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STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE TROY ALABAMA cones (ffftound McCARTHA HALL SHACKELFORD HALL 1 s , IJfL ALMA Our vows of love, our vows of faith Dear school, we ' ve said to thee Each strong man, each gentle maid Will ever loyal be, Not for a day, not for a year Shall we each other greet As fellow students, fellow friends, But till in Heaven we meet, So hail Alma Mater, Dear school, we all love thee, So hail Alma Mater, We ' ll aye be true to thee. » B I IT 5 jj| l r; ' " " I R I! If U PACE HALL COWART HALL MATER So when in days that are to come Fond Mem ' ries we recall, The mem ' ries of dear S. T. C. We ' ll cherish most of all. Your stately portals, ivied walls, In dreams again we ' ll see, And hearts again will sadly yearn For you our S. T. C. Kirven Solomon 1930 WALK AROUND PATIO IM- MEMORIAL STADIUM KILBY AUDITORIUM r TROY ' S PROGRAM FOR EDUCATION OF TEACHERS RECOGNIZED " Insofar as an organized university discipline in Educational Foundations is be- ginning to appear, who is designing and constructing it: The professors of education? The professors of arts and sciences? Is it being done by the unified effort of the entire faculty in all these three fields, all of whom are concerned with the building of the full program in the education of teachers? Or is it being done by one of these groups in isolation from the other. " In the state Colleges, it is much more the practice for these three major organiza- tions of the college to work in close cooperation, each one playing its role in the creation of the total program. " Two conspicuous examples can be cited -.first, the state Teachers College at Troy, Alabama, a small undergraduate institution of about 800 students; second, the San Francisco State College, recently grown to some 6000 students. " It happens that in both institutions the initiating leadership resides in the president — Dr. C. B. Smith at Troy for nearly fifteen years, and D. J. Paul Leonard at San Francisco, who since the close of World War II has assembled and inspired a dynamic staff of young professors competent in all the sciences, arts and in education. " In each of these institutions I found unified teamwork, the continuous and uninter- rupted cooperation of all departments of the College in working together at the problem of building a unified college curriculum from the freshman to the senior year, and including the masters year. The inevitable result is a fine body of new and integrated courses of instruction. " I found in the faculty the devotion to the problem of rethinking and reconstructing the program of education, the burning enthusiasm and dynamic spii it which charac- terized the best of the child-centered schools in their youthful days immediately after World War I. I found not only this optimistic fervor, but also a scientific mood of research and inquiry of criticism and appraisal which promises much for the continuous development of this work. " Reports of the Committee Chairman to the NATIONAL SOCIETY OF COLLEGE TEACHERS OF EDUCATION. s The Staff wishes that this PALLADIUM will grow dearer to you — the students of Troy State — because: " When Time who steals our years away Shall steal our pleasures too, The mem ' ry of the past ivill stay, And half our joys renew " . " — Thomas Moore DEDICATION We proudly dedicate this issue of the Palladium to y f N hub fi MISS MYRA SEGARS DR. CURREN FARMER Math Science Their untiring efforts in advising students and going of duty in their respective positions at Troy have given the campus and won for them the respect and admiration of a MISS LOUCILLE SAWTELL Asst. Registrar so far beyond the realm m a place of honor on the 1 the students. STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FOUNDED TROY, ALABAMA Public schools and colleges are maintained in modern times to assure continued improvement of society. The citizens are taxed and large sums are appropriated to schools and colleges. Millions of young people may tend to regard these opportunities as simply openings for achieving personal success. This way of looking at education is natural and legitimate, but is an incomplete view. If our state and country did not recognize the necessity for good citizens, there would be no public schools. If we felt no need for physicists, engineers, chemists, physicians, surgeons, agriculturists, and teachers, there would be no colleges supported by taxes on the people. It is not altogether because individuals want to enter such fields, that schools are set up; it is rather because our civilization would slip backward if individuals were not educated for them. Schools and colleges are supported at state expense in order that civilization may not only survive but move forward. We could not have won the last two