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• T 4 • 4M •J ■ i :w ..-n E 8f p - fcA ' - v • ' •r Jk fl •■ i ■! J . TROY STATE COLLEGE Established as Troy State Normal School by the Alabama General Assembly in 1887. The Alabama Legislature has approved the following changes in the name: Troy State Normal College 1893 Troy State Teachers College 1927 Troy State College 1957 Land and the first building for the original downtown campus and the land for the present site were provided by the City of Troy. The College was moved to the present campus in 1930. The State Board of Education authorized the College to grant the Bachelors Degree in 1929 and the Masters Degree in 1956. ALABAMA HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION 1965 PALLADIUM Troy S+ate College Troy, Alabama TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 ADMINISTRATION 20 CLASSES 36 ACTIVITIES 90 FEATURES 114 SPORTS 140 ORGANIZATIONS 170 ADVERTISEMENTS 208 EDITOR James Fuqua BUSINESS MANAGER Billy Simmons [ 2 ] Une l- aliadl um 2Jhere is un aura of symbolism Surrounding t he annual of Jroii J fa,f - College, uli iili originated with flic idea of the - aliadium of f- alias _yilnena. f- atlas _Ail hena wai the jreeh goddess upon whom the preservation of Jroii depended. jl was Said thai the ci y of Jroii could not be conquered so long as In- f- aliadium remained in the tannic of _Sll hena . n order to capture the citg, Jd ysseus and UiomedeS carried off lite statue, I was not long afterward that the city fell to the Archa eans. Arl h en a . in addition to being (lie guardian of roii, waS endowed with in a nil oilier distinguishing characteristics . VJecauSe she was born of — en i himself, she was from birth, in rest ed with a mental and moral character that was above reproach. J he was represent ed a S the goddess of wisdom and Knowledge and patroness of war. tinder her guidance, victory was won by cunning, prudence, courage , and perServerance. l ' ilh the above mentioned traits and many more not mentioned , it is easy to See why the name f a lladium waS Selected aS the title for the JJroy S tate College annual . iXJhat could more exemplify wisdom than the tale aljr. SJ ' ranlt f . Stewart . jt is not possible to measure the advancement made bu Jroy S tate during his tenure as its president . SJhe role of leadership has now been bestowed upon Colonel t afph l ' . _AfdamS , a man whoSe ability aS a leader has alreadif been proven. SJhe administration is here to guide us. the students, through our brief tenure at Jroy Jjtate. Jhrough their guidance we, the students, acquire the knowledge needed to better prepare ourselves for the life ahead. AiS students. we develop the mental and moral character So necessary for a Success f u I life. I ' ve develop perServerance and prudence, from participation in the many worthwhile campus organizations. lAJe not only develop our bodies m en la II if . but also physically through Sports. Sjrrom Sports we team courage ana cunning . lyeS, the fa ' ' a di um is more than just a name, .jt is a meaning within itself. yt is SJroy tate College. carl Z. Keeder the Troy State Spirit is • • • SPIRIT the inspiration that pervades and tempers thought, feeling and ac- tion the soul or heart a vigorous sense of membership in a group the dominant character or tend- ency of a crowd moods of exaltation or depression the impulse permeating school life a sense of oneness on Homecom- ing Day pride because you are acknowl- edged as best the Troy State spirit is a part of all things that Troy State is Creativity ... in the classroom . . . the learning experience . . . a product of the imagination ... an eye opening sensation . . . more than the three R ' s . . . doing it for yourself ... a practical application of knowledge. [ 6 ] [ 8 ] Special events . . . parades . . . life in the stu- dent center . . . spending time with friends . . . activities make friendships grow stronger. A-. V | £X _ I u 4L jdik Beauty parade . . . homecoming . . . best dressed contest . . . basketball queen . . . are features of our school which bring out beauti- ful girls. A Excitement . . . spontaneous . . . carefree . . . among friends . . . the crush of a pep rally . . . the elated expression of students when Troy is winning a game . . . the extra spark needed to win ... in an effortless energy known only to youth. • • Clubs . . . distinctive . . . reflect academic and social life at Troy . . . you never know how far their influences reach. Tradition . . . solid . . . that which always has been and always will be ... a part of your school . . . returning every year . . . seeing old friends and meeting new ones . . . symbols of your feelings . . . rules that must be obeyed . . . something you ' ll constantly cherish. DEDICATION Coach John Archer With great pride and sincere appreciation we, the 1965 Palla- dium Staff, dedicate this edition to Coach John Archer, whom we have come to know as a friend, to respect as an educator, and to admire. Sincerity . . . faithfulness . . . ability . . . each holds its place as one of the many characteristics of Coach Archer. As a member of the Physical Education Department and as head basketball coach, no one has better personified the spirit of Troy State College. We hope that this dedication will, in some small way, make him feel that his efforts have been appreciated. [ 19 ] ADMINISTRATION TROY STATE ' S FIRST FAMILY Shown above, from the left are: Kelly, a junior high student; President Adams,- Mrs. Adams,- and Sam, a student in the lab school. Mot pictured is Ralph, Jr., a senior at the U. S. Military Academy. President Adams making one of his many personal appear- ances in behalf of Troy State. [ 22 } PRESIDENT Ralph W. Adams President Ralph W. Adams arrived on our cam- pus Thursday, October 1, 1964. We welcome our new president and are expecting profitable years under his capable leadership. Though President Adams has had little prior experiences in college administration, his administrative experience in other areas and his intimacies with state political leaders have already proven to be great assets in his new job. President Adams is a reasonable and undesrtand- ing man who is willing to listen. Through his actions he is showing us that Troy State College and edu- cation in Alabama mean much to him. President Adams, we welcome you to Troy State College. To All Students at Troy State College Shakespeare said: " The time of life is short; To spend that shortness basely were too long. " What a person does for his fellowman and what he contributes to society are yardsticks upon which man ' s worth can be measured. The person who succeeds is the one who has a goal early in life and toward that goal habitually directs his efforts. Bulwer wrote: " Even genius itself is but fine observation strengthened by fixity of purpose. Every man who observes vigilantly and resolves steadfastly grows unconsciously into genius. " Here at Troy State College you have built and are building a solid foundation. Our minds and hearts will be with you as you go onward and upward. President Ralph W. Adams [ 23 ] George C. Wallace GOVERNOR State of Alabama ALABAMA STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION STANDING: Honorable George C. Wallace, Governor of Alabama and President; Mr. Cecil Word, Scot tsboro, Eighth District; Mr. Fred L. Merrill, Anniston, Fourth District; Mr. W. C. Davis, Fayette, Seventh District; Mr. Victor P. Poole, Moundville, Sixth District; Mr. W. M. Beck. Fort Payne, Fifth District; Reverend Harold C. Martin, Birming- lllll illll ' « ham, Ninth District; Dr. A. R. Meadows, State Superintendent of Edu- cation and Executive Officer. SEATED: Dr. James D. Nettles, Arlington, First District; Mr. J. T. Albritton, Andalusia, Second District, and Mrs. Carl Stand, Eufaula, Third District. i ' iiHH JM k I DEAN OF COLLEGE Dr. G. R. Boyd University of Kentucky, Ph.D. BUSINESS MANAGER AND TREASURER Mr. Clay Stabler, Jr. University of Alabama, B.S. REGISTRAR Miss Bess McCann George Peabody College for Teachers, M.A. [ 25 ] f-Or ' ' ■- — - J DEAN OF STUDENTS AND DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE SERVICES Miss Annette Gibbs Ohio University, M.A. DEAN OF MEN Mr. Robert W. Williford Troy State College, M.S. DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Ann B. Harmon Auburn University, M.Ed. 26 DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Dr. R. C. Kennedy- Sterling College, D.D. ' r SUPERINTENDENT OF BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS Mr. O. W. Biclcel DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL SERVICES Mr. Roy Jeffcoat Auburn University, M.S. DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES Mr. Eugene H. Sherman University of Alabama, M.A. [ 27 , v Mr. Virgil Collins Chairman, Mathematics Depart- ment University of Alabama, M.A. Mr. Thomas R. Eason Chairman, Business Department University of Mississippi, M.B.A. Dr. Theo Dalton Chairman, English Department George Peabody College for Teachers, Ph.D. Mr. Kenneth Croslin Librarian George Peabody College for Teachers, M.A. Dr. Charles V. Farmer Chairman, Music Department Chicago Musical College, U. of Chicago, Ph.D. [ 28 T 1 Dr. William Paul Lewis Chairman, Education and Psychol- ogy Department George Peabody College for Teachers, Ed.D. Dr. Earl Watson Chairman, Physical Education De- partment University of Buffalo, Ed.D. EDUQ DEPi DIRE! tSlCAL El ATHLI m Dr. Robert C. Paxson Chairman, Art Department Pennsylvania State College, D.Ed. Dr. William T. Willcs Chairman, Science Department Columbia University, Ed.D. Dr. L eonard Y. Trapp Chairman, History and Social Sci- ence Department George Peabody College for Teachers, Ph.D. [ 29 ] FACULTY Adams, Carra; Director of Cowarr Hal Troy State College, B.S. Archer, John; Physical Education University of Arkansas, M.S. Argenti, Rudolph; Physical Education University of Tennessee, M.S. Arrington, R. O.; Business University of Tennessee, M.S. Auvil, Adrianne; Music Indiana University, M.S. Barefield, Jack; Speech New York University, M.A. Barr, Jean; Music Oberlin Conservatory of Music, B.M.E. Boyce, Richard; Education and Psychology George Peabody College, Ed.S. Boyd, Lucille; English Troy State College, M.S. Branham, Virginia L; Physical Education Memphis State University, M.S. Brantley, James; Science University of Alabama, M.A. Byrd, Francis; English Columbia University, M.S. Calkins, Charles; Music Columbia University, M.S. Canaday, Shirley; Physical Education Troy State College, B.S. Cleveland, Margaret; First Grade Supervising Teacher Troy State College, M.S. Clipson, Madolyn; Business Troy State College, B.S. Clipson, William; Physical Education Columbia University, Ed.D. Coker, Arthur; Director of Pace Hall Auburn University, M.S.Ed. Collins, Louise; English Auburn University, M.S. Costes, Nicholas; Physical Education Boston University, M.E. Cummings, Foy; Education and Psychology George Peabody College for Teachers, Ea.S. Daniel, A. G.; History University of Alabama, M.A. De Feria, Louis; Spanish University of Havana, Cuba, Doctor of Law Deming, Raymond; Geography George Peabody College, Ed.D. Eason, Jo Ann; Art Bryn Mawr, M.A. Ervin, Violet; Music Troy State College, M.S. Estes, Mary Frances; Physical Education University of Tennessee, M.S. Forrester, Laureson; Bio-Social George Peabody College, M.A. Foster, Doris Director of Garner Hall Gibson, Donald; Director of Dill Hall Troy State College, B.S. Harvill, Harris; Education George Peabody College, Ph.D. Hattaway, Jerry; Mathematics Troy State College, B.S. Hatten, Abb; Business University of Mississippi, M.A. Haynes, Jerry; Psychology Florida State University; Ph.D. Hicks, T. D.; Business University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. Hitt, Nellie; Fourth Grade Supervising Teacher Columbia University, M.A. FACULTY Hudson, Mary; Library Jacksonville State, B.A. Hudson, R. Vaughan; English Auburn University, M.S. Johnson, Pat; Art Troy State College, B.S. Kantor, Edward; Science University of Mississippi, M.S. Kingry, Gipson; Science Auburn University, M.Ag.Ed. Kirby, Shelton; Science Western Kentucky State, M.S. Lee, John W.; Mathematics Sam Houston State Teachers College, M.S. McClain, Jeff; Associate Registrar George Peabody College, M.A. McCullers, P. D.; Mathematics University of Florida, M.Ed. McKulik, Ben; English Princeton University, B.A. McLaughlin, W. D.; Science West Virginia University, M.S. Melvin, Richard; Music Indiana University, M.M.Ed. Mitchell, Gracie; Physical Education Howard College, B.S. Muller, John; Science Oklahoma State University, M.S. Mussleman, Paul; History Auburn University, M.A. Myers, Terry; Science Michigan State, B.S. Nelson, Horace; Education Columbia University, Ed.D. O ' Neal, James; Mathematics Columbia University, M.A. Preer, Mary; Director of Hamil Hal Auburn University, M.Ed. Parks, John G.; Science Troy State College, M.S. Paskins, Cloyd W.; History Duke University, M.A. Rainer, Olivia K.; Music Western Kentucky State College, M.Ed. Riggsby, Ernest D.; Science George Peabody College for