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I I From North and East and South and West T. S. C. LIBRARY TROY, ALA. From every direction students come in increasing number. Filling the campus with college color T. S. C. LIBRARY TRDY, ALA. 6120 [ 2 ] Lfris [ 4 ] Jhe II lew cz ormit brmuoned With Catherine Collins Gardner Hall, Lorraine Hamil Hall, and James Burns Clements Hall, more men and women students can now enjoy the advantages of on-campus living. [ 5 ] t » U ■ r ■- - Jhe lew kji y mnaMum Quickly pressed into a heavy schedule of activity the 2500 seat gym has become a focal point of college life. [ 6 ] Jhe II lew •V s cience (7J uiidin f Expands our frontiers of knowledge with the ad- dition of long-sought new laboratory equipment. [ 9 ] ZJke l lew fvludic J4ail Tempers our academic pursuits with music for learning or listening. a [ 11 ] ■i ■■? ■■ if m ■■ t a Aruclit onum The 1200 seat auditorium overflows with enthu- siastic response to noted lecturers and enter- tainers. [ 12 ] TROY STATE COLLEGE PALLADIUM NINETEEN SIXTY FOUR faithfully records this saga of a college that is moving onward and upward [ H ] CONTENTS 20 Administration 32 Classes 100 Organizations 132 Features 156 Sports 180 Student Life 204 Advertisements Co-Editors Peggy Robinson Marie Aaron Business Manager Billy Simmons -jr • •tt - ' « m A ' t " •% .S V V • I R f , Dr. Raymond Deming Dedication More than by adequate endowments, extensive libraries, well-equipped laboratories, and modern buildings— as significant as all of these are— the excellence of any college depends upon the abilities of its faculty members. For the past five years there has been in the history department of Troy State College a teacher of great talent, a truly eminent professor, Dr. Raymond Deming. From the richness of his academic experiences and out of the overflow of his vital personality, he has kindled the imagination of many college students so that they have been able to visualize the im- portance of geography as a moving pageantry of men and human progress. His kindness and sincerity have inspired the confidence of his students. If we should list the teachers who are helping to make Troy State College great, the name of Dr. Raymond Deming would receive a prominent position. With great pride we wish to dedicate the 1964 Palladium to this excellent teacher and friend. A D M I N I S T R A T I O N MM I IIMU •Q-- ' . BIBB Rlv 1 " k v Br 1 F • J »»-M i . - : v . ; ft - ' - 1 V 6h . ?S.r» ■ ?■: - I v K , Dear Friends: Sometime in the face of the future, the eternal eye of Time will interrupt the constant sweep of current scenes to gaze backward in fond memory on etchings of the past. The pages of this Palladi- um hold previous etchings of moments of happiness and joy, and those of us who have lived through the moments of the past year will thrill to see the sharp beam of enduring memory focused effective- ly to survey them once again. The Palladium Staff deserves our warmest grati- tude and most solemn thanks for capturing within these pages a fleeting whiff of the pride we feel in Troy State College, a rapid glimpse of the prestige and honor of our college, a glance of the varied programs of our College, an echo of the courteous and traditional customs of our College, an unmis- takable impression of the gallantry of our men and the beauty and graciousness of our young ladies. We are indeed glad that time will place on each who has shared these experiences an approving glance, together with the hope that each will con- sider himself a sentry to keep safe our great land and its cherished dream of opportunity. Sincerely yours, L s C++st Z?C Frank R. Stewart President Dr. Frank Ross Stewart became President of Troy State College on July I, 1961. He received a B.S. degree from Jacksonville State and from Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute; a M.S. from A. P. I.; has done further graduate study at Columbia and Peabody; and received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Auburn in 1959. 20 ] Dr. and Mrs. Frank Ross Stewart [ 21 ] • V MISS ANNETTE GIBBS; Acting Dean of Students % 1 DR. G. R. BOYD; Dean of the College MR. L. CLAY STABLER; Business Manager and Treasurer [ 22 ] MRS. ANN HARMON; Dean of Women MR. ROBERT WILLIFORD; Dean of Men CARRA ADAMS Director of Shackelford Hall. RUDOLPH ARGENTI Physical Education; B.S., Austin Peay State College; M.S., University of Tennessee. R. O. ARRINGTON Business; B.B.A., Memphis State University; M.S., University of Tennessee. EDWARD BARNETT Mathematics; B.S., Troy State College; M.S., Auburn Uni- versity. JAMES BRANTLEY Bio-Social; A.B., M.A., University of Alabama; M.T., Ameri- can Medical Technologists. NANCY BRUNSON Bio-Social; B.A., University of Alabama; M.A., Auburn Uni- versity. DON CARGILL Director of Pace Hall; B.S., Troy State College. MADOLYN CLIPSON Business; B.S., Troy State College W. F. CLIPSON Physical Education; B.S., Troy State College; M.A., Univer- sity of Alabama; Ed.D., Columbia University. LOUISE COLLINS English; B.S., M.S., Auburn University. VIRGIL COLLINS Mathematics; B.S., George Peabody College; M.A., Univer- sity of Alabama; University of Pittsburgh. NICHOLAS COSTES Physical Education; B.S., State Teachers College, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania; M.E., Boston University. KENNETH CROSLIN Librarian; B.S., Southern Illinois; M.A., Peabody College. A. G. DANIEL History; B.A., Abilene Christian, Texas; M.A., University of Alabama. PAM DAILEY Director of Cowart Hall. W. THEO DALTON English; Troy State (1929); B.S., Alabama; M.Ed., Duke Uni- versity; Ph.D., Peabody. THOMAS DART Mathematics; B.A., University of Mississippi. LOUIS DE FERIA Spanish; B.A., Institute of Matanza, Cuba; Doctor of Law, University of Paris, France; Doctor of Law, University of Havana, Cuba. 1, I Jk+A RAYMOND McCOY DEMING Geography; B.S., Union University; M.A., Ed.D., George Peabody College. JO ANN EASON Art; B.F.A., Newcomb College, Tulane University; M.A., Bryn Mawr College. VIOLET G. ERVIN Music; B.A., Tennessee College; Chicago Musical College; M.S., Troy State College. MARY F. ESTES Physical Education; B.S., Alabama College; M.S., University of Tennessee. CHARLES VERNON FARMER Music; B.M.E., Murray State College; M.M., American Con- servatory; Ph.D., University of Chicago. LOURESON FORRESTER Bio-Social; B.S., M.A., Peabody College; Columbia Univer- sity. DONALD GIBSON Director of Dill Hall; B.S., Troy State College. THELMA GOODWIN English; Leland Powers School; B.A., Athens College; M.A., Peabody. JAMES W. HANEY Music; B.M.E., Fort Hays Kansas State College; D.M.E., M.M., Indiana University. HARRIS HARVILL Education; Mercer University; B.A., Georgia Teachers Col- lege; M.A., Ph.D., George Peabody College. ABB L. HATTEN Business; B.A., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Mis- sissippi; Troy State College. T. D. HICKS Business; B.S., University of Mississippi. NELLIE HITT Fourth Grade Supervising Teacher; B.S., Georgia State Col- lege for Women; M.A., Columbia University. D. L HOWELL Business; B.S., M.A., University of Alabama; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Alabama. ROY E. JEFFCOAT Director of Special Services; B.S., Troy State College; M.S.E., Auburn; Harvard; Columbia University. PAT JOHNSON Art; B.S., Troy State College. BURT JONES Director and Counselor of New Men ' s Dorm; B.S., Howard College; M.A., University of Alabama. MITZI JONES Psychology; B.A., Howard; M.A., University of Alabama. iair f t RENWICK CHARLISE KENNEDY Field Services; A.B., Erslcine College; M.Th., Princeton; D.D., Sterling College. GIPSON KINGRY, JR. Science; B.S.A., University of Florida; M.Ag.Ed., Auburn University. WILLIAM P. LEWIS Education; A.B., B.S., M.A., Ohio State University; Ed.D., Peabody College. MELVIN LUCAS Physical Education; B.S., Troy State College; M.A., Ed.D., Peabody College. THOMAS JEFFERSON McCLAIN Associate Registrar; B.S., Troy State College; M.A., Pea- body College. DOUGLAS McCULLERS Mathematics; B.S., Auburn University; M.Ed., University of Florida. BENJAMIN M. McKULIK English; B.A., Princeton University. WOODROW DANIELS McLAUGHLIN Bio-Social; B.S., Fairmont State Teachers College; M.S., West Virginia University. RICHARD WAYNE MELVIN Music; B.M., Illinois Wesleyan University; M.M.Ed., Indiana University. THELMAS CATES MERSHON Librarian; B.A., University of Georgia; B.S., in L.S., Peabody College. GRACIE MITCHELL Physical Education; B.S., Howard College. JOHN H. MULLER Science; B.A., Oklahoma City University; M.S., Oklahoma State University. PAUL L MUSSLEMAN History; B.S., Florence State Teachers College; M.A., M.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute. HORACE JACK NELSON Education; B.S.E., Arkansas State College; M.A., Ed.D., Columbia University. JAMES FRANK O ' NEAL Mathematics; B.A., Vanderbilt University; M.A., Columbia University. ANNETTE SHAKLEFORD PARKS Assistant Librarian; B.S., Troy State College. JOHN G. PARKS Science; B.S., Arkansas State College; M.S., in Ed., Troy State College. CLOYD WOODROW PASKINS History; B.Ed., Eastern Illinois State College; M.A., Duke University. T W} rM r . ) ,k JAMES H. PATRENOS Music; B.S., Troy State College; B.M., M.A., Chicago Musi- cal College. ROBERT C. PAXON Art; B.S., Kutztown State College; M.S., D.Ed., Pennsylvania State University. OLIVIA KIRBY RAINER Music; B.A., Western Kentucky State College; New York University; M.Ed., Western Kentucky State College. ROSALYN RAY English; A.B., Mercer University; M.A., Peabody College. ERNEST D. RIGGSBY Science; B.A., B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic Institute; M.A., Peabody College. JOHN H. ROBERTS Science; B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic Institute; M.A., Pea- body College. MARTHA ROSE Secretary to the President. ETHEL SANDERS Assistant Librarian; B.S., Troy State College; B.S.L.S., Lou- isiana State University. ORVILLE C. SCHOMBERG Science; B.S., M.A., Colorado State University. EUGENE H. SHERMAN Director of Student Activities; B.S., M.A., University of Ala- bama. MARILYN SIRMON English; B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. WILLIAM SIRMON Business; B.A., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi . M. STUDY SLATER English; B.A., Earlham College; M.A., Wayne State Univer- sity. JAMES H. SOLES Mathematics; B.S., Troy State College; M.A., University of Alabama. M. ELLEN SOLOMON Third Grade Supervising Teacher; B.S., M.S., Troy State College. GILBERT O. SPENCER Science; B.S., Birmingham Southern; M.A., Peabody College. HENRY E. STERKX History; B.A., M.A., Louisiana State University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Alabama. DURWOOD TAYLOR Business; B.S., M.A., University of Alabama. BROOKS THOMPSON History; B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. ALICE GREEN THORNTON Art; East Central State College of Oklahoma; B.A., M.A., Columbia University; Graduate Study, University of Ar- kansas and Ohio State University. FREDDIE PAULINE TRANUM Business; B.A., Howard College; M.A., Columbia University; Graduate Study, University of Texas. LIONARD YOUNG TRAPP History and Social Science; B.A., Florence State Teachers College; M.A., Ph.D., George Peabody College for Teach- ers. L S. VANDERFORD Education; A.B., M.A., University of Alabama; Yale Uni- versity; Columbia University; Peabody College. ROBERT WALTER WAKEFIELD Assistant Business Manager; B.S., University of Alabama. EDWIN DAVID WALTER Art; A.B., M.A., University of Missouri; Graduate Study, University of Oklahoma. WILLIAM F. WALTERS Business Education; B.S., Troy State College; M.Ed., Auburn University. EARL GRANT WATSON Physical Education; B.S., Michigan State University; Ed.D., University of Buffalo. ISABEL V. L WATSON Physical Education; B.S., Western Michigan University. TEXKILPATRICKWHALEY Sixth Grade Supervising Teacher; B.S., Troy State College; M.A., University of Alabama. WILLIAM T. WILKS Science; B.S., M.