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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1952 volume:

JA(h r ft s ?.. 1 HE PALLADIUM o H ov 5 ►V T. S. C. LIBRARY TROY, ALA. 2 D£CK fOR 13 i L a We, The 1952 Palladium Staff, present to you your yearbook. We hope it will be something that you will cherish as a memento to the happy days you have had at Troy State. We have endeavored to make it a book in which to be proud— a means of recalling the work and play we have had together. Every effort has been made to include all phases of college life— both large and small . . . the love for our Alma Mater and those things for which she stands. May this book give you the memories of working to- gether and help you to understand the need for going forward. " Treasure Your Memories, They are the Castles of Tomorrow. " Your Editor, Otis Kirkland W IN MflXOBJAM CAROTHERS To someone dear to our hearts, Who not only gave, but is still Giving, The Remembrance World, The love and friendliness He shared with both you and me. o x wrMi.igsaTKW ' ■■■Ml OUR PRESIDENT DR. C. B. SMITH flDfllMISTBATIOn DR. G. R. BOYD Deon LUCILLE GARRETT Dean of Students AUXFORD SARTAIN Assistant Dean DR. ERVIN Dean of Instruction R. E. THAGARD Business Manager BESS McCANN Registrar FRANCES HARVEY Dean of Women I TEX WHALEY Director of Laboratory School THELMA MERSHON Librarian MARTHA SEALE Dietitian MARY RICH Nurse Lii Cm ?f 4 f«L 1 HHHBA0 MERLIN G. COX B.A., M.A. History Social Studies DONIE C. ELLIS B.S., M.A. Fifth Grade Supervising Teacher VIRGIL ESPENLAUB B.F.A, M.A. RALPH M. ENNIS B.A., Ed.M. Psychology THELMA GOODWIN B.A., M.A. English WILLIAM C. FORBES A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Science FRANK M. GRACEY M.A., Ph.D. Art LESTER HARTSELL B.S., MA. Math HARRIS HARVILL B.S., MA, Ph.D. Education ■ r HELEN HOWARD BA, M.A. Business Education EMMETT KILPATRICK BA., M.A., Docteur Es-lettres English MARY M. LOCKRIDGE A.A., BA, MA. English MARY VIC MAUK B.S., M.A. Music ' OLIVIA K. RAINER B.A. Music FRANK RAINWATER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. English PAT SHELY B.S., MA Health Physical Education EDGAR SMITH A.B., M.Ed. Business Education CLASS $UIT y0UU5ELF IORS RUDOLPH CULBRETH ALEX RALEY Vice-President DORIS McCAULEY Secretary-Treasurer - -: - : - .I ' zZ Z r ' : " : - i • : - ::.:::- 1 • : - :: - : . r 1: . ■ : I ;I : - : ; I - . :- : .: e: McCanBB - •f ;. :. I: .-: : :1 loss: I e : : : :1 e : :-■ : • . ; - : A3thSTIttrtlQ l:: r : : -: . - : . - : : : " ? . Z : : ' l - : - = ?: ■•• -.. := Htstc . I -52. " : _ :: ■ . ! :.. : : • : Z • ' .:: . : t : f i:::: :■? : : : r : £2. Soes Our " oroihc- : - aa n u l im i Cotr- : " : • : - i- : -: -: CAULEY, JEWEL : :-.: e_ e: o lessee Socio Se e-o 5: JUL 51, TnjiiilfcHi 49. CAWTHC 1 - - ' . e : . - : ■ I : - p r : : - - : I - 52 CHILDS, MARJORIE E. : :• : ■ - : : - : - : : - - - - ' - I - : politon 5: CLARK, JAMES H. COMMANDER, GERALD Andalusia Business Administration Geneva Mothemoticj COFTY, BARBARA COWLES, MILLIE Colquitt, Ga. Playmakers 51, F.T.A. 51. COLEMAN, RUBY F. Ramer Elementary Education Executive Council 50-51, I.R.C. 51-52, Orientation Committee 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52. Bonifay, Fla. Elementary Education v. l " " - J « Choir COX, JANICE Stockton 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52, W.A.A. 51-52, Foundation 49-50. Wesley DEAN, MONA Repton Elementary Education DEUEL, JOYCE CREWS, LUNNIE Headland Business Administration CULBRETH, RUDOLPH Castleberry Music Education Tropolitan Staff 50-52, Pallodium 50-51, Orienta- tion Committee 51-52, Who ' s Who 51-52, Band 50-52, Choir 50-52, Modrigal 51-52. Pace Band Columbia Music Hall Pres. 51, Senior Class Pres. 49-52, Choir 51-52, Orientation Co 51-52, Who ' s Who 51-52. 