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T. S. C. LIBRARY TROY, ALA. A y.J ' 1 A ' A. „ J H£— W i r v ..¥ M ' • ? s (J " ,,1»4 W rttiW ■$ T lo V; o " • oo ' fll» «OM | £ SSL: J iW J ,,..• -•- A v ' " ' ' ' « r © p2 r •« " ? X 1 ™ ,J !T . • ' " f Co-Editors: Bill Brake Joy McKee Bus. Manager: Charles Jones -T. . C. LIBRi TROY, ALA ' : ;b presented in the 1958-1959 PALLADIUM Troy State College Trov. Alabama A 1 j s AS %m IB STATE OF NATURAL RESOURCES T. S. C. HBRARY TROY, ALA- THE HEART OF DIXIE IS COLORFUL, EXCITING, RICH IN NATURAL RESOURCES THAT PROVIDE ECONOMIC STRENGTH AND NATURAL BEAUTY TO THE COLORFUL STATE OF ALABAMA. THESE RESOURCES ARE PRESERVED BY THE PEOPLE OF OUR STATE WHO ARE EDUCATED TO THE IMPO RTANCE OF MAKING THE MOST OF BASIC MATERIALS. L «- HAT HAVE MADE US THE INDUSTRIAL HEART OF DIXIE T. B. C. LIBRARY TROY, ALA. PRODUCTS FROM OUR STATE ARE ECHOED THROUGH THE NATION. THE FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND THE FREEDOM OF CREATIVITY ABOUNDING IN COLLEGE HELP PREPARE MEN AND WOMEN TO LEAD, BUILD, AND DIRECT COLORFUL ALABAMA INTO BECOMING THE NDUSTRIAL LEADER OF THE SOUTH. • AND Co Ju£ THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO THE STUDENTS OF THIS COLLEGE, PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE [ 6 ] PEOPLE A combination of self, books, things, others, make the colorful people of Troy State College. A combination of veterans, commuters, in-service teachers, parents, regular high school graduates, instructors considering students junior colleagues, and a physical education department, unequalled, make life colorful and stimulating at Troy State College. We are prey to the adage, " The more we learn, the more we learn there is to learn, " and we seek out books, ideas, conversations, For each new quarter brings new textbooks, teaching new words, methods, miracles. And in the quietness of the library, we read and research and think. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, BUSINESS LAW, MUSIC AP- PRECIATION, SHORTHAND, MILTON, COMMUNITY RECREATION— these are some of the books that help make the colorful and dedicated students, who tomorrow or next year will be the businessmen, teachers, musicians, and coaches of Alabama and the world. Problems are solved or ironed-out over coffee and cigarettes in the Student Center and In the Baptist Student Union Building in solitude and repose. THE TROPOLITAN, THE PLAYMAKERS, ATHLETICS. THE RED W I BAND, THE PALLADIUM — these are of the activities that help teach organization, self-respect through evaluation, appreciation of others, reliability. We learn by all these means that there is enough room for the personal accomplishment of everyone The study of ourselves and others, and a better understanding of the world around us will make us colorful and useful citizens and parents and teachers of tomorrow and the years to come. J • 2 " J_i WHO PREPARE FOR TOMORROW l cmu... Administration Features Student Life Athletics Organizations Classes A dvertisers ADMINISTRATION Governor John Patterson 1 ' ■ President Dean Director of Graduate Work Dean of Students Business Manager Social Director of Student Center [ 11 ] Dr. Smith has a wonderful philosophy of life and every waking minute is filled with concern for the students at Troy State College. He walks around the campus with an air of dignity and seriousness but loves a good joke and can tell a better story than anyone in Alabama. His hobbies are collecting jokes, reading and golfing. President Smith is recognized as one of the leading college Presidents in the South and Troy State College has gained national recognition under his leader- ship. Dr. Smith has spent the last twenty-two years building, physically and intellec- tually, toward the college of his dreams . . . Troy State. [ 12 ] MR. JOHN l si ik l an i Students DR. GEORGE R. BOYD Dean of Administration MR. THOMAS J. McCLAIN Associate Registrar 1 J y f i MR. L. CLAY STABLER. JR. Business Manager and Treasurer [ 13 ] ■■■■ DR. RENWICK C. KENNEDY Director of Field Services MR. JAMES B. CLEMENTS Director of Buildings and Grounds MR. ERMAN E. LESTER Assistant Business Manager MRS. LUCILLE K. BOYD Social Director of Student Center MRS. THELMA C. MERSHON Librarian MISS MARY E. RICH College Nurse [ 14 ] T. S. C. LIBRARY TRDY, ALA. ART DEPARTMENT Mrs. Alice G. Thornton, Department Head; Mr. Earle Young, and Mr. William O. Stanley. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Dr. Frank Bain, Department Head; Miss Pauline Tranum. Mrs. Nan Cooper, and Mr. Louis Dougherty. [ 15 ] DR. EMMETT KILPATRICK English Department Head Genial scholar, romantic, friend of the Angels, is Emmett Kilpatrick. Docteur es Lettres, lover of French civilization, confidante of Milton, a latter-day Confederate, New Dealer, he is both a cosmopolite and an American Nationalist. His feet are on the ground in the economic and po- litical facts of life, his mind peers into the distant horizons of the future and along the mountain- tops of enlightened human desires. In his teach- ing Dr. Kilpatrick is Milton or Shakespeare as the great words and thoughts flow. Literature lives for the student as he reads. He is many things in one, and all of them good. He is the epitome of the ideal in the practical and the practical in the ideal: Christian teacher and friend of humanity! — R. H. and V. G. Ervin. [ 16 ] ENGLISH DEPARTMENT First Row: Dr. Janette S. Rosenberg, Miss Thelma B. Goodwin, Mrs. Lucille Mussleman, Mrs. Delores Turner. Second Row: Dr. Alex Corriere, Mr. Jack Solomon, Mrs. Frances Byrd, Mrs. Mary H . Lockridge, Dr. James H. I ' enrod, and Dr. Emmett Kilpatrick. Not Pictured: Mrs. Gloria Stabler. HISTORY SOCIAL STUDIES First Row: Dr. Henry Eugene Sterkx, Dr. Leonard Y. Trapp, Mr. iuxford S. Sartain, Department Head; and Mrs. Lenice Stephen. SECOND Row: Mr. raid I. Mussleman. Mr. L. Lemar Stephen, Dr. Brooks Thompson, and 1 Cloyd W. Paskins. [ 17 ] MATH DEPARTMENT Seated: Mr. Virgil L. Collins, Department Head; Mr. Emmett C. Waggoner, Mr. Billy H. Maddox, Dr. Roscoe D. Kelley. Not Pictured: Mr. James E. Ray. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Seated: Mrs. Violet Ervin, Miss Mary Vic Mauk. Standing: Dr. Charles Farmer, Department Head; Mrs. Olivia Rainer, Mrs. Jean Ban, Mr. James Patrenos. [ 18 ] EDUCATION DEPARTMENT DR. HAROLD E. GREEN Department Head DR. KOMI K l ill GH 1 KVIN Director i Graduate Studies 1 F Mi Hk ' +a ' DR. HARRIS HARVILL MISS FOY INGRAM Director ot Laboratory School I 19 ] PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Nicholas G. Costes, Mr. John A. Archer, Miss Lorraine Powlus, Dr. Earl G. Watson, Department Head; Mrs. Isabel Van Watson, Dr. William E. Clipson, and Mr. Paul E. Nix. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Ernest Riggsby, Mr. Gilbert O. Spencer, Miss Laureson Forrester, Mr. Wood- row D. McLaughlin, Dr. David C. Widdowson, Mr. Marion E. McDougle, Dr. Robert A. Dietz and Dr. William T. Wilks, Department Head. Not Pictured: Mr. Jeff J. Cheatwood, Dr. Walker B. Sorrell, Mrs. Virginia W. Sorrell, and Mr. Win- gate Wilson. Assistant Librarians, SEATED: Mrs. Annette Parks. Si VNDING: Mist Ethel Sanders. HljJfilMWllUMh «■«;«■! II Laboratory School Faculty: Miss Ellen Solomon, Mrs. Eleanor Williamson. Mrs Tex Whaley, Miss Foy Ingram. Miss Martha Fields, Miss Xellie Hitt. Mrs. Margaret Cleveland. [ 21 ] 1 FEATURES Cotton Ball Homecoming Christmas Ball Beauties Valentine Dance Who ' s Who I 23 ] 1 I ( I Cotton EJl Qu een rr arit ryLa infer [ 25 ] ' M hrom ecomina vs(ii een I liar tli a hotfd [ 27 ] L ampud d5eautu and Christmas v r een Aanv Jjp car [ 29 ] O en lor (15 e a u t ¥ Aachiv VUatford [ 31 ] • (junior (15 ' e a ul ' r oijcc I ' x. ' alloii [ 33 ] s S oph otn ore (JSea u tu illie Ljrace J elclnni [ 35 ] (• I : a i jrreshman 93eaut ati iu Acan J (izz (I [ 37 ] Wr. and Wis O. S. C Ljail f- eacoch and f at -Atdkidon [ 38 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES First Row, left to right: Deanna Bobo, Bobbie Baker, Hortense Duck, Carol Hicks, Rosalie Stephenson, Martha Sneecl, Imogene Mathison. Joye McKee, Jean Aljord, Betty Sue Jones. SECOND Row: Richard Herring, Dorothy Bryan, Pat Curry, Arthur Sanders, Mary Lou Shelley, Kimmie Dyess, Kenneth Dyess, Anne Bond, Celia Jones, Gayle Goodin. [ 39 ] fc —Miiim i niw i w wi ' Hio ' mhwi STUDENT LIFE Social Chairman Commuters Dorm Life Student-Parents Town Students Social Life Who can I " cut " this issue? Just don ' t put your foot in your mouth, Friend! CAMPUS Isn ' t it time lor the men to come? Yes, I ' m on salary [ 42 ] " The College Hour " with Bill and the Boss Always glad to meet someone with money LIFE Ah, come on, Carol, he ' s not that funny! She ' s just my size Bet Jim is holding 5 trumps , too! [ 43 ] HOMECOMING Stop! Is there a Mack Truck coming Mv -rnR imtn f Cat on a hot tin car Sponsored by the Billard Hall? [ 44 ] :.j ' fi u» H M S 4 A :. " ♦» . M .v.v Homecoming and Friend The Lounge was open all day And we thought it was raining . ACTIVITIES The " Pulpwooders " at play! ALUMNI? [ 45 ] DORM Solitude is precious The Purple-People Eaters Gotta have something to hug [ 46 ] HMHW ifiim t$m LIFE Arc you the how that lived in Shacklejord? Conic on, Uncle Charlie, cooperate! iliesc MUST he freshmen Bye, bye, I ' m going hula-hooping — hit i he keeps me warm in the winter [ 47 ] The band looks high to me Camping Class? CAMPUS Intellectual snobs or slobs? -and then everybody thought she was a student Sunday night supper [ 48 ] Tm , Now watch us, Hows! FROLICS Incident on Love Street What ' s in the paper cups? The June Taylor Dancers I can do it. ' I can do it. ' [ 49 ] fe ATHLETICS I - Track Coaches Football Basketball Baseball C.nlj [ 51 ] COACHING At the present time Troy State College is represented in intercollegiate athletic competition by varsity teams in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, cross- country, and track. Since 1950 the college has participated in 506 athletic contests with a record of 253 wins, 230 losses, and 3 ties, for a winning percentage of .524. Troy State is a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Dr. Earl Watson, Director of Athletics Coach Clipson says . . . The 1958 football season was by far the best we have had since I came to Troy State College in 1955. Although we won only three games, we were definitely a threat until the final minutes in five of the six games we lost. Naturally, the coaching staff was disappointed that we did not win more games, especially since we were leading at half time in six of the nine games. Several of our defeats could have been victories if we had had a little more con- fidence and poise. We are firmly convinced that this team showed the possibilities of future accomplishments on the gridiron and that this season was just the begin- ning of better football at Troy State. Dr. William F. Clipson Football and Golf The Red Wave closed out the 57-58 season with a record 7-19-6 representing District 19 in the National Tournament for the second straight year. The beginning of the 1958-59 season found the Wavemen with five returning lettermen, Bob Moore, Kenneth Everett, Bobby Terrell, David Watson, and Paul Hartman, backed by squadmen Dave Gingold, Jeff Cooke and Charles Henderson. Ralph Nash, a Junior College transfer, also joined the squad. Our squad lost only one game from the floor out of the eight lost thus far. The free throw line has been their downfall. John A. Archer, Basketball and Tennis [ 52 ] STAFF Coach Nix says . . . Desire is the aspect that I admire most in an athlete. I here are man) other things that a coach will look lor which will dclinitcK include ability. The 1958 squad possessed both of these qualifications, with some boys having a greater endowment of the intangibles than the tangibles Most of these boys will be on hand lor the 1959 season which points to a livel) il not successful campaign. Although there are outstanding players who deserve individual recognition, our measure of success is always m terms of team achievements. 1 ' anl .. Nix, Baseball Coach Costes says . . . Our track and held team launched the new sport with two wins and one loss. Undefeated in their specialties during the track and field season were Mac Palmer in the 100 and 220 dashes; Ron Beck in the 880 yard run; and William Gowan in the mile. In Cross-Countr . the team, in their second season, copped six victories and dropped four. In the Tro Chamber of Commerce Meet. Ron Beck finished third, but first for Tro State among 27 runners. Nicholas G. Costes, Cross-Country and Track The Student Coaches say ... In working with the football team this year, we were particularly impressed b the loyalty and good relations that existed between the coaching staff and the team. We were also personalis gratified b the fine spirit and determination demonstrated b the pla ers. Possessing these factors, the future should become brighter for the Red Wave of Troy. Ma you have much success in the season to come. Earl Hawthorne and Ranee Teel [ 53 ] Jean Wagnon Gloria Burkett OUR INS Coach Bill Clipson Earl Watson Arlene Kirchman [ 54 ] IRATION Deannu Bobo — Captain Gilleree Bell Rickard Jo A nne Miller Hill Mary Ann Pugh [ 55 ] . £mJ?MjL £)ik mEm M% £a P ' £30 41 i f " V 37i First Row, L. to R. : Coach Archer; Ross; Hammond; Messick; Missildine; Wood; Phillips; Brooks; Palmer; Rogers; Coach Nix; Coach Hawthorne. Second Row, L. TO R. : Rentz; Fitzgerald; R. Green; T. Green; Evans; Adkinson; Fulgam; Brannon; Manning; Sadler; L. New- ton; Myers; Baker. Third Row, L. to R. : Coach Clip- son; Owens; Hodgson; Lee; Fray; Marriott; S. Newton; Morgan; Weaver; Childers; Fuller; Gilchrist; Fordham; Ward; Sanders; Managers Timmons and Stinson. Captain Bobby Phillips ■M Co-Captain Mack Wood RED ! THE RECORD Troy 22 Livingston 6 Troy 6 Tampa 39 Troy l 6 Delta State Troy 7 Jacksonville State 20 Troy 14 Newberry 28 Troy 14 Florence State 20 Troy 10 Austin Peay 12 Troy 7 Carson Newman 1 3 Troy 33 Howard 1 3 [ 56 ] Trainer Donald Hoan Managers Timmons and Stinson WAVE Green Palmer Adkison Wood Marriott Hammond Phillips Sanders Brooks Rogers Grax l FkM i € RED WAVE Bobby Phillips, Captain from A del, Georgia, lettered four years with the Red Wave. Serving as a center, fullback, and guard, Phillips was noted as one of the finest players in the Red Wave ' s history. With all the possibilities of a " little Ail- American, " Phillips was an all around football player. Here ' s to the toughest of the lot, Bobby Phillips Age 21 Weight 179 Height 5 ' 9 " Right Guard Harry " Bozo " Hammond, the largest man on the squad, was elected to the first tackle post again this season. Bozo hails from Valley Head, Alabama, where they grow them big and rough. With weight and ability, he played excellent ball all season long. Here ' s to the roughest of the crew, Harry " Bozo " Hammond Age 26 Weight 227 Height 6 ' Right Tackle Mac Palmer, the leading ground gainer and top scorer this season, came to Troy two years ago from East Mississippi Junior College. Gaining over 300 yards and scoring 36 points, Mac showed his heels to many of our opponents. Troy will miss the " race horse " next year when football season rolls around again. Here ' s to a fine, speedy back, Mac Palmer Age 22 Weight 150 Height 5 ' 9 " Right Half O ' Neal Messick, fullback from Abbeville, Alabama, returned to Troy after being absent for a year. A guy who lived the game and gave it his all will wear a Troy uniform no more. Here ' s to a hard running senior fullback, O ' Neal Messick Age 21 Weight 174 Height 5 ' 11 " Fullback [ 58 SENIORS Charles " Tiger " Williams played jour years of varsity football here at Troy State. Being small in size but large in ability, he gave Troy fine performances at end this year. Here ' s to a kingsize player from (icorgiana, Alabama, with a lot of desire . . . Charles " Tiger " Williams Age 25 Weight 159 Height 5 ' 10 " Left End Mack Wood, from Greenville, Alabama, came to Troy State only two years ago. Over this period of time he gained the confidence of the team because he was elected Co-Captain of the 1958 Red Wave Squad. Wood, being the type of player any team would want, gave Troy a back who could run, block, and play defense all bundled up in one. Here ' s to a giant in a football uniform, Mack Wood Age 22 Weight 172 Height 6 ' Left Halfback Leo Brooks, a fine guard from Bainbridge, Georgia, came to Troy State three years ago with a " golden toe. " He scored 13 points for the Red Wave this year — 7 extra points and 2 field goals, giving Troy the kind of kicking a team needs. Here ' s to an " Old Man " with a lot of hustle, Leo Brooks Age 24 Weight 185 Height 5 ' 11 " Left Guard Ted Missildine, the youngest senior on the team, came into his own this, his senior year. Hurt with injuries most of his college career, he switched to guard this year to give Troy added strength in the line. Here ' s to a fellow with ability, Ted Missildine Age 20 Weight 175 Height 5 ' 10 " Left Guard [ 59 ] VARSITY All-American Mention. Bubba Marriott goes for 22 yards around end, setting up the first touchdown of the season. Troy 22, Livingston 6. Frank Fordham Guard Sterling Newton Center Aubrey Rentz Halfback Bobby Ross End RED WAVE Hurley Manning Fullback Thad Morgan Tackle Larry Newton Halfback Johnny Sanders Center Mack Wood, Co-Captain, drives through line for a long gain against Livingston. Bubba Marriott Quarterback Tim Fitzgerald End Gene Brannon Quarterback fz- Jerry Myers End RED WAVE Max Childers Tackle William Fray End Dave Gilchrist Guard James Fuller Halfback A hard fighting Troy team went down in defeat against Newberry. Newberry 28, Troy 14. Ken Ward End Neal Evans Tackle Frank Fulgham Quarterback Sammy Owens End VARSITY 3 ■ | ' F i x? Bob Hodgson Tackle Jerry Weaver Quarterback Ben Baker Halfback Warren J ee enter Mac Palmer jails to bring in pass from Quarterback Marriott against Austin Pear. Austin Peay 12, Troy 10. Tommy Green Fullback Jimmy Boswell Publicity Earl Hawthorne Student Coach Ranee Teel Student Coach -4 f Preparation Senior Backs