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nun in in " £ft 1 I - $m j lp " 1 " l P NHftftM mmm • Palladium 1961 STATUE OF PALLAS ATHEN It is with great pleasure and pride that we, the staff of PALLADIUM ' 61 present you, the students, with a Review of the Growth of TROY STATE COLLEGE through the years. ALLADIUM-Any statue of the Pallas Athena, particularly the famous statue on the preserva- tion of which was supposed to depend the safety of Troy. [ 1 [ 2 ] rom this one building in 1889 we have grown to a total of 10 in 1961. imuw [ 3 ] From these few students in 1909, we have increased our enrollment to its present total of 1600... [ 6 1 In 1887-88 the faculty consisted of these few members Today, there are a total of 72. THE TROY STATE NORMAL SCHOOL IN 1927 [ 8 ] In 1927, the then TROY STATE NORMAL SCHOOL was renamed TROY STATE TEACHER ' S COLLEGE-and the steady growth of both TROY and the college was about to force its move to our present location. [ 9 1 for a greater FUTURE while future expansior v Uf trovide TROY facilities; i •rrt Our move to this site in 1930 made our present facility possible. Another Entrance to Kilby Hall On the right . . South Corridor of Kilby Hull following this master STATE COLLEGE with second to none. h -to , " . i?.- , MJ() Tti(i| J -Ll kliA u_ 55g S. O Yes, We have grown and will continue to grow. [ 12 ] As evidence of our growth, several new buildings are being constructed. These include a science building, an auditorium, and a gymnasium. [ 13 ] nz sa s fea E L STATE COLLEGE palladium 61 Administration Classes Organizations Features Activities Lyceum Sports Advertising 1 1 i ii .□. C [ 15 1 DEDICATION 4 DR. CHARLES BUNYAN SMITH [ 16 ] I Charles Bunyan Smith became president of TROY STATE TEACHER ' S COLLEGE in 1937. Since then he has rendered every service possible to uphold the spirit of TROY STATE COLLEGE, and has worked without ceasing for our educational advancement. We, the staff, proudly dedicate this edition of the PALLADIUM to our own . . . DR. CHARLES BUNYAN SMITH I 17 ] A D M I N I S T R A T I O N [ 18 ] THE PRESIDENT DR. CHARLES BUNYAN SMITH Februa ry 15, 1961 TO ALL TROY STATE STUDENTS: Nothing gives a be ter insight into our col lege life and ac lvltles than a good yearbook. Anyone writing a history of the college would find a rich source of material In accumulated edlttor s of our Palladium. Not only will this book be an Important addition to the archivt s of the college, bu It will be a priceless possession to each student who takes ot e. He will prize it mot ' and more as the years pass because o the pleasant memories o f associations on the Troy Campus. 1 suppose as a contribution to the value of this 1960-61 number as history, I should write down that this mi-a sage Is my final me to you. This might be of Interest to futu re historians of the ,,11,,,-. Congratulations and all good wishes. Your, truly C. B. Smith Pi aildenl fc 1 DR. G. R. BOYD Dean of A dministration ,H b JA DR. ROSCOE KELLEY Director of Student Personnel m " ii DR. RENWICK C. KENNEDY Director of Held Services MR. 1(1 AY STABLER, JR. Busim w Manager and Treasurer [ 22 MR. TED HAMMOCK Co-ordinator of Student Activities Director of Men ' s Residence MRS. MARTHA SEALE WARD Dietician DR. R. H. ERVIN Director oj Graduate Studies MR. L. S. VANDERFORD Director, Placement Bureau MR. JAMES B. CLEMENTS Director of Buildings and Grounds MRS. LUCILLE BOYD Social Director MRS. KATE SHELBURNE Director of Women ' s Residence MR. ROBERT WILLIFORD Director, Pace Hall ' MRS Rl II) I W( AM I K Director. ( owart Hall [ 25 ] MRS. THELMA MERSHON Librarian MRS. EVA LEVERETTE ( ' ollege Nurse ART DEPARTMENT Mr. Robert C. Paxson, Department Head; Mrs. Pat Johnson; Mrs. Alice Thornton; Miss Jo Ann Lumpkin; Mr. Mark Brewton; Mr. Edwin Walter. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT L - if pfiiilil R -« j kl TV , Ek 0 Gr Jf » yk Ail fjr R ' 1 m - t — Mr. Stanley Baff; Mrs. Nan Cooper; Mr. D. I.. Howell; Mr. R. (). Anington, Mr Jimm ( Styles, Wss Paidint Tranum; Mr. II. I . Breland, Department Head. NOT PH I IK! I) Mr Bill Sanford. [ 27 1 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT SEATED: Mrs. Lucille Mussleman; Mrs. Mary H. Lockridge; Mrs. Emma London; Miss Thelma Goodwin; Dr. Joseph James. STANDING: Mrs. Delores Turner; Mr. W . H. Page; Mr. J . W . Green; Mrs. Frances Byrd; Dr. Jack Ashley, Department Head; Mr. Arthur Hopper. HISTORY DEPARTMENT I IKS I Kow Mr. Cloyd Paskins; Dr. H. E. Sterkx; Dr. Leonard Y. Trapp, Department Head; Dr. Kerlin M. Seitz. si l OND ROW Dr. Brooks Thompson; Mr Paul L. Mussleman. Dr. Raymond M. Denting. NOT PICTURED: Mr. ' I ' man. [ 28 ] MATH DEPARTMENT ,3 SEATED: Mr. Virgil L.Collins, Department Head. STANDING: Mr. James F. O ' Neal; Mr. Edward Harnett; Mr. Thomas Dart; Mr. Lester Levi. NOT PICTURED: Dr. Roscoe Kelley, Mr. James Raw MUSIC DEPARTMENT SEATED: Dr. Charles V. Farmer, Department Head STANDING 4i Charles Calkins, Hi Richard H Mrs. Violet Ervin, Mrs. Olivia Rainer; Mr James Patrenos, m Jem Han Gerald London 29 ] EDUCATION DEPARTMENT SEATED: Dr. R. H. Ervin; Mrs. Tex Whaley; Miss Fox Ingram; Miss Nellie Hitt; Mrs. Margaret Cleveland. STANDING: Dr. Horace Nelson; Dr. Paul Lewis, Department Head; Mr. Richard Boyce; Miss Martha Fields; Miss Ellen Solomon; Mrs. Eleanor Williamson; Mr. L. S. Vanderjord. NOT PICTURED: Dr. Harris Harvill. PHYSICAL ED. DEPARTMENT SEATED Dr Earl Watson. Department Head. STANDING: Mr. John Archer; Mr. Melvin Lucas; Miss Pat Curry; Miss Lorraine Powlus, Dr William I.. Clipson; Mr . Isabel Van Watson; Mr. Nicholas (I. Costes. [ 30 ] SCIENCE DEPARTMENT FIRST ROW: Dr. William T. Wilks, Department Head; Dr. Robert A. Dietz; Mr. Marion E. McDougle; Dr. David C. Widdowson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ernest Riggsby; Mr. Gilbert O. Spenser; Miss Laureson Forrester; Mr. Woodrow McLaughlin. THIRD ROW: Mr. D. F. Butler, Mr. Jeff Chcatwood; Mr. Wingate Wilson. TSC Faculty and Administration l ( )3S [ 31 ] c L A S S E S [ 32 ] T x S ft 3 raG m. Kfl ■ mMnS ■hex H ■ n SENIORS ALFORD, FREDDY .... Bainbridge, Ga. Physical Education Basketball; P.E. Majors Club. ANDRESS, JOE W Honoraville Mathematics Choir; Specs Club; Square Root of C; President, Science Club; President ' s Council. AUTREY, EUGENE Greenville Business Education S.E.A.; Notari Club; President, Pace Hall; Presidents ' Club. AVERY, CHARLES W Slocomb English University of Alabama; International Relations Club; Wesley Fellowship; S.E.A. BAKER, WILLIAM OBY . . Columbus, Ga. Art Palladium; Publicity Director, Folklore Society; Veterans Club. BARLOW, FRANCES Elba Business Education Adelphes; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A.j Notari. BARR, DE LEON, JR Banks Business Administration Business Manager, Palladium. BARRON CHRISTINE Troy Elementary Education I 34 ] BARTON, SONJA ELLEN Wing Business Education Adelphes; Spires; S.E.A.; President, Atheneaum Club. BASSETT, MELISSA .... Bartow, Fla. Elementary Education B.S.U.; W.A.A. BECK, MIRIAM Columbus, Ga. Business Education Vice-President, Freshman Class; W.A.A. Tropolitan; S.G.A. Soeial Committee; S.G.A. Publicity Committee; Wesley Foundation; Shackelford House Council; S.E.A.; Playmakers; Junior Class Beauty; Treasurer, Notari Club; Alpha Psi Omega. BECK, RONALD VANCE Troy General Science Track and Cross Country; T Club; Specs Club; Who ' s Who. BLACKMON, CARL Dothan Business Administration University ot Alabama; Specs Club; President. Junior and Senior Classes; Presidents ' Council; ' it -e-President, Notari Club. BODDEN, TONI Bay Minette Elementary Education Adelphes; Shackelford House Council; Senate; Spires; Collegiate Singers; S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. BOWDEN, ANN Clio English BRYAN, PATSY Dozier Elementary Education S.E.A. lJ i i ■ BI RCH, CORDON LYNN . Columbus. Ga. Business Administration Pep Club; Intramurals; Notari Club. CAIN JOE riton Mathematics [ 35 ] CANADY, TOM Troy History Hartford CAPPS, ELIZABETH ANN . . English Auburn University; President, Adelphes; B.S.U. Greater Council; Campus Beaut} ' ; Junior Class Favorite; Palla- dium; Senate. CARROLL, DALE Ozark History Senate; International Relations Club; Shackelford House Council; President, Cowart Hall; Womens ' Executive Council; Womens ' Advisory Council. CASSADY, CORA Andalusia English Secretary, Debate Club; President, I.R.C.; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; Tropolitan; S.E.A. CHAPMAN, RICHARD . . . Woodlawn, Ga. History Georgia Southwestern College; S.E.A. CHILDERS, DONNELL Mobile Business Adm inist ration CLARK, MARILYN Brewton History Band; Student Secretary; Adelphes; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi. CLARY, LINA Greenville English Chipola Junior College; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. CLIPSON, MADOLYN C Troy Business Education Head Che deader; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; Notari Club; Who ' s !,., President Fa ulty Wives ' Club. COMER, LOYCE Elba Elementary Education [ 36 ] CONAWAY, JACK WILSON .... Elba Mathematics Square Root of C; Specs Club; Palladium. COOKE, BERNARD JEFFRIES Bainbridge, Ga. Mathematics Basketball; Tennis; T Club; Vice-President; S.G.A.; Vice- President, Senior Class. COX, KENNETH WOOD .... Luverne Business Administration Auburn University. CURTIS, ANNE Troy Elementary Education S.E.A.; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi. DANIELS, JOY HOPE . . . Columbus, Ga. Music Norman Junior College; Choir; Collegiate Singers; Hand; Tropolitan; MENC; Womens ' Music Club. DUKES, CHARLES Foley Business Education DUNN, BETTY |LAN Samson English Collegiate Singers; Band; S.E. .: Womens " Music Club. DYESS, ALBERT Elba Business Administration ENCKRT, BARBARA . Cantonment. 