Teachers, Ed.S. Roberts, John H.; Science George Peabody College for Teachers, M.A. Rose, Martha K. Secretary to the President Rose, Wease Postmaster Schomberg, Orville; Science Colorado State College, M.A. Shattuck, Judy C; Library Troy State College, B.S. Slater, M. Study; English Wayne State University, M.A. Smith, Walter C, Jr.; English George Peabody College for Teachers, M.A.S. Soles, James; Mathematics University of Alabama, M.A. Solomon, Marion Ellen; Third Grade Supervising Teacher Troy State College, M.S. Spencer, Gilbert O.; Science George Peabody College for Teachers, M.A. Spencer, Mary K. Manager, Student Center Food Service Starling, Dorothy Manager, Bookstore Styons, Robert B.; History University of Alabama, M.A. Taylor, Durwood; Business University of Alabama, M.A. Thompson, Brooks; History University of Alabama, Ph.D. Thornton, Alice; Art Columbia University, M.A. Thornton, Betty; English University of Mississippi, B.A. Thornton, W. T.; Science University of Mississippi, B.S. Tranum, Pauline; Business Teachers College, Columbia University, M.A. Vanderford, L. S.; Director of Placement University of Alabama, M.A. Vines, Fletcher; Director, Clements Hall Auburn University, M.A. Waites, Wallace; English Florida State University, M.A. Wakefield, Robert, Jr.; Assistant Business Manager University of Alabama, B.S. Walter, Edwin D.; Art University of Missouri, M.A. Walters, William F.; Business Auburn University, M.Ed. Warner, Josephine; Education and Psychology Teachers College, Columbia University, Ed.D. Watson, Van; Physical Education Western Michigan University, B.S. Whaley, Tex Kilpatrick; Education and Psychology University of Alabama, M.A. Widdowson, David C; Science George Peabody College for Teachers, Ed.D. Williams, Billy G.; Physical Education University of Alabama, M.A. Williams, Lloyd M., Jr.; History University of Alabama, B.S. IN MEMORIAM Dr. Frank R. Stewart 1910-1964 Dr. Frank R. Stewart served as president of Troy State College from July I, 1961, until his un- timely death March 24, 1964. Dur- ing that short span of time he commanded the admiration, love, and esteem of the college stu- dents, faculty, and staff. He was a man of contagious spirit who loved to serve his fellowman. His life was devoted to promoting the cause of education. The influence of Dr. Stewart will long be felt on our campus and the rememberance of his life will ever remain in the hearts of those who knew him. His gentleness, kind- ness, winning smile and warm handshake will not readily perish from our memories. SENIORS Y» SENIORS CAROLYN ADAMS Clayton B.S. English; History S.N.E.A. LAWSON OYETTE ADAMS Headland B.S. Biological Science; History Lambda Tau; Circle K MARY PAMELA ADAMS Panama City, Florida B.S. Elementary Education; History and Social Science Transfer from Gulf Coast Jr. College; B.S.U.; S.N.E.A.; S.- G.A. Senator; Hamil Hall President; A.C.E. MARY LOU ANDERSON Troy B.S. Elementary Education S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. WILLIAM O. APLIN, JR. B.S. Math; Physics Square Root of C Club Newton Troy SHARI ARRINGTON B.S. English; History Trojan Rifle Club; Palladium Staff; Women ' s Gavel Club, Reporter BETTY JO BAILEY Frisco City B.S. English; Math Women ' s Gavel Club; S.N.E.A. JANICE MARIE BANE Andak B.S. English; History W.A.A.; B.S.U.; S.N.E.A.; Wesley BARBARA ANN BARTON Andalusia B.S. English; Math Outstanding Freshman Girl; Athenaeum Club; Adelphe, President; Sophomore Class Favorite; President ' s Assem- bly; Kappa Delta Pi, President; S.N.E.A.; S.G.A. Justice; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities WALLY BASSETT Byron, Georgia B.S. Physical Education; History Transfer Georgia South Wes tern Jr. College; Track; Foot- ball 38 ] LARRY R. BATES Troy B.S. Marketing-Accounting Choir; Track; Men ' s Gavel Club; Accounting Club JERE LeMAY BECK Troy B.S. Physical Science; Biology-Math Track; T Club; Science Club; Kappa Chi Alpha; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities JUDITH BELL Luverne B.S. English; Business Adelphe; Phi Beta Lambda; S.N.E.A. ROBERT DON BELL Luverne B S. Business Administration; Math CAROL BENNETT Napier Field B.S. Elementary Education; Physical Education Choir; S.G.A. Senator; S.N.E.A. HENRY BLAINE, II Tallahassee, Florida B.S. Psychology; History MARTHA SUE BLAIR Ansley B.S. Elementary Education S.N.E.A. GLORIA BLANTON Excel B.S. English; Business Education Choir; B.S.U.; Collegiates; S.N.E.A.; S.G.A. Senator; In- ternational Club ROBERT A. BLOUNT Leesburg, Florida B.S. Marketing-Business Administration CONRAD BOOKER Evergreen B.S. Business Administration; History [ 39 ] SENIORS CONNIE BOORS Pensacola, Florida B.S. Elementary Education; Social Studies BARBARA BOSWELL Brundidge B.S. Math; Psychology Sophomore class social chairman; Palladium Staff; Junior class social chairman; Square Root of C Club; Lambda Psi; S.G.A. Senator JOHN ELLIS BOVIS Kissimmee, Florida B.S. Marketing; History and Social Science Argonauts, Secretary, Treasurer; Circle K WEBSTER PRICE BOZEMAN Dozier B.S. History; Art and Geography CAROL BROOKS Montgomery B.S. Business Education; Counseling CLAYTON BRYANT Straughn B.S. Math; P.E. Basketball; T Club; Argonauts; House Council SARAH BRYANT Dothan B.S. Elementary Education Collegiates; Choir; Wesley; Sigma Alpha lota; Cowart House Council; S.N.E.A.; Hamil House Council; A.C.E., Secretary; Women ' s Gavel Club REBECCA LUCILLE BRYARS Bay Minette B.S. Elementary Education Choir; Play-Makers; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E., Vice-President VIRGINIA TATE BRYARS Bay Minette B.S. Elementary Education; History and Social Science Gardner Hall, Social chairman; Gardner House Council; Choir; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E., Vice-President CHARLES BUNCH Panama City, Florida B.S. History, Social Science; Geography Trojan Rifles; S.N.E.A.; Alpha Phi Omega 40 JUANITA BUNDY Troy B.S. Physical Education; English W.A.A.; Physical Education Majors Club; S.N.E.A. FRANCES BETH BURDESHAW Dothan B.S. Elementary Education, English Argonaut Sweetheart; Appreciation Day Queen; Junior Class Beauty; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. RON BURROUGHS Savannah, Georgia Andalusia JOHNNY FERRELL BUTLER B.A. Economics; Spanish Freshman Class, Vice-President; Gavel Club; S.G.A., Presi- dent; President ' s Assembly; Student Affairs Committee; Freshman class Favorite . DEAN BYRD, JR. Dothan B.S. Business Administration; Economics, Gen. Science Argonauts; B.S.U., Freshman President, Vice-President; Cir- cle K; Justice of Judiciary; Trojan Rifles; Phi Beta Lambda HOWELL BYRD B.S. Biology Birmingham YVONNE CARROLL Abbeville B.S. Physical Education, Business EARL CHANCELLOR Bay Minette B.S. Business Administration; Marketing Junior class favorite; Clements Hall, Vice-President; Gav- el Club, Senior Senator; Trojan Rifles; Pi Kappa Phi KARYL JANICE CLAYTON DeFuniak Springs, Florida B.S. Elementary Education W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. BILLIE KAYE COLOMBO Kissimmee, Florida B.S. Elementary Education Newman Club; S.N.E.A. [ 41 ] SENIORS SANDRA ALICE COOLER Ridgeland, South Carolina B.S. Elementary Education Transfer from Columbia College; S.N.E.A.; Women ' s Gav- el Club, Sargeant at Arms DENNIS CADE COOMBS Sarasota, Florida B.S. History and Social Studies; English Football DONALD ANSLEY COPE Andalusia B.S. History; Geography Circle K; Troy State College History Honor Society; Tro- politan Staff; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President; Trojan Rifles Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Young Democrats Club, Presi- dent; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities CHARLES HOLT COUCH Montgomery B.S. Biology; History T Club; Track; Science Club; S.N.E.A. MALCOLM CRAMER Sidney, Ohio B.S. Marketing; Business-Music GLYNDELL CREAMER Chipley, Florida B.S. Math; English Transfer from Chipola Jr. College; S.N.E.A.; Square Root of C Club; Kappa Delta Pi PAULINE DANLEY Robertsdale B.S. Math; English Band; B.S.U.; Adelphe; Square Root of C Club; Shackelford House Council; S.N.E.A. JIMMIE W. DAVIS Elba B.S. English; History-Social Studies Kappa Delta Pi WILLENE DAY Brundidge B.S. English; Business Education Playmakers; Shackelford House Council; Choir; B.S.U.; Cowart House Council; Women ' s Gavel Club, Parliamen- tarian; Hamil House Council; S.N.E.A.; Alpha Psi Omega; Phi Beta Lambda; S.G.A., Treasurer DORIS JUNE DEAN Flomaton B.S. Elementary Education; Art B.S. U.; S.N.E.A.; Palladium Staff [ 42 ] PATSY DEAN Dothan B.S. English; Speech Shackelford Hall, Vice-President; Adelphe; Sophomore class, Treasurer; Homecoming Queen; Women ' s Executive Council; Women ' s Judiciary Committee, Chairman; Cow- art House Council AL DEHNAD Tehran, Iran B.S. Biology, Chemistry BETSY DISMUKES Jack B.S. English; Social Studies COLAN DONNELL Bellwood B.S. Business Administration; Marketing Phi Beta Lambda JAWONA DYE Geneva B.S. Math; History and Social Science Adelphes; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; Square Root of C Club; Gardner House Council; S.N.E.A.; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities JERRY DYKES Troy B.S. Music; History Collegiates; B.S.U.; Phi Mu Alpha EMORY EARL ELLIS Troy B.S. Marketing; Business Administration, Art HARVEY ELMORE Huntsville B.S. Math; Physical Education, History S.G.A. Senator; Track; T Club; Argonauts MALCOLM ENGLISH B.S. Art, Psychology Elba WAYNE ETHEREDGE Pensacola, Florida B.S. Business Administration; Psychology Transfer from Auburn; Men ' s Gavel Club, President; Theta Chi, President [ 43 ] FRANKIE FEACHEN Andalusia B.S. Elementary Education; Business Education DORRIS JEAN FOSTER Greenville B.S. History and Social Studies; Geography Adelphe; Sophomore Class Secretary; Sophomore Beauty; Kappa Delta Pi, H ' storian; Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary; Rep- resentative to Superior Student ' s Committee; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities SUSAN FOSTER Crestview, Florida B.S. Elementary Education Transfer from Qusen ' s College; Junior Favorite; Junior Beauty; Canterbury Club; Tropolitan Staff; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. JEROME FOUST Ft. Rucker JEAN MARIE FOWLER Chipley, Florida B.S. Elementary Education Transfer from Florida State University; Collegiates; Sigma Alpha lota JAMES FREELS Greenville B.S. Math; Physics-Chemistry Sophomore Class Favorite; President of Junior Class; Sum- mer Representative of S.G.A.; President of Senior Class; Chief Justice of S.G.A.; Assistant Director Dill Hall BILLY FRYE Frisco City B.S. Physical Education; History and Social Science S.N.E.A.; P.E. Majors Club JENNY FULLER Mobile B.S. English; Spanish ISh JAMES FUQUA Demopolis B.S. Economics; Business-History and Social Science B.S.U.; Men ' s Gavel Club; Palladium Staff, EDITOR FRANK FURR Cloxton B.S. History; Social Science Wesley Foundation; Circuit Riders Club [ 44 ] fe BEN GABBARD Fort Walton, Florida B.S. Economics; Business Administration, History BOB GABBARD Fort Walton, Florida B.S. Economics; Business Administration, English JO ANNA GAMBER Milton, Florida B.S. Elementary Education, Spanish Transfer student from Montreal Anderson Freshman Col lege, Montreal, North Carolina; S.N.E.A. GROOVER ALVA GIBBS Troy B.S. Math; Accounting, Psychology PATRICIA GILMORE Atmore B.S. English; Music, Psychology Signa Alpha lota; Choir; S.N.E.A.; Psi Lambda OSSIE HOWARD GIVENS Robertsdale B.S. Math; Physical Education Basketball JERRY GLOVER Newton B.A. English; History Circuit Riders; S.N.E.A. EVELYN GODWIN Phenix City B.S. Math; History, Social Science Transfer student from Columbus College, Georgia; Square Root of C Club; Gardner House Council HILTON GODWIN Andalusia B.S. Marketing; Business Administration ALFRED GOLDEN Notasulga B.S. Business Administration; Marketing, History [ 45 ] SENIORS CALVIN GRANT Evergreen B.S. Accounting; Business Administration, Psychology Circle K Club, Treasurer; Accounting Club, Treasurer; RICHARD GRAY Sarasota, Florida B.S. Math; History, Social Studies Square Root of C Club BURTON GREEN Troy B.A. Marketing; Business Administration, History Phi Beta Lambda, President JUDY PIERCE GREEN Montgomery B.S. Elementary Education Collegiates; Shackelford Hall, Social Chairman; Class Beau- ty; Adelphes; Christmas Queen; Homecoming Attendant; Appreciation Day Court; Sweetheart of Alpha Phi Omega; S.N.E.A. HENRY GRIFFITH Eclectic B.S. Elementary Education; History, Social Science Band; Athemaeum Club; Choir; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E., Treasurer GWENDOLYN DIANE GWIN Wetumpka B.S. English History, Social Studies Transfer student from Southwest Mississippi Jr. College; S.N.E.A.; Westminister Fellowship; Band CAROLYN VIRGINIA HALL Tallahassee B.S. Business Administration; Art, Secretarial Sc. Adelphes, Secretary; Spires; Notari Club; Modern Dance Club, Secretary JAMES CECIL HALL Florala B.S. Math; Physical Science, History ALVA HAMMOND Valley Head B.S. Physical Education; History, Social Science T Club; Football; P. E. Majors and Minors Club; S.N.E.A. ANNA MARGARET HAYDEN