51-52, mmittee ELLIOT, GENE Madrid Business Education i L _- V J EVERAGE, BONNIE KATE Opp Elementary Education F.T.A. 51-52, B.S.U. 49-51. W.A.A. 49-52, Palladi um 51-52, Choir 50-51. FARMER, ANN Headland Elementary Education F.T.A. 51-52, I.R.C. 51-52, Choir 50-51. FOLMAR, SARA Troy Elementary Education FORDHAM, EARL C. Troy Business Education FREDERICK, MERLYN Troy Elementary Education F.T.A. 51-52, Choir 50-51. feH jfe Jlk, HL A 1 GAFFORD, LAWRENCE Troy S.G.A. Vice-Pres. 51, Who ' s Who 51-52, Junior Class Favorite 50-51. GARNER, JOSEPH BILLY Fairhope Biological Science I.R.C. 50-52, Specs Club 50-52, Veterans Club 50-51. GIBSON, VERNON Union Springs Business Administration GILBERT, GEORGE Columbia History Playmakers 50-52, Junior President 50-51, Junior Favorite 50-51. GRANTHAM, SUE Clopton Physical Education W.A.A. 49-52, Business Club 49-52, P. E. Club 51-52. HAMILTON, ANNE Inverness Elementary Education Specs Club Vice-President 51-52, Tropolitan 50-52, Shackelford House Council 51-52, I.R.C. 51-52, B.S.U. Religious Council 51-52. ■ HART, JOAN HORNE, VIRGINIA Clio English Kappa Delta Pi 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52 Napier Field English Business Club 51-52, Kappa Delto Pi 51-52 HENDRICKS, ROBERT HOWARD, PAUL Jay, Fla. History Goshen Elementary Education HILL, RAYMOND Troy History Business Club 51-52, I.R.C. 50-52. 1 o Choir F.T.A. HUGGINS, LOUISE JOHNSON, GRACE A. Troy Elementary Education F.T.A. 51-52, I.R.C. 51-52. Ozark Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi, Sec. 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52. JACOBS, KENNETH JOHN SON, SARA JO Ariton Music 49-52, Band 49-52, Madrigal 51-52, B.S U. Music Chairman 51-52. Malone, Fla. English I.R.C. 51, Tropolitan 51, F.T.A. 52, Wesley Founda tion 51-52. JERNIGAN, BESSIE JOHNSON, VIRGINIA Donolsonville, Go. Elementary Education 51-52, Playmakers 50-52, Alpha Psi Omega 52. Louisville History I.R.C. 51-52. V JOHNSTON, MARY Troy History KING, LILLIAN Bascom, Fla. English Tropolitan 51-52, Religious Council Sec. 51-52, F.T.A. 52, Wesley Foundation 51. KIRBY, FAYE Andalusia Business Education Junior Class Beauty 51-52. KIRKLAND, OTIS D. Dothan History President Freshman Class 50-51, I.R.C. 49-51, Orientation Committee 49-51, Palladium 50-52, Who ' s Who 51-52. KLARPP, JUANITA Abbeville Elementary Education Tropolitan Stoff 49-51, Choir 49-51, Kappa Delta Pi 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52. LANGCUSTER, CECIL LITTLE, JULIA Russellville Physical Education Troy History Choir 50-52, Troy Wavemen 51-52. LANGFORD, CHARLES Ariton LITTLE, ROBERT English LANGLEY, MARIANNE Troy Music Band 49-52, Troy Wavemen 51-52, Choir 49-52 Ramer Elementary Education Majorette 50-52, F.T.A. 52, I.R.C. 51-52. LONG, WALTER Troy History LOWERY, DENSBY Troy Elementary Education MAY, WILLIAM E. Webb Science Tropolitan Staff 48-49 50-51, Kappa Delta Pi 50-52 F.T.A. 51-52, Palladium 51-52, Who ' s Who 51-52. MERRILL, WILLIAM Andalusia Music Playmakers 49-52, Alpha Psi Omega 51-52. MIMS, JANICE MARIE Donalsonville, Ga. Elementary Education Shackelford House Council 51-52, Wesley Founda- tion 49-51, Tropolitan Stoff 51, F.T.A. 51, I.R.C. 50. MOORE, ALTA Bessemer Elementary Education MOORE, ELIZABETH McCAULEY, DORIS Dozier Physical Education W.A.A. 49-52, Sec.