wars had not our schools been at work for years pre- viously preparing men and women for many highly technical fields. Progress in modern times is impossible without education on a grand scale. C. B. Smith President STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FOUNDED 1887 TROY, ALABAMA Dear Seniors of 1951: You are fortunate in being able to join the parade of educational progress at so opportune a time. In many respects the present century has witnessed more progress in education than did any other period in the past five thousand years of the history of civilization. I refer especially to progress in literacy, citizenship, and economic well-being. Today there is more literacy than ever before. Wherever we go, people can read, people of all races and all socio-econcmic levels. Literacy — a high level of literacy — is taken for granted. In the area of citizenship education we are making progress. At the local level we find education to be the means whereby the individual becomes better able to serve his community rather than to exploit his neighbors. At the world level, the best minds are endeavoring to develop a workable system for all citizens of the world. Today education is a means of making available to mankind the higest standard of living ever known. Education produces our scientists, tech- nicians, industrialists, and business men; education also makes better consumers out of citizens in general. Thus, the three areas of literacy, citizenship, and economic well- being exemplify the progress of education in our time. G. R.Boyd Dean STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FOUNDED 1887 TROY, ALABAMA Greetings : To the Seniors of 1951 we extend the kindliest congratulations. Our wish for everyone of you is that you have attained the " finished pro- duct " as set forth by the Palladium Staff in this Annual for these principles for teaching are splendid principles for all human rela- tionships. We are proud that this is the basis on which our program at Troy is built. It is just as important for us all to realize that one ' s Edu- cation is never, finished, only courses are completed. To you who go your separate ways, and to all of us who remain on college campuses, our hope is that we shall all strive to become more nearly the " finished product " by continuing our Education with minds alert and hearts open to receive all that is new and profitable to us and our fellowmen. Very sincerely, Dean of Students. t DR. ERVIN — Dean of Instruction m ■ - v52kv AUXFORD SARTAIN Assistant Dean FRANCIS HARVEY Dean of Women SENIORS ItirL ' .ViFwv • - ' n KHratii ' ■ : ' ■ ' P W«»rf. ' -« .v3 4T ■ Adams, Glen W. Columbia B. S. in Science. Specs Club. Ammons, Jean Ozark B. S. in Elementary Education. House Council; W.A.A.; F.T.A.; Co-Wed. Anderson, Robert T. Hatchechubbee B. S. in Mathematics. President B.S.U.; Vice President Kappa Delta Pi. Andress, Betty Ruth Troy B. S. in Elementary Education. B.S.U.; Choir 1949-50; F.T.A. AA« Andrews, Virginia S. Pinckard 5. 5. in History. Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A. ; W.A.A.; Executive Council; House Council; Secretary I.R.C. Atkinson, Clare Lynn (Possum) Ozark B. S. in Elementary Education. F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Athenaeum; Orientation Committee; Ass ' t Assoc. Editor Palladium; Secretary Sen- ior Class. Barlow, Orene Evergreen B. S. in Elementary Education. Waveltes; F.T.A.; House Council; Executive Council. Bedsole, Elaine Kinston B. A. in English. Business Club; F.T.A.; W.A.A. Bedsole, Paul B. Samson B. S. in Social Studies and History. Bice. Ora Mae Loxley B. S. in Elementary Education. I.R.C; Wesley Foundation; President Religious Council. Blankenship, James H. Valdosta, Georgia B. S. in Science. Specs Club; Veterans ' Club; F.T.A. Bond, Leighton Louisville B. S. in Mathematics. Bosarge, Andrew (Buddy) Bayou La Batre B. S. in Science. President Pace Hall; Orien- tation Committee; F.T.A. Bowdoin. Marianne Elba B. S. in English. President Business Club; Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A. Brackin, Grady Dothan B. S. in Music. Wavemen Dance Band Leader; President Madrigal; Band; Choir. Brooks, Sarah Kathryn McKenzie B. S. in Elementary Education. F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Choir. Brown, Carolyn Evergreen B. S. in Elementary Education. Wavettes; F.T.A. Brunson. Marion Elba B. S. in Social Studies. I.R.C.; Choir; Wesley Foundation; F.T.A. Burkett, Ruth Dean Georgiana B. S. in Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi; I.R.C.; W.A.A. Calhoun, Ruth Ann Fort Mitchell B. S. in Elementary Education. Presiden t Y.W.A; W.A.A. ; B.S.U.; F.T.A.; I.R.C.; Noon-Day Meditation Director. Carr, Floyd, Jr. Abbeville B. S. in Social Studies. Vice President Pace Hall; Treasurer P.E. Club; Member l.K.C; F.T.A.; Choir. Carlan, Jean Defuniak Springs, Florida B. S, in Elementary Education. Member F.T.A. Carter, Jane roshen B. S. in Elementary Education. Secretary- Treasurer Freshman (-lass; Secretary-Treas- urer Shackelford Hall; Feature Editor Pal- ladium; Kappa Delta Pi Treasurer; Who ' s Who; Junior Class Beauty; Hand; Handbook. Chapman, Wynell Troy B. S. in Elementary Education. Choir; Kappa Delta Pi; Madrigal; F.T.A. Conway, Ann Jones Notasulga B. S. in Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A. Conway, Leonard B., Jr. Notasulga B. S. in Physical Education. P.E. Club. Cope, George S. Inverness B. S. in Physical Education. P.E. Club; F.T.