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Ed.D., Columbia University. DAVID CARL WIDDOWSON Bio-Social; B.S., M.S., University of Alabama; M.Ed., Ed.D., George Peabody College; R.M.T., Alabama Board of Medi- cal Technician Examiners. DARWIN R. WILSON Librarian; B.S., Troy State College. BILLY J. WOODS Music; B.M., Southwestern at Memphis; M.S., Julliard School of Music. JOHN ARCHER Physical Education; B.A., Arkansas State Teachers College; M.S., University of Arkansas. PAT ALLISON Physical Education; B.A., Jacksonville State College; M.A., University of Alabama. JACK BAREFIELD English; B.A., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., New York University. JEAN BARR Music; B.M.E., Oberlin Conservatory of Music. RALPH BASS History; B.A., Mercer University; M.A., University of Virginia. RICHARD BOYCE Education; B.S., Memphis State College; M.A., Memphis State University. LUCILLE BOYD English; B.S., University of Kentucky; Western State Teachers College. MARK BREWTON Art; B.F.A., M.A., University of Alabama. FRANCES BYRD English; B.A., Judson College; M.S., Columbia University. MARGARET CLEVELAND First Grade Supervising Teacher; A.B., Alabama College; M.S., Troy State College. ROBERT A. DIETZ Science; B.S., The Principia College; M.A., Washington University; Ph.D., Henry Shaw School of Botany. TOM EASON Business; B.S., Union University; M.B.A., University of Mississippi. DALTON GROSS English; B.A., Luther College; M.A., Southern Illinois University. PATRICK HARRIS History; B.A., M.A., University of Alabama. WILLIAM HOLLAND English; B.A., Millsaps College; Diploma in English, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. FOY INGRAM Director of the Laboratory School; B.S., Troy State College; M.A., Ed.S., George Peabody. RHETTA JOHNSON Laboratory School; B.S., Troy State College. M. KIAN Psychology; B.S., M.S., University of Utah; University of California. ELIZABETH KINZER Psychology; Director of New Women ' s Dorm; B.S., Livingston State College; M.Ed., Auburn. JACK LAW Science; B.S., Florida Southern College; M.A., University of Southern Mississippi; L.L.B., Jones Law School. MARY LOCKRIDGE English; A.B., George Washington University; M.A., George Peabody College. WILLIAM LOWER Art; B.A., University of Alabama. BESS McCANN Registrar; B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. LUCILLE MUSSLEMAN English; B.S., Auburn University; M.S., Troy State College. JAMES PATTERSON Science; B.A., M.S., East Texas State. JAMES RAY Mathematics; B.C.E., Auburn University. JANETTE ROSENBERG English; University of Pittsburgh; B.A., Elon College; M.A., Ed. D., Columbia University. ANNE V. TEAGUE Physical Education; B.A., University of North Carolina. WALLACE WAITES English; A.B.J., University of Georgia; M.A., Florida State University. LUCY WHITE Assistant Librarian; B.S., University of Alabama; B.L.S., University of Wisconsin. O. W. BICKEL Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. [ 28 ] l UIOH James Burns Clements (1903-1963) James Burns Clements came to Troy State in 1950. He watched the college double and triple in size. His own responsibilities increased in proportion as both students and buildings multiplied. The increasing task found him able to meet it in an efficient man- ner. On the Troy Campus Burns Clements was more than Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Enjoying the confidence of college personnel on all levels, he numbered among his friends students, faculty members, administrative personnel, Deans and Presidents. He also had the respect and loyalty of his own staff. He was cordial, genial, generous, a pleasant conversationalist, a good companion. a warm and true friend. He met the demands made upon him with cheerfulness, deal- ing with people with understanding and courtesy. His services were often rendered at the sacrifice of his own convenience but were rendered faithfully. He was a good man who lived a useful life, meeting his problems with courage. He lived with dignity and had the respect of his fellowmen. Large numbers of friends honor his memory. [ 29 ] c L A S s E S Senior Class SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS; Frank Willett, Jr., Vice-President; Sandra Howell, Secretary; NeilJones, President. ADAMS, DWIGHT L. . Chipley, Fla. B.S., Physical Science-Mathematics Square Root of C Club; Science Club. ADAMS, GERIE Ashford B.S., English-History W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; Choir; Palladium Staff AARON, MARIE Wetumplca B.S., Business Education-English Wesley Fellowship, Vice-President, Area Chairman; Notari Club, Sec; Palladium, Circulation Editor, Co-Editor; S.N. E.A.; W.A.A.; Tropolitan Student of the Week. ABERCROMBIE, LOUISE Louisville B.S., Mathematics, General Science Westminster Fellowship, Sec-Treasurer, President; S.N.E.A.; Square Root of C Club; Science Club. ALLEN, ROBBIE Alford, Florida B.S., Elementary Education. Transfer, Chipola Junior College; S.N.E.A. ANDERSON, RAMONA LESLIE Panama Canal Zone B.S., Music-Art. W.A.A., Choir; Trojan Rifles; S.N.E.A.; Sigma Alpha lota; Gardner Hall House Council. BAHER, HELEN Louisville B.S., History-English. W.A.A. BAKER, JIMMY New Brockton ALLEN, ELLA KATE Elba B.S., Music-English. Women ' s Music Club; Collegiate Singers; Playmakers; Adelphes; S.G.A., Secretary; Sigma Alpha lota, Presi- dent; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges; Spires; Mary M. Selman Music Scholarship. ALLEN, REBECCA ANN Enterprise B.S., Business Administration-Accounting, Music. Choir; Kappa Delta Pi; Accounting Club. ARTHUR, CAROL Troy B.S., Art-Business. Alpha Rho Tau, Treasurer; Playmakers. ATTAWAY, HELEN Blountstown, Florida B.S., Business Education-History and Social Studies. Transfer, Chipola Junior College; B.S.U.; Collegiate Sing- ers; Choir; S.N.E.A.; Women ' s Gavel Club. [ 33 ] BARFIELD, JAMES ROY Dothan B.S., History-Psychology Collegiate Singers; Wesley Fellowship; Circuit Riders; Madrigals. BARLOW, LANA Castleberry B.S., Mathematics-General Science Athenaeum Club; W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; Square Root of C Club; President ' s Council. BATCHELOR, HORACE R., JR. Fort Deposit B.S., Accounting-Business Administration and History Notari Club; Accounting Club. BATES, ALCYONE Union Springs B.S., Business Education-English S.N.E.A. BARRON, HUGHIE W. Andalusia B.S., Elementary Education-History and Social Studies. S.N.E.A. BARRON, JANE Troy B.S., English-History S.N.E.A. BECK, BURTON C. Atmore B.S., Psychology-Biological Science Transfer, Pensacola Junior College. BECKER, DON Bay Minette B.S., Business Administration [ 34 ] Mob He BILLINGSLEY, HARDIN B.S., Mathematics-Physical Science B.S.U., Freshman Council, Brotherhood President, Execu- tive Council; Argonauts; S.N.E.A.; Square Root of C Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who. BLACKMAN, WINSTON Andalusia BLANTON, ALICE Brundidge B.S., Elementary Education-Art Alpha Rho Tau; S.N.E.A. BLANTON, LINDA Brundidge B.S., Elementary Education-English S.N.E.A.; Adelphes; Kappa Delta Pi. BELL, ALMA JO ANN Chipley, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Transfer, Chipola Junior College; S.N.E.A.; W.A.A.; Choir. BERRY, SUSAN Troy B.S., Art-History and Art Transfer, Auburn University; Alpha Rho Tau, President; Playmakers, Electra; Judiciary Council. BLACKSTOCK, ALLEN Kinston B.S., History-Business BLAKE, EDWARD J. Lisbon, Conn. B.S., Marketing-Business Administration Argonauts, President; S.G.A. Judicial Body; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, President; Assistant Director Dill Hall and Pace Hall. [ 35 ] BLEDSOE, GERIE Eglin A.F.B., Fla. B.A., History; Social Science and Geography Debate Club; Collegiate Singers; Sophomore Class Presi- dent; S.G.A., Senator, Vice-President, Attorney General, President; Tropolitan; Oracle; Senate Chairman; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities. BOLES, JON RANDELL Montgomery B.S., Music Band; Collegiates; Phi Mu Alpha; M.E.N.C, President; Wavemen; Madrigals; Kappa Delta Pi. BOWMAN, BARRON C. Opp B.S. Math; Chemistry and General Science BRANAN, CHARLES St. Petersburg, Florida B.S. History; Geography Transfer: Manatee Jr. College. BOONE, WILLIAM Monroeville B.S., Mathematics, Physical Science Argonauts; S.G.A. Senate; S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Square Root of C Club. BOOZER, JACK L Jacksonville B.S., English; History and Social Science Transfer: Jacksonville State College; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; S.N.E.A.; Playmakers. BRANTLEY, BARBARA ANNE Troy B.S. English; History Transfer: Auburn University; S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. BREWER, CHARLES II B.S. Math; Economics New Brockton [ 36 BUCKELEW, FAYE Opp B.S. Elementary Education-Music B.S.U., Sec. Freshman Council; S.N.E.A.; Christmas Queen; Collegiates; Modern Dance Club; Playmakers, The Medium; Homecoming Queen alternate; Pace Hall Sweetheart; President, New Dorm; Women ' s Executive Council; President ' s Council. BYRD, JAN Atmore B.S. Physical Education-History Transfer, Pensacola Junior College; W.A.A.; Cowart House Council; Wesley; Cheerleader. BRUCE, BILLY Selma B.S. History-Geography Canterbury; Foreign Relations Club; Argonauts; S.G.A., Senator, Chief Justice; Circle K; S.N.E.A.; President ' s Cabinet. BRYAN, YVONNE Elba B.S. English-Speech Playmakers; Adelphes; Kappa Delta Pi; S.N.E.A.; Spires. BYRD, WANETTA Atmore B.S. Elementary Education-History, Social Science Transfer, Pensacola Junior College; Senator; Wesley Fel- lowship, Sweetheart, Program Chairman; Band; Collegi- ates; New Dorm Vice President; Palladium staff; S.N.E.A. CALHOUN, MARLISE EUGENIA Eustis, Fla. B.S. Elementary Education Transfer, Central Florida Junior College; Canterbury Club. CARLTON, BOB B.S. Physical Science, Math Track; Argonauts; Science Club; Math Club. Andalusia CARLTON, LINDA GAY Okeechobee, Fla. [ 37 ] CASSADY, KAY Brantley B.S. Math-Business Education CHEATHAM, JEAN Greenville B.S. Elementary Education Wesley Fellowship, Area Chairman; S.N.E.A. CLARK, SYLVIA Bakerhill B.S. Mathematics-General Science Adelphes; Athenaeum Club; S.N.E.A.; Square Root of C Club; Science Club. COFTY, CHERYL PATSY Colquitt, Ga. B.S. Math-History S.N.E.A.; Square Root of C Club; B.S.U.; Spires, Presi- dent; Kappa Delta Pi; President ' s Council. CLARK. CHARLES Bakerhill B.S. Accounting-Business Administration and History Notari Club; Accounting Club. CLARK, JO ANN Andalusia B.S. Physical Education-History W.A.A.; P.E. Majors and Minors Club; Wesley Fellow- ship. COKER, JOHN M., JR. Troy