1 ' la. Elenu ntanj Education FITZGERALD, JAMES T. . . Keene, N. H. So ial Studies Football; Class Representative; Class Vice-President; S.E.A. [ 37 ] FOWLER, TOMMY Luverne Music FREE, MARY BELL Dozier Elementary Education S.E.A. FULLER, PEGGY A Elba Elemental! Education S.E.A. GANEY, NANCY Rutledge Elementary Education Collegiate Singers; Choir; Adelphes; S.E.A. GIBSON, DONALD J Greenville History International Relations Club; Debate Club; Second Vice- President, Argonauts; Program Chairman, S.E.A. GILBERT, BARBARA FAY Panama City, Fla. Elementary Education W.A.A.; S.E.A.; Secretary, Junior Class; Senate; Athena- eum Club. GILES, WAYNE JERRY Foley Business Administration Auburn University. GINGOLD, DAVID . ... Sharon, Pa. Physical Education P.E. Majors Club; Basketball; Coif; Intramurals; Secre- tary, T Club. GRANGER, REX Cottonwood Business Administration GREATHOUSE, DARTHY A. . . Brundidge History [ 38 fcjlfcft GREENAWAY, MARY . . . New Brockton English HAGANS, ELTON . . . Panama City, Fla. Mathematics Square Root of C Club; Veterans ' Club; Nominating Committee, S.G.A.; Chipola Junior College; University of Florida. HAGLER, WILMER A Ariton Business Adm inisi rat ion President, Notari Club. HALL, JOHN ROBERT Luverne Business Administration Band; Wavemen. HALL, SIDNEY P., Jr Malone, Fla. Business Education Chipola Junior College; University of Florida. HELMS, JOAN Clio English W.A.A.; Collegiate Singers; Choir; Adelphes; Secretary; Specs Club; Hand; S.I ' HIGDON, RICHARD McKenzie Mathematics HIGH, BOBBIE Hanks Elementary Education HILDRETH, BILLY Enterprise Business Administration President, Gavel club. HOWELL, KENNETH Hartford Scien [ 39 ] HUDSON, JO ANN .... Highland Home Biological Science W A V; B.S.U.; Science Club; House Council; Cowart Hall; S.E.A.; House Council, Shackelford Hall. HUGHES, EDITH . . . Panama City, Fla. English Cowart Hall Council; Tropolitan Reporter; Judicial Body; Tropolitan News Editor; Adelphes; Stunt Night Chair- man; Tropolitan Assistant Editor; Spires; Tropolitan Edi- tor; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A.; Cheerleader; Presidents ' Council; Who ' s Who. IVEY, FAYE Clio English Choir; Athenaeum Club; S.E.A. JACOBS, ANNIE JEWEL Elba Elementary Education W.A.A.; Notari Club; Shackelford House Council; Tropol- itan; S.E.A- Athenaeum. JACOBS, GARLAND Andalusia Elementary Education JACOBS.. GROVER TOLBERT .... Elba Business Education S.G.A. Handbook Committee; Athenaem Club; Argo- nauts; Notari Club; Chief Justice Judiciary Body; Vice- President, S.E.A. JACKSON, GERALD D. . . Columbus, Ga. History Georgia University; Southeastern Bible College; Collegi- ates; Playmakers; l J ln ' Mu Alpha; MENC; Wavemen Combo; Band; Circle K; Choir. Notari Club. JACKSON, LaVINA LYNN Troy Mathematics Playmakers; W.A.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Vice-President; S.G.A. Secretary Treasurer, Square Root of C Club; Sec- [ " reasurer Science Club; President, Senate; Presi- dents ' Council. JENKINS, GLENN Montgomery Business Administration JENKINS, P. :.. Jr. . . . Mathematics Square Hoot of C Club. Camden [ 40 ] Cl ft ALIhS fcll, Wi JOHNSON, ALBERT Luverne History JOHNSON, ALICE LEONE .... Ozark English Editor, Palladium; Presidents ' Council; Cowart House Council; Tropolitan Staff. JOHNSON, LEANORA Goshen Elementary Education S.E.A. JONES, FLOYD MARVIN . . Fairfield, Iowa Business Education University of Iowa; Notari Club. JONES, JUANITA Troy English Notari Club; Choir; S.E.A. JONES, MARCIA HUDSON . . . Louisville History Spires; Secretary-Treasurer, S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. JONES, NOBIE BENEFIELD . . . Clayton English Freshman B.S.U. Council; Vdelphes; theneaum Club; Freshman ( lounsellor. JORDAN, JEANETTE Dothan Elementary Education KELLEY, GENEL1 Flomaton Elementary l- ' .dm ation B.S.U. KENDRICK, CHARLES Elba Business Administration [ 41 1 KERVIN, DELANEY Greenville Biological Science Specs Club; S.E.A. KILGORE, PAT Ashford English W.A.A.; S.E.A.; Red Peppers; Wesley; Athenaeum Club; Secretary, Cowart Hall; Cowart House Council. KIM, HWA SONG Seoul, Korea Mathematics Science Club; B.S.U.; Purdue University. KNIGHT, JOHN Hayneville History LANIER, GWEN N Troy Business Education Notari Club; Choir; S.E.A. LAWHORNE, WAYNE . . . Montgomery Physical Education B.S.U. Executive Council; P.E. Majors Club; S.E.A. LE COMPTE, RETTY LOUISE . Enterprise Business Education Notari; Red Peppers; W.A.A.; S.EA. LEE, JOHN Brewton Mathematics Kappa Delia Pi; Square Hoot of ( . ' Club. LEFTWICH, ROBERT V. . Ft. Walton, Fla. History ' I Club; International Relations Club; President, Debate Club; Presidents ' louncil. LI Ml. n JIMMY F. . . Mathematics TClub; Kappa Delfc Pi Millbroolc [ 42 ] McCOLLOUGH, ROBERT Elba Business Administration Business Manager, Palladium; President, Pace Hall; Notari Club; Presidents ' Council; Veterans ' Club; Gavel Club. McDANIEL, JAMES D. . . DeFuniak, Fla. Business Administration Notari Club. McGEE, CHRISTINE Luverne English S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. McKEE, SUSAN VIRGINIA . . . Notasulga Science Senate; Science Club; Publicity Chairman; W.A.A.; House Council, Cowart Hall; Wesley Fellowship; House Council; Shackelford Hall; S.E.A. McLENDON, ANGELINE .... Hartford Elementary Education McRAE, MARY ALICE Clio Music Collegiate Singers; Vice-President, Madrigals; MENC; Choir. MAY, WILLIAM LaPine Business Education MARCINOWSKI, JOHN E. . . Montgomery Physical Science Huntingdon College; Square Hoot of C Club; Science Club. MARRIOTT, FRANCIS Foley General Science and Physical Education Captain, Football; Baseball; President, T Club. S.E.A.; l l M sClub. l i I Dl CAROl Bay Minette Elementary Education Red Peppers; Majorette; S E ; Choir. MURCHISOX, BOBBY Eclectic Physical Education T Club; Captain. Football; S.E.A.; Track; PEM ' s Club. MURPIIREE, MIKE Headland MOODY, MARY ANN Kinston Elementary Education Collegiate Singers; Wesley Fellowship; Choir; Adelphes; S.E.A. MOORE, NAN . DeFuniak Springs, Fla. English NELSON, MARY JON Elba English NORMAN, CAROLA Goshen Physical Education NORTON, MYRTLE SNAIR .... Dozier Elementary Education S.E. V; Folklore Society; Kappa Delta Pi. OGBURN, ELIZABETH . Panama City, Fla. Elementary Education O ' NEAL, ELEANOR BORLAND . . . Trov English ' hoii Assistant Editor, B.S. U. News; Tropolitan Report- « i Student Marshall; Editor l Alabama B.S.U. Spirit; ' 1. 