Wilmington, Delaware B.S. English; Physical Education Cowart House Council; Athenaeum Club; W.A.A.; Choir; Collegiates; President of Cowart Hall; Canterbury Club; S.N.E.A.; Young Republican ' s Club [ 46 ] RICHARD HEATH Enterprise B.S. Business Administration; History and Social Science DONALD HENBY Andalusia B.S. Business Administration-Marketing MARJORIE HEROLD Troy B.S. Elementary Education A.C.E. GROVER HICKS, JR. Andalusia B.S. Math; Physical Education SANDRA KAY HINTENACH Montgomery B.S. Business Administration; English Modern Dance Club, Vice-President; Notari Club; Canter- bury Club GAYLA HINTON Montgomery B.S. Elementary Education President, Shackelford; President ' s Council; Newman Club; Athenaeum Club; Palladium Staff, Assistant Editor; S.G.A. Judiciary Council; S.N.E.A.; Women ' s Gavel Club WANDA FAYE HODGES Dothan B.S. English; Math Shackelford House Council; W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; Square Root of C Club; B.S.U.; Choir ROGER HOLBERTON Rochester, New York B.S. History and Social Science-Psychology; Geography Transfer from Pensacola Jr. College; S.N.E.A.; Troy State College History Honor Society; Newman Club; Psi Lamb- da; Phi Alpha Theta, President; Young Democrats Club, Vice-President; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities MICKEY HOLLEY Samson B.S. Math; Business Administration-General Science T Club; Football; Square Root of C Club MORRIS HOLLEY Montgomery B.S. Physical Education; History and Social Science Football; T Club; S.N. E.A. [ 47 ] SENIORS OLLIE HOOD Troy B.S. History, Social Science; Counseling RUSSELL WILLIAM HOOPER, JR. Sarasota, Florida B.S. Math; Chemistry, History Square Root of C Club, Secretary, Treasurer; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities JANE HORNE Pensacola, Florida B.S. Elementary Education NORMA NELL HORNSBY New Brockton B.S. Elementary Education; English, History Kappa Delta Pi CHARLIE FRANK HOUSE, JR. Shawmut B.S. Elementary Education Transfer student from University of Alabama; S.N.E.A. BEN HOWELL, JR. Enterprise B.S. Economics; Business Administration, Math JOHN HUDSON Elba B.S. Math; Science, History MARTHA DEMARIUS HUGHES Dothan B.S. Physical Education; English, Psychology W.A.A.; Choir; Psi Lambda SANDRA GAIL HUGHES Slocomb B.S. Business education; English B.S.U.; Choir; Cowart Hall House Council; S.N.E.A. MARTHA JACKSON Glenwood B.S. Psychology; History, Social Science Psi Lambda [ 48 ] THOMAS JACKSON Chipley, Florida B.S. Psychology; Business, History Psi Lambda; Vice-President, Senior Class; Circle K BETTY JENKINS Phenix City B.S. Elementary Education Transfer student from Columbus College; S.N.E.A. JAMES MURRAY JOHNS Elba B.S. Business; History, Speech ANNA JOHNSON Greenville B.S. Math; Biology FRED JOHNSON Greenville B.S. Physical Education; History, Social Science JUDITH JOHNSON Clayton B.S. Math, Physical Science; Physics Freshman Math Award; Adelphes; Shackelford House Coun- cil; Kappa Delta Pi; Square Root of C Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities SUE ELLEN JOHNSON Bellwood B.S. Elementary Education; Business Education Adelphes; S.N.E.A. JAMES JORDAN Dothan B.S. Business Education; Counseling Transfer student from Chipola Junior College; Clements Hcuse Council; S.N.E.A.; Psi Lambda; Phi Mu Alpha CHERRY KEAHEY Ramer B.S. Elementary Education; History KERRY KELLER Grand Bay B.S. Math; History, English [ 49 ] SENIORS HOLLIS KELLEY Andalusia B.S. Business Administration; History Intramural sports; Clement ' s House Council SANDRA JEAN KELLY B.S. English; Business Cli JANE ALICE KIRCHMAN Belle Glade, Florida B.S. Elementary Education ROBERT KITTRELL Phenix City B.S. Business Administration-Marketing Collegiates; Circle K; Sophomore Class President; President ' s Council; S.G.A. Senator; Pi Kappa Phi JOSEPH PHILIP KLEPAC Nashville, Tennessee B.S. Accounting-Business Administration Men ' s Gavel Club; Accounting Club; Newman Club CAROLYN EVA KRAUSS Elberta B.S. Economics; Business Administration-Art Playmakers; Newman Club LINDA LAIRD Clio B.S. Elementary Education WALTER ROBERT LANDING Nillen, Georgia B.S. Physical Education; History Football; Track; T Club SARAH LANGFORD Dothan B.S. Business Education; Music Choir; Wesley; Cowart House Council; Women ' s Gavel Club; Executive Vice-President; Sigma Alpha lota, Treas- urer, President; Phi Beta Lambda; Collegiates; S.N.E.A. GLORIA ANN LAW B.S. Art; English Chickasaw 50 SAMUEL LONNIE LAW Elmore B.S. Marketing; Business Administration, History Assistance Directory Pace Hall; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice- President; Notari Club; Men ' s Gavel Club, Treasurer LARRY LEWIS Ramer B.S. Business Administration; Marketing JAMES LONG, III Pensacola, Florida B.S. Psychology; Chemistry, Art Trojan Rifle Club; Band; Cotillion Club; Psi Lambda; Gavel Club LAMAR LOTT Union Springs B.S. History, Social Science; Business Ad. REX NYLES LYNCH Albany, Georgia B.S. Social studies; Physical education LEONARD LYONS, JR. Bayou La Batre B.S. History, Social Science; Geography MARLYN ANITA MacDOUGALD Troy B.A. Elementary Education; Spanish International Club, Treasurer; Choir; S.N.E.A. ANN McCALL Troy B.S. Business Education; Physical Education LYNDA SUE McCARLEY Phenix City B.S. Math; History, Social Science Transfer from Columbus College; B.S.U.; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities MICKEY LaDON McCOLLOUGH B.S. Math; accounting Elbe [ 51 ] SENIORS GLENN MAURICE McCORD Dothan B.S. Business Education; History and Social Studies Transfer from Chipola Jr. College; President of Clements Hall; S.G.A. Social Chairman; S.N.E.A.; Phi Beta Lambda; Young Democrats OMEGA McCULLERS Troy B.S. Mathematics; History and Social Science Adelphe; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities; Spires; Square Root of C Club RALPH G. McCULLERS Greenfield, Indiana B.S. Economics and Business Administration; Marketing Band; Collegiates; Phi Mu Alpha, President RACHEL ANN McGOUGAN Pensacola, Florida B.S. English; History and Social Science B.S.U.; Playmalcers; Hamil House Council; Choir; S.N.E.A. DANIEL ALEX MclNNIS DeFuniak Springs, Florida B.S. Mathematics; History Argonauts; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President; Wesley, Presi- dent; Square Root of C Club, President; S.N.E.A. FRANK WARREN McLELLAND Andalusia B.S. Physical Education; History and Social Science Physical Education Major ' s Club MYRTLE McQUAGGE Troy B.S. Biology; Chemistry S.N.E.A. FRANK MALLOY Smiths B.S. Business Administration; Marketing Circle K; Track; Clements Hall House Council; Phi Beta Lambda, Treasurer; Theta Chi, Secretary STEPHEN MANWARING Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Business, Physical Education JAMES H. MARTIN Ozark B.S. History-Social Science; Physical Education [ 52 ] MARY MASSEY Troy B.S. Elementary Education; French CAROLYN MAULDIN Foley B.S. Elementary Education Transfer from Pensacola Jr. College; Women ' s Gavel Club; A.C.E.; S.N.E.A.; Gardner Hall President; President ' s Assembly SUSAN MAUND Ozark B.S. Elementary Education S.N.E.A. BRENDA JOYCE MITCHELL Slocomb B.S. Business Administration; Marketing-Art Women ' s Gavel Club, Administrative Vice-President, Presi- dent; Choir; Psi Beta Lambda; Art Majors and Minors Club FLORA LANE MIXON Madrid B.S. Business Education; History and Social Studies Kappa Delta Pi KEBO MIXON Atmore LINDA MIXON Enterprise B.S. Elementary Education MARY JO MOODY Luverne B.S. Elementary Education; History and Social Science S.N.E.A. LINDA MORGAN Troy B.S. Math; History and Social Science WARREN CLAY MUNDY Americus, Georgia [ 53 ] SENIORS DOUGLAS NORRIS Frisco City B.S. Physical Education; Math RUFUS DELANO OLDS Eufaula B.S. Math; Chemistry Circle K, Secretary; S.G.A., Senator; Argonaut; Assistance Director, Pace Hall S.G.A. Vice-President RAY PADGETT Pounce de Leon, Florida B.S. Math; Physical Science BETTY JOYCE PARISH Headland B.S. Elementary Education; English B.S.U.; Choir; Adelphes; S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi, Secre- tary A.C.E. ■1 BARNEY PARKER, III Kissimmee, Florida B.S. Biology; Counseling Circle K; Argonaut, President; Psi Lambda; Newman Club; S.G.A. Senator; Clements Hall Council JULIA ANNA PARNELL Troy B.A. English; French S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities SHARON PARRISH Dothan B.S. Art; History, Social Science Psi Lambda; Alpha Rho Tau CLYDE PASSMORE Decatur, Georgia B.S. Accounting; Business Education, P. E. LEVY PAYNE, JR. Ozark B.S. Business Administration; Economics ANNETTA PERRY Montgomery B.S. Business, Art Transfer from Howard College [ 54 ] KENNETH G. PETREY Pensacola, Florida B.S. Social Science; Physical Education, English Circle K; Wesley; Tropolitan Staff; Physical Education Ma- jors and Minors Club; S.N.E.A.; Alpha Phi Gamma JOSEPH C. PICKETT Landover, Maryland B.S. Art, History Wesley; Circle K, International Delegate; T Club; Track; Alpha Rho Tau ANITA PITTMAN Westville, Florida B.S. English; History and Social Science S.N.E.A. KAY CRESWELL POPE Union Springs B.S. Elementary Education; History Playmakers; Modern Dance Club; Cheerleader; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. JOHN W. PORTER Greenville B.S. Math; Physical Science Square Root of C Club; S.G.A. Senator-at-Large CARLOS POWELL Andalusia B.S. Business Administration; Marketing, Physical Edu- cation BURNIE QUICK Tuscaloosa B.S. Marketing; Business Administration, History and Social Science VAN B. QUICK Selma B.S. Business Administration; Marketing, History and Social Science Dill Hall Secretary, House Council, Assistant Director FRANK RALPH Montgomery B.S. Marketing; Business Administration, History and Social Science Alpha Phi Omega, Sargeant at Arms, Secretary, Vice-Pres- ident; Men ' s Gavel Club; Phi Beta Lambda; Trojan Rifles MILDRED RALPH Montgomery B.S. History and Social Science; English [ 55 ] RICHARD RAWLS Gantt B.S. Science; Math., History JAMES REED Milton, Florida B.S. Math., Science EARL T. REEDER Miami, Florida B.S. Math.; Music, English Band; Palladium Staff; Square Root of C Club; M.E.N.C. AMOS REGISTER Graceville, Florida B.S. Marketing; Business Administration, History and Social Science Clements Hall Assistant Director PAUL WILLETTE REVELS Panama City, Florida B.S. Math.; Physical Science S.N.E.A. JERRY L. RHODES Ft. Ruclcer B.S. History; English, Psychology JOHN WILEY RHODES Pine Level B.S. Music; Math. Band; B.S.U.; Wavemen; M.E.N.C, President; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities MARIE RICHARDSON Wetumpka B.S. Elementary Education; English S.N.E.A.; Gardner House Council ■- VIRGINIA NAN RIGGS Camden B.S. Elementary Education Shackelford House Council; Choir; B.S.U.; Palladium Staff; Women ' s Gavel Club; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. [ 56 ] JOHN H. RODGERS Montgomery B.S. Biology; Physical Science, Psychology Argonauts; Science Club, Vice-President; Alpha Phi Omega, Sargeant-at-Arms, President GEORGE HALL ROSELIUS B.S. Business; Marketing Men ' s Gavel Club, Secretary Headland JAMES MELVIN RUSSELL Greenville B.S. Math.; Science, Business JAN EDWARD SANCHEZ Pensacola, Florida B.S. Accounting; Psychology, Business Newman Club; Basketball Manager and Trainer; Accounting Club; Lambda Psi LAURA JEWEL SANDERS B.S. Music Band; Collegiates; M.E.N.C. Troy HAROLD SAWYER Excel B.S. Marketing; Social Science Choir; S.G.A., Judiciary Council; Circle K, Vice-President ANSLEY SCOFIELD Fort Walton, Florida B.S. Accounting; History, Business Men ' s Gavel Club; Accounting Club, Vice-President; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer, Vice-President, President; Used book exchange manager RONALD SCOTT Ozark B.S. Business Administration, Marketing GUY WAYNE SELLERS Montgomery B.S. Marketing; Business Administration Phi Beta Lambda RICHARD LEE SHATTUCK Camden B.S. Math.; Physics, English Square Root of C Club, Vice-President [ 57 ] SENIORS GEORGE SHEPHERD Birmingham B.S. Accounting, Business Administration; History and Social Science S.G.A. Supreme Court Justice; Men ' s Gavel Club, Vice- President SAUNDRA DIANE SITES Blakely, Georgia B.S. English; General Science Playmalcers; Cowart Hall Vice-President; S.N.E.A. DIANE JOHNSON SKIPPER Kinard, Florida B.S. Business; History and Social Science Transfer from Chipola Jr. College; S.N.E.A. ANN SMITH Greenville B.S. Math.; English Women ' s Judiciary Committee; Shackelford House Council; B.S.U. BARBARA JOANN SMITH Crestview, Florida B.S. Elementary Education Transfer from Pensacola Jr. College; Religious Council; S.N.E.A.; Newman Club, President JUDY LANE SMITH Luverne B.S. Elementary Education; History and Social Science S.N.E.A. MARY PAT SMITH Hartford B.S. Elementary Education ROBERT LEE SMITH Columbus, Georgia B.S. Elementary Education; History and Social Studies S.N.E.A., President WILSON SMITH Greenville B.S. Math.; Physical Science, Business Administration JAMES MARK SNEAD Clayton B.S. Elementary Education Band; Collegiates; Choir; B.S.U.; Wesley; Canterbury Club; Science Club; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. 