Junior Returnees Coaching Staff Coach and Captains Freshman Backs [ 64 ] I RECORD AND SCHEDULE 1958-59 Troy 114 Georgia Southwestern 64 Troy 50 University of Mississippi 62 Troy 5] Mississippi Southern 73 Troy 63 Oglethorpe University 64 Troy 86 Georgia State 43 Troy 46 Huntingdon College 50 Troy 82 Carey College 74 Troy 82 St. Bernard College 83 Troy 68 Stetson University 63 Troy 47 Catawba College 49 Troy 72 LaGrange College 7 1 Troy 76 Jacksonville College 56 Troy 86 Mississippi College 84 Troy 62 Shorter College 57 Troy l ( Mississippi College 100 Troy 69 Chi pola College 59 Troy 74 Georgia State 42 Troy 90 Millsaps College 56 Troy 82 Huntingdon College 63 Troy 63 St. Bernard College 75 Troy 43 Spring Hill College 48 Troy 74 Carey College 79 Troy 84 LaGrange College 74 Troy 80 Jacksonville State 75 Troy 99 Chipola College 63 Troy 55 Carey College 59 Troy 78 St. Bernard College 73 Coach John Archer The Chamber of Commerce Tournament was a thriller as the " Wavemen " took the opening game from St. Bernard Col- lege 83 to 82. Carey College took Livingston in an easy bout, 83 to 55, to go to the finals. Troy defeated Carey in finals to become the champions of the tournament. TOURNAMENT TEAMS Troy State College Carey College St. Bernard College Livingston State College Front Row, left to right: Bobby Terrell, Lou For- tuna, Charles Henderson, Paul Hartman, Ken Shaw, Dave Gingold, W. T. Henry. Back Row, left to right: Coach John Archer, Ralph Nash, Bob Moore, Dave Watson, Ken Everett, Jeff Cooke, frank Milter, Mike Sexton, Coach Paul Nix. Cageman Ken Everett makes NA1A record, the 6 foot, 3 inch basketballer holds a 58.1 average to cap- ture thirteenth place on the National Association of In- tercollegiate Athletics indi- vidual scoring record. Ever- ett, a senior from Colquitt. Ga., is the only Trojan that is listed on the official rec- ords of the National Asso- ciation. s E N I R C A G E M E N Bob Moore 6 ' 3 " Forward Hatchechubhee, Ala. Paul Hartman 5 ' 9 " Guard Cuthbert, Ga. Bobby Terrell 5 ' 10 " Guard Greenville, Ala. Ken Everett 6 ' 3 " Center Colc uitt, Ga. Dave Watson, Waveman center, tips in two points against St. Bernard Col- lege in a thriller 83 to 82. [ 68 Charles Henderson Junior W. T. Henry Junior The Red Wave varsity members have been led by our four seniors pictured on the opposite page during the 1958-59 season while winning 14 and losing only 8 games. Paul Hartman and Bobby Terrell have been doing excellent jobs as guards. Their speed and ability to be playmakers have been a great help to the Red Wave this season. Bob Moore and Ken Everett are well over six feet, using this height to rebound. They have given the Red Wave excellent performances all season. Ralph Nash Junior Dave Watson Sophomore Jeff Cooke Sophomore Dave Gingold Sophomore Frank Miller Freshman Lou For tuna Freshman Mike Sexton Freshman Ken Shaw- Freshman R E T U R N I N G C A G E M E N r 69 ] Front Row, left to right: Noel Martin, Ken Shaw, J ad Dye, Freddie Aljord. Back Row, left to right: Lou Fortnna, Frank Miller, Paul Word, Mike Sexton, W. T. Henry. JUNIOR VARSITY Coach Ranee Tee I Trophies won by Jayvees in tournament. RECORD J.V s 64 Ravvls 25 J.V s 99 Troy High 32 J.V s 101 Sidney Lanier High 45 J.V. ' s 98 Enterprise High 37 J.V s 103 Hartford Independents 25 J.V s 131 Altha High 25 J.V s 74 Greenville High 35 J.V s 89 Enterprise High 44 Tournament J.V s 96 Russell Mills 83 J.V s 103 Newman 63 J.V s 65 Lanett 73 J.V s 57 Ozark Independents 60 J.V s 135 Rawls Independents 59 J.V s 110 Geneva High 22 J.V s 94 Lyeffion High 25 [ 70 ] BASEBALL TEAM Coach Paul Ni.x RECORD Troy 5 Troy 6 Troy 16-14 Troy 4- 1 Troy 8 Tory l I Troy 8 Troy 8 Troy 7 Troy 6- 1 4 Troj 23 Troy 6 Troy 4 Troj 10 Troy 2 1 Troj 6 Troy 3-2 Troy 7 Southern Union 4 Howard 5 I .S.U. Frosh 6-5 Jacksonville State 1-4 Pensacola St. Bernard 2 St. Bernard 7 Spring Hill 2 ■ Auburn Frosh 4 I .S.U. Frosh 7-5 .Alabama College 2 Howard 8 Auburn Frosh 9 Spring Hill 6 St. Bernard 6 Southern Union 4 Livingston 8-1 Maxwell Air Force I2 Bobby Williford— Pitcher Bob Moore — Pitcher Dusty Rhodes — Pitcher Bubba Marriott — Pitcher Frank Sadler — Pitcher Jackie Coker — Pitcher Pete Gibson — Catcher George Hamby — Baseman Paul Hartman — 2nd Baseman J. B. Roland — 2nd Baseman Bucky Howard — 2nd Baseman Chick Williamson — 3rd Baseman Ed Comer — Short Stop Sonny Powell — Left Field Lanier Payne — Center Field Mack Wood — Right Field Student Coach Marvin W ' ilex I 71 ] GOLF TEAM RECORD Troy 5 Fort Rucker 22 Troy 6 2 Huntingdon IIV2 Troy 6» 2 Mercer 1 1 V2 Troy 5 Pensacola College 1 Troy Mercer 1 8 Troy F.S.U. 18 Troy 31 2 Auburn 23 Vi Troy 19 St. Bernard 2 Troy 3 Marion Institute 15 Troy 3 F.S.U. 24 Troy 13 ' 2 Troy Country Club AV2 Troy 15 Huntingdon 3 Troy 10 Marion Institute 8 Troy 71 2 West Georgia IOV2 Dave Gingold watches as Clem Bonifay demonstrates his putting stroke. From Left to Right: Dave Gingold, Clem Bonifay, Coach Clipson TENNIS TEAM From Left to Right: Jeff Cooke, Bobby Terrell, Gene Brannon, Don Hagler, Pat Adkison. The Troy State College Tennis Team, after suffering eight early season defeats, came back strongly to round out an impressive season with 11 wins and 10 losses. With standout performances from Jack Roth and Bobby Terrell the tennis team was able to withstand virtually all mid and late season opponents and win 1 1 of 13 games. Troy 2 Spring Hill 5 Troy 3 Auburn 4 Troy 3 Fort Rucker 4 Troy 3 Auburn 4 Troy 1 Howard 6 Troy 2 Auburn Frosh 5 Troy 2 Auburn Frosh 5 Troy 2 Spring Hill 5 Troy 7 Pensacola Troy 7 Huntingdon Troy 5 Jacksonville 2 Troy 7 Marion Troy 7 Southern Union Troy Howard 7 Troy 7 St. Bernard Troy 5 Huntingdon 2 Troy 7 Marion Troy 5 Jacksonville 2 Troy 2 Fort Rucker 5 Troy 7 Southern Union Troy 8 Pensacola [ 73 ] Cross Country Team 1958 58 RECORD Cross- Country Troy 34 Alabama University 21 Trov 40 Mississippi State 15 Troy 17 Mississippi College 38 Troy 2y Mississippi State 26 Troy 18 Mississippi College 37 Troy 25 Bryan University 40 Troy 56 Mississippi State 38 58 RECORD Track Trov 75 Howard 56 Trov 67 Alabama Frosh 64 Troy 61 F.S.U. Frosh 70 In Cross-Country low score always wins. Coach Nicholas Costes Front Row, left to right: Jones, J. Beck, Lejtwick. Second Row, left to right: Heath, Cox, Dunning, Galloni, W . Gowan. Back Row. left to right: Manager Medlock, J. Gowan, Wind, Alalhessabi, Thompson, Erh, Matthews. Moore. Henderson, R. Beck. 58 .v. ♦ ; TRACK Rod Beck Keith Beck Pat Garner TEAM 75 58 £rl A Joe Cain Robert Wind Buddy Sites TRACK Bobby Murchison Richard Heath William Gowan TEAM [ 76 ] STUDENTS IN SPORTS PI j i !S. u, OLr 1 ' • Invl - — Over the hump AND In the bucket - A ail A ft i tried anyway INTRAMURALS TENNIS [ 81 ] R E L A Y S t V ' TT-ar ■•,-■■ wmmmmmmmKKtKKKKKKKKKKKM -x , V S » % . ' A: D raumttr ifratrrnttii 3n rrroonittow of mrritorum yarttripatui in £nlirur Drama » tf rvii La a membrr of thr Ai ha 1J Drama tir Jf vatrinitU Ormuyx io -v ORGANIZATIONS SGA President I ?-» Publications Religion Dramatics Honoraries Clubs [ 83 ] THE PAL Every year a new staff resolves to publish " the best book this campus has ever seen. " And we honestly believe we have. We have had our share of letdowns and missed deadlines. We have worked hard and smiles have been few and far between. We want to especially recognize the art work which was done by Roy and the dedication write-up which was done by Bette. We have attempted to show all phases of student life, and the staff sincerely hopes you enjoy this year ' s Palladium. BILL BRAKE, JOYE McKEE Co-Editors Joye McKee Bill Brake Bette Powell, Charles Jones Johnny Sanders, Bill Slocumb, Roy Moore [ 84 ] ADIUM STAFF Counselor MR. JEFF McCLAIN Financial Advisor MISS PAULINE TRANUM Co-Editor BILL BRAKE Co-Editor JOYE McKEE Assistant Editor BILL SLOCUMB Assistant Editor BETTE POWELL Business Manager CHARLES JONES Assistant Business Manager MARCUS KELLEY Administration Editor BEVIE ANN WARR Artist ROY MOORE Sports Editor JOHNNY SANDERS Class Editor JACK THOMAS Activities Editor JOYCE BELL Organizations Editor GLORIA BURKETT Asst. Organizations Editor .... NANCY CARPENTER Activities Editor MARTHA BOYD Features Editor KATHRYN GILLENWATER Photographer CHARLES CARMICHAEL Miss Pauline Tranum, Mr. Jeff McClain Bevie Ann Warr, Gloria Burkett, Nancy Carpenter Jack Thomas Kathryn Gillenwater, Martha Boyd, Joyce Bell The Tropolitan is a bi-weekly newspaper with the purpose of keep- ing Troy students informed about campus events. Most of the general staff members and all of the reporters are picked from the journalism classes. Mrs. Delores W. Turner is faculty sponsor of the Tropolitan. In the past years the Tropolitan has received first and second class honor rating from the Associated Collegiate Press. THE TRO STAFF EDITOR Bobbie Baker Business Manager Carol Hicks Assistant Editor Joe Young Sports Editor Don Hagler Circulation Editor Donnell Smith Typist " Boots " Jacobs Reporters — Miriam Beck, Gerald Benton, Eleanor Borland, Edith Hughes, Joan Hughes, Barbara Lee, Imogene Mathison, Carolyn Oliver, Sonya Taylor, Janice Thomas, Rex Vance, Caroline Pelham. D. Smith, D. Hagler, B. Baker, J. Young, C. Hicks OLITAN SEATED: B. Lee, B. Jacobs Si ENDING: M. Beck, C . I ' clluun Seated: . Mathison; Standing: E. Hughes, J. Hughes, S. Taylor, C. Oliver, R. Vance. Seated: B. Lee, B. Jacobs. Standing: M. Beck, C. Pelham. Left to Right: L. Boyd, P. Curry, H. Duck, President D. Redding, J. Kelly, R. Stephenson, E. Carter, G. Goodin. The Student Government Association, headed by the executive officers, directs campus government based upon the present SGA constitution. The Association is made up of voting college citizens whose responsibility it is to take an active part in democratic living on the campus. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION i JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Justices, l. to r.: B. Jacobs, G. Crocker, G. Goodin, C. Trolinger, D. Redding. ilijil i Standing, l. to r.: T. Missildine, R. Sasnett, J.Stokes, S. Graves, K. Billenwater, B. Warr, J. Sexton, J. Woodham, S. Mekee, L. Smith. Seated: . Hughes, E. Carter, J. Kelly, H. Duck, I. Mathison, C. Weeks. SENATE SOCIAL COMMITTEE Patricia Curry, Jane Bolon, Miriam Beck, Barbara Marsh, Jack Thomas, Mrs. Lucille Boyd i From l. to r.: Social Chairman, Kathryn Gillenwater; President, Anne Bond; Secretary and Treas- urer, Dorothy Bryan; Vice-President, Gloria Burkett. Shackelford and Cowart Halls are known for their genuine friend- liness, hospitality and cooperation. Here students live and work together to develop social, aesthetic and intellectual values. Stand- ards of conduct are set by committees composed of students, faculty members and the house director. More satisfactory behav- ior is accomplished through social approval of the group and counseling with advisors. SHACKELFORD HALL COWART HALL From l. to r.: Social Chairman, Carolyn Foster; Secretary and Treasurer, Betty Peacock; President, Rachel Stephenson; Vice-President, Mary Lou Peacock. Left to Right, Pace Officers: Kenneth Dyess, Kern Dyess, Mrs. Crow, Joe Grant, Ford Edmonds. PACE HALL DILL HALL Pace Hall, erected in 1946, is a three-story brick building with 67 rooms. The residence hall of Junior and Senior men. Dill Hall, a new, three-story men ' s dormitory, was built during the current year to house Freshmen and Sophomore men. Left to Right, Dill Officers: Jack Thomas, Charlie Monk, Jerry Stinson, Carl Hall, Harry Coates, A I Saunders, Earl Armstrong, Douglas Allison. Lilv mA Left to Right, first row: Mr. Jack Solomon, Barbara Chesser, Burnell Whigham, Royce Wal- ton, Joan Hughes, Celia Jones. Second Row: Dan Redding, Andy Crumbley, Jerry Myers, Neal Presley, Bill Long, Charlie Monk, Clem Bonifay, and John Guidy. PLAYMAKERS Mr. Jack Solomon, Director The purpose of the PLAYMAKERS is to offer students experience in play production. The plays provide enter- tainment for the college personnel. This group presents one major play each quarter and will do several one-act and radio shows and possibly a little dramatic TV. Mem- bership is open to anyone interested in any area of play production, and students are encouraged to try out for roles. Fall productions go on tour throughout South Alabama and North Florida in winter. It has been the custom over the past years to hold a beach party in Florida each spring for members active in the productions of that year. I [ 92 ] Cast of See the Jaguar Hilltop Charles Henson Yettner Bob Booth Janna Gloria Beasley Gramfa Ricks .... Mack Lowery Mrs. Wilkins .... Phoebe Gregory Dave Ricks Billy Long Brad James W.Long Orie Bama Watson Tommy Arrington Frank Tip Grider Meeker Cebo Maddox Mrs. Meeker Lynn Jackson Wally Wilkins .... John Coleman Jeejee Jim Moore Sam Andy Crumbley Andy Norman White Carson Carl Hutton Left to Right: Stinson, Tew, Long, Lewis, Hutton, White, Bond The Grass Harp The action of the play takes place at Brad ' s gas station and in the nearby mountains. The time covers a day from morning to night in early spring in the present time. Medea Left to Right: Brake, Long, Coleman j Front Row, left to right: Wallace, Hall, Presley, Head, Bentley, Fowler, Faulks, Jackson, Patrenos. Moore, Ziglar, Nichols, The Troy Wavemen is the college-sponsored dance band. It is made up primarily of music majors. The dance band holds auditions the early part of the fall quarter. THE WAVE MEN BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is the voluntary religious activities of the Baptist students on this college campus. The BSU is the connecting link between the college and the local churches. The Baptist Student Union seeks to lead the students in spiritual growth as they grow mentally and physically. Their advisors are: Reverend Fred Brown, Reverend Don Crapps, and Miss Goodwin. James Patr enos — Director T.S. C. LIBRARY TRDY, ALA. TROY STATE BAND MAJORETTES Left to Right: Lucy Burns, Connie Carpenter, Carol Mauldin, Pat Lewis, Jackie Butts, Elaine Weaver, Shirley Murphree, Jean Quails, Jean Baizell. COLLEGIATE SINGERS First Row, left to right: Dr. Farmer, I. Price, E. Kirkland, C. Foster, M. Pugh, B. Ketchem, F. Spurlin, R. Stephenson, J. Daniels, M. Traweek, C. Trolinger, B. Baker, T. Dismukes, B. Dunn. Second Row, l. to r.: M. A. McRae, L. Brown, J. Helms, A. Paul, N. Morgan, J. Jordan, R. Battley, J. Jeffers, J. Pritchett, C. Beard, P. Armstrong, M. Moody, P. Winters. Third Row: G. Pugh, E. Schory, G. Jones, D. Dean, D. Rushton, G. Faulks, R. Wilson, J . Patrenos, B. Wallace. Fourth Row: W. Hollingsworth, J. Spurlin, J. Peek, R. Grimes, E. Erb, J. Par rish, G. Goodin, G. Christo, J . Gilbert, E. Ziglar, R. Corbin. The Collegiate Singers is a group of approximately 32 voices selected from the student body at large. This group performs in concert programs throughout the year, singing from a repertoire which includes many varieties of music of con- temporary American composers. Membership is open to the entire student body. [ 96 MADRIGAL SINGERS Seated from l. to r.: Bobbie Baker, Tulah Dismukes, Mary Alice McRae, Marian Lauder. Stand- ing from L. TO R.: Elbert Schory, Jimmy Peek, Emory Erb, Dave Rushton, Don Dean, Ronnie Cor bin. The study and performance of sixteenth century music with special emphasis on the madrigal is the purpose of the Madrigal Singers. The group is composed of voices selected from the entire student body, but the membership is necessarily limited to not more than 14 voices. [ 97 ] I ■ Officers: Tyson Thompson, Imogene Mathison, Gayle Goodin, Jean Alford, Kenneth Dyess. The Zeta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was installed on the campus May 18, 1946, by Dr. L. C. McCracken. The purpose of the organization is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal stand- ards, and to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of education. KAPPA DELTA PI Seated: Mary Hazel Oliver, Ann Gilchrist, Bonnie Tindall, Judith Woodham. Second Row: Kem Dyess, Deanna Bobo, Helen Motes, Madalyn Smith, Gail Peacock, Imogene Mathison, Hazel Ward, Dorothy Bryan, Jean Alford, Dr. R. H. Ervin, Gail Goodin, Joe Stevens, Kenneth Blankenship, Anne Bond, Mary L. Shelly, Ben Rogers, Tyson Thompson, Richard Herring, Kenneth Dyess. Cast Director, Jack Solomon; Scrapbook Chairman, Celia Jones; President, Marian Lauder; Secretary, Carol Hicks. ALPHA PSI OMEGA The Eta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatics fraternity, was organized in 1947. To be eligible for membership a student must have earned fifty points in acting and production of plays. Alpha Psi Omega aims to promote a high standard of drama on the campus. Front Row, l. to r.: Celia Jones, Marian Lauder, Carol Hicks. Back Row: Jack Solomon, Barbara Chesser, Billy Long, Charles Monk, Royce Walton, Norman White. a wr r% Left to Right: Ted Missildine, Pat Adkison, Marvin Wiley, Gloria Burkett, Bobby Phillips, Ben Rogers, Robert Green. Second Row: Frank Fordham, Charles Henderson, Johnny Sanders, Richard Heath, Bobby Terrell, John Cook. The " T " Club is an organization of varsity letter winners in major sports at T. S. C. The " T " Club organizes and operates the Intra- mural Sports Program at T. S. C. Through this program the club promotes sportsmanship, citizenship, teamwork, and provides a sound recreational program. The aim of the Physical Education Club is to help prepare students in the field of coaching and physical education teaching. urr r n T " CLUB P. E. MAJOR ' S Left to Right: Marvin Wiley, Shirley Riggs, Barbara Marsh, Renee Clark, Pat Curry, Peggy Inabinette, John Cook. Second Row: Frances Slater, Mary Ann Riley, Arthur Sanders, Ted Missildine, Richard Heath, Bobby Terrell. Third Row: Ben Baker, Charles Henderson, Robert Green, Benton Morris, Pat Adkinson, Johnny Sanders, Kenneth Blankenship. 351 is the initial attempt of Troy State students at magazine publication. The contents of Volume I, Number 1 represent the etTorts of the students in the Fall of 1958. This first edition was compiled under the supervision of Mr. Jack Solomon. It is hoped that the work of these students will en- courage creativity and make future editions possible. 