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PHLLRDIUM palladium Troy State College began as a joint enterprise between the Alabama Legislature and the citizens of Troy. The mutual interdependence oi town and college was based upon the cultural advan- tages to be derived from an institution of higher learning. We hope that this reminder of the together- ness which characterized the existence ' of Troy State College and the City of Troy in earlier years will inspire an even more harmonious relationship between the citizens of Troy and the students of Troy State College in the future. . . . - Staff Since that first day back in • Town and College have shown a Spirit of Togetherness that 1 as resulted in their parallel growth A Mutual ultura evelopment . . . J Y EXHIBITS; musical programs; dramatic performances; lectures; and addresses, both tech- nical and popular in nature, given on various oc- easions throughout the year, constitute a large part of the service rendered In the college to the ie rende people oi Trov. Not only have the members ol the faculty and e student bodv made their contributions to the cultural de elopment, hut the college has brought many distinguished speakers and excellent enter- tainers from the nation at large to instruct, amuse, ■ . ¥lmn id inspire. and inspire. f eligious c% .... ' -Sk « Set J ' -a fowth, through the years . . . hurdles and their members it llk K all students to participate in wholesome Christian fellowship which they provide. The college cooperates with the churches in meeting the spiritual needs of students. The religious council, an interdenominational organization, functions as an ntegral part of the Student Government Association in promoting religious activities on campus by co-ordinating the crtorts of the various churches of Trov. 8St • • Ithyjl College and the ciation between the Igpouth of Troy IVIC associations have made use of the abili- C ties of college students in many youth fitness programs which they sponsor. The recreation program of the city has been enhanced by the leadership of able students who like to see young people develop their maximum potential. Many students receive valuable leadership ex- perience by working with the local youth organi- zations. Again the benefits are mutual among the youth of Troy, the college students, and ulti- mately, society as a whole my 1 ■ • 1 " 1 I •■ «■ 1 1 - - 1 1 i T " Tl Add to all this vSy A I IK cordial attitude 1 displayed by commercial interests; the quiet, intellectually stimulating cultural environment For which Troy is noted; the rewarding social contacts plus other advantages too numerous to mention here; and we begin to understand our feeling for these fine people. With all filling our mutual this past present, we of continued • . • associations . . . §| Therefore — to th future • . • associations we dedicate palladium nfl ft ADMINISTRATION Our President, Dr. C. B. Smith, has grown with this college in its progress - " from a two-year normal school of 250 students to a standard four-year college with an enrollment approach- ing 1,500. His general philosophy of education has been a guiding hand to a countless number of TSC graduates who fill teaching and ad- ministrative positions throughout this section pf the country. His immense capacity for work and sincere dedication to his profession have beeinrEey factors in the growth of TSC since 1937. DR. C. B. SMITH President Dr. G. R. BOYD Dean of Administration MR. LEWIS W. GODLOVE Dean of Students [ 18 ] RT DEPARTMENT BUSINESS DEPARTMENT tmeni Head ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Lucille Boyd Mrs. Mary H. Lockridge Miss Olivia Picnczza Dr. Einmett Kilpatrick, Department Head Mrs. Dolores Turner Mrs. Lucille Mussleman Mr. William 11. Burks Mr. William 11. Page (Not Shown) Dr. Janette S. Rosenberg Mr. Jack Solomon Mr. Thomas A. Williams HISTORY DEPARTMENT Mr. Cloijd W. Paskins Mr. Paul Mussleman Mr. Auxford S. Sartain, Department Head Dr. Hennj E. Sterfyx Dr. Brooks Thompson Dr. Leonard Y. Trapp (Not Shown) Dr. Raymond Detnu MATH DEPARTMENT Mr Ji„ Mr. Erfward T Harnett • Ur Vt Department Haul i)r ; , k, Hey fr. Billy H. Mmldnx (Not Sh tpn Mr Jui I MUSIC DEPARTMENT 1 Dr. Charles Farmer, Department Head Mrs. Violet Ervin Miss Mary Vic Maulk Mrs. Jean Ban Mr. James Patrcnos Mrs. Olivia Rainer Department EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Foil Ingram Mr. Richard W. Boyce Dr. R. H. Ervin Dr. Paul Lewis, Department Head Dr. Harris Harvill Mrs. Tex Whaley Miss Martha Fields Mrs. Eleanor Williamson Mrs. Margaret Cleveland Miss Ellen Solomon Miss Nellie Hitt P. E. DEPARTMENT Dr. Earl G. Watson, Department Head Dr. William E. Clipson Mr. John A. Archer Miss Lorraine Powlus Mrs. Isabel Van Watson Mr. Nicholas G. Costes Mrs. Gwendloyn Nix Mr. Paul E. Nix SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Dr. Robert , Dit tz Mr. William l McCord h Jeff J. Cheatieood Mr. Cilhcrt O Spent er Dr. William T Wttks, Department Head Miss Laurtsop I om stef Mr. Wood rate I) McLaughlin Mr. Marion E. McDougle Mr. Wingate Wilson Dr. David C. Widdowson (Not Shown) Mr. D. F. Butler MR. THOMAS |,( I UN Associate Registrar MR. L. CLAY STABLER, JR. Business Manager and Treasurer [ 23 ] DR. RENWICK I KENNEDY Director of Field Sen i MR. JAMES B. CLEMENTS Director of Buildings and Grounds MRS. LUCILLE K. BOYD Social Director , f MRS. THELMA C. MERSHON Librarian MISS MARY E. RICH College Nurse [ 24 ] MRS. REm LANCASTER Housemother of Cowart Hall Assistant Librarians: Mrs. Annette Parks. Mrs. Lucy hi. White. [ 25 ] FEATURES ' (J aroara L n .-•J " PI M a eiier [ 28 ] Jk Q omecomina o ueen rranhle [fL ero [ 29 ] ' i I ■ i + — — «- jn Annual Palladium Beauty Contest Winners ELIZABETH CAPPS CAMPUS BEAUTY 30 ( amnuA d5eautu (Elizabeth L apps [ 31 ] fgg m JF " •» gWi Senior 5eaut d5arbara L n e55er [ 32 Aunior d eaulu irliriatn ( Seen [ 33 ] (Z5eauh PrUciOa Wok one [ 34 ] srredhman i eauiu Aean illurpny [ 35 ] ■ L nrldtmad (q i ueen jrranme fy uerd [ 36 ] w. an d VVli 5 ZJ. 3. C A acme rraitu riaipk ! lash .s a» JO 28 W 4 l r 7 tior sravoriteA c onnie K arpenler 5 (I 1 Hj s ! ' f aiph ffadn ip unior sravoriteA C lizabeth L appA PU With amion £• • ' v ■ ' -, j P i i .- ■«3 l=i ' I™-!,! L i i V " . " v pf }■ r r r- H •V ' ' r . V ■ IT: . ' • " i-Iv, . • £ i • ca : J auorues — ' -« w Twc jrredhman jravorited I HO ' S WHO Lawrence, Gloria Terrell. Fat AdKison au rt cuoWN Tnn Crowell ROW: Roy Moore, Gerald Benton, Joe Cates ... NOT SHOWN, jon UroweiL 43 W I " ■ ft Rllir fl ACTIVITIES I Watchi " Z a " the b, » go by. M I ,n that CU P. Tho masp i 7 W7 to j Sai J s girls are » ttfcafe « j X X FALL " the tea? H O M E C " ' » hand,, A penny for her thoughts? . i irl ! i e COUi e the mer chandis e . [ 48 ] Three cheers for ole ?U«- pi - A dream coine true Too coz p l«y a A ST7 • c [ 49 ] ' Lirt Ic W " ,rfln - i+k in or snow tomorrow - must go™ lna take a se »timental journey: " Homecoming brings wide eyes and bushy faces. " ' Homecoming brings close communion. Trar fusio n The cow !« ' ») oer the moon. When , - " " " r - «3 s ay alert r f - ( girls, ri,,. " " " ■ to Tr ' " sr " " " ' ' " ! ■ " Oh by the way, I don ' t have a date for Homecoming. " - m Kennedy ' s Korml Election at Homecoming. St(ii, ( ij n Ski « [ 51 ] Girls- and ,- rh favorite V e knock the Bop! e de shoes! ' [ 53 ] Feeling mighty fine- bEat n 7 " Xsh I had someone to love Guitar boogie . me. [ 54 ] ' Man, yfs blow this joint. beatnik ' s " " " " ' " " " ' « the b ket Sot a hole. pigging „« the roof- scene on P« [ 55 ] - J " 7o„ ri g - « spirits! 