58 ] MEECHIE NEIL SPURLIN B.S. English; History JAMES STARLING Troy B.S. Math; Physics Elbe ORA LEE STEPHENS Montgomery B.S. Elementary Education WILLIAM OREN STEWART Opp B.S. Math; Physical Science, History Social Science Square Root of C Club; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President; Manager of Used Book Exchange ELIZABETH T. SULLIVAN Luverne B.A. Physical Education; French W.A.A., Secretary; Physical Education Majors-Minors Club; A.A.H.P.E.R.; S.N.E.A.; Cheerleader MINNIE SYLER McKenzie B.S. History, Social Studies; English PAUL EVERETTE TATE, JR. Greenville B.A. English; French, History and Social Science Tropolitan Staff, Assistant Editor, Editor in Chief; Editor in Chief, The Oracle; Alpha Phi Gamma, President; Young Democrats Club; S.G.A., Summer Chairman GERALD TAYLOR Wausa, Florida B.S. Physical Education; History JANE TERRY Andalusia B.S. Elementary Education; Art BILL THAXTON Andalusia B.S. Business Administration; Marketing, Psychology Men ' s Gavel Club [ 59 ] SENIORS MADGE THIGPEN Bainbridge, Georgia B.S. History; English S.N.E.A.; Gardner House Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Al- pha Theta; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities DWIGHT HOUSTON THOMAS Wiclcsburg B.S. Physical Education; Biological Science Physical Education Majors and Minors Club; Track; T Club; Science Club; Representative to Student Section of A.A.H.- P.E.R. MATTIE PEARL THOMPSON Brundidge B.S. History and Social Science; English S.G.A. Senator; Wesley; B.S.U.; S.N.E.A., Secretary-Treas- urer; Young Democrats Club; Hamil House Council MARY SUE THORNELL Ashford B.S. Elementary Education; History B.S.U., Editor of B.S.U. News; Adelphe, Vice-President; Kap- pa Delta Pi, Treasurer; S.G.A. Senator; Choir; A.C.E. RONALD TOMBERLIN Opp B.S. Math.; Physical Science, History and Social Science WILLIAM PEAVY TROTTER Shady Grove B.S. History and Social Science; English Athenaeum Club; Tropolitan Staff LOUISE TURNER Marianna, Florida B.S. History and Social Science; Geography, Psychology Wesley; S.N.E.A. SARAH JEAN TURNIPSEED Huntsville B.S. Music; History Band; Collegiates; Choir; Hamil House Council JON VANDER SCHOUW Palmetto, Florida B.S. Social Studies; Counseling Transfer from Florida State University; Circle K; B.S.U.; Psi Lambda MARTINA WALDROP Opp B.S. Math.; English Cheerleader; Adelphe; Sophomore Beauty; Appreciation Day Alternate; Kappa Delta Pi; Women ' s Judiciary Com- mittee [ 60 ] NICKOLAS WALKER B.S. Math; Science SANDRA WEATHERS B.S. Music Milton, Florida Georgiana MARTHA ELAINE WEBB Dothan B.S. English; History, Psychology Palladium staff; Adelphes, Secretary, treasurer; Choir; S.N.- E.A.; S.G.A. Senator; Women ' s Judiciary Committee; Wom- en ' s Executive Council, President; Women ' s Gavel Club; Shackelford Hall House Council; Hamil Hall House Coun- cil; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Affairs Committee; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- sities WILSON WHEELER Waycross, Georgia B.S. Physical Education; English NINA WHITE Dothan B.S. Physical Education; History Transfer student from Chipola Junior College; W.A.A. S.N.E.A.; President ' s Assembly ESTUS WHITFIELD Niceville, Florida B.S. Physical Science; Business Administration LYNN WHITING Troy B.S. English; Speech, History, Social Science Alpha Phi Gamma; Playmakers; S.N.E.A.; Tropolitan Busi- ness Manager TERRY WAYNE WILKERSON Camden B.S. Math; Physical Education Basketball; T Club; Dill Hall House Council GAYE WILKIN Greenwood, Florida B.S. Elementary Education Transfer student from Chipola Junior College; Choir; Wes- ley Fellowship; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. PRISCILLA WILKINSON Fort Deposit B.S. Elementary Education; Psychology Adelphes; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; Committee for Admit- tance to Professional Education Program; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities [ 61 ] SENIORS BARBARA WILLIAMS Daleville B.S. Elementary Education S.N.E.A. CHARLES THOMAS WINCE Palmetto, Florida B.S. Physical Education; History, Social Studies Transfer student from University of South Florida; S.N.E.A.; Tropolitan staff JERRIE CARLENE ROWELL WINCE Fort Walton Beach, Florida B.S. History, Social Studies; English Transfer student from Pensacola Junior College; Tropolitan staff; Playmalcers ROSALIND WOOD Smith ' s B.S. English; Spanish JOHNNIE WOODHAM Midland City B.S. Elementary Education S.N.E.A.; A.C.E., President; President ' s Assembly SUSAN WARRELL Dothan B.S. English; History, Social Studies GERALDINE WYRICK Columbus, Georgia B.S. History, Social Studies; English Transfer student from Columbus College; S.N.E.A. [ 62 ] THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Judy Johnson, SECRETARY-TREASURER Melvin Russell, VICE PRESIDENT Jim Freels, PRESIDENT [ 63 ] UNDERCLASSMEN PIKE THEATRE . , HORS I ft THE JUNIOR CLASS AND THE OFFICERS Dave Hiclcey, SECRETARY Mike Jones, TREASURER Hal Larlcin, PRESIDENT John McKay, VICE-PRESIDENT [ 66 ] Adams, Cheryl Ann; Opp Adams, Wendell; Brundidge Anderson, Linda; West Palm Beach, Fla. Bailey, Martha; Sarasota, Fla. Barrington, Jane; Dozier Bartlett, Sandra; Dothan Bates, Robbie Sue; Mobile Beall, Jannes; Campbellton, Fla. Beamon, Curtis; Eufaula Belcher, William; Eufaula Billingsly, Clark; Billingsly Bird, Berta; Atlanta, Ga. Blount, Jerry; Pensacola, Fla. Bolin, Jimmy; Slocomb Bone, David; Leslie, Ga. Bottcher, Fred; Selma Bowden, Bonnie; Greenville Bowers, Martha; Elba Brantley, Cliff; Montgomery Brigance, Wendell; Billingsly Brown, Diddy; Huntsville Brown, Robert; Mobile Buntin, James; Columbus, Ga. Butts, Terry; Patsburg Byrd, Richard; Troy Casion, George; Columbus, Ga. Cherubini, Corky; Danville, Va. Chesser, W. Thad; Shady Grove JUNIORS Christian, Janice; East Tallahassee Clark, Charles; New Brockton Claybrook, Laurie; Luvern Coats, Johnny; Birmingham Coe, Mary Ellen; Dothan Coleman, Anne; Dothan Coley, Kathy; Gulf Shores Conley, Dale; Bartow, Fla. Conley, Jimmy; Bartow, Fla. Culverhouse, Larry; Phenix City Cunningham, Richard; Red Level Danford, Lois Ann; Cottonwood Davidson, Wanda; Bay Minette Davis, Carolyn; Andalusia DiMichele, Brenda; Troy Dunn, Ellery H.; Gainesville, Fla. East, Mike; Phenix City Ennis, Pat; Elba Farrell, Frances; Spanish Fort Flowers, Cathryn; Brundidge Fuqua, Sara Linda; Highland Home Fussell, Arthur; Dozier Gamber, Charles E.; St. Louis, Mo. Gibson, Alzie; Baker, Fla. Gibson, Nancy Ann; Troy Gilbert, Hope; Chipley, Fla. Godwin, Paulette; Panama City, Fla. Graham, Shirley; Brundidge Granger, Anne; Cottonwood Grant, Glenda; Frisco City Grant, Mary B.; Coy Gray, Jimmy; Castleberry fcfcvfc Green, Janie; Balcer, Fla. Gregory, Flynn; Rutledge Grider, Lenora; Troy Grover, Larry; Laurel Hill, Fla. Guinn, Susan; Troy Hall, Shirley; Florala Hancock, Larry; Excel Hardin, William; Eastman Harrelson, Sandra; Montgomery Harrison, Thomas; Greenville Henderson, Dillard; Perote Hendrix, Jeannette; Geneva Hickey, David; Silver Springs, Md. Highfill, Mitch; Winter Garden, Fla. Jenkins, Ellen; Midland City Johnson, Clayton; Troy Johnson, Myra Rebecca; Bonifay, Fla. Jones, Jake; Straughn Jones, Michael; Andalusia Jones, Sandra; Dothan Kelly, Wayne; Pensacola, Fla. Killingsworth, Judy; Ariton King, Daniel; Cottonton Knight, Jerry; Ashford Larkin, Harold; Bellport, N.Y. Layne, Brenda; Montgomery Lee, Julia; Repton Lockamy, George W.; Hartford JUNIORS Lott, Sarah; Clayton Lulcer, James William; Brewton McCaleb, Wayne; Mobile McKay, John; Wetumpka McSween, James; Dothan Mulkey, Carol; Andalusia Oakley, Grace; Columbia Parker, Edward; Pensacola, Fla. Parks, John; Troy Pate, Judy; Evergreen Phillips, Joe; Jay, Fla. Phillips, Nettie; Elba Price, Cynthia Ann; Panama City, Fla. Price, June; Fairfax Ransom, James Ernest; Eufaula Rawls, Leonard; Monroeville Roberts, Betty; Clio Rountree, Bert; Adel, Ga. Self, Raymond; Phenix City Simmons, Billy; Dothan Slater, Evelyn; Graceful, Fla. Sloan, Jimmy; Hayden Smith, Donna; Baker, Fla. Smith, Elaine; Gordon Smith, Jean; Greenville Spadavecchia, Nick; Long Branch, N.J. Stephens, John; Savannah, Ga. Stilley, Gloria; Crestview, Fla. Synder, Pat; Brewton Tallon, Sandra; Andalusia Tannler, Bob; Orlando, Fla. Taylor, Audrey; Troy Taylor, Jean; Elba Thames, Barbara; Evergreen Thomas, Kelly; Camden Thompson, Ida Carolyn; Columbia Thompson, Ronnie; Pensacola, Fla. Tillman, Don; Phenix City Tisdale, Joe; Crestview, Fla. Toole, Jolly G.; Fla. Tritz, Donna; Florala Vaughan, Asa; Tuslcegee Wade, Kay; Holl ywood, Fla. Ward, Alice Kaye; Troy Waters, Ann; Elba Waters, Bernadette; Hicksville, N.Y. Whiddon, William; Claxton, Ga. Whigham, Kay; Samson Whitehead, Qualeen; Cottonwood Whitten, Chuck; Mobile Williams, Kendall; Daleville Williamson, Sharron; Andalusia Wilson, Larry; Mobile Woodall, Harold; Kissimmee, Fla. Ward, Joan; Troy [ 71 ] THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ' AND THE OFFICERS Sue Gillis, SECRETARY Mike Bowers, PRESIDENT Carol Byrd, TREASURER Johnny Norton, VICE-PRESIDENT [ 72 ] Akers, La Rue; Montgomery Alford, Gail; Samson Andrews, Lamar; Ozark Ayer, Jimmy; Montgomery Baker, Philip; Montgomery Ballentine, Sandra; Montgomery Carksdale, Henry; Jacksonville, FIc Barnes, Larry; Geneva Bartley, Sally; Apalachicola, Fla. Beech, George; Leroy Biggs, Freddie; Monroeville Booker, Betty; Repton Bowers, Mike; Destin, Fla. Bowden, Carolyn; Greenville Bracewell, Jean; Andalusia Brantley, Emily; Camden Brewton, Linda; Mobile Brooks, Daphne; Andalusia Brooks, Wayne; Repton Brooks, William; Montgomery Brown, Sue; Flomaton Brunson, Paul; Mobile Bryan, M. J.; Foley Byrd, Carol; Hartford Cartwrighi, Dinah; Wetumpka Cary, Robert; Evergreen Caylor, Angela; Union Springs Chambless, Donna; Montgomery Chisum, Barbara; Andalusia Christmas, Merry; Ashford Clark, Paula; Montgomery SOPHOMORES Clark, Thelma; Montgomery Cobern, Elizabeth; Montgomery Coker, Larry; Tallahassee, Florida Cole, Virginia; Troy Collins, Charles; Montgomery Cowen, Corinne; Elba Crawford, David; Ashford Davis, Betty; Troy Davis, Hazel; Chattahoochee, Florida Davis, Lynda; Foley De Rienzo, Anne; Manhattan, New York De Shields, Jenny; Greenville fQ Doughtie, Martha; Ozark Douglas, Daniel; Andalusia Driver, Barton; Geneva Duell, Ronald; Ft. Rucker Dunn, Ann; Samson Dupree, Donna; Dothan Eddins, Annette; Troy Edwards, Gloria; Abbeville Ellis, Brenda; Evergreen Eubanks, Earl; Pansey Fail, Joe; Luverne Faircloth, Bill; Foley Falgout, Connye; Pensacola, Florida Fant, Sara; Montgomery Farrar, Susan; Phenix City Ferrell, Kay; Bay Minette Field, Ruth; Montgomery Folmar, Danille; Foley Frazier, Julia; Andalusia Fulcher, Jerry; Headland Gantt, Marion; Orriville Gillis, George; Dothan Gillis, Sue; Hartford Glasscock, John; Montgomery Good, Betty; Elberta Granberry, Bill; Headland Grantham, Judith; Mobile Graydon, Ruby; Luverne Green, Glenda; Clayton Green, Ray; Montgomery Griggs, Vicki; Samson Griggs, Winston; Headland Gunnels, Nelda; Richland, Georgia Hall, Sunnie; Havana, Florida Hallman, William; Autaugaville Hamm, Aubrey; Ozark Hancock, Jennine; Phenix City Harrelson, Jimmy; Sanford Harvey, Jim; Andalusia Helms, Gayle; Montgomery Helms, Jackie; New Brocton Hollis, Ed; Troy Hollis, Tula; Brantley Hollingsworth, Mary Louise; Foley A, : k . SOPHOMORES Holloway, Juanita; Montgomery Holloway, Marion; Elba Hood, Edward; Selma Hugghins, Judy; Red Level Hughes, Gloria; Auburndale, Florida Hullett, Earlene; Troy Ingram, Doug; Tallassee Ingram, William; Banks Jenkins, Margaret; Dothan Johnson, Ed; Dothan Johnston, Marta; Eclectic Kelley, Ann; Troy Kendall, Karen D.; Evergreen Kaye, Susan; Auburn Kruger, Irene; Foley Lacey, Shirley; Red Level $$JLQ P. £$ £ Lawson, Eloise; Montgomery Lee, Martha; Repton Lee, Peter; Islip, New York Linden, Neil; Robertsdale Locklin, Sandra; Milton, Florida Luker, Benita; Selma McAlister, Betty; Auburn McCord, Gwendolyn; Prattville McCord, Jacquelyn; Prattville Mclnnis, Ann; Enterprise McQueen, Ann; Tallassee Mahone, Mary Beth; Oakland, Florida Marler, Ronald; Pensacola, Florida Marrow, Linda; Pensacola, Florida Meadows, Gary; Hartford Merritt, Adrian V.; Selma Metcalf, Janis; Montgomery Miller, Sue Keith; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Mixon, Jan; Ashford Mixon, Julie; Ozark Morehouse, Denei; Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Morrow, Jackland; Ft. Knox, Kentucky Nelson, Carolyn; Ashford Nicholson, Elon; Bainbridge, Georgia Norton, Johnny; Selma Olds, Jean; Louisville Oliver, Charles; Enterprise Otten, Linda; Hicksville, New York Owen, Gaye; Montgomery Parker, Margie; Montgomery Pettus, Jeanine; Glenwood Phillips, Kate; Headland Pope, Andrea; Union Springs Preachers, Velynnda Faye; Samson Pricket, Glenn; Auburn Rabuzzi, Charles Jerry; Mobile Ragland, John; Jasper Reynolds, Linda; Donalsonville, Georgia Rice, Mabel; Prattville Roberts, Linda; New Brocton Robinette, Vonceil; Clio Robison, Dorothy; Evergreen Ross, Nancy; Eufaula Russo, Andrea; Sarasota, Florida SOPHOMORES Salter Penny; Camden Sawyer, Judy; New Brocton Sebring, Darrell; Montgomery Shaw, James; Fort Mead, Florida Sloan, Cathrine; Mobile Smith, Becky; Evergreen Smith, Hilda; Brewton