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. Davis, Jackie R. Tallassee B. S. in Physical Education. President " T " Club; Kappa Delta Pi; P.E. Club; Varsity Football; Veterans ' Club. Dixon, Gwendolyn Autaugaville B. S. in Music. Madrigal Club; Executive Council; Student Counselor; House Council; Who ' s Who; Cheerleader; Athenaeum Club: Band ; Secretary Sophomore 5 Class. Dragoin, Peggy Troy B. S. in History. Dudley, Asa E., Jr. Phenix City B. A. in English. Sports Publicity Director; Tropolitan Sports Editor; Palladium Sports Staff; " T " Club. Duke, James H. Samson B. S. in Biological Science. Eddins. Fred B. Dothan B. S. in Mathematics and Science. S.G.A. Secretary-Treasurer; Palladium Business Man- ager; Ass ' t Business Manager Palladium; Tropolitan Staff; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Pi. Elmore, J. T. Reform B. S. in Physical Education. Vice President P.E. Club; " T " Club. J I I Evans, Leland Highland Home B. S. in Physical Education. P.E. Club. Farris, George (Buddy) Elba B. S, in Science. Palladium Sports Staff; Program Chairman Specs Club; Veterans ' Club. Farris, Katherine Elba B. S. in Elementary Education. Tropolitan Staff; F.T.A. Golden, Harry Graceville, Florida B. S. in Elementary Education. Vice President and Reporter I.R.C.; F.T.A. ; Veterans ' Club. Goss, William E. East Tallassee B. S. in History. President Freshman, Sopho- more, Junior Classes; Who ' s Who; Hand- book; Secretary-Treasurer Pace Hall; Cheer- leader; Secretary Religious Council; Tropoli- tan; Orientation Committee. Grace, Juanita Evergreen B. S. in Elementary Education. W.A.A. ; I.R.C.; F.T.A. y z? f Huck. Caryl Lou Mobile B. S. in Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Hi; S.G.A. Social Chairman; President F.T. A. ; Celeste Darby Chapter; Secretary Playmakers. Grouby, Edward C. Prattville ' ' re-dental Science. Gwin. Bobby R. Uriah B. S. in Social Studies. F.T.A. Hamer, Joyce M. Troy B. S. in Elementary Education. Kappa Delta I ' i; I.R.C. ; F.T.A. ; Orientation Committee; Executive Council; Tropolitan Staff; Ass ' t Editor Palladium. Harmon. Floyd Sylacauga B. S. in Secondary Education. F.T.A. ; Veter- ans ' Club; I.R.C; Entertainment Committee; Troy Playmakers. Helms, James Kinston B. S. in Mathematics. Specs Club; F.T.A.; B.S.U. Council. Hilyer. Herbert Leon Phenix City B. S. in Physical Education. P.E. Club; Kappa Delta Pi; " T " Club President; F.T.A.; Ba-ketball Captain; Baseball Captain. HOLLADAY, BRUNISE Brundige B. S. in Elementary Education. F.T.A. Howard. Harriet Dawson. Georgia B. A. in English. Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A. Howell. Charles E. Dothan B. S. in Physical Education. Baseball; F.T.A.; Sophomore Favorite. Hurst, Peggy Louisville B. S. in Physical Education. Secretary-Treas- urer S.G.A.; President ' s Council; Executive Council; W.A.A.; Band; P.E. Club; B.S.U. Council; F.T.A.; Religious Council; Orienta- tion Committee; Homecoming Court; S.T.C. Circus Carnival Queen; Who ' s Who. Ill tchins, Otto A. Auburn B. S. in Science. Troy Playmakers. Jacobs. Chester Elba B. S. in Secondary Education. Johnson, Carl Dothan B. S. in Science. Veterans ' Club; Specs Club. T f Johnson, Harold T. Ashford B. A. in Mathematics. F.T.A.; l.R.C. Johnson. James R. Elba B. S. in General Science. Jones, Daniel Cantonment. Florida B. S. in Mathematics. F.T.A. Jones, George Howard Malcolm B. S. in History. Jones, Ivan Jackson B. S. in Physical Education. Football; " T " Club; P.E. Club; Veterans ' Club; Vice Presi- dent S.G.A. Jones, Bill Brewton B. S. in Social Studies. President Kappa Delta Pi: Grand Stage Manager of Alpha Psi Omega; Troy Playmakers; Veterans ' Club; Orientation Committee. - . £ £ ' ' ±. J 1 1 Know I IS. THOMAS JACKSON Petrej II I. in MusU. Vice President ; President S.G.A.; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Pi; Wi Editor Handbook: Ass ' t Editor Palladium; Band; Choir; Madrigal; Religious Council; Athenasum. Lee. Betty Margaret Georgiana B. S. in Elementary Education. I.R.C. ; Wav- tttes; F.T.A.; Playniakers. Lee. C. Gene Dothan li. S. in Business Education. President Weslej Foundation; Religious Council; Vice Presi- dent Playmakers; Chairman