B.S. Math and History-Physical Science COLEMAN, SUE Mobile B.A. English-Spanish B.S.U., Freshman Council; International Club, Secretary; Athenaeum Club; S.N.E.A. [ 38 ] CONLEY, PAUL Bartow, Fla. B.S. Elementary Education-History S.N.E.A.; Circle K, Vice President. CORBIN, LANNIE Niceville, Fla. B.S. Marketing-Business Administration Golf; T Club; Collegiates, Vice President. COLVIN, BETTY JO DeFunialc Springs, Fla. B.S. Mathematics-History Cowart House Council; Square Root of C Club; S.N.E.A.; Wesley Fellowship. CONDREY, SUE CAROL Graceville, Fla. B.S. Business Education-English Notari Club; Chi Alpha; S.N.E.A. COSTES, DANICE Troy B.S. Biology-Chemistry and History W.A.A.; S.G.A., Senator; Kappa Delta Pi; S.N.E.A.; Science Club; Who ' s Who Among Colleges and Univer- sities. COX, ROBERT EARL Slocomb B.S. Physical Education-History Football; Track; T Club; S.N.E.A. CRUIKSHANK, ROBERT E. Selma B.S. Psychology and History Transfer, University of Alabama; Wesley Fellowship; Cir- cuit Riders, Secretary, President; President ' s Council. CULBRETH, GERALD Columbia B.S. Physical Education-Biological Science P.E. Majors and Minors Club; S.N.E.A. [ 39 ] CURRINGTON, WILLIE CAROL Union Springs B.S. Mathematics-Science Adelphes; Square Root of C Club; S.N.E.A.; Science Club. DAILEY, DOUGLAS Jackson, Michigan DANIELS, CAROLYN Samson B.S. English-History Transfer, Gulf Coast Junior College DANIELS, LAMAR G. Samson B.S. Physical Education-Math and Psychology Football, Student Coach; P.E. Majors and Minors Club. DASINGER, NORMAN R. Pensacola, Fla. B.S. Music-Music and History Transfer, Pensacola Junior College; Band; Phi Mu Alpha; Playmakers, The Boyfriend. DAVIS, THOMAS LARRY Phenix City B.S. Physical Education-Biological Science Basketball; Circle K; Track; S.N.E.A.; P.E. Majors and Minors Club; Representative at Large to the SS AAHPER. DEAN, BONNIE Oak Hill B.S. English-Speech Shackelford House Council; Apartments, President; Women ' s Executive Council, Secretary; S.N.E.A.; Hand- book Committee. DEAN, WILLIAM P. B.S. History-English S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Tropolitan. reorgiana [ 40 ] DRAKE, SUE DeFuniak Springs, Fla. B.S. Elementary Education-Psychology W.A.A.; New Dorm House Council. DRIVER, SIBYL A. Mt. Creek B.A. Art-English and Spanish Wesley Fellowship; Playmakers, Amigos de Espana; Pal- ladium staff; Alpha Rho Tau; Play, Not SO Very Long Ago. EDDINS, GINA VALE Troy B.S. Elementary Education-English Playmakers, Secretary, The Boy Friend; Modern Dance Club. EFURD, JOHN HARRY Eufaula B.S. Business Administration and Marketing Notari Club, President, Vice President; Gavel Club, Sgt.- at-Arms, Vice President; Trojan Rifles; President ' s Coun- cil; New Dorm ' s Council, Pace Hall Council. DELONEY, LINDA B.S. Elementary Education-English Adelpties; Spires; S.N.E.A. Ozark Elbe DeVANE, ELIZABETH B.S. English; Physical Education Vice-President of Shackelford Hall; President of Shackel- ford Hall; Senate; Secretary-treasurer of Sophomore Class; Secretary-treasurer of Junior Class; Gavel Club; Secretary-treasurer of Physical Education major ' s Club; Secretary of W.A.A.; S.G.A. Treasurer. DUCE, JOHN Chattahoochee, Fla. B.S. Physical Education-History Basketball; P.E. Majors and Minors Club. DYE, LASSIE POPE Union Springs B.S. Elementary Education [ 41 ] ELLIS, MARTHA DAVIS Glenwood ENGLISH, RONNY Troy B.S., Mathematics; Business Administration and Music Athenaeum; Collegiate Singers; Canterbury. FUQUA, OPHELIA Florala B.S., Business Education; English B.S.U.; S.N.E.A.; Notari Club. GARNER, JAMES C. Andalusia B.S., Science; History Transfer, Copiah-Lincoln Junior College, Wessen, Missis- sippi. ENGSTROM, LAUREL HILL Lynn Haven, Fla. B.A., English; History and Social Science Collegiate Singers, Newman Club; S.N.E.A.; Spires. FLOWERS, ARGIE ANN Brundidge B.S. Business Education; History S.N.E.A.; Palladium Staff, Circulation manager. GARRETT, REBECCA Troy B.A., Physical Education; French Collegiate Singers; Freshman Beauty; Physical Education Majors Club. GIBSON, LANORA B.A., English; Spanish and History S.N.E.A.; Treasurer of the International Club. Troy [ 42 ] GREGORY, GLENDA F. Greenville B.A., English; Spanish Wesley Fellowship, Program Chairman, Vice-President, Promotion Chairman; S.N.E.A.; Cowart House Council. GRIFFIN, CHARLES Sneads, Fla. B.S., History; Physical Education, and Psychology Transfer, Perkinston Junior College, Perkinston, Missis- sippi. HAGHIGHI, SASSAN Tehran, Iran HALL, AMY JO Luverne B.S., Business Education; History and Social Science Adelphes; S.N.E.A. GRANT, RALPH Gulf Breeze, Fla. B.S., Math Physics and General Science Cross Country and Track; T Club; Science Club; Square Root of C Club. GRANT, CHARLES R. Greenville B.S., Business Administration; Marketing and History and Social Science Gavel Club; Vice-President of Sophomore Class; Pace Hall Secretary. GRIFFIN, DONNA Opp B.S., Elementary Education; Psychology Transfer Huntingdon College; Playmakers; Cowart House Council; S.N.E.A. GRIFFIN, PRESTON Fountain B.S., Physical Education; History Kappa Delta Pi, President; S.N.E.A., Reporter; Sports Edi- tor, Palladium; Pace Hall House Council; President ' s Council in Senate. [ 43 ] HAMMONDS, SANDRA . . . . East Tallahassee B.S., Business Education HANNAH, LINDA Geneva B.S., Physical Education, Business Wesley Fellowship, President; W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; Sena- tor; P.E. Majors and Minors Club, Secretary and Treas- urer; Athenaeum Club. Mobile HAYES, RONNIE B.S., Marketing, Business Adm. Basketball. HENAO, HERNANDO Medellin, Colombia (So. America) B.S., Economics, Business HARBUCK, NELDA . . . Enterprise B.S., Physical Education, English Dorm Secretary; House Council; W.A.A.; P.E. Majors Club; Judiciary Body. HAYES, PATRICIA New Brockton B.S., English, Speech Collegiate Singers; Adelphes; S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Spires, Vice-President. HENLEY, NORMA Clayton B.S., Elementary Education, Physical Education W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; BSU-Freshman Council; Collegiate Singers; Senate. HOBBS, STANLEY DeFuniak Springs, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education, Art Collegiate Singers; S.N.E.A. [ 44 ] HOLMES, MIKE Hayneville B.S., Science, Math, Business Administration Science Club; Notari Club. HOLMES, SHIRLEY A. Hartford B.S., Biological Science, Physical Science Concert Band; Science Club; S.N.E.A.; Circle K Sweet- heart. HODGE, CAROL Union Springs B.S., Elementary Education S.N.E.A. HODGES, WILLIAM Dothan HOLT, CAROL Sarasota, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Transfer, Manatee Jr. College; W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; Choir. HOPPER, KAREN Seattle, Wash. B.S., Music Collegiates; Madrigals; BSU-Freshman Council, Vesper Chairman, Music Chairman, Devotional Chairman; Adelphes; Interdenominational Religious Council; Lead in The Medium. HORNSBY, BUNA FAYE . . . Brundidge B.S., Elementary Education HOWELL, PATRICIA Bay Minette B.S., Elementary Education Publicity Chairman-BSU Freshman Council; Secretary-Ex- ecutive Council-BSU; S.N.E.A.; Social Chairman-Summer Executive Council-BSU. [ 45 ] HOWELL, SANDRA Prattville B.S., Business Education, Math Wesley Fellowship; Gardner Hall-Vice-President; S.N.E.A.; Woman ' s Gavel Club; Notari Club; Senior Class, Secretary; SGA, Presidents Assembly. JACKSON, LESLIE Brundidge B.S., General Science, Math Science Club, Reporter, President; S.N.E.A.; Square Root of C Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Presidents Assembly. JOHNSON, GERALD Greenville B.S., Art, History-Social Science Basketball; S.N.E.A. JOHNSTON, JUDY Panama City, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Transfer from Gulf Coast Junior College; Modern Dance Club, Secretary, President; Westminister Fellowship; S.N.E.A.; House Council; Presidents Council. JOHNS, ELIZABETH Georgiana B.S., Elementary Education, History JOHNSON, GAYNELL Notasulga B.S., Elementary Education W.A.A.; Chi Alpha; Wesley Fellowship; Religious Coun- cil, Secretary; S.N.E.A.; Presidents Assembly; President of Gardner Hall; Women ' s Executive Council. JONES, CAROL ANN Montgomery B.S., Business Education, English Band, Majorette; Adelphes; Spires; Women ' s Gavel Club; S.N.E.A.; Alternate for Homecoming Queen. JONES, JAMES BASSETT, JR. Camden B.S., Physical Education, General Science Athenaeum Club; Pace Hall House Council; Physical Edu- cation Majors Club; Varsity Football Trainer, Student Coach; S.N.E.A.; Track Team. [ 46 ] KENNINGTON, ALBERT Atmore B.S., English, History Religious Council; S.N.E.A.; Presidents Council; BSU Ex- ecutive Council; Religious Council, President. KIAN, MARTIE A. Pensacola, Fla. B.S., English, Speech and Psychology Palladium staff; W.A.A.; Women ' s House Council; Choir; Dramatics Club; Dean ' s list; Tropolitan staff KIRBY, BOBBIE Enterprise B.S., Elementary Education, History Palladium staff, organization editor; S.N.E.A.; Secretary- Treasurer Mimosa Apts.; Choir. KIRK, CLARA O. B.S., Business Education, Math S.N.E.A.; Notari Club; Wesley. Greer JONES, JIMMY Andalusia B.S., History, Social Studies, English JONES, ROBERT NEIL, JR. Pensacola, Fla. B.S., Marketing and Economics Transfer, Pensacola Jr. College; Gavel Club; Senior Class President; Presidents Council; Treasurer-Student Govern- ment Association. KING, GLENDA Troy B.S., Secretarial Science Women ' s Gavel Club; Administrative Vice-President, Ed- ucational Vice-President; Notari Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. KINNEY, SALLY Montgomery B.S., Business Administration, Math S.G.A. Senator; Square Root of C Club; Women ' s Gavel Club; W.A.A.; Choir. [ 47 ] KNIGHT, GLADYS Columbus, Ga. A.B., English, History and Education Westminster Fellowship, President; Athenaeum Club; Chess Club; S.N.E.A.; Great Books Club. KRUSE, WAYNE Brewton B.S., Business Administration, Marketing Notari Club. UNEBERRY, JANE Birmingham LISSEVELD, RICHARD B.S., History and English Vice-President of Circuit Riders. Clio LANCASTER, KATHRYN Georgiana B.A., History and Social Science, Spanish Adelphes; Spires; Athenaeum Club. LAWSON, CAROL Georgiana B.S., Physical Education, Psychology and Speech Shackelford House Council; Band; W.A.A., letter; P.E. Majors Club; Choir; Executive House Council; President ' s Council; President of Village Apartments. LOCKLAR, PAT New Brockton B.S., Elementary Education Collegiates; Choir; S.N.E.A. LOFTIN, MARY Goshen B.S., History-Social Science, Geography S.N.E.A. [ 48 ] LYTTLE, ELIZABETH . . _ Pensacola, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education, Art Transfer from Pensacola Jr. College; Westminister Fellow- ship; S.N.E.A. McAULEY, JEANNIE Notasulga B.S., Elementary Education BSU, Freshman Council; Shackelford House Council; Cowart House Council. LUCAS, SANDRA Augusta, Ga. B.S., Elementary Education, History W.A.A.; Secretary-Treasurer of New Girls Dorm, House Council; Palladium Staff; S.N.E.A.; Alternate for Miss Tacky. LUCASSEN, JOHNNY Fairhope B.S., History-Social Science, English, Psychology Transfer from Jacksonville State College; Phi Beta Kap- pa; T-Club. McBRYDE, VERNON Andalusia B.S., Physical Education, History-Social Science McCALL, RICHARD DeFuniak Springs, Fla. B.S., Physical Education, Biological Science Baseball; Physical Education Majors Club; T-Club. MacCANNELL, HILDA Florala B.S., English, History, Art Band; Playmakers; Tropolitan; Spires. McCULLOUGH, MARVIN K., JR. . . Opp B.S., Math, Physics, General Science Square Root of C Club; Science Club. [ 49 ] McDADE, EVELYN Troy B.A., English, History Playmakers; Tropoli+an staff; S.N.E.A.; Modern Dance Club. McGINTY, TOMMY River View B.S., Mathematics, Physical Science Baseball; Track; Argonaut; T-Club; Vice-President of Junior Class; Square Root of C Club; Wesley Fellowship. ■ McLAURIN, ARTHURENE Uriah B.S., English, Physical Education Cheerleader, captain; T Club; Physical Education Majors and Minors Club; Campus Beauty; W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; Tropolitan Staff; Playmakers. McLAURIN, NELL Uriah B.S., Physical Education, English W.A.A.; Cheerleader; President of W.A.A.; T Club; President ' s Council; Physical Education Majors and Mi- nors Club. McGOWIN, JAMES E. Wetumpka B.S., Business Administration MclNNIS, GERALD A.B., Math, History, Physical Science Science Club; Circle K; Square Root of C Club. Opp McLELLAND, PEGGY Glenwood B.S., History and Social Science McLEOD, JUNE Cottonwood B.S., Elementary Education Transfer, Gulf Coast Jr. College; S.N.E.A.; Athenaeum. [ 50 ] MASSEY, WILLIE RUTH Montgomery MEIGS, SALLY . ... Phenix City B.S., Business Education, Physical Education Notari Club; W.A.A.; Sec.