1 ere he comes! " ! P ■p . Surprise! l W -you tre the sl ce etcst otv - - " ' s v - r rs . fust O - ivhat l Wanted. " ng « a cool Lollipops of Candy Land- y« fe and 5 fc £ «■■! . Songs for so ph Sar a. rfng f " ' ' Telford i studying f, ar exams. Playboy ' s arty. SPRING v£ The road to happiness The high and mighty. Uve me or l eav e me. A Beatnik ' s Paradise. Typing her hlues away. He reolla «■ " 5 " n " " fc «» h I 1 " • " V - P " - ' " ' « gt i ' Cfj r ' V. [ 61 ] llo e cooking- ' G ° man g r r f you carb t lik " CK it join it. A toast to oleT-W- [ 62 ] « our hero mascot. . I,rr IK ' S ' « - ' ' r ' ' • ' " " " V- ,- es. ,r ' " ' ' ' « ,a ' - ■ " " " " „ . ,»,. ' Teacher [ 63 ] SPORTS COACH CLIPSON Football, Golf COACH ARCHER Basketball, Tennis COACH NIX Baseball DOCTOR WATSON Athletic Director COACH COSTES Track, Cross-Country [ 66 ] •» CAROL SPRADLEY © w DOT HOWELL - s J JANE SPEAR MARY ANN PUGH Hcrtd Cheerleader 4- - r N N(V CARPENTER 1 1 V£r 4 BILL CLIPSON ead Coach THE RED WAVE STORY Our 1959 football team illustrated an important phase of determinatioi involved in athletics. Most people recognize determination exhibited in a con test where a team keeps fighting against seemingly hopeless odds. This deter mination was exhibited by our 1959 squad but it also showed a slightly differen type. After we barely defeated Livingston 7-6, and then lost the next four games ti opponents who scored five touchdowns to our one or two, the boys were abl to recover and win two out of the last three contests and almost win the thirc This determination is probably more important than the admirable single gain sort. Defeat added to defeat gives one time to think, rationalize, weigh value and react to criticism and ridicule; all of which tends to kill the morale an enthusiasm of weak individuals. Our boys weathered the storm to keep the self respect. During spring training of 1959, we would have been very disappointed wi a 3-5 season for the fall since we had what we considered the best two lini since 1955 and six good backs. However, when fall practice began we had lo four linemen that could have been starters. We feel that the loss of these foi boys enabled our opponents to score from six to eight touchdowns, and possib prevented us from scoring some. Next fall we will miss the dependable line play of four-year lettermen- Frank Fordham, Robert Green, Ben Rogers, and Johnny Sanders, as well junior college transfers — Sterling Newton and Thad Morgan. In the backfiell we have found a difficult job in securing replacements for Pat Adkison, " Sonni Hughes, Hurley Manning, Larry Newton, and Frank Sadler. The outstanding characteristic of the 1959 squad was its high morale ai determination. Captains Johnny Sanders and Sterling Newton deserve spec] commendation for their leadership and contributions to team morale. Coach Bill Clipson Clipson and his assistants, Nix and Floyd The 1959 Red Wave 1 DcmV Hit a Man When He ' s Down! r B m Mr ' Y| V i a P flB 1 X - ■ K f v I flftifr J 1 b__ b VQ Z_3 ■ —C w - - .-: ■Llv ™ V fl 3 i W MK x m Vi Comer Owen E N D S Manning Adkison Sanders Murchison Rickard Dozier Fordham Marsh Rooker Faircloth Newton Tompkins D S 4MMft ■d _, T A T C E K R 1, B E A S C K x | CS 1 8 1 % B r % . iWV Jones Hodgson Morgan Laurence Thomas Rogers Merriot Medley Fulgham Trammel Sadler Mote Hughes McCoUough H A B ■ mjJM ' Chick " Williamson Tommy Green " Coot " Stinson Aubrey Rentz Ah, stop pulling my leg. [ 72 ] Attack from the rear Captains How about some help, Rooster! I can play defense, too! Seniors Roll Mule, roll! CROSSCOUNTRY Back Row: . Dean, D. Holland, E. Elliott, L. Eiland. D. McQuattie, D. Goodin, }. Cain. Kneeling: R. Beck, B. Wind, J. Gouan. W. Th rmpson. i BASKETBALL Coach Archer r FRESHMEN TEAM 9 % BOB PACE r rv j r HAMIL MARTIN 0F JOHN SMITH 7 TONYCOCCO GEORGK NORTON Horner Shcllnut Jeff Cooke Frank Miller Dave Watson Charles Henderson Paul Word Ralph Nash Mike Sexton BUI Dickson Tommy Green [ 79 ] . Lou Fortuna Dave GingoJd Noel Martin [ 80 ] Jud Dye Dave Gingold Barney Burnette GOLF m FRANK SADLER T Ri t) VY% . 2 m BUSTER MILTON A LETT if ■I JACKIE COKER 0- J ' " 3 PAUL NIX, Coach ED COMER LARRY NEWTON MEN m FRANCIS MARRIOTT K U JACK FLOYD i n PHIL WILLIAMSON These are the returning lettermen from the 1959 team which had a 18-3 record. This was a new school record for the best won-lost percentage. m JIMMY FALLAW WARNER LEE TRACK pp M W i m 1 1 i r Rod Becfc Jimmy Lumly Coach Nick Costes Wayne Murphy Shirley Riggs Joe Cain B Dt kc Goodin linrl McWaters Willie Thompson Richard Todd Cliff Russell Herbert McQuattie TENNIS Irving Tracy These are the only three returnees from last year ' s net team. With the experience they have gained, it is hoped they will lead the way to improvement over last year ' s 12-8 record. Gene Brannon Jeff Cooke Sitting down on the job House of Horrors Understand? ' Smiley " The Old Pro [ 87 ] CLASSES SENIORS ADKISON, GENE PATRICK Samson B.S., Physical Education Football; Stunt Night; S.E.A.; Tennis; T Club; P.E.M.; Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class; President Cowart Hall; Red Peppers Club; President Senior Class; Mr. T.S.C.; Religious Council; President Council. ALFORD, MARY HETTIE Brewton B.S., Elementary Athenaeum Club; S.E.A. ANDRESS, BOBBY Greenville B.S., Biological Science Choir; Specs Club; Veterans Club, Vice-President; S.E.A.; Pace Hall House Council; Transfer from Auburn. ARMSTRONG, VIRGINIA MYERS . . . Andalusia B.S., Elementary Vice-President Sophomore Class; Representative to House Council; Secretary-Treasurer Shackelford Hall; Chairman to Student Re- ligious Council; S.E.A.; Transfer from Huntingdon College. ARNETT, MAXIE Wing B.S., Elementary W.A.A.; S.E.A.; Choir; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President; P.E.M. Club. ARNOLD, BARBARA WHITEHEAD . . Cottonwood B.S., Elementary W.A.A.; S.E.A.; Choir; Wesley Foundation; Band; M.E.N.C; Palladium Staff; Red Peppers. ARNOLD, LEO S Slocomb B.S., Mathematics Transfer from Auburn; Square Root of " C " Club; Playmakers; Veterans Association. BARNETTE, JACK B.S., History S.E.A.; Specs Club; Palladium Staff. Troy P 5 BARROWS, PATRICIA Eufaula B.S., Business Education S.E.A. BAXLEY, BILLY D Enterprise B.S., English Who ' s Who; S.E.A., President; Veterans Association. Palladium Editor; Kappa Delta Pi. BEASLEY, ARMO JEAN Luverne B.S., Elementary S.E.A.; Choir. BECK, MIRIAM . . ., Columbus, Ga. B.S., Business Education Vice-President, Freshman Class; W.A.A.; Tropolitan News Re- porter; S.G.A. Social Committee; S.G.A. Publicity Committee; Wes- ley Foundation; Red Peppers; House Council; Circulation Mana- ger, Tropolitan; Treasurer, Notari Club; S.E.A.; Playmakers; Junior Reauty. BELL, G. JOYCE Dozier B.S., English Choir; Palladium Staff, Activities Editor; S.E.A. ; Shackelford Staff; Shackelford House Council; Publicity Chairman, Senior Class. BELLANTI, JOHN Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S., General Business Transfer from Milwaukee Institute of Technology; Choir; Collegiate Singers; Madrigals; Notari Club. BENNETT, THOMAS V Opelika B.S., Math Square Root of " C " Club; S.E.A.; Transfer from Auburn. BENTON, T. G Troy B.S., English I.R.C.; Tropolitan; Debate Club; Playmakers; Assistant Editor and Columnist of Tropolitan. BLACKMON, MARY ELIZABETH . . . Georgians B.S., History Transfer from Montevallo; S.E.A.; M.E.N I BLACKSHEAR, WAYMAN Mayo, Fla. B.S., Business Education S.E.A.; Transfer from University of Florida. [ 91 ] BOLLING, EDWARD E Montgomery B.S., History S.E.A. BOLON, EMILY JAYNE Bay Minette B.S., Elementary Shackelford House Council; Red Peppers; S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; Social Committee; Junior Senator; Choir; Senior Class Secretary; Spires; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. BOOKER, ANNETTE Evergreen B.S., Elementary S.E.A.; Choir. BOROM, JANE Petrey B.S., Elementary Adelphes; S.E.A. BOSTIC, ANN Chancellor B.S., English S.E.A.; House Council. BOSWELL, JAMES W., JR Troy B.S., Physical Education S.E.A.; Sports Publicity Director; Tropoh ' tan Sports Editor; P.E.M. Club; Red Peppers. BOWDION, ANNIE MYRLE Kinston B.S., Business Administration B.S.U.; Notari Club; Shackelford House Council; Spires. BOWERS, FAYE Elba B.S., Music and English Collegiate Singers; Secretary of Madrigals; Band; M.E.N.C.; Choir. BRANNON, GENE Newville B.S., Business Administration Transfer from Auburn; Football; Tennis Team; T Club; Red Peppers; Treasurer, Pace Hall; Vice-President, Notari Club; S.E.A. BROWN, GERALD M., JR Opp B.S., Business Education Waveman Dance Band; Waveman Combo; Notari Club. BROWN, WILLIE JOE Sneeds, Fla. B.S., Biological Science Transfer from Chipola Junior College; Specs Club; SI ' BUNDRICK, CHARLES M Eufaula B.S., Math S.E.A. BURKS, ANNIE PEARL Troy U.S., Elementary Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. BUTGEREIT, LOTTIE MAE Fairhope B.S., ' Elementary S.E.A. BYRD, WILBURN LAVERNE Enterprise B.S., Math Reporter, Specs Club; Chemistry Lab Assistant; Vice-President, Specs Club; Square Root of " C " Club; S.E.A. CAMPBELL, DANIEL A Laurel Hill, Fla. B.S., Math Transfer from University of Florida; Square Hoot of " C " Club; S.E.A. CARNES, SAM B. . Brantley B.S., Physical