1 ' Editor, Tropolitan; S.E V. Kappa Delta Pi. PALMER, CHARLIE " KEN " Graceville, Fla. History Florida State University; Chipola |r. College; Playmakers; Vice-President, Debate Club; President, S.E.A. ; li S.E V. State ol Alabama; Alpha Psi Omega; Senate; i . ' ( ouncil [ 44 ] PARISH, ANNIE LOUISE . . . Headland Elementary Education B.S.U., Greater Council; Choir; S.E.A. PARKER, STANLEY Ozark English PARNELL, GARY C. . . Washington, D. C. History S.E.A.; Veterans ' Club; Palladium. PARR, BOBBY History Blue Springs PETREY, JEAN TROTTER .... Petrey English S.E.A; Kappa Delta Pi. PHILLIPS, CECIL CLAYTON Hollywood, Fla. Social Studies Vice-President, I.R.C.; B.S.U.; Secretary-Treasurer, De- bate Club; S.E.A. PRICE, JAMES WOOD Clopton Mathematics Square Hoot of CClub; Kappa Delta Pi. PRICE, PEGGY JANE Wadle} English Southern Union Junior College; Collegiate Singers; NEMAj . PURVIS, EDWIN I ( Kso . . Geneva English and History QUINLEY, ANN BAILEY .... Owassa Elementary Education s l I « ] RAINEY, JACKIE Greenville REEVES, WILL Opp RICKARD, GILLEREE RICKARD, WILLIAM . . Atmore Sharpsville, Pa. RIGGS, SHIRLEY ANN . Panama City, Fla. Physical Education President, W.A.A.; Secretary, P.E.M. ' s Club; Collegiate Singers; Shackelford House Council, President; Wesley Fellowship; Track; Adelphes; Who ' s Who; Presidents ' Council; S.E.A.; Cowart House Council; Secretary, Senior Class; Kappa Delta Pi; Palladium Staff. RODGERS, VIRGINIA ROWELL . . Dozier Mathematics Alpha Psi Omega; Folklore Society; W.A.A.; Square Root of C Club; Playmakers; Palladium Staff; Spires; S.E.A.; Freshman Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi. ROWELL, TERESA R Elba Elementary Education RYALS, JACQUELYN .... Blue Springs Elementary Education RYALS, WAYNE Blue Springs Mathematics Kappa Delta Pi. SALTER, JAMES Greenville Elementary Education [ 46 ] SCHLICH, CARL L. Ill Loxley Physical Science Specs Club; Playmakers; Band; President, Westminister Fellowship. SETTLE, HILDA CAROLYN . . . Jay, Fla. Elementary Education Band; Adelphes; Secretary, Spires; S.E.A.; Wesley Fellowship; Religious Council. SEXTON, WILLIE JOE. . . Honoraville General Science Specs Club. SMITH, ALICE Brewton Business Education B.S.U.; Student Secretary; Historian, Adelphes; President. Spires; Treasurer, President, Kappa Delta Pi; Notari Club Presidents ' Council; S.E.A. SMITH, PAT Tallassee English Adelphes; W.A.A.; Secretary, Shackelford Hall; Notari Club; Choir; Kappa Delta Pi; Parliamentarian, S.E.A. ; President, Womens ' Judiciary Council. SPEAR, JANE La Pine Elementary Education Campus Beauty; Christmas Queen; Cheerleader; Class Favorite; Homecoming Queen; Freshman Counselor. SPIVEY, DOUGLAS Blue Springs Physical Education SPURLIN, JERRY Elba Business Administration Collegiate Singers; Vurgonauts; Notari Club; Senate Pal ladium. STACEY, FAYE Georgians Elementary Education STARLING, GLENDA . . Bainbridge, Ga. Business Edw ation delphes; Spires. Senate. S.E Kappa Delta Pi Shac kelford House Council; Presidents ' Council; President, Spires. STEELY, JAMES E Clayton Business Administration WTBF Radio Staff. STEPHENS, GLADYS M Troy Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. STEPHENS, PEGGY Kinston Business Education Kappa Delta Pi; Notari Club. STEPHENSON, EMILY RACHEL . Samson Music President, Cowart Hall; Band; President, Collegiate Singers; Madrigals; President, MENC; Womens ' Music Club; Senate; Presidents ' Council. STRENGTH, BENNY JUD . . . Flomaton Business Administration Notari Club; Plavmakers; Palladium Staff; Choir; Gavel Club. STRENGTH, BONNIE Ozark English Choir. STRENGTH, JIM Ozark English Choir. SUMNERS, DONALD L Eclectic History S E v rANNEF KENNETH Opp Mathematics Vuburn University; Square Rootol C Club; Chi Alpha; Spe ■ ( lub Argonauts. TAYLOR SONYA FAYE Eclectic English B.S.U. Executive Council; Shackelford House Council; International Relations Club; Tropolitan; Adelphes; B.S. U. Editor; Spires; Reporter, Kappa Delta Pi, THOMAS, DONALD . . Laurel Hill, Fla. Physical Education Pensacola Junior College; P.E.M. ' s Club; B.S.U.; Argo- nauts. THOMAS, FRED Ozark Business Administration THOMPSON, WILLY EARL Ft. Walton, Fla. History Cross-Country; Track; Vice-President, Argonauts; T Club; PEM ' s Club; International Relations Club; Proctor Dill Hill. THOMPSON, HARRELL Business Administration Enterprise THORNTON, JAMES NASH .... Troy English Pi Alpha Delta; Playmakers; Circle K Club; President, Debate Club. TOOLE, JOHNNIE B. . . Greensboro, Fla. Elementary Education Florida State University; Chipola Junior College; Specs Club; President, Veterans ' Club; S.E.A.; Presidents ' Coun- cil. TOWNSEND, ALLISON JOEL . Mayo, Fla. Business Education Notari, University l Florida. TRAMMEL, PATRIC1 Eufaula Elementary Education TURNER, DERRELL . . . Shellman, Ga. Physical Edm ation It ( KER, JOHN P Honoraville Mathematics Band; Conceit Band; Clarinet Quarrel . Specs ( Hub; Col- legiate Singers; I , re ( !lub; S( ience ( Hub; Veterans ' ( Hub; Charter Member and Secretary [otaNu Chapter ol Phi Mu Upha; Square Root ol CClub. TYE, PATRICIA PAVIS .... Georgiana Elementary Education Shackelford Hall House Council; Religious Council; B.S.U. WALDEN, KITTY SUE . English Choir, Band. Hartford WARD, JANE McKenzie Elementary Education WARD, KENNETH Florala Mathematics Vice-President, T Club; Captain, Football. WALKER, LANETTE Clopton Art WALKER, PERRY CRANE Hot Springs, Ark. Social Studies WEAVER, ELAINE Brewton Majorette; Concert Band; Adelphes; Drum Majorette; S.E.A.; Christmas Queen Court; House Council, Shackel- ford Hall. WHATLEY, ALFORD O. . . . Enterprise Business Administration Mercer University; University of Georgia; University of Alabama. WILLIAMS, ARLEN Red Level Business Administration WILLIAMS, MILTON G. . . Coffee Springs History Chipola junior College; Ministerial Association; Kappa Delta Pi. [ 50 ] WILSON, MARGY FAYE Perote Mathematics W.A.A.; S.E.A.; Vice-President, Square Root of C Club; Spires; Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi; Choir; Science Club. WILSON, JOAN Brundidge English WIND, ROBERT H Cairo, Ga. Physical Education Track; Treasurer, T Club; P.E.M. Club; Cross-Countrv; S.E.A. WINDHAM, EMMETT .... Jay, Florida Physical Eduaction Pensacola Junior College; P.E.M. Club; B.S.U.; Argo- nauts. WITIIERINGTON, ELISE . . Business Administration Goshen 51 ] JUNIORS ADAMS, MARGARET Clio ARMSTRONG, DONNA MAE Belle Glade, Fla. ARRINGTON, JACK Ittuc Springs BAKER, EULANE Troy BARGAINER, NAN Fort Deposit BARROW ' S, GEORGE Eufatda BATCHELOR, HILLMAN Enterprise BECK, KEITH Troy BILLINGLEY, DERRELL Prattt ilk BEASLEY, NEWTON Hay Minette BERGEMAN, TARO South Bend, Ind. BLACK, OLENE reen BLALOCK MELANIE Andalusia BOTTOMS, JAN Hartford BRANTLEY, BARBARA Flomaton ' . A EDITH ANN eary, Ga. IS £ O M A BURDEAUX, RUTH Georgiana CAMPBELL, DEE • ' orf Walton, Fla. CAMPBELL, LOIS Georgians CARPENTER, NANCY Phenix City CARR, BOBBIE Shorter CONNOR, VIRGINIA rroy COPELAND, DANNY Perote (OWEN, MARY Elba CROWDER, PHILIP Panama City, Fla. DANLEY, VALINDA Samson DICKEY, K) I I Birmingham DONALDSON, fOHN HAROLD Defunidk Springs, Fla. DRAKE, DAVID DeFuniak Sprint: . Fla. EDDINGS, CLENDA Columbus, Ga. ELLISON, MARY Dothan I l i k flMMY ( lamden FOREH n. ROGER Enterprise FOSTER, (II IU ENE Hurtsboro GA1 LOWA1 BUD Apalachicola, Fla GIRSON, U iw,n ( ' .It , Ml till ' COW. ROSELLE Marathon Shores, Fla. GRAVES, DONNIE FAYE Brewton GRIFFIN, MARY LOU Bay Minette GRIGGERS, RUBY Greenville HAM, MARGARET ANN Graceville, Fla. HAMMETT, BILL Montgomery HARRIS, ELLEN Panama City, Fla. HATFIELD, JULIA Eufaula HATFIELD, MARGARET Hartford HOOMES, WENDELL Brewton HUGHES, JIMMY Panama City, Fla. JOHNSON, JOANN Rutledge fOHNSON, JOHN Eclectic JONES, KIM DeFuniak Springs, Fla. JONES, PATRICIA DeFuniak Springs, Fla. [ONES, ROBERT Ocala, Fla. |([) Ml BETTY LEE ( nil. LAVENDER, WINBERT Miami, Fla. I I.I BARBAR ' ILORIA I I+£kA LOVE, ROBERT Cottonwood McCRANEY, BECKY Fort Deposit McDUFFIE, ANN Samson McNEIL, LA VAUGHN Troy McWATERS, BURYL Enterprise MANN, HAROLD Wild wood, Fla. MARION, PHILLIP West Point. Ca. MARTIN, NOEL Ozark MASSEY, RUTH Bakerhill MENDHEIM, JUNE Dothan MESSER, JACQUELINE Grand Ridge, Via. MIXSON, MARY EMILY Ashford MORROW.SUE Elba Moss. GAIL Columbus, (-a. MClloi.s. BARBARA Altha, Fla. K lioi S, DOROTHY Two Egg, Fla. NORRIS, CORRINE Goshen PARK ll YOUNG Seoul, Korea PARKER l Kll YN Marianna, Fla. PASCHA1 BOBBY Enterprise PHILLIPS, CECIL R. At more PHILPOT, GLORIA Camden PINCKARD, DIANE Troy PRESNELL, JAMES Panama City, Fla. PRINCE, WYVETTE Wedowee, Ala. PRINE, VIVIAN l)(u , Fla. PRITCHETT, JUDY Montgomery RODGERS, ELOISE Red Level RODGERS, GENE Daleville ROGERS, WALTER RAY Fort Deposit SANDERS, SARA Goshen SCHLICH, MAYBELLE Ixnley SCRUSHY, RICHARD Grady SESSIONS, ANNA ROSE Dothan SEXTON, MIKE Selma SHIREY, DONALD Syli (i ui a SPRATLAN LARUE Hardau ay STOUGH WILLIAM Km Minette STRK KLAND EDNA Abbe illc TALTON JOE Montgomery TATE, MAX Goshen TATUM, CONSTANCE Tunnel Springs TAYLOR, CHARLES Cottondale, Fla. TICE, BENNY Midland City TROTTER, MARSHA Belle Glade, Ida. WALKER, BILLIE Troy WALKER, WINSTON Blue Springs WALLER. BARBARA Ashford WARE, JOANN Trot W VI KIN ' S, AUDREY Troy WEEKS, CAROLE Lake City, Fla. WHITE, WILLIAM Enterprise WILLIAM. PEGGY Talladega WILLIAMS. BECKY Panama City, Ida. WILSON. Mil INI) Brundidge WOl li El EANOR Lai erne woonil l REX Midland City WOMB! i: | wii -:s ( . ' ( ( rt ill,-. I la w YROSDK k l KV Kinston ( kl I [OHN Sanford, Fla Mil NG GAI1 Ozark SOPHOMORES ABERCROMBIE, GLENDA, Troy ANCHORS, LARRY, Niceville, Fla. ARTHUR, CAROLYN, Troy AUSLEY, ANNETTE, Geneva AUTREY, JOSEPH, Greenville BAXLEY, DAISY, Graceville, Flu. BELCHER, PENNY, Dothan BENTON, ALICE, Opp BERTOLLA, HELEN, Loxley