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. ■ ■ ■ mt It I fr " - • ' 4 THE 1968 PALLADIUM TROY STATE UNIVERSITY TROY, ALABAMA VOL. 56 Katherine Pennington Chuck Smith Editor Business Manager CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ... 1 COLLEGE LIFE ... 17 PERSONALITIES ... 92 GREEKS ... 118 ORGANIZATIONS ... 140 ATHLETICS ... 168 ADMINISTRATION ... 204 CLASSES ... 246 ADVERTISEMENTS ... 326 Sometimes sometimes I just sit and think oh, about all sorts of things about just being here at this place called Troy State. All around me time flows onward, never ceasing and here I stand alone alone, and yet in a crowd. I fight to grasp it all and to be a part of this place in my own way. I want to be more than just a number, not a big wheel, or a headliner, just somebody . . . somebody more than a figure crossing the quad. I guess I just need some sort of human response — Some reaction of others to the things I do and say. That ' s why I choose. That ' s why I find a niche. That ' s why I join a house or a group, a club, or a team. TO 1 L 1 ■ ' - 3f lp r CT V fl ii » , ---■ " ■ ■ ■ • ■ i :?- • Sometimes I ' m filled with tons of exuberance. I feel the power of independence and discovery. Othertimes I ' m ready to pack up and leave. I ' m really glad I came and stayed, if even only for a little while. What I leave behind is almost nothing. What I ' ve felt, thought, and gained, nameless though it all may be, has no measure. It ' s a part of me. ■ ? Sometimes sometimes as I sit alone in a class, or at the library. I wonder if education is really worth the effort? W IC What do I ain by traipsing from class to class or by knocking off papers ? What difference will it make when I leave . . . what I got on an exam ? Why do I even bother? Can it be that I am just caught up, caught up in doing what everyone else does, caught up in being here just because it ' s the thing to do just because I ' m another sheep ? 3EW- ' :,r « ' -■ ' - ' •. ' •» ' ' ■ iOW ' swaSMSfc s % ■»- ' i I came to Troy for the freedom it offered, for the chance to make my own world, to build my own degree, to develop myself, as I desired. So what if the going ' s tough or if I ' m lost in a crowd, I call the plays. 13 I may be only a face, only one being among the many that attend here; but I can be an individual if I wish. 3 JE As I work I find within myself the satisfaction of accomplishment, the headiness of being in the stream of life, and I know why I ' m here. 16 College Life 17 First Hectic College Days Introduce Frosh to T.S.U. During the action-packed days of freshman orienta- tion, the class of 1971 made its first appearance on cam- pus. There were meetings and more meetings, explaining to them Troy ' s rules and regulations and its traditions. They were told about academic advisors, majors and minors, and grade averages. Also during orientation, the freshmen first experienced the long lines as they waited to have their pictures taken. But in spite of all, there was a spirit of excitement, of change, of adventure. There were new people to know, new things to do, and new places to go. The lines were long as new students waited to have their pictures made. At orientation meeting, students were acquainted with many members of the administra- tion. ' Budweiser " says an enthusiastic freshman. " Rat hats " are always eagerly awaited by freshmen. 19 Students ' I. D. Pictures After trial schedules are si s ned and IBM cards collected, there are checkers to see that everything is in order. A trip to the booksto 20 Reveal the Strains of Registration The strain of registration is best shown in the pinched faces cap- tured in the student ID pictures. The tired, care-worn faces tell a story all their own. The hectic rush was eased somewhat this year, though, when both wings of the science building were opened, allowing more space to " spread out. " The tedious lines were not replaced, however, and there was still a " checker " behind every door to see that PE requirements were fulfilled and classroom numbers were listed on trial schedules. Then there was the mad rush to find books. Some were fortunate enough to find them second-hand, while others had to shove through mobs of people and stand in lines in the bookstore. Many found buying books as frustrating and almost as expensive, as registration itself. Trial schedules must be corrected to coincide with the classes that are still open. impletes the registration rush. 21 Homecoming Festivities Attracted Record Crowd Homecoming at Troy State was an experience to remember for faculty, students, and alumni. The spirit and dedication exhibited for all events made this year ' s homecoming activities well worth remembering. Enthusiasm mounted as homecoming weekend approached, culminating weeks of efforts in a gala parade, pep rally, and dance. Everyone threw himself whole heartedly into pre-game activities. Spirit was in abundance during the long-awaited game, making the cold weather run hot with expectation. Tekes work on their float for the parade. mstj Chicken wire and paper towels are a vital part of most floats. ' » . " ••■ Kappa Delta won the best sorority float award with their " KD ' s Hades. Many students ' efforts are required to get floats ready in time. dtiM ' - , .J £ «£? § 9 4 f STfit |-? ' -: P wfBs " i A not-so-ladylike " lady " extends greetings from Circle K. Queen Beverly Lisenby smiles her excitement in the half-time presentation. A smiling VW is the BSU ' s contribution to the festivities. The queen ' s float passes in review. 23 $f 3f $■ ■ m Delta Chi walked off with the award for the best fraternity float. Parades, Floats, Homecoming parades, floats and exhibits added much color and excitement to Troy State homecom- ing festivities. Students combined their efforts to make this year ' s celebration worth noting. Much work went into preparation for all events. Floats and residence halls exhibits were judged and awarded according to originality and theme. Students were rewarded for their efforts with a homecoming dance which heightened excitement before the game. All members of the student body will remember this year ' s homecoming with enthusiasm. • . Many campus organizations entered floats in the parade. The pajama parade provided an interesting innovation for this year ' s activities. ESfSHFg ,v.- ' Dill Hall created a carnival and it was named best boy ' s residence hall display. 24 Exhibits Added Color to Weekend Celebration The Homecoming Dance provides one of the highlights of the weekend. Hamil Hall ' s display was selected as the best among the girls ' residence halls. 25 Change to Univer High spirits and high expectations express the feel- ings of Troy State students when they learned that our college had become a university. The long awaited news was announced at a school wide assembly just before classes closed for Christmas vacation. Now a university, Troy State must undergo more than a name change. Students and faculty have accepted this challenge for the new year. The spirit exempli- fied at this assembly is only a part of things to come. Like the TSU painted dn the sides of cars with shoe polish, this university is on the move and at more than a walking pace. Letterheads, seals, and nameplates must be changed, but, more than this, the college must mature to meet the standards of a uni- versity. Students were jubilant when the " name change " was announced. fhe owner of this car is a proud university student. 26 ity Status Gave Cause for Celebration Changing the stationery is only one of the many changes which must be carried out. President Ralph Adams made the announcement in the form McDowell Lee, chairman of the Board of Trustees, re- of a Christmas present to the student body. ceived a standing ovation when he announced two extra days of vacation. 27 Multi-purpose Student Center Serves as Like the spokes of a wheel, all the paths lead to the stu- dent center, the hub of action at Troy State. Whether you are looking for mail, school supplies, food, music, gossip, or friends, the student center is the " in " place to be at our university. Not many students complete a day without having made several trips through the doors of Smith Hall into TSU ' s multipurpose student center. The mounds of litter and human forms surrounding the tables exemplify the constant activity in the center. Students not only flock to the post office and refreshment center but also crowd the outside of the building hoping to keep a rendezvous or simply meet a friend for a coke. The pulsating sounds that emerge from within lend proof that the heart of the unive rsity beats strong with spirit. Finding a parking space near the student center is always difficult. This bulletin board keeps students posted on important coming-events. The student center provides a place for relaxing between classes. 28 Hub of University Life and Activities The bookstore is the source of health and beauty supplies as well as school supplies. Signs of a mass departure. Just waiting for the girls to come by. A haul like this is often hoped for, but seldom a reality. 29 With privilege comes responsibility, and most students eventually study. Gab-fests are a major part of dorm life. N Here is one way to get around the " no pets " rule. i 1 Well, admittedly, it is vicarious. and then we 30 Chatter and Pranks Are Part of Dorm Life Chatter of conversation, pranks in the halls, and friendly fun are all part of the activities of students in their residence halls. Coeds are faced with room check and tardiness rules, while male students worry only about the condition of their rooms. Life at a university provides a new way of life. New friend- ships are established and, likewise, new ways of living. Study- ing is important, but television, games, and refreshments add zip to the day ' s routine. The three-minute limit on phone calls is a necessary evil. After a vaction, it ' s good to be, back. 31 Young Marrieds Are Large Part of Student Body Getting married marks a great step for- ward in one ' s social life or else marks the end of it, depending on your point of view. But those who ' ve tried it usually claim it ' s the only way to go. After all, you don ' t have to worry about who to take out on Saturday night. And you don ' t have to eat anymore cafeteria food . . . well, for the first few weeks, you may wish you could. Suddenly you find that you are a big fan of trading stamps and bargains. And every night you thank the powers-that-be for the invention of TV dinners. Since you no longer have to spend every free minute sit- ting on a park bench with that " special someone, " you find more time to study, and grades invariably improve. Finding enough time for little Sandy is a major A familiar pastime for most married students, including Dale and Mary Tim Neuendorf, is concern for Sharon Walker. waiting for the clothes to wash and dry. A bed-time story read by daddy (Stanley Walker) is the nicest way to end the day. 3? zm«iji University life for married students is a half and half process — half domestic, half scholastic- according to Richard and Janice Hand. Janice stirs food for thought, university style. So what if Stanley does have a test tomorrow, Sandy thinks it ' s playtime. " Campus Politics Added to Year ' s Excitement Through a maze of activities, college life brings new zeal to student living. Countless posters, end- less pep talks and voting ballots collect in a collage of dedication and spirit. Housed in a giant Trojan Horse the year moved on until each memory spilled out to reveal a myriad of memories and a closing year. The " old pro " advises his running mate on the tricks of the trade. " oi E 1RIT 6-r The election of Basketball Queen brings voters to the polls. rrjnfj y this Campaign posters crowd all available space in early fall as the freshmen get their class organized. 34 Thirty-one Girls Vied for Campus Beauty Honors The changing of a college ' s name to university denotes growth. To accompany this atmosphere of change Troy State University selected five beauties to equally share the title of Campus Beauty. Candidates representing clubs and organ- izations throughout the university competed for these honors. The contest was further highlighted by the spirit of the Christmas season. Decorations and gaily lit faces carried out the Yuletide theme. Through careful deliberation the judges made their deci- sions. TSU closed for Christmas vacation with five new ornaments to adorn its campus throughout the coming year. Even those girls not among the finalists show their approval of the judges " choices. Celia Hutcheson congratulates Becky Crockett, who was among the top five for the third consecutive year. Judges Jim Robinson, Taylor Publishing Company; Steve Neshem, Lorri Studios; and Mrs. Madera Spencer, Montgomery Advertiser find the final decision quite difficult. For the first time this year, five Campus Beauties were selected to share the title equally instead of one Campus Beauty and her attendants. Participation in Sports Rounds Out Student Life Whether it be " watch the bouncing ball " or " keep the ball rolling, " Troy State ' s students are on the ball in the athletic department. TSU has long been known for its excellence in phy- sical education. The game may be intercollegiate or intramural or just for fun, but students still put out a maximum effort to net honors and good sportsmanship. Each individual becomes part of a common team, always ready to lend a help- ing hand in teaching or a right hand in congrat- ulations. Through work and play people unite to form common bonds which will last a life- time. Handball is a strenuous sport requiring mental as well as physical alertness. 3fc ' ¥ -- The inner satisfaction of a job well-done is one of the rewards of sports. " It ' s not whether you win or lose that counts . . . but you ' ll run ten extra laps if you lose. " I w M m .£ wt $% m n - - ,_ [ ■ - — JP p _ £ 37 Outdoor study is a temptation on a day such as this. ' - ' ■ , . Well . . . books do have multiple functions. Much of a person ' s college success 38 It ' s Books That Make a University Thrive a T— =r Through its halls and libraries and throughout its campus, a university ' s pulse lies in the heart of its books. A university is only a training ground for the school of life. One is never too learned to learn and through one ' s comprehension of today is laid the foundation for tomorrow. As leaves are connected through veins to the roots of a tree, knowledge is imparted through the leaves of a book and are interwoven into the mind for future reference. One of the most popular places for study is the library, where reference materials are near at hand. d|ends upon his ability to read. Magazines provide one of the best ways of keeping up with current events. 39 LBDIE5 Mr. Maurice McCord doubles as volunteer waiter in the Coffee House ' s first days. The relaxed atmosphere of the Coffee House is conducive to daydreaming. _ ♦ 3 Coffee House Proved Popular Gathering Place ' How ' bout my change, pardnuh? " Through the effort of several TSU students this year saw the opening of a new entertainment center for Troy State. The " Coffee House " was opened during winter quarter to serve as a place of relaxation and fun for students. The new western style house serves three kinds of coffee and also snacks. The Coffee House has a juke box and dance floor, and entertainment is often presented by students on a volunteer basis. This new center is operated by students and in the future additional services will be added for en- tertainment. Student entertainers volunteer their services. Patrons crowd around the counter to get coffee for their dates. After all, coffee is the specialty of the house. 41 . • wttb C ' k®H ■:iHt.-,«i • , . « ] LaW (! ' ft ' " ' ' ' — r " H3-N- Residence hall skits add much to the spirit of Christmas. Cothee Lubert, campus beauty, extends Christmas Greetings. Bulletin boards reflect the Christmas season. Christmas for Students Begins at School gl ' JjB vrfi. • 42 Christmas at Troy State is more than a time for fun and vacation. Students work together to bring the true meaning of the Yuletide season to light. Chestnuts may not he roasting on an open fire, but the warmth projected by groups of friends reflect the joy and reverence of Christmas. Gaily decorated trees and residence halls transform our university into a kaleidoscope of colors and feelings. Students are encompassed in the sights and sounds of Christmas. Gifts are for the giving and in the old fashioned manner of seasons greetings students offer of their time and talents to others. Trees trimmed with berries and popcorn as well as those adorned with elaborate tinsels convey the same meanings, and students leave for home enriched with knowledge that " Christmas is for everyone and is something that must be felt inside. " Christmas trees and gifts are a vital part of the festivity. Today ' s Individualists Are Tomorrow ' s Society " Each man is an island unto himself, " and individ- ualism is an attribute which is essential to the develop- ment of the whole man. Through self-expression one is able to put his mark upon the world. By breaking away from the mass of society an individual finds that his life has its own, unique, meaning; he finds that his pattern cannot be traced. Each man ' s being is yet unshaped; his is a free-lance artist designing his own destiny. 5t Karen Sullivan demonstrates a new twist to the old expression " Let your Dr. Thomas Mew, well known in the Art Department, has had several hair down. " poems published. 43 1 Campus Offers Mixture for Success Unlike popular opinion of university students, all one ' s time is not spent in recreational activities. The formula for successful life on campus is to mix the bitter with the sweet. Study may be bitter and relaxa- tion sweet, but the joining of the two adds up to a well-balanced student. 44 mmm _J 45 v-» • T.S.U.-A Place On ? warm lay the urge to be outside is over- powering. X- . « • ■HMi HBMHH }f Growth as 2800 Students Prepare for Life tik ■ • - . Seasons change, and with each new leaf or blade of grass comes a wrinkle in time. Another year, an- other path to walk, another reawakening for spring. As a leaf holds to the branch of its tree, we seek to hold to life. Standing at the crossroads of our own existence, we look back on experience of the past, of a winter gone and a fall of rustling color. Turning toward the future we visualize our goals and plant the seeds for progress. A university is like a garden. The buildings are greenhouses; the profes- sors, rays of sun which encourage ideas to develop and flower. Through careful cultivation cultural growth may be transplanted into society. TSU pro- vides the proper conditions for growth; students keep the garden free of weeds and fertilize it with the need to learn. ' ■ ' ■-- - - --- - r ' • ' . " — " ' _ " __ - ■ ■ ■■ i. , n,- Much care is taken to keep the quadrangle attractive. The rustle of pecan leaves underfoot signifies the coming of autumn. The quadrangle beckons beguilingly to those who would forget classes and relax all day. 47 Top Flight Entertainers Performed Each Quarter Through the SGA, big name entertainment is pre- sented each quarter. The program for fall quarter was provided by the Righteous Brothers. Included in this program were Neno Tempo and April Stevens and the Blossoms. Audience participation was an im- portant factor in the success of these entertainers. Second quarter students enjoyed the talents of Little Anthony and the Imperials. The appeal of this program was in that each member of the group was an individual performer in his own right. The Im- perials sang not only new and old popular songs, but also presented several numbers from musicals. A record crowd watched the talents of April Stevens and Nino Tempo. TSU ' s Student Government Association brings one of the nation ' s top singing duos, the Righteous Brothers, to Troy State. The vivacious antics ofr The Blossoms added much to the popularity of the program. •18 The well known numbers presented by Anthony and the Imperials brought back fond memories to many TSU students during the performance in Sartain Hall. Dim lights and shadows set the mood for a special song by Anthony during his winter quarter performance. 49 Carlos Montoya, famous classical guitarist, was a top performer on the Lyceum program. Daniel Nagrin performed for students and faculty winter quarter. Lyceum Presentations Continued To Be Popular This year the Lyceum Committee brought top name performers to entertain on the Troy State campus. Fall quarter ' s presentation featured the Mobile Symphony. Entertainment for winter quarter was provided by Daniel Nagrin, modern interpretive dancer, and Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, an outstanding choral and orchestral group. The com- mittee also presented guitarist Carlos Montoya. Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians proved immensely popular. BO Playmakers Gave TSU ' Theater in the Round " The Troy State University Playmakers presented an out- standing year of dramatic productions, introducing new innova- tions in drama to the campus. Fall quarter featured a three- act production in the arena stage, " A View From the Bridge. " This play was written by Henry Miller and featured Mike Bowers, recipient of the National Drama Award. Winter quarter featured the avant garde billing of a night of one act plays. The TSU drama department directed several " new movement " dramas and also an original sketch featur- ing Pike County ' s own " Diamond Lil, " Martha Mahan. This series of one act plays was presented on the arena stage. The spring quarter presentation by the Playmakers was " The Royal Hunt of the Sun. " This play had heretofore not been presented in Alabama. The Playmakers were quite successful this year with their theater in the round, where the audience is on stage with performers. Pat Farmer and Linda Hendricks give Mike Bowers a rough time when he refuses to let Pat get a job in " A view from the Bridge. " Robert Suttle gives vent to his emotions in " The Lesson, " one of several one-act plays in the winter production. Director Fred Ricci is in his second year as drama coach at Troy State. 51 Dramatic Innovation Was Widely Acclaimed Linda Hendricks exhibits her amusement at her co-worker, Dennis Monagham, in " The Typists. " Robert Suttle vividly portrays the part of professor in " The Lesson. " Cleon Justice attempts to scare the hiccups out of an unwelcome house guest, Pat Farmer, in " The Owl and the Pussycat. " 52 Much rehearsal is necessary for an actor to get the feel of the character he portrays. Mike Bowers ' love for his niece is revealed as he rages at Gunter Deininger and Pat Farmer. 53 Cheerleaders Andy Aplin, Ginger Payne, Linda Glenboski, Donna Jacobs, Floyd Johnston, Diane Adams, and De ' oorah Marsh were important additions to this year ' s winning season. Peppy Cheerleaders Boost Spirit at TSU Troy State University ' s cheerleaders helped cheer our teams to victory this year through their unlimited spirit. Uitilizing practice and vigor, the squad proudly represented TSU. A focal point of the cheerleaders ' activities was the pre- sentation of a " spirit stick " to the club or organization on cam- pus which showed the most participation during each pep rally. Through good times and bad, the Troy State cheerlead- ers were always there on the line supporting the team. Whether leading the cheers this way or that, the cheerleaders were always tops in spirit at pep rallies. 54 ■» m ■ - mmr ■■ m ■ a - " ST 1 Pi iixcr ' j 1 i " . «- T y ■ i T ■ Andy Aplin urges the basketball team to victory The presentation of the " spirit stick " was a highlight of the pep rallies. - V The team ' s prospects are getting better, from Linda Glenboski ' s optimistic Victory at last! And Ginger Payne shows her excitement witt. expression. jump and a cheer. 55 r-t . . » $4», • wittily } i « ' + $ $ $ ft • » see 1 Si ? Over 70 voices comprise the Collegiate Singers at Troy State University. Collegiate Singers Furnished the Best in Song Troy State ' s Collegiate Singers, under the di- rection of Dr. Charles V. Farmer, have appeared on nation-wide television and radio and have sung on concert tours in many parts of the South. The group was selected by Mutual Broadcast- ing System for eight consecutive years as one of the nation ' s outstanding choral organizations. This year the Collegiates completed a concert season of 25 programs, including annual appear- ances on Christmas and Easter programs on WSFA-TV, Montgomery, WTVY-TV Dothan, and WTVM-TV, Columbus, Georgia. They ap- peared in churches, high schools, and various other areas in concert. At present, membership in the Collegiate Singers is limited to 30 men and 30 women; these positions are earned by try-outs in the fall of the academic year. Musically inclined students gain valuable experience in the Collegiate Singers. 56 WW — ■ • 2 gm c B « " s •A i Dr. Charles Farmer is Troy State ' s own Mitch Miller. Several times each year the singing group makes television appearances. The Collegiates are featured each Christmas on national radio. Among the year ' s highlights for the Collegiate Singers is an annual spring tour which covers several states. 57 " Sound of South ' Gathered More Acclamations Under the direction of Mr. John M. Long, Troy State University ' s " Sound of the South " band consists of 130 mem- bers representing ten states. Troy State ' s band can be called a marching jazz band even though its recordings of the classics are in great demand. On the field the band is under the command of Drum Major Johnny Haynes of Montgomery, Alabama. Band discipline is maintained at home and away by the band officers. Band captain is Tom Freeman of Dothan, Alabama. As reported by various media, Troy State ' s band produced some of the best half-time shows of the year. The " Sound of the South " poses smartly on the steps of the capitol building in Montgomery. As base drummer, Jimmy Teal is responsible for keeping the band on the beat. Mr. John Long, band director, is in his fourth year at Troy State. 58 59 i. " «_ f ' ■ " " BB t ■ ■ - ■ -f— I 7 i , - 11 - . ' Troy State Marching MAJORETTES: Mary An. Darden Barbae jMdXg y Cathv Manning, Annette Colley Rita j Thomas «, Q . NeaU Cathy majorette Farns, Lynn Johnston, Micky Henreitta Bush, Cindy Power, McDonald, Jenille Vann head Kay Siggers, Sharon Susan Henderson. ' _ ' ■ ' ■■■ ■ : " ... ..... ..... ■...-■ " " _ " • - . . . ' • ■■..■ " . -r. . " ' . ' ;■:. ' •■ ' . ' . ' • ' ..;. - " - -•■ " ' ' " ' ■■•■•.• • ' ,- ' .. . •••• off " " . " : •■• . ' ■ . • ..• • - 3and Thrilled Viewers Far and Wide John Long ' s band has been five-time winners in national contests held throughout all parts of the United States. The TSU band has made national ap- pearances on the Huntley-Brinkley Report, at the Blue-Gray game, and March Gras in Montgomery and New Orleans. The " Sound of the South " brings a standing ovation at each per- formance. Popular with the fans are the after-the-game concerts in the stands. The band makes a concert tour each spring, playing to thousands of students and supporters. The final performance is well worth the effort, even though . . .• . . . hours of strenuous rehearsal have gone into each show. COLOR GUARD: Tommy Johnson, captain; Ricky Brooks, Mike Carroll, Rifles, Frank Sims, Brant Wiley, Bob Bird, Johnny Sanders, David Willis, Bob Pike, Earl Johnson, John Ferguson, Flags. The band was nationally televised Classic in Montgomery. color at the Blue-Gray 61 First TSU Opera Workshop Hailed as Success This year marked the first presentation of an Opera Work- shop program at Troy State. This workshop was also the first of its kind to be presented in the state by a state- supported school. Four operas were presented in one week by members of the TSU company. The first night of opera was the scene of two short presentations. The first opera was DIDO AND ANEAS, by Persol; the second was Menotti ' s OLD MAID AND THE THIEF. Troy State ' s second night of opera involved the presenta- tion of SUZANNAH, which is based on the OLD TESTA- MENT. This opera was updated by the Tennessee composer Carlyle Floyd. It was presented for two nights with different leads each night. DON PASQLIALE, by Donizetti was presented on the third night. This was a comedy of manners. The workshop presentations offered a contrast of the new and the old. All members of the workshop had no more than one year training and some even less. Anita Steinecker, in THE OLD MAID AND THE THIEF shows her amazement at Freida Crumpler ' s actions, as Rommey Vistart looks on. David Crosby and Paula Cook present a show of majesty as Nancy Williams and Freida Crumpler watch, in DIDO AND ANEAS. Drusilla Crosby is the pretty heroine in SUSAN- NAH. Maria Bigot, Rommey Vistart, David Willis, and Richard Snyder, portray characters in DON PASQLIALE. 62 Resident Halls 63 ASSISTANTS: Linda McGowan, Betsy Panhorst, Glenna Byrd, Miss Jo Salter, Director, Margaret Green, Sandy Weibelt, Lorraine Watson. Shackelford Continued Housing Freshman Girls Shackelford Hall provides the first experience in college living for most girls entering Troy State. For this reason every effort is made to help them in their adjustment. The Adelphes, a group of sophomore honor girls, live with the freshmen as counselors and advisors. Miss Jo Salter and six upperclass assistant directors also provide guidance. The girls in " Shack " were very active in campus activ- ities, including homecoming and skit night. Intramural sports and the annual Christmas party high-lighted dorm life. DIRECTOR: Miss Jo Salter OFFICERS: Nancy Shirley, Vice President; Julia Goolsby, Secretary- Treasurer; Linda Tahb. President; Michelle Majors, Social Chairman. 64 Cowart Provides Home for 140 University Women Strategic in location and in spirit, Fletcher Jackson Cowart Hall houses 140 of the university ' s most out- standing young women. The residence hall is a self- contained center of study and recreation. This year Cowart was the home of a member of the homecoming court, a Senator-at-Large, and sweet- hearts of APO, Argonauts, Gavel Club, Alumni B, and Theta Chi pledge class. The dormitory had a sophomore representative to the Women ' s Judiciary Council and several members in the SGA senate. Many residents of Cowart were active in honorary and social organizations on campus. In her first year as residence hall director at Troy State, Miss Mary Smith lends an open door policy to all women of Cowart. She is always willing to discuss problems and activities with residents. OFFICERS: Connie Bryan, Secretary-treasurer; Dot Stokes, President; Gloria Lee, Vice President; Billie Knighton, Social Chairman. ASSISTANTS: Claudine Bowdoin, Pat Norris, Carol Stringfellow. DIRECTOR: Miss Mary Smith 65 Pace Hall Serve In its second year of use as women ' s resi- dence hall, Matthew Downer Pace Hall ranks high among Troy State ' s residence halls. Residents have received many awards and honors. Girls of Pace have obtained such distinctions as fraternity sweethearts, cheer- leaders, campus beauties, majorettes, home- coming attendants, and elected officials of college organizations. Pace also houses the chapter rooms for Troy ' s three social soror- ities. Mrs. Nettie L. Green, director, is assisted by a house council of four elected officers, by student assistants, unit leaders, and sen- ators. Acting together these representatives formulate codes for successful and congenial living in Pace Hall. Pace ' s lobby affords a congenial atmosphere for relaxing with a date, DIRECTOR: Mrs. Nettie Green 66 s Hub of Sorority Activities HOUSE COUNCIL: Enid Griffin, Sandra Bradley, Dianne Jones, Mrs. Nettie Green, Gloria Champion, Retha Davis, Connie Hughes, Redetha Reagan, Kath- erine Wilcox, Nedra Johnson, Cynthia Buie, Babs Lancaster, Diddy Hardin, Marsha Lewis, Vivian Carmicheal, Miriam Johnson, Margo Smith, Pat Manley, Mary Helen Jeffcoat, Gayle Ingram. ASSISTANTS: Babs Lancaster, Nedra Johnson, Cynthia Buie, Pat Manley, Marsha Lewis, Gayle Ingram. ' ■fit OFFICERS: Vivian Carmicheal, Diane Jones, Gloria Champion, Martha Shaw, Margo Smith, Diddy Hardin, Sandra Bradley. mi j Jw J 67 OFFICERS: Barbara Chance, Secretary; Sandy Binson, So- cial Chairman; Sue Jackson, Treasurer; Dee Wise, Vice President; Mary Ann Hub- bard, President. Gardner Had First Women ' s Hall Newspaper Centered in the heart of Troy ' s Campus and campus life, Catherine Collins Gardner Hall houses 120 upperclass women. Gard- ner is one of the university ' s newest and most modern residence halls. Gardner contains an industrious and ef- fective House Council, with the purpose of solving problems brought before them by unit leaders, of setting policies, and plan- ning all functions involved in residence liv- ing. A five member social committee works with officers in carrying out programs. This year initiated the first women ' s resi- dence hall newspaper, " The Jewel. " Four young children were adopted during Christ- mas and feted to a party in their honor. Another project of Gardner ' s residents was the formation of a house library. Girls living in Gardner Hall hold mem- bership in many organizations and repre- sent the college in all aspects of campus life. Students residing in Gardner have, in the past year, become as one family — living, working, and having fun together. £ ♦, ASSISTANTS: Diane Coots, Patsy Sellers, Louise Mosley, Miss Diana Fowler, Director. 