Education CARPENTER, CONNIE Phenix City B.S., Elemental! Rand Majorette; House Council; Secretary of Junior Class. CARROLL, CHARLES Slocomb B.S., History CARROLL, GLORIA Clayton B.S.. Business Education Notari Club; W. A.; S.E.A.; Class Senator; Treasurer of Notari Club. [ 93 ] CARTER, JOHN Brantley B.S., Physical Education S.E.A. CHRISTO, GEORGE Panama City, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Collegiate Singers; Alpha Psi Omega; Co-Author of The Oasis. COKER, JACKIE M Columbus, Ga. B.S., Physical Education Baseball Team; Football " B " Team; T Club; P.E.M. Club; S.E.A. COMER, JAMES ED Selma B.S., Physical Education Baseball; T Club; P.E.M. Club; S.E.A.; Football. COOK, WILLIE FOSTER Opp B.S., Business Education CORBITT, DURWOOD Troy B.S., History Athenaeum Club; P.E.M.; S.E.A. COULLEITTE, WYONA Greenwood, Fla. B.S., Elementary Transfer from Chipola Junior College; S.E.A. COURTNEY, LESLIE Robertsdale B.S., Business Education S.E.A.; Football. COX, GEORGE Panama City, Fla. B.S., Business Education Argonouts, Secretary-Treasurer; Notari Club; S.E.A. COX, WILLIAM J Columbus, Ga. B.S., Math S.E.A.; Veterans Club; Square Root of " C " Club; Transfer from Georgia Southwestern. [ 94 ] CROCKER, GERETRA Hartford B.S., Mathematics drlplies; Hand; Judiciary Body; Spires, Square Hoot of " C " ( lull S.E.A.; Kappa Delta I ' i; Palladium St. .If S.G.A Secretaj taryol B.S I CROW KLL, JON Samson B.A., English Kappa Delta I ' i; Chid Justice. Supreme Court; S.E CURRIE, JOHN PAl ' I Enterprise B.S., Business Administration Transfer from University of Alabama and Marion Military Insti- tute; Notari Club; S.E.A. DANIELS, BILLY Columbus, Ga. B.S., Physical Education Transfer from Norman College; S.E. A.; Troy Officials Association; Intramural Activities. DANIELS, MARGARET ANN . . Norman Park, Ga. B.S., English S.E.A. DANIELS, WALTER Colquitt, Ga. B.S., Physical Education S.E.A. DAVIS, RONALD Florala B.S., Physical Education S.E.A DAY, DORIS Stockton B.S., Business Education Notari Club; Haymakers; S.E.A. DEAN, DON HOWARD Hartford B.S., Music Secretary of Pace Hall; Secretary of Ministerial Association; Vice- President, Specs Club; Choir; Vice-President. Collegiate Singers; President, Collegiate Singers; President. M.E.N.C.; Treasurer of Ministerial Association. DUNAHOO, HILBURN . ... Fort Gaines, Ga. B.S., Physical Education Transfer from South Georgia College. EARLY, GLORIA Samson B.S., Elementary S.E.A.; Choir. ETHEREDGE, PATSY Ashford B.S., Business Education S.E.A.; Notari Club, Program Committee; Choir; Greater Council. ETHERIDGE, DELAURACE Atmore B.S., Elementary S.E.A. ETHERIDGE, WILLIAM M Atmore B.S., Mathematics Square Root of " C " Club; S.E.A. i FAIRCLOTH, JOSEPH .... Daytona Beach, Fla. B.S., Business S.E.A.; Tropolitan; Specs Club; Choir. FIELDING, REX D Bonifay, Fla. B.S., History S.E.A. FIELDS, TOM Phenix City B.S., History, Art S.E.A. FLOWERS, DELORIS Troy B.S., Elementary S.E.A.; Choir; Senior Senator. FLOYD, JACK Columbus, Ga. B.S., Business Education Baseball; T Club; P.E.M. Club; S.E.A.; Notari Club. FLOYD, MARTHA LEE Troy B.S., Physical Education W.A.A.; P.E.M. ; Playmakers; S.E.A. [ 96 ] FOLMAR, EAR] Goshen U.S., Physical Education Specs ( .liil S.E.A FORDHAM, FRANK Add U.S., Math T Club; Football; Vice-President, Pace Hall; si; Square Hoot of " C Club; Vice-President, T Club; Kappa Delta Pi Red Peppers President, Senior (. ' lass. GARNER, PAT Montgomery B.S., Physical Education T Club; Varsity Track; Varsity in Golf; P.E.M. Club; S.E.A. GIBSON, CORA JANE Greenville B.S., Physical Education S.E.A. ; W.A.A.; P.E.M.; Choir. GILCHRIST, RICHARD Opp B.S., Math S.E.A. GILLEY, HERSHEL Bonifay B.S., Physical Education Transfer from Chipola Junior College; P.E.M. Club; Veterans Club; S.E.A. GIVENS, THOMAS E Robertsdale B.S., Business Administration Transfer from Auburn; Notari Club; S.E.A. GOLDEN, MELBA Jay Fla. B.S., Elementary S.E.A.; Religious Council, President; Athenaeum Club. GOWAN, JOHN Shorter B.S., Physical Science S.E.A. GREEN, ROBERT H Ashland B.S., Physical Education P.E.M. Club; Secretary of Pace Hall; Football Team; Track Team; S.E.A. n t GRIFFIN, JO ANN Troy B.S., English S.E.A. GRIMES, REUBEN Milton, Fla. B.S., Eleincntary Transfer from Pensacola Junior College; Collegiate Singers; Vice- President, B.S.U.; Choir; Representative, B.S.U.; Choir; President, B.S.U. Choir; Argonout; M.E.N.C. GRISSETTE, BOBBY Mobile B.S., Music Troy State Band; Concert Band; Intramural Basketball; Choir; Director, Laboratory Band; M.E.N.C; S.E.A. GUIDY, JOHN J Milton, Fla. B.S., Business Education Notari Club; S.E.A. HAGLER, WILMER Ariton B.S., Business Education S.E.A.; President, Notari Club. HALL, JIMMIE LILA ........ Glenwood B.S., Elementary Adelphes; S.E.A. HANSON, BARBARA Opp Shackelford Hall House Council; I.R.C.; Choir; Alabama State B.S.U. Choir; B.S.U., Executive Council, Secretary. HARDIN, KATHLEEN Castleberry B.S., Elementary B.S.U., Greater Council; Choir; S.E.A.; Executive Council, B.S.U.; Y.W.A., President; Religious Council. HASTY, JACQUELINE Marianna, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Transfer from Chipola Junior College; W.A.A.; Notari Club; P.E.M. Club; S.E.A. HENDERSON, CAROLYN O . Enterprise B.S., English [ 98 ] Athenaeum Club; Tropolitan; S.E.A. HENDERSON, CHARLES . . DcFuniak Springs, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Basketball; Cross-Country; Track; T Club; P.E.M. Club; S.E.A. HENRY, WILLIAM THOMAS .... Colquitt, Ca. 5.S., Physical Education Transfer from Young Harris College; Varsity Basketball; P.E.M. Club: S.E.A. HILL, MAY RELLE Sneeds, Fla. B.S., Elementary Transfer from Chipola Junior College; Specs Club; S.E.A. HORRS, ELIZARETH DONELLE Troy B.S., Elementary Cheerleader; T Club; B.S.U.; ' W.A.A.; S.E.A. HODGE, JAMES Union Springs B.S., Business Education Notari Club; S.E.A. HOLLAND, INA MERLE Ariton B.S., Elementary Athenaeum Club; B.S.U.; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A.; Spires, Secretary- Treasurer; Athenaeum, President. HOVEY, MARTHA JANE Clayton B.S., Business Education S.E.A.; Notari Club. HUTCHISON, HORTON P., JR. . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B.S., Math Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A.; Square Root of " C " Club; Honors Position in Math. JACKSON, RORRIE HIGGINROTHAM . . Luverne B.S., History Transfer from the University ol Alabama; S.E.A. JACKSON, GORDON Ronifay, Fla. B.S., History Transfer from William and Mary; Transfer from Chipola Junior College; Veterans Club; S.E.A. ft JACKSON, HAZEL WARD Ozark B.S., Elementary B.S.U. Freshman Council; Secretary, B.S.U.; Social Chairman B.S.U.; S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. JONES, PHILLIP Headland B.S., Business Education JONES, REX CHANDLER Andalusia B.S., Math Specs Club; Debate Club; Square Root of " C " Club, Program Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi; Square Root of " C " Club, President. KELLEY, ELAINE Andalusia B.S., Math S.E.A.; Square Root of " C " Club. KELLY, JO ANN Dothan B.S., Elementarij Senator; Playmakers; Choir; Collegiate Singers; Social Chairman, B.S.U.; Vice-President, S.G.A.; Vespers Chairman. KIRCHMAN, ARLENE Belle Glade, Fla. B.S., Elementary Transfer from Florida State University; Cheerleadei, T Club; So- cial Committee; Choir. KIRKLAND, DANIEL Bainbridge, Ga. B.S., Business Education Transfer from Ball State Teachers College; Veterans Association; Notari Club. KNIGHT, CAROL Greenville B.S., Business Education Playmakers; Class News Reporter, Tropolitan Staff; S.E.A.; Notari Club; Palladium Staff; Choir. LAIRD, GLOVER Geneva B.S., General Science Transfer from Westminster College; Specs; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. LAWRENCE, FAYE Petrey B.S., Math House Council, Shackelford Hall; Adelphes; Choir; Square Root of " C " Club; Spires; S.E.A. ; Clerk, S.G.A.; Counselor of Freshmen Women. McARTHUR, JOYCE Gordon B.S., Elementary Transfer from Chipola Junior College; S.E.A. McCARTHA, KENNETH Honoraville B.S., Business Education Notari Club; S.E.A. fc McEARCHERN, GLADYS Andalusia B.S., Elementary Transfer from Auburn; S.E.A. McFATTER, HERBERT .... Panama City, Fla. B.S., Physical Education S.E.A.; P.E.M. McNEAL, LENORA Hartford B.S., English Shackelford Hall House Council; Wesley Fellowship; Choir; Atheneaum Club; Senator; B.S.U.; S.G.A.; Secretary-Treasurer, Atheneaum Club. McRAE, MARY ALICE Clio B.S., Music Collegiate