Board Tropoli- tan; Alpha Psi Omega; Madrigal; Choir; Band; Orientation Committee; Business Club. Leverette. Dorothy Jim Brundidge B. S. in Elementary Education. Choir. McCall, Hi bert J. Rrewton B. S. in Elementary Education. P.E. Club; F.T.A.: I.R.C. McCrary. Pate. Jr. Centreville B. S. in Business Education. Business Club. JORDAN, TEDD1 I ' m ' i e Springs li. S. in Elementary Education. I.R.C: F.T.A. Ki ii y, Jean Headland li. S. in Elementary Education. Wealej Foun- dation Treasurer ; 1 ' n-hman Favorite. Kelly. Lewis D. I roj B. S. in Elementary Education. Kim.. James Murium I anetl H. S. in Physical Education. Manager Cham pionship [ntraroural Softball; P.E. Club; In tramural Football; Basketball. McEachern. Johnson L. Lanett B. S. in Elementary Education. " T " Club; Football Manager; Basketball; B.S.U.; Re- ligious Council. McCollough, Maurice R. Sam sou B. S. in Science. I.R.C. ; Veterans ' Club; F.T.A.; Specs. Malone. Richard Dozier B. S. in Science. Vice President Veterans ' Club; Specs; F.T.A. Mason, Margaret Union Springs B. S. in Elementary Education. Athenaeum; F.T.A. ; W.A.A. ; Executive Council; Cheer- leader; Maiden in Homecoming Court. t Mathis, John W. Cottage Hill, Florida B. S. in Mathematics. F.T.A. Meeks, Homer D., Jr. Dothan B. S. in Music. Athenaeum; Band; Choir; Kappa Delta Pi; Religious Council; Vespers; Secretary-Treasurer Madrigal; Tropolitan. Melder, Mary Lou P. Elba B. S. in Elementary Education. Band; Choir; Secretary F.T.A.; Sophomore Class Favorite; Miss Homecoming; Who ' s Who. Moorer, Louise Fort Deposit B. S. in Elementary F.T.A. Education. W.A.A. ; Moriarty, Edward P., Jr. Greenville B. S. in Business Administration. Troy Wave- men ; Band. Moseley, John New Brockton B. S. in History. President Senior Class; Ex- ecutive Council; Associate Editor Tropolitan; Who ' s Who; Kappa Delta Pi; I.R.C; Presi- dent ' s Council. J . . . 1 Murdock, Betty Jo Coffer Springs B. A. in Music. Choir; Band; F.T.A. Newman, Robert A. Slocorab B. S. in Physical Education. P.E. Club; intra- mural Football; F.T.A. kwman, Grace Helms Slo omb B. S. in English. .(,. .; Juni " r Sttml . ' hi mi t tee; Shackelford Hall; House Council; W.A.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary F.T.A. Nix, George C. Clayton B. S. in Science. President, Vice President Kappa Delta Pi ; Secretary-Treasurer Pace Hall; Reporter Specs Club; Choir; Band; President ' s Council; Executive Council; F.T.A.; Orientation Committee. 11 VNSOM, Betty A. ■ Tallassee B. S. in Elementary Education. Vice President B.S.U. Council; Playmakers; F.T.A. Phelps, Carols Luverne B. S. in Physical Education. President W.A.A; Vice President Athenaeum; B.S.U. ; President ' s Council. Poole, Sarah Elba B. S. in Mathematics. PORTERFIELD, JAMES Fort Deposit B. S. in Music. Vice President of Choir; Wesley Foundation; Band; Madrigal; Troy Playmakers; Tropolitan Staff; F.T.A. Price. Bennie Kathryn Fayette B. S. in Physical Education. P.E. Club; Troy Playmakers; Social Director of B.S.U.; Ass ' t Business Manager of Palladium. Prim, A. C. Graceville. Florida B. S. in History. I.R.C. Reid, Evelyn Fhenix City B. S. in English. Palladium Art Staff; Secre- tary of F.T.A.; Band. Rhodes. Elva Luverne B. S. in Elementary Education. Who ' s Who; President Shackelford Hall; F.T.A.; Presi- dent ' s Council; Secretary-Treasurer Athenae- um; Wesley Foundation; Tropolitan Staff. Rhodes, Mary Nell Samson B. S. in Elementary Education. F.T.A. Richardson, Jim Ariton B. S. in Mathematics. - t Richardson, Janice Kinston B. S. in Physical Education. Cheerleader; Miss Homecoming Attendant; W.A.A.; Kap- pa Delta Pi; F.T.A. Riddle, Chase Columbus, Georgia B. S. in History. Kappa Delta Pi; " T " Club; Who ' s Who; Alternate Captain Varsity Foot- ball; Little All- American ; Basketball. Roling, C. F. Troy B. A. in English. Roney, Carroll 0. Newville B. S. in Physical Education. P.E. Club; Cap- tain Varsity Football; Who ' s Who. Rose, James N. Cromwell, Kentucky B. A. in Social Science. I.R.C. Rumph, John Perote B. S. in History and Social Studies. Smith, Edson C. Headland B. S. in Math. 11THERMAN, E. G., Jr. Montevallo B. S. in Business Administration. Solomon. Marion Ellen Luverne It. S. in Elementary Education. Vice President, President W.A.A.; F.T.A. Reporter; Assistant Business Manager Tropolitan; Orientation Committee; Secretary Play makers; Alpha Psi Omega; I.R.C.; Wesley Foundation; Vice President Shackelford Hall; Choir; Presi- dent ' s Council: Executive Council. Spencer. Lester Dnthan B. S. in Social Studies. President Playmakers; Religious Council; F.T.A. ; Tropolitan; I.R.C.; Executive Council. Springer, Joyce Frisco City B. S. in Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi j F.T.A. Springer. Loyce Frisco City B. S. in Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A.; Treasurer Junior