68 I V- ASSISTANTS: Joann Sellers, Helen Smith, Joan Vitello, Miss Jane Bennett, Director. Numerous High Honors Accorded Hamil Residents OFFICERS: Beverly Smallridge, Social Chairman; Dale Campbell, Senator; Martha Lee, Secre- tary; Phyllis Parker, Senator; Sylvia Riddle, Vice President; Tanya Staples, Senator; Mildred Jones, President. Being acclaimed as a " home away from home " is a distinction given to Loraine Estelle Hamil Hall. This resi- dence hall houses 146 of Troy State ' s upperclass women. The hall is complete- ly air-conditioned and has the recent ad- dition of a new director ' s office. Homecoming display trophy, Miss TSC, fraternity sweethearts, President of Women ' s Executive Council, Senior Class Officers, SGA officers and member- ship in Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, are just a few of the many honors which girls of Hamil have earned. This year a show case for trophies won by residents was placed in the lobby. A suggestion box was also added to give residents a better voice in resi- dence hall policy. Direction of Hamil for fall quarter was Miss Jane Bennett. The present di- rector is Miss Frances Riggsby. Resi- dents of Hamil Hall place importance on scholastic achievement and participation in campus life. UNIT LEADERS: C. J. Moring, Carol Johnson, Sandra Martin, Betty Jones, Donna Tritz, Tanya Stables. 69 ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Danny Oli- ver, Joe Pelcher. DIRECTOR: Mr. Rich- ard McCrary. Dill Hall Took Prize for Homecoming Decoration Dill Hall, opened in 1957, has housed both upper- classmen and freshmen during the 1967-68 academic year. The men of Dill have been very active in cam- pus affairs, including participation in the blood drives, the Spring Jamboree, Skit Night, and building the first place award winner for Homecoming Displays. Within the hall itself, Dill has had a busy calen- dar including date nights and the Dill Hall Forum, whereby interesting speakers were invited to partici- pate in informal talks with residents. Dill has also experimented with giving residents a greater voice in the running of their hall by the use of the House Council and, for the first time, a Student Judiciary Committee whereby students, themselves, worked with disciplinary problems. The residents, during their free time, have had access to an air-conditioned TV lobby, the pool and ping-pong rooms as well as to the Dill Hall library 7 . Residents were informed of hall information through the Dill Hall Trophy, a weekly publication of the hall. This year the hall was headed by Joe Pilcher as president and RD McCrary as director-counselor. As their sweetheart, the men of Dill were represented by Miss Rita Thomas. OFFICERS: Buddy Sharpless, Vice President; Toe Pelcher, President; lohn Ferguson, Secretary; Dave Willis, Social Chairman. HOUSE COUNCIL: Lam- Smith, Bill Riddle, Gear)- Dismukes, Stan Sasser, Ricky Parker, Richard Dean. STAFF: sitting, Bob Shirah, Al France, John Layton, Bill Hickman, John Kyle. Standing: Tony Riley, Jerry Norsworthy, Ronnie McCrancy, Buddy Sharpless, Larry Smith. James Mvcrv Mike Grif- fin, Stan Sasser, Doug Brogden, Bob Marshall. 70 STAFF: Bobby Torrillo, John Lane, Tom Felter, AD; Bob Dillion, James Ferguson, Larry Huckaby. Standing: Roger Hatcher, Jim Crosby, Jimmy Jacobs, Charles Garrett, Frank, Joe Pelham, Mike Wittner, Steve Johnson, Mr. Jerry Daly, Director; George Dickey, AD. Clements Men Provide Strong Support to T.S.U. Life Spirit in study and recreation are characteristics of Clements Hall. Residents of Clements participate in many campus-wide events, adding much support to homecoming and basketball games as well as other social and college activities. Men of Clements en- tertained at a tea for sweetheart candidates, partic- ipated in intramural sports, and improved the hall ' s library. Students were afforded the use of an activity room which included pool, ping-pong and a color TV set. Sweetheart for Clements Hall was Miss Nelda Mathews, who was also elected one of this year ' s top five campus beauties. Through an atmosphere of common goals for edu- cation and activity residents of Clements provide strong support to Troy State ' s campus life. HOUSE COUNCIL: Bobby Torrillo, David Wal- ker, Henry Williams, Larry Huckaby, Tom Felter, George Dickey. Standing: Jim Crosby, Skip Hill- man, Charles Garrett, Bill Higdon, Ken Guillan, Gene Bass, Roger Hatcher. JUDICIARY COUNCIL: Roger Hatcher, Nelda Matthews, sweetheart; Gene Bass. Standing: Bobby Torrillo, Skip Hillman, Jim Crosby, Charles Gar- rett, Ken Guillan, David Walker, Ste e Johnston. 71 Alumni Hall Is One of State ' s Largest RECREATIONAL ASSISTANTS: John- ny Lee, Tim Jennings, Darrell Parker, Dale Crowe, Paul Fuller, Ben Thomp- JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: Sidney Brannon, Charles Hutchinson, Roy Rob- erts, Lou Logan, Sonny Forrester, Jim Hutto, Wayne McMillan, Fred Weems, Leon Richards, Andy White, Tom Jones. r The TV lounge is a favorite place to congregate after studying. Carl Boland (seated) and Darrel Thomas set aside time for serious study. ■MI HM Residence Halls Under the roof of one of the largest structures of its kind in the state of Alabama, Alumni Hall houses 538 residents in two administratively separate wings. The dormitory was dedicated in 1966 and cost over one and one-third million dollars at completion. Alumni ' s completely air-conditioned facilities afford men residents the use of recreational facilities, a house library, and a lounge for visitors. Wings A and B share in common the judicial court and all recreation areas. Alumni Hall administration is cen- tered around a well-planned educational and recrea- tional program for its residents. School spirit and participation are fostered, as well as scholastic endea- vor. Nothing is quite so relaxing as a game of cards. All men of Alumni enjoy the recreation room facilities. 73 OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Robert Suttle, Ralph Bradley, Jimmy Diggars, Turner Sryons. OFFICERS: Phil Raley, President; Joe Martin, Vice President; James Driggars, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Frank Dagostin, Social Chairman. Friendly Atmosphere Enhances Life in Alumni A Residents of Alumni A take pride in the comfort- able facilities provided them and find that a friendly atmosphere lends to good study habits and leisure hours while at Troy State. This wing of Alumni houses 269 university men. Each resident is encouraged to take part in com- petitive campus activities which provide leadership, responsibility, and friendship among his fellow stu- dents. The residence hall staff strives to provide ex- cellent study and living conditions for students at all times and Alumni ' s House Council promotes activ- ities which enhance the recreational and educational aims of the university. Men of Alumni-A feel that their residence hall is a step toward providing a better plan of residence hall living for Troy State ' s Campus. STAFF: Buford Gavin, Louis Bell. Tommy Johnson, Richard Fowler, David Speigner. Ronnie Bryan, Donnie Bryne, Scotty Lewis, Bobby Rogers, Ronnie Cooper, Frank Dagostin, Jimmy Lawrence. HOUSE COUNCIL: Alan Taunton, Thomas Henderson, Cary Wall, Rusty Knorr, Johnny Lee, Tom Pierce, Gaines McKinley, Jerry Imbriacco, Ken Bethen, David Grice, Johnny Smith, Turner Styons. Director, Mr. Donald Crapps, and Mrs Crapps enjoy listening to the stereo. 74 Football Team Among Residents of Alumni B Residents of Troy State ' s Alumni B Residence Hall are among the most active on our university campus. Residents excel in both athletics and scholarship and men of Alumni take pride in participation in all college activities. The fourth floor of Alumni B houses the football players of Troy State ' s Red Wave, which helps account for the fact that Alumni B currently holds the Tug of War Trophy and the Spring Jamboree Trophy. Wing B ' s house council has worked extensively on the joint judiciary body and on revising its constitution. House Council members and student staff members are exceptionally active in campus affairs; many cam- pus clubs and organizations are represented by residents of Alumni B. OFFICERS: Mike Jones, Secretary-Treasurer; Barry McLeod, President; Mac Meck- lenburg, Social Chairman; Chuck Smith, Vice President. DIRECTOR: Mr. Author Coker HOUSE COUNCIL: Mike Jones, Farry McLeod, Chuck Smith, Steve Jankie- wicz, Tom Crusey, Mac Mecklenburg, Ben Thompson, Rod Lurie, John Woodson, Billy Morrison, Jack Hayward, Wayne Evans, Haywood Hardage, Hugh Cole. OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Sam Whatley, Barry McLeod, Tom Crusey. STAFF: Howard Walker, Rusty Crossland, Tharel Shirah, Gil Domin- guez, Billy Henderson, Hoot Gibson, J. Don Friedman, Reggie Sor- rells, Marvin Pipkin, Tom Beavers, John Brown, Ken Deavers. 75 Residence Halls Provide Activities Round table discussions are held in the dorms; guests speakers are invited to officiate over these discussions. BS) - ' i ' f! Much of a student ' s life is spent within the confinements of his resi- dence hall. A dorm room is not just a place to sleep; books and endless lecture notes are equal in status. 76 k Campus Leaders 77 Edward " Hoot " Gibson President SGA Is Strong Voice of Troy State Students Through the strong voice of the Student Government Association, TSU students are given able representation in the administration of their university. This year the SGA, under the leadership of President Hoot Gibson, successfully worked toward progress in every phase of Troy State ' s activities. Several big-name entertainment programs were spon- sored by the SGA during each quarter. The Righteous Brothers appeared during fall quarter and Little Antony and the Imperials were presented during winter quarter. The association sponsored a state wide cancer drive, or- ganized a Christmas party for children from the Alabama Baptist Children ' s Home in Troy, and proclaimed Decem- ber 14 as TSU Day. Through constant representation the association maintains active student-administration rela- tions, trying to please the students in every possible way. Joe Pilcher — Public Relations Martha Jean Wingard — Vice President 78 iM H aoi MMH HHI Scotry Lewis — Treasurer Joan Vitiello — Secretary Carol Stringfellow — Senator-at-Large Ann Marie Johnson — Clerk 79 Senate and Judiciar £ r SGA SECRETARY: Marilyn Zito - CHIEF JUSTICE: Danny Moore JUDICIARY: Phil Raley, Denise McDonald, Danny Oliver, Margaret Green, Danny Moore, Suzanne Soloman, Bobby Johnson, Anthony Riley, Dayton Long. 80 Are Important to SGA Lawmaking and interpretation at Troy State University is under the control of the SGA Senate and Judiciary Committee. The Senate legislates to appropriate student funds, they maintain the polls during all student elec- tions and make all laws governing student activities. The Student Government Association ' s Judiciary branch is composed of nine members. This committee is appointed by the President of the SGA. All student cases concern- ing a breach of Senate mles and regulations are tried by the Judiciary Committee. Many new policies have been adopted by both the Senate and the Judiciary Committee during this year which will better enable students to have a voice in our university ' s government. Martha Wingard, Chairman; Joan Vitiello, Secretary; Carol String fellow, Senator-At-Large. MEMBERS: M. Bailey, C. Bolich, C. Bowdoin, A. Brown, D. Camp- bell, C. Clark, C. Deese, G. Dickey, T. Felter, S. Fera ' in, T Ferguson, R. Fowler, A. France, D. Hardin, E. Kelley, G. Lee, G, Lindsey, J. Lumpkin, T. Marchman, L. McCollough, C. Moring D. Nagem, W. J. Newman, D. Neuendorf, J. Parducci, P. Parker, A. Perry, M. Pigman, J. Pilcher, B. Riddle, J. Schultz, M. Shaw, T Shirah, M. Smith, R. Sorrells, T. Staples, C. Stringfellow, H. Walker, J. Smith, H. Williford, G. Dismukes. 81 Women ' s Executive Council Decides Policies The chief policy making body for Troy State ' s women is the Women ' s Executive Council. The council consists of representatives from all women ' s residence halls. The group sponsors fall convocation, spring convocation, a senior .tea, and Awards Day. WEC was active this year in revising the rules and regulations for women students. Through the help of the directors of all residence halls and also Dean Gibbs, the Women ' s Executive Council has become a strong voice supporting self-govern- ment for women students at TSU. MEMBERS: Dot Stokes, Cowart; Linda Tabb; Shackel- ford; Gloria Champion, Pace; Sandra Martin, Presi- dent; Mary Ann Hubbard, Gardner; Lorraine Watson, Secretary; Mildred Jones, Hamil. Women ' s Judiciary Council Functions as Court Composed of a representative from each class, the Women ' s Judiciary Council functions as a court which tries major of- fenses committed by women on the campus of TSU. The president and secretary of the Women ' s Executive Council are also members of the organization. The council accomplished many of its objectives this year in cooperation with Women ' s Executive Council. The group is constantly initiating measures which will improve the sta- tus of women on this campus. It hears every case individually and decides on the basis of previous court decisions and per- sonal circumstances. If any girl feels that the punishment which has been levied by the council is too severe, she has the right to appeal to the Dean of Women. MEMBERS: Jo Bufkin, Sophomore Representative; Linda Tabb, Freshman Representative; Lorraine Watson, Secretary of WEC; Diane Franklin, Junior Representative; Mary Rhody, Senior Representative; Sandra Martin, President of WEC; Martha Wingard, President. 82 Freshman Class Officers LARRY TAYLOR President MARCIA PHILLIPS Treasurer MARY HELEN JEFECOAT Vice President JENNIE COKER Secretary Sophomore Class Officers DTDDY HARDIN Secretary ISAAC STOKES Treasurer JOHN MACKLENBERG Vice President JOE MARTIN President 83 Junior Class Officers FLOYD JOHNSTON President RUSTY CROSSLAND Secretary BEVERLY LISENBY Vice President PAL GIVENS Treasurer Senior Class Officers BOBBY ROGERS President SYLVIA RIDDLE Treasurer SANDRA MARTIN Vhe President MARY RHODY Secretary 84 Publications 85 p 80 Cuck Smith spent long hours in recruiting advertisements for the PALLADIUM. Palladium Staff Offers Biography of a Year With relation to its namesake atop Bib Graves, the mem- bers of the PALLADIUM staff strive to construct a yearbook of top caliber to keep the status of the University on a high keel. Editor for this year, Miss Katherine Pennington, spent many fatiguing hours in prepartion of the final copy. This tension was shared by her staff of co-workers. One usually does not realize the work which goes into a successful yearbook; the organized talents of a few serve to represent the University as a whole. Photographs must be snapped within an instant of judgement, advertisement space must be filled, copy must be edited. The end result of the PALLADIUM is in effect a biography of a year. The year was born in the fall and as its life progressed each pulse-beat was recorded in pictures and words. The Palladium is affiliated with Associated Collegiate Press; staff members attend an annual convention and work- shop in an effort to utilize the most modern of techniques. Advisor for the yearbook, Mr. Wallace Waites, incurs the burden of suspense in meeting deadlines and accurately re- porting activities. Pages are combed for errors, and yet, as in any good publication, some mistakes do pass the human eye. The word Palladium comes from Greek mythology: the arrival of the yearbook is like the opening of Pandora ' s box, one never knows what problems will occur. As Editor, Kathey Pennington, put much thought into the yearbook before the finished product was sent to the publisher. Mr. Wallace L. VC ' aites served as advisor to the 1968 PALLADIUM staff. y % j j- Dean Smith brought individuality to the PALLADIUM through his creative photography. . Nellwyn Davis donated much of her time in editing and revising copy and in organizing class sections. As Copy Editor, Ben Sims prepared the dialogue which made the pictures speak. i Janice Hand spent much time in research for writing headlines and captions. 87 Diane Stedham checks class cards before pictures are placed in the yearbook. Lisa Crouch types final copy and edits it for errors. 88 . V v J1T : ■ John W. Roy is business manager for TSU ' s campus news- paper. Editor, Dayton Long, discusses news copy with the Trop advisor, Mr. Bill Buchannon. Trop Stands as Proof of Student Participation Troy State University ' s campus newspaper, THE TROPOLITAN stands as proof of student participation in school activities and policies. With the idea in mind of " never underestimating the power of the press " , editor, Dayton Long heads an efficient staff of stu- dent workers. The " Trop " is published weekly and is affiliated with the Associated Collegiate Press. Through an open minded editorial policy the TROPOLITAN invites student opinion on all subjects pertinent to the University. The job of a good newspaper is to correctly report facts to the public; the TROPOLITAN fulfills this qualification and adds to this reporting of statistics and news the spice of originality. It is said that a good newspaper man is born with printers ink in his blood; truly the members of the " Trop " staff are the " blue bloods " of TSU. As editor for the Tropolitan Dayton Long puts in many hours of work to keep campus news in the public eye. 89 Rosemary Milner lays-out copy for a dummy sheet that will later be printed. Nick Lackeos, writer and cartoonist for the Trop, shares the stress of meeting deadlines. w r - V Mack Mecklenburg, Sports Editor, and Linda Griffin, News Editor, make last minute corrections before copy is sent to the press. 90 Editor Long looks on as Rosemary Milner sketches the outline of a coming issue of the Trop. Many hours of work are involved in collecting campus news; Linda Griffin is News Editor for the Tropoliton. John Mecklenburg goes over last minute corrections with Dayton Long before the copy is taken to the press. 91 PERSONALITIES What I want is simply to be noticed, to have others aware that I exist, That I walk and talk, and even have something on the ball. I MiW itS W ' S 9? f [ 1 IIHE (1 1 3 { i ■ 93 95 Srff .. N J l . V 2 S , - I • fl » ■Li " • - : - Jm 1 • r _ J 1 1 • 1 " ' " l M i ' v H Sfe n . Jki 4 I £ • : « V OS I % • ,i Campus Beauty Jo Bruce Troy State ' s Mary Jo Bruce is an all-round beauty and student. Her interests range from sports to art and her charm and wit rate high on campus. Jo is from Troy and is a junior majoring in Physical Education. Miss Bruce ' s attributes range beyond those of attractive features; she is a sorority mem- ber and participates in many university activities. Mary Jo was sponsored for Campus Beauty by HPER. ih L _ ' _ i ' V ate i 97 Campus Beauty Becky Crockett Troy State ' s dark-eyed brunette beauty, Miss Rebecca Crockett, is no stranger to the limelight. She has been a TSU beauty for three years, was Pace Hall and Alumni Hall sweetheart, and Theta Chi sweetheart. Becky has been in the homecoming court twice. An active member of Kappa Delta, Miss Crock ett is -a business administration major from Satellite Beach, Florida. In accordance with her home town ' s space age legacy, Becky hopes to travel extensively in her future. 99 ' A Campus Beauty Nelda Mathews Vivacious and congenial are only two de- scriptions of many which could exemplify TSU ' s sparkling Campus Beauty Miss Nelda Mathews. Nelda is a senior at Troy State from Dothan; her major is elementary edu- cation. She was sponsored by Clements Hall. Additional honors which Miss Mathews has acquired include those of Miss Alabama Military Academy, Miss Pace Hall, and Clements Hall Sweetheart. When able to find time in her schedule, Nelda works as a staff member for the PALLADIUM. 101 i I ' « %d L, V _ X - , to 1 r, TV t i ill «, . .•3 K i fc - ♦ » ?C iW 3 1 ■ s $2 . " . • " . Campus Beauty Cothee Lubert Five foot two and eyes of blue are descrip- tions of more than a song; these statistics are part of those which belong to one of TSU ' s Campus Beauties, Miss Cothee Lubert. A freshman from Montgomery, Cothee is ma- joring in elementary education. Miss Lubbert was sponsored for Campus Beauty by Pace Hall. In addition to this honor, Cothee also was selected as best dressed girl on campus in the field of school clothes. She is a shimmering- blonde and enjoys the outdoors. W«WP M ■ " • ; V y +- -f 103 $i Campus Beauty Babs Lancaster A brown haired, blue eyed beauty from Montgomery, Alabama, Babs Lancaster is a striking representative of TSU beauty. She is a business major in the field of accounting. Babs is on the Pace Hall Council, is an assistant director in Pace, and is a member and past president of Alpha Delta Pi. Miss Lancaster is on the Panhellenic Council and is also a member of the Adelphes Honor Society. She enjoys skiing and sewing. Babs participates actively in all Troy State activities and still maintains a high scholastic standing. V. Julia Nichols Collegiate Singers Finalists Ginger Payne Theta Chi W Alt - 106 Jean Loftin Rita Thomas Dill Hall Vicki Vistart Alumni A 107 HOMECOMING COURT: Carol Stringfellow, Cheryl Wood, Beverly Lisenby, Queen; Ginger Creel 108 Homecoming Queen Br J ■:«..«.- ' 1 Beverly Lisenby A welcome smile and twinkling blue eyes arc part of the image presented by this year ' s Homecoming Queen at TSU, Miss Beverly Lisenby. Beverly is a Junior from Ozark; her major is Elementary Education. The reigning queen is an active participant in all phases of campus life. This interest is expressed by her membership in KD and SNEA. Beverly is Vice President of her Junior Class. Miss Lisenby is sweetheart of Delta Chi Fraternity; she was also sponsored for Homecoming Queen by Delta Chi. % 109 Alabama College Queen Martha Wingard Selected to represent Alabama in the 14th Annual National College Queen pageant, Martha Jean Wingard traveled to New York City in June to compete in the national contest. Martha was selected as a representative from Troy State. Women in this pageant were judged on scholas- tic achievement, leadership in campus activities, and community service. These 50 scholars ranged from freshmen to seniors. Some of the girls were enrolled at small colleges; other contestants at- tended major universities. Martha was chosen along with others in the nation as one of the finest examples of American collegiate youth. 110 Basketball Queen Ginger Creel Troy State University ' s Basketball Queen is Miss Ginger Creel, a sophomore from Pensacola, Florida. Ginger was sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi. Miss Creel is a brown eyed Elementary Education major. In addition to her honor as Basketball Queen, Ginger was also Rose of Pi Kappa Phi, is a member of Phi Mu sorority, and was a home- coming attendant. She has been active in many phases of campus activities and has especially boosted the spirit during basketball season. II I I Mr. and Miss TSU Martha Wingard and Edward Gibson By unanimous student choice Martha Jean Wingard and Edward (Hoot) Gibson were chosen as Mr. and Miss TSU. These Troy State seniors have shown active participation in every phase of activity at the University. Both Martha and Hoot are officers in the Student Government Association and have worked to improve the overall status of Troy State. University students at Troy elected to the distinction of Mr. and Miss TSU must exemplify the well-rounded student in many aspects. With their unending efforts to support and bring merit to Troy State, Miss Wingard and Mr. Gibson have left intact a legacy for the future. Best Dressed Girl Iris Ann Graddy Distinctive dress and beauty are attributes associated with TSU ' s Best Dressed Girl, Iris Ann Graddy. Iris Ann is a fair-haired Freshman from Dothan, Alabama. She is eighteen years of age. Miss Graddy was nominated for best dressed by her sorority, Kappa Delta. She was selected from nominees from campus sororities and resi- dence halls. Iris Ann represents Troy State in this year ' s National Best Dressed Girl ' s Contest, which is sponsored by GLAMOUR Magazine. _£ ■ 4%S2H 1 14 Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Seniors were awarded national recognition through election to Who ' s Who Among Students in Universities and Colleges. This selection took place in the spring of last year. Students were judged on the basis of excellence regarding service to the university, personal character, extracurricular activities and academic standing. Due to the selection of Who ' s Who during the spring several of the candidates have already grad- uated from Troy State. The seven graduating members were: Freddie Biggs, Diane Dcason, Marion Gantt, Gloria Hughes, Barbara Jane Knighten, Thomas Lankford, and Richard Tuggle. MARTHA JEAN WINGARD With a major in Business Education, Martha Jean Wingard came to Troy from Eclectic, Alabama. She was Secretary of her Freshman Class, and of Shackelford Hall, and was a Frosh Class Favorite. She is associate editor of the Palladium, has been a clerk for SGA, Vice President of Kappa Delta Pledge Class, Sopho- more Class Favorite and a member of the Women ' s Judiciary. She is a member of Spires, Chairman of Women ' s Judiciary, Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon, President of Kappa Delta, Vice President of the SGA and has been on the Dean ' s List for ten consecutive quarters. Martha was Miss TSU, Alabama College Queen, a member of Phi Beta Lambda and the Panhellenic Council. She has been selected for Who ' s Who twice. EDWARD " HOOT ' GIBSON Serving for two years as president of Troy State ' s SGA, Hoot Gibson has contributed much to the quality of the university. During his freshman year he was president of Pace Hall House Council, president of the Canterbury Club, and also a senator from Pace. He has also been a member in the Circle K Club, for which he was a delegate to the national convention. He served as vice president of the Sophomore Class and was a member of the Argonaut Honor Society his sopho- more year. Edward was voted Most Outstanding Student by the Troy Chamber of Commerce in 1967. He was a member of Phi Kappa Pi fraternity and served as assistant director of Alumni Hall B. Edward is from Demopolis, Alabama. 15 Who ' s Who MIRIAM HOWARD Outstanding among Troy State University Students, Miriam Howard is a Physical Education major from Troy. She is a member of the HPER Club and was chosen as Baptist Student of the Year in 1965. Miriam was in the 1966 Homecoming Court. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and is this year serving as president. She was a State Representative for the HPER Club, Circle K Sweetheart, and is a member of the Women ' s Recreational Association. DANNY F. MOORE Majoring in the field of Business Administration, Danny Moore is a Troy State Senior from Dothan, Alabama. He has been President of Argonauts, outstanding Freshman Boy for 1964, and is a Chief Justice on the Student Judiciary Court. Danny is a member of Pi Kappa Phi, has been lettered for four years in football and is a member of the T-Club. Danny is Captain of TSU ' s football team. JOAN VITIELLO Joan Vitiello is a Physical Education major from Brentwood, New York. She has been a member and President of WRA, a member of the House Council and an SGA Senator. She was alternate Sweetheart of APO, Junior Class Treas- urer, and President of the Women ' s Health Physical Education Club. Joan is Secretary of the Student Government Association, and an assistant in her residence hall. 116 JACQUELYN McCORD Hailing from Prattville, Alabama, Jacquelyn McCord is a Troy State senior majoring in History. She has been a member of the Adelphes Honor Society, the Women ' s Gavel Club, and Spires Honor Society. She is secretary for Kappa Delta Pi and Vice President of Phi Alpha Theta. Jacquelyn is on the Committee for Admission to Professional Education. DIANE NEUMANN SIMS Majoring in Elementary Education, Diane Sims came to Troy State from Elberta, Alabama. She has been secretary and treasurer for the Dames Club and a member of Spires, Kappa Delta Pi, and S.N.E.A. Diane is also a member of the Association of Childhood Education. SHIRLEY WILLIAMS A senior from Foley, Alabama, Shirley Williams has added much to Troy State ' s student activities. She is a member of BSU, in which she is a librarian and freshman counselor. Shirley is a member of Alpha Rho Tau, Adelphes Honor Society, Spires Honor Society, and ACEI. She has served on the Gardner Hall House Council and is a member of Kappa Delta Pi. FRED " SCOTTY " LEWIS Fred Lewis is a Troy State senior from Florala, Alabama. He has held honors of Senator on the Student Judiciary, of being a member of Theta Chi Fraternity and of being Vice President of the SGA. He is a member of Argonauts, the Traffic Appeals Committee and President of SNEA. Scotty is an assistant director in Alumni A and holds the position of second vice president in the state AEA. He is treasurer for the SGA and is a Student Teaching Council member. In Theta Chi Fred has been Sergeant at Arms and is presently holding the position of Historian. GREEKS I ' m looking for a group — not too large, but one in which I can do as I like. - S X i ■ s - i ■I : 18 V .vl -, ' m Wm 19 120 121 Panhellenic Council Guides Work of Sororities Friendly relations among sororities on TSU ' s campus are directed through the work of the Panhellenic Council. The council furthers intel- lectual accomplishment and scholarship in so- rorities; sororities must maintain high standards ami comply to rules governing rushing, pledging and initiation. Since joining the National Panhellenic Con- ference in 1966 the Troy State council has re- ceived a commendation for outstanding work dur- ing the ' 66-61 academic year. The council has sponsored a rush orientation program, partici- pated, in various fund raising campaigns, and maintained a revolving trophy to be presented to the sorority with the highest over-all scholastic average each quarter. The Panhellenic Council also presents a trophy for homecoming floats each year and works with the Interfraternity Council in all Greek events. ■K3TO. iv OFFICERS: Ginger Payne , Vice President; Claudia Bolich, President; Beverly Baach, Secretary-Treasurer. MEMBERS: Martha Wingard, Suzanne Soloman, Denise McDonald, Donna Jacob Zito. 122 Frats Work Through Inter-Fraternity Council Troy State ' s Inter-Fraternity council exists for the purpose of developing good will and cooperation between the various fraternities and in acting as a deliberative body for solving fraternity problems. As governing body for Troy State fraternities, the council outlines the progress to be made by the fraternity system in the future. IFC works with sororities in sponsoring Greek week, members sponsor dances, charity drives, and provides scholastic and athletic competition among the fraternities, awarding annually athletic trophies. IFC also awards trophies twice each year to the fraternity with the best participation in campus blood drives and to the fraternity exhibiting the best homecoming float. OFFICERS: Tom Herzog, Secretary-Treasurer; Richard Myers, Vice President; Bob Wingard, President. Dean Robert Williford works with the Inter-Fraternity coun- cil as advisor. MEMBERS: Bobby John- son, Tom Herzog, Rich- ard Myers, Lamar Mc- David, Pete Buelow, Bob Wingard, George Dickey, Butch Etheridge, Lou Lo- gan 123 AAII OFFICERS Enid Griffin Parliamentarian Babs Lancaster President Sandra Perdue Reporter-Historian Martha Shaw 1st Vice President M.irie Ross 2nd Vice President Andrea Alford Chaplain Margaret Callaway. .Corresponding Secretary Ginger Payne . . Senior Panhellenic Delegate Diane Franklin Treasurer AD Pi ' s Begin Activity Filled Second Year The sorority was new, but not too new to miss out on the fun of a Homecoming float in the downtown parade. Members of TSU ' s Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi sorority are representative of campus life at the university. Women of Troy State organized this so- rority in January of 1967. Sixteen girls were pledged toADPi during the Fall Quarter. Being the first rush for this chapter, the proceedings were f unfilled and exciting for the seven girls who organized the local sorority. Among this year ' s innovations were a new chapter room in Pace Hall. Members of Epsilon Kappa Chap- ter are representative of all phases of university life. Honors include those of Sophomore Sweetheart, Resi- dent Hall Assistants, members of the Women ' s Judic- iary committee, Cheerleaders, Campus Beauty, Ma- jorettes, Homecoming Attendants, members of SNEA and the Panhellenic Council, and members of the Basketball Beauty Court. 