Singers; Madrigals; Palladium Staff. McWATERS, REX B.S., Math T Club; Specs Club; Vice-President, Square Kappa Delta Pi Club, Treasurer. MANLEY, MOLLY B.S., Business Education Notari Club; S.E.A. . . Enterprise Root of " C " Club; . . . Newton MANNING, HURLEY Milton, Fla. B.S., Physical Education T Club; P.E.M. Club; Freshman Favorite; Football; Transfer from Perkinston Junior College; T Club, Treasurer; P.E.M., Vice-Presi- dent; Specs. MARLER, LOUISE Elba B.S., English S.E.A. [ 101 MASON, ANITA Red Level B.S., English Playmakers; B.S.U. Greater Council; B.S.U., Executive Council; Y.W.A.; Shackelford Hall, House Council; Senator; S.E.A.; Adelphes. MILLER, MAE NEWTON Greenville B.S., English Collegiate Singers; B.S.U., Executive Council; Choir; Madrigals, Secretarv-Treasurer; M.E.N.C, Vice-President; Athenaeum Club; S.E.A. Jshdtk MORGAN, MIKE Troy B.S., Mathematics Specs Club; Square Root of " C " Club; S.E.A. MOORE, ROY G Century, Fla. B.S., AH Palladium Staff; Who ' s Who; S.E.A. MOORE, SAM Elba B.S., Business Senator; Business Manager, Tropolitan; S.E.A. MOORER, BETTY ANN Greenville B.S., Elementary S.E.A.; Adelphes; House Council. MORROW, BRYAN BORDEN Opp B.S., Physical Education P.E.M. Club; S.E.A.; Transfer from University of Alabama. MORRIS, CEBRON RANDOLPH . B.S., Physical Education S.E.A. MYERS, FRANKIE DEAN Hartford B.S., Elementary Adelphes, President; Homecoming Queen; S.E.A., Reporter; Treas- urer of Senior Class; B.S.U., Executive Council; Christmas Queen. NASH, RALPH Alton, 111. B.S., Physical Education Transfer from Chipola Junior College; Basketball Team; P.E.M. Club; S.E.A.; T Club; Intramural Golf and Softball; Student Di- rector in Intramural Softball and Golf, r io9 i Georgiana til 1 V NEWTON, LARRY B.S., Physical Education T Club; P.E.M.; S.E.A. Greenville OLIVER, MARY EUNICE . . . Panama Citv, Fla. B.S., " Elementary S.E.A. ; W.A.A., Vice-President. O ' NEAL, MARILYN Troy B.S., Elementary Transfer from Judson College and Auburn; S.E.A. PARRISH, JOHN A Farmersville B.S., History Vice-President, S.E.A.; Assistant Editor, Palladium; Kappa Delta Pi; I.R.C.; Veterans Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. PEACOCK, GAIL Hartford B.S., English Band; B.S.U., Greater Council; B.S.U., Executive Council; Presi- dent, S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary, President Council; Miss " T.S.C. " ; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. PEDDY, DORIS Elmore B.S., Elementary B.S.U., Executive Council; S.E.A.; Choir; Publicity Chairman, B.S.U.; Alabama State B.S.U. Choir; Freshman Counselor, Covvart Hall. PINCKARD, JOAN Brantley B.S., English S.E.A. PIPPIN, IVA Noma, Fla. B.S., Elementary S.E.A. [ 103 ] POWELL, LARRY Andalusia B.S., History Transfer from Auburn; Specs Club; S.E.A. A t PRESLEY, ILA MAE B.S., Elementary Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. Greenville QUEEN, SUE W Troy B.S., Elementary Choir; S.E.A. REAMS, GEORGE H Wetumpka B.S., Business Administration Transfer from Auburn; Notari Club. REBMAN, DONALD Birmingham B.S., General Science Specs Club; Senior Class Senator; Chairman of the Judiciary Coun- cil, Pace Hall; Transfer from Peabody College. REDDING, DAN Georgetown, Ga. B.S., History S.G.A., President; Who ' s Who; I.R.C.; House Council, Pace Hall; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Psi Omega; Justice Court, S.G.A. REESE, EDWIN Ansley B.S., Math Square Root of " C " Club; Specs Club; S.E.A. RHODES, MARTHA Enterprise B.S., Business Education Senator; House Council; Tropolitan Staff; Adelphes, Secretary- Treasurer; Red Peppers; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi; Notari Club; Who ' s Who. ROBERTS, KATHRYNE . . . . B.S., English S.E.A.; Band; Choir. Eufaula ROGERS, BEN Bainbridge, Ga. B.S., Math Football; T Club; Senator; Square Root of " C " Club; Red Peppers; President, Kappa Delta Pi; Sports Editor, Palladium; Who ' s Who. SADLER, FRANK Albany, Ga. B.S., Art Football; Baseball; T Club; P.E.M.; S.E.A.; Intramural Basketball. SANDERS, JOHNNY Phcnix City B.S., Physical Education President, Sophomore Class; Playmakers; Football; Sports Editor, Palladium; Co-Captain, Football Team; T Club, Secretary; P.E.M., President. SANDERS, ROBERT Newville B.S., English S.E.A. SASNETT, RUTH Panama City, Fla. B.S., Elementary P.E.M.; W.A.A.; Senator; S.E.A.; Social Chairman, T Club; Activi- ties Editor, Palladium; Choir. SASSER, JACK Troy B.S., English Transfer from Alabama Christian College; S.E.A.; Reporter, Tro- politan. SCARBROUGH, PEGGY Troy B.S., Physical Education SCHORY, ELBERT Ft. Myers, Fla. B.S., English Transfer from Florida Christian College; Ministerial Association; Collegiate Singers; Madrigals; S.E.A.; Religious Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Specs Club. SCOFIELD, ALBERT FRANKLIN Opp B.S., Math Transfer from Pensacola Junior College; Square Root of " C " Club; S.E.A. SCURLOCK, WILLIAM DAVID . . Pensacola, Fla. B.S., History Transfer from Pensacola Junior College; B.S.U., Creater Council, Choir; S.E.A.; B.S.U., Vice-President; Religious Council; Collegiates. SEXTON, JOANN B.S., Business Education S.E.A.; Palladium, Secretary. Troy [ ' 05 ] SHARPLESS, JOHN Elba B.S., Physical Education S.E.A. SHEFFIELD, SABRA Brundidge B.S., Elementary S.E.A. SHELLNUTT, HOMER Columbus, Ga. B.S., Physical Education Varsity Baseball; Basketball; T Club; S.E.A. SHIELDS, FAYE Hartford B.S., Elementary Athenaeum Club; S.E.A. SHIRLEY, JAMES FREDERICK Troy B.S., Physical Education Intramural Basketball; P.E.M.; S.E.A. SHREVE, DAVID J Andalusia B.S., Business Education Notari Club; S.E.A. SIMS, SHIRLEY ANN Ozark B.S., Elementary Freshman Enlistment Chairman, B.S.U.; Adelphes; Southside Church Bepresentative; Collegiate Singers; Publicity Chairman, B.S.U.; Devotional Chairman, B.S.U.; S.E.A. SITES, ROBERT Blakley, Ga. B.S., Physical Education S.E.A. SLOCUMB, WILLIAM J Phenix City B.S., Art Transfer from Auburn; Veterans Club; Notari Club; Palladium Staff. SMITH, HILDA GRACE Midland City B.S., Elementary B.S.U., Secretary; B.S.U., Greater Council; B.S.U., Executive Coun- cil; S.E.A., Secretary-Treasurer; Adelphes; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Shackelford Hall, House Council. i SMITH, GRACE CONWAY Hartford B.S., English S.E.A.; Shackelford House Council; Choir. SMITH, LAWRENCE R. . . . Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. B.S., History Transfer from University of Florida; I.R.C.; Senator; Debate Club; I.H.C., Vice-President. SMITH, MARY ANN Greenville B.S., English W.A.A.; Collegiates; Madrigals; Stunt Night; S.E.A. SMITH, SYLVIA Glenwood B.S., English Spires; S.E.A. SPRATLAN, DEAN Hardaway B.S., Mathematics Square Root of " C " Club; S.E.A. STEINER, GLORIA Irvington B.S., History S.E.A.; Wesley Foundation; Kappa Delta Pi; Vice-President, I.R.C. STEPHENS, JOHNNIE Elba B.S., Business Education S.E.A.; Reporter, Notari. Club; Spires; Kappa Delta Pi. STILL, JIMMY O Blakelv, Ga. B.S., History Transfer from Georgia Southern College; S.E.A.; I.R.C; Square Root of " C " Club. STRINGER, TOMMY . . . . Highland Home B.S., Physical Education S.E.A. SUGGS, ESTHER Hope Hull B.S., Elementary Transfer from Alabama Christian College; Shackelford House Council; S.E.A. [ 107 ] TERRELL, GLORIA Greenville B.S., English Who ' s Who; Playmakers; Student Recital; W.A.A.; Specs Club; President, Specs; Stunt Night; B.S.U., Greater Council; S.E.A. THOMAS, JACK Luverne B.S., English President, Freshman Class; Class Editor, Palladium; Playmakers; Senator; Social Chairman, Dill Hall; Argonaut; B.S.U. THWEATT, BILLY JOE Opp B.S., Math Square Root of " C " Club; S.E.A. TILLMAN, FRED Elba B.S., Math S.E.A.; Square Root of " C " Club; Specs. TOWNSEND, NANCY Troy B.S., Business Education W.A.