Smith, Jill; Mobile Snyder, Carolyn; Montgomery Soloman, Nelle; Headland Soumar, Laura; Marathon, Florida Spear, Judy; Dothan Stinson, Jane; Troy Strother, Billie; Camden Taylor, Carol Ann; Montgomery Teal, Gloria Faye; Abbeville Thagard, Judy Kaye; Ozark Tillery, Billy; Centre Tomlinson, Walter; Venice, Florida Tuggle, Richard; Ft. Mead, Florida Turner, Linda; Enterprise Tye, Newman; Edison, Georgia Waller, Charles; Ashford Walls, Shirley; Phenix City Walters, Wayne; Daleville Watson, Emily; Headland Weaver, Ronnie; Phenix City Weeks, Sue; Opp Wells, Dwight; Dothan Wells, Jannette; Prattville Whitehurst, Patsy; Mobile Wiley, Anita; Foley 4,k Wilkes, Wayne; Coffee Springs Williams, Annette; Columbia Williams, John; Marbury Winga:d, Reginald; Eclectic Ziglar, Billy Jack; Brundidge [ 79 ] THE FRESHMAN CLASS AND THE OFFICERS Glonn Seale, PRESIDENT Jamey Cochran, VICE-PRESIDENT Martha Jean Wingard, SECRETARY Don Cook, TREASURER [ 80 Adams, Connie; Brantley Aderholt, Patricia; Miami, Fla. Adkison, Carolyn; Mobile Alford, Ethelene; Samson Anderson, Mike; Coffee Springs Andreasen, Arthur; Foley Armstrong, Judy; Headland Arnold, Bruce; Slocomb Ashurst, Joan; Tallassee Austin, Cheryl; Baker, Fla. Autery, Frank; Montgomery Autrey, Johney; Greenville Bailey, Charles; Enterprise Bailey, Sue; Frisco City Baker, Breallon; Wetumpka Banefield, Lynn; Ozark Barrentine, Peggy; Dothan Barton, Sara; Atmore Baxter, Sarah; Dothan Berryhill, Margie; Ashford Billy, Cecile; Montgomery Binkley, Dennis; Dothan Black, Gary; Fort Deposit Blackwell, Carol; Phenix City Blavert, Janis Ann; Ft. Rucker Blish, Carol; Columbus, Ga. Bockman, Linda; Phenix City Brannon, Sara; Dothan FRESHMEN Brite, Nancy; Ozark Brown, John Carson; Autaugaville Brown, Richard; Enterprise Brown, Sharon; Montgomery Bryan, Sandra; Lynn Haven, Florida Buie, Cynthia; Dothan Burgess, Gorden; Florala Burkette, Sue; Samson dik Burkhalter, Gayle; Prattville Bush, Bobby; Phenix City Bynum, Ken; Jay, Fla. Carlisle, Sonny; Montgomery Caldwell, Wynnette; Brundidge Calvert, Martha Ann; Samson Cornefix, Annette; Crestview, Fla. Carroll, Don; Troy Carter, J. N.; Selma Cassidy, Betty; Montgomery Cherry, Carolyn; Ashford Childs, Elaine; Ozark Clark, Barbara Jane; Ozark Clark, Billy Wayne; Louisville Clark, Cheryl; Elba Clark, Mike; Slocomb Coleman, Joanne; Montgomery Collins, Barbara; Belle Glade, Fla. Connor, Frances; Troy Cook, Cheryl; Montgomery Cook, Stephanie; Florala Coots, Diane; Bay Minette Cox, Brenda; Dothan Crawford, John; Gulf Shores Crittenden, Margaret; Montgomery Crockett, Becky; Satellite Beach, Fla. Crosby, Greg; Dothan Crutchtield, Kelly; Bradenton, Fla. Dalton, Diane; Troy Daniel, Reba; Kissimmee, Fla. Davis, Edward; Montgomery Davis, Ray; Dothan Davis, Shirley Ann; Dothan Dean, Helen Sue; Mobile Deason, Diane; Prattville Deavers, Kenneth; Brantley Dewrell, Frank; Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Donahue, Maureen; Montgomery Doughtie, Carol; Enterprise Dukes, Helen; Slocomb Dunn, Gail; Arlington, Ga. Early, Alice; Kinston Eason, Sandra; Florala Edeker, Dian; Jay, Fla. Enslen, John; Montgomery Falsone, Catherine; Hicksville, N.Y. Farmer, Henrietta; Greenville Faulk, Faye; Autaugaville Faulk, Kaye; Autaugaville Field, John; Montgomery Fleming, Dora; Geneva Flowers, Patricia Ann; Jacksonville, Fla. FRESHMEN Foster, Fay; Greenville Foster, Marsha; Ozark Foust, Rosalind; Troy Fuller, Paul; Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Gamble, Gayle; Abbeville Gibson, Eddie; Demopolis Gilbert, Beverly; Blalcely, Ga. Givins, Charlotte Ann; Headland Godwin, Ann; Brewton Gouge, Frederick; Slocomb Green, Carlanda; Claxton Green, Margaret; Troy Green, Robert; Dothan Green, Sudie; Midland City Gregory, Jean; Newville Gwinn, Mary Gilmer; Troy Haire, Sara; Elba Harris, John; Notasulga Hatcher, Roger; Columbus, Ga. Hawsey, Sue; Montgomery Hayes, Doris; Milton, Fla. Hicks, Billy; Montgomery Hinote, Jim; Gateswood Holt, Sandra; Samson Howard, Don; Tallassee Howard, Linda; Ft. Mitchell Hubbard, Leellen; Montgomery Huggins, Dianne; Troy Hunt, Sandra; Prattville Ingram, Carla; Bonifay, Fla. Ingram, Gayle; Ashford Ingram, Pam; Belle Glade, Fla. Ingram, Roger; Eclectic Johns, Amanda; Dozier Johnson, Marcus E.; Samson Johnson, Miriam; Montgomery Johnson, Shirley; Eclectic Jones, Gary R.; Billingsley Jones, Linda; Enterprise Jones, Mary Henri; Ashford Keesee, Jimmy; Montgomery Kinnane, Jerry; Hurtsboro Kirk, Dale; Roswell, Ga. Knowles, Brenda; Columbia Lambert, Norma; Andalusia Lancaster, Barbara; Montgomery Lansdon, Gloria; Grady Law, Nancy; Troy Lee, Sharla; Donalsonville, Ga. Lewis, Marsha; Geneva Lindsley, Jane; Foley Little, Celester; Andalusia Little, Larry; Autauga Loft is, Freda; Gulf Shores Lundin, Gail; Milton, Fla. Lynn, Catherine; Notasulga McAliley, Mike; Geneva McCarty, Suzanne; Birmingham McClenny, Joan; Dothan McCrory, Dianne; Andalusia FRESHMEN McDonald, Ellen; Mobile McDonald, Judy; Wetumpka McDuffie, Linda; Enterprise McGill, Brenda; Bay Minette Mcintosh, Sheila; Milton, Fla. Manley, Pat; Montgomery Moates, Venita; Enterprise Marcus, Sarah Frances; Greensboro, Fla. Martin, Paulette; Abbeville Martin, Sandra; Seman Mauldin, Freddie; Geneva Mayo, Margaret; Niceville, Fla. Mendheim, Charlotte; Dothan Miller, Fred; Flomaton Moore, Bobby; Arrville Morgan, Claire; Opelilca Morgan, Roni; Troy Morris, Jeannette; Milton, Fla. Morrison, Billy; Dothan Mosley, Mary Louise; Ft. Deposit Murph, Martha; Atmore Nelson, Elaine; Daleville Newson, Judith Ann; Enterprise Newton, Rebecca; Ashford Nichols, Suzanne; Blakely, Ga. Odom, Phyllis; McKenzie Opitz, Mike: Montgomery Outlaw, Beverly; Midland City Owen, Mary Jane; Blakely, Ga. Parker, Dan; Green Cove Springs, Fla. Parker, Phyllis; Fairhope Pate, Buford; Camden A- Pennington, Katherine; Ozark Perry, Robert; Hunchburo Peters, Martha Jo; Dothan Phelps, Lena; Greenville Phillips, Virginia; Geneva Philpott, James Michael; Louisville Porter, Sharon; Demopolis Powell, Linda; Uriah Prosser, Anne; Ft. Rucker Raines, Joan; Dothan Ray, Becky; Andalusia Reeder, Glen L.; Miami, Fla. Reese, Mike; Phenix City Rhody, Mary; Miami, Fla. Riddle, Sylvia; Phenix City Riley, Ronald; Hartford Robertson, Bonnie; Niceville, Fla. Roe, Charlotte; Eufaula Rogers, Bobby; Ft. Deposit Ryan, David; Greensboro Sauls, Patricia; Montgomery Savoie, Larry; Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Schmitz, Donald; Montgomery Schwartz, Charles; Selma it ' Scurlock, Larry; Pensacola, Fla. Sellers, Jamelia; Cottonwood Sellers, Patsy; Montgomery 87 FRESHMEN Shirah, Rebecca; Clayton Shoemalce, Sarah; Atmore Sims, Marshall; Frisco City Skinner, Patricia; Monroeville Smith, Mary Evelyn; Elba Snellgrove, Buena; New Brockton Snellgrove, Margaret; Dothan Snyder, Gail; Brewton Sowell, Hilda Jane; Abbeville Spivey, Connie; Seale Sport, Joan; Luverne Stabler, Lance; Montgomery Steadham, Diane; Fairhope Stephan, Toni; Crestview, Fla. Still, Martha; Dothan Stoudt, Aline; Troy Strickland, James Ray; Minter Tate, Thomas; Camden Thorne, Frances; Crestview, Fla. Thornton, Jimmy; Tallassee Till, Margaret; Luverne Tomlin, Billy; Wetumpka Trawick, Linda; Bay Minette Trotter, Ann Laverne; Shady Grove Turner, Elaine; Ozark Vaughan, Miles; Montgomery Vitello, Joan; Brentwood, New York Vollor, John; Vicksburg, Mississippi Wallace, Steve, Montgomery Waller, Parker; Greenville Waters, Annette; Newton Watson, Yo; Troy Weems, Fred; Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Wells, Glenda; Seale White, Priscilla; Clayton Whittaker, Benny; Ozark Williams, Shirley; Foley Wilson, Buddy; Montgomery Wingard, Martha; Eclectic Wingard, Yvonne; Prattville Wood, Bob; Ft. Rucker Wright, Royce; Indianapolis, Indiana Yacuk, Diane; New Brunswich, New Jersey Yancey, Kenneth; Prattville Zito, Marilyn; Melbourne, Fla. 89 ] ACTIVITIES ■h |fe " . •.•». k " •■M - _ ' - 1 I - E R „ Then while we were at Sand ' V ' 1 ' . Mountain, she Calendar 65 Which half did you find? Be sure to write big and black. Did anybody get the license of that truck? [ 93 ] o c T O B E v , Look mom, it ' s me! f I i t t h mm m mm ■M Please bring the flowers back to the SGA office after the game. Joe Redneck goes to Troy. Would you go over those rules one more time? Surfs up, pray tor sharks. Make this snappy, got confession at I 1 :00. 95 N O V E M B E R The Brandywine Singers On November I I, 1964, the S.G.A. of Troy State College sponsored the Brandywine Singers. They appeared in Sartain Hall. The button down folk music sung by the Brandywines in their unique style and was enjoyed by all. [ 96 ] The Clebanoff Strings The Clebanoff Strings appeared at Troy State College on November 4, 1964. As a company of 20 Clebanoff Strings featured 15 strings, accordian, piano, harp, and percussion. The Clebanoff Strings had the spark that makes people want to listen. [ 97 ] D E C E M B E R Why don ' t you let me lead for awhile! 98 No, this isn ' t the circulation desk. ' " re +k My God, what a crowd! [ 99 J A N U A R Y A What kind of sandwich? If I win this hand, I get three pairs of jockey shorts. 100 And after we throw Wilson in the lake I ' ve got a new living bra and don ' t know what to feed it. [ 101 F E B R U Gene Saraceni plays Orsino and Hale Wines plays Olivia when National Players, the famous international touring repertory company, presents Shakespeare ' s TWELFTH NIGHT at Smigh Auditorium at 8:00 P.M., on February 22, 1965. A R Y Troy State Playmakers presented Sally Maloney in The Waves by Virginia Woolf Play was adapted and directed by Jack G. Barefield and the cast consisted of Martha Jo Peters, Carolyn Adams, Wallace Waited, Don Ellis, Steve Long, and Sally Maloney. The best dressed contest was on February 24, 1965, held in Smith Auditorium. Five girls were chosen as T.S.C. ' s five best dressed girls. They were: Beth Burdeshaw, Nelle Solomon, Jeanette Hendrix, Betty Davis, and Alice Kay Ward. On February 17, 1965, The Bill Black Combo appeared in Sartain gym. They were sponsored by the S.G.A. M A R C H Mrs. Harmon will never know. What have I got that Dr. Watson wouldn ' t want? 104 ] Study, Hell no! This is just to impress mom. If he stays out here till dark I think I ' ll throw my racket at him. Flatt and Scruggs, Can I have my dollar back? [ 105 ] A P R I L Wonder what ' s the hardest!! Keep your sticky fingers off! So rry wrong room. Lets sing a few bars, Soap, Soap, Soap Soap. m Don ' t worry, Superman always gets there in time. think I pulled my hernia loose. These mattresses aren ' t the best in the world. 107 It ' s graduation time. Quit playing footsie. [ 108 ] It must be finals again. Which one? I wonder if the good fairy will come. 109 A YEAR TO Cheers for our winning season! Gathering in the Student Center. [ no ] REMEMBER It must be nap time. Who said the food was bad? Will this class ever end? [ 111 ] Remember those parades. the good food? the dorm life. [ 112 ] " Time Is painted with a lock before, and behind, signifying thereby that we must take time by the forelock, for when it is once passed there is no recalling it. " [ 113 ] :i Seas m » at i FEATURES fyim i y Miss Kay Pope 1965 CAMPUS BEAUTY Kay Pope, a senior majoring in Elementary Education, was chosen Campus Beauty at the Annual Beauty Pageant spon- sored by the Palladium on January, 28. Kay is the daughter of Mr. Mrs. L. L. Pope of Union Springs, Alabama. [ H6 ] B , 1 Brenda Ell ■ w Wtf v. ,-■ .V ■ Sue Gillis J f a Delores Griggers JH I ■r » ■ Martina Waldrop Del TROY STATE COLLEGE •s and Tommy Whitehurst BASKETBALL QUEEN Vickie Griggs Miss Thelma Clark Reigns As 1964 CHRISTMAS QUEEN Miss Thelma Clark, Christmas Queen for 1964, reigned over the Annual Christmas Dance, which was held in Kilby Auditorium. Thelma, a petite beauty from Montgomery, Alabama, and her court — Vickie Griggs, Marta Johnson, and Judy Sawyer — were elected by the student body. Vickie Griggs, former Christmas Queen, crowns Thelma Clark Christ- mas Queen for 1964. Court: Vickie Griggs, Thelma Clark, Marta Johnson, Judy Sawyer. J t Ai OTWN tlALL QUEEN Jenny Wuller ■m APPRECIATION a Lee TES .n Deav ¥ ' £ i m JUNIOR FAVORITES Mary Ellen Coe mas Harrison . -. •-. " " ft X . ' - SENIOR FAVOi TES Tina Waldrop and Jim Freeh HOMECOMING QUEEN Betty McAlister The highlight of the Homecoming festivities at Troy State College on October 31,1 964 was the crowning of the Home- coming Queen, Betty McAlister, who with her court was elected by the student body. Members of her court were Becky Crockett, Dorothy Robinson, Brenda Ellis, and Thelma Clark. President Adams crowns Betty McAlister Homecoming Queen of 1964. - 3 . Homecoming court: Becky Crockett, Dorothy Robinson, Homecoming Queen Betty McAlister, Brenda Ellis, Thelma Clark. e r WHOS WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ANITA LOUIS NORRELL A Music Major, served as Clerk of SGA, Sec- retary of the Collegiate Singers, and Secre- tary of her Freshman Class. She was a member of the SGA Senate, the SGA Executive Coun- cil and the College Choir LANA SILERTHORN An English Major, has served as President of the Women ' s Executive Council, President of the Adelphes, active in the Gavel