124 Pledges this year had the distinction of Delta Pi Sorority. g the first for the newly Alpha Alpha Delta Pi J T 1 Andrea Alford Judy Brown Ann Butler Margaret Calloway Teresa Clark Connie Crum Freida Crumpler Rhonda Donaldson Diane Dunn Diane Franklin Janet Glass Linda Glenboski Enid Griffin Diddy Hardin Jennifer Harris Sherry Hobbs Betty Hurt Babs Lancaster Barbara McDonald Patsy McLeod Deborah Marsh Cindy Morgan Ann Morris Ginger Payne Sandra Perdue Marcia Phillips Margaret Quinn Bettie Robinson Marie Ross Martha Shaw Martha Srratton Jane Strozier Barbara TidweU Sarah Whiting Stephanie Ziegler Marilyn Zito 125 KA OFFICERS Denise McDonald Treasurer Claudia Bolich Vice President Ferry Jackson Secretary Beverly Lisenby Membership Chairman Pat Reeves Editor Martha Wingard President KD ' s Were Important in Student Government KDs render their services to help make the blood drive a success. The year 1967-68 established Kappa Delta as one of the outstanding organizations on the campus. Delta Delta Chapter in its second year of existence had reason to be proud of each of its members and pledges. Many Kappa Deltas have dis- played outstanding leadership ability by holding offices in the student government of the university. A KD served as Presi- dent and Vice President of the SGA, President of Women ' s Executive Council, Vice President and Treasurer of the Senior Class and Vice President of the Junior Class. KD also had 3 senators, two supreme Court Justices, two members of WEC, and two members of Women ' s Judiciary Council. Some of the other honors which KD ' s have received are two members of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, Delta Chi Sweetheart, Delta Chi Pledge Sweetheart for two quarters, Best Dressed Girl, sportswear winner in Best Dressed Girl Contest, two campus beauties, Miss TSU, and a member of the Basketball Queen Court. KD ' s are active in almost all of the organizations on campus. During the spring quarter, 1967, KD was privileged to have the Most Outstanding Senior in Education and the Most Outstanding Woman Student of Campus. Homecoming was quite an event for KD. A KD captured the coveted title of Homecoming Queen and had an attendant. " Send the Vols to KD ' s Hades " was the theme of the float which won the Panhellenic Trophy for KD. KDs have been active in the community and world also. The chapter adopted a child from India to sponsor and sponsored various fund-raising drives for worthwhile causes. 126 Kappa Delta Kendra Baker Claudia Bolich Janice Bowdoin Connie Bryan Jane Clark Donna Cow art Becky Crockett Angie Dooling Twyla Ellis Iris Anne Graddy Wanda Green Celia Hutcheson Edwina Kelley Terry Jackson Denise McDonald Sandra Martin Rebecca Parish Pat Reeves Bonnie Richburg Sylvia Riddle Martha Rouse Susan Seaborn Carolyn Smith Suzanne Solomon Charlsie Taylor Elaine Thorne Mary Helen Trotter Ann Williams Martha Wingard 127 OM OFFICERS Jean Loftin Membership Director Julia Nichols • Pledge Director Kay Johnson Corresponding Secretary Miriam. Johnson Vice President Sharla Lee President Donna Jacobs Senior Panhellenic Delegate Jane Ellen Johnson Treasurer Cheryl Clark Recording Secretary Phi Mu Celebrates Second Year on Campus Kappa Gamma Chapter of Phi Mu at Troy State University celebrated its second year as a national chapter on January 8, 1968. Phi Mu has the distinction of being the first Greek or- ganization for women at Troy State. This year has been very busy and eventful for the sisters of Phi Mu who have participated in almost every area of campus life. Last spring the Phi Mus took first place honors during Greek Week not only in the sports events but also in the. field of beauty. Elaine Miller was chosen as " Miss Venus " and Carol Proctor was chosen as runner-up. Along this same line, Phi Mu, in competition with the other sororities, captured the first place trophy in the Theta Chi Soap Box Derby. For the first time this year Phi Mu elected a sweetheart. David Walker, a Pi Kappa Phi, was chosen Phi Mu Fellow and Al Head was chosen pledge sweetheart. Three out of the five campus favorites are Phi Mus and Annette Colley was chosen as a finalist in the Best Dressed Contest. Phi Mu claims four TSLI majorettes and one cheer- leader. Ginger Creel, Pi Kappa Phi Rose, was elected Basket- ball Queen and was a member of the Homecoming Court. Two Phi Mus were elected pledge sweethearts of Pi Kappa Phi and Theta Chi. Some other activities this year included: fall rush with four- teen girls pledging, a night club party with Delta Chi, service projects, annual Scholarship Banquet, open house, and collect- ing money for Phi Mu ' s national philanthropy, the hospital ship USS Hope. Throughout the year all Phi Mu members and pledges have tried to inspire the ideals of love, honor, and truth, which make Phi Mus everywhere " faithful sisters " and friends to all. Phi Mus win first Theta Chi Grand Prix. 128 Phi Mu Beverly Bach Martha Cauley Sybil Chapman Cheryl Clark Ancite Colley Ginger Creel Sara Dann Cheryl Gaffey Mary Gilma Guinn Brenda Hale Elsie Hawkins Prissy Henderson Sue Herring Lynda Holladay Dianne Hopper Donna Jacobs Jane Ellen Johnson Miriam Johnson Kay Johnston Lynn Johnston Suzanne Johnston Sharla Lee Judy Locklier Judy Mayr Sara Nave Susan Neuels Julia Nichols Nancy Pate Freda Porter Martha Shiver Margo Smith Betty Sowell Marinda Stinson Doris Walton Barbara Yarbrough 129 AX OFFICERS Rusty Knorr Rush Chairman Bobby Torillo Scholarship Chairman Floyd Johnston Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Crusey Pledge Trainer Jack Corbitt Vice President Phil Raley Corresponding Secretary Rusty Crossland Recording Secretary Lowery Sparks Treasurer Pete Buelow President Local Delta Chi ' s Acquire First Frat House Delta Chi, the Senior Social Fraternity at Troy State University, strives toward developing well-rounded individuals who contribute to all phases of campus life and who will continue to be outstanding citizens in later years. The Brothers of Delta Chi take pride in campus leadership and participate in various activities with the main objective being the betterment of Troy State University by contributing to its growth and develop- ment. Possibly the biggest achievement of the year is acquiring a Fraternity House at 213 West Walnut Street. This year has been very profitable for the Delta Chi Chapter. A few of the achievements include: first place Homecoming Float for the third year; sponsor of the Homecoming Queen; co-sponsor of Charity Bowl; co-winner of the Winter Quarter Blood Drive; Class Officers; Cheerleader; Student Govern- ment Supreme Court; Pledge Swaps; Sorority Teas; and Open House. The Delta Chi Brothers are also ac- tive in most campus clubs and organizations. Delta Chi takes pride in Troy State and will strive in the future to aid in providing campus leadership and responsibility. 130 Delta Chi Mike Briggs Pete Buelow Jack Corbit Rusty Crossland Tom Crusey Richard Fagan Charles Farrow John Ferguson Pal Given Stan Hamm Rusty Knorr Mac Page Marvin Pipkin Phil Raley Lower)- Sparks Bobby Torrillo Gary Williams Reggie Williams 131 0X OFFICERS Vince Campbell Pledge Marshal Dick Myers President Jimmy Mitchell Secretary Jim Hastings Treasurer Tom Herzog Vice President Theta Chi Sponsored First Annual Grand Prix Theta Chi presented an attractive display for Fall Quarter rushees. This year was a year of first for the TSU chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity. Members strove to better Troy State through better ideals for themselves, both scholastically and socially. The First Annual Theta Chi Grand Prix was spon- sored for three sororities on campus early in Decem- ber. The ten-year trophy was awarded to Phi Mu driver Jackie Coker. During the spring the annual Dream Girl Ball was held; Miss Ginger Payne was crowned Dream Girl. A dunking machine was erected on the Shackle- ford quadrangle for the annual Governor ' s Day Can- cer Fund Drive. Brothers and pledges alike took the plunge for this worthy charity Bowl Game. Proceeds of this event went to the family of a deceased police officer. Despite the social and civic aspects of being a Theta Chi, members are encouraged to maintain a high scholastic standard. The overall average of men of Theta Chi is higher than that of any other group of single men on campus. Theta Chis are proud of their fraternity house; it is the only fraternity house which provided full fa- cilities, both for living and dining, for members. Many pretty girls were on hand to greet the rushees. 132 Theta Chi Kenny Anderson Tom Beavers Larry Bell Vincent Campbell Jeff Carter Charles Collins Ron Cooper Denny Crympler Claude Frazier James Hastings William Jones Scotry Lewis Ed Mazzacco Frank Meigs Charles Messick James Mitchell Bruce Neal Don Parker Lee Peak Jack Ragin im kmhgAd r Robert Jackson Roche John Roy John Salerno Frank Sims Jerry Vucouich 133 iiko OFFICERS Bob Wingard .... IFC Representative Butch Etheridge Treasurer John Enslen Archon Johnny Cawthorne Secret ary Walter Cadwell Chaplain Russ Fox Historian Butch Cauthen .... Pledge Warden Pi Kappa Phi Was First Fraternity at TSU Winter Quarter ' 64 saw the organization of the first social fraternity at Troy State. This fraternity was known as Kappa Phi Colony of Pi Kappa Phi National Fraternity. The men of Kappa Phi Colony strive to attain the standard of excellence required by the National Fraternity. Men of Pi Kappa Phi are not picked for social prowess alone; they are chosen for qualities of leadership and a desire for excellence. The men of Gamma chapter who are not participating in intercollegiate sports play in intramural sports. Their abilities are reflected in the winning of all interfraternity Softball, basketball, and football trophies since interfraternity sports have been in existence. Miss Ginger Creel of Pensacola, Florida, was selected as this year ' s Rose of Pi Kappa Phi. Miss Creel served in the Homecoming Court and reigned as basketball queen for 1968. Rush parties are sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi during the start of each quarter. The group participated in the IFC dance and held their annual Rose Formal. Spring quarter activities in- cluded a Jungle Party. Men of Pi Kappa Phi strive to build upon a tradition of quality. To meet the demands of the national standard is their goal. A typical Pi Kapp Rush Party, pretty girls and sharply dressed prospective members. 134 Pi Kappa Phi ■kXh 1 Ad O p C) ■U±J;± t A,JiMiJ. k Cs fS t ,(fi ffi tiM Gary Bates Ansley Brown Waiter Cadwell John David Campbell Butch Cauthen Johnny Cawthorne Curtis Davis George Dickey John En slen Butch Etheridge Wayne Evans George Fergueron Russ Fox J. Don Friedman Edward Gibson Gred Goodwin George Harrison Clifford Helms Donald Hodges Timmy Jennings John David Jones Bobby Kelley Byron Lee Randy Long Royce McKissick Dave O ' Neal Danny Ousley Steve Parramore Mickey Parrish Jimmy Ray Jim Reeves Steve Rodgers Vincent Roses Terry Max Scroggins Joe Paul Spikes Buddy Tomaini David Walker Bob Wingard 135 TKE OFFICERS Lamar McDavid President Robert Hubbard Treasurer Bob Dillon IFC Representative Allen Pollard Historian Reginald Sorrells Pledge Trainer Collins Williford Secretary Bill Cherry Vice President Mason Tew Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Jones Chaplain Tekes Collected Over $1000 for Cancer Drive PLEDGES: Thomas Kelley, Wayne McMillian, Chuck Simpson, Bubba Kennedy, Danny Younger, Ronnie Shelly, Bill Shepard, Howard Walker, Dayton Long, Mike Sadler. In the spring of 1967 the Tekes of Troy became Lambda Zeta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon as they were granted their charter by the TKE National Fraternity. In the same spring quarter the Tekes sponsored the winner of the Miss Venus contest, won the spring quarter Blood Drive plaque, and collected over one-thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society during their Public Service Weekend. In the fall of 1967 the Tekes had their usual tremendous rush parties and also were the only fraternity on campus to have a party after every home football game. The year continued to be a fruitful one for the Tekes in the winter of 1967 when Tekes had their holiday parties, gave a going away party for twenty-five Vietnam- bound soldiers, and sponsored Miss TSU. The Tekes are extremely active in all campus activities. The Tekes have had three SGA senators and proctors in all three of the men ' s dorms. The editor of the TROPOLI- TAN and the business editors of the PALLADIUM and TROPOLITAN were also frater Tekes. Tekes also served as vice president and secretary of Alumni Hall B. Winter quarter rush was most successful for the TKEs. Tau Kappa Epsilon lAd?± Robert Busby Bob Dillon Larry Free Wayne Henderson Bobby Hollon Bob Hubbard Mike Jones Ray Knott Johnny Lewis Lou Logan A :M mdtAtiM Lamar McDavid Mike Morgan Larry Owens Phil Pollard Jerry Reynolds Jack Savolia Butch Seymour Chuck Smith Reggie Sorrels Charles Stagner Henry Williford Tim Woods 137 Ginger Creel riKO Sweetheart Ginger Payne 0X Sweetheart 138 feSS Beverlv Lisenby ■■■■nnin Ml Martha Wingard TKE Sweetheart AX Sweetheart 139 ORGANIZATIONS I ' m confronted by countless organizations clamoring for members. They ' re looking for anyone even me. - ?■•■ .,. ' ■ ' ' mw f m m , 140 r! — Ti f Sfii Wft 141 142 143 " r , ' ■ I I 1 . ' .1 i, MEMBERS: Su san Baxter, Glenda Wright, Naomi Heller, Dianne Adams, Ann Marie Johnson, Donna Burch, Betsy Panhorst, Peggy Hughes, Linda Smith, Rose Gantt, Joellen Hornsby, Sheila Kelly, Vallie Strickland, Suzanne Solomon, Elaine Murphy, Freda Porter, Judy Martin, Ann English, Susan Murphy, Rachel Mason Top Sophomore Women Serve as Adelphes Sophomore women students who have a grade point average of 2.0 or better compose Troy State ' s Adel- phes. The group aids freshman women students, orienting them to campus life. Special projects for the Adelphes included the presentation of a Christmas skit for the girls of Shackelford. Members of the group did much toward promoting a successful homecom- ing by combining their talents in decorations for the homecoming dance. Members are invited to join the Adelphes through a special tapping program during Spring Quarter. In addition to high scholastic standing, girls should have high moral character and a sincere interest in TSU and its social activities. I I l( I KS Susan Baxter President Sheila Kelly Vice President 144 Argonauts Promote Social and Academic Activities Freshman men receive aid through a counseling service provided by the Argonauts. This honorary service organization has promoted stimulating activity at TSU and has worked to make our college a better educational institution. Argonauts have participated in blood drives, and sponsored a sophomore honor society. Members held a homecoming dance in con- junction with the Adelphes. Members meet twice a month in Alumni Hall. New mem- bers are received upon recommendation of club members and must maintain a 1.5 overall average. The club works under the advisorship of Mr. Arthur Coker. OFFICERS John Smith President Joe Martin Vice-President Phil Raley Secretary-Treasurer SWEETHEART: Dianne McLelland MEMBERS: Rusty Knorr, John Ferguson, Mike Briggs, David Walker, Andy White, Buddy Sharp- less, Louis Bell, Robert Andress, Wayne McMillan, Leon Richards, Steve Stabler, John Lewis, Russ Fox, Alan France, Stanley Sasser, Eugene Bayne, Don Beach, Steve Jehle, Phil Raley, James Driggars, Joe Martin, Mike Griffin, Davy Harrison, Mart Richburg, Ted Mc- Vay, Johnny Smith, Sidney Bran- 145 Women ' s Gavel Club members agree that the experience gained in the club has helped them greatly in speech making. Women ' s Gavel Club Offers Speech Criticism The Women ' s Gavel Club, an affiliate of Toast- masters International, was organized in 1962. The club has been active for the past six years in helping its members become accustomed to speaking before a group. The club meets twice monthly. At each club meet- ing, four or five members present prepared speeches and constructive criticism is offered. The club sponsors are Mis s Mary Smith and Miss Diana Fowler. MEMBERS: Becky Moore, Penny Price, Judy Locklier, Barbara Yarbrough, Martha Shaw, Lisa Wood, Kay Battcher, Marinda Stinson, Sara Nave, Margaret Green, Terry Jack- son, Jackie McCord, Meladie McDonald, Sandy Shaw, Suzanne Sharp, Denise McDonald. OFFICERS Becky Moore President Penny Price Vice President Judy Locklier Secretary-Treasurer Men ' s Gavel Club Is Toastmaster Affiliate To gain experience and ability in speaking is the purpose of Troy State ' s Men ' s Gavel Club. The club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International. The twenty-one members of Troy ' s chapter meet twice monthly. During meetings members are given the opportunity to speak before the group and receive critiques concerning their presentations. Sponsor for the Gavel Club is Mr. Manley Davidson, who is affiliated with the business department at Troy State. OFFICERS David Speigner President Rick Williamson 1st Vice President Nicky Taylor 2nd Vice President Al France Secretary Tony Riley Treasurer Ben Thompson . Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS: John Autrey, Jack Bourwell, Jim Berry, Ray Berry, James Vinson, Fred Weems, Fred Miller, Don Phillips, Vic Platus, Durwood Taylor, Andy Suave, John Sarlarno, James Anderson. 147 OFFICERS Miriam Howard Co-President Jackie McCord Secretary-Treasurer Billy FTenderson Co-President Dr. Horace Nelson Sponsor Donna Jacobs Historian Nora Fowler Vice President i L Kappa Delta Phi members demonstrate a tele-learning situation. Kappa Delta Pi Presents Award to Outstanding Senior Through the hope of spreading edu- cation throughout the world, Kappa Delta Pi has made exceptional progress in the areas of professional education. The organization annually awards the L. S. Vanderford Memorial Scholarship Fund and presents a special award to the outstanding senior in the field of education. 148 Gamma Beta Promotes Scholastic Achievement The Gamma Beta Phi Society is an educational- service organization for students in colleges and universities. Organized in 1966, Troy State ' s chapter encourages advancement of the educa- tional ideal and promotes scholastic effort. The club sponsored an information desk at registration for summer quarter. The society has tentative plans for student tutoring services and an additional information desk at registration. Members must have an over-all 2.0 average and must be recommended by a club member. Gamma Beta Phi meets the first Thursday of each month in Alumni Hall Third Floor Lounge. OFFICERS Joe Martin President Wanda Shipman Vice President Jane Chapman Reporter Freda Porter Parliamentarian Judy Owen Secretary Jimmy Matthews Treasurer MEMBERS: Wanda Shipman, Freda Porter, Judy Martin, J oe Martin, Miriam Smith, Susan Baxter, Margaret Bryan, Jimmy Mathews, Judy- Owen, Ray Knott, WS Godwin, Mr. Don Crapps, Advisor. Mr. Don Crapps, Faculty Advisor 149 Reorganized Spires Stress Service to University MEMBERS: Martha Wingard, Donna Jacobs, Miriam Howard, Ann Dalton, Cheryl Tew, Brenda Jordan, Mrs. Sylvia Cook, Ester Ann Johnston, Cecile Billy, Buena Snellgrove, Shirley Williams, Car- landa Barr, Margaret Green, Jac- quelyn McCord, Aquilla Kirkland, Toni Hollis, Barbara Lindsey, Ca- rol Johnson, Kay Johnson, Mar- garet Brown, Karen Johnson, Elena Baca. OFFICERS Margaret Green President Cheryl Tew Vice President Aquilla Kirkland Secretary Through reorganization the Spires Honor Society has done much to improve scholarship at Troy State. The original purpose of the club was to aid in orientation of freshman women; Spires now exists as a service club. The group is composed of junior and senior women of high moral and scholastic standing. Special services include assistance in a class for retarded children, ushering, and serving during home- coming activities. The club exists to serve the university in any way possible. Phi Alpha Theta Is History Honorary Two members compose Troy State University ' s international honor society, Phi Alpha Theta. This honorary history society was first or- ganized at the University of Arkansas on March 17, 1921. Phi Alpha Theta is the largest accredited honor society holding membership in the Association of College Honor Societies. It is a professional society with the objective of promoting the study of history by research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and thought are among historians. Sponsor for Phi Alpha Theta is Dr. Brooks Thompson. Qualifications are a 2.0 overall average and an average of 2.5 in history. Invitation memberships are extended by the faculty of the sponsoring department. 150 SPONSOR: Mr. Brooks Thompson; MEMBERS: Jacquelyn McCord, Billy Henderson. Psi Lambda Gives Understanding of Psychology Psychology majors and those students who have plans for counseling compose Psi Lambda. The club has provided speakers and tapes to enable students to gain a better understanding of psychology. The group promotes interest in the various fields of psy- chology. A special project was undertaken by mem- bers to collect articles to aid Bryce Mental Hospital. Prospective members must be in good academic stand- ing and show interest in the club ' s activities. MEMBERS: Robert Erk, Judy Roswell, Linda Radford, Mary Wells, Ann Watley, Wayne Hodges, Annie Pat Perry, Donna Loflin, Dr. Josephine War- ner, advisor; Sue Mount, Bill Curtis, Pat Manley, Martha Lee, Jan Schomberg. Alpha Phi Gamma Rewards Journalistic Efforts Students outstanding in the field of journalism are awarded membership in Alpha Phi Gamma. The Troy State Chapter promotes cordial relations between members of the journalism profession. The Gamma Rho chapter at Troy State University was organized in 1964 under the direction of Advisor Wallace Waites. Members are chosen from students above the freshman rank who demonstrate sufficient interest and ability in the journalistic arts. MEMBERS: Martha Wingard, Rosemary Milner, Nellwyn Davis, Mar)- Rhody, Ann Williams, Kathey Pennington. 151 Women in SAI Further Interest in Music In April of 1963 the Delta Zeta chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity was organized on the campus of Troy State University. Membership in this fraternity is limited to women music majors. Mem- bers of this organization work to further the cause of music in the community and throughout the world. OFFICERS Drusill a Crosby President Sara Dean Evans Vice President Shirley Wright Secretary Gladys Colley Treasurer Tricia Rowlette Sergeant-at-Arms Wanda Shipman Chaplain - f) MEMBERS: Mrs. Lyra Crapps, advisor; Drusilla Crosby, Sara Dean Evans, Tricia Rowlette, Wanda Shipman, Gladys Colley, Glen Dora Roling, Annette Stinson, Mrs. Jean Barr, advisor; Carolyn Adkison. I I MEMBERS: Carolyn Hancock, Maria Bigot, Paula Sue Cook, Nancy Williams. SAI officers prepare for a variety of programs for their meetings. 152 OFFICERS: Bill Hickman, Program Chairman; Gary Stringfellow, Pledge Master; Billy Vann, Secretary; Tom Preer, Treasurer; Tom Freeman, President; Richard Fowler, Historian; Pete Helms, Warden; Richard Snyder, Vice President. SWEETHEART: Micky Siggers Phi Mu Alpha Advances Interest in Music Existing to foster the mutual brotherhood of students of music, to advance the cause of music in America, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to our Alma Mater, Phi Mu Alpha is a national honorary professional music fraternity. The Iota Nu Chapter was founded on the Troy State Cam- pus in I960. Each winter quarter Phi Mu Alpha presents its annual American Composers Concert and par- ticipates in musical activities and performances throughout the school year. Requirements for membership state that the prospective member be a performing musician on the Troy State campus and a member of a music organization sponsored by the college. MEMBERS: Rick Kimmel, Jimmy Gantt, Sam Mc- Nair, Rickey Brooks, Joe Simpson, Rennie Mills, Rod Henley, Frank Sims. David Willis, David Crosby, Larry Dodson, John Jefcoat, Linwood Erb, Billy Mal- lory, John Key, Bobby Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Ken- neth Kniqht. James Williams, Johnny Sanders, Ted McV.iy. 153 Alpha Phi Omega Sponsors Annual UMOC Contest Service for school, community, and country is the purpose for Troy State ' s Nu Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. This service fraternity has proved its usefulness through the operation of a Used Book Exchange, aid to local Boy Scouts, ushering at var- ious campus activities, and other community projects. The group also conducted a UMOC contest for a scholarship fund. A.P.O. was founded in 1961 to provide service and to build our university. MEMBERS: Eugene Fucci, Marry Juve, Norman Langlois, Bob Jointer, Bob Supthen, Ron Christian. MEMBERS: Norman Langlois, Cal Ste- vens, Bruce Damm, Ron Christian, Bob Supthen, Jimmy Dunn, Jerry Imbriacco, Joe Martin, Steve Riemer. 154 SWEETHEARTS: Martha Kirk, Suzanne Solomon. OFFICERS Charles Hutchinson President Tharel Shirah Vice President Hobby Perry Secretary Mike Manning Treasurer Circle K Members Contributed to ' 68 Olympic Fund MEMBERS: Tharel Shirah, John Curtis, Phillip Moncrief, Bob Bigley, Bill Threadgi Dominquez, Joe Barfoot, Stan Watson. Gil Organized by the Troy and Dothan Kiwanis Clubs in 1961, the Circle K. is a valuable asset to Troy State ' s campus life. In addition to pro- viding their services as ushers, parade coordina- tors, and by maintaining information booths dur- ing the homecoming activities, the club also has many special projects. Members have adopted a Navajo Indian child, set a goal of $150 to send to the 1968 Olympic Fund, and sponsored blood drives. Men of the organization usher during school festivities and raise the flags at ball games. The group is now sponsored by the Troy Kiwanis Club only and sent a representative to the Circle K International Convention this year. MEMBERS: Ed Strong, Pat McCarthy, Comer Daugh- try, Mike Holmes, Jason Houk, Clark McKinley, Mike Manning, Charles Hutchinson, Tommy Kirker, Rodney Reeves, Larry Youngblood, Suzanne Soloman, Riley Gibson, Bobby Perry ' , Jerry Knight. 155 Religious Council Coordinates Church Group Activities RELIGIOUS COUNCIL: Jim Crosby, Beverly Bacch, Mary Ann Hubbard, Threas Lindsay, Joe Simpson, Sylvia Riddle, Andrea Alford, Mark Cole- man, Mary Rhody, Linda Tabb, Mildred Jones, Danny Oliver. Representatives from religious organizations resi- dence halls, sororities, and fraternities compose the Religious Council. This group acts as a coordinator of the religious life at Troy State. Members are elected within their individual organization. The Religious Council sponsors two main activ- ities each year: an orientation program in the fall and a Religious Emphasis week in the spring. The Council Emphasis week in the spring. The Council meets once a month in the Little Assembly Room. Inspiration, Relaxation, Recreation Offered by B.S.U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Saundra Fowler, Carolyn Cherry, Margaret Green, Glenda Wright, Miriam Howard, Sandra Holt, Anne Wise. Standing: Glcnna Byrd, Mr. James O ' Neal, Wayne Glover, David Willis, Mr. Phil Royce. " Open every day and night " is characteristic of the purpose of Troy State ' s Baptist Student Union. It is designed to openly provide spiritual leadership and fellowship to all students. Facilities include a game room, library, Chapel, prayer room, kitchen, and lounge. The center offers students an atmosphere for inspiration, relaxation, and recreation. Discussions are held each Thursday evening and Vespers on Monday evenings. The BSU works with the Baptist Children ' s Home, GA, RA, and Sunbeams. Members also provide Quarterly programs. Summer missions raise money to send students to various parts of the country and overseas. The director of BSU, Mr. Phil Royce, and faculty advisor, Mr. James O ' Neal, administer the union ' s program. 56 Wesley Foundation Growth Marked by New Building Boasting the opening of a new building in 1967, the Wesley Foundation continued to lead Troy State ' s Methodist students in religious and spiritual life on campus. Members of the founda- tion openly welcome all students to enjoy their new facilities. The new building houses lounging areas, ra- dio, television, a library, and a kitchen. Through the support of their faculty advisor, Annette Gibbs, the organization offered various speakers, student programs, and entertainment for Troy State. The group meets each week on Thursdays and the foundation building is open to all stu- dents. V E2L5C FOUHDATlOil 55BS5— --=---g- --: P==3i fe£; The new Wesley Foundation building was dedicated during fall quarter. MEMBERS: Shirley Taylor, Sarah McLeod, Connie Hughes, Margaret Moon, Martha Lee, Jean Turney, Susan Ashcraft. Standing: Judy McGaffey, Bobby Rogers, Danny Oliver, Mark Coleman, Jo Blount, John Woodson. OFFICERS Connie Hughes Martha Lee . . . Danny Oliver . . Jo Blount .... Mark Coleman . Secretary MSM Chairman President Second Vice-President . . First Vice President Many students find the Wesley Foundation a place for quiet meditation and studying. 157 Westminister Group Unites Presbyterian Students The Westminister Fellowship at TSU is spon- OFFICERS sored by the First Presbyterian Church of Troy. Frances Cooper President Students are offered Christian fellowship and J im Crosby Vice President leadership; members from all denominations are Jamie Blackman Secretary welcomed. Meetings for Westminister are held each Sun- day night; a light supper is provided followed by discussion groups. MEMBERS: Frances Cooper, Jim Crosby, Jamie Blackman, Judy Sewell, Carolyn Andress, Kathv Ledbetter, Jack Giles, Drusilla Crosby, Marty Wilks, Reverend Clelland, Mrs. Canaday, sponsor. 58 m JU w 30 1 I i MENC Members Share Views in Music Troy State ' s student chapter of Music Educators Na- tional Conference is designed to introduce undergraduate music educators to the educational fields of music. Mem- bers are shown the benefits of a well-rounded music education. Through membership students share views and experiences of outstanding musicians and become better equipped in their field. OFFICERS John Peuhs President Richard Snyder Vice President Gladys Colley Secretary-Treasurer Drusilla Crosby Program Chairman MEMBERS: Mrs. Jean Barr, Jettie Shell, Dur Crosby, Don Tillery, Gladys Cnnitte Stinson, Richard Snyder, David Moorer, Tom Freeman. WHPER Encourages Advancement in Field Women who plan to obtain a major or a minor in the field of physical education are offered member- ship in Women ' s Health, Physical Education and Rec- reation Major ' s Club. This club was organized to foster the concern in furthering progress in health, physical education, and recreation and to advance the standards of the profession. Members encourage greater social and pro- fessional cooperation among the major and minor students, faculty and alumni of this field. OFFICERS: Diane Coots, Vice President; Mary Muller, Secretary-Treasurer; Joan Vitiello, President; Jo Bruce, State Representative. 