Class; House Council. I!i shing, Sarah F. SamBOI] B. S. in Mathematics. SA1 I ER, K VI ill I.I Evergreen II S. m Elementary Education. I.R.C. W.A.A.; Celeste Darhy; F.T.A. Sanders, Jean i roshen B. S. in Elementary Education. Secretary Kappa Delta I ' i; F.T.A.; Feature Editor Pal- ladium: Assistant Editor Handhook; Band. Shkppard, Bernie Troy B. S. in Physical Education. President P.E. Club; Baseball; " T " Cluh. Steen. Marvin D. South Solon, Ohio B. S. in Mathematics. Kappa Delta Pi; Vice President F.T.A. ; Veterans ' Club. Strother, Juanita, " Susie " Brundidge B. A. in English. Orientation Committee; Who ' s Who; Tropolitan; Treasurer Senior Class; Kappa Delta Pi; I.R.C. Taylor. Jean Luverne B. S. in Business Education. Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary F.T.A. ; Business Club. Wagoner. Betty Joyce Jay, Florida B. S. in Elementary Education. Vice President Senior Class; Vice President Playmakers; Wesley Foundation; F.T.A.; Band; Palladi- um; Tropolitan. Walls. Miriam New Brockton B. S. in Elementary Education. Athenasum; F.T.A.; Choir. Ward, Dorance Headland B. S. in Science. Specs Club; F.T.A.; Vet- erans ' Club. Whatley. Robert S. Banks B. S. in General Science. F.T.A.; S.G.A. Wilkinson, Mildred Elaine Eufaula B. S. in Elementary Education. Secretary Y.W.A.; W.A.A.; Secretary-Treasurer F.T.A. Williams, Rex Georgiana B. S. in Physical Education. P.E. Club; F.T.A. Worthy, Dolph Alexander City B. S. in History. Miss Olivia Elder Seminar for elementary teachers First grade conference with Miss Smith. I nit Activity is appreciated in the first grade. Use of Visual Aids emphasized in fifth grade. Practice Class Art Teachers and sixth grade pupils make and show puppets. m HARVILL, Director of ff f m ■ ' ■ sSk W A I _ J tBhTOw ■nF Practice Teaching at TROY HIGH c -c __ a .11 r ii. W Practice Teachers at BRUNDIDGE HIGH Practice Teachers leaving for GOSHEN HIGH .- " - ■£» jr ' ' »y?-- W ;W ■ r x. I «i ■r Vj H Adams, Hildred Adams, Othel Anderson, Joyce Black, Walter C. Brake, Bonnie Brown, Alice Buffkin, Russell Cain, Laurice Canant, Jean Cawthon, J. J. Chance, Dora Chance, Milton Childs, Marjorie Clark, Gene Cofty, Barbara Commander, Gerald Cowart, Mary Deuel, Joyce Dykes, Yvonne Everage, Bonnie Kate Farmer, Sarah P arris, Dorothy Fordham, Earl C. Goss. Virginia Grissett, Jeanne Hamil. Charles Hamilton. Cecile Harmon. Aubrey Hartzog. Betty Barber Hartzog. Evans Hughes, Billy Jacobs. Kenneth Kirkland, Otis D. Klarpp. Juanita Knowles. Jane ,; 9 r Lewis, Hilton C. Little, Julia Little, Robert Long, Bruce McBryde, Ferdinc McCauley, Doris McDuffie, Ellison McGinty, John F. Maund. Jackie May, Billy Miller. Maurice L. Minis, Janice y. Moseley, Mavis Murphy, Bill Murphy, Harvey Nickerson, Ann Nichols, Thomas Perdue, Faye Odom, Edith Marie Plant, Bill Reardon, Mary Alice Redden, William G. Jr. Register, Myrtice Renfroe, Dewey Renfroe, Martha F. Sanders. Clarence li. Sanders, Sarah Sandusky. Clarence Sasser, James Scott, Frank Spann, Jerry Stabler, William H. Stroud, Gene Sulima, Barbara Mae Taylor, James Teal, Jean ' , « j rl i Thames, Matryd Till, Alton Till, Falton Walton, Guy Watt, Gertrude Womble, Mary r % .o. i BOYD — Education Department ERVIN — Psychology Department T STROMWALD V I V :i LIBRARY SCIENCE CLASS THELMA C. MERSHON Librarian RUTH REESE ANNETTE S. PARKS Assistant Librarians ■I BBzrcuE, Qflusic rfV ■■■■■ f V " ¥ » - - . i trc si v r O£v mm ■■ -J OlZ ' PlOTnO ' Z £ ±. vice A ' g ? " - » W Seen eta. - getfy. £ice £ U L - ' ' • Addison, Rex Barlow, Billy Don Bates, Mignon Bostic, Joel Boyd, Bobbie Brabham. Emily ( ; Bridewell, David Bryant, Wm. E. Jr Bullock, Jill ll Causey, David Cauley, Jewel Chambers, Anna Cherry, Betty Cobb, Edward Couch, Zeba Mi i_ Cowles, Milly Crenshaw, Frederick CuLbreth, Rudolph Dean, Mona Claire Drake, Billy Duck, Betty Jean « _ ' ' S H Faircloth, Ray Farrar, Billy Flowers, Kathrine Gilbert, George W. Grant, Ruth Grantham. Sue Green, Billy Greene, Lowell Griffin, Earl ] y 4 Hay, David Hill, Raymond Hilyer, Curtis Hinson, Bobby Holland, Jack Hollis. Bobln Madden, Mary Lou Hamilton, Aim llari. Jane Hart. Joan Hattavvay, Eleanor Hattaway, Sara Nell 1 fc iikd. fell Howard. Paul Hudgens, John Huggins, Mary Frances Hughes, James Ivey, Mary Lou Jeffcoat, Joan Johnson, Josephine Johnson, Virginia Jones, Billy A King, Charles Knowles, Johnny Langford, Manell Langley, Marianne Lindsay, Bryan E. McGraw, Sara McGuire, C. G. Maddox, Billy Meadows, Eunice Merrill, William Money, Jean Moore, Betty Moore, Elizabeth Morgan, Jackie Morgan, Caroline Moseley, Myra Myers, Billy Nichols, Betty Norred, Frank Oakes, Osie B. Prestwood, Julia Rainer, Freddie Raley, Alex H. Rawlins, Mary Hi Reddoch. Tim Riddlehoover, Wendell Robison, Mary E. Russell. Chester H. Saunders, Wayne Shelnutt. Chester f5 ft i A " ? " ♦: Smith, Jack Allen Standley, Jane Straughn, Yvonne Sullivan, Guy Taylor, Jamie L. Jr. Thagard, Merle Thomas, Ben Thomason, Jo Anne Tillman, Bernell Tillman, Kenneth D. Tisdale, Abbie L. Turley, Wallace Ward, Bobby Weston, Margaret White, Bob Williams, Robert Winningham, Lois Yearby, Sam ' .