BESS, KENNETH, Miami, Fla. BOAN, KENNETH, Baker, Fla. BOSEMAN, CLIFFORD, Georgiat BOl TWELL, PECCY, Greenville BREWER, DON, Fort Walton, Fla. BROOKS, SHIRLEY, Union Springs BROWN, ELLEN, Clayton BROWN, JOHN, Mmurr BRYAN, JUNE, Goshen Bl in. NANCY, Greenville CAMPBELL, GAYLE, Hartford CANNON, BILL, Jay, Fla. CARGILL, DON, Andalusia CARR, CAROL ANN, Samson CARR, HOWARD, Niceville, Fla. CHAMBLESS, ELIZABETH, Montgomery CLARY, GAYLE. Laurel Hill, Fla. COLE, BETTY, Tallahassee COLEMAN. HILDA, Ilaynevitte COLLIER, SUSAN, M alone, Fla. COLOMBO, CHRIS, Kissimmee, Fla. CONNER, " WINK " , Montgomery COOPER, SUSIE, Bakerhill COTTON. JAMES, Enterprise COSTON, BETTY, Inverness CROLEY, JIMMY, Enterprise CULBRETH, GERALD, Columbia CULPEITKM, WAYNE, Napier Field CUTCHEN, LINDA, Headland CI TCHEN, SHEILA, Newville DANSBY, GAYVON, GraceviUe, I hi. DAMS. KATHY, Opp 1)1- . GAYLE, Slocomb ). IK 111 I I CONRAD Wilmington, , EWYEA, Mi Ko . Hollywood, Fla. ll It J i DY, Iron City, (. ' ; RI Mi RONNIE, • I)l NN, w II I [AM W ntgomery DWYEB w Dothan DYKES, NOLAN, Perote EARLY, BILLIE JUNE, Samson EDENFIELD, PHILLIP, Ncieville, Fla EFURD, HARRY, Eufaula EILAND, LARRY, Baker, Fla. ELLIS, ANN, Flomaton ELLIS, MARY JULIA, Evergreen ENGLISH, MARGARET, Elba EUBANKS, GLENDA, Albany, Ga. FERINE, DAN " , Hollywood, Fla. FOSTER, WAYLAND, Jay, Fla. FREEMAN, JUDY, Fayette GAINES, MARY, Dothan GAJNEY, WILLIE RAY, Panama City Florida GARRETT, KATHRYN, Troy GARRETT, MARY, Atmore GOBER, SUE, Millbrook GRICE, WAYNE, Anton GROVES, KENNETH, Pensacola, Fla. HAYNES, DEAN, Wetumpka HENLEY, STEVE, Prattville HESTER, VETERIA, Montgomery HODGINS, DONNA SUE, Phenix City HOLLINGSHEAD, TOMMY, Letohatchie HOUI DONA Monroeville HOI STON, M M; l ll V Blakely, Ga HUGHES WANDA Panama ( tty, Fla VNN Quin JOHNSON ' . JERRY. Dothan JOHNSTON, MIKE, Albany, Ga. JONES, CHARLENE, Opp JONES, JIMMY, Camden JONES, MARY EVELYN, Samson ONES, NATALIE, Elba JONES. SYLVIA, Enterprise JUSTICE. POLLY, Hartford KELLY, BRENDA, Dothan KENDRICK, GLYNN, Andalusia KERVIN, KIRS. McKenzie KINDRED, WAYNE, Montgomery LACJ SUE, Geneva LAMON, PEGGY, Shreveport, La. LEACH, BILLY, Sebna LILLARD, PATRICIA, Geneva OCKLAR, JANE, Elba Mi BRIDE I ' M RIC1 . Greenville M.I N ni;i: si SAN Dothan McG] M N LAM K. Andalusia McGRAW, WNI l II M INNis i URGAR] i , M.I I W GLENDA Mi LEAN, J WU I Mi I i Rl M K I ll NN Clayton Mi Mil l N RON i i ' ■■■■ land, I ' l.i. MARTIN DAN indahuia l li I l II Will ' MEYER, JERRY, Birmingliam MILLS, CAROL, Dilhburg, Pa. MIXSOX, BARBARA, GraceoiUe, Fla. MIXSOX, BILLY GROVER, Enterprise MURPHY, WAYNE, Tallassee. MUSSLEMAN, THOMAS, Eufaula XALL, JUDY, Andalusia NELSON, CAROLYX, Montgomery NOBLIX, JOHN ' WALLACE, Port St. Joe, Florida NORRIS, CHRISTINE, Fort Deposit ODOM, JAMES, Andalusia OLIVER, FAYE, Troy OLIVE, ROBERT, Mobile PACE, ROBERT, Jakin, Ga. PARKER, JUNE, Panama City, Fla. PAULK, LARRY E., DeFuniak Springs, Florida PENNINGTON, BILL, Panama City, Florida POPE, JAMES, Union Springs PRESTWOOD, DONALD, Troy PRESTWOOD, JAMES, Andalusia PRICE, LARRY, Dothan REEDER, JAMES, Slocamb RHODES LINDA, Foley RIVERS, SAR V Dothan ROGERS, FRANK, Mobile RYALS, NELLIE SUE Brundidge K I ES I IM Hartford i , Greenville ££££ SELLERS, DITCH IE. Montgomery SESSIONS, EFFIE, Troy SHOWS. MARTHA ELLEX, Clewiston, Florida SIMS, JOANNA, Enterprise SIMS. SHARON, Valpariaso, Fla. SMITH. MARTHA, Eclectic SMITH, WAYNE, Eufaula SNELL, THERESA, Ozark SNELLGROVE, JIMMY, Dothan SPEAR, CAROL, Geneva SPURLIN, MARY NAN, Elba STRICkl.IV LINDA Union Springs si I KT, SHELBY, Qeorgiana si MMERFORD, PATSY, Gordon si I I.IVAN, WALTER, Dothan SYNCO, GLENELL, Troy TAYLOR, SIDNEY, Valparaiso, Fla I ll() l s PAT, Panama City, Fla. I HRE Ml. Rl III. BakerhiU TILLMAN, M Ml li: Samson TOMB! Rl l M D1 ■ ' •• ' ■ rOOLE i K I Bonifay, Fla, l li [CK 11 lun Bay Mkuttt VINES LEONC] Bag Mliwtta w l ' I 1IWII I w i DROP CLENDA, Opp WAT! ORD LUCK J WAT! ORD M MM WATSON, NANCY, Evergreen WEBB, MELISSA, Phenix City WEEKS, BOBBIE, Ozark WELLS, JUAXITA, Rehobeth WHIGHAM, THELIA, Samson WHITEHEAD, LEOXIA, Phenix City WILLIAMS, NOLAN, Newton ILSOX. BETH, Perote WILSON, MARTHA, Brundidge YEACKLE, LYNDA, Sanford, Fki. YOUMANS, BOB, Lexsy, Ga. YOUNGBLOOD, BETTY, Troy $ £ $ ' Folk Day " — Summer I960 [ 64 ] FRESHMEN ADAMS, VVA jo. Opp ADWIS. NORMA SUE, Clayton ADKINS, PATRICIA, Ozark ALFORD, LINDA, Fort Walton, Fla. U.I.KV RERECCA, Enterprise I ' I IV CH VRLES, Florala ANDERSON, JOYCE, Fort Walton. Fla. ANDERSON, RAMONA, Gatum Canal Dl,l ss LEROl M mroemOe BAREN1 [NE, RETHA, East Bn u BARLOW . LANA CLAIRE Castleberry B VSS I WON, i. , Glade, Fla BART1 ES DOROI in Prattville BENNET1 PECCY. Amta tufa How DE W Bafo BOl END] R r l RI( l B Bl Mis RANDAL! " Hoi l CLENDA Slocomb Hosw | | | || | n R En ' t lalr BOZEM DR1 MI I ■ BROCK, JOAN , Panama City, Fla. BROWN, JO, Niceville, Fla. BUCKELEW, GLENDA, Opp BUTGEREIT, CHARLOTTE. Fairhope CAMBRON, JIM. Orlando, Fla. CANALES, XEBEIDA, Ozark CABDIX. JUANITA, Greenville CABLTOX, BOB, Andalusia CARROLL, ARTHUR, Bakerhill CARBOLL, BETTY JEAN, Brantley CABTWBIOHT, MARION, Albany CEASAB, COXSTAXCE, Madeira, Port- ugal CHAMBERLAIN, AXX, Georgians CHAXCEY, SHIRLEY, Ozark CLABK, BABBABA, Dothan CLARK, BOBBY, Selma CLARK, CHARLES, Bakerhill CLAUNCH, MARY CAROLE, Hayne- i illr CLOSE, LINDA, Belle Glade, Fla. COCHRAN, MAC, Atlanta, Ga. CONLEY, PAUL, Bartow, Fla. COPE, JULIAN, Union Spring OX JOHNNY, Slocomb COX I.IM.I I A Florala SANDERS GEORC1 Loxley CI LBRE1 ll M l ' . ' . M ' .i- :i Slocomb I I 1,1 rON VIRGIN! V Dothan DANSBY, NAN ' lio AVIS, ELLIS, Elba AVIS, JIMMY, Laurel Hill, Flo. )A IS. TOM, Montgomery DAVIS, WAYNE, Afm w DAVIS, WAYNE, Laurel H H, Fto. DEAN, BONNIE, Oak Hill DELONEY, JACK, Oz irk DELONEY, JERRY, Ozark DIAMOND. HILDA. Jay, Flu. DILLAHD, FRANCES, Troy DON I.D. LORRAINE, Atmore DRAGOIN, HILL. Troy DRAKE, si I ' " .. DeFuniak Springs, Fla. D KK. RICHARD, Selma D WW AL PHIL, Newnan, (. ' . H NCAN, DUANE, Opp D1 NCAN, M Dllll n Deposit D NC W Mil DRED Vfi rU EILAND, ( 1 I l i S, Inda usto It BANKS, OZZIE II W n Mill; STANLEY Mobile CAITHER IACQUELIN1 Tallassee CODWIN HILTON, Andalusia (. M S ll M ».■.. nwood, Fla C. UN S DN] CH W i BE I i B( rmuda C.H i BOD Cm nville CHI I CASTON En GREEX, TOMMY. LaGrange, Ga. GRESHAM, MARGARET, SilverhiU GRIMES. JUDY. Elba HAGLER, HILLY. Eufaula HAMMONDS. SANDRA, East Tallasse HANCOCK, ANNETTE, Abbeville HARDEN, ROBERTA, Dothan HARRIS, CURTIS, Uriah HARRIS, IOANNE, Columbia HEARTSILL, DANTCE, Ft. Deposit HELMS, DURWOOD, Clio HENDERSON, LINDA SUE, Ashford HENDERSON, PAT, Ashford HOBBS, STANLEY, DeFuniak Springs, Florida HORTON, JOYCE, Birmingham HOWELL, SANDRA, Prattville JACKSON, JOANNE, Hayneville JACKSON, RAYMOND, Headland JENKINS, JEANETTE, Dothan JOHNSON, ROY, Kinston [ONES IEAN, Troy JONES, TOMMY, Kcworth, Ga KIMBRO ROWEN V Dozier KNIGH I LINDA, Lafayette LANGFORD CH VRLOI l E Albany I VNGFORD K» I 1V Greenville I v SAM Elmore ELAINE, Petrey LAWSON, CAROL, Georgiana LEE, CHESTER, DonaldsonviUe, Ga. LISSEVELD, RICHARD, Troy LOLLEY, BARBARA ANN, Selma LYONS. LEONARD, Bayuu La Batre McCALL, LEO, Troy McCALL, RICHARD T., DeFuniak Springs, Flu. McCLURE, BARBARA, Belle Chide, Fla. NKDl 1111-:. LINDA. Phenix City NklNNLSH, BOO, TaOassee McLAl RIN. ART! 11 RIAL. Uriah M. NEIL, RIGBY, JR., Repton MAHONEY, LINDA. Castleberry MARTIN, MARY ANN. Blountstown, Florida MARTIN, MLLINDA. Florala MAUGHON, Don 1.D L. Andalusia Ml [GS SALLY, Monroevitte Ml ssl i; I K lM ini: .. Ml SSICK, LINDA V; MILLS. M Utl si 1 Florala Moom I i; in Modin li ut me MOOR] SAM K »RC N I l IN MOZ1 I 1 BARBAP Mi I PI B I l I l Bl RR1 I ' I nil Nl SOMl I I UNI OWEN ' S, BOBBY RAY, Dothan OWENS, DOUGLAS, Atmore PADDOCK, RITA , Phenix City PARKER, LELL, Hartford PASSMORE, NEIL, Decatur, Ga. PATE, BILLY, Camden PATTERSON, JAMES, Andalusia PALL, DAVID, Tavares, Fla. PERDUE, ALICE, Phenix City PICKARD, LINSON, Florala PILGRIM, LINDA, Troy POPE, LASSIE, Union Springs PORTER, BERNICE, Montgomery POWELL, MENCIE, Ozark PRESCOTT, MARY E., Elba PRINZ, AL., Birmingham PURDY, LARRY, Andalusia RALPH. FRANK, Long Beach, N. Y REED, JANETTE, Munson, Via. REID, SAMUEL II., Greenville REYNOLDS DIXIE, Midland City RE » )1 .1 S TOMMY, Donalsonville, RIDDLE CAROLE, Phenh City RING KEITH Fort Walton, Fla ROBE IMS C UROL Dothan ' I BI RTS ' lAROl ! , Pi nsacola, Fla. I RS [OHN Moni omery RODG1 RS SYLVIA Blakely, Ga. ROSS, BOBBY, McKenzie ROTTOX, JOE, Union Springs ROUGHTOX, WILLODEAX, Inverness RUSSELL, IRIS, Mobile SANFORD, LYNX, Georgiana SAWYER, HARRY. Monroevitte SEW. ELIZABETH, Troy SESSIOXS, JUDY, Birmingham SHARPE, DON, Andalusia SIMMS, JACKIE, Frisco City SIMONETTI, MICHAEL, W„ York, V Y. SIMPLER, JAMES. Riverview