159 MEMBERS: Peggy Jeffcoat, Mary Talbot, Steve Hickman, Donna Jacobs, June Crocker, Carolyn Hancock, Sarah Dunn, Vallie Strickland, Nellwyn Davis, Judy Boswell, Glen Dora Roling, Judith McGaffey, Norma Andress, Minie Pigman, Wanda Shipman, Frances Roten, Linda Glenboski, Elaine Murphy. SNEA Became Largest Campus Organization Men and women at Troy State in the field of professional education are afforded membership in the Student National Education Association. SNEA is the largest organization on Troy State ' s campus and serves both the state and national levels. The association exists to promote education and works to increase quality in teaching, to elevate char- acter, improve standards, and advance interests. SNEA sponsors the FTA 3rd District Convention and participated in the state conventionship in Montgomery. It serves as a tremendous influence to students who enter the profession of teaching not only on this campus but nation-wide. Scotty Lewis, President OFFICERS: Peggy Jeffcoat, Social Chairman; Linda Glen- boski, Secretary; Steve Hickman, Parliamentarian; Glen Dora Roling, Treasurer; Donna Jacobs, Vice President. 160 OFFICERS Phyllis Justice President Jane Drake Secretary Don Crook Historian Bruce Greathouse .... Vice President Students of Biology Organized Beta Sigma The spring of 1967 saw the organization of a new club in the field of biology for Troy State, Beta Sigma. Activities were wide-spread for an organization of such youth. Members sold Christmas trees, sponsored a float in the homecoming parade and held a reception and information booth in the new science building during homecoming. Dinner meetings and buffets were held in the home of their sponsor, Dr. JC Wilkes. Members of Beta Sigma gathered this summer into a work- shop, concentrating on the formation of a constitution. This meeting climaxed with a dinner and Bar-B-Q. Future plans are for a library of books and specimens for biology majors. Movies, an Ocean Springs Marine Lab and guest speakers in the fields of science are among club sponsored activities. Students may be voted into the club if they are studying in the biology field, uphold a 1.3 scholastic average, and have already completed 12 hours in science. SPONSORS: Dr. JC Wilkes, Dr. Billy Norman, Dr. Raymond Kisner. MEMBERS: Millie Loyd, Jane Drake, Ed Johnson, Tom Hagler, George Aplin, Bill Reed, Bruce Greathouse, Sunny Barr, Bill Cherry, Jimmy Cox, Micky McCoy, Don Crook, Berry McLeod, Phyllis Justice, Charlotte Hogan, Rebecca Lee, Rudi Ritzus, Rusty Crossland, Steve Adams. 161 IF TO) RE UM1NC FM FWMCltl S Uia u ±n j« MEMBERS: Brenda Baldwin, Cecile Billy, Treasurer; Alois Knowlton, President; Ann Dalton, Vice President; Aquilla Kirkland, Secretary, Thresia Lindsay, Margaret Ann Brown, Donna Jacobs, Carla Skelton, Margaret Callaway, Sarah McLeod, Mrs. Tex Whaley, Faculty Advisor. ACE Promotes Interest in Childhood Education Students whose interests lie in the area of ele- mentary education are able to express their inter- ests through membership in the Association for Childhood Education International. This organiza- tion promotes modern practices in elementary education. Demonstrations are provided through instructional materials, speakers, and professional movies. ACE was organized in 1963, under the spon- sorship of Dr. Theo Dalton. Members meet twice each quarter in Bibb Graves Hall. Faculty advisors and ACE members plan for an interesting program. MEMBERS: Charlotte Taylor, Nan Pouncey, Jennifer Bratcher, Carol John- son, Margaret Coston, Sandra Holt, Hel- en Smith, Donna Hannon, Patty Stin- nette, Judy Vickrey, Felicia Metcalf, Cornelia Falkner. 162 Delta Sigma Pi Is Fraternity of Business Major Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity open to all business majors regularly enrolled at Troy State University. The purpose of Delta Sigma Pi is to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the com- mercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Mr. Thomas Eason, Mr. Joseph Creek, Mr. Charles Farrar, and Mr. Marshal Copland rt rwi OFFICERS Max Davis Corresponding Secretary Doug Reaves . . . .• Secretary John Roy Senior Vice President Wayne Dean Chancellor Buford Gavin Treasurer Dale Neuendorf President Denny Crumpler Vice President MEMBERS: Joe Adams, Anderson, Gary Bates, Dennis Binkley, Freddie Brannon, John Brown, Ralph Carr, Denny Crumpler, Henry Curtis, Max Davis, Wayne Dean, Alan Dorn, Jesse Flowers, Buford Gavin, Alfred ' Gettys, Tommy Granger, John Hall, Jim Hast ings, Mike Holmes, Tyson Howard, Wade King, John Kyle, John Layton, Johnny Lee, Thomas Long, Dalbert Marsh, Fred Miller, Roy Moody, Sam Morgan, Dale Neuendorf, Don Payne, Buford Pate, Don Phillips, Lee Pinckard, Larry Pollard, Robert Reynolds, Douglas Reaves, John Roy, John Salerno, John Shipman, Donald Smith, George Teel, Bill Threadgill, Larry Webb, John Woodson, Otis Wooten. 163 Phi Beta Lambda Gives Training for Business Life Educational, vocational, and leadership experience for business education majors and secretarial science students at Troy State is provided by Phi Beta Lambda, professional business fraternity. The organization encourages improve- ment in scholarship and promotes school loyalty. Through membership in Phi Beta students strengthen confidence in their abilities and their work. Programs for Phi Beta Lambda are provided by local businessmen. Through a direct relationship with the business world members are provided a combination of experience as well as scholastic training. MEMBERS: Martha Wingard, Mir- iam Smith, Angie Dooling, Lisa Wood, Judy Johnston, Susan Pitts, Deathra Wise, Diane Steadham, Linda Yeoman, Patricia Bostick, Mary Wells, Judy Locklier, Jackie Roche, Rodney Reeves, Nedra Sut- ton, Jan Garrett, Sharon Walker, John Autrey, Mr. Billy Walters, sponsor. OFFICERS John Autrey President Rodney Reeves . Vice President Sharon Walker Secretary Jan Garrett Treasurer Top Art Students Get Membership in Kappa Pi Troy State ' s chapter of Kappa Pi is a na- tional honor fraternity for art majors and minors. The chapter strive;, to build a higher interest in art and art appreciation among the members and students as well as people in various other fields. A student must maintain an average of B or better to become a member of Kappa Pi. The organization sponsors various student exhibits, an art show during the week of homecoming and special art exhibits by members of the Troy chap- ter. Kappa Pi, Delta Upsilon chapter, is under the sponsorship of Mr. Mark Brewton. a MEMBERS: Bobby Lawrence, Mark Brewton, Advisor; John Grice, Bud Wilson, Rosalyn Howard, Betty Wagoner, Larry Savoie, Walter Hughes. 164 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BOARD: Dayton Long, Maurice McCord, Joan Vitiello, Mr. Wallace Wakes, Dean Annette Gibbs, John Roy, Katherine Pennington, Chuck Smith, and Mr. Bill Buchannon. Board Supervises Three Student Publications The Publications Board at TSU is in charge of all school-supported publications. These include THE PALLADIUM, THE TROPOLITAN, and THE ORACLE. Members of the board are the editors of these publications, and the business managers, the publications sponsors, a representative of the SGA, and Student Activities Director. Dean Gibbs is head of this board. Business managers of all publications make monthly financial reports to the Publications Board. This board is also in charge of the naming of students to fill the posts of business manager and editor. Dean Annette Gibbs serves as head of the Student Publications Board. 165 Homecoming Week Exhibits Talents Homecoming week was the final culmination of much preparation. Clubs, residence halls, and organizations spent many hours in preparing floats and bedecking cars for the parade. The streets were lined with onlookers who cheered the Red Wave supporters on. Students proved their versatility through or- ganized creative efforts. Without spirited sup- port the events of the week would have never been the success they were. " » 166 MEMBERS: Peggy McCIung, Verbie Curtis, Peggy Rice, Barbara Hudson, Charlotte Taylor. Row II: Robin McMillan, Historian; Harriett Glen, Nur- sery Treasurer; Shirley Turner, Parliamentarian; Sandra Stevenson, Club Treasurer; Sharon Walker, Secretary; Ann Greathouse, Vice President; Kitty Lamkin, President. Row III: Christine Morris, Gale Helms, Jo Newell, Gloria Flake, Beckie Madison, Diane Sims, Lynn Seale. Row IV: Brenda Hovey, Susan Dowling, Linda Proctor, Betty Savoie, Jane Colgan, Bonnie Crump, Gvven Sebring, Judy Sorrells. Dames Club Sponsors Year-round Nursery Troy State ' s chapter of the Dames Club is composed of student wives. The club was organized in October 1965. Members spon- sor a nursery school for faculty and student families. This school is under the direction of Mrs. Tom Stewart and is open year round. Members of the Dames Club also sell candy and sponsor a bake sale. Banquets are held at the end of each quarter for members who are leaving the university. 167 SPORTS I look elsewhere beyond the lecture hall, beyond the textbooks for something in which I can find myself. ' %, ■ " :■ .. ■■ .iaBiM 168 ■ 169 170 lU 171 Red Wave Gridders Have Outstanding Season lor the first time in the history of Troy State, the Wave footballers under the direction of head football coach Billy Atkins swept to the title in the Alabama Collegiate Conference. In the overall season compe- tition, the Wave gridders also posted their finest sea- son record ever seen at Troy. Troy started slowly, win- ning their first two contests by narrow margins over Gordon and Samford, before opening up against the Tigers of Livingston State. Traveling to Conway State College of Arkansas, the Wave suffered their first defeat at the hands of the Arkansas referees. On the road to Delta the following week, Atkins ' men had more trouble, but they pulled through in the final minutes. Jacksonville State brought their Gamecocks to Troy for a bout with the Wave, but returned home with a coop of chickens, after falling to Troy, 46-0. Flor- ence was the final ACC team to fall before the Wave. Northwestern Louisiana State, a nationally ranked team tried the Wave on the former ' s home- coming, but found the going too rough. U.T.M. in- vaded Troy at the Wave homecoming and spoiled that event, with an eight point victory. In the final game of the season, Louisiana College made the mis- take of appearing at Troy, only to be humiliated by the Wave. In his second season with Troy State University, head football coach William Atkins, has pushed Red Wave grid teams to 13 victories and 7 losses. Assistant coach Max Howell, trainer John Anderson and assistant coach Phillip Creel check over the qualifications of a new prospect for the Red Wave football squad. 172 OFFENSIVE TEAM: Jerry Yeagher, Steve Crowe, Bobby Floyd, Paul Brinsfield, Alvin Dees, Bobby Heirs, Jimmy Hedrick. Back Row: Danny Grant, Sim Byrd, JA Williams, Jeff Cotton. DEFENSIVE TEAM: Bobby Heirs, Glynn Thompson, Don Hatcher, Hugh Cole, Jim Gillespie. Back Row: Larry Groce, Hugh Hendrix, Frank Elmore, Paul Brinsfield, Ronnie Shelly, Tommy Moffitt. 173 Gordon Bulldogs Stunned by Byrd Aerials The " winning team " opened their 1967 season with a 17-0 victor) ' over the Bulldogs of Gordon Military Academy. The passes of junior quarterback Sim Byrd stunned the Bulldogs as he hit ten of fifteen attempts for a total of 218 yards and two touchdowns. The Troy defense showed early that they had what it took to make the. number one team, stop- ping Gordon both on the ground and in the air as well. Glen Thompson was the man doing the heavy work up the middle, while Ronnie Shelley stood out as the TROP player of the week, by picking-off three Bulldog aerials. Touchdowns by Grant and Yeager and a field goal by Moore ran the Wave final tally to 17-0. ' ' .-Mi: One more step and Bobby Enslen will be away and headed 90 yards down the field, putting Troy State on the scoreboard again. In Crampton Bowl against the Livingston State Tigers, kicking specialist Moore moves through on a 20 yard field goal attempt. Nothing but red is all this Tiger ba ll carrier can see as the hole closes before he can make his escape. 74 Danny Grant peels back to pick off a man with a block to open the way for halfback Jeff Cotten. A mass of red jerseys converge on a Sajnford ball carrier trying to make it up the middle. Wave Cages ' Dogs in First Home Action Troy returned to Memorial Stadium for their sec- ond game of the season, against the Bulldogs of Sam- ford University. The Bulldogs put up a bitter battle only to be stifled in the final minutes. Tommy Mof- fitt intercepted a Samford pass with 59 seconds re- maining on the clock to shut off their final scoring attempt. The Wave held on to their three point super- iority to the end, for a 17-14 win. Highlights of the game included two field goals by senior kicking specialist Danny Moore, the second from 47 yards out that gave the Wave the three point winning margin. Touchdowns came on a 90 yard pass, Byrd to Grant. 175 Troy Tames Tigers Before Montgomery Crowd The Alcarzar Shrine game played in Crampton Bowl was the scene of the next Wave victory, 33-0 over the Tigers of Liv- ingston State College. The defensive team was the key to this Troy win, holding the Tigers to only 60 yards offensively, while their Wave counterparts moved for a total of 353 yards. Once again the toe of Danny Moore proved invaluable as he put the ball through the uprights time after time. Larry Groce puts the squeeze on a Livingston State runner trying to skirt the left side. While the coaches confer over the first half charts, Wave quarterbacks Bobby Enslen and Sim Byrd reflect the toll of varsity football. 176 t z m Jim Gillespie makes a flying block to cut down the Tiger quarterback with Jim Russell coming up to finish the job. Conway Bears Hand Wave First Defeat Carrying a three and zero record on the road, Troy moved in on the Bears of the State College of Arkansas in Conway, only to be turned away on a very questionable job of the referees. Con- way was first on the clock with a one yard touchdown, failing with the extra point. Two more touchdowns were made by Conway on less-than-five-yard plunges with one extra point hitting. Hedrick took a 12 yard pass from Byrd to pull the Wave within five points, 14-19. A 92 yard fumble-return that will remain on the books as one of the most questionable calls of Troy football history, gave the Bears their final score. Troy came storming back with a drive that was topped by a ten-yard pass play, Byrd to Grant. Moore ' s kick put Troy within five once more 26- 21, but time ran out with the V ve knocking on the door once again. Starting the night off right, Danny Moore splits the uprights with nine wave offensive men doing an excellent blocking job. 177 After faking his man out of position, flanker Danny Grant tries to get past the sole defender standing between him and six points. Jaxmen Find No Mercy in Memorial Stadium Facing their second ACC opponent of the sea- son, Troy came out to avenge the 27-6 thumping that they received at the Jax hands last season. The Jaxmen came into Memorial Stadium with an air of superiority, but after being blanked 46-0, they left with all the air out of them. Grant was the leading scorer in the fiasco with three touch- downs. Enslen added two touchdowns on runs from inside the one, and Barber drove in for one from inside the five. The Troy kicking game seemed to lose some of its luster against Jax with only two making it through the uprights. One kick was blocked, two were off the mark and one snap from center was bad. This ACC victory put the Wave in fine shape for the con- ference title with only one other ACC game to play. It ' s another Troy State score as a pile of humanity is amassed on the goal line wii a wave ball carrier at the bottom. 178 Squeezing by Delta 7-0 Gives Wave Third Win Traveling for the second week in a row, the Wave arrived in Mississippi for a contest with Delta State. The Troy eleven suffered a bad case of " can ' t do ' s " , almost giving the game to Delta on several occasions. Delta was also having a bad day and ' failed to capitalize on any of the Wave-given opportunities. Late in the contest, Troy finally managed to sustain a drive long enough to push in for a score. This 7-0 victory pushed the Troy season-record to three wins and one loss. After starting the season with a clean headgear, Paul Brinsfield ' s helmet shows the wear and tear of an offensive center ' s job. Bobby Hiers finds that sometimes it is necessary ' to make your own hole as four enemy defenders try to pull him down. 179 ' And the first guy that steps on my feet Troy Cinches ACC Title With Win Over Lions Still " up " from the Jax State ACC victory the Wave blasted into the Lions of Florence State to cinch the conference title, 31-19. The Byrd-to-Enslen pass combination was clicking that night as it worked three times for touchdowns. The first went for 46 yards, the second for 75, and the third for 37. Danny Moore came through with his share of the scoring again with seven points; a field goal and four extra points. The other Troy score came on Bobby Floyd ' s only scoring effort all season when he alertly fell on a Lion fumble in the end zone. To the victors, the spoils and to Sim, Becky. The " educated toe " of Danny Moore proved invaluable to the Wave on several occasions tlii season. 180 Wave Drowns Demon Fire, 28-20 On the move once again, Troy traveled to Northwestern Louisiana State College to challenge the nationally-ranked Demons. The Wave was not one bit impressed by the 15 game winning streak the Demons had compiled for the 10,000 fans that were on hand to watch the home- coming activities. Playing a see-saw battle and varying the calls, the Wave finally managed to score the last touchdown and hang on for their seventh victor) ' against only one loss. Last minute orders come from head coach Billy Atkins. Jeff Cotton aits fast to avoid the oncoming Louisiana Demon defensive unit. 181 Homecoming Crowd Sees Wave Downed 20-12 Homecoming festivities came to a sudden halt as the Wave suffered their second and final loss of the season at the hands of the Vols of UTM. The Uni- versity of Tennessee at Martin gridders, also holding a formidable national spot, came to Troy ready to capitalize on each Troy mistake. The winning differ- ence came in the form of the Vol place kicker Dick- Mayo, who split the uprights for eight points: two field goals, and a pair of extra points. Danny Moore also came through for the Wave by hitting two field goals, but the other cogs in the Troy offensive mach- ine stuck at the wront times. This 20-12 loss set the stage for the final game of the Wave season at home against the Louisiana College gridders. The Red Wave offense is on the move, with Bobby Enslen rolling to the right, arm cocked, ready to pass. Taking a blow, Bobby Hiers awaits the next tour of action with the Troy offensive unit. A tough defensive charge is exhibited by the linemen of UTM at the Troy home coming. Back in the pocket, Wave quarterback Sim Byrd sets for a flanker pas to the left. 182 Trying to turn the corner, Bobby Enslen is met by a host of Louisiana linemen. Driving in for a touchdown, flanker Danny Grant takes enemv defenders with him accross the line. Troy Routs Louisiana College, 75-0, To End Season Louisiana College was a victim of the Wave wrath still boiling from the UTM contest. Al- though LC had by far the weakest team to face Troy all season, the game could have been more of a contest had previous circumstances been different. Several of the Troy State students ended the game cheering the LC eleven each time they made yardage because of the Troy winning margin of 75-0. Moore topped his season high for eight points by splitting the uprights nine times after touchdowns, failing once and receiving a bad snap from center once. High into the air for another pass inter- ception, Ronnie Shelley forestalls another Tiger offensive. " Wait a minute fella! This is our end of the field. " Basketball ,. ir ,,..,, !§j MiriAi Robert Hawkins, Joe Martin, LM Forrester, Frank Lowery, Roger Caldwell, Leslie Rotkiewicz, Jerry Imbriacco, Larry Thorpe, Assistant Moorefield, trainer; Don Beech, Ron Stewart, Doug Carmichael, John David Stewart, Billy Cannon, Ron Billik, Robert Glazik, John Enslen, Archer. coach; Mo Coach John Wave Takes History-Making European Tour Coach Archer ' s Red Wave cagers spread the name of Troy State University across the world over the Christmas holidays tour- ing Europe. While on the Continent, the Troy quint won five and dropped six, traveling to four countries. Their action in- cluded winning one tournament, finishing second in another, and taking games from teams from Holland, Belgium, Poland and France. Junior Jerry Imbriacco represented Troy in fine fashion, being voted the Most Valuable Player of the Blue Star of Amsterdam Tournament. Coach John Archer, in his eleventh season with the Red Wave cagers, guided his ball club to 17 victories and eight losses. 184 V ' tfV Troy State ' s fast break is greatly enhanced by the abilities of men like John Enslen who take Advantage of every opportunity. It gets tough under the boards, but Wave eager Doug Carmichael goes up for a hook shot from tne side. 185 Wave Basketballers Finish Season 17-7 The Troy State University cagers finished the 1967-68 season with a record of 17 wins and seven losses, copping second place in the Ala- bama Collegiate Conference. The season started off in fine style, the Wave carrying all of its Opponents into the losing column. The City of Troy Chamber of Commerce Tournament brought teams from the North down to invade the Wave home court, all of whom left without the 1st place trophy. The Music City Invitation Tournament brought disaster to the Wave record, as the Troy cagers fell in two consecutive nights of action. A three game road trip near the finale of the season, including two ACC games put the Wave out of the running for the ACC title, but a storm of action in the home courts, downing the Badgers of Spring Hill College by one point in the closing minutes, and the Hurri- canes of Georgia Southwestern in the 1968 bas- ketball homecoming. Coach Archer and Jerry Imbriacco talk it over during a time-out in the Spring Hill College game. Second leading rebounder on the Red Wave team this season, Jerry Imbriacco cleans the board against three Saint defenders. - Breaking away for a lay-up, senior Doug Carmichael beats his man in the Gernard game. Drawing a foul while in the act of shooting, Roger Caldwell sinks the shot any- way. A member of Coach Archer ' s speed merchant crew, Frank Lowery pivots away from an enemy defender. Big number 33, Billy Cannon, hits for two from the side. 188 ,nt The Carmichael special, a running one-hand push shot, gave Doug the leading scorer position for the Wave this season. Golf Coach Larry MonHolIon, Bill Riddle, Ridge Lent, Billy Jones, Warren Hanchey, Mike Griffin, Mike Carlton and Sammy Patton. Linksters Sweep 5th Straight ACC Title Coach Howell ' s linksmen showed up with one of the best seasons yet, winning thirteen, dropping only three. In the conference the fairwaymen posted a 12-1-1 record to grab off the ACC crown. Going into the ACC tournament as the favorite Troy lived up to their expectations by walking away with all the honors. In the District 19 play-off for the NAIA against Southwestern Louisiana, Troy suffered slightly, losing by two strokes. Practice made the game, as a Wave linkster sends one towards the cup in pre-season practice. : " - ;,■ Cross-Country The first man from Troy to cross the finish line in the Troy C of C meet was coach Nick Costes. Frequent trips around the Troy State golf course keep the Troy harriers in shape for up-coming meets. Harriers Finish Fifth in Troy C of C Meet The Troy State Harriers posted a fine season in the fall of 1967 winning over nine matches and showing well in the tenth annual Troy Chamber of Commerce Cross Country Meet. As a team in the Troy C of C meet, the Wave finished fifth behind the Alabama — Florida Track Club, Auburn University, The Frosh of Auburn, and the University of South Alabama. The first man to cross the line for Troy, as an official runner was Ken Deavcrs. Running unat- tached, however, cross country Coach Nick Costes finished ninth with a time of 15:36. Coming up the chute in the Troy C of C meet, the first official Troy State runner is Ken Deavers. Track WBL jpsx t i mack TRACK TEAM: Johnny Smith, Ken Deavers, Louis Bell, Robert Burkett, Johnny King, Harold Nelson, Jo Pilcher, Andy Aplin, Johnny Tatum, Kyle Watson, Gil Dominguez, Monty Tanner, Tharel Shirah, Owen Walton, David Walker, Richard Dean, Arthur Anderson. y u- Louis Bell, Mark Sterzenbach, and Ken Deavers, distance men, round the number two turn in Memorial Stadium. Johnny Smith practices throwing the javelin for the up coming thin- clad season. 192 Anderson Added as Assistant Track Coach A new addition was added to the 1968 track scene in the form of Johnny Anderson, new track assistant. As well as being trainer for the football squad, Anderson stepped-in to help head track coach Nick Costes. Starting in the fall, the thinclads ran cross-country, then progressed to the oval in the spring. The schedule included new teams this season, such as Cal Tech as well as many Florida teams. Assistant coach John Anderson with the mile relay team of Andy Aplin, Johnny Tatum, Joe Pilcher, and Ken Deavers. , High hurdles, something they put in your way to make a race harder. Arthur Anderson, putting the shot in his warm-ups before a Troy State meet. Out of the blocks and off the line, as the sprinters Tharel Shirah and Gil Dominquez move out in the hundred. 193 Wrestling John Councilman, Steve Stabler, Mickey Parrish, Glen Ray, Wayne Waters, Chuck Cloninger, Tim Jennings, Robert Murphy, Coach Larry MonHollon, Ken Vaitis, Phil Johnson, Joe Vaitis, John David Jones. Red Wave Wrestlers Win Two, Drop Seven Coach Larry MonHollon in his first season with the Red Wave wrestling squad found the going a little rough as the Wave grapplers finished with a regular season record of two wins and seven losses. Bob Murphy was the leading man in the scoring column with a total of twenty-eight points in Troy State matches. Tim Jennings came in second with a total of twenty points. A newcomer to the Troy State mats this sea- son, Marcus Calloway took care of Troy work in the Heavyweight division, ending with a total of thirteen points. John Councilman finished with eleven points and Wayne Waters and Glen Ray both ended with ten points each. Mickey Parrish works for a quick reversal 194 ■an A mass of arms and legs is all that can be seen as Bob Murphy maneuvers for a pin. Trying to get behind his man, a Troy grappler finds himself hung-up, by an opponents arm. Working from the left side, Wayne Waters starts a breakdown to get his man to the mat. Sometimes things don ' t quite go the way they are planned and you end up on bottom, despite it all. 195 Tennis Tommy Arlington, Larry Davis, Eric Erickson, Jeff Gray, Bruce Barnes, Hank Garrett, Roger Bell, Wayne Barnett, Kent Rettig, Mike West, King Bond. Netters Capture 1st Conference Crown in ' 67 Coach Preston Griffin ' s 1967 tennis squad enjoyed one of the finest seasons ever, winning thirteen and dropping only one. Marion Institute topped the Wave early in the season, but in a return match the Troy courtmen came back to prove superiority. In addition to this feat, the Wave tennis team brought the first Alabama Collegiate Conference title to Troy State College in tennis. For 1968, Coach Griffin had the services of seven returning lettermen, including Hank Garrett, Mike West, Eric Erickson, Bruce Barnes, King Bond, Bobby Rogers, and Roger Bell. Coach Preston Griffin, mentor of Red Wave tennis team, is always looking for new talent and ideas for his tennis squads and physical educa- tion classes. 196 Returning a volley, Jeff Gray slams another oponent to help the Red Wave Bruce Barnes, a returning letterman to the Wave net squad, win the match. sets for a return. Coming across fast, King Bond shows fine style after the connection. Strain shows in the face of King Bond shortly after a save in the backcourt. Baseball J y s L j.Jki. Ml JfcAva Arii , ' «• ' U £fc -J T ;a.j 5 Tm. ' • ' »- « » V ' t», , ' ' ' -S- ' ' jfe cM IV 1 I Baseballers Break .500 Mark in 1967 Season The 1967 edition of the Red Wave baseball squad finished one game ahead of the 500 mark, winning eleven and dropping ten. In 1968 Coach Creel stated that he was looking for a better squad, and was plan- ning to travel with about twenty men on the squad. At the end of the ' 68 season, Troy State was the site of the Alabama Collegiate Conference Tournament. Seven returning lettermen came out to help with this year ' s diamond action, including; Wes Rutlcdge, ACE starting pitcher; Mike Wittner, second baseman; Tommy Moffitt, center fielder; Frank Elmore, right fielder; Lee Jones, third baseman; JA Williams, cat- cher; JN Carter, shortstop. Shortstop JN Carter moves to the left to scoop up a grounder. 198 ' .1 The first move of a double play starts with the second baseman making the pick-up ACE starting pitcher Wes Rutledge comes-off the mound, showing the form that pushed the Wave to 11 victories in 1967. and throw, as does Wave ' s Mike Wittner. : T I -■.. - . ... v . - -. - - -» ■ j- - ■ -, - " That one looked a little too low for my style, " Mike Wittner says to catcher JA Williams. 199 Delta Chi ' s Top Theta Chi ' s in Charity Bowl Intramural sports served a large number of Troy State students again this year. As capping event, the Delta Chi ' s and Theta Chi ' s held the first annual Charity Bowl game in-Memorial Stadium. Playing the game with the proceeds going to the family of Officer Billy Dcase, these two fraternities squared-off for forty minutes of the roughest football seen on the intramural scene. The Delta Chi ' s walked away with all the honors, topping the Theta Chi ' s 19-0. The game was termed a success with a large number of students showing-up to support the two fraternities. A half-time show of a different variety was staged by several members of the band, keeping the atmosphere of the game light and everyone in good spirits. " Now where could that blamed thing have gone. John " Solo " Lane earned his nickname the hard way, being in the backfield by himself a majority of the time. 200 Intramural " The Slop of the South " with that fantastic marching sound filled the stadium with music and laughter throughout the halftime. Wide open action filled the night of playing with many wild runs and long bombs to keep the game interesting. 201 The form may be a little different, but the results are the same in intra- mural as well as varsity basketball. It ' s still the man with the highest jump that does the job. " Well, it was here a minute ago! ' 202 Hven in girls roundball, the official finds it hard to say out of the way of :olliding players. 203 Sometimes, I just think about the hundreds of people that make ADMINISTRATION 2 secretaries, administrators and the student body. ' • ■. ' ' •■ ■ . . • •■ m mimmmmmmi mi 204 ?M3 ' ::% • • w H ?r -■- ' -■-• " - r- 205 206 207 Standing with two of her admirers, Governor Wal- lace displays a broad smile. Governor Lurleen Wallace combines charm and ability in carrying out her duties as Chief Executive. Governor Occupies Special Place in TSU Hearts As head of Troy State University ' s Board of Trustees, Governor Lurleen B. Wallace fosters growth in academic standing. In addition to her administrative duties as Gov- ernor, Mrs. Wallace stands as an impressive leader in education. Being the first woman governor of our state, Governor Wallace has aptly proved her qualifications. She has become one of the most admired women in the United States and in the world. Through commendable ideals and policies Governor Lurleen Wallace has demonstrated her sincere desire to serve her state and public. Troy State Univer- sity is proud to salute Alabama ' s Governor and is momen- tously grateful for her advancement of education in the state. jLift:. 