-Tres. Gardner Hall; Women ' s Gavel Club, Sec, President; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; Presi- dent ' s Council; Palladium Staff; S.N.E.A. METCALF, MARTHA Slocumb B.S., Elementary Education MIDDLEBROOK, ANN Birmingham B.S., Elementary Education, English Athenaeum Club, Sec; S.N.E.A. MARTIN, AUBREY D. B.S., Marketing, History And alusia Fl orala MARTIN, MELINDA B.S., Business Education, English Choir; Collegiates; Adelphes; Spires; S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Shackelford House Council; Women ' s Gavel Club, Sec; Homecoming Court; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; S.G.A. Senator; Cowart House Council. MESSER, ERNESTINE . . Geneva B.S., History, English W.A.A.; Choir; BSU, Greater Council; Cowart House Council; S.N.E.A. MESSICK, LURLENE B.S., History, English Adelphes; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer. Opp [ 51 ] MONEY, PATRICIA ANN Columbia B.S., Elementary Education, History BSU, Executive Council; S.N.E.A. MOODY, MIKE Luverne MOORER, GRACE Fort Deposit B.S., Elementary Education-History Collegiates; S.N.E.A.; Women ' s Gavel Club, Treasurer. MOTSINGER, CHARLES RAY Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Psychology-Biology MOON, DONALD SCOTT . Pensacola, Fla. B.S., Economics, History, Business MOORE, HENRY . . Westville, Fla. B.S., History, and Social Studies-Psychology Transfer, Chipola Junior College; Circle K; Wesley Fel- lowship; Religious Council, Vice President. MULLER, FRANKIE D. Troy B.A., Math-Spanish and Physical Science Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. NORDAN, ANNIS FAYE Marianna, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Transfer, Chipola Junior College. [ 52 ] OWENS, DOUGLAS Atmore B.S., Mathematics-Physical Science B.S.U., Vice President, summer President; S.N.E.A.; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. PARMER, SAMUEL L. Greenville B.S., Business Administration-History and Marketing Notari Club. OVERSTREET, BOB Fort Deposit B.S., Physical Science and Mathematics Collegiates; Trojan Rifles, Vice President. OWEN, FOY Highland Home B.S., Marketing and Psychology PEEBLES, BILL . Silver Springs, Fla. B.S., Marketing-Business Administration and History Transfer, Central Florida Junior College; Collegiates; S.G.A., Senator; New Men ' s Dorm House Council. PERDUE, ALICE ANN Phenix City B.S., Elementary Education-History Spires; S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. PHILLIPS, GEORGE W. Headland B.S., Accounting-Business Administration and History Accounting Club, Secretary; Notari Club. POWELL, MATTHEW EMMETT Samson B.S., Mathematics-Physical Science and History [ 53 ] POWELL, PATRICIA KAYE Uriah B.S., Music-Music Collegiates; Shackelford House Council; Women ' s Music Club; Sigma Alpha lota; Band, Secretary. PRESTWOOD, JAMES TROY Andalusia B.S., Business Administration and Marketing Argonauts. ' REYNOLDS, DIXIE Midland City B.S., Elementary Education-Music Collegiates; President, Cowart Hall; Sigma Alpha lota; S.N.E.A.; Women ' s Executive Council; President ' s Coun- cil. RICHARDSON, CHARLES P. Luverne B.S., Business Administration-Marketing and Art PRICE, WESLEY DAVID Troy B.S., Economics-History and Business Administration Great Books Club; Gavel Club, President; S.G.A., Chief Justice. REEDER, JAMES A. Miami, Fla. B.S., Mathematics-Psychology and General Science RICHARDSON, JAMES CLYNARD Troy B.S., Mathematics-Physics and Chemistry Baseball Manager; Religious Council; Square Root of C Club; Westminster Fellowship, Vice President, President. RIDDLE, CAROLE Phenix City B.S., English, Speech Reporter, Social Chairman, Senior Class Playmakers; S.G.A. Social Committee; Cowart House Council. [ 54 ] ROGERS, BENJAMIN F. Fort Deposit B.S., Accounting-Business Administration and History Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Vice President, President; Pace Hall House Council; Gavel Club; Accounting Club. ROYALS, SANDRA Headland B.S., Elementary Education-Business Education W.A.A.; Shackelford House Council; Cowart House Council. SANDERS, FAYE B.S., Mathema tics Troy SAWYER, TERRILL Mobile B.S., Business Administration and Marketing-History B.S.U., Freshman President, Executive Council; S.G.A., Senator; Argonauts. rigby, McNeil B.S., Art and History-Art B.S.U.; Argonauts; Alpha Phi Omega. Repton Ocala, Fla. ROCHE, LAURA JEAN B.S., Elementary Education Transfer, Central Florida Junior College; S.N.E.A. RUSSELL, DOROTHY HOWELL Tallahassee, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education W.A.A.; T Club; Cheerleader. SANDERS, BILLY CEOLA Cochran, Ga. B.S., General Science-History Transfer, Junior College; Science Club. [ 55 ] SCOTT, BOBBY PAUL . Birmingham B.S., Business Administration-Marketing and History Circle K; Wesley Fellowship; Notari Club; Dill Hall House Council. SEARCY, JERRY B.S., Marketing and Economics Ozark % A SHATTUCK, JUDITH COOPER Camden B.S., Elementary Education Transfer, Judson College; S.N.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer, Historian; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. SILBERMAN, ALAN Olds Bridge, New Jersey SERIANNI, GARY Jackson, Michigan SHARPE, DON R. Andalusia B.S., Science-Mathematics Chemistry Award; Baseball, All A.C.C.; Argonauts; Jun- ior Class Vice President; Pace Hall House Council; S.N.E.A.; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Kappa Delta Pi. SIMS, JACQUELINE Montgomery B.S., Elementary Education SIRMANS, WILLIAM P. Panama City, Fla. B.S., History-English Transfer, Gulf Coast Junior College; B.S.U.; Electra. [ 56 ] SKIPPER. JOE M. Headland B.S., Accounting-Business Administration Accounting Club; Notari Club. SLATON, SAM Tuskegee B.S., History-Physical Science and Psychology S.G.A., Attorney General. SLAUGHTER, MALLORY B.S., Science-Mathematics Banks SMITH, JEAN Evergreen B.S., Art-Business Education B.S.U., Freshman Council, Executive Council; W.A.A.; S.N.E.A.; Chess Club; Alpha Rho Tau. SMITH, WILL Letohatchie B.S., Art-Business Administration Notari Club; Alpha Rho Tau. STEPHAN, MICHAEL K. Crestview, Fla. B.S., Psychology-History Football; Pace Hall House Council. STILL, SARAH NEIL B.S., Elementary Education S.N.E.A. Dothan STINSON, JIMMIE . Brundidge B.S., Elementary Education-Art Science Club, Reporter, Publicity; Alpha Rho Tau; S.N.E.A., Secretary-Treasurer. [ 57 ] STUART, MARY COPE ... Troy B.S., English Cheerleader, Captain; S.N.E.A.; Playmalcers, The Boy Friend. TATE, JOSEPH MILLER . . Camden B.S., Music-Applied Music Band; Collegiates; Athenaeum Club; M.E.N.C.; Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer, President. THAGARD, KAY Greenville B.S., Marketing, Secretarial Science Westminister Fellowship; Gardner Hall House Council; Women ' s Gavel Club, Sgt. at Arms; Notari Club, Treas- urer. THIGPEN, WILLIAM E. Greenville B.S., Physical Education-General Science T Club; Basketball; Argonauts; Sophomore Favorite; Junior Class President. TATE, WARREN Camden B.S., Mathematics-Physical Science and Chemistry Argonauts. TAYLOR, MARY E. Ozark B.S., Business Education-Physical Education Adelphes; P.E. Majors and Minors Club; W.A.A.; S.N.E.A. THOMPSON, SAM D., JR. Columbia B.S., Physical Education-General Science Science Club; S.N.E.A.; P.E. Majors and Minors Club. THRASH, GLENNIE B.S., Elementary Education S.N.E.A.; Athenaeum Club. Troy [ 58 TYE, DONALD EDWARD Abbeville B.S., Business Administration; Marketing, History and Social Science B.S.U. WALDING, FRED Headland TRYON, WAYNE Abbeville B.S., History and Social Science; English TURNER, CAROLYN YVONNE Patsburg B.A., Art; French and English S.N.E.A.; International Club; WAA; Alpha Rho Tau; Wesley Fellowship. WALDROP, GLENDA Opp B.S., English; Art and Psychology Troyettes; W.A.A.; Art Club; Palladium Staff, Sports Editor. WALKER, BILLY Ozark B.S., Math; Physics and Chemistry Argonauts; Square Root of C Club; Science Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- sities. Vice-President of Square Root of C Club. WALKER, JOE Ozark B.S., Math; Physics and Chemistry Outstanding Freshman Boy Award; Argonauts; Square Root of C Club, President. WALKER, WINSTON L Blue Springs B.S., History; Business Administration and Psychology [ 59 ] WARD, BETTY B Headland B.S., Elementary Education; English WARD, BETTY JEAN Frisco City B.S., Mathematics; General Science Square Root of C Club; S.N.E.A.; Senator for Gardner Hall. WATSON, FLORENCE Pensacola, Fla. B.S., Physical Education; English Transfer, Pensacola Junior College; President of Apart- ments; B.S.U.; W.A.A.; Women ' s Executive Council; President ' s Council; Women ' s Judiciary Committee. WEEKS, LAMAR Samson B.S., Psychology; Social Science WHEELER, WILLIAM Cross City, Fla. B.S., History; Social Science S.N.E.A.; Circle K Club. WHITE, LINDA Headland B.S., Elementary Education; History Freshmen YWA President of the B.S.U.; Missions Chair- man of B.S.U.; S.N.E.A. WILKINS, ROGER RANDOLPH Troy B.S., English; History WILKINSON, ERVEL SUE Blue Springs B.S., Business Education; English Spires, Vice-President; Kappa Delta Pi; Tropolitan; S.N.E.A.; Latch Key Society; President ' s Council; Wom- en ' s Gavel Club, President. [ 60 ] WEST, MARY ANN Goshen WILLIAMS, ALICE REVILL B.S., Elementary Education S.N.E.A. Troy WILLIAMS, JIMMY LaGrange, Ga. WILSON, DOUGLAS Opp WILSON, MARTHA KAY Opp B.S., Elementary Education W.A.A.; B.S.U.; House Council Village Apartments; House Council New Women ' s Dorm; Modern Dance Club. WILLETT, WILLIAM FRANK, JR. Columbus, Ga. B.S., Marketing; Business Administration and History and Social Science Transfer, Columbus College; Gavel Club; Vice-President of Senior Class; Notari Club. L WILLIAMS, NOLAN . ... Newton B.S., Business Administration; Marketing and History Notari Club. WILLIS, JOHN HARVEY Albany, Ga. B.S., Physical Education; Counseling