sl ls. DIANE. Andalusia SINGLETON, ANNETTE, Ashford SMITH. CHARLOTTE, Eufaula SMITH, JEAN. Evergreen sol l El l l COLM, Prattville sil I (.] I I [NDA, ML Olive STEADH Wl rOMMY, Robertsdal STINSON SUE lorala SWORDS BE in si i shford I l l [OS] I ' ll. Camden i I l WARREN Camden I HOM s III m I II Bi klyn ) I IK MPS ) ( .!, i l HOMPSON I Wll - l [NDA1 I l i ill GreenvilUs l HOMPSON Ml l wll Pi tt, I, tat TOWXSEN ' D, AUDREY, Troy TURNER, CAROLYN ' , Patsburg TURNER, SHEILA, Atmore TYE, DONALD, Abbeville VANCE, ERNEST, Adel, Ga. VICKERY, BILL. Atmore WALKER, BILLY, Ozvrk WALLACE, BRENDA, Straughn WATTERS, LOLA, Troy WARD, VmGINIA, Headland WARD, WILLIE, Ft. Deposit WATSON, ROY, JR., Ozark WELDON, CLENDA, Titus WHEELER, WILLIAM, Cross City, Fla. WHITE, JOANN, Atmore WHITE, LINDA, Headland WHITEHEAD, MYRL, Cottonwood WILKINSON, ERVEL, Blue Springs WILKINS, BARBARA, Laurel Ml, Fla. WILLIAMS, ALLEN, Montgomery WILLIAMS, JAMES H., LeGrange, Ga. WILLI WIS |EAN, Troy WILLI Wis ROBERT, Eufaula WILLIS HARVEY, Albany WIND, HERBERT, Cairo, Ga. WOODHAM, ANGEL) V Hartford i HEMA, BakerhiU WOOTEN, CLAYTON, Jay, Fla. WRIGHT, MYRTLE, Opp YATES, KAY, Phenix City YOUNGBLOOD, CHARLOTTE, Troy YOUNGBLOOD. SUZANNE, Troy " It ' s all in the cards. Cheesecake?????? Ihr, I come, Fidel! " " Hitting, the booksr I 73 ] o R G A N I Z A T I O N S ADELPHES SNEA HONOR President Charles Palmer President Thelia Wigham COWART HALL SPIRES HONOR President Dale Carroll President Charlene Foster RELIGIOUS COUNCIL ALPHA PSI OMEGA President Don Coleman President Willard Kennedy KAPPA DELTA PI VETERANS CLUB President Alice Smith President Johnny Toole SHACKELFORD HALL MUSIC EDUCATORS President Charlene Foster President Rachel Stephenson MADRIGAL SINGERS President Rachel Stephenson COLLEGIATE SINGERS President Rachel Stephenson WAA President Shirley Riggs COLLEGE BAND Captain Jere l.awrcm c DEBATE CLUB President J antes I honton SPECS CLUB President Joe Andress SGA President Richard Scrushy NOTARI CLUB President drover Jacobs PHI M.U ALPHA President Emory i.rh PLAYMAK1 RS President ( ' urtis Gu ARGONAUTS President Tim Ryles PACE HALL President Robert McColloUgh TROPOLITAN Editor Edith Hughes ATHENAEUM CLUB President Soma Barton p l I l)ll 1 I ditoi John on EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: SEATED: Richard Scrushy , President; Gayle Campbell, Clerk. STANDING: Sue Mor- row, Secretary; Glenda Eddings, Treasurer; Lynn Jackson, Vice-president. STUDENT GOVERNMENT SENATE: STANDING: Ed Froelich; Mr. Ted Hammock, Sponsor. SEATED: FIRST ROW: Pat McBride; Sue Morrow; Richard Smith; Barbara Clark; Nan Dansby; Don Gibson. SECOND ROW: Anne McDuffie; Ann Jack- son; Frankie Shirley; Richard Scrushy; Charlie Palmer. THIRD ROW: Robert Leftwich; Phillip Edenfield; Johnnie Morgan; Barbara Gilbert; Barbara Lee. JUDICIARY BODY: Bill Dragoin, Freshman Justice; May belle Schlich, Sophomore Justice: drover Jacobs. Chun Justice; Edith Hughes, Senior Justice; Willard Kennedy, Junior Justice. ASSOCIATION SOCIAL COMMITTEE: May belle Schlich; Larry Anchors; Pat Mi Bride; Mrs. Lucille Boyd, Social Pira tor. Phillip Edenfield. KAPPA DELTA PI SEATED: Edith Hughes, Historian; Anne Curtis, Secretary; Sue Morrow, Vice-president; Alice Smith, President; Marilyn Clark, Treasurer; Dr. R. H. Ervin, Sponsor. STANDING: Eloise Rogers; Put Smith; Jimmy Lumley; Charlene Foster; Sonja Barton; Frances Barlow; Virginia Rodgers; Jan- ice Bottoms; Shirley Riggs; Madolyn Clipson; Walter Ray Rogers. Dr l II I rvin SPONSOR [ 78 SPIRES OFFICERS: Hilda Settle, Secretary-treasurer; Charlene Foster, President; Melanie Blalock, Vice- president. MEMBERS: SEATED Melanie Blalock, Charlene Foster, Hilda Settle STANDING Sut Mt Soma Barton, Alice Smith. Frances Barlow, Marilyn (lark I , lith Hughes ADELPHES SEATED: Polly Justice; Martha McLure; Gayle Campbell; Thclia Whigham; Maybelle Schlich; Mary Garrett; Melissa Webb. STANDING: Barbara Mixson; Pat McBride; Sue Morrow, Senior Member; Pat Smith, Senior Member; Peggy Boutwell; Margaret English; Penny Belcher; Mrs. Kate Shelburne, Sponsor; Carol Milk; June Mendheim; Linda Stricklin; Eula Walden; Frances Aber- crombie. OFFICERS: Linda Stricklin, Secretary Thelia Whigham, President. HOMIX OMINCi II.OAI [ 80 j ARGONAUTS PRESIDENT SWEETHEART SECRETARY-TREASURER Tim Ryals Jane Spear Chris Colombo Ken Bess Ken Boon ° ILflf: Smsti Don Gibson t Kenneth droves AmMKkJil Billy I. each Lamar McGlaun Ronald McMillan Bnrvl Mi Wan Robert Olix ( n Phillip James Prestwood Walter Ray Rodger s Frank L. Rodger Kenneth Tam )(7i Thomas Melynda Malloy, Social Chairman; Jeanette Jordan, Vice-president; Pat Kilgore, Secretary; Bobbie High, Treasurer; Dale Carroll, President. COWART HALL 7 WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Charlene Foster, ' resident, Shacklejord Hall: Sue Morrow. Overall President; Camille Parker, President, Mimosa: Dale Carroll, President, Cowart Hall. WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY BODY Pat Smith. Chairman: Camille Parker: Ann McDuffie; Sue Morrow; Charlene Foster. ■ V OFFICERS: Shelia Turner, Social Director; Judy Nail, Secretary; Charlene Foster, President; Mary- Elizabeth Prescott, Vice-president. SHACKLEFORD HALL SEATED: Mrs. Kate G. Shelburne, Director oj Women ' s Residence; Nan Moore; Jane Spear, Staff Members. STANDING: Virginia Rodgers; Jo Paul; Pat Smith; Ruth Burdeaux; Angelin McClendon, Staff Members. HOUSE COUNCIL: SEATED: Jimmy Jones; Sidney Grimes, Treasurer; Robert McCollough, President; John Hansen, Vice-president; Floyd Jones. STANDING: Jimmy Lumley; Dan Ferine; Harry Efurd; Wayne Lawhorne; John Johnson. PACE HALL MONITORS: SEATED: William White; Freddy Alford, Assistant Director: Robert Willijord, Di- rector; Elton Hagans, Assistant Director; Derrell Billingsly. STANDING: Charlie Palmer; Charles Wilson; Floyd Jones; John Johnson; Robert McCollough; Ed Froelich. NOT PICTURED: Thomas McCollough. MIMOSA FIRST ROW: Elaine Weaver, Assistant House Director; Camille Parker, President; Christine Norris; Janice Aplin. SECOND ROW: Barbara Gilbert; Sue Howard; Nobie Jones, House Di- rector. SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW- Randall Jackson; Buryl McWaters; Walter Ray Rogers; Virginia Cureton; Naomi Bell; Joe Andress. President; Jack Conaway; John Martin Bell. SECOND ROW: Johnny Toole; Pete Tucker; John Noblin; Kenneth Tanner; Mr. Ernest Riggsby, Sponsor. ? t t ! J I DEBATE CLUB SEATED: Charlie Keen Palmer; James Thornton; Cecil Phillips; Dr. Robert Boyd. Sponsor. STANDING: Earl Williams; Tim Ryals; Don Gibson; Willard Kennedy, Robert Leftwich; Roger Jones. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB SEATED: Robert Leftwich, President; Dona Honk, Program Chairman; Bobbie Weeks; Cecil Phillips, STAND- ING: Willie Thompson; Pari Williams; Don Gibson; Roger Jones, Secretary-Treasurer; Tommy Jackson; Williard Kennedy; Charlie Keen Palmer. •1 Class Editors- Virginia Rodger s, Ruth Burdeaux, Barbara Lee Circulation Manager — Jack Conaway in- fi i [ ' ir $ • A ttm i Sponsors — Miss Pauline Tranum, J eft McClain Sports Editor, Shirley Riggs; Typist, Janice Bottoms Business Manager — Robert McCollough Administration Editor — Melanie lilalock Feature Editors Jeanette Jordan, Judy Pritchett [89] anization Editors Wanda Hu ndre REPORTERS: KNEELING: Carl Leverette; Billy Martin; Larry Purdy; Bill Dragoin; Oscar Cope. SEATED: Betty Messer; Linetta Cox; Libby Senn; Carolyn Ammons; Kathleen Mackmiller. STANDING: Jim Vance; Jimmy Croley; Charlene Foster; June Parker; Natalie Jones; Nan Spurlin; Ray Rachels; Jack Compton; Bill Davis. A ssistant Editor, Frances Davis Business Manager, Barbara Andrews [ 90 ] p OLITAN Advertising Staff — Jimmy Croley, Jim Vance. Sponsor — Mrs. Delores Turner COIutnnists — John Holt, Willard Kennedy Sports Columnist — Joe Griffin Photographer Larry Purd) ( opy I ditor Barbara I ■ I [ 91 ] SEATED: Mildred Wright, Secretary; Don Coleman, President; Earl Bethel, Vice-president. STANDING: Robert Olive, Crane Walker; Jimmy Faulk; Donna Sue Hodges; Charles Underwood; Ray Rachels; Mr. W. D. McLaughlin, Sponsor. RELIGIOUS COUNCIL MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION SEATED: Bobby Ross; Ed Britton; Larry Bennett, President; Pete DeLeon; Wesley Price. STANDING Claude Connor; Joe Bates; George McLure; Fletcher Bass; Richard Lisseveld. SEATED: Sandra Howell, 2nd Vice President; Hilda Settle, President; Becky McCraney, Treasurer; Linetta Cox, 1st Vice President. STANDING: Mr. Riggsby, Counselor; Ed Briton, Visitations Chair- man; Ruth Massey, Fellowship Fund Chairman; Tommy Butts, Publicity Chairman; Dr. J. E. Tate, Pastor Director. WESLEY FOUNDATION SEATED: Dr. J . E. Tate, Pastor-Director; Dot Nichols; Ruth Massey, Fellowship Fund Chairman: Hilda Settle. Pres- ident; Mury Gurrett, Mr. Riggsby, Counselor. STANDING: Tommy Butts, Publicity Chairman; Sandra Howell. 