-Treas. 50-51; Playmakers 50- 52, Athenaeum Club 50-51, Cheerleader 51-52, Senior Beauty 51-52. Dothan Elementory Education Palladium 51-52, Madrigal 51-52, Senior Class Secretary 51-52, Orientation Committee 51-52, Band 50-52, Choir 50-52, F.T.A. 51. _ bL » ifcw »fc. MONEY, JEAN McDUFFIE, ELLISON Opp Elementary Education Choir 49-51, W.A.A. 49-52, B.S.U. 50-51, F.T.A. Geneva English i V 52. McCARDEL, JACK Montgomery Business Education McGINTY, JOHN F. Frisco City Physical Education Palladium Staff 50-52, Orientation Committee 51- 52, Senior Favorite 51-52, Religious Council Presi- dent 50-51. J McGUIRE, LILA W. Crestview, Fla. Elementary Education McNEAL, JACKIE Honoraville Elementary Education NICHOLS, BETTY Troy Elementary Education Choir 50-52, Madrigal 52, Band 52, Wavettes 50, B.S.U. Vice-Pres. 50-51. NICHOLS, THOMAS Fairhope Mathematics Palladium Staff 48, 50-52, Playmakers 50-52, Alpha Psi Omega 52, Kappa Delta Pi 51, Band 48-51, Choir 48-50. NICKERSON, ANNE Columbus, Ga. English Playmakers 50-52, Alpha Psi Omega 52, President Shackelford Hall 51-52, Palladium Staff 51-52, Orientation Committee 51-52, Who ' s Who 51-52. OAKES, OSIE B. PELT, MICHAEL R. Sprott Marianna, Fla. History Social Studies Vice-President Cowart Hall 51-52. Kappa Delta Pi 50-52, I.R.C. S.E. Regional Presi dent 51-52, S.G.A. President 51-52, Madrigal 51- ODENHEIMER, GWEN 52, Who ' s Who 51-52. Morristown, N. J. Physical Education PELT, ROLAND J. ophomore Class Beauty 50-51, Cheerleader 51-52. Marionno, Fla. Physical Science PARKS, ROSE Troy Kappa Delta Pi Treas. 51-52, Palladium 51-52 Handbook Editor 51, Orientation Committee 51-52 Elementary Education PEMBERTON, BILLY Phenix City Social Science PENRY, DORIS Daphne Elementary Education Sec. F.T.A. 51-52, Choir 48-49, W.A.A. 48-49. PRINCE, WILBUR Clanton English PERDUE, FAYE Phenix City Elementary Education W.A.A. 49-50, Band 49-51, Palladium 50-52, Athenaeum Club 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52. QUICK, CHARLES E Donalsonville, Go. Pre-Med PRIM, LUCILLE Graceville, Flo. Elementary Education I.R.C. 51-52. RALEY, ALEX RIDDLEHOOVER, WENDELL Donalsonville, Ga. Donalsonville, Ga. Music Physical Education Madrigal 49-52, Vice-President Senior Class 51-52. Junior Class Favorite. REEVES, JAMES RILEY, GEORGE Graceville, Fla. Newville Physical Education Mathematics REYNOLDS, LORENA B. RUSSELL, CHESTER H. Valpariso, Fla. Florala Elementary Education English Vice-Pres. Junior Class 51-52, Orientation 50-52 President ' s Council 51-52, B.S.U. Council 51-52 Athenoeum Club 51-52, Who ' s Who 51-52. ■ am . ... 1 SANDERS, CLARENCE Graceville, Fla. History SANDUSKY, CLARENCE Montgomery Physical Education SCHULTZ, LOIS Honoraville Elementary Education SCHMITZ, DONALD Mobile Physical Education SCOTT, FRANK Ariton Social Science I f I SEARCY, FRED SHIPMAN, LOIS Dothan Clio History Kappa Delta Pi 50-52, F.T.A. 51-52. B.S.U. Council 49-52, Playmakers 49-52, Alpha Psi Omega 49-52, I.R.C. 51-52. SNELL, ANN Skipperville SELLERS, MARY LOIS Elementary Education Red Level W.A.A. 50-51, F.T.A. 51-52, Wesley Foundation Business Education 49-51, Choir 50-51. Business Club 50-52, F.T.A. 51-52. SPANN, JERRY SEWELL, THOMAS Pigeon Creek Altha, Fla. Music History Madrigal 50-52, Kappa Delta Pi 51-52, F.T.A. 52, I.R.C. 51-52, F.T.A. Vice-Pres. 51-52, Veterans