Transfer, Ga. Southwestern College; Athenaeum Club; Sophomore Class Social Director; Physical Education Ma- jors Club. [ 61 ] WISE, HARON WILLIFORD Jay, Fla. B.S., Marketing; Business Administration and History and Social Science Transfer, Ga. Institute of Tech.; Collegiates; Playmakers; Gavel Club, Vice-President; S.G.A., Vice-President; Tro- politan; Alpha Phi Omega; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. WOOTEN, WILLIAM CLAYTON Jay, Fla. B.S., Math; Physical Science and Business Administration T-Club; Varsity Football; Track. L ' ' WORRELL, DICK Sanford, Fla. B.S., Math; Physical Science Transfer, Southern Union College; Gavel Club, Secre- tary; S.G.A. Senator. YOUNG, JOHN D. Morrisville, Pa. B.S., History; English and Business Administration [ 62 ] 3Wi Nell McLaurin Receives the Outstanding W.A.A. Award Mr. and Miss T.S.C. and Court Junior Class JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS; Tom McGinty, Vice-President; Gayle Greenwood, Secretary; Jimmy Freels, President. Adams, Kenneth Andalusia Alford, Barbara Daleville Bane, Janice Andalusia Barton, Barbara Straughn Bond, William Philadelphia, Pa. Botts, Betty H. Troy Alford, Nina Samson Butler, Johnny Andalusia Bell, Judith Luverne Bennett, Carol Napier Field Bovis, Johnny Kissimmee, Fla. [ 64 ] Bowlin, James New Orleans, La. Breland, Roger Chickasaw Brooks, Becky Colquitt, Ga. Brooks, Carol Montgomery Bryant, Clayton Straughn Conley, Dale Bartow, Fla. Couch, Charles Montgomery Cope, Donald Andalusia Creamer, Glynde Chipley, Fla. D ' Andrea, Niclc Brewton Danley, Pauline Robertsdale Davis, Jimmie Elba Golden, Alfred Notasulga Grant, Calvin Evergreen Greenwood, Gayl Harris, Harold Columbus, Ga. Helms, Roger D New Brockton Henby, Donnie Andalusia Henderson, James Troy Hintenach, Sandra Montgomery Hinton, Gayla Montgomery Holbert, Roger Rochester, N. Y. Holley, Morris Possum Trot Hollis, Angeline Troy Home, Jane Pensacola, Fla. Howell, Judy Brundidge Hughes, Demarius Dothan Hughes, Shirley Ozark Hunt, Albert Andalusia Jackson, Thomas Chipley, Fla. Jenkins, Betty Phenix City Johnston, Gail Brunswick Keller, Kerry K. Mobile Kelly, Janice Enterprise Kirchman, Jane Belle Glade, Fla. Kittrell, Robert Phenix City Krauss, Carolyn Elberta Lange, Jack Montgomery Langford, Sarah Dothan Langham, Sheron Bay Minette Layne, Brenda Georgiana Lee, Dennis Beloit, Wis. Lee, Mary Ann McKenzie Lott, Lamar Union Springs Lowell, Ramona Pensacola, Fla. Lyons, Leonard Bayou La Batre MacDougald, Marilyn Troy McQuagge, Myrtle Troy Malloy, Frank Smiths Manwaring, Stephen Indianapolis, Ind. Martin, Jimmy Ozark Mauldin, Carolyn Foley Merrill, Mary Ben Andalusia Mitchell, Brenda Slocomb Mixson, Linda Enterprise Moore, Norma Andalusia Moorer, James Fort Deposit Morris, Judith Mobile Motley, Jim Lanett Nordan, Lois Ann Cottonwood North, Betty Andalusia O ' Bannon, Cheryl Dothan Owens, Julia Greenville A lfe McCall, Dorothy Ozark McCarley, Lynda Phenix City McCord, Maurice Elba McCullers, Ralph Greenfield, Ind. McGee, Joseph Mitchel Ozark McGougan, Rachel Pensacola, Fla. Page, Barbara Greenville Parker, Barney Kissimmee, Fla. Roberts, Beverly Do+han Robinson, Peggy Frances Perry, Fla. Rosato, Frank D. Donaldsonville, Ga. Roselius, George Headland Roten, Paul Rushing. Lewis Saliba, Tommie Thronell, Mary Sue Ashford Tisdale, Joe Crestview, Fla. Tomani, Steve Hicksville, Long Island, N. Y. Turner, Martha Dan Ozark Vander Schouw, Jon Demopolis Vice, W. D. Frisco City Waite, Thomas Pensacola, Fla. Walker, Nicky Munson, Fla. Woodham, Johnnie Midland City Woolbright, William Boynton Beach, Fla. fcJTtfctfl Ward, Willie E. Fort Deposit Warren, Mary Ellen Tallassee Weathers, Sandra Georgiana Webb, Elaine Dothan Wells, Jackie Pensacola, Fla. Wheeler, Wilson Waycross, Ga. Whitehurst, Tommy Kinston Whitfield, Estus Niceville, Fla. Wilkerson, Terry Camden Wilkinson, Patsy Fort Deposit Wince, Charles Thomas Palmetto, Fla. Wood, Rosalind Smiths Station Sophomore Class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Thomas Harrison, President; Jean Foster, Secretary; James Ransom, Vice-President; Patsy Dean, Treasurer. Adams, Cheryl Opp Adams, Mary J. Notasulga Baher, Forough Teheran, Iran Barrington, Jane Dozier Bell, Carolyn Flomaton Benbow, Shirley Union Springs Andrews, Johnny Troy Arrington, Shari Troy Barton, Park Atmore Beamon, Curtis R. Eufaula Black, Edwina Georgiana Blount, Jerry Pensacola, Fla. Bolin, Jimmy Slocomb Brock, Mary V. Pensacola, Fla. Brogden, Jimmy Andalusia Brown, Eileen Huntsville Bunch, Charles Panama City, Fla. Burnham, Burnelle Webb Burrows, John St. Cloud, Fla. Bynum, Harriett Coffee Springs Byrd, Richard E. Troy Capshaw, Patsy Geneva Cavender, Michael B. Newnan, Ga. Chandler, Johnny Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Chesser, Joanne Petrey Chesnut, Kenneth Camden Chesser, William T. Banks Clayton, Jack Smith ' s Station Coley, Kathryn Gulf Shores 1 -5 4 , • , A Davidson, Wanda Bay Minette Davis, Julianne Colquitt, Ga. Day, Vickie Atmore Drashoff, Don Birmingham Dunnavant, Thelma Andalusia Dwight, Dolores Fort Rucker Dwyer, Betty Kicksville, N. Y. Etheredge, Wayne Pensacola, Fla. Feachen, Frankie Andalusia Fleury, Bob Pensacola, Fla. Foley, Brenda Andalusia Folmar, Martha Luverne Gibson, Al Baker, Fla. Gilmer, Linda Dothan Glenboski, Pete Wetumpka Goodner, Rod Birmingham Conley, Jimmy Bartow, Fla. Cherubini, Corky Danville, Va. Coston, Jeanette Troy Countryman, Rosemary Troy Gregory, Richard Eclectic Grider, Lenora Fair-fax Grover, Larry Laurel Hill, Fla. Guinn, Susan Troy Hall, Carolyn Furman Hall, Margaret Abbeville Hall, Mary Kinston Hall, Shirley DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Hancock, Larry Excel Harrelson, Sandra Montgomery Henderson, Dillard Perote Hickman, William Montgomery Hines, Jackie Mableton, Ga. Holland, Reece Gantt Hollingsworth, Jane Florala Hooper, David Selma Huff, James Orange Beach Hughes, Sandra Slocomb Jones, Jake Andalusia Jones, Mike Andalusia Jones, Sandra Dothan Kalunian, Elizabeth Prattville Kelly, Clint Montgomery Kelley, Hollis Andalusia Kelley, Ronna Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Kilqore, Linda Ashford Lane, Ronnie Andalusia Larkin, Harold Bellport, New York Lee, Edwin Ozark Lee, Julia Repton Littleton, Stanley B., Jr. Newton Long, Steve Pensacola, Fla. Lunsford, Carla Eufaula McGinty, Ann Opelika Mclnnis, Daniel DeFuniak Springs, Fla. McKay, John Wetumpka McLeod, Bill Mobile Maddox, Sara New Brockton Marshall, Bette Jo Eufaula Messer, Gaynette Geneva Mixon, Brantley Beatrice Moody, Mary Jo Luverne Moore, Penny DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Moseley, Jack Selma Nichols, Walter Montgomery Nix, Paul Bainbridge, Ga. Norrell, Anita Montgomery Oakley, Grace Columbia • « rwv O ' Barr, Catherine Crestview, Fla. Overstreet, Bill Fort Deposit Parrish, Betty Headland Parrish, Raymond Dothan Perry, Annetta Montgomery Phillips, Joe Jay, Fla. Pope, Kay Union Springs Price, Betty June Fairfax Ransom, James E. Eufaula Richards, Donna DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Riggs, Anne Camden Riggs, Virginia Camden Roberson, Benny Brunswick, Ga. Roberts, Joan Brundidge Rountree, Bert Adel, Ga. Salter, Jack Garden City, Mich. Salter, Sherry Monroeville Sawyer, Harry Excel Saylor, Rodney Dothan Searcy, Charlotte Enterprise Sellers, Jo Ann Slocomb Simmons, William D. Dothan, Ala. Sites, Diane Blakeley, Ga. Smith, Jean Greenville Smith, Steve York, Pa. Snyder, Pat Brewton Spielman, John Litchfield, Conn. Ir Terry, Jane Andalusia Thames, Barbara Evergreen Thompson, Ida Carolyn Columbia Thrower, Anne Dothan Tompkins, Gloria Brantly Tritz, Donna Florala Waldrop, Martina Opp Ward, Alice Kay Troy Waters, Bernadette Hicksville, New York Watson, Mike Georgiana Weaver, Kay Montgomery Whigham, Kay Samson Whiting, Lynn Troy Wilkin, Gay Greenwood, Fla. Whitten, Charles Mobile Williams, Carolyn Clanton Williams, Wilodyne Evergreen Williamson, Sharron Andalusia Willis, Cecelia Wetumpka Wilson, Ann Montgomery Wood, Samuel Clayton Woodall, Harold Kissimmee, Fla. Woodard, Malcolm Foley Woodham, Linda Geneva Wyatt, Kirk Fort Walton, Fla. [ 80 ] Freshman Class FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: Danielle Folmar, Treasurer; Jim Hartley, Vice President; Gloria Hughes, Secretary; Reese Massey, President. Abbott, Jane Phenix City Adams, Dorothy Pensacola, Fla. Alford, Gail Samson Anderson, Carol Leesburg Baker, Philip Montgomery Ballentine, Sandra Montgomery Adhami, Yousef Tehran, Iran Akers, LaRue Montgomery Anderson, Larry Jacksonville, Fla. Ayer, Jimmy Montgomery Barrow, Jim Brewton Bartley, Sally Apalachicola, Fla. Becker, Patsy Bay Minette Benton, Lynn Opp Bibich, Flora Pensacola, Fla. Biggs, Freddie Monroeville Blair, Jerry Jacksonville, Fla. Blair, Katreen Kinston Blalock, Mike Abbeville Boozer, Richard Selma Bowen, Shirley Rockford Boxx, Sue La Fayette Bracewell, Jean Andalusia Bradley, Mary Frances Phenix City Brantley, Eleanor Flomaton Broadawey, Major Clayton Brooks, Daphne , Andalusia Brooks, Michael Black Brooks, Wayne Repton Brown, Sue Flomaton Brunson, Paul, Jr. Mobile Bryan, Jack Foley Bryant, Margaret Stockton Bush, Julia Eufaula Byrd, Carol Hartford Carmack, Carolyn Notasulga Cartwright, Dinah Wetumpka Cary, Robert Evergreen Caylor, Mary Angela Union Springs Christian, Janice Tallassee Claybrook, Laurie Luverne Cobern, Elizabeth Montgomery Colcer, Larry Tallassee Connell, Amelia Gulf Shores Courson, Jerry Jacksonville, Fla. Creel, Kaye Dothan Croft, Faye Andalusia Cummings, Linda Abbeville Curtis, Tony Montgomery Dalton, William R. Troy Danner, Jerry Louisville Daughtie, Martha Ozark Davis, Frances Montgomery Davis, Hazel Chattahoochee, Fla. Davis, Lynn Foley Dees, George, Jr. Repton Deese, Mary Braswel Ashford Dillon, Charlene Foley Deese, Spencer Wicksburg Dobbs, George Cape Kennedy, Fla. Dozier, Nina Iron City, Ga. Dunn, Ann Samson Dupree, Donna Dothan ! i Franklin, William, Jr. Opp 4 , ta ft Fuqua, Linda Highland Homes Fulcher, Jerry Headland Gaines, Helen Dothan Gantt, Marion D. Orrville Garrett, Pat DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Gillis, Sue Hartford Gooden, Durwood Lamar Opp « V t$ F w X- L Griffin, Randy Opp Griggs, Viclci Samson Guy, Betty Wetumpka Guy, Sophia Cottonwood Hockersmith, Barbara Colquitt, Ga. Hall, Sunny Havana, Fla. Hallman, William Autaugaville Ham, Robert Montgomery Hancock, Jeanine Phenix City Hardy, Martha Hartford Harkins, Charles Montgomery Harrison, John Selma Harvey, Jim Andalusia Hayes, Faye Cottonwood Hayes, Lenny Foley Heidt, Kay Winter Garden, Fla. r Gordon, Robert Atmore Graham, Sharon Selma Graham, Shirley Brundidge Granberry, Bill Headland Graydon, Ruby Luverne Green, Glenda Clayton Green, James B., Jr. Petrey Grider, Kay Columbus, Ga. Helms, Gayle Montgomery Helms, Joel Niceville, Fla. Henderson, Richard Montgomery Henderson, Sandra Brewton Hicks, Dennie Ashford Hodnett, Larry Wetumpka Holley, Steve Samson Hollingsworth, Mary Louise Foley Hoi I Is, Edwin Troy Hollis, Tula Brantley Holloway, Ramona Dothan Horn, Ronnie Atmore House, Mary Jane Jackson Huey, Harris Notasulga Hugghins, Judy Red Level Hughes, Gloria Auburndale, Fla. Hutto, John Pensacola Huxford, Walter Montgomery Ingram, Blanche Selma Ingram, Doug Tallassee Ingram, William E. Banks