2nd Vice-President; Linetta Cox, 1st Vice-President; Ed Briton, Visitations Chairman; Charles Avery; Becky - Craney, Treasurer; Mary Ann Ross; Herbert Wind. THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION ft aftin EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: FIRST ROW-.Emmett Windham; Don Cargill; Janice Toole; Peggij Lamon; Betty Youngblood; Martha McLure; Jimmy Faulk, President; Ken Groves; Mr. H. T. Br eland, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Flay Lowery; Genell Kelley; Sidney Grimes; Christine Barron; Larry Eiland; Ken Boan; Lois Campbell; Derrell Billingsley; Robert Olive. NOT PICTURED: Gloria Philpot. FRESHMEN COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Clarence Ballard; Glenda Buckelew; Melinda Martin; Mary Sue Mills; Judy Nail; Linda White; Angeline Hollis. SECOND ROW: Linda Barron; Delores Adams; Norma Sue Adams; Jean Smith; Sandra Ham- monds; Iris Russell. THIRD ROW: Rev. Donald Crapps, Director; Douglas Owens; Jerry Dykes; Francis Deer; Terry Saw- yer, ' resident. NOT PICTURED: Larry Purdy; Carolyn Ammons; Mack Murphy; Jerry Murphree. Y i -7 SEATED: Carol Mills; Conrad diMichele; Jean Parks; J ere Parks; Mr. Ted Hammock, Sponsor. STANDING: Rev. James Bell, Vicar of Saint Marks; Larry Anchors; Thomas Wilkinson; Willard Kennedy; Art Jennings; Ben McCune. President; Howard Carr, Vice-President; John Brown, Secretary-Treasurer. CANTERBURY PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Johnny Toole; Charles Lipscomb; Tim Ryals; Joe Wooten; Joe Andress; Walter R. Rogers; Charlie Palmer; Willard Kennedy; Grover Jacobs; Robert Leftwich; Robert McCollough. SECOND ROW: Charlene Foster; Camille Parker; Lynn Jackson; Thelia Whigham; Alice Johnson; Edith Hughes; Rachel Stephenson; Larry Anchors; Richard Scrushy; Sue Morrow; Shirley Riggs. I v «% ». IFF • v C CLUB FIRST ROW: Kenneth Tanner; Elton Hagans; Luck Watford; Jack Conaway; Walter Ray Rogers, President; Bury I Mc Waters; John Lee; Danny Copeland. SECOND ROW: Virginia Rodgers; Pete Tucker; Frances Abercrombie; John Noblin; Polly Justice; Jimmy Lumley; George Higdon; Martha McLure; Gayle Campbell; Mary Garrett. Pollv Justice SVM I IHF.ART Edward I . Harnett SPONSOR ALPHA PSI OMEGA Mr. Art Hopper, Director; Willard Kennedy, President; Virginia Rodgers, Secretary-Treasurer; Mi- riam Reck; Ed Key Murphree, Vice-President; Charlie Palmer. PLAYMAKERS FIRST ROW: Mr. Art Hopper, Director; Ned Nossaman; Willard Kennedy; Charlie Palmer; Miriam Bcik. Vaughn McNeil; Diane Sims; " Boo " Mclnnish; Carol Roberts; Sue Drake; Dixie Reynolds; Curtis Cm. ' resident. SF.CONI) ROW: Virginia Rodgers; Ed Key Murphree; Billy Martin, Vice-president; Jimmy Head, Virginia Ward; I rankie Shirley; Mayhelle Schlich; Cavle Campbell; Shelia Turner. ATHENAEUM CLUB FIRST ROW: Fauline Mathis; Tommy Collins; Sonja Barton, President; Sheila Cutchen; Barbara Gilbert; Lois Campbell; Bonnie Dean; Janice Gibson, Vice-president; Wallace Roth; Darwin Wilson; Mrs. Thelma Mershon, Spon- sor. SECOND ROW: Wanda Dunn; Lana Barlow; Pat Kilgore; Jimmie Sue Phillips; Faye Ivey; Beth Wilson, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Lassie Pope; Sue Canales; Carol Gerlach; Mary Cowen; Betty Messer; Linda Stricklin. MENC SEATED: Mrs. Olivia Rainer, Sponsor; Veteria Hester, Secretary; Priscilla Mahone, Vice-president; Rachel Steph- enson, President; Judy Pritchett; Sue Morrow. SECOND ROW: Jane Price Yeackle; Glenda Buckelew; Annette McGraw; Melissa Webb; Donna Sue Hodges; Donna Armstrong; Bill Hammett. THIRD ROW: Mr. James Patrenos; Mr. Richard Melvin; Gerald Jackson; Derrell Billingsley; Don Coleman; Randy Boles; Joe Tate; Alan Williams; Mr. Charles Calkins. COLLEGIATE SINGERS FIRST ROW: Martha Smith; Priscilla Mahone; Glenda Buckelew, Annette McGraw; Sylvia Jones; Donna Sue Hodgins, " Boo " Mdnnish; Judy Grimes; Veteria Hester; Duane Duncan; Joan Thompson; Diane Pinckard; Lorraine Donald; Jo Brown; Jenelle Godwin; Melissa Webb; Charlene Foster; Angeline Hollis. SECOND ROW: Jerrie Whitehead. Mildred Wright; Velma Holloway; Pat Howell; Judy Pritchett; Jimmie Davis; Melinda Martin; Jean Jones; Marv Alice McRcu Rachel Stephenson; Sue Morrow; Norma Sue Adams; Joyce Anderson; flay Lowery; Dutchie Sellers; Vivian I ' rine: Carolyn Nelson. THIRD ROW: Dr. Charles Farmer, Director; Walter Daniels; Joe Starker; Sydney Taylor; " Sandy " Raskin; Jerrv Dykes; Stanley Hohbs; Don Coleman; Jimmy Head; Waiter Sullivan; Allan Williams; Archie Shipp; Duel Wilson Mr. James Patrenos, Accompanist. FOURTH ROW: Bill Hammett; Chuck Lverage; D. W. Senn; Dick Murphree; Jimmy Croley; Wayne Spencer; Emory Erh; Randy Boles; Jerry Lawrence; Bob Overstreet; Ken Boan; Chester Lee; Dcrrcll Bill ingsley; Gerie Bledsoe; Lanny Corbin; A Ivin Sheffield; Jerry Greer. The Collegiate Singers, under the direction of Dr. Charles V. Farmer, have gained nationwide recognition during the past two years, having been selected as one of the nation ' s outstanding choral organizations by the Mutual Broadcasting System, the world ' s largest network. This select group of 60 voices was asked to sing a 30 minute coast to coast broadcast from New York (it over M.B.S.. for the second straight year and was the only college or university choir to be asked to sing a return engagement over the network. The Collegiates have toured through the Southern States singing ap proximately 25 concerts per year on radio, television, in schools and in churches MARCHING BAND MAJORETTES Minnie Wade, Carol Roberts, Kathx Davis, Carol Ann Carr, Jo Ann Ware. CONCERT BAND DIRECTOR, Mr. Richard Metvin CLARINETS— SAXOPHONES— Ruth Beaudeaux l.eona Whitehead Judy Duncan Angeline Hollis Jerry Greer Anna Rose Session Jerry Lawrence Rachael Stevenson Sherry Morgan Dick Murphree Sue Morrow Carol Roberts PERCUSSION— Marvin Vickers 1 ' aughn McNeil Randall Boles Carole Weeks Conrad De licit TRUMPETS— Don Coleman George Fulks lidl Hammeti II HAS— Tommy Fowler Charles Adams Joe late Charles Everage Walter Daniels Claude Conner TROMBONES— 1 rnest Harriss FRENCH HORNS Allan Williams Diane Pinckard C,c rge Sanders Patricia Burns Wayne Kendrich ll UTE— Jo Ann W are BASSOON— Donna Sue Hodgins OBOl Melissa w ebb [ 10) ] NOTARI CLUB OFFICERS: Alice Smith, Secretary; Floyd Jones, Treasurer; Grover Jacobs, President; Roger Forehand, Program Chairman; Bobby Paschal, Publicity Chairman; Carl Blackmon, Vice-presi- dent; Mrs. Nan Cooper, Sponsor. SEATED: FIRST ROW: Roger Forehand; Alice Smith; Carl Blackmon; Grover Jacobs; Bobby Paschal; Floyd Jones. SEATED: SECOND ROW: Charles Underwood; Gwen Lanier; Juanita Jones; Benny Strength; Robert McCollough; Newton Beasley; Don Bozeman. STANDING: Perry Peacock; Eugene Autrey; Thelia Whigham; John Johnson; Lynn Burch; Gerald Jackson; Ray Tew; James McDaniel; Tom Spader; Mrs. Nan Cooper, Sponsor. P SEATED: Joe Griffin, President. STANDING: Ken Groves; Mr. James O ' Neal, Sponsor; John Fryer; John Law; Ken Bess; Al Clanton, Vice-president; Don Cargill, Treasurer; Peggy I. anion. Sweetheart; Chris Colombo; Billy I. each; John Swanncr; Dyke Goodin; James Cotton; Luck Wat- ford, Secretary. sh ■ ART, Peggy Lamon I ' 03 ] WOMENS ' ATHLETIC I — i M W ' Jm} I m M 11 j_..l aio a .W ILJ l — ' ■ »lllll|- =- NJ«j ft J i " V , ■ — S m 1 1 l — x y — rll ■». m : t . .1 1 «. . a 1 4BM •mi ' M ASSOCIATION OFFICERS PRESIDENT— Shirley Riggs VICE-PRESIDENT— J an Bottoms SECRETARY— Marx Ellen Wyrosdick TREASl fRER— Nancy Hay den PROGRAM CHAIRMAN— Ruhr Griggers SPONSOR— Miss Pat Curry I ' he Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization which stresses the study of the principles of organizing recreation pro- grams and interscholastic athletic activities. It is open to all tiirls who wish to participate. I lie organization meets weeklj [ 105 ] STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION l S r ZfAZ ' JZ r Vir inia ° l ™ Porter; Charlie Palmer, President; P mswrian, trances Abercrombie, Secretary-Treasurer; Grover Jacobs, Vice-president. Dr. Harris Harvill SPONSOR I Ik Student Education Association is an organization of great significance and value to prospective teachers. In becom- ing a member of SFA. one will develop insights and abilities that will be influen- tial in the teaching profession. Adams, Margaret Adams, Marvis Andress, Joe Andrews, Barbara Arrington, Jack Austin, Larry Avery, Charles Baker, Martha K. Barrett, Marie