Club 50-51. Choir 49-52, Band 49-52, B.S.U. Council 50-52. STABLER, WILLIAM H. Greenville History Choir 49-50, Playmakers 50-51, Specs Club 50-51, Wesley Foundation 50-52, F.T.A. President 51-52. STEELE, HELEN W. Laurel Hill, Fla. Elementary Education F.T.A. 51-52. STANDLEY, JANE Troy Business Education W.A.A. 49-50, Business Club 50-52, Orientation Committee 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52. STOCKLEY, SUE Trafford Physical Education Shackelford House Council 51-52, P. E. Club Se 50-51, W.A.A 50-52. STRAUGHN, YVONNE Dozier Elementary Education F.T.A. 51-52, I.R.C. 51-52. V - ► TEAL, JEAN TILL, ALTON Brewton Boiling Music Mathematics Band 49-52, Madrigal 49-52, I.R.C. 51-52, Miss Homecoming 51, F.T.A. 51-52, Orientation 51-52. Who ' s Who 50-51. TILL, FALTON Boiling THAMES, CODY Mathematics Troy History TILLMAN, BERNELL I.R.C. 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52. Jock Elementary Education Shackelford House Council 5) THAMES, JEAN C. Troy English I.R.C. 51-52, Specs Club 51-52, F.T.A. 52 m ■ f TISDALE, ABBIE LAURICE Brantley Business Education, English Playmokers 49-52, Sophomore Favorite, Sec.-Treas. Shackelford Hall 51-52, Cheerleader 51-52, Ori- entation Committee 51-52. WALTON, GUY Rutledge History WARD, ADOFFIUS Darlington, Flo. Business Education, English WARD, BOBBY Florola Elementary Education F.T.A. President 52, Choir 51-52. WARD, JANE Troy Elementary Education • »v WASDEN, BOBBIE Jay, Florida .R.C. 51-52, F.T.A. 51-52, Athenaeum Club, Sec.- Treas. 51-52. WATT, GERTRUDE Forest Home Elementary Education WEST, CURTIS D., JR. Cottonwood History I.R.C. Vice-Rres. 50-51, Cowart Hall House Coun- cil 51-52, B.S.U. Executive Council 51-52. WINNINGHAM, LOIS East Tallassee Elementary Education Choir 49-51, Playmakers 49-51, Palladium 51-52, W.A.A. 49-52, P. E. Club 51-52. YEARBY, SAM Carrollton History BRAKE, BONNIE Owassa Physical Education W.A.A. 50-52, Senior Favorite, Orientation Com- mittee 51-52. % L L m -■- ' •w JUNIORS HADDOX President HESTER RUSSELL Vice-President JANE STANDLEY Secretary-Treasurer Addison, Rex Ballard, Lou Ellen Barlow, Billy Andress, Jim Barber, Anita Basford, Arthur Bonifay, Pat Borden, Gail Boyd, Bobbie Brackin, John Brantley, Arthurene Bridewell, David Brown, Fay Brown, Gwen Cain, Ernie Causy, David Cherry, Betty Cobb, Edward Cotanche, Dean R. Davis, Leon Duck, Betty Jean Dyess, Joe Eddins, Owens Farrar, Billy Goodin, Jean Green, Truitt Griffin, Betty Sue Green, Evelyn Gregg, Dot Griffin, Earl Hayes, Jean Haynes, Sarah Hicks, Mayretta Higginbotharh, Herman Hinson, Bobby Hogan, Betty Horn, Johnny Hobbs, Nancy Holland, Jack Hornsby, Nell ' " A Howard, Margaret Hudgens, John Huggins, Mary Frances Hughes, Billy Hughes, James Ivey, Mary Lou Jones, Hoyt Jones, Jeannette W. King, Charles Lane, Ann Lunsford, Sara Knight, Roy A. Lucas, Melvin Maddox, Billy Morgan, Caroline Myers, Billy McClain, Thomas McCrory, Nora McCurdy, Johnnie McDowell, Carolyn McGraw, Sara McNeil, Modie Odenheimer, Robert Pai, James f f f Perdue, Julia Rainer, Freddie Rawlins, Mary Rice, Leron Robbins, Earl Ross, Jack Russell, Norma Jean Sasnett, Warren L Shell, Truss Smith, Clyde Shouppe, Wiley Pau Smith, Jack Alan Snell, Madeline ' ■-+ Stuckey, Jane Sullivan, Guy Terry, Sylvia Thomason, Jo Anne Walker, George, Jr Walton, Ann Williams, Charles R Williams, Sam II I EWARL- SOPHOMORES RONALD WHITE CLYDE SMITH . . JANE McCURDY . . Preside Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Andrews, Ruby