208 Members of the TSU Board of Trustees: (left to right) Robert Kelly, Mrs. Alice Mosely, J. Wilbur Jordan, Robert T. Wilson, President Ralph Adams, MacDowell Lee, Jack Giles, Dr. Lillian Manley, Reverend Marvin Vickers, and Robert M. Guillot. First Board of Trustees Appointed This Year Until recently Troy State l T ni versify operated without the supervision of a Board of Trus- tees. Governor Lurleen B. Wallace appointed eight members to fill this void which had pre- viously been under the auspices of the State Board of Education. This newly appointed committee has, at recent meetings, become acquainted with general in- formation about the college. Through astute study the trustees have made organizational plans for the future of Troy State University. Board members and other school and city officials were present when Troy State was officially proclaimed a university. 209 President Ralph W. Adams Outstanding in the achievements at Troy State during the administration of President Ralph Adams was the changing of the college to a University on December 14, 1967. President Adams has been a sig- nificant force behind the promotion to competent administrators, serious students and a loyal public for Troy State University. Through his efforts the university has expanded in many directions, not only academically, but also in its facilities and services. Troy State has increased in its number of fulltime students and graduates. Student enrollment has in- creased during the 1968 academic year. President Adams takes pride in TSU and through this pride is reflected his sincere desire to serve students, faculty, and administrative officers. Many problems face a university president. President Adams dictates another of the many letters required by his job to Mrs. Jean Man-, his new secretary. 210 The Adamses enjoy a pleasant evening at home with their son Sam. Their -two other children are Ralph, Jr., and Kelly. After a hard day at work, the president relaxes in his home library. 211 I Dr. Howell is constantly seeking new ways to im- prove TSU academically. Although he is in his first year as Vice President, Dr. Howell is no stranger to Troy State, having previously served as head of the Business Department. VP Howell Serves on Education Study Commission Dr. D. L. Howell is Troy State University ' s newly appointed Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Howell was a Professor of Eco- nomics at the University of Mississippi and has taught both at the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi. He has been appointed by the Governor of Alabama to the Alabama Education Study Com- mission. Dr. Howell received his Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Alabama. Foremost in the plans of Dr. Howell is his hope to allow students a bigger voice in the running of the university. The student Involve- ment Programs allow students to be present at most major committee meetings which will affect them. They are not allowed to vote, but are allowed to express their opinions. Dr. Howell is assisted by his secretary, Mrs. Kelley. 212 As Vice-President for Finance, Mr. Stabler is responsible for all expenditures of the univer- sity. Final arrangements for new buildings are made through his office. VP Stabler Manages All TSU ' s Financial Affairs As Vice-President of Financial Affairs, Mr. Clay Stabler is the supervisor of all the financial areas of school activities. Mr. Stabler remains constantly in- formed of the expenditures and financial status of the business office, general services, maintenance de- partment, cafeterias, bookstore, and the student center. Through his supervision the disbursement of univer- sity funds has become a more accurate and well di- rected process. Figures must be checked and double checked. 213 Dean Gibbs Varied Work Vital to All Students Serving students in all areas of university life, Dean of Students, Miss Annette Gibbs, is an important part of the administration of Troy State University. Miss Gibbs is in charge of the general operation of campus life. She received her B.S. degree from Florence State College and her internship and M.A. degree from Ohio University. Dean Gibbs became a member of TSl " s administrative staff in 1962. In 1964 she was appointed Dean of Students. Through the ever constant efforts of Dean Gibbs, Troy State has become one of the better educational institutions in Alabama. Her office has proven to be one of the most vital on campus. Fall orientation for new students is under Miss Gibbs super- Miss Gibbs ' duties as Dean of Students include coordinating all Student Personnel Services. Among her other activities, Miss Gibbs is chairman of the Student Publications Board. Anyone needing advice, assistance, or instructions, usually turns first to Miss Gibbs and her staff. 214 Student Personnel Services Are All Encompassing Mr. Robert Williford, Dean of Men, is responsible for the discipline of male students and the supervision of men ' s dor- mitories. Dean Williford is always in support of improvements for students and is constantly working for better relationships between students and administration. Troy State ' s Dean of Women, Mrs. Harmon, resigned this year. During her service to the University Dean Harmon was responsible for counseling and disciplining women students and for supervising the women ' s residence halls. Mrs. Har- mon ' s withdrawal from this position was a loss to students; she was always ready to aid in her capacity and her office ex- tended its welcome to all women students. Guidance Director at TSU is Mr. F. L. Vines. Mr. Vines works to produce better methods of registration and is con- stantly working to produce a more informative and useful Troy State catalogue to aid students. He is in charge of ad- ministering the college testing program. Through his office students are given a closer connection to college administration and activities. Mr. Williford, Dean of Men, is one of the students ' best friends. Mrs. Harmon ' s resignation as Dean of Women in January was a great loss to Troy State. Mr. Vines, Guidance Director, is the best source of counselin g and guidance. 215 Special Services Provided for All Students Mrs. Errin Teal, Placement Assistant at Troy State University, incorporates in her job the counseling of graduates in order to secure worthwhile positions for them. The placement office is open to all students and offers information concerning summer and tem- porary jobs. Students may secure interviews with pros- pective employers through this office. This year the jobs of Financial Director and Student Activities Director were divided. Mr. Donald J. Gibson is head of financial aid for students. Scholar- ships and various types of loans are available for students; Mr. Gibson directs the distribution of these aids. Student Activities Director, Maurice McCord, works closely with the SGA in promoting student affairs. Among student affairs under his direction are the SGA sponsored big-name entertainment programs and such programs as the Coffee House, which opened this year. : 9 w sj Scheduling interviews for graduating students is the responsibility of Mrs. Erin Teal and the Placement Office. Donald Gibson has charge of financial aid for students. The new Student Activities Director is Maurice McCord. 216 Mrs. Erdie Smiley finds student records in the file. Mrs. Elvira Reynolds is the very capable head nurse at the health Mrs. Gloria Creek checks a student ' s symptoms. center. Health Center Constantly Alert to Student Needs Mrs. Brenda Rosser prepares a student ' s medicine. Mrs. Sybil DuBose checks the records. Existing to aid TSU students in health problems, the Mar)- E. Rich Health Center offers the best and most modern methods in caring for the ill. The health center is open 24 hours a day and a registered nurse is on duty at all times to insure proper care for students. The infirmary contains 18 beds which enable students to remain in the center for observation and supervision. 217 Comptroller, Registrar Offer Vital Services The Dean of Admissions and Registrar, Mr. Jeff McClain, supervises the operation of the Registrar ' s Office. Mr. McClain maintains constant surveillance over student grades and records. The Assistant Dean of Admissions, Mr. Walter Sullivan, and the Associate Registrar, Mrs. Nell Gibson, are concerned with checking for admissions and records requirements for the entering student and for providing pertinent information con- cerning subjects which must be completed before a student graduates. University records, grade slips, and statistical information are compiled in the IBM Department. This department is under the guidance of Mr. Jimmy Clark. Records utilized in this department are vital for administration and students. Comptroller Robert Wakefield is assistant head of the Business Department. He handles purchasing, payrolls, and student ac- counts. Comptroller Robert Wakefield checks requisitions. Responsibility for the many jobs done by Data Processing falls on the shoul ders of James Clark. Mrs. Nell Gibson is Associate Registrar. Student grades are checked by Registrar Jeff Mc- As Dean of Admissions, Walter Sullivan must Clain. check each student ' s qualifications before admis- Mi II 218 University Relations Must Be Maintained Dr. R. C. Kennedy ' s office is responsible for seeing that TSU news is sent to the proper places. --x -V Or. R. C. Kennedy, Director of Student Employ- ment aids students in finding employment who need financial assistance in order to complete their formal education. By working during each quarter students are given the opportunity to work their way through school. Dr. Kennedy is also Director of Public Rela- tions. Mr. Roy Jeffcoat, Director of Special Services at Troy State, works for better relations between alumni and school and also supervises the extension centers of TSU. Mr. Bill Buchannon is Troy State ' s Assistant Public Relations Director. He is responsible for all university catalogues and publicity for TSU ' s band and football team. Through Mr. Buchannon ' s office the activities of the university are kept in the public eye. As the new Director of Public Relations, Bill Buchanon has had a hectic year. Alumni activities and the TSU branches keep Roy Jeffcoat busy. 219 Physical Plant Department Provides All Upkeep Campus grounds and facilities are kept in proper order through the work of Troy State ' s Physical Plant Depart- ment. This departmen t, under the supervision of Mr. O. W. Bickcl, makes certain that the university affords the utmost in convenience and presentability for students, faculty, and public. Under the auspices of building and grounds is the super- vision of all mechanical items, residence halls, and jani- torial services. Campus police also fall under this jurisdic- tion. TSU ' s police help enforce the rules of the college and aid local authorities in maintenance of the law. Uni- versity policemen are on duty to keep students safe and grounds secure at all times. Mr. Melton Carter is Assistant Director of Physical Plant. Mr. O. W. Bickel is Director of Physical Plant and chief of campus police. POLICEMEN: George McVay, Mitchell Rushing, Leroy Stephens, Linthus McVay, J. P. Jinright, and E. E. Williams. 220 { Mr. Russell Berry, Mrs. Sarah Berry, and Mrs. Martha Ward head the University Dining Halls. Dining Halls Boast Well-Trained Personnel Dining facilities at Troy State University offer well-trained staff members and supervisors in an effort to afford students the best food possible. University dining halls are under the supervision of Mrs. Martha Ward. Food service at Troy State operates from two cafeterias. The staff members in both of these facilities are composed in part of student workers. Operators of university dining halls are striv- ing constantly to improve cafeteria service for the benefit of students. Through the addition of a new cafeteria this service has been greatly strengthened. Lunchroom staff members include Mr. Mary Jordon, Mr Gene Starling, Mrs. Sarah Jones, Mrs. Lerna Phelps, and Mrs. Opal Powel. Mrs. Rose Lanier, Mrs. Magaret Barron, Mrs. Danny Moore, Mrs. Cathey Talley, Mrs. Sulane Mathews, Mrs. Alene Floyd, and Mrs. Dorothy Collins are part of the Cafeteria Staff. 221 £. J i Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Stinson are always available to serve Mrs. Mary Spencer has her hands full in keeping the Student students. Center in working order. All Students Rely on Student Center Services Not many students finish a day without utilizing the Uni- versity ' s book store, student center, and post office. These three facilities are housed within Smith Hall and are bustling centers of activity. With these facilities at hand students are able to secure needed supplies, food and mail without added problems. The student center, which is alive with students at all times during the day and night is headed by Mrs. Mary Spencer and offers the best food and snacks available. The post office is a necessity to all students to communicate with home and friends. Mrs. Wease Rose heads postal services. The bookstore is kept running smoothly by Mrs. Dot Starling. Students are able to obtain books, cards, and all necessary supplies through the bookstore ' s services. I ' -.V ' V; Mrs. Maggie Kyzar, Mrs. Entys Clements, and Mrs. Dot Starling keep TSU ' s Bookstore well organized and offer the best in supplies for student needs. Mrs. Wease Rose and Mrs. Erma Blair keep the mail coming, be it rain, snow, or shine. 222 Graduate Division Offers New Counseling Degree Troy State ' s Graduate Division began offering for the first time this year a program leading to the De- gree of Master of Science in Counseling and Guidance. This program will be offered during the summers only and will involve a nine week course. Troy State ' s Graduate Program has grown consider- ably in the past few years and will continue to pro- gress through developments planned by Director of the Graduate Division, Dr. V. P. Lewis. The academic requirement for enrolling in the graduate program of study is a 1.5 average in a 3.0 system; students must also earn a satisfactory score on the GRE. This division of TSU is not limited to on campus study; there are other sections located at Fort Rucker, Maxwell-Gunter Center. GRADUATE COUNCIL: Robert Smith, Treasurer; Sylvia Jones, Secretary; Allyne Gibson, President; James King, Vice President; Mary Hilyer. Back Roir: Dr. W. P. Lewis, Director of the Graduate Division; Jean Deming, Sarah Strickland, Flake Tatom, Nannette Smith, Sherrill Singleton. 223 Mrs. Jo Ann Eason sketches during a free hour. Amid a sea of easels, a student surveys his work. Art Students Work in Variety of Media To be an individual and to create worth- while technique is stressed in Troy State University ' s department of art. This depart- ment is headed by Dr. Robert Paxon. Students are afforded the opportunity of exhibiting their works in a formal gallery; this means of conveyance enable both stu- dents and the general public to measure the calibre of the artists. Through a constant sur- veillance of new methods and programs the university ' s art department is kept up to date with new courses and revisions of old ones. Dr. Robert Paxson, department head, studies an exhibit in McCartha Hall. 224 Mrs. Pat Johnson prepares a test for her students. The showing of slides will enhance this lesson by Mrs. Alice Thornton. Mr. Mark Brewton examines a piece of pottery made in the department. Mr. Edwin Walter assists a studen t while Dr. Thomas Mew works in back- ground. 225 Department head Thomas Eason is always willing to help students. Charles Carroll explains business techniques to his students. Business Trains for Professional Careers Individuality has its place in the business world as in any other field of endeavor. This sense of personal achievement is stressed in Troy State ' s business de- partment. Students are trained in the most modern methods of business and secretarial skills. Troy ' s business department is the largest, categor- ically, on campus. Students are given the opportunity to study both the professional and teaching aspect of business education. Marshall Copeland helps a student with .1 problem. Eugene Sherman looks over the latest copy of the Tropolitan. 226 LL1 a . The efforts of Mrs. Johnnie Andress, Dr. G. T. Stewart, Durwood Taylor, and Nicholas Cervera are devoted to the improvement of the department. Billy Walters and Joseph Creek share a private joke with Manley Davidson. 227 Offering new studies in social rehabilitation, Mr. William Jenkins hopes to open new fields of interest to TSU students. f r B W n w 1- 1M _3 l j ■ — — ' J Fiy B 1 r Dr. Paul Lewis serves as head of the department. Long-time member of the department, Dr. Harris Harvill, continues to prepare future teachers for their work. Education Psychology Department Serves Many •. Charlie Parker is head of the up- dated reading center. ■ i The intellectual mind and dry wit of Dr. Jerry Haynes make his psychology courses rewarding and interesting. The education-psychology department prepares professional educators through the study of theories and their practical applications. The ideas formulated in classes are later transferred by stu- dent teachers to their pupils. The objective of the department is that of putting that which you have learned into use. In connection with this department is the campus laboratory school. Students enrolled in this school receive the best instruction available from experienced instructors and student teachers. 228 Laboratory School supervising teachers are Mrs. Ann Ray, Mrs. Nanette Carter, Miss Ellen Solomon, Mrs. Allene Gibson, Miss Nellie Hitt, Mrs. Eloise Kirk, and Mrs. Rhetta Johnson. Mrs. Foy Cummings co-ordinates Troy State Laboratory School activities. Psychology instructors Jerry Daly, Dr. R. H. Ervin, and Dr. Marjorie Rittenour discuss various aspects of their subject. Dr. Horace Nelson is in charge of student teaching. Dr. James H. Ford, Dr. Wilda Pickett, William Campbell, and Mrs. Tex Whaley talk over mutual problems. 229 Mrs. Lucille Mussleman, talks with Miss Pam Houston and Robert Dewberry, two new additions to TSU ' s English Department. Vanderbilt graduate George Vickery, taught Chaucer, British Literature, and Freshman Composition. English Department Striving for Improvement Through modern techniques the curriculum of the English, Speech and Foreign Language De- partment is constantly improving. The department last year initiated a new course of study for freshman students, with emphasis on the es- sentials of grammar, composition, and rhetoric. New stress has been placed on the use of films and multi-sensory aids and the proper use of these methods. Teachers for this department are highly screened in an effort to produce a more solid foundation for students. Graduates are prepared to enter the teaching profession with greater con- fidence and ability. Education is based on the principles of language, and at TSU these prin- ciples are held high. Members of the department will face the new year under the direction of a new department head, Dr. Joseph Roberts. Dr. Roberts has pub- lished several books, including poetry and short stories. Dr. Then Dalton once again served as acting chairman of the English Department. 230 » u Wallace Waites, teacher of journalism and speech courses, is ready to lock up after a hard day. ■I Mrs. Imogene Pinkard browses through her library to find interesting reading. , " A - c Z Dr. Joseph James, teacher of French, pauses for a moment to speak of his native France. ' :; • .1 1? — - Mrs. Louise Collins and Mrs. Mary Lockridge are served by Mrs. Theo Dalton at a coffee given by the English department. James Morris has vastly improved the quality of Troy ' s Spanish curriculum since his arrival. 231 Mrs. Lucille Musselman, Miss Thelma Goodwin, and Miss Mary Middleton consult various references to clarify a literary point. Fred Ricci is drama and speech instructor. Mrs. Dorothy Adams looks over her notes as she prepares her lesson plan for her next class. 232 Mrs. Study Slater and Mrs. Emma Norris stop to talk for a moment after class. Mr. James O ' Neal consults with Mr. Charles Norris concerning future math course additions. Head of the Math Department, Mr. Virgil Collins, has spent many years working toward improving the department. New Ideas Incorporated in Mathematics Program Mr. James Ray teaches Engineering Drawing. Today man is faced with problems and solu- tions unique to any society of the past. Stress is placed in the field of math and engineering. In an age of rocketry and space travel the role of mathematics is increasing in value. Pre-engineering students and math majors are trained in the most comprehensive and modern methods of teaching at Troy State. The depart- ment is based on the modern point of view, in- corporating new ideas in math to meet the need of student programs. Math becomes interesting and challenging when Known for his comprehensive courses, Mr. John Mr. Jerry Hattaway delivers a lecture to his taught by Mr. Edward Barnett. Lee keeps his standards high. Algebra Class. 233 f The Physical Education department is headed by Dr. Earl Watson. P.E. Department Stresses Total Education Physical fitness is an important stimulus to mental activity. The Health, Physical Education and Recrea- tion Department of Troy State University is operated on the basis of total education, that of mind and body. Through the use of modern developmental pro- cesses in physical education students are given ex- cellent preparation for the future. Classes are offered in a wide range of health and recreational fields. A highly specialized program is provided for those who wish to obtain a major in the department. Mrs. Van Watson instructs in the Physical Education Department. Mrs. Shirley Canaday instructs classes in volleyball as part of her job in the P.E. Department. VDUCATION ft FOR Mrs. Patricia Allison, Miss Mary Estes, Mrs. Emma Peterson, and Mrs. Wilma Pickett discuss class plans for the Physical Educa- tion Department. Mrs. Patricia Allison 234 MPtci, - Tennis is a favorite past time of Coach Preston Coach Nick Costes teaches track and field at TSU. Griffin. Coach Anderson supervises the Cross Country team. Coach Phillip Creel views a film in preparation for baseball season. Coach Howell and Adkins discuss football strategy. Coach Larry MonHollon heads the Wrestling Team. 235 Dr. Brooks Thompson ' s specialty is English history. Grady Post looks over a test for one of his classes. History Department Stresses Past and Present In an age of highly advanced communication and travel, a knowledge of the world, both past and pres- ent is a necessity. Today it is not enough for man to know only of himself and his own environment; he is led to ponder his origins and the societies of the world. History is a picture of the past and a pat- tern for the future. Training and resourcefulness are important to the History Department at Troy State. The advantages of a well-stocked library and a nearby state capitol aid in the usefulness of the department. Competent his- tory majors are trained at TSU; through this training they are able to extend their knowledge to students and historians of the future. In addition to his teaching ability, Department Head Dr. Leonard Trapp is known for his remarkable memory. 236 Dr. Raymond Deming and Paul Musselman discuss teaching problems as secretary Mrs. White looks on. History instructor Ray Tindel pauses from his work to chat with geography instructor Cloyd Paskins enthralls his students with Oriental descrip- J. E. Williams. tions. % The capable Dr. H. E. Sterkx has done much re- search on the South. Patrick Harriss checks papers for his next class. Mrs. Sylvia Cook is a teacher of American and Alabama history. 237 Music Department Weil-Known in South Important to Troy State University both scholas- tically and in the public image is the Music Depart- ment. Under the direction of Dr. Charles Farmer the department activities include piano and organ recitals, voice recitals, string lecture, and other programs. The Collegiate Singers ' Christmas tape has been pre- sented for several years over the Mutual Broadcasting System. Another important aspect of the department is the Red Wave Marching Band. Under the direction of Mr. Johnny Long, the band projects a glowing image of TSU in concerts, and parades. This year proved to be one of innovation for the music department with the start of an Opera Work- shop. This workshop was the first of its kind in the state. Students and instructors, in a combined effort, culminated their talents in a week of operatic presenta- tions. Dr. Charles Farmer, department head, relaxes at his desk. Dr. Patricia Connor and student Maria Bigot look over one of the operas presented in the spring. Mrs. Lyra Crapps and Mrs. Jean Barr discuss techniques for their music classes. 238 Li. _ T .»n — Dr. Carl Volrath has many of his compositions published. Mrs. Mary Ann Mew lectures to her music class. Dr. William Dennison is the new harmony teacher. John Long is in his ' fourth year as band director. Charles Calkins instructs a student in piano. Thomas Trobaugh is a piano instructor and core music teacher. Douglas Davidson is instructor for brass instrument players. 239 Philosophy and Religions Give Broad Outlook One of Troy State University ' s more recent additions is the Philosophy and Religion Department. This department is headed by religion instructor Dr. Carl Purinton. Religious study gives a student a broader interpretation of the Bible and helps him associate 4 himself with religion. Mr. Martin Kruskoph heads the Philosophy classes at TSU. This newly adopted program of study intro- duces students to the value of logic and philosophical ideas. Martin Kruskopf is a former Rhodes Scholar. Dr. Carl Purinton checks a point in one of his textbooks. Classics Department Is New Academic Area The Classics Department at TSU is the newest addition to the academic curriculum of the university. Students are offered courses in classical principles in philosophy and related studies. Dr. Malcolm Agnew, head of the department, came to Troy State from Boston University. He has initiated courses in Latin and Greek and Latin and Greek literature. He has lectured in Egypt and attended classes on Classical Studies in Greece. Dr. Malcolm Agnew keeps his students interested in tales of ancient Greece. 240 ■» Science Department Enlarges Facilities In a world of change and constant experimentation, man has become more inquisitive. The Science Department at Troy State attempts to serve this quest for knowledge and under- standing. Students are offered degrees in science for teaching, scientific work, and in sanitary science. The best in facilities and teachers enables this department to offer a challenging and worthwhile program of study. Students are better fitted to meet the demands of a modern society and a technological world. This year a new $500,000 wing was opened in McCall Hall; grants were also established in sanitary science and medical technology. These grants and this added study area will extend the advancement of instruction in science at Troy State. Dr. W. T. Wilks, department head, explains a physics problem to one of his classes. Science instructors Dr. Billy Norman, Dr. Sammy Ingram, and W. D. McLaughlin examine a new i nstrument. Mrs. Pearl Wilkes instructs her Bio-Social class. 241 History teacher Grady Post takes a break with members of the Science Department, Dr. G. O. Spencer, Miss Mazie Calvert, and Dr. Robert Dietz. Wayne Adams, Joe L. Robertson, and Dr. Raymond L. Kisner are instructors in the Science Department. Dr. Edward Ward is a chemistry instructor. 242 Dr. J. C. Wilkes examines a student ' s slide under a microscope. E. M. Kantor instructs his geology class. James Brantley and Dr. David Widdowson teach bio-social. Science instructors Orville Schomberg and Miss Laureson Forrester discuss the tenets of Buddhism. 243 f s Head Librarian, Mr. Kenneth Croslin, initiated the building of temporary shelves to handle the overflow of new books. TSU ' s Associate Librarian, Mrs. Thelma Mershon was recently named to Who ' s Who Among American Women. University Library Is Real Center for Learning A well equipped library is the center of learning in any university. For as long as one lives and is extended the ability to read and research he can learn. Materials on all subjects are available to students in many forms through the Clarence McCartha Library on Troy State University ' s campus. The library not only offers shelves of pertinent . books, but also gives the added use of recordings, films, and slides to students. Subscriptions to many types of magazines aid in keep- ing students abreast with the developments of- today; news- papers from a cross-section of the nation, convey the news which will one day become history. This year saw the beginning of construction on a new lib rary for Troy State. In association with the construction of a new building, the library plans to offer new and better facilities for students and instructors. Books are catalogued before being placed on shelves by Catalog Librarian, Mrs. Lucy White. 244 ui . Library circulation staff members are Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Swaine. Mrs. Mrs. Jennie Smith, Mrs. Shirley Turner, Mrs. Gertrude Parnell, and Mrs. McClung and Mrs. Curtis are members of the office staff. Mary Tim Neuendorf are staff members of the Cataloging and Bibliography Department. Miss Betty Parish orders new books. Mrs. Donnie Vickery is circulation librarian; Mrs. Juliana Dillard heads the Audio Visual Library. The Library Printing Department is operated by Mr. Dale Miss Ethel Sanders keeps research materials up to date as Moseley. Reference Librarian. 