Black, Olene Blalock, Melanie Bland, John Bottoms, Janice Bozeman, Don Browder, John Burdeaux, Ruth Chancey, James Chapman, Richard Cozart, Ree Cozort, Simeon Daughtry, Barbara Davidson, Lyman Donaldson, Harold Donaldson, James Duell, Grace Eddings, Glcnda Fllison, Mary Floyd, Samuel Gray, Robert Griggers, Judy Gunter, Herman MEMBERS Hasty, Barbara Herring, Jimmy Hicks, Carolyn Holland, David Howard, Sue Jackson, Lynn Jeffcoat, Betty Johnson, Alice Johnston, Joe Kelly, Charles Kennedy, Willard Lanier, Gwen Lee, Gloria Jean Lee, Warner I.everette, Carl Lewis, Daisy I-olley, Valinda Lowrey, Flay McLendon, Mary McLure, Janice Martin, Noel Miller, frank Mills, Cabert Morrow, Sue Moseley, Rita Parr, Bobby Pelham, Caroline Phillips, Cecil C Philpot, Gloria Powell, Patsy Pritchett, Judy Rafuse, Ralph Reeves, Will Rodgers, Eloise Rogers, Glenda Rogers, Walter Ray Sanders, Sara Schlich, Maybelle Sellers, Dutchie Shuler, James Sikes, Charles Sikes, Jeanette Smith, Phyllis Southwell. Larry Spratlan, LaRue Strickland. Merrell Stringer, Sam Thompson. Billy Thornton. James Trotter. Marsha Irussell. John C. Ward, Nellie Jane Watkins, Audrey Weeks, Carole Whitley, Annice Wilson. Melinda Witherington. Linda Wind, Robert Wyrosdick. Mary Ellen Young, Gail Youngblood, Jackie [ 106 ] I WOMEN ' S MUSIC CLUB SEATED: Donna Sue Hodges; Priscilla Mahone; Judy Allen; Betty Jean Head, Vice-president; Sue Morrow, President; Melissa Webb, Secretary; Carol Mills, Treasurer; Dixie Reynolds. STANDING: Diane Pinckard; Lorraine Donald; Jo Brown; Joyce Anderson; Mrs. Olivia Rainer, Sponsor; " Boo " Mclnnish; Glenda Buckelew; Sherry Morgan; Nancy Hay den; Annette McGraw; Rachel Stephenson; Veteria Hester; Kathryn Garrett; Flay Lowery; Jane Price Yeackle. Donna Arm- strong; Mrs. Kate Shelburne; Anna Rose Sessions; Carole Weeks. PHI MU ALPHA FIRST ROW: Conrad diMichele; Charles Everage; Derrell Billingsley, Treasurer; Dick Murphree, President; Pete Tucker, Secretary; Gerald Jackson; Mr. Richard Melvin. SECOND ROW: Dr. Charles V. Farmer, Sponsor; Alan Williams; Charles Adams; Sidney Taylor; Jimmie Head; Archie Shipp; Marvin Vickers; William Hammett. THIRD ROW: Joe Starkey; ferry Dykes; Emory Erb; Randall Boles; Joe Tate; Jerry Greer; Mr. James Patrenos, Alumni Secretary. NOT PICTURED: Tommy Fowler; George Fulks; Bob Shiflett, Vice-President. m . a — ._ 1 1 1 i ; i rw r i i in i.i ■ MB ■ ▼ • - F E A T U R E S [ 108 v w 4 htomecomincf cs{ueen Aane S pear [ no ] ZJea for the dSeaulie5 f IJDeauL Carola f o 113 ] Senior (73eauL C laine Lt e, [ H4 ] Aunlor (JjteauL KJienda C ddinaS [ 115 ] ' ' . ; ' • ' ; ' Sophomore ( SeauL T -JnnWc2)uffu [ H6 ] PI ' HIT rreshman (J3eciul 9 BecL Wart!, I H7 | id WartL Wit, »% l 0, L otton ( Sail (0 7 ueen Aacltie J4asty [ 121 ] :ma3 c$ ueen [ 122 ] Wr. a nJWi»3.S.C. jt ' ff (—00 he Aane Senear 123 VVlelanie (AJlaloch Who ' s American an Coll. yJlice S mith Kenneth J- lttt [ 12 4 ] Universities d fei chard S cruibi JLynn rfachion ( harlene Uostt [ 125 ] i$ I . • ,.«» " ' " . i fl|| r ? " pmI0f§$fig£ M3C C loiie C+ad on Rod Beck Cdltk JJuan ed C teanor LJ I leal Ljlenda -3. IKoqerS ff arUun L iark Walter f -o-u iKoaerd aundra S mitn Sue Wo [ ' 27 ] r I ladotifn C litfAon ot pictured: Mnnice renn !L ,; l A Senior ClaM ZfavoriteA S3 s aine We eaver [ 128 ] Aunior LtaJJ ravorited Shrank II nLafKue S nrattan [ 129 ] H -. BH Sophomore C aJJ Istavorited Lieorae I ori Wartka Wits Aon [ 130 ] U-reAnman LtaJJ sravorites rsod Kjrant Virqinia Ward I 131 ] A C T V T E S [ 132 ] K Gad those flies! ' Pea-picking time in Alabam. " I nist dare anybody to touch my still! ' " Swing yore partner ' I 134 ] No wonder he washes clothes willingly! m? ■■£ 1 V ' ! l . j ; n X " „ ' Jm , s " • , - % • Oh, to he a teddy hear! [ 135 ] Down at the hole " Oh! Those Huntingdon visitors. " It ' s not that had, is it, Nancy? ' ' Must he test week! " 7 thought we washed these! " [ 136 ] ' Sleepy time gal ' ' Behind the .scenes! ' The library is a favorite place to study (?). " { 138 ] HOMECOMING Women annoy me, I love to be annoyed. Just keep walking. What ' s thai in the THE STUDENT CENTER want a four-cent stump, please! ' But, I don ' t want i hange! ' [ 141 ] K2 You won ' t believe it when I tell you. Let ' s talk about international relations. He ' s so cute! There will be better days, Becky It Some lucky ones get out! " Sonic people study! " ' Slip me the test, man! ' ' Boy, will I be glad when I get out of here! Our beloved Dr. Kilpatrick chats with Miss Lambert anil Dr. Algeo, members j the ' 60 summer faculty. c __ " Another rainy day? " " Can you wad? " [ 146 ] That shocked me dear out of my picture 147 ] WE ALL STUDY! w- dentus at work Don ' t just ( c something, utuul th I 149 ] 1 1 K ? e 1 M0. DANCE £ SPONSORED BY K FRESHMAN CLA A SAT NIT f ] yP;[ J t ■ 1 i Palladium Business Manager and Editor discuss year- book problems with Paragon Press representative, James A. Melton. You ' re going to get in trouble! ' ' Just smile those blues away! ' [ 150 ] We ' re just trying to impress our friends. ' " Cares will come and cares will go, hut 1 will worry no mo. " ■ ' 1 I ■ r™ • H HiX Vim IP w H 1 J fli 1 Vl m A K« " ■ M 1 H » 77ze ' 7o ;y Coachmen " render a song. This is activity?! [ 152 ] NOTAIU CLUB DANCE President Graver Jacobs crown Queen Becky McCraney as escort Floyd Jones smiles. Evening dancing class Arc you sure you ' ve got to Stay ut die dance until 12? LYCEUM The Lyceum program attractions for the 1960-61 year included two lectures, six musical programs, and one dra- matic performance. Dr. Harris Harvill of the Education Department served as chairman of the Lyceum committee. HUDSON STRODE Dr. Hudson Strode, writer, teacher, and biographer talked about his biography of Jefferson Davis at assembly on October 19. Natalie Bodanya, an American lyric soprano, has had leading roles at the Metropolitan Opera, and has made guest appearances at leading opera (enters in Eu- rope. Miss Bodanya appeared here October 20. NATALIE BODANYA NEW YORK WOODWIND QUINTET The New York Woodwind Quintet, including the flute, oboe, French horn, bassoon, and clarinet appeared at the American exposition at the Brussels World ' s Fair. The quintet performed here November 15. Dr. Samuel StUtnpf, head of the Department of Philosophy at Vanderbili University, was guest speaker December 7. His address was the " Origin of Our Demo cratic I ' alues. " [ 155 ] DR s- tt II si I 7 Irene Callaway and Peter Harrower, soprano and bass-baritone, were also featured on the Lyceum program Janu- ary 18. As soloists they won ovations for their taste and style at the inaugural concert of the Bach Society of Rome. Miss Callaway studied in Italy and has appeared on many television pro- grams. r x IRENE CALLAWAY Mr. Harrower has a reputation of one of the country ' s leading classic and operatic singers. PETER NARROWER I _jL1 ' 1! William Clauson, balladier and guitarist, has been appraised by Carl Sanburg as a " viking of song — one oj the most colorful and versatile singers and accom- plished guitarists that I have ever heard. " Mr. Clauson appeared here February 22. WILLIAM CLAUSON Other performers not pictured are: March 7 — Theodore Ullman, piano recitalist, has performed in countries on every continent as well as in cadi of the fifty United States. March 20 — Ottomar Borwitzky, cellist, has been first cellist with the Philharmonic Orchestra since 1954. April 19— The Cleveland Players arc touting under a grant from the lord foundation inane fort to bring good theatre to small communities. April 26 — Louis ( ntcrmevcr. poet, anthologist. critic, and wit is the author of seventy volumes ol prose and verse. [ 157 ] s p o R T S [ 158 ] n «V ■ ■ " • ' ■ " J.V - • »i " • • • i — Coacli Melvin Lucas Coach William Clipson Student Coach Wayne Floyd Manager Tommy Green Student Coacli Wayne Floyd KEN WARD, CAPTAIN End BUBBA MARIOTT, CAPTAIN Quaterback [ 160 ] BOBBY MURCHISON, CAPTAIN Center ROGER STEPHENS End [ 161 ] n in i i i TOMMY JONES Tackle [ 162 ] JIMMY TOMPKINS Tackle M I lc » 1 I I (. ' .mini [AMES BRUCE Quarterback [ 164 ] AI, CI, ANTON Halfback NEIL PASSMORE Halfback l l ( Ol ! SOLLEY Fullback i i; K III en i Fullhack [ 165 ] ROB1 I I (H M s Name POSITION WEIGHT HOMETOWN David Paul End 180 Tavares, Florida Earnest Vance End 180 Sparks, Georgia Clayton Wooten End 180 Jay, Florida Kenneth Ward End 180 Florala, Alabama James Williams End 170 LaGrange, Georgia Roger Stephens End 175 LaGrange, Georgia Tommy Jones Tackle 205 Acworth, Georgia Walter Davis Tackle 240 Birmingham, Alabama James Tompkins Tackle 195 Brantley, Alabama Bud Galloway Tackle 210 Apalachicola, Florida