- y [ p f BOYD GOODWIN V Sngllsh 2aculty A KENNEDY BLACKWELL RAINWATER STOUT LAMAR STEPHAN Idea of United States held by students in Alabama History Class. STERKX LENICE STEPHAN » • ,1 DR. FARMER l C 1 I J V 1 H t Physical Science Core MacDougal, Wilks, Atkins p t ' l -V " l-m t» V ' 0 ,eA i r -A ? » »£ WT „ ' , a4 • ■ Andrews, Alice Barnette, Billy Fox Baldwin, Walton C. Barr, Felmon Ballard, Lou Ellen Batson, Charles W. Barnes, Conrad Baxter, Tomrnie - Beasley, Donald Black, Nelda Beasley, Sue Blount, Eleanor Beatty, Martha Booker. Carole Black, Alma Borden. Gail Botts, Mary Ann Bowers, Edward Boutwell, Carlton Bozeman, Dickey Boutwell, Issac Brackin, John Bowden, Sidney Byrd, Mary Jane liV ' Cain, Ernie Casey, Lamar Campbell, Jimmie Jean Cawthon, Elaine Carnley, Christine Chatterson, Dot Carr, Sam Crawford, Richard _ Daniel. James Dismukes, Carolyn Danner, Horace Dominey, Celeste Dansby, Sherrill Douglas. iui Deuel, Charmian I hull. - . Kllen Dyess, Joe Farris. S mitt) Eddins. Owei Fend le . E. Anne Farrar. Pete Gamble. Ina Claire Farrar. Rogei Gardner. Billy Glover, Ruth Graham, Paul Golden, Thelma Grantham. Billy Goodin, Jean Green, Chris Goss, Elizabeth Green, Evelyn Green, Truitt Hall, Wade Gregg, Dot Hardy, Bobby Griffin. Betty Sue Harper, Will Guarisco, Alfred Harris, Jackie Haynes, Sarah Holley, Judy High, Ben Hughes, James A. Hobhs, Nancy Ivey, Martha Jean Hogan, Betty Jackson, Vernon Jacobs, Clara Lou Kelley, Kenneth T. Jennert, Charlie Kirby, Annie Ruth Johnson, Dorothy Knight, Roy A. Johnson. Elaine Knowles, Charles A. Kries, Cornelia Ligon, Jane Lane, Ann Lucas, Melvin Lee, Bobbye Ruth McCrory. Nora Joyce Lee, Loretta McCurdv, Jane 4 V McDaniel, Jack McDowell, Carolyn McDaniel, Jerry McNeal, Modie McDill, Brooks McRae, Dorothy- McDonald, Austin (Buck) Mackin, Cooper Mahone, Barbara Martinson, William Mansfield. Wilma Mendez, Tomas Marlow, Bemice Moore, Mary Ann Martin, Harry K. Murphy, Sarah Alice r Vs. " f Nichols. Daves Parker. Betty .Nix. Paul Parker. Janet Owens, Gray Parker. Leonard Padgett, Lucille Patterson, Charles Paul, Oliver Daye Phelps, Joan Pearson. Joe Phillips, Ida Bell Pelham, Edith Plant, Betty Peterman. David Raye, Bill kft M Register, Sue Rose, Jimmy Reid, Betty Rowe, Richard Richardson, Patricia Rudd, Ronald Roney, Betty Sasser, Billy Sasser, Carolyn Smith, Clyde R. Saunders, Carolyn Smith, Sally Seay, Jean Snell, Madeline Segrest, Lou Ann Snyder, Jack Sorrells, Pauline Terry. Sylvia Spencer, Claire Tew, Etta Straughn. Mary Tew, James M. Taylor, Joan Thompson, Betty Tinkler, Harry Ward. Nelma Turner, Billy C. Watson, Clifton Tyson, Gordon " Country " Whaley, Anne Walker, George, Jr. Whitman, Buddy f a 7 - A Wiggins, Ira Young, Sam Williams, Elaine Youngblood, George Windham. Buddy Ziglar. Mary Ann Wood, Thomas A. Zorn. Bobbie mmm itwww ' — m n teT President Jack Knowles Vice President Ivan Jones Secretary and Treasurer Peggy Hurst POWELL Advisor Zxecpttiv-e r2e4ide+tfzt Couvicii 1 ei4 Sty! Bill Goss Editor Carvl Huck Art Editor Fred Eddins, Jack Knowles, Jean Sanders, Jane Carter Assistant Editors Aacttetyvd 7 ai£ n m Wau-ne 0UVICI :• Ellen Solomon Vice President Frances Harvey Dean of Women Elva Rhodes President Jane Carter Secretary-Treasurer First row: Loyce Springer. Orene Barlow. Elva Rhodes. Ann Payne. Virginia Andrews Second row: Lou Ellen Ballard. Gwen Dixon, Juanita Strother. Hildreth Adams. Jane Carter. Ellen Solomon. Atce Mrs. Montgomery Director Floyd Carr George Nix ice President Buddy Bosarge President Secrelary-Treasu rer Cecil Langcuster. John Hudgens. Buddy Bosarge. Mrs. Montgomery. Floyd Carr. Leon Hilyer. George Nix ( 7te taltio i (?0i iwi{$?ee Committee Chairman Gene Lee Bobbie Boyd. Lynn Atkinson, Juanita Strother. Elva Rhodes, Mary Cowart, Sarah Poole, Gwen Dixon, Betty Jean Duck. Peggy Hurst Gene Lee. Billv Goss. Joyce Hamer. Jack Knowles. Mariamme Bowdoin. Betty Sheppard. Otis Kirkland. Caryl Huck. Buddy Bosarge. Powell Advisor DR. C. M. FARMER Thirty years of service to date Almost back to the days of the slate, Laboring hard and long for learners, He gave true help and guidance. An organizer as well so he did start Clubs many and took an active part, For the benefit of others Through many long years. Teaching is an art; he, a master, Doing things well and very much faster, Like a long winding river That silently flows by. He was a true teacher of the science His service is in true defiance, And long will be remembered The artful knowledge he gave. Love for him on the Troy State Campus Will forever hold and encamp us, As he retires at the end