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Reporter, Notari Club; S.E.A.; Choir. TRAMMELL, PATRICIA Eufaula B.S., Elementary S.E.A. TRAWEEK, MARY NELL Evergreen B.S., Music B.S.U., Counc il; Collegiate Singers; B.S.U., Choir; House Council; Secretary, M.E.N.C; B.S.U., Girls ' Ensemble; Choir. TROTTER, JERRY Shady Grove B.S., Math S.E.A.; Square Root of " C " Club. TUCKER, RUBY Honoraville B.S., Elementary Transfer from Alabama Christian College; S.E.A.; W.A.A.; House Council. TURNER, JAMES T Luverne B.S., Math Square Root of " C " Club. [ 108 ] ,v - 4 i fat A ' UNDERWOOD, CHARLES L Shawmut U.S., Business Education Wesley Fellowship, Treasurer; Notari Club; Senator; Tropolitan Staff; Deputation Chairman, Wesley Foundation. VEAL, WILLIS D Troy B.S., Social Studies Tropolitan Staff; Sophomore Senator; Playmakers; Junior Class Senator; Pace Hall, Counselor; Stunt Night. WALLER, LAN BRYSON Greenville B.S., English Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A.; 351. WARR, BEVIE ANN Clayton B.S., Business Education Notari Club; House Council; Homecoming Queen; Senator; W.A.A.; Wesley Foundation; Junior Class President; President Council; Senator; Palladium Staff, Administration Editor. WARREN, JOEL Elba B.S., Math Specs Club; Square Root of " C " Club. WATSON, CLIFFORD Enterprise B.S., Business Administration Vice-President, Pace Hall; Notari Club; S.E.A. WEST, ALBERT W Troy B.S., Physical Education Vice-President, Specs Club; Square Root of " C " Club; Biology Assistant. WIDEMAN, FLETCHER Wetumpka B.S., English Transfer from Huntingdon College; President, Wesley Foundation; Vice-President, Religious Council; Ministerial Association; Choir; S.E.A. WILLIAMS, JOHN M., JR. . Ozark B.S., Physical Education S.E.A. WILLIAMSON, WALTER J. . Clayton B.S., Physical Education S.E.A.; T Club; P.E.M. ZIGLAR, ERSKINE .... Elba B.S., Math and Music Band; Concert Band; Wavemen; Choir; Col- legiate Singers; Square Root of " C " Club; X Who ' s Who; Plavmakers. JUNIORS ALAHESSABI, KARIM Tehran, Iran ALFORD, FREDDY Bainbridge, Georgia ANDREWS, JOE Highland Home ARNOLD, ANNE Columbus, Georgia AUTREY, GENE Greenville AVERY, CHARLES Slocumb BAKER, WILLIAM O. Kinston BARR, DELEON, JR. Brundidge BECK, RONALD Troy BENNETT, LARRY D. Andalusia BENEFIELD, NOBIE Clayton BLACKMON, CARL Dothan BLACKWELL, BARBARA Columbia BLAND, JOHN Good way BORLAND, ELEANOR Troy CAIN, JOE Ariton 4 4. i t CAPPS, ELIZABETH Hartford CASSADY, CORA Andalusia GATES, JOSEPH Ft. Deposit CLARK, MARILYN Brewton CONNOR, JO ANN Troii COOK, JEFF Bainbridge, Georgia CURTISS, ANN Troy CARMICHAEL, CHARLES Enterprise DANIELS, JOY Columbus, Georgia DAUGHTRY, BARBARA Enterprise DONALDSON, JAMES Opp DUKES, CHARLES Foley FLOYD, WAYNE Troy FOSTER, CAROLYN Ozark FREE. MARY Dozicr FULLER, PEGGY Elba GANEY, NORMA Banks GILBERT, BARBARA Panama City. Florida GINGOLD, DAVID Sharon, Pa. GRIFFITH, JACK Baker, Fla. GRIMES, SIDNEY Union Springs HALL, JOHN Luverne HALL, TOMMY Glenwood HAY, NORMAN Cannclton, Indiana HIGH, RORRIE Banks HINOTE, GAIL DeFuniak Springs, Fla. HOLLAND, DAVID Clio HOUSTON, QUINTILLA Troy HUDSON, MARCIA Louisville JACKSON, GERALD Columbus, Ga. JACOBS, ANNIE JEWEL Elba JACOBS, GROVER Elba JEFFCOAT, BETTY Luverne JENKINS, P. C, JR. Camden JOHNSON, LENORA Goshen JONES, FLOYD LaPine JONES, GLENN Cottonwood JORDAN, JEANETTE Dothan KERVIN, DeLANEY Greenville KILGORE, PAT Ashford O Ci © G LANGFORD, REBA Dozicr LANIER, GVVEN Troy LAWRENCE, JERRY Roba LAWHORNE, WAYNE Montgomery LE COMPTE, BETTY Enterprise LEMON, EUGENIA S. Dothan LENTZ, R. CHARLTON Midland City LINTON, PATTI Goshen LOCKLAR, NED New Brockton McCALL, ROSALIND Troy McCOLLOUGH, ROBERT Elba McKEE, SUE Notasulga MAHON, JEAN Port St. Joe, Fla. MAHONE, PRISCILLA Luvcrnc MARCINOWSKI, JOHN Montgomery MARRIOTT, BUBBA Macon, Ga. MAULDEN, CAROL Bay Minette MOODY. MARY ANN Kinston MOORE, NAN DeFuniak Springs, Fla. MURPHY, SHIRLEY Enterprise ■ NORMAN, CAROLA Goshen OGBURN, ELIZABETH Panama City, Fla. PALMER, CHARLIE K. Graceville, Fla. PARAMORE, GERALD Midland City PARNELL, GARY C. Washington, D. C. PEACOCK, BETTY Altha, Fla. PEACOCK, SONJA Evergreen PITTMAN, KENNETH W. Troy RIGGS, SHIRLEY Panama City, Fla. SETTLE, HILDA Jay, Fla. SHELLEY, PAT Headland SHULER, JAMES Blountstown, Fla. SMITH, ALICE Brewton SMITH, BILLY C. Dothan SMITH, PHYLLIS Luverne SPIVEY, DOUGLAS Blue Springs STEELE, BEA Crestview, Fla. STEPHENSON, RACHEL Samson STOLLENWERCK, RUTH Montgomery STRENGTH, BENNY J. Flomaton C? (ft Ah [ 115 ] SWANNER, JOHN Beat rice TAYLOR, SONYA Eclectic TINDALL, DEAN Pensacola, Fla. TOVVNSEND, A. J. Troy TUCKER, JOHN P. Honoraville WALKER, LANETTE Clopton WARD, JANE McKenzie WARD, JANICE Graceville, Fla. WARD, MYRA Troy WEAVER, ELAINE Br etc ton WILLIAMS, ARLEN Red Level WILLIAMSON, PHIL Tallassee WILSON, FAYE Perote WINDHAM, EMMETT Jay, Fla. WOOTEN, DWIGHT Midway ELMORE, HELEN Graceville, Fla. ERRAHIM, MITCH Tehran, Iran SOPHOMORES ADAMS, ANNE Clayton ADAMS, MARGARET Clio ARMSTRONG, DONNA MAE Belle Glade, Fla. ASH, BETTY Flomaton ATHEY, VIRGINIA ANN Burkville BAILEY, EDITH Brantley BAKER, BILLY JOE Dozier BAKER, MARTHA Louisville BARLEY, LOIS Enterprise BARLOW, FRANCES Elba BARLOW, JEAN Evergreen BARRON, JANIS Troy a | BASSETT, MELISSA Bartow, Fla. BEASLEY, MIKE ..Jacksonville, Fla. BELL, JOHN MARTIN Atmore BILLINGSLEY, DERRELL Prattville j BLACK, OLEANE Evergreen BLACKWELL, PEGGY Smith BLALOCK, MELANIE Andalusia BOGGAN, JANE Atmore BOOKER, GABRIEL Evergreen BOTTOMS. JANICE Hartford BOYD, JOHNNY ISakrr Hill BRANTLEY, BARBARA Flomaton BURDEAUX, RUTH Georgkmna BURKS, BETTY KnoxoiOe, Tettn. CAMPBELL, DEE Ft. Walton, Fla. CAMPBELL, LOIS Georgkmna CARNES, LARENE Brantley CARPENTER, NANCY Phenix City CARR, BOBBIE Shorter COOPER, JIMMY Brantley COPE, OSCAR Union Springs COPELAND, DANNY Union Springs COWEN, MARY Elba DAVIDSON, LYMAN LaGrange, Ga. DOZIER, CECIL Troy DRUM, MARTHA Wheaton, III. EDDINCS, GLENDA Columbus, Ga. EFURD, HARRY Eufaula FAISON, IRIS L. Dozier FOLMAR, EARLEEN Goshen FOSTER, CHARLENE Hurtsboro FRAY, WILLIAM E. Prattville GILES, JERRY Foley GRIFFIN. MARY LOU Bay Minette GRISSETTE, MARLENE Mobile HALL, CARL Slocomb HARRIS, ELLEN Panama City, Fla. HERRING, JIMMY Midland City HOWELL, DOT Tallahassee, Fla. HUDSON, CHARLES Verbena HUGHES, EDITH Panama City, Fla. JOHNSON, ALICE Ozark JONES, JUANITA Troy KHAKSARI, MAHMOUD Tehran, Iran LASSITER, RURNTE Andalusia LASSITER, JOYCE Atmore LEE, RARRARA Hartford LEE, RETTY Ozark LEE, JOHN Brewton McCRANEY, BECKY. Ff. Deposit McLENDON, JANE Troy MICKLER, MARTHA Florala MILLER, FRANK Jakin, Ga. MILLS, CARERT Elba MORROW, SUE Elba PARKER, CAMILLE Headland PARRISH, GRACE Dothan PHILLIPS, LOYCE Atmore PHILLIPS, JIMMY Union Springs PHILPOT, GLORIA Camden PRITCHETT, JUDY Montgomery PUGH, MARY ANN . . Montgomery RICHARDSON, JANSEN F. Ozark ROBINSON, JACKIE Freeport, Fla. d p " =7 f i fk fi RODGERS, ELOISE Red Level RODGERS, GENE O. DaleviUe RODGERS, VIRGINIA POWELL Du-ii r SELF, TERESA PhetUa City SEXTON, WILLIE JOE Honoraville SHAW. KENNETH L. Elmont, v v SII ' OS, JOSEPH Auburn SMITH, DANIEL B. Peterman SMITH, PAT Tallassee SPEAR, JAM ' LaPine SPRATLAN, I.alU I Shorter SPURLIN, JERRY Elba STARLING, GLENDA Bainbridge, Ga. STOUGH, DENNIS Notasulga TATUM, CONNIE Tunnel Springs TIMMONS, LEE Blakely, Ga. TOOLE, JOHNNIE B. Greensboro, Fla. WALKER, MARSHA Belle Glade, Fla WARR, CHARLES Clayton WHITEHEAD, NAOMI Phenix City WILLIAMS. REBECCA JANE Chipley, Fla. WILSON, HUGUETTE Casablanca, French Morrocco YOUNG, GAIL Ozark [ 119 ] FRESHMEN ABERCROMBIE, FRANCES Louisville ABERCROMBIE, GLENDA ...Troy ADAMS, GLORIA Eufaula ADAMS, PEGGY Montgomery ALAHESSABI, ALI . . . Tehran, Iran ALFORD, AL West Point, Ga. ALFORD, LINDA Elmore ANCHORS, LARRY... Niceville, Fla. ANSLEY, ANNETTE Geneva AUTREY, JOE Greenville AYRES , BRENDA Wetumpka BAKER, LOUISE Silver Grove, Ky. BARBER, DAVID Jakin, Ga. BARRETT, MARIE Seagrove Beach, Fla. BASS, TRINA Panama City, Fla. BATTS, THOMAS M. . Phenix City BAXLEY, DAISY Slocomb BECKHAM, ROGER Brewton BELCHER, PENNY Dothan BERTOLLA, HELEN Loxley htm LS BIHDSONG, SHIRLEY Ft. Walton, I la BOAN, KENNETH Baker, Fla. BOOKER, WAYNE i ergnen BOSWELL, JEANNE Millbrook BOUTWELL, PECGY Greenville BOWDEN, JOSEPH Fhrala BOWERS, BETTY Evergreen BREWER, DON Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. BREWTON, SHEILA Monroeville BRITTON, CURTIS E Florala BROCDEN, CAROLYN Georgiana BROOKS, SHIRLEY Union Springs BROWN, BOBBIE JEAN McKenzie BROWN, JOHN A Atmore BRYAN, JUNE Goshen BURNS. PATRICIA Phenix City CAMPBELL, BETTY Eufaula CAMPBELL, GAYLE Hartford CANNON, BILL Jay, Fla. CANNON, TINA Jakin, Ga. CARGILL, DON Andalusia CARR, HOWARD Niceville, Fla. CARR, JOYCE Enterprise CARPENTER, MARIE Brantley CAYLOR, JAMES Union Springs CHADWICK, LAN A Phenix City CHANCY, JOAN Hartford CLARY, BETTY Florala CLARY, EVO Crestview, Fla. CLARY, GAYLE Laurel Hill, Fla. CLEMENTS, CELESTA Blountstown, Flo. COBB, MYRNA Goshen COLE, MARGARET Tallassee COLOMBO, CHRIS Kissimmee, Fla. COOK, TAYLOR Deatsville COSTON, BETTY Inverness COSTON, MARY Troy COTTEN, JAMES Enterprise COZART, ANN Bonifay, Fla. CURINGTON, NELL Union Springs