alumni B, House Council, Proctor; As- sistant Director, Alumni B THREADGILL, WILLIAM E. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Circle K TIDWELL, NANCY B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer, Wallace Junior College TILLMAN, ROSALYN S. B.S., Business Administration — Secretarial Science TISDALF, CHARLIE W. B.S., Physical Education History; Kappa Delia Pi; Transfer, Pcns.uola Junior College TODD, BETTY JOY( E B.S., Math — Physics — Biological Science; Band; WRA; Newman Club; Beta Sigma TOMAINI, DENNY B S ., Education and Psyi hology TOMBERLIN, ROGER B.S., Mathematics — Business Administration, So- cial Science; Transfer, Enterprise Junior College TORRILLO, ROBERT F. B.S., Math — Business Administration. Psychology; Argonauts, Proctor, Clements Hall; Delta Ch i, Treasurer; Clements, Assistant Director, Vice Pres- ident TRAMMELL, ROSALYN B.S., Education — History — English; Transfer, Wal- lace Junior College TRAWICK, BOBBY B.S., Social Science — Physical Education; Pi Kap- pa Phi TRAWICK, DAVID LEWIS JR. B.S., Business Education — History; Transfer, Wal- lace Junior College TRAYLOR, IONE B.S., Elementary Education — History VINSON, HARVEY STEVEN B.S., Sanitary Science WALKER, EILEEN WILLIFORD B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; West- minister, Secretary; Spires; Student Ad Hoc Cur- riculum; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Pi WALKER, STANLEY H. B.S., Business Education — Social Science; Sigma Alpha; Phi Beta Lambda; Kappa Delta Pi WATSON, HOWARD L. B.S., Marketing and Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi; Transfer, Patrick Henry Junior College WEBB, LARRY ALEXANDER B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Del- ta Sigma Pi, Senior V. Pres. WEEMS, JIM PATE B.S., Math — Social Science WEIBELT, SANDRA B.S., Elementary Education; Adelphe Honor So- ciety; Gamma Beta Phi; ACE; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires WENZEL, RISA KAYE B.S., Business Education — English; Kappa Delta WEST, SHEPHERD B.S., General Business Administration WHIDDON, DELORIS B.S., Physical Education — Social Science; WRA; HPER; SNEA; Hamil Hall, Vice President; Trans- fer, Chipola Junior College WHIDDON, MARTHA JEAN B.S., English — Social Science; Transfer, Wallace Junior College WHITFIELD, JAMS B.S., English— Social Science. Transfer. Pcns.uola Junior College WHITTEN, JANE HOLLINGSWORT1 1 h s , An Social Science WILKERSON, WALTER P., JR. B S , Accounting- Business Administration; Intra- mural Sports WILKES, MARDI BA. English— French Psychology; Psi Lambda Religious Council WILLIAMS, ALLEN J. B S . Biolog) Chemistry WILLIAMS, REGINAULD LEWIS B.S., Biology— Chemistry; Delta Chi, IFC; Beta Sigma House Council WILSON, JACK DAVID B S , Business Marketing; Clements, House Coun- cil; Transfer, Alabama Christian WILSON, JESSICA B.S., History— Geography; SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi WINDHAM, KATHY A. B.S, English — Social Science, Transfer, Auburn University WINGARD, ROBERT LANCE B.S., Business Administration; Economics — Mar- keting; Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary; President, IFC; Clements Hall, President, Judiciary; SGA Execu- tive Council WISE, CLETA ANNE B.S., Elementary Education; BSU; Adelphes; WRA WISE, LINDA JONES B.S., Business Education — Social Science; College Choir; WRA; Adelphes; Kappa Delta; SNEA; Palladium WOODHAM, GLENDA B.S., Business Administration; Transfer, Wallace Junior College WOODHAM, JERRI LYNN B.S., Elementary Education — Social Science; ACE; Transfer, Wallace Junior College WOODHAM, JOSEPH CECIL B.S., Business Administration — Marketing WORRELL, CLINTON D. B.S., English — History — Social Science; Transfer, Jefferson Davis Junior College WRIGHT, ANGELYN B.S., Elementary