of the year, Awaiting that long earned rest. Otis Kirkland 1951 cA b O Tt U « - ■»- . Fred Eddins President Ann Hamilton Secretary and Treasurer George Nix George Farris Reporter Program Chairman Pk?fac?i ' vLi t £? £ K Powell, Perdue, Atkinson, Kirkland, Brackin, Deuel, Carter, Ballard, Atkinson, Dudley. Sponsor Miss Powell Art Advisor Miss Ballard Editor ___ ___ - Joyce Deuel Associate Editor ..Otis Kirkland Assistant Editors _ Faye Perdue Lyn Atkinson Business Managers Fred Eddins John McGinty Feature Editors _ - Jane Carter Jean Sanders Joyce Anderson Sports Editors — Asa Dudley Buddy Farris Photographer — Tommy Nichols Staff . - -John Brackin Paul Graham President _ George Nix Vice President R. Anderson Secretary ...Jean Sanders Sagajaa Counselor Mr. Kelly r )jl Treasurer Jane Carter €7 De tlZ Hist - Rec - Jean Taylor Merlin Cox Advisor Lawrence Stubblefield President Harry Golden V. Andrews Vice President Secretary and Treasurer Otis Kirkland Reporter z,} . . u— . r„ il i Jhanfi. ' Anthony Vaitis President L. Crook Vice President Grace Newman Secretary Elaine Bedsole Treasurer i F. Harmon Reporter President _ .Jeanne Grissett Vice President J. McEachern (? afii ' ?e ' z Sec.-Treas. E. Wilkinson Librarian — Ann Conway .- - B _ _ U I Xa ii President Secretary- Director .Lester Spencer Carol Huck Reporter Miss Goodwin Vice President Treasurer _ Bobbie Boyd Betty Wagoner Gene Lee 2 . . cji MJ y ' zoy. ' Ti a.v-ei ' yi vL . L™ ■ J. n Wfut i i feo Janice Richardson Vice President I ■w.a.a. Carolyn Phelps President Elizabeth Moore Secretary-Treasurer — V l Wmzi i firg President Bernie Sheppard Vice President J. T. Elmore Dr. Watson Sponsor Secretary Treasurer .... .Sue Stockley ...Floyd Carr First Baptist Church Mr. Thagard, Business Manager; Mrs. Folmar, Mrs. O ' Steen, and Mrs. Adams Miss McCann, Registrar; Mrs. Sawtell. Association Registrar; Julia Holley, Hiram Davis, and Marvin O ' Steen. r Mrs. Hubert Rose Ellen Solomon ■ Mrs. Robert Chambers Miss Seales ■V? Mrs. Thagard Housing Director V tai Miss Rich, R. N. and Dr. Colley; patient, Jean Teal SPORTS (rftnwic okjl Athletic Director and Physical Education Head Dr. Earl Watson, left, is pictured at the gateway to Troy State ' s new Memorial Stadium with members of the department Fuller Brooks, F. G. McCollum and Miss Pat Shely. FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF G. McCollum; Assistant Coach, Assistant Coach, Fuller Brooks; Head Coach, F Sonny Queen; Assistant Coach, Spencer Davis. TEAM RECORD Troy State 7 Troy State _12 Troy State 7 Troy State 14 Troy State Troy State Troy State .19 Trov State 42 Troy State ...21 Troy State _ Southeastern La .18 Stetson University 34 Florida State 26 Southwestern La .40 Jacksonville _— 9 Arkansas State 27 Florence State Chipola College Howard College 6 Livingston State Captain— CAROL RONEY Guard Alternate Captain— CHASE RIDDLE Fullback Halfback Ray Sheppard scampers over for a Troy score in Homecoming game with Chipola College. Troy won 40 to 0. FRANKLIN Back BOSTIC Center AULTMAN (iuard RENFROE Back CRUSE Back ■t ' t . 6 ms£ W HAMMOND Tackle MILLER Tackle COX Back .. ' jU ' gJK y 9 1 • W ROBISON Guard LUCAS Guard ELMORE Back Halfback Ted Franklin sweeps around end for gain against Florida State University. CHESTEEN Guard JORDAN Tackle SANDUSKY Center Halfback Charlie Cox does a bit of stepping for Troy State against Livingston State. ALFORD Center DENNIS End BECK Back BRIDEWELL Tackle HAWTHORNE Guard ROOKS Back ..- LANGCUSTER Center WADE End SEARCY Back WYATT Guard HARRELL Back r» v TV Fullback Chase Riddle carries the mail for Troy against Florida State. _£l ' 22 1 J r 18 fr- 9k 1 M 1 DAVIS End JOINER End A •hi • ■ V Pictured above are present and former Troy State football captains. From left to right, 1949 Alternate Captain Sonny Queen and Captain Spencer Davis; 1950 Captain Carol Roney and Alternate Captain Chase Riddle; and 1947 Alternate Captain Bill Screws and Captain Bruce Long. FRESHMAN FOOTBALLERS FOLLOWING INITIATION TROY BASKETBALL 1950-51 Troy State Basketball Squad. Kneeling: Leon Suggs, Chase Riddle, Billy Pemberton, Mack Rooks, Jimmy Hightower, Charles Casey, and Leon Hilyer. Stand- ing: Coach Buddy Brooks, Charlie Cox, Bill Wilson, Ollis Tanton, Jack Snyder, Paul Nix, Bill Joiner and Manager Bernice Sheppard. HILYER Captain COX RIDDLE PEMBERTON COPE Charles Casey gets set for shot against Chipola Junior College. J ' " V ' . n K C harlie Cox goes up for shot against Howard College. Leon Hilyer, captain of the Troy squad is pictured at right. SUGGS CASEY WILSON ____ __ ___ ___ I L jL ifc. i ifl 1 ; J Da I HI 1 1 rj ! MJ P , i PJ HIGHTOWER SNYDER Coach Buddy Brooks talks to Troy quint at half time of home games: Cox, Pemberton, Riddle, Joiner and Hilyer with back turned. 