Club, Play- makers, and has served on the College Stu- dent Affairs Committee WILLIAM HOWARD PETTY A Math Major, has served as Business Man- ager of the Playmakers, been active in the Gavel Club and does statistical research for Student Personnel Services I MARY SMITH A Math Major, has served on the Freshmen Council of the BSU and served on the Execu- tive Council last year [ 135 ] WHO ' S WHO BARBARA ANN BARTON A Senior English Major, has served as Presi- dent of the Adelphes and Kappa Delta Pi JERE BECK A Physical Science Major, is a four year letter- man in two sports and active in the Science Club DONALD COPE A History Major, is President of Young Demo- crats, served as Vice-President of Phi Alpha Theta and is a member of the Circle K Club and Trojan Rifles 136 JAWONA DYE A Math Major, is an Adelphe and Secretary of the Square Root of C Club WHO ' S WHO ROGER HOLBERTON A History Major, who transferred here from Pensacola Junior Col lege, is a member of Phi Lambda, Vice President of Young Democrats, and has served as President of Phi Alpha Theta RUSSELL HOOPER A Math Major, has served as an officer of the Square Root of C Club, and is an assistant in the Math Department LYNDA McCARLEY A Math Major, is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Square Root of C Club JUDITH JOHNSON A member of the Adelphes and Secretary of Kappa Delta Pi [ 137 ] WHO ' S WHO OMEGA McCULLERS Is a member of the Adelphes, the Spires, Women ' s Athletic Association, and the Square Root of C Club JULIA ANN PARNELL An English Major, has an overall average of 2.9 and has been the recipient of the Troy Business and Professional Women ' s Club ' s Scholarship for the past two years JEAN FOSTER PORTER Senior History Major, has served as Secretary of both Sophomore and Junior Classes as well as Phi Alpha Theta. She is an Adelphe and member of her Dorm House Council. if [ 138 ] JOHN WILEY RHODES A Music Major, is a member of the Marching and Symphonic Band and served as President of MENC. A two-year Waveman, he has served as organist of a local church. WHO ' S WHO h MADGE THIGPIN A History Major, has been Assistant Director of Gardner Hall, a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, and the Women ' s Ath- letic Association MARTHA ELAINE WEBB An English Major, is presently President of the Women ' s Executive Council, An Adelphe and has served as President of Shackelford Hall and is a member of Student Affairs JKM PRISCILLA WILKINSON Senior English Major, was an Adelphe, a Spire, a member of Kappa Delta Pi, and a member of the Committee for Admissions Professional Education Program [ 139 ] ROSALIND JANET WOOD A member of the Judiciary Court for four years, is an Adelphe, a member of Kappa Delta Pi, and a member of the College Choir Not Pictured: Preston Griffin, Douglas Jack- son, Mike Jackson, Jane Lineberry, Max Mathews, Frank Rosato ATHLETICS .Li E IM v ■■■ ■■■■iHI FOOTBALL THE COACHES Dr. William Clipson Head Coach Dr. Clipson has been head coach at Troy State College for ten years. This year he with the aid of his assistants turned out one of the best football teams in the history of Troy State College. There has never been a better one, and only one team in the past has been its equal. Rudy Argenti Backfield Coach Coach Argenti, this year, produced a tremendous backfield. Paced by Jerry Reeves, it was un- doubtedly one of the best Troy has ever seen. Billy Williams Line Coach Coach Williams, although this was his first year at Troy State, turned out the number one defensive line in the league. The defense only allowed eighty- six yards per game. [ H2 ] THE TEAM i • . ROSTER 10. Brewer, Tommy 12. Hines, Jackie 14. Hudson, Lathan 16. Damm, Bruce 18. Glasscock, John 20. Baker, Ben 22. Lamb, Troy 24. Nix, Paul 26. Cavender, Mike 28. Kicklighter, Ray 30. Kirby, Jimmy 32. Johns, Charles 33. Barnes, Kenneth 34. Calvert, Murley 36. Pittman, Johnny 40. Gilles, Jimmy 41. Tatum, Johnny 42. Highfill, Mitch 43. Reeves, Jerry 44. Moore, Danny 46. Holley, Mickey 50. Spradley, Steve 51. Simmons, Harold 52. Dowdell, Charlie 53. Stephens, Ray 60. Holley, Morris 61 . Hammond, Al 62. Langlois, Norman 65. Burroughs, Ron 66. Anderson, Larry 67. Jackson, Doug 70. Faulk, Dwight 71. Raulerson, Gordon 72. Bledsoe, Michael 73. Walker, Jimmy 74. Peacock, Winston 75. Johnson, Bennie Rex 76. Stephens, John 77. Watkins, Bruce 79. McCoy, Gus 80. Shine, Glenn 81. Hardin, Robert 82. Bridges, James 83. Wooten, Odis 84. Bassett, William 85. Fishbaugh, Bob 86. Reinhart, Mike 87. Crosby, Dennis 88. Landing, Walter Bob Gabbard Student Coach Randy Griffin Manager [ 143 ] Mike Jackson Manager Bert Roundtree Student Coach DEFENSE IN ACTION [ 144 ] DEFENSIVE STATISTICS Ben Baker— Age 24; 140 lbs.; 5 ' 5 " ; No. 20; Safety; Louisville High School, Louisville, Ala.; Senior Class; 4th year football; " All ACC " . Punt returns Yards returned Touchdowns Interceptions Yards returned Touchdowns Opponents First downs Times carried ball Yards gained rushing Yards lost rushing Net yards rushing Average per carry Average per game Passes attempted Passes completed Net yards passing Total offense Average per game Total points 49 660 2 9 125 I 89 332 1091 361 730 2.2 81 149 74 I I 14 1844 204.9 120 Charlie Dowdell— Age 20; 190 lbs.; 5 ' 9 " ; No. 52; Center linebacker; Auburn High School; Auburn, Ala.; Junior Class; 3rd year football. Paul Nix— Age 21; 185 lbs.; 5 ' 10 " ; No. 24; Halfback; Bainbridge High School; Bainbridge, Ga.; Junior Class; 3rd year football. Mickey Holley— Age 21; 1 90 lbs.; 6 ' I " ; No. 46; left halfback; Samson High School; Samson, Ala.; Senior Class; 4th year foot- ball; " All ACC " . Harold Edwin Simmons, Jr. — Age 18; 180 lbs.; 5 ' I0 " ; No. 51; Linebacker; Brandon High School; Tampa, Fla.; Freshman Class; 1st year football. [ 145 ] Ray Stephens— Age 18; 185 lbs.; 5 ' I I " ; No. 53; Center linebacker; Tucker High School; Tucker, Ga.; Freshman Class; 1st year football. Mickey Holley goes 56 yards for a Touchdown. Morris Holley— Age 22; 180 lbs.; 5 ' 9 " ; No. 60; Guard; Robert E. Lee High School; Montgomery, Ala.; Senior Class; 4th year football. Norman Langlois — Age 24; 170 lbs.; 57 " ; No. 62; Guard; Griswold High School; Jewett City, Conn.; Sophomore Class; 1st year football. Doug Jackson— Age 20; 195 lbs.; 5 ' 9 " ; No. 67; Guard; Columbus High School; Colum- bus, Ga.; Junior Class; 3rd year foot- ball. [ 146 ] RwJ Walter Landing— Age 21; 175 lbs.; 5 ' 9 No. 88; End; Jenkins County High School Miller, Ga.; Senior Class; 4th year football " All ACC " . Troy Lamb pulls in a pass tor six points. Dwight Faulk— Age 19; 220 lbs.; 6 ' 0 " ; No. 70; Tackle; Highland Home School; Hon- oraville, Ala.; Sophomore Class; 2nd year football; " All ACC " . Bennie Rex Johnson — Age 19; 210 lbs.; 6 ' 2 " ; No. 75; Tackle; Ashford High School; Ashford, Ala.; Sophomore Class; 2nd year football. Dennis Crosby— Age 19; 180 lbs.; 6 ' I " ; No. 87; End; Foley High School; Foley, Ala.; Sophomore Class; 2nd year foot- ball. [ 147 ] OFFENSE IN ACTION IKS ' F afci 9 . M 7 01 I 148 ] OFFENSIVE STATISTICS Jackie Hines— Age 21; 175 lbs.; 5 ' IO ' 2 " ; No. 12; Quarterback; South Cobb High School; Mableton, Ga.; Junior Class; 2nd year football. First downs Times carried ball Yards gained rushing Yards lost Net yards rushing Average per carry Passes attempted Passes completed Per cent completions Net yards passing Interceptions Total offense Average per game Number of punts Yards punted Punting average Total points 71 368 1571 180 1391 3.8 77 26 35% 264 7 1655 183.9 57 2259 39.6 126 Charles Johns— Age 19; 175 lbs.; 5 , 9 , 2 M ; No. 32; Fullback; Murphy High School; Mobile, Ala.; Sophomore Class; 2nd year football. Troy Lamb— Age 23; 183 lbs.; 6 ' I " ; No. 22; Halfback; Andrew Jackson High School; Jacksonville, Fla.; Junior Class; 2nd year football. Ray Kicklighter— Age 20; 190 lbs.; S ' lOVz " ; No. 28; Halfback; Patterson High School; Patterson, Ga.; Junior Class; 3rd year football. Jimmy Lee Kirby— Age 19; 190 lbs.; 6 ' l " ; No. 30; Fullback; Valley Head High School; Valley Head, Ala.; Sophomore Class; 1st year football. [ 149 ] Jerry Reeves— Age 21; 170 lbs.; 5 ' 9 " ; No 43; Halfback; Americus High School; Amer cus, Ga.; Senior Class; 4th year footba " All ACC " . Jerry Reeves sheds would-be tackier. Steve Spradley— Age 20; 185 lbs.; 5 ' 8 " ; No. 50; Center; Columbia High School; Lake City, Fla.; Sophomore Class; 2nd year football. Al Hammond— Age 22; 200 lbs.; 5 " 10 " ; No. 61; Guard; Valley Head High School; Valley Head, Ala.; Senior Class; 4th year football; " All ACC " . Ron Burroughs— Age 22; 195 lbs.; 5 ' 9 " ; No. 65; Guard; H. V. Jenkins High School; Savannah, Ga.; Senior Class; 4th year football; " All ACC " . Bob Fishbaugh— Age 22; 200 lbs.; 6 " I " ; No. 85; End; Choctawhatchee High School; Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; Senior class; 2nd year football. Wally Bassett grabs a pass for a long gain. Winton Peacock— Age 23; 205 lbs.; 5 ' I I " ; No. 74; Tackle; Dodge County High School; Eastman, Ga.; Sophomore Class; 2nd year football. John Stephens— Age 22; 220 lbs.; 6 ' I " ; Wally Bassett— Age 23; 185 lbs.; 6 ' I " ; No. 76; Tackle; H. V. Jenkins; Savannah, No. 84; End; Byron High School; Byron, Ga.; Junior Class; 2nd year football. Ga.; Senior Class; 4th year football. [ 151 ] THE 1964 SE ASON Troy Opponent S core 21 Mississippi College 19 13 Howard College 33 21 Florence St. 7 8 Livingston St. 9 Presbyterian College 7 Jacksonville St. 38 9 Univ. of Tenn. M.B. 12 12 Delta St. 33 Louisiana College 6 Troy State in 1964 had its best season in fifteen years. The previous record being a six won, three lost season in 1949 under Buddy Grantham. So, the 1964 team ranks as equal to the best in the history of the school. Only nine men were lost to graduation this year. These men will have to be replaced by next year, and will be. Among those lost are two " All Americans . They are Ron Burroughs and Jerry Reeves. The team for 1965 shows great promise and hope for a greater season than 1964. With the capable coaching staff at Troy State, everyone can look for- ward to a perfect season in 1965. Danny Moore— Age 18; 150 lbs.; 5 ' 8 " ; No. 86; Kicking specialist; Dothan High School; Dothan, Alabama; Freshman; first year football. a All-American Jerry Reeves goes for 43 yards against Presbyterian. Jerry Reeves Jerry, a four year veteran, culminated his college career in grand style. He was selected as an NAIA All-American. His teammates selected him as Most Valuable Player, Best Offensive Back, and Team Co-Captain. Jerry was also selected to the All-ACC team. M E N OF D Ron Burroughs Ron concluded his college football career by being selected NAIA All-American. Ron ' s teammates selected him as Best Offensive Lineman, and Co-Captain of the team. Ron was placed on the All-ACC team. Walter Landing Walter, a senior, topped off the year by being selected Best Defensive Lineman. He was voted to the All-ACC team. N N Ben Baker Ben, probably the smallest man on the team, was picked as Best Defensive Back. He too, made the All-ACC team. BASKETBALL 1963-64 SEASON Troy Opponent Score 89 Le Grange 75 63 Pensacola College 53 66 Huntingdon 80 97 St. Leo 57 87 Athens 108 71 Oglethorpe 84 I 1 6 Livingston St. 85 90 David Lipscomb 70 78 Transylvania 72 107 Ga. Southern 92 I 12 Italian Nationals 99 82 St. Bernard 72 105 Spring Hill 83 68 William Carey 81 88 Chipola College 83 61 Jacksonville St. 59 104 Mississippi College 84 70 Oglethorpe 68 67 Jacksonville St. 80 82 St. Bernard 80 86 William Carey 52 75 Mississippi College 85 109 Livinqston St. 89 75 Huntingdon 73 83 Athens 76 89 Spring Hill 76 84 St. Bernard 85 103 Livingston St. 99 88 Le Grange 68 82 Athens 93 1964-65 SEASON Troy Opponent Score 81 Pensacola College 66 101 Columbus College 76 94 Middle Ga. College 71 1 1 1 Norman College 57 97 Athens 101 81 St. Bernard 107 123 Livingston St. 77 71 Arkansas A M 56 69 Belmont College 78 82 Howard College 68 79 Le Tourneau College 70 74 Jacksonville St. 87 90 University of Mex. 55 96 Florence State 73 83 Chipola College 69 82 Alabama College 75 64 Jacksonville St. 61 82 Huntingdon College 91 92 Mississippi College 81 74 Alabama College 65 79 Howard 58 79 St. Bernard 69 82 Huntingdon 68 86 Mississippi College 87 1 14 Livingston St. 97 79 Florence St. 74 90 Athens 69 90 Alabama College 63 Coach John A. Archer Coach Archer in his tenure at Troy State College has produced some of the best small college basketball teams in the country. The past two seasons ' teams were produced that won more than twenty games. Famous for its fast breaks, the Troy Basketball team is known through- out the country. . . . SR0Y Billy Gamble, left Billy is Student Coach and spends many hours working with the team. . . . Bubba Sanchez, right Bubba is Manager and does a fine job in caring for the aches and pains of the players. . . . [ 154 ] THE TEAM 3. Terry Wilkerson 4. Tommy Whitehurst 5. Lavoid Green II. William Walker 12. Larry Thorpe 13. John Enslen 21. Steve Holley 22. Clay+on Bryant 23. Lamar Andrews 24. Charles Clarlc 3 I . Joe Stopa 32. Jake Popham [ 155 ] Lamar Andrews