Austin, Peggy Barber, Hugh Barnett, Billy Beasley, Sue Bodiford, Raymond Bolton, Betty Bowden, Sidney Brooks, Martha Sue H ' WLi Byrd, Mary Jane Campbell, Jimmie Jean Carter, Meritta Caswell, Annyce Cawthon, Elaine Chatterson, Dot Chobot, Robert Couch, Zaba Daniel, James Duel, Charmain Duckett, Truman Dudley, Ellyn Dansby, Sherrill Eddins, Edgar Etheridge, Betty Farrar, Roger Fralish, Billy Fendley, Ann t to 4 Fidler, Ronnie Fields, Martha June Ford, Julia Gamble, Ina Gibson, Jack Grantham, Billy Graves, Claire Gorham, Faye Goss, Elizabeth k Hall, Robert Hawkins, Claude Herman, Earl Herrington, Hoover Hobbs, Lauryce Holt, James Jacobs, Clara Lou Johnson, Marie Johnston, Ted Jones, Clark Kelly, Sally Kennedy, Margaret Key, Margaret Kerr, Anthony Ligon, Jane Lisenby, Mary Wood Mackin, Cooper Mahone, Barbara 1. m IT Schultz, Cleburn Seay, Jean Sharpless, Ralph Shiver, Joan Smyth, Thomas Sorrells, Pauline Taylor, Reba A. Tew, Etta Vaughn, Kenneth Weed, John White, Ronald Whaley, Ann Williams, Elaine Williamson, Kate Worthington, Carroll . " I ' . ' Sffl. ' Andress, Mary Ann Atkins, Biliy Baggett, Billy Baggett, Chester Barber, Sue Barnette, Everette Baxter, Ann Beckham, Cornelia Boles, J. W. Bowden, Oilie Britt, Johnny Bruce, Jimmy Bryan, Juanita Byrd, Betty Camp, Martha Campbell, Clara Ann Carlisle, Sara Nell Carr, Tom Carrol, Olean Casey, Miriam Causey, Phillip M. Cotanche, Larry Connolly, Lillian Cotton, Bobbie Cotton, Louise Croft, Margaret Crews, Joann Cunningham, John Davis, Bobby Davis, Libby DuBose, Betty Duncan, Ann Dupree, Buck Dykes, Mary Sue Edson, Allen Ellis, Joyce Elmore, Mary Farmer, Clifford Farris, Sue Flemming, Raynell Flowers, Raye Floyd, Sara Ann Fowler, Nell Gaines, Mary Ann Gaston, Sue Gillis, Mary Anne Glover, Emma Golden, Betty Jo Grant, Leah Grantham, Peggy Grouby, Betty Guy, Betty Hanks, Jeanette Hall, Wade Harris, Ann Harris, Jimmie Sue Head, Bill Hilyer, Kenneth Hixson, Bill Howard, Jimmy Houston, Joe Home, Jimmy Jacobs, Floree Jenkins, John E. Jernigan, Gloria Jones, Earnestine Johnson, Aubrey Johnson, Tommy Kilpatrick, Sara Lee, Glenda Long, Bobby McDonald, Jack McNeil, Joyce McWilliams, David Martin, Mack Massley, Tipton Mims, Margaret Mixon, Margaret Moore, Lucille Morgan, John Arthur Morgan, Richard Murphree, Molly Neudecker, Rodney Newsome, Douglas Nichols, Ruby Nell Nolin, Franklin Odom, James Padgett, Betty Parker, Evelyn Patterson, Ruby Charles Paulk, Mahlon Payne, Ann B. Peppers, Gladys Powell, Charles Prescott, Joan .A0 - . - Pyle, Edword Roberson, Ruby Carolyn Roper, Imogene Rushton, Mary Ann Sanders, Jean Sanders, Jo Ann Sartain, Janice Scott, Ann Sheppard, Jane Shiver, Jack Sims, Jimmy Sims, Ola Ann Sims, Oren Snyder, Jack Striplin, Jimmy Stubbs, June Sullivan, Alice F. Tatom, Ann Tatom, Sue I Taylor, Barbara Helen Thomley, Anne Thomley, June Turner, Mary Ellen Vaughn, Holland Watkins, Ann Watson, Frank Wiggins, Joyce Wilkerson, Ella Williams, Betty Ann Williams, Billy Williams, Charles Winn, Peggy Woodham, Faye Woodham, Hope Woodham, Jimmie S. Ycrbrough, Mary Zorn, Merle T. S. C. LIBRARY TRDY, ALA. i EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BACK ROW, left to right: Betty Sue Smith, Janice Mims, Bill Jones, O . C. Oates, Anne Nickerson, Tom Carr, John McGinty, Ed Taylor, Mignon Bates, Melvin Lucas, Clyde Smith, Kenneth Jacobs, and Ber- nell Tillman. . . . FRONT ROW: Ann Hamilton, Lawrence Gafford, Michael Pelt, Lou Ellen Ballard, Lossie Tisdale, and