351 Left to Right: B. Long, R. Vance, J. Young, S. Bryan, J. Solomon, B. Powell, T. Woodard. W. A. A. W. A. A.: Women ' s Athletic Association. For women P. E. majors and minors and those inter- ested in sports. It gives women an opportunity to participate in games, competition, and exercise. Left to Right: Clark, Brown, Moore, Thompson, Stollenwerck, M. L. Peacock, McGee, B. Pea- cock, Lemon, Kilgore, Wilson, Bottoms, Dubblin, Powlus, Oliver, Watford, Jeffers, Gilbert, Blalock, Riggs, Carrol, Hasty, Driver, Hayes, Slater, Marsh. President — Marcus Kelly Treasurer — Gloria Carroll Vice-President — Charles Jones Reporter — Virginia Peel Secretary — Gloria Burkett Sponsor — Mrs. Nan Cooper Left to Right: David Snell, Tullah Snell, Betty Le ' Compte, Merle Bowdoin, George Reams, Bevie Ann Warr, Elmo Graves, Myrlene Creamer, Bill Cole, Bence Carter, Bobby Clements, Laurie J. Patterson, Clement Bonifay, Mary H. Oliver, Gailya Nunnelee, Hortense Duck, Grace Lassiter, Mary A . Manley, Helen Motes, Mrs. Cooper. The Notari Club is the business club in action on the Troy State campus. The club ' s purpose is to develop competent, aggressive business leadership. NOTARI CLUB PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL Left to Right: Celia Jones, Frankie Myers, Gail Peacock, Dan Redding, Royce Walton, Bevie Ann Warr, Anne Bond, Pat Adkison, Max Killingsworth, Gayle Goodin, Bobbie Baker, Billy Brake, Charles Monk, Marcus Kelly, Marian Lauder. wm ' m mt i. x .fr u « |fc fcO— i». «•-. Officers: M ' A? 7a , Gayle Goodin, Jean Alford, Martha Boyd, Janice Grimes, Gail Peacock, Billx Blankenship. SNEA SNEA is an organization of great significance and value to prospective teachers. Its purposes include acquainting future teachers with history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Church at work on the campus of Troy State College. The Wesley Foundation is one division of the Methodist Student Movement which is a national organization of the Methodist Church. The Wesley Foundation endeavors to unite students to help them enrich and continue religious activities while at college. Left to Right: Joyce Lashley, Joan Hughes, Imogene Mathison, Royce Walton, Mrs. Tate, Jerry Barker, Joyce Bell, Edith Hughes, Bill Fray, Frances Yarbrough, Ruth Burdeaux, Gary Wright. Seated: C. Weeks, K. Dyess, I. Mathison, W. Smith, E. Ogburn. Standing: P. Adkison, C. Hicks, J. Hughes, B. Harris, K. Dyess, Mrs. Nan Cooper, Advisor. The purpose of the Religious Council is to promote toler- ance, understanding and Christian fellowship through in- terdenominational activities, to act as a connection between churches of Troy and the students of the campus. RELIGIOUS COUNCIL An organization composed of ministers of different de- nominations on campus. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION President, L. Gandy; Vice-President, W. Smith; Secretary, J . Williams; Treasurer, F. Wideman; Publicity Chairman, R. Hartley. First Row, left to right: 5. Riggs, M. Rhodes, F. Myers, G. Burkett, F. Lawrence. Second Row: G. Crocker, S. Simms, E. Weaver, A. Smith, J. Mahon, R. Walton. Third Row: N. Ganey, B. Morrer, M. Boyd, H. Smith, A. Mason, A. Stillwell, J. T alley, S. Peacock, J. Borom, N. Benefield, S. Taylor. ADELPHES MENC CHAPTER 332 Seated, l. to r.: Miss Mauk, Jimmy Peek, Mae Miller, Mary Nell Traweek, Mrs. Jean Ban. Standing, l. to r.: Mary A. McRae, Billie G. Ketchem, Faye Spurlin, Mrs. Ervin, Erskine Ziglar, Don Dean, George Jones, David Rushton, Sue Morrow, James Patrenos, Bobby Baker, Ruth Andrews. CLASSES Graduate School Senior Class Freshman Class Coordinator of Instruction GRADUATES The offering of graduate work leading to the award of the Master ' s Degree by the TROY STATE COLLEGE, was authorized by the Alabama Board of Education on December 14, 1956. The date of June 10, 1957, at the begin- ning of the 1957 summer session, accordingly was set for the initiation of graduate work. In August 1958, the first graduating class of Thirty-four members received their Master ' s Degree. Majors are offered in Elementary Educa- tion, Secondary Education, and School Admin- istration. Dr. R. H. Ervin is Director of The Gradu- ate Division. FIRST ROW: Esther 5. " Porter, Dixie G. Thompson, Vola M. Morris, Allie Mae Mc- Daniel, Katherine B. Casey, Annie Bell Wilkes, Gertrude W . Jeter, and Ethel H. Griffin. . . . SECOND ROW: Jean G. King, Jessie F. Bras- well, Madie B. Horn, Miriam J. Kelly, Addie- leen Prescott, Mary Lois Thompson, Lavada T. Owen, and Lucille P. Baker. . . . THIRD ROW: Warren Lee Jones, Charles H. Danford, Alvin B. Higdon, Elaine B. Avant, Henry E. Goodlett, Charles R. Syfrett, Jacob L. Andrews, Mary E. Teal, Rubye C. Sanders, and Henry McNeill. . . . FOURTH ROW: George J. Walker, Calvin D. Jones, Charles M. Franklin, A than D. Eiland, Robert H. Lisenby, H. Leon Hilyer, Horace D. Teal, and Edwin N. Fleming. .! [ 108 ] SENIOR CLASS PAT ADKISON Samson Physical Education President, Senior Class; President, Junior Class; T-Club, Tennis Team, Red Peppers Club. JEAN ALFORD Luverne English Senator, Palladium Staff, Wesley Foundation, Shackelford House Council, Big Sister, Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; S.N.E.A., Secretary-Treas- urer; B.S.U., Greater Council; Choir, Religious Council, Who ' s Who in American Colleges. MAX ALFORD Ocilla, Georgia Physical Education Piedmont College, Demorest, Georgia. MARY ANDRESS Troy Science Specs Club, Secretary-Treasurer; S.N.E.A. RUTH ANDREWS .... Bonifay, Florida English BOBBIE BAKER Opp English Band, Collegiate Singers, MadrigaJs, President; B.S.U. Executive Council, M.E.N.C, Tropoli- tan, Reporter-Assistant Editor-Editor; Kappa Delta Pi, Senator, Soloist Haydn ' s " Third Mass. " JAMES E. BALLARD, JR Ozark Business Education JO ANN BARFIELD . . Graceville, Florida Elementary Education JERRY BARKER Dothan Business [ 109 ] JOANNBAXLEY Slocomb Business Education W.A.A., F.T.A., S.N.E.A., I.R.C., Notari Club, B.S.U., Council; Shackelford House Council. KENNITH BLANKENSHIP . . Wetumpka Physical Education P.E. Club, S.N.E.A., Kappa Delta Pi. DONALD BOAN Stapleton Physical Education DEANNA BOBO .... Panama City, Fla. Elementary Education Cheerleader, Captain; Palladium, S.G.A., Clerk- Social Committee; T Club. ANNE BOND Newville English B.S.U., Executive Council, Playmakers, Shack- elford Hall Council, President; Tropolitan Staff, Kappa Delta Pi. ANNETTE BOOKER Evergreen Elementary Education ISAAC M. BOUTWELL Troy Physical Science Debating Team, Palladium Staff. BILLY BRAKE Red Level Business Education Cowart Hall Council, Playmakers, I.R.C., S.N.E.A., President ' s Council, Palladium, No- tari Club, Red Peppers. JOHN BREWTON Monroeville History S.N.E.A., Tropolitan. LOUNETTE BROWN . Ponce de Leon, Fla. Physical Education W.A.A., S.N.E.A. t no VERTICE BROWN McKen .ie Elementary Education South-Eastern Bible College, Religious Council, President; Collegiate Singers, Athenaeum Club, DOROTHY BRYAN Andalusia Math Athenaeum Club, President; Kappa Delta Pi, W.A.A. GLORIA BURKETT Newton Business Education W.A.A., Shackelford House Council, Social Chairman, Vice President; Notari, Reporter, Secretary; Cheerleader, Adelphis, S.N.E.A., T Club, Wesley Foundation, Palladium, Red Peppers. JACK BURKETT Samson English S.N.E.A., S.G.A. NEIL BUSH Stapleton Physical Education JACQUELINE BUTTS . . . Milton, Florida English Florida State University, Band, Head Major- ette; F.T.A., Notari Club, Big Sister, Religious Council, Favorite, S.N.E.A. 1 M JIMMY BYRD Dozier Math ROBERT BYRD Enterprise Business A dministration BENCE CARTER Andalusia Business Education Notari, S.N.E.A. EVA LEE CARTER Abbeville English Shackelford Hall House Council, Social Chair- man, Senior Class; S.G.A., Tropolitan, Wesley Foundation. JOHNNIE H. CHASON .... Altha, Fla. Business Administration Chipola Junior College, Marianna, Fla. BARBARA CHESSER Petrey English WILLIAM CHESSER Troy History GEORGE CHRISTO . . . Panama City, Fla. Business Administration GENE H. CLARK Florala Business A dm inistration RENEE CLARK Dothan Physical Education W.A.A., Band, P.E. Club, S.N.E.A., Wesley Foundation, Representative to AA HPER. DOLLIE N.CLEMENTS . . Montgomery Business Education Senator, F.T.A. BOOBY GENE CLEMENTS . Business Education Band, Notari Club. Pinckard WILLIAM FRANKLIN COLE . . Greenville Business Administration Class Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Notari Club. ROBERT COLLINS . . . Math Specs Club. Slocomb [ H2 ] ROSALYN JANICE CONNOR . Phcnix City English- A rt JOHN T.COOK Montgomery Physical Education TClub, P. E. Club. DONALD R. COX Slocomb History, Social Studies WILLIAM J. COX Columbus Math MYRLENE CREAMER . . . Chipley, Fla. Business Education Notari Club, I.R.C. JOEL CREEL Ozark Business A dministration PATRICIA ANN CURRY . . Columbus, Ga. Physical Education Georgia Southwestern College, W.A.A., Vice- President - Elect: P.E. Club, Treasurer; I.R.C, Student Marshal, Red Peppers Club, S.G.A., Social Chairman: President ' s