Education; BSU; WRA; Pace, House Council; Best Dressed Girl; Hamil Hall, Council, Senator; SNEA; ACE WRIGHT, EDDIE B.S., Social Science — Counseling YEAGER, GERALD L. B.S., Business Administration, Marketing; Foot- ball; Delta Chi; Alumni Hall Proctor ZITO, MARILYN B.S., Business Administration — Art; Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Class President; Panhellenic; Pi Kappa Phi Pledge Sweetheart 337 338 ADVERTISEMENTS. J 339 Best Wishes CITY OF TROY MAYOR JAMES E. RAY COMMISSIONERS DAVID D. CONRAD and G. A. GIBBS 340 In " Stay-FresFT Plastic Bags COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY Hi-Way 80 West and Newcomb St. MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA 341 WISE OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS and THE GIFT MART GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS HALLMARK CARDS Gift Mart 566-4752 Wise Office Supply 566-3790 For Clean Wholesome Recreation COMPLIMENTS TROY BILLIARD HALL 104 N. Three Notch St. For All Your Parts Needs See the Man from G.A.P. GENUINE AUTO PARTS CO., INC. 102 Oak St. Troy, Ala. BILLY JINRIGHT JIMMY JINRIGHT HOLMAN JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHER I I 3 N. Three Notch Troy A itfH THE APOTHECARY g=====g - ' A W A THE APOTHECARY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE »r» Sunnuland SAUSAGE— HAMS- BACON— POULTRY SUNNYLAND PACKING COMPANY Dothan, Ala. THE WHOPPABURGER " It ' s a Meal on a Whoppa Bun " ♦ RITE PRICE APPLIANCE, TROY INC. MOTORS INC. Furniture, Television, and Appliances RCA VICTOR— WHIRLPOOL Troy, Ala. Phone 566-3310 1004 S. Brundidge St. Sales and Service Compliments of GREEN DRUGS 604 N. Three Notch 566-4740 Troy, Ala. Rest Assured " We Appreciate Your Business " With INDEPENDENT LIFE THE BRANDING IRON MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Manager: J. F. TEAL On the By Pass Troy, Ala. " There Is No Substitute For Lite Insurance " JUST THE PLACE FOR GOOD FOOD AND CONVERSATION 343 Compliments of ,-j t LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY WHALEY LUMBER CO. Troy 344 TSU REX ' S RESTAURANT Food and Beverages for Champions ROSENBERG ' S On The " Grow " With T.S.U. PHONE 566-0134 BYRD DRUG TROY SUPER SERVICE COMPANY AND 81 N. Court Sq. Troy, Ala. KEY ' S BAIT AND TACKLE Phone 566-0100 " PROMPT SERVICE DAY OR NIGHT " On the By Pass Troy, Ala. INGRAM ' S RESTAURANT GRADY and MARGARET INGRAM BEN FRANKLIN STORES U.S. 231 By Pass at U.S. 29 102 E. Elm St. " Good southern cooking " Troy, Ala. 345 CUSTOM BUILT TRUCK BODIES Mobile Health Clinics Special Purpose Units ALUMINUM VAN BODIES WALK-IN VANS PICK-UP TOPPERS FIELD TEST LABORATORY UNITS LYNCOACH TRUCK CO. 566-4330 231 By-Pass— Troy TROY MAID BAKERY ' Fresher By At Least 50 Miles ' YOUR EVERY BAKERY NEED Pike County ' s Only Bakery Phone 566-2663 Troy, Alabama HOWARD ' S GRAND BURGER 231 By Pass Phone 566-1984 Compliments of CITY DRUG STORE ESPECIALLY CATERING TO THE CAMPUS CROWD 112 Elm St. 566-3180 Troy, Ala. REDWAVE AND DARI-DELITE DRIVE-INS Located 231 By-Pass Troy, Alabama Clean Clothes at MODERN CLEANERS 2 LOCATIONS: 509 S. Brundidge 566-2892 and 204 Walnut 566-0277 Troy, Ala. FARMER ' S MERCHANT ' S INSURANCE CO. For All Your Insurance Needs See KEN COX 62 Court Sq. Troy, Ala. 566-2644 " Where Shopping Is A Pleasure ' BRADLEY " PLUMBING AND HEATING, INC. " P.O. Box 1002 Montgomery, Ala. Representatives: BUTCH CAUTHEN— SANDRA BRADLEY For Watch, Jewelry and Razor Repairs, Nationally Advertised Brands of Watches, Silverware, Crystal, China, Luggage, Cameras and Jewelry SEE DOUGLAS BROS. ON THE SQUARE SINCE 1871 TROY PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Printing • Lithographing ESTABLISHED 1906 Phone 566-0923 HIE. Elm 347 U.S. 231 North FIREBIRD INN Troy, Ala. PHIL ADAMS MOTOR CO. FORD Try Total Performance For A Change! 