CUTCHEN, LINDA Headland DANLEY, VALINDA Samson DANSBY, GAYVON Graceville, Fla. DANSBY, HOMER Brewton DAUGHTRY, MARINELLE Quincy, Fla. DAVIS, KATHY Opp DEAN, GAYLE Slocomb DEAN, YVONNE Hartford DEWYEA, SHARON Hollywood, Fla. DIEBOLD, MARTIN Hollywood, Fla. DIMICHELE, CONRAD New Castle, Del. DOWDY, JUDY A Elba DOZIER, JUDY Iron City, Ga. DUNX, WILLIAM Montgomery DYKES, NOLAN Perote EARLY, BILLIE JUNE Samson A k » 4 it EDENFIELD, PHILLIP NiceoiUe, l- ' lu. EILAND, LARRY Bo ccr, Fla. ELDER, JOHN Packard ELLIS, MARY JULIA Evergreen EVERAGE, CHARLES Brewlon FLEMING, MERLYN Brundidge GAINES, MARY Dothan GARRETT, KATHRYN Troy GARRETT, MARY Atmore GILBERT, STEVE Prattville GIBSON, JANIS Evergreen GOBER, SUE Millbrook GRAVES, DONNIE FA YE Brewton GRIMES, KEITH Opp GRISSETT, JOYCE Mobile GROVES, KENNETH Pensacola, Fla. HARBIN, JUDY Montgomery HARRIS, JANICE Geneva HATFIELD, MARGARET Hartford HAY, JAMES Manchester, Ga. HAYNES, DEAN Wetumpka HESTER, VETERIA Montgomery HODGINS, DONNA SUE Phenix City HOLLAND, BRYANT Deatsville HORNE, CLARENCE Baker Hill HOUK. DONA Monroeville HOUSTON, MARTHA Blakchj, Ga. JACKSON, ANN Quincy, Fla. k JACKSON, AUBREY Jay, Fla. JACKSON, CERALDINE Brewton JOHNSON, DIANNE Camilla, Ga. JOHNSON, GLENDA Dothan JOHNSON, ROBERT Ft. Walton, Fla. JONES, NATALIE Elba JONES, REX CARLTON . Brewton JONES, SYLVIA Enterprise JORDAN, FAYE Mobile KENDRICK, CULLEN Troy KELLY, BRENDA Dothan KING, JOYCE Baker, Fla. KIRKLAND, BILL Troy KRUSE, WAYNE Brewton LAMON, PEGGY A. Shreveport, La. LEWIS, MYRNA Geneva LILLARD, PAT Geneva LOCKLAR, JANE Elba LOFTEN, MARY Dothan LORD, PATRICIA Cottonwood McBRIDE, PATRICIA Greenville McDUFFIE, ANN Samson McINNIS, MARGARET Evergreen McMILLIAN, RONALD Lakeland, Fla. McLURE, MARTHA ANN Clayton McWATERS, BURYL Enterprise MARTIN, DAN Andalusia MARTIN, NORMA JO Montgomery P f s MARTIN, LINDA Geneva MASON, JERRY Luverne MASON, JIMMY Luverne MESSER, BETTY Ccneva MILES, THERON Niceville, Fla. MILLER, DON Colquitt, Ga. MOATTS, DOUGLAS Clanton MORGAN, WAYNE Brantley MURPHY, JEAN Dothan MURPHY, WAYNE Tallassee MUSSELMAN, THOMAS Eufaula NEBUGHR, SANDRA Panama City, Fla. NELSON, CAROLYN . Montgomery NOBLIN, JOHN Wallace, Fla. NORRIS, CHRISTINE Ft. Deposit NORRIS, CORINE Goshen NOSSAMAN, NED Ft. Rucker NORTHROP, JEAN Luverne NORTON, GLENDA Ramer OLIVE, ROBERT Mobile PACE, BOB Jakin, Ga. PARKER, JUNE Panama City, Fla. PATE, BETTY Samson PATE, FREDDIE Paul PEADEN, JO ANN Ilogansville, Ga. POWELL, ALTON CLIFTON Samson PRICE, BILL Milton, Fla. RICHBURG, DAVID Brantley RICHARDSON, JAMES Htaleah, Fla. RITTENBERRY, CAROL Braggs RIVERS, SARA Dothan ROCERS, LESLIE Mobile RONEY, SUE Cottonwood ROUCHTON, WAYNE Union Springs RYALS, NELLIE SUE Brundidge SANDERS, SARA Goshen SCHLICH, MAY BELLE Loxley SELLERS, DUTCHIE Montgomery SENA, RUSSELL MARTIN Hollywood, Fla. SESSIONS, EFFIE Troy SIMS, SHARON Valparaiso, Fla. SKIPPER, VIRGINIA Dothan SMITH, PAUL Elmore SMITH, WILLIAM T . . . Letohatchie SNELL, THERESA Ozark SPRADLEY, CAROLE Petrey SPIERS, JUNE Monroeville SPURLIN, MARY NAN Elba STUBBS, ANN Ozark STUART, SHELBY McKenzie STRICKLIN, LINDA Union Springs SULLIVAN, JOYCE Napier Field TAYLOR, SARAH CHARLES Brundidge THOMASTON, LINDA Kinston THOMPSON, EARL Crestview, Fla. TILLMAN, YUVETTE . Samson «a TRYON, WAYNE Abbeville VICKERY, LOU Atmorr WADE, MINNIE Clanton WALDEN, EULA MAE Florala WARE, JO ANN Troy WASDIN, NANCY Blakely, Go. WATFORD, LUCK Mobile WATFORD, MAMIE Abbeville WEBB, MELISSA Phenix City WHIGHAM, THELIA Samson WILLIAMSON, PEGGY Talladega WILSON, BETH Perote WILSON, BETTY Montgomery WILSON, RAYMOND Norfolk, Virginia WOLFE, ELEANOR Luverne WORSHAM, MURRAY Camilla, Ca. WOOD, JANICE Greenville YATES, MARTHA Brundidge JONES, MARY EVELYN Coffee Springs [ 127 ] DR. R. H. ERVIN Director of the Graduate Division Dr. Robert Hugh Ervin seems as substantial as the stones and mortar of this institution. He is even more so when weighed in intellectual and moral scales. A graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard, with a background of learning in the classical tradition, he has never- theless looked to the new, the progressive, and responded to the dynamics of this age and era. He has striven with constant purpose to direct his students into a larger development of their native faculties, a more effective appreciation of life, and greater activity in the social order. As Director of the Graduate School, the scope of his work is larger, but the purpose of his undertaking remains the same— the improve- ment of education in Alabama and the Nation. [ 128 ] 1959 Master ' s Degree Recipients ■IK flllll! First Row: John C. Windham, Martha Hilda Maraman, Joe Rex Sport, Bruce James Bass, Marion Ellen Solomon, Marjorie N. Moore, Georgia Mae Sanders, Violet G. Ervin, Fletcher Gillis. Second Row: Robert Wesley Williford, Glenn Bill Phillips, Matryd Thames, Gene M. Ramage, Beatrice B. Killingsworth, Imogens Davis, Laura Eloise Black, Dealie Waijne Pope, Walter Bernard Hudson, Jr., A7nos Lamar Sellers. Third Row: Henry Cumbie, Gordon Wood Holmes, Clarence D. Nelson, James Lester Daniel, James Wyatt Grimmer, Edsel 0. Chalker, Aubry Lawrence Bryan, John Jurtis Tomlinson, James Howard Moore, Martin Tay Green. [ 129 ] ORGANIZATIONS Miss Pauline Tranum and Mr. Jeff McClain, Faculty Sponsors [ 132 ] DeLeon Ban Geretha Crocker Jack Barnette William Baker Barbara Arnold, Carol Knight Barbara Andrews, Norma Ganey Betty Campbell Kitten Foster STAFF Editor BILL BAXLEY Associate Editor JOHN PABRISH Business Manager DeLEON BARR Assistant Editor BEVIE WARR Assistant Editor BILL SLOCUMB Art Editor WILLIAM BAKER Secretary JO ANN SEXTON Circulation Manager GARY PARNELL Theme Editor GERETHA CROCKER Advertising Editor JACK BARNETTE Organizations Editor KITTEN FOSTER Organizations Editor . BETTY CAMPBELL Sports Editor BEN ROGERS Sports Editor JEANETTE JORDAN Features Editor ALICE JOHNSON Features Editor MARY ALICE McRAE Administration Editor IRIS FAISON Activities Editor RUTH CARMICHAEL Activities Editor BARBARA DAUGHTRY Activities Editor CHARLES WARR Class Editor NORMA GANEY Class Editor BARBARA ANDREWS Class Editor CAROL KNIGHT Class Editor BARBARA ARNOLD Ruth Carmichael Barbara Daughtry Alice Johnson Mary Alice McRae Jeanette Jordan Ben Rogers Iris Faison [ 133 ] THE TR First Row: Eloise Rodgers, Jane Boggan, Nellie Sue Ryals, Cora Cassady, Reba Langford, Alice Johnson, Jackie Morgan. Second Row: Joe Griffin, Bob Booth, Paul Word, Jimmy Boswell, Ed Froehlich, Johnny Rosinski, Dickie Canaday. A i Acting Editor EDITH HUGHES Business Manager SAM MOORE Former Editor and Columnist JOE YOUNG OLITAN Columnists JOHN BOTT, JOHNNY ROSINSKI DICKIE CANADY Typist: MELANIE BLALOCK Assistant Editor: ELEANOR BORLAND Circulation Manager: MIRIAM BECK The Tropolitan is the college weekly newspaper with the purpose of informing Troy State stu- dents and faculty of current events and happen- ings on the campus. The staff is composed of journalism class students with the editorial staff and business staff composed of advanced jour- nalism students. Mrs. Delores Turner of the English Department is the faculty advisor. Sponsor MRS. DELORES TURNER Photographer: LARRY SMITH Advertising Managers: IRVING TRACY HAROLD DYESS [ 135 ] Sports Writer: JOE GRIFFIN Sjwrts Editor: JIMMY BOSWELL Sports Writer: PAUL WORD Faye Lawrence, Clerk; Joseph Gates, President; Gereiha Crocker, Secretary; Martha Rhodes, Treasurer . . . NOT SHOWN: Jeff Cooke, Vice President. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE STUDENT GOVERNMENT JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Edith Hughes, Gene Appleby, Jon Crowell, Grover Jacobs, Maybelle Schlich SEATED: Jayne Bolon, Donald Rebman, Lenora McNeal, Geretha Crocker, Ren Rogers, Dolores Flowers . . . STANDING: Martha McCIure, Carol Weeks, June Parker, Kenneth Roan, Glenda Starling, Trinia Bass, Dale Carroll. . . NOT SHOWN: Jeff Cooke, Chairman. SENATE ASSOCIATION SOCIAL COMMITTEE Arlene Kirchman, Jayne Rolon, Ruth S. Carmicfiael, Edith Hughes, Mrs. Lucille Royd, Sponsor. First Row: Geretha Crocker, Joseph Cotes, Melba Golden, Patricia McBride, Larry Anchors, Don Cargill, Willard Kennedij, Ben Rogers, Rex Jones, Jon Crowell. Second Row: Billy D. Bax- ley, Gloria Terrell, Elizabeth Capps, Alice Smith, Shirley Riggs, Carl Blackmon, Frank Fordliam, Ed Murphree, Wilmer Hagler. PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL DEBATE CLUB Seated: Dr. G. R. Boyd, May Belle Schlich, Joseph Roberts, Cora Cassady, Irving Tracy, Mrs. Lucille Boyd. Standing: Glen McKeever, Larry Smith, James Tfwrnton. F r i SEATED: Sylvia Smith, Faye Lawrence, Alice Smith, Ina Merle Holland, Jean Mahone, Martha Rhodes. . . STANDING: Grace Smith, Toni Boddin, Faye Wilson, Cora Cassaday, Geretha Crocker, Myrlc Bowdoin, Johnnie Stephens, Eloisc Eason, Jane Bolon. SPIRES ADELPHES FIRST ROW: Geretha Crokcr, Frankie Myers, Kitten Foster — See.