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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1958 volume:

I T. S. C. LIBRARY JRDYt ALA. il jj alP- PRESENTING THE 1958 PALLADIUM Published by TROY STATE COLLEGE Troy, Alabama Editor KATHERINE YARBROUGH T. S. C. LlBRAl Y TRDY, ALA. u FOREWORD We, the PALLADIUM staff, have tried to publish an annual which will bring back memories of the school we love. We have striven to give a glimpse of our school, its activities, and ideals in such a way that a person looking over these pages in the future, will realize the glory that was Troy State ' s. If we have accomplished this, our aims are achieved and our hopes fulfilled. N The Staff of 1 958 r- y X ' s witk fi s th, ' she c " GOODw , J m " y ' x -:?5 ; t 5 %i V " T) n r % ' 4 - ' ' " M SS rHELMA GOODW N THE ALAAA MATER Our vows of love, our vows of faith Dear school, we ' ve said to thee Each strong man, each gentle maid Will ever loyal be. Not for a day, not for a year Shall we each other greet As fellow students, fellow friends. But till in Heaven we meet. CHORUS So hail. Alma Mater, Dear School, we all love thee. So hail Alma Mater, We ' ll aye be true to thee. So when in days that are to come Fond mem ' ries of dear T.S.C. We ' ll cherish most of all. Your stately portals, ivied walls, In dreams again we ' ll see. And hearts again will sadly yearn For you our T.S.C. Kirven Solomon, 3 1 T. S. C. LIBRARY TRDY, ALA. 1 J 1 ' , 1 1 ill PRAT lONlId 1 1 1 H 1 JOHN M. STAIR B.S., M.S. Dean of Students ERMAN E. LESTER B.S. Business Manager L. CLAY STAPLER B.S. College Treasurer R. H. ERVIN B.A.,M.A., Ed.D. Psychology Dean of Instruction THOMAS J. McCLAIN B.S., M.A. Assistant Registrar LUCY M. WHITE B.S., L.S. Assistant Librarian THELMA MERSHON B.A., B.S., L.S. Librarian FOY INGRAM B.S., M.A. Second Grade Training School HAROLD E. GREEN D.Ed. Education Head of Department EMMETT KILPATRICK B.A., AA.A., Docteur Es-Lettres English Head of Department » VIRGIL COLLINS B.S., M.A. Mathematics Head of Department WILLIAM T. WILKS B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Science Head of Department WILLIAM CLIPSON B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Physical Education Head Football Coach EARL WATSON B.S., Ed.AA., Ph.D. Physical Education Head of Department JOHN A. ARCHER AA.A. Physical Education Head Basketball Coach rUlTiUflCM it PAULINE TRANUM B.A., M.A. Business Education NAN COOPER B.S., M.S. Business Education BRANTLEY WILEY A.B., L.L.B. Business Education « i JAMES PENROD B.S., M.A., Ph.D. ; English MARY LOCKRIDGE B.A., M.A. English FRANK RAINWATER ' A.B., M.A., Ph.D. j English I JACK SOLOMON IB. A., M.A. English I JOHN W. BLACKWELL B.A., B.Litt., M.A. .English and Foreign Languages THELMA GOODWIN B.A., M.A. English PAUL AAUSSLEMAN B.S., M.S., AA.A. History SARA DAVIS B.S., M.A. First Grade Training School ALICE THORNTON B.A., M.A. Art FLOYD GRIFFIN B.S. Mathennatics JANETTE ROSENBERG B.A., M.A., Ed.D. English LUCILLE K. BOYD B.S. Assistant Dean of Students wooDROw McLaughlin B.S., M.S. Bio-Social GILBERT SPENCER B.S. M.A. Science WILLIAM MADDOX B.S., M.A. Mathematics LAURESON FORRESTER B.S., M.A. Bio-Social MARY VIC MAULK B.S., M.A. Music ERENST DUWARD RIGGISBY B.S., B.A., M.A. Science ELEANOR WILLIAMS B.A., M.A. English FRANCES BYRD A.B. English RENWICK C. KENNEDY A.B., B.D., AA.Th., D.D. English Field Services MARY E. RICH R.N. College Nurse MARTHA JUNE FIELDS B.S. Second Grade Training School EMMETT WAGGONER B.S., M.A. Math ELLEN SOLOMON B.S. Third Grade Training FRANK BAIN Ph.D. Business Education Head of Department DR. WELDON SMART Principal Troy Hi MERLE FINLEY BASS B.S. Mathematics SUMMER FACULTY MICHAEL BANNON Prof. Education Westchester, Pa. TOM ROUNTREE Professor Dr. Degree Tulane University PROFESSOR BONNER Huntington College Education WILLIAM MERRELL Summer School Music BLUN BELL Rutledge, Alabama President DAN HALE Ozark, Alabama Vice President »l WHITMAN, JAMES " WHITEY " Phenix City, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, History Favorite, Mr. STC, Fo otball, Stunts and Tumbling Team 1954-55; President Sopho- more Class, Presidents ' Council, Football Stunts and Tumbling, " T " Club 1955-56; Football, Stunts and Tumbling, " T " Club 1956-57; Football, Stunts and Tumbling, Track Team, " T " Club 1957-58. ODOM, PATSY ANITA McKenzie, Alabama B.S. YARBROUGH, KATHERINE Geneva, Alabama B.S., English Majorette, Playmakers, 1955-56; Playmak- ers 1955-56; Playmakers, Assistant Editor Palladium 1956-57; Editor Palladium, Playmakers, Shackelford House Council 1957-58. - ADAMS, BETTY JOHNSON Opp, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education Spartanburg Junior College 1953-55. AAAAN, WES Tampa, Florida B.S., Physical Education, History BSU Greater Council 1956-57; BSU Executive Coun- cil, Dormitory Monitor, Palladium Sports Editor, Physical Education, Major ' s Club 1957-58. ANDREWS, ALICE VICTORIA Newton, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, History BSU Executive Council 1955-56; Religious Council, FTA, BSU Executive Council 1956-57; FTA, BSU Executive Council, President Religious Council 1957-58. ANDERSON, GLORIA Chancellor, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education FTA 1956-57. AUSTIN, BARBARA ANN Abbeville, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education BSU Music Chairman, Collegiate Singers 1955-56 Collegiate Singers, FTA, BSU Music Chairman 1956 57; Collegiate Singers, BSU Greater Council 1957-58 BAKER, BILLIE JEAN Troy, Alabama B.S., Business, History BAKER, PAGE JEROME Louisville, Alabama B.S., Math, History and Social Studies BAKER, JOYCELYN Louisville, Alabama B.S., Business Education, History and S.S. Secretary, Freshman Class, Notari Club, BSU, Choir, House Council Representative 1955-56, Vice Presi- dent Notari Club, President Shackelford Hall, FTA 1956-57, Notari Club 1957-58. Rutledge, Alabama B.S., Music, English Madrigals, Playmakers, Band, MENC 1954-55; Madri- gals, Collegiate Singers, Vice President Playmakers, Band, MENC, 1955-56; Madrigals, Collegiate Singers, Band, Wavemen, Senator, Alpha Psi Omega, MENC, 1956-57; Madrigals, Collegiate Singers, Playmakers, President Senior Class, Band, Wavemen, Alpha Psi Omega, MENC, 1957-58. BENSON, FRANCES THIGPEN Greenville, Alabama B.S., Business Education, Physical Education BSU, Notari, WAA, 1953-54; IRC, Notari, VJAA, 