Juanita Klarpp. President— Michael Pelt PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL BACK ROW, left to right: Lou Ellen Ballard, Alex Raley, Lawrence Gafford, Russell Buffkin, Ed Tay- lor, Billy Maddox, Chester Russell, Bill Jones, Rudolph Culbreth, and Johnny Britt. . . . FRONT ROW: Bob- bie Boyd, Ann Nickerson, Michael Pelt, Ronald White, Marjorie Childs, and Jean Teal. President— Michael Pelt CO-CHAIRMEN BOBBIE BOYD ANN PAYNE KAPPA DELTA Pi PRESIDENT RUSSELL BUFFKIN SPONSOR DR. ERVIN BUSINESS PRESIDENT HOOVER HERRINGTON VICE-PRESIDENT JAMES HOLT SECRETARY LEAH GRANT FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA PRESIDENT SPECS CLUB President— Russell Buffkin Vice-President— Lawrence Gafford Sponsor— Dr. Wilks Secretary— William Stabler ATHENAEUM CLUB President— Chester Russel Sponsor— Mrs. Mershort HANDBOOK STAFF Editor— Roland Pelt PALLETTE (LIB Joyce Deuel, Jack Smith, Nancy Hobbs, Ruth Glover, Ann Harris, Juanita Bryan, Nora McCory, Jean Sanders, Sherrill Dansby. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB President— Thomas Butts Vice-Pres.-C. D. West Sec.-Treas.-Marjorie Childs Sponsor— Mr. Merlin Cox • 11 M s tlin m " W L 2 | rn J ;j Jb V ■ — « • » - ' IBi H f i Ja uV • i , f1 1 ' " | V H i jri V ,u 1 Ik- PLAYMAKERS ALPHA PSI OMEGA S. T. C. BAM MAJORETTES SUE BEASLEY NANCY HOBBS BETTY ETHRIDGE BETTY JEAN DUCK MARIANNE LANGLEY SUE JANE STEWART CHARLES HAMIL 1 I ♦3 K lAtfiA £ Ml WB CHOIR DIRECTOR G. A. STEPHENSON MADRIGAL PRESIDENT JEAN TEAL DIRECTOR MARGARET STEPHENSON TROY WAVEMEN ) EDITOR ART ADVISOR BUSINESS MANAGER : PALLADIUM STAFF OTIS KIRKLAND Editor FAYE PERDUE Associate Editor MARGARET KEY} Assistant Editors GLENDA LEE JOHN McGINTY , Business Managers ROLAND PELT BILLY MAY ) Sports Editors JOHN BRACKIN ' DORIS McCAULEY Feature Editors JANE McCURDY Class Editors ANNE NICKERSON LOIS W. WINNINGHAM PAT SMYTH BETTY A. WILLIAMS BONNIE EVERAGE Staff Assistants RONALD WHITE MISS HOWARD ] JACK A. SMITH Art Staff VINCENT BOSARGEJ TOMMY NICHOLS Photographer BLUE BARBER Sponsor WSJft ■I ►OJ ITT! 1 a Shackleford Hall Cowart Hall ■MMOMMMaaMM MiMMi I ™ « ' v M M % W |4|t H Wlm vT i I K ' A N i (ML 1 KmLt2 HLi If Kl L ' vv oft t ■ ' ' •■■■■ ' ' m W ml m k ee [9R F, £ « €kJk ■ • BH TROJAN CHAPTER - F. T. A. VZL POST Off IC€ CAAAPUS BEAUTY OLA ANN SIMS - I SENIOR BEAUTY ELIZABETH MOORE . ' L JUNIOR BEAUTY FAYE KIRBY m 0 I FRESHMAN BEAUTY ANN GILLIS SOPHOMORE FAVORITES BILLY GRANTHAM GEORGE YOUNGBLOOD FAVORITE LE ZORN NNY BRITT H| WHO ' S WHO .... Eight boys and two girls were chosen from the Senior Class to represent Troy State in the 1951-52 Edition of Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. These students were selected on a basis of their activities on the campus. RUDOLPH CULBRETH ALEX RALEY JOYCE DEUEL WILLIAM MAY »3 WHO ' S -IO OTIS KWKLAND CHESTER RUSSELL WHO 1 MICHAEL PELT ANNE NICKERSON RUSSELL BUFFKIN Sweetheart of Pace and Cowart Halls ; MARY RAWLlNS± 3 . ' - ? i ' HI ■ 1 • ' ] - IS 1 K3 T» ■ ' i i-T m l 5 f iF) v faye WOODHAM t |$ ' V ( MARY RAWLINS ' 1 4 GlENDA LEE 1 ' !• " : . j : . = ' If ' . ' 1 ' -X Dream boat of Shackleford Hall JOHN McGINTY u JOHN McGINTY ANNE NICKERSON •»tft ■■■■ v ■ • • • ' • I . .. . • . • . . - • • • • T - ■ • . ±r- MISS STC BONNIE BRAKE CUTS AND BRUISES 5 i 8 7 87 . ' • " 5C 7c ?! , , c r 7? 