Jackson, Dalton Andalusia Jenkins, Margaret Dothan Jinright, Charles Montgomery Johns, Charles Mobile Johnson, Edward Dothan Kirk, James Dothan Lacey, Shirley Red Level Lambert, Brenda Montgomery Langford, Dudley Troy Langlois, Norman Jewett City, Conn. Lee, Linda Crestview Lee, Pete Long Island, N. Y. Letize, Ronald Hollywood, Fla. Lindsey, Linda Geneva Lockamy, George Wal Black Lott, Glenda Eufaula Luker, Benita Selma -- c Wvf . v 4 .» ikll ace McAlister, Betty Auburn McAlister, Billy Auburn McCord, Gwendolyn Prattville McDaniel, Julia Enterprise McDaniel, Wanda Bainbridge, Ga. McGill, Jean Opp McGriff, Charles Wetumpka I J J Mcintosh, Sherry Crestview McKissick, Joyce Montgomery McLeod, Dorothy Goshen McLinton, Madeline Mobile Mahan, Mary Winter Garden, Fla. Malec, Henry Foley Marshall, Dana Kaye Cottonwood Meredith, Dave Detroit, Mich. Merritt, Adrian Selma Miner, Barbara Nokomis, Fla. Miller, Dot Greenville Miller, Mike Luverne Mixon, Jan Ashtord Mixon, Julie Ozark Mancrief, Phillip Montgomery Moorman, James Brewton Morgan, Quitman Brantley Morgan, Mike Luverne Morehouse, Denei Shalimar, Fla. Morrow, Jackland Ft. Knox, Ky. IX Rabuzzi, Jerry Mobile Reed, Clurin Montgomery Reed, Nancy Mobile Reynolds, Felecia Montgomery Ri ce, Mabel Prattville Riley, Jacquelyn Greenville Russell, Tim Jay Sanders, Betty Newville fit ft Satornino, Dominick East Patchogue, N. Y. Seay, Shirley Montgomery Sebring, Darrell Montgomery Sellers, Jerry Atmore Shepard, Ronald Pensacola, Fla. Shofner, Joe Milton, Fla. Skipper, Laurie R. Ozark Sloan, Cathy Mobile Smith, Becky Evergreen Smith, Hilda Brewton Sneed, Sally Montgomery Snyder, Carolyn Montgomery Solomon, Nelle Headland Spear, Judy Dothan Stewart, Frank, Jr. Troy Stewart, John Foley Stokes, Justine Andalusia Strawbridge, Ollie Atmore Sullivan, Phillip Rincon, Ga. Tagert, Paulette Mobile Talley, Shirley Luverne Tallon, Sandra Andalusia Taylor, Carol Ann Montgomery Teal, Gloria Faye Clopton Thornton, James Tallassee Thrower, James Dothan Tobias, Mary Jane St. Petersburg, Fla. Tomlinson, Walter H., Jr. Venice, Fla. Ulch, Warren Birmingham Venable, Phillip Eclectic Walls, Shirley Phenix City Warr, Jacqueline Clayton Watson, Emily Headland Weaver, Ronnie Phenix City Webb, Douglas, Jr. Atmore Weeks, Sue Opp Wells, Janette Prattville Whitehead, Qualeen Cottonwood Whitehurst, Patsy Mobile Wiley, Anita Foley Wilkinson, Barbara Fort Deposit Williams, Evelyn Phenix City Williams, Rose Annette Columbia Williamson, Mary Charles Montgomery Willis, Joseph Phenix City Wilson, Nedra Glenwood it ; 4 M Woodham, Linda Opp Woolbright, John Boynton Beach, Fla. Wright, Dave Dothan Yarbrough, Thera Midland City Young, Harold Georgiana Ziglar, Billy J. Jack [ 92 ] Graduate Students Graduate Student Council; seated; Frances Spears, Robert Gloclc, Hubert Willford. standing; Jean Thompson, Ann Ray, W. P. Lewis, Kelly Van Brock, Homer Deuel, S. Earl Watts, Kimmie S. Dyess. BROCK, KELLY VAN Chipley, Fla. B.S., Troy State College Vice-President, Graduate Council. BRUTON, ELEANOR G. Ozark B.S., Abilene Christian College. Kappa Delta Pi. ANDRESS, MARY MARTHA B.S., Troy State College Troy BLUE, DOTTIE Baker, Fie CRAIG, DEAN Wetumpka DEUEL, HOMER, JR. Malone, Fla. B.S., University of Alabama Student Council; KA , President. iz FLEMING, WILLIAM MILLERS Montgomery B.S., University of Maryland GLOCK, ROBERT C. Valley City, N. D. B.S., State Teacher ' s College N. D. Kappa Delta Pi; Student Council, President. DYESS, KIMMIE Montgomery B.S., Troy State College, Administration Graduate Council. EDDINS, EUGENIA RUTH Frisco City B.S., Livingston State College HELMS, HAROLD L. Abbeville B.S.. Troy State College Graduate Division Student Council, Treasurer. HICKS, CAROLYN MENEFEE Ramer B.S., Troy State College Kappa Delta Pi; Graduate Council. [ 94 ] PETREY, JEAN TROTTER Petrey B.S., Troy State College Kappa Delta Pi. PRIDGEN, VIRGINIA DARE DeFunialc Springs, Fla. B.S., Troy State College LANGFORD, CLARA MANELL Andalusia B.S., Auburn University PATTERSON, WILLARD ADRIN Luverne B.S., University of Dayton RAY, ANN Troy REGISTER, JEWEL Holt, Fla. SENN, FAYE TISDALE Brundidge B.S., Troy State College Graduate Student Council, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi. SPEARS, FRANCES A. Opp B. S.. Troy State College Graduate Council, Secretary [ 95 ] SPEED, BETTY RUSSELL Luverne B.S., Troy State College Kappa Delta Pi. STEPHENSON, ROSALIE DAVIS . . Troy B.S., Troy State College Kapn Delta Pi. TOWNSEND, A. J. Mayo, Fla. WATTS, S. EARL Chipley, Fla. B.S., University, Southern Mississippi Student Council Representative. L TAYLOR, JOHNNIE RUTH Headland THOMPSON, JEAN ALFORD . Montgomery B.S., Troy State College Secretary Graduate Council; Kappa Delta Pi. 1 [ 96 l Homecoming Court Homecoming Queen Patsy Dean and attendants Judy Pierce and Melinda Martin [ 97 ] o R G A N I Z A T I O N S Billy Simmons, BUSINESS MANAGER Sherri Arrington, ADVERTISI NG P A L L A D I U M Peggy Robinson, Marie Aaron CO-EDITORS Bobbie Kirby, Elaine Webb, June Dean ORGANIZATION EDITORS Linda Dixon, Gayla Hinton, FEATURE EDITORS PALLADIUM STAFF Argie Ann Flowers, CIRCULATION James Fuqua, PHOTOGRAPHER Sally Meigs, Preston Griffin, Jerry Blount SPORTS EDITORS T. S. C. LIBRARY TRDY. ALA, ; LETmm v T CKETS ON SALE mr smmm ' s m S.G-X OFF CF Mary Ellen Coe Kay Wade Barbara Boswell ACTIVITIES rr; 6tfj£ i tapaliian PAUL TATE Assistant Editor, Editorial Assistant FRANKLIN SKINNER Editor-in-Chief THE TROPOLITAN is the Troy State student newspaper published weekly to acquaint its readers with the college, to record its history, and to arouse interest in the college ' s activities and environment. [ 102 ] WALLACE L. WAITES Advisor COLUMNISTS Dillard Henderson Gerio Bledsoe (tlrapaliimt FRANKLIN SKINNER Editor-in-Chief PAUL TATE Editorial Assistant News Editor Ernest Sanchez Asst. News Editor Harold Harris Columnists Gerie Bledsoe, Tommy Pinckard, Dillard Henderson Feature Editor Jerri Rowell Sports Editor Ken Petrey Reporters Marie Aaron, Bill Bond, Lynn Whiting, Judy Hugghins Hazel Culley, Bill Petty Typists Susan Foster, Gail Reid Circulation Shirley Lacey Business Consultant Eugene Sherman Faculty Advisor Wallace L. Waites EDITORS— Harold Harris, Assistant News Editor; Jerri Rowell, Feature Editor; Editor Ken Petrey, Sports STAFF Bill Bond Marie Aaron Shirley Lacey Hazen Culley Judy Hugghins Lynn Whiting E a - fS mmm mm mm Executive Council Anita Norrell, CLERK; Pat Clanton, SECRETARY; Johnny Butler, PRESIDENT; Harry Wise, VICE-PRESIDENT; and Neil Jones, TREASURER. Student Government Presidents ' Assembly The Presidents ' Assembly is composed of presidents from all campus clubs and classes. It functions as the main organ for discussing problems germane to Student Govern- ment and college policies. Senate Harry Wise PRESIDING OFFICER Gerie Bledsoe Ron Taylor Dick Worrell Bill Peebles COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Hw V V K Association S.G.A. Judiciary Body Dean Byrd, Roslyn Woods, Gayla Hinton, ASSOCIATE JUSTICES; Sam Slaton, ATTORNEY GENERAL; David Price, CHIEF JUSTICE; Billy Bruce Nelda Harbuck, and Susan Berry. ASSOCIATE JUSTICES; Ed Blake, ASSOCIATE J USTICE. Adelphes FIRST ROW: Anita Norrell Charlotte Fail Barbara Barton PRESIDENT Mary Sue Thornell Pauline Danley Tina Waldrop SECOND RUW: Betty Parrish Patsy Dean Elaine Webb Diddy Brown Judy Johnson Jean Foster The Adelphes is an honor society composed of sophomore women whose aim is to aid freshmen women in becoming aO|usTed to college lite. I he members live among the freshmen women to assist them in any way and to set examples ot good behavior. Spires The Spires Honor Society is composed of junior and senior women students. Its purpose is to aid transter students and orientate them to the campus lite ot ISC; to promote a closer relationship between these students and other students. SEATED: Patricia Hayes VICE-PRESIDENT Patsy Cofty PRESIDENT Patsy Wilkinson SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Ella Kate Allen STANDING: Roslyn Woods Carolyn Hall Jewana Dye Laurel Enstrom Judy Pickett SECRETARY-TREASURER Lana Silverthorn Shirley Huqhes Kathryn Lancaster Barbara Menasco Mrs. Ann Harmon SPONSOR Yvonne Bryan Cowart Hall °f F ' C „ E n R S;Pw«» Moore, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN; Vlcki Day, SECRETARY-TREASURER; Dianne Sites, VICE PRESIDENT; Jane Bri+e, PRESIDENT. COWART HALL STAFF: Melinda Martin, Dorothy McCall, Sandra Royals, and Martha Metcalf, ASSIST- A IN I o. [ 107 ] Kfif ' rr OFFICERS: Emily Watson PRESIDENT Nancy Ross VICE PRESIDENT Margaret Bryant SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Margaret Brown SECRETARY-TREASURER Shackleford SHACKELFORD HALL STAFF Pauline Danley Barbara Menasco Jean Smith Judy Johnson Ann Smith Sherry Salter Elaine Webb Mrs. Carrie Adams DIREC TOR Gardner Hall OFFICERS: Kay Thagard, SECRETARY; Gayl Greenwood, VICE-PRESIDENT. Gaynelle Johnson, PRESIDENT; [ 109 Mrs. Antionette Whaley, DIRECTOR; Madge Thigpen, Charlotte Filling im, ASSISTANTS. E 3 Hamil Hall Kay Wilson, ASSISTANT; Jan Byrd, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN; Wanetta Byrd, VICE-PRESIDENT; Sandra Lucas, SECRETARY-TREASURER; Sue Drake, ASSISTANT; Faye Buckelew, PRESIDENT; Carolyn Hall, ASSISTANT. DIRECTOR: Miss Elizabeth Kinzer Sigma Alpha Iota The purposes of the Delta Zeta Chapter are to acquaint its members with the de- velopment of American music, to foster the presentation of original compositions and to provide an appreciation for individual performances. The club seeks to promote an interest and understanding of music on campus by supporting and presenting music activities. Angeline Hollis Nan Richards SECRETARY Sarah Langford TREASURER Mrs. Jean Barr SPONSOR Sandra Weathers Sarah Bryant Jean Fowler Patricia Powell VICE-PRESIDENT Patricia Gilmore Ramona Anderson Ella Kate Allen PRESIDENT Karen Hopper Jane Lineberry Mrs. Olivia Rainer SPONSOR Martha Brantley Women ' s Gavel Club .1 r.i r j " m i FIRST ROW: Carol Brooks, Brenda Mitchell, Betty Jo Bailey, Alice Kay Ward, TREASURER; Glenda King, EDUCATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT; Sally Meigs, PRESIDENT; Sandra Howell, ADMINISTRATIVE VICE-PRESIDENT; Melinda Martin, SECRETARY; Kay Thagard, SERGEANT-AT-ARMS; Sarah Langford, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN; Jane Brite, Penny Moore. SECOND ROW: Norma Moore, Jeanette Hendrix, Sally Kenny, Sandra Perry, Joanne Hooks, Wilene Day, Lana Silverthorn, Helen Attaway, Mrs. Madolyn Clipson, ADVISOR; and Gayl Greenwood. TOP TO BOTTOM: Dr. Harris Harvill SPONSOR Jimmie Stinson SECRETARY-TREASURER Mary Ben Merrill PRESIDENT Argie Ann Flowers Martha Brantley Diane Gwin Glennie Thrash Faye Buckelew Willie Curington Betty Jo Colvin Kay Wilson Sarah Bryant BACK ROW: Leslie Jackson VICE-PRESIDENT Robert Snider Jack Boozer Student National Education Association Kappa Delta Pi Zeta Gamma Chapter Preston Griffin PRESIDENT Ella Kate Allen VICE-PRESIDENT Sally Meigs SECRETARY Lurlene Messiclt CO-TREASURER Judith Shattuck CO-TREASURER Dr. Horace Nelson SPONSOR Rebecca Ann Allen Hardin Billingsley Linda Gail Blanton Jon Randall Boles William Boone Barbara Brantley Yvonne Bryan Patsy Cofty Danice Costes William Dean Jewana Dye Shirley Hughes Jane Lineberry