1954-55; Secretary Notari, PE Majors Club, WAA, House Council, 1957-58; Chipola Junior College, 1956-57. BESS, CHARLES RAY Cottondale, Florida B.S., Physical Education, History and S.S. PE Major Club, 1957-58. BIGGER, MARY ELEANOR Grady, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, Science President, Vice President, Freshman Class; WAA, Specs Club, Playmakers, Band, Choir, 1955-56; WAA, Playmakers, Band, Specs Club, Choir, Student Repre- sentative to ASAHPER, Kappa Delta Pi, 1956-57; Secretary, SGA, Secretary, PE, AAaior ' s Club, Band, WAA, Student Representative to ASAHPER, Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who in American Colleges. BITTNER, KAY Ozark, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education Playmakers, Westminster Fellowship, Religious Council, Sophomore Editor, Pallddium, 1955-56; Playmakers, Westminster Fellowship, Alpha P»i Omega, Palladium Staff, 1956-57; Playmakers, West- minster Fellowship, Alpha Psi Omega, IRC, 1957-58; AAontreat College, N. C, 1953-54. BOGGAN, BARBARA B.S., Elementary Education BSU, FTA, 1954-55; BSU Executive Council, FTA, Shackelford House Council, 1955-56; BSU Executive Council, FTA, Vice President House Council, Kappa Delta Pi, 1956-57; President BSU, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Religious Council, 1957-58. BOND, DOYLE Dothan, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, History FTA, 1956-57; PE Major ' s Club, 1957-58. BORLAND, NANCY ANITA Troy, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education Choir, BSU Council, 1954-55; Senator, Collegiate Singers, Choir, 1955-56; BSU Executive Council, Kappa Delta Pi, 1956-57. BROWN, REX Geneva, Alabama B.S. BRYAN, FARRIEL H. Andalusia, Alabama B.S., Math, Business, Physical Science CAIN, PATSY Elba, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education CARROLL, BILLY Banks, Alabama B.S., Business Administration, English Tropolitdn Staff, 1956-57; Bio-Social Assistant, No- tari Club, 1957-58. CERASO, MILTON EUGENE Birmingham,. Alabama B.S., Physical Education, History, S.S. Football Manager, PE Major ' s Club, " T " Club, 1956- 57; Football Trainer, Basketball Trainer, Sports Edi- tor, Palladium, PE Major ' s Club, International Rela- tions Club, " T " Club, 1957-58; Graceland College, 1952-54. CLAYTON, BARBARA LOUISE Montgomery, Alabama B.S., Business Education, History and S.S. FTA, Wesley Fellowship, 1956-57; Secretary, Wesley Fellowship, Summer, 1957; Treasurer of Wesley Fellowship, 1957-58. CLEMENT, ARTHUR E. Bay Minette, Alabama B.S., Business Education, History COLLIGAN, JOHN JAMES Troy, Alabama B.S., History, Business Education B.S., Physical Education, History COTTON, BOBBIE JEAN Hartford, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education CREAMER, DELL Chipley, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Chipola Junior College, 1954-55-56. CRENSHAW, HAROLD Morvin, Alabama B.S., History, Social Studies, Physical Education DILLARD, LILLIS Troy, Alabama B.S., Physical Education Elba, Alabama B.S., History and S.S., Business Education FTA, SNEA, 1957-58. EASTBURN, MERREN A. Mobile, Alabama B.S., Business Administration, History DePRIEST, BALFOUR WILSON Honoraville, Alabama B.S., History and Social Studies, Physical Education DUFFEY, WILLIE LEE Shawmuf, Alabama B.S., Biological Science, Chemistry and Physical Science Specs Club, Wesley Fellowship, 1955-56; Vice Presi- dent of Specs Club, Wesley Fellowship, 1956-57; President of Specs Club, Vice President Religious Council, President Wesley Fellowship, Vice President Wesley Fellowship, 1957-58. EDSON, WILLIAM ALLEN Evergreen, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education ELLISON, ANNIS t. Troy, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education .isi m )KB V «-.G» " » i. w- ' iiiB;. v »« . r ' ' " tc ENZOR, BURNEY Tennille, Alabama B.A., English, Hisfory, French ETHERIDGE, ORVAL E. McCullough, Alabama EVANS, LILLIAN JEAN Florala, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education Choir, 1954-55; Playmakers, 1955-56; Playmdkert, FTA, Senator, 1956-57; Secretary of Playmakeri, 1957-58. FAIRCHILD, JOHN E. liberty, Florida B.S., Physical Education, History FARMER, CHARLES E. Slocomb, Alabama B.S., English, Biology Playmakers, Secretary and Treasurer of Cowart Hall, " Early to Bed, Early to Rise, " House Council Cowart Hall, 1955-56; SNEA, 1957-58. FINLAYSON, RITA EVELYN Union Springs, Alabama B.S., Business Education, English Notari Club, BSU, 1956-57; Notari Club, BSU, FTA, 1957-58. FINCHER, JOHN WAYNE Cairo, Georgia B.S., Physical Education, History ancJ Social Studies Football, PE Major ' s Club, 1957-58; Transfer, Middle Georgia College. FLEMING, IRVYLL Tennille, Alabama B.S., Business Education, History Notari Club, 1956-57; Notari Club, SNEA, 1957-58. GATEWOOD, ELIZABETH ANN Milton, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Pensacola Junior College, 1954-56. GENSKE, JOY Foley, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, English Westminster Fellowship, 1954-55; Playmakers, Val- entine Dance Committee, Choir, Westminster Fel- lowship, 1955-56; Playmakers, Valentine Dance Committee, SGA Social Committee, Chairman of Cotton Ball Decoration Committee, Senate, Alpha Psi Omega, A Junior Beauty, Westminster Fellow- ship, 1956-57; Senate, Vice President Alpha Psi Omega, " Oasis, " Westminster Fellowship, 1957-58. GIBSON, PASCO Bagdad, Florida B.S., Business Education, AAath GOODWIN, RONALD D. Troy, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, Science Football, 1955-56; PE Major ' s Club, Students Na- tional Education Association, 1957-58. GRACE, SAUNDRA LaNELLE Evergreen, Alabama B.S., English, Business Playmakers, Pallddium, Tropolitdn, 1955-56; Playmak- ers, Palladium Activities Editor, Collegiate Singers, 1956-57; Playmakers, Palladium, Collegiate Singeri, Shackelford Hall Representative, Playmaker Vice President, Summer, 1957; Collegiate Singers, Dis- cipline Committee, Shackelford Hall Representativp 1957-58. GREEN, STEVETTA Headland, Alabama B.S., English, History, Social Studies Religious Council, 1954-55; President Religious Council, Shackelford House Council, 1955-56; Presi- dent Shackelford Hall, Kappa Delta Pi, Athenaeum Club, Tropolitan, 1956-57; Reporter FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, IRC, 1957-58. GRIFFITH, PEGGY O. Monroeville, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, English