1 5 23 4 T 2 , I ELMORE INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL ,i v M mm J yy f f y RaSs vfctf -. ' .; a ; .j. mm ' jam Wm 99 " T " CLUB TROY CHEERLEADERS Front row: Alice Renfroe, Janice Richardson, Virginia Goss. Back row: Frank Scott, Margaret Mason, Bill Goss, Lester Price and Ronald White. ARCHERY CLASS JWaj orates r v Jean Ivey. Betty Sue Etheridge, Betty Jean Duck, Pat McCollum Charles Hamil, Bryan Lindsey, Sue Beasley, Betty Jean Clark, and Mary Ann Langley. W M « $Ss MM BSE EM m i mm H ■■■:. ' ■■■ ' ■ Senior Beauty JOYCE HAMER 1 Junior Beauty DORIS McCAULEY JWEN ODENHEIMER L reshman Beauty MARTHA BEATTYi forr I I _ S D ' " K m mf pi i m 4 id CE COLD ) ! V JfflJ -wpiw ■■ s Who FRED EDDINS JANE CARTER PEGGY HURST r I T ,! ' ' " ! «. ! ' ' Who ' s Who HERMAN CARR JEAN TEAL JACK KNOWLES m .Who ' s it ( LAWRENCE STUBBLERf MARY LOU MELDE JOHN MOSELEY | (Not Pictured) GWEN DIXON JACKCRESWELL , Hk Bfl r f T , r m ■ E X ' v Jft £w£iKllRv ' h " ' 5« . • 111 l ■ - I ' " ■■ ' ■ 1 1 § x 11 " S i MhSix l Qtyi44 ■f owicQiM.ima. MigUtui £oA4- (lancce c avc ta-n, eaan- wf ' ptfn j zaa ze ia n 4t | % v I {fcuS cc ?e itiaiz± $ zee £l ' iS ft! u It c fifi DR. ERIC RODGERS— Atomic Energy Commission II U.HETT CHANDLER— Keeper of Fort Morgan, Ala. Historical Society I GEN. WILLIAM E. BROUGHER— Commander of many Troy vets BRUCE THOMAS— Foreign Correspondent DR. BARR— Clinic Choir Adjucator Choir Festival Brings 2400 to Campus JEAN LAWSON Concert Pianist Other Choir Festival Adjucators ROBLEY LAWSON Concert Tenor ■ LADIES ' Thrifty Stores Ready-to-Wear TROY, ALABAMA MEN ' S PIKE THEATRE Troy, Alabama FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Dothan, Alabama JEAN ' S FLOWERS Troy, Alabama Crow Supply Company TROY, ALABAMA L W CAFETERIA Troy, Alabama HARVEY ' S OF TROY Troy, Alabama C. and S. Motors Troy, Alabama RIVERSIDE CAFE Troy, Alabama J. W. Renfroe Pecan Company Troy, Alabama ROSENBERG ' S Troy, Alabama Troy Bank and Trust Company Troy, Alabama PIKE COUNTY MOTORS Troy, Alabama McGehee Flower Shop TROY, ALABAMA Henderson-Black Grocery Company TROY, ALABAMA The Fair Department Store AND Troy Dry Goods Company Troy, Alabama I J. L. PERDUE Upholstery PHOENIX CITY, ALABAMA MARY CHEVROLET Troy, Alabama WESTERN AUTO Associate Stores TROY, ALABAMA TROY BILLIARD HALL TROY, ALABAMA MARY ' S PLACE Troy, Alabama GREENE ' S CLEANERS Troy, Alabama I ' ■! Mary-Lee Motor and Implement Company TROY, ALABAMA ■ri Dr. Pepper Bottling Company TROY, ALABAMA BRANTLEY ' S GIFT SHOP Troy, Alabama A. L. GRIFFIN CO. Jewelers Troy, Alabama DIANA SHOPS Troy, Alabama Wilson ' s MEN ' S SHOP " If A Man Wears It. We Have It " Dothan, Alabama 1 K I rr Henderson-Black and Greene Inc. Troy, Alabama RAINER ' S CAMERA STORE STUDIOS 1 40 N. Foster St. Cash Drug Bldg. DOTHAN, ALABAMA McGARITY MOTORS Troy, Alabama Borden Ice Cream Company DOTHAN, ALABAMA Dothan Bank and Trust Company Dothan, Alabama COLLEGE CANTEEN TROY MAID BAKERY Troy, Alabama CITY DRUG COMPANY TROY, ALABAMA Troy Printing Company COMMERCIAL PRINTING Troy, Alabama Greene ' s Pharmacy Next to Post Office TROY, ALABAMA BOYD COMPANY TROY, ALABAMA let ANN PAGE Food Prove To You That Fine Foods Need Not Be Expensive " BBJL CROW MOTOR COMPANY TROY, ALABAMA ■S NIP and ERNIE ' S Dothan, Alabama EQUIPMENT BY WESTBRO OKMANUFAC MING C(U Etheridge H»NUr«CTUBEBS OF HIGH GRADE COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT Hall JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI McLeod Drug Company TROY, ALABAMA Lawrence Hardware Company Troy, Alabama The First Farmers and Merchants National Bank Troy, Alabama • • Bassett Meat, Inc. THE HUT COMPLETE FROZEN FOODS SERVICE Where the Smart Crowd Meet TROY, ALABAMA Troy. Alabama • • FINANCIAL STATEMENT INCOME Contributions from President ' s Council $ .01 Advertising .02 Contributions from Student Body Sale of PALLADIUM 1.98 25.00 Bribes from Faculty to get their pict Fees for looking at annual photogra Monthly payment on all " JUNK " st Tax on lounge privileges Rental to look at surplus annuals jres in annual 1,000.00 phs 250.00 red in staff room 500.00 75.00 5.00 $ 1,857.01 EXPENDITURES Purchase of " Smiling Medicine " for 1 Vacation for annual staff to Long Be Traveling Expenses for Bus. Mgr. anc Subsidy to students who bought anr ' hotographer $ 300.00 ach during A.E.A. 2,000.00 1 Asst. Bus. Mgr. 500.00 uals 400.00 Bribes to Faculty members for passin Fee for mopping staff room g staff members with " A " 75.00 20.00 Salaries to Models 1.500.00 Aspirin and B.C. for Sponsor and Editor 75.00 $4,870.00 NOTE: Any resemblance of ' this report to the facts is " Horribly Accidental. " % « c,tu4 u f.on 4 " t0 come- o s o e0rS ., ond sehoo • throu out iioisw - .sorV P° r ot e ' r Porent on d Pu b » c TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 6320 DENTON DRIVE DALLAS, TEXAS SWSS

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