245 CLASSES I ' m really glad I came and stayed, if even only for a little while. What I leave behind is almost nothing. What I ' ve felt, though, and gained, nameless though it all may be, has no measure. It ' s a part of me. 246 247 Enrollment Sets New Record; Hits Nearly 3000 dtkm JiM a A M © £ P 248 Freshmen drhJ + AdfM JTJk (£f € Adams, Brenda Faye — Troy; Adams, Eddie — Opp; Adams, Philip -Montgomery; Adams, Jane— Clayton; Adams, Johnny — Troy; Adams, Thomas — Troy; Adams, Tyrone — — Clayton; Adams, William — Troy; Alderman, Rita — Bayou La Batre; Alexander, Jimmy — Luverne Aplin, Celetha Ann — Florala; Archer, Donald— Greenville; Arrington, Tom — Troy; Atwell, Bobbie — Troy; Augry, Nancy — Prattville; Autrey, Michael- Greenville; Bailey, Charles — Montgomery; Baker, Mary Alice — Demopolis; Baker, Ronnie — Troy; Baldwin, Martha — Ozark Bannister, Sarah — Falls Church, Virginia; Bargainer, Sandra — Fort Deposit; Barker, Carlos — Dundee, Florida; Barnes, James — Pensacola, Florida; Barr, John — Banks; Barron, Rus- sell — Troy; Battle, Clay — Eufaula; Baxter, Mardra — Dothan; Beasley Curtis— Haines City, Florida; Beasley, William — Clayton Becker, Al — Montgomery; Bell, Johnny — Montgomery; Ben- der, Sharon — Montgomery; Benton, Wanda — Phenix City; Berlage, Mary — Daphne; Berry, Anelia — Troy; Bern ' , James Douglas — Dothan; Bigley, Robert — Corte Madera, Califor- nia; Billew, Dale — Lawrenceville, Georgia; Billik, Ronald — ■ Elizabeth, New Jersey- Bishop, Bruce — Cairo, Georgia; Black, Martha — Mont- gomery; Blackman, Janet — Opp; Blackwell, Antanette — Red Level; Blake, David — Pensacola, Florida; Blanchard, Greg- ory Claude — Montgomery-, Blevins, Michael — Montgomery; Bodenhamer, David — Foley; Bodiford, Donald — Luverne; Boisclair, Michael — Troy Bollinger, Richard — Montgomery; Bone, Travis — Prattville; Bonnett, Terry Lamar — Montgomery; Booth, Gerald— Mont- gomery; Boothe, Charles — Opelika; Bourwell, Jackson Glen — Greenville; Bowden, Betty — Clayton; Bowden, Sally — ■ Florala; Bowdoin, Janice — Elba; Bragg, John — Elba Brantley, Cathie — Banks; Briggs, Mary — Selma; Brogdon, Bonnie — Titus; Brooks, Sara — Troy; Brown, Barry — Mont- omery; Brown, Donald — Phenix City; Brown Dorothy — Brantley; Brown, Joy — Clayton; Brown, Laura June — Elba; Brown, Michael — Jack Browning, Darrel — Frisco City; Bruce, John Scott — Selma; Bryan, Connie — Ozark; Bryan, Diane — Prattville; Bryan, Donald — Andalusia; Bryan, Gloria — Dothan; Bryan, John — Montgomery; Buerckholtz, David Neil — Dothan; Burg, Charles Henry — Midland City; Burt, Randall Thomas — Mil- ton, Florida 249 Three New Residence Hall Directors Join Staff 250 k ' hX kAk Burtoji, Genevieve — Norwalk, Conn.; Bush, Cecil — Brant- ley; Bush, Danny — Montgomery; Bush, Gloria — Montgo- mery; Bush, Henrietta — Abbeville; Bush, Joseph— Blakely, Ga.; Butler, Ned — Tallassee; Butsch, Dianne — Birming- ham; Byrd, Robert — Wilmington, Del.; Cabb, Paul — Pratt- ville Cain, Claudia — Ft. Gaines, Ga.; Caldwell, Connie — Opelika; Caraway, Williee Mack — Clayton; Carlisle, Carol — Mont- gomery; Carlisle, Dinah — Troy; Carlisle, Robert — Mont- gomery; Carmack, John — Opp; Carmichael, Vivian — Mont- gomery; Carrington, Thomas — Phenix City; Carter, Allen ■ — Andalusia Cash, Rheba — Troy; Chambless, Shirley — Colquitt, Ga.; Chambliss, Connie — East Talasee; Chance. Jimmy — Mont- gomery; Chance, Mary — Selma; Chancery, Jackie — Newville; Chavers, Beverly — Montgomery; Childs, William — Jackson- ville, Fla.; Cline, Carolyn — Peasacola, Fla.; Cobia, Carla — Dothan Coker, Jackie — Greenville; Coker, Jennie— Tyler; Coker, Ronald — Greenville; Coker, William — Troy; Coleman, Alice ■ — Dothan; Coley, Sherry — Montgomery; Collier, Anne — Birmingham; Colley, Annette — Troy; Collin, Freddie — Mont- gomery; Collins, Patricia — Newville Colvin, John — Headland; Compton, Howard — Luverne; Cook, James — Montgomery; Cooper, Gary — Opp; Corwin, Robert — Montgomery; Councilman, John — Phenix City; Cowart, Donna — Ozark; Cowles, Claire — Pine Level; Cox, Judy — Phenix City; Craft, Sue — Elba Craig, Patti — Quincy, Fla.; Crane, Ronald — Phenix City; Crawley, Nancy — Banks; Crouch, Lisa — Seale; Crowder, Donna — Shawmut; Crowe, Fredrick — Ramer; Crowe, Dale — - Cartersville, Ga.; Crum, Connie — Lowndesboro; Crumpler, Freida — Montgomery; Cunningham, William — Palm City, Fla. Curenton, James — Flomaton; Curry, Ben — Montgomery; Curtis, John — Winter Park, Fla.; Daer. Kay — Montgomery; Dagostink, Floranne — Dothan; Dahlberg, Beth — Chicksaw; Daly, Jerome — Athens, Daniel, Roger — Panama City, Fla.; Dann, Sara — Fairfield; Darden, Mary Ann — Brent Davis, Dana — Pike Road; Davis, Larry — Foley; Dawson, Jerry — Prattville; Day, Sherry — Columbus, Ga.; Dean, Rich- ard — Montgomery; Dees, Art — Montgomery; Deese, Clarel — Fairhope; Deese, Hildred — Ashford; Dent, Bill — Mont- gomery; Dismukes, Geary — Brantley 25 Panhellenic Council Commended by National Group J 2» 252 Dohbs, Mike — Wetumpka; Dodd, James — Opp; Donaldson, Gerald — Opp; Dorn, Alan — Opelika; Douglas, Belli — Tierra Verde, Fla.; Douglas, Mike Dothan; Downey, Jim — Bayou La Batre; Dozier, Janus Montgomery; Drinkard, Mary— Brundidge,; Dumas, Harold — Clanton Dunn, Charlotte — Samson; Dunson, Julie — Foley; Dykes, An- thony — Louisville; Ealum, Darrel — Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Easley, Dewey — Lakeland, Fla.; Edmunds, Calvin — Sylacau- ga; Edwards, Robert — Troy; Eiland, Dianne — Opp; Ellis, James — Brundidge; Ellis, Twyla — Ft. Deposit Erwin, Henry — Birmingham; Essary, Gerald — Montgomery; Etheredge, Jack — Brundidge; Etheridge, Trippy — Montgo- mery; Ezell, Dennis — Opp; Ezell, Ronall— Montgomery; Ezelle, Barbara — Prattville; Fannin, Robert — Shady Grove; Fariss, Kay — Blakely, Ga.; Farmer, Chris — Greenville Farmer, Pat — Montgomery; Faulk, Alan — -Union Springs; Faulk, Ronald — Greenville; Finlay, Hugh — Goshen; Flem- ing, Elizabeth — Enterprise; Flowers, James — Troy; Flowers, Mary Ann — Brundidge; Fondren, Joel — Ft. Deposit; Fore- man, Florence — Brundidge; Fortner, Norma — Mobile Foshee, Charlotte — Opelika; Foster, George — Crestview, Fla.; Franklin, Roger — Montgomery; Funderburke, David — Albany; Gaddis, Cheryl — Ft. Rucker; Gandy, Billy — Montgomery; Gardner, James — Greenville; Garner, Edward — Banks; Gary, Berna Dean — Dothan; Geiger, Virgil — Wilmer Gewirtzman, Susan — Bogota, Columbia; Gibson, Ken — Troy; Giglio. Mike — Phenix City; Gilbert, Thomas — Blakely, Ga.; Gilchrist, Bush — Montgomery; Giles, Jack — Huntsville; Gil- ley, Linda — Milton, Fla.; Gillespie, Eugenia — Pratteville; Glass, Janet — Thomasville; Glazik, Robert — Chicago, 111. Glenboski, Joe — Wetumpka; Glenn, Gayl — Ozark; Godwin, Howard — Tuskegee; Godwin, Mickey — Opp; Goins, Mike — Phenix City; Golden, Robert — Tallahassee, Fla.; Gooden, Michael — Opp; Goolsby, Charlene — Dothan; Goolsby, Julia — Andalusia; Grace, Jacqueline — Montgomery Graddy, Iris Anne — Dothan; Graham, John — Eclectic; Gra- ham, Richard — Tuscaloosa; Grant, " George — Gulf Breeze, Fla.; Green, O ' Neal — Dothan; Green, William — Troy; Gregory, Laurelle — Cincinnati, Ohio; Griffin, Linda — Troy; Hogler, Mary — Louisville; Hall, Connie — Dothan 253 Dr. Howell Plans Student Involvement Program 254 Hall, Fred — Union Springs; Hall, Merry — Dothan; Hall, Randall — Union Springs; Hall, Stan — Montgomery; Hall, William — Panama City, Fla.; Hallman, Margie — Montgo- mery; Hani, James —Montgomery; Hammett, Thomas — Montgomery; Harden, Joe — Banks; Hargrove, Linda — -Tal- lahassee, Fla. Harmon, William — Sarasota, Fla.; Harper, Mike — Mont- gomery; Harrell, Julia — Birmingham; Harris, Marsha — Panama City, Fla.; Harrison, Jimmy — Birmingham; Hart, Hart — Alexandria, Va.; Hartman, Mervin — Troy; Hayes, Carole — Dothan; Hayes, Lou — Auburn; Haymon, Rufus — Wicksburg Head, Gloria — Millbrook; Headley, Carol — Prattville; Heart- sill, James — Ft. Deposit; Hedrick, John — Montgomery, Heg- ler, Corene — Brundidge; Henderson, Harold — Montgomery; Henderson, Scott — Eugallie, Fla.; Henderson, Lynn — Mont- gomery; Henderson, Susan — Phenix City; Henderson, Tho- mas — Live Oak, Fla. Herbert, James — Jackson, Ga.; Herold, Ester — Tallahassee, Fla.; Herring, Jack — Montgomery; Herring, Sue — Mont- gomery; Herring, Mike — Greenville; Herring, Richard — Greenville; Higdon, William — McKenzie; Hilburn, Patsy — Goshen; Hillman, Skip — Lakeland, Fla.; Hines, Gail — Eufaula Bobdy, Wayne — Hayneville; Hoffman, Francis — Highland Home; Holladay, Linda — Hayneville; Holley, Teresa — Montgomery; Hollington, James — Arlington, Ga.; Holsom- beck, Suzanne — Prattville; Hood, Betty — Montgomery; Hood, Lamar — Auburn; Hood, Linda — Montgomery; Hope, Tom — Montgomery Hopper, Diane — Montgomery; Horn, Alan — Goshen; Horn, Sheila — Luverne; Hovey, Brenda — Louisville; Howard, Bar- bara — Brundidge; Howell, Cass — Hartford; Huckabee, Larry — Demopolis; Hudmon, Emily — Lanett; Hudson, Teresa — Montgomery; Huff, Jack — Orange Beach, Fla. Hughes, Judy — Dade City; Hughes,- Larry — Greenville; Hughes, Lawanna — Samson; Hungerford, Sherry — Auburn; Hunter, John — Opp; Hurst, Thomas — Clayton; Hutcheson, Celia— Florala; Rutherford, Betty — Montgomery; Hutson, Donald — Troy; Ingram, James — Banks Ingram, William — Banks; Ivey, Sherry — Monroevile; Jack- son, Rose Marie— Dothan; James, Bobbie — Florala; James, Susan — Montgomery; Jeffcoat, George — Gordon; Jeffcoat, Mary Helen — Luverne; Jemison, Linda — Greensboro, Fla.; Jemison, Mays Russell — Montgomery; Jenkins, Richard — Montgomery 255 Sound of South Band Featured on National TV fl SL -v 3 256 Jenkins, Sheila — Dothan; Jinright, Jan — Opelika; Johnson, Janice — Montgomery; Johnson, John — Cullman; Johnson, Joseph — Herndon, Ga.; Johnson, Lewis — Opp; Johnson, Linda — Florala; Johnson, Phil — Jacksonville, Fla.; Johnson, Ken — Montgomery; Jones, Anita — Prattville Jones, Karen — Montgomery; Jones, Sherry — Troy; Jordan, Kathy — Montgomery; Kelly, Alice — Prattville; Kelly, Mike — Troy; Kelly, Sharon — Dothan; Kelly, Thomas — Midway; Kennedy, Milton — Montgomery; Ketchum, Robert — Brun- didge; Killam, Gavin — McDavid, Fla. Kimbro, Mary Jo — Dozier; Kimbro, Sharon — Dozier; King, John — Ashford; King, William — Hamilton, Ohio; Kluttz, John — Maxwell AFB; Knight, James — Prattville; Knowles, Frank — Headland; Krudop, Bellaire — Andalusia; Kyle, Lucy — Uriah; Lacey, Robert — Birmingham Lamar, Alice — Pensacola, Fla.; Lamb, Gerald — Cantonment, Fla.; Lamb, Karen — Clayton; Lambert, Staford — Prattville; Lamberth, Rebecca — East Tallassee; Langston, Teresa— Do- zier; Lane, Patricia — Andalusia; Lansdon, James — Mont- gomery; LaPorte, Kenneth — Selma; Lay, Frank — Milton, Fla. Layson, John — Gulf Breeze, Fla.; Ledbetter, Becky — Auburn; Ledford, Paul — Ozark; Lee, Linda — Red Level; Lee, Paul — Hartford; Lee, Sandra — Wetumpka; Legear, Noah — Panama City, Fla.; Lent, Ridge — Montgomery; Leverette, Ira Joe — Honoraville; Lewis, Philip — Troy Lindsey, Gloria — Huntsville; Lindsley, Kay — Foley; Little, Elizabeth — Forest Home; Littleton, Suzanne — Opelika; Liv- ingston, Harry — Huntsville; Lockett, James — Milton, Fla.; Locklar, Elliott — Banks; Lott, Paul — Brundidge; Lubert, Cothee — Montgomery; Lugo, Lisbeth — Huntsville Lumpkin, Judy — Bessemer; Lipscomb, Pat — Prattville; Lyons, Steven — Langdale; McCall, Mirenda — Enterprise; McCart, Linda— Opp; McCartha, Pat — Troy; McClain, Peggy — Wash- ington, DC; McClure, Janice — Selma; McCoy, Bobby — Geneva; McDonald, Denise — Mobile McDurmont, Ramona — Tallassee; Mclnnis, Voncille — De Funiak Springs, Fla.; McEIvy, Thomas — Montgomery; Mc- Garvy, Mark — Ozark; McGehee, Milton — Eclectic; Mc- Gough, Harris — Montgomery; McGough, James — Mont- gomery; McGuire, James — Montgomery; McKnatt, Arthur — Troy; McLaney, Bonnie — Troy 257 Delta Chi Moves Into New Fraternity House ■ Q 9 £ McLellan, William— Milton, Fla.; McLelland, Glenda— Andalusia; McLeod, David — Mobile; McNease — Colquitt; McPherson, James — Troy; McReynolds, Edwards — Dothan; Mc Sween, Robert — Montgomery; McWaters, Jerry — Ocala, Fla.; Maddox, John — Port St. Joe, Fla.; Magarino, Robert — Long Beach, New York Majors, John — Greenville; Majors, Michelle — Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Mallach, David — Philadelphia, Penn.; Mallette, Marilyn — Greenville; Maneuso, Robert — Eufaula; Mangram, Craig — Opelika; Mann, William — Florence; Marchman, Michael — Dothan; Marsh, Mike — Montgomery; Martin, Bo- nita — Montgomery Martin, Melinda — Geneva; Martin, Stephen — Hamilton, Ohio; Marzella, Sandra — Montgomery; Masilla, Karen — Phenix City; Mason, Ronald — West Point, Ga.; Massey, Dennis — Honoraville; Mathews, James — Dothan; Maynard, David — Temple Terrace, Fla.; Mayr, Judy — Troy; Mayson, Janice — Montgomery Meadows, Herbert — Sprague; Meadows, Mary — Lanett; Mendheim, Phyllis — Dothan; Messick, Jimmy — Opp; Mes- sick, Johnny — Montgomery; Milam, Teresa — Phenix City; Milldrum, Angela — Clayton; Miller, Linda — Florala; Milli- gan; Carolyn — Ramer; Mills, Dudley — Birmingham Mills, Olivia — Montgomery; Milner, Randy — Langdale; Mis- encik, Steve — Alexander City; Mitchell, Elsie — Headland; Mitchell, Sarah — Tallassee; Money, Thomas — Abbeville; Moody, Teresa — Pike Road; Moore, Pamela — Enterprise; Moorer, David — Georgiana; Moores, Madonna — Montgomery Morgan, Cindy — Lakeland, Fla.; Morgan, Samuel — Opelika; Morris, Michael — Greenville; Michelle Morris — Dothan; Morris, Wayne — Phenix City; Morrison, Mary — Fairhope; Moss, Kay — Greenville; Motes, Carla — Troy; Moubray, Rich- ard — Andalusia; Murphy, David — Brewton Murphy, Drew — Haines City, Fla.; Murray, Cheryle — San- ford, Fla.; Myers, Gloria — Millbrbok; Myers, Rodney — Boni- fay, Fla.; Myrick, Ruth Ann — Mobile; Napier, Burl — Do- than; Nave, Sara — Troy; Newman, John — Opelika; Newton, Susan — Greenville; Neuendorf, David — Greenville Norred, Pennye — Pine Apple; Norton, Jay — Montgomery; Odom, Joyce — Montgomery; Oliver, Tommy — Wewahitchka, Fla; O ' Neal, Sharon— Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; O ' Neal, Stanton — Troy; Page, George — Opp; ' Parish, Billy — Blakely, Ga.; Parish, Rebecca — Clayton; Parker, Ricky — Elba New Wesley Foundation Building Dedicated IhkA 260 1m t ah Mm. Ammmim »a Parsons, Richard — Montgomery; Partee, Jimmy — Bainbridge, Ga.; Pate, Nancy — Lowndesboro; Paul, James — Troy; Payne, Leta — Ft. Deposit; Peak, Jerry — Troy; Penland, Raymond — Opelika; Penuel, William — Ashford; Perdue, David — Mont- gomery; Perry, Jan — Georgianna Perry, Joseph — Montgomery; Perry, Mark — Do than; Pettis, Wanda — Panama City, Fla.; Phillips, Hugh — Montgomery; Phillips, Lynn — Montgomery; Phillips, Marcia — Brundidge; Phillips, Marquita — Troy; Phillips, Neal — Ozark; Pierce, Walter — Opelika; Plott, Len— Phenix City Pomeroy, Albert — Eufaula; Pouncey, Mary Anne — Monroe- ville; Powell, Daniel — Florala; Powell, Linda — Troy; Power, Cynthia — Ozark; Powers, Teresa — Prattville; Prickett, Ron — Pritchett, Mary — Ariton; Proveaux, Patricia — Greenville; Pruit, Robert — Montgomery Pugh, Sandra — Troy; Pynes, John — Luverne; Quinian, Jeff — Bayside, New York; Quinn, Margaret — Prattville; Rauls- ton, Sharon — Ozark; Ray, Edward — Montgomery; Reagan, Redetha — Geneva; Redmond, Joyce — Salem; Reeder, Johnny — Millbrook; Reese, Robert — Dothan Reeves, Ginger — Graceville, Fla.; Reeves, James — Burksville Reeves, Vickie — Red Level; Renfroe, Donald — Banks; Reyn olds, John — Montgomery; Reynolds, Mary — Union Springs Rhodes, Richard — Wetumpka; Richburg, Bonnie — Abbeville Richburg, Gloria — Luverne; Riddle, Bill — Birmingham Roberson, Judy — Virginia Beach, Va.; Robertson, Catherine — Eue Gallie, Fla.; Foreman, Rogers — Montgomery; Rogers Robert — Troy; Rollins, Arlene — Phenix City; Rotton, Faye — Union Springs; Ross, Larry — Banks; Rotkiewiez, Leslie — Elizabeth, N.J.; Rugg, Jacqulyn — Troy; Russell, Edgar — LaPine Rutledge, Bruce — Phenix City; Salter, George — Summerdale; Sanders, George — Crestview, Fla.; Sanders, Mabel — Brun- didge; Sanders, Roy — Louisville; Sansom, Anne — Greens- boro, Fla.; Schultz, Becky — Montgomery; Seaborn, Susan — Dothan; Seal, Donald — Andalusia; See, Suzanne — Montgom- ery Sellers, Donna — Troy; Sexton, Gary — Andalusia; Sexton, Thomas — Pascagoula, Miss.; Shanks, Ronald — Greenville; Sheehan, Celester — Montgomery; Sheldon, Richard — Mont- gomery; Shirley, Nancy — Montgomery; Shoults, Charles — Selma; Sinkule, Tommy — Phenix City; Sipper, Charles— Luverne 261 Mobile Symphony Presents Lyceum Program 262 Sligh, Joyce — Prattville; Smart, Rita — Elba; Smith, Joyce — Montgomery; Smith, Carolyn — Geneva; Smith, Eldrid — Brant- ley; Smith, Jill — Troy; Smith, Larry — Greenville; Smith Linda — Andalusia; Smith, Linda — Brundidge; Smith, Lucille — Troy- Smith, Muriel — Red Level; Smith, Regina — Florala; Smith, Williard — Montgomery; Snowden, Suellen — Riverview; Solo- mon, William — Headland; Soverow, Fella — Montgomery; Spear, Phillip — Camden; Spencer, Sarah — Milton, Fla.; Spikes, Joe — Hartford; Spivey, Wiley — Montgomery Stanford, John — Dothan; Starling, Carol — Troy; Starr, Vir- ginia — Opelika; Steineker, Anita — Montgomery; Stewart, Frank — Troy; Stewart, William — Brundidge; Stinson, Eliza- beth — Brundidge; Stinson, Marinda — Troy; Stokes, Roger — Dothan; Stokes, Steve — Goshen Stose, John — Ozark; Strickland, Donald — Eclectic; Strickland, Douglas — Minter; Strickland, Michael — Louisville; Stringer, Agnes — Highland Home; Stringer, Gerald — Greenville; Stringer, Johnny — Highland Home; Strong, Edward — Mo- bile; Sullivan, Harold — Montgomery; Sumner, Sherry — Mul- berry, Fla. Suthard, Monica — Montgomery; Suttle, Phil — Montgomery; Sutton, Steve — Ozark; Tabb, Linda — Ozark; Thant, James — Phenix City; Tawner, Franklin — Panama City, Fla.; Taylor, Doug — Columbus, Ga.; Taylor, Herald — Highland Home; Taylor, Larry — Greenville; Taylor, Charlsie — Eufaula Taylor, Paulette, Troy; Taylor, Skip — Montgomery; Taylor, Steve — Prattville; Taylor, William — Greenville; Thaggard, Thomas — Montgomery; Thoman, Diane — Daleville; Thomas, Bebo — Wetumpka; Thomas, Bruce — Quincy, Fla.; Thomas, Rebecca — Dothan; Thomas, Rita — Blakely, Ga. Thomas, Steven — Safford; Thompson, Slade — Troy; Thomp- son, Gail — Fairfax; Thompson, Margie- — Skipperville; Thorne, Elaine — Selma; Tidwell, Barbara — Satelite Beach, Fla.; Till, James — Montgomery; Tindal, Lanette — Greenville; Tindell, Steve — Montgomery; Toole, John — Dothan Totty, Edwin — Montgomery; Tramill, Billy — Pensacola, Fla.; Trammell, Ray — Elba; Tucker, Allan — Eclectic; Turner, An- thony — Shellman, Ga.; Tyler, Ronny — Hartford; Vann, Je- nille — Montgomery; Varner, Nancy — Deatsville; Vaughan, Robert — Montgomery; Veazey, Guy — Childersburg 263 Mike Bowers Stars in " View From Bridge " 264 Vcrran, Tom — Cairo, Ga.; Vinson, Dixie— Montgomery; Vinson, Bush — Headland; Walker, Sharon — Fairhope; Wal- ton, Charles — Auburn; Wallace, Susan — Montgomery; Wal- ton, Doris — Montgomery Ward, John — Montgomery; Ward, Paschal — Pratrville; Wa- ters, Celeste — Hicksville, New York; Walters, Vickie — Branford, Conn.; Watford, Deborah — Greensville; Watson, Gloria — Luverne; Watson, Stanley — Dothan Watts, Karen — Lake Hamilton, Fla.; Weathers, Frank — Dothan; Webb, Celia Jo — Webb; Weeks, Earl — Montgomery; Weldon, Glenn — Montgomery; Wells, Dianne — Colquitt, Ga.; Wells, Stephen — Montgomery Westenberger, Ralph— Clio; Whaley, Kathy— Ozark; What- ley, Sam — Auburn; Whidby, James — Safford; Whiting, Sarah — Eu Gallie, Fla.; Wilcox, Kathy — Elberta; Whitaker, Jerry ■ — Hartford White, John— Auburn; White, Thomas— Prattville; Whit- tington, Peggy — Greenville; Willett, Gary — Montgomery; Williams, Brenda — Greenville; Williams, Judy — Clayton; Williams, Nancy — Andalusia Wilson, Catherine — Georgiana; Wilson, Ginger — Opp; Wil- son, Glenn — Troy; Wilson, Wayne — Headland; Wilson, Gary — Selma; Wise, Charles — Montgomery; Wise, Roger — Elba Wissman, Linda — Phenix City; Wohlford, Edwin — Mont- gomery; Wood, Robert — Abbeville; Woodham, Dan — Mont- gomery; Woodward, James — Montgomery; Beverly Wright — Langdale; Williford, Henry — Troy Wright, Charles — Phenix City; Wright, Tawanna — Florala; Wright, LaDon — Frisco City; Yancey, William — Greenville; Youngblood, Shirley — Roanoke; Younger, William — Mont- gomery; Ziegler, Stephanie — Pine Mt., Ga. 265 as i msm ■■- " - ' -■ ' ; : a U- -: ' $p i» 0m ill wi H mm m .-.yi, ;; 1 " . : fj| ' Mj» i; is .. ' . -i " i :- ' v ' » Igsg rr-ijiS % It • " • ! « » wW ' r H f; , . ' ■0mmBm WmWm- 3 llllpf Irk ' II Adams. Danny — Dot ban Adams, Dianne — Greenville Alexander, Betsy — Georgiana Alexander, Ruth — Georgiana Amnions, Lou — Troi Sophomores Amos, Charles — Enterprise Anderson, Ziba — Pine Apple Andrews, Greg — Pensacola Andrews, Jimmy — Montgomery Andress, Norma— Honoravtlle Andress, Robert — Greensville Ashley, Susan — Montgomery Atkins, Jean — Greenville Avirett, Joseph — Troy Baker, Penny — Frisco City mtmMi 9 WL Ballenger, Tom — Anniston Barar, Charlotte — Montgomery Barnes, Bruce — Birmingham Bass, Gene — Wetumpka Bayne, Eugene — Selma Beach, Don — Albany, Ga. Beach, Donald — Ozark Beasley, Thomas — Montgomery Beasley, Willard — Highland Home Beaudoin, Ken — Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. kg} £££ 267 Righteous Brothers Provide Big-Name Entertainment Berman, Carol -Montgomery Berry, Mike — Jacksonville, Fla. Bigger, Carol — Montgona ry Bigot, Maria — Ft. Walton, Beach, Fla. Blackmon, Jamie — Tioy Blair, Julia — Brookl) ■• Blair, Nancj — Kins on Blakely, Janie — Dothan Boland, Carl — Pun, Ga. Boshell, Tommy — Tuskt egt e 4 J ft Boswell, Judy- Tro) Boyd, Alan — Montgomery Bradberry, Suzanne — Warner Robbins, Ga. Bradley, Lonnie—Pensacola, Fla. Bradley, Sandra — Montgomery Bradshaw, Buster — Montgomery Bragg, Rebecca — Elba Brand, Harvey — Enterprise Brannon, Sidney — Headland Brannc m, Stephen — Montgomery Briggs, Michael — Macon, Ga. Britt, Richard — Tro) Brook, Faye — Monlgomt ry Brown, Curtis Replon Brown, George — CaUlebei i) Hiown, Janus Montgomery Brown, Michael — Montgomery Bruce, James — Enterprise Bryant, Andrea- Montgomery Bufkin, Jo — Winter Garden, Fla. Hun h, I) nin.i Samson Burkett, Roberl Pi ■ ■ n I Hun, Virginia , . nville Hush, Clayton — Ft. Dej ' Hush, Susan Montgomery » ' " 268 Butler, Ann — Atmore Butler, Anne — Selma Butler, Man- — Greenvillt Campbell, John — Montgomery ( ' ampin II, Rosemary — Montgomery Campbell, Stephen — Troy Campbell, Vincent — Montgomery Carlisle, James — Montgomery Carr, Lougenia — Abbeville Carroll, Michael — Montgomery Carson, Nana ' — W ' adley Carter, Perry — Ozark Champion, Gloria — Montgomery Chancellor, Joyce — Troy Chandler, Linda — Y tumpka 4 A A _ W--J rP £J£J Mi M Chi Ids, Cindy — Hartford Claughton, Elsie — Mobile Cloninger, Charles — Arlington, Va. Coker, Larry — Greenville Coleman, John — Ft. Deposit Collins, Peggy — Selma Commander, James — Ponce de Leon, Via. Cook, Paula — Andalusia Covin, Theron — Owassa Cox, Julia — Stockton 269 : Emma Flowers Named Alumna of Year Creel, Ginger — Pensacola, Fla. Crisp, Betty — Marianna, Fla. ( rosby, William — Newport News, Va. Cumbia, Robert — Uriah Cu minings, Brenda — Selma Curnutte, Wi lliam — Montgomery Curtis, Henry — Troy Davis, Janice — Elba Da is, Ola Mae — Milton, Fla. Davis, Retha — Brantley Day, Sybil — A more Diamond, Martha — Greenville Dion, Michael — Goldsboro, N.C. Donaldson, Dianne — Elba Donaldson, Glenda — Opp Donaldson, Rhonda — Samson Dorrill, Syble — Brundidge Driggars, James — Dotban Duel I, Dennis — Enterprise English, Ann — Montgomery Evans, Sara — Montgomery Faulkner, Betty — Union Springs Farrow, Charles — Eclectic Farris, Johnnie Sue — Elba Farrar, Barbara — Pensacola, Fla. Feral in, Steve — Eufaula Ferguson, John — Ozark Folsom, Dianne — New Biocton Foster, Danny — Montgomery Fox, I [oward — Montgomery Fox, Russ — Montgonn r) I ranee, Alan — Summit, N.J. Frazier, Claude — Andalusia Frederick, Robert- -Orlando, Fla. Free, Larry — Luverne mJmm Freeman, Jack — Montgomery I ' n e, William — Montgomery Furqueron, George — Ozark Gaffey, Cheryl — ]Vintet Park, Florida Galloway, Rodney Pensacola, Florida Gantt, Rose — Gantt Gardner, Carole — 1 1 art ford Gan in. Amy — Montgomery Gary, Debbie — Ozark Gillis, Patti — Montgomt i ) Glasow, Marvin — Panama City, Florida Glenn, Dianne — Tallassee Gordon, Cynthia — Montgomery Gardon, Janice — Crestview, Florida Graham, Brysene — W etumpka Green, Elenor — Honoratille Green, Tommy — Monroeiille Greene, Roberta — Dadeville Grice, David — Midland City Griffith, Jeanette — Eclectic Guillen, Kenneth — Pensacola, Florida Hall, Mary Alice — Union Springs Hamm, Joan — Troy Nand, Janice — Troy Hand, Leslie — Montgomt n : Troy State Wins ACC Football Championship I land, Richard — Dl mopolis H.irdin, Diddy — Montgomery I I .mi II, Alford — Florala Harrison, Danny — Florala Hart, Wayne — Oj j Hartley, Gail — Montgomery Head, Sandra — Jack Headly, David — Troy Helms, Clifford — Montgomery Henderson, Priscilla — Florala Hill, Ann — Montgomery Hodges, Donald — Montgomery Hogg, Julianne — Dothan Holder, Donnie — Greenville Holland, Howard — Cottonwood Holley, Millie— Elba Holmes, Brenda — Brundidge Holmes, John — Lafayette Hornsby, Joellen — Dothan Houk, Jason — Frankfurt, Germany Hudmon, Kathey — Lam U Hudson, Charles — Campbellton, Florida Hudson, Michael — Oakland, Florida Hughes, Connie — Pike Road Hughes. Daniel — Ozark Hughes, Linda — Brantley Hughes, Peggy — Geneva Hutto, Neal— Elba Hyde, Mary Jo — Evergreen Hyden, Diane — Pensacola, Florida hey, Jeanette — Clio Jackson, Connie — Columbus, Georgia Ja kson, Charles — Do ban Jackson, Terry — Do ban James, Anita — Columbus, Georgia 272 Jeffcoat, Blake — Troy Jeffcoat, Peggy — Elba Jehle, Charles — Montgomery Johnson, Ann Marie — Columbus, Georgia Johnson, Donna — Montgomery Johnson, Jane Ellen — Anderson, South Carolina Johnson, Jeffrey — Troy Johnson, Judith Ann — Evergreen Johnson, Judy — Troy Johnston, Susanne — Brundidge Jones, Huette — Ozark Jones, Julia Dianne — Geneva Jones, Mary Lou — Billingsly Jones, Robbie — Troy Jones, William Michael — Pensacola, Florida s © ts © © Jones, Ann — Troy Jones, Be erly — Clanton Jones, Derrian — Selma Jordan, James Dale — Montgomery Jordan, Janice — Opp Kelley, Patricia — Florala Kelley, Phyllis— Troy Kelley, Sheila Ann — Montgomery Kennedy, Brian — Panama City, Florida Kent, Clifton — Lee, Florida m la I f tL flfl 273 Students Given Extra Holidays at Christmas King, Barbara — Luverne Kirker, Thomas — Montgomery Knighton, Billie — Blakely, Georgia Knorr, Russell — Montgomery Lairsey, Boyd — Center Hill, Florida Lamkin, John — Pine Apple Lancaster, George — Lockhart Lanier, Mary Tyler — Wetumpka Law, Stella — Ansley Lawrence, Kathleen — Troy ►- ) . : Lee, Gloria Annette — Troy Lee, James — Camdt n Lett, Edmond — Atlanta, Georgia Lewis, John — Cottonwood Locklar, Wayne — Troy Loflin, Sara — Hartford Loggins, Rip — Opp Long, John — Monroeville Long, Randy — Montgomery Lucas, David — Andalusia Lurie, Rod — Dothan McClenny, Henry — Columbia McCormick, Janice — Montgomery McCorsley, Clanence — Fernandina Beach, Florida McDonald Barbara — Geneva Mi Dougald, Sue — Luverne McGee, Steve — Dothan McGough, Jerry — Highland Home Mi Mil Ian, Wayne — Montgomery Mi X.ur, Samuel — Montgomery McVan, Johnny — Troy Macnutt, Jana — Longwood, Florida Maggio, Anna — Orlando, Florida Maler, Glenda — Elba Marsh, Debonah — Brundidge 27 A Martin, Joe — Perry, Georgia Martin, Judy — Dothan Martin, Michele — Geneva Mason, Rachel — Andalusia Mathews, Susan — Montgomt iy Maxwell, Richard — Springfield, Oho Mayo, Patty — Montgomery Mays, Donna — Quincy, Florida Mecklenburg, John — Crown Point, Indiana Meigs, Mack — Phenix City Merrill, Mary — Dozier Merritt, George — Ashford Messick, Charles — Selma Messick, Ruth — Troy Miller, Elaine— Elba Miller, Ronald — Ozark Mitchell, Jerry— Dothan Mitchell, Mary — Troy Mancy, Gloria — Troy Moi mey, Patrick — Enterprise Moore, Patsy — Elba Moore, Syble — Elba Morgan, Alvin — Montgomery Morgan, Ronald — Alontgomery 275 Dean Ann Harmon Resigns as Dean of Women Morris, David — Praltville Morris, Dianne — Biundidge Moseley, Frank — Selma Moseley, Tyrone — Greenville Motes, Robert — Troy Murphy, Ann — Montgomery Murphy, Diane — Evergreene Murphy, Elaine — Abbeville Murphy, Robert — Huntsville Nagel, Donna — Phenix City Nehee, Judy — Ozark Nelson, Harold — Sylacauga Newman, Joe — Phenix City Newsome, Judy — Ozark Nickols, Julia — Geneva Nipper, Bill — Uriah Norris, Victor — Frisco City Norris, Clayton — Dozier Norsworthy, Jerry — Montgomery Novotny, Elizabeth — Robertsdale Oppy, Ralph — Selma Oswald, Brenda — Alonroeville Ousley, Danny — Manchester, Georgia Pace, Linda — W ' etumpka Panhorst, Betsy — Montgomery Paramore, Janis — Cottonwood Parks, Julius — Milton, Florida Parramore, Stephen — Dothan Patterson, Linda — Montgomery Payne, Sylvia — Montgomery Pearson, Juhit — Troy Pelham, Charles — Opp Perdue, Sandra — Fort Deposit Phillips, Faye — Colquitt, Georgia Pierce, Laura — Greenville • Jk4 276 Porter, Freda — Greenville Porter, Gloria — Miami Springs, Florida Powell, Jerry — Aio uoi t Hie Powell, Paul — Florala Powe, Sharon — Opp Price, Jonnie — Louisville Prock, Linda — Forest Pack, Georgia Pritchett, Barbara — Union Springs Pruitt, Dave — Troy Pugh, Patricia — Clayton Raines, Edith — Union Springs Raley, Phil — Andalusia Reed, Carol — Montgomery Reeves, Patricia — Troy Pettig, Kent — Marianna, Florida ' — , , ' i 1 SINE a M; k tJ d toffi i i M% Richards, Leon — Panama City Richbuni, Mart — Opp Riemer, Steve — Elberon, New Jersey Riley, Anthony — Greenfield, Indiana Roberts, Paul — Foil Walton Beach. Florida Robinson, Sue — Eufaula Rouse, Martha — Montgomery Russell, David — Geneva Rutland, Mildred — Breulon Rushing, Ravan — Northport 277 Fred Waring Group Receives Student Approval Savola, Jack — Pensacola, Florida Sasser, Stanley — Andalusia Scofield, Barbara — Opj Seale, Ronnie — Greenville Sharpless, Buddy— Fort Walton Beach, Florida Shaw, Martha — Montgomery Sheffield, Brenda — Br undid ge Sheiver, Jerry — Opp Shiver, Martha — Atmore Siggers, Amelia — Enterprise Skipper, John — Headland Smith, Johnny — Dozier Smith, James — Panama City, Florida Smith, Larry — Montgomery Smith, Lela — McKenzie .AlA i dih Smith, Sherry — Dothan Smith, Suellen — Greenville Solomon, Suzanne — Abbeville Sowell, Betty — Aiontgomery Spear, June — Dothan A Spencer, Jina — Br undid ge Sfabler, Steve — Green i tile Stanford, Eva — Ozark Starnes, Billie — Birmingham Stephenson, Sara — Troy Stevens, William — Marianna, Florida Stewart, Wray — Cantonment, Florida Stinson, Annette — Geotgiana Stinson, Pam — Dothan Stokes, Dorothy — Andalusia Stokes, Isaac — Pleasant Home Strickland, Willie — Dothan Sullivan, Dennis — Montgomery Sullivan, Karon — Enterprise Thorne, Sherry — Montgomery 278 Tait, Ann — Camden Talbot, Patricia — Florala Tates, Tim — Opelika Taunton, Johnny — Tallassee Taylor, Linda — Rul Level Taylor, Sue — Troy Tem, James — Dothan Thomas, Charlotte — Elba Thompson, William — Troy Tidwell, Nancy — Dothan Till, Karen — Greenville Ti Her, Rebecca — Fairfield Tillman, Rosalyn — Troy Tillman, Susan — Clio Tolbert, Bobby — Evergreen ' fit ' 1 Ir ' j _ ___ Hk ; 1 H.SlTHHI ■ . k Trammell. Rosalyn — Neuville Tripp, Linda — Pensacola, Florida Turk, Jo Jo — Auburn Turner, Billy — Greenville Turner, George — Dothan Turney, Jean — Aubuin Valine, Carole — Gantt Vistart, Victoria — Colquitt Voyles, Sandra — Trot Wall, City— Belle Glade, Florida 279 Top Students Honored by Who ' s Who Selection Wallace, Carol — New Brockton Wa ' ker, David — Melbourne, Florida Walker, Stanley — Fairhope Walker, Wretha— Ozark Ware, Michael — Panama City, Florida Watson, Alice — Excel Watson, Kyle — Headland Webb, James — Pensacola, Florida West, James — Montgomery Whitaker, Suzanne — Wetumpka 280 Williamson, Derral — Pratt ville Williford, Henry — Montg Williford, Rebecca — Troy Williford, Suzanne — Troy Willis, David— Florala Wilson, Alice — Brundidge Wilson, Mary Ida — Troy Wilson. Mary- Tro) Windham, Brenda — Evergreen Windham, Michael — New Brockton Wingate, Ginger — Ocilla, Georgia Wolf, Pameh— Robe rtsdale Woodson, John — Montgonitry Wright, Glenda— Mt. Creek Yarbrough, Barbara — Geneva Zorn, Carl — Do ban 28I Wmmm mm. ■ mm 1 K %$m s gg Coffee House Opens for Student Entertainment Adair, March — Maxwell, A.F.B. Adams, Grace — Midway Adkison, Travis — Dothtin Alford, Andrea — Montgomery Amos, Mike — Troy Andress, Carolyn — Troy Andrews, Judith — Panama City, Florida Anglin, Forrest — Panama City, Florida Juniors Anthony, Janet — Winter Garden, Florida Aplin, Charles — Eufaula Armstrong, Danny — Columbia Arnold, Bruce — Slocomb Ashcraft, Susan — Troy Baker, Carol — Ashford Baker, Kendra — Daytona Beach, Florida Barket, Sue — Ozark 8 JL 283 Burnett, Wayne — Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Bauer, Larry — Snmmerdale Beauers, Tom — Enterprise Bell, Louis — Alniore ■ 1 » ! , Bess, Judy — Elorala Bethea, Ken — Brewton Bishop, Michael — Tallahassee Blackwell, Carol — P ' he nix City Boothe, Tommy — Elba Boswell, Felix — Montgomery Bowen, Eric — Lapine Boyd, Alan — Montgomery Brand, Harvey — Enterprise Brannon, Freddie — Troy Britt, Mary — Troy Brooks, Ricky — Montgomery Brown, Jerry — Abbeville Brown, Judy — Clayton Brown, William — Phenix City Bruce, Jo — Troy Brunson, Edwina — New Brockton Bryan, Sandra — Opp Buelow, Claudia — Enterprise Bullo k, Gayla — Andalusia Bushy, Amelia — Erisco City Byrd, Glenna Dot ban Byrd, Sherry — Andalusia ( allaway, Margaret- Elope Hull j j . -J£j 284 II Playmakers Show ' How To Miss Out on Everything ' Campbell, Dale — Andalusia Campbell, Julia — Georgiana Carlson, Michael — Colon, Panama Carmichael, Doug — Mobile Carter, Jon — Seymour, Indiana Cauthcn, Butch — Montgomery Cauley, Martha — Florala Cawthorne, Johnny — Montgomery Chance, Bobby — Gantt Chapman, Martha — Union Springs Chapman, Richard — Union Springs Chapman, Sybil — Troy Clark, Ena — Graceville, Florida Clark, Teresa — Montgomery Cobia, Rodger — Dotban Cole, Robert — Troy 285 i ' I Colley, Gladys — Wetumpka Cooper, Frances — Baker Hill Cooper, Ron — Atmore Copeland, Janet — Brundidge Cremer, Robert — Andalusia Crocker, June — Elba Crosby, Drusilla — Montgomery Crosby, James — Montgomery Crossland, Rusty — Tenafly, Neiv Jersey Dagostin, Frank — Dothan Dale, Mary — Enterprise Daniels, Frnest — Geneva Davis, Billy — Headland Davis, Curtis — Enterprise Davis, Larry — Opp Davis, Nellwyn — Samson Davis, William — Luverne Deel, Rosemary — Dothan Dennis, Sonny — Troy Dickey, George — Montgomery Dillon, Robert — Melbourne, Florida Dominguez, Gil — Hialeah, Florida Donaldson, Paul — Opp Dooling, Angeline — Gt neva Dorman, Janett- -Opp Drake, Jane II ' U Palm Beach, Florida Dunn, James— Ozark Dunn, Sarah Bit u ton 286 Construction Finally Begins on New Library Ealum, Peggy — Red Level Eiland, Marilyn — Opp Eiland, Wyndel— Opp Emlet, Lauy — Bainbridge, Georgia Erb, Linwood — Montgomery Erk, Robert — Orlando, Florida Etheridge, Robert — Dothan Everage, Virginia — Opp f Fagan, Richard — Springfield, Massachusetts Falkner, Cornelia — Headland Ferguson, Jim — Oca a, Florida Findley, Janet — Breutnn Fianders, Florence — Milton, Florida Floyd, Anne — Atmore Floyd, Delanith — Atmore Forrester, L. M. — Dothan Of A 287 Foster, John Joseph — Slocomb