WAA, 1954-55; WAA, 1955-56; WAA, 1956-57; WAA President, PE Major ' s Club, Shackelford House Coun- cil, 1957-58. GRIGGS, EDDIE M. Dothan, Alabama B.S., History, Social Studies, English 1 Madrigals, Marching, Concert Band, 1953-54; Madri- gals, Marching, Concert Band, 1956-57; Collegiate Singers, Kappa Delta Pi, 1957-58. HAGLER, HARVEY Ozark, Alabama B.S., History, Physical Education HAISTEN, JOHN LARRY Troy, Alabama B.S., Physical Science, Math, Biology Specs Club, 1957-58; Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1952-53. HALE, HURLEY DAN Ozark, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, History " T " Club, Football, 1954-55; " T " Club, Football, 1955-56; " T " Club, FTA, Treasurer Junior Class, Football, 1956-57; " T " Club, Vice President Senior Class, PE Major ' s Club, Who ' s Who, Football, 1957- 58. HARRELL, LEO J. Donaldsonville, Georgia HARTLEY, JERRY TED Ashford, Alabama B.S., Business Administration, History li K I.S., HAYES, OLLIE JO ' sy, Florida .S., Physical Education, Business Education VAA, Religious Council, FTA, Notari Club, PE Club 956-57; WAA, FTA, Notari Club, PE Club, Re- gious Council, 1957-58; Pensacola Junior Col- ,?ge, 1954-56. HEAD, CHARLES E. ireenville, Alabama .S., History, S.S., Business Education TA, 1957-58. ndalusia, Alabama S., Business Administration, Math laymakers, IRC, Notari Club, 1956-57; Playmakers iC, Notari Club, 1957-58. ilLYER, KENNETH henix City, Alabama .S., Physical Education, History asketball, 1956-57. kf, HUGHES, JOHN Geneva, Alabama B.S., English, History, S.S. Band, 1 952-53; BSU, 1957-58. HUGHES, MAUDIE Phenix City, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, English l HOOAAES, SHIRLEY Brewton, Alabama B.S., Business Education, English Religious Council, Shackelford House Council, Vice President, 1956-57; Secretary Shackelford House Council, 1957-58. HOWARD, MARY JO Lowndesboro, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, History WAA, 1955-56; WAA, 1956-57; PE Major ' s Club, WAA, 1957-58. HUTCHISON, JOAN HARRIET Sylacauga, Alabama B.S., English, History, Social Studies Tropolitan Staff, 1955-56; Shackelford House Coun- cil, Kappa Delta Pi, 1956-57; President House Coun- cil, Secretary-Treasurer International Relations Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Nominee, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. JACKSON, ILENE Cottonwood, Alabama B.S. JACOBS, DOLLIE Elba, Alabama B.S., Business Education, English WAA, Choir, 1955-56; Sophomore Beauty, Secretary Sophomore Class, 1956-57; Notari Club, WAA, 1957; Homecoming Attendant, Shackelford House Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Senior Beauty, Notari Club, 1957-58. JACOBS, MARY VIRGINIA Elba, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education SNEA, International Relations Club, 1957-58. JEFFCOAT, CLIFFORD Troy, Alabama B.S., English, History, Social Slodiej JOHNSTON, FRANCES Pensacola, Florida B.S., Elementary Education JONES, BOBBY B. Enterprise, Alabama B.S., Business, Math JONES, DEAN Newville, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education BSU Executive Council, WAA, 1954-55; BSU Execu- tive Council, 1955-56; BSU Executive Council, Athe- naeum Club, Choir, FTA, 1956-57; BSU Greater Council, Choir, 1957-58. KELLEY, JOE MACK Slocomb, Alabama B.S., Math, Science KERVIN, ELIZABETH ANN McKenzie, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education Baptist Student Union— Member of the Greater Coun- cil, Playmakers, 1955-56; Shackelford Hall House Council, Floor Representative, Baptist Student Union -Greater Council, YWA President, 1956-57; Baptist Student Union Church Representative, Greater Coun- cil, Shackelford Hall House Representative, Class Representative, SNEA, 1957-58. JONES, GWENDOLYN MYERS Ariton, Alabama B.S., English, Music JONES, SYLVIA Troy, Alabama B.S., Art, English KEY, JOHN WILTON Skipperville, Alabama B.S., History, Psychology KILBOURN, TERRYSS M. Panama City, Florida B.S., Business Administrator, Social Studies Freshman Senator, Religious Council, Canterbury, 1954-55; Canterbury, 1955-56; Religious Council Sec- retary, Notari, International Relations Club, 1957-58; Ball State Teachers ' College, Muncie, Indiana, 1956- 57. KILGORE, MONA DILLA Union Springs, Alabama KOTIS, THEODORE Mobile, Alabama B.S., Business Administration, History, Social Studies Specs Club, House Council Pace Hall, Notari Club, 1955-56; Specs Club, Notari Club, 1956-57; Notari Club, 1957-58; Spring Hill College, Mobile, 1954-55. I • V h LANGHAM, JACK Troy, Alabama B.S., History, General Science Chipola Junior College, 1954-56. LAUDER, MARIE Orange Beach, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, English Majorette, Choir, " The Mikado, " Playmakers, West- minster Fellowship, 1954-55; Majorette, Playmakerj, " Early to Bed, Early to Rise, " Pace Hall Sweetheart, Westminster Fellowship, 1955-56; Majorette, Play- makers, " Trouble in the Cellar, " Freshman Counselor, Shackelford House Council, Senator, FTA, Junior Beauty, Junior Class " Favorite, " Alpha Pji Omega, 1956-57; Majorette Lieutenant, Alpha Psi Omega, " Oasis, " Freshman Counselor, Shackelford House Council, Senior Beauty, Senator, 1957-58. LAWRENCE, MRS. SARAH Troy, Alabama I B.A., English, Spanish I Kappa Delta Pi, Tropolitan Staff, 1956-57; Secretary, ! Kappa Delta Pi, 1957-58. i LEE, LINDA i Elba, Alabama 1 B.S., Elementary Education I Shackelford House Council, 1956-57; Member of i Greater Council, FTA, 1957-58. I ■ ■■ft MACKIN, THOMAS EARL Selma, Alabama B.A., English, French, History Athenaeum Club, 1954-55; President Athenaeum Club, SGA Senator, Sophomore Favorite, Playmakers, 1955-56; Athenaeum Club, Band, Playmakers, 1955- 56; Athenaeum Club, SGA President, Band, Wave- men, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, " 1957-50. MANSFIELD, SKIPPY Albany, Georgia B.S., English, Social Studies Playmakers, " Twelfth Night, " Palette Club, Stunt Night Committee, Chairm-jn YWA, BSU, 1950-51 ; Stunt Night, Chairman IRC, FTA, Modern Dance Club, Fencing Team, Tropolitan Staff, 1951-52; Kappa Delta Pi, Social Co-Chairman, " Ten Little Indians " Student Director, Stunt Night Chairman, Palladium Assistant Editor, 1952-53; Shackelford House Council, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " 1957-58. MARTIN, NORMAN Andalusia, Alabama B.S., Math, Science 1 MASSEY, WYNELL ' 1 Luverne, Alabama B.A,, Music and Spanish Collegiate Singers, Madriga Is, MENC, Choir, " Mes- siah, " " Requiem, " 1955-56; Collegiate Singers, FTA, Choir, 1956-57; Vice President Kappa Delta Pi, Vice 1 - President MENC, Collegiate Singers, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities , " 1957-58. t. , McMURPHY, CORNELIA ANNE Atmore, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, English Christmas Queen, Campus Beauty, Palladium Staff, House Council Summer, 1955-56; Cotton Ball Queen 1956-57; University of Alabama, 1954-55. MORROW, HELEN SUE Elba, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education MOTLEY, ROGER L. Wing, Alabama B.S., History, English Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1954. MURRY, MARVIN JOHN Luverne, Alabama B.S., Business, History MYERS, ROBERT DONALD Graceville, Florida B.S., Physical Education, History, S.S. PE Major ' s Club, 1957-58. NELSON, JAMES E. Prattville, Alabama B.S., History, Science Band, 1954-55; Secretary Brotherhood, 1955-56; FTA 1956-57; FTA, Specs Club, 1957-58. NELSON, SHIRLEY TAYLOR Elba, Alabama B.S., Business Education, English NORTON, HUBERT E. Cordale, Georgia B.S., Business Administration, History, Social Studies Notari Club, 1955-56; Notari Club, Treasurer, 1956- 57; Notari Club, President, 1957-58. OLIVE, TERRY Cottonwood, Alabama B.S., Music, English Collegiate Singers, 1955; IRC, 1956; Historian FTA, Playmakers, MENC, Wesley Foundation, Collegiate Singers, 1957. OLIVER, CHARLES Franklin, Kentucky B.S., English, History Feature Editor, Tropolitan, " Ten Little Indians, " " The Curious Savage, " Playmakers, 1952-53; Assistant Editor Tropolitan, Playmakers, " Blithe Spirit, " " Three by the Light, " Standing Assembly Committee, 1953 54; Editor of Handbook, President Alpha Psi, Play makers, " Anastasia, " Cowart House Council, 1956 57; President Playmakers, Editor Student Handbook " Oasis, " Alpha Psi Omega, " A Connecticut Yankee, ' 1957-58. O ' STEEN, CAROLYN Troy, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education OSWALD, MARY RUTH Bascom, Florida B.S., Elementary Education PARKER, JOE McKenzie, Alabama B.S., Business Education, Math PARRISH, AMMIE JR. Siocomb, Alabama B.S., Math, Science, History, S.S. PARNELL, WAA. B. Nashville, Tennessee B.S., History, Social Studies, Art Palladium Staff, Playmakers, 1957-58; Spring Hil ' College, 1950-51. PATE, DONALD Evergreen, Alabama B.S., Math, History, Social Studies International Relations Club, 1957-58. PLATT, SARA Headland, Alabama B.A., English, French WAA, Specs Club, Athenaeum Club, IRC, Playmakers, BSU, 1954-55; FTA, Specs Club, Athenaeum Club, 1955-56; Specs Club Reporter, Athenaeum, 1956-57; Specs Club Secretary, Vice President Athenaeum Club, FTA, Shackelford House Council. POWELL, ROLAND Elba, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, Science t -r PRICE, CHARLOTTE FAYE Nevvton, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, English BSU, Atheneaum Club, FTA, 1955-56; BSU Promo- tional Chairman, Atheneaum Club, Secretary-Treas- urer, 1956-57; Co-Editor of BSU News, Summer of 1957; BSU, Kappa Delta Pi, 1957-58. RAINES, BERNIE C. Ft. Walton Beach, Florida B.S., Math, Physical Education Baseball, Football, 1952; " T " Club, Baseball, 1955- 56; " T " Club, 1956-57; President AHSAA, 1957-58. REEVES, PEGGY RUTH Brundidge, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education RHOADS, WILLIAM LEE Glenwood, Alabama B.S., History, English RICHARDSON, RAPHAEL JEROME Ozark, Alabama B.S., History and Social Studies, Physical Education ROLAND, JOHNNY B. Colquitt, Georgia B.S., Physical Education, Science " T " Club, Stunts and Tumbling Team, Football, Basketball, 1952-53; " T " Club, Stunts and Tumbling Team, Football, Baseball, 1953-54; " T " Club, Stunts and Tumbling Team, SNEA, Captain Football Team, PE Major ' s Club. ROTH, JAC ELLIOTT LaGrange, Georgia B.S., Physical Education, English Basketball, " T " Club, Vice President Pace Hall, 1954- 55; Basketball, Tennis, " T " Club, Tropo itan Sports Editor, 1955-56; Basketball, Tennis, " T " Club, Tro- po ifan Sports Editor, Paliadium Sports Editor, Junior Class Favorite, President Junior Class, SGA Senator, 1956-57; Basketball, Tennis, " T " Club, Tropo i ' fan Sports Editor, Vice President SGA, President Senate, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " 1957-58. ROUSSOS, JAMES RETRO Mobile, Alabama B.S., Business, Physical Education Playmakers, Notari Club, 1956-57; Playmakers, No- tari Club, 1957-58; Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1953-54. [i r SAH, ELLEN AUTON Jordan B.S., Business, English IRC, 1954-55; Religious Council, 1955-56; Religious Council, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, 1956-57; Kappa Delta Pi, IRC, Treasurer FTA, Religious Council, 1957-58. SALTER, WILLIAM LAWRENCE Greenville, Alabama B.S., Business Administration, History SAUNDERS, JOYCE ANNETTE Samson, Alabama B.S., Music, English SCHLICH, MARY OLIVE Loxley, Alabama B.A., English, Spanish Religious Council, Vice President Freshman Class, Playmakers, Tropo ifan, SGA Nominating Committee, Westminster Fellowship, 1954-55; Playmakers, Col- legiate Singers, Feature Editor Tropolitan, Shackel- ford Hall Council, Westminster Fellowship, Athe- naeum Club, 1955-56; Social Committee, Historian Playmakers, Collegiate Singers, Secretary-Treasurer Westminster Fellowship, 1956-57; Secretary Senior Class, Playmakers, President Alpha Psi Omega, Col- legiate Singers, Westminster Fellowship, SELLERS, RAY Webb, Alabama B.S., History, English Cowart Hall House Council, 1955-56; Secretary of College Brotherhood, FTA, 1956-57; Senator, SGA, International Relations Club. SHELLEY, BENNIE Ashford, Alabama B.S., Math, Physical Science BSU, 1955-57; Specs Club, 1957-58; Alabama Poly- technic Institute, 1957. SHEFFIELD, CHARLOTTE SUE Brundidge, Alabama B.S., Business Education, History, S.S. SNEA, 1956-57; Notari Club, IRC, SNEA, 1957-58. SHIRLEY, ANNIE LOU Goshen, Alabama B.S., Math, English SIMS, MARY LOUISE Opp, Alabama B.A., Music, English, Spanish SINGLETARY, WINSTON Webb, Alabama B.S., History, Social Studies, Math International Relations Club, 1957-58 SMITH, CARRIE WILL Eufaula, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, Physical Education STARR, ROBERT E. Milstead, Alabama B.S., Science, Geography mm STEINER, GLORIA Mobile, Alabama STINSON, LESTER