Club, Homecoming Court, Y.W.A., Social Chair- man: Who ' s Who in American Colleges. RONDALL DAVIDSON . . . Dawson, Ga. Physical Education Young Harris Junior College, Ga. ELSIE LO U DAVIS . . Luv erne History BETTY WATKINS DEVANE . . . Troy Business Education B.S.U.. Notari, S.N.E.A., W.A.A., Kappa Delta Pi. DON DEAN Hartford Music SIDNEY B. DIAMOND . Long Island, N. Y. Physical Education Florida Southern College, Basketball Officials ' Association, Football Officials ' Association, Spec ' s Club. CHARLOTTE DRIVER Dozier English Athenaeum, S.N.E.A., W.A.A. HORTENSE DUCK Phenix City English Shackelford Hall House Council, Notari Club, S.G.A., Treasurer; S.N.E.A., Adelphes, Red Peppers, Who ' s Who in American Colleges. FRANCES CUMBIE DUNN . . . Greenville Elementary Education JAMES ALLEN DUNN .... Greenville History and Social Studies GENE E. DURDEN . . . Grand Ridge, Fla. Physical Education KENNETH KING DYESS Elba Math Choir, S.N.E.A., Religious Council of B.S.U., President; Kappa Delta Pi, Pace Hall, Treas- urer; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. KIMMIE DYESS Elba History S.N.E.A., B.S.U., Executive Council, Publicity Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer; Pace Hall, Treasurer; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges. JIMMY FRED ERNEST . . . Greenville Business Education Cowart Hall House Council, Notari Club. •- RITA FINLAYSON .... Union Springs Business Education Notari Club. B.S.U., S.N.E.A. RAY FLOWERS Elba Physical Education JACK " SLUGGER " FLOYD . Columbus, Ga. Business Education Baseball, T Club. BOB FOWLER Graceville, Fla. Physical Education CAROLYN SMITH GIBSON . . . Kinston English Playmakcrs, Senator, Palladium, Kappa Delta Pi, S.N.E.A. NANCY GIBSON Goshen English Choir, M.E.N.C. Playmakers, S.N.E.A. ANN GILCHRIST Troy Elementary Education SUE GLISSON Enterprise Elementary Education W.A.A., Shackelford House Council, F.T.A., T Club, Cowart House Council. JOANNE B. GODWIN Luverne History and Social Studies S.N.E.A. GAYLE GOODIN .... ' .. Griffin, Ga. English Cowart House Council, Tropolitan, B.S.U., Senator, Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, President; S.N.E.A., Vice President; Debate Team, Vice President; Chief Justice of the Ju- dicial Body. Student Handbook, Co-Editor. o JOHNNY GOWAN Fitzpatrick Cross Country and Track Team. WILLIAM GOWAN Shorter Physical Education T Club, P.E. Majors Club, Cross Country and Track Team. JOE GRANT Samson Business Education ELMO GRAVES Goshen Business Education MYRTLE FAY GRAY . . . Montgomery Elementary Education JANICE GRIMES Enterprise English S.N.E.A., Reporter. DON HAGLER Skipperville Physical Education GEORGE HAMBY Perry, Fla. Science DONALD B. HAND Andalusia Physical Science ANZOL ETTE HARDEN . . English W.A.A., Choir. Louisville 116 ROY C. HARTLEY Shady Grove History Livingston State College. Ministerial Associa- tion, Secretary-Treasurer; President, Publicity Chairman. PAUL WILLIL HARTMAN . Cuthbert, Ga. History Piedmont College. Demorest, Ga.; T Club. Bas- ketball. Baseball, Red Pepper Club. DAVID HARWELL Andalusia Business Education J. EARL HAWTHORNE lay. Fla. Physical Education Football, Student Coach, T Club, P.E. Major ' s Club. OLLIE JO HAYES Jay, Fla. Physical Education Pensacola Junior College, W.A.A., Religious Council, F.T.A., Notari Club, P.E. Club. RICHARD ALBIE HEATH . Montgomery Physical Education S.N.E.A., Cross Country Team, P.E. Major ' s Club, Track Team, T. Club. HAROLD L. HELMS Clopton History MACK HELMS Milton, Fla. Science CHARLES A. HENSON . . Columbus. Ga. History Georgia Southwestern College. Playmakers . RICHARD HERRING Abbeville Math Freshmen Class Vice-President. Cowart Hall. Vice-President: Kappa Delta Pi. Specs Club. Senator. CAROL HICKS Newville English Shackelford House Council, S.N.E.A., Play- makers, Tropolitan, Business Manager; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. TOMMY HICKS .... Apalachicola, Fla. Science Chipola Junior College, Specs Club, Wesley Foundation, Red Peppers. WINSTON C. HOLLINGSWORTH . Atmore Music and Math Pensacola Junior College, Band, Collegiate Singers, B.S.U., Music Chairman; M.E.N.C, S.NT.A. CLAYTON HUGGHINS .... Red Level Business A dministration DOUGLAS HUGGINS Opp Math PEGGY W. INABINETTE Troy Physical Education Cheerleader, Class Beauty, Miss T.S.C. Court, W.A.A., Secretary, Sophomore Class; Class Fa- vorite, Christmas Queen Court, I.R.C., Specs Club. RONALD JACKSON Tennille History and Social Studies B.S.U.. Greater Council; S.N.E.A., Choir, Col- legiate Singers; Athenaeum Club, Cowart Hall House Council. CHARLES D. JEFFCOAT Troy Business A dministration BETTY JOHNSTON Brundidge Elementary Education BETTY SUE JONES Clayton Art Art Editor, B.S.U.; Advertising Committee, S.G.A.; S.N.E.A., Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. [ 118 CELIA JONES Newvillc English CHARLES E. JONES Chancellor Business Education Notari Club, Vice-President; Palladium, Busi- ness Manager: Red Peppers. GEORGE JONES Pleasant Hill Music GWENDOLYN MYERS JONES . . Ariton English LORETTA JOSEY Red Level Physical Education DON KELLEY Atmore MARCUS KELLEY .... Andalusia Business Education Notari Club, President; Palladium Staff. S.N.E.A. RICHARD L. KELLY Enterprise Business Administration AVIS F. KENT Pensacola. Fla. Elementary Education JAMES D. KIRKLAND .... Abbeville Business Administration [ H9 ] MARY JOYCE LASHLEY .... Dothan Elementary Education Playmakers, Wesley Fellowship, Treasurer; S.N.E.A. GRACE LASSETER ...... Florala History GERALD LAWSON . . English Banks MARIAN LAUDER .... Orange Beach Elementary Education Madrigal, Collegiate, Athenaeum Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Band, Westminster, Secretary - President; Playmakers, Junior Class, Treas- urer; Senior Class, Secretary; S.G.A., Social Committee; Religious Council, S.N.E.A., Pres- ident ' s Council, Secretary. BILLY SCOTT LONG Brewton English Mississippi Southern, Auburn, Alpha Psi Omega, Playmakers. CHARLOTTE LOVELACE . Montgomery Elementary Education MOLLY MANLEY Newton Business Education BARBARA P. MARSH .... Blakely, Ga. Physical Education Georgia Southwestern, P.E. Major ' s Club, W.A.A., Y.W.A., Shackelford House Council, Red Peppers. ROSALIE H. MARTIN . . . Bonifay, Fla. Elementary Education Chipola Junior College, Choir, S.N.E.A., M.E.N.C. PEGGY SUE MASSEY Troy Elementary Education [ 120 1 IMOGENE MATHISON . . . Skipperville English Wesley Foundation, F.T.A., Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who in American Colleges. MYRNA JOYE McKEE . . West Point, Ga. History Playmakers, Westminster, Tropolitan, Shackel- ford House Council, Class Favorite, Palladium, Co-Editor; S.N.E.A., Who ' s Who in American Colleges, Religious Council, Secretary; Adel- phes Advisor, Cowart House Council. ANNELLE McLENDON Troy Business Education JAMES MEDLOCK Kinston Physical Education O ' NEAL MESSICK . Abbeville Math JO ANN MILLER Luverne English Collegiate Singers, Cheerleader. TED MISSILDINE Billingsley Physical Education Football, P.E. Major ' s Club, T Club, Senator, Red Peppers, F.T.A., S.N.E.A. BOBBY MOON Brantley History ROBERT MOORE .... Hatchechubbee Physical Education University of Alabama, Basketball, Baseball, Football, T Club, Treasurer; P.E. Major ' s Club. S.N.E.A., Red Peppers, Secretary. RAY G. MOORE Century, Fla. [ 121 ] Art BENTON E. MORRIS . Chattahoochee, Fla. Physical Education Chipola Junior College, P.E. Major ' s Club, S.N.E.A. JIMMY MORRISON .... Fort Deposit Physical Education JOE G. MORRISON Troy Business Education HELEN MOTES Troy Business Education Band, F.T.A., Kappa Delta Pi, Notari Club. FAYE MURPHY .... Grand Ridge, Fla. Elementary Education Chipola Junior College, B.S.U. DOROTHY MUSGROVE . . Albany, Ga. Elementary Education South Eastern Bible College, University of Georgia, Georgia Southwestern College, S.N.E.A. GAILYA NUNNELEE Troy Business Education Kappa Delta Pi, Notari Club. JOHNNIE RUTH OATES . . . Headland Elementary Education MARY HAZEL OLIVER Troy Business Education MAC PALMER Troy Physical Education f 122 GLENDA PARKER Florala History F.T.A. LAURIE JANE PATTERSON . . Slocomb Business Education GAIL PEACOCK Hartford English Class Beauty, S.N.E.A., President. HAROLD PEEBLES .... Century. Fla. Physical Science Specs Club. VIRGINIA LOUISE PEEL . . Louisville Business Education Notari Club. Tropolitan, S.N.E.A., Wesley Foundation. BOBBY ROSS PHILLIPS . . Math Football, Captain. Adel, Ga. INA PIPPIN Noma. Fla. Elementary Education ELIZABETH POSTMA . English Bay Minette BETTE D. POWELL . . . English Palladium. WILLIAM NEAL PRESLEY English Troy Bay Minette [ 123 ] BOBBY PRICE Eufaula Math MARY ANN RILEY Elba Physical Education KATHRYN ROBERTS . English WILLIAM R. ROBINSON History Eufaula . Clayton BOBBY V. ROSS Tallassee Physical Education Football, Basketball, T Club, P.E. Major ' s Club, S.N.E.A. ARTHUR L. SANDERS . . . Phenix City Physical Education Football, Playmakers, P.E. Club. S.G.A., Treas- urer; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. BILLY C.SAWYER .... New Brockton