James Thomas Tackle 210 Highland Home, Alabama Cliff Russell Tackle 215 Montgomery, Alabama Travis Marsh Guard 205 Boaz, Alabama Earl Newton Guard 175 Greenville, Alabama Max Howell Guard 195 Prattville, Alabama John Faircloth Guard 180 Brundidge, Alabama Steve Henley Center 180 Prattville, Alabama Bobbie Murchison Center 180 Eclectic, Alabama Jerry Trammell Quarterback 165 Centre, Alabama Bubba Marriott Quarterback 185 Foley, Alabama James Bruce Quarterback 185 Andalusia, Alabama Al Clanton Halfback 165 Europa, Mississippi Charles Aplin Halfback 165 Florala, Alabama Neil Passmore Halfback 160 Decatur, Georgia Robert Youmans Fullback 160 Lexsey, Georgia Frank Fulgham Fullback 190 Manchester, Georgia Malcolm Solley Fullback 160 Prattville, Alabama Bill Brown Fullback 165 Headland, Alabama ' Hair ' today and gone tomorrow. [ ' 67 ] BASKETBALL VARSITY SEATED: Emmett Windham, Manager; George Norton; Ken Shaw; Jeff Cooke; Bill Dickson; Dave Gin- gold; Frank Miller STANDING: John Archer, Coach; Tony Coco; Hamil Martin; Bob Pace; Jud Dye; Noel Martin; Paul Word; Mike Sexton. JUNIOR VARSITY RalphNash, J. V. Coach; Curtis Harris; Larry Davis; David Patrican; LaPrade Pettis; William Thigpen. VARSITY KILL DICKSON [ ' 69 ] III I ( OOKE FRANK MILLER DAVE GINGOLD MIKE SEXTON JUD DYE 170 BASKETBALL ROSTER NAME George Norton Bill Dickson Mike Sexton Dave Gingold Frank Miller Jeff Cooke Paul Word Hamil Martin Jud Dye Bob Pace Noel Martin Bonnie Hayes Curtis Harris Ken Shaw William Thigpen HEIGHT HOMETOWN 6 ' 2 " Miami, Florida 6 ' 1 " Wewahitchka, Florida 6 ' 1 " Selma, Alabama 6 ' 0 " Sharon, Pennsylvania 6 ' 2 " Jakin, Georgia 6 ' 4 " Bainbridge, Georgia 6 ' 2 " Troy, Alabama 5 ' 11 " Decatur, Alabama 5 ' 10 " West Middlesex, Pennsylvania 6 ' 1 " Jakin, Georgia 5 ' 9 " Ozark, Alabama 6 ' 1 " Prichard, Alabama 5 ' 7 " Uriah, Alabama 5 ' 9 " Central Slip, New York 5 ' 11 " Greenville, Alabama [ 171 ] CHEERLEADERS Maybelle Schlich, Gaijle Dean, Norma Jo Martin, Kathnjn Garrett, Arthurine McLaurin, Edith Hughes: EDITH HUGHES Head Cheerleader [ 172 ] MAYBELLE SCIIMCH OH l |() M T GAYLE DEAN K VI HRYN GARRET [ 173 ] i. i in i;i i i. i i i;i CROSS COUNTRY KNEELING: Dyke Goodin, Rod Beck, Bill Thompson, Jim Herring, Bernard Ballard. STANDING: Jerry Meyer, manager, Julian Foshee, Sam Watson, Larry Purdy, Larry Deavers. Hod Beck breaks the tape for another first. I 174 ] Intramural 1000 meter run. CROSS COUNTRY ROSTER NAME Dyke Goodin Hill Thompson Hod Beck Jim Herring Bernard Ballard Julian Foshee Sam Watson Larry Purdj Larry Deavers HOMETOWN Griffin, Georgia Pensacola, Florida Troy, Alabama Napier Field, Alabama Fori Walton Beach. Florida ndalnsia. Alabama Panama ( . ' it . Florida Andalusia. Alabama Deatsville, Uabama [ 175 ] TRACK AND FIELD FRONT ROW: Larry Purdy, Jerry Meyer, William Thompson, Dyke Goodin, Rod Beck, Glynn Kendrick, Wayne Murphy, Coach Nick Costes. STANDING: Manager Robert Lejtwich, Marion Foshee, Bob Carlton, Larry Davis, George Norton, Paul Word, Snuffie Smith, Joe Wooten. Smoke v Poole Bernie Ballard Rod Beck Jerry Meyer Willie Thompson [ 177 ] D kc i TENNIS Jeff Cooke RETURNING LETTERMAN BASEBALL J. I). Gooden liuhba Marriott RETURNING I EEIERMEN [ 178 ] ROLL Red Wave! Well! Now How A haul That! Hang on JudJ Poetn In Motion A D V E R T S N G VL Alt w Jm HENDERSON BLACK GREENE INC Contractors Wholesale Retail Lumber Millwork Builder ' s Supplies THE PIKE THEATER " Always the best of entertainment at the Pike. " Owned and Operated by Martin Theatres Troy, Alabama Best Wishes To Troy State College We are very fond of you and are proud of the progress you are making toward becoming a larger institution. The relationship between the City of Troy and Troy State College has always been on the upward move. We are proud to have been a part of this progress. Always look for our continued loyal support. We would enjoy having you visit our store! JKriftufjtom INGRAM ' S RESTAURANT For the best in good eating Dining Room — 250 Capacity | | ' ]:. | 1 ss — HH CI i w. mm m Located on 231 Bypass Troy, Alabama Compliments of COLONIAL BAKING CO. . P.O. Box 566 Montgomery, Ala. HUB i SvucWf 1 Colonial i p 00 " MAKE EVERY MEAL A SUNDAY DINNER ENJOY TSorden ' s ICE CREAM Very Big on Flavor Dothan, Ala. Compliments of MID-SOUTH PACKERS, Tupelo, Mississippi " A Meal Without Meat Is a Meal Incomplete " NC SOUTHERN BELLE £ japr Your Family Gets the Most from Compliments of FOREMOST BEAR BROTHERS, INC. Buy Foremost Milk and Ice Cream Montgomery, Ala. Compliments COLEMAN-JERNIGAN of BUSINESS SERVICE PHIL ADAMS MOTOR CO. 76 N. Court Square Phone 422 TROY, ALABAMA SEARS Sales Service Now for Nearly Four Generations shop nv PilONK 312 N. Three Notch Phone 720 Troy, Alabama " SATISFACTION •JLHllJ I BOfBUCKANDCO GUARANTEED " X mr FROM HOME ROYAL TIRE SERVICE, INC. MANLY GREEN U. S. ROYAL TIRES PULPWOOD DEALER RECAPPING Johnson Outboard Motors Troy, Alabama Pioneer Chain Saws Phone 844 Troy, Alabama Compliments JEAN ' S FLOWERS of 1 10 Madison Street DARI DELITE Phone 968 Troy, Alabama Phone 1625 Jean reminds you . . . Brundidge Hwy. Troy, Alabama " When It ' s Flowers, Be Sure They ' re Ours " S. D. WINN CIGAR COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF Wholesale CIGARS, TOBACCO, CIGARETTES CANDY THE ATOMIC EXTERMINATORS Montgomery, Alabama COMPLETE PEST CONTROL INSURED TERMITE CONTROL " GOLDEN FLAKE POTATO CHIPS " ALL OUR PATIENTS DIE ALABAMA ' S OWN Troy Phone 1137-W Opp Hwy 3 4336 i WILLIAM E. GREENE FOOD DISTRIBUTOR Quality N.I.F.D.A. Foods Tallahassee, Fla. Dothan, Ala. Panama City, Fla. BOYD COMPANY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES STEREO, HI-FI, and RECORDS 80 N. Court Square Troy, Alabama F and M INSURANCE COMPANY Fred Nail Bill Sanford Phone 1401 62 Court Square Troy, Alabama FIRST FARMERS MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF TROY Complete Drive-in Facility Corner of Love Oak Streets TROY, ALABAMA WHALEY LUMBER AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONTRACTORS BUILDERS Phone 245 TROY, ALABAMA THE FAIR DEPARTMENT STORE HATS, SHOES, DRY GOODS READY-TO-WEAR Stetson Hats — Manhattan Shirts West Side Court Square Phone 101 Troy, Alabama GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 57 E. Court Square Phone 716 Troy, Alabama BEST INSURANCE ALWAYS gft ■ ) BOATNER INSURANCE AGENCY Carroll Bldg. Phone 1555 TROY, ALABAMA HOLMAN JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHER 113 N. Three Notch Phone 746 TROY, ALABAMA LAWRENCE HARDWARE Wilson Sporting Goods Remington Guns and Ammunition Houseware — Paint 56 E. Court Square Phone 76 TROY, ALABAMA BYRD DRUG COMPANY Phone 298 Court Square TROY, ALABAMA WATSON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " The Store that constantly lowers your cost of living " Phone 1105 108 E. Elm Troy, Alabama TROY MAID BAKERY YOUR EVERY BAKERY NEED Pike County ' s Only Bakery Phone 1037 Troy, Alabama TEPPER ' S " The Style Shop of Troy " Phone 1276 Troy, Alabama TROY MOTOR CO. PONTIAC - BUICK AUTOMOBILES GMC TRUCKS Sales and Service Phone 2360 - 2361 Troy, Alabama OLDSMOBILE • CHEVROLET • CADILLAC MARY CHEVROLET COMPANY Phone 1013 • 1014 So m and Si TROY, ALABAMA IN MEMORIAM Prof. Auxford Sartain The death of Professor Auxford Sartain, on November 11, 1960 grieved the faculty and student body of Troy State College. As head of the History Department for many years, his influence will be seen in the students who left Troy State to enter the teaching profession as teachers of History. Fortunate, indeed, were those who were members of his classes. 190 ] As the final pages of the 1961 PALLADIUM arc prepared tor printing, we are relieved, yet sad. It has been a wonderful experience working together as a team, meeting and solving the prob- lems concerned with yearbook production. We. the staff, would like to take this method of thanking the many people and agencies who have made the production of this yearbook possible: To the administration, faculty, and students for their help and cooperation. To School Pictures, Inc. for photographing the school pictures. To The Tropolitan for publicity. To our Paragon Press representative, James Melton for his patience, help, and understanding To the advertisers, organizations, and the college for financial assistance. To Holman Johnson and his stall for photography. And to all others who helped and encouraged us in any way. We hope that this 1961 PALLADIUM will take its place " among your souvenirs " to remind you of this college and your many associations with it. Sincerely, The I MM PA1 1 AD 1 1 M Stall AUTOGRAPHS

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