E. Garland, Alabama B.S., Business Administration, History STRINGER, MARY FRANCES Rutledge, Alabama B.S., Math, History TALLEY, SARAH RUTH Bascom, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Religious Council, BSU, Band, 1955-56; FTA, Secre tary. Kappa Delta Pi, BSU, 1957-58; Bob Jones Uni versity, 1952-53; Chipola Junior College, 1953-54. TATE, MARY CORINE Goshen, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education Baptist Student Union, 1955-56; Baptist Student Union, Southside Representative, Executive Council, 1956-57; Baptist Student Union, Enlistment Chair- man, Executive Council, Summer, 1957; Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Shackelford House Council, 1957-58. TEW, ROLAND Brewton, Alabama B.S., English, History, Social Studies THOMAS, MARY COBB Dothan, Alabama B.S., English, History, S.S. Band, Majorette, 1953-54; Kappa Delta Pi, 1955- 56; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer SNEA, WAA, 1957-58. THOMPSON, JACQUELYN Columbia, Alabama B.S., English, Physical Education Playmakers, BSU Council, WAA, 1955-56; WAA, BSU, House Council, 1956-57; Vice President Shackelford Hall, House Council, BSU Greater Council, WAA, Playmakers, 1957-58. THOMPSON, JOHN WILLIAM, JR. Dublin, Virginia B.S., Business Administration, Science Notari Club, 1956-58. THORNTON, PATRICIA ALICE Troy, Alabama B.S., Art, English Playmakers, Wesley Foundation, 1954-55; Art Club, 1955-56; Band, Head Majorette, 1956-57; Band, Majorette Captain, SNEA, 1957-58. TILLMAN, JOE CLYDE Columbus, Georgia B.S., Physical Education, History TROUTMAN, CHARLOTTE Atmore, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, History BSU, FTA, 1954-55; BSU, FTA, Choir, 1955-56; His- torian, FTA, BSU Publicity Committee, Choir, 1956- 57; President SNEA, Publicity Chairman IRC, 1957- 58. TURNER, ELIZABETH Atmore, Alabama B.S., Mathematics, English BSU Greater Council, 1954-55; FTA, Parliamentarian, BSU, Greater Council, 1955-56; Kappa Delta Pi Treas- urer, FTA, BSU Executive Council, 1956-57; Kappa Delta Pi, BSU News, Art Editor, FTA District III President, SNEA Vice President, 1957-58. UNDERWOOD, CHARLES LaFAYETTE Shav mut, Alabama B.S., Business Administration, Psychology Wesley Foundation, 1955-56; Wesley Foundation Secretary, Delegate to United Student Christian Move- ment Conference, Davidson, N. C, Tropolitan Cir- culation Manager, 1956-57; Wesley Foundation Sec- retary, Senator, Notari Club, Tropolitan, 1957-58. WARREN, BETTY R. Samson, Alabama B.S., Business, English WARD, EDWARD H. Troy, Alabama B.S., General Science, Math Member Judiciary Body SGA, 1955-56; Member Judiciary Body SGA, Specs Club, Kappa Delta Pi, 1956-57; President Kappa Delta Pi, Specs Club, Student National Education Association, 1957-58. WATKINS, MARTHA LOIS Troy, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, Science Band, WAA, 1955-56; Band, WAA, Summer 1956-57; Band, WAA, Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who, PE Major ' s Club, 1957-58. WHITE, CHARLES MORRIS Hogansville, Georgia B.S., Math, History, Social Studies Varsity Basketball, 1956-57; Varsity Basketball, " T " Club, 1957-58; Young Harris Junior College, 1954-56. WHITEHURST, ANNETTE Banks, Alabama B.S., Music, Business Educalion AAENC, 1957-58. WILLIAMS, BETTY JO Red Level, Alabama B.S., Business, English WILLIAMS, JANICE Troy, Alabama B.S., Elementary Education, S.S. FTA, 1957-58. WILLIFORD, BOBBY Greenville, Alabama B.S., Physical Education, History, S.S. " T " Club, Stunts and Tumbling, Baseball, Intramural Football and Basketball, 1954-55; " T " Club, Stunts and Tumbling, Baseball, Intramural Football, Basket- ball, and Softball, 1955-56; " T " Club, Stunts and Tumbling, Football, PE Major ' s Club, Senior Repre- sentative, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, 1957-58. WYATT, CECIL L. Kinston, Alabama B.S., History, S.S., Physical Education, Science FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Bio-Social Assistant, Homecom- ing Committees, IRC, 1956-57; Kappa Delta Pi, Homecoming Committee, FTA, Bio-Social Assistant, IRC, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, " 1957-58; University of Denver, 1955. WYNN, PATRICIA ANN Brundidge, Alabama B.S., English, History Playmakers, 1957-58. President IMOGENE AAATHISON Vice President PAT ADKINSON Secretary , SHIRLEY WIDEAAAN Treasurer MARIAN LAUDER Hi: ktiiii BILL BOAN Dothan CLEMENT B. BONIFAY Pensacola, Florida ANNETTE BOOKER Evergreen DONALD BOAN Stapleton f 1,-.--. . V II TOM BOYD Autaugaville BILLY BRAKE Red Level JOHN BREWTON Monroeville CLIFF BRITTINGHAM Columbus, Ga, t iiS! ROSALYN CONNOR Phenix City MYRLENE CREAMER Cottondale, Fla. r JOE GRANT Samson JANICE GRIMES Coffee Springs PAUL HARTMAN Cuthbert, Ga. 9 JANE HINESLEY Florala WINSTON HOLLINGSWORTH Atmore CLAYTON HUGGHINS Red Level RONALD JACKSON Tennille CHARLES HENDERSON De Funiak Springs, Fla. CAROL HICKS Headland WILLIAM BRITTON HOWARD Dawson, Ga. SYLVIA HUEY Tallassee MARY ELLEN JOHNSON Clayton SHERRA JOHNSON Dothan GEORGE JONES Sardis LORETTA JOSEY Red Level J BETTY SUE JONES Clayton CHARLES E. JONES Chancellor PARVIZ KAYVANFAR Iran MARCUS KELLY Andalusia PEYTON LANGFORD Autaugaville MARY JOYCE LASHLEY Dothan MARIAN LAUDER Orange Beach CHARLOTTE LOVELACE Montgomery PHILIP H. LUNDY Mobile GRADY McCOLMAN Hapeville, Ga. ELAINE McDOUGALD Goshen JOYE McKEE West Point, Ga. ROBERT AAADDOX Abbeville BARBARA MARSH Blakely, Ga. PEGGY MASSEY Troy IMOGENE MATHISON Skippetville TED D. AAISSILOINE Billingsly HERANDO MONTANEZ Bogota, Colombia DORIS FAITH NIX Clayton GLENDA PARKER Florala ZABRA PETERS Ozark BOBBY PHILLIPS Adel, Ga. ELLEN MURPHY Panama City, Fla. FAYE W. MURPHY Grand Ridge, Fla. GAIL PEACOCK Hartford VIRGINIA PEEL Louisville s STANDLEY PHILLIPS Deafsville BOBBY PRICE Eufaula MARTIN RALPH Long Beach, New York H. DAN REDDING Georgetown, Ga. MINNIE RUTH ROTEN Ramer MONROE SAFFORD Red Level ARTHUR L. SANDERS Phenix City CAROLYN SMITH Kinston CATHERINE SMITH Pine Apple i I President JOHNNY SANDERS Secretary MARTHA BOYD Treasurer -DON HAGLER MR. 11 " " L . JAKE DOTY Troy LOUISE DOVE Cottonwood I I GLYNN EILAND Phenix City PATSY ETHERIDGE Ashford WILLIAM ETHRIDGE McCullough MARTHA FLOYD Troy FRANCES FONDREN Slocomb WILLERA FENN Louisville HORTENSE DUCK GLORIA FAYE EARLY Phenix City Kiniton BETTY EZELL Chickasaw JOSEPH FAIRCLOTH Ormond Beady, Fla. FRANK FORDHAM Lenox, Ga. PEGGY GALLOWAY Jack 