3C 53 54 «57 90 V 77 7C ,- ' . ■ w A I At J.4IKM V I ' » ■■■■■■■■■■i ■miv FOOTBALL SQUAD JIM GRANTHAM Head Coach LENARD SURFUSTINI Assistant Coach LETTERMEN are as follows: 88-C. E. Williams, 86-J. McDonald, 54-Farrar, 69-C. R. Williams, 62— Flowers, 55— Cruse, 48— Lancaster, 6— Paulk, 63— Jordan, 11— S. Williams, 77— Sandusky, 23— Roney, 83-Harrel, 51-Beck, 15-Pyle, 6-Sullivan, 14-Massey, 61-Harbuck, 2-Aultman, 8-Lucas, 79— Griffin, 76-Paul, 90 Wade, 31-McDonald, 74-Joiner, 70-Bridewell, 78-Knight. NOT SHOWN: Shepperd, Jones, Beane, Borders, Ellerbee, Bohannon, Robinson. Billy Beane cuts loose with some fancy stepping against Southwestern Jean Teal, 51 Miss Homecoming starts Homecoming Coach Grantham gives some last minute instructions clash by presenting the game ball to Jacksonville to Sandusky and Paul Captain Cheerleaders at work .. . a IMv! I S ' ST ' T CLUB FIRST ROW: Earl Hawthorn, Earsel Beck, Pete Farrar, Coach Surfustini. . . . SECOND ROW: Alien Harrel, Billy Pemberton, Buck McDonald, Dick Wade. . . . BACK ROW: Bill Joiner, Ruben Robinson, Fred Cruse, Melvin Lucas. A " Wm FRESHMEN FOOTBALLERS P. E. CLUB BACK ROW- Leonard Surfustini-Basketball Coach, Pat Shely-Director of Somen ' s Athletics, Dr. Earl WaL-i ad of Physical Education Department, Jim Grantham-Head Football Coach. a rn ; wnkAFM ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CHEERLEADERS Ann Gillis, Lossy Tisdale, Elizabeth Moore, Ola Ann Sims, Gwen Odenheimer, Mary Rawlins. . . . Not Shown: Tom Carr, Ronnie Fidler. TEAM RECORD Troy State Troy State 7 Troy State 7 Troy State Troy State 6 Troy State Troy State 21 Troy State 7 Troy State 33 Florida State 40 Southwestern La 44 Jacksonville State 13 Arkansas State 39 Florence 31 Southeastern 71 Austin Peay 13 Livingston State 13 Miami Navy 19 BASKETBALL SQUAD TEAM RECORD Troy State 58 Troy State 39 Troy State 31 Troy State 62 Troy State 52 Troy State 84 Troy State 70 Troy State 58 Troy State 52 Troy State 67 Troy State 62 Troy State 60 Troy State 70 Troy State 74 Troy State 40 Troy State 67 Auburn 83 Mississippi Southern 102 Spring Hill 66 Howard 64 Spring Hill 79 Pensacola Jr. College 62 Jacksonville State 80 Livingston State 55 Panama City 48 Appalachian 93 Panama City 63 Corry Navy 67 Chipola Jr. College 67 Howard 77 Jacksonville State 67 Snead Jr. College 79 ®mm m ta ■aniHHi S r M " _ — ' j If P Y TO PflTROlM DV£BTIS£BS LADIES ' Thrifty Stores Ready-to-Wear TROY, ALABAMA MEN ' S ROSENBERGS TROY ' S BEST TROY, ALABAMA A M A M W 0 S M « WM V V« Ready To Wear p A | R DEPARTMENT STORE cu H ° tS Hosiery bhoes Yard Goods TROY, ALABAMA Clothes i BRANTLEY ' S GIFT SHOP Troy, Alabama WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE TROY, ALABAMA • 1 Henderson-Black and Greene Inc. Troy, Alabama 4 « ' ' l ' ' ' « l ' l l « ' ' ' « « ' l « « t ' » I GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE TROY, ALABAMA Dr. Pepper Bottling Company TROY, ALABAMA JEAN ' S FLOWERS j 1 TROY, ALABAMA I ] TH E HUT " Where The Smart Crowd Meets " 1 1 TROY, ALABAMA 1 BYRD DRUG CO. BYRD-WATTORS DRUG CO. 1 Phones 298 - 299 Phones 1271-1272 - TROY, ALABAMA i EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING ? Invisible Half Sole — Shoes Dyed Any Color MEN ' S NEW SHOES FOR SALE Call 295 F. G. McGRAW, Manager McGRAW ' S SHOE SHOP and SHOE STORE ■ TROY, ALABAMA j • MARY CHEVROLET COMPANY PHONE 1013 TROY, ALABAMA L — Whaley Lumber and Construction Co., Inc. Phone 245 TROY, ALABAMA 0 dm»m 0 mi i +- m C. and S. Motors Troy, Alabama Troy Bank and Trust Company Troy, Alabama • ■■ ■ ■■ ' ■ . ■ . ■ -■ - - . l - ' . ' , . i » » g ' » • - ' ■ ■■ •■ ■ ■ • •■ ■ ■ + ■• I GREENE ' S CLEANERS Troy, Alabama I L Henderson-Black Grocery Company TROY, ALABAMA We have been serving the Teachers and Students of State Teachers College for 32 years and can look back on many pleasant memories and friendships. We hope that the next 32 years will be just as friendly and pleasant as the past. CITY DRUG STORE " On The Corner " Phone 611 TROY, ALABAMA McLEOD ' S DRUG STORE TROY, ALABAMA CROW SUPPLY COMPANY TROY, ALABAMA Compliments of McGARITY MOTORS TROY, ALABAMA POWELL ' S FISH CO. WHOLESALE - RETAIL Seafoods of all kinds Phone 960 Troy, Alabama DIANA SHOPS -FOR- Feminine Apparel Troy, Alabama Greene ' s Pharmacy Next to Post Office TROY, ALABAMA ' i ' i ■ ii i — . J. C. PERDUE AUTOMOBILE UPHOLSTERY PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA NICHOLS BOOK STORE Stationery Art Supplies Gifts We Appreciate Your Patronage Troy, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF TROY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS HOLMAN JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHER Rooms 33-34-35 Folmar Bldg. Troy, Alabama ' » ' i ' i ' i ' i h ii h I, Compliments ST A R LI TE DRIVE-IN THEATRE " J COMPLIMENTS O F TEXACO TROY, ALABAMA MONEY SAVED- A shock absorber as you travel along life ' s highway; A key that fits the door of opportunity; A blessing when one reaches " The Golden Years " of life; Three Good Reasons for Building Your Savings Reserve Steadily in this Bank. First Farmers Merchants National Bank TROY, ALABAMA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PIKE THEATRE " The Pick of the Pictures Play at the Pike " TROY, ALABAMA Homogenized Vitamin D Milk Pasteurized Milk Butter Milk Vita-Diet Chocolate Milk Orange Juice Whipping Cream Coffee Cream Cottage Cheese Butter (in pounds or Vi pound patties) Reddi-Wip These Products Are Distributed By The ARCADIA DAIRY 1000 South Brundidge Street Telephone 939 r- — — ■ E. i-. " Everything in Music " E. Forbes Piano Co., Inc. Established 1890 Telephone 3-0506 103 Commerce St. Montgomery, Alabama W. A. May Green FRANK ROSA, Mgr. SPORTING GOODS Serving you since 1903 35 South Court St. Montgomery, Ala. Phone 3-0224 iii ? r i i ■■ Service Engraving Co. Zinc Etchings Half Tones Advertiser Building Montgomery, Alabama Mercantile Paper Co. Office Outfitters Printers Montgomery, Alabama ) JESSE FRENCH PIANO CO. Three Quarters Century Montgomery ' s Music Center Exclusive Representatives BALDWIN AEROSONIC SPINET and ELECTRONIC ORGANS 47 Commerce Street MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA BOYD COMPANY A. L. BOYD, Owner INSURANCE - COAL - FRIGIDAIRE Phone 154 TROY, ALABAMA Compliments W T B F TROY " Your Mutual Music, News, and Sports Station " 140 N. Foster St. Cash Drug Bidg. RAINER ' S CAMERA STORE STUDIOS DOTHAN, ALABAMA K memben. Poao g i » flemembm PaAacjxm » flememJ e i Pan a n c YOUR GRADUATION i oday Milk v %r we are printers of the yearbook of your school. Tomorrow as you seek your future in J f% the professions, industry and commerce nil we m at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career. Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. WiiU But li uUu )t Qaragon Qreste MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS Stele Teachers College Library Troy, Alabama ■BBi Wrmmm !l!im-- m wisim mlmm Nvwr WfwL ■v . M.U} ! ■K ■■■■1 . , .. ,, . ;, ' : ,t IWo ■r ■BBBffBl ■■■■jbSBBbbI 911 ritti Li naaHMMkiMa

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