566-3400 Troy, Ala. At 107 Walnut Troy, Ala. " You Can Find The Best In Cleaning Business " VISIT TROY LAUNDRY CLEANERS ROY W. 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CHAPMAN, Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS Troy, Ala. WAYNE POULTRY CO. A Division of ALLIED MILLS INC. BRYAN ' S JEWELRY AND SPORTING GOODS " Famous for Quality and Price " BUY— SELL— TRADE Pistols — Shotguns — Rifles Gun Repairs and Bluing 139 E. Broad (774-5340) Ozark, Ala. 36360 " Serving You With Fine Things for Your Home for Over 90 Years " WOOD FURNITURE CO. 200 So. Market Phone 566-0907 357 INSTITUTIONAL FOOD HANDLING AND CLUB ROOM EQUIPMENT FURNITURE CHINA SILVERWARE THE HELBURN CO., INC 412 Montgomery Street Phone 262-8346 MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Compliments of BARKETTS STORES THE FAIR— BARKETTS THE HUB— SHOE MART Featuring the Villager at THE FAIR ' Ozark, Alabama Introducing THE SUBURBAN SHOP West Gate Shopping Center FEATURING THE LATEST CALIFORNIA LINES Enterprise, Alabama BARBER ' S MILK COMPANY J. C. HARDEN AND SONS Producer and Distributor Pike County ' s Only Local Dairy " 358 T TROY QUARTERBACK CLUB Salutes the National Champions and COACH BILLY ATKINS Cottle $Aas i J NIL in College Seles flllllll lull llll liliruci Ciiiiii Contact BOSWELL SMITH Bus. Phone 566-4495 P.O Box 144 Res. Phone 566-0938 Troy, Ala. 36081 FIDELITY UNION LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY THE PIKE THEATRE AND THE STARLITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE MGR. JIMMY GAYLORD and BO GAYLORD " We Have Enjoyed Serving You While At TSU " 359 Best Wishes To TROY STATE UNI VERSITY THRIFTY STORES We are very fond of you and are proud of the progress you are making toward becoming a larger institution. The relation- ship between the City of Troy and Troy State University has always been on the upward move. We are proud to have been a part of this progress. Always look for our continued loyal sup- port. We would enjoy having you visit our store! rifhj Stores Troy Andalusia Clanton Sylacauga 360 HARRY BAKER, THE JEWELER PHONE 566-1585 4 i t. In unison, now. CITY BEVERAGE CO. E. E. " RED " BERRY Distributor FALSTAFF AND PABST BLUE RIBBON PIKE PROPANE GAS APPLIANCE CO. On 231 By Pass All Equipment Serviced Phone 566-1340 (Day) 566-4048 (Night) Compliments of BILL BECK QUALITY SEED STORE, INC. Troy, Alabama Such is life 361 LOCATED U.S. 231 at Ala. 29 RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 60 Guest Rooms, Mtg. Rooms to 300 Outdoor Pool and Patio Reservations for Parents or Friends JUST CALL 566-1150 The Perfect Place to Bring Your Date Enjoy Delicious Meals in Our Dining Rooms Then Meet All the Crowd in THE TROJAN LOUNGE Specializing in: FRATERNITY AND SORORITY BANQUETS On behalf of President Ralph Adams ... 362 USE YOUR TEEN-CHARGE ACCOUNT The South ' s Largest Jewelers! A ii 4 ' We ' ll Stand On Our Heads to Please! %2 INSTANT CREDIT! And Finally . . . We Give Credit . . . Cover Design: Ken Bethea Printer: Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas Jim Robbins Kenny Wilder Norman Dowdy Student Portraits: Lorri Studios, Pensacola, Florida Staft Photographers: Dean Smith, Ron Lolley And A Special Thanks For The Help Of: Mike Boisclair Alan Weldon Randall Farris Jean ' s Flowers Service Photography and Service Engraving 363 l7J TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " i I 1 1969 Palladium 1969 PaUadium 1969 PaEadium 1 3 PadHadrami 1969 P lladrain 1969 P lladium 1969 3 fc— gS i.... M w -Mj ,iii l JLI L I Jl t MiyLUIWi W m »»-» « ■■ ■ w . rt W i i W W imiMWiMin i M i ttuwrwiiftW H » ■ i i imi i im i m m » i

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