1 ROBERT SITES Brantley JACK THOMAS MIRIAM BECK ROSEMARY TINDEL President Vic President Secretary-Treasurer Luverne Columbus, Georgia Marianna, Florida ALBERT GWEN ADAMS AUTHOR ADAMS MARY HETTIE ALFORD ERMA ARMSTRONG BOBBY ARNOLD Milton, Fla. Dothan Brewton Evergreen Dofhan L CAROLYN BAILEY Opp JANIE BAKER Opp JIM BARNETTE Goshen wxA JAYNE BOLON Bay AAinette ROBERT BREWER New Brockton JIMMY COE Oothan ELEANOR BORLAND Troy JERRIE BRYANT Parker BECKY COLQUETT Elba JANE BOROM Petrey SARAH CHERRY Ariton JYON CORBETT Bay Minette NOBIE BENEFIELD Clayton MARCIA BRANTLEY Banks JOHN CHILDERS Skipperville LESLIE COURTNEY Robertsdale CARL BLACKMON Dothan BOBBY BRADFORD Eufaula MARILYN CLARK Brewton JERRY CREEL Dothan GERITHA CROCKER GERALD COX BARBARA DAUGHTRY PATRICIA DAY EVELL DOBBS Hartford Pratfville Enterprise Webb Dothan CHARLES DUKES ELOISE EASON DELAURACE ETHERIDGE BOBBY EVERETT JETTA FARMER Foley Florala Atmore Hartford Slocomb LAMAR FAULK MAC FUQUA THOMAS FUQUA MARY JO FLOWERS TOMMY FIELDS Troy Brewton Clayton Andalusia Phenix City MARY FOREMAN HUGH FOUNTIN NANCY GANEY WINFRED GARNER BARBARA GILBERT Elba Brewton Rutledge Bay Minette Panama City GINGOLD Troy BOBBY GRISSETTE Mobile ROBERT HARBIN AAontgomery SARAH HUGHES Slocomb CLOVIS GODWIN Elba MARY LOU GRIFFIN Bay Minetfe VIVIAN HARGROVE Greenville JANE HOVEY Clayton TWINX GOODWIN Panama City, Fla. JO ANN GRIFFIN Troy WALKANITA HATAWAY Kinston NEIL JACKSON Headland BECKY GOLDEN Foley MARTHA HALBROOK Bayou La Batre JANE HAYGOOD Greenville EMMA ANN JETER Luverne MELBA GOLDEN Jay, Florida MRS. SALLY HALL Columbus, Ga. JOAN HUGHES Panama City, Fla. BOBBY JORDON Coffee Springs JANE JONES Pollard MAX KILLINGSWORTH Dothan PATH LINTON Goshen SUZANNE MANNERS Fairhope WILLIAM JUSTICE Flomaton VASCO KOON Mayo, Fla. WILEY LOCKLAR Goshen BETTY MOORER Forest Home ROBERT KEEL Dothan HONEY LAMAR Auburn MACK LOWER Y Troy LOUISE MARLER Elba CHARLES KELLY Clio WAYNE LAWHORNE Montgomery MYRA MADDOX Enterprise BUBBA MARRIOTT Foley GENELL KELLY Flomaton CHRISTINE LEDDON Glenwood JEAN MAHON Port St. Joe, Fla. IMOGENE MARTIN Florala ftfekl WILLIAM MAY Grady MAURINE MESSER Geneva JERRY MILLER Columbia CHARLES MONK Geneva ANN MORGAN Panama City, Fla. DAVID MORGAN Headland JIM MOORE Hatchechubbee ANN MOORE Luverne SAM MOORE Opp LILLIAN MORRIS Elmore ROBERT MURCHINSON Tallassee JOE MURPHREE Prattville ROBBIE McCALLISTER Dothan RICHARD McCOLLOUGH Samson MILTON McGregor Hartford LENORA McNEAL Hartford MARY McQUAGG Troy BILL NELSON Claton CHARLES W. NELSON Gulf Shores MARY JON NELSON Elba JANE NETTLES Brewton PATSY PARKER Elba LOYCE PHILLIPS Atmore FRANK RILEY Louisville ELIZABETH OGBURN Panama City, Fla. JOHN PARRISH Farmersville DRUSILLA RIDER Bay Minette JACQUELYNN SURLES Prattville CAROLYN OLIVER Enterprise ESTA PEACOCK New Brockton SHIRLEY RIGGS Panama City, Fla. WILLIAM STANFIELD Prattville BILL O ' NEIL Troy PERRY PEACOCK, JR. Union Springs INEZ ROWELL Elba ERNESTINE STEWART Coffee Springs DOROTHY OWEN Forest Home SONJA PEACOCK Evergreen CHARLES ROWE Enterprise JERRY STINSON Geneva c A f X ' .« V- m • m A - - IMM , A k.. ALICE SMITH Brewton JANICE SMITH Georgiana SYLVIA SMITH Glenwood SYBIL SMITH Glenwood SHIRLEY ANN SIMAAS Ozark FAYE SHIELDS Hartford MARIANNE SELLARS Panama City, Fla. BOBBY JOE SENN Florala PEGGY SCARBROUGH Troy HAROLD SCOTT LaGrange, Georgia JIMMIE TALLEY Rufledge SONYA TAYLOR Eclectic TRAVIS TAYLOR Luverne GLORIA TERRELL Greenville CHARLES THAMES Coffee Springs JACK THOMAS Luvgrne JO ANN THOMAS Cottonwood ROSEMARY TINDEL Marianna, Fla. PATSY TRAMMELL Eufaula MARY NELL TRAWICK Owassa I CAROLYN WALDING Ozark WILLIAM WHITE Enterprise BRUCE WOODHAM Geneva CAROLE WALTERS Prattville FAYE WILSON Perote JAYNE YOUNGBLOOD Mobile ELAINE WEAVER Brewton CURTIS BELL WRIGHT New Brockton CARA JANE GIBSON Greenville CLIFTON WHIDBEE Rabun CAROLE WORTHY Eufaula REX JONES Andalusia JERRY WOOD Goshen PHYLLIS SMITH Clayton i. Bil I (f.iry I . - ,--4«, » ' C BU BE T ROV S E D N f B Vl S E « E | N JUNIOR CLASS BEAUTY MISS JANICE BENTLEY SENIOR CLASS BEAUTY MISS DOLLIE JACOBS FRESHMAN CLASS BEAUTY MISS ROSEMARY TINDEL SOPHOMORE CLASS BEAUTY MISS PEGGY HARPER ■•? - " It 4 A A ■4. -r y i ' im " SEN OR FAVORITES DAN HALE JOYCELYN BAKER — .M.,ijtlW JUNIOR FAVORITES JACKIE BUTTS NEIL BUSH - - - ! FRESHMAN FAVORITES FRANCES FONDREN MAC FUQUA " TEACH ME HOW TO CRY " SUMMER OF ' 57 i ,% f m ftil Byii m V . rtf ' rVaE; .-f - k i. ' : ' . H. ' ' • ' »« ' « ' r- - .•. .- , : L 1; " MEDEA " SPRING OF ' 58 laiu ' ii « ' x r »t TVIR. AND MISS T.S.C. MAUDIE HUGHES JAC ROTH, AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ■ ?«SMSl ' C-. ,- 5fri3!ti f ' L.- K ' • tesr. BS.U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Dorit Peddy, Bonnie Shelley, Hazel Ward, Barbara Boggan, Harold Lundy, Alice Andrews, Anita Mason. Second row: Don Hagler, Donald Hand, Kenneth Dyess, George Jones, Gayle Goodin, Wes Amen, Wil- liam Smith, Jo Ann Kolloy, and Eleanor Greathouse. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION B,S,U. GREATER COUNCIL Gail Peacock, Hazel Ward, Saundra Graves, Lillian Morris, Vivian Hargrove, Anita Mason, Eleanor Great- house, Barbara Boggan, Maudie Hughes, Doris Peddy, Janie Baker, Bobbie Baker, Jo Ann Kelley, Hilda Smith, Grace Caraway, Kathleen Hardin, Charlotte Troutman, Carrie Will Smith, Ruby Jo Roberson, Carolyn Welding, Alice Andrews, Sarah Talley, Nancy Borland, Don Hagler, Donald Hand, Jack Thomas, Kenneth Dyess, George Jones, Kim Dyess, Gayle Goodin, Seaborn A. Thompson, Curtis Holland, Ronald Jackson, Harold Lundy, William Smith, Wes Amen, Bennie Shelley, Sidney Grimes. B(f it A .♦ f. f i ' m m. I N N STER Al ASSOCIATION Larry D. Bennett, Pat Adkinson, Tommy Wilkes, Roy Hartley, Don Dean, William Smith, Seaborn A, Thompson. WESLEY FOUNDATION Mrs. Tate, Joan Hughes, Joyce Lashley, Barbara Clayton, Martha Sneed, Willie Lee Duffoy, Emogeno Matherson, Charles Underwood, Shirley Riggs, Rosalie Davis, Neil Bush, Donald Boan, Gloria Carol, Eva Lee Carter. f ' ' HV V I STUDENT GOVERNMENT President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Clerk ...TOMMY MACKIN JAC ROTH MARY BIGGER NORMAN MARTIN ._ DENNA BOBO SENATORS Anita Mason, Royce Walton, Martha Rhoades, Carolyn Smith, Betty Williams, Mary Bigger, Billy Brown- ing, Joan Hughes, Marie Lauder, Joye McKee, Charles Underwood, Donald Boan, Meil Bush, Gayle Goodin, Jac Roth. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Roslie Davis, Ellenq Murphy, Mrs. Lucille Boyd, Billy Browning, Mary Ruth Hilton, and Marian Lauder. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Charlotte Troutman, Mac Fleming, James Kirkland, Dan Redding, Joan Hutchison, Susanne Manners, Ellen Sah, Joan Baxley, Joye McKee, Joan West, Ted Hartley, Leo Harrell, Ed Jonhson, James Hires, Virginia Jacobs, Jeanne Lemon. S DR. R. H. ERVIN ' Sponsor KAPPA DELTA PI The Zeta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in education. The pur- pose of this organization is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding con- tributions to the field of education. Invitations are issued quarterly to those members of the Junior and Senior Classes who have the necessary qualifications for becoming members of Kappa Delta Pi. EDWARD WARD President Martha Sneed, Sylvia Jones, Mary Tl.omas, Wynell Massey, Edward Ward, Sarah Lawrence, Dr. Ervin, Ellen Sah, Carol Hicks, Betty Sue Jones, Imogene Mathison, Martha Watson, Bobbie Baker, Joan Hutchi- son, Kim Dyess, Eddie Griggs, Arthur Clement, Kenneth Dyess, Jean Alford, Mary Bigger, Barbara Boggan, Corine Tate, Sarah Talley, Nancy Borland and Lillian Gibson. il mmirw ' t ' . s 23iii ' ' . ■ Tjr jff vv ■ " U f ' , ' : .0 .— i.v- " «: ■ " • FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America is an or- ganization of great significance and value to prospective teachers. In becoming a member of F.T.A., one will develop in- sights and abilities that will be influential in the teaching profession. The Celeste Chapter of F.T.A. meets twice a month and is open to all who plan to teach. CHARLOTTE TROUTMAN President DR. HARRIS HARVILL Faculty Adviior Sarah Talley, Charolotte Troutman, Jackie Butts, Virginia Peel, Jean Alford, OIlie Jo Hayes, Mary Thomas, Virginia Jacobs, Corine Tate, Ellen Sah, Imogene Mathison, Carrie Will Smith, Charolet Sherfill, Betty Sue Jones, Alice Andrews, AAaduie Hughes, Barbara Boggan, Joye AAcKee, Mary Sue Glisson, Joycelyn Baker, Rosemarie Doswell, Sylvia Jones, Martha Sneed, Eleanor Greathouse, Pat Adkison, Ted Missildine, Neil Bush, James Nelson, Donald Bean, George Jones, Kenneth Dyess and Jerry Maddox. :r iiid il Avn ALPHA PSI OMEGA, NATIONAL HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY Kay Bittner, AAary Eleanor Williams, Joy Genske, Mary Olive Schlich, Marian Lauder, Marie Lauder, Lucille Boyd, Gayle Goodin, Charles Oliver, LaNelle Grace, Blum Bell, George Christo. The Eta Sigma Cast of Alpha Psi Omega promotes a high standard of drama on the Troy State Cam- pus and the members are selected by outstanding participation in Playmaker production. On February 5, 6, 7, 1958, Alpha Psi Omega presented a cast of thirteen actors in an original three-act mystery-ccmedy, OASIS by Charles Oliver and George Christo. The entire play production was handled by the Eta Sigma Cast. OFFICERS Casf Director MARY OLIVE SCHLICH Sfage Manager JOY GENSKE Busirtess Manager MARIAN LAUDER Authors of Oasis CHARLES OLIVER and GEORGE CHRISTO 4 f ' ' . tir ijr ' faa tfc«. fa i ' : ' ' " i» ■» 1 1 1 i ■■! ■»»- ... - - i fcitiin i. ■ Director JACK SOLOMON OFFICERS President _ Vice President Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES OLIVER LANELLE GRACE JEAN ECANS The Playmakers offer experience in acting and play production for students and provide entertainment for the entire college personnel. During 1957-58 the Playmakers produced TEACH ME HOW TO CRY, A CONNECTICUT YANKEE AND MEDEA. YANKEE was taken on tour to various high schools during the winter. PLAYMAKERS MADRIGAL DR. JOHN P. GRAHAM Director of Madrigal and Collegiate Singers Bobbie Baker, Tulah Dismukes, Mae Miller, Jane Haygood, Mary Alice McRae, Mirian Lauder, Faye Sper- lin, Joanne Thomas, Dr. Graham, Bobby Hill, David Posey, Blum Bell, David Rushing. COLLEGIATE SINGERS BLUM BELL President . . . Collegiate r Dr. J. P. Graham, Nancy Gainey, Joyce Saunders, Wynelle Massey, Tulah DIsmukes, Mary Olive Schlich, Louise Sims, Jane Haygood, Joanne Thomas, Mirian Lauder, Mary Alice McRae, Mae Miller, Lanelle Grace, Jo Ann Kelley, Janie Baker, Bobbie Baker, Joanne Miller, George Jones, Jimmy Peak, David Rushen, Don Dean, Winston Hollingw orth, Robert Hill, Ronald Jackson, David Posey, Eddie Griegs, Troy Anders SPECS CLUB W. D. McLaughlin, Willie Lee Duffey, AAonette Grissette, Bennie Shelley, Noah Lee, and Edward Ward. NORTAR I CLUB Willie Spivey, Joycelyn Baker, Gloria Caroll, Hubert Norton, Frances Benson, Mrs. Nan Cooper, George Christo, Gloria Burkett, Martha Boyd, Virginia Peel, Albert Lee, Charles Underwood, Arthur Clement. I f DELORES TURNER Faculty Advisor TOM STODDARD Editor BOBBIE BAKER Assistant Editor TROPOUTAN STAFF It- JAC ROTH Sports Editor JAKE DOTY Business Manager RONALD TEW Co umnisf TOMMY MACKIN Co L mnJsf CHARLES UNDERWOOD Circulation Manager MARTHA JO WALLACE Typist PACE HALL COWART HALL SHACKELFORD HALL Corine Tate, Marie Lauaer, Skippy Mansfield, Monette Grissett, Mrs. Kate Shelburne, Martha Fields. Shirley Hoames, Joan Huicnison, Jackie Thompson, Gloria Burkett. HOUSE COUNCIL ■ r li . i K. p A L L A D I U M Editor, KITTY YARBROUGH Assistant Editor, BILLY BROWNING n 1958 7 958 PALLADIUM STAFF Editor KITTY YARBROUGH Assistant Editor _ BILLY BROWNING Organization Editor - JEAN ALFORD Snapshot Editor SEABORN A. THOMPSON Business Manager PASCO GIBSON Assistant Business Manager ._ FRACNES YARVROUGH Advertising Manager DOROTHY LEWIS Features Editor ... JEANNE LEMON Sports Editors . MILTON CERASCO and WESLEY AMEN Typists MAURIME MESSER and SUE WILSON Sen or Editor JOYE McKEE Assistant Senior Editor CAROLYN SMITH Junior Editor KITTY YARBROUGH Assistant Junior Editor ..— BILLY BROWNING Sophomore Editor DEANNA BOBO Assistant Sophomore Editor MONITTE GRISSETT Freshman Editor _ _ _.., JACK THOMAS Assistant Freshman Editor GRACE RYLAND Financial Advisor ...MISS PAULINE TRANUM Faculty Advisor . ' MR. J. W. BLACKWELL Art Editor BILL PARNELL ) J y k rv til ■-!•■ ' - " ■ " ■■■ — Sophomore fc for-DEANNA BOBO Sophomore -Assisfanf fc ifor-MONETTE GRISSETT Freshman Assistant Editor— GRACE RYLAND , Jmi « t .: J :y ' - ' A J! ' »tI-: - ' .c :s k-. 1 TROY SIMFS COACHES AND CAPTAINS Front row: " Muggsy " AAcGraw, Jocko Roland. Second row; Allen Harrell, Assistant; William Clipson, Head Coach; Paul Nix, Assistant; Earl Hawthorne, Assistant. Not pictured: John Archer, Assistant. 