Johnny Luccasen Douglas Owens Alice Perdue Don Sharpe Ervel Wilkinson Paysy Wilkinson NOT PICTURED: Charles Bell HISTORIAN Leslie Jackson SOCIAL CHAIRMAN MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Barbara Alford, Jill Bramtley, Linda Gardner, Patricia Hayes, Barbara Menasco, Kathryn Pace, James Reynolds, Elaine Sali- ba, Frances N. Smith, Lester Ware, Mary Caillouet, and Lela Faye Russell. FRONT ROW: Larry Grover, Dudley Langford, Jerry Foust, Jim Altman, Milte Jones, TREASURER; Larry Winn, Jim Freels, PRESIDENT- John Gregory Don Boutwell, Danny Gibson, Paul Conley, VICE-PRESIDENT; James Ransom. BACK ROW: Bill Wheeler, Donald Cope, Gerald Mclnnis, Bill Jimmerson, ' Jerry Sellers, Harry Sawyer, Kerry, Keller, Joe Pickett, Jimmy Clayton, Del Olds, SECRETARY; Ed Hollis. Joel Helms, Harold Woodall LT. GOVERNOR Circle " K " Club Sweethearts FALL SWEETHEART Cheryl O ' Bannon WINTER SWEETHEART Shirley Graham SPRING SWEETHEART Shirley Lacey Gary Serianni, Phil Klepac, George Shepherd, Bill Petty, Mr. Durwood Taylor, SPON- SOR; Ben Rogers, Bill Thaxton, Roger Helms, SERGEANT-AT-ARMS; Dick Worrell, SECRETARY; Frank Willet, TREASURER; Harry Wise, ADMINISTRATIVE VICE- PRESIDENT; Harry Efurd, EDUCATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT; David Price, PRESI- DENT; BACK ROW: Neil Jones, Charles Kendrick, Tommy Mann, Jerry Sellers. Men ' s Gavel Club The Troy State Gavel Club, an affiliate of Toastermasters International, is spon- sored by the Business Department. The purpose of the club is to improve its members in the arts of speech and lead- ership as a means of increasing their usefulness in business, social, and civic relationships. Notari Club The purpose of Notari Club is to promote the social and professional growth of busi- ness students at Troy State, and to promote facilities for better understanding between business students and the business world. [ 1M ] FIRST ROW: Kay Thagard TREASURER Glenda King PRESIDENT Sandra Howell OUTGOING PRESIDENT Carolyn Hall PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN Marie Aaron SECRETARY Harry Efurd VICE-PRESIDENT SECOND ROW: Frank Willet Willie Ward Richard Batchelor David Hooper Mr. Billy Walters FACULTY ADVISOR THIRD ROW: Ken Adams Don Watson George Phillips Charles Clark Science Club AN AT FIRST ROW: John Rodgers Jimmie Stinson Dillard Henderson Mr. John Roberts SPONSOR SECOND ROW: Mr. John Parks, Sr SPONSOR Leslie Jackson PRESIDENT John Parks, Jr. Richard Byrd F OXYGEN Lambda Tau Lambda Tau is a National Medical Technology Honor Society in undergraduate colleges and universities. Its objective is to develop a spirit of cooperation and unity among students enter- ing any of the fields of med- ical laboratory technology. SEATED: Lenora Gridder, Karen Bradley. STANDING: Larry Rister, PRESIDENT; Curtis Beamon, Henry O ' Steen, and James J. Brantley, SPONSOR. Religious Council SEATED: Henry Moore VICE PRESIDENT Gaynelle Johnson SECRETARY Mrs. Lucille Mussleman SPONSOR Albert Kennington PRESIDENT STANDING: Dean Byrd Karen Hopper Ginger Curtis Richard Cunningham Jim Richardson The Religious Council is composed of representatives from each denominational organization and works to promote and coordinate activities of the denominational organizations on cam- pus. This year The Council sponsored the presentation of " God ' s Trombones, " an American Negro Spiritual by James Weldon Johnson. International Club Of the Baptist Student Union The International Club was organized in December, 1961. The purpose of the Club is to bring about a better under- standing between the American and In- ternational students. The Club meets twice a month and is open to all Inter- nationals and a limited number of Amer- icans. Forough Baher, Iran; Wendell Brigance, U.S.; Yousef (Joe) Adhami, Iran; Linda White, U.S.; Juan Vasquei, Colombia; Allan Rudd, Colombia; Carolyn Adams, U.S.; Rafael Restrepo, Colombia; and Jimmy Howell, U.S. Members not shown: Phoebe Tarn, Hong Kong; Fernando Tobon, Colombia; and Sassan Haghighi, Iran. [ 116 ] „ Circuit Riders FIRST ROW: P. R. Fowler Billy Walters SPONSOR Jimmy Carpenter Earl Watson Jim Hyland Fred Zobel SECOND ROW: Frank Furr Ed Cotton Jerry Glover Thad Chesser Robert Cruikshank PRESIDENT Douglas Golden Westminister A Presbyterian Fellowship FIRST ROW: Motny Williford Louise Abercrombie PRESIDENT Rev. Tommy Engle SPONSOR Betty Goode SECOND ROW: Irene Kreuger Gladys Knight Ginger Curtis Marty Riddle Baptist Student Union EXECUTIVE COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Tony Billingsley Jean Weeks Jimmy Howell PRESIDENT Linda White SECOND ROW: Ann Smith Karen Hopper Mary Smith Pat Money Jim O ' Neal FACULTY ADVISOR THIRD ROW: Jim Sloan Frank Stewart, Jr. PRESIDENT, FRESHMAN COUNCIL Dean Byrd VICE PRESIDENT Ransom Kirby Jerry Dykes Pat Howell SECRETARY-TREASURER CHILDREN ' S WORK OFFICERS: Seated: Richard Cunningham VICE PRESIDENT Robbie Sue Bates SECRETARY-TREASURER Nick D ' Andrea PRESIDENT SECOND ROW: Annette Williams REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE Kitty Farris VISITATION Barbara Page PUBLICITY Marie Aaron PRESIDENT OF CONFERENCE OLDER YOUTH COUNCIL Wanetta Byrd VISITATION Miss Annette Gibbs FACULTY ADVISOR BACK ROW: Gaynelle Johnson DRAMA CHAIRMAN Linda Hannah M.S.M. CHAIRMAN Michael Brooks REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE James Barfield MUSIC DIRECTOR NOT SHOWN: Jan Byrd SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Wesley Fellowship " A Link between the campus and the church. " The Wesley Fellowship is an organization sponsored by the Methodist church. Its aims are to develop fellowships which are warm, loving, forgiving, and committed to Christ and in which all can mutually strengthen one another in Christian living and thinking. Athenaeum Club SEATED: Frances Dillard TREASURER James Dawson SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Darwin Wilson SPONSOR Gladys Knight VICE-PRESIDENT Roger Helms PRESIDENT Doris Jernigan FRONT ROW: Roger Helms Joe Skipper Phil Klepac Henrietta Maltelzo Eloise Murphree Rebecca Allen Charles Taylor SECOND ROW: Richard Batchelor Ross Kennedy George Phillips SECRETARY Ben Rogers Ansley Schcfield VICE-PRESIDENT Willie Ward PRESIDENT Edward Hartiog THIRD ROW: Calvin Grant TREASURER Paul Heath Mr. T. D. Hicks SPONSOR Edwin Zell Accounting Club [ 120 ] — -« DON CARGILL Advisor A r g o n a u t s i BETH BURDESHAW Sweetheart The purpose of Argonauts is to counsel and guide the freshmen of this college to become better students, and to aid in the development of the student ' s mind toward purposeful thinking. FRONT ROW: Mike Jones, VICE PRESIDENT; Mike Watson, Brantley Mixson, Jim Sloan, PRESIDENT; Frod Bottcher, VICE PRESIDENT; Wendell Brigance, Joe Phillips. SECOND ROW: Pete Glenboslci, SECRETARY; Tommy McGinty, James Jones, Dave Hickey. BACK ROW: Delano Olds, Thomas Harrison, Bud Selsor, Clifton Brantley, Tim Dodd, Larry Story, Ken Murphy, Jimmy Bolin, Bill Overstreet. [ 121 ] PACE HALL STAFF FIRST ROW: Don Cargill DIRECTOR Ben Rogers Bobby Clark Norman Langloz Larry Hancock Wilson Wheeler SECOND ROW: Del Olds Terry Sawyer Charles Digby Dean Byrd Charles Williams Jack Moseley John McKay Jim Sloan NOT PICTURED: Edward Blake Robert Cumbie Edward Hall Albert Kennington Pace Hall PACE HALL COUNCIL: STANDING: Mike Miller, Larry Coker, Paul Brunson, Randy Rolls, SECRETARY-TREASURER; VICE-PRESIDENT; SEATED: Mike Morgan, Bob Irwin, PRESIDENT; Don Carqill, DIRECTOR; and Alan Donaldson. f 122 ] Jerry Sellers, Clements Hall CLEMENTS HALL STAFF FRONT ROW: Mike Jackson Malcolm English Frank Malloy OFFICE ASSISTANTS Preston Griffin Lamar Weeks Frank Willet Robert Cox PROCTORS BACK ROW: Tommy Jackson Harry Efurd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Larry Davis Burt Jones DIRECTOR Bill Peebles ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Amos Register Don Coleman Robert Snider Steve Tomaini Don Christian HOUSE COUNCIL JIMMY JORDAN, JIMMY BRODGEN, BERNIE CUICK. CHARLES APLIN, FRANK MALLOY, BARNEY PARKER, EARL CHANCELLOR, VICE-PRESIDENT; RICHARD GREGORY, SECRETARY-TREASURER; BOSWELL SMITH, PRESIDENT; NOT PICTURED: JOHN STEPHENS, STEVE SANDERS. Dill Hall DILL HALL STAFF: SEATED: Jack Lange, Jim Freels, Donald Gibson, DIREC- TOR, Gerie Bledsoe, Van Quick, STANDING: James McSween, John P. Gates, James Snead, Bill Overstreet, Kerry Keller, Calvin Grant, Jerry Blount, Harold Woodall, Roger Breland, Ronny English. DILL HALL HOUSE COUNCIL: SEATED: Van Quick, SECRETARY- TREASURER; Bill Jimmerson, PRESIDENT; Kerry Keller, VICE-PRESI- DENT; Jack Boozer, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN; STANDING: Bill Walker, Steve Smith, Bob Overstreet, Clayton Bryant, Jackie Hines, Jerry Blount. Alpha Phi Omega Nu Omicron Chapter [ 124 SEATED: Harold Larkin Dr. D. L Howell SPONSOR Judy Pierce SWEETHEART Mr. William Sirmon SPONSOR Mr. Cloyd Paskins SPONSOR Roger Helms STANDING: Frank Ralph Harry Wise Larry Digby Charles Bunch Dan Mosney Dave Hickey Bill Steward Ben Rogers PRESIDENT Tom Grant Pete Lee Ansley Schofield Women ' s Judiciary Body Mi J 1 Florence Watson, SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE; Lana Silverthorn, PRESIDENT of WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL; Shirley Hughes, CHAIRMAN; Martha Dan Turner, JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE; Jan Mixon, FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE; Laura Young, SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE; NOT SHOWN. Women ' s Executive Council Patsy Dean, SECRETARY; Lana Silverthorn, PRESIDENT; Gaynelle Johnson, Faye Buclcelew, Emily Watson, and Jane Brite. [ 125 ] , U M « Troy State College Symphonic Band 1964 PICCOLO David Gluth FLUTES Cheryl Towery Suzanne Cobb CLARINETS Jon Randall Boles William A. Agrella Michael Murrel Norman Dasinger Cluren Reed Forrest Jones Wanetta Byrd Olivia Phillips Kate Helen Phillips BASS CLARINET Clifton Brantley Benny Smiley BASSOON John Rhodes ALTO SAXOPHONES Angeline Hollis Frances Owens Charles Mask James Sneed TENOR SAXOPHONE Sue Brown BARITONE SAXOPHONE Carrol Lakeman FRENCH HORNS Roger Breland Marta Johnston Charles Bell Ronald Regan CORNETS Timothy Dodd Reginald Wingard Joseph Tate Finley Chavers Edward Hollis Gypsy Ann Waters Linda Laird TRUMPETS Frederic Myers David Lucas BARITONES William Belcher Andy Speigner TROMBONES John McKay John Gillispie John Gregory Ralph McCullers Joseph Rudd TUBA Earl Reeder SOUSAPHONE Patricia Powell John Dunn William Reed PERCUSSION Malcolm Cramer Bruce Kies Tricia Rowlette Lawrence Wildon Randall Rolls William Childs Frank Calhoun Carol Judah PIANO Sarah Turnipseed Richard Meivm DIRECTOR Roger Breland, Drum Major Peggy Robinson, Captain Linda Lee Frances Farrell Kate Phillips Carol Jodah ■T Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Of America Iota Nu Chapter FRONT ROW: Dr. Charles Farmer FACULTY ADVISOR John McKay WARDEN Joe Tisdale Bill Agrella Richard Gregory Charles Bell Forrest Jones Mike Jordan Clifton Brantley SECOND ROW: Jerry Dykes SECRETARY Rick Thompson Malcolm Cramer HISTORIAN Joe Tate PRESIDENT Butch McCullers Joe Rudd Roger Breland VICE-PRESIDENT Ken Guthrie Fred Myers TREASURER O fa i 5| Q ' i,A | M - _ 1 i i M s i i ■ in i Modern Dance Club FIRST ROW: Sandy Emerick Judy Johnston PRESIDENT Carolyn Hall SECRETARY Lash Ackers Sara Maddox Sandy Dwight PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN SECOND ROW: Faye Buckelew Camille Woodruff Kay Wilson Eileen Riggs Sandy Hintenach VICE-PRESIDENT John Wilkins Trojan Rifles SEATED: Mr. Pat Harris SPONSOR Richard Byrd Jane Lineberry SECRETARY-TREASURER Jerry Rabuzzi Jerry Scaritt Hugh Parks STANDING: Don Walker PRESIDENT Frank Temple Bob Overstreet Jim Falkner VICE-PRESIDENT Rusty Huxford James Atkinson Bruce Bracken The Trojan Rifles, Troy State ' s branch of the National Rifle Association, was organized by students interested in promoting safe and proper handling of small arms and to promote sportsmanship by engaging in competitive matches with rifle and pistol clubs History Honor Society The History Honor Society is sponsored by the History and Social Studies Department for the purpose of giving encourage- ment and recognition to scholarly work in history. To be eligible for membership a student must take either a major or minor in history and have an overall average of 2.0 and an average of 2.5 in history. Invitations to membership are extended by the faculty of the sponsoring department. Gerie Bledsoe [ 129 ] F E A T U R E S t. • - v . 