Fowler, Richard W. — Greenville Fowler, Saundra — Dothan Franklin, D i an e — A ndalusia Frye, Tom — Troy Fulford, Angeline — Enterprise Galloway, Louise — Hartford Gantt, James David — Montgomery Ganus, Margret Cheryl 1, — Andalusia Gay, Wayne — Straughn George, Debbie — Highland, California Gibbs, Janet L. — Panama City, Florida Gibson, Riley — Troy Gibson, Robert William — Laurel Hill, Florida Gillis, James Patrick — Pensacola, Florida Given, Pal — Montgomery Glenboski, Linda — Elmore Glenn, Mary Anne — Ozark Glover, Wayne S. — Turkey Creek, Florida Godwin, Larry — Monroeville Golden, Douglas — Coffee Springs Goolsby, Dudley Eugene — Pinckard Graddy, Judith Ann — Orlando, Florida Green, Darrell C. — Montgomery rreen, Diane — Andalusia Green, Donnie W. — Montgomery Greene, Betty L. — Montgomery mm ■ne, Louise — Troy 288 Rehabilitation Service Program a First at TSU Greene, Wanda — Florala Greer, Tommy Lee — Troy Griffin, Enid — Wicksburg Griffin, George Michael — Thomasville Griffith, Rodney — Tallassee Hale, Brenda — Ozark Hall, Sarah — Dothan Hancock, Carolyn — Bon fay, Florida Hanna, Jane — Montgomery Hannon, Donna — Tallassee Hardwick, Joy — Abbeville Harris, Daniel Monroe — Troy Harrison, George — Opelika Hartin, Dianne — Honoraville Hartley, Leon — Troy Hartley, Karen Kendall — Evergreen 289 ;, i Harenmyer, David — Montgomery Hawkins, Elsie — Eufaula Hayes, Lib — New Brockton Hayes, Trudy — Montgomery Head, Carolyn Kaye — Ozark Helms, Robert J. — Dothan Henderson, Marie — Crestvieiv, Florida Henley, Rod — Montgomery Herring, Ronnie — Montgomery Hogan, Charlotte — Dothan Hollis, Mary — Brantley Hollon, Robert — Montgomery Holman, Adrian — Ozark Home, Bill — Enterprise Hubbard, Robert — Montgomery Hutto, James A. — Andalusia Jackson, Susan Carol — Dothan Jackson, Jackie — Troy Jennings, Timothy Stokes — Montgomery Johns, Linda — Opp Johnson, Betsy — Ozark Johnson, Leon Duncan — Alexander City Johnson, Marcus E. — Samson Johnson, Nedea Gayle — Dothan Johnson, Richard Dallas — Dothan Johnson, Thomas — Montgomery Johnston, James Larry — Westville, Florida Johnston, Judy — Cottonwood 290 Street and Highway Named for University Johnston, Lynn — Eufaula Johnston, Stephen G. — Mobile Jones, Jerry — Enterprise Jones, Joseph William — Monroeville Jones, John David — Sopehoppy, Florida Jones, William — Pensacola, Florida Joyner, Charles — Panama City, Florida Kearley, Lee — Flomaton TROY UNIVERSITY HIGHWAY i sfej? Keen, Roy Hilton — Grove Hill Kelley, Edwina — Enterprise Kelly, Bobby— Tro;- Kervin, Mona Marcelia — McKenzie Killebrew, James Allen — Montgomery Killingsworth, Judean — Slocomb Kirk, Martha — Dothan Knight, Jerry — Dothan 291 Knott, Ray — Prattville Knowlton, Alois — Robert sd ' ale Kyle, John P. —Uriah Lambert, Ann Faulkner — Andalusia Langford, Sula — Straughn Lawhon, James Larry — Sop choppy, Florida Lawrence, Ann — Troy Lawrence, Deborah — San Antonio, Texas Lawrence, Jimmy — Opp Lawson, Keith Edward — Garrett, Kentim Lee, Byron — Montgomery Lee, Martha — Cullman Lee, Robert — Montgomery Lindsey, Shelly R. — Bay Minette Loftin, Jean — Montgomery Long, Dayton Allen — Bay minette Lowery, James Robert — Rep on Lowery, Linda Irene — Robertsdale Loyd, Mildred — Melton, Florida McCall, Van — Enterprise McClenny, Henry Wyatt — Columbia McCIung, Robert S. — Clearwater, Florida McCoIlough, Loretta A. — St. Augustine, Florida McCormick, Carroll — Ozark McCraney, Ronnie — Ashford McDavid, Lamar — Montgomery McDonald, Melodie — Mobile McGaffey, Judith — Data lie 292 ' Anthony and Imperials ' Featured as BNE Mclnnis, James — Kinston Mcintosh, Paul Eugene — Dothan McKinley, Gaines Eddins — Monroeville McKissick, Roy — Montgomery McLeod, Barry — Camden McLeod, Patsy — Mobile McMillan, Francine — Montgomery Maddox, Warren Roscoe — Bushnell, Florida Am,± Mahon, Martha — Orlando, Florida Malaier, Patricia Carol — Wetumpka Martin, Paulette — Enjaula Massey, Shirley — Highland Home May. Donna Lee — Montgomery May, Linda Susan — Sanford, Florida Mazzucio, Edward — Long Branch, New Jersey Milk, Thomas L. — Goshen 293 Mims, Ronnie L. — Abbeville Mitchell, James — San Antonio, Texas Moon, Margaret Jean — Gadsden Moore, Rebecca Ann — Bayou la Batre Moore, Virginia — Luverne Morrow, Judy — Sehna Mullins, Paul B. — Greenville Murphy, Susan — Dozier Myers, James — Veti mpka Nevels, Susan — Phenix City Norris, Patricia — Dozier Norsworthy, Freida — Breivton Owen, Judy — Gordon Owen, Kenneth Ray — Montgomery Owen, Larry W. — Red Level Oswald, Roy — A ontgomery Page, Mack — Opp Parker, Darrell Wayne — Brundidge Parrish, Mickey — Hartford Patton, Sammy — Winter Haven, Florid, Payne, Ginger — Jackson Pelham, Joseph K. — Graceville, Florida Pettic, Roland — McKenzie Philpott, James Michael — Scot sboro Pierce, Thomas James — Opp Pigman, M : nie Louise — Pine Apple Pinckard, Lee -Elba Pipkin, Marvin J. — Atmore 294 m Iris Anne Graddy Named ' Best Dressed Girl ' Pitts, Susan — W-duchula, Florida Pollard, Phil — Birmingham Price, Penny — Montgomery Puccio, Judy — Clio Ragin, Jack — Montezuma, Georgia Ramsey, Mary Frances — Andalusia Rawls, Charlotte — Andalusia James, Ray — Troy Reed, Malcolm — McLellan, Florida Rudy, Joann — Jacksonville, Florida Reeves, Judy — Opp Reynolds, Cheryl G. — Enterprise Reynolds, Jerry — Montgomery Rhoades, Amelia S. — Kinston Rhone, Brenda Joyce — Opp Rice, Peggy Clark — Dothan 295 Richburg, Linda — Luverne Riley, Roy Bartow — Bertha Ritzus, Cyril R. — Montgomery Roberts, Roy — Columbia Robinson, Bet tic — Geor piana Roling, Glen Dora — Troy Rosenblatt, Carol — Jacksonville, Florida Roses, Vincent — Pensacola, Florida Ross, Marie — Blue Springs Roten, Frances — Troy Roth, George S. — Falls Church, Virginia Rountree, Charlotte — Honoraville Rountree, Ted — Montgomery Rowell, Mary A. — Pensacola, Florida Rushing, Jimmy — Wetumpka Ryals,. William Jacob — Brundidge Sanders, James — Montgomery Sawyer, Guy — Frisco City Schwab, Andy — Montgomery Scroggins, Max — Anna on Scruggs, James — Excel Sewell, Judy — Midland City Sexton, Faye — New Brockton Sharp, Suzanne — Dothan Shaw, Sandi — Union Springs Shephard, William San Antonio, Texas Sh i pman , John — Brundidge Shipman, Wanda — Troy 296 TSU ' s First ' Bleed-In ' Termed Successful Sh i rah , Tha re! — Clio Shook, Mack — Montgomery Sims, Frank — Dothan Simpson, Joe — Opp Singletary, Eugene — Troy Skelton, Carla — Troy Smith, Chuck — Montgomery Smith, Linda — Phenix City Smith, Margo — Pensacola, Via. Smith, Rebecca — Union Springs Sorrells, Reginald — Cottonwood Sparks, Lowery — Pensacola, Fla. Spencer, Walter — Andalusia Stagner, Charles — Montgomery Stafford, ]etty—Westville, T-la. Stallworth, Judy — Beatrice 297 Staples, Tanya — Pensacola, Florida Stinnette, Patty — Montgomery Sti kes, Charlotte — Do ban Stokes, Dorothy — Andalusia Strickland, Jerry — Florala Stringfellow, Gary — Bay Minette Strozier, Jane — Fairhope Styrons, William Jamesville, North Carolina Suttle, Robert — Montgomery Taylor, Georgia — Eujaula Taylor, Shirley — Mobile Taylor, Timothy — Greenville Thomas, Larry — Eujaula Thomasson, John — Staughn Thompson, Julian — Jasper, Florida Tillman, Vance — Andalusia Tisdale, Charlie — Andalusia Todd, Betty— Mobile Tolbert, Billy — Evergreen Tolbert, Wayne — Andalusia " ' ■m: ' m AMflH JtnL sn Jmrnm IC jtrTi + -hJ ± 4 ▲ , A , k Tomaini, Denny — Hicksville, New York Trawick, Bobby — Blakely, Georgia Traylor, lone — Montgomery Tucker, Allen — Montgomery Vinson, Steve — Montgomery Walker, Watson, Lorraine — Geor ' una Watson, Howard — Frisco City 298 First Phi Beta Kappa Association Formed Here Webb, Larry — Pensacola, Florida Weems, Jim — Abbeville Weibelt, Sandra — Ozark Wei born, Nancy — Florala Whiddon, Deloris — Ashjord Whitfield, Janis— Milton, Florida Williams, Garry — Bayou La Batre Williams, Henry — Orlando, Florida Williams, Randy — Georgiana Williams, Reginald — Mil brook Wilson, Jack — Montgomery Wingard, Bob — Eclectic Wise, Anne — Dbthan Wood, William — Lanett Woodham, Glenda — Do ban Woodham, Joseph — Clayton Woodham, Wayne — Clayton Wright, Angelyn — Hartford Yesnes, Ivan — Pensacola, Florida Yung, William — Wetttmpka Ziegler, David — Fairhope Worrell, Clinton — Wing Zwollen, Ginger — Miami, Florida M ii JtkYk 299 5i?v ■■ ' ■■ ' ■: " ; — ; ? mNHPI : ; 1111 mm sup r mm$. ? ' $ ' ' ? %? $ ■ Wmttm lllP hHMk 1111 lipg Seniors Adams, Brenda — Andalusia Adams, Larry — Dothan Adams, Steve — Paxton, Florida Alford, Patricia — Lunrne Aplin, Andrew — Troy Arguello, Ernest — Panama City, Republic of Panama Armstrong, Judy — Headland Armstrong, Thomas — Monroe, Georgia Ashurst, Joan — Tallassee Autrey, John — Greenville Baach, Beverly — Andalusia Baca, Elena — San Diego, California Bailey, Mattie — Frisco City Baldwin, Brenda — Altha, Florida Barganier, James — Montgomery Barkley, Edward — Fairhope 301 : i ! I Barr, Carlanda — Clayton B.irr, Robert — Troy Barrentine, Peggy — Dothan Bass, Donald — Dothan Bates, Gary — Dade City Batts, Thomas — Ozark Beech, Diane — New Brunswick, New Jersey Bell, Roger — haver ne £££ Expanding Student Union Organizes Chess Club Benson, Sandra — Pensacola, Florida Billy, Cecile — Montgomery Binkley, Dennis — Dothan Bishop, George — Montgomery Bledsoe, Michael — Cantonment, Florida Bludsworth, Joe — Ozark Boothe, Drexel — Elba Bostick, Patricia — Headland Bottcher, Kay — Montgomery Bowers, Michael — Destin, Florida Bowman, Karen — Uriah Bradley, Ralph — Kinston 302 IB Brannan, Robert — Stockbridge, Georgia Bratcher, Jennifer — Georgiana Brogden, Douglas — Mckenzie Brooks, Margie — Pbenix City Brooks, Richard — Montgomery Brown, Ansley — Montgomery Brown, John — Autaugaville Brown, Margaret — Ocala, Florida Brown, Sharron — Montgomery Bryan, Margaret — Elba Bryan, Ronnie — Hartford Bryant, Vann — Greensboro, Florida Buelow, Peter — Troy Buie, Cynthia — Dothan Bullock, Gale — Montgomery Burkett, Sue — Samsom J m ml Vll WfitlPj ■jJr J - -J% i i Hi- fflfl H ■i " V ' st «»y ' i 303 1 Burns, James — Bretvton Burns, Mary — Phenix City Busby, Robert — Montgomery Byrne, Charles — Fairhope Bryne, Dennis — Fairhope Caldwell, Walter — Bainbridge, Georgia Caldwell, James — Orlando, Florida Capshaw, Meredith — Geneva dsArfkM Troy State Named University; Students Ecstatic Carlisle, Merlene — Brantley Carr, Ralph— Elba Carter, J. N.—Selma Carter, Sandra — Coffee Springs Chadwick, James — Montgomery Chambers, Larry — Montgomery Chancey, Barbara — Sbalimar, Florida Cherry, Carolyn — Ashford Cherry, Clyde — Montgomer) Childress, Sandra — Foley Christian, Ronald — Mobile Clark, Barbara — Ozark 304 Clark, Billy — Louisville Clark, Cheryl— Elba Clark, Mikel — Slocomb Clemmons, Archie — C aryville, Florida Clenney, Lavon — Colquitt, Georgia Cole, Vivianna — Troy Collins, Charles — Montgomery Collins, Joe — Panama City, Florida Connell, Dorothy — Brundidge Cook, Don — Birmingham Cook, Stephanie — Florala Coots, Drinda — Bay Minette Corbitt, Jack — West Panama City Beach, Florida Coston, Margaret — Union Springs Cox, James — Blountstoun, Florida Crockett, Rebecca — Satellite Beach, Florida mm iLAni JL 1 i) M 4i ' 9 A 305 Crook, Donald — Troy Crook, Sonya — Troy Crumpler, Denny — Troy Crusey, Thomas — Sidney, Ohio Curtis, Janice — Union Springs Curtis, William — Luverne Damm, Bruce — Hicksville, New York Daughtry, Jerry — New on TSU Beauties Chosen in Palladium Pageant Davis, Edward — Montgomery Davis, Max — Troy Day, Mary Margaret — Chipley, Florida Deavers, Kenneth — Dozier DeShazo, Teddy — DeFuniak Springs, Florida Dickey, Rexton — Glemvood Dunn, Ann — Samson Dunn, Barbara — Troy Durden, Judy — Dot ban Enslcn, John — Mongtomer) Edwards, Gerry — Montgomery Eilers, Tommy — Baker, Florida ZL jAtM 306 ' tVfc • ' III Ebert, Eric — Ozark Falsone, Catherine — Hicksville, New York Farmer, Henrietta — Greenville Farmer, Jetta — Slocomb Felter, Thomas — Pensacola, Florida Finch, Sheila — Samson Findley, Pat— Red Level Findlayson, Martha — Union Springs Foster, Fay — Greenville Foster, Warner — Georgetown, South Carolina Fowler, Judy — Cottonwood Fowler, Nora — Troy Franklin, Joseph — Goshen Franklin, Sharon — Rutledge Freeman, Vicki — Seltna Friedman, J. Don — Tavares, Florida J i 10 307 Fulcher, Jerry — Headline Fuller, Paul — Fort Walton Beach, Florida Garrett, Charles — Lynn Haven, Florida Gavin, Buford — Camden Gettys, Alfred Jr. — St. Petersburg, Florida Gilbert, Beverly — Blake ly, Georgia Gibson, Edward " Hoot " — Demopolis Gilliand, Ray — Billingsley Circle K Contributes to Olympic Fund Givens, Foye — Niceville, Florida Glenn, Harriet — Opp Glenn, Richard — Opp Godwin, W.S.—Pine Apple Graham, James — Panama City, Florida Granger, Tommy — Dot ban Green, Anne — Skipperville Green, Margaret — Talladega Green, Robert — Dothan Grice, John — De Funiak Springs, Florida Grice, Mary — De Funiak Springs, Florida Griffin, Jerry — Elba 308 Guinn, Mary — Troy Gunter, Nancy — New Brockton Hauler, John — Gulf Breeze, Florida Hall, Randall — Pensacola, Florida Hamm, Aubrey — Abbeville Hamrn, Stanley — Macon, Georgia Harris, Judith — Bonifay, Florida Hatcher, Roger — Columbus, Georgia Hayes, Martha — Brett ton Hayes, Janice — Chipley, Florida Henderson, Billy — Andalusia Henderson, Virginia — Bay Minette Hendricks, Linda — Jackson, Mississipi Hickman, Lamar — Dothan Hickman, William — Enterprise Hill, Sharon — Montgomery 309 Hobbs, Sherry — Troy Holladay, Bobby — Goshen Holland, Barbara — Lockhart Hollis, Toni — Crestview, Florida Holt, Sandra — Samson Houston, Donald — Troy Howard, Miriam — Troy Hubbard, Mary — Talladega Humanities and Fine Arts Forum Held on Campus Hutcheson, Rebecca — De Funiak Springs Florida Hutchinson, Charles — Florala Ingram, Gayle — Ashford Jacobs, Donna — Pensacola, Florida Jin right, Charles — Montgomery Johnson, Beverly — Andalusia Johnson, Carol — Panama City, Florida Johnson, Edward — Dothan Johnson. Karen — Greenville Johnson, Larry — Panama City, Florida Johnson, Miriam — Montgomery Johnson, Tommy — Ft. Walton Beach, Florid i 310 ■Wit ' Johnston, Ester — Br undid ge Jones, Betty Jo — Marianna, Florida Jones, Mildred — Samson Johns, Ruth — Dadeville Julian, Eugene — Letobatchie Justice, Billy — Hartford Justice, Phyllis — Ashford Kelley, Gayle — Skipperville Kendrick, Judy — Troy Ketchum, James — Brundidge Kirkland, Aquilla — Abbeville Lamkin, Kathryn — Pineapple Lancaster, Babs — Montgomery Lane, John — Pensacola, Florida Layton, John — Ashford Law, Nancy — Union Springs alA%} -• KP ' -V - — — 311 Lee, Johnny — Gordon Lee, Rebecca — jack Lee, Sharla — Donalsonville, Georgia Lewis, Fred — Flora a Lewis, Marsha — Geneva Lindsay, Thresia — Ozark Lindsley, Jane — Foley Little, Larry — Autaugaville Mayor James Named Honorary Football Captain Locklier, Judy — Flomaton Loflin, Donna — Goshen Logan, Lou — Marianna, Florida Lundin, Gail — Milton, Florida Lurie, Douglas — Do ban McCord, Jacquelyn — Prattville McCoy, Mickey — Geneva McDonald, Denise — Fairhope McDonald, Ellen— Mobile McDonald-, Judy — Wctumpka McDougald, Martha — Lnverne McDuffie, Linda — Enterprise 312 McGowan, Linda — Columbus, Georgia Mclnvale, Kathleen — Georgiana McLeod, Bill— Mobile McLeod, Sarah — Dothan McKinlcy, Gerald — Momoeville Manley, Patricia — Montgomery Manning, Kay — Milton, Florida Marchman, John — Dot ban Marsh, Dalbert — Enterprise Martin, Sandra — Eclectic Mathews, Nelda — Dothan Mathews, Jimmy — Troy Mathis, Charles — Panama City, Florida May, Donna — Montgomery Miller, Fred — Flomatnn Milner, Rosemary — Pensacola, Florida 313 M( mcriei , Phillip — Montgomery Moore, Danny — Dothan Morgan, David — Newton Morgan, Mike — Luvt me Moring, Cynthia — Montgomery Morrison, Billy — Dothan Morrison, Henry — Fairhope Moseley, Jack — Selma Sim Byrd Receives Most Outstanding Player Award Mosley, Mary — Fort Deposit Mott, Thomas — Red Level Mott, William Jr. — Selma Murphy, Thomas — Abbeville Myers, Ira — Montgomery Nelson, Richard — Montgomery Neuendorf, Dale — Greenville Norton, William — Fort Walton, Florida Oliver, Danny — Dothan O ' Neal, Dave— Troy O ' Neill, Norma — Montgomery Opitz, Michael — Montgomery -- i dm t " ■ (Al 314 Padgett, Vivian — Panama City, Florida Parker, Carol — Ozark Parker, Darrell — Eclectic Parker, Margie — Montgomery Parker, Phyllis — Fairhope Pate, Buford — Camden Pate, Sarah — Dothan Peak, Lee — Troy Pennington, Katherine — Savannah, Georgia Perry, Patricia — Brad en ton, Florida Perry, Robert — Hiirtsboro Phelps, Lena — Greenville Phillips, Cephus — Troy Phillips, Don — Headland Pickens, Patricia — Panama City, Florida Pilcher, Joseph — Fort Walton, Florida dxA+ 315 I Pouncey, Nan — Goshen Prestwood, Mildred — Brundidge Price, Robert — Lockhart Price, Sharon — Dothan Rawlinson, Helen — Enterprise Ray, Jack — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Reaves, Douglas Cam Jen Reeves, Rodney — Dothan £ " -? Jl li T.S.U. Band Performs Post Game Entertainment Reynolds, Robert — Abbeville Rhody, Mary — Greenville Rice, Theresa — Prattville Richardson, Paula — Winter Garden, Florida Richards, Armilla — Montgomery Richburg, Brenda — Luverne Riddle, Sylvia — Phenix City Ring, Keith— Fort Walton Beach, Florida Robb, Lin wood — Pensacola, Florida Robbins, Ramona — Clinton — Sherman A.F.B., Oklahoma Robison, I larold i Roche, Robert — Vernon, Florida 316 Rodrock, Victor S.— Maxwell AFB Rogers, Bobby — Fort Deposit Rosscr, Gina — Newton Rowlen, James — Brantley Rowlctte, Tricia — Daleville Roy, John — Pensacola, Florida Russ, Elton — Vernon, Florida Salerno, John Anthony — Long Beach, New Jersey Saunders, Juanita — Westville, Florida Savoie, Lawrence James — Fort Walton, Florida Schaeffer, Betty— St. Petersburg, Florida Scurlock, Larry Donald — Pensacola, Florida Sebring, Darrell — Montgomery Sellers, Jo Ann — Slocomb Sellers, Pat — Montgomery Sewell, Janelle — Graceville, Florida 317 Sexton, Laurice — Fort Deposit Shell, Jettie — Onassa Shelly, Suzanne — Blakely, Georgia Shi rah, Bobby — Blue Springs Sims, Diane — Elbert Sims, Larry — Gulf Shores Sims, Thomas — Enterprise Smith, Helen — Abbeville if 111 Delta Sigma Pi Gets National Charter Smith, Lythanial — Troy Smith, Mary Lou — Do ban Smith, Miriam — Coffee Springs Smith, Raymond — Kissimmee, Florida -i o j JU Snellgrove, Buena — New Brockton Snel Igrove, Maragret — Dot ban Snyder, Richard — Panama City, Florida Speigner, David — Enterprise Steadham, Diane — Fairhope Stephens, William — Troy Stevens, Mitchell -Evergreen Stevens, Sharon Greenville 318 Stone, William — Troy Strickland, James — Carlowville Strickland, James — Eclectic Stringfellow, Carol — Ashford Sutton, Nedra — Headland Tate, Thomas — Camden Tatiim, Emsley — Deals ville Taunton, Bob- — Opelika Taylor, Charlotte — Opp Taylor, Janice — Highland Home Taylor, Lloyd — Destin, Florida Taylor, Nicky — Opp Thiemonge, Frank — Montevallo Thompson, Susan — Valparaiso Tillery, Donnie — Montgomery Tisdale, Jerome — Selma Tritz, Donna — Florala Trotter, Mary — Troy Vickrey, Judy — Hnxford Vitiello, Joan — Brentwood, New York Walker, Howard — Cottonwood Waters, James — Enterprise Waters, Annette — Bean Station, Tennessee Weems, Fred— Ft. Walton Beach, Florida «,• £ 319 Williams, Ann — Troy Wells, Mar y — Dothan White, Jerry — De Fttniak Springs, Florida Whitley, Ruth — Monroeville Whitten, George — Opp Wilkes, Rachel— Elba Williams, Shirley — Foley Williamson, Richard — Greenville Wilson, Bud — Montgomery Wingard, Martha — Eclectic Wise, Deathra — Topeka, Kansas Wittner, Mike— Mobile Wood, Peggy — En j aula Wood, Lisa — Headland Wood, Mickey — Ashford Wood, Samuel — Clayton Wright, Dennis — Montgomery Wyrosdick, Peggy — Luverne Youngblood, Earl — Union Springs Yeoman, Linda — Dot ban Zito, Marilyn — Mel bourne, Florida 320 SENIOR DIRECTORY ADAMS, BRENDA B.S., Elementary Education — Palladium Staff; Psy- chology Club; SNEA ADAMS, LARRY GENE B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Ar- gonauts ADAMS, STEVE H. B.S., Math — Bio-Sciences — Physical Science; Trans- fer, OWJC ALEORD, PATRICIA CLEONE B.S„ Physical Education— English; W.R.A., WHPER, S.N.E.A. APLIN, GEORGE ANDREW B.S., Biology — Chemistry; Transfer; Track; Sec- Treas. Judo Club; Cheerleader; Beta Sigma ARMSTRONG, JUDY B.S., Elementary Education — English; SNEA ARMSTRONG, THOMAS GUY B.S., Business Administration — Accounting; Ac- counting Club ASHURST, JOAN B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA; Women ' s Gavel Club; ACE; WRA BAACK, BEVERLY DAWN B.S., English — History; Adelphe; Phi Mu Soror- ity BACA, ELENA C B.A., History — Social Sciences, French; Transfer, Maxwell AFB Extension; Newman Club, Spires BAILEY, MATTIE SUE B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA BALDWIN, BRENDA B.S., Elementary Ed. — History Social Studies; Transfer, Chipola Jr. College; AEA; NEA BARGANIER, JAMES R. B.S., Bio Sciences — Business, History; Theta Chi BARR, CARLANDA G. B.A., English— French, History; BSU; Spires BARENTINE, PEGGY JO B.S., Elementary Education BASE, DONALD W. B.S., Math— Social Science; Transfer, Wallace Jr. College BATES, GARY B.S., Marketing, Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Pi BATTS, THOMAS McLAIN B.S., Business BEECH, DIANE YACUK B.S., Marketing — Business Administration, Art History; Transfer, Trenton State and Rutgers University Newman Club; WRA; Phi Beta Lam- bda BELL, ROGER LaVAN B.S., Mathematics — Social Science, Tennis Team Economics; BENSON, SANDRA B.A., Elementary Education; Transfer, Pensacola Jr. College BINKLEY, DENNIS J. B.S., Economics — Business Administration, His- tory; Delta Sigma Pi BISHOP, GEORGE A. B.S., Business Administration — Social Studies; Transfer, University of Maryland BLEDSOE, MICHAEL B.S., Social Science — Physical Education; Foot- ball; Transfer, Perkinston Jr. College BLUDWORTH, JOE B.S., Physical Education, Biology; Track, Cross Country, T Club BOOTHE, DREXEL B.S., Math— Biology BOSTICK, PATRICK B.S., Business Education — English; Pi Beta Lamb- da BOTCHER, KAY B.S., Elementary Education; Phi Mu; ACE; SENA BILLY, CECILE B.S., Elementary Ed. — Social Science; Palladium; SNEA; ACE; Treas.; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi BOWERS, MICHAEL JOSEPH B.S., Physical Education — History, Social Science; Canterbury Club; SNEA; BSU Drama; Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega; Cross Country; T Club; Playmakers; Palladium Sports Editor; Track; Soph. Class Pres.; Jr. Class Pres.; Jr. Class Favorite; Clements House Council; Alumni Hall Pres.; Elements Hall Historian; Regional, South- eastern, and National Drama Winner; HPER; " Becket " ; " View from the Bridge " BOWMAN, KAREN ELYSE B.S., Elementary Education; BSU; Educational Re- sources Committee BRADLEY, RALPH B.S., English — History BRATCHER, JENNIFER B.S., Elementary Education; Senator, Pace Hall; Pace House Council; Senate; SNEA; ACE BRANNAN, ROBERT E. JR. B.S., General Business — Social Science BROGDON, DOUGLAS B.S., Biology — Business Adm., Physical Science BROOKS, MARGIE MARIE B.S., Mathematics — English; BSU; Freshman Ad- visory Council; Editor, BSU News; WRA BROOKS, RICHARD GERALD B.S., Math — Physics, Business; Playmakers BROWN, MARGARET ANN B.S., Elementary Education — Social Studies; Trans- fer, Central Florida Jr. College; Spires; Associa- tion for Childhood Education BROWN, JOHN CARSON B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Proctor; As. Dorm Director; Delta Sigma Pi BROWN, SHARON B.S., Elementary Education — English; Choir; NEA; ACE BRYAN, MARGARET ANN B.S., Math— Business; Gamma Beta Phi; SNEA BRYANT, VANN B.S., Physical Education — Biology; Transfer, Chi- pola Jr. College BUELOW, J. PETER B.S., Psychology — Biological Science, Business Ad- ministration; Transfer, Unv. of North Carolina; Delta Chi BUIE, CYNTHIA B.S., History — Art; Palladium Staff BULLOCK, GALE B.S., Accounting, Business Administration BURKETT, SUE B.S., Elementary Education; ACE; SNEA; WRA BURNS, JAMES B.S., Business Administration, Marketing BURNS, MARY ERIN B.S., English — History, Social Studies; Transfer, Columbus Collegee; Palladium Staff BYRNE, CHARLES DONALD B.S., Business Administration, Marketing; Alum- ni House Council BYRNE, DENNIS R. B.S., Business Administration, Marketing CALDWEL, JAMES JELE B.S., Social Science — Geography; Transfer, Or- lando Jr. College CAPSHAW, MEREDITH B.S., English — History; Transfer, Bob Jones Univ. and Univ. of Ala. CARLISLE, MERLENE R. B.S., Business Education — English; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Beta Lambda CARR, RALPH B.S., Business Administration, Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi; Gavel Club CARTER, SANDRA HINSON B.S., English — Business Education; Adalphe; Gamma Beta Phi; Spires CHADWICK, JAMES E. B.S., Art Education — History; Argonauts; BSU; Proctor, Clements Hall CHAMBERS, LARRY NEAL B.S., Business Administration — Marketing, His- tory CHANCEY, BARBARA ANN B.S., Business Administration, Accounting; Trans- fer, Sacramento City College; Secretary, Gardner Hall CHERRY, CAROLYN B S., Social Science — Counseling; BSU; Fresh- man Council; BSU Advisory and Executive Coun- cils; SNEA; Psi Lambda; Religious Council CHERRY, CLYDE WILLIAMS B.S., Biology — Chemistry, Psychology; Science Club; TKE; Sgt at Arms, Secretary, Vice-Presi- dent; Beta Sigma Biology Club CHILDRESS, SANDRA B.S., Biology — Physical Science, Math; Transfer, Mobile College; Biology Club; BSU CHRISTIAN, RONALD P. B A., History — Social Science; Alpha Phi Omega; SNEA; Playmakers; Secretary of APO; Cross Country; Transfer, Huntingdon College CLARK, BARBARA JANE B.S., Business Education — History; Vice-President Cowart Hall; Women ' s Gavel Club; Kappa Delta Sorority Editor; Pres. Kappa Delta, Social Chair- man; SNEA; Treas. Women ' s Gavel Club CLARK, BILLY WAYNE B.S., Math — Social Science; Trojan Rifles CLARK, CHERYL B.S., Physical Education — Geography; Band; Majorette; Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart; Phi Mu Reporter, Responding Secretary, Recording Secre- tary; WAA; WHPER; International Club; Second Alternate in Miss Venus Contest; Senior Senator; Head Majorette CLARK, MIKEL LEONARD B.S., Social Science — Physical Ed. 321 CLEMMONS, ARCHIE M. B.S., Math — Business Administration, Social Sci- ence; Transfer, Chipola Jr. College CLENNEY, LAVON B.S., Marketing and Business Administration; Transfer, Norman Jr. College; Baseball COLE, VIVIANNE B.S., Elementary Education — English; Playmakers COLLINS, CHARLES J. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing His- tory; Law Club; Theta Chi COLLINS, JOE W., JR. B.S., Business Administration, Marketing CONNELL, DOROTHY B.S., Elementary Education COOK, DON B.S., History — Social Science, Psychology; Treas- urer, Freshman Class; Argonaut Freshman Coun- selor; Religious Council COOK, STEPHANIE SUE B.A., Mathematics — French; BSU; Spires; Gamma Beta Phi; SNEA; Kappa Delta Phi COOTS, DRINDA DIANNE B.S., Physical Education; Assistant, Gardner; WRA; vice-president CORBITT, JACK B.S., History— English; Delta Chi COSTON, MARGARET ANN B.S., Elementary Education; ACE COX, JAMES BRYAN B.S., History — Biology; Transfer, Chipola Jr. Col- lege; Biology Club CROCKETT, REBECCA B.S., Business Administration — Psychology; Home- coming Court; Pace Hall Sweetheart; Theta Chi Sweetheart; Beauty; Kappa Delta CROOK, DONALD H., JR. B.S., Biology — Chemistry, Art History, Esthetics; Beta Sigma; Biology Club, Historian CRUMPLER, DENNY B.S., Marketing, Business Administration; Theta Chi; Vice-Pres. Delta Sigma Pi CRUSEY, THOMAS W. B.S., Psychology — Business Administration, Bio- logical Science; Band; Collegiates; Delta Chi, Parl- iamentarian; Pace Hall Office Ass ' t; Psy Lambda; Judo Club; Alumi House Council; Intramural Softball; Football; Phi Mu Alpha CURTIS, JANICE B.S., Elementary Education DAMM, BRUCE B.S., Physical Education — Geography; Baseball; Football; Alpha Phi Omega, Recreation and So- cial Chairman; T Club; House Council DAUGHTY, JERRY COMER B.S., Math — Physical Science, Business; Circle K DAVIS, EDWARD E. B.S., Business Administration, Marketing — Social Science DAVIS, MAX IRA B.S., Business Administration, Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary DAY, MARY MARGARET B.S., History — Social Science 1)1 AVI KS, KIWI 111 B.S., Physical Education — Social Science, Math; Freshman Class Favorite; HPER; BSU Freshman Council; Argonauts; Sophomore Class Social Chairman; Track; Cross Contry; Proctor, Pace Hall; Assistant Director Alumni Hall DE SHAZO, TEDDY R. B.S., Social Science — Geography; Kappa Delta Pi DUNN, ANN B.S., Physical Education — History, Psychology WRA; HPER DUNN, BARBARA DIANE B.S., Elementary Education — History, Social Stu- dies; SNEA; ACE; Alpha Delta Pi DURDEN, JUDY MARTHA B.S., Elementary Education; Cowart Hall Treas- urer, House Council EBERT, ERIC R. B.S., Accounting, Business Administration; Trans- fer, San Mateo EDWARDS, GERRY LEE B.S., Marketing — Business Administration, His- tory; Library Resource Committee EILERS, TOMMY B.S., Business Administration — Accounting; Trans- fer, Okaloosa Walton Jr. College; Delta Sigma Pi; Accounting Club ROBISON, HAROLD EMMETT B.S., Business Administration — History, Social Studies ENSLEN, JOHN EUGENE B.S., Business Education — History; Basketball, Let- ter; Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain, President; T Club FOLSOM, CATHERINE R. B.S., Physical Education — Art; WRA; Newman Club, Treasurer FARMER, HENRIETTA B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA; WRA; Shackelford Assistant, House Council FARMER, JETTA B.S., Elementary Education FELTER, THOMAS B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Trans- fer, St. Mary ' s College of Maryland, Pensacola Jr. College; Proctor, Clements Hall; Assistant Di- rector, Clements; Delta Chi; Senator FINCH, SHEILA B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer, Judson Col- lege; Palladium Staff FINDLEY, PAT BSU; SNEA FINLAYSON, MARTHA B.S., Elementary Education — Social Sciences; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi FOSTER, FAY B.S., Elementary Education; WRA FOWLER, JUDY B.S., English — Biological Science FOWLER, NORA ZIN B.A., English — Spanish; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice- President; Spires FRANKLIN, JOSEPH B. B.S., Business Administration — History, Social Science FRANKLIN, SHARAON B.S., Math — Business, English FREEMAN, VICKI B.S., Elementary Education; Phi Mu Alpha Sweet- heart; Collegiates; Dorm Officer FULCHER, JERRY L. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing, Art; Senator Pace Hall; Senator Sophomore Class; Tro- politan Staff; Alpha Phi Gamma FULLER, PAUL B.S., History — Social Science, Business Adminis- tration; Argonauts, Freshman Counselor; Alumni Staff; Alumni Hall Secretary-Treasurer GARRETT, CHARLES ROGER B.S., Physical Education — Social Science; BSU; Transfer, Gulf Coast Jr. College; Clements Hall Assistant Recreation Director; Clements House Council; Judiciary Committee GAVIN, BUFORD B.S., Business Administration, Economics; Basket- ball; Proctor, Secretary-Treasurer House Council; Assistant Director; Treasurer Delta Sigma Pi GETTYS, ALFRED J., JR. B.S., Marketing — Business Administration, Social Science; Transfer, St. Petersburg Jr. College; Delta Sigma Pi GIBSON, EDWARD " HOOT " B.S., Social Science — English; Vice-Pres. Pace House Council; Pres. Canterbury Club; Senator Pace Hall; Circle K Club; Vice Pres. Soph. Class; Argonauts; Pres. SGA; Student Affairs Comm.; Student Publications Board; Ala. Associa- tion of Student Body Presidents; Who ' s Who; Most Outstanding Student; Pi Kappa Phi; As- sistant Director Alumni Hall; Mr. TSU GILBERT, BEBERLY B.S., Physical Education — Mathematics; WRA; Women ' s Hper Major Club; SNEA; Palladium Staff; HPER, Vice President GILLILAND, RAY B.S., Physical Education — History GIVENS, FOYE BELLE B.S., WRA, WHPER, Transfer from Okaloosa- Walton Junior College GLEEN, HARRIET B.S., Elementary Education; Dames Club, Presi- dent GLENN, RICHARD B.S., Math— Physical Science GODWIN, WS B.A., History — English; Gamma Beta Phi GRAHAM, JAMES B.S., Physical Science— Math; Theta Chi GRANGER, TOMMY G. B.S., Economics — Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi GREEN, ANNE BRYANT B.S., Social Science — English GREEN, MARGARET B.S., Social Science — Counseling; BSU, Fresh- man, Advisory, Executive Council; Spires, Presi- dent; Women ' s Gavel Club; Kappa Delta Pi; SGA Judiciary; WRA GRICE, JOHN MARVIN B.S., Art — Social Science; Transfer Okaloosa- Walton Jr. College; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Pi, Treasurer GRICE, MARY DRAKE B.S., Social Science — English; Transfer, Okaloosa Walton Jr. College GRIFFIN, JERRY B.S., Mathematics — Physics GUINN, MARY GILMA B.A., Physical Education — History, Social Science; Band; Head Majorette; Modern Dance Club; WAA; WHPER; Folk Dance Club; Spanish Club; WRA; SNEA; Phi Mu, President, Treasurer; First " Rose " Pi Kappa Phi; Teacher Assist. PE Dept. GUNTER, NANCY B.S., Elementary Education; Adelphcs; Ass ' t in Shackelford Hall HAGLER, JOHN T. B.S., Biological Science — English, History, Geogra- phy; Beta Sigma HALL, RANDALL D. B.S., Social Science, Psychology 322 HAMM, AUBREY LEON B.S., Biological Science — Chemistry HAMM, STANLEY OREN B.S., English — History; Transfer Norman Jr. Col- lege; Fresh. Class Pres.; Bruins Pres.; SGA Vice-Pres.; Delta Chi, Rep., Vice-Pres., Pres. HARRIS, JUDITH GAIL B.S., History — Social Science; Transfer Chipola Jr. College; Playmakers HATCHER, ROGER B.S., Histor — Social Studies HAYES, JANICE B.S., Transfer, Chipola Jr. College; WRA; Col- legiates HAYES, MARTHA B.S., Art; Transfer, Huntingdon; WRA; SNEA; Palladium Staff HENDERSON, BILLY B.S., History; Argonauts; Proctor, Alumni Hall; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; Phi Alpha Theta, Pres. HENDERSON, VIRGINIA RAE B.S.. Math— History; Adelphes; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires HENDRICK, LINDA M. B.S., English — History, Speech; Collegiates; In- tcrn.itional Club; Square Dance Club; Adelphes; Sigma Alpha Iota; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; Student Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee; Alpha Psi Omega HICKMAN, LAMAR B.S., Business Administration — Psychology, Ac- counting HICKMAN, WILLIAM WAYNE B.S., M.Ed., Music; Band; Concert Master, Vice- President, Section Leader; Phi Mu Alpha, Pledge Master, Warden, Social Chairman; Sec.