1957 RECORD Troy State 12 Troy State 7 Troy State 7 Troy State Troy State Troy State Troy State 14 Troy State 20 Livingston Tampa U. 53 Delta St. 14 Jax St. 13 Newberry 20 Austin-Peay .___33 Florence 41 Carson-Newman 6 WON 2 LOST 6 MILTON E. " ANGIE " CERASO Trairier DONALD BOAN Manager ' ' ' ■ 1ST TEAM RE, Bob AAoore; RT, " Bozo " Hammond; RG, Lee Conley; C, Johnny Sandars; LG, Leo Brooks; LT, " AAuggseyV McGraw; LE, Marvin Wiley. RHB, Norman Cobb; QB, " Jocko " Roland; FB, Bobby Phillips; LHB, Mack Wood. ffe .«s« •■ " -l r. 2ND TEAM RE, Bob Green; RT, " Cebo " Maddox; RG, Frank Fordham; C, Dan Hale; LG, Whitey Whitman; LT, Ben Rogers; LE, Phillip Jones. RHB, Mac Palmer; QB, Sonny Powell; FB, Bobby Spann; LHB, Aubry Rentz. QB, " Jocko " Roland; LHB, Mack Wood; RHB, Norman Cobb; FB, Bobby Phillips. ee ow: " JOCKO " ROLAND, QB, Captain PAT ATKISON, RHB " SKEETER " WILLIFORD, FB BOZO " HAMMOND, RT ROY BOOTH " CEBO " MADDOX " BOZO " HAMMOND WHITEY WHITMAN " COOT " STINSON LEO BROOKS ? ; G H T Dan Hale A C K BOB HATCHER BEN ROGERS " MUGGSY " AAcGRAW Bob Green, Bob Bolton, Bob Moore. LEE CONLEY FRANK FORDHAM CHUCK SHIELDS fronf row,- " CoOt " Stinson, Freddie Alford, Hal Scott, Bubba AAcPherson, Frank Sadler, Bruce Woodhan, Leslie Courtney, Tommy Fields. Second row: Tim Fitz Gerald, Terry Richardson, Jerry Lawrence, Bob Stringer, Ted Missildine, Bobby Paulk, Chuck Skields, Buddy Sites, Jackie Coker. TED MISSILDINE, Captain LESLIE COURTNEY JACKIE COKER U td HAL SCOTT TERRY F. : :-,- - SON TIM T=ITZ GERALD TOMMY FIELDS IK TROY STATE BASKETBALL TEAM ? 957-58 Left to right: Milton Ceraso, Trainer, Paul Hartman, Charles White, Louis Casey, David Gingold, Grady McCalman, David Watson, Ken Everett, Dale Brown, Jeff Cooke, Bobby Ross, Bob Moore, Jere Tillman, Bobby Terrell, Homer Shellnut, Jac Roth, John Archer, Head Coach. II SCHEDULE AND RECORD 1957-58 Troy State 84 Chipola -.75 Troy State 75 Georgia State ...55 Troy State 64 Jacksonville State 72 Troy State 91 Howard ..68 Troy State 78 Jacksonville U. _98 Troy State 68 Piedmont _ 57 Troy State 84 Kings College, N. Y. ._. .65 Troy State . 50 St. Bernard ..56 Troy State 78 Athens College .64 Troy State 98 Valdosta State ..63 Troy State 77 Georgia State ...53 Troy State 81 Carey - ..70 Troy State 83 Howard .58 Troy State 73 La Grange ._64 Troy State _..._104 Athens College 57 Troy State 87 Jacksonville State ...75 Troy State Troy State Troy State La Grange Piedmont Georgia Southwestern Troy State Troy State Valdosta State Jacksonville U. Troy State Troy State Troy State Shorter College St. Bernard Carey BOBBY ROSS ' ■ ' ji n U,. ' A|i«l i r H ' I H V JEFF COOKE 1 A SSI! iiiS ! ■ !!!■■ :,.,V 1 88! ■■Ml 1 »gl ? GRADUATING SENIORS Left to right: Charles White, Dale Brown, Jac Roth, Jere Tillman. PAUL NIX, Assistant Coach KENNY HILYER, J.V. Coach 1 t m 4 i I TROY STATE BASEBALL TEAM 1 958 RETURNING LETTERMEN Front row; George Hamby, " Skeeter " Williford, " Slugger " Floyd, " Dusfy " Rhodes, " Jocko " Roland. Second row.- Paul Nix, Head Coach, Bill Hixon, Bob Moore, Sonny Powell, Homer Shellnut. PAUL E. NIX Head Coach Left " JOCKO " ROLAND Infield Right HOMER SHELLNUT Outfield A r BOB f C ' CPE Pitcher f •to ■SKEETER " WILLIFORD Pitcher w V A. ' .M " SLUGGER " FLOYD Infield v orf TROY STATE CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM 1957-58 Lett to right: John Gowen, Wayne AAarler, Charles Henderson, Ron Beck, Richard Heath, Williann Gowen, Coach Nick Costes. m ij .1 " • -1 if Ea v : ir- ' IN RUNNING FORM Left to right: Charles Henderson, Ron Beck, Wayne Marler, John Gowen, William Gowen, Richard Heath. TROY STATE STUNTS AND TUMBLING TEAM 1 957-58 Left to right: Coach Paul Nix, Ellen Murphy, " Jocko " Roland, Captain Whitey Whitman, Robert Smith, Gene Brannon, SicJney Grimes, Bob Williford, Ann Morgan. TROY STATE TENNIS TEAM 1958 RETURNING LETTERMEN-Leff fo right. Pat Atkison, Jac Roth, Bill Ward, Curt Douglas, Coach John Archer. JAC ROTH CURT DOUGLAS BILL WARD PAT ATKISON TROY STATE GOLF TEAM 1958 RETURNING LETTERMEN Left to right: Barney Burnette, Clem Bonlfay, Coach Bill Clipson. fjr: Left: BARNEY BURNETTE Mi Right: CLEM BONIFAY L INTRAMURALS 1957-58 SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 1957-58 Front row: AA. Howard, M. Bigger, Mrs. N. Stair, Head of Women ' s Physical Education; AA. Watlins, P. Griffith, President; O. Hayes, S. Giisson, AA. Thomas, J. Hair, J. Thomas. Second row: F. Nix, F. Sleater, F. Benson, W. Williams, J. West, S. AAarrow, J. Thompson, B. Tindall, C. Bailey, B. Young, R. Clark, T. Goodwin. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB 1957-58 i Front row: W. Williams, J. Tnompson, AA. Bigger, D. Hagler, AA. Wiley, A. AAorgan, AA. Howard, S. Riggs, J. Thomas. Second row: F. Sleater, B. Young, O. Hayes, R. Clark, P. Griffith, F. Benson, AArs. Van Watson, Sponsor. Third row: AA. Watkins, C. Williams, C. Bailey, T. Goodwin, B. Tindall, E. AAurphy, C. Hickrod. Fourth row: R. Smith, P. Adkison, W. Aman, N. Bush, T. AAissildine, A. C. Brunson, D. AAyers. Fifth row: F. Bynum, B. Terrell, W. Fincher, B. Fowler, S. Diamond, R. Heath, S. Brown. Sixth row: L. Brooks, J. Roth, B. AAoore, D. Hale, S. Williford, J. Sandars, S. Bond. Seventh row: K. Hilyer, B. Nixon, B. Green, B. Boyd, J. Stevens, G. AAcCalmon. Eighth row: K. Everett, W. Whitman, J. B. Roland, AA. Ceraso, H. Hagler, J. AAedlock, D. Boan, C. Bess. -L A ' Ail-Time Favorite! ATLANTA GEORGIA 1 Compliments 1 of CURTIS 1000 INCORPORATED p. O. Box 195 654 Ethel St. N. W. Station D Atlanta 18 i JT. ' afc c- MACON GEORGIA Specialists in Making Water Behave ANSERSON CHEMICAL COMPANY Superior Water-Treating Chemicals and Complete Field Service 1620 Waterville Road Box 1424 Phone 5-0466 PENSACOLA FLORIDA WEIS-FRICKER MAHOGANY COMPANY Large stock of Honduras, African, Philippine Mahogany and Spanish Cedar, air dried or kiln dried. Small and large orders solicited. Specializing in material for Indus- trial Arts Classes. BOX 391 Glendale-5-4581 ¥ I RESERVE BOOK ! GAYUORD PRINTED IN U.S.A. t; s. c. library TRDY, ALA. I 378.761 -55764 A3 16 Ala. State Coll. Troy AUTHOR 19 qa Pal ladium 1958 378.761 55764 A3 16 Ala. State Coll. Troy 1958 Palladima 1958 T. S C. LIBRARY TRDY, ALA. ' 5 t 1 .4 . t 1.4 -.■ i-. _ :SX i fi v;; ' -- -.iTyF. : % • .ixC -. ..;2 , f ' ' rA-:: ' k ■ .:,- -Sv; .. ' sMi ' %; J Vv - r- r ' m " ' «it

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