11 Faye Buckelew Campus Beauty Campus Beauty The annual selection of Campus Beauty is a major campus event which takes place in January sponsored by the Palladium. This year twenty representatives, sponsored by each class, competed for the honor of being chosen Campus Beauty. The lucky girl was Miss Faye Buckelew, a charming Senior from Opp, Alabama. Faye, an elementary education major, has been honored with many beauty titles. She plans to enter the field of education after her graduation from Troy State College. Janice Metcalf, Tina Waldrop, Faye Buckelew, Delores Griggers, Grace Moorer. M 4 i v ■-. i W 1 J Grace Moorer Senior Beauty [ 134 ] - J v Delores Griggers Junior Beauty [ 135 ] II m i-JV- V ■ ■ ... " ; ' ■--••■-; r5 .yaSE» ' ., Tina Waldrop Sophomore Beauty [ 136 ] Janice Metcalf Freshman Beauty [ 137 ] Faye Buckelew Sandra Howell Senior Beauties Nelda Harbuck Dean Richardson Beth Burdeshaw Susan Foster Jenny Fuller l B Junior Beauties Wf m Jane Kirchman I 4 V Sophomore Beauties Jean Foster Lenora Grider ' , -, Freshman Beauties Joyce McKissick i r V , i - V A i H ) fl Homecoming Queen Patsy Dean Dothan, Alabama Appreciation Day Queen Beth Burdeshaw Dothan, Alabama Christmas Queen Vickie Griggs Samson, Alabama Cotton Ball Queen Mary Ellen Coe Dothan, Alabama Mr. and Miss TSC Ronnie HayeS -Mobile, Alabama Faye Buckelew -o PPl Alabama Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Hardin Nelson Billingsley Gerie B. Bledsoe [ 147 ] Cheryl Patsy Cofty Danice Heartsill Costes Preston Griffin [ 148 ] ,i ■ " ffv A I J 4 | vj Walter Jerry Hattaway Shirley Hughes Omega Davis McCulloughs [ H9 ] Lurlene Messick [ 150 ] Judith Cooper Shattuck Lana Silverthorn NOT PICTURED: Daniel Winston Blackmon Barbara Anne Brantley Joyce Faye Horton Judith Melba Nail Douglas Timothy Owens Don Rogers Sharpe Haron W. Wise [ 151 ] Senior Favorites Bill Peebles Grace Moorer Junior Favorites Earl Chancellor Susan Foster Sophomore Favorites Mike Jones Barbara Barton Freshman Favorites Doug Ingram Jane Bracewel s p o R T S STUDENT COACHES AND MANAGERS Johnnie Luccassen, Manager James Jones, Student Coach Gene Daniels, Student Coach Fred Johnson, Trainer ' l» Ti COACHES Head Coach — William Clipson Line Coach — Melvin Lucas Back Coach — Rudy Argenti , ¥ r ' i K V ' " - Ni CO-CAPTAINS Charles Aplin Larry Johnson Clayton Wooten Troy State Redwave Football Team $ t 4i! »-J S aJ f Wil ' I M5f | pw?- l f v ci f: ' ,, ■ ■ 7r f? 7 «£ 4 In Action Redwave First Unit Redwave Second Unit Raymond Holder Quarterback Ray Kicklighter Quarterback Rex Burleson Quarterback Clayton Wooten End Walter Landing End [ 159 ] Wally Bassett End !■■ ' • ' Bo Barrow End Bob Fishbaugh End Dennis Crosby End John Burrows End Millard Powel End [ 160 ] ►- -.r m r m iP feti «£ Wayne Smith End MH H ■MHH ■■MB Job Gabbard Tackle Larry Johnson Tackle Dwight Faulk Tackle Bubba Webb Tackle ■ Benny Johnson Tackle [ 161 ] Al Hammonds Guard ■ M wm S0:% .y .♦« Ron Burroughs Guard Doug Jackson Guard Robert Bates Guard ■k m ■ v.y Morris Holley Guard Charles Dowdell Center Steve Spradley Center ■MB H ■■■■ ' -LviWMw M IBS ' ■■■ " : t,A: Charles Aplin Fullback Randy Green Fullback Winston Peacock Fullback Jimmy Kirby Fullback Charles Johns Fullback Roy Frost Fullback Ben Baker Halfback Jerry Reeves Halfback Troy Lamb Halfback Bert Roundtree Halfback Paul Nix Halfback Mickey Holley Halfback fei hum A Jb The Crowd Watched As The Queen Was Crowned l?7 1963—64 Redwave Basketball John A. Archer Head Coach William Davis Student Coach fJ mm ([ Terry Wilkerson Guard it Gene Carsello Guard Tommy Whitehurst Guard Tony Bartolo Guard T 4 [ 167 ] nn William Thigpen Guard Charles Clark Forward [ 168 ] Joe Stopa Guard Clayton Bryant Forward % Larry Thorpe Forward Steve Holley Center Na , U Ronnie Hays Center Lavoid Green Center 1 V i 169 ] k John Duce Center [ 170 ] Baseball Returning Lettermen Dr. Melvin Lucas Head Baseball Coach Bob Renfroe Chip Machacek Hazen Culley w Wayne McCaleb [ 172 ] Benny Gabbard Raymond Holder T S C Track and Field ft M I K u- jrm £ " v .♦.. .. •- Jerry Beck and Dwight Ward Larry Davis Harvey Elmore t. .i ,, Charles Couch Ann DeRienzo, Sandra Perry, Bernadette Waters, Carol Lawson, and Janice Starr Tennis Returning Letterman Chief Bond Bert Gavin Wilson Wheeler Golf Returning Letterman Eddie Sellers 1 a KNEELING: Patsy Capshaw, Tina Waldrop, Kay Pope, Lenora Grider. STANDING: Jimmy Lawrence, Mary Cope Stewart, Billy Simmons. Mary Cope Stewart Head Cheerleader Lenora Grider Billy Simmons Patsy Ca pshaw Kay Pope . 3 Jimmy Lawrence [ 177 ] Tina Waldrop s T U D E N T L I F E This was the year... M ...that there was more school spirit ■$:pM- r v " V« ' . t ' IF?! m« ' .l ' L ...that everyone had Student Professor Holly conducts his Bridge 201 class. They just don ' t know what cards we have. Friday A.M. and [ 182 ] Center-itis Two beers and a bag of pretzels, please. r tfm % Got that darn old maid again! This is a hold-up! Please! I ' d rather do it myself. First quarter freshmen? , • a m - - ' t ' " " 2 Sj«S.„T, f e« , if VI I ' ...Appreciation Day Court was Appreciate Day Queen Beth Burdeshaw and her alternates Judy Pierce and Tina Waldrop. 184 ] Appreciation Day Parade Scenes Tacky Day Of course it ' s gonna rain, it ' s T.S.C. ain ' t it? It ' s leap year and I ' m available! [ 186 ] We ' s just one big happy family here at T.S.C. What goes on here? Tacky Dance Tackiest Four On Campus It ' s Saturday nite and we ' s all in town. J T P: 1 AU JL ji j 1 ' » Tv«V ' 4HHKhH£ Ui Smile! They got that thar machine pointed at us aqain. Why cousin Ida, I ain ' t seen you in a coon ' s aqe. [ 187 ] ..T. S. C. ' s Best-Dressed Girl Virginia Ehart Five Best-Dressed Girls of T. S. C. Bette Davis; Glenda Chapman; Virginia Ehart; Dean Richardson; Rosemarie Sheldon T.S.C. ' s Nineteen Best-Dressed Girls [ 189 ] of Dining Hall, library, and classroom improvements f ...of £rr 0- Hamil Hall, New Women ' s Dormitory Student Center enlargement Bookstore redecoration A new post-office [ 192 ] Growth Clements Hall, New Men ' s Dormitory Prettier girls i [ 193 ] ...of Greater The Lettermen boast one of the freshest, most magnificent vocal blends of any group in the entertainment field, and the sound has brought them almost instantaneous suc- cess. This trio is composed of Tony Butala, Jim Pike, and Bob Engermann. The Letter- men were sponsored by the S.G.A. and appeared in Sartain Hall on February 10, 1964. The Lettermen Entertainment 1 The Journeymen The Journeymen, sponsored by the S.G.A., appeared in Sartain Hall on October 24, 1963. This singing trio, composed of John Phillips, Richard Weissman, and Scott Mc- Kenzie, has an unique singing style in that they combine both traditional and new folk songs. A [ 195 ] The Taming of the Shrew by The National Players H off sPi SS iM ? ■ fififctf - I ■ The National Players brought to the stage of Troy State College, William Shake- speare ' s hilarious study in wife training, The Taming of the Shrew. The Players Com- pany is unique on the American theatrical scene. Having toured the classics since 1949 in this country, including nine different tours abroad, they have played to ca- pacity audiences all over the world. [ 197 ] Jose Molina Bailes Espanoles On October 28, 1963, The Bailes Espanoles appeared in Troy as a Lyceum number, and featured a company of 10 performers in a program of songs and dances from Spain. The artists, among the most popular in Spain today, have received high praise from American critics. All have impressive professional backgrounds, and have ap- peared with most of the great flamenco artists of our time. The Four Freshmen This Was I could have danced all night Gotta make that 7:30! Stirs You found a WHAT in Bottoms up!! [ 200 ] Your Year - — • j j ' 18 JISBUEi w i ij j ikM3l£lj l fi£ T.S.C. Collegiate Singers your mashed potatoes?7 Wonder why they ' re smiling? I [ 201 ] A D V E R T I S E M E N T S MOMAR INCORPORATED MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS Sends Congratulations and best wishes Gym Floor Seals Cleaners - Waxes Insecticides Maintenance Equip. Toronto, Ontario FIRST FARMERS AND MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF TROY Troy, Alabama TROY PRINTING COMPANY Established in 1906 Serving Troy Normal School and Troy State College for more than 56 years. We take pride in Troy State ' s continual growth and importance in the Business and Cultural life of this community. M. N. Dodson R. A. Witherington Owner Manager Elm Street Tel. 215 Troy, Ala. FIRST FARMERS AND MERCHANTS INSURANCE INC. Troy, Alabama J- % ' + A f- %. THE PIKE THEATER ' Always the best of entertainment at the Pike. " Owned and Operated by Martin Theaters Troy, Alabama o « r r c A -e Q Q r Q, Q Compliments of DAIRI-DELITE AND RED WAVE DRIVE-INS Located 231 By-Pass i- BOYD COMPANY FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES TELEVISION-RADIO-STEREO RECORD ALBUMS 80 No. Court Sq., Troy, Ala. Phone 154 LYNCOACH TRUCK COMPANY Troy, Ala. Oneonta, N. Y. Air-Vans Truck Bodies INGRAM ' S RESTAURANT For the best in good eating Located 231 By-Pass Troy, Alabama COLEMAN-JERNIGAN BUSINESS SERVICE COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS Court Square Troy, Alabama VICTOR ADDING MACHINES ROYAL TYPEWRITERS HALLMARK CARDS WARREN SEA FOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS " When you Think of FISH think of WARREN " Phone 889 Compliments of BAMBOO RESTAURANT on the By-Pass and RIVERSIDE CAFE on the square LAWRENCE HARDWARE Wilson Sporting Goods Browning Guns and Ammunition Houseware Paint 56 E. Court Square Phone 76 Troy, Alabama Compliments of MID-SOUTH PACKERS The Home of Southern Belle Meat Products Tupelo, Miss. Telephone 842-1411 Compliments of COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY P.O. Box 566 373.761 W A316 Ala. State oll.Troy 1964 Palladium 1964 378.761 A316 Ala.State Coll. Troy 1964 Palladium 19 64 T. S. C. LIBRARY TRDY, ALA. Hi 1 1: II

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