-Treas., Mary Ann Pugh — Pres., Sonja Peacock, Hilda Smith . . . SECOND ROW: Frances Barlow, Pat Smith, Edith Hughs, Mary Kate Mclendon, Sue Morrow, Mary Ann Moody . . . THIRD ROW: Ann Bor- sarge, Dee Campbell, Judy Griggers, Janice Bottoms, Oleen Black . . . FOURTH ROW: Glenda EddingS, Elizabeth Capps, Joan Helms, Marilyn Clark, Lulu Patrick, Glcnda Starling, Lois Campbell, Hilda Settle, Eloise Rogers, Betty Ash, Connie Tatum, Judy Pritchett, Sonja Barton, Larue Spratlin. COWART HALL MARY ULIA ELLIS, Social Chairman BETTY CAMPBELL, Secretary-Treasurer PATRICIA McBRIDE, President PEGGY LAMON, Vice-President PACE HALL SEATED: Mrs. Margaret Crowe. . . STANDING: Eugene Autrey, President; Clifford Watson, Vice President; Robert Greene, Secretary; Gene Brannon, Treasurer. . . SHACKELFORD HALL Mrs. Kate Shclburnc, Director of Residence For Women; Carolyn Foster, Joyce Bell, Sonja Pea- cock, Assistants. Jeannie Lemon, Social Chairman; Shirley Riggs, President; Sue Morrow, Vice-President; Grace Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. SEATED: Dan Smith, George Cox, Billy Thompson, Frank Miller, Willard Kennedy, Jack Thomas. . . STANDING: Dean Tindol, Revcll Wilson, Grover Mixon, Reuben Grimes, Martin Bell, Jerry Spurlin, Grover Jacobs, Buddy Whiddon, Taw Begeman. ARGONAUTS DILL HALL SEATED: Larry Austin, James Hay, Don Car gill, Phillip Edenfield, Carl Hall. . . STANDING: Jack Autrcy, Chris Colombo, Al Alford, James Cottcn, Butch Glover . . . NOT PICTURED: Bob Pace, Wayne Murphy. LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Messer, Gail Riley, Lenora McNeal, Mary Ann Pugh, Ina Merle Hol- land, Faye SJiiclds, Pat Kilgore, Boots Jacobs . . . STANDING: Charles Tlwmpson, Mary Coiven, Sonya Barton, Frances Price, Barbara Blackwell, Janice Harris, Bowdoin Smith, Lois Campbell, Melba Golden, Carolyn Henderson, Mary Alford, Mrs. Mershon. ATHENAEUM PLAYMAKERS FIRST ROW: J. M. Everett, E. Murphree . . . SECOND ROW: M. Floyd, A. Arnold, F. Shirley. . . THIRD ROW: R. Burdeaux . . . FOURTH ROW: V. Rodgers, D. Campbell . . . STANDING: J. Solomon, Advisor; K. Palmer, G. Jackson, J. Lemon, N. Nossaman, J. Bott . . . NOT SHOWN: M. Beck, M. Schlich, E. Duncan, G. Christo, L. Arnold, B. Cannon, C. Guy, W. Veal, J. Cotes, S. Johnson, Y. Dean, and G. Johnson. First Row: G. Carroll, P. Etheredge, M. Bowdion, A. Smith, W. Hagler, President; N. Town- send, Secretary; J. Stephens, Reporter; M. Beck, Treasurer; Gene Brannon, Vice-President; C. Knight, M. Grissett, L. Patterson, M. Rhodes. Second Row: . Hasty, R. Langford, B. Warr, Mrs. Nan Cooper, Sponsor. Third Row: . Bellanti, N. Hay, H. Dyess, C. Underwood, J. Spur- lin, T. Givens, C. Watson, G. Reams, D. Kirkland, H. Motley, G. Jacobs, G. Cox, K. McCartha, E. Autrey, J. Guidy, Mr. Theo Breland, Department Head. NOTARI CLUB SPECS CLUB First Row: . Hultman, C. Tattum, B. Carr, B. Brantley, P. Hill, B. Ash, ]. Toole. Second Row: P. Tucker, S. McKce, J. Helms, Secretary-Treasurer; G. Terrell, President; W. Byrd, Vice-Presi- dent; M. Ellison, A. West. Third Row: . Gotten, W. J. Brown, B. Nichols, M. Bell, R. Mc- Waters, R. Carlton, D. Rebman. A A Y f| ' VV W H STUDENT EDUCATION Seated: Frankie Myers, Reporter; Bill Baxley, President; Hilda Smith, Secretary-Treasurer; Standing: John A. Parrish, Vice-President; Bobby Andress, Parliamentarian. Faculty Advisor DR. HARRIS HARVILL Social Committee NANCY TOWNSEND, BOBBY ANDRESS, l- ' RANKIE MYERS, Chairman ASSOCIATION Program Committee Wilbum Byrd, Geretha Crocker, Ellis Sharpe, Chairman ( Project Committee Carole Quails, Jack Baraette, Chairman Lenora McNeal [ H7 ] LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Thompson, R. Nash, J. Floyd, P. Williamson, D. Watson, H. Manning, P. Scarbrough, J. Sanders, S. Riggs, Mrs. Watson, advisor . . . SECOND ROW: D. Johnson, J. Sulli- van, J. Mendheim, R. Carmichael, A. Floyd S. Nehughr, T. Fitzgerald, H. McFatter, C. Payne, M. Adams, D. Holland. THIRD ROW: F. Sadler, M. Harris, R. Peacock, G. Young, M. Griffin, V. Athey, O. Black, J. Bottoms, M. Wyrosd ick, J. Marshall, R. Stollenwerck, L. Davis . . . FOURTH ROW: J. Coker, T. Farmer, P. Adkison, J. Harty, J. Jordan, A. Alford, W. Murphy, M. Floyd, E. Elliot, R. Morris, E. Windham, D. Thomas, H. Gilley . . . FIFTH ROW: S. Newton, B. Murchison, C. Henderson, L. Davidson, G. Hinote, J. Harris, F. Alford, R. Kirkland, B. Mc- Clinton, M. Sexton, W. T. Henry, D. Barnes . . . SIXTH ROW: W. Williamson, L. Newton, S. Hughes, E. Comer, B. Wind, S. Grimes, M. Mosely, T. Morgan, D. Gingold, L. Fortuna, S. King, A. L. Beck. P. E. MAJORS W. A. A. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Harris, Jackie Hasty, Helen Elmore, Peggy Williamson, Virginia Skip- per, June Mendheim, Shirley Riggs, Teddy Dubherly, Betty Peacock, Betty LeCompte, Pat Jones, Marianne Sellers. . . SECOND ROW: Mary Wyrosdick, Ruth Stollenwerck, Gail Hinote, Jeanie Lemon, Joan Tliompson, Twinx Goodwin, Margaret Adams, Theresa Self, Mary Griffin, Ruby Griggcrs. . . THIRD ROW: Oleene Black, Ann Floyd, Cora Jane Gibson, Eleanor Wolfe, Janice Bottoms. a u L LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Dean, John Williams, Joe Bates, Larry Bennett, Milton Williams . . . SECOND ROW: Fletcher Wideman, Ed Britton, Charlton Lentz, Pete DeLeon, Billy Bruncr, Wesley Price, Billy Joe Bass. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION arwir r T " CLUB FIRST ROW: H. Manning, C. Williamson, R. S. Carmichael, A. Kirchman, N. Carpenter, J. Spear, F. Fordham, J. Sanders. . . SECOND ROW: R. Green, R. Nash, B. Rogers, F. Fulgham, B. Hod- son, S. Hughes, J. Floyd . . . THIRD ROW: D. Watson, B. Fray, J. Cooke, C. Henderson, P. Adki- son, G. Brannon, B. Murchison. . . FOURTH ROW: R. Leftwich, J. Gotvan, B. Thompson, F. Miller, A. Todd, F. Sadler, E. Comer . . . FIFTH ROW: W. Williamson, B. Wind, L. Newton, J. Coker, B. Marriott, S. Newton, and D. Gingold. MM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Barker, Joan Barker. Mary Garrett, Linda Rhodes, Doris Knowles, Marvin Brown. . . SECOND ROW: Charles Underwood, Ruth Burdeaux, Edith Hughes, Jenifer Williams, Claud Connor, Joan Thompson, Mrs. James E. Tate. WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. James E. Tate, Counselor; Clwrles Underwood, Vice President; Ruth Burdeaux, Secretary; Joan Barker, Fast President; Doris Knowles, President; Marvin Brown, Counselor. TT7HR Dan Smith, Brotlwrhood President; Katldeen Hardin, B.S.U. President; Robert Olive, Freshman Council President; Sonja Peacock, Y.W.A. President; Don Crapps, B.S.U. Director. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First Row: Sonja Peacock, Dan Smith, Kathleen Hardin. Second Row: Betty Lassitter, Doris Peddy, Flay Lowery, Frankie Myers, Barbara Hanson, Anita Mason. Third Row: Gloria Philpot, Arthur Mulder, Genell Kelly, David Scurlock, Shirley Sims, Jo Ann Kelly, Jimmy Faidk, Sonya Taylor, Miss Laureson Forrester, Sponsor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Elizaberth Ogburn; Melba Golden, Vice President; Joan Barker, President; Carol Weeks. . . SECOND ROW: Kathij Hardin, Elbert Schonj, David Scurlock, Doris Knowles, Miss Forrester and Mr. McLaughlin, sponsors . . . NOT PICTURED: Linda Rhodes, Secretary; Earl Bethel; Don Coleman. THE RELIGIOUS COUNCIL j- rw p] n% r ol n LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. James O ' Neal, Mr. Edward Burnett, Charles Haisten, John Marcin- owski, Dean Spratlin, Lynn Jackson, Faye Lawrence, Gerctha Crocker, Faye Wilson, Elaine Kel- ley, Levinia Adams, James Turner, Ralph DeVane, Mr. Virgil Collins. . . SECOND ROW: Rex M (Waters. Wilburn Byrd, Al Orr, Albert E. West, William Etheridge, William Cox, Jerry Trot- ter, Edwin Reese, Kline Bentlcy, Fred Tillman, Albert Scofield, Richard Head, Rex Jones. . . THIRD ROW: Charles DeShields, Gene Appleby, Walter Ray Rogers, Sam Arnold, Joe Cain, Raymond Carlton, Horton P. Hutchison. Jr., Fauline Muthis, Duniel Campbell, Billy Thweatt, Mr. Bilh, H. Maddox. V1TCLUB The annual TSC Christmas Dance was co-sponsored by the Square Root of " C " Club. Below is Miss Frankie Myers and her court. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Hope, Charlene Foster, Judy Pritchett, Judy Harbin, Rachel Stephen- son, Vetcria Hester, Priscilla Mahone. . . STANDING: John Bellanti, Reuben Grimes, Emortf Erb, Fred Johnson, Derrell Billingsley, Don Dean. MADRIGAL SINGERS MENC CHAPTER 332 LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Mary Vic Mauk, Sponwr; Judy Pritchett, Vice President; Don Dean, President; Sue Morrow, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Jean Ban, Faculty Member. . . SECOND ROW: Dr. Clwrles Farmer, Head of Music Department; Anna Hayden; Priscilla Mahone; Faye Bowers; Betty Lee; Barbara Arnold; Mary Nell Traweek; Mr. James Patrenos, Faculty Mem- ber. . . THIRD ROW: John Bland, Mrs. Lundie Riddle, Judy Harbin, Veteria Hester, Derrell Billingsley, Bobby Grissette, Russ Sena, Rachel Stephenson, George Christo, Erskine Ziglar. COLLEGIATE SINGERS The Collegiate Singers were organized to provide a finer quality of musical experience than was possible in large, non-selective choral groups. The members are drawn, by audition, from the entire student body. This select group of 60 voices is under the direction of Dr. Charles V. Farmer. They were featured during the year in concert, on radio, on television, and represented Troy State College on tour throughout the Southern States. A high point of the year was the selection of the Collegiate Singers by the Mutual Broadcasting System to present a nationwide broadcast from New York as a part of a series of programs featuring the nation ' s outstanding choral groups. [ 155 ] LEFT TO RIGHT: Elaine Weaver, Jean Quails, Yvonne Glover, Kathy Davis, Jackie Robinson, Pat Dickson, Carol Maulden, Connie Carpenter, Jo Ann Ware, Minnie Wade, Joan Thompson. MAJORETTES THE WAVEMEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerald Jackson, James Patrenos, Director; Gerald Brown, Thomas Williams, John Hall, George Fulks, Tommij Fowler, Russ Sena, Ken Nichols, Erskine Ziglar, Clxarles Con- fer, Sam Milioti. ZETA GAMMA CHAPTER OF KAPPA DELTA PI ?) L h FIRST ROW: B. Baxley, E. Borland, A. Burks, G. Crocker, J. Crowell. SECOND ROW: F. Fordham, G. Hagler, I. Hagler, H. Hutchison, J. Kelley, H. Jackson. THIRD ROW: R. Jones, G. Laird, A. Mason, C. Morris, J. Parrish, K. Pitt- man. FOURTH ROW: M. Rhodes, J. Sasser, A. Smith, G. Smith, I. Presley, G. Steiner. FIFTH ROW: E. Schory, J. Stephens, N. Townsend, L. Waller, F. Wilson, E. Ziglar. I Dr. R. H. Ervin : Faculty Advisor Ben Rogers President Maxine Arnett Vice President ) Jayne Bolon Secretary Rex Mc Waters Treasurer [ 157 ] ADVERTISEMENTS Compliments of ROSENBERG ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " A LEADING SOUTH ALABAMA FASHION CENTER FOR MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS " 01 South Three Notch Phone 69 a Best Wishes To Troy State College We are very fond of you and are proud of the progress you are making toward becoming a larger institution. The relationship between the City of Troy and Troy State College has always been on the upward move. We are proud to have been a part of this progress. Always look for our continued loyal support. We would enjoy having you visit our store! HENDERSON BLACK GREEN INC CONTRACTORS WHOLESALE RETAIL LUMBER MILLWORK BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES TROY, ALABAMA Waiting for verdict. No " Male " today? INGRAM ' S fcatauran I FOR THE BEST IN GOOD EATING Lo cated on 231 Bypass TROY, ALABAMA Could this be the morning after? Beatniks at work. THE PIKE THEATRE GOOD MOVIES EVERY DAY TROY, ALABAMA BEFORE AFTER Troy Insurance Agency Incorporated General Insurance Telephone 87 Troy Bank Trust Company Building TROY, ALABAMA Old Bullet lives on?? DOUGLAS BROS. Keepsake and Artcarve Diamonds Leading Brands of Silverware Crystal by Fostoria China by Flintridge Pens and Pencils by Sheaffer ' s Watch and Jewelry Repair a Specialty 79 Court Square Phone 4 4 TROY, ALABAMA Week-ends at TSC. ' The Co-eds. Compliments of PHIL ADAMS MOTOR CO. SALES SERVICE 312 N. Three Notch Phone 720 TROY, ALABAMA Go, Man, Go! BYRD DRUG COMPANY Phone 298 Court Square Troy, Alabama Compliments of SANITARY DAIRY 348 Orion Street Troy, Alabama MB Ballroom Dancing Class COLEMAN -JERNIGAN BUSINESS SERVICE A Complete Line of Office Supplies Equipment Typewriter Adding Machine Repairs 76 N. Court Square Phone 422 Troy, Alabama Palladium Staff Meeting. WEDNESDAY, 9:45 JEAN ' S FLOWERS TEPPER ' S Jean Reminds You, " When It ' s Flowers Be Sure They ' re Ours. " " The Style Shop of Troy " 110 W. Madison St. Phone 968 Phone 1276 Troy, Alabama It must have rained! A. T. VAUGHAN JEWELERS " See Vaughan for Diamonds " Troy ' s Leading Jeweler TROY BANK and TRUST COMPANY 100 Court Square Troy, Alabama TROY LAUNDRY CLEANERS FAST 107 Walnut COURTEOUS l ' i.lllll:HJ;im H Phone 201 Royal Tire Service, Inc. U.S. ROYAL TIRES Recapping TROY ALABAMA Guess what ' s on the other side. LAWRENCE HARDWARE BOYD COMPANY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES STEREO, HI - Fl, and RECORDS 80 N. Court Square Troy, Ala. 56 E. Court Square Phone 76 1 OLDSMOBILE • CHEVROLET • CADILLAC Compliments MARY CHEVROLET of COMPANY DARI DELITE Telephone 1013-1014 SALES and SERVICE BRUNDIDGE HWY. PHONE 1625 TROY ALABAMA Progress! TROY DRUG CO. Powell Printing Company SCHOOL SUPPLIES COMMERCIAL PRINTING-OFFICE SUPPLIES COSMETICS " No man ever buys QUALITY and PRESCRIPTION SERVICE regrets cost afterwards " rOUR WALGREEN AGENCY Phone 569 Troy, Ala. 200 N. Three Notch Phone 1271 TROY ALABAMA WHALEY PECAN CO. Shelters and Packers of WHALEY ' S FANCY SHELLED PECANS Phone 1097 Troy, Ala. TROY KELLY ' S Smileage! BRUNDIDGE ' The Sociables. ' Mickey Make Out. ' BASSETT PACKING COMPANY Phone 1560 TROY ALABAMA THE BRANDING IRON CAFE Phone 1595 Brundidge Hwy. BRANTLEY ' S GIFT SHOP Phone 314 Troy, Alabama WATSON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 108 E. Elm Phone 1 105 Ma 1 Mil r v 1 r l V 1 1 By j i « ' Pah-don Me. ' Outdoor Philosophy Class? BEST INSURANCF ALWAYS BOATNER INSURANCE AGENCY Carroll Bldg. Phone 1555 TROY, ALABAMA MOTEL TROY Troy ' s Motel of Distinction 2 miles north of Troy, Ala., on U.S. 231 Phone 1080 Compliments of McLEOD ' S DRUG STORE Phone 79 Troy, Alabama Watch that Fly! % Term paper due! GAS UP WITH YOUR FRIENDLY SHELL DEALER CROW -KENNEDY OIL COMPANY TROY ALABAMA GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 57 E. Court Square Phone 716 TROY L. ALABAMA i JmM Artist at work. ' The Crap-Shooters. F an d M INS. CO. FRED NALL BILL SANFORD 62 Courl ■ Sq. Phone 1401 TROY ALABAMA BILL ' S DRIVE-IN CLEANERS YOUR STA - NU CLEANER Phone 873 TROY ALABAMA ■5 Guess Where? Becky ' s Beauty Salon. GREEN ' S DRUGS WE DELIVER 607 N. Three Notch TROY Phone 162 ALABAMA TEXACO PRODUCTS J. T. VANN SERVICE STATION Phone 500 TROY ALABAMA Sun - Sand - Man First Farmers Merchants National Bank of Troy COMPLETE DRIVE - IN FACILITY Corner of Love Oak Streets TROY ALABAMA Sam Murphy and Company FREEMAN FURNITURE COMPANY " If you don ' t know furniture, know your furniture dealer. " TROY ALABAMA So this is how they study! " Our Town. " WHALEY LUMBER and CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONTRACTORS BUILDERS Phone 245 TROY ALABAMA TROY MAID BAKERY PIKE COUNTY ' S ONLY BAKERY Phone 1037 TROY ALABAMA Reefers, Anyone? HOLMAN JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHER 113 N. Three Notch TROY Phone 746 ALABAMA He ' s high enough! Johnston ' s Flower Shop TROY STATE ALUMNUS FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 105 Market Street TROY Phone 177 ALABAMA Compliments of STAR -LITE DRIVE-IN TROY Brundige Highway ALABAMA .. k » " Shackelford Beach. ' The end! ! ! THE FAIR DEPARTMENT STORE HATS, SHOES, CLOTHING, DRY GOODS, READY-TO-WEAR STETSON HATS .... MANHATTAN SHIRTS Phone 101 West Side Court Square TROY, ALABAMA IN MEMORIAM Miss Mary Vic Mauk Students and faculty were grieved by the death of Miss Mary Vic Mauk on January 29, 1960. Miss Mauk was a member of the Troy State College music faculty for many years. She was a gifted musician in her own right, and a competent music educator. Her true love for her students and friends, and deep devotion for her colleagues will be painfully missed. ■ turn m - Jw n M

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