-Treas. Ddl Hall; Madrigals; Proctor, Dill HILL, SHARON LEE B S., Engineering Technology; Fresh. Math Award; WRA Adelphes; Spires HOBBS, SHERRY B.S., Business Administration; Palladium Staff HOLLAND, BARBARA B.S., Math — Business Education; Gardner Hall, House Council HOLLIS, TONI B.S., Elementary Education; Spires; Collegiates, Sec.-Treas.; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi HOLT, SANDRA Collegiates; BSU Freshman, Advisory Council; BSU Secretary; SNEA HOWARD, MIRIAM B.S., Physical Education— English; WHPER; Bap- tist Student of the Year; Homecoming Court; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; WRA; Who ' s Who; Spires; Circle K Sweetheart HUBBARD, MARY ANN B.S., Elementary Education — Social Science; Trans- fer, Snead College; Dorm Senator; Pres. Gard- ner Hall; Women ' s Executive Council; WRA; ACE; Student Executive Council; Religious Coun- cil; House Council HUTCHENSON, CHARLES B.S., Business Administration, Marketing; House Council; Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K, Pres., V- Pres.; Dorm Judiciary Board HUTCHESON, REBECCA SUE B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer, Okaloosa- Walton Jr. College INGRAM, GAYLE B.S., Physical Education — Art, Psychology; WRA; WHPER; Pace Hall House Council; Assistant; Track Field Manager JACOBS, JIMMY D. B.S.Ed., English — History; Fresh. Class Sena- tor; Young Republicans Club, Pres.; Soph. Class Senator; Clements Chatter, Editor; Clements House Council; Clements Hall Proctor JACOBS, VERA DONNA B.S.Ed., Elementary Education; Transfer, Pen- sacola Jr. College; Phi Mu, Pledge Class Chap- lain; Sr. Panhellenic Delegate; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary-Treas., Historian, Reporter; Cheerleader; Tumbling Team; Panhelenic Coun- cil, Sec.-Hreas.; SNEA, Vice-Pres; WAA; ACE JOHNS, RUTH B.S., Social Science — English; Transfer, Southern Union Jr. College; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi JOHNSON, BEVERLY KAY B.S., English — History; Adelphes; Phi Mu, Cor- responding Secretary; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA JOHNSON, CAROL B.S., Elementary Education — Social Science; Transfer; APO Sweetheart; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; ACE JOHNSON, EDWARD E. B.S., Biological Science — Chemistry, History; Track; Clements House Council; Cross Country JOHNSON, KAREN KENNEDY B.S., Math — History; Transfer, Samford Univer- sity, Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; Palladium Staff JOHNSON, LARRY B.S., Social Science, History — Geography; Trans- fer, Gulf Coast Jr. College JOHNSON, MIRIAM MUSETTE B.ME., Music, MENC, Secretary; Collegiates; Best-Dressed Nominee; Apreciation Queen Nomi- nee; Phi Mu — Panhelenic Delegate, Vice-Pres; Sigma Alpha Iota; Collegiate Social Chairman JOHNSTON, ESTER ANN B.S.S.E., History — Social Science; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires; Palladium JONES, BETTY JO B.S., History — Social Science and Psychology; Transfer, Chipola JC; House Council JONES, MILDRED A. B.S., Physical Education— English; WRA; WHPER; Religious Council Sec; Women ' s Exec- utive Council; Hamil Hall President JULIAN, EUGEEN B.S., Marketing and Business Administration KELLY, GAYLE B.S., Elementary Education KenDRICK, JUDY B.S., Psychology — Social Science and Biological Science; Spires KETCHUM, JAMES TOY B.S., Marketing — Business Administration KIRKLAND, AQUILLA ANN B.S., Elementary Education; Adelphes; Spires, Secretary-Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; ACE, secre- tary LAMKIN, KATHRYN NORRED B.S., Mathematics — Biological Science; Club; Kappa Delta Pi Dames LANE, JOHN B.S., Marketing — Business Administration; Clem- ents Hall, Proctor; Delta Chi LAW, NANCY INEZ B.S., English — Speech and Business Administration; SNEA; Playmakers LAYTON, JOHN LEE B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Presi- dent, Dill Hall: House Council; Delta Sigma Pi Ml [OHNNY B.S., Marketing— Art; House Council; Delta Sigma Pi LEI RIBECCAJ. B s . Mathematics — Biol logy Club III SHARLA B.S., Mathematics — B SNEA; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; Panhellenic Council; Pal- ladium, Greek Editor; Women ' s Ju I iuncil; Phi Mu, President and Ass ' t. Treas. LEWIS, FRED " SCOTTY " B.S., History and Social Science — Geography; Ar- gonauts; Senator; Theta Chi, Sergeant at Arms, Pledge Marshall; Historian; SNEA, President; Who ' s Who; S.G.A., Vice-Pres.; Rifle Club LEWIS, MARSHA ANN B.S., Physical Education — History and Social Sci- ence; WRA; Outstanding Freshman Girl; Adelphes, Social Chairman; SNEA, Sec; Senator, Junior Class; House Council LINDSAY, THRESIA F. B.S., Elementary Education; Newman Club; ACE Choir; Religious Council, Secretary LITTLE, LARRY B.S., Biology — Physical Science; Collegiate Sin gers; Biology Club LOCKLIER, JUDITH ANN B.S., Business Education — English; Collegiate Sing- ers; Phi Mu, Asst Treas.; Phi Beta Lambda; Wom- en ' s Gavel Club, Secretary LOFI.IN, DONNA KAYE B.S., Social Science — Counseling; SNEA; AEA; Psi Lambda LOGAN, LOU J. B.S., History — Counseling, Philosophy and Re- ligion; Circle K; S.G.A. Asst. Chief Justice; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres. Pledge Class; Chaplain; Inter- Fraternity Council LUNDIN, GAIL B.S., Elementary Education; ACE; SNEA; Best Dressed Girl Contest LURIE, DOUGLAS NEIL B.S., Marketing — History, Social Science and Busi- ness Administration; Delta Sigma Pi MCCORD, JACQUELYN B.S., History — Business Education; Adelphes; Women ' s Gavel Club; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President MCCOY, MICKEY M. B A., Biology — Physical Science; Biology Club MCDONALD, DENISE B.A., Education — History and Social; Counseling; Adelphes; Women ' s Gavel Club, Pres ident; Secre- tary, Newman Club; Treasurer and Panhellenic Delegate for Kappa Delta Sorority; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi MCDONALD, ELLEN B.S., Education — Art, Counseling; Alpha Tho Tau; Newman Club, Social Chairman; Psi Lambda; Pres- ident Newman Club MCDONALD, JUDY B.S., Elementary Education; Palladium Staff; Pres., Shackleford and Gardner Halls; Treas., Sophomore Class; SNEA MCDOUGALD, MARTHA HELEN B.S., Physical Education — Biological Science; HPER Club MCDUFFIE, LINDA B.S., Elementary Education; ACE MCGOWAN, LINDA CAROL B.S., Elementary Education; BSU; Adelphe; ACE; WRA; Shackleford Ass ' t. MCLNVALE, KATHLENE B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA 323 MCKINLEY, GERALD CLARK B.S., Marketing and Business Administration; Cir- cle K International MCLEOD, BILL B.S., Business — Mathematics; Tennis Team MCLEOD, SARAH LOU B.S., Elementary Education; College Choie; Wes- ley; ACE MANLEY, PATRICIA ANN B.S., Art — Guidance and Counseling; Alpha Rho Tau; Palladium Staff MANNING, KAY B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer from Pen- sacola Jr. College MARCHMAN, JOHN F. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing MARSH, DALBERT B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi MARTIN, SANDRA B.A., English — History and Social Science; Sena- tor; Palladium Staff; Sec, Sophomore Class; Adel- phe; WRA; Vice-Pres., Junior Class; SNEA; Kappa Delta; Women ' s Judiciary; Student Affairs Committee; Pres., Women ' s Executive Council MATHIS, CHARLES E. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing MATHONS, JIMMY B.A., History — English; Gamma Beta Phi MATHEWS, NELDA B.S., Elementary Education; ACE; Pace Hall Sweet- heart; Palladium Staff; Campus Beauty; Delta Sigma Pi Sweetheart MILLER, ERED MACK B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Vice- Pres. Dill Hall; Delta Sigma Pi; Gavel Club MILLNER, ROSEMARY ALICE B.A., History — French and English; Transfer from Pensacola Jr. Col.; Tropolitan Staff; Canterbury Club; Alpha Phi Gamma; Chess Club MONCRIEF, PHILLIP B.S., Biology — History and Physical Science; Sen- ator; Pace Hall House Council; Dill Hall House Council; Circle K, Board of Directors; Beta Sigma Biology Club MOORE, DANNY F. B.S., Business Administration and Economics; Pres- ident of Argonauts; Outstanding Freshman Boy; Chief Justice, Student Judiciary; Pi Kappa Phi; T Club; Captain Football Team MORGAN, CLAUD MIKE B.S., Math — Business and History; Tau Kappa Epsilon MORGAN, DAVID B.S., Math — Psychology and History MORING, CYNTHIA JEAN B.S., Education and History — Psychology; Senator; Psi Lambda MORRISON, BILLY B.S., Social Science — Geography; T-Club; Wesley Foundation; Student Trainer MORRISON, HENRY JOSEPH B.S., Business Administration — History and Mar- keting MOSELEY, JACK B. B.S., Business Administration — Psychology and Marketing MOSLEY, MARY LOUISE B.S., Math — Business Education; Ass ' t Cowart Hall; Cowart House Council; Ass ' t Gardner Hall MOTT, THOMAS DAVID B.S., Social Science — Geography; SNEA MOTT, WILLIAM E. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi; Gavel Club MURPHY, TOMMY B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Trans- fer from M. M. I. MYERS, IRA GRADY B.S., Business Administration — Marketing NEUENDORF, DALE B.S., Marketing — Math and Business Administra- tion; Proctor, Alumni A; Pres., Alumni A; Senator; Delta Sigma Pi, President NORTON, WILLIAM B.S., Biology — Chemistry OLIVER, DANNY B.S., General Science — History; SGA Judiciary Member; Argonauts; Alpha Phi Omega; SNEA; Wesley Foundation; Religious Council O ' NEAL, DAVE B.S., Business Administration — Soc. Science; Golf Team; Pi Kappa Phi O ' NEILL, NORMA JEAN B.S., Elementary Education; Trans, from Ala. Christian College OPITZ, MICHAEL STEVEN B.S , English — Psychology; Judo Club; Pres. and Vice-Pres., Judo Club PADGETT, VIVIAN B.S., Elementary Education — History and Social Sci- ence; Trans, from Gulf Coast Junior College PARKER, CAROL ROBERTS B.S., Business Education — Counseling; Kappa Delta Pi; Trans, from Wallace Jr. College PARKER, DARRELL EUGENE B.S., Physical Education — History and Social Sci- ence; Dill Hall Staff and House Council; HPER Club; Alumni Hall Staff PARKER, MARGIE E. B.S., Elementary Education — Art; SNEA; ACE; WRA PARKER, PHYLLIS MARIE B.S., Art — Social Science; Alpha Rho Tau; Sena- tor; SNEA; WRA PATE, BUFORD H. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing and His- tory; Delta Sigma Pi; Alumni A House Council PATE, SARAH BAXTER B.S., Elementary Education — Social Science; Adel- phe Honor Society; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires PEAK, ELLIS LEE B.S., History — English; Theta Chi Sergeant-at- Arms PENNINGTON, KATHERINE B.S., Elementary Education— Math; WRA; SNEA; Palladium Staff and Editor; Student Publications Board; Alphi Phi Gamma PERRY, PATRICIA ANN B.S., Psychology and Social Science — House Coun- cil — Gardner Hall; Senator; Transfer from Manatee Jr. College; Psi Lambda PERRY, ROBERT LEE B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Wes- ley; Circle K PHELPS, LENA Physical Education— History; HPER Club; WRA; Palladium Staff PHILLIPS, CEPHUS AUSTIN B.S., Elementary Education PHILLIPS, DON B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Ac- counting Club; Dill Hall Council; Delta Sigma Pi PICKENS, PATRICIA B.S., Business Administration and Secretarial Sci- ence; Transfer from Gulf Coast Junior College PILCHER, JOSEPH W. B.S., History — Business and Social Science; Out- standing Senator; Proctor from Dill; President of Dill Hall; Ass ' t Director Dill Hall POUNCEY, NAN B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA; ACE PRESTWOOD, MILDRED J. B.S., Math — Biological Science; Spires Honor Society PRICE, ROBERT EARL B.S., General Science — Physical Education PRICE, SHARON B.S., English — Social Science RAWLINSON, HELEN B.S., Elementary Education — History; SNEA; ICE; Kappa Delta Pi RAY, JACK B.S., Math and History; Alpha Tau Omega RFAVES, DOUGLAS B.S., Economics and Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary REEVES, RODNEY B.S, Business Education — History; Delta Sigma Pi; Circle K REYNOLDS, ROBERT H. B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi RHODY, MARY PATRICIA B.S., Secretarial Science — History and Business Administration; Palladium Staff; Cowart House Council; Secretary, Junior Class; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Gamma; Women ' s Judiciary; Phi Beta Lambda RICE, THERESA B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer from U. of A. RICHARDSON, PAULA B.S., History — Psychology and Social Science RICHARDS, CIMILLA M. B.S., Elementary Education — Social Studies; Trans- fer from Chipola Jr. College RIDDLE, SYLVIA B.S, Physical Education — Speech; WAA; Kappa Delta Sorority; Senior Class Treasurer; Vice-Pres. Hamil Hall ROBBINS, RAMONA ANNE B.S., Elementaey Education; SNEA; ACE ROTHE, ROBERT J. B.S., Business Education — Social Science; Transfer from Chipola Jr. College; Theta Chi; IFC RODROCK, VICTOR S. B.S., Business Administration — Social Science ROGERS, BOBBY B.S., Physical Education — History; Wesley; Senator; T Club; Pres., Junior Class and Senior Class ROSSER, GINA B.S., Elementary Education; Choir; Palladium Staff; SNEA; WRA ROW LEN, JAMES B. B.S., Math — Business, Physics; Gavel Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon ROWLETTE, TRICIA B.M.E., Music; Band; Collegiates; Sigma Alpha Iota, Recording Secretary ROY, JOHN WESLEY B.S., Business Administration — Marketing; Theta Chi; Business Manager, Tropolitan; Delta Sigma Pi, President; Phi Beta Lambda RUSS, ELTON B.S., Math — Science SALERNO, JOHN ANTHONY B.S., Business Administration and Marketing; Theta Chi 324 SAUNDERS, JUANITA POWELL B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer from Chipola Jr. College; Kappa Delta Pi SAVOIE, LAWRENCE JAMES B.S., Art— History; Band; Phi Mu Alpha; Play- makers; Collegiates; Graphics Club, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Pi SCHAEFFER, BETTY B.S., Elementary Education — History and Social Science; Women ' s Gavel Club; SNEA; Cowart House Council; Senator; WRA; ACE SOURLOCK, LARRY DONALD B.S., Business Administration — Marketing and Math; Delta Sigma Pi; Transfer from Pensacola Jr. College SEBRING, DARRELL B.S., Art — History and Social Science; Playmakers; Art Club SELLERS, JOE ANN B.S., Psychology and History — Social Science; Choir; Hamil Hall House Council; WRA; Psi Lambda SEWELL, JANELLE PELHAM B.S., Elementary Education; Transfer from Chipola Jr. College SHELL, JETTIE B.S., Music — English; MENC; Collegiate Singers SHIVER, JERRY W. B.S., History and Psychology SHIRAH, BOBBY G. B.S., Biological Science and Physical Science — Math; Member of Dill Hall Judiciary SIMS, DIANE N. B.S., Elementary Education; Dames Club, Sec- Treas.; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; ACE SIMS, LARRY B.S., Math and Physical Science SIMS, THOMAS RAY B.S., English — History and Creative Writing; Sec. of Judo Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Tropolitan Staff; Playmakers; Treas. of Pre-Law Club SMITH, HELEN B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA; Hamil Hall Council; ACE SMITH, LYTHANIAL G. B.S., English — Counseling; Playmaking; Psychology Club SMITH, MIRIAM REESE B.S., Business Education — English; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Beta Lambda; Senator SMITH, RAYMOND E. B.S., Mathematics — Science; SNEA; Proctor, As- sistant Director — Clements Hall; Trans, from Or- lando Jr. College SNELLGROVE, BUENA B.S., Business Education — History; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires; Phi Beta Lambda SNELLGROVE, MARGARET B.S., Biology — History and Chemistry; Palladium Staff — Class Editor; Lambda Tau, Secretary; Alpha Phi Gamma SNYDER, JAMES RICHARD B.M.E., Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha — Pro- gram Chairman, Vice Pres.; Choir — President; Collegiate Singers — Librarian, Social Chairman, Pres., Assistant Director; MENC — Vice Pres.; Band; Opera Workshop; Madrigal — Founder, Di- rector; Student Executive Council. SPEIGNER, DAVID WARREN B.S., Marketing — Business Administration; House Council — Pace; Collegiate Singers; Argonauts; Men ' s Gavel Club; Pres., Proctor — Alumni A STEADHAM, DIANE MARIE B.S., Business Education — Social Science; House Council — Cowart; House Council — Gardner; Phi Beta Lambda; Palladium Staff STEPHENS, WILLIAM L. B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; S.G.A. — Senator STEVENS, MITCHELL B.A., History STEVENS, SHARON B.S., English — History, Social Science STONE, WILLIAM C. B.S., Business Administration — History STRICKLAND, JAMES RAY B.S., Social Science — Physical Education; Dill — Judiciary; Circle K Club STRICKLAND, JAMES RONALD B.S., Business and Accounting; Accounting Club —Pres. SUTTON, NEDRA B.S., Business Education — History; Phi Beta Lambda TATE, THOMAS B.S., Marketing and Business Administration TAUNTON, BOB, JR. B.A., History — Spanish, Social Science; Trans, from Tampa University; Kappa Delta Pi TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE B.S., Elementary Education; Trans, from Pensacola Junior College and Enterprise Jr. College; Dames Club; ACE. TAYLOR, JANICE B.S., Elementary Education; Trans, from University of Alabama; A.C.E. TAYLOR, LLOYD B.S., History — Geography THIEMONGE, FRANK L., Ill B.S., History — Social Science; Trans, from Ala- bama College; Proctor — Clements Hall TILLERY, DON B.M.E, Music; MENC; TSC Band; Phi Mu Alpha Fraternity; Trans, from Abilene Christian College TISDALE, JEROME DOUGLAS B.S., History — Geography; Playmakers TRITZ, DONNA M. B.S., Business Education — History and Social Sci- ence; Notary Club; Phi Lambda TROTTER, MARY HELEN B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Finalist — Best Dressed Girl; ACE; Delta Chi Sweetheart; Basketball Queen; Best Dressed Girl; S.N.E.A. VICKREY, JUDY B.S., Elementary Education; Adelphes; A.C.E. VITIELLO, JOAN B.S., Physical Education — Mathematics; House Council, Assistant Director — Cowart; Senator; WRA— Sec.-Treas.; Alt. Sweetheart APO; Jr. Class Treas.; Supreme Court Justice; W.H.P.E.R. — Pres.; SGA— Secretary; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges WALKER, HOWARD D. B.S., Biological Science — History; Senator; Proc- tor — Pace; Assistant Director — Alumni B; Pal- ladium — Business Manager WATERS, ANNETTE B.A., English — Spanish WATERS, JAMES F. B.S. Business Education — History and Social Sci- ence WELLS, MARY B.S., Business Education — English; Phi Beta Lambda; Psychology Club WEEMS, FRED T. B.S., Marketing and Business Administration; Circle K; Choir; Circle K — Secretary; Intramural Softball; Delta Sigma Pi; Lambda Delta Pi; Gavel Club WHITE, JERRY L. B.S., Marketing and Business Administration WHITLEY, RUTH B.A., History — Social Sciences; Trans, from Hunt- ingdon College; Palladium Staff WHITTEN, GEORGE M. B.S., Art — History and Social Science WILKES, RACHEL B.S., Business Education — History; Tropolitan — Assistant Business Manager; Alpha Phi Gamma, Palladium Staff WILLIAMS, ANN GREEN B.S., Elementary Education; Palladium, Alpha Pi Gamma; Kappa Delta Sorority; SNEA. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY B.S., Elementary Education — Art; B.S.U.; Alpha Rho Tau; Adelphe Honor Society; Spires Honor Society; ACEI; House Council — Gardner WILLIAMSON, RICHARD A. B.S., Business Administration — Marketing, Bi- ology; House Council — Pace; Gavel Club— Sgt. at Arms; T-Club; Track; House Council — -Alumni; Gavel Club — Vice Pres. WILSON, BUD B.S., Art — History; Theta Chi; Tennis; Palladium — Art Editor, Greek Editor; Tropolitan — Car- toonist; Alpha Phi Gamma — Treasurer; Literary Mag.— Art Ed.; Kappa Pi— Vice Pres.; Alpha Phi Gamma WINGARD, MARTHA JEAN B.S., Business Education — English; Freshman Class Secretary; Shackelford Hall Secretary; Freshman Class Favorite; Palladium, Associate Editor; Stu- dent Government Association, Clerk, Secretary, Vice President; Kappa Delta Sorority, Pledge Class Vice President, Secretary, President, Convention Delegate; Sophomore Class Favorite; Junior Class Favorite; Student Publications Board; Women ' s Judiciary Council, Chairman; WRA; SNEA; Pan- hellenic Council; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; All College Council on Teacher Educa- tion; Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart; Alpha Phi Gamma; Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President; Dean ' s List; Alabama College Queen; Miss TSU; Student Affairs Committee WISE, DEATHRA ANNETTE B.S., Business Education — English; Gardner Hall Vice President; Phi Beta Lambda; Transfer from Okaloosa- Walton Jr. College WITTNER, MIKE B.S., Physical Education — Spanish; T Club; Secre- tary-Treasurer of Argonaut Honor Society; Lettered in Baseball WOOD, LISA B.S., Business Education — History; Phi Beta Lamb- da, Secretary; Gavel Club; SNEA; Pace Hall Officer WOOD, PEGGY B.S., Elementary Education — Social Studies WRIGHT, DENNIS L. B.S., History — Social Science; SNEA WYROSDICK, PEGGY ANN B.S., Physical Education— Business Administration —Social Science; HPER Majors Club; WRA YEOMAN, LINDA B.S., Business Education — Social Science; Phi Beta Lambda YOUNGBLOOD, EARL C. B.S., Social Science — Counseling; Psychology ZITO, MARILYN N. B.S., Business Administration — Art; Palladium Staff; Alpha Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council; Pi Kappa Phi Pledge Sweetheart 325 ADVERTISEMENTS 11 ' Ms M®te. i ftp ■ • ' ■ ■-% • v ; - . ' . ■ v ■ ' ' - ' •■ ' - , i«sS ' 5®i- ■tMM 7 I ' 4 .-; % k i ' • ' ■ ' ;? ;• ' fe- » .-. il v.: ,.v m 8 JPSlil .. ' ' - :, i. ' v ; -■-■- ••■!; . ' J . V7 M ■Xm-K 3! tf £ ' ' ■ ' »■ • M W$$fiM$M : ' : ■ ' • " ■ ' ■■• ; ;: ' ' M- r ' - ' •■■ 326 wMmm 327 Best Wishes CITY OF TROY 328 In " Stay-Fresh Plastic Bags COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY Hi-Way 80 West and Newcomb St. MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA 329 I l 1 J Tte • I Architectural Design by PEARSON, TITTLE and NARROWS of Montgomery, Alabama HARRY BAKER, THE JEWELER Phone 566-1585 TROY PRINTING COMPANY Compliments of COMMERCIAL PRINTING • LITHOGRAPHING ROYAL TIRE Phone 566-0923 SERVICE 1 1 1 E. Elm Troy, Ala. 566-1130 A GREAT NAME IN CLOTHING NEWMAN ' S 1 MEN ' S SHOP " Suits the South " Henderson, B lag k ? Greene, In-. Jo LuLcbiAJ) Scuz jlxjeA, 116 N. Three Notch 566-0557 Troy, Ala. 330 Troy, Alabama Located U.S. 231 at Ala. 29 RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 60 Guest Rooms, Mtg. Rooms to 300 Outdoor Pool and Patio Reservations for Parents or Friends Just Call 566-1 150 The Perfect Place to Bring Your Date Enjoy Delicious Meals in Our Dining Rooms Then Meet All the Crowd in The Trojan Lounge Specializing In: FRATERNITY AND SORORITY BANQUETS INSTITUTIONAL FOOD HANDLING AND CLUB ROOM EQUIPMENT FURNITURE CHINA SILVERWARE THE HELBURN CO., INC 412 Montgomery Street Phone 262-8346 MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Compliments of : v 111. You Can ' t Do Better Than Sears Court at Fairview Montgomery, Ala. 331 At 07 Walnut Troy, Ala. " You can Find the Best in Cleaning Business " Visit TROY LAUNDRY CLEANERS TROY MAID BAKERY Fresher by at Least 50 Miles " Your Every Bakery Need Pike County ' s Only Bakery PHONE 566-2663 Troy, Alabama For Wholesome Clean Fun and Recreation Be Behind the Eight-Ball With TROY BILLIARD North Three Notch St. For The Best See PIKE PLYMOUTH Troy, Ala. CUSTOM BUILT TRUCK BODIES Trailers — Special Purpose Coaches and Panel Delivery Vans |jg • ALUMINUM VAN BODIES • WALK-IN VANS • PICK-UP TOPPERS • CATTLE RACKS • FARM WAGONS • FIELD TEST LABORATORY UNITS LYNCOACH TRUCK CO. 566-4330 231 By-Pass— Troy WISE OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. Complete Office Outfitters and THE GIFT MART Gifts For All Occasions Hallmark Cards Gift Mart 566-4752 Wise Office Supply 566-3790 For the Best Cleaning in Town or Anywhere Around Be Sure You Visit BILL ' S CLEANERS " Fast and Efficient Service " 213 Academy Troy, Ala. Phone 566-1207 " Where Shopping Is A Pleasure " 332 unday inner SCHLOSS KAHN, INC. MONTGOMERY 1, ALABAMA 333 FIRST FARMERS AND MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK FRST FARM ERS ' N A MERCH TS S N AT|Q NA PHONE 566-2270 Troy, Ala. 334 TROY MOTORS INC. Troy, Ala. HOLMAN JOHNSON Photographer 1 1 3 N. Three Notch Troy PHIL ADAMS MOTOR CO. FORD Try Total Performance For A Change! 566-3400 Troy, Ala. WTBF TROY 970 on Your Radio Dial " In Step With Today ' s Modern Radio " For All Your Parts Needs See the Man From G. A. P. GENUINE AUTO PARTS CO., INC. 102 Academy St. Troy, Ala. BILLY JINWRIGHT ROBERT ARMSTRONG O ' NEAL MOTORS For the Best Values in Cars See CHRYSLER Sales and Services 212 Academy St. Troy, Alabama Ph. 566-2246 When It ' s Flowers Be Sure It ' s Ours JEAN ' S FLOWERS AND GIFTS Phone 566-2480 110 W. Madison For Parts See TROY AUTO PARTS, INC. 201 Walnut Troy 566-1663 335 SAVE! Save Money on Name Brand Shoes and First Class Shoe Repairs 109 Elm St. MOONEYHAM ' S CANCELLATION SHOES III " -4k) LAWRENCE HARDWARE 56 E. Court Square PHONE 566-0688 TROY, ALABAMA Compliments Of L L DOZIER Troy, Alabama LOTS OF LOVE ltd 336 ROSENBERG ' S ON THE " GROW " WITH T.S.U. Phone 566-0134 WHALEY LUMBER CO. Troy Congratulations From the Friendly Folks at The Smart Plsu To Go... i of Good Things 1o Est! 337 , Compliments of GREEN DRUGS 604 N. Three Notch 566-4740 Troy, Ala. Clean Clothes at MODERN CLEANERS 2 Locations: 509 S. Brundidge 566-2892 And 304 Walnut 566-0277 Troy, Ala. Compliments of BARKETT ' S STORES THE FAIR BARKETT ' S THE HUB SHOE MART HOOPER STOCK YARDS Montgomery, Ala. The South ' s Finest Livestock Auction Market Located on Highway 3 1 S. Near the Intersection of Highway 80 W. Away From Downtown Traffic THERE ARE NO PARKING PROBLEMS Featuring the Villager at the Fair Ozark, Alabama Visit Us and See The Difference! BRYAN ' S JEWELRY AND SPORTING GOODS The Exquisite Furniture Shoppe ? z kou6 ? yi. 2u z£tfrt " Piece BUY - SELL - TRADE Ptetota — S6ot?u t4 — hefted WOOD FURNITURE CO. GUN " REPAIRS AND BLUING 139 E. Broad (774-5340) Ozark, Alabama 36360 TROY SUPER SERVICE AND BYRD DRUG KEY ' S BAIT AND TACKLE " Prompt Service Day or Night " On the Bypass Troy, Ala. COMPANY 81 N. Court Sq. Troy, Ala. Phone 566-0100 Compliments of • SHERER ' S CITY DRUG STORE GRAND BURGER Especially Catering to the Campus Crowd " Home of Mr. Big Burger " 112 Elm St. 566-3 1 80 Troy, Ala. Ozark Troy Dothan BRADLEY BRUCE AND JONES " Plumbing and Heating, Inc. " CLEANERS P.O. Box 1002 Montgomery, Ala. MRS. GEORGE (Christine) GILMORE JR. Representatives: " Anything that can be cleaned BUTCH CAUTHEN— SANDRA BRADLEY can be cleaned better by us. " 340 Compliments of CAFE On the Square CARTER RAY Pure Oil Distributor Troy 566-3370 TROY MESSENGER Daily and Sunday Established 1866 For Watch, Jewelry and Razor Repairs, Nationally Advertised Brands of Watches, Silverware, Crystal, China, Luggage, Cameras and Jewelry See DOUGLAS BROS. On the Square Since 1871 REST ASSURED With INDEPENDENT LIFE Manager: J. F. TEAL " There is no substitute for Life Insurance " SYNCO DRUGS " PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS " REVLON COSMETICS ' WE FILL ALL DOCTOR ' S PRESCRIPTIONS ' Phone 566-2610 Troy, Ala. RITE PRICE APPLIANCE, INC. FURNITURE, TELEVISION, AND APPLIANCES RCA Victor— Whirlpool— Philco Phone 566-3310 1004 S. Brundidge St. SALES and SERVICE 341 RED WAVE AND DARI-DELITE DRIVE-INS Located 231 By-Pass Troy, Alabama ROBERT R. DUNN, INC. Concrete Plant Phone 566-3292 RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCKS OPEN 6:30 AM MONDAY THRU SATURDAY NOON. Special Orders Delivered At Any Time. All Mixes Are Special Laboratory Design Mixers 342 TROY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Troy Bank Trust Company Building " All Lines of Insurance " Troy, Alabama P.O. Box 447 VD Sunrujland SAUSAGE— HAMS- BACON— POULTRY SUNNYLAND PACKING COMPANY Dothan, Ala. BOYD COMPANY _, i ' 66 W. Court Sq., Troy, Ala. Phone 566-0781 THE PIKE THEATRE AND THE STARLITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Mgr. JIMMY GAYLORD and BO GAYLORD " We have enjoyed serving you while at TSU " 343 INGRAM ' S RESTAURANT GRADY and MARGARET INGRAM U.S. 231 Bypass at U.S. 29 " GOOD SOUTHERN COOKING " Troy, Ala. Oldsmobile — Chevrolet — Cadillac MARY CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES and SERVICES Phone 566-2740 Troy, Ala. CAPITOL PAPER CO. JIMMY HAMMITT Sales Representative Phone 794-4544 Dothan, Ala. VULCAN LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY A. A. REDDOCH— H. L FOWLER— Assoc. Mgr. W. R. WILKINS J. T. JOHNSON J. L. KNOTTS G. F. FLOWERS J. D. NICHOLS C. R. HUGHES J. S. RILEY W. E. GRADDY, Mgr. SARA N. GOIDEN— Cashier Phone 566-2490 " We Appreciate Your Business ' THE BRANDING IRON On the By-Pass Troy, Ala. JUST THE PLACE FOR GOOD FOOD AND CONVERSATION Compliments of NELSON and MITTIE FRANCES JONES BAMBOO RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE On the Bypass — Troy, Ala. " Hurry, Here Comes the Dean. " Best Wishes To TROY STATE UNIVERSITY - THRIFTY STORES We are very fond of you and are proud of the progress you are making toward becoming a larger institution. The relation- ship between the City of Troy and Troy State University has always been on the upward move. We are proud to have been a part of this progress. Always look for our continued loyal sup- port. We would enjoy having you visit our store! pirifty tores Troy Andalusia Clanton Sylacauga 345 TROY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY ' BANKING TO MAKE A BETTER COMMUNITY " Troy, Ala. Phone 566-1490 BARBER ' S MILK COMPANY J. C. HARDEN and SONS Producer and Distributor " Pike County ' s Only Local Dairy " 346 THE WHOPPABURGER " It ' s a Meal on a Whoppa Bun " 231 By Pass FIREBIRD INN Troy, Ala. CLEAN FRESH FLAVOR " ' r- ' ; VITAMIN D fASTEIKI»» nor t(» i! 1 BEST IN THE LAND . . .■...■. 347 FARMER ' S MERCHANT ' S INSURANCE CO. For All Your Insurance Needs See KEN COX 62 Court Sq. Troy, Ala. 566-2644 Another Senior Leaves Troy State. V. J. ELMORE INC. 73 N. Court Sq. Troy, Ala. 566-4480 INGRAM ' S CLEANERS " For Your Every Cleaning Need " PICKUP and DELIVERY SERVICE 109 Market St. Troy, Ala. Phone 566-1774 KELLY ' S SALES AND TIRE WKS. B. F. GOODRICH— KELVINATOR— MOTOROLA 8 Hour Recapping Troy — Brundidge PHILCO ED ' S RADIO AND COLOR TV. SERVICE Troy, Ala. 348 Our Advertisers are most important to us. We of the Palladium Staff urge each Troy State student to show his gratitude by patronizing these firms. Many thanks is owed to the fine busi- nessmen of Troy. CHUCK SMITH Business Manager The Palladium Staff wishes to thank Service Photography and Service Engraving for their help. DEAN SMITH Photographer 349 ' A » ' H »i3taylor publishing company The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made ' lit

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