Black 23 White 34 Height 6-6 Weight 200 Sophomore Ozarlc, Alabama Lamar Andrews paces win against Huntingdon. Clayton Bryant Black 22 White 52 Height 6-3 Weight 195 Senior Straughn, Alabama Charles Clark Black 24 White 53 Height 6-2 Weight 180 Senior New Brockton, Alabama Willcerson lays in two against Belmont. Steve Holley Black 21 White 41 Height 6-6 Weight 185 Sophomore Samson, Alabama Steve Holley blocks a Mississippi College Choctaw ' s shot. John Enslen Black 13 White 3 Height 6-1 Weight 150 Freshman Montgomery, Alabama Lavoid Green Black 5 White 5 Height 6-2 Weight 165 Sophomore Coffee Springs, Alabama Holley scores two against Belmont. Jake Popham Black 32 White 55 Height 6-6 Weight 205 Junior Waycross, Georgia Charles Clark hits for two against the Choctaws. Joe Stopa Black 31 White 42 Height 6-1 Weight 180 Junior Chicago, Larry Thorpe Black 12 White 12 Height 6-2 Weight 165 Sophomore Atlanta, Georgia An easy field goal for Holley. Terry Wilkerson Black 3 White i+45 Height 5-9 Weight 160 Senior Camden, Alabama Clark, Bryant, and Holley have the situation in hand. William Walker Black I I White 44 Height 6-0 Weight 165 Freshman Eufaula, Alabama Tommy Whitehurst Black 4 White 4 Height 5-9 Weight 155 Senior Kinston, Alabama Whitehurst steels the ball from Belmont. .i »t ,V , f tfoUttaMtt J 964 ,4(X BASEBALL CHAMPS 1964 RECORD Troy Opponent 6 David Lipscomb 3 David Lipscomb 2 Pensacola College I I Gulf Coast College 4 Cumberland College 6 Cumberland College Chipola College 5 Alabama College 20 Ala. Christian 5 Huntingdon 2 Gulf Coast College 10 St. Bernard 6 Pensacola College 3 Ala. College 4 Chipola College 3 Florence State Jacksonville State 12 Spring Hill 4 Huntingdon 1 4 Ala. Christian Score 2 4 10 2 5 5 I I 6 5 2 4 2 2 2 I 13 2 3 Ben Gabbard Billy Gamble BACK IN 44 T r55 65 Lou Keller [ 161 ] The Men Who Swung The Bats In " 64 " RETURNING IN " 65 66 :c George Casion Mike Ingram Jim Buntin Wayne McCaleb Paul Bass 1965 SCHEDULE Apri 2 Pensacola College away Apri 3 Pensacola Navy away Apri 7 Livingston State away Apri 10 St. Bernard Troy Apri 12 Pensacola College Troy Apri 14 Jacksonville State away Apri 17 U of South Ala. Troy Apri 20 Huntingdon College Troy Apri 23 Alabama College away Apri 24 St. Bernard away Apri 27 Howard College (2) Troy Apri 30 Florence State away May 1 Florence State away May 4 Alabama College Troy May 6 Livingston State Troy May 8 Jacksonville State Troy May 1 1 Huntingdon College away May 15 Howard College (2) away Dave Hickey [ 163 ] 5 s ... •-: ■ Henry Barksdale Robert Tannler ss ' X7 - GOLF IN U 65 r r Frank Stewart Jr. A RETURNING LETTERMEN [ 164 ] TENNIS IN Tommy Bass u 65 ?5 Jerome Foust v 1 Bert Gavin RETURNING LETTERMEN i [ 165 ] TRACK " 64 " ALLACC TEAM DOMINATED BY TROY 1965 SCHEDULE Sat April 3 Pensacola College Troy Sat April 10 Mississippi College Marion Institute Jacksonville State Troy Troy Tues April 20 Howard College Jacksonville State away Wed April 24 Howard College Troy Sat April 28 Pensacola College away Sat May 1 Howard College away Sat May 8 Marion Institute away [ 166 ] Troy Lamb THE MEN Joe Jaskiewicz Pete Lee WHO MADE IT Tommy Bass [ 167 ] - i d • ■ ■ - ■ . ' ip cw I CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Margaret Jenkins, Carol Blish, Brenda Ellis, Kay Pope, Bootsy Brown. Kay Pope, Captain Senior, Union Springs 168 ] Brenda Ellis Sophomore; Evergreen, Ala. Boo+sy Brown Sophomore; Do+han, Ala. ROLL WAVE! Margaret Jenkins Sophomore; Do+han, Ala. Carol Blish Sophomore; Columbus, Ga. 169 ] CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS % :Ji . mm tudznt ouExnm nt MEMBER S U S G A cz7T±?LOcLatLon f ? ®r0p0ittan [ ' 71 ] STUDENT GOVERNMENT !• % • Thomas Harrison PRESIDENT Delone Olds VICE-PRESIDENT Executive Diddy Brown SECRETARY Willene Day TREASURER [ 172 ] Gloria Huqhes CLERK ASSOCIATION Senate MEMBERS: P. Adams, F. Bottcher, B. Boswell, N. Brite, T. Butts, E. Chancellor, G. Crosby, J. Fail, S. Fant, J. Fulcher, G. Gillis, P. Herring, B. Hicks, D. Johnson, M. Jones, R. Kittrell, W. Kelley, C. Lindsey, G. Lockamy, B. Luker, S. Martin, J. Porter, B. Prestwood, R. Reagan, N. Ross, F Stewart, M. Thompson, M. Thornell, J. Toole, H. Walker, E. Webb, D. Sellers. Judiciary Dorothy Robinson, Jim Freels, Chief Justice; Hal Larkin, Attorney General; Emily Watson. [ 173 ] WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS: Carolyn Maulden; Emily Watson; Elaine Webb, PRESIDENT; Judy McDonald; Becky Smith, SECRETARY. WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY MEMBERS: Becky Smith, Patsy Dean, Gayle Burlcehalter, Tina Waldrop, Jan Mixon, Elaine Webb, Wanda Davidson. f 174 1 PALLADIUM James Fuqua EDITOR Billy Simmons BUSINESS MANAGER T i M m a f 1 ■ ' W ' i ■ ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS: Connie Spivey, Margaret Til [ 175 ] ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS: Lena Phelps, Margaret Snellgrove, Cheryl Harrison. ART EDITOR: Bud Wilson BEAUTY EDITORS: Barbara Boswell, Linda Fuqua. 176 CLASSES: Elaine Webb, Virginia Riggs, John McKay. FEATURE EDITORS: Freda Loftis, Cecile Billy, Judy McDonald. ADMINISTRATION EDITORS: Sandra Martin, Martha Wingard ACTIVITIES EDITORS: Mary Ellen Coe, Kay Wade. SPORTS EDITORS: Beverly Gilbert, Jerry Blount, Earl Reeder, Juanita Reeder. [ 177 ] GUj£ erojmluatt Wallace Waites: FACULTY ADVISOR Paul Tate: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF A student newspaper, edited and published by students at Troy State College and operated from funds contributed by students and from the sale of commercial advertisments. Expressions of opinion herein must not be considered necessarily those of the college ad- ministration, faculty, staff, or readers as a whole. Affiliated with Associated College Press. PAUL TATE Editor in Chief LYNN WHITING Business Manager Dillard Henderson .._ _ Managing Editor Yo Watson _ Editorial Assistant Jackland Morrow Copy Editor Martha Ellis _ Assistant Copy Editor Jerri R. Wince _ Feature Editor Ken Petrey Sports Editor Bruce Hibel Assistant Sports Editor Sam Morton, Bud Wilson Cartoonists Jolly Toole, Joanne Coleman . Clubs Wayne Kelley Photographer Barbara Chisum, Dot Miller Copy Assistants News Staff Donald Ccpe, Frances Farrell, George W. Lockamy. Jerry Fulcher, Alan Talton, Howard Walker, Larry Taylor, John Warwick, Ray Greene. Business Staff ... Mike Jones, James Stephens, Bill Simmons, John Parks, Martha Jo Peters. E. H. Sherman _ Business Consultant Wallace L. Waites _... Faculty Advisor Lynn Whiting: BUSINESS MANAGER 78 ] Martha Jo Peters, Bud Wilson, Jolly Toole, Barbara Chisum, Joanne Coleman, Dot Miller. Ray Green, Bruce Hibel, Ken Petrey. i George W. Lockamy, Howard Taylor, Frances Farrell, Donnie Cope. I ' ' 9 J Martha Ellis, Jaclcland Morrov THE B.S.U. HOLDS ACTIVITIES IN THE BAPTIST STUDENT CENTER BSU EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Jimmy Howell, Bill Sloan, Wendell Brigance. SECOND ROW: Faye Allen, Mary Sally Johnson, Betty Parrish, Mr. James O ' Neal, ADVISOR. Hickman, Dean Byrd, David Sellers, Jim Sue Thornell, Mary Deese, Mary Smith, FRESHMAN OFFICERS: SEATED: Don Crapps, DI- RECTOR; Frances Connors, SECRETARY. STANDING: Mike Phillpott, PRESIDENT; Bobby Shirah, VICE- PRESIDENT. STATE OFFICERS: Maurice Willis, STATE BSU DIRECTOR Jimmy Howell, PRESIDENT OF STATE BSU Mary Sue Thornell, STATE EDITOR of the " BSU Spirit " ADVISORY COUNCIL RELIGIOUS COUNCIL CO-ORDINATES RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES ' - hi MEMBERS: Frank Stewart, PRESIDENT; Thelma Clark; Mrs. Musselman, SPONSOR; Ginger Curtis, VICE-PRESIDENT; Vicki Bickel; Ikey Bickel; Jim Sloan; Dan Mclnnls, SECRETARY; Bob Brown. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP SERVES METHODIST STUDENTS MEMBERS: Shirley Bowen, Ronny Ammons, Michael Brooks, Bob Brown. Mary Angela Caylor, Richard Cunningham, Reba Daniel, Connye Raye Falgout, Kitty Farris, Annette Gibbs, Sue Gillis, Clean Justice, Jerry Kinnane, Daniel Mclnnis, Margaret Mayo, Margaret McKinnon, Carolyn Morris, John Paul Mussel- man, Elon Nicholson, Robert Perry, Rudolph Peuhs, Amos Register, Bobby Rogers, Jack Rogers, Laurie Skipper, Frances Taylor, Mattie Thompson, Frances Thorne, Margaret Till, Ann Trotter, Miles Vaughan, John Warwick, Priscilla White, Evelyn Williams, Jean Taylor, Carol Blackwell, Catherine Lynn. ALPHA PHI GAMMA HONORS STUDENT JOURNALISTS MEMBERS: Ken Petrey, SECRETARY; Bill Simmons; Lynn Whiting, VICE-PRESIDENT; Paul Tate, PRESI- DENT; Wallace L. Waites, ADVISOR. SNEA ACQUAINTS FUTURE TEACHERS WITH THE TEACHING PROFESSION FIRST ROW: Robert Smith, PRESIDENT; Sue Gillis, REPORTER. SECOND ROW: Don Tillman, VICE- PRESIDENT; Mattie Thompson, SECRETARY-TREASURER. THIRD ROW: Carol Byrd, PARLIAMEN- TARIAN. ACCOUNTING CLUB OPEN TO ACCOUNTING MAJORS MEMBERS: Calvin Grant, Jim Harrison, Roger Helms, Mike Jones, Phillip Klepac, Max Mathews, Eloise Murphee, Bubba Lanchez, Jerry Segars, Pete Taylor, Edwin Zell, Mr. Hicks, Mr. Davidson. PHI BETA LAMBDA BUILDS BETTER BUSINESS MEMBERS: Sarah Baxter, Dean Byrd, Elaine Childs, Shirley Davis, Earl Ellis, John Fulford, Alfred Golden, Burton Green, John Jeffcoat, Bill Kimrey, Janice Lindsey, Frank Malloy, Linda Matthews, Maurice McCord, Mickey McGhee, Brenda Mitchell, Pat Moran, Frank Ralph, Imogene Reese, Donna Tritz, Alice Kay Ward, Kay Whigham, Raymond Self. [ 183 ] MODERN DANCE PRESENTS ANNUAL PERFORMANCE MEMBERS: Mary Gilma Guinn, Sandra Hintenach, Brenda Cox, Charlotte Roe, Sonny Carlisle, Don Ellis, Jenny McLemore, Jamelia Sellers, Sylvia Riddle, Marion Fannin, Rosalind Foust, Carolyn Hall, Juanita Bundy, Judy Johnston, Sarah Shoemake, Kay Pope. WAA SPONSORS ALL-SPORTS WEEKEND f in ' ' ft, ni ' (y p ft f) ACTIVE MEMBERS: C. Bowden, J. Faucher, R. Heite, J. Huggins, G. Hughes, L. Otten, G. Prickett, D. Redmon L. Reynolds, C. Sloan, S. Walls, E. Watson, B. Waters, N. Doiier, F. Watson, A. Dunn, P. Willis, A. De Rienzo, J. Payne, Y. Carroll, L. Thorn, M. Sawyer, B. Brown, W. Bundy, G. Curtis, T. Dubberly, N. Davis, B. Gilbert, D. Fleming, M. Lewis, D. Coots, J. Sellers, S. Riddle, D. Dunn, S. Curtis, C. Doughtie, G. Ingram. [ 184 ] WOMEN HPER MAJORS FORM NEW CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Wood, L. Often, J. Foucher, A. De Reinzo, B. Roberts, S. Thompson, C. Falgout. SECOND ROW: M. Saucer, S. Walls, E. Watson, C. Bowden, L. Matthews, K. Creel, D. Fleming, P. Amison, D. Coots, C. Byrd, Miss Estes. THIRD ROW: J. Payne, C. Doughtie, B. Gilbert, L. Phelps, M. Lewis, J. Sellers, Y. Carol, J. Bundy. FOLK DANCE INTEREST STIRRED BY NEW CLUB Ansley Scofield, outgoing President, receives Alpha Phi Omega plaque from Tom Grant, new President. ALPHA PHI OMEGA DEVELOPS LEADERSHIP MEMBERS: Dave Hiclcey, Marty Diamond, John Stuben, Tom Grant, Pete Lee, Ansley Scofield, Mark Lyons, Charles Digby, Roger Alexander, Mr. R. W. Williford, Mr. William Hiclcs, Mr. C. W. Paskins, Mr. Robert Styons, Mr. Abe Hatton. A a Fiji (Dmciia NATIONAL SERVICE FRATERNITY nftfVni FIRST ROW: Bruce Arnold; West Brunson, SECRETARY; Jim Freels; Charles Oliver; Del Olds; George Lockamy; Richard Gregory. SECOND ROW: Harry Sawyer; John McKay; Kerry Keller; Harold Wood- all, PRESIDENT; John Vanderschow; Mr. James O ' Neal, SPONSOR; Mike Jones, TREASURER. CIRCLE K SPONSORS ANNUAL BLOODMOBILE Bette Davis Diddy Brown Dorothy Robinson [ 187 ] SYMPHONIC AND DIRECTOR Dr. Paul Vollrath MAJORETTES Peggy Robinson, Cheryl Clark, Nancy Merriwether, Kate Phillips, Mary Gwinn. •■ ■ I nJ t fit MARCHING BANDS I | «»4 fi $ f I ■ ' 4 en i. ■ im Bfr . .., to DRUM MAJOR Mike Jordan MUSIC EDUCATORS ' NATIONAL CONFERENCE Sarah Laura Langford Sanders: Anita Norrell, PRESIDENT; Benny Smiley; Miriam Johnson, SECRETARY-TREASURER; Nan Richards. VICE-PRESIDENT. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA HONORS WOMEN MUSIC MAJORS MEMBERS: Faye Allen, Sandy Weathers, Mrs. Olivia Rainer, Suzanne Cobb, Mary Angela Caylor, Miss Auville, Irene Krueger, Sarah Bryant, Anita Norrell. Sarah Langford, Nan Richards. mi COLLIGATE SINGERS TSC GOODWILL AMBASSADORS $MA ADVANCES MUSIC IN AMERICA FIRST ROW: Richard Gregory, PLEDGEMASTER; Forrest Jones, TREASURER; Chip Cramer, VICE- PRESIDENT; John McKay. RECORDING SECRETARY; Joe Tisdale, CORRESPONDING SECRETARY; Jerry Dykes, Butch McCullers, PRESIDENT. SECOND ROW: Bruce Kels, Joe Rudd, Flynn Gregory, HISTORIAN; Reg Wingard, Ed Hollis, Jerry Kinnane, Tom Freeman, Fred Meyers. THIRD ROW: Allen Williams, Cliff Brantley, Joe Prevost, Bill Hickman, Mike Jordan, PM; Tom Crusey, Richard Snyder, Larry Savoie, John Hartley. POLITICAL INTEREST SPARKS YOUNG REPUBLICANS PRESIDENT: Ray Green, VICE-PRESIDENT: Jim Stevens, SECRETARY: Suzanne McCarty, CORRE- SPONDING SECRETARY: Jimmy Jacobs. TOP HISTORY STUDENTS CHOSEN FOR PHI ALPHA THETA p I ! fl i ft A » i II ■ ft « ■ ■V H ft. . FIRST ROW: Donnie Cope, Jean Porter, Frank Furr, Rodger Holberton. SECOND ROW: Dr. Brooks Thompson, Mr. Pat Harris, Dr. Raymond Deminq, Dr. Leonard Trapp, Dr. H. E. Sterkx. MEN ' S GAVEL CLUB IS AN AFFILIATE OF TOASTMASTER ' S INTERNATIONAL FIRST ROW: George Shepard, Charles Kendrick, Johnny Butler, Carroll Lakeman, George Roselius. SECOND ROW: Jerry Searey, Ron Letize, Terry Butts, Mr. Durwood Taylor, L. M. Berryhill, Glen Seale, Jr. ADELPHES HELP FRESHMAN WOMEN ORIENT THEMSELVES TO COLLEGE LIFE PRESIDENT— Dorothy Robison VICE PRESIDENT— Jean Bracewell SECRETARY-TREASURER— Penny Salter SOCIAL CHAIRMAN— Mary B. Deese MEMBERS: Julia Frazier, ua ' ene Whitehead, Shirley Talley, Faye Allen, Jean Bracewell, Mary B. Deese, Marian Gantt, Sue Gillis, Marta Johnston, Judy Jordon, Irene Krueger, Carol Langford, Gwen McCord, Gayle Presley, Dorothy Robinson, Penny Salter, Becky Smith, Hilda Smith, Tina Stokes, Patsy Whitehurst, Carol Taylor, Carol Morris, Mary Alice Simmons, Linda Turner, Angela Caylor, Shirley Bowen, Julia McDaniel. PSI LAMBDA PROMOTES THE UNDERSTANDING OF PSYCHOLOGY SPONSORS: Mr. Schomberg, Dr. Haynes OFFICERS: PRESIDENT— Jimmy Clayton VICE-PRESIDENT— Eddie Fields SECRETARY-TREASURER— Martha Lee HISTORIAN AND REPORTER— Nancy Reed MEMBERS: Suzanne McCarty, Martha Johnson, Barbara Boswell, Johnny Young, Tricia Sauls, Ollie Hood, Grace Oakley, Dave Krasnowsky, Nita Holloway, Carole Deal, Linda Traurck, Sue Burkett, Barney Parker, Marty Blaine, Tommy Bass. SCIENCE CLUB SPONSORS CHRISTMAS DANCE MEMBERS: Dillard Henderson, Richard Byrd, Mary Frances Bradley, John Parks, Dr. Earnest Riggsby, Mr. Mueller, Mr. John Parks. ARGONAUT-FRESHMAN COUNSELORS Norman Lanqlois PRESIDENT Dennis Crosby 1st VICE-PRESIDENT James Barrow 2nd VICE-PRESIDENT Jerry McLendon SECRETARY-TREASURER Sue Gillis SWEETHEART A. H. Colter SPONSOR Freddie Bigqs Arthur Bryan Joe Fail J. Don Friedman Tom Grant Allen Hardy Dave Hickey James Jones Harold Larlcin Pete Lee Jimmy Moore Johnny Norton John Ragland Larry Story Johnny Taylor Wilbur Warren Bruce Watkins Wayne Wilkes Larry Youngblood [ 195 ] FIRST ROW: Mary Sue Thornell, TREASURER; Jean Porter; Barbara Barron, CO-PRESIDENT; Betty Parrish, SECRETARY; Dan Mclnnes, VICE PRESIDENT; Preston Griffin, CO-PRESIDENT; Dr. Horace Nelson, SPONSOR. KAPPA DELTA PI HONORS EDUCATION STUDENTS FIRST ROW: Julia Ann Parnell, Sally Griffin, Jolly Toole, Diane Guin, Marqie Davis, Tina Waldrop, Mary Smith, Rachel, McGouqhn, Miss Ellen Soloman. SECOND ROW: Dr. L. S. Vanderford, Glyndell Creamer, William Petty, John Rhodes, Mrs. Tex Whaley, Mrs. Ann Harmon. INTEREST IN ART FURTHERED BY ALPHA RHOTAU Malcom English, Cille Stewart, Jane Home, Carolyn Hall, Bette Davis, Bob Lawrence, Jimmy Davis, Gloria Duckett, Diane McCrory, John Spicer, Yo Watson, Shirley Williams, Dianne Edeker, Ellen Mc- Donald, Margaret Till, Phyllis Parker, Mary Jane Owens, Gayle Helms, Claire Morgan, Julellyn Jones, Elke Cartwright, Wallace Hill, Walter Johnson, Rhody Peuhs, Dianne Dillingham, Freddie Andrews, Paulette Martin, Freda Loftis, Donna Chambless, Steve Long, Jim Long, Annetta Perry, Mary Ann Lee, Ann Law, Jerry Blount, Sharon Hughes, Max Scroggins, Linda Brewton, Sonny Elliott, Charles Schworti, Andrian Merritt, Rosemary Countryman, Antoinette Yost, Nancy Wells, Nancy Reed, Pat Manley, Martha Murph, Wendell Adams, Jean Olds, Martha Ann Davis. METHODIST MINISTERS SERVE AS CIRCUIT RIDERS STANDING: FRONT ROW: William Walters, Advisor; Richard Cunningham, Frank Furr, Fred Zobel BACK ROW: Jerry Glover, Earl Temple, Bobby Fralish, Doug Golden. THETA CHI Wayne Etheridge PRESIDENT Miss Betty McAllister SWEETHEART Jerry Knight, Wayne Kelly— HISTORIAN, Kenny Gardener, Jay Helmer, Glen Garvin— VICE PRES- DENT, John Gillis, Neil Linden, Ron Marler— PLEDGEMASTER, Wayne Etheridge— PRESIDENT, Johnny Coats— SOCIAL CHAIRMAN, Frank Malloy— SECRETARY, Jere Beck— TREASURER, Ed Parker, and Pat Moran. [ 198 THETA CHI PLEDGE CLASS ■ ©aft Malcolm English— DEPLEDGED, Jim Green— PRESIDENT, Denny Crumpler, Ed McAllister, Ed Lee, Kebo Mixon— DEPLEDGED, Ralph Bryson, Lamar Smith, Ray Davis— DEPLEDGED, Robert Keeffe— MASTER AT ARMS, Jim Harvey, Cliff Brantley— DEPLEDGED, Bud Wilson, Jim Burgess, Wayne Clark— DEPLEDGED, Fred Ward, Larry Colcer, and Nick Spadavecchia. (Not Pictured are Richard Daniel, Don Ellis, Don Krumnow— TREASURER and Scott Lewis.) These men have the honor of being in the first Pledge Class of the Theta Chi Fra- ternity at Troy State College and are leading the way for many Pledge Classes to come. May they set an example that should be followed by all. [ 199 ] PI KAPPA PHI IT K Ron Taylor PRESIDENT Terry Butts NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Johnny Butler SECRETARY Jacltie Hines TREASURER Bob Gabbard WARDEN Paul Nix HOUSE MANAGER Frankie Garrison HISTORIAN Mike Cavander CHAPLAIN Ronny Bailey Jim Baxley Curtis Beamon Ron Burroughs Earl Chancellor Driscoll Colquitt Jim Freels Larry Grover Doug Ingram Mike Ingram Robert Kittrell Bill McCartney P I 9 Max Scroggins George Shephard John Stevens Steve Tomani «k ,m a Am. SHACKELFORD HALL OFFICERS: Susan Head, TREASURER; Miss Jo Salter, DIRECTOR; Judy McDonald, PRESIDENT; Elaine Turner, VICE-PRESIDENT. ASSISTANTS: SEATED: Judy Johnson, Carolyn Hall, Gayle Prestley, Sharlyn Smith. STANDING: Mary Brasewell Deese, Miss Jo Salter, DIRECTOR; Carol (Diddy) Brown. COW ART HALL OFFICERS: Gayle Helms Mary Jane Owen Sandra Tallon Emily Watson ASSISTANTS: Sandra Tallon, Nancy Davis, Mrs. Adams, DIRECTOR; Patsy Dean. 202 HA MIL HALL OFFICERS: Carol Thompson— VICE-PRESIDENT Martha Lee— SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Pam Adams— PRESIDENT ASSISTANTS: Mattie Thompson, Willean Day, Jo Ann Sellers, Nancy Acker. [ 203 ] GARDNER HALL OFFICERS: Franlcie Feachen— SECRETARY-TREASURER Carolyn Mauldin— PRESIDENT Wanda Hodges— VICE-PRESIDENT Shirley Hall— SOCIAL CHAIRMAN fPTMTT ASSISTANTS: Mrs. Foster, DIRECTOR; Judy Tatum, Dana Kaye Marshall, Betty Sanders. 204 PACE HALL COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: William McNeal. Benny Whittalter, David Spiegner. SECOND ROW: Fred Gooch, Danny Wilkerson, Ed Gibson, Charles Duck, Flip Ramsey. PROCTORS: FIRST ROW: Larry Hancock, Butch McCullers, Mike Jones, Jim Sloan, George Beech. SECOND ROW: Harry Sawyer, Jack Moseley, Charles Digby, Wilson Wheeler, John McKay. THIRD ROW: Mike Dickey, Del Olds, Mike Watson, Hal Larkin, A. H. Coker, DIRECTOR. DILL HALL COUNCIL: Ronny Ammons— PRESIDENT John Lueken— VICE-PRESIDENT Charles Oliver— SECRETARY-TREASURER Jimmy Bolin— SOCIAL CHAIRMAN REPRESENTATIVES: Jack Bryan, Tommy Bass, John Vollar, Terry Wilkerson, Billy Ziglar, Ken Santora, Larry Wilson. PROCTORS: Ronny Ammons, Francis Deer, Johnny Lee, James McSween, Harold Woodall, Bruce Hibel, Ken Petrey, Millard Powell, John Vollar, Paul Herring, Joe Kelpec, Melvin Russell, David Hooper, Bert Gavin, Cary Lindsay, Don Gibson, DIRECTOR. CLEMENTS HALL COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Maurice McCord, PRESIDENT; Betty McCollister, SWEETHEART; Richard Tuggle, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN. SECOND ROW: Curtis Beaman, VICE PRESIDENT; Lou Keller, Winston Barefoot. THIRD ROW: Richard Gregory, SECRETARY-TREASURER; Jim Shaw, Mickey McGee, Jerry Knight, Douglas Norris. B- 4 m m i i L 1 K M 3 u 3 4 mm LvjT A K | _ gp fe PROCTORS: FIRST ROW: George Caison, Daniel King, F. L. Vines, DIRECTOR; James Ransom, Pat Moran, Frank Malloy. SECOND ROW: Lamar Burkett, Charles Williams, Kerry Keller, Amos (Cash) Register, Jerry Green, Dean Byrd, Malcolm English, Don Coleman, Kelly Thomas. THRIFTY STORES 0fe GOOD YEAI SERVICE STORE ADVERTISEMENTS - I s r s s = £_ .!;- s;-. - s- r ■ - Compliments of MID-SOUTH PACKERS The Home of Southern Belle Meat Products Tupelo, Miss. Telephone 842-1411 Compliments of COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY P.O. Box 566 Montgomery, Alabama Colonial [ 211 ] FARMERS MERCHANTS 1 HARRY BAKER, THE JEWELER INSURANCE, INC. 1 A Supporter and Booster 62 Court Sq. Phone 566-2644 OT Troy, Alabama Troy State Col lege Insurance Specialists Phone 566-1585 W. D. (Bill) Sanford Editor Of 1950 Palladium FIRST FARMERS AND MURPHEE INSURANCE, INC. MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK ' The Bank With A " Insurance that Insures " Thought for your Future ' Room 7 Carroll Bldg. Phone 566-2270 Phone 566-2463 Troy, Alabama Best Wishes to Troy State College We are very fond of you and are proud of the progress you are making toward becoming a larger institution. The relationship be- tween the City of Troy and Troy State College has always been on the upward move. We are proud to have been a part of this progress. Always look for our continu- ed loyal support. We would enjoy having you visit our store! Jhrifhj Stores where shopping is least expensive Troy Andalusia Greenville Clanton Sylacauga [ 213 ] Compliments of BOYD COMPANY BAMBOO RESTAURANT Frigidaire Electric Appliances Television-Radio-Stereo on the By-Pass and Record Albums Riverside Cafe 80 No. Court Sq., Troy, Ala. on the square Phone 566-0781 LAWRENCE HARDWARE ROSENBERG BROS. Wilson Sporting Goods Browning Guns and Ammunition " Troy ' s Best Dept. Store " Houseware Paint 101 South Three Notch Phone 566-0134 56 E. Court Square Phone 566-0688 Troy, Alabama WOOD FURNITURE CO. Troys ' Only Complete Furnishings Center Carpets Furniture Bedding Drapes Appliances Accessories Tel. 566-0907 If Its From TEPPERS It Has Quality Phone 566-2255 Troy, Alabama MOMAR INCORPORATED MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS Sends Congratulations and Best Wishes Gym Floor Seals Insecticides Cleaners-Waxes Maintenance Equip. Atlanta, Ga. TROY FINANCE CORPORATION " Better Goods for More People Through Installment Credit " TROY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. All Lines of Fire and Casualty Insurance Troy, Alabama Phone 566-0950 TROY BANK TRUST COMPANY " Banking To Make a Better Community " Troy, Ala. Phone 566-1490 SYNCO DRUGS i " Prescription Specialists " 1 Revelon Cosmetics 1 " We fill all doctor ' s prescriptions " Phone 566-2610 Troy, Ala. Compliments of HENDERSON BLACK GREENE, INC. Contractors Wholesale Retail Lumber Millwork Troy, Ala. PHIL ADAMS MOTORS, INC. 312 No. 3-Notch St. Troy, Ala. Tel. 566-3400 LYNCOACH TRUCK COMPANY Troy, Ala. Oneonta, N.Y. Air-Vans Truck Bodies COLEMAN-JERNIGAN BUSINESS SERVICE Complete Office Outfitters Court Square Troy, Alabama Victor Adding Machines Royal Typewriters Hallmark Cards TUSCALOOSA LIBRARY BINDERY 2704-6th St. Tuscaloosa, Alabama E. W. Rosenfield Tel. 758-2204 Tuxedo Rental . Wedding . Graduation . All Occasions JIM MASSEY Formal Wear 262-8852 Montgomery, Alabama I a i- v i P 1 Of I SUOCII 15 L, - t " " l ) Hll " WpPfiL UJUUllll 1 1 Compliments of RED WAVE AND DARI-DELITE DRIVE-INS Located 231 By-Pass THE PIKE THEATER Owned and Operated by Martain Theaters Troy, Alabama ' Always the best of entertainment at the Pike. " [ 217 ] WESTERN AUTO STORE Western Auto Associate Store Everything for home and car Sporting Goods and Toys Troy, Ala. Mcleod drug store exatf Troy, Alabama Dependable Delivery Service Phone 566-1360 _ saw SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Now for nearly four generations " Satisfaction Guaranteed " Compliments of A FRIEND " GOLDEN FLAKE POTATO CHIPS " The Noisiest Potato Chips In Town Alabama ' s Own ALABAMA WAREHOUSE COMPANY Acidulating Plant Ferti li zer Plant So. 3-Notch Railroad Av. Troy, Alabama TROY MOTOR COMPANY, INC Pontiac Buick GMC Trucks Sales And Service U.S. 231 By-Pass Troy, Ala. Phone 566-1890 RITE PRICE APPLIANCE, INC Television And Appliances 204 No. 3-Notch St. P. 0. Box 365 Troy, Alabama HOSPITAL PLANS ALL AGES IMMEDIATE BENEFITS No Waiting Periods Guaranteed Renewable For Life MEDICAL SURGICAL ALL AGES PAYS DOCTOR ' S FEES ANYWHERE Plus " Cjt-Patient " Senior Citizen Specialty Benefits CANCER - HEART- LIFE - AND DISABILITY INCOME W. FRANK SIMMONS AGENCY " Personalized Health Plans Specialist " P.O. Box 936 718)4 Boulevard Dothan, Alabama SMOKE ONE .. Today YOU ' LL AGREE COOL-SMOKE SMOOTH, FRAGRANT BLEND J. D. Winn Cigar Co. We Have Enjoyed Having You While At T.S.C. STARLITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Troy - Brundidge - Highway Jimmy Gaylard, Mgr. ' Where The Big Pictures Play " [ 219 ] Oldsmobile - Chevrolet - Cadillac MARY CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales and Service Phone 566-2740 Troy, Ala. TROY PRINTING COMPANY Established in 1906 Serving Troy Normal School and Troy State College for more than 58 years. We take pride in Troy State ' s continual growth and importance in the Business and Cultural life of this community. M. N. Dodson R. A. Witherington, Owner Manager Elm Street Troy, Ala. Tel. 566-0923 TROY MAID BAKERY Your Every Bakery Need Pike County ' s Only Bakery Phone 566-2663 Troy, Alabama Be Smart Shop at DIANA SHOPS 71 Court Sq. Troy, Ala. MOTES FURNITURE MARY E. BARRON COMPANY Alteration Shop Expert Alteration Work Complete Home Furnishings Hours 8 A.M. - 12 P.M. - 1 P.M. - 5 P.M. 106 No. Three Notch Troy, Ala. Room 6 Carroll Bldg. Phone 566-0833 Phone 566-3576 BYRD DRUG MODERN ONE HOUR CLEANERS COMPANY Box 209 Troy, Alabama 81 N. Court Sq. Troy, Ala. 204 East Walnut St. 509 So. Brundidge Phone 566-0100 Phone 566-0277 Phone 566-2892 m • ' ■ 3 T T ' ■J " ' k £i jiK f psi » ' l¥ n = ' » ' 1 ir

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