Business Administration WILLIAM D. SCURLOCK . Pensacola, Fla. History BETTY T. SELLERS Eufaula Elementary Education W.A.A., B.S.U., Notari Club. CAROLYN SELLERS .... Cottonwood Math Chipola Junior College, S.N.E.A. [ 124 ] DOROTHY SELLERS .... Cottonwood English Chipola Junior College, B.S.U., S.N.E.A. HELEN E. SELLERS .... Cottonwood Elementary Education Chipola Junior College, B.S.U., S.N.E.A. FAYE TISDALE SENN English Brundidge BENNIE F.SHELLEY Ashford Math B.S.U., Specs Club, Kappa Delta Pi. MARY LOU SHELLEY .... Headland English Who ' s Who in American Colleges, House Council. JOHN SIEDOW Opp Physical Science Florida State University, S.N.E.A., Specs Club. FRANCES SLATER . . . Graceville, Fla. Physical Education Chipola Junior College, W.A.A., Secretary. DONNELL SMITH Kinston English Tropolitan. MARY CATHERINE SMITH . Pine Apple Business Education RUSSELL STOKES Fort Deposit Business Education I 125 ] MADALYN SMITH Troy Social Studies ROBERT M. SMITH .... Columbus, Ga. Physical Education WILLIAM E. SMITH Pine Apple History DAVID SNELL Pinckard Business Administration FRANCES A. SPEARS . Math Opp Troy ROSALIE D. STEPHENSON . . . English Collegiate Singers, Madrigals, Band, Wesley Foundation, Cheerleader, Social Committee, S.G.A., Secretary; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. JOE STEVENS Monroe ville Physical Education S.N.E.A., P.E. Major ' s Club, Kappa Delta Pi. CHARLES STEVENSON .... Clayton Phvsical Education SARA STEWART Troy Business Education JENELLE STOKES Andalusia Business Education Notari Club, S.N.E.A., Senate, Red Peppers. 126 EVELYN G. STROH Louisville Elementary Education RAY SULLIVAN Fort Deposit Business Education Notari Club. MICHAEL E.TATE Opp English DARRYLL TAYLOR . . Blountstown, Fla. Physical Education BOBBY HUBERT TERRELL . . Greenville Physical Education Tennis Team, Basketball. SEABORN A. THOMPSON . Pensacola, Fla. English University of Florida, B.S.U., Greater Council, President; Ministerial Association, Palladium, S.N.E.A., Choir, Religious Council. WILLIE TYSON THOMPSON . . . Opp General Science BONNIE TINDALL Greenville Physical Education NANCY TOWNSEND . . . English CAROLYN D. TROLINGER Science . Troy Ozark [ 127 ] ROBERT L. TROTTER Troy General Science GLEN N. VAUGHAN Elba Science MARGE VICKERS Newville Physical Education JIM VINSON Montgomery Business Administration JAMES WALKER Ozark Math JACQUELINE WATFORD . . Malone, Fla. Elementary Education DOYLE A. WESTER Sneads, Fla. Physical Education FA YE WHITAKER Elba Business Education BECKY SIMS WHITE Ozark English LEON L. WHITE Atmore History and Social Studies Kappa Delta Pi. [ 128 ] NORMAN E. WHITE Brewton Business A dministration FLETCHER D. WIDEMAN . . Wetumpka English SHIRLEY EMBRY WIDEMAN . Snowdoun Elementary Education MARVIN H. WILEY . . Donalsonville, Ga. Physical Education CHARLES E. WILLIAMS . . . Georgiana Physical Education Football, T Club, Vice-President; Pace Hall House Council, Stunts and Tumbling Club, P.E. Club, Senior Class, Treasurer. JUDITH WOODHAM Hartford Elementary Education House Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Band. rr ts ■ MACK WOOD Greenville Physical Education Florida State University, Football, Co-Captain; Baseball, T Club. P.E. Club, S.N.E.A., Red Peppers. BILLIE YOUNG Troy Physical Education WILLIAM C. YOUNG . . . Shady Grove Business Education Baseball, Notari Club. ERSKINE ZIGLAR Elba Music-Math M.E.N.C.. Playmakers. Marching Band. Con- cert Band, Troy Waveman, Business Manager; Collegiate Singers. Brass Ensemble. Underclassmen ANNE ADAMS .... Clayton MARGARET ADAMS . . . Clio FREDDY ALFORD . Bainbridge, Ga. MARY ALFORD . . . Brewton JOE ANDRESS . . . Honoraville L. EARL ARMSTRONG . Headland ANNE ARNOLD . Columbus, Ga. CAROLYN ARTHUR . Glenwood Mr GENE AUTREY . CAROLYN BAILEY EDITH BAILEY . . JANIE BAKER . Greenville . . Opp . Brantley . . Opp JAMES BALLARD .... Ozark MARTHA BAKER . . Louisville ESTHER BALDWIN . . Dothan JO ANN BARFIELD Cottondale. Fla. FRANCES BARLOW . . . Troy IEAN BARLOW . . . Evergreen ELOISE BARNES . . . Enterprise GAY BARR Banks CHRISTINE BARRON . . . Troy MARY JAMS BARRON . . Troy SOMA BARTON .... Wing 1EI ISSA BASSETT . Bartow, Fla. li. HONDA BATTLEY . . Cairo, Ga. JEAN BAZZELL . . Montgomery MIRIAM BECK . . Columbus, Ga. Gil 1 EREE BEl 1 . Atmore JOY( E BEl 1 . . . . . Dozier NOBIE BEN I- FIELD . Clayton 1 ARRY BENNETT . Andalusia IRA BETTS . . . L nion Springs MARY BLACKMAN Georgiana THERESA BLACKMAN . Ariton BARBARA BLACKWELL Columbia MELANIE BLALOCK . Andalusia JANE BOGGAN . . . Atmore EDWARD BOLI.ING . Montgomery JAYNE BOLON . . Bay Mincttc 1 1 1 NOR BORLAND . . Troy JANE BOROM . . . ANN BOSTIC . . . Chancelor JANICE BOTTOMS . . Hartford MYRLE BOWDOIN . . Kinston MARTHA BOYD . . . Abbeville GENE BRANNON . Abbeville BARBARA BRANTLEY . Flomaton MARCIA BRANTLEY Brundidge Underclassmen SARA BRASWELL . . . Eufaula CHARLES BREWER New Brockton CAROLYN BROGDEN . Georgiana HAROLD BROWN Fort Gaines. Ga. WILLIE J. BROWN . Sneads, Fla. FERREL BRYAN .... Dozier PATSY BRYAN .... Dozier STEPHANIE BRYAN . . Bellwood HELEN BUGG . . Highland Home ANNE BUNTIN Fayetteville. Tenn. LUCY BURNS .... Jay, Fla. RUTH BURDEAUX . . Georgiana LALAR BYRD . . LOIS CAMPBELL . BOBBIE CANFIELD SUE CANFIELD . . Luverne Georgiana Enterprise Enterprise ANNE CARGII I . . RAYMOND CARLTON Prattville Andalusia CHARLES CARMICHAEL SUE CARMICHAEL Enterprise Enterprise CONNIE CARPENTER Phenix City NAM V C RPENTER Phenix City GLORIA CARROLL . . Clayton CORA CASSADY . . . Andalusia SONNY CHANCY . . . Hartford SARAH CHERRY .... Ariton MARIL YN CLARK . . . Brewton JOHN W. COLEMAN . . Opelika VIRGINIA CONNER . . . Troy JO ANN CONNOR .... Troy BERT COOK .... Evergreen JEFF COOKE . . Bainbridge, Ga. THOMAS COPE . . Union Springs DANNY COPELAND Union Springs JAMES COOPER . . . Brantley JYON CORBETT . . Bay Minette 1 RY LOU COWEN . . . Elba GERALD COX .... Prattville (.1 RETHA CROCKER . Hartford JON CROWELl Samson ANDY CRUMBLEY . . Clayton DAVID CULPEPPER Montgomery ANNE CURTIS Troy ROBBIE DANNER .... Clio BARBARA DAUGHTRY Enterprise RUBY DAVIS Troy DORIS DAY Stockton TULAH DISMUKES . . . Elba Underclassmen i BROOKS DORROH . . . Dothan HILBURN DUNAHOO Ft. Gaines, Ga. BETTY J. DUNN . . . . Samson JACQUELYN DYAR . Enterprise JUDSON DYE West Middlesex, Penn. VIRGINIA DYKES . Napier Field GLORIA EARLY . . . . Samson ELOISE EASON . . Florala GLENDA EDDINGS Columbus, Ga. MARY ELLISON . . . Dothan MARTHA ELLIS . . Brundidge BILLIE ENGLISH . Brewton EMORY ERB . . . Montgomery DELAURACE ETHERIDGE Atmore PATSY ETHEREDGE . Ash ford LAMAR FAULK . . . . . Troy WILLERA EENN . . . Louisville TOMMY FIELDS . . Pheni City M RTHA FLOYD . . . . Troy FRANK FORDHAM Lenox, Ga. M KY FOREMAN . . . . Elba CHAR1 1 NT FOSTER . Hurtsboro KITTEN FOSTER . . . Ozark [ " OMMY FOWLER . . . Luverne WIl.l.IAM FRAY . . . Prattville MARY BELL FREE . . . Dozier FRANK FULGHAM Mi inchester, Ga. •SARCr ' FULLER . Tulsa, Okla. I ' LCiGY ANN FULLER . . Elba JOHN FUQUA . . . . Brewton MARY FUQUA . . . Brewton DOLORES GAINER . Chipley, Fla. NORMA GANEY . . . Banks DOROTHY GARNER Caryville, Fla. PAT GARNER . . Montgomery CAROLYN GIBSON Union Springs DIANE GIBSON . . . . . Troy DAVE GINGOID . Sharon. Penn. CI EMS ANN GODWIN . . Elba SYLVIA GOODSON Pa lama City, Fla. 1 SAUNDRA GRAVES . . . Troy DOROTHY GREATHOUSE Brundidge ROBERT GREEN . Ashland TOMMY GREEN . . Montgomery I JO ANN GRIFFIN . . . Troy DAVID GRIFFITH . Baker, Fla. JUDY GRIGGERS Greenville BOBBY GRISSETTE . . . Mobile O ( jf Q 4Mii A.fc Underclassmen JOHN GUIDY . . WII.MER HAGLER Milton, Fla. Skipperville MARTHA HALBROOK Bayou La Batre HOMER HAMILTON Abbeville BARBARA HANSON . . . Opp KATHLEEN HARDIN Castleberry BETTY J. HARRIS . . . Brewton JOANNA HARRIS . . . Slocomb MARY ELLEN HARRIS Panama City JACQUELINE HASTY Marianna, Fla. JULIA HATFIELD RAMONA HELMS Doth an Blue Springs CHARLES HENDERSON De Funiak Springs, Fla. PEGGY HENDERSON . Enterprise WILLIAM T. HENRY Colquitt, Ga. BOBBIE GREEN HIGH . . Banks PAT HILL . . . Sneads, Fla. PAULINE HODGES . . Glenwood CURTIS HOLLAND . . Andalusia DAVID HOLLAND .... Opp INA MERLE HOLLAND . Ariton VERTIS HOLLAND . . Andalusia MARY NALLHOLLIS . . . Troy ODIE HOLMES Wewahitchka, Fla. MARC IA HUDSON . . Louisville PAUL HUDSON Flba VERNA HUDSON Dade City, Fla. EDI IH HUGHES Panama City. Fla. JOAN HUGHES Panama City, Fla. " SARAH HUGHES . . . Dothan - - K DOUGLAS JACKSON . . Brewton J ANNIE JACOBS Elba GROVER JACOBS .... Elba BETTY JEFFCOAT . . . Luverne PATRICIA JEFFCOAT . Enterprise GLENN JENKINS . Montgomery Al ICE JOHNSON .... Ozark EMMA JOHNSON . . . Samson LEANORA JOHNSON . . Goshen SYLVIA JOHNSON De Funiak Springs. Fla. GLENN JONES . JUANITA JONES REX JONES . . BETTY JORDAN Cottonwood . . Dothan Andalusia . . Troy JEANETIE JORDAN ELAINE KELLEY . GENELL KELLEY . JO ANN KELLY . . Dothan Andalusia Flomaton . Dothan 1 Underclassmen BII LIE KETCHEM . Slocomb PATRICIA KILGORE . . Ashford MAX KILLINGSWORTH Wicksburg M UtY KINARD . . Roanoke ARLENE KIRCHMAN Belle Glade. Fla. RONALD KIRCHMAN Belle Glade, Fla. ELAINE KIRKLAND . . Newville CAROL KNIGHT . . Greenville DORIS KNOWLES . . . . Foley TOM LANGFORD . . Greenville JOYCE LANIER . . . Gordan ANN LAMMON . . Enterprise j JOHN LASHLEY Panama City, Fla. BLRME RAE LASSITER Andalusia JOYCE LASSITTER . . Atmore WAYNE LAWHORNE Montgomery FAYE LAWRENCE . . . Petrey BETTY LeCOMPTE . . Enterprise GENE LEE .... Excel PAT LEWIS .... Brewton PEGGY LUNSFORD . I OUISE MARLER . . Kinston . . Elba MABLE MARLER . . . . Elba N MA HON . Port St. Joe, Fla. l-Kisc ll I MAHONE . Luverne CONNIE MANCII. . . . Eufaula JOHN MARCINOWSKI Montgomery ANNETTE MARTIN Montgomery ANITA MASON . . . Red level CAROLYN MATHEWS . . Troy CAROL MAULDEN . Bay Minette MARTHA McCARTHA . Eufaula ROSALIND McC ALL . . . Troy JERALDINE McCAI.L Milton, I la KENNETH McCARTHA Honoraville BECKY McCRANEY Fort Deposit C I OYDE McCRORY Garland HERBERT McFATTER Panama t i t . Fla. SUSAN McKEE . . . Notasulga JULIE McKENZIE Ft. Walton. Fla. JANL McLENDON . . . Banks LENORA McNEAL . . Hartford MARY ALICE McRAE . . . Clio NINA FAYE McWATERS Montgomery ££££ REX McWATERS . . . Enterprise WOODROW MERRILL Andalusia CABERT MILLS Elba CHARLIE MONK . . . Geneva Underclassmen MARY ANN MOODY . . Kinston JIM MOORE . . . Columbus, Ga. NAN MOORE De Funiak Springs, Fla. SAM MOORE . . . . . . Elba ANN MORGAN Panama City, Fla. JACQUELINE MORGAN Camden NANCELYN MORGAN Greenville RANDY MORRIS . Georgiana SUE MORROW . . . . . Elba MARGARET MOYE . . Flomaton SHIRLEY MURPHY Enterprise FRANKIE MYERS . . Hartford CAROLA NORMAN . . Goshen SUE O ' BANNON . . . Brewton CAROLYN OLIVER . Enterprise SAMMY OWEN . . Blakely, Ga. LEE PADGETT . . Union Springs ANN PARISH . . . . Headland GRACE PARRISH . . . Dothan CAMILLE PARKER . . Headland LEVANE PARKER . . Huxford JO PAUL .... Florala JUDY PARSONS . . Phenix City BETTY PEACOCK . . Altha, Fla. f) f$ £ £% MARY PEACOCK . . Altha, Fla. SONJA PEACOCK . Evergreen DORIS PEDDY . . . . Elmore CAROLYN PELHAM . Andalusia JIMMY PHILLIPS 1 Jnion Springs MARGIE PHILLIPS Kinston JOAN PINCKARD . . . Brantley LARRY POWELL . . . Andalusia PHYLLIS POWELL Bainbridge, Ga. CAROL PRICE . . . . Newville JUDITH PRITCHETT Montgomery MARY ANN PUGH Montgomery ANN PURNELL . . . . Kinston JEAN QUALLS . . . . . Troy CAROLYN REED . . . . Opp JOSEPH A. REEDER . Eufaula EDWIN REESE . . Ansley MARTHA JANE RHODES Enterprise WILLIAM RICKARD Sharon, Penn. DRUSILLA RIDER . Bay Minette DAVEY JEWITT RILEY . Eufaula ANTHONY ROBERTSON Bayou La Batre MARY ANNICE ROBINETTE Louisville ELOISE RODGERS . . Red Level A o £Jft i Underclassmen VIRGINIA RODGERS . . Dozier BEN ROGERS . . Bainbridge. Ga. WALTER ROGERS . Fort Deposit I II R DAVID RUSHTON Montgomery LEROY E. RYAN . Bayou La Batre GRACE RYLAND . . . Samson EDNA CLAIRE SANDERS Phenix City ROBERT D. SANDERS Newville RUTH SASNETT Panama City, Fla. ELBERT SCHORY Fort Myers, Fla. TERESA MARIE SELF Phenix City HILDA SETTLE . . . Jay, Fla. JO ANN SEXTON .... Troy MIKE SEXTON Selma KENNETH SHAW Long Island, N. Y. ROBERTA SHAW Clio SABRA SHEFFIELD . Brundidge PAT SHELLEY . . . Headland FAYE SHIELDS Troy FRANKII SHIRLEY Fort Walton. Fla. I AMI S SHIRLEY . . . Goshen Wll I [AM SHIRLEY . . . Troy DAVID SHRIVE . . . Andalusia ELYN SIMPSON Flomaton SHIRI 1 Y SIMS Al ICE SMITH . Ozark Brcwton I ARRV SMITH Fort Myers Beach, Fla. MARGUFR1TI- SMITH Brewton MARTHA SMITH . PATRICIA SMITH PHYLLIS SMITH SYBIL SMITH . . . Montgomery . . Tallassee . . Luverne . Glenwood RUTH STOLLENWERCK Montgomery BENNY STRENGTH . Flomaton SAM STRINGER . Highland Home TOMMY STRINGER Highland Home s I VIA SMITH . . . Glenwood TAI LULAH SNELL . . Dothan RAY SPARKS Mobile JANE SPEAR LaPine FAYE SPURLIN Elba M " [ JERRY SPURLIN .... Elba JUDY STANFIELD . Montgomery P « ' GLENDA STARLING Bainbridge, Ga. WL U LILLIE STEPHENS .... Troy JAMES STEPHENS . . . Daphne RACHEL STEPHENSON . Samson JIMMY STILL . . . Blakely, Ga. Underclassmen MARY STUART Elba ESTHER SUGGS . . . Hope Hull HELEN SWANNER . . Luverne JIMMIE LILA TALLEY Ruthledge SONJA TAYLOR .... Eclectic RANCE TEEL .... Shorter MARJORIE THETFORD . Dothan JACK THOMAS .... Luverne JENORAL THOMPSON Munson, Fla. JOAN THOMPSON . . . Mobile RAMONA THOMPSON . Geneva FRED TILLMAN .... Elba PAUL TOWNSEND . Mayo, Fla. PATSY TRAMMELL . . Eufaula MARY NELL TRAWEEK . Owassa JERRY TROTTER . Shady Grove KITTY SUE WALDEN . Hartford ROYCE WALTON . . Chickasaw HAZEL WARD Ozark JANE WARD .... McKenzie CLARA TWILLEY .... Elba CAROLYN WALDING . . Ozark LANETTE WALKER . . Clopton BRAD WALLACE . . Brundidge BEVIE ANN WARR . . Clayton CHAR! is v kr . . . Clayton ROBERT LEE WARR . Clayton CLIFFORD WATSON . Enterprise DAVID w VTSON . Union Springs sue WATSON . . . . . Troy TOM M IE WATSON . . Enterprise 1 1 AIM WEAVER . . Brewton ( AROl 1 WEEKS . 1 ake City, Fla. Al BERT E. WEST . Shady Grove If RBARA WHITEHEAD Cottonwood PATRICIA WIGGINS Atmore ARLEN WILLIAMS . . Red Level IOHN M. WILLIAMS New Brockton IOYCE WILLIAMS . Montgomery MILTON G. WILLIAMS Chipley, Fla. PHIL WILLIAMSON . . Tallassee FAYE WILSON . . . . Perote MELINDA WILSON New Brockton ROBERT WIND . . Cairo, Ga. PAT WINTER . . Brewton ELISE WITHERINGTON . Goshen SHELVA WOOTEN Montgomery PAUL WORD . . . . Eufaula CURTIS BELLE WRIGHT New Brockton GARY WRIGHT Indianapolis. Ind. FRANCES YARBROUGH Birmingham SOON CHOO CHO . Seoul. Korea J- e ' A fl A t jk ± 1 ADVERTISERS . , .. ARCADIA DcJJui BaK. - w CLOTHING STORES MOTOR COMPANIES DRIVE-IN CAFES CONTRACTORS THEATERS [ 147 ] COLOR TV PRIVATE DINING ROOM Coach, do you still believe in Santa? ROSENBERG BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE ' Troy ' s Best Department Store " 101 South Three Notch Phone 69 HOLMAN JOHNSON Photographer 113 N. Three Notch Phone 746 Dorm life is the greatest! WATSON ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 108 E. Elm Phone 1105 Baxley, are you makin ' us suffer? GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 57 E. Court Sq. Phone 716 Bobo doing the bop-bop COMPLIMENTS • OF HENDERSON, BLACK GREENE, Inc. CONTRACTORS Wholesale and Retail LUMBER AND MILLWORK BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES TROY r ALABAMA And they keep so CALM on Registration Day! Corr pliments Of DARI DELITE Brundidg e Hwy. Phone 1625 Hey, Jane, where ' s Tarzon? BYRD DRUG CO. Court Square Phone 298 My dear boy, you better scatter. BARBER ' S FLOWER SHOP Mr. and Mrs. Blue Barber, Props. Troy State Alumni 41 1 Orange Street Phone 187 ' Watching all the girls go by ' Compliments Of THRIFTY STORES INC 52 East Court Sq. Troy, Alabama • Moving and Storage • Burnham ' s Van Service • Movers of Fine Furniture Call Agent THOMPSON COMPANY WAREHOUSE Troy, Alabama Phone 888 TROY LAUNDRY CLEANERS 107 Walnut Phone 201 See how true we ' re being to you, boys? COLEMAN-JERNIGAN BUSINESS SERVICE A Complete Line of OFFICE SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT Typewriter Adding Machine Repairs 76 N. C. T. Sq. Phone 422 Cheez-ing for finals A penny for the QUEEN ' S thoughts A friendly atmosphere and a warm welcome has made our store your " DRUG STORE. " CITY DRUG STORE " Troy ' s Most Modern Drug Store " TROY, ALABAMA 112 Elm St. Phone 611 Getting ready for a date INGRAM RESTAURANT 231 By-Pass Phone 555 LAWRENCE HARDWARE 56 E. Court Square Phone 76 PHIL ADAMS MOTORS, INC. Telephone 720 312 North Three Notch TROY, ALABAMA Friends of EVERYONE — Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Starling Order of the Latch Key. The greatest honor ever! . . . Imogene, Jonelle, Carol, and Bobble. Then there were also Jo Ann, Elolse, and Judith. t Compliments Of SANITARY DAIRY 348 Orion St. Troy, Alabama I ' d walk a mile . . . FOR GAS Aw, come on out, it ' s not raining You didn ' t fail Geography? 1 WHOLESALE and RETAIL ARCADIA DAIRY Distributors of BARBER ' S Products Telephone 939 1000 So. Brun didge St. This is how I did it Planning your trip to New Orleans? COMPLIMENTS OF COLONIAL BAKING CO. Montgomery, Alabama Marriage is wonderful! OUCHI BRANTLEY ' S Gift Shop Phone 314 Troy, Alabama TROY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Troy, Alabama Our " Angel of Mercy, " Mrs. Spencer. Up with the big brass . . . Mrs. Rose Phone 9116 PAN-AM CAFE Nelson Jones, Prop. Curb Service PAN-AM CAFE South Brundidge Street Meet your friends at the • T»Of-HlN(l.|)B| , (tah£itk DRIVE-IN For the finest in motion pictures The beginning of the end. DO-IT-YOURSELF KIT So Easy To Bank By Mail First Farmers Merchants National Bank of Troy TROY, ALABAMA 3% Paid on Savings Accounts 3% ROYAL TIRE SERVICE, INC. U. S. ROYAL TIRES RECAPPING Troy Alabama Somebody UP THERE likes me COMPLIMENTS OF S. D. WINN CIGAR CO. 234 Commerce St. Montgomery, Alabama GREEN ' S DRUGS WE DELIVER 607 N. Three Notch Phone 162 SILENCE . . . Brain operation OLDSMOBILE • CHEVROLET • CADILLAC MARY CHEVROLET COMPANY Telephone 1013-1014 SALES and SERVICE TROY, ALABAMA RINGGGGGGGGGGGG You must hove been a beautiful baby . . SUNDAYDINNER Mmabeans MAKE EVERY MEAL A SUNDAY DINNER T. S. C. LIBRARY TRDY, ALA. RESERVE ROOK i 1 T S C. LIBRARY V ' - r

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